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  1. The growth and saponin production of Platycodon grandiflorum (Jacq. A. DC. (Chinese bellflower hairy roots cultures maintained in shake flasks and mist bioreactor

    Natalia Urbańska


    Full Text Available The growth and saponin accumulation were measured in two lines of transgenic hairy roots of Platycodon grandiflorum, Pl 6 and Pl 17, cultured for 8 weeks in 250-ml shake flasks containing 50 ml of hormone-free woody plant medium supplemented with 40 g/l sucrose and in the Pl 17 line cultured for 12 weeks in a 5-l mist bioreactor containing 1.5 l of the same medium. With both methods, the growth of transgenic hairy roots was assessed as both fresh and dry weight and the biomass growth was correlated with the conductivity and sucrose uptake. The accumulation of saponins was measured and compared with that in roots derived from the field cultivation. The saponin concentrations were significantly higher in the two hairy root lines cultured in shake flasks [6.92 g/100 g d.w. (g% and 5.82 g% in Pl 6 and Pl 17, respectively] and the line cultured in the bioreactor (5.93 g% than in the roots derived from the field cultivation (4.02 g%. The results suggest that cultures of P. grandiflorum hairy roots may be a valuable source for obtaining saponins.

  2. Complex root networks of Chinese characters

    Lee, Po-Han; Chen, Jia-Ling; Wang, Po-Cheng; Chi, Ting-Ting; Xiao, Zhi-Ren; Jhang, Zih-Jian; Yeh, Yeong-Nan; Chen, Yih-Yuh; Hu, Chin-Kun

    There are several sets of Chinese characters still available today, including Oracle Bone Inscriptions (OBI) in Shang Dynasty, Chu characters (CC) used in Chu of Warring State Period, Small Seal Script in dictionary Shuowen Jiezi (SJ) in Eastern Han Dynasty, and Kangxi Dictionary (KD) in Qing Dynasty. Such as Chinese characters were all constructed via combinations of meaningful patterns, called roots. Our studies for the complex networks of all roots indicate that the roots of the characters in OBI, CC, SJ and KD have characteristics of small world networks and scale-free networks.

  3. An antileishmanial chalcone from Chinese licorice roots

    Christensen, S B; Ming, C; Andersen, L;


    A bioassay guided fractionation of an extract of Chinese licorice roots led to the isolation of (E)-1-[2,4-dihydroxy-3-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)phenyl]-3-[4- hydroxy-3-(3-methyl-2-butenyl]phenyl-2-propen-1-one, which in vitro showed potent antileishmanial activity. In addition, the novel chalcone (E)-1......-[2,4-dihydroxy-3-(3-methyl-2- butenyl)phenyl]-3-(2,2-dimethyl-8-hydroxy-2H-benzopyran-6-yl)-2-prope n-1-one was isolated from the roots. The latter compound only showed antileishmanial activity at high concentrations....

  4. Pollination, biogeography and phylogeny of oceanic island bellflowers (Campanulaceae)

    Olesen, Jens Mogens; Alarcón, M.; Ehlers, Bodil;


    the species, and at least C. jacobaea had both insect- and self-pollination. Several morphological traits were interpreted as adaptations to bird and lizard pollination, e.g. all had a robust flower morphology and, in addition, bird-pollinated species were scentless, whereas lizard-pollinated species...... of these species and their relatives were gathered from atpB, matK, rbcL and trnL-F regions, building the most complete phylogeny of Campanulaceae to date. Six of the island bellflower species were bird-pollinated and two (A. vidalii and M. aurea) were lizard-pollinated. Insects also visited some of...

  5. Complete genome sequence of bellflower vein chlorosis virus, a novel putative member of the genus Waikavirus.

    Seo, Jang-Kyun; Kwak, Hae-Ryun; Lee, Ye-ji; Kim, Jaedeok; Kim, Mi-Kyeong; Kim, Chang-Seok; Choi, Hong-Soo


    The complete genome sequence of a new virus isolated from a bellflower (Campanula takesimana) plant was determined. The genome of this virus is composed of monopartite single-stranded RNA of 11,649 nucleotides in length. BLAST searches of protein databases showed that the encoded polyprotein has a maximum amino acid sequence identity of 42% (with 99% coverage) to the polyprotein of the isolate Orissa of rice tungro spherical virus (RTSV; genus Waikavirus). Phylogenetic analysis strongly supports that the identified virus is a member of a new species of the genus Waikavirus. The name bellflower vein chlorosis virus (BVCV) is proposed for this new virus. PMID:26370789

  6. Water status of bare—root seedlings of Chinese fir and Masson pine

    YUFang-yuan; GUOXin-bao; XUXi-zeng


    Water relation parameters of bare-root seedlings of Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata Hook.)and Masson pine (Pinus massoniana Lamb.)were measured and changes of root growth potential as well as field survival rate of both species were studied after the bare-root seedlings were exposed in a sunny field condition.the results showed that masson pine had a lower osmotic potential(-2.07Mpa) at turgor loss point and at full turgor(-1.29Mpa),compared with Chinese fir(-1.80Mpa and -1.08Mpa respectively).The parameter Vp/Vo(63.27%) of Masson pine was higher than that of chinese fir (58.03%).This means that Masson pine has a stronger ability to tolerate desiccation,compared to Chinese fir according to analysis of above water relation parameters.Root growth potential and field survival rate decreased with prolonging duration of exposure.The field survival rate of both species was reduced to less than 40% after the seedling being exposed only two hours.Water potentials of -1.60 Mpa and -1.70 Mpa were suggested to be critical values for Chinese fir and Masson pine respectively in successful reforestation.

  7. In vitro antimycobacterial and antilegionella activity of licochalcone A from Chinese licorice roots

    Friis-Møller, Alice; Chen, Ming; Fuursted, Kurt; Christensen, Søren Brøgger; Kharazmi, Arsalan


    Licochalcone A, extracted and purified from Chinese licorice roots, showed in vitro inhibitory effect on human pathogenic Mycobacteria species and Legionella species. M. tuberculosis, M. bovis and BCG were inhibited by < 20 mg/l licochalcone A, whereas all non- M. tuberculosis complex species were...

  8. The abiotic and biotic drivers of rapid diversification in Andean bellflowers (Campanulaceae).

    Lagomarsino, Laura P; Condamine, Fabien L; Antonelli, Alexandre; Mulch, Andreas; Davis, Charles C


    The tropical Andes of South America, the world's richest biodiversity hotspot, are home to many rapid radiations. While geological, climatic, and ecological processes collectively explain such radiations, their relative contributions are seldom examined within a single clade. We explore the contribution of these factors by applying a series of diversification models that incorporate mountain building, climate change, and trait evolution to the first dated phylogeny of Andean bellflowers (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae). Our framework is novel for its direct incorporation of geological data on Andean uplift into a macroevolutionary model. We show that speciation and extinction are differentially influenced by abiotic factors: speciation rates rose concurrently with Andean elevation, while extinction rates decreased during global cooling. Pollination syndrome and fruit type, both biotic traits known to facilitate mutualisms, played an additional role in driving diversification. These abiotic and biotic factors resulted in one of the fastest radiations reported to date: the centropogonids, whose 550 species arose in the last 5 million yr. Our study represents a significant advance in our understanding of plant evolution in Andean cloud forests. It further highlights the power of combining phylogenetic and Earth science models to explore the interplay of geology, climate, and ecology in generating the world's biodiversity. PMID:26990796

  9. A new model for the dynamic evolution of Chinese lithosphere: 'continental roots-plume tectonics'

    Deng, J. F.; Mo, X. X.; Zhao, H. L.; Wu, Z. X.; Luo, Z. H.; Su, S. G.


    Chinese continental lithosphere comprises three tectonic domains: (1) eastern China, a region characterized by rifting, extensional basins, and voluminous basaltic volcanism; (2) central China, a plexus of cratonic terrains with low-heat flow (40-50 mw/m 2), including the Tarim, Erdos, and Yangtze blocks welded by pre-Cenozoic orogenic belts; and (3) western China, a region comprising the Qinghai-Tibet-Himalaya orogen. The relatively thin crust (˜35 km) and lithosphere (˜70 km) of eastern China is believed to reflect mantle upwelling, while near-normal crust (˜45 km) and thickened lithosphere (>200 km) in central China suggest a mantle lithosphere root resembling those inferred for the Kaapvaal and Siberian cratons. Thickened crust (˜70 km) and lithosphere (>150 km) in western China reflect the advanced development of an orogen root. The lower density and relative buoyancy of central cratonic mantle roots appear to have contributed to the long-term tectonic stability of the central Chinese lithospheric blocks. In contrast, gravitational instability produced by thickening of the denser western Chinese lithosphere and the resulting subsidence and eventual delamination of orogenic roots are believed to have led to postorogenic extensional collapse. Although the geological relationships suggest compressional forces caused both mountain building and orogen root development, extensional stress resulting from gravitational collapse is believed to have induced lithospheric and crustal thinning with concomitant reduction of topography. The term 'continental roots-plume tectonics' has been adopted to describe the configuration and dynamic condition of subcontinental lithosphere and upper mantle beneath China. Accordingly, it is proposed that supracrustal tectonic forms represent the surface expressions of, and responses to, deep 'continental roots-plume tectonics'. While the prevailing view is that the western orogenic belt is not genetically related to eastern

  10. Effect of Allelochemicals of Chinese—fir root extracted by supercritical CO2 extraction on Chinese fir

    LINSi-zu; CAOGuang-qiu; DULing; WANGAi-ping


    Allelochemicals of Chinese-fir root was extracted by technology of supercritical CO2 extraction under orthogonal experiment design, and it was used to analyze allelopathic activity of Chinese-fir through bioassay of seed germination, The results showed that as to the available rate of allelochemicals, the pressure and temperature of extraction were the most im-portant factors, The allelochemicals of Chinese-fir root extracted by pure CO2 and ethanol mixed with CO2 have different al-lelopathic activities to seed germination, and the allelochemicals extracted by ethanol mixed with CO2 had stronger inhibitory effects on seed Qermination than that extracted by pure CO2.

  11. Ion Flux in Roots of Chinese Fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb. Hook under Aluminum Stress.

    Zhihui Ma

    Full Text Available Chinese fir is a tall, fast-growing species that is unique to southern China. In Chinese fir plantations, successive plantings have led to a decline in soil fertility, and aluminum toxicity is thought to be one of the main reasons for this decline. In this study, Non-invasive Micro-test Technology was used to study the effect of aluminum stress on the absorption of 4 different ions in the roots of the Chinese fir clone FS01. The results are as follows: with increased aluminum concentration and longer periods of aluminum stress, the H+ ion flow gradually changed from influx into efflux; there was a large variation in the K+ efflux, which gradually decreased with increasing duration of aluminum stress; and 1 h of aluminum stress uniformly resulted in Ca2+ influx, but it changed from influx to efflux after a longer period of aluminum stress. Changes in the different concentrations of aluminum had the largest influence on Mg2+.

  12. Cone-beam computed tomography study of root and canal morphology of mandibular premolars in a western Chinese population

    Traditional radiography is limited in its ability to give reliable information on the number and morphology of root canals. The application of cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) provides a non-invasive three-dimensional confirmatory diagnosis as a complement to conventional radiography. The aim of this study was to evaluate the root and canal morphology of mandibular premolars in a western Chinese population using CBCT scanning. The sample included 149 CBCT images comprising 178 mandibular first premolars and 178 second premolars. The tooth position, number of roots and canals, and canal configuration according to Vertucci’s classification were recorded. The results showed that 98% of mandibular first premolars had one root and 2% had two roots; 87.1% had one canal, 11.2% had two canals and 0.6% had three canals. The prevalence of C-shaped canals was 1.1%. All mandibular second premolars had one root; 97.2% had one canal and 2.2% had two canals. The prevalence of C-shaped canals was 0.6%. The prevalence of multiple canals in mandibular first premolars was mainly of Type V, and mandibular second premolars had a low rate of canal variation in this western Chinese population. Root canal bifurcation occurred at the middle or apical third in most bicanal mandibular premolars. CBCT scanning can be used in the management of mandibular premolars with complex canal morphology

  13. Effect of application time of radionuclides on their root uptake by Chinese cabbage and radish

    For investigating the effect of radionuclide deposition time on root uptake of 54Mn, 60Co, 85Sr and 137Cs by Chinese cabbage and radish, a mixed solution of the radionuclides was applied to the soil surfaces in culture boxes placed in a greenhouse at 4 different times during plant growth. Soil-to-plant transfer factor (TF) was determined on the basis of radioactivity in unit area of soil. In Chinese cabbage and, roughly speaking, in radish, TF of 85Sr decreased with increasing time between sowing and the radioactivity application. TFs of the other radionuclides were the highest at the third or last application. Concentrations of the radionuclides in soil were examined after harvests. They decreased exponentially with increasing soil depth and most radioactivity remained near the surface. TFs of the radionuclides applied 2 d before sowing were higher than those aged for 1 year by factors of 3-10 depending on radionuclide and plant species. (Copyright (c) 1998 Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam. All rights reserved.)

  14. Chemical constituents of Chinese natural medicine, morindae radix, the dried roots of morinda officinalis how.: structures of morindolide and morofficinaloside.

    Yoshikawa, M; Yamaguchi, S; Nishisaka, H; Yamahara, J; Murakami, N


    A new iridoid lactone, morindolide, and a new iridoid glucoside, morofficinaloside, have been isolated from a Chinese natural medicine, Morindae Radix, the dried root of Morinda officinalis How. together with a number of known compounds: five anthraquinones, four iridoid glucosides, a monoterpene glycoside, two sterols, an ursane-type triterpene, and a lactone compound. The chemical structures of the new compounds were determined on the basis of chemical and physicochemical evidence. PMID:7586069

  15. Why Chinese People Play Western Classical Music: Transcultural Roots of Music Philosophy

    Huang, Hao


    This paper addresses the complex relationship between Confucian values and music education in East Asia, particularly its history in China. How does one account for the present "cultural fever" of Western classical music that has infected more than 100 million Chinese practitioners? It is proposed that Western classical music finds transcultural…

  16. Diversity of indigenous endophytic bacteria associated with the roots of Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L.) cultivars and their antagonism towards pathogens.

    Haque, Md Azizul; Yun, Han Dae; Cho, Kye Man


    The study aimed to reveal the diversity of endophytic bacteria in the roots of Chinese cabbage (CC) cultivated in two areas in Korea, namely, Seosang-gun (SS) and Haenam-gun (HN), and also in a transgenic plant (TP) from the laboratory. A total of 653 colonies were isolated from the interior of CC roots, comprising 118, 302, and 233 isolates from SS, HN, and TP samples, respectively. Based on 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, the isolates belonged to four major phylogenetic groups: high-G+C Gram-positive bacteria (HGC-GPB), low-G+C Gram-positive bacteria (LGC-GPB), Proteobacteria, and Bacteriodetes. The most dominant groups in the roots of the SS, HN, and TP cultivars were LGC-GPB (48.3%), Proteobacteria (50.2%), and HGC-GPB (38.2%), respectively. Importantly, most of the isolates that produced cell-walldegrading enzymes belonged to the genus Bacillus. Bacillus sp. (HNR03, TPR06), Bacillus pumilus (SSR07, HNR11, TPR07), and Bacillus subtilis (TPR03) showed high antagonism against the tested food-borne pathogenic bacteria. In addition, Bacillus sp. (HNR03, TPR06), Bacillus pumilus (SSR07, HNR11, HNR17, TPR11), Microbacterium oxidans (SSR09, TPR04), Bacillus cereus HNR10, Pseudomonas sp. HNR13, and Bacillus subtilis (TPR02, TPR03) showed strong antagonistic activity against the fungi Phythium ultimum, Phytophthora capsici, Fusarium oxysporum, and Rhizoctonia solani. The endophytes isolated from the TP cultivar showed the strongest antagonistic reactions against pathogens. This study is the first report on endophytic bacteria from Chinese cabbage roots. PMID:27095454

  17. 乐学境界:追寻语文教学的根%Happy Learning Realm: Pursuing the Root of Chinese Teaching



    语文教学的根在哪里?如何让学生爱学语文、会学语文、学好语文?文章从孔子教育思想中汲取智慧,回归语文教学的本质与核心,提出了“追求乐学境界”的教学主张,强调教学中以儿童为主体、以学习为核心、以课程为载体、以解决问题为方式、以激励为动力、以快乐为价值,采用循循善诱、因材施教、学思行结合、循序渐进、教学相长等教学方法,引导学生“切问、近思、明辨、践行”,使他们享受学习的快乐、获得审美的满足、体验成长的幸福。%Where is the root of Chinese teaching of primary school? How to make students love Chinese, know how to learn, and learn Chinese well? The author draws wisdom from Confucius" educational ideas, back to the essence and core of Chinese education, and proposes the teaching idea of "pursuing the happy learning realm". We should emphasize to take children as the main body, /earning as the core, curriculum as the carrier, solving the problems as the method, incentive as motivation, happiness as value in teaching, adopt the teaching methods of patient guidance, individualized quality education, combination of study, thinking and action, teaching step by step, "teaching is learning", guide students "asking, recent thinking, discernment, practice" and make them enjoy the learning, satisfied with aesthetic appreciation, and experiencing the happiness of growth.

  18. 从中西神话人物区别看中西文化差异的根源--以希腊神话和中国上古神话为例%On the Root of Chinese-Western Cultural Differences Based on the Differences between Chinese and Western Mythological Figures:A Case Study on Greek Mythology and Chinese Ancient Mythology



    中国古代神话和古希腊神话是中西神话的重要代表。通过比较可以发现,中希神话中的人物在外形和性格方面表现出种种不同。而从这种不同,我们可以看出中西文化所体现的差异,并进一步研究造成这种差异的根源是什么。%Chinese ancient mythology and Greek mythology are respectively the important representative of Chinese and Western mythology. Through comparing them, it can be found that there are a variety of differences in the appearances and characters of mythological figures between Chinese and Greek mythology. From the differences, we can find the differences between Chi-nese and Western culture, and further study the root of the differ-ences.

  19. 枣黄化根蘖苗成因分析%The Cause of Etiolation of Root Suckers of Chinese Jujube

    谢南南; 崔明稳; 彭龙; 赵锦; 刘孟军


    In order to explore the reason of etiolated seedling from root suckers of Chinese jujube, morphological index,chlorophyll content,mineral content and molecular variation of etiolated and normal seedling from root suckers of jujube trees were studied in this paper. The results showed that there was no significant change in morphological index between etiolated seedling and healthy seedling from root suckers,but the chlorophyll content of etiolated seedling was significantly lower than that of healthy ones, the mineral content of N,P,K,Mn,Cu,Zn and Fe were significantly increased,Ca and Mg were no significant change. The AFLP analysis showed that there were no obvious differences on the level of genome between etiolated seedling from root suckers and healthy plants. The results of cDNA-AFLP and RT-PCR showed that the Acyltransfer gene expression was higher in etiolated seedlings compared to healthy ones,expression of Ty3-gypsy was decreased dramatically and the expression of GAGA-binding transcriptional activator was reduced slightly in etiolated ones. So the change of expression of GAGA- binding transcriptional activator and Ty3-gypsy may influence the chlorophyll synthesis,and then resulted in the etiolation. But in that stress case the expression of genes related photorespiration,such as Acyltransfer,were increased. Those results showed that there were regulatory networks among those genes.%为了探究枣黄化根蘖苗的成因,对其黄化根蘖苗、正常根蘖苗和母株之间的形态学指标、叶绿素及矿质元素含量和相关基因表达水平进行了分析。结果表明,与正常植株比,黄化根蘖苗形态学指标没有明显变化,但叶绿素含量及叶绿素a/b比值显著降低,矿质元素N、P、K、Mn、Cu、Zn、Fe含量显著增高,但Ca和Mg差异不显著。同时,AFLP分析表明,黄化根蘖苗与正常植株在基因组水平没出现显著差异;但cDNA-AFLP和RT-PCR分析表明在转录水平上,黄化根蘖苗中酰基

  20. Afrokoko Roots


    Give us a little background information about Afrokoko Roots.How long have you been performing together?It's an international Afrobeat outfit that I founded in Beijing three years ago.I founded it in order to show Chinese people that Africa is beyond what they see and hear on TV.For the purpose of cultural exchange,I hope it can help the Chinese learn about African culture,music,fashion,history and much more.Our band features two dancers,two backup singers,two percussionists,four brass players,a keyboard player,a guitar player and a drummer- and me as the lead vocal,drummer and dancer,which makes for live performances that are equally exciting sonically as they are visually.We have been traveling around,and so far,we have toured and performed in many Chinese cities such as Dalian (Liaoning Province),Hohhot (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) and Haikou (Hainan Province).

  1. Chinese Stratgagem And Chinese Business Negotiating Behaviour: An Introduction to Ji

    Fang, T.


    The paper aims to arrive at an understanding of Chinese business negotiating behaviour from a Chinese stratagem perspective. The Chinese concept li (stratagem) which has its roots in ancient Chinese military thought is introduced to fill the gap in scholarship. The author has proposed a "S-B Model" which interpretes the strategic patterns of Chinese business negotiating behaviour from The Thirty-Six Stratagems, an ancient Chinese stratagem treatise. The paper argues that Chinese stratagems ha...

