Sample records for brain doctoral thesis

  1. [Albert Schwietzer's doctoral thesis].

    Gorn, M F


    A review on Albert Schweitzer's doctoral thesis "The psychiatric study on Jesus" and his analysis of the delirium of persecution, megalomania and hallucination in order to refuse different authors hypothesis about the Jesus, psychosis or paranoia. The author highlights the symbolism of Schweitzer's decision for studying medicine and dedicating his life and efforts to the full of need men of Africa so the importance of his philosophic studies on the western culture. PMID:11640683

  2. On Einstein's Doctoral Thesis

    Straumann, N


    Einstein's thesis ``A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions'' was the second of his five celebrated papers in 1905. Although it is -- thanks to its widespread practical applications -- the most quoted of his papers, it is less known than the other four. The main aim of the talk is to show what exactly Einstein did in his dissertation. As an important application of the theoretical results for the viscosity and diffusion of solutions, he got (after eliminating a calculational error) an excellent value for the Avogadro number from data for sugar dissolved in water. This was in agreement with the value he and Planck had obtained from the black-body radiation. Two weeks after he finished the `Doktorarbeit', Einstein submitted his paper on Brownian motion, in which the diffusion formula of his thesis plays a crucial role.

  3. Thesis on safeguards gains doctorate

    Full text: One of the most complete analyses yet to be made outside the Agency of its Safeguards system for preventing diversion of materials to military purposes has gained for its author a Doctorate of Philosophy. The subject was chosen as a thesis by Miss Gabrielle Martino, daughter of His Excellency Mr. Enrico Martino, Italian Ambassador to Austria and Resident Representative to IAEA. Miss Martino has been studying in the Faculty of Political Science at Rome University. Her thesis, which runs to 110 pages, traces the history of safeguards and the stages in evolution to the system adopted by the General Conference at its 1965 Session held in Tokyo. (author)

  4. Lessons from a doctoral thesis.

    Peiris, A N; Mueller, R A; Sheridan, D P


    The production of a doctoral thesis is a time-consuming affair that until recently was done in conjunction with professional publishing services. Advances in computer technology have made many sophisticated desktop publishing techniques available to the microcomputer user. We describe the computer method used, the problems encountered, and the solutions improvised in the production of a doctoral thesis by computer. The Apple Macintosh was selected for its ease of use and intrinsic graphics capabilities. A scanner was used to incorporate text from published papers into a word processing program. The body of the text was updated and supplemented with new sections. Scanned graphics from the published papers were less suitable for publication, and the original data were replotted and modified with a graphics-drawing program. Graphics were imported and incorporated in the text. Final hard copy was produced by a laser printer and bound with both conventional and rapid new binding techniques. Microcomputer-based desktop processing methods provide a rapid and cost-effective means of communicating the written word. We anticipate that this evolving technology will have increased use by physicians in both the private and academic sectors. PMID:2308505

  5. Towards a doctoral thesis through published works.

    Breimer, L H; Mikhailidis, D P


    Doctoral theses submitted in medical schools under a system dependent on publications (Sweden) and one which was not (UK) were compared. A subset consisting of UK theses containing papers (about 1/3 of all UK theses) was used. The publication-based theses gave candidates a significantly higher (P < 0.03) profile in terms of key authorship positions. Nevertheless, in 66% of the UK theses with papers the candidate was either the first or sole author. Swedish and UK theses with papers were of equal quality when assessed by the number of papers in journals: a) ranked in the top 100 (14% vs 10%) or 200 (26% vs 32%); or b) used more than once and either ranked in the top 1000 (median 224 vs 218) or in the top two thirds by subject section (98 vs 100%). UK theses benefitted from the greater impact of journals emanating from the UK compared to continental Europe (P < 0.001). An estimated 13% of UK PhD theses overall included three or more papers per thesis despite no requirement of publication. A publication-based doctorate should be introduced on trial in parallel with the existing systems to ensure efficiency and international comparability. PMID:8068863

  6. An Investigation of Generic Structures of Pakistani Doctoral Thesis Acknowledgements

    Rofess, Sakander; Mahmood, Muhammad Asim


    This paper investigates Pakistani doctoral thesis acknowledgements from genre analysis perspective. A corpus of 235 PhD thesis acknowledgements written in English was taken from Pakistani doctoral theses collected from eight different disciplines. HEC Research Repository of Pakistan was used as a data sources. The theses written by Pakistani…

  7. What Works for Doctoral Students in Completing Their Thesis?

    Lindsay, Siân


    Writing a thesis is one of the most challenging activities that a doctoral student must undertake and can represent a barrier to timely completion. This is relevant in light of current and widespread concerns regarding doctoral completion rates. This study explored thesis writing approaches of students post or near Ph.D. completion through…

  8. Importance and benefits of the doctoral thesis for medical graduates

    Giesler, Marianne


    Full Text Available Introduction: The majority of medical graduates in Germany complete a doctorate, even though a doctoral degree is not necessary for the practice of medicine. So far, little is known about doctoral candidates’ view on the individual benefit a doctoral thesis has for them. Consequently, this is the subject of the present investigation.Method: Data from surveys with graduates of the five medical faculties of Baden-Württemberg from the graduation years 2007/2008 (N=514 and 2010/2011 (N=598 were analysed.Results: One and a half years after graduating 53% of those interviewed had completed their doctorate. When asked about their motivation for writing a doctoral thesis, participants answered most frequently “a doctorate is usual” (85% and “improvement of job opportunities” (75%, 36% said that an academic career has been their primary motive. Less than 10% responded that they used their doctoral thesis as a means to apply for a job. The proportion of graduates working in health care is equally large among those who have completed a thesis and those who have not. Graduates who pursued a thesis due to scientific interest are also currently more interested in an academic career and recognise more opportunities for research. An implicit benefit of a medical thesis emerged with regard to the self-assessment of scientific competences as those who completed a doctorate rated their scientific competencies higher than those who have not.Discussion: Although for the majority of physicians research interest is not the primary motivation for completing a doctorate, they might nevertheless achieve some academic competencies. For graduates pursuing an academic career the benefit of completing a medical thesis is more obvious.

  9. Importance and benefits of the doctoral thesis for medical graduates

    Giesler, Marianne; Boeker, Martin; Fabry, Götz; Biller, Silke


    Introduction: The majority of medical graduates in Germany complete a doctorate, even though a doctoral degree is not necessary for the practice of medicine. So far, little is known about doctoral candidates’ view on the individual benefit a doctoral thesis has for them. Consequently, this is the subject of the present investigation. Method: Data from surveys with graduates of the five medical faculties of Baden-Württemberg from the graduation years 2007/2008 (N=514) and 2010/2011 (N=598) were analysed. Results: One and a half years after graduating 53% of those interviewed had completed their doctorate. When asked about their motivation for writing a doctoral thesis, participants answered most frequently “a doctorate is usual” (85%) and “improvement of job opportunities” (75%), 36% said that an academic career has been their primary motive. Less than 10% responded that they used their doctoral thesis as a means to apply for a job. The proportion of graduates working in health care is equally large among those who have completed a thesis and those who have not. Graduates who pursued a thesis due to scientific interest are also currently more interested in an academic career and recognise more opportunities for research. An implicit benefit of a medical thesis emerged with regard to the self-assessment of scientific competences as those who completed a doctorate rated their scientific competencies higher than those who have not. Discussion: Although for the majority of physicians research interest is not the primary motivation for completing a doctorate, they might nevertheless achieve some academic competencies. For graduates pursuing an academic career the benefit of completing a medical thesis is more obvious. PMID:26958656

  10. Examining the Doctoral Thesis: A Discussion

    Carter, Susan


    The examination of doctoral theses controls an important academic threshold, yet practices are often private, codes non-specific, and individuals isolated. This article adds to recent investigation of the examination culture by reporting informal panel discussion amongst a total of 23 University of Auckland (New Zealand) faculty members as to…

  11. Process development of thermal hydrodechlorination. Doctoral thesis

    ten Kate, A.J.B.


    The properties that make chlorinated compounds so attractive during their economic lifetime are closely related to, if not similar to, the properties causing the environmental problems. A very promising method for proper chlorinated waste treatment is thermal hydrodechlorination. This process turns chlorinated waste into HC1, that might be recycled, and into organics which can be used as a fuel. The objective of the study underlying this thesis is scaling up thermal hydrodechlorination to a waste destruction process at industrial scale. To get answers to the unknown two installations have been raised: a mini pilot plant, and a bench scale installation.

  12. Near-surface seismic imaging. Doctoral thesis

    Scheffers, B.C.


    Processing of seismic data requires more and more sophisticated techniques as hydrocarbon plays get smaller and smaller. Depth migration, for example, depends on accurate velocity models of the subsurface to obtain correctly imaged depth sections or depth cubes of small hydrocarbon reservoirs. Much research is carried out on new techniques for the estimation of such macro velocity models. Currently, research is concentrated in two directions: techniques for estimating the velocity of the weather layer (the ultra shallow zone), and techniques for estimating the macro model of the total overburden (of the deep zone). The objective of this thesis is to present an improved and cost-effective data acquistion and inversion technique that provides a velocity macro model of ultra shallow and the shallow zone, using an algorithm that incorporates all available information.

  13. Magnus Strandqvist: 50th anniversary of his doctoral thesis.

    Kajanti, M J


    This article is dedicated to Magnus Strandqvist's famous doctoral thesis "Studien über die kumulative Wirkung der Röntgenstrahlen bei Fraktionierung. Erfahrungen aus dem Radiumhemmet an 280 Haut- und Lippenkarzinomen" published in Acta Radiologica in 1944. After a short biography of Strandqvist some central points of his work and their influence on future development of modern radiotherapy are presented. PMID:7993639

  14. The Doctoral Thesis and Supervision: The Student Perspective

    Kiguwa, Peace; Langa, Malose


    The doctoral thesis constitutes both a negotiation of the supervision relationship as well as mastery and skill in participating in a specific community of practice. Two models of supervision are discussed: the technical rationality model with its emphasis on technical aspects of supervision, and the negotiated order model with an emphasis on…

  15. Ionizing radiation induced transcriptional changes in the developing mouse brain. Doctoral Thesis Prepared at SCK-CEN and Defended in 2006

    Brain damage induced by prenatal irradiation is of major concern in radioprotection. The brain is the final result of a series of well timed consecutive waves of cellular proliferation, migration, and differentiation. Acute irradiation during pregnancy could selectively disturb these events to result in various forms of malformations such as microencephaly, reduced cortical thickness, glioblastoma tumours and/or mental retardation. In this work we concentrated on the transcriptional alterations induced by ionising radiation in the mouse developing brain and its different cell-types. Using cDNA-microarrays and real-time PCR, we analysed the modulated gene expression profile after 50 cGy X-ray exposure in embryonic mouse total brains at three developmental stages. Functional grouping of the modulated mRNA transcripts revealed that the main activated pathways in irradiated wild type embryos are involved in the induction of Trp53 dependent programmed cell death and intracellular signalling cascades. The strong upregulation of Ccng1, Trp53inp1 and Cdkn1a suggested that the tumour suppressor P53 protein is an essential regulator of the radiation induced stress response. Moreover, a decreasing expression profile could be identified at later development, suggesting a reducing sensitivity to radiation. The information obtained lead to a subsequent experiment in which the ionising radiation response in P53 deficient embryonic brains at the same developmental stages was determined. Since both genotypes showed the strongest gene expression modulation at developmental stage E13, we concentrated our initial analysis on this developmental stage. In one hand, wild type embryos show a strong upregulation for Trp53inp1 and Ccng1 in the irradiated E13 mouse brain was observed. Considering the fact that they are involved in similar functions, and that Trp53inp1 is less strongly induced then Ccng1, let us suggest that P53 is tightly regulated through different mechanisms after

  16. Focusing on Doctoral Students' Experiences of Engagement in Thesis Work

    Vekkaila, Jenna; Pyhältö, Kirsi; Lonka, Kirsti


    Little is known about what inspires students to be involved in their doctoral process and stay persistent when facing challenges. This study explored the nature of students' engagement in the doctoral work. Altogether, 21 behavioural sciences doctoral students from one top-level research community were interviewed. The interview data were…

  17. [The effect of public defense of a doctoral thesis on the heart rate of the doctoral candidate].

    Kiljander, Toni; Toikka, Jyri; Koskenvuo, Juha; Jaakkola, Ilkka


    The effect of public defense of a doctoral thesis on the heart rate of the doctoral candidate Most doctoral candidates find the public defense of a doctoral thesis an exciting and stressful experience. In this study, Holter recording during the defense was made for four doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Medicine. Maximum heart rate among the subjects was on the average 172 beats/min with a median heart rate of 116 beats/min. Sympathicotonia and release of stress hormones associated with the defense raise the heart rate to levels that may be very high for several hours. This is a risk factor for a coronary event and should be considered, if the doctoral candidate has coronary heart disease, carries risk factors for coronary heart disease, or is an elderly person. PMID:21805898

  18. Rethinking Doctoral Publication Practices: Writing from and beyond the Thesis

    Kamler, Barbara


    This article addresses the importance of giving greater pedagogical attention to writing for publication in higher education. It recognizes that, while doctoral research is a major source of new knowledge production in universities, most doctoral students do not receive adequate mentoring or structural support to publish from their research, with…

  19. Marie Curie's Doctoral Thesis: Prelude to a Nobel Prize.

    Wolke, Robert L.


    Traces the life and research techniques of Marie Curie's doctoral dissertation leading to the discovery and purification of radium from ore. Reexamines the discoveries of other scientists that helped lead to this separation. (ML)

  20. Doctorate as Genre: Supporting Thesis Writing across Campus

    Carter, Susan


    Increasingly learning advisors provide generic support for doctoral students. The terms "genre" (a category, type or family) and "generic" (ambiguously both "of a category" and "non-specific") are interrogated here in relation to such support. Literary studies scholars divide texts by genre for the purpose of analysis. It is helpful to see the…

  1. Environmental lichenology: Biomonitoring trace-element air pollution. Doctoral thesis

    Sloof, J.E.


    In this thesis several experiments have been described on the applicability of lichens as biomonitors for trace-element air pollution. The aim of the thesis was to gain knowledge about the relationships between trace-element concentrations in lichens and concentrations in air particulate matter and/or depositions of trace elements on a regional and national scale, and about the processes involved in the element uptake and release by lichens. (Copyright (c) 1993 by J.E. Sloof.)

  2. Calcium phosphate precipitation in a fluidized bed. Doctoral thesis

    Seckler, M.M.


    The objectives of this thesis are: (1) to gain insight into the fundamental processes occurring in a fluidized bed for phosphorus removal from wastewater; (2) to optimize the phosphorus removal efficiency; and (3) to find ways of minimizing the deterimental effect of impurities normally present in wastewaters.

  3. Assessing the Doctoral Thesis When It Includes Published Work

    Sharmini, Sharon; Spronken-Smith, Rachel; Golding, Clinton; Harland, Tony


    In this article we explore how examiners assess a thesis that includes published work. An online survey was used to gather data on approaches to assessing publication-based theses (PBTs). The respondents were 62 supervisors who had experience examining PBTs across a range of disciplines at a research-intensive university in New Zealand. Nearly…

  4. Surface spectroscopic studies of high-temperature superconductors. Doctoral thesis

    Rietveld, G.


    In this thesis the results are described of an experimental study in which surface spectroscopic techniques are used to examine the electronic structure of the high-Tc superconductors. Apart from the work presented here, the project also contained growth and analysis of thin films, and development of devices. The in situ preparation of high-quality thin films was essential for performing useful measurements of the surface properties of the high-Tc materials. The aim of the present study is to contribute to the understanding of the character of the superconducting phase transition and of the electronic structure of these materials. The main thread that connects all chapters is the behavior of the chemical potential, which--as the authors shows--can give useful information with respect to these points.

  5. Modeling processes in the design of electricity tariffs. Doctoral thesis

    Raesaenen, M.


    This thesis considers the modeling process for analyzing consumers` responses to innovative electricity tariffs. Specifically, it focuses on estimating the rate effects from demand data, modeling the demand behavior and utilizing them in the design of optional rates. The econometric analysis is based on the dynamic pricing experiments which were conducted in Finland from 1988 to 1993. The results indicate that customer level load analysis is required, since the effects of rate changes on the consumption can vary considerably from customer to customer. When the analysis is conducted with respect to individual customers, those customers with high price response potential can be identified and their responsiveness can be efficiently utilized in rate design. The load analysis techniques are implemented in an object-oriented load modeling environment.

  6. The evaluation of doctoral thesis. A model proposal

    de-Miguel, Mario


    Full Text Available The aim of this work is the development of a model that can be used as a framework for evaluators and PhD tribunal members, either during the previous administrative processing phase or at the actual exposition and viva on doctoral dissertations. To this end, once reviewed the existing literature and normative, a new proposal is laid out on the main aspects and criteria to be analysed and assessed from any given scientific work, thus introducing a tool that facilitates and specifies this work. Our model is intended to be an open proposal on which we would welcome any contribution and suggestion. El objetivo del presente trabajo es la elaboración de un modelo que pueda ser utilizado como marco de referencia por los evaluadores y miembros de tribunales de las tesis doctorales tanto en la fase previa a la tramitación administrativa como en el acto de exposición y defensa de la misma. Para ello, una vez revisada la literatura y la normativa vigente al respecto, efectuamos una propuesta sobre los principales aspectos y criterios que deben ser objeto de análisis y valoración en todo trabajo científico, y presentamos una herramienta que facilita y precisa esta tarea. Nuestro modelo constituye una propuesta abierta sobre la que esperamos aportaciones y sugerencias.

  7. Electrochemical vapour deposition of SOFC interconnection materials. Doctoral thesis

    van Dieten, V.


    The aim of this thesis is to investigate the synthesis of the SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cells) interconnection material Mg-doped LaCrO3 by means of EVD (electrochemical vapor deposition). Although the EVD process is the key technology for the fabrication of the interconnect of the Westinghouse tubular concept SOFC, very little has been published on this subject. Nearly all publications on EVD are dealing with the synthesis of the electrolyte material YSZ. In Chapter 2 the principle of the EVD process is described, as well as the experimental setups used for the synthesis experiments. In Chapter 3 a thermodynamic analysis of the La-Cr-Mg-O-H-Cl-Ar system is made in order to determine how the EVD process conditions may affect the incorporation of magnesium in LaCrO3, and to predict the range of experimental conditions for the synthesis of Mg-doped LaCrO3 by means of CVD (chemical vapor deposition)/EVD. In Chapter 4 the EVD stage of the growth process is modeled. The experimental results of the synthesis of Mg-doped LaCrO3 on porous and gastight substrates are described in Chapter 5. In Chapter 6 the first results on the synthesis of the perovskite oxide YCrO3, a material resembling LaCrO3, by means of particle-precipitation-aided CVD(PP-CVD) are described, as well as the principles of the process.

  8. Land surface heterogeneity in 3-dimensional atmospheric simulations. Doctoral thesis

    Seth, A.


    Stand-alone, vectorized version of the Biosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme (VBATS) and a regional climate model (ReGCM2) are used to study the effects of subgrid scale heterogeneity in land surface processes on large scale mean surface fluxes and on mesoscale dynamics, respectively. The thesis is about the interactions of large and small scales within the climate system. We are concerned with two climate subsystems; the land surface and the atmosphere. We shall define large scales as those which can be resolved by current atmospheric general circulation models (grid resolutions of 100-200 km can resolve wavelengths of 400-800 km and larger). Small scales, or subgrid scale processes, are those which cannot be resolved by the resolution of global scale atmospheric models, but may be resolved using models with limited area domains. Our discussion will focus on the physical interactions between land and atmosphere and, specifically, will explore the effects of surface heterogeneity. Chemical exchanges are not considered here, nor is the evolution of the biosphere.

  9. Acoustic and optical investigations of superfluid 3He. Doctoral thesis

    Manninen, A.


    The thesis is an experimental survey of properties of rotating and stationary superfluid (3)He. Two techniques, acoustics and optics, were used. Ultrasound, together with NMR, has provided most of the present experimental knowledge about the superfluid phases of (3)He. The author applied acoustics for the first time to study rotating (3)He. The main result was the discovery of a new vortex in (3)He-A when the magnetic field is low. New phenomena were observed in stationary (3)He as well. Most importantly, one of the collective modes, the real squashing (rsq) mode, of (3)He-B could be excited by means of two-phonon absorption. Superfluid (3)He was studied optically for the first time. No one has previously seen (3)He in the superfluid state. The principal achievement was developing techniques which facilitate optical experiments at temperatures below 1 mK, required to study superfluid (3)He. Optical fibers were used to transmit light between room temperature and the cold parts of the cryostat. Before these investigations, photography had not been done below 10 mK. The usefulness of optics as a proble of the superfluid phases of (3)He was demonstrated by studying the macroscopic shape of the free surface of rotating (3)He-B. The classical parabolic meniscus was observed, which is indicative of the equilibrium density of vortices.

