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  1. Large Carpenter Bees as Agricultural Pollinators

    Tamar Keasar


    Large carpenter bees (genus Xylocopa) are wood-nesting generalist pollinators of broad geographical distribution that exhibit varying levels of sociality. Their foraging is characterized by a wide range of food plants, long season of activity, tolerance of high temperatures, and activity under low illumination levels. These traits make them attractive candidates for agricultural pollination in hot climates, particularly in greenhouses, and of night-blooming crops. Carpenter bees have demonstr...

  2. He Xirui: Legends of a Carpenter



    He Xirui, a 59-year-old carpenter from Rongchang, Chongqing, was appointed a guest professor at the College of Arts and Media, Southwest Jiaotong University, at its opening ceremony on June 16, 2004. The news immediately called wide attention and generated controversy.

  3. Prevalence of work related musculoskeletal disorders in active union carpenters

    Lemasters, G K; Atterbury, M. R.; Booth-Jones, A. D.; A Bhattacharya; Ollila-Glenn, N.; Forrester, C.; Forst, L.


    OBJECTIVES: To determine the prevalence and risk factors for work related musculoskeletal disorders among union carpenters. METHODS: A detailed questionnaire on musculoskeletal symptoms and work history was administered to 522 carpenters. The symptom questions assessed if carpenters experienced pain, numbness, or tingling in a particular body region. A subset of this group then received a physical examination of the upper extremities and knees. RESULTS: The study group was primarily whi...

  4. Brian Carpenter at the PS control computer



    Brian E. Carpenter has been Group Leader of the Communications Systems group at CERN since 1985, following ten years' experience in software for process control systems at CERN, which was interrupted by three years teaching undergraduate computer science at Massey University in New Zealand. He holds a first degree in physics and a Ph.D. in computer science, and is an M.I.E.E. He is Chair of the Internet Architecture Board and an active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force.

  5. 77 FR 13326 - Carpenter Technology Corporation and Latrobe Specialty Metals, Inc.; Analysis of Proposed...


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION Carpenter Technology Corporation and Latrobe Specialty Metals, Inc.; Analysis of Proposed Agreement... (``Consent Agreement'') with Carpenter Technology Corporation (``Carpenter''), Latrobe Specialty Metals,...

  6. Astronaut Scott Carpenter examines protective material on pressure bulkhead


    Mercury Astronaut M. Scott Carpenter examines the honeycomb protective material on the main pressure bulkhead in the white room facility at Hanger S, Cape Canaveral, Florida. This is the spacecraft which will carry astronaut Carpenter on the nation's second manned orbital flight.

  7. 76 FR 51029 - Proposed CERCLA Administrative Cost Recovery Settlement; Carpenter Avenue Mercury Site, Iron...


    ... AGENCY Proposed CERCLA Administrative Cost Recovery Settlement; Carpenter Avenue Mercury Site, Iron... Mercury site in Iron Mountain, Dickenson County, Michigan with the following settling parties: The.... Comments should reference the Carpenter Avenue Mercury site, Iron Mountain, Dickenson County, Michigan...

  8. Evaluation of control measures for black carpenter ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).

    Tripp, J M; Suiter, D R; Bennett, G W; Klotz, J H; Reid, B L


    Current control methods for the black carpenter ant, Camponotus pennsylvanicus (De Geer), include the use of remedial and preventative residual sprays as well as toxic baits. We evaluated the acceptance of three baits (Maxforce, Niban, and Baygon) to field colonies of the black carpenter ant in the spring and fall. Maxforce bait granules were more readily accepted than either Niban or Baygon bait granules in the spring. A change in food preference from protein to sugar by the black carpenter ant appeared to reduce the number of Maxforce bait granules removed in the fall, resulting in no differences in bait acceptability. The longevity of Dursban 50W and Tempo 20WP were evaluated in the summer and fall on painted wood panels. Panels aged outside for 15 d under prevailing weather conditions exhibited increased LT50 values. For each sampling period, panels aged on the south face (in the sun) exhibited less insecticidal activity (i.e., large LT50 values) than panels on the north face (shaded; small LT50 values). At each sampling period, Tempo 20WP provided smaller LT50 values than Dursban 50W. Because of changing dietary preferences, our data highlight the importance of using various bait types for carpenter ant control. Moreover, the application of residual spays should be made to locations protected from direct sunlight. PMID:11057723

  9. A new carpenter ant, Camponotus parabarbatus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae from India

    Himender Bharti


    Full Text Available A new species of carpenter ant, collected in the Shivalik range of Himalaya is described and illustrated based on the worker and gyne castes under the name Camponotus parabarbatus sp. n. Presence of dense, short setae on gena and ventral surface of head resembles it most to Camponotus barbatus Roger, 1863 distributed in Southeast Asia. A regional identification key of Camponotus species is provided from the Shivalik hills of Indian Himalaya.

  10. Aurora 7 the Mercury space flight of M. Scott Carpenter

    Burgess, Colin


    TO A NATION enthralled by the heroic exploits of the Mercury astronauts, the launch of Lt. Cmdr. Scott Carpenter on NASA’s second orbital space flight was a renewed cause for pride, jubilation and celebration. Within hours, that excitement had given way to stunned disbelief and anxiety as shaken broadcasters began preparing the American public for the very real possibility that an American astronaut and his spacecraft may have been lost at sea. In fact, it had been a very close call. Completely out of fuel and forced to manually guide Aurora 7 through the frightening inferno of re-entry, Carpenter brought the Mercury spacecraft down to a safe splashdown in the ocean. In doing so, he controversially overshot the intended landing zone. Despite his efforts, Carpenter’s performance on the MA-7 mission was later derided by powerful figures within NASA. He would never fly into space again. Taking temporary leave of NASA, Carpenter participated in the U.S. Navy’s pioneering Sealab program. For a record 30 days...

  11. Taking Care of Business: Walter Carpenter and the Management of American Enterprise.

    Cheape, Charles W.


    Evaluates the life and career of DuPont corporate executive, Walter Carpenter, and uses it to illustrate the rise of the managerial class. Neither owners nor entrepreneurs, managers like Carpenter used their intelligence and skill to reorganize and expand the companies the companies where they worked. (MJP)

  12. Did Georges de la Tour use optical projections while painting Christ in the Carpenter"s Studio?

    Stork, David G.


    Recently it has been theorized that some painters as early as 1420 used concave mirrors (and, later, converging lenses) to project real inverted images onto their supports which they then traced and painted over. We consider a specific painting adduced as evidence for this bold theory, the Lorainnese Baroque master Georges de la Tour"s Christ in the carpenter"s studio (1645). We perform analyses of the reflections and shadows -- "cast" shadows and "form" shadows -- to infer the source(s) of illumination. We find compelling evidence that this source is the candle flame depicted within the painting and held by Christ. We find it implausible that the source is direct solar illumination, which has the intensity demanded by the projection theory, or artificial illumination as hypothesized by theory proponents. Similar analyses of several other paintings by de la Tour uniformly support the conclusion that the illumination is small and artificial within the space of the tableau (i.e., a candle), not extremely powerful illumination from outside the tableau. We created a very simple computer graphics model to test and illustrate part of our conclusions. Our research is the first application of technical shadow analysis to the question whether artists as early as the 15th century used optical projections when painting. Careful reading of the historical record of de la Tour"s working methods supports our technical results and extend the growing image analytic methods and historical sources rebutting the theory.

  13. Audel carpenter's and builder's math, plans, and specifications

    Miller, Mark Richard


    You can count on a good planA successful building or remodeling job requires not only a plan, but also the skill to interpret it and an understanding of the mathematics behind it. Whether you are a builder by trade or a do-it-yourself carpenter by choice, turn to this newly updated guide for easy explanations of the math involved and clear instructions on developing and using the necessary plans and specifications.* Explore the different types of wood products and learn what is best for your purpose* Choose appropriate building materials for weather and other natural factors* Refresh your knowledge of fractions, ratios, geometry, and measurement* Understand how to use basic surveying tools* Become familiar with the design process and recognize various styles of architecture* Learn to read architectural drawings and work with computer design

  14. Nutritional upgrading for omnivorous carpenter ants by the endosymbiont Blochmannia

    Mueller Martin J


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Carpenter ants (genus Camponotus are considered to be omnivores. Nonetheless, the genome sequence of Blochmannia floridanus, the obligate intracellular endosymbiont of Camponotus floridanus, suggests a function in nutritional upgrading of host resources by the bacterium. Thus, the strongly reduced genome of the endosymbiont retains genes for all subunits of a functional urease, as well as those for biosynthetic pathways for all but one (arginine of the amino acids essential to the host. Results Nutritional upgrading by Blochmannia was tested in 90-day feeding experiments with brood-raising in worker-groups on chemically defined diets with and without essential amino acids and treated or not with antibiotics. Control groups were fed with cockroaches, honey water and Bhatkar agar. Worker-groups were provided with brood collected from the queenright mother-colonies (45 eggs and 45 first instar larvae each. Brood production did not differ significantly between groups of symbiotic workers on diets with and without essential amino acids. However, aposymbiotic worker groups raised significantly less brood on a diet lacking essential amino acids. Reduced brood production by aposymbiotic workers was compensated when those groups were provided with essential amino acids in their diet. Decrease of endosymbionts due to treatment with antibiotic was monitored by qRT-PCR and FISH after the 90-day experimental period. Urease function was confirmed by feeding experiments using 15N-labelled urea. GC-MS analysis of 15N-enrichment of free amino acids in workers revealed significant labelling of the non-essential amino acids alanine, glycine, aspartic acid, and glutamic acid, as well as of the essential amino acids methionine and phenylalanine. Conclusion Our results show that endosymbiotic Blochmannia nutritionally upgrade the diet of C. floridanus hosts to provide essential amino acids, and that it may also play a role in nitrogen recycling

  15. Falls in residential carpentry and drywall installation: findings from active injury surveillance with union carpenters.

    Lipscomb, Hester J; Dement, John M; Nolan, James; Patterson, Dennis; Li, Leiming; Cameron, Wilfred


    Active injury surveillance was conducted with a large, unionized workforce of residential and drywall carpenters over a 3-year period. Injured carpenters were interviewed by trained carpenter investigators and sites were visited where falls occurred. Qualitative information was collected on exposures, risk perception, training, and mentoring. Falls accounted for 20% of injuries. Same-level falls were often related to weather, carrying objects-sometimes with an obstructed view-housekeeping, terrain of the lot, and speed of work. Falls from height occurred from a variety of work surfaces and involved ladders, scaffolding, roofs, work on other unsecured surfaces, unprotected openings, speed, and weather conditions. Recognized fall protection strategies, such as guardrails, toe boards, tying off to appropriate anchors, and guarding openings, would have prevented many of these falls; these practices were not the norm on many sites. PMID:12915790

  16. Coming out in the archives: the Hall-Carpenter Archives at the London School of Economics

    Donnelly, Sue


    The archive and journal collections of the Hall-Carpenter Archives (HCA) have been housed at the LSE since 1988. The archive, named in honour of novelist Radclyffe Hall and socialist writer, Edward Carpenter, was founded in 1982 to document the development of gay activism in the UK since the publication of the Wolfenden Report in 1958. The archive operated as an independent archive based at the London Lesbian and Gay Centre for several years before being transferred to the Archives of the Lon...

  17. "Affection in Education": Edward Carpenter, John Addington Symonds and the Politics of Greek Love

    Quinn, Josephine Crawley; Brooke, Christopher


    The paper examines Edward Carpenter's 1899 essay on education that defended the value of powerful same-sex attachments, either between older and younger boys or between teachers and pupils, in the context of Victorian ideologies of same-sex affection. Linda Dowling has described how "a homosexual counterdiscourse able to justify male love in ideal…

  18. Physiology or psychic powers? William Carpenter and the debate over spiritualism in Victorian Britain.

    Delorme, Shannon


    This paper analyses the attitude of the British Physiologist William Benjamin Carpenter (1813-1885) to spiritualist claims and other alleged psychical phenomena in the second half of the Nineteenth Century. It argues that existing portraits of Carpenter as a critic of psychical studies need to be refined so as to include his curiosity about certain 'unexplained phenomena', as well as broadened so as to take into account his overarching epistemological approach in a context of theological and social fluidity within nineteenth-century British Unitarianism. Carpenter's hostility towards spiritualism has been well documented, but his interest in the possibility of thought-transference or his secret fascination with the medium Henry Slade have not been mentioned until now. This paper therefore highlights Carpenter's ambivalences and focuses on his conciliatory attitude towards a number of heterodoxies while suggesting that his Unitarian faith offers the keys to understanding his unflinching rationalism, his belief in the enduring power of mind, and his effort to resolve dualisms. PMID:25159318

  19. Reproductive biology of carpenter seabream (Argyrozona argyrozona) (Pisces: Sparidae) in a marine protected area

    Brouwer, Stephen L.; Griffiths, Marc H.


    The carpenter seabream (Argyrozona argyrozona) is an endemic South African sparid that comprises an important part of the handline fishery. A three-year study (1998−2000) into its reproductive biology within the Tsitsikamma National Park revealed that these fishes are serial spawning late gonochorists. The size at 50% maturity (L50) was estimated at 292 and 297 mm FL for both females and males, respectively. A likelihood ratio test revealed that there was no significant difference betwe...

  20. Occupational impact on body physique and health status: An anthropometric analysis of carpenters

    Ajitpal Singh


    Full Text Available Constant exposure of human body to any kind of work or profession brings remarkable changes in the body morphology and its physiology either in positive or negative outcomes. Present study has been conducted on a total of 200 adult male carpenters ranging in age from 30-40 years belonging to the different urban and rural areas of Punjab state. They were measured anthropometrically for gross body measurements, skinfolds, circumferences, segmental lengths and body breadths following the standardized techniques of Lohman et al.1988. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure was also recorded for each subject. Findings of the study indicate that carpenters show balanced type of somatotyping i.e. endo-mesoporphic type. Remarkable proportional development has been observed in the hand breadth and forearm length. Upper region of body carries more adipose tissue mass in comparison to the lower region and more development of muscle mass. Majority of the carpenters are found to be under normal grades of body mass index, waist hip ratio, blood pressure values and thus run the lower risk of developing CHDs and CVDs

  1. First Reported Case of Fatal Stinging by the Large Carpenter Bee Xylocopa tranquebarica.

    Kularatne, Senanayake A M; Raveendran, Sathasivam; Edirisinghe, Jayanthi; Karunaratne, Inoka; Weerakoon, Kosala


    In the order Hymenoptera, bees, hornets, and wasps are well-known stinging insects whose envenoming can be fatal. Their stinging attacks are common in rural and forested areas of Sri Lanka. However, fatal stinging by the large-bodied carpenter bees is unreported. We report the first known case of a fatal sting by the large carpenter bee, Xylocopa tranquebarica, in a forested area in Puttalam (North Western Province) in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. A 59-year-old healthy male manual laborer accompanied by a fellow worker had been fixing a fence on a coconut estate bordering a forested area when a flying insect emerged from a dead tree trunk and stung him on his face. His coworker, who was watching the incident, killed the insect. The victim complained of immediate intense pain in the face and collapsed on the ground just after resuming work after 10 minutes of resting. He was found dead on admission to the hospital 90 minutes later. Autopsy showed normal coronary arteries and heart, but the lungs were slightly congested and contained secretions in the bronchi. Acute anaphylaxis was the most likely cause of death. This case presents the habitat, morphology, attack pattern, and the medical importance of large carpenter bees. PMID:27061039

  2. Historical isolation of the Galapagos carpenter bee (Xylocopa darwini despite strong flight capability and ecological amplitude.

    Pablo Vargas

    Full Text Available Colonization across the Galápagos Islands by the carpenter bee (Xylocopa darwini was reconstructed based on distribution of mitochondrial haplotypes (cytochrome oxidase II (COII sequences and haplotype lineages. A total of 12 haplotypes were found in 118 individuals of X. darwini. Distributional, phylogenetic and phylogeographic analyses suggest early colonization of most islands followed by historical isolation in two main groups: eastern and central-western islands. Evidence of recurrent inter-island colonization of haplotypes is largely lacking, despite strong flight capability and ecological amplitude of the species. Recent palaeogeographic data suggest that several of the current islands were connected in the past and thus the isolation pattern may have been even more pronounced. A contrast analysis was also carried out on 10 animal groups of the Galápagos Islands, and on haplotype colonization of seven animal and plant species from several oceanic archipelagos (the Galápagos, Azores, Canary Islands. New colonization metrics on the number of potential vs. inferred colonization events revealed that the Galápagos carpenter bee shows one of the most significant examples of geographic isolation.

  3. Disentangling environmental and heritable nestmate recognition cues in a carpenter ant

    van Zweden, Jelle S; Dreier, Stephanie; d'Ettorre, Patrizia


    diagnostic power between colonies. The presence of a queen had little influence on nestmate discrimination abilities. Our results suggest that heritable cues of workers are the dominant factor influencing nestmate discrimination in these carpenter ants and highlight the importance of colony kin structure for...... variation in cuticular hydrocarbons, which can include heritable cues from the workers, as well as acquired cues from the environment or queen-derived cues. We tracked the profile of six colonies of the ant Camponotus aethiops for a year under homogeneous laboratory conditions. We performed chemical and...... behavioral analyses. We show that nestmate recognition was not impaired by constant environment, even though cuticular hydrocarbon profiles changed over time and were slightly converging among colonies. Linear hydrocarbons increased over time, especially in queenless colonies, but appeared to have weak...

  4. Hearing loss prevention for carpenters: Part 1 - Using health communication and health promotion models to develop training that works

    Carol Merry Stephenson; Stephenson, Mark R.


    In phase 1 of a large multiyear effort, health communication and health promotion models were used to develop a comprehensive hearing loss prevention training program for carpenters. Additionally, a survey was designed to be used as an evaluation instrument. The models informed an iterative research process in which the authors used key informant interviews, focus groups, and early versions of the survey tool to identify critical issues expected to be relevant to the success of the hearing lo...

  5. A New Species of Neotropical Carpenter Ant in the Genus Camponotus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae, Apparently without Major Workers

    William Mackay


    Full Text Available We describe a new species of carpenter ants from Ecuador, which apparently has an obligatory relationship with the ant plants Cecropia membranacea Trécul, C. herthae Diels and C. marginalis Cuatrec. The workers are relatively small and hairy, and based on a number of collections, it does not appear to have major workers. We compare the new species to Camponotus balzani, to which it appears to be similar and which has normal major workers, and also lives in Cecropia spp.

  6. Hearing loss prevention for carpenters: Part 1 - Using health communication and health promotion models to develop training that works

    Carol Merry Stephenson


    Full Text Available In phase 1 of a large multiyear effort, health communication and health promotion models were used to develop a comprehensive hearing loss prevention training program for carpenters. Additionally, a survey was designed to be used as an evaluation instrument. The models informed an iterative research process in which the authors used key informant interviews, focus groups, and early versions of the survey tool to identify critical issues expected to be relevant to the success of the hearing loss prevention training. Commonly held attitudes and beliefs associated with occupational noise exposure and hearing losses, as well as issues associated with the use or non-use of hearing protectors, were identified. The training program was then specifically constructed to positively shape attitudes, beliefs, and behavioral intentions associated with healthy hearing behaviors - especially those associated with appropriate hearing protector use. The goal was to directly address the key issues and overcome the barriers identified during the formative research phase. The survey was finalized using factor analysis methods and repeated pilot testing. It was designed to be used with the training as an evaluation tool and thus could indicate changes over time in attitudes, beliefs, and behavioral intentions regarding hearing loss prevention. Finally, the training program was fine tuned with industry participation so that its delivery would integrate seamlessly into the existing health and safety training provided to apprentice carpenters. In phase 2, reported elsewhere in this volume, the training program and the survey were tested through a demonstration project at two sites.

  7. RAB23 Mutations in Carpenter Syndrome Imply an Unexpected Role for Hedgehog Signaling in Cranial-Suture Development and Obesity

    Jenkins, Dagan ; Seelow, Dominik ; Jehee, Fernanda S. ; Perlyn, Chad A. ; Alonso, Luís G. ; Bueno, Daniela F. ; Donnai, Dian ; Josifiova, Dragana ; Mathijssen, Irene M. J. ; Morton, Jenny E. V. ; Ørstavik, Karen Helene ; Sweeney, Elizabeth ; Wall, Steven A. ; Marsh, Jeffrey L. ; Nürnberg, Peter ; Passos-Bueno, Maria Rita ; Wilkie, Andrew O. M. 


    Carpenter syndrome is a pleiotropic disorder with autosomal recessive inheritance, the cardinal features of which include craniosynostosis, polysyndactyly, obesity, and cardiac defects. Using homozygosity mapping, we found linkage to chromosome 6p12.1-q12 and, in 15 independent families, identified five different mutations (four truncating and one missense) in RAB23, which encodes a member of the RAB guanosine triphosphatase (GTPase) family of vesicle transport proteins and acts as a negative regulator of hedgehog (HH) signaling. In 10 patients, the disease was caused by homozygosity for the same nonsense mutation, L145X, that resides on a common haplotype, indicative of a founder effect in patients of northern European descent. Surprisingly, nonsense mutations of Rab23 in open brain mice cause recessive embryonic lethality with neural-tube defects, suggesting a species difference in the requirement for RAB23 during early development. The discovery of RAB23 mutations in patients with Carpenter syndrome implicates HH signaling in cranial-suture biogenesis—an unexpected finding, given that craniosynostosis is not usually associated with mutations of other HH-pathway components—and provides a new molecular target for studies of obesity. PMID:17503333

  8. Defining the minimal clinically important difference (MCID) of the Heinrichs-carpenter quality of life scale (QLS).

    Falissard, Bruno; Sapin, Christophe; Loze, Jean-Yves; Landsberg, Wally; Hansen, Karina


    To determine the Minimal Clinically Important Difference (MCID) of the Heinrichs-Carpenter Quality of Life Scale (QLS). Data from the "Schizophrenia Trial of Aripiprazole" (STAR) study were used in this analysis. The MCID value of the QLS total score was estimated using the anchor-based method. These findings were substantiated/validated by comparing the MCID estimate to other measurements collected in the study. Half of the patients (49%) showed improvement in Clinical Global Impressions of Severity (CGI-S) during the trial. The estimated MCID of the QLS total score was 5.30 (standard error: 2.60; 95% confidence interval: [0.16; 10.43]; p Interpersonal relations" and "Intrapsychic foundations" domains during the study. These findings support the value of the estimated MCID for the QLS and may be a useful tool in evaluating antipsychotic treatment effects and improving long-term patient outcomes in schizophrenia. Copyright © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. PMID:26238598

  9. Aggressive displacement of Xylocopa nigrita carpenter bees from flowers of Lagenaria sphaerica (Cucurbitaceae by territorial male Eastern Olive Sunbirds (Cyanomitra olivacea in Tanzania

    Jeff Ollerton


    Full Text Available Male Eastern Olive Sunbirds (Cyanomitra olivacea and Xylocopa nigrita carpenter bees in Tanzania both utilise the flowers of male plants of Lagenaria sphaerica (Cucurbitaceae as a source of nectar. The sunbirds set up territories defending this nectar resource. Observations of interactions between the sunbirds and the carpenter bees show that the bees are aggressively displaced from flowers when spotted by the birds. Only the bees can be considered as legitimate pollinators as the birds do not contact the anthers of the male flowers and were never seen visiting nectarless female flowers of Lagenaria sphaerica. Such territory defence may have implications for the frequency of movement and composition of pollen being transferred from male to female flowers which warrants further research.

  10. Aggressive displacement of Xylocopa nigrita carpenter bees from flowers of Lagenaria sphaerica (Cucurbitaceae) by territorial male Eastern Olive Sunbirds (Cyanomitra olivacea) in Tanzania

    Jeff Ollerton; Clive Nuttman


    Male Eastern Olive Sunbirds (Cyanomitra olivacea) and Xylocopa nigrita carpenter bees in Tanzania both utilise the flowers of male plants of Lagenaria sphaerica (Cucurbitaceae) as a source of nectar. The sunbirds set up territories defending this nectar resource. Observations of interactions between the sunbirds and the carpenter bees show that the bees are aggressively displaced from flowers when spotted by the birds. Only the bees can be considered as legitimate pollinators as the birds d...

  11. Analysis of Pregnancy Outcomes Using the New IADPSG Recommendation Compared with the Carpenter and Coustan Criteria in an Area with a Low Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes

    Katrien Benhalima; Myriam Hanssens; Roland Devlieger; Johan Verhaeghe; Chantal Mathieu


    Aims. This paper aims to evaluate characteristics and pregnancy outcomes in women prior classified normal by Carpenter and Coustan criteria (old criteria) and now gestational diabetes (GDM) by the IADPSG criteria. Methods. Retrospective analysis of 6727 pregnancies is used. Using the old criteria, 222 had GDM (old GDM). Using the IADPSG criteria, 382 had GDM of which 160 had a normal glucose tolerance with the old criteria (new GDM). We compared the new GDM group with the old GDM group and wo...

  12. Foraging ants trade off further for faster: use of natural bridges and trunk trail permanency in carpenter ants

    Loreto, Raquel G.; Hart, Adam G.; Pereira, Thairine M.; Freitas, Mayara L. R.; Hughes, David P.; Elliot, Simon L.


    Trail-making ants lay pheromones on the substrate to define paths between foraging areas and the nest. Combined with the chemistry of these pheromone trails and the physics of evaporation, trail-laying and trail-following behaviours provide ant colonies with the quickest routes to food. In relatively uniform environments, such as that provided in many laboratory studies of trail-making ants, the quickest route is also often the shortest route. Here, we show that carpenter ants ( Camponotus rufipes), in natural conditions, are able to make use of apparent obstacles in their environment to assist in finding the fastest routes to food. These ants make extensive use of fallen branches, twigs and lianas as bridges to build their trails. These bridges make trails significantly longer than their straight line equivalents across the forest floor, but we estimate that ants spend less than half the time to reach the same point, due to increased carriage speed across the bridges. We also found that these trails, mainly composed of bridges, are maintained for months, so they can be characterized as trunk trails. We suggest that pheromone-based foraging trail networks in field conditions are likely to be structured by a range of potentially complex factors but that even then, speed remains the most important consideration.

