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  1. Ferenc Liszt’s Appraisal by Komitas Vardapet

    Sahakyan, Lusine


    Full Text Available This article discusses the brief but very meaningful work of the famous Armenian composer, music ethnologist, music pedagogue and musicologist Komitas Vardapet devoted to the Hungarian composer Ferenc Liszt. The work elaborates on the reasons why Komitas spoke about Liszt. The article discusses the scientifi c viewpoints of Komitas and his thoughts, which gain considerable project importance during the time.

    El presente artículo trata de la obra, breve aunque plena de signifi cado, del famoso compositor armenio, etnólogo musical, pedagogo de la música y musicólogo Komitas Vardapet, dedicada al compositor húngaro Ferenc Liszt. El trabajo se elabora a partir de las razones por las cuales Komitas habló acerca de Liszt. El artículo, aborda los puntos de vista científicos de Komitas y su pensamiento, que ganan, con el tiempo, una considerbale proyección e importancia.

  2. Ludvig, Zsuzsa (ed.) Eurasian challenges : partnerships with Russia and other issues of the post-Soviet area. East European Studies, No. 4, Budabest Institute of World Economics and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2013, 163pp. / Csab

    Weiner, Csaba


    Arvustus: Ludvig, Zsuzsa (ed.) Eurasian challenges : partnerships with Russia and other issues of the post-Soviet area. Budabest Institute of World Economics and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2013

  3. Ludvig, Zsuzsa (ed.) Eurasian challenges : partnerships with Russia and other issues of the post-Soviet area. East European Studies, No. 4, Budabest Institute of World Economics and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2013, 163pp. / Csab

    Weiner, Csaba


    Arvustus: Ludvig, Zsuzsa (ed.) Eurasian challenges : partnerships with Russia and other issues of the post-Soviet area. Budabest Institute of World Economics and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2013

  4. Kan mink smage sukkerstoffer og har mink præference for sukker?

    Schou, Toke Munk; Pertoldi, C.; Malmkvist, Jens

    Tab af evnen til at smage sukkerstoffer er forekommet hos flere arter inden for ordnen carnivora, som mink tilhører. Vi vil fremlægger resultater omkring om mink kan smage sukkerstoffer og om de har præferencer for sukker. Desuden vil vi komme med bud på hvad sådanne viden kan benyttes til i...

  5. Széchenyi, Kinga: "Megbélyegzettek. A kitelepítések tragédiája" [Stigmatized. The Tragedy of the Dislocations]; Hantó, Zsuzsa: "Kitiltott családok" [Banished Families

    Katalin Fenyves


    Full Text Available Széchenyi, Kinga. 2007. “Megbélyegzettek. A kitelepítések tragédiája” [Stigmatized:The Tragedy of the Dislocations]. Pomáz: Kráter Műhely Egyesület. 614 pp., illus. Hantó, Zsuzsa. 2010. “Kitiltott családok” [Banished Families]. Második, javított és bővített kiadás (Second, corrected and extended edition. Budapest: Magyar Ház Könyvek. 475 pp., illus. + CD. Reviewed by Katalin Fenyves, Budapesti Kommunikációs és Üzleti Főiskola

  6. Pro-Con-ference

    Derik Badman


    Full Text Available Earlier this month, I presented at a one-day conference. Everything happened ordinarily. My submission of an abstract was accepted and I was scheduled in a session with two other presenters. Preparing for the presentation, I worked up my outline, gathered images, and put my slides together. The night before, I practiced my session by making [...

  7. Regime Change and the Attempted Rehabilitation of Self: Ferenc Fodor and the Production of Communist Geography, 1948-1962

    Steven Jobbitt


    Full Text Available The communist takeover in Hungary after World War II presented obvious challenges, hardships, and even dangers for the conservative-nationalist scholars who were part of the intellectual elite of the interwar period. Marginalized within the new socio-political order that emerged after the communist consolidation of power in 1948-49, conservative-nationalist intellectuals who were not completely silenced by the communists either retreated from public life entirely, or else found themselves having to struggle to remain relevant within the state-socialist system then under construction. Though limited in what they could publish, and relegated to minor and often precarious positions within the scholarly community, former conservative-nationalist scholars were nevertheless granted limited spaces within which they could produce relevant and even important scholarship, and in so doing could also “reinvent” themselves—if in many cases only partially and perhaps opportunistically—as public intellectuals. Focusing on the life and work of Ferenc Fodor between 1948 and his death in 1962, this article explores the concrete ways that a once-prominent geographer of the interwar period continued to contribute to geographical knowledge production under communism, and how he used this scholarly work as leverage in his attempts to partially rehabilitate himself in the early communist period. Contributing to a growing body of critical work on Hungarian geography under communism (see articles by Márton Czirfusz and Róbert Győri in this issue, for example, this study helps to lay the groundwork for future research on the relationship between the politics of scholarly production and the spatial re-imagining of postwar Hungary.

  8. A Hungarian Writer’s Experience of the Mediterranean: On Ferenc Herczeg’s Szelek Szárnyán Travelogue/ Ship's Log

    Bence Erika


    Full Text Available One of the works of the much disputed and until recently often avoided oeuvre of Herczeg Ferenc is the attention-grabbing work entitled Szelek szárnyán [On the Wings of the Wind] (1905. a travelogue and a ship’s Jog. Its analysis casts another view on the life of this writer, bom in South Banat. who. at the beginning of the 20th century, sailed the Adriatic and the Mediterranean with his nephew in his sailing boat called Sirály (The Seagull - thus demonstrating and choosing a secessionist lifestyle, even abandoning Budapest -, and his inspiration by the sea reached a peak in this volume (Secessionist in every sense, advertising the beauties and values of the Adriatic. This prose work was created in the context of Rijeka, Zadar, Sibenik. Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik, and Boka Kotorska. which (apart from its Secessionist character, owing to its cross-artistic and multicultural features, blends various art forms and ways of expression. It gives a superb experience to the reader. The study interprets and analyses Ferenc Herczeg’s volume Szelek szárnyán as a complex genre created in a cross-artistic environment, with the objective to emphasize and present its special role and standing in Hungarian literature as well as in the field of fine and applied arts.

  9. ferences on HIV/AIDS in Africa

    14 oct. 2005 ... time the big number of AIDS deaths in Africa and in the world and the ... methods used in collecting epidemiological data and to urgently release ...... coordination des interventions, enfants, santé sexuelle et reproductive ...

  10. Hvordan påvirker indvandrernes integration, ressourcer og diaspora deres bosætningspræferencer?

    Andersen, Hans Skifter

    Etniske minoriteters boligønsker må i vid udstrækning antages, at have de samme årsager, som generelt er fundet i forbindelse med studier af boligvalg i Danmark og andre europæiske lande. Men indvandreres bosætning i Danmark og andre lande afviger så meget fra den indfødte befolknings, at den ikk...

  11. Phase difference and inter ference between reflected cylindrical wave and head wave at a liquid/solid interface


    The reflected field of pulsed cylindrical waves from a liquid-solid interface is studied by the numerical method and the experimental method. The reflected field is calculated and shown in gray pictures. The calculated incident angles θn (n=1, 2, 3, ...) of a series of minimums (or nulls) on the reflected wavefront are presented. The measured angle of the minimum from Schlieren photograph is consistent with that by calculation. The appearance of minimums is explained by the interference between the refiected wave and the head wave, and by the radiated dissipation of the head wave. The leading phase angle of the head wave to the reflected wave is proved to be about 3π/4 by the numerical calculation.``

  12. Forhandling af ønskede deltagelsesformer og pædagogiske præferencer i relation til fastholdelse

    Lippke, Lena


    This paper provides empirical insights into the practices of re-forming a school setting aimed at students thought to be at-risk of dropping out of a vocational educational training college. Inspired by the tradition of voiced research the paper reflects on the lived experience of teachers involved...... of the boundaries of the practice of retention and education of possible drop-out students....

  13. Gene Silence ofPhytophthora infestans Induced by Plant-mediated RNA Inter-ference in Potato%植物介导的RNA干扰引起马铃薯晚疫病菌基因的沉默

    任琴; 王亚军; 郭志鸿; 李继平; 谢忠奎; 王若愚; 王立; 惠娜娜


    由致病疫霉(Phytophthora infestans)引起的晚疫病是最具毁灭性的马铃薯病害。为明确植物介导的RNAi沉默致病疫霉基因的有效性,本研究采用重叠延伸PCR技术克隆同时与晚疫病菌4个ces基因均同源的融合基因C1234,构建内含子连接的C1234反向重复序列植物表达载体,采用农杆菌介导法转化晚疫病易感马铃薯品种大西洋,经PCR和Southern杂交检测,获得129个转基因株系。离体叶片接种病原菌后,有97个转基因株系发病速度明显慢于野生型,接种6 d后病斑大小和霉层厚度均明显小于对照,并且叶片感病部位没有出现失绿斑,而野生型产生了明显的失绿斑。实时定量RT-PCR分析发现,发病延缓的叶片上致病疫霉4个纤维素合酶基因的表达水平明显低于野生型。本研究表明,转基因植株中产生的以晚疫病菌ces基因为靶标的dsRNA能够沉默致病疫霉相应基因表达,延缓发病进程。%Potato late blightcaused by Phytophthora infestans is the most devastating disease in potato. The objective of this study was to test the efficiency of plant-meidated RNAi in silencing genes in P. infestans and to find a new way to breed potato resistant to late blight. Over-lap PCR was employed to amplify a fused-geneC1234 simultaneously homologous to four cellulose synthase genes inP. infenstans. Then, a plant expression vector containing inverted repeat ofC1234was constructed and transferred to Atlantic, a potato variety severely susceptible to late blight by agrobacteria-mediated genetic transformation. A hundred and twenty nine regenerated lines were confirmed to be transgenic plants with PCR and Southern blot. When detached leaves were inoculated withP. infestans, 97 out of 129 transgenic lines delayed disease symptoms with smaller lesions and less hyphae com-pared to the wild type at six days after inoculation. Chlorotic spots did not appeared on leaves from transgenic lines while deve-loped severely on leaves from the wild type at the same day. mRNA accumulation of the four cellulose synthase genes fromP. infestanscolonized on leaves from transgenic plants with delayed symptoms was significantly lower compared to the wild type with Real-time RT-PCR.The results demonstrated that dsRNA ofC1234 generated in transgenic potato could induce homologous genes silence and delay the process of infection in intimately touchedP. infestans.

  14. Construction method for Bayesian network by fusing Experts’relative in-ferences%融合专家相对推断的贝叶斯网络构建方法

    杜元伟; 石方园; 杨娜


    为了解决依据专家知识推断贝叶斯网络中条件概率表时存在的个体推断信息缺乏有效性以及整体集成结果缺乏科学性的问题,提出了有利于实现判断对象更直观、判断方式更简便的推断信息约简机理,然后将层次分析法中两两比较与判断矩阵分别作为主观条件概率信息的提取手段与信息载体,构建了能够从宏微观推断信息中提取最优条件概率的专家相对推断方法,该方法一方面可以克服传统方法中因专家推断能力有限的现实约束而造成个体推断信息容易缺乏有效性的问题,另一方面也能够对专家个体推断信息进行有效综合集成、保证决策结果的科学性。在此基础上遵循由前至后的推断顺序提出了贝叶斯网络的构建过程,最后应用数值对比分析和案例模拟分析验证了提出方法的科学有效性和应用可行性。%In order to solve the problem of lacking effectiveness in the individuals inference and scientific in the overall integration results, which existed in the conditional probability tables in Bayesian network according to experts knowledge inference, the inferred information reduction mechanism is proposed to make judgment objects more intuitive and judgment modes more simple. Then the pair-wised judgment matrix in the Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP)is used as an extraction means and information carriers of the subjective conditional probability. After that, the experts relative inference method for deriving optimal conditional probability from macro and micro information is constructed, the proposed method on one hand can overcome the problem of lacking effectiveness in individual inferred information caused by experts’limited concluding ability in the traditional method, on the other hand it is possible to make effective comprehensive integration of experts’inferred information to ensure scientific of the results. Then the construction process of Bayesian networks is proposed following an inference sequence of“anterior to later”. Finally a data comparison analysis and a case simulation analysis are employed to prove the present method to be scientific, applicable and feasible.

  15. Partnervalg på film

    Kramer, Mette


    Nye kognitions- og evolutionspsykologiske aspekter på kvinders filmpræferencer for romantiske film og melodramer......Nye kognitions- og evolutionspsykologiske aspekter på kvinders filmpræferencer for romantiske film og melodramer...

  16. Reference: 735 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Full Text Available 735 Zsigmond L...ology Darula Zsuzsanna|Koncz Csaba|Koncz Zsuzsa|Medzihradszky Katalin F|Otvös Krisztina|Rigó Gábor|Szabados László|Szarka András|Székely Gyöngyi|Zsigmond Laura

  17. Revised Height/Weight Sizing Programs for Men’s Protective Flight Garments


    shirt sized on neck circum- ference and sleeve length may be made in 20 sizes with four sleeve lengths for each of five neck sizes. By doubling the...Lateral Malleolus Height 21. Neck Circumference, Maximum 22. Shoulder Circumference 27. Wrist Circumference 29 A® ) 23. Scye Circumference 24. Biceps...ference 35. Upper Thigh Circum- ference, Sitting 36. Knee Circumference 31 I® 37. Kee Circuference , Sitting 38. Calf Circumference ൯- Ankle

  18. Könyvszemle [Book reviews

    Farkas, Tamás (ed.


    Full Text Available 1. Hajdú, Anna: Joan Tort i Donada – Montserrat Montagut i Montagut eds.: Els noms en la vida quotidiana. Actes del XXIV Congrés Internacional d’ICOS sobre Ciències Onomàstiques / Names in daily life. Proceedings of the XXIV ICOS International Congress of Onomastic Sciences 2. Krizsai, Fruzsina: Oliviu Felecan ed.: Name and Naming. Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives 3. Balogh, Erna: Oliviu Felecan – Alina Bugheşiu eds.: Onomastics in Contemporary Public Space 4. Páji, Gréta: János Bauko – Krisztián Benyovszky eds.: A nevek szemiotikája [The semiotics of names] 5. Müller, Márta: Rudolf Köster: Eigennamen im deutschen Wortschatz. Ein Lexikon [Proper names in the German lexicon. An encyclopaedia] 6. Slíz, Mariann: George Redmonds – Turi King – David Hey: Surnames, DNA, and Family History 7. Slíz, Mariann: Анна Феликсовна Литвина – Фёдор Борисович Успенский: Русские имена половецких князей. Междинастические контакты сквозь призму антропонимики [The Russian names of Cuman princes. Dynastic relations as shown by personal names] 8. Bauko, János: Ferenc Vörös: Nyelvek és kultúrák vonzásában. Személynevek a magyar nyelvterület északi pereméről I–II. [Around names and cultures. Personal names from the northern borderline of the Hungarian language area I–II.] 9. Gonda, Zsuzsa: Erzsébet Fercsik: Keresztnevek. Munkafüzet a Tinta Könyvkiadó Keresztnevek enciklopédiája című kiadványához [Given names. A workbook to the encyclopaedia of given names published by Tinta Publishers] 10. Kozma, Judit: Herwig Kraus: Sowjetrussische Vornamen. Ein Lexikon [Soviet-Russian given names. An encyclopaedia] 11. Mikesy, Gábor: Barbara Bába – Magdolna Nemes: Magyar földrajzi köznevek tára [Dictionary of Hungarian geographical common nouns] 12. Kocán, Béla: Zsolt Sebestyén – Lajos Úr: Ung

  19. Euroopa tellisepreemia 2006 / Triin Ojari

    Ojari, Triin, 1974-


    Viinis toimunud Euroopa tellisarhitektuuri auhindade Brick'06 kätteandmisel märgiti ära Tartu Jaani kiriku taastamine (arhitekt Udo Tiirmaa, kunstiajaloolane Kaur Alttoa). Esimene koht: Ungari Pecsi linna Barbakani väljaku elu- ja ärikompleks (arhitektid Ferenc Csagoly, Ferenc Keller). Teine koht: kiriku rekonstruktsioon raamatukoguks Madridis (arhitekt Jose Ignacio Rodriguez)

  20. Euroopa tellisepreemia 2006 / Triin Ojari

    Ojari, Triin, 1974-


    Viinis toimunud Euroopa tellisarhitektuuri auhindade Brick'06 kätteandmisel märgiti ära Tartu Jaani kiriku taastamine (arhitekt Udo Tiirmaa, kunstiajaloolane Kaur Alttoa). Esimene koht: Ungari Pecsi linna Barbakani väljaku elu- ja ärikompleks (arhitektid Ferenc Csagoly, Ferenc Keller). Teine koht: kiriku rekonstruktsioon raamatukoguks Madridis (arhitekt Jose Ignacio Rodriguez)

  1. Vengrija i Slovakkia obvinjajut drug druga / Evelyn Kaldoja

    Kaldoja, Evelyn, 1980-


    Ungari valitsusjuht Ferenc Gyurcsany ja tema Slovakkia ametivend Robert Fico kirjutasid alla lepingule, mille kohaselt lubasid võidelda ekstremismiga ja ohjeldada natsionalismiilminguid, et parandada kahe riigi omavahelisi suhteid

  2. Vengrija i Slovakkia obvinjajut drug druga / Evelyn Kaldoja

    Kaldoja, Evelyn, 1980-


    Ungari valitsusjuht Ferenc Gyurcsany ja tema Slovakkia ametivend Robert Fico kirjutasid alla lepingule, mille kohaselt lubasid võidelda ekstremismiga ja ohjeldada natsionalismiilminguid, et parandada kahe riigi omavahelisi suhteid

  3. Nutritional support of children with chronic liver disease

    transplantation are malnourished;[1] weight, height, head circum- ference ... levels or international normalised ratio (INR) in the case of vitamin K. Children with .... retinol does not always accurately estimate vitamin A status in children with liver ...

  4. Beliefs and purchasing practices of Cape Town consumers ...


    were made to the retail company regarding marketing strategies for ..... were cross-tabulated with variables of section B .... refers to cultural differences, which could indicate dif- ferences in ..... Journal of International Consumer Marketing.

  5. Liivakujud : kaunid ja unustusse vajuvad / Ivi Kaarna

    Kaarna, Ivi


    Tamula järve ääres liivalinnas valminud liivaskulptuuridest. Tutvustatakse hollandlase Jaap Ticheneri (festivali võitja), Kimmo Frosti, Ferenc Monostori, Rodrigo Ferreira, Irina Kudrjavtseva, Kalle Pruudeni töid

  6. Võro liivalinna ehituseks kulus 200 tonni liiva / Kaja Roomets

    Roomets, Kaja


    Tamula järve ääres sündinud liivalinnast, liivaskulptuuride festivalist. Tutvustatakse hollandlase Jaap Ticheneri (festivali võitja), soomlase Kimmo Frosti, ungarlase Ferenc Monostori, portugaallase Rodrigo Ferreira töid. Kuraator Henry Timusk

  7. Ungari kriis keeb edasi / Pentti Väistö, Tuula Koponen

    Väistö, Pentti


    Ungaris jätkuvad valitsusvastased protestid, nõutakse peaminister Ferenc Gyurscany tagasiastumist. Meeleavaldused käivad 1956. aastal toimunud NSV Liidu vastase ülestõusu aastapäeva ootel. Lisa: Lahkumisnõue

  8. Uppsala ülikool nimetas uue soome-ugri keelte dotsendi / Airi Alanurme

    Alanurme, Airi


    2. detsembril 2005 keeleteaduskonna nõukogus. Virve Raag valis dotsentuuriloengu teemaks "Soome-ugri keelereformijad põhjas ja lõunas: Johannes Aavik ja Ferenc Kazinczy". Loeng toimus 29. novembril ülikooli auditooriumis

  9. Võro liivalinna ehituseks kulus 200 tonni liiva / Kaja Roomets

    Roomets, Kaja


    Tamula järve ääres sündinud liivalinnast, liivaskulptuuride festivalist. Tutvustatakse hollandlase Jaap Ticheneri (festivali võitja), soomlase Kimmo Frosti, ungarlase Ferenc Monostori, portugaallase Rodrigo Ferreira töid. Kuraator Henry Timusk

  10. Liivakujud : kaunid ja unustusse vajuvad / Ivi Kaarna

    Kaarna, Ivi


    Tamula järve ääres liivalinnas valminud liivaskulptuuridest. Tutvustatakse hollandlase Jaap Ticheneri (festivali võitja), Kimmo Frosti, Ferenc Monostori, Rodrigo Ferreira, Irina Kudrjavtseva, Kalle Pruudeni töid

  11. Politik og organisation, organisation og politik

    Christensen, Jørgen Grønnegård


    Artiklen beskæftiger isg med samspillet mellem politiske og organisatoriske variable i analysen af administrativ adfærd. Gennem tre casestudier beslyses situationer, hvor skift i politiske præferencer og politisk dagsorden sklår umiddelbart igennem i administrativ praksis (Udlændingestyrelsen......), hvor skift i præferencer ikke slår igennem, fordi intraorgnaisatoriske faktorer blokerer (Banedanmark), og endelig en situation, hvor der sker en tilpasning af organisationen gennem en strategisk interaktion i forhold til omgivelserne (Udenrigsministeriet)....

  12. Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

    In its 11th year NIME has become an important con- ference series, the meeting point of researchers, de- velopers and artists from all over the world. Even though participants come from widely different back- grounds, they share a mutual interest in groundbreak- ing music and technology.......In its 11th year NIME has become an important con- ference series, the meeting point of researchers, de- velopers and artists from all over the world. Even though participants come from widely different back- grounds, they share a mutual interest in groundbreak- ing music and technology....

  13. Mozart, Karl Barth, og den kristne troslæren

    Petersen, Nils Holger


    En diskussion af Karl Barths teologiske brug af W.A.Mozart i den kirchliche Dogmatik med kontekstuel inddragelse af en til en vis grad tilsvarende overordnet diskussion af Mozart, skrevet af en samtidig musiker, den fremtrædende Mozart-dirigent Ferenc Fricsay. ......En diskussion af Karl Barths teologiske brug af W.A.Mozart i den kirchliche Dogmatik med kontekstuel inddragelse af en til en vis grad tilsvarende overordnet diskussion af Mozart, skrevet af en samtidig musiker, den fremtrædende Mozart-dirigent Ferenc Fricsay. ...

  14. Gender Differences in Conversation



    Men and women applied language distinct from each other in many ways. The thesis gives an illustration of gender dif-ferences in conversation and different interpretive frames within which the discourse between men and women take place. More profoundly, it tries to explain them from perspective of socialization.

  15. Use of Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy in Orthopaedic Trauma


    gram -negative bacilli . However, an increased risk of colonization of gram - positive cocci (eg, Staphylococcus aureus) exists. Although NPWT facilitates...noted a significant reduction in nonfermentative gram -negative rods in the NPWT group, whereas no dif- ference was found in the WTD group. However

  16. Conference highlights slow extinction of Finno-Ugric minorities in Russia


    Soome-ugri rahvaste IV maailmakongressist 15.-19. aug. Tallinnas, kus peateemaks oli soome-ugri rahvaste ja keelte säilitamine. Kongressist võtsid president Arnold Rüütli kõrval osa ka Soome president Tarja Halonen ja Ungari president Ferenc Madl

  17. European Scientific Notes, Volume 38, Number 9.


    for the atmospheric inter- Centro Comune di Ricerca, 1-21020 Ispra ference in satellite-gathered oceano- (Varese), Italy; phone (010-39-332) graphic... comercially . Simrad surveillance applications, primarily for also plans to become more involved with use on small boats (down to 150-ton yes- sub-bottom

  18. Spacecraft Constrained Maneuver Planning for Moving Debris Avoidance Using Positively Invariant Constraint Admissible Sets (Postprint)


    for prox - imity operations,” AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Con- ference, Honolulu, HI, August 2008. [6] Epenoy, R., “Fuel optimization for... prox - imity operations with constraints,” AIAA Guidance, Naviga- tion, and Control Conference, Portland, OR, August 2011. [12] Richards, A

  19. Dosje festivalei : "Raduga". 4-10 maja 2006 g. Tjuz im. A. Brjantseva / Jelena Gorfunkel

    Gorfunkel, Jelena


    4.-10. maini Peterburis toimunud VII rahvusvahelisest noorsooteatrite festivalist "Vikerkaar". Arvustatakse ka VAT Teatri lavastust "Pál-tänava poisid" (autor Ferenc Molnár, lavastaja Aare Toikka). Pälvis ühe peapreemiatest : auhinna parimale näitlejate ansamblile

  20. Pathfinder. Volume 9, Number 3, May/June 2011


    banquet scheduled for May 11 at the DOD Procurement Con- ference and Training Symposium in Orlando, Fla. NGA has renamed its “Outstanding Women of...capture sensors and capabilities. Signal Innovations Group: Video analytics and event detection technology.

  1. Aspect Determination Using a Beacon with a Spiral Wave Front: Modeling and Performance Analysis in Operational Environments


    phase dif- ference will be approximately equal to the aspect angle. V. LIMITATIONS The examples and applications of the mathematical transformation of the...Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA, where he is currently a Senior Physicist in the Acoustics Department. His

  2. Problems Students Face While Studying In America——Under the background of the conflicts between America and China



    <正>Nowadays more and more English major students make up their mind to spend an enormous deal of money on studying abroad.They will encounter stumbling shocks such as language dif ferences,ethnocentrism,prejudice and racialism.1.Language Obstacle As English major students,although we have been learning English several years,we can’t express ourselves very clearly

  3. Distributed Simulation in Industry

    C.A. Boer (Csaba)


    textabstractCsaba Attila Boer was born in Satu Mare, Romania, on 29 October, 1975. He completed his secondary education at Kölcsey Ferenc High School, in Satu Mare, in 1994. In the same year he started his higher education at Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Cluj

  4. Kirjad Sirbile / Mart Kivastik

    Kivastik, Mart, 1963-


    Mannheimi filmifestivalist. Filmidest "Nadine" (rezh. Erik de Bruyn), "Dead End", "Kremen" (rezh. Aleksei Mizgirev), "Overnight" (rezh. Ferenc Török), "Mirush" ("Blodsband", rezh. Marius Holst), "Sztuczki" (rezh. Andrzej Jakimowski), "Por sus propios ojos" ("Through her own eyes", rezh. Liliana Paolinelli), "Terra Sonambula" ("Sleepwalking Land", rezh. Teresa Prata). Festivali auhinnatud filmid

  5. Computational Analysis of the Effects of Reduced Temperature on Thrombin Generation: The Contributions of Hypothermia to Coagulopathy


    hypothermia-induced dif- ferences (for each parameter, except PH, tested independently): normal tempera- ture parameter values versus hypother- mic ...activated clotting time in detecting clinically relevant clotting abnormali- ties after hypothermia, hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation in pigs . J...Macaitis JM, Bliss J, Wojtaszczyk J, Christensen S, Currier H, Pusateri AE. Effect of recombinant FVIIa in hypothermic, coagulo- pathic pigs with liver

  6. Pal-tänava poisid" võitis Peterburis kõrge auhinna


    VAT Teater osales 4.-10. maini Peterburis VII rahvusvahelisel noorsooteatrite festivalil "Vikerkaar" lavastusega "Pál-tänava poisid" (autor Ferenc Molnár, lavastaja Aare Toikka) ja pälvis ühe peapreemiatest : auhinna parimale näitlejate ansamblile

  7. Kaks meest, üks lugu / Gergely Kovacs ; tõlk. Edvin Hiedel

    Kovacs, Gergely


    Ungari režissöör Mikl̤s Jancs̤ ja operaator Ferenc Grunwalsky oma tööst mängufilmidega "Pagan võtku! Sääsed"(1999) ja "Mulle andis Vanajumal Pestis laterna kätte" (1998) (Ajaleht "Magyar HÍrlap" 28.8.1999)

  8. Preface

    JIANG YuanSheng; MA Jing


    @@ From 31 May to 2 June 2008, about 630 theoretical chemists from China and 20 distinguished guests from overseas gathered in Nanjing for the 10th National Con-ference on Quantum Chemistry (NCQC), sponsored by Chinese Chemical Society and National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  9. ICC Banking Commission Global Conference (spring) 2010 to Be Held in Beijing


    @@ On March 18, China Chamber of Internation-al Commerce (CCOIC) held press conference in Beijing, releasing that Interna-tional Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission Global Con-ference (Spring) 2010 be held from April 20 to April 23 at International Convention Center in Financial Street, Beijing.

  10. Detection of Breast Microcalcifications Under Ultrasound Using Power Doppler and Acoustic Resonance Imaging


    2241 010511 imaging, including magnetic resonance Radiology 2002; 224:265-269 Calcium carbonate particles embed- imaging, scintigraphy , and...characterize calcifications. digitized M-mode images: gestational dif- ways feasible because calcifications can- ferences of fetal lung . Ultrasound Med Biol

  11. Kaks meest, üks lugu / Gergely Kovacs ; tõlk. Edvin Hiedel

    Kovacs, Gergely


    Ungari režissöör Mikl̤s Jancs̤ ja operaator Ferenc Grunwalsky oma tööst mängufilmidega "Pagan võtku! Sääsed"(1999) ja "Mulle andis Vanajumal Pestis laterna kätte" (1998) (Ajaleht "Magyar HÍrlap" 28.8.1999)

  12. Conference highlights slow extinction of Finno-Ugric minorities in Russia


    Soome-ugri rahvaste IV maailmakongressist 15.-19. aug. Tallinnas, kus peateemaks oli soome-ugri rahvaste ja keelte säilitamine. Kongressist võtsid president Arnold Rüütli kõrval osa ka Soome president Tarja Halonen ja Ungari president Ferenc Madl

  13. Three new species in the subfamily Eriopeltinae Sulc from Italy (Hemiptera, Coccoidea, Coccidae) with comments on the genus Lecanopsis.

    Pellizzari, Giuseppina


    Three new coccid species, namely Hadzibejliaspis ferenci Pellizzari n. sp., Lecanopsis sicula Pellizzari n. sp. and L. salvatorei Pellizzari n. sp. are described and illustrated. Identification keys for the genera in the subfamily Eriopeltinae Sulc and to species in the genera Hadzibejliaspis Koteja and Lecanopsis Targioni Tozzetti are provided.

  14. Experiment list: SRX270968 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available ference Epigenome: ChIP-Seq Analysis of H3K36me3 in Human Pancreas Tissue MOLECULE=genomic DNA || DISEASE=iron deficiency, bipolar...ONOR_ID=STL002 || DONOR_AGE=30 || DONOR_HEALTH_STATUS=iron deficiency, bipolar disease (NO diabetes, hyperte

  15. Underholdning, emotioner og personlighed

    Jantzen, Christian; Vetner, Mikael


    motivation i vid udstrækning er begrundet i personlighedsmæssige forhold, der får individer til at foretrække bestemte oplevelseskvaliteter frem for andre. Denne redegørelse munder ud i en psykografisk segmenteringsmodel, som artiklen for det tredje søger at beskrive forskelle i underholdningspræferencer ud...

  16. Kronecker Graphical Lasso


    ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) University of Michigan,Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ,1301 Beal Avenue,Ann Arbor,MI,48109...6] N. Lu and D. Zimmerman, “On likelihood-based in- ference for a separable covariance matrix,” Tech. Rep., Statistics and Actuarial Sc. Dept., Univ

  17. A Contrastive Analysis of Subject and Predicate in English and Chinese



    Respectively belonging to different language families, English and Chinese naturally have many differences in morphol-ogy and syntax. This paper intends to give a contrastive analysis of subject and predicate in English and Chinese, focusing on dif-ferences of subject and predicate usages in the two languages, and the problems they cause for Chinese students in English learn-ing and translation.

  18. Environmental and Water Quality Operational Studies: Aquatic Biota Associated with Channel Stabilization Structures and Abandoned Channels in the Middle Missouri River.


    hab- itat type is the mean of densities for each sampling date. All species composition data are for larvae and juveniles combined. Benthic...due to di f ferences in the behavior of larvae and juveniles . As the larvae mature into .uveniles and gain additional mobility, there mi gh|t be a

  19. The Current State of Pancreas-kidney Transplantation in China: The Indications, Surgical Techniques and Outcome

    Changsheng MING; Nianqiao GONG; Xiaoping CHEN


    ference in survival and graft function between type 1 and type 2 DM recipients was noted. It is concluded that pancreas-kidney transplantation is an effective way for the treatment of type 1 DM and some type 2 DM complicated with uremia.


    ES Obe

    This research investigated the application of risk analysis to Oil exploration and production. Essentially ... uncertainty in Oil field projects; it reduces the impact of the losses should an unfavourable .... own merit but since the company has limited funds it can be ..... ference, New Orleans, LA, September 27-30. (1998). 8. Seba ...

  1. Gender Differences and Styles in the Use of Digital Games

    Bonanno, Philip; Kommers, P.A.M.


    This paper reports work in progress investigating gender difFerences and styles in the use of digital games amongst advanced level biology students. It is an elaboration on previous work exploring the relationship between cognitive style and academic performance in Maltese students taking biology ai

  2. GREWA Scalable Frequent Subgraph Discovery Algorithm

    2004-06-22∼ cheese /ispd98.html Table 1. Datasets used in the experiments Dataset Vertices Edges Labels Connected Vertex Edge Components Aviation 101,185...Yoshida and H. Motoda. CLIP: Concept learning from in- ference patterns. Artificial Intelligence, 75(1):63–92, 1995. [35] M. J. Zaki and K. Gouda . Fast

  3. Top Bankers Discuss Monetary Issues


    During the Fourth Session of the 11th National People’s Congress,the People’s Bank of China(PBC),the central bank,held a press con-ference on March 11.Central bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan and three deputy governors answered questions on the country’s monetary policies and financial issues.Edited excerpts of their answers follow

  4. Kirjad Sirbile / Mart Kivastik

    Kivastik, Mart, 1963-


    Mannheimi filmifestivalist. Filmidest "Nadine" (rezh. Erik de Bruyn), "Dead End", "Kremen" (rezh. Aleksei Mizgirev), "Overnight" (rezh. Ferenc Török), "Mirush" ("Blodsband", rezh. Marius Holst), "Sztuczki" (rezh. Andrzej Jakimowski), "Por sus propios ojos" ("Through her own eyes", rezh. Liliana Paolinelli), "Terra Sonambula" ("Sleepwalking Land", rezh. Teresa Prata). Festivali auhinnatud filmid

  5. Rahvusvaheline Välis-Balti arhiivikonverents / Birgit Kibal

    Kibal, Birgit


    27.-30. juunini 2006. aastal Tartus toimunud Välis-Balti arhiivikonverentsist (International ConFerence on the Baltic Archives Abroad). VEMU ehk Välis-Eesti muuseumi väljaarendamise mõttest. Ülevaade konverentsil peetud ettekannetest

  6. Distributional dominance with dirty data


    Distributional dominance criteria are commonly applied to draw welfare in- ferences about comparisons, but conclusions drawn from empirical imple- mentations of dominance criteria may be inßuenced by data contamination. We examine a non-parametric approach to reÞning Lorenz-type comparisons and apply the technique to two important examples from the LIS data-base.

  7. Identification and inference in moments based analysis of linear dynamic panel data models

    Bun, M.J.G.; Kleibergen, F.


    We show that Dif(ference), see Arellano and Bond (1991), Lev(el), see Arellano and Bover (1995) and Blundell and Bond (1998), or the N(on-)L(inear) moment conditions of Ahn and Schmidt (1995) do not identify the parameters of a first-order autoregressive panel data model when the autoregressive para

  8. Identification of Species Related to Anopheles (Nyssorhynchus) albitarsis by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA-Polymerase Chain Reaction (Diptera: Culicidae)


    of dif- ferences between whiteflies using RAPD-PCR. Insect Mol Biol2: 33-38. Hadrys H, Balick M, Schierwater B 1992. Apphca- tions of random...Bellows TS 1993. Identification of a whitefly spe- cies by genomic and behavioral studies. Science 259: 74-77. Peyton EL, Wilkerson RC, Harbach RE

  9. Experiment list: SRX342273 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available ference Epigenome: ChIP-Seq Analysis of H3K27me3 in Human Right Atrium Tissue MOLECULE=genomic DNA || DISEAS...E=None || BIOMATERIAL_PROVIDER=Shin Lin, Stanford University || BIOMATERIAL_TYPE=Primary Tissue || TISSUE_TYPE=Right

  10. Ungari valitsuse valed vallandasid rahvarahutused / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    Budapestis puhkesid meeleavaldused, kui sai avalikuks peaminister Ferenc Gyurcsany kõne, milles ta tunnistas valitsuse valetamist riigi majandusseisu kohta. Peaminister keeldub tagasi astumast. Vt. samas Krister Parise intervjuud Eesti aukonsuliga Ungaris Andres Bereczkiga; Gyurcsany: keerasime käki kokku, kuid nüüd on see läbi! Lisa: Miljonärist "limusiinisotsialist"

  11. Logic and Learning

    Hendricks, Vincent Fella; Gierasimczuk, Nina; de Jong, Dick


    Learning and learnability have been long standing topics of interests within the linguistic, computational, and epistemological accounts of inductive in- ference. Johan van Benthem’s vision of the “dynamic turn” has not only brought renewed life to research agendas in logic as the study of inform......Learning and learnability have been long standing topics of interests within the linguistic, computational, and epistemological accounts of inductive in- ference. Johan van Benthem’s vision of the “dynamic turn” has not only brought renewed life to research agendas in logic as the study...... of information processing, but likewise helped bring logic and learning in close proximity. This proximity relation is examined with respect to learning and belief revision, updating and efficiency, and with respect to how learnability fits in the greater scheme of dynamic epistemic logic and scientific method....

  12. BEEM : Bucket Elimination with External Memory

    Kask, Kalev; Gelfand, Andrew E


    A major limitation of exact inference algo- rithms for probabilistic graphical models is their extensive memory usage, which often puts real-world problems out of their reach. In this paper we show how we can extend in- ference algorithms, particularly Bucket Elim- ination, a special case of cluster (join) tree de- composition, to utilize disk memory. We pro- vide the underlying ideas and show promis- ing empirical results of exactly solving large problems not solvable before.

  13. "Foton Cup" the Fourth China International [Syria] Auto Exhibition Tour Starts in April

    Liu Jinliang


    @@ On March 22, 2006, the press con ference of "Foton Cup" the Fourth China International (Syria) Auto Exhibition Tour was held in Beijing. Yu Zhen, Chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation sent his congratulations words to the organization committee. Zhang Xiaoyu, Vice Chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation addressed on the conference. Li Jianning, the Director of the Media and Publication Center of CCPIT expressed his expectation for this Exhibition Tour.And many representatives of the participant enterprises also gave speeches.

  14. Sampling-Based Coverage Path Planning for Complex 3D Structures


    direction of greatest cost increase subject to the requirement that no cell is visited more than once. The spanning tree covering method of Gabriely and...Communications Society Con- ference on Sensor Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks, pages 1–9, Boston, MA, 2010. [64] Y. Gabriely and E. Rimon. Spanning...Pignon 1997) (Choset 2001 – Survey) ( Gabriely & Rimon 2001) (Huang et al. 2001) (Acar et al. 2002) (Mannadiar & Rekleitis 2010) Generalized Voronoi

  15. Lima Climate Change Conference: Compromise Lirrrits Achievements


    THE annual United Nations Cli- mate Change Conference, held in Lima, capital of Peru, finally concluded in the small hours of December 14, 2014, after running more than 32 hours over schedule. There were gaps in the General As- sembly's adoption of a final resolution, but it reached a consensus on elements of the draft agreement expected to be passed at the Paris climate change con- ference in December 2015.

  16. Supporting Data FY 1991 Amended Budget Estimate Submitted to Congress - January 1990: Descriptive Summaries of the Research Development Test and Evaluation Army Appropriation


    Aircraft Engine Component Improvement Program (CIP) is authorized for all three military Services by DOD Manual 71101 -M. When more than one Service...Date Remarks Test of MCRR 1.0 Software 5-9 Feb 89 5-7 Feb 89 Tests indicated numerous dif- Users Manual (SUM) ferences between SUM and actual screens...pogramn geiment is consastent with the Army’s resource constrained Technolo- gy Base Master Plan anid force modernoization Plans Science and Technology

  17. Oxidative Damage in the Guinea Pig Hippocampal Slice


    ferences between control and treated curves were tested was expected from the dose response curve to produce. for significance by comparing the residual sum... response curve for N-chlorosuccinimide 0ics"Yiaptic activity to elicit an action11 pOLfltda! :) the (NCS) (Fig. I) shows that NCS icquiicd highci...greater than about 500 and 35 population PSP vs. population spike. The volley ItM. vs. population spike curve reflects the ability of the The dose

  18. 计算技术与计算机及网络设备


    <正> Y2002-63503-1314 0501305用于电信系统硬件模拟的快速样机技术=Fast proto-typing techniques applied to the hardware simulation oftelecommunication systems〔会,英〕/Re,A.D.&Narmarelli,A.//2001 IEEE Thirty-Fifth Asilomar Con-ference on Signals,Systems & Computers,Vol.2 of2.—1314-1317(HE)

  19. Enhancing Listener Strategies Using a Payoff Matrix in Speech-on-speech Masking Experiments


    strategies in their listeners by providing feedback (no feedback was provided by Brungart, 2001), and also by reducing masker uncertainty by freezing the...content of a masker throughout a block of trials in a three-talker context. They reported a small reduction in masker word reports with feedback , and...level dif- ferences between two simultaneous same-talker utterances and even report words spoken by the quieter talker. However, it is not clear why

  20. Bagatellid : maailm / Nele-Eva Steinfeld

    Steinfeld, Nele-Eva


    Muusikasõnumeid mujalt maailmast: Arvo Pärt pälvis Prantsusmaa Auleegioni ordeni. Ajakirja Gramophone auhinnad. Daniel Barenboim La Scala muusikajuhiks. Ferenc Liszt 200. Moskva Suur Teater taas avatud. Janaceki ooperiteatrit Brnos ähvardab sulgemine. Mark Gorenstein vahetab välja Vladimir Jurowski. Viini sümfooniaorkester avalikustas järgmise peadirigendi. Anna Netrebko tühistas Carnegie Halli kontserdi. Lauri Vasar edukas Euroopa ooperilavadel jm.

  1. C3: The Compositional Construction of Context. A New, More Effective and Efficient Way to Marshal Inferences from Background Knowledge


    problem that is likely to be the focus of our attention in the next quarter. Research The notion of a lexicalized ontology is central to our approach ...Representing Inferences and their Lexical - ization” is now published and can be downloaded from volume-3/. Full publication...Events from Verbal Descriptions,” was delivered in August at the 3d Joint Con- ference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM 2014

  2. Large Deflection and Large-Amplitude Free Vibrations of Laminated Composite-Material Plates.


    Ni w) (2.3) ,x M Q, = lx,tt + SU,tt M6,x + M2,y Q2 = Iy,tt + Sv tt where R, S, and I are the normal , coupled normal -rotary, and rotary in- ertia... soluCion of Levy [33], the finite-dif- ference solution of Wang [34], the Galerkin solution of Yamaki [35], and the displacement finite-element solution

  3. Thermochemistry of Gaseous Compounds of Metals.


    correlation with ently be accounted for by the changes in 4f" - 4f"’ 5d the promotional energy model, and the properties of thepromtio enrgie ofthed...weak low- Reference 15.’ Reference 9. enrgy tail with threshold A. P. of about 9.0 eV ap- ference 1. peared on the BF; ion yield curve; this low-energy

  4. Cooperative Electronic Attack using Unmanned Air Vehicles


    Proceedings of the American Control Conference , pp. 1917–1922, 2002. [8] V...Gazi and K. M. Passino, “Stability analysis of swarms in an environment with an attractant/repellent profile,” Proceedings of the American Control Conference , pp...ference on Networking, Sensing and Control, March 2005. [12] D. Maithripala and S. Jayasuriya, “Radar deception through phantom track generation,” Proceedings of the American

  5. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs.


    stability. Some people still primitively interpret the term interna- tionalism to mean fitting everyone into the same mold, a mechanical merging of...for the sincerity and openness of their mutual relations, their mutual assistance and support and their genuine broth - erhood. There are many things...ference. As before, there was insufficient water, or, more accurately, there was none at all; a broth of camel’s thorn—viscous and nauseating—had

  6. On Discussion and Balance of Cultural Untranslatability in Chinese-English Translation



      In cross-cultural communication,a translator has to study the cultural differences prior to his efficient linguistic trans⁃ference. As a matter of fact, the cultural differences across nations always create sorts of untranslatable factors.The cultural univer⁃sals, however, make cultural exchange and linguistic transference possible. A translator, in this sense, shall resort to some balanc⁃ing point in translating.

  7. Digitale medier i småbørnshøjde

    Johansen, Stine Liv; Larsen, Malene Charlotte

    medieindhold foretrækker de? Hvad siger forældrene til børnenes brug? Og hvilke fordele og udfor- dringer er der forbundet med små børns onlineaktiviteter? En stor tværeuropæisk undersøgelse har netop belyst de helt små børns brug af teknologi og digi- tale medier i hjemmet - med fokus på præferencer...

  8. Predicting acute side effects of stimulant medication in pediatric attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: data from quantitative electroencephalography, event-related potentials, and a continuous-performance test

    Ogrim G; Hestad KA; Brunner JF; Kropotov J


    Geir Ogrim,1–3 Knut A Hestad,3,4 Jan Ferenc Brunner,3,5,6 Juri Kropotov3,7,8 1Neuropsychiatric Unit, Østfold Hospital Trust, Fredrikstad, Norway; 2National Resource Center for ADHD, Tourettes' Syndrome and Narcolepsy, Oslo, Norway; 3Institute of Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway; 4Division of Mental Health, Innlandet Hospital Trust, Brumunddal, Norway; 5Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, St Olav&a...

  9. Development of Portable Rapid Diagnostic Microbiology Systems for Support of Primary Health Care Delivery.


    should receive primary attention. In the collective opinion of the delegates to the Alma -Ata Con- ference in 1978, sponsored by the World Health...diagnostic challenge of tropical diseases as seen by an epidemiologist. Amer J Trop Med Hyg 28:171, 1979. 3. WHO (Ed): Alma -Ata 1978. Primary Health Care...World Health Organization, Geneva. p2. 4. Waddy BB: African epidemic cerebro -spinal, meningitis. J Trop Med Hyg 60:179, 19. 5. Sanborn WR: A portable

  10. En analyse af potentialet for salg af fødevarer gennem Internettet i Danmark og England

    Ramus, Kim Bjarne


    I Kim Ramus ph.d.-projekt gennemføres en undersøgelse af danske og britiske forbrugeres holdninger og præferencer til handel med fødevarer på Internettet, hvor formålet er at finde potentialet for salg af fødevarer online. Internettet er ganske udbredt i begge lande, men England er dog et godt st...

  11. Learning from visualizing and Interacting with the Semantic Web Dog Food

    Gravier, Christophe; Subercaze, Julien


    International audience; Semantic Web conferences such as WWW and ISWC fos- tered a collaborative e ort for the leveraging of Linked Data about con- ferences people, papers and talks. This e ort gave birth to the Semantic Web Conference Corpus, a.k.a. the Semantic Web Dog Food Corpus. Many other conferences and journals contributed afterwards to this cor- pus, so that it is today a representative semantic data archive about our research community activities and progression. These metadata are ...

  12. 程序包、程序库、数据库、知识库


    IELDVD060:9286:29507-619 0604702 矢量空间中分级树状结构文档数据库的多路径查询= Multipath querying of hierarchically tree structured docu- ment databases in vector spaces[会,英]/Ayan,U.// Signal Processing and Communications Applications Con- ference,2004.Proceedings of the IEEE 12th.-619-622 (A)

  13. Seeking a Human Spaceflight Program Worthy of a Great Nation. Review of U.S. Human Spaceflight Plans Committee


    Huntsville, AL; Michoud, LA; Hawthorne , CA; El Segundo, CA; and Dulles, VA. The group conducted numerous telecon- ference and videoconference... Nathaniel Morgan, LaRC Jack Mulqueen, MSFC Tri X. Nguyen, JSC Steven Oleson, GRC Tom Packard, Analex Corp. Bill Pannell, MSFC Robert Phillips, Futron...Site Visit ( Hawthorne , CA) and Fact-Finding Meetings (El Segundo, CA) July 14, 2009 Preparatory Meeting (Teleconference) July 21-23, 2009

  14. Photoluminescent Response of Palladium-Cadmium Sulfide and Palladium-Graded Cadmium Sulfoselenide Schottky Diodes to Molecular Hydrogen.


    assistance - and helpful discussions. 8 Re ferences 1. Hollingsworth, R. E.; Sites, J. R. 3. Appi . Phys. 1982, 53, 5357 and references therein. 2. Hobson...W. S.; Ellis, A. B. J. Ap. Phys. 1983, 54, 5956 and references therein. 3. Mettler, K. Appi . Phys. 1977, 12, 75. 4. Stephens, R. B. Phys. Rev.. B...1984, 29, 3283. 5. Steele, M. C.; Maclver, B. A. Appi . Phys. Lett. 1976, 28, 687. 6. Yamamoto, N.; Tonomura, S.; Matsuoka-, T.; Tsubomura, H. Surf. Sci

  15. The Relationship of Diet to the Performance of the Combat Soldier. Minimal Calorie Intake during Combat Patrols in a Hot Humid Environment (Panama)


    towards control values. The percentage changes for the circumferences and skinfold thick - nesses are summarized in Table 21. Changes for Group ITI were...measurements were made, including circum- ference of the biceps, waist, buttocks, chest, as well as the arm and scapula skinfold thicknesses as designated...little biological importance except for the decrease across time of the skinfold measurements for Group III ( Table 19). Circumferences. The

  16. Environmental and Water Quality Operational Studies: An Assessment of Reservoir Mixing Processes


    constituents in the hypo- limnion . Bottom withdrawal can also decrease the thermal stability of the reservoir by depleting the colder layer i, m/sec Equation 44 was used to incorporate variable mixing into the hypo- limnion of a lake. Since wind-generated TKE can indirectly enter...mental Study of Diffusion Characteristics in the Thermocline and Hypo- limnion Regions of Lake Ontario," Proceedings of the Sixteenth Con- ference on

  17. The Clinical Prediction of Dangerousness.


    executive potential, psychopathy , suicidality and so forth. Unfor- tunately, this is not the case. There tend to be substantial dif- ferences among...Prediction from case material to personality data. New York Archives of Psychology, 29 (No. 207). Hare, R. D. (1970). Psychopathy : Theory and research. New...1967). Psychopathy , mental deficiency, aggressiveness, and the XYY syndrome. Nature, 214, (5087), 500-501. Wexler, D. (1979). Patients, therapists

  18. Discourse Power and Translator's Style——on a reason behind different styles of two English versions of Hong Lou Meng



    Style is the core of literary translation whose ultimate destination is the successful conveying of the style of must be their pursue. However, anyone whoever studies the two versions of Hong Lou Meng, must find the striking dif-ference between the Yang's style and that of Hawks'. What caused such differences between versions of the same nov-el? From the perspective of the power of discourse over translator, this study aims to explore one reason molding trans-lator's style and finally finds that, the obvious differences are partly due to the translators' different power of discourse in manipulating the souree text.

  19. Logic and Learning

    Hendricks, Vincent Fella; Gierasimczuk, Nina; de Jong, Dick


    Learning and learnability have been long standing topics of interests within the linguistic, computational, and epistemological accounts of inductive in- ference. Johan van Benthem’s vision of the “dynamic turn” has not only brought renewed life to research agendas in logic as the study...... of information processing, but likewise helped bring logic and learning in close proximity. This proximity relation is examined with respect to learning and belief revision, updating and efficiency, and with respect to how learnability fits in the greater scheme of dynamic epistemic logic and scientific method....


    GongXiangyang; HuGuangrui


    A new Higher Order Statistics (OHS) and Genetic Algorithm (GA)-based inter-ference rejection filter is introduced.Compared with the adaptive filters based on second-order statistics and gradient algorithm,the HOS and GA-based filter can reject the interference more efficiently,is independent of uncorrelated Gaussian noise,tende to converge to the optimum solution and is much less sensitive to the choice of the step size parameter.Computer simulations show that the method can reject narrowband interference efficiently.

  1. Jane Evre——The mirro of Charlotte Bronte's own expenences



    Jane Eyre is set during the Victorian a time where a women's role in society was restrictive and repressive and class dif ferences distinct.A Charlotte Bronte as a governess was one of the only few respectable positiom available tO the educated but impoverished single women.Not only isJane Eyre a Novel about one woman's through lie.but also Bronte conveys to the reader the social injustices of the period,such as poverty,lack of universal education and sexual inequality.Jane's plight and her"dependant"status is particularly emphasized at the beginning of the novel.

  2. Galvanic Couple Current and Potential Distribution between a Mg Electrode and 2024-T351 under Droplets Analyzed by Microelectrode Arrays


    not __ x) classified, in accordance with n::ference (b). This paper does not violate any disclosure of trade s’~rets or_suggestions of outside...J. S. Lee,b,∗ and J. R. Scullya,∗∗ aDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904, USA bUS...system as a function of coating parameters, physical conditions, as well as environment. Experimental Materials .— 99.9% magnesium rod (8.0 mm diam.), 500

  3. Prediction of Hot Ductility of Low-Carbon Steels Based on BP Network


    The purpose of the research is to obtain an effective method to predict the hot ductility of low-carbon steels, which will be a re ference to evaluate the crack sensitivity of steels. Several sub-netwo rks modeled from BP network were constructed for different temperature use, and the measured reduction of area (AR) of 12 kinds of low-carbo n steels under the temperature of 600 to 1000℃ were processed as trai ning samples. The result of software simulation shows that the model e stablished is relatively effective for predicting the hot ductility of steels.

  4. Parametric Research of Experiments on a Carangiform Robotic Fish

    Qin Yan; Zhen Han; Shi-wu Zhang; Jie Yang


    In this paper, a carangiform robotic fish with 4-DoF (degree of freedom) tail has been developed. The robotic fish has capability of swimming under two modes that are radio control and autonomous swimming. Experiments were conducted to investigate the influences of characteristic parameters including the frequency, the amplitude, the wave length, the phase dif- ference and the coefficient on forward velocity. The experimental results shown that the swimming performance of the robotic fish is affected mostly by the characteristic parameters observed.

  5. Sunflower cataract: do not forget Wilson's disease.

    Litwin, Tomasz; Langwińska-Wośko, Ewa; Dzieżyc, Karolina; Członkowska, Anna


    A 41-year-old man with liver cirrhosis of unknown aetiology for 6 years was admitted to our department to confirm the diagnosis of Wilson's disease. He consulted an ophthalmologist who suspected the presence of a sunflower cataract and Kayser-Fleischer ring. At admission, his liver function tests were modestly impaired (Child-Pugh C, 10 pts). Neurological examination was normal, but cognitive functions were mildly impaired. Based on the copper metabolism abnormalities and clinical manifestation, we diagnosed Wilson's disease (Ferenci score, 6 pts) and started treatment with d-penicillamine. Presenting the case we would like to emphasise the significance of the ophthalmological examination in Wilson's disease diagnosis.

  6. Control of two-photon quantum walk in a complex multimode system by wavefront shaping

    Defienne, Hugo; Walmsley, Ian A; Smith, Brian J; Gigan, Sylvain


    Multi-photon interferences in complex multimode structures - quantum walks - are of both funda- mental and technological interest. They rely on the ability to design the complex network where the walk occurs. Here, we demonstrate the control of quantum walks of two indistinguishable photons in a complex linear system - a highly multimode fiber - by means of wavefront shaping techniques. Using the measured transmission matrix of the fiber, we demonstrate the ability to address arbitrary output modes of the two-photon speckle pattern, and simultaneous control of the quantum inter- ferences. This work provides a reconfigurable platform for multi-photon, multimode interference experiments and a route to high-dimensional quantum systems.

  7. Los movimientos elementales complejos del humano. Desarrollo postnatal. Reporte preliminar de nueve lactantes mexicanos

    Gerardo A Alvarado-Ruiz; Ivone Martínez-Vázquez R; Carmen Sánchez; Marisa Solís-Chan; Mario Mandujano Valdés


    Con el propósito de diagnosticar tempranamente el daño neurológico, Ferenc Katona identifica desde la semana 28 de gestación hasta los tres meses de vida extrauterina un grupo de comportamientos innatos de locomoción y verticalización, a los cuales se les denomina Movimientos Elementales Complejos (MEC). Son secuencias de actividad motora generalizada automática de origen central provocadas por estímulos gravitacionales y de aceleración. Su activación genera impulsos sensoriales al cordón esp...

  8. Underholdning, emotioner og personlighed

    Jantzen, Christian; Vetner, Mikael


    Underholdning er mere end adspredelse og alt andet end tidsfordriv. Mennesker er motiverede for at lade sig underholde, fordi underholdning rummer kvaliteter, der er af væsentlig betydning for deres fysiske, psykiske og sociale velbefindende. Ved at identificere disse oplevelseskvaliteter vil...... motivation i vid udstrækning er begrundet i personlighedsmæssige forhold, der får individer til at foretrække bestemte oplevelseskvaliteter frem for andre. Denne redegørelse munder ud i en psykografisk segmenteringsmodel, som artiklen for det tredje søger at beskrive forskelle i underholdningspræferencer ud...

  9. Bibliography of Statistical and Meteorological Methodology in Weather Modification, II,


    ressiat isconsidered. ~ carp1es of hailstaies collected fran specific sto nre aregiven, arid these are capered with the theoretical expected type of...g~~ rathrs .Silver iodide aid l,5-dihydraKynaphthalene ice nucleation is capered , the primary difference being a th,rter fall out tints for the ~~ I... Barbara ,arid &~ nsczi, Earl (1976) “Inpact Asseswent of ~1thre Hail SuWressiai ‘lbchnologies in the U.S.” 2nd *0 Scientific ~~~ference on Weather Modifica

  10. Improving the Accuracy and Scalability of Discriminative Learning Methods for Markov Logic Networks


    each ex- ample is a verb and all of its semantic arguments in a sentence ( Carreras & Màrquez, 2005). In addition, each example does not contain a...Recently, Riedel (2008) proposed a more efficient method to solve the MPE inference problem called Cutting Plane In- ference (CPI), which does not require...replace the square 2-norm, wTw, on these formulations by the 1-norm, ||w||1 = ∑n i=1 |wi|, 18 Algorithm 2.1 Cutting- plane method for solving the “1

  11. A Comparison between American and Chinese Classroom Management

    CHAI Xue-ting; FAN Xiao-bin


    The classroom is an episode of the school culture, a stage to show the idea of school, and a transmission position to spread national education philosophy. There are obvious differences in terms of American and Chinese classroom management in three aspects:the teaching objectives, the teaching environment, the solution of the classroom problem behavior, and these dif-ferences are caused by the distinction in values and culture. The comparison between American and Chinese classroom manage-ment is of great significance for learning from teaching experience of foreign countries and promoting students' comprehensive development.

  12. Annotated Bibliography of Sediment Transport Occurring over Ebb-Tidal Deltas.


    Geol., Rpt. No. TR-3, 68 pp. Monitoring of tide and wave-generated processes adjacent to Matanzas Inlet, Florida, was conducted during the summer of 1978...of a microtidal estuary. Matanzas River, Florida (U. S. A.): Mar. Geol., 40:49- 68 . The zone of transition between the wave-dominated open coast and...than in the early life of the inlet. (Authors) 065 FOX, W.T., and DAVIS, R.A. 1981. Tidal and longshore current inter- ference patterns at Matanzas

  13. Identifiability and Problems of Model Selection for Time-Series Analysis in Econometrics.


    feedback", in Proc. 1971 NRL-.IS Con- ference on Ordinary Differential Equations , edited by L. Weiss, Acalumic Press, pazes 459-471. REKA Dr Pai-,e...abstract sense. The difficulty is nonuniqueness , not identifiability. Third, there is the question of parametrization of models. In econo- metrics...with the equation (a) + -1, O, i, where u i t is a linear stochastic process whose values ( h ) " f K c t _ Tr=O ’t - are generated with the aid of


    Kazi Takpaya


    A robust interference canceller for Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access(MC-CDMA) using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) in Rayleigh fading isproposed. This interference canceller is robust in the sense that it cancels Inter-Carriers Inter-ference (ICI) and is suitable for use in dispersive channels. To come up the effects of the signaldispersion, Doppler shifts and delay spreads on the performance of MC-CDMA systems over mo-bile fading channels, this interference canceller exploits the merit of the orthogonal signaling andpilot signals to evaluate the channel parameters. This interface canceller is well suited to work initerative turbo interference cancellation.

  15. Automatic systems for assistance in improving pronunciations

    Badenhorst, JAC


    Full Text Available range of vowel sounds than the Nguni languages. Another important inter-lingual dif- ference (at the segmental level) is how factors such as tone and stress are realized - in so-called tonal languages, for ex- ample, segmental tones are used... the differences in the phonetic inventories of these two languages, speakers had most difficulty in producing the English vowels. An inspection of the above Our subsequent attention therefore focused on the articulation of vowels. 2.2.2. Identifying...

  16. Proceedings of Image Understanding Workshop Held at Miami, Florida on 9- 10 December 1985


    re<Jions and to the trtple of hgh:er Side ’f!<J•ons of a set of matched edge poxela enables us to dt:tt’CI edges that artu fr(lm occlud•ng contours...llftCI Hannah. M.J_ •A Thrw- Dimena!Oftll Part Of’lenUitklft Sytt~m.- P roce«l.t ng$ or tbe Btb Internatlonal Jo.tnt Coa- ference on ArtU !c.tal

  17. The National Security Strategy and Transformation of the Hungarian Defense Forces


    WORD COUNT=6579 16 17 ENDNOTES 1 Ferenc Juhasz Minister of Defense “Interview”; 26 July 2002; available from < =1&next=110 Internet>; Internet; accessed 15 October 2004. 2 “Speech” by Dr. Janos Martonyi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the...available from < docu/speech/1999/ s990312c.htm>; Internet; accessed 23 November 2004. Hereafter referred to as Speech by Dr. Janos

  18. Annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics (6th), Held in Monterey, California on March 19-22, 1990


    creating an integrated, intelligent Boston : Academic Press, 1989. 6 [6) Riesbeck, C.K. and R.C. Schank, Inside Case-Based Reasoning, Hillsdale, NJ...34, presented at IEEE/Ninth Annual con- ference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Boston , Ma., Nov. 13-16 1987, pp.40-41. 10. Beckmann...34Foundations of the Mathematical Theory of Electromagnetic Waves Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1960. [9] Golub,G.H. and Van Loan,C.F., " Matriz Computations ", The

  19. Teater jääb Pärnus sõnatuks / Tiit Tuumalu

    Tuumalu, Tiit, 1971-


    Pärnus 29.-30. märtsini toimuvast 1. rahvusvahelisest sõnadeta teatri konkursist "C.o.n.t.est 08" ja selles osalejatest - Kristine Kyhl Andersen (Taani) "Mego - soolo assistendiga nr3", Etcha Dvornik (Sloveenia-Prantsusmaa) "Alpid! Alpid!", Mihkel Ernits "Nimetu", Ferenc Fehér "Sirzamanze", Cristina Planas Leitó (Portugal-Holland) "Nülitud", Anna Melnikova (Venemaa-Saksamaa) "Kolmekordne", Mariela N4estora (Kreeka) "Fopaa", Sonja Oien Salkowitsch (Norra-Saksamaa) "Külm", Asako Shirai (Jaapan) "Viimane". Kommenteerib festivali peakorraldaja Teet Kask

  20. Ajaloo läbistav valgus / Andri Ksenofontov

    Ksenofontov, Andri, 1962-


    Vano Allsalu näitus "Süütuse aeg" Tallinnas Hobusepea galeriis 22.09.-4.10. 2010. Franyó Aatothi (István Ferenc Tóth) näitus Ungari Instituudis 15. oktoobrini 2010. Monika Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė, Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė ja Monika Järg'i näitus "Side minevikust / Connected with the past" Tallinnas galeriis Hop 10.-28. septembrini 2010

  1. On Wal-Mart’s Failure in China



    Wal-Mart, the world famous retailing giant, set its foot on the land of China 17 years ago. Now despite of its success elsewhere as well as its confidence and ambition to“conquer”the vast market China which shows great potential, Wal-Mart fails to reach its goal anyway. To be more exact, it is far from the goal. Considering its unexpected failure, this article mainly discusses why Wal-Mart has experienced such a hard time in China. The issue is analyzed from the following aspects, namely cultural dif-ference, distribution, management and public relationship.

  2. Ground/Flight Test Techniques and Correlation.


    Cette m~thode pernict d’annuler pratiquernent l’influence d’une erreor d’etalonnage ou d’une derive do coefficient die sensibilite du capteur . En...rf . Pref 2 sont des pressions en deux points de re~ference de ’&~oule iient Pref.2-Pref. I On constate aisement qo’one erreur d’etalonnage do capteur carte de pression totale au niveao de Ia section de mesure. Naturellement . les rdsultats archivds sor bande magn~tique sont les mesures brutes As


    May, Tobias; Ma, Ning; Brown, Guy


    This paper addresses the problem of localising multiple competing speakers in the presence of room reverberation, where sound sources can be positioned at any azimuth on the horizontal plane. To reduce the amount of front-back confusions which can occur due to the sim- ilarity of interaural time...... differences (ITDs) and interaural level dif- ferences (ILDs) in the front and rear hemifield, a machine hearing system is presented which combines supervised learning of binaural cues using multi-conditional training (MCT) with a head movement strategy. A systematic evaluation showed that this approach...

  4. Predictions and Studies with a One-Dimensional Ice/Ocean Model.


    This polar mixed layer is represefited by a level-2 I S 1 S turbulent closure model (Mellor and Durbin , 1975; Clancy and Martin, 1981). This model...P. A. Durbin (1975). The Struc- ture and Dynamics of the Ocean Surface Mixed Layer. Journal of Physical Oceanography, v. 5, pp. 718-725.9. Re-ferences... algebraics let F X -fvg + ax + C u cose - C v sine ,X g ig g (AS) Y ug aY + C v cose + CUsie (A6) and V - f C sine (A-) III Next substituting Eqs. (A

  5. Ajaloo läbistav valgus / Andri Ksenofontov

    Ksenofontov, Andri, 1962-


    Vano Allsalu näitus "Süütuse aeg" Tallinnas Hobusepea galeriis 22.09.-4.10. 2010. Franyó Aatothi (István Ferenc Tóth) näitus Ungari Instituudis 15. oktoobrini 2010. Monika Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė, Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė ja Monika Järg'i näitus "Side minevikust / Connected with the past" Tallinnas galeriis Hop 10.-28. septembrini 2010

  6. Magnetic Bubble Research


    The AND/OR Gate AND/OR gate circuits based on the design of Bonyhard, et al., (Figure 2k) were fabricated on (YSm),( FeGa ) 0 „ at Texas...the circum- ference of a 30 |im diameter disk on (YGdLu).( FeGa ) 0 „. This disk, which is covered by photoresist (hence its dark appearance), is...material was again patterned with isolated unimplanted disks. Observations of (YGdLu). ( FeGa ) 012 implanted with this pattern showed the characteristic

  7. Control and Modeling of Plant Growth : A versatile system for mineral nutrient addition and feed-back monitoring

    Wiese, Benjamin


    Studying plants under controlled environmental conditions is a key component of current research. This thesis concentrates on the study of plant growth under nutrient-limiting condi-tions. The first objective is the design and construction of a prototype of a system which is able to supply nutrient so-lutions of prescribed time-dependent concentration to labo-ratory plants. The system, once configured via a PC, oper-ates fully automatically without the need for human inter-ference. The hardwa...

