Sample records for brainware nokino joho

  1. Leading research on brainware; Nokino joho shori no sendo kenkyu



    Leading research on brainware is conducted to realize the engineering information processing based on the learning, memorization, association, intuition, value judgment, and motivation which are activities of human brains. For the highly integrated information society at the 21st century, it will be essential to establish human-like information processing technology which is considered to be difficult with the conventional computers. The R and D theme for this technology will focus on the development of novel devices and systems by eliciting the principles and key roles of information processing functions of the brain and in living organisms from both viewpoints of the science and engineering and the brain information science. It is considered that important research targets are in elucidating brain functions and the modeling and developing novel devices and systems, such as brain information architecture, neural devices, neural networks, and man-machine interface. Technical trend surveys in the USA, the UK, and Germany were also conducted. 347 refs., 58 figs., 7 tabs.

  2. Planeación de la producción mediante la programación lineal con incertidumbre: Uso del programa OR Brainware Decision Tools

    Marcos Moya Navarro


    Full Text Available Cuando se utiliza la programación lineal para construir modelos de programación y control de la producción, es común asumir que todos los parámetros del modelo son conocidos y son ciertos. Sin embargo, esto no es frecuente en los problemas de la vida real. El objetivo de este trabajo es mostrar cómo se selecciona el mejor curso de acción en un plan de producción al combinar herramientas deterministas, como la programación lineal, con el análisis de decisiones terminales, tomando en cuenta criterios de elección no probabilistas y criterios de elección probabilistas en el análisis de decisiones. Para resolver el problema de programación lineal se presenta el programa OR Brainware Decisión Tools, el cual está completamente programado en la plataforma de Microsoft Office Excel a partir de la versión 2007.

  3. Survey on the information network for environmental technology transfer; Kankyo gijutsu iten joho network chosa



    In order to promote the interchange of environmental technologies mainly with developing countries (APEC countries), the concrete survey on construction of the information network for technology transfer was carried out. The useful information about environmental technologies for developing countries are not the latest Japanese information but actual field information in practical use which have been developed on the basis of constant improvements. Developing countries want clean technologies with less environmental burden, and difficult-to-obtain information for small and medium-sized businesses. Data were thus collected mainly in the Chubu district, and the information system was composed of an Internet server and in-house LAN. The system featured by easy retrieval and maintenance of the database was adopted. In addition, Internet connection environment and information needs in developing countries were surveyed. Expansion of the database and information supply, and constant addition of fresh information by continuous maintenance are essential in the future. 6 figs.

  4. CAD/CAM-mathematical models and information processing. CAD/CAM-sugaku model to joho shori

    Kimura, F. (The Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Research center for advanced Science and Technology)


    Works concerning industrial product design and production design are comprehensive works and it is said that its technique has not been systematized and there are many aspects of relying on human creativity and experience in the past. On the other hand, technological theories are the works of analysis and have well been developed based upon scientific academic systems. In the field of designing, standardized design procedures, etc. have been enciphered and its computerized automation has been progressed, but in normal design works including new design to a certain extent, its design procedures cannot be made as mathematical models, consequently its automation is obliged to base on an information processing model. The models which can express comprehensively all technical information concerning products necessary for design and production of industrial products are called product models. In this article, product modelling is roughly explained and the features of numerical models in CAD/CAM (computer assisted automation of mechanical design and production) are discussed taking geometrical modelling as a subject for discussion. 5 refs., 4 figs.

  5. Introductory study of brain function data processing; No kino joho shori no sendo kenkyu



    An investigational study was conducted of the brain function aiming at developing an interface with the same function as humans have. In the study, the most up-to-date information/knowledge and future problems were examined on brain measurement, brain modeling, making a model an element, and the brain function data processing system. As to the brain measurement, the paper took up the multielectrode simultaneous measuring method and the optical multipoint measuring method as an invasive measuring method, and the functional magnetic resonance imaging, near-infrared spectroscopy, magneto-encephalography, and electro-encephalography as a non-invasive measuring method. Relating to the brain modeling, studies were made on senses of sight and smell, the movement control and the learning. As to making a model an element, how to make the modeled function a chip on silicone for example becomes the problem. Reported were two reports on making the sense of sight an element and one report on making the parallel dispersed processing mechanism of brain an element. About the brain function data processing system, three reports were made on the present situation, matters in question, and the future development of the system in the case of catching data processing as a system taking a step ahead from making the model an element. 250 refs., 74 figs., 11 tabs.

  6. Research result information for agriculture and environment. No.12; Nogyo kankyo kenkyu seika joho. 12



    Essential purposes of productivity improvement, which human being have desires in agriculture for a long time, can not be discussed without considering relations with the environment, nowadays. In these situations, significant investigations have been created among the researches in the agriculture and environment field in response to the requirements of the time. In this report, results of 41 main researches submitted to the agriculture and environment research promotion conference in FY 1995 are compiled. This field covers the environment and resource characterization, the agrioecology, and the environment assessment and control. The environment and resource characterization field includes studies on the micro-meteorological mechanism of desert expansion due to excess pasturage, the salt removal function of clays, and the protection of ground water quality by grassland. The agrioecology field includes studies on the antimicrobial substance contained in Glycyrrhiza glabra against the soil decease of potatoes caused by Streptomyces scabies and the new plant growth obstruction substance contained in Sphenoclea zeylanica. The environment assessment and control field includes studies on the producing district change prediction of main grains accompanied with global environmental change and the carbon balance in the ecosystem of farm lands and rice fields. This report includes a lot of noticeable papers. 103 figs., 24 tabs.

  7. Report on the analytical survey of the Pacific energy information; Taiheiyo energy joho bunseki chosa hokokusho



    Arrangement, investigation and analysis of an energy information exchange system were conducted, with the aim of coping with the development in the whole Asia/Pacific area, the stabilization of energy supply/demand, and the environmental problem and of realizing effective cooperation of every country in the area. Concerning the trend of the domestic primary energy supply/demand, there are some patterns. Countries which show high growth rates are developing countries such as Thailand and China, and NIES such as Korea and Taiwan. Countries where growth rates are slowing down and lowering are developed countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan and the U.S. Countries where energy supply/demand is not stabilized are Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Chile which are suffering from variations in import/export. The ultimate energy consumption is the domestic primary energy supply from which the conversion loss in the conversion sector was deducted, and indicates almost the same trend as the primary energy supply. It is divided into a stabilized type of developed countries and a rapidly increasing type and a stagnant type. However, there are some exceptions. Total data in the quarter of the year cannot be the yearly data by itself, but requires a year-end tax arrangement. 40 tabs.

