Revealing teacher agendas: An examination of teacher motivations and strategies for conducting museum fieldtrips (United States)

The purpose of this investigation was to identify the motivations and strategies that comprise teachers' agendas when leading a student fieldtrip to a museum or similar site. Two data collection methods were used. A survey regarding field trip experiences and rationale was mailed to upper elementary teachers, resulting in a variety of open-ended responses that were analyzed and coded to identify recurring themes. In addition, ten teachers accompanying students during a school trip to a natural history museum were interviewed and observed. Data collected from these in-depth studies were used to verify findings from the survey instrument and to refine and enhance the definitions and descriptions of actual practice. Eight fieldtrip motivations were identified including to connection with the classroom curriculum, to provide a general learning experience, to encourage lifelong learning, to enhance interest and motivation, to provide exposure to new experiences, to provide a change in setting or routine, for enjoyment, and to meet school expectations. Fieldtrip strategies used by teachers could be divided into pre-visit, during-visit or post-visit strategies. The commonly reported pre-visit strategies included familiarization and supervision preparation. During-visit strategies focused on structured student engagement strategies (such as worksheets or guided tours) and unstructured strategies (such as interpretation, connecting, facilitation, label-reading, advance organizers and free exploration), as well as event documentation and supervision tactics (such as keeping track and refocusing). Post-visit strategies included review and discussion, documentation , and assessment. Comparison of stated motivations and observed strategies revealed few links. However, results indicated that connecting to the classroom curriculum was an important consideration, even though teachers had different interpretations of what this meant. Providing hands-on experiences was also critical for many teachers, although the meaning of "hands-on" was more closely related to authentic experience rather than a component of inquiry-based learning. Further examination of the teachers' agendas suggested the influence of contexts, including that of the school (restrictions, curricular pressures), the teacher's personal context (teaching and museum experiences), and the museum site itself. These findings lead to suggestions through which museums might better facilitate school visits by considering the contexts that influence the teachers' fieldtrip perspectives and agendas.

Kisiel, James Francis


Do teachers have more health problems? Results from a French cross-sectional survey  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Abstract Background Although only a few studies have been published on teachers' health, certain ideas are widely accepted, such as for example, the preconceived notion that teachers suffer from an excessively high rate of mental health problems. The objective of this study is to compare teachers' mental and physical health to that of a control group. Methods A cross-sectional postal survey was conducted among a sample of 3,679 teachers and 1,817 non-teachers aged 20 to 60 years old. Results No lifetime prevalence of any psychiatric disorder (with the exception of undifferentiated somatoform disorder in men or mean scores of psychological distress were found to be significantly higher in teachers. However, multiple analyses, adjusted for all confounding variables, revealed a higher risk of lifetime anxiety disorders in male teachers. On the other hand, significant differences were observed for some physical ailments: a higher lifetime prevalence of rhinopharyngitis/laryngitis in both male and female teachers, of conjunctivitis and lower urinary tract infection in male teachers and of bronchitis, eczema/dermatitis and varicose veins in female teachers. No significant difference was found for chronic pain between the two groups. Conclusion Teachers do not seem to have poorer mental health. However, their physical condition is characterized by a higher prevalence of health problems related to the ENT tract, and to a lesser extent, depending on the gender, to skin, eyes, legs and lower urinary tract.

Nerrière Eléna



The Coaching of Teachers: Results of Five Training Studies. (United States)

Conducted 5 studies evaluating the effects of a teacher coaching program for use in Dutch primary or secondary schools. Studies involved 18 counselors, 30 principals, 15 beginning teacher mentors, 20 pre-service teacher mentors, and 10 secondary school teachers. A significant treatment effect was found for the coaching skills concerned with the…

Veenman, Simon; Denessen, Eddie




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper aims to identify the factors which might affect secondary school head teachers’ job satisfaction in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This study adopts a sequential exploratory strategy based on a mixed methods approach. The qualitative data generated identified the factors leading to job satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The factors fall into eight major themes: relationship with the educational administration, head teachers’ practices, the school environment, relationships with students and parents, head teachers’ authority, relationship with educational supervision and relationships with teachers. The quantitative data reveal that factors causing dissatisfaction are: lack of authority to transfer underperforming teachers, lack of finance and manpower for the cleaning of school buildings, lack of financial resources to improve school buildings, salary, poor revenue from school meals as a financial resource, and lack of financial reward. To explore the relationship between job satisfaction and the selected variables, a Kruskal-Wills (non parametric statistical test revealed significant differences between job satisfaction in terms of morale, relationship with the educational administration, the school environment, head teachers’ authority and overall job satisfaction according to educational supervision centers. In addition, a kruskal-Wills test revealed significant differences between job satisfactions in head teachers’ practices according to completion of the head teachers’ training programme. However, there were no significant differences between job satisfaction related to experience, student numbers, head teachers’ qualification, age and school building type. The paper identifies that the highly centralised educational system in Saudi Arabia and the lack of autonomy are factors that affect job satisfaction.




Results of a radioactive waste course for high school teachers  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

A week-long three-credit graduate-level course was taught in the summer of 1991 for high school science and social science teachers. Instruction was at the layperson's level, and no prior knowledge was presumed. The objectives of the course were to present factual information about radioactive waste, measure recipient's changes in perception about this topic, and measure the effect of the course on others. The technical half of the course involved discussions of basic nuclear physics, radiation control, biological effects of radiation, nuclear fuel cycle, waste management principles, Hanford waste issues, and transport of radioactive waste. The social half of the course included a discussion of values and attitudes, risk perception and communication, and public participation in a decision-making role-playing session. Discussions about radioactive-waste issues with high school teachers, especially of an extended nature such as discussed in this paper, are an effective tool because high school teachers are a critical link to reaching the next generation. Armed with facts presented in an open, nonconfrontational format, these teachers tend to become more understanding and accepting of radioactive-waste issues



Using Self-Efficacy to measure primary school teachers’ perception of ICT: results from two studies  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The aim of this article is twofold. First, the final results of two research projects, which investigated the impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on primary schools teachers in disadvantaged areas in Brazil (BET k-12) and South Africa (MELISSA), are presented and discussed. Second, the Self-Efficacy construct is proposed as a tool to measure how teachers’ perception of being able to use technology (CSE - Computer Self-Efficacy) affects teachers’ perception of being ...

Fanni, Francesca; Rega, Isabella; Cantoni, Lorenzo



Exploring Elementary Pre-service Teachers' Beliefs About Science Teaching and Learning as Revealed in Their Metaphor Writing (United States)

This study examined elementary preservice teachers' beliefs about the role/image of a science teacher and science teaching and how these beliefs change during an elementary science methods course; this examination was conducted through an analysis of their metaphor writing. Data included personal metaphors and rationale papers for supporting them collected from 106 participants at the start and end of the semester. Data were analyzed using the constant comparative method and also quantified for statistical analysis. Results indicate that most participants came to the course with traditional views and developed more constructivist views during the course. However, they tended to keep their traditional views and added new constructivist perspectives into their original belief systems. This study suggests that metaphor writing can be used as both a reflection tool for preservice teachers to clarify and refine their beliefs about science teaching and learning and a diagnostic assessment tool for teacher educators to understand their students for tailoring a methods course accordingly.

Seung, Eulsun; Park, Soonhye; Narayan, Ratna



Investigating inquiry beliefs and nature of science (NOS) conceptions of science teachers as revealed through online learning (United States)

Creating a scientifically literate society appears to be the major goal of recent science education reform efforts (Abd-El-Khalick, Boujaoude, Dushl, Lederman, Hofstein, Niaz, Tregust, & Tuan, 2004). Recent national reports in the U.S, such as Shaping the Future, New Expectations for Undergraduate Education in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology (NSF,1996), Inquiry in Science and In Classroom, Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards (NRC, 2001), Pursuing excellence: Comparison of international eight-grade mathematics and science achievement from a U.S. perspective (NCES, 2001), and Standards for Science Teacher Preparation (NSTA 2003) appear to agree on one thing: the vision of creating a scientifically literate society. It appears from science education literature that the two important components of being a scientifically literate individual are developing an understanding of nature of science and ability to conduct scientific inquiries. Unfortunately, even though teaching science through inquiry has been recommended in national reports since the 1950's, it has yet to find its way into many science classrooms (Blanchard, 2006; Yerrick, 2000). Science education literature identfies several factors for this including: (1) lack of content knowledge (Anderson, 2002; Lee, Hart Cuevas, & Enders, 2004; Loucks-Horsely, Hewson, Love, & Stiles, 1998; Moscovici, 1999; Smith & Naele, 1989; Smith, 1989); (2) high stake tests (Aydeniz, 2006); (3) teachers' conflicting beliefs with inquiry-based science education reform (Blanchard, 2006; Wallace & Kang, 2004); and, (4) lack of collaboration and forums for communication (Anderson, 2002; Davis, 2003; Loucks-Horsely, Hewson, Love, & Stiles, 1998; Wallace & Kang, 2004). In addition to the factors stated above this study suggest that some of the issues and problems that have impeded inquiry instruction to become the primary approach to teaching science in many science classrooms might be related to teachers NOS conceptions. Developing desired understanding of nature of science conceptions and having an adequate experience with inquiry learning is especially important for science teachers because science education literature suggests that the development of teachers' nature of science conceptions is influenced by their experiences with inquiry science (Akerson et. al. 2000) and implementation of science lessons reflect teachers' NOS conceptions (Abd-EL-Khalick & Boujaoude, 1997; Matson & Parsons, 1998; Rosenthal, 1993; Trowbridge, Bybee & Powell, 2000; Turner & Sullenger, 1999). Furthermore, the impediments to successful integration of inquiry based science instruction from teachers' perspective are particularly important, as they are the implementers of inquiry based science education reform. The purpose of this study is to understand the relationship between the teachers' NOS conceptions and their inquiry beliefs and practices in their classrooms and how this relationship impedes or contributes to the implementation of inquiry based science education reform efforts. The participants of this study were in-service teachers who were accepted into the online Masters Program in science education program at a southern university. Three online courses offered in the summer semester of 2005 constituted the research setting of this study: (1) Special Problems in the Teaching of Secondary School Science: Nature of Science & Science Teaching, (2) Curriculum in Science Education, and (3) Colloquium. Multiple data sources were used for data triangulation (Miles & Huberman, 1984; Yin, 1994) in order to understand the relationship between participants' NOS views and their conceptions and beliefs about inquiry-based science teaching. The study revealed that the relationship between the teachers' NOS conceptions and their inquiry beliefs and practices is far from being simple and linear. Data suggests that the teachers' sophistication of NOS conceptions influence their perception of inquiry science instruction in variety of wa

Atar, Hakan Yavuz


Do Reinforcement and Induction Increase Prosocial Behavior? Results of a Teacher-Based Intervention in Preschools (United States)

Teachers were trained to use reinforcement and induction to increase prosocial behavior in a sample of 98 children in Head Start-affiliated preschools, using a peer coaching model. There was one control group and three intervention groups: reinforcement-only, induction-only, and reinforcement-and-induction. Results indicated that the intervention…

Ramaswamy, Vidya; Bergin, Christi



Difficulties Experienced by the Arab Teacher during His First Year of Teaching as a Result of Personal and Organizational Variables  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This pioneer study deals with difficulties faced by the beginning Arab teacher. The theoretical framework of the research is based on Veenman’s (1984 analysis, which indicates 24 difficulties faced by the beginning teacher. These difficulties have been classified into eight categories ranked in order of importance. The study seeks to identify the difficulties experienced by the beginning Arab teacher during his first year of teaching and to predict his future dissatisfaction with teaching based on those difficulties. The questionnaire drafted especially for this study was completed by 130 participants (beginning teachers. The responses were analyzed, yielding six factors of difficulty. The findings indicate difficulties involving: 1 the interpersonal communication between beginning Arab teachers on the one hand and both students and parents on the other, 2 overload, 3 didactic and disciplinary knowledge, 4 support and recognition, 5 organizational climate (school culture, and 6 satisfaction. We examined the correlation between the beginning Arab teacher’s difficulties and his dissatisfaction with his work. The research findings reveal that the organizational climate (school culture and overload factors significantly affect the satisfaction variable. With regard to the relation between the beginning Arab teacher’s general background characteristics and his difficulties in the first year, the background variable, specialization, was found to affect the factors of difficulty.

Salman Ilaiyan




Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Aim. Justification of need of application of a kompetentnostny approach in an assessment of results of activity of teachers of additional education of children was the main objective of carried-out research. Method and methodology of carrying out work. Sociological poll of heads of educational institutions of additional education of children in the Yaroslavl region in the form of questioning was carried out; the content analysis of scientific literature on this perspective is carried out. Res...



Vocal alterations resulting from work as a teacher: a literature review  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Objective: to evaluate other studies concerning vocal alterations as consequence of the work based on a literature review. Methodoly: data collection was carried out through the search of index-linked articles on virtual library-SciELO published from 1998 to 2008. Results: there were found 15 articles which discussed the theme, teachers’ vocal alterations as a consequence of work. It was identified the transversal observational as the main kind of studying with 33,38%. It was researched 5.910 teachers and from this group 53,33% worked in basic education and 60% were from both sexes. The thematic issues most frequent were: problems identification, knowledge and caring, unappropriated behaviours and vocal health promotion. It was observed as main alterations: chronic larynx, vocal dis phony, vocal fatigue caused by the effort at speaking, hoarseness, among others. Conclusion: there are few articles published in the investigated library related to vocal alterations of the teacher resulting from the use of the voice in the work. Therefore, more studies must be carried out and published in order to increase the knowledge on this issue.

Cristiane da Conceição Romano, Liliana Amorim Alves, Luiz Almeida da Silva, Maria Helena Palucci Marziale, Maria Lúcia do Carmo Cruz Robazzi



Waiting to be Won Over: Teachers Speak on the Profession, Unions, and Reform (United States)

This report presents the results of a survey of 1,010 K-12 public school teachers about their views on the teaching profession, teachers unions, and various reforms aimed at improving teacher quality. It reveals the challenges teachers see in their profession, including weak evaluation processes and a rigid tenure pay system; how teachers feel…

Duffett, Ann; Farkas, Steve; Rothertham, Andrew J.; Silva, Elena



Perceptions of Supervision Practices by Agricultural Education Student Teachers (United States)

The purpose of this study was to describe student teachers' perceptions and preferences of the type of supervision they experienced while interacting with their university supervisors and cooperating teachers. Results revealed that student teachers perceived both their cooperating teachers and university supervisors to engage in contextual and…

Thobega, Moreetsi; Miller, Greg



Teachers' Attitudes towards Proof of Mathematical Results in the Secondary School Curriculum: The Case of Zimbabwe (United States)

This study investigated teachers' attitudes towards proofs in the secondary school mathematics curriculum. The study was motivated by a desire to fill a gap existing in the literature in relation to teachers' attitudes towards proofs. Thirty-four secondary school mathematics teachers' responses to a Likert type questionnaire and interviews were…

Nyaumwe, Lovemore; Buzuzi, George



Teacher Survival in Oregon School Districts: First Results of a State-Wide Study. (United States)

The careers of 799 male and 1,265 female teachers employed in Oregon school districts were traced for 4 years from 1962 to 1966 to determine the teachers' survival rates. The primary method of analysis chosen was an actuarial approach which involves construction of a survival curve showing numbers of teachers surviving after each period of time…

Charters, W.W., Jr.


The Context and Profile of Teachers in Developing Countries in the Last Decadea Revealing Discussion for Further Investigation (United States)

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to examine the teacher's career in developing countries based on a review of studies published in refereed journals of comparative education and of teaching education, and to suggest further lines of research on teaching and teachers in these countries. Design/methodology/approach: The paper is based partially on…

Oplatka, Izhar



Teachers Using Continuous GPS Data to Learn About Earthquakes - Sharing Research Results in the Classroom Through Lesson Study (United States)

This EarthScope-funded project is a collaboration between high school science teachers and their students, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty from California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB), University of Arizona, and the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC). As high school teachers and their students work alongside one another, they are exposed to and contribute to an authentic research process that will lead to publishable results. The scientific goal of this project is to measure plate tectonic movement within the San Bernardino mountain area and the Inland Empire region of Southern California utilizing the Global Positioning System (GPS). Teachers and high school students collected survey-mode GPS data from 11 sites (among a total of 25 sampled by the larger group of participants) during a 5-day campaign from July 14 -19, 2011. The information obtained will be useful for understanding and characterizing seismic hazards in that region of Southern California. To enhance this experience, all of the teachers and their students have been invited to present their results at the SCEC Annual Meeting in September 2011. As part of the classroom implementation phase of the program the teachers are introduced to the Lesson Study approach. Lesson Study is a professional development process where teachers systematically examine their practice with the goal of becoming more effective. This process centers on teachers working collaboratively on a small number of Research Lessons. First, they identify the areas where their students are encountering challenges in learning standards-based content. The challenging areas are identified through results from standardized exams (e.g. California Standards Tests) or other assessment tools. To address areas of difficulty the teachers develop, test, and improve an instructional experience that promotes student learning of that standards-based material. Lesson Study is different from "lesson planning" because it focuses on what teachers want students to learn rather than on what teachers plan to teach. The 2011 teachers divided into three groups and each group is developing a Research Lesson. One of each of the group members teaches the lesson while the others observe the student learning. After the Research Lesson is taught the entire group comes together to debrief the lesson, make revisions, and another member of the group re-teaches the lesson (at a later date and at a different school) to incorporate what has been learned. This presentation will discuss how the CSUSB project has developed a successful framework for providing teachers with a valuable research experience as well as allowing an opportunity for them to think systematically about their craft, learn from experience, and become members of a learning community of practice.

de Groot, R. M.; McGill, S. F.



A Standards-Based Professional Development Program and the Resulting Impact on Two Sixth Grade Teachers' Classroom Practices (United States)

In 2000, California introduced science content standards as part of an across the curriculum reform. This presented a special challenge for elementary teachers due to an increased emphasis on math and language arts, and limited science background and resources. This two year qualitative study looks at a professional development program that resulted from collaboration between a university and an elementary school district. The program brought sixth grade elementary teachers together with scientists (geologists) and a science educator to develop a quality sixth grade science curriculum aligned to the California content standards. This multiple-case embedded study included an analysis of how these standards were addressed during the program, and the impact of this professional development on two teachers' classroom practices. The results of this study indicate that the geologists and the science educator played different but complementary roles in the professional development program. Furthermore, the professional development disproportionately focused on the Earth science standards, and this correlated to a disproportionate focus on these standards in the classrooms of the two teachers studied. Finally, the results indicate that as these two teachers implemented their new science units, they progressed through the initial stages of teacher change as outlined by change models described in the literature. However, they did not reach the final stage of change that involves complete confidence in their knowledge and being satisfied with the implementation of their science units.

Bereki, Debra Lynn



Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teachers play a prominent role in national and social reconstruction and in transmission of wisdom, knowledge and experiences of one generation, to another generation. This study was carried out to identify the prospective teachers' Sense of responsibility towards environment at bachelor of education level in National Capital Region (NCR. The sample comprised of 100 prospective teachers (males & females of B. Ed colleges. Data was collected from prospective teachers, through an Environmental Responsibility Assessment Inventory (ERAI. The results of the study revealed that State Board and CBSE Board prospective teachers are equally aware of environmental issues and overall responsibilities. English and Hindi Medium prospective teachers also bear equal environmental responsibilities.




Good Intentions, Questionable Results: Implications for the Professional Development of Teachers. (United States)

Examined the extent of implementation of the 1995-00 United Federation of Teachers-New York City contract agreement on annual teacher performance reviews, identifying factors impacting implementation. Survey and interview data indicate that few schools are implementing the performance review option, mainly due to lack of adequate training. Lack of…

Sullivan, Susan; Shulman, Vivian; Glanz, Jeffrey



Experimental Methods and Results in a Study of PBS TeacherLine Math Courses (United States)

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) sought to build on the strengths of high quality professional development through an online venture funded under the U.S. Department of Education's Ready To Teach (RTT) program. PBS TeacherLine was designed to provide high-quality, facilitated online professional development for K-12 teachers nationwide.…

Dominguez, Paula Szulc; Nicholls, Craig; Storandt, Barbara



Why Do New Teachers Cry? (United States)

This article discusses the results of interviews with eleven new teachers about what their major fears are when starting to teach. Previous research about teachers' concerns points to a number of problem areas (Fuller 1969; Rutherford and Wall, 1990; Borko and Putnam 1996; Veenman 1984). New data reveal underlying patterns that, at first glance,…

McCann, Thomas M.; Johannessen, Larry, R.



Getting in Touch with Your PCK: A Look into Discovering and Revealing Science Teachers' Hidden Expert Knowledge. (United States)

Many experienced teachers make rolling out a science class appear to be easy. In reality, there is usually deep and complex thinking behind their practice. This knowledge is sometimes so intrinsic and part of their everyday practice, that it remains hidden and unexplored. This article presents data from a study that attempted to draw out such…

Bertram, Adam



Revealing the Experience of Children and Teachers Even in Their Absence: Documenting in the Early Childhood Studio (United States)

Inspired by the educational approach in the municipal pre-primary schools and infant-toddler centers of Reggio Emilia, Italy, two studio teachers and a researcher participant in Portland, Oregon capture classroom work, make investigations and interpretations in the studio as a laboratory space of learning, help children represent thinking, and…

Parnell, Will



Emotional Competence and Stressors of Female School Teachers (United States)

A study on emotional competence and stressors of 105 primary school teachers was conducted in Dharwad in 2009. Emotional competence was assessed using EC- scale and stressors by stress inventory for teachers (SIT). Results revealed that majority of the teachers (89.5%) showed average to competent levels of emotional competence, followed by 6.7 and…

Holeyannavar, P. G.; Itagi, S. K.



History teaching, learning and Junior Certificate (JC) examination results in Lesotho, 2000 - 2006: implications for teacher education.  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This paper addresses the status of History teaching and learning in Lesotho which is at its lowest ebb. Very few schools teach the subject and the poor Junior Certificate (JC) examination results exacerbate the situation. An analysis of the examiners' comments in the last seven years points to poor and/or lack of essay writing skills among the candidates as one of the main reasons behind the high failure rate in JC History. In recognition of the situation's implications for 'quality' teacher ...

Ntabeni, Mary



Colorado Survey of 1st and 3rd Year Teachers and Their Administrators. Results of the Pilot Administration: November 2000. (United States)

This report summarizes the findings of the pilot administration of the Colorado Survey of first- and third-year teachers and their administrators. These surveys reflect the opinions of the teachers and administrators regarding the effectiveness of Colorado teacher preparation institutions in preparing teachers to meet performance-based standards.…

Colorado State Dept. of Education, Denver.


English Language Teacher Motivation in Sri Lankan Public Schools  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Drawing on in-depth qualitative data from fifty-four surveys and five interviews, this study investigated aspects of motivation and demotivation among Sri Lankan English language teachers. The participants included a convenience sample of English teachers currently employed in public schools. The results of the study revealed that students themselves, the act of teaching students, and the prestigious social position for English teachers in Sri Lanka are main motivators for teachers. The ma...

Sujeewa Hettiarachchi



You Tell Us: How Well Are We Preparing Teachers for a Career in Classrooms Serving Children with Emotional Disabilities? (United States)

This study was designed to reveal the knowledge and skill sets that practicing day treatment and residential treatment EBD teachers view as important, and/or lacking, in novice EBD teachers, and to situate those findings within the larger contexts of teacher attrition and teacher preparation in special education. Primary results suggest that EBD…

Kindzierski, Corinne M.; O'Dell, Robin; Marable, Michele A.; Raimondi, Sharon L.



Testing for Teacher Certification. Issuegram 7. (United States)

Public concern about the effectiveness of education institutions and the accompanying loss of public confidence in the nation's schools has revealed itself in a growing complaint that too many teachers cannot teach. This criticism, while not fully substantiated, has resulted in efforts to establish means for testing teacher competency, seen as one…

Vlaanderen, Russell B.


Teacher Ratings of the ADHD-RS IV in a Community Sample: Results From the ChiP-ARD Study. (United States)

Objectives: Validated instruments to assess ADHD are still unavailable in many languages other than English for teachers, which constitutes a clear obstacle to screening, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD in many European countries. Method: Teachers rated 892 youths using the ADHD Rating Scale (ADHD-RS). We investigated the factor structure, reliability, and measurement invariance based on confirmatory factor analyses. Results: Results support a bifactor model, including one general ADHD factor and two specific Inattention and Hyperactivity-Impulsivity factors. But the latter is improperly defined calling into question the existence of a Predominantly Hyperactivity-Impulsivity subtype. The measurement invariance is fully supported across gender, age groups, and Gender × Age Groups. Conclusion: Results support the multiple-pathways hypothesis and suggest that a total ADHD score is meaningful, reliable, and valid, as well as specific assessments of Inattention. Some youths-especially older ones-may present a profile of ADHD particularly marked by Inattention symptoms. (J. of Att. Dis. 2013; XX(X) 1-XX). PMID:23422236

Caci, Hervé M; Morin, Alexandre J; Tran, Antoine



Environmental Awareness Among Upper Primary School Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The present study is an attempt to identify the environmental education awareness of upper primary school teachers (Grade VI to VIII in relation to type of school, gender and subject streams. Environmental Awareness Test was used for collecting data from a random sample of 200 upper primary school teachers. Statistical techniques such as mean, standard deviation and t test were applied for analysis of data. The results revealed that upper primary school teachers have average level of environmental education awareness. However, no significant differences were observed in environmental education awareness of these teachers in relation to type of school, gender and subject streams.

Vipinder Nagra



Experienced New Teachers (United States)

Although many researchers have focused their efforts on studying first-year teachers, little research has been conducted about experienced new teachers, educators who have teaching experience but are new to a school or school system. This qualitative study of the experiences of three experienced new teachers reveals that many experienced new…

Gant, Angela B.



Thick Description of the Teacher-student Relationship in the Educational Context of School: Results of an Ethnographic Field Study  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Complexities of essential aspects of the teacher-student relationship were identified in a group of German adolescents and their teachers through participant observation. It is already known that the determinants of the teacher-student relationship cannot be simply categorized and analyzed as univariate features. Using Clifford Geertz’s concept of “thick description,” empirical data were collected during a six-month field study at a secondary school in the south of Germany. Thematic ...

Diana Raufelder; Bukowski, William M.; Sonja Mohr



Teachers' Views of the Effectiveness of United Arab Emirates Kindergarten Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, and Assessment Procedures (United States)

The present study aimed at investigating kindergarten teachers' views of the curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Data were collected by an open-ended questionnaire, interviews, and observations. Forty-four kindergarten teachers in the United Arab Emirates responded to the questionnaire; six teachers were later interviewed. Results revealed

Momani, Ibrahim Al- A.; Ihmeideh, Fathi M.; Momani, Mohammad



Student Teacher Challenges: Using the Cognitive Load Theory as an Explanatory Lens (United States)

Cognitive load theory (CLT) can explain the challenges faced by student teachers. This study, guided by the CLT, included 26 pre-service teachers. Participants completed a cognitive load self-report questionnaire and were interviewed at two points during their student teaching. Results revealed that student teachers decreased mental effort related…

Moos, Daniel C.; Pitton, Debra



Contextual Attributes of Indirect Bullying Situations that Influence Teachers' Decisions to Intervene (United States)

Indirect bullying occurs frequently yet receives little attention by teachers. Using conjoint analysis, we examined the influence of situational attributes on teachers' decisions to intervene in indirect bullying. Results revealed that teachers (N = 235) were most influenced by victimized children's distress. Additional analyses identified two…

Blain-Arcaro, Christine; Smith, J. David; Cunningham, Charles E.; Vaillancourt, Tracy; Rimas, Heather



Impacts of Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Results from the Second Year of a Randomized Controlled Study. NCEE 2009-4072 (United States)

One of the main policy responses to the problems of turnover and inadequate preparation among beginning teachers is to support them with a formal, comprehensive induction program. Congressional interest in formal, comprehensive teacher induction has grown in recent years. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), which reauthorized the…

Isenberg, Eric; Glazerman, Steven; Bleeker, Martha; Johnson, Amy; Lugo-Gil, Julieta; Grider, Mary; Dolfin, Sarah; Britton, Edward



LETs and NETs: Exploring How Teachers from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds Impact Student Motivation and Preferences  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper, an exploratory case study, examines how students’ preferences and motivation to learn English are influenced by their perceptions of teaching practices – both of native English teachers and local English teachers. To better understand the context of this research question, this study adopts a method of triangulation in collecting data: classroom observation, student interviews and teacher interviews. For intrinsic motivation, results reveal that Chinese students prefer a native-English-speaking teacher’s approach to communication language teaching. However, for extrinsic motivations, students preferred the curriculum-oriented approach of local teachers due to the relevance to the ultimately- important English examinations.

Ruth Wong



Thick Description of the Teacher-student Relationship in the Educational Context of School: Results of an Ethnographic Field Study  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Complexities of essential aspects of the teacher-student relationship were identified in a group of German adolescents and their teachers through participant observation. It is already known that the determinants of the teacher-student relationship cannot be simply categorized and analyzed as univariate features. Using Clifford Geertz’s concept of “thick description,” empirical data were collected during a six-month field study at a secondary school in the south of Germany. Thematic analyses of the extant empirical database identified six sociological principles that constitute fundamental components of the teacher-student relationship: power, dualism, solidarity, productivity, sympathy, and identity. Analyses showed that meaningful ritualized structures limit teachers and students to institutional roles that are incongruent with the general aim of having productive interactions in educational settings. The complexity of educational settings can only be grasped if the teacher-student relationship is understood as an interpersonal process. When reduced to their institutional roles, both teachers and students experienced their relationship and educational settings as unsatisfactory.

Diana Raufelder



Changes in teacher efficacy and beliefs during a one-year teacher preparation program (United States)

This study attempted to further understanding of factors affecting the teacher efficacy beliefs of secondary science preservice teachers, and to develop a model relating teacher efficacy to beliefs about teaching and students. A mixed quantitative and qualitative methodology was utilized in order to track participants' beliefs both broadly and in depth throughout a one-year teacher preparation program. Results from this analysis revealed that preservice teachers at the end of the program had significantly higher personal science teaching efficacy beliefs than at the beginning of the program. No significant difference in science teaching outcome expectancy beliefs was found, although individual preservice teachers did develop alternate beliefs. Teacher efficacy beliefs were directly affected by three of Bandura's four sources of self-efficacy beliefs---Mastery experiences, vicarious experiences, and verbal persuasion---with the influence of each source of self-efficacy information appearing to change during the course of the teacher preparation program. No evidence was found that affective states by themselves had resulted in belief changes, although many of the other experiences were more powerful because they were accompanied by an emotional incident. Connections between teacher efficacy beliefs, beliefs about students, and beliefs about teaching were uncovered, as was the importance of content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge on a teacher's sense of efficacy.

Lockman, Alison Schirmer


Exploring Parent-Teacher Relationships: Joining and Communication to Others. (United States)

Investigates the applicability of two modified family systems constructs to parent-teacher relationships. Results suggested two related factors, joining and communication, as important elements of parent-teacher relationships. Data gathered in the second stage revealed that the joining factor included affiliation and support, dependability and…

Vickers, Harleen S.; Minke, Kathleen M.



Exploring teacher autonomy in post-socialist Romania  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Post-socialist decentralisation reforms in Romania should be seen in the larger context of state and education restructuring as a global movement and the trend toward marketization (McGinn & Welsh, 1999). We have investigated contrasting perspectives on school and teachers autonomy expressed by scholars, teachers, and as revealed by policy documents. In this case we will present the findings resulted from interviews.

Mincu, Monica Elena



Educação Ambiental no ensino formal: narrativas de professores sobre suas experiências e perspectivas Environmental Education within schools: revealing teachers' experiences and perspectives  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta dados da dissertação de mestrado O Papel da Escola na Educação Ambiental: experiências e perspectivas de professores, na qual investigamos o que os professores consideram relevante para a abordagem de temas de Educação Ambiental (EA na escola. Para tanto, levantamos e classificamos experiências e perspectivas de professores com relação à EA no ensino formal. No presente artigo, enfatizamos: (i a estratégia metodológica que utilizamos nesse levantamento e (ii a maneira como os saberes docentes permeiam as experiências e as perspectivas desses professores. Esta pesquisa, através da composição de um repertório de conhecimentos sobre educação ambiental em espaços formais de ensino, sinaliza a importância dos saberes docentes para a formação desses profissionais e para a pesquisa em educação ambiental.This paper is based on the monographic work "O Papel da Escola na Educação Ambiental: experiências e perspectivas de professores" ("The role of school on Environmental Education: teachers' experiences and perspectives" in which we investigate how teachers have been contributing to the implementation of environmental education practices in basic schools, conducted through the analysis of the teachers' experiences and perspectives on formal environmental education. In this article, we have emphasized: (i the methodological design used and (ii the way the teachers' knowledge interweave with their experiences and perspectives in this area. As consequence, we would like to point out the importance of this knowledge for teachers and for researches in environmental education - through the composition of a repertory of knowledge on environmental education within formal schooling.

Regina Mendes



Primary teachers’ and primary pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs and attitudes toward teaching profession  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The main purpose of this study is to compare the primary teachers and pre-service primary teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs and attitudes toward teaching profession in Turkey. Descriptive method was used in the study and the study was carried out on 180 first grade and 107 fourth grade primary pre-service teachers at the Faculty of Education in Rize University and 131 primary teachers working in the primary schools located in Çayeli (Rize district. The Attitude Scale towards Teaching Profession (Özgür, 1994 and the Turkish form of the Ohio State Teacher Efficacy Scale (Balo?lu and Karada?, 2008 were used as data gathering instrument in the study. The study results revealed that the first grade primary pre-service teachers’ scores on the attitudes towards teaching professions were statistically higher than the scores of the fourth grade primary pre-service teachers and of the primary teachers. However, the study results indicated that the teaching self-efficacy scores of the first grade pre-service teachers were statistically lower than the teaching self-efficacy scores of the fourth grade pre-service teachers and primary teachers. On the other hand, the study results showed that females’ attitudes towards teaching profession were higher than the attitudes of their male counterparts whereas self-efficacy scores did not differentiate due to the gender of the primary pre-service teachers and primary teachers. Moreover, the study results indicated that there were not any significant correlation between the self-efficacy and attitudes scores of the pre-service teachers and primary teachers.

Cemalettin ?pek



Teachers and Bullying Developing a Deeper Understanding of Teachers' Perceptions of Teacher-to-Student Bullying (United States)

Students report that teachers bully them, but a review of the literature indicates that little attention has been given to teacher-to-student bullying. This study used a mixed-methods approach to investigate elementary teachers' perceptions of seriousness and their intent to intervene in teacher bullying incidents. Results indicated that teachers

Zerillo, Christine



Targeted resequencing of 9p in acute lymphoblastic leukemia yields concordant results with array CGH and reveals novel genomic alterations. (United States)

Genetic alterations of the short arm of chromosome 9 are frequent in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We performed targeted sequencing of 9p region in 35 adolescent and adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients and sought to investigate the sensitivity of detecting copy number alterations in comparison with array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH), and besides, to detect novel genetic anomalies. We found a high concordance of copy number variations (CNVs) as detected by next generation sequencing (NGS) and aCGH. By both methodologies, the recurrent deletion at CDKN2A/B locus was identified, whereas NGS revealed additional, small regions of CNVs, seen more frequently in adult patients, while aCGH was better at detecting larger CNVs. Also, by NGS, we detected novel structural variations, novel SNVs and small insertion/deletion variants. Our results show that NGS, in addition to detecting mutations and other genetic aberrations, can be used to study CNVs. PMID:23333812

Sarhadi, Virinder Kaur; Lahti, Leo; Scheinin, Ilari; Tyybäkinoja, Anne; Savola, Suvi; Usvasalo, Anu; Räty, Riikka; Elonen, Erkki; Ellonen, Pekka; Saarinen-Pihkala, Ulla M; Knuutila, Sakari




Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Background: Depression is one of the most severe disabling disorders in the world in view of teachers occupational stress, this study was desinged to measure the magnitude of depression among them. Methods: 291 Teachers from 21 primary schools in esfahan city were enamined by means of beck"s test. Results: This study revealed that 89% of the teachers suffered from afferent degrees of depression i.e ,33% mild , 28.3% moderate and 27.2% sever the degree of depression decreased as the ...

Ahmadzadeh, G.; GH GHASEMI; Karami, M. M.



Clustering of the SOM easily reveals distinct gene expression patterns: results of a reanalysis of lymphoma study  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Abstract Background A method to evaluate and analyze the massive data generated by series of microarray experiments is of utmost importance to reveal the hidden patterns of gene expression. Because of the complexity and the high dimensionality of microarray gene expression profiles, the dimensional reduction of raw expression data and the feature selections necessary for, for example, classification of disease samples remains a challenge. To solve the problem we propose a two-level analysis. First self-organizing map (SOM is used. SOM is a vector quantization method that simplifies and reduces the dimensionality of original measurements and visualizes individual tumor sample in a SOM component plane. Next, hierarchical clustering and K-means clustering is used to identify patterns of gene expression useful for classification of samples. Results We tested the two-level analysis on public data from diffuse large B-cell lymphomas. The analysis easily distinguished major gene expression patterns without the need for supervision: a germinal center-related, a proliferation, an inflammatory and a plasma cell differentiation-related gene expression pattern. The first three patterns matched the patterns described in the original publication using supervised clustering analysis, whereas the fourth one was novel. Conclusions Our study shows that by using SOM as an intermediate step to analyze genome-wide gene expression data, the gene expression patterns can more easily be revealed. The "expression display" by the SOM component plane summarises the complicated data in a way that allows the clinician to evaluate the classification options rather than giving a fixed diagnosis.

Smeland Erlend



Educação Ambiental no ensino formal: narrativas de professores sobre suas experiências e perspectivas / Environmental Education within schools: revealing teachers' experiences and perspectives  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese Este trabalho apresenta dados da dissertação de mestrado O Papel da Escola na Educação Ambiental: experiências e perspectivas de professores, na qual investigamos o que os professores consideram relevante para a abordagem de temas de Educação Ambiental (EA) na escola. Para tanto, levantamos e classi [...] ficamos experiências e perspectivas de professores com relação à EA no ensino formal. No presente artigo, enfatizamos: (i) a estratégia metodológica que utilizamos nesse levantamento e (ii) a maneira como os saberes docentes permeiam as experiências e as perspectivas desses professores. Esta pesquisa, através da composição de um repertório de conhecimentos sobre educação ambiental em espaços formais de ensino, sinaliza a importância dos saberes docentes para a formação desses profissionais e para a pesquisa em educação ambiental. Abstract in english This paper is based on the monographic work "O Papel da Escola na Educação Ambiental: experiências e perspectivas de professores" ("The role of school on Environmental Education: teachers' experiences and perspectives") in which we investigate how teachers have been contributing to the implementatio [...] n of environmental education practices in basic schools, conducted through the analysis of the teachers' experiences and perspectives on formal environmental education. In this article, we have emphasized: (i) the methodological design used and (ii) the way the teachers' knowledge interweave with their experiences and perspectives in this area. As consequence, we would like to point out the importance of this knowledge for teachers and for researches in environmental education - through the composition of a repertory of knowledge on environmental education within formal schooling.