  8. Noor ja tahvuslik nüüdistants rahvusvahelisel võistlusel "C.O.N.T.EST '08" / Nele Suisalu

    Suisalu, Nele


    Pärnus 29.-30. märtsini toimunud 1. rahvusvahelisest sõnadeta teatri konkursist "C.o.n.t.est 08". Selles osalejatest - Kristine Kyhl Andersen (Taani) "MEGO - assistendiga soolo nr3", Etcha Dvornik (Sloveenia-Prantsusmaa) "Alpid! Alpid!", Mihkel Ernits "Pealkirja veel ei ole", Ferenc Fehér "Sirzamanze", Cristina Planas Leitao (Portugal-Holland) "Nülitud", Anna Melnikova (Venemaa-Saksamaa) "Kolmekordne", Mariela Nestora (Kreeka) "Faux pas", Sonja Salkowitsch (Norra-Saksamaa) "Külm", Asako Shirai (Jaapan) "Viimane inimolend"

  9. Buhne Point Shoreline Erosion Demonstration Project. Volume 2. Appendices E.


    indoo -ne mranr.port c., beach material in the study area. Hoiw.-ver, durinq stro. J north-:erly and northweste-rly wind~s. it ,as beer n: scr.,ed thaL...alternate features were :natvzed in more detail to more confidently1assess comparativi= qualities . Little comparative dif-ference ias found of D’uhne Point Road; and coordin- ation with Coastal Zone Commission and Regional Water Quality Control Board. The following persons have

  10. ASP-DAC 2005征文通告


    亚洲南太平洋地区设计自动化会议(ASP-DAC 2005--Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Con-ference 2005)是DAC、DATE、ICCAD的姐妹会议、第1至第9届ASP-DAC分别在日本、香港和印度召开,第10届ASP-DAC,即ASP-DAC 2005将于2005年1月18日至1月21日在中国上海召开。ASP-DAC的宗旨

  11. Noor ja tahvuslik nüüdistants rahvusvahelisel võistlusel "C.O.N.T.EST '08" / Nele Suisalu

    Suisalu, Nele


    Pärnus 29.-30. märtsini toimunud 1. rahvusvahelisest sõnadeta teatri konkursist "C.o.n.t.est 08". Selles osalejatest - Kristine Kyhl Andersen (Taani) "MEGO - assistendiga soolo nr3", Etcha Dvornik (Sloveenia-Prantsusmaa) "Alpid! Alpid!", Mihkel Ernits "Pealkirja veel ei ole", Ferenc Fehér "Sirzamanze", Cristina Planas Leitao (Portugal-Holland) "Nülitud", Anna Melnikova (Venemaa-Saksamaa) "Kolmekordne", Mariela Nestora (Kreeka) "Faux pas", Sonja Salkowitsch (Norra-Saksamaa) "Külm", Asako Shirai (Jaapan) "Viimane inimolend"

  12. Teater jääb Pärnus sõnatuks / Tiit Tuumalu

    Tuumalu, Tiit, 1971-


    Pärnus 29.-30. märtsini toimuvast 1. rahvusvahelisest sõnadeta teatri konkursist "C.o.n.t.est 08" ja selles osalejatest - Kristine Kyhl Andersen (Taani) "Mego - soolo assistendiga nr3", Etcha Dvornik (Sloveenia-Prantsusmaa) "Alpid! Alpid!", Mihkel Ernits "Nimetu", Ferenc Fehér "Sirzamanze", Cristina Planas Leitó (Portugal-Holland) "Nülitud", Anna Melnikova (Venemaa-Saksamaa) "Kolmekordne", Mariela N4estora (Kreeka) "Fopaa", Sonja Oien Salkowitsch (Norra-Saksamaa) "Külm", Asako Shirai (Jaapan) "Viimane". Kommenteerib festivali peakorraldaja Teet Kask

  13. Exacerbation of collagen induced arthritis by Fcγ receptor targeted collagen peptide due to enhanced inflammatory chemokine and cytokine production

    Szarka E


    Full Text Available Eszter Szarka1*, Zsuzsa Neer1*, Péter Balogh2, Monika Ádori1, Adrienn Angyal1, József Prechl3, Endre Kiss1,3, Dorottya Kövesdi1, Gabriella Sármay11Department of Immunology, Eötvös Loránd University, 1117 Budapest, 2Department of Immunology and Biotechnology, University of Pécs, Pécs, 3Immunology Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Science at Eötvös Loránd University, 1117 Budapest, Hungary*These authors contributed equally to this workAbstract: Antibodies specific for bovine type II collagen (CII and Fcγ receptors play a major role in collagen-induced arthritis (CIA, a mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis (RA. Our aim was to clarify the mechanism of immune complex-mediated inflammation and modulation of the disease. CII pre-immunized DBA/1 mice were intravenously boosted with extravidin coupled biotinylated monomeric CII-peptide epitope (ARGLTGRPGDA and its complexes with biotinylated FcγRII/III specific single chain Fv (scFv fragment. Disease scores were monitored, antibody titers and cytokines were determined by ELISA, and binding of complexes was detected by flow cytometry and immune histochemistry. Cytokine and chemokine secretion was monitored by protein profiler microarray. When intravenously administered into collagen-primed DBA/1 mice, both CII-peptide and its complex with 2.4G2 scFv significantly accelerated CIA and increased the severity of the disease, whereas the monomeric peptide and monomeric 2.4G2 scFv had no effect. FcγRII/III targeted CII-peptide complexes bound to marginal zone macrophages and dendritic cells, and significantly elevated the synthesis of peptide-specific IgG2a. Furthermore, CII-peptide containing complexes augmented the in vivo secretion of cytokines, including IL-10, IL-12, IL-17, IL-23, and chemokines (CXCL13, MIP-1, MIP-2. These data indicate that complexes formed by the CII-peptide epitope aggravate CIA by inducing the secretion of chemokines and the IL-12/23 family of pro

  14. Playing with anthems: The formation of the cult of empress Elisabeth in Hungarian music

    Windhager Ákos


    Full Text Available In this paper I reveal how the cult of Empress Elisabeth affected the reception of three different volumes of Hungarian music. These three works are: Erzsébet-emlény (Elisabeth Memorial Album, 1854 edited by Kornél Ábrányi; Erzsébet (Elisabeth, 1854 opera by Károly Doppler, Ferenc Doppler and Ferenc Erkel; and Die Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth (The Legend of Saint Elisabeth, 1865 by Franz Liszt. In spite of their high artistic level, the first two works were banned by the cultural elite who interpreted them as Habsburgian political music after the downfall of the dual state. On the other hand, the intentionally apolitical oratorio by Franz Liszt was regarded by the same cultural elite as the highest standard of artistic representation of the Empress. As a consequence of parallel distribution of both imperially and nationally constructed memories, a strange diffusion appeared in the social sphere, especially in Hungarian cultural memory. Conflicting memories emerged due to the discrepancy between the original Hungarian political myth (Kossuth-myth and Empress Elisabeth’s cult. Using the terminology introduced by Claude Lévi-Strauss, I have labeled this situation as the clash of the cold and hot society in Hungary during the 19th century.

  15. 22nd International Conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA)

    Arai, Kiyoshi


    This volume records the proceedings of the 22nd Annual International Con­ ference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA), 15-19 July, 1991, Kyoto, Japan, sponsored by the Science Council of Japan and the Japanese Association of Simulation and Gaming (JASAG). The con­ ference theme was Global Modeling for Solving Global Problems. The first 2 days of the conference were held in the magnificent Kyoto International Conference Hall; the 3rd day was spent admiring the floats of the famous Gion Festival in the exquisite city of Kyoto and the Daibutsu (or Great Buddha) of the Todaiji Temple in Nara and visiting one of the Sharp factories. During the last 2 days of the conference we were made most welcome in the Faculty of International Relations of Ritsumeikan University. The day after the conference, a number of delegates went to Hiroshima (the Peace Memorial Hall, Museum and Park) and also to one of Japan's "Scenic Trio," the island of Miyajima with its breathtaking views and the Itsukushi...

  16. 6th International Conference on General Inequalities


    The sixthInternational Conference on General Inequalities was held from Dec. 9 to Dec. 15, 1990, at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (Black Fa­ rest, Germany). The organizing committee was composed of W.N. Everitt (Birm­ ingham), L. Losonczi (Debrecen) and W. Walter (Karlsruhe). Dr. A. Kovacec ( Coimbra) served cheerfully and efficiently as secretary of the meeting. The con­ ference was attended by 44 participants from 20 countries. Yet again the importance of inequalities in both pure and applied mathematics was made evident from the wide range of interests of the individual participants, and from the wealth of new results announced. New inequalities were presented in the usual spread of the subject areas now expected for these meetings: Classical and functional analysis, existence and boundary value problems for both ordinary and partial differential equations, with special contributions to computer science, quantum holography and error analysis. More strongly than ever, the role played ...




    This paper is interested in a system of conservation laws with astiff relaxation term arised in viscoelasticity. The properties of a class of fully implicit finite dif ference methods approximating this system are analyzed, which include maximum principles, bounds on the total variation, L1-bounds, and L1-continuity estimates in term of some conserved physical quantity and the characteristic variables gener ated by difference schemes with proper initial data. These estimates are necessary for the existence of a bounded-total variation (BV) solution. Furthermore, we show that numerical entropy inequalities for some convex entropy pairs of the fully system hold.Keywords:Finite difference scheme, hyperbolic conservation laws,entropy inequality

  18. Periodic Relativity: Deflection of Light, Acceleration, Rotation Curves

    Zaveri V. H.


    Full Text Available Vectorial analysis relating to derivation of deflection of light is presented. Curvilinear acceleration is distinguished from the Newtonian polar conic acceleration. The dif- ference between the two is due to the curvature term. Lorentz invariant expression for acceleration is derived. A physical theory of rotation curves of galaxies based on second solution to Einstein’s field equation is presented. Theory is applied to Milky Way, M31, NGC3198 and Solar system. Modified Kepler’s third law yields correct orbital periods of stars in a galaxy. Deviation factor in the line element of t he theory happens to be the ratio of the Newtonian gravitational acceleration to th e measured acceleration of the star in the galaxy. Therefore this deviation factor can replace the MOND function.

  19. Orbit determination using incremental phase and TDOA of X-ray pulsar

    Rong JIAO; Lu-ping XU‡; Hua ZHANG; Cong LI


    X-ray pulsars offer stable, periodic X-ray pulse sequences that can be used in spacecraft positioning systems. A method using X-ray pulsars to determine the initial orbit of a satellite is presented in this paper. This method suggests only one detector to be equipped on the satellite and assumes that the detector observes three pulsars in turn. To improve the performance, the use of incremental phase in one observation duration is proposed, and the incremental phase is combined with the time dif-ference of arrival (TDOA). Then, a weighted least squares (WLS) algorithm is formulated to calculate the initial orbit. Numerical simulations are performed to assess the proposed orbit determination method.

  20. Imaged brine inclusions in young sea ice—Shape, distribution and formation timing

    Galley, R.J.; Else, B.G.T.; Geilfus, Nicolas-Xavier


    Liquid inclusions in sea ice are variable and dependent on the myriad of physical conditions of the atmosphere– sea ice environment in which the sea ice was grown, and whether or not melting processes affected the sea ice. In that light, there exist relatively few observations and resultant...... quantification of the morphology and vertical dis- tribution of brine inclusions in sea ice. Using a magnetic (3.0 T) resonance (MR) imager using constructive inter- ference steady state gradient echo sequence, we show that it is possible to image brine channels and pockets in an 18.5 cm young sea ice core...... in three-dimensions in only four and a half minutes following core storage at − 20 °C. We present a three-dimensional image of a brine drainage channel feature in a young sea ice core, give the phys- ical context for its formation by presenting the physical conditions of the atmosphere and water/sea ice...

  1. Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Michelson Interferometer

    JIANG Yi; JIANG Tian-fu; LIU Li


    A new Michelson interferometer based on fiber Bragg grating(FBG) is demonstrated. FBGs are used as reflectors, and the laser is replaced by a broadband source as input light in this interferometer. To demodulate the signals, a 3×3 coupler is used as a splitter. By combining with software demodulation, the outer inter ference can be obtained from the outputs of the interferometer. This kind of in terferometer can also be wavelength-multiplexed easily by composing a series Michelson interferometer. The experiment results show that the clear interference fringe can be obtained by adjusting the path difference to make it less than interference length of FBG. The signals are also demodulated.

  2. Adolescents and Young Adults Mates Selection

    María Martina Casullo


    Full Text Available The study sought to identify the relation between gender and age on mate pre- ferences using an intentional sample drawn in Buenos Aires city and its suburban area. A questionnaire adapted from a previous study developed by D.Buss (1990 requested subjects to rank each of 19 characteristics on its desirability in a mate. Subjects for this study were 900 adolescents and young adults aging 13 to 30 years old. Means and standard deviations were calculated as well as Spearman ́s Rho coefficients. High correlations between gender, age, and ordering were found. Mutual attraction and love, kindness and understanding and trust are cho- sen as the most important criteria. Phisically attractive is important for younger males. Similar political and religious background as well as chastity are conside- red among the less important criteria. 

  3. Switching variability index based multiple strategy CFAR detector

    Yang Li; Zhenyuan Ji; Bingfei Li; Gil Alterovitz


    A switching variability index (SVI) constant false alarm rate (CFAR) detector is proposed for improving the detection performance of VI-CFAR detectors in multiple targets back-grounds. When the presence of non-homogeneity in CFAR re-ference windows is indicated by a VI-CFAR detector, a switching-CFAR detector is introduced to optimize the performance of the VI-CFAR detector in homogeneous, multiple targets and clut-ter edge backgrounds. The structure and parameters selection method of the SVI-CFAR detector is presented. Comparisons with classic CFAR detectors and recently proposed detectors are also given. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that SVI-CFAR detector maintains the good performance of the VI-CFAR detector in homogeneous and clutter edge backgrounds, while greatly improving the capacity of anti-multi targets.

  4. Passive ranging based on acoustic field interference structure using double arrays (elements)

    YU Yun; HUI Junying


    Two kinds of passive ranging algorithms are proposed combined with waveguide invariant theory based on the important characteristic of the ocean waveguide that the inter- ference structure is stable and can be observed in the low-frequency acoustic field, in order to explore the passive ranging method suitable for the towed line array sonar. The double arrays (elements) model is adopted, so the LOFARgram and bearing-time records of the each array (element) can be obtained. Then the frequency-time records can be extracted by processing the LOFARgram via Radon transform, so the passive ranging can be achieved combined the corresponding ranging algorithms. And the feasibility of the algorithms has been verified by simulation researches and positioning accuracy analysis.

  5. Phenomenographic Research Method

    Erdem ÇEKMEZ


    Full Text Available Phenomenography, an approach to educational research, emerged from the studies carried out by Ference Marton and his colleagues at the University of Göteborg, Sweden, in the early 1970s. Phenomenography is the empirical study of the different ways in which people experience, perceive, apprehend, understand, conceptualize various phenomena in the world around them. Not only this method has been used much in educational researches in Turkey, but also the books about research methods do not provide detailed information about this method in details. This study explains the aim, characteristics, historical background and how to ensure the generalization, validity and reliability of phenomenographic research outcomes, besides mentions to the studies in which phenomenographic research method was used. In addition, the differences and similarities between this method and methods similar to phenomenology are explained.

  6. Modelo de opciones reales y aplicación al mercado petrolero

    Adrián Hernández del Valle


    Full Text Available We build a Con di tio nal Real Options mo del VORC which allows for cash flows to be probabilistic and contingent on the average behavior of an external va ria ble; and we apply our mo del to the cru de oil mar ket whe re the in flows on an in vest ment pro ject are con tin gent on the sta te of the base —the dif ference bet ween the fu tu res con tract on an un derl ying as set and it’s pri ce for im me dia te de li very at pre sent (or spot pri ce—. Our main re sult is that the VORC is a better criteria when evaluating projects with conditional, stochastic cashflows.

  7. iPads betydning for studerendes læring

    Bisgaard, Kirsten; Melander, Thomas; Sjøstedt, Peter

    Dette brief fremlægger resultaterne af en undersøgelse af iPads betydning for studerendes læring på Institut for Sprog ved Forsvarsakademiet. Undersøgelsen rejser en række pædagogiske og tekniske spørgsmål vedrørende anvendelse af iPads i undervisningen, der kan være relevante at drøfte og...... undersøge i forbindelse med anvendelse og anskaffelse af tablets i forbindelse med undervisning. Konklusionen på den gennemførte undersøgelse på Institut for Sprog er, at det lokale studiemiljø og de studerendes individuelle præferencer for teknologi og studieteknik har stor betydning for anvendelsen af iPads...

  8. Rapid Estimation of Enantioselectivity in Lipase-catalyzed Resolution of Glycidyl Butyrate Using pH Indicator

    WANG Ping; WANG Lei; WANG Li-cheng; LI Chun-yuan; WANG Ren; MIAO Qing-hua; YANG Ming; WANG Zhi


    A simple method for rapid estimation of the enantioselectivity of lipase in resolution of chiral esters is described. The enantioselectivity of lipase can be estimated rapidly through comparing the dif-ference of hydrolysis rates for the racemic ester and its slow reacting enantiomer under the same condition because the difference mainly depends on the enantioselective ratio(E values). The higher the enantiose-lectivity of enzyme, the larger the difference of hydrolysis rate. The bromothymol blue(BTB) can be used as pH indicator for microplate reader to monitor the formation of acid in lipase-catalyzed hydrolysis ofesters. This method has been successfully used to rapidly estimate the enantioselectivity of several lipases in the resolution of glycidyl butyrate.

  9. DANIO-CODE: Toward an Encyclopedia of DNA Elements in Zebrafish.

    Tan, Haihan; Onichtchouk, Daria; Winata, Cecilia


    The zebrafish has emerged as a model organism for genomics studies. The symposium "Toward an encyclopedia of DNA elements in zebrafish" held in London in December 2014, was coorganized by Ferenc Müller and Fiona Wardle. This meeting is a follow-up of a similar previous workshop held 2 years earlier and represents a push toward the formalization of a community effort to annotate functional elements in the zebrafish genome. The meeting brought together zebrafish researchers, bioinformaticians, as well as members of established consortia, to exchange scientific findings and experience, as well as to discuss the initial steps toward the formation of a DANIO-CODE consortium. In this study, we provide the latest updates on the current progress of the consortium's efforts, opening up a broad invitation to researchers to join in and contribute to DANIO-CODE.

  10. Study on Effect of Phosphorus Removal by Biological Aerated Filter Process%曝气生物滤池工艺除磷效果研究

    王平; 张彩庆


    针对某电厂中水回用过程中的再生水深度处理工艺的选择,通过试验研究,分析了曝气生物处理工艺对废水的除磷效果,可为电厂设计和其它工程的实施提供参考和借鉴。%Aiming at the selection of advanced treatment in reclaimed water reuse for a power plant,to analyze the effect of aeration biological process on phosphorus removal from wastewater through experimental study,so as to provide re-ference for power plant design and other projects.

  11. Image Signature Based Mean Square Error for Image Quality Assessment

    CUI Ziguan; GAN Zongliang; TANG Guijin; LIU Feng; ZHU Xiuchang


    Motivated by the importance of Human visual system (HVS) in image processing, we propose a novel Image signature based mean square error (ISMSE) metric for full reference Image quality assessment (IQA). Efficient image signature based describer is used to predict visual saliency map of the reference image. The saliency map is incorporated into luminance diff erence between the reference and distorted images to obtain image quality score. The eff ect of luminance diff erence on visual quality with larger saliency value which is usually corresponding to foreground objects is highlighted. Experimental results on LIVE database release 2 show that by integrating the eff ects of image signature based saliency on luminance dif-ference, the proposed ISMSE metric outperforms several state-of-the-art HVS-based IQA metrics but with lower complexity.

  12. Research on application of HD video conference system%高清视频会议系统的应用研究



    According to the functions and characteristics of HD video conference system,the application of HD video con-ference system in power generation company is discussed. The construction and operation of HD video conferencing system are investigated. The further development trend is pointed out in this paper.%结合高清视频会议系统的功能与特点,探讨了高清视频会议系统在调峰调频发电公司的应用,对高清视频会议系统的建设和运行进行了分析研究,并指出进一步发展趋势。

  13. 2017国际动力工程会议(ICOPE-2017)征文通知


    由中国动力工程学会(CSPE)、日本机械工程师学会(JSME)、美国机械工程师学会(ASME)组织的2017国际动力工程会议(International Conference on Power Engineering, ICOPE-2017)将由美国机械工程师学会主办,与ASME Power Conference,ASME Energy Sustainability Conference,ASME Fuel Cell Con-ference.ASME Energy Storage Forum, ASME Nuclear Forum和TurboExpo联合、在美国北卡罗莱纳州夏洛特市举行,会议日期为2017年6月26—30日.

  14. Analysis of interlaminar stress and nonlinear dynamic response for composite laminated plates with interfacial damage

    F. H. Zhu; Y. M. Fu


    By considering the effect of interfacial damage and using the variation principle, three-dimensional nonli-near dynamic governing equations of the laminated plates with interfacial damage are derived based on the general six-degrees-of-freedom plate theory towards the accurate stress analysis. The solutions of interlaminar stress and nonlinear dynamic response for a simply supported laminated plate with interfacial damage are obtained by using the finite dif-ference method, and the results are validated by compari-son with the solution of nonlinear finite element method. In numerical calculations, the effects of interfacial damage on the stress in the interface and the nonlinear dynamic response of laminated plates are discussed.

  15. Sexually Transmitted Diseases on Bipartite Graph

    WEN Luo-Sheng; ZHONG Jiang; YANG Xiao-Fan


    We study the susceptible-infected-susceptible (SIS) epidemic model on bipartite graph. According to the dif-ference of sex conception in western and oriental nations, we construct the Barabasi Albert-Barabasi Albert (BA-BA) model and Barabasi-Albert Homogeneity (BA-HO) model for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Applying the rate equation approach, the positive equilibria of both models are given analytically. We lind that the ratio between infected females and infected males is distinctly different in both models and the infected den-sity in the BA-HO model is much less than that in the BA-BA model. These results explain that the countries with small ratio have less infected density than those with large ratio. Our numerical simulations verify these theoretical results.

  16. Ceramic Carbon/Polypyrrole Materials for the Construction of Bienzymatic Amperometric Biosensor for Glucose


    A novel amperometric glucose biosensor was constructed by electrochemical formation of a polypyrrole (PPy) membrane in the presence of glucose oxidase (GOD) on the surface of a horseradish peroxidase (HRP) modified ferrocenecarboxylic acid (FCA) mediated sol-gel derived ceramic carbon electrode. The amperometric detection of glucose was carried out at +0.16 V (vs. SCE) in 0.1 mol/L phosphate buffer solution (pH 6.9) with a linear response range between 8.0×10-5 and 1.3×10-3 mol/L of glucose. The biosensor showed a good suppression of inter- ference and a negligible deviation in the amperometric detection.

  17. Hvorfra min verden går

    Keiding, Tina Bering

    uddannelsessystemet med re-ference til dette systems optik konstitueret gennem forskellen bedre/værre og ikke i den form, de antager i den teoretiske didaktik. Denne forståelse af forholdet mellem didaktik og uddannelse/undervisning bidra-ger til udvikling af didaktikken på flere måder: For det første ved...... bliver kausalitetsrelationer altså no-get, der formes og tilskrives i systemet, det vil sige mellem systemets elementer, frem for en beskrivelse af relationer mellem systemer. Når undervisningen iagtta-ger, at de studerende løser de stillede opgaver rigtigt og tilskriver dette egne ydel-ser, siger denne...

  18. Searching the Gamma-ray Sky for Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Sources: Fermi GBM and LAT Observations of LVT151012 and GW151226

    Racusin, J L; Goldstein, A; Connaughton, V; Wilson-Hodge, C A; Jenke, P; Blackburn, L; Briggs, M S; Broida, J; Camp, J; Christensen, N; Hui, C M; Littenberg, T; Shawhan, P; Singer, L; Veitch, J; Bhat, P N; Cleveland, W; Fitzpatrick, G; Gibby, M H; von Kienlin, A; McBreen, S; Mailyan, B; Meegan, C A; Paciesas, W S; Preece, R D; Roberts, O J; Stanbro, M; Veres, P; Zhang, B -B; Ackermann, M; Albert, A; Atwood, W B; Axelsson, M; Baldini, L; Ballet, J; Barbiellini, G; Baring, M G; Bastieri, D; Bellazzini, R; Bissaldi, E; Blandford, R D; Bloom, E D; Bonino, R; Bregeon, J; Bruel, P; Buson, S; Caliandro, G A; Cameron, R A; Caputo, R; Caragiulo, M; Caraveo, P A; Cavazzuti, E; Charles, E; Chiang, J; Ciprini, S; Costanza, F; Cuoco, A; Cutini, S; D'Ammando, F; de Palma, F; Desiante, R; Digel, S W; Di Lalla, N; Di Mauro, M; Di Venere, L; Drell, P S; Favuzzi, C; Ferrara, E C; Focke, W B; Fukazawa, Y; Funk, S; Fusco, P; Gargano, F; Gasparrini, D; Giglietto, N; Gill, R; Giroletti, M; Glanzman, T; Granot, J; Green, D; Grove, J E; Guillemot, L; Guiriec, S; Harding, A K; Jogler, T; Johannesson, G; Kamae, T; Kensei, S; Kocevski, D; Kuss, M; Larsson, S; Latronico, L; Li, J; Longo, F; Loparco, F; Lubrano, P; Magill, J D; Maldera, S; Malyshev, D; McEnery, J E; Michelson, P F; Mizuno, T; Morselli, A; Moskalenko, I V; Negro, M; Nuss, E; Omodei, N; Orienti, M; Orlando, E; Ormes, J F; Paneque, D; Perkins, J S; Pesce-Rollins, M; Piron, F; Pivato, G; Porter, T A; Principe, G; Raino, S; Rando, R; Razzano, M; Razzaque, S; Reimer, A; Reimer, O; Parkinson, P M Saz; Scargle, J D; Sgro, C; Simone, D; Siskind, E J; Smith, D A; Spada, F; Spinelli, P; Suson, D J; Tajima, H; Thayer, J B; Torres, D F; Troja, E; Uchiyama, Y; Vianello, G; Wood, K S; Wood, M


    We present the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) and Large Area Telescope (LAT) observations of the LIGO binary black hole merger event GW151226 and candi- date LVT151012. No candidate electromagnetic counterparts were detected by either the GBM or LAT. We present a detailed analysis of the GBM and LAT data over a range of timescales from seconds to years, using automated pipelines and new techniques for char- acterizing the upper limits across a large area of the sky. Due to the partial GBM and LAT coverage of the large LIGO localization regions at the trigger times for both events, dif- ferences in source distances and masses, as well as the uncertain degree to which emission from these sources could be beamed, these non-detections cannot be used to constrain the variety of theoretical models recently applied to explain the candidate GBM counterpart to GW150914.

  19. Pressure and temperature dependent up-conversion properties of Yb3+-Er3+ co-doped BaBi4Ti4O15 ferroelectric ceramics

    戚兴国; 随志磊; 邓宇航; 代如成; 王中平; 张增明; 丁泽军


    Yb3+ and Er3+ co-doped BaBi4Ti4O15 (BBT) ceramic samples showed brighter up-conversion photoluminescence (UC-PL) under excitation of 980 nm. The monotonous increase of fluorescence intensity ratio (FIR) from 525 to 550 nm with temperature showed that this material could be used for temperature sensing with the maximum sensitivity to be 0.0046 K-1 and the energy dif-ference was 700 cm-1. Moreover, the sudden change of red and green emissions around 400 ºC might imply a phase transition. With increasing pressure up to 4 GPa, the PL intensity decreased but was still strong enough. These results illustrated the wide applications of BBT in high temperature and high pressure conditions.

  20. Prediction of saturated liquid enthalpy of refrigerant mixtures


    New corresponding temperature and corresponding enthalpy of refrigerant mix- tures were defined. The relationship between saturated liquid corresponding en- thalpy and corresponding temperature of refrigerant mixtures accorded with that of pure components. The characteristic parameters of saturated liquid enthalpy dif- ference of refrigerant mixtures were calculated by three methods according to the different application conditions. The generalized equation of saturated liquid en- thalpy of refrigerant mixtures was presented. The calculated values were compared with the values in literature for five ternary and binary refrigerant mixtures, namely R404A, R407A, R407B, R32/R134a, and R410A. The overall average absolute devia- tion was less than 1.0%.

  1. Delay Estimates of Mixed Traffic Flow at Signalized Intersections in China

    SU Yuelong; WEI Zheng; CHENG Sihan; YAO Danya; ZHANG Yi; LI Li


    Two characteristics of Chinese mixed traffic invalidate the conventional queuing delay estimates for western countries. First, the driving characteristics of Chinese drivers lead to different delays even though the other conditions are the same. Second, urban traffic flow in China is often hindered by pedestrians at intersections, such that imported intelligent traffic control systems do not work appropriately. Typical delay estimates for Chinese conditions were obtained from data for over 500 vehicle queues in Beijing collected using charge coupled device (CCD) cameras. The results show that the delays mainly depend on the pro-portion and positions of heavy vehicles in the queue, as well as the start-up situations (with or without inter-ference). A simplified delay estimation model considers vehicle types and positions that compares well with the observed traffic delays.

  2. Sobre o desenvolvimento do design e da imagem gráfica contemporâneos: a Bauhaus e o estilo suíço

    Cláudia lrene de Quadros


    Full Text Available This essay focuses on the development and importance of the Bauhaus School and the Swiss Style within the contemporary graphical commun ication. The Bauhaus. that dreamed abotlt thc order and the dcmocratic access to knowledge. madc use of technical and conceptual apparatuses from other areas such as Psychology, Advertising and other Sciences in order to generate a new spacc for expression and graphic articu lation. The expcriments held in the legendary German school. in rhe fírst half of the twentieth century. have gained a ncw critica! perspective when recovered by the Swiss Stylc. One o f thc desires of the foll owers of the referred style was to infonn with objectivity. without the inte1ference of designe r subjecti v e emotions. lt was the right moment to inform more. to show more and to say more.

  3. Seasonal variation and longitudinal distribution of copepods in the main river area of the Three Gorges Reservoir

    Jianliang YAO; Junzeng XUE; Dengyuan WANGt; Qinghua CAI; Xiangfei HUANG; Jiankang LIU


    The ecosystem of the Three Gorges in the Yangtze River was changed into an artificial lake (res-ervoir) ecosystem after impoundment in June 2003. We surveyed the seasonal variation and spatial distribution of copepods from April 2004 to January 2005 in order to provide data for clarifying the successional pattern of the ecosystem. From Jiangjin to Maoping, eight copepod species were collected and classified into Calanoida (2), Harpacticoida (1), and Cyclopoida (5). Among them, Mesocyclops pehpeiensis, M. leuckarti and Sinocalanus dorrii had a relatively wide distribution. No distinct dif-ference in species number was found among the sampling sites, but the species composition was different. Species composition, distribution and density of copepods showed significant seasonal variations. In addition, cope-pod density showed an obvious gradient with the distance from the reservoir dam: the nearer to the dam, the denser the copepods.

  4. Collembola feeding habits and niche specialization in agricultural grasslands of different composition

    Sechi, Valentina; D ’ Annibale, Alessandra; Ambus, Per


    The introduction of white clover in grassland is a common practice to improve the quality of the pasture and to limit the use of industrial sources of inorganic fertilizer N inputs. However, little is known about the extent to which the introduction of different crop compositions affects soil...... C of Collembola groups and the FA- d 13 C signatures of potential food sources (plant material and soil microorganisms) were calculated to explore trophic links in the three cropping combinations. Collembola showed dif- ference in FA compositions between groups. We observed a lower amount of neutral...... differences in the food sources used depending on the crop composition. Apparently, Isotoma spp. and L. cyaneus fed on clover-related diet in clover plots and more on grass-related diet in mixture treatments while Poduromorpha fed more on a plant-related diet, such as leaf litter, in the mixture treatment...


    Yuan Yirang


    Coupled system of multilayer dynamics of fluids in porous media is to describe the history of oil-gas transport and accumulation in basin evolution. It is of great value in rational evaluation of prospecting and exploiting oil-gas resources. The mathematical model can be described as a coupled system of nonlinear partial differential equations with moving boundary values. The upwind finite difference schemes applicable to parallel arith- metic are put forward and two-dimensional and three-dimensional schemes are used to form a complete set. Some techniques, such as change of variables, calculus of variations, multiplicative commutation rule of difference operators, decomposition of high order dif- ference operators and prior estimates, are adopted. The estimates in 12 norm are derived to determine the error in the approximate solution. This method was already applied to the numerical simulation of migration-accumulation of oil resources.

  6. Conference on Large Scale Optimization

    Hearn, D; Pardalos, P


    On February 15-17, 1993, a conference on Large Scale Optimization, hosted by the Center for Applied Optimization, was held at the University of Florida. The con­ ference was supported by the National Science Foundation, the U. S. Army Research Office, and the University of Florida, with endorsements from SIAM, MPS, ORSA and IMACS. Forty one invited speakers presented papers on mathematical program­ ming and optimal control topics with an emphasis on algorithm development, real world applications and numerical results. Participants from Canada, Japan, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Greece, and Denmark gave the meeting an important international component. At­ tendees also included representatives from IBM, American Airlines, US Air, United Parcel Serice, AT & T Bell Labs, Thinking Machines, Army High Performance Com­ puting Research Center, and Argonne National Laboratory. In addition, the NSF sponsored attendance of thirteen graduate students from universities in the United States and abro...

  7. Geochemical characteristics of modern hot springs from northwest Hunan

    王蔚; 张景荣; 胡桂兴; 杨帆; 许祖鸣


    The studies of chemical compositions of modern hot spring water and gases,isotopiccompositions of H2O,He,Ar,CH4,CO2 in northwest Hunan show that the chemical characteristics of springwater are markedly different,which indicates the difference of background value of country rocks and the dif-ference of the effect of water-rock reaction.The geothermal systems in the studied regions are middle-hightemperature geothermal systems.The distributions of springs are controlled by the press and press-shearfaults that do not dissect deeply to the mantle.The hot spring water is of meteoric water.The origin of ma-terials in the hot springs is correlated with the sedimentary rocks.


    Zhang Yanning; Zhang Haichao; Duan Feng; Liu Xuegong; Han Lin


    Mainstream line is significant for the Yellow River situation forecasting and flood control. An effective statistical feature extraction method is proposed in this paper.In this method,a be tween-class scattering matrix based projection algorithm is performed to maximize between-class dif ferences,obtaining effective component for classification;then high-order statistics are utilized as the features to describe the mainstream line in the principal component obtained.Experiments are per formed to verify the applicability of the algorithm.The results both on synthesized and real scenes indicate that this approach could extract the mainstream line of the Yellow River automatically,and has a high precision in mainstream line detection.

  9. Modelling Virtual Camera Behaviour Through Player Gaze

    Picardi, Andrea; Burelli, Paolo; Yannakakis, Georgios N.


    In a three-dimensional virtual environment, aspects such as narrative and interaction largely depend on the placement and animation of the virtual camera. Therefore, virtual camera control plays a critical role in player experience and, thereby, in the overall quality of a computer game. Both game...... industry and game AI research focus on the devel- opment of increasingly sophisticated systems to automate the control of the virtual camera integrating artificial intel- ligence algorithms within physical simulations. However, in both industry and academia little research has been carried out...... on the relationship between virtual camera, game-play and player behaviour. We run a game user experiment to shed some light on this relationship and identify relevant dif- ferences between camera behaviours through different game sessions, playing behaviours and player gaze patterns. Re- sults show that users can...

  10. Finske skove, tuba’er og The Tuning of the World

    Gram, Nina


    ) refererer i deres arbejde kontinuerligt til forskellige ’oprindelige’ eller ’naturlige’ lydmiljøer fundet hos enten en stamme i New Guinea (Feld) eller i forskellige landsbyer i Europa. Der er altså tilsyneladende en forestilling om og forkærlighed for de ’naturlige’ lyde, og denne præference er som regel......- og paperpræsentationer var alle meget interessante, og et gennemgående tema var lydens betydning for vores fysiske og psykiske velbefindende. I løbet af konferencen var der dog ikke mange bud på konkrete modeller for, hvordan vi kan designe, modellere eller justere aktuelle lydmiljøer, så de giver...




    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: CONTEXT (BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Rapid industrialization, environmental pollution, overcrowding, sedentary lifestyle and var ious stress factors are responsible for the deterioration of the physical health of a person. Als o, prevalence of obesity in developing countries is believed to be on the rise. This requi res special and specific techniques to transcend the limits of our physical and mental abilities exper ienced in everyday life. Hence, in the present study beneficial effect of Kapalbhati pranayama on wa ist circumference and hip circumference was studied in overweight individuals. METHODS AND MATERIALS: This study was conducted in a well-known tertiary hospital in Mumbai after th e institutional ethical clearance and written consent from each participant. A total of 60 overweig ht resident doctors were recruited in this study. The participants were divided into study and c ontrol groups, each group containing 30 subjects of both sexes. The study group was asked to perform Kapalbhati pranayama. The duration of the study was eight weeks. Waist circum ference and hip circumference were assessed in both the groups. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: Paired t- test was applied for statistical analysis and p value <0.05 was considered the level of significance. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: In study group, waist circumference and hip circumfe rence decreased significantly as compared to that of control group. T his shows that Kapalbhati pranayama has reducing impact on waist circumference and hip circum ference in overweight individuals. The neuroendocrine and autonomic nervous system mechani sms might be involved in the effects of Kapalbhati pranayama, which need further study.

  12. [History of Smallpox Vaccination and of the Vaccine Supply in Hungary, up to 1890].

    Kiss, László


    One of the preconditions for the spread of vaccination against pox diseases was making vaccination available. The first vaccinations were carried out using original cowpox lymph sent by Jenner. For further vaccinations the vaccine was extracted from the blisters of those who had been successfully inoculated. In order to provide vaccine continuously six vaccine centres were set up in 1804 in the following cities: Pest, Buda, Kassa, Gyula, Pozsony and Zágráb (Croatia). Detailed information is available only about the centre in Pest which operated in Rókus Hospital under the leadership of the hospital director András Bossányi. Besides regular vaccination they also provided vaccine for the countryside. From 1824 the vaccine was relocated to the medical faculty of the university in Pest and Ferenc Gebhardt, an instructor of surgeons, became its head. The centre operated in the building of the medical faculty and vaccinations were given on Thursdays and Sundays. After the retirement of Gebhardt in 1860, the centre was taken over by the dermatologist Ferenc Poor for a short time, then by Ignác Semmelweis. From 1863 Gergely Patrubány was responsible for managing the centre. In 1874 the central vaccine institution moved to the Hospital for Poor Children in Pest where it was led first by Lázár Wittman, then by Géza Hainiss. In the 1880s private institutions appeared, the best known were Dani Pécsi's centre in Pest and Béla Intze's one in Tirgu Lapus (Romania). Between 1873 an 1889 András Kreichel ran a vaccine centre in Nálepkovo (Slovakia).

  13. A Empirical Research on the Price Competition of Cheap Hotels in Nanjing——Statistical Analysis Based on Data from the Website%南京经济型酒店旅游淡季价格竞争实证研究——基于携程网数据的统计分析



    The results of statistical analysis show that room rates of cheap hotels in Nanjing have a great dif-ference in the off-season.Competitive strategy and location of enterprises are main factors that lead to price dif-ference.The impact of brand type of cheap hotels on room rates is not significant.Because price competition strategy and non-price competition strategy coexist,room rates of cheap hotels in Nanjing polarize the high and low.The impact of location of cheap hotels on room rates is mirror,but it is statistically significant.Convenient public transport of Nanjing City may be the cause of this fact.%统计分析结果表明,在旅游淡季,南京市经济型酒店客房价格相差悬殊。企业竞争策略、地段是导致客房价格差异的主要因素。酒店品牌类型对客房价格没有显著影响。非价格竞争策略、价格竞争策略并存使南京市经济型酒店客房价格呈现高、低两级分化。经济型酒店所处地段对其客房价格的影响在统计上是显著的,但影响程度较小,其中的原因可能是南京市公共交通比较便捷。

  14. SBIR Grant:No-Vibration Agile Cryogenic Optical Refrigerator

    Epstein, Richard


    Optical refrigeration is currently the only all-solid-state cryocooling technology that has been demonstrated. Optical cryocoolers are devices that use laser light to cool small crystal or glass cooling elements. The cooling element absorbs the laser light and reradiates it at higher energy, an example of anti-Stokes fluorescence. The dif-ference between the energy of the outgoing and incoming light comes from the thermal energy of the cooling element, which in turn becomes colder. Entitled No-Vibration Agile Cryocoolers using Optical Refrigeration, this Phase I proposal directly addressed the continued development of the optical refrigerator components necessary to transition this scientific breakthrough into National Nu-clear Security Administration (NNSA) sensor applications in line with the objectives of topic 50b. ThermoDynamic Films LLC (TDF), in collaboration with the University of New Mexico (UNM), cooled an optical-refrigerator cooling element comprised of an ytterbium-doped yttrium lithium fluoride (Yb:YLF) crystal from room tempera-ture to 123 K with about 2% efficiency. This is the world record in optical refrigera-tion and an important step toward revolutionizing cryogenic systems for sensor ap-plications. During this period, they also designed and analyzed the crucial elements of a prototype optical refrigerator including the thermal link that connects the cool-ing element with the load.

  15. Protein identification and mRNA analysis of phyto- chrome-regulated genes in Arabidopsis under red light


    Phytochromes are a family of plant photoreceptors that mediate physiological and developmental re- sponses to red and far-red light. According to the affymetrix ATH1 microarray, phytochrome A (phyA) and phytochrome B (phyB) together play a key role in transducing the Rc signals to light-responsive genes. In order to select those red light-responsive genes associated with phyA or phyB, a proteomic approach based on two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) was used to compare the protein ex- pression patterns of the phyAphyB double mutant and the wild type of Arabidopsis thaliana (col-4) which grew under constant red light conditions for 7 d. Thirty-two protein spots which exhibited dif- ferences in protein abundance were identified by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight/time of flight mass spectrometry. The expression of ten genes corresponding to ten protein spots was analyzed by a semiquantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. Two of the ten genes were confirmed by quantitative PCR (Q-PCR). The results showed that phytochromes may exert their function by regulating mRNA or protein expressions. Proteomic analysis may provide a novel pathway for identifying phytochrome-dependent genes.

  16. Protein identification and mRNA analysis of phyto-chrome-regulated genes in Arabidopsis under red light

    LI Xu; YANG YueJun; LI Yan; WANG Jie; XIAO XiaoJuan; GUO XinHong; TANG DongYing; LIU XuanMing


    Phytochromes are a family of plant photoreceptors that mediate physiological and developmental re-sponses to red and far-red light. According to the affymetrix ATH1 microarray, phytochrome A (phyA)and phytochrome B (phyB) together play a key role in transducing the Rc signals to light-responsive genes. In order to select those red light-responsive genes associated with phyA or phyB, a proteomic approach based on two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) was used to compare the protein ex-pression patterns of the phyAphyB double mutant and the wild type of Arabidopsis thaliana (col-4)which grew under constant red light conditions for 7 d. Thirty-two protein spots which exhibited dif-ferences in protein abundance were identified by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight/time of flight mass spectrometry. The expression of ten genes corresponding to ten protein spots was analyzed by a semiquantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. Two of the ten genes were confirmed by quantitative PCR (Q-PCR). The results showed that phytochromes may exert their function by regulating mRNA or protein expressions. Proteomic analysis may provide a novel pathway for identifying phytochrome-dependent genes.



    Objective To study the relationship between the spontaneous nocturnal episodes of alkalinization and the autonomic nerve system function and vagal function. Methods 24-hour intragastric pH was measured and auto nomic and vagal function was measured with the time domain analyses of heart rate variability in 20 patients with functional dyspepsia but without diseases of the cardiovascular system. Results 13 of 20 had the nocturnal episodes of alkalinization. The total 24-hour SDNN and rMSSD were normal in 20 subjects with FD. There was no significant dif ference (P >0. 05) in the comparison of the total SDNN and rMSSD of the 2 groups with alkalinization and without alkalinization. The 2 groups both had higher PNN50s in the nocturnal time, and there was no significant difference (P >0. 05). Conclusion The results suggest that the total autonomic nerve function and vagal function of patients with FD are normal, vagal activities of the 2 groups are both increased in the nocturnal period. The reason for the nocturnal episodes of alkalinization is not a decrease of vagal activity with a subsequent decrease of secretion.

  18. Newer treatments for decompensated heart failure: focus on levosimendan

    Ferenc Follath


    Full Text Available Ferenc FollathUniversity Hospital Zürich, Steering Group Drug Therapy, Zürich, SwitzerlandAbstract: Acute heart failure (AHF is a major cause of hospitalizations. Severe dyspnea, pulmonary congestion and low cardiac output with peripheral vasoconstriction and renal hypoperfusion is a main form of clinical presentation. Most patients with acute worsening have a pre-existing decompensated chronic heart failure (ADCHF, but AHF may also occur as a first manifestation of a previously unknown heart disease. Myocardial ischemia, cardiac arrhythmias, non-compliance with medication and infections are frequent precipitating factors. Management of AHF depends on the underlying heart disease and cause of decompensation. In patients with ADCHF vasodilators and iv diuretics are first-line drugs for rapid reduction of dyspnea and congestion. In patients with signs of low cardiac output and oliguria, inotropic agents are also often administered to prevent further deterioration. Beta-adrenergic agents and phosphodiesterase inhibitors correct the hemodynamic disturbance, but may also induce arrhythmias and worsen myocardial ischemia. Inotropic therapy therefore remains controversial. A novel class of drugs, the calcium sensitizers, represent a new therapeutic option. Levosimendan was shown to improve myocardial contractility without increasing oxygen requirements and to produce peripheral and coronary vasodilation. Its therapeutic effects and tolerance have been tested in several trials. The present review focuses on the clinical pharmacology and therapeutic utility of levosimendan in patients with ADCHF.Keywords: acute heart failure, inotropic agents, calcium sensitizers, levosimendan

  19. Adenovirus-mediated Transfer of p53 and p16 Inhibiting Proliferating Activity of Human Bladder Cancer Cell EJ in vitro and in vivo

    朱朝辉; 邢诗安; 林晨; 曾甫清; 鲁功成; 付明; 张雪艳; 梁萧; 吴旻


    Summary: To evaluate the effects of adenovirus (Ad)-mediated transfer of p53 and p16 on humanbladder cancer cells EJ, EJ were transfected with Ad-p53 and Ad-p16. Cell growth, morphologi-cal change, cell cycle, apoptosis were measured using MTT assay, flow gytometry, cloning forma-tion, immunocytochemical assays. Ad-p16 or Ad-p53 alone could inhibit the proliferating activityof EJ cells in vitro. Ad-p53 could induce apoptosis of partial EJ cells. G1 arrest was observed 72 hafter infection with Ad-p16, but apoptosis was not obvious. The transfer of Ad-p16 and Ad-p53could significantly inhibit the growth of EJ cells, decrease the cloning formation rate and induceapoptosis of large number of EJ cells. The occurrence time of subcutaneous tumor was delayed andthe tumor volume in 4 weeks was diminished by using Ad-p53 combined with Ad-p16 and the dif-ference was significant compared with using Ad-p53 or Ad-p16 alone. It was suggested that thetransfer of wild-type p53 and p16 could significantly inhibit the growth of human bladder cancer invitro and in vivo.


    M. Pospišil


    Full Text Available Production values of 43 experimental and recognized sugar beet hybrids were conducted on the Zagreb location in the period 2003-2005. The trials included hybrids from six breeding institutions that sell sugar beet seed in the Republic of Croatia. Research results have revealed significant differences in yields and root quality among inve- stigated sugar beet hybrids. However, the results of a large number of hybrids were equal in value; namely, the dif- ference between them was within the statistically allowable deviation. The hybrids KW 0148 HR and Buda in 2003, Sofarizo and Takt were distinguished by high sugar yields in 2004, whereas Merak, Impact and Europa in 2005. The highest root yields were recorded for hybrids Dioneta, Buda and KW 0148 HR in 2003, Sofarizo, Takt, HI 0191 and Dorotea in 2004, Impact and SES 2371 in 2005. The highest root sugar contents were determined in hybrids Zita and Evelina in 2003, Cyntia, Diamant and Belinda in 2004, and Merak, Belinda and Cyntia in 2005.

  1. Occult Dirofilariosis in Dogs of North Eastern Region in India

    Sonjoy Kumar-Borthakur


    Full Text Available Background: The North Eastern Region in India is endemic for canine heartworm disease but in clinics accurate diagnosis is some times difficult. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of occult infections for heartworm disease in canine in two geographical regions of North Eastern India.Methods: A total of 782 numbers of three categories of dogs namely, working dogs of military and paramilitary forces, pet dogs and stray dogs were screened for the presence of heartworm infection from August 2011 to July, 2012 in Guwahati (Assam and Aizawl (Mizoram. Conventional, immunological and molecular techniques were followed for this epidemiological study. The criteria to determine the occult heartworm cases were based on the dif­ferences between heartworm positive cases in PCR test and antigen ELISA test.Results: The findings revealed an overall 22.69 percent occult case. The working dogs had highest prevalence (60% followed by pet (29.16% and stray dogs (17.75%.Conclusion: The highest percentage of occult heartworm infection was present in working dogs maintained under military or paramilitary forces. 

  2. 师生同练的体育教学效应%The Teaching Effect with Teachers and Students Practice Together



    从健康角度看,每个学生的运动需求和运动表现不尽相同,在教学中,适时采用师生同练、互动学习有助于教师充分了解学生个体差异,调整教学,激发学习主体积极性,以满足学生身心发展需要,有效地实现课程目标。%From the health perspective, each student's sports demand and athletic performance are not the same, during the teaching, the teachers and students practice together timely, Mutual learning helps the teacher to understand the students' dif- ferences fully, adjusting teaching, stimulating the study subjects' initiative, so as to meet the students' needs of physical and mental development, and to achieve the course objective effectively.

  3. Experimental Study of Energy-Saving Air-Conditioner with Hot Water

    CHEN Jian-bo; CHEN Dan; LU Ying


    Energy-saving air-conditioner with hot water is an air source heat pump air-conditioner,which can also supply hot water.The hot water is heated by a double pipe condenser connected with an air-cooled condenser in series in the system.This experiment of the energy-saving air-conditioner was carried out in the enthalpy-dif-ference air-conditioner laboratory.The hot water temperature and the compressor'S discharge and suction pres.sure were recorded in the working condition,where the ambient temperature was at 43℃,35℃,21℃,7℃,and 2℃separately.The results showed that the system operated stably and reliably. This system can supply 240 L hot water at 50℃in the whole year,and its coefficience of performance(COP)is much higher than the conventional air source heat pump system.Its energy conservation WaS proved by comparing the thermal effi.ciency with other sourece water heaters.

  4. Design of Optical Tunable CNOT (XOR) and XNOR Logic Gates Based on 2D-Photonic Crystal Cavity Using Electro-Optic Effect

    Abbasian, Karim; Sadeghi, Parvin


    We have proposed optical tunable CNOT (XOR) and XNOR logic gates using two-dimensional photonic crystal (2DPhC) cavities. Where, air rods with square lattice array have been embedded in Ag-Polymer substrate with refractive index of 1.59. In this work, we have enhanced speed of logic gates by applying two input signals with a phase dif?ference at the same wavelength for 2DPhC cavities. Where, we have adjusted the phases of input and control signals equal with {\\pi}/3 and zero, respectively. The response time of the structure and quality factor of the cavities are in the range of femtosecond and 2000, respectively. Then, we have used electro-optic property of the substrate material to change the cavities resonance wavelengths. By this means, we could design the logic gates and demonstrate a tunable range of 23nm for their operation wavelength. The quality factor and the response times of cavities remain constant in the tunable range of wavelength, approximately. The evaluated least ON to OFF logic-level contras...

  5. Det filosofiske grundlag for god pleje

    Andreasen, Torben E.


    Følgende er omhandlet: I. Indledende bemærkninger; Den 'følte' pleje? - følelseslivets veje og vildveje i plejelivet; Menneskeopfattelse, fornuft og følelse; Er 'selvindsigt' et gode i plejen?; Plejen og personlige relationer; Det personlige i vejen for god pleje; Plejemæssigt engagement; Kropumu......Følgende er omhandlet: I. Indledende bemærkninger; Den 'følte' pleje? - følelseslivets veje og vildveje i plejelivet; Menneskeopfattelse, fornuft og følelse; Er 'selvindsigt' et gode i plejen?; Plejen og personlige relationer; Det personlige i vejen for god pleje; Plejemæssigt engagement......; Kropumulig pleje: Såkaldt 'kropslig viden' er umulig viden; At 'kere sig om', plejen og det individuelle; Skønnet i god pleje; God pleje og at gøre mere, end nødvendigt er; II: Om 'den anden' i plejen - hvad gør sig gældende for den, der modtager pleje?; Pleje, individ og kultur; Kultur, møde og sygepleje......-samling; Mennesket som et selv, ifølge Kierkegaard; Opfattelsen af mennesket som præferencesæt er ude af stand til at redegøre for menneskers liv generelt, men uegnet til at redegøre for pleje i særdeleshed; At kere sig om mennesker og at kere sig om oplevelser, ønsker, vilje og behov; Behov; Hvorledes plejer man...

  6. 15th International Conference on Thermal Conductivity


    Once again, it gives me a great pleasure to pen the Foreword to the Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Thermal Conductivity. As in the past, these now biannual conferences pro­ vide a broadly based forum for those researchers actively working on this important property of matter to convene on a regular basis to exchange their experiences and report their findings. As it is apparent from the Table of Contents, the 15th Conference represents perhaps the broadest coverage of subject areas to date. This is indicative of the times as the boundaries between disciplines be­ come increasingly diffused. I am sure the time has come when Con­ ference Chairmen in coming years will be soliciting contributions not only in the physical sciences and engineering', but will actively seek contributions from the earth sciences and life sciences as well. Indeed, the thermal conductivity and related properties of geological and biological materials are becoming of increasing im­ portance to our way of life. As...

  7. The peculiarities of formation of circulatory system pathology of evacuated adult population exposed to ionizing radiation on thyroid gland after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

    Kapustinskaia O.A.


    Full Text Available The aim of the research - analysis of the structure and dynamics of the morbidity among eva¬cuated population, the peculiarities of pathogenesis of the most widespread forms of circulatory system (CS pathology in the remote period after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Materials and methods. Three groups of persons evacuated from Chernobyl zone of alienation were researched: persons aged 10-17 (6517 persons, 18-39 (496 persons, 40-60 (458 persons. The data on the individual radiation doses which affected thyroid gland were selected at the State Register of Ukraine on persons affected by the Chernobyl disaster. Morbidity rate was estimated per 103 man-year for 5-years periods of monitoring. The main results: Time from the moment of Chernobyl accident affected the formation of morbidity structure of evacuated population. It was fixed two peaks of morbidity incidence - initial and in 12 years. The most essential changes in CS morbidity of evacuated population were fixed 26 years later mainly in cere¬brovascular diseases. The coronary artery disease takes the first place in the morbidity structure. Significant dif¬ferences were detected at age-specific aspect. The evacuated adult population aged 18-39 years was the most vulnerable for the development of CS diseases. Adverse health effects confirmed the necessity of further research of CS morbidity with the differentiation of doses affected thyroid gland.

  8. WTP's Economic Analysis under Different Irrigation Mode--Based on Application of Choice Experiment%在不同灌溉模式下支付意愿的经济性分析--基于选择实验法的应用



    Consumers' willingness to pay (WTP) for a kind of public goods is different under different modes, and this dif⁃ference can be quantitatively analyzed. The article adopts Choice Experiment (CE) to determine consumer's preference, first make sure the research objects are farmers, then in form of questionnaire, through statistical analysis to construct the utility function, using MNL model to proceed the statistical regression calculation to obtain farmers' willingness to pay (WTP) under irrigation modes of different attribute level, and then gets the non-use value of each irrigation mode.%消费者在不同模式下的针对一种公共物品的支付意愿是不同的,而这种不同可以被定量分析。本文中采用选择实验法进行测定消费者偏好,确定研究对象是农民,采用调查问卷的形式,经统计分析构建效用函数,利用MNL模型进行统计回归计算得出农民在不同属性水平的灌溉模式之下的支付意愿,进而得出灌溉模式的非使用价值。

  9. La praxis en el pensamiento de Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez

    Manuel Uc Sánchez


    Full Text Available Sobre la base de las Tesis sobre Feuerbach de Marx, obra en la que se expone epigramáticamenteel núcleo teórico de la revolución marxista en la historia de la filosofía y en la concepción de la historia,surge un conjunto de autores que perciben dicha propuesta como filosofía de la praxis. Ejemplos ilustrativosson, entre los más relevantes: Antonio Labriola, seguido por Antonio Gramsci, G. Lukács, K. Korsch,los fundadores de la Escuela de Frankfurt y a partir de los años 50, participan en esta dirección críticaMaurice Marleau-Ponty y de la Revista Praxis Gajo Petrovic y Mihailo Markovic. Se destacan, además,los representantes de la Escuela de Budapest (Agnes Heller, Ferenc Feher, etc. así como Karel Kosic deChecoslovaquia y las reflexiones del francés Jean Paul Sartre, entre otros1, incluyendo desde luego al Dr.Adolfo Sánchez Vázquez, cuya eminente obra, Filosofía de la praxis, (1967 y 1980 desde el principiode la introducción delimita con profundidad su objetivo primordial:

  10. The Hungarian Peculiarities of National Remembrance: Historical Figures with Symbolic Importance in Nineteenth-century Hungarian History Paintings

    Zsuzsanna Tóth


    Full Text Available In order to place nineteenth-century Hungarian art into international context, this article calls for the theoretical discourse of cultural memory, when a suppressed community turns to their past and insists on their antecedents’ traditions for the survival of their culture. When, in the 1850s and 1860s, the leaders of the Habsburg Austrian Empire retaliated against Hungary for its 1848-49 “Fight for Freedom”, Hungarian visual art of the era rediscovered long-honoured figures of the historical past as the essential components of Hungarian national identity. This article argues that the successful visualization and memorialization of outstanding historical characters with symbolic values for the Hungarian nation was due to history painting itself as medium. The Hungarian painters’ choice of characters vigorously reacted to the changing political relationship between the Austrians and the Hungarians from the failure of the 1849 Hungarian Fight for Freedom until the 1850s and the 1870s involving the 1867 Austro-Hungarian Compromise. Keeping it in mind, the display and the reception of four great paintings, Bertalan Székely’s The Discovery of the Body of King Louis II (1860, Viktor Madarász’s Péter Zrínyi and Ferenc Frangepán in Prison at Wiener-Neustadt (1864, Székely’s The Women of Eger (1867 and Gyula Benczúr’s The Baptism of Vajk (1875 are analysed.

  11. [Once upon a time there was a medical faculty--a brief history of the Medical Faculty of the Erzsébet University in Pressburg (1914-1919)].

    Kiss, László


    Despite the fact that the idea of expanding the medical faculties of Budapest and Kolozsvár was formed in the 1870s, it only came true in the 1910s. The XXXVI. Law of 1912 ensured establishing new faculties in Pozsony and Debrecen. The medical faculty of Erzsébet University in Pozsony opened in 1914. The first three professors, i.e. Lajos Bakay, Ferenc Herzog and Dezső Velits, who formerly worked as head physicians for the State Hospital in Pozsony and the Institute for Midwives, were appointed then. The appointment of further professors and launching the 3rd, 4th and 5th forms were delayed by the outbreak of the war until 1918. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy the newly formed Czechoslovakia dissolved the Hungarian university in 1919. The clinics and institutes of the medical faculty were passed to Czechoslovak ownership, the Hungarian lecturers were dismissed. It is worth mentioning though that Albert Szent-Györgyi and Carl Ferdinand Cori (both Nobel Prize winners) started their scientific career in Pozsony.

  12. 电力系统中的 PLC 抗电磁干扰技术探讨%Investigation of PLC Anti-Jamming Technique in Electric Power System

    孙延岭; 彭文才; 刘国敏


    可编程控制器(PLC)广泛应用在电力系统中,本文分析了电力系统中电磁干扰的来源和影响因素,详细介绍了 MB 系列 PLC 开发过程中的抗电磁干扰技术,并结合工程应用经验介绍了 PLC 系统中电源、I/O 以及通信的抗干扰措施,对于 PLC 的开发尤其是工程应用具有一定的借鉴意义。%Programmable logic controller(PLC)has been widely used in electric power system.Analysis to source and influen-cing factor of electromagnetic interference in electric power shown.Anti-Jamming technique to electromagnetic inter-ference in development of MB series PLC is introduced.And the Anti-Jamming measure of power,I/O and communication in PLC system is introduced according to engineering application experience.This has certain referenced effect to PLC develop-ment especially engineering application.

  13. Pulse on Paste in the Treatment of Infusion Phlebitis Curative Effect Observation%脉安贴治疗输液性静脉炎的疗效观察

    邢立辉; 杨月; 杨坤


      目的探讨脉安贴治疗输液性静脉炎的方法及疗效.方法将80例输液性静脉炎患者随机分为中药脉安贴剂组、硫酸镁对照组各40例,分别给予脉安贴和硫酸镁外敷,参照疗效标准,评价效果.结果治疗组对输液性静脉炎具有良好的临床疗效,与对照组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论应用脉安贴治疗输液性静脉炎有显著疗效.%  Objective study of pulse on paste in the treatment of infusion phlebitis methods and curative effect. Method 80 cases of infusion phlebitis were randomly divided into chinese medicine pulse on patches of magnesium sulfate group, control group 40 cases. Were given portal paste and magnesium sulfate topical, referring to the efficacy of standard, evaluation result. Results the treatment group on infusion phlebitis with good clinical curative effect. compared with the control group the dif-ferences were statistically significant(P<0.05).conclusion application of pulse on paste in the treatment of infusion phlebitis have remarkable curative effect.

  14. Parameter estimation and hypothesis testing in linear models

    Koch, Karl-Rudolf


    The necessity to publish the second edition of this book arose when its third German edition had just been published. This second English edition is there­ fore a translation of the third German edition of Parameter Estimation and Hypothesis Testing in Linear Models, published in 1997. It differs from the first English edition by the addition of a new chapter on robust estimation of parameters and the deletion of the section on discriminant analysis, which has been more completely dealt with by the author in the book Bayesian In­ ference with Geodetic Applications, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg New York, 1990. Smaller additions and deletions have been incorporated, to im­ prove the text, to point out new developments or to eliminate errors which became apparent. A few examples have been also added. I thank Springer-Verlag for publishing this second edition and for the assistance in checking the translation, although the responsibility of errors remains with the author. I also want to express my thanks...

  15. Crystal structures of catalytic and regulatory subunits of rat protein kinase CK2

    ZHOU WeiHong; SHEN YueQuan; QIN XiaoHong; YAN XiaoJie; XIE XingQiao; LI Liang; FANG ShaSha; LONG JiaFu; ADELMAN John; TANG Wei-Jen


    Protein kinase CK2 consists of two catalytic subunits (CK2α) and two regulatory subunits (CK2β). Here,we report the crystal structures of rat CK2α mutant (rCK2α-△C, 1-335) and CK2β(rCK2β). The overall topology of rCK2α-△C and rCK2βare very similar to the human enzyme, although large structural dif-ferences could be observed in the N-terminal domain of rCK2α-△C. Our reported structure of rCK2α-△C is in the close conformation state while the counterpart hCK2α is in the open conformation state, indi-cating the conformation of CK2α molecule has high plasticity. The structure of rCK2β represents the conformation of free CK2β. Upon CK2α binding, the C-terminal region undergoes a drastic conforma-tional change. The major region of interaction within the interface of CK2αCK2β may serve as a bridge to transmit the conformational change and thus regulate the activity of CK2α.