  2. The "Coop-Comp" Chinese Negotiation Strategy

    T. Fang


    The purpose of this article is to explore the cultural roots of Chinese business negotiation strategy. The article argues that, Chinese culture, with its cooperative and competitive components, has bestowed upon Chinese negotiators a distinctive "coop-comp" negotiation strategy. The Chinese are culturally capable of negotiating both sincerely and deceptively at the international business negotiation table.

  3. 杉木根系细胞壁活化铁磷能力及其影响因子分析%Mobilization of Insoluble Iron Bound Phosphate and Effective Factors by Root Cell Walls of Chinese Fir

    汪攀; 吴鹏飞; 马祥庆; 陈奶莲; 张云鹏


    [Objective]Aims: The insoluble iron bound phosphate in red soil of southern China was used to study the capacity of cell wall of Chinese fir roots in mobilizing insoluble iron bound phosphate and the impact factors,including forest age,root diameter and tissue structure of Chinese fir root cell wall. This study aims at providing a theoretical basis for fully using potentially available phosphorus content in the forest red soil of southern China.[Method]Methods: In Xinkou Forest Station of Sanming in Fujian,we chose 3 average trees from different aged forests,the 10-year-old as the young forest,22-year-old as middle-aged forest and 34-year-old as old forest of Chinese fir plantations,and classified the roots into 6 classes according to the root diameter,less than 2 mm,2-5 mm,5-10 mm,10-20 mm,20-30 mm,and more than 30 mm. The cell wall was extracted from xylem and phloem of different root classes,respectively. The phosphorus content mobilized by cell-wall from insoluble iron bound phosphate was determined by using the molybdenum antimony colorimetric method,to analyze and compare the ability of cell wall of Chinese fir root in mobilization of insoluble iron bound phosphate,and the influence factors,such as root diameter,tissue structures and forest age.[Result]The mobilizing phosphorus content by Chinese fir root cell wall from insoluble iron bound phosphate was from 17 . 67 mg kg-1 to 497 . 50 mg kg-1 . The xylem and phloem cell wall of less than 10 mm diameter roots had greater ability of activating insoluble iron bound phosphate than that of the more than 10 mm diameter roots. Compared with xylem in each forest age, the phloem cell wall of the same diameter root activated more insoluble iron bound phosphate. There was difference in activating ability of insoluble iron bound phosphate among the different forest ages with the same root diameter,and the ability of cell wall in activating insoluble iron bound phosphate was as follows: old forest > middle-aged forest

  4. Cultural Roots and Performance of the Virtual-real View in Chinese Classical Gardens%中国古典园林虚实观的哲学思想与空间表达



    设计与文化如同鱼水关系,相互依存、相互促进。中国古典园林中虚实观的形成有其深刻的文化根源,可以追溯到对中国文化有深刻影响的儒、道、释的哲学思想体系,并在山水、石、建筑、花木四大造园要素中得以空间的表达。%The relationship between design and cultura is like relationship between fish and water, they depend on each other and promote each other. The formation of the virtual-real view in Chinese classical gardens has a deep cultural root, and it can be ascended to Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. The concept has been reflected in water,stone,buildings and plants which are the main elements of the Chinese classical gardens.

  5. Roots Revisited.

    Hughes, Barnabas


    Offers historical information about square roots. Presents three different methods--Hero's method, visual method, and remainder method--which can be used to teach the finding of square roots and one method for determining cube roots. (ASK)

  6. Chop Suey as Imagined Authentic Chinese Food: The Culinary Identity of Chinese Restaurants in the United States

    Haiming Liu


    At least until the 1960s, chop suey was synonymous with Chinese food in the United States, where most Chinese restaurants were called chop suey houses. By uncovering the history of chop suey, this article analyzes the development of Chinese cuisine in the U.S. as an example of transnational cultural exchange. The authenticity and culinary identity of Chinese food in America often rested on its real or imagined Chinese roots while its popularity depended on how well Chinese restaurant...

  7. Chop Suey as Imagined Authentic Chinese Food: The Culinary Identity of Chinese Restaurants in the United States

    Liu, Haiming


    At least until the 1960s, chop suey was synonymous with Chinese food in the United States, where most Chinese restaurants were called chop suey houses. By uncovering the history of chop suey, this article analyzes the development of Chinese cuisine in the U.S. as an example of transnational cultural exchange. The authenticity and culinary identity of Chinese food in America often rested on its real or imagined Chinese roots while its popularity depended on how well Chinese restaurant propriet...

  8. Comparison of two extraction methods for the determination of 135 pesticides in Corydalis Rhizoma, Chuanxiong Rhizoma and Angelicae Sinensis Radix by liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole-mass spectrometry. Application to the roots and rhizomes of Chinese herbal medicines.

    Liu, Jie; Tong, Ling; Li, Dongxiang; Meng, Wenting; Sun, Wanyang; Zhao, Yunli; Yu, Zhiguo


    In this study, two simple pretreatment methods were comprehensively evaluated for the determination of 135 pesticide residues in roots and rhizomes of Chinese herbal medicines (CHMs). The studied methodologies are (a) solid-phase extraction (SPE) and (b) Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe (QuEChERS). For SPE, extraction solvents, SPE cartridges and types and volume of eluent were accessed and optimized. For QuEChERS, different versions, acetic acid concentration and dispersive solid-phase extraction (dSPE) sorbent materials were tested. SPE and QuEChERS were estimated in recovery range, the number of pesticides that were recovered ranging from 90% to 110% and expenses in Corydalis Rhizoma, Chuanxiong Rhizoma and Angelicae Sinensis Radix. QuEChERS method showed better performance than SPE. The method showed good linearity over the range assayed 0.9986-0.9999 (1-80ng/mL for 124 pesticides, 1-50ng/mL for 10 pesticides, 1-20ng/mL for satisfar). The matrix effect was compensated by matrix-based calibration curves with internal standard. The average recoveries of all pesticides were ranging from 70% to 120% at three levels of 10, 50 and 100ng/g with relative standard deviations less than 20%. The limits of quantification of the 135 pesticides in three matrices were 1-5ng/g, which were below the maximum residue levels (MRLs) established by the European Union. The verified QuEChERS method was successfully applied to the analysis of 65 actual samples from eight different types of roots and rhizomes of CHMs. Angelicae Sinensis Radix was the most susceptible to pesticides among these samples, and the most frequently detected pesticide was carbendazim with levels below MRLs. Metalaxyl, phorate, atrazine, diniconazole, coumaphos and paclobutrazol were also detected in some samples. PMID:26990739

  9. Effects of Chinese onion's root exudates on cucumber seedlings growth and rhizosphere soil microorganisms%分蘖洋葱根系分泌物对黄瓜幼苗生长及根际土壤微生物的影响

    杨阳; 刘守伟; 潘凯; 吴凤芝


    以不同化感潜力分蘖洋葱为供体,黄瓜为受体,研究了分蘖洋葱根系分泌物对黄瓜幼苗生长、根际土壤微生物数量及细菌群落结构的影响.结果表明:不同化感潜力分蘖洋葱根系分泌物对黄瓜幼苗生长均具有促进作用,且随着浓度的升高,促进作用增强,相同浓度下,化感潜力强、弱供体之间差异不显著;不同化感潜力分蘖洋葱根系分泌物均增加了黄瓜根际土壤细菌和放线菌数量,降低了真菌和尖镰孢菌数量,化感潜力强的品种(L-06)效果更显著;不同化感潜力分蘖洋葱根系分泌物均能提高黄瓜根际土壤细菌群落丰富度,差异条带的序列片段经比对推测为3大细菌类群:Actinobacteria(放线菌纲)、Proteobacteria(变形菌纲)和Anaerolineaceae(厌氧绳菌纲),其中厌氧绳菌只出现在化感潜力强(L-06)的处理中.化感潜力强(L-06)、浓度高(10 mL·株-1)的分蘖洋葱根系分泌物更有利于黄瓜根际土壤细菌群落丰富度的提高.%Taking the Chinese onion cultivars with different allelopathy potentials as the donor and cucumber as the accepter, this paper studied the effects of Chinese onion' s root exudates on the seedlings growth of cucumber and the culturable microbial number and bacterial community structure in the seedlings rhizosphere soil. The root exudates of the Chinese onion cultivars could promote the growth of cucumber seedlings, and the stimulatory effect increased with the increasing concentration of the root exudates. However, at the same concentrations of root exudates, the stimulatory effect had no significant differences between the Chinese onion cultivars with strong and weak allelopathy potential. The root exudates of the Chinese onion cultivars increased the individual numbers of bacteria and actinomyces but decreased those of fungi and Fusarium in rhizosphere soil, being more significant for the Chinese onion cultivar with high allelopathy potential (L-06

  10. Root fractures

    Andreasen, Jens Ove; Christensen, Søren Steno Ahrensburg; Tsilingaridis, Georgios


    The purpose of this study was to analyze tooth loss after root fractures and to assess the influence of the type of healing and the location of the root fracture. Furthermore, the actual cause of tooth loss was analyzed.......The purpose of this study was to analyze tooth loss after root fractures and to assess the influence of the type of healing and the location of the root fracture. Furthermore, the actual cause of tooth loss was analyzed....

  11. Square Root +

    Frederiksen, John G.


    A rational presentation of the so-called long division method for extracting the square root of a number. Diagrams are used to show relationship of this technique to the binomial theorem. Presentation exposes student to many facets of mathematics in addition to the mechanics of funding square root and cube root. Geometry, algebraic statements,…

  12. Roots & Hollers

    Kollman, Patrick L; Gorman, Thomas A.


    Roots & Hollers, 2011 A documentary by Thomas Gorman & Patrick Kollman Master’s Project Abstract: Roots & Hollers uncovers the wild American ginseng trade, revealing a unique intersection between Asia and rural America. Legendary in Asia for its healing powers, ginseng helps sustain the livelihoods of thousands in Appalachia. A single root can sell for thousands of dollars at auction. Shot on-location in the mountains of Kentucky and West Virginia, this student doc...

  13. 决不能把伪简当作“中华文明的根脉”%The Fake Bamboo Slips should not be Regarded as“the Roots of Chinese Civilization”



    《清华大学藏战国竹简》第1辑中有一篇《耆夜》,使用若干汉代以后才出现的词语,其中有些词语是长期演化生成的,这证明清华简是现代人的伪作。清华简整理者也看出《耆夜》有些词语有作伪的嫌疑,但未实事求是地指出来,反而用掩饰性的注释为之遮掩,把伪简注释成真简。有人把这样一部清华简称为“中华文明的根脉”,岂不荒唐?%The Bamboo Manuscripts Qiye(耆夜)found in Volume 1 of Tsinghua University Warring States Bamboo Manuscripts.In this article there exist some words which used after Han Dynasty,and some words had a very long historical evolution process,from this aspect,it could testify that Tsinghua bamboo Manuscripts was forged by the present-day people.The researcher of Tsinghua bamboo manu-scripts had already suspected the forgery of words in Qiye(耆夜).However,they did not point out their doubts honestly.On the contrary,they applied the masked annotations to distort the truth and made the bamboo manuscripts seemed to be genuine.How ridiculous it is for some people to regard the Tsinghua bamboo Slips as “the roots of Chinese civilization”!

  14. Root resorption

    Kjaer, Inger


    Introduction: This paper summarizes the different conditions, which have a well-known influence on the resorption of tooth roots, exemplified by trauma and orthodontic treatment. The concept of the paper is to summarize and explain symptoms and signs of importance for avoiding resorption during...... orthodontic treatment. The Hypothesis: The hypothesis in this paper is that three different tissue layers covering the root in the so-called periroot sheet can explain signs and symptoms of importance for avoiding root resorption during orthodontic treatment. These different tissue layers are; outermost......-an ectodermal tissue layer (Malassez′s epithelium), a middle layer-composed by the collagen-mesodermal tissue layer, and an innermost root-close innervation layer. Abnormalities in one of these tissue layers are thought to cause inflammatory processes in the periodontal membrane comparable to inflammatory...

  15. Preservation of home of Malaysian Chinese

    Tam, Yee-mei, Agnes; 譚懿媚


    The study of diaspora dictates a yearning to return home which finds its Chinese equivalent in the notion of louye-guigen ( 落葉歸根) - returning to the roots. However, reality is that diaspora comes to an end after settlement for two to three generations. We do see the prevailing trend of luodi-shenggen (落地生根) – the planting of permanent roots in the soils of different countries of Chinese overseas. In some Chinese communities, luodi-shenggen turns out to be a total assimilation while others dev...

  16. Automated Root Tracking with "Root System Analyzer"

    Schnepf, Andrea; Jin, Meina; Ockert, Charlotte; Bol, Roland; Leitner, Daniel


    Crucial factors for plant development are water and nutrient availability in soils. Thus, root architecture is a main aspect of plant productivity and needs to be accurately considered when describing root processes. Images of root architecture contain a huge amount of information, and image analysis helps to recover parameters describing certain root architectural and morphological traits. The majority of imaging systems for root systems are designed for two-dimensional images, such as RootReader2, GiA Roots, SmartRoot, EZ-Rhizo, and Growscreen, but most of them are semi-automated and involve mouse-clicks in each root by the user. "Root System Analyzer" is a new, fully automated approach for recovering root architectural parameters from two-dimensional images of root systems. Individual roots can still be corrected manually in a user interface if required. The algorithm starts with a sequence of segmented two-dimensional images showing the dynamic development of a root system. For each image, morphological operators are used for skeletonization. Based on this, a graph representation of the root system is created. A dynamic root architecture model helps to determine which edges of the graph belong to an individual root. The algorithm elongates each root at the root tip and simulates growth confined within the already existing graph representation. The increment of root elongation is calculated assuming constant growth. For each root, the algorithm finds all possible paths and elongates the root in the direction of the optimal path. In this way, each edge of the graph is assigned to one or more coherent roots. Image sequences of root systems are handled in such a way that the previous image is used as a starting point for the current image. The algorithm is implemented in a set of Matlab m-files. Output of Root System Analyzer is a data structure that includes for each root an identification number, the branching order, the time of emergence, the parent

  17. Root canal

    Endodontic therapy ... the root of a tooth. Generally, there is pain and swelling in the area. The infection can ... You may have some pain or soreness after the procedure. An over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, can help relieve ...

  18. 中国首例可视化人体与正常人腰神经根的椎间行程及其毗邻关系%Intervertebral route of lumbar nerve root in relation to adjacent tissues in the first Chinese visible human and normal human

    游箭; 张绍祥; 邱明国; 李七渝; 陈伟; 陆明


    disk herniation recently. Posterior lateral route is often employed. Puncture route was investigated by the application of anatomic methods previously. However, there are relative fewer reports regarding the observation of the route of lumbar nerve root in intervertebral plane and triangle working area from thin section anatomy and CT section anatomy.OBJECTIVE: To clarify the intervertebral route and its adjacent relationship of lumbar nerve root on thin section and CT section to provide a anatomic gist for puncture route in PLDD.DESIGN: An observational study based on corpus and normal individual.SETTING: Department of radiology of a military medical university of Chinese PLA affiliated hospital and the department of anatomy of a military medical university of Chinese PLA.PARTICIPANTS: The collection of the first Chinese visible human was completed in the Department of Anatomy(laboratory of computer medicine) the Faculty of Medicine, Third Military Medical University of Chinese PLA in October 2002. Totally 53 subjects without confirmed vertebral and intervertebral disc diseases and other diseases of the adjacent organs received CT examination and measurement in the Department of Radiology of the Third Military Medical University of Chinese PLA Affiliated Southwest Hospital between january and March 2000.INTERVENTIONS: The intervertebral route of lumbar nerve root in the first Chinese visible human was observed descriptively. The route, morphology, size, adjacent structure, and the distance between puncture line and lumbar nerve in 53 normal individuals were observed and measured by CT.MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: To describe the intervertebral route of lumbar nerve root in the first CVH and normal individual, to measure the intervertebral length and width of lumbar nerve, and the distance between puncture line and lumbar nerve.RESULTS: The first Chinese visible human lumbar has 48 layers of intervertebral space with a thickness of each layer of 1.0 mm. The route and

  19. The Experimental Study on Dose-Effect Relationship of Chinese Medicine Prepared Aconite Root%毒性中药附子量效关系的实验研究

    范丽丽; 郑作文; 杨柯; 邓家刚; 郝二伟


    Objective: To inquire the Dose-Effect relationship of Chinese Medicine prepared aconite root (PAT) on effect of reviving the Yang for resuscitation, and to provide the experimental basis for security administration. Methods: Building the isolated frog heart failure model with low calcium Ren liquid and measuing the myocardial contractile force of isolated frog heart failure model; The linear relationship between the PAT dosage and inhibition ratios of acetic acid; analgesia experiments of hot plate method indicated, rather than black mice, the analgesic threshold of mice couldn't be elevated by taking PAT. There was direct correlation between dose of PAT and effect of analgesia in acetic acid inducing mice within 0.75 ~ 6g/kg dose range; The linear relationship between the prepared aconite root dosage and inhibition ratios of acetic acidis: Y = 0. 0696X+0. 2222, r = 0. 8301.Building deficiency of kidney-YANG model of mice with irrigating the stomach giving Hydrocortisone and measuring plasma cyclic adenosine monophosphate (c-AMP) content, cyclic guanosine monophosphate (c-GMP) content, the ratio of c-AMP and c-GMP and endothelinimmune (ET). Results: There was direct correlation between dose of PAT and effect of changing growth rate of the myocardial contractile force within 2. 5 ~ 20 mg/ml; There was direct correlation between dose of PAT and effect of changing c-GMP、 c-AMP/c-GMP within 0. 72 ~ 5.78g/kg dose range; there was direct correlation between dose of PAT and effect of changing c-AMP within 0. 72 ~ 7.22g/kg dose range; There is direct correlation between dose of PAT and effect of changing cAMP within 0. 72 ~ 4. 33g/kg dose range. Conclusion: The effect of reviving the Yang for resuscitation was notable and showed dosage-effect relationship. The conclusion from these experiments can hint the range of 5.56 ~ 44.44g/d as clinic dose range, or toxicity become apparent.%目的:通过现代药理实验探讨毒性中药附子功效的量效关系,

  20. Protoanemonin content variation between Clematis spp.: leaf, stem and root.

    Jin, Fangming; Narkowicz, Christian; Jacobson, Glenn A


    The content of protoanemonin, a known biologically active constituent of Clematis spp., was determined by GC-MS in the leaf, stem and root extracts of one Chinese species and four Australian Clematis taxa. The results showed that protoanemonin concentrations varied between different plants and that leaves contained higher concentrations than stems and roots. To our knowledge this is the first study to determine protoanemonin content variation in leaf, stem and root of Clematis spp. PMID:23513731

  1. Locally Finite Root Supersystems



    We introduce the notion of locally finite root supersystems as a generalization of both locally finite root systems and generalized root systems. We classify irreducible locally finite root supersystems.

  2. Chop Suey as Imagined Authentic Chinese Food: The Culinary Identity of Chinese Restaurants in the United States

    Haiming Liu


    Full Text Available At least until the 1960s, chop suey was synonymous with Chinese food in the United States, where most Chinese restaurants were called chop suey houses. By uncovering the history of chop suey, this article analyzes the development of Chinese cuisine in the U.S. as an example of transnational cultural exchange. The authenticity and culinary identity of Chinese food in America often rested on its real or imagined Chinese roots while its popularity depended on how well Chinese restaurant proprietors adapted the flavors, ingredients, and cooking methods of Chinese cuisine to the tastes and markets of local American communities. The dynamic interaction between Chinese food and American customers functioned as a complex cultural negotiation. While Chinese restaurants helped shape the American diet, Chinese food was at the same time being shaped and transformed by American popular taste. By appealing to a wide range of American diners, chop suey eventually evolved into a popular American ethnic food and a central component in the culinary identity of Chinese restaurants. Chop suey generated numerous jobs for Chinese immigrants and established a culinary bond between Chinese food and American customers. Also, as an imagined authentic Chinese dish, it represented a type of affordable exoticism in the eyes of American consumers, meeting not only American tastes but also their social expectations of Chinese culture.

  3. Chop Suey as Imagined Authentic Chinese Food: The Culinary Identity of Chinese Restaurants in the United States

    Haiming Liu


    Full Text Available

    At least until the 1960s, chop suey was synonymous with Chinese food in the United States, where most Chinese restaurants were called chop suey houses. By uncovering the history of chop suey, this article analyzes the development of Chinese cuisine in the U.S. as an example of transnational cultural exchange. The authenticity and culinary identity of Chinese food in America often rested on its real or imagined Chinese roots while its popularity depended on how well Chinese restaurant proprietors adapted the flavors, ingredients, and cooking methods of Chinese cuisine to the tastes and markets of local American communities. The dynamic interaction between Chinese food and American customers functioned as a complex cultural negotiation. While Chinese restaurants helped shape the American diet, Chinese food was at the same time being shaped and transformed by American popular taste. By appealing to a wide range of American diners, chop suey eventually evolved into a popular American ethnic food and a central component in the culinary identity of Chinese restaurants. Chop suey generated numerous jobs for Chinese immigrants and established a culinary bond between Chinese food and American customers. Also, as an imagined authentic Chinese dish, it represented a type of affordable exoticism in the eyes of American consumers, meeting not only American tastes but also their social expectations of Chinese culture.