  13. Nesting biology of an Oriental carpenter bee, Xylocopa (Biluna nasalis Westwood, 1838, in Thailand (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Xylocopinae

    Watcharapong Hongjamrassilp


    Full Text Available The biological study of wild non-Apis bees can provide useful information that may help with the pollination of food crops and native plants in areas where the keeping of honey bee colonies is restricted or affected by CCD. Here, we describe the nesting biology of the Oriental large carpenter bee, Xylocopa (Biluna nasalis Westwood, 1838. An aggregation of more than 80+ bamboo nests of X. nasalis was discovered in Suan Pheung district, Ratch Buri province, Thailand on the 25th of May 2012. We collected 27 nests from the site to dissect, measure the external and internal nest architecture, and analyze the pollen composition of the pollen masses. X. nasalis constructs linear unbranched nests with nest entrance mostly located at the open-end of the bamboo culms. The nest length and the branch diameter of the nest entrance (excluding nesting edge are 25.40 ± 6.95 cm and 17.94 ± 6.00 mm, and the maximum number of provisioned cells is 8. A biased sex ratio of 8♀: 1♂ is reported, with up to 7 adults inhabiting in a single nest. 29 pollen types were identified from 14 pollen masses using an acetolysis method and visualization under both light microscope and scanning electron microscope. 13 pollen types were considered as major pollen sources (contribute ≥ 1% in total pollen volume; however, only 10 can be identified to family and generic levels. The dominant pollen sources are of the families Elaeagnaceae (Elaeagnus cf. latifolia, Euphorbiaceae (Croton, Fabaceae (Senna siamea and Cassia, Fagaceae (Lithocarpus and Castanopsis, and Lythraceae (Trapa which are mostly native to the region of Southeast Asia. The nesting architectural details should prove to be beneficial to beekeepers and researchers who are interested in trapping and studying X. nasalis, and the polylectic behavior of X. nasalis can be highly valuable for future crop pollination strategies, particularly for plants that require sonication of their poricidal anthers.

  14. Improving Job Site Skills Project. Preliminary Report. Local 343 United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America & Construction Labour Relations Association of Manitoba. Northern Industrial Job Site Visit Report. Environmental Improvement Project, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting, Flin Flon, Manitoba.

    McKeag, Janis; Todd, Laurie

    The Environmental Improvement Project at Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting in Flin Flon, Manitoba, presented a unique opportunity for field observation and assessment. Field observation of the approximately 70 carpenters employed with various companies provided information on the types of communication used and the circumstances in which the…

  15. An Exploratory Study to Analyze New Skill Content in Selected Occupations in Michigan and the Mechanism for its Translation into Vocational Education Curricula: Section Report on Construction Electrician, Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Operator, and Construction Carpenter.

    Battelle Memorial Inst., Columbus, OH. Columbus Labs.

    The report is one of a series which supplements overall report "Exploratory Study to Analyze New Skill Content in Selected Occupations in Michigan and the Mechanism for its Translation into Vocational Education Curricula". It presents detailed task analyses and results of employer skill requirements for construction carpenter, construction…

  16. Ocorrência de perda auditiva induzida pelo ruído em carpinteiros Occurrence of noise induced hearing loss in carpenters

    Victor Hygor Veríssimo Farias


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: investigar a ocorrência de perda auditiva induzida pelo ruído (PAIR em carpinteiros, caracterizando a perda auditiva por faixa etária, tempo de exposição total ao ruído e uso regular de protetores auditivos durante o tempo total de exposição. MÉTODO: estudo retrospectivo, descritivo, em uma população de 80 carpinteiros da construção civil, atendidos em uma clínica particular. Foram analisados 60 trabalhadores, conforme dados obtidos na anamnese e ficha do exame audiométrico. RESULTADOS: 49% dos trabalhadores apresentaram audição normal, sendo 58% com limiares auditivos normais bilateralmente e 35% com entalhe audiométrico em 3 kHz, 4 kHz e/ou 6 kHz. 44% apresentaram perfil audiométrico sugestivo de PAIR, destes 74% foram classificados como PAIR bilateral e 19% como PAIR unilateral. Houve diferença estatística significante entre os grupo PAIR e Normal em relação às variáveis idade (p=0,001, assim como o tempo total de exposição ao ruído ocupacional (p=0,002. CONCLUSÃO: quanto maior a idade e o tempo de profissão como carpinteiro, maior é a sua alteração auditiva, principalmente, devido à exposição ao ruído elevado durante a jornada de trabalho, sendo também constatado que as medidas de controle pelo uso do protetor são insuficientes para prevenir perdas auditivas. Portanto, sugerem-se medidas preventivas em saúde auditiva ativamente nessa população estudada, no ramo da construção civil.PURPOSE: to investigate the occurrence of noise induced hearing loss in carpenters, characterizing the hearing loss for age group, time of total exposure to noise and regular use of hearing protectors during the total exposure time. METHOD: retrospective and descriptive study in a population of 80 construction carpenters, attended at a private clinic. 60 workers were analyzed, as data on medical history and record of audiometric testing. RESULTS: 49% of the workers shoed normal hearing, being 58% with normal

  17. Analysis of Pregnancy Outcomes Using the New IADPSG Recommendation Compared with the Carpenter and Coustan Criteria in an Area with a Low Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes

    Katrien Benhalima


    Full Text Available Aims. This paper aims to evaluate characteristics and pregnancy outcomes in women prior classified normal by Carpenter and Coustan criteria (old criteria and now gestational diabetes (GDM by the IADPSG criteria. Methods. Retrospective analysis of 6727 pregnancies is used. Using the old criteria, 222 had GDM (old GDM. Using the IADPSG criteria, 382 had GDM of which 160 had a normal glucose tolerance with the old criteria (new GDM. We compared the new GDM group with the old GDM group and women with normal glucose tolerance with both criteria (NGT group, 6345. Results. New GDM women were younger (31.6 ± 4.7 versus 33.3 ± 7.2 years, than old GDM women. Caesarean section was performed in 30.5% of new GDM, in 32.4% of old GDM (, and in 23.3% of NGT women (. Large for gestational age occurred in 10.8% of new GDM, in 13.8% of old GDM (, and in 9.0% of NGT women (. Shoulder dystocia occurred in 3.9% of new GDM, in 3.2% of old GDM (, and in 1.4% of NGT women (. Conclusion. Using the IADPSG criteria, more women are identified as having GDM, and these women carry an increased risk for adverse gestational outcome compared to women without GDM.

  18. The Effects of Flexible Vegetation on Forces with a Keulegan-Carpenter Number in Relation to Structures Due to Long Waves

    Noarayanan Lakshmanan; Murali Kantharaj; Vallam Sundar


    Extreme coastal events require careful prediction of wave forces.Recent tsunamis have resulted in extensive damage of coastal structures.Such scenarios are the result of the action of long waves on structures.In this paper,the efficiency of vegetation as a buffer system in attenuating the incident ocean waves was studied through a well controlled experimental program.The study focused on the measurement of forces resulting from cnoidal waves on a model building mounted over a slope in the presence and absence of vegetation.The vegetative parameters,along with the width of the green belt,its position from the reference line,the diameter of the individual stems as well as the spacing between them,and their rigidity are varied so as to obtain a holistic view of the wave-vegetation interaction problem.The effect of vegetation on variations of dimensional forces with a Keulegan-Carpenter number (KC) was discussed in this paper.It has been shown that when vegetal patches are present in front of structure,the forces could be limited to within F*≤1,by a percentile of 92%,90%,55%,and 96%,respectively for gap ratios of 0.0,0.5,1.0,and 1.5.The force is at its maximum for the gap ratio of 1.0 and beyond which the forces start to diminish.

  19. Image analysis of paintings by computer graphics synthesis: an investigation of the illumination in Georges de la Tour's Christ in the carpenter's studio

    Stork, David G.; Furuichi, Yasuo


    Computer graphics models of tableaus in paintings provide a principled and controlled method for exploring alternate explanations of artists' praxis. We illustrate the power of computer graphics by testing the recent claim that Georges de la Tour secretly built an optical projector to execute Christ in the carpenter's studio, specifically that he traced projected images in two "exposures," with the illuminant in a different position in each. The theory's originator adduces as evidence his informal impressions that the shadows and highlights in the depicted image imply that the illuminant is in positions other than that of the depicted candle. We tested this projection claim by creating a computer graphics model of the tableau and adjusting the location of the model's illuminants so as to reproduce as closely as possible the pattern of shadows and highlights in the depicted scene. We found that for one "exposure" the model illuminant was quite close to the depicted candle, rather than in the position demanded by the projection theory. We found that for the other "exposure" no single illuminant location explained all highlights perfectly but the evidence was most consistent with the illuminant being in the location of the candle. Our simulation evidence therefore argues against the projection theory for this painting, a conclusion that comports with those from earlier studies of this and other paintings by de la Tour. We conclude with general lessons and suggestions on the use of computer graphics in the study of two-dimensional visual art.

  20. Hidden diversity behind the zombie-ant fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis: four new species described from carpenter ants in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

    Harry C Evans

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (Clavicipitaceae: Hypocreales is a fungal pathogen specific to ants of the tribe Camponotini (Formicinae: Formicidae with a pantropical distribution. This so-called zombie or brain-manipulating fungus alters the behaviour of the ant host, causing it to die in an exposed position, typically clinging onto and biting into the adaxial surface of shrub leaves. We (HCE and DPH are currently undertaking a worldwide survey to assess the taxonomy and ecology of this highly variable species. METHODS: We formally describe and name four new species belonging to the O. unilateralis species complex collected from remnant Atlantic rainforest in the south-eastern region (Zona da Mata of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Fully illustrated descriptions of both the asexual (anamorph and sexual (teleomorph stages are provided for each species. The new names are registered in Index Fungorum ( and have received IF numbers. This paper is also a test case for the electronic publication of new names in mycology. CONCLUSIONS: We are only just beginning to understand the taxonomy and ecology of the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis species complex associated with carpenter ants; macroscopically characterised by a single stalk arising from the dorsal neck region of the ant host on which the anamorph occupies the terminal region and the teleomorph occurs as lateral cushions or plates. Each of the four ant species collected--Camponotus rufipes, C. balzani, C. melanoticus and C. novogranadensis--is attacked by a distinct species of Ophiocordyceps readily separated using traditional micromorphology. The new taxa are named according to their ant host.

  1. Genetics Home Reference: Carpenter syndrome

    ... two sides of the head and face (craniofacial asymmetry). Early fusion of the skull bones can affect ... is often required for an accurate diagnosis. Related Information What does it mean if a disorder seems ...

  2. Raise High the Cardboard, Carpenters!

    Raskin, Bruce


    Describes how a teacher can, with a minimum of dollars and effort, learn to build almost anything they want for their classrooms with Tri-Wall cardboard. The article includes diagrams and tips for cardboard carpentry.

  3. Gensyn med Singh og Carpenter

    Skovgaard-Petersen, Henrik


    citizens. It is noted that the Court has clarified several aspects of the substantive scope of the doctrines; yet further clarification will be needed. The judgments confirm the resilience of the "purely internal" doctrine; however, the field remains a complex one owing to the incremental case law...

  4. The Attention to Principles of Mental Life from a Writer--The focus on The Blacksmith and the Carpenter by Sunli%文学家对个体生存心理原则的关注方式与评判--以孙犁《铁木前传》为中心的探讨



    There are two basical principles in mental life according to Sigmund Freud. They are pleasure principle and reality principle , which affect individual subsistence. The Blacksmith and the Carpenter by Sunli shows people’ s different situations because of their choices in the two psychological principles. The narrator in the novel is ambiguous which choice is correct or better through the writings about girls and childhood.%弗洛伊德提出个体心理过程服从两种基本倾向:快乐原则与现实原则。两种原则存在于个体的生存结构中,决定着生命的方向和生存的方式。孙犁的《铁木前传》展示了服从不同心理原则的个体的生存境遇。关于女性和童年的叙述中隐匿着叙述者关于生存原则选择的含混价值观和矛盾的情感态度,而这似乎是人类之于由生存原则选择引发的生存困境的典型立场之一。

  5. Rotermanni laudsepatöökoda = Rotermann carpenter's workshop / Margit Mutso

    Mutso, Margit, 1966-


    Tallinnas Roseni 7 asuva laudsepatöökoja kaasajastamisest. Arhitektid: Andrus Kõresaar, Raivo Kotov (KOKO Arhitektid). Žürii liikme Kalle Komissarovi hinnang kultuurkapitali aastapreemiale esitatud hoonele. Laudsepatöökoda esitati Mies van der Rohe arhitektuuripreemia kandidaadiks ja žürii valis selle oma valiknäitusele

  6. Alteration of cuticular hydrocarbon composition affects heterospecific nestmate recognition in the carpenter ant Camponotus fellah

    Nestmate recognition is a ubiquitous phenomenon in social insects as a means to prevent entry of undesired individuals aiming at exploiting the rich nest resources. The recognition cues in ants were shown in a few cases to be cuticular hydrocarbons, although there are a quite number of correlated as...

  7. Basic Hand Tools for Bricklaying and Cement Masonry [and] Basic Hand Tools of the Carpenter.

    Texas A and M Univ., College Station. Vocational Instructional Services.

    Intended for student use, this unit discusses and illustrates the tools used in brick and masonry and carpentry. Contents of the brick and masonry section include informative materials on bricklaying tools (brick trowels, joint tools, levels, squares, line and accessories, rules, hammers and chisels, tool kits) and cement masonry tools (tampers,…

  8. Historic Roof Timber Structures of Prague Carpenter Michael Ranek - Aspects of Their Structural Design

    Bláha, Jiří; Ebel, M.

    Vol. 1. Florence : Collegio degli ingegneri della Toscana, 2005 - (Tampone, G.). s. 193-205 ISBN N. [Conservation of historic wooden structures. 22.02.2005-27.02.2005, Florence] R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GP103/05/P305; GA MŠk(CZ) ME 660 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z20710524 Keywords : timber roofs * carpentry * Michael Ranek * architecture * built heritage Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  9. Molecular phylogeny of Indo-Pacific carpenter ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae, Camponotus) reveals waves of dispersal and colonization from diverse source areas

    Clouse, R. M.; Janda, Milan; Blanchard, B.; Sharma, P.; Hoffmann, B. D.; Andersen, A. N.; Czekanski-Moir, J. E.; Krushelnycky, P.; Rabeling, C.; Wilson, E. O.; Economo, E. P.; Sarnat, E. M.; General, D. M.; Alpert, G. D.; Wheeler, W. C.


    Roč. 31, č. 4 (2015), s. 424-437. ISSN 0748-3007 R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP505/12/2467 Grant ostatní: Marie Curie Felloswhip(CZ) PIOFGA2009-25448 Institutional support: RVO:60077344 Keywords : Hymenoptera * Camponotus * molecular phylogeny Subject RIV: EB - Genetics ; Molecular Biology Impact factor: 6.217, year: 2014

  10. Occurrence of sea spider Endeis mollis Carpenter (Arthropoda: Pycnogonida on the test panels submerged in Gulf of Mannar, southeast coast of India

    S. Satheesh


    Full Text Available Sea spiders (Pycnogonids are exclusively marine arthropods with worldwide distribution. Pycnogonida remains one of the poorly investigated groups encountered in fouling communities. In the present study, distribution pycnogonid species Endeis mollis associated with the fouling community developed on test panels submerged at Kudankulam coast, Gulf of Mannar was studied for a period of two years. Throughout the period of investigation, Endeis mollis was observed on the test panels. A maximum of 55 individuals per square dm was observed during pre-monsoon season and a minimum of 9 individuals per square dm during monsoon season. Results of this study on seasonal distribution are of considerable interest because so little has been documented on the ecology of Pycnogonids in India.

  11. Carpenter, Tractors and Microbes for the Development of Logical-Mathematical Thinking--The Way 10th Graders and Pre-Service Teachers Solve Thinking Challenges

    Gazit, Avikam


    The objective of this case study was to investigate the ability of 10th graders and pre-service teachers to solve logical-mathematical thinking challenges. The challenges do not require mathematical knowledge beyond that of primary school but rather an informed use of the problem representation. The percentage of correct answers given by the 10th…

  12. Interactions between carpenter bees and orchid bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae in flowers of Bertholletia excelsa Bonpl. (Lecythidaceae Interações entre abelhas carpinteiras e abelhas das orquídeas (Hymenoptera: Apidae em flores de Bertholletia excelsa Bonpl. (Lecythidaceae

    Charles Fernando dos Santos


    Full Text Available Competition between two species of bees for the same type of floral resource may generate antagonistic behavior between them, especially in cultivated areas where food resources are limited, seasonally and locally. In this study, was tested the hypothesis of antagonism between two solitary bee species of the family Apidae, Eulaema mocsaryi (Euglossini and Xylocopa frontalis (Xylocopini, visiting the Brazil nut flowers (Bertholletia excelsa: Lecythidaceae in a central Amazonia agricultural area. The visitation time was analyzed to detect the possible temporal overlap in the foraging of these bees. Furthermore, was analyzed their interspecific interactions for manipulating flower species visited by an opponent species, as well as attempts to attack this opponent. The individuals of Xylocopa frontalis visited the Brazil nut flowers before Eulaema mocsaryi, although the peak visitation of both did not presented significant differences. Neither of the species manipulated flowers recently visited by opponent species, and there were practically no antagonistic interactions between them. Thus, X. frontalis and E. mocsaryi shared the same food source in the flowers of B. excelsa due to differences in their time of visits and non-aggressive way of interacting with the opponent. This result has important implications for pollinating the Brazil nut, and a possible management of X. frontalis and E. mocsaryi, since these two were the most abundant pollinators in the studied locality.A competição entre duas espécies de abelhas por um mesmo tipo de recurso floral pode gerar comportamentos antagônicos entre elas, principalmente, dentro de áreas cultivadas, onde o recurso alimentar é limitado sazonalmente e localmente. No presente trabalho, foi testada a hipótese de antagonismo entre duas espécies de abelhas solitárias da família Apidae, Eulaema mocsaryi (Euglossini e Xylocopa frontalis (Xylocopini em flores da castanheira do Brasil (Bertholletia excelsa: Lecythidaceae em uma área agrícola da Amazônia Central. O horário de visitação foi analisado a fim de se constatar a possível sobreposição temporal no forrageamento dessas abelhas. Além disso, suas interações interespecíficas de manipular flores visitadas pela espécie oponente ou tentar agredir essa espécie foram analisadas. Os indivíduos de Xylocopa frontalis visitaram as flores da castanheira antes que E. mocsaryi, embora o pico de visitação de ambas não tenha apresentado diferenças significativas. Nenhuma das duas espécies de abelhas manipulou flores recém-visitadas pela espécie oponente e praticamente não houve interações antagônicas entre elas. Desse modo, X. frontalis e E. mocsaryi compartilham a mesma fonte alimentar nas flores de B. excelsa devido às diferenças em seus horários de visitas e ao modo não agressivo de interagir com a espécie oponente. Esse resultado tem implicações importantes para a polinização da castanheira e um possível manejo de X. frontalis e E. mocsaryi, uma vez que essas duas espécies de abelhas foram os polinizadores mais abundantes na localidade estudada.

  13. Investigation and analysis of noise-induced hearing impairment of carpenter in wood furniture industry%木质家具企业噪声对木工听力损害状况的调查分析

    杨飞; 刘忠; 周意


    目的:探讨木质家具企业噪声对木工的听力损害状况,为制定职业危害防护规范提供依据。方法实地测定12个家具厂的每个岗位的噪声声压级,选择633名噪声环境作业工人为调查组,同时选择140名无噪声环境工作人员为对照组,排除非噪声性听力损失者。调查研究对象的健康状况,进行纯音听阈测试,收集其职业健康检查资料,按其不同工龄和年龄进行分组比较分析。结果测定132个作业岗位的噪声声压级,其中合格率为49.24%(65/132),噪声声压级超标的作业点主要集中在电锯、刨床、钻床等工作岗位。调查组中,排除37名非噪声性听力损失者,排除251名非噪声环境作业工人,其余345名噪声作业人员中,听力损失首先发生在高频段,继而语频段受累。轻度高频听力损失93名(26.96%),噪声岗位观察对象18名(5.22%),轻度噪声性听力损失2名(0.58%),中度噪声性听力损失1名(0.29%);对照组中,轻度高频听力损失11名(7.86%),噪声岗位观察对象4名(2.86%)。调查组轻度高频听力损失及噪声岗位观察对象的检出率均明显高于对照组(P<0.05);调查组中不同年龄、工龄以及工种间听力损失检出率差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论噪声作业人员高频听力损失发生率明显高于非噪声接触者。随着作业人员的年龄、工龄增长以及接触噪声声压级的提高,噪声性听力损失逐渐加重,应结合岗位进行重点防护。%Objective To explore the status of hearing impairment caused by noise in wood furniture indus-try, and to provide the basis for protection against occupational hazards to develop specifications. Methods The workplace noise intensity in various positions of 12 furniture factories was measured. A total of 633 workers exposed to noise environment were selected for the investigation group, and 140 workers in noiseless environment were select-ed as the control group, excluding the non-noise-induced hearing loss and un-noisy environment workers. The health status and pure tone audiometry of workers were examined, and information on occupational health checks was col-lected. A comparative analysis between the different length of service and age group was conducted. Results Noise intensity of 132 job positions was measured, and the qualified rate was 49.24%(65/132). The operating point of exces-sive noise intensity focused on saws, planer, drill press, sanding, and painting. Thirty-seven workers with non-noise-in-duced hearing loss and 251 un-noisy environment workers were excluded in investigation group, and the remaining 345 workers were included. The hearing loss occurred in the high frequency band firstly, then language band involve-ment. In the investigation group, there were 93 workers of mild high-frequency hearing loss (26.96%), 18 workers as noise observed objects (5.22%), 2 workers of mild noise-induced hearing loss (0.58%), and 1 worker of moderate noise-induced hearing loss (0.29%). In the control group, there were 11 workers of mild high-frequency hearing loss (7.86%), 4 workers as noise observed objects (2.86%). The detection rates of mild high-frequency hearing loss and noise observed objects in investigation group were significantly higher than those in the control group (P<0.05). The detection rate of hearing loss showed statistically significant differences in different ages, length of service and profes-sion (P<0.05). Conclusion The high-frequency hearing loss in noise exposed workers is significantly higher than those of non-noise exposed workers. The noise-induced hearing loss is increased gradually with age, length of service, and the strength of noise exposure. The focused protection should be combined with occupation.

  14. Ninhos racionais para mamangava (Xylocopa frontalis) na polinização do maracujá-amarelo (Passiflora edulis) Rational nesting box to carpenter bees (Xylocopa frontalis) in the pollination of passionfruit (Passiflora edulis)

    Breno Magalhães Freitas; José Hugo de Oliveira Filho


    O Brasil é o maior produtor mundial de maracujá-amarelo (Passiflora edulis), porém apresenta baixas produtividades devido à carência de polinizadores naturais, como as abelhas mamangavas (Xylocopa spp.), nas áreas cultivadas. O presente trabalho investigou o uso, em cultivos de maracujá, de um modelo de ninho racional para mamangavas sugerido por FREITAS & OLIVEIRA FILHO (2001). Os resultados mostraram que a presença dos ninhos racionais povoados na área estudada propiciaram aumentos da ordem...

  15. 雌雄木蜂对活血丹盗蜜的行为差异及原因%Preliminary Study of the Causes and Pattern of Behavioural Differences Between Male and Female Carpenter Bees (Xylocopa sinensis) during Nectar Robbing in Glechoma longituba (Lamiaceae)

    张彦文; 郭友好


    通过近三年的野外观察和实验揭示了活血丹的盗蜜者为中华木蜂.但其雌雄个体具有不同的访花特性和影响.雄蜂的体形稍小,访花频率是雌蜂的4倍,单花访问时间较雌蜂短(2.18 s/7.48 s),但在一个居群的单次访花数却是雌蜂的5倍(42.48/8.81),对被盗蜜花的损伤也较雌蜂低;在开放条件下,被雌雄木蜂访问过的花的座果率有明显差异(34.72%/73.59%).结果表明,体形大小的差异可能是活血丹的花冠管长度、硬度及单花产蜜量仅能适应雄蜂的盗蜜,不适应雌蜂盗蜜的主要原因,对食物资源的合理利用可能导致了中华木蜂雌雄个体在对活血丹的取食行为上发生了分化,并对其花部进化施加了不同的选择压力.

  16. The Quest for Item Types Based on Information Processing: An Analysis of Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices, with a Consideration of Gender Differences

    Vigneau, Francois; Bors, Douglas A.


    Various taxonomies of Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) items have been proposed in the literature to account for performance on the test. In the present article, three such taxonomies based on information processing, namely Carpenter, Just and Shell's [Carpenter, P.A., Just, M.A., & Shell, P., (1990). What one intelligence test…


    At the flowers of rabbiteye blueberry, honeybees probe for nectar from robbery slits previously made by male carpenter bees. This relationship between primary nectar robbers (carpenter bees) and facultative nectar thieves (honeybees) is seemingly unfavorable for blueberry pollination. We designed tw...

  18. Male-mediated infertility in sons of building painters and gardeners

    Ramlau-Hansen, Cecilia; Stoltenberg, Christian Ditlev G; Hougaard, K S;


    To investigate whether sons of gardeners and building painters have increased risk of infertility in comparison with sons of bricklayers, carpenters and electricians.......To investigate whether sons of gardeners and building painters have increased risk of infertility in comparison with sons of bricklayers, carpenters and electricians....

  19. Master of the Modern Horror Film... og mere til

    Toft-Nielsen, Claus

    Vi anmelder denne gang antologien The Cinema of John Carpenter - The Technique of Terror, hvor instruktøren John Carpenter vurderes og analyseres fra en række forskellige vinkler. Antologien kommer vidt omkring men formår ikke for alvor at nuancere billedet af den alsidige og produktive amerikaner....

  20. Phylogeny of Protopolybia Ducke, 1905 and taxonomic revision of the Protopolybia exigua species-group (Hymenoptera: Vespidae, Polistinae), with description of four new species.