  10. Marine microbial production of dimethylsulfide from dissolved dimethylsulfoniopropionate. Doctoral thesis

    Ledyard, K.M.


    Dimethylsulfide (DMS) plays a central role in the transfer of sulfur from the ocean to the atmosphere, and ultimately to land. The most abundant volatile organosulfur compound in seawater, DMS is believed to account for the bulk of the sea-to-air biogenic sulfur flux. DMS has also been implicated as the major precursor of submicron-sized sulfate aerosol over the ocean. This aerosol acts as an effective site for cloud droplet condensation, suggesting a possibly important role for DMS in marine cloud formation. In the ocean, the precursor of DMS is presumed to be the zwitterionic sulfonium compound dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP), a common osmoticum in certain classes of marine algae. While some algae can cleave DMSP intracellularly to form DMS, correlation of DMS concentrations with indicators of algal productivity on a local scale is poor. This thesis focuses on an alternative pathway of DMS formation: microbial cleavage of dissolved (extracellular) DMSP. In laboratory studies, bacteria able to cleave DMSP to form DMS were isolated from seawater by a DMSP enrichment technique, and the kinetics of DMSP uptake and DMS production were examined closely in pure cultures of a bacterial isolate from the Sargasso Sea. The isolate could grow with both DMSP and acrylic acid, one of the products of DMSP cleavage, as the sole source of carbon and energy, and the enzyme catalyzing DMSP cleavage appeared to be induced by both of these compounds. Kinetic parameters were estimated for DMSP uptake and cleavage by whole cells. Comparison of the 16S rRNA sequence of this isolate with that of known eubacteria showed that it was most closely related to Erythrobacter longus, an aerobic, bacteriochlorophyll-containing member of the alpha proteobacteria.

  11. 'Hidden' Brain Injury a Challenge for Military Doctors

    ... 'Hidden' Brain Injury a Challenge for Military Doctors Potentially fatal ... may suffer from a distinctive pattern of "hidden" brain injury, a small study finds. "Blast-related brain ...

  12. The "Write" Skills and More: A Thesis Writing Group for Doctoral Students

    Ferguson, Therese


    Writing groups facilitate the development of research students' written communication skills, which are critical for the competent preparation of theses and publications. This paper describes a Thesis Writing Group for social science doctoral students. Participants indicated that the group not only served a practical role, providing an impetus for…

  13. A Juggling Act: Supervisor/Candidate Partnership in a Doctoral Thesis by Publication

    rohan nethsinghe


    Full Text Available Increasingly doctoral candidates are attempting to complete a thesis by publication. This format varies between universities but there are common issues particularly in terms of progression, planning and timing. There are both advantages and difficulties involved in undertaking a thesis in this format. Our discussion of the supervisor/candidate partnership is framed within the requirements of a tight journal publishing agenda. Different universities have different requirements about the number of published papers to be included, the extent of candidate’s contribution as sole or joint author, the framing of the research as a unified thesis, presentation, and examination. The decision to attempt a thesis by publication must be taken early and data collection may need to be completed early. Articles then need to be written, polished, submitted, reviewed, revised and, hopefully, accepted. The thesis by publication is a juggling act between maintaining coherence and focusing on publishable segments. It is also a dialogue between supervisor and candidate involving the resolution of sometimes conflicting demands. Employing Cognitive Apprenticeship theory we present a shared autophenomenography that chronicles our doctoral journey that led to a successful thesis by publication. The findings are discussed under thematic headings: Logistics, Cognitive Apprenticeship in Action, and Building Trust.

  14. How to get a French doctoral thesis, especially when you aren't French

    Paillassard, Pierrette; Schöpfel, Joachim; Stock, Christiane


    In 1985 the French government created a unique circuit for the dissemination of doctoral theses: References went to a national database “Téléthèses” whereas the documents were distributed to the university libraries in microform. In the era of the electronic document this French network of deposit of and access to doctoral theses is changing. How do you discover and locate a French thesis today, how do you get hold of a paper copy and how do you access the full electronic text? What are the c...

  15. Thesis-Building: Architecture, Alchemy and the Constructive Moment(s of a Doctoral Dissertation

    Willem de Bruijn


    Full Text Available This paper looks back at the long and sometimes difficult process of doing a ‘PhD’. It asks how certain ‘moments’ in the building of a doctoral thesis – moments of conception, of discovery, of despair, of truth, of revelation and of jouissance – inform the building of a thesis. By revisiting these moments, the paper traces the genesis of the author’s thesis on Architecture and Alchemy and explores the metaphor of construction encountered in the work of cultural theorist Walter Benjamin.Drawing on some of the historical sources of the thesis, in particular the emblem books of seventeenth-century alchemist Michael Maier (1568-1622, the paper argues that the above-named ‘moments’ in a PhD constitute an ensemble of impassioned investment, which can be known as the PhD-pathos. This paper, then, can be read as no more, or less, than a pathological guide to the PhD, where architecture and alchemy come into play as polar opposites in the process of construction and change that thesis-building is.

  16. [Doctoral thesis: Demographic growth and economic and social development in Mali].

    Dabo, K


    A doctoral thesis is described analyzing the relationships between demographic growth and economic and social development in Mali. The hypothesis is stated that demographic growth impedes economic development and any improvement in populations¿ standards of living. The hypothesis was verified using data for the period from 1960 to the present. Over that period, Mali conducted two general population censuses in 1976 and 1987, as well as several demographic research studies. The thesis is comprised of 4 parts, of which the first generally describes Mali. The second part analyzes the relationship between population growth and economic and social development in Mali. Study results are presented, followed by an analysis of the effects of economic and social development upon population growth in Mali through factors such as urbanization, education level, literacy, income, employment, occupation, gross domestic or gross national product by inhabitant, infant mortality rate, life expectancy at birth, contraceptive practice, fertility opinions and desires, women¿s status, and migration in Mali. Analysis indicates that Mali has not completely begun its demographic transition, but that traditional pronatalist behaviors are changing. Population policies and programs are explored in the third part of the thesis, followed by the fourth part which focuses upon methodological questions. PMID:12296197

  17. A doctoral thesis about Carol Davila written in Paris in 1936.

    Rogozea, Liliana; Dumitrascu, Dinu I; Triff, Dorin; Leasu, Florin; Dumitraşcu, Dan L


    Carol Davila, the father of the Romanian modern medicine, made decisive contributions to the development of health sciences in the Romanian Principalities in the last decades of the nineteenth century. The merit of his scientific work was recognized beyond the borders of his country. His life (not devoid of anecdotic instances and unknown episodes) and especially his work have aroused considerable interest among numerous medical historians. This paper presents a historical study elaborated in France, but until recently ignored, dedicated to the biography of Carol Davila. It concerns the medical doctoral thesis (State Diploma) elaborated by Joseph Adler (born 1910 in Botoşani, Romania) under the supervision of professor Maxime Laignel-Lavastine, whose interest in Romania is well-known. Professor Laignel-Lavastine held the office of Secretary General of the International Society of History of Medicine (ISHM), founded in 1921, (replaced in this position by another French professor with links to Romania: Jules Guiart). The thesis comprises 48 pages and an exhaustive bibliography. It represents a token of the appreciation given to Davila's achievements by Europe's medical community. PMID:26527997

  18. Finding the right doctoral thesis – an innovative research fair for medical students

    Steffen, Julius


    Full Text Available Introduction: The importance of research, as promoted by the framework, is widely acknowledged. Many medical students in Germany work on a research project as part of their doctoral thesis whilst still going to medical school. However, a significant amount of projects are abandoned unfinished, which leads to substantial wastage of resources. One reason for this is an information deficit concerning undergraduate research projects.Project description: To counteract this, we introduced an annual event at LMU Munich called with more than 600 visitors each year. It combines medical convention and research fair including keynote lectures, workshops and poster sessions as well as an exhibition of research groups and institutes. is a peer-to-peer event organized by a team of 40 students. Results: A needs analysis before its implementation underlined the information deficit as a possible cause for the high rate of abandoned projects. In the annual evaluation, visitors of rate the event with an average grade of 2.1 on a six-level Likert scale (n=558, SD=1.06, with "1=very good", "6=poor". They stated to now feel better informed about the topic and regarded visiting as a worthwhile investment of time.Discussion: Students are generally satisfied with the event and feel better informed after visiting . However, many students never visit DoktaMed for various reasons. A possible improvement would be to present a greater number of clinical studies in addition to the laboratory work that focuses on now.Conclusion: Evaluation after six years of is very promising. Visitors seem to be better informed. Nevertheless there is space for improvement in order to get more students and more faculty members involved. More studies are needed to assess long-term effects.

  19. Finding the right doctoral thesis – an innovative research fair for medical students

    Steffen, Julius; Grabbert, Markus; Pander, Tanja; Gradel, Maximilian; Köhler, Lisa-Maria; Fischer, Martin R.; von der Borch, Philip; Dimitriadis, Konstantinos


    Introduction: The importance of research, as promoted by the CanMEDS framework, is widely acknowledged. Many medical students in Germany work on a research project as part of their doctoral thesis whilst still going to medical school. However, a significant amount of projects are abandoned unfinished, which leads to substantial wastage of resources. One reason for this is an information deficit concerning undergraduate research projects. Project description: To counteract this, we introduced an annual event at LMU Munich called DoktaMed with more than 600 visitors each year. It combines medical convention and research fair including keynote lectures, workshops and poster sessions as well as an exhibition of research groups and institutes. DoktaMed is a peer-to-peer event organized by a team of 40 students. Results: A needs analysis before its implementation underlined the information deficit as a possible cause for the high rate of abandoned projects. In the annual evaluation, visitors of DoktaMed rate the event with an average grade of 2.1 on a six-level Likert scale (n=558, SD=1.06, with "1=very good", "6=poor"). They stated to now feel better informed about the topic and regarded visiting DoktaMed as a worthwhile investment of time. Discussion: Students are generally satisfied with the event and feel better informed after visiting DoktaMed. However, many students never visit DoktaMed for various reasons. A possible improvement would be to present a greater number of clinical studies in addition to the laboratory work that DoktaMed focuses on now. Conclusion: Evaluation after six years of DoktaMed is very promising. Visitors seem to be better informed. Nevertheless there is space for improvement in order to get more students and more faculty members involved. More studies are needed to assess long-term effects. PMID:26413167

  20. [A doctoral thesis on occupational diseases from 1816: workers' diseases in the post-Ramazzinian era].

    Carnevale, F


    No medical "classical" work has been in any way as successful as Ramazzini's De Morbis Artificum Diatriba. The book's success is confirmed by the constantly increasing number of new editions, emulations, translations and quotations and corresponding dissemination. As is proven by web access, our contemporaries continue to contemplate Ramazzini with admiration and wonder, confidence, devotion and curiosity and also as a means of seeking confirmation of the concepts that are variously presented. It is possible to describe a temporal phenomenon of "differential impact" of Ramazzini's work. Throughout the twentieth century, and especially on "celebrated" anniversaries (1900, 1913, 1914, 1933, 1964, 2000), many "tributes" to the author were recorded. During the nineteenth century in major European countries, but less so in Italy, Ramazzini's lesson was recorded as superseded "on an objective basis". The context had completely changed, as did both work and workers after a century-old continuity. Between the 1700's and the early 1800's Ramazzini dominated the field like a mountain in the desert; with editions of De Morbis in Latin and in translations following one on the other, with a positive cultural and popularizing impact on a public consisting of the international scientific and professional avant-garde. The means of dissemination consisted first and foremost of including all or part of the corpus of the Diatriba in "dictionaries" or "encyclopaedias" of medicine. Another means that was widely used, efficacious and typically academic, was through the doctoral theses discussed in all major European universities. Among these contributions was the thesis discussed in 1816 in Paris, by Louis-André Gosse of Geneva (1791-1873), which is presented in the previous pages in the translation from the French. PMID:21110453

  1. [Historical studies and medicine. A study in Swedish doctoral thesis concerning history of medicine 1970-2004].

    Qvarsell, Roger


    This article is a study in ninety doctoral thesis published in Sweden between 1970 and 2004 concerning history of the science of medicine and hospital care, patients and practicioners, causes of death and public health, doctors and nurses, health movements and lay medicine and other aspects of the history of medicine. A quantitative part of the study shows that most thesis have been written at departments of history or history of ideas, but sociological and mulitdisciplinary studies are also rather common. Only six of the thesis have been written at departments within the medical faculties. The second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries has been investigated more often than other historical periods. More than ninety percent of the thesis has been published in Swedish and concerns history of medicine in Sweden. A wide range of methods and theories has been used and history of medicine does not as a field deviate from historical research in general in this respect. A chronological bibliography of the ninety thesis ends the article. PMID:17575638

  2. How doctoral students and graduates describe facilitating experiences and strategies for their thesis writing learning process: a qualitative approach

    Odena, Oscar; Burgess, Hilary


    This study considered the sources of facilitating experiences and strategies for thesis writing from doctoral students and graduates (N=30). The sample was balanced between Science and Social Science knowledge areas, with equal numbers of English as Second Language (ESL) participants in both groups. Semi-structured in-depth interviews were used to explore issues around feedback, training, cohort experiences and personal strategies for writing. Four-hundred pages of transcripts were analysed u...

  3. Brain Gain or Brain Circulation? U.S. Doctoral Recipients Returning to South Korea

    Lee, Jenny J.; Kim, Dongbin


    This study explored the reasons for current reverse mobility patterns in South Korea and how the country benefits from returning U.S. doctoral recipients in the forms of brain gain and brain circulation. Based on interviews of Korean faculty who studied in the U.S., this study found that while the political economy might help to explain why Korean…

  4. Research versus Problem Solving for the Education Leadership Doctoral Thesis: Implications for Form and Function

    Archbald, Doug


    Background: A growing literature is questioning the appropriateness of a research dissertation for practitioners in education doctoral programs. Although this literature persuasively critiques the prevailing theory-research orientation of most programs and theses, it goes little beyond exhorting change and describing extant alternatives in a few…

  5. Essays on macroeconomic theory technology adoption, the informal economy, amd monetary policy : doctoral thesis /

    Morales Piñero, Jesús Enrique


    Consultable des del TDX A la primera pantalla: International Doctorate in Economic Analysis (IDEA) It is well known that cross-country diferences in income per worker are very large. For example, the average per-capita income of the richest ten percent of countries of the Penn World Tables in 1996 is about thirty times that of the poorest ten percent. Development accounting uses cross-country data on output and inputs to measure the relative contribution of diferences in factor quantiti...

  6. Structural assignment and catagenetic behavior of macromolecular constituents of recent and fossil natural resins. Doctoral thesis

    van Aarssen, B.G.K.


    The thesis describes the results obtained by molecular organic geochemical investigations of fossil and recent natural resins. A major constituent of these plant exudates is a polymeric substance which is resistant to degradation and is thus likely to fossilize. Time and the rise of temperature and pressure upon burial may lead to a disintegration of the polymeric structures into smaller molecules which can contribute to oil formation. The aim of the study was to assess the mechanisms of depolymerization by investigating in detail the chemical structures of resin polymers and their catagenetic products. In nature two major types of resinous polymers are known to occur: polysesquiterpenoids and polyditerpenoids. The first part of the thesis, chapters 2-8, contains the results of investigations concerning the sesquiterpenoid type polymer. Chemical structures, occurrence and origin of both the polymer and its catagenetic products are described. The second part of the thesis, chapters 9-11, deals with the structures of diterpenoid polymers.

  7. Neutron experiments on nuclear magnetism in copper and silver. Doctoral thesis

    Tuoriniemi, J.T.


    This thesis adds to the series of investigations on nuclear magnetism in metals performed during the past 20 years at the Low Temperature Laboratory of the Helsinki University of Technology. Collective behavior of nuclear spins is expected only at very low temperatures because the mutual interactions are extremely weak. To learn what the spin structure below the transition point in these metals is, neutron-diffraction experiments have been performed. The subject of this thesis is to present the results of neutron experiments on nuclear magnetism in copper and silver.

  8. Reactions of functionalized alkenes with sulfur trioxide; mechanistic and synthetic aspects. Doctoral thesis

    Schonk, R.M.


    In the thesis mechanistic studies on the sulfonation of mono-functionalized alkenes, viz. phenylalkenes, naphthylalkenes, alkenoic acids, alkadienes and cycloalkylidenes, mainly with sulfur trioxide are described. The main objective of the studies is to determine the effect of the substituents at the alkene moiety on the formation of the beta-sultones and carbyl sulfates and on their chemistry.

  9. Theoretical aspects, design, and characterization of dc superconducting quantum interference devices. Doctoral thesis

    Ryhaenen, T.


    The summary of the thesis is divided into three sections. Section 2 discusses the modelling, dynamics, characteristics, and the noise performance of thin-film dc SQUIDs. Results of both numerical simulations and measurements are used to summarize the most important features of the SQUID dynamics. The dependence of the characteristics and noise performance on various SQUID parameters is discussed. Section 3 presents a more concrete description of the geometrical structures of thin-film dc SQUIDs. The fabrication of the devices is briefly discussed, emphasizing the factors that determine the resolution and reliability of the sensors. Several parasitic features of the SQUID, owing to coupling circuits and practical geometries, are presented and methods to avoid them are discussed. Finally, the optimization of the whole configuration of a dc SQUID magnetometer is analyzed. Section 4 summarizes the experimental results of low-noise dc SQUIDs presented in the thesis. The electronics for measuring low-noise SQUIDs are also discussed.

  10. Measurements of the structure and nucleation of vorticity in the (3)He superfluids. Doctoral thesis

    Parts, U.


    This thesis reports experiments on rotating superfluid 3He, which were performed in the Low Temperature Laboratory during the period 1991-94, and which are published in a series of original publications. Rotation is particularly useful for creating various types of topological objecs, e.g. quantized vortex lines, in large quantities for systematic investigation. The author`s method to study them is the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technique, which has been an important experimental tool in various fields of physics for about fifty years. In the case of superfluid 3He, NMR provides direct information on the spatial distribution of the order parameter field. Both superfluid phases of 3He, the A- and the B-phase, have been under investigation in this thesis work. In 3He-B the main concern has been the nucleation of singular vortices. This process involves an energy barrier, similar to a first order phase transition.

  11. Experimental investigation and numerical modelling of cyclones for application at high temperatures. Doctoral thesis

    Bernard, J.G.


    This thesis describes a part of the research project High Temperature Gas Clean-up' (HTG), specifically for application in Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion (PFBC). The thesis involves research on cyclones, with specific application at high temperature. The flow pattern and the behavior of the particulate phase were investigated. Since the measurements at high temperature were complicated, many introductory experiments were made at normal conditions. This was also a good starting point for the modeling of the cyclone. Models which have been developed so far were based on operation at normal conditions and were validated under the same circumstances. Therefore, it was first attempted to make reliable measurements at normal conditions before the measurements at high temperatures were assessed.

  12. Diabatically driven mesoscale vortex in the lee of the tibetan plateau. Doctoral thesis

    Wang, W.


    Mesoscale cyclonic vortices at the eastern and southeastern flanks of the Tibetan Plateau, known as southwest vortices, are one of the most important types of rain-producing systems in China during the warm season. The thesis investigates the southwest vortex problem through a case-study approach, and focuses on the efect of the diabatic heating of possible formation and development of the vortex.

  13. Transport phenomena in underground coal gasification channels (transportverschijnselen in ondergrondse kolenvergassingskanalen). Doctoral thesis

    Kuyper, R.A.


    Underground coal gasification is an attractive option to recover energy from thin deep-lying coal seams. By injecting air into the coal layer, combustible gases are formed underground which can be used to produce energy at the surface. During a coal gasification field test in Pricetown (USA), an open channel structure had formed underground. In this thesis, the wide range of transport processes occurring in such underground coal gasification channels has been studied. The principal aim of this study was to understand and describe the transport processes which determine the behavior of the gasification process. The main aspects of the gasification process have been studied separately. Due to this approach, the influence of the various aspects of the gasification process on the behavior of the process has become clear. In the first part of this thesis, the influence of geometrical aspects of the gasification channel on the natural-convection flow in the channel has been studied by considering the natural-convection flow in various differentially heated enclosures. This approach led to a fundamental study on natural-convection flows. The second part of this thesis is associated with the transport processes arising during gasification. Here, a simulation model has been refined step by step. In the final simulation model, all main transport processes occurring in a rectangular gasification channel are described.

  14. Reduction of nitric oxide over platinum, rhodium and platinum-rhodium single crystal surfaces. Doctoral thesis

    Siera, J.