  8. Leading research on brain functional information processing; No kino joho shori no sendo kenkyu



    This research aims at searching the concept of an information processing device with a fully different architecture from a previous ones based on the study on human brain function, sense and perception, and developing the basic fabrication technology for such system, and realizing the human-like information processing mechanism of memorization, learning, association, perception, intuition and value judgement. As an approach deriving biological and technological models from experimental brain studies, the model was derived from the brain functional information processing based on brain development/differentiation mechanism, the control mechanism/material of brain activities, and the knowledge obtained from brain measurement and study. In addition, for understanding a brain oscillation phenomenon by computational neuroscience, the cerebral cortex neural network model composed of realistic neuron models was proposed. Evaluation of the previous large-scale neural network chip system showed its ability of learning and fast processing, however, the next-generation brain computer requires further R and D of some novel architecture, device and system. 184 refs., 41 figs., 2 tabs.

  9. Information filing system on the internet; Internet jo no joho filing system

    Iwamoto, H. [The Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Osaka (Japan); Kakimoto, T. [Fujitsu Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Now a days various kinds of information is flowing in the Internet. Especially huge amount of information is available on the WWW (World Wide Web) and it contains useful technical information at the high rate, which we can hope to be increasing. But WWW has two problems caused by the flood of information, the problem of the information searching (difficulty of getting information on WWW) and the problem of the information filing (difficulty of arranging the information got on the Internet). They prevent the efficient utilization of information on WWW. We have investigated the measures against them and developed Technical Information Filing System (TIFS). TIFS is the practical environment for utilization of information on WWW which supports gathering, registration and retrieval of the information. 22 refs., 6 figs., 3 tabs.

  10. Information survey on new energy technology development. Shin enerugi gijutsu kaihatsu joho chosa


    In developing new energy technology, it is necessary to make up a long term plan on the basis of deep considerations on both the trend of the energy demand and the needs of the social economy. This survey collected, on the macroscopic basis, the informations on the governmental policy on energy development, trend of move of government institutions and enterprises on the technical development, and documents as a result of conference and academic meetings. As an example, the USA section consists of descriptions on: DOE budget of the Federal Government. Solar energy (Solar cell, solar thermal). Geothermal energy. Coal energy. Ocean energy. Biomass energy. This report consists totally of 230 pages, the break down of which is 83 pages for USA section, 34 pages for West germany, 28 pages for UK, 32 pages for France, and 44 pages for a literature list in the countries outside Japan.

  11. Report on an analytical survey on the Pacific energy information; Taiheiyo energy joho bunseki chosa hokokusho



    For the purpose of collecting and arranging energy information in the Asia and Pacific region, this survey has been conducted for many fiscal years. The Asia and Pacific region is classified into the Chinese area, the Southeast Asia area including Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippine, Singapore and Thailand, the East Asia area including Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the North America area including the U.S. and Canada, and the Oceania area including Australia and New Zealand. As to the primary energy supplied from 1980 to 1993, China largely increased its share by 3.1%. The Southeast Asia also increased its share by 2.1%, and the East Asia by 2.5%. To the contrary, the North America area largely declined its share by 7.8%, but still has approximately 60% in the Asia and Pacific area. By kind of energy, coal increased the share while oil decreased. 16 figs., 7 tabs.

  12. Concept of subsurface micro-sensing; Chika joho no micro sensing

    Niitsuma, H. [Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    This paper describes concept of subsurface micro-sensing. It is intended to achieve an epoch-making development of subsurface engineerings by developing such technologies as micro measurement of well interior, micro measurement while drilling (MWD), and micro intelligent logging. These technologies are supported by development of micro sensors and micro drilling techniques using micro machine technologies. Micronizing the subsurface sensors makes mass production of sensors with equivalent performance possible, and the production cost can be reduced largely. The sensors can be embedded or used disposably, resulting in increased mobility in measurement and higher performance. Installing multiple number of sensors makes high-accuracy measurement possible, such as array measurement. The sensors can be linked easily with photo-electronics components, realizing remote measurement at low price and high accuracy. Control in micro-drilling and MWD also become possible. Such advantages may also be expected as installing the sensors on the outer side of wells in use and monitoring subsurface information during production. Expectation on them is large as a new paradigm of underground exploration and measurement. 1 fig.

  13. Efficient information processing of driver. Untensha joho shori no koritsuka ni tsuite

    Kamiya, K. (Mitsubishi Motor Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    In this article, in order to pursue the optimatization of the man-machine-environment system on the basis of human character with the objective of securing safety while an automobile is in use, efficient driver'{prime}s information processing is chozen for study, examples of driver'{prime}s information processing models based on the physiological mechanism, etc., the concept of efficient information processing by these models and its concrete application examples are explained, and the future themes are also commented. First, the already established confirmation through experiments is pointed out that the reduction of accidents by 60-90% can be achieved by shortening the reaction time of a driver by one second, and such driver'{prime}s information processing as perception, recognition and judgement of his brain is deemed an important issue. Improvement of efficiency of the information processing is promoted by a physiological study on the information processing module on the basis of brain functions, and as its concrete examples, reduction of stress while turning and improvement of efficiency off adjustment of driving position are explained, then the issues in the future are touched upon. 6 refs., 13 figs., 1 tab.

  14. Networking of research information on global environment protection technologies; Chikyu kankyo taisaku gijutsu no kenkyu joho network jigyo



    Networking is being executed with an objective of exchanging information on global environment technologies at an international level. In order to further promote the information exchange, and to make web sites user-friendly, fiscal 1998 has performed structuring a thesis renewal system. As a result of structuring the thesis renewal system, researchers can use the system as using a word processor by inputting data from a terminal in their laboratories. The data can also be made into a data base nearly semi-automatically. In addition to reducing time loss, delay and input errors because of re-entry, the researchers can make the data into a database on nearly a real time basis, and can provide their own theses to any part of the world through Internet. With regard to retaining Internet security, the security software having been introduced last year was renewed. In addition, detailed status such as daily access has become possible of identification as a result of introducing the net intellect. (NEDO)

  15. FY 1998 annual symposium by the information/communication sections; 1998 nendo joho tsushin bumon kenkyu seika hokokukai wo kaisai



    The Kansai Electric Power`s FY 1998 annual symposium by the information/communication sections was held on February 26 with a total of 182 attendees from the company`s sections related to information and communication and also from the affiliates. Mr. Imagawa, Planning Dept. Manager of Kansai Multimedia Service, gave a keynote address titled `Status of the information/communication industry in Japan and strategies of this company.` A total of 6 papers covering a wide area were presented: development of multicore type OPGW as the base for backbone network structures, essential for constructing the future multimedia networks; application of ATM; future software architectures serving as the bases for development of a variety of systems which support intra-office job innovation; researches on map information systems as the common bases; image information transmission systems aimed at improvement of usefulness of PHS; and researches on EMC. (NEDO)

