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  1. Narratives from caregivers of children surviving the terrorist attack in Beslan: issues of health, culture, and resilience.

    Moscardino, Ughetta; Axia, Giovanna; Scrimin, Sara; Capello, Fabia


    Acts of terrorism have an extremely negative impact on the mental health of children and families. The school siege in Beslan, Russia, in 2004, represents a particularly traumatizing event as it was directed specifically at children and involved the entire community. This qualitative study aims to: (a) examine caregiver reactions to the terrorist attack in Beslan as reported 3 months after the traumatic event; (b) determine the extent to which indigenous cultural values and religious belief systems play a role in Beslan's caregivers' reactions to such event; and (c) identify variables that may function as sources of resilience to caregivers. A convenience sample of 17 primary caregivers from Beslan with at least one child who survived the school siege were asked to participate in semi-structured interviews. Narratives generated from the interviews were qualitatively analyzed using a thematic approach; nine major themes were identified. Caregivers' concerns centered on children's physical and psychological well-being, the reorganization of family life, and the disruption of community ties. Cultural values of pride, heroism, courage, and revenge emerged as relevant aspects shaping caregivers' reactions to the traumatic event. Possible sources of resilience included the willingness to return to normality, social support, and the reaffirmation of positive, culturally shared values in face of the perceived threat of future terrorist attacks. Findings are discussed in terms of their theoretical implications on the effects of trauma on children and families as well as interventions with highly traumatized populations in diverse cultural settings. PMID:17257726

  2. Photojournalistic coverage of the attack against the school of Beslan in six Portuguese and Brazilian newsmagazines A cobertura fotojornalística do atentado à escola de Beslan em seis newsmagazines portuguesas e brasileiras

    Maria Érica de Oliveira Lima


    Full Text Available This work describes how six Portuguese and Brazilian newsmagazines used photojournalism to cover the attack against the school of Beslan (Russia on september 2004, through a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the speech. Main conclusions: 1 Photos had been a structural element of the narrative and had contributed to support a speech of condemnation and excommunication of the terrorists; 2 Photojournalists used historically consolidated professional routines and standards, what shows that history helps to define the shape of news photos; 3 Photojournalism is as selective and biased as written journalism: shows in the same proportion that hides. O texto descreve-se como seis newsmagazines portuguesas e brasileiras cobriram fotojornalisticamente o atentado à escola de Beslan (Rússia em setembro de 2004, através de uma análise quantitativa e qualitativa do discurso. Principais conclusões: 1 As fotografias foram estruturantes da narrativa e contribuíram para suportar um discurso de condenação e excomunhão dos terroristas; 2 Os fotojornalistas recuperaram padrões históricos de abordagem da realidade, enfatizando que a história contribui para moldar a forma das fotonotícias; 3 O discurso fotojornalístico é tão selectivo e enviesado como o verbal: mostra na mesma medida em que oculta.

  3. The Siege / Lauri Saaber

    Saaber, Lauri


    Mängufilm "Sõjaseisukord" ("The Siege") : režissöör Edward Zwick : Ameerika Ühendriigid 1998 : Mängufilm "Sulle on sõnum" ("Youþve Got Mail") : Stsenarist ja režissöör Nora Ephron : Ameerika Ühendriigid 1998

  4. John B. Dunlop, The 2002 Dubrovka and 2004 Beslan Hostage Crises. A Critique of Russian Counter-Terrorism. With a foreword by Donald N. Jensen. Stuttgart: Ibidem-Verlag, 2006, 166 pages.

    Amandine Regamey


    Full Text Available An author of numerous books on Russia and Chechnya, John Dunlop dedicates this study to examining the management by Russian authorities of the two main hostage crises since the beginning of the second war in Chechnya in 1999. The first part analyses the Beslan hostage-taking in September 2004, in which more than 1000 persons, mainly children, were detained in a school in a small in North Ossetian town. Officially, 317 hostages were killed in this terrorist act for which Bassaev claimed respon...

  5. Communication of 6 September 2004 received from the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation concerning the recent tragic events in Beslan

    The Director General has received a letter from the Resident Representative of the Russian Federation, attaching a statement by the President of the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin, concerning the recent tragic events in Beslan. In the light of the request expressed in the letter, the text of the letter and its attachment is attached hereto

  6. Waiting, Part One of a Sarajevo Novel: The Figure of the Siege and the Refugee in a Selection of Twentieth-Century Siege-Exile Literature

    Morris, Priscilla


    The Painter of Bridges is a hybrid siege-exile novel about a landscape painter, Zora Buka, who loses her life’s work in a fire during the siege of Sarajevo. Part One, presented in the creative paper, is set in Sarajevo and depicts Zora’s experience of the first ten months of the siege. Part Two is set in England: Zora recollects her escape from Sarajevo, and waits for her asylum claim to be accepted. The novel is therefore concerned with portraying the exceptional states of life under s...

  7. 'The child's past in the adult's present': The trauma of the Siege of Leningrad (1941-1944).

    Gulina, Marina


    This study deals with the individual and collective memory of Leningrad Siege survivors who experienced mass and prolonged wartime trauma during childhood (1941-44). While much has been published about the Siege, there has to date been no investigation by psychologists into the effects of extreme deprivation on Siege victims apart from one pilot study (Gulina et al., 2005). This study is still underway. Interviews with 80 participants (68 female and 12 male) are analysed and discussed here. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) and content analysis are utilized. Unpublished archival writings by children caught in the Siege have been analysed. The principal method of interpretation is based on a psychoanalytic understanding of child development, mourning and the metabolizing of traumatic experience. The subjective meaning of the Siege experience to individual children is considered. PMID:26452445

  8. Heritage under siege: military implementation of the 1954 Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property

    J.D. Kila


    Heritage under Siege is the result of a five year long multidisciplinary research focusing on military implementation of protecting and safeguarding Cultural Heritage in the event of conflict. The subject necessitated to involve legal obligations and implications. The main juridical framework in whi

  9. Bunker Conversion and the Overcoming of Siege Mentality

    Diane Morgan


    Full Text Available Bunkers are concrete responses to threats, whether these be real or imagined. They are indicators of a defensive attitude and a siege mentality. My paper wishes to analyse specific sites of historical reinscription, where such constructions have undergone a process of cultural transformation which has converted them into places of creative experimentation, ludic activity and everyday use. Such initiatives in translation are important ways of reworking the past, addressing presents needs and projecting different- less reactive, and maybe more pacific- prospects for the future. A similar undertaking was proposed by Henri de Saint-Simon when he diverted the term “avant-garde” away from its military implementation towards more a progressive usage. The “avant-garde” became an experimental association of artists working together for the benefit of society as an evolving whole.In On Social Organisation Saint-Simon described the “avant-garde” as follows:They [the artists, the men of imagination] will lead the way in that great undertaking; they will proclaim the future of mankind; they will bring back the golden age from the past to enrich future generations; they will inspire society with enthusiasm for the increase of its well-being by laying before it a tempting picture of a new prosperity.Economic “prosperity” might well be an appealing prospect for “us”, especially in these times of “crisis” when “we” are made to feel that our day-to-day existence is precarious. However, when Saint-Simon employs the term “new prosperity”, he is envisaging social values that are largely incompatible with capitalist consumer “culture” and competitive “market forces”. His suggestion that new technologies should serve to nationalize “luxury” and internationalise peace would require a radically different approach to social organisation from that prevalent today. Likewise, the demilitarized bunkers I wish to analyse also figure

  10. Cultural Trauma and Christian Identity in the Late Medieval Heroic Epic, The Siege of Jerusalem.

    DeMarco, Patricia A


    This essay examines scenes of violence in the late medieval poem The Siege of Jerusalem in order to reveal the ways in which trauma is used as the grounds upon which Christian/Jewish difference is established. In particular, I argue that this poem serves as an example of a widespread element in Christian chivalric identity, namely the need to manage the repetitive invocation of Christ's crucifixion (ritually repeated through liturgical and poetic invocation) as a means of asserting both the bodily and psychic integrity of the Christian subject in contrast to the violently abjected figure of the Jewish body. The failure of The Siege protagonist, Wespasian, to navigate the cultural trauma of the crucifixion is contrasted to the successful management of trauma by the martial hero, Tancred, in Tasso's epic, Gerusalemme Liberata, illustrating the range of imaginative possibilities for understanding trauma in pre-modern war literature. PMID:26949207

  11. Biological Warfare Plan in the 17th Century—the Siege of Candia, 1648–1669.

    Thalassinou, Eleni; Tsiamis, Costas; Poulakou-Rebelakou, Effie; Hatzakis, Angelos


    A little-known effort to conduct biological warfare occurred during the 17th century. The incident transpired during the Venetian–Ottoman War, when the city of Candia (now Heraklion, Greece) was under siege by the Ottomans (1648–1669). The data we describe, obtained from the Archives of the Venetian State, are related to an operation organized by the Venetian Intelligence Services, which aimed at lifting the siege by infecting the Ottoman soldiers with plague by attacking them with a liquid made from the spleens and buboes of plague victims. Although the plan was perfectly organized, and the deadly mixture was ready to use, the attack was ultimately never carried out. The conception and the detailed cynical planning of the attack on Candia illustrate a dangerous way of thinking about the use of biological weapons and the absence of reservations when potential users, within their religious framework, cast their enemies as undeserving of humanitarian consideration. PMID:26894254

  12. Healthcare under siege: Geopolitics of medical service provision in the Gaza Strip.

    Smith, Ron J


    Siege, a process of political domination aimed at isolating an entire population, represents a unique threat to healthcare provision. This study is a qualitative examination of the impacts of siege on the practices and systems that underlie health in Gaza. Data are from participant observation conducted over a period of six years (2009-2014), along over 20 interviews with doctors and health administrators in the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Governmental, and United Nations sectors. Analyses were informed by two connected theories. First, the theory of surplus population was used, an idea that builds on Marx's conception of primitive accumulation and Harvey's accumulation by dispossession. Second, Roy's theory of de-development was used, particularly as it is connected to neoliberal trends in healthcare systems organizing and financing. Findings indicate that siege impinges on effective healthcare provision through two central, intertwined processes: withholding materials and resources and undermining healthcare at a systems level. These strains pose considerable threats to healthcare, particularly within the Ministry of Health but also within and among other entities in Gaza that deliver care. The strategies of de-development described by participants reflect the ways the population that is codified as a surplus population. Gazan society is continually divested of any of the underpinnings necessary for a well-functioning sovereign health care infrastructure. Instead of a self-governing, independent system, this analysis of health care structures in Gaza reveals a system that is continually at risk of being comprised entirely of captive consumers who are entirely dependent on Israel, international bodies, and the aid industry for goods and services. This study points to the importance of foregrounding the geopolitical context for analysis of medical service delivery within conflict settings. Findings also highlight the importance of advocating for

  13. Access under Siege: Are the Gains of Open Education Keeping Pace with the Growing Barriers to University Access?

    Olcott, Don, Jr.


    Traditional and affordable access to a university education is under siege from all sides. National realpolitiks and global economic downturns have driven open education into the mainstream to stand against educational elitism, the growing digital divide, and to support the core values that give education its fundamental credence as a human right.…

  14. The Siege of Port Hudson: "Forty Days and Nights in the Wilderness of Death." Revised. Teaching with Historic Places.

    Potts, Gregg; Bergeron, Arthur W., Jr.

    This lesson describes and discusses the U.S. Civil War Siege of Port Hudson (Louisiana). Based on the National Register of Historic Places registration file, "Port Hudson Battlefield," the lesson cites objectives and lists materials for students, and provides information for a site visit. It contains eight sections: (1) "About this Lesson"; (2)…

  15. Under Siege


    Dealing with household garbage has become a growing headache for Chinese cities A series of photos named Rubbish-besieged City, which won Wang Jiuliang the Golden Award for Excellence at the Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2009, has attracted considerable public attention after being posted on, a popular

  16. Beslan : god spustja / Orhan Jemal

    Jemal, Orhan


    Beslanist aasta pärast pantvangitragöödiat. Ainsana ellujäänud pantvangivõtja Nur-Pashi Kulajevi kohtuprotsessist Vladikavkazis, väljavõtteid tema tunnistustest. Kui kohalikud elanikud on kooliõpilaste hukkumise süüdlasi otsinud vabariigi piires, siis nn. ametlik Osseetia võim on artikli autori sõnul leidnud vaenlase kohalikes moslemites, pärast terroriakti on islami positsioon Osseetias nõrgenenud

  17. Universalism under siege? Exploring the association between targeting, child benefits and child poverty across 26 countries.

    Van Lancker, Wim; Van Mechelen, Natascha


    The long-standing wisdom that universally designed benefits outperform targeted benefits in terms of poverty reduction has come under siege. Recent empirical studies tend to find that targeting is not necessarily associated anymore with lower levels of poverty reduction. In this study, we investigate for a broad set of European countries (1) the relationship between child benefits and child poverty reduction; (2) whether a universal or targeted approach is more effective in reducing child poverty; and (3) the causal mechanisms explaining the link between (1) and (2). In doing so, we take into account the general characteristics of the child benefit system, the size of the redistributive budget and the generosity of benefit levels. In contrast to previous studies, we construct an indicator of targeting that captures the design instead of the outcomes of child benefit systems. We find that targeting towards lower incomes is associated with higher levels of child poverty reduction, conditional on the direction of targeting and the characteristics of the benefit system. PMID:25592921

  18. Nothing, Not a Scrap of Identity: Janet Frame's Vision of Self and Knowledge in A State of Siege

    Gabrielle, Cindy


    Still largely unexplored, Janet Frame’s deep interest in eastern philosophies provides an illuminating point of entry into her sixth novel, A State of Siege. Questing for a New View, an amateur-painter constantly harps back to the kind of fossilized aesthetic that draws a clear line between the perceiver and the perceived. However, step by step, trial after trial, the main protagonist is made to discard her cherished sense of apartness to embrace instead a state of utter non-distinction. In c...

  19. Access under siege: Are the gains of open education keeping pace with the growing barriers to University access?

    Don Olcott Jr


    Full Text Available Traditional and affordable access to a university education is under siege from all sides. National realpolitiks and global economic downturns have driven open education into the mainstream to stand against educational elitism, the growing digital divide, and to support the core values that give education its fundamental credence as a human right. Indeed, open is good—open with measurable impacts is even better. In the final analysis, the future of open education is at a crossroads that must be driven by those core values that define education as an essential human right with a commitment to expanding access and strengthening academic quality.

  20. The 'right' side of the law: state of siege and the rise of fascism in interwar Romania

    Cercel, Cosmin Sebastian


    The aim of this article is to problematize one of the most audacious tenets of the new consensus, namely the revolutionary character of fascism, by linking together the experience of the state of siege and the emergence of the fascist movement in interwar Romania. It tries to do so by drawing on the philosophical underpinnings of the paradigm of the state of exception developed by Giorgio Agamben and Walter Benjamin’s critique of law and violence. In a first part my aim is to present the main...