  16. 中西方酒文化比较%A Comparison between Chinese and Western Wine Cul-ture



    As a beverage, the wine is infiltrated into almost all human activities and plays an important role. It is not only an objective material, but also a symbol of a kind of culture. In to-day's frequent Chinese and Western cultural communication, the differences of Chinese and Western wine culture have been attached more and more importance. Through a comparison of the origin of wine, the morality and etiquette of wine, and wine-making raw materials between China and West, the dif-ferences between Chinese and Western wine culture are ana-lyzed, in order to avoid embarrassments in cross-cultural com-munication.%作为一种饮品,酒几乎渗透在人类一切活动中,并在其中起着重要作用。它不仅是一种客观物质,且代表一种文化。在中西方文化频繁交流的今天,中西酒文化之间的差异越来越受到重视。文章通过对中西方酒的起源、酒德酒礼和酿酒原料的对比,来探讨中西方酒文化差异,以避免在跨文化交际中陷入尴尬。

  17. 关于煤矿职工安全心理培塑的调查与思考%Investigation and reflection on psychology of safety and training of coal mine workers



    The common unsafety psychology in coal mines,covering fluky psychology,indif-ference psychology,emotional psychological,reverse psychology,mental exhaustion,evasion psychology,was discussed. Meanwhile,the solution to eliminate the effect of unsafety psychol-ogy on the safety in production of coal mines was put forward. Fundamentally,the scientific management is the key to reduce miners'unsafety psychology or lighten the harm of unsafety psy-chology to the safety in production of coal mines.%论述了煤矿最常见的侥幸心理、无所谓心理、闹情绪心理、逆反心理、疲惫心理和摆脱心理等不安全心理状态,提出了解决上述不安全心理对煤矿安全生产造成的影响要从管理上下功夫,以科学管理来减少职工不安全心理或减轻不安全心理对煤矿安全生产的危害。



    @@Tuesday, October 3, 2000   0700-0800 hrs Registration      0800-0845 hrs Opening Remarks   Mr. Zhu Qingsheng, Vice Minister, MOH, China   Dr. Alex Malaspina, International Life Sciences Institute, USA      0845-0930 hrs Science as the Basis for Public Health Decisions in Nutrition and Food Safety in Asia   Dr. Kraisid Tontisirin, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy      0930-1000 hrs BREAK      1000 hrs PLENARY SESSION Ⅰ:   RISK ANALYSIS IN FOOD SAFETY/PRACTICAL APPROACHES FOR ASIAN COUNTRIES      Chair: Dr. Sue Ferenc, ILSI Risk Science Institute, USA      1000-1030 hrs Practical Approaches to Risk Assessment   Dr. Simon Brooke-Taylor, Australia New Zealand Food Authority, Australia      1030-1100 hrs Risk Management—An Industry Approach   Dr. Anthony Huggett, Néstle R & D Centre Pte Ltd, Singapore      1100-1130 hrs Risk Analysis in Action   Dr. In-Sang Song, National Institute of Toxicological Research, Korean Food and Drug Administration, Korea

  19. Does Smoking Hamper Oral Self-Care Among Dental Professionals?

    Hadi Ghasemi


    Full Text Available Objectives: Smoking may impact oral self-care (OSC.  This study aimed to analyze the role of smoking in OSC among Iranian dental health professionals.Materials and Methods: The cross-sectional data were collected at two annual dental meetings and seven randomly selected dental schools in Iran. A total of 1,459 respond- ents composed of 967 general dental practitioners (GDPs, 229 dental educators (DE, and 263 senior dental students (DS anonymously completed a self-administered ques- tionnaire inquiring about smoking status and OSC.Results: Thirty percent of the men and 12% of women reported smoking with no dif-ference according to their professional status. Women reported better OSC than did men, but only 26% of the women and 17% of the men followed the three most important recommendations for OSC. Smoking was associated with infrequent tooth brushing and flossing, irregular use of fluoride containing toothpaste, consumption of sugary snacks, and weak adherence to the recommended OSC guidelines.Conclusion: Dental health education should place more emphasis on smoking counsel-ing and cessation among dental health professionals.

  20. Precision in the measurement of dairy feed fractions based on particle size.

    Mauro Spanghero


    Full Text Available The aim of this research note is to evaluate the variability of the physical measurements obtained by a separator of feeds  for dairy cows based on particle size. Fresh samples of total mixed ration (TMR and corn silage were collected from four  dairy units and were immediately fractionated using a particle separator (NASCO®, Pennsylvania State University com-  posed of two sieves (diameters of 19 and 8 mm and a collector on the bottom. Repeatability expressed as standard devi-  ation was similar between fractions (>19, 8-19 and   +1.7 and +1.5% for corn silages, but when expressed as coefficient of variation there were, for both samples, large dif-  ferences between the values for fraction exceeding 19 mm (44.7 and 35.1 %, respectively for TMR and corn silages and  the middle (3.9 and 2.5 %, respectively for TMR and corn silages and bottom fractions (3.7 and 5.6 %, respectively for  TMR and corn silages. The between operator reproducibility was very close to repeatability and this indicates that the  operator’s contribution to the overall variability is marginal in comparison with residual variability. In conclusion, differ-  ent operators properly trained in the use of the NASCO® separator can produce satisfactory repeatable and reproducible  values for the middle and the bottom fractions. 

  1. 翼/短舱/吊架气动特性及其动力影响数值研究%Numerical simulation of wing/nacelle/pylon aerodynamic characteristics and their changes under powered condition

    李强; 汪明生


    Based on DLR-F6 model, the wing-nacelle_pylon (W-N-P) configuration dy- namic characteristics were calculated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method under through flow condition and powered condition respectively. The results show that the inter- ference configuration passage shock wave and nacelle vortex would increase nacelle overall drag and reduce wing lift. The resistance would he lower under power condition comr~aro with that ~mdo~- ~, k ~1~_%应用计算流体动力学(CFD)数值模拟方法对DLR-F6模型分别在通流及动力条件下翼/短舱/吊架(W-N-P)组合体部分的气动干扰特性进行研究.结果表明:组合体相互干扰引起的干扰通道附增激波及短舱后部逆压导致的涡流增加了短舱外罩阻力,降低了机翼升力;动力条件较通流条件,F6短舱外罩阻力降低,机翼升阻力特性在零度攻角时有所提高.

  2. Second International Conference on Neutron Transmutation Doping in Semiconductors

    Neutron Transmutation Doping in Semiconductors


    This volume contains the invited and contributed papers presented at the Second International Conference on Neutron Transmutation Doping in Semiconductors held April 23-26, 1978 at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The first "testing of the waters" symposium on this subject was organized by John Cleland and Dick Wood of the Solid-State Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in April of 1976, just one year after NTD-silicon appeared on the marketplace. Since this first meeting, NTD-silicon has become established as the starting material for the power device industry and reactor irradiations are now measured in tens of tons of material per annum making NTD processing the largest radiation effects technology in the semiconductor industry. Since the first conference at Oak Ridge, new applications and irradiation techniques have developed. Interest in a second con­ ference and in publishing the proceedings has been extremely high. The second conference at the University of Missouri was attended by 114 perso...

  3. 社会脆弱性:民国时期河南灾后饥荒的致因——以1942—1943年中原大饥荒为例%Social Vulnerability: the Reason of Henan Famine In the Republic of China--1942-1943 Famine in Henan Province



    In the Republic of China, Henan is typical areas which occur frequently natural disasters. Social vulnerability often caused the process from the disaster to the famine. Through 1942's natural disaster re-search, We found a high degree of inequality of the right to get the food in a class society, the life's indif-ference of the governor who regarded the political interests above all others, and the failure of public or-ganization under the structure of centralization-oriented organization.%民国时期的河南是天灾频发的典型地域。透过1942—1943年中原大饥荒中自然灾害的面纱,我们看到的是阶级社会里获取粮食权利的高度不平等、将政治利益置于一切之上的统治者对生命的漠视以及金字塔式组织结构之下公共性质组织的严重失效。

  4. 6th International Conference on Paleoceanography

    Mix, Alan


    This volume is one outcome of the 6th International Conference on Paleoceano­ graphy (ICP VI). The conference was held August 23-28, 1998 in Lisbon, Portugal. The meeting followed the traditional format of a small number of invited oral presentations complemented by a large number ofcontributed posters. Over 550 participants attended, representing thirty countries and nearly 450 posters were presented. The invited speakers addressed the main themes of the 5oral sessions. The session topics were: Polar-Tropical and Interhemisphere Linkages; Does the Ocean Cause, or Respond to, Abrupt Climatic Changes?; Biotic Responses to Major Paleoceanographic Changes; Past Warm Climates; and Innovations In Monitoring Ocean History. This is the first time in ICP history that the Conference Proceedings are published. The aim of the organisers with the publication of this book is two-fold: to provide a useful review of the field and to document the ideas/controversies raised during the con­ ference that may stimulate future ...

  5. Phylogeny of Panthera based on combined mithondrial coded genes%基于线粒体ND2和ND4基因合并序列探讨豹属的分子系统关系

    魏磊; 吴孝兵; 晏鹏


    为了探讨豹属(Panthera)物种间的系统发生关系,测定了虎(Panthera agm)、豹(Panthera pardus)和雪豹(Panthera uncia)的线粒体ND2和ND4编码基因序列,结合来自Ganebank的其他7种猫科动物的同源序列进行合并分析(2 417 bp).在2 417 bp比对位点中,其中有948个变异位点,632个简约信息位点.以犬为外群,分别采用最大简约法(Maximum Parsimony,MP)、最大似然法(Maximum Likelihood,ML)和贝叶斯推论法(Bayesian In-ference,Bl)重建分子系统树.结果表明:豹属除包括传统的虎、豹、狮、美洲豹(Panthera onca)和雪豹外,云豹(Neofetis nebulosa)应并归于豹属,不支持将云豹另立为云豹属的观点;豹属各物种间的系统发生关系总结为:云豹(虎(美洲豹(豹(狮、雪豹))))

  6. On two transverse nonlinear models of axially moving beams


    Nonlinear models of transverse vibration of axially moving beams are computationally investigated. A partial-differential equation is derived from the governing equation of coupled planar motion by omit- ting its longitudinal terms. The model can be reduced to an integro-partial-differential equation by av- eraging the beam disturbed tension. Numerical schemes are respectively presented for the governing equations of coupled planar and the two governing equations of transverse motion via the finite dif- ference method and differential quadrature method under the fixed boundary and the simple support boundary. A steel beam and a copper beam are treated as examples to demonstrate the deviations of the solutions to the two transverse equations from the solution to the coupled equation. The numerical results indicate that the differences increase with the amplitude of vibration and the axial speed. Both models yield almost the same precision results for small amplitude vibration and the inte- gro-partial-differential equation gives better results for large amplitude vibration.

  7. On two transverse nonlinear models of axially moving beams

    DING Hu; CHEN LiQun


    Nonlinear models of transverse vibration of axially moving beams are computationally investigated. A partial-differential equation is derived from the governing equation of coupled planar motion by omit-ting its longitudinal terms. The model can be reduced to an integro-partial-differential equation by av-eraging the beam disturbed tension. Numerical schemes are respectively presented for the governing equations of coupled planar and the two governing equations of transverse motion via the finite dif-ference method and differential quadrature method under the fixed boundary and the simple support boundary. A steel beam and a copper beam are treated as examples to demonstrate the deviations of the solutions to the two transverse equations from the solution to the coupled equation. The numerical results indicate that the differences increase with the amplitude of vibration and the axial speed. Both models yield almost the same precision results for small amplitude vibration and the inte-gro-partial-differential equation gives better results for large amplitude vibration.

  8. 刍议雅思学术类写作对英语专业写作教学的启示%Enlightment of Academic Writing for IELTS to Writing Teaching for English Major



    The author compares the testing mode of the Academic Writing for IELTS with TEM-4 writing test,to expose the dif-ference and similarity in writing between IELTS and TEM-4 tests,to stress the significant edification from IELTS writing,dedicated to improve the teacher's teaching level and the students' writing skills.%本文试从雅思学术类写作考试的模式和英语专业四级写作考试模式的对比入手,论述雅思学术类写作考试类型相对英语专业四级考试写作类型的相似点和不同点,着重阐述雅思学术类写作考试对于英语专业写作考试的启发意义,旨在提高教师的教学水平和学生的写作能力。

  9. Research of video conferencing platform based on Cloud Computing%云视频会议平台研究

    杜磊; 许博; 阚媛; 王晓卓; 马文彬


    为解决云计算环境下视频会议的开发与应用,提出了包括基础设施即服务 IaaS、平台即服务 PaaS 和软件即服务 SaaS 的云视频会议平台框架,分析了云视频会议的服务功能和会议流程,并建立了云视频会议平台系统。平台的应用能够促进信息的实时沟通,在降低企业开发、维护成本的同时,提升企业的决策能力。%To slove the problem of the development and application of video conferencing in the Cloud Computing environment , we research the video conferencing platform based on cloud computing . In this paper , the architecture of video conferencing platform is represented as IaaS , PaaS and SaaS . And the services and flow charts of platform have proposed . As the result , the video con-ferencing platform has builded for facilitate the real-time communication . At the same time , it can not only reduce the corporate maintenance costs , but also enhance the decision-making capacity .

  10. Improving the Robustness and Stability of Partial Least Squares Regression for Near-infrared Spectral Analysis

    SHAO, Xueguang; CHEN, Da; XU, Heng; LIU, Zhichao; CAI, Wensheng


    Partial least-squares (PLS) regression has been presented as a powerful tool for spectral quantitative measure- ment. However, the improvement of the robustness and stability of PLS models is still needed, because it is difficult to build a stable model when complex samples are analyzed or outliers are contained in the calibration data set. To achieve the purpose, a robust ensemble PLS technique based on probability resampling was proposed, which is named RE-PLS. In the proposed method, a probability is firstly obtained for each calibration sample from its resid- ual in a robust regression. Then, multiple PLS models are constructed based on probability resampling. At last, the multiple PLS models are used to predict unknown samples by taking the average of the predictions from the multi- ple models as final prediction result. To validate the effectiveness and universality of the proposed method, it was applied to two different sets of NIR spectra. The results show that RE-PLS can not only effectively avoid the inter- ference of outliers but also enhance the precision of prediction and the stability of PLS regression. Thus, it may pro- vide a useful tool for multivariate calibration with multiple outliers.

  11. Reliability design method for steam turbine blades

    Jinyuan SHI


    Based on theories of probability and statistics, and taking static stresses, dynamic stresses, endurance strength, safety ratios, vibration frequencies and exciting force frequencies of blades as random variables, a reliabil-ity design method for steam turbine blades is presented. The purport and calculation method for blade reliability are expounded. The distribution parameters of random variables are determined after analysis and numerical cal-culation of test data. The fatigue strength and the vibra-tion design reliability of turbine blades are determined with the aid of a probabilistic design method and by inter-ference models for stress distribution and strength distri-bution. Some blade reliability design calculation formulas for a dynamic stress design method, a safety ratio design method for fatigue strength, and a vibration reliability design method for the first and second types of tuned blades and a packet of blades on a disk connected closely, are given together with some practical examples. With these methods, the design reliability of steam turbine blades can be guaranteed in the design stage. This research may provide some scientific basis for reliability design of steam turbine blades.

  12. Characteristics of diffusion-tensor imaging for healthy adult rhesus monkey brains

    Xinxiang Zhao; Jun Pu; Yaodong Fan; Xiaoqun Niu; Danping Yu; Yanglin Zhang


    Diffusion-tensor imaging can be used to observe the microstructure of brain tissue. Fractional sotropy reflects the integrity of white matter fibers. Fractional anisotropy of a young adult brain is low in gray matter, high in white matter, and highest in the splenium of the corpus cal osum. Thus, we selected the anterior and posterior limbs of the internal capsule, head of the caudate nucleus, se-mioval center, thalamus, and corpus cal osum (splenium and genu) as regions of interest when using diffusion-tensor imaging to observe fractional anisotropy of major white matter fiber tracts and the deep gray matter of healthy rhesus monkeys aged 4-8 years. Results showed no laterality ferences in fractional anisotropy values. Fractional anisotropy values were low in the head of date nucleus and thalamus in gray matter. Fractional anisotropy values were highest in the sple-nium of corpus cal osum in the white matter, fol owed by genu of the corpus cal osum and the posterior limb of the internal capsule. Fractional anisotropy values were lowest in the semioval center and posterior limb of internal capsule. These results suggest that fractional anisotropy values in major white matter fibers and the deep gray matter of 4-8-year-old rhesus monkeys are similar to those of healthy young people.

  13. A study on the tourism practitioners perception of tourism impact a case study of Hainan, China

    Xie Genzong; Chen Yongsheng; Qiu Penghua; Li Pengshan


    This study examines the urban population of tourism practitioners'perceptions of economic,environmental,and social impacts on cultural,convention,and sport tourism may have in Haikou and Sanya,Hainan,China the study uses a modified Urban Tourism Impact (UTI) to examine economic,environmental and social perceived impacts.Analysis of the data includes testing three models of structural relationships between tourism impacts and support for development in each of the tourism market sub-divisions through a confirmatory factor analysis.The results of this study show that the positive economic impacts consistently exert influence on predicting support for tourism development in all three models.However,the social impacts play a greater explanatory role with all three market segment,the negative environmental impacts play a role in determining support for .sport tourism only.Dif ferences have been found with those with a higher education level in predictmg support for cultural tourism,but not Convention or sport tourism.

  14. MAPP-konference med fokus på branding af fødevarer

    Stacey, Julia


    Branding af fødevarer har været aktuel i de seneste år, men branding har en lang historie bag sig. Konceptet opstod under den industrielle revolution. Her dannede masseproduktion og nye former for distribution grundlag for nye måder at kommunikere på mellem fødevareproducenter og forbrugere. De...... seneste fem til ti år har interessen for branding af fødevarer nået nye højder - både inden for forskning og i fødevarevirksomhedernes hverdag. Mærker skaber præferencer Traditionelt hjælper et mærke forbrugerne til at gøre brug af tidligere erfaringer. Mærker hjælper forbrugerne til at genkøbe fødevarer......, der er sunde og smager godt. De vil også vide, hvordan fødevarer bliver produceret, markedsført osv. De vil have indsigt i producentens strategi og værdigrundlag samt fødevarernes symbolske, sociale og psykologiske betydning. Ingen af disse aspekter kan ses eller lugtes. De baserer sig udelukkende på...

  15. REE Geochemical Characteristics of Tungsten Minerals as a Discriminant Indicator of Genetic Types of Ore Deposits

    张玉学; 刘文茂; 等


    Tungsten minerals (scheelite and wolframite)from two genetic types of granitoids show significant dif-ferences in REE distribution,probably due to different material sources and origins.Tungsten miner-als in granite porphyry of the crust-mantle source are relatively high in ∑REE(1884ppm on average).∑ Ce is rich relative to ∑Y and ∑Ce/∑Y is relatively high(>1).The chondrite-normalized REE distribution patterns are characterized by a group of rightward-inclined curves.Tungsten minerals in quartz veins intruding the granites of crust origin have lower ∑REE (335 ppm on average).∑Y is rich relative to ∑Ce and ∑Ce/∑Y is relatively low(<1).The chondrite-normalized REE distribution patterns are characterized by a group of leftward-inclined curves.So the REE distribution patterns can be used to discriminate the sources of rock-and ore-forming materials and the genetic types of W deposits so as to provide clues to ore prospecting.

  16. Preliminary analysis on the relationships between Tibetan Plateau NDVI change and its surface heat source and precipitation of China


    Using the automatic weather station data obtained from the Tibetan Plateau (TP), the normalized dif- ference vegetation index and the monthly precipitation data of China and by the methods of correlation and composite analysis, preliminary analytical results are achieved concerning the relationships be- tween TP NDVI change and its surface heat source and precipitation of China. The results of our re- search may lead to the following conclusions: (1) A positive correlation relationship exists between TP NDVI change and its surface heat source, including the sensible heat and the latent heat. As to the correlation of the former, it is more remarkable in western TP than in eastern TP, and as to the correla- tion of the latter, however it turns out contrary. (2) With the improvement of TP vegetation, its surface heat source of every season is also mainly reinforced, especially in summer. As to the contribution of the sensible heat and the latent heat to the increment of the TP surface heat source intensity, the for- mer is comparatively more significant than the latter in winter and spring, while in summer and autumn, the two have almost the same importance. (3) The correlation coefficient between summer NDVI over TP and the corresponding period precipitation of China displays a belt distribution of "+?+" from south to north China. (4) Anomalous surface heating field over TP derived from vegetation change is probably an important factor to affect summer precipitation of China.

  17. [Heart rhythm in humans with different processing levels of acoustic information].

    Makarenko, M V; Lyzohub, V S; Iukhymenko, L I; Khomenko, S M


    The peculiarities of the heart rhythm regulation were investigated in humans during the processing of acoustic information. Statistically significant differences were found in individuals with different levels of auditory-motor reactions according to the heart rhythm characteristics. Individuals with the high level of reactions were characterized by significantly lower total power spectrum (TP=1276.2 ms2), by the power spectrum of high (HL=280.1 ms12) and very low frequencies (VLF-469.8 ms2), as well as by low indexes of standard deviation of R-R intervals (SDNN=37.4 ms), when compared with the persons with the low level of reactions (5248.8; 866.7; 1937.0; 69.8 ms2). The correlation analysis confirmed the dif- ferences between the groups ol persons with adtierent number of processed information and variable (r=0.41, P<0.05) and spectral characteristics of heart rate (r=-0.49--0.56, P<0.05). Different strategies of activation of non-specific brain systems in formation of psycho-physiological reactions and participation of heart rhythm regulatory mechanisms in vegetative support of auditory information processing are discussed.

  18. Comparison Between Aristotle’s and Confucius’Theory of Education%孔子与亚里士多德教育理论比较



    Aristotle and Confucius are regarded as two of the most important figures in the history of education in the West and East respectively. They both developed their own theories of education over 2000 years ago which have been influencing the de-velopment of education ever since. The author intends to explore some similarities between these two theories as well as their dif-ferences through such aspects of their theories as the purpose and contents of education, the educators and educates in the theo-ries.%孔子和亚里士多德分别被认为是东西方教育史上最重要的人物之一。两千多年前他们都提出了自己的教育理论,这些理论影响直至今天。作者试图从教育的目的与内容、教育的对象与主体等方面着手,探究这两个形成于古代不同时间、不同地域却影响深远的教育理论的同异。

  19. 我市高中生生活满意度的现状调查%Survey on High School Students' Life Satisfaction in Our City



    目的:调查我市高中生的生活满意度现状,为高中心理健康教育提供参考依据。方法:采用《青少年学生生活满意度量表》,对柳州市1606名高中生进行问卷调查。结果:我市高中生的生活满意度处于中等水平,不同家庭所在地、是否为独生子女、年级之间的高中生满意度存在显著差异,不同性别高中生的生活满意度差异不显著。%Objective:Investigation of the city's high school life satisfaction, and provide reference for school mental hea-lth education. Methods:"Youth Students' Life Satisfaction Scale", Liuzhou 1606 high school questionnaire. Result:The city's high school students at the middle level of life satisfaction, different family seat, whether there are significant dif-ferences in satisfaction with one child for high school students, grades between life satisfaction high school sex differences were not significant.

  20. Inquire Deeply into Influencing Factors Analysis on Influencing Factors of Junior High School Students Metacognition Use in the Language Learning%寻根究底 追问影响因素为几何——初中生语文学习中元认知使用的影响因素探析



    Junior high school students' language learning ability are quite different, to get to the bottom, resulting in the dif- ferences of their metacognition use, metacognition factors affect mainly three aspects based on some of the learning object characteristics affect the use of language learning metacognition, the second is based on the characteristics of the learners will affect the use of meta-cognitive, metacognition learners external environmental factors impact.%初中生的语文学习能力存在较大差异,寻根究底,导致这个差异存在的是他们的元认知使用,而影响元认知使用的的因素主要是三个方面:一是基于学习对象的某些特性对语文学习的元认知使用有影响,二是基于学习者本身的特点会影响元认知的使用,三是基于学习者外在环境因素对元认知使用的影响。

  1. Development of single-chip fuzzy controller based on FFSI in binary

    张吉礼; 欧进萍; 孙德兴


    Length and concise structure of fuzzy logic reasoning program and its real-time reasoning characteris-tic have their effect on the performance of a digital single-chip fuzzy controller. The control effect of a digitalfuzzy controller based on looking up fuzzy control responding table is only relative to the table and not relative tothe fuzzy control rules in the practical control process. Aiming at above problem and having combined fuzzy log-ic reasoning with digital operational characteristics of a single-chip microcomputer, functioning-fuzzy-subset in-ference (FFSI) in binary, in which triangle membership functions of error and error-in-change are all represen-ted in binary and singleton membership functions of control variable is binary too, has been introduced. The cir-cuit principle plans of a single-chip fuzzy controller have been introduced for development of its hardware, andthe primary program structure, fuzzy logic reasoning subroutine, serial communication subroutine with PC andreliability design of the fuzzy controller are all discussed in detail. The control of indoor temperature by a fuzzycontroller has been conducted using a testing-room thermodynamic system. Research results show that the FFSIin binary can exercise a concise fuzzy control in a single-chip fuzzy controller, and the fuzzy controller is there-fore reliable and possesses a high performance-price ratio.

  2. Clinical value of cancer cells joint detection in peripheral blood plasma of thyroid cancer patients

    Yaqiong Ni; Qinjiang Liu ; Youxin Tian


    Objective:We aimed to detect cytokeratin 19 (CK19) and polymorphic epithelial mucin 1 (MUC1) expression in peripheral blood of thyroid cancer patients, and investigate the clinical value of it as a diagnostic marker for circulating blood micrometastases. Methods:The flow cytometry (FCM) was used to detect and analyze CK19 and MUC1-expressing cel s in peripheral blood of 491 thyroid cancer patients. Results:CK19 and MUC1 expression showed no statistical y significant dif-ference with gender and age in thyroid cancer patients (P>0.05), while had statistical y significant dif erence with tumor size, lymph node stage and distant metastasis (P<0.01). The expression of CK19 and MUC1 were positively correlated (r=0.628, P=0.00). Conclusion:CK19 is closely related to MUC1 expression, tumor size, extent of invasion and distant metastasis in peripheral blood of thyroid cancer patients. The circulating blood CK19 and MUC1 tests can help predict thyroid cancer micrometastases and prognosis.

  3. 强抗干扰遥控汽车编解码器的设计与应用%The design and appli cation of RC cars codec with strong anti-interference ability

    梁晓琳; 包本刚; 李艳芳; 潘海军


    为提高遥控汽车的抗干扰能力,优化其控制功能,设计了一款具有16位随机地址码学习能力的多功能遥控汽车编解码器( MT-5/MR-5)。通过建立良好的通信协议、引入随机地址码学习功能和优化电路结构,极大地提高了遥控汽车的抗干扰和精确控制能力。最后介绍了该对编解码器在电路中的应用,具有进一步推广应用价值。%In order to improve the anti-interference ability of the remote control car , and optimize its control function , a pair of multifunctional remote control encoder MT-5 and decoder MR-5 are designed , they have a 16-bit random address code study ability , with a good communication protocol between , and some good circuit structure . Therefore , it greatly improves the anti-inter-ference and the precision control ability for remote control car . Finally , the application of encoder and decoder in electric circuit were introduced , and they have a further popularization and application value .

  4. Work–Family Interference: Nurses in Norway and Finland

    Bente Abrahamsen


    Full Text Available Abstract The aim of the study is to investigate the level of work–family inter-ference (WFI for part-time nurses in Norway and Finland. Part-time work is usually cited as a desirable way in which to facilitate work and family harmony. However, the opportunity to work part-time in professions may be associated with greater difficulties and challenges than commonly presumed. Part-time professionals are often stigmatized as being less committed to work and report fewer job rewards than colleagues in full-time positions. This study challenges the notion of the desir-able consequences of work hour flexibility concerning the integration of work and family. Part-time nurses in Norway and Finland report an equal level or even higher levels of interference than nurses in full-time positions. A disproportional distri-bution of inconvenient work schedules appears to be a central explanation for the results reported by Norwegian nurses, but to a lesser degree by Finnish nurses.

  5. A new capacitive borehole tiltmeter for crustal deformation measurement and its performance analysis

    Wu Liheng; Li Tao; Chen Zheng; Li Hong


    Borehole inclinometers are important observation instruments used to measure ground tilt movement and monitor crustal deformation of solid tides and geological landslide disasters. They are widely used in oil exploration, mineral resource drilling, well logging, exploration and other fields. There is potential for development of rock stress strain monitoring tools. Many types of tiltmeters have been installed, such as SQ-7, FSQ, VS and JB. However, these tiltmeters are generally installed in a deep cave to avoid the inter-ference of temperature, humidity, and human activities. With the urbanization of human society, suitable installation locations are difficult to find. To solve the problem, a two-component borehole tiltmeter, named the CBT-type tiltmeter, is proposed in this paper. It can be installed in a borehole less than 500 m deep to eliminate environmental influences. The tiltmeter is composed of two sophisticated gravitational swing and two capacitive transducers. From preliminary theory and experiment analysis, its linear correlation coefficient is higher than 0.99, its co-seismic response is rapid and its noise level is up to 10-4 arc seconds in practice.

  6. 硬膜外麻醉和腰硬联合麻醉用于剖官产手术效果的比较%Comparison of Effect Between Spinal-epidural Anesthesia and Epidural Anesthesia in Caesarean Section



    Objective To compare the effects between spinal-epidural anesthesia and epidural anesthesia in caesarean section so as to provide reference for clinical procedures. Methods 160 pregnant woman who underwent caesarean section in our hospital during July 2012 and November 2014 were divided into group A (n=80) in which epidural anesthesia was performed, and group B (n=80) in which spinal-epidural anesthesia was conducted. The anesthetic effects of were compared between the two groups. Re-sults The excellent and good rate was higher, 100%vs 85.0%, in the group A than in the group B with statistically significant dif-ference, P0.05. Onset time of anesthesia was shorter in the group B than in the group A,P0.05,乙组患者麻醉起效时间明显短于甲组,P<0.05。结论在剖宫产手术中采用腰硬联合麻醉操作方便,成功率高,具有使用价值。

  7. Effects of Characteristics of Fly Ash on the Properties of Geopolymer

    杜海燕; 杨立娜; 高婉琪; 刘家臣


    The properties of two types of fly ash geopolymers made from class F fly ashes produced in wet bottom and dry bottom boilers were investigated in the present study. The source material used in the geopolymer concrete was activated with sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate solution. The results revealed that the geopolymer pro-duced with wet bottom boiler fly ash(CZ-FA)hardened quickly, and had higher early-age strength and lower shrinkage than the geopolymer produced with dry bottom boiler fly ash(SX-FA). The compressive strength of the two geopolymers made from CZ-FA and SX-FA was 45 MPa and 15 MPa respectively when cured at 60℃ and delayed for 14 d. However, after 90 days’ delay, the compressive strength of both the samples is almost the same, up to 80 MPa. Nearly 20% volume shrinkage of the samples made from SX-FA was much higher than that made from CZ-FA, which was almost zero. XRD, SEM/EDS and FT-IR were used to analyze the main reason of the dif-ferences.

  8. Comparative Study on the Effects of Serf-made Liver Preservation Solution on Secretion of ICAM-1 and NO in Rats

    Shiming WANG; Peng DAI; Jun XU; Zheng YANG


    In order to study the effect of self-made liver preservation solution on liver preservation by comparing with UW solution and HC-A solution, the self-made liver preservation solution (SM) and perfusion solution were prepared under the aseptic conditions. The isolated non-circulated perfu-sion rat liver model was established. According to the different preservation solutions, the rats were randomly divided into UW group, SM group and HC-A group. The three groups were divided into 6subgroups according to the preservation duration (n=6 in each group). The transferase in liver perfu-sion solution and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) and nitric oxide (NO) in liver tissues were determined at 2, 8 and 24 h respectively. The results showed that the levels of alanine aml- notransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) had no significant difference between SM group and UW group, but significantly lower than in HC-A group. The levels of ICAM-1 and NO were increased simultaneously in SM group and UW group (P>0.05), but there was significant dif-ference as compared with HC-A group (P<0.05). At the same time point, the level of ICAM-1 was higher in SM group than in UW group, but NO was lower. The preservation effect of SM solution is the same as UW solution, but better than HC-A solution.

  9. Clinical observation on Zhigankang Wan treating 60 cases with fatty liver of dampness retention and Qi-stagnation and blood stasis%脂肝康丸治疗湿浊凝结、气滞血瘀型脂肪肝60例临床观察



    60 cases of damp reten tion and Qi-stagnation and blood stasis were divided randomly into treatment group and control group,each 30 cases. The treatment group we re given Zhigankang Wan and the con trol group were given C ompound dichloroacetat e diisopropylamine tablets,both fo r 12 weeks , wi th clin ical efficiency of 83 .3%and 60% respectively,which show ed significant dif ferences (P<0.05).%将60例湿浊凝结、气滞血瘀型脂肪肝患者随机分为治疗组及对照组各30例,治疗组用脂肝康丸、对照组用复方二氯醋酸二异丙胺片治疗12周,治疗组临床总有效率83.3%、对照组总有效率60%,两组相比差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。

  10. On the Capacity of the Interference Channel with a Cognitive Relay

    Rini, Stefano; Devroye, Natasha; Goldsmith, Andrea


    The InterFerence Channel with a Cognitive Relay (IFC-CR) consists of the classical interference channel with two independent source-destination pairs whose communication is aided by an additional node, referred to as the cognitive relay, that has a priori knowledge of both sources' messages. This a priori message knowledge is termed cognition and idealizes the relay learning the messages of the two sources from their transmissions over a wireless channel. This paper presents new inner and outer bounds for the capacity region of the general memoryless IFC-CR that are shown to be tight for a certain class of channels. The new outer bound follows from arguments originally devised for broadcast channels among which Sato's observation that the capacity region of channels with non-cooperative receivers only depends on the channel output conditional marginal distributions. The new inner bound is shown to include all previously proposed coding schemes and it is thus the largest known achievable rate region to date. T...

  11. Isozyme Analysis of Jin Silver Carp ( Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Var Jin)

    Qiang YANG; Jun HAO; Di BAO; Aijun LIANG; Wankun JIN; Chongwen LI; Xinghua ZHANG; Shi DONG


    Abstract [Objective] The aim was to carry out isozyme analysis of jin silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys mofitrix Var Jing). [Method] The isozyme of AAT, EST, cc-GPD, GPI, IDH, LDH, MDH, ME, PGM and PROT of muscles and liver in two populations of the silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix): Jin silver carp (a breed through se- lective breeding) and artificially propagated population bought from Jingzhou city, Hubei Province were examined by horizontal starch gel electrophoresis. [Result] Eigh- teen loci were observed in two populations. Two loci of GPI and PGM in Jing sil- ver carp population and the locus of GPI in Jingzhou population were polymorphic. The proportions of polymorphic loci (maximum allele frequency-〈0.99) of Jing silver carp and Jingzhou populations were 11.11% and 5.56% respectively, expected het- erozygosity were 0.015 0 and 0.001 1 respectively. The Nei's genetic distances were 0.000 59 between two populations. The result of chi-square test of the GPI gene in two populations showed that their genetic structure has very significant dif- ference. [Conclusion] This study provided a theoretical basis for large-scale extension of Jing silver carp.

  12. Antler development in reindeer in relation to age and sex

    Amund Høymork


    Full Text Available Yearling male and adult female reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus are similar in size and shape. If sexual clues are hidden, it can be difficult to distinguish between them. Antlers can be a useful aid in classifying yearling males and adult females, depending on whether specific antler characteristics are identifiable for these two groups. We recorded antler characteristics in a domestic reindeer herd (Vågå and found considerable overlap in antler height, width and circumference between the different age and sex groups. Total tines and number of tine split-offs are use¬ful for the field biologist when discriminating among adult females, yearling males and 2.5 year-old males. For example, when using the tine split-offs with the suggested classification, 79% of the observed adult females and 76% of the yearling males were classified correctly. The antler height, width and circumference provide other biological dif¬ferences between groups, but are not easy to use to identify free ranging reindeer. This is due to the great overlap in antler size between the groups and measuring difficulties in a field study situation. Male and female calves have very similar antlers, and only the antler width is possible for sex discrimination, giving 67% accuracy of discriminating between these two groups.

  13. Genetic diversity analysis by RAPD in Cathaya argyrophylla Chun et Kuang

    汪小全; 邹喻苹; 张大明; 洪德元; 刘正宇


    Genetic diversity level of Cathaya argyrophylla was confirmed by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers. Seventy five samples (individuals), collected from Hunan and Sichuan provinces of China were used in the study. 21 10-mer oligonucleotide primers detected 106 sites, and 34 (32% ) of them were polymor-phic. The level of genetic variation in C. argyrophylla was lower than those of other conifers, and was considered to be associated with the complexity of habitats. The percentages of polymorphic sites (PPS) in the Hunan and Sichuan pop-ulations were 18% and 25% respectively. 7.99% of genetic variation existed between the two populations; this value was higher than the mean value (6.8%) among populations in conifers displayed by allozyme. Some subpopulations of C. argyrophylla were greatly differentiated because of site mutation and genetic drift. The highest value of genetic dif-ference between subpopulations amounted to 16. 23% . In addition, a concept of diversity coefficient(DC), a value us

  14. Méthode de contrôle automatique des données bibliographiques dans les bases de données du CERN

    Cart, Catherine


    Cette étude présente une méthode de contrôle automatique des réferences des documents importés dans des bases de données. Conçu initialement pour la mise à jour de la base de littérature grise du Service de l'information scientifique du CERN, puis étendu à sa base de monographies, le programme chkall ("check all") propose différentes applications pour contrôler les données de catalogage relatives aux documents (électroniques ou non) et pour en assurer la modification semi-automatique. Devant l'augmentation massive des données et la nécessité de les contrôler, ce programme, transposable à d'autres contextes, permet d'enrichir un catalogue et d'en augmenter la précision et la cohérence. - We describe a method for automatically controlling references to documents uploaded into databases. Initially designed as part of the gray literature database upgrade at the CERN Scientific Information Service and then extended to its monographic database, the chkall (check all) program offers different ...

  15. Isospin and symmetry energy study in nuclear EOS


    This paper summarizes the isoscaling and isospin related studies in asymmetry nuclear reactions by different dynamic and sta tistical models. Isospin dependent quantum molecular dynamics model (IQMD) and lattice gas model (LGM) are used to study the isoscaling properties and isoscaling parameters dependence on incident energies, impact parameters, temperature and other parameters. In the LGM model, the signal of phase transition has been found in free neutron (proton) chemical potential dif ference Δμn or Δμp as a function of temperature, or in free neutron and proton chemical potential difference Δμn-Δμp. Density dependence of symmetry energy coefficient Csym(ρ/ρ0) is also studied in the frame of LGM, with the potential parameters which can reproduce the nuclear ground state property, soft density dependence of symmetry energy is deduced from the sim ulation results. Giant dipole resonance (GDR) induced by isospin asymmetry in entrance channel is also studied via IQMD model, and the dynamic dipole resonance shows isospin sensitivity on the isospin asymmetry of entrance channel and sym metry energy of the nuclear equation of state (EOS). GDR can also be regarded as a possible isospin sensitive signature.

  16. Chemical diversity of essential oils from flowers, leaves, and stems of Rhanterium epapposum Oliv. growing in northern border region of Saudi Arabia

    Marwa Awad; Abdelrhman Abdelwahab


    Objective: To evaluate the medicinal uses of Rhanterium epapposum Oliv. (R. epapposum) growing in northern border region of Saudi Arabia, through the chemical diversity of essential oils extracted from its flowers, leaves and stems. Methods: Aerial parts of R. epapposum were collected in April 2014. Air dried flowers, leaves, and stems were separately subjected to hydrodistillation in a Clevenger-type apparatus for 4 h to extract the essential oils. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of the essential oils was carried out using an Agilent 6890 gas chromatograph equipped with an Agilent 5973 mass spectrometric detector. Results: A total of 51 compounds representing 76.35%–94.86%of flowers, leaves and stems oils composition were identified. The chemical profiles of the studied fractions revealed the dominance of monoterpenes, regardless of qualitative and quantitative dif-ferences observed. Limonene, linalool, 4-terpineol and a-cadinol represented the major constituents of flowers oil. Leaves oil was dominated by limonene, sabinene, a-pinene and β-myrcene whereas linalool, ionole, a-cadinol, β-eudesmol, 4-terpineol, and a-terpineol were the major constituents of stems oil. Conclusions: Essential oils from flowers, leaves and stems of R. epapposum growing in northern border region of Saudi Arabia are considered as a rich source of monoterpenes which have biological activities.

  17. LTE覆盖增强技术概述

    鲁照华; 张晓丹; 陈宪明; 刘锟中; 胡留军


    随着LTE系统的不断部署,系统边缘覆盖能力的提升已成为大规模商用化之前亟待解决的重要问题。介绍了LTE产业化过程中覆盖增强的相关技术,主要通过增加数据的发射功率和抑制小区间干扰来实现LTE系统的覆盖增强。各种技术的使用需要根据实际组网的环境灵活选择,可以有效改善LTE系统的上下行覆盖质量,提高用户满意度。%With the deployment of LTE system, im-proving the performance of edge coverage has be-come an important issue, which needs to be solved before large-scale commercial development. This pa-per introduces technologies related to coverage en-hancement in the LTE system, such as increasing signal transmit power and mitigating inter-cell inter-ference. In order to upgrade the LTE systems service quality and improve user satisfaction, various tech-nique should be selected according to actual network environment.

  18. [Analysis on the characteristics and interference factors of different types of measurement instruments for meridian-acupoint resistance].

    She, Yan-Fen; Zhu, Jiang


    The meridian-acupoint has response function and effect function. As a direct reflection between acupoint and diseased area, the response function is the foundation of the effect function, and skin resistance of acupoint is usually used as an objective indice for research of meridian-acupoint response. Among the skin resistance-based researches on specificity of meridian-acupoint reaction, the selection of instrument is a key point. At present the main measurement instruments for meridian-acupoint resistance include dual-electrode device and four-electrode device. After analyzing the characteristics and inter-ference factors of different types of measurement instruments for meridian-acupoint resistance, dual-electrode device is suitable for qualitative analysis, for its control of interference factors needs to improve. The four-electrode device is good at quantitative research, for it is easier to control interference factors. Yet, there is more for research department to do to improve the instrument design by modern scientific technique in order to meet need for research.

  19. Comparison between Journal of Academic Libraries and College & Research Libraries%《大学图书馆学报》与《College&Research Libraries》比较



    Journal of Academic Libraries and College & Research Libraries are college research journals of China and the United States. By comparing the topics between these two journals, we can learn the dif- ferences and research focues. The analysis will be valuable to editors of Chinese college journals.%《大学图书馆学报》与《College&Research Libraries》分别代表中国与美国的大学图书馆学专业期刊。通过比较大学图书馆学报《College&Research Libraries》主要研究议题的差别,可以从一个侧面分析二者在研究主题上的差异和特色,为我国大学图书馆学专业期刊在编辑出版方面带来不同的思考方向与参考价值。

  20. 基于区块链技术的采样机器人数据保护方法%Data integrity protection method for microorganism sampling robots based on blockchain technology

    赵赫; 李晓风; 占礼葵; 吴仲城


    基于加密数字货币的区块链技术,提出了一种传感数据真实性保障方法,并在微生物采样机器人系统中开展应用。本方法可以使这些机器人在完成工作任务的同时,避免受到不当人为干预的影响,特别是来自管理监督方的数据篡改行为。研究结果表明:由于加密数字货币区块链的高度安全性,因此该方案拥有极高的数据抗篡改特性,且成本低廉、易于实施。%A method to protect sensor data veracity was proposed based on blockchain,the technology behind crypto currency.This method was applied to microorganism sampling robot system.The pur-pose of this method was to ensure that the work of robots were independent of improper human inter-ference,especially the data tampering behavior by supervisory personnel.Research results show that because of the secure protection of crypto currency blockchain,the method features highly tamper re-sistance,low cost and easy implementation.

  1. A Comparative Study of Fish Assemblages Near Aquaculture, Artificial and Natural Habitats

    WANG Zhenhua; CHEN Yong; ZHANG Shouyu; WANG Kai; ZHAO Jing; XU Qiang


    Habitat plays a critical role in regulating fish community structure. Using the data collected from a monthly trammel net survey in Ma’an archipelago off the east coast of China, we evaluated impacts of five different habitats (artificial reefs, mussel farms, cage aquaculture, rocky reefs and soft bottom) on fish assemblages. This study suggests that artificial reefs (AR) have significantly higher species richness, abundance and diversity than mussel farms (MF) or soft bottom (SB) habitats during most seasons, and that fish taxa in the AR habitats are similar to those in the rocky reef (RR) habitats. Two different fish assemblage patterns were revealed in the study area using non-metric multidimensional scaling ordination: an assemblage dominated by reef fishes (especially by Scor-paenidae species) in AR, RR and cage aquaculture (CA) habitats and an assemblage dominated by Sciaenidae species in MF and SB habitats. We suggest that reef fishes play a key role in differentiating fish community structures in the study area. Although few dif-ferences in fish abundance and diversity were found between the CA and SB habitats, a more diverse age structure was observed in the CA habitats. A much more complex fish assemblage and enhanced population of local species were established as a result of the presence of both floating and fixed artificial structures, probably through improved survival rates.

  2. Comparison of Isoflurane and Sevoflurane for Controlled Hypotension in Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries and Tympanomastoidectomy

    B. Yazdi


    Full Text Available Introduction & Objective: Even a little bleeding can adversely affect the surgeon's ability to visualize the region to be operated in ENT operations. The aim of this study is to compare the effects of isoflurane and sevoflurane on hemodynamics and bleeding in controlled hypoten-sion. Materials & Methods: This study was a double-blind clinical trial. Ninety patients who were candidates for endoscopic sinus surgery and tympanomastoidectomy in Amirkabir hospital of Arak were randomly assigned into two groups of isoflurane and sevoflurane. Remifentanil was infused at 0.1 µg/kg/min for both groups during surgery and the amount of bleeding and hemodynamic parameter were recorded. The data was analyzed by SPSS-20 and ANOVA statistical test. Results: Underlying and hemodynamic variables were similar between the two groups preop-eratively. The amount of blood loss during surgery showed that there were no significant dif-ferences between the two groups (P=0.802 and no significant differences in hemodynamic variables (heart rate, systolic/diastolic blood pressure and arterial oxygen saturation were observed between the two groups during the surgery. Conclusion: It is concluded that there is no difference between sevoflurane and isoflurane in controlled hypotension. Thus, using these drugs in operations with excessive bleeding is rec-ommended. (Sci J Hamadan Univ Med Sci 2014; 21(2:85-91

  3. Difference of histology and elemental composition of the cervical enamels among human permanent teeth

    Masashi TAKAHASHI; Shin-Ichi GOTO; Kazuhisa MORI; Izumi MATAGA


    The purpose of this study is to clarify the dif-ference of histology and elemental composition of the cer-vical enamels among the human permanent teeth. The re-ground surfaces at the cervical enamels of them were observed under scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The contents of seven elements were analyzed quantita-tively with electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA). The widths of the rod sections at the cervical enamels were larger than those at the cuspal enamels. The rod sections at the mesial cervical enamels in the incisors were more obscure and more decayed by acid solution than those in the premolars and molars. The calcium and phosphorus contents of the cervical enamels were significantly lower than those of the cuspal enamels. The carbon content of the cervical enamels was significantly higher than that of the cuspal enamels. The calcium and phosphorus contents of the cervical enamels were the significantly highest in the premolars. The carbon and sodium contents of the cer-vical enamels were significantly highest in the premolars. It is thought that the calcification level is lower, while the content of organic matter is higher at the cervical enamels than those at the cuspal enamels. It is considered that the sodium causes high calcification.

  4. APL programs for the mathematics classroom

    Thomson, Norman D


    The idea for this book grew out of proposals at the APL86 con­ ference in Manchester which led to the initiation of the I-APL (International APL) project, and through it to the availability of an interpreter which would bring the advantages of APL within the means of vast numbers of school children and their teachers. The motivation is that once school teachers have glimpsed the possibilities, there will be a place for an "ideas" book of short programs which will enable useful algorithms to be brought rapidly into classroom use, and perhaps even to be written and developed in front of the class. A scan of the contents will show how the conciseness of APL makes it possible to address a huge range of topics in a small number of pages. There is naturally a degree of idiosyncrasy in the choice of topics - the selection I have made reflects algo­ rithms which have either proved useful in real work, or which have caught my imagination as candidates for demonstrating the value of APL as a mathematical notation. Wh...


    Franja Fratrić


    Full Text Available The main goal of this research is to determine whether and what differences exist between the three groups of subjects (high-quality football, volleyball and basketball cadets and youth age, in the motoric and functional abilities, as well as to identify dif- ferences between subgroups within each sport. The sample consists of 61 volleyball, 31 basketball player and football player 31 (total n = 123 male, cadet and youth age are members of local clubs. Subjects were born between 01.01.1991 and 12.12.1994. The sample of variables are the values of 17 tests for the evaluation of functional and mobile status. The Motor-functional status on the basis of the results of secondary value of foot- ball, basketball and volleyball make a clear conclusion that the football players showed the best results in almost all the tests and that they had the smallest disbalance in the power of certain groups of muscles.The football players hve the highest homogeneity.

  6. Association of G+1688A Polymorphism of Platelet Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 Gene with Myocardial Infarction in the Chinese Han Population

    YANG Ying; CHENG Longxian; Ripen Nsenga; HE Meian; CHANG Zhitang; WU Tangchun


    In order to investigate the association of G+1688A (Ser563Asn) polymorphism of platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule-1 (PECAM-1) gene with myocardial infarction (MI) in the Chi- nese Han population, the G+1688A polymorphism in PECAM-1 gene was detected by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment-length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) method among 502 subjects, including 218 patients with MI and 284 controls. The results showed that there was significant dif-ference in AA frequencies of genotype G+1688A polymorphism between case and control groups (39% vs 24%, P<0.001). A similar trend was observed on the allele frequencies (A/G: 62% vs 49%, P<0.001). Among the subjects with high serum total cholesterol level or high systolic blood pressure level, the variant AA genotype was associated with high risk of MI (adjusted OR, 2.13; 95% CI, 1.08-4.41 and adjusted OR, 2.53; 95%CI, 1.63-3.63). The single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) at position +1688 in the exon 8 of PECAM-1 gene was associated with MI and the allele A might be a risk factor for MI in the Chinese Han population.

  7. Developments in Humidity Standards and the Psychrometer Equation%湿度标准及湿度计量之进展

    Ian C. Kemp; Carl-Gustav Berg


    Determination of the wet-bulb temperature at the surface of a material is the basis of one class ofhumidity measuring instruments, and is important in industrial applications such as dryer modelling and simula-tion. The psychrometer equation is a frequently used method of estimating wet-bulb temperature, and contains apsychrometer "constant". Analysis shows that this is in fact a variable coefficient affected by temperature, pressure,radiation and conduction effects, and the identity of the gas and vapour. Radiation and conduction affect the dif-ference between adiabatic saturation temperature and indicated wet-bulb temperature. Inconsistencies in currentlyrecommended values for the psychrometer coefficient, including published international standards, are identifiedand explained. Particular problems arise when the enhancement factor is applied to vapour pressure to accountfor non-ideality of gases. Special considerations are also needed for wet-bulb temperatures approaching the boilingpoint, where the psychrometer coefficient tends to zero. Self-consistent recommendations recently published in thenew British Standard BS1339 are given, which cover both the air-water system and a general vapour-gas system.

  8. 14th International Conference on Operator Theory

    Timotin, D; Vasilescu, F-H


    Since 1976 the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy (formerly the Department of Mathematics of INCREST) and the Faculty of Mathematics (formerly the Faculty of Sciences) of the University ofTimi~oara have organized several Con­ ferences on Operator Theory. These Conferences were held yearly in Timi~oara (or in Timi~oara and Herculane) and beginning with 1985 they were held in Bucharest (1985,1986), in Timi~oara (1988) and in Predeal (1990). At the beginning, these Conferences answered the need of a part of the Romanian Mathematical Community ofexploring other forms of survival, after the dissolution of the Institute of Mathematics in 1975. Soon, these meetings evolved to International Conferences with a broad participation and where important results in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras and their interplay with Complex Function Theory, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, System Theory, etc. were presented. The 14th Conference on Operator Theory was held between June 1st and June 5th...

  9. 论服装结构设计中的二维思维和三维思维%On Two-Dimensional & Three-Dimensional Thinking Modes in Clothing Structure Design



    ferences between eastern and western traditions and culture result in the lack of 3D thinking mode in 3D struc-ture design among clothing designers in China who still design clothing in 2D thinking mode. This is a great obstacle for clothing structure designers to improve their design level. Finally, the paper suggests that in China, 3D thinking should be consciously introduced into clothing design, its essence be thoroughly understood and be made into our structure and pattern design system.%文章对中西服装结构设计作了比较,指出由于东西方传统和文化的差异,导致我国服装设计师缺乏立体结构设计的三维思维方式,而仍然以二维思维的方式在设计服装,这对服装结构设计师提高设计水平造成了极大的障碍。最后提出我国服装设计要有意识地引入3D立体式思维,悟透其的精髓,使之融入甚或重构我们的结构造型设计体系。

  10. Expo Pakistan 2005 - the First Ever Mega Showcase of Pakistani Products

    Liu Yun


    @@ The First-ever Mega Showcase of Pakistani products for Global Mar-ket, Expo 2005 is being held in Karachi from February 2-5, 2005.This will be the largest ever interna-tional commercial event in Pakistan with about 600 exhibitors of Paki-stani goods and services displaying their products providing opportuni-ties for joint ventures and investment,besides the exhibition. Thus it would be an ideal one-stop sourcing event,showcasing the premium and value-priced products of Pakistan. It brings out the best of Pakistan congregat-ing the buyers and sellers at one place giving them an opportunity to establish new busi-ness alliances in trade, joint ventures and business investments. This exhibition enjoys the full support of the Government and pri-vate sector. The Technical Session and Con-ferences held during Expo Pakistan 2005,will give the participants an opportunity to understand the sectoral and overall opportu-nities that Pakistan offers.


    贾仲孝; 陈桂芝


    The refined Arnoldi method proposed by Jia is used for computing some eigen-pairs of large matrices. In contrast to the Arnoldi method, the fundamental dif-ference is that the refined method seeks certain refined Ritz vectors, which aredifferent from the Ritz vectors obtained by the Arnoldi method, from a projection space with minimal residuals to approximate the desired eigenvectors. In com-parison with the Ritz vectors, the refined Ritz vectors are guaranteed to converge theoretically and can converge much faster numerically. In this paper we propose to replace the Ritz values, obtained by the Arnoldi method with respect to a Krylovsubspace, by the ones obtained with respect to the subspace spanned by the refined Ritz vectors. We discuss how to compute these new approximations cheaply and reliably. Theoretical error bounds between the original Ritz values and the new Ritz values are established. Finally, we present a variant of the refined Arnoldi al-gorithm for an augmented Krylov subspace and discuss restarting issue. Numerical results confirm efficiency of the new algorithm.

  12. PREFACE: 8th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves

    Marka, Zsuzsa; Marka, Szabolcs


    thoughtful delivery of conference goals and enabling many lively discussions that are much needed for the development of our frontier field. We would also like to thank the hard work of Columbia University Physics Department administrators for handling some of the practical aspects of the organization. Finally, a team of students (Jonathan Berliner, Rutu Das, David Fierroz, Alyssa Miller, David Murphy and Keith Redwine) provided assistance behind the scene. Their hard work, practical ideas, and dedication are greatly appreciated. We are also grateful for Keith Redwine for his help in organizing the JPCS proceedings articles. Finally, we would like to thank the over 310 participants for their interesting and lively contributions that ultimately made the conference a success. Zsuzsa Marka Local Organizing Committee Szabolcs Marka Chair, Local Organizing Committee Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory and Physics Department, Columbia University Guest Editors AMALDI picture

  13. 化学发光微粒免疫分析技术检测输血四项的性能评估%Performance Verification of Chemiluminesent Micropaticle Immunoassay for the Four Blood Index

    刘立民; 李钰; 蒙雨明; 戴盛明


    目的:验证和评价雅培 ARCHITECT-i2000SR 化学发光分析仪检测乙肝表面抗原(HBsAg)、抗人类免疫缺陷病毒(HIV)、抗梅毒螺旋体(TP)、抗丙型肝炎病毒(HCV)抗体的性能。方法对 ARCHITECT-i2000SR 的精密度、污染携带、参考区间、分析测量范围进行验证;化学发光微粒免疫分析(CMIA)和 ELISA 法检测相同标本,进行方法学比对。结果HBsAg,HIV,TP,HCV 抗体的精密度、携带污染和 HBsAg 参考区间均符合 ARCHITECT-i2000SR 的性能标准;HB-sAg 线性回归:Y =1.102X -6.6786(r=0.9955,P <0.05),HBsAg 线性范围为:1.08~208.6 IU/ml;两种方法检测输血前四项结果的一致性为优。结论ARCHITECT-i2000SR 检测输血前四项的主要性能验证结果与厂家声明的范围基本一致,可用于临床样本的检测。%Objective To evaluate the analytical performance of ARCHITECT-i2000SR chemiluminescence analyzer in detec-tion of HBsAg,HIV-antibody,TP-antibody and HCV-antibody.Methods Validated the precision,carryover,ference interval of alpha-fetoprotein and linearity performance of ARCHITECT-i2000SR.The same specimens were tested by both CMIA and ELISA,and the results were compared and analyzed.Results The precision,carryover and ference interval of alpha-feto-protein of HBsAg,HIV-antibody,TP-antibody and HCV-antibody were within the range provided by the manufacturer for ARCHITECT-i2000SR.The theoretical and measured values of HBsAg were:Y = 1.102X - 6.678 6 (r = 0.995 5,P <0.05),the range of linearity 1.08~208.6.The sesult was very good for the four blood index by both methods.Conclusion The basic performances of ARCHITECT-i2000SR were consistent with the data provided by the manufacturer,so it canbe used to inspect the clinical samples and the sasults were credible.

  14. Short-term overt hypothyroidism affect on lipids after thyroxine-withdrawal in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma%骨巨细胞瘤软组织内复发两例报道及文献复习

    Hongyu Wu; Shuyao Zuo; Chao Ma; Bin Liu; Fengyu Wu; Simin Liu; Qin Zhang; Xifu Lan


    Objective: The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of short-term overt hypothyroidism on lipids after thyroxine-withdrawal in patients with iatrogenically induced hypothyroidism before radioiodine treatment for differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC). Methods: Thirty patients with a history of differentiated thyroid carcinoma on thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)-suppressive thyroxine replacement therapy were studied. Blood sample were taken before and 4 weeks after withdrawal of thyroxine substitution. Venous blood was drawn after an overnight fast and analyzed for serum free T4 (FT4), free T3 (FT3), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), total cholesterol (TC), triglyceddes (TG), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and apolipoprotein A1 (ApoA1), apolipoprotein B (ApoB). Fifty healthy people matched for age and gender were controls. Their blood samples were taken only once. Results: After thyroxine-withdrawal, the patients presented with increased serum TSH and low serum FT4 and FT3 levels compared with controls. Serum TG, TC, LDL, HDL, APOB and Lp(a) increased after thyroxine withdrawal, reaching statistical significant dif-ferences with previous evaluation. However, when compared to euthyroid controls, only TC, LDL and ApoB were increased when patients were hypothyroidism. No changes were observed in ApoA1 in patients dudng thyroxine withdrawal, or when comparing the values observed in patients to those of euthyroid controls. Conclusion: TG, TC, LDL, HDL, APO8 and Lp(a) were increased during short-term overt hypothyroidism.

  15. Fabrication, Characterization and Thermo-physical Prop erty Evaluation of SiC Nanofluids for Heat Transfer Applications

    Nader Nikkam; Mohsin Saleemi; Ehsan B Haghighi; Morteza Ghanbarpour; Rahmatollah Khodabandeh; Mamoun Muhammed; Bjorn Palm; Muhammet S Toprak


    Nanofluids (NFs) are nanotechnology-based colloidal suspensions fabricated by suspending nanoparticles (NPs) in a base liquid. These fluids have shown potential to improve the heat transfer prop-erties of conventional heat transfer fluids. In this study we report in detail on fabrication, characterization and thermo-physical property evaluation of SiC NFs, prepared using SiC NPs with different crystal structures, for heat transfer applications. For this purpose, a series of SiC NFs containing SiC NPs with different crys-tal structure (α-SiC and β-SiC) were fabricated in a water (W)/ethylene glycol (EG) mixture (50/50 wt%ratio). Physicochemical properties of NPs/NFs were characterized by using various techniques, such as pow-der X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Fouriertransform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), dynamic light scattering (DLS) and Zeta potential analysis. Thermo-physical properties including thermal conductivity (TC) and viscosity for NFs containing SiC particles (α- and β- phase) weremeasured. The results show among all suspensions NFs fabricated with α-SiC particles have more favorable thermo-physical properties compared to the NFs fabricated with β-SiC.The observed dif-ference is attributed to combination of several factors, including crystal structure (β- vs. α-), sample purity, and residual chemicals exhibited on SiCNFs. A TC enhancement of ∼20% while 14% increased viscosity were obtained for NFs containing 9 wt%of particular type ofα-SiC NPs indicating promising capability of this kind of NFs for further heat transfer characteristics investigation.

  16. An algorithmic calibration approach to identify globally optimal parameters for constraining the DayCent model

    Rafique, Rashid; Kumar, Sandeep; Luo, Yiqi; Kiely, Gerard; Asrar, Ghassem R.


    he accurate calibration of complex biogeochemical models is essential for the robust estimation of soil greenhouse gases (GHG) as well as other environmental conditions and parameters that are used in research and policy decisions. DayCent is a popular biogeochemical model used both nationally and internationally for this purpose. Despite DayCent’s popularity, its complex parameter estimation is often based on experts’ knowledge which is somewhat subjective. In this study we used the inverse modelling parameter estimation software (PEST), to calibrate the DayCent model based on sensitivity and identifi- ability analysis. Using previously published N2 O and crop yield data as a basis of our calibration approach, we found that half of the 140 parameters used in this study were the primary drivers of calibration dif- ferences (i.e. the most sensitive) and the remaining parameters could not be identified given the data set and parameter ranges we used in this study. The post calibration results showed improvement over the pre-calibration parameter set based on, a decrease in residual differences 79% for N2O fluxes and 84% for crop yield, and an increase in coefficient of determination 63% for N2O fluxes and 72% for corn yield. The results of our study suggest that future studies need to better characterize germination tem- perature, number of degree-days and temperature dependency of plant growth; these processes were highly sensitive and could not be adequately constrained by the data used in our study. Furthermore, the sensitivity and identifiability analysis was helpful in providing deeper insight for important processes and associated parameters that can lead to further improvement in calibration of DayCent model.

  17. AS350 B3 aircraft in aeromagnetic survey in front support rod installation mode research and practice%AS350 B3飞机航磁测量前支杆方式仪器安装位置的探讨

    卢俊丰; 纪福山; 杨望; 刘浩; 郭喆; 李正富; 李丰年


    With the aero geophysical career constant development,the rotorcraft aero geophysical operations is widely used due to the limitation of terrain and Landing site.However,the rotorcraft to probe the interference is very big and the specific inter-ference caused by those factors also are not known by many people.How to install position of those in the plane is still dimness and no scientific theory to follow.The AS350 B3 aircraft in flight in the use of airborne geophysical survey in front strut mounting means undertook discussing and the obtained data were carefully analyzed in this paper with the practice of data to verify the reliability and stability of this type of installation.%航空物探事业在不断地发展,由于受到地形和起降场的限制,使用旋翼飞机进行航空物探作业越来越多,但目前旋翼飞机对探头的干扰很大,具体是那些因素引起的干扰还不被很多人认识,磁探头如何安装,安装在飞机的那些位置也没有科学的理论依据。针对以上问题,这里对AS350 B3飞机在航空物探飞行中运用前支杆安装方式进行了探讨,对取得的数据进行了认真仔细地分析,通过实践数据验证了这种安装方式的可靠性和稳定性。

  18. A Study of the Characteristics of the Emotional Intelligence for Interns of Tourism Management Major%旅游专业实习生情绪智力特征研究

    孙希瑞; 陈秋萍; 王晓燕


    By using Emotional Intelligence Scale (EIS), this paper conducted a questionnaire survey to investigate the emotional intelligence problems for interns of the tourism management major. The results show that: significant differences exist in terms of gender and the management of others’ emotion; there are no significant differences in terms of education and homeplace; significant differences in emotion perception ex-isting in tourism professional interns differs in whether they are the only one-child; there are significant dif-ferences in terms of emotional perception and emotional management of others. To improve tourism profes-sional interns’ emotional intelligence, schools, enterprises and students themselves should work hard togeth-er.%文章使用情绪智力量表(EIS),对旅游专业实习生的情绪智力问题进行了问卷调查。结果表明:旅游专业实习生在男女性别方面,在他人情绪管理上的存在性别上的显著差异;在学历和家庭所在地方面,旅游专业实习生差异不显著;旅游专业实习生在是否独生子女方面上存在情绪知觉上的显著差异;情绪感知和他人情绪管理在实习部门上存在显著差异。提高旅游专业实习生的情绪智力,需要学校、企业和学生自身这三方的共同努力。


    王立清; 胡盛涛; 李澎; 谢峰; 吴清玉; 郭加强


    Objective. To study the mechanism and effects of blood perfusion to the acute ischemic region of myecardium through Ho-YAG laser channels with myocardial contrast echocardiography Methods. To produce the model of acute myocardial ischemia, we partially ligated the left anterior decending (IAD)coromry artery of canine hearts between 1st. and 2nd. diagonal branches and then performed transmyocardial revasmgafizafion in this region with Ho- YAG laser. Myocardial contrast echecardingmphy was made with a new gen-eration of ultrasound contrast agent and second harmonic imaging of this region before,after ischemia and after laser revascalarizafion. Pictures were taken with “R” wave trigger skill. Results. Acoustic demity derterming in the ischemia region (anterior wall)with MCE(myocardial contrast e-checardiography) was obviously decreased(5.40 ± 1.81) after the LAD was ligated,as compared with before( 11.69± 1.61, P 0.05). There were no dif-ferences in acoustic density in the lateral wall(as control)among these comprehensive three periods (P > 0.05). Con-trast in the laser region developed one cardiac cycle ahead of that in the non-iscbemic normal region. Conclusion. Acute ischemic myecardium can be perfused by oxygenated blood from the left ventricle through Ho-YAG laser channels. Evidenee of blood perfusion through laser channels during systolic phase was detected,and my-ocardial cormast ultrasonngtaphy using intravenous perfluorocarbon-exposed sonicated dextrose albumin may be regard-ed as a reliable method in the study of tranmlyecardial revasculariztion.


    王立清; 胡盛寿; 李澎; 谢峰; 吴清玉; 郭加强


    Objective. To study the mechanism and effects of blood perfusion to the acute ischemic region of myocardium through Ho-YAG laser channels with myocardial contrast echocardiography. Methods. To produce the model of acute myocardial ischemia, we partially ligated the left anterior decending (LAD)coronary artery of canine hearts between lst. and 2nd. diagonal branches and then performed transmyocardial revascularization in this region with Ho- YAG laser. Myocardial contrast echocardiography was made with a new gen eration of ultrasound contrast agent and second harmonic imaging of this region before, after ischemia and after laser revascularization. Pictures were taken with “R” wave trigger skill. Results. Acoustic density derterming in the ischemia region (anterior wall)with MCE (myocardial contrast e chocardiography )was obviously decreased( 5.40 ± 1.81) after the LAD was ligated, as compared with before( 11.69 ± 1.61, P < 0.01 ). It was increased remarkably after transmyocardial laser revascularizatuon (TMLR) ( 11.2 ± 2.01, P < 0. 01 )as compared with that when ischemia and approximated to that before ischemia(P > 0.05). There were no dif ferences in acoustic density in the lateral wall(as control)among these comprehensive three periods(P > 0.05). Con trast in the laser region developed one cardiac cycle ahead of that in the non-ischemic normal region. Conclusion. Acute ischemic myocardium can be peffused by oxygenated blood from the left ventricle through Ho YAG laser channels. Evidence of blood perfusion through laser channels during systolic phase was detected, and my ocardial contrast ultrasonography using intravenous perfluorocarbon-exposed sonicated dextrose albumin may be regard ed as a reliable method in the study of transmyocardial revascularization.

