Sample records for charting van dyke

  1. Betty Van Dyke: The Van Dyke Ranch

    Rabkin, Sarah


    Born in 1932 to Croatian American farmers in the Santa Clara Valley town of Cupertino, Betty Van Dyke saw her fertile home ground transformed, in a few decades, from seemingly endless orchards to unrelenting urban sprawl. As the energetic matriarch of a popular family-run fruit-growing business, she has since participated in the region’s organic agricultural renaissance, overseeing one of the first California operations to grow and dry fruit organically (becoming certified in 1986), and playi...

  2. Caracterizacion fisiológica del crecimiento y desarrollo del fruto de mango (mangifera indica l.) variedad van dyke en el municipio de el espinal


    El estudio se realizó en la finca Frutol del Municipio de El Espinal, departamento del Tolima, situado a una altura de 431 m.s.n.m., con precipitación, temperatura y Humedad Relativa promedio anual de 1.368 mm / año, 29°C y 70%.   Se realizó el seguimiento de los cambios ocurridos durante el crecimiento y desarrollo del mango Variedad Van Dyke, desde la antesis hasta la madurez fisiológica: Diámetros longitudinal, transversal, el volumen, la gravedad específica, el peso fresco y seco, color ...

  3. Controle da antracnose e qualidade de mangas (Mangifera indica L.) cv. van dyke, após tratamento hidrotérmico e químico Anthracnose control and mango quality (Mangifera indica L.) cv. van dyke after hydrothermal and chemical treatment

    Mário Sérgio Carvalho Dias; Luciana Costa Lima; Marcos Venícios de Castro; Pedro Martins Ribeiro Júnior; Enilson de Barros Silva


    A antracnose causa severos danos à casca da manga. Por isso, há a necessidade de se fazer o tratamento fitossanitário pós-colheita dos frutos, utilizando a imersão em calda de fungicidas, a qual, associada ao tratamento hidrotérmico, tem resultado em melhores benefícios. Com o presente trabalho objetivou-se estudar o controle da antracnose e qualidade pós-colheita de mangas (Mangifera indica L.), cv. Van Dyke, após tratamento hidrotérmico associado ao químico mediante as análises física, físi...

  4. Controle da antracnose e qualidade de mangas (Mangifera indica L. cv. van dyke, após tratamento hidrotérmico e químico Anthracnose control and mango quality (Mangifera indica L. cv. van dyke after hydrothermal and chemical treatment

    Mário Sérgio Carvalho Dias


    Full Text Available A antracnose causa severos danos à casca da manga. Por isso, há a necessidade de se fazer o tratamento fitossanitário pós-colheita dos frutos, utilizando a imersão em calda de fungicidas, a qual, associada ao tratamento hidrotérmico, tem resultado em melhores benefícios. Com o presente trabalho objetivou-se estudar o controle da antracnose e qualidade pós-colheita de mangas (Mangifera indica L., cv. Van Dyke, após tratamento hidrotérmico associado ao químico mediante as análises física, físico-químicas, químicas e fitopatológica. As mangas, provenientes de pomar comercial do município de Janaúba - MG, da safra 2000, foram colhidas em estádio de maturação comercial. Após seleção de acordo com a uniformidade de cor, tamanho e ausência de injúrias mecânicas e fisiológicas, as mesmas foram transportadas em caixas plásticas para a EPAMIG - CTNM - Nova Porteirinha - MG, Laboratório de Pós-colheita de frutos, onde as amostras foram submetidas ao tratamento hidrotérmico (55°C por 5minutos e banho frio em soluções contendo os fungicidas Thiabendazole (Tecto 400 mL/100 L, Prochloraz (Sportak 110 mL/100 L e Imazalil (Magnate 200 mL/100 L. Após secagem ao ar, os frutos foram acondicionados em bandejas plásticas e armazenados à temperatura ambiente (25±2°C e UR 70%, por um período de 12 dias e avaliados quanto às características intrínsecas de qualidade a cada 4 dias. O experimento foi conduzido em delineamento inteiramente casualizado, com 8 tratamentos, 4 repetições e unidade experimental composta de 4 frutos. As variações de pH, sólidos solúveis totais, acidez total titulável e açúcares solúveis totais não comprometeram as características organolépticas de mangas cv. Van Dyke armazenadas sob temperatura ambiente (25±2°C e UR 70% até os 8 dias de armazenamento. A associação do tratamento hidrotérmico com o químico foi eficiente no controle da antracnose dos frutos por até 12 dias de

  5. Parasitic analysis and π-type Butterworth-Van Dyke model for complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor Lamb wave resonator with accurate two-port Y-parameter characterizations

    Wang, Yong; Goh, Wang Ling; Chai, Kevin T.-C.; Mu, Xiaojing; Hong, Yan; Kropelnicki, Piotr; Je, Minkyu


    The parasitic effects from electromechanical resonance, coupling, and substrate losses were collected to derive a new two-port equivalent-circuit model for Lamb wave resonators, especially for those fabricated on silicon technology. The proposed model is a hybrid π-type Butterworth-Van Dyke (PiBVD) model that accounts for the above mentioned parasitic effects which are commonly observed in Lamb-wave resonators. It is a combination of interdigital capacitor of both plate capacitance and fringe capacitance, interdigital resistance, Ohmic losses in substrate, and the acoustic motional behavior of typical Modified Butterworth-Van Dyke (MBVD) model. In the case studies presented in this paper using two-port Y-parameters, the PiBVD model fitted significantly better than the typical MBVD model, strengthening the capability on characterizing both magnitude and phase of either Y11 or Y21. The accurate modelling on two-port Y-parameters makes the PiBVD model beneficial in the characterization of Lamb-wave resonators, providing accurate simulation to Lamb-wave resonators and oscillators.

  6. Finding General Dyke.

    Dyke, Charles William; Dyke, Ann Bisconti


    A hemorrhagic stroke and aphasia suddenly changed the life of Charles William (Bill) Dyke, Army Lt. General (Retired), Ranger strong with 2 silver stars and 3 bronze stars among his many decorations and founder and CEO of a Washington, DC, consulting firm. Gen. Dyke and his wife Ann provide their personal perspectives on the path to his remarkable recovery and return to full-time work. They found that the most effective therapy linked to who he was and is. Standard therapy tools and impersonal approaches frequently created barriers. Instead, when health professionals related the therapy objectives to his interests and involved him in the process of setting objectives to meet the challenges, they gained his trust, cooperation, participation, and focus on learning. PMID:21447463

  7. Growth chart

    ... standard (normal) range for children of the same gender and age. The same chart will be used as your child grows older. HOW TO UNDERSTAND A GROWTH CHART Many parents worry if they learn that their child's height, ...

  8. Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome

    Manas R Behera


    Full Text Available A 14-month-old male child presented with recurrent generalized seizures, spastic hemiplegia, microcephaly and had developmental delay in motor and speech domains. CT of the brain revealed characteristic features diagnostic of infantile type of cerebral hemiatrophy or Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome.

  9. Radar Chart

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Radar Chart collection is an archived product of summarized radar data. The geographic coverage is the 48 contiguous states of the United States. These hourly...

  10. Chart Series

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offers several different Chart Series with data on beneficiary health status, spending, operations, and quality...

  11. Magma deformation and emplacement in rhyolitic dykes

    McGowan, Ellen; Tuffen, Hugh; James, Mike; Wynn, Peter


    Silicic eruption mechanisms are determined by the rheological and degassing behaviour of highly-viscous magma ascending within shallow dykes and conduits. However, we have little knowledge of how magmatic behaviour shifts during eruptions as dykes and conduits evolve. To address this we have analysed the micro- to macro-scale textures in shallow, dissected rhyolitic dykes at the Tertiary Húsafell central volcano in west Iceland. Dyke intrusion at ~3 Ma was associated with the emplacement of subaerial rhyolitic pyroclastic deposits following caldera formation[1]. The dykes are dissected to ~500 m depth, 2-3 m wide, and crop out in two stream valleys with 5-30 m-long exposures. Dykes intrude diverse country rock types, including a welded ignimbrite, basaltic lavas, and glacial conglomerate. Each of the six studied dykes is broadly similar, exhibiting obsidian margins and microcrystalline cores. Dykes within pre-fractured lava are surrounded by external tuffisite vein networks, which are absent from dykes within conglomerate, whereas dykes failed to penetrate the ignimbrite. Obsidian at dyke margins comprises layers of discrete colour. These display dramatic thickness variations and collapsed bubble structures, and are locally separated by zones of welded, brecciated and flow-banded obsidian. We use textural associations to present a detailed model of dyke emplacement and evolution. Dykes initially propagated with the passage of fragmented, gas-charged magma and generation of external tuffisite veins, whose distribution was strongly influenced by pre-existing fractures in the country rock. External tuffisites retained permeability throughout dyke emplacement due to their high lithic content. The geochemically homogenous dykes then evolved via incremental magma emplacement, with shear deformation localised along emplacement boundary layers. Shear zones migrated between different boundary layers, and bubble deformation promoted magma mobility. Brittle

  12. Isomers chart

    The nuclear isomers are nuclides offering the same mass number and the same atomic number, but different energy levels. In the following chart the zero energy ground states are omitted and the metastable isomers, i.e. of non-zero energy, known and of measurable lifetime, are listed. The lower limit of this lifetime was set here to 0.1 x 10-6 s. The various isomers were classified in increasing lifetimes. (authors)

  13. SS-CUSUM Chart

    Thaga Keoagile


    A cumulative sum (CUSUM) control chart referred to as the SS-CUSUM chart is proposed that is capable of simultaneously detecting changes in both mean and standard deviation. The construction of this chart is based on the sum of squares of the maximum standard CUSUM statistics. The average run sengths (ARLs) are computed for comparison with other charts particularly with some recently developed single charts. The SS-CUSUM chart has an advantage over its competitors since it quickly detects bot...

  14. Excel 2007 Charts

    Walkenbach, John


    Excel, the top number-crunching tool, now offers a vastly improved charting function to help you give those numbers dimension and relativity. John Walkenbach, a.k.a. Mr. Spreadsheet, clearly explains all these charting features and shows you how to choose the right chart for your needs. You'll learn to modify data within the chart, deal with missing data, format your chart, use trend lines, construct "impossible" charts, create charts from pivot tables, dress them up with graphics, and more. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

  15. On regional geomagnetic charts

    Alldredge, L.R.


    When regional geomagnetic charts for areas roughly the size of the US were compiled by hand, some large local anomalies were displayed in the isomagnetic lines. Since the late 1960s, when the compilation of charts using computers and mathematical models was started, most of the details available in the hand drawn regional charts have been lost. One exception to this is the Canadian magnetic declination chart for 1980. This chart was constructed using a 180 degrees spherical harmonic model. -from Author

  16. Flowage differentiation in an andesitic dyke of the Motru Dyke Swarm (Southern Carpathians, Romania) inferred from AMS, CSD and geochemistry

    Nkono, Collin; Féménias, Olivier; Diot, Hervé; Berza, Tudor; Demaiffe, Daniel


    Two dykes of different thickness (5.5 m for TJ31 and 23 m for TJ34) from the late Pan-African calc-alkaline Motru Dyke Swarm (S. Carpathians, Romania) have been studied by electron microprobe (mineral chemistry), crystal size distribution (CSD), anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) and whole-rock geochemistry. All the physical and chemical variations observed across the dyke's width point to concordant results and show that the variations of both modal abundance and size of the amphibole and biotite microphenocrysts inside the dykes (deduced from the classical CSD measurements) are the result of a mechanical segregation of suspended crystals during magmatic transport. Despite a pene-contemporaneous regional tectonic, the flow-induced differentiation in the thicker dyke is characterized by the concentration of pre-existing Ti-rich pargasite-tschermakite, clinopyroxene and plagioclase crystals in the core of the dyke and of the extracted differentiated liquid near the walls. This mechanical differentiation induces a chemical differentiation with a basaltic andesite composition for the core of the dyke whereas the margins are andesitic. Thus the chilled margins appear as a slightly more evolved liquid with a Newtonian behaviour when compared to the average composition of the dyke. The localization of the liquid on both sides of the dyke has certainly facilitated the ascent of the central part of the dyke that behaved as a Binghamian mush.

  17. Robust CUSUM control charting

    H.Z. Nazir; M. Riaz; R.J.M.M. Does; N. Abbas


    Cumulative sum (CUSUM) control charts are very effective in detecting special causes. In general, the underlying distribution is supposed to be normal. In designing a CUSUM chart, it is important to know how the chart will respond to disturbances of normality. The focus of this article is to control

  18. Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome in Two Children

    MD, Mete ÖZDİKİCİ; MD, Volkan TANI; MD, Suat EREN; MD, Çetin ÇELENK


    A three year old boy and a 12 year old girl with uniateral cerebral atrophy were diagnosed as Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome using cranial computed tomography. Magnetic resonance imaging was also done in the second case. The findings were compared with the relevant literature. Key words: Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome, unilateral cerebral atrophy, radiology

  19. Charted Choices 2013-2017. An analysis of ten election programmes. Effects on the economy and the environment; Keuzes in Kaart 2013-2017. Een analyse van tien verkiezingsprogramma's. Effecten op economie en milieu



    At the request of ten political parties, the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency have mapped out the effects of the respective election platforms on the economy and the environment. The analysis shows that each of the proposed policy measures included in the platforms has both advantages and disadvantages. The platforms thus reflect the diverse choices that have been made by the parties. The publication presents the impact of party programs on public finances, purchasing power and employment. Also included in the publication are analyses in the field of mobility, energy and climate, nature, education, housing and healthcare [Dutch] De verkiezingsprogramma's 2012 laten zien welke keuzes politieke partijen maken voor de jaren 2013-2017. De programma's tonen aan dat er echt iets te kiezen valt voor de komende kabinetsperiode. Hoe gaan we na de economische crisis de overheidsfinancien weer op orde brengen en hoe snel? Verhogen we de AOW-leeftijd en beperken we de aftrek van de hypotheekrente, of juist niet? Hoe verminderen we de filedruk? Willen we klimaatverandering aanpakken en zo ja, hoe dan? Is het de moeite waarde om meer geld uit te geven aan onderwijs of innovatie? Hoeveel trekken we uit voor natuur? Hoe kunnen we de woningmarkt beter laten functioneren? Hoe gaan we om met de stijging van de kosten van de zorg? In de aanloop naar de verkiezingen van 12 september 2012 hebben tien politieke partijen - VVD, PvdA, PVV, CDA, SP, D66, GroenLinks, ChristenUnie, SGP, DPK - gevraagd om een analyse van hun verkiezingsprogramma's. Het CPB heeft de economische effecten geanalyseerd, het PBL de effecten op milieu.

  20. Mesozoic dyke swarms of the Falkland Islands (South Atlantic)

    Stone, P


    An aeromagnetic survey that allowed an improved discrimination of the principal dyke swarms of the Falkland Islands has been augmented by additional radiometric dates and geochemical analyses of representative specimens. Most of the dykes previously described as forming a “north-south” swarm of Jurassic age are associated with a set of NE-SW linear magnetic anomalies that are entirely separate from another set of N-S to NNW-SSE anomalies, The NE-SW Jurassic dyke swarm occurs mostly in West Fa...

  1. Fractional smith chart theory

    Shamim, Atif


    For the first time, a generalized Smith chart is introduced here to represent fractional order circuit elements. It is shown that the standard Smith chart is a special case of the generalized fractional order Smith chart. With illustrations drawn for both the conventional integer based lumped elements and the fractional elements, a graphical technique supported by the analytical method is presented to plot impedances on the fractional Smith chart. The concept is then applied towards impedance matching networks, where the fractional approach proves to be much more versatile and results in a single element matching network for a complex load as compared to the two elements in the conventional approach. © 2010 IEEE.

  2. Seismic footprints of shallow dyke propagation at Etna, Italy

    Susanna Falsaperla; Marco Neri


    One of the key issues in forecasting volcanic eruptions is to detect signals that can track the propagation of dykes towards the surface. Continuous monitoring of active volcanoes helps significantly in achieving this goal. The seismic data presented here are unique, as they document surface faulting processes close (tens to a few hundred meters) to their source, namely the dyke tip. They originated nearby - and under - a seismic station that was subsequently destroyed by lava flows during er...

  3. Improved data driven control charts

    Albers, W.; Kallenberg, W.C.M.


    Classical control charts for monitoring the mean are based on the assumption of normality. When normality fails, these control charts are no longer valid and serious errors often arise. Data driven control charts, which choose between the normal chart, a parametric one and a nonparametric chart, hav


    J. Yadavalli


    Full Text Available

    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: In practice, there are many quality control situations where a product under consideration may have two or more interrelated quality characteristics and observations of each characteristic are serially correlated. One of the objectives of management is to investigate whether or not all these characteristics of the product simultaneously satisfy the required specifications. To the author's best knowledge, no concrete attempts have been made so far to construct the control charts for such situations, particularly when the data arise from vector autoregressive-moving average (VARMA processes. It is this problem that has been addressed in this paper. A few methods are suggested for constructing the control charts. When assumptions about independence and normality break down, a bootstrap method, perhaps for the first time, is suggested to attack the problem. Some illustrative examples are discussed.

    AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: In die praktyk is daar vele kwaliteitbeheersituasies waar 'n betrokke produk een of twee onderling verbonde kenmerke kan hê en waarnemings van elke kenmerk serie gekorreleer is. Een van die doelwitte van bestuur is om te ondersoek of hierdie kenmerke van die produk gelyktydig aan die vereiste spesifikasies voldoen al dan nie. Na die outeur se beste wete, is daar tot dusver geen daadwerklike pogings aangewend om die beheergrafieke vir sodanige situasies op te stel nie, veral waar die data ontstaan uit vektor outoregressief bewegende gemiddelde (VARMA prosesse. Hierdie probleem geniet in hierdie artikel aandag. 'n Aantal metodes vir die opstel van die beheergrafieke word voorgestel. Wanneer aannames oor selfstandigheid en normaliteit faal, word 'n skoenlusmetode voorgestel om die probleem die hoof te bied. 'n Aantal voorbeelde ter toeligting word bespreek.

  5. Great Lakes Ice Charts

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Charts show ice extent and concentration three times weekly during the ice season, for all lakes except Ontario, from the 1973/74 ice season through the 2001/2002...

  6. Barograms / Barograph Charts

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Barograms are weekly rectangular charts recording barometric pressure at a given station. The barograph is an instrument that makes a continuous pen and ink trace...

  7. CDC Child Growth Charts

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — CDC child growth charts consist of a series of percentile curves that illustrate the distribution of selected body measurements in U.S. children. Pediatric growth...

  8. State-Chart Autocoder

    Clark, Kenneth; Watney, Garth; Murray, Alexander; Benowitz, Edward


    A computer program translates Unified Modeling Language (UML) representations of state charts into source code in the C, C++, and Python computing languages. ( State charts signifies graphical descriptions of states and state transitions of a spacecraft or other complex system.) The UML representations constituting the input to this program are generated by using a UML-compliant graphical design program to draw the state charts. The generated source code is consistent with the "quantum programming" approach, which is so named because it involves discrete states and state transitions that have features in common with states and state transitions in quantum mechanics. Quantum programming enables efficient implementation of state charts, suitable for real-time embedded flight software. In addition to source code, the autocoder program generates a graphical-user-interface (GUI) program that, in turn, generates a display of state transitions in response to events triggered by the user. The GUI program is wrapped around, and can be used to exercise the state-chart behavior of, the generated source code. Once the expected state-chart behavior is confirmed, the generated source code can be augmented with a software interface to the rest of the software with which the source code is required to interact.

  9. Local stresses, dyke arrest and surface deformation in volcanic edificesand rift zones

    L. S. Brenner


    Full Text Available Field studies indicate that nearly all eruptions in volcanic edifices and rift zones are supplied with magma through fractures (dykes that are opened by magmatic overpressure. While (inferred dyke injections are frequent during unrest periods, volcanic eruptions are, in comparison, infrequent, suggesting that most dykes become arrested at certain depths in the crust, in agreement with field studies. The frequency of dyke arrest can be partly explained by the numerical models presented here which indicate that volcanic edifices and rift zones consisting of rocks of contrasting mechanical properties, such as soft pyroclastic layers and stiff lava flows, commonly develop local stress fields that encourage dyke arrest. During unrest, surface deformation studies are routinely used to infer the geometries of arrested dykes, and some models (using homogeneous, isotropic half-spaces infer large grabens to be induced by such dykes. Our results, however, show that the dyke-tip tensile stresses are normally much greater than the induced surface stresses, making it difficult to explain how a dyke can induce surface stresses in excess of the tensile (or shear strength while the same strength is not exceeded at the (arrested dyke tip. Also, arrested dyke tips in eroded or active rift zones are normally not associated with dyke-induced grabens or normal faults, and some dykes arrested within a few metres of the surface do not generate faults or grabens. The numerical models show that abrupt changes in Young's moduli(stiffnesses, layers with relatively high dyke-normal compressive stresses (stress barriers, and weak horizontal contacts may make the dyke-induced surface tensile stresses too small for significant fault or graben formation to occur in rift zones or volcanic edifices. Also, these small surface stresses may have no simple relation to the dyke geometry or the depth to its tip. Thus, for a layered crust with weak contacts, straightforward

  10. Dyke Foundation Classification%关于堤基的分段分类

    ZHANG; Jia-fa


    Main factors, which should be considered in the classification of dyke foundation, are discussed in this paper. Engineering conditions should be taken into accoun t when the levee safety is appraised based on engineering geologic appraisement and classificatio n. On the basis of safety appraisement, dyke foundation may be classified with regard of suitable r einforcement measures. Examples are presented to illustrate the instructive significance of dyke foundation cla ssification to dyke reinforcement design.

  11. Geochemistry and petrology of mafic Proterozoic and Permian dykes on Bornholm, Denmark:

    Holm, Paul Martin; Pedersen, Lise E.; Højsteeen, Birte


    More than 250 dykes cut the mid Proterozoic basement gneisses and granites of Bornholm. Most trend between NNW and NNE, whereas a few trend NE and NW. Field, geochemical and petrological evidence suggest that the dyke intrusions occurred as four distinct events at around 1326 Ma (Kelseaa dyke...

  12. Temporal geoelectric behaviour of dyke aquifers in northern Deccan Volcanic Province, India

    Gautam Gupta; Vinit C Erram; Suyash Kumar


    Vertical electrical resistivity soundings (VES) were carried out over four major dykes of Nandurbar district in the northern Deccan Volcanic Province (DVP) of Maharashtra to investigate the subsurface geological conditions, with an aim of identifying zones with groundwater resource potential. Dykes can act as pathways or barrier to the groundwater flow depending upon the intensity of fracturing in the dyke rock. Whether the dykes act as water conduits or as barriers depends on their structure, location and orientation with respect to the groundwater flow. The Nandurbar district is known for occurrence of dykes and dyke swarms. A total of 33 dykes were demarcated in the study region and four major dykes (D4, D5, D6, and D7) from these were chosen for detailed VES studies. Data were acquired over these four dykes during pre-monsoon and post-monsoon periods to observe the seasonal variation in groundwater movement. These studies revealed changes in field characters, their attitudes, thickness and structure of the dykes. Longitudinal geoelectrical sections along these dykes demonstrated carrier as well as barrier stretches which identified potential aquifers up to depths of 25–30m below which hard and compact rock exists. These studies also indicated that dykes with sufficient width, length and favourable hydrogeological structure form potential aquifers for the occurrence and movement of groundwater in the study area.