  4. Chinese Cooking.

    Kane, Tony

    This unit, intended for secondary level students, is a general introduction to Chinese cooking. It is meant to inform students about the origins of Chinese cooking styles in their various regional manifestations, and it can be used to discuss how and why different cultures develop different styles of cooking. The first part of the unit, adapted…

  5. 两种四环素类兽药抗生素对白菜种子发芽与根伸长抑制的毒性效应%Toxicological effects of two tetracycline antibiotics on the inhibition of seed germination and root elongation of Chinese cabbages

    葛成军; 俞花美; 焦鹏


    The individual chlorotetracycline and oxytetracyclice pollution on the inhibition rates of seed germination and Eco-toxicity effects of Chinese cabbages (Brassica pekimensis) were tested with antibiotics spiked into the water and soils. The concentration of chlorotetracycline(soil; 0~4 000 mg·kg-1; water solution: 0~150 mg·L-1) and oxytetracycline(soil: 0-25 000 mg·L-1; water solution: 0~150 mg·L-1) was determined based on the pre-experiments. Results showed germination rate, root elongation and shoot elongation had eco-toxicity sensibility due to chlorotetracycline and oxytetracycline stress. The germination rate of Chinese cabbages showed downtrend with exogenous oxytetracycline amendment. However, it slightly fluctuated around 85% with chlorotetracycline amendment, which didn't appear significant difference (P>0.05) compared with the control. Although there was no significant difference (P>0.05), chlorotetracycline showed stronger inhibition on germination of Chinese cabbages than oxytetracycline under hydroponic culture conditions. The growth of Chinese cabbages was inhibited with addition of oxytetracycline and chlorotetracycline, shown as shortened root elongation with the increase of concentrations of oxytetracycline and chlorotetracycline in soil and solution. The root elongation of Chinese cabbages was significantly related with concentrations of those two antibiotics. Sequence orders was root elongation > shoot elongation > germination rate, in which the control rate of root elongation was better index for evaluating 2 kinds of antibiotics eco-toxicity. Chloroteiracycline and oxytetracycline in water solution on IC50 of root elongation was 20.32 mg·L-1, 287.52 mg·L-1, respectively in soil was 851.08 mg/kg, 14045.75 mg·L-1, which indicated that the toxicity effect of oxytetracycline on vegetable was less than chlorotetracycline. Meanwhile, the inhibition effects of antibiotics on the root elongation of Chinese cabbages in soils were much lower

  6. 间接数字化成像技术分析208颗山东地区汉族人恒前牙根管的弯曲情况%Root canal curvature of 208 anterior teeth from Han Chinese people in Shandong Province An indirect digital X-ray radiography analysis

    王玲香; 邓婧; 王大山


    BACKGROUND: It can to a certain extent prevent complications during root canal preparation and improve the success rate of root canal therapy by understanding root canal anatomical configuration and bending degree.OBJECTIVE: To investigate the root canal curvature of permanent anterior teeth from Han Chinese people in Shandong province.METHODS: A total of 208 anterior teeth were collected and examined by indirect digital X-ray radiography both from labiolingual and mesiodistal directions,according to Schneider method,the data obtained were analyzed.RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Most root canals of anterior teeth from Shandong province were typeⅠ,and more than half were curved. The most curvature happened in the apical third. The highest rate of canal curvature occurred in maxillary canines. Except the central incisors,the S-shaped canal was observed on the rest teeth. The radius of mandibular anteriors was obvious longer in labiolingual directions than that in mesiodistal directions. Root canal curvatures of anterior teeth from Shandong province are complex and have a higher bending rate.%背景:熟悉根管解剖形态,了解其弯曲程度,可以在一定程度上预防根管预备时的并发症,提高根管治疗的成功率.目的:了解山东地区汉族人恒前牙根管弯曲的情况.方法:采用间接数字化X射线成像技术,对收集的离体208颗前牙进行颊舌向和近远中向拍摄,采用改良的Schneider测量方法,分析根管弯曲情况.结果与结论:山东地区汉族人前牙根管多为Ⅰ型根管,且半数以上存在弯曲,弯曲部位多集中在根尖1/3,尤以上颌尖牙根管弯曲发生率最高,除上颌中切牙外,其余牙位均有S形弯曲根管,下颌前牙在唇舌方向上弯曲半径明显高于近远中方向.提示山东地区汉族人恒前牙根管形态复杂,弯曲率较高.

  7. Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette



    Today the etiquette is playing an important role in the process of globalization. It becomes the reflection and manifestation of one country's politics, economy, culture in people's social contact. Every nation has its own etiquette standard, which created with the spirit of the nation. In this essay will focus on the cultural difference in Chinese business etiquette and search for its root.

  8. On the Chinese People's Aesthetics


    正Appreciation of art is not a birthright. In the prehistoric primitive society, the ancestors of the Chinese people rooted in the harsh natural environment of the Yellow River Basin and began forging their own solid characteristics as the loess and rock. Our ancestors survived in the harsh natural conditions. Pressure of keeping alive deprived of their original romantic, despite that Neolithic primitive rock art, pottery painting

  9. Is the Chinese Stock Market Really Efficient?

    Weiwei Zhang


    The purpose of this research is to examine whether Chinese Stock Market is weak- form efficient. The sample involves daily index price of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange for both A share and B share over an extensive period of 1993-2013. In order to seek out whether the result of market efficiency is sensitive to sub-period, this paper computes the different time period of sample. This essay will use three empirical methods, namely unit root test, auto correlation test and run test, to examine whether Chinese Stock Marketis weak-form efficient. The results, regarding efficiency, indicate that Chinese Stock Market is not weak-form efficient.

  10. The Chinese in America : A Recently Accepted Old Immigrant Group


    This thesis, "The Chinese in America: A Recently Accepted Old Immigrant Group," aims at testing the hypothesis that the transition of Chinese immigrants into an accepted ethnic group in mainstream America and their influence on the evolution of the American identity were mainly regulated by the United States economy. This hypothesis is rooted in the belief that their primary arena of ethnicization was the labor market, first the California labor market, then the national one. The Chinese were...

  11. X-Integrationism for Chinese Indigenous Management Research

    Li, Xin


    Regarding philosophical foundation of Chinese indigenous management research, Prof. Kwang Kuo Hwang of Taiwan University and Prof. Peter P. Li of Copenhagen Business School have contradictory judgments. Their opinions represent two opposite poles. This paper tries to offer a middle route between ...... rooted in China and the West, such as, Chinese Yin Yang thinking, Daoism, Confucianism, Bohr’s complementarity principle, and Hegel’s dialectic logic, this paper tries to construct the daoliology, epistemology and methodology of Chinese indigenous management research....

  12. Contamination of Chinese Cabbage Soil with Plasmodiophora brassicae

    Jae-Woo Soh; Kyung-Sook Han; Seong-Chan Lee; Jung-Sup Lee


    This research was performed to establish basic technology for Chinese cabbage clubroot chemical control by investigating the soil contamination of Plasmodiophora brassicae in major producing regions of fall Chinese cabbage. PCR primers were developed to detect P. brassicae, a causal agent of Chinese cabbage club-root that generally occurs in Cruciferae family. A primer set, PbbtgF761 and PbbtgR961, specifically amplified a 245 bp fragment from P. brassicae only. At places well kno...

  13. A Combination of influence from Confucianism and Taoism upon Chinese culture and literature



    @@ Preface The mixture of various cultures including those deep rooted in Chinese history and those imported in the ancient time has led to the profoundness,uniqueness and colorfulness of Chinese culture,among which the combination of two of them---Confucianism and Taoism has fundamental influence in the way Chinese think and behave.

  14. Chinese astronomy

    Macfarlane, Alan; Cullen, Christopher


    Standing in the observatory in Beijing, Christopher Cullen discusses the nature and sophistication of Chinese astronomy in the medieval period. The political as well as the intellectual interest in astronomy is outlined.

  15. Chinese Confucianism

    Macfarlane, Alan; Cullen, Christopher


    Confucianism has deeply influenced Chinese civilization. Christopher Cullen describes its effect on education, social structure and knowledge over the past centuries, against the backdrop of a Confucian building in Beijing.

  16. Pregnancy in Premature Ovarian Failure after Therapy Using Chinese Herbal Medicine.

    Shiouh-Lirng Chao; Lee-Wen Huang; Hung-Rong Yen


    We present ovulation that occurred after the administration of traditional Chinese herbalmedicine for 3 months in a woman with premature ovarian failure (POF) and secondaryamenorrhea for 8 years. Traditional Chinese medicine concentrated herbal extracts ofcooked rehmannia, Chinese yam, wolfberry fruit, dogwood fruit, cyathula root, dodder seed,antler glue, tortoise-plastron glue, epimedium and morinda root were prescribed, which werea modification of the herbal formula Zuo-gui-wan. When the p...

  17. Root canal irrigants

    Kandaswamy Deivanayagam; Venkateshbabu Nagendrababu


    Successful root canal therapy relies on the combination of proper instrumentation, irrigation, and obturation of the root canal. Of these three essential steps of root canal therapy, irrigation of the root canal is the most important determinant in the healing of the periapical tissues. The primary endodontic treatment goal must thus be to optimize root canal disinfection and to prevent reinfection. In this review of the literature, various irrigants and the interactions between irrigants are...

  18. Study on rDNA -ITS-PCR of root-knot nematode in grape in the Chinese Yellow River east region%黄河故道地区葡萄根结线虫rDNA—ITS—PCR研究

    刘三军; 于巧丽; 李洪连


    用PCR方法扩增来自黄河故道地区不同区域葡萄根结线虫群体的ITS片段,并进行克隆和序列分析。结果表明,来自6个不同采集点的供试线虫属于同一种群,获得的ITS序列长度为766 bp,与已知南方根结线虫ITS区编码序列一致性达到99.74%;聚类结果显示,与南方根结线虫亲缘关系最近。结合形态鉴定结果,初步确定黄河古道地区葡萄根结线虫病病原为南方根结线虫(Meloidogyne incognita)。%The amplification, cloning and sequencing of the rDNA-ITS region of 6 different populations of root-knot nematodes from trail of the Yellow River east region were conducted. The sequence analysis results showed that six populations of root-knot nematodes on grape from Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Shangqiu in Henan Province and Dangshan, Xiaoxian in Anhui Province belong to Meloidogyne incognita. The length of ITS was 766 bp. The results of the sequence analysis and the form identifications showed that this pathogen was Meloidogyne incognita.

  19. Chinese Dream


    The general managers of South Korean auto giants Hyundai and Kia have high hopes for the growing Chinese auto market. Both companies went through a painstaking period as the financial crisis first roared across the globe. Jin Shan-fa, General Manager of Hyundai Motor Group

  20. "Root"and"Wings"of Ecological Civilization Education——Integration of Traditional Chinese Culture and Process Philosophy%生态文明教育的"根"和"翼"——融合中国传统文化和过程哲学



    Chinese traditional culture and Western philosophy of ecological civilization education process provides a wealth of thought resources. Ecological civilization education should not only rooted in Chinese traditional culture, learn ecological wisdom, through carry forward the traditional culture, foster eco personality, learn to respect and coexistence and development of local eco-curricular approach, seeking a sense of stability and harmony. While also dabbled in the process of philosophy in the West deep ecological thinking, through the cultivation of innovative thinking people and ecological practical ability, to create a more splendid civilization, people continue to seek harmony with nature, symbiotic way, it makes poetic dwelling on earth.%中国传统文化和西方的过程哲学为生态文明教育提供了丰富的思想资源.生态文明教育既要扎根于中国传统文化中,汲取生态智慧,通过弘扬传统文化,培育生态人格,学会尊重与共生和开发乡土生态课程的方式,寻求和谐的稳定感.同时又要涉猎西方过程哲学中的深层生态思想,通过培养人们的创新思维和生态实践能力,创造更为辉煌的文明,不断探求人与自然和谐、共生的方式,使人诗意地栖居于地球上.

  1. Patterns of reproductive isolation in Nolana (Chilean bellflower).

    Jewell, Cathleen; Papineau, Amy Douglas; Freyre, Rosanna; Moyle, Leonie C


    We examined reproductive isolating barriers at four postmating stages among 11 species from the morphologically diverse genus Nolana (Solanaceae). At least one stage was positively correlated with both genetic and geographic distance between species. Postzygotic isolation was generally stronger and faster evolving than postmating prezygotic isolation. In addition, there was no evidence for mechanical isolation, or for reproductive character displacement in floral traits that can influence pollinator isolation. In general, among the potential isolating stages examined here, postzygotic barriers appear to be more effective contributors to reducing gene flow, including between sympatric species. PMID:22834759

  2. Using Square Roots

    Wilson, William Wynne


    This article describes techniques which enable the user of a comparatively simple calculator to perform calculations of cube roots, nth roots, trigonometric, and inverse trigonometric functions, logarithms, and exponentials. (DT)

  3. Chinese restaurant syndrome

    Chinese restaurant syndrome is a set of symptoms that some people have after eating Chinese food. A food additive ... Chinese restaurant syndrome is most often diagnosed based on the symptoms. The health care provider may ask the following ...



    @@Chinese Journal of Chemistry is an international journal published in English by the Chinese Chemical Society with its editorial office hosted by Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  5. Chinese Culture and Leadership.

    Wong, Kam-Cheung


    Describes essential characteristics of Chinese philosophical tradition; Discusses Western perspectives on value leadership in education, particularly moral leadership. Discuses moral leadership from a Chinese philosophical perspective, especially Confucianism. Draws implications for using Chinese cultural and philosophical traditions to develop…

  6. The Chinese Banking System

    Grant Turner; Nicholas Tan; Dena Sadeghian


    The Chinese banking system is critical to the functioning of the Chinese economy, being the main conduit through which savings are allocated to investment opportunities. Banking activity in China has grown rapidly over the past decade in association with the expansion of the Chinese economy, and the Chinese banking system now includes some of the world’s largest banks. Chinese banks have become more commercially orientated over this period, although the Chinese Government retains considerable...




    I explore the origins of the unphysical predictions from rooted staggered fermion algorithms. Before rooting, the exact chiral symmetry of staggered fermions is a flavored symmetry among the four 'tastes.' The rooting procedure averages over tastes of different chiralities. This averaging forbids the appearance of the correct 't Hooft vertex for the target theory.

  8. Root canal irrigation

    L. van der Sluis; C. Boutsioukis; L.M. Jiang; R. Macedo; B. Verhaagen; M. Versluis


    The aims of root canal irrigation are the chemical dissolution or disruption and the mechanical detachment of pulp tissue, dentin debris and smear layer (instrumentation products), microorganisms (planktonic or biofilm), and their products from the root canal wall, their removal out of the root cana

  9. The Root Canal Biofilm

    Sluis, van der L.W.M.; Boutsioukis, C.; Jiang, L.M.; Macedo, R.; Verhaagen, B.; Versluis, M.; Chávez de Paz, E.; Sedgley, C.M.; Kishen, A.


    The aims of root canal irrigation are the chemical dissolution or disruption and the mechanical detachment of pulp tissue, dentin debris and smear layer (instrumentation products), microorganisms (planktonic or biofilm), and their products from the root canal wall, their removal out of the root cana

  10. Chinese Calendar and Chinese Telegraphic Code.

    Defense Language Inst., Monterey, CA.

    This manual contains: (1) Chinese calendars for the hundred years from 1881 to 1980; and (2) the Chinese telegraphic code. Each page in Part One presents the calendar for each year in both Chinese and English. There are 97 charts in Part Two representing the telegraphic code. (AMH)

  11. 5种温带森林生态系统细根的时间动态及其影响因子%Temporal dynamics and influencing factors of fine roots in five Chinese temperate forest ecosystems

    李向飞; 王传宽; 全先奎


    Production and mortality of fine roots (diameter ≤ 2mm) and influencing factors are important to energy flow and nutrient cycling in forest ecosystems,but remain poorly understood mainly due to the limitation of methodology.In this study,we used a minirhizotron technique to investigate the temporal dynamics in fine root length production (FRP) and mortality (FRM) of five representative forest ecosystems in Northeast China during the period between May and October of 2010.Soil temperature (Ts),soil moisture (Ms),and leaf area index (LAI) were simultaneously measured for each stand.The stands were aspen-birch forest dominated by Populus davidiana and Betula platyphylla,hardwood forest dominated by Fraxinus mandshurica and Juglans mandshurica,Mongolian oak forest dominated by Quercus mongolica,Korean pine (Pinus Koraiensis) plantation,and Dahurian larch (Larix grnelinii) plantation.The experimental design included five forest types,three 20 m×30 m replicate plots in each forest type.The results showed that the FRP and FRM were significantly (P<0.001) affected by forest types,sampling times and their interactions.The FRP was (13.34 ± 0.90)μm·cm-2·d-1(mean ± SE),(13.04 ± 0.82) μm·cm-2·d-1,(8.74 ± 1.14) μm·cm-2·d-1,(8.02 ± 2.77) iμm·cm-2·d-1,and (7.59 ± O.82) μm· cm-2· d-1 for the aspen-birch,hardwood,larch,pine,and oak stands,respectively;and the FRM was (5.02 ±0.36) μm·cm-2·d-1,(6.85±0.32) μm·cm-2·d-1,(5.05 ±0.61) μm·cm-2·d-1,(3.88 ± 0.35) μm·cm-2·d-1,and (3.88 ± 0.61) μm·cm-2·d-1,correspondingly.The FRP showed a unimodal seasonal pattern with peaks varying with forest types.The FRM increased gradually as the growing season proceeded,and reached its maximum at the end of the growing season for all the stands except for the aspen-birch and hardwood stands where it peaked in early August.Ts,Ms,and LAI all exerted significant positive effects on FRP and FRM (P<0.05),which,together,explained more than 68% and 53% of

  12. Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in the Chinese population

    Nandi, PL; Li, WS; Leung, R.; Chan, HT; Chan, J


    Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism is a well-recognised major health problem in the West. There is a deep-rooted belief among clinicians that deep vein thrombosis is rare in Asians, particularly in the Chinese population. However, it appears that the incidence of venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism is increasing in Chinese patients. Prophylaxis reduces the incidence of venous thrombosis by 66% and of pulmonary embolism by 50%Ը? prophylaxis should therefore be considered for Chin...

  13. Genetic association among root morphology, root quality and root yield in ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

    Kumar Ramesh R.; Reddy Anjaneya Prasanna L.; Subbaiah Chinna J.; Kumar Niranjana A.; Prasad Nagendra H.N.; Bhukya Balakishan


    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a dryland medicinal crop and roots are used as valuable drug in traditional systems of medicine. Morphological variants (morphotypes) and the parental populations were evaluated for root - morphometric, quality and yield traits to study genetic association among them. Root morphometric traits (root length, root diameter, number of secondary roots/ plant) and crude fiber content exhibited strong association among them and ...

  14. Purchasing Power Parity and the Chinese Yuan

    Richard Paul Gregory; Gary Shelley


    Results from unit root tests applied to the bilateral China - US real exchange rate do not support purchasing power parity between the two countries. However, tests of the real equivalent exchange rate for the Chinese yuan versus a traded-weighted basket of currencies support purchasing power parity. Due to severe non-normality, critical values for tests of the real equivalent exchange rate are obtained from the wild bootstrap.

  15. Root canal irrigants

    Kandaswamy Deivanayagam


    Full Text Available Successful root canal therapy relies on the combination of proper instrumentation, irrigation, and obturation of the root canal. Of these three essential steps of root canal therapy, irrigation of the root canal is the most important determinant in the healing of the periapical tissues. The primary endodontic treatment goal must thus be to optimize root canal disinfection and to prevent reinfection. In this review of the literature, various irrigants and the interactions between irrigants are discussed. We performed a Medline search for English-language papers published untill July 2010. The keywords used were ′root canal irrigants′ and ′endodontic irrigants.′ The reference lists of each article were manually checked for additional articles of relevance.

  16. Management of Chinese restaurant

    Cui , Longbo


    With Chinese economy developing rapidly, the Chinese restaurant is under the spotlight, but the management of Chinese restaurant is weak at the moment, especially on the service management, which is an important part of service management in the Chinese restaurant. On the other hand, the managers of Chinese restaurant should pay more attention on the service management for instance brand, service innovation. Service management is core and essential concept for every service company recently, ...

  17. Roots and routes

    Christensen, Ann-Dorte; Jensen, Sune Qvotrup


    arguing that there is a dynamic interplay between roots and routes in people's lives. The empirical point of departure is narratives about roots and routes by ethnic minorities settled in Aalborg East, an underprivileged neighbourhood in northern Denmark. One of the main findings is a gap between the...... somewhat paradoxical finding is that it appears to be more difficult for transnational migrants to maintain their roots in the country of origin when they go back than it was to establish new roots in the host country...

  18. Roots of Dehn twists

    McCullough, Darryl; Rajeevsarathy, Kashyap


    D. Margalit and S. Schleimer found examples of roots of the Dehn twist about a nonseparating curve in a closed orientable surface, that is, homeomorphisms whose nth power is isotopic to the Dehn twist. Our main theorem gives elementary number-theoretic conditions that describe the values of n for which an nth root exists, given the genus of the surface. Among its applications, we show that n must be odd, that the Margalit-Schleimer roots achieve the maximum value of n among the roots for a gi...

  19. SO2: Nutrient or toxin for Chinese cabbage

    Yang, Liping


    Chinese cabbage (Brassica pekinensis) is one of the most important high-yield vegetable crops in China, and is often cultivated around big cities. Atmospheric SO2 pollution may affect Chinese cabbage, which is usually produced under intensive farming practice with low-sulfur or even sulfur-free fertilizers. In this thesis, the interaction between atmospheric SO2 and sulfate nutrition of the root was studied in order to evaluate whether SO2 may be considered as toxin or nutrient for Chinese ca...