    Dos Santos Junior, José N A; Silveira, Orlando T; Carpenter, James M


    A first phylogenetic hypothesis is proposed for Protopolybia Ducke, 1905 based on cladistic analysis of 31 species. New evidence in support of monophyly of the genus is presented. A revision of the Protopolybia exigua species-group is also presented. Protopolybia diligens (Smith, 1857), stat. resurr. is revalidated. Four new species are described: P. collombiana Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, sp. nov., P. clypeata Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, sp. nov., P. similis Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, sp. nov., and P. potiguara Santos, Silveira & Carpenter, sp. nov. Protopolybia holoxantha (Ducke, 1904) and P. rubrithorax Bequaert, 1944 are redescribed. New synonymy is proposed for P. bituberculata Silveira & Carpenter, 1995 =Polybia nana Cameron, 1912 (nom. praeocc., nec de Saussure 1863), syn. nov. New records and description of the male genitalia are provided for some of the species of the P. exigua species-group. PMID:26248912

  1. 75 FR 34179 - Prohibited Transaction Exemptions: Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc. and Its Current and Future...


    ... York Mellon Corp.; Boston Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Fund; Correction AGENCY: Employee... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employee... administrative exemptions from the prohibited transaction provisions of the Employee Retirement Income...

  2. Sissejuhatus sõnavõlur Tolkieni juurde / Neeme Korv

    Korv, Neeme, 1974-


    Carpenter, Humphrey. J. R. R. Tolkien : elulugu / inglise keelest tõlkinud Tiina Randus.Tallinn : Tänapäev, 2002 ; Day, David. Tolkieni entsüklopeedia / inglise keelest tõlkinud Marek Laane. Tallinn : Varrak, 2002

  3. Achelia shepherdi n. sp. and other Pycnogonida from Australia

    Stock, Jan H.


    Records of 10 species of shallow water Pycnogonida from Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales, including Achelia shepherdi n. sp., Parapallene avida Stock, 1973 (♀ new to science), and Anoplodactylus pulcher Carpenter, 1907 (new to Australia).

  4. 78 FR 20332 - Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations


    ... Bloomfield, NM North 1st Street, 87413. Aztec, NM 87413. San Juan Unincorporated Mr. Kim Carpenter, San Juan... Oliver Drive, Oliver Drive, Aztec, NM 87410. Aztec, NM 87410. New York: Nassau Town of Hempstead...

  5. Bell Numbers, Determinants and Series

    P K Saikia; Deepak Subedi


    In this article, we study Bell numbers and Uppuluri Carpenter numbers. We obtain various expressions and relations between them. These include polynomial recurrences and expressions as determinants of certain matrices of binomial coefficients.

  6. Nuevas adiciones de bivalvos a la malacofauna marina peruana

    Carlos Paredes


    Full Text Available Cuatro especies de moluscos bivalvos marinos, Nuculana (Jupiteria cuneata (Sowerby, 1833, Isognomon (Isognomón janus Carpenter, 1857, Ostrea conchaphila Carpenter, 1857 y Mysella (Rochefortia molinae Ramorino, 1968 se reportan por primera vez para el mar peruano. Se incluye datos sobre la distribución geográfica y el hábitat de cada una de las especies.

  7. Två metoder av finutsättning och dess noggrannheter

    Lans, Gustav; Jonas, Skogfält


    This report describes a study of two different methods to achive the best possible result in setting out apartment details. These two methods are the setting out of details with a measuring tape from baselines and the setting out procedure with an instrument (totalstation).Through our knowledge in surveying and mapping technology and help from a carpenter, this investigation has been implemented. The setting out using a tape has been performed by letting the carpenter to set out windows, bath...

  8. The Benefits and Limitations of Distributing a Tangible Interface in a Classroom

    Cuendet, Sébastien; Dillenbourg, Pierre


    We report the design and testing of TapaCarp, a CSCL environment for carpenter apprentices. From the start, we designed TapaCarp for a classroom usage. This led to an interface distributed over several components and modalities. A first user study conducted in a classroom environment and involving 24 carpenter apprentices produced mixed conclusions about the distribution of the interface. On one hand, it proved suitable in terms of classroom integration and flexibility. On the other hand, it ...

  9. Work-related injuries in residential and drywall carpentry.

    Lipscomb, Hester J; Dement, John M; Li, Leiming; Nolan, James; Patterson, Dennis


    Findings are reported on the first two years of an active injury surveillance project designed to test the utility of active injury investigations in identifying causes of injury among a large cohort of carpenters who did residential building and drywall installation. Occupational Safety and Health Administration recordable injuries were reported by participating contractors. Injured union carpenters were interviewed by experienced journeymen trained in a standard questionnaire protocol. Enumeration of workers and hours worked were provided by the union. These data allowed the definition of a dynamic cohort of 4429 carpenters, their hours worked, detailed information on the circumstances surrounding recordable injuries, and possible preventive measures from the perspectives of the injured worker and an experienced journeyman investigator. The overall estimated injury rate (16.9 per 200,000 hours worked) was considerably higher than recent Bureau of Labor Statistics rates despite less than complete ascertainment of injuries. Injuries most commonly involved being struck by or against something, manual materials handling injuries, and falls. Manual materials handling injuries often involved very heavy objects or tasks and were injuries carpenters most often reported needs for adequate help and coordinated team work to prevent. Falls from heights occurred from a variety of surfaces and were not just injuries of inexperience. Carpenters reported the need for more attention to common fall protection practices, such as the use of more toe boards and guardrails. Poor housekeeping was involved in the majority of same level falls, as well as some manual materials handling injuries. PMID:12746070

  10. CRADA No. NFE-10-02715 Assessment of AFA Stainless Steels for Tube Products in Chemical Processing and Energy Production Applications

    Brady, Michael P [ORNL; Yamamoto, Yukinori [ORNL; Epler, Mario [Carpenter Technology Corporation; Magee, John H [Carpenter Technology Corporation


    Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Carpenter Technology Corporation (Carpenter) participated in an in-kind cost share cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) effort under the auspices of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Technology Maturation Program to assess material properties of several potential AFA family grades and explore the feasibility of producing alumina-forming austenitic (AFA) stainless steels in tubular form needed for many power generation and chemical process applications. Carpenter's Research Laboratory successfully vacuum melted 30 lb heats of seven candidate AFA alloy compositions representing a wide range of alloy content and intended application temperatures. These compositions were evaluated by ORNL and Carpenter R&D for microstructure, tensile properties, creep properties, and oxidation resistance. In parallel, additional work was directed toward an initial tube manufacture demonstration of a baseline AFA alloy. Carpenter successfully manufactured a 10,000 lb production heat and delivered appropriate billets to a partner for extrusion evaluation. Tube product was successfully manufactured from the baseline AFA alloy, indicating good potential for commercially produced AFA tubular form material.

  11. [Chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) from El Salvador, Central America].

    García-Ríos, Cedar I; Alvarez-Ruiz, Migdalia; Barraza, José E; Rivera, Ana M; Hasbún, Carlos R


    Collections of 11 species of shallow water Polyplacophora from El Salvador were made in July 2002. Previously only five species had been documented in El Salvador: Chaetopleura lurida (Sowerby, 1832); Ischnochiton guatemalensis (Thiele, 1910); Ceratozona angusta (Thiele, 1909); Chiton stokesii (Broderip, 1832) and Acantochitona exquisita (Pilsbry, 1893). Of these, L. guatemalensis and A. exquisita were not collected in this census. Seven other species are reported here for El Salvador for the first time: Lepidochitona beanii (Carpenter, 1857); Ischnochiton dispar (Sowerby, 1832); Stenoplax limaciformis (Sowerby, 1832); Callistochiton expressus (Carpenter, 1865); Acanthochitona arragonites (Carpenter, 1867); A. ferreirai (Lyons, 1988) and A. hirudiniformis (Sowerby, 1832). The known geographic distribution of 1. dispar is extended to the north. An un-named species of Lepidochitona is briefly described. PMID:18457124

  12. A Summary of the Rendezvous, Proximity Operations, Docking, and Undocking (RPODU) Lessons Learned from the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) Orbital Express (OE) Demonstration System Mission

    Dennehy, Cornelius J.; Carpenter, James R.


    The Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) Technical Discipline Team (TDT) sponsored Dr. J. Russell Carpenter, a Navigation and Rendezvous Subject Matter Expert (SME) from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), to provide support to the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) Orbital Express (OE) rendezvous and docking flight test that was conducted in 2007. When that DARPA OE mission was completed, Mr. Neil Dennehy, NASA Technical Fellow for GN&C, requested Dr. Carpenter document his findings (lessons learned) and recommendations for future rendezvous missions resulting from his OE support experience. This report captures lessons specifically from anomalies that occurred during one of OE's unmated operations.

  13. Unusual suicide by electric saw: A case report

    M. Zribi


    Full Text Available Suicide by power saws (bland, chain, circular or router saw are an extreme exception. A few case reports are published in forensic literature regarding it. We report the case of a 30-year-old carpenter found dead lying on the floor next to a router saw in his carpenter workshop, with two gaping and deep wounds in his head. We summarize the findings of the death scene examination, the forensic autopsy, and the world literature concerning suicide committed with power saws.

  14. New species without dead bodies: a case for photo-based descriptions, illustrated by a striking new species of Marleyimyia Hesse (Diptera, Bombyliidae) from South Africa.

    Marshall, Stephen A; Evenhuis, Neal L


    A new bombyliid species Marleyimyia xylocopae Marshall & Evenhuis, sp. n., an apparent mimic of the carpenter bee Xylocopa flavicollis (De Geer), is described from South Africa on the basis of photographs only. The pros and cons of species descriptions in the absence of preserved type specimens are discussed. PMID:26487819

  15. New species without dead bodies: a case for photo-based descriptions, illustrated by a striking new species of Marleyimyia Hesse (Diptera, Bombyliidae) from South Africa

    Marshall, Stephen A.; Evenhuis, Neal L.


    Abstract A new bombyliid species Marleyimyia xylocopae Marshall & Evenhuis, sp. n., an apparent mimic of the carpenter bee Xylocopa flavicollis (De Geer), is described from South Africa on the basis of photographs only. The pros and cons of species descriptions in the absence of preserved type specimens are discussed.

  16. Open source embroidery website

    Carpenter, Ele


    The open source embroidery website is handbuilt in html by Ele Carpenter as part of the open source embroidery project. It includes pages on new works such as the 'Embroidered Digital Commons' as well as an archive of all the open source embroidery workshops and exhibitions.

  17. Pesticide Applicator Training Manual, Category 7B: Termites and Other Wood Destroying Pests. A Training Program for the Certification of Commercial Pesticide Applicators, and Study Questions.

    Schmitt, John B.

    This training manual provides information needed to meet the minimum EPA standards for certification as a commercial applicator of pesticides in the termite and wood destroying pest control category. The text discusses the importance, description, biology, and control of termites, powderpost beetles, house and warf borers, carpenter ants, and…

  18. 75 FR 67689 - Stainless Steel Bar From Brazil: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review


    ... Brazil. See Antidumping Duty Orders: Stainless Steel Bar from Brazil, India and Japan, 60 FR 9661... Less Than Fair Value: Stainless Steel Bar From Brazil, 59 FR 66914 (December 28, 1994). These deposit..., 75 FR 15679 (March 30, 2010). \\1\\ Carpenter Technology Corporation, Valbruna Slater Stainless,...

  19. Lactate uptake against a concentration gradient

    Nordström, Carl-Henrik; Nielsen, Troels Halfeld; Nielsen, Hans Boye


    The recently published article by Jalloh et al (Jalloh I, Helmy A, Shannon RJ, Gallagher CN, Menon D, Carpenter K, Hutchinson P. Lactate uptake by the injured human brain - evidence from an arterio-venous gradient and cerebral microdialysis study. J Neurotrauma. 2013 Aug 22. [Epub ahead of print]...... is of fundamental importance the misconception should be corrected....

  20. 76 FR 30052 - Proposed Establishment of the Coombsville Viticultural Area (2010R-009P)


    ... the Federal Register (71 FR 65432) on November 8, 2006, to propose the establishment of the Tulocay.... 84 in the Federal Register (73 FR 34902) on June 19, 2008, withdrawing Notice No. 68 because the... Vineyards; Far Niente Winery's Barrow Lane, Carpenter, and John's Creek Vineyards; Berlenbach Vineyards;...

  1. Rod-drop analysis in fast and thermal spectra

    The application of Carpenter's method to power profiles resulting from simulated or real rod-drop events has been tested. The conditions which allow the errors to be reduced to a minimum are highlighted. The results obtained show a good agreement with simulated and experimental data. (author). 1 ref., 21 figs, 6 tabs

  2. Calidad de vida y rehabilitación de enfermos mentales crónicos.

    Luis Eizaguirre


    Full Text Available Se estudia la calidad de vida de psicóticos crónicos atendidos en el Centro de Rehabilitación Psicosocial «Martínez Campos» Campos». Se valora la escala de calidad de vida Heinrich, Hanlou y Carpenter (1984.

  3. Historique du Web

    TV8 Mont-Blanc


    Documentaire court qui retrace l'implication de différentes personalités à la création du Web. Entrevues avec Robert Cailliau, Chris Llewellyn-Smith, David Williams, Tim Berners-Lee, Mike Sendall, Brian Carpenter.

  4. Cutting the Cost of Doing Business.

    O'Toole, Robert H.


    Tucson (Arizona) Unified School District involved its entire work force in generating cost-saving maintenance strategies. Savings were made in carpenter and mower repair shops, evening programs, property control, grounds maintenance, custodial operations, food services, utilities, and rental space agreements. Replacing outdated equipment and…

  5. 阅读理解精练(英文)



    <正>A The carpenter I hired to help me rebuild an old farmhouse had just finished a rough first day on the job.A flat tire made him lose an hour of work,his electric saw didn’t work, and now his ancient pickup truck refused to start.While I drove him home,he sat in stony silence.

  6. Respiratory Symptoms and Lung Function among Danish Construction Workers. A Cross-Sectional Study

    Hanskov, Dorte Jessing Agerby; Brauer, Charlotte; Breinegaard, Nina;


    average [odds ratio (OR) = 2.2, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.2-3.8] and carpenters had significantly lower odds of forced expiratory volume in one second below the lower limit of normal (i.e. FEV1 < LLN) (OR = 0.5, 95% CI 0.2-0.9). The OR of FEV1 < LLN for demolition workers compared to carpenters was 2.......7 (95% CI 1.3-5.5) and for insulators compared to carpenters was 1.8 (95% CI 0.8-3.9). Demolition workers had significantly lower odds compared to all other groups for forced vital capacity < LLN. Conclusions:The results showed no overall differences in the prevalence of COPD among construction workers...... workers: demolition workers, insulators, carpenters and a control group of hospital porters aged 35-60 years answered a questionnaire and performed spirometry. Results were tested statistically for differences between occupational groups, and all analyses were adjusted for smoking status, age and body...

  7. 78 FR 53144 - Request for Nominations of Experts To Augment the Science Advisory Board Chemical Assessment...


    ... . (3) For the peer review of the EPA's draft Evaluation of the Inhalation..., Trimethylbenzenes and the Evaluation of Inhalation Carcinogenicity of Ethylene Oxide AGENCY: Environmental... EPA's draft Toxicological Review of Trimethylbenzenes; and (3) the EPA's draft Evaluation of...

  8. Scour at the head of a vertical-wall breakwater

    Sumer, B. Mutlu; Fredsøe, Jørgen

    This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation on the near-bed flow patterns, the bed shear stress amplification and scour around the head of a vertical-wall breakwater, using regular waves. The Keulegan-Carpenter number (KC), based on the diameter of the breakwater head, is fou...

  9. An Analysis of Initial Global Citizenship in a Liberal Arts College in Northeastern Pennsylvania

    Anthony, Dorothy; Miller, Patricia Bederman; Yarrish, Karen K.


    There are an increasing number of organizations conducting business in the global environment (Hill, 2011). Expatriate employees are frequently used and are critical for success in these assignments (Carpenter, Sanders, & Gregersen, 2000). Adjusting to a foreign culture is one reason for high failure rates of expatriates (Garonzik, Brockner…

  10. Clarification and Application of Erik Erikson's Eighth Stage of Man.

    Rosel, Natalie


    Applies Erikson's life cycle conception of ego integrity versus despair in old age to three octogenarian women: Augusta Turnley (fiction), Florida Scott-Maxwell, and Arie Carpenter. Both dialectical struggle in Erikson's model of old age and specific components of ego integrity, despair, and wisdom are made concrete in theoretical exploration of…

  11. Scour at the head of a vertical-wall breakwater

    Sumer, B. Mutlu; Fredsøe, Jørgen


    This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation on the near-bed flow patterns, the bed shear stress amplification and scour around the head of a vertical-wall breakwater, using regular waves. The Keulegan-Carpenter number (KC), based on the diameter of the breakwater head, is fou...

  12. Unlimited ambition and some far flung physics

    Freeman, M


    Review of "Neutrino" a new production at Plymouths Drum theatre from Feb 19th. It is described as being about humans and their relationships which, like the real neutrinos, collide occasionally and randomly, against the backdrop of a lecture on particle physics by an increasingly crazed professor, with some Carpenters lyrics thrown in.

  13. Water-Striders of the American Genus Trochopus

    Drake, Carl J.; Doesburg , van P.H.


    In April 1898 the veliid genus Trochopus Carpenter was erected to hold a new halophilous water-strider from Jamaica, described as marinus. The specimens were netted in numbers on standing salt waters beneath mangrove trees in swamps near the head of Kingston Harbour. In August of the same year CHAMP

  14. Maternal Mental State Talk and Infants' Early Gestural Communication

    Slaughter, Virginia; Peterson, Candida C.; Carpenter, Malinda


    Twenty-four infants were tested monthly for the production of imperative and declarative gestures between 0 ; 9 and 1 ; 3 and concurrent mother-infant free-play sessions were conducted at 0 ; 9, 1 ; 0 and 1 ; 3 (Carpenter, Nagell & Tomasello, 1998). Free-play transcripts were subsequently coded for maternal talk about mental states. Results…

  15. Field experiments in economics: some methodological caveats

    Ortmann, Andreas

    Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2005 - (Carpenter, J.; Harrison, G.; List, J.), s. 51-70 ISBN 0-7623-1174-6. - (Research in experimental economics . 10) Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z70850503 Keywords : economics * field experiments Subject RIV: AH - Economics

  16. The Interrelationship ofthe Market-Driving Approachand the Organizational Culture : A qualitative study of the market-driving companies

    Gansuwan, Phansamon; Siribunluechai, Athipa


    Thee market-driving approach has been cited by several business academic scholars (Jaworski,Kohli, & Sahay, 2000; Carpenter, Glazer, & Nakamoto, 2000; Kumar, Scheer, & Kotler, 2000;Harris & Cai, 2002; Hills & Sarin, 2003; Carrillat, Jaramillo, & Locander, 2004; Schindehutte,Morris, & Kocak, 2008) as a significant approach of the market-oriented company that canprovide a sustainable competitive advantage. Moreover, the organizational cultures developed bythe transfo...

  17. Pop / Tõnis Kahu

    Kahu, Tõnis, 1962-


    Heliplaatidest: Patti Smith "Trampin", PJ Harvey "Uh Huh Her", Erinevad esitajad "Julm kauamängiv No.1", Method Man "Tical O: The Prequel", The Carpenters "Gold", ZZ Top "Rancho Texicano: The Very Best of ZZ Top", Rüki "Davenport"

  18. Infant Pointing: Communication to Cooperate or Communication to Learn?

    Southgate, Victoria; van Maanen, Catharine; Csibra, Gergely


    Tomasello, Carpenter, and Liszkowski (2007) present compelling data to support the view that infant pointing, from the outset, is communicative and deployed in many of the same situations in which adults would ordinarily point for one another, either to share their interest in something, or to informatively help the other person. This commentary…

  19. Investigating the Causes of Wrap-Up Effects: Evidence from Eye Movements and E-Z Reader

    Warren, Tessa; White, Sarah J.; Reichle, Erik D.


    Wrap-up effects in reading have traditionally been thought to reflect increased processing associated with intra- and inter-clause integration (Just, M. A. & Carpenter, P. A. (1980). A theory of reading: From eye fixations to comprehension. "Psychological Review, 87"(4), 329-354; Rayner, K., Kambe, G., & Duffy, S. A. (2000). The effect of clause…

  20. Christian Higher Education: An Education That Liberates

    Mannoia, V. James


    In this wide-ranging review essay, the author engages "Christian Higher Education: A Global Reconnaissance," a book edited by J. Carpenter, P. L. Glanzer, and N. S. Lantinga (2014). His remarks focus especially on the five chapters of the book that survey Christian higher education in nations where he has direct experience: Brazil,…

  1. Calidad de vida y rehabilitación de enfermos mentales crónicos.

    Luis Eizaguirre; María Jesús Cerviño; Eloísa Fernández; Carlos Salmero


    Se estudia la calidad de vida de psicóticos crónicos atendidos en el Centro de Rehabilitación Psicosocial «Martínez Campos» Campos». Se valora la escala de calidad de vida Heinrich, Hanlou y Carpenter (1984).

  2. The Longitudinal Relationship Between the Use of Ergonomic Measures and the Incidence of Low Back Complaints

    H.F. van der Molen; M.H.W. Frings-Dresen; J.K. Sluiter


    Background The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate the primary preventive effect of the use of ergonomic measures on low back complaints among construction workers. Methods An initial questionnaire was sent to a cohort of bricklayers, carpenters, and pavers in 2000. Workers who reported no

  3. Evolutionary, Unconscious Design Support for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry

    Van de Ruitenbeek, H.K.M.


    The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is a complex system in which carpenters, structural designers, architects, modellers, cost estimators, planners, politicians and many others act apart together in project-specific virtual enterprises. There is a large amount of actors, an

  4. Good Conversations: An Enhanced Model to Teach Business Ethics

    Thomson, Grace S.


    Business practices are a constant matter of discussion by ethical theorists concerned with the conflicts between profitability and justice (Cherry, Lee, & Chien, 2003). Business decisions are complex and hence likely to be compromised by low-quality or questionable strategies (Carpenter & Sanders, 2008). The line between misbehavior and legal…

  5. A Helical Stairway Project

    Farmer, Tom


    We answer a geometric question that was raised by the carpenter in charge of erecting helical stairs in a 10-story hospital. The explanation involves the equations of lines, planes, and helices in three-dimensional space. A brief version of the question is this: If A and B are points on a cylinder and the line segment AB is projected radially onto…

  6. Poor correlation between the removal or deposition of pollen grains and frequency of pollinator contact with sex organs

    Sakamoto, Ryota L.; Morinaga, Shin-Ichi


    Pollinators deposit pollen grains on stigmas and remove pollen grains from anthers. The mechanics of these transfers can now be quantified with the use of high-speed video. We videoed hawkmoths, carpenter bees, and swallowtail butterflies pollinating Clerodendrum trichotomum. The number of grains deposited on stigmas did not vary significantly with the number of times pollinators contacted stigmas. In contrast, pollen removal from the anthers increased significantly with the number of contacts to anthers. Pollen removal varied among the three types of pollinators. Also, the three types carried pollen on different parts of their bodies. In hawkmoths and carpenter bees, a large number of contacted body part with anthers differed significantly from the body part that attached a large number of pollen grains. Our results indicate that a large number of contacts by pollinators does not increase either the male or female reproductive success of plants compared to a small number of contacts during a visit.

  7. Erythema Multiforme-Like Reaction Due to Rosewood: Two Case Reports - Case Report

    Adem Köşlü


    Full Text Available Woods and their dusts can lead to various cutaneous reactions such as folliculitis, contact urticaria, irritant and allergic dermatitis. Erythema multiforme-like (EM cutaneous and respiratory system reactions such as astma and allergic rhinitis were also reported. The cutaneous reactions typically affect the areas such as the face, neck and arms exposed to the dust of the tree and usually occur on carpenters as occupational dermatitis. Rosewood is one of the most allergic varieties of the trees leading to contact dermatitis. It is a tropical tree and does not grow up in our country. It is especially used in the production of furniture and music instruments and imported from abroad to our country. A few cases of EM-like reaction were reported in 1976 and 1988 in the literature. Herein, two carpenters with severe EM-like skin reaction due to the rosewood, treated with systemic corticosteroids are reported for the first time in our country.

  8. Micro-fibers shape effects on gas exchange in Total Artificial Lung

    Qamar, Adnan


    Flow and oxygen transport dynamics of a pulsatile flow past an array of square and circular cross section micro-fiber is numerically investigated in the present work. The study is motivated to optimize the design of an Total Artificial Lung (TAL) under clinical trials. Effects of three non-dimensional parameters: Reynolds number, non-dimensional amplitude of free stream velocity and Keulegan Carpenter number on oxygen transport and total drag (resistance) of both the fibers are studied. Range of parameters investigated corresponds to operating range of TAL. For most of the cases investigated, results show enhanced oxygen transport for square fiber but higher resistance when compare with the circular fiber case under almost all flow conditions. For both fibers, oxygen transfer rate are enhanced at higher Reynolds number, higher velocity amplitude and lower KC values. Overall drag is found to decrease with increasing Reynolds number and decreasing amplitude and is not significantly effected by Keulegan Carpenter number. © 2014 IEEE.

  9. Impact of river discharge on distribution of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) and its fluxes in the coastal Bay of Bengal

    Rao, V.D.; Viswanadham, R.; Bharathi, M.D.; Sarma, V.V.S.S.; Kumar, M.D.

    electronics, USA) system. Dissolved oxygen (DO) was measured following Winkler titration using automated end point potentiometric detection (Carritt and Carpenter, 1966) using Titrando 835 Metrohm autotitrator. Nutrients were measured following standard... for 24 h and was measured spectrofluorometrically (Cary Eclipse- Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, Varian Instruments, USA) following Suzuki and Ishimaru 5 (1990). The analytical precision for Chl-a analysis was ±4%. The weight of the suspended...

  10. Carpal Fusion

    Jalal Jalalshokouhi; Mohammad Hossein Herischi; Shahyar Pashaei; Ali Akbar Ameri


    Carpal fusion may be seen in hereditary and nonhereditary conditions such as acrocallosal syndrome,acromegaly, Apert syndrome, arthrogryposis, Carpenter syndrome, chromosomal abnormalities, ectrodactyly-ectodermal dysplasia-cleft (EEC) syndrome, the F form of acropectorovertebral dysgenesis or the F syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, Holt-Oram syndrome, Leopard syndrome, multiple synostosis syndrome, oligosyndactyly syndrome, Pfeiffer-like syndrome, scleroderma, split hand and foot malformatio...

