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  1. Nursery and nursery products in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and Shanghai

    Post, J.H.; Zhang XiaoYong, Xiaoyong


    The production and demand of nursery products is growing rapidly in China, particularly in big cities as Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and Shanghai. The report describes the development and the prospects of production and demand of nursery products and the structure of the nursery sector in these regions. A distinction is made in required varieties. Attention is paid to business opportunities for foreign companies. Special information about regulations governing the import of nursery products is...

  2. Ecological footprint of Shandong,China

    CUI Yu-jing; Luc Hens; ZHU Yong-guan; ZHAO Jing-zhu


    Ecological footprint has been given much attention and widely praised as an effective heuristic and pedagogic device for presenting current total human resource use in a way that communicates easily to almost everyone since 1996 when Wackernagel and Rees proposed it as a sustainable development indicator. Ecological footprint has been improving on its calculation and still can be a benchmark to measure sustainable development although there are still ongoing debates about specific methods for calculating the ecological footprint.This paper calculates the ecological footprint of Shandong Province, China with the methodology developed by Wackemagel and analyzes the current situation of sustainable development in Shandong.

  3. Emplacement mechanism of Linglong granitoid complex, Shandong Peninsula, China

    WAN; Tianfeng


    [1]Mao Jianren, Petrological characteristics and forming condition of Linglong-Luanjiahe granite pluton, Eastern Shandong (in Chinese with English abstract), Journal of Changchun College of Geology, 1983, 3: 33-45.[2]Sang Longkang, Genesis and evolution of Linglong granites, Journal of China University of Geosciences (Earth Sciences) (in Chinese with English abstract), 1984, 9(1): 101-114.[3]Wen Zhizhong, Discussion on the isotopic age of Linglong granites, Shandong Geology (in Chinese with English abstract), 1985, 1(2): 1-8.[4]Wang Henian, Xu Kejing, Chen Yan, Middle petrozoic Linglong granites and their geological and geochemical evidences transformed by the later stage, Journal of Nanjing University (Earth Sciences) (in Chinese), 1998, (1): 105-118.[5]Hu Shiling, Wang Songshan, Sang Haiqing et al., Isotopic ages of Linglong and Guojialing batholiths in Shandong Province and their geological implication, Acta Petrologica Sinica (in Chinese with English abstract), 1987, (3): 83-89.[6]Xu Jinfang, Shen Buyen, Niu Lianzhu et al., On the granitoids related to gold mineralization in Jiaobei block, Shandong Geology (in Chinese with English abstract), 1989, 5(2): 1-126.[7]Zhang Lianying, Characteristics and geological significance of biotite in the granites situated in Zhaoyuan-Yexian metallogenic belt, Shandong Province, Collection of Geology and Seeking Mineral Deposits (in Chinese with English abstract), 1990, 5(3): 81-92.[8]Sang Longkang, You Zhengdong, Petrogenetic evolution of Linglong granites and their relationship to gold deposits in east Shandong Province, Journal of China University of Geosciences (Earth Sciences) (in Chinese with English abstract), 1992, 17(5): 521-529.[9]Chen Guanyuan, Sun Daisheng, Zhou Xunruo et al., Genetic Mineralogy and Gold Mineralization of Guojialing Granodiorite in Jiaodong Region (in Chinese with English abstract), Wuhan: China University of Geosciences Press, 1993, 230.[10]Chen Zhenshen

  4. Epidemiological analysis of injury in Shandong Province, China

    Zhang Jiyu


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Injury is an emerging public health problem with social development and modernization in developing countries. To describe the prevalence and burden of injury and provide elaborate information for policy development, we conducted a community-based household survey in the Shandong Province of China. Methods The survey was conducted in 2004. Participants were selected by a multi-stage random sampling method. Information on injuries occurring in 2003 was collected in four cities and six rural counties in Shandong Province, China. Results The estimated incidence rate of injury in Shandong Province was 67.7 per 1,000. Injury incidence was higher in rural areas (84.3 per 1,000 than in urban areas (42.9 per 1,000, and was higher among males (81.1 per 1,000 than females (54.1 per 1,000. The average years of potential life lost is 37.7 years for each fatal injury. All injuries together caused 6,080,407 RMB yuan of direct and indirect economic loss, with traffic injuries accounting for 44.8% of the total economic loss. Conclusion Injury incidence was higher among males than females, and in rural areas than in urban areas. Youngsters suffered the highest incidence of injury. Injury also caused large losses in terms of both economics and life, with traffic injuries contributing the most to this loss. Strategies for prevention of injury should be developed.

  5. Poliomyelitis surveillance in Shandong Province, China, 1990-92.

    Chiba, Y; Xu, A.; Li, L.; T. Lei; Takezaki, T; Hagiwara, A.; Yoneyama, T; T Fujiwara; Hara, M.; Yamamoto, T.


    In Shandong Province, China, programmes were initiated in 1991 for mass immunization against poliomyelitis and for the immediate reporting of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). The incidence of non-poliomyelitis AFP was found to be 0.46-0.61 cases per 100,000 children per annum. It appeared that illness resembling the Guillain-Barré syndrome was underreported. The incidence of such illness peaked among children aged 2-3 years. Although laboratory investigations have improved, in 1992 they were st...

  6. Trachoma rapid assessment in Shandong province of China

    Qu Yi; Bi Hongsheng; Wen Ying; Li Chaofeng; Wu Hui


    Background This research aims at identifying relative interventions on trachoma and testing the effectiveness of control measures adopted by assessing its prevalence and related risk factors in Shandong province of China.Methods Trachoma rapid assessment (TRA) was conducted in 6 sub-districts selected from Shandong province based on primary high risk assessment.Active trachoma in children aged 1-9 years and environmental risk factors of trachoma (unclean faces,absence of running water,and absence of flush toilets) were assessed (TRA 1).Control measures were taken in endemic areas.A second TRA (TRA 2) was conducted after 12 months in the same 6 districts and findings of the two TRAs were compared.Results In TRA 1,we found trachoma in 3 sub-districts and the detection rate was 4% (95% Cl:0.39%-11.12%),6% (95% Cl:1.18%-14.17%),and 6% (95% Cl:1.18%-14.17%) respectively.We could not find trachoma cases in TRA 2.Research data supports that children living with environmental risk factors face an increased risk to active trachoma.However,we could not find statistical evidence for this association,which may be caused by the limited data on prevalence.Conclusions This research indicates that the TRA methodology is easy to assess trachoma and its related risk factors.Based on the results of this study,we have already achieved the goal of "elimination of trachoma" in Shandong province,as the detection rate of trachomatous inflamation follicular/trachomatous inflammation intense in 1-9-year-old children was less than 5%.

  7. Countermeasures of Implementing Sustainable Development Strategy in Shandong, China

    Cui Jianhai


    This paper set forth the goals of implementing sustainable development strategy in Shandong Province guided by the view of scientific development of being people oriented, comprehensive,coordinated and sustainable. Based on the target of sustainable development strategy in Shandong province this paper discusses the main tasks in the sustainable development strategy Countermeasures for sustainable development strategy in Shandong province are put forward.

  8. Beijing



    As the nation's capital, Beijing hasunderstandably been positioned as China's political and cultural centel As the second largest economy among China's cities according to figures for 2003, Beijing also earns the title of an economic center. In the past two years Beijing has started to realize the indispensable value of finance for its overall economic development and set out to build a financial area in the city.

  9. Spatio-temporal Evolution on Geographic Boundaries of HFRS Endemic Areas in Shandong Province, China

    LIU Yan Xun; WANG Zhi Qiang; GUO Jing; TANG Fang; SUN Xiu Bin; XUE Fu Zhong; KANG Dian Min


    Objective To take effective strategies and measures for the prevention and control of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) endemic areas by investigating its dynamic geographical boundaries in Shandong Province, China. Methods The incidence of HFRS from 1982 to 2008 in Shandong Prvince, China, was detected with inverse distance weighting (IDW) interpolation based on geographical information system (GIS). Dynamic geographical boundaries of HFRS endemic areas in Shandong Province, China, were analyzed by geographical boundary analysis. Results The HTN-type endemic areas of HFRS were located in Linyi City in phase 1 (1982-1986), the SEO-type endemic areas of HFRS were located in Jining City in phase 2 (1987-2003), and the endemic areas of HFRS in Jining City gradually disappeared and the endemic areas of HFRS with mixed-types of reservoir rodents were located in Linyi City in phase 3 (2004-2008). Meanwhile, new endemic areas emerged in the northwestern Shandong province, China. Conclusion The SEO-type endemic areas of HFRS are located in western Shandong Province, China, and the HTN-type endemic areas of HFRS are located eastern Shandong Province, Chin, indicating that the endemic areas of HFRS should be vaccinated and rodents should be controlled.

  10. Travelling to china for the beijing 2008 olympic and paralympic games.

    Shaw, Marc T M; Leggat, Peter A; Borwein, Sarah


    The 29th modern Olympic Summer Games, conducted once every 4 years since 1896, will be held in Beijing, China, from 8 to 24 August 2008. There will be approximately 28 major and 302 minor events in 37 venues in the prominent cities of Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and also in Qingdao (a coastal town in Shandong Province), Qinhuangdao (northeast of Beijing), Shanghai, Shenyang (an industrial city in Liaoning Province) and in Tianjin (on the coast near Beijing). Following the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games will be conducted from 6 to 17 September 2008 in Beijing and 20 Paralympic Sports will be represented. This paper focuses on health and safety issues for travellers to China in general, although it makes specific references to advice for visiting Olympic and Paralympic athletes and team staff, who will be travelling to the games. It must be remembered that travel health advice can change, and that travellers should be advised to seek up-to-date travel health advice for China closer to their departure. PMID:17983975

  11. Disaster resilience in tertiary hospitals: a cross-sectional survey in Shandong Province, China

    Zhong, Shuang; Hou, Xiang-yu; Clark, Michele; Zang, Yu-Li; Wang, Lu; Xu, Ling-Zhong; FitzGerald, Gerard


    Background Hospital disaster resilience can be defined as a hospital’s ability to resist, absorb, and respond to the shock of disasters while maintaining critical functions, and then to recover to its original state or adapt to a new one. This study aims to explore the status of resilience among tertiary hospitals in Shandong Province, China. Methods A stratified random sample (n = 50) was derived from tertiary A, tertiary B, and tertiary C hospitals in Shandong Province, and was surveyed by ...

  12. Nucleotide sequence characterization and phylogenetic analysis of hantaviruses isolated in Shandong Province, China

    LI Jian; ZHAO Zhong-tang; WANG Zhi-qiang; LIU Yun-xi; HU Mao-hong


    Background China is the most severe endemic area of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) in the world with 30 000-50 000 cases reported annually, which accounts for more than 90% of total number of cases worldwide. The incidence rate of the syndrome in Shandong Province is one of the highest in China, which has ever reached 50 per 100 000 persons per year. However, the molecular characteristics of hantaviruses (HV) epidemic in Shandong Province remain unclear. Therefore it is useful to clarify nucleotide sequence and phylogenetic characteristics of HV isolated in Shandong Province in order to provide better advices to control and prevent HFRS.Methods RNAs were extracted from sera of clinically diagnosed patients and positive rodent lungs that were detected by indirect immunofluorescent assay (IFA). Partial M segments of HV were amplified from the RNAs with reverse transcription nested polymerase chain reactions (nested PCR) using hantavirus genotype specific primers. The nested PCR products were sequenced and compared with those from previously epidemic isolates in Shandong and with other representative HV sequences from GenBank. Phylogenetic tree analyses were performed based on the sequences of the M genes.Results Thirty-four HV isolates in Shandong showed 67.1%-100% nucleotide identities. The nucleotide homologies among 6 Hantaan viruses (HTNV) isolates in Shandong were 78.1%-98.7%, while the homologies among 28 Seoul virus (SEOV) isolates in Shandong were 93.7%-100%. There were at least 3 subtypes HTNV (H2, H5, H9) and 2 subtypes SEOV (S2, S3) in Shandong Province.Conclusions In Shandong Province, the homologies of HTNV were lower and there were no predominant subtypes,while the homologies of SEOV were higher and S3 was the predominant subtype. The homologies of SEOV from rodents were higher than those from patients. The distribution of subtypes in Shandong was similar to that of the adjoining provinces. Phylogenetic analyses of the sequences showed

  13. Legal-Ease Beijing & Northeast China Investment Facts



    Beijing and northeast China are fast becoming areas of growing interest to international investors. Here we highlight some aspects of major cities including the capital itself and other regional centers, and consider the options for setting up business in this area. While east and south China have developed primarily as export-based manufacturing centers, Beijing and northeast China represent two quite different aspects of China's macro economy. The capital is of course China's brain, with the greatest

  14. Pakistan-China Business Seminar Held in Beijing


    @@ On April 18, Pakistan-China Business Seminar was held in Beijing. Over 60 Chinese entrepreneurs attended the seminar, as well as Pakistani trade delegation members, who had earlier accompanied Pakistani Premier Shaukat Aziz in their visit to China.

  15. Clay Mineralogical Composition of Tea Garden Soils in Shandong Province, China

    Han, Jing-Long; Yang, Qi-Xia; Ming ZHAO; Liu, Ying-Xia; Egashira, Kazuhiko


    For assistance of the appropriate plant-nutrient management practice to keep the sustainable tea production in Shandong Province, particle-size and clay mineral analyses were carried out to the surface layer of soils collected in tea gardens of Laoshan region of Qingdao City and Dahainanchun region of Jimo City, Shandong Province, People's Republic of China. Variation of the particle-size distribution with sites was small in each region. The clay content ranged from 17.6 to 22.7% for soils ...

  16. Pulmonary tuberculosis among migrants in Shandong, China: factors associated with treatment delay

    Zhou, Chengchao; Chu, Jie; Geng, Hong; Wang, Xingzhou; Xu, Lingzhong


    Objective A timely initiation of treatment is crucial to better control tuberculosis (TB). The aim of this study is to describe treatment delay among migrant patients with TB and to identify factors associated with treatment delay, so as to provide evidence for strategy development and improvement of TB control among migrants in China. Design A cross-sectional study was conducted in Shandong province of China. A total of 314 confirmed smear positive migrant patients with pulmonary TB were inc...

  17. The development and practices of Strategic Environmental Assessment in Shandong Province, China

    Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), a newly-developed decision-making support tool, has been used in many developed and developing countries for predicting and evaluating potential environmental impact of policies, plans, and programs (PPPs), as well as for providing alternatives to avoid, mitigate, or compensate for these impacts. Unfortunately, due to the complexity and flexibility of SEA, to date there has been no consensus on a system which could be suitable for the contexts of different regions or countries. Different requirements and practices are observed in the different typical stages of SEA. Controversial areas include the appropriate indicators to apply in the early baseline setting stage, suitable methodologies for the impact assessment, and appropriate procedures for the SEA process. Given this, it is important to review and refine the SEA system specific to the context but informed by internationally agreed norms. As an illustration, this study reviews and proposes steps to refine the SEA system in Shandong Province, an economically powerful province of China, aiming to achieve sustainable development. Supported by the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China, Shandong Province employed SEA to reform the traditionally economy-oriented decision-making and incorporate consideration of environmental consequences into government deliberation on proposed PPPs. This paper illustrates the developmental process, procedures, and legal support for SEA in Shandong Province. By analyzing five SEA cases carried out by Shandong Province Environment Protection Bureau (SEPB) and Shandong University, problems in the SEA system were identified, and recommendations were made for improving the SEA system not only in Shandong Province but also other similar regions or countries.

  18. Paleomagnetic study of Shanwang formation, Shandong Province, China

    The measured direction of the stable remanence of Shanwang Formation, Shandong Province, is D = 355.8 deg., I = 47.1 deg. According to the axial geocentre dipole model, the paleolatitude there during Miocene was 28.3 deg. N. The corrected value based on far-sided effect is 32.4 deg. N. The uncorrected and corrected pole positions were (81.0 deg. N, 323.1 deg. E) and (84.6 deg. N, 339.7 deg. E) separately. Comparing them with paleo-flora shows that the corrected value of paleolatitude is probably reasonable. (author). 14 refs, 3 figs, 1 tab

  19. Dynamics of the Coordination of Economy-Society and Resource-Environment in Shandong Peninsula, China

    Han Rongqing; Zhao Minghua


    Shandong Peninsula, as a more developed region in Shandong Province even the east coast of China, is facing challenges from resources and environment pressures. This paper tried to track and assess the coordination status and the dynamic between resource-environment and economy-society systems in Shandong Peninsula during 2001-2008 in order to provide deci- sion support for regional sustainability. An appraisal index system was built including five aspects of harmony degree (A), sustain- ability degree (B), opening degree (C), stability degree (D) and controllability degree (E). The results showed that: 1) The coor- dination level of resource-environment and economy-society in Shandong Peninsula has continuously grown, and it has undergone three stages: no coordinated degree (2001-2002), weak coordi- nated degree (2003-2006) and basically coordinated degree (2007- 2008). 2) Five indexes of criterion hierarchy also increased overall, but each index showed different trends. Harmony degree, sustain- ability degree and opening degree rose all the time, while stability degree and controllability degree alternately rose and fell. The improvement of controllability degree was the slowest. 3) The ag- gravating trend of environmental pollution was slowing down. The economic growth was driven by industrial growth and urbanization typically and investment was still the main force to pull the regional economic growth. At the same time, technology and education were becoming more and more important for economic growth. The level of foreign capital utility declined and the geographical advantage of Shandong Peninsula was exerted. Meanwhile some characteristics of knowledge economy were presenting. Water re- sources become the main constraint factor of fast development in Shandong Peninsula. It is necessary to further strengthen the coordination ability of government on regional sustainable development.

  20. China Cotton label to be generalized


    "China Cotton"authorization press conference was held in Beijing on October 11. China Cotton Association granted authorization to the first four enterprises, allowing them to use the label of China Cotton on their qualified products. Shandong Lanyan Group, Beijing Miantian Textile Co., Ltd are among the fi rst companies authorized to use China Cotton label.

  1. Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Among Primary School Children in Shandong Province, China

    Xin, Ke-Sheng; Liu, Hui; Wang, Hong-Bing; Yao, Zong-Liang


    Although Toxoplasma gondii infection in primary school children has been investigated in many countries, limited surveys have been available in primary school children in China. In the present study, we report the seroprevalence of T. gondii infection in primary school children in Shandong province, China. Sera from 6,000 primary school children were evaluated for T. gondii antibodies with ELISA. The overall seroprevalence of T. gondii infection was 16.0% (961/6,000), of which 14.5% (870/6,000) were positive for anti-T. gondii IgG antibodies, 3.4% (206/6,000) positive for IgM, and 1.9% (115/6,000) were positive for both IgG and IgM. The results of the present investigation indicated a high seroprevalence of T. gondii infection in primary school children in Shandong province, China. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to prevent and control T. gondii infection in primary school children in this province. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of T. gondii seroprevalence in primary school children in Shandong province, China. PMID:26323849

  2. Isolation and characterization of Clostridium perfringens from apparently healthy animals of the Shandong province of China.

    Chai, T; Wang, L; Wang, H; Duan, H; Müller, W; Zucker, B A


    In a pilot study the presence and frequency of Clostridium (C.) perfringens was investigated among apparently healthy farm animals in the Shandong province of China. 748 faecal samples were collected from 9 pig-, 4 sheep-, 7 cattle- and 5 rabbit farms. C. perfringens was isolated from 124 samples (16.6%). The isolates were classified into major toxin types by using PCR analysis detecting the genes encoding these toxins. All isolates were identified as C perfringens toxin type A. There are also some reports from different regions in China linking C. perfringens toxin type A strains to gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore further investigations about the epidemiologic role of C perfringens toxin type A strains in the Shandong region are necessary. Currently, cases of enterotoxemia from this region are investigated for the presence of C perfringens. PMID:17970339

  3. Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Meteorological Drought in Shandong Province, China, from 1961 to 2008

    Xiaoli Wang; Xiyong Hou; Zhi Li; Yuandong Wang


    Shandong province is located in the northern part of China and tends to be a drought-prone region. This study is dedicated to making a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of the spatial patterns of drought frequency and its climate trend coefficient, drought grades, and temporal characteristics of drought coverage area, drought duration, and drought intensity from 1961 to 2008 by using the meteorological drought composite index (CI). The results indicated that the occurrence frequency of ...

  4. Beijing Bubble, Beijing Bust: Inequality, Trade, and Capital Inflow into China Beijing Blase, Beijing Krise: Ungleichheit, Handel und Kapitalzufluss nach China

    James K. Galbraith


    Full Text Available This paper explores the relationships between inequality, trade, and capital flows into China since the early 1990s and particularly in the first years of the present decade. We show that the rise in economic inequality in China has more to do directly with the activities associated with China’s financial and building boom, notably in Beijing, than with the massive growth in manufacturing employment and in Chinese exports since China joined the WTO in 2001. Nevertheless, it is likely that a flow of profits from the export boom did feed the speculative fires in the capital and elsewhere, and therefore it should be no surprise that the fall of one should be linked to the fall of the other, in a particularly painful reduction of economic inequality. In diesem Artikel werden die Beziehungen zwischen Ungleichheit, Handel und Kapitalzufluss nach China seit den frühen 1990er Jahren untersucht. Es wird aufgezeigt, dass die steigende wirtschaftliche Ungleichheit in China weit mehr mit Chinas Finanz- und Bauboom insbesondere in Beijing zu tun hat als mit dem großen Anstieg der Beschäftigung in der Produktion und in Chinas Exporten seit dem WTO-Beitritt im Jahr 2001.

  5. Bank of China Becomes Banking Partner of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


    @@ Beijing Olympic Committee announced recently that Bank of China become a partner of 2008 Olympic Games. Bank of China will provide abundant fund, banking financial products and related services for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and Paralympic Games, Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and China Olympic Committee and China Sports team to participate in 2006 Winter Olympic Games and 2008 Olympic Games.

  6. Parent-School Councils in Beijing, China

    Lewis, Wayne D.; Bjork, Lars G.; Zhao, Yuru; Chi, Bin


    This exploratory study examines how schools in Beijing have responded to a Chinese national policy mandate to establish and maintain parent councils. We surveyed principals and parent council members across schools in the Beijing municipality about the establishment and functions of their schools' parent councils. Survey results provide insights…

  7. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons residues in sandstorm depositions in Beijing, China.

    Fu, S; Li, K; Xia, X J; Xu, X B


    This study was conducted to determine the concentration of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in sandstorm depositions in Beijing, China. The PAH concentrations in 13 samples collected in Beijing ranged from 0.18 to 3.52 microg g(-1). Analysis of the sources of contamination revealed that the PAHs were derived from a coal combustion source, although various effects of traffic emissions were also observed. Furthermore, the PAH levels in Beijing tended to be higher in the southeast. Finally, the nemerow composite index revealed that the degree of pollution in the sandstorm depositions varied widely among sampling sites. PMID:18773130

  8. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons residues in sandstorm depositions in Beijing, China

    Fu, S.; Li, K.; Xia, X.J.; Xu, X.B. [Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing (China)


    This study was conducted to determine the concentration of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in sandstorm depositions in Beijing, China. The PAH concentrations in 13 samples collected in Beijing ranged from 0.18 to 3.52 {mu} g g{sup -1}. Analysis of the sources of contamination revealed that the PAHs were derived from a coal combustion source, although various effects of traffic emissions were also observed. Furthermore, the PAH levels in Beijing tended to be higher in the southeast. Finally, the Nemerow composite index revealed that the degree of pollution in the sandstorm depositions varied widely among sampling sites.

  9. Dietary Sodium Intake: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in Shandong Province, China, 2011

    Zhang, Juan; Xu, Ai-Qiang; Ma, Ji-xiang; SHI, Xiao-Ming; Guo, Xiao-Lei; Engelgau, Michael; Yan, Liu-Xia; Li, Yuan; Li, Yi-chong; Wang, Hui-Cheng; Lu, Zi-Long; Zhang, Ji-Yu; Liang, Xiao-feng


    Objective To investigate the knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) for dietary sodium intake among adult residents of Shandong Province, China Methods In 2011, we conducted a cross sectional survey among a representative sample of 15,350 adults aged 18 to 69 years using a standardized questionnaire to assess their KAP for sodium. Variation in the KAPs by gender, and residence location were compared using the Chi-square tests. Predictors for the ‘intention to’ and ‘currently taking action t...

  10. Testate amoebae communities from some freshwater and soil habitats in China (Hubei and Shandong Provinces)

    Anatoly BOBROV; Yuri MAZEI; Viktor CHERNYSHOV; Yingchun GONG; Weisong FENG


    Seventy-eight species and forms of testate amoebae were identified from 29 freshwater and soil habitats in three territories of China (Shandong and Hubei Provinces).Most abundant species from the genera Plagiopyxis,Centropyxis and Trinema represent the globally-distributed and eurybiont group of testate amoebae.The species richness was observed to be the lowest (7-12 species per biotope) in sandy sediments of the Yangtze River,but considerably higher (20-30 taxa) in soil environment.In the range of terrestrial habitats,the most remote communities from Laoshan Mountain in Shandong Province,China manifested the highest difference from others.On the other hand,communities originated in the most distant from industrial center places (Guifeng Mountain in Hubei Province,China) possess the most peculiar species composition including specific Gondwanian taxa (e.g.Nebela bigibbosa).In sum,the results obtained provide the evidence that the community complexity and specificity reduce in the places located within areas that are highly populated and intensively visited by humans.

  11. Beijing's nuclear strategy makes China a major player

    This article discusses China's nuclear strategy which is a subject of debate among Asia experts, even as Sino-Soviet relations warm to a point unseen since the 1950s. China lags in the number and sophistication of its weapons. But modernization, national pride and the shrinking U.S. and Soviet arsenals have made Beijing and an increasingly important player. Beijing insists that its arsenal is strictly for defensive purposes; they have signed an agreement to make the South Pacific a nuclear-free zone

  12. Detecting spatial-temporal clusters of HFMD from 2007 to 2011 in Shandong Province, China.

    Yunxia Liu

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD has caused major public health concerns worldwide, and has become one of the leading causes of children death. China is the most serious epidemic area with a total of 3,419,149 reported cases just from 2008 to 2010, and its different geographic areas might have different spatial epidemiology characteristics at different spatial-temporal scale levels. We conducted spatial and spatial-temporal epidemiology analysis to HFMD at county level in Shandong Province, China. METHODS: Based on the China National Disease Surveillance Reporting and Management System, the spatial-temporal database of HFMD from 2007 to 2011 was built. The global autocorrelation statistic (Moran's I was first used to detect the spatial autocorrelation of HFMD cases in each year. Purely Spatial scan statistics combined with Space-time scan statistic were used to detect epidemic clusters. RESULTS: The annual average incidence rate was 93.70 per 100,000 in Shandong Province. Most HFMD cases (93.94% were aged within 0-5 years old with an average male-to-female sex ratio 1.71, and the incidence seasonal peak was between April and July. The dominant pathogen was EV71 (47.35%, and CoxA16 (26.59%. HFMD had positive spatial autocorrelation at medium spatial scale level (county level with higher Moran's I from 0.31 to 0.62 (P<0.001. Seven spatial-temporal clusters were detected from 2007 to 2011 in the landscape of the whole Shandong, with EV71 or CoxA16 as the dominant pathogen for most hotspots areas. CONCLUSIONS: The spatial-temporal clusters of HFMD wandered around the whole Shandong Province during 2007 to 2011, with EV71 or CoxA16 as the dominant pathogen. These findings suggested that a real-time spatial-temporal surveillance system should be established for identifying high incidence region and conducting prevention to HFMD timely.

  13. Emplacement mechanism of Linglong granitoid complex, Shandong Peninsula, China


    The Linglong granitoid complex (LGC) is composed of four major plutonic units that intruded and cooled in the Middle Jurassic (170-155 Ma). Gravity-anomaly modeling indicates that the LGC is a sheet-like laccolith, less than 10 km thick, that dips shallowly below the surface toward the Tancheng-Lujiang (Tan-Lu) fault, a major lithospheric structure in Eastern China. Measurements of foliation in the field and measurements of planar and linear magnetic fabrics from the study of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility in the LGC indicate that foliation is dominantly shallowly dipping and magnetic lineation is mainly parallel to the dip direction of the laccolith toward the Tan-Lu fault zone. The trend of lineations is consistent with flow of magma up the thrust to reach shallower levels. The magma of the LGC probably originated by crustal melting within the Tan-Lu fault zone and the emplacement of magma occurred along a shallowly-dipping thrust that drained the Tan-Lu fault zone, the mechanism of which is mainly dike-fed model.

  14. Art Casting of China and 2008 Beijing Olympic Sculptures

    Hu Chunliang


    @@ The 2008 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, a major international multi-sport event, took place in Beijing, the People's Republic of China. It has well shown the Chinese people's dream and passion about the Games. Hosting an Olympic Games has been a century-old dream for the Chinese nation.

  15. China-ROK nanotechnology center formally opens in Beijing


    @@ The ceremony for unveiling the nameplate of the China-Korea Nanotechnology Research Center was held on the afternoon of 2 July in Beijing. CAS Executive Vice President BAI Chunli and Vice Premier and S&T Minister of Republic of Korea (ROK) Kim Woo-Sik were present to witness the event.

  16. Students' Experiences with Popular Music: The Case of Beijing, China

    Ho, Wai-Chung


    Since the 1980s, the establishment of a socialist market economy has quickened the pace of China's economic development; at the same time, increased modernization and globalization have influenced, to varying degrees, the development of music and music education. With reference to 12 secondary schools in Beijing, this empirical study examines…

  17. Polychlorinated biphenyl residues in sandstorm depositions in Beijing, China.

    Fu, Shan; Yang, Zhong-Zhi; Li, Ke; Xu, Xiao-Bai


    Sandstorms, which distribute many particles, are a special atmospheric occurrence and are frequent in northern China. We conducted this study to determine, for the first time, the concentration of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in sandstorm depositions. We collected 13 samples from urban areas of Beijing, and we measured a total of 144 PCB congeners. Thirteen samples all contained PCB residues. The total PCB concentration ranged from 1.6 to 15.6ngg(-1) (median, 4.8ngg(-1), dry weight), with trichlorinated biphenyls as the predominant homologue (>50.4%). Furthermore, we observed increasing PCB contamination from northwest to east Beijing. We later explored possible factors affecting contamination of the sandstorm depositions, which revealed a significant correlation between SigmaPCBs and the minimum particle size of the sandstorm deposition samples. Principal-component analysis revealed that the major source of PCBs in Beijing may be potentially associated with the number-one commercial PCB through the long-range transmission. In previous results, PCBs were not a severe component of contamination in sandstorm depositions of Beijing. However, this study suggested that sandstorm deposition may be a potential source of exposure to PCBs for the residents of Beijing, China. PMID:18674798

  18. Avian influenza H9N2 seroprevalence among pig population and pig farm staff in Shandong, China

    Li, Song; Zhou, Yufa; Zhao, Yuxin; Li, Wenbo; Song, Wengang; Miao, Zengmin


    Background Shandong province of China has a large number of pig farms with the semi-enclosed houses, allowing crowds of wild birds to seek food in the pig houses. As the carriers of avian influenza virus (AIV), these wild birds can easily pass the viruses to the pigs and even the occupational swine-exposed workers. However, thus far, serological investigation concerning H9N2 AIV in pig population and pig farm staff in Shandong is sparse. Methods To better understand the prevalence of H9N2 AIV...

  19. Charnockite Formation and Early Precambrian Crust Evolution in Yishui Area, Shandong Province, China


    Charnockite and granulite in Yishui area, Shandong Province are located in the middle part of the Tancheng-Lujiang fault zone, eastern China. Field studies have shown that the charnockites, derived from the adjacent granulites, are classified as three types: enderbite, garnet-enderbite and hypersthene-trondhjemite. In addition, two generations of minerals are present in the charnockites: the relic minerals such as garnet, hypersthene and clinopyroxene, and the neocrystallized minerals such as plagioclase and K-feldspar. The relic minerals occurring in the granulite facies stage were affected by the later partial melting. The relic minerals, irregular and usually ragged in shape, occupy the interstitial positions in the neocrystalline minerals. The neocrystalline minerals are usually euhedral-subhedral crystals. The study of petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry of charnokites concludes that the enderbite was formed by the anatexis of the two-pyroxene plagioclase granulite, that the garnet-enderbite was formed by the anatexis of sillimanite garnet gneiss, and that the hypersthene-trondhjemite was formed by the anatexis of the leucocratic two-pyroxene plagioclase granulite. The U-Pb dating of the zircon indicates that the formation of the charnockite and granulite was related to the Archean-Proterozoic upwelling of a mantle plume (hot spot)around 2 500 Ma, in Yishui area, Shandong Province.