  16. Report on Asian Environment Information Network; 'Asia kankyo joho network' ni kansuru hokokusho



    The goal is the construction of Asian Environment Information Network (AEInet) in accordance with a contract signed between Indonesia's LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Science) and NEDO under NEDO's Research Cooperation Project Concerning the Development of Environment Measuring Laser Radar (LR). The network is so designed and constituted as to operate on a private line between Indonesia and Japan via IP (Internet protocol) and to enable the exchange on the Internet network of the data collected/analyzed by the Indonesian LR system and of articles of e-mail between scientists of the two countries. The AEInet will be utilized for the collection/analysis of LR-collected data; exchange of observed data and the result of processing; provision of support to environment information scientists in exchanging e-mail and information; and the search of databases for the implementation of the project. In this paper, the outline and functions of the system, network system design, WWW server construction, network operating status, joint researches with Indonesia, etc., are described. (NEDO)

  17. Mechanisms of chemical computation in invertebrate neurons; Musekitsui dobutsu sinkeisaibo no hidenkiteki joho dentatsu katei no kaimei

    Oka, Kotaro [Keio University, Tokyo (Japan). Faculty of Science and Technology


    Giant fibers (GFs) in earthworm nervous system mediate the avoidance reflex. We investigate the relationship between the electrical and chemical response to the avoidance reflex. Calcium responses in the GFs were pharmacologically studied with a fluorescent imaging technique, and we elucidated the subcellular Ca mobilization mechanisms in the GFs. From the electrophysiological study, we also found the habituation and long-term signal transduction change in the GFs when high frequency tactile stimulation was applied to the earthworm body wall. Neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, mediate this long-term signal transduction change. For the gaseous transmitter investigation, a new type nitric oxide electrode was also developed. This electrode has high spatial resolution (<10mm) and low detection limit (about 0.5mm). Ca mobilization concerning the action potential propagation change and the new method for nitric oxide measurement are available to develop a new type artificial neural element. (author)

  18. Technologies and techniques for analysis and use of genome information, 1997; Genome joho kaidoku riyo gijutsu no chosa kenkyu



    The paper clarified the whole image of cell functions by elucidating the function and manifestation control mechanism of genes existing in genomes, and the network of their interactions, and surveyed applicability of the useful functions obtained of cells and proteins to the industrial field. The survey was made from a viewpoint of the fields of both biology and information science. Especially, based on the function-known DNA base sequence database, the following technologies were surveyed: technology to predict the function of the function-unknown DNA base sequence, search/separation technology to acquire the genes to be functionally elucidated in a state of being suitable for manifestation, technology to get perfect proteins by effectively manifesting the genes to be functionally elucidated, and technology to analyze the function of the proteins obtained by manifestation of genes. Further, the International Symposium was held which is titled `Genome Research Opens a New World to Bioindustry (New Developments in Genome Informatics Technologies). With the future progress of technology to decipher and use genome information, the construction of much newer genome industry is anticipated. 165 refs., 44 figs., 10 tabs.

  19. Project to promote exchange of international information on environmental technologies; Kankyo gijutsu kokusai joho koryu sokushin jigyo



    Mutual information exchange at international levels is important for practical application of global environment preservation technologies, whereas the APEC Virtual Center was established in fiscal 1997. Fiscal 1998 has discussed the future functions of the Virtual Center, and carried out the following matters to improve the functions and achieve its stable operation. Discussions were given on common use with the centers of other countries and regions of the specifications of classification systems for information areas and provided information that are provided by the Virtual Center. Visits were made to sub-managing countries and regions for smooth operation of the study groups, and opinions were exchanged. Visits were made to coordinators and contact points established in each country and region when the Center was founded in fiscal 1997. A visit was made to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to exchange opinions on coordination measures with the Cleaner Production Strategy of the U.S.A. being a project similar to the subject project. In order to strengthen the Japan's Center, attempts were made to expand the linking information to wider scope. Special pages publishing concentratedly the items of information that the users are interested were prepared as part of the information provision. (NEDO)

  20. Local-area information dissemination by residents using CATV Internet; CATV internet wo riyoshita jumin no chiiki joho hasshin



    For establishment of information distribution through network by residents and regional activation by various information exchanges for 2 years of fiscal 1997 and 1998, Kagawa communications network model experiment project was carried out. This experiment `Local-area information dissemination by residents` uses the town-operated charge- free CATV Internet of high-speed transmission rates of 8Mbps downward and 2Mbps upward. The residents actively uses the CATV Internet for upload of a multimedia town history, a town origin, and landscapes of each season through events of various towns for information dissemination. (translated by NEDO)

  1. Research on environmental bioecosensing technology using ecological information; Seitaikei joho ni yoru kankyo bio eco sensing gijutsu ni kansuru chosa



    The bioecosensing technology was studied which detects and identifies feeble signals generated by biosystem communication in wide biological environment. The following were reported as current notable environmental biosensing technologies: a quick measurement method of environmental contaminants using immunological measurement method, analysis method of ecological state of microorganism using DNA probes, observation of ecosystem by bioluminescent system, measurement method of environmental changes and contaminants using higher animals and plants, and detection method of chemical contaminants using chemotaxis of microorganism. As a result, the new bioecosensing/monitoring technology in molecular level was suggested for identifying comprehensive environmental changes which could not be measured by previous physical and chemical methods, as changes in ecosystem corresponding to environmental changes. As the wide area remote sensing technology of environmental ecological information, sensing technology on the earth, aircraft and satellite was also discussed. 247 refs., 55 figs., 17 tabs.

  2. Research study on analysis/use technologies of genome information; Genome joho kaidoku riyo gijutsu no chosa kenkyu



    For wide use of genome information in the industrial field, the required R and D was surveyed from the standpoints of biology and information science. To clarify the present state and issues of the international research on genome analysis, the genome map as well as sequence and function information are first surveyed. The current analysis/use technologies of genome information are analyzed, and the following are summarized: prediction and identification of gene regions in genome sequences, techniques for searching and selecting useful genes, and techniques for predicting the expression of gene functions and the gene-product structure and functions. It is recommended that R and D and data collection/interpretation necessary to clarify inter-gene interactions and information networks should be promoted by integrating Japanese advanced know-how and technologies. As examples of the impact of the research results on industry and society, the present state and future expected effect are summarized for medicines, diagnosis/analysis instruments, chemicals, foods, agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, electronics, environment and information. 278 refs., 42 figs., 5 tabs.