    Although platinum and rhodium are introduced separately in the three-way catalyst, it is established that Pt-Rh alloy particles are formed during its performance. Despite the widespread use of the three-way catalyst and the intensive research on the catalytic properties of the pure metals, relatively little is known about the alloy system. In the thesis results are described for the NO-H2, NO-NH3, CO-O2 and CO-NO reactions on the surfaces of Pt, Rh and Pt-Rh alloy single crystals.

  15. Contribution to the Nonparametric Estimation of the Density of the Regression Errors (Doctoral Thesis)

    LSTA, Rawane Samb


    This thesis deals with the nonparametric estimation of density f of the regression error term E of the model Y=m(X)+E, assuming its independence with the covariate X. The difficulty linked to this study is the fact that the regression error E is not observed. In a such setup, it would be unwise, for estimating f, to use a conditional approach based upon the probability distribution function of Y given X. Indeed, this approach is affected by the curse of dimensionality, so that the resulting estimator of the residual term E would have considerably a slow rate of convergence if the dimension of X is very high. Two approaches are proposed in this thesis to avoid the curse of dimensionality. The first approach uses the estimated residuals, while the second integrates a nonparametric conditional density estimator of Y given X. If proceeding so can circumvent the curse of dimensionality, a challenging issue is to evaluate the impact of the estimated residuals on the final estimator of the density f. We will also at...

  16. Spin dependent structure function g1 of the deuteron and the proton. Doctoral thesis

    Klostermann, L.


    This thesis presents a study on the spin structure of the nucleon, via deep inelastic scattering (DIS) of polarized muons on polarized proton and deuterium targets. The work was done in the Spin Muon Collaboration (SMC) at CERN in Geneva. From the asymmetry in the scattering cross section for nucleon and lepton spins parallel and anti-parallel, one can determine the spin dependent structure function g(sub 1), which contains information on the quark and gluon spin distribution functions. The interpretation in the frame work of the quark parton model (QPM) of earlier results on g(sub 1, sup d) by the European Muon Collaboration (EMC), gave an indication that only a small fraction of the proton spin, compatible with zero, is carried by the spins of the constituent quarks. The SMC was set up to check this unexpected result with improved accuracy, and to combine measurements of g(sub 1, sup p) and g(sub 1, sup d) to test a fundamental sum rule in quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the Bjorken sum rule. The SMC results presented in this thesis are based on data taken in 1992 using a polarized deuterium target and polarized muons with an incident energy of 100 GeV, and 1993 data with a proton target and an incident muon energy of 190 GeV. Using all available data, the fundamental Bjorken sum rule has now been verified at the one standard deviation level to within 16% of its theoretical value.

  17. Statics and dynamics of a natural circulation cooled boiling water reactor. Doctoral thesis

    Stekelenburg, A.J.C.


    Due to the strong interconnection of the various processes in the reactor vessel of a natural circulation cooled boiling water reactor (BWR), explaining the physics of both the statics and the dynamics of the Dodewaard reactor is not an easy task. In this thesis, the physics is studied through a combined experimental and theoretical investigation. The experiments are analyzed further with the use of the model, and the results of the model calculations provide ideas for new experiments. For an experimental study of the reactor behavior, measurement tools are required. Many relevant process variables are supplied by the power plant's data-logger, but a direct method for measuring the circulation flow rate is not available. Reactor behavior can be studied theoreticallly with the use of a complex computer code, based on a multi-node model. In this way, reliable results are obtained. In many cases, however, such a code is not easy to use, and the calculations require much computer time. Calculations based on a simple model have a lower reliability, but, as the model is clearer, provide more insight into the physics of the system. For this reason, a simple theoretical dynamical model for the main physical processes of the Dodewaard natural circulation cooled BWR is presented in the thesis.

  18. Isotopes of carbon monoxide in the free troposphere and their implications to atmospheric chemistry. Doctoral thesis

    Mak, J.E.


    The thesis project was designed to provide information for the following questions: what is the oxidative capacity of the troposphere, and how are the source strengths of carbon monoxide partitioned. Because of its active role in tropospheric chemistry, carbon monoxide is important in determining the fate of a number of species, including hydroxyl radicals. (14)CO serves as a natural tracer for its destruction, as the source function can be well contrained. By determining the tropospheric inventory of (14)CO and calculating its source strength, one may realize the rate of destruction. Similarly, because certain sources have unique stable isotope signatures, an analysis of the stable isotopes provides information on the relative source strengths. A sampling system was built which allowed for the collection of large, whole air samples from an aircraft platform. CO was extracted and the isotopes were determined, and from these data an OH abundance was calculated using a 2-D transport model.

  19. Use of predictions in temperature control in buildings: A passive climate system application. Doctoral thesis

    Lute, P.J.


    The thesis consists of two parts. The first part is a general part about predictive control in the indoor climate field. The second part deals with the control system implementation in the passive indoor climate system. The fundamentals, general principles and mechanisms of the class of predictive controllers and control strategies with a linear objective function are described in chapter 2. Chapter 3 deals with the typical characteristics of the indoor and outdoor climate, that have to be incorporated in a predictive control system to make it a successful and robust predictive indoor climate control system. A general scheme for a predictive indoor climate system, that has self-learning features, is described in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 introduces the passive indoor climate system to which a predictive control strategy is applied. Finally, in Chapter 6, a test facility for passive climate systems, referred to as the TU Delft test cell, is described.

  20. Commissions for environmental impact assessment: Their contribution to the effectiveness of environmental impact assessment. Doctoral thesis

    Mostert, E.


    The thesis presents a theory on the feasibility of EIA Commissions and the way in which they can be modeled. The cases selected are the Dutch EIA Commission, the central Polish EIA Commission and the Hungarian Commission on Power Plants. Extensive literature research was conducted on these cases and a total of 79 persons, involved in EIA were interviewed. In addition to the three cases, a more limited literature study was conducted on the Canadian EIA panels. Sections discuss the questions what EIA is, what EIA Commissions are, what effective EIA is, how subjective EIA is and what complications this can give for the effectiveness EIA is, how subjective EIA is and what complications this can give for the effectiveness of EIA, what the potential contribution of EIA Commissions to the effectiveness of EIA is, and what role the decision-making culture plays in this.

  1. Dynamic modeling and control of integrated coal gasification combined cycle units. Doctoral thesis

    Schoen, P.


    This thesis investigates the dynamic behavior and control of integrated coal gasification combined cycle units, operating in a load-following mode on the national grid. Startup, shutdown and accident related behavior are not considered. A conceptual 250 MW unit featuring an oxygen-blown pulverized coal gasifier according to the Shell Coal Gasification Process (SCGP) has been taken as the subject of a simulation study. An attempt at model validation has been made using experimental data from the SCGP demonstration unit in Deer Park, Texas. Using the concept of Model Predictive Control, sample constraints on gasifier conditions and syngas pressure profile were explicitly accounted for in the control algorithm. Whereas the former are found to be easily accommodated without any significant impact on load-following control, the latter inevitably lead to a deterioration in performance. Conclusions and recommendations on dynamic modeling and unit power control are provided.

  2. CVD techniques for the synthesis or modification of porous ceramics. Doctoral thesis

    Dekker, J.P.


    Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) has been recognized as an important production method for thin films. In CVD gaseous reactants are introduced into a reactor in which they react to form a solid on a surface. This technology is widely used in the processing of micro-electronic devices. The CVD process for the densification of a porous preform to make up a matrix material is referred to as Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI). In particle Precipitation aided CVD (PP-CVD) an aerosol is formed, and the particles are precipitated on a substrate by introducing an external force for particle deposition. This thesis deals with the high temperature chemistry of the formation of titanium nitride and titanium diboride in CVD, CVI, and PP-CVD. It gives a concise presentation of the experimental work on high temperature chemistry of these CVD techniques.

  3. An Analysis on the Application of Rescale Range and Fractals in the Characterisation of English Alphabets in a Doctoral Thesis

    Tajudeen Abiola


    Full Text Available This contribution presents an analysis on two key approaches to studying the characterization of English alphabets in doctoral thesis. The approaches (rescale range analysis (RSA and fractal characterization (FC are discussed from the simulation point of view. For RSA, Hurst exponent value was used for the string of English alphabets in composing doctoral abstracts of engineering-based research work. FC involves the combined application of Cantor dust knowledge and fractal box dimension estimate by box counting and probability. For the two approaches, four engineering-based doctoral abstracts were studied with the total length of 512 alphabets in each case. The average computerized rescale range value was found to increase with the increase in data length for all cases. The Hurst exponent values for all cases distinctively range between 0.4146 and 0.4873 (i.e. negative correlation. The relative percentage error computed for the estimated fractal box dimension of Cantor Dust when compared with the literature result was 15.7% (i.e. the algorithm used in this study for the estimate will tolerate maximum of 15.7% error for any study case: Comparisons of sorted alphabets by frequency and estimated fractal box dimension for four abstract cases range between 37% to 77% agreement. The average percentage agreement among the four cases sorted by frequency was 31.5% and the average was 43% for sorting done by estimated fractal box dimension (due to recognition of placement and timing of usage of the English language alphabets in the studied cases. The graphs of estimated probability and fractal box dimension distribution for the studied cases follows trend.

  4. Removal of dichloromethane from waste gases in a biological trickling filter. Doctoral thesis

    Diks, R.M.M.


    Biological waste gas purification systems, especially biofilters, are increasingly applied in different branches of industry, not only for the elimination of odorous, easily biodegradable compounds, but also for the removal of toxic xenobiotics from waste gases. Although successful in most cases, a biofilter cannot be applied if large amounts of acidifying or inhibiting compounds accumulate in the filter material during the microbial degradation of the contaminants present in the waste gas. The thesis describes the development of a biological trickling filter, in which the above-mentioned problems can be easily dealt with. In this reactor the waste gas is forced to rise through a bed of inert packing material, on which a suitable microbial flora is immobilized. By the recirculation of a water phase through this system, acids produced are continuously removed from the filter bed and hence microbial activity is maintained. The flowing liquid phase also allows for the continuous neutralization and control of the optimal physiological conditions, i.e. temperature, pH and concentration of inhibiting compounds.

  5. Fluid dynamics of the freeboard in a fluidized bed reactor. Doctoral thesis

    Verloop, W.C.


    The present study focuses on the fluid dynamics of the gas-particle freeboard flow, whereas a subsequent study will cover the chemistry. The objective of the present thesis is to increase the insight in the physical processes that govern the freeboard particle flow. Special attention has to be paid to the lateral transport of particles and the often observed phenomenon of a downflowing wall layer of solids, which has not been explained satisfactorily up to now. In order to achieve this, detailed experiments have to be performed which provide data on the local flow structure. In addition, the freeboard flow has to be modeled at least two-dimensionally, incorporating the essential physical processes. The resulting model of the freeboard flow should firstly be capable of predicting the local properties of both the gas flow and the particle flow. This prediction has to serve as a basis for the subsequent modeling of the freeboard chemistry. Secondly, the model should serve as a basis for studying the consequences of the scaling up a fluidized bed installation from lab scale to industrial size.

  6. Study of mid-latitude 5577A CI dayglow emissions. Doctoral thesis

    Hume, E.E.


    Summary of thesis: The green line (5577angstroms) is a bright, persistent component of the visible airglow. It is produced by an electric quadruple transition from the metastable second excited state (1So) to the first excited state (1D2) of atomic oxygen. These two excited states all lie in the same electron shell of the atom and have the same electron configuration as the ground state of 1s22s22p4, which is the 3P2,1,0. This emission is present in both the daytime and night airglow and in the aurora, and despite a long history of study it is still not fully understood. The emission in the dayglow and the nightglow is relatively homogeneous spatially and global in coverage. In the aurora, the emission is much brighter than the airglow, high structured and very localized being restricted to higher latitudes. The structure of the 5577angstroms emission with altitude and the chemistry responsible for the production of the emission are complex. The vertical structure for the emission has two distinct layers in the airglow each with its own set of production and loss mechanisms. the chemistry for either of these layers is not completely known. The auroral emission is not understood either since it overlaps the upper and lower layer altitudes and it tends to contain some parts of the chemistry of both layers as sources and losses.

  7. Hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of shallow tidal channels and intertidal flats. Doctoral thesis

    Friedrichs, C.T.


    In this thesis, mechanisms which control morphodynamics of shallow tidal embayments are investigated analytically. In the process of exploring these mechanisms (specifically asymmetries in bottom stress), Tau, basis momentum and mass balances which govern flow in these systems are clarified. Temporal asymmetries in Tau are investigated via a new perturbation scheme which quantifies nonlinear processes and combines geometric controls on asymmetry into a single non-dimensional parameter. Implications of spatial asymmetries in Tau are investigated through stability criteria based on a uniform distribution of Tau. Morphologic observations of both tidal channels and intertidal flats are consistent with a uniform distribution of Tau at equilibrium. Investigation of morphodynamic mechanisms leads to scalings of momentum and continuity which diverge from classical models. Scalings for prismatic channels with strong tidal asymmetries indicate friction often dominates acceleration in the momentum equation. The resulting zero-inertia balance gives a time-varying diffusion equation which requires along-channel amplitude to decay. Uniform Tau justifies a new scaling of continuity for exponentially-shaped channels. In such channels, along-channel gradients in tidal velocity are small and are often dominated by gradients in cross-sectional area. The resulting first-order wave equation allows only amplitude, forward propagating waveforms which are independent of channel length. Tidal channels Hydrodynamics, Tidal flats.

  8. Reputation strength as a determinant of faculty employment: a test of the step-down thesis among clinical psychology doctoral programs.

    Roberts, Michael C; Ilardi, Stephen S; Johnson, Rebecca J


    This study tested the folkloristic belief that doctoral degree recipients who pursue academic careers typically wind up at institutions ranked lower in prestige than the institutions at which they trained (the step-down thesis). We used a database of faculty members in 150 clinical psychology doctoral programs accredited by the American Psychological Association, and compared each faculty member's training institution with the current employing institution on three distinct reputation ranking systems: The Center (University of Florida, Gainesville) for overall university reputation, the National Research Council (Washington, DC) for doctoral degree department reputation, and the news magazine, U.S. News and World Report ranking for clinical psychology training program reputation. Although support for the step-down thesis was found across all three ranking systems, a disproportionately large number of professors were also observed to move laterally in terms of their employing institution's reputation. PMID:16541384

  9. Be collisions. Doctoral thesis

    Veenhof, R.J.


    The Helios experiment was proposed in 1983 to investigate in detail the origin of low mass lepton pairs. The Helios setup combines an electron spectrometer, a muon spectrometer, a photon detector, almost hermetic calorimetry and a device to measure the multiplicity. The Helios detector is described in Chapter 2.0 with particular emphasis on the performance of the drift chamber system. The event selection and the reconstruction of the muons is described in Chapter 3.0. Chapter 4.0 summarizes the current knowledge of the decays of mesons into low mass muon pairs. The author's own measurements of meson properties are presented in Chapter 5.0. The question whether one needs anomalous pairs to explain the data, is answered in Chapter 6.0. Helios reaches the conclusion that there is no evidence for the production of anomalous pairs at central rapidity and low p[sub T] in pBe collisions. This result complements the recent finding of the RISK experiment, which is also able to observe Dalitz decays, that low mass lepton pair production in the forward region in pi(-)C interactions is compatible with meson decays.

  10. Surveys of Ph.D. Thesis: Review of Doctoral Research in Language Assessment in Canada (2006-2011)

    Cheng, Liying; Fox, Janna


    This paper reviews a selected sample of 24 doctoral dissertations in language assessment (broadly defined), completed between 2006 and 2011 in Canadian universities. These dissertations fall into five thematic categories: 1) reliability, validity and factors affecting test performance; 2) washback (impact) and ethics; 3) raters, rating and rating…

  11. Reflections on the doctoral thesis Race in Antioquia is unique and is not degenerated = Reflexiones sobre la tesis doctoral “La raza antioqueña es única y no está degenerada”

    Jaime Carrizosa Moog


    Full Text Available In several countries, totalitarianism, fascism and national-socialism had racial topics as core policies. Other countries did not necessarily have a liberal thinking on this specific matter, and also approved discriminatory laws. In Latin America, eugenics had a great impact on public health policies during the first half of the 20th century, and gave rise to stigmatization of ill persons and of different races. Ninety years after its publication, a doctoral thesis on the race in Antioquia, Colombia, may still have validity.

  12. The Libyan doctors' brain drain: an exploratory study

    Bredan Amin


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Medical emigration from developing to developed countries is a well established phenomenon of substantial importance. Though Libya is classified as an upper-middle income country, it has been affected by this trend. This study was undertaken to identify some of the possible reasons behind the emigration of Libyan doctors and factors that might motivate them to return. Findings Seventy-four completed questionnaires were analysed. Median age of the respondents was 43 years (33-60 and median duration of stay outside Libya was 15 years (6-29. Most of the participants were resident in Europe (66%. The desire to further their education and research was the main reason given by 88% of the respondents for leaving Libya, while 50% of them gave that as the main reason for staying abroad. One-third of the respondents (31% cited economic factors as the main reason for not returning. None of the respondents ruled out returning to Libya, and about half of them stated that they definitely or probably will return to Libya. 58% ranked reform of the Libyan health system as the most important reason that could induce them to return to Libya. Conclusion The study shows that reforming the health care system in Libya might induce some of the physicians who moved abroad mainly for educational and economic reasons to return to Libya to practice medicine.

  13. Precipitation phenomena in aluminium-based metal matrix composites: Effects of reinforcement on kinetics and misfit accomodation. Doctoral thesis

    Starink, M.J.


    In the thesis several articles are brought together which focus on the influence of dispersed particles on the precipitation in aluminium alloys. As dispersed particles, silicon and aluminiumoxide particles were studied. The matrix of the alloys studied consisted of Al-Cu, Al-Cu-Si, and Al-Cu-Mg-Si. The articles concerning the first two alloys make up Part 1 of the thesis. The work on Al-Cu-Mg-Si alloys is compiled in Part 2. Precipitation was studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), X-ray diffraction and hardness measurements.

  14. Living apart together across borders; how Ghanaian couples form, transform, or dissolve in the context of international migration. Doctoral thesis

    Caarls, K.


    This thesis provides insight into the role of international migration in how Ghanaian couples form, transform or dissolve. It investigates if, when and where families live geographically separate from each other and if, when and where they reunify. Employing a transnational approach, this dissertati

  15. "Unexplainable" medical histories and childhood sexual abuse. New doctoral thesis tells you how to investigate the links.

    Getz, L


    This is a brief summary and a personal reflection on Anne Luise Kirkengen's PhD thesis "Embodiment of sexual boundary violations in childhood". It is written to encourage other clinicians to familiarise themselves with this original and important study. It has high relevance for every clinician who is ever confronted with patients that present medical histories that are "diffuse" or unexplainable according to traditional medical knowledge. PMID:10439487

  16. Is the medical brain drain beneficial? Evidence from overseas doctors in the UK.

    Kangasniemi, Mari; Winters, L Alan; Commander, Simon


    The 'beneficial brain drain' hypothesis suggests that skilled migration can be good for a sending country because the incentives it creates for obtaining training increase that country's net supply of skilled labour. Necessary conditions for this hypothesis to work are that the possibility of migration significantly affects decisions to take medical training and that migrants are not strongly screened by the host country. We conducted a survey among overseas doctors in the UK in 2002, which suggested that neither condition is likely to be fulfilled. Apart from the 'beneficial brain drain' argument, the survey findings also cast light on the backgrounds and motives of migrant doctors, and finds evidence that there could, nonetheless, be other benefits to sending countries via routes like remittances and return migration. PMID:17570573

  17. Should Research Thesis be a Prerequisite for Doctor of Medicine Degree? A Cross-sectional Study at Jordan University of Science and Technology

    Aisha Gharaibeh


    Full Text Available Background: University based research is an integral part of many prestigious medical schools worldwide. The benefits of student-conducted research have long been highlighted in the literature. This article aims to identify the insights of medical students concerning research training, including perceived hurdles in the way of conducting research, and the utility of a research thesis in acquiring a Doctor of Medicine degree.Methods: A total of 808 medical students at Jordan University of Science and Technology were selected by random sampling with a confidence level of 95%. A survey was constructed by a group of students through literature review and group discussions. The survey utilized polar and Likert scale questions to collect data from the students. Statistical inferences were then obtained through analysis of means and one sample t-test of the hypothesis.Results: A total of 687 students filled out the survey (85%. Analysis shows that respondents have a strong and positive attitude towards research. The respondents with past research experience constituted 14.3% of those surveyed. Those respondents identified the barriers faced by them during their experience. The students showed high degree of agreement that a research thesis should be a prerequisite for graduation with statistical significance of p-value ≤0.05.Conclusion: Modifying the curriculum to include research methodology is recommended, and developing it to incorporate a thesis as a requirement for graduation may be advised upon further review.