  13. INIS: Terminology charts

    This document is one in a series of publications known as the INIS Reference Series. It is to be used in conjunction with the INIS indexing manual and the INIS thesaurus for the preparation of input to the INIS database. The thesaurus and terminology charts in their first edition (Rev.0) were produced as the result of an agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). Except for minor changes the terminology and the interrelationships between terms are those of the December 1969 edition of the Euratom Thesaurus. The purpose of the terminology harts is to display the descriptors of the thesaurus in the context of their hierarchical and other semantic relationships. Hierarchically related terms are grouped in clusters, each representing one of the principal concepts of a subject field. The descriptors are grouped around or under the broadest term of the clusters which is printed in upper case. The hierarchical relationships within the clusters are shown by the arrangement of the terms in smaller boxes within the larger boxes circumscribing the clusters. The clusters are connected by lines of various thickness, representing the other (mostly non-hierarchical) relationships. These connections are the equivalent to 'see also' and 'related term' cross-references. The thickness of the lines represents the strength of the semantic relations, or, in the practice of a retrieval system the probability that one term replacing a connected term in a query, will still yield pertinent references. The figures accompanying the descriptors represent their frequency of assignment to the first 987,000 documents stored in the Euratom system (May 1970). They are presented in order to show the relative importance of the descriptors within the subject field. The asterisks (*) accompanying descriptors in the charts refer to descriptors, for which a scope note can be found in the INIS: Thesaurus at the time the charts went

  14. NUCLEUS-CHART. Chart of the Nuclides

    Atomic Mass Data Center [Orsy (France)


    Nucleus is an interactive PC-based graphical viewer of NUBASE nuclear property data. NUBASE contains experimentally known nuclear properties, together with some values that have been estimated from extrapolation of experimental data for 3010 nuclides. NUBASE also contains data on those isomeric states that have half-lives greater than 1 millisecond; there are 669 such nuclides of which 58 have more than one isomeric state. The latest version of NUCLEUS-CHART has been corrected to include the names and the chemical symbols of the elements 104 to 109 that have been finally adopted by the Commission on Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry (CNIC) of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). They differ from those recommended by the same commission a few years before and that were widely used in the evaluations AME`95 and NUBASE`97. It results in some shuffling of the names and symbols, that may cause confusion in the near future. At AMDC we`ll be as careful as possible to try to avoid such confusion. In advance we apologize if any will occur in the future and recommend the user to always double check these few names.

  15. Weighing Rain Gauge Recording Charts

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Weighing rain gauge charts record the amount of precipitation that falls at a given location. The vast majority of the Weighing Rain Gauge Recording Charts...

  16. NOAA Raster Navigational Charts (RNC)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NOAA, National Ocean Service, Office of Coast Survey, Marine Chart Division is responsible to build and maintain a suite of more than 1000 nautical charts that are...

  17. Dyke emplacement and propagation: a new laboratory approach

    Bakker, R.; Benson, P.; Vinciguerra, S.


    It is well known that magma ascends trough the crust by the process of dyking. During dyke movement crustal rocks, specifically the volcano's basement rocks, fracture due to the stress imposed by the ascending magma, thus providing conduits for magma transport. Dykes are frequently seen in the field and have been reproduced via numerical and analogue studies. However, a number of assumptions regarding rock mechanical behavior frequently has to be made as such data are very hard to directly measure at the pressure/temperature conditions of interest: high temperatures at relatively shallow depths. Such data are key to simulating the magma intrusion dynamics through the lithologies that underlie the volcanic edifice. To bridge this gap, we have performed a suite of rock deformation experiments in both compressive and tensile regimes, using a Paterson-type triaxial apparatus on representative lithologies present in the basement of Mt. Etna. In the compressive regime, we find that sedimentary rocks present at a depth of aproximately 2 km show a B/D transition at around 300 degC and significant weakening with temperatures exceeding 400 degC. Volcanic rocks (basalt) shows a significant change in deformation behavior only at temperatures exceeding 800 degC. Such a large contrast in mechanical properties could be favorable for dyke deflection or dyke arrest. However, in the tensile regime, it remains a significant technical challenge to precisely reproduce the conditions of dyking in the lab. As a starting point, we are now testing an analogue material to replace the magma to avoid such high temperatures, relying of maintaining similar temperature/viscosity ratios between magma/country rock in the laboratory and the field. We chose PMMA (a.k.a. plexiglass) for this task as it displays a large range in viscosities (log(visc)range = 10 - 1) with temperatures between 100 and 300 degC, making it an excellent analogue material. In addition PMMA solidifies after the sample cools

  18. Permanent groundwater storage in basaltic dyke fractures and termite mound viability

    Mège, Daniel; Rango, Tewodros


    Many basaltic dykes of the Ethiopian flood basalt province are observed in the northwestern Ethiopian lowlands. In this area, the termites preferentially build their epigeous mounds on the top of dolerite dykes. The relationship between termite mounds and dykes is investigated from the analysis of their distribution along one of these dykes, of thickness 2-5 m, that we could follow over 2000 m. Termite mounds are periodically spaced (mean distance 63 m, R2 = 0.995), and located exclusively where the topographic relief of the dyke is not more than 2 m above the surrounding area. From these observations and from the geological context, a hydrological circuit model is proposed in which (1) dykes are preferential conduits for groundwater drainage during the rainy season due to pervasive jointing, (2) during the dry season, the portion of the dyke forming a local topographic relief area dries up more quickly than the surroundings, the elevation difference between the dyke summit and the surroundings being a factor restricting termite mound development. For dyke topographic relief >2 m, drying is an obstacle for maintaining the appropriate humidity for the termite colony life. Periodic termite mound spacing is unlikely to be related to dyke or other geological properties. It is more likely related to termite population behaviour, perhaps to clay shortage, which restricts termite population growth by limiting the quantity of building material available for mound extension, and triggers exploration for a new colonization site that will be located along the dyke at a distance from the former colony that may be controlled by the extent of the zone covered by its trail pheromones. This work brings out the importance of dykes in channelling and storing groundwater in semiarid regions, and shows that dykes can store groundwater permanently in such settings even though the dry season is half the year long. It contributes also to shedding light on water supply conditions

  19. Dyke emplacement at the incipient Namibian margin - structural and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) studies in the Henties Bay - Outjo Dyke Swarm

    Wiegand, Miriam; Trumbull, Robert; Greiling, Reinhard O.


    During the Cretaceous breakup of western Gondwana, the conjugate Namibian and South American margins were the site of flood basalts, mafic dyke swarms and subvolcanic intrusive complexes which make up the South Atlantic Large Igneous Province and the volcanic margin of northwestern Namibia. This contribution presents data on internal fabrics in mafic dykes (mostly subalkaline tholeiitic dolerites) from the major Henties Bay-Outjo dyke swarm (HOD) in coastal and inland NW Namibia, which are discussed in terms of magma emplacement. The HOD is some 100 km wide and extends at least 500 km from the continental margin. The dykes were emplaced in Neoproterozoic (Panafrican) Damara mobile belt, which is bounded by the Angola/Congo craton on the north and the Kalahari craton on the south. Field relations and radiometric dates indicate Early Cretaceous emplacement ages for the dykes. In coastal exposures north of the HOD, dolerite dykes are mainly coast-parallel (NNW-SSE) and syn-tectonic with normal faults that offset Etendeka lavas. Coast-parallel dykes are also common within the HOD, but the great majority of dykes strike NE-SW. We observed the latter dykes to crosscut coast-parallel ones. But the opposite relationship is also found locally. The dominant NE-SW strike of HOD indicates the influence of the Damara Belt structural grain at a regional scale, but locally the dykes commonly crosscut basement foliations and lithologic contacts. Depending on dyke thickness, which varies in the HOD from a few cm to about 50 m), the dykes are variably fine grained with chilled margins. Vesiculation is seldom observed. Typical textures are intersertal to subophitic, with plagioclase, clinopyroxene and olivine being the main mineral phases. Common minor minerals include opaque oxides and acicular apatite. Linear dykes are composed of segments, 10 m to some km in length, which are connected by transfer zones. Often a minor horizontal displacement can be observed between these segments

  20. Effectieve bestrijding van varroa

    Cornelissen, B.; Blacquiere, T.; Steen, van der, M.


    De varroa mijtziekte (Varroa destructor) is de belangrijkste bedreiging van de Europese honingbij. Wintersterfte van honingbijen is in de meeste gevallen toe te schrijven aan deze ziekte. Deze brochure van de WUR biedt informatie over de biologie van varroa, de effecten van varroa op honingbijen en de bestrijding van varroa.

  1. Rb-Sr ages of lamprophyre dykes from Schirmacher Oasis, Queen Maud Land, east Antarctica

    Lamprophyre dykes intrude the late proterozoic metamorphic terrain of Schirmacher Oasis, Queen Maud Land, east Antarctica. Rb-Sr whole-rock/mineral isochron ages of two lamprophyre dykes are 455± 12 Ma (Sri=0.70886 ± 5) and 458±6 Ma (Sri=0.71388 ± 98). This lamprophyre dyke activity of Schirmacher Oasis, may be interpreted as a manifestation of post orogenic alkaline magmatism related to the Ross orogeny of the Transantarctic mountains. (author)

  2. Rotation of the Falklands microplate reassessed after recognition of discrete Jurassic and Cretaceous dyke swarms

    Stone, P; G. S. Kimbell; Richards, P.C.


    Recently acquired aeromagnetic data for the Falkland Islands have shown that previous interpretations of the dolerite dyke swarms are inadequate. In particular, most of the dykes previously described from West Falkland as forming a ‘north–south’ swarm of Jurassic age are associated with a set of NE–SW linear magnetic anomalies that are entirely separate from another set of truly N–S anomalies. Very few dykes had been previously reported from East Falkland, but the aeromagnetic survey demonstr...

  3. WWW chart of the nuclides

    WWW chart of the nuclides was established on the basis of the latest evaluations of nuclear structure and decay data. By viewing WWW chart of the nuclides, one can retrieve the fundamental data of nuclide such as atomic mass, abundance, spin and parity; the decay mode, branching ratio, half-life and Q-value of radioactive nuclide, energy and intensity of strong γ-ray, etc. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of WWW chart of the nuclides is:,asp

  4. Flash Builder charting and multimedia

    Rocchi, Cesare


    Charting and multimedia are two vital tools for data-driven applications. Learn about the main components of the chart library included in Flash Builder, and see how to build and customize widely used charts. Turning your attention to the multimedia capabilities of the Flex framework, you will review the multimedia components built into the Flex library, and learn how to use ActionScript to manipulate video and audio files. Charting and Multimedia is the third of five articles that will be compiled in the book, Data Visualization with Flash Builder: Designing RIA and AIR Applications with Rem

  5. Petrology and geochemistry of dolerite dykes of Dharmapuri and Salem districts of Tamil Nadu

    Dolerite dyke sets occur distributed in the Dharmapuri and Salem districts of northern Tamil nadu. These dykes have been emplaced in the older basement composed of granulite and gneissic rocks and cut across the later formed lineament controlled alkaline complexes. They are composed of medium to coarse calcic plagioclase and clinopyroxene with biotite, amphibole, uralite, olivine, orthopyroxene, and anhedral quartz as accessories. Based on geochemical characters, the olivine bearing dykes are classed as Type I and the quartz bearing dykes as Type II. The Type I dykes resemble basalt and the Type II dykes, basaltic andesite. They display LILE> HFSE in terms of abundance. The REE values indicate enrichment of LREE relative to MREE and HREE and an E-MORB or Plume MORB signature. The geochemistry of the sampled dykes suggests derivation from a mantle plume. This plume was emplaced into the garnet lherzolite layer and subsequently into the shallower spinel lherzolite layer in the mantle. Polybaric melting of lherzolite protoliths with varying proportions of garnet and spinel occurred with subsequent fractionation to produce a source melts with E-MORB characteristics. Emplacement of these dykes was aided by crustal extension and associated fracturing to develop a dyke swarm. (author)

  6. Cretaceous dykes discovered in the Falkland Islands : implications for regional tectonics in the South Atlantic

    Stone, P; Richards, P.C.; G. S. Kimbell; Esser, R. P.; Reeves, D.


    New aeromagnetic data resolve the dykes of the Falkland Islands into three swarms. A hitherto unrecognized suite of north–south dykes is established as early Cretaceous by an Ar–Ar date of about 121 Ma. Swarms of NE–SW and east–west dykes are both early Jurassic: the former gives an Ar–Ar age of about 178 Ma, whereas the latter has been previously dated to about 190 Ma. The intrusion of the Cretaceous dykes marks the onset of oceanic crust generation in the South Atlantic and so restricts to ...

  7. The hypernuclear chart

    Khan, E; Gulminelli, F; Raduta, Ad R


    We calculate the comprehensive hypernuclear chart for even-even hypernuclei with magic numbers of $\\Lambda$'s (for Z $\\leq$ 120 and $\\Lambda \\leq$70) and estimate the number of bound systems, considering the present uncertainties in the $\\Lambda-$nucleon and $\\Lambda-\\Lambda$ interactions. We consider a density functional approach adjusted to microscopic Bruckner-Hartree-Fock calculations, where the $\\Lambda\\Lambda$ term is corrected in a phenomenological way, to reproduce present experimental constraints. Different models which strongly deviate at large densities, but giving the same bond energy, are generated in order to take into account the uncertainties related to the high density equation of state. The number of bound even-even-even hypernuclei is estimated to 491680 $\\pm$ 34400. This relatively low uncertainty is due to the fact that the well constrained low density and highly unconstrained high density behavior of the energy functional turn out to be largely decoupled. Results in hypernuclei appear to...

  8. Opgave van vindplaatsen van bedreigde akkeronkruiden



    Voor het opstellen van een Beschermingsplan Akker(on)kruiden door het Informatieen KennisCentrum natuurbeheer, zullen ook dit jaar verschillende akkerreservaten bezocht worden. Om een eventuele verschuiving of uitbreiding van het akkerreservaat-areaal goed te kunnen onderbouwen is het nodig ook groeiplaatsen van de betreffende soorten buiten de reservaten te kennen. Uw medewerking wordt gevraagd voorde opgave van vindplaatsen van de volgende soorten: Agrostemma githago Ajuga chamaepitys Arnos...

  9. Daders van huiselijk geweld

    Knaap, L.M. van der; Idrissi, F. el.; Bogaerts, S.


    In het kader van het project ‘Aanpak huiselijk geweld’, een onderdeel van het Veiligheidsprogramma, worden drie studies naar huiselijk geweld uitgevoerd. Dit deelonderzoek, dat door het WODC wordt uitgevoerd, heeft tot doel:Inzicht krijgen in achtergrondkenmerken en problematiek van daders van huiselijk geweld;Inzicht bieden in het hulpzoekgedrag van daders en zo mogelijk in de achtergronden van het huiselijk geweld;Bepalen in hoeverre daders van huiselijk geweld opnieuw met justitie in aanra...


    Biswadev Basu


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT : Dyke – Davidoff – Masson Syndrome (DDMS, is a rare clinical condition characterized by clinical triad of seizures, contralateral spastic hemiplegia or hemiparesis, with or without mental retardation. Diagnosis requires presence of cerebral hemiatrophy with homolateral hypertrophy of the skull and sinuses on brain imaging. Here we report a case of DDMS in a 16 year old girl who presented with seizures and hemiparesis.MRI of her brain showed hemiatrophy involving the left cerebral hemisphere with enlargement of ipsilateral sinuses and ventricles

  11. Growth charts of human development

    Van Buuren, Stef


    This article reviews and compares two types of growth charts for tracking human development over age. Both charts assume the existence of a continuous latent variable, but relate to the observed data in different ways. The D-score diagram summarizes developmental indicators into a single aggregate s

  12. Effectieve bestrijding van varroa

    Cornelissen, B.; Blacquiere, T.; Steen, van der J.J.M.


    De varroa mijtziekte (Varroa destructor) is de belangrijkste bedreiging van de Europese honingbij. Wintersterfte van honingbijen is in de meeste gevallen toe te schrijven aan deze ziekte. Deze brochure van de WUR biedt informatie over de biologie van varroa, de effecten van varroa op honingbijen en

  13. Katalogus van vakwoordeboeke

    Editorial Office


    Full Text Available Die onderstaande lys vakwoordeboeke wat vir natuurwetenskaplikes van belang sal wees, is ’n uittreksel uit die jongste Katalogus van vakwoordeboeke. Die katalogus wat deur die Nasionale Vakterminologiediens van die Departement van Nasionale Opvoeding uitgegee word, bevat ’n volledige lys van vakwoordeboeke (in die handel beskikbaar of uit druk, sowel as die pryse.

  14. Paleomagnetism of diabase dykes, pegmatitic granites and TGG gneisses in the Olkiluoto area

    Mertanen, S. (Geological Survey of Finland, Espoo (Finland))


    Paleomagnetic studies in the Olkiluoto area were carried out on two diabase dykes, on four sites of pegmatitic granites and on three sites of TGG gneisses. Remanent magnetizations in the diabase dykes are strong, and two remanence components were isolated. The other component is regarded as primary, formed during cooling of the dykes. Based on comparison to previously known Fennoscandian paleomagnetic data, the pole position of the primary component shows that the dykes are ca. 1560 Ma in age. The pole position of the poorly defined secondary component of the diabase dyke gives an age of ca. 250 Ma. Pegmatitic granites are weakly magnetized, but one pegmatitic granite site gave a rather consistent remanence direction which points to a remagnetization at ca. 1570 Ma, probably due to emplacement of the nearby rapakivi granites. The TGG gneisses do not carry any stable remanent magnetization. (orig.)

  15. Sr-Nd isotopic composition of lamprophyre dykes from Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica

    Alkali basaltic-lamprophyric dykes intrude precambrian gneisses in the Schirmacher oasis, Queen Maud land, East Antarctica. Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd isotopic data on two lamprophyre dykes are reported from the Schirmacher oasis. The lamprophyre dykes have given Rb-Sr biotite/whole rock isochron age of 439 ± 10 Ma (2σ). Large variations in εSr and εNd indicate higher degree of crustal assimilation. Higher εSr (+54 to +72) and lower εNd (-7 to -13) of these dykes also suggest that the source was contaminated by older crust. Biotite/whole rock Rb-Sr isotope data on lamprophyre dykes show that the terrain was affected by thermal event during early paleozoic which is correlated with the end of Pan-African orogeny. (author)

  16. Bivariate control chart with copula

    Lestari, Tika; Syuhada, Khreshna; Mukhaiyar, Utriweni


    Control chart is the main and powerful tool in statistical process control in order to detect and classify data, either in control or out of control. Its concept, basically, refers to the theory of prediction interval. Accordingly, in this paper, we aim at constructing of what so called predictive bivariate control charts, both classical and Copula-based ones. We argue that appropriate joint distribution function may be well estimated by employing Copula. A numerical analysis is carried out to illustrate that a Copula-based control chart outperforms than other.

  17. Multivariate Statistical Process Control Charts: An Overview

    Bersimis, Sotiris; Psarakis, Stelios; Panaretos, John


    In this paper we discuss the basic procedures for the implementation of multivariate statistical process control via control charting. Furthermore, we review multivariate extensions for all kinds of univariate control charts, such as multivariate Shewhart-type control charts, multivariate CUSUM control charts and multivariate EWMA control charts. In addition, we review unique procedures for the construction of multivariate control charts, based on multivariate statistical techniques such as p...

  18. Recirculatie van percolatiewater

    Beker D


    Er is een proef uitgevoerd naar het effect van het recirculeren van percolatiewater van een vuilstortplaats. Hierbij zijn op een stortterrein 2 proefvakken van huishoudelijk afval (hoogte 3 m) aangelegd, waarvan 1 vak, gedurende 1 jaar werd bevloeid met 2 m3/m2 percolatiewater afkomstig van een ander deel van het stortterrein. Beide velden stonden bloot aan de natuurlijke neerslag. Na circa 1 jaar bevond het "gerecirculeerde" vak zich in de methanogene fase, terwijl dit bij het ande...

  19. Ziekte van Lyme : nasleep van een tekenbeet

    Broek, P.; Takken, W.


    Dit themanummer beschrijft de Ziekte van Lyme en geeft een overzicht over de stand van kennis over deze complexe ziekte in Nederland. De lymeziekte is uniek omdat zij veroorzaakt wordt door een bacterie die een teek als tussengastheer (vector) gebruikt.

  20. Inland Electronic Navigational Charts (IENC)

    Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, Department of Defense — These Inland Electronic Navigational Charts (IENCs) were developed from available data used in maintenance of Navigation channels. Users of these IENCs should be...

  1. Charting Transnational Native American Studies

    Hsinya Huang


    Full Text Available Introduction to the Special Forum entitled "Charting Transnational Native American Studies: Aesthetics, Politics, Identity," edited by Hsinya Huang, Philip J. Deloria, Laura M. Furlan, and John Gamber

  2. Safe Minimum Internal Temperature Chart

    ... JSR 286) Actions ${title} Loading... Safe Minimum Internal Temperature Chart Safe steps in food handling, cooking, and ... from other foods. Cook —Cook to the right temperature. Chill —Refrigerate food promptly. Cook all food to ...

  3. NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Office of Coast Survey (OCS) has been involved in the development of a NOAA Electronic Navigational Chart (NOAA ENC) suite to support the marine transportation...

  4. The application aeromagnetic data for dyke swarm mapping (an example the Ladoga region, Russia)

    Vasilieva, T.; Frank-Kamenetsky, D.


    Vasilieva T.I., Frank-Kamenetsky D.A., Zayonchek A.V. The main factor of the Fennoscandian evolution in Late Proterozoic was inter- and intracratonic rifting. However, products of magmatic activity were removed by erosion. Thus, only plutonic bodies and dyke swarms allow us to reconstruct the Fennoscandian shield tectono-magmatic evolution in Late Proterozoic. The rifting processes in southeastern Fennoscandia took place in Riphean. The earlier are several massifs of rapakivi-granite accompanied by mafic dyke swarms with age about 1.64 to 1.51 Ga were formed. The Middle Riphean is characterized by rift structure forming. They are known in Russia (White Sea rift system, northern Kola, Ladoga Lake, probably, Onega Lake), Finland (Muhos, Satakunta) and central Sweden. The age of mafic magmatic complexes, corresponding with these rift systems, is 1.24 Ga (Suominen, 1991). There are at least two stages of Riphean evolution and magmatic complexes in Ladoga Lake region. They are the Salminski and Vyborg rapakivi-granites at first, Salminski volcano-sedimentary suite, Valaam sill, Hopunvaara intrusion and several dolerites dykes at second. Our detailed studies based on magnetic geophysical data. A combination of geophysical methods and GIS provided effective mapping of dyke swarms in NW Ladoga. It has shown that the Fe-enriched olivine dolerite dykes, it was described on the NW coast of Ladoga Lake, are very locally developed forming narrow zone, which runs through Sortavala town and several islands. The dykes were clearly observed, because of their extremely high magnetic susceptibility. The dykes strike toward NW corresponding to the longest axis of the graben. Chemical identity of the dykes and Salminski lavas allows considering the age of this rifting about 1.35 Ga. The other dyke complexes were being described in North-West Ladoga region. It is dykes of fresh clinopyroxene dolerites. Probably, the dykes are accompanying by rapakivi-granites. Unfortunately, very

  5. De bereikbaarheid van de Kop van Zuid

    Van Mourik, H.


    Afstudeerrapport Faculteit der Civiele Techniek, Vakgroep Infrastructuur, Sectie Verkeerskunde. In het centrum van Rotterdam bouwt men aan 15.000 arbeidsplaatsen in het "Manhattan aan de Maas", de Kop van Zuid. Is deze locatie voor voldoende personen bereikbaar? Zullen voldoende personen het collectief openbaar vervoer en het langzaam verkeer gaan gebruiken zodat voldaan wordt aan de overheidsdoelstellingen (bv. afremmen van de groei van de totale autokilometrage in Nederland en de leefbaarhe...

  6. Geochemistry of the Palitana flood basalt sequence and the Eastern Saurashtra dykes, Deccan Traps: clues to petrogenesis, dyke-flow relationships, and regional lava stratigraphy

    Sheth, Hetu C.; Zellmer, Georg F.; Kshirsagar, Pooja V.; Cucciniello, Ciro


    Recent studies of large mafic dyke swarms in the Deccan Traps flood basalt province, India, indicate that some of the correlative lava flows reached several hundred kilometers in length. Here we present field, petrographic, mineral chemical, and whole-rock geochemical (including Sr-Nd isotopic) data on the Palitana lava sequence and nearby dykes in the Saurashtra region of the northwestern Deccan Traps. These rocks are moderately evolved, many with low-Ti-Nb characteristics. We infer that most dykes are notably (and systematically) less contaminated by ancient continental crust than the Palitana flows, but four dykes are equally or significantly more contaminated, with some of the most extreme Sr-Nd isotopic compositions seen in the entire Deccan Traps (initial ɛNd is as low as -18.0). A Bhimashankar-type and a Poladpur-type dyke are present several hundred kilometers from the type section of these magma types in the Western Ghats escarpment. We find no geochemical correlations between the Palitana sequence and three subsurface sequences in NE Saurashtra containing abundant picritic rocks, surface lavas previously studied from Saurashtra, or the Western Ghats sequence. Intriguingly, the Eastern Saurashtra dykes cannot have been feeders to any of these lava sequences. Feeder dykes of these sequences may be located in southwestern or central Saurashtra, or in the Dhule-Nandurbar-Dediapada areas across the Gulf of Cambay, 200-300 km east of Palitana. Our results indicate polycentric flood basalt eruptions not only on the scale of the Deccan Traps province, but also within the Saurashtra region itself.