  11. How high is too high in cutoff levels from 50-g glucose challenge test

    Cha, Hyun-Hwa; Kim, Ji Ye; Choi, Suk-Joo; Oh, Soo-Young; Roh, Cheong-Rae; Kim, Jong-Hwa


    Objective To determine the highest 50-g glucose challenge test (GCT) value that indicates no further diagnostic test is needed to confirm a diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) under the criteria of National Diabetes Data Group (NDDG) or the Carpenter and Coustan (C&C) and fasting glucose thresholds from the International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Group (IADPSG). Methods We collected the 50-g GCT results from 16,560 pregnancies and identified 2,457 gravidas with ...

  12. MOMO Syndrome with Holoprosencephaly and Cryptorchidism: Expanding the Spectrum of the New Obesity Syndrome

    Ram Kumar Marwaha; Inusha Panigrahi; Sheetal Sharda


    There are multiple genetic disorders with known or unknown etiology grouped under obesity syndromes. Inspite of having multisystem involvement and often having a characteristic presentation, the understanding of the genetic causes in the majority of these syndromes is still lacking. The common obesity syndromes are Bardet-Biedl, Prader-Willi, Alstrom, Albright's hereditary osteodystrophy, Carpenter, Rubinstein-Taybi, Fragile X, and Börjeson-Forssman-Lehman syndrome. The list is ever increasin...

  13. 木材加工教育用ビデオ教材の制作(2) : 手彫りによる中仕工かんな台の製作

    番匠谷, 薫; 池田, 豊; 矢田部, 敏夫; 藤元, 嘉安; 真鍋, 正男


    Formerly in Japan, carpenter's making of plane stock made of shirakashi (Quercus myrsinaefolia Blume) of Japanese hand plane was done by hand making with chisel. This traditional concept of hand making of wooden plane stock can be regarded to be very important for teachers of industrial arts of junior high schools in Japan because its making skill can lead them to deep understandings of the Japanese hand plane. It also provides a totally skilled back ground concerning the Japanese hand plane ...


    Lafrance, Amélie; Warman, Casey; Woolley, Frances


    We use the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) to explore the effects of marriage and cohabitation on gay, lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual individuals' hours worked and full-time earnings. The CCHS is one of the largest national-level data sets containing both income and sexual orientation information (Carpenter, 2008). Partnered gay and bisexual men spend more hours in paid employment than their unattached counterparts. However, for those working more than 30 hours per week, the earni...

  15. Immune-priming in ant larvae: social immunity does not undermine individual immunity

    Rosengaus, Rebeca B.; Malak, Tanya; MacKintosh, Christopher


    Social insects deploy numerous strategies against pathogens including behavioural, biochemical and immunological responses. While past research has revealed that adult social insects can generate immunity, few studies have focused on the immune function during an insect's early life stages. We hypothesized that larvae of the black carpenter ant Camponotus pennsylvanicus vaccinated with heat-killed Serratia marcescens should be less susceptible to a challenge with an active and otherwise letha...

  16. Response of phytoplankton to nutrient enrichment with high growth rates in a tropical monsoonal estuary - Zuari estuary, India

    Mochemadkar, S.; Gauns, M.; Pratihary, A.K.; Thorat, B.R.; Roy, R.; Pai, I.K.; Naqvi, S.W.A.

    ., Nitrogenous nutrition of the plankton in the Chesapeake Bay. 1. Nutrient availability and phytoplankton preferences. Limnol. Oceanogr., 22(1977) 996-1011. 9 Glibert, P.M., Goldman, J.C. & Carpenter, E. J., Seasonal variations in the utilization... , Phytoplankton-nitrogen interactions, in: Coastal oceanography of Washington and Oregon edited by Landry M R, Hickey B M, (Elsevier Science, Amsterdam), 1989, pp. 139-173. 38 Paasche, E. & Kristiansen, S., Nitrogen nutrition of the phytoplankton...

  17. Occupational Solvent Exposure and Brain Function: An fMRI Study

    Tang, Cheuk Ying; Carpenter, David M; Eaves, Emily L.; Ng, Johnny; Ganeshalingam, Nimalya; Weisel, Clifford; Qian, Hua; Lange, Gudrun; Fiedler, Nancy L.


    Background: Deficits in cognitive function have been demonstrated among workers chronically exposed to solvents, but the neural basis for these deficits has not been shown. Objectives: We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to compare pathophysiological changes in brain function between solvent-exposed and control workers. Methods: Painters, drywall tapers, and carpenters were recruited from the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 9 in New York Ci...

  18. Work-related injuries in drywall installation.

    Lipscomb, H J; Dement, J M; Gaal, J S; Cameron, W; McDougall, V


    Administrative data sources were used to describe the work-related injuries of drywall carpenters, to calculate rates of occurrence, and to explore high risk sub-groups. Health insurance eligibility files were used to identify a cohort of active union carpenters affiliated with a union local whose predominant work involved drywall installation in the state of Washington. These files contained the hours worked by each individual for each month between January 1989 and December 1995, providing person-hours at risk as a union carpenter. The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) provided records of workers' compensation claims filed by these individuals. Over seven years 1773 drywall carpenters filed 2567 workers' compensation claims representing an overall rate of 53.3 per 200,000 hours worked. These claims were filed by 1046 different individuals, or 59.0 percent of the cohort. Claims resulting in paid lost time from work were filed at a rate of 12.5 per 200,000 hours worked (n = 609) by 445 (25.1%) different individuals. The most common mechanisms of injury involved being struck (38.3%), overexertion (28.1%), and falls (13.2%). Struck by injuries most commonly involved cuts to the upper extremity. Overexertion injuries were most commonly described as sprains or strains involving the back. Sheetrock was associated with over 40 percent of these injuries. Falls most commonly involved injuries to the knee followed by the back and multiple injuries. Struck by injuries decreased steadily with increasing age and increasing time in the union. There was a steady increase in the rate of falls with increasing age. Overexertion injuries were responsible for the greatest proportion of costs for medical care, permanent impairment, and paid lost days. The high rates of overexertion injuries among these workers is consistent with known ergonomic stresses on drywall jobs. However, these workers are also at high risk of acute traumatic injuries. PMID:11036730

  19. Discovery of Defense- and Neuropeptides in Social Ants by Genome-Mining

    Gruber, Christian W.; Markus Muttenthaler


    Natural peptides of great number and diversity occur in all organisms, but analyzing their peptidome is often difficult. With natural product drug discovery in mind, we devised a genome-mining approach to identify defense- and neuropeptides in the genomes of social ants from Atta cephalotes (leaf-cutter ant), Camponotus floridanus (carpenter ant) and Harpegnathos saltator (basal genus). Numerous peptide-encoding genes of defense peptides, in particular defensins, and neuropeptides or regulato...

  20. Matematik İnanç Ölçeği’nin Türkçe’ye Uyarlama Çalışması

    Haciömeroğlu, Yrd.doç. Dr.Güney


    Purpose of this study is to examine the reliability and validity of the Turkish adaptation of Mathematical Belief Instrument MBI that was developed by Peterson Fennema Carpenter and Loef 1989 This instrument was adapted to Turkish in order to determine elementary preservice teachers’ mathematical beliefs Data gathered from 301 elementary preservice teachers were used for Exploratory Factor Analysis EFA and Confirmatory Factor Analysis CFA to determine the structure of factor loadi...

  1. Extracting source parameters from beam monitors on a chopper spectrometer

    Abernathy, Douglas L [ORNL; Niedziela, Jennifer L [ORNL; Stone, Matthew B [ORNL


    The intensity distributions of beam monitors in direct-geometry time-of-flight neutron spectrometers provide important information about the instrument resolution. For short-pulse spallation neutron sources in particular, the asymmetry of the source pulse may be extracted and compared to Monte Carlo source simulations. An explicit formula using a Gaussian-convolved Ikeda-Carpenter distribution is given and compared to data from the ARCS instrument at the Spallation Neutron Source.

  2. Familia Ellobiidae (Gastropoda: Archaeopulmonata) en el litoral peruano

    Carlos Paredes; Aldo Indacochea; Franz Cardoso; Kelly Ortega


    Se reportan 8 especies de Ellobiidae para la Costa Peruana, pertenecientes a las subfamilias Ellobiinae: Ellobium stagnale (Orbigny, 1835) y Sarnia frumentum Petit, 1842; Melampodinae: Melampus carolianus (Lesson, 1842), Melampus olivaceus Carpenter, 1857 y Detracia graminea Morrison, 1846; y Pedipedinae: Marinula acuta (Orbigny, 1835), Marinula concinna (C.B Adams, 1852) y Marinula pepita King, 1831. Seis especies viven asociadas al bosque de manglar en el departamento de Tumbes, y dos en la...

  3. Duplex stainless steel—Microstructure and properties

    Debold, Terry A.


    Literature describing the microstructure of austenitic-ferritic stainless steels is reviewed, including phases which can be deleterious, such as σ and ά. The mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of Carpenter Technology's 7-Mo PLUSsr stainless (UNS S32950) demonstrate the resistance of this material to the formation of these phases and their deleterious effects. This material was evaluated in the annealed and welded conditions and after extended thermal treatments to simulate boiler and pressure vessel service.

  4. Fyra decennier av extremvåld : En undersökning om förändringar i slashergenren

    Nordgren, Kenny


    The paper examines how the slasher genre has developed over the years. The main point of this examination focus on differences in the stylistic appearance of the killer, the development of the “final girl”, the film sole survivor and if there are some narrative changes in the plot structure. The films selected for analysis are scattered over the years, including films like Halloween (Carpenter, 1978), A Nightmare on Elm Street (Craven, 1984) and Scream (Craven, 1996). The main changes that ha...

  5. Stress corrosion cracking of several high strength ferrous and nickel alloys

    Nelson, E. E.


    The stress corrosion cracking resistance of several high strength ferrous and nickel base alloys has been determined in a sodium chloride solution. Results indicate that under these test conditions Multiphase MP35N, Unitemp L605, Inconel 718, Carpenter 20Cb and 20Cb-3 are highly resistant to stress corrosion cracking. AISI 410 and 431 stainless steels, 18 Ni maraging steel (250 grade) and AISI 4130 steel are susceptible to stress corrosion cracking under some conditions.

  6. Embroidered Digital Commons

    Carpenter, Ele


    A distributed embroidery of ‘A Concise Lexicon of / for the Digital Commons’ Raqs Media Collective, 2003. Facilitated by Ele Carpenter 2009-13. International partners for stitching the lexicon: Access: Access Space, Sheffield, 2010; Code: National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park, 2011; Data: Dorkbot 2012; Ensemble, Café Crema, London, 2011; Fractal: Mr X Stitch 2011; Gift: Oppen Syjunta, Sweden 2010; Heterogeneous: AMIW, VBKOE Art Festival, Vienna, 2011; Iteration: Woolly Way, Ireland...

  7. Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria along Meadow-to-Forest Transects in the Oregon Cascade Mountains†

    Mintie, A. T.; Heichen, R. S.; Cromack, Jr., K.; Myrold, D. D.; Bottomley, P. J.


    Although nitrification has been well studied in coniferous forests of Western North America, communities of NH3-oxidizing bacteria in these forests have not been characterized. Studies were conducted along meadow-to-forest transects at two sites (Lookout and Carpenter) in the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, located in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. Soil samples taken at 10- or 20-m intervals along the transects showed that several soil properties, including net nitrogen mineralization an...

  8. Validity of a ‘Proxy’ for the Deficit Syndrome derived from the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS)

    Goetz, Raymond R.; Corcoran, Cheryl; Yale, Scott; Stanford, Arielle D.; Kimhy, David; Amador, Xavier; Malaspina, Dolores


    Schizophrenia patients with the deficit syndrome (DS) may represent a homogeneous subgroup. To increase the practicability of diagnosing the DS, Kirkpatrick et al. (Kirkpatrick, B., Buchanan, RW., Breier, A. Carpenter, WT., 1993. Case identification and stability of the deficit syndrome of schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research 47, 47–56) proposed the use of a ‘proxy’ case identification tool using standardized symptom ratings instead of the Schedule for the Deficit Syndrome (SDS) which requires ...

  9. The One Man Crew: The Creating and Sustaining of a Master Folk Artist

    Williams, Heidi Jean


    Folk art is the art of everyday life. Framing homes can be artistic when done with a degree of exemplary expertise. Jerry Saville is a master folk artist because of his special skills and techniques exhibited in his trade of carpentry. This research provides a glimpse into a carpenter’s life to discover what creates and sustains a master carpenter. Through desire, drive, dedication (time/practice), life experience/opportunity (apprenticeship), purpose, and a community of support, Jerry Savill...

  10. Combing the Globe


    China’s top comb maker aims to sell its high-end hand-crafted products to overseas customers while improving its brand image For some, woodcarving and small carpentry work are hobbies. But for Tan Chuanhua and his Carpenter Tan comb brand, the woodworking craft has become a deep-rooted moneymaker. The Chongqing-based handcraft wood comb maker raised HK$140 million ($18 mil-

  11. Comparison of early stages of precipitation in molybdenum-rich and molybdenum-poor maraging stainless steels

    Full text: The precipitation hardening process in the molybdenum-rich Sandvik alloy 1RK91, with composition 12.8Cr-8.6Ni-2.3Mo-1.7Cu-1.2Ti-0.7Al (at. %), has previously been investigated with APFIM, energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy, and conventional transmission electron microscopy. The initial ageing response corresponds to Ni3(Al, Ti)-type precipitates, nucleating on copper clusters after only five minutes of ageing at 475oC. After several hours of ageing, the precipitation hardening also includes contribution from molybdenum-rich quasicrystalline precipitates of icosahedral symmetry (R'), and another nickel-rich phase of type L10. This complex precipitation behaviour, in combination with a resistance to coarsening of R', results in a continuous increase in material hardness for up to several hundred of hours of ageing. A significant difference in ageing response has been observed between the Sandvik alloy 1RK91 and molybdenum-poor alloy Carpenter 455 with composition 12.3Cr-7.9Ni-0.3Mo-1.8Cu-1.3Ti-0.1Al (at. %). During ageing at 475oC, the hardness of Carpenter 455 saturates with a subsequent softening after just a few hours. The reason for the discrepancy in the ageing behaviour of the two steels is not well understood, since the precipitation reactions in Carpenter 455 have not been thoroughly surveyed. Therefore, the precipitation hardening process of Carpenter 455 has been studied, by using three-dimensional atom probe and energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy. The results have been compared with the precipitation hardening process of 1RK91 in order to explain the difference in ageing response of the two steels. Special interest has been devoted to understand the influence of molybdenum in the precipitation process of 1RK91. Refs 3 (author)

  12. Evolutionary, Unconscious Design Support for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry

    Van de Ruitenbeek, H.K.M.


    The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is a complex system in which carpenters, structural designers, architects, modellers, cost estimators, planners, politicians and many others act apart together in project-specific virtual enterprises. There is a large amount of actors, an overwhelming number of ongoing processes, distributed, decentralised organisations and a variety of projects. This complicates efficient communication and supply chain integration which, according...

  13. Genetic relationship among Camponotus rufipes Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) nests by RAPD molecular markers - doi: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v35i1.10913

    Alexandre Wagner Silva Hilsdorf; Sara Lívia da Silva Fernandes da Matta; Maria Santina de Castro Morini


    Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers were used to investigate the genetic relationship among nests of the carpenter ant, Camponotus rufipes, located in the same area. Five random oligodecamers were used to amplify DNA from 108 ant workers collected from six nests. A total of 47 RAPD markers were identified, which revealed low levels of genetic differentiation among nests (Fst = 0.00218) and a low average Shannon index (0.3727) among workers within nests. These results together sugg...


    Carpenter, Martin Richard John


    Cooperative team formation using distributed decomposition knowledgeA thesis submitted in August 2010 by Martin Carpenter to the University ofManchester for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. In recent years, the problem of automating the formation of Virtual Organisations (VO) has risen to prominence. Work in this area has typically considered the process of VO formation to be a centralised process driven by a company with responsibility for the business opportunity.Such systems use two mai...

  15. What does C II lambda 2325 A emission tell us about chromospheres of red supergiants? - A critical test using Zeta Aurigae-type K supergiants

    Schroeder, K.-P.; Reimers, D.; Carpenter, K. G.; Brown, A.


    The limitations of the Carpenter et al. (1985) C II intercombination multiplet method of determining the density and geometric extent of red giant chromospheres are presently tested through observation of the C II 2325 A emission of two K-type supergiants whose empirical model chromospheres have been derived by high-resolution IUE observations at eclipse phases. While the observed C II emission fluxes are well reproduced, much of this emission originates in the high-density lower chromosphere.

  16. Neuronal representation and processing of chemosensory communication signals in the ant brain

    Zube, Christina


    Ants heavily rely on olfaction for communication and orientation and ant societies are characterized by caste- and sex-specific division of labor. Olfaction plays a key role in mediating caste-specific behaviours. I investigated whether caste- and sex-specific differences in odor driven behavior are reflected in specific differences and/or adaptations in the ant olfactory system. In particular, I asked the question whether in the carpenter ant, Camponotus floridanus, the olfactory pathway exh...

  17. D Digital Simulation of Minnan Temple Architecture CAISSON'S Craft Techniques

    Lin, Y. C.; Wu, T. C.; Hsu, M. F.


    Caisson is one of the important representations of the Minnan (southern Fujian) temple architecture craft techniques and decorative aesthetics. The special component design and group building method present the architectural thinking and personal characteristics of great carpenters of Minnan temple architecture. In late Qing Dynasty, the appearance and style of caissons of famous temples in Taiwan apparently presented the building techniques of the great carpenters. However, as the years went by, the caisson design and craft techniques were not fully inherited, which has been a great loss of cultural assets. Accordingly, with the caisson of Fulong temple, a work by the well-known great carpenter in Tainan as an example, this study obtained the thinking principles of the original design and the design method at initial period of construction through interview records and the step of redrawing the "Tng-Ko" (traditional design, stakeout and construction tool). We obtained the 3D point cloud model of the caisson of Fulong temple using 3D laser scanning technology, and established the 3D digital model of each component of the caisson. Based on the caisson component procedure obtained from interview records, this study conducted the digital simulation of the caisson component to completely recode and present the caisson design, construction and completion procedure. This model of preserving the craft techniques for Minnan temple caisson by using digital technology makes specific contribution to the heritage of the craft techniques while providing an important reference for the digital preservation of human cultural assets.

  18. Occupational irritant contact dermatitis from synthetic mineral fibres according to Finnish statistics.

    Jolanki, Riitta; Mäkinen, Ilpo; Suuronen, Katri; Alanko, Kristiina; Estlander, Tuula


    Synthetic mineral fibres (i.e. man-made vitreous fibres, MMVF) are classified into glass filament, mineral wool (glass wool, rock wool and slag wool), refractory ceramic fibres, and fibres for special purposes. This paper analyses the data on occupational irritant contact dermatitis (ICD) caused by MMVF during 1990-99 in Finland according to the Finnish Register of Occupational Diseases (FROD). A total of 63 cases from MMVF were reported. 56 were diagnosed as ICD, and 2 as allergic contact dermatitis, both from rock wool. 53 out of 63 cases were due to mineral wool or glass filaments; half of the cases, according to a rough estimate, were due to mineral wool and a half due to glass filaments used in lamination work. Carpenters, building workers and insulation workers have the highest risk of ICD from mineral wool. 4 cases in carpenters, 4 in building workers and 2 in insulation workers were reported from MMVF. For every 100 000 employed workers, only 1.6 cases of ICD in carpenters, 2.7 in building workers and 9.1 in insulation workers were annually due to MMVF, respectively. Mineral wool used in construction work, insulation, etc., cannot be considered to be a common cause of occupationally induced ICD. However, information on harmful skin effects of MMVF is useful to exposed persons in the prevention of the effects. PMID:12581277

  19. Sistemas ambientales de los profesores en formación y su relación con el desarrollo de la personalidad eficaz y de las competencias profesionales

    Vera Medinelli, Marisela


    Esta investigación analiza los sistemas ambientales del profesor en formación y su relación con el desarrollo de las competencias profesionales y con la personalidad eficaz desde la Teoría Ecológica (Bonfenbrenner, 1987) y la Teoría Catalítica de la Personificación (Carpenter & Davia, 2005). La metodología empleada es el estudio de caso, correspondiente a la formación docente inicial de la Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaíso, Chile. La muestra comprende 306 estudiantes, 175 "Estudia...

  20. Schizophrenia symptoms and functioning in patients receiving long-term treatment with olanzapine long-acting injection formulation

    Peuskens, Joseph; Porsdal, Vibeke; Pecenak, Jan;


    : At baseline, 434 (36.8%) patients had minimal Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) symptoms but seriously impaired Heinrich Carpenter's Quality of Life Scale (QLS) functioning; 303 (25.6%) had moderate to severe symptoms and seriously impaired function; 208 (17.6%) had mild to moderate...... OLAI treatment maintained or improved (62% 6 months and 52% 12 months) their symptom and functioning levels on OLAI maintenance treatment. Less than 8% of the patients showed worsening of symptoms or functioning. An improvement in category was associated with high PANSS positive and low CGI-S scores at...

  1. Steven Lowenstam, As witnessed by images: the T

    Lucci, Carlamaria


    Il volume, pubblicato postumo nel 2008, previa revisione di T. H. Carpenter, rappresenta l’estremo prodotto delle ricerche di S. Lowenstam (1945-2003), Professor of Classics presso l’Università dell’Oregon, stroncato prematuramente da un male incurabile. Oggetto del volume è l’indagine delle rappresentazioni iconografiche relative alla guerra di Troia, e, più in generale, ai grandi temi della tradizione omerica ed extra-omerica, nell’arte della Grecia, Magna Grecia ed Etruria tra vii e iv sec...


    Mahdihassan, S.


    Alchemy as art tries to imitate creation such as spontaneous generation. The magic wands of creation, of Chinese origin, would be a compass and a triangular carpenter's square. Creation is represented by the dual-natured soul, comprising of the spirit (Ruh) and “the” soul (Nafs). The ultimate source is creative energy which emanates form the Divine word of command. Creative energy, in its non-manifest form, would be ultrasonic energy, which can be represented by a humming sourd. This would be...

  3. Network geeks how they built the internet

    Carpenter, Brian E


    The impact on modern society made by the Internet is immeasurable. Yet some questioned ""why anyone would want such a thing"" when the idea was first introduced.Part history, part memoir and part cultural study, Network Geeks charts the creation of the Internet and the establishment of the Internet Engineering Task Force, from the viewpoint of a self-proclaimed geek who witnessed these developments first-hand. With boundless enthusiasm and abundant humour, Brian Carpenter leads the reader on a journey from post-war Britain to post-millennium New Zealand, describing how the Internet grew into t

  4. High strength bolt failure analysis and integrity assessment. Lessons learned

    Isolated failures have occurred in high strength bolting used in pressurized water reactor (PWR) component support applications. The U.S. nuclear industry component support bolting failure experience is described in this paper, focusing on materials specified intentionally as ''ultra-high-strength'' (minimum specified yield strength greater than 1034 MPa). The analysis and investigation of fabrication-induced problems with a bolt made from Carpenter Technology Alloy ''Custom 455'', (ASTM A 564 XM-16) a proprietary materials, are detailed, and the measures taken to assure integrity of these bolts during operation are discussed. Lessons learned to preclude future problems are presented as conclusions


    Magdalena Lopez


    Actualmente la memoria de trabajo constituye un concepto que ha logrado consenso científico, al ser concebido como un sistema cerebral que proporciona almacenamiento temporal y manipulación de la información necesaria para tareas cognitivas complejas, como la comprensión del lenguaje, el aprendizaje y el razonamiento (Gathercole, Alloway, Willis & Adam, 2006; Baddeley, 1986; Just & Carpenter, 1992). El avance tecnológico y científico en neuropsicología ha posibilitado numerosos aportes, descu...

  6. 迷失的自我--用弗洛伊德精神分析理论解读电影《落跑新娘》



    Runaway Bride, shot in 1999, isa romantic comedy about a big -city reporter Ike Graham who falls for a small -town handywoman Mag-gie Carpenter with a nasty habit of fleeing from the altar in a recurring state of premarital panic .And this paper is trying to find out the deep rea-sons for what on earth have become of runaway bride by psychoanalysis .Aided by the classical psychoanalysis theory accomplished by Freud 's main concepts of unconsciousness , defenses and core issues , Lend up with the proper conclusiont hat the primary reason for fleeing lies in the core is-sues of insecure or unstable sense of self .

  7. Audel multi-craft industrial reference

    Davis, Thomas B


    An essential, pocket-sized manual for industrial craftspeople from a brand relied on for more than a century The Audel™ Industrial Trades Multi-Craft Reference Manual is aimed at the industrial mechanic, millwright, machinist, plumber, pipefitter, welder, carpenter, sheet metal mechanic, and other skilled craftspeople who need quick, no-nonsense access to dependable information-fast. Including up-to-date focus on ""green"" thinking and industrial sustainability, this handy, compact guide serves as an ideal on-the-job reference on topics such as pump facts, bearing information,

  8. The history of women in surgery

    Wirtzfeld, Debrah A.


    The history of women in surgery in Western civilization dates to 3500 before common era (BCE) and Queen Shubad of Ur. Ancient history reveals an active role of women in surgery in Egypt, Italy and Greece as detailed in surgical texts of the time. During the middle ages, regulations forbade women from practising surgery unless they assumed their husbands’ practices upon their deaths or unless they were deemed fit by a “competent” jury. King Henry VIII proclaimed that “No carpenter, smith, weav...

  9. Gestational diabetes and the incidence of diabetes in the 5 years following the index pregnancy in South Indian women

    Krishnaveni, Ghattu V.; Hill, Jacqueline C.; Veena, Sargoor R; Geetha, Suguna; Jayakumar, Magudilu N.; Karat, Chitra L.S.; Fall, Caroline H.D.