  1. The siege of Azaila (Teruel: a critical re-reading of the archaeological evidence

    Hourcade, David


    Full Text Available It is generally considered that during the Sertorian Wars, the site of Cabezo de Alcalá (Azaila, Teruel underwent a siege that would have led to its abandonment. But, despite the apparent accumulation of evidence, a critical re-reading of the traces discovered leaves the reality of this confl ict open to doubt. No urban defence seems to have been built by the community and the «barricades» are perhaps no more than mounds of stones of recent date. Moreover, the two torsion catapults and hand-held weapons —considered evidence of heavy fi ghting and the inhabitants’ resistance— are probably only ancient trophies, while the artillery projectiles discovered could come from the municipal arsenal. Finally, the slope situated to the south of the upper city is probably not an assault ramp, but a simple embankment, later converted to provide easier access to the summit of Cabezo.

    On considère généralement que, lors des guerres sertoriennes, le site de Cabezo de Alcalá (Azaila, Teruel a subi un siège qui aurait conduit à son abandon. Or, malgré l’apparente accumulation de preuves, une relecture critique des vestiges découverts permet de douter de la réalité de ce confl it. Ainsi, aucune défense urbaine ne semble avoir été ajoutée par la communauté et les «barricades» ne sont peut-être que des pierriers d’époque moderne. De même, les deux catapultes de torsion et les armes de poing —censées prouver l’âpreté du combat et la résistance des habitants— ne sont vraisemblablement que des anciens trophées, alors que les boulets découverts pourraient provenir de l’arsenal municipal. Enfi n, il est probable que le talus situé au sud de la ville haute ne soit pas une rampe d’assaut construite par les assaillants, mais une simple rampe d’accès aménagée postérieurement pour rendre l’accès au sommet du site plus aisé.

  2. «Ad finem vincendi et habendi civitatem per viam obsidionis stricte et continuos stimulos». The siege of Trieste in 1368-69

    Donata Degrassi


    Full Text Available In 1368-69, Trieste sustained, by the Venetians, a siege that lasted for almost one year, at the end of which the city did not surrender due to hunger but following a battle in which the Austrian forces, that had come to help the people of Trieste, were defeated. The siege was reconstructed on the base of news – a great part from Venetian sources – that handed down the memory of these events and above all on the remains of an exchange of letters between the doge Andrea Contarini and the commander of the Venetian troops positioned under the wall of Trieste, Domenico Michel. This deals with a method that is not very customary, that supplies a large quantity of information regarding the conduction of a siege, but even the difficulties that the besieging armies encounter. The comparison between this unintentional source and the chronicles relevant to the event permit us to verify through what mechanisms of selection and through which processes of elaboration are identified and presented in the historical narrations of the elements to pass down to those which follow – in other words, to become history – and what significance is attributed to them. Finally, a brief treatment of the subject regarding the discussion that was started in Trieste between the Nineteenth and Twentieth century regarding these events which occurred such a long time ago, that, however, marked the start of the city belonging to the state in a Hapsburg scope rather than a Venetian one. In this way, we wanted to focus the attention on the fact that a community and its past is not something definite and for which the discussion can cease once and for all, but it can sustain different interpretations according to the cultural contingencies and sensibilities that time after time develop within the same. In the appendix of the present essay, the choice of sources relevant to the siege is presented.

  3. A Celebration of Chivalry: Solyman the Magnificent and the Knights of Rhodes in William D’Avenant’s "The Siege of Rhodes"

    Samia Al-Shayban


    Full Text Available In spite of the fact that Birchwood (2007 acknowledges The Siege of Rhodes’s (1661 need for a dramatic reading, he himself refrains from undertaking the task. The reading he offers does not touch the play’s dramaturgy, but instead considers its relationship with contemporary issues and with D’Avenant’s accusations of apostasy. Offering a different perspective, in his classic study of English Restoration drama, Derek Hughes studies the pioneering theatricality of the play (1996, pp.1-77. Janet Clare pays critical attention to the heroic love story between Ianthe and her husband, the Sicilian Duke Alphonso, whom she also considers as the protagonists of the play (2006, p.181-184. In his turn Samuel Chew believes that The Siege of Rhodes is not worth reading as a dramatic experience(1965, p.161. However, it is not clear whether Chew’s judgement is based on the operatic version of 1656 or the dramatized one that was performed after the Restoration. After the Restoration of 1660, D’Avenant revised the operatic version and turned it into a drama, adding a new part. By 1661, he staged The Siege of Rhodes as a play in two parts at the Duke’s Playhouse (Tupper, 2012, pp. xi-xlvii. It is noticeable that the available critical studies have treated Solyman the Magnificent as a marginal figure. However, this study attempts to reread Solyman’s character and reveals his dramatic centrality. Solyman dominates the dramatic action through his chivalric conduct as a warrior and victor. His centrality receives further endorsement through the reactions of his Christian opponents to his chivalric stand as an ideal man of war and peace.

  4. The Attitude of the Indian Soldiers in the British Army during the Siege of Kut-al-amara (December 1915 - April 1916)

    Üzen, İsmet


    The siege of Kut-al-amara was the longest one that the English met throughout their history. The First English attempt to occupy Baghdad was interrupted in Ctesiphon by the Turks in Mesopotamian Campaign of the First War World. The 6th British Division, whose majority was Indians, tried to stand nearly 5 months against disease, hunger and the Turkish attacks from 7 December 1915 to 29 April 1916 when they were withdrew from Ctesiphon to Kut-al-amara. The restrictions for daily-food because of...

  5. [Surprisingly old skeleton found at Bornheim-Uedorf (Rhein-Sieg-Kreis)--Research results in forensic medicine, anthropology and archaeology].

    Zesch, Stephanie; Doberentz, Elke; Schmauder, Michael; Rosendahl, Wilfried; Madea, Burkhard


    On April 15th 2014, human skeletal remains were found during digging activities for constructing a new building at Bornheim-Uedorf (Rhein-Sieg-Kreis) near the river Rhine (about 20 meters) in a pit measuring 10 by 10 meters and having a depth of about 150 cm. The skeletal remains were preserved quite well considering the fact that they were located so near to the Rhine, although several skeletal parts were missing. The preserved skeletal remains comprised some skull fragments (including two ear bones of the right side), right scapula, both humeri, left ulna, left radius, left metacarpal bone 2, right metacarpal bones 1, 3 and 4, rib fragments, three thoracic vertebrae, all lumbar vertebrae, one sacral vertebra, pelvis fragments, left femur, proximal part of the left tibial diaphysis, right tibia and diaphysis of both fibulae. The anthropological analysis revealed that the skeletal remains belonged to a 20-to-30-year-old presumably male individual with a body height of about 163 to 173 cm (depending on the formula used for body height estimation). Evidence of intense physical activity and traumatological findings could not be detected on the preserved bones. Periosteal reactions on the bone surface caused by nonspecific bacterial infection were found on the right humerus close to the elbow and on both tibiae, especially the left one. Besides the skeletal remains, metal fragments were recovered--among them an arrowhead, which was typologically classified as an early medieval finding (6th to 7th century). Radiocarbon dating of a bone sample revealed an age of 1561 ± 19 a BP corresponding to a calibrated age of 436 to 540 AD (1 sigma). So, the archaeological classification of the recovered skeleton into the early medieval period was verified. Amongst the human remains, there was also a metatarsal bone of cattle with cut marks. The animal bone as well as the metal fragments indicated that the find was part of an early medieval burial with typical grave goods. PMID

  6. Book review: education under siege: why there is a better alternative by Peter Mortimore

    Armstrong, Cole


    How do we improve England’s school system? Every Education Secretary has their own ideas and subsequent U-turns, but in this book Peter Mortimore aims to identify the current system’s strengths and weaknesses, and asks readers who share his concerns to demand that politicians alter course. Cole Armstrong talks readers through the highs and lows that Mortimore identifies, and finds that some aspects of the author’s vision for a new education system are questionable in terms of practicality.

  7. 悲伤的小镇

    法满; lvanSekretarev


    An unidentified man touches the coffin with the body of 2-year-old Georgy Daurov during his funeral in Beslan, southern Russia, Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2004. Daurov's grandmother and father were also killed during the siege and his sister remains hospitalized.

  8. La mort ou la victoire Death or victory. Violence in Saragossa during the sieges (1808-1809

    Pedro Rújula


    Full Text Available Le 24 mai 1808, la population de Saragosse prend le contrôle du gouvernement de la ville. En quelques jours, le jeune José de Palafox parvient à galvaniser la population et à la préparer pour la défense. Contre toute attente, ils réussissent à parer l’attaque et obligent les troupes impériales à faire le siège. A partir de ce moment-là la défense sera menée principalement par des civils. Le mythe d’un peuple en armes prendra forme à la mi-août, quand cet effort trouvera sa récompense dans la retraite des Français. Quand, en décembre de la même année, les troupes françaises reviennent, l’affrontement avec la ville sera brutal. Il opposera ceux qui s’obstinaient à croire qu’ils pouvaient vaincre une armée organisée, aguerrie et bien équipée, à ceux qui avaient besoin d’annihiler le mythe de la résistance civile pour s’épargner d’autres épisodes de résistance. Le déchaînement de violence et les innombrables victimes causées par la prise de la ville ont fait de Saragosse, pour reprendre les termes du capitaine Billon, « le plus meurtrier de tous les sièges qui ont eu lieu dans l’histoire ».In 1808 Saragossa, before the arrival of the imperial troops, there had been a wide process of ideologization and mobilization of the population. Armed civilians, supported by some military men, decided to defend their city with their lives. Their success in the first Siege provoked a brutal clash in the second one: the imperial army had to destroy Saragossa’s myth of resistance, and the defenders had to live up to it. The slow advance on a city in ruins and plagued by illness left more than 50 000 dead.

  9. Science under Siege (Invited)

    Gagosian, R. B.; Wheeler, K. R.


    Our planet has changed significantly over the past few decades - physically, chemically, and biologically. The political landscape has also transformed - almost as dramatically - over this same time period. Although recently, it seems that legislative action has slowed to a geological pace. Recent tragedies stemming from natural disasters (tsunamis, oil spills, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) have raised the public's awareness of their tenuous relationship with nature. However, the political debate over climate change has raised questions about the integrity of the scientific endeavor and lowered the public's perception of research and trust in scientists. This politicization of science is particularly unfortunate at a time when science is needed to address the threats from rising seas, acidified waters, and intensified storms. The scientific process relies on critical analysis from colleagues, which ensures that theories are well founded, research can be replicated, and the entire process is overseen by scientific peers. It is much easier to disprove something than to definitively prove just about anything. Unfortunately, this truth has been exploited for political purposes. Policy decisions need to be informed by science and not the reverse. However, increasingly when science does not support a policy maker's agenda, they tend to impugn the scientist, the funding agency or even the peer-review system. This is new and hostile territory for science, and we must find a way to rise above the political fray. To do so, we need to improve how and when we communicate information to the public, to whom policy makers are accountable. We need to find new, clearer, and better methods to convey uncertainty and risk in terms meaningful to the public and policy makers. And finally, we need to defend the academic peer review process, which is the gold standard and envy of the world. During these times of fiscal constraints, the scientific community needs to explore new models for doing business. Failure to do so will result in less brain power addressing critical national needs, and ultimately the nation will lose its competitive edge as the world leader in innovation. Not every institution can be the world leader in every discipline and not every institution can afford to have all of the newest scientific instrumentation and infrastructure. We need to find new ways to collaborate within the academic research community as well as finding new partners internationally. We also need to develop new models to partner with industry to help fund the basic and applied research they need to transfer into products and services. Finally, we need to communicate the importance of supporting basic research and avoid the mounting movement to focus on solutions to our current problems. Far too often, the political process is demanding an immediate return on investment for research and the result is the lack of long-term commitment to basic research. This is a short-sighted and alarming trend, which threatens our ability to acquire the knowledge needed to apply to challenges and questions not yet envisioned, but which nonetheless, may be critical to our society in the coming decades. While it is tempting to sell the seed corn in tough times, we must protect it so that the next generation of scientists will have the tools, knowledge, and ability to meet the grand challenges of their generation.

  10. Use of Wild and Semi-Wild Edible Plants in Nutrition and Survival of People in 1430 Days of Siege of Sarajevo during the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992–1995)

    Redžić, Sulejman


    This study is a systematic overview of data on use of wild and semi-wild edible plants in nutrition of people in 1430 days of the siege of Sarajevo during aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992–1995). The author of this study spent all that time in Sarajevo. In 1993, the author prepared a survival program for people that included usage of edible wild plants. In addition, he conducted a detailed survey, including special interviews, on 630 people of average age 37.4 years (55% residential ...

  11. Inmigrantes. Del estado de excepción al estado de derecho (Immigrants. From the State of Siege to the Rule of Law

    Javier De Lucas


    Full Text Available The evolution of migration policies in the EU shows that the so-called "spirit of Tampere" and especially the objectives of full integration, understood as a mutual negotiation process, governed by the principle of equality in all rights and the priority of the rule of law, suffer an increasing deterioration, under the double pretext of economic crisis and the withdrawal securitarian. The alternative proposed by Lochak seems clearer than ever and growing concern about particular orientation Juridical (Legislative more than case law that is tilted by the logic of "state of siege. " Against this, there is a renewed focus on the one hand, the minimum that represents respect for the principles and rules of the rule of law, but also the need to place on the political agenda of the EU mechanisms to make accessible the citizenship for immigrants La evolución de las políticas migratorias en la UE muestra que el denominado “espíritu de Tampere” y sobre todo los objetivos de una integración plena, entendida como un proceso de negociación mutua,  regido por el principio de igualdad  en todos los derechos y la prioridad de las reglas del Estado de Derecho, sufre un creciente deterioro, bajo la doble coartada de la crisis económica y del repliegue securitario. La alternativa propuesta por Lochak parece más evidente que nunca y en particular crece la preocupación por una orientación juridical (más legislativa que jurisprudencial que se inclina por la lógica del “estado de sitio”. Frente a ello, hay que volver a insistir, de un lado, en el mínimo que representa el respeto por los principios y reglas del Estado de Derecho, pero también en la necesidad de colocar en la agenda política de la UE mecanismos que hagan accesible la ciudadanía para los inmigrantes. DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER FROM SSRN:

  12. The Never-Ending Siege

    Netzley, Michael


    Citizens of Sarajevo, scared for their lives during the war, fled their homes and crowded into the stadium in hopes of surviving. As the casualties mounted, there was no place to put all the bodies. Those taking refuge in the stadium did the only thing they could do: They buried the dead in the football pitch beside the stadium. Now, as a daily…

  13. Wino dark matter under siege

    A fermion triplet of SU(2)L — a wino — is a well-motivated dark matter candidate. This work shows that present-day wino annihilations are constrained by indirect detection experiments, with the strongest limits coming from H.E.S.S. and Fermi. The bounds on wino dark matter are presented as a function of mass for two scenarios: thermal (winos constitute a subdominant component of the dark matter for masses less than 3.1 TeV) and non-thermal (winos comprise all the dark matter). Assuming the NFW halo model, the H.E.S.S. search for gamma-ray lines excludes the 3.1 TeV thermal wino; the combined H.E.S.S. and Fermi results completely exclude the non-thermal scenario. Uncertainties in the exclusions are explored. Indirect detection may provide the only probe for models of anomaly plus gravity mediation where the wino is the lightest superpartner and scalars reside at the 100 TeV scale