  3. FY 1998 report on the results of the technology development on the integration of nerve information; 1998 nendo shinkei joho togo ni kansuru gijutsu kaihatsu



    This R and D aims at developing the interface system including 2D multipoint high density electrode elements which measure and analyze the information processing process of cranial nerves at high speed and in minute detail. The R and D were carried out on the following 4 subjects: 1) development of 2D high density multipoint electrode; 2) development of alignment/bonding technology; 3) development of technology for existence maintenance/activation of nerve cells; 4) study of performance evaluation and applicability of the system. In 1), an electrode is developed in which the high density multipoint platinum electrode was built on glass substrate, and the following are conducted: making a pattern of alignment of this electrode, making the shape of electrode 3D, and technical development of surface composition. In 2), the following are developed: technology to align cells on the patterned electrode element correctly and technology to bond cells on the element for a long time. In 3), the following are developed: functional materials to hold living nerve cells/nerve systems on the electrode element for a long time, nutrition system, and technology to monitor the state of cells/systems on the substrate. In 4), conducted are the evaluation of performance of the developmental system and the applicability to the screening in nervous function molecular search, etc. (NEDO)

  4. Study on data transmission method for power line maintenance information system using OPGW. OPGW riyo sodensen hoshu joho system no denso hoshiki ni kansuru kento

    Kanemaru, K.; Toyota, S. (Hitachi Cable, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    Composite fiber-optic overhead ground wires (OPGWs) installed to the major power transmission lines are applied as the information transmission routs with large capacity. An effective system for the power line maintenance operation is able to be set up by using said OPGWs to collect and transmit various kinds of maintenance information on the power lines. However, since it is necessary for the whole equipment to meet the highest transmitting speed required by the system if a single transmission method is applied throughout the power lines for transmitting the maintenance information, the system loses its economy as a whole. In this paper, for the purpose of transmitting effectively the various maintenance information in power line maintenance information system using OPGWs, and considering the required transmission period as well as the types of the data occurrence, an optic fiber transmission system constituted hierarchically and composed of high-speed trunk line and low-speed local line is suggested. Especially, regarding the low-speed local lines, random transmission method shows the superior properties in the transmission efficiency and low power-consumption compared with the cyclic transmission method. 9 refs., 9 figs., 4 tabs.

  5. Power line maintenance information system using low-power radio data transmission. Shodenryoku musen denso wo riyoshita sodensen hoshu joho system

    Kanemaru, K.; Matsubara, R.; Kaito, J.; Toyota, S. (Hitachi Cable, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    Currently in the major power transmission line, a composite fiber optic overhead ground wire (OPGW) is installed, and it is being made the best use as an information transmission line. When the various maintenance informations on the transmission lines can be collected and transmitted by utilizing this OPGW, there will be the benefits that an effective system for the maintenance work of the transmission lines can be constructed, the informations, which could not be obtained by a conventional patrol and tour inspection so far, could be all the time acquired highly accurately and more rapidly. In this report by considering a use of the radio transmission together with OPGW transmission, in order to solve the constraints on an information transmission in a power transmission line maintenance system by utilizing OPGW, the concrete radio transmission systems were proposed about each of interpolation method of the sensor signal transmission method and the OPGW data transmission system. Especially as for the sensor signal system, it was shown that, as a result of the quantitative investigation of a transmission efficiency taking account of the hidden terminal problems, an interpolating data transmission system through a low-power radio combined the slotted transmission timing with the carrier sensed multiple access (CSMA) system was superior. 8 refs., 7 figs., 6 tabs.

  6. FY1995 ultra-high performance semiconductor lasers for advanced optical information network; 1995 nendo kodo hikari joho tsushinmo e muketa kyokugen seino handotai laser



    The purpose of this research was to study and develop ultra-high performance semiconductor light source devices that should facilitate construction of advanced optical information networks. The semiconductor devices mentioned above are enhanced and integrated versions of distributed feedback (DFB) lasers based on 'gain coupling', which the group of the research coordinator has been investigating as a pioneer in the world. This research aimed at development of ultra-high performance semiconductor lasers that surpass the first generation conventional DFB lasers in any respect, by strengthening important device characteristics for system applications of the gain-coupled DFB lasers. The achievements of this research are listed below : 1. In-situ characterization of As-P exchange in MOVPE 2. Development of 1.55 {mu}m gain-coupled DFB lasers of absorptive grating type 3. Establishment of measurement technique for gain-coupling coefficients 4. Enlargement of small signal modulation response by the absorptive grating 5. Prediction of lower analog modulation distortion 6. Characterization of reflection-induced noise 7. Proposal and Demonstration of wavelength trimming 8. Proposal and Fabrication of GC DFB laser triode (NEDO)

  7. External impact tests on communication systems for distribution automation; Gaibu impact ni taisuru jidoka system no shinraisei hyoka kenkyu (joho denso system ni tsuite)

    Hirata, K.; Nakamura, O. [Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Osaka (Japan); Gocho, Y. [Kansai Cable Service Co. Inc., Osaka (Japan)


    For the purpose of attaining high reliability in the design and construction of a distribution automation system, an evaluation was made on the reliability by grasping influence on the distribution automation system from various external impacts surrounding the system. Transmission methods then and presently used for distribution automation are the coaxial, the paired and the optical fiber cable systems; an examination was carried out on the performance limits of each system and on the ranges affected by the impacts on the system by allowing the respective equipment to be exposed to the severest possible external impacts that could be produced under testing conditions. The test items given for each system were total 59 items consisting of those for the coaxial (34 items), the paired (17 items) and the optical fiber (8 items), which were determined on the basis of the causes of fault from the actual cases in the past. The external impacts produced this time were far beyond the standards of the distribution department as well as the specifications on manufacturers` warranties, and therefore, each system was presumably of sufficient quality. Reliability assessment based on common test items (such as combustion, tensile strength, bending, submersion, etc.) ranked the optical cable system highest, the coaxial next, and the paired third. 10 figs., 4 tabs.

  8. Nineteenth NEDO project report meeting. Working group for proliferation of information and achievement; NEDO dai 19 kai jigyo hokokukai. Joho seika fukyu bunkakai



    A NEDO project report meeting was held, where the following achievements were reported: (1) an IEA information exchange agreement project, (2) a NEDO technology information database, (3) the latest techno-stock database trend, (4) utilization of NEDO's intellectual property disclosure institution and patent information database, and (5) encouragement of new businesses by utilizing technological seeds available from industries of different categories. This paper reports on (1) the agreement on implementing the IEA energy technological data exchange (ETDE) and the NEDO's information exchange project related to the agreement on implementing the IEA coal research, and the information exchange project (the CADDET project and the GREENTIE project) based on the agreement on implementing the IEA energy and environment technology information center (EETIC). The paper reports on (2) making the NEDO technological information into a database for proliferation of the achievement and information released by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and NEDO. From the project viewpoint, the paper puts into order the NEDO patent information and the NEDO achievement report as a database, and introduces its cataloging. (NEDO)

  9. Investigational study of optical function materials for two-dimensional data processing; Nijigen joho shoriyo hikari kino zairyo ni kansuru chosa kenkyu



    The paper investigated/studied `space light modulation materials,` `dynamic hologram/memory materials,` `optical waveguide path materials,` etc. which become key materials in the high speed two dimensional processing. As to electrooptical materials proposed in this investigational study, the external electric field and the electric charges generated make quality of molecules themselves directly change to memory strong/weak signals of light. Therefore, the response velocity becomes less than a millionth of that of the liquid crystal display, and high speed which is needed for realtime moving image processing is anticipated. Hologram includes the phase information in addition to information on light strength. Therefore, it is a large capacity record medium and at the same time a record medium which can read/write two dimensional information as it is. With optical fiber, images cannot be transmitted as they are. Light waveguide path materials are those that accumulate roles of mirror and lens in a sheet of the material and construct a system which is strong in vibration, as optical parts connecting among materials for two dimensional data processing. 273 refs., 107 figs., 17 tabs.