    This study was carried out to examine the incidence of diabetes and the factors associated with this in a cohort of South Indian women 5 years after they were examined for gestational diabetes (GDM). Women (N = 630) whose GDM status was determined (Carpenter-Coustan criteria; GDM: N = 41) delivered live babies without major anomalies at the Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore. Of these, 526 women (GDM: N = 35) available for follow-up after 5 years underwent a 2-h oral glucose tolerance test ...

  10. La memoria de trabajo y su correlación con el aprendizaje de idiomas

    Cuervo-Correa, Felipe


    El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo examinar si existe relación de la memoria de trabajo con el nivel de lengua inglesa y las características sociodemográficas y académicas en un grupo de 45 personas (47% hombres, edad media = 35 años ) de la ciudad de Pamplona. Para evaluar la memoria de trabajo se ha utilizado el Reading Span Test de Daneman y Carpenter (1980), mientras que para medir el nivel de inglés se ha realizado la subprueba de gramática del Oxford Placement Test (...

  11. Estructura de conocimiento conceptual, memoria de trabajo y comprensión de textos de ciencias: un estudio con alumnos de secundaria

    López Chavarrías, María José; Sanjosé López, Vicent; Solaz Portolés, Joan Josep


    En este trabajo se estudian las relaciones existentes entre estructura de conocimiento conceptual, memoria de trabajo, nivel académico y comprensión de un texto de ciencias. A estudiantes de 4º de ESO y 2º de Bachillerato se les determinó la capacidad de su memoria de trabajo mediante el test de Daneman y Carpenter. A continuación, leyeron un texto y a partir de él elaboraron un mapa conceptual. Por último, se les administró un cuestionario de comprensión del texto. Los resultados revelan que...

  12. Familia Ellobiidae (Gastropoda: Archaeopulmonata en el litoral peruano

    Carlos Paredes


    Full Text Available Se reportan 8 especies de Ellobiidae para la Costa Peruana, pertenecientes a las subfamilias Ellobiinae: Ellobium stagnale (Orbigny, 1835 y Sarnia frumentum Petit, 1842; Melampodinae: Melampus carolianus (Lesson, 1842, Melampus olivaceus Carpenter, 1857 y Detracia graminea Morrison, 1846; y Pedipedinae: Marinula acuta (Orbigny, 1835, Marinula concinna (C.B Adams, 1852 y Marinula pepita King, 1831. Seis especies viven asociadas al bosque de manglar en el departamento de Tumbes, y dos en las playas de canto rodado en los límites de la Provincia Peruana. Cuatro especies tropicales se registran por primera vez para el mar peruano: E. stagnale, M. olivaceus, D. graminea y M. acuta.

  13. Biological Activity of the Larval Secretion of Chilecomadia valdiviana.

    Reyes-Garcia, Luis; Flores, M Fernanda; Vera, Waleska; Bergmann, Jan


    The carpenter worm, Chilecomadia valdiviana (Lepidoptera: Cossidae), is a polyphagous insect native to Chile that is associated with trees and bushes, including economically important species such as eucalyptus, avocado, and apples. We used a Y-olfactometer to analyze the olfactory responses of larvae to conspecific larvae, hexane extracts of larvae, and synthetic samples of the major components present in the extract (i.e., (Z)-5,13-tetradecadienyl acetate, (Z)-5-tetradecenyl acetate, and dodecyl acetate). The results obtained provide empirical evidence that (Z)-5,13-tetradecadienyl acetate is used as an aggregation pheromone by the larvae. The results are discussed in view of the existing information. PMID:21976291

  14. Handbook of missing data methodology

    Molenberghs, Geert; Kenward, Michael G; Tsiatis, Anastasios; Verbeke, Geert


    Preliminaries Introduction and Preliminaries Garrett M. Fitzmaurice, Michael G. Kenward, Geert Molenberghs, Geert Verbeke, and Anastasios A. TsiatisDevelopments of Methods and Critique of ad hoc Methods James R. Carpenter and Michael G. KenwardLikelihood and Bayesian Methods Introduction and Overview Michael G. Kenward, Geert Molenberghs, and Geert VerbekePerspective and Historical Overview Michael G. Kenward and Geert MolenberghsBayesian Methods Michael J. Daniels and Joseph W. HoganJoint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data Dimitris RizopoulosSemi-Parametric Methods Introduction a

  15. Atención conjunta y desarrollo léxico en niños con síndrome de Down y niños con desarrollo típico

    Galeote, Miguel; Checa, Elena; Sánchez-Palacios, Concha; Gamarro, Antonio; Isequilla, Estela; Conesa, Macarena


    En este estudio se analiza la relación entre la atención conjunta (AC) y el desarrollo léxico temprano en niños con síndrome de Down (SD) y niños con desarrollo típico (DT). Diversos estudios han demostrado el papel facilitador de la AC sobre el desarrollo léxico en niños con desarrollo típico (Carpenter, Nagel y Tomasello, 1998; Masur, Flynn y Eichorst, 2005; Shimp y Huttenlocher, 2007; Tomasello y Farrar, 1986; Tomasello y Todd, 1983). Dicho aprendizaje se ve favorecido si la madre sigue el...

  16. Report on stakeholder interests

    Haavik, Trond; Aabrekk, Synnøve; Tommerup, Henrik M.;

    such as for example banks are included in the analysis. Further, opportunities and threats are identified for different clusters of one stop shop. The structure and how the actors in the market act are quite similar in the Nordic countries. Therefore we believe that the development of strategies for the different...... countries may be similar to a great extent. The various types of actors in the renovation business occur at different stages in the value chain. The traditional first line services such as carpenters, retail stores, heat pump agents, plumbers, electrician, etc. come in direct contact with the customer when...

  17. Références bibliographiques


    Abe K., “Magnitudes of large shallow earthquakes from 1904 to 1980”, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, vol. 27, 1981, p. 72-92. Adger W. N., Hughes T.P, Terry P., Folke C., Carpenter S. R., Rockström J., “Social-Ecological Resilience to Coastal Disasters”, Science, vol. 309, n° 5737, 2005, p. 1036-1039. Afian (dir.), Segi-segi social budaya masyarakat aceh, Jakarta, Lembaga Penelitian, Pendidikan dan Penerangan Ekonomi dan Sosial, 1977. AFPS, « Vulnérabilité sismique du bâti exist...

  18. Literaturverzeichnis

    Mallick, Bishawjit


    Adger, W. (2006). Vulnerability. Global Environmental Change, 16(3), 268–281. doi:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2006.02.006 Adger, W. N., Hughes, T. P., Folke, C., Carpenter, S. R., & Rockström, J. (2005). Social-ecological resilience to coastal disasters. Science (New York, N.Y.), 309(5737), 1036–9. doi:10.1126/science.1112122 Adnan, S., Barrett, A., Alam, S. M. N., & Brustinow, A. (1992). People’s Participation, NGOs and the Flood Action Plan: An Independent Review. (S. Adnan, A. Barrett, S. M. N. Al...

  19. Martine Monacelli et Michel Prum. Ces hommes qui épousèrent la cause des femmes

    Frédéric REGARD


    Full Text Available Cet ouvrage collectif compte dix chapitres, consacrés chacun à l’un des « pionniers » hommes du féminisme. Les militants ou sympathisants sont  pour certains très célèbres, mais pour d’autres pratiquement inconnus, William Godwin, John Stuart Mill, William Thompson et Edward Carpenter côtoyant William Johnson Fox, George Lansbury, Israel Zangwill, Frederick Pethic-Lawrence, Frederick Billington-Greig ou encore Victor Duval. Une bibliographie sélective complète l’ouvrage, malheureusement dépou...

  20. Vestibulocerebellar and vestibulo-oculomotor relations in the rabbit

    Thunnissen, Isabel


    textabstractThe present study is the first to demonstrate with anterograde axonal transport connections from the SV and possibly the group y through the superior cerebellar peduncle and the fim to the oculomotor nuclei in the rabbit. Similar connections from SV andy were traced by Henkel and Martin (1977) in the opossum, by Stanton (1980) in the monkey and by Carpenter and Cowie (1985) in the cat. Other authors did not consider the superior peduncle to be an efferent pathway from these nuclei...

  1. Reality Test: Users, Innovation and Sustainability

    Roed Nielsen, Kristian; Steensen Nielsen, Kristian; Reisch, Lucia A.


    Good ideas and innovations are hard to spot and often come from the most unlikely of circumstances – once successful their value seems almost self-evident, but in the early stages a new idea or innovation remains largely anonymous and in dangerous waters. The growth of the Danish windmill industry was for example in the early stage hard to foresee. The utilization of wind power as a source of energy was not a novel concept in the 1970s when Riisager (a carpenter by tra...

  2. Glucose Intolerance after a Recent History of Gestational Diabetes


    Aim. Our aim was to evaluate the uptake of our current screening strategy postpartum and the risk factors for glucose intolerance in women with a recent history of gestational diabetes (GDM). Methods. Retrospective analysis of files of women with a recent history of GDM diagnosed with the Carpenter and Coustan criteria from 01-01-2010 till 31-12-2013. Multivariable logistic regression was used to adjust for confounders. Results. Of all 231 women with a recent history of GDM, 21.4% (46) did no...

  3. Oceanic and atmospheric influences on the variability of phytoplankton bloom in the southwestern Indian Ocean

    Raj, R.P.; Peter, B.N.; Pushpadas, D.

    , or “course correction”, of the model parameters, based on the chlorophyll data acquired by the sensor (Gregg, 2006). The assimilation model produces a bias of 0.1% when compared to NODC and NASA in situ data over 6 years (Gregg, 2006; th 218 R.P. Raj et al...., Oschlies, A., LaRoche, J., 2007. Physiological constraints on the global distribution of Trichodesmium — effect of temperature on diazotrophy. Biogeos- ciences 4, 53–61. Capone, D.G., Zehr, J.P., Paerl, H.W., Bergman, B., Carpenter, E.J., 1997...

  4. A review of the genus Paraleptomenes Giordani Soika, 1970 (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Eumeninae: Odynerini) from the Indian subcontinent,with the description of a new species from the eastern Himalayas.

    Kumar, Girish P; Carpenter, James M; Sharma, Gaurav


    The genus Paraleptomenes Giordani Soika, 1970 is reviewed for the Indian subcontinent. A new species Paraleptomenes darugiriensis Kumar, Carpenter & Sharma, sp. nov. is described. The male of P. rufoniger Giordani Soika, 1994 is described for the first time. The distribution records of P. humbertianus (de Saussure, 1867), P. miniatus mephitis (Cameron, 1901), P. miniatus miniatus (de Saussure, 1855), and P. rufoniger Giordani Soika, 1994 in the Indian states are augmented. A key to species of the Indian subcontinent and a world checklist of species are provided. PMID:24870998

  5. Cain and Abel: German urban modernisation movement 1968-1998

    Kolakowski, Marcin


    1 Introduction Adam and Eve had two children: Cain and Abel. Cain ploughed the ground, Abel was a shepherd. Cain understood the forces of nature, Abel understood the living creatures and their world. When we take a look at today’s world we can see the sons of both Cain and Abel. The first ones are carpenters, technicians, engineers and mechanics. The latter are teachers, doctors, artists and sociologists. When two mothers came to Salomon arguing about which of them a child belongs to, he...

  6. Cavitary pneumonia due to Rhodococcus equi in a heart transplant recipient.

    Kwak, E J; Strollo, D C; Kulich, S M; Kusne, S


    Rhodococcus equi is an uncommon human pathogen that usually affects immunocompromised patients. We present a case of a 68-year-old male heart transplant recipient, who developed rhodococcal pneumonia with secondary bacteremia 10 months post-transplant. The patient was a retired carpenter who was involved in breeding of horses. He responded completely to the treatment with vancomycin and imipenem/cilastin, followed by oral ciprofloxacin and minocycline for total treatment duration of 5 months. This case highlights the association between an animal exposure and infection with a unique opportunistic pathogen. PMID:12791074

  7. Natural history of Camponotus ant-fishing by the M group chimpanzees at the Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania.

    Nishie, Hitonaru


    The aim of this study was to provide basic data on ant-fishing behavior among the M group chimpanzees at the Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania. Ant-fishing is a type of tool-using behavior that has been exhibited by Mahale chimpanzees when feeding upon arboreal carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) since the 1970s, and is now regarded as a candidate of wild chimpanzee culture. Herein, I describe in detail the features of ant-fishing shown by the Mahale M group chimpanzees: (1) 2 species of ...




    Full Text Available RESUMEN
    Presentamos información sobre los hábitos de nidificación de la abeja carpintera Xylocopa
    (Neoxylocopa lachnea en la cordillera Oriental de Colombia. También presentamos comentarios
    sobre el estado actual del conocimiento del género Xylocopa en Colombia y
    guías para la identificación de los subgéneros y especies más comunes en el país.

    Palabras clave: Andes, Apoidea, abejas carpinteras, comportamiento de nidificación.

    We provide information on the nesting habitats of the carpenter bee Xylocopa
    (Neoxylocopa lachnea from the cordillera Oriental of Colombia. We also provide an
    overview of the genus Xylocopa in Colombia as well as identification keys to the
    subgenera and most common species in the country.

    Key words: Andes, Apoidea, carpenter bees, nesting behavior

  9. H2SO4/HNO3/H2O Phase Diagram in Regions of Stratospheric Importance

    Beyer, K. D.; Hansen, A. R.; Raddatz, N.


    We have investigated the region of the H2SO4/HNO3/H2O ternary liquid/solid phase diagram bounded by ice, nitric acid trihydrate (NAT), and sulfuric acid tetrahydrate (SAT) using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and infrared spectroscopy of thin films. We report measurements and analysis of the eutectic melting curves in the ternary system of the hydrates mentioned as well as the temperature of the eutectics: ice/SAT/NAT, ice/sulfuric acid hemihexahydrate (SAH)/NAT, and SAT/NAT. We report for the first time an analysis of the content of the solid phase of completely frozen samples and find that sulfuric acid octahydrate (SAO) is often present in frozen ternary samples and can be a significant portion of the solid phase. We provide a description of how the melting path of a frozen ternary sample can be predicted using the ternary phase diagram. We have parameterized our melting point data and provide equations to generate the ternary melting surface. Finally, we compare our results to the historic work of Carpenter & Lehrmann (Carpenter, C. D.; Lehrman, A. Trans. AIChE 1925, 17, 35) and to other more recent work.

  10. Calliini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae: descrições, homonímia, novo registro e chave para as espécies de Graminea Thomson, 1864

    Ubirajara R. Martins


    Full Text Available Calliini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae: descrições, homonímia, novo registro e chave para as espécies de Graminea Thomson, 1864. Espécies novas descritas: Paracallia giesberti sp. nov. da Bolívia (Cochabamba, Colombicallia albofasciata sp. nov. e Graminea rubra sp. nov. da Bolívia (Santa Cruz; Asemolea flava sp. nov. da Costa Rica, (Heredia; Callia potiaiuba sp. nov. do Brasil (Rondônia e da Bolívia (Cochabamba e Santa Cruz. É proposto o nome Rumuara nom. nov. para Paracladus Martins & Galileo, 1990 non Carpenter, 1966 (Orthoptera. Apresenta-se novo registro para a Bolívia para Eumimesis trilineata Magno & Monné, 1990. Acrescenta-se chave para as espécies de Graminea.Calliini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae: descriptions, homonym, new record and key to the species of Graminea Thomson,1864. New species described: Paracallia giesberti sp. nov. from Bolivia (Cochabamba, Colombicallia albofasciata sp. nov. and Graminea rubra sp. nov. from Bolivia (Santa Cruz; Asemolea flava sp. nov. from Costa Rica, (Heredia; Callia potiaiuba sp. nov. from Brazil (Rondônia and Bolivia (Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. Rumuara nom. nov. is proposed for Paracladus Martins & Galileo, 1990 non Carpenter, 1966 (Orthoptera. Eumimesis trilineata Magno & Monné, 1990 is recorded for Bolivia. A key to the species of Graminea is added.

  11. Invention and modification of a new tool use behavior: ant-fishing in trees by a wild chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) at Bossou, Guinea.

    Yamamoto, Shinya; Yamakoshi, Gen; Humle, Tatyana; Matsuzawa, Tetsuro


    Wild chimpanzees are known to have a different repertoire of tool use unique to each community. For example, "ant-dipping" is a tool use behavior known in several chimpanzee communities across Africa targeted at driver ants (Dorylus spp.) on the ground, whereas "ant-fishing," which is aimed at carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) in trees, has primarily been observed among the chimpanzees of Mahale in Tanzania. Although the evidence for differences between field sites is accumulating, we have little knowledge on how these tool use behaviors appear at each site and on how these are modified over time. This study reports two"ant-fishing" sessions which occurred 2 years apart by a young male chimpanzee at Bossou, Guinea. Ant-fishing had never been observed before in this community over the past 27 years. During the first session, at the age of 5, he employed wands of similar length when ant-fishing in trees to those used for ant-dipping on the ground, which is a customary tool use behavior of this community. Two years later, at the age of 7, his tools for ant-fishing were shorter and more suitable for capturing carpenter ants. This observation is a rare example of innovation in the wild and does provide insights into problem-solving and learning processes in chimpanzees. PMID:18459112

  12. The impact of drywall handling tools on the low back.

    Hess, Jennifer A; Kincl, Laurel D; Davis, Kermit


    Carpenters and other construction workers who install drywall have high rates of strains and sprains to the low back and shoulder. Drywall is heavy and awkward to handle resulting in increased risk of injury. The purpose of this study was to evaluate several low-cost coupling tools that have the potential to reduce awkward postures in drywall installers. Five coupling tools were evaluated using the Lumbar Motion Monitor that measures trunk kinematics and predicts probability of low back disorder group membership risk (LBD risk). Workers answered surveys about their comfort while using each tool. The results indicate that use of the 2-person manual lift and the J-handle provide the best reduction in awkward postures, motions, low back sagittal moment, and LBD risk. The two-person manual lift appears to be the safest method of lifting and moving drywall, though using the two-person J-handle also significantly reduces injury risk. Given that carpenters are skeptical about using equipment that can get in the way or get lost, a practical recommendation is promotion of two-person manual lifting. For single-person lifts, the Old Man tool is a viable option to decrease risk of MSDs. PMID:19733834

  13. Health-hazard evaluation report HETA 86-456-1877, South Texas Nuclear Project, Wadsworth, Texas

    An evaluation was made of an outbreak of dermatitis among workers at the South Texas Nuclear Project construction site, Wadsworth, Texas. The dermatitis occurred ten times more frequently among carpenters than other laborers, with the incidence in 1986 being 250% greater than it was in 1985. Some workers demonstrated pruritic, macular/papular lesions. Carpenters working on the inside of the power-project buildings had a higher incidence of skin disease than those employed on the outside of the buildings. Samples of plywood and lumber treated with fire-retardant indicated that they contained 3 and 5% phosphate, respectively. Arsenic was not detected but formaldehyde was detected at 59 parts per million. General environmental air samples were taken with no evidence found of airborne phosphate, melamine, dicyandiamide, or formaldehyde. Concentrations of total particulates ranged from 0.1 to 0.6mg/m3. The authors conclude that the workers were probably suffering from a contact dermatitis. The authors recommend specific precautions

  14. Eochrysis, a new replacement name for the fossil Protochrysis Bischoff, 1916 (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Chrysididae) nec Pascher, 1911 (Protista: Cryptomonada).

    Doweld, Alexander B


    The genus Protochrysis (type species P. succinalis Bischoff, 1916, by monotypy) was established by Bischoff (1916: 139) for distinctive fossil insect remains of Eocene (Lutetian) age from the former Königsberg outskirts of East Prussia (now Kalinigrad, Russian Federation), referred at present to the Chrysididae (Hymenoptera) (Brues 1933; Carpenter 1985, 1992). However, an identical generic name Protochrysis had previously been proposed by Pascher (1911: 191) for a living protist (Cryptomonada). Bischoff's (1916) name is therefore an invalid junior homonym. Carpenter (1985: 577) proposed a new replacement name for the fossil genus, but overlooked the fact that his newly proposed generic name Protochrysidis was also preoccupied, again by the name of another protist genus, Protochrysidis [Protista: Chrysomonada] described by Skvortzov (1969: 346) from Harbin (China). In fact, the protistan genus Protochrysidis had initially been published as chrysophyte algae following the International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (McNeill et al. 2012) by Skvortzov (1961: 4) who had failed to designate holotype of the species, but later fulfilled all conditions for valid publication in 1969 by providing necessary typification and reference to formerly published description and illustrations. At present chrysophyte algae are still maintained as Chrysomonada in protozoology due to a continued somewhat archaic tradition (Preisig & Anderson 2002). Protochrysidis Skvortzov, 1969 remained little studied since the time of its first description and is currently treated as an incertae sedis protistan taxon. PMID:26701548

  15. Flow induced noise calculations for non-axially distributed hydrophones in towed arrays

    WANG Bin; TANG Weilin; FAN Jun


    Two improvements are put forward on the analyses of flow induced noise in towed arrays. First, the differences between Corcos/Carpenter pressure fluctuation models have been discussed at length, as well as flow induced noise calculated with these two models. Second, flow induced noise received by the finite hydrophones distributed non-axially is discussed and the relevant power spectrum is deduced. The results show that there are some disparities between the wavenumber spectrums and the responses of flow induced noise of these two models. Flow induced noise is closely related with the tow speed, the tube radius and the off-axis distance. The numerical analyses with Carpenter model indicate that the power spectrum of flow induced noise will increase 24 dB approximately with the tow speed doubled, decrease with the radius of the tube, and increase with the off-axis distance. The tube radius and the off-axis distance have greater influence on the high-frequency components than on the low-frequency components.

  16. 中国南方镰孢属的研究Ⅱ:马特组Section Martiella的分类研究%Onthe genus Fusarium from Southern China Ⅱ :on Section Martiella of the genus Fusarium



    通过对中国南方镰孢属马特组的调查和分类研究,鉴定出3个种和2个变种,即:(1)茄病 镰孢Fusarium solani(Mart.)Sacc.;(2)茄病镰孢真马特变种 Fusarium solani(Mart. ) Sacc. var. eumartii ( Carpenter ) Wollenweber ;(3)茄病镰孢爪哇变种 Fusarium solani( Mart. ) Sacc. var. javanicum (Koorders) Ye,comb.nov.;(4)兰色镰孢 Fusarium coeruleum(Libert) Sacc. ;(5)腹状镰孢 et Wollenweber。%In an investigation on Section Martiella of the genus Fusarium in South China,five species or varieties were found. They were: (1) Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc.; (2) Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc . var. eumariii (Carpenter) Wollenweber; (3) Fusarium solani(Mart.) Sacc. var. javanicum (Koorders) Ye, comb. nov.; (4) Fusarium coeruleum (Libert)Sacc. ;(5) Fusarium ventricosum Appel et Wollenweber.

  17. Análise Comparativa de Testes Diagnósticos para Diabete Gestacional

    Katz Leila


    Full Text Available Objetivos: avaliar os resultados maternos e perinatais de pacientes submetidas à curva glicêmica com 100 g de glicose, de acordo com três diferentes critérios diagnósticos. Métodos: realizou-se estudo do tipo corte transversal, incluindo 210 pacientes assistidas no Instituto Materno-Infantil de Pernambuco (IMIP, submetidas durante a gravidez ao teste oral de tolerância à glicose 100 g (TOTG, com gestação única, sem história de diabete ou intolerância aos carboidratos prévia à gestação e cujo parto foi assistido no IMIP. Estas foram classificadas nos grupos: controles, pacientes com hiperglicemia leve, diabete gestacional (DG de acordo com os critérios de Bertini, de Carpenter e Coustan e do "National Diabetes Data Group" (NDDG. Analisaram-se esses grupos, buscando-se associação entre a classificação das pacientes nos grupos e a presença de pré-eclâmpsia, recém-nascidos grandes para a idade gestacional (GIG e freqüência de cesarianas e natimortos, comparando-se ainda as médias de peso ao nascer. Resultados: a freqüência de DG de acordo com os critérios de Bertini, de Carpenter e Coustan e do NDDG foi de 48,1, 18,1, e 9%, respectivamente, ao passo que a freqüência de hiperglicemia leve foi de 10,5%. A idade das pacientes aumentou progressivamente de acordo com o maior grau de intolerância aos carboidratos. Os grupos não diferiram quanto à freqüência de GIG, cesarianas, natimortos e médias de peso ao nascer. Verificou-se aumento significativo da incidência de pré-eclâmpsia em pacientes com hiperglicemia e DG por Carpenter e Coustan, mas não nos outros grupos. Conclusões: a prevalência de diabete gestacional encontrada variou entre 9 e 48%, de acordo com os diversos critérios, mas não se observaram diferenças significativas nos resultados maternos e perinatais entre os grupos. Critérios muito rígidos de diagnóstico podem levar a diagnóstico excessivo, sem melhora subseqüente do progn

  18. DEL MARACUYÁ DEL GÉNERO Xylocopa(HYMENOPTERA: APIDAE, XYLOCOPINI EN COLOMBIA Biological and Taxonomic Notes on Maracuyá Bees of the Genus Xylocopa(Hymenoptera: Apidae, Xylocopini in Colombia


    Full Text Available Presentamos información sobre los hábitos de nidificación de la abeja carpintera Xylocopa (Neoxylocopa lachnea en la cordillera Oriental de Colombia. También presentamos comentarios sobre el estado actual del conocimiento del género Xylocopa en Colombia y guías para la identificación de los subgéneros y especies más comunes en el país.We provide information on the nesting habitats of the carpenter bee Xylocopa (Neoxylocopa lachnea from the cordillera Oriental of Colombia. We also provide an overview of the genus Xylocopa in Colombia as well as identification keys to the subgenera and most common species in the country.

  19. Flow and scour around spherical bodies

    Truelsen, Christoffer


    that the Keulegan-Carpenter number, KC, is the main parameter that govern the equilibrium scour depth in waves. The effect of the Shields parameter, q, on the final scour depth is found to be quite weak under live-bed conditions. It was found that the self-burial due to sinking (general shear failure...... experimental data. A morphodynamic model has been applied and its ability to simulate scour around a sphere is demonstrated for the initial and the equilibrium stage of the scour process. The results show that the present numerical simulation captures some of the main features of the scour process. In Chapter...... 4, an experimental study on the scour around spherical bodies and self-burial in sand for steady current and waves has been carried out. The effect of the contraction of streamlines is found to be the key element in the scour process both for steady current and waves. Furthermore, it is demonstrated...