Regina, Mendes; Arnaldo, Vaz.


Trial sequential analysis reveals insufficient information size and potentially false positive results in many meta-analyses  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate meta-analyses with trial sequential analysis (TSA). TSA adjusts for random error risk and provides the required number of participants (information size) in a meta-analysis. Meta-analyses not reaching information size are analyzed with trial sequential monitoring boundaries analogous to interim monitoring boundaries in a single trial. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING: We applied TSA on meta-analyses performed in Cochrane Neonatal reviews. We calculated information sizes and monitoring boundaries with three different anticipated intervention effects of 30% relative risk reduction (TSA(30%)), 15% (TSA(15%)), or a risk reduction suggested by low-bias risk trials of the meta-analysis corrected for heterogeneity (TSA(LBHIS)). RESULTS: A total of 174 meta-analyses were eligible; 79 out of 174 (45%) meta-analyses were statistically significant (Por=0.05) meta-analyses, TSA(30%) showed absence of evidence in 80% (insufficient information size). TSA(15%) and TSA(LBHIS) found that 95% and 91% had absence of evidence. The remaining nonsignificant meta-analyses had evidence of lack of effect. CONCLUSION: TSA reveals insufficient information size and potentially false positive results in many meta-analyses Udgivelsesdato: 2008/8

Brok, J.; Thorlund, K.



German-Algerian University Exchange from the Perspective of Students and Teachers: Results of an Intercultural Survey (United States)

Academic exchange programs provide students and teachers with the opportunity to study or work temporarily at educational institutions abroad. For exchange programs to be successful in promoting intercultural education, they must be designed with their participants in mind. The present study constitutes an investigation of attitudes and…

Doring, Nicola; Lahmar, Kamel; Bouabdallah, Mohamed; Bouafia, Mohamed; Bouzid, Djamel; Gobsch, Gerhard; Runge, Erich



Japanese EFL Teachers' Perceptions of Communicative, Audiolingual and Yakudoku Activities  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In recent years, the learning of English as a Foreign Language in Japanese high schools has become the focus of new educational policies applied at the national level. One of these is The Course of Study issue by the Ministry of Education, in which teachers are, for the first time in a long series of curriculum guidelines, adjured to develop students' "positive attitudes towards communicating in English." Another is the JET program, which has put thousands of native English speaking assistant language teachers (ALTs into Japanese secondary classrooms for the purpose of team teaching with Japanese teachers. Data resulting from a survey project of 876 Japanese high school English teachers was used to provide empirical evidence of teachers' levels of approval of communicative, audiolingual and traditional (yakudoku activities. Teachers were also asked to rate the strengths of a variety of influences on their instruction, including university entrance exams, and pre- and in-service teacher education programs. Teachers' perceptions of both activities and instructional influences were examined in light of teachers' length of career, type of school (private versus public, academic versus vocational, and level of contact with an ALT. The data revealed the complexities of imposing broad, national educational policies on a diverse group of teachers, and in an educational culture which likely precludes teachers' use of communicative activities.

Greta Gorsuch



Collaborative learning in pre-service teacher education: an exploratory study on related conceptions, self-efficacy and implementation  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

In this study, the actual position of collaborative learning (CL) in teacher education is examined. One hundred and twenty teacher educators and 369 student teachers are surveyed on general educational beliefs, mental models and conceptions related to CL. The self-efficacy and the implementation of CL are also taken under scrutiny. The results reveal that CL is highly valued as a teaching strategy for primary school children; however, student teachers do not prefer to collaborate themselves d...

Ruys, Ilse; Keer, Hilde; Aelterman, Antonia




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The purpose of this research is to determine the teachers’ and students’ views about to what extend high school teachers display democratic attitudes and behaviors while managing classroom. This study also aims at investigating both teachers’ views according to gender, professional experiences, and subject variables and students’ views according to gender and grade variables. To this end “Democratic Classroom Management Scale” was administered on the participating teachers and students. The teacher of this descriptive study comprises of a total number of 916 teachers and a total number of 22.023 students from state high schools in Malatya city center during 2005-2006 semester. The sample of the study is 227 teachers and 953 students selected from 8 state high schools. Research results revealed that teachers’ and students’ views differed significantly. While teachers state that they behave in a democratic manner, students think the opposite. Also it was found that students’ views differed significantly according to gender and grade variables.




Student-Identified Exemplary Teachers: Insights from Talented Teachers (United States)

What roles do teachers play in the development of talent and in the attitude of students toward school? Research indicates that teacher enthusiasm, feedback, and content knowledge are keys to student motivation, learning, and engagement. Research also reveals the importance of positive and supportive student/teacher relationships. In previous work…

Gentry, Marcia; Steenbergen-Hu, Saiying; Choi, Byung-yeon



Meeting Teachers Half Way: Making Educational Research Relevant to Teachers (United States)

A focus group of 49 teachers revealed that teachers do use research, but they seek it out under very specific conditions. They also use different criteria than researchers use to judge the quality of research. For teachers, important factors include an ethos of localized learning, a shortage of time, and the primacy of local context. Researchers…

Miller, Shazia Rafiullah; Drill, Karen; Behrstock, Ellen



Incidental Focus on Form Techniques in Iranian EFL Classrooms: A Comparison between Expert and Novice Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study was an attempt to test whether there is an association between teachers' level of experience and frequency and type of FFEs they use in EFL classes. Also, it investigated the distribution of FFEs across two different proficiency levels, which were elementary and pre-intermediate. Six teachers (three experienced and three less experienced participated in this study. Thirty-six classes were audio-recorded, with six sessions for each teacher. Then data was first transcribed, codified, and was then analyzed statistically. The results of statistical analysis revealed that less-experienced teachers used FFEs more frequently than experienced teachers. Also with regard to level of proficiency, both groups of teachers were found to use more FFEs at pre-intermediate level. It was also found out that more experienced teachers were different in terms of type of FFEs compared with their novice counterparts. These findings may have implications for teacher training programs.

Zeinab Papi



Learners’ Beliefs of an Effective Teacher: A Case of Iranian Context  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available

The influence that teachers have on learners’ achievements is unquestionable. Learners’ beliefs and perspectives are also considered as a determining factor in their academic achievements. Sixty students from the University of Tehran’s Center for Extra Curricular Activities participated in this study. The participants’ perception of their teachers in different aspects, such as Personality of the teacher, Proficiency of the teacher, Teaching skills, was investigated. The findings revealed that teaching skills were viewed, by learners, as the most influential characteristic of a teacher. Proficiency and personality of a teacher were ranked second and third accordingly. The results of the study had certain implications for teachers and teacher educators.

Parisa Daftarifard



Measurements of occupational ultraviolet exposure and the implications of timetabled yard duty for school teachers in Queensland, Australia: preliminary results. (United States)

Simultaneous personal measurements of the occupational ultraviolet exposure weighted to the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection hazard sensitivity spectrum (UVICNIRP) were made over a five week period (44 person-days) in the second half of the summer school term of 2012 in Queensland, Australia for individual high school teachers located at latitudes of 27.5°S and 23.5°S. These teachers were employed for the duration of the study in a predominately indoor classroom teaching role, excluding mandatory periods of lunch time yard duty and school sport supervisions. Data is presented from personal measurements made to the shirt collar using polyphenylene oxide (PPO) film UV dosimeters. UVICNIRP exposure data is presented for each week of the study period for the shirt collar measurement site and are further expressed relative to the measured ambient horizontal plane exposure. Personal exposures were correlated with time outdoors, showing a higher exposure trend on days when teachers were required to supervise outdoor areas for more than 2h per week (mean daily exposure: 168Jm(-2)UVICNIRP±5Jm(-2) (1?)) compared to the study average (mean daily exposure: 115Jm(-2)UVICNIRP±91Jm(-2) (1?)). Time spent in an open playground environment was found to be the most critical factor influencing the occupational UVICNIRP exposure. A linear model was developed showing a correlation (R(2)=0.77) between the time teachers spent on yard duty and UVICNIRP exposure, expressed relative to ambient. The research findings indicate a greater reduction in personal exposure can be achieved by timetabling for yard duty periods in playground areas which offer more shade from trees and surrounding buildings. All mean daily personal exposures measured at the shirt collar site were higher than the ICNIRP occupational daily exposure limit of 30Jm(-2) for outdoor workers. PMID:24509070

Downs, N J; Parisi, A V; Igoe, D



Views of parents, teachers and children on health promotion in kindergarten : first results from formative focus groups and observations  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The aim of the study was to capture the views of children, parents and teachers on the topic of physical activity in kindergarten through observation and focus group interviews. The study was conducted in the kindergartens from the sampling group in the Danish part of PERISCOPE. 1 st methodology : Children interviewed inside by the researcher on preferable movements and settings and then observed outside during their playtime. 2 nd methodology : Children asked to draw themselves playing their most preferred physical activity. Parents and kindergarten teachers interviewed in two different groups, using an identical guide. Children are skilled in taking advantage of the space and facilities available for physical activity; girls need more support than boys to initiate physical activity; children are happy with the facilities and the toys available in the kindergarten. Teachers feel an increasing pressure to take more responsibility and initiatives for the children â?? s health habits. Parents state that if more physical activity is initiated in the kindergarten, it could make children request domestic activity. Physical activity and movement concept are too abstract for children of this age to talk about: they quickly lose their focus and concentration. The new methodology of videotaping gives the researcher the chance to interpret facial expressions to capture movement, talk and actions, and to make a distinction among children, as they tend to interrupt each other. However, this method contains a weakness, if used alone, by the fact that the shooting is only a refl ection of what the video camera has recorded.

Sansolios, Sanne; Mikkelsen, Bent Egberg



Vocational Teacher Education Study. (United States)

A study was conducted to determine the present state of vocational education in Kentucky and the supply of and demand for vocational teachers. Results are summarized for vocational teacher education in general and for teachers in the areas of agricultural education, business and office education, marketing and distributive education, health and…

Tulloch, Charlotte



Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Trying to develop new perspectives of teaching is never easy, but trying to cultivate ownership and initiative among teacher education students is a still greater aspiration that is infrequently realized. This article addresses each of these highly valued goals for teacher educators as a case study reveals the impact of involving teacher candidates in interdisciplinary focused, constructivist and reflective models and planning for teaching, and then student teaching, which reaffirms this approach. Most significant is the phenomenon of several teacher candidates continuing their development and study of innovative drama play projects with their classes after the semester finishes. The resulting transformations in professional identity development, self-efficacy and student-teacher relationships confirm the value of the teacher education model which has developed over a decade of practice (Lyublinskaya & Kerekes, 2009.

Judit Kerekes



How Principals Formally Evaluate Teachers. (United States)

The evaluation of a high school teacher by his principal in Alberta, Canada, was examined by analyzing the conversations that occurred between the researcher, the principal, and the teacher he was evaluating. The analysis reveals much about why the principal undertook teacher evaluations, and what counts as evidence for good or poor practice.…

Oppenheim, Claude


Attitude of teachers towards the inclusion of special needs children in general education classroom: the case of teachers in some selected schools in Nigeria  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Attitudes about inclusion are extremely complex and vary from teacher to teacher and schoolto school. This article explores the attitudes of teachers about inclusion of special needschildren in their secondary schools in general education. This study adopted a descriptivesurvey research design, with 60 teachers as participants from selected secondary schools inOyo State, Nigeria. Four hypotheses were postulated at the significant level of .05. Theinstrument, a questionnaire with question items on demographic information like gender,marital status, professionalism and teaching experience has a general reliability coefficientalpha of .83. A t-test method of analysis was the main statistical method used to test the 4generated hypotheses. The findings revealed that the attitude of male teachers is 39.4, whilethat of female teacher is 43.3, thus, the t-test analysis shows that the calculated t-test is2.107, which is greater than the critical t (t=1.960. This implies that female teachers havemore positive attitude towards the inclusion of special needs students than their malecounterparts. Furthermore, the results reveal that significant difference exists betweenmarried and single teachers in their attitude towards special need students. And thatprofessionally qualified teacher tends to have a more favourable attitude towards theinclusion of special need students than their non-professional qualified teachers. It wasrecommended that teachers should attend seminars and conferences to improve theirknowledge about ways of practicing and accepting inclusion for a better tomorrow for ourspecial needs children in Nigeria.

Samuel Olufemi ADENIYI



The status of history teaching, learning and examination results in Lesotho, 2000 - 2004: implications for teacher education.  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This paper addresses the issue of History teaching and learning in Lesotho which is at its lowest ebb. Very few schools teach the subject and their poor performance, particularly in the senior classes, exacerbates the situation. On the basis of the examiners' comments in the last five years, the study has identified lack of essay writing skills among the candidates as the main reason behind the high failure rate in History. It also suggests pursuit of quality pre-service & in-service teacher ...

Ntabeni, Mary



Secondary Science Teachers' Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge as Result of Integrating Nanoscience Content in Their Curriculum (United States)

Nanoscale science is a rapidly-developing, multidisciplinary field of science and research that combines engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, and information technology pushes and the boundary between the science and the technology required to conduct it. Nanoscale science involves investigating and working with matter on the scale of 1-100 microns and has broad societal implications for new technologies. It is estimated that the worldwide workforce necessary to support the field of nanoscale science and nanotechnology will be close to 2 million by 2015 (National Nanotechnology Initiative, 2005). With such rapid developments in nanoscale science and technology, it is becoming more incumbent upon K-12 science teachers to provide the learning experiences necessary for students to understand the principles that govern behavior at the nanoscale and develop the skills needed to apply these concepts to improve everyday life. While onlya limited amount of nanoscale curricular materials are available for K-12 and undergraduate education many important unanswered questions exist, including: How do science teachers learn to teach nanoscale science?

Wischow, Emily D.; Bryan, Lynn; Bodner, George M.



Preservice and Inservice Teachers' Perceptions of Appropriateness of Teacher Self-Disclosure (United States)

This study investigated preservice and inservice teachers' perceptions of appropriateness of teacher self-disclosure. A sample of 180 preservice teachers and 135 preK-12 teachers participated in the study. Results showed statistically significant differences between the groups of teachers in their perceptions of appropriateness of teacher

Zhang, Shaoan; Shi, Qingmin; Tonelson, Stephen; Robinson, Jack



Teacher Perceptions of Teacher Bullying (United States)

This mixed-methods study examined elementary teachers' perceptions of teacher-student bullying. Grounded in previous research on peer bullying, the study posed several questions: to what extent did teachers perceive bullying of students by other teachers as a serious matter requiring intervention? Did they perceive teacher bullying as more serious…

Zerillo, Christine; Osterman, Karen F



Formação continuada de professores e resultados dos alunos no SARESP: propostas e realizações Teacher continued education and the results of pupils in the SARESP exam: proposals and achievements  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available O presente trabalho apresenta resultados obtidos por meio da pesquisa realizada entre 2005 e 2006, intitulada Uso dos resultados do SARESP: o papel da avaliação nas políticas de formação docente, cujo propósito foi analisar possibilidades e limites da utilização dos resultados obtidos pelos alunos no Sistema de Avaliação do Rendimento Escolar do Estado de São Paulo (SARESP para a formulação e o direcionamento de políticas de formação de professores. As preocupações recaíram sobre os programas de formação em língua portuguesa para o ensino fundamental. Foram visitadas quatro das treza diretorias regionais de ensino da capital do Estado de São Paulo a fim de conhecer o trabalho de formação docente realizado e analisar em que medida ele se relacionava aos dados obtidos no SARESP. O estudo qualitativo teve como principal estratégia a enquete exploratória, com uso de roteiros de entrevista e de observação semiestruturados. O referencial teórico sintetizou contribuições de Dennis Palumbo (1998 e de Marcus Figueiredo e Argelina Figueiredo (1986 para a compreensão do conceito e das etapas da política pública, assim como de Elba Barreto e Regina Pinto (2001, Blaine Worthen, James Sanders e Jody Fitzpatrick (2004 e Almerindo Afonso (1998 a respeito da discussão da avaliação de programas, entre outros. Concluiu-se que, apesar de a documentação dos programas de formação e o SARESP declararem que há relação entre os resultados da avaliação e os programas propostos, a concretização desse propósito depende do engajamento dos profissionais presentes nas diretorias de ensino. As ações formais da Secretaria da Educação para induzir esse uso de resultados não se mostraram suficientes para assegurar o pretenso vínculo entre avaliação e formação docente.This work presents results of a study conducted between 2005 and 2006 entitled The use of the results of the SARESP Exam: the role of assessment in teacher education policies (Uso dos resultados do SARESP: o papel da avaliação nas políticas de formação docente, whose purpose was to analyze possibilities and limits of the use of the results obtained by pupils in the SARESP Exam (School Performance Assessment System of the State São Paulo to formulate and direct teacher education policies. The attention was focused on education programs for teachers of Portuguese Language to pupils in fundamental education. Four out of the thirteen Regional Education Directorships of the State of São Paulo were visited to gain acquaintance with the teacher education programs they developed and to investigate to what extent they could be related to the results achieved in the SARESP exam. The qualitative study adopted as its main strategy the exploratory survey, with the use of semi-structured interview and observation scripts. The theoretical framework employed brought together contributions by Dennis Palumbo (1998 and Marcus Figueiredo and Argelina Figueiredo (1986 to understand the concept and stages of public policy, as well as by Elba Barreto and Regina Pinto (2001, Blaine Worthen, James Sanders and Jody Fitzpatrick (2004, and by Almerindo Afonso (1998 on the discussion about assessment programs, among others. It concludes that, the statements in the teacher education program and in the SARESP documentations about the correlation between the former and pupil assessment results notwithstanding, the actual achievement of positive results depends on the effective commitment of the professionals working at the Education Directorships. Formal actions by the Secretariat for Education to foster this use of the results have proved insufficient to ensure the proposed link between pupil assessment and teacher education.

Adriana Bauer



Formação continuada de professores e resultados dos alunos no SARESP: propostas e realizações / Teacher continued education and the results of pupils in the SARESP exam: proposals and achievements  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese O presente trabalho apresenta resultados obtidos por meio da pesquisa realizada entre 2005 e 2006, intitulada Uso dos resultados do SARESP: o papel da avaliação nas políticas de formação docente, cujo propósito foi analisar possibilidades e limites da utilização dos resultados obtidos pelos alunos n [...] o Sistema de Avaliação do Rendimento Escolar do Estado de São Paulo (SARESP) para a formulação e o direcionamento de políticas de formação de professores. As preocupações recaíram sobre os programas de formação em língua portuguesa para o ensino fundamental. Foram visitadas quatro das treza diretorias regionais de ensino da capital do Estado de São Paulo a fim de conhecer o trabalho de formação docente realizado e analisar em que medida ele se relacionava aos dados obtidos no SARESP. O estudo qualitativo teve como principal estratégia a enquete exploratória, com uso de roteiros de entrevista e de observação semiestruturados. O referencial teórico sintetizou contribuições de Dennis Palumbo (1998) e de Marcus Figueiredo e Argelina Figueiredo (1986) para a compreensão do conceito e das etapas da política pública, assim como de Elba Barreto e Regina Pinto (2001), Blaine Worthen, James Sanders e Jody Fitzpatrick (2004) e Almerindo Afonso (1998) a respeito da discussão da avaliação de programas, entre outros. Concluiu-se que, apesar de a documentação dos programas de formação e o SARESP declararem que há relação entre os resultados da avaliação e os programas propostos, a concretização desse propósito depende do engajamento dos profissionais presentes nas diretorias de ensino. As ações formais da Secretaria da Educação para induzir esse uso de resultados não se mostraram suficientes para assegurar o pretenso vínculo entre avaliação e formação docente. Abstract in english This work presents results of a study conducted between 2005 and 2006 entitled The use of the results of the SARESP Exam: the role of assessment in teacher education policies (Uso dos resultados do SARESP: o papel da avaliação nas políticas de formação docente), whose purpose was to analyze possibil [...] ities and limits of the use of the results obtained by pupils in the SARESP Exam (School Performance Assessment System of the State São Paulo) to formulate and direct teacher education policies. The attention was focused on education programs for teachers of Portuguese Language to pupils in fundamental education. Four out of the thirteen Regional Education Directorships of the State of São Paulo were visited to gain acquaintance with the teacher education programs they developed and to investigate to what extent they could be related to the results achieved in the SARESP exam. The qualitative study adopted as its main strategy the exploratory survey, with the use of semi-structured interview and observation scripts. The theoretical framework employed brought together contributions by Dennis Palumbo (1998) and Marcus Figueiredo and Argelina Figueiredo (1986) to understand the concept and stages of public policy, as well as by Elba Barreto and Regina Pinto (2001), Blaine Worthen, James Sanders and Jody Fitzpatrick (2004), and by Almerindo Afonso (1998) on the discussion about assessment programs, among others. It concludes that, the statements in the teacher education program and in the SARESP documentations about the correlation between the former and pupil assessment results notwithstanding, the actual achievement of positive results depends on the effective commitment of the professionals working at the Education Directorships. Formal actions by the Secretariat for Education to foster this use of the results have proved insufficient to ensure the proposed link between pupil assessment and teacher education.

Adriana, Bauer.


Attitudes toward Communication Skills among Students'-Teachers' in Jordanian Public Universities (United States)

The present study was carried out to determine the positive and negative attitudes among 289 students of class teachers and childhood teachers' disciplines using the communication skills attitude scale (CSAS) in Jordanian public universities. GPA, year level of students were recorded. Overall results of study revealed that the mean of positive…

Ihmeideh, Fathi M.; Al-Omari, Aieman Ahmad; Al-Dababneh, Kholoud A.



The Investigation of the Attitudes of Geography Teachers towards Environment in Turkey (United States)

This study was carried out to reveal whether the attitudes of the geography teachers in Turkey towards the environment change according to different variables, using ''Attitude Scale" for 404 geography teachers working in various high schools throughout the country. The data were analysed by SPSS statistical software. The result

Karakus, Ufuk



The Evaluation of Computer-Mediated Technology by Second Language Teachers: Collaboration and Interaction in CALL (United States)

This study presents the results of a web-based questionnaire administered to 166 second language teachers and designed to obtain information about their use and needs of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as related to language learning (LL). Analyses revealed that, although teachers believe that second language acquisition is…

del Puerto, Francisco Gallardo; Gamboa, Eider




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Full Text Available This study aims at finding out the opinions of Turkish teachers about measurement-assessment approach on renewed Turkish Education Programmes. This research was carried out in 2007 fall semester with 20 primary school teachers of Turkish in Artvin city center. In this research, qualitative research methodology has been used. Firstly, a 20-minute interview on new measurement–assessment approach has been applied to two randomly selected Turkish teachers. According to data that were collected from the interviews, a semi-structured interview form has been developed. This interview form has been implemented on 20 teachers of Turkish. The results of study have revealed that teachers of Turkish have positive perceptions about the new measurement–assessment approach. However, the study has revealed that teachers do not apply any new measurement–assessment activities efficiently because of the high cost, insufficient time, insufficient knowledge.

Mustafa MET?N



Who Needs to Fit in? Who Gets to Stand out? Communication Technologies Including Brain-Machine Interfaces Revealed from the Perspectives of Special Education School Teachers Through an Ableism Lens  

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Full Text Available Some new and envisioned technologies such as brain machine interfaces (BMI that are being developed initially for people with disabilities, but whose use can also be expanded to the general public have the potential to change body ability expectations of disabled and non-disabled people beyond the species-typical. The ways in which this dynamic will impact students with disabilities in the domain of special education is explored. Data was drawn from six special education school teachers from one school in Calgary, Alberta. Five sub-themes (social acceptance, not adding to the impairment, fear of judgement by society, pursuing “normality” and meeting the demands of society were identified that fit under the main identified theme of “fitting in by not standing out”. Findings demonstrate a dichotomy in participant views of non- or socially acceptable communication devices. The perception of BMI technology was also explored among special education school teachers, revealing benefits and challenges with the uptake of this technology for students with disabilities. Perceptions of people with disabilities and ableism are presented as conceptual frameworks to interpret the influence and impact of the findings.

Gregor Wolbring



A Study of Students and Teachers' Preferences and Attitudes towards Correction of Classroom Written Errors in Saudi EFL Context  

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Full Text Available It is no doubt that teacher written feedback plays an essential role in teaching writing skill. The present study, by use of questionnaire, investigates Saudi EFL students' and teachers' preferences and attitudes towards written error corrections. The study also aims at identifying the difficulties encountered by teachers and students during the feedback process. The questionnaire findings reveal that both teachers and students have positive attitudes towards written error correction. The study also shows that while teachers and students share such common preferences as the importance of error correction and the types of errors, there are considerable discrepancies as to the techniques of error correction. For instance, students favor the overall correction, whereas most teachers do not. However, the results show that students prefer teacher correction to peer and self-correction. Moreover, both the teachers and students have encountered a number of difficulties, so suggestions have been investigated so as to deal with the problems.

Arafat Hamouda



Effectiveness of a Curricular and Professional Development Intervention at Improving Elementary Teachers' Science Content Knowledge and Student Achievement Outcomes: Year 1 Results (United States)

Teacher knowledge of science content is an important but under-studied construct. A curricular and professional development intervention consisting of a fifth grade science curriculum, teacher workshops, and school site support was studied to determine its effect on teachers' science content knowledge as measured by a science knowledge test,…

Diamond, Brandon S.; Maerten-Rivera, Jaime; Rohrer, Rose Elizabeth; Lee, Okhee



Functional Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System: Professional development for PreK-3 teachers using a ÃÂTrain and equipÃÂ Method Results in Learning Opportunities for Students (United States)

This resource describes a professional development program for preK - 3rd grade teachers. The purpose of the program was to update teachers in the content of cardiovascular and respiratory physiology and provide the necessary tools for teachers to adapt these lessons to their classroom.

Dr. E R Burns (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences)



Functional Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System: Professional Development for PreK-3 Teachers Using a "Train and Equip" Method Results in Learning Opportunities for Students (United States)

Preadolescent students are interested in learning the structure and function of the human body. However, their teachers are not trained in this content. The purpose of this project was to expand a successful outreach effort in the health sciences for grade 7-12 teachers to include PreK-3 teachers. A "Healthy Hearts" workshop was offered to train…

Burns, E. Robert



WWC Quick Review of the Report "Impacts of Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Results from the First Year of a Randomized Controlled Study" (United States)

The selected study examined the effects of comprehensive teacher induction (CTI) programs on teacher outcomes and student achievement. Within participating school districts, schools were randomly assigned to offer their beginning teachers either a CTI program or the district's standard induction program. Within the group participating in CTI, the…

What Works Clearinghouse, 2009



Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs and Teaching Practices  

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Full Text Available Problem statement: The connection between teachers? beliefs and their practices are inconsistent among researchers. Previous experiences had become one of the factors involved in the fundamental process of teachers? learning and the beliefs system. Approach: This study was conducted to determine the mathematics secondary school teachers? beliefs and teaching practices. A total of 51 teachers from seven secondary schools were grouped according to their teaching experience and a set of questionnaires were given to them in order to get their responses on mathematics beliefs and their teaching practices. The dimensions of mathematics beliefs consist of beliefs towards the nature of mathematics, beliefs towards mathematics teaching and beliefs towards mathematics learning. Results: The result revealed no difference between the less-experienced and more-experienced teachers in the aspects of mathematics beliefs. There was a moderate significant correlation between their mathematics beliefs and teaching practices. Conclusion: The establishment of good mathematical beliefs would lead teachers to positive and effective teaching practices.

Siti Mistima Maat



Internationally Educated Teachers and Student Teachers in Iceland: Two Qualitative Studies (United States)

This article draws upon two qualitative studies with internationally educated teachers and teacher assistants in preschools in Iceland as well as ethnic minority student teachers at the Iceland University of Education. The common research question in both studies is whether the experiences of these teachers reveal barriers to integration within…

Ragnarsdottir, Hanna



What lies beneath teacher beliefs? A study on metaphoric perceptions  

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Full Text Available The purpose of this qualitative study is to examine the metaphors a foreign language teacher used to describe her teaching experience and the role she adopted. The study tries to follow the conceptualizations of an experienced EFL teacher in regard to her teaching experience and the role she adopted. The data for the present study were collected by means of metaphor elicitation sheet, interview, and diary. The data were collected every month over a period of 24 months. The results revealed that during the first period of data collection (12 months, the participant teacher developed 10 different metaphors with regard to the concept of “teacher”. The number of new metaphors developed in the second period of data collection (the second 12 months was 7, most of which implied the democratic teacher. Even though the same metaphor was used at different times, the rationale behind using the same metaphor always yielded differences.

Aynur Kesen



Over-Graduate Thesis Physical Education and Sports Teacher’s Self Efficacy of Their Jobs (Nev?ehir City Model  

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Full Text Available The purpose of this study is, to examine the physical education and sports teacher’s self-efficacy expectation level throughdifferent variances, who teach in Nev?ehir. To the purpose of determining the physical education and sports teacher’s (selfefficacy levels, the data of the study collected with Teacher Competence Expectation Inventory (TCE? which was developedby Yavuz and Koç which was used before. The study was processed with the 92 physical education and sports teachers in thecity of Nevsehir. The data obtained about the teacher’s teacher efficacy expectation were analyzed by ‘Single Way VarianceAnalyze’ and ‘the test of the importance of the the difference between two means’ (t-test. There have been significantdifferences identified in gender (p<0.05, marital status (p<0.05 and in education levels (p<0.01 of subjects. According to thecomparison related with the residence place of the subjects the ANOVA results revealed that there was significant differencebetween groups. And post-hoc tests pointed that the difference was between the city and town, which was in favor of city.There was not any significant difference identified on the other variables of the research. The results related to teacher efficacylevels of the physical education and sports teacher’s in the city of Nev?ehir generally show that the teacher’s self efficiency levelsare at high level. The study results show that the between gender, marital statue, localization and the education step variancesand self-efficiency levels showed meaningful differences. Between the age and the school type variances and self-efficiencylevels no meaningful differences were found.



Reflection in Teacher Education Programmes for Novice EFL Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The present paper focuses on the concept of reflection as an integral component of professional English Foreign Language teacher education. Many scholars have acknowledged its paramount importance in teachers’ training and development and the relevant literature reveals that reflection may herald the beginning of a true learning process towards professional growth, productive change and professional autonomy. Thus, it appears as an imperative need to evaluate whether teacher preparation programmes develop reflective abilities in their trainees. It is primarily for this reason that the study seeks to investigate whether the compulsory, induction training programme offered by the Greek State for the newly appointed English Foreign Language teachers (P.E.K. induction training programme grants them sufficient space, time and support to engage in reflective thought and action consciously and creatively. The research that is conducted employs the questionnaire as its methodological tool with a view to collecting sufficient data, whose analysis will lead to valuable conclusions. The results show that the training programme under investigation bears a great weakness since it marginalises the role of reflection leaving its rich potential unexploited. The findings provide a strong case for assigning greater value to reflective practices and for enhancing the quality of reflection in the specific induction training programme through the adoption of various promising techniques.

Panagiota G. Karkaletsi



Exploring professional development experiences: Teachers' and facilitators' perceptions of Alabama Science in Motion (United States)

Teachers are often disillusioned because most of the professional development that they receive is inadequate (Chappuis, Chappuis, & Stiggins, 2009; Borko, 2004). With that in mind, reform efforts have placed attentive measures on the classroom and the way teachers can improve their instructional practices. The purpose of this study was to explore biology and chemistry teachers' and facilitators' perceptions of the Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM) professional development experience. Furthermore, the researcher conducted this study to determine whether or not ASIM had an impact on teachers' classroom instruction. The results of this study were significant in that it allows for policy makers to analyze the effect that the ASIM experience has on reforming and restructuring science education. A mixed-method research design was utilized. Data was gathered from teachers and facilitators via survey and focus group interview responses. The population consisted of teachers who were trained with ASIM modules and facilitators who trained teachers in the area of biology and chemistry. A statistical data analysis was employed using the Pearson r correlation coefficient test (Pearson r). The results of this study revealed that effective professional development has an impact on teachers' classroom instruction. Teachers and facilitators believed that ASIM made them more effective as a teacher and contributed strongly to their students' understanding of biology and chemistry. Moreover, teachers and facilitators believed that the ASIM modules assisted them in the implementation of the standards on the Alabama Course of Study.

Burruss, Linda D.


Teachers' experience with dyslexia  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This dissertation examines how Slovene teachers and Slovene teachers in Italy deal with dyslexia - a specific learning disability which mainly affects the development of literacy and skills related to language. The theoretical part focuses on dyslexic students’ difficulties, teachers’ acquisition of knowledge about dyslexia, teaching methods applied to dyslexic students and dyslexia regulations in force in Slovenia and Italy. The empirical part presents the research results relating to te...

Croselli, Martina



Impact of a theoretically based sex education programme (SHARE) delivered by teachers on NHS registered conceptions and terminations: final results of cluster randomised trial (United States)

Objective To assess the impact of a theoretically based sex education programme (SHARE) delivered by teachers compared with conventional education in terms of conceptions and terminations registered by the NHS. Design Follow-up of cluster randomised trial 4.5 years after intervention. Setting NHS records of women who had attended 25 secondary schools in east Scotland. Participants 4196 women (99.5% of those eligible). Intervention SHARE programme (intervention group) v existing sex education (control group). Main outcome measure NHS recorded conceptions and terminations for the achieved sample linked at age 20. Results In an “intention to treat” analysis there were no significant differences between the groups in registered conceptions per 1000 pupils (300 SHARE v 274 control; difference 26, 95% confidence interval ?33 to 86) and terminations per 1000 pupils (127 v 112; difference 15, ?13 to 42) between ages 16 and 20. Conclusions This specially designed sex education programme did not reduce conceptions or terminations by age 20 compared with conventional provision. The lack of effect was not due to quality of delivery. Enhancing teacher led school sex education beyond conventional provision in eastern Scotland is unlikely to reduce terminations in teenagers. Trial registration ISRCTN48719575.

Wight, D; Raab, G M; Abraham, C; Parkes, A; Scott, S; Hart, G



Helping teachers in middle and high school to do self-evaluations of teaching (United States)

Formative assessments can allow teachers to immediately understand what is and is not working in their classrooms for the purpose of changing how they teach various content. We encouraged teachers who are participating in a project funded through the Ohio Department of Education to do real formative assessments as an application for the development of formative assessments in the classroom in a rurally located, city high-needs district in the state of Ohio. The authors wrote formative assessments (CFAs) for the teachers in differing categories. Teachers had the opportunity to provide feedback, the CFAs were changed if necessary, and then they analyzed the CFA at the both the beginning and the end of the quarter. The emphasis in the analysis was on what student thinking as expressed in writing reveals. The pretests reveal what students think at the beginning, giving the teacher an idea of what ideas might already exist, right or wrong; the posttest should reveal to the teacher whether the instruction succeeded. The final quarter of the year, we asked the teachers themselves to draft assessments for their classes. Results indicate changes not only in the way teachers view their pedagogical approaches, but also in how teachers consider student personal epistemologies.

Esswein, Jennifer; Aubrecht, Gordon; Schmitt, Bill



Teacher Pay and Teacher Aptitude (United States)

Can changes in teacher pay encourage more able individuals to enter the teaching profession? So far, studies of the impact of pay on the aptitude distribution of teachers have provided mixed evidence on the extent to which altering teacher salaries represents a feasible solution to the teacher quality problem. One possible reason is that these…

Leigh, Andrew



Atmosphere-Ionosphere Response to the M9 Tohoku Earthquake Revealed by Joined Satellite and Ground Observations. Preliminary results  

CERN Multimedia

The recent M9 Tohoku Japan earthquake of March 11, 2011 was the largest recorded earthquake ever to hit this nation. We retrospectively analyzed the temporal and spatial variations of four different physical parameters - outgoing long wave radiation (OLR), GPS/TEC, Low-Earth orbit tomography and critical frequency foF2. These changes characterize the state of the atmosphere and ionosphere several days before the onset of this earthquake. Our first results show that on March 8th a rapid increase of emitted infrared radiation was observed from the satellite data and an anomaly developed near the epicenter. The GPS/TEC data indicate an increase and variation in electron density reaching a maximum value on March 8. Starting on this day in the lower ionospheric there was also confirmed an abnormal TEC variation over the epicenter. From March 3-11 a large increase in electron concentration was recorded at all four Japanese ground based ionosondes, which return to normal after the main earthquake. We found a positiv...

Ouzounov, Dimitar; Romanov, Alexey; Romanov, Alexander; Tsybulya, Konstantin; Davidenko, Dimitri; Kafatos, Menas; Taylor, Patrick



Quantification of shape and cell polarity reveals a novel mechanism underlying malformations resulting from related FGF mutations during facial morphogenesis. (United States)

Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) signaling mutations are a frequent contributor to craniofacial malformations including midfacial anomalies and craniosynostosis. FGF signaling has been shown to control cellular mechanisms that contribute to facial morphogenesis and growth such as proliferation, survival, migration and differentiation. We hypothesized that FGF signaling not only controls the magnitude of growth during facial morphogenesis but also regulates the direction of growth via cell polarity. To test this idea, we infected migrating neural crest cells of chicken embryos with  replication-competent avian sarcoma virus expressing either FgfR2(C278F), a receptor mutation found in Crouzon syndrome or the ligand Fgf8. Treated embryos exhibited craniofacial malformations resembling facial dysmorphologies in craniosynostosis syndrome. Consistent with our hypothesis, ectopic activation of FGF signaling resulted in decreased cell proliferation, increased expression of the Sprouty class of FGF signaling inhibitors, and repressed phosphorylation of ERK/MAPK. Furthermore, quantification of cell polarity in facial mesenchymal cells showed that while orientation of the Golgi body matches the direction of facial prominence outgrowth in normal cells, in FGF-treated embryos this direction is randomized, consistent with aberrant growth that we observed. Together, these data demonstrate that FGF signaling regulates cell proliferation and cell polarity and that these cell processes contribute to facial morphogenesis. PMID:23906837

Li, Xin; Young, Nathan M; Tropp, Stephen; Hu, Diane; Xu, Yanhua; Hallgrímsson, Benedikt; Marcucio, Ralph S



454 Pyrosequencing and Sanger sequencing of tropical mycorrhizal fungi provide similar results but reveal substantial methodological biases. (United States)

• Compared with Sanger sequencing-based methods, pyrosequencing provides orders of magnitude more data on the diversity of organisms in their natural habitat, but its technological biases and relative accuracy remain poorly understood. • This study compares the performance of pyrosequencing and traditional sequencing for species' recovery of ectomycorrhizal fungi on root tips in a Cameroonian rain forest and addresses biases related to multi-template PCR and pyrosequencing analyses. • Pyrosequencing and the traditional method yielded qualitatively similar results, but there were slight, but significant, differences that affected the taxonomic view of the fungal community. We found that most pyrosequencing singletons were artifactual and contained a strongly elevated proportion of insertions compared with natural intra- and interspecific variation. The alternative primers, DNA extraction methods and PCR replicates strongly influenced the richness and community composition as recovered by pyrosequencing. • Pyrosequencing offers a powerful alternative for the identification of ectomycorrhizal fungi in pooled root samples, but requires careful selection of molecular tools. A well-populated backbone database facilitates the detection of biological and technical artifacts. The pyrosequencing pipeline is available at PMID:20636324

Tedersoo, Leho; Nilsson, R Henrik; Abarenkov, Kessy; Jairus, Teele; Sadam, Ave; Saar, Irja; Bahram, Mohammad; Bechem, Eneke; Chuyong, George; Kõljalg, Urmas



A program for reducing teacher's resistance to changes in curriculum in centralized education systems. An experience on changes of mathematics text books in Iran based on distinction results  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Curricula in concentrated educational systems are prepared from an upper-stream reference and hand over teachers’ disposal. Curricula in Iran are compiled in the so-called math curriculum development office and then put at the disposal of teachers. The researches in this regard show that such plans provide some resistance against executing it which are named teacher - proof programs, even it changed to some extent for accept ion, its execution is suspeciable. This research first explains ho...