  1. Effect of Spin Coupling with an External Magnetic Field on Thermospin in Quantum Dot%自旋与外磁场耦合对量子点中热自旋效应影响

    红亮; 海玉


    金属中热自旋赛贝克效应是纳米结构装置中的研究热点,它为解决器件运行中的热耗散和能源供给提供了一个可行的途径.本文考虑了量子点中自旋角动量和外磁场非共线时的耦合作用.研究结果显示外磁场和自旋角动量正交时可提高热自旋品质因子,与此同时在有限温差下,自旋流的强度将会被削弱.但当外磁场的方向调整到与自旋角动量反平行时,这种竞争关系会被消除,系统综合热自旋参数达到最佳.本文研究结果对量子点器件的设计具有重要的理论指导意义.%Metal thermospin Seebeck effect has been a focus of attention in the design of nanostructure device, since it makes the heat dissipation device operation and energy supply possible. In this study, we consider the coupling of spin an-gular momentum and the non-collinear external magnetic field in a quantum dot. The results show that the spin precession can improve the thermal spin quality factor, while spin current strength is reduced in the context of limited temperature dif-ference. However, such a competition can be eliminated and the overall system parameters of thermospin become optimal if the direction of the external magnetic field is adjusted to be opposite with that of spin angular momentum. Our results are important to the design of quantum dot devices.

  2. Atmospheric Corrections Using MODTRAN for TOA and Surface BRDF Characteristics from High Resolution Spectroradiometric/Angular Measurements from a Helicopter Platform


    High-resolution spectral radiance measurements were taken by a spectral radiometer on board a heli copter over the US Oklahoma Southern Great Plain near the Atmospheric Radiation Measurements (ARM) site during August 1998. The radiometer has a spectral range from 350 nm to 2500 nm at 1 nm resolution. The measurements covered several grass and cropland scene types at multiple solar zenith angles. Detailed atmospheric corrections using the Moderate Resolution Transmittance (MODTRAN) radiation model and in-situ sounding and aerosol measurements have been applied to the helicopter measurements in order to re trieve the surface and top of atmosphere (TOA) Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) characteristics. The atmospheric corrections are most significant in the visible wavelengths and in the strong water vapor absorption wavelengths in the near infrared region. Adjusting the BRDF to TOA requires a larger correction in the visible channels since Rayleigh scattering contributes significantly to the TOA reflectance. The opposite corrections to the visible and near infrarred wavelengths can alter the radiance dif ference and ratio that many remote sensing techniques are based on, such as the normalized difference vege tation index (NDVI). The data show that surface BRDFs and spectral albedos are highly sensitive to the veg etation type and solar zenith angle while BRDF at TOA depends more on atmospheric conditions and the vi ewing geometry. Comparison with the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) derived clear sky Angular Distribution Model (ADM) for crop and grass scene type shows a standard deviation of 0.08 in broadband anisotropic function at 25° solar zenith angle and 0.15 at 50° solar zenith angle, respectively.

  3. Morphology of the Testis and Epididymis of Large White Boars

    Samuel Gbadebo Olukole


    Full Text Available The testis and epididymis of twenty five adult Large White boars were used to investigate the biometric and histomorphometric parameters of the testis and epididymis of the boars. The aim of the study was to provide information which could be useful in the comparative regional anatomy of the male reproductive organs of domestic animals and thus an improved assessment of breeding soundness and fertility potential in boars. The average weight of the animals was 71.3 ± 10.7 kg. The average weights of the right and left testes were 170 ± 0.7.60 g and 179±6.48g, respectively with no significant dif¬ference. The average weights of the right and left epididymis were 40.9 ± 6.81 g and 43.7 ± 8.55 g, respectively, with no significant difference. The relative testicular and epididymal weights were 0.49% and 0.12%, respectively. This study shows that the testis is about four times the size of the epididymis. The ductal diameter of the head, body and tail of the epididymis were 418 ± 22.6 µm, 432 ± 20.3 µm and 939 ± 50.6 µm, respectively. The mean relative volume of the germinal epithelium, interstitium and lumen of the seminiferous tubules of the boars rats were 68.4 ± 3.46%, 5.5 ± 0.66% and 78.0 ± 4.81%, respectively. It can be concluded that the morphology of the testis and epididymis of the Large White boar are similar to those of most mammals. This work provides information the testis and epididymis of the Large White boar which could be useful in the comparative regional anatomy of the male reproductive organs of domestic animals and thus an improved assessment of breeding soundness and fertility potential in boars.

  4. "Universalism"and"Relativism"of Anthropology%人类学的“普同”与“相对”



    现代人类学的开端,可追溯到19世纪,但人类学作为现代科学真正被确立起来,则要到20世纪20年代。长期以来,学科内部由于理念不同逐渐分野,形成两大主要分支,即以英、法两国为首的社会人类学,和以德、美两国为主的文化人类学。两派虽在学术理论、方向、思考方式等方面有所分歧,但并不妨碍他们各自为人类学学科所做出的巨大贡献。本文旨在介绍两派的主要学术观点,以及在人类学四大领域研究当中的理论实践。%The beginning of modern anthropology may date back to the 19th century, but setting as a real modern science subject would last to 1920. For a long time, due to the different disciplinary care, anthropology gradually formed two main branches, namely Britain, France, led by social anthropology, and in Germany, and the United States dominated cultural anthropology. Although there are some dif-ferences between the two factions, but it doesn't prevent a great contribution in their respective disciplines as anthropology made. This ar-ticle aims to introduce the two factions of the main academic point of view, as well as theory and practice in the field of anthropological re-search among the four.

  5. Using Pulse Rate in Estimating Workload Evaluating a Load Mobilizing Activity

    Juan Alberto Castillo


    Full Text Available Introduction: The pulse rate is a direct indicator of the state of the cardiovascular system, in ad-dition to being an indirect indicator of the energy expended in performing a task. The pulse of a person is the number of pulses recorded in a peripheral artery per unit time; the pulse appears as a pressure wave moving along the blood vessels, which are flexible, “in large arterial branches, speed of 7-10 m/s in the small arteries, 15 to 35 m/s”. Materials and methods: The aim of this study was to assess heart rate, using the technique of recording the frequency of the pulse, oxy-gen consumption and observation of work activity in the estimation of the workload in a load handling task for three situations: lift/transfer/deposit; before, during and after the task the pulse rate is recorded for 24 young volunteers (10 women and 14 men under laboratory conditions. We performed a gesture analysis of work activity and lifting and handling strategies. Results: We observed an increase between initial and final fp in both groups and for the two tasks, a dif¬ference is also recorded in the increase in heart rate of 17.5 for charging 75 % of the participants experienced an increase in fp above 100 lat./min. Par 25 kg, registered values indicate greater than 114 lat./min and 17.5 kg than 128 lat./min values. Discussion: The pulse rate method is recommended for its simplicity of use for operational staff, supervisors and managers and indus¬trial engineers not trained in the physiology method can also be used by industrial hygienists.

  6. Mirko Danijel Bogdanić (1760-1802, Astronomer, Mathematician, Surveyor and Croatian Educator

    Tatjana Kren


    Full Text Available This article provides valuable information about the life and work of Mirko Danijel Bogdanić (Bogdanić Imre Dániel (Virovitica, 1762 – Buda, 1802 who was an astronomer, mathematician, surveyor and the author of a book on world history in Croatian. This article observes his life and work from the historical perspective of the time of Emperor Joseph II in Austria. From 1782 to 1785, Bogdanić studied mathematics, physics and astronomy in Buda and Pešt. He often worked with famous Croatian scientists such as Ivan Paskvić (János Pasquich, Franjo Bruna (Ferenc Bruna, Josip Mitterpacher (József Mitterpacher and others. Particular attention is paid to the period between approximately 1791 and 1796, which he spent in Vienna. At first, he focused on publishing the first volume of his history of the world in Croatian (Dogodjaji svieta (World events, 1792 in which he paid particular attention to astronomy and Croatian astronomical terminology. From 1793 to 1795, he studied astronomy at the University of Vienna. The following period was the most important in his life. He was second, then first assistant at the Buda Observatory (1796–1802 and also (1798–1802 appointed Imperial Assistant Astronomer to the cartographer János Lipszky, charged with conducting precise astronomical observations to determine the geographical coordinates for the geographical map of Hungary (Mappa Generalis Regni Hungariae. His observations, especially of latitudes, were considered excellent. He spent many long, hard hours working in the field under adverse weather conditions, leading to extreme exhaustion, which resulted in serious illness and his premature death.

  7. 论亨普尔对“确证原则”和“证伪原则”的批判%On Hempe’s Critique on the Principle of “Affirmation”and“Falsification”Regarding the Standard of the Sentence’s Cognitive Significance


    The present paper mainly explicates Hempe’s critiques on the principle of “affirmation”and “falsification”toward the standard of the cognitive significance of the proposition.Based on the lo-gistic postulates,Hempe pointed out that the"affirmation"principle violates A theorem and its two in-ferences:A1 and A2.Seemingly,the "falsification" principle disobeys the above theorems too.In Hempe’s view,it is too narrow to the “affirmation”principle and too wide to the “falsification”princi-ple.In the end,Hempe made out an opinion of the “holistic explanation system”,and he gave four re-quirements on the system.In conclusion,Hempe’s idea is a theoretical origin and inspiration to the fol-lowing critiques on the Logical Empiricism,especially Quine’s “Two Dogmas of the Empiricism”.%亨普尔基于逻辑公理,指出“确证原则”违反了公理 A 和两个推论 A1和 A2。类似地,“证伪原则”也违反了上述公理。亨普尔认为“确证原则”过于狭窄,而“证伪原则”又太过于宽泛。他提出了一种整体的解释理论系统的观点,同时对意义解释系统的特点提出了四点要求。亨普尔的观点为蒯因彻底批判逻辑经验主义提供了重要的理论来源和启示。

  8. 乙型脑炎减毒活疫苗细菌内毒素检查方法及质量标准的建立%Establishment of the inspection methods and quality criteria for bacterial endotoxin of live-attenuated vaccine of encephalitis B virus

    李红芳; 陈继军; 王建军; 王伟; 杨博涵; 李守丽; 邹勇


    目的 建立乙型脑炎减毒活疫苗细菌内毒素检测的方法及质量标准.方法 参照(三部)中细菌内毒素检查法检测,并与家兔热原实验结果进行对比.结果 使用凝胶限量法检测乙型脑炎减毒活疫苗细菌内毒素,限值为40 EU/mL,即将样品稀释至160倍,在该稀释度下样品对试验没有干扰.结论 该方法简便、灵敏、结果可靠,可用于乙型脑炎减毒活疫凿中间产品的细菌内毒素检查.%Objective To establish the inspection methods and quality criteria for bacterial en- dotoxin of live-attenuated vaccine of encephalitis B virus. Methods The inspecting method for bacterial endotoxin from Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China (3 ed) was employed and the results were compared with the results of rabbit pyrogen test. Results Bacterial endo- toxin of live-attenuated vaccine of encephalitis B virus was detected by gel-clot limit test,the detection limit was 40 EU/mL,namely,160-fold dilution of the sample. In this dilution,no inter- ference of samples to the endotoxin test was observed. Conclusion The method is convenient, sensitive and reliable and may be used for bacterial endotoxin inspection of intermediate products of live-attenuated vaccine of encephalitis B virus.

  9. A clinical study of the accuracy of Root ZX in determining root canal working length of primary teeth%Root ZX测定乳牙根管工作长度准确性的临床研究

    于恩廷; 张静; 刘剑锋


    Objective: To evaluate the accuracy of Root ZX electronic apex locator in determining the working length of primary teeth. Methods: A total of 214 primary teeth were chose and the electronic length were determined with Root ZX apex locator. The post-operation radiograph was taken to judge the accuracy. Results: The fit filling rate of the measurement was 93.3%. There was no significant difference between anterior primary teeth and primary molars, no significant dif ference between vital teeth and necrotic teeth, and no difference between apical root resorption and nonresorption (ρ>0.05). Conclusion: Root ZX has high accuracy in determining the working length of primary teeth.%目的:研究Root ZX根尖定位仪测定乳牙根管工作长度准确性.方法:用Root ZX根尖定位仪对214颗乳牙根管进行根管工作长度测量,根据根管充填后X线片评价其准确性.结果:214颗乳牙的总适充率为93.3%,且这个结果不受牙位、牙髓有无活力以及牙根有无吸收的影响(P>0.05).结论:使用Root ZX根尖定位仪测量的乳牙工作长度具有较高的准确性.

  10. 基于聚类分析的中国邮电产业业务分布研究%Study on Business Distribution of Post and Telecommunications Industry in China Based on Clustering Analysis

    成亚利; 王波


    邮电业是国家重要的社会公用事业,也是现代服务业的重要组成部分,与我们日常的生活息息相关。为此,文章选取邮电行业2013年各月份的数据,借助SPSS统计软件,先采用主成分分析的方法,挖掘各个月份各业务类型的内在联系,把8个业务类型转化3个主成分。再以这3个主成分为变量,对各个月份进行系统聚类分析,从而发现各月份具体业务量分布的差异,从而得出邮电业务水平的时间分布格局,为邮电产业的管理提供一定的依据。%The posts and telecommunications industry not only is an important social public utility, but also an important component of modern service industry. It is closely related to our daily lives, too. Therefore, this article selected daily eight types of posts and telecommunications industry, picked out the data in 2013 and processed them with SPSS. It first employed the method of principal component analysis to analyze internal relations between the eight types and transformed them into three principal components. Then these principal components were used as variables to cluster the month and find the dif-ferences distribution of monthly business volume. Finally, a time distribution pattern was arrived to provide a reference for the future management of posts and telecommunications indus-tries.

  11. Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis Assay of Porcine Leydig Cell DNA Damage Induced by Zearalenone

    Jianwei ZHEN; Qincl LIU; Jianhong GU; Yan YUAN; Xuezhong LIU; Handong WANG; Zongping LIU; Jianchun BIAN


    Abstract [Objective] This study aimed to investigate the effect of zearalenone (ZEN) on DNA damage of porcine leydig cells. [Method] Porcine leydig cells cultured in vitro were collected to determine the median lethal dose (LD~o) of ZEN with tetra- zolium-based colorimetric assay (MTT assay). Comet assay was carried out to de- tect the DNA damage of porcine leydig cells exposed to at 0 (negative group), 1, 5, 10, 20, 40 tJmol/L of ZEN. [Result] The percentage of cell tail was 16.67%, 34.00%, 40.67%. 52.00% and 64.67% under 0, 1, 5, 10 and 20 ~mo~/L o~ ZEN, respectively; the differences between the percentages of celt tail in various experimental groups had extremely significant statistical significance compared with the negative group (P〈0.01), showing a significant dose-effect relationship; Tail length in various groups was 57.60_+4.78, 57.75_+6.25, 78.97_+5.83, 100.50~6.94 and 146.83_+12.31 ~m, re- spectively; Tail DNA % in various groups was 21.29_+2.25%, 22.24_+2.43%, 31.21_+ 6.27%, 37.45_+4.33% and 60.68_+9.83%, respectively; Tail length and Tail DNA % in experimental groups with ZEN concentration above 5 ~mo~/L showed significant dif- ferences (P〈0.05) compared with the negative group, which showed an upward trend with the increase of ZEN concentration. [Conclusion] ZEN has genotoxic effect on porcine leydig cells, which can cause DNA damage, with a significant dose-effect relationship.

  12. Bone Markers Status in Graves’ disease before and after Treatment

    P Tofighi


    Full Text Available "nBackground:  Bone turnover is reported to increase in favor of resorption in overt hyperthyroidism and the rate of resorp­tion is associated with the levels of thyroid hormones. As persistent increase in bone turn over is responsible for accelerated bone loss, patients with Graves' disease may have increased risk for osteoporosis. The aim of this study was to determine relationship between Graves' disease and bone markers."nMethods: The subjects of our study were 31 consecutive untreated GD patients and 37 normal volunteers who were matched on sex proportion and age ranging was diagnosed by suppressed levels of TSH and elevated level of free T3 and free T4 and positive thyroid receptor antibody. Through a clinical trial study executed in endocrinology and metabolism research center, we investigated the relationship between serum osteocalcin & cross-laps with Graves' disease and then kinds of treatment with PTU and methimazole after 8 weeks follow up."nResults: No significant differences in age and sex between patients and controls were found. Significant differences in se­rum bone markers and thyroid hormones were detected between patients and controls before therapy (p< 0.001. After treatment we found a significant improvement and returning to normal range in all serum lab tests. There were not any dif­ferences in the effect of treatment on thyroid hormones and bone markers between two groups."nConclusion: We found close relationship between Graves' disease and bone markers. So that treatment of Graves' disease can improve bone turn over. These findings indicated that early diagnosis and management of Graves' disease can be effec­tive for osteoporosis prevention in these patients.

  13. Phenylketonuria is not a risk factor for changes of inflammation status as assessed by interleukin 6 and interleukin 8 concentrations

    Renata Mozrzymas


    Full Text Available Background. High oxidative stress and a reduced potential for free radical scavenging in phenylketonuria (PKU patients, a phenomenon confirmed in a few studies, may lead to systemic chronic inflammation. The aim of this study was to compare the inflammation status, as assessed by interleukin 6 and interleukin 8 con- centrations, in patients with PKU and in healthy controls. Material and methods. Twenty patients with classical PKU, aged 18–34 years and under dietary control, were enrolled in the study. The control group comprised of 20 healthy subjects matched for age and sex. Interleukin 6 and 8 levels were measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA kits in all study participants. Results. IL-6 concentrations in the study group ranged from 0.74 pg/ml to 1.34 pg/ml. No significant dif- ferences were found between IL-6 concentration between the study group and the control group (p = 0.989. IL-8 concentrations ranged from 17.56 pg/ml to 20.87 pg/ml. The obtained results of IL-8 levels did not differ significantly between the study group and control group (p = 0.192. No significant correlation was observed between Phe blood levels and IL-6 or IL-8 concentrations in the study group (ρ respectively: –0.225, 0.177. In a multivariate analysis, neither IL-6 nor IL-8 concentrations were correlated with sex, age, BMI and Phe levels. Conclusions. Phenylketonuria is not a risk factor for changes of inflammation status as assessed by IL-6 and IL-8 concentrations.

  14. 自我效能理论应用于高血压病人健康教育的效果分析

    张伟; 胡建; 张宏


    目的:探讨自我效能理论应用于高血压病人健康教育的效果,以指导临床实践。方法将92例病人随机分为观察组和对照组,各46例。观察组实施以自我效能理论为指导的健康教育,对照组实施常规健康教育。观察两组GSES评分的差别以及对健康教育内容的依从性和住院天数的变化。结果观察组的GSES评分、健康教育内容的依从性及住院天数与对照组的差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论自我效能理论对高血压病人健康教育有促进作用。%Objective To observe the effect of self-efficacy theory application to health education for hypertension sufferers so as to guide clinical practice.Methods 92 sufferers were randomly divided into observation group and control group with 46 people in each group.The observation group took health education guided by self-efficacy theory,while the control group took regular health education.GSES score dif-ferences,com pliance to health education content,and changes of hospital stay of the two groups were observed .Results The differences of GSES scores,com pliance to health education content,and changes of hospital stay between the observation group and the control group were of statistical significance(P<0.05).Conclusion Self-efficacy theory can promote health education for hypertensive patients.

  15. Coherent addition of gratings for chirped-pulse-amplified lasers based on near-field and far-field measurements

    Yuchuan Yang; Hui Luo; Xiao Wang; Fuquan Li; Xiaojun Huang; Bin Feng; Feng Jing


    @@ The development of phased-array grating compressor is a crucial issue for high-energy, ultra-short pulse petawatt-class lasers.Almost all systems have adopted a tiled-grating approach to meet the size require-ments for the compression gratings.We present a computer-control test system utilizing near-field interfer-ence and far-field focusing capable of monitoring and fast correcting tiled errors of the grating compressor.In this system, the tilt/tip errors between the two gratings are determined by the Fourier transform (FT)of the individual inteiference fringe, and the piston errors are determined by the ratio of the two primary peaks formed in the far-field pattern as a function of the piston difference.Monochromatic grating phasing is achieved experimentally and pulse compression is demonstrated with a tiled grating system.%The development of phased-array grating compressor is a crucial issue for high-energy, ultra-short pulse petawatt-class lasers. Almost all systems have adopted a tiled-grating approach to meet the size requirements for the compression gratings. We present a computer-control test system utilizing near-field interference and far-field focusing capable of monitoring and fast correcting tiled errors of the grating compressor.In this system, the tilt/tip errors between the two gratings are determined by the Fourier transform (FT)of the individual inter ference fringe, and the piston errors are determined by the ratio of the two primary peaks formed in the far-field pattern as a function of the piston difference. Monochromatic grating phasing is achieved experimentally and pulse compression is demonstrated with a tiled grating system.

  16. 基于OpenCv运动目标识别技术的研究%Moving target recognition technology research based on OpenCv

    孟介成; 吕虹; 邓云生; 刘德方


    在智能视频监控系统中,快速、准确、有效地检测出运动目标成为人们研究的主要课题之一。本文根据背景差分与帧间差分各自的特点,提出一种基于高斯模型的背景差分与帧间差分相结合的运动目标检测算法。说明高斯背景建模原理以及算法的背景模型更新方法,最后介绍了算法的实现流程和实验结果。在VisualC++6.0环境下,利用计算机视觉类库OpenCV对算法进行了验证。实验结果表明:该算法能快速、有效地提取目标。%In the intelligent video surveillance system,rapid,accurate,effectively inspect the moving obiect become people to study the main issue. This paper introduces a montion target detection algorithm is proposed based on the combination of the background diff ference of the gaussian model and frame difference. Explain the background modeling principle and gaussian algorithm background model updating method. And in the Visual C++ 6.0 environment ,wo verify the algorithm use of computer vision library OpenCv.The experimental results show that the algorithm can rapidly and effectively extract the target.

  17. An Algorithm to Detect Tropical Deep Convective Clouds Through AMSU-B Water Vapor Channels

    XU Xu; Georg Heygster; ZHANG Suping


    An algorithm to detect tropical deep convective clouds and deep convective overshootings based on the measurements from the three water vapor channels (183.3GHz±1 GHz, 183.3GHz±3GHz and 183.3GHz±7GHz) of the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-B (AMSU-B) is presented. This algorithm is an improved version of the method of Hong et al. (2005). The proposed procedure is based on the statistical analysis of seven years'(2001-2007) measurements from AMSU-B on NOAA-16 From the 1-d histograms of the brightness temperature of the three water vapor channels and the 2-d tustograms of the brightness temperature dif-ference between these channels, new thresholds for brightness temperature differences and the brightness temperature of channel 18 (183.3 GHz±1 GHz) are suggested. The new algorithm is employed to investigate the mean distribution of tropical deep convective clouds and convective overshootings from 30°S to 30°N for the years 2001 to 2007. The major concentration of deep convective clouds and convective overshootings is found over the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), the South Pacific Convergence Zone (SPCZ), tropical Africa, South America, the Indian Ocean and Indonesia with an average fraction of 0.4%. In terms of these clouds we identify the secondary Intertropical Convergence Zone located in the eastern South Pacific and parallel to the main ITCZ in the North Pacific. The convective overshooting is more frequently observed over land than over the ocean.

  18. WeiLing Tang in Treating 53 Cases of Acne%胃苓汤治疗痤疮53例

    周荣; 彭琪; 张敏


    目的:观察胃苓汤治疗痤疮的临床疗效。方法:将102例痤疮患者随机分为2组,治疗组53例采用胃苓汤加味治疗,1剂/d,水煎分服;对照组49例采用西药维A酸乳膏治疗。2组均连用6周,观察疗效,并于治疗前后记录痤疮皮疹数目。结果:总有效率治疗组为90.6%,对照组为75.5%,2组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论:透热除湿法治疗痤疮有良好疗效。%Objective:To survey clinical effects of WeiLing Tang in the treatment for acne. Methods:All 102 patients were randomly separated to two groups, 53 cases of the treatment group took modified WeiLing Tang, one dose per day, water decocted;49 cases of the control group were given with tretinoin cream. Both groups were treat-ed for six weeks, curative effects were observed, the numbers of acnes and rash were recorded before and after treat-ing. Results:Total effective rate of the treatment group was 90.6%, higher than 75.5%of the control group, the dif-ference showed statistical meaning (P<0.05). Conclusion:The method of heat-penetration and dampness-eliminat-ing is effective in treating acne.

  19. Functional analysis of human Na~+/K~+-ATPase familial or sporadic hemiplegic migraine mutations expressed in Xenopus oocytes

    Susan; Spiller; Thomas; Friedrich


    AIM: Functional characterization of ATP1A2 mutations that are related to familial or sporadic hemiplegic migraine(FHM2, SHM). METHODS: cRNA of human Na+/K+-ATPase α2- and β1-subunits were injected in Xenopus laevis oocytes. FHM2 or SHM mutations of residues located in putative α/β interaction sites or in the α2-subunit’s C-terminal region were investigated. Mutants were analyzed by the twoelectrode voltage-clamp(TEVC) technique on Xenopus oocytes. Stationary K+-induced Na+/K+ pump currents were measured, and the voltage dependence of apparent K+ affinity was investigated. Transient currents were recorded as ouabain-sensitive currents in Na+ buffers to analyze kinetics and voltage-dependent presteady state charge translocations. The expression of constructs was verified by preparation of plasma membrane and total membrane fractions of cRNA-injected oocytes. RESULTS: Compared to the wild-type enzyme, the mutants G900R and E902K showed no significant dif-ferences in the voltage dependence of K+-induced currents, and analysis of the transient currents indicated that the extracellular Na+ affinity was not affected. Mutant G855R showed no pump activity detectable by TEVC. Also for L994del and Y1009X, pump currents could not be recorded. Analysis of the plasma and total membrane fractions showed that the expressed proteins were not or only minimally targeted to the plasma membrane. Whereas the mutation K1003E had no impact on K+ interaction, D999H affected the voltage dependence of K+-induced currents. Furthermore, kinetics of the transient currents was altered compared to the wild-type enzyme, and the apparent affinity for extracellular Na+ was reduced. CONCLUSION: The investigated FHM2/SHM mutations influence protein function differently depending on the structural impact of the mutated residue.

  20. Value of waist circumference, body mass index and hyperinsulinaemia in identifying metabolic syndrome

    Hui TIAN; Jingfang SUN; Changyu PAN; Juming LU; Jingtao DOU; Fangling MA; Xiaoman ZHOU; Fusheng FANG; Yinghong SHAO; Chunlin LI; Jian LI; Xiutang CAO; Shuangtong YAN; Wenwen ZHONG; Yanyan LI


    To investigate the significance of waist circum-ference (WC), body mass index (BMI) and hyperinsuli-naemia A (Hlns) in evaluating metabolic syndrome (MS). Clinical data from middle-aged and senile indivi-duals (middle-senile group) who received glucose tol-erance test after diabetes mellitus screening and a group of subjects who received annual oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) for diabetes mellitus screening (adult group) were collected. Data were collected by use of special mes-sengers, input into a computer data base and analyzed using SAS 5.0 software by expert staff. Abnormal WC and BMI were determined according to International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and Chinese Diabetes Society (CDS) criteria. Hlns was ascertained if fasting insulin (Fins)≥15 mU/L, and/or 2-hour insulin after a glucose challenge was (2hPIns)≥80 mU/L. Abnorma-lities in WC, BMI and Hlns were all found to be risk factors for abnormal glucose metabolism, hypertension and dyslipidemia. In the middle-senile group, the abnor-mality rate of WC and Hlns as well as the overall insulin level were significantly higher than those in the adult group. The abnormality rate of BMI was higher in the adult group, and HIns was mostly seen in impaired glu-cose test (IGT) and normal glucose test (NGT). The con-cordance rate of WC and BMI diagnostic criteria for evaluating obesity in the middle-senile and adult groups were 77.5% and 74.3%, respectively. When only the WC criterion was used for evaluating the existence of insulin resistance, there was a 28.2% missed diagnosis rate for MS patients. WC, BMI and Hlns were all risk factors for abnormal glucose metabolism, hypertension and dyslipi-demia. There was differing prevalence in the different populations. The combination of WC, BMI and Hlnsmight be more helpful in identifying MS at early stage.

  1. Fishery Biology of Jumbo Flying Squid Dosidicus gigas off Costa Rica Dome

    CHEN Xinjun; LI Jianghua; LIU Bilin; LI Gang; LU Huajie


    The jumbo flying squid (Dosidicus gigas) population was surveyed with the help of Chinese squid jigging vessels off the Costa Rica Dome (4˚-11˚N, 90˚-100˚W) in 2009 and 2010. The daily catch of D. gigas in the two survey cruises ranged from 0 to 5.5 t and was mostly obtained from the areas bounded by 6˚-9˚N and 91˚-94˚W and by 6˚30´-7˚30´N and 96˚-97˚W. The sea surface temperature in the areas yielding the most catch ranged from 27.5 to 29℃. The sex ratio of the total catch was 3.75:1 (female:male). The mantle length of the squid ranged from 211 to 355 mm (male) and from 204 to 429 mm (female) with an average of 297.9 and 306.7 mm, respectively. In the relationship of the mantle length (mm) and body weight (g) of the squid, there was no significant dif-ference between sexes. The female and male were at a similar maturity, and most individuals are maturing or have matured with a few females being spent. The size (mantle length) and age at the first sexual maturity were 297 mm and 195 d in females, and less than 211 mm and 130 d in males, respectively. Most of the sampled stomachs (70.6%) had no food remains. The major preys of the squids were fish, cephalopods and crustaceans, with the most abundant Myctophum orientale and D. gigas. The preys in more than 65%of the non-empty sampled stomachs evidenced the cannibalism of D. gigas. The results improved current understanding of the fishery biology of D. gigas off the Costa Rica Dome, which may facilitate the assessment and management of relative fishery re-sources.


    E. Otan


    Full Text Available Introduction. Despite the advances in antibiotherapy and critical care management, infectious complications remain among the leading complications after liver transplantation related with mortality and morbidity. This study analysis the incidence and pattern of infections and possible prognostic factors of infectious compli- cations retrospectively in a single center. Patients and Methods. Results of 30 consecutive patients with a primary liver transplantation history in a single center between August 2011 and August 2012 and a positive culture result in the first month in the ICU were analysed retrospectively. Results. During the first 1 month stay in the ICU postoperatively 30 (13,63% patients had at least 1 infection. Total number of infections were 68. Mortality rate of the infected patients was 53,3% (n = 16. Among these infections, 25 (36,76% of them were in deep surgical sites. Eighteen of the 30 patients (60% were infected with a single microorganism. Eleven patients (36,66% had a single infection episode. Microorganism were gram negative in 52 (76,47% of the infections, gram positive in 14 (20,58% of the infections, rest of the 2 (2,94% infections were due to Candidiasis. Among the possible risk factors contributing to mortality, there was a statistically significant dif- ference (p < 0,001 between the platelet counts of the mortality and surviving groups of the patients. Conclu- sion. Infections are among the preventable risk factors for mortality and morbidity after liver transplantation. Our data reveals a significant relation between trombocytopenia and mortality among the infected patients. Further studies focusing on this relation would expose the mechanisms and any possible contribution in cli- nical management of the patients. 

  3. Allograft rejection-related gene expression in the endothelial cells of renal transplantation recipients after cytomegalovirus infection

    Yang LI; Jun HOU; Hang YAN; Wu-jun XUE; Pu-xun TIAN; Xiao-ming DING; Xiao-ming PAN; Xin-shun FENG; Xiao-hui TIAN; He-li XIANG


    Objective: To explore the effects of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection on rejection-related gene expression in the endothelial cells of renal transplantation recipients. Methods: Endothelial cells (ECs) were cultured and stimulated by a variety of factors: A, normal control group; B, inactivated human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection group; C, HCMV infection group; D, HCMV supematant infection group; and E, ganciclovir HCMV group. Expression of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) and major histocompability complex (MHC) class Ⅰ and class Ⅱ antigens was detected by flow cytometry (FCM) and immuno-histochemistry. Results: We found characteristic CMV-infected ECs in this study. There were no significant differences among groups A, B and D (P>0.05). Although the expression levels of ICAM-1 were not significantly different between groups C and E (P>0.05), the ICAM-1 expression in these two groups was significantly higher than that in group A (P0.05). Human leucocyte antigen (HLA)-ABC expression was detected in all the groups, while HLA-DR expression was only detected in groups C and E. There were no significant dif-ferences of HLA-ABC and HLA-DR expression among groups A, B and D (P>0.05). However, the HLA-ABC and HLA-DR expression levels in groups C and D were higher than those of the remaining groups previously reported (P<0.05). Meanwhile, the HLA-ABC and HLA-DR expression levels in group E were lower than those of group C (P<0.05). Conclusion: CMV could up-regulate the expression levels of ICAM-1 and MHC antigens, which was closely related to allograft rejection.

  4. TCPIP Network HD TV Conference System Design and Construction Based%基于TCPIP网络的高清电视会议系统设计与建设

    谭鹃; 陈永红; 骆咏春


    With the rapid development of computer application technology and multi-media technology, the TCP/IP network TV conference system has been used more and more widely, based on, high-definition video conferencing system has become the mainstream of video conference. This paper from the basic technical conditions for construction of high-definition TV con⁃ference system starting, discusses the structure design scheme, design principle, high-definition video conferencing system, key points of high-definition TV conference system and implement are analyzed, in order to realize the remote communication of high-definition TV conference system of trans regional.%随着计算机应用技术以及多媒体技术的迅速发展,基于TCP/IP网络的电视会议系统应用得越来越普遍,其中,高清电视会议系统已经成为视频会议的主流。该文从高清电视会议系统建设的基础技术条件出发,探讨了高清电视会议系统的结构、设计原则、设计方案,并对高清电视会议系统的实施要点进行了分析,以期实现高清电视会议系统跨区域的远程交流。

  5. 小儿先心患者呼气末与动脉血二氧化碳分压的相关性及其影响因素%Correlation and influencing factors between end-tidal carbon dioxide and arterial carbon dioxide tension in children with congenital heart disease

    倪萍; 王英伟


    小儿先天性心脏病通常可分为发绀型与非发绀型.由于不同程度的左向右或右向左分流造成的血流动力学的改变.使呼气末与动脉血二氧化碳分压差[P(a-et)CO2]增大,给临床上通过呼气末二氧化碳分压(PETCO2)推测动脉血二氧化碳分压(PaCO2)带来困难.因此,如何正确地评估和预测PaCO2,避免过多地进行动脉血气分析是十分必要的.此文参考近年来的研究,对可能影响P(a-et)CO2值的各种因素作一综述.%The pediatric congenital heart diseases are usually divided into cyanotic and non-cyanotic heart diseases. Due to the hemodynamic change caused by either left-right or right-left shunt, the value of arterial-to-end-tidal carbon dioxiede tension dif-ference (P(a- et)CO2) increases, which makes it difficult using pressure of end-tidal carbon dioxide (PETCO2) to predict pressure of arterial carbon dioxide (PaCO2). Therefore, in order to avoid excessive artery blood gas analysis, it is important to estimate and pre-dict PaCO2 exactly, especially in pediatric patients. The present review gathers various factors that probably influence P(a-et)CO2 and try to make a simple conclusion, based on published data recently.

  6. 国外商业模式创新研究的学术群类--作者共被引分析%The Scholar Group of Abroad Research in Business Model Innovation:Based on the Applying of the Author Co-citation Analysis

    叶晓茵; 孙锐; 林春培


    Business model innovation is the emerging research hotspot in the field of corporate strategy and inno-vation management last decade. This article applies co-citation analysis to analyzing the relevant articles in the WOS database from 1990 to 2013. This article finds the research of business models innovation can be divided in-to strategic perspective, organizational perspective and the external perspective. Strategic perspective studies differen-tiation strategy, value creation and competitive advantage, etc., organizational perspective studies the specific level of enterprise, the external perspective studies corporate social responsibility, three scholar group have significant dif-ferences in academic contribution rate, representatives, research status and main points.%商业模式创新是企业战略与创新管理领域近十几年新出现的研究热点。运用作者共被引分析方法,对Web of Science数据库中1990-2013年间商业模式创新的相关文献进行定量分析。研究发现,国外商业模式创新研究可分为战略视角、组织视角和外部视角三个学术群。战略视角从差异化战略、价值创造和竞争优势等方面研究商业模式创新,组织视角则从企业具体层面研究其创新,外部视角主要从企业社会责任这一外部层面研究,三者在学术贡献率、代表人物、研究地位以及主要观点上存在显著差异。

  7. Live facial feature extraction

    ZHAO JieYu


    Precise facial feature extraction is essential to the high-level face recognition and expression analysis. This paper presents a novel method for the real-time geomet-ric facial feature extraction from live video. In this paper, the input image is viewed as a weighted graph. The segmentation of the pixels corresponding to the edges of facial components of the mouth, eyes, brows, and nose is implemented by means of random walks on the weighted graph. The graph has an 8-connected lattice structure and the weight value associated with each edge reflects the likelihood that a random walker will cross that edge. The random walks simulate an anisot-ropic diffusion process that filters out the noise while preserving the facial expres-sion pixels. The seeds for the segmentation are obtained from a color and motion detector. The segmented facial pixels are represented with linked lists in the origi-nal geometric form and grouped into different parts corresponding to facial com-ponents. For the convenience of implementing high-level vision, the geometric description of facial component pixels is further decomposed into shape and reg-istration information. Shape is defined as the geometric information that is invari-ant under the registration transformation, such as translation, rotation, and iso-tropic scale. Statistical shape analysis is carried out to capture global facial fea-tures where the Procrustes shape distance measure is adopted. A Bayesian ap-proach is used to incorporate high-level prior knowledge of face structure. Ex-perimental results show that the proposed method is capable of real-time extraction of precise geometric facial features from live video. The feature extraction is robust against the illumination changes, scale variation, head rotations, and hand inter-ference.

  8. Landscape patterns of overstory litterfall and related nutrient fluxes in a cool-temperate forest watershed in northern Hokkaido,Japan

    XU Xiao-niu; Hideaki SHIBATA


    Within a forested watershed at the Uryu Experimental Forest of Hokkaido University in northern Hokkaido, overstory litterfall and related nutrient fluxes were measured at different landscape zones over two years. The wetland zone covered with Picea glehnii pure stand. The riparian zone was deciduous broad-leaved stand dominated by Alnus hirsuta and Salix spp., while the mixture of deciduous broadleaf and evergreen conifer dominated by Betula platyphylla, Quercus crispula and Abies sachalinensis distributed on the upland zone.Annual litterfall averaged 1444, 5122, and 4123 kg·hm-2·a-1 in the wetland, riparian and upland zones, respectively. Litterfall production peaked in September-ctober,and foliage litter contributed the greatest amount (73.4%-87.6 %) of the annual total litterfall. Concentrations of nutrients analyzed in foliage litter of the dominant species showed a similar seasonal variation over the year except for N in P. Glehnii and A. Hirsuta. The nutrient fluxes for all elements analyzed were greatest on riparian zone and lowest in wetland zone. Nutrient fluxes via lit terfall followed the decreasing sequence: N (11-129 kg·hm-2·a-1) > Ca (9-69) > K (5-20) > Mg (3-15) > P (0.4-4.7) for all stands. Significant differences were found in litterfall production and nutrient fluxes among the different landscape components. There existed significantdif ferences in soil chemistry between the different landscape zones. The consistently low soil C:N ratios at the riparian zone might be due to the higher-quality litter inputs (largely N-fixing alder).

  9. Designing Experiments that Contr ol for Spatial and Temporal Variation

    Peter Petraitis


    Full Text Available Spatial and temporal variation can cause problems in designing and conducting experiments. An introduction to methods for controlling spatial and temporal variation in ecological experiments is provided in this article. Failure to consider spatial and temporal variation often causes researchers to lay out experiments incorrectly . The challenge is to design experiments that not only reflect the natural variation seen in the field but also control for the variation so that statistical tests have suf ficient power . Spatial variation is usually controlled by grouping observations and treatments into blocks. Blocks can be laid out in a number of ways and Analysis of Variance (ANOV A approaches to control for block effects are discussed. The control of temporal variation presents special dif ficulties because data are often serially correlated and so observations are not independent. Use of intervention analysis and repeated measures analysis of variance to control for temporal variation are discussed. Ecologists have also used experimental designs which are known as BACI designs (i.e., Before-After -Control-Impact design and can be extended to include multiple control and/or impact sites. Intervention analysis, BACI designs, and their extensions have subtle dif ferences because of dif ferent assumptions about not only temporal variation but also spatial variation. Several recommendations are given. These include: 1 the need to have good statistical advice before starting an experiment, 2 the need to have a suf ficient number of replicates that are spread over the range of spatial and temporal variation, and 3 the need to correctly control for serial correlation.


    S. I. Karas


    Full Text Available The goal of this paper is the analysis of information communication technologies using for professional competencies development for medical students. There are described two informational learning technologies: standard and developed in Tomsk.Virtual learning environment Moodle is open source software which is developed for on-line education and installed in more than a dozen thousands educational institutions around the world including Russia. The Moodle provides students with rapid access to professional-oriented learning information via Internet any time and through any gadget. Using the Moodle a teacher can present different types of digital information, organize learning course, student’s knowledge and skills evaluation after structuring teacher’s knowledge. Rating approach is implemented in the Moodle very easy. Developed and develo­ping resources for the Moodle are located at the server electronic health record (LEHR is developing by Tomsk professional team and it is the integration of an electronic health record and a program for clinical subject. There are additional functions besides usual for paper medical record, for example: learning about specialized software, electronic re­ference books, and medical standard documents. Information and clinical competences are forming in LEHR at the same time what is the undoubted advantage for students. Now LEHR on pediatrics and neurology are testing before trial exploitation in the learning. Software for LEHR and information about virtual patients are located at the server analysis and our experience have shown the possibilities of effective using the information communication technologies for development of informational and professional competencies of medical students in different subjects of educational program.

  11. 村落文化景观的东西方审美认知差异



    传统乡村聚落是乡愁的重要载体,是最能体现中国传统文化的地域性文化景观,也是东方审美体系中最具经典性的审美客体。但受东西方异质文化背景的影响,东西方审美主体在对村落文化景观的审美认知上存在着显著差异。采用符号学这一崭新视角,剖析东西方审美主体对村落文化景观符号的认知差异,研究地域性文化景观的可持续发展路径,进而探讨异族文化传播与沟通的可行性问题。%The traditional vilage clusters are always an important carrier of nostalgia. They can epitomize the regional cultural landscape of the traditional Chinese culture in the best way, and are the most classical a esthetic object of the eastern aesthetic system. Afected by the diferent cu ltural backgrounds between the east and the west, there are distinctive dif ferences in the aesthetic cognition of the vilage cultural landscape betwee n the aesthetic subjects of the east and the west. From the brand-new as pect of semiotics, this article analyzes the cognitive diferences of the aesth etic subjects to the vilage cultural landscape symbols between the east an d the west, and explores a sustainable development path of regional cultu ral landscape and the feasibility of cultural difusion and communication a mong diferent nations.

  12. Causes Analysis and Empirical Test of Continued Accumulation of Foreign Exchange Reserves%外汇储备持续积累的原因分析及实证检验

    李妍; 周鑫


    Based on the data from 1990 to 2009, this paper analyzes the reasons why China's foreign exchange re- serves continue to accumulate from the perspectives of supply and demand for foreign exchange. From the perspective of foreign exchange supply, GDP, total exports, the actual use of foreign direct investment and foreign debt from foreign exchange reserves are supply factors as explanatory variables, in which gross domestic product; exports of foreign exchange reserves play a more significant role. From the perspective of foreign exchange demand, exchange rate, the difference between domestic interest rates and foreign interest rates are demand factors as explanatory vari- ables, in which the exchange rate has a positive impact on the foreign exchange reserve growth. However the dif- ferences between domestic interest rates and foreign interest rates have little effect on the reserves.%基于1990到2009年数据,本文从外汇供给和外汇需求角度分析我国外汇储备持续积累的原因。从外汇供给角度看,国内生产总值、出口总额、实际使用外商直接投资、外债余额作为源于外汇储备供给因素的解释变量,其中国内生产总值、出口总额对外汇储备具有较明显作用。从外汇储备需求角度看,汇率、国内外利率比作为源于外汇储备需求因素的解释变量,其中汇率对外汇储备增长有正向影响,国内外利率比对外汇储备增长影响甚微。

  13. A Study on the Achievements and Challenges in the Research Field of Young Girls in the Past 20 Years since the 4th World Conference on Women%“’95世妇会”后20年:中国在女童领域的成就与挑战

    和建花; 杨绚


    This thesis analyzes the achievements and challenges in the research field of young girls since the 4th World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995,and tries to put forward some relevant suggestions on policy.This study may be of some theoretical and practical significance in the implementation of UN Con-vention on The Rights ofthe Child and The Beijing Platform for Action which was passed in the 4th World Con-ference on Women as well as in the protection of the survivals,development,rights and interests of Chinese young girls who are among the 12 key areas.%系统梳理1995年在北京召开的第四次世界妇女大会后20年来中国在女童领域所取得的进展与成就、所面临的问题与挑战,并据此提出一定的政策建议,对于我国政府继续履行已签署承诺的联合国《儿童权利公约》,以及第四次世界妇女大会通过的《北京行动纲领》,保障12个关键领域之一的女童群体的生存、发展、受保护和参与权利,具有一定的理论和现实意义。

  14. Research on time resolved fluorescence immunoassay in quantitative detection of the anti-HBs of children's serum%时间分辨技术定量检测儿童乙肝病毒抗-HBs水平的研究

    程邦宁; 李林; 金载璇; 郝家砚; 孙亮; 许莉莉; 张功


    Objective To detect the anti-HBs of children's serum quantitatively, so as to analyze their immunity to hepatitis B virus (HBV). Methods Time resolved fluorescence immunoassay was used to measure the anti-HBs of 3480 serum samples from the children of non-infective HBV. Results There were 817 cases in 0~ mIU/ml about con-tent of the anti-HBs (23.5%), 1142 cases in 10-100 mlU/ml (32.8%), 1 521 cases > 100 mlU/ml (43.7%). There was no statistical difference between deferent sex of the anti-HBs (Z = 0.34,P = 0.735). There was statistical dif-ference between different age groups (Z = 3 634.00, P100 mIU/ml 1 521人(43.7%),不同性别间抗-HBs含量差异无统计学意义(Z=0.34,P=0.735);不同年龄组之间抗-HBs含量差异有统计学意义(Z=3 634.00,P<0.001),且年龄组与抗-HBs含量呈现负相关(rs=-0.217,P<0.001).结论 安徽省部分儿童对HBV的免疫力不容乐观,且随着年龄的增长,抗-HBs水平呈下降趋势,因此定期定量检测抗-HBs含量和加强乙肝疫苗预防接种非常必要.

  15. Analysis of sable (Martes zibellina ) of straight guard hair by scanning electronic microscope%紫貂直针毛的扫描电镜分析

    侯森林; 薛晓明; 宋庆双


    应用扫描电镜对紫貂背部和腹部直针毛的鳞片花纹类型进行研究.结果表明,2个部位的鳞片类型、排列方式、高度和密度均具有较高的相似性和一致性.鳞片花纹类型较复杂,背部和腹部主要鳞片类型均为长瓣型和杂波型,但二者比例差别较大,其他类型的鳞片在2个部位均不够显著.与同科、同属的其他种类同部位毛相比,主要鳞片的类型及主要鳞片类型的多寡存在差异,可为物种的鉴定提供依据,但有一定的难度.%A study of the scale pattern of straight guard hair's from the back and the abdomen of the sable (Maries zibellina) was conducted by scanning electronic microscope. The result showed that two parts of the straight guard hairs of the sable had similarity and consistency in the types of scale pattern, the arrangements of scale pattern, and in height and density. Scale pattern is complex, mainly including long valve type and irregular wave type from its back's hair and abdomen's hair, but the percentage of two kinds of scale pattern had great dif ference. For else, another scale pattern was very little. As compared with another species of the same family and genus, the difference and percentage of main scale pattern is very obvious in the same part. Our findings can sup ply basis for identification of species, but there existed difficulty in identification.

  16. Preliminary analysis on the relationships between Tibetan Plateau NDVI change and its surface heat source and precipitation of China

    HUA Wei; FAN GuangZhou; ZHOU DingWen; NI ChangJian; LI XueMin; WANG YongLi; LIU YaQin; HUANG XianLun


    Using the automatic weather station data obtained from the Tibetan Plateau (TP), the normalized dif-ference vegetation index and the monthly precipitation data of China and by the methods of correlation and composite analysis, preliminary analytical results are achieved concerning the relationships be-tween TP NDVI change and its surface heat source and precipitation of China. The results of our re-search may lead to the following conclusions: (1) A positive correlation relationship exists between TP NDVI change and its surface heat source, including the sensible heat and the latent heat. As to the correlation of the former, it is more remarkable in western TP than in eastern TP, and as to the correla-tion of the latter, however it turns out contrary. (2) With the improvement of TP vegetation, its surface heat source of every season is also mainly reinforced, especially in summer. As to the contribution of the sensible heat and the latent heat to the increment of the TP surface heat source intensity, the for-mer is comparatively more significant than the latter in winter and spring, while in summer and autumn, the two have almost the same importance. (3) The correlation coefficient between summer NDVI over TP and the corresponding period precipitation of China displays a belt distribution of "+-+" from south to north China. (4) Anomalous surface heating field over TP derived from vegetation change is probably an important factor to affect summer precipitation of China.keywords Tibetan Plateau, vegetation change, surface heat source, precipitation of China.

  17. Effect of Clenbuterol Hydrochloride on the in vitro Development of Mouse Embryo


    Objective To investigate the effect of clenbuterol hydrochloride on the in vitro devel-opment of both 1-cell and 2-cell mouse embryos.Methods The cultural systems of both 1-cell and 2-cell mouse embryo were used todetermine the effect of clenbuterol hydrochloride at doses of 1 ng/mL, 3 ng/mL, and10 ng/mL on developmental rates of mouse embryos.Results When 1-cell embryos cultured with 1 ng/mL of clenbuterol hydrochloride,developmental rates from the 4-cell stage to blastocyst stage were significantly lowerthan those in the control group (P< 0. 05), but on dosages of 3 ng/mL and 10ng/mL,the inhibiting effects on embryo development were significantly increased (P< 0. 01).When 2-cell embryos cultured with 1 ng/mL of clenbuterol hydrochloride, obvious dif-ferences in developmental rates were not found between the 2-cell embryo group and thecontrol (P> 0. 05). However, at levels of 3 ng/mL and 10 ng/mL, significant de-crease of developmental rates in 2-cell embryos was observed from the 4-cell and fromthe 8-cell stage, respectively (P< 0. 05). Embryos cultured with clenbuterol hydrochlo-ride appeared to have more granules, fragments and degeneration than those in thecontrol.Conclusion Clenbuterol hydrochloride has a toxic effect on the mouse embryos, and theeffect is in a dose-dependent. 1-cell mouse embryos cultured with clenbuterolhydrochloride could be easily inhibited at 2-cell stage, but the effect of clenbuterolhydrochloride on development of the late 2-cell embryos would be reduced.

  18. Ecological Ethical Implications of Xunzi’s Concept of Heaven and Man%荀子天人观的生态伦理意蕴



    荀子作为先秦时期儒家思想的集大成者,解百家之蔽,取诸子之长,其天人观所蕴含之深切的生态伦理关怀,映照今日生态文明建设之显题,启示我们在处理天人关系时,应明于天人之分,依循天道而行;在生态文明建设过程中,当制天命而用之,凸显人之主体;而达于天人合一,促进生态和谐当成为人与自然共处之要义。%Xunzi, as the Pre-Qin Dynasty Confucianism synthesizer, overcomes defects of schools of various thoughts, and absorbs their advantages. The deep ecological ethical concern of his concept of heaven and man, cor-responding to the theme of ecological civilization construction today, reveals to us that we should distinguish the dif-ference between heaven and man when dealing with their relationship and abide by the law of heaven. In ecologi-cal civilization construction process, we should take advantage of the laws of nature to highlight the dominant posi-tion of the human beings, to reach the union of heaven and man and to promote ecological harmony, which should be the essence of the principles of coexistence between man and nature.


    杨树军; 夏振远; 李天飞; 李云华


    研究了淡紫拟青霉DZ1菌株和厚孢轮枝菌LZ1菌株对云南烟草根结线虫南方根结线虫种的卵囊和分散卵孵化的影响,结果表明DZ1对线虫分散卵的相对抑制率达57.8%,LZ1相对抑制率达27.15%,两种菌剂间以及与对照达极显著差异;对线虫卵囊孵化的相对抑制率DZ1达 60.38 %,LZ1达67.53%,两种菌株间差异不显著,与对照达极显著差异。%Preparations of DZ1 strain isolated from Paecilomyces lilacinus and LZ 1 isolated from Verticillium chlamydosporium were used to treat the egg mass es a nd individual eggs of Meloidogyne spp. and Heterodera. The hatching of i ndividua l eggs was suppressed by 57.8% and 27.15%, respectively, by DZ1 and LZ1, the dif ference between the treatments and between the treatments and the control being highly significant. The hatching of egg masses was suppressed by 60.38% and 67.5 3%, respectively, by DZ1 and LZ1, the difference between the two treatments bein g insignificant while that between the treatments and the control being highly s ignificant statistically.

  20. Intravenous injection of mesenchymal stem cells is effective in treating liver fibrosis

    Wei Zhao; Jun-Jie Li; Da-Yong Cao; Xiao Li; Lin-Ying Zhang; Yong He; Shu-Qiang Yue


    AIM:To compare the influence of different transplant sites in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-based therapy for liver fibrosis.METHODS:MSCs isolated from Sprague Dawley (SD) rats were induced into hepatocyte-like cells.Liver fibrosis in SD rats was induced with carbon tetrachloride.Following hepatocyte induction in vitro,4',6-diamidino2-phenylindole (DAPI)-labeled MSCs were transplanted by intravenous,intrahepatic,and intraperitoneal injection.Histopathological staining,immunohistochemistry,and biochemical analysis were used to compare the morphological and functional liver regeneration among different MSC injection modalities.The expression di-ferences of interleukins,growth factor,extracellular matrix,matrix metalloproteinases,and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase were examined by real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).RESULTS:Four days after exposure to hepatocyte differentiation medium,MSCs that did not express hepatocyte markers could express α-fetoprotein,albumin,and cytokeratin 18.The results of histopathological staining,immunohistochemistry,and biochemical analysis indicated that intravenous injection is more effective at rescuing liver failure than other injection modalities.DAPI-labeled cells were found around liver lobules in all three injection site groups,but the intravenous group had the highest number of cells.PCR and ELISA analysis indicated that interleukin-10 (IL-10)was highest in the intravenous group,whereas il1β,il6,tnfα and tgfβ,which can be regulated by IL10 and are promoters of liver fibrosis,were significantly lower than in the other groups.CONCLUSION:MSC administration is able to protect against liver fibrosis.Intravenous injection is the most favorable treatment modality through promotion of IL10 expression.

  1. Playing the Part: Hungarian Boy Scouts and the Performance of Trauma in Interwar Hungary

    Steven Jobbitt


    Full Text Available In 1920, the historic Kingdom of Hungary was dismembered according to the dictates of the Treaty of Trianon. Resulting in the loss of two-thirds of the nation’s pre-World War I territory, and one-third of its prewar population, Trianon has long stood as a symbol for Hungarian suffering and trauma in the twentieth century. Historians of modern Hungary have given much consideration to Trianon, with serious attention being paid to what some have called the Trianon syndrome, or the Trianon trauma. Arguing that interwar Hungarian culture and politics need to be understood in light of the menacing psychological shadow cast by Trianon, a number of historians have suggested that the people of Hungary were traumatized spontaneously and universally by the dismemberment of the nation and the suffering that followed. This paper argues that, though this may indeed have been the case on a raw emotional level, careful consideration needs to be given to the overlapping political and pedagogical functions of the Trianon trauma, especially as this trauma found expression in repeated public “performances” of the Trianon tragedy. Focusing on the revisionist performances of Hungarian boy scouts between the wars, and in particular on the personal papers of the Hungarian geographer and boy scout leader Ferenc Fodor, this paper draws a direct link between trauma and performance in the interwar period, and argues that, though trauma was indeed central to Hungarian cultural politics, it functioned as much as a pedagogical strategy as it did a psychological reality.

  2. Risk factors for colonic diverticular bleeding: A Westernized community based hospital study

    Antje Jansen; Sabine Harenberg; Uwe Grenda; Christoph Elsing


    AIM: To evaluate the r isk factor s -other than nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-for colonic diverticular bleeding in a westernized population.METHODS: One hundred and forty patients, treated for symptomatic diverticular disease in a community based hospital, were included. Thirty (21%) had signs of diverticular bleeding. Age, gender, and the results of colonoscopy were collected and compared to a group of patients with nonbleeding symptomatic diverticulosis. Records were reviewed for comorbidities,such as obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking habits and metabolic diseases. Special emphasis was put on arterial hypertension, cardiovascular events, diabetes mellitus, hyperuricemia and hypercholesterinemia.RESULTS: There was no di f ference between patients with diverticular hemorrhage and those with nonbleeding symptomatic diverticulosis regarding gender ratio (male/female 9/21 vs 47/63) and diverticular localisation. Bleeding patients differed in respect to age (73.4±vs67.8±13.0,p<0.013).Significant differences were found between both groups regarding the presence of hyperuricemia and use of steroids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Patients with three concomitant metabolic diseases were also identified as being at risk of bleeding. A forward stepwise logistic regression analysis revealed steroids, hyperuricemia and the use of calcium-channel blockers as independent risk factors of bleeding.CONCLUSION: Beside nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory steroid drug use, antihypertensive medication and concomitant arteriosclerotic diseases are risk factors for colonic diverticular hemorrhage. Our results support the hypothesis of an altered arteriosclerotic vessel as the source of bleeding.

  3. Review of 19th International Conference on Information Fusion and its Awarded P apers%第19届国际信息融合会议及获奖论文评述

    何佳洲; 马继伟; 王昱槐; 安瑾


    This paper summarizes the plenary talks and the regular reports given in Fusion2016( the 19th International Con⁃ference on Information Fusion) . Through the statistical analysis of the papers presented by the several famous fusion teams, some focus areas and issues are put up and investigated. Then, we review the Best Student Award papers together with their Runners⁃up, which recognize excellences among researchers and scientists in information fusion in the last year, and general⁃ly accepted by the conference award committee. Finally, we consider the uncertainty of the high level information fusion, and we also discuss some developments and trends of several prosperous areas.%总结了第19届国际信息融合会议的总体情况和主要特点,通过对大会报告、分会场报告以及国际信息融合界一些著名专家团队发表论文情况的统计分析,提炼出国际信息融合界普遍关注的焦点和难点问题;通过对获奖论文的分析,了解到受大会评奖委员会一致认可的年度优秀成果和技术进步点;最后,面向高层信息融合中的不确定性处理,对信息融合领域的发展进行展望。

  4. [Research on error reduction of path change of liquid samples based on near infrared trans-reflective spectra measurement].

    Wang, Ya-Hong; Dong, Da-Ming; Zhou, Ping; Zheng, Wen-Gang; Ye, Song; Wang, Wen-Zhong


    Based on sucrose solution as the research object, this paper measured the trans-reflective spectrum of sucrose solution of different concentration by the technique of near infrared spectrum in three optical path (4, 5, 6 mm). Five kinds of pretreatment method (vector normalization, baseline offset correction, multiplicative scatter correction, standard normal variate transformation, a derivative) were used to eliminate the influence of the optical path difference, and to establish model of the calibration set in combination with the PLS (Partial Least Squares)method. Five kinds of pretreatment method could restrain the inter ference of light path in varying degrees. Compared with the PLS model of original spectra, the model of multiple scattering correction combined with PLS method is the optimal model. The results of quantitative analysis of original spectra: the number of principal component PC= 6, the determination coefficient R2 = 0.891 278, the determination coefficient of cross validation R2CV = 0.888 374, root mean square error of calibration RMSEC = 1.704%, root mean square error of cross validation RMSECV = 1.827%; The results of quantitative analysis of spectra after MSC pretreatment: the number of principal component PC = 3, the determination coefficient R2 = 0.987 535, the determination coefficient of cross validation R2CV = 0.983 343, root mean square er- ror of calibration RMSEC = 0.89%, root mean square error of cross validation RMSECV = 1.05%. The correlation coefficient of the prediction set is as much as 0.976 22. root mean square error of prediction is 0.01, lesser than 0.014 36. The results show that the MSC can eliminate the influence of optical path difference, improve the prediction precision and improve the stability.

  5. The research of relationship among physical exercise,physical self-esteem and general self-efficacy of college students%体育锻炼对大学生身体自尊和一般自我效能的影响

    马爱民; 刘守祥


    采用身体锻炼等级量表、一般自我效能量表和身体自尊量表对大学生进行调查,探讨一般自我效能、身体自尊及其与体育锻炼的关系。结果显示:大学生身体锻炼量、体育锻炼史、一般自我效能、身体自尊在性别上有显著差异;大学生身体锻炼量、体育锻炼史在专业上存在显著差异;不同水平身体自尊在身体锻炼量和体育锻炼史上存在显著差异。%Using the scale of rating physical exercise,general self-efficacy scale and physical self-esteem scale, the author investigates some college students to explore the relationship among general self-efficacy ,physical self-esteem and physical exercise. The survey results showed that:the amounts of physical exercise ,the history of physical exercise,general self-efficacy,physical self-esteem on college students has significant difference in gender;the amounts of physical exercise,the history of physical exercise on college students has significant dif⁃ference in professional;the different level of physical self-esteem has remarkable difference in the amounts of physical exercise and the history of physical exercise.

  6. Austro-Hungarian Bank building in Subotica

    Aladžić Viktorija


    Full Text Available During the negotiations between Austria and Hungary in 1867 when dual Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was formed, the question of the central bank was not touched to prevent further complications. In 1878, after years of prolonged negotiations, the central bank was successfully transformed into an institute in which Austria and Hungary had an equal share. The 'Austro- Hungarian Bank' acted as a central bank for both parts of the Empire. The dualistic character of the institute was characterized by two managements and two head offices in Vienna and Budapest. During first decade of 20th century it was built few dozens of bank buildings in Hungary and the most important: the central Austro-Hungarian Bank building in Budapest on Szabadsbg tjr 8. Bank building in Budapest was built according to the design made by Ignbc Alpbr who won the competition. Most of the other bank buildings built throughout Hungary were designed by architect Juzsef Hubert, but Austro-Hungarian bank building in Subotica was designed by architect Ferenc Juzsef Raichl in 1901. Main topic of this paper is research of architecture of Austro-Hungarian Bank Building in Subotica. It is obvious, although smaller in size, that the building was designed according to the main concept of the central bank building in Budapest. Compositions of the both facade applied similar architectural elements, like pillars, projections, attics, plinth and also decorative elements that symbolizes the function of a building. Inner organization of space also corresponds to each other, in both buildings: beside offices there were several apartments for renting. In contrast to other bank buildings in Hungary designed by Juzsef Hubert, bank building in Subotica, although made according to the concept of Central Bank building in Budapest represents remarkable and unique architectural masterpiece including all: architectural composition, decorative elements and function of a building.

  7. The Use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies by Senior High School Students of Different English Levels%不同水平高中生英语词汇学习策略的使用

    卢敏; 王秋凤


    词汇量是衡量英语水平的一个重要因素。本文通过对高三学生的调查,探讨不同水平的学生在词汇学习策略使用上的异同。结果表明,词汇量水平高的学生在整体策略使用频率上明显高于词汇量水平低的学生。另外,不同水平组的学生还表现出来一些共同特点,包括整体元认知策略水平低、缺乏合作学习意识、不善于利用网络等媒体资源等。本文分析了这些异同的原因并指出通过教学使学生掌握相应的词汇学习策略有助于他们水平的提高。%Vocabulary is one of the important factors to measure English level. This paper explores the similarities and dif- ferences of vocabulary learning strategy use by investigating 630 third-year senior high school students with different vocabulary. It finds out that students with wider vocabulary uses learning strategies more frequently than their counterparts with limited vo- cabulary. Meanwhile, students of different vocabulary levels show some commonalities in strategy use including low frequency in the use of metacognitive strategy, lack of cooperative sense in learning, and failure in utilizing media resources in learning vocab- ulary. The paper points out that teaching students to master correspondent strategies in learning vocabulary can help them im- prove their English level.

  8. Asymmetric Outer Bow Length and Cervical Headgear Force System: 3D Analysis Using Finite Element Method

    Allahyar Geramy


    Full Text Available Objectives: This study sought to assess distal and lateral forces and moments of asymmetric headgears by variable outer bow lengths.Materials and Methods: Four 3D finite element method (FEM models of a cer- vical headgear attached to the maxillary first molars were designed in SolidWorks2010 software and transferred to ANSYS Workbench ver. 11 software. Modelscontained the first molars, their periodontal ligament (PDL, cancellous and cor- tical bones, a mesiodistal slice of the maxillae and the headgear. Models were the same except for the outer bow length in headgears. The headgear was symmetric in model 1. In models 2 to 4, the headgears were asymmetric in length with dif- ferences of 5mm, 10mm and 15mm, respectively. A 2.5 N force in horizontal plane was applied and the loading manner of each side of the outer bow was cal- culated trigonometrically using data from a volunteer.Results: The 15mm difference in outer bow length caused the greatest difference in lateral (=0.21 N and distal (= 1.008 N forces and also generated moments (5.044 As the difference in outer bow length became greater, asymmetric effects increased. Greater distal force in the longer arm side was associated with greater lateral force towards the shorter arm side and more net yawing moment. Clinical Relevance:A difference range of 1mm to 15 mm of length in cervical headgear can be consi-dered as a safe length of outer bow shortening in clinical use.

  9. Discuss Culture Connotation of"Red"and"White"%小议“红”与“白”的文化内涵



    在中国传统观念里,红色代表好运和喜庆,白色意味着厄运和悲伤,所以传统婚礼多为大红色布置,葬礼则为白色铺设。然而,文化内涵会随着社会交融和全球化的趋势而变化,在90后大学生的观念中,“红”与“白”这两种鲜明的颜色的文化内涵也有所改变。通过搜索教材语料库发现,这种改变与当前英语教学渗透的文化元素有关,而且中外教材对“红”与“白”的文化内涵存在异同之处。%In Chinese tradition, the red represents good luck and happy, white mean doom and sorrow, so much for the big red traditional wedding arranged funeral was white laying. However, with the trend of social and cultural connotations will blend and globalization and changes in the concept of 90 students, the cultural connotation of the"red"and"white"these two distinct colors have changed. Corpus found by searching for materials, which change with the cultural elements of the current penetration of English teaching, but also to foreign materials on the"red"and"white"culture connotation similarities and dif-ferences exist.