  20. Crime against Innocence

    Alicia Rix


    Full Text Available Gaynor Arnold’s fictional interpretation of the relationship between Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell (the ‘real-life’ heroine of the Wonderland books takes its title from a cruel piece of Through the Looking-Glass (1871 whimsy. The Walrus and the Carpenter lure juvenile oysters away from their beds promising a stroll, and, having eaten them all, weep lustily over their empty shells; Alice pronouncing them ‘both very unpleasant characters’. Arnold’s own foray into Victorian melodrama likewise concerns a crime against innocence in whose aftermath, like Alice, the reader is obliged to select the most culpable predator from an eccentric and unsympathetic array of creatures.

  1. A study of bromide in the Mandovi-Zuari river system of Goa

    de Souza, Francisca P.; Dalal, V. N. Kamat


    Bromide was the subject of detailed investigation in the Mandovi-Zuari river system and information was compiled on its spatial and temporal distribution. A simple mixture relation of Carpenter et al. was applied and seawater percentage and bromide concentrations were computed. The variation of bromide with chlorinity was linear indicating the purely conservative character of bromide and its seawater origin. Seawater ranged between 1 and 3% in monsoon, 76 and 91% in post-monsoon and 92 and 97% in pre-monsoon in the Mandovi-Zuari river system. As the bromide concentration varied linearly with chlorinity both longitudinally and depthwise, it followed that bromide exhibited a simple distribution pattern established by conservative mixing.

  2. Methodological comparison of DNA extraction from Holcocerrus hippophaecolus (Lepidoptera: Cossidae) for AFLP analysis

    CHEN Min; ZHU Yang-yu; TAO Jing; Luo You-qing


    Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) is a powerful DNA fingerprinting technique for studying genetic rela-tionships and genetic diversity in insects. However, the crucial prerequisite for AFLP analysis is to extract DNA of high quality. In this study, we evaluate four different protocols (SDS method, improved SDS method, CTAB method and a complex method with SDS and CTAB) for isolating DNA from the seabuckthorn carpenter moth (Holcocerrus hippophaecolus (Lepidoptera: Cossidae)). The results indicate that the CTAB method does not produce DNA suitable for AFLP analysis. The SDS method and the complex method with SDS and CTAB are comparatively time-consuming and resulted in low yields of DNA and were therefore not used for AFLP assay. The improved SDS method is recommended for preparing DNA templates from H. hippophaecolus for AFLP analysis.

  3. G-CSF-producing malignant pleural mesothelioma: an autopsy case report with literature review.

    Oka, Kuniyuki; Sarashina, Gen; Yonekawa, Nobuo; Watanabe, Osamu; Miyao, Yoshiko; Hashimoto, Toshio; Yatabe, Yasushi


    This study reports a 54-year-old man who was a carpenter by occupation. He suffered from left chest and back pain and left pleural effusion. Peripheral blood showed granulocytosis and high serum titers of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) and CYFRA. He died 20 months later. At autopsy, a pleural tumor located around the left lung and thickening of the pericardium, diaphragm, and esophagus by tumor infiltration was seen. The tumor proliferated in papillary and solid alveolar patterns by neoplastic cells. They were positive for calretinin, D2-40, CK5/6, HBME-1, G-CSF, CK19, and E-cadherin. He was diagnosed with G-CSF-producing epithelioid malignant pleural mesothelioma. PMID:21911431

  4. Numerical treatment of interfaces for second-order wave equations

    Cécere, Mariana; Reula, Oscar


    In this article we develop a numerical scheme to deal with interfaces between touching numerical grids when solving the second-order wave equation. In the spirit of the Simultaneous Approximation Term (SAT) schemes introduced in \\cite{Carpenter1999341}, information is passed among grids using the values of the fields only at the contact points between them (actually, in our case, just the values of the field corresponding to the time derivative of the field). The scheme seems to be as accurate as the space and time discretizations used for the corresponding derivatives. The semi-discrete approximation preserves the norm and uses standard finite-difference operators satisfying summation by parts. For the time integrator we use a semi-implicit IMEX Runge-Kutta method. This is crucial for, otherwise, the methods will be impractical given the severe restrictions its stiff parts would put on totally explicit integrators.

  5. About Chinese Characters


    “木” mu (wood) has been variously represented as “■ ”“■,” “木 ” and “木 ” throughout history.“ - ” symbolizes branches, “(?) ” a tree trunk, and “(?)” its roots, all three forming a tree. In China, talent is often likened to a tree. There is an old saying, “It takes ten years to grow a tree, but one hundred years to establish a people.” “木” is a component of constructions such as “木材” mucai(timber) “木工” mu gong(woodworker) and “木匠” mujiang (carpenter).

  6. Blochmannia endosymbionts and their host, the ant Camponotus fellah: cuticular hydrocarbons and melanization.

    José de Souza, Danival; Devers, Séverine; Lenoir, Alain


    Carpenter ants (genus Camponotus) have mutualistic, endosymbiotic bacteria of the genus Blochmannia whose main contribution to their hosts is alimentary. It was also recently demonstrated that they play a role in improving immune function as well. In this study, we show that treatment with an antibiotic produces a physiological response inducing an increase in both the quantity of cuticular hydrocarbons and in the melanization of the cuticle probably due to a nutritive and immunological deficit. We suggest that this is because it enhances the protection the cuticle provides from desiccation and also from invasions by pathogens and parasites. Nevertheless, the cuticular hydrocarbon profile is not modified by the antibiotic treatment, which indicates that nestmate recognition is not modified. PMID:21943523

  7. Sick ants become unsociable

    Bos, Nicky Peter Maria; Lefevre, T.; Jensen, A.B.;


    Parasites represent a severe threat to social insects, which form high-density colonies of related individuals, and selection should favour host traits that reduce infection risk. Here, using a carpenter ant (Camponotus aethiops) and a generalist insect pathogenic fungus (Metarhizium brunneum), we...... show that infected ants radically change their behaviour over time to reduce the risk of colony infection. Infected individuals (i) performed less social interactions than their uninfected counterparts, (ii) did not interact with brood anymore and (iii) spent most of their time outside the nest from...... day 3 post-infection until death. Furthermore, infected ants displayed an increased aggressiveness towards non-nestmates. Finally, infected ants did not alter their cuticular chemical profile, suggesting that infected individuals do not signal their physiological status to nestmates. Our results...

  8. Combined Thenar and Hypothenar Hammer Syndromes and Raynaud's Phenomenon Successfully Treated with Iloprost

    Carotti, Marina; Di Carlo, Marco; Salaffi, Fausto


    Thenar and hypothenar hammer syndromes are uncommon conditions characterised by digital ischemia of the hand as a result of repetitive trauma at level of the thenar and/or hypothenar eminence and damage to the radial and/or ulnar arteries, respectively. The symptoms are related to the mechanism of the trauma and a Raynaud's phenomenon can be predominant for a long time. The angiography is the “gold standard” imaging technique which allows to confirm the diagnosis. Therapeutic strategy depends on the type of the lesion and severity of symptoms and includes pharmacological (antithrombotic and thrombolytic drugs) and surgical treatments. The authors present a case of a 53-year-old man, carpenter by profession, with combined thenar and hypothenar hammer syndromes and Raynaud's phenomenon, successfully treated with a short course of intravenous infusion of iloprost. PMID:27092287

  9. INEL BNCT research program publications, 1993

    This document is a collection of the published reports describing research supporting the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Research Program for calendar year 1993. Contributions from the principal investigators are included, covering chemistry (pituitary tumor studies, boron drug development including liposomes, lipoproteins, and carboranylalanine derivatives), pharmacology (murine screenings, toxicity testing, ICP-AES analysis of biological samples), physics (radiation dosimetry software, neutron beam and filter design, neutron beam measurement dosimetry), and radiation biology (tissue and efficacy studies of small and large animal models). These reports have previously appeared in the book: Advances in Neutron Capture Therapy, edited by A. H. Soloway, R. F. Barth, D. E. Carpenter, Plenum Press, 1993. Reports have also appeared in three journals: Angewandte Chemie, Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, and Nuclear Science and Engineering. This individual papers have been indexed separately elsewhere

  10. Lifetime ultraviolet exposure estimates for selected population groups in south-east Queensland

    The lifetime erythemal UV exposures received by selected population groups in south-east Queensland from birth up to an age of 55 years have been quantitatively estimated. A representative sample of teachers and other school workers received (64±22)x105J m-2 to the neck compared with (4.1±1.4)x105Jm-2 to the upper leg. A sample of indoor workers (bank officers, solicitors and psychologists) received approximately 2% less and a sample of outdoor workers (carpenters, tilers, electricians and labourers) received approximately 10% more to the neck than the school workers. These differences in erythemal UV exposures may influence the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer. (author)

  11. Changing institutions of knowing

    Koch, Christian; Bertelsen, Niels Haldor


    paper is to analyze enablers and barriers for this institutional change. The vocational education system in Denmark is strongly institutionalised with unions, employerÕs associations and the schools in central roles. Drawing on institutional theory contributions on labour market -, educational - and...... professional institutions, the paper presents a study of institutional work inside and across schools and craft disciplines working in SMEs involved in new building and renovation with an energy aspect. Collaboration between four education committees for carpenters, masons, electricians and plumbers and...... interviews with seven companies come to focus on competences of interdisciplinary collaboration and sustainable innovation in SME. The anticipation of future building regulation of 2015 and 2020 creates an institutional pressure in education for change including handling differentiated demands of customers...

  12. CFD Simulations of Oscillating Flow around Solid and Perforated Plates


    Damping plates have been used for truss spars in gulf of Mexico to reduce the heave motions. The plates are usually perforated with holes for the passage of marine risers, but the effects of the perforation have not been examined thoroughly. In the present study, a computational fluid dynamics investigation into the hydrodynamic forces is carried out by using FLUENT, which is on two-dimensional perforated plates with varying degrees of perforation in oscillating flow under small Keulegan-Carpenter (KC) number. The numerical results of the hydrodynamic coefficients are presented. The effects of both the perforation ratio (PR) and KC number on the hydrodynamic coefficients of the plates are discussed. Some results of the simulated flow patterns around the plates were also given and discussed.


    Silvano A. Wueschner


    Full Text Available The paper that follows examines changes in funerary procedures and the growth of the undertaking profession in southern Iowa. Funeral arrangements and cost changed over time, and the provision of rudimentary undertaking services moved from the back room of the local store or carpenter shop to premises dedicated in their entirety to the business of dying. This represented a transformation in the way that the funerary arrangements were being conducted. Funerals became more elaborate and there was now made available a choice of accessories to send the departed off in style. Andwhat had been a family affair was by varying degrees being entrusted in to the hands of the nascent undertaking profession as dying was becoming a prosperous business.

  14. Genetic relationship among Camponotus rufipes Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Formicidae nests by RAPD molecular markers - doi: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v35i1.10913

    Alexandre Wagner Silva Hilsdorf


    Full Text Available Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD markers were used to investigate the genetic relationship among nests of the carpenter ant, Camponotus rufipes, located in the same area. Five random oligodecamers were used to amplify DNA from 108 ant workers collected from six nests. A total of 47 RAPD markers were identified, which revealed low levels of genetic differentiation among nests (Fst = 0.00218 and a low average Shannon index (0.3727 among workers within nests. These results together suggest that the C. rufipes nest may be formed by a single, once-mated queen and that nests produced by queens that are genetically related tend to keep their nests in close proximity to one other.

  15. Frequent summer nuptial flights of ants provide a primary food source for bats

    Levin, Eran; Yom-Tov, Yoram; Barnea, Anat


    In many ant species, nuptial flight tends to be short in time and assumed to be synchronous across a large area. Here, we report that, in the upper Jordan Valley, northern Israel, massive nuptial flights of Carpenter ants ( Camponotus sp.) occur frequently throughout the summer, and their alates form up to 90% of the diet of the greater mouse-tailed bat ( Rhinopoma microphyllum) during this period. This fat and protein-rich diet enables female bats to lactate during summer, and the large amount of fat that both sexes accumulate may serve as an energy source for their following winter hibernation and posthibernation mating in early spring (March-April). We suggest that the annual movement of these bats to the Mediterranean region of Israel may have evolved in order to enable them to exploit the extremely nutritious forms of ant alates when the bats’ energetic demands are highest.

  16. Strength of the Creeping Segment of the San Andreas Fault Inferred from Intact SAFOD Core Material

    Lockner, D. A.; Morrow, C. A.; Moore, D. E.; Hickman, S.


    A primary goal of the SAFOD fault zone drilling project was to determine the strength and frictional properties of the San Andreas Fault (SAF) at seismogenic depth. Laboratory testing of SAFOD core material has now provided measurements under near-in-situ conditions of the shear strength of the creeping portion of the SAF at a vertical depth of 2.7 km. Early measurements made on SAFOD spot core and drilling cuttings before core from within the SAF zone was available [Tembe et al. (2006), Morrow et al. (2007), Carpenter et al. (2011)] associated low strength material with currently inactive faults southwest of the SAF and actively deforming zones associated with the SAF that were identified from casing deformation data. In Phase 3 drilling in 2007, core was retrieved from two actively deforming shear zones within the approximately 200-m-wide SAF damage zone. The two zones contained clay-rich foliated gouge and have been designated as the Southwest Deforming Zone (SDZ - width ~1.6 m) and Central Deforming Zone (CDZ - width ~2.6 m). Casing deformation [Zoback et al. (2010)] suggests that deformation is localized within these weak foliated gouge zones. Deformation tests on crushed and sieved samples of the foliated gouge [Lockner et al. (2011) and Carpenter et al. (2012)] showed low strength (coefficient of friction μ in the range 0.1 to 0.2) due to the high concentration of saponite, an Mg-rich smectite clay. We now present results from deformation tests on intact CDZ foliated gouge that, combined with similar deformation tests by Carpenter et al. (2012), allow comparison with crushed/sieved samples. We find: (1) no significant difference in strength of intact and crushed/sieved foliated gouge samples. Apparently, the high concentration of the weak mineral phase (>60%) makes strength variations due to fabric irrelevant in this case. Therefore, crushed/sieved samples that are significantly easier to prepare and test can be used to infer strength and other rheological

  17. Organizational factors related to occupational accidents in construction.

    Filho, J M Jackson; Fonseca, E D; Lima, F P A; Duarte, F J C M


    The purpose of this paper is to understand the influence of organizational factors on occupational accident causation. A field study was undertaken and focused on the phase of concreting the floors of a residential block in a building project in Brazil. The methodological approach was based on the analysis of carpenters' work practices and of the workers' accounts of minor falls. Observations were noted on work practices over this stage. Furthermore, interviews were conducted with the workers hired by the subcontractors and with professionals working for the main contractor. The results show that falls were related to the introduction of new building technology and its use by the workforce. The production planning and organization of activities by the subcontracted firms also led to temporary demands that were additional determining factors for falls on site. The work analysis reveals the need to consider organizational factors in prevention practices. PMID:22317355

  18. Thermolysis of (1R,2R)-1,2-dideuteriocyclobutane. An application of vibrational circular dichroism to kinetic analysis

    The relative rates of geometric isomerization to racemization have been studied for the title compound by using a combination of infrared (IR) and vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectroscopies, respectively. The results are interpreted with a kinetic and mechanistic scheme which parallels that used by Berson, Pedersen, and Carpenter on a similar study of chiral cyclopropane-d2 thermolysis. Relative rates of isomerization to stereomutation of 1.5 +/- 0.4 were obtained which can be interpreted to be consistent with a mechanism best described by random methylene rotation in tetramethylene-d2. This is the first application of VCD to kinetic analysis, and the advantages of IR techniques over the more usually employed UV spectroscopies to this type of basic mechanistic problem are illustrated

  19. Japanese fences

    Dimitri Malko


    Full Text Available In Japan, there is an inclination towards obscuring the demarcation between the private and the public space. The high palisades surrounding “skya” style constructions enclose the gardens where the low fences line the vegetation.In the religious domain, the palisades that separate the sacred space from the secular space, called “tama-gaki”, are found neighbouring “koran” style fences.Stone can sometimes be used as part or only component of the barrier.The barriers and palisades in Japan are utilized to hide the buildings and gardens from the public space, but they stay entirely as art works in which the carpenters of the archipelago put sense of aesthetic and tradition, preserving the privacy, harmony of the landscape and calm.

  20. Multiple sclerosis and organic solvents

    Mortensen, J T; Brønnum-Hansen, Henrik; Rasmussen, K


    We investigated a possible causal relation between exposure to organic solvents in Danish workers (housepainters, typographers/printers, carpenters/cabinetmakers) and onset of multiple sclerosis. Data on men included in the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Register (3,241 men) were linked with data from...... butchers. Over a follow-up period of 20 years, we observed no increase in the incidence of multiple sclerosis among men presumed to be exposed to organic solvents. It was not possible to obtain data on potential confounders, and the study design has some potential for selection bias. Nevertheless, the...... study does not support existing hypotheses regarding an association between occupational exposure to organic solvents and multiple sclerosis....

  1. Research on Plane Module of Huizhou Ancient Vernacular Buildings: the Example of Shexian%徽州古民居平面模数研究——以歙县为例

    郑骏超; 苏剑鸣


    This paper conducts the research on the plane module of ancient dwellings in Shexian (Tangyue, Yuliang and Zhanqi villages),combining with historians' research on the Weights and Measures and feng shui theory of ancient China. On the basis of the plane size of Huizhou ancient vernacular buildings ,the writter calculates the probable chi of carpenter's ruler, using the Mathematical Statistics methods. Moreover, screening and comprehensive analysis of calculation results are accomplished with the use of Yabai principle in the creation of ancient residential areas, consequently, the development trends and the regional distribution features of the carpenter's ruler of ancient folk houses during the Ming and Qing Dynasty in Shexian are concluded, and the reasons are analyzed preliminarily.%本文结合中国度量衡史学者研究成果以及中国古代风水理论,对歙县(棠樾、渔梁和瞻淇三个村落)古民居的平面模数进行研究。在徽州古民居平面测绘尺寸的基础上,运用数理统计推算方法求取木工尺尺长的可能值,在此基础上,利用古代民居营造中的压白尺法对计算结果进行筛选,从而归纳出明清时期歙县古民居木工尺数值及其发展趋势与地域分布特征,并对其原因进行了初步分析。

  2. A Closed-Loop Hardware Simulation of Decentralized Satellite Formation Control

    Ebimuma, Takuji; Lightsey, E. Glenn; Baur, Frank (Technical Monitor)


    In recent years, there has been significant interest in the use of formation flying spacecraft for a variety of earth and space science missions. Formation flying may provide smaller and cheaper satellites that, working together, have more capability than larger and more expensive satellites. Several decentralized architectures have been proposed for autonomous establishment and maintenance of satellite formations. In such architectures, each satellite cooperatively maintains the shape of the formation without a central supervisor, and processing only local measurement information. The Global Positioning System (GPS) sensors are ideally suited to provide such local position and velocity measurements to the individual satellites. An investigation of the feasibility of a decentralized approach to satellite formation flying was originally presented by Carpenter. He extended a decentralized linear-quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) framework proposed by Speyer in a fashion similar to an extended Kalman filter (EKE) which processed GPS position fix solutions. The new decentralized LQG architecture was demonstrated in a numerical simulation for a realistic scenario that is similar to missions that have been proposed by NASA and the U.S. Air Force. Another decentralized architecture was proposed by Park et al. using carrier differential-phase GPS (CDGPS). Recently, Busse et al demonstrated the decentralized CDGPS architecture in a hardware-in-the-loop simulation on the Formation Flying TestBed (FFTB) at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), which features two Spirent Cox 16 channel GPS signal generator. Although representing a step forward by utilizing GPS signal simulators for a spacecraft formation flying simulation, only an open-loop performance, in which no maneuvers were executed based on the real-time state estimates, was considered. In this research, hardware experimentation has been extended to include closed-loop integrated guidance and navigation of multiple spacecraft

  3. Boundary issues

    Townsend, Alan R.; Porder, Stephen


    What is our point of no return? Caesar proclaimed 'the die is cast' while crossing the Rubicon, but rarely does modern society find so visible a threshold in our continued degradation of ecosystems and the services they provide. Humans have always used their surroundings to make a living— sometimes successfully, sometimes not (Diamond 2005)—and we intuitively know that there are boundaries to our exploitation. But defining these boundaries has been a challenge since Malthus first prophesied that nature would limit the human population (Malthus 1798). In 2009, Rockström and colleagues tried to quantify what the 6.8 billion (and counting) of us could continue to get away with, and what we couldn't (Rockström et al 2009). In selecting ten 'planetary boundaries', the authors contend that a sustainable human enterprise requires treating a number of environmental thresholds as points of no return. They suggest we breach these Rubicons at our own peril, and that we've already crossed three: biodiversity loss, atmospheric CO2, and disruption of the global nitrogen (N) cycle. As they clearly hoped, the very act of setting targets has provoked scientific inquiry about their accuracy, and about the value of hard targets in the first place (Schlesinger 2009). Such debate is a good thing. Despite recent emphasis on the science of human-ecosystem interactions, understanding of our planetary boundaries is still in its infancy, and controversy can speed scientific progress (Engelhardt and Caplan 1987). A few weeks ago in this journal, Carpenter and Bennett (2011) took aim at one of the more controversial boundaries in the Rockström analysis: that for human alteration of the global phosphorus (P) cycle. Rockström's group chose riverine P export as the key indicator, suggesting that humans should not exceed a value that could trigger widespread marine anoxic events—and asserting that we have not yet crossed this threshold. There are defensible reasons for a marine

  4. Liver function tests and urinary albumin in house painters with previous heavy exposure to organic solvents.

    Lundberg, I; Nise, G; Hedenborg, G; Högberg, M; Vesterberg, O


    The serum activities or concentrations of aspartate aminotransferase (ASAT), alanine aminotransferase (ALAT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), albumin, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT), bilirubin (BIL), cholic acid (CHOL), chenodeoxycholic acid (CHENO), and transferrin with isoelectric point 5.7, and the urinary excretion of albumin were determined among male current or former house painters (n = 135) and house carpenters (n = 71) who had worked in their trades for at least 10 years before 1970. Workers who showed a value above the 90th percentile among the carpenters in at least one of the tests ASAT, ALAT, GGT, BIL, CHOL, or CHENO were regarded as showing "possible signs of liver dysfunction". Each participant's lifetime solvent exposure was evaluated by interview. The painters were divided into categories with low, intermediate, and heavy cumulative exposure during life (LTSE) or during the most exposed year (MEYSE). All participants stated none or slight recent exposure. The prevalence of possible signs of liver dysfunction increased with solvent exposure category according to LTSE as well as MEYSE with a numerically higher risk estimate in the heavy exposure category for MEYSE than for LTSE. ALP activity increased with exposure category according to both exposure estimates. This increase seemed to be due to an interaction between exposure to solvents and current or previous long term intake of medicines potentially toxic to the liver. None of these results was affected by whether or not the subjects had been exposed to solvents during the year before the investigation. The exposure to solvents was not significantly related to any other outcome variable. It is concluded that long term heavy exposure to solvents may elicit changes in conventional liver function tests indicative of a mild chronic effect on the liver. The findings also suggest that heavy solvent exposure during short time periods is a more likely cause of the findings than lifetime cumulative

  5. Usefulness of commercially available GPS data-loggers for tracking human movement and exposure to dengue virus

    Kochel Tadeusz J


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Our understanding of the effects of human movement on dengue virus spread remains limited in part due to the lack of precise tools to monitor the time-dependent location of individuals. We determined the utility of a new, commercially available, GPS data-logger for long-term tracking of human movements in Iquitos, Peru. We conducted a series of evaluations focused on GPS device attributes key to reliable use and accuracy. GPS observations from two participants were later compared with semi-structured interview data to assess the usefulness of GPS technology to track individual mobility patterns. Results Positional point and line accuracy were 4.4 and 10.3 m, respectively. GPS wearing mode increased spatial point error by 6.9 m. Units were worn on a neck-strap by a carpenter and a moto-taxi driver for 14-16 days. The application of a clustering algorithm (I-cluster to the raw GPS positional data allowed the identification of locations visited by each participant together with the frequency and duration of each visit. The carpenter moved less and spent more time in more fixed locations than the moto-taxi driver, who visited more locations for a shorter period of time. GPS and participants' interviews concordantly identified 6 common locations, whereas GPS alone identified 4 locations and participants alone identified 10 locations. Most (80% of the locations identified by participants alone were places reported as visited for less than 30 minutes. Conclusion The present study demonstrates the feasibility of a novel, commercially available GPS data-logger for long-term tracking of humans and shows the potential of these units to quantify mobility patterns in relationship with dengue virus transmission risk in a tropical urban environment. Cost, battery life, size, programmability and ease of wear are unprecedented from previously tested units, proving the usefulness of GPS-dataloggers for linking movement of individuals and

  6. Development of Custom 465® Corrosion-Resisting Steel for Landing Gear Applications

    Daymond, Benjamin T.; Binot, Nicolas; Schmidt, Michael L.; Preston, Steve; Collins, Richard; Shepherd, Alan


    Existing high-strength low-alloy steels have been in place on landing gear for many years owing to their superior strength and cost performance. However, there have been major advances in improving the strength of high-performance corrosion-resisting steels. These materials have superior environmental robustness and remove the need for harmful protective coatings such as chromates and cadmium now on the list for removal under REACH legislation. A UK government-funded collaborative project is underway targeting a refined specification Custom 465® precipitation hardened stainless steel to replace the current material on Airbus A320 family aircraft main landing gear, a main fitting component developed by Messier-Bugatti-Dowty. This is a collaborative project between Airbus, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, and Carpenter Technology Corporation. An extensive series of coupon tests on four production Heats of the material have been conducted, to obtain a full range of mechanical, fatigue, and corrosion properties. Custom 465® is an excellent replacement to the current material, with comparable tensile strength and fracture toughness, better ductility, and very good general corrosion and stress corrosion cracking resistance. Fatigue performance is the only significant area of deficit with respect to incumbent materials, fatigue initiation being often related to carbo-titanium-nitride particles and cleavage zones.