  18. Determination of the branching ratios of the Z[sup 0] boson into heavy quarks using neural networks. Doctoral thesis

    de Groot, N.


    The thesis is organized as follows: chapter 2 gives a short overview of the physics that can be studied at LEP. The next chapter is an introduction into neural networks. Chapter 4 gives a description of the LEP accelerator, the DELPHI detector and the analysis chain. The Inner Detector is the subject of the following chapter. In chapter 6 the analysis of the branching ratio of the Z(sup 0) into heavy quarks is presented. Chapter 7 summarizes the main results and conclusions.

  19. Nuclear reactor noise investigations on boiling effects in a simulated MTR-type fuel assembly. Doctoral thesis

    Kozma, R.


    Boiling experiments at HOR have a relatively long history that began more than a decade ago. Following some introductory out-of-pile experiments, a boiling setup was operating at HOR between 1984 and 1986. Based on the experience of that setup, a new boiling experiment, NIOBE (Noise Investigations On Boiling Effects), has been designed. The NIOBE setup has been in operation since the end of 1986. The present work contains results of experiments performed between 1988 and 1991, with the exception of Chapter 5, in which experiments with the predecessor of NIOBE are treated. The thesis is based on results of experiments performed at the NIOBE loop located in a research reactor (HOR).

  20. Modelling of cooled-ceiling air-conditioning systems: Influences on indoor environment and energy consumption. Doctoral thesis

    Niu, J.


    The contents presented in this thesis consist of four principal parts: (1) the critical review of turbulence CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) techniques and their application in building air flow study, and the experimental evaluation of the widely used k-epsilon turbulence model for in-room air flow situations; (2) the development of a thermodynamic mathematical model for cooled-ceiling air-conditioning systems, and the enhancement of an existing computer code ACCURACY, and the experimental validation of the convective parameters involved in the models; (3) the combined use of building dynamic simulation and CFD technique for the investigation of thermal comfort and ventilation effectiveness performance of three typical air-conditioning systems, the air-panel type cooled-ceiling (ACC) system, and the water-panel type cooled ceiling (CC) system; and (4) the use of the dynamic model coupled with air-handling-unit (AHU) and primary equipment models to simulate the annual energy consumption of CC systems and all-air systems and to estimate thermal performances of some passive cooling schemes, especially the evaporative free-cooling scheme. The review of the state-of-the-art of turbulence modeling shows that the k-epsilon turbulence model still remains the most-widely used engineering model.

  1. Trapping and diffusion of noble gas atoms in some off-stoichiometric ceramics studied by thermal desorption spectrometry. Doctoral thesis

    Hoondert, W.H.B.


    The thesis deals with the mobility of small noble gas atoms, mainly helium, in ceramic materials with high defect concentrations. Hence, two subjects are covered: diffusion and defect physics. The experimental technique employed is Thermal Desorption Spectrometry (TDS). An introductory outline of TDS is given. The present study was initiated for various reasons. First of all, research on helium retention and mobility behavior, such as bubble nucleation and subsequent bubble migration, in potential fusion reactor wall materials (which some of the ceramics are) is of practical interest. Secondly, because the ceramic materials investigated in the present work have defect concentrations on the order of percents, and because they are binary compounds where in principle more defect types can be present than in pure materials, the defect physics is more complicated and diverse than e.g., in simple metals. Finally, high defective materials can serve as a model system for thin films produced by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD). TDS as an analytical tool is of key importance to be able to control the IBAD process, and for the understanding of the atomic-scale phenomena involved.

  2. Calculation of phase stability in Zr-Nb-Ru using LMTO and the cluster variation method. Doctoral thesis

    Becker, J.D.


    Progress in a long-standing objective in computational materials science, the calculation of alloy phase diagrams from first-principles, has been paced by the associated problems of accurate yet efficient total-energy calculations and statistical approximations of the alloy partition function. The former is well understood, and the evolution of Density-Functional Theory (DFT) to computationally suitable methods using the Local-Density Approximation (LDA) is a renowned (though, arguably, a qualified) success. The high precision required of the total-energy band-structure methods for phase-equilibrium calculations is attainable for most chemical systems. The connection between the total-energy calculations and a general solution to the Ising problem is provided by a cluster expansion in a series of multi-atom interaction energies. This rigorous expansion my be inverted to calculate the total energy of any lattice configuration using the multi-atom interactions. Two main aspects of the cluster expansion method remain unresolved: the convergence of the expansion and the effect of strain energy on the convergence. These two issues are central to this thesis, and a major portion of this study is devoted toward a resolution.

  3. Is the Medical Brain Drain Beneficial? Evidence from Overseas Doctors in the UK

    Kangasniemi, Mari; Winters, L. Alan; Commander, Simon


    The ¿beneficial brain drain¿ hypothesis suggests that skilled migration can be good for a sending country because the incentives it creates for training increase that country¿s supply of skilled labour. To work, this hypothesis requires that the degree of screening of migrants by the host country is limited and that the possibility of migration actually encourages home country residents to obtain education. We studied the implications of doctors¿ migration by conducting a survey among oversea...

  4. Neutron Transport with Anisotropic Scattering. Theory and Applications. Doctoral thesis prepared at SCK-CEN and defended in 2005

    This thesis is a blend of neutron transport theory and numerical analysis. We start with the study of the problem of the Mika/Case eigenexpansion used in the solution process of the homogeneous one-speed Boltzmann neutron transport equation with anisotropic scattering for plane symmetry. The anisotropic scattering is expressed as a finite Legendre series in which the coefficients are the scattering coefficients'. This eigenexpansion consists of a discrete spectrum of eigenvalues with its corresponding eigenfunctions and the continuous spectrum [-1,+1] with its corresponding eigendistributions. In the general case where the anisotropic scattering can be of any (finite) order, multiple discrete eigenvalues exist and these have to be located to have the complete spectrum. We have devised a stable and robust method that locates all these discrete eigenvalues. The method is a two-step process: first the number of discrete eigenvalues is calculated and this is followed by the calculation of the discrete eigenvalues themselves, now being able to count them down and make sure none are forgotten. During our numerical experiments, we came across what we called near-singular eigenvalues: discrete eigenvalues that are located extremely close to the continuum and hence lead to near-singular behaviour in the eigenfunction. Our solution method has been adapted and allows for the automatic detection of such a near-singular eigenvalue. For the elements of the continuous spectrum [-1,+1], there is no non-zero function satisfying the associated eigenequation but there is a non-zero distribution that does satisfy it. It is not feasible to compute a distribution as such but one can evaluate integrals in which this distribution appears. The continuum part of the eigenexpansion can hence only be characterised by its (angular) moments. Accurate and fast numerical quadrature is needed to evaluate these integrals. Several quadrature methods have been evaluated on a representative test

  5. On the bifurcation of blood vessels--Wilhelm Roux's doctoral thesis (Jena 1878)--a seminal work for biophysical modelling in developmental biology.

    Kurz, H; Sandau, K; Christ, B


    Wilhelm Roux's doctoral thesis described the relationship between the angle and diameter of bifurcating blood vessels. We have re-read this work in the light of biophysics and developmental biology and found two remarkable aspects hidden among a multitude of observations, rules and exceptions to these rules. First, the author identified the major determinants involved in vascular development; genetics, cybernetics, and mechanics; moreover, he knew that he could not deal with the genetic and regulatory aspects, and could hardly treat the mechanical part adequately. Second, he was deeply convinced that the laws of physics determine the design of organisms, and that a necessity for optimality was inherent in development. We combined the analysis of diameter relationships with the requirement for optimality in a stochastic biophysical model, and concluded that a constant wall-stress condition could define a minimum wall-tissue optimum during arterial development. Hence, almost 120 years after Wilhelm Roux's pioneering work, our model indicates one possible way in which physical laws have determined the evolution of regulatory and structural properties in vessel wall development. PMID:9059737

  6. To redeem what could be redeemed. A vitalistic interpretation of Hannah Arendt’s doctoral thesis ‚On the concept of love in Augustine’.

    Rafał Zawisza


    Full Text Available This article is a presentation of Hannah Arendt’s doctoral thesis publishedin 1929 and devoted to the notion of love in Augustine (Der Liebesbegriff beiAugustin. Its aim is to demonstrate the originality of Arendt’s work towards hermajor influence and object of criticism – the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Herconcept of natality, derived from Augustinian thought, opposes to being-towards--death. This movement makes a different conception of subjectivity possible: Heideggerianegocentrism can be substituted by a plurality. Vitalism (as proposed by AgataBielik-Robson is noticeable in the interpretational efforts of Arendt and defendsa particular subjectivity against dissolution of any kind into Wholeness. Simultaneously,a vision of a community is formed – the community of equals constructedthanks to the recognition of contingency in conditio humana. In other words, herargument overcomes claims to absolute freedom. Reflections from the “pretheologicalsphere” (Arendt take the form of philosophical anthropology, crucial to subsequentArendtian thought. Speculations concerning a notion of God are linkedwith the dissimilar approaches to a neighbor’s love. This is reflected in the problemof the constitution of dependent subjectivity, the main feature of which is a dialecticallyunderstood gratitude: the recognition of one’s dependence is a first step toovercoming it. It corresponds with a complicated attitude towards modernity farfrom simple resolutions: a sense of historicity builds a strategic position as a conditionof successful emancipation.

  7. Assessment of a doctoral thesis

    Fernando Peñaranda; Diego Sarasti; Gloria Molina M; Diana C. Rubio


    Esta publicación presenta, en una primera parte, los resúmenes de las proyectos de tesis doctorales o de trabajode grado de maestría en salud pública o epidemiologíade los estudiantes participantes, los cuales abarcan una amplia gama de temas de salud pública tales como la violencia, la maternidad y la crianza, acceso a los serviciosde salud, inmunizaciones, cáncer de cérvix, etc. En la segunda parte, incluye un documento resumen del seminario sobre criterios de evaluación de tesis doctorales...

  8. Coupled channel calculations for electron-positron pair production in collisions of heavy ionsThis work is part of the doctoral thesis of Matthias Gail, Giessen (D26) 2001.

    Gail, Matthias; Grün, Norbert; Scheid, Werner


    Coupled channel calculations are performed for electron-positron pair production in relativistic collisions of heavy ions. For this purpose the wavefunction is expanded into different types of basis sets consisting of atomic wavefunctions centred around the projectile ion only and around both of the colliding nuclei. The results are compared with experimental data from Belkacem et al (1997 Phys. Rev. A 56 2807). This work is part of the doctoral thesis of Matthias Gail, Giessen (D26) 2001.

  9. A positionism epitomology applied to small group decision-making in radioactive waste management. Doctoral thesis prepared at SCK-CEN and defended in 2004

    The article refers to an abstract of a doctoral thesis. Assuring the safety of technological developments is becoming one of the most important tasks in society. For nuclear waste repositories, it is important to know what will remain valuable of current performance and safety assessments within a few hundred years. The core of the PhD concerns the meaning that can be attributed to safety assessments. This study develops a new philosophical theory to explain how small group decision-making on technoscientific problems takes place. It is applied to the specific problem of decision-making on radioactive waste disposal and its related risk assessment. The new philosophical theory is based on Latour's interactionism theory, which in its essence states that facts are only facts if they are accepted by the network. The theory adds that fact-building or decision-making happens in a certain context by interaction of different context elements. The word context has a very specific meaning. It refers to a problem solving situations in which individuals work out a problem framing and use attitudes, personalities, group cultures, and objects. Decisions or fact-building within the group will happen by interaction between these context elements that will get different hierarchical positions and lead to contextual dissonance reduction. This is called positionism. An international questionnaire has been carried out asking for estimations by technologists and scientists of the risks and uncertainties of a high level waste repository on the one hand and their personality, group culture and background characteristics on the other hand. Two important indicators occur. High neuroticism -a personality measure indicating the general tendency to experience affects such as fear, sadness, or distrust- correlates with high assessments of the waste repository risks. Scientists with high confidence in science give significant lower estimations of the repository risks. These results illustrate

  10. The safety culture according to a comprehensive approach. A contribution to risk governance within complex systems. Doctoral thesis prepared at SCK-CEN and defended in 2004

    The article refers to an abstract of a doctoral thesis. This PhD is based on two evolutions within the society concerning the way to manage modern risks. It is more and more acknowledged that, firstly, rational scientific models are no longer capable to explain and manage the complexity and the diversity of risks. Secondly the supporters of a democratic conception of the risk governance claim that the risk management can benefit from the participation of the lay people to the debate. Within this framework, the study of safety culture, according to a bottom-up and comprehensive approach, in the field of the social sciences, represents an opportunity to make concrete the risk governance principle within complex system (such as a nuclear power plant and a nuclear research centre). The objectives of this PhD are the following: to appreciate the participation of the workers to the debate of the risk management within organisations; to present the lessons which can be drawn from this exercise and finally to investigate the safety culture of different groups of workers adopting an alternative view as compared to the vision as formulated in the present texts of the IAEA.The methodology was based on two techniques: observation and Focus Group. The observations were planed to feed further the Focus Group discussions with concrete examples of situations at work. We organized different Focus Group discussions with different kinds of workers (workers, managers, safety officers) in order to collect the social representation relating to the safety, the organization, the technology, the socio-economical environment and the work of each of these groups, both in the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre and in the Nuclear Power Plant of Tricastin in France. The results confirm firstly the relevance of developing a multidisciplinary theoretical framework of safety culture drawing its inspiration from sociology, social psychology, anthropology, etc. This multidisciplinary approach allows

  11. Congenital malformations induced by ionizing radiation in mouse embryos: investigating molecular changes. Doctoral Thesis Prepared at SCK-CEN and Defended in 2006

    Irradiation of the mammalian embryo during development results in diverse effects depending on the dose and the specific gestational phase at irradiation. In this work cellular and molecular changes associated with X-irradiation of embryos were therefore investigated at both early and late gestational stages at the moment of radiation exposure. Our goal was to find biological markers indicative of teratogenic effects of radiation, and provide a holistic model of the impact of irradiation during early and late development. In the first part of this doctoral thesis, we investigated telomere length in the irradiated and non-irradiated embryos bearing different p53 genotypes and malformation status as telomere shortening was associated with neural tube defects in mTR-/- embryos. Moreover, the loss of telomere function has been shown to elicit DNA damage checkpoints and p53-dependent apoptosis in vitro. We conclude that telomere shortening is associated with the malformation status as well with the p53 genotype. These data assign telomere length as a potential predictor of a malformed phenotype, a feature that is modulated according to the p53 genotype and the developmental stage at the moment of irradiation. In the second part of this work, we focused on a specific malformation phenotype, namely: forelimb defect. To identify potential genes involved in the radiation-induced forelimb teratogenesis, we investigated differential gene expression between irradiated and non-irradiated fetuses using RT-q-PCR. The results indicate that forelimb defects observed in p53 wild type fetuses irradiated at the organogenesis period was due to excessive cellular death as shown by the high expression of the pro-apoptotic factors caspase-3 and Bax. This suggestion was supported by the positive TUNEL assay performed on forelimb tissue sections of malformed irradiated fetuses. Moreover, overexpression in malformed fetuses of MKK3 and MKK7, both members of the stress-activated MAP kinase

  12. Doctorateness as a Threshold Concept

    Trafford, Vernon; Leshem, Shosh


    Achieving a doctorate presents candidates with certain challenges--undertaking the research, writing the thesis and defending both at their viva. Throughout that doctoral journey, candidates are expected to display doctorateness in their thesis via the characteristics of high-quality scholarly research. The blockages that occur and prevent…

  13. Development of rubber forming as a rapid thermoforming technique for continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites. Quality control by process control. Doctoral thesis

    Robroek, L.M.J.


    The principal goal of the thesis is twofold: the understanding of the fundamental deformation processes of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics during a manufacturing cycle of two- or three-dimensional products made from flat laminates; and the development of an efficient thermoforming technique for manufacturing high quality thermoplastic composite products. (Copyright (c) 1994 by L.M.J. Robroek, Structures and Materials Laboratory.)

  14. Master's thesis policies in nursing education.

    May, K M; Holzemer, W L


    A telephone survey of 25 schools of nursing with doctoral programs was conducted to inquire about their master's thesis policies. Six programs require a thesis. Sixteen programs provide both thesis and other options, described in the paper. Other policy issues are discussed which include: relation of thesis to faculty research, criteria for serving on a master's thesis committee, and requirements for doctoral admission. Responses to the survey indicate a variety of types and degrees of research experience in master's programs. PMID:2981987

  15. Spins of resonances in reactions of neutrons with (238)U and (113)Cd. Doctoral thesis; Spins van resonanties in reacties van neutronen met (238)u en (113)cd

    Gunsing, F.


    In this thesis experiments are described that have lead to the assignments of spins to a large number of resonances in reactions of epithermal neutrons with the nuclei (238)U and (113)Cd. When a neutron is captured by an atomic nucleus, a compound nucleus is formed which is in a highly excited state with an energy of the order of the neutron binding energy. If the kinetic neutron energy is varied around a state of the compound nucleus, one observes a peak in the cross section. This is called a resonance in the reaction. Dependent on the amount or orbital momentum l that the neutron adds to the system, the resonances are indicated with spectroscopic notations as s- and p-waves for l = 0 and 1 respectively. The purpose of this thesis is to determine the spins of such resonances.

  16. Kinetics of the microbial degradation of oil in soil slurry reactors. Doctoral thesis; Kinetiek van de microbieele afbraak van olie in grondslurry-reactoren

    Geerdink, M.J.


    In recent years biological decontamination of water and soil has become increasingly popular. Several processes have been designed using this technique. One of these techniques is the soil slurry process designed at the department of Biochemical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. The slurry process makes use of the so called DITS (Dual Injected Turbulent Suspension) reactor and one or more air agitated suspension reactors. The need for a more fundamental knowledge of the microbial oil degredation in the reactors was the starting point of the thesis. The main aim of this research project was to predict required residence times of oil contaminated soils during microbial remediation in a slurry reactor.

  17. Agency doctorates

    Staff members of the Agency working at the Seibersdorf laboratory are continuing to achieve high academic distinction. Two more - both Austrian - have now been awarded the degree of Doctor of Agriculture. Joachim Kramer, who is 26, graduated from the Hochschule fur Bodenkultur in 1967 with the degree of Diplom-Ingenieur and then started work in the plant breeding and genetics section of the laboratory under the direction of Dr. Knut Mikaelsen. The results of the research work he carried out were accepted as the subject of a thesis for which he has now been granted his doctorate. The doctoral promotion took place on 30 June, at a ceremony attended by Dr. Andre Finkelstein, Deputy Director General for Research and Isotopes. The subject of Dr. Kramer's thesis was a comprehensive study of the mutagenic effects of fast neutrons and gamma rays, and the influence of various modifying factors such as water content, oxygen and metabolic state of seeds at the time of irradiation. This work has contributed significantly to the understanding of the mechanisms by which these two types of ionizing radiation produce mutations in seeds. The knowledge gained will be of great importance in the efficient use of ionizing radiation in practical plant breeding. Paul Wassermann, who is 33 years old, joined the Agency in 1965. He, too, graduated from the Hochschule fur Bodenkultur as Diplom-Ingenieur in agriculture, having graduated with honours previously from the agricultural secondary school at Raumberg, Austria, in 1958. Dr. Wassermann's own words may be used to explain how he came to gain his doctorate. 'In October, 1966, I completed my studies at the Hochschule,' he writes. 'I was employed at the Agency laboratories in Seibersdorf, working in the plant and soils group. Encouraged by the interesting research which was performed there, a thesis entitled 'the Fate of Nitrogen in Submerged Rice Soils' was started, which finally led to the doctor's degree in Agriculture in June this year

  18. Writing a Thesis Differently

    Honan, Eileen; Bright, David


    In this paper we explore the contributions that Deleuze and Guattari have made to thinking/writing language and how these ideas can be put to work in producing a doctoral thesis. We contribute to the field of work within what Patti Lather and Elizabeth St Pierre have called the "post-qualitative" movement, where researchers attempt to…

  19. Interferometric and acoustic measurements in superfluid (3)He-B and wetting studies in (3)He/(4)He mixtures. Doctoral thesis

    Alles, H.


    In this thesis work superfluid (3)He was investigated by two methods. First, ultrasonic experiments on (3)He-B were carried out using two coincident zero sound pulses. The second technique is optics, a novel method for ultra low temperatures. The developed method, two-beam interferometry, was employed successfully for studies of wetting phenomena in liquid (3)He/(4)He mixtures as well. This publication contains the results of a acoustic spectroscopy on (3)He-B. Most importantly, the real squashing collective mode (rsq) was excited by two simultaneous sound pulses yielding two phonon absorption (TPA). This nonlinear phenomenon was applied to study the dispersion relation of the rsq-mode. Zeeman splitting of the nonlinearly excited rsq-mode was investigated in a magnetic field. By means of TPA, an anomalous behavior was found also near the pair-breaking edge.

