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August 2015 – The International Atomic Energy Agency's International Nuclear Information System (INIS) published an article "INIS Cooperation with the". The INIS database, which is searchable through, contains over 4.8 million bibliographic records and a half million full text reports, and is made available through international cooperation and collaboration between 130 Member States and 24 international organizations.

July 2015 –A presentation entitled "The WorldWideScience Alliance: An International Partnership to Improve Access to Scientific and Technical Information" was made at the 36th Annual Conference for the International Association of University Libraries (IATUL). The full paper will be available in the conference proceedings. - Easy Access to Text, Multimedia, and Data!

January 2015 – Microsoft recently published a case study about's novel use of the Microsoft Translator. Blogs from Microsoft and from Deep Web Technologies further describe's use of the Translator API, along with the benefits that multilingual translations capabilities offer WWS users.

July 2014 – has a new design! Along with new graphics, the software has also been upgraded, providing improved search speed, better multilingual translations, and more relevant results. A new Country cluster option allows users to quickly identify results from a specific country.

January 2014 – New sources recently added to the searchable resource collection include the
Australian National Data Service’s  Research Data Australia data resource and the U.S. Department of Energy’s  SciTech Connect portal.


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