  10. Report on the results of `the R and D of industrial technology information base arrangement`; `Sangyo gijutsu joho kiban seibi kenkyu kaihatsu` seika hokokusho



    In relation to information processing in the open type research information networking, R and D were conducted to establish basic technologies such as grading-up, acceleration, enhancement of efficiency, diversification of application, promotion of usable data accumulation, etc. As to the R and D of software to promote sharing of research information, software was developed which can easily modify and renew management objects for users at research sites, etc., and the target was almost achieved. Concerning the R and D of information supply technology, an approach was presented whereby clients submit bids for each stream of the data requested and the admission decision is made so as to maximize gain of the session under network capacity constraints. Additionally, the R and D were made of software to construct an international information sharing system, a system for multi-lingual I/O, text manipulation and communication, and software for remote use of network based information for scientific computing. 138 refs., 125 figs., 33 tabs.

  11. Research of environmental bioecosensing technology using ecological information. Part 2; Seitaikei joho ni yoru kankyo bio ecosencing gijutsu ni kansuru chosa. 2



    Basic considerations of exploring and cultivating environmental reporter organisms are summarized. Mechanism of genetic engineering amplification and molecular biological amplification, and approach to combining them to a hardware as a bioindicator system are investigated. For the current status of molecular biological measurement technology for measuring ecological environment and its application, environmental diagnosis from a phyropathological viewpoint, environmental diagnosis using microorganisms, test fabrication of genetic sensor, and overseas examples of environmental monitoring network are described. For the application of ecological information and functions for developing innovative environmental remediation technology, issues and potential areas for research and development regarding the bioremediation technology in which the US has achieved a progress for the benefit of soil environment remediation are summarized. For the phytoremediation, an area of bioremediation, the metabolism of microorganisms which live in the rhizosphere, and the technology for controlling the microorganisms in the soil through plants are investigated. 66 refs., 50 figs., 17 tabs.

  12. Geological elements closely related to the living environment and the mapping; Seikatsu kankyo ni missetsuna chishitsu yoso to sono joho teikyo

    Endo, H. [Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba (Japan)


    Procedures and systems for presenting mapping information in use in the vicinities of Sendai City and Yamagata City are described. Salinity in the groundwater grows higher from the coast toward the inland areas in the vicinity of Sendai City while there is subsidence of ground in the vicinity of Yamagata City. The ground water flow between the headwater conserving hills and mountains and the water consuming areas in the plane, as well as the spatial distribution of water permeability in the ground, relates to environmental problems. Excessive pumping, development in the peripheral regions, and wastes also pose problems in this connection. The enlargement of urban areas results in an increase in potential landslides and in the damage during earthquakes. There are faults in the crowded part of Sendai City while Yamagata City includes Mt. Zao with its eruption in the past and resultant large-scale ground failures written in the record. Urban geology conceptualizing environmental geology is a branch of geology that aims at an interdisciplinary study of these problems involving every field of geology. Environment-oriented geological charts, etc., in which geological attributes, history and prediction of damage, and data of hydrological environments are integrated, are indispensable. Their investigation, compilation, and utilization are mandatory. 2 figs., 1 tab.

  13. Utilization and impact of the internet in the field of road information; Internet no doro joho bun`ya eno katsuyo to sono impact

    Kajiya, Y. [Hokkaido Development Bureau, Hokkaido Development Agency, Sapporo (Japan)


    This paper describes utilization of the internet in the field of road information. The Developing Civil Engineering Research Institute in Hokkaido is experimenting provision of mountain pass information. Climate condition in mountain passes in snowy cold regions is harsh. If site weather condition can be confirmed on a real time basis with picture images from different locations on the internet, one can be sure of his driving into a pass. In a user questionnaire, 94% of the subject answered the system easy in use, or easy to some extent, and 92% said the system serves for safe driving. In order to investigate and discuss information sharing and coordination in road related organizations and the way how proper information is provided to road uses should be, the White Net Experiment Project covering the Sapporo area has opened a home page with access limitation (extra net). Its usefulness was verified that information on snow fall on model roads, road surface freezing, and snow removal work can be shared. It is planned to expand in the future the information on snow hazards in traffic and urban functions into road and traffic controllers, public traffic organizations, local governments, disaster, medical, communication and broadcasting operators. 5 refs., 4 figs.

  14. Information system base environment in internet age: C Solution{sub TM} Webtop platform; Internet jidai no joho system kiban kankyo: C Solution{sub TM} Webtop platform



    The information system (Web base system) on internet using WWW (World Wide Web) technology is expected to spread in various fields. As C Solution{sub TM}, a Webtop platform was developed which is the base environment for building the Web base system, a system having high reliability and high performance as well as being expandable and connectible to an existing system, with the application in progress to business systems for customers. The Webtop platform has been widely applied to various businesses and operations such as an order entry system for manufacturers and a history control system for local banks. (translated by NEDO)

  15. In the internet information of the book / the architecture relation electronic library; Shoseki no joho ga intanetto de / kenchiku kanren denshi toshokan



    The Co., Ltd. Arc media starts the service which opens architecture relation main book and contents of the magazine on the internet to public, and it has got the favorable criticism. This home page is a result of incorporating into 'the architecture relation electronic library' which made the tip of the electronic library construction promoted by the Waseda Univ. international information communication project room cooperating with communication. radiobroadcast transmitter construction research centre. In the production, this company obtains the cooperation of Japan architect society and Japan facility design office society, and it serves through the architecture information network. Civil engineering it starts start, contents of the technical book census register on the architecture and information are proven on the screen of personal computer in one look in respect of this journal, if this home page is accessed, and if book and material information of 'the architecture total information network' are opened. And, there are events, building material catalog, that they prove the movement of city and regional development of the show which the relation industry sponsors, etc., etc. on the value of the glance in the rich content. (translated by NEDO)