Ketabdar, Zohreh



Science teachers’ conceptions of nature of science: The case of Bangladesh  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study explored Bangladeshi science teachers’ conceptions of nature of science (NOS with a particular focus on the nature of (a scientific knowledge, (b scientific inquiry and (c scientific enterprise. The tentative, inferential, subjective and creative NOS, in addition to the myths of the scientific method and experimentation, the nature of scientific laws and theories, the social and cultural embeddedness, and cooperation and collaboration in science were considered in the conceptual framework. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected concurrently using the Myths of Science Questionnaire (MOSQ from 145 science teachers. Results showed that the majority of the teachers in this study held uninformed conceptions about most of the target NOS aspects. Also, an inconsistent response pattern was revealed in teachers’ response to the aspects directly related NOS. The results suggest that further research is required to better understand how Bangladeshi teachers model NOS in their classes and how the pedagogies of teacher education inform this modelling.

Md. Mahbub Alam SARKAR




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In this study, the effect of Preventive Classroom Management Training Program (PCMTP on approval and disapproval behaviors of teachers working in inclusive classrooms was investigated. The study group consisted of 45 teachers who were working in public schools and had students with special needs in their classrooms. Data were gathered using Teacher Behaviors Observation Form, which was developed by the researcher, and during one lesson which was videotaped in the classrooms of teachers in the experimental group (n=21 who had a training using PCMTP and the control group (n=24. The analysis of the research data revealed that PCMTP did not make significant differences in the approval/disapproval behaviors of the teachers in terms of the post-test results but the maintenance results showed that disapproval behaviors of the teachers were significantly lower.

Nevin Güner



Regression analysis exploring teacher impact on student FCI post scores (United States)

High School Modeling Workshops are designed to improve high school physics teachersâ understanding of physics and how to teach using the Modeling method. The basic assumption is that the teacher plays a critical role in their studentsâ physics education. This study investigated teacher impacts on studentsâ Force Concept Inventory scores, (FCI), with the hopes of identifying quantitative differences between teachers. This study examined student FCI scores from 18 teachers with at least a year of teaching high school physics. This data was then evaluated using a General Linear Model (GLM), which allowed for a regression equation to be fitted to the data. This regression equation was used to predict student post FCI scores, based on: teacher ID, student pre FCI score, gender, and representation. The results show 12 out of 18 teachers significantly impact their student post FCI scores. The GLM further revealed that of the 12 teachers only five have a positive impact on student post FCI scores. Given these differences among teachers it is our intention to extend our analysis to investigate pedagogical differences between them.

Mahadeo, Jonathan V.; Manthey, Seth; Brewe, Eric



Prospective Teachers' Ideas about Teacher Recruitment and Their Professional Future (United States)

This research aimed to reveal how prospective teachers viewed their professional future and to discern how their lives would be affected in case they were not recruited as teachers. The research was conducted on senior students at Buca Faculty of Education. The sample of the research consisted of 149 senior students, including 82 girls and 67…

Sahin, Idris



On systems of relations “gifted student – teacher” and "teacher – gifted student" in secondary school  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

We consider socio-psychological aspects of specific relationships in the systems “teacher – gifted student” and “gifted student – teacher”. We consistently argue the need to consider actual socio-psychological requirements to the personality and the role of “special teacher for the gifted” with a targeted selection and training of teachers for developing work with gifted students in secondary schools. We reveal the peculiarities of relationship and mutual importance of teacher...



Construction of teacher knowledge in context: Preparing elementary teachers to teach mathematics and science (United States)

The purposes of this study were to further the understanding of how preservice teacher construct teacher knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge of elementary mathematics and science and to determine the extent of that knowledge in a school-based setting. Preservice teachers, university instructors, inservice teachers, and other school personnel were involved in this context-specific study. Evidence of the preservice teachers' knowledge construction (its acquisition, its dimensions, and the social context) was collected through the use of a qualitative methodology. Collected data included individual and group interviews, course documents, artifacts, and preservice teaching portfolios. Innovative aspects of this integrated mathematics and science elementary methods course included standards-based instruction with immediate access to field experiences. Grade-level teams of preservice and inservice teachers planned and implemented lessons in mathematics and science for elementary students. An on-site, portable classroom building served as a mathematics and science teaching and learning laboratory. A four-stage analysis was performed, revealing significant patterns of learning. An ecosystem of learning within a constructivist learning environment was identified to contain three systems: the university system; the school system; and the cohort of learners system. A mega system for the construction of teacher knowledge was revealed in the final analysis. Learning venues were discovered to be the conduits of learning in a situated learning context. Analysis and synthesis of data revealed an extensive acquisition of teacher knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge through identified learning components. Patience, flexibility, and communication were identified as necessities for successful teaching. Learning components included: collaboration with inservice teachers; implementation of discovery learning and hands-on/minds-on learning; small groupwork; lesson planning; classroom management; and application of standards-based instruction. Prolonged, extensive classroom involvement provided familiarity with the ability levels of elementary students. Gains in positive attitudes and confidence in teaching mathematics and science were identified as direct results of this experience. This may be attributed to the immersion in the school-based setting (hands-on) and the standards-based approach (minds-on) methods course. The results are written in case study form using thick description with an emphasis on preservice teachers.

Lowery, Maye Norene Vail



Secondary Mathematics Teacher Differences: Teacher Quality and Preparation in a New Yourk City Alternative Certification Program  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Providing students in urban settings with quality teachers is important for student achievement. This study examined the differences in content knowledge, attitudes toward mathematics, and teacher efficacy among several different types of alternatively certified teachers in a sample from the New York City Teaching Fellows program in order to determine teacher quality. Findings revealed that high school teachers had significantly higher content knowledge than middle school teachers; teachers with strong mathematics backgrounds had significantly higher content knowledge than teachers who did not have strong mathematics backgrounds; and mathematics and science majors had significantly higher content knowledge than other majors. Further, it was found that mathematics content knowledge was not related to attitudes toward mathematics and teacher efficacy; thus, teachers had the same high positive attitudes toward mathematics and same high teacher efficacy, regardless of content ability.

Brian R. Evans



Evidence, explanations, and recommendations for teachers' field trip strategies (United States)

Field trips are well recognized by researchers as an educational approach with the potential to complement and enhance classroom science teaching by exposing students to unique activities, resources, and content in informal settings. The following investigation addresses teachers' field trip practices in three related manuscripts: (1) A study examining the details of teachers' pedagogical strategies intended to facilitate connections between students' experiences and the school curricula while visiting an aquarium; (2) A study documenting and describing sources of knowledge that teachers draw from when leading field trips to an aquarium; (3) A position paper that reviews and summarizes research on effective pedagogical strategies for field trips. Together these three pieces address key questions regarding teachers' practices on field trips: (1) What strategies are teachers employing (and not employing) during self-guided field trips to facilitate learning tied to the class curriculum? (2) What sources of knowledge do teachers utilize when leading field trips? (3) How can teachers be better prepared to lead trips that promote learning? The Oregon Coast Aquarium served as the field trip site for teachers included in this study. The setting suited these questions because the aquarium serves tens of thousands of students on field trips each year but provides no targeted programming for these students as they explore the exhibits. In other words, the teachers who lead field trips assume much of the responsibility for facilitating students' experience. In order to describe and characterize teachers' strategies to link students' experiences to the curriculum, a number of teachers (26) were observed as they led their students' visit to the public spaces of the aquarium. Artifacts, such as worksheets, used during the visit were collected for analysis as well. Subsequently, all teachers were surveyed regarding their use of the field trip and their sources of knowledge for their practices. A subset of eight teachers were interviewed using guided conversations in order to shed further light on their use of the aquarium field trip and their pedagogical preparation. Data from all sources were organized by repeating ideas relevant to the questions of interest. The resulting evidence was interpreted to support distinct categories of teacher strategies and experience and related claims about these strategies and experiences. Thus, findings reveal that teachers attempt to link the curriculum to the activities, resources, and content encountered on the trip using a variety of connections. However, these curriculum connections are characterized as products of opportunistic situations and reveal limited depth. Evidence further indicates that teachers treat the aquarium visit as a background experience for their students rather than as an opportunity to introduce new concepts or do an activity that is integrated into the curriculum. Nevertheless, teachers included in this study were leading field trips that created countless learning opportunities for their students. Because training specific to field trips is rarely included in preservice programs, teachers were asked about influences on their field trip practice with specific focus on observed strategies. Findings suggest four categories of training experiences that teachers apply to their practice: (1) informal mentoring; (2) past experience trip leading; (3) outdoor education training; (4) traditional education training. Overall findings along with a review of previous research are suggestive of many ways in which efforts to enhance students' learning opportunities may be developed by means of support for teachers. Foremost among recommendations is the idea that field trip pedagogy be integrated into science methods courses required for preservice teachers (the premise for the final manuscript). Furthermore, the findings of this study may serve as a starting point for museums interested in the development of specific support and teacher professional development activities intended to enha

Rebar, Bryan


Teacher Induction: Implications for Physical Education Teacher Development and Retention (United States)

Data show that 46% of all teachers in public schools will leave the profession within their first 5 years of teaching (Ingersoll, 2003). These data refer to teachers from all disciplines including physical education. To address these problems school districts have developed teacher induction programs that show promising results. Our literature…

Banville, Dominique; Rikard, G. Linda



Preservice Teachers: Teacher Preparation, Multicultural Curriculum and Culturally Relevant Teaching (United States)

This study is part of a larger study that uses mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative methods) to investigate preservice teachers' knowledge and understanding of multiculturalism and to prepare preservice teachers to work in diverse classrooms. The results indicate two findings: 1) that preservice teachers come from homogeneous backgrounds;…

Hopkins-Gillispie, Delphina



Lost at Sea: Summary Results of a Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of Teacher Induction and Implications for Administrative Practice (United States)

This paper summarizes a qualitative meta-analysis of the empirical research on the effectiveness of teacher induction programs over the last decade for the purpose of identifying the essential elements that make them effective in reducing teacher attrition. The study used Herzberg's two-factor theory of motivation as the theoretical framework for…

Shockley, Robert; Watlington, Eliah; Felsher, Rivka



Teachers' Perceptions of Alternate Assessments (United States)

The purpose of this study was to examine teachers' perceptions of alternate assessments. A total of 983 teachers from five states participated in this study. The results suggest that teachers tended to agree that their students should be included in school accountability, but they did not agree with most items assessing the educational benefits of…

Flowers, Claudia; Ahlgrim-Delzell, Lynn; Browder, Diane; Spooner, Fred



Analyzing Washback Effect of SEPPPO* on Prospective English Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Problem Statement: High-stakes examinations are critical turning points in the professional careers of student-teachers. Little is known; however, about the degree to which these examinations affect the educational practices of the student-teachers and their approach to their program. The present study attempts to analyze the washback effect of SEPPPO, a national high-stakes examination, on prospective English teachers.Purpose of Study: This paper reports on a research study in which washback effect of "The Selection Examination for Professional Posts in Public Organizations" (SEPPPO in Turkey. The findings may illuminate the practice of the authorities who may make a possible modification in this examination in the future.Methods: In a mix-method design, the data were obtained from 164 student-teachers following a private SEPPPO course. A survey was administered to the participants to reveal certain social and economic effects of getting prepared for the examination. The data gathered in interview sessions were utilized to provide a crystal clear portrait of the prospective teachers’ experiences about the examination.Findings and Results: The results revealed that The Selection Examination for Professional Posts in Public Organizations (SEPPPO exerts negative and harmful effects not only on these student-teachers but also on educational faculties and families.Conclusions and Recommendations: The present study suggests that SEPPPO has serious and negative effects on teacher candidates, on families who financially support them and finally on teacher education programs. The greatest limitation of the examination seems to be the validity since it does not assess any competences critical for English teachers. Necessary measures should be taken so as to modify the examination with the goal of exerting a positive washback effect.

Kemal Sinan Özmen



Grammatical competence of ESL teachers  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The aim of this article is to report on a study investigating the grammatical competence of English Second Language teachers in secondary schools.  This study came about as a result of the widespread concern that these teachers may not always be competent enough in English. We determined the teachers’ familiarity with standard English grammar as well as their acceptance of Black South African English features. The findings indicate that teachers had problems with the gra...

Mafisa, Palesa J.; Walt, Johann L.




Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This article describes the concept of "communicative competence of future teachers," describes the essential characteristics and features of pedagogical communication. Objective: To define the notion of "communicative competence of future teachers' Methodology of work: competence approach. Scope of the results: the preparation of future teachers at the Pedagogical University. Results: This article describes the concept of "communicative competence of future teachers," desc...



An Investigation of Students’ Face Wants in Chinese English Teachers’ Classroom Feedback  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In order to create a new teacher-student relationship and raise students’ politeness awareness and pragmatic competence in cross-cultural communication, this paper investigated and analyzed students’ face wants and English teachers’ awareness of students’ face want in their classroom feedback. The main data-gathering instruments are MP3-recording, non-participant observation, follow-up structured-interviews and closed- questionnaires. The results reveal that 60.6% of the teacher participants are frequently aware of their students’ face wants, and 27.2% of them are sometimes, while the other teachers seldom or never consider the students’ face want. Because of being influenced by the Chinese traditional culture in which teachers are superiors, not thoroughly understanding English Curriculum Standard which calls for human concern, and knowing a little about pragmatic theories, some Chinese English teachers ignore students’ face want. Suggestions on how to save students’ face want are put forward.

Wanli Zhao



Teacher-child relationships and academic achievement: a multilevel propensity score model approach. (United States)

A robust body of research finds positive cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between teacher-child relationships and children's academic achievement in elementary school. Estimating the causal effect of teacher-child relationships on children's academic achievement, however, is challenged by selection bias at the individual and school level. To address these issues, we used two multilevel propensity score matching approaches to estimate the effect of high-quality teacher-child relationships in kindergarten on math and reading achievement during children's transition to first grade. Multi-informant data were collected on 324 low-income, Black and Hispanic students, and 112 kindergarten and first-grade teachers. Results revealed significant effects of high-quality teacher-child relationships in kindergarten on math achievement in first grade. No significant effects of teacher-child relationships were detected for reading achievement. Implications for intervention development and public policy are discussed. PMID:24060063

McCormick, Meghan P; O'Connor, Erin E; Cappella, Elise; McClowry, Sandee G




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study was conducted to investigate organizational culture and organizational commitment perceptions of the primary school teachers in Turkey. Two different scales (Organizational Culture Scale and Organizational Commitment Scale were used as data gathering instrument. Statistical analyses were utilized to examine the organizational culture and commitment perceptions of teachers in terms of their some demographic factors like gender, teaching levels, marital status, and experience. Correlation analysis was also made to describe the links between subscales of organizational culture and subscales of organizational commitment. The results revealed that primary school teachers’ perceptions of organizational culture and organizational commitment vary due to their gender, teaching levels, marital status, and experience. In terms of gender, female teachers perceived more power and supportive culture in their schools. First level teachers expressed more achievement culture and more commitment at identification level than second level teachers. Also, married teachers revealed more achievement and supportive culture and more organizational commitment at identification and internalization levels. Other findings of the study indicated that although more experienced teachers perceived more cultural orientation in all cultural dimensions and more committed to their schools at identification and internalization levels, the less experienced teachers indicated more commitment at compliance level. Finally, as commitment based on compliance positively correlated power and role cultures, and negatively correlated achievement and support culture; commitments based on identification and internalization positively related with achievement and support cultures.

Cemalettin ?PEK



Teacher to Teacher: Transgenerational Mentoring (United States)

This qualitative case study examines the relationship of teachers who mentor other teachers. We studied 125 autobiographical portfolios submitted by elementary and secondary teachers who had won awards as outstanding educators from their campuses and were competing at the district level. The research site was a midsize city (population 95,000) in…

Juarez-Torres, Rachel; Hurst, Jeannine Lane; Hurst, Roy



Job Burnout among Iranian Elementary School Teachers of Students with Autism: a Comparative Study  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Objective: Teachers often experience burnout and challenges during their active career. Different studies have shown that those directly involved with teaching children with special needs are more subject to burnout. Due to advance screening tools, more children with autism are now diagnosed and involved in special education. The aim of the present study was to investigate the professional burnout in teachers of children with autism compared to teachers of other children with special needs.Methods: Casual Comparative study design was used for this research. Three self-reported measures (Maslach Burnout Inventory, Job Descriptive Index, and General Health Questionnaire were distributed; clustered sampling selection was conducted to select participants. Ninety three female teachers (32 teachers of children with autism, 30 teachers in schools for deaf and 31 for teachers of children with mental retardation from 12 schools located in 4 districts of Tehran were selected. Pearson’s and Spearman’s correlation statistical tests, analysis of variances and regression were used to analyze the results.Results: Results of the current study revealed a significant difference in criterion validity between the three groups of teachers The three groups were different in terms of general health (p=0.010, emotional exhaustion (p=0.005 and depersonalization (p<0.001; however considering other variables no significant differences were observed. Comparison between groups showed that the average scores of teachers of children with autism were significantly higher than teachers of deaf and hard of hearing and mentally retarded children in general health, fatigue, and depersonalization variables. No significant differences were observed in average scores of teachers for mentally retarded and deaf children.Conclusions: Female teachers’ of children with autism are experiencing significantly higher levels of burnout and general mental health problems compared to teachers of children with other disabilities requiring special education.

Hadi Zarafshan



Genius and madness in the social representations of mathematics teacher according to students and teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper presents an analysis of the social representations of 528 research participants, including 163 mathematics teachers and 365 students from state and private schools in Pernambuco, Brazil, about mathematics teachers The data collection was carried out using a three-phase methodology: free questionnaires, thematic seminars based on focus groups, and interviews. The results were progressively constructed with the participants, who in each research phase had feedback from the previous one. The data obtained from the questionnaires were subjected to a factor analysis using the Tri-deux software, whereas the data collected in the other two phases were analysed according to Bardin’s content analysis. The results revealed stereotypes such as the gift to teach and learn mathematics, and the superior and abnormal intelligence of mathematics teachers.

Fatima Maria Leite Cruz



Teacher beliefs and practices of grammar teaching: focusing on meaning, form, or forms?  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english Despite the worldwide curriculum innovations to teach English through meaning-focused communicative approaches over the years, studies report that most language teachers still follow transmission-based grammar-oriented approaches. It is known that the success of any curriculum innovation is dependen [...] t on teachers. Therefore, given that teaching grammar has always been a central, but problematic domain for language teachers, what teachers believe and do regarding grammar instruction is an important issue that needs to be investigated. However, studies that research teachers and their grammar teaching are rare, and almost non-existent at the elementary-level English teaching contexts. Therefore, through a questionnaire given to 108 teachers and afocus-group interview, the present study investigated Turkish primary-level English language teachers' beliefs and practice patterns of teaching grammar, and the reasons behind these patterns. The results revealed that teachers predominantly prefer the traditional focus-on-formS approach, which indicates a serious clash with teachers and curriculum goals, on the one hand, and theoretical suggestions on the other. The paper ends with discussions and suggestions for teacher education and language policy-making.

Hacer Hande, Uysal; Mehmet, Bardakci.


Voice pathology morbidity screening in teachers  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The authors share their experience concerning a screening study of the voice signal in 250 teachers, examined twice with an interval of two years. We compare the results of the ENT exam and the acoustic analysis performed by a system running Praat. A voice sample was recorded and Formants, Frequency range, Max fonation time, Voice breaks, Jitter, Shimmer & Additive noise were compared. The comparative analysis reveals that subjective methods are at least twice less accurate for early diagnosi...

Doskov, D.; Dyakov, P.



Teacher self-efficacy and perceived autonomy: relations with teacher engagement, job satisfaction, and emotional exhaustion. (United States)

When studied separately, research shows that both teacher self-efficacy and teacher autonomy are associated with adaptive motivational and emotional outcomes. This study tested whether teacher self-efficacy and teacher autonomy are independently associated with engagement, job satisfaction, and emotional exhaustion. 2,569 Norwegian teachers in elementary school and middle school (719 men, 1,850 women; M age = 45.0 yr., SD = 11.5) were administered the Norwegian Teacher Self-Efficacy Scale, the Teacher Autonomy Scale, the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale, the Teacher Job Satisfaction Scale, and the Maslach Burnout Inventory. The analysis revealed that both teacher autonomy and self-efficacy were independent predictors of engagement, job satisfaction, and emotional exhaustion. This study suggests that autonomy or decision latitude works positively but through different processes for teachers with high and low mastery expectations. PMID:24765710

Skaalvik, Einar M; Skaalvik, Sidsel



Helping Teachers Teach Plasma Physics (United States)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's E/O program in Fusion Science and Plasma Physics now includes both `pre-service' as well as `in-service' high school science teacher professional development activities. Teachers are instructed and mentored by `master teachers' and LLNL plasma researchers working in concert. The Fusion/Plasma E/O program exploits a unique science education partnership that exists between LLNL's Science Education Program and the UC Davis Edward Teller Education Center. For `in-service' teachers, the Fusion & Astrophysics Teacher Research Academy (TRA) has four levels of workshops that are designed to give in-service high school science teachers experience in promoting and conducting research, most notably in the filed of plasma spectroscopy. Participating teachers in all four TRA levels may earn up to ten units of graduate credit from Cal-State University East Bay, and may apply these units toward a Masters of Science in Education. For `pre-service' teachers, the Science Teacher and Researcher (STAR) program, as a partnership with the California State University System, includes attracting undergraduate science majors to teaching careers by allowing them to pursue professional identities as both a research scientist as well as a science teacher. Participating `pre-service' STAR students are provided research internships at LLNL and work closely with the `in-service' TRA teachers. Results from the continuum `pre-service' to `in-service' science teacher professional development programs will be presented.

Correll, Donald



Personal Knowledge in Educational Autobiography: An Investigation on "Good Teachers" (United States)

A good teacher has various characteristics. We can observe directly teachers' behaviors or read their professional papers. However, the effective way is to have teachers tell their personal life history or educational autobiography. The personal knowledge of a good teacher will be revealed through the personal life history. According to numerous…

Liu, Lianghua



Exploring Diversity through Ethos in Initial Teacher Education (United States)

This paper considers whether there is value in introducing student teachers to schools of different ethos as part of their initial teacher education. A 2-year study of undergraduate post-primary student teachers at a university college in Northern Ireland reveals that encounters with schools of different ethos can help student teachers to…

Nelson, James



Effects of EFL Teachers’ Self-efficacy on Motivational Teaching Behaviors  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study examined the predictability of EFL teachers’ self-efficacy on their motivational teaching behaviors. Participants involved 112 English teachers from China’s tertiary education institutes selected by a “snowball” sampling strategy and also from an EFL teacher training camp. They completed a questionnaire survey of the demographic information of participants, their perception of self-efficacy, and their motivational teaching behaviors in English classroom. Results from the descriptive statistics and a multiple regression analysis were generated based on the survey. It indicated that college EFL teachers perceived themselves with much higher self-efficacy for instructional strategies than efficacy for classroom management and efficacy for student engagement. Also, the results revealed that two most frequently used motivational strategies by teachers in language classroom were strategies for generating students’ initial motivation and strategies for maintaining and protecting students’ motivation. The results also showed that teachers’ self-efficacy significantly contributed to the prediction of teachers’ motivational teaching behaviors and accounted for more than one third of the variance to teachers’ motivational teaching behaviors. This study confirmed that there was a direct causal relationship between English teachers’ perceptions of their self-efficacy and their adoption of motivational strategies.

Wei Huangfu



Belief in a just world, teacher justice, and bullying behavior. (United States)

The relation between school students' belief in a just world (BJW) and their bullying behavior was investigated in a questionnaire study. The mediating role of teacher justice was also examined. Data were obtained from a total of N = 458 German and Indian high school students. Regression analyses revealed that the more strongly students believed in a personal just world and the more they evaluated their teachers' behavior toward them personally to be just, the less bullying behavior they reported. Moreover, students with a strong BJW tended to evaluate their teachers' behavior toward them personally to be more just, and the experience of teacher justice mediated the relation between BJW and less bullying perpetration. This pattern of results was as expected and consistent across different cultural contexts. It persisted when neuroticism, sex, and country were controlled. The adaptive functions of BJW and implications for future school research are discussed. PMID:22531994

Donat, Matthias; Umlauft, Sören; Dalbert, Claudia; Kamble, Shanmukh V



Families Speak to Early Childhood Teachers: Impressions and Expectations (United States)

Investigators interviewed 54 families of children with disabilities ages seven through nine to examine the expectations that families of young children hold for their child's teacher. Responses themes were examined to determine if a pattern existed between families of different groups of children. Results reveal many families expressed true…

Thomas, Suzanne B.; Dykes, Frank



Preservice Elementary Teachers' Views of Pedagogical and Mathematical Content Knowledge. (United States)

Observations and interviews with preservice elementary teachers examined their beliefs, conceptions, and practices and their views of mathematical and pedagogical content knowledge, noting whether they changed during a mathematics methods course. Results revealed symbiotic relationships between their views of content knowledge and their…

Foss, Donna H.; Kleinsasser, Robert C.




Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Purpose: definition of some innovative pedagogical technologies for vocational training of the future teachers of initial classes. Work methodology: association of system and executing approaches, the concept of information of elementary education Results: methodical possibilities of use of geographical information resource Google Earth for innovative teaching of a course "Mankind inhabitancy" by the future teachers of elementary school are revealed. Scope of results: methodical aspec...



Teacher Incentives  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This chapter considers hidden teacher effort in educational production and discusses the implications of multiple teacher effort dimensions on optimum incentive contracts in a theoretical framework. The analysis of educational production in a multitask framework is a new and unique contribution of this chapter to the economics of education. We first characterize the first-best and second-best outcomes. The model is extended to address specific questions concerning teacher incentive schemes: W...



Influences of Teacher Preparation Program on Preservice Science Teachers’ Beliefs  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teacher preparation program is routinely make decisions regarding the best pedagogical methods from field experience studies, it can alter students’ understandings about academic content and some characteristics through professional practices. This study tries to investigate the extent to which individuals learning to be teachers feel what preservice teachers are capable of performing the pedagogical practices. Sixty seven preservice science teachers were described the influences of teacher preparation. Results indicated that preservice teachers enrolled in professional experiences courses perceived themselves as less capable of performing persuasive pedagogical practices than more generally accepted practices. In addition, preservice teachers perceived they were more capable of altering students’ knowledge about content than at modifying their beliefs about content. Implications for research and practice are forwarded.

Prasart Nuangchalerm



The perceptions of teachers and school principals of each other's disposition towards teacher involvement in school reform  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Worldwide teachers are faced with the task of continuously facilitating and implementing educational reform that has been designed without their participation. This exclusion of the key agents, who must mediate between the change agenda and actual change in the classroom, from the planning and decision-making processes, is detrimental to educational reform. Although school-based management has recently emerged as the instrument to accomplish the decentralisation of decision-making powers to school level, the success thereof depends largely on school principals' disposition regarding teacher involvement. It is argued that the expectation of principals regarding their own leadership role, as well as the professional role teachers should fulfil, is a primary determinant of principals' willingness to involve teachers in responsibility-taking processes outside the classroom. The results from an empirical investigation revealed that principals' perception, of the wishes of teachers regarding involvement, significantly underestimated teachers' actual involvement wishes. Likewise, the expectation of teachers regarding the willingness of principals to involve them was a significant underestimation of the involvement level principals are actually in favour of. These misperceptions probably discourage actual school-based management and could jeopardize the implementation of educational reform in general.

Cassie Swanepoel



The perceptions of teachers and school principals of each other's disposition towards teacher involvement in school reform  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english Worldwide teachers are faced with the task of continuously facilitating and implementing educational reform that has been designed without their participation. This exclusion of the key agents, who must mediate between the change agenda and actual change in the classroom, from the planning and decis [...] ion-making processes, is detrimental to educational reform. Although school-based management has recently emerged as the instrument to accomplish the decentralisation of decision-making powers to school level, the success thereof depends largely on school principals' disposition regarding teacher involvement. It is argued that the expectation of principals regarding their own leadership role, as well as the professional role teachers should fulfil, is a primary determinant of principals' willingness to involve teachers in responsibility-taking processes outside the classroom. The results from an empirical investigation revealed that principals' perception, of the wishes of teachers regarding involvement, significantly underestimated teachers' actual involvement wishes. Likewise, the expectation of teachers regarding the willingness of principals to involve them was a significant underestimation of the involvement level principals are actually in favour of. These misperceptions probably discourage actual school-based management and could jeopardize the implementation of educational reform in general.

Cassie, Swanepoel.


Teacher community in elementary charter schools.  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The organizational context of charter schools may facilitate the formation of a strong teacher community. In particular, a focused school mission and increased control over teacher hiring may lead to stronger teacher professional communities. This paper uses the 1999-2000 Schools and Staffing Survey to compare the level of teacher community in charter public and traditional public schools. It also estimates the effect of various charter policy variables and domains of school autonomy on teacher community. Charter school teachers report higher levels of teacher community than traditional public school teachers do, although this effect is less than one-tenth of a standard deviation and is dwarfed by the effect of a supportive principal, teacher decision-making influence, and school size. Charter public schools authorized by universities showed lower levels of teacher community than those authorized by local school districts. Teachers in charter schools that have flexibility over tenure requirements and the school budget report higher levels of teacher community. This study reveals that charter schools do facilitate the formation of strong teacher communities, although the effect is small. The analysis also suggests that the institutional origin of the charter school and specific areas of policy flexibility may influence teacher community.

Marisa Cannata



Chemistry Teachers' Knowledge and Application of Models (United States)

Teachers' knowledge and application of model play an important role in students' development of modeling ability and scientific literacy. In this study, we investigated Chinese chemistry teachers' knowledge and application of models. Data were collected through test questionnaire and analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. The result indicated as follows: (1) Chemistry teachers' knowledge of some known chemistry models was limited; (2) Chemistry teachers preferred those models that were vivid when they chose models; (3) Teachers' modeling process was incomplete; (4) Teachers adopted a general pattern when applying models in chemistry teaching. The findings have implications for teacher education.

Wang, Zuhao; Chi, Shaohui; Hu, Kaiyan; Chen, Wenting



Teachers’ Expectancy and Students’ Attitude towards Science  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The main purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of teachers’ expectancy and students’ attitude towards science (ATS). The participants were 130 teachers and 300 students from secondary schools in Indonesia. The results indicated teachers’ expectancy significantly affected students’ ATS. Different kind of expectancy led teachers to have different classroom behavior. Teachers expect students from the science streams to have significantly higher potential to impr...



Teacher Educator Identity Emerging through Positioning Self and Others (United States)

Research exploring the process of becoming a teacher educator always reveals the difficult balancing act that developing an identity as a teacher educator involves and the articles in this issue do just that. The Rice and McNeil studies of teacher educator identity in this issue are very revealing; they were conducted from the perspective of…

Pinnegar, Stefinee; Murphy, M. Shaun



Beliefs about English Language Learning Held by EFL Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers in Lao People’s Democratic Republic  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The present investigation aims to explore the existence of similarities and differences of beliefs about English Language learning held by EFL pre-service and in-service teachers in Lao P.D.R. A total of 962 pre-service teachers and 129 in-service teachers from 3 universities and 8 Teachers’ Training Colleges were involved in this study. Two questionnaires were used to collect the data. Chi-square (x2 tests were used to analyze the quantitative data from both pre-service teachers’ and in-service teachers’ questionnaires. The results of the chi-square (x2 tests revealed that 13 out of 39 items of beliefs varied significantly between pre-service and in-service teachers.

Athithouthay Chatouphonexay



Job satisfaction among secondary school teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper provides empirical evidence on the differences in the job satisfaction among secondary school teachers in Sabah with respect to gender, service category, job title, tenure and place of origin. It also attempts to identify the work dimension factors that affect the job satisfaction of the teachers and to ascertain how these factors relate to the aforementioned teachers’ characteristics. A survey was conducted with the participation of 200 teachers. The teachers’ job satisfaction were determined by two separate measures namely overall and facet specific overall job satisfaction. The work dimension factors were clustered into six comprising pay, working conditions, co-workers, promotion, work itself and supervision. This study reveals that secondary school teachers in Tawau, Sabah were generally satisfied with their job; there is a significant relationship between job satisfaction and gender, whereby the male teachers were generally more satisfied than female teachers. The graduate teachers were more satisfied than non-graduate teachers. The higher ranking teachers were more satisfied than the ordinary teachers while the older teachers were more satisfied than their younger counterparts. However, there is no significant relationship between places of origin of teachers with job satisfaction. Based on the bivariate correlation tests, six work dimensions of teaching job are significantly related to teachers’ job satisfaction. In addition, there were significant different between the six dimensions by gender and service category of teachers. Only co-workers dimension is not significantly different among teachers’ career stage and their tenure of service. There was no significant difference between all the work dimensions and teachers’ place of origin. Based on the findings of the study several recommendations are forwarded.

Muhammad Madi Abdullah



Teachers before the 'threshold'  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

During the summer of 2000, the government will introduce a new system of pay and performance management for teachers. The Centre for Economic Performance is conducting a ‘before-andafter’ panel study of teachers and schools to ascertain its effects on motivation and performance. This paper reports preliminary findings from the first wave of the survey, before the introduction of the new system. The likely effects of the new system, on the basis of these results, are examined from the poin...

Marsden, David



Aspects of Teacher Education that Affect Student Success in Arizona Public High Schools  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study was designed to investigate what aspects of teacher education (if any affect student success. Questionnaires were mailed to a random sample of high- and low-performing urban and rural public high schools across Arizona. Quantitative variables that were researched include the level of degree a teacher attains, the route a teacher chooses to achieve certification, teachers’ attendance at core-subject related workshops, teacher mentoring, and teacher collaboration using data based information to drive decision-making. Qualitative research enabled teachers to state a valuable skill learned in college that promotes student success and to reveal what they felt their current school does to promote student success. A mixed methodology approach was used to analyze the data; quantitatively through regression analysis and qualitatively through coded themes.A detailed explanation was presented with accompanying data to support the statements. The results of this research support teacher mentoring and attendance at core subject related workshops as vehicles to promote student success. This dissertation provides information for policy makers, administrators, and teachers who are invested in promoting student success.

Faith Elizabeth Andreasen



Compliment Response Strategies by Thai and Chinese EFL Teachers: A Contrastive Study  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study investigated compliment responses (CRs by Thai and Chinese EFL teachers. The data were collected through the written discourse test (DCT in English, containing four settings in terms of appearance, character, ability and possession. A total of 60 Thai and Chinese EFL teachers participated in the study. The results revealed that more similarities were observed than differences in CR strategies used by   Thai and Chinese EFL teachers. The teachers from the two countries followed the same patterns of preferences: that is, they employed Accept strategies the most and Reject strategies the least. However, Accept strategies and Evade strategies used by Chinese participants were slightly more frequent than those used by Thais, whereas Thai teachers employed more Reject strategies than Chinese teachers did. In the four situations, some differences existed between the two groups. Chinese teachers employed more varieties of micro strategies than their Thai counterparts did. Interestingly, Thai and Chinese EFL teachers transferred their native cultures in L1 to L2 in some situations. The findings suggested that EFL teachers’ awareness regarding their L2 pragmatics should be improved.

Jun Chen



Teachers’ Attitudes and Levels of Technology Use in Classrooms: The Case of Jordan Schools  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Throughout the world there is awareness of the fundamental role of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs in the field of education. Theoretical and empirical studies have considered the importance of ICTs in the process of teaching and learning. This current paper investigates the level of ICT use for educational purposes by teachers in Jordanian rural secondary schools. The paper will contribute to the body of knowledge regarding the level of ICT use and also, concerning the importance of teachers' attitudes towards the use of ICT for educational purposes. The data for the study were collected through the use of quantitative data. In October 2008, a questionnaire was distributed to 650 teachers in Jordan, randomly selected. Four hundred sixty teachers responded to the questionnaire. The survey included questions concerning the level of ICT use as well as questions related to the attitudes of teachers towards the use of ICT. The findings of the study, which were obtained by analyzing the data collected from the teachers revealed that, teachers had a low level of ICT use for educational purpose, teachers hold positive attitudes towards the use of ICT, and a significant positive correlation between teachers’ level of ICT use and their attitudes towards ICT was found. The findings suggest that ICTs use for educational purposes should be given greater consideration than it currently receives. In general, the results were consistent with those previously reported in studies related to the use of ICT in the educational settings.

Naser Jamil Al-Zaidiyeen



Teacher Variables As Predictors of Academic Achievement of Primary School Pupils Mathematics  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study examined the relationship between Teacher self- efficacy, interest, attitude, qualification,experience and pupils’ academic achievement in primary school mathematics. The participants of thestudy comprises of 254 primary school teachers and 120 primary school pupils. Data collected on thestudy were analysed using a stepwise multiple regression analysis. The results reveals that teacher self –efficacy and interest had significant correlation with pupils achievement scores. Teacher’s self-efficacybeing the best predictor of pupils’ academic achievement in mathematics was followed by teacher’sinterest. Attitude, qualification and experience were not significant correlation with pupil’s achievementin mathematics. The study recommended that it is high time for primary school mathematics teachers tohave a change of attitude towards the teaching of the subject so that the achievement of universal basiceducation will not be hindered. Furthermore, primary school educational authorities were called upon toensure that only teachers who are qualified to teach the subject are employed. Not these alone, theirattention was also drawn to the fact that they should design educational programmes that will enhancethe teacher self- efficacy for a better prediction of pupils’ achievement in mathematics.

Adedeji TELLA



Teachers' professional development in a community  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The goal of this article was to study teachers' professional development related to web-based learning in the context of the teacher community. The object was to learn in what kind of networks teachers share the knowledge of web-based learning and what are the factors in the community that support or challenge teachers professional development of web-based learning. The findings of the study revealed that there are teachers who are especially active, called the central actors in this study, i...