  20. Reason Analysis and Risk Prevention of Soaring Price of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials

    Zhao, Huan; Liu, Jian-qiu; Qu, Kai-yue; Feng, Li; He, Yi


    In recent years, the price of traditional Chinese medicinal materials soars continuously, and the resulting price risk increasingly looms large, which has critically affected midstream and downstream industries and peoples' demand for drug, and imperiled healthy and orderly development of traditional Chinese medicinal industries. Based on the status quo of continuous skyrocketing price of traditional Chinese medicinal materials at present, we winkle out the root cause of soaring price as foll...

  1. Filial piety in Chinese Buddhism = Zhongguo fo jiao de xiao dao guan

    Cheng, Ho-ming; 鄭可萌


    Filial piety is regarded the most fundamental values of the Chinese culture, and the root of all good virtues. When Buddhism first came to China, it faced the criticisms from Chinese scholars, especially from the Confucianism, the dominant ideology of Chinese society, on ethical grounds. Confucian scholars criticized the life of Buddhist monks, who were required to leave their homes and families, shave their heads, and live in celibacy, was incompatible with the Confucian practice of filial pi...

  2. Imbalances in the Development of Chinese Culture------about the traditional Chinese culture influenced by the west



    During the development of Chinese culture, it absorbs a lot of exotic new things from the west. This situation directly induced two imbalances in the structure of our culture nowadays. One of these imbalances is between the Chinese traditional culture and the western culture, and the other one is the humanity culture and the science culture. Both these imbalances are rooted in the relationship between the eastern and western cultures, which are combining, interweaving and conflicting during the developing process. The differences between these two cultures and the influences from the western one determine the current imbalanced pattern of Chinese culture.

  3. Chromatic roots and hamiltonian paths

    Thomassen, Carsten


    We present a new connection between colorings and hamiltonian paths: If the chromatic polynomial of a graph has a noninteger root less than or equal to t(n) = 2/3 + 1/3 (3)root (26 + 6 root (33)) + 1/3 (3)root (26 - 6 root (33)) = 1.29559.... then the graph has no hamiltonian path. This result is...

  4. Developmental Dyscalculia and Low Numeracy in Chinese Children

    Chan, Winnie Wai Lan; Au, Terry K.; Tang, Joey


    Children struggle with mathematics for different reasons. Developmental dyscalculia and low numeracy--two kinds of mathematical difficulties--may have their roots, respectively, in poor understanding of exact non-symbolic numerosities and of symbolic numerals. This study was the first to explore whether Chinese children, despite cultural and…

  5. Leveraging Chinese Culture for Effective Organizational Leadership: The China Case

    Wang, Jia


    This article examined organizational leadership in the context of China. Taking a cultural perspective, this literature review traced the cultural roots of Chinese leadership and analyzed the cultural impact on leadership practice in organizations. It further provided general guidelines for leadership development in China, followed by…

  6. Happy (Chinese) New Year!

    Johnson, Georgia G.


    Suggestions are made for a classroom celebration of Chinese New Year, including discussion of the Chinese calendar and customs, a short list of appropriate children's stories, and food ideas, including a recipe for fortune cookies. (SJL)

  7. ROOT User Workshop 2013


    Since almost two decades, ROOT has established itself as the framework for HENP data processing and analysis. The LHC upgrade program and the new experiments being designed at CERN and elsewhere will pose even more formidable challenges in terms of data complexity and size. The new parallel and heterogeneous computing architectures that are either announced or already available will call for a deep rethinking of the code and the data structures to be exploited efficiently. This workshop, following from a successful series of such events, will allow you to learn in detail about the new ROOT 6 and will help shape the future evolution of ROOT.

  8. Quantitative measurements of root water uptake and root hydraulic conductivities

    Zarebanadkouki, Mohsen; Javaux, Mathieu; Meunier, Felicien; Couvreur, Valentin; Carminati, Andrea


    How is root water uptake distributed along the root system and what root properties control this distribution? Here we present a method to: 1) measure root water uptake and 2) inversely estimate the root hydraulic conductivities. The experimental method consists in using neutron radiography to trace deuterated water (D2O) in soil and roots. The method was applied to lupines grown aluminium containers filled with a sandy soil. When the lupines were 4 weeks old, D2O was locally injected in a selected soil regions and its transport was monitored in soil and roots using time-series neutron radiography. By image processing, we quantified the concentration of D2O in soil and roots. We simulated the transport of D2O into roots using a diffusion-convection numerical model. The diffusivity of the roots tissue was inversely estimated by simulating the transport of D2O into the roots during night. The convective fluxes (i.e. root water uptake) were inversely estimating by fitting the experiments during day, when plants were transpiring, and assuming that root diffusivity did not change. The results showed that root water uptake was not uniform along the roots. Water uptake was higher at the proximal parts of the lateral roots and it decreased by a factor of 10 towards the distal parts. We used the data of water fluxes to inversely estimate the profile of hydraulic conductivities along the roots of transpiring plants growing in soil. The water fluxes in the lupine roots were simulated using the Hydraulic Tree Model by Doussan et al. (1998). The fitting parameters to be adjusted were the radial and axial hydraulic conductivities of the roots. The results showed that by using the root architectural model of Doussan et al. (1998) and detailed information of water fluxes into different root segments we could estimate the profile of hydraulic conductivities along the roots. We also found that: 1) in a tap-rooted plant like lupine water is mostly taken up by lateral roots; (2) water

  9. Chinese restaurant syndrome

    Balachandran C


    Full Text Available A 24-year-old Chinese student with history of recurrent attacks of flushing with burning and dryness of face of 4 years duration showed exacerbation of the symptoms after oral provocation with 1 mg of Chinese salt. Patient was treated with 50 mg pyridoxine daily and restriction of the Chinese salt in diet with moderate improvement.

  10. Chinese varkens in Nederland

    Zhang, W.L.; Huiskes, J.H.


    In China zijn in totaal 300 miljoen varkens van meer dan 100 rassen. Ze worden voor verschillende soorten productie gebruikt. Sommige Chinese rassen zijn in Frankrijk, Nederland en U.S.A. geomporteerd. De vraag is of Chinese varkens nuttig kunnen zijnvoor de varkensproductie in Nederland en zo ja welke Chinese varkens

  11. Genetic association among root morphology, root quality and root yield in ashwagandha (Withania somnifera

    Kumar Ramesh R.


    Full Text Available Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera is a dryland medicinal crop and roots are used as valuable drug in traditional systems of medicine. Morphological variants (morphotypes and the parental populations were evaluated for root - morphometric, quality and yield traits to study genetic association among them. Root morphometric traits (root length, root diameter, number of secondary roots/ plant and crude fiber content exhibited strong association among them and showed significant positive genotypic correlation with yield. Starch-fiber ratio (SFR, determinant of brittle root texture showed strong negative association with root yield. The total alkaloid content had positive genotypic correlation with root yield. So genetic upgradation should aim at optimum balance between two divergent groups of traits i.e. root yield traits (root morphometric traits and crude fiber content and root textural quality traits (starch content and SFR to develop superior genotypes with better yield and quality.

  12. Evaluation of phytochemical content, antimicrobial, cytotoxic and antitumor activities of extract from Rumex hastatus D. Don roots

    Sahreen, Sumaira; Khan, Muhammad Rashid; Khan, Rahmat Ali; Hadda, Taibi Ben


    Background Being a part of Chinese as well as ayurdic herbal system, roots of Rumex hastatus D. Don (RH) is highly medicinal, used to regulated blood pressure. It is also reported that the plant is diuretic, laxative, tonic, used against microbial skin diseases, bilious complaints and jaundice. The present study is conducted to evaluate phytochemical, antimicrobial, antitumor and cytotoxic activities of extract obtained from R. hastatus roots. Methods RH roots were powdered and extracted with...

  13. Pregnancy in Premature Ovarian Failure after Therapy Using Chinese Herbal Medicine.

    Shiouh-Lirng Chao


    Full Text Available We present ovulation that occurred after the administration of traditional Chinese herbalmedicine for 3 months in a woman with premature ovarian failure (POF and secondaryamenorrhea for 8 years. Traditional Chinese medicine concentrated herbal extracts ofcooked rehmannia, Chinese yam, wolfberry fruit, dogwood fruit, cyathula root, dodder seed,antler glue, tortoise-plastron glue, epimedium and morinda root were prescribed, which werea modification of the herbal formula Zuo-gui-wan. When the patient discontinued theChinese herbal medicine treatment and tried therapy with clomiphene citrate, neither ovulationnor conception occurred. Eight months after beginning clomiphene citrate therapy, theconcentrations of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone were still in thepostmenopausal range. The modified formula of Zuo-gui-wan was prescribed again and thepatient conceived 1 month after taking Zuo-gui-wan. Thus, we suggested that Chinese herbalmedicine restored ovarian function effectively and promptly, and offers another option fortreating infertility in patients with POF.

  14. [Antidepressant active constituents in the roots of Morinda officinalis How].

    Cui, C; Yang, M; Yao, Z; Cao, B; Luo, Z; Xu, Y; Chen, Y


    Five compounds having antidepressant activities have been isolated from the roots of Morinda officinalis, a Chinese traditional Yang-tonic drug. These compounds were identified as succinic acid (1), nystose (2), 1F-fructofuranosylnystose (3), inulin-type hexasaccharide (4) and heptasaccharide (5) by chemical and spectroscopic methods. All of the compounds are isolated from the species of genus Morinda for the first time. PMID:7626209

  15. Chinese Food in America

    Jou, Diana T.


    How did Chinese food get to look like this? With more than 41,000 Chinese restaurants in America - 3 times the number of McDonald’s restaurants - Chinese food is one of the most accepted and misunderstood cuisines in the United States. From large cities to small towns, locals can always count on an order of orange chicken in a takeout box, with a few fortune cookies thrown in the bag. But what Americans view as Chinese food is far from a traditional Chinese meal, wh...

  16. Danish-accented Chinese

    Wang, Lei; Sloos, Marjoleine 莱娜; Zhang, Chun

    In search for a linguistic basis for the education of Chinese as a foreign language CFL in Denmark, we set up a new line of investigation into CFL. This research focuses on the phonetics and phonology of Mandarin Chinese as compared to Danish. Considering the sound systems of both languages, we...... note some differences and similarities. The most remarkable differences are: -Chinese has rhotic sounds (pinyin ch, zh, sh, r) but Danish does not -Chinese has affricates (c z ch zh tɕ j) but Danish does not What Danish shares with Chinese is the contrast between aspirated and plain consonants: pa...

  17. The "Green" Root Beer Laboratory

    Clary, Renee; Wandersee, James


    No, your students will not be drinking green root beer for St. Patrick's Day--this "green" root beer laboratory promotes environmental awareness in the science classroom, and provides a venue for some very sound science content! While many science classrooms incorporate root beer-brewing activities, the root beer lab presented in this article has…

  18. Double Roots of Mandibular Premolar in Full-mouth Periapical Films

    Ling-jia Kong; Kuo Wan; Deng-gao Liu


    Objective To evaluate the incidence of two-rooted mandibular premolar morphology using full-mouth periapical film series in a Chinese population, with particular emphasis on bilateral incidence, so as to provide a clinical anatomical basis for root canal treatment in mandibular premolars. Methods A total of 2015 patients who underwent dental treatment and had full mouth periapical radiographs at the Peking University School of Stomatology from April 2011 to April 2012 were enrolled in this study. Three experienced dentists reviewed the patients' periapical films and classified the root morphology of mandibular premolars bilaterally. The incidence of unilateral and bilateral double roots were recorded and calculated, including confirmed and suspected bucco-lingual root types. Results In terms of the morphology of two-rooted mandibular first premolars, of the 2015 cases with complete root formation, two-rooted first premolars were detected in 120 cases, with a total number of 159 teeth. According to the number of teeth, the overall incidence of double roots was 4.03% (159/3972). In terms of the morphology of two-rooted mandibular second premolars, of the 2015 cases with complete root formation, two-rooted second premolars were detected in 24 cases, with a total number of 33 teeth. According to the number of teeth, the overall incidence of double roots was 0.85% (33/3880). Conclusions The roots of mandibular premolars display specific morphological patterns. Based on a large sample, we observed and calculated not only the occurrence rate of bucco-lingual and mesio-distal double roots in first and second mandibular premolars, but also the incidence of unilateral or bilateral double roots within the same mandible. These findings could provide useful information on the anatomical structure of mandibular premolars for endodontic, prosthodontic and surgical procedures, and could improve the quality of treatment and reduce complications.

  19. Root development under drought stress

    Franco Leemhuis, José Antonio


    Serving as interfaces between plant and the soil, roots are much more exposed to drought stress than the upper plant parts. Therefore, the root system can be as affected, or even more affected, than the aerial parts of the plant for drought stress (Franco et al., 2011). Nevertheless, the influence of this stress on root activity and development has been much less studied. Undoubtedly, this is due to limitations on accessibility for root observations; being studies on root system dynamics espe...

  20. Purification and antioxidant activities of baicalin isolated from the root of huangqin (Scutellaria baicalensis gcorsi)

    Peng-fei, Liu; Fu-gen, Han; Bin-bin, Duan; Tian-sheng, Deng; Xiang-lin, Hou; Ming-qin, Zhao


    Baicalin is a flavonoid from the root of huangqin (Scutellaria baicalensis gcorsi, a kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine and food condiment) with two pro phenolic hydroxyls. In this manuscript, high purity of baicalin (95.5 %) was isolated from the root of huangqin and its antioxidant activities were investigated. The antioxidant properties of baicalin were evaluated by scavenging of the diphenylpicrylhydrazyl radical (DPPH), reducing power, and iron-chelating assays, compared to ascorbic ac...



    A discussion of chinese curriculum of primary school under the background of new curriculum reform Mao xinjuan Feng haiying [Abstract] in recent years, Chinese learning received more and more attention by people article mainly from the national studies this course concepts, the curriculum reform of elementary school curriculum requirements and how to effective implementation of primary national studies course several aspects under the background of curriculum reform of Chinese primary curriculum the new school

  2. Complex Roots of Quaternion Polynomials

    Dospra, Petroula; Poulakis, Dimitrios


    The polynomials with quaternion coefficients have two kind of roots: isolated and spherical. A spherical root generates a class of roots which contains only one complex number $z$ and its conjugate $\\bar{z}$, and this class can be determined by $z$. In this paper, we deal with the complex roots of quaternion polynomials. More precisely, using B\\'{e}zout matrices, we give necessary and sufficient conditions, for a quaternion polynomial to have a complex root, a spherical root, and a complex is...

  3. Root canal medicaments.

    Kawashima, Nobuyuki; Wadachi, Reiko; Suda, Hideaki; Yeng, Thai; Parashos, Peter


    The ultimate goals of endodontic treatment are complete removal of bacteria, their byproducts and pulpal remnants from infected root canals and the complete seal of disinfected root canals. Intracanal medicaments have been thought an essential step in killing the bacteria in root canals; however, in modern endodontics, shaping and cleaning may be assuming greater importance than intracanal medicaments as a means of disinfecting root canals. Until recently, formocresol and its relatives were frequently used as intracanal medicaments, but it was pointed out that such bactericidal chemicals dressed in the canal distributed to the whole body from the root apex and so might induce various harmful effects including allergies. Furthermore, as these medicaments are potent carcinogenic agents, there is no indication for these chemicals in modern endodontic treatment. Today, biocompatibility and stability are essential properties for intracanal medicaments. The more modern meaning of intracanal dressing is for a blockade against coronal leakage from the gap between filling materials and cavity wall. Calcium hydroxide has been determined as suitable for use as an intracanal medicament as it is stable for long periods, harmless to the body, and bactericidal in a limited area. It also induces hard tissue formation and is effective for stopping inflammatory exudates. Single-visit endodontics, where intracanal medicaments are not used, is generally not now contraindicated and various reports have shown that the clinical outcomes between single- and multiple- visit endodontics are similar. There is no reason to counsel against single-visit endodontics: however, if multiple-visit endodontics is chosen, calcium hydroxide is recommended to be used as an intracanal medicament. PMID:19323305

  4. Hairy roots are more sensitive to auxin than normal roots

    Shen, Wen Hui; Petit, Annik; Guern, Jean; Tempé, Jacques


    Responses to auxin of Lotus corniculatus root tips or protoplasts transformed by Agrobacterium rhizogenes strains 15834 and 8196 were compared to those of their normal counterparts. Three different types of experiments were performed, involving long-term, medium-term, or short-term responses to a synthetic auxin, 1-naphthaleneacetic acid. Root tip elongation, proton excretion by root tips, and transmembrane electrical potential difference of root protoplasts were measured as a function of exo...

  5. Variation in root wood anatomy

    Cutler, D.F.


    Variability in the anatomy of root wood of selected specimens particularly Fraxinus excelsior L. and Acer pseudoplatanus L. in the Kew reference microscope slide collection is discussed in relation to generalised statements in the literature on root wood anatomy.

  6. The Physiology of Adventitious Roots.

    Steffens, Bianka; Rasmussen, Amanda


    Adventitious roots are plant roots that form from any nonroot tissue and are produced both during normal development (crown roots on cereals and nodal roots on strawberry [Fragaria spp.]) and in response to stress conditions, such as flooding, nutrient deprivation, and wounding. They are important economically (for cuttings and food production), ecologically (environmental stress response), and for human existence (food production). To improve sustainable food production under environmentally extreme conditions, it is important to understand the adventitious root development of crops both in normal and stressed conditions. Therefore, understanding the regulation and physiology of adventitious root formation is critical for breeding programs. Recent work shows that different adventitious root types are regulated differently, and here, we propose clear definitions of these classes. We use three case studies to summarize the physiology of adventitious root development in response to flooding (case study 1), nutrient deficiency (case study 2), and wounding (case study 3). PMID:26697895

  7. Chinese Foods; Teacher's Handbook.

    Huang, Joe, Ed.

    Different styles of Chinese cooking, traditional food items, cooking utensils, serving techniques, and the nutritional value of Chinese cooking are described in this teaching guide. Lesson plans for the preparation of simple dishes are presented. Recipes, a shopping guide to San Francisco's Chinatown, a guide to sources of supplies, and a…

  8. Confucius Teaching Chinese Abroad



    @@ On December 1, 2009, the Confucius Institute in Lyon, France, held a plaque-unveiling ceremony. Thomas Boutonnet, a Frenchman who has studied Chinese for 10 years in France and China and who is also an institute supervisor, said the institute would offer courses in Chinese language and culture covering legal, wade and cultural fields.



    Equality and harmony are mainstream in Chinese marriage. The conclusion was made by a systematic investigation in 1996 on love and marriage relations between couples in Shanghai, Harbin, Guangdong, Gansu and other regions. Six thousand couples were surveyed in a multi-period, separated level probability sampling; the research was conducted by the study group, "Marriage quality during the period of Chinese social

  10. Say That in Chinese


    Demand for Chinese language learning is fueling all aspects of the market, most notably the textbook publication industry Alarge-scale series of Chinese lan-guage textbooks are to be pub-lished in the coming years jointly by the China International Publi

  11. On Developing Business Chinese.

    Hong, Wei


    Examines the significance of foreign languages for business, particularly Business Chinese, in the 1990s; its curriculum requirements; and the impact of business languages on international business. The article proposes a developmental plan for Business Chinese at the college level including goals, course materials, learning activities, and…

  12. Chinese by Choice

    Beem, Kate


    A 2004 College Board survey revealed that school districts around America wanted to offer Chinese, but finding qualified teachers was a problem, says Selena Cantor, director of Chinese Language and Culture Initiatives for the College Board. So last year, a new College Board program brought guest teachers from China to school districts in 31…

  13. Equilibria of Chinese Auctions

    Branzei, Simina; Forero, Clara; Larson, Kate;

    Chinese auctions are a combination between a raffle and an auction and are held in practice at charity events or festivals. In a Chinese auction, multiple players compete for several items by buying tickets, which can be used to win the items. In front of each item there is a basket, and the play...

  14. Root canal retained restorations: 3. Root-face attachments.

    Dummer, P M; Edmunds, D H; Gidden, J R


    It has been common practice for many years to use retained roots to provide support and stability for partial or full dentures. The retention of such overdentures is greatly enhanced if the remaining roots are modified and restored with posts and root-face attachments. The final article in this series on root canal retained restorations classifies and describes some of the root-face attachments currently available, and also describes a number of prefabricated post systems with integral overdenture attachments. Guidelines for clinical and laboratory procedures are given. PMID:2097234

  15. Hairy roots are more sensitive to auxin than normal roots.

    Shen, W H; Petit, A; Guern, J; Tempé, J


    Responses to auxin of Lotus corniculatus root tips or protoplasts transformed by Agrobacterium rhizogenes strains 15834 and 8196 were compared to those of their normal counterparts. Three different types of experiments were performed, involving long-term, medium-term, or short-term responses to a synthetic auxin, 1-naphthaleneacetic acid. Root tip elongation, proton excretion by root tips, and transmembrane electrical potential difference of root protoplasts were measured as a function of exogenous auxin concentration. The sensitivity of hairy root tips or protoplasts to exogenous auxin was found to be 100-1000 times higher than that of untransformed material. PMID:16593928

  16. Reason Analysis and Risk Prevention of Soaring Price of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials


    In recent years,the price of traditional Chinese medicinal materials soars continuously,and the resulting price risk increasingly looms large,which has critically affected midstream and downstream industries and peoples’ demand for drug,and imperiled healthy and orderly development of traditional Chinese medicinal industries.Based on the status quo of continuous skyrocketing price of traditional Chinese medicinal materials at present,we winkle out the root cause of soaring price as follows:the supply and demand lose balance;the production costs hike up;there are other factors responsible for soaring price.This paper further analyses the impact of sharp increase in price of traditional Chinese medicinal materials on all links of industry chain as follows:the medicinal herb growers never benefit from soaring price;the counterfeiters and forgers in midstream industry increase;the gross profit rate of Chinese medicine enterprises declines.In accordance with the risk arising from abnormal fluctuation in price of traditional Chinese medicinal materials,corresponding precautionary measures are put forward as follows:promote the quality of traditional Chinese medicinal materials through management of value chain;curtail the production and management cost of traditional Chinese medicinal materials through management of organization chain;stabilize price of traditional Chinese medicinal materials through management of information chain;reduce transaction cost of traditional Chinese medicinal materials through management of logistics chain.