  16. Application of internet to the supply of technical information related to thermal power plant generation; Karyoku hatsudensho kankei no gijutsu joho teikyo ni internet wo katsuyo



    This company has been providing technical information since July 1998 through internet to Tokyo Electric Power. A total of approximately 200 types of improvement/maintenance-related information, useful for maintenance of thermal power generation facilities, have been provided on-line from Toshiba`s Technical Information Library (TTIL), after they are converted into electronic data. This system is aimed at information sharing with customers and differentiation of this company from competitors. The technical information services have been firmly established, because the system has been accessed approximately 2,000 times a month. This company plans to further develop the services by expanding the users and enriching information to be provided. (translated by NEDO)

  17. Analysis of signal transduction in brain cells using molecular signal microscope; Bunshi jiho kenbikyo wo mochiita nousaibou no joho henkan kiko no kaiseki

    Kawato, Suguru [The University of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Dept. of Biophysics and Life Sciences


    We analyzed the signal transduction in brain neurons by real-time imaging of Ca/NO signals using the Molecular Signal Microscope. We also analyzed synthesis and action of neurosteroids in the hippocampus. We discovered steroid synthesis machinery containing cytochrome P 450 scc in hippocampal neurons. We found that pregnenolone sulfate acutely potentiated NMDA receptor-mediated Ca conductivity in hippocampal neurons. We also found that stress steroid corticosterone acutely prolonged NMDA receptor-mediated Ca{sup 2+} influx, resulting in Ca-induced neuro-toxicity. (author)

  18. Research on the information network for R and D on the innovative technology for the earth; Chikyu kankyo taisaku gijutsu no kenkyu joho network chosa



    With an objective to structure an information network system to promote research information exchange on global environment preserving technologies, the currently used RITE information system was reviewed, and the WWW home page was discussed. Three years have passed since the structuring of the RITE information system, during which remarkably popularized use of the Internet can be seen. With respect to provision of research information through the Internet, IP connection is possible in almost all the countries; a variety of research information utilizing WWW are provided; multi-media functions are advancing in image information, audio information and animated image information; and retrieval servers are improved according to applicable fields. Regarding the RITE information system, discussions are given on improvement in the Internet access environment, and expansion in information providing scope and information exchange environment. A WWW home page was prepared on a trial basis, which indicated that a considerable amount of information can be provided even under the presently retained information and the current network environment. 2 refs., 28 figs., 3 tabs.

  19. Research report of fiscal 1997. Survey on information networks for environment technology transfer; 1997 nendo hokokusho. Kankyo gijutsu iten joho network chosa



    ICETT is one of the member organizations of APEC environment technology virtual center which established in Osaka in 1996 for active environment technology exchange between APEC countries based on a survey result obtained in fiscal 1995. ICETT began its information service in April, 1997, and completed useful prototype home pages which include the database composed of practical useful information on environment preservation technology of domestic factories and offices, and training information and local governments` approach cases to pollution control. In fiscal 1997, further survey was made, and the simulation software of a model process was also developed for training. Clean technology and energy saving technology strongly demanded by developing countries were surveyed to prepare a database including useful information for developing countries. A basic design software for bio-treatment of waste water was also prepared. The total number of home page accesses exceeded a predicted number for the first half year. 5 refs., 25 figs.

  20. 1998 Annual Study Report. Standardization for compatibility between home information devices; 1998 nendo seika hokokusho. Joho kaden kikikan no sogo setsuzokusei kakuho no tame no hyojunka



    Wide-band POF covering Gbps as a Japan-made R and D fruit will be commercialized in the near future. It is very important to make an international standard specification for the transmission by the aid of the wide-band POF, which would be basically the standard for the future home networks. The efforts in this year were directed to finding the optimum parameters for widening the band, for which the necessary characteristics related to, e.g., transmission band and bending loss were measured and evaluated, and the specifications covering a certain range were established. The wide POF system is considered to provide the first chance of the optical transmission systems going into homes on a large scale, and the service conditions and regulations for use in homes have been comprehensively studied. These efforts have begun with collection of the measured data in consideration of operating optical elements represented by LD's, their peripheral circuits and the transmitter/receiver assemblies in which they are mounted at S400 or more. Each of the light emitting and receiving sections, including their peripheral circuits, were measured and evaluated, where they were mainly operated at a short wavelength of 650 nm, which is the same as that for the DVD. (NEDO)

  1. Report on the survey in fiscal 1998. Survey on an environment technology transfer information network; 1998 nendo hokokusho. Kankyo gijutsu iten joho network chosa



    This paper describes a survey on an environment technology transfer information network. Based on the achievements obtained by the surveys in fiscal 1995 and 1996, the ICETT has participated as one organization constituting the APEC environment technology exchange virtual center, and begun providing information since April 1997. As the environment technology information, those items actually employed by factories and operation sites in Japan are put into a data base, and into a home page including training information centering around those contained in the data base, and examples of works done by local governments for prevention of pollution. Furthermore in fiscal 1997, a simulation software for a model process has been developed. Fiscal 1998 strengthened the data base for environment preservation technology information, investigated environment preserving model companies and summarized them including even their management aspect. Investigations were carried out in developing countries on application of cleaner technologies. Gaps far exceeding anticipation exist in every field between these developing countries and Japan. Environment protection measures applied and succeeded in the developing countries as the means to narrow the gaps were collected, and compiled as the specific examples. (NEDO)

  2. The Future of Political Communication Research: A Japanese Perspective.

    Youichi, Ito


    Introduces two Japanese models of mass media effects: (1) the "joho kohdo" (information behavior) model which suggests that people use extracted information to check the credibility of mass media information; and (2) the tripolar "kuuki" model which suggests that the mass media have effects as part of the triadic relationship among the masses, the…

  3. Measures for global environmental issues using information communication. Results of trial calculation of CO2 reduction reported by the Telecommunication Council; Joho tsushin wo katsuyoshita chikyu kankyo mondai eno taio. Denki tsushin shingikai toshin no CO2 sakugen shisan kekka

    Fujiwara, T. [Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Tokyo (Japan)


    Telework is an effective work style using information communication without commutation, and ITS is an integrated traffic system such as advanced navigation. Effects of the CO2 emission reduction by these information communication systems were calculated as a trial. Reduction of CO2 4.06 million ton was obtained, which is equivalent to about 7% of the reduction target 56.5 million ton in Japan by 2010. For the items, were obtained 1.29 million ton (MT) by telework, 1.1 MT by ITS, 0.53 MT by the reduction of paper consumption/rejection using LAN, and 0.5 MT by the alternation of movements for international business using Internet (reduction of overseas official trips). In addition, were obtained 0.36 MT by the energy saving with enhanced efficiency of office environment using advanced information communication such as building management information systems, 0.25 MT by the electronic publication and newspaper for the reduction of paper consumption/rejection using electronic media such as CD-ROM, and 0.03 MT by the remote education and at-home education systems. The trial calculations were conducted only for these seven systems, and only for the direct effects using these systems. Accordingly, the result is only a part of the whole. These systems promote to realize a society with reduced environmental loads. 2 tabs.