  7. Dyke Swarms of the Paraná Triple Junction, Southern Brazil

    José Moacyr Vianna Coutinho


    Full Text Available This work intends primarily to survey the field, mineralogical and petrographic characters of the mafic dykes which occuron a stretch of 650 km along the Southeastern coast of Brazil, between the city of São Sebastião, and the island of SantaCatarina. New chemical and geochronological data are also presented. The coastal dyke swarms are envisaged as the northernand southern arms of a plume-generated triple junction system centered on the Paraná State coast, and related to the initialopening of the South Atlantic. Mafic magma intruded as dyke swarms along three directions: N-S (the southern arm, along theParaná-Santa Catarina coast, NW-SE (Ponta Grossa arch and NE-SW (the northern arm along the São Paulo coast. Fiftytwo dykes, almost all tholeiitic diabases, were mapped and sampled along the south arm coast. The Ponta Grossa arch dykes are chiefly composed of tholeiitic diabases and lesser intrusions of andesitic to rhyolitic composition. Over 240 dykes were sampled and identified along the north arm west of São Sebastião. Lamprophyres are here abundant, followed by diabases, microdiorite porphyries and lesser amounts of trachy-andesite, carbonatite and Precambrian dykes. Special attention was given to the study of lamprophyres, their field appearance relative abundance, mineral and chemical composition, enclaves and relations to neighboring alkaline intrusions.

  8. Dyke Propagation Through a Partially Submerged Volcanic Edifice

    Tait, S.; Taisne, B.; Limare, A.; Manga, M.; Pasquet, E.


    We have studied using analogue experiments the ascent of magma through a volcanic edifice. The edifice is simulated using a cone of gelatine and the magma is an aqueous solution. The latter is injected at the base of the cone and propagates through the edifice in hydraulic fractures that represent dykes. The buoyancy of the magma with respect to the edifice is varied by adjusting salt concentration in the aqueous solution and/or sugar concentration in the gelatine. The system is axisymmetric. After the gelatin is released from its mold, it is partially submerged in a layer of water that represents the surrounding ocean. Because the gelatin is denser than water, its weight generates an axisymmetric stress field in the edifice whose amplitude depends, for a given edifice density, on the depth of the water which represents ''sea-level''. We derive the geometry and amplitude of this stress field by using birefringence in the gelatin that results from its photoelasticity. We document the geometry of the dykes as they propagate and the elevation of eruptive fissures on the edifice as a function of the dimensionless parameters governing the system. Positive buoyancy of the magma tends to favour summit eruptions and increasing weight of the edifice (lower sea-level with respect to edifice height) tends to favour flank eruptions. We compare the experimental results with a dataset from Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion Island and draw some general conclusions about expected changes in eruptive behaviour as a volcanic island grows to greater and greater altitude above sea-level.

  9. Palaeomagnetic and rock magnetic studies on the dykes of Goa, west coast of Indian Precambrian Shield

    Patil, S. K.; Rao, D. R. K.


    Detailed alternating field (AF) and thermal demagnetization techniques on 120 samples belonging to 10 dykes of the Goa region along the west coast of the Indian Precambrian Shield, have yielded characteristic remanent magnetization (ChRM) directions from 9 dykes of which 6 dykes exhibited a reverse magnetic polarity direction ( D=150°, I=44.30°, k=58, α95=5.8, N=6 dykes), while 3 dykes exhibited normal polarity D=351°, I=-50°, k=21, α95=14.9, N=3 dykes) direction. The remaining 1 dyke has shown stable direction, but with a strong overprint of the present earth field (PEF) direction, which could not be removed by either AF or thermal cleaning techniques. A Palaeomagnetic pole, computed by averaging the VGPs of 9 dykes is situated at 41.2°N 78.1°W ( N=9 dykes; A95=9.81°), which is close to that of the Deccan super pole (36.9°N, 78.8°W), suggesting that the dykes in the Goa region are related to the Deccan basaltic eruptions. Recently published 40Ar/ 39Ar dating on the normal polarity dykes of the studied area have assigned the ages as 62.8±0.2 Ma. These results demonstrate that the Deccan magnetism continued to affect western India for at least 1-2 Ma after the peak Deccan eruption during the K- T boundary. On the basis of published geological and geochemical information along with our Palaeomagnetic results, these intrusive bodies could be attributed as the feeders for the uppermost formations of Wai subgroup of the Western Ghat Deccan basalts, or to the major geodynamic events such as the opening of the Arabian Sea and the rifting of the Seychelles-Mascarene oceanic plateau, which occurred soon after the cessation of the Deccan volcanism. Rock magnetic experiments such as the Lowrie-Fuller test along with low-temperature magnetic susceptibility and isothermal remanent magnetization (IRM) measurements have identified single domain (SD) type titano-magnetite as the major characteristic remanent magnetization carrying magnetic mineral in the dyke samples.

  10. Neurotoxische effecten van broomcyclohexaan

    Velsen; F.L.van; Danse; L.H.J.C.; Vries;; Liefde;


    Kortdurende toediening (4-7 dagen) van broomcyclohexaan (BCH) veroorzaakt in een dosering van 1200 mg/kg lichaamsgewicht (per maagsonde) necrose van gegranuleerde cellen in de korrellaag van de kleine hersenen. In deze doseringen zijn ook gedragsafwijkingen waargenomen d.m.v. een objectieve gea

  11. Fuzzy multinomial control chart and its application

    Wibawati, Mashuri, Muhammad; Purhadi, Irhamah


    Control chart is a technique that has been used widely in industry and services. P chart is the simplest control chart. In this chart, item is classified into two categories as either conforming and non conforming. This chart based on binomial distribution. In practice, each item can classify in more than two categories such as very bad, bad, good and very good. Then to monitor the process we used multinomial p control chart. However, if the classification is an element of vagueness, the fuzzy multinomial control chart (FM) is more appropriately used. Control limit of FM chart obtained multinomial distribution and the degree of membership using fuzzy trianguler are 0, 0.25. 0.5 and 1. This chart will be applied to the data glass and will compare with multinomial p control chart.

  12. Die wysgerige konsepsie van Thomas van Aquino

    Thomas Van Aquino


    Full Text Available Samevattend is tot dusver die volgende aangetoon: Die werklikheid vertoon volgens Thomas 'n hierargiese struktuur. Daar is verskillende grade van syn. God is die hoogste, die volheid van syn, en by die laere synsniveaus is daar steeds 'n verdere verwydering van hierdie synsvolmaaktheid in die rigting van absolute afwesigheid van syn. Hierdie synshiërargie is volgens die vorm-materieskema opgebou. Die materie in die hoëre synslaag word vorm vir die laere, of omgekeerd: die vorm van die laere is die materie vir die hoëre dinge. God is absoluut suiwer vorm of wet (essensie. Die vorme van die dinge is die goddelike wet (genoem exemplar, similitudo, ratio, verbum of imago wat deur God daarin geskape is. God druk op dié wyse sy gelykenis op wyse uit. Sy absolute volmaaktheid kan alleen tot uitdrukking gebring word deur 'n veelheid en verskeidenheid van geskape dinge. God word deur Thomas die causa effiaiens en exemplaris genoem. Die verhouding tussen Skepper en geskape werklikheid is dus dié van oorsaak en gevolg. As gevolg van sy wetsidee word daar deur Thomas dus nie duidelik tussen Skepper en skepping onderskei nie, want skepping beteken volgens hom onder andere dat God iets goddeliks (die wet in die dinge lê. Via die goddelike wet in die dinge ingeskape, is daar 'n sekere kontinuiteit tussen God en kosmos.

  13. EWMA Chart and Measurement Error

    Maravelakis, Petros; Panaretos, John; Psarakis, Stelios


    Measurement error is a usually met distortion factor in real-world applications that influences the outcome of a process. In this paper, we examine the effect of measurement error on the ability of the EWMA control chart to detect out-of-control situations. The model used is the one involving linear covariates. We investigate the ability of the EWMA chart in the case of a shift in mean. The effect of taking multiple measurements on each sampled unit and the case of linearly increasing varianc...

  14. Tectonic setting of the Great Dyke, Chembadzi, Chewore and Atchiza layered complexes in Zimbabwe and Mozambique

    The Great Dyke of Zimbabwe is one of the largest ultramafic-mafic layered igneous complexexs in the world. Because of the economic importance of large layered intrusions like the Great Dyke, their tectonic setting is of great interest. The Chembadzi complex is a 14 km long, dyke-like layered intrusion up to 800m wide. The Chewore complex, which was thought to have the structure of an irregular lopolith, outcrops over an area of about 200 km in horst blocks in the lower Zambezi Valley in northern Zimbabwe. The Atchiza complex is situated just north of the Cahora Bassa lake and the Zambezi River valley in Mozambique. In considering the tectonic setting of the Great Dyke and its correlatives, most attention has been focussed on events in the Limpopo Mobile Belt, which were responsible for producing the fractures in the Zimbabwe craton that is occupied by the intrusives. 39 refs

  15. A Geochemical Investigation of the Early Cretaceous Ultrapotassic Dykes in the Raniganj Coalfields in Damodar Valley, India

    Jude, T. A.


    The early Cretaceous ultrapotassic dyke rocks intruding the Permocarboniferous coal bearing Gondwana sediments of the Eastern Damodar Valley, Singhbum craton, are known for their petrographic and geochemical diversity. They remain a 'Pandora's box of petrological confusion' with a variety of exotic, and potentially diamondiferous, rocks such as lamprophyre, lamproite, orangeite and kimberlite being continuously reported from them for over one century or more. Intra-plate volcanism of this type discloses hidden information about the interior of the Earth. Samples from two dykes intruding Raniganj coalfield is studied here. The samples from Dyke1 are characterized by fine grained texture and phlogopite+apatite+K-feldspar+rutile+ankerite+dolomite+ chromite+chlorite+quartz assemblage while the samples from Dyke2 are characterized by coarse grained texture and phlogopite+ pseudomorphosed-olivine+apatite+ clinopyroxene +dolomite+ankerite+calcite+norsethite+talc+rutile+quartz+Ca-Mg-Fe-Zr silicate+K-feldspar+monazite+ perovskite assemblage. Based on the TiO2-Al2O3-FeO trends observed in phlogopites, the dykes seem to be a lamproite-orangeite transitional variety. The phlogopites observed in Dyke2 show two stages of crystallization defined by Ti-poor overgrowths on Ti-rich cores indicating that Dyke2 consolidated from a melt that fractionated from a magma which was initially emplaced at a different depth while the Dyke 1 phlogopites do not show any such sudden drop in Ti concentration in their rims indicating single stage crystallization. Ti-in-Quartz Thermometry yields temperatures between 769°C to 1115°C for Dyke1 and 779°C to 1019°C for Dyke2 which must corresponds to the emplacement and crystallization of these dykes. Trace element and isotopic ratios can be used to constrain particular mantle source characteristics of the dykes. Rb-Sr method can be used to determine the emplacement ages of these dykes.

  16. Mafic dykes at the southwestern margin of Eastern Ghats belt: Evidence of rifting and collision

    S Bhattacharya; A K Chaudhary; W Teixeira


    The southwestern margin of the Eastern Ghats Belt characteristically exposes ma fic dykes intruding massif-type charnockites. Dykes of olivine basalt of alkaline composition have characteristic trace element signatures comparable with Ocean Island Basalt (OIB). Most importantly strong positive Nb anomaly and low values of Zr/Nb ratio are consistent with OIB source of the mafic dykes. K –Ar isotopic data indicate two cooling ages at 740 and 530 Ma. The Pan-African thermal event could be related to reactivation of major shear zones and represented by leuco-granite vein along minor shear bands. And 740 Ma cooling age may indicate the low grade metamorphic imprints, noted in some of the dykes. Although no intrusion age could be determined from the present dataset, it could be constrained by some age data of the host charnockite gneiss and Alkaline rocks of the adjacent Prakasam Province. Assuming an intrusion age of ∼1 .3 Ga, Sr –Nd isotopic composition of the dykes indicate that they preserved time-integrated LREE enrichment. In view of the chemical signatures of OIB source, the ma fic dykes could as well be related to continental rifting, around 1.3 Ga, which may have been initiated by intra-plate volcanism.

  17. Triggered earthquakes suppressed by an evolving stress shadow from a propagating dyke

    Green, Robert G.; Greenfield, Tim; White, Robert S.


    Large earthquakes can generate small changes in static stress: increases that trigger aftershock swarms, or reductions that create a region of reduced seismicity--a stress shadow. However, seismic waves from large earthquakes also cause transient dynamic stresses that may trigger seismicity. This makes it difficult to separate the relative influence of static and dynamic stress changes on aftershocks. Dyke intrusions do not generate dynamic stresses, so provide an unambiguous test of the stress shadow hypothesis. Here we use GPS and seismic data to reconstruct the intrusion of an igneous dyke that is 46 km long and 5 m wide beneath Bárðarbunga Volcano, central Iceland, in August 2014. We find that during dyke emplacement, bursts of seismicity at a distance of 5 to 15 km were first triggered and then abruptly switched off as the dyke tip propagated away from the volcano. We calculate the evolving static stress changes during dyke propagation and show that the stressing rate controls both the triggering and then suppression of earthquake rates in three separate areas adjacent to the dyke. Our results imply that static stress changes help control earthquake clustering. Similar small static stress changes may be important for triggering seismicity near geothermal areas, regions being hydrofractured and deflating oil and gas fields.

  18. Mangrove forest against dyke-break-induced tsunami on rapidly subsiding coasts

    Takagi, Hiroshi; Mikami, Takahito; Fujii, Daisuke; Esteban, Miguel; Kurobe, Shota


    Thin coastal dykes typically found in developing countries may suddenly collapse due to rapid land subsidence, material ageing, sea-level rise, high wave attack, earthquakes, landslides, or a collision with vessels. Such a failure could trigger dam-break tsunami-type flooding, or "dyke-break-induced tsunami", a possibility which has so far been overlooked in the field of coastal disaster science and management. To analyse the potential consequences of one such flooding event caused by a dyke failure, a hydrodynamic model was constructed based on the authors' field surveys of a vulnerable coastal location in Jakarta, Indonesia. In a 2 m land subsidence scenario - which is expected to take place in the study area after only about 10-20 years - the model results show that the floodwaters rapidly rise to a height of nearly 3 m, resembling the flooding pattern of earthquake-induced tsunamis. The depth-velocity product criterion suggests that many of the narrow pedestrian paths behind the dyke could experience strong flows, which are far greater than the safe limits that would allow pedestrian evacuation. A couple of alternative scenarios were also considered to investigate how such flood impacts could be mitigated by creating a mangrove belt in front of the dyke as an additional safety measure. The dyke-break-induced tsunamis, which in many areas are far more likely than regular earthquake tsunamis, cannot be overlooked and thus should be considered in disaster management and urban planning along the coasts of many developing countries.

  19. AMDIS and CHART update. 1

    Murakami, I.; Kato, T. [National Inst. for Fusion Science, Toki, Gifu (Japan); Igarashi, A. [Miyazaki Univ., Miyazaki (JP)] [and others


    A working group for updating atomic and molecular collision data in the NIFS database AMDIS (electron scattering) and CHART (ion scattering) has been organized. This group has searched and reviewed literatures for collecting relevant atomic data with are to be included into the database. This is a summary report of the activities of this working group. (author)

  20. AMDIS and CHART update. 1

    A working group for updating atomic and molecular collision data in the NIFS database AMDIS (electron scattering) and CHART (ion scattering) has been organized. This group has searched and reviewed literatures for collecting relevant atomic data with are to be included into the database. This is a summary report of the activities of this working group. (author)

  1. Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome (cerebral hemiatrophy: Radiological findings

    Yaşar Bükte


    Full Text Available Objective: The aim of this study was to present cross- sectional cranial imaging findings of cases with Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome (DDMS. Methods: The findings of 16 cases in whom unilateral cerebral hemispheric atrophy was detected at computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance imaging were retrospectively evaluated. The cases consisted of 8 females and 8 males, the ages ranged between 5 and 53 (mean:24. Six of the cases were children and 10 were males. Five of the patients had CT and 13 had MRI scan. The images were retrospectively evaluated and cerebral parenchymal findings and compensatory cranial findings were noted. Results: All cases had unilateral cerebral hemispheric atrophy, ipsilateral cortical sulcal and lateral ventricular dilatation. Together with hemispheric atrophy ipsilateral atrophy of corpus callosum in 6 cases (37.5%, ipsilateral thalamic atrophy in 13 cases (81%, ipsilateral parahippocampal atrophy in 8 cases (50%, ipsilateral cerebral pedincular atrophy in 7 cases (44% and ipsilateral pontine atrophy in 3 cases (19% were detected. Gliotic signal changes were observed in 13 cases (81%. Of compensatory findings, unilateral calvarial thickening was focal in 4 cases (25%, and diffuse in 12 cases (75%. There was expansion in ipsilateral half of frontal sinus in 15 cases (94% and expansion in temporal bone aeration in 5 cases (31%. Conclusion: DDMS is a syndrome presenting with findings of cerebral hemiatrophy and calvarial hypertrophy. Cross-sectional radiological imaging findings may be variable among cases.

  2. Bibliografie van de geschiedenis van de Nederlandse tuinarchitectuur 2000

    Dijkstra, A.; Missel, L.


    Deze bibliografie is een selectie van publicaties over de geschiedenis van tuinen, parken, buitenplaatsen, begraafplaatsen en groenvoorzieningen. Deze titels vormen een onderdeel van een bestand TUINPAD van ruim 2200 titels, die via internet te raadplegen zijn

  3. Seepage investigation by using Isotope and Geophysical Techniques in Gumti Flood Embankment/Dyke, Comilla

    Gumti Flood Control Embankment/Dyke is vital for irrigation water supply and flood control. Water seepage/leakage and slope failures are the major issues in Gumti earthen dyke. The distinct seepage and slope failure zone were observed at three places (Farizpur, Kathalia and Ebdarpur) along the countryside of left dyke. The isotopic technique has been integrated in the conventional hydrologic investigations. The isotope methodology works essentially by developing a characteristics pattern of the isotopic composition to identify the sources and flow dynamics of seeping/leaking in the dykes. Two sampling campaigns were conducted; one was on October, 2002 and the other was on July, 2003; near the seepage/leakage site for chemical analysis and stable isotopic analysis (''2H and ''18O). Both samplings were done after recession of peak water level in the Gumti river. Interpretation of the hydrochemical data implies that the groundwater near the investigated seepage zones is Na-Ca-HCO3 type and the river water is Ca-Mg-HCO3 type. The chlorides content of both groundwater and river water are found mostly similar, indicating mixing between the two water system. The stable isotopes (''2H and ''18O) of groundwater fall on the Meteoric Water Line, ranging the oxygen-18 values from -4.98 to -5.46 per mil and deuterium values from -30.0 to -33.6 per mil. It indicates the recharge from the river water during peak water level in the river Gumti. On the other hand, the stable isotopes of the Gumti river show some evaporation effect, which might have occurred due to stagnation of flowing water in the river. The oxygen-18 and deuterium values for river water range from -3.61 to -4.43 per mil and from -22.30 to -28.48 per mil respectively. These isotope results reflect the hydraulic connectivity between the river water and groundwater through the base of dyke. The earth imaging resistivity survey was carried out in the dry period along the four above mentioned areas of the Gumti dyke

  4. Magnetic and plagioclase fabrics in Early Cretaceous mafic dykes from Namibia

    Wiegand, M.; Greiling, R. O.; Kontny, A. M.; Trumbull, R. B.


    Mafic dyke swarms are major components of the South Atlantic Large Igneous Province, which originated during the Cretaceous break up of Africa and South America. We present data from the major Henties Bay-Outjo dyke swarm (HOD) in coastal and inland NW Namibia where dykes have been emplaced into the Neoproterozoic Damara mobile belt. Most of the dykes strike at a high angle to the coast (NE-SW), but minor proportions are coast-parallel (NNW-SSE), N-S or NNE-SSW. Depending on dyke thickness (ca. 0.1 m to >100 m), the rocks are variably fine- to medium grained with chilled margins. With few exceptions the dyke compositions are tholeiitic basalt to basaltic andesite. Main minerals are plagioclase, clinopyroxene, olivine, Fe-Ti oxides, and accessory apatite and sulphides. For the magnetic study, we investigated 1140 standard cylinders from 41 dykes. The samples were studied microscopically and the following magnetic properties were determined: bulk susceptibility, anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (P'), field dependence, hysteresis, Natural Remanent Magnetization (NRM) and Anisotropy of Anhysteretic Remanent Magnetization (AARM). Magnetic susceptibilities vary between 0.16 and 151*10-3 SI units. Microscopic studies and measurements of the temperature-dependent susceptibility identify magnetite and titanomagnetite as the dominant magnetic minerals. Hysteresis loops show that the magnetic domain states of titanomagnetite are pseudo-single or a mixture of single and multi-domain. Anisotropy is mostly low, with P' values between 1.01 and 1.15. Rare values of up to 1.33 reflect a strong magmatic flow fabric. The shapes of the AMS ellipsoids range from prolate to neutral and oblate. Two main fabric types (normal and inverse) can be recognized. We used the normal fabric type samples to interpret magmatic flow fabrics and attribute steep magnetic lineations of normal fabrics to vertical magma flow and shallow magnetic lineations to horizontal flow along the dyke planes. In

  5. Sedimentary dykes in the Oskarshamn-Vaestervik area. A study of the mechanism of formation

    This study of the sedimentary dykes from the Oskarshamn-Vaestervik area, near Aespoe and surrounding region, is aimed at understanding the mechanism of their formation. In particular it is important to establish whether or not they formed by the injection of high pressure fluidized sediments and if so what the likely effect of any future over pressured sediments will be on the stability of the fracture network in the basement rocks at Aespoe. This report is made up of a review of the literature on sedimentary dykes, a discussion of the various mechanical models for hydraulic fracturing and a description of the field and laboratory study carried out on the sedimentary dykes. The literature review indicates a remarkable consensus on the mode of formation of these structures based on their fabric (particularly layering generated in part by variation in clast size) and the composition of the infilling material. Two modes of origin have been recognised. These are the passive infilling of dykes where the dyke material has entered an open fracture under the influence of gravity, and active, i.e. forceful injection of a fluidized sediment under high pressure into a pre-existing fracture or into a fracture generated by the high pressure fluid. The discussion of the theory of fluid induced fracturing leads to the recognition of three systems which are the two end members and an intermediate form of a complete spectrum of materials ranging from unconsolidated and incohesive sediments, through cemented but porous rocks to crystalline rocks with no intrinsic porosity and whose only porosity relates to that imparted by the fracture network that the rock contains. The theory best suited to analyses this latter system is one based on fracture mechanics and is known as the theory of external hydraulic fracturing. From the point of view of the sedimentary dykes in the study area around the Aespoe Hard Rock Laboratory, where the dykes occur in the fractured granitic basement, this is

  6. Sedimentary dykes in the Oskarshamn-Vaestervik area. A study of the mechanism of formation

    Roeshoff, Kennert [BBK AB, Solna (Sweden); Cosgrove, John [Imperial College, London (United Kingdom). Dept. of Earth Sciences and Engineering


    This study of the sedimentary dykes from the Oskarshamn-Vaestervik area, near Aespoe and surrounding region, is aimed at understanding the mechanism of their formation. In particular it is important to establish whether or not they formed by the injection of high pressure fluidized sediments and if so what the likely effect of any future over pressured sediments will be on the stability of the fracture network in the basement rocks at Aespoe. This report is made up of a review of the literature on sedimentary dykes, a discussion of the various mechanical models for hydraulic fracturing and a description of the field and laboratory study carried out on the sedimentary dykes. The literature review indicates a remarkable consensus on the mode of formation of these structures based on their fabric (particularly layering generated in part by variation in clast size) and the composition of the infilling material. Two modes of origin have been recognised. These are the passive infilling of dykes where the dyke material has entered an open fracture under the influence of gravity, and active, i.e. forceful injection of a fluidized sediment under high pressure into a pre-existing fracture or into a fracture generated by the high pressure fluid. The discussion of the theory of fluid induced fracturing leads to the recognition of three systems which are the two end members and an intermediate form of a complete spectrum of materials ranging from unconsolidated and incohesive sediments, through cemented but porous rocks to crystalline rocks with no intrinsic porosity and whose only porosity relates to that imparted by the fracture network that the rock contains. The theory best suited to analyses this latter system is one based on fracture mechanics and is known as the theory of external hydraulic fracturing. From the point of view of the sedimentary dykes in the study area around the Aespoe Hard Rock Laboratory, where the dykes occur in the fractured granitic basement, this is

  7. Progress in the technology of nautical charting

    Joseph, A.

    surveying; chart projection schemes; the role of radio and satellite-based position-fixing systems; the technology of the modern electronic nautical charts; and applications of computers in modern navigation. The article also peeps into possible future...