  17. Negative phototropism of rice root


    @@It is often believed that the stem of higher plants has characteristics of positive phototropism, and the root shows no phototropism or no sensitivity to light though the root of Arabdopsis was reported possessing characteristics of negative phototropism. In this study, a distinct negative phototropism of the root system of rice seedlings was observed.

  18. Modern Chinese History Studies


    Famous Foreign Scholars' Lecture Tours in China Around the May Fourth Movement and Changes in Chinese Intellectual Circles From 1919 to 1924, John Dewey and four other famous foreign scholars came to China on lecture tours. These tours were great cultural undertakings to spread Western learning to the East after the First World War. The lectures these schol- ars gave helped to deepen the thoughts of Chinese people, and at the same time encouraged the diversification and evolution of Chinese intellectual circles. Firstly, the lectures hastened the birth of a contemporary Chinese wave of reflection on mo- dernity, and provided a basis for the theoretical views and cultural appeals of Liang Qichao and other members of the socalled "Orient Culture Faction," thereby increasing the tension intrinsic to the development of the New Culture Movement and to the expansion of intellectual horizons in Chinese intellectual circles.

  19. Chinese Companies in Switzerland

    Esther Kessler


    Full Text Available In recent years, some of China’s leading firms have made headlines with their European expansion, by either opening new facilities or by acquiring or merging with significant enterprises in Europe. The goal of this paper is to contribute to the existing literature by examining Chinese enterprises expanding into Switzerland. The study also allows some conclusions for Chinese companies entering Central and Eastern Europe. We analyze via interviews the motivations of Chinese companies to expand into Switzerland as well as their behavior and the impediments in their internationalization process. Our findings show that Chinese companies fail to take advantage of certain benefits of western economies (such as open information and stable rule of law. To move forward efficiently, they should develop competence in dealing systematically with readily available market information, building professional networks that recognize a separation between business life and personal life, and managing their Chinese and foreign employees in the foreign cultural environment.

  20. On Chinese Parody Translation



    Chinese parody, as a traditional figure of speech, has captured more and more attention from scholars. The researches conducted up to date are inadequate in theorizing and exploring its translation. This paper, based on the comparative data analysis of Chinese parody translation examples in different types of texts, attempts to probe into the means about how to achieve the clos⁃est function equivalence in rendering Chinese parody under the guidance of Sociosemiotic Approach. It is found that the nature of Chinese parody translation is to achieve the closest natural equivalence or similarity in expressive function, informative func⁃tion, vocative function and aesthetic function in its equivalents in English. And it is suggested that borrowing, imitating, para⁃phrasing and adapting are effective strategies in translating Chinese parody.

  1. Diagravitropism in corn roots

    Leopold, A. C.; Wettlaufer, S. H.


    The diagravitropic behavior of Merit corn (Zea mays L.) roots grown in darkness provides an opportunity for comparison of two qualitatively different gravitropic systems. As with positive gravitropism, diagravitropism is shown to require the presence of the root cap, have a similar time course for the onset of curvature, and a similar presentation time. In contrast with positive gravitropism, diagravitropism appears to have a more limited requirement for calcium, for it is insensitive to the elution of calcium by EGTA and insensitive to the subsequent addition of a calcium/EGTA complex. These results are interpreted as indicating that whereas the same sensing system is shared by the two types of gravitropism, separate transductive systems are involved, one for diagravitropism, which is relatively independent of calcium, and one for positive gravitropism, which is markedly dependent on calcium.

  2. Mental Roots of Terror

    Saruhan, Müfit Selim


    In this article, I deal with mental and terror relationship. Mental roots of terror are being examined. Religion has nothing to do with terrorism. Terrorist tries to misuse religion. Mental with prejudice and lack of knowledge occupies the personality of individual and his ability to judge. Purification of mind from any external and internal prejudices is the unique solution of terrorism. Only within extensive education we can overcome terrorism. Terrorism could not apply to a religion or a n...

  3. Rooted in Movement

    The result of the synergy between four doctoral projects and an advanced MA-level course on Bronze Age Europe, this integrated assemblage of articles represents a variety of different subjects united by a single theme: movement. Ranging from theoretical discussion of the various responses to and ...... period of European prehistory. In so doing, the text not only addresses transmission and reception, but also the conceptualization of mobility within a world which was literally Rooted in Movement....

  4. Roots of Financial Literacy

    Grohmann, Antonia; Kouwenberg, Roy; Menkhoff, Lukas


    Our study aims to uncover the roots of financial literacy. Better financial literacy predicts more informed savings and borrowing decisions in our sample, covering the urban middle-class in an emerging economy. We then test education at school, family background, parental teaching, and childhood experiences with money as potential determinants of financial literacy. In addition to risk tolerance and having basic numeracy skills, we find that family variables matter most, in particular better ...

  5. Study on Translating Chinese into Chinese Sign Language

    徐琳; 高文


    Sign language is a visual-gestural language mainly used by hearing impaired people to communicate with each other. Gesture and facial expression are important grammar parts of sign language. In this paper, a text-based transfor mation method of Chinese-Chinese sign language machine translation is proposed.Gesture and facial expression models are created. And a practical system is im plemented. The input of the system is Chinese text. The output of the system is "graphics person" who can gesticulate Chinese sign language accompanied by facial expression that corresponds to the Chinese text entered so as to realize automatic translation from Chinese text to Chinese sign language.

  6. Chinese nuclear insurance and Chinese nuclear insurance pool

    Chinese Nuclear Insurance Started with Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, PICC issued the insurance policy. Nuclear insurance cooperation between Chinese and international pool's organizations was set up in 1989. In 1996, the Chinese Nuclear Insurance Pool was prepared. The Chinese Nuclear Insurance Pool was approved by The Chinese Insurance Regulatory Committee in May of 1999. The principal aim is to centralize maximum the insurance capacity for nuclear insurance from local individual insurers and to strengthen the reinsurance relations with international insurance pools so as to provide the high quality insurance service for Chinese nuclear industry. The Member Company of Chinese Nuclear Pool and its roles are introduced in this article

  7. Core Spirit and Function in Confucianism from the Perspective of Soft Power of Chinese Culture

    Mingyan TANG


    The core spirit of Confucianism can be summarized as “virtue as the foundation, group as the importance and harmony as the quintessence” from the perspective of enhancing soft power of Chinese culture. The three elements are neither parallel nor primary-secondary but trine and synthesis of them represents the essence of the Confucian culture which not only plays the role in condensation, but also displays Chinese cultural unique characteristics, deep roots and universal value. These spiritual...

  8. Do roots mind the gap?

    A. Carminati; Vetterlein, D; Koebernick, N.; Blaser, S; Weller, U; Vogel, H.-J.


    Roots need to be in good contact with the soil to take up water and nutrients. However, when the soil dries and roots shrink, air-filled gaps form at the root-soil interface. Do gaps actually limit the root water uptake, or do they form after water flow in soil is already limiting?Four white lupins were grown in cylinders of 20 cm height and 8 cm diameter. The dynamics of root and soil structure were recorded using X-ray CT at regular intervals during one drying/wetting cycle. Tensiometers we...

  9. Research in Ancient Chinese Language


    JIANG Ji-cheng, A Brief Study of Arabian-Chinese Diaphone in Huihui Prescription Abstract: Based on meterials of Arabian- Chinese diaphone in Huihui Prescription, this paper studies all Chinese phonetic initials and finals in Yuan dynasty, including 21 initials and 34 finals. Key Words: Huihui Prescription, Arabian- Chinese diaphone, transferred sound, International Phonetic Alphabet

  10. The Application of the Chinese Sense of "Balance" to Agreements Signed between Chinese and Foreign Institutions in the Chinese Higher Education Sector: Adding Depth to a Popular Cultural Concept

    Willis, Mike


    The Chinese sense of "balance" has been widely researched in the literature from several perspectives including culture (where it has been traced back to Confucian, neo-Confucian and Taoist roots), and business and market entry (where it has been linked to issues such as the development of trust, relationship building, and guanxi between foreign…

  11. Developmental dyscalculia and low numeracy in Chinese children

    Chan, Winnie Wai Lan; Au, Terry K. F.; Tang, Joey C Y


    Children struggle with mathematics for different reasons. Developmental dyscalculia and low numeracy - two kinds of mathematical difficulties - may have their roots, respectively, in poor understanding of exact non-symbolic numerosities and of symbolic numerals. This study was the first to explore whether Chinese children, despite cultural and linguistic factors supporting their mathematical learning, also showed such mathematical difficulties and whether such difficulties have measurable imp...

  12. Success factors of Chinese restaurants

    Aakala, Liwen Heli


    The objectives of the thesis fall into three aspects: 1) understanding Chinese entrepreneurship through some major aspects; such as, the characteristics of Chinese entrepreneur and successful skills needed; 2) scanning the Chinese culture that is associated with their entrepreneurial success in restaurant business as well as understanding the Finnish culture that affects Chinese restaurants’ presence in Finland; 3) acquainting with the competitive strategies that those Chinese restaurants emp...

  13. Physical mechanisms of plant roots affecting weathering and leaching of loess soil

    LI; Yong; ZHANG; Qingwen; WAN; Guojiang; HUANG; Ronggui; PIAO; Hechun; BAI; Lingyu; LI; Lu


    Plant roots have potential impacts on soil mineral weathering and leaching. Our objective is to understand the physical mechanisms of plant roots affecting weathering and leaching of loess soil. Root densities were measured through the method of a large-size dug profile, and transport fluxes of soil elements were determined using an undisturbed monolith soil infiltration device on the hilly and gully regions of the Chinese Loess Plateau. The results show that the improvement effects of soil environment by plant roots are mainly controlled by the density and weight of the fibrous roots with the diameters less than 1 mm. Plant roots have the stronger effects on soil physical properties than chemical properties. The principal components analysis (PCA) indicates that soil physical properties by plant roots account for 56.7% of variations in soil environment whereas soil chemical properties and pH contribute about 24.2% of the soil variations. The roles of plant roots in controlling soil weathering and leaching increased in the following order: infiltration enhancement > increase of bioactive substance > stabilization of soil structure. The effects of plant roots on soil mineral weathering and leaching can be quantified using the multiple regression models with the high prediction accuracies developed in this study.

  14. The Contrast of Chinese and English in the Translation of Chinese Poetry

    Ning Li


    Chinese poetry is the soul of Chinese literature and Chinese culture. A good translation of a Chinese verse can promote the prevalence of Chinese culture. In the translation of Chinese poetry, translators should not only keep the characteristics of Chinese poems, but also embody the English characteristics. This article analyzed some versions of translation and proposed factors affecting the translation of Chinese poetry.

  15. Try to Be a Hero: Community Service Learning as a Pedagogy for Moral-Political Education and Leadership Development in the Chinese University

    Waite, Paul Daniel


    Based on ten months of ethnographic fieldwork, including more than 65 in-depth interviews with Chinese university students and higher education administrators, this study examines the roots of an emerging community service learning movement in mainland China. The dissertation focuses on a case study of a pioneering Chinese Party State-sponsored…

  16. Biomechanical Effect of Chinese Immobilization Using Little Splint

    WANG Mei; ZHAO Namula


    Immobilization using little splint is an original innovation of Chinese people for the fracture fixation, which is simple to use and clinically effective. It was found that Chinese immobilization using little splint can make the non-invasive, uncovering, and trouble free healing of bone fracture via harmonious unity of the structure stability and the force balance, of the motion stability and the stress adaptability, of the constant and discontinuous physiological stress. The biomechanical effect of Chinese immobilization using little splint, including entirety, dynamic, and functional fixity, is the root cause of its inheritance and the use up to now, and also is a direction of today's fracture fixation towards personalization, individuality and entirety.

  17. Environ: E00075 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available E00075 Platycodon ... root (JP16) Crude drug Platycodin A [CPD:C17443], Platycodin C [CPD:C17487], P ... 7-Stigmastenol, alpha-Spinasteryl-beta-D-glucoside Platycodon ... grandiflorum [TAX:94286] Same as: D06703 Campanula ... ceae (bellflower family) Platycodon ... root Major component: Platycodin [CPD:C17443 C1748 ...

  18. Philosophical Roots of Cosmology

    Ivanovic, M.


    We shall consider the philosophical roots of cosmology in the earlier Greek philosophy. Our goal is to answer the question: Are earlier Greek theories of pure philosophical-mythological character, as often philosophers cited it, or they have scientific character. On the bases of methodological criteria, we shall contend that the latter is the case. In order to answer the question about contemporary situation of the relation philosophy-cosmology, we shall consider the next question: Is contemporary cosmology completely independent of philosophical conjectures? The answer demands consideration of methodological character about scientific status of contemporary cosmology. We also consider some aspects of the relation contemporary philosophy-cosmology.

  19. Core Spirit and Function in Confucianism from the Perspective of Soft Power of Chinese Culture

    Mingyan TANG


    Full Text Available The core spirit of Confucianism can be summarized as “virtue as the foundation, group as the importance and harmony as the quintessence” from the perspective of enhancing soft power of Chinese culture. The three elements are neither parallel nor primary-secondary but trine and synthesis of them represents the essence of the Confucian culture which not only plays the role in condensation, but also displays Chinese cultural unique characteristics, deep roots and universal value. These spiritual resources should be paid full attention in the process of constructing soft power of Chinese culture today.Key words: Confucianism; Virtue; Group; Harmony; Soft power of culture


    Srivastava Ashish; Sanjay Yadav


    The present study was aimed at Pharmacognostic study and biological evaluation of analgesic activity of plants roots. The roots of plants were studies for Pharmacognostic characteristics namely, morphology, microscopy, physicochemical parameters, which can be of utilized in identification/authentication of the plant and/or its roots in crude drug form. The preliminary phytochemical screening of the dry residue was carried out by the chemical test and thin layer chromatographic method. The p...

  1. Cultural Characteristics of Chinese Cuisine:From Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese



    Chinese cuisine plays an important role in Chinese culture. The paper illustrates the features of Chinese cuisine in Chi-nese dish naming from different perspectives, and analyze them from contrastive studies of English and Chinese.

  2. Chinese Female Creativity



    "Many foreigners mistakenly believe that Chinese women are creatively oppressed,that they have been oppressed for centuries," Teacher Yang said,glancing at me wryly."That’s correct," I replied, lifting my eyebrows.

  3. Traditional Chinese Biotechnology

    Xu, Yan; Wang, Dong; Fan, Wen Lai; Mu, Xiao Qing; Chen, Jian

    The earliest industrial biotechnology originated in ancient China and developed into a vibrant industry in traditional Chinese liquor, rice wine, soy sauce, and vinegar. It is now a significant component of the Chinese economy valued annually at about 150 billion RMB. Although the production methods had existed and remained basically unchanged for centuries, modern developments in biotechnology and related fields in the last decades have greatly impacted on these industries and led to numerous technological innovations. In this chapter, the main biochemical processes and related technological innovations in traditional Chinese biotechnology are illustrated with recent advances in functional microbiology, microbial ecology, solid-state fermentation, enzymology, chemistry of impact flavor compounds, and improvements made to relevant traditional industrial facilities. Recent biotechnological advances in making Chinese liquor, rice wine, soy sauce, and vinegar are reviewed.

  4. Chinese remainder codes

    ZHANG Aili; LIU Xiufeng


    Chinese remainder codes are constructed by applying weak block designs and the Chinese remainder theorem of ring theory.The new type of linear codes take the congruence class in the congruence class ring R/I1 ∩ I2 ∩…∩ In for the information bit,embed R/Ji into R/I1 ∩ I2 ∩…∩ In,and assign the cosets of R/Ji as the subring of R/I1 ∩ I2 ∩…∩ In and the cosets of R/Ji in R/I1 ∩ I2 ∩…∩ In as check lines.Many code classes exist in the Chinese remainder codes that have high code rates.Chinese remainder codes are the essential generalization of Sun Zi codes.

  5. Chinese Remainder Codes

    张爱丽; 刘秀峰; 靳蕃


    Chinese Remainder Codes are constructed by applying weak block designs and Chinese Remainder Theorem of ring theory. The new type of linear codes take the congruence class in the congruence class ring R/I1∩I2∩…∩In for the information bit, embed R/Ji into R/I1∩I2∩…∩In, and asssign the cosets of R/Ji as the subring of R/I1∩I2∩…∩In and the cosets of R/Ji in R/I1∩I2∩…∩In as check lines. There exist many code classes in Chinese Remainder Codes, which have high code rates. Chinese Remainder Codes are the essential generalization of Sun Zi Codes.

  6. Traditional Chinese biotechnology.

    Xu, Yan; Wang, Dong; Fan, Wen Lai; Mu, Xiao Qing; Chen, Jian


    The earliest industrial biotechnology originated in ancient China and developed into a vibrant industry in traditional Chinese liquor, rice wine, soy sauce, and vinegar. It is now a significant component of the Chinese economy valued annually at about 150 billion RMB. Although the production methods had existed and remained basically unchanged for centuries, modern developments in biotechnology and related fields in the last decades have greatly impacted on these industries and led to numerous technological innovations. In this chapter, the main biochemical processes and related technological innovations in traditional Chinese biotechnology are illustrated with recent advances in functional microbiology, microbial ecology, solid-state fermentation, enzymology, chemistry of impact flavor compounds, and improvements made to relevant traditional industrial facilities. Recent biotechnological advances in making Chinese liquor, rice wine, soy sauce, and vinegar are reviewed. PMID:19888561

  7. Perennial roots to immortality.

    Munné-Bosch, Sergi


    Maximum lifespan greatly varies among species, and it is not strictly determined; it can change with species evolution. Clonal growth is a major factor governing maximum lifespan. In the plant kingdom, the maximum lifespans described for clonal and nonclonal plants vary by an order of magnitude, with 43,600 and 5,062 years for Lomatia tasmanica and Pinus longaeva, respectively. Nonclonal perennial plants (those plants exclusively using sexual reproduction) also present a huge diversity in maximum lifespans (from a few to thousands of years) and even more interestingly, contrasting differences in aging patterns. Some plants show a clear physiological deterioration with aging, whereas others do not. Indeed, some plants can even improve their physiological performance as they age (a phenomenon called negative senescence). This diversity in aging patterns responds to species-specific life history traits and mechanisms evolved by each species to adapt to its habitat. Particularities of roots in perennial plants, such as meristem indeterminacy, modular growth, stress resistance, and patterns of senescence, are crucial in establishing perenniality and understanding adaptation of perennial plants to their habitats. Here, the key role of roots for perennial plant longevity will be discussed, taking into account current knowledge and highlighting additional aspects that still require investigation. PMID:24563283

  8. Chinese Marine Materia Medica

    Peter Proksch


    China is one of the first countries to use marine materia medica for treating diseases. Ancient books on Chinese herbology, such as Shennong Bencaojing (Shennong’s Classic of Materia Medica), Xinxiu Bencao (Newly Revised Materia Medica) and Bencao Gangmu (Compendium of Materia Medica), have detailed more than 110 marine herbs and thousands of marine herbal formulas (including those for Chinese food therapy). A great deal of information on marine herbs and their applications in medicine, colle...

  9. The Chinese Politeness Scale



    In order to make sense of what is said in an interaction,we have to look at various factors which relate to social distance and closeness.Generally,these factors include the specific situation language takes place,the relative status of the two participants,the message being delivered and finally the age of the participants.In this article,the Chinese Politeness Scale,based on Chinese social values and tradition,will be explained and demonstrated in detail.

  10. Traditional Chinese Medicine


    2009013 Clinical observation on treatment of active rheumatoid arthritis with Chinese herbal medicine. SHENG Zhenghe(盛正和), et al.Dept TCM, 5th Affili Hosp, Guangxi Med Univ, Guangxi 545001. Chin J Integr Tradit West Med 2008;28(11):990-993. Objective To study the efficacy and safety of Chinese drugs for expelling evil-wind, removing dampness, promoting blood circulation and invigorating yin in treating active rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

  11. Chinese New Year



    The Chinese New Year is now known as the Spnng Festival because it starts trom the beginning otspring. Though there are some sayings about its origin (起源), all agree that the word Nian, which inmodern Chinese means “year”, was originally the name of a beast (野兽) that started to eat people thenight before the beginning of a new year.