Ryymin, Essi



The TEEMS Project: A Report on Alternative Teacher Preparation of Secondary Teachers. Project Sourcebook. (United States)

This sourcebook and report describes the results of the Alternative Teacher Preparation Institute for Secondary Foreign Language, Mathematics, and Science Teachers at Georgia State University, and offers a plan to implement an alternative graduate level teacher preparation program, the Teacher Education Environments in Mathematics and Science…

Hassard, Jack; And Others


Democratic Teacher Beliefs According to the Teacher's Gender and Locus of Control (United States)

This study explored the variations in democratic beliefs among teachers based on gender and locus of control. The study groups comprised of 286 teachers. The results demonstrated that the level of adherence to democratic beliefs on the part of female teachers was significantly higher than those of male teachers, especially in terms of equality and…

Kesici, Sahin



Teachers’ intuition and knowledge in detecting specific learning disabilities  

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Full Text Available The aim of the study was to investigate primary school teachers’ proficiency in detecting the ability-achievement discrepancy as a landmark of possible specific developmental learning disabilities (SLD. Twenty-two teachers in five schools attempted to select, in accordance with their perception and out of a larger preliminary sample, those students whose school results revealed: (a discrepancy between school achievement and general abilities (the group of purportedly disharmonic children, GPD or (b concordance between general abilities and achievement (the group of purportedly harmonic children, GPH. The children were tested by REVISK, while teachers re-assessed students’ reading, writing and arithmetic performance against a simple structured questionnaire based on demands of the approved elementary school program delineated by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia. Research results indicate that more than 60% of children originally qualified to GPH have actually shown significant discrepancy between targeted scholastic skills and (normal general intelligence. The data suggested some association between students’ disparity in attainment and teachers’ attribution accuracy, while the only homogenous quantitative marker of misplaced children were decreased values on some of the REVISK Verbal subscale tests. This study has shown that teachers can use their professional knowledge to enhance their capability to detect children with specific learning disabilities. In absence of criterion-referenced tests of reading, writing and mathematics, a structured approach to the projected course of skill progress might support teachers’ confidence regarding likely SLD.

Obradovi? Svetlana



The Determining Teacher Candidates’ Levels of Understanding Some Concepts and Misconceptions on Internet  

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Full Text Available Teacher candidates come across many concepts while using the Internet and the concepts which are not understood may lead to misconceptions. With this study, teacher candidates’ comprehension levels of some concepts about the Internet and misconceptionswere tried to be determined. The research data was obtained by administering the prepared form of “Concept Defining” to 156 teacher candidates studying at Ahi Evran University Education Faculty. The findings revealed that the teacher candidates understand most of the internet partially or they have the idea about these concepts. Theresults also showed that they only understand “Chat Programs” very well. In addition to these results, the teacher candidates’ levels of understanding some concepts and their misconceptions were examined in term of some variables.





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Full Text Available Recent changes on the Science and Tehnology (ST curriculum have required using alternative evaluation methods in learning and teaching process. The aim of this study is to determine the ST teachers’ problems while using the alternative evaluation methods during their courses. To achieve this, semi-structured interviews have been conducted with 10 ST teachers from different parts of Trabzon during the academic year 2008-2009. The data, analyzed qualitatively, reveals that the teachers have important difficulties in determining, using and evaluating these methods. At the end of the research, it has been concluded that besides the lack of physical infrastructure, labs and libraries, computer and other technologies in their schools, most of the teachers lack the knowledge and skills to implement these methods. The result of the study has shown that ST teachers need an adaptation process to appropriate the aims and importance of alternative evaluation methods effectively.




Primary and Teacher Education in the Kano State of Nigeria (United States)

Progress in primary and teacher education in Kano Province since 1968 is traced. Consideration is given to enrollments, repetition and dropping out, costs, Islamic schools, teacher availability, teacher education facilities and staff, and Grade II Examination results. (LBH)

Keleher, John




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Full Text Available The aim of this article is to describe the proposed methodology of identification of the students’ weights or preferences of teacher’s managerial competencies at the Faculty of Economics, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CULS. The goal of this article is not to evaluate the teacher’s scientific ability but describe the evaluation of the teacher’s managerial competencies weights from students’ point of view. For setting of weights there are many different methods that varied in the proportion of including the subjective and objective judgement. Commonly diffused method is the Analytic Hierarchy or Network Process by prof. Saaty (AHP or ANP. Because it is not possible to see or to evaluate teacher’s competencies in complexity, we proposed the questionnaires for pairwise comparisons of various teacher’s managerial characteristics and competencies. These answers are then analysed using the AHP method. The AHP is a method deriving global weights from partial weights received as result of pairwise comparisons.




Análise dos trabalhos do GT Formação de Professores: o que revelam as pesquisas do período 1992-1998 / Papers presented in the Working Group on Teacher Formation - what the research in the period 1992-1998 reveals  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese O texto analisa setenta trabalhos apresentados no GT Formação de Professores da ANPEd, no período1992-1998. As pesquisas foram organizadas segundo cinco descritores: formação inicial de professores, formação continuada, práticas pedagógicas, profissionalização docente e revisão da literatura sobre f [...] ormação de professores. O estudo procura oferecer uma visão compreensiva sobre as questões, os referenciais teóricos e os avanços do conhecimento na área, explorando relações, explicitando divergências e delineando tendências de pesquisa. O conjunto dos trabalhos traz contribuições para fundamentar e subsidiar propostas e políticas de formação e de desenvolvimento profissional docente. Abstract in english This texts sets out to analyse seventy papers presented in the ANPEd Working Group on Teacher Formation during the period 1992-1998. The research was organised employing five categories: initial teacher formation, continued formation, pedagogical practices, teacher professionalisation and literature [...] review on teacher formation. The study seeks to offer a comprehensive vision with regard to theoretical frameworks and recent advances in the area, exploring relations, expressing divergences and outlining research tendencies. The set of papers offers contributions to substantiate proposals and policies for teacher formation and professional development.

Brzezinski, Iria; Garrido, Elsa.


Ski teachers '  

... Ski teachers 'Green Card' tests EU job mobility goals | EurActiv socialeurope,sports,Michel Barnier,Professional Qualifications Directive,ski instruction,worker mobility EU ... VIDEOS Home › Social Europe & Jobs › News Ski teachers 'Green Card' tests EU job mobility goals -A + A Published 17 April 2012,...updated 18 April 2012 Tags Michel Barnier, Professional Qualifications Directive, ski instruction, worker mobility European Commission plans to introduce a professional card for ski teachers ... Ski instruction is just one among hundreds of other professions that the European Commission wants to harmonise at the EU level by allowing ...


A Qualitative Case Study of EFL Students’ Affective Reactions to and Perceptions of Their Teachers’ Written Feedback  

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Full Text Available The present paper reports a qualitative case study of investigating EFL students’ affective reactions to and perceptions of their teachers’ written feedback. In addition, the study reported here also focuses on contextual factors that may influence students’ reactions to and perceptions of their teachers’ written feedback. Data were collected using multiple methods that included semi-structured interviews, think-aloud protocols, teachers’ written feedback, and students’ written essays. Results of data analysis revealed that EFL students showed some variations in their affective reactions to their teachers’ written feedback. The students perceived their teachers’ written feedback as useful and very important for the development of their writing skills. The students wanted their teachers to focus on all aspects of written texts when they provide written feedback. Contextual factors such as students’ past experience, teachers’ wording of written feedback, students’ acceptance of teachers’ authority, and teachers’ handwriting have their impact on EFL students’ affective reactions to and perceptions of their teachers’ written feedback

Omer Mahfoodh



Teacher Feedback during Active Learning:  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools teachers can use to enhance student learning. In 2006, the Dutch Inspectorate of Education concluded from classroom observations that it is difficult for Dutch teachers to give their students good feedback in order to stimulate students’ learning process and developmental progress. Similar problems were revealed in other school levels and countries, for example in secondary education and in Finland. Giving feedback during active learning may be eve...

Keuvelaar-van Den Bergh, Linda



Interrelationships between Parenting Styles and Teachers Involvement: From Children’s Emotion Regulation Competence Perspective  

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Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to identify the effects of different parenting styles and teachers’ strategies in classroom interaction for emotion regulation development in preschool children. The quantitative approach employed instruments to measure parenting style and emotion regulation scores. The qualitative approach involved classroom observations and interviews with the teachers. The data revealed to implement an authoritative parenting style. In addition, there is a significant difference in the emotion regulation scores. The results indicated that teachers’ act strategies in classroom interactions widely affected children’s emotion regulation. The study suggested both professional development programs and workshops should be applied to develop a consistent approach to classroom interaction.

Mei-Ju Chou



Location and Gender Differences in Deviant Behavior among Primary School Teachers  

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Full Text Available Any behavior that does not conform to social organizational norms is considered deviant. Observing schooltimings, teaching classes regularly and behaving properly with students and colleagues are basic school norms.This study was conducted to test whether there is any deviation in organizational, interpersonal, behavior, amongrural-urban male-female primary school teachers. The results revealed higher organizational deviations amongprimary school teachers as compared to interpersonal deviation. Male teachers show greater degree of deviation.The remedial measures demand incentives (performance based promotion, motivation, appreciation, propermonitoring system and training facilities.

Muhamamd Sarwar



A cross-cultural survey of conceptions of energy among elementary school teachers in training: Empirical results from Israel and Argentina (United States)

How do students in training to be primary school teachers in Argentina and Israel understand the concept of energy? Do they hold correct scientific views that will enable them to instruct their future pupils accurately? Are there fundamental differences between students studying in these different populations? Studentsâ energy conceptions, expressed on a two-part written questionnaire, showed similarities and differences for Israeli and Argentinean students, as well as for first and second year students in each country. In general, there is a serious discrepancy between both Israeli and Argentinean student teachersâ understanding of energy and the accepted scientific concept. If this fundamental concept is to be used in a correct way in classroom, then every effort must be made to help teachers develop their understanding.

Trumper, Ricardo; Raviolo, Andres; Shnersch, Ana



Senior science teachers' experience of teaching in a changing multicultural classroom: A case study (United States)

Demographic changes within the US are bringing significant changes in the cultural make-up of the classrooms in our schools. Results from national and state assessments indicate a growing achievement gap between the science scores of white students and students from minority communities. This gap indicates a disconnect somewhere in the science classrooms. This study examines the teacher's perspective of the changing learning environment. The study focuses on senior teachers with traditional Midwestern backgrounds and little multicultural experience assuming these teachers had little or no education in multicultural education. Senior teachers are also more likely to have completed their science education within a traditional Universalist perspective of science and likewise have little or no education in multicultural science. The research method was comparative case studies of a purposeful sample of nine science teachers within a community experiencing significant demographic change, seven core senior teachers and two frame of reference teachers. The interviews examined the teachers' awareness of their own cultural beliefs and the impact of those beliefs on classroom practices, the teachers' understanding of cultural influences on the students' academic performance, and the relationships between the teachers' understanding of the cultural aspects of the nature of science and their classroom practices. Analysis of the interview data revealed that the teachers maintain a strong, traditional Midwestern worldview for classroom expectations and they are generally unaware of the impact of those standards on the classroom environment. The teachers were supportive of minority students within their classroom, changing several practices to accommodate student needs, but they were unaware of the broader cultural influences on student learning. The teachers had a poor understanding of the nature of science and none of them recognized a cultural element of NOS. They maintained a Universalist perspective of science with a strong commitment to the philosophy of scientism which left no room for a multicultural view of science. These results have implications for the broad science community with respect to the philosophy and nature of science. There are also implications in pre- and in-service teacher education and professional development aimed at raising cultural awareness of science teachers and providing a broader understanding of NOS. The problems raised by this research appear to be systemic requiring a commitment beyond the level of the individual teacher to implement a multicultural education that matches the composition of our classrooms.

Ryan, Mark


Towards Constructivist Teacher Professional Development  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Problem statement: In recent years, much has been written about constructivist learning theories and their applications to outcomes-based teaching and learning environments in South Africa. Approach: Little, if any, has been said about the implications of these ideas and practices for teacher professional development and teacher education. The introduction of the National Curriculum Statement (NCS Policy requires teachers to acquire new skills, knowledge, attitudes and values and to employ a wide variety of teaching strategies, in order to enable students to construct their own knowledge. Results: The purpose of this desktop review is to rethink teacher professional development within a constructivist framework. Conclusion: In this article, we argue that teacher professional development can fit the context and, more specifically, in outcomes-based settings, as well as proposed a move away from a mechanistic world-view (modernist and behaviorist approach to a holistic world-view (constructivist and situational or contextual approach of teacher professional development.

V. J. Pitsoe



Connecting Curriculum Materials and Teachers: Elementary Science Teachers' Enactment of a Reform-Based Curricular Unit (United States)

The purpose of this study was to describe how teachers used and adapted a set of curriculum materials that included opportunities for students to engage in scientific practices. Two-fourth-grade teachers in the same school were observed and interviewed. Findings revealed that teachers enacted almost every type of scientific practice in the curriculum, but in ways that varied from the written curriculum materials. Teacher interviews revealed ways in which the teachers understood the rationale for various scientific practices and how to enact them. These findings have implications for curriculum developers, professional development designers, and teacher educators. The study identifies the need to support teachers' understanding of scientific practices and why and how to enact them with their students.

Bismack, Amber Schultz; Arias, Anna Maria; Davis, Elizabeth A.; Palincsar, Annemarie Sullivan



Individual Curricula: Teachers’ Beliefs Concerning Stochastic Instructions  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This report focuses on in-service teachers’ planning of stochastic education. The theoretical and methodological settings of the research will be outlined in-depth. The methodological settings will be illustrated by research results concerning one teacher. A further main focus is to present some results concerning the planning of stochastic education conducted by 13 teachers.

Andreas Eichler


Job satisfaction of Jamaican elementary school teachers (United States)

This study investigated correlates of job satisfaction among public (N=190) and private (N=100) Jamaican elementary school teachers. Emphasis was on the identification of factors that could be affected through administrative intervention. Results indicated that the quality of school working conditions and respondents' relationships with other teachers were significantly related to satisfaction for both public and private school teachers. School prestige and parental encouragement were also significant predictors for public school teachers; leadership style, organizational structure, and teacher-parent relationships predicted job satisfaction for private school teachers. Implications of these findings for Jamaican education are discussed.

Rodgers-Jenkinson, Fay; Chapman, David W.



Efficacy development in science: Investigating the effects of the Teacher-to-Teacher (T2T) professional development model in Hilo elementary schools (United States)

Conderman and Sheldon Woods (2008) suggest that although science plays a central role in our world today, science instruction seems to be minimized particularly at the elementary grade levels. Research has investigated the construct of efficacy (Bandura, 1977, 2006a; Riggs & Enochs, 1990; Ramey-Gassert, Shroyer & Staver, 1996; Tschannen-Moran, Hoy & Hoy, 1998, 2001). Professional and conceptual development in teachers has also been explored (Gordon, 1990; Sheerer, 1997; Skaalvik & Skaalvik, 2007). The purpose of this research was to describe the changes in efficacy elementary teachers experience as they participated in science professional development. Data from a Math/Science Partnership (MSP) grant sample suggested significant changes in science self-efficacy and improved pedagogy. Mixed methods revealed connections resulting in a multi-faceted Progression of Efficacy Growth flowchart. The results suggest that utilizing the Teacher-to-Teacher (T2T) professional development model has created a pathway for more science teaching across the Hilo elementary schools.

Pinner, Pascale Creek


Especially for High School Teachers (United States)

Writing Across the Curriculum The notion that student learning is enhanced through writing is widely accepted at all educational levels if the product is fairly assessed and the learner is provided with feedback. Finding the time to critically evaluate student papers is difficult at best and competes with time needed to prepare laboratory investigations. A few weeks ago a teacher who has extensive extracurricular responsibilities that include extensive interaction with parents and community members shared with me his frustration in not being able to grade written reports. This teacher is the head football coach at his school, but many readers experience the same difficulties due to a variety of duties. There are no easy or completely satisfying answers to this problem, but this issue contains an account of a successful approach (Writing in Chemistry: An Effective Learning Tool, pp 1399-1403). Although they are based on experience in college courses, several ideas described in the article could be applied in high school chemistry courses. In another article, the author of Precise Writing for a Precise Science (pp 1407-1408) identifies 20 examples of familiar, but incorrect, grammatical constructions and explains how to phrase each one correctly. Chemical Education Research: Improving Chemistry Learning The results from research on how students learn have greatly increased our understanding of cognition in recent years. However, the results are often published in the science education research literature and are not readily accessible to the classroom teacher. Additionally, the research reports are couched in specialized terminology. This issue contains a Viewpoints article (pp 1353-1361) that bridges the gap between research results and classroom application. It was written by two veteran chemical educators, Dudley Herron and Susan Nurrenbern. The shift from behaviorism to constructivism as the dominant theory of learning is described briefly to provide a context for constructivist approaches. In the section titled "What Research Has Revealed", the authors provide a succinct summary of specific research findings under three tantalizing subheadings: "What You Think You Know May Not Be the Way It Is", "Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport!", and "Appropriate Outcomes Must Be Identified and Measured". The authors' insight into future research challenges is detailed in a sidebar. ChemEd'99: A Great Success The 1999 ChemEd Conference was a great success, judging by the many very favorable comments of high school teachers who attended. Thanks and congratulations go to Babu George and to the many volunteers who made this event possible through a great deal of hard work, ingenuity, and creativity. Many of the volunteers who gave so generously of their time, before and during the conference, are high school teachers. The program reflected the broad range of needs and interests of high school teachers. Credit for the success also should go to the many presenters. The workshops, demonstrations, papers, and posters that I attended were of high quality and useful to teachers. Conversation with other attendees convinced me that the same degree of quality and utility was characteristic of the entire conference program. Demonstrations are always an outstanding feature of ChemEd conferences and the Signature Demonstrations continued this tradition, as did the large number of demonstration sessions scheduled throughout the general program. The Reg Friesen Memorial Lecture, delivered by Steve Spangler, featured spectacular and stimulating demonstrations in the context of building connections between chemical concepts and real-world applications. Some other themes that permeated the general program were Internet applications, methods of assessment, safety and waste disposal, calculator and computer based laboratory methods, and ideas for making classroom instruction interesting and effective. Thank you to each reader who visited the JCE Exhibit or participated in our workshop on using JCE Activities. We e

Howell, J. Emory



Teacher Salaries and Teacher Aptitude: An Analysis Using Quantile Regressions (United States)

This study investigates the relationship between salaries and scholastic aptitude for full-time public high school humanities and mathematics/sciences teachers. For identification, we rely on variation in salaries between adjacent school districts within the same state. The results indicate that teacher aptitude is positively correlated with…

Gilpin, Gregory A.



Initial Results from a New Lake Elsinore Sediment Core Reveal Evidence for Hydrologic Change During the Late-Glacial/Holocene Transition (United States)

While there are several well-developed records of marine climate from Southern California that span the late-Glacial/Holocene transition, there are currently no high-resolution terrestrial counterparts. In June 2010, a 20 meter sediment core covering 10-30 meters below the sediment-water interface was extracted from the depocenter of Lake Elsinore, California - the largest natural, permanent lake in the region. Here, we present the initial results of a multi-proxy study on the section of this sediment core that spans the late-Glacial/Holocene transition (10-18.5 m below the sediment-water line [bswl]). Initial results reveal three distinct sediment units. Unit I (10-15m bswl) is composed of a homogeneous, often mottled (bioturbated?), gray mud with high and moderately variable magnetic susceptibility values (avg=1.20±0.29x10-7m3/kg), low organic matter content (6.50±0.83%), and highly variable carbonate content (12.21±4.89%). Unit II (15-17m bswl) is a transitional unit that begins as a gray mud similar to that of Unit I and transitions into a massive to laminated brown mud with low and variable magnetic susceptibility values (0.88±0.38x10-7m3/kg), increasing organic matter content (11.52±2.19%), and highly variable carbonate content (10.84±4.75%). Unit III (17-18.5m bswl) is characterized by a massive to laminated brown mud with very low and stable magnetic susceptibility values (0.87±0.19x10-7m3/kg), declining organic matter content (11.21±2.02%), and low to negligible carbonate content (5.0±0.87%). Together, these data indicate a significant change in Lake Elsinore’s depositional environment that is likely related to hydrologic change (i.e. average lake level) during the late Glacial to Holocene transition - a change that has not previously been documented in Southern California.

Fantozzi, J. M.; Kirby, M. E.; Lund, S.; Hiner, C.



Streaming and Students’ Self-Esteem: A Qualitative Study on Teachers’ Correspondence Bias  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This  study  was  aimed  to  investigate  the  effect  of  students’ streaming  practice  in  Malaysian  secondary  on  students’  self-esteem  through teachers’ expectancy.   17 teachers and 20 students from art and science streams of secondary schools  in  Penang,  Malaysia  were  participated  in  this  study.  Unstructured interviews  were  used  on  teachers  to  collect  the  qualitative  data  of  teachers’ expectancy.  The  participating  students  were  from  the  fourth  year  of  secondary school  in  Malaysian  school  system  (between  16-17  years  old,  10  from  science stream  and  10  from  arts  stream  were  interviewed  in  order  to  collect  the qualitative data of teachers’ perceived behavior and self-esteem. Result  of  this  study  shown  that  teachers  expected  science  stream students to have good academic performance but expected arts stream students to  be  involved  in  disciplinary  problems.  Furthermore,  science  stream  students perceived  that  their  teachers  were  academically  supportive  but  arts  stream students  perceived  that  their  teachers  were  focusing  on  controlling  their behavior.  On  the  other  hand,  findings  of  this  study  also  revealed  that  science stream  students  possed  higher  level  of  self-esteem than  arts  stream  students. Accordingly,  it  was  indicated  that  teachers’  perceived  behavior  and  teachers’ expectancy  are  correlated  to  one  another,  and  teachers’  perceived  behavior predicts students’ self-esteem. It was discovered that teachers expected science stream students to be eager to improve their academic performance, and students from arts stream class  were likely to be involved in disciplinary problems. Students  were found to  be  aware  of  their  teachers’  expectancy,  and  their  perception  of  teachers’ expectancy  affected  their  self-esteem.  While  self-esteem  was  referred  to  a discrepancy  between  a  student’s  ideal-self  and  actual-self,  it  was  discovered that  both  groups  of  students  pictured  their  ideal-self  differently  to  each  other. Science  stream  students  pictured  their  ideal-selves  as  a  character  with  overall success, while arts stream students pictured their ideal-selves as a socially well-functioned  character.  Nevertheless,  arts  stream  students  found  to  have  lower self-esteem.  It  was  concluded  that  streaming  affected  the  students’  self-esteem through teachers’ expectancy and perceived behavior.Keywords:   Streaming,  students’  self-esteem,  teachers’  expectancy,  science stream, arts stream, supportive, controlling.

Prihadi Kususanto Chin Sook Fui



Recommendation for Sustaining the In-service Professional Development of Tertiary EFL Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The increasing influence of English as a lingua franca or an international language has brought new trends of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL. But on the way to these new trends some issues have inevitably appeared, and one of them is the continuity of EFL teachers’ in-service professional development. This study aimed to investigate the opinions of the tertiary EFL teachers on the multilayered peer coaching model (the MPC Model that they had employed for their in-service professional development, and make the recommendation of this model for sustaining tertiary EFL teachers’ in-service professional development. The information was obtained from the EFL teachers at Guiyang University in China with the help of such instruments as observation, teacher’s diary, the researcher’s field note, questionnaire and interview, and the data were analyzed in both qualitative and quantitative methods. The results revealed that the tertiary EFL teachers had positive attitudes towards the MPC Model and it could be recommended as one of the effective tools for the tertiary EFL teachers to sustain their in-service professional development.

Junyi Meng



Matching music teacher’s self conception with students’ perception on teaching effectiveness in an unfavourable secondary classroom context  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper aims at identifying and recording good music teaching practices that promote social inclusion, and at developing effective teaching strategies that incorporate student perspectives into the pedagogies. A music teacher in Hong Kong was selected for this study, and two different classes of Form 2 (ages 12-13 were observed. The teaching process was videotaped and reviewed. Afterwards the teacher and a group of students were invited to participate in a semi-structured interview to solicit their ideas towards good practice of music teaching. Findings reveal that the good practices observed were attributed to four factors: 1 teacher’s personality, 2 teacher’s pedagogy, 3 teacher’s musical competence, and 4 teacher’s philosophy of teaching.

Bo Wah Leung



Single-centre all-comers registry reveals promising long-term clinical results of the EndeavorTM-Stent  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Background: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the EndeavorTM-Stent-Stent (Medtronic Corp., USA in daily practice. Material and methods: Data come from a prospective single-centre registry. Between 2005 and 2007 all patients, who received at least one Endeavor? coronary stent, were included into a registry. Patients were contacted after 12 and 24 - 36 months. Results: 326 patients (97 females, mean age 67.5 ± 10.3 years were included. From these patients 137 (42% had a 3-vessel disease, 96 (29% presented with myocardial infarction ? 72 hrs, 19 (6% with a left ventricular ejection fraction < 25%. In summary, 379 lesions (50% type B2, 23% type C, mean lesion length 20.2 ± 10.0 mm, mean reference vessel diameter 3.0 ± 0.4 mm were treated with EndeavorTM-Stent-Stents. Per patient, 0.4 ± 0.7 bare metal stents were implanted. Median follow-up time was 35.3 months, during follow-up 165 patients (50.6% had repeated angiography. After 12 (24 months overall mortality was 5.8% (7.3%, cardiac mortality 3.1% (3.5%, myocardial infarction rate 1.5% (4.1%, target-vessel revascu-larization rate 8.7% (12.4%, target-lesion revascu-larization rate 6.1% (8.4%, and cumulative MACE-rate 14.1% (21.9%. In total, 2 definite or likely stent-thromboses (0.6% occurred during follow-up. Logistic regression revealed the treatment of saphenous vein grafts and aorto-coronary ostial lesions as risk factors for target lesion revascularization. Conclusion: The EndeavorTM-Stent-Stent is a safe and effective drug-eluting stent in the treatment of daily-life coronary patients. Treatment of vein grafts and aorto-coronary ostial lesions appear to be associated with a higher need for re-interventions.

Klaus Hertting



Florida Teachers' Attitudes about Teaching Evolution (United States)

A survey of Florida teachers reveals many differences in comfort level with teaching evolution according to the state's science teaching standards, general attitudes and beliefs about evolution, and the extent to which teachers are criticized, censured, disparaged, or reprehended for their beliefs about the teaching of evolution.

Fowler, Samantha R.; Meisels, Gerry G.



Teacher Resources (United States)

This section of the Windows to the Universe web site provides information and resources for teachers including activities about astronomy, earth science, physical science, and NASA; educational links on such topics as biology, earth science, math, mythology, space science, and physics; and Share-a-thon, which allows users to share curriculum and activities with fellow teachers. Users can also search educational standards of Windows to the Universe content pages and access a teacher workbook for use with the Windows to the Universe website. Windows to the Universe is a user-friendly learning system pertaining to the Earth and Space sciences. The objective of this project is to develop an innovative and engaging web site that spans the Earth and Space sciences and includes a rich array of documents, including images, movies, animations, and data sets that explore the Earth and Space sciences and the historical and cultural ties between science, exploration and the human experience.

Johnson, Roberta



Child-to-Teacher Ratio and Day Care Teacher Sickeness Absenteeism  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The literature on occupational health points to work pressure as a trigger of sickness absence. However, reliable, objective measures of work pressure are in short supply. This paper uses Danish day care teachers as an ideal case for analysing whether work pressure measured by the child-to-teacher ratio, that is, the number of children per teacher in an institution, affects teacher sickness absenteeism. We control for individual teacher characteristics, workplace characteristics, and family background characteristics of the children in the day care institutions. We perform estimations for two time periods, 2002â??2003 and 2005â??2006, by using generalized method of moments with lagged levels of the child-to-teacher ratio as instrument. Our estimation results are somewhat mixed. Generally, the results indicate that the child-to-teacher ratio is positively related to short-term sickness absence for nursery care teachers, but not for preschool teacher

Gørtz, Mette; Andersson, Elvira



Who Needs to Fit in? Who Gets to Stand out? Communication Technologies Including Brain-Machine Interfaces Revealed from the Perspectives of Special Education School Teachers Through an Ableism Lens  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Some new and envisioned technologies such as brain machine interfaces (BMI) that are being developed initially for people with disabilities, but whose use can also be expanded to the general public have the potential to change body ability expectations of disabled and non-disabled people beyond the species-typical. The ways in which this dynamic will impact students with disabilities in the domain of special education is explored. Data was drawn from six special education school teachers from...

Lucy Diep; Gregor Wolbring



Teachers of Students with Severe Handicaps. (United States)

Demands of the institutionalization on regular and special education teachers and administrators are described, as are the competencies required of special education teachers. Results of a recent Canada-wide survey of the current status of programs training teachers and other personnel to work with students having severe and multiple handicaps are…

Csapo, Marg; Baine, David



Helping Teacher Candidates Examine Their Multicultural Attitudes (United States)

This article reports the results of a study evaluating the impact of entry-level teacher education course work on teacher candidates' multicultural attitudes. The authors were interested in finding out which curriculum was the most effective at helping teacher candidates examine their multicultural attitudes and at the same time enhancing their…

Szabo, Susan; Anderson, Gina



Promoting Teacher Adoption of GIS Using Teacher-Centered and Teacher-Friendly Design (United States)

This article reports the results of a case study that employed user-centered design to develop training tutorials for helping middle school social studies teachers use Web-based GIS in their classrooms. This study placed teachers in the center of the design process in planning, designing, and developing the tutorials. This article describes how…

Hong, Jung Eun




CERN Multimedia

Part-time teacher of primary English needed from 1st December 2002 to teach English National Curriculum (KS2) and NLS to mother tongue or good second language English-speakers aged 7-10. 4 hours contact time per week, team planning, marking and meetings. Candidates should be English mother tongue qualified teachers, confident, flexible classroom practitioners and team players. For further details and how to apply: or 04 50 40 82 66. Apply as soon as possible, and in any case before November 20th. English National Programme - Lycée International, Ferney-Voltaire



Problems Militating Against the Effective Teaching of Gravitational Force: A Study of Secondary School Physics Teachers in Cross River State, Nigeria  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This research work seeks to x-ray the problems militating against the teaching of gravitational force as a concept in secondary schools Physics in Cross River State, Nigeria. 38 Physics teachers were used in 28 secondary schools in the area of study. Three research questions were answered using the Physics Teachers Questionnaire on concept of Gravitational Force (PTQCGF as the instrument for data collection. Data was analyzed using percentage. The results of the study revealed that Physics Teachers qualification, inadequate instructional materials and teachers’ preparation to the teaching of the concept were among the problems impeding the effective teaching of gravitational force. Various ways of enhancing the teaching of the concept were highlighted - Participation in in-service training, seminars and workshops to help in acquainting teachers of modern methods of teaching the concept, integrating practical activities with classroom teaching and incentives to Physics teachers.

Aderonmu Temitope S. B



The King's Carpet: Drama Play in Teacher Education (United States)

Trying to develop new perspectives of teaching is never easy, but trying to cultivate ownership and initiative among teacher education students is a still greater aspiration that is infrequently realized. This article addresses each of these highly valued goals for teacher educators as a case study reveals the impact of involving teacher

Kerekes, Judit; King, Kathleen P.



Chemistry Teachers' Perceptions on Laboratory Applications: Izmir Sample (United States)

This study aims to reveal to what extent Turkish chemistry teachers use laboratories effectively and their perceptions on laboratory applications and the factors related to laboratory applications. In this cross-sectional survey, 408 chemistry teachers from the secondary schools in Izmir were given "Teacher Demographic form", "The Scale of…

Feyzioglu, Burak; Demirdag, Baris; Ates, Alev; Cobanoglu, Ilker; Altun, Eralp



Influence of Children's Physical Attractiveness on Teacher Expectations. (United States)

Ratings of the physical attractiveness of 11-to-12-year-old children were obtained, and the association between physical attractiveness and teachers' judgements of these children were examined. Teachers revealed a systematic tendency to rate girls higher than boys, and significant sex differences were observed in teachers' ratings of…

Kenealy, Pamela; And Others



Evaluating an English Language Teacher Education Program through Peacock's Model (United States)

The main aim of this study is to draw attention to the importance of program evaluation for teacher education programs and to reveal the pre-service English teacher education program components that are in need of improvement or maintenance both from teachers' and students' perspectives by using Peacock's (2009) recent evaluation model in a…

Coskun, Abdullah; Daloglu, Aysegul



Climatic effects on soil trophic networks and the resulting humus profiles in holm oak (Quercus rotundifolia) forests in the High Atlas of Morocco as revealed by correspondence analysis  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Multivariate methods have been widely used for revealing the structures of communities, and in this paper we explore one particular method, namely correspondence analysis (also called reciprocal averaging), for studying humus profiles by the 'method of small volumes'. The present study was done on humus profiles under holm oak (Quercus rotundifolia), an evergreen Mediterranean species, in the High Atlas of Morocco. Three sites (1500 m, 1700 m, 1900 m altitude) and 2 years (1999 and 2002) were...



Quality of Distance Education in Turkey: Preschool Teacher Training Case  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Distance education is used for teacher training at different levels and fields in Turkey. Launched in the 2000-2001 academic year and still applied by Anadolu University, the Pre-School Teacher Training Program is one of those programs offered by distance education. This study aims to evaluate Anadolu University’s Preschool Teacher Training Program in Turkey by obtaining student opinions. A total of 1,026 senior students enrolled in the Preschool Education major at the Open Education Faculty of Anadolu University participated in the survey. A questionnaire to determine the opinions of students on the program was used as a means of data collection. Means (X and standard deviations (SD were employed to analyze the survey data. The results showed that although the teacher candidates study at a good level, they do not have a good record of watching the television programs. The results also revealed that the opinions of teacher candidates about the textbooks, television programs, teaching practices, and academic assistance services are positive.

Mehmet Gultekin



What are the roles of prospective teachers on the educational technology use? A metaphor study  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Metaphors in qualitative research methods have been used as a data collection technique, which can’t be obtained directly ensure that data is obtained indirectly. In this research, the training of teachers in using technology to determine what role they are estimated at. In this context, Afyon Kocatepe University, a total of 131 teacher candidates from six different sections to the question directed at the metaphor and the data were analyzed with content analysis. Responses to the metaphor of the six different themes have been obtained: being important / useful, assistant / guide, user, producer / designer, learner and attitude. Evaluation of teacher candidates was their most important roles of the time / to be useful, help / guide and user issues have been. As a result of the analysis according to the department of prospective teachers according to the department the role they differ in their evaluation of the results have been revealed

Ahmet Naci Çoklar, Hakki Bagci



Personality characteristics and profiles of Greek elementary teachers using the sixteen personality factor questionnaire (16PF). (United States)

Empirical evidence indicates that a teacher's personality influences the classroom climate, students' behaviors, and their interpersonal relationships. Although the effect of a teacher's personality on students' psychological well-being has long been stressed in many studies, very little is known about the actual personality characteristics of Greek in-service teachers. The purpose of this study was to allocate the characteristics that best describe the personality of Greek elementary school teachers (according to the 16 Cattellian primary factors). Our study belongs in the broader research field aiming at describing and understanding the possible foundations of teachers' behavior. The sample consisted of 138 elementary teachers, who completed a standardized Greek version of the 16PF. Our statistical analysis of one-sample t-test along with an effect size calculation revealed that certain personality characteristics described the Greek elementary teacher and clearly distinguishes them from the normative group of the Greek population. Elementary teachers appear to be quite submissive, cautious, with a tendency to oppose or postpone change. They also scored a low tolerance level against fear and arousal, and high tension levels. Elementary teachers seem to respond to events, ideas, and experiences more with feeling than with thinking and find it difficult to control their feelings, which results in getting upset easily. They also seem to pay little attention to how they may appear to others and generally do what they feel like doing. Elementary teachers also scored low on aspiration level. Possible implications of the results are discussed with reference to students' psychological well-being. PMID:20014644

Roussi-Vergou, Christina J; Angelosopoulou, Argyro; Zafiropoulou, Maria M



Restructuring Teachers' Work  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Despite repeated attempts to reform schools, teachers' work has remained surprisingly stable. The purpose of this study was to investigate implementation of a state-funded restructuring initiative that intended broad changes in teachers' professional roles. Sponsors of the founding legislation reasoned that changes in teachers' roles would contribute to higher student achievement. This study examined the question of whether and how this program of comprehensive whole-school change promoted changes in teachers' roles in school governance, collegial relations, and the classroom. Further, the study traced the relationship of these changes to one another, and weighed the likelihood that they had the capacity to affect core educational practices. Theoretically, this study is situated in the available literature on teachers' collegial relations; participation in shared decision making; and classroom roles, relationships and practice. Three elementary schools served as the sites for intensive qualitative data collection completed over a two-year period. The schools differed in geographic location (two urban, one rural, but all enrolled a racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse population of students, and more than half of the students in each school qualified for free or reduced price lunch. The study resulted in multiple types and sources of data on teachers' professional roles, including: observations in classrooms, collegial interactions, and governance situations; interviews with teachers (including teacher leaders, parents, administrators, and students; and documents pertaining to the restructuring plans and process. Findings show that changes in the three areas were achieved unevenly in the three schools. All three schools introduced changes in classroom practice and roles, ranging from the adoption of multi-age classrooms to more modest innovations in curriculum or instruction. In only one case were changes in professional roles outside the classroom organized to support and sustain classroom changes. Two of the three schools introduced changes in staff organization (teacher teams and leadership (governance committees, but under-estimated the professional development and other supports that would in turn support changes in classroom practice. Altogether, it appears unlikely that the observed changes in professional roles were sufficiently well established and connected to affect core educational practice in the long run.

Lisa Kirtman



Consistencies between New Teachers' Beliefs and Practices and Those Grounding Their Initial Teacher Education Program (United States)

This paper discusses the experiences of beginning teachers as they navigated their first seven years in the profession. Drawing on data from a research study that charted these teachers' experiences during and after their initial teacher education program, I reveal that although the participants' teaching contexts varied considerably,…

Towers, Jo



MODERN PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER’S TIFLOINFORMATION COMPETENCES ????????????????? ?????????????? ????????? ??????? ?????????? ??????  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Tendencies of integration of visual impaired children to the mass schools as well as significant value of information-communication technologies (ICT in the education of these children require corresponding training of primary school teachers. The purpose of this article is to analyse the approaches to the concept of ICT-competence with further definition of primary school teacher’s tifloinformation competences. Literature analysis has discovered that there is no connection between ICT-competences and pupil with visual impairments yet. As a result, the list of primary school teacher’s tifloinformation competences was formulated. The objective of further investigations consist in the development of techniques essential for creation of corresponding competences.????????? ?? ???????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ? ??????? ?????? ? ????????????? ????????????-?????????????? ?????????? (??? ????????? ????? ?????? ?? ??????????? ?????????? ???????? ?????????? ??????. ????? ?????? ? ?????? ???????? ?? ???????????? ??????? ???????????/?????????????? ? ?????? ??? ? ????????? ??????????? ?????? ??????????? ??????????????? ???????? ?????????? ??????, ??? ???????????? ??????? ???????????????????. ?? ???????? ??????? ??????????, ???????? ???????? ??? ??????????? ? ?????? ???-???????????/???????????????, ???'?????? ?? ???'????? ???????? ? ?????????? ???? ? ????????????? ??????? ?????????????????? ??????????????? ??????? ?????????? ??????. ????????? ??? ????????? ?????????? ? ???????? ??????? ?????????? ??????????? ???????????????.

K.?. ?o????