  8. NOAA Seamless Raster Navigational Charts (RNC)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The NOAA Seamless Raster Chart Server provides a seamless collarless mosaic of the NOAA Raster Navigational Charts (RNC). The RNC are a collection of approximately...

  9. Are estimated control charts in control?

    Albers, W.; Kallenberg, W.C.M.


    Standard control chart practice assumes normality and uses estimated parameters. Because of the extreme quantiles involved, large relative errors result. Here simple corrections are derived to bring such estimated charts under control. As a criterion, suitable exceedance probabilities are used.

  10. Het goederenrechtelijk statuut van schuldvorderingen

    Lebon, Caroline


    INHOUDSTAFEL I LIJST VAN GEBRUIKTE AFKORTINGEN EN CITEERWIJZEN XVII INLEIDING 1 Hoofdstuk 1. Verantwoording van het onderzoek 1 Hoofdstuk 2. Situering en afbakening van het onderzoek 4 Afdeling 1. Situering van het onderzoek 4 Onderafdeling 1. Omschrijving van het begrip “schuldvordering” 4 Onderafdeling 2. Meervoudige gelaagdheid van schuldvorderingen 5 Afdeling 3. Afbakening van het onderzoek: goederenrechtelijk statuut van geldvorderingen op naam 8 Hoofdstuk ...

  11. Handelsstromen van pluimveevlees

    Tacken, G.M.L.; Horne, van P.L.M.


    Dit onderzoek geeft inzicht in de goederenstromen van (rauw) pluimveevlees binnen en vooral naar Nederland en de daarmee gepaard gaande zoönoserisico's. Het onderzoek biedt input voor het nog op te zetten controlebeleid, waarmee handhaving van het beleidsvoornemen om het aanbieden van rauw pluimveev

  12. Bewaring van zetmeelaardappelrassen

    Wijnholds, K.H.


    Naast resistentie tegen aardappelmoeheid en wratziekte zijn meerdere factoren van belang om op perceelsniveau een verantwoorde rassenkeuze te maken. Met name bewaarbaarheid wordt voor de teler van steeds groter belang. In opdracht van de Stichting Interprovinciaal Onderzoek (SIO) is daarom onderzoek

  13. Netwerken leren van leergeschiedenissen

    Zaalmink, B.W.


    Het onderzoekprogramma Netwerken in de Veehouderij ging in 2004 van start zonder concrete einddoelen. Het programma moest echter wel aan van alles bijdragen: aan ‘kennis op de plank’ toepasbaar maken, aan robuuste veehouders, aan het stimuleren van nieuwe kennisarrangementen en zelfs aan systeeminno

  14. Geochemistry of Late Mesozoic mafic dykes in western Fujian Province of China:Sr-Nd isotope and trace element constraints


    The Bancun diabase dyke and the Bali hornblende gabbro dyke in western Fuiian Province were emplaced in the Early and Late Cretaceous periods,respectively;the former is designated to calc-alkaline series and the latter to K-high-calc-alkaline rock series.Both the dykes are characterized by such geochemical characteristics as high Al and Na2O>K2O.As for the Bancun dyke,A12O3=16.32%-17.54%and K2O/Na2O=0.65-0.77;as for the Bali dyke,A12O3=16.89%-17.81%and K2O,Na2O=O.93-O.99.Both the Bancun and Bali mafic dykes are relatively endched in LILE and LREE,but depleted in HSFE, displaying the geochemical characteristics of continental marginal arc,with high initial Sr isotopic ratios and low εNd values,The (87Sr/86Sr)i ratios of the Bancun diabase dyke are within the range of 0.708556-0.70903 and their εNd(t)values vary between-6.8 and-6.3;those of the Bali hornblende dyke are within the range of 0.708556-0.710746 and their εNd(t) values are -4.7--4.7,showing the characteristics of enriched mantle EM Ⅱ.The isotope and trace element data showed that the mafic dykes have not experienced obvious crustal contamination,and metasomatism caused by subduction fluids is the main factor leading to LILE and UREE enrichments.The enriched mantle is the source region for the mafic dykes,and mixing of subduction fluid metasomatized enriched mantle and EM Ⅱ-type mantle constituted the mantle source region of both the Bancun and Bali mafic dykes.Upwelling of the asthenosphere mantle provided sufficient heat energy for the generation of magmas.In accordance with the discrimination diagram of their tectonic settings as well as their trace element geochemical characteristics,it is considered that the dykes both at Bancun and Bali possess the characteristics of continental marginal arc,revealing the tectonic environment of formation of the mafic dykes,the continental dynamic background as an intraplate tensional belt in which the mafic dykes were emplaced.Meanwhile,it is also indicated

  15. Paleomagnetism, U-Pb geochronology, and geochemistry of Marathon dykes, Superior Province, and comparison with the Fort Frances swarm

    We report the first detailed study of the paleomagnetism, U - Pb geochronology and major element geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic north-trending Marathon dykes north of Lake Superior. The paleomagnetic and geochemical results demonstrate that Marathon dykes can be divided into two subsets, one of normal magnetic polarity, the other of reverse polarity. Normal and reverse Marathon paleomagnetic poles, at 43oN, 196oE (dm = 9o, dp = 7o, number of dykes N = 16) and 51oN, 175oE (dm = 9o, dp = 6o, N 12), respectively, are statistically distinct and may indicate different ages of normal and reverse dyke emplacement. A U-Pb baddeleyite age of 2121-7+14 Ma has been obtained at a normally magnetized Marathon paleomagnetic site. The reversely magnetized Marathon dykes are undated, but have a paleopole rather close to that of the reversely magnetized 2076-4+5 Ma Fort Frances dykes and major element geochemical signatures as portrayed on Jensen plots that are identical to those of the Fort Frances swarm. Therefore, reverse Marathon and Fort Frances dykes could define a giant radiating dyke swarm focused south of Lake Superior, supporting models that associate these dykes with Paleoproterozoic rifting along the southern margin of the Superior Province. The Marathon and Fort Frances paleopoles continue a northwesterly trend in southern Superior Province paleopoles, which has recently been defined by results for 2216-4+8 Ma Senneterre dykes and 2167 ± 2 Ma Biscotasing dykes. This trend contrasts with previous widely used polar wander paths for the same period that young in the opposite direction and illustrates the importance of collaborative studies of paleomagnetism and U - Pb geochronology. (author). 36 refs., 4 tabs., 10 figs

  16. Continuity Adjustment for Control Charts for Attributes

    L.K. Chan; T.K. Mak; B. Tao


    A unified approach is proposed for making a continuity adjustment on some control charts for attributes, e.g., np-chart and c-chart, through adding a uniform (0, 1) random observation to the conventional sample statistic (e.g., npi and ci). The adjusted sample statistic then has a continuous distribution. Consequently, given any Type I risk α (the probability that the sample statistic is on or beyond the control limits),control charts achieving the exact value of α can be readily constructed. Guidelines are given for when to use the continuity adjustment control chart, the conventional Shewhart control chart (with ±3 standard deviations control limits), and the control chart based on the exact distribution of the sample statistic before adjustment.

  17. Groen van toen: van buitenplaats tot schooltuin

    Oldenburger-Ebbers, C.S.; Karssen, J.


    Grote technische ontwikkelingen en toenemende welvaart hebben in de loop der eeuwen de natuur dichter bij de mens gebracht. In deze tentoonstelling staat de gebruiker van het door de mens geschapen groen centraal. Rond drie thema’s: particulier groen, wandelen in openbaar groen en wonen in het groen, wordt de bezoeker meegenomen langs tuinen van adel en burgerij, door openbare parken, dierentuinen en schooltuinen en tenslotte door tuinsteden, villaparken en arbeiders-woonwijken. De tentoonste...

  18. Experiment and Simulation of Turbulent Flow in Local Scour around a Spur Dyke

    Hao ZHANG; Hajime NAKAGAWA; Kenji KAWAIKE; Yasuyuki BABA


    The turbulent flow in the local scour hole around a single non-submerged spur dyke is investigated with both experimental and numerical methods.The experiments are conducted under clear-water scour regime with an impermeable spur dyke.The scour geometry and flow velocities are measured in details with a high-resolution laser displacement meter,electro-magnetic velocimetries and PIV (Particle image velocimetry).A 3D non-linear κ-ε model is developed to simulate the complex local flow field around the scour area.The numerical model is formulated using FVM (Finite volume method) on a collocated unstructured mesh,capable of resolving complex geometries and boundaries.It is found that the simulation results are reasonably consistent with those of the experimental measurements.Based on the study results,the nature of the flow structrue around a spur dyke with local scour hole is analyzed.

  19. Granitic pluton inner structural activities partition and its concomitant dykes mass activities of northern Guangdong province

    The granite mass inner structural activities distributed with agminate and the high frequency of directions and phases, in northern Guangdong province. The granite mass inner uranous mineralization are manipulatived with structure. Based on the geological characteristics of the Zhuguang and Guidong granite mass, interrelated information of numerous uranium field,and isotope ages, the text mark off ternary phases about the granite mass inner structural activities--the anterior, corresponding and posterior period of neutral-basic dykes activities. And go with these structural activities, it came into being activities about multi-phases dykess mass. The uranium ore brought at the volitant date of dykes and silicic dykesal mass, after the appearance of neutral-basic dykes. (authors)

  20. Incorporating Judgement in Fan Charts

    Österholm, Pär


    Within a decision-making group, such as the monetary-policy committee of a central bank,group members often hold differing views about the future of key economic variables. Such differences of opinion can be thought of as reflecting differing sets of judgement. This paper suggests modelling each agent’s judgement as one scenario in a macroeconomic model. Each judgement set has a specific dynamic impact on the system, and accordingly, a particular predictive density – or fan chart – associated...

  1. Rift magmatism on the Eurasia basin margin: U–Pb baddeleyite ages of alkaline dyke swarms in North Greenland

    Thórarinsson, Sigurjón B.; Söderlund, Ulf; Døssing, Arne; Holm, Paul M.; Ernst, Richard E.; Tegner, Christian


    The opening of the Arctic Ocean involved multiple stages of continental rifting and intrusion of extensive dyke swarms. To trace tectonomagmatic processes of the High Arctic, we present the first U–Pb ages for alkaline dyke swarms of North Greenland. Concordia ages of 80.8 ± 0.6 and 82.1 ± 1.5 Ma...

  2. Immiscible silicate-carbonate liquids as evidenced from ocellar diabase dykes, southeast Sinai

    Bogoch, R.; Magaritz, M.


    Diabase dykes containing spherical patches of carbonate intrude the Tarr albitite complex of SE Sinai. The morphology of these dykes indicates a highly gas-charged magma. Petrographic evidence points toward equilibrium during cooling of immiscible carbonate ocelli and silicate matrix. Dolomite is the main component of these ocelli, which are geochemically and isotopically similar to carbonatite. However, the low total REE content, and the presence of considerable marble in the country rock, suggest a process of stoping and melting of carbonate, followed by the “in situ” development of silicate-carbonate immiscibility.

  3. Verdeling van oxytetraxycline (afkomstig van versleping) in diervoeders

    Stolker, A.A.M.; Zuidema, T.; Egmond, van H.J.; Jong, de J.; Haelermans, P.J.M.; Hooglugt, J.H.


    De laatste jaren is er een toenemende aandacht voor de mogelijke bijdrage van therapeutisch gebruik van antibiotica in de dierhouderij op de ontwikkeling van antimicrobiële resistentie. Een additionele bron van blootstelling van landbouwhuisdieren aan antibiotica is versleping via diervoeders. In pr

  4. Pearl A Probabilistic Chart Parser

    Magerman, D M; Magerman, David M.; Marcus, Mitchell P.


    This paper describes a natural language parsing algorithm for unrestricted text which uses a probability-based scoring function to select the "best" parse of a sentence. The parser, Pearl, is a time-asynchronous bottom-up chart parser with Earley-type top-down prediction which pursues the highest-scoring theory in the chart, where the score of a theory represents the extent to which the context of the sentence predicts that interpretation. This parser differs from previous attempts at stochastic parsers in that it uses a richer form of conditional probabilities based on context to predict likelihood. Pearl also provides a framework for incorporating the results of previous work in part-of-speech assignment, unknown word models, and other probabilistic models of linguistic features into one parsing tool, interleaving these techniques instead of using the traditional pipeline architecture. In preliminary tests, Pearl has been successful at resolving part-of-speech and word (in speech processing) ambiguity, dete...

  5. Voorbereiding van de (verdere) automatisering van de uitslagverwerking van de PKU/CHT screening

    Loeber JG


    Een werkgroep bestaande uit vertegenwoordigers van de entadministraties en de PKU- en CHT-laboratoria, gesteund door enkele automatiseringsdeskundigen, heeft een model uitgewerkt voor de automatisering van de administratie van de PKU- en CHT-screening bij pasgeborenen. De voordelen zijn 1. de tijdswinst in de rapportage van de analyse uitslagen, 2. een vermindering van de kans op administratieve fouten en 3. vereenvoudigde bewaking van de "kwaliteit" van zowel het analystische als h...

  6. Bepaling van economische effecten van droogte voor de landbouwland; Baten van maatregelen om effecten te verminderen

    Reinhard, A.J.; Polman, N.B.P.; Helming, J.F.M.; Michels, R.


    Om de kosten en de baten te bepalen van maatregelen, die de gevolgen van droogte door klimaatverandering verminderen, zijn in opdracht van het deelprogramma Zoetwater (DPZW) van het deltaprogramma maatschappelijke kosten-batenanalyses (MKBA) uitgevoerd (onder andere Stratelligence, 2014). Op basis van deze analyses is uit de kansrijke maatregelen een voorkeursstrategie geselecteerd. De landbouw is een grote gebruiker van water, vandaar dat de kosten en baten van maatregelen voor deze sector e...

  7. Idola van de crossmedia

    Vliet, H.M.M. (Harry) van; Twisk, Job; Winkel, Kees; Fröling, Hans; Bakker, Geeske; Hekman, Erik


    De uitingen van de crossmedia dringen zich steeds nadrukkelijker aan ons op. Een toenemend aantal crossmedia diensten en producten doet een beroep op onze aandacht en financiën: van interactieve televisieprogramma’s op websites, tot themakanalen op mobiele apparaten, fysieke bijeenkomsten van online communities, en virtuele werelden waarin wordt gehandeld, gestolen en waarin je echte schulden kan maken. Oude en nieuwe media vinden elkaar in IPTV en podcasts. Traditionele spelers worden links ...

  8. Dag van de mensenrechten

    Verhofstadt, Dirk


    67 jaar geleden, op 10 december 1948, werd de Universele Verklaring van de Rechten van de Mens quasi unaniem goedgekeurd. Wel waren er onthoudingen van onder meer Rusland, Saoedi-Arabië en Zuid Afrika. De goedkeuring van de UVRM betekende een mijlpaal in de menselijke geschiedenis en dit om drie redenen. In de eerste plaats betrof het een zuiver seculiere tekst, dus zonder verwijzing naar een god. Het toonde aan dat men geen bovennatuurlijke kracht nodig had om te komen tot moreel hoogstaande...

  9. Ringrotbestrijding met behulp van ozon

    Wolf, van der J.M.; Bergervoet, J.H.W.; Kastelein, P.; Zouwen, van der P.S.


    Door het kistenreinigingsbedrijf van Frans Renne wordt een nieuwe kistenreinigingsmachine ontwikkeld. De methode is gebaseerd op ontsmetting met Ozon van recirculerend spoelwater en van kisten. In dit rapport wordt verslag gedaan van laboratorium-onderzoek naar het effect van ozon op ringrotbacterie

  10. De auteursrechtelijke groeipijnen van Google

    P.B. Hugenholtz


    Het succesverhaal van Google behoort tot de canon van de geschiedenis van onze informatiemaatschappij. In 1998 begonnen in een studentenkamer op de campus van Stanford University, groeide Google in enkele jaren uit tot het orakel van het internet. Zo werd ‘googelen’ de gebruikelijke term voor zoeken

  11. Karakterisering van het Etimologiewoordeboek van Afrikaans (EWA

    Fons Moerdijk


    Full Text Available

    Samenvatting: Zesendertig jaar na Afrikaanse etimologieë van Boshoff en Nienaber verscheener in 2003 een nieuw etymologisch woordenboek van het Afrikaans: het Etimologiewoordeboek vanAfrikaans (EWA. Tussen die twee woordenboeken bestaat een wezenlijk verschil. Het werk vanBoshoff en Nienaber is vrijwel alleen toegankelijk voor specialisten en niet specifiek bedoeld vooreen breed publiek. EWA is juist allereerst bestemd voor de leek die zich interesseert voor de oorsprongen de geschiedenis van de eigen taal. Daarnaast biedt het ook de etymoloog en historischtaalkundige een hoop gegevens en inspiratie voor nader onderzoek. Als etymologisch woordenboekbezit EWA een aantal bijzondere, eigen kenmerken. De selectie van de woorden is bepaalddoor het beoogde gebruikerspubliek. Als gevolg daarvan bevat EWA verscheidene typen woordendie in traditionele etymologische woordenboeken doorgaans veronachtzaamd worden, zoals afleidingen,samenstellingen, neologismen en gemeenzame spreektaalwoorden. De artikelstructuurwordt gekenmerkt door een hoge graad van uniformiteit en consistentie. Het accent ligt op dezogenaamde etymologia proxima, de etymologie waarbij men één stap teruggaat en de meestdirecte herkomst van het woord biedt. Voorts is speciale aandacht besteed aan polysemie: nietalleen de herkomst van de dominante betekenis van een woord wordt gegeven, maar ook die vanzijn eventuele andere betekenis(sen. Benoemingsmotieven komen ook veelvuldig aan bod. In eeneventuele tweede druk zouden opvallende verschillen in vorm of betekenis altijd verklaard of inieder geval besproken moeten worden. Dat blijft nu nogal eens achterwege. Ook zou voorafgaandaan zo'n volgende editie meer onderzoek naar woordhistorisch materiaal uit primaire bronnenvoor met name de 17de–19de eeuw verricht moeten worden. Het zou mooi zijn als deze eersteuitgave van EWA de aanleiding tot een dergelijk onderzoek zou vormen.


  12. Genetische varianten van melkeiwitten en de eigenschappen van koemelk.

    Berg, van den G.; Koning, de P.J.; Escher, J.T.M.; Bovenhuis, H.


    Resumerend kan uit de resultaten van dit onderzoek worden geconcludeerd dat de genetische varianten van alfa-caseine en beta-lactoglobuline correleren met de kaasopbrengst, de kaasbereidingseigenschappen en de hittestabiliteit van geconcentreerde melk

  13. Robust control charts in statistical process control

    Nazir, H.Z.


    The presence of outliers and contaminations in the output of the process highly affects the performance of the design structures of commonly used control charts and hence makes them of less practical use. One of the solutions to deal with this problem is to use control charts which are robust against violations of the basic assumptions, like normality. The effect of using robust or other alternative estimators has not been investigated thoroughly in perspective of control charting literature....

  14. Implementing control charts to corporate financial management

    Kovářík, Martin; Sarga, Libor


    In the paper, corporate financial management using statistical process control (SPC), especially Shewhart's control charts operating with the constant mean, control charts with non-constant mean, and process capability indices will be introduced. The center line, UCL and LCL for the control charts will be defined with the regulated process not allowed to cross the UCL and LCL boundaries. Altman's model (the so called Z-score), the most popular corporate financial stability index, will be used...

  15. Dyke-path formation in relation to the eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull 2010 and Bardarbunga-Holuhraun 2014

    Gudmundsson, Agust


    Dykes are extension fractures and form when the magmatic overpressure is high enough to rupture (break) the host rock. Their formation is entirely analogous to that of many joints and human-made hydraulic fractures, such as are used to increase permeability in reservoirs. When generating their paths, dykes use existing weaknesses (e.g., cooling joints) in the host rock. The maximum depth of large tension fractures below the surface of a rift zone, however, is mostly less than a few hundred metres. If the fractures extend to greater depths, they must change into closed normal faults which are generally not used as magma paths. There are thus no large tension fractures or wide-open faults at great depths ready to be filled with magma to form a dyke. While magma flow in dykes, as in other fluid-driven fractures, is at any point in various directions dyke segmentation may indicate the overall large-scale flow direction. Thus, dykes composed of large-spaced disconnected segments in lateral sections are primarily formed in vertical magma flow at segmentation depth whereas those composed of large-spaced disconnected segments in vertical sections are primarily formed in lateral magma flow. The far-field displacement and stress fields of segmented dykes are similar to those generated by single, continuous dykes of similar dimensions, particularly when the distances between the nearby tips of the segments become small in comparison with segment lengths. Most dykes become arrested and never supply magma to eruptions. Feeder-dykes normally reach the surface only along parts of their lengths (strike-dimensions). The volumetric flow or effusion rate of magma through a feeder-dyke or volcanic fissure depends on the aperture (opening) of the dyke or fissure in the 3rd power. All these theoretical and observational results are here applied to the dyke emplacements associated with the eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull 2010 and Bardarbunga-Holuhraun 2014. The results make it possible to

  16. Formation conditions of leucogranite dykes and aplite-pegmatite dykes in the eastern Mt. Capanne plutonic complex (Elba, Italy): fluid inclusion studies in quartz, tourmaline, andalusite and plagioclase

    Bakker, Ronald J.; Schilli, Sebastian E.


    Leucogranite and aplite-pegmatite dykes are associated with the Mt. Capanne pluton (Elba) and partly occur in the thermally metamorphosed host rock (serpentinites). Crystallization conditions of these dykes in the late magmatic-hydrothermal stage are estimated from fluid inclusion studies and mineralogical characterisation, obtained from detailed microthermometry, Raman spectroscopy, and electron microprobe analyses. Fluid inclusion assemblages are analysed in andalusite, quartz, and plagioclase from the leucogranite dykes, and in tourmaline and quartz from the aplite-pegmatite dykes. The fluid inclusion assemblages record multiple pulses of low salinity H2O-rich magmatic and reduced metamorphic fluid stages. Magmatic fluids are characterized by the presence of minor amounts of CO2 and H3BO3, whereas the metamorphic fluids contain CH4 and H2. The highly reduced conditions are also inferred from the presence of native arsenic in some fluid inclusions. Several fluid inclusion assemblages reveal fluid compositions that must have resulted from mixing of both fluid sources. In leucogranite dykes, magmatic andalusite contains a low-density magmatic CO2-rich gas mixture with minor amounts of CH4 and H2. Accidentally trapped crystals (mica) and step-daughters (quartz and diaspore) are detected in some inclusions in andalusite. The first generation of inclusions in quartz that crystallized after andalusite contains a highly reduced H2O-H2 mixture and micas. The second type of inclusions in quartz from the leucogranite is similar to the primary inclusion assemblage in tourmaline from the aplite-pegmatite, and contains up to 4.2 mass% H3BO3, present as a sassolite daughter crystal or dissolved ions, in addition to a CO2-CH4 gas mixture, with traces of H2, N2, H2S, and C2H6. H2O is the main component of all these fluids ( x = 0.91 to 0.96) with maximally 7 mass% NaCl. Some accidentally trapped arsenolite and native arsenic are also detected. These fluids were trapped in the

  17. Rb-Sr age of a basic dyke, Schirmacher oasis, east Antarctica

    In order to understand the crustal evolution in east Antartica, detailed geological, geochemical and isotopic studies of the various rocks in the area are necessary. This paper reports the Rb-Sr isotopic data on a gabbroic dyke in the Schirmacher oasis

  18. Growth charts: A diagnostic tool

    Vaman Khadilkar


    Full Text Available Context: Assessment of growth by objective anthropometric methods is crucial in child care. India is in a phase of nutrition transition and thus it is vital to update growth references regularly. Objective: To review growth standards and references for assessment of physical growth of Indian children for clinical use and research purposes. Materials and Methods: Basics of growth charts and importance of anthropometric measurements are described. A comparison between growth standards and references is provided. Further, Indian growth reference curves based on the data collected by Agarwal et al. and adopted by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, World Health Organization growth standards for children under the age of 5 years (2006 and contemporary Indian growth references published on apparently healthy affluent Indian children (data collected in 2007-08 are discussed. The article also discusses the use of adult equivalent body mass index (BMI cut-offs for screening for overweight and obesity in Indian children. Results and Conclusions: For the assessment of height, weight and BMI, WHO growth standards (for children < 5 years and contemporary cross sectional reference percentile curves (for children from 5-18 years are available for clinical use and for research purposes. BMI percentiles (adjusted for the Asian adult BMI equivalent cut-offs for the assessment of physical growth of present day Indian children are also available. LMS values and Microsoft excel macro for calculating SD scores can be obtained from the author (email: Contemporary growth charts can be obtained by sending a message to 08861201183 or email:

  19. Dyke Intrusion and Arrest in Harrat Lunayyir, western Saudi Arabia, in April-July 2009

    Jónsson, Sigurjón; Pallister, John; McCausland, Wendy; El-Hadidy, Salah


    Dyke intrusion in Harrat Lunayyir (also known as Harrat Al-Shaqah), one of the volcanic provinces in Saudi Arabia, caused numerous small to moderate-sized earthquakes and extensive surface faulting in April-July 2009. The most intensive earthquake activity took place on 17-20 May when six magnitude 4.6-5.7 earthquakes occurred, resulting in some structural damage and prompting the Saudi civil protection authorities to evacuate more than 30000 people from the area. While the earthquake activity significantly decreased after 20 May, it continued throughout June and July with a few earthquakes as large as magnitude ~4, before quieting down in August. Much of what we have learned about the activity comes from interferometric satellite radar (InSAR) observations and from analysis of the seismic data collected by a broadband seismic network that was installed soon after the earthquake swarm started in April. The InSAR data show that large-scale (40 km × 40 km) east-west extension of over 1 m took place as well as broad uplift amounting to over 40 cm. The center of the uplifted area was transected by northwest-trending graben subsidence of over 50 cm, bounded by a single fault to the southwest showing up to ~1 m of faulting and by multiple smaller faults and cracks to the northeast. The observed deformation is well explained with a near-vertical dyke intrusion and graben-bounding normal faulting. The strike of the model dyke is NNW-SSE, parallel to the Red Sea rift, and its volume is about 0.13 km3. The modeling suggests that the shallowest part of the dyke reached within only 2 km of the surface, right below where the graben is the narrowest and under an area with a number of cinder cones from previous volcanic events. The main graben-bounding surface fault, to the southwest of the dyke, grew from ~3 km to ~8 km with the magnitude 5.7 earthquake on 19 May. Soon after this event the overall earthquake activity dramatically declined. The faulting appears to have

  20. ESI-VI10 Jost Van Dyke, U.K. Virgin Islands 2000 (Environmental Sensitivity Index Map)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps are an integral component in oil-spill contingency planning and assessment. They serve as a source of information in the...