  20. The Tractable Cognition thesis

    Rooij, I.J.E.I. van


    The recognition that human minds/brains are finite systems with limited resources for computation has led some researchers to advance the Tractable Cognition thesis: Human cognitive capacities are constrained by computational tractability. This thesis, if true, serves cognitive psychology by constra

  1. The Tractable Cognition Thesis

    van Rooij, Iris


    The recognition that human minds/brains are finite systems with limited resources for computation has led some researchers to advance the "Tractable Cognition thesis": Human cognitive capacities are constrained by computational tractability. This thesis, if true, serves cognitive psychology by constraining the space of computational-level theories…

  2. Agency doctorates

    Mr. Wen-chuan Li of China has become the first student to obtain a doctor's degree as a result of research work carried out in the Agency. Mr. Li, who is 33, graduated as a Bachelor of Agriculture at Taiwan Provincial Chung-hsing University in 1960 and in 1966 was granted a fellowship to study mutations in plant breeding at the Agency's Seibersdorf Laboratory near Vienna, under the direction of Dr. Knut Mikaelsen, a professor of the University of Bergen. The Hochschule fur Bodenkultur of Vienna accepted the research as being suitable for a thesis and have now granted the degree of Doctor of Agriculture. The subject of the thesis was modifying factors influencing the mutagenic effects of alkylating agents as compared with ionizing radiations in barley. Alkylating agents are involved in the use of chemicals as a means of changing the characteristics of seeds to bring about changes aimed at improving the quality of crops. Mr. Li's work is regarded as a significant contribution to the understanding of the mechanics by which mutations are induced, to the efficient use of chemicals and ionizing radiations in practical applications, and to the efforts of the Agency in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization to benefit food supplies. Mr. Li has now completed his fellowship with the Agency and has been appointed an Assistant Professor in Plant Breeding at Taiwan Provincial Chung-hsing University. The photograph, taken in the plastic hot house at Seibersdorf, shows him studying rice plants grown from seeds subjected to irradiation. Another noteworthy achievement is that of Mr. Karl-Franz Lacina, a security guard at the Agency's headquarters. At the age of 50 he has been accorded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Vienna University, the result of six years' work in his leisure time. The major subject was Arabic, with French and philosophy as supporting subject. (author)

  3. Optimization of patient doses, linked to image quality, in vascular radiology. Doctoral thesis prepared at SCK-CEN and defended in 2005

    Vascular radiology includes procedures in which the radiologist or other medical specialist uses the radiological image to diagnose or treat a specific vascular structure. In the published MIRA-2004 report (Milieu- en natuurrapport Vlaanderen) is mentioned that in 2001 the diagnostic vascular procedures comprised only 0.9% and the interventional (cardiology) procedures only 0.4% from the total number of performed radiological medical examinations in Flanders. Notwithstanding the frequency is low, their contribution to radiation exposure in medicine is considerably higher in respect to all X-ray examinations. Due to the complexity of these procedures, the application of the ALARA-principle, keeping doses as low as reasonably achievable without jeopardizing image quality, is a great challenge. It is obvious that optimization of patient doses necessitates a reliable insight in dose levels associated with the different examinations. However, in Belgium there is a great lack of quantitative data in vascular radiology and no explicit instructions are available on how the work could be done practically. Therefore, the first purpose of the study was to define, to measure and to calculate doses to patients in 7 different hospitals. In the thesis, patient doses are measured and calculated for 3 specific vascular procedures: angiography of the lower limbs, angiography of the carotid arteries and cerebral embolisation. The doses are evaluated against different technical parameters of the equipment and of the working procedure. In view of optimization purposes, a protocol for performing dose audits in vascular radiology is suggested. From the results and conclusions in this study, some practical guidelines could be given for the radiological protection of the patient. For 158 patients, relevant parameters as tube voltage (kVp), tube load (mAs), field size, number of frames, fluoroscopy times etc. were recorded. With a flat ionization chamber, positioned in the radiation beam

  4. Reactivity of surface carbonaceous intermediates. Doctoral thesis

    Koerts, T.


    The study has concentrated on two reactions both related with carbon-carbon bond formation on transition metal catalysts. The first concerns the influences of a vanadium promoter on the kinetics of elementary reaction steps upon synthesis gas conversion on a rhodium catalyst. The second is related to the general problem of initiating a carbon-carbon bond between two methane molecules. Both reactions occur via reactive C1 surface intermediates. These surface species were created from CO and CH4 respectively. Mainly transient kinetic techniques were used which were combined with some quantum chemical calculations. The influence of a vanadium promoter on the formation and intrinsic reactivity of CHx species adsorbed on rhodium catalysts, for hydrogenation, chaingrowth and CO insertion, has also been investigated. On rhodium catalysts a very reactive C1 intermediate was found to be formed from dissociative CO adsorption. The formation of the surface species was found to be enhanced by vanadium promotion, which lowers the activation energy for CO dissociation.

  5. Thesis Proposal

    Sloth, Erik


    Strukturen i Thesis proposal er følgende: Først præsenteres mine konkrete empiriske forskningsprojekter som skal munde ud i afhandlingens artikler. Jeg præsenterer herefter de teoretiske overvejelser omkring oplevelsesbegrebet og forbrugerkulturteori som danner baggrund for at jeg er nået frem til...


    Savaryová, Kristýna


    A "brain drain" theory is in last few years very hot topic, especially with reference to Czech doctors complaining to their salary conditions. However the brain drain topic is not relevant for the Czech Republic only because its negative impact is very often being mentioned in a connection with developing countries. The thesis proposes a detailed description of the brain drain topic and proposes explanation of related terms. In practical part is the thesis, based on empirical data sets, searc...

  7. Bachelor thesis



    The aim of the bachelor thesis was to create a survey of characteristics of pork meat quality including pH45, pH24, colour, water holding capacity, texture, intramuscular fat content and influences that affect the meat quality, i.e. breed, sex, slaughter weight, nutrition and feed, stabling technology, treatment, transport to the slaughterhouse, method of stunning and way of slaughter. The meat quality is also conditioned by the chemical composition, physical and technological features of the...

  8. A legal analysis of the use of ionising radiation in medical hospital practice: an inquiry into the influence of prevention and precaution on health protection and liability. Doctoral thesis prepared at SCK-CEN and defended in 2004

    The article refers to an abstract of a doctoral thesis. From a legal perspective there exists a clear need for a general framework describing conditions and consequences of risk management in the field of high technology. Despite the existence of many kinds of Safety Procedures and Soft Law, specific guidelines are lacking for regulators and courts, especially in case of scientific controversy and uncertainty about the health effects of an activity or a product such as low doses of ionising radiation, electro-magnetic fields, genetically modified organisms, PCB's in salmon etc. The research of the PISA Project on Legal Aspects and Liability has been focussed on the medical applications of ionising radiation. The safety approach depends on the risk characterisation and differs for stochastic and deterministic effects. The most important objective was to find liability or funding systems which can cope with these differences, in particular between dose limits (as for the nuclear industry), reference dose levels foreseen in the EC medical Directive (as for nuclear medicine), and Optimisation referring to the ALARA principle. Risk assessment and risk management that are based on traditional narrow risk-assessment models have to be revised in the light of the Precautionary Principle. This principle urges policy-makers to adopt a broader, more pluralistic approach, considering the societal equilibrium, i.e. the general interest of the activity at stake, the general impact of individual protective measures and the existence of reasonable alternatives from a sociological, economical, scientific and technological point of view. One of the characteristics of the Precautionary Principle relates to our opinion to the collective damage to human health, i.e. a detriment that relates to a group of people. Nevertheless, as a result of the application of the Precautionary Principle, we believe that in case of individual damage the standard of care shall be more and more defined

  9. Choosing a Doctor

    ... Choosing A Doctor Heath and Aging Choosing A Doctor Types of Primary Care Doctors Asking for Help ... is right for you. Types of Primary Care Doctors Your primary care doctor is the doctor you ...

  10. Brain Basics

    Full Text Available ... he saw, Sarah's husband took her to the doctor, who ran some tests. After deciding her symptoms ... a stroke, brain tumor, or similar conditions, Sarah's doctor referred her to a psychiatrist, a type of ...

  11. Doctoral Education

    Ridder, Hanne Mette Ochsner


    Doctoral education covers the “third cycle” of degrees following the bachelor’s and the master’s degree. The education of researchers is necessary for developing music therapy as a scientific discipline and calls for a certain research culture that not only brings knowledge on research, but...... involves collaboration with peers and opens the doors to an academic discipline. The training must bring forth doctorateness and follow standards for doctoral degrees. This chapter will describe the standards for doctoral degrees in music therapy and further argue for learning communities with an...... the coursework, supervision, and curriculum is based on problem-based learning. About the book: 'International Perspectives in Music Therapy Education and Training: Adapting to a Changing World,' the first anthology of its kind, edited by Professor Karen Goodman, brings noted educators from Brazil...

  12. Doctors Today

    Murphy, JFA


    Doctors’ relationship with patients and their role in society is changing. Until the 1960s doctors concentrated on the welfare of patients with less emphasis placed on patients’ rights1. Over recent decades there has been increasing empowerment of the individual across all facets of society including health care. Doctors continue to be perceived as having expertise and authority over medical science. Patients, however, now hold sway over questions of values or preferences. We all must be aware of this change in the doctor- patient interaction. We need to be more aware of the outcomes that patients view as important. The concept of shared decision-making with the patient is now widely appreciated. The process involves a change in mind set particularly for doctors who trained in an earlier era.

  13. Preparing for thesis and viva: some practicalities.

    Lee, Nancy-Jane


    Presenting a thesis and then undertaking the viva is challenging even for the most experienced of researchers. This paper offers stylistic practicalities, reflects on thesis and viva preparation, and discusses the research regulations and submission requirements of higher education institutions (HEIs). Issues such as the use of the first person, how best to locate research in the professional setting, research regulations and codes of practice are discussed, along with some guiding principles to enable effective viva preparation. It is derived from experience as a doctoral student, supervisor and examiner, and focuses on questions most frequently asked by doctoral students. PMID:20450089

  14. Fourth Doctoral Student Assembly

    Ingrid Haug


    On 10 May, over 130 PhD students and their supervisors, from both CERN and partner universities, gathered for the 4th Doctoral Student Assembly in the Council Chamber.   The assembly was followed by a poster session, at which eighteen doctoral students presented the outcome of their scientific work. The CERN Doctoral Student Programme currently hosts just over 200 students in applied physics, engineering, computing and science communication/education. The programme has been in place since 1985. It enables students to do their research at CERN for a maximum of three years and to work on a PhD thesis, which they defend at their University. The programme is steered by the TSC committee, which holds two selection committees per year, in June and December. The Doctoral Student Assembly was opened by the Director-General, Fabiola Gianotti, who stressed the importance of the programme in the scientific environment at CERN, emphasising that there is no more rewarding activity than lear...

  15. Going to the Doctor

    ... Help White House Lunch Recipes Going to the Doctor KidsHealth > For Kids > Going to the Doctor Print ... it's time to meet the doctor. continue Hello, Doctor The doctor will come in and say hello, ...

  16. Professional Doctoral Theses by Explication as Professional Management Development

    Zuber-Skerritt, Ortrun


    Purpose: This paper aims to explain the nature, and identify the quality criteria of a doctoral thesis by explication for professional management development. Design/methodology/approach: A working definition of a professional doctoral explication thesis (DET) is proposed and substantiated by five experts. The paper takes a practical, educational…

  17. Talking with Your Doctor: Make the Most of Your Appointment

    ... the Facts Talking With Your Doctor Health Capsules Mapping Language Problems in the Brain Healthy and Fun ... friend or family member with you. Speak your mind. Tell your doctor how you feel, including things ...

  18. Talking to Your Doctor

    ... Doctor Research Underway Plain Language Talking to Your Doctor Part 1: Preparing for Your Medical Appointment (4: ... sources of information. How to Talk to your Doctor Talking With Your Doctor , NIH News in Health ...

  19. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Doctor Research Underway Plain Language Talking to Your Doctor Part 1: Preparing for Your Medical Appointment (4: ... sources of information. How to Talk to your Doctor Talking With Your Doctor , NIH News in Health ...

  20. Thesis Preparation Manual


    "This Thesis Preparation Manual has been written to provide you with format and procedure guidance for preparing and processing your thesis at the Naval Postgraduate School. It covers both unclassified and classified theses. All theses and thesis technical reports must be prepared in accordance with these guidelines. Please note that this manual is not written in the thesis format." form the Foreword

  1. Teaching the Thesis

    Carroll, Joyce Armstrong


    Writing a good thesis provides a successful foundation for composing an essay. Teaching how to do that, however, is quite another matter. Teachers often say to students, "Find a thesis," or "Get a thesis," or "Bring in a thesis statement tomorrow," as if students could order one like a pizza, command it like a pet pooch, or grasp one out of thin…

  2. Constructing Your Thesis

    Ryan, Anne; Walsh, Tony


    This chapter explores a number of questions most commonly asked by students as they embark on writing a thesis: •What is a thesis? •How is a thesis structured? •How do I select a thesis topic? •How do I formulate a research question or hypothesis? •How can I be sure I take an objective angle in writing my thesis? •How do I start my thesis? •What is theory? •What can I expect from my supervisor? •What will I learn from writing a thesis?

  3. Brain Basics

    Full Text Available ... her symptoms were not caused by a stroke, brain tumor, or similar conditions, Sarah's doctor referred her to a psychiatrist, a type of medical doctor who is an expert on mental ... of serotonin in the brain and help reduce symptoms of depression. Sarah also ...

  4. Quantitative Analysis of Doctoral Thesis on" Curriculum and Teaching" Since 2000: The Sample Data from CNKI%2000年以来“课程与教学论”博士学位论文量化分析——以CNKI数据为样本



    本研究基于对439篇“课程与教学论”博士学位论文中的学校分布、作者以及选题等要素进行统计,结果表明:篇数上各个博士点差别明显;研究内容上多少不均,在“课程与教学论”四大主题中教学是选题最多的领域,然后是课程和学习,最少的是教师论,还有一些文章是对教育学原理的阐述;各个学校侧重点不相同;各学科研究差别较大;研究主题上呈现了“重理论,少实践;重宏观,轻微观;重国内,轻国际;重借鉴,轻创新”的特点。%This study is based on statistics on the distribution of schools,anthors and topics from 439 courses and teaching and on the doctoral thesis on the topics. The results show that. the number of articles is different between the various doctoral programs; the study contents are uneven ;the four major themes have the most topics;followed by curriculum and learning, are the topics on the teachers ;there are some articles on the elaboration of education theory. Different schools have different emphasis. The largest difference lies in course research presents the features of" paying attention to theory but not being practical; paying attention to macro, bu not on concept; paying attention to the domestic but not the international ;and paying attenting to relearning, but not the innovation".

  5. Current management for improved railgun performance. Doctoral thesis

    Beno, J.H.


    Continued railgun development toward high-energy devices that launch useful projectiles and have a lifetime of hundreds to thousands of shots, requires progress in two related aspects of accelerator design: (1) rail containment structures must be made capable of withstanding greater rail repulsion forces, without causing accelerators to become too bulky for their intended use; and (2) rails must sustain very minor heat-related damage during projectile launch. The potential for managing rail current and its distribution to alleviate the two aforementioned problems is investigated. Techniques for calculating pulsed, rail current distribution, in the infinite-conductivity approximation, and resultant projectile force are developed. Then, passive, current management methods -- involving multiple rail pairs to distribute currents and rail-repulsive forces in a few, evenly-spaced, radial directions, for easier rail containment -- are explored. Optimized multi-rail, railgun cross sectional shapes that produce more projectile force than conventional two-rail railguns operating under the same local peak current density constraints are determined. These railguns have nontraditional bore shapes, i.e., not square or round. The use of neighboring, current-carrying conductors to actively influence rail current distribution is then studied.

  6. Fault-tolerant and efficient parallel computation. Doctoral thesis

    Shvartsman, A.A.


    Recent advances in computer technology made parallel machines a reality. Massively parallel systems use many general-purpose, inexpensive processing elements to attain computation speed-ups comparable to or better than those achieved by expensive, specialized machines with a small number of fast processors. In such setting, however, one would expect to see an increased number of processor failures attributable to hardware or software. This may eliminate the potential advantage of parallel computation. We believe that this presents a reliability bottleneck that is among fundamental problems in parallel computation. We investigate algorithmic ways of introducing fault-tolerance in multiprocessors under the constraint of preserving efficiency. This research demonstrates how in certain models of parallel computation it is possible to combine efficiency and fault-tolerance. We show that in the models we study, it is possible to develop efficient parallel algorithms without concern for fault-tolerance, and then correctly and efficiently execute these algorithms on parallel machines whose processors are subject to arbitrary dynamic failstop errors. By ensuring efficient executions for any patterns of failures, the efficiency is also maintained when failures are infrequent, or when the expected number of failures is small.

  7. Vibrational spectroscopic studies of adsorbates on bimetallic surfaces. Doctoral thesis

    Kuhn, W.K.


    In this work, well-defined bimetallic surfaces have been studied using carbon monoxide adsorption in conjunction with infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy (IRAS). These studies have indicated that for CO adsorbed on Cu overlayers, the bond between the CO and the Cu adatoms is comprised of both pi-back-donation and polarization interaction components. The sum of the contributions from these effects determines the observed bond strength with the observed CO stretching frequency being determined by the relative contributions of the components. In addition, it was determined that IR spectra of adsorbed CO show a remarkable sensitivity to surface structure. Three-dimensional Cu clusters, well-ordered two dimensional Cu islands and isolated Cu atoms are distinctively characterized by their CO IR peaks. In addition, both disorder-order and order-order transitions are observed for the metal overlayers on the single crystal metal substrates. It was also observed that localized segregation and ordering of mixed Co and S overlayers on a Mo(110) substrate occurs upon annealing.

  8. Mechanically induced atomic disorder and phase transformations. Doctoral thesis

    Limei, D.


    The study shows the possibilities of preparing alloys in various metastable configurations by the simple technique of ball milling. Firstly, chapter 2 gives the description of experimental techniques. In chapter 3, evidence of atomic anti-site disordering in A15-structure superconducting compounds Nb3Sn and Nb3Au during an early stage of milling is demonstrated. Chapter 4 represents the experimental results on the B2-structure magnetic compounds CoGa and CoAl upon mechanical impact. These compounds are well known for their particular type of atomic disorder, namely triple-defect disorder. Various examples of experimental evidence of phase transformations induced by mechanical grinding are presented in chapter 5. Section 5.2 gives an example of amorphization induced by mechanical attrition in the intermetallic compound Ni3Sn. Section 5.3 shows the milling experiment of the intermetallic compound V3 Ga. In section 5.4, for the first time, the observation of a phase transformation to a high-temperature phase with a complex structure will be demonstrated for the intermetallic compound Co3Sn2. In the last chapter, detailed studies on the intermetallic Nb-Au binary compounds for a variety of compositions are presented.

  9. Biochemical remediation of a TNT contaminated soil. Doctoral thesis

    Young, D.G.


    This research presents the first field evidence for the phytoremediation of a TNT contaminated soil by the emersed aquatic plant, Myriophyllum brasiliense. Commonly known as Parrotfeather, this plant features a nitroreductase enzyme capable of promoting the reduction of the nitro groups on TNT to the corresponding amino groups. The proposed reductive pathway takes the TNT through isomers of monoamino and diamino to the final triaminonitrotoluene (TNT) Once in the TAT form and in the presence of oxygen, the final oxidative step quickly yields ring opened products and complete phytoremediation of TNT.

  10. Particle simulation of auroral double layers. Doctoral thesis

    Smith, B.L.


    Externally driven magnetic reconnection has been proposed as a possible mechanism for production of auroral electrons during magnetic substorms. Fluid simulations of magnetic reconnection lead to strong plasma flows towards the increasing magnetic field of the earth. These plasma flows must generate large scale potential drops to preserve global charge neutrality. We have examined currentless injection of plasma along a dipole magnetic field into a bounded region using both analytic techniques and particle simulation.