  20. Mycotoxins in wheat flour and intake assessment in Shandong province of China.

    Li, Fenghua; Jiang, Dafeng; Zhou, Jingyang; Chen, Jindong; Li, Wei; Zheng, Fengjia


    In the present study, the occurrence and contamination levels of eight mycotoxins were investigated in wheat flour samples (n = 359) from Shandong Province of China. Samples were determined using a multi-mycotoxin method based on isotope dilution ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. The results indicated that the most frequently found mycotoxins were deoxynivalenol (DON) (97.2%), nivalenol (40.4%) and deoxynivalenol-3-glucoside (33.4%), and mean contamination levels in positive samples were 86.7, 3.55 and 3.34 µg kg(-1), respectively. The obtained data were further used to estimate the daily intake of the local population, and indicated that wheat flour consumption contributes little to DON exposure. However, with the aim to keep the contamination levels under control and to establish a more precise evaluation of the mycotoxin burden in Shandong Province, more sample data from different harvest years and seasons are needed in the future. PMID:26892316

  1. Bank of China Becomes Banking Partner of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


      Beijing Olympic Committee announced recently that Bank of China become a partner of 2008 Olympic Games. Bank of China will provide abundant fund, banking financial products and related services for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and Paralympic Games, Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and China Olympic Committee and China Sports team to participate in 2006 Winter Olympic Games and 2008 Olympic Games.……

  2. Exploration of diffusion kernel density estimation in agricultural drought risk analysis: a case study in Shandong, China

    Chen, W.; Shao, Z; L. K. Tiong


    Drought caused the most widespread damage in China, making up over 50 % of the total affected area nationwide in recent decades. In the paper, a Standardized Precipitation Index-based (SPI-based) drought risk study is conducted using historical rainfall data of 19 weather stations in Shandong province, China. Kernel density based method is adopted to carry out the risk analysis. Comparison between the bivariate Gaussian kernel density estimation (GKDE) and d...

  3. In-use vehicle emissions in China: Beijing study

    Oliver, Hongyan H.; Gallagher, Kelly Sims (Energy Technology Innovation Policy Research Group, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA (US)); Li, Mengliang; Qin, Kongjian; Zhang, Jianwei (China Automotive Research and Technology Center (CN)); Liu, Huan; He, Kebin (Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, Tsinghua Univ. (CN))


    China's economic boom in the last three decades has spurred increasing demand for transportation services and personal mobility. Consequently, vehicle population has grown rapidly since the early 1990s, especially in megacities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and Tianjin. As a result, mobile sources have become more conspicuous contributors to urban air pollution in Chinese cities. Tianjin was our first focus city, and the study there took us about two years to complete. Building upon the experience and partnership generated through the Tianjin study, the research team carried out the Beijing study from fall 2007–fall 2008. Beijing was chosen to be our second focus city for several reasons: it has the largest local fleet and the highest percentage of the population owning vehicles among all Chinese cities, and it has suffered from severe air pollution, partially due to the ever-growing population of on-road vehicles.

  4. A Survey of Occupational Therapy Practice in Beijing, China.

    Shi, Yun; Howe, Tsu-Hsin


    There is an increasing demand for rehabilitation services in China as a result of the growing number of people with physical and mental challenges, as well as the growing population of older adults. The purpose of this study was to explore the current occupational therapy (OT) resources available in Beijing, China, to serve as the first step in planning the response to increasing demand for OT services from the people of China. Specifically, using the snowball sampling survey method, we explored the work practice, including years of working experience, work setting, weekly work hours, annual income and factors related to job satisfaction among occupational therapists in Beijing, China. A total of 44 occupational therapists currently working in the Beijing area responded to our survey. The results demonstrated that most of the therapists working in Beijing area were young and inexperienced. Despite the fact that the participants had an average age of 31 years old and an average of 8 years' working experience, 61.4% of therapists were under 30 years old and more than half of therapists had less than 5 years of OT experiences. Among those included in the study sample, 50% had earned degrees in OT, and the rest of the OT personnel received OT-related on-the-job training in various forms and lengths of time. A majority of the participants worked in hospital settings with adults or children with physical disabilities and used therapeutic activities and therapeutic exercises. Being an occupational therapist is not a high-paying job. Education satisfaction, work experience and annual income are the factors related to job satisfaction for the participants. The majority of occupational therapists expressed the need to receive more support for clinical-related trainings. We plan to expand this pilot study nationwide to gain an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the OT workforce in China. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. PMID:26765795

  5. Geoscience information integration and visualization research of Shandong Province, China based on ArcGIS engine

    Xu, Mingzhu; Gao, Zhiqiang; Ning, Jicai


    To improve the access efficiency of geoscience data, efficient data model and storage solutions should be used. Geoscience data is usually classified by format or coordinate system in existing storage solutions. When data is large, it is not conducive to search the geographic features. In this study, a geographical information integration system of Shandong province, China was developed based on the technology of ArcGIS Engine, .NET, and SQL Server. It uses Geodatabase spatial data model and ArcSDE to organize and store spatial and attribute data and establishes geoscience database of Shangdong. Seven function modules were designed: map browse, database and subject management, layer control, map query, spatial analysis and map symbolization. The system's characteristics of can be browsed and managed by geoscience subjects make the system convenient for geographic researchers and decision-making departments to use the data.

  6. Spatiotemporal Characterization of Ambient PM2.5 Concentrations in Shandong Province (China).

    Yang, Yong; Christakos, George


    China experiences severe particulate matter (PM) pollution problems closely linked to its rapid economic growth. Advancing the understanding and characterization of spatiotemporal air pollution distribution is an area where improved quantitative methods are of great benefit to risk assessment and environmental policy. This work uses the Bayesian maximum entropy (BME) method to assess the space-time variability of PM2.5 concentrations and predict their distribution in the Shandong province, China. Daily PM2.5 concentrations obtained at air quality monitoring sites during 2014 were used. On the basis of the space-time PM2.5 distributions generated by BME, we performed three kinds of querying analysis to reveal the main distribution features. The results showed that the entire region of interest is seriously polluted (BME maps identified heavy pollution clusters during 2014). Quantitative characterization of pollution severity included both pollution level and duration. The number of days during which regional PM2.5 exceeded 75, 115, 150, and 250 μg m(-3) varied: 43-253, 13-128, 4-66, and 0-15 days, respectively. The PM2.5 pattern exhibited an increasing trend from east to west, with the western part of Shandong being a heavily polluted area (PM2.5 exceeded 150 μg m(-3) during long time periods). Pollution was much more serious during winter than during other seasons. Site indicators of PM2.5 pollution intensity and space-time variation were used to assess regional uncertainties and risks with their interpretation depending on the pollutant threshold. The observed PM2.5 concentrations exceeding a specified threshold increased almost linearly with increasing threshold value, whereas the relative probability of excess pollution decreased sharply with increasing threshold. PMID:26501430

  7. Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week in Beijing


    Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week 2012 Spring & Summer Series is held in Beijing from October 24 to November 2. More than 50 fashion brands and institutes, 40 designers and 180 emerging designers from home and abroad attended this year’s fashion week. For the very first time, the fashion week was entitled exclusively by Mercedes-Benz, making it a new member of this global fashion festival.

  8. Geochemistry of cenozoic basaltic rocks from Shandong province and its implication for mantle process in North China

    Cenozoic (Miocene to Pleistocene) basaltic rocks found in Shandong province of northern China include tholeiite, olivine tholeiite and alkali basalt. We present major, trace and rare earth elements data of these basalts and together with Sr-Nd isotopic data in the literatures to discuss the petrogenesis of these basalts. The basalts from Penglai area have higher K, Na and P and incompatible elements, but lower Ca, Mg and compatible elements contents than those from Changle area of Shandong province. Spidergrams indicate that Cenozoic basalts from Shandong province have geochemical characteristics similar to those of ocean island basalts (OIB) with slight positive Nb anomaly. The negative Ba, Rb and K anomalies found in the alkali basalts suggest the presence of residual phlogopite in the mantle source, indicating a metasomatic event occurred before the partial melting. The 143Nd/144Nd vs. 87Sr/86Sr plot suggested that basalts from Shandong province can be produced by MORB and EM-I components mixing. We propose that the EM-I type lithospheric mantle may have been produced by the recent H2O-CO2 -fluids metasomatism and the fluids may be derived from dehydration of the subducted slab. Based on Shaw's equation, the basalts from eastern and central Shandong province have undergone different degrees of particle melting from the mantle source. Degrees of partial melting and chemical composition of basalts from Shandong province suggest that the lithosphere has thickened progressively since the Miocene. On the basis of Ar-Ar ages of this study and the fractional crystallization model proposed by Brooks and Nielsen (1982), we suggest that basalts from Changle and Penglai areas belong to different magmatic systems which have undergone fractional crystallization and evolved progressively to produce other types of basalts. (author)

  9. Analysis of Energy-Efficiency Opportunities for the Cement Industry in Shandong Province, China

    Price, Lynn; Hasanbeigi, Ali; Lu, Hongyou; Wang, Lan


    China's cement industry, which produced 1,388 million metric tons (Mt) of cement in 2008, accounts for almost half of the world's total cement production. Nearly 40% of China's cement production is from relatively obsolete vertical shaft kiln (VSK) cement plants, with the remainder from more modern rotary kiln cement plants, including plants equipped with new suspension pre-heater and pre-calciner (NSP) kilns. Shandong Province is the largest cement-producing Province in China, producing 10% of China's total cement output in 2008. This report documents an analysis of the potential to improve the energy efficiency of NSP kiln cement plants in Shandong Province. Sixteen NSP kiln cement plants were surveyed regarding their cement production, energy consumption, and current adoption of 34 energy-efficient technologies and measures. Plant energy use was compared to both domestic (Chinese) and international best practice using the Benchmarking and Energy Saving Tool for Cement (BEST-Cement). This benchmarking exercise indicated an average technical potential primary energy savings of 12% would be possible if the surveyed plants operated at domestic best practice levels in terms of energy use per ton of cement produced. Average technical potential primary energy savings of 23% would be realized if the plants operated at international best practice levels. Energy conservation supply curves for both fuel and electricity savings were then constructed for the 16 surveyed plants. Using the bottom-up electricity conservation supply curve model, the cost-effective electricity efficiency potential for the studied cement plants in 2008 is estimated to be 373 gigawatt hours (GWh), which accounts for 16% of total electricity use in the 16 surveyed cement plants in 2008. Total technical electricity-saving potential is 915 GWh, which accounts for 40% of total electricity use in the studied plants in 2008. The fuel conservation supply curve model shows the total

  10. Source apportionment studies on particulate matter in Beijing/China

    Suppan, P.; Shen, R.; Shao, L.; Schrader, S.; Schäfer, K.; Norra, S.; Vogel, B.; Cen, K.; Wang, Y.


    More than 15 million people in the greater area of Beijing are still suffering from severe air pollution levels caused by sources within the city itself but also from external impacts like severe dust storms and long range advection from the southern and central part of China. Within this context particulate matter (PM) is the major air pollutant in the greater area of Beijing (Garland et al., 2009). PM did not serve only as lead substance for air quality levels and therefore for adverse health impact effects but also for a strong influence on the climate system by changing e.g. the radiative balance. Investigations on emission reductions during the Olympic Summer Games in 2008 have caused a strong reduction on coarser particles (PM10) but not on smaller particles (PM2.5). In order to discriminate the composition of the particulate matter levels, the different behavior of coarser and smaller particles investigations on source attribution, particle characteristics and external impacts on the PM levels of the city of Beijing by measurements and modeling are performed: a) Examples of long term measurements of PM2.5 filter sampling in 2010/2011 with the objectives of detailed chemical (source attribution, carbon fraction, organic speciation and inorganic composition) and isotopic analyses as well as toxicological assessment in cooperation with several institutions (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (IfGG/IMG), Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU), University Rostock (UR), Chinese University of Mining and Technology Beijing, CUMTB) will be discussed. b) The impact of dust storm events on the overall pollution level of particulate matter in the greater area of Beijing is being assessed by the online coupled comprehensive model system COSMO-ART. First results of the dust storm modeling in northern China (2011, April 30th) demonstrates very well the general behavior of the meteorological parameters temperature and humidity as well as a good agreement between modeled and

  11. Scrub typhus caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi Kawasaki-related genotypes in Shandong Province, northern China.

    Zhang, Luyan; Bi, Zhenwang; Kou, Zengqiang; Yang, Huili; Zhang, Aihua; Zhang, Shoufeng; Meng, Xiangpeng; Zheng, Li; Zhang, Meng; Yang, Hui; Zhao, Zhongtang


    Orientia tsutsugamushi, the causative agent of scrub typhus, is an obligate intracellular bacterium and characterized by dramatic genetic diversity. To elucidate the genotypes of O. tsutsugamushi populating in patients in Shandong Province, a new epidemic zone in China, we sequenced partial of the 56-kDa type-specific antigen gene (TSA) and identified the genotypes of 43 O. tsutsugamushi samples from human patients confirmed with scrub typhus from 2010 to 2013. All of the 43 sequences are in the same clade, 39 of them are in one branch and the other four sequences, nominated as SH1002, SH1306, SH1309, and SH1307 are in four separate branches. To clarify the clinical characterizations caused by Kawasaki-related genotypes, we studied the clinical profiles of these 43 scrub typhus patients. Most patients (88.1%) were farmers lived in rural areas. They presented with fever (100.0%), headache (79.1%), dizziness (32.6%), generalized myalgia (48.8%), fatigue (53.5%), anorexia (53.5%), facial flushing (23.3%), conjunctival congestion (11.6%), skin rashes (58.1%) and lymphadenopathy (23.3%). Eschar (97.7%) was quite common in patients, which provided doctors with a luminous clue for diagnosis of scrub typhus. Thrombocytopenia was seen in 23.1% of patients, and three patients (7.0%) had bronchopneumonia. There was no death report in Shandong Province during the study period. The present study provides beneficial data for clinical, serological, and molecular diagnosis of scrub typhus infections, and also provides foundations for subsequent studies. PMID:25575441

  12. Exploration of diffusion kernel density estimation in agricultural drought risk analysis: a case study in Shandong, China

    W. Chen


    Full Text Available Drought caused the most widespread damage in China, making up over 50 % of the total affected area nationwide in recent decades. In the paper, a Standardized Precipitation Index-based (SPI-based drought risk study is conducted using historical rainfall data of 19 weather stations in Shandong province, China. Kernel density based method is adopted to carry out the risk analysis. Comparison between the bivariate Gaussian kernel density estimation (GKDE and diffusion kernel density estimation (DKDE are carried out to analyze the effect of drought intensity and drought duration. The results show that DKDE is relatively more accurate without boundary-leakage. Combined with the GIS technique, the drought risk is presented which reveals the spatial and temporal variation of agricultural droughts for corn in Shandong. The estimation provides a different way to study the occurrence frequency and severity of drought risk from multiple perspectives.

  13. Exploration of diffusion kernel density estimation in agricultural drought risk analysis: a case study in Shandong, China

    Chen, W.; Shao, Z.; Tiong, L. K.


    Drought caused the most widespread damage in China, making up over 50 % of the total affected area nationwide in recent decades. In the paper, a Standardized Precipitation Index-based (SPI-based) drought risk study is conducted using historical rainfall data of 19 weather stations in Shandong province, China. Kernel density based method is adopted to carry out the risk analysis. Comparison between the bivariate Gaussian kernel density estimation (GKDE) and diffusion kernel density estimation (DKDE) are carried out to analyze the effect of drought intensity and drought duration. The results show that DKDE is relatively more accurate without boundary-leakage. Combined with the GIS technique, the drought risk is presented which reveals the spatial and temporal variation of agricultural droughts for corn in Shandong. The estimation provides a different way to study the occurrence frequency and severity of drought risk from multiple perspectives.

  14. PetroChina and Sinopec Release High-grade Gasoline into Beijing Market


    @@ Beijing Oil Products Marketing Company, a branch of PetroChina Refining and Marketing Company, held a ceremony to release 98-octane gasoline, the highest grade of gasoline in China's domestic market, at PetroChina's Youanmen Petrol Station in Beijing on June 3 at the price of 4.2 yuan per liter. This high-graded gasoline is also provided at other three petrol stations of PetroChina in the city: Nanhu, Liuyin and Guangtie. Several days earlier, PetroChina announced the first batch of 98-octane gasoline, more than 3000 tons, was carried into Beijing from PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical Company.

  15. Tobacco smoking among doctors in mainland China: a study from Shandong province and review of the literature

    Smith Derek R; Zhao Isabella; Wang Lina


    Abstract Background Tobacco control represents a key area in which doctors can make a significant positive impact on their patients’ lives. Despite this fact, however, doctors in certain regions of China are known to smoke tobacco at rates similar to or even exceeding those seen within the general population. Objective This study sought to investigate the smoking habits of doctors at a teaching hospital in Shandong province, as well as providing a brief review of smoking research that has bee...

  16. Biological control of aphids in wheat and vegetable crops : a multi-approach case study in Shandong province (China)

    Chevalier Mendes Lopes, Thomas; Bosquée, Emilie; Chen, Julian; Yong, Liu; Bragard, Claude; Francis, Frédéric


    This multi-approach study was conducted in the Shandong province (China) to assess the effectiveness of different biological control methods against aphids in wheat and vegetable crops. Three approaches were tested: (1) wheat/oilseed rape and wheat/pea associations, (2) potatoes/peas association, and (3) E-β-farnesene (aphid alarm pheromone) releasers in squashes under plastic tunnels. Aphids and aphidophagous beneficials were monitored by observations on plants. Wheat associations and E-β-fa...

  17. Impacts of Grain-for-Green and Grain-for-Blue Policies on Valued Ecosystem Services in Shandong Province, China

    Wei Song; Xiangzheng Deng; Bing Liu; Zhaohua Li; Gui Jin


    China launched a series of ecological restoration policies to mitigate its severe environmental challenges in the late 1990s. From the beginning, the effects and influences of the ecological restoration policies have been hotly debated. In the present study, we assessed the effects of two vital ecological restoration policies (Grain-for-Green and Grain-for-Blue) on valued ecosystem services in Shandong province. A new method based on the net primary productivity and soil erosion was developed...

  18. The link between interannual variation of the South China Sea summer monsoon onset and summer precipitation in Shandong Province


    Relationship between the onset date of South China Sea (SCS) summer monsoon and the summer rainfall in Shandong Province was examined by comprehensive analysis to establish a conceptual model of the link. If the summer monsoon occurs earlier, the 500 hPa level would induce the teleconnection of Eurasian pattern in the summer (June-August), which indicates that the western Pacific subtropical high is displaced northward further than usual, the Siberian high is intensified and the Okhotsk low is deepened. Under such circumstance, Shandong, located in the west side of the subtropical high and in front of the mid-Siberia high, would be expected to have a wet summer because it is quite possible for cold and warm air to meet and interact with each other in Shandong. Statistical analysis revealed that the 500 hPa anomalies over Korea and Japan were sensitive to the SCS monsoon onset date and very important to precipitation in Shandong, and that the convective activities over the deep water basin in the SCS in 24-26 pentads significantly influenced the position of the ridge lineof the western Pacific subtropical high. These findings yielded better understanding of the causative mechanisms involved in the precipitation generation, so that the knowledge gained can possibly be applied for long-lead forecast.

  19. Water Quality Management of Beijing in China


    At present, Beijing's water resources are insufficient and will become the limiting factor for sustainable development for the city in the near future. Although efforts have been made to control pollution, water quality degradation has occurred in some of the important surface water supplies, aggravating the water resource shortage. At present, approximately three quarters of the city's wastewater is discharged untreated into the urban river system, resulting in serious pollution and negatively influencing the urban landscape and quality of daily life. To counteract these measures, the city has implemented a comprehensive "Water Quality Management Plan" for the region, encompassing water pollution control, prevention of water body degradation, and improved water quality.The construction of municipal wastewater treatment plants is recognised as fundamental to controlling water pollution, and full secondary treatment is planned to be in place by the year 2015. Significant work is also required to expand the service area of the municipal sewage system and to upgrade and renovate the older sewer systems. The limitation on available water resources has also seen the emphasis shift to low water using industries and improved water conservation. Whilst industrial output has increased steadily over the past 10-15 years at around 10% per annum, industrial water usage has remained relatively constant. Part of the city's water quality management plan has been to introduce a strict discharge permit system, encouraging many industries to install on-site treatment facilities.

  20. Mesozoic mafic dikes from the Shandong Peninsula, North China Craton: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications

    Mesozoic mafic dikes are widely distributed in Luxi (Mengyin and Zichuan) and Jiaodong regions of the Shandong Peninsula, China, providing an opportunity of investigating the nature of the lost lithospheric mantle beneath the North China Craton (NCC). The mafic dikes are characterized by strong depletion in high field strength elements (HFSE), enrichment in light rare earth elements (LREE), highly variable Th/U ratios, high initial (87Sr/86Sr)i (0.7050-0.7099) and negative εNd(T) (-6.0 to -17.6). They were derived from melting of metasomatized portions of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle, followed by fractionation of clinopyroxenes. The similarity in Nd isotopic compositions between the Mengyin gabbro dikes and the Paleozoic peridotite xenoliths suggests that ancient lithospheric mantle was still retained at 120 Ma below Mengyin, although the ancient lithospheric mantle in many other places beneath NCC had been severely modified. There might be multiple enrichment events in the lithospheric mantle. An early-stage (before or during Paleozoic) rutile-rich metasomatism affected the lithospheric mantle below Mengyin, Jiaodong and Zichuan. Since then, the lithospheric mantle beneath Mengyin was isolated. A late-stage metasomatism by silicate melts modified the lithospheric mantle beneath Jiaodong and Zichuan but not Mengyin. The removal of the enriched lithospheric mantle and the generation of the mafic dikes may be mainly related to the convective overturn accompanying Jurassic-Cretaceous subduction of the paleo-Pacific plate. (author)

  1. Glass melt inclusion in clinopyroxene from Linqu Cenozoic basalt, Shandong Province, China

    ZHANG Hongfu; Eizo Nakamura; ZHANG Jin; Ishikawa Akira


    Cenozoic basalts from the Linqu County, Shandong Province, China entrain some clinopyroxene crystals, of which many contain abundant glass melt inclusions. These melt inclusions are extremely irregular in shape with most grain sizes in a range of 10-50 μm and coexist with low-Mg# olivines, labradorites and Ca-rich potassium feldspars. In-situ major and trace element analyses show that the glass melt inclusions are high in alkalis (Na2O+K2O > 10 wt%), SiO2 (>54 wt%), CaO and FeO (>4 wt%), but low in MgO (Mg# < 20), and have LREE enrichments ((Ce/Yb)cn = 11.6-16.4) and apparently positive Eu anomalies (Eu/Eu*>2), thus having phonolitic compositions. The compositional features of clinopyroxene crystals, glass melt inclusions and their coexistent minerals suggest that these melt inclusions were exotic melts in clinopyroxenes trapped prior to their entrainment in the host basalt. The discovery of these melt inclusions provides a new approach to further investigating the evolution of Meso- zoic lithospheric mantle beneath the southeastern North China Craton.

  2. Opportunity for inter-regional integration of electricity markets: the case of Shandong and Shanghai in East China

    In this paper, the opportunity for the inter-regional integration of the electricity market in East China is analysed on the basis of strategies for the future expansion of the electricity generation system. We assume that during its first stage, the operational breakthrough of the electricity sector reform in China will be to achieve an economic dispatch of the generating plants. On the basis of this assumed goal a multi-region model is proposed to appraise the potential benefits of an integrated inter-regional electricity market. This model includes: propositions on design and operation of the market, electricity demand forecasting, least-cost generating system expansion. As case study, three strategies of electricity supply are assessed in two provinces: Shandong and Shanghai in East China. While Shandong is a potential electricity exporter due to availability of primary energy resources, Shanghai is an electricity importer. The strategies include: autarkical expansion of each regional system, import/export only for minimizing operation costs, integration of the system expansion for minimizing total costs including operation and investment costs. One of the findings is that building up an inter-regional integrated electricity market is profitable for both the Shanghai and Shandong regions compared with the two other strategies, if the future regulation makes it possible to insure an economic dispatch of the generating power plants

  3. Incidence of congenital heart disease in Beijing, China

    YANG Xue-yong; LI Xiao-feng; L(U) Xiao-dong; LIU Ying-long


    Background The incidence of congenital heart disease has been studied in developed countries for many years, but rarely in the mainland of China. Fetal echocardiographic screening for congenital heart disease was first performed in Beijing in the early 2000s, but the impact was not clear. The current study was undertaken to determine the incidence of congenital heart disease in Beijing, China and to estimate the impact of fetal echocardiography on the incidence of liveborn congenital heart disease.Methods The study involved all infants with congenital heart disease among the 84 062 total births in Beijing during the period of January 1 and December 31, 2007. An echocardiographic examination was performed on every baby suspected to have congenital heart disease, prenatally or/and postnatally.Results A total of 686 infants were shown to have congenital heart disease among 84 062 total births. The overall incidence was 8.2/1000 total births. Mothers of 128 of 151 babies diagnosed prenatally were chosen to terminate the pregnancy. Two of the 151 infants died in utero. A specific lesion was identified for each infant and the frequencies of lesions were determined for each class of infants (total births, stillbirths and live births). The incidence of congenital heart disease in stillbirths and live births was 168.8/1000 and 6.7/1000, respectively. The difference between the incidence of total birth and the incidence of live birth was statistically significant (P<0.001).Conclusions The incidence of liveborn congenital heart disease in Beijing is within the range reported in developed countries. Fetal echocardiography reduce significantly the incidence of livebom congenital heart disease.

  4. China Quarterly Update World Bank Office, Beijing


    Overview China's economic growth has remained resilient as the macro stance moved towards normalization.Both fiscal and monetary policy contributed to the normalization.Consumption growth slowed in early 2011.But overall domestic demand held up well,supported by still strong investment growth.Real estate investment has so far remained robust to measures to contain housing prices- a policy focus.Reducing inflation is the other policy priority,after inflation rose to 5.4 percent,largely on higher food prices.

  5. A Comparative Study of Child Temperament and Parenting in Beijing, China and the Western United States

    Porter, Christian L.; Hart, Craig H.; Yang, Chongming; Robinson, Clyde C.; Olsen, Susanne Frost; Zeng, Qing; Olsen, Joseph A.; Jin, Shenghua


    The purpose of this investigation was to examine comparable dimensions and linkages between child temperament and parenting styles with samples from Beijing, China and the western United States. Participants included 404 mothers and fathers from Beijing, China and 325 mothers and fathers from the western United States. Both mothers and fathers…

  6. Solar dimming and brightening over Thessaloniki, Greece, and Beijing, China

    C. S. Zerefos; Eleftheratos, K.; Meleti, C.; Kazadzis, S.; Romanou, A.; C. Ichoku; G. Tselioudis; Bais, A.


    This work presents evidence that ultraviolet (UV)-A solar irradiances show increasing trends at Thessaloniki, Greece, where air quality has been improving because of air pollution abatement strategies. In contrast, over Beijing, China, where air quality measures were taken later, solar brightening was delayed. It is shown that until the early 1990s, UV-A irradiances over Thessaloniki show a downward trend of –0.5% yr-1, which reverses sign and becomes positive in the last decade (+0.8% yr-1)....

  7. Pedodiversity:A Case Study Based on 1:1 Million Scale SOTER of Shandong Province,China



    The diversity of soils derived from different parent materials and developed on different terrains inShandong Province, China, was analyzed with the theory of pedodiversity using a 1:1000000 scale soilsand terrain digital database (SOTER) of Shandong Province in a geographical information system (GIS)environment. Diversity index of soils derived from different parent materials followed the sequence of igneousrock > sedimentary rock > metamorphic rock > unconsolidated material. Diversity index of soils developedon different terrains followed the sequence of plain > medium-gradient mountain > medium-gradient hill> valley floor > medium-gradient escarpment zone > depression > high-gradient mountain. Abundancedistributions of these soil groups matched the logarithmic normal distributions.

  8. Utilizing Landsat TM Imagery to Map Greenhouses in Qingzhou, Shandong Province, China

    ZHAO Geng-Xing; LI Jing; LI Tao; YUE Yu-De; T. WARNER


    To build a rapid and accurate method for greenhouse vegetable land information extraction using an index model derived from TM digital data of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, based on a systematic analysis of the spectral characteristics of different land use types in the study area, a subset of the image was first made to eliminate the mountainous region not associated with vegetable distribution, and then water body pixels were masked. With this the V1 index model for greenhouse vegetable land extraction was developed. The index model indicated greenhouse vegetable land for Qingzhou in April 2002 was concentrated in the southeast and around rural residential areas. Field data used for an accuracy evaluation showed that greenhouse hectares determined with remote sensing were 95.9% accurate, and accuracy for the spatial distribution of greenhouse vegetable land cross checked with a random sample was 96.3%. Therefore, this approach provided an effective method for greenhouse vegetable land information extraction and has potential significance for management of greenhouse vegetable production in the study area, as well as North China.

  9. Dietary sodium intake: knowledge, attitudes and practices in Shandong Province, China, 2011.

    Juan Zhang

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To investigate the knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP for dietary sodium intake among adult residents of Shandong Province, China. METHODS: In 2011, we conducted a cross sectional survey among a representative sample of 15,350 adults aged 18 to 69 years using a standardized questionnaire to assess their KAP for sodium. Variation in the KAPs by gender, and residence location were compared using the Chi-square tests. Predictors for the 'intention to' and 'currently taking action to' reduce sodium intake were determined by multivariate logistic regression with adjustment for confounding factors. RESULTS: KAPs for dietary sodium intake among urban residents was generally more favorable than among rural residents. Women were likely to have more favorable KAPs than men. About four fifth of subjects reported that they favored a low sodium diets. However, 31% reported that consumption of less sodium results in less physical strength. Overall, 70% indicated their intention to reduce sodium intake, although only 39 % reported that they had taken action to reduce sodium. Multiple logistic regression analyses indicated that favorable actions to dietary sodium reduction were more likely to occur among those who were aware of the link between sodium and hypertension, and less likely among those who had unfavorable attitudes towards dietary sodium reduction. CONCLUSION: Increasing knowledge levels about the benefits of sodium reduction will be a key success factor for effective sodium reduction initiatives and is linked to favorable behavioral change. Emphasis should be placed on the rural area.

  10. Neogene seismites and seismic volcanic rocks in the Linqu area, Shandong Province, E China

    Tian H.S.


    Full Text Available The Yishu Fault Zone runs through the centre of Shandong Province (E China; it is a deep-seated large fault system that still is active. Two volcanic faulted basins (the Shanwang and Linqu Basins in the Linqu area, west of the fault zone, are exposed to rifting, which process is accompanied by a series of tectonic and volcanic earthquakes with a magnitude of 5-8. Lacustrine sediments in the basins were affected by these earthquakes so that seismites with a variety of soft-sediment deformation structures originated. The seismites form part of the Shanwang Formation of the Linqu Group. Semi-consolidated fluvial conglomerates became deformed in a brittle way; these seismites are present at the base of the Yaoshan Formation. Intense earthquakes triggered by volcanic activity left their traces in the form of seismic volcanic rocks associated with liquefied-sand veins in the basalt/sand intercalations at the base of the Yaoshan Formation. These palaeo-earthquake records are dated around 14-10 Ma; they are responses to the intense tectonic extension and the basin rifting in this area and even the activity of the Yishu Fault Zone in the Himalayan tectonic cycle.

  11. Isolation and genetic characterization of a tembusu virus strain isolated from mosquitoes in Shandong, China.

    Tang, Y; Diao, Y; Chen, H; Ou, Q; Liu, X; Gao, X; Yu, C; Wang, L


    Tembusu virus (TMUV) is a flavivirus, presumed to be a mosquito-borne flavivirus of the Ntaya virus subgroup. To date, however, there have been no reports indicating that mosquitoes are involved in the spread of TMUV. In this study, we report the first isolation of TMUV from Culex mosquitoes. We describe the isolation and characterization of a field strain of TMUV from mosquitoes collected in Shandong Province, China. The virus isolate, named TMUV-SDMS, grows well in mosquito cell line C6/36, in Vero and duck embryo fibroblast (DEF) cell lines, and causes significant cytopathic effects in these cell cultures. The TMUV-SDMS genome is a single-stranded RNA, 10 989 nt in length, consisting of a single open reading frame encoding a polyprotein of 3410 amino acids, with 5' and 3' untranslated regions of 142 and 617 nt, respectively. Phylogenetic analysis of the E and NS5 genes revealed that the TMUV-SDMS is closely related to the TMUV YY5 and BYD strains which cause severe egg-drop in ducks. The 3'NTR of TMUV-SDMS contains two pairs of tandem repeat CS and one non-duplicate CS, which have sequence similarities to the same repeats in the YY5 and BYD strains. Our findings indicate that mosquitoes carrying the TMUV may play an important role in the spread of this virus and in disease outbreak. PMID:23711093

  12. Sensitivity of the reference evapotranspiration to key climatic variables in Shandong Province, China

    Yang, Jialin; Liu, Chaoshun; Zhou, Cong


    The aim of this work was to predict responses of reference evapotranspiration (ETo) to perturbations of four climatic variables in Shandong province, China. For this purpose, ETo was estimated based on the FAO-56 Penman-Monteith equation, a non-dimensional relative sensitivity coefficient was employed. Climatic variables (i.e., daily air temperature, sunshine duration, wind speed and daily relative humidity) at 12 meteorological stations covering whole area (1960 to 2013) were collected firstly and used for the analysis. Results showed that ETo had positive sensitivities to air temperature, sunshine duration and wind speed, opposite to what were observed to relative humidity. The sensitivity of climatic parameters to ETo showed a decreasing trend: relative humidity> >sunshine duration>wind speed > air temperature. The sensitivity coefficients of different factors varied in time and space. From 1960 to 2013, the sensitivity coefficient of sunshine duration (Sn) showed a downward trend at a rate of (-4.3e-4)/a. The sensitivity coefficient of wind speed (SWS) and relative humidity (SRH) increased at a rate of (3.9e-4)/a and (1.9e-3)/a respectively, while the sensitivity coefficient of air temperature (ST) waved with a tiny decrease trend. The values of ST and Sn in southern were larger than in northern region. The values of SWS in southern and northeast region were smaller than that in the northern area. SRH in the central region was lower than other area, opposite to what were observed in coastal areas.