  1. Jaap van Praag

    Gasenbeek, A.


    PRAAG, JAAP VAN (1911-1981), Dutch organizer and theoretician of organized HUMANISM. Jaap van Praag was born on May 11, 1911, in Amsterdam. He grew up in a secular Jewish and socialist family. Mainly through his mother and by much reading he acquired considerable knowledge of the Bible. He studied D

  2. Voorkomen van blessures

    Weelink, G.


    André Dias werkt inmiddels zes jaar als fysiotherapeut bij Benfica. Bij de club uit Lissabon is hij een van de vijf fysiotherapeuten die fulltime op het jeugdcomplex van ‘As Aguias’ (De Adelaars) werken. Dias zelf is nauw betrokken bij het team voor spelers onder 19 jaar. Bij die leeftijdscategorie

  3. Kroniek van het mededingingsrecht

    R. Wesseling; J. Truijens Martinez


    Waar liggen de grenzen van het bereik van het mededingingsrecht? Die vraag komt steeds vaker op. Buiten het mededingingsrecht heeft de Europese Commissie beperkte handhavingsbevoegdheden. Voor de Commissie is een probleem dus al snel een mededingingsrechtelijke kwestie. De Libor-affaire en vergelijk

  4. Keuzeprocessen van Consumenten

    B. Wierenga (Berend)


    textabstractVoor de aanbieder van een voedingsmiddel, of dit nu een merkprodukt a la Mona is of een 'commodity', bijvoorbeeld karnemelk, is het van groot belang te weten welke factoren bepalen of een consument het betreffende produkt zal kiezen dan wel voor een concurrerend alternatief zal opteren.

  5. Geophysical characteristics of Aswa shear, Nagasongola discontinuity and ring dyke complex in Uganda

    Ruotoistenmäki, Tapio


    During the years 2008-2012, the geology of most of Uganda was studied within the framework of the Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project (SMMRP). During the project, comprehensive airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys were flown over the entire country and geological, petrophysical, geochemical sampling, geological field studies and detailed geophysical field profiles were undertaken in selected sub-areas. This report concentrates on the geophysical properties of three major geophysical structures in the area considered during the project: the Pan-African (0.6-0.7 Ga) Aswa shear zone and Nagasongola discontinuity (suture), and the 1.36 Ga Uganda-Tanzania semi-circular ‘ring dyke' complex. The geophysical profiles across the Aswa shear indicate that the fault zone dips steeply, at about 60° to NE. The structure represents a magnetic, gravimetric (density), radiometric and topographic discontinuity, all diminishing from SW to NE across the zone. The zone is also characterized by complex radiometric anomalies. A schematic reconstruction of the evolution of the Aswa shear zone on the magnetic map suggests a nearly 60 km sinistral horizontal component of displacement along the zone. The Nakasongola zone is another distinct magnetic, gravimetric and radiometric discontinuity, interpreted to represent a collision (suture) zone, where the northern, low-magnetic block has been thrust over the southern, denser and more magnetic block. Modeling of gravity and magnetic data are consistent with a geometry in which the southern, magnetic and high-density block dips gently to great depth beneath the northern block. Bedrock exposures in both the Aswa shear zone and Nagasongola zone areas indicate a very protracted and complex history of tectonic processes commencing in the Archaean-Paleoproterozoic era and culminating in Pan-African orogenies. Both, the Aswa shear zone and Nagasongola discontinuity are cut by continuous younger dykes that show no signs of

  6. 40Ar/39Ar geochronology and geochemistry of the Central Saurashtra mafic dyke swarm: insights into magmatic evolution, magma transport, and dyke-flow relationships in the northwestern Deccan Traps

    Cucciniello, Ciro; Demonterova, Elena I.; Sheth, Hetu; Pande, Kanchan; Vijayan, Anjali


    The Central Saurashtra mafic dyke swarm in the northwestern Deccan Traps contains a few picrites, several subalkalic basalts and basaltic andesites, and an andesite. We have obtained precise 40Ar/39Ar ages of 65.6 ± 0.2 Ma, 66.6 ± 0.3, and 62.4 ± 0.3 Ma (2σ errors) for three of the dykes, indicating the emplacement of the swarm over several million years. Mineral chemical and whole-rock major and trace element and Sr-Nd isotopic data show that fractional crystallization and crystal accumulation were important processes. Except for two dykes (with ɛNd t values of -8.2 and -12.3), the magmas were only moderately contaminated by continental crust. The late-emplaced (62.4 Ma) basalt dyke has compositional characteristics (low La/Sm and Th/Nb, high ɛNd t of +4.3) suggesting little or no crustal contamination. Most dykes are low-Ti and a few high-Ti, and these contrasting Ti types cannot be produced by fractional crystallization processes but require distinct parental magmas. Some dykes are compositionally homogeneous over tens of kilometers, whereas others are heterogeneous, partly because they were formed by multiple magma injections. The combined field and geochemical data establish the Sardhar dyke as ≥62 km long and the longest in Saurashtra, but this and the other Central Saurasthra dykes cannot have fed any of the hitherto studied lava-flow sequences in Saurashtra, given their very distinct Sr-Nd isotopic compositions. As observed previously, high-Ti lavas and dykes only outcrop east-northeast of a line joining Rajkot and Palitana, probably because of underlying enriched mantle at ~65 Ma.

  7. Ringrotbestrijding met behulp van ozon

    Wolf, de, H.; Bergervoet, J.H.W.; Kastelein, P.; Zouwen, van der, P.S.


    Door het kistenreinigingsbedrijf van Frans Renne wordt een nieuwe kistenreinigingsmachine ontwikkeld. De methode is gebaseerd op ontsmetting met Ozon van recirculerend spoelwater en van kisten. In dit rapport wordt verslag gedaan van laboratorium-onderzoek naar het effect van ozon op ringrotbacterieën en de noodzakelijke dosering en inwerktijd, en naar het effect van ozon in organisch belast (maar d.m.v. filtering gereinigd) spoelwater

  8. Verkenning van de milieueffecten van lokale productie en distributie van voedsel in Almere : energieverbruik, emissie van broeikasgassen en voedselkilometers

    Sukkel, W.; Stilma, E.S.C.; Jansma, J.E.


    Een van de toekomstige ontwikkelingsgebieden, Almere Oosterwold, is ongeveer 4.000 ha groot. De landbouw in het toekomstige Almere Oosterwold wordt door Almere gezien als een potentiële drager van de duurzaamheidprincipes van de stad. De leidende vraag is in welke mate de landbouw in Almere Oosterwold kan bijdragen aan een duurzame voedselvoorziening van toekomstig Almere. Uitgangspunt hierbij is dat Almere Oosterwold in 20% van de voedselbehoefte van toekomstig Almere met ca. 350.000 inwoner...

  9. Die kerstening van strukture

    L. Floor


    Full Text Available Daar is in ons tyd orals in die wêreld ’n algemene gevoel van onbehae met betrekking tot die bestaande orde. Die ontwikkelingslande kyk met ’n gevoel van afguns na die ryk geïndustrialiseerde lande van die Weste om in die welvaart wat daar geniet word te deel. In die ryk lande is mense egter nie tevrede met wat hulle verwerf het nie. Die bestaande orde word as onregverdig ervaar en steeds ernstiger klink die roep dat die samelewing moet verander. Die wêreld — of dit nou die Ooste of die Weste is of waar ook al — is vasgevang in verkeerde strukture. Daardie strukture moet verander word. Waar christene met hierdie probleem worstel, daar word gespreek van kerstening van die strukture.

  10. Evidences for multiple remagnetization of Proterozoic dykes from Iguerda inlier (Anti-Atlas Belt, Southern Morocco)

    Neres, Marta; Silva, Pedro F.; Ikene, Moha; Martins, Sofia; Hafid, Ahmid; Mata, João; Almeida, Francisco; Youbi, Nasrrddine; Boumehdi, Ahmed


    Paleomagnetic data able to constrain the paleoposition of the West African Craton (WAC) during Paleo-Mesoproterozoic are absent, mainly due to gaps on the sedimentary record and intense remagnetizations. Dykes that intrude several Proterozoic inliers of WAC in the Anti-Atlas Belt (southern Morocco) have recently been subjected to geochronological studies, which revealed ages between Paleoproterozoic and early Neoproterozoic. Therefore, these dykes represent a window of opportunity for paleomagnetic studies aiming to infer about the paleoposition of WAC during Proterozoic. On this scope we conducted a paleomagnetic study on seven Proterozoic dykes of the Iguerda inlier. We determined the paleomagnetic directions and evaluated their meaning by rock magnetic and mineral analyses, complemented by petrographic observations. Results revealed that these rocks record the presence of a complex history of remagnetization events, mostly assigned to several Phanerozoic thermal/chemical events. In particular, we found components assigned to the late stages of Pan African orogeny (s.l.), to the Late Carboniferous Variscan orogeny, and to more recent events. The recognized remagnetization processes are related to widespread metamorphic events under greenschist facies followed by low-temperature oxidation, both responsible for the formation of new magnetic phases (magnetite and hematite). The primary (magmatic) thermo-remanent magnetization of the dykes was obliterated during these events through multiple thermal and chemical remagnetizations. For only one dyke the presence of primary magnetization is possible to infer, though not to confirm, and would place WAC at an equatorial position around 1750 Ma. The authors wish to acknowledge FCT (Portugal) - CNRST (Morocco) bilateral agreement for its major contribution without which this work wouldn't be possible. Publication supported by project FCT UID/GEO/50019/2013 - Instituto Dom Luiz.

  11. Geloofwaardigheid van e-WOM: de invloed van reviewpercepties op de persuasieve impact van online reviews

    Van Hemelen, Natalie; Smits, Tim; Verlegh, Peeter


    Onderzoekers en marketeers zijn er van overtuigd dat elektronische mond-tot-mond reclame (e-WOM) een niet te miskennen impact kan uitoefenen op de attitudes en aankoopgedragingen van consumenten. De huidige studie focust op één specifiek type e-WOM: online consumenten reviews. Het doel van de studie is om na te gaan of valentie en gepercipieerde geloofwaardigheid van de review significante voorspellers zijn van de productattitudes van consumenten en of het vooropgestelde gemodereerde mediatie...

  12. Over het onontkoombare van sociale rollen

    Thoomes, D.T.


    Bespreking van de 16de druk van de 'Homo Sociologicus' van Ralf Dahrendorf, waarin het rolgedrag beschreven wordt als een noodzakelijke voorwaarde om te kunnen samenleven. Voor de opvoeding is het een interessante vraag of er slechts sprake is van het aanleren van gepreformeerde rollen of van het ontwikkelen van een zekere eigenheid in het vervullen van die rollen.

  13. Smart Aeronautical Chart Management System Design

    Pakdil, M. E.; Celik, R. N.; Kaya, Ö.; Konak, Y. C.; Guney, C.


    Civil aviation is developing rapidly, and the number of domestic and international operations is increasing exponentially every year than the previous one. Airline companies with increased air traffic and the number of passengers increase the demand of new aircrafts. An aircraft needs not only fuel but also pilot and aeronautical information (charts, digital navigation information, flight plan, and etc.) to perform flight operation. One of the most important components in aeronautical information is the terminal chart. Authorized institution in every state is responsible to publish their terminal charts for certain periods. Although these charts are produced in accordance with ICAO's Annex 4 and Annex 15, cartographic representation and page layout differs in each state's publication. This situation makes difficult to read them by pilots. In this paper, standard instrument departure (SID) charts are analysed to produce by use of cutting-edge and competitive technologies instead of classical computer-aided drawing and vector based graphic applications that are currently used by main chart producers. The goal is to design efficient and commercial chart management system that is able to produce aeronautical charts with same cartographic representation for all states.

  14. Color Charts, Esthetics, and Subjective Randomness

    Sanderson, Yasmine B.


    Color charts, or grids of evenly spaced multicolored dots or squares, appear in the work of modern artists and designers. Often the artist/designer distributes the many colors in a way that could be described as "random," that is, without an obvious pattern. We conduct a statistical analysis of 125 "random-looking" art and design color charts and…

  15. 49 CFR 236.718 - Chart, dog.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Chart, dog. 236.718 Section 236.718 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued) FEDERAL RAILROAD ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF... OF SIGNAL AND TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS, DEVICES, AND APPLIANCES Definitions § 236.718 Chart, dog....

  16. Teaching Pronunciation with the Vowel Colour Chart.

    Finger, Julianne


    Explains the composition of the Vowel Colour Chart, a system for teaching Canadian English vowels in which each sound is represented by a color, the color word being the key word for that vowel sound. Suggests practical ways to use the chart with learners of English as a second language. (SED)


    M. E. Pakdil


    Full Text Available Civil aviation is developing rapidly, and the number of domestic and international operations is increasing exponentially every year than the previous one. Airline companies with increased air traffic and the number of passengers increase the demand of new aircrafts. An aircraft needs not only fuel but also pilot and aeronautical information (charts, digital navigation information, flight plan, and etc. to perform flight operation. One of the most important components in aeronautical information is the terminal chart. Authorized institution in every state is responsible to publish their terminal charts for certain periods. Although these charts are produced in accordance with ICAO’s Annex 4 and Annex 15, cartographic representation and page layout differs in each state’s publication. This situation makes difficult to read them by pilots. In this paper, standard instrument departure (SID charts are analysed to produce by use of cutting-edge and competitive technologies instead of classical computer-aided drawing and vector based graphic applications that are currently used by main chart producers. The goal is to design efficient and commercial chart management system that is able to produce aeronautical charts with same cartographic representation for all states.

  18. Body Mass Index (BMI) Charts (For Parents)

    ... 5 Things to Know About Zika & Pregnancy Body Mass Index (BMI) Charts KidsHealth > For Parents > Body Mass Index (BMI) Charts Print A A A Text ... same age. Now they have another tool: body mass index (BMI). BMI is a calculation that uses ...

  19. 47 CFR 73.333 - Engineering charts.


    ... 47 Telecommunication 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Engineering charts. 73.333 Section 73.333 Telecommunication FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (CONTINUED) BROADCAST RADIO SERVICES RADIO BROADCAST SERVICES FM Broadcast Stations § 73.333 Engineering charts. This section consists of the following Figures 1, 1a, 2,...

  20. De distributie van vlees, vleeswaren en vleessnacks

    Vlieger, de I.J.; Zimmermann, K.L.; Jahae, I.A.M.A.


    Beschrijving van de distributiestructuur van rundvlees, kalfsvlees, varkensvlees, paardevlees, schape- en geitevlees, alsmede van vleeswaren en snacks. In het rapport is een uitgebreide beschrijving opgenomen van de structurele kenmerken van de verschillende bedrijfstypen (slachterijen, vleesgrootha

  1. Effecten van een verhoging van de miniummaat (MLS) voor tong

    Densen, van W.L.T.; Smit, J.; Quirijns, F.J.; Oostenbrugge, van H.; Machiels, M.A.M.


    De aanvoer van Noordzee tong in relatie tot de vangst wordt bepaald door de minimum maat (MLS) van deze vissoort. Nu bedraagt de MLS 24 cm en gevangen tong die kleiner is dan deze MLS moet overboord gezet worden. In dit rapport worden de consequenties van een mogelijke verhoging van de MLS voor tong

  2. FusionCharts Beginner's Guide The Official Guide for FusionCharts Suite

    Nadhani, Sanket; Bhattacharya, Shamasis


    The book is written as a practical, step-by-step guide to using FusionCharts Suite. The book not only teaches you the fundamentals and implementation of FusionCharts Suite, but also makes you the data visualization guru among your friends and colleagues by teaching how to select the right chart type and usability tips. Filled with examples, code samples and practical tips in a no-nonsense way, the book is a breeze to read.This book is both for beginners and advanced web developers who need to create interactive charts for their web applications. No previous knowledge of FusionCharts Suite is a

  3. ArcGIS studies and field relationships of Paleoproterozoic mafic dyke swarms from the south of Devarakonda area, Eastern Dharwar Craton, southern India: Implications for their relative ages

    Amiya K Samal; Rajesh K Srivastava; Lokesh K Sinha


    Google Earth Image and cross-cutting field relationships of distinct Paleoproterozoic mafic dykes from south of Devarakonda area in the Eastern Dharwar Craton has been studied to establish relative emplacement ages. The Devarakonda, covering an area of ∼700 km2, shows spectacular cross-cutting field relationships between different generations of mafic dykes, and is therefore selected for the present study. Although some recent radiometric age data are available for distinct Paleoproterozoic mafic dykes from the Eastern Dharwar Craton, there is no analogous age data available for the study area. Therefore, relative age relationships of distinct mafic dykes have been established for the study area using cross-cutting field relationships and GIS techniques, which shows slightly different picture than other parts of the Eastern Dharwar Craton. It is suggested that NE–SW trending mafic dykes are youngest in age (probably belong to ∼1.89 Ga dyke swarm), whereas NNW–SSE trending mafic dykes have oldest emplacement age. Further, the NNW–SSE mafic dykes are older to the other two identified mafic dyke swarms, i.e., WNW–ESE (∼2.18 Ga) and N–S trending (∼2.21 Ga) mafic dyke swarms, as dykes of these two swarms cross-cut a NNW–SSE dyke. It provides an evidence for existence of a new set of mafic dykes that is older to the ∼2.21 Ga and probably younger to the ∼2.37 Ga swarm. Present study also supports existence of two mafic dyke swarms having similar trend (ENE–WSW to NE–SW) but emplaced in two different ages (one is ∼2.37 Ga and other ∼1.89 Ga).

  4. A video strip chart program

    A strip chart recorder has been utilized for trend analysis of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory EN tandem since 1987. At the EN, the author could not afford the nice eight channel thermal pen recorder that was used at the 25 URC. He had to suffice with two channel fiber tip or capillary pen type recorders retrieved from salvage and maintained with parts from other salvaged recorders. After cycling through several machines that eventually became completely unserviceable, a search for a new thermal recorder was begun. As much as he hates to write computer code, he decided to try his hand at getting an old data acquisition unit, that had been retrieved several years ago from salvage, to meet his needs. A BASIC language compiler was used because time was not available to learn a more advanced language. While attempting to increase acquisition and scroll speed on the 6 MHz 80286 that the code was first developed on, it became apparent that scrolling only the first small portion of the screen at high speed and then averaging that region and histogramming the average provided both the speed necessary for capturing fairly short duration events, and a trend record without use of back scrolling and disk storage routines. This turned out to be quite sufficient

  5. Monitoring van het linkerscheldeoevergebied in uitvoering van de resolutie van het Vlaams Parlement van 20 februari 2002: resultaten van het vijfde jaar:bijlage 9.10 bij het vijfde jaarverslag van de Beheerscommissie van het linkerscheldeoevergebied

    Spanoghe, Geert; Gyselings, Ralf; Van den Bergh, Erika


    Dit rapport geeft de toestand weer van Natura 2000 in het linkerscheldeoevergebied anno 2004. Het betreft de resultaten van het tweede monitoringjaar in uitvoering van de resolutie van het Vlaams Parlement van 20/2/2002 en hoort als bijlage 8.7 bij het tweede jaarverslag van de Beheercommissie Natuurcompensaties LSO. Het monitoringplan evalueert de evolutie van de natuurwaarden in het Natura 2000 gebied in de Waaslandhaven. Het hoofddoel is te evalueren of de uitgevoerde compensatiemaatregele...

  6. Energy Monitor of the Dutch horticulture 2012; Energiemonitor van de Nederlandse glastuinbouw 2012

    Van der Velden, N.J.A.; Smit, P.X.


    The Energy Monitor for Greenhouse Horticulture charts the energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, the share of sustainable energy and the transition paths of the Greenhouse as Energy Source programme up to and including 2012 [Dutch] Om het energieverbruik in de glastuinbouw in beeld te krijgen en te volgen, is al in 1990 de Energiemonitor in het leven geroepen. Deze monitor publiceert jaarlijks het energieverbruik van de glastuinbouw en de voortgang van de energie-indicatoren energie-efficientie, de CO2-emissie en het aandeel duurzame energie. Voor de monitor wordt gebruik gemaakt van een reeks verschillende databronnen.

  7. Energy Monitor of the Dutch horticulture 2011; Energiemonitor van de Nederlandse glastuinbouw 2011

    Van der Velden, N.J.A.; Smit, P.X.


    The Energy Monitor for Greenhouse Horticulture charts the energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, the share of sustainable energy and the transition paths of the Greenhouse as Energy Source programme up to and including 2011 [Dutch] Om het energieverbruik in de glastuinbouw in beeld te krijgen en te volgen, is al in 1990 de Energiemonitor in het leven geroepen. Deze monitor publiceert jaarlijks het energieverbruik van de glastuinbouw en de voortgang van de energie-indicatoren energie-efficientie, de CO2-emissie en het aandeel duurzame energie. Voor de monitor wordt gebruik gemaakt van een reeks verschillende databronnen.

  8. Impedimetrische herkenning van tryptase met behulp van immunosensoren.

    ALENUS, Jan


    Patiënten met het ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS’ krijgen door verhoogde fysische en psychische stress vrijzetting van corticotropin releasing hormone door de hypothalamus. Deze vrijzetting zal via de hersen – darm interactie zorgen voor activatie en destabilisatie van de mestcellen die zich in het slijmvlies van de dunne darm bevinden. De activatie en destabilisatie van de mestcellen zal zorgen voor de vrijzetting van tryptase en histamine in de dunne darm. Tryptase en histamin...

  9. Innovatiekracht van het voortgezet onderwijs

    Blank, j.l.t.; Haelermans, c.m.g.; van Hulst, b.l.


    Het betreft een onderzoek in opdracht van de VO-raad naar innovaties in het voortgezet onderwijs en de verspreiding en determinanten van deze innovaties. Op basis van interviews, een vragenlijst en een economisch model schetsen wij een beeld van innovaties op scholen. In het rapport gaan we in op de

  10. Microbewerking met behulp van lasers

    Ezendam, M.M.M.


    Het bewerken van materialen met behulp van lasers staat momenteel enorm in de belangstelling, en terecht. De ontwikkeling van bestaande en nieuwe typen lasers staat alles behalve stil. Ontwikkelingen bevinden zich met name in het gebied van hogere vermogens, betere bundelkwaliteit en hogere bewerkin

  11. Commercialisering van MST-producten

    Spiering, V.L.