  12. Chinese Entrepreneurs Go Global

    Daniel Zhou


    China may be on the tipping point of explosive global growth. In response to changes in the global economy and an economic slowdown domestically, hundreds of thousands of Chinese SMEs are being encouraged to “go global” by their central and local governments. To a Chinese company, going global requires the expansion of its existing business in other countries or the development of new ventures with partners operating in other countries. Explosive growth in China may be possible, but it will d...

  13. Country Review: Chinese Taipei



    This report, prepared by the Secretariat of the OECD was the basis for a peer review examination of Chinese Taipei at the OECD’s Global Forum on Competition on 9 February, 2006. Competition law in Chinese Taipei has been an important element of the program of economic reforms that moved the economy from centrally directed emphasis on manufacturing and exports to a market-driven emphasis on services and high technology. The competition law follows mainstream practice about restrictive agreemen...

  14. The Magic of Chinese


    One of the world's oldest languages appears to have a vibrant futureClassical Greek and Latin, two languages that share an ancient history with Chinese, have been threatened with extinction, being used primarily in classic books or for special purposes. Chinese, on the other hand, is thriving as more and more people develop an interest in learning the language, and its charm has been noticed by linguists.

  15. Removal of root filling materials.

    Duncan, H.F. Chong, B.S.


    Safe, successful and effective removal of root filling materials is an integral component of non-surgical root canal re-treatment. Access to the root canal system must be achieved in order to negotiate to the canal terminus so that deficiencies in the original treatment can be rectified. Since a range of materials have been advocated for filling root canals, different techniques are required for their removal. The management of commonly encountered root filling materials during non-surgical re-treatment, including the clinical procedures necessary for removal and the associated risks, are reviewed. As gutta-percha is the most widely used and accepted root filling material, there is a greater emphasis on its removal in this review.

  16. ROOT Tutorial for Summer Students

    CERN. Geneva; Piparo, Danilo


    ROOT is a "batteries-included" tool kit for data analysis, storage and visualization. It is widely used in High Energy Physics and other disciplines such as Biology, Finance and Astrophysics. This event is an introductory tutorial to ROOT and comprises a front lecture and hands on exercises. IMPORTANT NOTE: The tutorial is based on ROOT 6.04 and NOT on the ROOT5 series.  IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have ROOT 6.04 installed on your laptop, you will not need to install any virtual machine. The instructions showing how to install the virtual machine on which you can find ROOT 6.04 can be found under "Material" on this page.

  17. Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) Root Extract Combinations Increase Hepatocarcinoma Cell (Hep-G2) Viability

    Popovich, David G.; Shi Yun Yeo; Wei Zhang


    The combined cytoactive effects of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) root extracts were investigated in a hepatocarcinoma cell line (Hep-G2). An isobolographic analysis was utilized to express the possibility of synergistic, additive or antagonistic interaction between the two extracts. Both ginseng and licorice roots are widely utilized in traditional Chinese medicine preparations to treat a variety of ailments. However, the effect of the herbs in co...

  18. Post-Harvest Induced Production of Salvianolic Acids and Significant Promotion of Antioxidant Properties in Roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen)

    Guo-Jun Zhou; Wei Wang,; Xiao-Mei Xie; Min-Jian Qin; Ben-Ke Kuai; Tong-Shui Zhou


    Danshen, the dried roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza, is an extremely valued Traditional Chinese Medicine. Previously, we have demonstrated that salvianolic acid B (SaB), the important bioactive ingredient in this herb, was a post-harvest product. Here, we further reported that all salvianolic acids (SAs) in the roots were post-harvest products of the drying process. In addition, the results of various radical scavenging activity assays, including lipid peroxidation (1), DPPH (2), hydroxyl (3) and...

  19. Facilitative root interactions in intercrops

    Hauggaard-Nielsen, H.; Jensen, E.S.


    Facilitation takes place when plants ameliorate the environment of their neighbours, and increase their growth and survival. Facilitation occurs in natural ecosystems as well as in agroecosystems. We discuss examples of facilitative root interactions in intercropped agroecosystems; including...... root architecture, exudation of growth stimulating substances, and biofumigation. Facilitative root interactions are most likely to be of importance in nutrient poor soils and in low-input agroecosystems due to critical interspecific competition for plant growth factors. However, studies from more...

  20. Chinese Advertising and Advanced Chinese Culture

    Liu Fan


    @@ Chinese advertising has long been inseparable from the Chinese national culture from late Shang Dynasty and early Zhou Dynasty when Jiang Ziya beat sword to spread sound to the 21st century when the badge of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sweeps the whole world. With cultural trait as one of its fundamental character,advertising naturally becomes one of the most important cultural industries in contemporary era. In recent years because of prevalent theme, "Rediscover the Brilliance of Ancient Cities," promoted by the 39th IAA World Congress and the 12th China Advertising Festival held in China, Beijing and Xi'an, two ancient cities, had been splendidly presented to the whole world.

  1. On roots of Dehn twists

    Monden, Naoyuki


    Margalit and Schleimer constructed nontrivial roots of the Dehn twist about a nonseparating curve. We prove that the conjugacy classes of roots of the Dehn twist about a nonseparating curve correspond to the conjugacy classes of periodic maps with certain conditions. Futhermore, we give data set which determine the conjugacy class of a root. As a consequence, we can find the minimum degree and the maximum degree, and show that the degree must be odd. Also, we give Dehn twist expression of the root of degree 3.

  2. Root system in declining forests

    Meyer, F.H.


    Trees with obligate ectomycorrhiza are more sensitive to environmental stress than those without ectomycorrhiza or with facultative ectomycorrhiza. With spruce seedlings growing in humus material from a declining spruce forest an experimental proof was given, that reduction of the mineral nitrogen content by adding sawdust to the rooting substrate increases the share of root tips converted to ectomycorrhizas. A close correlation has been found between the mycorrhiza frequency and the number of root tips. This means, that the ramification of a root system is the more intense the better the conditions for mycorrhizal development are.

  3. Feynman Diagrams and Rooted Maps

    Prunotto, A; Czerski, P


    The {\\em Rooted Maps Theory}, a branch of the Theory of Homology, is shown to be a powerful tool for investigating the topological properties of Feynman diagrams, related to the single particle propagator in the quantum many-body systems. The numerical correspondence between the number of this class of Feynman diagrams as a function of perturbative order and the number of rooted maps as a function of the number of edges is studied. A graphical procedure to associate Feynman diagrams and rooted maps is then stated. Finally, starting from rooted maps principles, an original definition of the {\\em genus of a Feynman diagram}, which totally differs from the usual one, is given.

  4. Root cause analysis

    This article provides some fundamental techniques of evaluating human performance and equipment related events which are in use in Krsko NPP. Before the large industrial accidents the human factor was considered as very reliable and was not accepted as a possible source of errors. Today it is evident that safety is a proper combination of factors associated with people, technology and organization. Determining the cause of equipment failures is a much more enjoyable, exercise than doing the same for human errors. People are emotional: they can be angry, scared, defensive, not trustful. Because of all that the determination of causes for human errors is much more difficult.In many cases the definition of human factors relates to operators as the source of the human errors. Such an approach restricts the search for the true root cause of an event. In reality the human factor is associated with operators as well as with managers, designers, instructors, maintenance people etc. Operating experience and in-depth analysis with the resulting lessons learnt are all evidence of the relevance of human errors for safety. The nuclear power plant industry has estimated the risk due to human errors closing to 70%. It is therefore obvious that sophisticated techniques are needed to focus on human errors. The root cause analysis in NPP Krsko is based on the following methods: Event and Causal Factor Charting, Change Analysis, Barrier Analysis, MORT (Management Oversight and Risk Tree Analysis) and Human Performance Evaluation. Event and casual Factor Charting is used for investigation of complex problems which need to be visualized in the form of a chart so as to provide a better understanding of the chronology of an event. Change Analysis is usually used for a particular problem with the equipment failure by using key questions: what?, when?, where?, who? and how? to find a final answer to the question WHY something happened. Barrier Analysis is used for procedural and

  5. Tense and Aspect in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish: Contrasts Manifested in the Mandarin Translation of Javier Marias' Corazón Tan Blanco

    Hung, Yu-Ju


    Mandarin Chinese and Spanish are both considered aspect languages for the simple reason that they both mark grammatical aspect morphologically: the former attaches a particle expressing only aspectual meaning to the root of a verb, while the latter attaches a suffix expressing both aspectual and tense meaning to the root of a verb. Since tense…

  6. Maximal rank root subsystems of hyperbolic root systems

    Tumarkin, P.


    A Kac-Moody algebra is called hyperbolic if it corresponds to a generalized Cartan matrix of hyperbolic type. We study root subsystems of root systems of hyperbolic algebras. In this paper, we classify maximal rank regular hyperbolic subalgebras of hyperbolic Kac-Moody algebras.

  7. Radiographing roots and shoots

    The effect of seed orientation on germination time and on shoot and root growth patterns is studied. Neutron radiography is used to observe the development of 4 types of plants, maize, greenpea, soya bean and padi. These plants were grown in varying orientations; sand sizes, sand thicknesses, and level of water content. Radiography of the seeds and plants were obtained for time exposure ranging from 3-12 hours and at reactor thermal power level, ranging from 500-750 kilowatts. Results obtained showed that seeds planted in varying orientations need different length of time for shoot emergence. Neutron radiography is now developed to other areas of non-industrial applications in Malaysia. (A.J.)

  8. Compensatory Root Water Uptake of Overlapping Root Systems

    Agee, E.; Ivanov, V. Y.; He, L.; Bisht, G.; Shahbaz, P.; Fatichi, S.; Gough, C. M.; Couvreur, V.; Matheny, A. M.; Bohrer, G.


    Land-surface models use simplified representations of root water uptake based on biomass distributions and empirical functions that constrain water uptake during unfavorable soil moisture conditions. These models fail to capture the observed hydraulic plasticity that allows plants to regulate root hydraulic conductivity and zones of active uptake based on local gradients. Recent developments in root water uptake modeling have sought to increase its mechanistic representation by bridging the gap between physically based microscopic models and computationally feasible macroscopic approaches. It remains to be demonstrated whether bulk parameterization of microscale characteristics (e.g., root system morphology and root conductivity) can improve process representation at the ecosystem scale. We employ the Couvreur method of microscopic uptake to yield macroscopic representation in a coupled soil-root model. Using a modified version of the PFLOTRAN model, which represents the 3-D physics of variably saturated soil, we model a one-hectare temperate forest stand under natural and synthetic climatic forcing. Our results show that as shallow soil layers dry, uptake at the tree and stand level shift to deeper soil layers, allowing the transpiration stream demanded by the atmosphere. We assess the potential capacity of the model to capture compensatory root water uptake. Further, the hydraulic plasticity of the root system is demonstrated by the quick response of uptake to rainfall pulses. These initial results indicate a promising direction for land surface models in which significant three-dimensional information from large root systems can be feasibly integrated into the forest scale simulations of root water uptake.

  9. Chinese boxes: "Typhoon" and Conrad's history of the Chinese

    Kerr, D.


    This essay examines the novel "Typhoon," by Joseph Conrad, as a story about Chinamen coolies and seamen onboard a steamer transporting Chinese laborers. It argues that the Chinese boxes of the coolies represent several versions of the history of the Chinese and that the coolies are also representatives of a civilization with ideas and institutions, a law and order of nature. It also describes the images of Chinese life and their association to sociality, cooperation, nourishment, simplicity, ...

  10. Properties of Estimated Characteristic Roots

    Nielsen, Bent; Nielsen, Heino Bohn

    Estimated characteristic roots in stationary autoregressions are shown to give rather noisy information about their population equivalents. This is remarkable given the central role of the characteristic roots in the theory of autoregressive processes. In the asymptotic analysis the problems appear...

  11. Teaching Chinese Negotiating Style through Examination of Key Chinese Categories.

    Myers, Dan

    This study examined different shades of meaning that a single word may have in Chinese in an effort to better understand the relationship between language and culture. An understanding of the exact meaning of Chinese words and expressions can greatly assist non-Chinese in understanding both the language and the society as a whole. A total of 102…

  12. Contemporary American Chinese Studies

    Qiu Huafei


    The rise of modern American scholarship on China was largely attributed to the establishment of the American Joint Committee on Contemporary China (JCCC) in 1959 which sponsored all kinds of activities to promote Chinese studies, ranging from institutional support and financial resources to training courses. Since then, American study of China has entered into a period of sustainability that features academic and group-oriented research. It has become a mainstream discipline in American social science studies.1 There are some distinctive differences between early sinology and modern Chinese Studies: the latter is much more concentrated on the study of issues, comparative historical studies, and contemporary Chinese society. American Chinese studies stresses empirical research, textual data, and the application of theory to practice.Shanghai. He was a Fulbright visiting professor at State University of New York at Geneseo from 2006-2007. This treatise is one of a series of studies for China's National Research Foundation of Philosophy and Social Science (05BGJ012), "American Chinese Studies."

  13. Electricity intensity across Chinese provinces: New evidence on convergence and threshold effects

    Energy intensity has gone through different stages across Chinese regions. In this paper, we investigate the stochastic electricity-intensity convergence across the Chinese provinces. Unlike previous work, this paper highlights the relevance of the level of technology of each province and takes into account the economic geography through the examination of club convergence. We perform several unit root tests that introduce structural breaks, nonlinearities and time variation, with the aim to capture the economic transformation of the Chinese economy. Results indicate that the majority of the Chinese regions have converged according to the unit-root tests in time-series analysis, indicating that technological differences diminish over time. However, this convergence pattern occurs within groups of regions, according with club convergence test. Indeed, we find a dominant club and others smaller clubs that few regions belong. However, it is observed that there are regions that still diverge. These findings support our argument that special policy attention is required for those regions displaying divergence. - Highlights: ► Electricity-intensity convergence across the Chinese provinces is investigated. ► We use monthly data. ► We highlight the relevance of the level of technology of each province and the economic geography. ► Recent unit root tests are employed. ► We found club convergence

  14. Chinese Visiting Scholars' Academic Socialization in US Institutions of Higher Education: A Qualitative Study

    Xue, Mo; Chao, Xia; Kuntz, Aaron M.


    Socialization as a theoretical concept has been increasingly applied to higher education over the past several decades. However, little research examines international visiting scholars' overseas academic socialization experiences. Rooted in socialization theory, this one-year qualitative study explores 15 Chinese visiting scholars' lived…

  15. Density of Phraseological Units Semantic Fields in the Russian and Chinese Languages

    Olesya V. Pavlova


    Full Text Available The article is focused on the comparison of phraseological systems of languages, having different structures by means of phraseological units distribution by lexico-semantic groups. Semantic analysis of phraseological units enables to determine the national and cultural features of the Russian and Chinese ethnos and find anthropocentric roots in the fragments of linguistic world image

  16. A Comparative Study between Chinese and Western Food Culture in Cross-cultural Communication



    The differences of food culture play an important role in cross-cultural communication. Learn the cultural rooted causes of food culture between Chinese and Western countries, will promote mutual understanding between people and enjoy different feelings different foods brings, enhance cultural exchange, complement and integration.

  17. History of Chinese medicinal wine.

    Xia, Xun-Li


    Chinese medicinal wine is one type of a favorable food-drug product invented by Chinese ancestors for treating and preventing diseases, promoting people's health and corporeity, and enriching people's restorative culture. In the course of development of the millenary-old Chinese civilization, Chinese medicinal wine has made incessant progress and evolution. In different historical periods, Chinese medicinal wine presented different characteristics in basic wine medical applications, prescriptions, etc. There are many medical and Materia Medica monographs which have systemically and specifically reported on Chinese medicinal wine in past Chinese dynasties. By studying leading medical documents, this article made an outline review on the invention, development, and characteristics of Chinese medicinal wine. PMID:21853349

  18. Functional reconstruction following brachial plexus root avulsion

    Guixin Sun; Cunyi Fan; Yudong Gu


    OBJECTIVE: To sum up the treatment of brachial plexus root avulsion and the progress in functional reconstruction and rehabilitation following brachial plexus root avulsion.DATA SOURCES: A search of Medline was performed to select functional reconstruction and rehabilitation following brachial plexus injury-related English articles published between January 1990 and July 2006, with key words of "brachial plexus injury, reconstruction and rehabilitation". Meanwhile, a computer-based search of CBM was carried out to select the similar Chinese articles published between January 1998 and July 2006,with key words of "brachial plexus injury, reconstruction and rehabilitation".STUDY SELECTION: The materials were checked primarily, and the literatures of functional reconstruction and rehabilitation of brachial plexus injury were selected and the full texts were retrieved.Inclusive criteria: ① Functional reconstruction following brachial plexus injury. ② Rehabilitation method of brachial plexus injury. Exclusive criteria: Reviews, repetitive study, and Meta analytical papers.DATA EXTRACTION: Forty-six literatures about functional reconstruction following brachial plexus injury were collected, and 36 of them met the inclusive criteria.DATA SYNTHESIS: Brachial plexus injury causes the complete or incomplete palsy of muscle of upper extremity. The treatment of brachial plexus is to displace not very important nerves to the distal end of very important nerve, called nerve transfer, which is an important method to treat brachial plexus injury.Postoperative rehabilitations consist of sensory training and motor functional training. It is very important to keep the initiativeness of exercise. Besides recovering peripheral nerve continuity by operation, combined treatment and accelerating neural regeneration, active motors of cerebral cortex is also the important factor to reconstruct peripheral nerve function.CONCLUSION: Consciously and actively strengthening functional

  19. Chinese Rebalancing and Australian Exports

    Gerard Kelly


    The Chinese authorities plan to gradually rebalance the composition of Chinese economic growth from investment towards household consumption. This article uses the World Input-Output Database (WIOD) to give a general sense of how this rebalancing might affect Australian exports and economic activity. Dollar for dollar, Chinese investment appears to absorb more than twice as much Australian value-added output as Chinese household consumption. This largely reflects the significant role of resou...

  20. Knowing Chinese character grammar.

    Myers, James


    Chinese character structure has often been described as representing a kind of grammar, but the notion of character grammar has hardly been explored. Patterns in character element reduplication are particularly grammar-like, displaying discrete combinatoriality, binarity, phonology-like final prominence, and potentially the need for symbolic rules (X→XX). To test knowledge of these patterns, Chinese readers were asked to judge the acceptability of fake characters varying both in grammaticality (obeying or violating reduplication constraints) and in lexicality (of the reduplicative configurations). While lexical knowledge was important (lexicality improved acceptability and grammatical configurations were accepted more quickly when also lexical), grammatical knowledge was important as well, with grammaticality improving acceptability equally for lexical and nonlexical configurations. Acceptability was also higher for more frequent reduplicative elements, suggesting that the reduplicative configurations were decomposed. Chinese characters present an as-yet untapped resource for exploring fundamental questions about the nature of the human capacity for grammar. PMID:26684059

  1. Medico-legal aspects of vertical root fractures in root filled teeth

    Rosen, E; Tsesis, I; Tamse, A;


    To analyse the medico-legal aspects of vertical root fracture (VRF) following root canal treatment (RCT).......To analyse the medico-legal aspects of vertical root fracture (VRF) following root canal treatment (RCT)....

  2. Supporting Chinese Speaking Skills Online

    Stickler, Ursula; Shi, Lijing


    Chinese is considered a difficult language to learn by most Western learners, yet recently more and more people are learning Chinese, and increasingly teaching is delivered online. Due to the nature of Chinese and the complexity of online learning, research has not yet produced sufficient information on students' and teachers' interaction during…

  3. Chinese Colleges Need More Endowment



    In this paper I talk about the importance of increased college endowments. First I will introduce the limited financial situation of current Chinese colleges. Second, I will present an analysis on the financial reports of STU and Yale. Thirdly, I will describe the current Chinese College endowment situation. In conclusion I will present four suggestions for enhancing current Chinese college endowments.

  4. The Chinese in Children's Books.

    New York Public Library, NY.

    This is a selective annotated list of children's books about China and the Chinese. Topics range from dynasties, the era of Western influence, emigration, revolution, to present day affairs. Most of the books have a Chinese setting, but some are about the Chinese in America. Listings are made under categories such as picture books, stories for…

  5. On Chinese Culture Curriculum Planning

    Wang, Catherine


    The importance of cultural elements in foreign language teaching has been widely accepted in recent years. This applies particularly to the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL) to non-native Chinese speakers at tertiary level in mainland China. However, there is no commonly accepted blueprint that defines the parts of Chinese culture…

  6. Concepts of Chinese Folk Happiness

    Ip, Po Keung


    Discourses on Chinese folk happiness are often based on anecdotal narratives or qualitative analysis. Two traditional concepts of happiness popular in Chinese culture are introduced. The paper constructs a concept of Chinese folk happiness on basis of the findings of a scientific survey on the Taiwanese people regarding their concepts of…

  7. Chinese Studies and Beyond

    Brødsgaard, Kjeld Erik


    politics", "corporatism", "civil society", "fragmented authoritarianism", etc. (Brødsgaard, 1989; Guo 2013). This paper will survey these approaches in order to place the analysis of the contemporary Chinese politics and history in a comparative perspective. A survey of the field will remind us that......Many different conceptual approaches and models have been used to analyze contemporary Chinese history and politics. Some of the more commonly used include "totalitarianism", "two-line struggle", "clientelism", "tendency analysis", "political culture", "interest group politics", "bureaucratic...