  11. Diabetic retinopathy. Screening and prevention of blindness. A doctoral thesis.

    Kristinsson, J K


    Diabetic eye disease is a major cause of blindness in the Western World and remains one of the most serious complications of diabetes mellitus. Retinopathy is the ocular complication of diabetes that most often leads to impaired vision. In recent years laser treatment has been introduced that can significantly decrease the likelihood of blindness in diabetic patients, if the eyes are treated at the appropriate stage of the disease. It remains a public health problem to make sure that each patient is treated at the optimal time in the development of the eye disease. Several types of screening programs have been designed throughout the world to meet this problem. We now report on our active screening program for diabetic eye disease and describe the sight and eye condition of the diabetic patients who have been involved in this program. In 1980, regular eye screening for diabetic retinopathy was initiated at Department of Ophthalmology, Landakot Hospital. The number of diabetic patients seen regularly has increased considerably since then, with 70-80% of type 1 diabetic patients in the country participating in the program in 1990, increasing to over 90% in 1994. About a fifth of type 2 diabetics in the country participated in the program in 1990. The patients have undergone annual eye examinations and fundus photography. Laser treatment is administered for proliferative retinopathy and diabetic macular edema according to the Diabetic Retinopathy Study and Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study criteria. In 1990, we embarked on a cross-sectional study to evaluate the prevalence of retinopathy and visual impairment of the type 1 and type 2 patients participating in our program. At the time of study, 205 insulin-taking patients, with age at diagnosis of less than 30 years, participated in our screening program. Out of those, retinopathy was present in 106 (52%), patients proliferative retinopathy in 26 (13%) and macular edema in 19 (9%). Visual acuity of 196 patients (96%) was equal or better than 6/12 in their better eye, 6 patients (3%) had 6/18-6/36 in their better eye, and 2 patients (1%) had equal or worse than 6/60 in their better eye, or legally blind. We concluded that the prevalence of retinopathy and visual impairment in type 1 diabetic patients in the country was low compared with other countries. In 1990, out of 245 diabetic patients with Type 2 diabetes, retinopathy was present in 100 patients (41%), proliferative retinopathy had been present in 17 (7%) and 24 (10%) had diabetic macular edema. A total of 224 patients (91%) had visual acuity equal or better than 6/12 in their better eye, 17 patients (7%) with 6/18-6/36 in their better eye, and 4 patients (1.6%) equal or worse than 6/60 in their better eye, or legally blind. We concluded that the prevalence of visual impairment of those type 2 diabetic patients participating in our screening program at the time of study was low compared with population-based studies from other countries. In 1992 we examined ways to make the screening program more efficient by identifying subgroups at low risk for developing eye disease that required treatment and therefore needed less frequent screening. We studied whether diabetic eye disease screening programs could be trimmed by excluding children and examining diabetic patients without retinopathy every other year. We examined all children under the age of 15 at the time of study and went through the files of all patients under age 15 examined from 1980 to 1992 at our diabetic eye screening program. We also followed for two years the type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients found to have no retinopathy in 1990, establishing their retinopathy stage two years later. Our results indicated that diabetic children under the age of 12 do not need regular screening for eye disease. Biannual examinations seemed to suffice in type 1 and 2 diabetic patients without retinopathy. (ABSTRACT TRUNCATED) PMID:9559048

  12. Influence of interfacial tension on nitrogen flooding. Doctoral thesis

    Huijgens, R.J.M.


    The objective of this study was to investigate the influence of interfacial tension (IFT) on the efficiency of developed miscible nitrogen flooding in volatile oil reservoirs. To achieve this objective, we adopted the following approach. First, we designed, constructed, and tested a pendant drop apparatus to accurately measure IFTs at reservoir conditions. The experimental procedure includes video recordings and image processing procedures. We then used the experimental IFTs to evaluate commonly used IFT-prediction methods. Finally, we included the IFT-dependent relative permeability functions in a numerical reservoir simulator and simulated earlier-performed slim tube experiments.

  13. Bat groundwater monitoring system in contaminant studies. Doctoral thesis

    Mines, B.S.


    The purpose of this study is to provide an in-depth, comprehensive study to compare results from the BAT probe and Teflon bailers from nearby monitoring wells. Volatile organic compounds are typically the most difficult contaminants to sample. The research was performed by taking samples within a small radius around monitoring wells at two leaking underground storage tank sites and taking bailer samples from the monitoring wells. BAT sampling will also be performed inside the monitoring wells to ensure basically the same water is being sampled.

  14. The politics of Peacekeeper Rail Garrison. Doctoral thesis

    Van Tassel, A.R.


    In 1985, the Congress capped at 50 the number of Peacekeeper ICBMs that could be deployed in vulnerable Minuteman silos, thereby sending the Reagan administration and the Air Force in search of another basing mode so that 100 of the ton-warhead missiles could be deployed as recommended by the Scowcroft Commission. The result was Peacekeeper rail garrison--a strategic nuclear weapon system that combined the Peacekeeper missile with railroad trains garrisoned at military installations. The missile trains would have dispersed across the nation's railways only during times of 'national need like the Cuban Missile Crisis. This case study examines the politics of that weapon system in order to contribute to the literature regarding weapons acquisition, test a number of propositions suggested by the bureaucratic politics model, and assess the influence of nonbureaucratic forces and actors on Peacekeeper rail garrison's fortunes.

  15. Risk mitigation methodology for solid waste landfills. Doctoral thesis

    Nixon, W.B.


    Several recent models have attempted to simulate or assess the probability and consequences of the leakage of aqueous contaminant leakage from solid waste landfills. These models incorporate common factors, including climatological and geological characteristics. Each model, however, employs a unique approach to the problem, assigns different relative weights to factors, and relies upon extrapolated small-scale experimental data and/or subjective judgment in predicting the full-scale landfill failure mechanisms leading to contaminant migration. As a result, no two models are likely to equally assess a given landfill, and no one model has been validated as a predictor of long-term performance. The United States Air Force maintains a database for characterization of potential hazardous waste sites. Records include more than 500 landfills, providing such information as waste, soil, aquifer, monitoring location data, and the results of sample testing. Through analysis of this information, nearly 300 landfills were assessed to have sufficiently, partially, or inadequately contained hazardous constituents of the wastes placed within them.

  16. Modelling giant radio halos. Doctoral Thesis Award Lecture 2012

    Donnert, J. M. F.


    We review models for giant radio halos in clusters of galaxies, with a focus on numerical and theoretical work. After summarising the most important observations of these objects, we present an introduction to the theoretical aspects of hadronic models. We compare these models with observations using simulations and find severe problems for hadronic models. We give a short introduction to reacceleration models and show results from the first simulation of CRe reacceleration in cluster mergers. We find that in-line with previous theoretical work, reacceleration models are able to elegantly explain main observables of giant radio halos.

  17. How does a doctor study other doctors being doctors?

    Risør, Torsten

    The intension of this presentation is to encourage debate on auto-ethnography in medical systems. The empirical starting point will be my present study of how young doctors learn to make decisions about diagnosis and treatment of the individual patient. The study is an ethnographic field study...... involving participant observation and individual interviews with nine newly graduated doctors for a period of 18 months. The background of the ethnographer who is also the author of the present abstract poses a few interesting challenges to the study. I am a doctor doing fieldwork in my own medical culture......, among other doctors, at departments where I have worked. My parents, my sister and my grandfather are doctors. So reflections and experiences concerning medicine and being a doctor are integrated parts of my personal history and identity. Will I be capable of critical reflection on something that is a...

  18. Brain

    ... will return after updating. Resources Archived Modules Updates Brain Cerebrum The cerebrum is the part of the ... the outside of the brain and spinal cord. Brain Stem The brain stem is the part of ...

  19. The Thesis Journey: Travelling with Charley

    Ardra L. Cole


    Full Text Available I chose the title of my talk for two reasons. The first part connects with the book, The Doctoral Thesis Journey, which I co-edited with David Hunt in 1994. The journey metaphor still works for me as a way to talk about the thesis process. The sub-title, Travelling with Charley, is borrowed from an account of a particular kind of journey John Steinbecks’s road trip across the United States with his standard poodle, Charley, chronicled in his classic novel, Travels with Charley. The sub-title connects with a new book that I am working on now, with the working title, Of Dogs and Dissertations: Notes on Thesis Writing and Life.

  20. ALICE gives its first thesis awards


    For the first time the ALICE collaboration has given two of its doctoral students awards for their outstanding theses. Winners Christian Holm Christensen and Zaida Conesa del Valle holding their awards.On 29 October the ALICE collaboration honoured two students for their outstanding theses at a ceremony held at CERN. The two awards, one of which was given for a physics thesis and the other for a technical thesis, went to Zaida Conesa Del Valle (Laboratoire de physique subatomique et des technologies associées) and Christian Holm Christensen (Niels Bohr Institute) respectively. "It is very gratifying to see that the collaboration appreciates our work," said Zaida Conesa del Valle, winner of the physics award for her thesis: Performance of the ALICE Muon Spectrometer. Weak Boson Production and Measurement in Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC. "I also feel specially thankful to all the people who worked with me," she added. "It was pl...

  1. Original Knowledge, Gender and the Word's Mythology: Voicing the Doctorate

    Carter, Susan


    Using mythology as a generative matrix, this article investigates the relationship between knowledge, words, embodiment and gender as they play out in academic writing's voice and, in particular, in doctoral voice. The doctoral thesis is defensive, a performance seeking admittance into discipline scholarship. Yet in finding its scholarly voice,…

  2. Learning Networks and the Journey of "Becoming Doctor"

    Barnacle, Robyn; Mewburn, Inger


    Scholars such as Kamler and Thompson argue that identity formation has a key role to play in doctoral learning, particularly the process of thesis writing. This article builds on these insights to address other sites in which scholarly identity is performed within doctoral candidature. Drawing on actor-network theory, the authors examine the role…

  3. Master Thesis Chao Xu

    Chao, Xu Jr


    This master thesis deals with the research question of the changes of terrorism, especially after “9, 11”, what the role of mass media plays and how internet is changing terrorism both in international society and China so far.

  4. Brain Basics

    Full Text Available ... may help improve treatments for anxiety disorders like phobias or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) . Prefrontal cortex ( ... doctor, who ran some tests. After deciding her symptoms were not caused by a stroke, brain tumor, ...

  5. Lamm Thesis Handbook

    Lamm, D.


    This guide has been prepared for use by Systems Management students to assist them in the research and writing of the master's thesis. It outlines the specific steps necessary to successfully complete a thesis of high quality. It has been written specifically for you, the student. As appropriate, this guide will be revised to reflect changes in school policy, advances in research methodology, availability of new resources and the accumulated experience of both students and faculty. S...

  6. Finnish Doctoral Theses on Pedagogical Themes in a Production-Time Perspective.

    Heinonen, Veikko; Kari, Jouko


    A questionnaire completed by 119 researchers defending doctoral theses in Finland before 1986 shows that the average age for women defending a thesis was 39.7, an average of 2.4 years older than for men. An average of 3.5 years was required for doctoral studies, with about 13.6 months spent in final thesis revision. (SLD)

  7. Cost incentives for doctors

    Schottmüller, Christoph


    If doctors take the costs of treatment into account when prescribing medication, their objectives differ from their patients' objectives because the patients are insured. This misalignment of interests hampers communication between patient and doctor. Giving cost incentives to doctors increases...... welfare if (i) the doctor's examination technology is sufficiently good or (ii) (marginal) costs of treatment are high enough. If the planner can costlessly choose the extent to which doctors take costs into account, he will opt for less than 100%. Optimal health care systems should implement different...... degrees of cost incentives depending on type of disease and/or doctor....

  8. Producing the Professional Doctorate: The Portfolio as a Legitimate Alternative to the Dissertation

    Maxwell, T. W.; Kupczyk-Romanczuk, G.


    This paper outlines the potential of the portfolio as a product of doctoral work, especially in the Professional Doctorates. It compares the traditional mode of a single, lengthy but clearly focused doctoral dissertation with the portfolio as a collection of shorter research reports, held together by a linking paper articulating the thesis. We…

  9. THESIS9, Version Oct85

    Frazier, Larry; Carlsen, David D.


    This example of a thesis explains how to effectively use the THESIS9 thesis preparation package. This example includes an index to improve its usefulness as documentation. However, an index is not part of accepted thesis format. It is intended that the THESIS9 commands produce all requirements of the NPS Thesis Manual dated 5/85. In addition they provide some features that simplify thesis preparation. All headings, the table of contents, figures, tables and references ...

  10. Doctoral Women: Managing Emotions, Managing Doctoral Studies

    Aitchison, Claire; Mowbray, Susan


    This paper explores the experiences of women doctoral students and the role of emotion during doctoral candidature. The paper draws on the concept of emotional labour to examine the two sites of emotional investment students experienced and managed during their studies: writing and family relationships. Emotion is perceived by many dominant…

  11. CMS Thesis Award


    The 2003 CMS thesis award was presented to Riccardo Ranieri on 15 March for his Ph.D. thesis "Trigger Selection of WH → μ ν b bbar with CMS" where 'WH → μ ν b bbar' represents the associated production of the W boson and the Higgs boson and their subsequent decays. Riccardo received his Ph.D. from the University of Florence and was supervised by Carlo Civinini. In total nine thesis were nominated for the award, which was judged on originality, impact within the field of high energy physics, impact within CMS and clarity of writing. Gregory Snow, secretary of the awarding committee, explains why Riccardo's thesis was chosen, ‘‘The search for the Higgs boson is one of the main physics goals of CMS. Riccardo's thesis helps the experiment to formulate the strategy which will be used in that search.'' Lorenzo Foà, Chairperson of the CMS Collaboration Board, presented Riccardo with an commemorative engraved plaque. He will also receive the opportunity to...

  12. Doctors' involvement in torture

    Sonntag, Jesper


    Doctors from both non-democratic and democratic countries are involved in torture. The majority of doctors involved in torture are doctors at risk. Doctors at risk might compromise their ethical duty towards patients for the following possible reasons: individual factors (such as career, economic...... or ideological reasons), threats, orders from a higher ranking officer, political initiatives, working in atrocity-producing situations or dual loyalty. In dual loyalty conflicts, factors that might compromise doctors' ethical obligations towards detainees/patients are: ideological totalitarianism......, moral disengagement, victim blame, patriotism, individual factors or threats. Another important reason why doctors are involved in torture is that not all doctors are trained in addressing human rights issues of detainees. Torture survivors report that they have experienced doctors' involvement in...

  13. Choosing the best doctor

    ... gov/ency/article/002069.htm Choosing the best doctor To use the sharing features on this page, ... patient care methods. Prescriber Checkup and Dollars for Doctors These pages are run by ProPublica, a nonprofit ...

  14. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Public Trust Health Literacy Clear & Simple Cultural Respect Language Access Talking to Your Doctor Research Underway Plain Language Talking to Your Doctor Part 1: Preparing for ...

  15. Talking to Your Doctor

    ... Information > Talking to Your Doctor Talking to Your Doctor Today, patients take an active role in their ... Will I need more tests later? Understanding your doctor’s responses is essential to good communication. Here are ...

  16. Doctoral Scientists in Oceanography.

    National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council, Washington, DC. Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

    The purpose of this report was to classify and count doctoral scientists in the United States trained in oceanography and/or working in oceanography. Existing data from three sources (National Research Council's "Survey of Earned Doctorates," and "Survey of Doctorate Recipients," and the Ocean Sciences Board's "U.S. Directory of Marine…

  17. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... to Your Doctor , National Eye Institute (NEI) Español Aging Planning Your Doctor Visit , Videos: Talking ... A Guide for Older People , National Institute on Aging (NIA) Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit , National ...

  18. "Ways of Knowing" in Doctoral Examination: How Examiners Position Themselves in Relation to the Doctoral Candidate

    Lovat, Terence


    This paper discusses ways in which examiners position themselves in relation to doctoral students' knowledge. The epistemological thesis of Habermas is utilized and its well-established connections with the world of formal learning re-stated. Against this conceptual framework, the examiner reports are appraised with a view to identifying the ways…

  19. ATLAS Thesis Awards 2015

    Biondi, Silvia


    Winners of the ATLAS Thesis Award were presented with certificates and glass cubes during a ceremony on Thursday 25 February. The winners also presented their work in front of members of the ATLAS Collaboration. Winners: Javier Montejo Berlingen, Barcelona (Spain), Ruth Pöttgen, Mainz (Germany), Nils Ruthmann, Freiburg (Germany), and Steven Schramm, Toronto (Canada).

  20. Going beyond the Thesis

    Smith, Andrew C.


    Most every writing teacher can relate to the curse of reading yet another incoherent essay, the contents of which resemble an unorganized junk drawer of thoughts. Such essays cry out for a main idea. The remedy is a thesis, and teachers rightly take pains to help students discover this. Yet in spite of this, writing teachers ought to bear in mind…

  1. The Las Vegas Thesis

    Sughrua, William


    Following "reflexive ethnography" and utilizing an approach of "performative narrative" and "layered text", this article explores how Bachelor of Arts students in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language program at a public university in Mexico successfully manage the writing of an inductive-oriented thesis in English by resisting…

  2. Doctors in Balzac's work.

    Moulin, Thierry


    Balzac wrote his novels during a time of great literary and scientific change. Romanticism gave way to the school of realism, of which Balzac could be considered the founder. It was via realism, where both the positive and negative aspects of life were depicted, that doctors naturally gained a much more active role in novels. In conjunction with this was the development of science and medicine, which fascinated Balzac, also leading to the significant and prevalent role of doctors in his works. His fascination with the sciences led to him to gain many acquaintances and much knowledge in the medical domain, especially in neuropsychiatry and physiology. His fictional doctors, such as Desplein and Bianchon, thus demonstrate considerable knowledge of pathology, physiology, and neuropsychiatry. The doctors in Balzac's novels can be grouped into four categories: provincial doctors, Parisian doctors, country doctors, and military doctors. They were most often fictitious representations of real individuals (e.g. Guillaume Dupuytren), and often symbolize schools of thought which were in vogue at the time. In addition to the accurate scientific depiction of doctors, it must be noted that his doctors not only played an active role in clinically assessing their patients, but also had a sociological role in assessing society; it is through his doctors that Balzac gave his opinion of the world in which he lived. PMID:23485904

  3. Reading in Preparation for Writing a PhD Thesis: Case Studies of Experiences

    Kwan, Becky S. C.


    The paper presents stories of how a group of doctoral students chose the key disciplinary literature that they read in preparation for their thesis-undertaking (RT). The stories were analyzed in light of current understanding of literature reviewing as a situated practice and theory of doctoral education as socio-cognitive apprenticeship. As the…

  4. How do family doctors choose their own family doctor?

    Roni Peleg; Liubov Magaziner; Freud Tamar


    Background and objectives: The medical care that doctors receive is different than that of individuals who are not in the medical profession. The objective was to assess how family doctors in the Negev region chose their own doctors. Methods: 103 family doctors in the southern region of Israel completed a self-administered, anonymous questionnaire that included sociodemographic data and how doctors choose their own doctors. Results: The study population included 103 family doctors with a mean...

  5. The effect of somatic disorders on brain aging and dementia : Findings from population studies

    Atti, Anna Rita


    This doctoral thesis investigates the effect of somatic disorders on dementia, Alzheimer s disease (AD) and brain aging in late-life. The data for the studies are provided by the Kungsholmen Project (Studies I and II) and the Faenza Project (Studies III and IV). The Kungsholmen Project is a population-based longitudinal study on aging and dementia carried out on 75+ years old people, living in Stockholm, Sweden. The Faenza Project is a cross-sectional population-based study ...

  6. Strategies for Finding and Selecting an Ideal Thesis or Dissertation Topic: A Review of Literature

    Lei, Simon A.


    Choosing an ideal master's thesis or doctoral dissertation topic is probably one of the most important decisions students will make while in graduate school. Some graduate students may spend a year or even longer looking for potential topics before finally selecting one for their thesis or dissertation. There are a number of successful strategies…

  7. Thesis by Publication in Education: An Autoethnographic Perspective for Educational Researchers

    Merga, Margaret K.


    Despite its growing popularity, the thesis by publication is a less conventional format for doctoral dissertations in the field of education. The author successfully undertook a thesis by publication in education from 2012, to submission in 2014. This paper draws on both the literature in the field and the experiences of the author through an…

  8. "Breaking the Mold" in the Dissertation: Implementing a Problem-Based, Decision-Oriented Thesis Project

    Archbald, Doug


    This article offers lessons from an initiative refashioning the doctoral thesis in an education leadership program. The program serves a practitioner clientele; most are teachers and administrators. The new model for the thesis emphasizes leadership, problem solving, decision making, and organizational improvement. The former model was a…

  9. The Nexus of Reading, Writing and Researching in the Doctoral Undertaking of Humanities and Social Sciences: Implications for Literature Reviewing

    Kwan, Becky S.C.


    One indispensable task in the doctoral undertaking in the humanities and social sciences is that of reviewing the literature. To many graduate students, finding the "right" direction of reviewing is a particularly grueling experience, a practical concern seldom addressed in thesis manuals and studies of the doctoral thesis. This paper is an…

  10. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... NIH Website NIH Employee Intranet Staff Directory En Español Site Menu Home Health Information Health Info Lines ... Talking With Your Doctor , NIH News in Health Español Talking to Your Doctor , National Eye Institute (NEI) ...

