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  1. New Century, New Prospects



    @@ Nuclear weapons changed the world of the 20th century. Their powerful force rewrote history. Nuclear bombs dropped on Japan by the United States accelerated the collapse of Japanese militarism and hastened the end of World War Ⅱ. The West led by the United States and the East bloc led by the Soviet Union started a bitter nuclear arms race that mutually assured destruction. The balance of terror between the two blocs stabilized in the Cold War and prevented the world from actual armed conflict, thus maintaining a long-term but occasionally uneasy peace in Europe and the world.

  2. Tidal power - a major prospect for the 21st century

    Tidal power technology is reviewed and its prospects for the next century assessed. It is concluded that the technology is now in place and, given the political will to secure financing, tidal power offers a clean, renewable and sustainable source of power for the near future. (UK)

  3. Prospects for competitive nuclear power into the 21st century

    Nuclear power stations committed today will be commissioned in the mid- to late-1990s and will operate for most of their lives in the 21st century. Utilities considering the nuclear option for new increments of capacity are, therefore, required to make judgements now on the competitiveness of nuclear plants well beyond the turn of the century. Reactors committed for mid-1990 startup could have a lifetime competitive cost advantage of 20% to 80% over coal-fired plants in most NEA areas studied except for some parts of North America where low cost coal is available. Nuclear plants would retain an economic advantage in most countries even if they were to be used for load-following with resultant lifetime capacity (load) factors as low as about 60% (or even lower in many countries). Uranium resources are sufficiently large that fuel supply should not constrain nuclear power development well into the 21st century, as long as uranium prices provide a market incentive for continued exploration and mine development. Uranium prices seem unlikely to rise to a level which would remove nuclear's advantage within the next several decades. There is apparently no technological reason why the ''back-end'' of the fuel cycle (spent fuel transportation, storage, reprocessing and disposal of high level waste) and decommissioning of reactors should constrain further deployment of nuclear power. While the costs of these activities appear high in absolute terms, they will be relatively low per unit of electricity generated. Thus, even though there remain uncertainties regarding these future costs, they should have little impact on electricity consumers. (author)

  4. A US perspective on nuclear prospects for the 21st century

    The purpose of this paper is to comment upon nuclear prospects in the 21st century, from a US perspective. This will be done in broad, general terms, rather than in the technical terms that nuclear specialists use most of the time

  5. Managing the twenty-first century reference department challenges and prospects

    Katz, Linda S


    Learn the skills needed to update and manage a reference department that efficiently meets the needs of clients today?and tomorrow! Managing the Twenty-First Century Reference Department: Challenges and Prospects provides librarians with the knowledge and skills they need to manage an effective reference service. Full of useful and practical ideas, this book presents successful methods for recruiting and retaining capable reference department staff and management, training new employees and adapting current services to an evolving field. Expert practitioners address the changing role of the r

  6. Prospects of Nuclear Energy in Korea in the 21st Century

    This paper tries to project the prospects of the role of nuclear energy in Korea in the 21st century. The current status of energy situations and the future prospect of nuclear energy is reviewed, and the potential of its better production and more extensive utilization is investigated. The current government policy as well as the role of nuclear industries is reviewed and a systematic approach is suggested to materialize this anticipation. Through an evaluation of the current status of domestic and foreign technologies, the general outlook of advanced nuclear energy concepts is the future is presented by identifying underdeveloped areas and suggesting a scheme of technology development. However, the present study, by nature is limited to present a general vision of the role of nuclear energy in 2000's, which should be followed by a series of detailed studies in each respective field for implementation. As Korea opens new era of mature nuclear technology, the anticipation of effective, economic, and wide production and utilization of nuclear energy in the 21st century is expected

  7. An application of neural network in geophysical prospecting. Electrical resistivity at Las Virgenes geothermal field, Baja California Sur, Mexico; Una aplicacion de las redes neuronales a la prospeccion geofisica. Resistividad electrica en las Tres Virgenes, Baja California Sur, Mexico

    Palma Guzman, Sergio Hugo [Comision Federal de Electricidad, Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico)


    The technology of the neural network is presented with geophysical focus in the Las Virgenes geothermal field, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The results obtained when extrapolating the associative data of the prospecting magnetoteluria and Vertical Electric Sounding, on the area of the geothermal wells to the rest of the area, allows to classify zones of interest for the geothermal exploitation. Also, the use of these associative parameters with the information of the stabilized temperature of the wells, they allow to predict temperatures for the rest of the area. [Spanish] Se presenta una aplicacion de la tecnologia de las redes neuronales con enfoque geofisico en el campo geotermico de Las Virgenes, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Los resultados obtenidos al extrapolar los datos asociativos de las prospecciones geoelectricas de magnetoteluria y sondeos electricos verticales, en la zona de los pozos geotermicos al resto del area, permiten clasificar zonas de interes para la explotacion geotermica. Tambien, la utilizacion de estos parametros asociativos con la informacion de la temperatura estabilizada de los pozos, permiten predecir temperaturas para la misma area.

  8. Retrospection of development for radioisotope power systems in space and its prospect of application in new century

    Up to now, more than 80 spacecrafts with nuclear power systems including radioisotope power and reactor power are launched by USA and Russia. This paper retrospects to the developing history and usage status of radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) used in space in the 20th century. The technical level of RTG and the recent trends of raising the efficiency of thermo-electric conversion are summarized. The space and solar system exploration programs with RTG for USA, Russia nad ESA early in the 21st century (2001/2015) are generally described. It shows that the wide prospect of RTG's application. (authors)

  9. Prospects of nuclear energy development looking from the three major events concerning nuclear energy at the joint of two centuries

    Three major events concerning nuclear energy development happened at the joint of two centuries: the technic policy research for the fourth generation of nuclear power; the initiatives of nuclear energy development proposed by Russian president; and the national nuclear energy policy issued by American administration. The prospects of global nuclear energy development were presented in the paper, and proposals to develop Chinese nuclear power provided

  10. Prospects of Nuclear Energy in the United States in the 21st Century

    The Nuclear Industry is now over 40 years old and a proven, mature product has been developed. That proven mature product has evolve into a small set of standardized designs - designs based on evolution of the best and safest features, not revolutionary changes. Just as the product design must be standardized, the regulatory process must also be standardized. With a predictable regulatory environment and rate structure the economic advantages of Nuclear Power will be self-evident. The Nuclear Industry in the United States has had a history of cycles as the economy and need for power has changed. The need for electricity to support growth is a given. With a strong focus on the standardization of the process and the product, a competent engineering approach to safety, and improved economies, the 21st century will see nuclear power assume its appropriate role as a key source in the energy mix in the United States. Presenting a discussion dealing with the future is always a risky thing. One man's prognosis is another mans wild guess. Today, I would like to talk briefly on my views of the future, and especially my views on the Prospects for Nuclear Energy in the U. S. in that future. Though it is clear that nuclear energy will play a key role in fulfilling the energy needs of the world, the future of nuclear energy in the United States is not as clear. A discussion of the future of the U. S. Nuclear Industry is especially appropriate here today because I am firmly confident that the Republic of Korea will play a major role in that future. The world energy situation and the role of nuclear power has undergone a number of upsets in the last decade. Often we tend to dwell on the gloom of the past and overlook the strengths that the Nuclear Industry has developed. Presently over 437 gigawatts of electricity in the world is planned to be produced by 564 nuclear units. There are over 32 countries with commercial nuclear programs. One of the brightest of these being here in

  11. Communication to the Academy of Technologies: Energy prospective for the 21. century

    After a presentation of the problematic and challenging context (increasing energy demand, fossil resource depletion, pollution and environment protection), this report proposes a prospective overview of the possible, unavoidable or required evolutions for fossil energy consumption and resources (coal, oil, natural gas, struggle against CO2 emissions), for energy savings (in dwellings and transports), for renewable energies, for the nuclear energy (fears and scenarios). Then, the authors try to make a synthesis of this energy prospective by defining an ideal energy, identifying the impact of the different energy sources on public health, and the risks and assets of the different energy sources. They analyse the attitudes and trends which can be observed in different countries, and describe the context created by international agreements and negotiations. Finally, they discuss the development of tools and researches for prospective studies. Extended information is also presented in appendices on these different issues

  12. 21st-Century Priorities for Leadership Education and Prospective School Leaders

    Mullen, Carol A.


    What are the major priorities for preparing educational leaders for their work in school communities? Clues to this question are nestled within higher education curricula. Prevalent 21st-century priorities that governing standards specify, such as innovation, assessment, distributed leadership, and technology, must be vigorously shaped into social…

  13. Prospects for the Chinese Human Genome Project (HGP)at the beginning of next century


    Chinese Human Genome Project (CHGP) as part of the international human genome research has achieved significant progress and created a solid foundation for further development. While participating in the human genome sequencing and gene discovery, the emphasis of CHGP in the next century will be laid on functional genomics. The strategy, resources and some policy issues will be addressed.

  14. k0-NAA past the turn of the century: problems, concepts, insights, prospects

    For the k0-standardization of NAA, the transition to the 21st century was marked by two important events. In 2000: MARC-V (Kona, HI, USA), which offered the opportunity to present a retrospective lecture on 'The standardization of standardless NAA'; and, in 2001: the 3rd International k0 Users Workshop (Bruges, Belgium), providing a survey of recent and ongoing projects related to both fundamental developments and applications. These two turn-of-the-century happenings paved the way to gain a broader and deeper insight in the past, present and future developments of the k0-standardization, thus allowing to make in the present paper an evaluation of the path that the k0-method is expected to follow in the years to come. Topics highlighted are: (i) the elimination of a few but important inaccuracies observed (as a feedback from actual analysis results) in the nuclear data library; (ii) the refinement to be made in the calibration of the irradiation facility, especially in the characterisation of the epithermal neutron flux shape factor alpha; (iii) the continuation of the development and use of the k0-concept in prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis; (iv) the increased communication and interaction of (k0) NAA-users via the re-born k0-website; (v) the dissemination (via IRMM, EC, Geel, Belgium) and use of the recently issued SMELS materials, synthetic multi-element standards for QC/QA and validation of k0-NAA after its implementation in a laboratory; and (vi) the further growth of the use of the k0-calibration in NAA, with emphasis on the developing countries. (author)

  15. Prospect of the roles of nuclear energy in the 21st century

    World has become sensitive to the security of energy supply after experiencing oil crises and has given priority to the policies directed at developing alternatives to oil, notably coal, natural gas, and nuclear as well as encouraging rational use of energy and guiding the advent of new energy saving technologies. Nuclear energy is produced by the use of complicated technological facilities as well as uranium. Although immense technological effort was devoted before it has become widely used, the commercialization of this energy has opened a new way to assure stable supply of energy through the possession of technology, in addition to the classical way through the possession of natural resources. This is an important option to the countries like Japan which endowed almost no significant amount of natural energy resources except solar, use of which also depends on the progress in the related technology. Nuclear energy is considered as a semi-domestic source of energy in Japan and expected to account for growing share of total energy supply in coming years. Expecting that the 21st century will be a century of plutonium, technology bases for the stable nuclear energy supply system based on plutonium are under development. Prerequisite for the accomplishment of this role is the assurance of safety and public acceptance. Efforts are concentrated on further improvement of the plant technology, training and education of the personnel involved, and safety measures installed, without being content with the current excellent record of operation. Furthermore, a number of leading R and D projects are promoted aggressively with a view to pursue new possibility of nuclear energy. These R and D expected to bring about various spillover in other industries and lead the development of science and engineering in general

  16. In vitro cerebrovascular modeling in the 21st century: current and prospective technologies.

    Palmiotti, Christopher A; Prasad, Shikha; Naik, Pooja; Abul, Kaisar M D; Sajja, Ravi K; Achyuta, Anilkumar H; Cucullo, Luca


    The blood-brain barrier (BBB) maintains the brain homeostasis and dynamically responds to events associated with systemic and/or rheological impairments (e.g., inflammation, ischemia) including the exposure to harmful xenobiotics. Thus, understanding the BBB physiology is crucial for the resolution of major central nervous system CNS) disorders challenging both health care providers and the pharmaceutical industry. These challenges include drug delivery to the brain, neurological disorders, toxicological studies, and biodefense. Studies aimed at advancing our understanding of CNS diseases and promoting the development of more effective therapeutics are primarily performed in laboratory animals. However, there are major hindering factors inherent to in vivo studies such as cost, limited throughput and translational significance to humans. These factors promoted the development of alternative in vitro strategies for studying the physiology and pathophysiology of the BBB in relation to brain disorders as well as screening tools to aid in the development of novel CNS drugs. Herein, we provide a detailed review including pros and cons of current and prospective technologies for modelling the BBB in vitro including ex situ, cell based and computational (in silico) models. A special section is dedicated to microfluidic systems including micro-BBB, BBB-on-a-chip, Neurovascular Unit-on-a-Chip and Synthetic Microvasculature Blood-brain Barrier. PMID:25098812

  17. Depending on scientific and technological progress to prospect for superlarge uranium deposits. Across-century target for uranium resources exploration work in China

    After over 30 years' development, uranium resources exploration work in China has resulted in the discovery of more than 10 economic types of uranium deposits in 23 provinces (regions) of the whole country and large quantities of uranium reserves have been submitted which guarantee the development of nuclear industry in China. However, characteristics such as smaller size of deposits and ore bodies, and lower ore grade of discovered China's uranium deposits have brought about a series of problems on how to economically exploit and utilize these uranium resources. To prospect for superlarge uranium deposits is a guarantee of making uranium resources essentially meet the demand for the long-term development of nuclear industry in China, and is an important way of improving economic benefits in mining China's uranium resources. It is an important mark for uranium geological exploration work to go up a new step as well. China exhibits the geological environment in which various types of superlarge uranium deposits can be formed. Having the financial support from the state to uranium resources exploration work, having professional uranium exploration teams well-experienced in ore prospecting, having modernized uranium exploration techniques and equipment and also having foreign experience in prospecting for superlarge uranium deposits as reference, it is entirely possible to find out superlarge uranium deposits in China at the end of this century and at the beginning of next century. In order to realize the objective, the most important prerequisite is that research work on metallogenetic geological theory and exploration techniques and prospecting methodology for superlarge uranium deposits must be strengthened, and technical quality of the geological teams must be improved. Within this century, prospect targets should be selected and located accurately to carry out the emphatic breakthrough in exploration strategy

  18. Venezuela under Chávez: The Prospects and Limitations of Twenty-First Century Socialism, 1999-2009

    Jeffery R Webber


    Full Text Available This article takes stock of major developments in the political economy of contemporary Venezuela after ten years under Hugo Chávez. It is argued that the Bolivarian process has done a great deal to rejuvenate the international critique of neoliberalism and to bring discussion of socialism back on the agenda of the Left. At the same time, there has been no socialist revolution in Venezuela, and Chavismo is ridden with profound and abiding contradictions. This article considers the historical backdrop of the Bolivarian process, beginning with the end of authoritarianism and the Pact of Punto Fijo and the rise and fall of orthodox neoliberalism at the end of the twentieth-century. The article then describes Chavez’ gradual and partial radicalization between 1999 and 2009 and finally concludes that the global economic crisis poses a unique set of challenges and opportunities for the Bolivarian process in the midst of significantly reduced oil revenues.

  19. L’athéisme au prisme des psaumes : étude comparée de quatre sermons réformés sur le psaume XIV au XVIIe siècle Atheism in the prism of psalms : comparative study on Psalm XIV in the 17th century

    Inès Kirschleger


    Full Text Available L’article propose une étude comparée de quatre sermons protestants sur l’athéisme prenant appui sur ce verset du psaume XIV, « L’insensé a dit en son cœur : il n’y a point de Dieu ». Bien qu’appartenant à des générations différentes, les auteurs de ces sermons, Amyraut, Gaches, Morus et Superville, font le choix d’un traitement similaire du thème de l’athéisme ; de fait, le verset d’appui du sermon, qui n’a rien d’original en la matière, montre bien que nous sommes devant un sujet d’école avec ses passages obligés, et sans prise réelle sur l’actualité politique et théologique du siècle. Il n’est donc pas étonnant de retrouver globalement les mêmes types d’arguments dans chacun de ces sermons. En revanche, au-delà des particularités d’écriture propres à chacun des auteurs, on mesure l’incroyable modernité de la prédication d’Amyraut, sa richesse et sa densité, à travers deux éléments de démonstration dont la postérité fera si grand cas après Pascal et Voltaire : l’idée d’un pari sur l’existence de Dieu et la conception du Dieu-horloger.This article presents a comparative study of four sermons against atheism written by seventeenth-century Protestant ministers on Psalm 14.1: “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God”. Though belonging to different generations, the authors, Amyraut, Gaches, Morus and Superville, deal with the refutation of atheism in the same way: the choice of Psalm 14.1 to preach against atheism is by no means original, the arguments proving the existence of God are repeated from one text to another and the sermons do not broach any of the century’s political and theological issues. It is noteworthy, however, that Amyraut’s sermon introduces two arguments which were to have an important posterity after Pascal and Voltaire: the idea that one should wager that God exists and the conception of God as a clockmaker.

  20. Évaluation spatiale et prospectives sur le risque de pollution diffuse par le nitrate sur le bassin versant de la Bultière Spatial evaluation and prospective risk of diffuse pollution by modeling on the catchment area of Bultiere

    LE FLAHEC, François


    Full Text Available En France, la protection des captages d'eau potable est une préoccupation majeure : le Grenelle Environnement a identifié plus de cinq cents sites menacés par les pollutions diffuses, d'où la nécessité de mettre en place des plans d'action pour les protéger. En Vendée, dans le bassin versant de la Bultière, confronté à des rejets importants de nitrate, une étude par modélisation agronomique et hydrologique a été mise en œuvre avec le logiciel Swat, un outil alliant analyse spatiale et simulation, qui doit permettre de donner des orientations et de prioriser des solutions. In front of lawful uncertainties and the prospect for a heavy approach ZSCE on the sector of Bultière, study’s initial objective was to explore methods to improve the phase of diagnosis, by as well as possible exploiting the various sources of available data. In spite of a conceptual modeling of the hydrological part, SWAT present undeniable advantages among which its capacity of multicriterion analysis with SIG and its approach mechanist of the agronomic part. Its exploitation accompanied several stages by reflection of the steering committee encouraged in approachs ZSCE.

  1. Retours sur la posture

    David Vrydaghs; Denis Saint-Amand


    Ce huitième numéro de la revue COnTEXTES se propose de s’arrêter sur le concept de posture. L’occasion de revenir sur la genèse de cette notion, d’en interroger les usages, mais aussi de dégager ses limites. Pour ce faire, amorçons ici la réflexion en nous fondant sur trois axes problématiques : un axe purement métacritique, tout d’abord, qui invite à une réflexion épistémologique générale sur les enjeux et les limites du concept de posture ; deux axes directement liés à des questions particu...

  2. Une ferme du début du IIIe s. av. J.-C. au “ Marais du Colombier ”, Varennes-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne : analyse archéologique et environnementale A farm from the beginning of the 3rd Century BC at 'Marais du Colombier', Varennes-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne: archaeological and environmental analysis

    Jean-Marc Séguier


    Colombier site, Varennes-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne enabled us to study a rural establishment dating back to the first half of the 3rd century BC set in a damp low-lying area of the plain situated in the lower reaches of the Seine/Yonne confluence. The establishment, structured around an empty area interpreted as a courtyard or horticultural space, has nearly all the components of a rural establishment: dwellings, granaries and other annexed buildings, silos, wells and ditches. Among the buildings, the dwelling was notable for the adoption of an oval plan probably supporting the hypothesis of a roof structure, which makes it one of the most ancient of the Iron age. Of the many macro vegetal remains, preserved in several pits, the main one being 5003 situated near the house, enabled a palaeobotanical analysis. The combination of archaeological, archaeobotanical (carpology, anthracology, xylology and archaeozoological data enables a reconstruction of a surrounding environment marked by its great diversity and exploitation (plants cultivated, collection environment, livestock farming, hunting. All the elements combine in this agricultural establishment to reveal a production unit providing a comfortable level of life. Its organisation is rather different from that of the most part of the early La Tène period and from the beginning of middle La Tène of the Senonais area and seems to prefigure that of the enclosure sites of the middle and late La Tène. As for the presence of human remains, they bring elements on the funerary practices connected to children dying at a young age and on cultural practices in a domestic context.

  3. El Banco del Sur

    Espejo, Silvana


    En este trabajo abordaremos las características principales del Banco del Sur como una institución financiera sudamericana. Primero presentaremos sus principales características y explicaremos las características de un banco de desarrollo regional. Luego, expondremos el proceso de conformación del mismo haciendo un recorrido por sus principales antecedentes. Por último, cerraremos con una evaluación sobre el estado actual del Banco del Sur. (Párrafo extraído del texto a modo de resumen)...

  4. Biblical Studies at the Kyiv Theological Academy (19th — early 20th Centuries): The Results and Prospects of the Research

    Golovashchenko, Sergiy


    This article presents a multiyear study undertaken by the author in a number of his research articles and monographs. For the first time in Ukrainian academic studies, the historical and theoretical reconstruction of biblical studies at the Kyiv Theological Academy in the 19th and early 20th centuries has been accomplished. This phenomenon is demonstrated and reviewed as a holistic system of research, instructional, theological, apologetic, religious and educational activity. Therefore, the h...

  5. International seminar on the challenges of the 21. century for Morocco and Europe; Le seminaire international sur les defis energetiques du 21. siecle pour le Maroc et pour l'Europe



    This seminar was organized by the energy federation of the general confederation of Moroccan companies and took place at Rabat (Morocco) on January 27, 2005. The seminar was an opportunity for Morocco and France to share their experience in the domain of energy challenges. This document gathers the opening and closing talks of the organizers and the slides of 6 presentations dealing with: the energy situation of Morocco (A. Bencheqroun), the French energy policy from the national energy debate to the project of energy orientation law (M. Maillard), the experience of LYDEC: a Moroccan electric, water and sanitation utility (M. Canavy), the experience of Akwa, a Moroccan fuel and gas supplier (M. N.), the energy prospective: from a research carried out in France to a worldwide exercise (M. Lavergne), and a presentation of the French 2004-2006 campaign about energy saving and climatic change (M. Joly). (J.S.)

  6. Des effets du divorce et du non divorce sur les enfants

    Martin, Claude


    The issue of divorce and its effets on children has repeatedly been raised since the 18th century. This article synthesize the main findings of current international reserach and condider the effects of non-divorcing for couples who fall out of love and experience conflict. What happens to couples who decide not to divorce for the children's sake. What about the live together apart couples? Cet article propose de revenir sur les principales conclusions des recherches internationales sur le...

  7. Altiplano Sur de Bolivia

    Alvarez-Flores, Ricardo; Bommel, Pierre; Bourliaud, Jean; Chevarria Lazo, Marco; Cortes, Geneviève; CRUZ, Pablo; Del Castillo, C.; Gasselin, Pierre; Joffre, Richard; Leger, Francois; Nina Laura, Juan Peter; Rambal, Serge; Rivière, Gilles (ed.); Tichit, Muriel; Tourrand, Jean-François


    Alimento de base de las poblaciones andinas desde hace milenios, la quinua se ha convertido hoy en un producto apreciado en el mercado internacional de alimentos dietéticos, orgánicos y equitativos. Este cambio lo iniciaron los mismos productores del Altiplano Sur de Bolivia hace aproximadamente unos 40 años. En medio de un desierto de altura, ellos lograron desarrollar una floreciente producción agrícola de exportación. Aunque cuentan con lucrativos nichos de mercado, los productores de quin...