  10. Relationship Between Performance and Interpersonal Relationship of P. E. Major Students%体育专业大学生学习成绩与人际关系相关关系研究



    Used literature consultation,psychological measurement and mathematical statistics method,took 108 students in physical health major and social sports major of a university in Wuhan as research object,to research the relationship of their performance and their interpersonal relation-ship.The results revealed that the performance of senior students and freshmen had significant dif-ference,the performance of stable major students and new-established major students had significant difference;the interpersonal relationship level of P.E.major students was fairly high,but the range was wide,and different P.E.major students' interpersonal relationship had no significant difference;the theoretic performance and interpersonal relationship of P.E.major student had no significant correlationship,but technical performance and interpersonal relationship had significant correlation-ship.%采用文献资料、心理测验和数理统计研究方法,以武汉某所高校体育保健和社会体育两个专业108名学生为研究对象,对他们的学习成绩与人际关系相关关系进行了研究.研究结果显示:大学高年级学生与大一新生学习成绩有显著性差异,稳定专业学生成绩与新办专业学生成绩存在显著差异;体育专业大学生人际关系水平较高,但极差较大,不同体育专业学生人际关系无显著差异;体育专业学生的理论成绩与人际关系水平无显著相关性,而运动技术成绩与人际关系水平存在高度显著相关性.

  11. Effectiveness and tolerability of transdermal rivastigmine in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in daily practice

    Seibert J


    Full Text Available Johannes Seibert1, Ferenc Tracik2,3, Konstantin Articus2, Stefan Spittler41Outpatient Clinic, Heidelberg, Germany; 2Novartis Pharma, Nürnberg, Germany; 3Department of Neurology, Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany; 4Alexianer Krefeld, Maria Hilf Clinic, Krefeld, GermanyBackground: Oral cholinesterase inhibitors at doses efficacious for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD are often prematurely discontinued due to gastrointestinal side effects. In controlled clinical trials, transdermal rivastigmine demonstrated less such effects at similar efficacy. The current study aimed to verify the validity of this data in daily practice.Methods: This was a prospective, multicenter, observational study on transdermal rivastigmine in Germany. Eligible patients were those with AD who had not yet been treated with rivastigmine. Outcome measures were changes in clock-drawing test, Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE, Caregiver Burden Scale, Clinical Global Impression (CGI, physicians’ assessments of tolerability, and the incidence of adverse events (AEs over 4 months of treatment.Results: In 257 centers 1113 patients were enrolled; 614 women and 499 men, mean age 76.5 years. In 58% of patients AD was treated for the first time and in 42% therapy was switched to transdermal rivastigmine, mostly due to lack of tolerability (13.6% or effectiveness (26.9%. After 4 months, 67.4% of patients were on the target dose of 9.5 mg/day and 21.8% were still on 4.6 mg/day. MMSE significantly improved in patients with and without pretreatment (ΔMMSE, 0.9 ± 3.4 and 0.8 ± 3.4, respectively, both P < 0.001; the CGI score improved in 60.9% and 61.3% of patients, respectively. Overall 11.7% of patients had AEs, mainly affecting the skin or the gastrointestinal tract; in 1.1% of cases AEs were serious; 14.7% of patients discontinued therapy, 6.0% due to AEs. With rivastigmine treatment the percentage of patients taking psychotropic comedication decreased

  12. 脑瘫患儿推理加工与心理理论相关研究%Correlation Between Inference Processing and Theory of Mind in Children with Cerebral Palsy

    李孝明; 汪凯; 吴建贤; 洪永峰; 赵敬璞; 冯小军; 徐梅; 汪敏


    Objective: To explore the relation between inference processing and theory of mind in children with cere-bral palsy. Methods: 35 children with cerebral palsy and 36 normal controls were assessed in the tasks of semantic infer-ence (causal vs. predictive inference), pragmatic inference (simple vs. complex) and theory of mind (second-order false-belief vs. false expectation). Results: There were significant differences between children with cerebral palsy and normal controls in the tasks of inference processing and theory of mind; Hierarchical regression analyses showed that causal infer-ence significantly predicted false belief; predictive inference significantly predicted false expectation; simple pragmatic in-ference significantly predicted false belief and false expectation; complex pragmatic inference significantly predicted false expectation. Conclusion: Inference processing and theory of mind in children with cerebral palsy lagged behind those in normal children, and inference processing was related to theory of mind.%目的:探究脑瘫患儿推理加工与心理理论的相关性.方法:选取35名脑瘫患儿和36名正常对照组儿童,接受语义推理(因果推理和预期推理)、语用推理(简单语用和复杂语用推理)和心理理论(错误信念和错误预期)测试.结果:在各测试任务上脑瘫组得分显著低于对照组;分层回归分析表明:因果推理对错误信念有预测作用,预期推理对错误预期有预测作用,简单语用推理对错误信念和错误预期都有预测作用,复杂语用推理对错误预期有预测作用.结论:脑瘫患儿的推理加工能力和心理理论落后于正常儿童,推理加工能力与心理理论具有相关性.

  13. ACL reconstruction with BPTB autograft and irradiated fresh frozen allograft

    Kang SUN; Shao-qi TIAN; Ji-hua ZHANG; Chang-suo XIA; Cai-long ZHANG; Teng-bo YU


    Objective: To analyze the clinical outcomes of arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with irradiated bone-patellar tendon-bone (BPTB) allograft compared with non-irradiated allograft and autograft. Methods: All BPTB allografts were obtained from a single tissue bank and the irradiated allografts were sterilized with 2.5 mrad of irradiation prior to distribution. A total of 68 patients undergoing arthroscopic ACL reconstruction were prospectively randomized consecutively into one of the two groups (autograft and irradiated allograft groups). The same surgical technique was used in all operations done by the same senior surgeon. Before surgery and at the average of 31 months of follow-up (ranging from 24 to 47 months), patients were evaluated by the same observer according to objective and subjective clinical evaluations. Results: Of these patients, 65 (autograft 33, irradiated allograft 32) were available for full evaluation. When the irradiated allograft group was compared to the autografi group at the 31-month follow-up by the Lachman test, the anterior drawer test (ADT), the pivot shift test, and KT-2000 arthrometer test, statistically significant differences were found. Most importantly, 87.8% of patients in the autograft group and just only 31.3% in the irradiated allograft group had a side-to-side difference of less than 3 mm according to KT-2000. The failure rate of the ACL reconstruction with irradiated allograft (34.4%) was higher than that with autograft (6.1%). The anterior and rotational stabilities decreased significantly in the irradiated allograft group. According to the overall International Knee Docu-mentation Committee (IKDC), functional and subjective evaluations, and activity level testing, no statistically significant dif-ferences were found between the two groups. Besides, patients in the irradiated allograft group had a shorter operation time and a longer duration of postoperative fever. When the patients had a fever

  14. Linguistic purification:Enlightenment from the administrative intervention and planning abroad%语言纯洁化:国外行政干预与规划实践∗



    语言接触和借用在所难免,一门语言可能会在语音、词汇、句法等层面上受到其他语言不同程度的影响并留下印记。政府、相关机构和学者,特别是语言纯洁主义者都担忧这些印记会有损本国语言的纯洁性。政府和相关部门通过行政权力制定法律法规规划语言;学者则通过学术论文和学术会议等致力于语言纯洁性的保持。不少国家政府和部门都重视对国家语言生活的行政干预和引导,为语言的纯洁和健康发展而不懈努力。文章通过梳理主要国家对本国语言的行政干预和语言规划以及所取得成效,旨在为我国相关部门的实践提供借鉴,从而更好地保持汉语的纯洁性。%Language contact and borrowing are inevitable in international communication.A lan-guage may acquire some phonetic,lexical and syntactical imprints of other languages that it contacts. Governments,the relevant departments and scholars,and language purists in particular,are often worried about the purity of their languages due to international contacts.Therefore,the governments and the relevant departments make laws and rules while scholars produce publications and attend con-ferences so as to maintain the purity of their mother tongue.Many a government and its departments attach much importance to and spare no effects on administrative intervention and guidance.A survey of such efforts and their effects will offer valuable suggestions on relevant issues in our country in terms of purifying the Chinese language.

  15. 中英文词表概念映射关系及处理方案研究*%Concept Mapping Relationships and Treatment Methods between Chinese and English Vocabularies

    邓盼盼; 常春; 曾建勋


    Within the perspective of resource integration and cross-language information retrieval, the paper introduces the need of thesau-rus interoperability and concept mapping and analyzes the study of major mapping types. Based upon the relevance of paradigmatic rela-tionships in the thesaurus to mapping types, it presents several treatment methods, such as matching English and Chinese synonym sets in the view of equivalence mapping and translation, recommending candidates for compound equivalence mapping according to the relation-ships of concept coordination, reasoning the candidate words for one-to-many mapping on account of poly-hierarchical relationship, and building mapping between specific concept and facet term from the view of classification. In addition, it also discusses the cause of inter-ference during mapping,such as sorting depth,multiple meaning, contradiction among semantic relationships, and mapping direction.%从资源整合、跨语言检索的角度,介绍了词表互操作及概念映射的需求,分析了主要映射类型的研究情况,基于词表内聚合关系与映射类型的关联提出概念映射关系的几种处理方案,如基于等同关系及译项进行中英文同义词集及词义的相似匹配;基于词表内明确标明的组代关系及暗含的组配情况,推荐候选的复合等同映射;基于多重属分关系,推理一对多映射的候选语词;基于分类思想,解决专指概念与分面主题词、宽泛概念与基本大类的映射情况。此外,讨论了映射干扰的产生原因,如分类深度、多义项、语义关系矛盾、映射方向等。

  16. Association of the waist-to-height ratio with cardiovascular risk factors in children and adolescents: The three cities heart study

    Robespierre C Ribeiro


    Full Text Available Objectives: To determine the best anthropometric index in rela-tion to cardiovascular disease risk factors among children and adolescents. Methods: This cross-sectional school-based study was conducted among a random sample of 3179 students, aged 6 to 18 years, in three large cities in Brazil. Results: The prevalence of overweight and obesity was 10% and 5%, respectively. In relation to the students in the lower quartile (Q1 of the distribution of subscapular skinfold, the students in the upper quartile (Q4 presented a 2.0 times higher risk (odds ratio of having elevated total cholesterol levels. Overweight and obese students had a 3.3 times higher risk of having elevated sys-tolic blood pressure, and a 1.9 times higher risk of elevated diastolic blood pressure than other students. The less active students presented a 1.58 times higher risk of having waist-to-height ratio (WHtR above the upper tertile (Q3. WHtR mean values was 0.46 (SE 0.00 presented the largest area under the curve (AUC [0.613 (CI995%:0.578-0.647] for high total cholesterol levels, [0.546 (CI995%: 0.515-0.578] for low HDL-C levels, and [0.614 (CI95%: 0.577-0.651] for high LDL-C levels, while body mass index presented the largest AUC [0.669 (CI95%: 0.64-0.699] for increased diastolic blood pressure followed by the waist circum-ference for increased systolic blood pressure [0.761 (CI95%: 0.735-0.787]. Conclusions: WHtR is considered as a simple and accurate anthropometric parameter that identifies youth with cardiovascular risk factors. In this study, WHtR above 0.44 was indicative of risk factors in children and adolescents. These findings can be applied in future preventive strategies against CVDs, and screening pro-grams.

  17. Comparison and Analysis on DUS Screening Traits of Two Lavender Species%2种薰衣草 DUS筛选性状的比较与分析

    庄笑宇; 秦岭; 冷平生; 沈漫


    基于薰衣草属新品种 DUS测试的性状选择,对狭叶薰衣草( Lavandula angustifolia)和甜薰衣草(L. heterophylla)主要表型性状的差异性和相关性进行了观测与分析。结果表明:狭叶薰衣草的植株形态优于甜薰衣草,且更能适应北方的引种环境。在花序部分,甜薰衣草的观赏性状总体上优于狭叶薰衣草,具有更丰富的花色变化。两种薰衣草在主要的数量性状和质量性状上都表现出明显的差异性,并在生长过程中保持了相对一致的稳定性。两种薰衣草各性状之间的相关系数都很高,狭叶薰衣草在1%显著水平上相关的性状配对个数略多于甜薰衣草。%In this paper, based on the DUS testing of new Lavandula spp. , the dif-ferences and correlations of main phenotypic traits between Lavandula angustifolia and L. heterophyl a were observed and analyzed. The results showed that the plant morphological traits of L. angustifolia were better than that of L. heterophyl a, more-over, L. angustifolia exhibited relatively high adaptive capacity to the environmental conditions in introduction areas of north China. For the inflorescence, the ornamental traits of L. heterophyl a were total y superior to that of L. angustifolia, especial y in flower color diversity. It had obvious differences in both quantitative traits and quali-tative traits between the two species, and these traits remained relatively stable in the growth progress. The correlation coefficients among the traits of two species were high, and the trait matching numbers at the 1% significance level of L. an-gustifolia were slightly more than that of L. heterophyl a.

  18. 两种氟保护漆用于预防正畸治疗釉质脱矿的临床比较研究%Clinical comparative study of two different fluor protectors for the prevention of enamel demineralization in orthodontic treatment

    汤海峰; 陈玉成


    目的:比较两种氟保护漆预防正畸治疗釉质脱矿的临床效果。方法:选取临床正畸患者20例440颗需要粘接正畸装置的牙齿,采用自身对照的方法,实验组220颗牙,用氟保护漆ClinproTM XT Varnish(3M ESPE)处理牙面,对照组220颗牙,用氟保护漆Fluor Protector(Vivadent)处理牙面。观察两组牙齿托槽脱落率及釉质脱矿指数(enamel decalcification index,EDI)。结果:实验组和对照组的托槽脱落率经统计学分析,差异无统计学意义(x2=0.259,P =0.611);两组釉质脱矿指数比较,差异无统计学意义(t=0.362,P=0.718)。结论:氟保护漆ClinproTM XT Varnish和Fluor Protector用于预防正畸治疗中釉质脱矿具有较好的临床效果。%Objective:To determine whether two different fluor protectors could prevent enamel demineralization during orthodontic treatment and compare the effect difference between them. Method:A total of 20 patients(440 teeth) with fixed orthodontics were included in this study. By self-control, 220 teeth used 3M ESPE ClinproTM XT Varnish as experimental group,the other 220 teeth used Fluor Protector (Vivadent) as control group. Then the losing ratio of the brackets and the prevention of enamel demineralization were observed and compared in these two groups. Result:There was no significant dif-ference in the losing ratio of the brackets and enamel decalcification index between the experimental and control groups. Conclusion:These two different fluor protectors have a strong effect on reducing enamel demineralization during fixed or-thodontic treatment and can be applied clinically.

  19. Assessing the prevalence of autoimmune, endocrine, gynecologic, and psychiatric comorbidities in an ethnically diverse cohort of female fibromyalgia patients: does the time from hysterectomy provide a clue?

    Brooks L


    Full Text Available Larry Brooks,1 Joseph Hadi,2 Kyle T Amber,1 Michelle Weiner,3 Christopher L La Riche,4 Tamar Ference1 1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, 2Anesco Interventional Pain Institute, Margate, 3Miami Pain and Diagnostics, Miami, 4Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Florida International University Wertheim College of Medicine, University Park, FL, USABackground: This retrospective chart review investigated differences in the prevalence of medical comorbidity between women with fibromyalgia (FM (n=219 and a control group women with chronic pain (CP without FM (n=116. The specific aims were to compare the prevalence of autoimmune, psychiatric, endocrine, gynecologic pathology, the relationship between timing of gynecologic surgery, and pain onset. We additionally sought to compare the number of comorbidities in an ethnically diverse cohort.Methods: This was a retrospective chart review of patients seen in FM or CP clinics at an academic medical center in 2009–2010.Results: Logistic regression modeling found that gynecologic, endocrine, and autoimmune diagnoses were independently associated with a diagnosis of FM. Detailed analyses showed that thyroid disease (P<0.01 and gynecologic surgery (P<0.05 were significantly more common in FM. Women with FM were more likely to have multiple autoimmune, endocrine, gynecologic, or psychiatric pathologies. A relationship was observed between the timing of gynecologic surgery and pain onset in FM, with more surgeries observed in the years just prior to pain onset or in the year after pain onset. A similar pattern was not found in the control group.Conclusion: This study demonstrates that autoimmune, endocrine, and gynecologic pathologies occur more commonly in women with FM than in those with CP, which is consistent with findings in less ethnically diverse samples. Moreover, a relationship was found between timing of pain onset and gynecologic

  20. 痔围手术期不应用抗生素的可行性研究%Clinical observation of no antibiotics in perioperation period of hemor-rhoids



    Objective To investigate the feasibility of no antibiotics before and after operation of hemorrhoids. Methods Ninety patients admitted to our hospital for hemorrhoids operation were randomly divided into three groups,group A patients without antibiotics,patients in group B were only 2 hours before a single intravenous infusion of antibiotics,pa-tients in group C before,after the first day and the second day after intravenous antibiotics. The three groups were ob-served in patients with bleeding,operation time and postoperative infection after operation,the changes of peripheral leukocytes,hospitalization time etc. Results Three patients operation time,hospitalization time had no significant dif-ference(P>0.05); There was no significant difference in peripheral blood leukocyte changes before and after the opera-tion of all groups(P>0.05),the three group patients were no infection. Conclusion No antibiotics in peri operation pe-riod of hemorrhoids is safe and feasible.%目的:观察痔手术前后不应用抗生素的可行性。方法选择我院收治需行痔手术的患者90例,随机分为A、B、C三组,其中A组患者不应用抗生素,B组患者仅术前2h内单次静脉滴注抗生素,C组患者术前、术后第1天和术后第2天静脉滴注抗生素。观察三组患者术中出血、手术时间以及术后感染情况,手术前后外周血白细胞变化情况及住院时间等。结果三组患者手术时间、住院时间比较差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),手术前后各组外周血白细胞变化差异均无显著性(P>0.05);三组患者术后均无感染发生。结论痔围手术期不应用抗生素是安全可行的。

  1. The clinical value of laparoscopic technique in children with inguinal hernia%腹腔镜技术在小儿腹股沟疝中的临床应用价值

    陈志权; 王红旭; 杨淑妙


    Objective To explore the clinical significance of laparoscopic technique in children with inguinal hernia. Methods The clinical data of 45 children with inguinal hernia underwent laparoscopic treatment and 34 cases of classic open operation were retrospectively analyzed from Jul 2009 to Dec 2011 in our hospital. The operative blood loss,total time of opera-tion, the time of postoperative free activities,hospitalization,cost,detecting of inapparent hernia and complications between two groups were compared. Results The operative blood loss,total time of operation,the time of postoperative free activities,hos-pitalization, detecting of inapparent hernia and complications in laparoscopic group were much better than classic group,the dif-ference was significant(P0.05). Conclusion There are many different advantages in laparoscopy for the treatment of children's inguinal hernia,including small injury,fast postoper-ative recovery and little complication,and especially with great superiority in diagnosing and treating inapparent hernia and bi-lateral hernia.%目的:探讨腹腔镜技术治疗小儿腹股沟疝的临床价值。方法回顾分析我院2009年7月~2011年12月应用腹腔镜治疗的小儿腹股沟疝45例,同期开放高位结扎手术34例的临床资料,比较两组的术中出血量、手术总时间、术后恢复活动时间、总住院时间、总住院费用、隐匿性疝的发现及术后并发症等。结果腹腔镜技术组在术中出血量、手术总时间、术后恢复活动时间、总住院时间、隐匿性疝的发现及术后并发症方面明显优于开放组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05),但两组住院费用差异无统计学意义(P>0.05)。结论腹腔镜技术在治疗小儿腹股沟疝疾病中具有损伤小、康复快、并发症少等优势,并可及时诊治隐匿性疝和双侧疝。

  2. Influence of modified tray on mandible complete denture impression%改良型托盘对下颌全口义齿印模的影响

    崔荣智; 潘新华


    Objective:To observe the influence of modified tray and conventional tray on mandible complete denture and the clinical effect after dental restoration. Method: 60 cases that were edentulous in mandible or with inferior alveolar ridge were treated with two methods of mandible complet denture impression five items were evaluated after wearing den- ference in the two groups in the aspects of comfort and masticatory function, mucosa and food impact ion, with P >0.05; while in the aspects of retaining function,the group with modified tray was superior to the group with conventional tray, with P < 0.05. Conclusion: Impression with modified tray obviously increased the absorption force of mandible complete denture, and may be applicable generally to the patients with inferior alveolar ridge%目的:观察改良型托盘与传统托盘对下颌全口义齿印模的影响,比较义齿修复后的临床效果.方法:对60例无牙颌牙槽嵴条件较差病例进行两种印模方法制取下颌全口义齿印模,义齿戴入后对义齿的固位功能、黏膜情况,舒适性、咀嚼功能、食物嵌塞5项内容进行评价.结果:两组病例在舒适程度、黏膜情况、食物嵌塞、咀嚼功能等方面无显著性差异,P >0.05;但在固位功能方面改良型托盘组明显优于传统托盘组,P <0.05.结论:改良型托盘制取的印模显著提高了下颌全口义齿的吸附力,可以普遍应用于牙槽嵴或黏膜条件差的无牙颌修复患者.

  3. The use of harmonic scalpel in parotid operation%超声刀在腮腺手术中的应用

    赵璧; 张继生; 尹林; 杨新华; 钱超


    Objective:To explore the application value of harmonic scalpel in parotid operation. Method:63 cases of parotid operation,will be divided into two groups of operation,the use of Focus to complete the operation of 33 cases of parotid gland (harmonic scalpel group),another selection of electric knife operation in 30 cases as control (electric knife group). Two groups of patients were resected in tracheal intubation general anesthesia operation of superficial lobe of parotid gland,consistent. And the two group total operation time,exposed to the resection of parotid superficial lobe of parotid gland time,intraoperative bleeding volume,postoperative drainage volume,postoperative complications and other data comparison. Result:the data obtained from harmonic scalpel group were lower than those of the traditional electric knife group ,the dif-ference was statistically significant (P <0.05). Conclusion:using the harmonic scalpel in parotid gland operation conve-nience,safety,good effect,is worth the clinical promotion.%目的:探讨超声刀在在腮腺手术中的应用效果。方法:收集腮腺手术病例63例,将其随机分为两组,使用Focus超声刀完成腮腺手术33例(超声刀组),另选取电刀手术30例设为对照(电刀组)。两组患者均在气管插管全麻下行腮腺浅叶切除,术式一致。对两组总手术时间、暴露腮腺到切除腮腺浅叶的时间、术中出血量、术后引流量、术后并发症等进行对比研究。结果:超声刀组所得出的各项数据均低于传统电刀组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论:在腮腺手术中使用超声刀方便、安全、效果好。

  4. The clinical analysis of 81 cases with glycerin suppositories nonretention enema treatment for acute constipation%甘油不保留灌肠治疗便秘81例临床分析

    宋建亭; 郑文宁; 贾晨光


    Objective To explore the glycerin suppositories nonretention enema treatment and the clinical ef- ficacy on acute constipation induced by a variety of unknown reasons. Methods 164 patients were randomly divided into two groups: observed group (81 cases) and the control group (83 cases ). Observed group used enema by 80ml glycerin suppositories retention. Control group used excessive traditional liquid soap retention enema. Effects of differ- ent methods of enema were compared according to fecal condition 5~20min after operation. Results The glycerin suppositories retention enema was much better than soap water retention enema with the total effective rate of 97.5 % and 81% respectively. The glycerin suppositories retention enema solution to the overflow and the occurrence of adverse reactions were significantly lower than those of the control group. There were significantly statistical dif- ferences(P < 0. 01). Conclusion Using the glycerin suppositories retention enema for the constipation, has no side effects,skin and beds contamination and patients are more willing to accept it.%目的 探讨甘油不保留灌肠治疗因各种原因引起的急性便秘的临床疗效.方法 将164例患者随机分为观察组(81例)和对照组(83例).观察组采用甘油80 ml灌肠,对照组采用传统的大量肥皂液不保留灌肠,根据操作后5~20 min粪便排出情况比较不同方法的灌肠效果.结果 观察组总有效率97.5%,对照组总有效率81%,观察组不良反应和溶液自行溢出的发生率均明显低于对照组.结论 甘油灌肠法用于急性便秘患者,无副作用,皮肤床铺元污染,优于肥皂液灌肠.

  5. 磷霉素时间差疗法治疗难治性肺炎63例疗效评价%Practice and Experience of Time Difference Therapy in Treating Refractory Pneumonia on 63 Cases

    张香菊; 龚子东


    Objective To investigate the effect of the time difference therapy of fosfomycin combined with other antibacterial drugs in the treatment of refractory pneumonia and to analyze the characteristics of phosphomycin. Methods 126 patients with refractory pneu-monia were randomly divided into the group A and B,63 cases in each group. The group A was treated by the time difference therapy of fosfomycin in combination with other antibacterial agents,while the group B adopted the traditional sequential therapy of fosfomycin in combination with other antibiotics. Results The cure rate was 92. 06% in the group A and 76. 19% in the group B;the average initial effect time,cure time and the bacterial clearance rate in the group A were superior to those in the group B with statistical dif-ferences( P < 0. 05). Conclusion The time difference therapy of fosfomycin combined with other antibacterial drugs is safe and effec-tive and has few and mild adverse reaction for treating refractory pneumonia.%目的:探讨磷霉素联合其他抗菌药物的时间差疗法治疗难治性肺炎的疗效,并分析磷霉素的作用特点。方法将126例难治性肺炎患者随机分为 A 组、B 组,各63例。A 组采用磷霉素联合其他抗菌药物的时间差疗法,B 组采用磷霉素联合其他抗菌药物的传统序贯疗法。结果 A 组的治愈率为92.06%,B 组为76.19%;A 组平均起效时间、平均治愈时间及细菌清除率均优于 B 组( P <0.05)。结论磷霉素联合其他抗菌药物的时间差疗法治疗难治性肺炎安全有效,不良反应少且轻微。

  6. Study on Interferences Problems Between Rock Drilling and Loading of ZZ2-8/100 Drilling and Loading Machine%ZZ2-8/100型钻装机凿岩与耙装干涉问题研究



    针对ZZ2-8/100型钻装机凿岩和耙装时相互干涉的情况,通过对左右钻臂和耙臂运动轨迹的分析计算,绘制出双臂凿岩范围和耙臂的耙装区域范围,找出了左右钻臂同时工作时的干涉区域和钻装机凿岩时的纯干涉区域,并以大宝鼎矿+1220m南翼运输大巷断面炮眼布置范围为例,根据钻臂最小位移原则和循环移位方法规划出了最佳凿岩孔序,解决了双臂干涉问题、纯干涉问题和耙装干涉问题,为后续钻装机的工业应用提供参考。%According to the mutual interference between the rock drilling and rock loading of ZZ2-8/100 mode drilling and loading ma- chine, with the analysis and calculation on the movement tracing of the left and right drilling booms and the loading booms, the double boom rock drilling range and the loading area range of the rake boom were drawn. The interference area of the left and right drilling booms while the operations conducted simultaneously and the interference area of the drilling and loading machine in rock drilling operation were found. Taking the cross section blasting borebole pattern range of + 1 220 m south wing transportation roadway in Dabaoding Mine as an example, according to the min displacement principle and the circulated displacement method of the drilling boom, the optimized rock drilling borehole sequence was planned. Thus the double booms interference problem, plain interference problem and rake loading inter- ference problem were solved, which could provide the references to the industrial applications of the later drilling and loading machine.

  7. Application of electric-atomization inhalation of pulmicort respules in preventing repeated attack of asthmatic bronchitis%电动雾化吸入普米克令舒预防喘息样支气管炎反复发作的应用

    金剑; 何梦藻; 滕懿群


    目的:探讨电动雾化吸入普米克令舒在预防喘息样支气管炎反复发作中的作用。方法:将68例反复发作≥2次的喘息样支气管炎患儿分成2组,对照组患儿出院后予常规口服止咳、抗过敏药物巩固治疗3~5天,观察组患儿出院后在常规巩固治疗基础上,加电驱动雾化吸入普米克令舒。对于IgE升高或有过敏史、遗传史者,2组均加孟鲁斯特口服(4mg qN )。随访1年,比较2组患儿喘息反复发作次数。结果:观察组复发率明显低于对照组,差异具有统计学意义( P<0.01)。结论:电动雾化吸入普米克令舒可有效预防喘息样支气管炎反复发作,值得临床推荐使用。%Objective ] To study the effects of electric-atomization inhalation of pulmicort respules in preventing repeated at-tacks of asthmatic bronchitis .[Method] A total of 62 chileren with asthmatic bronchitis who suffered from repeated attack ≥2 times were randomly divided into two groups .Control group was received conventional treatment of anti-cough and anti-al-lergy for 3-5days after discharge .On that basis ,electric-atomization inhalation of pulmicort respules were used in observa-tion group .Additional mantelukast (4mg ,po ,qn) were used in patients with elevated serum IgE ,allergy history or inherited his-tory in both groups .All patients were followed-up for one year and the recurrence rate of the wheezing were comparatively an-alyzed .[Result] The recurrence rate of the observation group was lower than that of the control group and the comparative dif-ference of the two groups was statically significant .[Conclusion] Electric-atomization inhalation of pulmicort respules could effectively prevent repeated attacks of asthmatic bronchitis .It holds promise for clinical application .

  8. 胸腰椎骨折患者腹胀的护理干预及原因分析%Cause analysis and nursing intervention of abdominal distension in pa-tients with thoracolumbar fracture

    邹艳贤; 谢红艳; 胡梅; 李文芳


    Objective To explore the cause and effective nursing intervention of abdominal distension in patients with thoracolumbar fracture. Methods 100 cases with thoracolumbar fractures from September 2011 to August 2013 in our department were selected and randomly divided into the experimental group and the control group,50 cases in each group.The experimental group was given the related nursing measures after admission,the control group was given the routine nursing care.The incidence of abdominal distension in two groups was compared. Results The incidence of ab-dominal distension in the experimental group was significantly lower than that in the control group,with significant dif-ference (P<0.01). Conclusion According to the cause of abdominal distention in patients with thoracolumbar fractures to take the related nursing measures,which can effectively prevent or alleviate patients’incidence of abdominal distension.%目的:探讨胸腰椎骨折后腹胀发生的原因及有效的护理干预。方法选取本科室2011年9月~2013年8月收治的100例胸腰椎骨折患者作为研究对象,随机分实验组和对照组,各50例。实验组从患者入院后即开始采取相关护理措施,对照组采用骨科护理常规进行护理,比较两组的腹胀发生率。结果实验组的腹胀发生率显著低于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.01)。结论针对胸腰椎骨折患者发生腹胀的原因采取相关护理对策,可有效预防或减轻患者的腹胀发生率。

  9. Comparative effectiveness of antihypertensive medication for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: systematic review and multiple treatments meta-analysis

    Fretheim Atle


    Full Text Available Abstract Background We conducted a systematic review of evidence from randomized controlled trials to answer the following research question: What are the relative effects of different classes of antihypertensive drugs in reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease outcomes for healthy people at risk of cardiovascular disease? Methods We searched MEDLINE, EMBASE, AMED (up to February 2011 and CENTRAL (up to May 2009, and reference lists in recent systematic reviews. Titles and abstracts were assessed for relevance and those potentially fulfilling our inclusion criteria were then assessed in full text. Two reviewers made independent assessments at each step. We selected the following main outcomes: total mortality, myocardial infarction and stroke. We also report on angina, heart failure and incidence of diabetes. We conducted a multiple treatments meta-analysis using random-effects models. We assessed the quality of the evidence using the GRADE-instrument. Results We included 25 trials. Overall, the results were mixed, with few significant dif-ferences, and with no drug-class standing out as superior across multiple outcomes. The only significant finding for total mortality based on moderate to high quality evidence was that beta-blockers (atenolol were inferior to angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB (relative risk (RR 1.14; 95% credibility interval (CrI 1.02 to 1.28. Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE-inhibitors came out inferior to calcium-channel blockers (CCB regarding stroke-risk (RR 1.19; 1.03 to 1.38, but superior regarding risk of heart failure (RR 0.82; 0.69 to 0.94, both based on moderate quality evidence. Diuretics reduced the risk of myocardial infarction compared to beta-blockers (RR 0.82; 0.68 to 0.98, and lowered the risk of heart failure compared to CCB (RR 0.73; 0.62 to 0.84, beta-blockers (RR 0.73; 0.54 to 0.96, and alpha-blockers (RR 0.51; 0.40 to 0.64. The risk of diabetes increased with diuretics compared to ACE

  10. Toxic shock syndrome toxin level in wound samples of hospitalized children with burn: a case control study

    Shima Javadinia


    Full Text Available Background: Toxic shock syndrome (TSS, a dangerous consequence of Toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 (TSST-1 caused by Staphylococcus aureus. The early detection for infections of Staphylococcus aureus in burned children is very important, also the pre-vention for consequences of TSST-1. Fever is one of the most noticeable sign in burned children. On the other hand, fever is one of the important consequences of TSST-1 pro-duction. Methods: This study aimed to assess the toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 level in the wound’s specimens of two groups febrile and afebrile in the hospitalized burned chil-dren in Motahari hospital Tehran, Iran in the year 2013. In this case-control study, 90 children who admitted to the burn unit, divided in two groups of 45 patients: febrile (cases group and afebrile (control group. All of burned children under went wound biopsy, and then all of wound’s specimens were tested by PCR for specific primer of toxin producing genome. Finally all of data collected and statistically analyzed. This data include group febrile and afebrile, demographic characteristics, percentage of burned surface severity and result of PCR. Results: The positive result for PCR test, production of TSST-1 in febrile burned chil-dren (cases group was 37.7% and in afebrile burned children (control group was 11.1% that this different was statistically significant (P=0.003. The mean and stan-dard deviation for percentage of burned surface (severity in samples with positive re-sult for PCR test was 30.9±16.93 and in samples with negative result for PCR test was 20.09±11.02 that this different was statistically significant (P=0.01. There was no dif-ference between positive PCR result and negative PCR result of age and sex. Conclusion: Direct association was approved between the production of TSST-1 and the occurrence of fever in burned children. Increased surface severity of burns also re-lated to the production of TSST-1. Further research is recommended.

  11. 社区中重度阿尔茨海默病性痴呆患者的综合治疗分析%Analysis of the Comprehensive Treatment for Patients with Severe Dementia in Alzheimer's Disease in Community

    洪沪津; 徐枝楼


    Objective To analyze the treatment effect of patients with severe dementia in Alzheimer's disease in community. Methods 13 cases of patients with severe dementia in Alzheime's disease in community were selected and given the comprehen-sive treatment. The revised Hasegawa Dementia Scale (HDS-R), Activity of Daily Living Scale (ADL) and Concise Montreal cogni-tive assessment scale(MoCA) were used to evaluate and the efficacy of the patients before treatment and at 3, 6 months after treat-ment was compared, respectively. Results After 6 months of treatment, the Activity of Daily Living Scale was 25.37 ±4.67, the dif-ference was statistically significant compared with that before treatment, P0.05. Conclusion The clinical treatment of dementia in Alzheimer's disease is very difficult to obtain a satisfactory effect, and more attention should be paid to early preven-tion and the intervention should be carried on at the stage of mild cognitive impairment.%目的:分析社区中重度阿尔茨海默病性痴呆患者治疗效果。方法对13例筛选出的社区中重度阿尔茨海默病性痴呆患者进行综合治疗,在综合治疗前及治疗后的3个月、6个月分别用修正长谷川痴呆量表、日常生活活动能力评定量表、简明蒙特利尔认知评估量表等进行测评,比较治疗效果。结果日常生活能力量表治疗6个月后为(25.37±4.67),差异有统计学意义,P0.05。结论阿尔茨海默病性痴呆临床治疗很难取得令人满意的效果,重在早期预防及仅有轻度认知功能障碍阶段开展干预。

  12. Lysine-functionalized nanodiamonds: synthesis, physiochemical characterization, and nucleic acid binding studies

    Kaur R


    Full Text Available Randeep Kaur,1 Jackson M Chitanda,2 Deborah Michel,1 Jason Maley,3 Ferenc Borondics,2,4 Peng Yang,5 Ronald E Verrall,2 Ildiko Badea11Drug Design and Discovery Research Group, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan, 2Department of Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan, 3Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre, University of Saskatchewan, 4Canadian Light Source, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada; 5Department of Organic Chemistry, School of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang, People's Republic of ChinaPurpose: Detonation nanodiamonds (NDs are carbon-based nanomaterials that, because of their size (4–5 nm, stable inert core, alterable surface chemistry, fluorescence, and biocompatibility, are emerging as bioimaging agents and promising tools for the delivery of biochemical molecules into cellular systems. However, diamond particles possess a strong propensity to aggregate in liquid formulation media, restricting their applicability in biomedical sciences. Here, the authors describe the covalent functionalization of NDs with lysine in an attempt to develop nanoparticles able to act as suitable nonviral vectors for transferring genetic materials across cellular membranes.Methods: NDs were oxidized and functionalized by binding lysine moieties attached to a three-carbon-length linker (1,3-diaminopropane to their surfaces through amide bonds. Raman and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, zeta potential measurement, dynamic light scattering, atomic force microscopic imaging, and thermogravimetric analysis were used to characterize the lysine-functionalized NDs. Finally, the ability of the functionalized diamonds to bind plasmid DNA and small interfering RNA was investigated by gel electrophoresis assay and through size and zeta potential measurements.Results: NDs were successfully functionalized with the lysine linker, producing surface loading of 1.7 mmol g-1 of ND

  13. 一种GNSS监测站选址模糊综合评价方法%A Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Method for Address Choosing of GNSS Monitoring Station

    陈茜; 马煦; 李春霞


    全球导航卫星系统( GNSS)监测站位置布设直接影响导航系统的服务质量,因此监测站选址在GNSS系统建设过程中尤为重要。从视场、电磁干扰、多路径干扰、精度因子( DOP)值、电离层格网可用度、气象环境地质条件、政治军事安全、工作环境等因素对影响监测站选址进行了全面分析,并提出了一种“硬判决-软判决冶相结合的模糊综合评价监测站选址方法。“北斗冶卫星导航系统( BDS)监测站选址评估实例表明,该方法达到了监测站选址高效、精确的评估效果。%The deployment of Global Navigation Satellite System( GNSS) monitoring station would directly impact the service quality,so it is an important part in construction of GNSS. Based on the full analysis of the factors influencing the address choosing of monitoring station,such as visual field,electromagnetic inter-ference,multi-path interference,dilution of precision(DOP),ionosphere availability,meteorology environ-ment and geological condition,politics and military safety,working environment,a fuzzy synthetic evaluation method of “hard decision- soft decision” for the address choosing is put forward. The example of evalua-tion of address choosing of Beidou Satellite Navigation System( BDS) monitoring station shows this method can provide high-efficiency and accurate evaluation result for address choosing of monitoring station.

  14. Effect of axial groove and resin luting cements on the retention of complete cast metal crowns

    K Rajkumar


    Full Text Available Background : The design of the tooth preparation and the cementing medium are important consid-erations in the retention of crowns and fixed partial dentures. The purpose of this invitro study was to determine the effect of axial groove on the retention of complete cast metal crowns using two resin luting cements. Methods: Forty freshly extracted intact human molar teeth were prepared in their long axis to receive complete cast metal crowns. The specimens were randomly divided into two groups (one control and one study group. An axial groove of uniform size and shape was made on the prepared teeth under the study group. Axial surface area of prepared teeth specimens was measured. Complete cast metal crowns were fabricated for each specimen. Specimens of each group were divided into subgroups of 10 samples and were cemented with two resin luting cements, RelyX Unicem® and Calibra®, re-spectively. The cemented crowns were loaded in tension using a Universal Instron testing machine. The maximal tensile strength was recorded. Data were compared using the Mann-Whitney U test (α=0.05. Results: No significant differences in the tensile stress values were noted between the control (mean: 5.76±0.392 MPa and study (mean: 5.93±0.751 MPa groups cemented with RelyX Unicem. No sig-nificant differences in the tensile stress values were noted between the control (mean: 4.92±0.641 MPa and study (mean: 5.15 ±0.478 MPa groups cemented with Calibra. However, significant dif-ference in the tensile stress values was found between the two resin cements in the control and study groups. Conclusion: Axial groove placed in tooth preparations for resin bonded complete cast metal crowns had no statistically significant effect on retention. The use of (RelyX Unicem® yielded greater reten-tion values when compared to Calibra®.

  15. Simultaneous determination of 6 effective components in Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid by RP-HPLC%RP-HLPC法同时测定藿香正气水中6种有效成分的含量

    蔡洪鲲; 刘小芬; 蒋范任; 高洪琳; 孙国祥


    Objective To establish an RP-HPLC method to determine the content of 6 components in 4 medicinal herbs in Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid simultaneously. Methods The method was performed on a C18 chromatographic column (Gemini NX, 250 mm×4.6 mm, 5 μm), with 0.05% formic acid (A)-acetonitrile (B) as the mobile phase in gradient elution, the lfow rate was 1.0mL·min-1, and the detect wavelength was 270 nm. Results The RP-HPLC method for the determination of 6 ingredients in Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid was established, including hesperidin, glyc-yrrhizic acid, imperatorin, honokiol, isoimperatorin and magnolol. The negative samples were validated without inter-ferences, and separated well without impurity peaks. Conclusion The method is fast and feasible. The detection limit, speciifcity, sensitivity, and linearity veriifed and meet the requirements of content determination, appropriate for multi constituents in Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid and quality control.%目的:建立反相高效液相色谱法同时测定藿香正气水中4种药材的6种有效成分的含量。方法采用反相高效液相色谱法,C18色谱柱(Gemini NX,250 mm×4.6 mm,5μm),以0.05%甲酸(A)-乙腈(B)为流动相进行梯度洗脱,流速1.0 mL·min-1,检测波长270 nm。结果建立了同时检测藿香正气水中橙皮苷、甘草酸铵、欧前胡素、和厚朴酚、异欧前胡素、厚朴酚6个成分的含量测定方法,阴性样品均无干扰,且样品分离好,无干扰,方法学验证合格。结论本方法快捷可行,检测限、灵敏度、线性关系、专属性等均符合含量分析要求,适合藿香正气水多指标组分的同时定量控制。

  16. Related Factors and Prevention for Infection post Ventricle-peritoneal Shunt%脑室腹腔分流术后感染相关因素及术中管理

    王建军; 孙炜; 周剑云; 张新; 高海滨; 王宇; 王利清


    目的:探讨脑室腹腔分流术后感染相关因素及预防措施。方法回顾性分析85例行脑室腹腔分流术治疗的继发性正常颅压脑积水患者的感染相关因素。观察加强无菌管理措施的效果。结果脑室腹腔分流术后总感染率为7%。术后感染患者与非感染患者以下因素有显著性差异:术前有过感染史(肺炎、泌尿系感染、颅内感染、胆道感染);手术操作者;日常生活活动能力。加用新的预防措施后,手术感染率从常规无菌操作时9.8%(6/61)降为0(0/24)。结论脑室腹腔分流术术后感染与多因素相关,主要与接触感染及患者易感性相关。加强预防措施能明显降低感染率。%Objective To investigate the related factors of infection post ventricle-peritoneal shunt and explore some preventive mea-sures. Methods 85 cases after ventricle-peritoneal shunt for normal pressure cranial hydrocephalus were analysed retrospectively. The effect of intensive prevention was observed. Results The overall infection rate was 7%after ventricle-peritoneal shunt. There was significant dif-ference between the patients with or without infection post-operation in some factors, such as preoperative infection (pneumonia, urinary tract infection, intracranial infection, biliary infection);the operator;activities of daily living. It was 9.8%(6/61) under routine aseptic opera-tion, and was 0 (0/24) under intensive management. Conclusion Infection after ventricle-peritoneal shunt is associated with many factors, es-pecially the susceptibility and contact to infection. Intensive management can significantly prevent the infection.

  17. [Male contraception].

    Demoulin, A


    Among the reasons why male hormonal contraception has lagged behind female methods are the necessity of preserving virility, the fact that spermatogenesis is a continuous process, the need to control secondary effects and toxicity, and the requirement that modes of administration be acceptable to both partners. Among currently available reversible mehtods, withdrawal is undoubtedly the most ancient. It is still widespread but cannot be recommended because of its limited effectiveness. The condom is used by about 10% of couples worldwide as a principal or temporary method, but its inter-ference with sensation has limited its acceptance. Condoms are nevertheless highly effective when used with a spermicide. Various androgens are currently under investigation. High doses of testosterone can induce azoospermia without affecting libido but their side effects may be serious. The use of combinations of steroids permits doses to be reduced and offers promise for the future. The combination of oral medroxyprogesterone acetate and percutaneous testosterone is one of the better approaches; the combination is effective and nontoxic but has the disadvantage of percutaneous administration. Gossypol, a pigment extracted from the cotton plant, has been used as a contraceptive in China with a reported efficacy of 99.89%, recovery of fertility within 3 months, and no effect on future fertility. However, its toxicity appears to be significant in the animal and its reversibility is uncertain. A search is on for analogs which would preserve the contraceptive effects while eliminating toxic effects. Several gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) analogs under investigation for their interference with spermatogenesis have given promising results. Several chemicals tested for contraceptive effects have had unacceptably high toxicity. Chinese investigators have reported good results with various physical methods of interfering with sperm production, but their reversibility and innocuity

  18. EDITORIAL: Computational materials science Computational materials science

    Kahl, Gerhard; Kresse, Georg


    Ferenc Iglói Ordering effects in disordered systems: the Au-Si systemN Jakse, T L T Nguyen and A Pasturel On the stability of Archimedean tilings formed by patchy particlesMoritz Antlanger, Günther Doppelbauer and Gerhard Kahl

  19. Clinical Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Medicine and Physical Therapy on Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation:A Clinical Observation of 200 Cases%中药专利方剂联合物理疗法治疗腰椎间盘突出症200例临床观察*



    Objective: To observe the clinical effect of Traditional Chinese medicine patent medicine and physical therapy on lumbar disc herniation related research. Methods: 300 patients of lumbar disc herniation were randomly divided into treat-ment and control group, 100 patients in each group. Patients were treated with Chinese traditional medicine patent medicine and physical therapy in treatment group, and physical therapy in control group, 7 days for a course. The pain severity (VAS score) changes and curative effect were observed. Results: The total effective rate 97.0% and 92.0% respectively in treatment and control group; the efficacy of the treatment group was better than that of the control group, with significant difference ( P<0.05). The pain severity score of VAS decreased both in treatment and the control group after treatment, with significant dif-ference (P<0.01); the lowering of VAS score in the treatment group was better thean that in the control group, and the differ-ence was statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion: Chinese patent drugs and physical therapy can provide exact effect on lumbar disc herniation, relieve back pain symptoms apparently and improve quality of life.%  目的:观察中药专利方剂联合物理疗法治疗腰椎间盘突出症的临床疗效。方法:将300例腰椎间盘突出症患者随机分为治疗组200例和对照组各100例。治疗组采用中药专利方剂联合物理治疗,对照组采用物理治疗,两组均以7 d为1个疗程。观察比较两组患者治疗前后疼痛程度(VAS评分)的变化及临床疗效。结果:总有效率治疗组为97.0%,对照组率为92.0%,两组比较,两组95%CI重叠,差异无统计学意义。结论:中药专利方剂联合物理疗法治疗腰椎间盘突出症有较好疗效,可明显缓解患者腰腿痛症状,提高生活质量。

  20. Comparison of Efficacy of Spiral Nasointestinal Tube and Nasogastric Tube in Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury%螺旋型鼻肠管与鼻胃管在成人重度颅脑损伤患者中应用效果的比较

    金婷; 吴丹; 鲍龙


    Objective To compare the effects of nasogastric tube and spiral nasointestinal tube on patients with severe brain injury. Methods Pa⁃tients receiving enteral nutrition with spiral nasointestinal tube or nasogastric tube were collected and investigated to evaluate the two schemes of en⁃teral nutrition from aspects of coma score,nutrition improvement,and catheter complications and so on. Results Detection of levels of total protein and prealbumin were conducted for all patients at 7 and 15 days after intubation. Each index was higher in the spiral nasointestinal tube group than in the nasogastric tube group. The reflux and aspiration rate was lower in the spiral nasointestinal tube group than in the nasogastric tube group. The dif⁃ferences were significant(P<0.05). Conclusion Using spiral nasointestinal tube to give enteral nutrition in patients with severe brain injury can improve the nutritional status,reduce complications,which is more contributory to the recovery.%目的:比较螺旋型鼻肠管与鼻胃管在成人重度颅脑损伤患者中应用的效果。方法调查并收集我院神经外一科行鼻肠管与鼻胃管给予肠内营养患者,从格拉斯哥昏迷评分、营养改善情况及置管并发症等多个方面评价2种方案。结果2组患者均在置管后第7天、第15天检测总蛋白、前白蛋白含量,螺旋形鼻肠管组各项指标均高于鼻胃管组;螺旋型鼻肠管组反流率和误吸率均低于鼻胃管组。以上差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论螺旋型鼻肠管给予肠内营养更能改善重型颅脑损伤患者营养状况,减少并发症,更有利于患者康复。

  1. Taste sensitivity, nutritional status and metabolic syndrome: Implication in weight loss dietary interventions

    Simona; Bertoli; Monica; Laureati; Alberto; Battezzati; Valentina; Bergamaschi; Emanuele; Cereda; Angela; Spadafranca; Laila; Vignati; Ella; Pagliarini


    AIM: We investigated the relationship between taste sensitivity, nutritional status and metabolic syndrome and possible implications on weight loss dietary program. METHODS: Sensitivity for bitter, sweet, salty and sour tastes was assessed by the three-Alternative-Forced-Choice method in 41 overweight(OW), 52 obese(OB) patients and 56 normal-weight matched controls. OW and OB were assessed also for body composition(by impedence), resting energy expenditure(by indirect calorimetry) and presence of metabolic syndrome(MetS) and were prescribed a weight loss diet. Compliance to the weight loss dietary program was defined as adherence to control visits and weight loss ≥ 5% in 3 mo. RESULTS: Sex and age-adjusted multiple regression models revealed a significant association between body mass index(BMI) and both sour taste(P < 0.05) and global taste acuity score(GTAS)(P < 0.05), with lower sensitivity with increasing BMI. This trend in sensitivity for sour taste was also confirmed by the model refitted on the OW/OB group while the association with GTAS was marginally significant(P = 0.06). MetS+ subjects presented higher thresholds for salty taste when compared to MetS- patients while no significant difference was detected for the other tastes and GTAS. As assessed by multiple regression model, the association between salty taste and MetS appeared to be independent of sex, age and BMI. Patients continuing the program(n = 37) did not show any difference in baseline taste sensitivity when compared to drop-outs(n = 29). Similarly, no significant difference was detected between patients reporting and not reporting a weight loss ≥ 5% of the initial body weight. No significant dif-ference in taste sensitivity was detected even after dividing patients on the basis of nutritional(OW and OB) or metabolic status(MetS+ and MetS-). CONCLUSION: There is no cause-effect relationship between overweight and metabolic derangements. Taste thresholds assessment is not useful in

  2. 色素放大内镜下Barrett食管微细结构的分析%Ultrastructural analysis of Barrett's esophagus under magnifying chromoendoscopy

    严山; 凌红; 杨伟平; 徐永成; 王红


    目的 研究色素放大内镜下Barrett食管(BE)微细结构的变化及与病理组织学的相关性,提高BE镜下诊断.方法 应用放大内镜对疑似BE黏膜进行染色放大观察并做病检,记录67例经病理确诊BE病例的临床表现、内镜特点及病理分型.结果 BE的内镜分型:岛型28例,舌型7例,全周型32例.放大内镜共分三型,其中Ⅲ型病理均为肠上皮化生,肠化生检出率与Ⅰ型、Ⅱ型比较差异有统计学意义(x2=21.8,P<0.01).结论 色素内镜在Barrett食管的诊断和组织学较常规内镜有较好的一致性.%Objective To study Barrett's esophageal consistency with its histological findings,which were found with magnifying chromoendo6copy,and to advance the endoscopic diagnosis of Barrett's esophagus. Methods The patients with BE were diagnosed by endoscopy and histology, and their histological findings and endoscopic appearances of a total of 67 patients with BE were observed. Results Endoscopic appearances type of BE showed island (28 cases) ,tongue(7 cases) ,and circum ference(32 cases). Three types of BE under magnifying chromoendoscopy,and in magnifying endoscope group,type Ⅲ which were found with magnifying endoscope were verified intestinalisation epithelium pat ho-type, compared with type I and type Ⅱ,the discrepancy of them had statistical significance(P<0.01). Conclusion Magnifying chromoendoscopy had a relatively better consistency in the diagnosis of Barrett's esophagus with histological findings.

  3. 不同胎龄早产儿1岁时体格和神经发育差异分析%Comparison of differences of physique and neurodevelopment in early preterm infants and late preterm infants at 1 year of age

    陈飒英; 孙京惠; 王云峰; 王琳; 曲松梅


    目的:探讨不同胎龄早产儿l岁时体格发育和神经发育的差异.方法:随访年龄达到1岁的早产儿,分为早期早产儿(EPI)组(胎龄0.05),EPI组身长低于LPI组[(74.1±2.2)cm比(75.9±2.9)cm,P0.05),EPI组PDI低于LPI组[(77.7±9.4)分比(86.6±11.4)分,(81.0±12.1)分比(88.2±ll.5)分,P均<0.05)].脑性瘫痪EPI组2例,LPI组3例.结论:1岁时EPI身长和运动发育较LPI明显延迟,应重视不同胎龄早产儿的出院后干预.%Objective The study aims to compare physical development and neurodevelopment between early preterm infants ( EPI) and late preterm infants ( LPI) at 1 year of age. Methods Preterm infants are grouped into EPI and LPI with following up for one year. Differences in their body weight,body length, rate of growth retardation (≤P10) , psychomotor development index ( PDI), mental development index ( MDI) and neurophysical development are compared. Results Totally 68 cases of EPI and 106 cases of LPI were studied. The body length of EPI are shorter than the LPI (P < 0. 05) in body length and The incidence of developmental retardation in body length were higher in the EPI group than that in LPI group (P <0. 05) at l year of age, but no significant difference for weight (P >0. 05) There was no difFerence in MDI between the two groups at 6 months and 1 year of age ( P > 0. 05) , but PDI of EPI are lower than that of LPI (P <0. 05 ). We found 2 cases cerebral palsy in EPI group and 3 cases in EPI group. Conclusions Our data suggest that the length and physical development of EPI are significantly delayed compared with LPI at 1 year age, therefore priorities should be given to the early intervention of various preterm infants upon discharge.

  4. 成长的逻辑——大江健三郎小说《个人的体验》评析%Growth Logic An Analysis of- A Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe



    《个人的体验》是大江健三郎的一部长篇小说,讲述的是如何对待脑残疾婴儿的故事。主人公鸟得知自己初生的孩子患有先天性脑残疾后,陷入极度的心理矛盾之中。弃婴还是救治,他经历了剧烈的思想斗争,最终做出与残疾儿共同面对苦难人生的抉择。这部小说可谓苦难酿成的杰作,是向死而生的升华。作家给小说以转入坚持的结尾似乎有主观干预之嫌,但是作品人物与作家在苦难包围中经磨历劫,共同展示了成长的逻辑。大江健三郎小说高超的思想境界与艺术造诣,就是来自这样一种成长的逻辑和向死而生的升华。%A Personal Matter is a novel by Kenzaburo Oe. It tells the story of how a father treated his men- tally retarded infant. Bird, the father and hero, was trapped by extreme mental conflict when he heard that his newborn child was mentally disabled. Should the child be abandoned or treated? Bird finally de- cided to fight with the rough destiny together with his disabled son after a hard struggle. This novel is a masterpiece which is filled with agony and suffering, it can be regarded as the sublimation of death to life. The ending of the story shows their persistence which makes readers feel the heavy subjective inter- ference, yet the characters and the author all experienced hardships and distresses and exhibited their growth logic. Kenzaburo Oe' s lofty thoughts and great accomplishments in literature are based on this kind of growth logic and the sublimation.

  5. 系统化心理干预对造血干细胞移植患者情绪状态的影响%Effect of systemic psychological intervention on the emotional state of patients with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

    刘佳丽; 王曼蕾


    Objective To investigate the effect of systemic psychological intervention on the emotional state of patients with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT).Methods Forty patients undergoing HSCT selected from June,2010 to May,2011 were set as control group given routine nursing,and 36 undergoing HSCT selected from June,2011 to May,2012 as research group given systemic psychological intervention based on routine nursing.Results Significant dif-ferences were presented between two groups by comparison to the scores of Profile of Mood States (POMS)and Symptom Checklist 90 (SCL-90)after nursing (P <0.05 or P <0.01),and there was statistical significance by comparison to them among groups (P <0.05 or P <0.01).Conclu-sion Development of systemic psychological intervention based on conventional nursing can effec-tively improve the psychological tolerance of patients undergoing HSCT and alleviate their negative emotion.%目的:探究系统化心理干预对造血干细胞移植患者情绪状态的影响。方法选取2010年6月—2011年5月收治的40例行造血干细胞移植患者设为对照组,实施常规护理模式;选取2011年6月—2012年5月收治的36例行造血干细胞移植患者设为研究组,在常规护理基础上开展系统化心理干预。结果2组护理后心境状况量表(POMS)评分及症状自评量表90(SCL-90)评分均较护理前有显著差异(P <0.05或 P <0.01);组间比较,差异有统计学意义(P <0.05或 P <0.01)。结论

  6. 糖尿病肾病功能指标检测的临床意义%Clinical significance of diabetic nephropathy function index detection



    Objective To study the clinical significance of biochemical detection in the early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy. Methods 80 cases of patients with diabetes, according to the merger diabetic nephropathy or not were divided into group A and group B.40 patients admitted to hospital were chosen the healthy check-up for group C.UALB/UC, RBP, CRP, content of CysC, joint detection were compared in three groups.And positive rate and single detection positive rate differences were analyzed. Results group A UALB/UC, RBP, CRP, CysC values were significantly higher than that of group B, C, the dif-ference was statistically significant (P0.05). Conclusions To master all kinds of biochemical indicators of change rule for diabetes kidney disease early diagnosis and early treatment is of great significance.%  目的探讨糖尿病肾病生化检测在早期诊断中的意义。方法将80例糖尿病患者按合并糖尿病肾病与否分为A、B组。选择同期入院的40例健康体检者为C组。比较3组UALB/UC、RBP、CRP、CysC含量,并分析联合检测阳性率与单一检测阳性率的差异。结果 A组UALB/UC、RBP、CRP、CysC值均显著高于B、C组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。B组UALB/UC、RBP、CRP、CysC值与C组相比,差异无统计学意义(P>0.05)。结论掌握各种生化指标的变化规律对于糖尿病肾病早期诊断及早期治疗意义重大。

  7. Predictors of single-dose methotrexate treatment failure in ectopic pregnancy

    Azam Azargoon


    Methods: In this quasi-experimental research, we studied 70 women with ectopic preg-nancies who were treated with MTX, according to a single dose protocol from 2010 to 2013. EP was diagnosed whenever an intrauterine gestational sac was not identified by transvaginal ultrasonography (TVUS, accompanied by an abnormal rise or plateau in human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-hCG concentration. Briefly, women with ectopic pregnancies were considered candidates for MTX treatment if they were hemodynami-cally stable; did not desire surgical therapy, agreed to weekly follow-up; and did not have hepatic, hematologic, or renal disease. A Patient was considered a treatment suc-cess (group 1 if her beta-hCG levels decreased ≤10 m IU/ml after the first dose of MTX. Treatment failure (group 2 was defined as the need for a second or a third dose of MTX or surgery. The following risk factors were compared between the two groups: serum beta-hCG on the days 1 and 4, a ≥ 15% decrease in serum beta-hCG between the days 1-4 of the treatment, age, parity, gravidity, the size of the ectopic mass and the endometrial thickness. Results: The success rate of MTX treatment was 77.1%. There were no significant dif-ferences between the two groups in regard to the age, parity, gravidity, the size of ec-topic mass and the endometrial thickness in vaginal sonography, but the mean serum beta-hCG concentration on days 1 and 4 was lower in the success group than the failure group. We also observed a ≥ 15% decrease in serum beta-hCG in 80.9% of the women from the success group and in 38.5% of the cases whose treatment had failed. The presence of fetal heart activity was seen in only one patient and this patient’s treatment failed. Two patients had previous history of ectopic pregnancy and the treatment of both ended in failure. Conclusion: Among women with ectopic pregnancies who were candidates for MTX treatment, a high serum beta-hCG concentration on the days 1-4 and also a ≤ 15% fall in

  8. Predicting acute side effects of stimulant medication in pediatric attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: data from quantitative electroencephalography, event-related potentials, and a continuous-performance test

    Ogrim G


    Full Text Available Geir Ogrim,1–3 Knut A Hestad,3,4 Jan Ferenc Brunner,3,5,6 Juri Kropotov3,7,8 1Neuropsychiatric Unit, Østfold Hospital Trust, Fredrikstad, Norway; 2National Resource Center for ADHD, Tourettes' Syndrome and Narcolepsy, Oslo, Norway; 3Institute of Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU, Trondheim, Norway; 4Division of Mental Health, Innlandet Hospital Trust, Brumunddal, Norway; 5Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, St Olav's Hospital, Trondheim, Norway; 6Department of Neuroscience, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway; 7Institute of the Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, Russia; 8Department of Neuropsychology, Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University, Krakow, Poland Background: The aim of this study was to search for predictors of acute side effects of stimulant medication in pediatric attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, emphasizing variables from quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG, event-related potentials (ERPs, and behavior data from a visual continuous-performance test (VCPT. Methods: Seventy medication-naïve ADHD patients aged 7–16 years were tested with QEEG, including a go/no-go task condition (VCPT from which behavior data and ERPs were extracted, followed by a systematic trial on stimulant medication lasting at least 4 weeks. Based on data from rating scales and interviews, two psychologists who were blind to the QEEG/ERP test results independently rated the patients as having no or small side effects (n = 37 or troublesome side effects (n = 33. We determined if the side effects were related to sex, age, IQ, ADHD subtype, comorbidities, clinical outcome, and variables in QEEG, ERPs, and VCPT. Results: There was a moderate negative correlation between clinical outcome and side effects. Three variables were significantly associated with side effects in a multivariate logistic regression analysis. In the ERP independent component – contingent negative variation

  9. Research of Forest Naturalness Assessment%森林自然度评价研究

    刘宪钊; 马帅; 陆元昌


    As the reference standards of the biotope mapping,naturalness assessing and grading are very important to the pre-zoning and later design of the natural forest management.Based on the concept of the degree of close-to-nature in the paper,the key technologies of evaluating the close-to-nature forest were analyzed from the evaluation levels,indica-tors,methods.The evaluation progress,relevant nature degree and degree of the ecological disturbance were reviewed. Considering the structure heterogeneity of different forest communities on the spatial scale,spatial pattern and the inter-ference degree,and combing the qualitative system classification with quantitative indicator according to the forest succes-sion theory,the evaluation system of close to nature forest was established.It provides a theoretical and technical support for the community zoning,mapping and management of the degraded forest.%森林自然度作为森林功能区划和群落生境制图的参考指标,在近自然森林经营中具有重要的作用。通过综述国内外有关森林自然度评价的研究进展,从自然度的概念出发,在评价层次、评价指标、评价方法等方面对自然度评价的关键技术进行了综合分析。以森林的演替理论为基础,从时间尺度、空间分布格局和干扰程度3方面分析不同森林群落的自然度,将定性化的分类体系和定量化的指标分级相结合,提出适用于生态学和经营学的森林自然度评价指标体系和方法,以期为森林经营和保护提供理论依据和技术支持。

  10. 胺碘酮配合中药对慢性心力衰竭并室性早搏的临床干预%Clinical intervention of amiodarone with Traditional Chinese Medicine on chronic heart failure and premature ventricular contractions

    于瑞玲; 宗燕


    Objective:T o observe the effect of amiodarone with Traditional Chinese Medicine on prev enting the re currence of chronic h eart failure and p remature ventr icular contractions. Me thods:78 cases with ch ronic heart failur e were randomized into a group given amiodarone with Traditional Chinese Medicine( the treatment group with 40 cases) and a group given amiodarone( the control group with 38 cases) .Followed up for six months, the recurrence r ates of premature w ere observ ed . Results:Th e treatment groups:the t otal effective r ate was 98%, th e re currence ra te w as 10.22%; the control group: the to tal effective rat e was 82%, the re currence rate was 32.9%. The dif ference was st atistically sign ificant ( P<0 .05). C onclusions:In the aspect of prevention of chronic h eart fa ilure and premature ventricular contractions, amiodarone with Traditional Chinese Medicine is better than amiodarone and it is worth y of promotion in clinical applications.%目的:观察中药联合胺碘酮预防慢性心力衰竭并室性早搏复发情况。方法:慢性心力衰竭室性早搏病人78例,随机分为中药联合胺碘酮组(治疗组40例)与胺碘酮组(对照组38例)。随访6个月,观察两组早搏复发率情况。结果:治疗组:总有效率分别为98%,复发率10.22%;对照组:总有效率82%,复发率32.9%。两者有显著性差异(P<0.05)。结论:在预防慢性心力衰竭并室性早搏的复发方面中药联合胺碘酮优于单纯应用胺碘酮,值得在临床中推广应用。

  11. Research on the Development Characteristics of the Strategy of Children’s Peer Conflict Resolution%幼儿同伴冲突解决策略的发展特点研究



    同伴冲突解决策略对于幼儿的同伴交往影响深远,相关研究指出有效地解决冲突具有重要意义,幼儿可以在解决同伴冲突的过程中提高社会交往技能。以设置物品争抢、参与活动、言语挑衅、干涉控制等假设冲突故事情境考察幼儿同伴冲突解决策略的发展特点,以及幼儿在不同情境的同伴冲突中解决策略的表现是否存在差异。结果发现幼儿解决冲突的策略以告状和攻击为主,且会受到同伴冲突情境的影响,这种影响在不同年龄、不同性别的幼儿中表现有所不同。%Peer conflict resolution strategy has a profound influence on children’s peer interaction, and the related research shows that effective conflict resolution has a long-term significance. Children can im-prove social interaction skills in the process of resolving peer conflicts. This study which set up four common hypoeses on conflict situations which are goods robbery, verbal provocation, activity participation and inter-ference control, investigates the characteristics of children’s peer conflict resolution strategy in the four con-flict situations, and children’s peer conflict resolution strategy in different situations. The results show that children mainly use plaint and attack strategies, peer conflict situation affected children's peer conflict resolu-tion strategy, the effect on children of different age and gender behave differently.