  13. Noble gases in corundum megacrysts from the basalts in Changle, Shandong Province, eastern China

    HU WenXuan; SONG YuCai; CHEN XiaoMing; TAO MingXin; ZHANG LiuPing


    This study presents noble gaseous data of the corundum megacrysts from the Cenozoic basalts in Changle, Shandong Province, eastern China. It is known that no noble gaseous data of corundum megacryst have been documented before. The 3He/4He ratios (1.13-7.37 Ra) of the corundums from Changle vary from atmosphere to MORB values; the 20Ne/22Ne (9.67-10.75) and 21Ne/22Ne (0.0280-0.0372) data define two linear trends on Ne three-isotope diagram, respectively, along the MFL and the correlation line between atmosphere and MORB; the 38Ar/36Ar (0.177-0.194) ratios, the 40Ar/36Ar (280.9-404.2) ratios and the 128-136Xe/132Xe ration with obvious 129Xe excess are generally higher than atmospheric component, but the 40Ar/36Ar ratios are much closer to atomospheric ratio. The isotopic compositions of noble gases (particularly for He and Ar) of the corundums are similar to those of pyroxene, anorthoclase megacrysts, and mantle-derived xenoliths from this area, and those of mantle-derived xenoliths from several areas in eastern China. Therefore, the noble gases trapped in the corundums probably are from mantle source, representing a 'mixed fluid' produced by the interaction between the lithospheric mantle and fluids releasing from the convective plate. Both the noble gas isotopic compositions and the oxygen isotopic compositions of the solid corundums are not the characteristics of crustal source. These suggest that the corundums crystallized from mantle-derived magmas with minimal crustal contamination.

  14. Refractive Error, Visual Acuity and Causes of Vision Loss in Children in Shandong, China. The Shandong Children Eye Study

    Jian Feng Wu; Hong Sheng Bi; Shu Mei Wang; Yuan Yuan Hu; Hui Wu; Wei Sun; Tai Liang Lu; Xing Rong Wang; Jonas, Jost B.


    PURPOSE: To examine the prevalence of refractive errors and prevalence and causes of vision loss among preschool and school children in East China. METHODS: Using a random cluster sampling in a cross-sectional school-based study design, children with an age of 4-18 years were selected from kindergartens, primary schools, and junior and senior high schools in the rural Guanxian County and the city of Weihai. All children underwent a complete ocular examination including measurement of uncorrec...

  15. Refractive Error, Visual Acuity and Causes of Vision Loss in Children in Shandong, China. The Shandong Children Eye Study

    Wu, Jian Feng; Bi, Hong Sheng; Wang, Shu Mei; Hu, Yuan Yuan; Wu, Hui; Sun, Wei; Lu, Tai Liang; Wang, Xing Rong; Jonas, Jost B.


    Purpose To examine the prevalence of refractive errors and prevalence and causes of vision loss among preschool and school children in East China. Methods Using a random cluster sampling in a cross-sectional school-based study design, children with an age of 4–18 years were selected from kindergartens, primary schools, and junior and senior high schools in the rural Guanxian County and the city of Weihai. All children underwent a complete ocular examination including measurement of uncorrecte...

  16. Bronze Tiger Sculptures Exhibition at the 4th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo

    Hu Chunliang


    @@ Sponsored and organised by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Chinese General Administration of Press and Publication and the Government of Beijing, the 4th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE) was successfully held in Beijing on November 26-29,2009. The Expo took China International Exhibition Centre as a main exhibition area with additional 9 sub-exhibition areas in the districts and counties of Beijing (total exhibition area 65,000 m2).

  17. Scrub Typhus: Surveillance, Clinical Profile and Diagnostic Issues in Shandong, China

    Zhang, Meng; Zhao, Zhong-Tang; Wang, Xian-Jun; Li, Zhong; Ding, Lei; Ding, Shu-Jun


    To elucidate the epidemic status, clinical profile, and current diagnostic issues of scrub typhus in Shandong Province, we analyzed the surveillance data of scrub typhus from 2006 to 2011 and conducted a hospital-based disease survey in 2010. Scrub typhus was clustered in mountainous and coastal areas in Shandong Province, with an epidemic period from September to November. The most common manifestations were fever (100%), eschar or skin ulcer (86.3%), fatigue (71.6%), anorexia (71.6%), and r...

  18. Tracking the Moisture Sources of an Extreme Precipitation Event in Shandong, China in July 2007:A Computational Analysis

    张弛; 李琦


    This paper utilizes a modified Water Accounting Model (WAM) to track the moisture sources of an extreme precipitation event in Shandong during 18-20 July 2007. It is found that different methods in dealing with the residual of the water budget always produce different results in moisture recycling calculations. In addition, results from the backward tracking without the residual are in complete agreement with those from the forward tracking with the residual, and vice versa, implying a mathematical consistency. We thus analyze and derive the conditions under which the two tracking approaches equate with each other. We applied the backward tracking to the Shandong extreme rainfall case and obtained quantitative estimates of moisture contributions of three selected regions away from the rainfall area. The results indicate that the spatial pattern rather than numerical value of the recycling moisture is more reliable in tracking the moisture sources. The moisture of this Shandong rainfall event comes mostly from the nearby upwind area in Southwest China, which is of the terrestrial origin; while the moisture originating from the neighboring West Pacific contributes little to this event.

  19. Current status and prediction of major atmospheric emissions from coal-fired power plants in Shandong Province, China

    Xiong, Tianqi; Jiang, Wei; Gao, Weidong


    Shandong is considered to be the top provincial emitter of air pollutants in China due to its large consumption of coal in the power sector and its dense distribution of coal-fired plants. To explore the atmospheric emissions of the coal-fired power sector in Shandong, an updated emission inventory of coal-fired power plants for the year 2012 in Shandong was developed. The inventory is based on the following parameters: coal quality, unit capacity and unit starting year, plant location, boiler type and control technologies. The total SO2, NOx, fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and mercury (Hg) emissions are estimated at 705.93 kt, 754.30 kt, 63.99 kt and 10.19 kt, respectively. Larger units have cleaner emissions than smaller ones. The coal-fired units (≥300 MW) are estimated to account for 35.87% of SO2, 43.24% of NOx, 47.74% of PM2.5 and 49.83% of Hg emissions, which is attributed primarily to the improved penetration of desulfurization, LNBs, denitration and dust-removing devices in larger units. The major regional contributors are southwestern cities, such as Jining, Liaocheng, Zibo and Linyi, and eastern cities, such as Yantai and Qindao. Under the high-efficiency control technology (HECT) scenario analysis, emission reductions of approximately 58.61% SO2, 80.63% NOx, 34.20% PM2.5 and 50.08% Hg could be achieved by 2030 compared with a 2012 baseline. This inventory demonstrates why it is important for policymakers and researchers to assess control measure effectiveness and to supply necessary input for regional policymaking and the management of the coal-fired power sector in Shandong.

  20. Adsorption and Desorption of Mercury(II) in Three Forest Soils in Shandong Province, China

    XUE Tong; WANG Ren-Qing; ZHANG Meng-Meng; DAI Jiu-Lan


    As one of the most toxic heavy metals with persistence,bioaccumulation,and toxicity in environment,mercury and its environmental problems have caused a global concern.To fully understand the behavior and fate of mercury (Hg)(II) in forest soils,a series of batch experiments were conducted to determine the adsorption and desorption characteristics of Hg(II) by three dark brown forest soils from Mount Taishan,Laoshan Mountain,and Fanggan Village in Shandong Province,China.The adsorption solution was prepared using 0.1 mol L-1 NaNO3 as background electrolyte,with Hg(II) at rising concentration gradients of 0.0,2.0,4.0,6.0,8.0,and 10.0 mg L-1.Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy was adopted to characterize the soil samples and soil-Hg complexes.It was found that Hg(II) adsorption isotherms could be well fitted with both Langmuir and Freundlich equations.The soil from Mount Taishan had the largest potential Hg(II) adsorption capacity,though with less adsorptive intensity.The percentages of Hg(II) desorbed from all soil samples were less than 0.6%,which suggested that all the soils studied had a high binding strength for Hg(II).The soil from Mount Taishan had a higher Hg(II) desorption capacity than the other soils,which indicated that the Hg(II) deposited on the topsoil of Mount Taishan from atmosphere may easily discharge to surface water through runoff.Results of the FTIR spectroscopy showed that the three soils contained the same functional groups.The relative absorbencies of soil-Hg complexes changed significantly compared with those of the soil samples and the adsorption of Hg(II) mainly acted on the O-H,C-O,and C=O groups of the soils.

  1. Refractive error, visual acuity and causes of vision loss in children in Shandong, China. The Shandong Children Eye Study.

    Jian Feng Wu

    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To examine the prevalence of refractive errors and prevalence and causes of vision loss among preschool and school children in East China. METHODS: Using a random cluster sampling in a cross-sectional school-based study design, children with an age of 4-18 years were selected from kindergartens, primary schools, and junior and senior high schools in the rural Guanxian County and the city of Weihai. All children underwent a complete ocular examination including measurement of uncorrected (UCVA and best corrected visual acuity (BCVA and auto-refractometry under cycloplegia. Myopia was defined as refractive error of ≤-0.5 diopters (D, high myopia as ≤ -6.0D, and amblyopia as BCVA ≤ 20/32 without any obvious reason for vision reduction and with strabismus or refractive errors as potential reasons. RESULTS: Out of 6364 eligible children, 6026 (94.7% children participated. Prevalence of myopia (overall: 36.9 ± 0.6%;95% confidence interval (CI:36.0,38.0 increased (P<0.001 from 1.7 ± 1.2% (95%CI:0.0,4.0 in the 4-years olds to 84.6 ± 3.2% (95%CI:78.0,91.0 in 17-years olds. Myopia was associated with older age (OR:1.56;95%CI:1.52,1.60;P<0.001, female gender (OR:1.22;95%CI:1.08,1.39;P = 0.002 and urban region (OR:2.88;95%CI:2.53,3.29;P<0.001. Prevalence of high myopia (2.0 ± 0.2% increased from 0.7 ± 0.3% (95%CI:0.1,1.3 in 10-years olds to 13.9 ± 3.0 (95%CI:7.8,19.9 in 17-years olds. It was associated with older age (OR:1.50;95%CI:1.41,1.60;P<0.001 and urban region (OR:3.11;95%CI:2.08,4.66;P<0.001. Astigmatism (≥ 0.75D (36.3 ± 0.6%;95%CI:35.0,38.0 was associated with older age (P<0.001;OR:1.06;95%CI:1.04,1.09, more myopic refractive error (P<0.001;OR:0.94;95%CI:0.91,0.97 and urban region (P<0.001;OR:1.47;95%CI:1.31,1.64. BCVA was ≤ 20/40 in the better eye in 19 (0.32% children. UCVA ≤ 20/40 in at least one eye was found in 2046 (34.05% children, with undercorrected refractive error as cause in 1975 (32.9% children. Amblyopia

  2. Surveillance for Avian Influenza A(H7N9), Beijing, China, 2013

    Yang, Peng; Pang, Xinghuo; Deng, Ying; Ma, Chunna; Zhang, Daitao; Sun, Ying; Shi, Weixian; Lu, Guilan; Zhao, Jiachen; Liu, Yimeng; Peng, Xiaomin; Tian, Yi; Qian, Haikun; Chen, Lijuan; Wang, Quanyi


    During surveillance for pneumonia of unknown etiology and sentinel hospital–based surveillance in Beijing, China, we detected avian influenza A(H7N9) virus infection in 4 persons who had pneumonia, influenza-like illness, or asymptomatic infections. Samples from poultry workers, associated poultry environments, and wild birds suggest that this virus might not be present in Beijing.

  3. Being the Pioneer of Life Sciences in China--Introduction to Beijing Genomics Institute

    Beijing Genomics Institute; Xin Zhang


    @@ The Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was officially founded in December 2003. Its predecessor, Beijing Huada Genomics Research Center, has presented significant contributions to the development of life sciences in China by its excellent scientific innovations and achievements in the last five years.

  4. Composition, distribution, and characterization of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in sandstorm depositions in Beijing, China.

    Fu, S; Yang, Z Z; Zhang, L; Li, K; Xu, X B


    This study was conducted to determine the concentration of 8 polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in sandstorm depositions in Beijing, China. The PBDE concentrations in 10 samples collected in Beijing ranged from 8.47 to 29.02 ng g(-1), with BDE-209 as the predominant congener (>85%). Principal component analysis revealed that the major source of PBDEs in Beijing may be potentially associated with deca-BDE. Furthermore, increasing PBDE contamination was observed from northwest to east Beijing. Finally, possible factors affecting contamination of the sandstorm depositions were subsequently explored revealing a significant correlation between SigmaPBDEs and the minimum particle size of the sandstorm deposition samples. PMID:19322505

  5. Tobacco smoking among doctors in mainland China: a study from Shandong province and review of the literature

    Smith Derek R


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Tobacco control represents a key area in which doctors can make a significant positive impact on their patients’ lives. Despite this fact, however, doctors in certain regions of China are known to smoke tobacco at rates similar to or even exceeding those seen within the general population. Objective This study sought to investigate the smoking habits of doctors at a teaching hospital in Shandong province, as well as providing a brief review of smoking research that has been conducted among doctors elsewhere in China. Method An anonymous questionnaire survey was distributed to doctors working at a university teaching hospital in 2008, as part of a larger study of occupational health issues in the healthcare profession. Results The overall smoking prevalence rate of doctors in this study was 36.3% with significant differences observed between the genders (males: 46.7% and females: 5.3%. Age and total career length were also correlated with smoking habit, although no significant associations were found with department of employment. Conclusions Overall, our study suggests that smoking rates among doctors in Shandong province are higher than those documented in many other countries, a finding which is consistent with previous research conducted in some other Chinese provinces. Addressing this issue from an intrinsic cultural perspective will clearly need to form the cornerstone of tobacco control efforts within the Chinese medical community in future years.

  6. Environmental surveillance of human enteroviruses in Shandong Province, China, 2008 to 2012: serotypes, temporal fluctuation, and molecular epidemiology.

    Wang, Haiyan; Tao, Zexin; Li, Yan; Lin, Xiaojuan; Yoshida, Hiromu; Song, Lizhi; Zhang, Yong; Wang, Suting; Cui, Ning; Xu, Wenbo; Song, Yanyan; Xu, Aiqiang


    Environmental surveillance is an effective approach in investigating the circulation of polioviruses (PVs) and other human enteroviruses (EVs) in the population. The present report describes the results of environmental surveillance conducted in Shandong Province, China, from 2008 to 2012. A total of 129 sewage samples were collected, and 168 PVs and 1,007 nonpolio enteroviruses (NPEVs) were isolated. VP1 sequencing and typing were performed on all isolates. All PV strains were Sabin-like, with the numbers of VP1 substitutions ranging from 0 to 7. The NPEVs belonged to 19 serotypes, and echovirus 6 (E6), E11, coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3), E3, E12, and E7 were the six main serotypes, which accounted for 18.3%, 14.8%, 14.5%, 12.9%, 9.0%, and 5.7% of NPEVs isolated, respectively. Typical summer-fall peaks of NPEV were observed in the monthly distribution of isolation, and an epidemic pattern of annual circulation was revealed for the common serotypes. Phylogenetic analysis was performed on environmental CVB3 and E3 strains with global reference strains and local strains from aseptic meningitis patients. Shandong strains formed distinct clusters, and a close relationship was observed between local environmental and clinical strains. As an EV-specific case surveillance system is absent in China and many other countries, continuous environmental surveillance should be encouraged to investigate the temporal circulation and phylogeny of EVs in the population. PMID:24837389

  7. 1st Meeting of China-ROK Eligibility Assessment Subcommittee Held in Beijing


    @@ The 1st Meeting of China-ROK Eligibility Assessment Subcommittee was held in Beijing on May 27. Sun Dawei, Chief Chinese representative and Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA)Deputy Director of presided over the meeting and Hong Zong, Chief ROK representative and Director of Security Service Standard Department of Technology Standard Institute of the Ministry of Industrial Resources of the Republic of Korea led a delegation to Beijing for the meeting.

  8. Dental and prosthodontic status of an over 40 year-old population in Shandong Province, China

    Creugers Nico HJ


    Full Text Available Abstract Background This study aims to (1 describe the dental status using DMFT for the whole dentition and the anterior, premolar and molar regions; (2 determine associations of demographic variables and socio-economic status (SES with DMFT and tooth replacement; (3 analyze to what extent the goal as proposed by the WHO -'the retention of not less than 20 teeth throughout life' is achieved. Methods DMFT and tooth replacement data of 1588 subjects over 40 years from urban and rural sites in Qingdao (Shandong Province, China were collected. Relative D, M, and F scores per dental region were calculated and compared by paired T-tests. Multivariable logistic regression was used to determine relationships with age, gender, place of residence, and SES. Results Mean numbers of D and F were low (1.36 respectively 0.27 at all ages. Molars had highest chance for D and M. For the molar region every additional year of age gave significantly lower chance for D and higher chance for M (OR: 0.98 and 1.02 respectively; both p ≤ 0.01. Mean number of M was associated with age (approximately 1.5 in each jaw at 40 years and 6 at 80 years. Females had higher chance for D (OR: 1.34; p ≤ 0.05 and F (OR: 1.69; p ≤ 0.01, and lower chance for M (OR: 0.60; p ≤ 0.01. Urban and rural subjects had similar chance for D; urban subjects had approximately 5 times more chance for F (p ≤ 0.01. SES had no relationship with D and M, however SES low was associated with F (OR: 0.45; p ≤ 0.01. Replacements were significantly associated with age (all dental regions except anterior region, gender (all dental regions, place of residence (whole dentition and molar region, and SES (whole dentition and premolar and molar regions. Conclusions The majority of subjects presented a reduced dentition. Molars were most frequently affected by D and M. D, M, F and replaced teeth were associated with the background variables, however differently for different dental regions. Above the age

  9. Effect of Miocene basaltic volcanism in Shanwang (Shandong Province, China) on environmental changes


    Miocene (16-10 Ma) basalts, together with significantly well-preserved fossils (including animal and plant fossils) in the contemporaneously tephra-rich Maar sediments, are located in Shanwang volcanic region, Shandong Province, China. Distribution area of the basaltic eruption products is about 240 km2. Detailed field observations indicate that most of basaltic rocks are fissure eruptive products and some are central eruptives constrained by linear faults. The well-preserved fossils in the lacustrine deposits have been considered to be a result of mass mortalities. Based on physically volcanologic modeling results, eruption column of the basaltic fissure activities in the Shanwang volcanic region is estimated to have entered the stratosphere. Petrographic observations indicate that the basalts have porphyritic textures with phenocrysts of olivine, pyroxene, plagioclase feldspar and alkali feldspar setting in groundmass of plagioclase feldspar, alkali feldspar, quartz, apatite and glass. Based on observations of tephra, tuff and tuffites collected in the Maar sediments of the Shanwang area, we determined major element oxide concentrations and volatile composition of melt inclusions in phenocrysts and matrix glasses by electron microprobe analysis. Volatile (including S, Cl, F and H2O) concentrations erupted into the stratosphere were estimated by comparing pre- and post-eruptive volatile concentrations. Our determination results show that contents of S, Cl, F and H2O emitted into the stratosphere were 0.18%-0.24%, 0.03%-0.05%, 0.03%-0.05% and 0.4%-0.6%, respectively, which was characterized by high-S contents erupted. Amounts of volatiles emitted in the Shanwang volcanic region are much higher than those in eruptions which had a substantial effect on climate and environment. According to the compositions and amounts of the volatiles erupted from the Miocene basaltic volcanism in Shanwang, we propose a hypothesis that volatile-rich basaltic volcanism could result in

  10. Floristic analysis and distribution pattern of alien plants in Shandong Province,eastern China


    Alien plants,along with their ecological invasion and negative impacts on indigenous species diversity and ecosystems,are one of the major topics of current ecological research.The background investigation and floristic analysis of alien plants are very important and form an essential database for invasive species research,control and management.In our study these alien plants,mainly collected from the Flora of Shandong Province,combined with a field survey,were studied and analyzed.We also established a floristic database.Our findings are as follows:1) there are a total of 827 alien species,belonging to 122 families and 416 genera of which 348 species were imported from other countries;2) a high proportion,39.0% of the flora in Shandong Province,is accounted for by alien species,of which 21 dominant families largely belong to the Rosaceae,Leguminosae,Asteraceae and Gramineae;3) the diverse geographical distribution of the genera is characterized by species dominant in the temperate zone which accounts for 52.5% of the alien plants and 44.1% of the plants from the tropics;4) the origins of alien species and their centralized distribution in Shandong together show the anthropogenic effect and unnatural impacts on the environment and 5) in Shandong Province,alien plants originate more from temperate zones than from any other areas of the world.

  11. Cooperative medical insurance and the cost of care in Shandong, PR China: perspectives of patients and community members.

    Mahmood, Mohammad Afzal; Raulli, Alexandra; Yan, Wang; Dong, Han; Aiguo, Zhang; Ping, Dong


    This research was conducted to identify the cost of care associated with utilization of village clinics and membership of the New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS) in 2 counties of Shandong province, PR China. A total of 397 community members and 297 patients who used the village clinics were interviewed. The average cost for primary care treatment of 1 episode of illness was about 55 yuan (about US$8). Although more than 50% of people had NCMS membership, many consider the monetary reimbursements as insufficient. The low insurance reimbursement rates and inability to pay out-of-pocket expenses compromise access to care. Delays can cause more serious illnesses with potential to overburden the secondary care at the township and county hospitals. Those rural people who have not yet enjoyed the benefits of China's economic development may not benefit from recent health care reform and finance mechanisms unless schemes such as the NCMS provide more substantial subsidies. PMID:20702447

  12. Measurements of thoron and radon progeny concentrations in Beijing, China

    It has been reported that thoron levels in China are above the world average and may therefore make a significant contribution to the natural background radiation dose. We therefore conducted a pilot study of concentrations of both thoron and radon progeny during the spring of 2006 in the Beijing area, China. A new type of portable 24 h integrating monitor with a CR-39 detector was used during the survey. Seventy dwellings and eight outdoor sites were measured during the survey. For country houses built of red bricks and slurry, the average equilibrium equivalent concentrations (EEC) of thoron and radon were 1.02 ± 0.48 and 16.41 ± 9.02 Bq m-3, respectively, whereas for city dwellings built of cement blocks and floor slabs, the results were 0.48 ± 0.47 and 11.50 ± 6.99 Bq m-3 for thoron and radon, respectively. For outdoor air, concentrations of thoron and radon progeny were 0.29 ± 0.28 and 7.05 ± 2.68 Bq m-3, respectively. Radiation exposures from thoron and radon progeny were also evaluated; the ratio of dose contribution from thoron progeny to that of radon progeny was evaluated to be 28% and 17% in country houses and city dwellings, respectively. (note)

  13. Impacts of Grain-for-Green and Grain-for-Blue Policies on Valued Ecosystem Services in Shandong Province, China

    Wei Song


    Full Text Available China launched a series of ecological restoration policies to mitigate its severe environmental challenges in the late 1990s. From the beginning, the effects and influences of the ecological restoration policies have been hotly debated. In the present study, we assessed the effects of two vital ecological restoration policies (Grain-for-Green and Grain-for-Blue on valued ecosystem services in Shandong province. A new method based on the net primary productivity and soil erosion was developed to assess the ecosystem service value. In the areas implementing the Grain-for-Green and Grain-for-Blue policies, the ecosystem service value increased by 24.01% and 43.10% during 2000–2008, respectively. However, comparing to the average increase of ecosystem service value (46.00% in the whole of Shandong province in the same period, Grain-for-Green and Grain-for-Blue did not significantly improve overall ecosystem services. The ecological restoration policy led to significant tradeoffs in ecosystem services. Grain-for-Green improved the ecosystem service function of nutrient cycling, organic material provision, and regulation of gases but decreased that of water conservation. Grain-for-Blue increased the water conservation function but led to a reduction in the function of soil conservation and nutrient cycling.

  14. Ozone and ozone injury on plants in and around Beijing, China

    Ozone (O3) levels were assessed for the first time with passive samplers at 10 sites in and around Beijing in summer 2012. Average O3 concentrations were higher at locations around Beijing than in the city center. Levels varied with site locations and ranged from 22.5 to 48.1 ppb and were highest at three locations. Hourly O3 concentrations exceeded 40 ppb for 128 h and 80 ppb for 17 h from 2 to 9 in August at one site, where it had a real-time O3 analyzer. Extensive foliar O3 injury was found on 19 species of native and cultivated trees, shrubs, and herbs at 6 of the 10 study sites and the other 2 sites without passive sampler. This is the first report of O3 foliar injury in and around Beijing. Our results warrant an extensive program of O3 monitoring and foliar O3 injury assessment in and around Beijing. - Highlights: • Plants have been threatened by high O3 concentration in and around Beijing, China. • 19 plant species are reported as obvious ambient O3 injury symptoms in Beijing. • The O3 injury symptoms occur more often where ambient O3 concentration is higher. • The results warrant more extensive and long-term study of ambient O3 in China. - First report of ozone incidence and ozone injury on plants in and around Beijing, China

  15. Shandong Agricultural Products Exports: Growth, Problems and Countermeasures

    Bing Li


    This paper analyses the reasons of the export growth for the Shandong agricultural products which can be attributed to the Shandong agricultural export enterprises’ efforts and Shandong provincial government’s strong supports. Though Shandong agricultural products exports achieved a big success all over the China, there are still some internal problems and external constraints that hinder its further and sustainable developments. Existing main problems for the exports of Shandong agricultural...

  16. Epidemiological Characteristics of Hypertension in the Elderly in Beijing, China.

    Lina Ma

    Full Text Available The prevalence rate of hypertension increases significantly with the aging society, and hypertension is obviously becoming a major health care concern in China. The aim of the study was to explore the epidemiological characteristics of hypertension in the elderly and to provide a basis for the prevention of hypertension.3-cross sectional studies in 2000, 2004, and 2007, respectively.Beijing, China.A group of 2,832, 1,828, and 2,277 elderly residents aged ≥60 years were included this study in 2000, 2004, and 2007, respectively.None.Statistical sampling techniques included cluster, stratification, and random selection. Trained staff used a comprehensive geriatric assessment questionnaire and a standard survey instrument to complete the assessments. During the person-to-person interviews, the participants' demographic characteristics, living conditions, and health status were collected, and their blood pressure was measured.The prevalence rates (69.2%, 61.9%, and 56.0% of hypertension and the control rates (22.6%, 16.7%, and 21.5% lowered annually, while the awareness rates (43.7%, 55.8%, and 57.6% of the treatment elevated annually in 2000, 2004, and 2007, respectively. There was no increase in the control rates for males (26.2%, 16.7%, and 20.8%, younger participants (28.0%, 18.4%, and 21.0%, and rural residents (19.5%, 9.6%, and 13.4% in 2000, 2004, and 2007, respectively.Our study findings indicated that the prevalence of hypertension is high in rural elderly participants, while the rates of awareness, treatment, and control were low. This suggests that effective public measures need to be developed to improve the prevention and control of hypertension.

  17. A New Leptoceratopsid (Ornithischia, Ceratopsia) with a Unique Ischium from the Upper Cretaceous of Shandong Province, China

    He, Yiming; Makovicky, Peter J.; Wang, Kebai; Chen, Shuqing; Sullivan, Corwin; Han, Fenglu; Xu, Xing


    The partial skeleton of a leptoceratopsid dinosaur, Ischioceratops zhuchengensis gen. et sp. nov., was excavated from the bone-beds of the Upper Cretaceous Wangshi Group of Zhucheng, Shandong Province, China. This fossil represents the second leptoceratopsid dinosaur specimen recovered from the Kugou locality, a highly productive site in Zhucheng. The ischium of the new taxon is morphologically unique among known Dinosauria, flaring gradually to form an obturator process in its middle portion and resembling the shaft of a recurve bow. An elliptical fenestra perforates the obturator process, and the distal end of the shaft forms an axehead-shaped expansion. The discovery of Ischioceratops increases the known taxonomic diversity and morphological disparity of the Leptoceratopsidae. PMID:26701114

  18. A household survey of the cost of illness due to air pollution in Beijing, China

    Popp Jin; Mu Quan; Chiara Ravetti; Zhang Shiqiu; Timothy Swanson


    This paper examines with a case study of Beijing, China, the health benefits that could be reaped from urban air quality improvements. The study implements a household survey to collect information about the yearly medical expenditures and lost days of work, to estimates the total costs of illness (COI) borne by a typical individual due to airborne diseases. The results of this survey provide a lower bound for the health costs borne by the urban population of Beijing due to air pollution. We ...

  19. Probabilistic Analysis of Drought Spatiotemporal Characteristics in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Area in China

    Wanyuan Cai; Yuhu Zhang; Yunjun Yao; Qiuhua Chen


    The temporal and spatial characteristics of meteorological drought have been investigated to provide a framework of methodologies for the analysis of drought in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area (BTHMA) in China. Using the Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI) as an indicator of drought severity, the characteristics of droughts have been examined. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area was divided into 253 grid-cells of 27 × 27km and monthly precipitation data for the period of 19...

  20. Clinical characteristics of the autumn-winter type scrub typhus cases in south of Shandong province, northern China

    Min Jing-Si


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Before 1986, scrub typhus was only found endemic in southern China. Because human infections typically occur in the summer, it is called "summer type". During the autumn-winter period of 1986, a new type of scrub typhus was identified in Shandong and northern Jiangsu province of northern China. This newly recognized scrub typhus was subsequently reported in many areas of northern China and was then called "autumn-winter type". However, clinical characteristics of associated cases have not been reported. Methods From 1995 to 2006, all suspected scrub typhus cases in five township hospitals of Feixian county, Shandong province were enrolled. Indirect immunofluorescent assay (IFA was used as confirmatory serodiagnosis test. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR connected with restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP and sequence analyses were used for genotyping of O. tsutsugamushi DNAs. Clinical symptoms and demography of confirmed cases were analyzed. Results A total of 480 scrub typhus cases were confirmed. The cases occurred every year exclusively between September and December with a peak occurrence in October. The case numbers were relatively higher in 1995, 1996, 1997, and 2000 than in other years. 57.9% of cases were in the group aged 21–50. More cases occurred in male (56% than in female (44%. The predominant occupational group of the cases was farmers (85.0%. Farm work was reported the primary exposure to infection in 67.7% of cases. Fever, rash, and eschar were observed in 100.0%, 90.4%, and 88.5% of cases, respectively. Eschars formed frequently on or around umbilicus, abdomen areas, and front and back of waist (34.1% in both genders. Normal results were observed in 88.7% (WBC counts, 84.5% (PLT counts, and 89.7% (RBC counts of cases, respectively. Observations from the five hospitals were compared and no significant differences were found. Conclusion The autumn-winter type scrub typhus in northern China occurred

  1. Geochemical research on C-O and Sr-Nd isotopes of mantle-derived rocks from Shandong Province, China

    LIU Jianming; ZHANG Hongfu; SUN Jinggui; YE Jie


    This paper presents systematic studies on the C-O and Sr-Nd isotopic compositions for Cretaceous Badou carbonatites, Fangcheng basalts, and Jiaodong lamprophyres and Paleozoic Mengyin kimberlites in Shandong Province, China. Paleozoic kimberlites have normal and uniform C-O isotopic compositions with δ13C and δ18O in the range of -4.8‰--7.6‰ and +9.9‰-+13.2‰, respectively. However, Cretaceous three different types of mantle-derived rocks have quite different C-O isotopic compositions, indicating that the mantle sources are probably partially contaminated with organic carbon-bearing crustal materials. These Cretaceous rocks show uniform and EMII-like Sr-Nd isotopic compositions and also indicate that the mantle sources were affected by recycled crustal materials. Comparative studies of C-O and Sr-Nd isotopes reveal that the lithospheric mantle beneath the eastern North China Craton had different isotope characteristics in the Paleozoic, the early Cretaceous, and the Tertiary time. This demonstrates that the lithospheric mantle beneath the region underwent at least twice reconstructions since the Paleozoic. Available data imply that the first reconstruction mainly happened during the Triassic-Jurassic time with gradual changes and the second in the Cretaceous with abrupt changes. Results also show that the early Cretaceous (especially at 120-130 Ma) was perhaps the key period leading to the dramatic change of the Mesozoic geodynamics on the eastern North China Craton.