    De firma Twente MicroProducts is ontstaan als een "spin-off" van het MESA Research Instituut van de Universiteit Twente. TMP houdt zich bezig met de productie van microsystemen en -componenten in kleine of middelgrote aantallen op substraten van 3" tot 6". Daarnaast maakt MST prototypes en levert he

  12. Burnout : de stand van zaken

    Taris, T.; Houtman, I.L.D.; Schaufeli, W.


    Dit artikel geeft een overzicht van de stand van zaken in het onderzoek naar burnout. Burnout is een syndroom van extreme vermoeidheid (uitputting), afstand nemen van het werk (distantie) en weinig vertrouwen in het eigen kunnen (verminderde competentie), waarbij de oorzaken voor deze aspecten geleg

  13. Onverwachte gevolgen van endometriumablatie

    Voogd, I. de; Lagro-Janssen, A.L.M.


    Endometriumablatie kan uitkomst bieden voor vrouwen met hevig menstrueel bloedverlies bij wie medicamenteuze behandeling of een hormoonhoudend spiraaltje (LNG-IUD) onvoldoende effect oplevert. De nieuwste soort ablatiebehandeling, Novasure®, vindt plaats in 90% van de ziekenhuizen in Nederlan

  14. De ontdekking van Antarctica

    Beintema, A.J.


    Aristoteles bedacht de naam Antarctica, maar wie ontdekte het zevende continent? Dit eerste artikel binnen het thema Antarctica beantwoordt die vraag. Ontdekkingsreizigers als Cook, Biscoe, Amundsen en Scott komen ter sprake, naast het kartografisch werk van Finnaeus

  15. Study on the carbonate ocelli-bearing lamprophyre dykes in the Ailaoshan gold deposit zone, Yunnan Province

    HUANG; Zhilong(黄智龙); LIU; Congqiang(刘丛强); XIAO; Huayun(肖化云); HAN; Runsheng(韩润生); XU; Cheng(许成); LI; Wenbo(李文博); ZHONG; Kunming(钟昆明)


    Three carbonate ocelli-bearing lamprophyre dykes have been found in the Laowangzhai and Beiya gold orefields in the northern sector of the Ailaoshan gold deposit zone, Yunnan Province. Ocelli in the lamprophyre dykes are carbonates composed mainly of dolomite and calcite. Their trace elements, REE and C isotopic compositions are characteristic of carbonatite and the main mineral assemblages, major elements, trace elements and REE in the matrix are similar to those in the carbonate ocelli-barren lamprophyre dykes in the orefields, which are calc-alkaline lamprophyres that derived from the fertile mantle. The results indicate that the carbonate ocelli-bearing lamprophyre dykes in this area were produced at the time when the Himalayan lamprophyre magma evolved to a relatively late stage of silicate-carbonate liquid immiscibility. In the process of magmatic evolution there took place magmatic degassing with CO2 and H2O as the dominant released gases.

  16. Geology and tectonic magmatic of emplacement of a longitudinal dyke swarm of Nico Perez(Minas) URUGUAY

    The Mina Verdun Group (Precambrian) was deposited prior to the subvolcanic emplacement of a longitudinal dyke swarm of basaltic to andesitic composition (Minas Subvolcanic Swarm of the Mina Verdun quarry - Nico Perez Terrane, Minas, Uruguay). The swarm and its country rocks predated a tectono-metamorphic event that produced fragileductile shear zones associated with very low- to low-grade dislocation metamorphism. We interpreted a K-Ar whole rock datum of 485,2 ± 12,5 Ma (andesitic dyke) as a minimum cooling age in relation with late- to post-swarm emplacement deuteric alteration stage. Another K-Ar whole rock datum of 108,5 ± 2,9 Ma on a basaltic dyke was assumed here as a degasification stage, while its geological meaning is still matter of debate. The Minas Subvolcanic Dyke Swarm was intruded at high crustal levels, suggesting that the Minas region was affected by a period of extensional tectonics

  17. Haemobartonellosis in Van Cats

    AKKAN, Hasan Altan; Karaca, Mehmet; TÜTÜNCÜ, Mehmet


    The present study was conducted to determine prevalence of Haemobartonella felis in Van cats. 121 Van cats (82 female, 39 male, aged 1-9 years) were the materials of the study. To determine biochemical and haematological parameters, 2 ml blood with and without anticoagulant were taken according to technique from vena cephalica antebrachii. H. felis was detected in blood smears preparations of 18 (14.88%) by Papenheim staining. Among biochemical parameters aspartate amino transferase (AST), al...

  18. Kennis van waarde

    Broekhans, B.; Mostert, E.; Van der Ploeg, M.P.M.


    Kennis en expertise spelen een grote rol in watergovernance. Hoewel veel discussies alleen over feitelijkheden lijken te gaan, spelen verschillen in waarden een belangrijke rol. Ook in kennis en expertise spelen waarden mee. Waarden beïnvloeden onvermijdelijk waar experts op letten en hoe zij interpreteren wat zij zien. Dit leidt in de praktijk van watergovernance vaak tot verschillende, tegenstrijdige kennisclaims. In dit artikel worden twee voorbeelden gepresenteerd van hoe met dergelijke c...

  19. Dyke Swarms in Southeastern British Columbia: Mineralogical and Geochemical Evidence for Emplacement of Multiple Magma Types During Orogenic Collapse

    Freeman, M.; Owen, J. P.; Hoskin, P. W.


    Eocene dyke swarms in southeastern British Columbia provide an important record of the tectonic and magmatic history of the Cordillera following orogenic collapse. New field mapping, petrographic, and geochemical data is presented for a swarm of more than thirty dykes located near the mining town of Trail, B.C. Detailed field mapping revealed that individual dykes are highly diverse, both in composition and morphology. As a group, the dykes trend northwest (average strike of 338 degrees) and dip steeply to the southwest. Their average thickness is approximately 1.5m, with a range from 4.5m to less than 1cm. Three sub-parallel dykes were mapped for a length of 2km, and exhibit irregularities in their form such as branching and offshoots that follow fractures in the country rock. Thin-section analysis shows a wide variety of rock types within the swarm, including: micro-quartz syenite, micro-syenite, micro-monzonite, latite, basalt, basaltic andesite, and lamprophyre. Texturally, these samples are consistently porphyritic and partially altered to chlorite and sericite. This alteration commonly occurs in concentric rims around phenocrysts. The samples are typically intergranular, although some display trachytic texture. Whole-rock geochemistry shows that the dykes have a wide range in composition, with SiO2 between 76.45 wt.% and 45.15 wt.% and MgO between 0.13 wt.% and 13.16 wt.%. The results also revealed that one dyke has very high values of Ni (430 ppm), Cr (1420 ppm), and Co (50 ppm), giving it a fairly primitive composition. Harker diagrams and trace element plots show three distinct groups: mafic calc-alkaline dykes, felsic calc- alkaline dykes, and minette lamprophyres. The felsic dykes are characterized by negative Eu and Sr anomalies suggesting fractionation of plagioclase feldspar, as well as pronounced negative P and Ti anomalies. The minettes are enriched in LILE and depleted in HSFE relative to the mafic dykes. The three groups do not appear to be

  20. Skoolwoordeboeke vir huistaalleerders van Afrikaans

    Sven Tarp; Rufus H Gouws


    OPSOMMING: Skoolwoordeboeke vorm 'n uitgebreide tipologiese kategorie binne die versameling woordeboeksoorte. Die uiteenlopende verskeidenheid teikengebruikers van skoolwoordeboeke vereis egter 'n duideliker tipologiese omskrywing en 'n fyner onderverdeling in subkategorieë. Hierdie artikel fokus eerstens op sommige van die verskillende interpretasies van die term skoolwoordeboek en die onduidelikheid wat met die gebruik van hierdie term saamhang. 'n Onpresiese gebruik van die term l...

  1. Inventarisatie van slakken in Alstroemeria

    Hazendonk, D.A.; Ester, A.


    In de teelt van Alstroemeria veroorzaken slakken vraatschade aan de groeipunten van de jonge stengels. Om te inventariseren om welke slakkensoort het gaat, zijn door medewerkers van Praktijkonderzoek Plant & Omgeving op een achttal bedrijven slakken verzameld. Op alle bedrijven zijn exemplaren van de slakkensoort Deroceras panormitanum, de zuidelijke aardslak, gevonden. De mogelijke schuilplaatsen van de slakken in het teeltsysteem zijn beschreven. De slakken bevonden zich op vochtige ple...

  2. Burnout: de stand van zaken

    Taris, T.; Houtman, I.L.D.; Schaufeli, W


    Dit artikel geeft een overzicht van de stand van zaken in het onderzoek naar burnout. Burnout is een syndroom van extreme vermoeidheid (uitputting), afstand nemen van het werk (distantie) en weinig vertrouwen in het eigen kunnen (verminderde competentie), waarbij de oorzaken voor deze aspecten gelegen zijn in hetzij de werksfeer, hetzij de manier waarop werknemers omgaan met stresserende aspecten in hun werk. Als werkgerelateerd fenomeen onderscheidt burnout zich van vergelijkbare psychische ...

  3. Variscan potassic dyke magmatism of durbachitic affinity at the southern end of the Bohemian Massif (Lower Austria)

    Zeitlhofer, Helga; Grasemann, Bernhard; Petrakakis, Konstantin


    Dykes in the Strudengau area (SW Moldanubian Zone, Austria) can be mineralogically divided into lamprophyres (spessartites and kersantites) and felsic dykes (granite porphyries, granitic dykes and pegmatoid dykes). Geochemical analyses of 11 lamprophyres and 7 felsic dykes show evidence of fractional crystallization. The lamprophyres are characterized by metaluminous compositions, intermediate SiO2 contents and high amounts of MgO and K2O; these rocks have high Ba (800-3000 ppm) and Sr (250-1000 ppm) contents as well as an enrichment of large-ion lithophile elements over high field strength elements, typical for enriched mantle sources with variable modifications due to fractionation and crustal contamination. This geochemical signature has been reported from durbachites (biotite- and K feldspar-rich mela-syenites particularly characteristic of the Variscan orogen in Central Europe). For most major elements, calculated fractionation trends from crystallization experiments of durbachites give an excellent match with the data from the Strudengau dykes. This suggests that the lamprophyres and felsic dykes were both products of fractional crystallization and subsequent magma mixing of durbachitic and leucogranitic melts. Rb-Sr geochronological data on biotite from five undeformed kersantites and a locally deformed granite porphyry gave cooling ages of c. 334-318 Ma, indicating synchronous intrusion of the dykes with the nearby outcropping Weinsberger granite (part of the South Bohemian Batholith, c. 330-310 Ma). Oriented matrix biotite separated from the locally deformed granite porphyry gave an Rb-Sr age of c. 318 Ma, interpreted as a deformation age during extensional tectonics. We propose a large-scale extensional regime at c. 320 Ma in the Strudengau area, accompanied by plutonism of fractionated magmas of syncollisional mantle-derived sources, mixed with crustal components. This geodynamic setting is comparable to other areas in the Variscan belt documenting an

  4. Eocene slab breakoff of Neotethys as suggested by dioritic dykes in the Gangdese magmatic belt, southern Tibet

    Ma, Xuxuan; Xu, Zhiqin; Meert, Joseph G.


    The Gangdese magmatic belt in southern Tibet demarcates an important boundary between the Indian and Eurasian plates. Due to its location and magmatic evolutionary history, it is key to understanding both the history of Neotethys closure and the Indo-Asian collisional process. This study presents new geochronological and geochemical data for dioritic dykes in the southern Gangdese magmatic belt in southern Tibet. U-Pb geochronological results reveal that the dykes were emplaced at ca. 41 Ma and thus broadly coeval with the 40-38 Ma Dazi volcanics and the 42-40 Ma Gaoligong-Tengliang basaltic dykes. Geochemically, these dykes are characterized by alkaline signature, high Mg# (57-63) and low TiO2 contents (~ 0.9-1.0), showing notable enrichment of light rare earth elements relative to the heavy rare earth elements, enrichment of incompatible elements (i.e. Cs, Rb, Ba, Th and U), and depletion of high field strength elements (i.e. Nb, Ta and Ti). In addition, a large variation of zircon εHf(t) values (- 10 to + 13) was shown, implying heterogeneity of magma sources. A heterogeneous source is also suggested by the occurrence of xenocrysts in the dykes. These observations suggest that the magma source of the dykes was dominated by partial melting of lithospheric mantle and then subsequently contaminated by crustal material during ascent. In combination with other geological data in the region, we suspect that the slab slicing of the Neotethys played a key role in the formation of the lithospheric mantle-derived dioritic dykes and adakitic granite, asthenosphere-derived volcanics, basaltic dykes, as well as the recently reported strongly fractionated granites.

  5. Plaatsen van beschaafd vertier

    James Kennedy


    Full Text Available Plaatsen van beschaafd vertier [Places of civilised amusement] by Jan Hein Furnée, which appeared as a PhD thesis in 2007 and was adapted and extended into a book in 2012, is regarded by historians of the Low Countries as an impressive tour de force. In a stimulating manner Furnée demonstrates with this profound urban history that for the elite of The Hague leisure activities played an important role in acquiring status and maintaining their position. His study is based on extensive and systematic research into a great variety of sources, from census registers, membership lists of clubs and societies to address books. This gives the reader an extraordinarily detailed picture of the changing social relations in the upper echelons of society in The Hague in the latter half of the nineteenth century. The sophisticated use of both qualitative and quantitative methods can serve as a model for other historians in the field of urban history. In a lively fashion Furnée shows that the inhabitants of The Hague grasped at all kinds of pastimes in order to distinguish themselves from others, and when possible to increase their own status through their participation in elegant societies, theatre visits or supporting the proposed zoo: but the book also makes statements about status and class, the history of gender and of politics at the end of the nineteenth century. Plaatsen van beschaafd vertier van Jan Hein Furnée dat in 2007 als proefschrift en in 2012 bewerkt en uitgebreid als boek verscheen, staat onder historici van de Lage Landen bekend als een imponerende tour de force. Op prikkelende wijze laat Furnée in deze diepgravende stadsgeschiedenis zien dat vrijetijdsbesteding voor Haagse elites een belangrijke rol speelde in standsvorming en handhaving van hun positie. Zijn studie is gebaseerd op uitgebreid en systematisch onderzoek van veelsoortige bronnen, van volkstellingsregisters, ledenlijsten van verenigingen en sociëteiten tot adresboeken

  6. Ontwikkeling van een optisch systeem, gekoppeld aan een microcomputer, voor het opmeten van remzones van antibiotica

    de Neeling AJ; Budding RW


    Een optisch systeem, gekoppeld aan een Apple microcomputer, werd toegepast voor het fotograferen van remzones van antibiotica. Voor de koppeling van de Apple-computer en de centrale RIVM-computer werd een communicatieprogramma, KERMIT geimplementeerd. De beeldinformatie uit de Apple werd verzonden naar de centrale computer (UNIX- besturingssysteem). Hiermee werden de oppervlakten van de remzones bepaald.

  7. De trek van kruiden van volgroeid wortelmateriaal : handleiding van A tot Z in beknopte vorm

    Wijk, van C.A.P.


    Deze teelthandleiding richt zich op de trek van vooral dragon, krulpeterselie, rucola en munt, uitgaande van wortelmateriaal dat in de vollegrond wordt geteeld. Deze forcering richt zich zowel op aanbod van kruiden in potjes als de meermalige oogst van het gesneden product in een kas of een trekruim

  8. De toekomst van flex : een onderzoek van tno naar flexstrategieën van Nederlandse bedrijven

    Verbiest, S.E.; Goudswaard, A.; Wijk, E.B. van


    In 2020 zal het personeelsbestand van organisaties voor 30% uit flexkrachten bestaan. Op dit moment is dat 25%. Dit blijkt uit een onderzoek van TNO onder 900 ondernemingen in opdracht van de ABU (Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen). Het blijkt dat met name organisaties die al gebruikmaken van flexk

  9. Geochemical Characteristics of a Carbonatite Dyke Rich in Rare Earths from Bayan Obo, China


    The whole-rock geochemistry of a rare earths rich carbonatite dykes that locates at Dulahala and lies 3 km north-east to the East Ore body of the giant Bayan Obo RE-Nb-Fe deposit was analysed. The dyke cuts cross H1 coarse quartz sandstone and H2 fine quartzite of the Proterozoic Bayan Obo group. RE content in the dyke varies greatly up to 20%(mass fraction), which comprises rich RE ores. Light RE in carbonatites are extremely enriched and strongly fractionated relative to heavy RE, but no Eu anomaly. The carbonatite may be produced by mechanisms as follows: the carbonatite magma is directly formed by very low degree(F<1%) partial melting of enriched lithospheric mantle, leaving residual minerals characterized by abundant garnet;then the magma arises into a chamber within the crust where they will undergo fractional crystallization, which makes RE further concentrated in carbonatite. The RE patterns and spider diagrams of the carbonatite are identical to those fine-grained dolomite marble that is the ore-host rock for the Bayan Obo deposit. However, the carbonatite is calcic, which is different from the fine-grained dolomite marble in major element geochemistry. The difference is suggested to be resulted from that the carbonatite dyke is not affected by a large scale dolomitization, while the fine-grained dolomite marble might be the product of dolomitized carbonatite intrusive body that might set up a hydrothermal system in the region, which transported Mg from the Bayan Obo sediments, especially form the shales to the carbonatite intrusion.

  10. Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome Demonstrated by Current MR images. A Case Report.

    Hori, M; Mizuno, M; Katagiri, N; Takeshi, K; Tsujino, N; Araki, T; Shiraga, N


    Current magnetic resonance imaging techniques demonstrated MR findings of Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome in a 44-year-old man. Statistical parametric mapping analysis of the T1-weighted images showed focal atrophy in the basal ganglia. Three-dimensional white matter fibers of corticospinal tracts, corpus callosum and cingulate bundle were demonstrated using diffusion tensor data correlated to the patient's clinical conditions. PMID:24209398

  11. The intensity of the geomagnetic field from 2.4 Ga old Indian dykes

    Valet, Jean-Pierre; Besse, Jean; Kumar, Anil; Vadakke-Chanat, Sayoob; Philippe, Edouard


    paleomagnetic records from dyke swarms provide a unique source of information regarding the Archean geomagnetic field and more specifically the average field strength produced by the early dynamo. We sampled 16 paleomagnetic sites from the Dharwar giant dyke swarm in southern India which was emplaced between 2.365 and 2.368 Ga. Despite taking great care in selecting locations exempt of any geological disturbance, only two of these sites provided primary directions with very steep inclinations and therefore were emplaced in close to a magnetic pole. Paleointensity experiments were conducted on a subset of samples from the dyke margins. The characteristic magnetization is carried by single domain magnetite grains with a very narrow range of unblocking temperatures inferred from the sharp decrease by at least 75% of their remanence above 520°C. The paleointensity results indicate an average low field of 9.2 ± 7 µT, consistent with reported values from Canadian dyke swarms for the same period. These results combined with the Thellier-Thellier determinations obtained so far for the Precambrian suggest that a low field period prevailed from circa 2.3 to 1.8 Ga, while the preceding and following time intervals are characterized by significantly stronger paleointensities. Although this suite of episodes is not fully incompatible with previous models for the long-term evolution of the geodynamo, it is tempting to make the link with the recent suggestion of an early dynamo sustained within a conductive magma layer at the base of the mantle from 3.5 to 2.5 Ga which progressively declined until convection became sufficiently efficient to reactivate a strong dynamo process within the Earth's liquid core.

  12. Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome: Cases of Two Brothers and Literature Review

    Park, Kyung-Il; Chung, Jae-Myun; Kim, Ji-Young


    Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome (DDMS) has cerebral hemiatrophy and compensatory ipsilateral skull thickening, and is manifested by recurrent seizures and hemiparesis. We present one case with typical DDMS, who had a brother suffering from epilepsy with mild imaging abnormality relevant to DDMS and similar seizure semiology. A 26-year-old man had a history of developmental delay, mental retardation, hemiparesis and recurrent seizures. His brother, 23-year-old man had also experienced recurrent ...

  13. The geology and geochronology of the Belmont pluton and microgranite dykes from the Margate area

    Field, petrographic, geochemical and Rb-Sr isotope data are presented for two granitic units which are considered to represent amongst the youngest intrusive rocks in the Natal Metamorphic Province. These are the Belmont granite pluton and a suite of unfoliated biotite microgranite dykes from the Margate area. The data suggest that these rocks do not form part of a consanguineous suite as previously envisaged. It is concluded that the Belmont pluton (1055 ± 60Ma) should be assigned to the garnet leucogranite phase of the syntectonic Margate Suite, and that the dykes (∼965 Ma) represent the products of a discrete, late-stage magmatic event which took place towards the end of the Natal orogenesis. Furthermore, the high initial Sr isotopic ratio (∼0,715) of the dykes suggests that they were derived from the melting of pre-existing radiogenic crust. The termination of major tectono-magmatic events in the Late Proterozoic Namaqua-Natal Belt apparently youngs from west to east across South Africa. Reconstructions of Gondwanaland place the Falkland Plateau and the Maudheim Province of Antarctica off the southeast of Africa. Dates obtained from this region range from ∼1000Ma to ∼500Ma, suggesting a continued decrease in age of tectono-magmatic activity eastwards. The microgranite dykes described here are unequivocally amongst the youngest post-tectono-metamorphic intrusions of southern Natal, yet they do not preserve any whole-rock indication of Pan-African isotopic disturbances. Sparse Rb-Sr mineral isotopic data support this indication that there was no significant Pan-African activity in the Natal Metamorphic Province. 8 figs., 7 tabs., 38 refs

  14. Excess pore water pressure induced in the foundation of a tailings dyke at Muskeg River Mine, Fort McMurray

    Eshraghian, A.; Martens, S. [Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd., Calgary, AB (Canada)


    This paper discussed the effect of staged construction on the generation and dissipation of excess pore water pressure within the foundation clayey units of the External Tailings Facility dyke. Data were compiled from piezometers installed within the dyke foundation and used to estimate the dissipation parameters for the clayey units for a selected area of the foundation. Spatial and temporal variations in the pore water pressure generation parameters were explained. Understanding the process by which excess pore water pressure is generated and dissipates is critical to optimizing dyke design and performance. Piezometric data was shown to be useful in improving estimates of the construction-induced pore water pressure and dissipation rates within the clay layers in the foundation during dyke construction. In staged construction, a controlled rate of load application is used to increase foundation stability. Excess pore water pressure dissipates after each application, so the most critical stability condition happens after each load. Slow loading allows dissipation, whereas previous load pressure remains during fast loading. The dyke design must account for the rate of loading and the rate of pore pressure dissipation. Controlling the rate of loading and the rate of stress-induced excess pore water pressure generation is important to dyke stability during construction. Effective stress-strength parameters for the foundation require predictions of the pore water pressure induced during staged construction. It was found that both direct and indirect loading generates excess pore water pressure in the foundation clays. 2 refs., 2 tabs., 11 figs.

  15. Petrology of the prehistoric lavas and dyke of the Barren Island, Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean

    M A Alam; D Chandrasekharam; O Vaselli; B Capaccioni; P Manetti; P B Santo


    Although Barren Island (Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean) witnessed several volcanic eruptions during historic times, the eruptions that led to the formation of this volcanic island occurred mainly during prehistoric times. It is still active and currently in the fumarolic stage. Its volcanic evolution appears to be characterized by a constructive phase with the piling up of lava flows and scoria deposits and Strombolian activities, followed by a sudden collapse of the main cone. Deposits of a possible caldera-forming eruption were not recognized earlier. After a period of peri-calderic hydromagmatic activity, whose deposits presently mantle inner and outer caldera walls, a new phase of intracalderic Vulcanian activities took place. A prominent dyke in the SE inner side of the caldera wall was recognized. Petrographically the lava flows and dyke are similar but they differ in their chemical composition (viz., SiO2, MgO, Ni, Cr) significantly. Similarity in major, minor and trace element composition (viz., K/La, K/Nb, K/Rb, K/Ti ratios) of these rocks together with Chondrite normalized trace element (Rb, Ba, Sr, P, Zr, Ti and Nb) and REE (La, Ce, Nd and Y) patterns of the Barren Island prehistoric lava flows and dyke and low-K lavas of Sunda Arc indicates that Barren Island must have evolved from a source similar to that of Sunda Arc lavas during the Quaternary Period.