  12. Acupuncture and vitamin B12 injection for Bell’s palsy:no high-quality evidence exists

    Li-li Wang; Ling Guan; Peng-liang Hao; Jin-long Du; Meng-xue Zhang


    OBJECTIVE: To assess the efifcacy of acupuncture combined with vitamin B12 acupoint injection versus acupuncture alone to reduce incomplete recovery in patients with Bell’s palsy. DATA RETRIEVAL:A computer-based online retrieval of Medline, Web of Science, CNKI, CBM databases until April 2014 was performed for relevant trials, using the key words “Bell’s palsy or idiopathic facial palsy or facial palsy” and “acupuncture or vitamin B12 or methylcobalamin”. STUDY SELECTION:All randomized controlled trials that compared acupuncture with acupuncture combined with vitamin B12 in patients with Bell’s palsy were included in the me-ta-analysis. The initial treatment lasted for at least 4 weeks. The outcomes of incomplete facial recovery were monitored. The scoring index varied and the deifnition of healing was consistent. The combined effect size was calculated by using relative risk (RR) with 95% conifdence interval (CI) using the ifxed effect model of Review Manager. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES:Incomplete recovery rates were chosen as the primary outcome. RESULTS: Five studies involving 344 patients were included in the ifnal analysis. Results showed that the incomplete recovery rate of Bell’s palsy patients was 44.50% in the acupuncture combined with vitamin B12 group but 62.57% in the acupuncture alone group. The major acupoints were Taiyang(EX-HN5),Jiache (ST6),Dicang (ST4) andSibai (ST2). The combined effect size showed that acupuncture combined with vitamin B12 was better than acupuncture alone for the treatment of Bell’s palsy (RR = 0.71, 95%CI: 0.58–0.87;P = 0.001), this result held true when 8 patients lost to follow up in one study were included into the analyses (RR = 0.70, 95%CI: 0.58–0.86;P = 0.0005). In the subgroup analyses, the therapeutic effect in patients of the electroacupuncture subgroup was better than in the non-electroacupuncture subgroup (P = 0.024). There was no signiifcant dif-ference in the incomplete recovery rate by subgroup

  13. Research of ultrasonic weld defect identification method under big data environ-ment%大数据环境下超声波焊缝缺陷识别方法的研究

    董本志; 丁文雪


    For solving the problem that fixed classification model, limited training set size and difficulty to reflect the dif-ferences of different defects and polymorphism of similar defects which conventional ultrasonic weld defect identification method exists, combined with the condition of data analysis strategy under the big data environment and the ideas of the match in genetic defect identification, the principal component analysis and CURE clustering algorithm convert the defect echo signal to the object of the matching, then the current detecting defect characteristics can match with the historical data, the nearest neighbor method implements the expansion of the historical defects data set. Through the application of Smith-Waterman alignment algorithm based on the basic space penalty on R, the simulation results verify that the defect identification method is feasible and effective to identify the porosity, slag inclusion, cracks, incomplete penetration and incomplete fusion five kinds of common defects, the method has good identification accuracy.%为了解决常规超声波焊缝缺陷识别方法分类模型固定和训练集规模有限而难以体现不同缺陷的差异性和同类缺陷的多态性的问题,结合当今大数据环境下的数据分析策略和基因缺陷识别中匹配的思想,通过主成分分析和CURE聚类算法将缺陷回波信号编码转换成可进行匹配的对象,进而将当前检测缺陷特征与历史检测数据进行匹配,并利用最近邻方法实现了对缺陷历史检测数据集的扩充。通过在R上应用基于基本空位罚分的Smith-Waterman比对算法进行仿真实验验证了该缺陷识别方法是可行的,有效地识别了气孔、夹渣、裂纹、未焊透和未熔合五类常见缺陷,具有较好的识别准确率。

  14. 电磁防护仿生原理与故障自修复机制研究%Study on principle of electromagnetic-proof bionics and fault-restore mechanism

    原亮; 满梦华; 常小龙


    借鉴生物神经网络信息传递的抗扰特点,开展了电磁干扰环境下通过仿生方式进行的电子电路抗扰与防护研究,以便采用新原理、新技术和新方法解决传统的电磁干扰防护手段不足的问题。通过基于布尔模型的复杂生物网络拓扑建模与简并特征分析,证明了网络简并性与功能鲁棒性之间的相互作用关系,以解决抗扰原理问题;通过构建基于神经元电路和可塑突触电路的神经网络电路模型,分析了突触权重的分布对于网络自修复特性的影响,以解决防护机制问题。进而,为电磁防护仿生原理及自修复机制的深入研究形成了一定的理论基础并完成了前期实践。%As we borrowed the wisdom from biological neural system,the characteristic of interference-proof in information transferring process has been carefully studied. Our study in-cludes the response of electrical-interference-proof circuit in electromagnetic environment,by means of bionics redesign. By doing so,new principles,new technics and new ways are adopt-ed to solve the unavoidable situations in traditional electromagnet protection design. The com-plex bionic topological networks based on Boolean model were firstly built and the charactoristic of degeneracy were analyzed,then the bidirectional actions between degeneracy in networks and the robustness of functions were proved in order to fill the gap to deal with the need of inter-ference-proof. Based on the creation of the neuron networks and the electrical synapses in char-acter of plasticity,the effective of the distribution in the weight of synapse to the character of network self-restoration was studied afterwards so that the corresponding mechanism could be defined. In this way,the research laid a theoretical foundation for electromagnetic protection and the self-restoration.

  15. Collagen membrane guided tissue regeneration and planting bone surgery in the combined application of the periodontal therapy%胶原膜引导组织再生与植骨术在牙周病治疗中的联合应用

    谢红帼; 严加林; 吕敏; 彭澜


    Objective:to study the collagen membrane guided tissue regeneration and planting bone surgery in the role of periodontal disease. Method:To gather 112 cases of patients with periodontal disease were divided radomly into two groups,the control group only with collagen membrane guided tissue regeneration treatments ,the observation group in the control group plus the basis of surgical treatment of grafts are compared between the two groups in postoperative situation. Results:in membrane exposure,1 week and 2 weeks is no significant difference(P>0.05),and in 4 weeks have obvious dif-ference (P0.05), two groups in new bone mass,the vertical bone height average increase on the imaging examination also have obvious differ-ence (P <0.05). Conclusion:collagen membrane guided tissue regeneration for bone graft and surgical treatment of peri-odontal disease clinical effect is remarkable.%目的:探讨胶原膜引导组织再生与植骨术在牙周病治疗中的作用。方法:选取112例牙周病患者为研究对象,随机平均分成2组,对照组单纯采用胶原膜引导组织再生治疗,治疗组在对照组的基础上加用植骨术治疗,比较两组临床效果。结果:在膜暴露上,第1周和第2周比较两组间无明显差异(P>0.05),第4周则有明显差异(P<0.05);两组术前和术后PD、AL、GR以及在术后第6个月、12个月时比较有明显差异(P<0.05),术后第3个月两组间比较无明显差异(P>0.05),两组病例在新生骨量、垂直向骨高度平均增加等影像学检查上也有明显差异(P<0.05)。结论:胶原膜引导组织再生与植骨术联合应用治疗牙周病临床效果显著。

  16. Protective Effect of N-Acetylcystein and Resveratrol on Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rat Ovary

    Avni Kılıç


    Full Text Available Objective: The aim of this study is evaluating the protective activity of N-acetyl cysteine and resveratrol treatment against ischemia - reperfusion damage created experimentally in rat ovaries. Methods: 42 female Wistar rats were used in our study. Rats were separated randomly into six groups consisting of seven rats as sham, torsion, torsion- detorsion, torsion-detorsion+saline, torsion-detorsion+resveretrol (20 mg/kg and torsion- detorsion+N-acetyl cysteine (150 mg/kg. Except Sham, ovarian torsion procedure was implemented to all other groups for 2 hours. Detorsion procedure was implemented to other groups for 2 hours, except the torsion group. Medications were given through intraperitoneal way half an hour before the detorsion procedure in saline (two milliliter, resveratrol (20 mg/kg and N-acetyl cysteine (150 mg/kg groups. Then, 2 ml of blood samples were drawn for markers of oxidative stress and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α work and the ovaries, which were torsioned for the histologic examination, were ex­tracted from all rats. Edema, congestion, hemorrhage, leuko­cyte infiltration and degeneration of follicles were evaluated by histopathological examination. Results: According to histopathologic damage scores, the least damage was seen in sham group and the most damage was seen T-DT group (1.00±0.81 vs. 11.00±1.15, respectively; p<0.001. It was seen that resveratrol and N-acetyl cysteine treatments were effective in decreasing tissue damage (total damage score average 83.85±0.89 vs. 3.85±0.89, respec­tively; p<0.001, and on the other hand there was not any dif­ference between resveratrol and N-acetyl cysteine treatments (p=0.966. Besides, it was determined that oxidative stress levels were higher in torsion - detorsion group and the resve­ratrol and N-acetyl cysteine treatment caused a significant de­crease in oxidative stress levels. In additionally, the reductions of TNF-α levels were found to be equally effective in

  17. Educational practices and exploration of the clinical teaching of general Pediatrics%普通儿科临床实习教学实践

    胡晓红; 孙婧; 李乔俊


    After years of general Pediatrics medicine clinical practice teaching, we have dis-covered that there exist some problems such as teachers’ job burnout, teachers’ low professional knowledge level of clinical teaching and lack of teaching ability, medical students fear, low self-esteem, psychological fear and emotional weariness breeding as well as the children patients and their parents refusal of practice because of their worrying about being a test and so on. To solve these problems, we have put forward some proposals such as to implement the management system, recognizing and rewarding teachers to affirm their teaching levels, organizing teachers to participate in academic con-ferences, seminars, and to expand their professional knowledge in order to improve their overall quality. Meanwhile, we have adopted some new teaching ways to instead of traditional ways, such as applied multimedia technology and network platforms, put emphasis on basic skills training, the im-provement of departmental rotation assessment, and other ways to improve clinical teaching quality and develop interns’ clinical thinking ability to help them transit to clinicians.%综合医院普通儿科实习教学中长期存在医生教学时间有限、意识有限和能力有限,患儿哭闹不配合,家长不信任,实习生陌生、惶恐、厌学问题。针对这3方面问题,解放军总医院第一附属医院儿科通过健全管理制度,培训带教医生理论知识和教学技巧,加强学生操作技能训练、完善出科考核等探索和实践,提高带教医生的教学能力,激发学生学习热情,提高学生临床思维、操作和解决临床问题的能力,取得了良好的教学效果。

  18. Study of mouse behavioural response in microgravity: ethogram and neurobiological related

    Santucci, Daniela; Francia, Nadia; Schwartz, Silvia; Biticchi, Roberta; Liu, Yi; Cancedda, Ranieri; Aloe, Luigi

    The conquest of space, which started with the dog Laika in 1966 to be followed few years later by Yuri Gagarin, has witnessed an increasing numbers of both vertebrates (tadpoles, frogs, rats mice etc.) and invertebrates (flies, scorpions, protozoa) species exposed to zero gravity levels. Animals are sent into orbit to proactively foresee possible health problems in humans. The issue of animal exposure to un-physiological gravity is of primary importance to i) understand behavioural and physiological adaptations in such environment as well as ii) develop coun-termeasures to improve 0-g life conditions and reduce possible animal suffering. The Mouse Drawer System (MDS), an Italian facility, has been transferred to the International Space Sta-tion with a first experiment investigating mechanisms underlying bone mass loss in microgravity in mice. Preliminary and ground-based control experiments have been conducted with six mice housed individually inside the MDS facility for 20 and 100 days. The behavioural repertoire of wild-type and transgenic mice housed in the MDS has been videorecorded with the observation subsystem, which allows to monitor animal's behavior through the use of 6 video cameras. The behavioural patterns characterizing mice in the MDS system have been finely analysed at several time points during the the experiment. Moreover, neurobiological parameters, known to be involved in the response to stress, have been evaluated. In particular, NGF and BDNF levels have been measured in the central nervous system (hippocampus, striatum, and cortex), adrenal gland and limbs. Preliminary data from ground based experiment revealed Several dif-ferences in behavioural profile between wt and tg mice, with transgenic ones apparently more active than wild type controls. Moreover a clear difference in time spent in different areas of the MDS cage was observed. Finally changes in neurotrophins levels were observed in relation to both genotype and environmental

  19. The effect of tooth occlusal surface wear on the inclination of the firstmandibular molar tooth long axis: An anatomic measurement study%牙 合面磨耗对下颌第一磨牙牙体长轴倾斜程度影响的解剖测量研究

    王美青; 王军; 吴尧平; 姚秀芳; 张俊华; 颜朝云


    目的:探索牙 合面磨耗对下颌第一磨牙牙 体长轴倾斜程度的影响和意义。方法:从本教研室收藏的3418 个下颌第一磨牙中,按下列标准选出3组牙齿进行 微机测量。Ⅰ组:无磨耗组,18个,代表年轻组;Ⅱ组:严重磨耗组,26个,代表年长组; Ⅲ组:牙 合面深龋组,18个,代表功能减弱组。样 本中所有牙均选双根者,由三位作者遵三盲 法进行。结果:Ⅱ组牙冠相对于牙根更向近中倾斜,与Ⅰ组有明显 差异(P<0.01),而Ⅲ组与Ⅰ组无明显 差别。结论:重度磨耗的下颌第一磨牙,牙体长轴的倾斜程度明显 大于无明显磨耗组,其机制可能与咬合功能刺激有关。%AIM: To investigate the characteristics and significan ce of the effect of tooth occlusal surface wear on the long axis of the mandibul ar first molar tooth. METHODS: Three groups of mandibular first m olar tooth were selected from 3418 collections in our department. Group I: inclu ding 18 teeth without obvious attrition, representing those of young age. Group Ⅱ: including 26 teeth with serious attrition, representing the aged ones. Group Ⅲ: including 18 teeth with deep carries on their occlusal surface, representi ng the weak functioning ones. Only those with two roots were included to make th e measurement comparatively. Three-blind methods were taken through the study. RESULTS: It was found that the tooth crow ns in Group II inclined more medially than those in Group I (P<0.01). No dif ference was found between Group I and Ⅲ. CONCLUSION: In comparing with the non-wear tooth the long axis of the mandibular first mo lar t ooth with serious wear of occlusal surface inclined even significantly implying that the effect of occlusion functional stimulation may be involved.

  20. Study on Automatic Regulating of Reactor Axial Power Distribution based on Double-Point Reactor Model%基于双点堆模型的反应堆轴向功率分布自动调节研究

    刘玉燕; 李玉红; 王恒


    针对二代压水堆核电厂轴向功率分布多为操作员手动调节的现状,提出了一种棒位调节和硼酸浓度调节相结合的反应堆功率和轴向功率分布的自动控制策略。基于 SIMULINK 建立了能够描述温度反馈效应、氙毒效应和轴向功率分布的双点堆模型,以及所设计的控制系统模型,并针对反应堆慢速斜坡降升功率和快速斜坡降升功率两种情况进行了仿真实验。仿真结果表明所提控制策略有较好的控制品质,负荷跟踪的超调量小于1%,轴向功率偏差进入轴向偏差参考带之内的时间小于5000秒。%The reactor power and axial power distribution automatic control strategy which com-bines rod position adjustment with boric acid concentration regulation is put forward for the status that axial power distribution of two generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant is adjusted by operator manually. A double-point reactor model and the control system model which can describe the temperature feedback,the effects of xenon and axial power distribution are established based on SIMU-LINK. The simulation results for reactor slow and fast slope lifting power show that the proposed control strategy has better control quality. Load tracking overshoot is less than 1%. The time for axial power dif-ference into reference tape is less than 5000 seconds.

  1. Evaluation of the Clinical Efficacy of Artificial Total Knee Arthroplasty in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis%人工膝关节置换术治疗膝关节骨性关节炎临床疗效评价

    洪士东; 欧阳晓; 丁允知; 刘晓钟


    目的:评价人工膝关节置换术治疗膝关节骨性关节炎的临床疗效。方法随机选取该院自2010年1月—2015年3月收治的60例膝关节骨性关节炎患者作为观察对象,随机分成对照组与实验组,对照组患者与实验组患者各30例,对照组采用药物与运动疗法治疗,实验组采用人工膝关节置换术治疗,对比两组膝关节骨性关节炎患者治疗后的临床疗效。结果对照组的总有效率为70%,实验组的总有效率为90%,对照组膝关节骨性关节炎患者的临床疗效明显低于实验组,两组间临床疗效的差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论人工膝关节置换术治疗膝关节骨性关节炎的临床疗效明显,值得临床推广。%Objective To evaluate the clinical efficacy of artificial total knee arthroplasty in the treatment of knee os-teoarthritis. Methods 60 cases with knee osteoarthritis admitted in our hospital from January 2010 to March 2015 were se-lected as the subjects and randomly divided into the control group and the experimental group with 30 cases in each. Pa-tients in the control group were treated by medication and cinesiotherapy, while those in the control group were treated by artificial total knee arthroplasty. And the clinical efficacy of the two groups was compared. Results The overall response rate was much higher in the experimental group than that in the control group(90%vs 70%) with statistically significant dif-ference (P<0.05). Conclusion Artificial total knee arthroplasty has significant effect in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, which is worthy of clinical promotion.

  2. 对比中日文中【雷】的认知模式及其语义差异性%Comparison of Cognitive Model and its Semantic of “Ray” in Japanese and Chinese



    The cognitive linguistics thinks that language is a cognitive activity,is the result of the perception of the objective world,the use of language and understanding of the process is the process of cognitive processing.The language is insepar-able from the analysis of cognitive abilities in the process of human development,as well as between the different ethnic dif-ferences.Language and cognitive ability to interact with,and once a certain language to form,he will have a certain impact for the use of the language groups cognitive structure.Master a language from a cognitive perspective around the language of the original root understanding of cognitive patterns and cognitive processes,the papers will be the word "ray" as the object of study,the use of cognitive linguistics theory analysis of Chinese and "Ray" cognitive model,its semantic differences in development process.%认知语言学认为,语言是一种认知活动,是对客观世界认知的结果,语言运用和理解的过程也是认知处理的过程。研究语言离不开分析人类的发展进程,以及不同民族之间认知能力的差异。语言与认知能力是互动的,一旦某种语言形成,他会对于使用该语言的群体认知结构有一定的影响。掌握某一语言,必须从认知角度,围绕着该语言的原始词根了解认知模式及认知过程,本论文将以词「雷」为研究对象,运用认知语言学的相关理论分析中文和日文中「雷」的不同认知模式,及其发展过程中出现的语义差异性。

  3. 综合交通运输体系五年发展规划编制解析%The Five-Year Comprehensive Transportation System Development Plan

    吴娇蓉; 陈法安; 朱启政; 刘诣安


    As a programmatic document for local (province or city) transportation development, the Five-Year Comprehensive Transportation System Development Plan plays a vital role in promoting the develop-ment of comprehensive transportation. By reviewing the development history of comprehensive transporta-tion planning documents in China, this paper summarizes the changes of the five-year plan in guidelines and development goals. The paper points out that the lack of national and industrial guidelines causes dif-ferences in the planning procedures, contents, framework and outcomes from local transportation plan de-velopments. Focusing on issues such as indicators' comparability, development orientation, planning con-tents, and sustainable implementation result assessment methods, the paper outlines the suggestions for de-veloping local comprehensive transportation system plans.%综合交通运输体系五年规划作为指导和组织各省市综合交通建设和发展的纲领性文件,对促进综合交通运输发展具有重要作用.在梳理中国综合交通运输体系发展规划编制历史的基础上,总结五年规划指导思想和发展目标的变化.指出当前中国缺少国家或行业层面的编制导则,各省市制定综合交通运输体系发展规划时,在工作形式、规划内容、规划步骤、规划成果等方面存在一定的差异性.重点分析五年规划指标可比性、发展导向性、规划编制深度、执行效果评估持续性等问题,进而提出面向各省市综合交通运输体系发展规划编制的建议.

  4. A Study on Structure Evolution and the Influence Factor of the Outward Foreign Direct Investment in Jiangsu Province%江苏对外直接投资结构演变及影响因素分析

    顾萍; 汪涛


      This paper takes Jiangsu Province as the research object. The purpose is to conclude the structure evolution of the outward foreign direct investment of Jiangsu Province. The study suggests the overall size of the outward foreign direct investment of Jiangsu Province is rising. The investment area is focus on developed countries. The third industry is becoming more than the secondary industry. The private enterprises are the main power. And, the outward foreign direct investment of Jiangsu Province has large dif-ference between cities, the south Jiangsu plays the leading role. Then, seeking the influen-tial factors of the outward foreign direct investment of Jiangsu Province by theory research, take motherland, host countries and enterprises as three different parts.%  本文以江苏省为研究对象,通过大量统计数据归纳了2000年以来江苏对外直接投资的结构演变,揭示出江苏对外资投资存在着整体规模不断上升、投资区域向发达国家集中、投资行业第三产业超第二产业、民营企业成为中坚力量、苏南占主导地位等结构演变特征。并且利用相关理论展开分析,结果表明江苏的人均 GDP、外汇储备量、区域间贸易联系、国家和地方政策,东道国的关税率、经济发展水平、投资环境和社会文化因素以及企业的资源因素、利润率和企业性质均对江苏对外直接投资有一定的影响。

  5. 植酸酶对水貂氮、磷等营养物质利用及生长发育的影响%Effects of Microbial Phytase Levels on Availability of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Utilized and Performance in Growing Minks

    王凯英; 徐超; 鲍坤; 刘晗璐; 李光玉; 纪银玲


    研究鲜料中添加植酸酶水平对生长发育期水貂氮、磷利用及生长发育性能的影响。配制Ⅰ~Ⅳ组日粮,Ⅰ组为对照组(基础日粮),Ⅱ~Ⅳ组在基础日粮中分别添加450IU/kg、900IU/kg、4500IU/kg的植酸酶,进行各组日粮干物质、蛋白质、脂肪、钙、磷消化代谢试验和生长发育期饲养试验。结果表明,水貂鲜料添加植酸酶可显著提高干物质、脂肪、粗蛋白、P消化率及N代谢率( P<0.01),N、P环境排放量降低极显著( P<0.01);可显著提高其体增重和平均日增重( P<0.05),其中添加900IU/kg的Ⅳ组生长发育性能最好。%Effects of microbial phytase levels on the availabitility of nutriments and growth performance in Growing Mink were studied .Sixty black male minks were randomly divided into 4 groups ,15 minks per each .The control was fed conventional fresh diet ,the testing groups were applied phytase ,respectively ,phytase 450IU/kg (Ⅱ) ,900IU/kg (Ⅲ) and 4 500IU/kg (Ⅳ) .The results showed that there were significant dif-ference among groups ,the values of DMD、CPD、EED、PD were significant higher than the control ( P0.05) .There was clearly trend that phytase could significantly reduce the nitrogen and phosphorus excretion of growing minks ( P<0.01) ,and increase dietary nitrogen metablic rates in minks ,the 900IU/kg phytase was the best in all groups .There were a significantly increase in the in-dex of body weight gain and average daily gain the groups of phytase than control group ( P<0.05) .The results showed that it could significant-ly improve the growth performance and availabitility of DM、CP、EE、Ca、P ,applied 900IU/kg of phytase during growing period in mink diets .

  6. Interleaved power factor correction based on constant on-time control%恒定导通时间控制的交错式功率因数校正电路

    张峰; 王婷; 熊建荣; 陈延明


    Due to the high voltage and high current stress of the power switch in traditional single-phase Boost power factor correction ( PFC) circuit, a constant on-time ( COT) approach based on the critical mode operation of inductor current is proposed. By using the COT, the zero-voltage on main switch at low voltage level and the valley voltage on the switch at higher voltage can be rea-lized. The voltage stress of the power switch is reduced dramatically. The operation principle is also analyzed in detail, and the design proposal is discussed. Finally, a 600W PFC prototype is deve-loped. The experimental results show that the interleaved PFC converter lowers input-output ripple current and current stress of the power switch, thus the switching losses and electromagnetic inter-ference ( EMI) can be decreased.%常规单相Boost功率因数校正( PFC)电路存在功率器件电压开关应力大问题,对此提出了一种基于电感电流临界导通模式的恒定导通时间( Constant On-Time, COT)控制方法。运用COT控制策略,开关管在低压时实现零电压( ZVS)开通,高压时实现谷压( VS)开通,大大地降低了功率开关器件的电压应力。论文分析了电路的工作原理,讨论其设计方案,并研制了一台600 W样机。实验结果表明:该交错并联PFC变换器降低了输入、输出电流纹波和开关器件的电流应力,降低了变换器的开关损耗和电磁干扰。

  7. Correlation between Diastolic Function and Mass and Geometry of Left Ventricle in Essential Hypertension

    LIU JinLai(刘金来); WANG QingHui(王庆慧); SAID Mohammed Abdalla; ZHANG ChengXi(张成喜); CHEN Lin(陈璘); ZHANG YanYu(张燕玉)


    Object Diastolic function' s assessment is vital in order to produce information relevant to patients' functional class, management and prognosis. We sought to investigate diastolic dysfunction in essential hypertension (EH) with or without coronary heart disease (CAD) using color M- mode Doppler echocardiography and to study the relation between diastolic dysfunction and left ventricular mass index (LVMI) and geometry of LV, and to demonstrate partly the cause of increased cardiovascular risk of an echocardiographic pattern of LV geometry. Methods 36 normal subjects (Group Ⅰ) and 107 patients with essential hypertension (Group Ⅱ) were studied using color M- mode Doppler echocardiography. Four different LV anatomic adaptation to hypertension were identified by categorizing patients according to values of end-diastolic relative wall thickness (RWT) and LVMI. We measured the rate of propagation of peak early filling flow velocity (Vp), time delay (TD) of the peak early filling flow velocity from mitral tips to the apex and Vp/E. Results The geometry of LV was classified into four types according to the LVMI and RWT. The normal limits of LVMI and RWT were obtained from the upper limits of the 95 % confidence interval from mean of LVMI and RWT in healthy control group respectively, which were 115.2 g/m2 and 0.44. The definition of each type was as follows: Type Ⅰ (normal group): LVMI ≤ 115.2 g/m2 and RWT ≤0.44; Type Ⅱ (concentric remodeling): LVMI ≤115.2 g/m2 and RWT > 0.44; Type Ⅲ (eccentric hypertrophy): LVMI> 115.2 g/m2 and RWT ≤0.44; Type Ⅳ (concentric hypertrophy): LVMI >115.2 g/m2 and RWT > 0.44. Most parameters of diastolic function in each geometry type differed significantly from those in the control group, but the dif ference among each geometry type was not significant.When compared with type Ⅰ, there was a tendency thatTD was longer and Vp/E smaller in Type Ⅱ, Ⅲ and Ⅳgroups. The correlation between LVMI and Vp and TD had

  8. 同态映射联合追踪信息源位置隐私保护算法%Information Source Location Privacy Protection Algorithm Based on Homomorphic Mapping Combined with Tracking



    对信息源位置的隐私保护算法设计是保证网络用户通信安全基础,传统的隐私保护算法采用群签名跟踪算法,存储和搜索代价大,且具有可追踪的特点,保护性能不好.提出一种基于同态映射联合追踪的信息源位置隐私保护算法.以车用自组网络为例,进行信息源位置隐私保护系统初始化构建,在安全和隐私增强的情况下兼顾效率,采用批验证和撤销预处理减少验证和撤销检测的计算量,通过同态映射联合追踪,得到隐私保护的相对差异,调节平均偏差和方差,发送联合追踪请求,进行同态映射操作,提高隐私保护性能.仿真结果得出,算法具有较好的隐私保护性能,新算法在隐私保护水平和数据实用性方面较传统算法有明显改善.%The design of information source location privacy protection algorithm is to ensure the communication security based network users, privacy protection algorithm with traditional group signature tracking algorithm, storage and search cost, and has the characteristics of track, the protective performance is not good. Put forward a kind of location privacy pro-tection information source algorithm for joint tracking based on homomorphic mapping. In a vehicle ad hoc network as an example, carries on the information privacy protection system initialization position source construction, give consideration to efficiency in security and privacy enhancement cases, using batch verification and cancellation of pretreatment to reduce the verification and cancellation detection calculation, the homomorphic mapping combined with tracking, the relative dif-ference of privacy protection, adjust the average bias and variance send joint, track the request, homomorphic mapping op-erations, improve the privacy protection performance. Simulation results show this algorithm has a privacy protection, good performance, the new algorithm is compared with the traditional algorithm in the aspects of

  9. Unexpected effects of peripherally administered kynurenic acid on cortical spreading depression and related blood–brain barrier permeability

    Oláh G


    Full Text Available Gáspár Oláh,1 Judit Herédi,1 Ákos Menyhárt,1 Zsolt Czinege,2 Dávid Nagy,1 János Fuzik,1 Kitti Kocsis,1 Levente Knapp,1 Erika Krucsó,1 Levente Gellért,1 Zsolt Kis,1 Tamás Farkas,1 Ferenc Fülöp,3 Árpád Párdutz,4 János Tajti,4 László Vécsei,4 József Toldi1 1Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Neuroscience, 2Department of Software Engineering, 3Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and MTA-SZTE Research Group for Stereochemistry, 4Department of Neurology and MTA-SZTE Neuroscience Research Group, University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary Abstract: Cortical spreading depression (CSD involves a slowly-propagating depolarization wave in the cortex, which can appear in numerous pathophysiological conditions, such as migraine with aura, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. Neurons and glial cells are also depolarized transiently during the phenomena. CSD is followed by a massive increase in glutamate release and by changes in the brain microcirculation. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of two N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonists, endogenous kynurenic acid (KYNA and dizocilpine, on CSD and the related blood–brain barrier (BBB permeability in rats. In intact animals, KYNA hardly crosses the BBB but has some positive features as compared with its precursor L-Kynurenine, which is frequently used in animal studies (KYNA cannot be metabolized to excitotoxic agents such as 3-hydroxy-L-kynurenine and quinolinic acid. We therefore investigated the possible effects of peripherally administered KYNA. Repetitive CSD waves were elicited by the application of 1 M KCl solution to the cortex. Direct current-electrocorticograms were measured for 1 hour. Four parameters of the waves were compared. Evans blue dye and fluorescent microscopy were used to study the possible changes in the permeability of the BBB. The results demonstrated that N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonists can reduce the number of CSD waves and decrease

  10. Construction and Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction Index system%门诊顾客满意度指标体系的建立与评价

    吴凡伟; 方积乾; 朱岁松


    通过借鉴国内、外顾客满意度调查方法,结合我国医院的实际,探讨建立门诊顾客满意度指标体系.从顾客期望、价值感知、质量感知、顾客满意、抱怨处理、顾客忠诚度6个维度选出32个项目,构成指标体系初始内容,通过专家调查、预调查分析,筛选出20个项目形成正式调查量表.正式调查结果Cronbach α系数为0.9096,经因子分析,因子负荷和结构与量表内容基本吻合,维度内相关性强于维度间相关性,支持该量表的有效性和广泛适用性.可以认为,本研究研制的顾客满意度指标体系是可信和有效的.%Referenced from other customer satisfaction survey methods, combining the reality of hospitals in our coun-try, we developed a new questionnaire which was more suitable for outpatient's satisfaction evaluation in Shenzben city. We selected 32 items from 6 scales: customers' expectation, value perception, quality perception, dissatisfaction treatment and customer honesty to construct the primary context of the questionnaire. Through the survey of experts and after pre-survey, we selected 20 items to form the formal questionnaire. The results of the formal interview includes: Cronbach alpha coeffi-cient was 0.9096 ; the factor analysis indicated the load and structure of factors coincided with the context of questionnaire and intra-factor correlation was stronger than inter-factor one, supporting the validity and applicability. The questionnaire of outpatient satisfaction of hospital clinics in Shenzhen is reliable and valid.

  11. 上海市开展癌症连续性照护服务的制约因素研究%Factors influencing provision of continuity of care for cancer patients in Shanghai

    汤维娟; 徐燕


    目的 探讨上海市开展癌症连续性照护服务的制约因素,为完善癌症连续性照护服务体系提供参考.方法 半结构式访谈13所医疗机构的17名医护人员和管理者,运用Colaizzi分析程序对访谈结果进行分析.结果 制约上海市开展癌症连续性照护服务的因素包括3个方面:服务提供方的因素有医院观念不足,人力、财力受限,信息缺乏及社区资源配备不足、能力限制、缺乏与上级医院的合作协调;服务接受方因素为患者对社区服务不信任、对社区服务认识不足;政策因素为严格的社区药品管理规定、机构的自我保护及服务补偿不足等.结论 需要从医院、社区和政策3个方面共同努力,为癌症患者提供连续性照护服务.%Objective To explore factors influencing provision of continuity of care for cancer patients in Shanghai, and to provide re ferences for improving service system. Methods Seventeen care providers or managers working in 13 healthcare institutions were in terviewed using semi structure interviews. Data were analyzed by using Colaizzi process. Results Factors influencing provision of continuity of care were summarized from the following 3 aspects: from care provider s aspect, lack of awareness of continuity of care in hospital care providers, shortage of manpower and financial support, lack of information, insufficient resources in communi ties, poor care capacity of community care providers, and lack of coordination between communities and hospitals; from care re ceiver s aspect, patients distrust in service provided by community care providers and lack of awareness of community services; from policy aspect, strict medication regulations for community healthcare organizations, self protection of healthcare institutions, and lack of service compensation. Conclusion Efforts should be made by hospitals, community healthcare organizations and policy making departments to provide continuity of care

  12. 181例给药近似错误的分析与对策%In 181 cases with administration of approximate analysis and Counter-measures of errors

    张彩梅; 章雪莲; 葛争丽


    Objective To find the approximate error factors influence of dosing, fundamentally reduce the administra-tion of approximate error. Methods According to the three level of hospital administration approximation error of 181 cases were retrospectively analyzed. Results The following factors were caused drug similar mistakes.Administration of the approximation error incidence decreased year by year during the investigation. Medication errors and errors in the approximation, error dose administered in the proportion accounted for more than 60%. More than 90% administration of the approximation error occurs during the day. The title, length of service and equipment have important effects on reducing drug approximation error, do not comply with the work flow, violating the operating rules, because of inter-ference interrupts the continuity, the lack of communication, carelessness, memory errors, drug similarity, difference signal information system. Conclusion Specification for dug management system, the administration management as a whole,the full implementation of the"Five Rights"management.%目的:找出给药近似错误的影响因素,从根本上降低给药近似错误的发生率。方法对某三级医院给药近似错误的181例案例进行回顾性分析。结果给药近似错误发生率在调查期内逐年下降;药物错误、剂量错误在给药近似错误中的比例占60%以上;药物准备阶段发生近似错误的比例占60%以上;90%以上给药近似错误发生在白天;职称、工作年限和系统设备对降低给药近似错误有重要影响;不遵守工作流程、违反操作规程、因干扰工作连续性中断、沟通缺乏、粗心疏忽、记忆错误、药品相似性、信息系统信号差等因素是造成给药近似错误的主要原因。结论规范给药管理制度,将给药管理视为整体,实行全员的“Five Rights”管理。

  13. 企业问知识转移的影响因素和作用结果

    王向楠; 张立明


    This paper used the meta analysis to summarize the research achievement about antecedents and consequences of organizational knowledge transfer under Chinese context quantitatively and comprehensively. Besides, we made a crossculture comparison with the results under western context. The results showed that organizational size, absorptive capacity, network density, network centrality, trust level, tie strength, relationship strength, sharing willing and value idea all have positive significant relationships with organizational knowledge transfer. Knowledge ambiguity and cultural distance have negative significant relationships with organizational knowledge transfer. Organizational knowledge transfer has positive influence on innovativeness and performance. Under the Chinese and the western context, The relationship strength of knowledge ambiguity, organizational size, trust level, relationship strength, culture distance, innovative capacity and performance has obvious dif- ference between Chinese and the western. The relationship strength of between knowledge absorptive capacity, network density, network centrality, sharing willing and values idea and enterprise knowledge transfer has no obvious difference.%采用元分析技术,对中国企业间知识转移的影响因素和作用结果的研究进展进行了系统、定量的阶段性总结,并与西方背景下的研究结论进行跨文化比较。研究发现,企业规模、知识吸收能力、网络密度、网络中心性、信任水平、关系强度共享愿景和价值观与企业间知识转移之间显著正相关,知识模糊性和文化距离与企业间知识转移之间存在显著负相关,企业间知识转移与企业创新能力和绩效水平之间显著正相关。在中西方背景下,知识模糊性、企业规模、信任水平、关系强度、文化距离、创新能力和绩效水平与企业间知识转移之间的关系强度存在较大差异,而吸收能力、网络

  14. Empathy techniqueapplication inthe mental nursing of the patients with missed abortion%共情技术在稽留流产患者心理护理中的应用

    宋珍美; 张健


    Objective ] To discuss empathy technology application in the psychological intervention in patients with missed abor-tion .[Method] The 96 patientsmeeting the study requirements were randomly divided into the control group and the observation group and each group included 48 cases .The control group was supplied routine psychological nursing ,while the observation group was suppliedadded empathy technology .One week before and afternursing ,self-evaluation of anxiety scale (SAS ) ,de-pression self rating scale (SDS) measurement were used to comparethe differences between the two groups .[Result] One week after nursing ,the anxiety and depression scores of the observation group were statistically lower than the control group .Thedif-ference was statistically significant ( P<0 .05 ) .[Conclusion ]Anxiety and depressionpsychology were widely appeared in the patients with missed abortion .The bad mood of the patients couldbe alleviate andthe physical and mental health of the patients couldbe maintainedusing empathy technology .%目的:探讨共情技术对稽留流产患者心理干预的应用。方法:将符合研究条件的96例患者随机分为对照组48例和观察组48例。对照组予以常规心理护理,观察组联用共情技术。入院时和护理后1周,应用焦虑自评量表(SAS )、抑郁自评量表(SDS )测量和比较护理效果。结果:入院护理1周后,观察组焦虑、抑郁得分明显低于对照组,差异具有统计学意义( P<0.05)。结论:稽留流产患者普遍存在焦虑和抑郁心理,运用共情技术可缓解稽留流产患者不良情绪,维护患者的身心健康。

  15. Process optimization of rare earth and aluminum leaching from weathered crust elution-deposited rare earth ore with compound ammonium salts

    何正艳; 张臻悦; 余军霞; 徐志高; 池汝安


    In order to intensify the leaching process of rare earth (RE) and reduce the impurities in the leachate, ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) and ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) were mixed as a compound leaching agent to treat the weathered crust elution-deposited RE ore. Effects of molar ratio of NH4Cl and NH4NO3, ammonium (NH4+) concentration, leaching agent pH and flow rate on the leaching process of RE were studied and evaluated by the chromatographic plate theory. Leaching process of the main impurity alu-minium (Al) was also discussed in detail. Results showed that a higher initial ammonium concentration in a certain range could en-hance the mass transfer process of RE and Al by providing a driving force to overcome the resistance of diffusion. pH almost had no effects on the mass transfer efficiency of RE and Al in the range of 4 to 8. The relationship between the flow rate and height equiva-lent to a theoretical plate (HETP) could fit well with the Van Deemter equation, and the flow rate at the lowest HETP was determined. The optimum conditions of column leaching for RE and Al were 1:1 (molar ratio) of NH4Cl and NH4NO3, 0.2 mol/L of ammonium concentration, pH 4–8 of leaching agent and 0.5 mL/min of flow rate. Under this condition, the mass transfer efficiency of RE was improved, but no change was observed for Al compared with the most widely used ammonium sulfate. Moreover, the significant dif-ference value (around 20 mL) of retention volume at the peak concentration between RE and Al provided a possibility for their sepa-ration. It suggested the potential application of the novel compound leaching agent (NH4Cl/NH4NO3). It was found that the relative concentration of RE in the leachate could be easily obtained by monitoring the pH of leachate.

  16. 可调压分流管在脑积水治疗中的应用效果%Effectiveness of adjustable shunt valve in treatment of hydrocephalus

    韩志桐; 苏宁; 张瑞剑


    Objective To explore the clinical effect of adjustable shunt valve for hydrocephalus. Methods 40 patients with hydrocephalus and performed ventricle-peritoneal shunt (VPS) in our hospital from April 2009 to April 2014 were selected,20 cases were given with adjustable shunt valve (experiment group),20 cases were performed with dinary shunt valves (control group).The treatment effect of two groups was analyzed and compared. Results The effective rate of ex-periment group was 90% (18/20),higher than 75% (15/20) of the control group,the difference was significant (P<0.05). The incidence of complications of experiment group was 10%(2/20),lower than 30%(6/20) of the control group,the dif-ference was significant (P<0.05). Conclusion the effect of the pressure adjustable valve is better than the ordinary valve’s.%目的:探讨可调压分流管在脑积水治疗中的应用效果。方法对本院2009年4月~2014年4月收治的40例脑积水患者行脑室-腹腔分流术,其中20例患者采用可调压分流管(实验组),20例患者采用固定压力分流管(对照组),观察并比较两组的疗效。结果实验组患者术后有效率为90%(18/20),高于对照组的75%(15/20),差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);实验组患者的并发症发生率为10%,低于对照组的30%,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论应用可调压分流管行脑室-腹腔分流术的分流效果优于传统定压式分流管。

  17. Multichannel dynamic-path forwarding protocol for wireless sensor networks%一种无线传感器网络多信道动态路径转发协议

    蒋富龙; 刘昊


    为了改善无线传感器网络在重负载情况下的性能,提出了一种多信道动态路径转发协议MDFP.该协议通过整合动态路径选择和预测唤醒调度,使得发送者在发送数据前能预测可用转发节点的唤醒时间,避免了现有动态路径转发协议依赖长前导来完成转发节点选择和数据传输所带来的问题,从而实现更低的能耗并改善网络在重负载下的延时和可靠性.MDFP利用多信道通信减少节点间干扰,从而进一步提升网络在重负载情况下的可靠性.基于TelosB 节点的实验结果表明,在重负载情况下,相对于现有的动态路径转发协议,MDFP在能耗、延时和可靠性方面均有较明显的性能提升.%To improve the performance of wireless sensor networks in heavy traffic conditions,a multichannel dynamic-path forwarding protocol (MDFP)is proposed.By integrating dynamic-path selection with predictive-wakeup schedule,a sender can predict the wakeup time of available for-warders so that it can avoid relying on sending long preambles to determine the forwarder and trans-mit data.This helps to achieve lower energy consumption and improve delay and reliability of the network in heavy traffic conditions.The MDFP exploits multichannel communication to reduce inter-ference between nodes,so that the reliability of the network in heavy traffic conditions can be further improved.The experiment results on the TelosB testbed show that,in heavy traffic conditions,com-pared with the state-of-the-art dynamic-path forwarding protocol,the MDFP shows better perform-ance in terms of energy efficiency,delay and reliability.

  18. The Application Detection of Pharmaceutical Warehouse Management by double Check Management Mode%双人核对管理模式在药品仓库管理中的应用观察



    Objective To approach application result of pharmaceutical warehouse management by double check manage_ment mode. Methods The pharmaceutical warehouse management data of Guangzhou Wuzhou Pharmacy(Group) Co., Ltd from 2014.1 to 2015.10 were analyzed,Which was to be divided into two groups by double check management mode or not, conventional management group 5 000 cases and double check management mode group 5 000 cases,drug warehouse man_agement effect of two groups were detected. Result The drug warehouse management utilization、drug to clear rate、drug dif_ference change rate in a timely manner、unqualified drugs reported loss rate of double check management mode group were better than conventional management group,the difference were statistical significance(P<0.05). Conclusion The applica_tion of pharmaceutical warehouse management by double check management mode,which could improve drug warehouse management efficiency,decrease unqualified drugs reported loss rate,which is to be used.%目的:探讨双人核对管理模式在药品仓库管理中的应用效果情况。方法分析2014年1月—2015年10月广西梧州制药(集团)股份有限公司药品仓库管理资料,依据是否实施双人核对管理模式进行分组,常规管理组5000例和双人核对管理模式组5000例,观察两组药品仓库管理效果情况。结果双人核对管理模式组药品仓库管理使用率、药品去向明确率、药品差额变化及时率、药品不合格报损率均优于常规管理组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论双人核对管理模式在药品仓库管理中应用,可以提高药品仓库管理效率,降低药品不合格报损率,值得推广应用。

  19. Establishment of Bacterial Endotoxin Test of Iodine [131 I]Actuximab Injection%碘[131I]爱克妥昔单抗注射液细菌内毒素检查方法建立

    孙祥敏; 张云; 张先; 杨薇薇; 蔡海燕


    为建立碘[131 I]爱克妥昔单抗注射液的细菌内毒素检查方法,采用《中国药典》二部细菌内毒素检查法进行实验。结果表明,将供试品稀释10倍、20倍、40倍进行细菌内毒素检查均存在干扰;对供试品稀释80倍进行检查或采用抗增液复溶鲎试剂,再将供试品稀释20倍进行检查,均无干扰。供试品的细菌内毒素检查可采用将供试品至少稀释80倍进行检验的方法;也可采用抗增液复溶鲎试剂,将供试品稀释至少20倍进行检查。结果表明,直接稀释法为产品检验的首选方法。%To establish a method for the bacterial endotoxin test of Iodine [1 3 1 I]Actux-imab Injection,The experiment was carried out according to the appendix ⅪE in Vol.Ⅱof the 2010 version of Chinese Pharmacopoeia.The results demonstrated that the prepa-ration interfered with the test at 10 times,20 times and 40 times dilution,and the inter-ference can be eliminated after the sample was diluted to 80 times or the sample was diluted to 20 times with the endotoxin-specific buffer dissolving the Tachypleus Amebo-cyte Lysate.Two methods can be used to test the bacterial endotoxin of Iodine [1 3 1 I] Actuximab Injection.One is the sample should be diluted to atleast 80 times,the other is the sample was diluted to 20 times with the endotoxin-specific buffer dissolving the Tachypleus Amebocyte Lysate.The dilution method is the preferred method for the quality control.

  20. 基于Matlab的劈尖干涉仿真%Simulation of wedge interference based on Matlab

    任志浩; 马琨


    Based on the fundamental theory of equal thickness interference,the light intensity distribution at different pa⁃rameters in the wedge interference experiments is simulated by means of Matlab platform programming. The interference fringes conducting the defect detection of plain glass surface by wedge interference are simulated with Peaks function of Matlab. The in⁃terference image obtained from simulation is meticulous and realistic,and can dynamically reflect the changing process of inter⁃ference fringes with the change of parameters,which makes the physics rules visual and intuitive. The interference image simu⁃lated by Matlab is identical with experimental result. The parameters can be set flexibly,which greatly extends the research ap⁃proach and method of wedge interference subject,is helpful for students to profoundly understand the phenomenon and rules of physical optics,and provides the convenience for optical theory teaching and experimental mode selection.%根据等厚干涉的基本理论,利用Matlab平台编程进行仿真,模拟劈尖干涉实验在不同参数条件下的光强分布情况。并用Matlab自带的Peaks函数模拟利用劈尖干涉对平面玻璃表面进行缺陷检测的干涉条纹。仿真所得到的干涉图像细致逼真,并且能够动态地反映出干涉条纹随参数的改变而发生变化的过程,使得物理规律形象直观。Matlab模拟出的干涉图像与实验结果非常吻合,还可以灵活地调节参数,大大扩展了劈尖干涉问题的研究途径与方法,有助于学生更加深刻地理解物理光学的现象和规律,也为光学的理论教学和实验方式提供了便利。

  1. 补佳乐联合几丁糖预防宫腔镜电切术后宫腔粘连51例%The Clinical Effects of Progynova Combined with Chitosan to Prevent Metrosynizesis in Intrauterine Adhesions in 51 Cases

    孙川; 林琳; 齐振艳


    目的:观察补佳乐联合几丁糖用于宫腔镜电切术后预防宫腔粘连的临床效果。方法选择行宫腔镜电切手术患者102例,采取随机数字表法分为观察组和对照组,各51例。对照组术后给予补佳乐治疗,观察组在对照组基础上联合应用几丁糖治疗。结果观察组住院时间为(8.38±1.88)d、发生宫腔粘连2例,对照组住院时间为(14.21±2.69)d、发生宫腔粘连11例,差异有统计学意义( P 0.05)。结论补佳乐联合几丁糖应用于宫腔镜电切手术可降低术后宫腔粘连发生率,缩短住院时间和阴道出血时间,对患者体内激素水平影响很小,值得临床推广。%Objective Discusses the application of filling Progynova joint chitosan after hysteroscopic surgery of uterine cavity adhesion effect and clinical application value. Methods Choose our line of hysteroscopic surgery patient 102 examples, take random number table method was divided into observation group and control group, 51 cases of each group. Control group postoperatively progynova reatment, observation group in the control group on the basis of combined use of chitosan treatment, two groups of postoperative caused by in-trauterine adhesions. Results Observation group, length of hospital stay (8. 38 ± 1. 88) d caused by intrauterine adhesions occurred in 2 cases; The control group, length of hospital stay (14. 21 ± 2. 69) d happened caused by intrauterine adhesions in 11 cases, comparing dif-ferences between groups was statistically significant( P 0. 05). Conclusion Fill Progynova combined chitosan application in hysteroscopic surgery can reduce the incidence of postopera-tive uterine cavity adhesion, shorten the hospitalization time and bleeding time, affect hormone levels in patients with small, is worth pro-moting in the clinical practice.

  2. 韩语因果复句在汉语中的对应研究%A Correspondence Analysis of the Causational Claus-es in Chinese and Korean



    Causational clauses exist both in Chinese and Korean, but these two languages belong to different families, resulting in great dif-ferences in techniques of expression and conjunctive devices. Korean causational clauses are correspondent not only to Chinese ones but also to other semantic clauses or forms. Causational clauses are studied widely in the research of general theories. However, few studies are based on Korean-Chinese translated novel corpus. This paper attempts to study causational clauses with actual bilingual examples taken from Korean-Chinese equivalent translational novel corpus. The compara-tive analysis of Chinese corresponding forms of causational clauses “-어서、-니까、-느라고、-므로” frequently used in Korean, is a good reference that may enlighten the study and teaching of Chinese- Koreancausational clauses.%中韩两种语言都存在因果复句,但因这两种语言分属不同语系,所以它们在复句的表现方法及连接手段上都有着很大差异,韩国语的因果复句不仅和汉语的因果复句相对应,而且还能和其他语义关系的复句或其他表现形式相对应。先行研究成果当中极少运用中韩对译小说语料库来研究复句的情况,尝试利用韩中对等翻译小说语料库进行复句研究,运用实际双语例句、使用比较分析法进行考察分析韩国语中使用频率较高的“-어서”、“-니까”、“-느라고”、“-므로”①等因果复句在汉语中的对应形式,这对于中韩复句的研究及教学将是一个很好的启示和参考。

  3. Characterization of Different Land Classes and Disaster Monitoring Using Microwave Land Emissivity for the Indian Subcontinent

    Saha, Korak; Raju, Suresh; Antony, Tinu; Krishna Moorthy, K.

    Despite the ability of satellite borne microwave radiometers to measure the atmospheric pa-rameters, liquid water and the microphysical properties of clouds, they have serious limitations over the land owing its large and spatially heterogeneous emissivity compared to the relatively low and homogenous oceans. This calls for determination of the spatial maps of land-surface emissivity with accuracies better than ˜2%. In this study, the characterization of microwave emissivity of different land surface classes over the Indian region is carried out with the forth-coming Indo-French microwave satellite program Megha-Tropiques in focus. The land emissivity is retrieved using satellite microwave radiometer data from Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I) and TRMM Microwave Imager (TMI) at 10, 19, 22, 37 and 85 GHz. After identify-ing the clear sky daily data, the microwave radiative transfer computation, is applied to the respective daily atmospheric profile for deducing the upwelling and downwelling atmospheric radiations. This, along with the skin temperature data, is used to retrieve land emission from satellites data. The emissivity maps of placecountry-regionIndia for three months representing winter (January) and post-monsoon (September-October) seasons of 2008 at V and H polar-izations of all the channels (except for 22 GHz) are generated. Though the land emissivity values in V-polarization vary between 0.5 and ˜1, some land surface classes such as the desert region, marshy land, fresh snow covered region and evergreen forest region, etc, show distinct emissivity characteristics. On this basis few typical classes having uniform physical properties over sufficient area are identified. Usually the Indian desert region is dry and shows low emis-sivity (˜0.88 in H-polarisation) and high polarization difference, V-H (˜0.1). Densely vegetated zones of tropical rain forests exhibit high emissivity values (˜0.95) and low polarization dif-ference (lt;0.01). The

  4. 德索拉-莫拉莱斯建筑批评的“差异”思想%De Solà-Morales'Thought of “Difference” for Architectural Criticism



    在对时代建筑进行思想考察的工作中,德索拉-莫拉莱斯重视研究方法的平衡要求,形成以“差异”思想为基本路线的批评策略。他的论文集《差异》致力于开展建筑理论的基础建设,尝试依托必要的哲学向度,通过揭示批评思维在面对自身危机、在对应和应对的双重意义上的根本任务来唤醒和恢复本质性的创造力。在这一思考方向上,《差异》包含了一系列针对建筑批评的时代要求的、全方位的和多维度的重要讨论。这既是一部总结性的、也是展望式的、在这个意义上更是奠基性的建筑理论著作。%In his thought study of modern architecture ,Ignasi de Solà-Morales Rubió attaches most im-portance to the balance requirement of research method and develops a strategy for the criticism with the Thought of“Difference”as its basic line .With his book Dif ference:Topographiesof Contempo-rary A rchitecture ,de Solà-Morales tries to construct the fundament of architectural theory ,through philosophical dimensions ,in a double sense of corresponding and answer ,to awaken and renew the es-sential creative ability .In the direction of this thinking ,this book contains a series of omni-directional and multi-dimensional discussions towards the requirements of the times .So this is a summative ,also a periscopical ,and in essence ,a fundamental work of architectural theory .


    Gábor LUKÁCS


    Full Text Available 210 years ago Nagyváthy János published the first systematic, agricultural trade book, called ’Diligent Farmers’ in Hungarian in Pest. This outstanding person of our agricultural history was born on 19th January 1755, in Miskolc. After leaving the Protestant secondary grammar school in Miskolc, he studied law and theology in Sárospatak. At the Protestant secondary grammar school in Losonc he became a ’Subrector’, that is, the the teacher of poetry. Due to a serious illness affecting his eyes he left this job and went to Pest for medical treatment. During the long therapy he visited the lectures of Mitterpacher Lajos, who was the most excellent theoratical agricultural specialist in the country. In 1782 he took military service for four years, in the Duka cavalry regiment, where he reached the rank of a captain and he was garrisoned in Belgium, Italy and Austria. As a commisariat officer he got to know the more developed agriculture of Europe, and it was at that time that he studied agricultural technical literature. In 1786 he had a relapse of his eye disease therefore he left the army and tried to find a cure in Vienna. Here he got acquainted with Jordán Péter, director of the domains of the court, who employed him as an assistant. During the time he spent in the domain of Vöslau, he could completed his academic knowledge with practical experience. In 1788 he moved to Pest where he made friends with Kazinczy, Batsányi, Verseghy and Széchenyi Ferenc, who were the representatives of the most progressive group of nobility. He became the member of the ’Magnanamitas’ Masonic Lodge. In 179o he published four pamphlets anonymously called ’ The change of religion’, ’Civil prediction from the stars’, ’The red friend’, ’Hours of joy in the life of a true Hungarian patriot’. In 1791 he published ’The diligent farmer’ in two volumes on 1213 pages recommending it to the ’sweaty Hungarian farmer’. In this book he wrote about all his

  6. 从翻转课堂到翻转会议--O2O环境中学术会议的组织模型及技术支撑体系研究%From Flipped Classroom to Flipped Conference:A Study on Academic Conference Mode and Its Technology-Supported Platform in O2O Environment

    宋述强; 高宣; 钟晓流


    With the development of educational insights and information technology, flipped classroom based on the O2O (Of-fline-to-Online) environment has been a hot topic in the current educational research. As a particular activity disseminating informa-tion and sharing knowledge, academic conference has tremendous similarities with in-class teaching. Based on the notion of flipped classroom, the concept of flipped conference is put forward in the paper. The paper reviews the concept and origin of academic con-ference, and studies the implementation of the two cases of flipped conference at home and abroad respectively. On the basis of “Tai chi Ring Mode I”in the previous research on flipped classroom, the author establishes “Tai chi Ring Mode II” for flipped conference. Similar to the flipped classroom, the effectiveness of flipped conference strongly relies on various technical supports of the informa-tion-based hardware and software platforms in O2O environment. At the end of the paper, the author systematically introduces the technical platform system which supports the flipped conference according to his own practical experience. By explaining the theoreti-cal concepts, organizational patterns and technical platform of the flipped conference, the author attempts to provide practical guid-ance for the effective organization and the innovative development in the academic conference under the environment of O2O.%随着教育理念和信息技术的发展,基于O2O环境的翻转课堂已成为当前教育教学领域的研究热点与实践趋势。作为信息传播、问题探讨和知识扩散的特定活动,学术会议与课堂教学有着诸多类似的方面。为此,借鉴翻转课堂的理念提出了翻转会议的概念,并剖析了国内外两次翻转式学术会议的组织案例。并在前期研究成果---面向翻转课堂的“太极环模型I”的基础上,构建了面向翻转会议的“太极环模型II”。与翻转课堂一

  7. Live and Prerecorded Popular Music Consumption%从现场音乐与录制音乐看流行音乐的市场需求

    Juan D. Montoro-Pons [西班牙; 马绯璠(编译); Manuel Cuadrado-Garcia


    最近十年来,随着人们消费习惯的改变,流行音乐市场也发生了很大变化,现场音乐的市场份额不断增加。本文从现场音乐和录制音乐两个方面分析了流行音乐市场需求,采用的数据来自20(0--2037年度西班牙“习惯与文化行为调查”,通过双变量profit模型来分析现场音乐会的上座率和录制音乐的销售情况。通过分析,我们可以大致描述出两个市场中一般消费者和消费频率较高的消费者大致情况。分析结果显示,两种消费者存在一些相似的方面,这主要表现在性别和文化素养对音乐消费的作用;但同时也存在一些十分显著的差别,这主要表现在时间限制、与经济活动的关系和技术利用这三个方面。最后,我们发现,录制音乐消费和现场音乐消费具有一定的互补性,具有直接的因果关系,这可以解释近年来音乐市场组织制度上发生的一些变化。%Changing consumption habits have rearranged the popular music market in the last decade, and a pattern in which live music attendance gets an increasing share of the market has emerged. This work analyzes the demand for the popular music sector considering its double dimension as supplier of live concerts and prerecorded music. We use the 2006/2007 wave of Spain' s Survey on Habits and Cultural Practices, and estimate a bivariate pmbit model for attendance to live concerts and the ourehase of orere- corded music. Results allow us to describe the profile of the average and frequent consumer in both mar- kets, which shows some similarities-gender effects and the role of cultural capital - but also striking dif- ferences-time restrictions and relation to economic activity, and the use of technology. Finally, we find evidence of demand complementarities, with a direct causal link from prerecorded music to live atten- dance that helps explain recent institutional changes.

  8. Therapeutic effect of N-acetylcysteine and montelukast sodium in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis%N-乙酰半胱氨酸联合孟鲁司特钠治疗特发性肺纤维化临床疗效观察

    王传海; 李承红


    Objective To investigate the effect of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and montelukast sodium in pa-tients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Methods A total of 64 patients with IPF confirmed by clinical data and imaging examination from January 2008 to June 2014 were selected in our hospital. According to random number table, the patients were randomly divided into the observation group and the control group with 32 patients in each group. The control group applied conventional glucocorticoids treatment, while the observation group used NAC and montelukast sodium based on glucocorticoids treatment. All patients were treated for 3 months. The therapeutic effect, vital capacity (VC), diffusion capacity for carbon monoxide (DLco), pH value, oxygen partial pressure (PaO2), oxygen saturation (SaO2), partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2) and medication safety were compared between the two groups. Results In the observation group, the total effective rate was 81.25%, which was significantly higher than 57.60%in the control group (P0.05). After treatment, the differences in VC, DLco between the two groups were statistical-ly significant (P0.05). After treatment, the dif-ferences in PaO2, SaO2 between the two groups were statistically significant (P0.05). No serious adverse reaction was found in the two groups. Conclusion The conventional glucocorticoids therapy added with NAC and montelukast sodium in the treatment of IPF can effectively improve the symptoms of patients, and slow down the decrease of VC, DLco, PaO2, SaO2.%目的 探讨N-乙酰半胱氨酸(NAC)联合孟鲁司特钠治疗特发性肺纤维化(IPF)的临床疗效.方法 选择我院2008年1月至2014年6月经临床-影像证实的IPF患者64例,按随机数字表法分为观察组和对照组,每组32例,观察组在口服常规激素治疗基础上加用NAC联合孟鲁司特钠,对照组口服常规糖皮质激素治疗,疗程3个月.比较两组患者的临床疗效、肺活量(VC)、一氧化碳弥

  9. RNA干扰MDR1基因对乳腺癌多细胞球阿霉素敏感性的影响%Effect of MDR1 Gene Silencing on Adriamycin Sensitivity of Breast Carcinoma Multicellular Spheroids by RNA Interference

    郑庆玲; 顾栋桦; 平金良; 朱荣; 陈琦


    目的 通过RNA干扰沉默MDR1基因,探讨后者在乳腺癌多细胞球阿霉素耐药中的作用.方法 用liquid overlay技术培养获得多细胞球(multicellular spheroids, MCS),用脂质体转染法把特异针对MDR1基因的双链小RNA干扰片段导入MCF-7细胞中,采用台盼蓝拒染法检测阿霉素对MCF-7的细胞抑制率,MDR1 mRNA水平及蛋白水平分别用RT-PCR和免疫印迹法检测,用荧光光度计法检测阿霉素在细胞内的蓄积情况.结果 多细胞球形成后,阿霉素对MCF-7细胞的抑制率明显减少,MDR1 mRNA及蛋白水平明显升高,阿霉素在细胞内的蓄积量减少;RNA干扰法能明显抑制MDR1基因表达,增加阿霉素在MCS细胞中的蓄积,提高阿霉素对MCS的细胞抑制率.结论 多细胞球的形成可以增强MCF-7细胞的阿霉素耐药性,RNA干扰沉默MDR1基因可以部分逆转MCF-7多细胞球的阿霉素耐药.%Objective To investigate the role of MDRI gene expression in drug resistance of multicellular spheroids of breast carcinoma to Adriamycin( ADM) by RNA interfering technique. Methods MCF - 7 multicellular spheroids were obtained from liquid overlay technique culture. MDR1 - targeted small interfering double - stranded RNAs ( SiRNA) were introduced into MCF - 7 cells by lipofectamine. Adriamycin resistance was detected with trypan blue exclusion testing. MDR1 mRNA and MRD1 protein levels were determined by reverse transcroption - polymerase chain reaction( RT - PCR) and Westernblot, and Adriamycin accumulation in MCF - 7 cells was tested by fluorescence spectrophotometry. Results Compared with monolayer cells, MCS showed lower cell inhibitory rate and ADM accumulation in cells after ADM expoaure for 24h, and both mRNA and protein level of MDRI were elevated in MCS obviously. RNA inter ference markedly inhibited the expressiong of MDRI mRNA and protein, and enhanced the intracellular accumulation of andpartially restored sensitivity to ADM in MCF -7 MCS. Conclusion Breast

  10. Study on relevant factors influencing self-management of diabetic patients and the effects on whole course health education and nursing%影响糖尿病患者自我管理相关因素及全程健康教育护理效果的研究

    陈莹莹; 王琼琼; 吴鸿珠


    Objective To explore relevant factors influencing self-management of diabetic patients and the effects on whole course health education and nursing. Methods Clinical data of 248 diabetic patients who were admitted to Peo-ple's Hospital of Xinchang County from May 2012 to January 2014 were retrospectively analyzed. They were assigned to two groups according to their nursing methods. Control rate of blood sugar, master rate of knowledge on diabetes,self-management rate and satisfaction of patients were compared between both groups. Results Scores of knowledge on diabetes, self-efficacy, social support, age and cultural background were independent influencing factors for self-management of diabetic patients. Control rate of blood sugar, master rate of knowledge on diabetes, self-management rate and satisfaction of patients in the observation group were all higher than those in the control group, and the dif-ferences were statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion Patients' age,cultural background,knowledge on diabetes,self-efficacy and social support are main influencing factors for self-management of diabetes. In clinical settings,whole course health education and nursing can be carried out, so as to improve patients' master rate of knowledge on diabetes,and optimize self-management levels.%目的:探讨影响糖尿病患者自我管理相关因素及全程健康教育护理效果。方法对2012年5月~2014年1月新昌县人民医院收治的248例糖尿病患者的临床资料进行回顾性分析,根据护理方式分为两组,并比较两组血糖控制率、糖尿病知识掌握率、自我管理率、患者满意度。结果糖尿病知识得分、自我效能、社会支持、年龄、文化程度是糖尿病患者自我管理的独立影响因素。观察组血糖控制率、糖尿病知识掌握率、自我管理率、患者满意度均高于对照组,差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论患者的年龄、文化程度、糖尿病认知

  11. 牙周基础治疗在侵袭性牙周炎中的应用效果观察%Application effect observation of periodontal non-surgical treatment for aggressive periodontitis

    王迪; 曾莉; 王丽泉


    目的:探讨牙周基础治疗在侵袭性牙周炎中的应用效果。方法选取本院2012年12月~2014年5月收治的68例(患牙142颗)侵袭性牙周炎患者作为研究对象,所有患者均给予牙周基础治疗。观察并记录牙周基础治疗前和治疗后6个月的患牙探诊深度(PD)、临床附着丧失(CAL)、出血指数(BI)、菌斑指数(PLI)和牙齿松动度(TM)情况。结果牙周基础治疗6个月后,PD、CAL、BI、PLI显著低于治疗前,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。与治疗前比较,治疗6个月后的牙齿松动程度显著好转,差异有统计学意义(P<0.01)。结论牙周基础治疗在侵袭性牙周炎中的应用效果显著,能明显减少PD、CAL、PLI,有效控制牙龈出血,明显改善牙齿松动情况,值得临床推广应用。%Objective To exolore the application effect of periodental non-surgical treatment for aggressive periodonti-tis. Methods 68 cases(142 cases with sick teeth) with aggressive periodontitis from December 2012 to May 2014 in our hospital were selected as research object.All the patients were given the periodental non-surgical treatment.The condi-tions of probing depth(PD) of sick teeth,clinic attachment level(CAL),bleeding index(BI),tooth mobility(TM) before peri-odental non-surgical treatment and six months after treatment was observed and recorded respectively. Results six months after treatment,PD,CAL,BI,PLI was lower than that before treatment,with significant difference (P<0.05).Com-pared with before treatment,the degree of TM six months after treatment was statistically improved,with significant dif-ference(P<0.01). Conclusion Application effect of periodontal non-surgical treatment for aggressive periodontitis is ob-vious,can reduce PD,CAL,PLI obviously,control gingival bleeding effectively,improve the conditions of TM significantly, it is worthy of clinical promotion and application.