  2. Etiological features of cirrhosis inpatients in Beijing, China

    SONG Guang-jun; FENG Bo; RAO Hui-ying; WEI Lai


    Background The etiological spectrum of cirrhosis has changed over the years,but our knowledge of it is limited.The present study aimed to investigate the etiological features of cirrhosis inpatients and their variation in the past 18 years in Beijing.Methods A retrospective analysis was performed on all patients with cirrhosis diagnosed for the first time in Peking University People's Hospital from January 1,1993,to October 25,2010.Data were analyzed using SPSS 20.0.Results A total of 2119 cirrhosis inpatients were included in this study:1412 (66.6%) male and 707 (33.4%) female.Chronic hepatitis B accounted for 58.7%; chronic hepatitis C for 7.6%; chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus co-infection for 0.8% (16 cases); alcoholic liver disease for 9.4% (200 cases); and autoimmune diseases for 9.4% (199 cases).In the past 18 years,the percentage of chronic hepatitis B has decreased from 75.2% to 48.7%; alcoholic liver disease has increased from 5.1% to 10.6%; and autoimmune disease has increased from 2.2% to 12.9%.The percentages of chronic hepatitis B and alcoholic liver disease were higher among men,whereas the percentages of chronic hepatitis C,autoimmune diseases and cryptogenic cirrhosis were higher among women.Conclusions Chronic hepatitis B was still the most common etiology of cirrhosis in China,but the percentage has been decreasing.The percentages of alcoholic liver disease and autoimmune diseases have been increasing.The etiological spectrum of cirrhosis inpatients differed significantly according to sex.

  3. Phylogenetic Analysis of Hemagglutinin Genes of H9N2 Avian Influenza Viruses Isolated from Chickens in Shandong, China, between 1998 and 2013

    Yuxin Zhao


    Full Text Available Since H9N2 avian influenza virus (AIV was first isolated in Guangdong province of China, the virus has been circulating in chicken flocks in mainland China. However, a systematic phylogenetic analysis of H9N2 AIV from chickens in Shandong of China has not been conducted. Based on hemagglutinin (HA gene sequences of H9N2 AIVs isolated from chickens in Shandong of China between 1998 and 2013, genetic evolution of 35 HA gene sequences was systematically analyzed in this study. Our findings showed that the majority of H9N2 AIVs (21 out of 35 belonged to the lineage h9.4.2.5. Most of isolates (33 out of 35 had a PSRSSR↓GLF motif in HA cleavage site. Importantly, 29 out of these 35 isolates had an amino acid exchange (Q226L in the receptor-binding site. The substitution showed that H9N2 AIVs had the potential affinity to bind to human-like receptor. The currently prevalent H9N2 AIVs in Shandong belonged to the lineage h9.4.2.5 which are different from the vaccine strain SS/94 clade h9.4.2.3. Therefore, the long-term surveillance of H9N2 AIVs is of significance to combat the possible H9N2 AIV outbreaks.

  4. [Change characteristics of agricultural climate resources in recent 50 years in Shandong Province, China].

    Dong, Xu-guang; Li, Sheng-li; Shi, Zhen-bin; Qiu, Can


    Based on the 1961-2010 ground surface data from 90 meteorological stations, this paper analyzed the spatiotemporal change characteristics of agricultural climate resources (e.g. sunshine hours, thermal resources and water) for the growth season of winter wheat and summer maize in Shandong Province. Results indicated that temperature indicators showed a significant rising tendency especially in the winter wheat growth season. Both evapotranspiration and sunshine hours declined obviously, especially for the evapotranspiration in the summer maize growth season, while there was no clear change evidence in rainfall and aridity. Regarding the spatial distribution characteristics, agro-climatic resources presented meridional or zonal increment or decrement in the winter wheat and summer maize growth seasons. In different areas, variation features of agro-climatic resources appeared with distinct differences. In the western Shandong area, temperature indicators showed a slight rising tendency while evapotranspiration and aridity declined significantly. Sunshine hours decreased most significantly in the middle and west southern areas. Precipitation increment was relatively obvious in the winter wheat growth season in the middle and east southern areas and in the summer maize growth season in the middle and southern areas. Thermal resource increases benefited the growth of winter wheat in every phase during the growth period. However, it brought high risks of plant diseases and hot disaster as well. The decrease of sunshine hours was adverse to crop photosynthesis in the growth period while evapotranspiration decrement profited the water retention of soil. PMID:25985679

  5. Structure design and establishment of database application system for alien species in Shandong Province, China

    GUO Wei-hua; LIU Heng; DU Ning; ZHANG Xin-shi; WANG Ren-qing


    This paper presents a case study on structure design and establishment of database application system for alien species in Shandong Province, integrating with Geographic Information System, computer network, and database technology to the research of alien species. The modules of alien species database, including classified data input, statistics and analysis, species pictures and distribution maps,and out date input, were approached by Visual 2003 and Microsoft SQL server 2000. The alien species information contains the information of classification, species distinction characteristics, biological characteristics, original area, distribution area, the entering fashion and route, invasion time, invasion reason, interaction with the endemic species, growth state, danger state and spatial information, i.e.distribution map. Based on the above bases, several models including application, checking, modifying, printing, adding and returning models were developed. Furthermore, through the establishment of index tables and index maps, we can also spatially query the data like picture,text and GIS map data. This research established the technological platform of sharing information about scientific resource of alien species in Shandong Province, offering the basis for the dynamic inquiry of alien species, the warning technology of prevention and the fast reaction system. The database application system possessed the principles of good practicability, friendly user interface and convenient usage. It can supply full and accurate information inquiry services of alien species for the users and provide functions of dynamically managing the database for the administrator.

  6. Urinary sodium or potassium excretion and blood pressure in adults of Shandong province, China: preliminary results of the SMASH project.

    Chen, Xi; Guo, Xiaolei; Ma, Jixiang; Zhang, Jiyu; Tang, Junli; Yan, Liuxia; Xu, Chunxiao; Zhang, Xiaofei; Ren, Jie; Lu, Zilong; Zhang, Gaohui; Dong, Jing; Xu, Aiqiang


    The aim of the study was to estimate the urinary electrolyte excretion and assess the relationship between dietary sodium or potassium intake and blood pressure within a population of 18-69 adults in Shandong province, China. Random samples of 2184 adults enrolled in the Shandong and Ministry of Health Action on Salt reduction and Hypertension project were collected from 20 countries or districts. Electrolyte intake was estimated by 24-hour urine collections, and urinary volume or creatinine was measured to estimate the accuracy of the collection. Anthropometry was measured with standard procedures. Regression analysis was used to assess the relationship between electrolyte excretion and blood pressure. The mean sodium excretion was 241.8 ± 7.9 mmol among men and 222.3 ± 7.9 mmol among women, respectively. The 24-hour average potassium excretion was 39.9 ± 0.9 and 41.8 ± 1.1 mmol, respectively. Some resident and geographic differences were found for 24-hour urinary electrolyte. Regression analysis showed increments of 1.15 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure and 0.67 mm Hg in diastolic blood pressure per gram increment in urinary sodium excretion. For each increment of 1-g potassium excretion per day, there was a decrement of 0.81 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure and 0.76 mm Hg in diastolic blood pressure. The highest blood pressure was observed in the group with lowest potassium and the highest sodium excretion, which was 13.6 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure and 7.3 mm Hg in diastolic blood pressure difference from group with highest potassium excretion and lowest sodium excretion (P sodium excretion and a lower potassium excretion than recommended in Shandong adults. The sodium or potassium intake is positively association with blood pressure. These results support the recommended approaches to lower the risk of hypertension, including lower sodium intake, higher potassium intake, and prevention and control of obesity. PMID:26302666

  7. Sinopec to Launch LNG Project in Shandong


    @@ Sinopec has beaten out its domestic rivals-CNOOC and CNPC to win the rights to build a liquefied national (LNG) gas terminal in East China's Shandong Province. Sinopec's move breaks CNOOC's monopoly in building LNG projects along China's coastline.

  8. Options of sustainable groundwater development in Beijing Plain, China

    Zhou, Yangxiao; Wang, Liya; Liu, Jiurong; Li, Wenpeng; Zheng, Yuejun

    Overexploitation of groundwater resources has supported rapid social and economical developments in Beijing City in last 30 years. The newly constructed emergency well fields have saved Beijing from a critical water crisis caused by a long drought spell of eight consecutive years from 1999 to 2006. But this unsustainable development has resulted in serious consequences: discharges to rivers ceased, large number of pumping wells went dry, and land subsidence caused destruction of underground infrastructure. The completion of the middle route of South to North water transfer project to transfer water from Yangtze river to Beijing City by 2010 provides opportunity to reverse the trend of groundwater depletion and to achieve a long-term sustainable development of groundwater resources in Beijing Plain. Four options of groundwater development in Beijing Plain were formulated and assessed with a regional transient groundwater flow model. The business as usual scenario was used as a reference for the comparative analysis and indicates fast depletion of groundwater resources. The reduction of abstraction scenario has immediate and fast recovery of groundwater levels, especially at the cone of depression. The scenario of artificially enhanced groundwater recharge would replenish groundwater resources and maintain the capacity of present water supply well fields. The combined scenario of the reduction of abstraction and the increase of recharge could bring the aquifer systems into a new equilibrium state in 50 years. A hydrological sustainability of groundwater resources development could then be achieved in Beijing Plain.

  9. Seminar on Internationalization of China National Technical Standards Was Held in Beijing


    @@ On May 26th, the seminar on the internationalization of China national technical standards, hosted by the professional management office on research of important technical standards, jointly organized and implemented by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People'Republic of China, General Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R. China (AQSIQ) and Standardization Administration of China (SAC), was held in Beijing. The theme of the seminar was to explore the road for the internationalization of China national technical standards.

  10. Aerosol composition, sources and processes during wintertime in Beijing, China

    Y. L. Sun


    Full Text Available Air pollution is a major environmental concern among all seasons in megacity Beijing, China. Here we present the results from a winter study that was conducted from 21 November 2011 to 20 January 2012 with an Aerodyne Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM and various collocated instruments. The non-refractory submicron aerosol (NR-PM1 species vary dramatically with clean periods and pollution episodes alternating frequently. Compared to summer, wintertime submicron aerosols show much enhanced organics and chloride, which on average account for 52% and 5%, respectively of the total NR-PM1 mass. All NR-PM1 species show quite different diurnal behaviors between summer and winter. For example, the wintertime nitrate presents a gradual increase during daytime and correlates well with secondary organic aerosol (OA, indicating a dominant role of photochemical production over gas-particle partitioning. Positive matrix factorization was performed on ACSM OA mass spectra, and identified three primary OA (POA factors, i.e. hydrocarbon-like OA (HOA, cooking OA (COA, and coal combustion OA (CCOA, and one secondary factor, i.e. oxygenated OA (OOA. The POA dominates OA during wintertime, contributing 69% with the rest of 31% being SOA. Further, all POA components show pronounced diurnal cycles with the highest concentrations occurring at nighttime. CCOA is the largest primary source during the heating season, on average accounting for 33% of OA and 17% of NR-PM1. CCOA also plays a significant role in chemically-resolved particulate matter (PM pollution as its mass contribution increases linearly as a function of NR-PM1 mass loadings. The SOA however presents a reversed trend, which might indicate the limited SOA formation during high PM pollution episodes in winter. The effects of meteorology on PM pollution and aerosol processing were also explored. In particular, the sulfate mass is largely enhanced

  11. Lidar observation campaigns on diurnal variations of the sodium layer in Beijing, China

    Wang, Jihong


    Based on observations from daytime lidars in eastern China, diurnal cycles of the sodium layer over Beijing (40.5°N, 116°E) are investigated. Diurnal variations of Na density, root mean square (RMS) layer width, and centroid height of the sodium layer are analyzed. Results reveal that the large diurnal cycles of the sodium layer are controlled mainly by 24-hr oscillations at the Beijing observation site. The diurnal variation over Beijing was controlled principally by photoionization and photochemistry effects during another campaign, and there was little evidence of direct tidal perturbations. The comparisons suggest that the diurnal variation of the sodium layer perhaps has obvious regional characteristics across China. The variation can be either controlled mainly by tidal perturbations or by photoionization and photochemistry effects in different seasons.

  12. Transport of airborne particulate matters originating from Mentougou, Beijing, China


    In this study, a coupled regional air quality modeling system is applied to investigate the time spatial variations in airborne particulate matters (PM10), originating from Mentougou to Beijing municipal area in the period of April 1-7, 2004, and the influences of complex terrain and meteorological conditions upon boundary layer structure and PMio concentration distributions. An intercomparison of the performance with CALPUFF against the observed data is presented and an examination of scatter plots is provided. The statistics show that the correlation coefficient and STD between the modeled and observed data are 0.86 and 0.03, respectively. Analysis of model results illustrates that the pollutants emitted from Mentougou can be transported to Beijing municipal area along certain transport pathways, and PMio concentration distributions show heterogeneity characteristics. Contributions of the Mentougou sources to the PMio concentrations in Beijing municipal area are up to 0.1-15 μg/m3.



    The 14th World Mining Congress and Exhibition was held from 14th to 18th May in Beijing, capital of China. About 3700 mining specialists, professors, scholars, manufacturers and salesmen of mining equipment companies, of which 2700 Chinese delegates, from more than 50 countries

  14. China-Spain Forum Meeting on Sports Cooperation Held in Beijing

    Our Staff Reporter


    <正>Ameeting on sports cooperation of the Chi-na-Spain Forum (CSF), co-sponsored by the CPAFFC and the Sports Committee of the CSF, was held in Beijing on August 2. Distinguished guests from sports circles of China and Spain gathered at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse to discuss future

  15. The current status of self-management of type 2 diabetic people in Beijing, China


    Introduction: In the Chinese community, rapid urbanization, sedentary life style, stress, smoking and changes in dietary may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Studies conducted in China showed an increasing prevalence rate from 1.1%in 1980 to 4.56% in 1996. However, no studies carried on self-management implementation is available in China now. Objectives: To describe the status of self-management implementation among diabetic people in Beijing and to identify possible factors in...

  16. Second Meeting of China-Japan-Korea Cultural Exchange Forum Held in Beijing


    <正>The Second Meeting of the China-Japan-Korea(RO K) Cultural Exchange Forum was held in Beijing on December 19,2006.Chinese representatives Liu Deyou,Wang Yunze and Jing Dunquan,Japanese representative and president of the Japan-China Friendship Association Ikuo Hirayama,and ROK representative and professor of Hanyang University Kim Yong-woon,among others,attended the meeting.

  17. Travel Daily China Travel Innovation Summit to Be Held in Beijing


    Guangzhou,China,April 7th- TravelDaily (, China’s leading online publisher and event organizer with emphasis on trends in the distribution,marketing and technology of the travel and tourism industries,today announced it will partner with PhoCusWright to host the 2009 China Travel Innovation Summit in Beijing from May 12 to 13,2009.

  18. Assessing the Capacity of Plant Species to Accumulate Particulate Matter in Beijing, China

    Mo, Li; Ma, Zeyu; Xu, Yansen; Sun, Fengbin; Lun, Xiaoxiu; Liu, Xuhui; Chen, Jungang; Yu, Xinxiao


    Air pollution causes serious problems in spring in northern China; therefore, studying the ability of different plants to accumulate particulate matter (PM) at the beginning of the growing season may benefit urban planners in their attempts to control air pollution. This study evaluated deposits of PM on the leaves and in the wax layer of 35 species (11 shrubs, 24 trees) in Beijing, China. Differences in the accumulation of PM were observed between species. Cephalotaxus sinensis, Euonymus jap...

  19. Summertime community structure of intertidal macrobenthos in Changdao Archipelago, Shandong Province, China

    Wang, Xiaochen; Li, Xinzheng; Li, Baoquan; Wang, Hongfa


    The community structure of intertidal macrobenthos in Changdao Archipelago (north of Shandong Peninsula, between Bohai Bay and the northern Yellow Sea) was examined based on samples collected from 14 stations in five transects in June 2007. Three stations corresponding to high, medium and low tidal areas were set up for each transect. A total of 68 macrobenthic species were found in the research region, most of which belonged to Mollusca and Crustacea. The average abundance and biomass of the macrobenthos was 1 383 ind./m2 and 372.41 g/m2, respectively. The use of an arbitrary similarity level of 20% resulted in identification of five groups among the 14 stations in the research region. There were remarkable differences in the biomass, abundance and Shannon-Wiener diversity index of the different sediments. Specifically, the order of biomass was rocky shores > gravel > mud-sand > coarse sand > stiff mud, while the order of abundance was rocky shores > coarse sand > mud-sand > gravel > stiff mud, and that of the diversity index was mud-sand > gravel > stiff mud > rocky shores > coarse sand. The above results revealed that the sediment type was the most important factor affecting the structure of the macrobenthic community of the intertidal zone.

  20. Multifunctionality assessment of urban agriculture in Beijing City, China.

    Peng, Jian; Liu, Zhicong; Liu, Yanxu; Hu, Xiaoxu; Wang, An


    As an important approach to the realization of agricultural sustainable development, multifunctionality has become a hot spot in the field of urban agriculture. Taking 13 agricultural counties of Beijing City as the assessing units, this study selects 10 assessing index from ecological, economic and social aspects, determines the index weight using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, and establishes an index system for the integrated agricultural function. Based on standardized data from agricultural census and remote sensing, the integrated function and multifunctionality of urban agriculture in Beijing City are assessed through the index grade mapping. The results show that agricultural counties with the highest score in ecological, economic, and social function are Yanqing, Changping, and Miyun, respectively; and the greatest disparity among those counties is economic function, followed by social and ecological function. Topography and human disturbance may be the factors that affect integrated agricultural function. The integrated agricultural function of Beijing rises at the beginning then drops later with the increase of mean slope, average altitude, and distance from the city. The whole city behaves balance among ecological, economic, and social functions at the macro level, with 8 out of the 13 counties belonging to ecology-society-economy balanced areas, while no county is dominant in only one of the three functions. On the micro scale, however, different counties have their own functional inclination: Miyun, Yanqing, Mentougou, and Fengtai are ecology-society dominant, and Tongzhou is ecology-economy dominant. The agricultural multifunctionality in Beijing City declines from the north to the south, with Pinggu having the most significant agricultural multifunctionality. The results match up well with the objective condition of Beijing's urban agriculture planning, which has proved the methodological rationality of the assessment to a certain extent

  1. Prevalence of Trichomonas spp. in domestic pigeons in Shandong Province, China, and genotyping by restriction fragment length polymorphism.

    Jiang, Xiyue; Sun, Jingjing; Wang, Fangkun; Li, Hongmei; Zhao, Xiaomin


    Oropharyngeal swabs (n = 609) were collected randomly from 80,000 domestic pigeons (Columba livia domestica) on five pigeon farms and at one pigeon slaughterhouse in Shandong Province, China, from September 2012 to July 2013. Trichomonas spp. were detected in 206/609 (33.8%) samples. The prevalence was 14.9-31.1%, depending on different levels of sanitation and management, and was 4.8% in nestling pigeons, 13.6% in breeding pigeons and 35.2% in adolescent pigeons. Trichomonas gallinae genotypes A and B, and Trichomonas tenax-like isolates were identified by PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis and sequencing of the 5.8S rDNA-internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions. RFLP analysis with the restriction enzyme BsiEI generated different RFLP band patterns between T. gallinae and T.tenax-like isolates. When BsiEI RFLP analysis was combined with HaeIII RFLP analysis, all infection types of T. gallinae and T.tenax-like isolates could be identified. PMID:27068150

  2. Fusarium species identification and fumonisin production in maize kernels from Shandong Province, China, from 2012 to 2014.

    Guo, Congcong; Liu, Yanxing; Jiang, Yan; Li, Renjie; Pang, Minhao; Liu, Yingchao; Dong, Jingao


    A total of 225 maize kernel samples were collected from Shandong Province in China from 2012 to 2014 and analysed for contamination with Fusarium spp. and fumonisins (FBs) using molecular methods and high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. The results showed that the average incidences of Fusarium spp. in 2012, 2013 and 2014 were 23.3%, 37.1% and 36.5%, respectively, Fusarium verticillioides being the predominant species. In 2012, the average contamination level of FBs was 3071 ng g(-1), which was higher than that in 2014 (2913 ng g(-1)) and 2013 (2072 ng g(-1)). Of all samples, 13% and 19% had FB contamination levels higher than 2000 and 4000 ng g(-1), which are the maximum limits as set by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and the European Commission, respectively. Therefore, efforts should be taken to minimise the potential risk of FBs to the health of humans and animals. PMID:27076384

  3. Impact of agricultural waste burning in the Shandong Peninsula on carbonaceous aerosols in the Bohai Rim, China.

    Wang, Xiaoping; Chen, Yingjun; Tian, Chongguo; Huang, Guopei; Fang, Yin; Zhang, Fan; Zong, Zheng; Li, Jun; Zhang, Gan


    A total of 11 5PM2.5 samples were collected for analyzing organic carbon (OC) and elemental carbon (EC) at Tuoji Island (TI), China from November 2011 to December 2012. The results showed that annual arithmetical means of OC and EC concentrations were 3.8 ± 2.7 and 2.2 ± 2.2 μg m(-3), which contributed 8% and 4% of PM2.5 mass concentrations, respectively. High EC concentrations occurred in winter, contributed mainly by EC outflow from the northwest source region, while high OC concentrations were found during spring, attributed largely to biofuel burning in the Shandong Peninsula, and short distance and favorable transport from the peninsula to the TI. Agricultural waste open burning in the peninsula caused the largest variability of OC concentration in summer. Eliminating agricultural field burning in the peninsula can reduce at least one-third of concentration levels and half of northward transport fluxes of OC and EC in Bohai Rim in summer. PMID:24607395

  4. HIV/AIDS-related knowledge and behaviors among rural married migrant women in Shandong Province, China: a comparison study.

    Song, Yapei; Kang, Dianmin; Wang, Guoyong; Wei, Chongyi; Tao, Xiaorun; Huang, Tao; Qian, Yuesheng; Zhu, Tiwen; Yang, Shan; Yu, Shaoqi; Wang, Hong; Ma, Wei


    Migrant women in China are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS. This study described HIV/AIDS-related knowledge and behaviors among married migrant women in Shandong province in comparison to non-migrant local women and identified factors associated with HIV testing history and extramarital sex among married migrant women. A probability-based sample of 1,076 migrant and 1,195 local women were included in the analyses. Compared to local women, married migrant women had lower levels of HIV/AIDS knowledge and were more likely to have had premarital sex, extramarital sex, history of sexually transmitted diseases, and drug use. Less than a quarter of migrant women used condoms consistently in extramarital sex. Only 31.0 % of married migrant women had ever tested for HIV, and the rate of premarital HIV testing was very low. Multivariable analysis showed that married migrant women with a history of extramarital sex were more likely to be from Yunnan province, be living in Yantai city, be in their first marriage, have lower family income, have poor relationship with spouses, use drug, have a history of sexually transmitted diseases, and have lower social support. Our findings provide further evidence that married migrant women are at higher risk for HIV infection and that targeted interventions need to be developed for this population. PMID:25323941

  5. Heavy metals distribution and environmental quality assessment for sediments off the southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula, China.

    Liu, Shanshan; Zhang, Yong; Bi, Shipu; Zhang, Xiaobo; Li, Xiaoyue; Lin, Manman; Hu, Gang


    A systematic study was conducted on the distribution characteristics of heavy metals and on associated influencing factors in sediments off the southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula, China, based on the results of a heavy metals analysis on 157 surface sediment samples from coastal waters of the study area and on 46 samples from surrounding rivers flowing into the sea. An environmental quality assessment of heavy metals was performed using the Nemerow index. The results show that the distribution characteristics of sediment heavy metals in coastal waters outside of Qingdao can be divided into three classes: (1) Class I - Cr, Cu and Zn, with high-value areas extending from the northeast to the southwest in a banded or tongue-like pattern; (2) Class II - As, Cd and Pb, with high-value areas mainly distributed off the southeastern coast of Mt. Lao; and (3) Class III - Hg only, with high-value areas mainly in the northern area of Jiaozhou Bay. Integrated assessment based on the Nemerow index reveals that heavy metals pollution has occurred in surface sediments in a number of coastal water areas outside of Qingdao. This pollution is mainly found off the southeastern coast of Mt. Lao and in the northeastern section of Jiaozhou Bay. Results show that grain size of surface sediments, surrounding rivers and human activities are the main reasons for the element distribution pattern. PMID:26409816

  6. Prevalence and Antibiotic Resistance Profiles of Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli Isolated from Healthy Broilers in Shandong Province, China.

    Li, Song; Zhao, Miaomiao; Liu, Junhe; Zhou, Yufa; Miao, Zengmin


    Food-producing animals carrying extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli (ESBL-EC) have posed a potential threat to human and animal health. However, information regarding ESBL-EC in the intensive broiler breeding areas of Shandong Province, People's Republic of China, is very limited. The goal of our study was to investigate the prevalence and drug resistance characteristics of ESBL-EC in healthy broilers from Shandong Province. A total of 142 ESBL-EC isolates were collected from four prefectures in Shandong Province from October 2014 to February 2015. ESBL-EC isolates were frequently detected (142 of 160 samples, 88.8%) in healthy broilers. Antibiotic susceptibility testing showed that all 142 ESBL-EC isolates were resistant to ampicillin, piperacillin, and cefazolin but were sensitive to imipenem and meropenem. All ESBL-EC isolates carried one or more of the bla genes, in which blaCTX-M, blaTEM-1, and blaSHV-5 genes were identified in 142, 106, and 5 isolates, respectively. The blaCTX-M gene includes blaCTX-M-15 (56), blaCTX-M-65 (42), blaCTX-M-55 (36), blaCTX-M-14 (21), blaCTX-M-79 (1), blaCTX-M-3 (1), blaCTX-M-123 (1), and blaCTX-M-132 (1). In addition, 17 ESBL-EC isolates cocarried the genes of the CTX-M-1 and CTX-M-9 groups. Our findings indicate that healthy broiler flocks in Shandong Province in China are an important reservoir for ESBL-EC, with blaCTX-M and blaTEM-1 being the prevalent resistance genes identified. PMID:27357036

  7. Human Influence on Heavy Metal Distribution in the Upper Lake Nansi Sediments, Shandong Province, China

    杨丽原; 沈吉; 张祖陆; 金章东; 朱育新


    Core and surface sediment samples were collected from three sub-lakes (Lake Nanyang, Lake Dushan and Lake Zhaoyang) in the Lake Nansi Basin, Shandong Province. In order to reveal the characteristics of spatial and historical distribution of heavy metals in different sub-lakes of the Upper Lake Nansi, heavy metal (As, Cr, Cu, Hg, K, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn, Al, Fe, Ti and V) concentrations of sediment samples were investigated. Based on the activity of 137 Cs in the sediments, the modern accumulation rate of Lake Nansi sediments is 3.5 mm/a. Our results show that the whole Upper Lake Nansi has been already polluted by heavy metals, among which Lake Nanyang has been polluted seriously by mercury, as well as by lead and arsenic, while Lake Dushan has been most seriously polluted by lead and arsenic. Historical variation of heavy metal (Cr, Cu, K, Ni, Zn, Al, Fe, Ti and V) concentrations shows an abrupt shift in 1962, resulting in a division of two periods: from 1957 to 1962 when metal enrichment increased with time, and from 1962 to 2000 when it decreased with time, while that of some anthropogenic elements such as Hg, Pb and Mn tend to increase toward the surface. However, the variation trend of As in the sediments is different from that of Hg, Pb and Mn, with its maximum value appearing in 1982. Since 1982 the concentrations of As have decreased due to the forbidden use of arsenite pesticides. This variation trend revealed changes in manner of human activity (coal combustion, waste discharges from both industries and urban sewage) within the catchment during different periods.

  8. Life course and residential mobility in Beijing, China

    Si-ming Li


    This paper analyzes the residential mobility rate in Beijing over the period 1980 - 2001 as revealed by retrospective residential histories collected by a questionnaire survey conducted in early 2001. The results show that there was a sharp increase in residential mobility in the early reform period; however, from the mid-1980s onwards the mobility rate has been oscillating, with a slightly downward trend. Adjusting the gross mobility rate observed by means of logit regression estimation show...

  9. Dynamic changes of sandy land in northwest of Beijing, China.

    Wang, Jing; He, Ting; Guo, Xudong; Liu, Aixia; Zhou, Qing


    The area northwest of Beijing is one of the most important regions where many organizations invest and pay most attention. The environmental problems in this region affect not only Beijing but also the surrounding area. Based on observation of the characteristics of the change in sandy land, this study classified four types of dynamic change of sandy land, including extended sandy land, the reversely changed sandy land, the potential sandy land and no change in sandy land. Then the process and the trend of changes in sandy land and their environmental impact on the area northwest of Beijing were analyzed. The results show that the area of sandy land has increased in this region in the period of 1991 to 2002. Change between sandy land and grassland was the dominant change. It is found that the monitoring zones of Hunshandake sandy land and north of Yin Shan are regions with high ratio of extended sandy land, and are connected with widespread potential change of sandy land. This implies that these two regions have a high probability of increase in sandy land in the future. On the other hand, in the monitoring zone of Horqin sandy land and Ba Shang Plateau and its surrounding area, desertification had been controlled and the area of sandy land is expected to decrease. This indicates that the direction of the sandstorm to Beijing is expected to gradually move to the northwest. Furthermore, the decreases in sandy land and the reversing change from arable land to grassland and forests in the study region will affect the land quality and atmosphere. And the logistic multiple regression (LMR) model was employed to better understand the complexity and processes of increases in sandy land. This model predicts that there is a high probability of increases in sandy land in north of Siziwang Banner, Zhengxiangbai Banner and Zhenglan Banner. Finally, suggestions to the ecological construction of the study area have been proposed. PMID:16758285

  10. Seasonal variations and source estimation of saccharides in atmospheric particulate matter in Beijing, China.

    Liang, Linlin; Engling, Guenter; Du, Zhenyu; Cheng, Yuan; Duan, Fengkui; Liu, Xuyan; He, Kebin


    Saccharides are important constituents of atmospheric particulate matter (PM). In order to better understand the sources and seasonal variations of saccharides in aerosols in Beijing, China, saccharide composition was measured in ambient PM samples collected at an urban site in Beijing. The highest concentrations of total saccharides in Beijing were observed in autumn, while an episode with abnormal high total saccharide levels was observed from 15 to 23 June, 2011, due to extensive agricultural residue burning in northern China during the wheat harvest season. Compared to the other two categories of saccharides, sugars and sugar alcohols, anhydrosugars were the predominant saccharide group, indicating that biomass burning contributions to Beijing urban aerosol were significant. Ambient sugar and sugar alcohol levels in summer and autumn were higher than those in spring and winter, while they were more abundant in PM2.5 during winter time. Levoglucosan was the most abundant saccharide compound in both PM2.5 and PM10, the annual contributions of which to total measured saccharides in PM2.5 and PM10 were 61.5% and 54.1%, respectively. To further investigate the sources of the saccharides in ambient aerosols in Beijing, the PM10 datasets were subjected to positive matrix factorization (PMF) analysis. Based on the objective function to be minimized and the interpretable factors identified by PMF, six factors appeared to be optimal as to the probable origin of saccharides in the atmosphere in Beijing, including biomass burning, soil or dust, isoprene SOA and the direct release of airborne fungal spores and pollen. PMID:26921589

  11. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers in soil from three typical industrial areas in Beijing, China.

    Zhang, Yongfei; Fu, Shan; Liu, Xinchun; Li, Zheng; Dong, Yuan


    Areas containing industrial facilities belonging to three different typical industries that may cause pollution by polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in Beijing, China were investigated. Specifically, the areas contained a solid waste incineration plant, a chemical factory, and a heat and power plant. Investigation of the pollution status of PBDEs in the surface soil from areas around these industries revealed the highest concentration of 42 PBDE congeners (118 ng/g, dry mass) at the solid waste incineration plant. In the other two plants, the highest concentrations were both 26 ng/g (dry mass). Among the PBDE homologues, the PBDE contamination at all sites showed similar congener compositions, with BDE 209 being the dominant congener. Our findings established the first contamination status of three typical industrial areas in Beijing. Furthermore, the total concentrations of 42 PBDE congeners tended to decrease as the distance from the investigated plants increased. Overall, these plants were identified as potential pollution sources of PBDEs in Beijing. Moreover, Pearson correlation analysis revealed that the major PBDE source in Beijing may be associated with the technical deca-BDE and penta-BDE mixture. Based on the data obtained in this preliminary investigation, further study of the potential of these sources to emit PBDEs in Beijing is warranted. PMID:24649676

  12. Application of GIS and RS in Abandoned Land Surveying: A Case Study in Shandong, China

    Li, Jing; Liu, Zishang; Li, Wenyu


    For the acute contradiction between land and people, cherishing and reasonable using per inch land is a persistent national policy in China, whereas land damage is unavoidable in mining, construction and other activity. There is still a lot of abandoned land unused and with no obligator in China, which will have to be the government’s responsibility to survey, plan how to use them and to complete recovering them. For the abandoned land damage always occurred minimally 25 years ago, it is hard...