  14. Recognition of Facial Expressions of Mixed Emotions in School-Age Children Exposed to Terrorism

    Scrimin, Sara; Moscardino, Ughetta; Capello, Fabia; Altoe, Gianmarco; Axia, Giovanna


    This exploratory study aims at investigating the effects of terrorism on children's ability to recognize emotions. A sample of 101 exposed and 102 nonexposed children (mean age = 11 years), balanced for age and gender, were assessed 20 months after a terrorist attack in Beslan, Russia. Two trials controlled for children's ability to match a facial…

  15. Mitochondrial DNA under siege in avian phylogeography.

    Zink, Robert M; Barrowclough, George F


    Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) has been the workhorse of research in phylogeography for almost two decades. However, concerns with basing evolutionary interpretations on mtDNA results alone have been voiced since the inception of such studies. Recently, some authors have suggested that the potential problems with mtDNA are so great that inferences about population structure and species limits are unwarranted unless corroborated by other evidence, usually in the form of nuclear gene data. Here we review the relative merits of mitochondrial and nuclear phylogeographical studies, using birds as an exemplar class of organisms. A review of population demographic and genetic theory indicates that mitochondrial and nuclear phylogeographical results ought to concur for both geographically unstructured populations and for populations that have long histories of isolation. However, a relatively common occurrence will be shallow, but geographically structured mtDNA trees--without nuclear gene corroboration--for populations with relatively shorter periods of isolation. This is expected because of the longer coalescence times of nuclear genes (approximately four times that of mtDNA); such cases do not contradict the mtDNA inference of recent isolation and evolutionary divergence. Rather, the nuclear markers are more lagging indicators of changes in population structure. A review of the recent literature on birds reveals the existence of relatively few cases in which nuclear markers contradict mitochondrial markers in a fashion not consistent with coalescent theory. Preliminary information from nuclear genes suggests that mtDNA patterns will prove to be robust indicators of patterns of population history and species limits. At equilibrium, mitochondrial loci are generally a more sensitive indicator of population structure than are nuclear loci, and mitochondrial estimates of F(ST)-like statistics are generally expected to exceed nuclear ones. Hence, invoking behavioural or ecological explanations of such differences is not parsimonious. Nuclear genes will prove important for quantitative estimates of the depths of haplotype trees, rates of population growth and values of gene flow. PMID:18397219

  16. Energy crisis - Europe in state of siege

    Topics of the discussion meeting: 1) Long-term views of the energy policy under short-term and politically difficult conditions; 2) different time aspects of the energy problem upto 1985/87, from 1985 to 2000, from 2000/2030 onwards; 3) energy potential and strategy; 4) aiming for autarking in energy policy; 5) competition between industrial countries for energy resources, tension in USA - Europe - Pacific; 6) energy policy in the overall political context; 7) predicted energy demand of the Federal Republic in the year 2000; 8) energy saving reality; 9) controversial debates on increased utilization of nuclear energy; 10) the problem of public acceptance of nuclear energy; 11) European energy policy. (HP)

  17. From Political to Economic Siege in Brazil.

    Academe, 1990


    Political forces in Brazil have caused significant economic changes, including hyperinflation, and policy that threaten higher education in a variety of ways, including failure to expand during a period of economic strength, severe loss of academic autonomy, lowering of academic and administrative standards, and declines in teacher education and…

  18. School environment and school injuries

    Simo eSalminen; Marja eKurenniemi; Mirka eRåback; Jaana eMarkkula; Anne eLounamaa


    Background: Although injuries at school are an important issue in public health, environmental factors in schools and school yards have seldom been the focus of school injury research. The goal of our investigation was to examine the effect of environmental factors on school injuries. Methods: Nine comprehensive Finnish schools registered school injuries over a period of two school years. Injuries were classified as being associated with environmental factors, suspected environmental factors,...

  19. School Environment and School Injuries

    Salminen, Simo; Kurenniemi, Marja; Råback, Mirka; Markkula, Jaana; Lounamaa, Anne


    Background: Although injuries at school are an important issue in public health, environmental factors in schools and school yards have seldom been the focus of school injury research. The goal of our investigation was to examine the effect of environmental factors on school injuries. Methods: Nine comprehensive Finnish schools registered school injuries over a period of two school years. Injuries were classified as being associated with environmental factors, suspected environmental facto...

  20. School Quality and School Location

    Terry O`Shaughnessy


    This paper presents a model of school choice with peer effects and scale economies within schools. Parents` perception of school quality depends on resources and on the characteristics of the student body. A network of local schools of uniform quality will be optimal, even though different households prefer different qualities. Whether schools of different qualities emerge depends on the strength of peer effects. If peer effects are strong there will be an incentive for existing schools to se...

  1. Electronic School.

    American School Board Journal, 1997


    Describes: (1) corporate technology initiatives driven by public-relations motives; (2) collaborative strategies for teacher-student technology learning; (3) an online school-improvement site; 4) privatization of school-district technology operations; and (5) a primer on listservs for school leaders. Also provides information on school technology,…

  2. Nursery School

    Nursery School


    Enrolments 2016-2017 Enrolments for the school year 2016-2017 to the Nursery, the Nursery school and the school will take place on 7, 8 and 9 March 2016 from 8 to 10 am at the Nursery School. Registration forms will be available from Thursday 3rd March. More information on the website:

  3. ATE tower of Babel under siege by DOD

    Kachmar, M.


    The current status of efforts by the U.S. armed forces to improve the interoperability, mobility, and performance of ATE for electronic components is reviewed: the USAF Modular Automatic Test Equipment (MATE), the Navy Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS), and the Army Intermediate Field-Test Equipment (IFTE) programs are characterized. Consideration is given to the IFTE transportable shop facility, the trend toward modular instrument-on-a-card systems, the 16-kg IFTE portable contact tester, CASS plans to replace all Navy ATE with one family of testers, and the MATE purchasing standards (virtual memory extended bus, Eurocard card sizes, 1-inch spacing between cards, and 96-pin DIN connectors). Also included is a separate discussion of the impact of these requirements on the design and development of microwave instrumentation by industry. Although many available or planned commercial instruments meet some or all of the new military requirements, problems are posed by differences between the MILSPEC approach being taken by IFTE and CASS and the less stringent MATE requirements.

  4. In defence of academic freedom: bioethics journals under siege.

    Schüklenk, Udo


    This article analyses, from a bioethics journal editor's perspective, the threats to academic freedom and freedom of expression that academic bioethicists and academic bioethics journals are subjected to by political activists applying pressure from outside of the academy. I defend bioethicists' academic freedom to reach and defend conclusions many find offensive and 'wrong'. However, I also support the view that academics arguing controversial matters such as, for instance, the moral legitimacy of infanticide should take clear responsibility for the views they defend and should not try to hide behind analytical philosophers' rationales such as wanting to test an argument for the sake of testing an argument. This article proposes that bioethics journals establish higher-quality requirements and more stringent mechanisms of peer review than usual for iconoclastic articles. PMID:23637435

  5. Steel Draws Automobiles:A Siege In Winter


    Afinancial crisis hits the world,adding more chill to the winter in 2008. Among the sufferers are the trembling steel industry and the auto industry which begins detecting the cold.In these days,these two industries are worrying about their future in 2009 and wondering when the spring will come.The point is,will the steel industry embrace a better time in 2009?And to what extent it will affect the auto industry?

  6. "Thriumphus navalis" - Die Rituelle verherrlichung des Sieges zur See

    Ladewig, Marco


    The ancient Rome’s claim to naval power took an early outline, when its system of alliances was enlarged by several seaside towns and by using the foreign ships provided the republic with an access to the sea. Yet only the conflict with Carthage during the first Punic War demanded the construction of a roman armada and procured the open naval war. The naval battle of Mylae, in which Caius Duilius defeated the Carthage fleet, finally put an end to five unsuccessful years of batt...

  7. City Under Siege: Narrating Mumbai Through NonStop Capture

    Yasmin Ibrahim


    Full Text Available When Mumbai became the target of terror in the 26/11 attack in 2008, the events in that city, like other tragic global events in recent years, were narrated through new media platforms. The increasing convergence of technologies and mobile telephony enabled new forms of gaze and the ability to bear witness through these new media technologies. The non-stop capture of events through recording equipment embedded in mobile phones and their connectivity to the World Wide Web constructed Mumbai through civilian narratives and images, and this phe-nomenon was described as the "coming of age of Twitter". Conversely the event raised fundamental questions about the role of broadcasting and protocols in live telecasts of terrorist attacks which have consequences for national security. In narrating the city through the civilian gaze and traditional media the spectacle of suffering in postmodernity becomes an open-ended exercise where the city is both a canvas for showcasing the risks of modernity and new forms of visibilities which emerge from social media and the "act of sharing" content on global plat-forms.

  8. Conformal bootstrap: non-perturbative QFT's under siege

    CERN. Geneva


    [Exceptionally in Council Chamber] Originally formulated in the 70's, the conformal bootstrap is the ambitious idea that one can use internal consistency conditions to carve out, and eventually solve, the space of conformal field theories. In this talk I will review recent developments in the field which have boosted this program to a new level. I will present a method to extract quantitative informations in strongly-interacting theories, such as 3D Ising, O(N) vector model and even systems without a Lagrangian formulation. I will explain how these techniques have led to the world record determination of several critical exponents. Finally, I will review exact analytical results obtained using bootstrap techniques.

  9. Under siege: Isolated tributaries are threatened by regionally impaired metacommunities.

    Merriam, Eric R; Petty, J Todd


    Pristine streams are often targeted as conservation priorities because of their ability to preserve regional biodiversity. However, isolation within heavily degraded regions likely alters important metapopulation and metacommunity processes (e.g., rescue and mass effects), affecting the ability of in-tact communities to boost regional conditions. To test this hypothesis, we sampled invertebrate communities and physicochemical conditions from 168 streams within the mountaintop removal-valley fill mining region of West Virginia. We used redundancy analysis to first test for significant effects of local (observed physicochemical conditions) and neighborhood (streams within a 5km buffer) degradation on assemblage structure across all taxa and stress tolerance (low, moderate, high) and dispersal (low, high) categories. We then used generalized linear and hurdle models to characterize changes in community metrics and individual taxa, respectively. Local condition consistently explained the majority of variation (partial R(2) up to 5× those of neighborhood condition) in community structure and was the only factor affecting sensitive taxa. Neighborhood condition explained significant variation in moderately tolerant taxa with low dispersal capacity and highly tolerant taxa, regardless of dispersal. Decreased occurrence (Baetis) and abundance (Maccaffertium) of key taxa and corresponding metrics (%E, %EPT) suggest decreased dispersal and associated mass and rescue effects within degraded neighborhoods. Decreased neighborhood conditions also resulted in the proliferation of tolerant taxa (Chironomidae, Chimarra, Hemerodromia). Our results suggest communities within even the most pristine streams are at risk when isolated within heavily impacted regions. Consequently, protection of regional species' pools in heavily impacted regions will require more than simply conserving un-impacted streams. PMID:27101452

  10. School environment and school injuries

    Simo eSalminen


    Full Text Available Background: Although injuries at school are an important issue in public health, environmental factors in schools and school yards have seldom been the focus of school injury research. The goal of our investigation was to examine the effect of environmental factors on school injuries. Methods: Nine comprehensive Finnish schools registered school injuries over a period of two school years. Injuries were classified as being associated with environmental factors, suspected environmental factors, and others. The consensus between two independent classifiers was 81%. Results: A total of 722 injuries were classified. In 11.6% of these injuries, the physical environment factor was evident, and in 28.1% of the injuries, physical environment was suspected of being a contributory risk factor. Thus the physical environment of the school was a contributing factor in over a third (39.7% of injuries occurring in the school, on the school yard or during the journey to or from school. In this study, conducted in Finland, ice on the ground was mentioned most frequently as an environmental risk factor. Conclusions: In Finland, the Nordic weather conditions are not taken into account in the school yard and playground plans as they ought to from the safety point of view. An initiative has been launched on a mandatory wintertime master plan for every school yard.

  11. Private Schools

    Department of Homeland Security — This Private Schools feature dataset is composed of all Private elementary and secondary education features in the United States as defined by the Private School...



    1. Melbourne University Master of Marketing in Beijing For the first time the University of Melbourne is offering the Master of Marketing degree in China through its business school, Melbourne Business School. Its first intake will start



    The China Europe International Business School The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), in cooperation with Caijing Magazine’s Financial Series, held the first session of the annual China Bankers Forum at its Shanghai campus on June 30, wi

  14. School Imformation


    Beijing Huijia Private School Foreign Students Department As the world is paying increasing attention to China, more and more foreign students begin to study Chinese. As a K-12 boarding private school, our school has a good bilingual environment in Chinese and English with more than 2,200 students, and qualified Chinese and foreign teachers. We combine Chinese teaching with Western teaching, and implement internationalized education in an all-around way. Since November 2000, our school has admitted more ...



    CEIBS Places 9th in Forbes 2007 top Non-U.S.2-Year Business Schools On August 16,China Europe International Business School(CEIBS)ranked 9th place in the 2007 Forbes bien-nial rankings of Top Non-U.S.2-Year Business Schools.

  16. School Avoidance

    ... anxieties over social pressure or legitimate fears of violence at school. Let him know that school attendance is required ... to the classroom. If a problem like a school bully or an unreasonable teacher is the cause of your child's anxiety, become an advocate for ...

  17. Electronic School.

    American School Board Journal, 1997


    Contains articles on software products targeted at girls, the use of technology for the transformation of schooling, and tips on teaming up with software developers. Regular features include dispatches from the school-technology frontier, information about school boards' uses of "groupware," a review of software reading programs, and Internet…

  18. Healthy Schools.

    Rittelmeyer, Christian

    A survey of several hundred German students led to two theses on school environment and learning. First, students find school buildings attractive only if they conform to certain features of the human sensory system such as balance. Second, students consider school buildings attractive and inviting only if their architectural message meets such…

  19. School Violence

    Schonfeld, Irvin Sam


    The purpose of this chapter is threefold. First, the chapter summarizes what is known about the prevalence of violence and weapons in U.S. schools. Second, the chapter examines theories that bear on school violence and the empirical evidence linked to those theories. Third, the chapter looks at attempts to prevent school violence and,…

  20. School Refusal

    Wimmer, Mary


    School attendance is an ongoing concern for administrators, particularly in middle level and high school. Frequent absences affect student learning, test scores, and social development. Absenteeism is often the result of emotional disorders, such as anxiety or depression. Administrators who understand the causes of school refusal behavior and are…

  1. School Phobia

    Tyrrell, Maureen


    School phobia is a serious disorder affecting up to 5% of elementary and middle school children. Long-term consequences include academic failure, diminished peer relationships, parental conflict, and development of additional psychiatric disorders. Hiding behind such common physical symptoms as headaches, stomachaches, and fatigue, school phobia…

  2. Nursery School

    Nursery School


    Enrolments 2015-2016 Enrolments for the school year 2015-2016 to the Nursery, the Nursery school and the school will take place on: Monday 2, Tuesday 3 and Thursday 4 March 2015 More information on the website:

  3. School concentration and school travel

    Boer, E. de


    The purpose of the research as described in this Doctor’s thesis is twofold. Firstly it is to define in how far Dutch facilities for primary and secondary education were subjected to spatial concentration during recent decades. Secondly it is intended to assess what this concentration implied for the development of the minimum necessary travel distances to school, with its consequences for school choice and for school travel mode use. The phenomenon of ‘school concentration’ is explored and d...