The Attitudes of Teachers and Students towards Using Arabic in EFL Classrooms in Saudi Public Schools- A Case Study  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper examined the attitudes of Saudi teachers and students towards employing Arabic as a facilitating tool in English classes, a topic which has gained wide attention recently. The present study was a case study which investigated teachers' and students' attitudes towards this issue in a Saudi intermediate school for females. To reach a clear understanding of this issue, the study focused on one intermediate classroom which had 30 students and three teachers of English in the entire school. Three research tools were used for gathering data: questionnaires, interviews and four observations of one classroom. The results revealed that the attitudes of the teachers and the students about using Arabic were generally positive. The participants preferred using Arabic in certain situations and for specific reasons. Although the attitudes of the teachers and the students received agreements, there were other points on which they disagreed. Recommendations for future studies and solutions were discussed.




Catch the Teacher Being Good--Pupils Aid Teachers to Develop Appropriate Classroom Behavior (United States)

Describes the involvement of pupils in increasing the frequency of teacher attention to appropriate classroom behaviors. Results indicate pupils can be successful intervention agents in aiding the teacher modify her behavior. (Author)

Csapo, Marg



Investigating Preschool and Primary School Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and Needs in Teaching Science: A Pilot Study  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In recent years, the curricula reforms at the levels of preschool and primary school in Sweden have caused new demands on the teachers. In particular, numerous teachers lack the educational training in science subjects. Therefore, this study aims to investigate teachers’ self-efficacy and needs in relationto science teaching. A total of 71 teachers, divided into three groups of preschool, 1-3 grades and 4-6 grades, were invited to join this pilot study. From the EU FP7 project, PROFILES, a Likert scale questionnaire (with scores from 1 to 3 to represent strongly disagree, agree to strongly agree, and I don’t know was scored 0 was used and revised for the data collection in this pilot study. The results showed that the participating teachers had relatively high self-efficacy and no significant differences were found among the three groups of teachers. However, even though the teachers had high self-efficacy, the needs of further education were expressed by the teachers to a large extent. In particular, the group of preschool teachers addressed the need for more content knowledge (CK in physics and chemistry (>41%. In terms of the groups of 1-3 and 4-6 grades teachers, the needs relating to scientific literacy were revealed, with a focus on engaging students in socio-scientific problems (52%, 56% and assessment (44%, 61%. The implication of this study is discussed in the hope to contribute to teachers’ professional development for both pre- and in-service teachers in science education.

Susanne Walan



Promoting Teacher Learning Through Learning Study Discourse: The Case of Science Teachers in Singapore (United States)

The potential of a theory of variation-framed learning study, a teacher professional development approach, to help teachers overcome curricular and pedagogical challenges associated with teaching new science curricula content was explored. With a group of Singapore teachers collaboratively planning and teaching new genetics content, phenomenographic analysis of data corpus from classroom observations, teacher meetings and interviews revealed teacher learning that manifested in the teachers' experiences. These were captured as (1) increased degrees of student-centered pedagogy and challenges to teachers' prior assumptions about science pedagogy, (2) increased awareness of possibilities and limitations of their beliefs about science pedagogy, and (3) emergence of new understandings about new curricular content and science pedagogy. The possibility of transformative and generative learning is also discussed.

Tan, Yuen Sze Michelle; Nashon, Samson Madera



Reforming Teacher Pay (United States)

A recent Google search for information regarding performance pay in education produced 6.1 million results. This number should come as no surprise given the current level of interest in incentives as a popular reform option in public education. Supporters believe pay-for-performance programs encourage less effective teachers to improve and will…

Burns, Susan Freeman; Gardner, Catherine D.



Maintaining High Teacher Morale (United States)

In public education's current environment of high-stakes testing and accountability, principals are constantly engaged in an effort to balance messages to their teachers to achieve ever-higher levels of student learning with appreciation for what they do. As a result, it is not surprising that staff morale is an issue in some schools. The…

Protheroe, Nancy



Efficacy in German Teacher Education  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available At the present time German teacher training is confronted with a great political will to bring about change. International comparative studies of recent years have shown a dissatisfying learning outcome. The most dramatic result is a strong interdependence of school success and social background. German teachers experience their profession as problematic. At present only 35% work until the normal pension age. The article discusses structural differences in teacher training compared to other countries and analyses motivation for the choice of study, perceived self-efficacy, experience of stress, patterns of uncertainty avoidance and previous experience in a sample of 1358 students starting teacher training.Key words: Teacher training; Career choice motivation; Self-efficacy; Experience of stress; Uncertainty avoidance

Ewald Kiel



Whistle-Blowing Intentions of Prospective Teachers: Education Evidence  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This study investigates whistle-blowing intentions of prospective teachers. Firstly, overall ethical awareness of the participants was examined, and then their underlying ethical reasons of whistle-blowing were investigated. Besides, impact on the intention to blow whistle to internal or external parties offering their job guarantee were searched. Three ethical dilemmas were constructed in three scenarios, and The Multi-dimensional Ethics Scale was used in the study. The results revealed t...



The Opinions of Pre-School Teacher Candidates about Pre-School Teacher Education Program  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The purpose of the study is to investigate the pre-school teacher candidates’ opinions about the pre-school teacher education program. The opinion of pre-school teacher candidates about Pre-School Education Undergraduate Program, their suggestions about the efficiency and the performance of the program, and their course suggestions were revealed in the study. The study is a descriptive study. While collecting data semi constructed and nondirective interview technique was used. The study was...



Elementary Science Indoors and Out: Teachers, Time, and Testing (United States)

In this article, we present the results from a mixed-methods research study aimed to document indoor and outdoor fifth grade science experiences in one school in the USA in the context of accountability and standardized testing. We used quantitative measures to explore students' science knowledge, environmental attitudes, and outdoor comfort levels, and via qualitative measures, we examined views on science education and environmental issues from multiple sources, including the school's principal, teachers, and students. Students' science knowledge in each of the four objectives specified for grade 5 significantly improved during the school year. Qualitative data collected through interviews and observations found limited impressions of outdoor science. Findings revealed that, despite best intentions and a school culture that supported outdoor learning, it was very difficult in practice for teachers to supplement their classroom science instruction with outdoor activities. They felt constrained by time and heavy content demands and decided that the most efficient way of delivering science instruction was through traditional methods. Researchers discuss potentials and obstacles for the science community to consider in supporting teachers and preparing elementary school teachers to provide students with authentic experiential learning opportunities. We further confront teachers' and students' perceptions that science is always best and most efficiently learned inside the classroom through traditional text-driven instruction.

Carrier, Sarah J.; Tugurian, Linda P.; Thomson, Margareta M.



Assessment Beliefs and Practices of Language Teachers in Primary Education  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The use of assessment, the process of collecting information on student achievement and performance, has long been advocated so that learning cycles can properly be planned; instruction can be adjusted during the course of learning, and programs can be developed to enhance student learning. Shifting to a more pedagogical conception, the assessment moves from source of information to an inseparable part of teaching and learning. Theory and research propose that especially formative assessment can play a critical role in adjusting teaching for student learning because assessment for learning (formative assessment provides information to be used as feedback to adjust the teaching and learning activities in which the students and teachers are engaged. This study aims to show primary school teachers’ beliefs about formative assessment. Besides, the study reveals the information about English language teachers’ real assessment practices in the primary education context. Despite course requirements, teachers’ positive beliefs and attitudes, the results of the study show that language teachers do not apply formative assessment practices as required in the national curriculum. Instead of using assessment formatively, they mostly use assessment for summative purposes.

Ka?an Büyükkarc?



Nanotechnology and Secondary Science Teacher's Self-Efficacy (United States)

The recommendations of the United States President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and the multi-agency National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) identified the need to prepare the workforce and specialists in the field of nanotechnology in order for the United States to continue to compete in the global marketplace. There is a lack of research reported in recent literature on the readiness of secondary science teachers to introduce higher level sciences---specifically nanotechnology---in their classes. The central research question of this study examined secondary science teachers' beliefs about teaching nanotechnology comfortably, effectively, and successfully. Bandura's self-efficacy theory provided the conceptual framework for this phenomenological study. A data analysis rubric was used to identify themes and patterns that emerged from detailed descriptions during in-depth interviews with 15 secondary science teachers. The analysis revealed the shared, lived experiences of teachers and their beliefs about their effectiveness and comfort in teaching higher-level sciences, specifically nanotechnology. The results of the study indicated that, with rare exceptions, secondary science teachers do not feel comfortable or effective, nor do they believe they have adequate training to teach nanotechnology concepts to their students. These teachers believed they were not prepared or trained in incorporating these higher level science concepts in the curriculum. Secondary science teachers' self-efficacy and personal beliefs of effectiveness in teaching nanotechnology can be an important component in achieving a positive social change by helping to familiarize high school students with nanotechnology and how it can benefit society and the future of science.

Cox, Elena K.


Training of adult education teachers : experiences from a teacher training programme in cooperative learning  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The background of the study was that a group of teachers should develop competences in order to apply a new pedagogical approach, cooperative learning (CL), in a skilled manner. The total competence development process included theoretical knowledge about the method, practical training in its use, and ongoing and extensive coaching related to the teachers' experiences of implementing CL. It was assumed that the competence development process would result in a higher usage of CL as well as an increasingly professional and more reflected application of the teaching method over the year. The results from the study, as indicated by the teachersâ?? completed logs, and supplemented by the data from the focus group interviews, show a different picture. Two months into the project, the teachers were using CL on a large scale. The average level of their use did not increase during the academic year. By two months into the course, teachers already perceived themselves as being able to apply the method. They also reported that their skills were developed further during the course. They found that they became better at solving educational challenges, that they became more satisfied with their own teaching, and that they were better able to solve the problems deriving from the heterogeneous composition of the student group. The data thus documents measurable but limited developments in the teachers competences after the first two month. Our analysis of the teachersâ?? reflection skills reveals that as early as two months into the project, a high level of reflection was taking place. Contrary to our initial assumptions, there is no gradual and continuous rise of the teachersâ?? competence. The increase in teaching competence is located relatively early in the academic year; after that there is only modest improvement.

Wahlgren, Bjarne



Attracting and Retaining Teachers: A Question of Motivation (United States)

Attracting and retaining competent teachers is a key concern when it comes to managing the supply and demand for teachers. This article examines the motivation that prompts people to enter or leave the teaching profession with the aim of identifying a decision framework for defining teacher policies. The results are based on the teacher workforce…

Muller, Karin; Alliata, Roberta; Benninghoff, Fabienne



Teacher Ethnicity: Relationships with Teaching Rewards and Incentives. (United States)

Survey data collected from 2,718 Dade County (Florida) public school teachers were analyzed to determine the relationship between teacher ethnic identity and patterns of perceived work rewards and incentives. Anglo, Black, and Cuban teachers were included in the survey. Results indicated that patterns of differences existed among the teacher

Kottkamp, Robert B.; And Others


Teachers' Attitudes and Beliefs about Bullying: Two Exploratory Studies (United States)

Two exploratory studies were conducted to investigate U.S. teachers' attitudes and beliefs about bullying. Although most teachers believed they were doing a good job at preventing bullying, results indicate that some teachers hold beliefs that are at odds with current best practices in bullying prevention and intervention. First-year teachers

Bauman, Sheri; Hurley, Cindy



Scaffolding Beginning Readers: Micro and Macro Cues Teachers Use during Student Oral Reading (United States)

What do first-grade teachers do and say to scaffold novice readers? To answer that question, this teacher researcher videotaped her own and others' scaffolding behaviors. Analysis of the video transcripts reveals valuable information that can support teachers or tutors as they work with beginning readers. Video data show how first-grade teachers

Cole, Ardith D.



Examining Elementary Education Pre-Service Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to investigate elementary education pre-service teachers? self-efficacy beliefs by gender, grade level and age. Participants were 163 elementary education pre-service teachers. An instrument titled “Music Education Self-Efficacy Scale” (Afacan, 2008 was used as a means of data collection. Descriptive statistics and t test was used to analyze the data. Results revealed that elementary education pre-service teachers? music education self-efficacy was, in general, moderate. Results revealed that participants? self-efficacy beliefs differ by gender, grade level and age. Women?s self-efficacy beliefs were higher than men. Junior (3rd year students? self-efficacy was higher than sophomores (2nd year. Similarly, self-efficay scores of particiapants with an age of between 22 and 24 was higher than those with an age of between 19–21.

Deniz Beste ÇEV?K



A escrita dos professores: textos em formação, professores em formação, formação em formação / Teacher's writings: a contribution to teacher's training  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese O presente artigo apresenta a análise de trabalhos de fim de curso escritos por professoras da rede municipal que freqüentaram um curso de extensão numa universidade pública. Após um semestre de contato com saberes científicos sobre alfabetização e letramento, em simultaneidade com discussões sobre [...] possíveis trajetórias profissionais de formação docente, escreveram sobre suas próprias trajetórias profissionais. Efetuamos uma análise discursiva desses textos. Levantamos certos temas centrais deste discurso dos professores, situando a sua identidade profissional com relação aos saberes profissionais, delimitando certas posições discursivas no campo da formação, umas em relação às outras. Diferenças importantes foram encontradas entre as posições discursivas ocupadas por professores "não-regentes", que atuam como coordenadores e formadores, e as dos professores "regentes". Estes últimos têm clareza quanto a sua impossibilidade de acesso a posições. A análise do discurso, se apresentada às autoras, poderá produzir um efeito formador, tornando-as receptivas a prescrições de práticas pedagógicas produtivas para o trabalho escolar com a linguagem. Abstract in english This paper presents the analysis of texts written by female teachers from public schools at the end of a continuing education course at a public University. These teachers were exposed for a semester to scientific knowledge on teaching to read and write, literacy, and different teacher's training mo [...] dels. They wrote about their own professional trajectories and experiences. A discourse analysis allowed us to relate their professional knowledge to their position in the teachers' training field. Important differences were observed between the speeches of two groups of teachers: Those who work as coordinators or in-service teacher trainers and those who are actually teaching classes to students. In the latter group, papers reveal a clear sense of impossibility of access to certain positions in the literacy field. If presented to the authors, the results of this discourse analysis could be a formative experience, turning teachers more receptive to productive pedagogic practices to teach language in their schools.

Ludmila Thomé de, Andrade.


Evaluation of Teachers’ Instructional Technologies Integration Skills: A Qualitative Need Analysis for New Pedagogical Approaches  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study aims at identifying the teachers’ needs of new pedagogical approaches in technology-assisted courses. Data were collected through semi-structured interview form from 12 voluntary teachers from different branches at a technology-supported private school. Findings showed that teachers perceived smart boards and PowerPoint presentations as the fundamentals in classes. Results also indicated that the participants had troubles of integrating technologies at times despite of participating training on the use of instructional technologies. The study also revealed that in technology supported courses excessive concentration on technology hinders dealing with the students, and that the students' individual characteristics were neglected. Finally, the findings of the study indicated that different teaching strategies and approaches were not applied, the authentic materials and models were not used in classes. In the study it is recommended that teachers should be informed about integration of technology and pedagogy.

Abdullah Ad?güzel



The Social Cognitive Model of Job Satisfaction among Teachers: Testing and Validation (United States)

The study empirically tests an integrative model of work satisfaction (0280, 0140, 0300 and 0255) in a sample of 5,022 teachers in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The study provided more support for the Lent and Brown (2006) model. Results revealed that this model was a strong fit for the data and accounted for 82% of the variance in work…

Badri, Masood A.; Mohaidat, Jihad; Ferrandino, Vincent; El Mourad, Tarek




CERN Multimedia

The English Language Programme of the Lycée International de Ferney-Voltaire has two teaching posts available for la rentrée 2001. 1. Part-time teacher of Primary-level English Candidates for the post need to be mother-tongue English speakers. They should have a relevant degree and teaching qualification. The post involves teaching the English curriculum to pupils who are within the French educational system. Classes take place on Tuesday afternoons at the Lycée. Team spirit necessary as teachers work as a team. Induction & training are offered. 2. Part-time teacher of Secondary-level history-geography Candididates for the post need to be mother-tongue English speakers. They should have a relevant degree in history or geography and also a strong interest in the other subject. They should have a relevant teaching qualification and be confident classroom practioners. For more information on either of these posts please contact the school office on




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The Study investigated the awareness among senior secondary teachers towards Value Based Question in Chemistry. In this context, the present study is an attempt to study the awareness of Value Based Question among the student teachers in Central India. A total of 79 teachers working in senior secondary school in Central India, were randomly selected for the present study. The Value Based Question in Chemistry Awareness test was employed to assess the level of awareness among senior secondary teachers teaching Chemistry. Mean, Standard deviation and 't” test was employed to find out the significance of difference between the student teachers with respect to their Gender, Age, Degree, Subject, Area of Residence, Practice of Reading News Paper/Magazine and Medium of Instruction. Results revealed that on the whole, the student teachers level of Value Based Question awareness is high. In accordance to the variables, the teachers those who are above 25 years, those who possess P.G Degree, those who reside at Urban areas and those who the practice of reading News Paper and circulars possess higher level of Awareness.




Resources and instructional strategies effective middle school science teachers use to improve content area reading skills (United States)

This study examined the resources and instructional strategies effective middle school science teachers use to improve content area reading skills. Reading instruction in the middle school years should follow the natural cognitive progression that occurs in the adolescent brain from learning to read to reading to learn. Scientific reading is a different type of reading than most middle school students are accustomed to. It is important to understand that students will continue to be expected to read non-fiction critically for success in the 21st century. Effective teachers know this, and they perceive themselves as teachers of reading regardless of the content area in which their expertise lies. This qualitative research study was conducted at a rural middle school with three science teachers who employ before, during, and after literacy strategies when reading the textbook content with their students. The methodologies used in this study were interviews, observations, and document collection. The results of this study revealed the students' reading difficulties perceived by the teacher participants, the literacy strategies used by the teacher participants, the instructional resources the teacher participants used to improve comprehension, and the need for professional development in content area literacy.

Beaver, Melanie S.


Critical viewpoint to early childhood education teachers’ well-being at work  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Early childhood education teachers’ happiness at work reflects in children. Finnish day care system has faced plenty of changes and they can also reflect in well-being at day care. The aim of this article to dissect the state of well-being and thriving at work in Finnish day care centers from early childhood education teachers’ point of view and to discuss how well-being could be promoted. The data comprises group interviews (N=9 collected with memory-work method among North-Finnish early childhood education teachers (N=4. The results revealed that several factors were reported as threatening early childhood education teachers’ well-being. These kinds of factors were, among others, increasing amount of administrative tasks as well as concern about their educational task becoming narrower, the sufficiency of one’s own resources, and how the economic measures for efficiency have started to extend to day care as well. Perceived well-being increases when early childhood education teachers have time to encounter an individual child and concentrate on their basic work, rearing and teaching children. Based on the findings, suggestions how to enhance early childhood education teachers’ well-being are discussed. Promotion of well-being necessitates development actions both at the level of society, day care system and early childhood education teachers’ personal level. In this article, we highlight how organizational structures enhance or hinder well-being.

Outi Ylitapio-Mäntylä



Student Teachers’ Ways of Thinking and Ways of Understanding Digestion and the Digestive System in Biology  

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Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to identify the ways in which student teachers understand digestion and the digestive system and, subsequently, their ways of thinking, as reflected in their problem solving approaches and the justification schemes that they used to validate their claims. For this purpose, clinical interviews were conducted with 10 biology student teachers. According to the data, the student teachers possessed different levels of understanding that can be summarized into three categories: (1 naïve, in that their study method was unscientific and memorization-based, (2 fragmented, and (3 unsound. Their ways of thinking were congruent with their ways of understanding, and this was reflected in their explanations, which were constructed ad hoc and focused on simple linear relationships. In line with these ways of thinking, the justification schemes used by the student teachers were mainly external and empirical schemes, which are considered to be unsophisticated or lower-level. This study is the first study that attempts to reveal and classify student teachers’ justification schemes in biology. Earlier studies on student learning processes have been conducted in mathematics. We discovered distinct patterns in the justification schemes used by student teachers, and these patterns were related to the nature of biology as a life science. At the end of the paper, we discuss our results and provide suggestions for teacher education and future research.

Sabiha Odabasi Çimer



Teachers' Tactics and Test Performance  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... education. During a period leading up to a final math exam the teens were surveyed twice. All ... study. Survey responses were then stacked up against final math scores. The result: when teachers discussed testing ...


Teachers’ Thought Processes: The Case of Tunisian Gymnastic University Teachers  

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Full Text Available Teacher’s behaviour is substantially influenced and even determined by teachers’ thought processes. Several studies concerning effectiveness in physical education have analysed various topics such as student engagement, curriculum time allocation, teaching methods, teacher behaviour, and teacher perceptions. However, these investigations have not applied the classroom research findings identified by other researchers. Firstly, this study explains the implied thoughts of the explained Tunisian Gymnastic University Teachers (TGUT to teach gymnastics learning processes by analyzing their thought processes. Secondly, we included the analysis of the connection, interaction and relationship between the three topics reviewed. Thirdly, we identified and analyzed the difference between different Tunisian physical educational teachers’ thoughts and its influence on their didactical practice intervention. Data were collected during 4 months of observations and interviews with six TGUT at the high institute of sport and physical education (ISSEP in Tunisia. They all teach not mixed class in Level1 (first year, BAC + 1. These interviews were semi structured (40 minutes each and gave teachers the opportunity to share their perspectives on broad topics such as education, teaching, and society, and also on more succinct topics such as individual students and situations that had occurred in previous lessons. The data were analyzed using constant comparison. Three topics emerged illustrate how the teachers’ thinking influenced their selecting, ordering, and formulating of curriculum units, their didactic and pedagogical manoeuvring during lessons. This study revealed three major conceptions used by TGUT: 1 Teaching based on pedagogical conceptions (7.20%, 2 Teaching based on sciences (17.42%, and 3 Teaching based on means and practices (75.37%. A number of themes emerged from the analysis of each case, aside to the contextualised responses of individuals. The perception of the TGUT had two consequences: 1 a didactic consequence; the TGUT plan activities that will assist students in developing only physical skills, 2 the legitimacy of the contributory sciences in training programs for student teachers of physical education (PE. Basis on this argument, we might reasonably ask what might be done to address this problem. The issues discussed in this paper will encourage teachers to reflect on their own teaching beliefs and practices and to include them in the process of planning and teaching effectiveness.

Naila Bali



Revealing the Biodiversity in Chironomidae (Diptera): Results From an Emergence Trap Study of a Ravine Spring-run in Northern Florida (United States)

Research for this project was conducted as part of a larger scale investigation of the aquatic insect fauna of a Florida spring-run ravine system that focused especially on stonefly and caddisfly taxa. The present research focused largely on documenting chironomid midge species diversity, emergence phenology, and overall composition by utilizing repeated emergence trap sampling at a single site within a first order, forested ravine stream in the Florida panhandle area. The approximate two year survey revealed a rich and distinctive chironomid fauna, with a variety of feeding types and microhabitat specific taxa. Many of the study species were considered to be common and widespread; however, several species and two genera were new records for the state. Several undescribed species were also noted. Emergence occurred in all months but with greatest densities generally recorded from December through March of the second year. The single location examined to date on this ravine stream ranks near the upper range of chironomid species richness reported on a world-wide basis for first order lotic systems. Other aspects of composition and apparent community patterns, was well as the importance and significance of first order stream biodiversity, are examined and discussed.

Caldwell, B. A.; Rasmussen, A. K.; Pescador, M. L.



The Atlas-3D project - IX. The merger origin of a fast and a slow rotating Early-Type Galaxy revealed with deep optical imaging: first results  

CERN Document Server

The mass assembly of galaxies leaves imprints in their outskirts, such as shells and tidal tails. The frequency and properties of such fine structures depend on the main acting mechanisms - secular evolution, minor or major mergers - and on the age of the last substantial accretion event. We use this to constrain the mass assembly history of two apparently relaxed nearby Early-Type Galaxies (ETGs) selected from the Atlas-3D sample, NGC 680 and NGC 5557. Our ultra deep optical images obtained with MegaCam on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope reach 29 mag/arcsec^2 in the g-band. They reveal very low-surface brightness (LSB) filamentary structures around these ellipticals. Among them, a gigantic 160 kpc long tail East of NGC 5557 hosts gas-rich star-forming objects. NGC 680 exhibits two major diffuse plumes apparently connected to extended HI tails, as well as a series of arcs and shells. Comparing the outer stellar and gaseous morphology of the two ellipticals with that predicted from models of colliding galax...

Duc, Pierre-Alain; Serra, Paolo; Michel-Dansac, Leo; Ferriere, Etienne; Alatalo, Katherine; Blitz, Leo; Bois, Maxime; Bournaud, Frederic; Bureau, Martin; Cappellari, Michele; Davies, Roger L; Davis, Timothy A; de Zeeuw, P T; Emsellem, Eric; Khochfar, Sadegh; Krajnovic, Davor; Kuntschner, Harald; Lablanche, Pierre-Yves; McDermid, Richard M; Morganti, Raffaella; Naab, Thorsten; Oosterloo, Tom; Sarzi, Marc; Scott, Nicholas; Weijmans, Anne-Marie; Young, Lisa M



How Do Teachers Reason about Their Practice? Representing the Epistemic Nature of Teachers' Practical Knowledge (United States)

The present study focused on the epistemology of teachers' practical knowledge by addressing the following research question: how do teachers attempt to reason about their practices and their practical knowledge? The results indicated that teachers supported their practical knowledge claims using the "practical argument". Within this conceptual…

Gholami, Khalil; Husu, Jukka



The Quality of Teacher Work Life Survey: A Measure of Teacher Stress and Job Satisfaction. (United States)

Administered Quality of Teacher Work Life Survey, Maslach Burnout Inventory, and Educational Values Scales to 227 teachers. Results identified 10 factors contributing to teacher satisfaction and stress. The 10 factors accounted for 66.3 percent of the total item variance. (NB)

Pelsma, Dennis M.; And Others



Why We Should Care if Teachers Get A's: Teacher Test Scores and Student Achievement in Mexico (United States)

Understanding the relationship between teacher test scores and student achievement is important in an accountability environment that favors using quantitative measures of teaching quality, as is the case with Mexico's national "Carrera Magisterial" (CM) teacher incentive program. The results of this paper suggest that teacher test scores have a…

Santibanez, Lucrecia



The influence of school leadership on teachers' perception of teacher evaluation policy  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The understanding of teachers' perception of new educational policy is crucial since this perception shapes the policy's implementation. However, quantitative research in this area is scarce. This article draws on empirical data to investigate whether the school leader might influence his teachers' perception of the new teacher evaluation policy. The conceptualisation of teachers' perception consists of three policy characteristics: practicality, need and clarifying function. Our results indi...

Tuytens, Melissa; Devos, Geert



A formação de professores para a educação inclusiva: legislação, diretrizes políticas e resultados de pesquisas / The formation of teachers for the inclusive education: legislation, political guidelines and research results  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese Este artigo tem como objetivo levantar alguns aspectos relativos à formação de professores no Brasil, com ênfase para a inclusão de pessoas com necessidades educacionais especiais no ensino regular. Para tal tomaremos como base três referências: a legislação nacional e as diretrizes políticas especí [...] ficas do Ministério da Educação (MEC); o resultado de pesquisas e a literatura especializada sobre o tema. O texto está organizado em três partes. Primeiro abordamos a fundamentação da formação de professores estabelecida nos documentos oficiais. Em seguida, apresentamos os resultados de diferentes pesquisas sobre o tema. Por fim, traçamos alternativas para a inclusão educacional. Abstract in english This article aims to raise some aspects related to the formation of teachers in Brazil, with emphasis to the inclusion of people with special educational needs in the regular education. For such, we will base ourselves in three references: the national legislation and the specific political guidelin [...] es of the Education Cabinet (MEC); the result of researches and the specialized literature over the theme. The text is organized in three parts. First, we deal with the grounding of the formation of teachers established in the official documents. Then, we show the results of different researches about the theme. At last, we trace alternatives for the educational inclusion.

Pletsch, Márcia Denise.


Gender equity: A study of classroom interactions of sixth-grade science teachers before and after gender equity training (United States)

The researcher investigated teachers' perceptions of their interactions with students in their 6th grade science classrooms and the effects of gender equity training on teachers' interactions with students. Teacher perceptions were measured at pretest and posttest using the Gender Equity Teacher-Student Interaction Questionnaire (GETSIQ). The outcomes from one day of gender equity training, using the Gender Equity Video and Instructional Guide, were measured at pretest, posttest, and follow-up using the INTERSECT scale. A non-random sample of twenty 6th grade science teachers from five middle schools participated in the study. Ten teachers were assigned to each of the control or experimental groups. The first hypothesis posited that teacher perceptions of and actions toward male and female students in sixth grade science classrooms would be different as reflected by scores on the GETSIQ. The hypothesis was partially supported. Teachers reported significantly different amounts of acknowledgment, attention in general, and attention to questions, responses, and comments for boys and girls, and different evaluations based on their expectations for a student. Following training, teachers from the experimental group obtained somewhat higher scores, though the differences were not statistically significant. Hypothesis 2 stated that gender equity training would increase equitable teacher interactions with male and female students as demonstrated by scores on the INTERSECT Checklist. This hypothesis was partially supported. A comparison of the Intersect checklist (praise, acceptance, remediation, criticism) revealed that teachers were observed to more equally give praise to boys and girls following training, male teachers engaged in more acceptance responses with girls, and female teachers had more equitable distribution of acceptance. Male teachers increased the amount of remediation to girls, and female teachers continued to provide more remediation to boys. The differences between pretest and posttest were statistically significant. There was some reversion to pretest levels interactions at follow-up. The results of the study support the effectiveness of gender equity training in facilitating increased awareness and behavioral change in teachers. However, training needs to be of longer duration for continued effectiveness.

Giuliano, Joanne


A blinded international study on the reliability of genetic testing for GGGGCC-repeat expansions in C9orf72 reveals marked differences in results among 14 laboratories (United States)

Background The GGGGCC-repeat expansion in C9orf72 is the most frequent mutation found in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD). Most of the studies on C9orf72 have relied on repeat-primed PCR (RP-PCR) methods for detection of the expansions. To investigate the inherent limitations of this technique, we compared methods and results of 14 laboratories. Methods The 14 laboratories genotyped DNA from 78 individuals (diagnosed with ALS or FTD) in a blinded fashion. Eleven laboratories used a combination of amplicon-length analysis and RP-PCR, whereas three laboratories used RP-PCR alone; Southern blotting techniques were used as a reference. Results Using PCR-based techniques, 5 of the 14 laboratories got results in full accordance with the Southern blotting results. Only 50 of the 78 DNA samples got the same genotype result in all 14 laboratories. There was a high degree of false positive and false negative results, and at least one sample could not be genotyped at all in 9 of the 14 laboratories. The mean sensitivity of a combination of amplicon-length analysis and RP-PCR was 95.0% (73.9–100%), and the mean specificity was 98.0% (87.5–100%). Overall, a sensitivity and specificity of more than 95% was observed in only seven laboratories. Conclusions Because of the wide range seen in genotyping results, we recommend using a combination of amplicon-length analysis and RP-PCR as a minimum in a research setting. We propose that Southern blotting techniques should be the gold standard, and be made obligatory in a clinical diagnostic setting.

Akimoto, Chizuru; Volk, Alexander E; van Blitterswijk, Marka; Van den Broeck, Marleen; Leblond, Claire S; Lumbroso, Serge; Camu, William; Neitzel, Birgit; Onodera, Osamu; van Rheenen, Wouter; Pinto, Susana; Weber, Markus; Smith, Bradley; Proven, Melanie; Talbot, Kevin; Keagle, Pamela; Chesi, Alessandra; Ratti, Antonia; van der Zee, Julie; Alstermark, Helena; Birve, Anna; Calini, Daniela; Nordin, Angelica; Tradowsky, Daniela C; Just, Walter; Daoud, Hussein; Angerbauer, Sabrina; DeJesus-Hernandez, Mariely; Konno, Takuya; Lloyd-Jani, Anjali; de Carvalho, Mamede; Mouzat, Kevin; Landers, John E; Veldink, Jan H; Silani, Vincenzo; Gitler, Aaron D; Shaw, Christopher E; Rouleau, Guy A; van den Berg, Leonard H; Van Broeckhoven, Christine; Rademakers, Rosa; Andersen, Peter M; Kubisch, Christian



Multicultural Education and teacher’s social well-being  

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Full Text Available The configuration of new intergroup and interpersonal relations that take place in the receiving social context as a result of migratory processes, owns direct influences over the school scene. Having in account there are different paradigms and models in multicultural education (Banks, 2009, the aim of the study is to analyse the impact that has on teacher’s social well-being, the main or minor percentage of immigrant students in the schools. The Social Well-Being Scale of Keyes (1998, adapted by Blanco & Diaz (2005 was applied on a sample of 281 primary education teachers from Guipúzcoa, (Spain. They were distributed in three groups for its comparison. The results indicate, that those teachers that carry out their work in schools with greater concentration of immigrant students, presented the greater level of social well-being with respect to their colleagues who belong to schools characterized by the sociocultural homogeneity of the pupils.

Martínez Taboada, Cristina



EFL Teachers' Self-regulation and Job Performance  

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The current study explored the relationship between Iranian EFL teachers' self-regulation and job performance. To empirically explore the postulated correlation between teachers' self-regulation and job performance, 80 EFL teachers from various language institutes in Mashhad were asked to complete the "Teachers Self-Regulation Scale" and the "Job Performance Scale". The results of the finding confirmed the hypothesized relationship between teachers' self-regulation and job performance. Mor...

Atiyeh Kamyabi Gol; Nahid Royaei



Addressing the Teacher Qualification Gap: Exploring the Use and Efficacy of Incentives to Reward Teachers for Tough Assignments (United States)

This paper explores the policy options that might be used to address the distribution of teachers across students. The first section discusses findings on teacher preferences, the dynamics of the teacher labor market, and whether we should care about the resulting distribution of teachers across students. The next section focuses on the magnitude of teacher inequity, followed by an exploration of how inequities develop and a discussion of what we know about the various policy options designed to address teacher inequities. Based on this information, the final section focuses on the politics of reform and makes policy recommendations for addressing the teacher qualification gap.

Goldhaber, Dan



Teachers' Concerns About Biotechnology Education (United States)

The impacts of biotechnology are found in nearly all sectors of society from health care and food products to environmental issues and energy sources. Despite the significance of biotechnology within the sciences, it has not become a prominent trend in science education. In this study, we seek to more fully identify biology teachers' concerns about biotechnology instruction and their reported practices. Consistent with the Stages of Concern framework as modified by Hord et al., we investigated teachers' awareness, informational, personal, management, consequences, collaboration, and refocusing concerns about biotechnology teaching by employing a qualitative design that allowed for the emergence of teachers' ideas. Twenty high school life science teachers attending a biotechnology institute were interviewed using an interview protocol specifically designed to target various Stages of Concern. Although the Stages of Concern framework guided the development of interview questions in order to target a wide range of concerns, data analysis employed a grounded theory approach wherein patterns emerged from teachers' own words and were constantly compared with each other to generate larger themes. Our results have potential to provide guidance for professional development providers and curriculum developers committed to supporting initial implementation of biotechnology education. Recommendations include supporting teacher development of biotechnology content knowledge; promoting strategies for obtaining, storing and managing biotechnology equipment and materials; providing opportunities for peer teaching as a means of building teacher confidence; and highlighting career opportunities in biotechnology and the intersections of biotechnology and everyday life.

Borgerding, Lisa A.; Sadler, Troy D.; Koroly, Mary Jo



Academic Self-Efficacy Perceptions of Teacher Candidates  

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Full Text Available This study aims determining academic self-efficacy perception of teacher candidates. It is survey model. Population of the study consists of teacher candidates in 2010-2011 academic years at Ahmet Kele?o?lu Education Faculty of Education Formation of Selçuk University. A simple random sample was selected as sampling method and the study was conducted on 312 teacher candidates. The data of this study was obtained by “academic selfefficacy scale” which was developed by Jerusalem and Schwazer (1981 and translated into Turkish by Y?lmaz, Gürçay, and Ekici (2007 and its reliability value was determined as .79. However, Cronbach Alfa reliability value of this scale became .76 with the result of the data analysis of the study. SPSS package program was used to analyze the data; and the data analysis, frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, independent samples t-test, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA and post hoc tests (LSD test were used. When the findings of the research were considered in general, the result showed that the academic self-efficacy perception level of the candidates was at desired level. However, teachers' views about the level of academic self-efficacy perception showed that most of them preferred a lower level option "suits me", instead of "totally suits me" option that was the highest degree of participation of four likert-type scale. This illustrated that their perception about this issue was not at a very high level. When independent variables were taken into account, among the academic perception levels of teacher candidates, a significant difference was detected in terms of working as a teacher or not and academic achievement variables but it revealed no significant difference in terms of gender and type of education program variables.

Dr. Etem YE??LYURT



Smith-Magenis Syndrome Results in Disruption of CLOCK Gene Transcription and Reveals an Integral Role for RAI1 in the Maintenance of Circadian Rhythmicity  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Haploinsufficiency of RAI1 results in Smith-Magenis syndrome (SMS), a disorder characterized by intellectual disability, multiple congenital anomalies, obesity, neurobehavioral abnormalities, and a disrupted circadian sleep-wake pattern. An inverted melatonin rhythm (i.e., melatonin peaks during the day instead of at night) and associated sleep-phase disturbances in individuals with SMS, as well as a short-period circadian rhythm in mice with a chromosomal deletion of Rai1, support SMS as a c...

Williams, Stephen r; Zies, Deborah; Mullegama, Sureni v; Grotewiel, Michael s; Elsea, Sarah h



Single-centre all-comers registry reveals promising long-term clinical results of the EndeavorTM-Stent  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Background: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the EndeavorTM-Stent-Stent (Medtronic Corp., USA) in daily practice. Material and methods: Data come from a prospective single-centre registry. Between 2005 and 2007 all patients, who received at least one Endeavor? coronary stent, were included into a registry. Patients were contacted after 12 and 24 - 36 months. Results: 326 patients (97 females, mean age 67.5 ± 10.3 years) were included. From these patients 137 (42%...

Klaus Hertting; Agneta Wieneke; Daniel Hausmann; Claudia Zeiler; Christian Pott; Werner Raut




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Full Text Available The aim of this study was to examine qualitatively 109 third year primary teacher candidates’ views on being a good teacher. One open-ended question was posed to teacher candidates to be answered in writing. Although opinions about being a good teacher were categorized into six subtitles: personal characteristics, knowledge of subject and its teaching;, skills, professional growth, appreciation, and commitment to the mission, most of the answers were about different dimensions of personal characteristics.

Behiye UBUZ



Embarking on the Teaching Journey:Pre-service Teachers Reflecting upon Themselves as Future Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This article reports on a research study that examined 25 reflective papers written by pre-service teachers a few  weeks into attending primary teacher education. The overall aim of the study was to gain insight into the students’ thoughts and ways of reflecting as a basis for taking action to improve lecturing, tasks and exercises which promote reflection in the primary teacher education program. The students were asked to write a paper reflecting upon “The teacher I want to become”. Two research questions were posed upon the material: What images of teachers emerge in the texts? How is reflection carried out in constructing these images? The analysis of the reflective papers revealed that the students’ images of themselves might be placed in the main category; “caring teacher”. Furthermore their ways and levels of reflection varied considerably from descriptions and fragmented thoughts to accounts with elements of dialogic reflection.