  13. Molecular Epidemiological Analysis of Echovirus 19 Isolated From an Outbreak Associated With Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) in Shandong Province of China


    Objective To elucidate the genetic characterization and molecular epidemiological features of Echovirus 19 (E19) isolates collected from an outbreak associated with hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) in Tai'an city of Shandong Province of China from July to September, 2003. Methods Thirty seven Echovirus 19 isolates were isolated from stool specimens and throat swabs collected during the outbreak, then major capsid (VP1) genomic sequence was determined, and phylogenetic tree was done based on the VP1 sequences among these 37 and other E19 viruses deposited in the Genbank. Also a representative strain named CHN-SD03-TN12 was selected for sequencing of 5'-untranslated regions (5'-UTR). Results The identity rate was about 98.9%-100% among all these 37 El9 viruses. The genetic relationships between these 37 E19 isolates and other strains reported were also depicted. The identity rate was about 78.4%-78.9% compared with E19 reference strain Burke. The substitutions in the sequence of 5'-UTR resulted in changes in the conjectural properties of 5'-UTR of E19 viruses.Conclusion The genetic features of E19 viruses isolated during the outbreak in Shandong Province in 2003 may be associated with a genetic and antigenic drift that changes the virulence of the Shandong isolates, but the molecular changes in Shandong E19 viruses contributing to their phenotype remain to be further illuminated. However, the sequences described in this paper substantiate the changes taken place in capsid VP1 and 5'UTR regions. These substitutions may contribute to their tropism and virulence, and play a significant role in pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of the disease.

  14. Monitoring and analyzing surface subsidence based on SBAS-InSAR in Beijing region, China

    Zhou, L.; Guo, J. M.; Li, X.


    Surface subsidence is the main regional environmental geological disaster in plain area in China. The rapid growth of population, the over-exploitation of groundwater and the rapid development of urbanization impacts the occurrence and development of surface subsidence to some extent. The city of Beijing, located in the Beijing Plain, is one of international metropolis in China that experiences the severe surface subsidence. Because of conventional measurement methods with low spatial resolution, differential interferometric synthetic aperture radar(D-InSAR) is susceptible to signal decorrelation and atmospheric delay, persistent scatterer interferometric synthetic aperture radar(PS-InSAR) is based on a large number of SAR images, but small baseline subset interferometric synthetic aperture radar (SBASInSAR) only needs a small number of images and performs better than PS-InSAR for obtaining nonlinear deformation information, in this paper, SBAS-InSAR was used to obtain the high resolution surface subsidence information in Beijing region, China. A spatial-temporal analysis of the surface subsidence in Beijing region during the years of 2007- 2010 was performed utilizing eighteen C-band ENVISAT ASAR images (from August 1, 2007 to September 29, 2010). The results show that subsidence in Beijing region is severe uneven, subsidence funnels appear in Changping District, Shunyi District, Tongzhou District, Daxing District, etc., and many subsidence funnels are interconnected and have an eastward expansion trend; during the period of 2007 to 2010, the subsidence velocities are in the range of -158.5 mm/year to 12.4 mm/year and the maximum subsidence of subsidence center is over 400 mm; surface subsidence is influenced by groundwater exploitation and urbanization significantly.

  15. Overseas Development of Chinese Industry:Enterprises + Projects——The Second Session of "China Overseas Investment Seminar" is Scheduled to be Held in Beijing November This Year


    @@ The se cond session of "China Overseas Investment Seminar" will be held on November 2 to 3, 2010 in Beijing's China World Trade Centre. The seminar is organized by China Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association.

  16. Epidemiology of pterygium in aged rural population of Beijing, China

    LIANG Qing-feng; XU Liang; JIN Xiu-ying; YOU Qi-sheng; YANG Xiao-hui; CUI Tong-tong


    Background Pterygium is a common ophthalmic disease and an important public health problem. It may be affected by many factors such as age, gender, ultraviolet radiation exposure, and time spent outdoors. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of pterygium and evaluate the risk factors for the development of pterygium in the aged rural population of Beijing.Methods The investigation is a population-based cross-sectional study. Participants from 198 villages of 13 suburban districts, aged 55-85 years old, were invited to complete a medical record, and 37 067 individuals were taken external ocular and fundus photos at Beijing ocular disease survey in 2008-2009. The information was uploaded by Internet and diagnosed with stages and grades by ophthalmological specialists. The prevalence, stages and grades of pterygia were observed.Results Of the 37 067 individuals, 1395 (3.76%) had pterygium. There was a significantly higher prevalence in male (5.13%) than in female (3.17%, P=0.000). The prevelence rate increased obviously with ages (x2=7.939, P=0.019) in rural Beijing. The average prevalence of 5.91% in Daxing and Fangshan districts with low latitude and low precipitation was significantly higher than that in Miyun and Huairou districts with high latitude and deep precipitation (3.17%, P=0.000). The majority of the pterygia (43.5%) were in active stage and 46.5% pterygia involved pupil area corneas. Conclusions There is a statistically significant association between latitude and precipitation of habitation region and pterygium formation. Solar radiation, especially ultraviolet exposure represents a significant environment hazard to pterygium development.

  17. The Characteristic of Heat Wave Effects on Coronary Heart Disease Mortality in Beijing, China: A Time Series Study

    Tian, Zhaoxing; Li, Shanshan; Zhang, Jinliang; Guo, Yuming


    Background There is limited evidence for the impacts of heat waves on coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality in Beijing, capital city of China. Objectives We aimed to find a best heat wave definition for CHD mortality; and explore the characteristic of heat wave effects on CHD in Beijing, China. Methods We obtained daily data on weather and CHD mortality in Beijing for years 2000–2011. A quasi-Poisson regression model was used to assess the short-term impact of heat waves on CHD mortality in ...

  18. Temporal variations of organochlorine pesticides in precipitation in Beijing, China

    Yang, Guosheng; Ma, Lingling; Xu, Diandou; Liu, Liyan; Jia, Hongliang; Chen, Yang; Zhang, Yongbao; Chai, Zhifang


    Temporal variations of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) were determined in precipitation and monthly depositional fluxes were calculated in Beijing from February 2009 to March 2011. Compounds which were detected most often included α-HCH and β-HCH, and the volume-weighted mean (VWM) concentration of hexachlorocyclohexanes (HCHs) was 33.0 ng L-1, accounting for 72.3% of the ∑OCPs in precipitation. The total concentrations of OCPs ranged from 3.73 to 152 ng L-1 (mean: 29.7 ± 3.5 ng L-1) for dissolved phase and from 1.61 to 114 ng L-1 (mean: 15.9 ± 2.0 ng L-1) for particulate phase, respectively. OCPs in dissolved phase dominated sampled concentrations in precipitation (HCHs: 71.8%, Chlordane: 77.7%, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethanes-DDTs: 50.1%) with an exception of hexachlorobenzene-HCB (26.3%). Furthermore, the distribution coefficient, Kpd, was generally large in low temperature, especially in spring. The abundance of ∑OCPs in the precipitation fluctuated monthly, with high value in late winter and spring. The past farmland near the sampling site was under construction during sampling, which may be an important local re-emission source in this study. The elevated wet deposition flux of 11 selected OCPs was 14.9 μg m-2 yr-1 in Beijing.

  19. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in urban soil from Beijing, China

    LI Xing-hong; MA Ling-ling; LIU Xiu-fen; FU Shan; CHENG Hang-xin; XU Xiao-bai


    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (EPA-PAHs) in the urban surface soils from Beijing were determined using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS). It is significantly complementary for understanding the PAHs pollution in soil of integrated Beijing city on the basis of the information known in the outskirts. The total concentration of 16 EPA-PAH was from 0.467 to 5.470 μg/g and was described by the contour map. Compound profiles presented that the 4-, 5- and 6-ring PAHs were major compositions. The correlation analysis showed that PAHs have the similar source in the most sampling sites and BaP might be considered as the indicator of PAHs. Characteristic ratios of anthracene (An)/(An+ phenanthrene (Phe)), fluoranthene (Flu)/(Flu+pyrene (Pyr)) and benzo[a]pyrene (BaP)/benzo[g,h,i]perylene (BghiP) indicated that the PAHs pollutants probably mainly originated from the coal combustion and it was not negligible from vehicular emission. The level of PAHs in our study area was compared with other studies.

  20. China-Japan-ROK Relations in Post-Beijing Olympics-Summary of the Sino-Japan-ROK Trilateral Symposium

    Han Fang


    @@ The trilateral seminar of "China-Japan-ROK Relations in Post Beijing Olympics" -organized by China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), the Asahi Shimbun Asia Network (AAN) of Japan and the Hwajeong Peace Foundation of Northeast Asia Daily (the Dibg-A Ilbo) in South Korea-opened in Beijing on October 11th, 2008. Over 30 representatives from China, Japan and Korea attended the seminar and shared their views on a variety of issues, including China beyond the Games, security cooperation in Northeast Asia and Sino-Japanese-ROK cooperation in a new era. The discussions are summarized as follows:

  1. Implementation of Geographical Conditions Monitoring in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, China

    Jixian Zhang; Jiping Liu; Liang Zhai; Wei Hou


    Increasingly accelerated urbanization and socio-economic development can cause a series of environmental problems. Accurate and efficient monitoring of the geographical conditions is important for achieving sustainable development. This paper presents the first results of the project “Geographical Conditions Monitoring (GCM)” in an exemplified area “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (BTH)” in China over the last three decades. It focuses on four hot issues in BTH: distribution of dust surfaces and pollut...

  2. Size-Segregated Particle Number Concentrations and Respiratory Emergency Room Visits in Beijing, China

    Leitte, Arne Marian; Schlink, Uwe; Herbarth, Olf; Wiedensohler, Alfred; Pan, Xiao-Chuan; Hu, Min; Richter, Matthia; Wehner, Birgit; TUCH Thomas; Wu, Zhijun; Yang, Minjuan; Liu, Liqun; Breitner, Susanne; Cyrys, Josef; Peters, Annette


    Background The link between concentrations of particulate matter (PM) and respiratory morbidity has been investigated in numerous studies. Objectives The aim of this study was to analyze the role of different particle size fractions with respect to respiratory health in Beijing, China. Methods Data on particle size distributions from 3 nm to 1 μm; PM10 (PM ≤ 10 μm), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and sulfur dioxide concentrations; and meteorologic variables were collected daily from March 2004 to De...

  3. Romanian Economic Mission Beijing-Harbin, China JUNE 08-18,2007


    @@ This is for the third time in 2007 that a Romanian business delegation has come to China headed by Foreign Trade Department, Ministry for Small and Medium-Sized Comp.,Trade Tourism & Liberal Professions.During the 10 days from June 08 to 18,a number of agreements and achievements have between made with joint efforts of the host organization, Beijing Office of Romanian-Sino Chamber of Commerce, and Embassy of Romania.

  4. Beijing Alley



    There are many distinguished artists with work in residence at Beijing's Creation Gallery, but there is one worthy of particular mention - gallery founder Li Xiaoke. Through his work, Li successfully unites elements of western art with traditional Chinese ideas and art theories. His favorite places of inspiration are old Beijing, Tibet, and southern China.

  5. Observation of atmospheric nitrous acid with DOAS in Beijing, China.

    Qin, Min; Xie, Pin-Hua; Liu, Wen-Qing; Li, Ang; Dou, Ke; Fang, Wu; Liu, Jian-Guo; Zhang, Wei-Jun


    Measurements of nitrous acid (HONO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in Beijing City have been performed by means of a developed differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) system based on photodiode array (PDA), during the autumn of 2004. HONO and NO2 were simultaneously identified by their characteristic absorption bands in the spectral region between 337 nm and 372 nm with high sensibility and time resolution. The concentrations of HONO exhibit obviously diurnal variation with a nocturnal maximum and a daytime minimum. The highest HONO value up to 11.8 microg/m3 was observed during the night of 2/3 September. Possible sources of the observed HONO were discussed. Good correlation to NO2 indicates that NO2 is a main source component. The measurement also shows direct emission of HONO is an important source in strongly polluted urban area. PMID:20050551

  6. Observation of atmospheric nitrous acid with DOAS in Beijing, China

    QIN Min; XIE Pin-hua; LIU Wen-qing; LI Ang; DOU Ke; FANG Wu; LIU Jian-guo; ZHANG Wei-jun


    Measurements of nitrous acid (HONO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in Beijing City have been performed by means of a developed differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) system based on photodiode array (PDA), during the autumn of 2004.HONO and NO2 were simultaneously identified by their characteristic absorption bands in the spectral region between 337 nm and 372 nm with high sensibility and time resolution. The concentrations of HONO exhibit obviously diurnal variation with a nocturnal maximum and a daytime minimum. The highest HONO value up to 11.8 μg/m3 was observed during the night of 2/3 September.Possible sources of the observed HONO were discussed. Good correlation to NO2 indicates that NO2 is a main source component. The measurement also shows direct emission of HONO is an important source in strongly polluted urban area.

  7. The Effect of Air Pollution on Mortality in China: Evidence from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

    Guojun He; Maoyong Fan; Maigeng Zhou


    By exploiting exogenous variation in air quality during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we estimate the effect of air pollution on mortality in China. We find that a 10-μg/m^3 (roughly 10%) decrease in PM_10 concentrations reduces monthly standardized all-cause mortality by 6.63%. The mortality reduction during the Olympics is mainly driven by fewer cardiocerebrovascular and respiratory deaths. Extrapolating our results to all urban areas in China, we estimate that the economic benefits from...

  8. Overall-effective Measures for Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Coastal Areas of Shandong Province, China

    ZHANG Baoxiang; W. F. Geiger; S. Kaden; R. Kutzner; WANG Zengliang


    In the coastal catchments of Shandong Province the water scarcity is aggravated due to saltwater intrusion, reducing the usability of water resources available. Such a situation calls for sustainable integrated water resources management (Ⅰ-WRM). The idea for the objectives and implementation of the IWRM are explained in this paper. The general objective of the planned project disscussed in the present study is to bring together German traditional expertise in water resources management and newer developments in the context of the European Water Framework Directive; the research efforts aim to relieve the desperate water scarcity situation in the costal area of Shandong Province.

  9. Use of homing pigeons as biomonitors of atmospheric metal concentrations in Beijing and Guangzhou, China.

    Cui, Jia; Halbrook, Richard S; Zang, Shuying; You, Jing


    Biomonitoring provides direct evidence of the bioavailability and accumulation of toxic elements in the environment and in the current study, homing pigeons were used as a biomonitor of atmospheric pollution in Beijing and Guangzhou, China. Cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), and mercury (Hg) concentrations were measured in lung, kidney, and liver tissues of 25 homing pigeons collected from Beijing (n = 15) and Guangzhou (n = 10). Cadmium concentrations in all tissue and lung Pb concentrations were significantly greater in pigeons collected from Guangzhou compared to those collected from Beijing. Lung Cd and Pb concentrations corresponded to differences in ambient air concentrations between the two cities, suggesting that homing pigeons are valuable biomonitors of atmospheric metal contamination. Liver and kidney Hg concentrations were significantly greater in pigeons collected from Beijing compared to those collected from Guangzhou, while Hg concentrations in lung tissue were not significantly different. Results of the current study support a conclusion that homing pigeons provide valuable data for evaluating exposure and potential effects to environmental metal concentrations. PMID:26703383

  10. Risk of human exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: A case study in Beijing, China

    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) can cause adverse effects on human health. The relative contributions of their two major intake routes (diet and inhalation) to population PAH exposure are still unclear. We modeled the contributions of diet and inhalation to the overall PAH exposure of the population of Beijing in China, and assessed their human incremental lifetime cancer risks (ILCR) using a Mont Carlo simulation approach. The results showed that diet accounted for about 85% of low-molecular-weight PAH (L-PAH) exposure, while inhalation accounted for approximately 57% of high-molecular-weight PAH (H-PAH) exposure of the Beijing population. Meat and cereals were the main contributors to dietary PAH exposure. Both gaseous- and particulate-phase PAHs contributed to L-PAH exposure through inhalation, whereas exposure to H-PAHs was mostly from the particulate-phase. To reduce the cancer incidence of the Beijing population, more attention should be given to inhaled particulate-phase PAHs with considerable carcinogenic potential. - Highlights: • We modeled the contributions of diet and inhalation to population PAH exposure. • Diet contributed 85% of population exposure to low molecular-weight PAHs. • Inhalation contributed 57% of population exposure to high molecular-weight PAHs. • The PAH exposure level with body-weight adjustment decreased with age increasing. • The population cancer risk of PAH exposure is lower than the serious risk level. - The exposure of the Beijing population to carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons was mainly from inhaled particulate matter

  11. Mercury in urban soils with various types of land use in Beijing, China

    Mercury (Hg) concentration was investigated for 127 urban soil samples collected from business area (BA), classical garden (CG), culture and education area (CEA), public green space (PGS), residential area (RA) and roadside area (RSA) in Beijing. The median of Hg concentration in Beijing was 0.26 mg/kg. The value in CG was much higher than the other 5 types of land use, which was due to the historical use of Hg. More than 87% of the samples were not contaminated according to the guideline values of China, UK, Canada, and USEPA. Spatial distribution map revealed that Hg concentration showed a decreasing trend from the center to the suburb, it increased with the age of the urban area. Hg contamination in urban area of Beijing is marked by features of non-point sources associated with human activities, and it is most likely to be the common characteristics of Hg contamination in cities. - Hg distribution in Beijing was affected by both types of land use and the age of urban area.

  12. Economic evaluation of health losses from air pollution in Beijing, China.

    Zhao, Xiaoli; Yu, Xueying; Wang, Ying; Fan, Chunyang


    Aggravated air pollution in Beijing, China has caused serious health concern. This paper comprehensively evaluates the health losses from illness and premature death caused by air pollution in monetary terms. We use the concentration of PM10 as an indicator of the pollution since it constitutes the primary pollutant in Beijing. By our estimation, air pollution in Beijing caused a health loss equivalent to Ұ583.02 million or 0.03 % of its GDP. Most of the losses took the form of depreciation in human capital that resulted from premature death. The losses from premature deaths were most salient for people of either old or young ages, with the former group suffering from the highest mortality rates and the latter group the highest per capital losses of human capitals from premature death. Policies that target on PM10 emission reduction, urban vegetation expansion, and protection of vulnerable groups are all proposed as possible solutions to air pollution risks in Beijing. PMID:26944425

  13. Optimal Waist Circumference Cut-off values for Identifying Metabolic Risk Factors in Middle-aged and Elderly Subjects in Shandong Province of China

    HOU Xin Guo; ZHANG Xiu Ping; JIANG Mei; WANG Wei Qing; NING Guang; ZHENG Hui Zhen; MA Ai Xia; SUN Yu; SONG Jun; LIN Peng; LIANG Kai; WANG Chuan; LIU Fu Qiang; LI Wen Juan; XIAO Juan; GONG Lei; WANG Mei Jian; LIU Ji Dong; YAN Fei; YANG Jun Peng; WANG Ling Shu; TIAN Meng; MA Ze Qiang; ZHAO Ru Xing; JIANG Ling; CHEN Li; YANG Wei Fang; WANG Ji Xiang; LI Cheng Qiao; WANG Yu Lian; LIU Shu Min; Hu Xiu Ping


    Objective To study the optimal waist circumference (WC) cut-off values for identifying metabolic risk factors in middle-aged and elderly subjects in Shandong Province of China. Methods A total of 2 873 men and 5 559 women were included in this cross-sectional study. Metabolic syndrome (MetS) was diagnosed according to the definition of Chinese Diabetes Society in 2004. The relation between WC and MetS was analyzed by multivariate logistic regression analysis. The optimal WC cut-off values were identified using the area under the ROC curve and the different diagnostic criteria for central obesity were compared. Results The WC was the risk factor for MetS independent of BMI, blood glucose, blood lipid, and blood pressure. The optimal WC cut-off value was 83.8 cm and 91.1 cm for identifying MetS in women and men, respectively. Compared with 80 cm and 85 cm for women and men, 85 cm and 90 cm had a higher Youden index for identifying all metabolic risk factors and MetS in women and men. Conclusion The appropriate WC cut-off value is 85 cm and 90 cm for identifying central obesity and MetS in women and men in Shandong Province of China.

  14. Hydrochemical and isotopic investigation of atmospheric precipitation in Beijing, China

    Zhai, Yuanzheng, E-mail: [College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875 (China); Engineering Research Center of Groundwater Pollution Control and Remediation, Ministry of Education of China, Beijing 100875 (China); Wang, Jinsheng, E-mail: [College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875 (China); Engineering Research Center of Groundwater Pollution Control and Remediation, Ministry of Education of China, Beijing 100875 (China); Zhang, Yang [College of Resources and Environment, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049 (China); Teng, Yanguo; Zuo, Rui; Huan, Huan [College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875 (China); Engineering Research Center of Groundwater Pollution Control and Remediation, Ministry of Education of China, Beijing 100875 (China)


    Precipitation water samples were collected at an urban site in Beijing in a hydrological cycle (July 2008–July 2009), and analyzed for TDS, total alkalinity, total hardness, free CO{sub 2}, soluble SiO{sub 2}, bromide, sulfide, phosphate, major ions (K{sup +}, Na{sup +}, Ca{sup 2+}, Mg{sup 2+}, NH{sub 4}{sup +}, HCO{sub 3}{sup −}, Cl{sup −}, SO{sub 4}{sup 2−}, NO{sub 3}{sup −}), trace elements (CO{sub 3}{sup 2−}, Mn, Sr{sup 2+}, Fe{sup 2+}, Fe{sup 3+}, Al, F{sup −}, NO{sub 2}{sup −}), stable isotopes ({sup 2}H and {sup 18}O), and radioactive isotope ({sup 3}H). In addition, available published hydrochemical and isotopic data of precipitation of Beijing in the past were also collected and conjointly analyzed. Most of the parameters of samples tested varied considerably in the hydrological cycle. In general, HCO{sub 3}{sup −} and SO{sub 4}{sup 2−}, and Ca{sup 2+} and NH{sub 4}{sup +} are the dominant anions and cations, respectively. Using Na{sup +} as an indicator of marine origin, and Al for the terrestrial inputs, the proportions of major elements from sea salt and terrestrial sources were estimated by using the combination of statistical analysis methods and analogy method. More than 70.1% of Cl{sup −}, 98.1% of Ca{sup 2+}, and 93.6% of K{sup +} were non-sea-salt origin, while more than 98.4% of Na{sup +} was from marine sources. The LMWL (Local Meteoric Water Line) was obtained with an equation of δ{sup 2}H = 7.0181δ{sup 18}O + 3.5231 (‰, R{sup 2} = 0.86, n = 36), which was similar to GMWL (Global Meteoric Water Line). δ{sup 2}H, δ{sup 18}O and Δ-excess changed radically with month and season, but had no apparent seasonal effect, precipitation amount effect, and temperature effect. The annual mean values of Δ-excess for 1979 (16.5‰) and 1980 (16.3‰) were much bigger than that for 2007 (7.2‰), 2008 (2.1‰) and 2009 (4.5‰). The composition of {sup 2}H and {sup 18}O was probably intrinsically determined by the sources of water

  15. Spatial access to residential care resources in Beijing, China

    Cheng Yang


    Full Text Available Abstract Background As the population is ageing rapidly in Beijing, the residential care sector is in a fast expansion process with the support of the municipal government. Understanding spatial accessibility to residential care resources by older people supports the need for rational allocation of care resources in future planning. Methods Based on population data and data on residential care resources, this study uses two Geographic Information System (GIS based methods – shortest path analysis and a two-step floating catchment area (2SFCA method to analyse spatial accessibility to residential care resources. Results Spatial accessibility varies as the methods and considered factors change. When only time distance is considered, residential care resources are more accessible in the central city than in suburban and exurban areas. If care resources are considered in addition to time distance, spatial accessibility is relatively poor in the central city compared to the northeast to southeast side of the suburban and exurban areas. The resources in the northwest to southwest side of the city are the least accessible, even though several hotspots of residential care resources are located in these areas. Conclusions For policy making, it may require combining various methods for a comprehensive analysis. The methods used in this study provide tools for identifying underserved areas in order to improve equity in access to and efficiency in allocation of residential care resources in future planning.

  16. Using stable isotopes to trace sources and formation processes of sulfate aerosols from Beijing, China

    Han, Xiaokun; Guo, Qingjun; Liu, Congqiang; Fu, Pingqing; Strauss, Harald; Yang, Junxing; Hu, Jian; Wei, Lianfang; Ren, Hong; Peters, Marc; Wei, Rongfei; Tian, Liyan


    Particulate pollution from anthropogenic and natural sources is a severe problem in China. Sulfur and oxygen isotopes of aerosol sulfate (δ34Ssulfate and δ18Osulfate) and water-soluble ions in aerosols collected from 2012 to 2014 in Beijing are being utilized to identify their sources and assess seasonal trends. The mean δ34S value of aerosol sulfate is similar to that of coal from North China, indicating that coal combustion is a significant contributor to atmospheric sulfate. The δ34Ssulfate and δ18Osulfate values are positively correlated and display an obvious seasonality (high in winter and low in summer). Although an influence of meteorological conditions to this seasonality in isotopic composition cannot be ruled out, the isotopic evidence suggests that the observed seasonality reflects temporal variations in the two main contributions to Beijing aerosol sulfate, notably biogenic sulfur emissions in the summer and the increasing coal consumption in winter. Our results clearly reveal that a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and the application of desulfurization technology will be important for effectively reducing sulfur emissions to the Beijing atmosphere. PMID:27435991

  17. Using stable isotopes to trace sources and formation processes of sulfate aerosols from Beijing, China.

    Han, Xiaokun; Guo, Qingjun; Liu, Congqiang; Fu, Pingqing; Strauss, Harald; Yang, Junxing; Hu, Jian; Wei, Lianfang; Ren, Hong; Peters, Marc; Wei, Rongfei; Tian, Liyan


    Particulate pollution from anthropogenic and natural sources is a severe problem in China. Sulfur and oxygen isotopes of aerosol sulfate (δ(34)Ssulfate and δ(18)Osulfate) and water-soluble ions in aerosols collected from 2012 to 2014 in Beijing are being utilized to identify their sources and assess seasonal trends. The mean δ(34)S value of aerosol sulfate is similar to that of coal from North China, indicating that coal combustion is a significant contributor to atmospheric sulfate. The δ(34)Ssulfate and δ(18)Osulfate values are positively correlated and display an obvious seasonality (high in winter and low in summer). Although an influence of meteorological conditions to this seasonality in isotopic composition cannot be ruled out, the isotopic evidence suggests that the observed seasonality reflects temporal variations in the two main contributions to Beijing aerosol sulfate, notably biogenic sulfur emissions in the summer and the increasing coal consumption in winter. Our results clearly reveal that a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and the application of desulfurization technology will be important for effectively reducing sulfur emissions to the Beijing atmosphere. PMID:27435991

  18. Differences in the population of genetics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis between urban migrants and local residents in Beijing, China.

    Dai, G.M.; Zhang, Z.G.; Ding, P.J.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, L.; Wang, L.X.; Soolingen, D. van; Huang, H.R.; Li, W.M.; Li, C.Y.


    BACKGROUND: Currently, migration has become one of the risk factors of high burden of tuberculosis in China. This study was to explore the influence of mass migration on the dynamics of Mycobacterium (M.) tuberculosis in Beijing, the capital and an urban area of China. METHODS: Three hundred and thi

  19. Geochemical fractions and risk assessment of trace elements in soils around Jiaojia gold mine in Shandong Province, China.

    Cao, Feifei; Kong, Linghao; Yang, Liyuan; Zhang, Wei


    Soils located adjacent to the Jiaojia gold mine were sampled and analyzed to determine the degree of which they were contaminated by trace elements (Hg, As, Cd, Pb, Cu, and Zn) in Shandong Province, China. All 18 samples exhibited mean Hg, As, Cd, and Pb concentrations in excess of local background values, while the mean concentrations of Cu and Zn were below the background values. In addition, the concentrations of trace elements in gold smelter (GS) soils were higher than in the gold mine (GM) soils. The result from a modified Tessier sequential extraction procedure was that with the exception of Cu in soils near the smelter, the trace elements were predominantly associated with the residual fraction. After residual fraction, most Hg was mainly humic acid and strong organic fraction, while most As was the humic acid. Cd was associated with the water soluble, ion exchange, and carbonate fractions compared with the other trace elements. Furthermore, Cu, Pb, and Zn were more concentrated in the humic acid and Fe/Mn oxide fraction. The fractions of trace elements were affected by soil pH and Ec (Electrical conductivity). The humic acid fraction of Hg as well as the ion exchange fraction of Cd and Zn displayed negative correlations with soil pH. The strong organic fraction of Hg, the Fe/Mn oxide fraction of Cd, and the carbonate fraction of Zn were positively related to the soil Ec. The strong organic fraction and ion exchange fraction of Zn were negatively related to soil Ec. However, the ion exchange and carbonate fractions of As showed significant positive correlations with soil pH. A calculated individual availability factor (A f (i) ) is used; the values of each trace element in the soils are in the following order: Cu > Cd > Pb > Zn > As > Hg. When combined with a risk assessment code, data suggest that Hg, As, Pb, and Zn levels showed low risk for the environment, whereas Cd levels in soils adjacent to the GM and Cu levels in soils adjacent to the GS showed

  20. Differences in the population of genetics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis between urban migrants and local residents in Beijing, China

    DAI Guang-ming; ZHANG Zhi-guo; DING Peng-ju; ZHANG Qian; WANG Li; WANG Li-xia; Dick van Soolingen


    Background Currently,migration has become one of the risk factors of high burden of tuberculosis in China.This study was to explore the influence of mass migration on the dynamics of Mycobacterium (M.) tuberculosis in Beijing,the capital and an urban area of China.Methods Three hundred and thirty-six M.tuberculosis strains from the Changping district,where the problem of urban migrants was more pronounced than in other Beijing regions,were genotyped by Spoligotyping,large sequence polymorphisms (LSPs 105 and 181),and variable number tandem repeat (VNTR) typing.Based on the genotype data,the phylogeny of the isolates was studied.Results In Changping district,the proportion of Beijing lineage M.tuberculosis isolates amounted to 89.0% (299/336),among which 86.6 % (252) belonged to the modern lineage.The frequency of modern Beijing lineage strains is so high (around 75% (252/336)) that associated risk factors affecting the tuberculosis epidemic cannot be determined.The time to the most recent common ancestor (TMRCA) of the Beijing lineage strains was estimated to be 5073 (95% CI:4000-6200) years.There was no significant difference in the genetic variation of Beijing isolates from urban migrants and local residents.Conclusions The clone of modern Beijing lineage M.tuberculosis,which is dominant in the Beijing area,most likely started to expand with the five thousand-year-old Chinese civilization.In the future,with the urbanization in the whole of China,modern Beijing lineage M.tuberculosis may gain the larger geographical spread.

  1. Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis of Scarlet Fever Incidence in Beijing, China, 2005–2014

    Gehendra Mahara


    Full Text Available Objective: To probe the spatiotemporal patterns of the incidence of scarlet fever in Beijing, China, from 2005 to 2014. Methods: A spatiotemporal analysis was conducted at the district/county level in the Beijing region based on the reported cases of scarlet fever during the study period. Moran’s autocorrelation coefficient was used to examine the spatial autocorrelation of scarlet fever, whereas the Getis-Ord Gi* statistic was used to determine the hotspot incidence of scarlet fever. Likewise, the space-time scan statistic was used to detect the space-time clusters, including the relative risk of scarlet fever incidence across all settings. Results: A total of 26,860 scarlet fever cases were reported in Beijing during the study period (2005–2014. The average annual incidence of scarlet fever was 14.25 per 100,000 population (range, 6.76 to 32.03 per 100,000. The incidence among males was higher than that among females, and more than two-thirds of scarlet fever cases (83.8% were among children 3–8 years old. The seasonal incidence peaks occurred from March to July. A higher relative risk area was mainly in the city and urban districts of Beijing. The most likely space-time clusters and secondary clusters were detected to be diversely distributed in every study year. Conclusions: The spatiotemporal patterns of scarlet fever were relatively unsteady in Beijing from 2005 to 2014. The at-risk population was mainly scattered in urban settings and dense districts with high population, indicating a positive relationship between population density and increased risk of scarlet fever exposure. Children under 15 years of age were the most susceptible to scarlet fever.