  8. How to Establish and Follow up a Large Prospective Cohort Study in the 21st Century--Lessons from UK COSMOS.

    Mireille B Toledano

    Full Text Available Large-scale prospective cohort studies are invaluable in epidemiology, but they are increasingly difficult and costly to establish and follow-up. More efficient methods for recruitment, data collection and follow-up are essential if such studies are to remain feasible with limited public and research funds. Here, we discuss how these challenges were addressed in the UK COSMOS cohort study where fixed budget and limited time frame necessitated new approaches to consent and recruitment between 2009-2012. Web-based e-consent and data collection should be considered in large scale observational studies, as they offer a streamlined experience which benefits both participants and researchers and save costs. Commercial providers of register and marketing data, smartphones, apps, email, social media, and the internet offer innovative possibilities for identifying, recruiting and following up cohorts. Using examples from UK COSMOS, this article sets out the dos and don'ts for today's cohort studies and provides a guide on how best to take advantage of new technologies and innovative methods to simplify logistics and minimise costs. Thus a more streamlined experience to the benefit of both research participants and researchers becomes achievable.

  9. Le début du ive s. av. J.-C. dans l’espace culturel sénonais : les habitats de Bois d’Echalas à Ville-Saint-Jacques et de Beauchamp à Varennes-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne dans le contexte de l’interfluve Seine-Yonne The beginning of the 4th century BC in the the cultural space of the 'Sénonais': the settlements of Bois d’Echalas at Ville-Saint-Jacques and Beauchamp at Varennes-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne in the context of the land separating the Seine and the Yonne

    Jean-Marc Séguier


    Full Text Available L’étude de deux habitats du début du ive s. av. J.-C. installés à proximité de la confluence Seine-Yonne permet de définir le faciès mobilier de cette partie du Bassin parisien au cours de La Tène B1a, notamment grâce à l’association d’un important cortège de céramiques locales et importées et d’un mobilier métallique significatif. L’analyse des structures de conservation et du mobilier conduit à établir une hiérarchie des établissements. Celui de Ville-Saint-Jacques, Bois d’Echalas, occupe une place prééminente dans le système social mis en place dans la région considérée, alors que celui de Varennes-sur-Seine, Beauchamp, se révèle d’un niveau inférieur. Au-delà de la comparaison entre les deux sites, c’est une lecture socio-économique de l’organisation territoriale qui est proposée.The study of two settlements of the beginning of the 4th century BC near the confluence of the Seine and the Yonne enables us to define the movable culture of this part of the Paris basin during La Tène B1a, notably because of the association of an important series of local and imported ceramics and significant metal articles. The analysis of the structures of conservation and of furniture lead to the establishment of a hierachy of settlements. That of Ville-Saint-Jacques, Bois d’Echalas, occupied a prominent place in the social system set up in the region in question, whereas that of Varennes-sur-Seine, Beauchamp, proved to be of a lower level. Beyond the comparison between the two sites, what is presented is a socio-economic lecture on territorial organisation.

  10. Einstein's Century

    Jeremy Laurance; 贾庆文


    Albert Einstein began working at the patent office in Bern, Switzerland, a little more than a century ago. He had flunked the entrance exam for the Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology and took the job evaluating inventions because it paid a regular salary.

  11. Epidemiology - Prospects in the 21st century

    Epidemiology has evolved as a practical discipline, initially concerned with control of the infectious diseases As many of the latter were conquered in the developed world, and animal enterprises were intensified, complex, frequently non-infectious, diseases increased in significance. A shift towards quantitative analytical procedures became necessary to identify the factors associated with these diseases and to assess the latter's technical and economic impact. Recently, computer technology has facilitated data collection and analysis. In developed countries, there is a need for improved monitoring of disease and productivity, and for identification of indicators of health and productivity. Additionally, the results of such activities need to be transmitted to the producers. Qualitative aspects of food production are also increasing in importance, notably 'clean' food production and animal welfare. In companion animal practice, disease morbidity needs to be estimated more comprehensively, and risk factors identified through wider application of observational studies. Objective assessment of established and new therapeutic and prophylactic procedures, using well designed clinical trials, is also required. In developing countries - the focus of the paper - estimation of the impact of disease on health and production is a priority. This demands good survey design and rigorous evaluation of the diagnostic tests that are being used. Participatory Rural Appraisal is also a valuable data gathering technique. Epidemiological activity must be supported by adequate training. The subject has been taught as an identifiable discipline for over 30 years (usually with emphasis on qualitative components) and is expanding in undergraduate and post-graduate courses. Moreover, many governmental and non-governmental agencies are supporting epidemiological training. If this trend continues, the veterinary profession worldwide should be excellently placed to face the future challenges to animal health. (author)

  12. Cambio del uso del suelo en el centro sur de Chile a fines del siglo XX: Entendiendo la dinámica espacial y temporal del paisaje Land use change in the south central Chile at the end of the 20th century: Understanding the spatio-temporal dynamics of the landscape



    Full Text Available Los humanos han transformado gran parte de la superficie del planeta en los últimos 300 años. La tala de bosques, las prácticas agrícolas de subsistencia, la intensificación de la producción agrícola y la expansión de los centros urbanos han cambiado drásticamente el paisaje. En el centro y sur de Chile las transformaciones han estado asociadas, en un inicio, a la expansión de la frontera agropecuaria que permitió satisfacer tanto las necesidades internas como la creciente demanda externa por productos agrícolas. Posteriormente, un fuerte incentivo a la forestación, comandado por el Estado, generó un acelerado proceso de desarrollo forestal que explica, en gran medida, la actual configuración del paisaje en esta región. En este trabajo hemos analizados la dinámica espacial de los cambios en el uso del suelo ocurridos durante las últimas décadas en un área de 2.3 millones de hectáreas ubicada entre las regiones del Biobío y La Araucanía. Las coberturas del suelo fueron obtenidas a partir de dos imágenes Landsat correspondientes a los años 1979 y 2000. Los resultados confirman que las principales transformaciones del paisaje son consecuencia del desarrollo forestal, la mantención de los rubros agropecuarios y el crecimiento urbano e industrial. Asimismo, fue posible determinar que la pérdida del bosque nativo se debe, principalmente, a la expansión de las plantaciones forestales hacia los cordones montañosos andinos y costeros.Land use changes have transformed much of the Earth's surface in the last 300 years. Deforestation, intensification of agriculture, and urban sprawl have radically changed the preindustrial landscape. In south-central Chile, landscape change was initially related to the expansión of farming to address national needs and the growing international demand for agricultural products. Subsequently, prívate forestry, subsidized by the State, promoted the accelerated expansión of industrial

  13. Bains-sur-Oust

    Brisotto, Vérane


    Identifiant de l'opération archéologique : 350130023 Date de l'opération : 2009 (EX) Les travaux de mise en 2 x 2 voies de l'axe Rennes-Redon (35) traversent une région densément peuplée dès la Préhistoire. Malgré la faible quantité de sites répertoriés dans la région de Redon, récemment prospectée, de nombreux mégalithes dont les plus célèbres se situent dans la Lande Cojoux à Saint-Just attestent d'une occupation humaine importante de ce secteur au Néolithique. Un gisement de surface, carac...

  14. Lissac-sur-Couze

    Pigeaud, Romain


    Identifiant de l'opération archéologique : 2679 Date de l'opération : 2006 (RE) Les objectifs que nous nous étions fixés pour la campagne 2006 étaient les suivants :     - effectuer des prélèvements en vue de datations au carbone 14, les analyses effectuées par Eric Laval (C2RMF, musée du Louvre) ayant, en effet, démontré que les pigments noirs des mains négatives étaient à base de charbon ;     - évaluer le travail de prospection restant concernant les vestiges de représentations paléolith...

  15. Význam doktora Paula Gacheta pro cestovní ruch Auvers-sur-Oise

    Pouchová, Eliška


    The topic of the bachelor thesis is the personality of Dr. Paul Gachet and his importance for the tourism of Auvers-sur-Oise. The first part deals with the current state of the tourism in France and in the region Île-de-France where the village is located. The second part is focused on the French art of the 19th century, especially on impressionism in connection with Dr. Paul Gachet. The third part is focused on the village of Auvers-sur-Oise, especially on deeper analysis of local tourist in...

  16. L’athéisme au prisme des psaumes : étude comparée de quatre sermons réformés sur le psaume XIV au XVIIe siècle Atheism in the prism of psalms : comparative study on Psalm XIV in the 17th century

    Inès Kirschleger


    L’article propose une étude comparée de quatre sermons protestants sur l’athéisme prenant appui sur ce verset du psaume XIV, « L’insensé a dit en son cœur : il n’y a point de Dieu ». Bien qu’appartenant à des générations différentes, les auteurs de ces sermons, Amyraut, Gaches, Morus et Superville, font le choix d’un traitement similaire du thème de l’athéisme ; de fait, le verset d’appui du sermon, qui n’a rien d’original en la matière, montre bien que nous sommes devant un sujet d’école ave...

  17. century drying

    Cook, Benjamin I.; Smerdon, Jason E.; Seager, Richard; Coats, Sloan


    Global warming is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of droughts in the twenty-first century, but the relative contributions from changes in moisture supply (precipitation) versus evaporative demand (potential evapotranspiration; PET) have not been comprehensively assessed. Using output from a suite of general circulation model (GCM) simulations from phase 5 of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, projected twenty-first century drying and wetting trends are investigated using two offline indices of surface moisture balance: the Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) and the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI). PDSI and SPEI projections using precipitation and Penman-Monteith based PET changes from the GCMs generally agree, showing robust cross-model drying in western North America, Central America, the Mediterranean, southern Africa, and the Amazon and robust wetting occurring in the Northern Hemisphere high latitudes and east Africa (PDSI only). The SPEI is more sensitive to PET changes than the PDSI, especially in arid regions such as the Sahara and Middle East. Regional drying and wetting patterns largely mirror the spatially heterogeneous response of precipitation in the models, although drying in the PDSI and SPEI calculations extends beyond the regions of reduced precipitation. This expansion of drying areas is attributed to globally widespread increases in PET, caused by increases in surface net radiation and the vapor pressure deficit. Increased PET not only intensifies drying in areas where precipitation is already reduced, it also drives areas into drought that would otherwise experience little drying or even wetting from precipitation trends alone. This PET amplification effect is largest in the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes, and is especially pronounced in western North America, Europe, and southeast China. Compared to PDSI projections using precipitation changes only, the projections incorporating both

  18. Saint-Rémy-de-Blot (Puy-de-Dôme : nouvelles observations sur l’évolution architecturale de la forteresse de Château Rocher (xiiie-xxe siècle Saint-Rémy-de-Blot (Puy-de-Dôme: new observations on the architectural development of the fortress of Château Rocher (13th-20th century

    Mathias Dupuis


    Full Text Available Le site de Château Rocher (Saint-Rémy-de-Blot, Puy-de-Dôme, a fait l’objet d’une courte opération archéologique préventive à l’automne 2008, portant sur l’angle nord-est du bâtiment. Les observations sur le bâti et les sondages archéologiques réalisés au cours de cette étude permettent de mieux cerner l’histoire monumentale de la partie nord du château. L’état architectural le plus ancien conservé correspond à un édifice de plan barlong, aux angles arrondis, dont la date de construction pourrait remonter à la fin du xiie ou au tout début du xiiie s. À cette première phase succède une forteresse agrandie, cantonnée de tours circulaires, qui intègre le bâtiment antérieur. Cette seconde campagne architecturale, postérieure à la conquête de l’Auvergne par Philippe Auguste, est difficile à dater précisément, bien que certains indices typo-chronologiques pourraient faire penser à une reconstruction au cours du bas Moyen Âge, peut-être consécutive à la reprise en main du château par Jean II de Chauvigny de Blot, en 1365. Enfin, d’autres réaménagements mineurs interviennent au cours de la période moderne.The site of Château Rocher (Saint-Rémy-de-Blot, Puy-de-Dôme, was the object of a brief rescue excavation in the autumn of 2008, on the north-east corner of the building. Observations on the structure and the archaeological surveys carried out at the heart of this study enable a better determination of the construction history of the castle's north part. The oldest surviving architectural phase involves a building of oblong plan with rounded corners, which could date back to the end of the 12th century or the very beginning of the 13th century. This first phase gives way to an enlarged fortress confined by circular towers, which incorporate the preceding building. This second architectural campaign, later than Philippe Auguste's conquest of the Auverne, is difficult to date precisely, although

  19. The 21st Century as Whose Century?

    David Scott


    Full Text Available Macro-analysis and East-West encounter are shown through consideration of objective yet subjective constructed concepts for the international system and international economy in the 21st century. Three paradigms are considered, namely the 21st century as the ‘Pacific Century’, as ‘China’s Century’ and as the ‘Asian Century’. Overlaps are shown between these three paradigms, as also developments in time, and gradually shift in geographical location. The ‘Pacific Century’, and its associated Rimspeak, was the paradigm emerging in the late 1970s, knitting together America’s West Coast and the Japanese economy. By the late 1980s this was already shifting to talk of the 21st century likely to be an ‘Asian Century’ model, mark-1, based on the Pacific Asia dynamism shown by the ‘Asian Tigers’ and Japan. However, the Asian financial crash of 1997-8, and the economic downturn in Japan, meant that such an ‘Asian Century’ seemed premature as the 21st century arrived. Instead, it was China’s economic growth that seemed most evident, and with it the concept of the 21st century as ‘China’s Century’. However, in turn that has already been modified during the first decade of the century by India’s arrival as a rapidly growing economy. Consequently the 21st century as ‘China’s Century’ and as ‘India’s Century’ has been combined into talk of an ‘Asian Century’, mark-2.

  20. Cambio del uso del suelo en el centro sur de Chile a fines del siglo XX: Entendiendo la dinámica espacial y temporal del paisaje Land use change in the south central Chile at the end of the 20th century: Understanding the spatio-temporal dynamics of the landscape



    Los humanos han transformado gran parte de la superficie del planeta en los últimos 300 años. La tala de bosques, las prácticas agrícolas de subsistencia, la intensificación de la producción agrícola y la expansión de los centros urbanos han cambiado drásticamente el paisaje. En el centro y sur de Chile las transformaciones han estado asociadas, en un inicio, a la expansión de la frontera agropecuaria que permitió satisfacer tanto las necesidades internas como la creciente demanda externa por...

  1. New K-Ar ages of altered rocks from Paramillos Sur and Norte: Interpretation of the results

    The whole-rock K-Ar dates from porphyry copper prospects of Paramillos Sur (phyllic and potasic alteration zones) and Paramillos Norte (propilitic zone) are reported. Radiometric data yielded 17,8 ± 0,9 Ma, 15,8 ± 1,0 Ma and 15,2 ± 0,5 Ma in Paramillos Sur, and 17,3 ± 0,7 Ma in Paramillos Norte, which can be added to an previously reported age of 16,4 ± 0,3 Ma. These data are in agreement with isotopic ages from non altered or non mineralized magmatic rocks of the region. When the isotopic ages and petrographic characteristics of the dated rocks are considered, two alteration-mineralization events are suggested for Paramillos Sur prospect. However this possibility needs to be confirmed by means of future studies, in view of the reduced interval between these events when compared with the analytical errors. (author)

  2. La piraterie sur le web


    Les échanges de toutes sortes sont facilités à l'extrême par le web: des forums, des vidéoconférences, le commerce à distance, ou tout simplement la célérité des courriers électroniques ou la convivialité des chats, tout cela participe de la société de communication. Une certaine partie du monde découvre le nouvel horizon des échanges quasi instantanés, mais... les transactions sur le web sont-elles vraiment s res?

  3. À la défense de mal-aimés souvent bien utiles : les guides de voyage. Propositions de lecture basées sur des guides de la Suisse de la fin du XVIIIe siècle et du XIXe siècle Defending the underdog: travel guidebooks. Suggestions based on guidebooks of Switzerland between the end of the XVIII century and the XIX century

    Ariane Devanthéry


    Full Text Available Les intellectuels et la recherche universitaire entretiennent des rapports ambigus avec les guides de voyage. Pendant longtemps, ils ne s’en sont tout simplement pas occupés. Ce n’est que récemment que les historiens, géographes, sociologues ou ethnologues ont réalisé que ces écrits étaient des mines de renseignements tant historiques que géographiques ou sociaux, qui permettaient d’aborder sous un nouvel angle l’histoire et les transformations spatiales de certaines régions ainsi que des pratiques et des modes touristiques diverses. Une certaine reconnaissance a donc commencé à leur être accordée, bien qu’encore très partielle. Une grande part des spécialistes du littéraire peine encore toutefois à voir dans ces textes autre chose que de l’informatif-injonctif. Une lecture fonctionnelle, formelle et historique des guides de voyage, ainsi que des pratiques des lecteurs et voyageurs peut cependant révéler qu’ils sont plus riches que ce que l’on a longtemps cru. Nous proposons ici de renouveler notre regard sur ces objets.Academia has long taken an ambiguous stance on travel guidebooks. Indeed, It simply ignored them for the better part of their existence. Only recently have historians, geographers, sociologists or ethnologists, come to realize that travel guidebooks actually are mother lodes of historical, geographical, or social data, allowing to analyze from unexplored perspectives the history and spatial transformations of certain regions, as well as diverse tourist practices. Some level of incipient interest in those sources has therefore begun to emerge. However, most literary specialists still find it difficult to see in such documents anything more than information and prescriptions. A functional, formal, and historical reading of travel guidebooks, as well as of the practices of readers and travellers, can nonetheless reveal their long-overlooked richness. This contribution is an attempt at renewing our

  4. A Survey of Twentieth-century Literary Theory and Criticism in Chinese

    Chen, Xiaoming; Sheng, Anfeng


    In their article "A Survey of Twentieth-century Literary Theory and Criticism in Chinese" Xiaoming Chen and Anfeng Sheng survey Chinese-language scholarship that for the reason of the East-West divide is less known in the West. Although heavily influenced by both Western and Soviet Marxist thought, twentieth-century Chinese literary theorization and criticism produced much incisive scholarship based on the vast knowledge existing in Chinese culture and literary scholarship. Chen and Sheng sur...

  5. Construcción del Estado en América del Sur: Apuntes sobre una sociodemografía histórica en el siglo XIX. Construction of the State in South America: Notes on an historical Sociodemography in the nineteenth century

    José Arturo Burciaga Campos


    Full Text Available En este sencillo ejercicio, se pretende plantear algunas ideas de conjunto en torno a algunos elementos sociodemográficos desde la Historia en el gran contexto de la construcción del Estado en América del Sur, particularmente durante el siglo XIX. Se presentan solo algunos datos y comentarios que encaucen o invoquen otras líneas que en materia de historia relacionada con la demografía se revelen. Este ensayo a modo de revisión bibliográfica es una ligera aproximación con apuntamientos, cuyo fin es encauzar o motivar algunas reflexiones que sean objeto de estudios más profundos y mejor documentados. Las interpretaciones históricas sobre las movilidades demográficas son materia de estudio de los especialistas en la Demografía Histórica. En consecuencia, el demógrafo histórico ideal no existe, pero con algunas habilidades tiene la esperanza de contribuir provechosamente en el campo de la demografía histórica. De ahí que todos los argumentos históricos tienen algo de imprecisión o falsedad, porque nadie puede estar totalmente seguro o inseguro de nada. Los grados de certeza son variables.

  6. Experiments with the SUR 100 training reactor

    This paper contains a compilation of various experiments using the SUR - 100 reactor for training purposes, which have been widly proved in practical work at the School for Nuclear Technology of the Karlsruhe Research Center. (orig.)

  7. Library of IA,CASS:Retrospect and Prospect at the Turn of the Century%中国社会科学院考古研究所图书馆的世纪回顾与展望



    The Library of IA, CASS, was founded and developed upon the collection of books at the former Institute of History, Academy of Beiping. It has gone through a 50-year course and constitutes the specialized library richest in archaeological riterature in the country. The present paper reviews the course of its change and development, introduces systematically the sources, classes, features and preservation condition of the Chinese and foreign archaeological literature in its collection, reports the achievements of its professional staff in the secondary exploitation of archaeological literature, analyses its current situation in personnel structure, literature work. service to readers, the cultivation of the fine style of work and its management and organization, and puts forward the direction of its development as well as its main tasks in the new century.

  8. Men and women in the rural world of the south of Santa Fe. Inequality and social dynamics in farming communities at the beginning of the XXI century Mujeres y hombres en el mundo agrario del sur santafecino. Desigualdades y dinámicas sociales en comunidades agrícolas a comienzos del siglo XXI

    José Muzlera


    Full Text Available The development of capitalism in farming has led to several transformations and papers which reflect on this social event. In the framework of a new rural life associated to a changing and highly- tech agriculture, this study is built on the basis of the analysis of the relationships which are established between men and women in three towns of the south of the province of Santa Fe, the core of the Pampa region. To achieve this aim, we have chosen three dimensions: the level of formal education, the areas of sociability, the household economy, the access to land and the inheritance practices. A new statistical sample of 1082 cases, together with observations, unstructured interviews and ethnographic records, have been the main input for a quality-quantity approach of the issues in question.El desarrollo del capitalismo en el agro ha dado lugar a numerosas transformaciones y a diversos trabajos que reflexionan en torno a este suceso social. En el marco de una nueva ruralidad asociada a una agricultura en transformación y altamente tecnologizada, el presente estudio se construye en base a un análisis acerca de las relaciones que se establecen entre hombres y mujeres en tres comunas del sur de la Provincia de Santa Fe, zona núcleo de la Región Pampeana. Para llevar adelante dicho objetivo hemos escogido, como dimensiones de aproximación principales del análisis: los niveles de educación formal, los espacios de sociabilidad, la economía del hogar, el acceso a la tierra y las prácticas sucesorias. Una muestra estadísticamente representativa de 1.082 casos, junto a observaciones, entrevistas desestructuradas y registros etnográficos, han sido los insumos principales para un abordaje cuali-cuantitativo de los asuntos en cuestión.

  9. Révision à la baisse de la prime sur les actions au Canada

    Rochon, Mathieu; Desrosiers, Stéphanie; L’Her, Jean-François


    The average historical excess return of market index over government bonds has been 4.5 % in Canada during the 20th century. Contrarily to the majority of the developed markets, it has remained almost the same during the two halves of the century. However, years 2001 and 2002 have driven the average excess return downwards so that the average excess return is now more in line with risk premium estimated via prospective approaches. The first prospective approach which is the most used in the f...

  10. Life Sciences in the 21 st Century

    Zou Chenglu (C. L. Tsou)


    This article presents a retrospective of the achievements of life sciences in the 20th century and a prospective in the 21 st century.primarily,because of the emergence of molecular biology in the 20th cetury,life sciences have grown up from a descriptive discipline to an exact science.Biology in the 21st century features a unification between analysis and integration,i.e.the unification of analysis and func-tional research.More and more interdisciplinary integration will be based on works of penetrating analyses.Secondly.the deeper understanding of all living phenomena will lead to a unified connition of the essence of life so that general biology in the genuine sese of the term will come into being.finally,basic research on the life sciences will produce an unprecedented influence on all aspects of human life.

  11. Loan prospecting

    Heider, Florian; Inderst, Roman


    We offer a theoretical framework to analyze corporate lending when loan officers must be incentivized to prospect for loans and to transmit the soft information they obtain in that process. We explore how this multi-task agency problem shapes loan officers' compensation, banks' use of soft information in credit approval, and their lending standards. When competition intensifies, prospecting for loans becomes more important and banks' internal agency problem worsens. In response to more compet...