Kitt Margaret Lyngsnes



The Importance of Teacher's Effectiveness  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Heightened emphases are on teachers and effective teaching particularly linked to the performances of students in K-12 schools. The purpose of this article is to review perspectives of teaching over a period of several decades in the literature and to investigate the perceptions of practicing teachers enrolled in graduate school regarding necessary components of effective teaching. Results indicate that many of the notions indicated in the literature as essential for effective teaching are al...

Elizabeth Block; Fran Crochet; Leslie Jones; Tiffany Papa



"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff:" Understanding Teacher Resilience at the Chalkface (United States)

This study investigates how graduating and early career teachers perceive resilient teachers. Informed by survey data from 200 graduating and early career teachers, the study's results indicate that graduating and early career teachers perceive that resilience for teachers comprises characteristics that are multi-dimensional and overlapping, and…

Mansfield, Caroline F.; Beltman, Susan; Price, Anne; McConney, Andrew



Teacher Test Accountability.  

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Full Text Available Given the high stakes of teacher testing, there is no doubt that every teacher test should meet the industry guidelines set forth in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. Unfortunately, however, there is no public or private business or governmental agency that serves to certify or in any other formal way declare that any teacher test does, in fact, meet the psychometric recommendations stipulated in the Standards. Consequently, there are no legislated penalties for faulty products (tests nor are there opportunities for test takers simply to raise questions about a test and to have their questions taken seriously by an impartial panel. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the psychometric results reported by National Evaluation Systems (NES in their 1999 Massachusetts Educator Certification Test (MECT Technical Report, and more specifically, to identify those technical characteristics of the MECT that are inconsistent with the Standards. A second purpose of this article is to call for the establishment of a standing test auditing organization with investigation and sanctioning power. The significance of the present analysis is twofold: a psychometric results for the MECT are similar in nature to psychometric results presented as evidence of test development flaws in an Alabama class-action lawsuit dealing with teacher certification (an NES-designed testing system; and b there was no impartial enforcement agency to whom complaints about the Alabama tests could be brought, other than the court, nor is there any such agency to whom complaints about the Massachusetts tests can be brought. I begin by reviewing NES's role in Allen v. Alabama State Board of Education, 81-697-N. Next I explain the purpose and interpretation of standard item analysis procedures and statistics. Finally, I present results taken directly from the 1999 MECT Technical Report and compare them to procedures, results, and consequences of procedures followed by NES in Alabama.

Larry H. Ludlow



Development and Autonomy : Conceptualising teachers’ continuing professional development in different national contexts  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This thesis investigates teachers’ perceptions of continuing professional development (CPD) in Germany and Sweden with a questionnaire study comprising a total of 711 mainly lower secondary teachers. Three conceptual terms are elaborated and explained. Teachers act in a CPD marketplace that is constituted by several sources of knowledge which offer opportunities for teachers’ development. How teachers act in the marketplace is a key part of their CPD culture. The study reveals similaritie...



Primary and Secondary Teachers’ Knowledge, Interpretation, and Approaches to Students Errors about Ratio and Proportion Topics  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This study investigated elementary and secondary teachers’ understanding and pedagogical strategies applied to students making errors in finding a missing length in similar rectangles. It was revealed that secondary teachers had better understanding of ratio and proportion in similar rectangles than elementary teachers. While all secondary teachers solved the similar rectangles problems correctly, a large portion of elementary teacher struggled with the problem. In explaining their solution...



Framing the debate over teacher unions  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The power of teacher unions in the U.S. has waned since the 2010 mid-term elections.  The convergence of business conservatism and teacher accountability ideologies has led to an intense targeting of public teacher unions as a problem, both economically and educationally.  Using the target audience framework of Schneider and Ingram (1993, I break down the framing used in the present anti-union movement and explore a local example of anti-union legislation in Pennsylvania.  The analysis reveals a socially constructed dichotomy in which victimized children are pitted against greedy teachers.  To stem this wave of anti-unionism, teacher unions must recognize their position as public contenders and rearticulate their message using child-first rhetoric.

William C. Smith



The 3-D Vrancea Seismogenic Zone Revealed by Joint Inversion of P and S Traveltimes and Gravity Measurements: Synthetic Examples and Preliminary Experimental Results (United States)

The aim is to provide new insights into the post-collisional processes of descending slab in the area of the southeast Carpathians in Romania called Vrancea. Information from previous high-resolution teleseismic or local tomography (Martin and Ritter, 2005, Oncescu, 1984) allow us to build the Vp and Vs starting models, which we use for our investigations. The models cover a volume of 230 x 230 x 230 km3 and contain both shallow small-scale heterogeneities and large-scale structures down to the asthenospheric level. The source-receiver survey geometries of the VRANCEA99 (Hauser et al, 2001) and VRANCEA2001 (Landes et al., 2004) seismic refraction experiments are used for modelling the upper crust of the Carpathian orogen and the stations distribution of the CALIXTO (Carpathian Arc Lithosphere X Tomography, EOS, 1998) experiment is used to reconstruct the main seismic velocity contrasts in the investigated volume. The a priori models of CRUST2.0 (Bassin et al., 2000) and 3SMAC (Nataf et al., 1994) are used for transforming the velocity models in a density model. Pressure dependence is entering through the background density, which is depth-dependent. The inversion scheme is based on the methodology proposed by Tondi et al. (2000), now extended to S waves. The approach, now significantly improved, allows the reconstruction of both velocity and density structures, while reducing travel times and gravity residuals. As in this application we consider also seismological events, our strategy is to first locate P and S wave sources of local earthquakes and then consider these events as those originated from fixed source points. The events are iteratively relocated with the updated velocity models until the discrepancies between two subsequent localizations are sufficiently small. Eventually, the used inversion scheme allows us to recover a density model which is equally compatible with Vp and Vs models. The syntethic tests show how this analysis can be successful in giving insights on the upper limit of the subducting slab of oceanic lithosphere, and how it opens new avenues for research in seismology in those fields where the correct physical relationships between Vp, ?, and Vs are needed. First results on the analysis of the local events with magnitude Ml > 2.0, recorded from May to November 1999, as well as of the datasets acquired during the refraction experiments, and of the measurements taken from the Romanian gravity map (Ioane and Radu, 1995) are also presented.

Tondi, R.; Achauer, U.




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study explores the primary concerns of novice English Language Teaching (ELTteachers, examines if novice teachers deviate from the training they got at their BA level, andseeks for possible explanations of the discrepancy between novice teachers’ background and theirapplication in meeting the demands of a real classroom. Through Likert-scale questionnairesprepared after adapting Johnson’s (1992 belief inventory, quantitative data were collected from13 ELT teachers. Results of the one-way multivariate analyses of variance (MANOVA revealedthat function-based statements determined by Johnson (1992 were preferred significantly morethan skill-based statements. Qualitative data were collected through semi-structured interviews toget meaningful insights about the concerns of novice teachers. Results of the qualitative dataconfirmed the findings of the previous studies, revealed a gap between teachers’ beliefs andpractices, and suggested that primary concerns of novice teachers are establishing a classroomconduct in terms of an appropriate degree of discipline, covering the required material on timeand preparing for the examinations rather students’ well-being and involving them in meaningfullearning activities. Possible reasons for this situation are identified.




Problems Militating Against the Effective Teaching of Gravitational Force: A Study of Secondary School Physics Teachers in Cross River State, Nigeria  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This research work seeks to x-ray the problems militating against the teaching of gravitational force as a concept in secondary schools Physics in Cross River State, Nigeria. 38 Physics teachers were used in 28 secondary schools in the area of study. Three research questions were answered using the Physics Teachers Questionnaire on concept of Gravitational Force (PTQCGF) as the instrument for data collection. Data was analyzed using percentage. The results of the study revealed that Physics T...



An "Evidence-Based" Professional Development Program for Physics Teachers Focusing on Knowledge Integration (United States)

This dissertation is concerned with the design and study of an evidence-based approach to the professional development of high-school physics teachers responding to the need to develop effective continuing professional development programs (CPD) in domains that require genuine changes in teachers' views, knowledge, and practice. The goals of the thesis were to design an evidence-based model for the CPD program, to implement it with teachers, and to study its influence on teachers' knowledge, views, and practice, as well as its impact on students' learning. The program was developed in three consecutive versions: a pilot, first, and second versions. Based on the pilot version (that was not part of this study), we developed the first version of the program in which we studied difficulties in employing the evidence-based and blended-learning approaches. According to our findings, we modified the strategies for enacting these approaches in the second version of the program. The influence of the program on the teachers and students was studied during the enactment of the second version of the program. The model implemented in the second version of the program was characterized by four main design principles: 1. The KI and evidence aspects are acquired simultaneously in an integrated manner. 2. The guidance of the teachers follows the principles of cognitive apprenticeship both in the evidence and the KI aspects. 3. The teachers experience the innovative activities as learners. 4. The program promotes continuity of teachers' learning through a structured "blended learning" approach. The results of our study show that this version of the program achieved its goals; throughout the program the teachers progressed in their knowledge, views, and practice concerning the knowledge integration, and in the evidence and learner-centered aspects. The results also indicated that students improved their knowledge of physics and knowledge integration skills that were developed throughout the program. More specifically, analysis of the teachers' discourse during the second version revealed that the program led to significant changes in teachers' knowledge about their students' knowledge and in teachers' views about the following: 1. the advantages of the KIRs' innovative teaching tool, 2. the "evidence" as a useful resource for evaluating the contribution of the KIRs to students' learning, and more generally, as a powerful tool for investigating students' learning, and for improving practice, and 3. several "learner-centered" pedagogical aspects: the importance and legitimacy of learning from peers, the need to listen carefully to students' ideas and reflections, and the need to investigate students' knowledge using a variety of methods, and to plan the teaching accordingly. Our analysis of the students' worksheets verified the teachers' findings about their students' initial state of knowledge and the improvement of this knowledge as a result of advancing through the KIR phases. When we extended the sample and examined worksheets of additional classes, we found similar findings. We also found that the students were aware of the improvement in their knowledge and attributed this improvement to their working with the KIRs. Two major recommendations emerge from this study: 1. We recommend that KIRs be routinely incorporated into physics teaching. The results show that the KIRs contribute to teachers' practice and to students' learning and support the teachers in becoming more learner-centered in their teaching. 2. We recommend incorporating an evidence-based approach in long-term programs aimed at bringing about a significant change in the teachers' practice. In order to engage the teachers with the evidence endeavor, it is recommended to introduce them an innovative teaching tool that is considered by them important and to evoke their curiosity to find out empirically about the influence of the tool on their students' learning. It is also recommended to engage the teachers in ongoing interactions about their expe

Berger, Hana


Buffering Role of Locus of Control on Stress among the College/University Teachers of Bahawalpur  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The present research is aimed to ascertain the role of locus of control in mediating or coping on various degree/levels of stress among the college/university teachers of Bahawalpur. For that purpose a sample of N=200 male/female college/university teacherswas selected by convenient sampling. Research tools, Locus of control by Julian Rotter (1966 and Stress questionnaire by International Stress Management Association UK, (2009 were administered for data collection. After the collection of data it was analyzedby SPSS. The results shows that the teachers identified with internal locus of control reveal low level of stress as contrast to the teachers with external locus of control. The study also confirms that high internal locus of control determines high coping andmediating ability of stress among the teachers. The study also pointed out that the teachers with external locus of control were more incline or prone to stress. Furthermore, Pearson and Spearman’s Correlation results at significant level of .000 show that bothvariables are highly correlated. Similarly, overall Mean of locus of control and Coefficient of variation reveals the high consistency role in relation with stress.

Aqeel Ahmad Khan (Corresponding author



A Comparative Analysis of Gender Effectiveness in Public and Private Secondary Schools Teachers’ in Oredo Local Government of Edo State Nigeria  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The study was undertaken to compare teacher’s level of effectiveness in public and private secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. Two hypotheses were formulated for the study and the reviewed literature covered all the variables of interest. The study was hinged on the ex-post- facto research design. A special instrument known at the Teachers Gender Performance Evaluation Report Card (TGPERC was developed to generate the needed data. Schools from where the teachers were selected were chosen via convenience sampling techniques. The data collected were analyzed using the t-test statistics for independent sample and all hypotheses tested at 0.05 level of significance. The result of the analysis revealed that the public and private school teachers have different levels of effectiveness in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. Nigeria.

Mercy O. Omobude



Ensinar ciências na perspectiva da sustentabilidade: barreiras e dificuldades reveladas por professores de biologia em formação / Teaching science in the perspective of sustainability: barriers and difficulties revealed by biology teachers in training  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese A presente investigação parte de uma visão global sobre as dificuldades relativas ao ensino de biologia na perspectiva do desenvolvimento sustentável e da formação de professores dessa área para atuarem no ensino básico. Tem como objetivo identificar os temas relacionados ao ambiente e ao desenvolvi [...] mento sustentável que são considerados difíceis de serem ensinados, caracterizando os motivos dessas dificuldades. A pesquisa se desenvolveu numa abordagem qualitativa e quantitativa. De forma geral, identificou-se que os participantes da pesquisa indicam dificuldades em incluir questões sobre desenvolvimento sustentável em suas futuras aulas e que a ausência da abordagem multidisciplinar ou interdisciplinar corresponde a uma razão importante para as dificuldades em ensinar na perspectiva da sustentabilidade, uma vez que isso possibilitaria aos alunos fazer uma análise do ambiente do ponto de vista das dimensões sociais e econômicas, além de poderem avaliar os aspectos éticos a elas relacionados. Abstract in english This research is part of an overview of the difficulties related to biology education in the perspective of sustainable development and teacher training in this area to work in basic education. It aims to identify the issues related to environment and sustainable development which are considered har [...] d to be taught, characterizing the reasons for such difficulties. The research has been developed in a qualitative and quantitative approach. Overall, we found that the survey participants indicate problems to include matters on sustainable development in their future classes and that the absence of a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary approach represents an important reason for the difficulties in teaching from the perspective of sustainability, since this would enable students to analyze the environment from the point of view of social and economic dimensions, in addition to assessing the ethical aspects related to them.

Magnólia Fernandes Florêncio de, Araújo; Maria Arminda, Pedrosa.


Inservicing the Teachers. (United States)

Compares many teacher inservice programs to the artificial insemination of cows--decisions are made without teacher participation, teachers do not get to join in the act, and no one has much fun. Suggests that teachers be allowed to set their own goals and control their own learning. (Author/WD)

Sharma, Toni



Multiple Teachers: Multiple Gains? (United States)

This paper explores the concept of instrumental/vocal learning when studying the same instrument or voice with more than one concurrent teacher. In this context, teachers may be working as a team, or one or both teachers may not know of the other's contribution to a student's learning. Qualitative data from music students and teachers at the…

Haddon, Elizabeth



Guidelines for Cooperating Teachers. (United States)

The importance of student teaching and the impact the cooperating teacher has on the student teacher's experience leads to the formulation of guidelines for the cooperating teacher: (1) outline expectations; (2) provide for early and continued successes; and (3) communicate with the student teacher. (JL)

Cusimano, Barbara



Teacher-student interactions and domain-specific motivation: The relationship between students' perceptions of teacher interpersonal behavior and motivation in middle school science (United States)

This study examined interactions between middle school science students' perceptions of teacher-student interactions and their motivation for learning science. Specifically, in order to better understand factors affecting middle school students' motivation for science, this study investigated the interactions between middle school students' perceptions of teacher interpersonal behavior in their science classroom and their efficacy, task value, mastery orientations, and goal orientation for learning science. This mixed methods study followed a sequential explanatory model (Cresswell & Plano-Clark, 2007). Quantitative and qualitative data were collected in two phases, with quantitative data in the first phase informing the selection of participants for the qualitative phase that followed. The qualitative phase also helped to clarify and explain results from the quantitative phase. Data mixing occurred between Phase One and Phase Two (participant selection) and at the interpretation level (explanatory) after quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed separately. Results from Phase One indicated that students' perceptions of teacher interpersonal behaviors were predictive of their efficacy for learning science, task value for learning science, mastery orientation, and performance orientation. These results were used to create motivation/perception composites, which were used in order to select students for the qualitative interviews. A total of 24 students with high motivation/high perceptions, low motivation/low perceptions, high motivation/low perceptions, and low motivation/high perceptions were selected in order to represent students whose profiles either supported or refuted the quantitative results. Results from Phase Two revealed themes relating to students' construction of their perceptions of teacher interpersonal behavior and dimensions of their efficacy and task value for science. Students who reported high motivation and high perceptions of teacher-student interactions during the quantitative phase described the most instances of teacher cooperative behaviors, such as teacher helpfulness and understanding. Conversely, students reporting low motivation and low perceptions of teacher-student interactions described the most instances of teacher oppositional behavior, such as harsh and impatient behaviors. An in-depth description of categories and subcategories is also provided. This study concludes with an interpretive analysis of quantitative and qualitative results considered both separately and together. Implications for middle grades science education are discussed, including recommendations for behavior management, scaffolding students' transition to middle school, making explicit connections to science careers, and providing opportunities for small successes within the science classroom. Implications for science teacher education, limitations of the study, and future research directions are also discussed.

Smart, Julie Brockman


Primary Pre-Serv?ce Teachers’ Computer Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Att?tudes Toward Educat?onal Technologies  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study aims to investigate primary pre-service teachers’ computer self-efficacy beliefs and attitudes towards educational technologies. The study was performed on 217 primary pre-service teachers in the Faculty of Education in Rize University. Data were collected through the applications of Computer Self-Efficacy Scale (A?kar and Umay, 2001 and Technology Attitude Scale (Yavuz, 2005. Pre-service teachers’ computer self-efficacy beliefs and attitudes towards educational technologies were compared based on the variables such as class level, gender, computer ownership, and computer experiences. Moreover, pre-service teachers’ computer self-efficacy beliefs were predicted from their attitudes toward educational technologies. The study results revealed that male pre-service teachers have higher computer self-efficacy beliefs than their female counter parts and pre-service teachers owning personal computer have higher computer self-efficacy beliefs than those do not have personal computer. The study results also indicated that the pre-service teachers’ computer self-efficacy beliefs can be predicted from their attitudes towards educational technologies.




Organizational Learning: Perceptions of Teachers’ in Turkey  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The aim of this research is to investigate primary school teacher’s organizational learning experiences and their thoughts about these experiences. In order to realize this aim, educational practices, supportive leadership, communication and education technology, information sharing and cooperation dimensions of organizational learning are analyzed in terms of teachers’ perceptions. When we evaluate research findings, teachers’ perceptions about organizational learning differ meaningfully according to the teacher’s age and their tenure of office. It can be asserted that we can develop schools’ organizational learning ability only if we create systems which make easy and support managers’, teachers’, students’, parents’ and other education workers’ learning course. The results of this study showed that teachers’ perceptions about organizational learning differ according to managers’ use of managerial power in change applications, teacher’s liability to the team work and whether technological advancements is followed or not. The findings of the research also sign the importance of collective learning and application in order to realize organizational learning. When we look at the research findings, it can be asserted that motivating individuals in schools to work and learn collaboratively and to follow technological advancements about education can be effective in transforming schools to learning organizations.




Language teachers and teaching  

CERN Document Server

This volume gathers contributions from a range of global experts in teacher education to address the topic of language teacher education. It shows how teacher education involves the agency of teachers, which forms part of their identity, and which they take on when integrating into the teaching community of practice. In addition, the volume explores the teachers' situated practice dynamic negotiation of classroom situations, socialization into the professional teaching culture, and ""on the ground experimentation"" with pedagogical skills/techniques.

Ben Said, Selim



The teacher under stress  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Empirical records consistently point to the fact that the phenomenon of stress is characteristic of service professions, especially of teacher’s. Although stress in teachers is a problem of public interest, it is still a relatively new field of empirical investigations. Data available show that stress in teachers can have negative effects on school as an organization teacher professional achievement, his/her and his/her family psychosocial status. The most frequent symptoms of a prolonged p...

Krnjaji? Stevan B.



Some Student Teachers’ Conceptions of Creativity in Secondary School English  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This article explores a group of trainee teachers’ conceptions of Creativity in Secondary School English. Data was collected by means of questionnaires and interviews. Whilst there are many promising notions of creativity, the results also reveal some evidence of narrow conceptions, inconsistent thinking and some misconceptions.  This suggests that there may be significant implications for teacher trainers in universities and schools if we are to equip our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to teach, support and facilitate creativity in their new careers. Romantic notions of original and innate genius, and a progressive emphasis on boundless, directionless play are two possible sources of misconceived ideas for training teachers of English. Creativity can be supported and developed within pedagogical frameworks and settings. This article, therefore, offers a consideration of  how Sternberg’s 21 suggested strategies for “Developing creativity as a decision” might be adapted and implemented in the Secondary English classroom. Practical teaching methods and competencies are presented which could be developed and incorporated into graduate trainee teacher programmes.

Beth Howell



Impact of Teachers’ Motivational Indices on Science Students’ Academic Performance in Nigerian Senior Secondary Schools  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The impact of science teachers’ motivation on science students’ academic performance in Senior Secondary Schools in Ondo and Ekiti States of Nigeria was investigated in this study. This was a descriptive survey research which was questionnaire based and past WAEC O/L ((May/June 2008 and 2009 student results on the science subjects. The population of the study was all public Secondary Schools (science teachers and students in Ekiti and Ondo States, Nigeria. A stratified random sampling was used to select a total of five hundred and ten (510 science teachers (male and female from Ekiti and Ondo States from the selected schools for the study. And a total six thousand eight hundred (6,800 Science Students (male and female from the selected schools was also considered in the study. In each of the school selected for the study, only teachers of Biology, Chemistry and Physics were involved in the sample and the students that registered and wrote Biology, Chemistry and Physics WAEC examination of May/June 2008 and 2009 in Ekiti and Ondo states of Nigeria. The data collected for the study were analyzed using descriptive analysis, Multiple Regression analysis and Pearson Product Moment Correlation. All the hypotheses were tested at 5 % level of significance. Among others, the study revealed that; there was significant relationship between regular payment of science teachers’ allowance and academic performance of science students; there was significant relationship between regular teachers’ participation in seminars/ workshops and academic performance of science students. Also, there exist statistical significant relationship between granting of study leave with pay to science teachers and academic performance of science students. As a result of the findings, it was recommended that the adequate science allowance should be regularly paid to the science teachers to enhance their excellent performance.

Afolakemi Oredein



Determination and Comparison of Elementary Science, Primary Classroom and Preschool Teacher Candidates’ Environmental Attitude  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Formation and solution of environmental problems, which have economy, politics and education depends on the mentality and attitudes. This study is carried out to determine and determine the behavior and attitude dimensions of teacher candidates from different branches toward environment. The sample of the study consisted of elementary science, primary classroom and preschool education students attending the first and fifth terms of the program . Environmental Attitudes Survey (EAS was administered to the teacher candidates. The responses of the teacher candidates were analyzed using SPSS 16 software and the education programs content of each department were analyzed to reason differences among the departments. It was revealed that science teacher candidates’ means of environmental attitudes are the highest of all. However, when comparing the first and fifth term students’ mean scores, it is interesting that first term preschool teacher candidates and first term primary classroom teacher candidates' EAS mean scores are higher than those of fifth term students. These results point out that it is required to consider important environmental education in higher education.

Serap Oz Aydin



The relationship between the critical thinking skills and the academic language proficiency of prospective teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available We report on the relationships that exist between the critical thinking skills and the academic language proficiency ofa group of first-year prospective teachers at a South African university (n = 89. The results revealed the nature of the critical thinking skills as well as the academic language proficiency of the students. Significant correlations between academic language proficiency and making inferences, as well as between academic language proficiency and critical thinking as a general competency, were noted. The article concludes with recommendations on how to enhance critical thinking and language proficiency in the teacher-training curriculum.

M M (Mary Grosser



An Analysis on Proactive-Reactive Personality Profiles in Student-Teacher Relationship through the Metaphorical Thinking Approach (United States)

This study analyzed the proactive and reactive personality traits in teachers and students. These traits were interpreted with the help of the ideas and images revealed through metaphors. With the help of these metaphors, the certain imaginative categories and statements of student teachers about the teacher, the student and teacher-student…

Yucel, A. Seda; Kocak, Canan; Cula, Serpil



Knowledge mobilized by teachers in the early years of elementary school to create children’s stories with mathematical content  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper aims to identify and analyze the knowledge mobilized by teachers in the early years of elementary school to create children’s stories with mathematical content. The research developed leans towards the participant research, and the locus was a short-duration course offered by the authors in a seminar of mathematicaleducation for teachers in the early years of elementary school. The data collection tools were audio and video recordings, fi eld diary and registers produced by the teachers.Results revealed that the teachers mobilized their knowledge of the content and their pedagogical knowledge in order to solve the different problems proposed and, mainly, to create children’s stories with mathematical content.

Reginaldo Fernando Carneiro



Investigation of Pre-service Teachers’ Attitudes towards Teaching Profession in a Teaching Formation Certification Program(SDÜ Sample  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In this study, pre-service teachers’ attitudes towards teaching profession were examined using different variables. The results reveals that, pre-service teacher candidates are interested in the teaching profession, enjoyed teaching profession, and have a higher level of commitment to teaching profession. Moreover pre-service teachers’ attitudes toward the professional responsibility and the social reputation of the teaching profession were positive according to the data analyzed. There is significant difference were found in terms of the interest of teaching profession, enjoying the profession, Professional commitment in terms of participants’ age and working in a job. However, there is no significant difference found according to the level of education, their graduation area, and the job sector. There is also significant difference was found in the reputation of teaching profession and professional responsibility in terms of the job sector pre-service teachers’ employed.

Hasan Hüseyin ÖZKAN



The need for change in elementary school teacher training: The case of the energy concept as an example (United States)

Preservice elementary school teachers in Israel (n=608) answered questions about energy concepts. Results revealed the following: (1) many hold alternative conceptual frameworks, not accepted scientific concepts; (2) many do not accept the idea of energy conservation or degradation; (3) they confuse energy and force; and (4) they have an ambiguous recognition of different types of energy.

Trumper, Ricardo



Life in the Pressure Cooker--School League Tables and English and Mathematics Teachers' Responses to Accountability in a Results-Driven Era (United States)

This paper is based on case-study research in four English secondary schools. It explores the pressure placed on English and mathematics departments because of their results being reported in annual performance tables. It examines how English and maths departments enact policies of achievement, the additional power and extra resources the pressure…

Perryman, Jane; Ball, Stephen; Maguire, Meg; Braun, Annette



Burnout Levels of Teachers of Students with AD/HD in Turkey: Comparison with Teachers of Non-AD/HD Students (United States)

This study was designed to explore the difference between the burnout level of teachers of students with AD/HD and teachers of non-AD/HD students in Turkey. The Turkish version of the Maslach Burnout Inventory was administered to a total of 78 Turkish elementary school teachers. Overall findings revealed that there were no significant differences…

Ozdemir, Selda



What inspires South African student teachers for their future profession?  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The need for an inspired professional teacher corps to haul South African school education out of its current low level of quality was the driving force behind this project. Its aim was to determine what counted as sources of inspiration for student teachers and hence for future teachers. Based on a conceptual-theoretical study, a questionnaire that could probe student teachers' sources of inspiration was completed by a sample of student teachers (n = 1,683. A factor analysis of their responses revealed the following as their sources of inspiration, from most to least important: (extended family, religion, the teacher education institution, teaching practice, friends, and personal life. A comparison with similar research elsewhere revealed that, in this sample of respondents, considerations, such as education being the only accessible profession or being forced to enter the teaching profession because of economic circumstances, did not figure at all.

Charl Wolhuter



Teacher Talking Time in the EFL Classroom  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This paper reports on a piece of classroom research, aiming to support the hypothesis that most of the talk in my English-as-a-foreign-language elementary and intermediate classrooms was done by the teacher, presumably implying a more teacher-centred approach. In terms of the percentage of teacher talk, the results indicate that the discrepancy between the amount of teacher talk actually done in these classrooms and that which was hypothesized as being in conflict with a learner-centred appro...

Hitotuzi Nilton



Revitalizing Teacher-Made Tests: Quality Control Procedures. (United States)

This paper offers college teachers guidelines for improving their teacher made tests. It notes that teachers may focus on how well students have learned course objectives while being unaware of how the testing process itself contributes to the results obtained. The paper reports the results of a test-taking workshop designed to improve college…

Talbot, Gilles L.


Teachers’ Roles in Promoting Students’ Learner Autonomy in China  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Since 2007, the Ministry of Education of China has been promoting a shift from traditional teaching models to a new teaching model where students’ autonomous learning skills can be enhanced. In particular, college students are encouraged to learn English free from the constraints of time or place. While learner autonomy has been perceived as contributing tremendously to student learning, it is a new concept to many local teachers and students. Many teachers even think that the emphasis on learner autonomy means teachers’ functions are on the decline. This paper reports on an empirical study that investigated the current roles that teachers play in the context of learner autonomy. Through a questionnaire, the study reveals that teachers took on more challenging and multiple roles in the new teaching model. Meanwhile, the structural model for teachers’ roles has been built so as to give implications to college English teachers in China.

Fang Fumin



Using the Project Approach in a Teacher Education Practicum  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper describes the early childhood teacher training program and the role of the Project Approach in the final practicum for student teachers in the Lisbon School of Education, Portugal. Student teachers, cooperating teachers, university supervisors, and instructors of teaching methods worked together to involve young children in interesting projects. This cooperation provided an opportunity for innovation and experimentation and, especially, a context for teacher educators to deepen their understanding of their roles and to improve their teaching strategies. As a consequence, the final practicum became central to the teacher education program. The article concludes with seven lessons learned as a result of this process.

Teresa Vasconcelos



Socialization Through Teacher Talk In An English Bilingual Class  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This paper analyses the language practices of a teacher in an English bilingual class. The children were learning English in Year One of elementary school. The teacher consistently spoke English with the children. The description of the teacher's talk shows how she used English for classroom management, for instructions, for teaching subject content and for personal exchanges. The analysis reveals the significance of ongoing classroom activities for language learning. English was spoken in...



Science Teacher Quality and Effectiveness: Gweru Urban Junior Secondary School Students’ Points of View  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions among junior secondary science students from Gweru Urban secondary schools in Zimbabwe towards science teachers' teaching quality and effectiveness. This qualitative study approached and interviewed Form 2 students from 10 different schools in Gweru urban. The results show that three key dimensions of science teacher quality and effectiveness emerged: teacher's scientific knowledge, teacher’s pedagogical skills and teacher's social co...

Mandina Shadreck; Mambanda Isaac



Teacher`s authority in public school  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The main goal of public schools is to give successful education. This can be achieved only through a successful teaching process. The latter, however, is being conducted only by the teacher who has authority. As for authority, it is achieved through the teacher's hiearchical position as well as through the teacher's perosnality, especially his/her actions. Transfer is an unconscious moment which is crucial to gaining authority.



Newly qualified teachers (NQTs)  

...Newly qualified teachers (NQTs) Institute of Physics NQT,NQTs,physics teacher, guide, help for, newly, qualified, iop This site ... IOP Institute of Physics For physics bull; For physicists bull; For all Home News About us Contact us Calendar MyIOP Search ...Careers Policy Resources You are here Education I am new to teaching physics Newly qualified teachers (NQTs) I am new teaching physics Student teachers Newly qualified teachers (NQTs) Managing the Marking Mountain Top tips for lesson observations Established teachers who are ...


Haunting Native Speakerism? Students’ Perceptions toward Native Speaking English Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper intends to explore how Taiwanese university students perceive their native-speaking English teachers (NESTs. Mutual expectations between the NESTs and students are also investigated. Collected data include questionnaires from 107 students and interviews with three NESTs and 19 students who have filled out the questionnaire. The result shows that students expect more encouragement and interaction with the NESTs, and more relaxed activities with less assignment and test. A third of the students expect NEST with a standard accent, while a quarter do not care about accent at all. The NESTs reveal their dissatisfaction toward the students’ passiveness and irresponsiveness. While students expect their NESTs to be interactive, they themselves seem to give the NESTs an impression of an unwillingness to participate. The discussion centers on this dilemma and offer some suggestions for English teachers.  

kun huei Wu



Does Initial Teacher Education Make a Difference? The Impact of Teacher Preparation on Student Teachers' Attitudes towards Educational Inclusion (United States)

This paper examines the extent to which student teachers' attitudes towards inclusion change over the course of a four-year Bachelor of Education programme in Scotland. Using a mixed methods design, the study employed a quantitative survey, a qualitative interview and survey to obtain data from two cohorts of student teachers. Results indicate…

Sosu, Edward M.; Mtika, Peter; Colucci-Gray, Laura



Correct or Incorrect Language: A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Research on teacher attitudes toward language and cultural differences has revealed that teachers form negative stereotypes of students with non-standard dialects (Münstermann, 1989. They consider dialect differences as deficiency in language learning, or sloppy pronunciation. Teacher’s attitude toward the students is important in that it creates the classroom atmosphere and affects the way language is taught to the students. The immediate goal of the present study is to investigate EFL teachers’ attitude toward dialect differences in Iran. It further investigates the roles that the variables like teachers’ gender, teachers’ years of teaching experience, school location and the students’ ethnic background play in forming the teachers’ attitude toward dialect variations. To this end, forty Iranian EFL teachers were randomly selected from nine different public high schools. To collect data, modified version of Hoover et al. (1996 Questionnaire was administered. The data were analyzed using simple frequency and percentages. The findings revealed that %71 of the teachers were sensitive toward varieties in dialect and considered them as forms of language and only %14 viewed them as language learning deficiency. The study has some implications for language teaching and material development.

Giti Mousapour Negari



The Influence of Personality Traits of High School Teachers on Their Teacher Qualifications  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Th e eff ects of the personality traits on the teacher qualifications of the teachers working of the high schools were analysed in this study. Th is study was a local survey research at 2010-2011 of the summer semester. Th e sample of the study consisted of 428 teachers. Personality test based on adjectives, and perceptions of compedence scale were used as data collection tools. “Path analysis” method was done for data analysis by structural equation modelling procedure. Analysis revealed that the openness for the experience, one of the personality traits, was found to be the most infl uential predictor of the teacher qualifications, also self-development, one of the teacher qualifications, was found to be most infl uenced dimension from the personality traits.




Awareness of Autism in Primary School Teachers (United States)

Objective. To assess the knowledge and perception of primary school teachers regarding autism in private and public schools of Karachi, Pakistan. Methods. A cross-sectional survey was conducted on primary school teachers in different districts of Karachi. A sample size of 170 teachers was selected by purposive sampling. Primary data was collected using self-administered questionnaires. These questions assessed the teacher's knowledge and perception of Autism. Data was entered on SPSS version 20. Frequencies and percentages were taken out for categorical variables. Results. Of the total 170 teachers, 85 were from the Private and 85 from Public sector schools. 55% (n = 94) of the teachers knew about Autism through the media and only 9% (n = 15) had formal training through workshops on Autism. 62% (n = 105) of the teachers were of the opinion that Autism is treatable. Majority of the teachers (57%) said that proper training is required for teaching autistic children. Conclusion. The knowledge related to Autism in our existing sample has mostly come from the media. Although we cannot undermine the role of media, there is a need to give formal training to teachers regarding the differentiating features of Autism, which in turn will aid in early diagnosis of the disease.

Ahmed, Farah



Reflections on ASAP: Comments from Arizona Teachers. (United States)

Offers six Arizona teachers' comments on the new Arizona Student Assessment Program (ASAP). Discusses how the test affects children, whether the testing procedure is easily understood by teachers, how the ASAP differs from a standardized test, how the classroom teaching process has changed as a result of the test, concerns about the test, and…

Asay, Dawn; And Others



Teacher Proficiency and Performance in Louisiana. (United States)

Using a statewide sample of Louisiana's prospective teachers' results on the National Teacher Examinations (NTE) (N=5,642), the investigation probed the relationships between NTE composite scores, Weighted Common Examination Total (WCET) scores, and WCET subscores with selected predictor variables (overall grade point average (GPA); GPA in…

Tarver, Linda K.; Carr, Dan B.


Rating Teachers of Social Studies Instruction (United States)

Teachers are being increasingly held accountable for their quality of student instruction. They need to prepare well for each lesson taught and provide for individual differences among learners. Documentation of teaching success is desired. Tracking results of teacher effectiveness is salient. Thus, there needs to be an effective approach to use…

Ediger, Marlow



Teachers and Self-Esteem for Minorities. (United States)

Describes the results of a survey of 32 teachers of children with hearing impairments that found teachers wanted to know ways to help minority students develop self-esteem. A list of multicultural resources is provided, along with a recommending elementary reading list of multicultural readings. (CR)

Hayes, P. Lynn; Luetke-Stahlman, Barbara



Parent-Teacher Intervention with Inappropriate Behavior (United States)

The data collected in this study provide some evidence that parent and teacher intervention, both at home and at school, can result in a greater reduction in the frequency of an inappropriate behavior than can parent or teacher intervention alone. (Author)

Csapo, Marg



Data Systems To Enhance Teacher Quality. (United States)

This study examined policies to help states develop, recruit, and retain more highly qualified teachers. Researchers conducted interviews to examine the data systems in 14 states. Results indicated that comparable, timely, and accurate data about teacher quality were conspicuously absent from many policy discussions. Although states collected and…

Voorhees, Richard A.; Barnes, Gary T.


Affective Characteristics and Teaching Skills of English Language Teachers: Comparing Perceptions of Elementary, Secondary and High School Students  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The present study aims to investigate the elementary, secondary and high school students’ perceptions on a good language teacher. The participants are 365 Turkish school students who are learning English as a foreign language. The present study has revealed that most of the student groups generally differ in terms of issues related to teaching skills when compared with the issues related to the affective skills. In the present study it has been also found that what students expect from a good English teacher is to have the ability to maintain discipline, motivate students, learn about the learner’ needs and establish good relations with them. The study also reveals striking results with respect to classroom discipline and teacher subject knowledge.

Ebru Melek Koç



ChemTeacher: Electronegativity (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Electronegativity page includes resources for teaching students about electronegativity.



ChemTeacher: Fission (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Fission page includes resources for teaching students about the discovery and applications of fission.



Effects of teacher training  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The article gives a short overview over existing knowledge concerning the effect of teacher training in relation to adult learning. It presents a research design for measuring the effect of teacher traning.

Wahlgren, Bjarne; Larsen, Lea Lund



Protecting Teachers' Privacy Rights. (United States)

Addresses concerns about school personnel records and legal precedents regarding privacy. Recommends inclusion in teacher education of content about teachers' privacy rights. Lists fair information practices for schools regarding the accuracy of and access to personnel records. (SK)

Spencer, Ray C.; Hoffman, Darlene Haffner



The Teacher as Editor. (United States)

Discusses similarities between teachers and editors, such as the fact that both editors and teachers have to approach manuscripts with open and attentive minds and respect the integrity of the text. (DF)

Bozanic, Nick



A comparison between the views of teachers in South Africa and six other countries on involvement in school change  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english Worldwide, and especially in South Africa, change and decentralised decision-making have been topical issues in the provision of education for the past years. It appears that teachers - the key agents in implementing the policies concerned - are largely ignored in the pre-implementation phases, and [...] treated merely as implementers of these policies. The results from an empirical investigation revealed that the teachers in the South African sample expressed an exceptional degree of eagerness to be involved in decision-making and responsibility-taking concerning school change, even in aspects of management that could be considered as the principal's 'turf'. Although the views of a group of teachers in six other countries showed very similar result patterns, the sample of South African teachers was considerably more eager to be involved in initiatives of school change and related responsibilities than the teachers in the samples of the other countries. The results are illuminating, taking into consideration the increased workload of teachers, as well as certain other factors. Possible explanations for these observations are discussed.