  2. Emerging markets for imported beef in China: Results from a consumer choice experiment in Beijing.

    Ortega, David L; Hong, Soo Jeong; Wang, H Holly; Wu, Laping


    The purpose of this study is to explore emerging markets for imported beef in China by assessing Beijing consumer demand for quality attributes. This study utilizes data from an in-store choice experiment to evaluate consumer willingness-to-pay for select food quality attributes (food safety, animal welfare, Green Food and Organic certification) taking into account country-of-origin information. Our results show that Beijing consumers value food safety information the most, and are willing to pay more for Australian beef products than for US or domestic (Chinese) beef. We explore the various relationships between the quality attributes, find evidence of preference heterogeneity and discuss agribusiness and marketing implications of our findings. PMID:27395825

  3. Secular trends of low birthweight and macrosomia and related maternal factors in Beijing, China: a longitudinal trend analysis

    Shan, Xiaoyi; Chen, Fangfang; Wang, Wenpeng; Zhao, Juan; Teng, Yue; Wu, Minghui; Teng, Honghong; Zhang, Xue; Qi, Hong; Liu, Xiaohong; Tan, Chunying; Mi, Jie


    Background Information tracking changes of birthweight is scarce in China. To examine trends of low birthweight (birthweight < 2500 g) and macrosomia (birthweight ≥ 4000 g) and potential risk factors in Beijing, hospital records from two major obstetrics and gynecology hospitals in urban districts in Beijing were analyzed. Methods Hospital records from 1996 to 2010 were retrieved. Information of prenatal examination and birth outcomes was entered into a structured database. Live births were u...

  4. A 60-year review on the changing epidemiology of measles in capital Beijing, China, 1951-2011

    Li, Juan; Lu, Li; Pang, Xinghuo; Sun, Meiping; MA, RUI; Liu, Donglei; Wu, Jiang


    Background China pledged to join the global effort to eliminate measles by 2012. To improve measles control strategy, the epidemic trend and population immunity of measles were investigated in 1951–2011 in Beijing. Methods The changing trend of measles since 1951 was described based on measles surveillance data from Beijing Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The measles vaccination coverage and antibody level were assessed by routinely reported measles vaccination data and twenty...

  5. The burden of air pollution on years of life lost in Beijing, China, 2004-08: retrospective regression analysis of daily deaths

    Guo, Yuming; Li, Shanshan; Tian, Zhaoxing; Pan, Xiaochuan; Zhang, Jinliang; Williams, Gail


    Objectives To better understand the burden of air pollution on deaths, we examined the effects of air pollutants on years of life lost (YLL) in Beijing, China. Design Retrospective regression analysis using daily time series. Setting 8 urban districts in Beijing, China. Participants 80 515 deaths (48 802 male, 31 713 female) recorded by the Beijing death classification system during 2004-08. Main outcome measures Associations between daily YLL and ambient air pollutants (particulate matter wi...

  6. Whole Genome Association Study in a Homogenous Population in Shandong Peninsula of China Reveals JARID2 as a Susceptibility Gene for Schizophrenia

    Yang Liu


    Full Text Available DNA pooling can provide an economic and efficient way to detect susceptibility loci to complex diseases. We carried out a genome screen with 400 microsatellite markers spaced at approximately 10 cm in two DNA pools consisting of 119 schizophrenia (SZ patients and 119 controls recruited from a homogenous population in the Chang Le area of the Shandong peninsula of China. Association of D6S289, a dinucleotide repeat polymorphism in the JARID2 gene with SZ, was found and confirmed by individual genotyping (X2=17.89; P=.047. In order to refine the signal, we genotyped 14 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs covering JARID2 and the neighboring gene, DNTBP1, in an extended sample of 309 cases and 309 controls from Shandong peninsula (including the samples from the pools. However, rs2235258 and rs9654600 in JARID2 showed association in allelic, genotypic and haplotypic tests with SZ patients from Chang Le area. This was not replicates in the extended sample, we conclude that JARID2 could be a susceptibility gene for SZ.

  7. The Experience to Abate Air Pollution : What Lessons can Beijing, China Draw from Developed Countries When Trying to Reduce Emissions?

    Xiao, Yu


    Currently, China is facing a challenge of sustainable development. The worsening air quality and increasing haze days in Beijing and many other cities in China have exerted serious health impacts and an economic toll. Pollution control and emission reduction have become an urgent issue that Chinese governments need to tackle. Hence, stricter Environmental laws and Clean Air Plans have been published and implemented in recent years in China. The developed countries had experienced the similar ...

  8. First Training Course for Leading Members of Arab Countries’ Friendship-with-China Organizations Held in Beijing


    <正>From May 21 to 30,a training course for leading members of the Arab countries’ friendship-with-China organizations jointly sponsored by the CPAFFC and the China-Arab Friendship Association (CAFA) was held in Beijing. This was the first training course ever held by the CPAFFC for leading members of a group of friendship-with-China organizations of foreign countries,and of the 22 Arab countries in particular. On May 21,

  9. Study on Influencing Factors of Carbon Emissions from Energy Consumption of Shandong Province of China from 1995 to 2012

    Jiekun Song; Qing Song; Dong Zhang; Youyou Lu; Long Luan


    Carbon emissions from energy consumption of Shandong province from 1995 to 2012 are calculated. Three zero-residual decomposition models (LMDI, MRCI and Shapley value models) are introduced for decomposing carbon emissions. Based on the results, Kendall coordination coefficient method is employed for testing their compatibility, and an optimal weighted combination decomposition model is constructed for improving the objectivity of decomposition. STIRPAT model is applied to evaluate the impact...

  10. PM₂.₅ emissions from light-duty gasoline vehicles in Beijing, China.

    Shen, Xianbao; Yao, Zhiliang; Huo, Hong; He, Kebin; Zhang, Yingzhi; Liu, Huan; Ye, Yu


    As stricter standards for diesel vehicles are implemented in China, and the use of diesel trucks is forbidden in urban areas, determining the contribution of light-duty gasoline vehicles (LDGVs) to on-road PM2.5 emissions in cities is important. Additionally, in terms of particle number and size, particulates emitted from LDGVs have a greater health impact than particulates emitted from diesel vehicles. In this work, we measured PM2.5 emissions from 20 LDGVs in Beijing, using an improved combined on-board emission measurement system. We compared these measurements with those reported in previous studies, and estimated the contribution of LDGVs to on-road PM2.5 emissions in Beijing. The results show that the PM2.5 emission factors for LDGVs, complying with European Emission Standards Euro-0 through Euro-4 were: 117.4 ± 142, 24.1 ± 20.4, 4.85 ± 7.86, 0.99 ± 1.32, 0.17 ± 0.15 mg/km, respectively. Our results show a significant decline in emissions with improving vehicle technology. However, this trend is not reflected in recent emission inventory studies. The daytime contributions of LDGVs to PM2.5 emissions on highways, arterials, residential roads, and within urban areas of Beijing were 44%, 62%, 57%, and 57%, respectively. The contribution of LDGVs to PM2.5 emissions varied both for different road types and for different times. PMID:24810889

  11. Effects of Poisonous and Harmful Elements Brought about by Coal Mining on Water Environment in Zibo Coal Mine, Shandong Province, China


    Coal resources are very abundant in Zibo, Shandong Province, China. A lot of mining sewages are discharged during the coal mining. The mining sewage is characterized by high ρ(SO2-4), hardness and totally dissolved solids (TDS). Mining sewage in the southern Zibo is acidic, where heavy metals and benzene are detected. The Xiaofu River is polluted when mining sewage flows into it, so that the Mengshan Reservoir is polluted by Xiaofu River. The groundwater is polluted in Zichuan by the leaking of the Xiaofu River. The polluted Xiaofu River is thus used to irrigate the farmland in Mashang-Mengshui zone. The irrigation water affects the quality of shallow groundwater. The laboratory soil column test shows that SO2-4, CI- , Ca2+ and Mg2+ can migrate through vadose soil, especially SO2-4 and CI-.

  12. Campylobacter enteritis in adult patients with acute diarrhea from 2005 to 2009 in Beijing, China

    CHEN Jie; SUN Xin-ting; ZENG Zheng; YU Yan-yan


    Background There has been a marked global increase in the incidence of human Campylobacter enteritis in recent years. This study investigated the epidemiological and clinical features of Campylobacter enteritis in adult patients suffering from acute diarrhea.Methods This was a retrospective review of Campylobacter enteritis in adult patients with acute diarrhea presenting at Beijing University First Hospital, Beijing, China, in the summer and autumn (April to October) of 2005 to 2009. The data collected included the species of campylobacter identified, and the age, gender, clinical manifestations and results of laboratory test on stool samples collected from the patients. Campylobacter sensitivity tests to various antimicrobial agents were conducted on 80 specimens. Chi-square tests were applied using SPSS13.0 software and a two-sided P value of <0.05 was considered statistically significant.Results Campylobacter spp. isolated from the stool specimens of 142 patients with diarrhea represented 14.9% of all the cases examined. C. jejuni was identified in 127 patients (89.4%) and C. coli in 15 others (10.6%). The infection incidence was highest in the age range of 21-30 years which comprised 21.7% of the total cases examined. Most cases of diarrhea (46 patients) occurred in June. Watery diarrhea (97.2%), abdominal pain (72.5%) and fever (64.8%) were the most common manifestations of enteric campylobacteriosis. Only four patients (2.8%) had bloody diarrhea. The antimicrobial resistance rates were: cefoperazone (100%), levofloxacin (61.3%), gentamicin (12.5%), erythromycin (6.3%), and azithromycin (2.5%).Conclusions Campylobacter was prevalent among adults with acute diarrhea from 2005 to 2009 in Beijing, China. The large number of those afflicted by the disease warrants the commission of a large multicenter study to determine the extent of enteric campylobacteriosis in this region.

  13. How do Beijing Residents Value Environmental Improvements in Remote Parts of China

    Michael AHLHEIM; Oliver FRÖOR; LUO Jing; Sonna PELZ; JIANG Tong


    The benefits of climate adaptation policy are sometimes underestimated because its nonuse values perceived by people indirectly affected are usually ignored. Using data from a representative sample of Beijing’s urban population, it is shown that people living at a distance perceive nonuse values of climate change adaptation measures aimed at improving the environmental conditions in the Tarim River Basin in Northwest China. Using the contingent valuation method the monetized benefit of a particular set of climate adaptation measures experienced by a Beijing household is approximated. It is concluded that not only the preferences of local people, but also of people living in other parts of China should be considered when deciding if a climate adaptation policy is worthwhile implementing from a social welfare point of view.

  14. How do Beijing Residents Value Environmental Improvements in Remote Parts of China

    Michael; AHLHEIM; Oliver; FRR; LUO; Jing; Sonna; PELZ; JIANG; Tong


    The benefits of climate adaptation policy are sometimes underestimated because its nonuse values perceived by people indirectly afected are usually ignored.Using data from a representative sample of Beijing’s urban population,it is shown that people living at a distance perceive nonuse values of climate change adaptation measures aimed at improving the environmental conditions in the Tarim River Basin in Northwest China.Using the contingent valuation method the monetized benefit of a particular set of climate adaptation measures experienced by a Beijing household is approximated.It is concluded that not only the preferences of local people,but also of people living in other parts of China should be considered when deciding if a climate adaptation policy is worthwhile implementing from a social welfare point of view.

  15. On-road emission characteristics of VOCs from light-duty gasoline vehicles in Beijing, China

    Cao, Xinyue; Yao, Zhiliang; Shen, Xianbao; Ye, Yu; Jiang, Xi


    This study is the third in a series of three papers aimed at characterizing the VOC emissions of vehicles in Beijing. In this study, 30 light-duty vehicles fueled with gasoline were evaluated using a portable emission measurement system (PEMS) as they were driven on a predesigned, fixed test route. All of the tested vehicles were rented from private vehicle owners and spanned regulatory compliance guidelines ranging from Pre-China I to China IV. Alkanes, alkenes, aromatics and some additional species in the exhaust were collected in Tedlar bags and analyzed using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Carbonyls were collected on 2,4-dinitrophenyhydrazine (DNPH) cartridges and analyzed using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Overall, 74 VOC species were detected from the tested vehicles, including 22 alkanes, 6 alkenes, 1 alkyne, 16 aromatics, 3 cyclanes, 10 halohydrocarbons, 12 carbonyls and 4 other compounds. Alkanes, aromatics and carbonyls were the dominant VOCs with weight percentages of approximately 36.4%, 33.1% and 17.4%, respectively. The average VOC emission factors and standard deviations of the Pre-China I, China I, China II, China III and China IV vehicles were 469.3 ± 200.1, 80.7 ± 46.1, 56.8 ± 37.4, 25.6 ± 11.7 and 14.9 ± 8.2 mg/km, respectively, which indicated that the VOC emissions significantly decreased under stricter vehicular emission standards. Driving cycles also influenced the VOC emissions from the tested vehicles. The average VOC emission factors based on the travel distances of the tested vehicles under urban driving cycles were greater than those under highway driving cycles. In addition, we calculated the ozone formation potential (OFP) using the maximum incremental reactivity (MIR) method. The results of this study will be helpful for understanding the true emission levels of light-duty gasoline vehicles and will provide information for controlling VOC emissions from vehicles in Beijing, China.

  16. Source apportionment and air quality impact assessment studies in Beijing/China

    Suppan, P.; Schrader, S.; Shen, R.; Ling, H.; Schäfer, K.; Norra, S.; Vogel, B.; Wang, Y.


    More than 15 million people in the greater area of Beijing are still suffering from severe air pollution levels caused by sources within the city itself but also from external impacts like severe dust storms and long range advection from the southern and central part of China. Within this context particulate matter (PM) is the major air pollutant in the greater area of Beijing (Garland et al., 2009). PM did not serve only as lead substance for air quality levels and therefore for adverse health impact effects but also for a strong influence on the climate system by changing e.g. the radiative balance. Investigations on emission reductions during the Olympic Summer Games in 2008 have caused a strong reduction on coarser particles (PM10) but not on smaller particles (PM2.5). In order to discriminate the composition of the particulate matter levels, the different behavior of coarser and smaller particles investigations on source attribution, particle characteristics and external impacts on the PM levels of the city of Beijing by measurements and modeling are performed: Examples of long term measurements of PM2.5 filter sampling in 2005 with the objectives of detailed chemical (source attribution, carbon fraction, organic speciation and inorganic composition) and isotopic analyses as well as toxicological assessment in cooperation with several institutions (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (IfGG/IMG), Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU), University Rostock (UR), Chinese University of Mining and Technology Beijing, CUMTB) will be discussed. Further experimental studies include the operation of remote sensing systems to determine continuously the MLH (by a ceilometer) and gaseous air pollutants near the ground (by DOAS systems) as well as at the 320 m measurement tower (adhesive plates at different heights for passive particle collection) in cooperation with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The influence of the MLH on

  17. Seasonal variation in species composition and abundance of demersal fish and invertebrates in a Seagrass Natural Reserve on the eastern coast of the Shandong Peninsula, China

    Xu, Qiang; Guo, Dong; Zhang, Peidong; Zhang, Xiumei; Li, Wentao; Wu, Zhongxin


    Seagrass habitats are structurally complex ecosystems, which support high productivity and biodiversity. In temperate systems the density of seagrass may change seasonally, and this may influence the associated fish and invertebrate community. Little is known about the role of seagrass beds as possible nursery areas for fish and invertebrates in China. To study the functioning of a seagrass habitat in northern China, demersal fish and invertebrates were collected monthly using traps, from February 2009 to January 2010. The density, leaf length and biomass of the dominant seagrass Zostera marina and water temperature were also measured. The study was conducted in a Seagrass Natural Reserve (SNR) on the eastern coast of the Shandong Peninsula, China. A total of 22 fish species and five invertebrate species were recorded over the year. The dominant fish species were Synechogobius ommaturus, Sebastes schlegelii, Pholis fangi, Pagrus major and Hexagrammos otakii and these species accounted for 87% of the total number of fish. The dominant invertebrate species were Charybdis japonica and Octopus variabilis and these accounted for 98% of the total abundance of invertebrates. There was high temporal variation in species composition and abundance. The peak number of fish species occurred in August-October 2009, while the number of individual fish and biomass was highest during November 2009. Invertebrate numbers and biomass was highest in March, April, July and September 2009. Temporal changes in species abundance of fishes and invertebrates corresponded with changes in the shoot density and leaf length of the seagrass, Zostera marina.

  18. Factors associated with health-seeking behavior among migrant workers in Beijing, China

    Hu Hongpu


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Migrant workers are a unique phenomenon in the process of China's economic transformation. The household registration system classifies them as temporary residents in cities, putting them in a vulnerable state with an unfair share of urban infrastructure and social public welfare. The amount of pressure inflicted by migrant workers in Beijing, as one of the major migration destinations, is currently at a threshold. This study was designed to assess the factors associated with health-seeking behavior and to explore feasible solutions to the obstacles migrant workers in China faced with when accessing health-care. Methods A sample of 2,478 migrant workers in Beijing was chosen by the multi-stage stratified cluster sampling method. A structured questionnaire survey was conducted via face-to-face interviews between investigators and subjects. The multilevel methodology (MLM was used to demonstrate the independent effects of the explanatory variables on health seeking behavior in migrant workers. Results The medical visitation rate of migrant workers within the past two weeks was 4.8%, which only accounted for 36.4% of those who were ill. Nearly one-third of the migrant workers chose self-medication (33.3% or no measures (30.3% while ill within the past two weeks. 19.7% of the sick migrants who should have been hospitalized failed to receive medical treatment within the past year. According to self-reported reasons, the high cost of health service was a significant obstacle to health-care access for 40.5% of the migrant workers who became sick. However, 94.0% of the migrant workers didn't have any insurance coverage in Beijing. The multilevel model analysis indicates that health-seeking behavior among migrants is significantly associated with their insurance coverage. Meanwhile, such factors as household monthly income per capita and working hours per day also affect the medical visitation rate of the migrant workers in Beijing

  19. Study on influencing factors of carbon emissions from energy consumption of Shandong Province of China from 1995 to 2012.

    Song, Jiekun; Song, Qing; Zhang, Dong; Lu, Youyou; Luan, Long


    Carbon emissions from energy consumption of Shandong province from 1995 to 2012 are calculated. Three zero-residual decomposition models (LMDI, MRCI and Shapley value models) are introduced for decomposing carbon emissions. Based on the results, Kendall coordination coefficient method is employed for testing their compatibility, and an optimal weighted combination decomposition model is constructed for improving the objectivity of decomposition. STIRPAT model is applied to evaluate the impact of each factor on carbon emissions. The results show that, using 1995 as the base year, the cumulative effects of population, per capita GDP, energy consumption intensity, and energy consumption structure of Shandong province in 2012 are positive, while the cumulative effect of industrial structure is negative. Per capita GDP is the largest driver of the increasing carbon emissions and has a great impact on carbon emissions; energy consumption intensity is a weak driver and has certain impact on carbon emissions; population plays a weak driving role, but it has the most significant impact on carbon emissions; energy consumption structure is a weak driver of the increasing carbon emissions and has a weak impact on carbon emissions; industrial structure has played a weak inhibitory role, and its impact on carbon emissions is great. PMID:24977216

  20. Study on Influencing Factors of Carbon Emissions from Energy Consumption of Shandong Province of China from 1995 to 2012

    Jiekun Song


    Full Text Available Carbon emissions from energy consumption of Shandong province from 1995 to 2012 are calculated. Three zero-residual decomposition models (LMDI, MRCI and Shapley value models are introduced for decomposing carbon emissions. Based on the results, Kendall coordination coefficient method is employed for testing their compatibility, and an optimal weighted combination decomposition model is constructed for improving the objectivity of decomposition. STIRPAT model is applied to evaluate the impact of each factor on carbon emissions. The results show that, using 1995 as the base year, the cumulative effects of population, per capita GDP, energy consumption intensity, and energy consumption structure of Shandong province in 2012 are positive, while the cumulative effect of industrial structure is negative. Per capita GDP is the largest driver of the increasing carbon emissions and has a great impact on carbon emissions; energy consumption intensity is a weak driver and has certain impact on carbon emissions; population plays a weak driving role, but it has the most significant impact on carbon emissions; energy consumption structure is a weak driver of the increasing carbon emissions and has a weak impact on carbon emissions; industrial structure has played a weak inhibitory role, and its impact on carbon emissions is great.

  1. Hexachlorocyclohexanes (HCHs) in placenta and umbilical cord blood and dietary intake for women in Beijing, China

    Placenta and umbilical cord blood are important media for investigating maternal–fetal exposure to environmental pollutants. Historically hexachlorocyclohexanes (HCHs) were once widely-used in China. In this study, residues of HCHs were measured in placenta and umbilical cord blood samples for 40 women from Beijing. The measured median values of HCHs were 62.0 and 68.8 ng/g fat in placenta and umbilical cord blood, respectively. Concentrations of HCHs in placenta and umbilical cord blood of urban cohort were higher than those of rural group due to enhanced consumption of fish, meat, and milk. Residues of HCHs in placenta were significantly correlated with total food consumption, dietary intake, and maternal age, and could be predicted using the parameters dependent upon ingestion of meat and milk. The transplacental exposure of fetuses to HCHs was revealed by a close association between the residual levels in the paired placenta and the paired umbilical cord blood samples. -- Highlights: •Medians of HCH in placenta and umbilical cord blood of 40 puerperal women from Beijing were 62.0 and 68.8 ng/g⋅fat. •HCHs in placenta and umbilical cord blood of urban cohort were higher than those of rural one. •HCH residues in placenta were significantly correlated with total food consumption, daily dietary intake, and maternal age. •The transplacental exposure of fetus to HCHs was revealed. -- HCHs in placenta of women in Beijing were significantly correlated with total food consumption, dietary intake, and maternal age

  2. Willingness to pay for renewable electricity: A contingent valuation study in Beijing, China

    In China, renewable/green electricity, which can provide significant environmental benefits in addition to meeting energy demand, has more non-use value than use-value for electricity consumers, because its users have no way to actually own this use-value. To assess the value of renewable electricity and obtain information on consumer preferences, this study estimated the willingness to pay (WTP) of Beijing residents for renewable electricity by employing the contingent valuation method (CVM) and identified the factors which affect their WTP. The survey randomly selected 700 participants, of which 571 questionnaires were valid. Half of respondents were found to have positive WTP for renewable electricity. The average WTP of Beijing residents for renewable electricity is estimated to be 2.7–3.3 US$ (18.5–22.5CNY) per month. The main factors affecting the WTP of the respondents included income, electricity consumption, bid and payment vehicle. Knowledge of and a positive attitude towards renewable energy also resulted in the relatively higher willingness of a respondent to pay for renewable electricity. The proportion of respondents replying “yes” to WTP questions using a mandatory payment vehicle was slightly higher than that for questions using a voluntary vehicle. Lastly, several policy implications of this study are presented. - Highlights: • Most (54%) of respondents in Beijing have positive WTP to renewable electricity. • The average WTP for renewable electricity ranges from 2.7 to 3.3 US$ monthly. • The main factors affecting the WTP include income, electricity consumption, bid and payment vehicle. • Deployment of renewable electricity can cause considerable benefit

  3. Investigation and analysis of incidence of awareness in patients undergoing cardiac surgery in Beijing, China

    WANG Yun; YUE Yun; SUN Yong-hai; WU An-shi; WU Qi-wei; ZHANG Yong-qian; FENG Chun-sheng


    Background Awareness under general anesthesia is a serious complication which leads to psychiatric disorders. The incidence of awareness in patients undergoing cardiac surgery has been reported in as many as 1.5%-23% in foreign countries. But so far, medical literature about awareness during cardiac surgery is still rare in China. Therefore, we investigated the incidence of awareness in patients undergoing different kinds of cardiac surgery, the phases when awareness occured and the effect of cardiopulmonary bypass on the incidence of awareness in coronary artery bypass grafting in Beijing.Methods Patients' recall of awareness during cardiac surgery was assessed. One hundred patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) in Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, one hundred patients undergoing CABG and one hundred patients undergoing valve replacement or septal defect repair in Fuwai Hospital, Beijing, were interviewed 3-6 days after surgery. Every report obout patients on recall of awareness was recorded. An independent research team, blinded to patients' surgery and anesthesia, assessed every report of awareness.Results The incidence of awareness of patients received CABG under cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), off -pump CABG, septal repair or valve replacement under CPB was 4.7% (5 of 106 cases), 9.6% (9 of 94 cases) and 4% (4 of 100 cases), respectively. CPB did not greatly affect the incidence of awareness during the period of CABG (P>0.05). The incidence of awareness of patients who received CABG under CPB did not increase significantly, in comparison with that of patients who received septal repair or valve replacement under CPB in Fuwai Hospital (P>0.05). Awareness easily occurred before bypass grafting or CPB.Conclusions Awareness mainly occurs before bypass grafting or CPB in cardiac surgery. Most cases with awareness have auditory perceptions. CPB is not a main factor which affects the incidence of awareness of CABG. Surgical types do not affect the

  4. Probabilistic Analysis of Drought Spatiotemporal Characteristics in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Area in China

    Wanyuan Cai


    Full Text Available The temporal and spatial characteristics of meteorological drought have been investigated to provide a framework of methodologies for the analysis of drought in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area (BTHMA in China. Using the Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI as an indicator of drought severity, the characteristics of droughts have been examined. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area was divided into 253 grid-cells of 27 × 27km and monthly precipitation data for the period of 1960–2010 from 33 meteorological stations were used for global interpolation of precipitation using spatial co-ordinate data. Drought severity was assessed from the estimated gridded RDI values at multiple time scales. Firstly, the temporal and spatial characteristics of droughts were analyzed, and then drought severity-areal extent-frequency (SAF annual curves were developed. The analysis indicated that the frequency of moderate and severe droughts was about 9.10% in the BTHMA. Using the SAF curves, the return period of selected severe drought events was assessed. The identification of the temporal and spatial characteristics of droughts in the BTHMA will be useful for the development of a drought preparedness plan in the region.

  5. Generation amount prediction and material flow analysis of electronic waste: a case study in Beijing, China.

    Liu, Xianbing; Tanaka, Masaru; Matsui, Yasuhiro


    The draft legislation on e-waste prepared by the Chinese national government assigns management responsibility to local governments. It is an urgent task for the municipal government to plan an effective system as soon as possible to divert the e-waste flow from the existing informal e-waste recycling processes. This paper presents a case study implemented in Beijing, the capital city of China, with the purpose of predicting the amount of obsolete equipment for five main kinds of electronic appliances from urban households and to analyse the flow after the end of their useful phase. The amount to be handled was 885,354 units in 2005 and is predicted to double by 2010. Due to consumption growth and the expansion of urbanization it is estimated that the amount will increase to approximate 2,820,000 units by 2020: 70% of the obsolete appliances will be awaiting collection for possible recycling, 7% will be stored at the owner's home for 1 year on average and 4% will be discarded directly and enter the municipal solid waste collecting system. The remaining items will be reused for about 3 years on average after the change of ownership. The results of this study will assist the waste management authorities of Beijing to plan the collecting system and facilities needed for management of e-waste generated in the near future. PMID:17121115

  6. Alteration Information Extraction by Applying Synthesis Processing Techniques to Landsat ETM+Data: Case Study of Zhaoyuan Gold Mines,Shandong Province, China

    Liu Fujiang; Wu Xincai; Sun Huashan; Guo Yan


    Satellite remote sensing data are usually used to analyze the spatial distribution pattern of geological structures and generally serve as a significant means for the identification of alteration zones. Based on the Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper (ETM+) data, which have better spectral resolution (8 bands) and spatial resolution (15 m in PAN band), the synthesis processing techniques were presented to fulfill alteration information extraction: data preparation, vegetation indices and band ratios, and expert classifier-based classification. These techniques have been implemented in the MapGIS-RSP software (version 1.0), developed by the Wuhan Zondy Cyber Technology Co., Ltd,China. In the study area application of extracting alteration information in the Zhaoyuan (招远) gold mines, Shandong (山东) Province, China, several hydorthermally altered zones (included two new sites) were found after satellite imagery interpretation coupled with field surveys. It is concluded that these synthesis processing techniques are useful approaches and are applicable to a wide range of gold-mineralized alteration information extraction.

  7. Lower crustal xenoliths from Junan, Shandong province and their bearing on the nature of the lower crust beneath the North China Craton

    Ying, Ji-Feng; Zhang, Hong-Fu; Tang, Yan-Jie


    Geochronological, petrological and geochemical studies were performed on the granulite xenoliths from a Late Cretaceous basaltic breccia dike in Junan, Shandong province, eastern China. These xenoliths show close similarities to the Nushan granulite xenoliths from the southern margin of the North China Craton (NCC) and the Archean granulite terrains in terms of mineralogy and bulk rock compositions, but are quite different from the Hanuoba mafic granulite xenoliths from the northern NCC. In-situ zircon U-Pb age and Hf isotopic analyses, together with geochemical data reveal that the protolith of these xenoliths was formed around 2.3 Ga ago, through assimilation-fractional crystallization of a mafic magma. P-T conditions of these xenoliths suggest that the lower crust beneath the Junan region reaches to a depth of 35 km, which agree well with the result deduced from various geophysical methods. The consistent petrological and seismic Moho depths, the observed velocity structure and calculated velocity of these xenoliths imply the absence of underplating induced crust-mantle transition zone, which was well formed in the northern NCC. Compared to 40-50 km depth of the lower crust in Early Jurassic, the lower crust beneath Junan extended to a depth of 30 km in Late Cretaceous, suggesting that the lower crust of NCC was significantly thinned during Late Mesozoic.

  8. Characteristics of atmospheric organic and elemental carbon aerosols in urban Beijing, China

    Ji, Dongsheng; Zhang, Junke; He, Jun; Wang, Xiaoju; Pang, Bo; Liu, Zirui; Wang, Lili; Wang, Yuesi


    Organic carbon (OC) and elemental carbon (EC) in PM2.5 were measured hourly with a semicontinuous thermal-optical analyzer in urban Beijing, China, from Mar 1, 2013 to Feb 28, 2014. The annual mean concentrations of OC and EC in Beijing were 14.0 ± 11.7 and 4.1 ± 3.2 μg/m3, respectively. The concentrations observed in this study were lower than those of other reports over the past ten years; however, the concentrations were higher than those reported from most of the megacities in North America and Europe. These findings suggest that OC and EC remained at high levels despite the implementation of strict control measures to improve air quality. The OC and EC concentrations exhibited strong seasonality, with high values in the autumn and winter but low values in the spring and summer in Beijing. The diurnal OC and EC cycles were characterized by higher values at night and in the morning because of primary emissions, accumulations and low boundary-layer heights. Due to increasing photochemical activity, a well-defined OC peak was observed at approximately noon. The OC and EC concentrations followed typical lognormal patterns in which more than 75% of the OC samples had concentrations between 0.9 and 18.0 μg/m3 and 75% of the EC samples had concentrations between 0.4 and 5.6 μg/m3. An EC tracer method and combined EC tracer and K+ mass balance methods were used to estimate the contributions from secondary formation and biomass burning, respectively. High secondary organic carbon (SOC) concentrations were found in the autumn and winter due to low temperatures, which are favorable for the absorption and condensation of semi-volatile organic compounds on existing particles. High correlations were found between the estimated SOC in PM2.5 and the observed OOA (oxidized organic aerosol) in PM1; thus, the method proved to be effective and reliable. The annual average OCBiomass burning (OCbb) contribution to the total OC concentration was 18.4%, suggesting that biomass

  9. Landscape ecology of the Guanting Reservoir, Beijing, China: Multivariate and geostatistical analyses of metals in soils

    Surface soil samples were collected from 52 sites around Guanting Reservoir in Beijing, China, and contents of 'total' metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd, As, Ni and Cr) were determined. The results indicate that the degree of heavy metal pollution in the soils declines in the order of Cd > Cr > Zn > As > Cu > Ni > Pb. Based on the results of a combination of multivariate statistics and geostatiscal analyses, it was concluded that land application of phosphate fertilizer, wastewater and sludge were the primary sources of Cd and Zn in soils. Whereas As, Cu, Cr and Ni in some soils were due to natural rock weathering. The sources of Pb in soils only partially originated from land application of phosphate fertilizer, but mainly from vehicle exhaust. The greatest concentrations of all metals, except for Pb, were found in Huailai County and the towns of Yanghedaqiao and Guanting. - Concentrations of metals, sources and spatial distributions in soils around Guanting Reservoir were determined

  10. Use of satellite imagery to assess the trophic state of Miyun Reservoir, Beijing, China

    The objective of this research is to explore an appropriate way of monitoring and assessing water quality by satellite remote sensing techniques in the Miyun reservoir of Beijing, China. Two scene Thematic Mapper images in May and October of 2003 were acquired and simultaneous in situ measurements, sampling and analysis were conducted. Statistical analysis indicates that satellite-based normalized ratio vegetation index (NRVI) and in situ measured water chlorophyll a (Chl-a) concentration have very high correlation. Two linear regression models with high determination coefficients were constructed for NRVI and Chl-a of sample points. According to the modified trophic state index map, water quality in the western section of Miyun reservoir was consistently higher than in the eastern section during the two months tested. The trophic grade of the eastern reservoir remained mesotrophic with a tendency for eutrophication. - Remote sensing techniques can effectively monitor the change of water quality with time and space

  11. Molecular characterization and antibiotic resistance of clinical Streptococcus dysgalactiae subsp. equisimilis in Beijing, China.