  12. Research of the Intervention and Effect of Risk Management Program on the Medical Staff Occupational Exposure%风险管理程序对医务人员职业暴露干预与效果

    肖夕凤; 龚秀萍


    Objective To investigate the application of risk management program for effectively intervening the occurrence of med-ical staff occupational exposure so as to improve the effect of occupational exposure protection. Methods The hospital medical staff were selected as the research object and the occupation exposure related knowledge and the protective action had been taken were surveyed by the retrospective investigation questionnaire method. The medical staffs' occupational exposure risk was evaluated by the risk management program, intervention was used to effectively intervene the non-standard behavior and the results were ana-lyzed after the intervention. Results After the risk management program applied to the in-service staff of our hospital, the inci-dence of occupational exposure was reduced from 47.2% to 13.6%, awareness of knowledge about protection increased from 28.05% to 94.35% and the correct treatment rate after the occurrence of occupational exposure rose from 0% to 61.95%, the dif-ferences were statistically significant (P<0.01). Conclusion The intervention of risk management program applied to the medical staff occupational exposure, can effectively reduce the occurrence of medical staff occupational exposure and non-standard protec-tive behavior and improve the medical staff occupational exposure protection consciousness and protection behavior.%目的:探讨应用风险管理程序对医务人员职业暴露的发生进行有效干预,不断提高职业暴露防护效果。方法选取医院医务人员作为研究对象,采用回顾性问卷调查法了解职业暴露相关知识的知晓率及采取的防护行为等,应用风险管理程序对医务人员职业暴露风险进行评估,对不规范行为进行有效干预,分析干预后效果。结果通过对该院在职医务人员进行风险管理程序应用后,职业暴露发生率明显下降,由应用前47.2%下降为应用后13.6%;防护知识知晓率从应用前28

  13. 基于动力反演方法的亚洲季风机制探讨%The Exploring of the Asian Monsoon Driving Mechanism Based on Dynamical Inversion Method

    李玉霞; 林振山; 刘会玉


    The monsoon driving mechanism is a hot spot in the quaternary global change research, where the in-ternational academia has been paid close attention. As early as in 1686, Halley has put forward that the heat dif-ferences caused by the sun between the marine and terrestrial bring about the monsoon. With the deepening of the research, different driving factors are proposed one after another, such as the solar activity, the mechanical force and thermal effect of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, ENSO, the temperature of the south and north poles, the migration of the intertropical convergence zone, the thermohaline circulation and so on in which the solar activ-ity and the thermohaline circulation are widely accepted. Cave stalagmites oxygen isotope is one of the most important high-resolution alternative indexes of palaeoclimate. Especially in the region strongly affected by the monsoon, the change of the values of stalagmiteδ18O is often taken as the index of ancient monsoon intensi-ty. The Asian monsoon is an important part of the global climate system. Usually the Asian monsoon can be di-vided into East Asia monsoon and Indian monsoon, but the two monsoon regions have no clear boundary. So it is hard to verdict which monsoon the stalagmite collected from this convergence zone represents. Dongge cave is just located in the convergence zone, as is mentioned above,and which monsoon the stalagmiteδ18O value of Dongge Cave represents is still controversial. By means of the dynamic inversion analysis of the Asian mon-soon, the following results are obtained:1) The stalagmitesδ18O value of Dongge Cave is more likely to repre-sent the Indian monsoon. The Indian monsoon system is a complex nonlinear dynamic system driven by the Antarctic temperature and other factors. 2) The solar activity plays a negative feedback stabilizing role in the Indian monsoon system. The stronger the solar activity is, the weaker the stabilization role it plays will be. The temperature of the

  14. Clinical Trial of Sertraline in Elderly Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome Complicating Depression%老年急性冠状动脉综合征并抑郁患者舍曲林治疗研究

    方飞; 赵进和; 史佳


    Objective To investigate the clinical effects of sertraline in elderly patients with acute coronary syndrome complicating de-pression. Methods 57 patients were randomly divided into two groups :control group and observation group. The control group re-ceived regular therapy ;the observation group received oral sertraline and regular therapy . The cardiovascular events (angina pectoris , myocardial infarction ,congestive heart failure and death ) were carefully observed in one year. Results There were no significant dif-ferences between baseline values ,Hamilton’s depression scale (HAMD scale) ,the level of Amino terminal pro brain natriuretic pep-tide (NT Pro BNP) ,Plasma cortisol ,left ventriculear ejection fraction (LVEF) ,left ventricular end diastolic diameter (LVEDD) , plasma homocysteine levels among the two groups before research ( P>0.05). After the treatment ,LVEF in observation group was statistically significant higher than that in the control group ,HAMD scale ,the level of NT Pro BNP ,Plasma cortiso ,plasma homocys-teine were significantly decreased ( P0.05). The total incident rates of cardiovascular events were significantly lower in observation group than in control group ( P<0.05). Con-clusions Sertraline can restrain the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis and decrease the serum homocysteine ,that maybe the reason for sertraline could improve the prognosis of elderly patients with acute coronary syndrome complicating depression .%目的:观察舍曲林干预急性冠状动脉综合征合并抑郁患者的疗效。方法57例急性冠状动脉综合征合并抑郁患者随机分成两组,对照组给予基础治疗,观察组在基础治疗上加用舍曲林干预。观察两组患者1年的心血管事件发生率及其相关指标变化的情况。结果两组治疗前汉密尔顿抑郁量表评分(HAMD评分)、左心室射血分数(LVEF )、左心室舒张末期内径(LVEDD )、外周血氨基末端脑钠肽前体(NT Pro


    Joan Luisa de Tort


    érations de type théorique, i'exploration est faite a deux niveaux : une échelle général, qui se correspond avec le milieu de la Catalogne, et une échelle spécifiquement local, pour laquelle notre réference est la toponymie de la région de L'Emporda (Girona.MOTS-CLÉS:Paysage, temtoire, toponymie, étymologie, Catalogne, Emporda 

  16. Observation of clinical effects of improved surgery on adolescent concomi-tant strabismus%青少年共同性斜视改良术临床效果观察

    杨媛媛; 张宝琴; 毛羽佳; 郑蕾; 张敏芝; 谭大鹏


    Objective To observe the application of improved Parks incision combined with proparacaine surface anes-thesia in the correction surgery of adolescent concomitant strabismus and the postoperative recovery situation. Methods Fifty-five patients who had received concomitant strabismus correction surgery in our hospital were randomly selected and divided into the improved group and the traditional group, of which the improved group (35 patients) was given the improved Parks incision combined with proparacaine surface anesthesia surgical method and the traditional group (20 patients) was given traditional corneal limbus trapezoid incision combined with lidocaine local anesthesia surgical method. The surgical anesthesia tolerance, postoperative cosmetic results and preoperative and postoperative tear film stability of the two groups were observed. The data were analyzed statistically. Results The patients received propara caine surface anesthesia and the patients received lidocaine local anesthesia were not significantly different in the toler-ance(P>0.05). Regarding to cosmetic results, the Parks incision concealed itself better than the traditional corneal limbus trapezoid incision, and showed faster and better recovery and better postoperative orthotopic effects, with statis-tically significant differences. The improved group was better than the traditional group in the fluorescein staining tear film break-up time (FBUT) and schirmer's Ⅰ experiment (S1T) 30 days after surgery, with statistically significant dif-ferences. Conclusion The improved surgery has better anesthetic tolerance effect, less invasive operation, less damage to normal tissue, better postoperative cosmetic results and smaller influence on ocular surface tear film function than the traditional surgery, thereby worthy of promotion.%目的:改良Parks切口联合丙美卡因表面麻醉在青少年共同性斜视矫正术中的应用及术后恢复情况的临床观察。方法随机选取55例

  17. Analysis of the Effect of Diet and Exercise Care on Patients with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus%饮食与运动护理对于妊娠糖尿病患者的影响分析



    Objective To investigate the effect of diet and exercise care on patients with gestational diabetes mellitus. Methods 150 cases with gestational diabetes mellitus admitted in our hospital from June 2013 to June 2014 were selected as the subjects and divided into two groups randomly and equally, namely the experimental group and the control group. The control group was given routine nursing intervention, and the experimental group was given diet and exercise intervention on the basis of intervention given to the control group. And the blood glucose and the complications of mothers and infants of two groups of patients were ob-served. Results The fasting blood glucose and postprandial 2 hour blood glucose of the experimental group were significantly bet-ter than those of the control group, the differences were statistically significant (P<0.05);the number of patients with pregnancy in-duced hypertension syndrome, infection, polyhydramnios or other complications in the experimental group were less than those in the control group, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05); the number of premature birth, neonatal hypoglycemia, macrosomia or other complications occurred in the experimental group were less than those occurred in the control group, the dif-ference was statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion Reasonable diet and exercise care for patients with gestational diabetes mellitus, can effectively control the blood glucose of the patients and reduce the complications of mothers and infants, the effect is significant, which is worthy of promotion.%目的:探讨对饮食与运动护理在妊娠糖尿病患者的作用。方法选取该院2013年6月—2014年6月所收治的150例妊娠糖尿病患者作为研究对象,并将其随机平均分成两组,即实验组与对照组,对照组患者实行常规护理干预措施,而实验组患者则在对照组的基础之上,实施饮食与运动护理干预措施,并对两组患者的血

  18. 尼卡地平联合维拉帕米对瘢痕组织的抑制效果研究%Clinical Research on Inhibiting Effect of Nicardipine Combined with Verapamil in Treating Scar Tissue



    目的:探讨应用尼卡地平及维拉帕米抑制瘢痕组织的临床效果。方法将收治的120例瘢痕组织患者随机分为A组和B组,各60例。A组采用尼卡地平联合维拉帕米进行治疗,B组使用尼卡地平治疗。结果治疗2年后,两组患者瘢痕组织面积、厚度减小,瘢痕增生指数下降,A组改善程度明显优于B组( t=5.7031,14.3463,17.8696;P=0.0000);治疗后,两组患者瘢痕组织内CD34、增殖细胞核抗原的阳性表达率均显著下降,A组下降程度明显优于B组( t=23.0142,16.5048;P=0.0000);治疗后,两组患者瘢痕组织内成纤维细胞内皮素-1、羟脯氨酸及增殖细胞核抗原含量均下降,A组下降程度优于B组( t=6.9282,26.4926,8.1616;P=0.0000)。结论尼卡地平联合维拉帕米能有效抑制瘢痕组织的增生,同时可减小瘢痕组织的大小及厚度,具有一定的临床意义。%Objective To research the clinical effect of nicardipine combined with verapamil for inhibiting scar tissue. Methods 120 cases of scar tissue were randomly divided into the group A and B, 60 cases in each group;the group A was treated by nicardipine combined with verapamil; the group B was treated by nicardipine alone. The therapeutic effects after 2-year treatment were compared between the two groups. Results The area and thickness of scar tissue after 2-year treatment in the two groups were decreased;the scar proliferation index was declined. The improvement degree in the group A was better than that in the group B with statistical dif-ference ( t=5. 703 1, 14. 346 3, 5. 703 1; P=0. 000 0 );CD34 and the positive expression rate of proliferating cell nuclear antigen inside the scar tissue after treatment in the two groups were significantly decreased;the decrease degree in the group A was significantly su-perior to the group B ( t=23. 014 2, 16. 504 8; P=0. 000 0 );the contents of fibroblasts endothelin-1, hydroxyproline and

  19. The characteristics of game participation of world excellent male shot-putters in the London Olympic Games cycle%世界优秀男子铅球运动员伦敦奥运周期的参赛特征

    周华锋; 翟廉芬


    in a short period of time, the dif-ference of annual game participation goals etc.

  20. Evaluation of coronary stent by gemstone spectral imaging or high-definition scan:a phantom study%高清和能谱扫描对冠状动脉支架成像准确性的体模研究

    张文佳; 张璋; 李东; 于铁链


    目的:通过动态心脏和冠状动脉体模,评价高清扫描(HD)和能谱成像(GSI)对冠状动脉支架内径的显示能力。方法将5支不同规格的冠状动脉支架置于心脏动态体模(心率设定为60次/min)制成冠状动脉支架模型。分别进行HD、GSI和标准(S)扫描3种冠状动脉CT造影(CCTA)扫描方式。数据传输至AW工作站,分别对HD图像、60~140 keV的9组单能量图像和S图像进行后处理和指标测量,包括信噪比(SNR)、对比噪声比(CNR)、支架内径显示值和显示率。比较3种扫描模式的差别和一致性。结果3种扫描模式的SNR值存在差别(P0.05)。HD的支架内径显示率(0.85±0.06)明显高于其他2种扫描模式(GSI为0.40±0.16、0.48±0.13、0.50±0.14、0.51±0.13、0.45±0.05、0.52±0.13、0.53±0.13、0.53±0.13、0.53±0.13,S为0.53±0.14,均P0.05). The visible diameter(%)measurements of HD(0.85 ± 0.06)was significant higher than that of the other 2 scan systems and most close to the width of those stent’s actual size.(GSI:0.40±0.16, 0.48±0.13, 0.50±0.14, 0.51±0.13, 0.45±0.05,0.52±0.13, 0.53±0.13, 0.53±0.13, 0.53±0.13, S:0.53±0.14, P<0.05). Conclusion There was no significant dif⁃ferences in image quality among the images acquired by these 3 systems when the heart rate was set to 60 beats per min. Comparing to GSI and S, HD can produce best represent images to the known inner diameter of coronary stent.

  1. 北京居民对雾霾的感知及其旅游意愿和行为倾向研究%Smog’s impacts on tourism willingness and decision-making behavior of Beijing residents

    彭建; 张松; 罗诗呷; 杨璐


    online questionnaire design and spreading platform of "" and spreading them on WeChat (a Chinese social media like Facebook). It is found in this research that: 1) the majori-ty of Beijing residents have agreed smog problem in Beijing is very serious with strong perception of its negative impacts on physical health, emotional mood, and daily life; 2) Beijing residents have strong desire to escape from the city due to constant suffering from smog, which stimulates and increases more tourism demand of local people; 3) there is a significant statistic dif-ference in Beijing residents' perception and attitude of smog among different demographic groups. Young and middle-aged local people working in institutions and enterprise units with high income and education level have apparently stronger perception and attitude of smog. In the end, the authors discussed the marketing meaning of the above findings.

  2. 肤痔清软膏在中重度寻常痤疮患者中的应用%Application of Fuzhiqing ointment in the treatment of moderate to severe acne vulgaris

    梁国雄; 胡宝婵; 余嘉明; 王俊秀


    Objective To investigate the application of Fuzhiqing ointment in the treatment of moderate to severe acne vulgaris. Methods 400 patients with moderate to severe acne vulgaris were randomly divided (100 cases each) into topical group (Fuzhiqing ointment for topical use), routine group (routine oral drugs), combination group (Fuzhiqing ointment and routine oral drugs) and mask group (routine oral drugs and Fuzhiqing ointment used for fa-cial mask). Efficacy and adverse reactions were observed for 4 weeks. Results There was no statistical difference of effective rate between topical group and routine group. The effective rate of combination group was higher than that of topical group. The effective rate of mask group was 87%, which was higher than those of other groups and all the dif-ferences were statistical significant. 4 patients felt mild epigastric discomfort and 1 patient in mask group had mild fa-cial flushing and burning. All these adverse reactions needed no treatment. Conclusion For treating patients with moderate to severe acne vulgaris, Fuzhiqing ointment has the advantages of good efficacy and high safety. It was bet-ter when performed with facial mask combined with routine treatment. It was worthy of clinical popular application.%目的:探讨肤痔清软膏对中重度寻常痤疮的临床治疗作用。方法400例中重度寻常痤疮患者随机分为外用组(只外涂肤痔清软膏)、常规组(常规口服药物治疗)、联合组(常规口服药物联合外涂肤痔清软膏)和倒膜组(常规口服药物联合外涂肤痔清软膏和面部倒膜治疗)各100例,给予相应治疗4周,观察疗效和不良反应。结果外用组与常规组的有效率差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),联合组的有效率优于外用组,倒膜组的有效率为87.00%,优于其余各组,其差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05)。有4例患者出现轻微上腹部不适,倒膜组有1例患者出现面部轻微潮红和烧灼感

  3. 两种采血方法对减轻新生儿疼痛反应的效果%Effect of two methods of blood collection to reduce the neonatal pain

    刘敏; 郭秀君; 赵丽


    目的:比较三棱针与触压式一次性末梢采血器对新生儿足跟采血时疼痛的干预效果。方法选择于2012年8月~2013年2月在江苏省无锡市妇幼保健院同一产科病区住院的60例足月新生儿作为研究对象,采用分段随机分组的方法将其分为实验组和对照组,各30例,对照组使用三棱针进行足跟采血,实验组使用触压式一次性末梢采血器进行足跟采血,比较两组新生儿在心率、血氧饱和度、面部疼痛表情持续时间及啼哭时间,使用新生儿急性疼痛行为评分量表(DNA)对新生儿的疼痛程度进行量化。结果在足跟采血过程中,实验组与对照组疼痛表情持续时间分别为(69.92±17.18)、(96.15±36.74)s,DNA评分分别为(5.58±1.56)、(6.95±1.19)分,两组比较差异均有统计学意义(t=2.32、6.34,均P0.05);实验组与对照组采血穿刺时心率分别为(132.33±13.12)、(154.10±6.52)次/min,血氧饱和度分别为(92.67±3.75)%、(86.15±6.22)%,差异均有高度统计学意义(t=5.36、3.278,均P0.05). There were also statistically significant dif-ferences in heart rate of (132.33±13.12), (154.10±6.52) times/min, and blood oxygen saturation of (92.67±3.75) %,(86.15±6.22)%, between the experiment group and the control center group (t = 5.36, 3.278, P< 0.01). Con-clusion Compared to the edged needle method, the con-tact-activated lancet method can relieve pain in the newborns, reduce their heart rate and blood oxygen satu-ration changes during the heel-lancing procedure.

  4. 160例前置胎盘与产后出血相关因素调查分析%160 Cases of Placenta Previa and Postpartum Hemorrhage Correlation Fac-tor Analysis



    Objective To analyze the related factors of postpartum hemorrhage in patients with placenta previa, provides the sci-ence for clinical treatment. Methods 160 patients with placenta previa, according to whether the postpartum hemorrhage were di-vided into the control group of 116 cases, the observation group of 44 cases. Results The patients in the observation group were significantly higher than the control group, the difference was statistically significant(P<0.05);the observation group maternal time is more than 2 times, a history of uterine surgery, preterm labor patients were significantly higher than the control group, the dif-ference was statistically significant(P<0.05);constituent ratio of different patients in the observation group and the control group of patients with placenta previa types, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05);multiple factor analysis showed that age, parity and uterine surgery history and preterm labor patients more prone to postpartum hemorrhage, and marginal placenta previa, partial and complete placenta previa postpartum hemorrhage is more likely to appear. Postpartum hemorrhage is associated with many factors. Conclusion Patients with placenta previa, comprehensive consideration should be the treatment process.%目的:分析前置胎盘患者发生产后出血的相关因素,为临床治疗提供科学。方法160前置胎盘患者,按照是否出现产后出血分为对照组116例,观察组44例。结果单因素分析显示:观察组患者年龄明显高于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);观察组孕产次≥2次、有子宫手术史、早产患者比例明显高于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);观察组患者与对照组患者前置胎盘类型构成比不同,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);多因素分析结果显示:年龄高、产次多、有子宫手术史及早产患者更容易出现产后出血,同时与边缘性前置胎盘比较,部分性和完全性

  5. 杀菌剂种子处理对镰孢菌侵染玉米的影响%Effects of Fungicide Seed Treatments on Maize Seeding Infected with Fusarium Species

    郝俊杰; 刘佳中; 孙静; 谢淑娜; 王婧; 王静


    To evaluate several fungicidal seed treatments(azoxystrobin, fludioxonil, mefenoxam, and captan) a-gainst three Fusarium species(F. graminearum, F. verticillioides and F. proliferatum) that infect maize seed or seedlings, we conducted experiments using a petri plate assay in the laboratory and a potting medium in the natural conditions. In the laboratory experiments, the results of analysis of variance showed the other effects besides the vari-ety × seed treatments interactions were all significant(P≤0.05). In the potting medium experiments, only the isolate effects of the several traits were significant. Both evaluation methods identified that the F. graminearum isolate ap-peared to be more aggressive than both the isolates of F. verticillioides and F. proliferatum. In the potting medium ex-periments, there were no significant differences among the seed treatments, although individual fludioxonil was the relative effective treatment from the untreated control according to root length and dry weight. In the laboratory experi-ments, the results demonstrated that fungicide seed treatments containing fludioxonil and captan had significant dif-ferences from the untreated control, and the individual fludioxonil was the most effective among the fungicidal seed treatments in terms of preventing fungal colonization and decay of the seeds and radicles. In the laboratory experi-ments, there also were differential effects of the fungicides against individual Fusarium isolates. All the fungicides a-gainst F. graminearum had less effective than the other two Fusarium isolates. Overall, the use of individual fludioxonil was the most effective, and azoxystrobin was the least effective against different Fusarium species.%采用室内培养皿法和室外盆栽两种方法,分析杀菌剂种子处理(嘧菌脂、咯菌腈、精甲霜灵、克菌丹)单独和复合使用对特定镰孢菌种(禾谷镰孢菌F. graminearum、轮枝镰孢菌F. verticillioides

  6. 改进的同频干扰抑制算法及组网信道优化设计%Algorithm of Improved Same Frequency Interference and Design of Network Channel Optimization

    祁邨邨; 李连焕; 袁飞


    The WiFi mobile communication network and wireless sensor network are easy to produce the same frequency in-terference, and affect the communication quality and channel transmission performance. The effective suppression of inter-ference on the same frequency in the cross network process is needed, and improves the reliability of communication. Sup-pression algorithm based on blind source separation algorithm of anti disturbance of same frequency interference is the tra-ditional cross network method, and cross network passive coherent location from time to time delay is larger, communica-tion delay is occurred. In view of the above problems, the same frequency interference suppression algorithm for cross net-work is improved, the blind source separation technique of traditional separate noise interference channel with frequency band, we encode the information on the WiFi channel, interference free channel is optimized by using OQPSK modulation method for the whole network, interference avoidance mechanism is introduced, the cross network channel optimization de-sign is realized. Simulation results show that, the new method can suppress severe co-channel interference, improve the throughput of network nodes, and it assures the reliability of communication.%移动通信WiFi网络与无线传感网络交叉组网时,容易产生同频干扰,影响通信质量和信道传输性能。在交叉组网过程中需要对同频干扰进行有效抑制,提高通信可靠性。传统的交叉组网同频干扰抑制算法采用盲源分离抗干扰算法,在交叉组网被动相干定位时时延较大,通信出现延迟。针对上述问题,提出一种改进的交叉组网同频干扰抑制算法,采用传统的盲源分离技术进行信道同频带内干扰噪声分离,对WiFi信道进行信息编码,采用OQPSK调制方法让整个网络都切换到选定的无干扰信道上,引入干扰避免机制,实现交叉组网信道优化设计。仿真实

  7. 木薯物质累积特征及其施肥效应%Characteristics of Dry Matter Accumulation and Effect of Fertilizer Applica-tion in Cassava

    黄巧义; 唐拴虎; 陈建生; 张发宝; 解开治; 黄旭; 蒋瑞萍; 李苹


    The field trials were conducted at two sites nearby the Tropical Center to investigate the influence of variety and fer-tilization on dry matter formation and accumulation of cassava. Two varieties of newly developed SC5 and conventional SC205 were used with five fertilization treatments including NP (1.0:0.4:0), NK (1:0:1), PK (0:0.4:1.0), NPK (1.0:0.4:1.0) and CK (no fertilizer application). Results indicated that the dry matter accumulation patterns were similar for both varieties. From transplant-ing to early August, dry matter accumulation mainly allocated in above-ground parts. When tubes started rapidly growing from mid August, the allocation of dry matter accumulation was shifted from above-ground to underground parts, and there was a dif-ference between two varieties in accumulating velocity and distributing proportion of biomass. SC5 had larger crown with many earlier developing branches and leaves compared with SC205, resulting in more biomass accumulation in above-ground parts, thus reducing harvesting index. For fertilizer application, N was the most significant factor to increase dry matter, following K and P. Combining application of NPK (1.0:0.4:1.0) significantly enhanced accumulating velocity of dry matter and tube yields of cas-sava. There were some difference between two varieties in dry matter accumulation depended on NPK fertilizer application, and probably related to their nutrient demands and root developing level.%  以传统品种华南205及新育品种华南5号为材料,通过田间试验,研究了木薯生物量与产量累积规律,探讨了品种改良及施肥措施对木薯物质形成规律的影响.结果表明,不同品种生物量累积动态相似,生长前期生物量累积缓慢,且以地上部分为主,到8月中下旬块根快速生长,物质累积速率迅速提高,累积重心由地上部逐渐转移到地下部;不同品种间物质累积速率及分配比例有所差异,分枝早且多、茎

  8. 某高校学生宿舍楼室内空气质量检测与评价%Detection and Evaluation of Room Air Quality in the Stu- dent Dormitory of a College

    朱乐玫; 安文彬; 金逸坤; 李娅萌; 黄忱; 刘娟


    Objective: To learn about the room air quality in the student dormitory of a college in Changsha City. Method: One newly-built student dormitory which has already been occupied by students and one old dormitory which has been occupied for several years in a college of Changsha City, were selected. Ten rooms on Floor One, Three, Five and Seven were selected ran-domly as the monitoring sites,and the concentrations of formalde-hyde, benzene and ammonia in the room air were detected. Re-sults: The concentrations of formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia in the room air of newly-built dormitory are 0.228, 0.145, 0.241 (mg/m3) respectively, higher than those in the room air of old dor-mitory, that is, 0.047, 0.033, 0.124 (mg/m3) respectively. The dif-ference is of statistical significance (P<0.05). In addition, the concentrations of formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia in the room air of newly-built dormitory are above the level of national standard, and those in the bedroom are higher than those in the washroom. Conclusion: The pollution of formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene in newly-built dormitories is significantly worse than that in old dormitories of the college, which has certain po-tential harm to students' physical health.%目的:了解长沙市某高校学生宿舍楼室内空气质量情况。方法:选择长沙市某高校已入住学生的新建学生宿舍楼和入住学生多年的旧学生宿舍楼各1栋,每栋选择一、三、五、七层楼各随机抽取10间宿舍作为监测点,对其室内空气中的甲醛、苯、氨浓度进行检测。结果:新建学生宿舍楼室内空气中甲醛、苯、氨平均浓度分别为0.228、0.145、0.241(mg/m3),均分别高于旧学生宿舍楼室内空气中甲醛、苯、氨浓度0.047、0.033、0.124(mg/m3),其差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05),且新建学生宿舍楼室内空气甲醛、苯、氨浓度均超过国家标准,其中新宿舍楼卧室超标高于阳台和卫生间。

  9. Analysis on the current situation and risk factors for the prevalence of hypertension among residents in Jingdezhen City%景德镇市居民高血压流行现状与危险因素分析

    沈文云; 刘志辉; 王平


    目的:探讨我市居民高血压流行现状,分析其危险因素,为制定预防措施以参考。方法采用随机抽样调查方法,收取2013年6月~2014年6月在我院门诊进行体检的600例居民(男女各300例),采用一对一面谈式问卷形式进行调查,分析不同性别、年龄患者高血压知晓率、控制率及治疗率情况。将患者分为患病组与健康组进行危险因素分析。结果600例体检者中患病156例,患病率、知晓率、治疗率和控制率分别为26%、54.49%、50%及20.51%,呈现出性别、年龄差异。健康者及患病者吸烟、大量饮酒、高盐饮食、肥胖、高血糖及血脂异常方面存在差异,以上为高血压危险因素。结论我市居民高血压知晓率、控制率及治疗率比较低,应结合其性别及年龄特点,加强宣教,降低其危害。%Objective To explore the current situation of the prevalence of hypertension among residents in our city and to analyze its risk factors, so as to provide references for formulating preventive measures. Methods All 600 residents(300 each for male and female) who received physical examination in the outpatient department in our hospital from June 2013 to June 2014 were selected according to random sample. Questionnaire with the form of one-on-one inter-view was applied for the investigation. Awareness rate, control rate and treatment rate of hypertension among different genders and ages were analyzed. The patients were divided into disease group and healthy group,and risk factors were analyzed. Results Among 600 residents received physical examination, 156 patients had hypertension. The prevalence rate,awareness rate, treatment rate and control rate were 26%, 54.49%, 50% and 20.51% respectively, and the dif-ferences could be seen between genders and ages. Differences of smoking, heavy drinking, high-salt diet, obesity,high blood sugar and abnormal blood lipid compared between healthy people and

  10. 干旱胁迫对沙冬青种子萌发及幼苗生长的影响%Effects of Drought Stress on Seed Germination and Seeding Growth of Ammopiptanthusmongolicus (Maxim.) Cheng f.

    江瑞涛; 龚小梅; 张嘉玉


    沙冬青是世界稀有珍贵的种质资源并且具有良好的生态效益和经济效益。本试验为探明干旱胁迫对沙冬青种子萌发及其幼苗生长的影响,采用不同浓度的聚乙二醇(PEG-6000)模拟不同程度(水势分别为-0.3 MPa、-0.6 MPa、-0.9 MPa、-1.2 MPa、-1.5 MPa、-1.8 MPa)的干旱胁迫,研究干旱胁迫下沙冬青种子的发芽率、发芽指数、抗旱指数、胁迫指数、种子活力及幼苗的胚根长度、下胚轴长度和苗重等指标的变化情况。结果表明:在不同程度PEG胁迫下沙冬青种子的发芽率差异不显著(P>0.05),但是高浓度PEG溶液会降低种子的活力。模拟水势的降低与种子下胚轴长度呈负相关关系,且差异显著(P<0.05);与种子胚根长度呈正相关关系,差异不显著(P>0.05);并且胚根长度/下胚轴长度的比值随干旱程度增加而增大,说明沙冬青种子对干旱有较好的适应性。%Ammopiptanthusmongolicus is a rare germplasm resource in the world, with good ecological and economic benefits. It grows in abominable natural conditions with dry climate, strong wind and rare rainfall. Most previous studies focused on its physiological and biochemical characters, instead of its seed's drought resistance index. Aiming to explore the effects of drought stress on seed germination and seeding growth of A mmopiptanthusmongolicus, with different simulated drought stress (ΨS of -0.3 MPa,-0.6 MPa,-0.9 MPa,-1.2 MPa,-1.5 MPa and -1.8 MPa respectively) by different concentrations of polyethy-lene glycol (PEG-6 000), this test has studied the changes of seeds' germination rate, germination index, drought resistance index, stress index, seed vigor and seeding's radicle-length, hypocotyl-length and weight. It showed that germination rate dif-ference was not significant in different concentrations of PEG(P>0.05), but seed vigor could be reduced by highly-concen-trated PEG. There was a

  11. On the Methods of Translating Chinese Philosophical Classics into English%论中国哲学典籍英译方法



    中国哲学典籍的英译方法可以细分为诠释的方法和转换的方法两个部分。诠释的方法以朱熹对儒家经典的诠释为例,借助黄俊杰先生提出的“概念史的研究方法”和“思想史的研究方法”,主要探讨了中国哲学典籍英译过程中的经典诠释方法:一方面侧重语言性的分析,对核心概念的训诂及其在哲学发展史流变过程中不断丰富的内涵的把握;另一方面侧重对诠释者的“历史性”的分析,把握诠释者在不同的时空情景下的诠释言论的具体意义。转换的方法,则借助安乐哲比较哲学的研究方法,特别是具体的“策略性框架”,首先在认识论上要避免西方文化中心主义的负面影响,从而看到中国哲学与西方哲学的差异性和平等地位,在此基础上促进中西方哲学的互惠互动。在方法论上,从元典出发,构建相关的哲学语境,再在该语境中进行文本的翻译和转换,特别是对关键哲学术语的翻译,一定要体现中国哲学思想和语言的特质,而不是有意无意地强加上西方文化的预设。%Two methods are involved in the translation of Chinese philosophical classics into English:interpretation and trans-ference.In the process of interpretation,this paper adopts Huang Junjie′s method of interpreting the kernel concepts in philo-sophical history,taking Zhuxi′s interpretation and annotation on the“Four Books”as an example,focusing on the analysis of its meaning of difference and richness;on the other hand,it is a method of interpreting the influence of the interpreter′s historical background on the specific meaning of classics.In the process of transference,this paper takes the perspective of Roger Ames′“comparative philosophy”to make further study on the transferring method of Chinese philosophy into English.First of all,on epistemology,we should try to avoid the ethnocentrism of western countries

  12. Buprenorphine Transdermal Patch for Clinical Effect in the Treatment of Pain Associated with Spinal Degeneration%丁丙诺啡透皮贴用于脊柱退变相关疼痛治疗中的临床效果分析

    代浩平; 应吕方; 李文平; 冯大雄


    Objective To observe the therapeutic effect of buprenorphine transdermal patch in the degenerative spine relat-ed pain in.Methods Randomly selected in January 2015 to December 2015 to our hospital was performed in 100 cases of patients with degenerative disease of the spine for the treatment of pain associated, were randomly divided into observation group and control group, each of 50 cases, the control group received tramadol hydrochloride for treatment, the observation group given buprenorphine transdermal treatment, the treatment in the two groups were observed before and after treatment, 24 h, 72 h, 7 d and 14 d resting state and activity state changes in pain and treatment of adverse reactions occurred. Re-sults After treatment 72 h, 7 d, 14 d, observe group in the resting state and active state of VAS score respectively (1.94 ± 0.78) scores, (2.52 ± 0.84 scores); (1.14 ± 0.54) scores, (1.85 ±0.77) scores; (0.81 ± 0.30) scores, (1.52 ±0.64) scores were significantly lower than those of the control group, and the difference is statistically significant. There was no significant dif-ference in the incidence of adverse reactions between the two groups. Conclusion Buprenorphine transdermal patch has good therapeutic effect on spinal degeneration related pain, and high safety.%目的:探讨丁丙诺啡透皮贴在脊柱退变相关疼痛中的治疗作用。方法随机选择2015年1—12月该院进行脊柱退变相关疼痛治疗的患者100例,随机分为观察组和对照组各50例,对照组给予盐酸曲马多进行治疗,观察组给予丁丙诺啡透皮贴进行治疗,观察两组患者治疗前、治疗后24 h、72 h、7 d以及14 d静息状态和活动状态下疼痛变化情况以及治疗中不良反应发生情况。结果治疗后72 h、7 d、14 d,观察组在静息状态和活动状态下的VAS评分分别为(1.94±0.78)分、(2.52±0.84)分;(1.14±0.54)分、(1.85±0.77)分;(0.81±0.30)分、(1.52±0.64)分均明显低于对照组,

  13. The variation analysis of mtDNA D-loop sequence of Cheilinus undulatus%波纹唇鱼mtDNA D-loop序列变异分析

    胡静; 齐兴柱; 尹绍武; 骆剑; 朱晓平; 祝斐; 胡亚丽


    The aim of this paper was to study the variations in the mtDNA D-loop sequences of Cheilinus undulatus populations. Twenty-five individuals of C. undulatus were collected from the offshore area of Hainan province. One thousand and four hundreds bp nucleotide sequences of mtDNA D-loop region were obtained using PCR and clon- ing techniques. 66 variation sites including 0 deletion, 4 inserts, 59 transition sites, 2 transversion sites and l tran- sition- transversion sites were observed using ClustalX and MEGA5.0 softwares. The pairwise genetic distances of these 25 individuals were calculated using the MEGA5.0 software and based on that, the NJ phylogenetic trees was contracted for these fish populations. Analysis of this fish populations using the DNASP software showed that they had a polymorphic sites (S) of 62, a nucleotide diversity (Pi) of 0.00606 and an average number of nucleotide dif- ferences (K) of 6.907, respectively. Overall, there were no significant variations between mtDNA D-loops of C. undulatus populations.%为研究波纹唇鱼(Cheilinusundulatus)线粒体D—loop序列遗传多样性,作者采用聚合酶链式反应和克隆技术对海波纹唇鱼群体(n=25)的mtDNA D-loop序列进行克隆和测序,获得长度大约为1400bp的产物。用ClustalX软件进行排序比较,将结果导入MEGA5.0,结果显示出在这25尾个体中,共检测出66个变异位点,包括0个碱基缺失,4个碱基插入,59转换位点,2颠换位点及1个转换和颠换同时存在的位点。并用MEGA5.0软件构建该群25尾个体的NJ和UPGMA系统树。由DNASP软件计算出该波纹唇鱼群体的多态位点数(印为62,核苷酸多样性(只)为0.00606,平均核苷酸差异数为6.907。结果表明波纹唇鱼群体的mtDNA—loop基因个体差异程度不明显。

  14. Clinical effect study of Beyond cold light whitening comprehensive thera-py in treatment of dental fluorosis%Beyond冷光美白综合疗法在氟斑牙治疗中的临床效果

    韩继双; 叶慧娟; 贾睿


    between group A and group B and between group A and group C 3 years after the treatment (P0.05).The sensitivity symptoms disap-peared within 1 day after the first cold light whitening treament in all 3 groups,with no significant between-group dif-ference (P>0.05).Not any sensitivity symptom occurred in group B or group C after the treatment. Conclusion Both comprehensive therapies of Beyond cold light whitening achieve good long-term effects and cause small sensitive reac-tions in the whitening treatment of mild and moderate dental fluorosis,which are of good application prospects.

  15. Analysis of Application Effect of Performance Appraisal System in the Nursing Management in the Department of Obstetrics%绩效考核制度在产科护理管理中的应用效果探析



    Objective To study the application effect of performance appraisal system in the nursing management in the de-partment of obstetrics. Methods 32 nurses in the department of obstetrics in our hospital were selected and divided into two groups with 16 cases in each, the control group adopted conventional appraisal system, the observation group adopted per-formance appraisal system, the satisfactory degree, health education effect, rate of pure breast-feeding after leaving hospital , occurrence case with nursing defect in the department of obstetrics before and after implementation and nursing quality in the department of obstetrics before and after implementation were compared between the two groups. Results The satisfacto-ry degree, health education effect score and rate of pure breast-feeding after leaving hospital in the observation group were better than those in the control group [ 80%, (69.75±4.89), 75% vs 98%, (88.75±7.89), 96%], the defect case after imple-mentation in the control group was obviously higher than that in the observation group, and the nursing quality in the de-partment of obstetrics after implementation in the observation group was better than that in the control group, and the dif-ferences between the two groups were obvious with statistical significance (P<0.05). Conclusion The performance appraisal system can improve the work efficacy of nursing staff in the nursing management in the department of obstetrics, rationally allocate the time, improve the work quality, which is of great significance to the department management.%目的:探究绩效考核制度在产科护理管理中的应用效果。方法选取该院产科32位护士,分为对照组和观察组,各16位;对照组采取常规考核制度,观察组采取绩效考核制度,比较两组的患者满意度,健康教育效果,出院纯母乳喂养率,实施前后产科护理缺陷发生例数,实施前后的产科护理质量。结果对

  16. 镧处理下大花蕙兰耐寒性生理指标的综合评价%Comprehensive Evaluation of Physiological Indices of Cold Resistance in Cymbidium under Lanthanum Treatment

    王玲; 段晓宇; 唐敏; 孙位


    To determine the concentrations of lanthanum chloride (LaCl3) in medium and compare the dif-ference between leaf and root in cold resistance ofCymbidium plantletsin vitro, the effects of lanthanum ions on cold resistance of plantlets based on natural cooling treatment were studied. Seven indexes related to cold resistance including MDA content, membrane permeability, soluble protein content, soluble sug-ar content, SOD activity, POD activity and CAT activity of leaf and root weredetermined. The results showed that the optimum concentration of LaCl3 to improve cold resistance ofC.hybridumplantletsin vi-tro was 20 mg·L-1. High concentrations of LaCl3 (60 mg·L-1) had negative effects on the cold resistance. MDA and membrane permeability signiifcantly relfected the cold resistance and could be the indexes in Cymbidium plantletsin vitro. Each concentration of LaCl3 improved thecold-resistance differently. The cold-resistance improvement of LaCl3 on aboveground and underground showed inconsistency between different indexes.%采用自然降温处理,研究稀土镧(LaCl3)对大花蕙兰组培苗耐寒性的影响,确定培养基中加入La3+的浓度,比较地上部和地下部在反映组培苗耐寒性能方面的差异性。分别测定了地上部和地下部中丙二醛(MDA)含量、膜透性、可溶性蛋白(SP)、可溶性糖(SS)、超氧化物歧化酶(SOD)、过氧化物酶(POD)和过氧化氢酶(CAT)7项与耐寒性有关的生理指标。结果表明, La3+提高大花蕙兰组培苗耐寒性的最适宜浓度为20 mg·L-1,浓度过高(60 mg·L-1)出现负效应。膜脂过氧化产物丙二醛(MDA)含量和细胞膜透性两项指标在反应大花蕙兰组培苗耐寒性作用明显,可作为其耐寒性鉴定指标。各浓度LaCl3处理对大花蕙兰组培苗耐寒性的提高差异明显, LaCl3对地上部和地下部耐寒性的提高在不同指标间表现出不一致性。

  17. 关于辨证求因认知进路推理模式的研究%Research on the Inference Model of Seeking the Cause of Disease from Syndrome differentiation



    目的:在认知科学背景下探寻辨证求因认知进路的推理模式。方法:首先回顾中医的核心理论———辨证论治的研究出现的思维转向,揭示认知科学语境下类比推理、溯因推理、最佳说明的推理在科学发现中举足轻重的地位;进而分析辨证求因认知进路的逻辑结构,比较“取象比类与类比、隐喻”“司外揣内与溯因推理”“审证求因目的与最佳说明推理”的异同。结果:辨证求因认知进路中的思维结构与逻辑学所言类比/隐喻、溯因、最佳说明推理相通或相容。结论:从中医理论的总体特性来看,辨证求因蕴含类比/隐喻推理;从中医认识疾病的方法上来看,辨证求因蕴含溯因推理;从推理与说明先后的角度看,辨证求因蕴含最佳说明推理。可以从类比推理、溯因推理、最佳说明的推理的角度,展现辨证求因认知进路推理结构。%Objective:To research the inference model of seeking the cause of disease from syndrome differentiation from the perspective of cognitive science.Methods:Firstly,reviewed analogic reasoning,abduction and inference by best explanation in the context of cog-nitive science,reviewed the thinking transformation in the process of syndrome differentiation,which is the core theory of TCM.Second-ly,analyzed the logical structure of the cognitive process of seeking the cause of disease from syndrome differentiation,then made com-parisons between the Qu Lei Bi Xiang and analogy or metaphor,between Si Wai Chuai Nei and abduction,between seeking the cause of diseases from syndrome differentiation and inference by best explanation.Results:There are similarities or compatibilities between the cognitive structure of seeking the cause of diseases from syndrome differentiation and analogic /metaphorical reasoning,abduction and in-ference by best explanation.Conclusion:The process of seeking the cause of diseases from syndrome

  18. Expression of NF-E2 related factor in vitiligo lesions%白癜风患者皮损NF-E2相关因子2的表达

    关翠萍; 尉晓冬; 周妙妮; 李永伟; 赵德矿; 许爱娥


    Objective To investigate the level of NF-E2 related factor 2 (Nrf 2) in vitiligo lesions.Methods Tissue samples were obtained by press suction blisters at lesional and donor sites of 12 patients with vitiligo who were managed with epidermal transplantation. Four lesional samples from the patients were subjected to primary culture and the level of Nrf 2 was detected by AEC immunohistochemistry after 48hours of culture. Western blotting was utilized to further detect the level of cytoplasmic and nuclear Nrf 2 in tissue samples from the other 8 patients with vitiligo. Results Immunohistochemistry revealed that Nrf 2 was predominantly expressed in cytoplasm, rather than nuclei, of keratinocytes in vitiligo lesions compared with the normal skin of patients. The level of nuclear Nrf 2 was significantly lower in lesions than that in normal skin (0.10 ± 0.03 vs 0.26 ± 0.03, P < 0.01) of the patients. In contrast, there was no significant dif- ference in the level of cytoplasmic Nrf2 between lesional and normal skin (0.61 ± 0.03 vs 0.60 ~ 0.02, P >0.05) of patients. Conclusion These results reveal an abnormality of nuclear translocation of Nrf 2 in vitili-go lesions.%目的 分析白癜风患者皮损处Nrf2表达水平.方法 采用AEC免疫组化法检测4例表皮移植的寻常型白癜风患者皮损处Nrf 2的表达,蛋白印迹分析表皮移植的8例寻常型白癜风患者皮损组织和其正常供皮处组织细胞核和细胞质中Nrf 2的表达水平,并进行统计学差异分析.结果 与白癜风患者正常供皮处组织相比,皮损处Nrf 2的表达多数集中在角质形成细胞的胞质中,细胞核中表达量非常低.蛋白印迹结果表明,白癜风患者皮损处核蛋白中Nrf 2表达水平(0.10 ±0.03)显著低于正常部位(0.26 ±0.03,P<0.01),胞质蛋白中皮损处Nrf 2表达水平(0.61±0.03)与正常部位(0.60 ±0.02)差异无统计学意义(P>0.05).结论 白癜风患者皮损处存在Nrf 2核转位异常.

  19. 韩国中等强国外交的效果为何有限?%The South Korea's Middle Power Diplomacy Operations



    韩国开展中等强国外交是基于自身独特的地缘位置、综合实力的考虑。为了推进统一外交、增强地区影响和提升国际地位,韩国积极通过国际倡议外交、国际贡献外交、国际会议外交、文化外交等多种方式推进其中等强国外交。近年来,韩国历届政府都不遗余力地推动韩国的中等强国外交,比较典型的案例有卢武铉时期的“东北亚均衡者”构想、李明博时期的“新亚洲倡议”和朴槿惠时期的“东北亚和平合作构想”。不过韩国中等强国外交的效果并不理想,美韩联盟限制了韩国开展独立外交的能力,而大国环抱的地缘特点也使得韩国外交面临着大国权力政治的巨大束缚,总统任期有限更是导致其中等强国外交缺乏延续性。对于韩国的中等强国外交而言,必须立足于东亚的现实情况,发挥韩国中等国家的经济优势,做好搭台者、协调者,同时要减少政府更迭对中等强国外交的影响,增强战略延续性。%South Korea's middle power diplomatic practice is based on its unique geographical location and comprehensive strength.In order to advance its unified diplomacy, enhance its regional influence, and im-prove its international status,South Korea actively promotes its middle power diplomacy strategy in many different ways like international agenda initiatives, international contributions diplomacy, international con-ference diplomacy and cultural diplomacy.In recent years, the Korean administrations have spared no effort to promote South Korea's middle power diplomacy.The typical cases include“balancer in Northeast Asia”during Roh Moo-hyun administrations, “New Asia Initiative” during Lee Myung-bak administrations and“vision of peace and cooperation in Northeast Asia” during Park Geun-hye period.But the effect of South Korea's middle power diplomacy is not ideal, the US-ROK alliance, power struggle among

  20. 联合血清ASMA、ANA检测于慢性丙型肝炎与自身免疫性肝炎鉴别诊断中的应用价值分析%Application Value Analysis of Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Hepatitis C and Autoimmune Hepatitis by Combined Serum ASMA and ANA

    王萌嘉; 李莉; 张晓星; 王丽哲; 丰建宇


    Objective To discuss the differential diagnostic value of antibody in the serum of the patient's own characteris-tics, the correlation in autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and hepatitis c (HCV). Methods 40 patients with AIH and 48 patients with hepatitis C treated from February 2014 to March2015 in the hospital were selected, and their ANA, ASMA and other related autoantibodies were detected, and their relationship with AIH and HCV was analyzed. Results The positive rate of serum ANA and ASMA in AIH patients(89.6%,75.0%)were higher than those in HCV patients (7.5%,20.0%)and the dif-ference was statistically significant (P0.05);The detection rate of ASMA in serum of AIH group was significantly higher than that in HCV group, and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.01); Combined detection of ASMA - AA and ANA - H of two groups of patients was compared, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.01). Conclusion Combined detection of ASMA and ANA in patients with AIH and HCV has an significant impact on the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the two diseases.%目的:探讨患者自身血清中抗体的特征、相关性于自身免疫性肝炎(AIH)及丙型肝炎(HCV)中的鉴别诊断价值。方法整群选取2014年2月—2015年3月于该院住院治疗的AIH 患者48例及丙型肝炎患者40例,检测其ANA、ASMA等相关自身抗体,分析其与AIH、HCV间关系。结果与HCV患者血清ANA、ASMA阳性率(7.5%,20.0%)对比,AIH患者两项指标均较高(89.6%,75.0%),差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);AIH 患者血清ANA多为高滴度(≥1:160),HCV患者多为低滴度(≤1:80);两组患者ANA均质型差异无统计学意义(P>0.05);AIH组患者血清ASMA肌动蛋白检出率明显高于HCV组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);两组患者ASMA-AA、ANA-H联合检测对比,差异有统计学意义(P<0.01)。结论对AIH及HCV患者进行ANA、ASMA联合检测,

  1. Tenotomia com ou sem tenodese da cabeça longa do bíceps no reparo artroscópico do manguito rotador Tenotomy with or without tenodesis of the long head of the biceps for arthroscopic repair of the rotator cuff

    Roberto Yukio Ikemoto


    .001. Comparison of the pre and postoperative UCLA scores in the two groups showed that the dif ference in the group with tenotomy and tenodesis was 15.95 and in the group with tenotomy alone, 14.62 (p = 0.023. However, there was no statistical significance in comparing the groups regarding pain in the bicipital groove, Popeye sign or elbow strength index. CONCLUSION: This study showed that the difference in UCLA scores was statistically significant. The group with tenotomy and tenodesis of the long head of the biceps presented better functional results.

  2. Optimized Drilling Technologies for Tight Sandstone Reservoirs in Canada Daylight Oilfield%加拿大 Daylight 油田致密砂岩油藏优快钻井技术

    侯立中; 谈心; 曲洪娜


    are simplified as two forms ,i .e .sec-ond spudding and third spudding sections ;the composite bits for the alternative hard and soft formations were developed ;oil-base drilling system provided safeguard for well bore stability ;anti-collision in advance reduced the sliding drilling time ;vibration drilling and AGITATOR downhole tools solved the BHA drag , black box provided real data analysis for the vortex of drill string .The study results show that drilling time of average 3 000 m wells in the area were reduced from 18 days to 8 days .The optimized dril-ling technolo-gies provide a guarantee for fast and optimum development of Daylight Oilfield ,and good re-ferences for ef-ficient development of tight oil and gas fields in China .

  3. 美托洛尔对急性ST段抬高型心肌梗死患者自主神经失衡的影响%Influence of Metoprolol in Treating Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance of Patients with Acute ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction



    %,which was obviously lower than 11. 10% in the control group ( P < 0. 05);after treatment,the cardiac markers,blood lipid parameters(except high density lipoprotein cholesterol),hs-CRP in the two groups had statistically significant dif-ferences ( P < 0. 05). Conclusions Metoprolol can improve HRV in the acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction,and has good efficacy in the restoration of the autonomic nervous imbalance and heart function,reducing the frequency of reoccurrence,improving blood lipid and hs-CRP.

  4. 探讨护理组长在实施护理层级管理制度中的作用%To Explore the Role of Nursing Group Leader in the Implementation of the Nursing Level Management System



    目的:分析护理组长在实施护理层级管理制度中的作用。方法选取该院护理人员60名,分为研究组和对照组,各30名,研究组实施的护士长-护理组长-责任护士-辅助护士的管理模式进行管理,对照组实施的护士长-护理人员的管理模式进行管理,观察两组护理人员专业知识实际运用情况,对相应的操作技能进行考核,比较两组的考核成绩和患者的满意度。结果研究组护理人员专业知识掌握情况和专业操作技能水平均得分明显高于对照组,两组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);患者与医生对研究组的满意度均明显高与对照组,两组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);研究组病区护理质量明显优于对照组,两组比较差有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论护理组长在护理层级管理制度有起到了重要作用,有效促进护理人员专业知识应用,提高操作技能水平和患者的满意度。%Objective To analyze the role of nursing group leader in the implementation of the nursing level management system. Methods Selecting nursing staff of 60, divided into research group and the control group, 30 each, record the situa-tion of using two groups of nurses' professional knowledge, skills to the operation of the corresponding evaluation, compari-son of two groups of the assessment results and patient satisfaction. Results The team of nursing personnel of the profes-sional skills and professional knowledge level score significantly higher than the control group, two groups is significant dif-ference, statistically significant(P<0.05); Patients and doctors were significantly higher for the team's satisfaction with the control group, two groups is significant difference, statistically significant(P<0.05); Team ward nursing quality was better than control group, two groups are significant difference, statistically significant(P<0.05).Conclusion Nursing group leader in nursing

  5. 纳米碳在甲状腺癌手术中对甲状旁腺保护的应用价值%Application value of nano carbon for the protection of parathyroid glands in thyroid carcinoma surgery

    汪丽平; 刘存山; 骆献阳


    目的:探讨纳米碳在甲状腺癌手术中对甲状旁腺保护的应用价值。方法:收治甲状腺癌患者88例,随机分成纳米碳组和对照组。对照组行甲状腺腺叶或甲状腺全切除,纳米碳组采用纳米碳黑染淋巴结后行甲状腺腺叶或甲状腺全切除。结果:纳米碳组无甲状旁腺误切,对照组甲状旁腺误切率20.5%,两组比较,差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05)。纳米碳组侧颈部淋巴结切除(10±5)个,中央区颈部淋巴结切除(10±4)个,对照组侧颈部淋巴结切除(6±4)个,中央区颈部淋巴结切除(6±3)个,两组比较,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论:纳米碳能够清晰地显示甲状旁腺,避免术中误切甲状旁腺,对保护甲状旁腺起到了较好的临床效果。%Objective:To investigate the application value of nano carbon for the protection of parathyroid glands in thyroid carci-noma surgery.Methods:88 cases of patients with thyroid carcinoma were randomly divided into the nano carbon group and the con-trol group.The control group underwent the resection of thyroid gland and thyroid,the nano carbon group underwent the resection of thyroid gland and thyroid after lymph nodes staining black using nano carbon.Results:There was no parathyroid glands removed incorrectly in the nano carbon group and the incorrect removed rate of parathyroid glands in the control group was 20.5%,the dif-ference was statistically significant(P<0.05).The dissection of lateral cervical lymph nodes in the nano carbon group were (10± 5) and the dissection of central neck lymph nodes were (10±4),the dissection of lateral cervical lymph nodes in the control group were (6±4) and the dissection of central neck lymph nodes were (6±3),the difference was statistically significant(P<0.05).Con-clusion:Nano carbon could display the parathyroid glands clearly and avoid the intraoperative parathyroid glands incorrect re-moved,which had better clinical effect

  6. Tourist Perception Measurement Model and Empirical Analysis in Water Tourism Destinations%水体旅游地游客感知测度模型及实证分析

    丁蕾; 吴小根; 王腊春; 章锦河


    通过构建水体旅游地游客感知测度模型,以南京市3处不同类型水体旅游地为案例进行实证分析,研究表明:①3处案例地不同的样本间结构变量与观测变量均有较为一致的表现,所构建模型具有较强的解释力。②水体旅游地的游客满意度对游客忠诚度有显著正向影响,即满意度直接影响游客的重游意愿和推荐意愿,而影响游客满意度的多个因素中最重要的是旅游资源感知。③区位条件对游客感知差异的影响不显著,改善交通状况、挖掘主题与特色均有助于提升游客满意度,水体水质被破坏将严重降低游客满意度,人文风貌、水文景观是水体旅游资源的核心要素。④性别、游客来源地对游客感知差异的影响均不显著,社会阶层较高群体的游客满意度及忠诚度要低于社会阶层较低群体。%Learning tourist perception has important implications for system construction of sustainable devel-opment of water tourism destinations. This article constructs tourist perception measurement model in water tourism destinations and conducts empirical analysis of three different water tourism destinations in Nanjing. The study implies that: 1) Different structural variables are fairly consistent with observed variables in the three cases, showing the strong explanatory power of the constructed model. 2) Tourist satisfaction has a signif-icant positive impact on tourist loyalty in water tourism destinations, that is, satisfaction directly affects the re-visiting and recommending intention of tourists, and perception of tourism resources is the most important fac-tor to affect tourist satisfaction. 3) Regional conditions have an insignificant influence on tourist perception dif-ferences. Improving traffic conditions and exploring tourism thematic features help to enhance tourist satisfac-tion. On the contrary, severely damaged water quality will lower tourist satisfaction

  7. 精氨酸、可乐定、精氨酸联合左旋多巴不同激发试验对GH分泌的影响%Influence of different motivation test with arginine,clonidine,arginine combined with L-dopa,clonidine in GH secretion

    吴红玲; 陈雪梅; 陈爱劳; 钟林; 钟梅珍; 刘军平; 罗锦成


    Objective To compare the effect of different motivation test with arginine,clonidine, arginine combined with L-dopa in GH secretion of dwarfism children. Methods 60 GH children patients from June 2013 to December 2014 of our hospital were selected and retrospectively analyzed.Patients were divided into GHD group (n=30) and non GHD group (n=30) by diagnosis results.Patients were treated with drug motivation test by using arginine,clonidine,arginine combined with L-dopa.The impact of different motivation test on GH secretion was compared. Results The peak value of arginine,clonidine and arginine combined with L-dopa in GHD group were lower than non GHD group,and the dif-ferences were statistically significant (P<0.05).The peak value of arginine combined with L-dopa in two groups were higher than arginine and clonidine,and the differences were statistically significant (P<0.05).The sensitivity,specificity and accuracy of arginine combined with L-dopa were higher than arginine and clonidine,and the differences were sta-tistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion The sensitivity,specificity and accuracy of arginine combined with L-dopa is higher.The clinical value is higher in checking GH secretion of dwarfism children.%目的:比较精氨酸、可乐定、精氨酸联合左旋多巴不同激发试验对矮小症儿童脑垂体生长激素(GH)分泌的影响。方法选取我院自2013年6月~2014年12月收治的GH患儿60例进行回顾性分析,根据诊断结果进行分组,共分为两组:生长激素缺乏症(GHD)组(30例)和非GHD组(30例),对其进行精氨酸药物激发试验、可乐定药物激发试验精、氨酸联合左旋多巴药物激发试验,比较不同激发试验对GH分泌的影响。结果 GHD组精氨酸联合左旋多巴、精氨酸、可乐定的峰值均低于非GHD组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。两组精氨酸联合左旋多巴的峰值均高于精氨酸、可乐定,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)

  8. Hybrid iterative equalization algorithm based on precoding matrix%基于预编码的混合迭代均衡算法

    李一兵; 刘海涛; 叶方; 林云


    To address co⁃antenna and multipath interferences in the LTE downlink multi⁃input multi⁃output orthogo⁃nal frequency division multiplexing communication system, we propose a low⁃complexity hybrid iterative equaliza⁃tion algorithm. In a receiving terminal, the proposed algorithm utilizes a precoding matrix to spread symbols over all subcarriers, which relieves the influence of deep fading in some parts of the subcarriers. In a receiver, the soft in⁃terference elimination algorithm is adopted based on the minimum mean⁃square⁃error ( MMSE)⁃sorted QR decompo⁃sition to avoid complexity when solving an inverse matrix. This matrix is always involved in traditional parallel soft interference elimination equilibrium algorithms based on minimum mean square error ( MMSE) equalization. In ad⁃dition, using a channel arrangement, the soft interference elimination algorithm prioritizes the detection of transmis⁃sion symbols with a maximum noise⁃to⁃signal ratio ( SNR) to improve detection accuracy. Furthermore, the recon⁃structed signals is preprocessed by a precoding matrix, which decreases error propagation in iteration processing. Simulation results show that the performance of the proposed algorithm is better than that of existing iterative inter⁃ference cancelation algorithms. Specifically, when the system is equipped with four transmitters and four receivers, the bit error rate is 10-5 and the SNR is improved by approximately 0.7 dB.%针对LTE下行多输入多输出正交频分多址( MIMO⁃OFDM)系统中的天线间干扰和多径干扰问题,提出一种低复杂度的迭代均衡算法。该算法在接收端通过预编码矩阵将发射信号扩展到所有子载波上,从而减少部分子载波深衰落对扩展前原始发射信号的影响。算法在接收端引入最小均方差误差排序QR分解( MMSE⁃SQRD)软干扰消除均衡算法,一方面避免传统基于最小均方误差( MMSE)并行软干扰消

  9. Curative Effect of Functional Rehabilitation Gymnastics in Network Video Education plus Static Progressive Splinting on Scapulohumeral Periarthritis%网络视频教育康复训练操结合静态进展型支具治疗肩周炎的效果观察

    罗绯; 崔银洁; 陈莎莎; 王倩; 江玥


    目的:观察网络视频教育康复训练操结合静态渐进性支具治疗肩周炎的治疗效果。方法选取成都市成华区青龙社区医院门诊就诊的肩周炎患者50例,随机分为对照组(26例)与治疗组(24例),对照组采用网络视频康复训练操指导治疗,治疗组采用网络视频康复训练操结合静态渐进性支具治疗,10天为1个疗程,连续治疗3个疗程后对两组患者的治疗效果进行比较。结果治疗组疗效优于对照组,其显效率为91%,而对照组显效率为65%,两组间差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);治疗组Constant Murley肩关节评分与ROM评分均优于对照组。结论网络视频教育康复训练操结合静态渐进性支具治疗肩周炎疗效肯定。%Objective To observe the curative effect of functional rehabilitation gymnastics in network video education plus static progressive splinting on scapulohumeral periarthritis. Methods 50 cases with scapulohumeral periarthritis from the out-patient depart-ment of Qinglong Community Hospital, Chenghua District, Chengdu, were selected and randomly divided into 2 groups:control group (n=26) and treatment group (n=24);guiding treatment of functional rehabilitation gymnastics in network video education was made to cases in both groups while the application of static progressive splinting was added to cases in treatment group;1 course lasted from 10 days;after 3 courses, the curative effects in the 2 groups were comparatively studied. Results The curative effect in treatment group was superior to that in control group as the obvious effective rate in treatment groups was 91%while that in control group was 65%, the dif-ference between the 2 groups was of statistical significance (P<0.05);Constant Murley scoring and Rom scoring of the cases in treat-ment group were superior to those of the cases in control group. Conclusions Functional rehabilitation gymnastics in network video edu-cation plus static

  10. 老年急性心肌梗死合并脑梗死患者临床特点分析%Clinical analysis of elderly patients with acute myocardial infarction complicated with cerebral infarction

    张雅婷; 王丽


    目的:探讨老年急性心肌梗死合并脑梗死患者的临床特点。方法选取该院2008年6月至2013年6月收治的79例老年急性心肌梗死合并脑梗死患者,按预后分为死亡组和存活组,对两组患者的患病危险因素、临床表现、心肌梗死部位、脑梗死部位及确诊脑梗死时间进行临床观察。结果两组患者患病危险因素比较,差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),死亡组患者意识障碍、低血压、脑梗死确诊时间与存活组比较,差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05)。死亡组患者心前壁和脑干梗死比例高于存活组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论老年急性心肌梗死合并脑梗死临床表现复杂,急性前壁心肌梗死患者应及早预防脑梗死的发生,早期确诊能明显改善患者预后。%Objective To investigate the clinical characteristics of elderly patients with acute myocardial infarction (A-MI) complicated with cerebral infarction. Methods A total of 79 elderly patients with AMI complicated with cerebral infarction , who were received in the hospital from June 2008 to June 2013,were divided into the death group(n=49) and survival group(n=30) according to prognosis. The risk factors,clinical manifestations,the site of myocardial infarction,the site of cerebral infarction site and confirmed infarction time of the two groups were observed clinically. Results There was no statistically significant dif-ference on risk factors between the two groups ,but the difference on disturbance of consciousness ,hypotension and confirmed in-farction time had statistical significance(P<0.05). The portion of anterior wall of heart and brainstem infarction in the death group was higher than that in the survival group(P<0.05). Conclusion The clinical manifestations of elderly patients with AMI compli-cated with cerebral infarction are complex ,it is necessary for the patients with acute anterior myocardial infarction to prevent the

  11. 肝素钠冲管对危重症患儿股静脉留置针效果比较

    李艺珍; 曾丽丽


    目的:探讨肝素钠冲管对危重症患儿股静脉留置针效果的影响。方法:将68例危重症患儿随机分为肝素钠组(31例)与对照组(37例)。肝素钠组给予10U/ml肝素钠生理盐水冲管后再进行股静脉留置针穿刺,对照组给予常规方法进行股静脉留置针穿刺。观察两组患儿股静脉留置针一次穿刺成功率及肢体肿胀发生率。结果:一次穿刺成功率肝素钠组为87%(27/31),对照组为75%(28/37);肢体肿胀发生率肝素钠组为3%(2/31),对照组为24%(9/37)。统计分析显示两组之间一次穿刺成功率无显著性差异(P=0.2329),肢体肿胀发生率存在显著性差异(P<0.05)。结论:肝素钠冲管可减少危重症患儿股静脉留置针穿刺后肢体肿胀发生率。%Objectives:To evaluate the effect of heparin sodium flushing on femoral venous catheterization in critical y il children. Methods:68 critical y il children were randomly divided into the heparin sodium group (n=31)and the control group (n=37) . A 10U/ml heparin sodium flushing before femoral venous catheterization was performed in the heparin sodium group, while a routine method of femoral venous catheterization in the control group. The success rate of the first puncture of femoral venous catheter and the incidence of limb swel ing in two groups were measured. Results:The success rate of the first puncture was 87%(27/31) in the heparin sodium group, and 75% (28/37)in the control group. The incidence of limb swel ing was 3% (2/31) in the heparin sodium group, while 24%(9/37) in the control group. There was a significant difference in the incidence of limb swel ing between the two groups (P<0.05), while no significant dif-ference in the success rate of the first puncture (P=0.2329). Conclusions:The heparin sodium flushing may reduce the limb swel ing after femoral venous catheter-ization in critical y il children.