  12. Le Subdray - Saint-Florent-sur-Cher

    Ranger, Olivier; Multiple,


    Code INSEE commune : 18255 Lien Atlas (MCC) :;46.986;2.340;47.051 L'opération d'évaluation archéologique localisée sur les communes de Saint-Florent-sur-Cher et du Subdray (Cher) précède les travaux de mise à 4 voies de la route nationale 151 entre Bourges et Saint-Florent-sur-Cher par la Direction Départementale de l’Equipement du Cher. Le tracé totalise 3,5 km, ce qui porte la surface à évaluer à 6,...

  13. Juicy Prospects

    Ali Ali


    THE city of Yantai in east China's Shandong Province has long been famed in history for its extensive coastline,its breathtaking scenery and its abundance of fruit.Being one of the first ports to open up to Europeans during the 19th century,the city is no stranger to progression,especially in terms of economics.

  14. Nineteenth-Century English

    Fabricius, Anne


    The article reviews the book "Nineteenth-Century English: Stability and Change," by Merja Kytö, Mats Rydèn and Erik Smitterberg......The article reviews the book "Nineteenth-Century English: Stability and Change," by Merja Kytö, Mats Rydèn and Erik Smitterberg...

  15. Inscriptions Arabes et Persanes sur les Armes Musulmanes de la Tour de Londres

    Kalus, Ludvik


    Full Text Available L'étude présentée ici se veut être le résultat d'une prospection épigraphique dans la collection des armes musulmanes de la Tour de Londres sous forme d'un inventaire des inscriptions arabes et persanes sur les armes de cette collection. Cet inventaire ne tient donc pas compte des éléments morphologiques et décoratifs dont l'étude devrait faire partie d'une analyse descriptive complète.

  16. Inscriptions Arabes et Persanes sur les Armes Musulmanes de la Tour de Londres

    Kalus, Ludvik


    L'étude présentée ici se veut être le résultat d'une prospection épigraphique dans la collection des armes musulmanes de la Tour de Londres sous forme d'un inventaire des inscriptions arabes et persanes sur les armes de cette collection. Cet inventaire ne tient donc pas compte des éléments morphologiques et décoratifs dont l'étude devrait faire partie d'une analyse descriptive complète.

  17. Impact des incendies sur l'environnement

    Vennetier, M.


    This presentation aimed at presenting all potential impacts of wild fires on the environment, as an introduction to this seminar. / Cette présentation était destinée à présenter en introduction du séminaire l'ensemble des impacts des incendies sur l'environnement.

  18. Ministerial Presentation: China. The Development and Prospects of Nuclear Power in China [International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy in the 21. Century: Addressing Energy Needs and Environmental Challenges, Beijing (China), 20-22 April 2009

    It's my pleasure to participate in this international Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy in the 21 st Century organized by lAEA. This conference is a magnificent meeting of the global nuclear energy industry. It is a good opportunity for officials and experts from member states to share experiences in nuclear power development and explore approaches to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes in more safe and economical manners. Please allow me to present my compliments to Mr. Chairman, and on behalf of China National Energy Administration, I would like to express my sincere congratulations on the convening of this meeting. New and higher requirements for energy are being put forward with the continuous rapid growth of China's economy. In order to strengthen the macro-administration and to solve the problems emerged in the progress of development, China National Energy Administration was established in March, 2008. Starting from its very beginning, China National Energy Administration focuses on constructing a stable, economical, clean and safe energy supply system for China through scientific development, and the acceleration of nuclear power development tops the agenda of my Administration. As the competent department for nuclear power development in China, National Energy Administration is in charge of planning, industrial policy, and project review and approval, as well as formulating regulations and standards, promoting technology R and D, equipment manufacture and international cooperation etc. Over the past twelve months, a large number of activities have been carried out, such as the adjustment of nuclear power planning, arrangement of new projects, promotion of technical progress, development of human resources, assurance of equipment manufacture and uranium supply, etc.. Meanwhile, cooperative relationships with energy administrative departments of more than 40 countries and international organizations have been established. NEA is willing to

  19. Clouded Prospects


    @@ As the European debt crisis deepens,the word economy has yet to find its footing despite signs of growth and renewed confidence.While the developed world faces the challenge of fiscal indebtedness,many developing countries are feeling the pinch of capital inflows and trade downturn.Global Economic Prospects 2010,the latest report by the World Bank,discussed these issues.Edited excerpts follow:

  20. Climate: Into the 21st Century

    Burroughs, William


    Toward the end of the twentieth century, it became evident to professionals working within the meterological arena that the world's climate system was showing signs of change that could not be adequately explained in terms of natural variation. Since that time there has been an increasing recognition that the climate system is changing as a result of human industries and lifestyles, and that the outcomes may prove catastrophic to the world's escalating population. Compiled by an international team formed under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Climate: Into the 21st Century features an unrivalled collection of essays by the world's leading meteorological experts. These fully integrated contributions provide a perspective of the global climate system across the twentieth century, and describe some of the most arresting and extreme climatic events and their effects that have occurred during that time. In addition, the book traces the development of our capabilities to observe and monitor the climate system, and outlines our understanding of the predictability of climate on time-scales of months and longer. It concludes with a summary of the prospects for applying the twentieth century climate experience in order to benefit society in the twenty-first century. Lavishly illustrated in color, Climate is an accessible acccount of the challenges that climate poses at the start of the twenty-first century. Filled with fascinating facts and diagrams, it is written for a wide audience and will captivate the general reader interested in climate issues, and will be a valuable teaching resource. William Burroughs is a successful science author of books on climate, including Weather (Time Life, 2000), and Climate Change: A Multidisciplinary Approach (2001), Does the Weather Really Matter? (1997) and The Climate Revealed (1999), all published by Cambridge University Press.

  1. One century of fascination for outsider art, about the evolution of the perception of creations of autodidact autors - mentally ill or diseabled persons or isolates artists / de l'art des fous à l'art en marge :un siècle de fascination ou de l'évolution du regard porté sur les expressions artistiques de créateurs autodidactes (personnes malades ou handicapées mentales, artistes isolés)

    Fol, Carine


    My dissertation analyses the evolution of the perception of creations of mentally ill, art brut or outsider art through a phenomenological point of view that focuses on the viewer and protagonists how permitted the discovery of these creations :psychiatrists (Hans Prinzhorn, Walter Morgenthaler, Leo Navratil, and others) Jean Dubuffet, Harald Szeemann and my own practice as curator through a case-study of the art & marges museum in Brussels /Ma thèse analyse l'évolution du regard porté sur le...

  2. Enquêtes sur les soucoupes volantes

    Lagrange, Pierre


    La dispute autour du mot « preuve » se réduit à une question : Qu'est-ce qui constitue une preuve ? Faut-il qu'un ovni atterrisse à l'entrée du Pentagone, près des bureaux des chefs d'État-Major ? Ou bien est-ce une preuve quand une station de radar au sol détecte un ovni, envoie un jet l'intercepter, que le pilote du jet le voit et le suit sur son radar pour finir par le voir disparaître à une vitesse phénoménale ? Ou est-ce une preuve quand un pilote tire sur un ovni et maintient son histoi...

  3. Mise en oeuvre du krigeage sur arbre.

    Polus, Edwige; de Fouquet, Chantal


    Un modèle de fonctions aléatoires définies sur une topologie d'arbre (de Fouquet & Bernard-Michel, 2006) a été développé pour l'estimation de concentrations le long d'un réseau hydrographique. Le principe consiste à décomposer le réseau en filets élémentaires joignant chaque " source " à " l'exutoire ". La concentration Z au point x s'exprime comme une combinaison linéaire Z(x)=$\\Sum$ wiYi(x) de variables aléatoires élémentaires Yi définies sur ces filets, dont les coefficients wi dépendent d...

  4. Mechanical engineering prospects at the end of the twentieth century

    The future of Mechanical Engineering in Spain appears to be very bright indeed. This conclusion has been derived from an analysis of its evolution in the last 20 years, a period which has seen the development of excellent working universities, research organizations and centres, and in industry. The initial delay in Spain's industrialization process, as compared to other European countries, has led to the situation where we do not have multinational companies which are purely Spanish-owned in these areas. Nevertheless, a process of globalization of the industry is clearly under way, not only in Europe, under the aegis of the EC, but also all over the world. This implies that in this new context it will be possible to access, from Spain itself, posts of growing responsibility in large post-multinational companies, and also to work in areas I have defined as more noble. The possibility of these companies implementing activities of major interest in Spain will depend on factors such as existing infrastructure, qualification of personnel and the surrounding life style. The qualification of personnel relies on basic training and promotion of research activities; therefore, these aspects will require special attention. (author)

  5. Roles des contraintes sur les signaux de transition de phase

    Regnard, V


    Ce papier presente la notion de signal de transition de phase pour un systeme de taille finie. Il se concentre sur le role des contraintes physiques sur ces signaux et la robustesse quant au changement d'ensemble statistique. Des resultats obtenus avec un modele de gaz sur reseau sont presentes en analogie avec les observations effectuees en collisions d'ions lourds aux energies intermediaires.


    Kusdhianto SETIAWAN


    Considering the heteroscedasticity and cross-correlation in the error terms of international stock market returns, International Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is reinvestigated under Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) and SUR with GARCH (SUR-GARCH) framework.We modified Feasible Generalized Least Square (FGLS) estimator to take into account multivariate GARCH error structure in estimating the model. World market portfolio was constructed to ensure that the market portfolio is mean-vari...

  7. El (los Sur buscando al Sur. Una construcción entre estereotipos y realidad.

    Mabel Franzone


    Full Text Available Todas las lecturas que podamos hacer del Sur, de sus propias representaciones, de aquellas vehiculizadas por el Norte, de sus creaciones, de sus reacciones, de su búsqueda constante de identidad, son lecturas de múltiples situaciones, que llaman a cruces insoslayables entre pueblos, entre distintas etnias, entre disciplinas, entre sentimientos que van desde el rechazo hasta la atracción casi magnética entre los dos hemisferios. Nuestra intención primera era la de reunir de manera aproximativa las problemáticas actuales de los Sur, ligadas a lo imaginario.

  8. Remesas Sur-Sur: Importancia del Corredor Costa Rica-Nicaragua

    Ricardo Monge-González; Oswald Céspedes-Torres; Juan Carlos Vargas-Aguilar


    El presente estudio, procura brindar un poco de luz en el campo del impacto de los flujos de remesas en América Latina, al estudiar la importancia relativa del corredor Costa Rica-Nicaragua (sur-sur) mediante el análisis de los resultados de una encuesta estadísticamente representativa a una muestra de hogares nicaragüenses receptores de remesas desde Costa Rica, comisionada por los autores durante el primer semestre del año 2009, así como contrastar estos resultados con aquellos de la litera...


    Tugui, Alexandru


    International audience Dans la future société basée sur la connaissance, les connaissances constitueront des pièces de travails habituées qui seront manipulées très facilement. La comptabilité ne fait pas exception à cette pratique et aboutira à cet état suite à la standardisation des procédures, des pratiques et des méthodes comptables, au traitement intégré des données de l'entreprise, du niveau de plus en plus performant des technologies de communication, des réalisations du domaine de ...

  10. Stercula setigera Del. : effet sur les cultures

    Bakhoum, Charles; Samba Arona Ndiaye Samba,; Ndour, Babou


    En zone soudano-sahélienne plusieurs espèces ligneuses sont maintenues dans les champs pour diverses raisons. Leur effet sur les cultures demeure cependant inconnu pour la plupart d'entre elles. Une étude menée au Sénégal a montré que la densité des cultures (arachide, mil et sorgho) augmente avec la distance au tronc de Sterculia setigera. La hauteur du sorgho, l'étalement de l'arachide, sa biomasse en gousses ainsi que les biomasses en épis et en tiges de mil et de sorgho augmentent égaleme...

  11. Lithiase géante sur enterocystoplastie

    Elmortaji, Khalid; Elomri, Ghassane; Bennani, Saad; Rabii, Redouane; Aboutaib, Rachid; Meziane, Fethi


    La formation des lithiases est une complication fréquente des entérocystoplasties après cystectomie radicale pour tumeur de vessie infiltrante. Le délai d'apparition dépend des facteurs de risque favorisants notamment les infections urinaires. Néanmoins la survenue de lithiase géante sur néovessie reste exceptionnelle, seulement 5 cas ont été rapportés dans la littérature. Nous rapportons dans ce travail, le cas d'une lithiase géante compliquant une entérocystoplastie chez un malade suivi pou...

  12. Social Psychology, Social Science, and Economics: Twentieth Century Progress and Problems, Twenty-First Century Prospects

    House, James S.


    Stimulated by social scientists' and especially social psychologists' contributions during World War II, as well as by America's post-war economic and population growth, the period from 1945 to 1970 was widely viewed as a "Golden Age" for American social science. Interdisciplinary social psychology arguably was in the vanguard of these…

  13. Sur8 mediates tumorigenesis and metastasis in colorectal cancer

    Lee, Young-Mi; Kaduwal, Saluja; Lee, Kug Hwa; Park, Jong-Chan; Jeong, Woo-Jeong; Choi, Kang-Yell


    Sur8, a scaffold protein of the Ras pathway, interacts with Ras and Raf and modulates the Ras-extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) pathway. Here we show that Sur8 is overexpressed in established human colorectal cancer (CRC) cell lines and CRC patient tissues. Moreover, Sur8 expression is increased during liver metastasis in CRC patients. Sur8 knockdown decreases ERK and Akt activities in CRC cell lines, regardless of their K-Ras, B-Raf or PI3K mutation status. Overexpression or knockdown of Sur8 increases or decreases, respectively, the proliferation or transformation of CRC cell lines. Sur8 knockdown attenuates the migration and invasion of HCT116 CRC cells. Subcutaneous or orthotopic injection of HCT116 cells harboring a doxycycline (Dox)-mediated Sur8 knockdown system in nude mice resulted in decreased tumorigenic potential and inhibited the liver metastatic potential of HCT116 cells. Taken together, our data support the role of Sur8 as a promoter of tumorigenesis and liver metastasis in CRC through its modulation of the Ras-ERK and PI3K-Akt signaling pathways. PMID:27469030

  14. Prospective analysis. Nuclear deterrence in 2030

    This study is a prospective analysis of the long-term future of nuclear weapons, and particularly the future of French nuclear deterrence after 2015. The selected time period is 2025-2030. The principal objective is to reflect on what the nuclear world might look like during the first part of the 21 st century, beyond the modernization decisions already planned or envisaged, and to draw conclusions for the future of the French deterrent. (author)

  15. A Century of Acoustic Metrology

    Rasmussen, Knud

    The development in acoustic measurement technique over the last century is reviewed with special emphasis on the metrological aspect.......The development in acoustic measurement technique over the last century is reviewed with special emphasis on the metrological aspect....

  16. Statisticians of the centuries

    Seneta, E; Crépel, P; Fienberg, S; Gani, J


    Statisticians of the Centuries aims to demonstrate the achievements of statistics to a broad audience, and to commemorate the work of celebrated statisticians. This is done through short biographies that put the statistical work in its historical and sociological context, emphasizing contributions to science and society in the broadest terms rather than narrow technical achievement. The discipline is treated from its earliest times and only individuals born prior to the 20th Century are included. The volume arose through the initiative of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), the principal representative association for international statistics (founded in 1885). Extensive consultations within the statistical community, and with prominent members of ISI in particular, led to the names of the 104 individuals who are included in the volume. The biographies were contributed by 73 authors from across the world. The editors are the well-known statisticians Chris Heyde and Eugene Seneta. Chris Heyde is Pro...

  17. A Century of Antivenom

    Lovreček, Dijana; Tomić, Siniša


    Because it primarily affects the poor in undeveloped parts of the world where medical care is often inadequate and insufficient, envenomation is considered a neglected public health issue, despite the existence of antivenom therapy for more than a century. This article provides an overview of the epidemiological situation for important venomous animals, together with achievements in the production, control, technological progress and safety of antivenoms since their discovery.




    IN an excavated pit at the side of an expressway in Shandong’s Linzi are visible 2,000-year-old remains of horses and wooden carriages. The horse skeletons are on their side, in an attitude of motion. The pit was discovered in the late 20th century, when the expressway was being built. These early ancestors of modern transport, no longer "road-worthy," are now protected historic artifacts.

  19. Identifying 21st Century Capabilities

    Stevens, Robert


    What are the capabilities necessary to meet 21st century challenges? Much of the literature on 21st century skills focuses on skills necessary to meet those challenges associated with future work in a globalised world. The result is a limited characterisation of those capabilities necessary to address 21st century social, health and particularly…

  20. Prospect redux

    Jacquemoud, S.; Ustin, S. L.; Verdebout, J.; Schmuck, G.; Andreoli, G.; Hosgood, B.


    The remote estimation of leaf biochemical content from spaceborne platforms has been the subject of many studies aimed at better understanding of terrestrial ecosystem functioning. The major ecological processes involved in exchange of matter and energy, like photosynthesis, primary production, evaportranspiration, respiration, and decomposition can be related to plant properties e.g., chlorophyll, water, protein, cellulose and lignin contents. As leaves represent the most important plant surfaces interacting with solar energy, a top priority has been to relate optical properties to biochemical constituents. Two different approaches have been considered: first, statistical correlations between the leaf reflectance (or transmittance) and biochemical content, and second, physically based models of leaf scattering and absorption developed using the laws of optics. Recently reviewed by Verdebout et al., the development of models of leaf optical properties has resulted in better understanding of the interaction of light with plant leaves. Present radiative transfer models mainly use chlorophyll and/or water contents as input parameters to calculate leaf reflectance. Inversion of these models allows to retrieve these constituents from spectrophotometric measurements. Conel et al. recently proposed a two-stream Kubelka-Munk model to analyze the influence of protein, cellulose, lignin, and starch on leaf reflectance, but in fact, the estimation of leaf biochemistry from remote sensing is still an open question. In order to clarify it, a laboratory experiment associating visible/infrared spectra of plan leaves both with physical measurements and biochemical analyses was conducted at the Joint Research Center during the summer of 1993. This unique data set has been used to upgrade the PROSPECT model, by including leaf biochemistry.

  1. Uranium project. Geochemistry prospection

    Geochemistry studies the distribution of the chemicals elements in the terrestrial crust and its ways to migrate. The terminology used in this report is the following one: 1) Principles of the prospection geochemistry 2) Stages of the prospection geochemistry 3)utility of the prospection geochemistry 4) geochemistry of uranium 5) procedures used within the framework of uranium project 6) Average available 7) Selection of the zones of prospection geochemistry 8) Stages of the prospection, Sample preparation and analisis 9) Presentation of the results

  2. The quantum century

    Physicists often complain that the phrase quantum leap'' is used erroneously, if harmlessly, by people to describe a large jump or change. Yet this month the physics community is celebrating the 100th anniversary of what must count as the beginning of the biggest quantum leap in the history of science, whichever way you define the phrase. On 14 December 1900 Max Planck presented a paper on the radiation emitted by a black body at a meeting of the German Physical Society in Berlin. This event is generally taken to mark the start of the quantum century, though few people realized it at the time - not even Planck himself. (U.K.)

  3. A Century Apart

    Birgir Hrannar Stefánsson 1982


    Iceland and China are two nations situated almost at the opposite side of the globe. In this thesis, I am taking two examples of media coverage on China; the writings of Ólafur Ólafsson are compared with the discussion in Akureyri Vikublað regarding Huang Nubo. Ólafur Ólafsson was a pioneer of intercultural communication between Iceland and China in the early 20th century. Working as a missionary in China he sent home letters published through the magazine Ljósberinn and later on these wr...

  4. Recherche sur les Juifs du Maroc

    Michel Abitbol


    Le Centre de recherche sur les Juifs du Maroc (CRJM) a été créé, en mai 1994, à Paris à l’initiative de Monsieur Robert Assaraf, après de longs mois de concertations, de discussions et d’études préalables. Il s’agit d’une institution internationale, à vocation universitaire et scientifique qui s’est fixé pour but essentiel de développer, par tous les moyens, la connaissance et l’étude de l’histoire des Juifs du Maroc. Une histoire trois fois millénaire qui remonte à la destruction du premier ...

  5. Retour sur l'Etat local

    REIGNER, H; Epstein, R.


    L'Etat local, dont l'étude a été à l'origine de travaux fondateurs sur le système politico-administratif, ne figure plus parmi les objets privilégiés de la science politique française. Ce constat renvoie moins à un désintérêt des politistes qu'à la fragmentation de leurs approches et à la dilution de l'objet qui en découle. L'hypothèse de cette Section Thématique est que l'Etat local demeure un objet fécond pour la recherche, permettant en particulier d'alimenter et d'articuler deux controver...

  6. Lithiase géante sur enterocystoplastie

    Elmortaji, Khalid; Elomri, Ghassane; Bennani, Saad; Rabii, Redouane; Aboutaib, Rachid; Meziane, Fethi


    La formation des lithiases est une complication fréquente des entérocystoplasties après cystectomie radicale pour tumeur de vessie infiltrante. Le délai d'apparition dépend des facteurs de risque favorisants notamment les infections urinaires. Néanmoins la survenue de lithiase géante sur néovessie reste exceptionnelle, seulement 5 cas ont été rapportés dans la littérature. Nous rapportons dans ce travail, le cas d'une lithiase géante compliquant une entérocystoplastie chez un malade suivi pour tumeur de vessie infiltrante. PMID:25932070

  7. Enquête LMD sur le web

    Colette Cauvin


    Full Text Available En relation avec la mise en place des LMD, une enquête sur le web a été entreprise en janvier 2003 afin de connaître les orientations et les choix des diverses universités délivrant des diplômes de géographie ou d’une discipline similaire. Grâce à R. Schlumberger (laboratoire Image et Ville de nombreux sites ont été consultés et analysés. Qu’elle en soit remerciée.   Cependant, la lecture des informations a été plus malaisée que prévue en raison, en particulier, de la multiplicité des langue...

  8. Epistemologías del Sur

    Boaventura de Sousa Santos


    Full Text Available Es un hecho irreversible que el logos eurocéntrico ha implosionado en sus propias fuentes de desarrollo político y económico. El peligro de esta crisis es total porque abarca su hegemonía y a la humanidad y a la naturaleza. ¿De qué alternativas disponemos para superar este fin de milenio y su hecatombe? Es evidente que estamos viviendo los "tiempos póstumos" o de "filosofía finisecular" de una Modernidad que luce, por otra parte, rebasable desde otra episteme histórico-cultural que reconozca la relación ecosistema del hombre en el conjunto de la diversidad existencial de los seres vivos que pueblan este planeta. Esta otra epistemología que tiene su génesis en la Teoría Crítica y se recrea enAmérica Latina, desde el Sur, se asume desde la praxis de un logos emancipador que fractura los límites hegemónicos del "capitalismo sin fin" y del "colonialismo sin fin", ya que hace posible recuperar desde la "sociología de las emergencias", la presencia de los pueblos milenarios que han logrado la recreación de su habitat a través de una relación simbiótica directa, con los ciclos o procesos de génesis y muerte de la Madre Tierra (Pachamama. La sabiduría ancestral que porta el pensamiento de estos pueblos originarios, expresados por sus tradiciones, ritos, magias, hasta sus representaciones antropomórficas de la realidad, son síntomas de que el ocaso de la civilización, nomuere con Occidente, sino que renace desde el Sur con el "Sumak Kawsay".