    Lu, Binghuai; Fang, Yujie; Huang, Lei; Diao, Baowei; Du, Xiaoli; Kan, Biao; Cui, Yanchao; Zhu, Fengxia; Li, Dong; Wang, Duochun


    Streptococcus dysgalactiae subsp. equisimilis (SDSE) is presently considered as a human pathogen associated with clinical infection. We characterized 56 SDSE isolates collected from two tertiary hospitals in Beijing, China. Sixteen distinct emm types/subtypes were detected, dominated by stG245.0 (32.1%), stG652.0 (10.7%), stG6.1 (10.7%) and stG485.0 (10.7%), and a novel stG840.0 variant type was identified. All isolates possessed virulence genes of sagA and scpA, and most carried slo (98.2%), ska (98.2%) and speG(dys) (35.7%). By multilocus sequence typing (MLST) analysis, 17 individual sequence types (STs) were distinguished, including 7 newly-identified STs (26.8% of isolates), of which ST127 (30.4%), ST7 (12.5%) and ST44 (10.7%) dominated. Meanwhile, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) analysis revealed 33 pattern types (PTs), which were further combined into 16 pattern clusters (PCs), and 59.3% of isolates were distributed into 2 dominant PCs. Notably, emm types had both close relationship and consistency with STs and PFGE PCs. Furthermore, of 56 SDSE isolates, the predominant antibiotic resistances were erythromycin (71.4%), clindamycin (71.4%) and tetracycline (60.7%). Correspondingly, the prevalent resistance genes of macrolide and tetracycline were erm(B) (78.6%) and tet(M) (73.2%). In addition, multiple point mutations of parC, one of fluoroquinolone resistance genes, were observed (accounting for 75%), and were divided into 12 types, with parC 07 as the predominant type. Our data suggested the wide molecular diversity and distinctive regional features of SDSE from clinical infection in Beijing, China. PMID:26925701

  12. Source of Personal Exposure to PM2.5 among College Students in Beijing, China

    Xie, Qiaorong; Zhu, Xianlei; Li, Xiang; Hui, Fan; Fu, Xianqiang; Zhang, Qiangbin


    The health risk from exposure to airborne particles arouses increasing public concern in Beijing, a megacity in China, where concentration of PM2.5 frequently exceeds the guideline values of World Health Organization (WHO). To investigate daily exposure to PM2.5, a personal exposure study was conducted for college students. The purpose of this study was to measure the daily PM2.5 personal exposures of students, to quantify the contributions of various microenvironments to personal exposure since students spend more than 85% of their time indoors, and to apportion the contributions of PM2.5 indoors origin and outdoor origin. In this work, a total of 320 paired indoor and outdoor PM2.5 samples were collected at eight types of microenvironments in both China University of Petroleum (suburban area) and Tsinghua University (urban area). The microenvironments were selected based on the time-activity diary finished by 1500 students from both universities. Simultaneously, the air exchange rate was measured in each microenvironment. PM2.5, elements, inorganic ions and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the samples were determined. The peak concentrations were observed in dinning halls, whereas PM2.5 in dormitories was the largest contributor to personal exposure because students spend more than half of a day there. Furthermore, source apportionment by positive matrix factorization (PMF) will be carried out to understand the source of personal exposure to PM2.5. Especially, efforts will be put on determing the contributions of primary combustion, secondary sulfate and organics, secondary nitrate, and mechanically generated PM, which present different infiltration behavior and are indoor PM2.5 of ambient origin, with help of air exchange rate data. The results would be benefit for refining the understanding of the contribution of PM2.5 of ambient (outdoor) origin to the daily PM2.5 personal exposures. Acknowledgments:This study has been funded by Beijing Municipal Commission

  13. Impacts of climate change on spring flower tourism in Beijing, China

    Wang, Huanjiong


    The beauty of blooming flowers causes spring to be one of the most picturesque and pleasant seasons in which to travel. However, the blooming time of plant species are very sensitive to small changes in climate. Therefore, recent climate change may shift flowering time and, as a result, may affect timing of spring tourism for tourists. In order to prove this assumption, we gathered data of first flowering date and end of flowering date (1963-2014) for 49 common ornamental plants in Beijing, China. In addition, we used the number of messages (2010-2014) posted on Sina Weibo (one of the most popular microblogs sites in China, in use by well over 30% of internet users, with a market penetration similar to the United States' Twitter) to indicate the tourist numbers of five scenic spots in Beijing. These spots are most famous places for seeing spring flowers, including the Summer Palace, Yuyuantan Park, Beijing Botanical Garden, Jingshan Park, Dadu City Wall Relics Park. The results showed that the number of species in flower starts to increase in early spring and peaks in middle spring, and then begins to decrease from late spring. The date when the number of species in flower peaks can be defined as best date of spring flower tourism, because on this day people can see blooming flowers of most plant species. The best date of spring flower tourism varied from March 31 to May 1 among years with a mean of April 20. At above scenic spots characterized by the beauty of blooming flowers, tourist numbers also had a peak value during spring. Furthermore, peak time of tourist numbers derived from Weibo varied among different years and was related to best date of spring flower tour derived from phenological data. This suggests that the time of spring outing for tourists is remarkably attracted by flowering phenology. From 1963 to 2014, the best date of spring flower tour became earlier at a rate of 1.6 days decade-1, but the duration for spring flower tour (defined as width at

  14. O3, SO2, NO2, and UVB measurements in Beijing and Baseline Station of northwestern part of China

    Guo, Song; Zhou, Xiuji; Zhang, Xiachun


    A MKII Brewer ozone spectrometer was used in Beijing from Oct. 1990 to June 1991 to measure O3, SO2 and UVB radiation. And since Nov. 1991 a new MKIV Brewer spectrometer, which can take the measurements of O3, SO2, NO2 and UVB radiation, has been set up in Beijing. The MKII Brewer spectrometer was moved to Qinghai baseline station which is on the Qinghai-tibetean plateau in the northwestern part of China. Both the data in Beijing and Qinghai baseline station has been analyzed and some results will be shown here along with the ozone profiles botained through the Umkehr program given by AES of Canada for the Brewer ozone spectrometer.

  15. Association of Human Papillomavirus Infection and Abnormal Anal Cytology among HIV-Infected MSM in Beijing, China

    Yang, Yu; Li, Xiangwei; Zhang, Zhihui; Qian, Han-Zhu; Ruan, Yuhua; Zhou, Feng; Gao, Cong; Li, Mufei; Jin, Qi; Gao, Lei


    Background In the recent years, dramatic increases in HIV transmission among men who have sex with men (MSM) have been observed in China. Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection related anal cancer is more common among HIV-infected MSM as compared to the general population. However, HPV infection and anal cytology has been rarely studied in HIV-infected MSM in China. Methods HIV-infected MSM in Beijing, China were invited to participate in this study between January and April 2011. Anal swabs we...

  16. A GIS technology based potential eco-risk assessment of metals in urban soils in Beijing, China

    Ecological risks of heavy metals in urban soils were evaluated using Beijing, China as an example. Cadmium, Cu, Zn, Pb, Cr and Ni contents of 233 surface soils sampled by 1 min latitude × 1 min longitude grid were used to identify their spatial distribution patterns and potential emission sources. Throughout the city, longer the duration of urbanization greater was the accumulations of heavy metals especially, Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn. The soil Zn mainly came from the wears of vehicular tires. Point source emissions of heavy metals were few and far in the downwind south–east quadrant of Beijing. The calculated risk indices showed potential median eco-risks in the ancient central city. No potential high eco-risk due to soil-borne heavy metals was found. The potential medium eco-risk areas in Beijing would expand from the initial 24 to 110 km2 if soil pH were to reduce by 0.5 units in anticipation. - Highlights: ► Longer the time of urbanization, greater heavy metal accumulations were in the soils. ► Point source emissions of heavy metals are few in Beijing urban areas. ► The Zn enrichments in urban soils were caused by vehicle tires wearing. ► No high eco-risk areas were observed in Beijing. ► The decrease of soil pH will cause the expansion of medium eco-risk areas in Beijing. - Spatial distributions and potential eco-risks of soil-borne heavy metals in Beijing.

  17. Ten-year Pollution Characteristics of Particulate-associated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Beijing, China

    Zhu, Xianlei; Deng, Changjiang; Biandan, Luobu; Fu, Xianqiang; Mu, Xilong


    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are well-known air pollutants of health concern. However, they are not listed as routinely measured pollutants in China, in spite of benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) being included in the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS). Thus, very limited continuous measurements are available for PAHs, which would hinder the understanding of long-term pollution characteristics of PAHs in context of rapid development of economy and intensive urbanization in China. To investigate annual variation and its causes of airborne particulate-associated PAHs, a total of 18 PAHs (including 16 USEPA priority species) in PM10 and PM2.5 were measured in Beijing, the capital and one of megacities of China, for a decade (from the year of 2004 to 2013) with meteorological data simultaneously recorded. The long-term measurements of PAHs showed significant annual and seasonal variations for the total concentration of PAHs (ΣPAH18) and individual PAH species. The ΣPAH18 in PM10 was highest in 2010 and lowest in 2006. Likewise, the ΣPAH18 in PM2.5 reached the highest level in 2010 and dropped to the lowest level in 2005. The annual concentration varied insignificantly for 2- and 3-ring PAHs, were relatively high in the year of 2004, 2007 and 2010 for 4-ring PAHs, and increased gradually with year for 5- to 7-ring PAHs, the markers of motor vehicle emission. As for seasonal variation, the concentrations in winter (heating period) was higher than those in summer, while concentrations in spring and autumn ranked in the middle. As for BaP, one of criteria pollutants, its concentration exceeded NAAQS of China in winter. Source apportionment by factor analysis suggested the contributions of coal combustion, vehicle emissions, fugitive dust and straw burning. Especially, the great contributions of coal combustion and vehicle emission were also supported by diagnostic ratios. The backward trajectories showed air mass crossing polluted cities and transporting in low

  18. Boycott Beijing?

    Goldstein, Evan R.


    In the wake of China's harsh suppression of antigovernment protests in Tibet--among other human-rights abuses throughout its territory--world leaders have faced mounting pressure to boycott the opening ceremonies of the approaching Olympic Games in Beijing. The boycott has also become a hot topic on the presidential-campaign trail. John McCain and…

  19. Atmospheric PAHs in North China: Spatial distribution and sources.

    Zhang, Yanjun; Lin, Yan; Cai, Jing; Liu, Yue; Hong, Linan; Qin, Momei; Zhao, Yifan; Ma, Jin; Wang, Xuesong; Zhu, Tong; Qiu, Xinghua; Zheng, Mei


    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), formed through incomplete combustion process, have adverse health effects. To investigate spatial distribution and sources of PAHs in North China, PAHs with passive sampling in 90 gridded sites during June to September in 2011 were analyzed. The average concentration of the sum of fifteen PAHs in North China is 220±14ng/m(3), with the highest in Shanxi, followed by Shandong and Hebei, and then the Beijing-Tianjin area. Major sources of PAHs are identified for each region of North China, coke process for Shanxi, biomass burning for Hebei and Shandong, and coal combustion for Beijing-Tianjin area, respectively. Emission inventory is combined with back trajectory analysis to study the influence of emissions from surrounding areas at receptor sites. Shanxi and Beijing-Tianjin areas are more influenced by sources nearby while regional sources have more impact on Hebei and Shandong areas. Results from this study suggest the areas where local emission should be the major target for control and areas where both local and regional sources should be considered for PAH abatement in North China. PMID:27241206

  20. China Overseas Plaza A Masterpiece to Beijing Presented by China Overseas Property


    A sea of changes have taken place in China since the country adopted the reform and opening-up policy 30 years ago. The legend of China Overseas Holdings Limited was also created during the 30-year pursuit of economic revival.

  1. Some Observations on Cultural Opposites in Contemporary China: Kunming and Beijing Twenty Years Later

    Vesna Vučinić-Nešković


    Full Text Available This paper considers the cultural opposites observed in various segments of Chinese culture during the author's three stays in China over a period of twenty years. The first and second stay, in 1986 and 1989 respectively, coincided with the initial period of the implementation of modernization reforms in China, when their results were just beginning to be felt. The third stay was in 2009, towards the end of the third decade of reform implementation, at the time of an already developed marketoriented communism. The paper's main thesis is that most of the phenomena observed in present-day urban China can be assigned to opposite categories, namely Chinese-Western and traditional- contemporary. Cultural opposites have been observed in the sphere of tourism and the behavior of both Chinese and foreign visitors, in the use of Chinese and English in notices and signs in public places, and in the promotion of traditional and modern architecture. In addition, they have been noted in the presentation of arts and crafts and industrial products, in the manner of consumption of hot drinks, and in the combining of Chinese and foreign cuisine. They are also evident in a Beijing Opera performance adapted both to the modern Chinese and to foreigners, and in the traditional Chinese exercises and western dances performed in public parks. In conclusion, the paper suggests that the process of establishing connections between China and the West is being carried on in a moderate and controlled way. In the globalization process cultural opposites coexist and merge, imparting new features to Chinese culture.

  2. Organochlorine pesticide residuals in chickens and eggs at a poultry farm in Beijing, China

    Tao, S. [Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871 (China); Department of Geosciences and Center for Applied Environmental Research, University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO 64110-2499 (United States)], E-mail:; Liu, W.X.; Li, X.Q.; Zhou, D.X.; Li, X.; Yang, Y.F.; Yue, D.P. [Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871 (China); Coveney, R.M. [Department of Geosciences and Center for Applied Environmental Research, University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO 64110-2499 (United States)


    Chicken organs, animal feed, droppings, and ambient air were sampled at a farm in Beijing to determine the concentrations of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers (HCHs) and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and metabolites (DDTs). Mean fresh weight concentrations of HCHs and DDTs were 0.122 {+-} 0.061 ng/g and 0.051 {+-} 0.038 ng/g in the muscles. These values are 1-2 orders of magnitude lower than those reported in China in 1980. Contaminated feed was the main source of HCHs and DDTs. Only 12.8% of HCH and 3.3% of DDT of the amount consumed were excreted. Accumulated quantities of HCHs and DDTs increased during growth. However, concentrations of HCHs and DDTs did not increase because of dilution from rapid growth. Based on the observed residual levels in mature chicken and the average diet of residents of China, the contributions from chicken and egg consumption to per capita daily intake of HCHs and DDTs were 487% and 88% of those of fish consumption. - Ingestion of chicken and eggs is an important pathway of HCHs and DDTs exposure.

  3. Report of recombinant norovirus GII.g/GII.12 in Beijing, China.

    Shaowei Sang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Norovirus (NoV has been recognized as the most important cause of nonbacterial acute gastroenteritis affecting all age group people in the world. Genetic recombination is a common occurance in RNA viruses and many recombinant NoV strains have been described since it was first reported in 1997. However, the knowledge of recombinant NoV in China is extremely limited. METHODS: A total of 685 stool specimens were tested for NoV infection from the acute gastroenteritis patients who visited one general hospital in Beijing from April 2009 to November 2011. The virus recombination was identified by constructing phylogenetic trees of two genes, further SimPlot and the maximum chi-square analysis. RESULTS: The overall positive rate was 9.6% (66/685. GII.4 New Orleans 2009 and GII.4 2006b variants were the dominant genotype. Four GII.g/GII.12 and one GII.12/GII.3 recombinant strains were confirmed, and all derived from adult outpatients. The predictive recombination point occurred at the open reading frame (ORF1/ORF2 overlap. CONCLUSIONS: The GII.g ORF1/GII.12ORF2 recombinant has been reported in several countries and it was the first report of this recombinant in China.

  4. 7th International Crop Science Congress Announcement : August 14–19 2016 Beijing, China

    7th International Crop Science Congres


    Full Text Available International Crop Science Congress (ICSC is a regular forum for crop scientists from around the world to integrate current knowledge into a global context and international applications. The Congress is organized about every four years beginning in July, 1992. The International Crop Science Society has primary oversight for general operations of Congresses. The location will rotate among countries that propose and are accepted to host the Congress. 7th International Crop Science Congress (7th ICSC, jointly hosted by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Crop Science Society of China, will provide an excellent opportunity for participants from various regions of the world to share the latest global progress of crop science research, and develop recommendations for future thrusts in research, development, and technology transfer. Hosts: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Crop Science Society of China Organizer: Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Congress venue: Beijing International Convention Center (BICC Call for abstract: Please log in to submit your English abstract and full paper online. The Crop Journal will publish two or three Special issues for this Congress. The major topics of the Special Issues: Special Issue 1: Crop Genetics & Breeding / Germplasm Resources/ MolecularGenetics; Special Issue 2: Tillage & Cultivation/Physiology & Biochemistry

  5. Organochlorine pesticide residuals in chickens and eggs at a poultry farm in Beijing, China

    Chicken organs, animal feed, droppings, and ambient air were sampled at a farm in Beijing to determine the concentrations of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers (HCHs) and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and metabolites (DDTs). Mean fresh weight concentrations of HCHs and DDTs were 0.122 ± 0.061 ng/g and 0.051 ± 0.038 ng/g in the muscles. These values are 1-2 orders of magnitude lower than those reported in China in 1980. Contaminated feed was the main source of HCHs and DDTs. Only 12.8% of HCH and 3.3% of DDT of the amount consumed were excreted. Accumulated quantities of HCHs and DDTs increased during growth. However, concentrations of HCHs and DDTs did not increase because of dilution from rapid growth. Based on the observed residual levels in mature chicken and the average diet of residents of China, the contributions from chicken and egg consumption to per capita daily intake of HCHs and DDTs were 487% and 88% of those of fish consumption. - Ingestion of chicken and eggs is an important pathway of HCHs and DDTs exposure

  6. Bright and Not-So-Bright Prospects for Women in Physics in China-Beijing

    Wu, Ling-An; Yang, Zhongqin; Ma, Wanyun


    Science in China-Beijing is enjoying a healthy increase in funding year by year, so the prospects for physicists are also bright. However, employment discrimination against women, formerly unthinkable, is becoming more and more explicit as the country evolves toward a market economy. Some recruitment notices bluntly state that only men will be considered, or impose restrictions upon potential female candidates. Female associate professors in many institutions are forced to retire at age 55, compared with 60 for men. This double-pinching discrimination against both younger and older women threatens to lead to a "pincer" effect, more serious than the "scissors" effect. Indeed, the ratio of senior-level women physicists in general has dropped significantly in recent years in China. Ironically, the number of female students applying for graduate studies is on the rise, as it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to compete with men in the job market with just an undergraduate degree. The Chinese Physical Society has made certain efforts to promote the image of women physicists, but it will take time and effort to reverse the trend.

  7. Polymorphism of CYPIA1 and GSTM1 genes associated with susceptibility of gastric cancer in Shandong Province of China

    Hao Li; Xue-Liang Chen; Hui-Qing Li


    AIM: To explore whether polymorphisms of the CYPIA1 and GSTM1 genes are associated with susceptibility of stomach cancer.METHODS: A total of 102 stomach cancer cases and 62 healthy persons were diagnosed by pathology in 1998-2000 in the Qilu Hospital of Shandong University. Gene polymorphisms were detected by the PCR using sequence-specific primers. Data analysis of the case-control study was carried out using the unconditional logistic method.RESULTS: After adjustment for age, sex, educational levels, and occupation, the risk factors for stomach cancer were shown to be smoking, Helicobacter pylori(H pylori),and presence of the CYPIM G/G and GSTM1 O/O genotypes.Interaction was observed between the combined genotypes of either CYPIA1 G/G and GSTM1 O/O or H pylori infection,or GSTM1 O/O and H pylori infection or smoking.CONCLUSION: Polymorphisms of the CYPIA1 and GSTM1 genes, H pylori infection and smoking are related to susceptibility to stomach cancer.

  8. The Value of Clean Air in China: Evidence from Beijing and Shanghai

    Jijun Tan; Jinhua Zhao


    We estimate the willingness to pay (WTP) of Beijing and Shanghai residents for improving the air quality of the two cities from their levels prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the level achieved during the Olympics. The data are obtained from a contingent valuation study conducted through face-to-face interviews in June 2008 in Beijing and Shanghai prior to the Beijing Olympics, during which time there was intensive debate about Beijing¡¯s air quality. Residents in both cities are wil...

  9. Assessment of knowledge and skills in early diagnosis of leprosy and attitudes towards leprosy amongst doctors working in dermatological services, Shandong Province, People's Republic of China.

    Chen, Shu-Min; Zhang, Lin; Liu, Dian-Chang; Liu, Hua-Xu


    After the leprosy control programme in Shandong Province, China, had declared elimination in 1994, it was no longer cost effective to rely on rapid surveys, population surveys and contact tracing for case detection, and since then most new cases have been diagnosed by the dermatological services. The dermatological services will continue to play an important role in diagnosis of the few incident leprosy cases scattered in wide geographic areas and in a population of 90 million. In order to better understand the knowledge and skills in early diagnosis of leprosy among doctors working in dermatological services around the province, doctors attending the dermatological annual meeting and a dermatological training workshop were assessed on their knowledge and skills in early diagnosis of leprosy and their attitude towards leprosy with a semi-structured questionnaire. The results showed that continuous training was needed for dermatologists from both general hospitals and the leprosy control programme. In particular, the training methods for the skills in nerve examination including palpation of peripheral nerves and nerve function assessment should be improved. PMID:15682972

  10. Research and Application of a New Hybrid Forecasting Model Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization: A Case Study of Shandong Wind Farm in China

    Ping Jiang


    Full Text Available With the increasing depletion of fossil fuel and serious destruction of environment, wind power, as a kind of clean and renewable resource, is more and more connected to the power system and plays a crucial role in power dispatch of hybrid system. Thus, it is necessary to forecast wind speed accurately for the operation of wind farm in hybrid system. In this paper, we propose a hybrid model called EEMD-GA-FAC/SAC to forecast wind speed. First, the Ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD can be applied to eliminate the noise of the original data. After data preprocessing, first-order adaptive coefficient forecasting method (FAC or second-order adaptive coefficient forecasting method (SAC can be employed to do forecast. It is significant to select optimal parameters for an effective model. Thus, genetic algorithm (GA is used to determine parameter of the hybrid model. In order to verify the validity of the proposed model, every ten-minute wind speed data from three observation sites in Shandong Peninsula of China and several error evaluation criteria can be collected. Through comparing with traditional BP, ARIMA, FAC, and SAC model, the experimental results show that the proposed hybrid model EEMD-GA-FAC/SAC has the best forecasting performance.

  11. Distribution and availability of arsenic in soils from the industrialized urban area of Beijing, China.

    Luo, Wei; Lu, Yonglong; Wang, Guang; Shi, Yajuan; Wang, Tieyu; Giesy, John P


    Concentrations of arsenic (As) were determined in soils of 5 industrial sites in an urban area of Beijing, China. Fifty seven typical surface soils were sampled to determine total concentrations of metals, pH and dissolved organic carbon (DOC). One hundred and eight deep soils were submitted to a four-step, sequential extraction to assess the relative mobility and bioavailability of As in the soil profiles. Total concentrations of As in surface soils ranged from 5.7 to 2.3 x 10(1) mg kg(-1), dw with greater concentrations inside the perimeter of the chemical plant which had greater concentrations than did other plants. 75.4% of surface soil samples in the industrial area contained concentrations of As that were greater than was considered to be the background concentration of 7.8 mg kg(-1), dw for the region. The mean concentration (9.9 mg kg(-1), dw) in the industrial soils was greater than that soils from other type of land use. Concentrations of As were significantly and negatively correlated with soil pH and DOC in industrial soils. Although mean concentration of total As in the soils from all sites were less at greater depths, the entire range from 0 to 180 cm (especially 0-80 cm) contained concentrations of As that were greater than background. Sequential extractions of soil indicated that only some surface soils had relatively great amount of extractable fraction of As. Most soils had relatively great amount of residual As. This result suggests that most arsenic in Beijing industrial soils should be immobile and of limited bioavailability. PMID:18430453

  12. National Identity in China – Contribution from the Beijing Olympic Games? A Survey among Residents of Beijing

    Xiaoping Ying; Arnulf Kolstad; Yiyin Yang


    This article is dealing with the consequences of Beijing 2000 Olympic Games for the host city population and focuses primarily on three areas of expectations and impact: (1) On China’s international reputation; (2) On enhancing national pride, social and national identity, and (3) On the impact on the “individual self” and how BOG may give personal benefits. To separate the consequences in this way, between the impact on “international”, “national,” and “personal” matters, is particularly int...

  13. Anal human papillomavirus infection among HIV-infected and uninfected men who have sex with men in Beijing, China

    Hu, Yifei; Qian, Han-Zhu; Sun, Jiangping; Gao, Lei; Yin, Lu; Li, Xiangwei; Xiao, Dong; Li, Dongliang; Sun, Xiaoyun; Ruan, Yuhua; Milam, Douglas F.; Pan, Stephen W.; Shao, Yiming; Vermund, Sten H.


    To determine prevalence, genotypes and predictors of anal human papillomavirus (HPV) among HIV-infected and uninfected men who have sex with men (MSM) in Beijing, China. In 2010–2011, we recruited MSM (age range 18–61; median 28 years) through peer volunteers, and collected demographic/behavioral information via interviewer-administrated questionnaires. Trained health workers collected anal swabs for HPV genotyping by PCR and blood samples for HIV/syphilis serologies . We obtained anal specim...

  14. Concentrations, sources and spatial distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils from Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas, North China

    Wang, Wentao; Massey Simonich, Staci L.; Xue, Miao; Zhao, Jingyu; Zhang, Na; Wang, Rong; Cao, Jun; Tao, Shu


    The concentrations, profiles, sources and spatial distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were determined in 40 surface soil samples collected from Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas, North China in 2007, and all sampling sites were far from industrial areas, roadsides and other pollution sources, and across a range of soil types in remote, rural villages and urban areas. The total concentrations of 16 PAHs ranged from 31.6 to 1475.0 ng/g, with an arithmetic average of 336...

  15. Prevalence and Factors Associated with Hepatitis B Immunization and Infection among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Beijing, China

    Wang, Chao; Wang, YouXin; Huang, Xiaojie; Xia LI; Tong ZHANG; Song, Manshu; Wu, Lijuan; Du, Juan; Lu, Xiaoqin; Shao, Shuang; Zhao, Feifei; Ball, Michele A.; Wu, Hao; Wang, Wei


    Background Among the Chinese population of 1.3 billion, there are an estimated 93 million carriers of hepatitis B virus (HBV). Men who have sex with men (MSM) are at increased risk for HBV infection; however, the prevalence of HBV immunization and infection among Chinese MSM remains undetermined. Methods A cross-sectional survey of 1,114 eligible participants was conducted in Beijing, China. Multiple methods were used to recruit study participants. Demographic information and potential correl...

  16. Behavioral and Serologic Survey of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Beijing, China: Implication for HIV Intervention

    Fan, Song; Lu, Hongyan; Ma, Xiaoyan; Sun, Yanming; He, Xiong; Li, Chunmei; Raymond, H.F.; McFarland, Willi; Sun, Jiangping; Ma, Wei; Jia, Yujiang; Xiao, Yan; Shao, Yiming; Ruan, Yuhua


    We assessed HIV prevalence and associated behaviors and risk factors among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Beijing, China. Five hundred MSM were recruited for a biological and behavioral survey using respondent-driven sampling (RDS) in 2009. Serologic specimens were tested for markers of HIV and syphilis infection. A computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI) administered questionnaire gathered information including demographic characteristics, sexual behaviors, HIV testing, and social no...

  17. Spatial-Temporal Variations of Water Quality and Its Relationship to Land Use and Land Cover in Beijing, China

    Xiang Chen; Weiqi Zhou; Steward T. A. Pickett; Weifeng Li; Lijian Han


    Rapid urbanization with intense land use and land cover (LULC) change and explosive population growth has a great impact on water quality. The relationship between LULC characteristics and water quality provides important information for non-point sources (NPS) pollution management. In this study, we first quantified the spatial-temporal patterns of five water quality variables in four watersheds with different levels of urbanization in Beijing, China. We then examined the effects of LULC on ...

  18. Shandong Donates 1.8 Million RMB To Japan’s Quake Area


    <正>A donation ceremony for earthquake-hit East Japan was held in Jinan,capital of Shandong Province,on May 18.Present were Xie Yutang,President of Shandong Charity Federation (SDCF),Zhang Weiling,President of the Shandong Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (SPPAFFC),representatives of donor organizations and a delegation of the Japan-China Economic Exchanges Association visiting China specially for the occasion.

  19. Beijing International Fashion Brand Promotion Week Opened


    @@ Under the support of China National Garment Association,Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industrial Development, France Advanced Fashion Institute, Fashion Beijing Expo Organizing Committee and Beijing Fashion Textile Industry Association organized 2006 Autumn & Winter Beijing International Fashion Brand Promotion Week in Beijing Asia Hotel from September 20 to 23.

  20. Prevalence and molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium spp. and Giardia duodenalis in dairy cattle in Beijing, China.

    Li, Fuhuang; Wang, Haiyan; Zhang, Zhenjie; Li, Junqiang; Wang, Chenrong; Zhao, Jinfeng; Hu, Suhui; Wang, Rongjun; Zhang, Longxian; Wang, Ming


    822 fecal samples from cattle in six areas of Beijing were examined with microscopy for Cryptosporidium oocysts and Giardia cysts. The overall infection rates for Cryptosporidium spp. and Giardia duodenalis were 2.55% and 1.09%, respectively. Cryptosporidium was only detected in calves and heifers, whereas G. duodenalis was found in all age groups. Cryptosporidium spp. were characterized with a PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis and DNA sequence analysis of the small subunit (SSU) rRNA gene. Two Cryptosporidium species were identified: Cryptosporidium parvum (n=12) and Cryptosporidium andersoni (n=9). Six C. parvum isolates were successfully subtyped with the gp60 gene and three subtypes were detected: IIdA19G1 (n=1), IIdA17G1 (n=1), and IIdA15G1 (n=4). Subtype IIdA17G1 is reported for the first time in cattle worldwide. Nine G. duodenalis isolates were analyzed by sequencing the triosephosphate isomerase (tpi) gene, and only G. duodenalis assemblage E was identified. Therefore, the predominance of C. parvum detected in calves was identical to that found in the Xinjiang Uyghur and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regions, but differed considerably from that in Henan, Heilongjiang, and Shannxi Provinces. In contrast, the predominance of G. duodenalis assemblage E was more or less similar to its predominance in other areas of China or countries. Our findings confirm the unique character of the C. parvum IId subtypes in China. More systematic studies are required to better understand the transmission of Cryptosporidium and G. duodenalis in cattle in China. PMID:26921041

  1. Control costs, enhance quality, and increase revenue in three top general public hospitals in Beijing, China.

    Lue-Ping Zhao

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: With market-oriented economic and health-care reform, public hospitals in China have received unprecedented pressures from governmental regulations, public opinions, and financial demands. To adapt the changing environment and keep pace of modernizing healthcare delivery system, public hospitals in China are expanding clinical services and improving delivery efficiency, while controlling costs. Recent experiences are valuable lessons for guiding future healthcare reform. Here we carefully study three teaching hospitals, to exemplify their experiences during this period. METHODS: We performed a systematic analysis on hospitalization costs, health-care quality and delivery efficiencies from 2006 to 2010 in three teaching hospitals in Beijing, China. The analysis measured temporal changes of inpatient cost per stay (CPS, cost per day (CPD, inpatient mortality rate (IMR, and length of stay (LOS, using a generalized additive model. FINDINGS: There were 651,559 hospitalizations during the period analyzed. Averaged CPS was stable over time, while averaged CPD steadily increased by 41.7% (P<0.001, from CNY 1,531 in 2006 to CNY 2,169 in 2010. The increasing CPD seemed synchronous with the steady rising of the national annual income per capita. Surgical cost was the main contributor to the temporal change of CPD, while medicine and examination costs tended to be stable over time. From 2006 and 2010, IMR decreased by 36%, while LOS reduced by 25%. Increasing hospitalizations with higher costs, along with an overall stable CPS, reduced IMR, and shorter LOS, appear to be the major characteristics of these three hospitals at present. INTERPRETATIONS: These three teaching hospitals have gained some success in controlling costs, improving cares, adopting modern medical technologies, and increasing hospital revenues. Effective hospital governance and physicians' professional capacity plus government regulations and supervisions may have played a role

  2. Geochemical and isotopic investigation of the Laiwu-Zibo carbonatites from western Shandong Province, China, and implications for their petrogenesis and enriched mantle source

    Ying, Jifeng; Zhou, Xinhua; Zhang, Hongfu


    Major and trace element and Nd-Sr isotope data of the Mesozoic Laiwu-Zibo carbonatites (LZCs) from western Shandong Province, China, provide clues to the petrogenesis and the nature of their mantle source. The Laiwu-Zibo carbonatites can be petrologically classified as calcio-, magnesio- and ferro-carbonatites. All these carbonatites show a similarity in geochemistry. On the one hand, they are extremely enriched in Ba, Sr and LREE and markedly low in K, Rb and Ti, which are similar to those global carbonatites, on the other hand, they have extremely high initial 87Sr/ 86Sr (0.7095-0.7106) and very low ɛNd (-18.2 to -14.3), a character completely different from those global carbonatites. The small variations in Sr and Nd isotopic ratios suggest that crustal contamination can not modify the primary isotopic compositions of LZC magmas and those values are representatives of their mantle source. The Nd-Sr isotopic compositions of LZCs and their similarity to those of Mesozoic Fangcheng basalts imply that they derived from an enriched lithospheric mantle. The formation of such enriched lithospheric mantle is connected with the major collision between the North China Craton (NCC) and the Yangtze Craton. Crustal materials from the Yangtze Craton were subducted beneath the NCC and melts derived from the subducted crust of the Yangtze Craton produced an enriched Mesozoic mantle, which is the source for the LZCs and Fangcheng basalts. The absence of alkaline silicate rocks, which are usually associated with carbonatites suggest that the LZCs originated from the mantle by directly partial melting.