  4. Electromagnetic survey (TEM method) in Teradomari and examination of resistivity structure to be based on near surface information; Niigataken Teradomarimachi ni okeru denji tansa kekka (TEM ho) no doshitsu joho ni yoru kento

    Ishikawa, H.; Mitsuhata, Y.; Matsuo, K.; Tanaka, H. [Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan). Technology Research Center; Wada, K. [Mitsui Mineral Development Engineering Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    TEM method was applied to estimate soil structure from resistivity change of underground water saturated stratum featured by slow S wave and fast P wave over 1500m/s. Vertical magnetic field was measured by underlaying a transmission loop of 60m{times}60m around a measuring point in Teradomari, Niigata prefecture, and by installing a magnetic sensor at the measuring point. From comparison of a soil profile with the resistivity profile obtained by TEM data, the former well consisted with the latter. The surface low resistivity stratum corresponded to alluvium from comparison of it with soil and logging data. This alluvium base with fast P wave over 1500m/s satisfied the condition of optimum blasting depth because of a saturated stratum in the surface base. The resistivity structure was related to a saturated stratum. Sand bed was thick at the interface between alluvium low ground and hill area, and from the analytical result, the depth of sand bed showing high resistivity was more shallow than that of the alluvium base, pointing out necessary notice in interpretation. Resistivity survey is promising as simple method for optimum blasting depth. 4 refs., 6 figs., 1 tab.

  5. Collection and analysis of the information related to the research theme of the IEA-GHG phase 3 program; IEA-GHG phase 3 program no kenkyu theme kanren joho no shushu to bunseki gyomu



    The survey on the reduction measures against greenhouse effect gases was carried out which was proposed by the IEA-GHG phase 3 program. In Japan, various low emission vehicles (LEV) such as electric, methanol and natural gas vehicles are under rapid development. Like France, cost reduction and preparation of fuel filling stations are urgently necessary for the diffusion of LEVs. In New Zealand, air pollution by automobiles is not essential. The Switzerland government is promoting the diffusion of compact electric vehicles, and inhibits the use of conventional automobiles in some tourist resorts. The California state is leading the world by prescribing the bold regulation for preventing the air from pollution. In particular, the state government put automobile manufacturers under an obligation to produce zero emission vehicles (ZEV, electric vehicle) by 2% of passenger cars and trucks from 1998 and to increase ZEVs up to 10% until 2010. This report also includes two papers concerned, `Forestry management for sustainable development` and `Tropical forestry action plan after five years.` 142 refs., 19 figs., 23 tabs.

  6. Evaluation of sea-state using images from satellite remote-sensing. Discrimination of cloud-system using GMS images; Eisei gazo joho wo mochiita kaiyo haro no haaku. Himawari gazo wo mochiita kumo no bunrui

    Yamada, T.; Hosoda, R. [University of Osaka Prefecture, Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    Items of information are analyzed as derived from remote sensing data by using the stationary meteorological satellite `Himawari` as a platform to propose a discrimination model for oceanic meteorology or clouds closely related to oceanic meteorology. Cloud system regions are extracted by combining visual and infrared images to investigate natures of each of cloud top altitude, cloud system thickness, inclination of the cloud system edge, and complexity of the cloud system edge as parameters to represent characteristics of the cloud systems. It was shown that, by applying the fuzzy theory to the result therefrom, cloud type discrimination models can be structured. As a conclusion, a proposal was made on a cloud system analyzing model capable of making evaluation close to that by skilled analyzers. Application of the fuzzy theory to the cloud analyzing models makes it possible to reduce different kinds of ambiguity the clouds themselves have, and the effects of analyzer attributable ambiguity which may get mixed in during an analyzing process. Introduction of fuzzy integration and fuzzy measure has made it possible to express the evaluation result by such quantitative parameters as the cumulus and stratus degrees. 8 refs., 10 figs., 2 tabs.

  7. Concept of intellectual information tool in petroleum development. Part 2. Develpment of internet and its high-grade utilization; Sekiyu kaihatsu ni okeru chiteki joho tsuru ko. 2. Intanetto no tenkai to sono kodo riyo

    Mutsukawa, S. [Tokyo Univ. (Japan). Faculty of Engineering


    An internet was originally called Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), and it was mainly a military related network. In 1980s, by an assistance of the National Science Foundation (NSF) the military related parts were cut off, and then the existing networks were taken in one after another, and consequently a basis of the present internet was made. After that the NSF has come to manage a nucleus network, and in addition the further various existing networks were absorbed, and subsequently an internet has been formally started in 1989. Though in the petroleum industry through the oversea business offices of each enterprise an information collection is being performed, in addition to a system so far, a construction of the system to be able to get without omission and simply a political information being transmitted rapidly through the internet from the foreign governments, furthermore the publicized informations of the academic societies and the public service organizations, and so forth will be necessary to be done. A propagation of the internet and its future possibility are mentioned. 1 fig., 1 tab.

  8. Fiscal 1997 report on the results of the international standardization R and D. R and D of a mobile office system (R and D of next generation mobile business terminals); 1997 nendo seika hokokusho kokusai hyojun soseigata kenkyu kaihatsu. Mobile office system no kenkyu kaihatsu (jisedai keitai joho kiki no kenkyu kaihatsu)



    This R and D is aimed firstly at trially developing next generation mobile business terminals (MBT) based on the technical standards of MBT of which the standards were completed in the fiscal 1996 R and D of Mobile Office Promotion Association (MOPA), secondly at developing an evaluation method for trial terminals and establishing the technical standards of MBT through data communication among different terminals and confirmation of application motions, and thirdly at promoting the international standardization. The study was conducted in the following procedures: 1) making of a comprehensive examination-standardization working group, determination of the use of trial terminals and the MBT evaluation method; 2) trial development of the MBT standards and prototypes; 3) study of the MBT evaluation method; 4) evaluation test on the prototypes; 5) comprehensive evaluation. As the fruit of the study, the evaluation/test specifications were completed, and the evaluation tests among different terminals were conducted. As a result of the evaluation test, the transplantation of MBT managers was done almost with no problems. The MBT adaptability evaluation test was also done almost without problems. 6 figs., 6 tabs.