  4. A transmissão cultural assediada: metamorfoses da cultura comum na escola Cultural transmission under harassment: avatars of common culture in school

    Inés Dussel


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, gostaríamos de propor algumas reflexões em torno do que se percebe como crise da transmissão escolar. Mais especificamente, interessa-nos o que decorre da discussão sobre a cultura comum que a escola deve transmitir, tendo em vista que essa instituição está voltada para a formação do núcleo de referências comuns que permite ao aluno se integrar à sociedade nacional e se converter em cidadão. Hoje, tanto a ideia de "cultura comum" como a própria noção de tradição e reprodução cultural parecem sob assédio. Em primeiro lugar, esse assédio tem a ver com o declínio das humanidades modernas como centro de referência da cultura comum - um declínio que já tem mais de um século. Em segundo lugar, está ocorrendo uma transformação profunda da ideia de tradição e reprodução cultural, bem como das formas com que estas se realizam. Ambos os elementos são discutidos no artigo. Por último, para retomar a ideia de transmissão da cultura comum na escola, sugerem-se alguns critérios que levem em conta os questionamentos e desafios da construção de uma tradição nas presentes condições.In this article, I advance some arguments about what is perceived as the crisis of the act of transmitting or passing over culture to new generations. More specifically, I am interested in understanding what is built into the discussion of what a common culture is, and what role schools play in their formation. Schools were institutions that were conceived for producing a core of common references that allowed people to be included in the national society and turn into citizens. Today, both the idea of a 'common culture' and the notion of tradition and cultural reproduction appear to be under siege. First, this siege is linked to the decline of modern humanities as the reference centre for common culture - a decline that has been taking place for over a century. Second, what is taking place is a profound transformation of the

  5. Space School

    Fitzgerald, Victoria


    Part of the School of Physical Sciences mission and plan is to deliver an effective outreach programme to the community and South East regions to stimulate interest, both in school pupils and the general public, in science. To do this, it offers many activities that are school-based and aimed at students in Key stages 3, 4 and 5 (ages 11-18).…



    Tsinghua SEM Gets EQUIS Accreditation The School of Economies and Management of Tsinghua University(Tsinghua SEM)was awarded accreditation from the European Quality’ Improvement System(EQUIS)at the end of February 2008.This makes Tsinghua SEM the first business school on the Chinese mainland to be accredited by EQUIS.Together with the accreditation awarded by AACSB International (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)in 2007,Tsinghua SEM becomes the only business school on the Chinese mainland to be accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS,two of the most prestigious international accreditations of management education.

  7. Nursery School

    Jardin d'enfant


      Enrollments 2012-2013  Monday 5, Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 March From 8.00 to 10.00 at the Nursery School  Registration forms will be available from 2nd March onwards: – At the Nursery School, from Catherine Regelbrugge, Secretary, tel : 73604. – At the Nursery School, from Brigitte Pillionnel, Headmistress, tel : 77925. – On the pages of the Nursery School website

  8. Nursery school

    Jardin d'enfants


    * * * * * Enrollments 2010-2011 Monday 8, Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 March From 8:00 to 10:00 at the Nursery School   Registration forms will be available from 5th March onwards: At the Nursery School, from Catherine Regelbrugge, Secretary tel: 73604, At the Nursery School, from Brigitte Pillionnel, Headmistress tel: 77925, On the pages of the Nursery School website  

  9. School Neuropsychology.

    Hynd, George W.; Obrzut, John E.


    Studies the increasing interest among school psychologists in neuropsychology as it relates to children in the educational environment. Attempts to identify forces which have led to this increased interest and provide a conceptual framework for recognizing this specialty within the profession of school psychology. (Author)

  10. School Law.

    Splitt, David A.


    Summarizes a variety of religious issues before United States courts, including two religion-in-the-schools cases in New Jersey and Georgia and two New York cases involving public assistance of private schools. Discusses a wrongful death lawsuit in Connecticut concerning a teenage suicide. (MLH)




  12. Hacker School.

    Hutchins, Leonard


    The author reminisces about his educational experience at a small school in Maine during the late 1930s, revealing the respect he extended toward his teachers, what it was like to grow up during this time period, and his feelings upon returning to the now vacant school. (LP)

  13. Nursery School

    Staff Association


      Registration of school year of 2014-2015 at the Nursery school of Cern Staff Association     Dear parents, We would like to inform you that the dates of enrolments will be 3, 4 and 5th March 2014 from 8:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m at the nursery school Bulding 562. Reminder : From 0-2 years, your child goes to the nursery, from 2-4 to the kindergarten, and from 4 years onwards, your child will join the school, following the program of first and second year of primary school (première and deuxième primaire in the Swiss system), which corresponds to the moyenne and grande section in France.

  14. School Social Capital and School Effectiveness

    Tsang, Kwok-Kuen


    This article argues that school social capital is crucial for school effectiveness, but it has been disregarded in the traditional school administrative theory. Therefore, this article tries to illustrate the significance of school social capital to school effectiveness. School social capital is defined as the social resources embedded in internal…

  15. Nursery school

    Staff Association


    The CERN Nursery school was founded in 1961 in Meyrin, before it found a new home on the CERN site in 1965. It expanded from a “garderie” in the morning-only with 30 children, to the Crèche/Kindergarten/School with 147 children and 42 staff we have today. Every year the Nursery school makes an art exhibition in the main building. In 2000 the theme was “Monet’s garden” and it was complete, not even the little bridge was missing! This year, the theme of the exhibition was transport. We could see a garbage truck, a train, and much more.

  16. School bag

    Ožbolt, Damjana


    A school bag is one piece of necessary supplies for a pupil in these days. However, back in the days, all they needed in a class was a piece of chalk and a small board. A school bag is becoming a fashion accessory. Pupils' wishes are bigger every year: they want a new bag, with a different pattern, different colour or even a different shape. But not all the parents can afford buying a new school bag every year. In this case, charity is a good option. According to advanced technology, we can...



    MBS’ Master of Marketing Degree Program Welcomes New Students The Melbourne Business School’s(MBS) master of marketing degree program welcomed new students for the 2008-09 school year on October 12. The University

  18. Kidney School

    ... licensing agreement Kidneys: How They Work, How They Fail, What You Can Do For people at any ... Kidney School is a program of the Medical Education Institute, Inc. , a 501(c)(3) organization, © 2002– ...



    Chinese Culture Summer Tours Beijing Huijia Private School has successfully launched a range of Chinese-learning courses and travel programs for summer and winter. The courses have attracted hundreds of Chinese-language-learning stu- dents from around t

  20. School Information


    Foreign Students Department, Beijing Huijia Private School The world is paying increasing attention to China; thus, more and more foreign students are studying Chinese. As a K-12 private boarding school, we provide a good bilingual environment in both Chinese and English, as well as qualified Chinese and foreign teachers, for more than 2,200 students. We teach Chinese in a Western teaching style, and implement internationalized education in a comprehensive

  1. School-Parent Relations in Victorian Schools

    Gurr, David; Drysdale, Lawrie; Walkley, Donald M.


    This article provides commentary that focuses on school-parent relations in Australia through exploration of schools in the state of Victoria across three aspects: school-parent partnership, parental involvement in the governance of schools, and parental involvement in school accountability processes. Parental involvement is typically at a level…

  2. School Finance and the Conditions of Schools.

    Ornstein, Allan C.


    Problems relating to school environment and building concerns eat up school budgets and negatively influence the overall fiscal condition of school districts. The article examines three issues impacting on school finance for the 1990s: environmental hazards (asbestos, radon, lead, electromagnetic fields, and air quality), school infrastructure…

  3. Private schools and school enrollment in Chicago

    William Sander


    Does enrollment in private school increase educational attainment? After reviewing some research on national trends concerning private (versus public) schooling, the author examines how private school options in the Chicago metropolitan area might affect academic achievement for various demographic groups.

  4. Schools K-12 - Volusia County Schools (Points)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Volusia County School Locations NOTE: This file includes closed schools designated in the Name field with (Closed) after the school name and 0 in the Schoolcode...

  5. School bullying

    School Bullying: New Theories in Context brings together the work of scholars who utilise ontological, epistemological and methodological approaches that challenge paradigm one, contributing to the shift in research on school bullying that we call paradigm two. Several of the authors have...... participated in a five-year research project based in Denmark called ‘Exploring Bullying in Schools’ (eXbus) and others have been collaborative partners. Many are based in the Nordic countries, and others are from Australia and the US; their collective experiences with conducting empirical research in these...... countries highlights both the similarities and differences amongst national school systems. Most importantly, the authors share an analytical ambition to understand bullying as a complex phenomenon that is enacted or constituted through the interactive/intra-active entanglements that exist between a variety...

  6. School bullying

    ), school principals and parents (Hein), classroom culture with its particular experiences and histories (Hansen, Henningsen and Kofoed) and the virtual experiences of children – both in terms of their electronically mediated communications and the media products with and through which they play......School Bullying: New Theories in Context brings together the work of scholars who utilise ontological, epistemological and methodological approaches that challenge paradigm one, contributing to the shift in research on school bullying that we call paradigm two. Several of the authors have...... participated in a five-year research project based in Denmark called ‘Exploring Bullying in Schools’ (eXbus) and others have been collaborative partners. Many are based in the Nordic countries, and others are from Australia and the US; their collective experiences with conducting empirical research...

  7. Asthma and school

    ... with asthma need a lot of support at school. They may need help from school staff to keep their asthma under control and to be able to do school activities. You should give your child's school staff ...

  8. Diagnostics of school maturity and school readiness

    SÝKOROVÁ, Štěpánka


    In my bachelor´s work I have focused on problems of school readiness and maturity. My objective was to asses the optimal school maturity in pre-school class. In the theoretical part I described the pre-school session, school maturity and readiness and its characteristics. I compared the different definitions of school readiness and maturity, as indicated in the literature. On the basis of the research and consultation I approached appropriate diagnostic materials for detecting the level of sc...

  9. Perspectives of School Superintendents in School Crises

    Williams, Cynthia Crissman


    According to the PK-12 Public School Facility Infrastructure Fact Sheet compiled by the 21st Century School Fund in February 2011, there are over 98,706 PK-12 grade public schools and nearly 90% of the entire 55.5 million school age children in the United States attend public schools (p. 1). These school facilities and school spaces are sites of unexpected, critical incidents. Even though schools are generally a safe place for students to learn, a crisis may occur at any given time in any g...

  10. School Health

    Prasad K


    Ensuring that children are healthy and able to learn is an essential component of an effective education system. Good health increases enrollment and reduces absenteeism, and brings more of the poorest and most disadvantaged children to school, many of whom are girls. It is these children who are often the least healthy and most malnourished, and who have the most to gain educationally fro...

  11. Transforming Schools.

    Cookson, Peter W., Jr., Ed.; Schneider, Barbara, Ed.

    The authors in this book address the issues that relate to the crisis in American education and review some of the proposed solutions. To transform education, schools must be examined as social systems that are interrelated with families, communities, and the world of work. Following the introduction, section 1, "Conditions for Educational…

  12. School Information


    Executive Diploma in Management The Executive Diploma in Management (EDM) Program offered by the HKUST Business School provides an understanding of the latest management knowledge through broad and varied perspectives to keep you and your company competitive in the dynamic business environment of the 21st century.

  13. No School like Freedom School

    Williamson, Lisa Ann


    "You are the hope of the future." That's the message Marian Wright Edelman, executive director of the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), gave more than 1,500 excited college students and recent graduates as they began a week-long training for the CDF's Freedom Schools. She was preparing them for a daunting task--that of transforming the educational…

  14. School Information


    Rutgers International Executive MBA Program in China The unique design of the Rutgers International Executive MBA program allows busy executives to work full time and go to school full time. Courses generally are conducted approximately once a month over a nine-day period. The classes are held all day on two consecutive Saturdays and Sundays, and three hours per night for two nights during the intervening week.

  15. School Transportation: Administrator's Handbook

    Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 2008


    Pupil transportation is an essential part of the overall school program, which requires constant supervision and direction. Perhaps no other phase of the school program is more closely observed by the public or has a greater tendency to mold public opinion about the schools than the school bus system. The success of any school district pupil…

  16. Latinos and School Choice

    Gastic, Billie; Coronado, Diana Salas


    The authors describe how Latino students are underrepresented in public schools of choice. They provide evidence to refute the claim that Latino students who choose to leave assigned public schools enroll in religious schools instead. Charter schools stand out as the type of public schools of choice where Latino students are well represented.…

  17. Small Schools, Great Expectations.

    Sergiovanni, Thomas J.


    Today's schools are too big. If smaller schools and classroom settings are beneficial and less costly, why do we continue to operate and build large schools? Perhaps committing to smaller schools would require us to rethink the leadership, management, and organization theories that dominate school administration. Authority should be vested in…

  18. Is Your School Ready?

    Bracey, Gerald W.


    The Ready School, a concept endorsed by the National Education Goals Panel, focuses on getting schools ready for children to supplement the traditional approach of getting children ready for school. The author cites 10 qualities associated with Ready Schools and describes the eight-dimension Ready School Assessment project now being tested by the…

  19. Muslim Children's Other School

    Moore, Leslie C.


    Millions of Muslim children around the world participate in Qur'anic schooling. For some, this is their only formal schooling experience; others attend both Qur'anic school and secular school. Qur'anic schooling emphasizes memorization and reproduction (recitation, reading, and transcription) of Qur'anic texts without comprehension of their…

  20. School Pharmacist/School Environmental Hygienic Activities at School Site.

    Muramatsu, Akiyoshi


    The "School Health and Safety Act" was enforced in April 2009 in Japan, and "school environmental health standards" were established by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In Article 24 of the Enforcement Regulations, the duties of the school pharmacist have been clarified; school pharmacists have charged with promoting health activities in schools and carrying out complete and regular checks based on the "school environmental health standards" in order to protect the health of students and staff. In supported of this, the school pharmacist group of Japan Pharmaceutical Association has created and distributed digital video discs (DVDs) on "check methods of school environmental health standards" as support material. We use the DVD to ensure the basic issues that school pharmacists deal with, such as objectives, criteria, and methods for each item to be checked, advice, and post-measures. We conduct various workshops and classes, and set up Q&A committees so that inquiries from members are answered with the help of such activities. In addition, school pharmacists try to improve the knowledge of the school staff on environmental hygiene during their in-service training. They also conduct "drug abuse prevention classes" at school and seek to improve knowledge and recognition of drugs, including "dangerous drugs". PMID:27252053

  1. Venezuela's Bolivarian Schools Project.

    Diaz, Maria Magnolia Santamaria


    Discusses efforts by the Venezuelan government to improve the nation's school infrastructure through the Bolivarian Schools Project administered by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The project set educational principles which are guiding current school building efforts. (EV)

  2. FacilitiesSchools_PTSCHOOL

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — FacilitiesSchools_PTSCHOOL is designed to provide point locations of every Vermont School along with the established school ID (PSID) for geographic analysis of...