  11. Should junior doctors strike?

    Toynbee, Mark; Al-Diwani, Adam Aj; Clacey, Joe; Broome, Matthew R


    An impasse in negotiations between the Department of Health (DoH) and the British Medical Association in November this year led to an overwhelming vote for industrial action (IA) by junior doctors. At the time of writing, a last minute concession by DoH led to a deferment of IA to allow further negotiations mediated by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service. However, IA by junior doctors remains a possibility if these negotiations stall again. Would the proposed action be ethically justifiable? Furthermore, is IA by doctors ever ethically defendable? Building on previous work, we explore important ethical considerations for doctors considering IA. The primary moral objection to doctors striking is often claimed to be risk of harm to patients. Other common arguments against IA by doctors include breaching their vocational responsibilities and possible damage to their relationship with patients and the public in general. These positions are in turn countered by claims of a greater long-term good and the legal and moral rights of employees to strike. Absolute restrictions appear to be hard to justify in the modern context, as does an unrestricted right to IA. We review these arguments, find that some common moral objections to doctors striking may be less relevant to the current situation, that a stronger contemporary objection to IA might be from a position of social justice and suggest criteria for ethically permissible doctor IA. PMID:26758366

  12. Coaching doctoral students

    Godskesen, Mirjam Irene; Kobayashi, Sofie


    In this paper we focus on individual coaching carried out by an external coach as a new pedagogical element that can impact doctoral students’ sense of progress in doctoral education. The study used a mixed methods approach in that we draw on quantitative and qualitative data from the evaluation ...

  13. Doctors as managers: poachers turned gamekeepers?

    Hunter, D J


    Doctors in health care systems of different types are coming under increasing pressure to take on active roles in management. Mounting concern among governments over the escalating costs of health care, coupled with a desire to improve the quality of care and render services more responsive to user preferences has resulted in management being viewed as offering an effective means of tackling these issues. Until recently, the favoured strategy was to strengthen management in order to curb doctors' discretionary decision-making. There is now a shift towards creating managers out of doctors with all that this implies for the future shape of health services. There are also issues about the training and development required for a management role, the stratification of roles within the medical profession, and the future status of lay, or non-medical managers. The paper reviews the debate about doctors and managers and their distinctive value bases. It suggests that doctors can be involved in management as managers at two levels--meso and micro--and considers the issues raised at each level. The paper presents an analysis of the wider context in which the debate about doctors as managers is taking place. The main thesis put forward is that far from managers incorporating doctors, the end result may prove to be the other way round with 'provider capture' of the management agenda in health services a distinct possibility. In contrast to managers, doctors retain enormous public respect and support. As long as it is so doctors will remain powerful stakeholders in defining and controlling the shape and range of health services available. Their active involvement in management could lead to a strengthening of their position. It is argued that, paradoxically, this could make it more difficult for governments to challenge doctors' work practices. Medicine's traditional preoccupations and its resilience to change are likely to remain as strong as ever thereby disappointing

  14. Gene expression analysis of neuronal precursors from adult mouse brain and differential screen for neural stem cell markers

    Pennartz, Sandra


    In the adult mouse brain, neuronal precursor cells continuously emanate from neural stem cells (NSC) in the subventricular zone (SVZ) and migrate into the olfactory bulb (OB) where they differentiate to serve as replenishment for GABAergic interneurons. During the migration process, PSA-NCAM (Polysialic acid-Neural cell adhesion molecule) specifically marks the neuronal precursors (PSA+ cells). This phenomenon was exploited in the framework of this doctoral thesis to isolate a homogeneous cel...

  15. [Doctors' alcohol problems].

    Florkowski, Antoni; Gruszczyński, Wojciech; Gałecki, Piotr; Szubert, Sławomir; Klus, Marek; Zboralski, Krzysztof


    An overusing and an addiction to alcoholic drinks are important problems in a medical society. The studies made in the United States had documented that about 8-12% doctors were addicted to alcohol. In many cases the doctors are able to keep their problem as a secret and their activity is satisfied up to the moment when a decrease is noticed. Some factors--such as a high level of stress--predispose doctors to alcoholic problems especially surgeons. Alcohol problems should be identified as early as possible, and therapy ought to be given as well. There is no reason to hide the problem. PMID:19025048

  16. Doctoral Research Presentations

    Thomson, Alison; Plummer-Fernandez, Matthew; Yurman, Paulina; Migliore, Enza; Gray, Nicola; Yang, Ya-huei; Hogan, Nicola; Kerridge, Tobie


    The Department of Design has a thriving community of scholars and practitioners engaged in doctoral research. In this session students,graduates and visiting researchers will present their research covering a broad range of topics and research interests.

  17. Finding the Right Doctor

    ... you meet someone that doesn’t match your communication style, you should switch,” Dr. Krumholz said. Another part ... for looking around: When you feel that the communication style is not matching your own If your doctor ...

  18. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Trials and You Community Resources Publications List Science Education Resources Talking to Your Doctor More » Search Health ... Research & Training Medical Research Initiatives Science Highlights Science Education Research in NIH Labs & Clinics Training Opportunities Library ...

  19. Talking to Your Doctor

    ... patient and a doctor. Most states ensure that teens can get confidential care for some sensitive medical matters, such as sexual health education and treatment, mental health issues like suicide and depression, and drug abuse. Sexual health education and treatment ...

  20. ASGE: Find a Doctor

    ... Join ASGE Event Calendar Cart LOG IN MEMBERS HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS PATIENTS ADVOCACY Advocacy Agenda Legislation Regulation Take Action ... New Members GI-Related Links MEMBERS Find A Doctor About ASGE Members ASGE physicians and surgeons have ...

  1. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Research Trials and You Community Resources Publications List Science Education Resources Talking to Your Doctor More ... & Guidance Grants News/Blog Contracts Loan Repayment More » ...

  2. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... NIH Clinical Research Trials and You Community Resources Publications List Science Education Resources Talking to Your Doctor ... Español More Information For more information about this publication, contact Dr. Marin Allen . This page last reviewed ...

  3. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Trials and You Talking to Your Doctor Science Education Resources Community Resources Publications List More » Search Health ... Research & Training Medical Research Initiatives Science Highlights Science Education Research in NIH Labs & Clinics Training Opportunities Library ...

  4. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Resources Talking to Your Doctor More » Search Health Topics Quick Links MedlinePlus Health Info NIH News in ... about this publication, contact Dr. Marin Allen . This page last reviewed on January 27, 2016 Connect with ...

  5. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Research Trials and You Talking to Your Doctor Science Education Resources Community Resources Publications List More » Search ... Matters NIH Record Research & Training Medical Research Initiatives Science Highlights Science Education Research in NIH Labs & Clinics ...

  6. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... can play an active role in your health care by talking to your doctor. Clear and honest ... Institute on Aging (NIA) Cancer Communication in Cancer Care , National Cancer Institute (NCI) Español Complementary and Integrative ...

  7. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Research Trials and You Community Resources Publications List Science Education Resources Talking to Your Doctor More » Search ... Matters NIH Record Research & Training Medical Research Initiatives Science Highlights Science Education Research in NIH Labs & Clinics ...

  8. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Trials and You Community Resources Publications List Science Education Resources Talking to Your Doctor More » Search Health ... in Health NIH Research Matters NIH Record Research & Training Medical Research Initiatives Science Highlights Science Education Research ...

  9. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Trust Health Literacy Clear & Simple Cultural Respect Language Access Talking to Your Doctor Research Underway Plain Language ... to take notes for you. Learn how to access your medical records, so you can keep track ...

  10. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... concerns before your appointment. Consider bringing a close friend or family member with you. Take notes about what the doctor says, or ask a friend or family member to take notes for you. ...

  11. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Lines Health Services Locator NIH Clinical Research Trials and You Talking to Your Doctor Science ... More » Quick Links NIH News in Health NIH Research Matters NIH Record Research & Training Medical Research Initiatives ...

  12. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... your appointment. Consider bringing a close friend or family member with you. Take notes about what the doctor says, or ask a friend or family member to take notes for you. Learn how ...

  13. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... by talking to your doctor. Clear and honest communication between you and your physician can help you both make smart choices about your health. It’s important to be honest and upfront about your symptoms ...

  14. Doctor of osteopathic medicine

    ... and Wilkins; 2010. Gevitz N. The "doctor of osteopathy": expanding the scope of practice. J Am Osteopath ... 6):ES28-S38. Moore WJ. The eccentricities of osteopathy. BMJ . 2012;345:e5890. Stark J. A degree ...

  15. Find a Doctor

    ... Find a Doctor All Provider Directories Change My Primary Care Manager Book Appointments Getting Care When Traveling Information about Quality, Patient Safety, and Access Costs Health Plan Costs Prescription Costs Dental Costs Pay My ...

  16. Becoming a scholar : The dynamic interaction between the doctoral student and the scholarly community

    Stubb, Jenni Katarina


    This dissertation focused on exploring doctoral students conceptions of the scholarly community and research, and further, on analysing the relation between these conceptions and well-being as well as study persistence in the doctoral process. The first two studies concentrated on analysing students conceptions of the scholarly community and their meaning with respect to one s own thesis process. The last two studies focused on students conceptions of the personal meaning of the thesis wor...

  17. The Gown and the Korowai: Maori Doctoral Students and the Spatial Organisation of Academic Knowledge

    Middleton, Sue; McKinley, Elizabeth


    This paper draws on 38 student interviews carried out in the course of the team research project "Teaching and Learning in the Supervision of Maori Doctoral Students". Maori doctoral thesis work takes place in the intersections between the Maori (tribal) world of identifications and obligations, the organisational and epistemological…

  18. Developing Doctoral Authors: Engaging with Theoretical Perspectives through the Literature Review

    Wisker, Gina


    The literature review is arguably the place in a thesis where doctoral authors convincingly engage with theory and theoretical perspectives underlying their research, situating their own contribution to knowledge in established and ongoing dialogues in the field. One difficulty doctoral candidates encounter in their learning to be researchers is…

  19. Doctoral Writing in the Visual and Performing Arts: Issues and Debates

    Paltridge, Brian; Starfield, Sue; Ravelli, Louise; Nicholson, Sarah


    Drawing from a larger study of doctorates in the visual and performing arts, we examine here the diversity of relations which can exist between the creative and written components of a doctoral thesis in these fields in terms of diversity of naming practices for these relations, institutional variation in guidelines and expectations, and…

  20. Knowledge Construction in Online Learning Communities: A Case Study of a Doctoral Course

    Lai, Kwok-Wing


    This paper documents a study investigating co-construction of knowledge by doctoral students in an online learning community. In this study 12 students participated in the coursework and thesis proposal development stages of a doctoral program offered by a research-intensive university in New Zealand. Socio-cultural and social constructivist…

  1. The Relevance of Doctoral Training in Different Labour Markets

    Kyvik, Svein; Olsen, Terje Bruen


    This study examines the relevance of doctoral training (thesis, coursework and generic skills) for a career in three types of labour market: academia, applied research institutes and industrial laboratories, and non-research workplaces. Data are drawn from a mail survey among PhD holders in Norway. In total, more than 40% of the respondents had…

  2. Learning Dynamics in Doctoral Supervision

    Kobayashi, Sofie

    This doctoral research explores doctoral supervision within life science research in a Danish university. From one angle it investigates doctoral students’ experiences with strengthening the relationship with their supervisors through a structured meeting with the supervisor, prepared as part of an...... introduction course for new doctoral students. This study showed how the course provides an effective way build supervisee agency and strengthening supervisory relationships through clarification and alignment of expectations and sharing goals about doctoral studies. From the other angle the research...

  3. Number of objectives and conclusions in dissertations and thesis

    Liebano Richard Eloin


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To analyze the number of objectives and conclusions presented in dissertations and thesis defended at Federal University of São Paulo - Paulista School of Medicine (UNIFESP - EPM. METHODS: It was realized a search in the master degree dissertations and doctor degree thesis defended at Federal University of São Paulo - Paulista School of Medicine in the years 2002 and 2003 that were found available in the central library of this university. RESULTS: From 723 master dissertations analyzed, 62 (8,57% presented only one objective and one conclusion, 134 (18,53% presented one objective and more than one conclusion and 527 (72,89% had more than one objective and more than one conclusion. From 502 doctor thesis analyzed, 23 (4,58% presented only one objective and one conclusion, 123 (24,50% presented one objective and more than one conclusion and 376 (74,90% had more than one objective and more than one conclusion.. CONCLUSIONS: It wasn't found in researched literature the number of objectives and conclusions a scientific work must have. A highest number of thesis and dissertations presented more than one objective and more than one conclusion.

  4. Arbejdspapir til Thesis-seminar

    Damkjaer, Maja Sonne


    Arbejdspapir til Thesis-seminar afholdt ved Forskningsseminar i Forskningsprogrammet: Medier, Kommunikation og Samfund, Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation, Aarhus Universitet. Afhandlingens teoretiske afsnit.......Arbejdspapir til Thesis-seminar afholdt ved Forskningsseminar i Forskningsprogrammet: Medier, Kommunikation og Samfund, Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation, Aarhus Universitet. Afhandlingens teoretiske afsnit....

  5. How doctors search

    Lykke, Marianne; Price, Susan; Delcambre, Lois


    context-specific aspects of the main topic of the documents. We have tested the model in an interactive searching study with family doctors with the purpose to explore doctors’ querying behaviour, how they applied the means for specifying a search, and how these features contributed to the search outcome....... In general, the doctors were capable of exploiting system features and search tactics during the searching. Most searchers produced well-structured queries that contained appropriate search facets. When searches failed it was not due to query structure or query length. Failures were mostly caused by...

  6. Women Doctors in 1914


    THE five women shown here are doctors. Eighty-four years ago, they sat for this photographic portrait. The photo depicts the tasteful combination of East and West. While the photographic studio was decorated in the European style, the women doctors were dressed in traditional Chinese fashion with their hair coiled in Japanese style. We can also see that though the ladies were in vogue for their time, they still displayed shyness facing a male photographer, as most can be observed shifting their eyesight away from the lens.

  7. Surviving the Doctoral Years

    Scott P. Kerlin


    Full Text Available This article probes the implications of neo-conservative public education policies for the future of the academic profession through a detailed examination of critical issues shaping contemporary doctoral education in U.S. and Canadian universities. Institutional and social factors such as financial retrenchment, declining support for affirmative action, downward economic mobility, a weak academic labor market for tenure-track faculty, professional ethics in graduate education, and backlash against women's progress form the backdrop for analysis of the author's survey of current doctoral students' opinions about funding, support, the job market, and quality of learning experiences.

  8. Specific heat in high magnetic fields. A study of the heavy-fermion systems U(Pt,Pd)3 and CeRu2Si2 and the high-Tc superconductors ReBa2Cu2O7. Doctoral thesis

    van der Meulen, H.P.


    The subject of the thesis is the study of the low-temperature electronic behavior of two classes of materials: the high-T(c) superconductor YBa2Cu3O7 with rare-earth substitutions for Y, and the heavy-fermion compounds U(Pt,Pd)3 and CeRu2Si2. The thesis is organized as follows: In chapter 2, the experimental technique for performing specific-heat measurements in high static magnetic fields are discussed. In addition, a paper on new possibilities of magnetic ripple shielding for specific heat measurements in hybrid magnets is presented. Chapter 3 is devoted to the high-T(c) superconductors of the series REBa2Cu3O7. In chapter 4, the low-temperature specific heat of REBa2Cu3O7, as studied in magnetic fields up to 5 T, is presented. The authors discuss measurements from which information about the crystal-field level schemes of the rare-earth ions can be derived. Chapter 5 is devoted to specific-heat studies in the heavy-fermion superconductor UPt3, and in the Pd-substituted U(Pt1-xPdx)3 compounds, with x=0.05 and 0.10. Chapter 6 describes the field suppression of the heavy-fermion state in CeRu2Si2.

  9. Aquaponics : Practical thesis in Australia

    Kopsa, Piia


    This thesis is about building an aquaponics system to an Australian farm. This thesis begins by introducing what aquaponics is, and continues by designing and building an aquaponics system to a farm in Australia. One of the goals is to learn more about aquaponics that’s a growing idea all around the world and raise the farm’s self-sustainability level. Information for the thesis has been gathered from several books, internet sources, followed by visits and inter-views from users of existing a...

  10. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... You can play an active role in your health care by talking to your doctor. Clear and honest ... Español Complementary and Integrative Health Talking With Your Health Care Providers About Complementary Health Approaches , National Center for ...

  11. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Lines Health Services Locator NIH Clinical Research Trials and You Community Resources Publications List Science Education Resources Talking to Your Doctor More » Search Health Topics Quick Links MedlinePlus Health Info NIH News in ...

  12. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... Español Site Menu Home Health Information Health Info Lines Health Services Locator NIH Clinical Research Trials and You Community Resources Publications List Science Education Resources Talking to Your Doctor More » Search Health ...

  13. Talking with Your Doctor

    ... older adults may include canes, walkers, scooters, hearing aids, reachers, grab bars, and stair lifts. What Are Your Everyday Habits? Be prepared to tell your doctor about where you live, if you drive or how you get around, what you eat, how you sleep, what you do each day, what activities you ...

  14. Talking to Your Doctor

    Full Text Available ... to Your Doctor Science Education Resources Community Resources Publications List More » Search Health Topics Quick Links MedlinePlus ... Español More Information For more information about this publication, contact Dr. Marin Allen . This page last reviewed ...

  15. Tests Your Doctor Might Use

    ... Your Doctor Might Use Tests Your Doctor Might Use Listen The diagnosis of AMD is usually made ... A procedure similar to fluorescein angiography, ICG angiography uses Indocyanine green dye which can show more detail ...

  16. Preparing for your Doctor Visit

    ... Utah Research News Make a Difference Visiting Your Doctor If you are feeling any or some of ... for a referral to see a neurologist – a doctor who specializes in the nervous system. All patients ...

  17. Characterization of deep-marine clastic sediments from foreland basins: Outcrop-derived concepts for exploration, production and reservoir modelling. Doctoral thesis; Karakterizering van diep-mariene klastische sedimenten uit voorland bekkens: Aan ontsluitingen ontleende concepten voor exploratie, produktie en reservoir modellering

    Schuppers, J.D.


    Deep-marine clastic sediments are the host for many prolific hydrocarbon reservoirs. The sandbodies that form these reservoirs show a wide variety in shape, spatial arrangement, and internal structure. The outcrops studied for this thesis pertain to the fill of circum-mediterranean foreland basins in Spain and Greece. The outcrops have allowed the description of the multiscale anatomy of sandbodies that cover a wide range of depositional settings. The descriptions are focused on those features that are most likely to influence the flow of fluids through analogous reservoirs of similar construction. Extensive use was made of photomosaics to outline the large-scale geometries and stacking modes of the sandbodies. The sediments studied form the basis for seven `reservoir models` that are both descriptive and conceptual.

  18. Reinventing The Doctor

    Moyez Jiwa


    Full Text Available There has been a seismic shift in the lives of people because of technology. People are far better informed than they were in the 1980s and 1990s. Much of this information is available through the media but even more is available and archived on the internet. The forces pushing the internet into health and health care are strong and unstoppable, ensuring that the internet and the choices it offers must be part of the design of our future health care system. We are no longer content to wait in queues as we live at a faster pace than earlier generations — we don’t not have time to wait for appointments months, weeks or even days in advance. The internet offers the prospect of online consultations in the comfort of your own home. The physical examination will change as new devices are developed to allow the necessary sounds and signals emitted by our malfunctioning bodies to be recorded, interpreted and captured at a remote location. Meanwhile, for those who prefer to see a health care practitioner in person the options to consult practitioners other than doctors who can advise on our health is expanding. The reality is we can’t afford to train or pay for all the doctors we need under the current “doctor-knows-best” system of health care. Patients no longer believe the rhetoric and are already voting with their feet. Pharmacists, nurses and other allied health professionals are beginning to play a much greater role in offering relief from symptoms and monitoring of chronic diseases. Of course, the doctor of the future will still need to offer face-to-face consultations to some people most of the time or most people some of the time. The social role doctors play will continue to be important as humans will always need other humans to personally respond to their distress. As doctors reinvent themselves, the internet and the value of time with patients will be the driving forces that move us into a more sustainable future in health care.

  19. Scientometric Study of Doctoral Theses of the Physical Research Laboratory

    Anilkumar, N.


    This paper presents the results of a study of bibliographies compiled from theses submitted in the period 2001-2005. The bibliographies have been studied to find out how research carried out at PRL is being used by the doctoral students. Resources are categorized by type of resource — book, journal article, proceedings, doctoral thesis, etc., to understand the usage of content procured by the library. The period of the study, 2001-2005, has been chosen because technology is changing so fast and so are the formats of scholarly communications. For the sake of convenience, only the "e-journals period" is considered for the sample.