  9. A century of physics

    Bromley, D Allan


    In this amazing tour d'horizon, D. Allan Bromley uses the occasion of the centenary of the American Physical Society to reflect upon the growth of physics over the past 100 years, its fragmentation into numerous subdisciplines, the impact physics has had upon modern technology, and the re-emergence of the fundamental unity of the discipline in recent years. Hundreds of historical illustrations accompany the text. Bromley conveys much of the excitement and wonder that research in physics generated in the 20th century and asks what new things are in store in the next century. He covers such topics as relativity and quantum mechanics, the Manhattan project, superconductivity, transistors and the revolution brought about by solid-state electronics, protein folding, the uses of nuclear and atomic physics in biology and medicine, plate tectonics, the expansion of the universe and the Big Bang, and gravitational radiation. Bromley, the Sterling Professor of the Sciences and Dean of Yale University, served as Assista...

  10. The management century.

    Kiechel, Walter


    In 1886, addressing the nascent American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Henry R. Towne proposed that "the management of works" be considered a modern art--thereby heralding the Management Century, when management as we know it came into being and shaped the world in which we work. Kiechel, a past editorial director of Harvard Business Publishing, elucidates the three eras that punctuate this period: the years leading up to World War II, during which scientific exactitude gave wings to a new managerial elite; the early postwar decades, managerialism's apogee of self-confidence and a time when wartime principles of strategy were adapted, sometimes ruthlessly, to the running of companies; and the 1980s to the present, years that saw fast-moving changes, disequilibrium, and a servitude to market forces but also ushered in globalism, unprecedented innovation, and heightened expectations about how workers are to be treated. Along the way he examines the contributions of thinkers such as Frederick Taylor, Elton Mayo, Peter Drucker, and Michael Porter. What lies ahead? Perhaps the biggest challenge facing the 21st-century company, Kiechel posits, is to truly free the spark of human imagination from the organization's tidal pull toward the status quo. There's almost always a better way, he concludes--and management will continue to seek it. PMID:23155998

  11. IAEA safeguards for the 21st century

    The publication includes the lectures held during the seminar on IAEA safeguards for the 21st century. The topics covered are as follows: the nuclear non-proliferation regime; Legal instruments related to the application of safeguards; multilateral nuclear export controls; physical protection and its role in nuclear non-proliferation; the evolution of safeguards; basis for the strengthening of safeguards; information required from states, including 'small quantities protocol'; processing and evaluation of new information for strengthened safeguards; additional physical access and new technologies for strengthened safeguards; equipping the IAEA Inspectorate with new skills; achievements to date the strengthened safeguards; complement of regional non-proliferation arrangements in international nuclear verification; promotion of transparency through Korean experience; and the future prospects of safeguards

  12. Prospective analysis. Nuclear deterrence in 2030; Essai de prospective. La dissuasion nucleaire en 2030

    Tertrais, B


    This study is a prospective analysis of the long-term future of nuclear weapons, and particularly the future of French nuclear deterrence after 2015. The selected time period is 2025-2030. The principal objective is to reflect on what the nuclear world might look like during the first part of the 21 st century, beyond the modernization decisions already planned or envisaged, and to draw conclusions for the future of the French deterrent. (author)

  13. Dominação, resistencia e autonomia no extremo sul do Vice-reinado do Peru (Séculos XVI e XVII - 10.4025/dialogos.v13i2.410 Dominación, resistencia y autonomía en el extremo sur del Virreinato del Perú (siglos XVI y XVII Domination, resistance and autonomy in the far southern Viceroyalty of Peru (16th and 17th centuries - doi: 10.4025/dialogos.v13i2.410

    Beatriz Bixio


    Full Text Available Num contexto de ampla desestruturação das sociedades indígenas originarias da jurisdição de Córdoba, na antiga Governação de Tucumán, no extremo sul do Vice-reinado do Peru, indaga-se sobre os limites da dominação e sobre as possíveis margens que as populações nativas tiveram para negociar suas respectivas posições no interior do sistema. Com este objetivo, são analisadas as práticas de resistência indígena e as mudanças operadas nelas entre fins do século XVI e fins do XVII. Coloca-se especial atenção nas micro práticas ou “táticas do débil”, entendidas como pequenas operações realizadas desde o lugar do outro eescassamente planejadas. Estas táticas não eram articuladas nem se inseriam num projeto global de resistência, mas conseguiram tremer as bases do poder.En un contexto de amplia desestructuración de las sociedades indígenas originarias de la jurisdicción de Córdoba en la antigua Gobernación del Tucumán (extremo sur del Virreinato del Perú, se indaga en los límites de la dominación colonial y en los posibles márgenes que tuvieron las poblaciones autóctonas para negociar sus respectivas posiciones en el interior del sistema. Con este objeto, se analizan las prácticas de resistencia indígena y las modificaciones sufridas en ellas desde fines del siglo XVI y hasta fines del siglo XVII. Se pone el acento particularmente en las microprácticas o “tácticas del débil” entendidas como pequeñas operaciones realizadas desde el lugar del otro y escasamente planificadas. Estas tácticas no se encontraban articuladas ni formaban parte de un proyecto global de resistencia pero lograron producir algunas sacudidas a los cimientos del poder.In a context of wide de-structuring of indigenous societies from the Cordoba jurisdiction in the former Tucuman Governorship, far southern Viceroyalty of Peru, this work questions the limits of domination and the possible freedoms the native populations had in

  14. 21st Century Skills Map

    Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2011


    The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) has forged alliances with key national organizations representing the core academic subjects, including Social Studies, English, Math, Science, Geography, World Languages and the Arts. These collaborations have resulted in the development of 21st Century Skills Maps that illustrate the essential…

  15. A century of antenna development

    Olver, A. D.

    The paper describes a century of antenna development as part of a century of radio communications. This historical review examines, chronologically, the pre-Hertz period, Hertz antennas, the microwave optics period, the Marconi era, short waves, theoretical design before and after computers, and radar. Consideration is also given to mobile antennas, microwave comunications, radio astronomy, and satellite comunications.

  16. de Baja California Sur, México

    Francisco Higinio Ruiz Espinoza


    Full Text Available Durante el periodo comprendido 2001-2003 en un suelo Yermosol Háplico en barbecho prolongado, se condujo una investigación con el objetivo de evaluar el efecto de diferentes sistemas de manejo sobre el estado físico del suelo. El empleo de técnicas convencionales (Arado de disco monocultivo y fertilización Mineral generó cambios en las propiedades físicas mediante dos tipos de manejo (Compactación, humedad, Da entre otras, sin embargo el empleo de alternativas (Manejo Ecológico con la aplicación de abono verde en 50 t ha-1, unido a técnicas de prepararon del suelo sin inversión del prisma, mostraron recuperación de los indicadores afectados por el manejo convencional. Se concluye que el manejo ecológico es una alternativa para la recuperación de los suelos degradados para una zona árida de Baja California Sur, México.

  17. Réflexions sur la science contemporaine

    Darriulat, Pierre


    L'auteur y brosse à grands traits un tableau de la science contemporaine : réductionnisme, déterminisme, abstraction, méthodes, mécanismes de validation et interactions entre observation et théorie... ainsi qu'un portrait de ses artisans et une critique des stéréotypes les plus courants (philistin, iconoclaste, apprenti sorcier...) L'accent est mis sur le fait que la science, dont une des missions consiste à dénoncer les illusions du sens commun, ne poursuit pas une quête de vérité absolue mais se contente aujourd'hui d'une vérité simplement meilleure que celle d'hier. La circularité de la science lui interdit de répondre à des questions essentielles comme «Pourquoi ce monde plutôt que rien ?» Pour tenter d'y répondre, le physicien Pierre Darriulat entreprend, avec candeur et bienveillance, un voyage chez les philosophes. Comment la métaphysique s'évade-t-elle du cercle ? Quelle connaissance autre que scientifique nous propose-t-elle ? La circularité condamnant la science au silence...

  18. Works carried out in the south of Cerro Largo district. Uranium prospection programme. Preliminary report

    During the carried out work of radimetric preliminary Investigation in the northeast of the uraniferous country were detected radimetric anonalias which are associated to the formation San Gregorio and Tres Islas. Later the works of prospection ratified those anomalies to which they defined in the environs other anomalies. The studies of revision of these conducted anomalies they took to conclude the necessity to carry out a detailed study of the area to that district was denominated Cerro Largo Sur

  19. Meeting of October 20, 2005 of the working group about the division by 4 of greenhouse gas emissions of France at the 2050 prospects, named 'factor 4'; Reunion du 20 octobre 2005 du groupe de travail sur la division par quatre des emissions de gaz a effet de serre de la France, a l'horizon 2050, dit 'facteur 4'



    This document gathers 4 presentations given at this meeting of the 'Factor 4' working group: the first presentation (C. Parent) presents the 2050 prospective of transports demand and the transport offer variables (world context, specific European actions, French context and taxation, impact of the different scenarios on road traffic, energy consumption and CO{sub 2} emissions). The second presentation (P. Aussourd) treats of the energy approaches of the transport prospective for 2050 (definition of 4 scenarios, global consequences in terms of fiscal income, energy consumption and CO{sub 2} emissions, lessons gained, possibility of an incremental scenario with chargeable hybrid vehicles, use of short crises for a long-term action in the change of life styles). The third presentation (R. Lavergne) deals with the energy prospective for the energy demand in France at the 2050 prospects (definition of a reference scenario, sectoral analysis, main hypotheses, critical points). The last presentation (H. Prevot) explains how it is possible for France to divide by 2 or 3 the CO{sub 2} emissions with keeping the same energy consumption as for the year 2000 (optimum combination of energy sources, use of biomass and solar space heating, power generation by nuclear energy, coal with CO{sub 2} sequestration and wind energy, evolution of fuel prices, role of the public action and of the government, convincing the decision makers). (J.S.)

  20. A prospect. Plasma physics, quo vadis

    A prospect of plasma physics at the turn of new century is discussed. The theme of this conference identifies the future direction of the research related with plasmas. Main issue is the potential and structure formation in plasmas; More specifically, structures which are realized through the interaction of electromagnetic fields, in particular that with electric fields, in non-equilibrium state. An emphasis is made to clarify the fundamental physics aspects of the plasma physics in fusion research as well as that in the basic research of plasmas. The plasma physics will give important contribution to the solution of the historical enigma, i.e., all thing flow. Having an impact on human recognition of nature and showing a beauty in a law, the plasma physics/science will demonstrate to be a high-quality science in the 21st century. (author)

  1. Culture, Power, and the University in the Twenty-First Century

    Murphy, Peter


    Powerful nations have influential systems of higher education. The article explores the possible pattern of geopolitics in the twenty-first century, and the competing prospects of America and its rivals in higher education and research. Pressures on both the American and non-American worlds are evaluated, along with relative economic strengths,…

  2. Distance Education within the 21st Century and Its Application to Rehabilitation Education

    Dziekan, Kathryn; Main, Doug


    Historically, distance education applications served a select group of students through self-paced technical short courses that required scant to little interaction with their instructors. Today's 21st century distance education focuses on a) reaching underserved prospective students within a social justice framework, b) global recruitment, and c)…

  3. The Political Economy of Work in the 21st Century: Implications for an Aging American Workforce.

    Sicker, Martin

    The prospective place of the aging worker in the employment environment of the 21st century is examined. The following are among the specific topics discussed: (1) the real world of work and retirement; (2) the changing employment environment; (3) the restructuring of business in the United States; (4) globalization and the economy; (5) downsizing…

  4. Retour sur la logique de l’usage

    Perriault, Jacques


    Publié il y a vingt-cinq ans, l’ouvrage « La logique de l’usage » a connu un succès important dans les recherches portant sur les technologies de l’information et de la communication. Néanmoins, ce succès s’est souvent traduit par une assimilation à la sociologie des usages, dont l’ouvrage se distingue pourtant fortement. L’entretien, reposant sur le travail de retour sur les textes majeurs des SIC s’étant intéressés à la technique entrepris dans le séminaire Usages des Dispositifs Sociotechn...

  5. Sur les Ecrits de Jean Carbonnier (1908-2003

    Robert Pageard


    Full Text Available Cette centaine de textes divers, présentés et commentés par une équipe de juristes, d’historiens, de sociologues ou d’anthropologues, donne une très vivante vision de la personnalité et des activités d’un penseur qui joua un rôle important dans l’enseignement et l’ évolution de la seconde moitié du XXe siècle.Tout est dit dans cet ouvrage sur l’exceptionnelle érudition de Jean Carbonnier en maints domaines, sur l’élégance et la finesse de sa langue, sur la clarté de son expression. Cette clar...

  6. Sur: uma minoria cosmopolita na periferia ocidental Sur: a cosmopolitan minority on the western periphery

    Maria Teresa Gramuglio


    Full Text Available Este artigo explora as condições e as disposições que tornaram possível o surgimento da revista Sur e a formação do grupo cultural de mesmo nome. Propõe critérios para uma periodização que leve em conta, junto com os indícios materiais, as circunstâncias históricas e culturais cambiantes pelas quais a publicação passou durante sua longa vida (1931-1991. Assinala alguns dos principias temas ideológicos e estéticos que foram abordados em suas páginas. Caracteriza o projeto inicial e as transformações imprimidas pela vontade de sua diretora, Victoria Ocampo, e as mudanças nas relações e problemáticas do campo intelectual.This article explores the conditions and dispositions that enabled the emergence of the magazine Sur and the formation of the cultural group of the same name. It sets out the criteria for a periodization that takes into account, along with material factors, the shifting historical and cultural circumstances experienced by the publication over its 60-year life-span (1931-1991. The text highlights some of the main ideological and aesthetic themes to have filled the magazine's pages. It describes the original project and the transformations introduced by its chief editor, Victoria Ocampo, as well as the changes in the relations and problematics of the intellectual field.

  7. Sur le concept d’engagement

    Howard S. Becker


    Full Text Available Le terme « engagement » connaît un succès grandissant dans les débats sociologiques. Dans ce texte, l’auteur examine les utilisations du concept d'engagement afin de comprendre les raisons de sa popularité grandissante, il signale la nature d'un des mécanismes sociaux auquel le terme se réfère implicitement, et développe une théorie embryonnaire des conditions et des processus sociaux impliqués dans le fonctionnement de ce mécanisme. Étant donné la variété sémantique du terme, il s'avère infructueux de spéculer sur son « véritable » sens. Une des images évoquées par « l'engagement » a été retenue pour en préciser la signification.On the Concept of CommitmentThe term "commitment" is experiencing a growing success in sociological debates. In this article, the author examines the uses of the concept of commitment in order to understand the reasons for its growing popularity. He also points out the nature of one of the social mechanisms to which the term implicitly refers, and he develops a preliminary theory of the social conditions and processes implied in the functioning of this mechanism. Given the semantic variety of the term, it proves useless to speculate on its “true” meaning. In order to clarify the meaning of the term, the author adopts one of the images evoked by “commitment”.Sobre el concepto de compromisoEl término “compromiso” goza de un éxito creciente en los debates sociológicos. En este texto el autor analiza las utilizaciones de este concepto con el fin de comprender las razones de esta creciente popularidad e indica la naturaleza de uno de los mecanismos sociales indicados por ese término, desarrollando seguidamente una teoría embrionaria de las condiciones y de los procesos sociales inherentes a este mecanismo. Teniendo en cuenta la variedad semántica del término es inútil especular acerca de su “verdadero” significado. Con el fin de precisar su significado, el autor

  8. Hacia una Psicología Social Comunitaria del Sur

    German Rozas


    Este artículo tiene como objetivo proponer algunos caminos hacia un ámbito que hemos llamado simbólicamente una “Psicología Social Comunitaria del Sur”, es decir una disciplina que deje atrás los planteamientos venidos desde los países desarrollados, dado que alojan principalmente una mirada eurocéntrica. La referencia del Sur, es una propuesta metafórica, que no tiene un asidero geográfico, sino que apela a un otro, los del Sur, que significan la relación entre países de una manera diferente...

  9. La fachada sur en clima mediterráneo

    Soro Espín, Mikel


    Esta tesina investiga la fachada Sur del clima mediterráneo y los elementos constructivos flexibles que hacen que esta fachada tenga un correcto funcionamiento térmico durante los diferentes periodos climáticos del año. Concretamente, la tesina ha centrado la investigación en la fachada Sur de edificios residenciales plurifamiliares del clima Mediterráneo. Se ha definido la función térmica de la fachada, sus requerimientos térmicos en diferentes periodos del clima Mediterráneo ...

  10. Bibliographie sur la bonne foi en droit international public


    Note. Cette bibliographie ne comprend que les études sur la bonne foi en droit international public et quelques ouvrages marquants sur la bonne foi en général. Les ouvrages et articles consacrés à ses divers aspects particuliers sont cités dans la bibliographie spéciale qui suit. OUVRAGES Buza, L., Bona fides és joggal való visszaéles a nemzetközi jogban (Bona fides et abus de droit en droit international), Szeged, 1940. Cavaré, L., La notion de bonne foi et quelques-unes de ses applications ...

  11. Major league baseball career length in the twentieth century*

    Witnauer, William D.; Rogers, Richard G.; Saint Onge, Jarron M.


    Although baseball is considered “the” American pastime, little is known about the career prospects of the individuals who play the game. This study fills that void by examining the careers of baseball players over the last century. Between 1902 and 1993, 5,989 position players started their careers and played 33,272 person years of major league baseball. A rookie position player can expect to play 5.6 years; one in five position players will have only a single-year career, and at every point ...

  12. CANDU market prospects

    This 1994 survey of prospective markets for CANDU reactors discusses prospects in Turkey, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, China and Egypt, and other opportunities, such as in fuel cycles and nuclear safety. It was concluded that foreign partners would be needed to help with financing

  13. Finding the SurPriSe: A Case Study of a Faculty Learning Community

    Michel, Roberta M.


    This article details a faculty learning community (FLC) that started in 2009 on the campus of a Midwestern University and has evolved into an interdisciplinary research, teaching and social community of practice and learning called SurPriSe. SurPriSe is an acronym that reflects the interest area of the FLC; Sur for surveillance, Pri for privacy,…

  14. New concept of age(ing: Prospective age

    Devedžić Mirjana


    Full Text Available While the last century was the century of world population growth, according to demographers, the XXI century will be century of population aging. Statistics undoubtedly show that number of elderly will continue it’s growth in the future. If old age is seen as period of life with reduced physical and mental capabilities and increased disability, and demographic aging as increase of dependent population, trends are quite disturbing, at least in certain societal segments. In developed countries, this population category is no longer treated as passive or as a "burden of society" and efforts are made for better social inclusion of older people. In contrast to growing interest in this phenomenon, the concepts that define the aging of the population remained stagnant. The aim of this paper is to introduce into domestic literature the term "prospective age" as a dynamic category which is more affected with socio-historical conditions, not only with biological as traditional definition of aging suggested. Papers written by Sanderson and Scherbov offer new methodological options for study of population aging, because it takes into account the biometric rather than chronological approach. Calculation of prospective years is a simple operation that requires pair of the same number of remained life expectancy from life tables for two different periods (the year of concern is index, and the one we are comparing with is standard year, so that phrase "40s is the new 30s" or "70s the new 60s" gets scientific foundation. Average remaining years of life represent a realistic indicator suggesting increased capacity, activity and vitality of individuals, which is due to accepted demographic parameters still considered old. „Prospective threshold“ is defined as the age when life expectancy falls below 15 years (it is subjective choice made by Sanderson and Scherbov, which is also used in this paper and during the elaboration of these ideas three demographic

  15. Conférence sur l'efficacité

    Jullien, François


    Philosophe et sinologue, François Jullien présente ici une conférence qu'il a prononcée auprès de chefs d'entreprise et dans le milieu du management. D'un côté, la conception européenne de l'efficacité est liée à la modélisation comme à la finalité et revendique l'action jusqu'à l'héroïsme ; de l'autre, la pensée chinoise de l'efficience, indirecte et discrète, s'appuie sur le potentiel de situation et induit des " transformations silencieuses ", sans éclat ni même événement. Par-delà cet écart, il s'agira d'interroger la nature de l'effectivité ; ou comment l'intervention humaine réussit à se brancher sur la propension des choses et s'y laisse intégrer. Ce propos se garde donc de séparer tant soit peu l'art d'opérer sur des situations et l'exercice de la philosophie ; en résultent des effets de lecture portant sur l'histoire du XXe siècle ainsi que la géopolitique - et géoéthique - à venir.

  16. Intérêts de l'utilisation d'un pansement liquide vétérinaire sur des plaies d'ovariectomie : étude clinique sur 100 chattes

    Papillon, Amandine


    Les pansements liquides sont utilisés depuis des années en médecine humaine pour diverses utilisations (dermatologie, chirurgie plastique, ophtalmologie, ...). La médecine vétérinaire n'utilise pas encore au quotidien ce type de produit. Il existe une formulation adaptée à l’usage vétérinaire. Dans cette étude prospective, il a été testé son utilisation sur 100 chattes pour protéger les plaies d’ovariectomie. Les animaux sont rentrés chez eux sans collerette. Au retrait des points, il a été d...

  17. The PROSPECT Physics Program

    Ashenfelter, J; Band, H R; Barclay, G; Bass, C D; Berish, D; Bowden, N S; Bowes, A; Bryan, C D; Brodsky, J P; Cherwinka, J J; Chu, R; Classen, T; Commeford, K; Davee, D; Dean, D; Deichert, G; Diwan, M V; Dolinski, M J; Dolph, J; Gaison, J K; Galindo-Uribarri, A; Gilje, K; Glenn, A; Goddard, B W; Green, M; Han, K; Hans, S; Heeger, K M; Heffron, B; Jaffe, D E; Jones, D; Langford, T J; Littlejohn, B R; Caicedo, D A Martinez; McKeown, R D; Mendenhall, M P; Mueller, P; Mumm, H P; Napolitano, J; Neilson, R; Norcini, D; Pushin, D; Qian, X; Romero, E; Rosero, R; Seilhan, B S; Sharma, R; Sheets, S; Surukuchi, P T; Varner, R L; Viren, B; Wang, W; White, B; White, C; Wilhelmi, J; Williams, C; Wise, T; Yao, H; Yeh, M; Yen, Y -R; Zangakis, G; Zhang, C; Zhang, X


    The Precision Reactor Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment, PROSPECT, is designed to make a precise measurement of the antineutrino spectrum from a highly-enriched uranium reactor and probe eV-scale sterile neutrinos by searching for neutrino oscillations over meter-long distances. PROSPECT is conceived as a 2-phase experiment utilizing segmented $^6$Li-doped liquid scintillator detectors for both efficient detection of reactor antineutrinos through the inverse beta decay reaction and excellent background discrimination. PROSPECT Phase I consists of a movable 3-ton antineutrino detector at distances of 7 - 12 m from the reactor core. It will probe the best-fit point of the $\

  18. Application of solar chargers to prospection instruments; Application des chargeurs solaires aux appareils de prospection

    Caille, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The use of conventional batteries has certain disadvantages, and for this reason high-voltage batteries have been gradually replaced in all prospection instruments by transistor supply systems, using less cumbersome sources of energy. All the same low voltages are still necessary, and in hot or damp countries the use of these batteries leads to consumptions out of all proportion to the services rendered. This is why the use of solar energy possesses real advantages. After a brief review of the basic ideas on semiconductors, this article describes a selenium solar battery which was developed by the Westinghouse brakes and signals society. (author) [French] L'utilisation de piles classiques presente certains inconvenients. C'est pourquoi, dans tous les appareils de prospection, les piles fournissant des tensions elevees ont ete remplacees au fur et a mesure par des alimentations a base de transistors, utilisant des sources d'energie moins encombrantes. Toutefois, il faut tout de meme avoir des tensions faibles et l'utilisation de ces piles entraine dans les pays chauds ou humides une consommation disproportionnee par rapport aux services rendus. C'est pourquoi l'emploi de l'energie solaire presente de reels avantages. Cet expose decrit, apres un rappel de notion de base sur les semi-conducteurs, une batterie solaire a base de selenium qui a ete realisee par la Societe des freins et signaux Westinghouse. (auteur)

  19. The Anti-American Century?*

    Krastev, Ivan


    The twentieth century was “the American century.” championing democracy and capitalism, the United States won the cold War and emerged as the only global superpower— not only in military, but also in economic, technological, and even cultural terms. The widening currency of the English language and the continued desire of millions around the world to emigrate to the united States underlined the reality of U.S. predominance. The future, it was said, looked like a country, and that country was ...