  3. Television Broadcasting for Schools

    Hall, Geoffrey


    An outline of the BBC's provision of television for British schools describing the constitution and function of the School Broadcasting Council and the role of the BBC School Television Department. (Author)

  4. Rugby school

    Rugby Club


    Choosing a sport for your kid? How about Rugby? Rugby is a team sport that allows children to develop their motor skills as well as their intellectual skills in a fun way. The CERN-Meyrin-Saint Genis Pouilly Rugby school, given its international location, welcomes children from the age of 5 from all nationalities and levels. Diversity is welcomed and encouraged to build a strong sense of belonging and team spirit. Training sessions take place on Wednesdays from 17h30 to 19h00 at the pitch by the parking lot of the Meyrin pool. Adding to the training sessions, children are also have the opportunity to participate in several Swiss tournaments. One of these tournaments will be organized by the CERN rugby school on Sunday, October 4th 2015 from 12h-16h in the Saint Genis Pouilly Rugby pitch (by the Gold des Serves). Do not hesitate to come see us for more information and support the kids on the date. The first 2015/2016 practice will take place on Wednesday, 26th of August. Come join us in Meyrin! For more...

  5. Certified Schools - SEVIS

    Department of Homeland Security — Certified schools must provide specific information regarding the school, the nature and requirements of the educational program, location and contact information,...

  6. Schools K-12 - School Board Zones

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This dataset contains polygons and attributes which represent the School District Board Zones for the Public School Districts in the State of Arkansas. It includes...

  7. School Phobia: The Going to School Sickness

    Sangster, Dorothy


    This article reviews the two main causes of phobia and presents a series of case studies, from Toronto school files, which were satisfactorily handled by psychiatric help, either in or outside the school setting. (CJ)

  8. School Choice, School Quality, and Postsecondary Attainment

    Deming, David James; Justine S. Hastings; Thomas J. Kane; Staiger, Douglas O


    We study the impact of a public school choice lottery in Charlotte- Mecklenburg schools on college enrollment and degree completion. We find a significant overall increase in college attainment among lottery winners who attend their first-choice school. Using rich administrative data on peers, teachers, course offerings, and other inputs, we show that the impacts of choice are strongly predicted by gains on several measures of school quality. Gains in attainment are ...

  9. School Uniform Policies in Public Schools

    Brunsma, David L.


    The movement for school uniforms in public schools continues to grow despite the author's research indicating little if any impact on student behavior, achievement, and self-esteem. The author examines the distribution of uniform policies by region and demographics, the impact of these policies on perceptions of school climate and safety, and…

  10. B-School vs. C-School

    Weinstein, Margery


    When an employer sees on a resume that an applicant graduated at the top of his or her business school class, does that necessarily translate into guaranteed success behind the desk at the company? A business school background can't hurt, but most organizations know it is far from enough. With more individuals touting business school degrees on…

  11. Managing Food Allergies at School: School Nurses


    This podcast highlights the leadership role of school nurses in the management of food allergies in schools. It also identifies CDC food allergy resources for schools.  Created: 1/20/2015 by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).   Date Released: 1/20/2015.

  12. School Breakfast Program and School Performance.

    Meyers, Alan; And Others

    Children who participate in the School Breakfast Program show significant improvement in academic performance and tardiness rates, and a trend toward improvement in absenteeism. The School Breakfast Program was created by Congress in 1966 to provide a breakfast on school days for low income children who would otherwise have none. Children…



    Cheung Kong GSB Talks Across China On March 9,Cheung Kong GSB held a professor lecture titled"Customer Loyalty Programs:Good for Consumers or Good for Companies"in its 12th Floor classroom at the E3 building of Oriental Plaza. In the priee-sensitive Chinese marketplace,companies are struggling to move beyond slashing costs toward a new model for attracting and retaining customers:are customer loyahy programs the answer?Dr.Brian Viard from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business gave the answer by explaining the strategy behind U.S.frequent flyer programs.Of course price is not the only element considered in the operation of a company,but he covered far more than simply the

  14. Do School Uniforms Fit?

    White, Kerry A.


    In 1994, Long Beach (California) Unified School District began requiring uniforms in all elementary and middle schools. Now, half of all urban school systems and many suburban schools have uniform policies. Research on uniforms' effectiveness is mixed. Tightened dress codes may be just as effective and less litigious. (MLH)

  15. Violence in America's Schools.

    William Gladden Foundation, York, PA.

    This booklet is concerned with the issue of school violence. The introductory section provides examples of violence in schools and notes that the Centers for Disease Control state that 1 student in 5 takes a weapon to school and 1 in 20 carries a gun. It is further noted that urban schools in the major metropolitan areas have the greatest risk of…

  16. Climate Change Schools Project...

    McKinzey, Krista


    This article features the award-winning Climate Change Schools Project which aims to: (1) help schools to embed climate change throughout the national curriculum; and (2) showcase schools as "beacons" for climate change teaching, learning, and positive action in their local communities. Operating since 2007, the Climate Change Schools Project…

  17. Utopia Middle School

    Cloud, Michelle


    The following excerpt allows the reader to briefly peer into an ideal school setting: For the purposes of this paper, the fictitious school will be named Utopia Middle School or U.M.S. U.M.S embodies and exemplifies the perfect school. At U.M.S., the campus administrators perform at a level of excellence that motivates, empowers and supports all…

  18. Schooling in Capitalist America

    Cohen, David K.; And Others


    The symposium transcript presents and discusses commentaries on "Schooling in Capitalist America," by Sam Bowles and Herbert Gintis. The transcript serves three functions: (1) it offers a comprehensive account of the role of schools in America; (2) critiques efforts to reform schools; and (3) suggests alternative visions of how school reform…

  19. Today's School Risk Manager

    Johnson, Cheryl P.; Levering, Steve


    School districts are held accountable not only for the monies that contribute to the education system but also for mitigating any issues that threaten student learning. Some school districts are fortunate to have professional risk managers on staff who can identify and control the many risks that are unique to school systems. Most schools,…

  20. Prescriptions for Sick Schools.

    Ornstein, Allan C.


    Increasing insulation in schools as an energy-saving measure has given rise to the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), which afflicts roughly one-third of the nation's schools. This article examines asbestos, radon, electromagnetic radiation, and chemical pollutants and describes steps to make schools environmentally safe for students. School officials…

  1. Condoms in the Schools.

    Samuels, Sarah E., Ed.; Smith, Mark D., Ed.

    This book contains six papers on condom availability programs in the public schools. "Executive Summary" (Stryker, Samuels, and Smith) looks at the consequences of unprotected sex, adolescent condom use, condom promotion and availability, the role of schools, sex education in schools, how school condom programs work, distribution mechanisms,…

  2. HEPS tool for schools

    Simovska, Venka; Dadaczynski, Kevin; Grieg Viig, Nina;

    The main aim of this publication is to serve as a practical guide for the development of a sustainable school policy on healthy eating and physical activity. It is hoped it will be used by all practitioners working within the field of health education and promotion in schools. Particularly it is...... aimed at school leaders, teachers and other staff in primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and special schools. School partners and supporters on local, regional and national levels could benefit from this publication as well as programme developers and policy makers more widely in the field...... of health promotion and education....

  3. Learning through school meals?

    Benn, Jette; Carlsson, Monica Susanne


    This article is based on a qualitative multiple case study aimed at ealuating the effects of free school meal intervention on pupils' learning, and on the learning environment i schools. The study was conducted at four schools, each offereing free school meals for 20 weeks. At each school...... lelarning potentials of school meals. The corss-case analysis focuses on the involved actors' perceptions of the school meal project and the meals, including Places Places, times and contexts, and the pupils' concepts and competencies in relation to food, meals and Health, as well as their involvement in...... the school meal project. The anlysis indicates that the pupils have developed knowledge and skills related to novel foods and dishes, and that school meals can contribute to pupils' learning, whether this learning is planned or not. However, if school meals are to be further developes as an arena for...

  4. Do Private Schools Provide Competition for Public Schools?

    Caroline Minter Hoxby


    Arguments in favor of school choice depend on the idea that competition between schools improves the quality of education. However, we have almost no empirical evidence on whether competition actually affects school quality. In this study, I examine the effects of inter-school competition on public schools by using exogenous variation in the availability and costs of private school alternatives to public schools. Because low public school quality raises the demand for private schools as subst...

  5. School maturity and diagnostic

    VILDOVÁ, Lenka


    The diploma thesis deals with the issue of school readiness and its characteristics. In the theoretical part of the paper the problems of the appropriateness of school attendance postponement and the child?s school attendance preparation are worked up. Likewise the issue of children´s development of pre-school stage is treated and, not least, the diagnostic methods of considering the child school readiness methods and various tests used in practice including their evaluation are mentioned. In...

  6. Healthy eating at school

    Bruselius-Jensen, Maria Louisa; Egberg Mikkelsen, Bent

    Unhealthy eating are common among adolescents and the school is a well suited setting for promoting healthy eating. For the school to play a role here, however an environment must be created, in which the school and the students develop a sense of ownership for a healthy food and nutrition "regime...... catering. Therefore in designing school meal programs aiming at being supportive for healthy eating, it is necessary to try to integrate the food provision in the life of the school....

  7. School Sector, School Poverty, and the Catholic School Advantage

    Hallinan, Maureen T.; Kubitschek, Warren N.


    Equality of educational opportunity is threatened by long-standing gaps in student achievement by race, gender, and student poverty, as well as by school sector and school poverty. The true magnitude of these gaps cannot be understood, however, unless these factors are considered simultaneously. While accounting for the effects of demographic…

  8. Rescuing Middle School Astronomy

    Mayo, L. A.; Janney, D.


    There is a crisis in education at the middle school level (Spellings, 2006). Recent studies point to large disparities in middle school performance in schools with high minority populations. The largest disparities exist in areas of math and science. Astronomy has a universal appeal for K-12 students but is rarely taught at the middle school level. When it is taught at all it is usually taught in isolation with few references in other classes such as other sciences (e.g. physics, biology, and chemistry), math, history, geography, music, art, or English. The problem is greatest in our most challenged school districts. With scores in reading and math below national averages in these schools and with most state achievement tests ignoring subjects like astronomy, there is little room in the school day to teach about the world outside our atmosphere. Add to this the exceedingly minimal training and education in astronomy that most middle school teachers have and it is a rare school that includes any astronomy teaching at all. In this presentation, we show how to develop and offer an astronomy education training program for middle school teachers encompassing a wide range of educational disciplines that are frequently taught at the middle school level. The prototype for this program was developed and launched in two of the most challenged and diverse school systems in the country; D.C. Public Schools, and Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools.

  9. School of possibilities and possibilities of school

    Anatoly Kasprzhak


    The author takes it for granted that freedom of school is a necessary pre-condition for development of independent and responsible behavior in students. Assuming that, he undertakes a study of the Basic Curriculum for Russian Schools, more specifi cally, the dynamics of its changes as compared to similar processes in other countries. Comparing Basic Curricula from recent years and the Federal State Education Standards with one of the latest Soviet school curriculum, namely, that for the acade...

  10. Models of school discipline in contemporary school

    Koceva, Marija


    The school is a specific organizational system and primarily, its aim and task is to produce an activities which will lead to high achievement and performance of students. Besides the transfer of knowledge to the younger generation, the school has also an educational and social function. At school students acquire knowledge, skills, and hanits that will further help them in buildinsg their personality. All this is achieved by teacher’s help, a professional person with educat...

  11. Managing Food Allergies at School: School Administrators


    This podcast highlights the importance of ensuring that comprehensive school plans are in place to manage food allergies. It also identifies some key actions school administrators can take to support students with food allergies, and highlights CDC food allergy resources for schools.  Created: 1/15/2015 by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).   Date Released: 1/15/2015.

  12. Managing Food Allergies at School: School Superintendents


    This podcast highlights the importance of ensuring that comprehensive school district plans are in place to manage food allergies. It also identifies some key actions school superintendents can take to support students with food allergies, and highlights CDC food allergy resources for schools.  Created: 1/13/2015 by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).   Date Released: 1/20/2015.

  13. Sustainable schools. Better than traditional schools?

    Zeiler, W. [Kropman Installatietechniek, Rijswijk (Netherlands); Boxem, G. [TU/e Building Services, Eindhoven (Netherlands)


    In the United Kingdom several educational buildings were built in the last decades with a strong environmental ethos, real icons of a new generation of low-energy sustainable buildings. For some of the buildings the performance was assessed. Also in the Netherlands several new concepts were developed for sustainable schools during the last years. This is an interesting topic as many of those schools had problems concerning energy efficiency, indoor air quality and thermal comfort. In the case of sustainable schools much effort was put into the design process of the schools to try to find better solutions to face the problems of the traditional designs. This resulted in different solution concepts, which raises the question which are better school concepts. From the literature three evaluations from the UK and one overview of five sustainable educational buildings from the Netherlands are given, which show that sustainable educational buildings are not always without flaws. In the paper two of the first Dutch sustainable elementary schools are compared with nine more traditional schools of the Netherlands to conclude whether the sustainable schools perform better than traditional schools.




    Full Text Available The goal of this study is to determine school climate from the point of the high school students’ perceptions and to develop solution offers according to the data obtained. The data collection tool that was used in the research, “The Questionnaire of School Climate”, consisted of 76 items and 15 dimensions and adapted into Turkish by Acarbay (2006, of these 51 items and 9 dimensions were used. The universe of research were determined general high schools in Sincan District. The sample, which consists of 1246 students, was selected randomly. While analyzing the secondary problems of the research, t-test, Single Factor ANOVA (analysis of variance were applied and the values of frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, and standard deviation were calculated. A significant relationship was found among the general high school students’ positive perceptions levels regarding the school climate and the variances as “class level”, “The number of family members”, “economical level of the family” mother’s educational level”, and “ father’s educational level”. According to this finding it is expressed that as long as the levels of the related variances increase, the students’ positive perceptions level regarding the school climate increases. The views about the school climate is also varied related to “ Gender” variance and male students, compared to female students, evaluate the school climate positively in terms of “students’ relationships”.