  7. Floral reward presentation favored the expression of male function in the pollen-only flower Melastoma malabathricum

    Zhong-Lai LUO; Shi CHEN; Dian-Xiang ZHANG


    Animal-pollinated plant species modulate the presentation of pollinator rewards to maximize reproductive success.In plants providing pollen as the only reward for pollinators,it is usually difficult to unravel the dual roles of reward presentation and the realization of male and female functions (pollen removal and deposition).Exploiting the two types of anther in the androecia of Melastoma malabathricum L.,we examined whether the removal of pollen for reward is regulated primarily to favor male function or female function.Pollen removal by carpenter bees from the feeding and pollination anthers,as well as pollen deposition on the stigmas,were quantified during anthesis of M.malabathricum.There was no significant difference in pollen removal rates from the feeding and pollination anthers of M.malabathricum between the onset of anthesis and flower wilting.The stigmatic pollen loads exceeded the ovule number after three sonication bouts,and female function was satisfied earlier than male function.The results support the hypothesis that the presentation of pollination reward in this species is regulated primarily to favor the expression of male function,rather than female function,in agreement with the pollen-donation hypothesis.A cooperative relationship between the feeding and pollination anthers was demonstrated in heterantherous flowers,which optimizes the balance in investments between pollinator rewards and "functional pollen" for gene transfer.

  8. A contribution to the pollination ecology of Tabebuia pulcherrima (Bignoniaceae in a sandbank area of the south of Santa Catarina State, Brazil

    Afonso Inácio Orth


    Full Text Available Studies on pollination mechanisms in Bignoniaceae have show some evidence of co-evolution with its pollen vectors. Floral biology and flower visitors of Tabebuia pulcherrima were investigated in a sandbank area. Flower phenology, the nectar production, pollen/ovule ratio, and identification of the flower visitors, as well as their behavior, were studied. Tabebuia pulcherrima displays typical melitophilous flowers, due to its morphology, diurnal anthesis and day-long nectar secretion. In the morning, the nectar volume is smaller, which is associated with a higher frequency of visitors. The pollen/ovule ratio indicates facultative xenogamy. We collected 88 insects on the flowers, 52% of which were bees; the rest were wasps, flies, ants end beetles. The most abundant species were Niltonia virgilii (42%, Bombus morio (20% and Xylocopa brasilianorum (18%. According to their frequency, abundance and visiting behavior, Bombus morio and Niltonia virgilii were considered to be the potencial pollinators of T. pulcherrima and Epicharis dejeanii, a secondary pollinator. The carpenter bee Xylocopa brasilianorum is a nectar robber of T. pulcherrima. The flowers of T. pulcherrima are an important food source for the entomofauna of the restinga, offering nectar and pollen as floral rewards.

  9. Pleural mesothelioma: Case-report of uncommon occupational asbestos exposure in a small furniture industry.

    Oddone, Enrico; Imbriani, Marcello


    The relationship between asbestos exposure and malignant mesothelioma is no longer disputed, although it is not always easy to trace past occupational exposure. This report describes a case of uncommon asbestos exposure of a small furniture industry worker, who subsequently died of pleural malignant mesothelioma, to stress the crucial importance of a full reconstruction of the occupational history, both for legal and compensation purposes. Sarcomatoid pleural mesothelioma was diagnosed in a 70-year-old man, who was previously employed as a carpenter in a small furniture industry. He worked for about 6 years in the small factory, was exposed to asbestos during the assembly of the furniture inspired by classical architecture, in which asbestos cement tubes were used to reproduce classical columns. During this production process no specific work safety measures were applied, nor masks or local aspirators. No extra-professional exposure to asbestos was identified. This mesothelioma case was investigated by the Public Prosecutor's assignment that commissioned expert evidence on the legal accountability for the disease. Despite its uncommon expositive circumstance, the length of latency (about 30 years), the duration of exposure, the clinical and histochemical features are all consistent with literature evidence, accounting for the occupational origin of this malignancy. PMID:26988890

  10. Military Ecological Risk Assessment Framework (MERAF) for Assessment of Risks of Military Training and Testing to Natural Resources

    Suter II, G.W.


    The objective of this research is to provide the DoD with a framework based on a systematic, risk-based approach to assess impacts for management of natural resources in an ecosystem context. This risk assessment framework is consistent with, but extends beyond, the EPA's ecological risk assessment framework, and specifically addresses DoD activities and management needs. MERAF is intended to be consistent with existing procedures for environmental assessment and planning with DoD testing and training. The intention is to supplement these procedures rather than creating new procedural requirements. MERAF is suitable for use for training and testing area assessment and management. It does not include human health risks nor does it address specific permitting or compliance requirements, although it may be useful in some of these cases. Use of MERAF fits into the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process by providing a consistent and rigorous way of organizing and conducting the technical analysis for Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) (Sigal 1993; Carpenter 1995; Canter and Sadler 1997). It neither conflicts with, nor replaces, procedural requirements within the NEPA process or document management processes already in place within DoD.

  11. Wireless just-in-time training of mobile skilled support personnel

    Bandera, Cesar; Marsico, Michael; Rosen, Mitchel; Schlegel, Barry


    Skilled Support Personnel (SSP) serve emergency response organizations during an emergency incident, and include laborers, operating engineers, carpenters, ironworkers, sanitation workers and utility workers. SSP called to an emergency incident rarely have recent detailed training on the chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and/or explosives (CBRNE) agents or the personal protection equipment (PPE) relevant to the incident. This increases personal risk to the SSP and mission risk at the incident site. Training for SSP has been identified as a critical need by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, Worker Education and Training Program. We present a system being developed to address this SSP training shortfall by exploiting a new training paradigm called just-in-time training (JITT) made possible by advances in distance learning and cellular telephony. In addition to the current conventional training at regularly scheduled instructional events, SSP called to an emergency incident will have secure access to short (technologies and wireless service providers, integration with the incident management system, and SCORM compliance.

  12. CineClub



    On the occasion of CERN’s 60th anniversary the CERN CinéClub will be showing films from all CERN member states   Thursday 24 July 2014 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber You, the Living (Du levande)     Directed by Roy Andersson Sweden, 2007, 95 minutes   You, the living is an exploration on the “grandeur of existence”.   The film consists of a fluent succession of fifty short sketches, most with a tragicomic undertone.  It is centered around the lives of a group of individuals, such as an overweight woman, a disgruntled psychiatrist, a heartbroken groupie, a carpenter, a business consultant, and a school teacher with emotional issues and her rug-selling husband.  This is a film about humankind, its greatness and its baseness, joy and sorrow, its self-confidence and anxiety, its desire to love and be loved. Original version Swedish; English subtitles       &am...

  13. Asymmetrical behavioral response towards two boron toxicants depends on the ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).

    Sola, Francisco; Falibene, Agustina; Josens, Roxana


    Urban ants are a worldwide critical household pests, and efforts to control them usually involve the use of alimentary baits containing slow-acting insecticides. A common toxicant used is boron, either as borax or boric acid. However, the presence of these compounds can affect the consumption of baits by reducing their acceptance and ingestion. Moreover, as feeding motivation varies widely, according not only to food properties but also to colony conditions, bait consumption might be diminished further in certain situations. In this study, we compared the feeding response of ants toward two boron toxic baits (boric acid and borax) in low motivation situations that enhance any possible phago-deterrence the baits may produce. Most studies investigating bait ingestion evaluate whole nests or groups of ants; here, we analyzed the individual ingestion behavior and mortality of the Argentine ant, Linepithema humile (Mayr), and the carpenter ant, Camponotus mus (Roger), for two boron baits, to detect which compound generates a higher rejection in each of these species. Although these two species have similar feeding habits, our results showed that ants under low motivation conditions reduced the acceptance and consumption of the toxic baits asymmetrically. While L. humile mostly rejected the borax, C. mus rejected the boric acid. These results denote the importance of considering the preference of each species when developing a pest management strategy. PMID:23786084

  14. Analogy perception applied to seven tests of word comprehension

    Turney, Peter D


    It has been argued that analogy is the core of cognition. In AI research, algorithms for analogy are often limited by the need for hand-coded high-level representations as input. An alternative approach is to use high-level perception, in which high-level representations are automatically generated from raw data. Analogy perception is the process of recognizing analogies using high-level perception. We present PairClass, an algorithm for analogy perception that recognizes lexical proportional analogies using representations that are automatically generated from a large corpus of raw textual data. A proportional analogy is an analogy of the form A:B::C:D, meaning "A is to B as C is to D". A lexical proportional analogy is a proportional analogy with words, such as carpenter:wood::mason:stone. PairClass represents the semantic relations between two words using a high-dimensional feature vector, in which the elements are based on frequencies of patterns in the corpus. PairClass recognizes analogies by applying s...

  15. Variations in the sleep–wake cycle from childhood to adulthood: chronobiological perspectives

    Carpenter JS


    Full Text Available Joanne S Carpenter, Rébecca Robillard, Ian B HickieClinical Research Unit, Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney, Camperdown, NSW, AustraliaAbstract: Changes in the sleep–wake cycle across development from childhood to adulthood, typically involve a steady shortening of the sleep period and a delay of sleep phase, with a period of more rapid change across adolescence. Accompanying these changes is the maturation of neuroendocrine rhythms such as melatonin, cortisol, and pubertal hormones. These endogenous rhythms are closely associated with behavioral changes in rest and activity rhythms, although environmental factors such as light exposure and academic and social demands likely play an interactive role. Other behavioral aspects, such as physical activity and eating behaviors, are also associated with changes in sleep–wake rhythms, and may be mediational factors in the development of physical illnesses. The sleep–wake cycle and related factors are implicated in the development of mental illnesses. There are several potential avenues of future research that may be valuable in terms of improving interventions and treatments for both mental and physical illnesses.Keywords: circadian rhythm, developmental, adolescence, youth

  16. Changes in diet, body mass and fatty acid composition during pre-hibernation in a subtropical bat in relation to NPY and AgRP expression.

    Levin, Eran; Yom-Tov, Yoram; Hefetz, Abraham; Kronfeld-Schor, Noga


    Prior to hibernation, mammals accumulate large amounts of fat in their bodies. In temperate mammalian species, hibernation is improved by increasing the levels of poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in the body. The saturation of fatty acids (FA) in both white adipose tissue (WAT) and membrane phospholipids of mammals often reflects their diet composition. We found that the greater mouse-tailed bat (Rhinopoma microphyllum) accumulates large amounts of fat at the end of summer by gradually shifting to a fat-rich diet (queen carpenter ants, Camponotus felah). PUFA are almost absent in this diet (bat WAT, but not in their heart total lipids. The expression of two appetite-stimulating (orexigenic) hypothalamic neuropeptides, AgRP and NPY, increased in parallel to the shift in diet and with fat gain in these bats. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only documented example of specific pre-hibernation diet in bats, and one which reveals the most saturated FA composition ever documented in a mammal. We suggest that the increase in expression levels of NPY and AgRP may contribute to the observed diet shift and mass gain, and that the FA composition of the bat's specialized diet is adaptive in the relatively high temperatures we recorded in both their winter and summer roosts. PMID:22843120

  17. Numerical simulation of vibration of horizontal cylinder induced by progressive waves

    Chern, Ming-Jyh; Odhiambo, E. A.; Horng, Tzyy-Leng; Borthwick, A. G. L.


    Maritime structures often comprise cylinders of small diameter relative to the prevailing wave length. This paper describes the direct forcing immersed boundary simulation of the hydroelastic behaviour of a rigid, horizontal circular cylinder in regular progressive waves. Fluid motions are numerically solved by the full Navier-Stokes equations, and the free surface by the volume-of-fluid method. The Reynolds number Re = 110, Keulegan-Carpenter number KC = 10, Froude number Fr = 0.69 and Ursell number U rs ≈ 12. A single-degree-of-freedom model is used for the elastically mounted cylinder. Velocity profiles for the stationary cylinder case have been successfully validated using experimental results. The frequency response for reduced velocities 4.5\\lt {U}R*\\lt 5.3 have been compared with theoretical data. Three transverse vibration regimes are identified: lower beating (4\\lt {U}R*\\lt 4.5); lock-in (4.7\\lt {U}R*\\lt 4.8); and upper beating (5\\lt {U}R*\\lt 10) modes. The lower and upper beating regimes exhibit varying amplitude response. The lock-in mode represents the region of fixed and maximum response. The lower beating and lock-in modes have peaks at a common vibration to wave frequency ratio {f}{{w}}* = 2. For the upper beating mode, {f}{{w}}* = 1, except for {U}R*=10 when {f}{{w}}* = 2.

  18. Immune-priming in ant larvae: social immunity does not undermine individual immunity.

    Rosengaus, Rebeca B; Malak, Tanya; Mackintosh, Christopher


    Social insects deploy numerous strategies against pathogens including behavioural, biochemical and immunological responses. While past research has revealed that adult social insects can generate immunity, few studies have focused on the immune function during an insect's early life stages. We hypothesized that larvae of the black carpenter ant Camponotus pennsylvanicus vaccinated with heat-killed Serratia marcescens should be less susceptible to a challenge with an active and otherwise lethal dose of the bacterium. We compared the in vivo benefits of prior vaccination of young larvae relative to naive and ringer injected controls. Regardless of colony of origin, survival parameters of vaccinated individuals following a challenge were significantly higher than those of the other two treatments. Results support the hypothesis that ant larvae exhibit immune-priming. Based on these results, we can infer that brood care by workers does not eliminate the need for individual-level immunological responses. Focusing on these early stages of development within social insect colonies can start addressing the complex dynamics between physiological (individual level) and social (collective) immunity. PMID:24108675

  19. Pleural mesothelioma: Case-report of uncommon occupational asbestos exposure in a small furniture industry

    Enrico Oddone


    Full Text Available The relationship between asbestos exposure and malignant mesothelioma is no longer disputed, although it is not always easy to trace past occupational exposure. This report describes a case of uncommon asbestos exposure of a small furniture industry worker, who subsequently died of pleural malignant mesothelioma, to stress the crucial importance of a full reconstruction of the occupational history, both for legal and compensation purposes. Sarcomatoid pleural mesothelioma was diagnosed in a 70-year-old man, who was previously employed as a carpenter in a small furniture industry. He worked for about 6 years in the small factory, was exposed to asbestos during the assembly of the furniture inspired by classical architecture, in which asbestos cement tubes were used to reproduce classical columns. During this production process no specific work safety measures were applied, nor masks or local aspirators. No extra-professional exposure to asbestos was identified. This mesothelioma case was investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s assignment that commissioned expert evidence on the legal accountability for the disease. Despite its uncommon expositive circumstance, the length of latency (about 30 years, the duration of exposure, the clinical and histochemical features are all consistent with literature evidence, accounting for the occupational origin of this malignancy.

  20. The Effects of Age, Priming, and Working Memory on Decision-Making.

    Wood, Meagan; Black, Sheila; Gilpin, Ansley


    In the current study, we examined the effects of priming and personality on risky decision-making while playing the Game of Dice Task (GDT). In the GDT, participants decide how risky they wish to be on each trial. In this particular study prior to playing the GDT, participants were randomly assigned to one of three priming conditions: Risk-Aversive, Risk-Seeking, or Control. In the Risk-Seeking condition, a fictional character benefitted from risky behavior while in the Risk-Aversive condition, a fictional character benefitted from exercising caution. Although not explicitly stated in the instructions, participants need to make "safe" rather than risky choices to optimize performance on the GDT. Participants were also given Daneman and Carpenter's assessment of working memory task. Interestingly, although older adults self-reported being more cautious than younger adults on the Domain Specific Risk Attitude scale (DOSPERT), older adults made riskier decisions than younger adults on the GDT. However, after controlling for working memory, the age differences on the GDT became insignificant, indicating that working memory mediated the relation between age and risky decisions on the GDT. PMID:26761023

  1. Elevated-temperature fracture toughness and fatigue testing of steels for geothermal applications. Annual progress report

    Cutler, R.A.; Goodman, E.C.; Guest, R.V.; Hendrickson, R.R.; Leslie, W.C.


    Conventional drill bit steels exhibit increased wear and decreased toughness when run at elevated temperatures in geothermal wells. Bits are therefore run at lower speeds and lighter loads, resulting in lower penetration rates for geothermal wells than for conventional rock drilling. Carpenter EX-00053, Timken CBS 600, Timken CBS 1000M and Vasco X-2M, steels with improved hot hardness (improved wear resistance), were tested in conjunction with the steels used for cones (AISI 4820 and 9315) and lugs (AISI 8620 and 9315) in conventional roller cone rock bits. Shortrod fracture toughness measurements were made on each of these steels between room temperature and 400/sup 0/C. Fatigue crack resistance was determined at 300/sup 0/C for high-temperature steels and at room temperature for conventional steels. Scanning electron microscopy analyses of the fractured short-rod specimens were correlated with observed crack behavior from the test records. Test results are discussed, recommendations made for further testing and preliminary steel selections made for improved geothermal bits.

  2. Mining the Advanced Spectral Library (ASTRAL): Fluorescence in Evolved M-Stars

    Carpenter, Kenneth G.; Nielsen, K. E.; Kober, G. V.; Cheng, K.; Ayres, T. R.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Harper, G.


    The "Advanced Spectral Library (ASTRAL) Project: Cool Stars" (PI = T. Ayres) is an HST Cycle 18 Treasury Program designed to collect a definitive set of representative, high-resolution ( 46,000 in the FUV up to ~1700 Å, 30,000 for 1700-2150 Å, and 114,000 >2150 Å) and high signal/noise (S/N>100) UV spectra of eight F-M evolved cool stars. These extremely high-quality STIS UV echelle spectra are available from the HST archive and through the University of Colorado ( ayres/ASTRAL/) and will enable investigations of a broad range of problems -- stellar, interstellar, and beyond -- for many years. In this paper, we use the very rich emission-line spectra of the two evolved M stars in the sample, the M3.4 giant Gamma Crucis (GaCrux) and the M2Iab supergiant Alpha Orionis (Betelgeuse), to study the fluorescence processes operating in their outer atmospheres. We summarize the pumping transitions and fluorescent line products known on the basis of previous work (e.g. Carpenter 1988 and references therein) and newly identified in our current, on-going analysis and provide some comments on their implications for the structure of the outer atmospheres of these stars.


    Farfan, E.; Jannik, T.; Caldwell, E.


    In the most highly contaminated region of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: the 'Red Forest' site, the accumulation of the major dose-affecting radionuclides ({sup 90}Sr and {sup 137}Cs) within the components of an ecological system encompassing 3,000 m{sup 2} were characterized. The sampled components included soils (top 0-10 cm depth), Molina caerulea (blue moor grass), Camponotus vagus (carpenter ants) and Pelobates fuscus (spade-footed toad). In a comparison among the components of this ecosystem, the {sup 90}Sr and {sup 137}Cs concentrations measured in 40 separate grids exhibited significant differences, while the frequency distribution of the values were close to a logarithmically normal leptokurtic distribution with a significant right-side skew. While it is important to identify localized areas of high contamination or 'hot spots,' including these values in the arithmetic mean may overestimate the exposure risk. In component sample sets that exhibited logarithmically normal distribution, the geometrical mean more accurately characterizes a site. Ideally, risk assessment is most confidently achieved when the arithmetic and geometrical means are most similar, meaning the distribution approaches normal. Through bioaccumulation, the highest concentrations of {sup 90}Sr and {sup 137}Cs were measured in the blue moor grass and spade-footed toad. These components also possessed distribution parameters that shifted toward a normal distribution.

  4. Maintenance of the geometry of LEP improvement and optimization of the vertical and radial smoothing

    Since the start-up of the LEP in 1989, the tunnel and the machine have undergone various deformations. The new instrument technologies allowed the vertical survey of the whole ring of 27 km in four weeks, and this complete leveling pointed out singular or regular move in the parts where stability was supposed. The new smoothing algorithm has been developed, and the optimization of the bandwidth of correcting displacement has been derived from orbit simulation. Also radial smoothing survey has been derived from orbit simulation. Also radial smoothing survey has been undertaken, and the analysis of these data showed the possible improvement by the addition of precise azimuths obtained by accurate gyro measurement. The results of yearly measurements and the realignment of the LEP are reported. The carpenter's plane method has been developed for the smoothing of the LEP. It is explained. The reduction of the digression and fluctuation in the radial smoothing is reported. The metrology of low beta sections calls for the straightness of each section and the colinearity of these segments with the good connection to the smoothed line of other quadrupoles. The alignment control of low beta sections is described. (K.I.)

  5. Trends in the Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

    Mishra, Surabhi; Rao, Chythra R.; Shetty, Avinash


    Introduction. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is defined as carbohydrate intolerance of variable degree with onset or recognition during pregnancy. As prevalence of diabetes is linked to impaired glucose tolerance during antenatal period, routine antenatal screening of GDM is required. However, screening tests for GDM remain controversial. Objective. To review different diagnostic criteria for GDM. Materials and Methods. Freely accessible, full-text articles from 1964 to 2015, available in PubMed in English language, pertaining to screening of GDM were reviewed. Results. First diagnostic criteria for GDM in 1964 by O'Sullivan and Mahan, modified by the National Diabetes Data Group (NDDG) in 1979 and Carpenter in 1982. The cut-off value as per WHO definition of GDM was 140 mg/dL, 2 hours after 75 g glucose intake. Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group India (DIPSI), in 2006, endorsed WHO criteria but irrespective of the last meal timings. Being cost-effective, it formed the basis of national guidelines for Indians in 2014. Conclusions. As typical clinical scenarios are usually varied, practical guidelines that meet the constraints of low-resource settings like India are required. PMID:27190681

  6. Discovery of defense- and neuropeptides in social ants by genome-mining.

    Christian W Gruber

    Full Text Available Natural peptides of great number and diversity occur in all organisms, but analyzing their peptidome is often difficult. With natural product drug discovery in mind, we devised a genome-mining approach to identify defense- and neuropeptides in the genomes of social ants from Atta cephalotes (leaf-cutter ant, Camponotus floridanus (carpenter ant and Harpegnathos saltator (basal genus. Numerous peptide-encoding genes of defense peptides, in particular defensins, and neuropeptides or regulatory peptide hormones, such as allatostatins and tachykinins, were identified and analyzed. Most interestingly we annotated genes that encode oxytocin/vasopressin-related peptides (inotocins and their putative receptors. This is the first piece of evidence for the existence of this nonapeptide hormone system in ants (Formicidae and supports recent findings in Tribolium castaneum (red flour beetle and Nasonia vitripennis (parasitoid wasp, and therefore its confinement to some basal holometabolous insects. By contrast, the absence of the inotocin hormone system in Apis mellifera (honeybee, another closely-related member of the eusocial Hymenoptera clade, establishes the basis for future studies on the molecular evolution and physiological function of oxytocin/vasopressin-related peptides (vasotocin nonapeptide family and their receptors in social insects. Particularly the identification of ant inotocin and defensin peptide sequences will provide a basis for future pharmacological characterization in the quest for potent and selective lead compounds of therapeutic value.

  7. Discovery of defense- and neuropeptides in social ants by genome-mining.

    Gruber, Christian W; Muttenthaler, Markus


    Natural peptides of great number and diversity occur in all organisms, but analyzing their peptidome is often difficult. With natural product drug discovery in mind, we devised a genome-mining approach to identify defense- and neuropeptides in the genomes of social ants from Atta cephalotes (leaf-cutter ant), Camponotus floridanus (carpenter ant) and Harpegnathos saltator (basal genus). Numerous peptide-encoding genes of defense peptides, in particular defensins, and neuropeptides or regulatory peptide hormones, such as allatostatins and tachykinins, were identified and analyzed. Most interestingly we annotated genes that encode oxytocin/vasopressin-related peptides (inotocins) and their putative receptors. This is the first piece of evidence for the existence of this nonapeptide hormone system in ants (Formicidae) and supports recent findings in Tribolium castaneum (red flour beetle) and Nasonia vitripennis (parasitoid wasp), and therefore its confinement to some basal holometabolous insects. By contrast, the absence of the inotocin hormone system in Apis mellifera (honeybee), another closely-related member of the eusocial Hymenoptera clade, establishes the basis for future studies on the molecular evolution and physiological function of oxytocin/vasopressin-related peptides (vasotocin nonapeptide family) and their receptors in social insects. Particularly the identification of ant inotocin and defensin peptide sequences will provide a basis for future pharmacological characterization in the quest for potent and selective lead compounds of therapeutic value. PMID:22448224

  8. The history of women in surgery.

    Wirtzfeld, Debrah A


    The history of women in surgery in Western civilization dates to 3500 before common era (BCE) and Queen Shubad of Ur. Ancient history reveals an active role of women in surgery in Egypt, Italy and Greece as detailed in surgical texts of the time. During the middle ages, regulations forbade women from practising surgery unless they assumed their husbands' practices upon their deaths or unless they were deemed fit by a "competent" jury. King Henry VIII proclaimed that "No carpenter, smith, weaver or women shall practise surgery." The modern period of surgery opens with women impersonating men to practise medicine and surgery (Dr. Miranda Stewart). The first female physicians (Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell and Dr. Emily Jennings Stowe) and surgeons (Dr. Mary Edwards Walker and Dr. Jennie Smillie Robertson) in North America found it difficult to obtain residency education after completing medical school. Dr. Jessie Gray was Canada's "First Lady of Surgery" and the first woman to graduate from the Gallie program at the University of Toronto in the 1940s. Currently, the ratio of women in surgical training is far less than that of women in medical school. The reasons that women choose surgery include appropriate role models and intellectual/technical challenge. Lack of mentorship and lifestyle issues are the strongest deterrents. Consideration of a "controllable lifestyle" by surgical administrators will help with the recruitment of women into surgery. PMID:19680519

  9. Gestational diabetes and the incidence of diabetes in the 5 years following the index pregnancy in South Indian women.