  16. Modelling the behaviour of the pervious foundation of a dyke and its treatment with relief wells

    Zahra, M.; D' Astous, J.J.; Tremblay, H. [Centre d' expertise hydrique du Quebec, PQ (Canada); Chahde, J. [Hydro-Quebec, PQ (Canada)


    This paper presented the geotechnical conditions prevailing in the foundation of the Moncouche dyke. The 190 m long, 8.7 m high sand and gravel earth fill dyke is an important water retaining structure of the Kenogami lake reservoir. Following its first impoundment in 1924, heavy seepage forced the construction of a downstream pervious blanket and other remedial measures. During the 1996 July Saguenay flood, new seepage sources topped the blanket. This study analyzed the seepage in the foundation and simulated it through a 2D finite elements model in order to assess measures to reduce uplift seepage gradients. This paper described the modelling of the existing pore water pressures in the foundation. The pore pressures and seepage to be evacuated once the line of relief wells was in place were also estimated. They dyke's impervious core is a concrete wall connected at its lower end to a metal sheet piles driven to a variable depth. The existence of artesian conditions in the 30 m thick granular pervious fluvioglacial deposit combined with low to medium standard penetration tests and dynamic cone penetration test counts called for liquefaction hazard assessment relative to seismic loading. The construction of deep relief wells were shown to be an appropriate and cost effective measure to reduce seepage. 6 refs., 2 tabs., 13 figs.

  17. Understanding and using technological affordances: a commentary on Conole and Dyke

    Tom Boyle


    Full Text Available The paper by Conole and Dyke sets the context by pointing to a number of problems that inhibit the widespread, effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT to support learning. They argue that this situation highlights the need to explore a theoretical basis for the use of ICT to support learning. The central argument of the paper is that the notion of affordances can make a significant contribution to this endeavour. The paper aims to articulate the potential impact of these affordances primarily through the development of a taxonomy. It draws on social constructivist theory to help understand and articulate the impact of these affordances. The concept of affordances is potentially both rich and provocative. Conole and Dyke provide a refreshing and diverse look at the theoretical basis for the use of ICT to support learning. We have structured our commentary around six questions that are provided by Conole and Dyke in their Discussion section. Whilst examining these questions we highlight various issues raised by the paper, which we believe, need further consideration and clarification.

  18. Interactive Financial Charts- Agency Financial Reports

    General Services Administration — For a visual depiction of GSA's Balance Sheet and Statement of Net Cost, please use the interactive charts to view the financial results for fiscal years 2007-2013.

  19. Verbetering van de productiviteit van een container terminal door efficiënte opslag van containers

    Verjans, Philippe


    Deze masterproef had als doel om manieren te onderzoeken om de productiviteit van een container terminal te verbeteren door een efficiëntere opslag van containers. In dit onderzoek is eerst gezocht naar de bestaande modellen in verband met de opslag van containers om vervolgens twee modellen na te bouwen. In de literatuur zijn vier verschillende categorieën van modellen terug te vinden die trachten de opslag van containers te optimaliseren. Het eerste model bestaat uit een LP probleem waar...

  20. Slechts beperkt effect van behandeling van schildklierstoornissen op klachten van het bewegingsapparaat

    Kloppenburg, M.; Dijkmans, B. A. C.; Rasker, J J


    Onderzocht werd wat het effect op lange termijn is van behandeling van een gestoorde schildklierwerking op klachten van het bewegingsapparaat bij patiënten die naar de reumatoloog werden verwezen en bij wie een gestoorde schildklierwerking werd vastgesteld. Hiertoe werden 102 patiënten opgespoord die op de polikliniek Reumatologie bekend waren tussen 1980 en 1990 en tevens een schildklieraandoening hadden. Van hen bleken er 46 evalueerbaar voor het doel van het onderzoek en zij werden geïnter...

  1. Drie dimensionale verspreiding van Rijnwater voor de kust van Holland: een eerste analyse van saliniteitsmetingen

    Joppe, K.


    In het kader van onderzoek naar stoftransporten langs de Nederlandse kust (WST-4-projekt) door Rijkswaterstaat is een studie uitgevoerd naar de verspreiding van Rijnwater in de Noordzee. Dit is o.a. van belang om inzicht te verkrijgen in de verspreiding van in het Rijnwater opgeloste afvalstoffen, slib, etc. langs de Nederlandse kust. Ook kan het dienen als ondersteuning voor andere onderzoeken, bijvoorbeeld naar het ecosysteem van de Noordzee. Er blijken enkele faktoren te zijn die een belan...

  2. Automatic Extraction of High-Resolution Rainfall Series from Rainfall Strip Charts

    Saa-Requejo, Antonio; Valencia, Jose Luis; Garrido, Alberto; Tarquis, Ana M.


    Soil erosion is a complex phenomenon involving the detachment and transport of soil particles, storage and runoff of rainwater, and infiltration. The relative magnitude and importance of these processes depends on a host of factors, including climate, soil, topography, cropping and land management practices among others. Most models for soil erosion or hydrological processes need an accurate storm characterization. However, this data are not always available and in some cases indirect models are generated to fill this gap. In Spain, the rain intensity data known for time periods less than 24 hours back to 1924 and many studies are limited by it. In many cases this data is stored in rainfall strip charts in the meteorological stations but haven't been transfer in a numerical form. To overcome this deficiency in the raw data a process of information extraction from large amounts of rainfall strip charts is implemented by means of computer software. The method has been developed that largely automates the intensive-labour extraction work based on van Piggelen et al. (2011). The method consists of the following five basic steps: 1) scanning the charts to high-resolution digital images, 2) manually and visually registering relevant meta information from charts and pre-processing, 3) applying automatic curve extraction software in a batch process to determine the coordinates of cumulative rainfall lines on the images (main step), 4) post processing the curves that were not correctly determined in step 3, and 5) aggregating the cumulative rainfall in pixel coordinates to the desired time resolution. A colour detection procedure is introduced that automatically separates the background of the charts and rolls from the grid and subsequently the rainfall curve. The rainfall curve is detected by minimization of a cost function. Some utilities have been added to improve the previous work and automates some auxiliary processes: readjust the bands properly, merge bands when

  3. Psigologiese benadering van pastorale arbeid

    D. J. Strümpfer


    Full Text Available In die spreektaal van ons Afrikaanse kerke is ons lief om die bedienaar van die Woord aan te dui as „die predikant”, „die leraar” of „die dominee”. Miskien plaas ons met hierdie semantiese gebruik van terme wat lering en proklamering impliseer, ’n ongelukkige klem op die preekamp. Daarteenoor, het ons semanties miskien iets te leer van die Pinkstersektes wat die benaming „pastoor” verkies, of die Amerikaanse ge­ bruik van die term „the pastor”. Ons is wel lief om te praat van „ons herder en leraar”. Veelal word die herderlike, of pastorale, deel van die taak van die bedienaar van die Woord egter in sy eie gedagtes, asook in die gedagtes van sy gemeentelede, deur die leraarskap op die agtergrond gedwing. Al te dikwels word hy deur gemeentelede beskou as iemand wat op Sondag op die kansel gesien moet word en wat niks met die res van hul lewens te doen het nie. Herstel van die pastoraat sal deel moet wees van die proses om die ontkerstening van die hedendaagse lewe teen te gaan.

  4. Ontwerpen van leren op de werkplek

    Van der Klink, Marcel


    Van der Klink, M. (2010, 30 March). Ontwerpen van leren op de werkplek. Gastcollege gehouden bij de Masteropleiding Leren & Innoveren van de Hogeschool Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Nederland: Hogeschool Rotterdam.

  5. Die voorgeskiedenis van kwantumberekening

    P. H. Potgieter


    Full Text Available Die hoofidees wat tans gestalte vind in die teorie en tegnologie van kwantumberekening is in die laat 1970’s en vroeg 1980’s deur fisici in die Weste en ’n wiskundige in die voormalige Sowjetunie neergelˆ e. Dat di´ e teorie ook wortels in die Russiestalige vakliteratuur het, is nie algemeen bekend in die Weste nie. Daar word kortliks gekyk na die idee soos deur Benioff en (veral Feynman in die Weste versprei, asook die voorstel van di´ e rekengrondslag deur Manin in die Russiese literatuur. Die outeur hoop om hiermee so ’n onpartydig moontlike sintese van die vroe ¨ e gedagtegeskiedenis rondom kwantumberekening aan te bied. Die rol van omkeerbare en onomkeerbare berekeningsprosesse word vlugtig bekyk soos dit verband hou met die ontstaan van kwantumberekening, asook die sogenaamde Inligtingsparadoks in die fisika. Die inligtingsteorie en die fisika het heelwat met mekaar te kommunikeer, soos hierdie paradoks uitwys.

  6. Prestatiekenmerken van de bepaling van formaldehyde en 8-hydroxychinolinesulfaat

    Cleven RFMJ; Graaf M de; LAC


    Een aantal prestatiekenmerken voor de bepaling van een tweetal componenten waarvan de gehaltes regelmatig worden bepaald in voornamelijk sera en vaccins, is nader vastgelegd. Het betreft juistheid, precisie en nauwkeurigheid, de lineariteit van de kalibratiecurven, aantoonbaarheidsgrens, en matr

  7. De functionele eigenschappen van suiker : de rol van suiker

    Boekel, van M.A.J.S.


    Suiker kan om veel verschillende redenen aan voeding worden toegevoegd. Om de zoete smaak natuurlijk, maar er is meer. Professor Tiny van Boekel van Wageningen Universiteit legt uit waarom suiker zo uniek is.

  8. Effecten van de verregening van EDTA-houdend zuivelafvalwater

    Drent, J.


    In een kolomproef en via literatuuronderzoek is het effect van verschillende gehalten aan EDTA (Ethyl-Diamine-Tetra-Azijnzuur) in het afvalwater op de gehalten van metaalionen in het drainwater onderzocht.

  9. Een verkenning van het effect van stadslandbouw: de case Almere

    Dekking, A.J.G.; Veen, E.J.; Jansma, J.E.


    Onderzoek in het kader van de PPS ‘Multifunctionele Landbouw’ Wat is de omvang en dynamiek rond stadslandbouw in Nederland, is de betekenis van stadslandbouw nader te duiden? De casus is in Almere uitgevoerd.

  10. Duurzaamheidsaspecten van de teelt en verwerking van energiegewassen in Zuidoost Nederland

    Conijn, J.G.; Corré, W.J.


    Resultaten van berekeningen van de effecten van teelt en verwerking van energiegewassen van vier verschillende ketens. De duurzaamheidsaspecten die aan bod komen zijn: vermindering fossiel energiegebruik en broeikasgas (BKG) emissie, behoud organische stof in de bodem, nitraatuitspoeling uit de bode

  11. Determinanten van de cash positie van Belgische KMO's

    Bocken, Michaël


    KMO's hebben onder meer omwille van hun grootte minder mogelijkheden om beroep te doen op de financiële markt dan grotere ondernemingen. Er zijn dan ook verschillende theorieën rond de diverse motieven die KMO's hebben om cash bij te houden, zoals bijvoorbeeld het voorzorgsmotief. Het opzet van deze eindverhandeling was dan ook om deze verschillende motieven te vinden en te onderzoeken. Dit werd gedaan aan de hand van het bestuderen van literatuur, waarin dan uiteindelijk drie relevante t...

  12. Optimaliseren van de bepaling van vluchtige organohalogeenverbindingen (VOX)

    Fokkert L; Cleven RFMJ


    Vluchtige organohalogeenverbindingen komen thans in aantoonbare concentraties in het milieu voor. Voor een snelle screening van deze groep staat de bepaling van de somparameter vluchtige organohalogenen (VOX) in de belangstelling. De coulometrische bepaling van de halogeniden, die bij verbranding van VOX-verbindingen ontstaan, is een methode om deze parameter te meten. Omdat deze methode niet in voldoende mate is gestandaardiseerd werd een onderzoek verricht naar de optimale waarden voor een ...


    A.E. Van Zyl


    Full Text Available 'There was always a Rock. Them was always strife around it."Gibraltar is geleë in Andalusië die suidelike provinsie van Spanje en is inderwaarheid 'an arm of land thrust out into the sea.'" Die hele eiland is eintlik 'n reuse rotsberg wat, wanneer die warm oostewind waai, deur 'n wolk oorkoepel word en die toeskouer onwillekeurig herrinner aan die Grieke se berg van die Gode - Olympus. 'It is hardly surprising, then, that the Rock, and the whole area surrounding it, became imbued first with myth and legend, and then with history.'''

  14. Analise van die Tswanaraaisel

    S. A. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available ’n Strukturele, stilistiese en funksionele bcskrywing van die Twanaraaisel bring mee dat daar aan die volgende aspekte aandag gegee moet word: •\tWat is ’n raaisel en lioe word dit in Tswana genoem. •\tTot watter studiegebied en literere genre hoort die raaisel en watter subvorme kan vir Tswana onderskei word. •\tHoe sien die struktuur van Tswanaraaisels daar uit. •\tDeur wie, waar, wanneer en hoe word Tswanaraaisels voorgedra. •\tWatter stilistiese kenmcrke kan in Tswanaraaisels onderskei word. •\tWatter funksies vervul raaisels in ’n Tswanagcmeenskap.

  15. Winkel van de toekomst, toekomst van de winkel?

    Hofste, M. (Marleen); Teeuw, W.B. (Wouter)


    Dit boekje geeft de resultaten weer van het project Future Store van het Saxion Kenniscentrum Design en Technologie. Het gedrag, de behoeften van de consument, trends en de technologische ontwikkelingen veranderen in een rap tempo. Om deze veranderingen te kunnen bijbenen hebben retailers, MKB- bedr

  16. De verleidelijkheid van het grote gebaar: Het werk van Dogma

    Teerds, P.J.


    In vier portacabins op het parkeerterrein van de Delftse Faculteit Bouwkunde is nog tot volgende week de tentoonstelling 11+1 projects te zien, een overzichtstentoonstelling van het intrigerende werk van het Brusselse bureau Dogma. Met de tentoonstelling zet de faculteit na de brand in 2008 weer een

  17. Aspekte van die hersiening van die Fisikawoordeboek I

    D. F. Louw


    Full Text Available In die vorige uitgawe van hierdie tydskrif is aangedui dat ’n Redaksiekomitee onder die vleuels van die Departement van Nasionale Opvoeding se Nasionale Vakterminologie - diens (NVD benoem is om die tweetalige Fisikawoor­deboek - te hersien.

  18. Implementatie van de Surviving Sepsis Campaign bundels : Monitoring van ervaringen

    Rensen, A.; Willems, A.; Stevens, N.; Zeegers, F.; Vloet, Lilian; Schouten, J.


    Sepsis komt vaak voor in ziekenhuizen. Ernstige sepsis is verantwoordelijk voor 10 - 20% van alle Intensive Care (IC) opnames en is de belangrijkste doodsoorzaak op niet-cardiale IC?s. De gemiddelde mortaliteit van volwassenen met ernstige sepsis op de IC is 33% en van volwassenen met septische shoc

  19. De kinderportretten van Albert Anker

    Thoomes, D.T.


    Hoe moeten de vele kindertaferelen van de schilder Albert Anker (1831-1910)worden geïnterpreteerd? Gaat het om een natuurgetrouwe weergave van een (voorbije)kinderwereld of om een geromantiseerde kijk op kinderen?

  20. Chart of nuclides relating to neutron activation

    This chart is for frequent use in the prediction of the product species of neutron activation. The first edition of the chart has been made in 1976 after the repeated trial preparation. It has the following good points. (1) Any letter in chart is as large as one can read easily. [This condition has been obtained by the selection of items to be shown in chart. They are the name (the symbol of element, mass number, and half-life) of nuclide or of isomer, and the type of decay.]. (2) Decay product has been shown indirectly for branchings with two-step decay via short-lived daughter in an excited state. [This matter has been realized by use of the new mode of indication.] (3) Nuclides shown in chart are (a) naturally occurring nuclides and (b) nuclides formed from naturally occurring nuclides through one of the following reactions: (n, γ), (n, n'), (n, p), (n, α), (n, 2n), (n, pn), (n, 3n), (n, αn), (n, t), (n, 3He), (n, 2p), and (n, γ)(n, γ). In the revision of the first edition, some modes of indication have become a little simpler, and the isomers of shorter half-lives (0.1 - 1 μs) have been added. (author)

  1. A PIP chart for nuclear plant safety

    While it is known that social and political aspects of nuclear safety issues are important, little study has been done on identifying the breadth of stakeholders whose policies have important influences over nuclear plant safety in a comprehensive way. The objectives of this study are to develop a chart that visually identifies important stakeholders and their policies and illustrates these influences in a hierarchical representation so that the relationship between stakeholders and nuclear safety will be better understood. This study is based on a series of extensive interviews with major stakeholders, such as nuclear plant managers, corporate planning vice presidents, state regulators, news media, and public interest groups, and focuses on one US nuclear power plant. Based on the interview results, the authors developed a conceptual policy influence paths (PIP) chart. The PIP chart illustrates the hierarchy of influence among stakeholders. The PIP chart is also useful in identifying possible stakeholders who can be easily overlooked without the PIP chart. In addition, it shows that influence flow is circular rather than linear in one direction

  2. Italian cardiovascular mortality charts of the CUORE project: are they comparable with the SCORE charts?

    Donfrancesco, Chiara


    The aim of this study was to build risk charts for the assessment of cardiovascular mortality of the CUORE project, an Italian longitudinal study, and to compare them with the systematic coronary risk evaluation (SCORE) project charts for low risk European countries.

  3. Het Nederlandse bos als vorm van bodemgebruik

    Slangen, L.H.G.; Boven, van B.


    Behandeling van de oppervlakte en verdeling van het bos en de veranderingen die hierin zijn opgetreden, met de bedrijfsgrootte-struktuur als belangrijke invalshoek daarbij; de rol van de overheid: doeleinden, instrumenten en effekten van het beleid

  4. De distributiestructuur van varkens in Nederland

    Driel, van J.A.


    Onderzoek naar de structuur van de afzet van levende varkens en biggen op basis van enquetes onder ruim 1000 varkenshouders en 150 veehandelaren. Het rapport beschrijft de situatie in 1986 en vergelijkt deze met die van 1973

  5. De betrouwbaarheid van het vagina-uitstrijkje van de rat als middel om de fase van de bronstcyclus te detecteren

    van Velsen FL; Loeber JG; Franken MAM; Liefde AD


    De betrouwbaarheid van het vagina-uitstrijkje bij de rat als indicator van de fase van de cyclus is onderzocht bij 60 dieren van 250 g. Gedurende 4 achtereenvolgende weken is op de werkdagen een uitstrijkje gemaakt ter beoordeling van de regelmaat van de cyclus. Daarna zijn de dieren geseceerd na d

  6. Gaschromatografisch onderzoek naar de samenstelling van de vluchtige olie van Mentha piperita L. gedurende de ontwikkeling van de plant

    Malingré, Theodorus Maria


    SAMENVATTING Het doel van het beschreven onderzoek was door middel van gaschromatografie, gecombineerd met andere analysemethoden, de samenstelling van de vluchtige olie van Mentha piperita L. en de veranderingen hierin gedurende de ontwikkeling van de plant, te bepalen en uit de resultaten van het

  7. Samenstelling van de vluchtige olie van Origanum vulgare L. ssp. vulgare gedurende de ontwikkeling van de plant

    Maarse, Henk


    INLEIDING EN DOEL VAN HET ONDERZOEK Vele onderzoekers hebben de laatste jaren de vorming van de verbindingen in vluchtige olien van planten bestudeerd door het bepalen van de verandering in de samenstelling van de vluchtige olie tijdens de groei van de plant. Lemli (68) wees als eerste op de noodzaa

  8. Van Gogh's Sunflowers

    Daddino, Michelle


    In this article, the author describes an art project wherein kindergarten students painted sunflowers. These beautiful and colorful sunflowers were inspired by the book "Camille and the Sunflowers" by Laurence Anholt, which does an amazing job of introducing young children to the art and life of Vincent van Gogh.

  9. Van Bahrein tot Bitcoin

    Lodder, A.R.


    Door het internet kan de burger rechtstreeks contact krijgen met zijn publiek zonder hulp van derden als omroepen, kranten, uitgevers, muziekindustrie, etc. Bij al deze communicaties is prominent (Youtube) of minder prominent (Wordpress) een derde partij betrokken die de communicatie faciliteert. De

  10. Scheuren van grasland

    Velthof, G.L.


    In dit hoofdstuk wordt achtergrondinformatie gegeven over 1) de motieven om grasland te scheuren in de melkveehouderij en akkerbouw, 2) het areaal grasland dat jaarlijks wordt gescheurd, 3) de huidige wetgeving met betrekking tot scheuren en 4) de N-processen die na het scheuren van grasland optreden.

  11. Verbeteren eetkwaliteit van stierenvlees

    Os, van M.; Heeres-van der Tol, J.J.; Kranen, R.W.; Eikelenboom, G.


    Deze eisen zullen de uniformiteit verbeteren, maar wat het effect is van deze factoren op de eetkwaliteit is echter minder bekend. Om hier inzicht in te krijgen heeft het Praktijkonderzoek Veehouderij in samenwerking met het ID-Lelystad een onderzoek uitgevoerd.

  12. Bacteriologisch Onderzoek van slachtdieren

    Engel HWB; van Leusden FM; Erne EHW


    Door zes vleeskeuringsdiensten en het RIVM werd gezamenlijk onderzoek verricht naar het in de Vleeskeuringswet omschreven "Bacteriologisch Onderzoek" (BO) bij slachtdieren. Doel was na te gaan of er verschillen zouden zijn in de aantallen positieve resultaten van het BO tussen de diensten

  13. Au Coeur de la Cour: een analyse van de organisatie en het personeel van de griffie van de Raad van Vlaanderen (1386-1795)

    Verfaillie, Joke


    Het voorliggende proefschrift behandelt de griffie van de Raad van Vlaanderen (1386-1795), de hoogste justitieraad van het voormalige graafschap Vlaanderen. Bij wijze van centrale vraag wordt op zoek gegaan naar bevestiging of ontkrachting van een hypothese. De griffie van een vroegmoderne justitieraad kan immers, naar analogie met moderne griffies, worden beschouwd als het zenuwcentrum van alle administratieve activiteiten. De griffiers of zogenoemde ‘schrijvers’, die aan het hoofd van die d...

  14. De groeikracht van nieuwe zetmeelaardappelrassen

    Bus, C.B.


    Kennis over de fysiologie van pootgoed van zetmeelaardappelen is van groot belang voor een vlotte en volledige opkomst en daarmee voor een optimale productie. Bij nieuwe rassen is kennis over deze fysiologie nog maar beperkt aanwezig. Daarom zijn in gedurende één seizoen vijf nieuwe veelbelovende ra

  15. Die eenheid van die universiteit

    W. N. Coetzee


    Full Text Available Dit lyk na ’n teenstrydigheid otn te besin oor die eenheid van ’n universiteit. Die naam „universiteit” is tog afgelei van die Latynse woord „universitas”, wat in die amptelike stukke van die meeste Europese lande vandag nog gebruik word. Hierdie woord beteken „die geheel” en dit veronderstel natuurlik dadelik eenheid.

  16. Exploring patterns in European singles charts

    Buda, Andrzej


    European singles charts are important part of the music industry responsible for creating popularity of songs. After modeling and exploring dynamics of global album sales in previous papers, we investigate patterns of hit singles popularity according to all data (1966-2015) from weekly charts (polls) in 12 Western European countries. The dynamics of building popularity in various national charts is more than the economy because it depends on spread of information. In our research we have shown how countries may be affected by their neighbourhood and influenced by technological era. We have also computed correlations with geographical and cultural distances between countries in analog, digital and Internet era. We have shown that time delay between the single premiere and the peak of popularity has become shorter under the influence of technology and the popularity of songs depends on geographical distances in analog (1966-1987) and Internet (2004-2015) era. On the other hand, cultural distances between nation...