  15. A School Day is a School Day

    Engelhardt, Robin


    : Compared with the French communities, where many children have to repeat a year if they fail the tests, the children in the Flemish communities get a lot of help if they risk failing. In the beginning of the first school year, the students can do their homework in the school together with their own classes......Life of Science, edited by Lykke Margot Ricard and Robin Engelhardt. Learning Lab Denmark, Copenhagen, pages 7-13. 2003 Short description: The school Sint-Jozef-Klein-Seminarie in the Flemish town of Sint-Niklaas reveals a school system characterised by hard work, solicitude and tradition. Abstract...

  16. Networks of schools.

    Robert W. McMeekin


    The study proposes: (1) that the institutional climate in schools, which includes formal rules, informal rules, mechanisms for enforcing both kinds of rules, clear objectives and an atmosphere of cooperation and trust, has a strong influence on school performance; (2) that “networks” of schools such as the Accelerated Schools Project in the U.S. and the Fe y Alegría schools in Latin America help improve school performance in a variety of ways, and have been successful in providing good educat...

  17. School Processes Mediate School Compositional Effects: Model Specification and Estimation

    Liu, Hongqiang; Van Damme, Jan; Gielen, Sarah; Van Den Noortgate, Wim


    School composition effects have been consistently verified, but few studies ever attempted to study how school composition affects school achievement. Based on prior research findings, we employed multilevel mediation modeling to examine whether school processes mediate the effect of school composition upon school outcomes based on the data of 28…

  18. Examining School Culture in Flemish and Chinese Primary Schools

    Zhu, Chang; Devos, Geert; Tondeur, Jo


    The aim of this research is to gain understanding about school culture characteristics of primary schools in the Flemish and Chinese context. The study was carried out in Flanders (Belgium) and China, involving a total of 44 Flemish schools and 40 Chinese schools. The School Culture Scales were used to measure five school culture dimensions with…

  19. School Progress Report 2013. Montgomery County Public Schools

    Montgomery County Public Schools, 2014


    The 2013 School Progress Report for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) provides state, county, and individual school performance data, as well as information on student attendance, high school graduation rates, and the professional qualifications of teachers at the state, district, and school levels for the 2012-2013 school year. Montgomery…

  20. School in the knowledge society

    Sørensen, Birgitte Holm; Levinsen, Karin


      Implementation of ICT in Danish and Nordic schools gradually moves from an industrial towards an emerging knowledge society school paradigm. Simultaneously it, digital literacy and the school's physical and social organization are constantly negotiated. In schools that proactively meet...

  1. School and Concussions

    ... Hot Topics Meningitis Choosing Your Mood Prescription Drug Abuse Healthy School Lunch Planner How Can I Help a Friend Who ... Should I Tell My Teachers? Tips for Dealing With a Concussion at School ...


    Jourdan, Didier


    On average, French children spend 18.5 years n schools. Improving the effectiveness of interventions in school setting aiming at promoting children's health and reducing health inequities is critical in public health. Evidence shows that a whole school approach, where there is coherence between the school's policies and practices that promote social inclusion and commitment to education, actually facilitates improved learning outcomes, increases emotional wellbeing and reduces health risk behaviours. Many factors govern the ways in which school health education is implemented and within these factors, staff commitment and partnership with local health professionals play a crucial role. The effectiveness of health promotion in schools is directly linked to the way in which school environment is supportive. There is a need to improve school organisation, ethos and environment as well as to invest in partnerships with local organisations and services especially the health professionals who are in charge of children's health. PMID:26979015

  3. A School Reading Policy.

    Dawson, Alan


    Defines a school-based reading policy and explores the issues involved in setting up a program, including awareness and use of school resources, recording student progress, evaluation, parental involvement, and classroom organization and teaching methods. (FL)

  4. Some Aspects of School Maturity



    This bachelor{\\crq}s thesis is focused on the maturity of pre-school children for school work. Particularly it researches the level of children{\\crq}s knowledge in the period just before and immediately after entering school. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with pre-school characteristics, various aspects of school maturity and readiness for elementary school regarding the fact that in the period just before entering school and immediately after the beginning of school attendance cer...

  5. School Uniforms in Urban Public High Schools

    Draa, Virginia Ann Bendel


    The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not the implementation of a mandatory uniform policy in urban public high schools improved school performance measures at the building level for rates of attendance, graduation, academic proficiency, and student conduct as measured by rates of suspensions and expulsions. Sixty-four secondary…

  6. School Breakfast Program and school performance.

    Meyers, A F; Sampson, A E; Weitzman, M; Rogers, B L; Kayne, H


    To test the hypothesis that participation in the School Breakfast Program by low-income children is associated with improvements in standardized achievement test scores and in rates of absence and tardiness, children in grades 3 through 6 were studied in the Lawrence, Mass, public schools, where the School Breakfast Program was begun at the start of the second semester 1986-1987 school year. The changes in scores on a standardized achievement test and in rates of absence and tardiness before and after the implementation of the School Breakfast Program for children participating in the program were compared with those of children who also qualified but did not participate. Controlling for other factors, participation in the School Breakfast Program contributed positively to the 1987 Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills battery total scale score and negatively to 1987 tardiness and absence rates. These findings suggest that participation in the School Breakfast Program is associated with significant improvements in academic functioning among low-income elementary school children. PMID:2801668

  7. Philosophy in Schools: A Catholic School Perspective

    Whittle, Sean


    This article builds on the recent Special Interest issue of this journal on "Philosophy for Children in Transition" (2011) and the way that the debate about philosophy in schools has now shifted to whether or not it ought to be a compulsory part of the curriculum. This article puts the spotlight on Catholic schools in order to present a…

  8. Fertility shock and schooling

    KOISSY KPEIN Sandrine Aïda; Kuepie, Mathias; TENIKUE Michel


    This paper uses Demographic and Health Surveys data from about 30 sub-Saharan African countries to investigate the link between the birth of an “unintended child” and schooling decisions of children (dropout and entry). After controlling for local unobserved heterogeneity, we show that, the birth of an “unintended child” hinders child schooling. It reduces the probability of current school enrolment. As for school dynamics, it increases the probability that a child aged 6 to 18 years drops ou...


    Nizar SHIHADI


    Development of optimal school climate is the basis of educational, social and moral work in school. Optimal educa-tional climate in a school is a condition for learning and development of all those attending the educational establishment (pupils, teachers and parents). The school is responsible for the personal, cognitive, emotional, social and moral develop-ment of pupils. The educational team has the ability and commitment to promote an educational climate. Improvement of study achievements...

  10. Measuring School Segregation

    David M. Frankel; Volij, Oscar


    Using only ordinal axioms, we characterize several multi-group school segregation indices: the Atkinson Indices for the class of school districts with a given fixed number of ethnic groups and the Mutual Information Index for the class of all districts. Properties of other school segregation indices are also discussed. In an empirical application, we document a weakening of the effect of ethnicity on school assignment from 1987/8 to 2007/8. We also show that segregation between districts with...

  11. UK school visit: Alfriston School for girls

    Sophie Louise Hetherton


    Pupils with learning disabilities from Alfriston School in the UK visited the CMS detector last week. This visit was funded by the UK's Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC) as part of a grant awarded to support activities that will help to build the girls’ self-esteem and interest in physics.   Alfriston School students at CMS. On Friday, 10 October, pupils from Alfriston School – a UK secondary school catering for girls with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities – paid a special visit to CERN. Dave Waterman, a science teacher at the school, recently received a Public Engagement Small Award from the STFC, which enabled the group of girls and accompanying teachers to travel to Switzerland and visit CERN. The awards form part of a project to boost the girls’ confidence and interest in physics. The aim is to create enthusiastic role models with first-hand experience of science who can inspire their peers back hom...

  12. Health-promoting schools

    Kwan, Stella Y L; Petersen, Poul Erik; Pine, Cynthia M;


    them to develop lifelong sustainable attitudes and skills. Poor oral health can have a detrimental effect on children's quality of life, their performance at school and their success in later life. This paper examines the global need for promoting oral health through schools. The WHO Global School...

  13. School Health Services.

    Wilson, Charles C., Ed.

    A comprehensive guide for health procedures in small and large school systems, this volume emphasizes the need for coordination of school efforts with those of parents, departments of health, private practitioners of medicine and dentistry, and community health agencies. Particular attention is given to the role of the teacher in school health…

  14. Paradigms of School Change

    Wrigley, Terry


    This short paper points to some paradigm issues in the field of school development (leadership, effectiveness, improvement) and their relationship to social justice. It contextualises the dominant School Effectiveness and School Improvement models within neo-liberal marketisation, paying attention to their transformation through a "marriage of…

  15. School Uniforms. Research Brief

    Walker, Karen


    Does clothing make the person or does the person make the clothing? How does what attire a student wears to school affect their academic achievement? In 1996, President Clinton cited examples of school violence and discipline issues that might have been avoided had the students been wearing uniforms ("School uniforms: Prevention or suppression?").…

  16. Alienation from School

    Hascher, Tina; Hagenauer, Gerda


    Two studies aimed at understanding the time course of alienation from school and school factors that may influence alienation from school during early adolescence. In Study 1, 434 students from grade 5-8 participated (cross-sectional design). In Study 2, we followed 356 students from grade 6-7 (longitudinal design). The results confirm the…

  17. Is Girls’ School Necessary?


    In March,the Zhuhai Girls’Middle School,the only girls’middle school in south China’s Guangdong Province,began its first enrollments.Although tuition fees for the establishment are high,it was seen by many parents as a choice for their daughters.The school was invested in by Zhuhai Henglong Group

  18. Home Schooling Goes Mainstream

    Gaither, Milton


    This article reports that while home schooling may have particular appeal to celebrities, over the last decade families of all kinds have embraced the practice for widely varying reasons: no longer is home schooling exclusive to Christian fundamentalism and the countercultural Left. Along with growing acceptance of home schooling nationally has…

  19. Radon in Schools

    ... Radon Measurement in Schools Radon Prevention in the Design and Construction of Schools and Other Large Buildings (EPA 625- ... quality control and assurance to address complicated building designs and specialized airflow. What happens if your school fails the test? Every home should also take this ...

  20. School Uniforms Redux.

    Dowling-Sendor, Benjamin


    Reviews a recent decision in "Littlefield" by the 5th Circuit upholding a school uniform policy. Advises board member who wish to adopt a school uniform policy to solicit input from parents and students, research the experiences of other school districts with uniform policies, and articulate the interests they wish to promote through uniform…

  1. Examining School Violence.

    Rosen, Barry, Ed.; Dobry, Diane, Ed.; Andrews, Heather, Ed.; Reznik, Deidre, Ed.


    This document considers school violence by reviewing the school environment, assessing the difficulties and causes of violence, and offering solutions to the problems. One study describes risk factors for aggressive behavior among middle school students and presents steps that can be taken to prevent the development of such behavior. Several…

  2. Early College High Schools

    Dessoff, Alan


    For at-risk students who stand little chance of going to college, or even finishing high school, a growing number of districts have found a solution: Give them an early start in college while they still are in high school. The early college high school (ECHS) movement that began with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 10 years ago…

  3. Schools Make a Difference.

    Good, Thomas L.; Weinstein, Rhona S.


    Recent research examines school effectiveness and the way variations in school characteristics and structures affect achievement. Such research is limited because it is atheoretical and the findings are not uniform. Future research must study a wider range of student performance and identify how classroom and school processes combine to create an…

  4. Mandatory School Uniforms.

    Cohn, Carl A.


    Shortly after implementing a mandatory school uniform policy, the Long Beach (California) Public Schools can boast 99% compliance and a substantial reduction in school crime. The uniforms can't be confused with gang colors, save parents money, and help identify outsiders. A sidebar lists ingredients for a mandatory uniform policy. (MLH)

  5. School Effectiveness and Leadership.

    Dow, I. I.; Oakley, W. F.


    Fiedler's contingency theory relates school effectiveness to a combination of principals' leadership style and situational favorability for the principal. Data from teacher questionnaires on school climate and effectiveness and measures of principal's leadership in 176 Canadian elementary schools did not support Fiedler's model. Contains 54…

  6. Guinea School Finance

    World Bank Group


    Systems approach for better education results (SABER) school finance collects, analyzes, synthesizes, and disseminates comprehensive information on school finance policies in primary and secondary education across a range of different education systems. The goal is to enable policymakers to learn about how other countries address the same policy challenges related to school finance and thu...

  7. Learning from School Choice.

    Peterson, Paul E., Ed.; Hassel, Bryan C., Ed.

    This volume contains revised versions of 16 essays presented at a conference, "Rethinking School Governance," hosted by Harvard's Program on Education Policy and Governance in June 1997. Part 1, "Introduction," contains two chapters: (1) "School Choice: A Report Card" (Paul E. Peterson); and (2) "The Case for Charter Schools" (Bryan C. Hassel).…

  8. Gender-Friendly Schools

    King, Kelley; Gurian, Michael; Stevens, Kathy


    The authors, who have worked with more than 2,000 schools across the United States in efforts to close gender gaps, describe how gender-related issues consistently intersect and interfere with school improvement efforts. They present statistics showing that schools are now failing boys in more areas than girls, and describe how "the structures,…

  9. Computer Crimes in Schools.

    Telem, Moshe


    Analyzes the occurrence of computer crimes in schools, focusing on the main types of crimes possible, potential criminals in schools, and how the organizational characteristics of schools invite computer crimes. Means to counter this problem and minimize it as far as possible are suggested. (MBR)

  10. Virtual School Counseling

    Osborn, Debra S.; Peterson, Gary W.; Hale, Rebecca R.


    The advent of virtual schools opens doors to opportunity for delivery of student services via the Internet. Through the use of structured interviews with four practicing Florida virtual school counselors, and a follow-up survey, the authors examined the experiences and reflections of school counselors who are employed full time in a statewide…

  11. School Violence. Web Lessons.

    Constitutional Rights Foundation, Los Angeles, CA.

    In answer to the concerns about school violence in the United States (especially since the tragedy in 1999 at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado), this Internet curriculum offers lessons and resources that address the topic of school violence and its causes, as well as the search for solutions. The curriculum presents four world wide web…

  12. Preventing School Violence

    Rulloda, Rudolfo Barcena


    School violence has mushroomed into a devastating epidemic and is deteriorating the basic foundation of education. In this article, the author will present several teaching strategies for preventing school violence from becoming an arduous enigma within the classroom and school environments, and focus on assessment and reflection in order to…

  13. My Dream School

    叶佳玲; 吴晓姿


    Ladies and gentlemen,I’d like to share with you my dream school.I want a school that is so large that we can play games here and there after class.I also want the school that looks like a big garden.There are many kinds of flowers and trees around it.

  14. The School Breakfast Program

    US Department of Agriculture, 2009


    The School Breakfast Program is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions. It began as a pilot project in 1966, and was made permanent in 1975. The School Breakfast Program is administered at the Federal level by the Food and Nutrition Service. At the State level,…

  15. School Libraries and Innovation

    McGrath, Kevin G.