  3. Catastrophic health expenditure: a comparative analysis of empty-nest and non-empty-nest households with seniors in Shandong, China

    Yang, Tingting; Chu, Jie; Zhou, Chengchao; Medina, Alexis; Li, Cuicui; Jiang, Shan; Zheng, Wengui; Sun, Liyuan; Liu, Jing


    Objective The aim of this study was to compare the catastrophic health expenditure (CHE) prevalence and its determinants between empty-nest and non-empty-nest elderly households. Setting Shandong province of China. Participants A total of 2761 elderly households are included in the analysis. Results CHE incidence among elderly households was 44.9%. The CHE incidence of empty-nest singles (59.3%, p=0.000, OR=3.19) and empty-nest couples (52.9%, p=0.000, OR=2.45) are both statistically higher than that of non-empty-nest elderly households (31.4%). An inverse association was observed between CHE incidence and income level in all elderly household types. Factors including 1 or more household elderly members with non-communicable chronic diseases in the past 6 months, 1 or more elderly household members being hospitalised in the past year and lower household income, are significant risk factors for CHE in all 3 household types (p<0.05). Health insurance status was found to be a significant determinant of CHE among empty-nest singles and non-empty-nest households (p<0.05). Conclusions CHE incidence among elderly households is high in China. Empty-nest households are at higher risk for CHE than non-empty-nest households. Based on these findings, we suggest that special insurance be developed to broaden the coverage of health services and heighten the reimbursement rate for empty-nest elderly in the existing health insurance schemes. Financial and social protection interventions are also essential for identified at-risk subgroups among different types of elderly households. PMID:27381206

  4. Evolution of chlorite composition in the Paleogene prototype basin of Jiyang Depression, Shandong, China, and its implication for paleogeothermal gradient

    ZHAO; Ming; CHEN; XiaoMing; JI; JunFeng; ZHANG; Zhe; ZHANG; Yun


    The Dongying Basin,Huimin Basin,and Zhanhua Basin constitute the Jiyang Depression in Shandong Province.They are major oil and gas exploring districts within the depression.Through reconstructions of the paleotemperature of the three basins facilitated with the chlorite geothermometry,the thermal history of the Paleogene prototype basin in Jiyang Depression and its geologic significance were explored.This study reveals that the Si4+ component in chlorites reduces gradually as its buried depth increases,while the AlIV component increases accordingly.The chlorite type changes from silicon-rich diabantite to silicon-poor ferroamesite and prochlorite.The prochlorite in this district only appears in the deep buried depth,high temperature,and relatively old stratigraphies; while the diabantite appears in the shallower buried,low temperature,and newly formed strata; the ferroamesite exists in the conditions between prochlorite and diabantite formation.The diagenetic temperatures of the chlorites in these Paleogene basins are 171―238℃ for the Dongying Basin,160―202℃ for the Huimin Basin,and 135―180℃ for the Zhanhua Basin.The differences of the chlorite diagenetic temperatures in the three basins were controlled by the duration time of the structural depressing processes.Higher temperature indicates longer depression time.The relationship between the chlorite diagenetic temperature and its buried depth indicates that the average paleogeothermal gradient is about 38.3℃/km in the Paleogene prototype basin of Jiyang Depression.It was higher than the present geothermal gradient (29―30℃/km).This phenomenon was attributed to the evolution of the structural dynamics in the depression basin.

  5. Regional Institutions and Organizational Capabilities --- An Analysis of the Solar PV Industry in Jiangsu and Shandong Regions in China

    Wang, Yue


    Studying organizational capabilities from the perspective of national institutions has been widely adopted in high tech industries in developed countries, but scarcely in developing countries. This research applies this framework into China to study the solar PV industry, but at the regional level. The solar PV industry in China has strongly developed in the global market in recent years, having been the biggest solar PV producer since 2007. However, there are contrast regional differences in...

  6. Relationships between submicrometer particulate air pollution and air mass history in Beijing, China, 2004–2006

    Wehner, B.; Birmili, W.; F. Ditas; Wu, Z.; Hu, M; Liu, X; J. Mao; N. Sugimoto; WIEDENSOHLER A


    The Chinese capital Beijing is one of the global megacities where the effects of rapid economic growth have led to complex air pollution problems that are not well understood. In this study, ambient particle number size distributions in Beijing between 2004 and 2006 are analysed as a function of regional meteorological transport. An essential result is that the particle size distribution in Beijing depends to large extent on the history of the synoptic scale air masses. A first approach based...

  7. Economic Analysis of the Beijing Green Olympics: Implications on Environmental Protection in China

    Kui Yin Cheung


    The rapid economic development and motorization in the last three decades in Beijing has resulted in the deterioration of Beijing’s air quality. Since 1998, the Beijing municipal government has made a great effort to improve Beijing’s air quality, resulting in significant progress in reducing air pollution in Beijing. However, the air quality is still below the international health standard, especially the particular matter, PM10. This could be a challenge to the Government’s promise of clean...

  8. Master Cup 2011: The 2nd Master Cup International Illustration Biennial, Master Illustrators Federation, Beijing, China

    Mumberson, Stephen


    Master Illustrators Federation, Beijing Ziteng Gallery with joint hosts Beijing Yingbao Printmaking House, Beijing Cartoon Centre, Caijing Visual Arts Center, Sachen Publishing House and Red Man Art International. International cartoon and illustration biennial with theme Noah's Ark: New World, New Age, New Hope. World entry winner, best work prize for illustration, honorary prize, excellent prize and selected prize. Best work is awarded a medal and a cash prize. Prize judges: Duchhuan Xia, C...

  9. Multi-agent model-based historical cropland spatial pattern reconstruction for 1661-1952, Shandong Province, China

    Yang, Xuhong; Jin, Xiaobin; Du, Xindong; Xiang, Xiaomin; Han, Juan; Shan, Wei; Fan, Yeting; Zhou, Yinkang


    To advance the research of global land use/cover change (LUCC), biodiversity, global carbon cycle, and other aspects of the earth system, it is essential to reconstruct changes in historical cropland cover with long time series and high-resolution grid. Currently, it is a general approach which is based on the view of combining the overall control of cropland area, selecting grid of high land suitability, and 'top-down' decision-making behaviors to reconstruct the historical cropland. Considering various factors that influenced cropland distribution, including behavioral agent's selection by itself and the limitation of nature and human factors, a spatiotemporal dynamical reconstruction model of historical cropland based on the multi-agent systems has been developed from the perspective of 'bottom-up', which combine macroscopic and microscopic decision-making behaviors of agents to simulate the government and farmer autonomously implementing the selection behaviors of farming area. Taking Shandong Province as the study area, this model was used to imitate its cropland spatiotemporal pattern with 1 km grid-resolution from 1661 combining the contemporary pattern and reconstructed amount of historical cropland as a maximum potential scope and control variable of reconstruction model, respectively, furthermore, followed the accuracy valuation and comparative analysis. The reconstructed results show that: 1) It is properly suitable for Multi-Agent to simulate and reconstruct the spatial distribution of historical cropland; 2) compared with historical map data sets (1930s) from the view of point to point, the correctly classified producer accuracy, user accuracy and overall accuracy of reconstructed result totally up to 59.09%, 80.62% and 62.31%, respectively, and shows our reconstruction map achieved a better agreement with the historical maps; 3) from the view of grid-level or county-level, our reconstruction approach can effectively keep away from the grid with

  10. Settlement distribution and its relationship with environmental changes from the Neolithic to Shang-Zhou dynasties in northern Shandong, China

    GUO Yuanyuan; MO Duowen; MAO Longjiang; WANG Shougong; LI Shuicheng


    In this paper,the spatial and temporal distribution of the settlement sites of six periods from the Neolithic Age to the Shang and Zhou dynasties in northern Shandong was investigated using the ArcGIS program,and the relationship between settlement distribution and environmental changes was discussed,based on the proxy records of climatic and environmental change contained in the sediments from three sections at the Shuangwangcheng site and the previous work.The results show that the climate was warm and humid and the sea level was relatively high during the period of 8000-5000 a BP in the study area,and the ancient people lived in the relatively flat (slope of <2°) areas at high elevation (20-300 m above sea level),such as diluvial tableland and alluvial plain.On the other hand,few archaeological sites in the low-lying plain in the west of the study area indicate that few people lived there during that period.This might be attributed to frequent flooding in the area.After 5000years ago,the scope of human activity extended to the area close to the sea because the relatively colder and drier climate results in sea-level fall,meanwhile the low-lying plain in the west was occupied by the ancient people.The study area of this period was characterized by the rapid development of prehistoric culture,the intensified social stratification and the emergence of early city-states.However,around 4000 a BP,the abrupt change in climate and the increase in frequency and intensity of floods severely disrupted human activities,and eventually led to the decline of the Yueshi culture.During the Shang and Zhou dynasties,the climatic conditions gradually stabilized in a mild-dry state,which promoted the redevelopment and flourish of the Bronze Culture.The previous situation,which was characteristic of sparse human settlements due to freshwater shortage and unfitted conditions for sedentary agriculture,changed during the Shang and Zhou dynasties in northem coastal wetlands

  11. Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessments for Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan, China, Area

    Xie, F.; Wang, Z.; Liu, J.


    Seismic hazard and risk in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan, China, area were estimated from 500-year intensity observations. First, we digitized the intensity observations (maps) using ArcGIS with a cell size of 0.1 ?? 0.1??. Second, we performed a statistical analysis on the digitized intensity data, determined an average b value (0.39), and derived the intensity-frequency relationship (hazard curve) for each cell. Finally, based on a Poisson model for earthquake occurrence, we calculated seismic risk in terms of a probability of I ??? 7, 8, or 9 in 50 years. We also calculated the corresponding 10 percent probability of exceedance of these intensities in 50 years. The advantages of assessing seismic hazard and risk from intensity records are that (1) fewer assumptions (i. e., earthquake source and ground motion attenuation) are made, and (2) site-effect is included. Our study shows that the area has high seismic hazard and risk. Our study also suggests that current design peak ground acceleration or intensity for the area may not be adequate. ?? 2010 Birkh??user / Springer Basel AG.

  12. Occurrence and removal of antibiotics in a municipal wastewater reclamation plant in Beijing, China.

    Li, Wenhui; Shi, Yali; Gao, Lihong; Liu, Jiemin; Cai, Yaqi


    In this study, we investigated the occurrences and fates of eight quinolones (QNs), nine sulfonamides (SAs), and five macrolides (MCs) in a wastewater reclamation plant (WRP) in Beijing, China. Among all the 22 antibiotics considered, quinolones were the dominant antibiotics in all samples (4916ngL(-1) in influents, 1869ngL(-1) in secondary effluents, 123ngL(-1) in tertiary effluents, and 9200μgkg(-1) in sludge samples), followed by sulfonamides (2961ngL(-1) in influents, 1053ngL(-1) in secondary effluents, 25.9ngL(-1) in tertiary effluents, and 63.7μgkg(-1) in sludge samples) and macrolides (365ngL(-1) in influents, 353ngL(-1) in secondary effluents, 24.7ngL(-1) in tertiary effluents, and 32.7μgkg(-1) in sludge samples). The removal efficiencies of the target antibiotics were limited (-32 to 78%) in the conventional treatment. This study indicated that quinolones were mainly removed from the secondary clarifier, and sulfonamides were degraded in the oxic tank; while macrolides were considered as persistent during the conventional treatment. After the advance treatment, the target antibiotics could be effectively removed at high rates (85-100%), and the risks of antibiotic contamination significantly decreased. However, risk assessment showed that the risk of ofloxacin and erythromycin on organisms in recycled water needed further investigations. PMID:23399307

  13. Accessibility of Catering Service Venues and Adolescent Drinking in Beijing, China

    Shijun Lu


    Full Text Available This study assessed the association between accessibility of catering service venues and adolescents’ alcohol use over the previous 30 days. The data were collected from cross-sectional surveys conducted in 2014, 2223 students at 27 high schools in Chaoyang and Xicheng districts, Beijing using self-administered questionnaires to collect the adolescents information on socio-demographic characteristics and recent alcohol experiences. The accessibility of, and proximity to, catering service venues were summarized by weights, which were calculated by multiplication of the type-weight and the distance-weight. All sampled schools were categorized into three subgroups (low, middle, and high geographic density based on the tertile of nearby catering service venues, and a multi-level logistic regression analysis was performed to explore variance between the school levels. Considering the setting characteristics, the catering service venues weighted value was found to account for 8.6% of the school level variance of adolescent alcohol use. The odds ratios (OR and 95% confidence intervals (CI of drinking over the past 30-days among adolescents with medium and high accessibility of catering service venues were 1.17 (0.86, 1.57 and 1.47 (1.06, 2.02, respectively (p < 0.001 for trend test. This study addressed a gap in the adolescent drinking influence by the catering service venues around schools in China. Results suggest that the greater accessibility of catering service venues around schools is associated with a growing risk of recent drinking.

  14. Characteristics of Non-Point Source Pollution in the Watershed of Miyun Reservoir, Beijing, China

    王晓燕; 王一峋; 李庭芳; 贺伟; 胡秋菊; 张弘芬


    Nitrogen and phosphorus are the major nutrients to cause eutrophication to degrade water quality of the Miyun Reservoir, a very important drinking water source of Beijing, China, and they are mainly from non-point sources. The watershed in Miyun County was selected as the study region with a total area of 1400 km2. Four typical monitoring catchments and two experimental units were used to monitor the precipitation, runoff, sediment yield and pollutant loading related to various land uses in the meantime. The results show that the total nutrient loss amounts of TN and TP are 898.07 t/a, and 40.70 t/a, respectively, in which nutrients N and P carried by runoff are 91.3 % and 77.3 %, respectively. There is relatively heavier soil erosion in the northern mountain area whereas the main nutrient loss occurs near the northeast edge of the reservoir. Different land uses would influence the loss amounts of non-point source pollutants. The amount of nutrient loss from the agricultural land per unit is highest, that from forestry comes next and that from grassland is lowest. However, due to the variability of land use areas, agricultural land contributes a lot to TP and forestry lands to TN.

  15. Radon Concentrations in Drinking Water in Beijing City, China and Contribution to Radiation Dose

    Yun-Yun Wu


    Full Text Available 222Rn concentrations in drinking water samples from Beijing City, China, were determined based on a simple method for the continuous monitoring of radon using a radon-in-air monitor coupled to an air-water exchanger. A total of 89 water samples were sampled and analyzed for their 222Rn content. The observed radon levels ranged from detection limit up to 49 Bq/L. The calculated arithmetic and geometric means of radon concentrations in all measured samples were equal to 5.87 and 4.63 Bq/L, respectively. The average annual effective dose from ingestion of radon in drinking water was 2.78 μSv, and that of inhalation of water-borne radon was 28.5 μSv. It is concluded that it is not the ingestion of waterborne radon, but inhalation of the radon escaping from water that is a substantial part of the radiological hazard. Radon in water is a big concern for public health, especially for consumers who directly use well water with very high radon concentration.

  16. Spatial pattern of impervious surfaces and their impacts on land surface temperature in Beijing, China

    XIAO Rong-bo; OUYANG Zhi-yun; ZHENG Hua; LI Wei-feng; SCHIENKE Erich W; WANG Xiao-ke


    Land surface temperature (LST), which is heavily influenced by urban surface structures, is a significant parameter in urban environmental analysis. This study examined the effect impervious surfaces (IS) spatial patterns have on LST in Beijing, China. A classification and regression tree model (CART) was adopted to estimate IS as a continuous variable using Landsat images from two seasons combined with QuickBird. LST was retrieved from the Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) image to examine the relationships between IS and LST. The results revealed that CART was capable of consistently predicting LST with acceptable accuracy (correlation coefficient of 0.94 and the average error of 8.59%). Spatial patterns of IS exhibited changing gradients across the various urban-rural transects, with LST values showing a concentric shape that increased as you moved from the outskirts towards the downtown areas.Transect analysis also indicated that the changes in both IS and LST patterns were similar at various resolution levels, which suggests a distinct linear relationship between them. Results of correlation analysis further showed that IS tended to be positively correlated with LST, and that the correlation coefficients increased from 0.807 to 0.925 with increases in IS pixel size. The findings identified in this study provide a theoretical basis for improving urban planning efforts to lessen urban temperatures and thus dampen urban heat island effects.

  17. Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Vehicles in Beijing, Baoding, and Shijiazhuang, China during CAREBEIJING Field Campaign

    Pan, D.; Tao, L.; Sun, K.; Golston, L.; Zhang, Y.; Zhu, T.; Zondlo, M. A.


    From 2002-2012, number of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) increased from 36,000 to 1.6 million (44 times) and is projected to reach 4.0 million by 2020. Deploying NGVs is an effective way to relieve Chinese air pollution, since NGVs can reduce emissions of particulate matter (PM) and NOx by 91% and 59% compared to gasoline vehicles (GVs). However, previous studies in US showed that NGVs might emit more methane (CH4) than GVs, which is an important greenhouse gas and a precursor to air pollution. Despite the tremendous growth of NGVs and importance of CH4, CH4 emissions from NGVs in China haven't been carefully studied yet. During CAREBEIJING field campaign in 2013 and 2014, we used a mobile platform to conduct on-road measurement of CH4, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and NH3 (ammonia) in Beijing, Baoding, and Shijiazhuang, China. We found that the mean on-road CH4:CO2 ratio from NGVs is (0.004±0.0003) g CH4/g CO2, which is 20 times higher than previous report on CH4:CO2 emission ratio from US cars. Although NGVs can reduce 25% CO2 compared to GVs, CH4 emitted from NGVs would diminish this number to 19%. Using this emission ratio, we estimate that NGVs in China emitted 37 Gg CH4 in 2010. CH4 emissions from NGVs would increase to 207 Gg in 2020 (by a factor of 560%) if no regulation of CH4 emissions from NGVs were implemented. Most of these emissions occur in urban areas, requiring analyses of their impacts on air quality in such regions. Therefore, a mass balance model is used to study the proportion of CH4 emissions from NGVs in total urban CH4 emissions for Baoding city. Finally, in order to better inform policy decisions, a life-cycle analysis is made to estimate potential CH4 emissions from NGV related industrials. Overall, NGVs are promising alternative fuel vehicles in China, but more attention should be paid to quantify their CH4 emissions.

  18. Elimination of polar micropollutants and anthropogenic markers by wastewater treatment in Beijing, China.

    Qi, Weixiao; Singer, Heinz; Berg, Michael; Müller, Beat; Pernet-Coudrier, Benoit; Liu, Huijuan; Qu, Jiuhui


    Anthropogenic contamination of surface waters in Asia is on the increase. While polar organic contaminants are gradually recognized for their impacts on aquatic ecosystems in the Western World, less is known about the situation in Asia. In developing countries like China, water resources are particularly vulnerable. We investigated the occurrence, elimination, and per capita loads of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, household chemicals and pesticides in five Beijing WWTPs representative for megacities in China, and compare the efficiency of different treatment processes. Based on initial screening for 268 micropollutants using high-resolution mass spectrometry, 33 compounds were examined in detail. Pollutant concentrations in raw wastewater ranged from 20 μg L(-1) for caffeine and the contrast agent iopromide. Concentrations in the WWTP effluents were generally sucralose (2.7-3.5 μg L(-1)). Elimination efficiencies varied greatly from <1% to close to 100%, with macrolides, some sulfonamides, metronidazole, iopromide, and 4-acetamidoantipyrine being the most persistent compounds. Total per capita loads of the investigated micropollutants were lower than in communal wastewater of Europe, amounting to 7.9-12.2 and 2.0-6.5 g d(-1)1000 inhabitants(-1) in the influents and effluents, respectively, with an average release of ∼100 kg d(-1) by the 11.4 million people and 2.3 million m(3) of wastewater treated per day. Since the wastewater effluents are often used for agricultural irrigation, residual organic pollutants pose a threat to food safety, the development of antibacterial resistance, and combined effects of micropollutants in the aquatic environment. PMID:25305554

  19. Nuclear power: Looking to the future, 5 December 2006, Beijing, China. China's Tsinghua University

    The need to ensure adequate and reliable energy supplies is directly relevant to development, and to national and international security. As such, energy issues will be a central feature of the global agenda for the foreseeable future. At the IAEA, we stand ready to assist China and our other partners around the world in finding solutions that are best suited to their needs and priorities

  20. Characterization of the chemical composition of PM2.5 emitted from on-road China III and China IV diesel trucks in Beijing, China.

    Wu, Bobo; Shen, Xianbao; Cao, Xinyue; Yao, Zhiliang; Wu, Yunong


    The composition of diesel exhaust fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is of growing interest because of its impacts on health and climatic factors and its application in source apportionment and aerosol modeling. We characterized the detailed chemical composition of the PM2.5, including the organic carbon (OC), elemental carbon (EC), water-soluble ions (WSIs), and elemental contents, emitted from China III and China IV diesel trucks (nine each) based on real-world measurements in Beijing using a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS). Carbonaceous compounds were the dominant components (totaling approximately 87%) of the PM2.5, similar to the results (greater than 80% of the PM2.5) of our previous study of on-road China III diesel trucks. In general, the amounts of individual component groups (carbonaceous compounds, WSIs, and elements) and PM2.5 emissions for China IV diesel trucks were lower than those of China III diesel trucks of the same size, except for the WSIs and elements for the light- and medium-duty diesel trucks. The EC/OC mass ratios were strongly dependent on the emission standards, and the ratios of China IV diesel trucks were higher than those of China III diesel trucks of the same size. The chemical species in the PM2.5 were significantly affected by the driving conditions. Overall, the emission factors (EFs) of the PM2.5 and OC under non-highway (NHW) driving conditions were higher than those under highway (HW) driving conditions, and the EC/OC mass ratios presented an increasing trend, with decreasing OC/PM2.5 and increasing EC/PM2.5 from NHW to HW driving conditions; similar trends were reported in our previous study. In addition, Pearson's correlation coefficients among the PM2.5 species were analyzed to determine the relationships among the various chemical components. PMID:26897401

  1. Occurrence and distribution of antibiotics, antibiotic resistance genes in the urban rivers in Beijing, China.

    Xu, Yan; Guo, Changsheng; Luo, Yi; Lv, Jiapei; Zhang, Yuan; Lin, Haixia; Wang, Li; Xu, Jian


    The occurrence and distribution of sulfonamide and tetracycline, corresponding bacterial resistant rate and resistance genes (ARGs) and two integrase genes were investigated in seven urban rivers in Beijing, China. The total concentration of sulfonamide and tetracycline ranged from 1.3 × 10(1)-1.5 × 10(3) ng/L and 3.9 × 10(1)-5.4 × 10(4) ng/L for water, and 1.0 × 10(0)-2.7 × 10(2) and 3.1 × 10(1)-1.6 × 10(2) ng/g for sediment, respectively. The sul resistant rate was 2-3 times higher than tet resistant rate in both surface water and sediment. The average rate of sul resistance and tet resistance were up to 81.3% and 38.6% in surface water, 89.1% and 69.4% in the sediment, respectively. The sul1, tetA and tetE genes were predominant in term of the absolute abundance. The absolute abundance of ARGs in Wenyu River and Qinghe River, which were close to the direct discharging sites, were 5-50 times higher than those in the other investigated urban rivers, suggesting that the source release played an important role in the distribution of ARGs. The sul1 and sul2 genes had positive correlation (p sources of pollution. Considering principal component analysis, sampling sites (QH5, QH6, B1, B2, B3 and BX2) intimated that a complex interplay of processes govern fate and transport of ARGs in the junction of rivers. These results are significant to understand the fate, and the contribution of ARGs from the source release. In view of the large-scale investigation of urban rivers system in Beijing, it reflected the bacterial resistance in sewage drainage system. Such investigation highlights the management on controlling the pollutant release which was seemed as a major driving force for the maintenance and propagation of many ARGs during the development of urbanization in the future. PMID:27038570

  2. Recycled oceanic crust and marine sediment in the source of alkali basalts in Shandong, eastern China: Evidence from magma water content and oxygen isotopes

    Liu, Jia; Xia, Qun-Ke; Deloule, Etienne; Chen, Huan; Feng, Min


    The magma water contents and cpx δ18O values in alkali basalts from the Fuyanyshan (FYS) volcano in Shandong, eastern China, were investigated by an inverse calculation based on the water content of clinopyroxene (cpx) phenocrysts, the ivAlcpx-dependent water partitioning coefficient Dwatercpx>/melt, and secondary ion mass spectrometer, respectively. The calculated water content (H2O wt.) of magma ranges from 0.58% to 3.89%. It positively correlates with heavy rare earth element concentrations and bulk rock 87Sr/86Sr ratios, and it negatively correlates with Nb/U ratios. However, it is not correlated with bulk Mg# (Mg# = 100 × Mg / (Mg + Fe)) and (La/Yb)n (n represents primitive mantle normalization). Combined with the rather homogenous distribution of water content within cpx grains, these correlations indicate that the water variations among different samples represent the original magma signature, rather than results of a shallow process, such as degassing and diffusion. The δ18O of cpx phenocrysts varies from 3.6‰ to 6.3‰ (±0.5‰, 2SD), which may be best explained by the involvement of components from the lower and upper oceanic crust with marine sediments within the mantle source. The H2O/Ce ratios of the calculated melts range from 113 to 696 and form a positive trend with bulk rock 87Sr/86Sr, which cannot be explained by the recycled Sulu eclogite or by the metasomatized lithospheric mantle. Our modeling calculation shows that the decoupling of ɛHf and ɛNd could be caused by the involvement of marine sediments. Combing the high Ba/Th ratios, positive Sr spikes, and low Ce/Pb ratios for the Fuyanshan basalts, we suggest that the hydrous nature of the FYS basalts was derived from the hydrous mantle transition zone with ancient sediments.

  3. Genetic Variation of the VP1 Gene of the Virulent Duck Hepatitis A Virus Type 1 (DHAV-1) Isolates in Shandong Province of China

    Jiming Gao; Junhao Chen; Xingkui Si; Zhijing Xie; Yanli Zhu; Xingxiao Zhang; Shujing Wang; Shijin Jiang


    To investigate the relationship of the variation of virulence and the external capsid proteins of the pandemic duck hepatitis A virus type 1(DHAV-1) isolates,the virulence,cross neutralization assays and the complete sequence of the virion protein 1(VP1) gene of nine virulent DHAV-1 strains,which were isolated from infected ducklings with clinical symptoms in Shandong province of China in 2007-2008,were tested.The fifth generation duck embryo allantoic liquids of the 9 isolates were tested on 12-day-old duck embryos and on 7-day-old ducklings for the median embryonal lethal doses(ELD50s) and the median lethal doses(LD50s),respectively.The results showed that the ELD5s of embryonic duck eggs of the 9 DHAV-1 isolates were between 1.9 × 106/mL to 1.44 × 107/mL,while the LD50s were 2.39 × 105/mL to 6.15 × 106/mL.Cross-neutralization tests revealed that the 9 DHAV-1 isolates were completely neutralized by the standard serum and the hyperimmune sera against the 9 DHAV-1 isolates,respectively.Compared with other virulent,moderate virulent,attenuated vaccine and mild strains,the VP1 genes of the 9 strains shared 89.8%-99.7% similarity at the nucleotide level and 92.4%-99.6% at amino acid level with other DHAV-1 strains.There were three hypervariable regions at the C-terminus(as 158-160,180-193 and 205-219) and other variable points in VPI protein,but which didn't cause virulence of DHAV-1 change.

  4. Application of the Geo-Anomaly Unit Concept in Quantitative Delineation and Assessment of Gold Ore Targets in Western Shandong Uplift Terrain, Eastern China

    A number of large and giant ore deposits have been discovered within the relatively small areas of lithospheric structure anomalies, including various boundary zones of tectonic plates. The regions have become the well-known intercontinental ore-forming belts, such as the circum-Pacific gold-copper, copper-molybdenum, and tungsten-tin metallogenic belts. These belts are typical geological anomalous areas. An investigation into the hydrothermal ore deposits in different regions in the former Soviet Union illustrated that the geologic structures of ore fields of almost all major commercial deposits have distinct features compared with the neighboring areas. These areas with distinct features are defined as geo-anomalies. A geo-anomaly refers to such a geologic body or a combination of bodies that their composition, texture-structure, and genesis are significantly different from those of their surroundings. A geo-anomaly unit (GU) is an area containing distinct features that can be delineated with integrated ore-forming information using computer techniques on the basis of the geo-anomaly concept. Herein, the GU concept is illustrated by a case study of delineating the gold ore targets in the western Shandong uplift terrain, eastern China. It includes: (1) analyses of gold ore-forming factors; (2) compilation of normalized regional geochemical map and extraction of geochemical anomalies; (3) compilation of gravitational and aeromagnetic tectonic skeleton map and extraction of gravitational and aeromagnetic anomalies; (4) extraction of circular and linear anomalies from remote-sensing Landsat TM images; (5) establishment of a geo-anomaly conceptual model associated with known gold mineralization; (6) establishment of gold ore-forming favorability by computing techniques; and (7) delineation and assessment of ore-forming units. The units with high favorability are suggested as ore targets

  5. Increasing Energy Efficiency and Reducing Emissions from China's Cement Kilns. Audit Report of Two Cement Plants in Shandong Province, China

    Price, Lynn [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Hasanbeigi, Ali [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Zhou, Nan [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Thekdi, Arvind [E3M, Inc., St. Paul, MN (United States); Lan, Wang [China Building Materials Academy, Beijing (China)


    The study documented in this report was initiated in order to conduct an energy assessment and to identify the relationship between combustion issues and emissions from cement kilns. A new suspension preheater/precalciner (NSP) rotary cement kiln at one cement manufacturing facility (referred to as Shui Ni 1 in this report) and a vertical shaft kiln (VSK) at another cement manufacturing facility (referred to as Shui Ni 2 in this report), which are both in Shandong Province, were selected to conduct the energy and emission assessments through collection of data. Based on analysis of the data collected during this assessment, several actions are suggested that could lead to reduction in coal use and reduction in emission of gaseous pollutants from the system.

  6. Strategies for Improving Housing Security System in China:A Case Study on Beijing


    Since China’s transformation to a market economy, residential segregation has become increasingly serious in Beijing. This paper analyses the problems of "affordable housing" and "low-rent housing" schemes of Beijing and makes suggestions on diminishing the residential segregation of the city by improving the Housing Security System.

  7. School-Based Primary School Sexuality Education for Migrant Children in Beijing, China

    Liu, Wenli; Su, Yufen


    In May 2007, Beijing Normal University launched a programme of school-based sexuality education for migrant children in Xingzhi Primary School in Beijing. Over the past seven years, the project team has developed a school-based sexuality education curriculum using the "International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education" published by…

  8. “The Olympic Torch Burns, and Great Suspicion Blazes” – China Narratives in the German Media during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing 2008

    Michael Poerner


    This paper focuses on the description of China in leading German daily and weekly newspapers during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. On the basis of a brief outline of the main China narratives in German media since the 1950s, this paper analyses China-related articles which were published during the period August 8-15, 2008. It argues that reports on China are mostly based on well established German notions of China and centre around the image of a despotic and/or dangerous China. Theref...

  9. Mesoscale modelling study of the interactions between aerosols and PBL meteorology during a haze episode in China Jing–Jin–Ji and its near surrounding region – Part 2: Aerosols' radiative feedback effects

    Wang, H.; G. Y. Shi; X.Y. Zhang; Gong, S. L.; Tan, S.C.; B. Chen; Che, H. Z.; Li, T


    Two model experiments, namely a control (CTL) experiment without aerosol–radiation feedbacks and a experiment with online aerosol–radiation (RAD) interactions, were designed to study the radiative feedback on regional radiation budgets, planetary boundary layer (PBL) meteorology and haze formation due to aerosols during haze episodes over Jing–Jin–Ji, China, and its near surroundings (3JNS region of China: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, East Shanxi, West Shandong and North Henan) wit...

  10. 1999 Beijing Music Festival


    THE Beijing Music Festival has been a labour of love for conductor Yu Long since he began the event in 1998. For Beijing, the ancient capital of China, to have its own music festival on the international level, has been the long cherished wish of Yu Long, chief organizer of the Beijing Music Festival. In recent years he settled in Hong Kong and worked as the conductor of many excellent philharmonic orchestras from