  20. Four Centuries of Return Predictability

    Benjamin Golez; Peter Koudijs


    We analyze four centuries of stock prices and dividends in the Dutch, English, and U.S. market. With the exception of the post-1945 period, the dividend-to-price ratio is stationary and predicts returns throughout all four centuries. “Excess volatility” is thus a pervasive feature of financial markets. The dividend-to-price ratio also predicts dividend growth rates in all but the most recent period. Cash-flows were therefore much more important for price movements before 1945, and the dominan...

  1. A Century of Environmental Legislation

    Kaiser, Brooks; Cain, Louis


    We examine federal intervention in natural resource use by analyzing roll-call votes over the past century. These votes involved decisions regarding public land that reallocated the returns to users by changing the asset’s physical character or its usage rights. We suggest that long term conseque......We examine federal intervention in natural resource use by analyzing roll-call votes over the past century. These votes involved decisions regarding public land that reallocated the returns to users by changing the asset’s physical character or its usage rights. We suggest that long term...

  2. Energy and climate change: the main analyses of Regards sur la Terre. An annual publication on sustainable development

    In November 2006, the French Development Agency, AFD (Agence francaise de developpement) and the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations, IDDRI (Institut du developpement durable et des relations internationales) launched an annual publication on sustainable development in a global perspective, Regards sur la Terre, published by Les Presses de Sciences Po (Paris). Regards sur la Terre includes an analysis of the most important international events of the last twelve months in the field of sustainable development, along with a thematic section, which in the first edition focused on energy and climate change. This booklet presents the overall introduction of the 2007 publication and the introduction of its thematic section, as well as a selection of the main chapters dealing with the theme of energy and climate change. Contents: Awakening and crisis of confidence; Reorienting our Societies; Energy in the world: Challenges and prospects; Challenges and constraints for energy supply: The coal hard facts; Satisfying energy growth in emerging countries; Diversifying power generation in China; From Rio to Marrakech: Development in climate negotiations; An international coordination regime come what may; The perspective of developing countries; An American 'point of view'


    Alexis Villalobos-Monge


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este trabajo fue determinar los diferentes aspectos cuantitativos y cualitativos que explican la cultura de consumo actual de hortalizas en las familias residentes en la zona sur-sur de Costa Rica. Este trabajo expone resultados relacionados a la caracterización realizada en el 2011 en familias residentes en la denominada zona sur-sur de Costa Rica sobre la cultura de consumo de productos hortícolas. Se aplicaron cuestionarios a una muestra estratificada de familias; lo que permitió establecer la valoración de los precios de mercado, por parte de las familias, para consumir estos alimentos, donde se determinó un valor máximo de US$1,74 millones por semana. Los principales rubros de consumo de acuerdo al valor pagado fueron el tomate, la papa, el plátano, la cebolla y el brócoli, para citar los cinco principales. También fue posible establecer valoraciones cualitativas sobre el consumo de estos productos; por ejemplo se determinó que para el 71,2% de las familias, la frescura representa la característica de mayor valor, además, el principal sitio donde los núcleos familiares realizan las compras de estos alimentos corresponde a supermercados (38,4% de los casos.

  4. Nuclear industry prospects: A Canadian perspective

    Canada, with its proven, safe and versatile CANDU reactor is well poised for the second half-century of nuclear fission. Canada's nuclear pedigree goes back to the turn-of-the-century work of Ernest Rutherford in Montreal. This year, Canada's nuclear industry celebrates the 50th anniversary of the start-up of its first research reactor at Chalk River. Last year, the pioneering work of Bert ram Blockhouse in Physics was honoured with a Nobel Prize. Future international success for the nuclear industry, such as has been achieved here in Korea, depends on continued cooperative and collaborative team work between the public and private sectors, continued strong research and development backing by the government, and new strategic partnerships. The biggest challenge is financing for the emerging markets. The brightness or dimness of future prospects are relative to the intensity of the lessons learned from history. In Canada we have a fairly long nuclear pedigree, It goes back almost a century to 1898, when Ernest Rutherford set up a world centre at McGill University in Montreal for research into the structure of the atom and into radioactivity

  5. A Century of Environmental Legislation

    Kaiser, Brooks; Cain, Louis P.


    natural resource use by analyzing roll call votes over the past century with a Random Utility Model (Manski, 1977) and conclude that economics mattered. So did ideology, but not uniformly. After World War II, the pro-environment vote which had been conservative shifted to being liberal. All these votes...

  6. A century of oil exploration

    The paper speech of the events and decisions that marked the history of the petroleum in Colombia and of Ecopetrol, from the adventure undertaken by some visionary at the beginning of the century X X, until the changes introduced in 1999

  7. Xpros: a Fuzzy Expert System for Prospect Appraisal XPROS : un système expert flou pour l'évaluation de prospects

    Li L. H.


    Full Text Available We have developed a fuzzy expert system (XPROS based on the fuzzy multicriteria decision-making paradigm for prospect evaluation. XPROS considers all available information, which are usually fragmentary and imprecise - the kind of information which cannot be incorporated in traditional methods. In essence, XPROS employs fuzzy implications to gauge satisfaction levels associated with each measure of the characteristics associated with the source rock, reservoir, trap, and seal. In this paper we describe XPROS illustrated with a case study. Nous avons développé un système expert flou, XPROS, qui s'appuie sur le paradigme de la prise de décision multicritères en univers incertain pour évaluer un prospect. XPROS utilise l'ensemble des informations disponibles, qu'on ne peut en général prendre en compte dans les méthodes conventionnelles, car elles sont souvent partielles et imprécises. XPROS exploite des implications floues pour calculer les niveaux de satisfaction associés aux diverses mesures des caractéristiques du prospect : roche-mère, réservoir, piège, couverture. Cet article contient la description de XPROS et une illustration sur un cas d'application.

  8. Estructuras agrarias comparadas: la Puna argentina y el sur boliviano a comienzos del siglo XX

    Ana A. Teruel


    Full Text Available This article expects to be another contribution to the knowledge about the social-economic problems from the Argentine Puna, especifically to its agricultural structure, paying special attention to changes and permanences, concerning to property and land, key to economical and social power and fundamental axis of production relationship of this society. It focuses on the problematical fact of indian lands, making a comparison between the North of Argentina and the South of Bolivia, considering both political state systems about comunity lands and its effects in the agrarian structures in the begining of the XXth century.Este artículo tiene por propósito realizar un aporte más al conocimiento de la problemática socio-económica de la Puna argentina, específicamente a su estructura agraria, atendiendo los cambios y permanencias relativos a la propiedad y tenencia de la tierra, clave del poder económico y social y eje fundamental en las relaciones de producción de esta sociedad agraria. Se trata la cuestión en el marco de la problemática de las tierras indígenas, comparando la situación del Norte argentino con la del Sur boliviano, analizando las políticas de ambos Estados en torno a la tierra de las comunidades y sus efectos en las estructuras agrarias de comienzos del siglo XX.

  9. Sur un deplacement de valeurs: traire et tirer

    André Burger


    Full Text Available L'étymologie de firer est inconnue. Celie que le regretté W. von Wart burg a ern pouvoir avancer est inacceptable: firer serait sorti de marty rier par la grâce d'une fausse coupure mar tirier. Il est plus qu'improbable que cette «étymologie populaire» eût pu se produire si la langue ne possédait pas au préalable un verbe tirier. Au surplus aucun fait n'appuie cette hypothèse. Le FEW, t. VI, 1, p. 396, donne bien pour firer le sens de «torturer sur un treteam>, au XIIIe siècle, et p. 403, «démembrer en faisant tirer les quatre membles par des chevaux» et «torturer (qn en l'étendant sur un tréteau” au XIVe siècle; ces sens sont évidemment trop tardifs pour permettre des conclusions sur l'origine de firer, d'autant plus qu'ils s'expliquent sans peine par la valeur normale du mot, attesté dès la Chanson de Roland, sans aucun rapport avec martirie, mot savant de clerc, qui, dans le même texte s'applique deux fois sur quatre exemples aux Sarrasins, vv. 501 et 1467, où il ne signifie pas «martyre» mais <sur son étymologie et non sur les textes, que tirer aurait à l'origine »einen starken affektiven unterton« (FEW XIII, 2, p. 185. L'étude des exemples de la Chanson de Roland, confrontés avec ceux de traire, nons amènera à une conclusion toute différente.

  10. Pisciculture marine : Elements de prospective

    Gerard, Andre


    Introduction: To develop its 2005-2009 strategic plan, IFREMER made two prospective analysis studies in 2003: a thematic prospective analysis and a sectorial prospective analysis. The "aquafarming" sectorial prospective analysis, based primarily on an IFREMER idea, particularly brought to light the difference in nature of problems posed by the future evolution of shellfish farming, fish farming and other stockbreeding (pearl farming and shrimp farming). In addition, the prospective analyses m...

  11. The Long Twentieth Century and Barriers to China's Hegemonic Accession

    John Gulick


    Full Text Available Giovanni Arrighi's The Long Twentieth Century is an almost unfathomably ambitious andcomplex work. Its monumentality derives from Arrighi 's conviction that the best way to handicapthe possible futures of the world capitalist geo-economy is to analyze the structural evolution ofthis global system, an evolution spanning more than five centuries; the genius of the work rests inthe distinctive approach that Arrighi takes. At the core of his approach is the identification ofthose long-term trends and accreted characteristics - one might call them "systemiccontradictions" - that promise to send the world capitalist geo-economy in a radically differentdevelopmental direction as US hegemony wanes. Arrighi 's assessment of these contradictionscompel him to make a provocative suggestion: in all likelihood, no singular concentration of stateand economic power possesses the territorial scale or the organizational capacities required tolead the global system through another round of restructuring and expansion. Properly framed,this illuminating insight could serve as the starting point for a theoretical exploration of thesocio-ecological constraints to global capitalist reproduction, but such is a journey (mostly nottaken by Arrighi in The Long Twentieth Century. In fact, to the degree that he subsequentlycontemplates the prospect of a China-centered reconstitution of the world geo-economy, Arrighimarginalizes the question of global systemic contradictions altogether.

  12. : Multimedia aid tools for language learning: from evaluation to a prospective reflection.

    Christine Rodrigues; Anne Iotz; Maguy Pothier


    En partant de la conception d´un logiciel multimédia, CAMILLE Travailler en France, et de résultats d´expérimentation, nous avons amorcé une réflexion prospective sur ce que pourrait être un logiciel d´aide à l´apprentissage des langues répondant vraiment aux besoins des utilisateurs. Ayant pointé certains dysfonctionnements, nous nous sommes interrogées sur leurs causes et avons tenté de poser les bonnes questions, avant de nous aventurer vers de nouvelles créations. Un des pré-requis de dép...

  13. Mark Rothko. Ecrits sur l’art 1934-1969

    Maldonado, Guitemie


    Déjà, la parution de La Réalité de l’artiste (2004) était venue combler un manque aussi étonnant que persistant – celui d’un texte théorique – dans la compréhension de l’œuvre de Mark Rothko ; ses écrits, publiés ou non, rassemblés ici et s’échelonnant entre 1934 et 1969, achèvent de fournir à ses tableaux la toile de fond de ses relations, artistiques ou professionnelles, et de ses réflexions sur l’art. Une large place y est accordée à des considérations sur l’enseignement artistique, reflet...

  14. Effet du sentiment de discrimination sur les trajectoires professionnelles

    Joseph, Olivier; Lemière, Séverine; Lizé, Laurence; Rousset, Patrick


    Cette recherche porte sur les individus qui estiment avoir été victimes de discrimination, c'est-à-dire avoir subi un traitement inégal, de manière intentionnelle ou non, en raison de leur origine étrangère et/ou de leur couleur de peau. L'objectif est de s'intéresser au sentiment de discrimination et de chercher à évaluer son effet sur les parcours professionnels sept ans après la sortie du système éducatif. A partir de l'enquête Génération 98 du Céreq à 7 ans, nous avons utilisé la méthode ...

  15. Etude des effets du martelage repetitif sur les contraintes residuelles

    Hacini, Lyes

    L'assemblage par soudage peut engendrer des contraintes residuelles. Ces contraintes provoquent des fissurations prematurees et un raccourcissement de la duree de vie des composants. Dans ce contexte, le martelage robotise est utilise pour relaxer ces contraintes residuelles. Trois volets sont presentes: le premier est l'evaluation des effets des impacts unitaires repetes sur le champ de contraintes developpe dans des plaques d'acier inoxydable austenitique 304L vierges ou contenant des contraintes residuelles initiales. Dans la deuxieme partie de ce projet, le martelage est applique grace au robot SCOMPI. Les contraintes residuelles induites et relaxees par martelage sont ensuite mesurees par la methode des contours, qui a ete adaptee a cet effet. Dans la troisieme partie, le martelage est modelise par la methode des elements finis. Un modele axisymetrique developpe grace au logiciel ANSYS permet de simuler des impacts repetes d'un marteau elastique sur une plaque ayant un comportement elastoplastique.

  16. Optimisation Robuste du Routage IP avec Incertitude sur la Demande

    Zied Ben Hamouda, Mohamed; Brun, Olivier; Garcia, Jean-Marie


    International audience Nous étudions le problème d'optimisation des métriques IP dans les réseaux de télécommunications où la demande est incertaine. Nous présentons une heuristique basée sur les techniques de recherche locale pour résoudre ce problème.

  17. Bottom-up Budgeting FY 2015 Assessment: Camarines Sur

    Maramot, Joyce Anne; Yasay, Donald B.; de Guzman, Reinier


    Bottom-up budgeting (BUB) is an adaptation of the participatory budgeting model in identifying and providing solutions to poverty at the municipal/city level. Leaders of civil society organizations engage with LGU officials in formulating a poverty alleviation plan to be considered in preparing the budget of national agencies the following fiscal year. This paper reports on how the guideline was implemented in three municipalities in Camarines Sur. The study then presents suggestions and reco...

  18. La vérite sur ce qui nous motive

    Pink, Daniel H


    Voici enfin la traduction française du best-seller international DRIVE ! Qu'est-ce qui nous motive vraiment ? Dans quels cas sommes-nous les plus performants et les plus enthousiastes ? La plupart d'entre nous sommes persuadés que les récompenses (salaire, primes...) sont notre meilleure motivation. La logique de la carotte et du bâton finalement... Et si nous faisions fausse route ? En s'appuyant sur quatre décennies d'études scientifiques et psychologiques sur la motivation humaine, Pink démontre que les entreprises dirigent très mal leurs équipes avec d'énormes conséquences sur notre vie (absence d'ambition, lassitude, morosité). Le secret de la performance (et de la satisfaction) dans les entreprises, l'enseignement ou dans notre vie personnelle , c'est le besoin profondément humain de diriger sa propre vie, d'apprendre, de créer de nouvelles choses et de s'améliorer. Dans ce livre, Pink examine les 3 éléments de la motivation, l'autonomie, la maîtrise et le besoin de donner un sens ...

  19. L'Avenir de la Vie sur la Terre

    CERN. Geneva


    Notre planète va mal : réchauffement climatique, épuisement des ressources naturelles, pollutions des sols et de l'eau provoquées par les industries civiles et guerrières, disparité des richesses, malnutrition des hommes, taux d'extinction effarant des espèces vivantes, etc. La situation est-elle vraiment dramatique ? Que penser des thèses qui contestent ce pessimisme ? À partir des données scientifiques les plus crédibles - et de leurs incertitudes -, Hubert Reeves dresse un bilan précis des menaces qui pèsent sur la planète. Son diagnostic est alarmant : si la vie sur Terre est robuste, c'est l'avenir de l'espèce humaine qui est en cause. Le sort de l'aventure humaine, entamée il y a des millions d'années, va-t-il se jouer en l'espace de quelques décennies ? Notre avenir est entre nos mains. Il faut réagir, et vite, avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Auteur de nombreux ouvrages sur l'odyssée cosmique tel Patience dans l'azur ou Poussières d'étoiles, Hubert Reeves est astrophysicien et dire...

  20. Seventeenth-century indivisibles revisited


    The tremendous success of indivisibles methods in geometry in the seventeenth century, responds to a vast project: installation of infinity in mathematics. The pathways by the authors are very diverse, as are the characterizations of indivisibles, but there are significant factors of unity between the various doctrines of indivisible; the permanence of the language used by all authors is the strongest sign. These efforts do not lead to the stabilization of a mathematical theory (with principles or axioms, theorems respecting these first statements, followed by applications to a set of geometric situations), one must nevertheless admire the magnitude of the results obtained by these methods and highlights the rich relationships between them and integral calculus. The present book aims to be exhaustive since it analyzes the works of all major inventors of methods of indivisibles during the seventeenth century, from Kepler to Leibniz. It takes into account the rich existing literature usually devoted to a singl...

  1. A century of poultry genetics

    Tixier-Boichard, M.; Leenstra, F.R.; Flock, D.; Hocking, A D; Weigend, S


    The 20th Century saw an astonishing advance in our understanding of genetics and the scientific basis of the genetic improvement of farm animals. The application of genetic principles to chickens in the 1950s and 1960s led to a rapid change in the productivity and efficiency of laying hens and broiler chickens, turkeys and ducks. Subsequently, the application of increasingly powerful computers and sophisticated mathematical algorithms has increased the range of traits that could be successful...

  2. The 21st Century Skills Movement

    Johnson, Paige


    Since 2002, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills has been the leading advocacy organization in the United States focused on infusing 21st century skills into education. Its "Framework for 21st Century Learning," the result of a consensus among hundreds of stakeholders, describes the skills, knowledge, and expertise students need to succeed in…

  3. Effets des electrons secondaires sur l'ADN

    Boudaiffa, Badia

    Les interactions des electrons de basse energie (EBE) representent un element important en sciences des radiations, particulierement, les sequences se produisant immediatement apres l'interaction de la radiation ionisante avec le milieu biologique. Il est bien connu que lorsque ces radiations deposent leur energie dans la cellule, elles produisent un grand nombre d'electrons secondaires (4 x 104/MeV), qui sont crees le long de la trace avec des energies cinetiques initiales bien inferieures a 20 eV. Cependant, il n'y a jamais eu de mesures directes demontrant l'interaction de ces electrons de tres basse energie avec l'ADN, du principalement aux difficultes experimentales imposees par la complexite du milieu biologique. Dans notre laboratoire, les dernieres annees ont ete consacrees a l'etude des phenomenes fondamentaux induits par impact des EBE sur differentes molecules simples (e.g., N2, CO, O2, H2O, NO, C2H 4, C6H6, C2H12) et quelques molecules complexes dans leur phase solide. D'autres travaux effectues recemment sur des bases de l'ADN et des oligonucleotides ont montre que les EBE produisent des bris moleculaires sur les biomolecules. Ces travaux nous ont permis d'elaborer des techniques pour mettre en evidence et comprendre les interactions fondamentales des EBE avec des molecules d'interet biologique, afin d'atteindre notre objectif majeur d'etudier l'effet direct de ces particules sur la molecule d'ADN. Les techniques de sciences des surfaces developpees et utilisees dans les etudes precitees peuvent etre etendues et combinees avec des methodes classiques de biologie pour etudier les dommages de l'ADN induits par l'impact des EBE. Nos experiences ont montre l'efficacite des electrons de 3--20 eV a induire des coupures simple et double brins dans l'ADN. Pour des energies inferieures a 15 eV, ces coupures sont induites par la localisation temporaire d'un electron sur une unite moleculaire de l'ADN, ce qui engendre la formation d'un ion negatif transitoire

  4. Langage du corps, corps du langage, sur une application wüsterienne

    Narcis Zărnescu


    Les recherches sur le lexique, en particulier dans le cadre des pratiques terminologiques, sont soumises à des renouvellements sous l’influence conjointe des domaines théoriques, des développements technologiques et des demandes sociales. Mon texte tente d’aborder ces questions, à partir de points de vue et de compétences diversifiés, axés davantage sur le lexique comme objet théorique et sur les pratiques terminologiques.

  5. Pro-capitalism vs. Anti-americanism in 21st century Europe product in Romania

    Sorin Burnete


    The topic of this article was inspired by a recent survey, carried out in several Western European countries, with the purpose of ascertaining the public’s expectations regarding the respective countries’ (and Europe’s) economic prospects for the first half of the 21st century. The questions were focused upon two chief issues: (1) Europe’s economic future within the context of contemporary global transformations; (2) the viability of the European economic systems. Concerning the former issue,...

  6. 19th-century academic examinations for physicians in the United States Army Medical Department.

    Sohn, A P


    During the latter half of the 19th century, the United States Army commissioned medical officers or hired civilian physicians to serve its troops. The civilian physician signed a contract for services, and the candidate for a commission was subjected to rigorous examinations before becoming an officer. The rigorous testing of prospective medical officers was necessary because of the lack of standardization in the education of physicians. Examples of the test, statistics, and individual record...

  7. Renewable energy development and prospects in Australia

    Development of renewable energies in Australia is still in its infancy and will require active support by government, utilities and financing institutions to ensure a steady growth. Much has been done to increase the utilisation of renewable energies in the energy supply, but much still remains to be done, especially in the areas of promotion, demonstration, training and technology transfer. This process will lead to meeting the energy needs of the population in rural areas and to contributing to a suitable development of the region during the next century. Australia is endowed with a wealth of renewable energy resources that hold great promise for addressing a host of important environmental, employment and socioeconomic issues. Australia has a set of climate, geographic and other factors that provide favourable conditions for many specific renewable energy applications. The objectives of this paper is to look at the current situation of renewable energies in Australia, opportunities, constraints, current projects, available potential and future prospects. (Author)

  8. Moon Prospective Energy and Material Resources


    The Earth has limited material and energy resources. Further development of the humanity will require going beyond our planet for mining and use of extraterrestrial mineral resources and search of power sources. The exploitation of the natural resources of the Moon is a first natural step on this direction. Lunar materials may contribute to the betterment of conditions of people on Earth but they also may be used to establish permanent settlements on the Moon. This will allow developing new technologies, systems and flight operation techniques to continue space exploration.   In fact, a new branch of human civilization could be established permanently on Moon in the next century. But, meantime, an inventory and proper social assessment of Moon’s prospective energy and material resources is required. This book investigates the possibilities and limitations of various systems supplying manned bases on Moon with energy and other vital resources. The book collects together recent proposals and innovative optio...

  9. The system of continuing education for adults in Russia: problems and development prospects

    Fevralskaya Maria Aleksandrovna


    The article reveals the features of the system of continuing education in the Russian Federation in the beginning of the XXI century. The author pays special attention to the issue of the inclusion of adults in educational activities. The problems and possible prospects of continuing education in Russia are underlined.