  9. Geological information obtained from rock magnetism and magnetic anomaly. Rock magnetism measurement and geomagnetic anomaly analysis in the forearc shelf of Northeast Japan; Ganseki jiki to jiki ijo kara erareru chishitsu joho. Tohoku Nippon zenko rikudana ni okeru ganseki jiki sokutei to chijiki ijo kaiseki

    Nagasaki, Y. [Japan National Oil Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Improved accuracy and efficiency of magnetism analysis has advanced magnetic exploitation from a mere tool for exploitation of iron ore deposits to a general tool for analyzing geological structures. Magnetism in a bed rock and presence of a rock of high magnetism penetrating a bed rock cause magnetic anomaly, and it is possible to grasp morphology of a sedimentary basin by analyzing its magnetic anomaly observed, for exploitation of oil and natural gas. Magnitude of anomaly must be handled as vector sum of induction and residual magnetization. However, it is sometimes erroneously explained by use of a model which neglects the effect of residual magnetization. This paper reviews the basic aspects of anomaly analysis, and describes an example in which seismic exploitation based on the reflection method, gravity anomaly and magnetism anomaly are considered to explain geological structures, taking, as a case study, geomagnetism anomaly observed off Sanriku. The rock-magnetical geological structures are clarified by a variety of tests, including those for demagnetization of the samples by stepwise applied alternating current and heat. 9 refs., 8 figs.

  10. Fiscal 1998 achievement report on regional consortium research and development project. Venture business raising type regional consortium - small business creating base type (Control of gene expression by ligands for nuclear receptors and its application to medicine manufacture - 2nd year); 1998 nendo kakunai juyotai ligand ni yoru iden joho hatsugen no seigyo to iyaku seizo process eno oyo seika hokokusho. 2



    Studies are made about ascochlorin and its derivatives which are expected to be effective in the treatment and prevention of lifestyle diseases such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, etc. The current goal is to definitely prove at the cell culture stage that ascochlorin and its derivatives act as ligands for nuclear receptors. As the result of the effort to prove their activation of nuclear receptors, it is clarified that they activate not only PPARr, which is the initial target of the research, but also PPARa, PXR, and ER. A computer simulation of interaction between ascochlorin derivatives and PPARr is conducted, and now it is predicted that the helix 10 cubic structure is transformed so that co-activators may connect to the structure. It is also found that AS-6 inhibits almost completely the appearance of type II diabetes in the db/db mouse lacking leptin receptors and type I diabetes in the NOD (non-obese diabetes) mouse. (NEDO)

  11. On the effectiveness of information technology procurement management

    Sergei Udin


    Full Text Available The task of procurement management is key in the management of business enterprises of trade. Even small businesses that have a wide range of products, it is necessary to implement automated procurement management system. This raises the question of the effectiveness of applied information technology pro-curement management, which is determined, first of all, the quality of the brainware. The quality of the ap-plied mathematical apparatus, depends on the effectiveness and cost of software procurement manage-ment system. The paper presents the basic model of inventory management, made a brief comparative analysis of the models and optimization techniques, and methods of statistical analysis and sales forecast-ing.

  12. Fiscal 1998 R and D project on global environmental industrial technology. Research result report on DNA analysis and information processing technology for photosynthesis microorganisms (Development of CO{sub 2} fixation and effective use technology by using bacteria and algae); 1998 nendo chikyu kankyo sangyo gijutsu kenkyu kaihatsu jigyo. Kogosei biseibutsu nado DNA kaiseki joho shori gijutsu no kenkyu (saikin sorui nado riyo nisanka tanso koteika yuko riyo gijutsu kaihatsu) seika hokokusho



    This report summarizes the fiscal 1998 research result on DNA analysis and information processing technology for photosynthesis microorganisms. On the study on DNA analysis technology by triple-strand formation method, as the comparison study result of a READ method, stable triple- strand formation method and hairpin method, a READ method showed the highest triple-strand formation efficiency for target DNA. On the study on accurate separation technology of specific genes, establishment of protocols was promoted for solid-phase probe technology, subtract technology and leveling technology. On the study on DNA microarray analysis technology by high-efficiency hybridization method, the analysis technology of genes by hybridization method using DNA chips is under investigation. In addition, the high- efficiency analysis technology of specific DNA segments by using an affinity sensor, and the high-accuracy cloning technology for DNA with altered primary structure were also studied. (NEDO)

  13. Fiscal 1995 report on the results of the subsidy operation under the Sunshine Project on the development of a geothermal water use power plant, etc. Development of the binary cycle power plant (development of the measurement while drilling system for geothermal wells); 1995 nendo New Sunshine keikaku hojo jigyo seika hokokusho. Nessui riyo hatsuden plant nado kaihatsu (binary cycle hatsuden plant no kaihatsu (chinetsusei kussakuji kotei joho kenchi system no kaihatsu))



    The R and D were conducted of a detection system for measurement of data on the bottom hole of geothermal well, data transmission and signal processing, and an analysis system for well drilling trajectory control and well assessment while drilling of geothermal wells based on the data obtained by the detection system, and the results were reported of the technical development in fiscal 1995. In the development of the downhole detection unit, the following developments were conducted: mud pulse generator, bottomhole signal processor, mode switches, inclination information sensor, power source, measures against vibration/shock, sonde external equipment, tests to confirm heat resistance of electronic parts, and design/manufacture of testing devices. In the development of the surface detection unit, the development was made of experimental analysis program, interface program, and simulation. In the development of the analysis system, as a well trajectory control support system, made were a trajectory planning/display system and a trajectory prediction system. As a downhole assessment support system, made were a temperature analysis system and a pressure analysis system. 4 refs., 298 figs., 88 tabs.

  14. Orienteering club

    Club d'orientation


    Coupe de printemps - les épreuves s’enchainent Le Club du CERN organisait la 4e étape de la coupe Genevoise de printemps samedi 9 avril. Tout était au rendez-vous pour une belle épreuve : soleil et nouvelle carte dans la forêt de Pougny-Challex. Les podiums des 5 parcours sont les suivants :   Facile court (2 km – 8 postes) : 1er Lucine Gintzburger en 29:01 - 2e Maria & Adèle Rapseviciute en 41:34 - 3e Emanuelle Alves en 41 :40. Facile moyen (2,9 km – 9 postes) : 1ere Konstantinos Haider (CO CERN) en 26:01 - 2e Joho en 34:41 - 3e Odysseas Willians/Jan Bleesz en 38:43. Technique court (3,2 km – 8 postes) : 1er Elisabeth Geneux en 32:08 - 2e Dominique Balay (CO CERN) en 33:59 - 3e Yves Meynet en 35:18. Technique moyen (4,9 km – 10 postes) : 1er Pierre-Yves Meyer en 47:04 - 2e Julien Nicolet en 50:06 - 3e Jean-Pierre Poncet en 50:42. Technique long (6,6 km &a...