  8. Chinese Literature,Anyone?



    Like many other ancient cultures,China possesses an impressive and celebrated literary heritage. The master poets of the medieval Tang Dynasty(618-907), for example, are rightfully known as some of the world’s best lyric poets; the adventures of the Monkey King and his company—as told in the classical Chinese narrative Journey to the West—have achieved a global following (in part due to TV adaptations and the like); and novels, short story collections and memoirs by expat Chinese authors living in the West have won major literary prizes and become international bestsellers.

  9. Root anatomical phenes predict root penetration ability and biomechanical properties in maize (Zea Mays)

    Chimungu, Joseph G.; Loades, Kenneth W.; Lynch, Jonathan P.


    The ability of roots to penetrate hard soil is important for crop productivity but specific root phenes contributing to this ability are poorly understood. Root penetrability and biomechanical properties are likely to vary in the root system dependent on anatomical structure. No information is available to date on the influence of root anatomical phenes on root penetrability and biomechanics. Root penetration ability was evaluated using a wax layer system. Root tensile and bending strength we...

  10. Root development during soil genesis: effects of root-root interactions, mycorrhizae, and substrate

    Salinas, A.; Zaharescu, D. G.


    A major driver of soil formation is the colonization and transformation of rock by plants and associated microbiota. In turn, substrate chemical composition can also influence the capacity for plant colonization and development. In order to better define these relationships, a mesocosm study was set up to analyze the effect mycorrhizal fungi, plant density and rock have on root development, and to determine the effect of root morphology on weathering and soil formation. We hypothesized that plant-plant and plant-fungi interactions have a stronger influence on root architecture and rock weathering than the substrate composition alone. Buffalo grass (Bouteloua dactyloides) was grown in a controlled environment in columns filled with either granular granite, schist, rhyolite or basalt. Each substrate was given two different treatments, including grass-microbes and grass-microbes-mycorrhizae and incubated for 120, 240, and 480 days. Columns were then extracted and analyzed for root morphology, fine fraction, and pore water major element content. Preliminary results showed that plants produced more biomass in rhyolite, followed by schist, basalt, and granite, indicating that substrate composition is an important driver of root development. In support of our hypothesis, mycorrhizae was a strong driver of root development by stimulating length growth, biomass production, and branching. However, average root length and branching also appeared to decrease in response to high plant density, though this trend was only present among roots with mycorrhizal fungi. Interestingly, fine fraction production was negatively correlated with average root thickness and volume. There is also slight evidence indicating that fine fraction production is more related to substrate composition than root morphology, though this data needs to be further analyzed. Our hope is that the results of this study can one day be applied to agricultural research in order to promote the production of crops

  11. Nutritional regulation of root development.

    Ruiz Herrera, León Francisco; Shane, Michael W; López-Bucio, José


    Mineral nutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and iron (Fe) are essential for plant growth, development, and reproduction. Adequate provision of nutrients via the root system impacts greatly on shoot biomass and plant productivity and is therefore of crucial importance for agriculture. Nutrients are taken up at the root surface in ionic form, which is mediated by specific transport proteins. Noteworthy, root tips are able to sense the local and internal concentrations of nutrients to adjust growth and developmental processes, and ultimately, to increase or decrease the exploratory capacity of the root system. Recently, important progress has been achieved in identifying the mechanisms of nutrient sensing in wild- and cultivated species, including Arabidopsis, bean, maize, rice, lupin as well as in members of the Proteaceae and Cyperaceae families, which develop highly sophisticated root clusters as adaptations to survive in soils with very low fertility. Major findings include identification of transporter proteins and transcription factors regulating nutrient sensing, miRNAs as mobile signals and peptides as repressors of lateral root development under heterogeneous nutrient supply. Understanding the roles played by N, P, and Fe in gene expression and biochemical characterization of proteins involved in root developmental responses to homogeneous or heterogeneous N and P sources has gained additional interest due to its potential for improving fertilizer acquisition efficiency in crops. PMID:25760021

  12. The Mode of Dual Agricultural Insurance Institution: Way out of the Plight of Chinese Agricultural Insurance Institution

    Guoqu Deng


    Chinese agricultural insurance institution has not broken through the framework of initial choice, always evolving within the framework of unitary institution, which is the root of the plight of Chinese agricultural insurance. The way out of the plight is to establish and perfect a dual agricultural insurance institution in China, that is, existing agricultural insurance institution and organization structure should be employed in general agricultural disaster insurance, while agricultural ca...

  13. Unit roots and structural breakpoints in China's macroeconomic and financial time series

    LIANG Qi; TENG Jianzhou


    This paper applies unit-root tests to 10 Chinese macroeconomic and financial time series that allow for the possibility of up to two endogenous structural breaks.We found that 6 of the series,i.e.,GDP,GDP per capita,employment,bank credit,deposit liabilities and investment,can be more accurately characterized as a segmented trend stationarity process around one or two structural breakpoints as opposed to a stochastic unit root process.Our findings have important implications for policy-makers to formulate long-term growth strategy and short-run stabilization policies,as well as causality analysis among the series.

  14. Effect of parameter choice in root water uptake models – the arrangement of root hydraulic properties within the root architecture affects dynamics and efficiency of root water uptake

    Bechmann, M.; Schneider, C; Carminati, A.; Vetterlein, D.; Attinger, S.; Hildebrandt, A


    Detailed three-dimensional models of root water uptake have become increasingly popular for investigating the process of root water uptake. However, they suffer from a lack of information on important parameters, particularly on the spatial distribution of root axial and radial conductivities, which vary greatly along a root system. In this paper we explore how the arrangement of those root hydraulic properties and branching within the root system affects modelled uptake dynamics, xylem water...

  15. Comprehensive analysis of Panax ginseng root transcriptomes

    Jayakodi, Murukarthick; Lee, Sang-Choon; Lee, Yun Sun; Park, Hyun-Seung; Kim, Nam-Hoon; Jang, Woojong; Lee, Hyun Oh; Joh, Ho Jun; Yang, Tae-Jin


    Background Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) is a highly effective medicinal plant containing ginsenosides with various pharmacological activities, whose roots are produced commercially for crude drugs. Results Here, we used the Illumina platform to generate over 232 million RNA sequencing reads from four root samples, including whole roots from one-year-old plants and three types of root tissue from six-year-old plants (i.e., main root bodies, rhizomes, and lateral roots). Through de...


    P.S. Kruger


    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The “roots” of Industrial Engineering are certainly extensive, diverse and deep. Similarly, there are numerous historical “heroes” that made significant contributions to the development of the Industrial Engineering discipline. For the sake of argument, this article will assume that Industrial Engineering has at least two identifiable main roots, namely Determinism and Stochastism. The article attempts to trace the early history1 of the stochastic root which is very...

  17. Root pruning reduces root competition in living mulch cropping systems

    Båth, B.; Kristensen, Hanne Lakkenborg; Thorup-Kristensen, Kristian


    In intercropping systems with a cash crop and a living mulch intercrop, competition between the cash crop and the intercrop (the living mulch) often reduces the yield of the cash crop. This project investigated (1) the influence of root pruning of living mulches on aboveground biomass of white cabbage. Below-ground growth and competition were examined by measuring (2) root distribution in minirhizotrons and (3) uptake of 15N placed at different soil depths. Two field experiments were carried ...

  18. Plant root-microbe communication in shaping root microbiomes

    Lareen, Andrew; Burton, Frances; Schäfer, Patrick


    A growing body of research is highlighting the impacts root-associated microbial communities can have on plant health and development. These impacts can include changes in yield quantity and quality, timing of key developmental stages and tolerance of biotic and abiotic stresses. With such a range of effects it is clear that understanding the factors that contribute to a plant-beneficial root microbiome may prove advantageous. Increasing demands for food by a growing human population increase...

  19. Hypocotyl adventitious root organogenesis differs from lateral root development

    Inge eVerstraeten


    Full Text Available Wound-induced adventitious root (AR formation is a requirement for plant survival upon root damage inflicted by pathogen attack, but also during the regeneration of plant stem cuttings for clonal propagation of elite plant varieties. Yet, adventitious rooting also takes place without wounding. This happens for example in etiolated Arabidopsis thaliana hypocotyls, in which AR initiate upon de-etiolation or in tomato seedlings, in which AR initiate upon flooding or high water availability. In the hypocotyl AR originate from a cell layer reminiscent to the pericycle in the primary root (PR and the initiated AR share histological and developmental characteristics with lateral roots (LR. In contrast to the PR however, the hypocotyl is a determinate structure with an established final number of cells. This points to differences between the induction of hypocotyl AR and LR on the PR, as the latter grows indeterminately. The induction of AR on the hypocotyl takes place in environmental conditions that differ from those that control LR formation. Hence, AR formation depends on differentially regulated gene products. Similarly to AR induction in stem cuttings, the capacity to induce hypocotyl AR is genotype-dependent and the plant growth regulator auxin is a key regulator controlling the rooting response. The hormones cytokinins, ethylene, jasmonic acid and strigolactones in general reduce the root-inducing capacity. The involvement of this many regulators indicates that a tight control and fine-tuning of the initiation and emergence of AR exists. Recently, several genetic factors, specific to hypocotyl adventitious rooting in Arabidopsis thaliana, have been uncovered. These factors reveal a dedicated signaling network that drives AR formation in the Arabidopsis hypocotyl. Here we provide an overview of the environmental and genetic factors controlling hypocotyl-born AR and we summarize how AR formation and the regulating factors of this organogenesis are

  20. IAA transport in corn roots includes the root cap

    In earlier reports we concluded that auxin is the growth regulator that controls gravicurvature in roots and that the redistribution of auxin occurs within the root cap. Since other reports did not detect auxin in the root cap, we attempted to confirm the IAA does move through the cap. Agar blocks containing 3H-IAA were applied to the cut surface of 5 mm long apical segments of primary roots of corn (mo17xB73). After 30 to 120 min radioactivity (RA) of the cap and root tissue was determined. While segments suspended in water-saturated air accumulated very little RA in the cap, application of 0.5 μ1 of dist. water to the cap (=controls) increased RA of the cap dramatically. Application to the cap of 0.5 μ1 of sorbitol or the Ca2+ chelator EGTA reduced cap RA to 46% and 70% respectively compared to water, without affecting uptake. Control root segments gravireacted faster than non-treated or osmoticum or EGTA treated segments. The data indicate that both the degree of hydration and calcium control the amount of auxin moving through the cap

  1. Towards a multidimensional root trait framework: a tree root review.

    Weemstra, Monique; Mommer, Liesje; Visser, Eric J W; van Ruijven, Jasper; Kuyper, Thomas W; Mohren, Godefridus M J; Sterck, Frank J


    Contents 1159 I. 1159 II. 1161 III. 1164 IV. 1166 1167 References 1167 SUMMARY: The search for a root economics spectrum (RES) has been sparked by recent interest in trait-based plant ecology. By analogy with the one-dimensional leaf economics spectrum (LES), fine-root traits are hypothesised to match leaf traits which are coordinated along one axis from resource acquisitive to conservative traits. However, our literature review and meta-level analysis reveal no consistent evidence of an RES mirroring an LES. Instead the RES appears to be multidimensional. We discuss three fundamental differences contributing to the discrepancy between these spectra. First, root traits are simultaneously constrained by various environmental drivers not necessarily related to resource uptake. Second, above- and belowground traits cannot be considered analogues, because they function differently and might not be related to resource uptake in a similar manner. Third, mycorrhizal interactions may offset selection for an RES. Understanding and explaining the belowground mechanisms and trade-offs that drive variation in root traits, resource acquisition and plant performance across species, thus requires a fundamentally different approach than applied aboveground. We therefore call for studies that can functionally incorporate the root traits involved in resource uptake, the complex soil environment and the various soil resource uptake mechanisms - particularly the mycorrhizal pathway - in a multidimensional root trait framework. PMID:27174359

  2. Chinese Workers' Real Demand

    Li Zhen


    @@ A new generation different from their elders Cheap labor has built Chinas economic miracle.As China's economy has bounced back,wages have followed suit.But,for the new generation of Chinese migrant workers,wages are not enough to meet their needs.

  3. Targeting the Chinese Consumer



    @@ China's consumer markets have developed an almost mythic status in recent years; the Holy Grail for Western retailers and manufacturers desperate to carve a position in a market of such huge dimensions. But understanding the Chinese consumer is no easy task,as many overseas companies have found to their peril.

  4. Chinese Festivals and Customs.

    Green, Sandra Aili

    Traditional festivals and customs of the Chinese people are described in this publication which can be used with secondary level students. In the margins of the text are numbers which indicate slides and cultural objects that relate to the text. The text, however, can be used without the slides and objects. The following festivals are described:…

  5. Chinese Entrepreneurs Go Global

    Daniel Zhou


    Full Text Available China may be on the tipping point of explosive global growth. In response to changes in the global economy and an economic slowdown domestically, hundreds of thousands of Chinese SMEs are being encouraged to “go global” by their central and local governments. To a Chinese company, going global requires the expansion of its existing business in other countries or the development of new ventures with partners operating in other countries. Explosive growth in China may be possible, but it will depend on an appropriate strategy for going global. For a country that has firmly established itself as an international manufacturing hub, going global requires a shift in its entrepreneurial capacity, which is the focus of this article. We first assess the current situation in China to understand its current entrepreneurial focus and capacity, as well as the impetus for change. Next, we contrast the Kirznerian and Schumpeterian views of entrepreneurship to illustrate that – to go global – Chinese entrepreneurs must shift from an emphasis on exploiting pricing inefficiencies (i.e., Kirznerian entrepreneurship to an emphasis on innovation (i.e., Schumpeterian entrepreneurship. Finally, we examine unique characteristics of the business environment and culture in China, which are likely to impact the ability of Chinese entrepreneurs to go global.

  6. Chinese Lacquer Art



    Over the sweep of Chinese longstanding history,numerous treasures and heritages have been left over,among which the lacquer art is a brilliant one.China is the earliest country in the world using natural lacquer,In the early 1970s,archeologists unearthed a red lacquer wood bowl in an excavation in the

  7. Modelling Chinese Smart Grid

    Yuksel, Ender; Nielson, Hanne Riis; Nielson, Flemming;

    In this document, we consider a specific Chinese Smart Grid implementation and try to address the verification problem for certain quantitative properties including performance and battery consumption. We employ stochastic model checking approach and present our modelling and analysis study using...

  8. Chinese Borrowings in English

    JU Li-li


    There are eight types of English word formation, which are widely used nowadays in English. Among them, Borrowings, as one of widely used types of English word formation, has drawn people's attention because many English words are borrowed from other languages, such as German, Latin. This article aims to demonstrate Chinese Borrowings in English from two aspects.



    China Plans to Stabilize Population Growth by the ’30s of the Next Century On November 19, 1997, China’s State Councilor, Song Jian, revealed that China should be able to achieve control of population growth about thirty years into the next century, when the Chinese population reaches 1.5 to 1.6 billion.

  10. Why I Learn Chinese

    Benedicte; Corbiere


    <正>Even today, I still ask myself why I am so fascinated with Chinese language, history, culture, films, photos and economic development. My interest in China was not a spur-of-the-moment move; instead, all sorts of lucky chances since my childhood made me irresistibly interested in this great and impressive country. I was born in

  11. Cataloging Pirated Chinese Books

    Wang, Sze-Tseng


    Various types of pirated Chinese books are given with specific examples. The basic steps followed for the proper identification of these books is described, and remedies suggested in case the original is discovered after the book has been cataloged according to the information given by the book pirate. (13 references) (Author/NH)

  12. About Chinese Characters


    Some Chinese characters refer to natural phenomena andsubstances, such as "雨" yu (rain), "云" yun (clouds), "雪" xue (snow),"电" dian (lightning) and "雷" lei (thunder). The original form of "雨"was"(?)," in which"(?)" represents the cloud layer, and"(?)"symbolizes rain drops.

  13. Root hairs improve root penetration, root-soil contact, and phosphorus acquisition in soils of different strength.

    Haling, Rebecca E; Brown, Lawrie K; Bengough, A Glyn; Young, Iain M; Hallett, Paul D; White, Philip J; George, Timothy S


    Root hairs are a key trait for improving the acquisition of phosphorus (P) by plants. However, it is not known whether root hairs provide significant advantage for plant growth under combined soil stresses, particularly under conditions that are known to restrict root hair initiation or elongation (e.g. compacted or high-strength soils). To investigate this, the root growth and P uptake of root hair genotypes of barley, Hordeum vulgare L. (i.e. genotypes with and without root hairs), were assessed under combinations of P deficiency and high soil strength. Genotypes with root hairs were found to have an advantage for root penetration into high-strength layers relative to root hairless genotypes. In P-deficient soils, despite a 20% reduction in root hair length under high-strength conditions, genotypes with root hairs were also found to have an advantage for P uptake. However, in fertilized soils, root hairs conferred an advantage for P uptake in low-strength soil but not in high-strength soil. Improved root-soil contact, coupled with an increased supply of P to the root, may decrease the value of root hairs for P acquisition in high-strength, high-P soils. Nevertheless, this work demonstrates that root hairs are a valuable trait for plant growth and nutrient acquisition under combined soil stresses. Selecting plants with superior root hair traits is important for improving P uptake efficiency and hence the sustainability of agricultural systems. PMID:23861547

  14. Analysis of Puerarin and Chemical Compositions Changes in Kudzu Root during Growth Period

    Yiguo Zhao


    Full Text Available The kudzu root is one of the earliest medicinal plants listed in traditional Chinese medicine. In this paper, chemical compositions changes of kudzu roots from one year old to five years old were analyzed with respect to puerarin, acid-insoluble polysaccharides, acid-soluble polysaccharides, reducing sugar, protein, free amino acids, and lipid. In addition, the puerarin content was determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC method. The results showed that acid-soluble polysaccharides content of kudzu root increased with each growth period. In contrast, the acid-insoluble polysaccharides decreased significantly. The contents of reducing sugar and puerarin in kudzu root decreased significantly during its growth period. Beyond that, the contents of protein, free amino acids, and lipid in kudzu root ranged from 31.8 to 45.8 g/kg, 2.21 to 4.33 g/kg, and 32.2 to 76.9 g/kg, respectively. The trend of protein content coincided with the total content of free amino acids, in contrast to lipid. This paper provides a set of data and the select of kudzu root for the processing and development of new products of kudzu root.

  15. Roots of mappings from manifolds

    Brooks Robin


    Full Text Available Assume that is a proper map of a connected -manifold into a Hausdorff, connected, locally path-connected, and semilocally simply connected space , and has a neighborhood homeomorphic to Euclidean -space. The proper Nielsen number of at and the absolute degree of at are defined in this setting. The proper Nielsen number is shown to a lower bound on the number of roots at among all maps properly homotopic to , and the absolute degree is shown to be a lower bound among maps properly homotopic to and transverse to . When , these bounds are shown to be sharp. An example of a map meeting these conditions is given in which, in contrast to what is true when is a manifold, Nielsen root classes of the map have different multiplicities and essentialities, and the root Reidemeister number is strictly greater than the Nielsen root number, even when the latter is nonzero.

  16. Ultrasonic cleaning of root canals

    Verhaagen, Bram; Boutsioukis, Christos; Jiang, Lei-Meng; Macedo, Ricardo; van der Sluis, Luc; Versluis, Michel


    A crucial step during a dental root canal treatment is irrigation, where an antimicrobial fluid is injected into the root canal system to eradicate all bacteria. Agitation of the fluid using an ultrasonically vibrating miniature file has shown significant improvement in cleaning efficacy over conventional syringe irrigation. However, the physical mechanisms underlying the cleaning process, being acoustic streaming, cavitation or chemical activity, and combinations thereof, are not fully understood. High-speed imaging allows us to visualize the flow pattern and cavitation in a root canal model at microscopic scales, at timescales relevant to the cleaning processes (microseconds). MicroPIV measurements of the induced acoustic streaming are coupled to the oscillation characteristics of the file as simulated numerically and measured with a laser vibrometer. The results give new insight into the role of acoustic streaming and the importance of the confinement for the cleaning of root canals.

  17. Root Patterns in Heterogeneous Soils

    Dara, A.; Moradi, A. B.; Carminati, A.; Oswald, S. E.


    Heterogeneous water availability is a typical characteristic of soils in which plant roots grow. Despite the intrinsic heterogeneity of soil-plant water relations, we know little about the ways how plants respond to local environmental quality. Furthermore, increasing use of soil amendments as partial water reservoirs in agriculture calls for a better understanding of plant response to soil heterogeneity. Neutron radiography is a non-invasive imaging that is highly sensitive to water and root distribution and that has high capability for monitoring spatial and temporal soil-plant water relations in heterogeneous systems. Maize plants were grown in 25 x 30 x 1 cm aluminum slabs filled with sandy soil. On the right side of the compartments a commercial water absorbent (Geohumus) was mixed with the soil. Geohumus was distributed with two patterns: mixed homogeneously with the soil, and arranged as 1-cm diameter aggregates (Fig. 1). Two irrigation treatments were applied: sufficient water irrigation and moderate water stress. Neutron radiography started 10 days after planting and has been performed twice a day for one week. At the end of the experiment, the containers were opened, the root were removed and dry root weight in different soil segments were measured. Neutron radiography showed root growth tendency towards Geohumus treated parts and preferential water uptake from Geohumus aggregates. Number and length of fine lateral roots were lower in treated areas compared to the non-treated zone and to control soil. Although corn plants showed an overall high proliferation towards the soil water sources, they decreased production of branches and fine root when water was more available near the main root parts. However there was 50% higher C allocation in roots grown in Geohumus compartments, as derived by the relative dry weight of root. The preferential C allocation in treated regions was higher when plants grew under water stress. We conclude that in addition to the

  18. Root systems and generalized associahedra

    Fomin, Sergey; Reading, Nathan


    These lecture notes for the IAS/Park City Graduate Summer School in Geometric Combinatorics (July 2004) provide an overview of root systems, generalized associahedra, and the combinatorics of clusters. Lectures 1-2 cover classical material: root systems, finite reflection groups, and the Cartan-Killing classification. Lectures 3-4 provide an introduction to cluster algebras from a combinatorial perspective. Lecture 5 is devoted to related topics in enumerative combinatorics.