  10. Prospects of nuclear energy

    A broad overviews presented on the future prospects and conditions of nuclear power. Several graphs and diagrams are shown on energy consumption, energy demand, energy sources, pollution by power plants, mineral fuel inventories, fissionable material inventories, renewable energy sources. The conditions of future utilization of nuclear power and nuclear power plants are discussed. (R.P.)

  11. MOMIS : une base de données sur la modélisation numérique des remblais sur sols compressibles et sur la confrontation calculs-mesures in situ



    Une base de données sur la modélisation numérique d'ouvrages géotechniques et sur la confrontation calculs - mesures in situ a été développée au LCPC. Cette base appelée MOMIS (Modèles numériques d'Ouvrages et Mesures In Situ) com-prend actuellement 160 fiches, dont 84 fiches concernent des remblais et digues sur sols compressibles. La constitution de MOMIS repose sur une veille technologique dans le domaine de la modélisation par les éléments finis. Chaque fiche est le fruit de l'analyse d'u...

  12. Prospective memory: A comparative perspective

    Crystal, Jonathon D.; Wilson, A. George


    Prospective memory consists of forming a representation of a future action, temporarily storing that representation in memory, and retrieving it at a future time point. Here we review the recent development of animal models of prospective memory. We review experiments using rats that focus on the development of time-based and event-based prospective memory. Next, we review a number of prospective-memory approaches that have been used with a variety of non-human primates. Finally, we review se...

  13. Nineteenth-century aether theories

    Schaffner, Kenneth F


    Nineteenth-Century Aether Theories focuses on aether theories. The selection first offers information on the development of aether theories by taking into consideration the positions of Christiaan Huygens, Thomas Young, and Augustin Fresnel. The text then examines the elastic solid aether. Concerns include Green's aether theory, MacCullagh's aether theory, and Kelvin's aether theory. The text also reviews Lorentz' aether and electron theory. The development of Lorentz' ideas of the stagnant aether and electrons; Lorentz' theorem of corresponding states and its development; and Lorentz' respons

  14. About greenhouse effect origins; Sur les origines de l'effet de serre

    Arrhenius, S.; Chamberlin, Th.; Croll, J.; Fourier, J.; Pouillet, C.; Tyndall, J


    In order to understand and decipher the ecological crisis in progress, an historical prospect of its origins and evolution at the worldwide scale is necessary. This book gathers seven founder articles (including 4 original translations), harbingers of the present day climate change. Written during the 19. century by famous scientists like Joseph Fourier, Claude Pouillet, James Croll, John Tyndall, Svante Arrhenius and Thomas Chamberlin, they relate a century of major progress in the domain of Earth's sciences in praise of these scientists. This book allows to (re)discover these texts: discovery of the greenhouse effect principle (Fourier), determination of solar radiation absorption by the atmosphere (Pouillet), rivalry between the astronomical theory of glacial cycles (Croll) and the carbon dioxide climatic theory (Tyndall), influence of the CO{sub 2} concentration in the atmosphere on the global warming (Arrhenius), and confirmation of the major role of CO{sub 2} in the Earth's temperature regulation (Chamberlin). (J.S.)

  15. Prospective memory research: why is it relevant?

    Kliegel, M; Martin, Mike


    Points out that there are at least three reasons why research in prospective memory is highly relevant. Relevance of prospective memory for everyday life; Clinical relevance of prospective memory; Theoretical relevance of prospective memory.

  16. Actualités sur la vitamine D*

    Souberbielle Jean-Claude


    Full Text Available Le déficit et l’insuffisance en vitamine D, définis respectivement par des concentrations sériques de 25 hydroxyvitamine D (25OHD inférieures à 20 ng/ml et entre 20 et 30 ng/ml, sont des situations très fréquentes qui sont associées à une augmentation du risque de développer différentes pathologies, pas seulement osseuses. Les effets d’une supplémentation en vitamine D sur la diminution du risque de fractures et de chutes sont documentés par différentes études d’intervention. Les autres effets potentiels extra-osseux de la vitamine D sont principalement documentés par des études observationnelles et expérimentales. Même s’il n’existe pas encore de consensus sur les besoins en vitamine D, tous les experts s’accordent pour considérer que les AJR (200 UI/J en France sont très insuffisants et doivent être augmentés. Cet article aborde successivement le métabolisme de la vitamine D et ses effets, la définition du statut vitaminique D basée sur la concentration sérique de 25OHD, les indications du dosage de la 25OHD (qui ne doit pas être prescrit à tout le monde et propose des modalités de traitement.

  17. Le livre sur le livre traité de documentation

    Otlet, Paul


    Paul Otlet est considéré comme le père des sciences de l'information. Ouvrage fondateur et fondamental, le Traité de documentation. Le livre sur le livre (1934) est l'aboutissement de son travail inlassable pour rassembler, classer et partager les connaissances. Otlet y propose une remarquable synthèse du savoir sur le livre et le document en même temps qu'il anticipe Internet et l'hypertexte. La réédition du Traité de documentation, 70 ans après la disparition de son auteur, coïncide avec la réouverture du Mundaneum à Mons, où le fabuleux héritage documentaire légué par Paul Otlet et Henri La Fontaine est conservé. « Ici, la table de travail n'est plus chargée d'aucun livre. À leur place se dresse un écran et à portée un téléphone. Là-bas, au loin, dans un édifice immense, sont tous les livres et tous les renseignements. De là, on fait apparaître sur l'écran la page à lire pour connaître la réponse aux questions posées par téléphone. » Préfaces de Benoît Peeters (éc...


    Allan Bell


    Full Text Available This paper traces the development of news discourse across the 20th century ihrough a case study ofthe coverage of three expeditions to the South Pole: Captain Scott in 1912, Sir Edmund Hillary in 1958, and Peter Hillary in 1999. The way the news about the three expeditions reached New Zealand media serves as a framework and an illustration to examine three related issues: how technology has changed the time and place dimensions of news delivery; the consequent and concomitant shifts in news presentation; and associated changes in how humans have understood time and place. News values remain the same at a broad level across the century, but different in detail. Nationalism is obtrusive, but its focus shifts. In news practice, the deadline and the scoop drive the news in al1 three periods, but the scooping medium shifts from press to radio to television. The lapse between an event and its reporting shrinks exponentially from months to hours to minutes. The design of newspaper front pages changes radically, and news language compresses. There are social impacts, with newsworthy figures receiving closer exposure and the audience being cast in a more voyeuristic role.


    Uday Chandra


    Full Text Available Review of: Arupjyoti Saikia. 2013. A Century of Protests: Peasant Politics in Assam Since 1900. New Delhi and Abingdon: Routledge. Notwithstanding its somewhat misleading subtitle, A Century of Protests is a painstaking reconstruction of the checkered agrarian history of the Brahmaputra Valley between the passage of the Assam Land Revenue Regulation of 1886 and the repeal of the Assam Tenancy Act of 1971 in 1986. The state of Assam in India today, bordering what is now Bangladesh, lies beneath the watchful eyes of the Eastern Himalayas, through which the mighty Brahmaputra gushes and breathes life into the valley. The landscape of the Brahmaputra Valley, historically speaking, has been as much a patchwork of field and forest as of different ethnolinguistic and religious groups, ever fluid and shifting in response to human and non-human vectors of change. The contested relations of power that yoke together owners and cultivators of this complex, variegated landscape in the late colonial and early postcolonial eras is the subject of the book under review.

  20. Hacia un sistema de seguridad cooperativa en el Cono Sur

    Rial, Juan Alberto


    El autor realiza un análisis de la seguridad de la región a partir de la diferenciación y enumeración de los intereses vitales y los intereses estratégicos de la Nación. Además de una lectura de la situación internacional (tanto a nivel global, hemisférica, regional y subregional, tomando como «subregión» al área geográfica del Cono Sur) y de los escenarios estratégicos que se presentan para la Argentina.

  1. Zoom on India | Gros plan sur l’Inde


    Indian Energy Production and Consumption (in Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent) Production et consommation d’énergie en Inde (en millions de tonnes d’équivalent pétrole) Source: World Bank, World Bank Development Indicators, 2010. Indian Oil, Gas and Coal Imports (in Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent, 2008*) Importations indiennes de pétrole, de gaz et de charbon (en millions de tonnes d’équivalent pétrole, 2008*) * 2009 for coal data | 2009 pour les données sur le charbon. Sources: British P...

  2. Nollywood llega al Sur de España

    Moral, Marian


    Este trabajo se centra en cómo y por qué gentes nigerianas viviendo en las ciudades de Granada y Málaga (Sur de España), simultáneamente distribuyen y consumen Nollywood, proveniente de África. Para ello, se desentraña la naturaleza de esta industria de cine nigeriana, desde el propio contexto africano, hasta su extensión a nivel internacional. Pone especial atención en cómo este fenómeno cultural juega un rol relevante en las identidades de mujeres y hombres en la diáspora. Hay que resaltar ...

  3. Développement professionnel. Variations et usages sur Internet.

    Guy, Daniel; Ortiz, Véronique


    La question de départ interroge les variations et usages observables sur l'Internet du concept de « développement professionnel » dans des productions sociales diverses : chartres d'entreprise, offres de service, programmes de formation, articles de presse, textes réglementaires, communications scientifiques… L'objectif opérationnel est de caractériser les univers de référence sémantique des usages et d'analyser leurs correspondances pour mettre à jour l'acception du concept de développement ...

  4. Observations sur l’indéterminabilité

    Narcis Zărnescu


    Full Text Available Pour Aristote, une proposition est vraie si elle correspond à un fait. Pour les Stoïciens, un raisonnement est valide si et seulement s’il est conforme à la forme canonique d’un trope. Mais affirmer cela c’était oublier que la vérité résulte toujours d’un processus de recherche, souvent long et complexe, qui repose sur l’interrogation, le questionnement, bref le dialogue. Alors qu’en logique standard, la proposition excluait toute dimension énonciative pour se réduire à un simple porteur de valeur de vérité, en logique dialogique chaque proposition est véritablement une proposition émanant d’un interlocuteur qui s’engage sur elle par un acte d’assertion. De plus, un tel acte de discours prend place dans un jeu dialogique (dialogspiel entre proposant et opposant. Dès lors, chaque proposition prend sens en fonction de son utilisation opératoire dans le jeu dialogique. On ne pense plus en termes d’axiomes, mais de système opératoire. On a là un développement remarquable du paradigme actionnel inauguré notamment par le Frege des Recherches logiques.Notre intention est donc de démontrer comment en théorie standard des modèles la décision sur la valeur de vérité d’un connecteur ou d’une proposition atomique dans un univers de discours donné reste une décision extra-logique. Dès lors une modélisation adéquate de la dimension dialogique de l’indéterminabilité ou de la véridicité consiste à articuler de façon adéquate validité et vérité, cohérence interne du dialogue et sanction attestée de façon externe. L’indéterminabilité, ainsi que la véridicité, sera le résultat d’un accord dialogique qui suppose au niveau interactionnel que les interlocuteurs reconnaissent leur consistance mutuelle et au niveau transactionnel qu’ils acceptent mutuellement le jugement d’un tiers qui atteste de la vérité des propositions atomiques sur le monde en question.

  5. Retour "écologique" sur la question des nitrates

    Buson, Christian


    Un examen critique de la question des nitrates est proposé dans cet article, à la lumière des connaissances disponibles dans différentes disciplines. Au plan sanitaire, la norme sur l’eau potable établie depuis plusieurs décennies résulte d’une erreur ancienne aujourd’hui reconnue comme telle. Les nitrates n’engendrent aucun trouble sanitaire et les griefs tels que la méthémoglobinémie du nourrisson, ou le risque de cancer du à la formation de nitrosamines, qui les ont...

  6. La Conservación Integral Alternativa desde el Sur

    Torrealba, Isa; Carbonell, Fabricio


    Esbozamos los elementos de un nuevo modelo conceptual para entender desde la perspectiva latinoamericana qué ocasiona el desbalance entre naturaleza y sociedad y vislumbrar así las verdaderas oportunidades y amenazas de soslayar el abismo entre lo ambiental y lo social al integrar efectivamente desarrollo y conservación.  Como propuesta teórica endógena compatible con la perdurabilidad del bienestar humano y producto de 10 años de investigación en el medio rural latinoamericano (sur), present...

  7. El volcanismo del Terciario superior del sur de Mendoza

    F.E. Nullo; G. C. Stephens; J. Otamendi; P. E. Baldauf


    Se describe por primera vez la petrografía y geoquímica de unidades volcánicas terciarias del sur de la provincia de Mendoza. Se analizan la nomenclatura estratigráfica y sus edades, estableciéndose una secuencia de eventos magmáticos ocurridos durante el Neógeno, comenzando con la evolución de un retro-arco, seguido por un arco magmático más joven. Se intenta respetar la nomenclatura estratigráfica existente, sin embargo, la definición de unidades se ha realizado sobre la base de las edades ...

  8. Confiance, justification et controverse sur les OGM en Europe

    Chaklatti, Samira; Rousselière, Damien


    L'apparition des plantes génétiquement modifiées, en Europe, a donné lieu à des débats importants. Cette controverse concernant les OGM apparaît comme le résultat de la confrontation entre les intérêts des différents acteurs (mouvement associatif, lobby industriel, expert et scientifique, représentant politique) organisés en groupes de pression, s'appuyant chacun sur leur propre registre de justification des bienfaits ou des inconvénients supposés des biotechnologies agricoles. Les données d'...

  9. World food prospects

    Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Pandya-Lorch, Rajul; Rosegrant, Mark W.


    This report discusses six issues that could influence the world food situation in the twenty-first century: the relationship between policy related variables and the nutritional status of children, the relationship between current market trends for wheat, maize and rice and their potential impact on producer income, food production, and food stocks; the role of developing countries in the next round of World Trade Organization negotiations; and three topics related to increasing productivity ...


    姚国欣; 刘伯华


    Some quality indexes of gasoline and diesel in developedconturies,quality requirements of clean fuels and problems in production,upgrading of traditional techniques for petroleum refining as well as the new techniques to be commercialized in the 21st century were introduced.Prospects for refineries in the 21st century were introduced together with process diagrams of the super-clean gasoline refinery,super-clean diesel refinery,no sludge refinery and conventional natural gas refinery.

  11. The uranium market prospects

    A historical analysis of the uranium market points out the cyclical nature of the market and suggests that the spot price, exploration levels, and mill capacity utilization rate are dependent on economic factors. An examination of the current uranium market suggests that the effects of the forecasted surplus supply, the diminishing returns in exploration and the long lead times and high costs of development may mean that future production levels are uncertain. The general prospects for the uranium industry are also uncertain because of barriers to trade, environmental regulations and public opinion. The paper concludes that by the use of long term contracts, appropriate inventory policy and greater discussion between producers and consumers the prospects for the uranium market can be made more certain and further imbalances in demand and supply can be avoided. (author)

  12. Radimetric autotransported prospecting survey

    A procedure of prospection of minerals (''carborne''). It is characterized to be rapid and low costly if a sufficiently dense highway network is available or if transit with a vehicle across the fields is possible. Instruments, methods and results that may be obtained are given. The detector, a scintillation counter, is mounted on the top of an appropiate car registering continuously the measured values. Subsequently data are put on cartography, obtaining thus the values of iso-radiactivity which determine the values of ''background'' and the favorable zones for pursuing prospection work by other methods. The application of the method to the zone of the Chihuidos, province of Neuquen, is described in details and the obtained conclusions are given. (author)

  13. Panorama de la recherche sur la montagne en Europe et dans le monde

    Axel Borsdorf


    Full Text Available Au cours du siècle dernier, les régions montagneuses et leur système complexe sont sortis de l’ombre. La volonté de protéger ces régions a suscité de nombreuses initiatives dans le monde entier, avec pour objectif d’agir au niveau international et politique, mais également d’unir les forces disponibles pour intensifier l’inter et la transdisciplinarité des travaux scientifiques. Les défis de la recherche sur les montagnes à l’avenir seront de réussir à impliquer plus efficacement les politiciens, les parties prenantes et les habitants des régions montagneuses afin d’atténuer la pression de la mondialisation pour parvenir à un développement régional durable dans les zones montagneuses. Dresser un panorama des institutions qui représentent les régions de montagne de la planète a ainsi l’intérêt de présenter les principales préoccupations de chacune d’entre elles ainsi que les domaines dans lesquels elles travaillent.Within the last century the awareness of mountain regions and their complex system has grown and the motivation to protect these regions has yielded numerous initiatives around the globe with the aim of acting internationally and politically as well as joining forces to intensify inter– and transdisciplinarity in scientific work. The challenges of mountain research in the future will be to involve politicians, stakeholders and the mountain population more effectively in order to mitigate the pressures of globalization towards a sustainable regional development within mountain regions. The significance of providing an overview of institutions representing mountainous regions around the globe lies in showing the main focus of the different institutions and the areas they work in.

  14. a prospective comparative study

    Jäckel, Tanja


    Objective: To examine effectiveness and safety of homoeopathic vs. conventional treatment for children with atopic eczema in usual care. In a prospective multicentre comparative observational non-randomized study 135 patients (1-14 years old, homoeopathy n=48 vs. conventional n=87) with moderate atopic eczema were included. Treatment was left to the physicians´preferences in both groups. The primary endpoint was the SCORAD (SCOring Atopic Dermatitis) after 6 months. Secondary outcom...

  15. Growth Prospects in Algeria

    International Monetary Fund


    This Selected Issues paper for Algeria analyzes the growth prospects of the Algerian economy. Drawing on the findings of the empirical growth literature, the paper combines growth accounting and cross-country growth regressions to examine the role of macroeconomic and institutional factors in driving economic growth. It reviews the past growth performance in Algeria and explores the reasons underpinning the recent pickup in nonhydrocarbon GDP growth. The paper also analyzes labor market devel...

  16. Bright Economic Prospects

    Zhang Minqiu


    @@ India is expected to register an 8.2% growth rate for the 2003-04 fiscal year. The overall economic situation this year has been satisfactory despite the scaled down 6-6.5% growth rate for the new fiscal year due to oil price hikes, reduced monsoon volume and some 7% inflation. Judging from the following factors, bright prospects are in store for the country down the road.

  17. Retour d’expérience sur la co-construction d’un guide sur la gouvernance territoriale

    Maurel, P.; Barbe, E.; Rey-Valette, H.; Chia, E; Soulard, C.; Michel, L.; Pinto, M.


    / La gouvernance territoriale est devenue un enjeu majeur et une question centrale pour la mise en oeuvre des politiques publiques. Dans le cadre du programme de recherche en partenariat PSDR, un collectif hybride composé de chercheurs, de professionnels du développement territorial et d’acteurs locaux s’est réuni au sein du projet Gouv.Innov. En s’appuyant sur plusieurs terrains d’étude, ce collectif a progressivement construit une définition de la gouvernance territo...

  18. Retour d’expérience sur la co-construction d’un guide sur la gouvernance territoriale

    Maurel, Pierre; Rey-Valette, Hélène; Chia, Eduardo; Michel, Laura; Pinto, Mathilde; Soulard, Christophe-Toussaint; Barbe, Eric


    La gouvernance territoriale est devenue un enjeu majeur et une question centrale pour la mise en oeuvre des politiques publiques. Dans le cadre du programme de recherche en partenariat PSDR, un collectif hybride composé de chercheurs, de professionnels du développement territorial et d’acteurs locaux s’est réuni au sein du projet Gouv.Innov. En s’appuyant sur plusieurs terrains d’étude, ce collectif a progressivement construit une définition de la gouvernance territoriale ainsi qu’une grille ...

  19. Plasma neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in acute kidney injury superimposed on chronic kidney disease after cardiac surgery: a multicenter prospective study

    Doi, Kent; Urata, Masahiro; Katagiri, Daisuke; Inamori, Mikako; Murata, Seiichiro; Hisagi, Motoyuki; Ono, Minoru; Matsubara, Takehiro; Ishii, Takeshi; Yahagi, Naoki; Nangaku, Masaomi; Noiri, Eisei


    Introduction Plasma neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) is reportedly useful for post-cardiac surgery acute kidney injury (AKI). Although chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a strong risk factor for AKI development, no clinical evaluation of plasma NGAL has specifically examined AKI occurring in patients with CKD. This study evaluated plasma NGAL in AKI superimposed on CKD after cardiac surgery. Methods This study prospectively evaluated 146 adult patients with scheduled cardiac sur...

  20. My Quarter Century with Jan

    Lewin, W H G


    A quarter century ago, Jan van Paradijs and I started on a scientific journey, our lives became entwined, and a friendship evolved that shaped both our lives scientifically and in personal matters. To tell our story was very difficult for me. I went through 24 years of notes in my calendars and re-lived more than 8000 days of my own and Jan's life, 20 years of slides, 15 years of e-mail. There were times that I had to stop and leave it alone for a week or more as it became too emotional. Few people know (perhaps only two) what we meant for each other. When Jan died, part of me died.

  1. Countering 21st Century Threats

    Scharling Pedersen, Peter; Pillai, Chad M.; Hun, Lee Jae


    The United States and its Allies confront an increasingly volatile world where threats range from traditional state-on-state challenges to non-state transnational networks. To successfully combat these 21st Century problems, in an era of resource and geo-political power constraints, the U.S. and......), Counter-Terrorism (CT), and Security and Stability Operations (SSO). • Establishing a construct that allows a strategic Whole-of-Government capacity for operations coordinated by joint interagency task forces. • Continue to developing the Global SOF network. • Increased intelligence sharing in areas of...... shared interests pre-crisis. • Establish political agreements and/or intentions with partners to address potential threats. • Establishing mutual trust through Building Partnership Capacity with capable SOF and intelligence organizations....

  2. Lignes directrices simplifiées sur les lipides

    Allan, G. Michael; Lindblad, Adrienne J.; Comeau, Ann; Coppola, John; Hudson, Brianne; Mannarino, Marco; McMinis, Cindy; Padwal, Raj; Schelstraete, Christine; Zarnke, Kelly; Garrison, Scott; Cotton, Candra; Korownyk, Christina; McCormack, James; Nickel, Sharon; Kolber, Michael R.