  17. Distribution and petrography of the mesozoic basic dykes of the San Gregorio de Polanco, Parana magmatic province, Uruguay

    The tectonomagmatic events developed in the lower Cretaceous, predating the South Atlantic Ocean opening, generated an intensive magmatic activity that covered an important surface of the South American platform (Parana-Etendeka Magmatic Province). Both the instability and rupture of the continental crust, as well as magma rising are registered by the presence of basic intrusions (dykes and sills), and lava flows located in the central-north portion of Uruguay. This paper deals with a detailed petrologic study focused on the San Gregorio de Polanco Dyke Swarm (Department of Tacuarembo). As result of semidetailed geological mapping, 17 dyke segments with 12km length and 20m width maximum have been identified. These dykes are concentrated in four main geographic zones named: Achar, San Gregorio de Polanco, La Paloma and San Jorge. The dykes define parallel to sub parallel trends, with a zig-zag pattern (N140°-170° and N080°-110°) controlled by basement lineaments. Their mineralogy includes calcic plagioclases (labradorite and andesine), calcic clinopyroxene (augite-pigeonite), opaques minerals (two populations), olivine; glass and apatite as accessories. In turn, the SEM-EDS analyses of the opaque minerals (modal 15%) of both populations allowed their classification as titanomagnetite correspondent to different crystallisation stages. The first population of titanomagnetite would correspond to the main crystallisation stage while the second one would be generated by partial dissolution of the former under low oxygen fugacity conditions and temperatures around 450°C

  18. The discovery of the Neoarchean mafic dyke swarm in Hengshan and reinterpretation of the previous "Wutai greenstone belt"


    The structural mapping and section study indicate that the "greenstone belts" in the southern to central parts of Hengshan were intensively sheared and transposed mafic dyke swarm,which originally intruded into the Neoarchean grey gneiss and high-pressure granulite terrain(HPGT).The HPGT is characterized by flat-dipping structures,to the south it became steep and was cut by the Dianmen mafic dyke swarm.After high-pressure granulite-facies metamorphic event,the mafic dyke swarm occurred,and was associated with the extensional setting and reworked by the late strike-slip shearing.The zircon age dating proves that the Dianmen mafic dyke swarm was emplaced during the period between 2499±4 Ma and 2512±3 Ma,followed by late tectonothermal reworking.The Dianmen mafic dyke swarm further documents the extensional episode in the central to northern parts of North China Craton(NCC),providing the important constraint for the limit between Archean and Proterozoic and correlation between NCC and other cratonic blocks of the world.

  19. De ontwikkeling van consumentenproducten van het oogpunt van een optimale sensorische mix

    Willems, Thomas


    In deze masterproef wordt de ontwikkeling van consumentenproducten vanuit het oogpunt van een optimale sensorische mix bestudeerd. Er wordt onderzocht hoe de verpakking (merknaam, figuur) een invloed kan hebben op meerdere zintuigen en welke consumentenreactie kan uitgelokt worden.

  20. Verspreiding van verteenwoordigers van die genus Ergasilus sp . op die kieue van Lamprichtys tanganicanus in Tanganjikameer

    Esmari Kilian; Annemarie Avenant-Oldewage


    Vier spesies van die genusErgasilusis reeds voorheen van visse in Tanganjikameer beskryf.Tydens ‘n onlangse versameling wasErgasilus sarsiop 32Lamprichtys tanganicanus gevind. Visse is met handnette versamel.

  1. Fault and dyke detectability in high resolution seismic surveys for coal: a view from numerical modelling*

    Zhou, Binzhong 13Hatherly, Peter


    Modern underground coal mining requires certainty about geological faults, dykes and other structural features. Faults with throws of even just a few metres can create safety issues and lead to costly delays in mine production. In this paper, we use numerical modelling in an ideal, noise-free environment with homogeneous layering to investigate the detectability of small faults by seismic reflection surveying. If the layering is horizontal, faults with throws of 1/8 of the wavelength should be detectable in a 2D survey. In a coal mining setting where the seismic velocity of the overburden ranges from 3000 m/s to 4000 m/s and the dominant seismic frequency is ~100 Hz, this corresponds to a fault with a throw of 4-5 m. However, if the layers are dipping or folded, the faults may be more difficult to detect, especially when their throws oppose the trend of the background structure. In the case of 3D seismic surveying we suggest that faults with throws as small as 1/16 of wavelength (2-2.5 m) can be detectable because of the benefits offered by computer-aided horizon identification and the improved spatial coherence in 3D seismic surveys. With dykes, we find that Berkhout's definition of the Fresnel zone is more consistent with actual experience. At a depth of 500 m, which is typically encountered in coal mining, and a 100 Hz dominant seismic frequency, dykes less than 8 m in width are undetectable, even after migration.

  2. Methode van onderzoek voor residuen van bestrijdingsmiddelen afgeleid van triazines in levensmiddelen (Multimethode 7)

    Greve PA


    In dit rapport wordt een methode gegeven voor de clean-up van extracten m.b.v. gelpermeatiechromatografie (GPC) t.b.v. de bepaling van residuen van electron-captieve en organofosforbestrijdingsmiddelen. Een oudere versie van de GPC-methode, die alleen de organochloorbestrijdingsmiddelen omvatte, was gegeven in de bundel "Analytical Methods for Residues of Pesticides in Foodstuffs", 4th edition (1985), als Multi-residue Method 1, Submethod 7 ; deze versie is hiermee vervallen. De nie...


    Vipin Kumar


    Full Text Available Cerebral hemi-atrophy with seizures, hemiplegia and mental retardation is uncommon clinical presentation in the early childhood and adolescence. The causes are various and usually grouped into congenital and acquired types. The Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome is one of the causes of these clinical manifestations, which is usually developed secondary to brain insult. Here we report two cases with similar symptoms- one case was an adult male of 35 years with long history of seizures and the second case was a young male of 22 years with cognitive impairment, difficulty in speech and walking

  4. Granitoids and dykes of the Pine Island Bay region, West Antarctica

    Kipf, Andrea; Mortimer, Nicholas; Werner, Reinhard; Gohl, Karsten; van den Bogaard, Paul; Hauff, Folkmar; Hoernle, Kaj


    We present geochronological and geochemical data for eight plutonic rocks from five locations in the Pine Island Bay area of West Antarctica, collected during RV Polarstern expedition ANT-XXIII/4. Ar-Ar laser method dating yielded closure temperatures ages of c. 147–98 Ma for dioritic and granitic plutonic rocks and an age range of c. 97–95 Ma for granitoid and trachyandesitic dykes. Major and trace element compositions indicate that all rocks have an I-type subduction-related chemistry. Ther...

  5. Het bepalen van de plasma renine activiteit door middel van de radioimmunochemische bepaling van angiotensine I

    Elvers LH; Somers HHJ; Loeber JG


    De plasma renine activiteit (PRA) wordt gemeten door de radioimmunochemische bepaling (RIA) van het angiotensine I (AI) dat gevormd wordt tijdens incubatie van het renine met zijn substraat (angiotensinogeen). Om degradatie van het gevormde AI door peptidases te voorkomen worden als angiotensinases

  6. Milieu- en gezondheidsonderzoek in de leefomgeving van Van Voorden gieterij te Zaltbommel: samenvatting van de deelonderzoeken

    Mennen MG; Kwekkeboom JMI; Broekman MH; van Brederode N; IMD; LAC; LVM; SIR


    Naar aanleiding van onrust bij omwonenden van een metaalgieterij is een onderzoek uitgevoerd om vast te stellen welke stoffen door de metaalgieterij worden uitgestoten en in welke hoeveelheden. Ook is gemeten hoe hoog de concentraties en depositie van deze stoffen in de leefomgeving zijn en wat de

  7. Effecten van preventie. Deelrapport van de VTV 2010 Van gezond naar beter

    van den Berg M; Schoemaker CG; VTV; PZO; vz


    'Effecten van preventie' is het deelrapport van de Volksgezondheid Toekomst Verkenning 2010 over de effectiviteit van preventieve maatregelen en interventies. Sinds de Preventienota 'Kiezen voor gezond leven' uit 2006 hanteert de overheid in het preventiebeleid een vijftal speer

  8. Les dykes basiques du massif ancien de l'Ourika (Atlas de Marrakech, Maroc): géochimie et significationThe basic dykes of the Ourika old massif (High Atlas of Marrakech): Geochemistry and significance

    Barakat, Ahmed; Marignac, Christian; Bouabdelli, Mohamed

    The Precambrian massif of Ourika is crosscut by two systems of basic dykes, striking N40°E and N90-120°E. Using incompatible trace elements, the two systems form two distinct chemical groups, displaying a continental tholeiitic affinity. The composition variations between the two defined groups can be due to heterogeneities of mantle sources and to contamination, during the magma ascent, by the continental crust. The emplacement of these basic dykes, before the late-PIII formations, can be related to the Neoproterozoic distension generalised to the Anti-Atlas chain. To cite this article: A. Barakat et al., C. R. Geoscience 334 (2002) 827-833.

  9. New U-Pb ages from dykes cross-cutting the Demirci metamorphics, NW Turkey: Implications for multiple orogenic events

    Sen, Fatih; Koral, Hayrettin; Peytcheva, Irena


    A high-grade metamorphic sequence in the Sünnice Mountains, Bolu, NW Turkey, is represented by migmatitic quartzo-feldspathic gneisses in amphibolite facies called the Demirci metamorphics/paragneisses, and a sequence of low-grade meta-volcanics containing meta-andesites with minor meta-rhyolites and meta-sedimentary rocks called the Yellice meta-volcanics. They are intruded by the Dirgine granite with an age of Upper Ediacaran (576-565 Ma) and are considered a part of the İstanbul-Zonguldak Tectonic Unit. The Demirci paragneisses are also intruded by a number of dykes in various directions, traditionally considered without radiometric dating to have been emplaced in a single magmatic phase in the Eocene related to post-collision regime of the Anatolide-Tauride platform. Mafic-intermediate-felsic dykes cross-cutting the Demirci paragneisses have been investigated in maps of 1/1000 scale, and their U-Pb zircon age, major-trace element and kinematic data have been obtained. The mafics dykes cross-cutting the Yellice meta-volcanics, equivalents of those in the Demirci paragneisses, occur in N400-500E orientations and have calc-alkaline basalt compositions with a subduction signature. The intermediate dykes occur in N650W, N800W orientations and have calc-alkaline basaltic andesite to andesitic compositions with a subduction signature. Some felsics occur in N150W and N800E orientations and have calc-alkaline dacitic compositions with a collisional tectonic setting. Other calc-alkaline granitic dykes occur in N750E orientation and calc-alkaline granitic compositions with a subduction signature. U-Pb LA-ICP-MS dating of zircons yield ages from 485.7±3.6 Ma (i.e. Cambro-Ordovician) for N800E trending dacite dykes; 443.0±5.4 Ma (i.e. Ordovician-Silurian) for N150W trending dacite dykes; 301.0±1.6 Ma (i.e. Upper Pennsylvanian-Carboniferous) for N650W trending basaltic andesite dykes; 268.2±2.4 Ma (i.e. Guadalupian-Permian) for N40-500E trending basalt dykes; 262.9±3

  10. Werkafwesigheid: 'n Studie van vragmotorbestuurders

    J. S. Gouws


    Full Text Available Absenteeism: A study of truck drivers. The aim of the study was to explore reasons for absenteeism as experienced by code 11 truck drivers. Two groups were identified: one group high, and the other group low on an absenteeism continuum. Significant differences between the groups ocurred with respect to four of the sixteen personality factors of the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire. However, no significant difference in their personal values and intellectual ability could be found. Opsomming Die doel van die studie was die identifisering van aanduiders van werkafwesigheid by kode 11 vragmotorbestuurders. Die bevinding van hierdie studie is dat daar beduidende verskille tussen werkafwesige en werkaanwesige vragmotorbestuurders ten opsigte van vier van die sestien persoonlikheidsfaktore van die Sestien Persoonlik- heidsfaktorvraelys bestaan. Daar blyk egter geen beduidende verskille betreffende hulle persoonlike waardes en intellektuele vermoens te wees nie.

  11. Charting environmental pollution. [by noise measurements

    Halpert, E.; Bizo, F.; Karacsonyi, Z.


    It is found that areas affected by different noxious agents are within the limits traced for high noise level areas; consequently, it is suggested that high noise pressure levels should be used as the primary indication of environmental pollution. A complex methodology is reported for charting environmental pollution due to physical, chemical and biological noxious agents on the scale of an industrial district.

  12. Progress in the technology of nautical charting

    Joseph, A.

    ". The article skims through the various aspects of safety of navigation such as nautical charts created by the Arabs in the medieval days of stellar navigation in the Indian Ocean; the contributions by the Chinese, the British, and the Portuguese; hydrographic...

  13. Chart Notes from a Sports Nutritionist.

    Clark, Nancy


    A sports nutritionist/registered dietician on the sports medicine team can provide clients with reliable nutrition information and respond to their interest in healthful, high-energy eating. Three case reports illustrate the usefulness of a nutritionist to practitioners of sports medicine. A chart of healthful foods is provided. (MT)

  14. Mobile Phone Mood Charting for Adolescents

    Matthews, Mark; Doherty, Gavin; Sharry, John; Fitzpatrick, Carol


    Mobile phones may provide a useful and engaging platform for supporting therapeutic services working with adolescents. This paper examines the potential benefits of the mobile phone for self-charting moods in comparison to existing methods in current practice. The paper describes a mobile phone application designed by the authors which allows…

  15. Geochemical characteristics of Mesoproterozoic metabasite dykes from the Chhotanagpur Gneissic Terrain, eastern India: Implications for their emplacement in a plate margin tectonic environment

    Rajesh K Srivastava; Anup K Sinha; Suresh Kumar


    A number of mafic intrusive bodies (mostly dykes) are exposed in the Chhotanagpur Gneissic Terrain (CGT). Most dykes trend in ENE–WSW to E–W following major structural trends of the region. These metabasite dykes show granoblastic to grano-nematoblastic textures and contain hornblende, plagioclase, chlorite, quartz and epidote which suggest their metamorphism under amphibolite grade P–T conditions. Although no radiometric age is available for the metabasite dykes, field relationships with host rock and available geochronology on granitoids suggest their emplacement during Mesoproterozoic. Geochemical characteristics of these dykes classify them as low-K tholeiite to medium-K calcalkaline type. At least two types of metabasite dykes are recognized on the basis of their HFSE contents; one group shows entirely calc-alkaline nature, whereas the other group has rocks of tholeiite-calc-alkaline series. High Mg#observed in a number of samples indicates their derivation from primary melt. Multielement spidergrams and rare-earth element patterns observed in these samples also corroborate their derivation from different magma batches. Trace element patterns observed for Nb–Ta, Hf–Zr, Sr and Y suggesting involvement of subduction related processes in the genesis of CGT metabasite dykes. Perceived geochemical characteristics suggest that metamorphism did not affect much on the chemistry of metabasites but source region, responsible for the generation of CGT metabasites, was possibly modified during subduction process. This study suggests that magma generated in a destructive plate setting fed the Mesoproterozoic mafic dykes of the CGT.

  16. Ellis-van Creveld

    Dhandabani Jayaraj


    Full Text Available Ellis-van Creveld (EVC syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder that is also known as chondro-ectodermal dysplasia. The common manifestations of this syndrome are short ribs, postaxial polydactyly, growth retardation, and ectodermal and cardiac defects. The present case report is about an 8-year-old boy who had the features of bilateral hexadactyly, knocked knees, cardiac problems, congenital absence of incisors, fused upper and lower labial frenulum, and mulberry molars.

  17. Broad accommodation of rift-related extension recorded by dyke intrusion in Saudi Arabia

    Pallister, John S.


    The extensive harrat lava province of Arabia formed during the past 30 million years in response to Red Sea rifting and mantle upwelling. The area was regarded as seismically quiet, but between April and June 2009 a swarm of more than 30,000 earthquakes struck one of the lava fields in the province, Harrat Lunayyir, northwest Saudi Arabia. Concerned that larger damaging earthquakes might occur, the Saudi Arabian government evacuated 40,000 people from the region. Here we use geologic, geodetic and seismic data to show that the earthquake swarm resulted from magmatic dyke intrusion. We document a surface fault rupture that is 8 km long with 91 cm of offset. Surface deformation is best modelled by the shallow intrusion of a north-west trending dyke that is about 10 km long. Seismic waves generated during the earthquakes exhibit overlapping very low- and high-frequency components. We interpret the low frequencies to represent intrusion of magma and the high frequencies to represent fracturing of the crystalline basement rocks. Rather than extension being accommodated entirely by the central Red Sea rift axis, we suggest that the broad deformation observed in Harrat Lunayyir indicates that rift margins can remain as active sites of extension throughout rifting. Our analyses allowed us to forecast the likelihood of a future eruption or large earthquake in the region and informed the decisions made by the Saudi Arabian government to return the evacuees. © 2010 Macmillan Publishers Limited. All rights reserved.

  18. Epidemiologie van Corynespora cassiicola in Saintpaulia : literatuurstudie en labproeven

    Wubben, J.P.; Lanser, C.J.


    Het epidemiologische onderzoek concentreerde zich op eigenschappen van Corynespora die van belang zijn voor ontstaan en ontwikkeling van een aantasting van Saintpaulia. Op basis van de resultaten hiervan kunnen klimaat maatregelen en teeltomstandigheden vastgesteld worden om aantasting van Corynespo

  19. Onset of seafloor spreading in the Iapetus Ocean at 608 Ma: precise age of the Sarek Dyke Swarm, northern Swedish Caledonides

    Svenningsen, Olaf


    can be identified from crosscutting relations. The SN represents the fossil continent–ocean transition between the Baltic craton and the Iapetus Ocean, marking the initiation of seafloor spreading. Bubble-shaped pods and veinlets of diorite are present in the SDS sheeted dyke complexes. The pods are...... absent in the oldest dykes, but the younger a dyke, the more frequent the pods. The diorite pods are the equivalent of gabbro pegmatites, and both cogenetic and coeval with the dykes. The rapid successive emplacement of tholeiitic magma raised the ambient temperature in the dyke complex, so that...... discordant, indicating a crystallization age of 608±1 Ma (207Pb/206Pb=607.9±0.7 Ma, MSWD=0.33). This age is inferred to date the onset of seafloor spreading in the Iapetus Ocean along the Baltoscandian margin....

  20. Recidivemeting onder deelnemers van Binnenste Buiten

    Knaap, L.M. van der; Laan, A.M. van der; Wartna, B.S.J.


    Het onderzoek maakt gebruik van de, in het kader van de WODC-Recidivemonitor ontwikkelde, methodiek voor recidivemetingen en heeft betrekking op de recidive na deelname aan de interventie “Binnenste Buiten” van PCMI De Corridor. Tevens geeft dit onderzoek een globale indruk van de recidive in deze groep ten opzicht van een vergelijkingsgroep en van de achtergrondkenmerken die een rol spelen bij het al dan niet vóórkomen van recidive.

  1. Placebowerking en de behandeling van functionele klachten.

    Dulmen, A.M. van


    Placebowerking is inherent aan een contact tussen arts en patiënt. Het exploreren van de hulpvraag, het bieden van een verklaring voor de klachten, het geven van aandacht en het verrichten van lichamelijk onderzoek hebben immers allemaal betekenis voor de patiënt. Bij het ontbreken van een effectieve medische interventie, zoals in geval van functionele klachten, kan inzicht in de werkzaamheid van deze factoren uitkomst bieden. Patiënten met functionele klachten lijken vooral gebaat bij het ve...

  2. Toepassing van ozon bij de bewaring van pootaardappelen

    Bus, C.B.; Veerman, A.


    In dit rapport wordt een onderzoek beschreven dat in een praktijkpootgoedbewaarplaats is uitgevoerd om te kijken naar de mogelijkheden van ontsmetting van pootgoed met ozongas. De knollen werden met een hoge concentratie ozon op de band behandeld tijdens het inschuren, met een lage concentratie continu tijdens de bewaarperiode en met een hoge concentratie in combinatie gevolgd door UV-licht tijdens het uitschuren. De werking van ozon is nagegaan op knollen die kunstmatig waren besmetting met ...

  3. Geochronological and geochemical constraints on the petrogenesis and tectonic significance of Paleozoic dolerite dykes in the southern margin of Alxa Block, North China Craton

    Duan, Jun; Li, Chusi; Qian, Zhuangzhi; Jiao, Jiangang


    Dolerite dykes are common in the southern margin of Alxa Block which is the westernmost part of North China Craton. The ages and petrogenesis of the dolerite dykes, which are important for a better understanding of tectonic-magmatic evolution in the region, are uncertain. This paper reports the results of an integrated geochronological and geochemical study of the dolerite dykes in the Jinchuan area. Previously, these dolerite dykes were considered to be coeval with the ∼831 Ma Jinchuan ultramafic intrusion by some researchers, despite a cross-cutting relationship for the dykes. Our new zircon U-Pb dating indicates that the dolerite dykes were emplaced at ∼424 Ma, >400 Ma younger than the Jinchuan intrusion. The Jinchuan dolerite dykes contain 5-9 wt.% MgO and 47-51 wt.% SiO2, and are characterized by light REE (rare earth elements) enrichments relative to heavy REE, pronounced negative Nb anomaly, elevated initial 87Sr/86Sr from 0.7056 to 0.7068, negative εNd from -2 to -5, and zircon εHf from -2 to -20. The trace element and isotope data are consistent with an asthenosphere-derived parental magma that experienced 10-25% crustal contamination prior to final emplacement. Since the Jinchuan dolerite dykes are 20-40 Ma younger than the subduction-related basaltic volcanic rocks, blueschists and eclogites in the nearby North Qilian orogenic belt to the south, we propose that the Jinchuan dolerite dykes are the products of basaltic magmatism induced by delamination of previously subducted oceanic lithosphere and the associated asthenosphere upwelling in a post-subduction setting. The occurrence of ∼424 Ma post-subduction dolerite dykes in the Jinchuan area and the ∼450 Ma arc basalts to the south indicate that the southwestern margin of North China Craton was an active plate margin in Early Paleozoic.

  4. Rituele van plesier: Dolf van Coller se Die Bieliebalies

    J. van Wyk


    Full Text Available Rituals of pleasure: Dolf van Coller’s Die Bieliebalies This article is an analysis of Dolf van Coller's Die Bieliebalies (1993, read as a hedonist text. It has many points of similarity with what Bakhtin (1984 called grotesque realism, and with Nietzsche’s views as expounded in The birth of tragedy (1956. By comparing Van Caller's text to that of Bakhtin and Nietzsche, a counter-discourse to contemporary moral discourses such as feminism is explored. Van Coller’s use of laughter as a relativising mechanism is very liberating in the context where petty morality intervenes dogmatically in the field of literature and other spheres of life.

  5. Onderzoek naar de affecten van de aanleg van damwanden en grondverdichting op tandwalvissen in het Dolfinarium Harderwijk

    Haan, de D.


    Voor het vaststellen van de effecten van de aanleg van damwandinstallaties en grondverdichting als onderdelen van het grootschalig bouwplan Waterfront Harderwijk van de gemeente Harderwijk werden op vijf verschillende locaties van het bouwplan installaties gesimuleerd en de geluidseffecten daarvan i

  6. A Chart Display and Reporting App for Windows

    Poxon, M.


    (Abstract only) Details are presented for a windows application which allows simultaneous display of AAVSO charts and report-formatting software in the hope that other members will offer suggestions from their own experiences with charts and reporting.

  7. Arctic Sea Ice Charts from Danish Meteorological Institute, 1893 - 1956

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — From 1893 to 1956, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) created charts of observed and inferred sea ice extent for each summer month. These charts are based on...

  8. Analogue photonic link design charts for microwave engineering applications

    Vincent J. Urick


    A set of unique design charts for intensity-modulation direct-detection microwave photonics links is presented. The charts facilitate link design and analysis, clearly demonstrating performance trade-offs in terms of standard microwave performance metrics.

  9. De internationalisatie van Limburgse KMO's

    Schetz, Griet


    Tot op heden is er al reeds veel onderzoek verricht betreffende de internationalisatie van KMO's. Toch blijkt uit de probleemstelling dat de meerderheid van de KMO's in Vlaanderen niet internationaliseren. Vandaar dat deze masterproef een beter beeld weergeeft over de KMO's die wel kiezen voor internationalisatie. In deze masterproef wordt er dieper ingegaan op de internationaliserende KMO's in de regio Limburg. Er wordt een kwalitatief onderzoek uitgevoerd bij 16 bedrijven en aan de hand van...

  10. JDATAVIEWER – JAVA-Based Charting Library

    Kruk, G


    The JDataViewer is a Java-based charting library developed at CERN, with powerful, extensible and easy to use function editing capabilities. Function edition is heavily used in Control System applications, but poorly supported in products available on the market. The JDataViewer enables adding, removing and modifying function points graphically (using a mouse) or by editing a table of values. Custom edition strategies are supported: developer can specify an algorithm that reacts to the modification of a given point in the function by automatically adapting all other points. The library provides all typical 2D plotting types (scatter, polyline, area, bar, HiLo, contour), as well as data point annotations and data indicators. It also supports common interactors to zoom and move the visible view, or to select and highlight function segments. A clear API is provided to configure and customize all chart elements (colors, fonts, data ranges ...) programmatically, and to integrate non-standard rendering types, inter...