  20. Changing doctor prescribing behaviour

    Gill, P.S.; Mäkelä, M.; Vermeulen, K.M.;


    The aim of this overview was to identify interventions that change doctor prescribing behaviour and to derive conclusions for practice and further research. Relevant studies (indicating prescribing as a behaviour change) were located from a database of studies maintained by the Cochrane Collabora......The aim of this overview was to identify interventions that change doctor prescribing behaviour and to derive conclusions for practice and further research. Relevant studies (indicating prescribing as a behaviour change) were located from a database of studies maintained by the Cochrane...... Collaboration on Effective Professional Practice. This register is kept up to date by searching the following databases for reports of relevant research: DHSS-DATA; EMBASE; MEDLINE; SIGLE; Resource Database in Continuing Medical Education (1975-1994), along with bibliographies of related topics, hand searching...

  1. How to Talk to Your Child's Doctor

    ... Know About Zika & Pregnancy Talking to Your Child's Doctor KidsHealth > For Parents > Talking to Your Child's Doctor ... an important role in your child's health? The Doctor-Patient Relationship Today, doctors are pressured to see ...

  2. Radon house doctor

    The term house doctor may be generalized to include persons skilled in the use of instruments and procedures necessary to identify, diagnose, and correct indoor air quality problems as well as energy, infiltration, and structural problems in houses. A radon house doctor would then be a specialist in radon house problems. Valuable experience in the skills necessary to be developed by radon house doctors has recently been gained in an extensive radon monitoring and mitigation program in upstate New York sponsored by Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. These skills, to be described in detail in this paper, include: (i) the use of appropriate instruments, (ii) the evaluation of the symptoms of a radon-sick house, (iii) the diagnostic procedures required to characterize radon sources in houses, (iv) the prescription procedures needed to specify treatment of the problem, (v) the supervision of the implementation of the treatment program, (vi) the check-up procedures required to insure the house cured of radon problems. 31 references, 3 tables

  3. Diversity in Collaborative Research Communities: A Multicultural, Multidisciplinary Thesis Writing Group in Public Health

    Guerin, Cally; Xafis, Vicki; Doda, Diana V.; Gillam, Marianne H.; Larg, Allison J.; Luckner, Helene; Jahan, Nasreen; Widayati, Aris; Xu, Chuangzhou


    Writing groups for doctoral students are generally agreed to provide valuable learning spaces for Ph.D. candidates. Here an academic developer and the eight members of a writing group formed in a Discipline of Public Health provide an account of their experiences of collaborating in a multicultural, multidisciplinary thesis writing group. We…

  4. The Experienced Meaning of Working with a PhD Thesis

    Stubb, Jenni; Pyhalto, Kirsi; Lonka, Kirsti


    There is a variation in terms of how researchers perceive the nature of research work. Previous research has mainly looked at the members of academia who already have established themselves in the scholarly community. We aimed at exploring the ways in which doctoral students perceived their thesis project and further, the relations of such…

  5. Doctor Alberto Zabaleta Lombana

    Monterrosa-Castro Álvaro


    El Doctor Alberto Zabaleta Lombana nació en la población de Turbaco, Bolívar, el nueve de Abril de 1923. Toda su formación intelectual transcurrió en los claustros de la Universidad de Cartagena. En 1936 ingresó a la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (Bachillerato), luego pasó a la Facultad de Medicina hasta obtener su grado de Médico en 1953. Posteriormente en 1959 inició la Jefatura de Clínica Obstetricia (Residencia como se denominan en el presente) en la Universidad de Cartagena y en la Clín...

  6. Brain Drain Controversy

    Borta, Oxana


    This thesis focuses on the widely acknowledged so-called brain drain controversy. More concretely on developments in the traditional brain drain literature towards a new shift, claiming the brain gain effect, as an alternative to the brain drain effect, that emigration may bring to a source country. The research investigates not only the obvious direct loss effects – the so called brain drain – but also the possibility of more subtle indirect beneficial effects.

  7. [Doctor's behavior in disasters].

    Wälchli, Peter


    When facing a disaster outside of hospitals, physicians have to work in unfamiliar surroundings. Self-protection is the first priority: be aware of possible dangers of traffic, explosions, electricity, structural collapse and toxic gas. Arriving first, one should safe the scene of accident (e.g. breakdown triagle, turn off electricity) and try to get a general idea of what has occured. After that, call the rescue services (in Switzerland dial 144). Only once this ist done, should one begin treating patients. If the rescue services are at scene, look for the commander, usually fitted out with a warning west "Einsatzleiter" ("chef d'intervention" in the french speaking part of Switzerland). Introduce yourself (name, profession, skills and material). In disasters, fields other than medicine are often more important. Nevertheless, doctors can help with logical thinking, strong and agile hands and attentive listening. One should only do the tasks assigned. In situations with mass casualities, morbidity and mortality can be reduced by special measures. The most important for physicians is the Triage. Triage is the sorting of patients based on their need for treatment and transport with the available resources. Triage ist usually run by the most experienced doctor. PMID:18399181

  8. Female physicist doctoral experiences

    Dabney, Katherine P.; Tai, Robert H.


    The underrepresentation of women in physics doctorate programs and in tenured academic positions indicates a need to evaluate what may influence their career choice and persistence. This qualitative paper examines eleven females in physics doctoral programs and professional science positions in order to provide a more thorough understanding of why and how women make career choices based on aspects both inside and outside of school and their subsequent interaction. Results indicate that female physicists experience conflict in achieving balance within their graduate school experiences and personal lives and that this then influences their view of their future careers and possible career choices. Female physicists report both early and long-term support outside of school by family, and later departmental support, as being essential to their persistence within the field. A greater focus on informal and out-of-school science activities for females, especially those that involve family members, early in life may help influence their entrance into a physics career later in life. Departmental support, through advisers, mentors, peers, and women’s support groups, with a focus on work-life balance can help females to complete graduate school and persist into an academic career.

  9. Doctors writing outside the square.

    Hurley, Thomas H


    Publications written by doctors about subjects outside their professional activities are often widely read and may be more enduring than their technical publications. Dr Graeme Robertson, Sir Clive Fitts and Professor Richard Lovell were three doctors from Victoria who wrote with skill and artistry about subjects outside their professional work. Here I discuss these publications and the reasons these doctors came to write them, and offer some reasons for the enduring interest of these publications. PMID:21241223

  10. Designing Doctoral Programs in Education.

    Noonan, John P., Ed.

    This report contains nine speeches presented at a Conference on Designing Doctoral Programs in Education held at Kansas State University on June 28-29, 1968. Titles included are: 1) "The Role of Doctoral Programs in Today's and Tomorrow's University"; "Trends in Student Personnel Work: Implications for Graduate Education"; "Research Training in…

  11. The Social Work Practice Doctorate

    Hartocollis, Lina; Cnaan, Ram A.; Ledwith, Kate


    This article provides a systematic review of the emerging practice doctorate in social work. Based on the experience of the first such Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program, we provide information regarding the program origins and rationale, development, current structure, and future direction. Such information will enrich the discussion on the role…

  12. Will Medical Technology Deskill Doctors?

    Lu, Jingyan


    This paper discusses the impact of medical technology on health care in light of the fact that doctors are becoming more reliant on technology for obtaining patient information, making diagnoses and in carrying out treatments. Evidence has shown that technology can negatively affect doctor-patient communications, physical examination skills, and…

  13. Master's and doctoral theses in family medicine and their publication output, Suez Canal University, Egypt

    Nour-Eldein, Hebatallah; Mansour, Nadia M.; Abdulmajeed A. Abdulmajeed


    Background: The completion of a thesis is a significant requirement for both a Master's and a doctorate degree in general practice/family medicine (GP/FM). A postgraduate thesis is a well-planned, time-intensive activity carried out over several years. The quality of the theses can be judged by the proportion of published papers. Objective: This study aimed to describe Master's and doctoral theses in family medicine and their publications between 1982 and 2014. Materials and Methods: GP/FM de...

  14. The Price of a Thesis

    Pad+ma skyabs


    Full Text Available "Ring…ring…" bleated a mobile phone, waking Lha mo, a student in the Tibetan Department at a well-known nationalities university. She raised her head languidly and looked around the dorm room. Her roommates were applying various cosmetics and lotions to their faces, getting ready for class. The warm sun heated her bed. She slowly turned her head to the right and gazed at a small picture of a young Chinese movie star pasted on the wall by her bed. He was wearing a shirt that exposed his skin, which seemed as white as flour smeared on a cutting board beneath a ball of dough. Nearby was a panda doll wearing a suit of red clothes that made it resemble a sleeping guard. She was suddenly overwhelmed by nostalgia. Lha mo came from an area where Tibetan was rarely taught. Sometimes she hated herself for being Tibetan. Lha mo would soon leave school and was required to write a thesis. Because her written Tibetan was very poor, she resolved to use Chinese, and spent two weeks writing a few lines in her notebook. What she wrote had many grammar mistakes and she quickly and angrily ripped the pages into pieces. She agonized about her situation and didn't know what to do. Then she heard the good news that a thesis could be purchased in Room 304, East Second Street. The problem was that it cost 2,000 yuan, which was far too expensive for her. She only received 1,000 yuan a month from her family, half of which was for food and the other half went to meet the cost of clothes and other expenses. She just didn't have the money to buy the thesis. ...

  15. Adidas Group : equity valuation thesis

    Menezes, João Francisco Carvalho Gomes


    This dissertation has the purpose of valuating Adidas Group, a German company, listed on the DAX30, which has three main brands, Adidas, Reebok and TaylorMade. To reach a value for the share of the company, taking in consideration the future of the group, it has been used different methods. The Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), considered by many analysts the most accurate method is the process of valuating Adidas explained more detailed in this Thesis, which allowed us to get to a v...

  16. Dementia - what to ask your doctor

    What to ask your doctor about dementia; Alzheimer disease- what to ask your doctor; Cognitive impairment - what to ask your doctor ... Alzheimer's Association. Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for ... Setting. 2009. Available at: ...

  17. Find a Doctor - American Optometric Association

    ... world. Learn more Find a Doctor Find a Doctor Search our database of 27,836 Optometrists. 1 ... Guidelines Evidence-based Optometry Marketplace Home > Find a Doctor Basic Search Advanced Search Fine Tune Your Results ...

  18. COPD - what to ask your doctor

    ... Below are some questions you may want to ask your health care provider to help you take ... What to ask your doctor about COPD; Emphysema - what to ask your doctor; Chronic bronchitis - what to ask your doctor; Chronic ...

  19. Ileostomy - what to ask your doctor

    ... Below are some questions you may want to ask your health care provider to help you take ... Ostomy - what to ask your doctor; What to ask your doctor about ileostomy or colostomy; Colostomy - what to ask your doctor

  20. Dementia - what to ask your doctor

    What to ask your doctor about dementia; Alzheimer disease- what to ask your doctor; Cognitive impairment - what to ask your doctor ... I use? What is the best way to ask them questions? What is the best way to ...


    Revista Ciencias Biomedicas


    Full Text Available Teofrato A. Tatis, fue un ilustre médico y académico que nació en Cartagena, Colombia, en el barrio de Getsemaní, el 28 de octubre de 1865. Revista Ciencias Biomédicas hace un homenaje a su memoria y trayectoria médica al cumplirse los 150 años del natalicio. Realizó estudios básicos, literatura y filosofía, como se denominaban en esa época, en el Colegio de Araujo. Realizó estudios médicos en la Universidad de Bolívar, nombre que llevaba entonces la Universidad de Cartagena. Mientras estudiaba medicina, enseñaba en la escuela de primaria anexa a la Universidad, por vocación y porque poseía dotes pedagógicas. En 1887 recibió el grado de Doctor en Medicina y Cirugía, teniendo 22 años de edad y siendo el egresado número 37. Hace parte de la llamada segunda generación de egresados médico de la universidad, que había sido creada por el General Simón Bolívar el 6 de octubre de 1827 bajo la denominación de Universidad del Magdalena e istmo y cuya escuela de medicina, hoy facultad de medicina, fue estructurada, organizada académicamente e institucionalizada en 1830. En el libro de actas de posesiones de los profesores de dicha institución educativa, está la nota de posesión del 16 de abril de 1906, escrita a pluma y en tinta negra: “fue nombrado por el Consejo de la Facultad de Medicina y Ciencias Naturales de la Universidad de Bolívar, el señor doctor don Teofrasto A. Tatis, catedrático para el cargo de Fisiología y Clínica Ginecológica, el Señor Presidente le exigió el juramento del caso, bajo el cual prometió cumplir fielmente los deberes y demás funciones que se le anotaban en el reglamento de la Facultad. Se le adhieren a la presente diligencia las estampillas que amortizan. Para la constancia se firma después de la posesión. Firma Rafael Calvo Castaño, Presidente. Pedro Cabarcas, Secretario”.

  2. Professionalism for future humanistic doctors



    Full Text Available Dear editor Clinical environments encounter is an important part of studying medicine (1. Patient contact as an integral part of medical education occurs in various formats in the clinical settings (2, 3. During clinical training, medical students may experience high levels of stress, and some may not deal with it well. The abruptness of students’ transition to the clinical setting generated positive and negative emotions. Due to being a novice, they did not receive adequate training on how to get emotionally prepared for meeting seriously ill people. In such circumstances, the shortage of training will have predictably crucial consequences. Early clinical contact has been suggested to reduce these stresses and help the students adapt effectively to changes in the hospital climate (2. Patient contact creates an environment where each student appreciates cultural diversity and reinforces the development of clinical professional interpersonal skills through social, emotional and cognitive experiences (4, 5. It encourages validating of the relationship between patients and doctors and allows students to experience a more personal relationship with patients and nurture the ability to empathize with them, providing considerable benefits for trainees and patients. In this way, the social emotions that students experience when empathizing with a patient represent a uniquely human achievement. By internalizing their subjective interpretations of patient’s beliefs and feelings, the student’s body, brain and mind come together to produce cognition and emotion . They construct culturally relevant knowledge and make decisions about how to act and think about the patient’s problems as if they were their own. On the other hand, patient interaction in undergraduate education offers students a valuable early insight into the day-to-day role of a doctor and the patients’ perspective on specific conditions. Early experience provides a greater knowledge

  3. Hospital structure and technical efficiency in the production of nuclear medicine. Doctoral thesis

    The relationship of hospital structure to production efficiency is explored. The hospital subindustry on which this research centers is nuclear medicine. The hypotheses generated were that technical efficiency is reduced by increased competitive intensity, by a lack of profit incentive, by a broader service range, and by in-house training of technical personnel. Most data employed in the study were gathered from the American College of Radiology and the Energy Research and Development Administration Census of Nuclear Medicine. More specific information came from questionnaires sent to 2,050 short-term general hospitals known to have a nuclear medicine facility. Of the responses 1,362 were usable for the study. A major study finding was that over half of the variations observed in technical efficiency were attributable to the structural elements being studied. The research indicated that competition for staff physicians has a role in reducing technical efficiency; that the output effect of in-house manpower training was relatively unimportant; and that profit incentives do have a significant impact. It is suggested that increased technical efficiency could be achieved through reduced competitive intensity, stronger profit orientation, and reduced service range. A bibliography is included

  4. Biological sources and sinks of methane in tropical habitats and tropical atmospheric chemistry. Doctoral thesis

    The contents of this study include: two methods for measuring methane emission from a tropical lake; methane emission by bubbling from Gatun Lake, Panama; methane emission from wetlands in central Panama; consumption of atmospheric methane in soils of central Panama: effects of agricultural development; a seasonal study of soil-atmosphere methane, carbon dioxide, and 222Rn flux in a tropical moist forest; and the effects of tropical deforestation on global and regional atmospheric chemistry

  5. Calculational study on neutron kinetics and thermodynamics of a gaseous core fission reactor. Doctoral thesis

    Kuijper, J.C.


    The aim of the authors' work was to investigate the static and dynamic properties of a GCFR with oscillating (moving) fuel gas. A simplified schematic diagram of such a GCFR, similar to the concept of Kistemaker (Kis78a), is shown. It consists of a graphite cylinder of, say, 2 m diameter and 10 m length, filled with a mixture of uranium and carbon fluorides (UCF) at high temperature in ionized state, in chemical and thermodynamical equilibrium with the graphite cylinder wall (Kis78a, Kis86, Kle87). The cylindrical gas space is divided into an active 'core' region, surrounded by an effective (thick) neutron reflector, and a so-called 'expander' region, surrounded by a much less effective (thinner or with neutron poison) neutron reflector. In operation, part of the fuel gas oscillates back and forth between core and expander region. The investigation requires the study of neutron statics, neutron kinetics, reactor gas thermodynamics and gas dynamics, resulting in a combined calculational model, containing these aspects. In order to achieve this the authors followed a step-by-step approach.

  6. Selective catalytic reduction of NOx from diesel engine exhaust using injection of urea. Doctoral thesis

    Hultermans, R.J.


    ;Contents: Diesel exhaust NOx formation and abatement (Diesel DeNOxing literature, System Considerations, Summary); Catalytic testing (Experimental facilities for testing catalysts, transport phenomena in steady state fixed bed reactors, Catalyst testing); Development of a urea injection system.

  7. Detection and characterization of high frequency and high wavenumber solar oscillations. Doctoral thesis

    Fernandes, D.N.


    Doppler shift measurements of the Na D1 absorption line have revealed solar oscillations in a new regime of frequency and wavenumber. Oscillations of vertical velocities in the temperature minimum and low chromosphere of the Sun are observed with frequencies ranging up to 9.5 mHz. There is no evidence for chromospheric modes of 3 minute period. This indicates that the chromosphere does not form a good cavity for acoustic waves. The fundamental-modes appear with wavenumbers up to 5.57/Mn (equivalent spherical harmonic degree, 3877). The frequencies lie below the predicted values at wavenumbers above 1/Mn. The values are in agreement with previous measurements that exist for wavenumbers up to 2.67/Mn. Spatial maps of velocity power show that high wavenumber oscillations are suppressed in active regions. The shape of the power depression indicates that wave motion is affected in the layer of atmosphere where the measurement is made. The f-modes are suppressed in the same way as p-modes, indicating that the mechanism for wave suppression affects velocity fluctuations. Mode frequencies are not affected by the magnetic fields by more than 50 microHz, the precision of the measurement. Fluctuations in solar activity are of interest to researchers in communications and environmental/atmospheric science.

  8. Spectroscopic study of neon Z-pinch plasma for sodium-neon photopumping experiments. Doctoral thesis

    Welch, B.L.


    Spectroscopic measurements were made of neon Z-pinch plasmas to establish conditions appropriate for sodium-neon photopumping. Emissions of soft X-rays, extreme ultraviolet (XUV), and near ultraviolet (NUV) were measured. Plasma electron temperatures and densities were determined by comparing measurements with steady-state and time-dependent atomic-physics models. Dependences of plasma emissions on the magnitude and risetime of the current and on the initial mass loading were investigated. Peak currents of 120 to 300 kA and 1-micronsec to 50-ns risetime were used to implode a 1-cm diameter neon gas puff. Mass loadings ranging from 1.2 to 3.6 microgram/cm were varied by adjusting the gas-puff pressure. Adjustments of the current, current risetime, and mass loading can be used to produce an appropriate neon plasma for sodium-neon photopumping.

  9. Interactions between SO2 and NOx emissions in fluidised bed combustion of coal. Doctoral thesis

    Lin, W.


    ;Contents: Introduction; The emissions of SO2 and NOx and their interactions in fluidized-bed combustion (FBC) of coal; SO2 and NOx emissions in FBC of coal: a literature survey; Oxidation of NH3 in a fixed bed; Oxidation of NH3: influence of SO2, CO and CO2; Modeling SO2 and NOx emissions in AFBC: a simple approach; Modeling SO2 and NOx emissions in CFBC; Modeling SO2 and NOx emissions in FBC: a fundamental approach; Optimization and Conclusions.

  10. Three-dimensional reactor dynamics code for VVER type nuclear reactors. Doctoral thesis

    Kyrki-Rajamaeki, R.


    A three-dimensional reactor dynamics computer code HEXTRAN has been developed, thoroughly validated, and extensively applied for transient and accident analyses of VVER type nuclear reactors. HEXTRAN models accurately the VVER core with hexagonal fuel assemblies. The code uses advanced mathematical models in spatial and time discretization of neutronics, heat transfer and two-phase flow hydraulics. The dynamic coupling with the thermal hydraulic system code SMABRE allows also the modelling of cooling circuits. Best-estimate or conservative analyses can be performed for different accidents, e.g., RIA, ATWS or local boron dilutions. The usefulness of the three-dimensionality is shown particularly when there are asymmetric or thermal hydraulic disurbances in the core or cooling circuits.