    Résumé Objectif Produire un guide de pratique clinique comportant une approche simplifiée à la prévention primaire des maladies cardiovasculaires (MCV), en insistant sur l’estimation du risque de MCV et la prise en charge des profils lipidiques à l’intention des cliniciens de soins primaires et leurs équipes; nous avons recherché la contribution de professionnels des soins primaires qui n’avaient que peu ou pas de conflits d’intérêts et nous nous sommes concentrés sur les données probantes de la plus haute qualité accessibles. Méthodes Neuf professionnels de la santé (4 médecins de famille, 2 internistes, 1 infirmière praticienne, 1 infirmière autorisée et 1 pharmacienne) et 1 membre non votant (pharmacienne gestionnaire de projet) formaient le comité principal appelé le Lipid Pathway Committee (le comité). La sélection des membres s’est fondée sur la profession, le milieu de pratique et son emplacement. Les membres ont divulgué tous leurs conflits d’intérêts potentiels ou réels. Le processus d’élaboration des lignes directrices était itératif et s’appuyait sur des affichages en ligne, une révision détaillée des données probantes, des réunions par téléphone et en ligne. Le comité a cerné 12 questions prioritaires à répondre. Le groupe de révision des données probantes a répondu à ces questions. À la suite d’un examen des réponses, les principales recommandations ont été formulées par consensus du comité. Nous avons produit une ébauche des lignes directrices qui a ensuite été peaufinée, distribuée à un groupe de cliniciens (médecins de famille, autres spécialistes, pharmaciens, infirmières et infirmières praticiennes) et à des patients pour obtenir de la rétroaction, la réviser en conséquence et le comité l’a ensuite finalisée. Recommandations Des recommandations sont présentées concernant le dépistage et les analyses, les évaluations du risque, le suivi, de même que le r

  3. Nuclear power in the 21st century

    Full text: All plausible long term energy scenarios project significant growth of global energy, especially if the Millennium Declaration on poverty eradication and the Plan of Implementation agreed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) are to be met. Projected growth is the fastest in developing countries. While growth for affordable energy services is not subject to debate really - the question is rather by how much - this is not the case for energy supply. 21st century energy supply systems face several challenges and uncertainties including energy resource availability, technology change, environmental compliance, reliability and security, political and social acceptance. One of the uncertainties concerns the role of nuclear power in 21st century energy supplies. Paradoxically, its near term role appears less certain that its longer term role. In the short-run, i.e., until 2020, most studies project either a slight increase, a slight decrease or no change at all. Though regional differences exist in terms of growth and decline, the effectively balance each other. Longer-term energy demand and supply studies, however, paint a different future. Analyses developed by international working groups generally project a potentially significant increase in the use of nuclear power. There are several reasons for this. Foremost, longer-term studies are not subjected to short-term policy constraints. Next, they do factor anticipated technology change and innovation into the analysis. Then resource depletion effects become more visible and environmental constraints become more stringent. The starting point of this paper is the Special Report on Emissions Scenarios (SRES) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Based on four of the SRES scenarios, one from each of the four SRES scenario families, this paper discusses the compatibility requirements of each for nuclear energy in terms of economics, environment, supply security, resources, waste

  4. Lithium Resources for the 21st Century

    Kesler, S.; Gruber, P.; Medina, P.; Keolian, G.; Everson, M. P.; Wallington, T.


    (Great Salt Lake, Searles Lake), geothermal systems (Salton Sea) and oil fields contain lithium, but in low concentrations that add relatively little to estimated global resources. Igneous deposits, which constitute 26% of estimated global resources, consist largely of pegmatites, including past and present producers at Kings Mountain-Bessemer City (USA), Greenbushes (Australia) and Bikita (Zimbabwe), as well as numerous active prospects, especially in Canada and China. Amenability of these deposits to economic extraction is controlled by mineralogy and zoning of lithium, which vary considerably from deposit to deposit. An additional 8% of global lithium resources is estimated to be present in unusual deposits including largely hectorite clays in volcaniclastic rocks at Kings Valley (USA) and jadarite in lacustrine evaporite deposits (Serbia), which present new challenges to both mining and processing. If this highly varied population of deposits can be converted to reserves, lithium supplies for the 21st century EV market are relatively secure.

  5. Experiments on geochemical prospecting for uranium in arid country; Essais de prospection geochimique de l'uranium en pays aride

    Grimbert, A.; Obellianne, J.M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Fontenay-aux-Roses, 92 (France)


    The necessity for preliminary inquiries before applying routine geochemical prospecting techniques to the exploration of a new region is shown. Under conditions presumed to be unfavorable for geochemical prospecting as found in Nigeria along the banks of the Air, a preliminary examination showed that sampling of the stabilized superficial deposits at a depth of 15 cm made it possible to detect the presence of U-containing mineralizations hidden under about 20 meters of sterile sandy deposits. To confirm this result, a boring located on a U-containing geochemical anomaly in a paleosol, encountered a mineralized formation at a depth of 28 meters. (authors) [French] Les auteurs montrent la necessite des enquetes preliminaires avant toute application en routine des techniques geochimiques de prospection, lorsque l'on aborde une region nouvelle. Dans les conditions, a priori defavorables pour la prospection geochimique, que l'on trouve au Niger, en bordure de l'Air, une enquete preliminaire a etabli que l'echantillonnage des depots superficiels stabilises, a 15 centimetres de profondeur, permettait de deceler la presence de mineralisations uraniferes cachees sous une vingtaine de metres de sediments greseux steriles. Pour verifier ce resultat, un sondage implante sur une anomalie geochimique uranifere au sein d'un paleosol, a rencontre une formation mineralisee a 28 metres de profondeur. (auteurs)

  6. Entre la veille stratégique et l'innovation, la démarche de veille créative : Ce que la veille créative emprunte aux wargames sur plateau

    Goria, Stéphane


    De nombreuses formes de veilles ont déjà vu le jour. Chacune propose une facette qui lui est propre et permet soit de comprendre qui la réalise, sur quoi elle porte, ses objectifs ou comment elle est réalisée. Dans cet article, nous présentons une nouvelle forme de veille dite : veille créative. Elle se positionne, notamment, entre les veilles concurrentielle et prospective. Elle a pour objectif de donner de nouveaux moyens aux veilleurs pour identifier des menaces, des opportunités et des co...

  7. 21st Century Skills Map: Science

    Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2008


    This 21st Century Skills Map is the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has issued this map for the core subject of Science.

  8. 21st Century Skills Map: Geography

    Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2009


    This 21st Century Skills Map is the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has issued this map for the core subject of Geography.

  9. 21st Century Skills Map: The Arts

    Dean, Colleen; Ebert, Christie M. Lynch; McGreevy-Nichols, Susan; Quinn, Betsy; Sabol, F. Robert; Schmid, Dale; Shauck, R. Barry; Shuler, Scott C.


    This 21st Century Skills Map is the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has issued this map for the core subject of the Arts.

  10. 21st Century Skills Map: Social Studies

    Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2007


    This 21st Century Skills Map is the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has issued this map for the core subject of Social Studies.

  11. Pedagogical Implementation of 21st Century Skills

    Jacobson-Lundeberg, Vera


    This paper examines students' perceptions of how intentionally taught 21st century skills have transformed their lives. Personal development education (PDE) encompasses interpersonal and interaction skills that are required for students to function and succeed in global-oriented 21st century colleges and careers. The Common Core State Standards…

  12. 21st Century Skills Map: World Languages

    Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2011


    This 21st Century Skills Map is the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has issued this map for the core subject of World Languages. [Funding for this paper was provided by EF Education.

  13. 21st Century Skills Map: English

    Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2008


    This 21st Century Skills Map is the result of hundreds of hours of research, development and feedback from educators and business leaders across the nation. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has issued this map for the core subject of English.

  14. Capital in the Twenty-First Century

    Hansen, Per H.


    Review essay on: Capital in the Twenty-First Century. By Thomas Piketty . Translated by Arthur Goldhammer . Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014. viii + 685 pp......Review essay on: Capital in the Twenty-First Century. By Thomas Piketty . Translated by Arthur Goldhammer . Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014. viii + 685 pp...

  15. Phonetics of English in the nineteenth century

    Work on speech sound and the sound systems of languages can be traced back in the British Isles at least as far as the sixteenth century. It was, however, only in the nineteenth century that the word ‘phonetics' was actually coined, and it was also at this time that a wider interest in the subjec...

  16. An Unfashionable Rhetoric in the Fifteenth Century.

    Woods, Marjorie Curry


    Reveals the continued importance of medieval rhetorical pedagogy throughout the high Middle Ages and early Renaissance by exploring the fifteenth-century popularity, uses of, and references to Geoffrey of Vinsauf's "Poetria nova" (a thirteenth-century verse treatise on the composition of poetry according to rhetorical principles). (SR)

  17. Prospective memory in the rat

    Wilson, A. George; Crystal, Jonathon D.


    The content of prospective memory is comprised of representations of an action to perform in the future. When people form prospective memories, they temporarily put the memory representation in an inactive state while engaging in other activities, and then activate the representation in the future. Ultimately, successful activation of the memory representation yields an action at an appropriate, but temporally distant, time. A hallmark of prospective memory is that activation of the memory re...

  18. Drought periods during XXth century

    The drought problem always exists somewhere in the world so that the economy of some nation or nations is always being adversely influenced by this factor. Although drought is a natural component of the climate in arid and semi-arid areas, it can occur in areas, which normally receive adequate precipitation. Available hydro meteorological data indicate droughts have occurred through the last century in Bulgaria and they a part of the climatic cycle on the Balkan Peninsula. The precipitation distribution is one of the basic characteristics of the drought occurrence in a given region. However, the distributions of additional meteorological elements should be also taken into account in order to describe the degree of the climate dryness. For example, the distribution of air temperature is an especially important characteristic for drought classifications. The last years in Bulgaria were drier and warmer than the normals for the period of so-called 'current climate' (1961-1990). Precipitation was approximately 80-85 % less than the normals. Statistical methods were used in order to analyze the long-term variations of precipitation, air temperature. The long-term series of data were smoothed by averages and they were also approximated by means of a polynomial. These methods eliminate the random and short periodical fluctuations of the time series. The Spearman coefficient (r) and the Kendall coefficient (rl) were used in order to investigate the existence of eventual trends. Some quantitative criteria were also used for a comparison of the drought frequency and intensity between different regions and years. As a result of the conducted analysis, the investigated period can be divided to separate sub-periods with duration of 10-15 years. These years are characterized with different moisture conditions. Three periods can be determined during the 20 th century, which are characterized by longer and severe droughts, namely 1902-1913, 1942-1953 and 1982-1994. The drought

  19. Medicine in 21st Century



    An ancient Chinese theme of "Shen Nong tasted hundred herbs and confronted seventy toxicities a day" means generally that medicine was created by the ancient labor people, although there's no trace of the real Shen Nong. Accordingly some animals would take certain herbs for stopping traumatic bleeding just as our ancestors done. Medicine iniated a long time ago but the development of modern medicine is really a little bit more than hundred years, Pasteur discovered bacteria and reported in 1857, not yet 150 years from now. Virchow discovered cell cleavage and thus founded modern basic cellular pathology somewhat a year later than the former. Mendels bean test opened a new era for genetic research and concluded in 1863. Roentgen discovered X-ray in 1895 and We've celebrated the 100th anniversary of the X-ray discovery several years ago. The earliest application of penicillin was in 1940, not yet 60 years ago. The medicine possesses a jumping development during the recent half century in association with the advancement of synthetic chemistry, electronic and bioscientific technolgy.

  20. Astronautics summary and prospects

    Kiselev, Anatoly Ivanovich; Menshikov, Valery Alexandrovich


    The monograph by A.I.Kiselev, A.A. Medvedev and Y.A.Menshikov, Astronautics: Summary and Prospects, aroused enthusiasm both among experts and the public at large. This is due to the felicitous choice of presentation that combines a simple description of complex space matters with scientificsubstantiation of the sub­ jectmatter described. The wealth of color photos makes the book still more attractive, and it was nominated for an award at the 14th International Moscow Book Fair, being singled out as the "best publication of the book fair". The book's popularity led to a second edition, substantially revised and enlarged. Since the first edition did not sufficiently cover the issues of space impact on ecology and the prospective development of space systems, the authors revised the entire volume, including in it the chapter "Space activity and ecology" and the section "Multi-function space systems". Using the federal monitoring system, now in the phase of system engi­ neering, as an example, the authors consi...

  1. Prospects for oil prices

    As a prelude to drawing conclusions about oil price prospects in the short term, market fundamentals and perceptions are outlined. A net world oil demand growth of close to one million barrels/day above 1991 is expected in 1992. This will result largely in an increased call on OPEC crude oil since supplies from countries outside OPEC are likely to remain static. There is scope for increasing OPEC crude oil production to the necessary level but it will need to be carefully phased with respect to demand in order to avoid a stock overhang which could unsettle the market and undermine OPEC's objective of supporting oil price levels. Market fundamentals, such as production capacity and the revenue needs of the OPEC members, indicate a continuation at least until next year of the basket price in its current relatively narrow range between $15 and $20/bbl, with perhaps some temporary fluctuations. A view of the demand and supply balance during the next few years suggests there is little awaiting beyond the horizon to change this prospect. (UK)

  2. Réflexions sur la nomination des juges

    Masson, Louis; Champagne, Sylvie


    Au printemps 2010, le Barreau du Québec a décidé de participer à la réflexion menée par la Commission publique d’enquête sur le processus de nomination des juges du Québec. Il était nécessaire de revoir, après une trentaine d’années, le système québécois, qui a fait ses preuves et donné une magistrature de haute qualité. Pourquoi ? Afin de s’assurer, entre autres, d’augmenter la transparence du processus et de préserver la confiance des citoyens dans notre système de justice. Les auteurs prés...

  3. Remarques sur la publication du siècle

    Viala, Alain


    Les travaux sur les questions de réception sont en essor depuis une bonne vingtaine d'années et, ces derniers temps, des colloques et des séminaires ont été consacrés aux formes et enjeux de la réception du xviie siècle dans les périodes ultérieures, qu'il s'agisse du « siècle » dans sa globalité ou, plus souvent, de tel ou tel aspect ou tel ou tel auteur. Apporter une pierre à ce chantier est, en soi, chose utile sans aucun doute. Mais il est diverses façons de l'envisager. Or au moment où l...

  4. Sur les chemins des caféiers

    Pinard, Fabrice


    Originaire d’Afrique tropicale, le café, plante et boisson, a conquis la planète à partir du xviie siècle. C’est aujourd’hui une des matières premières les plus consommées au monde, encore largement produite, sur un mode traditionnel, par la petite paysannerie du tiers-monde, sous la contrainte de la libéralisation et des aléas du négoce international. Mis en difficulté après des crises récentes, le secteur « café » tente d’évoluer pour s’adapter à une demande moderne tournée vers la qualité....

  5. [Marine algae of Baja California Sur, Mexico: nutritional value].

    Carrillo Domínguez, Silvia; Casas Valdez, Margarita; Ramos Ramos, Felipe; Pérez-Gil, Fernando; Sánchez Rodríguez, Ignacio


    The Baja California Peninsula is one of the richest regions of seaweed resources in México. The objective of this study was to determine the chemical composition of some marine algae species of Baja California Sur, with an economical potential due to their abundance and distribution, and to promote their use as food for human consumption and animal feeding. The algae studied were Green (Ulva spp., Enteromorpha intestinalis, Caulerpa sertularoides, Bryopsis hypnoides), Red (Laurencia johnstonii, Spyridia filamentosa, Hypnea valentiae) and Brown (Sargassum herporizum, S. sinicola, Padina durvillaei, Hydroclathrus clathrathus, Colpomenia sinuosa). The algae were dried and ground before analysis. In general, the results showed that algae had a protein level less than 11%, except L. johnstonii with 18% and low energy content. The ether extract content was lower than 1%. However, the algae were a good source of carbohydrates and inorganic matter. PMID:12868282

  6. Ombres et lumières sur la Bretagne antique

    Galliou, Patrick


    fr Les découvertes archéologiques faites au cours du dernier demi-siècle en Grande-Bretagne ont montré que la « romanisation » effective de l’île, entraînée par la conquête claudienne de 43 apr. J.-C., avait été précédée d’une phase de contacts commerciaux et politiques occupant le dernier siècle avant notre ère. À la lumière des mêmes découvertes, la « romanisation » proprement dite se révèle multiforme, non-linéaire et sans doute imparfaite, sa géographie influant sur les événements qui mar...

  7. Films nématiques minces sur substrats liquides

    Delabre, Ulysse


    Ce travail de thèse analyse l'organisation des films de cristaux liquides nématiques sur substrats liquides (eau et glycérol). Dans ce cas, l'ancrage planaire au niveau du substrat liquide est plus fort que l'ancrage homéotrope à l'interface libre. En dessous d'une épaisseur critique de l'ordre de 0.5-0.6 µm, des stries qui correspondent à une modulation de l'orientation du directeur, apparaissent. La longueur d'onde de ces stries est largement supérieure à l'épaisseur du film. Nous avons ana...

  8. Retour sur l’ancien esprit du capitalisme

    Hirsch, Jean-Pierre


    Le capitalisme du XIXe siècle était-il plus “ pur ” que le nôtre et les discours tenus alors par les entrepreneurs et les théoriciens moins contradictoires ? Analysant quelques échantillons de leurs écrits, à usage public ou à usage privé, les confrontant aux pratiques de leurs auteurs, on cherche à montrer la présence constante de contradictions ou d'alternatives qui semblent indispensables à la longévité du système. Autre époque ! Mais sur la nature même de leur activité, la dimension famil...

  9. Chapitre IV. Regards sur la guerre de Candie


    Tout au long du discours de Pierre Domenisse, l’image des Turcs se construit encore largement autour d’une culture de la confrontation, qui s’appuie sur l’antagonisme traditionnel entre Occident et dâr al-Islam. Mais si la vision du capitaine reste en partie dépendante d’une perception élaborée aux xive et xve siècles, les anecdotes relatées, le ton employé et les analyses laissent cependant émerger une image de l’Autre bien ambiguë, tant en ce qui concerne les Turcs que les Vénitiens. Le Mém...

  10. Commentaires sur la valeur piscicole du Canal de Roubaix (Nord



    Full Text Available La population piscicole du Canal de ROUBAIX a été inventoriée par pêche électrique. Trois passages, suivis chacun de l'enlèvement des poissons capturés, ont été opérés dans chacun des trois Secteurs d'inventaire. Le peuplement le plus probable ainsi estimé (par la méthode De Lury,est en rapport avec le degré de pollution du canal. On constate aussi queles poissons se cantonnent le long des berges, sur une largeur de 2 à 3mètres.L'estimation à l'hectare représente donc en réalité le stock d'une zone n'ayant que 25 % de la surface totale du Canal. Les poissons contrôlés sont pour la plupart des poissons de repeuplement.

  11. Les filarioses humaines sur le territoire français


    1. La filariose lymphatique 1.1. Cycle de la maladie 1.1.1. Agent Sur les territoires français, l’agent est le nématode Wuchereria bancrofti, Onchocercidae, Filarioidea. Mais deux autres espèces de filaires provoquent des filarioses lymphatiques similaires : Brugia malayi, dont l'aire d'extension va de l'Inde et du Sud-Est asiatique à la Corée, et B. timori, limité à quelques îles d'Indonésie. Les filaires mâles de W. bancrofti sont longues de 40 mm et larges de 0,1 mm, les femelles de 80-100...

  12. Un copiste inattendu à Vic-sur-Cère (Cantal

    Renaud Benoit-Cattin


    Full Text Available A Vic-sur-Cère, petit bourg du Cantal, l’hôtel du Pont et du Parc abrite au rez-de-chaussée une salle de restaurant dont les quatre murs sont ornés de dix-sept peintures d’un caractère peu ou prou monumental. Leur hauteur est d’environ 1,50 m, leur largeur variant de 0,6 à 3,5 m. Quatorze d’entre elles ont été exécutées par Antoine Cayrol entre 1909 et 1914, les trois dernières par son petit-fils, Roger Cayrol, en 1954.Le grand-père, Antoine, né en 1864, est élevé à Paris. Après son service m...

  13. Observation et analyse d'attaques sur Internet

    Studnia, Ivan


    Dans le domaine de la sécurité informatique, un pot de miel est un outil dont le but est d'attirer les attaquants et d'enregistrer leurs activités, afin de mieux connaître leurs techniques et objectifs. Dans cette optique, un pot de miel a été conçu et déployé au LAAS depuis 2006 afin d'observer le trafic malveillant utilisant le protocole ssh sur Internet. De nombreuses analyses ont été réalisées et concernent exclusivement ce site géographique. Pour compléter et enrichir ces analyses, de no...

  14. ``Astrophysique sur Mesure'', E-learning in Astronomy and Astrophysics

    Mosser, Benoît; Delsanti, Audrey; Guillaume, Damien; Balança, Christian; Balkowski, Chantal


    ``Astrophysique sur Mesure'' (astrophysics made-to-measure) is a set of e-learning programmes started 4 years ago at the Paris Observatory. In order to deliver attractive and efficient programmes, we have added many multimedia tools to usual lectures: animations, Java applets. The programmes are presented on two different platforms. The first one offers the content of all the lectures in free access. A second platform with restricted access is provided to registered students taking part in the e-learning program and benefiting from the help of tutors. The development of these programs helps to increase the sphere of influence of astronomy taught at the Paris Observatory, hence to increase the presence of astronomy in various degree courses. Instead of teaching classical astronomy lectures to a happy few, we can bring astronomy and astrophysics to a wider audience.

  15. Informations sur les personnages-clés

    Hebbelinck, Thérèse


    Personnages-clés Nous proposons ci-dessous non pas des notices biographiques complètes sur les personnages cités mais nous mentionnons les fonctions qui étaient les leurs lors de la controverse du carmel d’Auschwitz. Barnas Thaddée (1944) : moine bénédictin du monastère œcuménique de Chevetogne, il prit une conscience accrue du problème des relations entre juifs et chrétiens à l’occasion de l’affaire du carmel d’Auschwitz. En 1986, il fut l’initiateur d’une importante pétition demandant le dé...

  16. La femme invisible. Sur l’imaginaire du pouvoir politique

    Derville, Grégory; Pionchon, Sylvie


    La sous-représentation politique des femmes est souvent mise sur le compte d’une résistance du champ politique à la féminisation. Si un tel sexisme est bien repérable, l’explication de ce phénomène tient surtout à la persistance de représentations sociales très largement diffusées, et qui rendent l’engagement politique au féminin difficile à penser et à admettre pour nombre de citoyens : l’image de la femme comme pivot de l’espace domestique, et plus encore l’image de la politique comme une a...

  17. Regards sur les cambriolages et les tentatives de cambriolages

    Heinz, Andreas; Steffgen, Georges; Frising, Armande; Reichmann, Liliane


    Selon l’enquête sur la sécurité 2013, 10% des ménages ont été victimes d’un cambriolage et 9% ont subi une tentative de cambriolage au cours des 5 dernières années. Il s’agit d’introductions ou de tentatives d’introduction dans leur bien immobilier au Luxembourg ou à l’étranger. La grande majorité des effractions (83%) a eu lieu au Grand-Duché et près d’un tiers (35%) se sont produites entre 22h et 6h. Dans 73% des cas, l’habitation était visée ; les installations extérieures, annexes et abri...

  18. Recherches étymologiques sur le passeur aire latine

    Thomas, Joël


    Idée générale : l’étymologie vient conforter la logique d’imaginaire : elle n’a pas seulement un intérêt sur le plan de la rigueur ou de l’érudition. On peut évoquer cinq racines et quelques constellations sémantiques connexes : La racine commune indo-européenne per = « traverser », « faire passer » (grec peirô) donne : portare, « faire passer » (mouvement), qui s’est limité à être synonyme de fero, gero, porter, et s’est substituée à eux en latin tardif (sa flexion, plus régulière, était plu...

  19. Sur un deplacement de valeurs: traire et tirer

    André Burger


    L'étymologie de firer est inconnue. Celie que le regretté W. von Wart burg a ern pouvoir avancer est inacceptable: firer serait sorti de marty rier par la grâce d'une fausse coupure mar tirier. Il est plus qu'improbable que cette «étymologie populaire» eût pu se produire si la langue ne possédait pas au préalable un verbe tirier. Au surplus aucun fait n'appuie cette hypothèse. Le FEW, t. VI, 1, p. 396, donne bien pour firer le sens de «torturer sur un treteam>, au XIIIe siècle, et p. 403, «dé...

  20. Impact du transmédia sur le dialogue interculturel

    Mbiock, Olga Marlyse Lodombe


    Au coeur de la révolution numérique où les frontières semblent s’effacer entre les médias, les producteurs et les usagers de l’information; nous constatons non seulement une évolution des médias vers le transmédia mais encore un impact du transmédia sur le dialogue interculturel. L’objectif de cette communication est de voir, à travers la question du «mariage pour tous», comment la «culture de la convergence» est de plus en plus présente via l’expression des voix dans des plate...