    Krishnaveni, Ghattu V; Hill, Jacqueline C; Veena, Sargoor R; Geetha, Suguna; Jayakumar, Magudilu N; Karat, Chitra L S; Fall, Caroline H D


    This study was carried out to examine the incidence of diabetes and the factors associated with this in a cohort of South Indian women 5 years after they were examined for gestational diabetes (GDM). Women (N=630) whose GDM status was determined (Carpenter-Coustan criteria; GDM: N=41) delivered live babies without major anomalies at the Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore. Of these, 526 women (GDM: N=35) available for follow-up after 5 years underwent a 2-h oral glucose tolerance test and detailed anthropometry. Diabetes was determined using WHO criteria, and Metabolic Syndrome using IDF criteria recommended for south Asian women. The incidence of diabetes (37% versus 2%) and Metabolic Syndrome (60% versus 26%) was considerably higher in women with previous GDM compared to non-GDM women. GDM women who developed diabetes had lower gestational insulin area-under-the-curve (P=0.05). They had larger waist-to-hip ratio, skinfolds, body mass index, and lower 30-min insulin increment at follow-up than other GDM women. In all, history of diabetes in first-degree relatives was independently associated with higher incidence of diabetes (P<0.001). Our findings suggest high diabetes and cardiovascular risks in women with previous GDM. Follow-up of these women after delivery would provide opportunities to modify adverse lifestyle factors. PMID:17640759

  10. Concept for Specific Lines of Business, Energy Saving Tourism

    In the spirit of the objectives of the Energy Plan 1995 in order to make more efficient use of energy and thus to reduce energy requirements, to promote the use of renewable energies, and to attach maximum importance to the ecological compatibility of the energy systems, among other project the provincial government of Styria is pursuing the option of consulting small and medium-sized enterprises in a target manner. Three years after being launched, this Ecological Company Consulting scheme for various lines of business is now producing successful results, demonstrating that energy saving, business profit and ecology can go hand in hand by example of numerous pilot projects. Trade-specific concepts have been elaborated for foodstuffs, carpenters and car repair and sales firms, bakeries and hairdressers and, most recently, for tourist industry business /hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.). The province of Styria, represented by the Energy Commissioner and the department of waste management, is co-operating closely in the Ecological Company Consulting scheme with the Styrian Chamber of Commerce and the Economy Promotion Institute (Wirtschaftsfoerderungsinstitut). In several cases, other provinces, the Federal Ministry of Environmental, Youth and Family Affairs, and the Federal Chamber of Commerce have adopted the results of this co-operation, while in some cases subsidy schemes are linked to these trade-specific concepts. In the course of the scheme, the aim is to investigate energy requirements, saving potentials and questions of waste management. (author)

  11. Legacy Phosphorus in Agricultural Watersheds: Implications for Restoration and Management of Wetlands and Aquatic Systems

    Phosphorus is added to watersheds in various forms, including fertilizers, nonhazardous wastes (animal manures and biosolids) and nutrient enriched waters. Globally, approximately 14 million metric tons of phosphorus is added as fertilizer to agricultural watersheds. The approximate ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus fertilizer application at the global level is 5.8 (Mullins et al., 2005). Historically, organic wastes such as animal manure were applied to agronomic crops and pastures on the basis of their nitrogen availability, which has resulted in excessive application of phosphorus. The nitrogen to phosphorus ratio of manure is less than 2. As a result, many agricultural watersheds receiving land application of wastes and fertilizers have accumulated phosphorus in excess amounts. However, as soils in agricultural watersheds become saturated or overloaded with phosphorus, a significant portion of stored phosphorus can be released and transported with water during runoff events into adjacent water bodies such as wetlands, streams, shallow lakes and other aquatic systems (Carpenter et al., 1998; Foley et al., 2005). Wetlands, riparian zones and water conservation areas in agricultural watersheds serve as sinks, sources and transformers of nutrients and other chemical contaminants, and as such, they can have a significant impact on water quality, nutrient retention and ecosystem productivity. Here we briefly present a case study of water quality issues in the Lake Okeechobee Basin (LOB), FL, USA and its impact on an adjacent lake.

  12. Experimental investigation of the wave-induced flow around a surface-touching cylinder

    Mattioli, M.; Mancinelli, A.; Brocchini, M.


    The wave-induced flow around a circular cylinder near both a rigid wall and an erodible bed is experimentally investigated using Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV). The aim of this study is to gain quantitative information on the local mean flow, the vorticity dynamics and the evolution of the erodible bed. The flow is characterized in terms of the Keulegan-Carpenter (KC), Reynolds (Re) and Ursell (Ur) numbers. The effects of changing these parameters over the ranges 1Sumer et al., 1991). The evolution of the scour mechanism occurring over an erodible sandy bed is also investigated. The validity of some empirical formulas in the literature is also tested on the basis of the available dataset. The empirical relationships of Cevik and Yuksel (1999) and Sumer and Fredsøe (1990) for the dimensionless scour depth (S/D) agree well with our results. The dimensionless scour width (Ws/D) is predicted well by Sumer and Fredsøe's (2002) empirical equation for KC<23, whereas Catano-Lopera and Garcia's (2007) formula is more accurate for higher values of KC.

  13. Spatio-temporal variation of nectar robbing in Salvia gesneriflora and its effects on nectar production and legitimate visitors.

    Cuevas, E; Rosas-Guerrero, V


    Nectar robbing occurs when floral visitors remove floral nectar through floral damage and usually without providing pollination in return. Even though nectar robbing may have negative, neutral or even positive effects on plant fitness, few studies have investigated temporal and spatial variation in robbing rate and their consequences, particularly in the tropics. In this study, robbing levels were estimated during 3 years in four populations of Salvia gesneriflora, a hummingbird-pollinated shrub endemic to central Mexico that is mainly robbed by birds, carpenter bees and bumblebees. The effect of robbing on nectar availability, flower longevity and on visitation rate by floral visitors was also evaluated. Our results indicate great variation in robbing levels across years and populations and a positive relationship between robbing level and flower abundance per population. Moreover, our results show that nectar availability is about eight times higher in unrobbed flowers than in robbed flowers, and that nectar robbers prefer younger flowers, although lifespan of robbed and unrobbed flowers did not differ statistically. Primary and secondary nectar robbers showed a higher visitation rate compared to legitimate visitors, and neither legitimate nor illegitimate floral visitors seem to discriminate between robbed and unrobbed flowers. These results suggest that robbers may respond to food availability and that no floral visitors apparently could differentiate between robbed and unrobbed flowers. Finally, results show that nectar robbers prefer the youngest flowers, which suggests that strong competition for access to nectar between pollinators and robbers might occur, mainly at the first stages of the flowers. PMID:25677960


    Magdalena López


    Full Text Available Actualmente la memoria de trabajo constituye un concepto que ha logrado consenso científico , al ser concebi do como un sistema cerebral que proporciona almacenamiento temporal y manipulación de la información necesaria para tareas cognitivas complejas, como la comprensión del lenguaje, el aprendizaje y el razonamiento (Gathercole, Alloway, Willis & Adam, 2006; Bad deley, 1986; Just & Carpenter, 1992. El avance tecnológico y científico en neuropsicología ha posibilitado numerosos aportes, descubrimientos que posibilitan la integración de saberes y experiencias procedentes de campos disciplinares diferentes. El estud io de la organización funcional de la memoria de trabajo, con la aparición de técnicas de neuroimágen, ha posibilitado entender la compleja red de conexiones y relaciones que posee. Se propone una revisión sobre la evolución del concepto de memoria de trab ajo para comprender mejor un sistema al que se le atribuye gran incidencia en el aprendizaje

  15. Survey of energetic particle precipitation. Automatic detection of enhanced transient ionisation in the mesosphere using subionospheric narrow band VLF signals

    Complete text of publication follows. Powerful signals of VLF transmitters, propagating long range in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide have been widely applied as effective tools for monitoring transient mesospheric ionization. Perturbations in recorded amplitude and/or phase data series may refer to the effect of. loss-cone precipitation of trapped energetic electrons (Carpenter et al., 1984, Dowden and Adams, 1990), burst of solar plasma particles (Clilverd et al., 2001). The contribution of precipitating particles are thought to be substantial in certain Sun-to-Earth energy flow processes in the upper atmosphere (Rodger et al., 2005). Hungarian narrow band VLF measuring network has been operated in Hungary in the last decade almost continuously, dedicated to monitor ionization enhancement regions along numerous transmitter-receiver paths. This setup is based on Omnipal and Ultra-MSK equipment, logging amplitude and phase data of received signals, sampled at frequencies of selected VLF transmitters. Signal trajectories, selected for recording represent proper configuration to survey transient ionization caused by energetic particles in the sub-polar region, such as effect of scattered particles of the inner radiation belt. Data processing results in the mass archived VLF recordings is presented based on an automated event detection procedure, developed recently. Occurrence rates, daily and seasonal variation, statistics of transient ionization enhancements, their geographic distribution within the surveyed range and time period are the primal outcome of this analysis.

  16. Two cold-sensitive neurons within one sensillum code for different parameters of the thermal environment in the ant Camponotus rufipes

    Manuel Nagel


    Full Text Available Ants show high sensitivity when responding to minute temperature changes and are able to track preferred temperatures with amazing precision. As social insects, they have to detect and cope with thermal fluctuations not only for their individual benefit but also for the developmental benefit of the colony and its brood. In this study we investigate the sensory basis for the fine-tuned, temperature guided behaviors found in ants, specifically what information about their thermal environment they can assess. We describe the dose-response curves of two cold-sensitive neurons, associated with the sensillum coelocapitulum on the antenna of the carpenter ant Camponotus rufipes. One cold-sensitive neuron codes for temperature changes, thus functioning as a thermal flux-detector. Neurons of such type continuously provide the ant with information about temperature transients (TT-neuron. The TT-neurons are able to resolve a relative change of 37% in stimulus intensity (ΔT and antennal scanning of the thermal environment may aid the ant’s ability to use temperature differences for orientation. The second cold-sensitive neuron in the S. coelocapitulum responds to temperature only within a narrow temperature range. A temperature difference of 1.6°C can be resolved by this neuron type. Since the working range matches the preferred temperature range for brood care of Camponotus rufipes, we hypothesize that this temperature sensor can function as a thermal switch to trigger brood care behavior, based on absolute (steady state temperature.

  17. Alaska Highway Pipeline Project and union linkages : Working Paper No. 7.2.7

    Large construction projects such as the proposed Alaska Highway Pipeline Project typically have an agreement with a union before starting construction in order to avoid strikes and other labour disruptions. Unions can also secure multi-year employment for their workers, creating a win-win situation. There are 4 unions associated with building pipelines. These are United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA), Teamsters, International Union of Operating Engineers, and Laborers International Union. Only the UA is currently active in construction in the Yukon. Generally, all contractors and sub-contractors must sign a collective agreement. Unions give local hiring priority and have also established targets for First Nations hiring. This study presented charts depicting employment of operators, labourers, teamsters, welders, pipefitters, electricians, carpenters and others, by seasons in Canada in the main union jurisdictions and in building trades. None of the highway, road, bridge or engineering construction firms active in the Yukon is unionized, but some have collective agreements in other jurisdictions. It was noted that these local non-union firms may have difficulty bidding on pipeline related sub-contracts. The four unions along with several pipeline contractors have formed a joint council of northern pipeline construction called the Northern Pipelines Projects Group, which intends to coordinate training programs for pipeline workers. 2 tabs

  18. Multifractal Resilience Metrics for Complex Systems?

    Schertzer, D. J.; Tchiguirinskaia, I.; Lovejoy, S.


    The term resilience has become extremely fashionable, especially for complex systems, whereas corresponding operational definitions have remained rather elusive (Carpenter et al. 2001). More precisely, the resilience assessment of man-made systems (from nuclear plants to cities) to geophysical extremes require mathematically defined resilience metrics based on some conceptual definition, e.g. the often cited definition of "ecological resilience" (Hollings 1973): "the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change so as to still retain essentially the same function, structure, identity, and feedbacks". Surprisingly, whereas it was acknowledged by Folke et al. (2010) that "multiscale resilience is fundamental for understanding the interplay between persistence and change, adaptability and transformability", the relation between resilience and scaling has not been so much questioned, see however Peterson (2000). We argue that is rather indispensable to go well beyond the attractor approach (Pimm and Lawton 1977; Collings and Wollkind 1990;), as well as extensions (Martin et al., 2011) into the framework of the viability theory (Aubin 1991; Aubin et al. 2011). Indeed, both are rather limited to systems that are complex only in time. Scale symmetries are indeed indispensable to reduce the space-time complexity by defining scale independent observables, which are the singularities of the original, scale dependent fields. These singularities enable to define across-scale resilience, instead of resilience at a given scale.

  19. Theoretic analysis on separation efficiency of wire mesh mist eliminator of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor helium purification and auxiliary system

    Helium purification and helium auxiliary system is one of important systems guaranteeing the safe operation of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor. Wire mesh mist eliminator in this system is one of the key components. It is used to separate waste water containing tritium, and remove moisture after reactor accident. Base on the ideal fluid model and packing pad model developed by Carpenter, a calculation model was presented for separation efficiency of mist eliminator. The calculation program SEP-WMME was developed based on the model. The calculation results fit well with experiment results. Theoretic analysis was carried out for the mist eliminator of regeneration system in HTR-PM helium purification system engineering validation test loop. The analysis results show that the inlet velocity is an important parameter for mist eliminator in regeneration system. When the inlet velocity is above 3.0 m/s, high separation efficiency will be obtained. The number of wire mesh layers also affects the separation efficiency remarkably. When the number of layers increases further to some extent, the separation efficiency increase becomes insignificant. The number of layers should be chosen properly by considering pressure loss. Additionally, the diameter of wire is an important parameter related to separation efficiency. The separation efficiency increases with the decrease of the wire diameter. The analysis is significant for structure design, optimization and safe operation of mist eliminator in helium purification and helium auxiliary system. (authors)

  20. IUTAM Symposium

    Pedley, Timothy


    The IUTAM Symposium on Flow in Collapsible Tubes and Past Other Highly Compliant Boundaries was held on 26-30 March, 2001, at the University of Warwick. As this was the first scientific meeting of its kind we considered it important to mark the occasion by producing a book. Accordingly, at the end of the Symposium the Scientific Committee met to discuss the most appropriate format for the book. We wished to avoid the format of the conventional conference book consisting of a large number of short articles of varying quality. It was agreed that instead we should produce a limited number of rigorously refereed and edited articles by selected participants who would aim to sum up the state of the art in their particular research area. The outcome is the present book. Peter W. Ca rpenter, Warwick Timothy J. Pedley, Cambridge May, 2002. VB SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Co-Chair: P.W. Carpenter, Engineering, Warwiek, UK Co-Chair: TJ. Pedley, DAMTP, Cambridge, UK V.V. Babenko, Hydromechanics, Kiev, Ukraine R. Bannasch, Bionik...

  1. Patterns of work attitudes: A neural network approach

    Mengov, George D.; Zinovieva, Irina L.; Sotirov, George R.


    In this paper we introduce a neural networks based approach to analyzing empirical data and models from work and organizational psychology (WOP), and suggest possible implications for the practice of managers and business consultants. With this method it becomes possible to have quantitative answers to a bunch of questions like: What are the characteristics of an organization in terms of its employees' motivation? What distinct attitudes towards the work exist? Which pattern is most desirable from the standpoint of productivity and professional achievement? What will be the dynamics of behavior as quantified by our method, during an ongoing organizational change or consultancy intervention? Etc. Our investigation is founded on the theoretical achievements of Maslow (1954, 1970) in human motivation, and of Hackman & Oldham (1975, 1980) in job diagnostics, and applies the mathematical algorithm of the dARTMAP variation (Carpenter et al., 1998) of the Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) neural networks introduced by Grossberg (1976). We exploit the ART capabilities to visualize the knowledge accumulated in the network's long-term memory in order to interpret the findings in organizational research.

  2. Analysis of shear banding in twelve materials

    Batra, R. C.; Kim, C. H.

    The problem of the initiation and growth of shear bands in 12 different materials, namely, OFHC copper, Cartridge brass, Nickel 200, Armco IF (interstitial free) iron, Carpenter electric iron, 1006 steel, 2024-T351 aluminum, 7039 aluminum, low alloy steel, S-7 tool steel, Tungsten alloy, and Depleted Uranium (DU -0.75 Ti) is studied with the objectives of finding out when a shear band initiates, and upon what parameters does the band width depend. The nonlinear coupled partial differential equations governing the overall simple shearing deformations of a thermally softening viscoplastic block are analyzed. It is assumed that the thermomechanical response of these materials can be adequately represented by the Johnson-Cook law, and the only inhomogeneity present in the block is the variation in its thickness. The effect of the defect size on the initiation and subsequent growth of the band is also studied. It is found that, for each one of these 12 materials, the deformation has become nonhomogeneous by the time the maximum shear stress occurs. Also the band width, computed when the shear stress has dropped to 85 percent of its peak value, does not correlate well with the thermal conductivity of the material. The band begins to grow rapidly when the shear stress has dropped to 90 percent of its maximum value.

  3. Rotational Spectroscopy of Newly Detected Atmospheric Ozone Depleters: CF_3CH_2Cl, CF_3CCl_3, and CF_2ClCCl_3

    Kisiel, Zbigniew; Bialkowska-Jaworska, Ewa; Pszczólkowski, Lech; Uriarte, Iciar; Ecija, Patricia; Basterretxea, Francisco J.; Cocinero, Emilio J.


    In a recent study of unpolluted air samples from Tasmania and of deep firn snow in Greenland four previously overlooked ozone-depleting substances have been identified. These compounds started to emerge in the atmosphere in the 1960s, and two: CF_3CCl_3 (CFC-113a) and CF_3CH_2Cl (HCHF-133a) continue to accumulate in the atmosphere. Three of the four compounds have non-zero dipole moments and are amenable to study by rotational spectroscopy, establishing the basis for analytic applications. Relatively limited studies have been reported for CF_3CH_2Cl and CF_3CCl_3, while CF_2ClCCl_3 has not yet been studied by this technique. We presently report extensive results obtained for all three compounds, resulting from concerted application of supersonic expansion FTMW spectroscopy in chirped pulse and cavity modes, and room-temperature MMW spectroscopy. Among the plentiful results, we have been able to resolve and fit the complex nuclear quadrupole hyperfine splitting. J.C.Laube, et al., Nature Geoscience 7, 266 (2014). Ogata, et al., J. Mol. Struct. 144, 1 (1986). R.Holm, et al., Z. Naturforsch. 23a, 1040 (1968). J.H.Carpenter et al., J. Mol. Spectrosc. 154, 207 (1992); P.J.Seo et al., J. Mol. Spectrosc. 169, 58 (1995).

  4. Carpal Fusion

    Jalal Jalalshokouhi*


    Full Text Available Carpal fusion may be seen in hereditary and nonhereditary conditions such as acrocallosal syndrome,acromegaly, Apert syndrome, arthrogryposis, Carpenter syndrome, chromosomal abnormalities, ectrodactyly-ectodermal dysplasia-cleft (EEC syndrome, the F form of acropectorovertebral dysgenesis or the F syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, Holt-Oram syndrome, Leopard syndrome, multiple synostosis syndrome, oligosyndactyly syndrome, Pfeiffer-like syndrome, scleroderma, split hand and foot malformation, Stickler syndrome, thalidomide embryopathy, Turner syndrome and many other conditions as mentioned in Rubinstein-Taybi's book. Sometimes there is no known causative disease.Diagnosis is usually made by plain X-ray during studying a syndrome or congenital disease or could be an incidental finding like our patients. Hand bone anomalies are more common in syndromes or other congenital or non-hereditary conditions, but polydactyly, syndactyly or oligodactyly and carpal fusions are interesting. X-ray is the modality of choice, but MRI and X-ray CT with multiplanar reconstructions may be used for diagnosis.

  5. Cine club

    Ciné club


    Thursday 23 October 2014 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber The Shop on Main Street Directed by Jan Kadar, Elmar Klos Slovakia, 1965, 125 minutes   In 1942, in a small town in Czechoslovakia, the poor carpenter Tony Brtko is assigned "Aryanizator" of a small shop on the main street by his fascist brother-in-law. His greedy wife is seduced with the promise of fortune, but Tony finds that the store owned by the deaf and senile seventy eight year-old widow Rozalie Lautmann is bankrupted and the old lady is financially supported by the Jewish community that promises a salary to him to help her. Tony befriends Mrs Lautmann and helps her in the store and repairs her furniture, and lures his wife with his salary. When the Jews are expelled from the town by the fascists, Tony decides to help the old lady. Original version Slovak; English subtitles   Thursday 30 October 2014 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber High Noon Directed by Fred Zinnemann USA, 1952, 85 minutes On the day he gets ...

  6. Subdomains of gender-related occupational interests: do they form a cohesive bipolar M-F dimension?

    Lippa, Richard A


    In four studies, with a total of 1780 male and 2969 female participants, subdomains of masculine and feminine occupations were identified from sets of occupational preference items. Identified masculine subdomains included "blue-collar realistic" (e.g., carpenter), "educated realistic" (electrical engineer), and "flashy, risk-taking" (jet pilot). Feminine subdomains included "fashion-related" (fashion model), "artistic" (author), "helping" (social worker), and "children-related" (manager of childcare center). In all studies, principal components analyses of subdomain preference scales showed that masculine subdomains were bipolar opposites of feminine subdomains. This bipolar structure emerged in analyses conducted on combined-sex groups, high-school boys, high-school girls, men, women, heterosexual men, gay men, heterosexual women, and lesbian women. The results suggest that, although there are distinct masculine and feminine occupational subdomains, gender-related occupational preferences, nonetheless, form a replicable, cohesive, bipolar individual difference dimension, which is not an artifact of studying mixed-sex or mixed-sexual-orientation groups. PMID:15854011

  7. Study of the interaction between a fluid and an oscillating structure: forces and flow regimes, from an isolated cylinder to a bundle of cylinders

    This thesis presents a 2D numerical and physical study of the dynamics of a viscous incompressible fluid initially at rest, put in motion by forced transverse rectilinear oscillations of a cylinder. That system is described by two dimensionless numbers. The Reynolds number (Re) measures the ratio of the inertial forces to the viscous forces, and the Keulegan-Carpenter number (KC) compares the amplitude of the cylinder oscillations to its diameter. The objective is to determine the influence of those two parameters on the drag and transverse forces exerted by the fluid on the structure, in relation with flow dynamics. The Navier-Stokes equations are numerically solved with a finite element method. Firstly various modes are identified from computational results regarding the flow and forces responses over an oscillation cycle. Flow symmetry properties and vortex patterns are correlated to the time-series of the forces. Besides simulations on long durations compared to the cylinder oscillation period reveal stability domains of the modes in the plane (KC, Re). For some regimes, forces exhibit amplitude fluctuations. They are interpreted notably from forces spectra and flow instabilities. Finally the transition from the problem of one cylinder to the case of a square bundle of 25 cylinders is studied. An energetic approach is proposed to characterize the influence of KC and Re on the global system's behavior, for the isolated cylinder and for the bundle. (author)

  8. Neuro-fuzzy models in pattern recognition

    Mitra, Sunanda; Kim, Yong Soo


    Research in the last decade emphasized the potential of designing adaptive pattern recognition classifiers based on algorithms using multi-layered artificial neural nets. The greatest potential in such endeavors was anticipated to be not only in the adaptivity but also in the high-speed processing through massively parallel VLSI implementation and optical computing. Computational advantages of such algorithms have been demonstrated in a number of papers. Neural networks particularly the self-organizing types have been found quite suitable crisp pattern for clustering of unlabeled datasets. The generalization of Kohonen-type learning vector quantization (LVQ) clustering algorithm to fuzzy LVQ clustering algorithm and its equivalence to fuzzy c-means has been clearly demonstrated recently. On the other hand, Carpenter/Grossberg's ART-type self organizing neural networks have been modified to perform fuzzy clustering by a number of researches in the past few years. The performance of such neuro-fuzzy models in clustering unlabeled data patterns is addressed in this paper. A recent development of a new similarity measure and a new learning rule for updating the centroid of the winning cluster in a fuzzy ART-type neural network is also described. The capability of the above neuro-fuzzy model in better partitioning of datasets into clusters of any shape is demonstrated.

  9. Experimental study of the flow field induced by a resonating piezoelectric flapping wing

    Bidakhvidi, M. Ahmadi; Shirzadeh, R.; Steenackers, G.; Vanlanduit, S.


    Flexible plate structures with integrated piezoelectric patches offer interesting possibilities when considered as actuation mechanisms for energy harvesting devices, cooling devices and propulsion devices of micro-aerial vehicles. Most of the studies reported in literature are based on the assumption of a 2D aerodynamic flow. However, the flow behind a finite span wing is significantly more complex than that of an infinite span wing. In order to corroborate this statement, the present experimental study contains high-speed particle image velocimetry measurements performed on a piezoelectric finite span wing oscillating in air, at 84.8 Hz. The paper focuses on the situation of low Keulegan-Carpenter numbers (KC < 3). The dimensionless KC number describes the relative importance of the drag forces over inertia forces for objects that oscillate in a fluid flow at rest. The evolution of the unsteady vortex structures near the plate is characterized for different conditions. This allows a better understanding of the unsteady aerodynamics of flapping flight. The accomplished experimental data analysis has shown that the flow phenomena are strongly dependent on the KC values.

  10. Fuzzy neural networks for classification and detection of anomalies.

    Meneganti, M; Saviello, F S; Tagliaferri, R


    In this paper, a new learning algorithm for the Simpson's fuzzy min-max neural network is presented. It overcomes some undesired properties of the Simpson's model: specifically, in it there are neither thresholds that bound the dimension of the hyperboxes nor sensitivity parameters. Our new algorithm improves the network performance: in fact, the classification result does not depend on the presentation order of the patterns in the training set, and at each step, the classification error in the training set cannot increase. The new neural model is particularly useful in classification problems as it is shown by comparison with some fuzzy neural nets cited in literature (Simpson's min-max model, fuzzy ARTMAP proposed by Carpenter, Grossberg et al. in 1992, adaptive fuzzy systems as introduced by Wang in his book) and the classical multilayer perceptron neural network with backpropagation learning algorithm. The tests were executed on three different classification problems: the first one with two-dimensional synthetic data, the second one with realistic data generated by a simulator to find anomalies in the cooling system of a blast furnace, and the third one with real data for industrial diagnosis. The experiments were made following some recent evaluation criteria known in literature and by using Microsoft Visual C++ development environment on personal computers. PMID:18255771