Cassie, Swanepoel.


Linguistic Acts Teachers Use in the Classroom: Verbal Stimuli (United States)

Utterances made by teachers to meet various educational aims in the classroom have a certain effect on student learning. The quality of teachers' linguistic acts influences efficiency in all aspects of the methods, techniques and strategies used in the instructional process. This study has been conducted to reveal the verbal behaviors that…

Karaduz, Adnan



Factors Affecting Teachers' Use of Information and Communication Technology (United States)

Research studies in the past decade have shown that computer technology is an effective means for widening educational opportunities, but most teachers neither use technology as an instructional delivery system nor integrate technology into their curriculum. Studies reveal a number of factors influencing teachers' decisions to use ICT in the…

Afshari, Mojgan; Bakar, Kamariah Abu; Luan, Wong Su; Samah, Bahaman Abu; Fooi, Foo Say



Road Map or Roadblock? Science Lesson Planning and Preservice Teachers (United States)

This study examined preservice teachers' understanding of, and processes when, designing instruction. Participants were 47 juniors and seniors enrolled in science methods courses. Qualitative methods and analysis of written reflections and interviews revealed the beliefs and views the preservice teachers had about planning. Findings are as…

Strangis, Diane E.; Pringle, Rose M.; Knopf, Herman T.



Preservice String Teachers' Lesson-Planning Processes: An Exploratory Study (United States)

This yearlong qualitative study is an examination of 10 undergraduate preservice teachers' lesson planning for the classes and/or individual lessons they taught in a university string project. Data analysis revealed that these preservice teachers held differing views of lesson planning from each other and from their supervisor. Five themes…

Schmidt, Margaret



Geography Teachers' Metaphors Concerning the Concept of "Geography" (United States)

The purpose of the present study is to reveal geography teachers' perception on the concept of "Geography", by means of the metaphors they use. The study was participated by 116 geography teachers working in several high-schools in Istanbul City center within the 2012-2013 academic year. Answers to the following questions were…

Sagdic, Mustafa



School Culture: Teachers' Beliefs, Behaviors, and Instructional Practices (United States)

This mixed-methods research project documents the school culture of Hope University's Language Institute and reveals the reciprocal relationship between the school culture and the instructional practices of the English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers in this particular institute. Altogether, 62 EFL teachers agreed to complete a…

Hongboontri, Chantarath; Keawkhong, Natheeporn



Korean Early Childhood Educators' Multi-Dimensional Teacher Self-Efficacy and ECE Center Climate and Depression Severity in Teachers as Contributing Factors (United States)

This study investigated profiles of South Korean early childhood educators' teacher self-efficacy and contributing factors to teacher self-efficacy. The contributing factors were examined with a focus on early childhood education (ECE) center climate and depression severity in teachers as well as teacher and classroom characteristics. The results

Kim, Yeon Ha; Kim, Yang Eun



Examination on Expert Chemistry Teachers’ Secondary School Chemistry Textbook Usage  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The purpose of the study is to determine how chemistry textbooks used by expert chemistry teachers are used during teaching process in secondary education, and to find how prospective chemistry teachers evaluate the situation mentioned. Thus, a project concerned with how expert chemistry teachers use them in their classes was carried out. Based on the research context, an interview that was used to interview with expert chemistry teachers by prospective chemistry teachers was prepared by the author. Next, prospective chemistry teachers were asked to evaluate how expert chemistry teachers used textbooks. The sample group of the study consisted of 21 expert high school chemistry teachers working at schools in Bal?kesir and 21 prospective chemistry teachers studying at Education Faculty of Bal?kesir University during 2007-2008 academic years. The findings of the study revealed that expert chemistry teachers did not use textbooks during their teaching process while they used them as the sources of problems and exercises at the end of units. Furthermore, it was found that University Entrance Exam (OSS had an effect on how to use the textbooks by teachers.




STEM Career Changers' Transformation into Science Teachers (United States)

This study examines the transformation (professional growth) of career-changing women scientists who decided to become teachers. Drawing upon Mezirow's Transformative Learning Theory, we tracked their transformation for 3 years. Our findings revealed multiple identities, disorientation, a perceived sense of meaninglessness, loss and eventual regain in confidence, gain in pedagogical knowledge and skill, and changed perceptions of the social roles of science teachers and scientists. Driven by personal choice or need (financial, intellectual), such transformations were achieved through active pursuit of meaning in one's work, critical assessment of assumptions, planning, and trying on the unfamiliar role of a science teacher. It is argued that such transition entails complex changes in thinking about science teaching and identifying oneself as a science teacher.

Snyder, Catherine; Oliveira, Alandeom W.; Paska, Lawrence M.



Reflective practice and instructional uses of analogies by seondary-school chemistry teachers (United States)

The characteristics of submitted analogies reported used by 15 secondary-school chemistry teachers in classroom instruction during a six-week period were evaluated in light of literature recommendations for effective uses of analogies. Teacher e-mail responses to biweekly, stimulated reflection prompts regarding submitted analogies, in conjunction with exit-interview responses, were also used to investigate teachers' content and pedagogical knowledge. Reported knowledge gains related to instructional uses of analogies resulting from participation in the study were evaluated. Analogy summaries submitted were analyzed for literature-identified characteristics indicative of instructionally effective analogy use. Using grounded theory, e-mail responses and exit interview transcripts were analyzed within a naturalistic framework. Results of these analyses were compared, providing a means for triangulating data and verifying that 15 participants were sufficient for the purposes of the study. Results suggest that analogies employed by participating teachers were largely congruent with major literature-based tenants for effective use, but generally failed to address analogy limitations. However, interview data indicated that participating teachers considered it important to discuss analogical limitations with students. Several data-supported explanations to resolve the discrepancy between expressed importance and actual appearance of analogical limitations in submitted analogy summaries are offered. Further, due to a lack of congruency between analog and target concepts, several submitted analogies had the potential for fostering serious student misconceptions. The study revealed two analogy-use criteria employed by chemistry teachers not found in reported literature: (a) the employed analog should relate to student experience, and, (b) the analogy---if anthropomorphic should be inclusive, not deprecating any segment of society. The prevalence of anthropomorphic analogies submitted by participating teachers---providing evidence of attempts to relate to student experience---raises concerns that student understanding of the nature of science might be adversely impacted by attributing "volition" to physical phenomena. Stimulated reflection as employed in this study permitted non-threatening opportunities to gather information about teacher content and pedagogical knowledge. Evidence suggests that a majority of teachers adopted more thoughtful, analytical perspectives regarding instructional uses of analogies as a result of participating. Teachers also valued exposure to new instructional analogies, allowing them to enlarge their analogy repertoire for classroom use.

Milne, Robert William


Teacher Page - Deutsch Klasse (United States)

On this site you will find the resource needed to teach a German Level I Course. There are links below for lesson plans and a link to the student page. This page is an introductory page for the teacher. Below are four links that will provide teachers with additional resources to use in their classrooms. Teacher Page - Lesson Plans Teacher Page - Resources Student Page - Deutsch Klasse Student WebQuests ...

Barlow, Frau



Teachers’ Perceptions of Sex Education of Primary School Children  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Background and Aim: Sex education of children, a complex issue in any culture, has always been a controversial subject. Schools can play a vital role in imparting sex education to children, particularly in more conservative communities. The objective of this study was to find out primary school teachers beliefs, attitudes, values, and understandings regarding sex education of school pupils. Materials and Methods: In this qualitative study we employed a community-based approach to design the project. Purposeful, voluntary and maximum variation sampling was used to recruit 22 teachers from selected schools in Western Tehran (21 female and 1 male teacher. Information was collected in 4 focus-group discussion sessions. Grounded theory and thematic analysis were used.Results: Findings revealed three major themes: 1 organizational role, 2 institution construction, and 3 individual characteristics. These themes were described by subthemes as follows: 1. for organizational role: organizational culture and policies; 2. for institution construction: family and educational institutions; 3. for individual characteristics: biology, gender, instincts, curiosity, knowledge, and behaviors.Conclusion: From the participants point of views, the school and the family are two important institutions in children sex education. However, teachers are not sufficiently competent in sex behavior education. Inappropriate policies, resource limitations, and the family cultural structure are obstacles in sex education of children in schools. The participants believe the following are priorities in childrens sex education: changing cultural attitudes in organizations and institutions, such as cultural diffusion; sound training approaches in sex-related topics; providing sufficient resources; improving knowledge and skills of teachers in the area of sex education of pupils; and effective interaction between families and school authorities.

H Taghdissi



Awareness of Teachers On The Effectiveness Of Guidance And Counseling Services In Primary Schools In Nigeria  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study investigated the awareness of primary school teachers toward the effectiveness of guidance and counseling services in primary schools in Nigeria. The purpose was to find out the awareness of teachers in primary schools in Nigerian toward the effectiveness of each of the guidance counselling services with a view to understanding their level of knowledge of the services when fully introduced into the primary school system in Nigeria. A research hypothesis was postulated and tested using t-test analysis. Results revealed that there was no significant difference in the awareness of male and female teachers towards the effectiveness of guidance and counseling services in primary schools. The implications ofthe findings were discussed.

Joyce Olufunke Ogunsanmi



A science teacher's reflections and knowledge growth about STS instruction after actual implementation (United States)

The major purpose of this study was to describe a science teacher's views of STS (Science-Technology-Society) instruction and what she acquired after implementing a two-semester STS-oriented science course in a high school of Taiwan. Upon analysis of the teacher's journals, interview data, concept maps, and relevant student questionnaire responses, this study revealed the following findings. The teacher believed that STS instruction was a potential way of practicing so-called constructivist teaching and her pedagogical knowledge about STS showed a considerable growth. As a result of STS instruction, her epistemological views of science seemed to progress toward more constructivist-oriented views of science. The heavy content load of Taiwan's national curriculum, regular cross-class standard tests, the lack of peers' or administrative support, the resource limitations in Chinese language, and the cultural impacts were identified as major factors that inhibited her implementation of STS instruction.

Tsai, Chin-Chung



Undergraduate Physical Education Teacher Preparation: What Practitioners Tell Us (United States)

This article examines what teachers believe is the most important teaching approaches in physical education teacher education. Kindergarten through twelfth grade physical education teachers from Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California were surveyed. Data were examined by way of descriptive statistics. Results suggests that a lifetime…

Collier, Douglas; Hebert, Fred



Impact of Satisfaction and Commitment on Teachers' Organizational Citizenship (United States)

This study examined the impact of job satisfaction and organizational commitment on teachers' organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in a structural equation model. The study was employed to a group of teachers and their supervisors. The results indicated that job satisfaction and commitment to the school had an impact on OCBs of the teachers

Sesen, Harun; Basim, Nejat H.



Developing Teachers' Subject Didactic Competence through Problem Posing (United States)

Problem posing (not only in lesson planning but also directly in teaching whenever needed) is one of the attributes of a teacher's subject didactic competence. In this paper, problem posing in teacher education is understood as an educational and a diagnostic tool. The results of the study were gained in pre-service primary school teacher

Ticha, Marie; Hospesova, Alena



Spiritual Reflectivity among Mormon Teachers and Administrators in Public Schools. (United States)

Results of 7-question, 45-60-minute interviews with 9 Mormon teachers asking them to reflect on the spiritual side of teaching. Teachers were asked, for example, are there spiritual values that you think are important to pass on to your students? Reports and analyzes answers to this and other questions. Draws implications for teachers,…

Mayes, Clifford; Mayes, Pamela Blackwell



Bedouin Special-Education Teachers as Agents of Social Change (United States)

This study probes the career motives of minority special-education teachers in the Bedouin Arab society of southern Israel. The results, obtained via in-depth interviews of teachers, show that the teachers aspire to become agents of social change in three spheres: In the external sphere, they aim for professional autonomy and independence within…

Kass, Efrat; Miller, Erez C.



Lurching toward Professionalism: The Saga of Teacher Unionism. (United States)

Discusses results of teachers' unionism in setting standards for teaching and representing teachers' economic and work conditions interests. Suggests that despite the efforts, teachers are still workers subject to coercion and exploitation. Argues that the profession's boundaries are hard to define and defend, and existing laws do not support the…

Kerchner, Charles Taylor; Caufman, Krista D.



Teachers' Opinions about the Use of Body Language (United States)

Effective communication occurs with non-verbal and verbal tools. In this study the body language as non-verbal communication tool is taken to be examined, and teachers' opinions about the use and importance of body language in education are surveyed. Eight open-ended questions are asked to 100 teachers. As a result, it is shown that teachers

Benzer, Ahmet



The Induction and Needs of Beginning Teacher Educators (United States)

This article presents the results of an exploratory research study into induction practices of novice teacher educators in six different countries. The study was a project carried out by members of the Association of Teacher Educators Europe (ATEE) Research and Development Centre Professional Development of Teacher Educators. Induction is seen as…

van Velzen, Corinne; van der Klink, Marcel; Swennen, Anja; Yaffe, Elka



Teachers' Perceptions, Beliefs and Concerns about Cyberbullying (United States)

Schools and teachers nowadays face new difficulties and challenges as a result of the fast growth of cyberbullying. The aim of the study is to examine the perceptions, beliefs and concerns about cyberbullying, as well as the needs, of a professionally diverse group of teachers. Three-hundred and twenty-eight teachers (88.4% female, 11.6% male)…

Eden, Sigal; Heiman, Tali; Olenik-Shemesh, Dorit



Solving Communication Problems about Homework: Recommendations of Special Education Teachers. (United States)

Special-education teachers (N=673) rank-ordered recommendations for improving communication between teachers and parents concerning homework for students with disabilities. Results support the importance of general educators and parents monitoring homework, provision of opportunities for parents and teachers to communicate, exploration of…

Bursuck, William D.; Harniss, Mark K.; Epstein, Michael H.; Polloway, Edward A.; Jayanthi, Madhavi; Wissinger, Lisa M.



English Teacher Education as Literacy Teacher Education (United States)

This article presents the author's keynote address from the 2011 CEE Summer Conference at Fordham University in which he challenges educators to rethink what they do and how they do it. He talks about English teacher education as literacy teacher education. He tries to sketch a picture of the status quo and its limits, and an alternative picture…

Mayher, John S.



A case study of secondary teachers facilitating a historical problem-based learning instructional unit (United States)

Current curriculum trends promote inquiry-based student-centered strategies as a way to foster critical thinking and learning. Problem-based learning (PBL), a type of inquiry focusing on an issue or "problem," is an instructional approach taught on the basis that science reform efforts increase scientific literacy. PBL is a constructivist approach to learning real life problems where understanding is a function of content, context, experiences, and learner goals; historical PBL situates the lesson in a historical context and provides opportunities for teaching NOS concepts. While much research exists on the benefits of historical PBL to student learning in general, more research is warranted on how teachers implement PBL in the secondary science curriculum. The purpose of this study was to examine the classroom-learning environment of four science teachers implementing a historical PBL instructional unit to identify the teachers' understandings, successes and obstacles. By identifying teachers' possible achievements and barriers with implementing a constructivist philosophy when executing historical PBL, educators and curriculum designers may improve alignment of the learning environment to constructivist principles. A qualitative interpretive case study guided this research study. The four participants of this study were purposefully and conveniently selected from biology teachers with at least three years of teaching experience, degrees in education, State Licensure, and completion of a PBL workshop. Data collection consisted of pre and post questionnaires, structured interviews, a card sort activity in which participants categorized instructional outcomes, and participant observations. Results indicated that the four teachers assimilated reform-based constructivist practices to fit within their preexisting routines and highlighted the importance of incorporating teachers' current systems into reform-based teacher instruction. While participating teachers addressed a few NOS tenets, emphasizing the full range of possible NOS objectives included in historical PBL is warranted. This study also revealed the importance of creating a collaborative classroom culture and building positive student-teacher relationships when implementing PBL instruction. The four teachers agreed that the historical PBL instructional unit provided a context for learning state standards, and they positively viewed their experiences teaching the lesson. Thus findings from this study suggest that teaching science in a historical context using PBL can be effective.

Pecore, John L.


Work Motivation of Teachers: Relationship with Organizational Commitment  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Abstract: In the modern world of competitive higher education the role of motivated teachers is undeniable. This study aims to find the importance of organizational commitment in motivating the teachers. Data was collected from 450 degree college teachers of Bangalore city. Analysis of data and the discussion is included. The results showed a positive relationship between work motivation and organizational commitment of degree college teachers. More commi...

Louis George; Thara Sabapathy



Sources of Bias in Teacher Ratings of Adolescents with ADHD  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Best practice assessment of childhood ADHD includes behavior ratings from multiple sources across multiple environments. However, adolescents in secondary schools interact with several teachers each day, and research has shown that teacher perceptions of the same child can be highly inconsistent. As a result, rating scale data can be equivocal, depending on which teachers are selected. The intent of the present study was two-fold: 1) to assess the consistency between teacher behavior ratin...

Schultz, Brandon K.; Evans, Steven W.



Teacher and student intrinsic motivation in project-based learning  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

In this study we examined the relationship between teacher and student intrinsic motivation in project-based learning. The participants were 126 Hong Kong secondary school teachers and their 631 students who completed evaluation questionnaires after a semester-long project-based learning program. Both teachers and students were asked to indicate their motivation in the program, and students were also asked to report the instructional support they received from their teachers. The results of h...




Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

We used a multiple baseline design across participants to determine if teacher greetings would reduce the latency to task engagement. Three participants were identified by their respective teachers as having difficulty initiating task-appropriate engagement at the beginning of class. Latency was measured from teacher greeting until the participant was actively engaged for 5 consecutive seconds. Results showed that teacher greetings were effective at reducing latency to task engagement for all...



Readiness of primary school teachers to accept disabled children  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The paper presents the results of the research with the basic goal to study the readiness of primary school teachers to accept disabled students. Research participants were 205 teachers from primary schools at the territory of Serbia. The goal was accomplished through: (a) studying attitudes towards joint education of disabled students and their peers; (b) studying teachers' experiences in working with disabled students; and (c) studying teachers' readiness to accept disabled students, depend...

?evi? Rajka



Promoting Transformative Learning of Preservice Teacher through Contemplative Practices  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Preservice teacher is an important role to fulfill quality of education in the future. They have to be initially grown transformative learning for helping students to aware knowing and nature of knowledge. This paper explores an application of contemplative practices, which enhance transformative learning of preservice teachers. Forty four preservice teachers were participated and reflected their transformative learning through contemplative pedagogy. The result can be discussed and provide future suggestion for teacher preparation program.

Prasart Nuangchalerm



Evaluation of Teacher Guide Books Based on Teachers’ Views under Constructivism Learning Theory  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The aim of this study is to reveal science and technology teachers views about requirement and applicability of science and technology guide books. The case study methodology was used in this study. The sample is consist of twenty- two volunteer science and technology teachers who works in Trabzon in 2007–2008 instruction year. The data was collected by using semi-structured interviews. At the end of this study, there are some contradiction between questions which are found at teachers guide books and which are asked at SBS. It was also found out that allocated time for activity and subjects is not enough.

Sibel Er Nas



Preservice Teachers' Emotion-Related Regulation and Cognition: Associations with Teachers' Responses to Children's Emotions in Early Childhood Classrooms (United States)

Research Findings: The present research examines preservice teachers' (N = 24) self-reported emotion-related regulation and cognition as predictors of their observed responses to young children's positive and negative emotional displays. Correlation and regression analyses revealed that teachers reporting greater reappraisal strategies in…

Swartz, Rebecca Anne; McElwain, Nancy L.



Teachers, Professionalism, and Craft. (United States)

Improving teachers' professional status involves identifying salient professional characteristics. The paper compares teaching with other professions. Teachers belong to a group of craft professions different from elite expert professions. Teacher education must produce skilled practitioners with a consciousness of craft to guide their work. (SM)

Pratte, Richard; Rury, John L.



Teacher Educators: Hidden Professionals? (United States)

The pace of change in today's society means that there is an ongoing need for teachers to learn, have new knowledge and use new pedagogical approaches to meet the needs of their pupils. For many teachers, this requires redefining their identity as teachers and what "teaching" means in 21st century learning environments. These…

Livingston, Kay



Coaching Beginning Teachers. (United States)

This study describes the effects of a program designed to train Dutch primary school teachers in skills needed to coach and act as mentors for beginning teachers. The study investigated whether mentors who participated in the training program would implement the target coaching skills and whether the beginning teachers coached by the mentors would…

Veenman, Simon; de Laat, Hanneke; Staring, Corine


Learning a Teachers Work (United States)

Purpose: The purpose of this article is to bridge the theoretical perspectives of workplace learning and teacher learning. Teacher learning takes place, for example, in the course of a teacher's work as well as in the institutional setting of a school. This article describes research conducted on such learning. Design/methodology/approach: The…

Maaranen, Katriina; Kynaslahti, Heikki; Krokfors, Leena



The Teacher Talent Trove (United States)

Teacher leadership represents a powerful approach to assert the true professionalism that educators have long been seeking. Opportunities abound for teachers to contribute to school reform by demonstrating their leadership skills. This article considers strategies to rebuild the portrait of teachers and thereby encourage strong professional…

Quinn, Terrence



Teachers' Understanding of Bullying (United States)

Using semi-structured interviews, we examined teachers' understanding of bullying of children in their classes. Although teachers' definitions of bullying included both direct and indirect behaviours, several factors influenced how they characterized and responded to incidents. These factors included whether the teachers viewed an incident as…

Mishna, Faye; Scarcello, Iolanda; Pepler, Debra; Wiener, Judith



Teacher Education in Scandinavia. (United States)

The trend in Scandinavia is to broaden teacher education and training for academic secondary school teachers in order to overcome excessive specialization. The context of apprenticeship of pre-school, primary teachers is changing toward a more academically oriented program. However, the affective part of the learning/teaching process is becoming…

Wasser, Henry


Teacher Training and Pre-service Primary Teachers' Self-Efficacy for Science Teaching (United States)

This study focuses on the improvement of pre-service teachers' self-efficacy for teaching science by including science courses within the teacher training program. Knowing how efficacy beliefs change over time and what factors influence the development by pre-service primary teachers of positive science teaching efficacy beliefs may be useful for teacher training universities, so that they can adapt their curriculum to accommodate these factors. Participants included 292 pre-service primary teachers, a cross-sectional sample from two different universities in the Netherlands across the four different years of study in the training program. Based upon our results, we conclude that the science teaching self-efficacy of pre-service teachers, in particular, improved during years 1 and 2, and not during years 3 and 4. Higher levels of self-rated subject-matter knowledge and science teaching experience in primary schools both contributed to higher levels of personal self-efficacy for science teaching. Differences at the university level in courses taken during the first year between science content courses and science methods courses also influenced the pre-service teachers' development of science teaching self-efficacy. After their first year, the pre-service teachers from the university with science content courses had significantly higher self-efficacy than pre-service teachers from the university that offered science methods courses. After the second year of teacher training, however, this difference in self-efficacy was no longer present.

Velthuis, Chantal; Fisser, Petra; Pieters, Jules



How Distributed Leadership Can Make a Difference in Teachers' Organizational Commitment? A Qualitative Study (United States)

The present study explores the relation between distributed leadership and teachers' organizational commitment. Semi-structured interviews with teachers and school leaders of secondary schools were conducted. A comparative analysis of four schools with high and four schools with low committed teachers was carried out. Findings revealed differences…

Hulpia, Hester; Devos, Geert



Evaluating Urban Teacher Recruitment Programs: An Application of Private Sector Recruitment Theories (United States)

This teacher recruitment study was conducted in one of the largest school districts in the United States. The participants (N = 152) were newly hired teachers. Findings revealed the participants considered economic (e.g., teacher salary schedule), school (e.g., location), and community (e.g., cultural opportunities) attributes important in their…

Winter, Paul A.; Ronau, Robert N.; Munoz, Marco A.



Child Care Teachers' Beliefs and Practices regarding Socialization of Emotion in Young Children (United States)

This study examines teachers' beliefs and their practices of emotional socialization in three child care centers. Interviews with teachers revealed that teachers shared some, but not all, of their beliefs with regard to their role in children's emotional development and views of their own socialization practices. The findings from classroom…

Ahn, Hey Jun



School teachers' attitude toward population control. (United States)

A report on a study of 412 school teachers in the Bombay area of India. 82 of the teachers were tested initially, and found to have unclear ideas about the meaning of "population control." As a result, the definition of the term adopted by UNESCO in 1970 was incorporated into the questionnaire, and translated into Hindi/Marathi and Gujarti. The 1st 82 teachers were considered as a pretest group, and the remaining teachers were given a 3-part questionnaire. This included identification data, questions on their opinions and reactions toward teaching population education, and their own views on age of marriage and family size. Tables break down the results in several ways. The main conclusions are that a majority of the teachers responding were still unclear about the meaning of population education, and felt that they were unqualified to teach the subject, while they believed in its importance. PMID:12278138

Vaswani, N V; Kapoor, I



Action Study of Teacher’s Language on EFL Classroom Interaction  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

From the perspective of the interactive theories and theories of second language acquisition, this paper explores the influence of the teachers’ language upon the EFL classroom interaction. The action research in this paper is based on a small-scale research, which served as a means to find the problems occurring in the teachers’ language in EFL classroom. We make a class observation 10 English teachers and 102 freshmen of non-English majors from HIT. The research results show tha...

Xuemei Meng; Xuesong Wang



Conflict Management in Student Groups - a Teacher’s Perspective in Higher Education  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Students working in groups is a commonly used method of instruction in higher education, popularized by the introduction of problem based learning. As a result, management of small groups of people has become an important skill for teachers. The objective of our study is to investigate why conflicts arise in student groups at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University and how teachers manage them. We have conducted an exploratory interdepartmental interview study on teachers' views on this...

Markus Borg; Joakim Kembro; Jesper Notander; Catarina Petersson; Lars Ohlsson



Impact of Teachers' Dogmatism and Pessimistic Stereotype on the Effect of EMR-Class Label on Teachers' Judgments in Finland. (United States)

Finnish special-education teachers (n=135) rated five sentences written by an 11-year-old student either labeled or not labeled as being in a special class for educable mentally retarded (EMR) students. Results indicated that the EMR label diminished teachers' ratings and that teacher dogmatism and pessimistic stereotype correlated negatively with…

Moberg, Sakari



Zur Lehrer/innen-Erfahrung von Lehramts-Studierenden (How Student Teachers Experienced Their Own Former Teachers). (United States)

Presents the results of a survey on how student teachers experienced their teachers, with special emphasis on personality features evident in those teachers most liked and disliked, and those most worth cultivating. Finds interconnections between these spheres, and explores differences based on gender and students' target school level. (DSK)

Hagemann, Wilhelm; Rose, Franz-Josef



The Impact of Teacher Self-efficacy on the Students’ Motivation and Achievement  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The study of self-efficacy and its impact on human performance has intrigued a lot of scholars during the last two decades (e.g. Clayson, D. & Sheffet, M. 2006; Nauta, M. 2001; Muijs &Rejnolds, 2001; Bandura, 1997; Podell & Soodak, 1993. The objective of this research was to investigate the influence of teacher self-efficacy (TSE on the students’ motivation and achievement. To this end, eighty senior high school teachers in four different cities in Iran, and one hundred and fifty senior high school students, based on their teachers’ level of self-efficacy, have been selected randomly. For data collection, two instruments were employed: Teacher Self-Efficacy and Students’ Motivation questionnaires. Data were analyzed through Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient and ANOVA. The results of the study revealed that teacher self-efficacy has a positive influence on the students’ motivation and achievement. The results of the study and their pedagogical implications are discussed, and recommendations for further research are provided.

Marzieh Poodineh Tamiz



Classroom Leadership and Creativity: A Study of Social Studies and Islamic Education Teachers in Jordan  

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Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to investigate the leadership practices and creativity traits as perceived by social studies and Islamic education teachers in Jordan. A sample of 289 social studies and Islamic education teachers were selected randomly. Data were collected using quantitative research method. Leadership practices were measured using the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI-Self developed by Kouzes and Posner (2003 with self-developed items on the Islamic component by the researchers, and creativity traits were measured using the Creativity Self-Perception Questionnaire (CSPQ developed by Goertz (1993. The validity and the reliability of two instruments are already developed and assessed. The data have been statistically analyzed (by using the SPSS. Findings of the study revealed that teachers perceived themselves positively in all dimensions studied. They were also found to be creative, as they perceived themselves to possess all the creativity traits. The study also showed that there was a significant correlation between the results of the ten leadership dimensions together and the eight creativity traits of teachers were positively significant. The results showed that there were no significant differences according to the dependent variables (gender, major of specialization, educational experience, and stage of schools on most of the independent variables (eight creativity traits and ten leadership dimensions. The study also offered some recommendations to enhance the status of educational leadership, creativity of social studies and Islamic education teachers.

Samih Al-Karasneh



Teacher Competence in ICT: Implications for Computer Education in Zimbabwean Secondary Schools  

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Full Text Available This study examined the ICT competences of rural and urban day secondary school teachers in Chegutu District, Mashonaland West Region. The study looked into the training and literacy levels of computer usage by the practitioners with a view to find out the areas of strengths and weaknesses in ICT usage. Upon identifying weaknesses, the study aimed at providing recommendations for improvement. One hundred and twenty out of 320 secondary school teachers participated in the study by providing data which was sought through the use of questionnaires and a competence practical test. The instruments required information on ICT training background, competence and literacy level of the educators. Results reveal that the majority of the teachers were computer illiterate because they were not exposed to ICT training or the practical hands on experience. A significant number had no formal ICT qualifications. A few, however, had a diploma in computers while none had a degree. Results from the practical test given indicate that the majority of the respondents were not able to use the basic software in computers for lesson delivery. Further indications are that teachers lack the necessary skills and knowledge of computer. In terms of applicability of the packages teacher weak knowledge levels show that their competence in ICTs for classroom use still lags behind. Challenges to ICT competence were identified as lack of adequate computer hardware, limited knowledge on how to make full use of ICTs in the classrooms and limited understanding on how to integrate ICTs into the teaching processes. To counter the effects of challenges, schools should fundraise in order to purchase computers. Staff development in ICTs should also be undertaken. All stakeholders should take part in mobilising resources for ICT resource centres. Teacher training institutions should offer ICT training to student teachers during their residential courses.

Richard Bukaliya and Augustine Kudakwashe Mubika



Expectations of Preschool Teachers About Their Professional Development  

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Full Text Available development, focusing on their professional and personal expectations. The first part includes a short presentation of modern trends for an ever-increasing preschool teacher professionalism, which also relates to their own (ever-increasing expectations. That is followed by an analysis based on our empirical study which we carried out on a population of 616 Slovenian and Croatian preschool education students and preschool teachers. Those analyses revealed a series of interesting (expected/unexpected similarities and differences in preschool teachers’ expectations about their professional development based on their background (teacher, student, gender (male, female, status (beginners, established, experienced, and country (Slovenia, Croatia.

Lepi?nik Vodopivec Jurka



Prevalence and attitudes of smoking among secondary school teachers in Hadramout coastal districts, Yemen  

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Full Text Available A descriptive KAP study about smoking was conducted in all the ten secondary schools in Hadramout coastal districts during October 2004 – April 2005 and a total of 317 teachers were enrolled in the study (182 male, 135 female teachers. The findings revealed that about 8% of the teachers were smokers; all smokers were males (prevalence 14%. Only 10% of teachers had received training to limit smoking among students, and 27% had educational materials about harmful effects of smoking. The study concluded that low smoking prevalence, good knowledge and attitudes of teachers, especially female teachers, toward smoking may offer a chance for smoking prevention strategies in secondary schools.

Ahmed Ali Bahaj



Beyond the Right Answer: Exploring How Preservice Elementary Teachers Evaluate Student-Generated Algortihms  

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Full Text Available Tasks regularly completed by elementary teachers reveal the mathematical nature of their work. However, preservice teachers demonstrate a lack of depth of mathematical thought. This study investigated the criteria preservice teachers intuitively used to evaluate algorithms. The intent was to use that knowledge as a foundation for modeling mathematical habits of mind for similar tasks. Journal writings and notes from in-class discussions were collected over three semesters of an introductory course for future teachers. Data were analyzed to discover dominant criteria used by preservice teachers to evaluate student algorithms. Four criteria, namely efficiency, generalizability, mathematical validity, and permissibility, were routinely used by preservice teachers.




Professors and Teachers as Collaborators in Classroom Change. (United States)

Presents a conversation involving two teachers and a professor who worked together to design and implement classroom reform. Reveals the participants' thoughts on the benefits of collaboration, and demonstrates how this sort of partnership can enable significant classroom change. (RS)

Hinchey, Patricia H.; And Others




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Full Text Available Professional development for teachers is the range of formal and informal processes and activities that teachers engage in both inside and outside of the school, in order to improve their teaching knowledge and skills. The ultimate goal of teacher professional development is improving student learning outcomes. Research indicates that teachers have control over many factors that influence motivation, achievement and behaviour of their students. Therefore, professional development focusing on effective classroom management will enhance a teacher's skills and performance in the classroom.




High School Biology Teachers' Views on Teaching Evolution: Implications for Science Teacher Educators (United States)

In the US, there may be few scientific concepts that students maintain preconceived ideas about as strongly and passionately as they do with regard to evolution. At the confluence of a multitude of social, religious, political, and scientific factors lies the biology teacher. This phenomenological study provides insight into the salient aspects of teaching evolution as viewed by public high school biology teachers. Transcribed interviews were coded, and data were sorted resulting in key themes regarding teachers' views of evolution education. These themes are presented against the backdrop of extant literature on the teaching and learning of evolution. Suggestions for science teacher educators are presented such that we can modify teacher preparation programs to better prepare science teachers to meet the challenges of teaching evolution.

Hermann, Ronald S.



A New Approach to Inservice Teacher Training: The Innovative Teachers Program and Its Evaluation  

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Full Text Available In this study, information will be provided about the Innovative Teachers Program which is collaboratively implemented by both Microsoft and the Ministry of National Education, and its evaluation. In this paper, how teachers get training and how the program approaching inservice teacher training differently from other inservice teacher training is implemented will be explained. For he program evaluation the questionnaire of which validity and reliability tests have already been conducted was used. Data obtained from 124 teachers were analyzed and with the analysis results the success of the program was determined. Also, at the end of the paper some points identified to have a succesful teacher training program in future were provided.




When students become teachers: training period, research and teaching practice in the formation of indigenous teachers  

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Full Text Available The main traineeship theme in the Indigenous Teachers Training Course at the Federal University of Amazonas is one of the most important challenges in the college training of indigenous teachers. Since indigenous university students are already teachers in their villages, current investigation endeavors to answer the following questions: What kind of activities will characterize this training and which will compose the teachers' formation? How may research and teaching practice be articulated so that efforts and results may contribute towards teacher training and indigenous schools? Current research focuses on the experience of the Mura Class which is in its final year and finishing its traineeship. Traineeship has been a space-time opportunity for reflection and activities on the school and on the teaching practice to highlight teachers' training, qualify their professional insertions and, consequently, the work of the indigenous school.

Carlos Humberto Alves Corrêa



English Language Teachers’ Knowledge and their Self-efficacy  

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Full Text Available The present research aims at exploring the relationship between novice English teachers' knowledge and their self-efficacy. A teacher knowledge test and an efficacy questionnaire were administered to 55 novice English teachers. The data were gathered from male and female novice teachers teaching at language institutes in Tehran with ages between 20 and 25. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between English Teachers Knowledge Test (TKT and their self-efficacy. The results are discussed in the light of previous findings.

Azadeh Zakeri



Retraining Institute in Teacher Education  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

This endeavor was comprised of three companion projects. They are interdependent components which together provide a significant enhancement to the existing programs in the School of Education at Norfolk state University.The primary focus of the project was in instructing regular and special education undergraduate students and teachers. As a result of this endeavor, instruction in science and engineering majors was enhanced.

Byrd, H.B.; Jennings, R.



Primary and Secondary Teachers’ Knowledge, Interpretation, and Approaches to Students Errors about Ratio and Proportion Topics  

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Full Text Available This study investigated elementary and secondary teachers’ understanding and pedagogical strategies applied to students making errors in finding a missing length in similar rectangles. It was revealed that secondary teachers had better understanding of ratio and proportion in similar rectangles than elementary teachers. While all secondary teachers solved the similar rectangles problems correctly, a large portion of elementary teacher struggled with the problem. In explaining their solution strategies, and even though similar strategies appeared both from elementary teachers and secondary teachers, a majority of secondary teachers pointed out the underlying idea of similarity, whereas less than half of the elementary teachers explained their reasoning for using ratios and proportion. This article is derived from the research project registered under number 20110343 (Ruiz, 2011, and developed in Escuela Superior de Cómputo del Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN (School of Computer Sciences of the National Poly-technical Institute of Mexico

Elena Fabiola Ruiz Ledesma



Elementary Teachers’ Views on Mind Mapping  

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Full Text Available The purpose of this study was investigating elementary teachers’ views on mind mapping by using interviews. In this line, the study group of the research was composed of 24 elementary teachers experience periods in their job between two and 21 who were enrolled in a “Teaching Thinking Science Consulting Course”. In the implementation phase of the study, the teachers were primarily instructed about the application of the mind mapping technique. In the interviews open-ended six questions were asked to teachers about mind mapping and the use of this technique in the classroom. Interviews were analyzed using qualitative research methods. Results showed that using mind mappings in instruction helps teachers improve their instruction, planning and evaluating lessons and makes the lecture more entertaining. The technique can be suggested to extend by analyzing its relation with different variables like different lessons and participants.

Özgül Kele?



Role of Teacher in Personal Learning Environments  

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Full Text Available This paper aims to discuss the changing roles and competencies of a teacher in context of prevailing developments accomplished by the vast availability of social software, which have made easy the development of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs. This has been accomplished by an in-depth review of the literature on teacher’s socially situated competencies and roles with regard to the tasks and guidance they provide to students shape their PLEs. Review process provides an insight of PLE research studies, constructivist learning theories, and teacher changing roles. The results of this study outline the roles that portray the importance of teacher competencies as role in Planning and Design, Instruction and Learning, Communication and Interaction, Management and Administration, and Use of Technology

Zaffar Ahmed Shaikh



Socio – cultural background of future science teachers  

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Full Text Available The survey deals with the research of socio-cultural background of future Slovak science teachers. 276 students of teachers´ studies of the Faculty of Natural Science, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technologies of the Comenius University, Bratislava were tested. Questionnaire about demographic characteristics and Family Environmental Scale (authors M. Hargašová and T. Kollárik have been used in the survey. A trend towards preference of teachers studies by children from rural environment, from families with both parents and more siblings, and by religious persons has been observed. They tend to be first-born children, from families where both parents are school leavers of at least of a secondary school, where mothers have reached usually higher degree of education. The results show an inter-generation continuity in the teachers´ profession. The family environment is in the average scale. Up to ¼ of students do not plan to work in the teachers´ profession in the future.