  1. "A epopeia da decadência": um estudo sobre o Essai sur l'inégalité des races humaines (1853-1855, de Arthur de Gobineau

    Helga da Cunha Gahyva


    Full Text Available O presente artigo discute a concepção racial de Arthur de Gobineau a partir de sua mais famosa obra, o Essai sur l'inégalité des races humaines. Se comumente este tratado é associado à discussão racialista que toma corpo nas últimas décadas do século XIX, pretendo relacioná-lo a uma polêmica característica da virada do século XVII para o XVIII, a Querela das duas raças. Neste sentido, o objetivo do artigo é revelar, em primeiro lugar, como a reflexão de Gobineau é tributária de um conceito de linhagem tornado paulatinamente anacrônico no mundo pós-revolucionário. Em segundo, demonstrar a hipótese segundo a qual o Essai, menos do que um estudo sobre raças pretensamente "biológicas", representa fundamentalmente uma recusa à nova ordem igualitária que se impõe na era moderna.The present article discusses the racial concepts of Arthur de Gobineau based on his most famous work, Essai sur l'inegalité des races humaines. Instead of associating these with the racialist debate of the last decades of the XIX the century, I relate them to a polemical text characteristic of the late XVII and early XVIII century: The Quarrel of the Two Races. In this sense, my main objective is to show that, in the first place, the Gobineau's work owes significant debts to the concept of the "bloodline", an idea which gradually became anachronistic after the French Revolution. In addition, I argue that, rather than being a study of supposedly "biological" races, Gobineau's "Essay" should be regarded as a refusal of the new egalitarian order of modern times.

  2. Components of SurA required for outer membrane biogenesis in uropathogenic Escherichia coli.

    Kristin M Watts

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: SurA is a periplasmic peptidyl-prolyl isomerase (PPIase and chaperone of Escherichia coli and other Gram-negative bacteria. In contrast to other PPIases, SurA appears to have a distinct role in chaperoning newly synthesized porins destined for insertion into the outer membrane. Previous studies have indicated that the chaperone activity of SurA rests in its "core module" (the N- plus C-terminal domains, based on in vivo envelope phenotypes and in vitro binding and protection of non-native substrates. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: In this study, we determined the components of SurA required for chaperone activity using in vivo phenotypes relevant to disease causation by uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC, namely membrane resistance to permeation by antimicrobials and maturation of the type 1 pilus usher FimD. FimD is a SurA-dependent, integral outer membrane protein through which heteropolymeric type 1 pili, which confer bladder epithelial binding and invasion capacity upon uropathogenic E. coli, are assembled and extruded. Consistent with prior results, the in vivo chaperone activity of SurA in UPEC rested primarily in the core module. However, the PPIase domains I and II were not expendable for wild-type resistance to novobiocin in broth culture. Steady-state levels of FimD were substantially restored in the UPEC surA mutant complemented with the SurA N- plus C-terminal domains. The addition of PPIase domain I augmented FimD maturation into the outer membrane, consistent with a model in which domain I enhances stability of and/or substrate binding by the core module. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Our results confirm the core module of E. coli SurA as a potential target for novel anti-infective development.

  3. The Production of the Pastora in Camarines Sur, Philippines



    Full Text Available The purpose of the study was to document the pastora, a song-dance performance during Christmas season that calls to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in two towns of Camarines Sur, Philippines. Specifically, it focused on its production aspect. The categories include: the handing down of oral traditions which influenced the trainers' casting, choreography, costumes, props, musical accompaniment, and performances. The researcher made use of real time data: videotaped pastora dances, observer’s notes, ex post facto data: stimulated recall and interviews. There were similarities and differences in the production of these pastora. Both of the trainers were exposed to this activity at a young age. At present, their granddaughters are members of their respective pastora groups—one way of handing down the oral tradition to the younger generations. Both groups have dresses made of silks and laces. With regard to the choice of colors, Mimay prefers to use light colors such as white, light blue, and pink while Rita favors loud colors such as red, green, and golden yellow. At present they use only one kind of musical instrument in their pastora. Pastora Baao uses a saxophone while pastora Bombon uses a guitar. The trainers also differ in standards for recruiting members. Mimay prefers to invite girls with good singing voice, good dancing ability, and good physical appearance, while Rita believes that willingness is the most important quality of a pastora. The similarities in the production of these pastora reveal the possibility that pastora in Camarines Sur came from one source. The similarities also revealed the impact of pastora in maintaining religiosity and the socio-cultural environment. The differences are influenced by the tradition handed down to trainers, the trainers’ personal outlook, geographical locations, and economic condition.

  4. Langage du corps, corps du langage, sur une application wüsterienne

    Narcis Zărnescu


    Full Text Available Les recherches sur le lexique, en particulier dans le cadre des pratiques terminologiques, sont soumises à des renouvellements sous l’influence conjointe des domaines théoriques, des développements technologiques et des demandes sociales. Mon texte tente d’aborder ces questions, à partir de points de vue et de compétences diversifiés, axés davantage sur le lexique comme objet théorique et sur les pratiques terminologiques.

  5. Observations introductives au colloque sur les transferts électroniques de fonds

    Prüm, André


    Le présent ouvrage regroupe les actes de deux colloques sur les transferts électroniques de fonds et sur les aspects juridiques des paiements par WAP. L’idée du premier colloque est venue des nombreuses questions posées sur la sécurité tant technique que juridique des paiements effectués dans le cadre du commerce électronique. Le colloque a volontairement reçu le titre très neutre de « transferts électroniques de fonds » afin de permettre la couverture de sujets très différents sans particuli...

  6. À la découverte des mangroves : regards multiples sur un objet de recherche mouvant

    Cormier-Salem, Marie-Christine


    INTRODUCTION Les mangroves ont été découvertes très tardivement sur les plans écologique, esthétique et socio-économique par les observateurs étrangers. Avant le xxe siècle, les documents sur la mangrove sont peu nombreux et ce milieu suscite le plus souvent une réaction de perplexité, méfiance ou répulsion de la part des premiers explorateurs et voyageurs, des missionnaires et des colons mais également des scientifiques. A partir d’une recension bibliographique sur les mangroves et d’un trav...

  7. Crypto-processeur ECC en RNS sur FPGA avec inversion modulaire rapide

    Bigou, Karim; Tisserand, Arnaud


    Nous développons un crypto-processeur RNS pour ECC sur Fp à la fois très rapide et robuste face à certaines SCA. Dans ce article court, nous décrivons l'utilisation de RNS pour ECC, l'architecture générale de notre crypto-processeur et son implantation sur FPGA. Nous présentons un nouvel algorithme d'inversion modulaire RNS basé sur l'algorithme d'Euclide binaire étendu qui permet une accélération d'un facteur 6.

  8. Compassionate Play in The Ludic Century

    James Dyer


    Full Text Available In 2013 game designer Eric Zimmerman wrote a provocative manifesto entitled ‘Manifesto for a Ludic Century’ (2013a, in which Zimmerman declares the 21st Century’s dominant cultural form to be games. Consequently, Zimmerman proposes that the individual occupant of the century is therefore in a continuous state of game engagement. As such, this re-contextualisation of game space and play, indefinitely articulates the individual as a constant player and character, and thusly challenges the notions of selfhood. Importantly it should be noted, the state of a ludic century is explicitly assumed as a truth, however superficial it may appear. Accordingly, this paper is then afforded to be an extended hypothesis of the proposed ludic century, rather than a critical dissection and response to Zimmerman’s manifesto. This enables a hermeneutic framing of the questions: ‘What does it mean to live in a ludic century?’and ‘in what capacity may the self exist in the ludic century?’ These questions will attempt to distinguish play as an inherent cultural logic that extends beyond the limitations of explicit ‘gamification’ or instrumental play (Stenros et al., 2009; Zichermann, 2010. Concluding, it is claimed that the ludic century elicits a sustained delusion of self, as the player is confined to the designed game structure, which inhibits authentic engagement and interaction with environment and self. It is proposed that this evokes a form of suffering, the compassionate play within the ludic century.

  9. ‘Puisé Aux Meilleures Sources’: Textual and Visual Strategies of Mid‐19th‐Century Architectural Historiography in Belgium

    Van Impe, Ellen


    The Belgian architectural world of the 19th century has been considered a fascinating though little studied crossroads of influences. The same could be said of the architectural historiography of Belgium, which only established its independence from its powerful neighbours in 1830. Two of its canonical architectural historical publications, the Histoire de l’architecture en Belgique by A.G.B. Schayes (1808–59) and the Histoire de l’influence italienne sur l’architecture dans les Pays-Bas by A...

  10. Prospective Memory Performance across Adolescence

    Wang, Lijuan; Kliegel, Matthias; Yang, Zhiliang; Liu, Wei


    In the present study, the authors explored age differences in event-based prospective memory (PM) across adolescence. The tasks consisted of an ongoing task (OT; i.e., personality questionnaire items, math problems) and an embedded prospective task that required participants to remember to make a special response whenever they encountered a PM cue…

  11. Nuclear computational science a century in review

    Azmy, Yousry


    Nuclear engineering has undergone extensive progress over the years. In the past century, colossal developments have been made and with specific reference to the mathematical theory and computational science underlying this discipline, advances in areas such as high-order discretization methods, Krylov Methods and Iteration Acceleration have steadily grown. Nuclear Computational Science: A Century in Review addresses these topics and many more; topics which hold special ties to the first half of the century, and topics focused around the unique combination of nuclear engineering, computational

  12. The pollen of metaphor: Box, cage, and trap as containment in the eighteenth century.

    Milne, Anne


    This article uses the concept of "the pollen of metaphor" to discuss three forms of non-human animal containment in the eighteenth century: François Huber's Leaf or Book Hive bee box first described in his Nouvelles Observations sur les Abeilles (1792, English translation 1806), Sarah Trimmer's bird cages in her didactic children's book, Fabulous Histories; Or, The Story of the Robins (1786), and a mouse trap in Anna Letitia Barbauld's 1773 poem, "The Mouse's Petition, found in the trap where he had been confined all night by Dr. Priestley, for the sake of making experiments with different kinds of air." All three works highlight the eighteenth-century art of observation. The inherent commitment to relationships in the observation process suggests that interpreting ocular evidence involves "plausible relations," metaphor and/or "productive analogy." The article teases out subtle differences between the ways that each author uses containments and concludes that while Huber seeks to circumscribe non-human animal behavior within the bounds of 'reasonable' animal husbandry to better serve human needs, Trimmer goes further to connect 'appropriate' non-human animal containment to moral strictures governing humans. Barbauld's intervention using a literate, speaking animal subject confronts such moral governance to argue for equal rights based on principles of true equality rather than what is observed to be 'reasonable' and/or 'moral.' PMID:27084048

  13. Prospects for HTS applications

    High temperature superconductor (HTS) wire is rapidly maturing into a working material being produced in ever larger quantities and being used in more significant demonstrations and prototypes. Conductor is now produced routinely in several hundred meter lengths with reproducible results. Current density has progressed to a level suitable for demonstration of many applications. Wire strength has improved and large prototypes fabricated or under consideration using HTS include Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES), rotating electrical machines including synchronous ac and dc homopolar motors and drives, generators and condensers, underground transmission cables, utility distribution equipment such as transformers and current limiters, commercial processing applications such as magnetic separation, and specialty magnets such as high field inserts. In this paper the requirements, progress toward these requirements, and the prospects for the future are reviewed

  14. Prospects at high energies

    Quigg, C.


    I discuss some possibilities for neutrino experiments in the fixed-target environment of the SPS, Tevatron, and UNK, with their primary proton beams of 0.4, 0.9, and 3.0 TeV. The emphasis is on unfinished business: issues that have been recognized for some time, but not yet resolved. Then I turn to prospects for proton-proton colliders to explore the 1-TeV scale. I review the motivation for new physics in the neighborhood of 1 TeV and mention some discovery possibilities for high-energy, high-luminosity hadron colliders and the implications they would have for neutrino physics. I raise the possibility of the direct study of neutrino interactions in hadron colliders. I close with a report on the status of the SSC project. 38 refs., 17 figs.

  15. Prospects at high energies

    I discuss some possibilities for neutrino experiments in the fixed-target environment of the SPS, Tevatron, and UNK, with their primary proton beams of 0.4, 0.9, and 3.0 TeV. The emphasis is on unfinished business: issues that have been recognized for some time, but not yet resolved. Then I turn to prospects for proton-proton colliders to explore the 1-TeV scale. I review the motivation for new physics in the neighborhood of 1 TeV and mention some discovery possibilities for high-energy, high-luminosity hadron colliders and the implications they would have for neutrino physics. I raise the possibility of the direct study of neutrino interactions in hadron colliders. I close with a report on the status of the SSC project. 38 refs., 17 figs

  16. Oil price prospects

    In this paper, four different, popular approaches to the analysis of oil price movements will be considered and an alternative method will be proposed. Whilst we await the development of a rigorous theoretical framework within which to evaluate the phenomenon of oil price movements some progress may be effected by an amalgam of approaches, with the traditional supply and demand model being supplemented by observations regarding political and social developments in particular countries or regions, together with an assessment of emerging and prospective technological achievements. In this way it should be possible to identify the critical influences at work, from which it should also be possible to select either the single most important variable or combination of variables, affecting the oil price. Moreover, it is my belief that the crucial variables influencing the oil price almost certainly, are more likely to be political and social, rather than economic. In this context and notwithstanding the fact that there is only a minimal level of surplus productive capacity in the world oil industry at present (perhaps 1-2 million b/d albeit rising rapidly), it is reasonable to conclude that oil prices will average around $18-19 a barrel for North Sea Brent in 1992 and 1993, with oscillations of $2-4 a barrel either side, rising slightly in 1994 to $19-20 a barrel and to $20-21 a barrel in 1995. Thereafter, the most likely outcome is for a rise in line with inflation (say $ a barrel/annum) with no prospect of an upward spike, because demand will be weaker than most commentators expect up to the year 2000, whilst OPEC oil supplies will be substantially higher than the consensus forecast. (author)

  17. L'UOIF:en face de la loi sur la la(i)cité

    田俊雷; 申永杰


    La socié té francaise se caracté rise par le principe de la(i)cité. 《 L' affaire du foulard 》 existe en France depuisquelques anné es. Pour 1' instant, la question du voile se focalise sur les lycé es et sur quelques les colle ges. Le voile a causé un dé sé quilibre a 1'é cole. La France est cette socié té multiculturelle. Dans ce dossier, on pré sente la motivation et 1' objet dudossier en introduction. Ensuite dans deux parties distinctes, on dé crit le panorama des articles et on les analyse. Dans une autrepartie, on de veloppe son argumentation sur le sujet, et pour finir, la conclusion sur 1' objet du dossier.

  18. Bibliography on plutonium and its compounds; Bibliographie sur le plutonium et ses composes

    Dirian, J.; Choquet, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Collection of bibliographical references on plutonium and its principal compounds from 1942 to end of 1957. (author) [French] Compilation de references bibliographiques sur le plutonium et ses principaux composes de 1942 a fin 1957. (auteur)

  19. CCALBATC - bathymetric contours for the central California region between Point Arena and Point Sur.

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — CCALBATC consists of bathymetric contours at 10-m and 50-m intervals for the area offshore of central California between Point Arena to the north and Point Sur to...

  20. L’agriculture itinérante sur brûlis, une menace sur la forêt tropicale humide ?

    BAHUCHET, Serge; Betsch, Jean-Marie


    L’attitude des scientifiques et des gestionnaires de l’aménagement et de la conservation face à l’agriculture sur brûlis, généralement idéologique, produit un discours ambigu basé sur une image homogène et hors contexte du terme « agriculture itinérante sur brûlis » (en anglais Slash-and-burn, la « défriche-brûlis », permanente, et Shifting cultivation, l’« agriculture itinérante »). L’ambiguïté entretenue entre défrichement permanent et agriculture itinérante occulte la diversité des système...

  1. Revolution, Romanticism and the Long Nineteenth Century

    Adriana Craciun


    Full Text Available In order to consider the future of Victorian literary studies within the long nineteenth century, we must go back to that earlier “period” of the nineteenth century, and the French Revolution of 1789. Drawing on the aesthetic and political innovations of 1790s women's writings, this essay argues that we need to reconceive of nineteenth-century literary studies beyond the period boundaries of Romantic and Victorian. The sexualization of revolutionary Terror, and particularly of Robespierre, in Romantic-era writings by women like Helen Maria Williams, Mary Robinson and Fanny Burney, offers surprising precedents for the feminization of Terror associated with the retrospectives of Victorian writers like Carlyle and Dickens. In this respect, and given many other aesthetic continuities (for example, the crossgender and cross-period appeal of the “poetess” figure, the “Victorian period” appears increasingly unsatisfactory when compared to the merits of a long nineteenth-century model for literary studies.

  2. The Ninth-Century Renaissance in Astronomy.

    Farrell, Charlotte


    Discusses the events in the ninth century that moved astronomy away from the pursuit of mystical hermetic sciences and astrology back toward observation and measurement. Describes the achievements of astronomers and the instruments and calculations used during that period. (JRH)

  3. The century of the Petroleum in Colombia

    A recount of the big changes is made with hydrocarbons in Colombia during the X X century. The X X century it meant everything for Colombia in oil matter. In this century it took off and it consolidated their industry of the hydrocarbons and with her great part of the industrialization process and development of the country. It is undeniable that the petroleum was one of the big main characters of the century X X and Colombia has not been unaware to the sways of a highly changing industry. The creation of the OPEC, the warlike conflicts, the times of high and low prices, the technological advances, the processes of energy integration and the mega coalitions are hardly some of the ingredients that seasoned the Oil Industry in the years 1900

  4. Fire Disasters in the Twentieth Century

    Cavallini, M.; Papagni, M.F.; F.W. Baruffaldi Preis


    In the field of natural and man-made disasters, fire has played a predominant role. A report is presented of fire disasters in the twentieth century, with a chronological analysis of different worldwide typologies.

  5. Modelisations des effets de surface sur les jets horizontaux subsoniques d'hydrogene et de methane

    Gomez, Luis Fernando

    Le developpement des codes et de normes bases sur une methodologie scientifique requiert la capacite de predire l'etendue inflammable de deversements gazeux d'hydrogene sous differentes conditions. Des etudes anterieures ont deja etabli des modeles bases sur les lois de conservation de la mecanique des fluides basees sur des correlations experimentales qui permettent de predire la decroissance de la concentration et de la vitesse d'un gaz le long de l'axe d'un jet libre vertical. Cette etude s'interesse aux effets de proximite a une surface horizontale parallele sur un jet turbulent. Nous nous interessons a son impact sur l'etendue du champ de la concentration et sur l'enveloppe inflammable en particulier. Cette etude est comparative : l'hydrogene est compare au methane. Ceci permet de degager l'influence des effets de difference de la densite sur le comportement du jet, et de comparer le comportement de l'hydrogene aux correlations experimentales, qui ont ete essentiellement etablies pour le methane. Un modele decrivant l'evolution spatio-temporelle du champ de concentration du gaz dilue est propose, base sur la mecanique des fluides computationnelle. Cette approche permet de varier systematiquement les conditions aux frontieres (proximite du jet a la surface, par exemple) et de connaitre en detail les proprietes de l'ecoulement. Le modele est implemente dans le code de simulations par volumes finis de FLUENT. Les resultats des simulations sont compares avec les lois de similitudes decoulant de la theorie des jets d'ecoulements turbulents libres ainsi qu'avec les resultats experimentaux disponibles. L'effet de la difference des masses molaires des constituantes du jet et des constituantes du milieu de dispersion est egalement etudie dans le contexte du comportement d'echelle de la region developpee du jet.

  6. St. Augustine in Twentieth-Century Music

    Petersen, Nils Holger

    A discussion - in a cultural historical perspective - of primarily two important twentieth-century musical works setting texts by St Augustine: Klaus Huber's Soliloquia Sancti Aurelii Augustini and Michael Tippett's The Vision of Saint Augustine.......A discussion - in a cultural historical perspective - of primarily two important twentieth-century musical works setting texts by St Augustine: Klaus Huber's Soliloquia Sancti Aurelii Augustini and Michael Tippett's The Vision of Saint Augustine....

  7. The Nineteenth-Century Revolution in Astronomy

    Batten, Alan Henry


    The term "revolution" in scientific contexts usually refers either to the beginnings of modern western science in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, or to the two great revolutions of early twentieth century physics. Comparison of what was known at the beginning of the nineteenth century with what was known at the end, however, shows that century to have been one of transformation in astronomy, and in the other sciences, that amounts to "revolution". Astronomers in 1800 knew neither the nature of the Sun nor the distances of the stars. Developments in instrumentation enabled the first determinations of stellar parallax in the 1830s, and later enabled the solar prominences to be studied outside the brief momemnts of total eclipses. The development of photography and of spectroscopy led to the birth of observational astrophysics, while the greater understanding of the nature of heat and the rise of thermodynamics made possible the first attempts to investigate the theory of stellar structure. Nothing was known in 1800 of extra-galactic objects apart from some tentative identifcations by William Herschel but, by the end of the century, the discovery of the spiral structure of some nebulae had led some to believe that these were the "island universes" about which Kant had speculated. Of course, astrophysics and cosmology would be much further developed in the twentieth century and those of us whose careers spanned the second half of that century look back on it as a "golden age" for astronomy; but the nineteenth century was undoubtedly a time of rapid transformation and can be reasonably described as as one of the periods of revolution in astronomy.

  8. Bornes optimales pour la diff\\'erence entre la hauteur de Weil et la hauteur de N\\'eron-Tate sur les courbes elliptiques sur \\Qbar

    Bruin, Peter


    We give an algorithm that, given an elliptic curve $E$ over $\\Qbar$ in Weierstra{\\ss} form, computes the infimum and supremum of the difference between the na\\"{\\i}ve and canonical height functions on $E(\\Qbar)$. ----- Nous donnons un algorithme qui, \\'etant donn\\'ee une courbe elliptique $E$ sur $\\Qbar$ sous la forme de Weierstra\\ss, calcule l'infimum et le supremum de la diff\\'erence entre la hauteur na\\"{\\i}ve et la hauteur canonique sur $E(\\Qbar)$.

  9. El surgimiento de la cooperación Sur-Sur: Hacia un nuevo ecosistema de cooperación para el desarrollo

    Joaquim Tres


    La Cooperación Sur-Sur (CSS) ha surgido con gran ímpetu en los últimos cinco años e iniciado su consolidación en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC), contribuyendo al aumento del número de actores, de instrumentos de intercambio de conocimiento y experiencias de desarrollo y a la diversificación de enfoques, aspectos todos ellos de un ecosistema emergente de cooperación. Ante este contexto, muchos analistas se preguntan ¿por qué surgió la CSS en estos momentos? y ¿qué implicaciones puede tener p...

  10. Las economías emergentes: nuevos escenarios en la integración y la cooperación sur-sur

    Dupuy, Héctor Adolfo; Morgante, Martín Adolfo; Salessi, Maria Lucila


    Nos proponemos analizar la significación que alcanza la cooperación sur-sur, así como la situación del proceso de integración del Mercosur y su eje Argentina-Brasil, las políticas impulsadas por la Unasur y los logros de la Alianza del Pacífico, en cuanto territorios ampliados de alcance internacional. Esto en un marco de transición hacia un mundo multipolar en medio de una de las peores crisis del capitalismo, en un contexto de graves conflictos en muchos lugares del Planeta, la sostenida he...