    School library programs have measured success by improved test scores. But how do next-generation school libraries demonstrate success as they strive to be centers of innovation and creativity? These libraries offer solutions for school leaders who struggle to restructure existing systems built around traditional silos of learning (subjects and…

  16. Responsibility and School Governance

    Allen, Ann; Mintrom, Michael


    The concept of responsibility is highly relevant to the organization of public schooling. Through public schools, adult citizens allow for the formal nurture and training of children to become full citizens, able to participate in our shared social, economic, and political life. With growing awareness of the importance of effective schooling to…

  17. Thinking about Middle School.

    Hochman, Jere

    This book on middle school uses a very free-form structure to encourage educators to think about middle school's philosophy and purpose, and about how to create a successful middle school. The preface claims that it is not a book "about" teaming, advisory, interdisciplinary units, intramurals, parent-teacher conferences, and other middle school…

  18. Pre-school and primary school teachers??? perceptions of school readiness in Ireland

    Donnelly, Maria


    non-peer-reviewed Decisions to send a child to school are often made on the basis of parents and pre-school teachers??? perceptions. There may be disparity between how pre-school and primary school teachers??? define school readiness. The primary objective of this study was to establish current pre-school and primary school teachers??? perspectives of school readiness in Ireland and to compare perspectives from both teacher groups. The research also intended to ascertain the current rol...

  19. Better Schools, Less Crime?

    Deming, David James


    I estimate the impact of attending a first-choice middle or high school on adult crime, using data from public school choice lotteries in Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district (CMS). Seven years after random assignment, lottery winners had been arrested for fewer serious crimes and had spent fewer days incarcerated. The gain in school quality as measured by peer and teacher inputs was equivalent to moving from one of the lowest-ranked schools to one at the district average. The reduction in c...

  20. Headache and school absence.

    Collin, C; Hockaday, J M; Waters, W E


    The amount of time missed from school in two small town school populations was estimated by measuring absence from school and attendance at sickbay, and stated causes were analysed. School absence related to headache (expressed as percentage of pupil days missed out of possible pupil days, during two 12 week periods) in children aged 5 to 14 years, was 0.05%. This represented approximately 1% of all school absence, and was recorded (usually only once) in 3.7% of children. The duration of abse...

  1. Wind for Schools (Poster)

    Baring-Gould, I.


    As the United States dramatically expands wind energy deployment, the industry is challenged with developing a skilled workforce and addressing public resistance. Wind Powering America's Wind for Schools project addresses these issues by developing Wind Application Centers (WACs) at universities; WAC students assist in implementing school wind turbines and participate in wind courses, by installing small wind turbines at community "host" schools, by implementing teacher training with interactive curricula at each host school. This poster provides an overview of the first two years of the Wind for Schools project, primarily supporting activities in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, and Idaho.

  2. Authoritative school climate and high school dropout rates.

    Jia, Yuane; Konold, Timothy R; Cornell, Dewey


    This study tested the association between school-wide measures of an authoritative school climate and high school dropout rates in a statewide sample of 315 high schools. Regression models at the school level of analysis used teacher and student measures of disciplinary structure, student support, and academic expectations to predict overall high school dropout rates. Analyses controlled for school demographics of school enrollment size, percentage of low-income students, percentage of minority students, and urbanicity. Consistent with authoritative school climate theory, moderation analyses found that when students perceive their teachers as supportive, high academic expectations are associated with lower dropout rates. (PsycINFO Database Record PMID:26641957

  3. [School difficulties in adolescence].

    Schwarzenberg, T L; Buffone, M R; Scardia, C; Facente, C


    Loss, failure and desertion are those words, which better describe the most frequent difficulties incurred by teenagers, and their relation to the school environment, and indicate, as well, the lack of connection between individual aspirations and school achievements obtained. Despite the likelihood of school difficulties throughout the entire educational career, from the kindergarten to the college, we are able to recognize certain specific "disturbances" which come out during the adolescence, basically relating to the school experiences. School failure, school desertion and school abandonment are, in fact, issues mainly discussed in coincidence with the beginning of the adolescent age and the attending of the high school. The aetiopathogenesis of school discomfort is mostly determined by more than only one factor: psychological, physical, cognitive and environmental aspects, all together, contribute in various ways, to the rise and persisting of the above described problems. Suggesting a univocal characterization of the adolescent with school difficulties, is indeed a hard task, since school failure is not an exclusive feature of only one kind of personality or the expression of only one type of conflict. Once identified the individuals more subject to risk, and the warning signs of actual uneasiness, it is important therefore to intervene timely and in different ways in order to avoid the worsening or the excessive extension of the school difficulties and of their frequent and serious consequences on the teenagers' individual and domestic well-being. Such type of prevention definitely belongs to the Adolescent Medicine, and must be developed on different levels, by involving not only the teenagers, but also their families, the school, and the whole social environment in which the teenagers live and with which they interact. PMID:12388952

  4. Charter School Parents and Their Perceptions of Independent Schools

    Torres, Amada


    Given that independent schools have started to face competition from charter schools, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) commissioned a study with current and prospective charter school parents to determine their perceptions of charter vs. independent schools, assess the relative impact of the variables that affect their school…

  5. The School Leader's Tool for Assessing and Improving School Culture

    Wagner, Christopher R.


    School culture consists of "the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors which characterize a school" (Phillips, 1996, p. 1). It is the shared experiences both in school and out of school (traditions and celebrations) that create a sense of community, family, and team membership. It affects everything that happens in a school, including student…

  6. School Related Alienation: Perceptions of Secondary School Students.

    Kunkel, Richard C.; And Others

    Responses to questionnaires administered to 10,000 senior high school students to ascertain their feelings of alienation as related to their schools are presented. The questionnaire items concerned: School as an Institution, The School as Teacher, Authority--Autonomy, and Parental Interest in School. The findings that resulted from the…

  7. Charter Schools, Civil Rights and School Discipline: A Comprehensive Review

    Losen, Daniel J.; Keith, Michael A., II; Hodson, Cheri L.; Martinez, Tia E.


    This report, along with the companion spreadsheet, provides the first comprehensive description ever compiled of charter school discipline. In 2011-12, every one of the nation's 95,000 public schools was required to report its school discipline data, including charter schools. This analysis, which includes more than 5,250 charter schools, focuses…

  8. Three High School After-School Initiatives: Lessons Learned

    Barr, Sarah; Birmingham, Jennifer; Fornal, Jennifer; Klein, Rachel; Piha, Sam


    Little attention has been paid to older youth in the recent expansion of school-based after-school programs. High school clubs and community-based programs have existed for years, but many have struggled to sustain the participation of teens. Alarmed by the large numbers of high school-age youth who are disengaged at school and leaving high school…

  9. Hiring School Counselors in Faith-Based Schools

    Murray, Robert J.


    Although school counseling candidates in faith-based schools may possess an extraordinary resume, it is essential that their beliefs and behaviors be compatible with the mission and philosophy of the school for which they are interviewing. If hiring practices are not addressed in faith-based schools, these schools run the risk of losing their…

  10. Authenticity or School-only?:Meaningful learning inside schools

    Fougt, Simon Skov


    Challenging the apparent distinction among educational researchers between ‘authenticity’ outside schools and ‘school-only’ inside schools, this paper investigates the concept of meaningfulness from different perspectives with a focus on formal learning in schools, as it states that teaching and learning inside school also can be authentic.

  11. RCsec turtle

    Rose, Matthew


    Matthew Rose worked at the Naval Postgraduate School as a graphic designer from February 2002-November 2011. His work for NPS included logos, brochures, business packs, movies/presentations, posters, the CyberSiege video game and many other projects. This material was organized and provided by the artist, for inclusion in the NPS Archive, Calhoun.

  12. Geography Ed for a Flat World

    Schachter, Ron


    Geography is not what it used to be. Nowadays, that subject is often buried--and therefore inadequately covered--in a social studies curriculum itself under siege because of the extended commitment in schools to reading and math. But geographical knowledge also is not what it used to be. It has become essential to understanding a brave new world…

  13. A School on Roof



    March 23, Wednesday, Wuhan. It was a raining and cloudy day. One month passed but still more than 20 students had yet registered in Lingzhi Elementary School in Jianghan District, Wuhan, capital city of central Hubei Province. Zhu Zhongfan habitually looked out to the stairway of the building. “Whenever a new semester begins, a dozen of students will not come. They either go back to their hometowns or transfer to other school or even drop out.” Zhu, 49 years old, is the headmaster of the school. He began teaching at 19 and founded this school in 1999. Currently, there are 406 registered students, most of which are children of migrant workers from the countryside. As it is extremely hard to find a cheap place for school, Zhu had to locate his school on the roof of a vegetable fair building. Everyday, student's reciting of textbooks mixes with shouting of vendors, orchestrating unique symphonic melodies.

  14. Charter Schools and Market Segmentation

    Batie, Michael


    This dissertation was undertaken to examine the effect(s) of charter school marketing on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) education landscape with respect to the stratification of charter schools. Information from four sources: school websites, a survey of charter school parents, existing online statistics and data, and various…

  15. Resourcing Change in Small Schools

    Anderson, Michelle; White, Simone


    The theme of this article is the challenge that school leaders face in creating the conditions for learning in small schools. We draw on the concepts of "social capital" and "social entrepreneurship" to identify tensions and possibilities for school leaders in a case study of a small rural school as they seek to find resources for school-community…

  16. Schooling, Education and the Future.

    Galtung, Johan

    A series of discussions on the present and possible future of education in Sweden is presented. The major themes covered are: the boredom of school; school and the life-cycle; the problem of examinations; a comparison of schooling and eating; a pupil centered school; experimental schools in Sicily and Oslo; the university; distinctions among the…

  17. Charter School Replication. Policy Guide

    Rhim, Lauren Morando


    "Replication" is the practice of a single charter school board or management organization opening several more schools that are each based on the same school model. The most rapid strategy to increase the number of new high-quality charter schools available to children is to encourage the replication of existing quality schools. This policy guide…

  18. Authenticity or School-only?

    Fougt, Simon Skov

    Challenging the apparent distinction among educational researchers between ‘authenticity’ outside schools and ‘school-only’ inside schools, this paper investigates the concept of meaningfulness from different perspectives with a focus on formal learning in schools, as it states that teaching...... and learning inside school also can be authentic....

  19. Transgender Children in Schools

    Hellen, Mark


    This article is intended to provide evidence to suggest that information for teachers regarding transgender children does not represent an adequate picture of transgendered children in schools and that primary schools need to be made more aware of how to deal with transgender children, even if these children do not make themselves known to staff. It will argue that this is probably a contributing factor in transgender children’s underachievement in school. The implications of this research...

  20. Effective School Counseling Teams

    Lilley, Stacey Custer


    Despite much attention given to effective teams in the workplace, school counseling teams have been neglected in the research. The primary purpose of this mixed methods study was to learn what characteristics secondary counselors perceive contribute to an effective school counseling team. The first research phase conducted six team interviews; themes emerging from the interviews yielded the development of the Effective School Counseling Team Questionnaire (ESCTQ). The following research quest...

  1. School eye health appraisal

    Desai Sanjiv; Desai Rajiv; Desai N; Lohiya Shobha; Bhargava G; Kumar K


    School children form an important large target group which must be screened adequately for early detection of eye diseases and prevention of blindness. A total approach in a school eye health programme must include teacher orientation and health education of children in addition to screening for eye diseases. The ocular morbidity pattern in 5135 school children of Jodhpur is discussed in this paper and it is hoped that it will be an indicator to all eye care agencies to help plan their priori...

  2. Violence in the School Setting: A School Nurse Perspective.

    King, Kate K


    Violence in schools has become a significant public health risk and is not limited to violent acts committed in the school setting. Violence in homes, neighborhoods, and communities also affects the learning and behaviors of children while at school. School violence, such as shootings, weapons in schools, assaults, fights, bullying; other witnessed violence in non-school settings; and violence as a cultural norm of problem solving can all impact the ability of children to function in school. School nurses serve on the front-line of problem identification and intervene to diminish the effects of violence on both school children as individuals and on populations in schools and the community. This article describes ways in which school nurses deal with violence and concludes with discussion of potential responses to violence, including the school nurse response to violence and implications for other healthcare professionals. PMID:26812201

  3. School counsellor's roles in minimising adolescents' attrition from schools

    Ikechukwu, Bridget N. Q.; Aluede, Oyaziwo


    Counselling ways (rendering financial advice, providing encouragement, reassurances and support), which the school counselllors could adopt to help the school system minimize the increasing incidence of school dropout, were advanced.

  4. School eye health appraisal

    Desai Sanjiv


    Full Text Available School children form an important large target group which must be screened adequately for early detection of eye diseases and prevention of blindness. A total approach in a school eye health programme must include teacher orientation and health education of children in addition to screening for eye diseases. The ocular morbidity pattern in 5135 school children of Jodhpur is discussed in this paper and it is hoped that it will be an indicator to all eye care agencies to help plan their priorities in the delivery of school based eye care.

  5. Quantum Physics in School.

    Lawrence, I.


    Discusses a teaching strategy for introducing quantum ideas into the school classroom using modern devices. Develops the concepts of quantization, wave-particle duality, nonlocality, and tunneling. (JRH)

  6. Swimming: On Oxygen, Resistance, and Possibility for Immigrant Youth under Siege

    Fine, Michelle; Jaffe-Walter, Reva; Pedraza, Pedro; Futch, Valerie; Stoudt, Brett


    In this article, we consider the ways in which educational policies and institutions today enable or obstruct young people who are immigrant English-language learners as they seek to cross cultural and educational borders. Contrasting a class action suit in California protesting high stakes testing that will significantly limit graduation rates,…

  7. SUSY models under siege: LHC constraints and electroweak fine-tuning

    Baer, Howard; Mickelson, Dan; Padeffke-Kirkland, Maren


    Recent null results from LHC8 SUSY searches along with the discovery of a SM-like Higgs boson with mass m(h)~ 125.5 GeV indicates sparticle masses in the TeV range, causing tension with conventional measures of electroweak fine-tuning. We propose a simple Fine-tuning Rule which should be followed under any credible evaluation of fine-tuning. We believe that overestimates of electroweak fine-tuning by conventional measures all arise from violations of this rule. We show that to gain accord with the Fine-tuning Rule, then both Higgs mass and the traditional \\Delta_{BG} fine-tuning measures reduce to the model-independent electroweak fine-tuning measure \\Delta_{EW}. This occurs by combining dependent contributions to m(Z) or m(h) into independent units. Then, using \\Delta_{EW}, we evaluate EW fine-tuning for a variety of SUSY models including mSUGRA, NUHM1, NUHM2, mGMSB, mAMSB, hyper-charged AMSB and nine cases of mixed moduli-anomaly (mirage) mediated SUSY breaking models (MMAMSB) whilst respecting LHC Higgs ma...

  8. No-Citation Rules Under Siege: A Battlefield Report and Analysis

    Barnett, Stephen R.


    Debate over unpublished judicial opinions and no-citation rules frequently proceeds without full and updated information about citation practices and developments. This is particularly true of the state courts, whose citation practices are diverse, elusive, and fast-changing. This article offers a comprehensive report on current practices in the federal circuit courts of appeals - where nine of the thirteen circuits now allow citation of unpublished opinions (apart from related cases) - and i...