Hrubišková Helena



Teachers’ pastoral role in response to the needs of orphaned learners  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This article discusses a study that explored the way teachers perceive and describe their roles in responding to the needs of orphaned learners. The participants in the study comprised three secondary and two primary school teachers. The data on the teachers’ experiences were collected through semi-structured interviews, and the findings revealed that, although some of the teachers attempted to fulfill some of the orphaned learners’ needs, most were unable to cope with the com...

Ogina, Teresa Auma



Prevalence and attitudes of smoking among secondary school teachers in Hadramout coastal districts, Yemen  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

A descriptive KAP study about smoking was conducted in all the ten secondary schools in Hadramout coastal districts during October 2004 – April 2005 and a total of 317 teachers were enrolled in the study (182 male, 135 female teachers). The findings revealed that about 8% of the teachers were smokers; all smokers were males (prevalence 14%). Only 10% of teachers had received training to limit smoking among students, and 27% had educational materials about harmful effects of smoking. The ...



Content of teachers' stereotypes about adolescents  

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Full Text Available Discourse on 'problematic behavior' of the young in adolescence period is often present in lay, media, professional and scientific public. In this research, we performed empirical testing of the psychological concept of 'storm and stress', which is manifested by stereotypes about adolescents as rebels. The goal was to establish whether teachers hold stereotypes about younger adolescents as a social group and what the content of the stereotype is. Research participants were 193 teachers teaching the seventh grade in ten Belgrade primary schools. Factor analysis method established the presence of several factors, which reflect the psychological content and meaning of teachers' stereotypes about younger adolescents. The results of our research point out: (a that stereotypes of teachers about younger adolescents stand in partial correspondence with the content of a widely distributed concept of 'storm and stress'; (b that this concept is mostly loaded with a negative perception of pupils on the part of teachers and (c that teachers less often perceive pupils through the prism of some positive qualities. That is, teachers think that these positive qualities are not 'typical' qualities of adolescents if they are observed as a group. Interviewed teachers hold stereotypes about younger adolescents, but intensity and valence of stereotypes vary depending on the nature of obtained factors.

?eri? Ivana



Sources of Foreign Language Student Teacher Anxiety: A Qualitative Inquiry  

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Full Text Available This study aimed to find out the sources of foreign language student teacher anxiety experienced by Turkish EFL student teachers throughout the teaching practicum using qualitative data collection tools. 150 student teachers completing their teaching practicum as part of their graduation requirement at Anadolu University Faculty of Education English Language Teaching Program participated in the study. The research tools were diaries kept by student teachers and semi-structured interviews conducted with 30 of the participant student teachers. Constant Comparison Method was used to analyze the qualitative data. The analysis of the data revealed six main categories as the sources of foreign language student teacher anxiety: students and class profiles, classroom management, teaching procedures, being observed, mentors, and miscellaneous. Each source of foreign language student teacher anxiety is described and exemplified with extracts from student teachers’ diaries or interview records. The findings are discussed along the recent literature on foreign language student teacher anxiety. Suggestions for foreign language teacher education programs are also provided.

Ali Merç




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Full Text Available Understanding the mind set of students and teachers seeks much more importance in the present scenario. The present study is intended to find the type of mindset of secondary school students in learning English language on the select areas and also made an attempt to find out the effect of fixed mindset of students on the attitude of students towards English language. Understanding the mind set of secondary school English teachers regarding the performance and attitude of students in learning English language on select areas revealed the result that most of the teachers are having fixed mind set and there is an urgent necessity to change the situation. A sample of 100 secondary school students and 20 secondary school English teachers were selected randomly from the state of Kerala. Majority of students are having fixed mindset in select areas and they believe that it is talent which is worthwhile and their effort won’t do anything in learning English language. A shift in this situation is the need of the hour. For that the teachers should change their mindset and motivate the learners to assure themselves that their intelligence is not static.

Noora Abdul Kader



English as a Foreign Language Instructors’ Induction: Early Practices of Language Teachers Teaching at Tertiary Level  

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Full Text Available This study aimed to investigate the nature of the induction process of English as a foreign language (EFL teachers teaching at tertiary level through individual interviews. In order to gather intended data, fifteen novice instructors teaching at four different public universities in Ankara were interviewed on a basis of two criteria: (a having 1 to 3 years of teaching experience, and (b teaching at higher education level. The data gathered from the interviews were transcribed, coded, and categorized under themes in a qualitative research tradition. Subsequently the findings were interpreted. The findings were organized around research questions and there appeared four main themes: (1 nature of induction process; (2 common concerns of novice teachers; (3 possible adaptation challenges; and (4 practices to overcome difficulties. The results revealed that pre-service education, especially of the graduates of non-Education Faculties, did not adequately respond to the needs of the novice teachers in induction period. Considering this insufficient preparation and unsatisfactory pedagogical formation processes, an effective teacher education program as well as a contributing teacher induction program was claimed to be adopted by higher education institutions.

Mustafa Öztürk



Teachers Teaching Teachers (T3)[TM]. Volume 5, Number 3 (United States)

"Teachers Teaching Teachers" ("T3") focuses on coaches' roles in the professional development of teachers. Each issue also explores the challenges and rewards that teacher leaders encounter. This issue includes: (1) Building Bridges: Data Help Instructional Coach Make Vital Connections with Teachers (Theresa Long); (2) NSDC Tool: Instructional…

Crow, Tracy, Ed.



Contextual Effects on the Self-Perceived Efficacy of High School Teachers. (United States)

Discusses the self-perceived efficacy of high school teachers. Offers survey results suggesting that teachers tend to feel most efficacious when teaching high track students, particularly in the areas of mathematics and science. Explores the relevance of teacher preparation, grade level, teacher influence upon working conditions, and degree of…

Raudenbush, Stephen W.; And Others



The Construction of Theoretical and Practical Knowledge in Initial Teacher Education  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This paper presents results from an interpretive research which has analysed how language student-teachers construct their knowledge about language teaching and learning during preservice teacher education. The study, embedded within the general frameworks of teachers’ thinking and socialization, involved language student teachers from a public university in Brazil. Key words: Initial education, beliefs, language teaching and learning Este trabajo presenta resultados d...

Vieira Abrahão Maria Helena



The Appropriateness of Teacher Self-Disclosure: A Comparative Study of China and the USA (United States)

The present study was designed to examine pre-service teachers' attitudes towards teacher self-disclosure in Chinese and US classroom teaching. The participants of this study included 126 Chinese pre-service teachers and 180 US pre-service teachers. Results showed statistically significant differences between the two groups in their attitudes…

Zhang, Shaoan; Shi, Qingmin; Hao, Shiqi



Pre-Service Teachers' Knowledge and Attitudes regarding School-Based Bullying (United States)

Pre-service teachers responded to two questionnaires regarding school violence, the Teachers' Attitudes about Bullying, and Trainee Teachers' Bullying Attitudes. Results suggest that teachers across all academic divisions view bullying as a serious concern important to their role within the profession. There were considerable differences regarding…

Craig, Katrina; Bell, David; Leschied, Alan



Perspective Consciousness and Cultural Relevancy: Partnership Considerations for the Re-Conceptualization of Music Teacher Preparation (United States)

Strong school-university partnerships yield effective music teachers. However, music teacher preparation curriculum has undergone little reform over the years, resulting in a homogeneous P-12 curriculum. Encouraging preservice music teachers to consider cultural and pedagogical differences holds promise for changing music teacher preparation and…

Burton, Suzanne L.



The effect of self reflections through electronic journals (e-journals) on the self efficacy of pre-service teachers  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english This study aims both to provide information about the self-reflections of pre-service teachers keeping self-reflective e-journals during the practicum period and to determine the relationship between their self-reflection and self-efficacy levels. Both quantitative and qualitative data were analysed [...] in integration to gain deeper insight into the study. To accommodate the quantitative data, the English for foreign language (EFL) Teacher Efficacy Scale was administered to 40 pre-service English language teachers (ELT), both before and after the practicum period, to measure the differences in their self-efficacy levels. The qualitative data were examined to reveal the most frequently recurring problems among the e-journals and how the data overlapped with the statistical analysis. The results revealed that incorporating reflective e-journals into the field-based experience process helped pre-service teachers become active decision-makers, contributors and efficient, confident teachers.

Zekiye Müge, Tavil.


Making science accessible through collaborative science teacher action research on feminist pedagogy (United States)

The underrepresentation of women and minorities in science is an extensively studied yet persistent concern of our society. Major reform movements in science education suggest that better teaching, higher standards, and sensitivity to student differences can overcome long-standing obstacles to participation among women and minorities. In response to these major reform movements, researchers have suggested teachers transform their goals, science content, and instructional practices to make science more attractive and inviting to all students, particularly young women and minorities (Barton, 1998; Brickhouse, 1994; Mayberry & Rees, 1999; Rodriguez, 1999; Roychoudhury, Tippins, & Nichols, 1995). One of the more dominant approaches currently heralded is the use of feminist pedagogy in science education. The purpose of this study was to examine the ways eleven middle and high school science teachers worked collaboratively to engage in systematic, self-critical inquiry of their own practice and join with other science teachers to engage in collaborative conversations in effort to transform their practice for a more equitable science education. Data were gathered via semi-structured interviews, whole group discussions, classroom observations, and review of supporting documents. Data analysis was based on grounded theory (Strauss & Corbin, 1990) and open coding (Miles and Huberman, 1994). This study described the collective processes the science teachers and university researcher employed to facilitate regular collaborative action research meetings over the course of six months. Findings indicated that engaging in collaborative action research allowed teachers to gain new knowledge about feminist science teaching, generate a cluster of pedagogical possibilities for inclusive pedagogy, and enhance their understanding for science teaching. Additional findings indicated dilemmas teachers experienced including resistance to a feminist agenda and concerns for validity in action research. This study revealed that there are no uniform solutions or standard methods to address issues of equity and accessibility in science education. This study recommends teachers be given time, support, and freedom to collaborate with other teacher-researchers, enact decisions for change, and reflect on and make public the results of their work. Additional implications suggest science teacher educators collaborate with practicing science teachers to devise practical applications and feasible resources for a wider audience.

Capobianco, Brenda M.


Teacher Students’ School Memories as a Part of the Development of Their Professional Identity  

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Full Text Available Finnish teacher education is highly esteemed since Finnish pupils’ success in international PISA comparisons and teacher education is very popular among university applicants. Childhood school experiences are part of the development of a teacher’s identity. In this research, the connection between the school memories and the development of teacher students’ professional identity is studied in the light of teacher students’ memories and narratives. The research was a qualitative research where teacher students were interviewed through theme interview with a narrative approach. The research questions set to this study were: (1 How are teacher students’ school memories connected to the development of professional identity? (2 How are their school memories exploited in teacher education? According to the results, little time is devoted to analyzing teacher students’ school memories. Teacher education does not highlight school memories and the significance of teacher students’ former teachers and yet, these issues occupy teacher students mind. Teacher education should offer a place where teacher students could reflect their experiences and understand their developing teacher identity.

Virpi Heikkilä



Prospective Teachers' Performance on the National Teacher Examinations and the American College Test. (United States)

Using a statewide sample of prospective teachers' results on the National Teacher Examinations (NTE), the investigation probed relationships between NTE Composite Scores, Weighted Common Examination Total (WCET) scores, and WCET subscores with selected predictor variables, specifically, American College Testing (ACT) Composite and Area Scores.…

Tarver, Linda K.; Carr, Dan B.


PRF Cross-Cultural Psychological Study of Lithuanian Students, Teachers, and Special Education Teachers (United States)

The Personality Research Form (PRF) was used to study the psychological traits of Lithuanian college of education students, teachers, and special education teachers. A sample of American college students was also used for comparison. Chi-square results indicated no statistical differences among the groups. Interpretations of the lack of…

Illovsky, Michael E.; Gintiliene, Grazina; Bulotaite, Laima; Rickman, Jacqueline; Belekiene, Marijona; Janowitz, Karl



Evidence in Teacher Education: The Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT) (United States)

The Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT) was developed in response to a California State mandate (SB 2042), requiring teacher preparation programs to use performance assessments as one measure in making credentialing decisions. In this article, results are examined from statewide implementation of the PACT assessments during the…

Pecheone, Raymond L.; Chung, Ruth R.



The Student Engagement in Schools Questionnaire (SESQ) and the Teacher Engagement Report Form-New (TERF-N): Examining the Preliminary Evidence (United States)

Student engagement in school is an important construct that has been associated with student success. For the current study, researchers examined the psychometrics of the Student Engagement in Schools Questionnaire (SESQ) and the Teacher Engagement Report Form (TERF-N) of student engagement. The results revealed that both the SESQ and the TERF-N…

Hart, Shelley R.; Stewart, Kaitlyn; Jimerson, Shane R.



Sources of Bias in Teacher Ratings of Adolescents with ADHD  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Best practice assessment of childhood ADHD includes behavior ratings from multiple sources across multiple environments. However, adolescents in secondary schools interact with several teachers each day, and research has shown that teacher perceptions of the same child can be highly inconsistent. As a result, rating scale data can be equivocal, depending on which teachers are selected. The intent of the present study was two-fold: 1 to assess the consistency between teacher behavior ratings of adolescents with ADHD, and 2 to explore predictors of rater leniency or severity (i.e., sources of bias. Results suggest that interrater reliability within our sample was moderate, consistent with previous research. Further, teacher characteristics, including sex and age, were related to biases on ratings of student hyperactivity-impulsivity. Specifically, women and younger teachers provided significantly more severe ratings on average than did men and older teachers. Implications for the interpretation and statistical norming of ADHD rating scales are discussed.

Brandon K. Schultz



Teacher Research Programs = Increased Student Achievement (United States)

Columbia University's Summer Research Program for Science Teachers (SRP), founded in 1990, is one of the largest, best known university professional development programs for science teachers in the U.S. For eight weeks in each of two consecutive summers, teachers participate as a member of a research team, led by a member of Columbia University's research faculty. In addition to the laboratory experience, all teachers meet weekly during the summer for a series of pedagogical activities to assist them in transferring the experience to their classrooms. The primary goal of the program is to provide K-12 science teachers with opportunities to work at the cutting edge of science and engineering, and thus to revitalize their teaching and help them to appreciate the use of inquiry-based methods in their classroom instruction. The secondary goals of the program are to give the pre-college teacher the ability to guide their students toward careers in science and engineering, to develop new teaching strategies, and to foster long-term scholarly collaborations. The last is especially important as it leads to a model of the teacher as active in science yet committed to the pre-college classroom. Since its inception, SRP has focused on an objective assessment of the program's impact on attitudes and instructional practices of participating teachers, on the performance of these teachers in their mentors' laboratories, and most importantly, on the impact of their participation in the program has on student interest and performance in science. Our research resulted in a paper published in the journal Science. SRP also facilitates a multi-site survey-based evaluation of other teacher research programs around the country. The author will present the findings of both studies.

Dubner, J.



Teachers’ reasoning in a repeated sampling context  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The concepts of variability and uncertainty are regarded as cornerstones in statistics. Proportional reasoning plays an important connecting role in reasoning about variability and therefore teachers need to develop students’ statistical reasoning skills about variability, including intuitions for the outcomes of repeated sampling situations. Many teachers however lack the necessary knowledge and skills themselves and need to be exposed to hands-on activities to develop their reasoning skills about variability in a sampling environment. The research reported in this article aimed to determine and develop teachers’ understanding of variability in a repeated sampling context. The research forms part of a larger project that profiled Grade 8–12 teachers’ statistical content and pedagogical content knowledge. As part of this larger research project 14 high school teachers from eight culturally diverse urban schools attended a series of professional development workshops in statistics and completed a number of tasks to determine and develop their understanding of variability in a repeated sampling context. The Candy Bowl Task was used to probe teachers’ notions of variability in such a context. Teachers’ reasoning mainly revealed different types of thinking based on absolute frequencies, relative frequencies and on expectations of proportion and spread. Only one response showed distributional reasoning involving reasoning about centres as well as the variation around the centres. The conclusion was that a greater emphasis on variability and repeated sampling is necessary in statistics education in South African schools. To this end teachers should be supported to develop their own and learners’ statistical reasoning skills in order to help prepare them adequately for citizenship in a knowledge-driven society.

Helena Wessels



Teacher’s training from an interdisciplinary scope  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available We are noticing that the society is involved in a deep social, cultural and economic change, which takes us a constant transformation on initial and permanent teacher’s training in all levels: child, primary, secondary and college education. Teachers have to be improving their objectives, contents and didactic methods permanently for the institutional and social improvement, innovation and development. First of all, we present a synthesis of different presentations that have contributed to the structure and large contents of the Congress. The lectures have dealt with thematic field related to social and cultural changes in the 21st century. Secondly, we have focused on a synthesis of the lectures presented by researchers, teachers and administrative assistants that have enriched us as a result of their contributions. This has allowed us to collect action lines, which in addition, help us to teach how to think, understand, be critical and build a more just, equal and democratic society. Finally, a number of accepted presentations have been taken into consideration in seventeen fields and their percentage of participation.

Antonio García Correa,



Teacher's communication skills  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Teacher's communication skills are one of the most powerful tools in its work. His professional competence, the role of being the expert in teaching specific subject of the field of subjects, must always go hand in hand with his teaching competence, the ability and skills that enable methods and forms of work that are appropriate for students’ abilities. The focus of research is the analysis of communication relations between teacher and students and between teacher and parents. A modern sc...



Beginning Teacher Programs  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This article reports the findings from the conduct of a 50- state survey to determine the status of state requirements and state components of beginning teacher programs instituted from 1983 to 1992. The article discusses the implementation of beginning teacher programs during the 1980s reform movement and describes the methodology used for the study. An analysis of seven state policy issues derived from an interpretation of the information about beginning teacher programs is provided, and fo...




Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The aim of this article is to describe the proposed methodology of identification of the students’ weights or preferences of teacher’s managerial competencies at the Faculty of Economics, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CULS). The goal of this article is not to evaluate the teacher’s scientific ability but describe the evaluation of the teacher’s managerial competencies weights from students’ point of view. For setting of weights there are many different methods that va...



Quality Teacher Educators = Quality Teachers? Conceptualizing Essential Domains of Knowledge for Those Who Teach Teachers (United States)

Becoming a teacher educator involves more than a job title. One becomes a teacher educator as soon as one does teacher education, but one's professional identity as a teacher educator is constructed over time. Developing an identity and practices in teacher education is best understood as a process of becoming. Though the work of teaching…

Goodwin, A. Lin; Kosnik, Clare



Student teachers’ levels of understanding and model of understanding about Newton's laws of motion  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study was conducted to determine the level of student teachers’ understandings of Newton’s laws of motion and relating these levels to identify student teachers’ models of understanding. An achievement test composed of two parts comprising 12 open ended questions was constructed and given to 45 pre-service classroom teachers. The first part of the test included 3 open-ended questions for each law asking students to explain a case, determine the physics law related to the case and write a case suitable for the related law. The second part was composed of three questions about defining Newton’s laws of motion.The data analysis was carried out in two stages. In the first stage, the analysis of understanding level showed that pre-service teachers were relatively successful at explaining a case about Newton’s law of motion. However, their achievement in defining these laws was low. In the second stage, the analysis of the understanding model revealed that students developed different understanding models such as Optimum Model (OM, Uncreative Model (UM, Theoretical Model (TM, Practical Model (PM, Memorizing Model (MM and Inappropriate Model (IM. As a result of the data analysis it was determined that only a few students had a scientific understanding model.The results showed that the student teachers’ have significant weaknesses in understanding the terms of fundamental knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion. This may stem from the lack of student teachers to relate scientific knowledge with real life phenomena and experiences. Another result of this study is that defining the level of understanding and model of understanding students can help educators to prepare and implement teaching activities more effectively to promote students’ thinking, discussing and interpreting skills.




Teachers' orientations towards writing  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study of 29 teachers from four states in the US investigated teachers' orientations towards writing and the influences on their beliefs. Through interviews about writing instruction, the researchers found significant differences between teachers in high and low-income schools. While teachers in high-income schools valued rhetorical style, developing voice, and reading-writing connections, teachers in low-income schools focused on grammar, mechanics and sentence structure. Teachers in high-income schools appear to be exercising more choice in curricular materials and valuing quality of writing beyond grammar and mechanics, whereas teachers in low-income schools are using specific curriculum mandated by the districts. Influences on teachers' orientations included school context, programs and materials, and assessments. The study raises concerns that students in low-income schools are missing out on authentic, challenging, and meaningful writing opportunities since the focus is on skills-based instruction. The findings point to the need for teachers to provide all students with opportunities to develop rhetorical style, voice, and reading-writing connections in addition to grammar, mechanics, and sentence structure.

Sarah J. McCarthey & Dumisile Mkhize



Exploring the Relationship between Special Education Teachers and Professional Learning Communities: Implications of Research for Administrators (United States)

School accountability reports reveal that wide achievement gaps exist among different subgroups of students in PK-12 schools. Research findings reveal that general and special education teachers improve their classroom practices when working in professional learning communities (PLCs). In addition, research shows that special education teachers

Blanton, Linda P.; Perez, Yvette



Later Leaders in Education: Roma Gans--Teacher of Teachers. (United States)

Retired teacher Roma Gans is described in terms of her early life and education, early teaching experience, teaching experience at Teachers College, publishing experience, citizenship, and retirement. (DG)

Almy, Millie




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The study presents a research of self efficacy of teachers of secondary education in the Trnava region in Slovakia. Research was realised in the year 2013 and its main objective was description and comparison of the level of self efficacy of teachers according to gender, length of practice and the type of school they teach at. The results of the research document the high self efficacy of the participating respondents, indicating a relatively high conviction of teachers about their professional competence.

Lívia Fenyvesiová



Primary and secondary school mental health teachers in professional identity of intervention programs  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

To explore the impact of teacher training on the professional identity of primary and secondary school mental health teachers, this study conducted a half-month professional development training program to 54 primary and secondary school mental health teachers, and performed measurement on the professional identity of the teachers in the experimental group and the control group with “Teachers’ Professional Identity Questionnaire”. The result shows that after the training there is a sign...

Hao Lei; Cheng Guo; Yanling Liu



A Case Study of English Teacher Development in Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Abstract: English teacher training is a very important part of teacher development in a university. This article reports a case study of English teacher development in Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology. A training program was given to improve the professional level of the young English Teachers. The result shows the school-based training improved teachers’ professional competence and received a good training effect. Several effective...

Fan, Xuerong



How to Motivate Science Teachers to Use Science Experiments  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available A science experiment is the core tool in science education. This study describes the science teachers' professional competence to implement science experiments in teaching/learning science. The main objective is the motivation of science teachers to use science experiments. The presented research tries to answer questions aimed at the science teachers' skills to use science experiments in teaching/learning science. The research discovered the following facts: science teachers do not include science experiments in teaching/learning in a suitable way; are not able to choose science experiments corresponding to the teaching phase; prefer teachers' demonstration of science experiments; are not able to improvise with the aids; use only a few experiments. The important research result is that an important motivational tool for science teachers is the creation of simple experiments. Examples of motivational simple experiments used into teachers' training for increasing their own creativity and motivation are presented.

Josef Trna



K-5 mentor teachers' journeys toward reform-oriented science within a professional development school context (United States)

Reform-oriented science teaching with a specific focus on evidence and explanation provides a student-centered learning environment which encourages children to question, seek answers to those questions, experience phenomena, share ideas, and develop explanations of science concepts based on evidence. One of the ways schools have risen to meet the challenge of ever-increasing demands for success in science and all other curricular areas has been in the development of professional development schools (PDSs). Dedicated to the simultaneous renewal of schools and teacher education programs, the structure of a PDS plays a significant role in the change process. The purpose of this research study was to investigate the nature of change in mentor teachers' beliefs and pedagogical practices toward science teaching in the elementary school as conveyed through their own "stories of practice". The major research questions that guided the study were: (1) How do mentor teachers describe their science teaching practices and how have they changed as a result of participation in PDS? (a) In what ways do PDS mentor teachers' descriptions of practice reflect contemporary reform ideas and practices in science education? (b) To what extent do their stories emphasize technical aspects of teaching versus epistemological changes in their thinking and knowledge? (c) How is student learning in science reflected in teachers' stories of practice? (2) What is the relationship between the levels and types of involvement in PDS to change in thinking about and practices of teaching science? (3) What is the depth of commitment that mentors convey about changes in science teaching practices? Using case study design, the research explored the ways experienced teachers, working within the context of a PDS community, described changes in the ways they think about and teach science. The connection to the issue of change in teaching practices grew out of interest in understanding the relationship between mentor teachers' engagement in PDS activities and their thinking about classroom practice. The main focus of this research study was on change in science teaching within the context of a professional development school. PDS literature and current literature on the learning and teaching of science in grades K-8 provided a theoretical orientation to guide the research. Additionally, literature on the process of change in schools helped to narrow the focus of the study while using a lens of situated learning provided additional insight. Analysis of the interview data generated seven assertions that captured the nature of the change process of mentor teachers. Science-specific professional development as well as strong support and encouragement within an active community of learners played significant roles in the transformation of mentor teachers from traditional or activity-based science teachers into educators who use reform-oriented methods and a lens of evidence and explanation to guide their science teaching. Mentor teachers acknowledged an increase in student interest and excitement toward science as a result of these changes in science teaching practices. In addition, data revealed that mentor teachers remained committed to their changed practice after several years. By examining the change process of mentor teachers in a PDS environment, findings from this study are discussed based on implications regarding the factors that contribute to and affect change as reform-oriented practices are implemented in science, a curricular area that is often neglected by elementary teachers.

Manno, Jacqueline L.


Teachers’ Awareness and Acquisition of Questioning Strategies: A Case Study  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The importance of teachers’ questioning strategy cannot be underestimated due to its widespread usage and pivotal role in teaching and learning regardless of grades and subjects. This qualitative case study design was employed to investigate middle school mathematics teachers’ awareness of asking two types of questions, probing and guiding. The study further explores teachers’ habits or skills of questioning and their acquisition of this behavior through face-to-face interviews with four middle school mathematics teachers. It was found that teachers were asking questions consciously and purposefully. Also, teachers’ answers revealed that why questions require more higher order thinking than how questions. For the second question, several themes emerged indicating how to acquire more effective questioning skills; student teaching or field experiences, watching and observing their colleagues, and workshops. It was also found that the colleges our participants attended did not provide good education for developing questioning skills. Video clips played important roles in reminding teachers what and why they taught. Importance of letting teachers’ watch their own teaching’s videotape and questioning strategies in teacher trainings was discussed.

Alpaslan SAHIN



Issues of ICT Usage among Malaysian Secondary School English Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study explored on perception, usage and obstacles of using ICT in teaching English Language among secondary school English teachers. The advancement of technology has given a space for teachers to boost teaching and learning of English language in secondary schools. It is believed that integration of ICT could enhance quality of teaching and make learning very effective. This paper first examined on secondary school English teachers' perception about the integration of ICT in teaching English lessons. It is found that the majority of teachers have positive views about the integration of ICT in teaching English. Then, the study revealed about the usage level of ICT among secondary school English teachers. The findings showed that teachers are utilizing ICT equipments only for certain tasks such as finding for information and preparing PowerPoint presentations. They do not have much exposure about the other opportunities provided by ICT. Next, researchers identified the dominancy of obstacles faced by secondary school English teachers in ICT integration with English lessons. Finally, this study provides some implications of the study and recommendations which are useful for researchers to expand their study in this area. In addition, this study too provides information for teachers on the advantages of ICT. Therefore, teachers could make adjustment to their teaching methodology which may lead to effective ICT integrated teaching and learning of the English language.

Arumugam Raman



Personality traits of a music teacher  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In the context of individual musical instrument teaching, pedagogical abilities of a music teacher and the atmosphere he creates, result from his personality traits and can be of crucial importance for the initial and further progress of his students. The paper seeks to: describe the personality of a music instrument teacher, determine the differences in comparison to a group of non-musicians, and determine the position of personal characteristics in the structure of general and professional teacher profile. The sample comprised 60 individuals, teaching various musical instruments in five primary music schools. The research method is explorative and based on the use of the five-factor personality model (NEO PI-R was administered. The findings show that music teachers display a higher level of: openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness. The degree of congruence with the findings of other research is discussed and certain similarities were found, as well as differences stemming from professional and cultural specificities. Differences are proved to exist in relation to gender, musical instrument, working experience, degree of musical education and active public performance. Compared to non-musical population, it is confirmed that teachers of instrument in musical education represent a distinctive group. There are also differences between teachers who are oriented to pedagogic work only and those who, in addition, actively perform in public. Selection of teachers, according to characteristics which may be connected to students’ accomplishment, is a practical implication relevant for the music education.

Bogunovi? Blanka D.



The relationship between wellbeing indicators and teacher psychological stress in Eastern Cape public schools in South Africa  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Orientation: Positive psychological and subjective wellbeing indicators have proven to be protective against certain physical illnesses but have been rarely assessed in teacher stress.Research purpose: The main objective of this study was to assess the relationship between indicators of wellbeing and stress and to further assess the relative importance of these wellbeing indicators in explaining stress variance in a large sample of Eastern Cape primary and high school teachers in South Africa.Motivation for the study: The majority of teacher stress studies focus on the misfit between the individual’s resources and the environmental demands. There is a scarcity of studies reporting on protective factors in teaching and we know little about their possible role as possible protective factors against stress. This is important in developing stress prevention strategies.Research design, approach and method: A cross-sectional survey was used targeting public school teachers in the Eastern Cape. The sample size was 562 randomly selected teachers from both public primary and high schools.Main findings: The results revealed that stress is prevalent amongst teachers. Subjective and psychological wellbeing factors added significantly to the explained stress variance. Also, both negative affect and role problems had significant positive correlations with stress, whilst psychological wellbeing had a strong inverse relationship with stress.Practical/managerial implications: The results implied that interventions focusing on improving psychological wellbeing and reduction of negative affect can contribute to stress prevention.Contribution/value-add: The results contributed towards a better understanding of the relative importance of wellbeing constructs as protective factors against teacher stress.

Malik L.M. Vazi



The relationship between wellbeing indicators and teacher psychological stress in Eastern Cape public schools in South Africa  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english ORIENTATION: Positive psychological and subjective wellbeing indicators have proven to be protective against certain physical illnesses but have been rarely assessed in teacher stress. RESEARCH PURPOSE: The main objective of this study was to assess the relationship between indicators of wellbeing a [...] nd stress and to further assess the relative importance of these wellbeing indicators in explaining stress variance in a large sample of Eastern Cape primary and high school teachers in South Africa. MOTIVATION FOR THE STUDY: The majority of teacher stress studies focus on the misfit between the individual's resources and the environmental demands. There is a scarcity of studies reporting on protective factors in teaching and we know little about their possible role as possible protective factors against stress. This is important in developing stress prevention strategies. RESEARCH DESIGN, APPROACH AND METHOD: A cross-sectional survey was used targeting public school teachers in the Eastern Cape. The sample size was 562 randomly selected teachers from both public primary and high schools. MAIN FINDINGS: The results revealed that stress is prevalent amongst teachers. Subjective and psychological wellbeing factors added significantly to the explained stress variance. Also, both negative affect and role problems had significant positive correlations with stress, whilst psychological wellbeing had a strong inverse relationship with stress. PRACTICAL/MANAGERIAL IMPLICATIONS: The results implied that interventions focusing on improving psychological wellbeing and reduction of negative affect can contribute to stress prevention. CONTRIBUTION/VALUE-ADD: The results contributed towards a better understanding of the relative importance of wellbeing constructs as protective factors against teacher stress.

Vazi, Malik L.M.; Ruiter, Robert A.C.; van den Borne, Bart; Martin, Glynnis; Dumont, Kitty; Reddy, Priscilla S..


Teachers Behaving Badly. (United States)

Incivility by teachers can turn into behavior that injures careers. Workplace "mobbing" or bullying begins when an individual becomes the target of disrespectful and harmful behavior. Recounts experiences of two teachers. Offers suggestions to school leaders to stop this incivility. (MLF)

Waggoner, Chuck



Tell Me, Teacher (United States)

As part of an inservice program, author attempted to explain the dangers of overcontrolling'' parents and teachers to the development of healthy children. Finding scholarly discussion generating little interest, he recalled a troubling experience encountered as a science teacher and told it in the poem and narrative of this article. (Editor/CB)

Cole, Henry P.



Grooming Great Urban Teachers (United States)

Master teachers working in real urban classrooms have shared their exemplary teaching practices in an After-School Pedagogical Laboratory (L-TAPL), a program for elementary students that aims to improve the achievement of urban students and the competence of their teachers. The L-TAPL enrichment program curriculum includes language arts, math,…

Foster, Michele; Lewis, Jeffrey; Onafowora, Laura



Alchemy and the Teacher (United States)

In order for teachers to reflect deeply upon themselves, they need powerful models and images to guide their introspection. In teacher reflectivity, as in the therapeutic processes, psychic energy must ultimately be "contained" by models and modalities that enable one to make sense out of one's inner and outer experiences. This enables those…

Mayes, Clifford



Recommended Readings for Teachers. (United States)

Three professors from the City University of New York colleges recommend 5 books for English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) teachers, including 3 novels, a 23-essay collection for ESL writing teachers on portfolios, and a critical volume on ESL instruction. (LB)

Block, Ellen; And Others



Teachers for Multicultural Education. (United States)

Developing teachers for multicultural education is an essential assignment for teacher education and school administration today so that educators might help their students learn to live in a multicultural society. In an earlier view, public schools were considered the "great equalizers" among America's social institutions. The assumption was that…

Rivlin, Harry N.; Gold, Milton J.


The Flexible Teacher (United States)

In her 35-year teaching career, which has spanned the secondary and the postsecondary levels, the author has studied both effective and ineffective teaching. In this article, she asserts that there is no recipe or formula for being an effective teacher. Instead, good teaching depends on the teachers' ability to respond to the classroom context and…

Christenbury, Leila



Teachers Who Care (United States)

This article is one of a series that grew out of the question: Just what does educational research have to say to science teachers? In the case of the topic dealt with here, however--the effects of caring teachers on student learning--the question might bet

Rowe, Mary B.



Caring Teachers: Adolescents' Perspectives. (United States)

Teachers represent a connection between students and parents. They have an enormous impact on how the philosophy of a school is translated and communicated to these two groups of constituents. Teachers are also intermediaries between the institution and the students, yet because of their sheer numbers in these institutions, they are also part of…

Ferreira, Maria M.


Teachers Take the Lead (United States)

Classroom teachers can serve as instructional leaders to plan, execute, and assess staff development. Such responsibility can lead to successful outcomes, as evidenced by one school's teacher-led technology training. This article illustrates how sharing instructional leadership responsibilities helps develop collegiality among faculty members.

Corder, Gregory W.; Marshall, Ian; Lineweaver, Lori; McIntyre, Peggy



Teachers in Class (United States)

In this article, I argue for a closer read of the daily "class work" of teachers, as posited by Reay, 1998. In developing exploratory class portraits of four teachers who occupy distinctive social positions (two from working-class homes now teaching upper-middle-class children and two from upper-middle-class homes now teaching poor children), I…

Van Galen, Jane



The teacher under stress  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Empirical records consistently point to the fact that the phenomenon of stress is characteristic of service professions, especially of teacher’s. Although stress in teachers is a problem of public interest, it is still a relatively new field of empirical investigations. Data available show that stress in teachers can have negative effects on school as an organization teacher professional achievement, his/her and his/her family psychosocial status. The most frequent symptoms of a prolonged professional stress are anxiety, depression, frustration, unfriendly behavior towards students and colleagues, emotional weariness, and extreme tension. Health and psychological problems cause, most frequently, the reduction of self-esteem job dissatisfaction, job resignation, absenteeism, and wrong decision-making. In an attempt to call professional public attention to negative effects of stress on the outcomes of teacher work, we have analyzed four important aspects of stress teachers experience in their everyday work (a definition and measurement of stress, (b distribution and sources of stress (problem behaviors in students, poor working conditions, lack of time, poor school ethos, (c teacher personality traits (sex, age, work experience, locus of control, job satisfaction, intention to resign absenteeism, (d strategies for overcoming and reducing negative effects of stress (direct action techniques, palliative techniques.

Krnjaji? Stevan B.



A Community of Teachers (United States)

The philosophies behind teachers education programs and the classrooms where their students have their field experiences may be very different, especially in elementary classrooms since passage of NCLB. For students at Berea College, an institution with a unique history and mission, the disconnect can interfere with the prospective teacher's…

Starnes, Bobby Ann; Saderholm, Jon; Webb, Althea



Statistics Teacher Network (United States)

This website provides links to all current and past issues of "The Statistics Teacher Network". This newsletter for K-12 teachers is published three times a year, and presents up to date articles that describe statistical activities that have been successful in the classroom. It also informs educators of statistical workshops, programs, and reviews of books, software, and calculators.



Children as Art Teachers (United States)

A goal of art learning is always independence, for everyone to become their own art teacher. Teaching for artistic independence can never start too early. As art teachers, children acquire confidence in their art, and in coming to school as artists. Children should be considered artists in residence and visiting artists in schools. It makes sense…

Szekely, George



Teacher Dismissal for Cause (United States)

This case presents a discussion of events that led to the dismissal of a teacher for cause. A first year high school principal is confronted with teacher behavior that creates a dangerous situation for students. The decision process to determine the appropriate organizational response involves a number of individuals and systems. The…

Allison, Brad; Schumacher, Gary; Hammonds, Craig



Counseling Skills for Teachers (United States)

By necessity, today's teachers do much more than deliver instruction. In the classroom, on the playground, or even in the parking lot, teachers are often called upon to respond quickly and appropriately to students' social and emotional needs, drawing from instinct more than anything else. In this second edition of "Counseling Skills for…

Kottler, Jeffrey A.; Kottler, Ellen




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The aim of study was to assess the relationship between emotional intelligence and level of aspiration in terms of subject background of B.Ed student teachers. The sample size was 600, among them 300 are boys and 300 are girls. The tool used for this study is 'Emotional Intelligence Scale' developed by Ankool Hyde, Sanjyot Pethe and Upinder Dhar. The result revealed the Positive correlation between EI with level of aspiration. The science student teachers shows positive correlation between EI and level of aspiration. Whereas there is no positive correlation was found between EI and level of aspiration in respect of arts and social science of B.Ed student teachers respectively

Jawed Ahmad




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available 800x600 Abstract- The objective of this study is to examine the prevalence of violence against teachers by students. The study included 175 teachers, five primary and five secondary schools. The age of respondents (teachers ranges from 20 to 65, with average age being 44,33 years. The used  instrument has assessed violence against teachers and has consisted of  data about the characteristics of respondents, frequency and type of violence experienced from students.The results suggest that violence against teachers in primary and secondary schools in Zagreb taken into sample is very much present. Since 74,3% teachers has experienced violence from their students during the year, that kind o