  19. Roots of unity in orders

    Lenstra Jr., H. W.; Silverberg, A.


    We give deterministic polynomial-time algorithms that, given an order, compute the primitive idempotents and determine a set of generators for the group of roots of unity in the order. Also, we show that the discrete logarithm problem in the group of roots of unity can be solved in polynomial time. As an auxiliary result, we solve the discrete logarithm problem for certain unit groups in finite rings. Our techniques, which are taken from commutative algebra, may have further potential in the ...

  20. Roots of Quaternion Standard Polynomials

    Chapman, Adam


    Here we present a reduction of any quaternion standard polynomial equation into an equation with two central variables and quaternion coefficients. If only pure imaginary roots are in demand, then the equation is with one central variable. As a result of this reduction we obtain formulas for the solutions of quadratic equations. Another result is a routine for analytically solving cubic quaternion equations assuming they have at least one pure imaginary root.

  1. Red Science: China's Scientific Capital and the Future of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Arturo Salazar


    Full Text Available The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS produces the scientific and technological breakthroughs that place China among the major players in scientific innovation. However, the control that the Chinese government exerts over the Academy and the tradition of guanxi among its members prevent the CAS from take-off and securing a free environment to conduct original research. The article assesses the economic logic of scientific control and its effects within the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The paper’s aim is to derive to what extent the CAS will remain as China’s main provider of scientific innovation. The “national innovation systems” approach and the cultural traditions rooted in Confucianism are revised in detail to provide an accurate perspective. The paper concludes that the CAS’ international reputation as a center of scientific and technological innovation might be at stake unless the Chinese government makes some critical reforms.

  2. Root hair mutants of barley

    Barley mutants without root hairs or with short or reduced root hairs were isolated among M2 seeds of 'Lux' barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) after acidified sodium azide mutagenesis. Root hair mutants are investigated intensively in Arabidopsis where about 40 genes are known. A few root hair mutants are known in maize, rice, barley and tomato. Many plants without root hairs grow quite well with good plant nutrition, and mutants have been used for investigations of uptake of strongly bound nutrients like phosphorus, iron, zinc and silicon. Seed of 'Lux' barley (Sejet Plant Breeding, Denmark) were soaked overnight, and then treated with 1.5-millimolarsodium azide in 0.1 molar sodium phosphate buffer, pH 3, for 2.5 hours according to the IAEA Manual on Mutation Breeding (2nd Ed.). After rinsing in tap water and air-drying, the M2 seeds were sown in the field the same day. Spikes, 4-6 per M1 plant, were harvested. The mutation frequency was similar to that obtained with other barley cultivars from which low-phytate mutants were isolated [5]. Seeds were germinated on black filter paper in tap water for 3 or 4 days before scoring for root hair mutants

  3. In vitro study of the tocolytic effect of oroxylin A from Scutellaria baicalensis root

    Yang Ling-Ling; Hsu Chun-Sen; Shih Huey-Chuan


    Abstract Scutellariae Radix is one of the well-known tocolytic Chinese herbs. Oroxylin A is isolated from the root of Scutellaria baicalensis. The main syndrome of preterm birth is caused by uterus contractions from excitatory factors. Administration of tocolytic agents is a strategy to prevent the occurrence of preterm births. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of oroxylin A on contractions of uterine strips isolated from non-pregnant female Wistar rats (250~350 g). Contrac...

  4. Effects of Manipulated Above- and Belowground Organic Matter Input on Soil Respiration in a Chinese Pine Plantation

    Juan Fan; Jinsong Wang; Bo Zhao; Lianhai Wu; Chunyu Zhang; Xiuhai Zhao; Gadow, Klaus V.


    Alteration in the amount of soil organic matter input can have profound effect on carbon dynamics in forest soils. The objective of our research was to determine the response in soil respiration to above- and belowground organic matter manipulation in a Chinese pine (Pinus tabulaeformis) plantation. Five organic matter treatments were applied during a 2-year experiment: both litter removal and root trenching (LRRT), only litter removal (LR), control (CK), only root trenching (RT) and litter a...

  5. Effect of laser pretreatment on germination and membrane lipid peroxidation of Chinese pine seeds under drought stress

    WU Junlin; GAO Xuehong; ZHANG Sheqi


    The germination of laser-irradiated Chinese pine seeds was carried out under drought stress.The activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and peroxidase (POD),and the content of malondialdehyde (MDA) were determined.Results showed notably increased germination percentage,root length,vitality index and fresh weight.The SOD and POD protective enzyme system activity of the Chinese pine seedlings obviously rose.It can be concluded that the germination and juvenile resistance of Chinese pine seeds under drought stress are enhanced after laser processing.

  6. Analysis on the Impact of the Fluctuation of the International Gold Prices on the Chinese Gold Stocks

    Jiankang Jin


    Full Text Available Five gold stocks in Chinese Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share and Comex gold futures are chosen to form the sample, for the purpose of analysing the impact of the fluctuation of the international gold prices on the gold stocks in Chinese Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share. Using the methods of unit root test, Granger causality test, VAR model, and impulse response function, this paper has analysed the relationship between the price change of the international gold futures and the price fluctuation of gold stocks in Chinese Shanghai and Shenzhen comprehensively. The results suggest the fluctuation of the international gold futures has a strong influence on the domestic futures.

  7. Analisis Homograf Aksara Cina pada Kamus Oxford Concise English- Chinese,Chinese-English

    Nathania, Lenny


    Homograph characters exist in every language as well as in Chinese. The Chinese homograph characters are phenomena that often make misunderstood by learners in pronunciation and meaning interpretation. In this thesis with a title “Analisis Homograf Aksara Cina pada Kamus Oxford Concise English – Chinese, Chinese – English” (“Analysis Chinese Homophones characters in Oxford Concise English - Chinese, Chinese - English Dictionary”), focus on Chinese homograph characters from i...

  8. Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) drying of the Chinese wolfberry fruits.

    Yang, Maosheng; Ding, Changjiang


    The conventional methods of drying Chinese wolfberry fruits cause loss of active ingredients and the drying time is very long. In order to explore and investigate the new method of drying Chinese wolfberry fruits, electrohydrodynamic (EHD) drying system was used to drying for Chinese wolfberry fruits with a multiple needle-to-plate electrode on five levels alternating voltage at 0, 20, 24, 28 and 32 kV and a multiple needle-to-plate electrode on a level direct voltage at 28 kV. The drying rate, the moisture rate, shrinkage rate, rehydration ratio, and Vitamin C contents of Chinese wolfberry were measured. Ten different mathematical drying models were also determined and compared to simulate drying curves based on the root mean square error, reduced mean square of the deviation and the coefficient of correlation. Each drying treatment was carried out at (25 ± 2) °C, the drying relative humidity was (30 ± 5) % and all samples were dehydrated until they reached the final moisture content (17 ± 1)/100 g. The results showed that the drying rate of Chinese wolfberry was notably greater in the EHD system when compared to control, and improved by 1.8777, 2.0017, 2.3676 and 2.6608 times, respectively, at 20, 24, 28 and 32 kV, compared to that of the control in the 5 h. The drying rate with multiple needles-to-plate electrode under AC electric field is faster than that with a multiple needle-to-plate electrode under DC electric field and the mass transfer enhancement factor heightened with the increase of voltage. The EHD drying treatments have a significant effect on rehydration ratio, and Vitamin C contents of Chinese wolfberry, but no significant differences was observed in shrinkage rate of Chinese wolfberry. The specific energy consumption of EHD drying (kJ·kg(-1) water) were significantly influenced by the alternating voltage, it heightened with the increase of voltage. The Parabolic model was best suited for describing the drying rate curve of

  9. An Introduction to Chinese Society of Immunology


    Chinese Society of Immunology (CSI) was founded in 1984. It has had over 5000 members, among whom 1000 are members of IUIS. There are six Chinese periodicals associated with the Society: Chinese Journal of Immunology, Immunological Journal, Current Immunology, Chinese Journal of Cellular and Molecular Immunology; Chinese Journal of

  10. An Introduction to Chinese Society of Immunology


    Chinese Socicty of Immunology (CSI) was founded in 1984. It has had over 5000 members, among whom 1000 are members of IUIS. There are six Chinese periodicals associated with the Society: Chinese Journal of Immunology,Immunological Journal,Current Immunology,Chinese Journal of Cellular and Molecular Immunology,Chinese Journal of

  11. Environ: E00178 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available E00178 Platycodon ... fluidextract (JP16) Crude drug Polysaccharide [CPD:C00420], Polygalacin D [CPD ... 17410], Betulin [CPD:C08618], Inuline [CPD:C08659] Platycodon ... grandiflorum [TAX:94286] Same as: D06812 Campanula ... ceae (bellflower family) Platycodon ... root Major component: Platycodin [CPD:C17443 C1748 ...

  12. Drug: D06812 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available D06812 Crude, Drug Platycodon ... fluidextract (JP16) Polysaccharide [CPD:C00420], Polygalacin D [CP ... 17410], Betulin [CPD:C08618], Inuline [CPD:C08659] Platycodon ... grandiflorum [TAX:94286] Same as: E00178 Campanula ... ceae (bellflower family) Platycodon ... root Major component: Platycodin [CPD:C17443 C1748 ...

  13. Plant root-microbe communication in shaping root microbiomes.

    Lareen, Andrew; Burton, Frances; Schäfer, Patrick


    A growing body of research is highlighting the impacts root-associated microbial communities can have on plant health and development. These impacts can include changes in yield quantity and quality, timing of key developmental stages and tolerance of biotic and abiotic stresses. With such a range of effects it is clear that understanding the factors that contribute to a plant-beneficial root microbiome may prove advantageous. Increasing demands for food by a growing human population increases the importance and urgency of understanding how microbiomes may be exploited to increase crop yields and reduce losses caused by disease. In addition, climate change effects may require novel approaches to overcoming abiotic stresses such as drought and salinity as well as new emerging diseases. This review discusses current knowledge on the formation and maintenance of root-associated microbial communities and plant-microbe interactions with a particular emphasis on the effect of microbe-microbe interactions on the shape of microbial communities at the root surface. Further, we discuss the potential for root microbiome modification to benefit agriculture and food production. PMID:26729479

  14. Descendant root volume varies as a function of root type: estimation of root biomass lost during uprooting in Pinus pinaster

    Danjon, Frédéric; Caplan, Joshua S.; Fortin, Mathieu; Meredieu, Céline


    Root systems of woody plants generally display a strong relationship between the cross-sectional area or cross-sectional diameter (CSD) of a root and the dry weight of biomass (DWd) or root volume (Vd) that has grown (i.e., is descendent) from a point. Specification of this relationship allows one to quantify root architectural patterns and estimate the amount of material lost when root systems are extracted from the soil. However, specifications of this relationship generally do not account ...

  15. At the Root Lies Love


    February 14 is Valentine’s Day,a festival recognized the world over by lovers.Recent years have seen more and more young Chinese begin to celebrate this festival and more people begin to reassess their love and marriage through this romantic occasion.

  16. Minimal Nielsen Root Classes and Roots of Liftings

    Marcio Colombo Fenille


    Full Text Available Given a continuous map f:K→M from a 2-dimensional CW complex into a closed surface, the Nielsen root number N(f and the minimal number of roots μ(f of f satisfy N(f≤μ(f. But, there is a number μC(f associated to each Nielsen root class of f, and an important problem is to know when μ(f=μC(fN(f. In addition to investigate this problem, we determine a relationship between μ(f and μ(f˜, when f˜ is a lifting of f through a covering space, and we find a connection between this problems, with which we answer several questions related to them when the range of the maps is the projective plane.

  17. Chinese Experiences on Orthokeratology.

    Xie, Peiying; Guo, Xi


    The prevalence of myopia in Chinese children has been rising each year. Research has shown that orthokeratology is a good method for controlling the progression of myopia. In this article, we review the current prevalence of myopia, the development and management of orthokeratology, and the myopia control methods used in China. A physical and health survey release indicated that the ratio of poor vision in every range of ages is still high in China. During the past 17 years, Chinese doctors have developed a standard fitting procedure and medical management of orthokeratology patients. This article also reviews the clinical studies in China for Ortho-K lenses, such as myopia control, effects and safety, corneal change, and lens design and fitting. Finally, we review the development of the International Academy of Orthokeratology Asia in China. PMID:26704137

  18. Photovoltaic for the Chinese

    China produces and exports about half of the photovoltaic cells made in the world. About 1000 Chinese enterprises work in the photovoltaic sector and the offer grows too fast to allow some enterprises to cope with lower and lower production costs. Research activities are a key element for the reduction of production costs but small companies can not usually sustain sufficient research. Economists foresee a strong reorganization of the sector: some enterprises will cease their photovoltaic activities, others will face financial difficulties, others will merge to make bigger companies. To make the demand bigger Chinese authorities are taking steps to develop the photovoltaic home market. The installed capacity of photovoltaic plants in China is expected to be somewhere between 11 GWc and 18 GWc in 2015, figures to be compared with only 0.9 GWc in 2010. (A.C.)

  19. Chinese Investment in Italy


    At the 12th China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) held on September 8-11 in Xiamen, Fujian Province, government officials and entrepreneurs from all over the world canvassed Chinese entrepreneurs and investors to invest in their countries. Foreign countries and regions rented 16,000 square meters of exhibition space, an increase of more than 50 percent from last year. Among the 74 participating countries and regions, more than 50 held seminars about their invest- ment environments. Besides the Caribbean countries and underdeveloped African nations that are actively attracting investment, developed countries such as the Untied States, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden also showed extraordinary enthusiasm in trying to win over Chinese investors. Beijing Review interviewed Marinella Loddo, Director of the Industrial Cooperation Division of the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade which is also known as the Italian Trade Commission (ICE).

  20. Making Chinese Money


    Dutch-based information provider expands in China to tap new market There are many secrets that foreign companies need to know before starting businesses in China.Wolters Kluwer knows a few of them. "You can never expect business success by introducing foreign products or services on an as-is basis in China.We need to provide something special to meet the demands of Chinese customers," said Shasha Chang,

  1. Making Chinese Money



    There are many secrets that foreign companies need to know before starting businesses in China.Wolters Kluwer knows a few of them."You can never expect business success by introducing foreign products or services on an as-is basis in China.We need to provide something special to meet the demands of Chinese customers," said Shasha Chang,Wolters Kluwer China CEO.

  2. Pollution Across Chinese Provinces

    Catherine Yap Co; Fanying Kong; Shuanglin Lin


    We revisit the environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) hypothesis using 1987-1995 data for Chinese provinces. A comparison of off-sample (1996-2004) predictions to actual emissions indicates that more stringent rules are still needed to fight industrial (waste water and dust) pollution. Auxiliary regressions show that conditional on income, northern provinces have lower industrial waste water pollution; non-coastal and provinces with smaller secondary industry shares have lower industrial (waste wa...

  3. Chinese institutional investors’ sentiment

    Kling, Gerhard; Gao, Lei


    We use daily survey data on Chinese institutional investors’ forecasts to measure investors' sentiment. Our empirical model uncovers that share prices and investor sentiment do not have a long-run relation; however, in the short-run, the mood of investors follows a positive feedback process. Hence, institutional investors are optimistic when previous market returns were positive. Contrarily, negative returns trigger a decline in sentiment, which reacts more sensitively to negative than positi...

  4. Actually existing Chinese matriarchy

    Stafford, Charles


    The essays in this volume present contemporary anthropological perspectives on Chinese kinship, its historical complexity and its modern metamorphoses. The collection draws particular attention to the reverberations of larger socio-cultural and politico-economic processes in the formation of sociality, intimate relations, family histories, reproductive strategies and gender relations – and vice-versa. Drawing on a wealth of ethnographic material from the late imperial period and from cont...


    Lingfang Fayol-Song


    Over the last two decades, Chinese nationals have increasingly been employed by multinational companies (MNCs) operating in China taking positions previously occupied by foreign expatriates from investor countries. The development of local managers has therefore become crucial in the field of human resource management because the success of these companies depends greatly upon the ability and competence of their executive management class. The present paper addresses the issue of how to devel...

  6. Buddhist Activism and Chinese Modernity

    Hung-yok Ip


    Full Text Available The history of modern Chinese Buddhism has begun to attract attention in recent years. Some scholars have done inspiring research as they unravel the integration of Buddhism into the highly secularized process of Chinese modernity by drawing on the repository of knowledge on modern China. While this special issue joins this exciting endeavor, it also uses Buddhism as a window to reflect on scholarship on Chinese modernity. Conceptually, this special issue presses scholars in the field of modern China to rethink the place of tradition in the course of modernity. Thematically we show the expansionist impulse of Chinese Buddhism: In addition to envisioning the geographical expansion of their religion, Chinese Buddhists have endeavored to enhance the significance of Buddhism in various dimensions of Chinese society in particular and human life in general.

  7. Transmitting Chinese Medicine

    Scheid, Volker


    Historians of Chinese medicine acknowledge the plurality of Chinese medicine along both synchronic and diachronic dimensions. Yet, there remains a tendency to think of tradition as being defined by some unchanging features. The Chinese medical body is a case in point. This is assumed to have been formalised by the late Han dynasty around a system of internal organs, conduits, collaterals, and associated body structures. Although criticism was voiced from time to time, this body and the micro/macrocosmic cosmological resonances that underpin it are seen to persist until the present day. I challenge this view by attending to attempts by physicians in China and Japan in the period from the mid 16th to the late 18th century to reimagine this body. Working within the domain of cold damage therapeutics and combining philological scholarship, empirical observations, and new hermeneutic strategies these physicians worked their way towards a new territorial understanding of the body and of medicine as warfare that required an intimate familiarity with the body’s topography. In late imperial China this new view of the body and medicine was gradually re-absorbed into the mainstream. In Japan, however, it led to a break with this orthodoxy that in the Republican era became influential in China once more. I argue that attending further to the innovations of this period from a transnational perspective - commonly portrayed as one of decline - may help to go beyond the modern insistence to frame East Asian medicines as traditional. PMID:26869864

  8. Advances in experimental methods for root system architecture and root development

    Jun-bang Wang; Xiu-juan Zhang; Chu Wu


    Plant roots play important roles in acquisition of water and nutrients, storage, anchoring, transport, and symbiosis with soil microorganisms, thus quantitative researches on root developmental processes are essential to understand root functions and root turnover in ecosystems, and at the same time such researches are the most difficult because roots are hidden underground. Therefore, how to investigate efficiently root functions and root dynamics is the core aspect in underground ecology. In this article, we reviewed some experimental methods used in root resear-ches on root development and root system architecture, and summarized the advantages and shortages of these meth-ods. Based on the analyses, we proposed three new ways to more understand root processes: (1) new experimental materials for root development; (2) a new observatory system comprised of multiple components, including many observatory windows installed in field, analysis software, and automatic data transport devices; (3) new techniques used to analyze quantitatively functional roots.

  9. How life is associated with colors in Chinese culture: utilizing colors based on Chinese five-essence theory

    Lee, Tien-Rein


    Chinese believe that Feng-shui, Ch'i, Tao, Yin and Yang are major components rooted in Chinese culture. Many people know life has to balance and harmonize with nature and the universe through the Five-essence. Ancient wisdom is successfully interwoven with mankind and the natural world. Elements such as orientation, season, color, sound, facial organs, viscera, stars, and numbers can be associated with life through the Five-essence Theory. Since color is one of the major components of the Five-essence Theory, everything in our life can be associated with colors through a conjoined covering process. Color selection process is part of the interaction between human beings and the universe. Depending on the achievement one is pursuing, the Five- essence Theory model can be treated as an interface between destiny and human beings. This study reports how life is associated with Chinese Five-essence based paradigms. Models were used to explain how Chinese utilize Five-essence Theory to select colors in their daily lives.

  10. Root status and future developments

    In this talk the authors review the major additions and improvements made to the ROOT system in the last 18 months and present their plans for future developments. The additions and improvements range from modifications to the I/O sub-system to allow users to save and restore objects of classes that have not been instrumented by special ROOT macros, to the addition of a geometry package designed for building, browsing, tracking and visualizing detector geometries. Other improvements include enhancements to the quick analysis sub-system (TTree::Draw()), the addition of classes that allow inter-file object references (TRef, TRefArray), better support for templates and STL classes, amelioration of the Automatic Script Compiler and the incorporation of new fitting and mathematical tools. Efforts have also been made to increase the modularity of the ROOT system with the introduction of more abstract interfaces and the development of a plug-in manager. In the near future, they intend to continue the development of PROOF and its interfacing with GRID environments. They plan on providing an interface between Geant3, Geant4 and Fluka and the new geometry package. The ROOT-GUI classes will finally be available on Windows and they plan to release a GUI inspector and builder. In the last year, ROOT has drawn the endorsement of additional experiments and institutions. It is now officially supported by CERN and used as key I/O component by the LCG project