  9. States Under Siege: Rising Terrorism and the Ascent of Political Islam

    Hoodbhoy, Pervez


    Religious extremists are challenging the authority of several Muslim states and the legitimacy of their governments through the use of terror. As state authority crumbles, victorious extremists could create new centers of international terrorism with wide-ranging consequences. To combat the threat effectively, it is necessary to understand both the ideology of extremism and the forces that propel it. And also, to situate them in a historical context...

  10. SIEGE : Service-Independent Enterprise-GradE protection against password scans

    Waldvogel, Marcel; Kollek, Jürgen


    Security is one of the main challenges today, complicated significantly by the heterogeneous and open academic networks with thousands of different applications. Botnet-based brute-force password scans are common security threat against the open academic networks. Common defenses are hard to maintain, error-prone and do not reliably discriminate between user error and coordinated attack. In this paper, we present a novel approach, which allows to secure many network services at once. By combi...

  11. Book review of Hollow City: the Siege of San Francisco and the Crisis of American Urbanism

    Morris, Elizabeth W.


    Solnit and Schwartzenberg chronicle the real Y2k problem in San Francisco: a fin de siècle real estate boom and accelerated crisis of hous- ing displacement, as experienced by the City’s artists and cultural activ- ists. It’s the direct result of the World Wide Web, the propulsive growth of the internet economy, and a more long-standing spillover of unmet housing demand from the fabled Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco. Class conflict is front and center as developers and ‘dot-com-mers,’...

  12. Examining School Management Problems by Student and School Related Variables

    Demirtaş, Yrd. Doç. Dr. Hasan; ÜSTÜNER, Mehmet; Niyazi ÖZER


    Summary Taymaz (1994) defines five categories of tasks for school administrators, including services related to (1) personnel, (2) students, (3) instruction, (4) education, and (5) business operations. These tasks are interrelated and quite complicated as school administrators are supposed to create consensus among school community and different groups outside the school. School administrators may face some issues concerning students, teachers, school facilities and equipments. Social, cultu...

  13. The Enduring Influence of School Size and School Climate on Parents' Engagement in the School Community

    Goldkind, Lauri; Farmer, G. Lawrence


    This study sought to examine the direct and indirect associations between school size and parents' perceptions of the invitations for involvement provided by their children's school in a school system that has actively attempted to reduce the negative effects of school size. Using data from the New York Public Schools' annual Learning Environment…

  14. School Board Member and School Counselor Perceptions of School Board Knowledge, Priorities, and Policy

    Shea, Megyn L.


    The role and function of school counselors remains a consistent source of concern in the school counseling profession. Aligning school counseling activities with comprehensive school counseling practice is a way to standardize the profession. Creating a school board policy for counseling is a strategy to gain support for and institutionalize…

  15. School Violence and Theoretically Atypical Schools: The Principal's Centrality in Orchestrating Safe Schools

    Astor, Ron Avi; Benbenishty, Rami; Estrada, Jose Nunez


    Theories often assume that schools in communities with high violence also have high rates of school violence, yet there are schools with very low violence in high violence communities. Organizational variables within these schools may buffer community influences. Nine "atypical" schools are selected from a national database in Israel. Three years…

  16. Preventing School Bullying: Should Schools Prioritize an Authoritative School Discipline Approach over Security Measures?

    Gerlinger, Julie; Wo, James C.


    A common response to school violence features the use of security measures to deter serious and violent incidents. However, a second approach, based on school climate theory, suggests that schools exhibiting authoritative school discipline (i.e., high structure and support) might more effectively reduce school disorder. We tested these approaches…

  17. School Travel Planning: Mobilizing School and Community Resources to Encourage Active School Transportation

    Buliung, Ron; Faulkner, Guy; Beesley, Theresa; Kennedy, Jacky


    Background: Active school transport (AST), school travel using an active mode like walking, may be important to children's overall physical activity. A "school travel plan" (STP) documents a school's transport characteristics and provides an action plan to address school and neighborhood barriers to AST. Methods: We conducted a pilot STP…

  18. School tenure and student achievement

    Fan, Wen


    While much empirical work concerns job tenure, this paper introduces the concept of school tenure -- the length of time one student has been in a given school. I examine whether and how school tenure impacts students’ output using rich cohort data on England’s secondary schools. Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) estimates suggest that, on average, students benefit from longer own school tenure but suffer from that of their peers. Using the number of times the student moved school during the academ...

  19. High School Oceanography.

    Falmouth Public Schools, MA.

    This book is a compilation of a series of papers designed to aid high school teachers in organizing a course in oceanography for high school students. It consists of twelve papers, with references, covering each of the following: (1) Introduction to Oceanography, (2) Geology of the Ocean, (3) The Continental Shelves, (4) Physical Properties of Sea…

  20. School Executive Website Study

    Thiede, Robert


    The School Executive Website will be a one-stop, online site for officials who are looking for educational data, best practices, product reviews, school documents, professional opinions, and/or job-related networking. The format of the website is designed in certain sections similar to other current and popular websites, such as Angie's,…

  1. Departmentalize Elementary Schools

    Chan, Tak Cheung; Jarman, Delbert


    In elementary schools today, most students receive their education in a single classroom from one teacher who is responsible for teaching language arts, social studies, math, and science. The self-contained classroom organization is predicated on the assumption that an elementary school teacher is a Jack (or Jill)-of-all-trades who is equally…

  2. Back to School


    Students at Beijing’s Zhongguancun No.3 Primary School raise the national flag on September 1, when primary and middle schools across China started the fall semester.China is exempting about 28.21 million urban students in the nine-year compulsory education program from tuition fees this semester. The students need to pay for textbooks and uniforms only.

  3. Three Squares at School

    Finkel, Ed


    What's for dinner? In thousands of school districts across the country, students are no longer asking that question to mom or dad but rather to cafeteria workers. That's because of the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, signed into law in December 2010, which funds a third meal in schools where at least half of students qualify for free or…

  4. Catholics and Catholic Schooling

    Sander, William


    The effect of Catholic religiosity as indicated by church attendance on the demand for Catholic schooling at the primary and secondary levels is estimated. It is shown that parents' religiosity has a large effect on the probability that their children attend Catholic schools. Furthermore, estimates of bivariate probit models indicate that parents'…

  5. School Nurse Perspectives

    Borja, Mary C.; Amidon, Christine; Spellings, Diane; Franzetti, Susan; Nasuta, Mary


    This article features school nurses from across the country who are championing for school-located influenza immunization within their communities. These nurses are: (1) Mary C. Borja; (2) Christine Amidon; (3) Diane Spellings; (4) Susan Franzetti; and (5) Mary Nasuta. (Contains 6 figures.)

  6. The school bullying problem.

    Karstadt, L; Woods, S

    Research into school bullying has, to date, predominantly focused on prevalence and intervention programmes. This article reviews some of this previous work and goes on to explore and discuss the holistic management of bullying, and outlines the importance of the role of the school nurse. PMID:11209308

  7. Schools, Families, and Math.

    Murray, Megan


    Introduces "Schools and Families: Creating a Math Partnership," a book designed to help parents see the math in their children's work and establish effective home-school partnerships. Includes an except from the book that discusses how homework can help parents see how their children are learning and doing mathematics in class. (KHR)

  8. "Perestroika" in Chicago's Schools.

    Ayers, William


    In a sense, school reform is Chicago's "perestroika." As in Europe, an authoritarian, survivalist bureaucracy has collapsed, and a radical democracy is proposed as the solution to years of paralysis and backwardness. Unfortunately, the inexperienced Local School Councils lack vision and often promulgate commonplace solutions. Insistence on parent…

  9. School Parent Involvement Policy

    Center for Law and Education (NJ3), 2005


    This school parent involvement policy is divided into three sections: (1) Development and Adoption of the Parent Involvement Policy; (2) Contents of the Parent Involvement Policy; and (3) Distributing and Revising the School's Parent Involvement Policy. This paper presents the provision of the Section 1118 of Title I of the No Child Left Behind…

  10. Business Schools at Risk.

    BizEd, 2002


    Explores pervasive forces, such as faculty shortages, pressures to enhance curricular relevance, and intense, worldwide competition, that are threatening traditional business schools. Describes recommendations reached by the Management Education Task Force formed by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which addressed these…

  11. A School Culture Audit

    Williamson, Ronald; Blackburn, Barbara R.


    Educators know that something needs to change; they analyze data, build a plan, and provide professional development, yet little changes. Often that is because they fail to take into account the culture of their schools. Culture reflects the complex set of values, traditions, assumptions, and patterns of behavior that are present in a school.…

  12. Queer spawn on school

    Rachel Epstein


    Full Text Available This article is about the school experiences of young people with LGBTQ parents. Based on 31 interviews with youth, ages 10-18, the article attempts to summarize what these young people had to say about the challenges they encounter in school, and the strategies they adopt in the face of them.

  13. American Overseas Schools.

    Simpson, Robert J., Ed.; Duke, Charles R., Ed.

    A compilation of articles examines the similarities and differences of educational administration in schools for American students overseas. The "Introductions and Orientations" section includes: "The Association for the Advancement of International Education" (Lewis A. Grell); "The Office of Overseas Schools of the United States Department of…

  14. Youth Gangs and Schools

    Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA, 2007


    Few schools escape dynamics and behaviors that are associated with gangs. Think, for example, about bullying, disruptive intergroup conflicts, drug sales and abuse, and vandalism such as theft, graffiti, and other forms of property damage. From both a policy and practice perspective, it is essential for schools to understand and address…

  15. Personalization in Schools

    Yonezawa, Susan; McClure, Larry; Jones, Makeba


    Thoughtful educators personalize schools--greeting students by name, offering extra academic help, checking in about serious family problems. Some go further, such as setting up specialized clubs or internships with local businesses. Such acts benefit students, helping them feel connected to school and helping teachers and other staff respond to…

  16. Improving America's Schools.

    Joyce, Bruce R.

    This book presents an argument for school improvement and explains how it might be conducted. Three stages of evolutionary school improvement are identified and described: refinement, renovation, and redesign. It is suggested that the real task is not only innovating improvements; the real task is uniting teachers, administrators, and community…

  17. Heading a (Montessori) School

    Peters, Dane L.


    Though Montessori schools have a unique mission, philosophy, and pedagogy, all independent schools have similar demands, functions, and requirements governing board care and education, state and federal mandates and compliances, child care, parent care and education, fundraising, financial standards, employment standards, and care of employees.…

  18. Rethinking School Health

    Bundy, Donald, Ed.


    School health and nutrition programs can contribute to achieving the goals of the Education for All initiative (EFA) by helping children enroll on time, complete their education, and realize their cognitive potential. Achieving these goals depends on reaching the children most in need. One strong feature of school health and nutrition programs is…

  19. Towards Inclusive Schooling.

    Ainscow, Mel


    Uses classroom vignettes to examine reasons why schools in the United Kingdom are not yet generally successful in including students with disabilities and suggests simple ways that ordinary teachers can implement inclusive practices. These include the importance of teamwork, a school climate which encourages inclusive practices, and teacher…

  20. Five Trends for Schools

    Lapkoff, Shelley; Li, Rose Maria


    The authors look at important demographic trends that will have an effect on schools, including roller-coaster enrollments and increasing diversity. For example, compared with 10 years ago, the average child entering a U.S. school today is less likely to live in a family with two married parents but is more likely to have a living grandparent,…

  1. School District Budgeting.

    Hartman, William T.

    This book is devoted exclusively to the budgeting process in school districts, unlike the more common generic budgeting texts. As such, it allows an in-depth treatment of both conceptual and practical aspects of budgeting in a single volume. By default, school business officials have had to rely on the state education accounting manual as their…




    How fortunate I was admitted to this school!Theteachers are learned and conscientious in theirteachings.They take great pains to make us learnour lessons.They pay much attention to our home-work.Above all, they live and work together with us.In this school there is no distinct barrier at all be-tween teachers and students.

  3. Indian School Days.

    Johnston, Basil H.

    This autobiography relates the experiences of a young Ojibway boy who was taken from his family in 1939 at age 10 and placed in a Jesuit boarding school in northern Ontario, Canada. St. Peter Claver (later Garnier) or "Spanish," as the Indian school was known, was home to approximately 135 boys. Most of the students, who ranged in age from 4 to…

  4. Scapegoating Public Schools

    Shaker, Paul S.; Heilman, Elizabeth E.


    In their popular explanation of No Child Left Behind, journalists and other public voices claim that unruly and inefficient public schools are being brought under the control of effective central authorities by scientific, test-driven accountability. Other popular themes of reform in media include mayoral control of schools, non-educators as…

  5. Strategic Leadership in Schools

    Williams, Henry S.; Johnson, Teryl L.


    Strategic leadership is built upon traits and actions that encompass the successful execution of all leadership styles. In a world that is rapidly changing, strategic leadership in schools guides school leader through assuring constant improvement process by anticipating future trends and planning for them and noting that plans must be flexible to…

  6. School Safety and Earthquakes.

    Dwelley, Laura; Tucker, Brian; Fernandez, Jeanette


    A recent assessment of earthquake risk to Quito, Ecuador, concluded that many of its public schools are vulnerable to collapse during major earthquakes. A subsequent examination of 60 buildings identified 15 high-risk buildings. These schools were retrofitted to meet standards that would prevent injury even during Quito's largest earthquakes. US…

  7. Asbestos in Colorado Schools.

    Baldwin, Cynthia A.

    This study determined, by means of a random sample, how many of Colorado's public schools have asbestos materials and estimated the potential risk of exposure presented by these materials. Forty-one schools were surveyed. Bulk samples of possible asbestos materials were collected and analyzed using the K-squared Asbestos Screening Test to…

  8. Eating at School

    Brock, Steen; Christiansen, Tenna Holdorff


    In this paper we examine how the policies formulated by Danish school authorities concerning eating at school are implemented by staff and interpreted by schoolchildren. We use positioning theory in order to analyse how authorities, staff, and children engage in a mutual positioning, within and...

  9. Reducing School Violence: School-Based Curricular Programs and School Climate

    Greene, Michael B.


    This article examines two different, but interrelated approaches to reduce school violence: school-based curricular programs and efforts to change school climate. The state of the research for each is reviewed and the relationship between them is explored.

  10. Joint International Accelerator School

    CERN Accelerator School


    The CERN and US Particle Accelerator Schools recently organised a Joint International Accelerator School on Beam Loss and Accelerator Protection, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Newport Beach, California, USA from 5-14 November 2014. This Joint School was the 13th in a series of such schools, which started in 1985 and also involves the accelerator communities in Japan and Russia.   Photo courtesy of Alfonse Pham, Michigan State University.   The school attracted 58 participants representing 22 different nationalities, with around half from Europe and the other half from Asia and the Americas. The programme comprised 26 lectures, each of 90 minutes, and 13 hours of case study. The students were given homework each day and had an opportunity to sit a final exam, which counted towards university credit. Feedback from the participants was extremely positive, praising the expertise and enthusiasm of the lecturers, as well as the high standard and quality of their lectures. Initial dis...