  12. 青少年抑郁症患者心理控制源及其与父母养育行为的关系%Relation between locus of control and parental rearing patterns of adolescent with major depressive disorder

    郭洪绪; 马秀青


    目的 探讨青少年抑郁症患者心理控制源及与父母养育行为的关系.方法 使用控制圈量表和父母养育方式评价量表对98例青少年抑郁症患者及98例正常青少年进行测验并进行对照与相关性分析.结果 在控制圈量表评分对照中发现,研究组个人实力量表分、人际控制量表分[分别为(37.47±13.66)分和(38.65±13.39)分]均低于对照组[分别为(45.39±12.84)分和(45.90±11.20)分],差异具有显著性(P0.05).在父母养育方式评价量表评分对照中发现,除父亲的过分干涉因子、母亲的过度干涉/过度保护因子和拒绝/否认因子外[分别为(2.66±0.49)分,(2.79±0.55)分,(2.55±0.39)分和(2.17±0.58)分,(2.17±0.49)分,(1.75±0.51)分,差异有显著性(P0.05).对研究组控制圈量表和父母养育方式评价量表评分的相关性分析表明,父亲的因子Ⅰ与人际控制存在显著的正相关(r=0.27,P0.05)than the controls' (39.12±9.50). The scores of patients' paternal excessive inter-ference factor(2.66±0.49) , maternal excessive protection/interference (2.79±0.55 ) and rejection/denial fac-tor(2.55±0.39) of EMBU were significantly higher(P<0.05)than controls' [(2.17±0.58),(2.17±0.49) and( 1.75±0.51 ) each]. The scores of patients' paternal affection/understanding factor were significantly posi-tively correlative with patients' scores of relations with people (r=0.27, P<0.05), maternal affection/under-standing factor was significantly positively correlative with patients' scores of individual strength (r=0.21, P <0.05) and relations with people(r=0.23, P<0.05 ) , while maternal excessive interference/excessive protection and individual strength (r=-0.24, P<0.05 ) and relations with people (r=-0.22, P<0.05), maternal rejec-tion/denial and individual strength (r=-0.26, P<0.05) were significantly negatively correlative. Conclusion Adolescents with MDD have abnormal locus of control,which might be correlative with their parenting

  13. Effect of Aripiprazole on Hyperprolactinemia in Patients with Senile Schizophrenia Induced by Antipsychotic Drugs%阿立哌唑对抗精神病药物所致的老年精神分裂症患者高催乳素血症的影响分析

    孙伟; 马世发; 高天飞


    目的:探讨阿立哌唑对抗精神病药物所致的老年精神分裂症患者高催乳素血症的影响。方法根据治疗方法对该院于2012年5月-2014年10月收治的患者进行分组,两组患者均继续沿用原有抗精神病药物,在此基础上给予观察组患者阿立哌唑。分别测定两组治疗前、治疗4、8周末血清催乳素水平,同时采用精神病评定量表(BPRS)对精神病症状进行评定,比较两组药物不良反应。结果观察组患者治疗4周、8周末血清催乳素水平显著降低,与对照组比较,差异有统计学意义(P0.05);两组患者药物不良反应发生率差异无统计学意义(P>0.05)。结论阿立哌唑能够有效降低抗精神病药物所致的老年精神分裂症患者高催乳素血症状,且未出现严重药物不良反应,具有有效性和安全性,可作为治疗用药。%Objective To investigate the effect of aripiprazole on hyperprolactinemia in patients with senile schizophrenia induced by antipsychotic drugs. Methods The patients from 2012 May to 2014 October in our hospital were divided according to the meth-ods of treatment. All the patients continued to use original antipsychotic drugs, based on which patients in the observation group were given aripiprazole. Serum prolactin level before the operation, four weeks after operation, 8 weeks after operation of the two groups was detected respectively;and psychiatric symptoms were assessed by Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS), and adverse drug reaction of the two groups was compared. Results In the observation group, serum prolactin level after 4 weeks treatment and that after 8 weeks treatment both decreased significantly, and compared with those of the control group, there were significant dif-ferences (P0.05; No obvious sig-nificant difference was found in the rate of adverse drug reactions of the two groups,P>0.05. Conclusion Without serious adverse drug reactions, and with efficacy and

  14. The study of brain cognitive function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with normal mini-mental state examination scores%简易精神状态量表评分正常慢性阻塞性肺疾病患者脑认知功能研究

    汪春荣; 邱士军; 沈比先; 高德宏; 邹立秋; 谭四平; 褚千琨


    目的:探讨简易精神状态量表(MMSE)得分正常的慢性阻塞性肺疾病(COPD)患者是否存在脑认知功能障碍。方法选择2012年7月~2015年3月在我院就诊的60例MMSE评分正常的稳定期COPD患者和60例正常对照组。利用蒙特利尔认知评估量表(MoCA)对两组受试者进行评分,分别对其MoCA总分和视空间执行力、命名能力、注意力、语言流畅、抽象思维、延迟回忆和空间定向能力等子项分析比较。结果 COPD组与正常对照组MMSE总评分、MoCA总评分比较,差异有统计学意义(P﹤0.05)。MoCA子项中COPD组较正常对照组的视空间执行能力(P=0.028)、命名能力(P=0.024)及延迟回忆(P﹤0.001)有明显下降;而注意力、语言流畅、抽象思维、空间定向比较,差异无统计学意义。结论 MMSE正常的COPD患者仍然存在脑认知功能障碍,MoCA筛查COPD患者脑认知障碍能力优于MMSE。%Objective To investigate whether there is brain cognitive impairment in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) whose mini-mental state examination(MMSE) score are normal.Methods Sixty patients with stable COPD whose MMSE score were normal in our hospital and sixty normal controls from the local community from July 2012 to March 2015 were recruited.All subjects were assessed with the montreal cognitive assessment scale(MoCA) including visuospatial and executive function,naming ability,attention,language fluency,abstraction,memory and orienta-tion.The differences of the MoCA scores were analyzed and compared respectively between two groups.Results The MMSE total score,MoCA total score of COPD patients was lower that in normal controls respectively with statistical dif-ference(P﹤0.05).Visuospatial and executive function(P=0.028),naming ability(P=0.024) and memory(P﹤0.001) were sig-nificantly worse in COPD than normal controls,but there were no significant differences in attention, language fluency, abstraction

  15. Clinical analysis of 46 children with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome%儿童体位性心动过速综合征46例临床分析



    and menstrual period. The main symptoms include syncope, dizziness, sweating, palpitations, chest tightness, nausea and vomiting, headaches and blurred vision. The two groups showed no statistically significant difference in the basic parameters tested (P>0.05). In the study group, the symptom score, heart rate and blood pressure changes after treatment with display, the symptom score, heart rate and difference in heart rate after treatment were sig-nificantly improved, compared with those before treatment (P<0.05). Conclusion The basic information shows no dif-ference between children with POTS and the healthy children, with common symptoms of syncope, dizziness, sweat-ing, chest tightness. Beta 1 receptor blocker combined with oral saline may be effective in the treatment of POTS.

  16. Try to Discuss Liu’s Infantile Massage Theory from the Differences Between Liu and Three Word Scripture Faction of Infantile Massage in Treating Infantile Spleen Deficiency Type of Diarrhea%试从刘氏与三字经派小儿推拿治疗脾虚型泄泻的差异看刘氏推拿理论

    雷建波; 李江山; 王德军


    There are many differences between Liu's infantile massage and three word scripture faction of infantile massage in treating infantile spleen deficiency type of diarrhea. Liu's infantile massage was founded by Professor Liu Kaiyun, which was based on the theory of inter-generation and inter-inhibition and the visceral manifestation theory of the theory of the five elements, com-bined the physiological property and pathological characteristics of the five parenchymatous viscera of Infants, and the“Five channels massage”is a core content of massage. Three word scripture fac-tion of infantile massage is founded by Xu Qianguang. Li Dexiu inherited the quintessence and study with great concentration which was laid the foundation for the three word scripture faction of infantile massage. The main feature of it is the selection of acupoint is few, technique of operation is simple, operation of each acupoint is long, and the efficacy is good. These two infantile massage play an important role in different time and local, but they also have large differences. In order to definite the differences between Liu’s infantile massage and three word scripture faction of infan-tile massage, and definite the essence of Liu’s infantile massage, now analyze and explore the dif-ferences of treating infantile spleen deficiency type of diarrhea between them.%  刘氏小儿推拿疗法与三字经派小儿推拿法治疗小儿脾虚型泄泻存在着许多差异。刘氏小儿推拿疗法是刘开运教授创立的以五行学说的相生相克理论和藏象学说为基础,结合小儿五脏的生理特性和病理特点,以“推五经”为核心内容的推拿疗法。而三字经派小儿推拿疗法是由徐谦光创立,经李德修继承其精华并在此基础上潜心研究,从而奠定了三字经派推拿疗法的基础。其主要特点为取穴少,手法操作简单,每穴操作时间长,临床疗效好。这两种小儿推拿疗法都分别在不同

  17. 胆囊癌腹腔镜胆囊切除术的疗效和安全性分析%Efficacy and safety of laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gallbladder carci-noma

    罗钢; 淦勤


    significantly lower than the observation group.The difference had statistical significance (P<0.05);treatment group patients with operation time,postoperative complications and postoperative one year recurrence significantly below was observed in the group of patients,the dif-ference has statistical significance (P<0.01). Conclusion Laparoscopic cholecystectomy,not only cut is safe and beau-tiful,which significantly reduce the suffering of patients,and effectively reduce the operation time,recovery period,post-operative complications and postoperative one year concurrent situation,it is worthy of clinical promotion and applica-tion.

  18. Adhesion, invasion and intracellular growth ability of Legionella dumoffii in alveolar epithelial cells%杜莫氏军团菌对上皮细胞A549粘附侵袭和胞内生长能力的研究

    秦天; 任红宇; 朱兵清; 邵祝军


    目的 探明杜莫氏军团菌(Legionella dumoffii, L. dumoffii) 对上皮细胞A549的粘附、侵袭和胞内生长能力.方法 实验使用菌株为L. dumoffii TEX-KL(ATCC 33343) 、 L. dumoffii NY23(ATCC 33279)和嗜肺军团菌L. pneumophila philadelphila-1(ATCC 33155).配制1×108菌悬液,将其以100MOI(Multiplicity of Infection)的比例与肺泡上皮细胞A549相互作用.通过吉曼尼兹染色和菌落计数的方法,测定菌株的粘附、侵袭和胞内生长能力.结果 杜莫氏军团菌L. dumoffii TEX-KL、L. dumoffii NY23和嗜肺军团菌L. pneumophila philadelphila-1三株细菌在体外生长能力和体内对A549细胞的粘附能力方面无明显差别.L. dumoffii TEX-KL侵袭进入细胞内的菌数是其他两株菌的1 000倍,差异有统计学意义.结论 L. dumoffii TEX-KL与L. dumoffii NY23和嗜肺军团菌L. pneumophila philadelphila-1相比,对A549细胞具有更高的侵袭力,因此也具有较高的上皮细胞内生长能力.%In this study, the L. dumoffii TEX-KL (ATCC 33343), L. dumoffii NY23 (ATCC 33279) and L. pneumophila philadelphila-1(ATCC 33155) strains were used to explore the adhesion, invasion and intracellular growth ability in the epithelial cells. Approximately 1 × 108 bacteria were pelleted, resuspended, and diluted (1: 10) in RPMI 1640 tissue culture medium. The bacteria were then added to A549 cells (1 × 105 per well) in 24-well dishes togive a multiplicity of infection (MOI) of about 100. The Gimenez staining and colony counting methods were used for the determination of the strain adhesion, invasion and intracellular growth ability. It was found that in vitro growth ability of L. pneumophila philadelphila-1, L.dumoffii TEX-KL and L. dumoffii NY23 strains had no significant difference. In vivo assay, there was also no significant dif ference in adhesion ability of these strains. However, the CFU counts of L. dumoffii TEX-KL strain invaded into A549 cells was 1000 times higher than that of the other two

  19. Infection status and genotype distributions of human papillomavirus infection in 2 841 women of Xi'an, Shaanxi, ;CHINA%西安市2841例女性人乳头瘤病毒感染状况及基因型分析

    杨瑞利; 翟华丽; 沈建军; 王飞霞


    Objective To analyze the infection status and gene distribution of human papillomavirus (HPV) in-fection in Xi’an, so as to provide data support for the prevention and control of cervical cancer and the clinical applica-tion of cervical cancer vaccine. Methods HPV genotype of cervical mucus of 2 841 screening women in our hospital from January 2013 to November 2014 was detected by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and reverse dot blot hybridiza-tion. The infection rate, genotype and age distribution in the females were analyzed. Results Among the 2 841 women, 639 women were infected by HPV, and the total infection rate of HPV was 22.49%. The first three high-risk HPV sub-types were HPV52, 58, 16. The infection rate of HPV6 was highest in the low-risk genotypes, followed by HPV11. The infection rate of≤20-year-old group was significantly higher than that of the other groups. There was a significant dif-ference in the infection rate among the various age groups (χ2=61.87, P<0.01). Conclusion HPV52, HPV58 and HPV16 were the major subtypes in the women of Xi'an. The infection rate of young women was higher than that of the other age groups. The detection of HPV genotypes is very meaningful in early prevention and diagnosis of cervical cancer.%目的:分析西安市女性宫颈上皮细胞人乳头瘤病毒(HPV)感染状况和基因亚型分布特点,以了解本地区HPV感染现状,为宫颈癌的防治提供参考依据。方法采用聚合酶链反应(PCR)-反向点杂交技术,对2013年1月至2014年12月来我院妇科就诊的2841例女性患者的宫颈黏液进行HPV分型检测,分析HPV在女性人群中的感染率、基因型分布和年龄分布特点。结果2841例样本中HPV阳性样本639例,总感染率为22.49%。检出的高危亚型中前3种型别依次为HPV52型、58型、16型;低危型感染以HPV6型最高,其次是HPV11型。感染者以≤20岁年龄组最高,不同年龄段的HPV感染率差异有统计学意义(χ2

  20. Clinical effect observation of early repair of traumatic skull combined with ventricle peritoneal shunt in the treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury%早期颅骨修补联合脑室腹腔分流术治疗脑外伤患者的临床效果观察

    党伟; 李明; 陈雪江; 胡志卿; 魏川江


    目的:探讨早期颅骨修补联合脑室腹腔分流术治疗脑外伤患者的临床效果。方法将本院收治的55例颅脑外伤去骨瓣减压术后并发脑积水患者分为两组,观察组27例,在开颅血肿清除术后3个月左右同期行颅骨修补联合脑室腹腔分流术;对照组28例,早期行脑室腹腔分流术,3~6个月后再行颅骨修补术,比较两组的临床疗效及术后并发症发生率。结果观察组的致残率为37.03%,明显低于对照组的64.29%,差异有统计学意义(P0.05)。观察组的术后积液及血肿发生率低于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P0.05)。结论早期颅骨修补联合脑室腹腔分流术能明显促进患者神经系统功能恢复,提高患者的生活质量,且有助于减少并发症的发生。%Objective To investigate clinical effect of early repair of traumatic skull combined with ventricle peritoneal shunt in the treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury. Methods 55 cases of patients with the decompressive craniectomy and hydrocephalus were divided into two groups.The repair of traumatic skull combined with ventricle peritoneal shunt after decompressive craniectomy 3 months were used in observation group (27 cases).Ventriculo-peri-toneal shunt first after decompressive craniectomy and cranioplasty after 3-6 months were used in control group (28 cases).The clinical efficacy and incidence rate of complication in two groups was compared respectively. Results Dis-ability rate in observation group was 37.03%,significantly lower than that in control group (64.29%),with statistical dif-ference(P0.05).The incidence rate of postoperative seroma and hematoma in observation group was lower than that in control group,with statistical difference(P0.05). Conclusion Early repair of traumatic skull combined with ventricle peritoneal shunt can obviously promote the function recovery in patients with nervous system,improve the quality of life of patients

  1. The effect of diet and life nursing intervention on blood glucose control in patients with diabetes mellitus%饮食及生活护理干预对糖尿病患者血糖控制的影响研究



    Objective To investigate the effect of diet and life nursing intervention on blood glucose control in patients with diabetes mellitus.Methods Selected randomly 70 cases of patients with diabetes in recent years.According to the different nursing intervention, the intervention group and the control group, 35 cases in each group, two groups received conventional drug treatment, the control group were treated with routine nursing intervention, and the control group were treated with nursing intervention and nursing intervention.The nursing effect of the two groups were compared and analyzed.Results After intervention,the fasting blood glucose, 2-hours postprandial glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin of patients in the intervention group were signiifcantly better than those in the control group, the dif-ference was statistically signiifcant (P<0.05).Compared with the control group, patients’ diet and lifestyle in the intervention group are more ideal,the difference was statistically signiifcant (P<0.05).Conclusion On the basis of conventional nursing, patients with diabetes have targeted diet and life intervention.It can help patients form a good diet and lifestyle,control the blood sugar effectively,and improve substantially the quality of life of the patients.%目的:探讨饮食、生活护理干预对糖尿病患者血糖控制的影响。方法随机选取近年来收治的70例糖尿病患者,按照护理干预的不同分为干预组和对照组,每组各35例,两组均接受常规药物治疗,对对照组患者实施常规护理干预,在对照组的基础上对干预组患者实施有针对性的饮食护理干预和生活护理干预,对两组的护理效果进行对比分析。结果干预后,干预组患者的空腹血糖、餐后2h血糖、糖化血红蛋白改善程度优于对照组,组间差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05)。相较于对照组,干预组患者饮食和生活方式改善更加理想,组间差

  2. Structural and functional state of heart left ventricle depending on polymorphism rs966221 phosphodiesterase 4D gene in emergency workers of the Chornobyl NPP suffering from coronary heart disease.

    Nastina, O; Pleskach, G; Kursina, N; Bazyka, O; Makarevich, O; Abramenko, I; Chumak, A; Belyi, D


    This study consisted in examination the features of structural and functional state of the cardiovascular system in emergency workers (EW) of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (ChNPP) who suffered from coronary heart disease (CHD) and having different genotypes due to polymorphism rs966221 phosphodiesterase 4D (PDE4D) gene. The study involved 121 EW and 63 non irradiated patients with CHD. Standardized survey included echo doppler cardiography (EchoCG) that was done by Diagnostic Ultrasound System DS N3 (Mindray). Polymorphism rs966221 PDE4D determined by polymerase chain reaction followed by restriction reaction products. The distribution of genotypes PDE4D in EW was as follows: CC - 42, CT - 49 and TT - 30 patients. In the con trol group, carriers of the same genotypes were 27, 21 and 15 persons respectively. All echocardiographic parame ters in EW workers and non irradiated patients did not differ significantly. Amongst TT genotype carriers of both groups the proportion of patients with increased myocardial mass index was the highest (82.9%) compared to CC genotype (78.4%) and CT (71.4%). The concentric type of left ventricular (LV) hypertrophy was found in 54.9% of patients with CC genotype, in 51.8% with CT genotype and 45.7% with TT genotype, while the eccentric type in 23.5, 21.4 and 37.1% respectively. The relative number of people with high LV end diastolic volume (EDV) normalized by body surface area (BSA) was 27.5% in CC genotype carriers, 26.8% in CT genotype and 40% in TT genotype carriers (p > 0.05). The increase of BSA indexed LV end systolic volume (ESV) was found in 27.5, 30.4 and 28.6%, and the ejection fraction in 15.7, 23.2 and 22.9% respectively. The largest number of CHD patients with inadequate dias tolic function was in carriers of TT genotype (75%) compared with the data in CC (66.7%) and CT genotypes (42.9%) carriers. In patients with the same genotype, both EW and non irradiated persons there were virtually no dif ferences in indicators

  3. 超声造影对乳腺BI-RADS4B级肿块的诊断价值%Diagnostic value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in BI-RADS4B breast lesions

    左文思; 冷晓玲; 马富成


    目的 评价超声造影对乳腺BI-RADS4B级肿块的鉴别诊断价值.方法 对常规超声检查后诊断为BI-RADS4B级的60例女性患者(共65个肿块,其中恶性44个,良性21个)进行超声造影检查,术后均行病理证实,比较良恶性肿块的超声造影显像特征及其不同区域的血流灌注参数特征.结果 良性组和恶性组在增强顺序、造影模式、造影后范围有无显著增大方面比较差异均具有统计学意义(P0.05);恶性组边缘带的峰值强度明显高于良性组,恶性组边缘的峰值强度、曲线下面积、消除斜率高于其癌旁正常组织,而平均渡越时间、达峰时间低于其癌旁正常组织,差异均有统计学意义(P0.05);良性组边缘带峰值强度、曲线下面积、消除斜率、平均渡越时间、达峰时间与其内部及其癌旁正常组织相比较,差异均无统计学意义(P>0.05).超声造影对BI-RADS4B级恶、良性肿块诊断正确率分别为93.18%(41/44)和76.19%(16/21). 结论 使用超声造影对BI-RADS4B级肿块可以进一步良恶性鉴别,可以提高BI-RADS4B级肿块诊断准确率.%Objective To assess the value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in the differential diagnosis of Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System BI-RADS4B breast lesions. Methods Sixty female patients with 65 breast lesions, including 21 benign lesions (benign group) and 44 malignant lesions (malignant group), were diagnosed as BI-RADS4B by conventional ultrasound examination. All the breast lesions underwent CEUS and postoperative path-ological examination. The imaging features and blood perfusion parameters in different regions of the benign and malig-nant breast tumors were compared. Results The benign group and malignant group showed statistically significant dif-ference in enhancement order, contrast model, and whether the lesion was significantly enlarged after CEUS (P0.05). In CEUS time-intensity curve analysis, the peak intensity (PI) of periphery

  4. 偏头痛与眩晕、耳鸣、听力下降%Migraine and Vertigo.Tinnitus and Hearing loss

    袁庆; 程秀琴; 李江; 余力生; 柯星星


    Objective To investigate audiovestibular dysfunctions in cases of migraine. Methods This was a retrospec-tive study involving 321 cases of migraine , with or without audiovestibular dysfunction such as vertigo. tinnitus and hearing loss. Cases were divided into 2 groups based on the presence or absence of vertigo. All patients with auditory symptoms under-went detailed otological and neurootological examinations followed by audiological investigation including pure tone audiome-try and auditory brainstem-evoked responses, as well as tinnitus matching. All patients with vertigo underwent vestibular func-tion test. Results Of the 321 patients, 82 (25.5%) had vertigo, 24 (7.5%) had tinnitus, 9 (2.8%) reported hearing loss, 27 (8.4%) had documented hearing loss on pure tone audiometry, and 29 (9.0%) showed some abnormalities in auditory brain-stem-evoked responses (ABR) in the form of prolonged absolute latency or prolonged interwave peak latencies or both. The dif-ferences in tinnitus and hearing loss between patients with and patients without vertigo were statistically significant. Conclu-sion It can thus be said that patients with migraine with vertigo are more likely to have cochleovestibular affection. This study is another step toward understanding audiovestibular changes in patients with migraine. This has helped us know the effects of migraine on both cochlear and vestibular apparatus, so that a detailed diagnostic evaluation can be undertaken in patients with migraine.%目的:观察偏头痛患者的神经耳科学改变;方法回顾性总结321例偏头痛患者的神经耳科学表现,并将其按有无眩晕分成伴眩晕组和不伴眩晕组。所有存在与偏头痛相关的耳部症状的患者进行纯音测听、听性脑干反应及耳鸣匹配检查,所有存在与偏头痛相关的眩晕患者行前庭功能检查。结果25.5%(82/321)的偏头痛患者伴有眩晕,7.5%(24/321)的患者有耳鸣症状,2.8%(9/321)

  5. Numerical simulation of the tip leakage flow in a ducted propulsor based on the RANS method%基于RANS方法的导管推进器梢隙流动数值模拟

    阮华; 张志荣; 辛公正


    In this paper, a ducted propulsor is taken as the object of the research, where the RANS simulation method is used to study the tip leakage flow of the propulsor. Through the applicability study of the numerical grid type and the turbulence model, and by analyzing the flow field at the tip region, preliminary numerical methods based on RANS for tip leakage flow are finally proposed, and the corresponding results agree well with the experimental data. Through the comparison of unstructured and structured mesh's results, it is ob-served that structured mesh can capture more flowing detail (for example, the boundary flow). Therefore, the structured mesh is more appropriate for the numerical simulation of tip leakage flow. Meanwhile, three turbulence models, SST k-ω, RNG k-ε, and RSM are used, and their numerical results are essentially similar, which suggests that all three can be applied in the tip leakage flow simulation. Through the analysis of tip clearance region's flow field, it is found that tip leakage flow's driving power is primary the pressure dif-ference between the front and back side of the rotor, and the flow is affected by the wall boundary flow. When the flow enters the tip gap, flow separation is occurred, and a gap separation vortex is formed. The tip clearance flow goes across the gap and interacts with the passage flow, finally developing into Tip Leakage Vortex (TLV). TLV's inception position is about 37.5% cord length and attaches to the rotor wall, and then sheds from the rotor wall at approximately 75%cord length into the wake flied. The numerical results clear-ly demonstrate the changing process of the tip leakage vortex inception, development, and shedding.%以导管推进器为研究对象,采用雷诺时均纳维斯托克斯(RANS)方法对其梢隙流动进行数值模拟研究.通过对网格类型、湍流模型的适用性研究以及对梢部流场的研究探讨,初步建立了基于RANS梢隙流动的数值模拟方法;数值计

  6. The Immunomodulatory Effect of the Plant Fermentation Extracts(PFE) in Mice%植物发酵液(酵素)对小鼠免疫功能的影响

    刘春花; 吴彬彬; 陈宏运; 何鑫平; 潘永龙; 颜晓庆; 杨莉丽; 梁岩


    Effect of plant fermentation extracts (PFE) on immune functions in mice was investigated. Male BALB/c mice were randomly divided into four groups and orally administered a plant fermentation extracts (PFE) at daily dosages of 1.25, 2.50, 5.00 mL/kg·BW (comparatively as 2.5, 5, 10 times of recommended human daily dosage) respectively. Normal saline was used as the control. After 4 weeks, indexes of non-specific and specific immunity function in mice were examined. Compared with the control, plant fermentation extracts significantly increased the thymus index, improved the abilities of carbon particle clearance and peritoneal macrophage phagocytizing chicken red blood cells. The killing activity of NK cells, the level of serum lysozyme and hemolysin, and the productive ability of antibody forming cells were also greatly increased. No obvious dif-ferences in the bodyweight, spleen index, con A-induced splenic lymphocyte proliferation and the ability of de-layed type hypersensitivity induced by SRBC were observed in our study. These results indicated that the plant fermentation extracts (PFE) had no obvious impact on cellular immunity, but significantly strengthen the non-specific immune function and humoral immunity in mice. Overall, plant fermentation extracts (PFE) possess enhancing immunity property.%研究植物发酵液(酵素)对机体免疫功能的影响。将雄性BALB/c小鼠随机分为低、中、高剂量及对照组,分别经口给予1.25、2.5、5.0 mL/kg·BW(相当于人推荐日服量的2.5、5、10倍)植物发酵液及生理盐水。连续灌胃4周后,对小鼠非特异性免疫功能和特异性免疫功能有关指标进行测定。植物发酵液(酵素)能明显提高小鼠胸腺指数,显著增强小鼠的碳廓清能力、腹腔巨噬细胞吞噬鸡红细胞功能,明显提高NK细胞杀伤活性,显著升高小鼠血清溶血素、溶菌酶水平,促进抗体生成细胞增殖,对小鼠的

  7. 临床护理路径在围生期孕产妇中的应用研究%Application of clinical nursing pathway in maternal women during perinatal period

    廖玉联; 关小玲


    Objective To explore the proper service mode during perinatal period in obstetric de-partment through application of clinical nursing pathway theory. Methods 2597 outpatient and inpatient pregnant women were randomly chosen. The experimental group (1332 cases): the clinical nursing pathway in different stages of perinatal period was designed, nurses completed their tasks according to the standard process. The control group (1265 cases): accepted the routine healthcare education and ordinary delivery method. The delivery outcome and the delivery time of the two groups were observed and recorded, satisfac-tion degree with the nursing service and nurses' mental condition before and after the application of clinical nursing pathway were also investigated. Results The rate of cesarean operation of the experimental group was lower than that of the control group. The difference of total delivery time in the two groups was signifi-cant. The satisfaction degree to the nursing service improved obviously in the experimental group. The dif-ference of nurses' self- confidence, self- determination, working satisfaction, sense of competence before and after the application of clinical nursing pathway was significant. Conclusions Application of clinical nursing pathway in pregnant and lying-in women during perinatal period can improve the confidence of natural delivery, shorten the delivery time, reduce the cesarean operation rate, improve satisfaction degree to nurses' work, mental condition, and their general diathesis.%目的 在产科中运用临床护理路径理论,探索适宜围生期服务的方式.方法 选择在我院产科门诊就诊并建卡的孕妇和住院分娩的孕产妇2597例作为研究对象.实验组1332例,设计围生期各阶段临床护理路径,医护人员按路径的标准化流程合作完成各项内容.对照组1265例,接受常规围生保健教育并按常规分娩方式分娩.2组均观察记录分娩结局,阴道分娩各产程时间,了

  8. Comparative Study on the Effects of Different Cleaning Methods for Artificial Abortion Instruments%人工流产器械不同清洗方法效果对比研究

    赵琼; 郭淑红; 安海涛; 郭红艳; 林玉萍; 关玉梅


    Objective:To compare the passing rate of four kinds of cleaning methods used to wash artificial abortion instruments. Methods:The used gynecological instruments could be divided into four groups, 4 736 pieces each group. Group A:traditional method of washing with running water and dipped in two minutes were improved:dipped in the water and multi-enzyme lotion for 15 hours, washing and rinsing by hand after washing out with the toothbrush, terminal rinse, flushing with high-pressure water jet, drying with high-pressure air rifle;on the founda-tion of group A, group B were washed with toothbrush, and cleaned with XinHua Rapid-α-520 rapid automatic ster-ilizer;group C were cleaned with QX2000 ultrasonic washer;group D were cleaned with QX2000 ultrasonic washer after washed with toothbrush. Results:Group D was higher than other three groups in passing rate of gynecological instruments cleaning, the difference showed statistical meaning when group D was compared with group A (P0.05), the dif-ference presented no statistical meaning when group B and C was compared with group A (P>0.05). Conclusion:The fourth method is cleaner than other methods with higher pass rate.%目的:比较4种清洗方法清洗人工流产器械的清洗合格率。方法:将使用后的妇科器械随机分为4组,每组4736件:A组用传统方法流动水下冲洗后浸泡2分钟改进为在纯水+多酶洗液浸泡15小时后,用牙刷刷洗后手工清洗漂洗、终末漂洗、高压水枪冲洗、高压气枪干燥;B组在A组基础上用牙刷刷洗后用新华Rapid-α-520快速式全自动清洗消毒器清洗;C组用QX2000超声清洗机清洗;D组在A组基础上用牙刷刷洗后用QX2000超声清洗机清洗。结果:妇科器械清洗合格率D组均高于其他3组。其中D组与A组相比,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);D组与B组、C组相比,差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),B组、C组与A组相比,差异无统计学意义(P>0.05

  9. 2011-2012年泰安市中小学生健康体检状况分析

    孙颖慧; 孟敏; 朱琳; 胡丽; 王志平


    Objective To find out throughly the growing developments,health status,and the prevalence rate of common diseases a-mongprimaryandsecondaryschoolstudentsinTai'anCitytoanalyzethecausesandrespondactively.Methods AccordingtoTheIm-plem enting Measures of Health Exam ination Management for Primary and Secondary School Students in Shandong Province,in the first sem ester of 2011-2012 ,we carried out the data monitoring on many aspects of 10 459 primary and secondary school students in Tai'an City,such as height,weight,chest circum ference,vital capacity,eyesight,the incidence of trachom a and so on.The health examination data were statistically analyzed by means of the medical examination software for students.Results The height,weight,chest circum fer-ence,and vital capacity among primary and secondary school students in Tai'an City were identical to the general pattern of adolescent grow th and development nationwide.The rate of poor eyesights increased with age,38.46% percent among boys,44.86% among girls. The obesity ratein creasedwhich was higher than that of the national average in2005.The obesity rate was28.56 % amongboys,13.64 %among girls,and the differences between boys and girls were of statistical significance (χ2=225 .541 ,P<0 .05 ,except the 6-year-old group ,and the 11-year-old group ).Conclusion T hrough proper diet,im proved learning environm ent,correct learning style,and encourag-ing the adolescents to take part in m ore physical exercise,it can reduce the incidence of common diseases and strengthen the body quali-ty of adolescents.%  目的全面了解泰安市中小学生的生长发育、身体健康状况及常见病发病率,分析其原因,积极应对。方法根据《山东省中小学生健康体检管理实施办法》对泰安市2011-2012年10459名中小学生的身高、体质量、胸围、肺活量、视力、沙眼患病率等几个方面进行数据监测,运用学生体检软件对体检数据进行统计分析。结果泰

  10. Application effect of psychological nursing care in midwifery care%心理护理在助产护理中的应用效果



    Objective Evaluation the process in birth midwifery care, whether to have the good application effect on psychological nursing care. Methods Collect 156 cases parturients. In our hospital from April 2012 to April 2013 as research subjects. The par-turients were randomly divided into A, B two groups, group A, group B was the control group, A group was On the basis of routine midwifery care ,at the same time use the psychological nursing care, group B was only use the routine midwifery care, Recorded the two groups’ maternal cesarean section probability、the proportion of postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum depression proba-bility in detail during treatment, And use the statistical methods to analyze and compare the data in two groups. Results A group of patients with cesarean section rate was 12.8%, the proportion of postpartum hemorrhage was 6.4%, the probability of postpartum depression was 5.1%, B group of patients with cesarean section rate was 30.8%, the proportion of postpartum hemorrhage was 23.1%, the probability of postpartum depression was 16.7%, three condition in group A were lower than group B patients, the dif-ference had statistical significance (P<0.05). Conclusion Psychological nursing care has a good application effect in midwifery care, can effectively reduce the probability of patients with postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum depression, at the same time re-duce the cesarean section rate,has a high clinical value, is an important prerequisite for improving the quality of delivery.%目的:评价在分娩助产护理过程中,心理护理是否具有良好的应用效果。方法选取我院2012年4月-2014年4月收治的156例产妇作为研究对象,将其随机分为A、B两组,A组为观察组,B组为对照组,A组在进行常规的助产护理的基础上同时应用心理护理,B组仅进行基本的助产护理。在治疗期间详细地记录两组产妇的剖宫产率、产后大出血比例以及产后抑郁的概率

  11. Safety and efficacy of carbon dioxide insufflation in gastric endoscopic submucosal dissection%胃内镜黏膜下剥离术中使用二氧化碳注气的安全性及有效性研究

    刘香; 万露; 王晟; 葛楠; 王国鑫; 郭瑾陶; 孙思予


    目的 该实验旨在研究二氧化碳CO2作为胃内镜黏膜下剥离术(ESD)中注入气体的安全性及有效性.方法 选取2013年1月-2014年12月于中国医科大学附属盛京医院内镜诊治中心,接受胃ESD术治疗的患者80例,40例术中注CO2气(CO2组),40例术中注空气(空气组),分别检测患者术前、术中及术后的动脉血CO2分压(PaCO2),视觉模拟评分量表(VAS)评分记录每组患者术后1、6及24 h腹痛及腹胀程度,同时记录并发症发生情况.结果 两组病例整个研究过程中不同时间段PaCO2及腹痛评分差异无统计学意义,CO2组在ESD术后1和6 h的腹胀平均VAS分值较空气组明显降低,并发症的发生率在两组间差异无统计学意义.结论 胃ESD术应用CO2注气安全性良好.CO2注气能够有效减轻患者术后腹胀症状,改善术后恢复质量.%Objective To evaluate the safety and efficacy of carbon dioxide (CO2) used as an alternative to air in the gastric endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD). Methods 80 cases underwent ESD treatment were randomly as-signed to two groups, 40 cases in CO2 group and 40 in air group. Arterial blood CO2 partial pressure was measured preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative respectively. Visual analog scale (VAS) was used to record patients the degree of abdominal pain and distention at 1 h, 6 h and 24 h after operation in each group. The incidence of com-plications were evaluated. Regular follow up were scheduled in all the patients. Results There was no significant dif-ference in degree of abdominal pain score and the CO2 partial pressure between the two groups. The abdominal dis-tension scores of CO2 group were significant lower than air group at 1 h, 6 h after the ESD procedure. There were no statistically significant difference in the incidence rate of complications. Conclusion The utilization of CO2 in gas in-sufflation during gastric ESD is safe. CO2 insufflation can significant reduce the postoperative

  12. The value of DR dual energy subtraction technology in the diagnosis of pneumothorax%DR 双能量减影技术在气胸诊断中的应用价值

    梁树生; 周国永; 郑华英; 吴伟雄; 朱玉莉


    Objective To explore the value of DR dual energy subtraction technology in the diagnosis of pneumothorax. Methods 46 cases of pneumothorax examined by dual energy subtraction technology in our hospital during Mar 2015 to May 2016 were selected and got three images respectively as regular DR image, soft tissue image and bone tissue image at the same time. Compared the detection rate of pneumothorax and lung bullae which was the potential causes of pneumothorax by dual en-ergy subtraction technology and conventional DR. Results The detection rate of middle and large amount of pneumothorax by dual energy subtraction technology were the same as conventional DR. The detection rate of little amount of pneumothorax and lung bullae by dual energy subtraction technology were higher than conventional DR[90.0% vs 60.0%,81.3% vs 37.5%],the dif-ference was statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion The detection rates of dual energy subtraction technology in pneu-mothorax and lung bullae are higher than conventional DR, it can reduce missed diagnosis, and it is worthy of popularization and application in the clinic.%目的:探讨 DR 双能量减影技术在气胸诊断中的应用价值。方法选择我院2015年3月~2016年5月经双能量减影技术检查的气胸患者46例,所有患者一次检查同时得到3幅图像,分别为常规 DR 片、骨组织图像、软组织图像,比较双能量减影技术与常规 DR 对气胸的检出率,同时观察双能量减影技术与常规 DR 对气胸的潜在病因肺大泡的检出率。结果双能量减影技术对中、大量气胸检出率与常规 DR 相同;对少量气胸的检出率双能量减影技术高于常规 DR,检出率分别为90.0%(18/20)、60.0%(12/20);两者肺大泡检出率分别为81.3%(13/16)、37.5%(6/16),双能量减影技术肺大泡检出率高于常规 DR,差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论双能量减影技术对气胸及肺

  13. Application values of dual-source CT spectral imaging in the diagnosis of solitary pulmonary nodules%双源CT 能谱成像技术在肺内孤立性结节良恶性鉴别诊断的应用价值

    曾炳亮; 李滋聪; 廖小清; 廖凤翔


    Objective To explore the diagnosis and differential diagnosis values of spectral imaging of dual-source CT in soli-tary pulmonary nodules. Methods Total of 82 patients with solitary pulmonary nodules (41 cases of benign pulmonary nodules and 41 cases of malignant pulmonary nodules),confirmed by pathology,underwent dual-source CT routine enhanced and dual energy enhancement scanning,and the corresponding CT values and iodine content were measured. The t test was performed to assess the statistical differences,which was definited with P<0.05. Results The CT value of routine enhanced was lower than that of iodine value chart both in arterial phase and venous phase,but the difference was statistically significant only in venous phase (P<0.001). The malignant group had lower normalized iodine concentration (NIC) than benign group ,the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). Further ROC curve showed that the NIC had a high degree of sensitivity and specificity in the differential diagnosis be-tween benign and malignant pulmonary nodules. Both groups showed a continuous decline trend from 40keV to 140keV. The dif-ference in CT value was statistically significant both in arterial phase and venous phase between groups(P<0.05). Conclusion The spectral imaging of dual-source CT has great clinical value in the differential diagnosis between benign and malignant pulmonary nodules.%目的:探讨双源CT能谱成像技术对肺内良、恶性肿块鉴别诊断能力。方法回顾性分析经病理证实的82例肺内孤立性肿块(恶性肿瘤及良性肿块各41例)的常规CT增强及双源CT增强动、静脉期资料,记录各期CT值及碘含量。组间行t检验,以P<0.05为结果具有显著差异。结果无论是动脉期还是静脉期,常规增强的CT值均低于碘基图,差异仅在静脉期具有统计学意义(P<0.001)。恶性组标准化平均碘浓度含量低于良性组,组间差异有统计学意义(P<0.05),ROC曲线其

  14. Comparison of DNA extraction methods for detecting mycobacterium tuberculosis and its clinical application in LAMP test%痰中结核分枝杆菌DNA提取方法的比较及在LAMP检测中的应用

    文岚; 王孝君; 郭彦昌; 欧新华; 张兵; 田斌


    between the groups.The Average values of OD260:OD280 Proximity to 1.8 from high to low in turn is PLKm, PCm, Cm, PBm and SBm, there was statistically significant dif-ference between the groups(P=0.001),there were statistically significant difference between SBm and the other methods (P0.05);The extraction products amplified of PLKm, PCm and Cm were positive, while 18 and 11 samples without obtaining positive results by the PBm and SBm , have statistical significance difference between the groups. Conclusion Using Chelex-100 to extract DNA of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from sputum is a simple, time-saving and cheap method for nucleic acid detection in basic tuberculosis re-search laboratories.

  15. 儿童孤独症278例发病危险因素研究%Analysis about risk factors of autism disorder in 278 children

    何益群; 寻广磊; 马晓燕; 赵靖平


    目的 对儿童孤独症发病的高危因素进行初步探讨.方法 选择孤独症患儿278例及健康对照儿童200例,采用自制调查表记录一般人口学资料及产前、产时和婴幼儿期的生长发育资料,并进行2组间比较.结果 1.孤独症患儿的多项围生期和母孕期数据与健康儿童比较差异有统计学意义.Logistic回归发现:母亲生育年龄、父亲生育年龄、家庭负担、抚育者、妊娠反应、孕期服药史、分娩方式、养育方式、主要教导者、阳性家族史等项目纳入回归方程.2.回归方程中有临床意义的6项指标的组间优势比(OR)值从强到弱依次为母亲生育年龄> 30岁(OR=6.72)、阳性家族史(OR =5.80)、孕期服用药物(OR =4.65)、非自然分娩(OR=4.15)、父亲生育年龄>30岁(OR=1.27)、妊娠反应中/重度(OR=1.04).结论 母亲生育年龄较大、家族史阳性、孕期服用药物、非自然分娩是儿童孤独症的主要危险因素,避免这些危险因素可能有助于降低孤独症的发生概率.%Objective To explore the high risk factors of the etiology of autism disorder.Methods Two hundred and seventy-eight children with autism disorder and 200 healthy children were investigated with self-designed questionnaire to obtain their demographic information,pre-and perinatal information,developmental information in toddler period.All the data were compared between autism group and healthy controls.Results 1.There were significant dif ferences in maternal prenatal data and perinatal data between autism group and healthy controls.Logistic regression analysis found that maternal/paternal reproductive age,family burden,caregiver,pregnancy reaction,drug administration in prenatal period,mode of delivery,chief instructor entered the regression equation.2.The 6 items in regression equation which had clinical significance consisted of maternal reproductive age above 30 years old [odds ratio (OR) =6.72],family history of mental

  16. Non traumatic cavities repair technology role in prevention and control of caries disease of children%非创伤性龋病修复技术对龋病患儿的防治作用



    Objective to explore the repair technology for prevention of caries disease of children. Methods from March 2011 to June 2012 treated 126 cases of teeth caries disease children, randomly divided into observation group and control group, 63 cases for each group. Control group treated with traditional repair technology for hole, the observation group takes the trau-matic cavities repair technology treatment, and the two groups of children 2 years of follow-up, compared two groups of children with control effects and adverse reactions. Results observation group cooperation rate is significantly higher than the control group with children Ⅲ degree, the difference was statistically significant, and two groups of children with treatment success in contrast, there were no statistically significant difference; Prevention of dental caries 1 year and 2 years later, the observation group of new dental caries and dental caries mean mean differences were significantly lower than the control group, the dif-ference was statistically significant; Two groups of children in the prevention and treatment of dental decay during the 2 years, were headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other adverse reactions. Conclusion traumatic cavities than repair technique is applied to children with dental decay control effect is obvious, has obvious protective effect on baby teeth, safe and reliable, feasibility is strong, easy to get children to cooperate.%目的:探讨非创伤性龋病修复技术对龋病患儿的防治作用。方法:将我院于2011年3月~2012年6月收治的126例乳牙龋病患儿,随机分成观察组与对照组,每组均63例。对照组采取传统备洞修复技术进行治疗,观察组则采取非创伤性龋病修复技术进行治疗,并对两组患儿进行2年随访,比较两组患儿的防治效果与不良反应情况。结果:观察组患儿Ⅲ度合作率显著高于对照组患儿,差异有统计学意义,而两组患

  17. Clinical effect observation of three periods of traditional Chinese medicine therapy in the treatment of infertility resulted from polycystic ovary syn-drome%中药三期疗法治疗多囊卵巢综合征性不孕症的临床效果观察

    高艳珠; 王颖; 刘异香


    Objective To explore the clinical effect of three periods of traditional Chinese medicine therapy in the treatment of infertility resulted from polycystic ovary syndrome. Methods 168 outpatient of polycystic ovary syndrome patients from April 2012 to April 2014 in our hospital were selected and randomly divided into the control group and the observation group,84 patients in each group.The control group was given traditional Diana-35 to stimulate ovula-tion,the observation group was given further three periods of traditional Chinese medicine therapy on the basis of the-control group.Clinical therapy effect,ovulation rate and pregnant rate in two groups was compared. Results The total ef-fective rate of the observation group was higher than that of the control group,with significant difference (P<0.05).The improvement of clinical symptoms in the observation group was better than that in the control group,with significant dif-ference (P<0.05).The ovulation rate,pregnancy rate,the rate of menstrual recovery,the regression rate of the crinosity and acne in the observation group was higher than that in the control group,with significant difference (P<0.05). Conclusion The effect of three periods of traditional Chinese medicine therapy in the treatment of infertility resulted from polycystic ovary syndrome is significant,it is worthy of popularize and application.%目的:探讨中药三期疗法治疗多囊卵巢综合征性不孕症的临床效果。方法选取2012年4月~2014年4月在本院门诊治疗的168例多囊卵巢综合征患者作为研究对象,随机分为观察组和对照组,各84例。对照组给予传统的达英-35加促排卵治疗,观察组在对照组的基础上给予中药三期疗法,比较两组的临床治疗效果、排卵率及受孕率。结果观察组的总有效率显著高于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。观察组的临床症状改善情况显著优于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。观察组

  18. Eye Movements Durin g Processing of Discourse Requiring Bridging Inferences in Deaf Readers with Skilled and Less Skilled%不同阅读能力聋人语篇理解中连接推理的眼动比较

    贺荟中; 孙彬彬


    In this study, two questions regarding deaf adolescents with skilled and less skilled processing of bridging in-ference are investigated.12 deaf readers with skilled and 10 deaf readers with less skilled read short, two-sentence passages that was either a causal sequence or a control temporal sequence, and respond to two questions,one is posited to refer to the relevant knowledge used to evaluate the mediating fact and the other is about explicit informa -tion of the discourse.We measured correct responses and answer times to questions , as well as recorded the eye-movements of the participants while reading .Analysis of the skilled participants ’answer times to questions were consistently faster in the causal condition than the control condition , indicating skilled adolescents with deaf con-struct bridging inference online.We can’ t find the validation effect in less skilled adolescents with deaf, indicating they don’ t construct bridging inference online.However, the eye-movements data revealed that the less skilled readers with deaf spent more time fixating, made more fixations, and made total times in the causal sentences while reading than did skilled readers with deaf .One explanation is that they make the inferences, but are unable to re-tain them offline or they make the inferences but are unable to incorporate them into meaning formed from text and prior knowledge activated during the reading process.The study also suggests that skilled deaf readers draw bridg-ing inference automatically and efficiently, less skilled deaf reader are less efficient and are not up to the degree of automation at drawing bridging inference.Implication of these finding and suggestions for future research are of-fered.%采用记录被试阅读完成后回答问题的正确率、反应时与眼动指标,试图探讨不同阅读能力聋人语篇理解中连接推理的加工特点与效率。结果表明:在语篇局部连贯中断情况下,高低阅读能力聋人

  19. 广州大学生网络游戏成瘾与无聊倾向性的相关研究%Correlation Study on Guangzhou College Students' Online Game Addiction and the Boredom Proneness

    李雪果; 易仲怡


    目的:探讨网络成瘾与无聊倾向性的相关关系,以了解当下大学生网络成瘾的现状及相关因素。方法:采用网络游戏成瘾量表和大学生无聊倾向性问卷,对广州某高校800名同学随机派发,并进行差异检验和相关分析。结果:①大学生网络游戏成瘾均分为36.07,低于中分,处于中等偏下水平,在性别和专业类型上大学生网络游戏成瘾现象差异显著;②大学生无聊倾向性在性别和专业上没有显著差异,但在其部分维度上存在显著差异;③网络游戏成瘾组的无聊倾向性显著高于非网络游戏成瘾组;④大学生网络游戏成瘾与无聊倾向性呈显著正相关。结论:大学生网络游戏成瘾与无聊倾向性相关,无聊倾向性对网络游戏成瘾有显著预测作用。%Objective:To explore the relationship between college students' online game addiction and the boredom proneness, for learning more about the present situation and related factors of college students' online game addiction. Methods: 800 students randomly distributed in a university in Guangzhou were measured by online game addiction scale and C-BPQ and got the difference between inspection and correlation analysis. Results: ①College students' online game addiction are divided into 36.07, below points, in the middle rdi level, college students' online game ad-diction have significant differences on gender and professional type;②College students' boredom proneness, there were no sig-nificant differences in gender and professional but significant dif-ferences in some of its dimensions;③The boredom proneness of online game addiction group is significantl y higher than the non-addiction group;④College students' online game addiction and the boredom proneness was significantly positively related. Conclusion: College students' online game addiction is related with the boredom proneness, and the boredom proneness has sig

  20. Analysis of Risk Factors of Stroke-associated Pneumonia%卒中相关性肺炎危险因素分析

    马跃文; 郇赛; 张带


    Objective To explore the risk factors of stroke-associated pneumonia (SAP) in stroke patients. Methods A retrospective study was designed to analyze the clinical data of 159 patients with stroke. They were divided into SAP group (n=35) and non-SAP group (n=124). Their age, gender, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, gastric mucosal protective agents, dysphagia after stroke (DAS), stroke history, type of stroke, hypoproteinemia, disturbance of consciousness, nasal feeding and smoking were analyzed with univariate analysis and multi-variate Logistic regression analysis. Results 22%of the 159 patients suffered from SAP. Univariate analysis showed, there was statistical dif-ference in age (P<0.01), gastric mucosal protective agents (P<0.01), DAS (P<0.01), hypoalbuminemia (P<0.05), disturbance of conscious-ness (P<0.05), nasal feeding (P<0.001) and smoking (P<0.01) between two groups. Binary Logistic regression for the multivariate analysis indicated that age≥70 years old, DAS, nasal feeding and smoking were the risk factors related with SAP. After adjusting for all other vari-ables, the odds of SAP were 5.119 times higher for patients requiring nasal feeding than those without nasal feeding. Conclusion There is a high morbidity for SAP, which is attributed to multiple factors. Age≥70, DAS, nasal feeding and smoking may be the most important risk factors related with SAP.%目的:探讨卒中相关性肺炎(SAP)的相关危险因素。方法回顾性分析159例脑卒中患者,根据有无发生SAP将其分为SAP组(n=35)和非SAP(n=124)组。对比两组患者的年龄、性别、高血压、糖尿病、胃黏膜保护剂、脑卒中后吞咽困难(DAS)、卒中史、卒中类型、低蛋白血症、意识障碍、鼻饲、吸烟等临床资料,用单因素分析和多因素Logistic回归分析SAP的相关危险因素。结果159例脑卒中患者SAP发生率为22.0%。单因素分析结果显示,年龄≥70岁(P<0.01)、胃黏膜保护剂(P<0.01)、DAS(P<0

  1. Analysis on the Learning Abilities of Liberal Arts and Science Students to the"Physiology"Course%文理科生生理学课程学习能力分析



    生理学是一门重要的医学基础课,学好生理学将为后继的专业知识和专业技能学习打下坚实的基础。生理学学习需具备一定的生物、化学、物理、数学的基础知识,而这方面文科生较理科生薄弱。文理科生思维方式、学习方法各具特色,完成生理学学习是否会受到影响?本文以本院2012级护理专业丁班统招生158人为问卷调查对象,进行文理科生对生理学课程学习兴趣、学习能力的调查及期末考试成绩的统计,结果理科生比文科生学习兴趣更高;文理科生生理学课程学习能力有差异,尤其抽象知识理解能力有显著差异;期末考试成绩没有差异。结论:经教学干预,文理科生混合班教学不影响教学质量。%"Physiology" is an important medical foundation course, so to learn the course well will lay a solid foundation for the learning of subsequent professional knowledge and skills. Physiology learning requires certain basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, but the above knowledge of liberal arts students is weaker than that of science students. Be-sides, the thinking styles and learning methods of liberal arts and science students have their own characteristics, which will affect the learning of Physiology. With 158 Class D nursing majors of Grade 2012 in our college as the object of questionnaire survey, this paper made a statistical analysis on the learning interest, learning ability and final performance of liberal arts and science students, and the results show that the learning interest of science students is higher than that of liberal arts students; there are dif-ferences between the learning abilities of liberal arts students and science students to the "Physiology" course, especially the un-derstanding of abstract knowledge; there is no difference in final examination performance. The conclusion is that mixed class teaching for liberal arts and

  2. Clinical observation of chill and dragging pain prevention in cesarean section waist hard joint anesthesia by small doses Sufentanil%小剂量舒芬太尼在剖宫产术腰硬联合麻醉中预防寒颤及牵拉痛的临床观察

    徐茜; 李有长; 胡佳


    Objective To investigate the clinical application effect of small doses Sufentanil in cesarean section waist hard joint anesthesia. Methods 80 cases of pure line full-term pregnancy cesarean section of delivery in Chongqing Health Centre for Women and Children from March to June 2015 were selected and divided into observation group and control group with 40 cases in each group. All the parturients were treated with combined spinal-epidural anesthesia, parturients in control group were given 0.75% Bupivacaine (2.0 mL) and 5% Glucose (1.0 mL), parturients inobserva-tion group were given Sufentanil (5μg, 0.1 mL) on the bases of control group. ①The heart rate, mean arterial pressure before operation, 1, 3, 5, 10 min after medicine and at the end of operation between the two groups were compared. ②The biggest feeling flat after the medicine 1, 5, 10 min and the ankle movement recovery time, operation duration time between the two groups were compared. ③The Apgar score 1, 5 min after the birth of the newborn between the two groups were compared; the occurrence of chill and dragging pain between the two groups were recorded and compared. Results ①The differences of heart rate, mean arterial pressure before operation, 1, 3, 5, 10 min after medicine and at the end of operation between the two groups were not statistically significant (P> 0.05). ②The differences of biggest feeling flat after the medicine 1, 5, 10 min between the two groups were not statistically significant (P>0.05);The dif-ferences of the ankle movement recovery time, operation duration time between the two groups were not statistically sig-nificant (P > 0.05). ③The differences of the Apgar score 1, 5 min after the birth of the newborn between the two groups were not statistically significant (P>0.05). The proportion of no pain in observation group was higher than that in control group, the proportion of mild and moderate pain in observation group were lower than those in control group, the

  3. Hepatic Encephalopathy: Early Diagnosis in Pediatric Patients With Cirrhosis

    Naghi DARA*


    Full Text Available How to Cite This Article: Dara N, Sayyari AA, Imanzadeh F. Hepatic Encephalopathy: Early Diagnosis in Pediatric Patients With Cirrhosis. Iran J Child Neurol. 2014 Winter; 8(1:1-11.ObjectiveAs acute liver failure (ALF and chronic liver disease (cirrhosis continue to increase in prevalence, we will see more cases of hepatic encephalopathy.Primary care physician are often the first to suspect it, since they are familiar with the patient’s usual physical and mental status. This serious complication typically occurs in patients with severe comorbidities and needs multidisciplinary evaluation and care. Hepatic encephalopathy should be considered in any patient with acute liver failure and cirrhosis who presents with neuropsychiatric manifestations, decrease level of consciousness (coma, change of personality, intellectualand behavioral deterioration, speech and motor dysfunction.Every cirrhotic patient may be at risk; potential precipitating factors should be addressed in regular clinic visits. The encephalopathy of liver disease may be prominent, or can be present in subtle forms, such as decline of school performance, emotional outbursts, or depression.“Subtle form” of hepatic encephalopathy may not be obvious on clinical examination, but can be detected by neurophysiologic and neuropsychiatric testing.References:Ferenci P, Lockwood A, Mullen K, Tarter R, Weissenborn K, Blei AT. Hepatic encephalopathy definition, nomenclature, diagnosis, and quantification: final report of the working party at the 11th World Congresses of Gastroenterology, Vienna, 1998.Hepatology 2002;35:716-21.BleiAT,Cordoba J. Hepatic encephalopathy. AmJ Gastroenterol 2001;96:1968–76.Vaquero J,Chung C, Cahill ME, BleiAT. Pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy in acute liver failure. Semin Liver Dis 2003;23:259-69.Bajaj JS, Wade JB, Sanyal AJ. Spectrum of neurocognitive impairment in cirrhosis: Implications for the assessment of hepatic encephalopathy

  4. 普通接骨板与锁定接骨板治疗成人闭合性跟骨关节内骨折疗效对比%Clinical analysis of open reduction and internal fixation with unlocking plate or locking plate for treatment of adult in-tra-articular calcaneal fractures

    曲绍东; 杨占辉; 史宏伟; 石明国; 张立军; 贾文杰; 苏庆军


    Objective To analyze the effect of open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) with unlocking plate or locking plate for treatment of adult intra-articular calcaneal fracture. Methods 68 cases of calcaneal fracture,including 72 feet in 56 males (4 males were bilateral) and 12 females,with the average age of 35 years (ranging from 18 to 71), were en-rolled. According to Sanders' classification,15 feet were classified as type Ⅱ,46 feet were classified as type Ⅲ, and 11 feet were classified as type Ⅳ. 44 feet were treated with unlocking plate for calcaneal fracture in group A , 28 feet were treated with locking plate for calcaneal fracture in group B. The cases of existing ipsilateral lower limb fracture, ipsilateral vascular injury, and ipsilateral lower limb open injury were excluded. Results The wounds of 64 feet healed piemarily,5 feet were delayed healing. The soft tissue coloboma of 3 feet delayed until pedicle flap transfered. The B(o)hler angle of two groups were significantly different between preoperation and postoperation, but there were no significant differences in B(o)hler angle between two groups. 64 feet in 63 cases were followed up for 12~26 months. According to the AOFAS Ankle-Hindfoot Scale ,49 feet scored 90~100 points,13 feet scored 75~89 points and 2 feet scored 50~74 points. The excellent and good rate was 96.9%. Conclusion ORIF with unlocking plate or locking plate are all effective methods to treat the calcaneal fracture , there are no significant dif-ferences in curative effect between the two methods.%目的 分析普通接骨板与锁定接骨板治疗成人闭合性跟骨骨折的临床疗效. 方法 本组跟骨骨折68例(72足),男56例,女12例,4例男性为双侧. 年龄18~71岁,平均35岁. 应用Sanders分型,其中Ⅱ型15足,Ⅲ型46足,Ⅳ型11足.其中应用非锁定跟骨接骨板治疗44足(A组),应用锁定跟骨接骨板治疗28足(B组).排除术前合并同侧下肢骨折、同侧血管损伤及同

  5. 医务人员科研认知与科研素养调查%Investigation on scientific research cognition and quality of medical staff

    朱晓荣; 张维敏; 陆元梅


    Objective To analyze the status quo of scientific research cognition and quality of medical staff and existing problems in a tertiary hospital of Zunyi City in order to provide reference for increasing the overall scientific research level and perfecting hospital internal management. Methods The questionnaire investigation method was adopted to collect the data of sci-entific research cognition and quality among medical staff in a hospital of Zunyi City. The collected data were analyzed by using the SPSS17.0 statistical software. Results The survey data of 212 questionnaires showed that the cognition on"whether the sci-entific research promotes the future development of hospital"had statistically significant difference among different levels of medi-cal staff(P<0.01);the cognition on"necessity of hospital to carry out the scientific research work"had statistically significant dif-ference among different education backgrounds of medical staff (P<0.01);the cognition on"whether clearing the hospital scientific system/application procedure"and"whether participating in or applying for the scientific research projects"had statistically sig-nificant difference among different professional titles of medical staff (P<0.05);the recognition on"whether seeking truth from facts or rigorously seeking study in the scientific research process"had statistically significant difference among different profes-sional titles of medical staff (P<0.01). Among 143 medical staff participating in the research project,58.7%of medical staff could basically and properly select the topics in daily medical practical work. Conclusion The medical staff have a higher degree of awareness on"whether the scientific research promotes the development of the hospital in the future",but the hospital scientific research strength does not have a high level of play,the high pressure,having no time to conduct,lack of training and guidance are the main factors restricting the medical staff to take part in

  6. Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with bone patellar tendon bone autograft, irradiated versus non-irradiated deep frozen allograft%自体与γ射线照射和非照射异体骨-髌腱-骨重建前十字韧带的比较研究

    孙康; 田少奇; 张积华; 张才龙; 夏长所; 于腾波


    Objective Analyze the clinical outcomes of arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with bone patellar tendon bone (B-PT-B) allograft or autograft. Methods A total of 107 patients underwent same arthroscopie ACL reconstruction technique were randomized into three groups (A: autograft 36, B: non-irradiated deep-frozen allograft 36, C: irradiated allograft 35). Before surgery and at follow-up, patients were evaluated by general conditions, pivot shift test, Lachman and Anterior Drawer Test (ADT), KT-2000 arthrometer testing, Daniel one-leg hop test, overall IKDC rating, Lysholm and Tegner activ-ity score. Results A total of 103 patients were available for full evaluation. The mean follow-up time of A, B and C groups were 39.5, 36.3 and 37.6 months respectively. 1) In A group, patellar fracture occurred in 1 patient and anterior knee pain occurred in 2. In B group, 1 patient had late septic infection. Patients in the B and C groups underwent shorter operation time and longer fever time. There was no difference between the three groups in hospital stay time. 2) According to pivot shift test, Lachman test, ADT, and KT-2000 arthrom-eter testing, differences were found between C group to A or B groups, while no statistically significant dif-ferences between A and B groups. The failure rate in C group (36%) was higher than that with A (8%) and B group (9%). According to Daniel one-leg hop test, the overall IKDC, Lysholm and Tegner activity score, no differences were found between the three groups. Conclusion Patients underwent ACL reconstruction with B-PT-B non-irradiated deep-frozen allograft or autograft had similar clinical outcomes. Non-irradiated B-PT-B allograft is a reasonable alternative to autograft. While the anterior and rotational stability decreased signifi-cantly, when irradiated B-PT-B allograft was used.%目的 比较自体与γ射线照射和非照射异体骨-髌腱-骨(bone patellar tendon bone,B-PT-B)重

  7. 氮沉降增加对原始阔叶红松林蚯蚓种类和数量的影响%Effects of Elevated Nitrogen Deposition on Earthworm Species and Density in Mixed Broad-leaf Korean Pine Forest in Changbai Mountain

    吴娜娜; 钱虹; 郑璐; 李亚峰


    Nitrogen deposition is one of the major environmental factors affecting the biogeochemical cycles of terrestrial biogenic elements. The increase of nitrogen deposition may increase the carbon storage in the litter and soil. In this study, earthworm species and density were investigated by hand picking method and square soil sampler in a mixed broad-leaf Korean pine forest in Changbai Mountain, China after 6 years of N addition (ambient+N50 kg·hm-2·a-1) treatment. Meanwhile, litter and soil layer of organic carbon and nitrogen content were determined by an element analyzer. The results of the study showed that in control and nitrogen addition plots, earthworm species and density distribution pattern was similar. The 4 species of earthworms were observed. Eiseniafoetida and Pheretima sp. were epigeics. Drawidachangbaiensis was endogeics and anecics. Enchytraeidae spp. was earthwomenchytraeidae larvae. Among them, the density of Eiseniafoetida was the largest, and it could reach 25 individuals·m-2. The density of Drawida-changbaiensis was 6 individuals·m-2, and the density of Pheretima sp. was smallest. The total density of three functional groups was 23 individuals·m-2 in the control plots and 31 individuals·m-2 in the nitrogen plots, respectively. Thus, there were no significant dif-ferences (P=0.238) in the species and density of earthworms in control and nitrogen addition plots in Changbai Mountain. In the four layers of litter and soil, the total carbon was not affected by nitrogen addition, and total nitrogen was not significantly changed. The results improve our ability to estimate carbon sequestration potential of forest soil and build a global carbon cycle model under future climate change especially elevated N deposition.%氮沉降是影响陆地生源要素生物地球化学循环的主要环境因子之一。以往对凋落物和土壤有机碳降解过程中分解者的作用研究主要集中在微生物方面,而对土壤动

  8. Young and middle-aged and elderly patients with cerebral infarction DSA analysis of the distribution of cerebral artery stenosis%中青年与老年脑梗死患者脑动脉狭窄分布的 DSA 分析



    Objective to compare the young and middle-aged and elderly patients with cerebral infarction, cerebral artery stenosis of the distribution of digital subtraction angiography (DSA) as a result, analyzing the characteristic of the distribution of cerebral artery stenosis. Methods will our hospital 100 cases of cerebral infarction patients, according to the different age groups, divided into young group of 60 cases with elderly group, 40 cases were performed DSA examination, on two groups of patients with cerebral artery disease incidence, degree of stenosis vascular stenosis, distribution and attack part feature compar-ison. Results in patients with elderly group, the procyclic stenosis of extracranial artery disease incidence is significantly higher than in areas such as the young and middle-aged group of patients, and intracranial artery, posterior circulation narrow lesions were significantly lower than in areas such as the young and middle-aged group of patients, there is statistical significance dif-ference; Two groups of patients with vascular stenosis degree is given priority to with severe stenosis or occlusion, were signifi-cantly higher than in the same group the incidence of mild, moderate stenosis, the difference was statistically significant, and the outbreak of the main parts of vertebral artery opening, the incidence of vertebral artery open two groups of patients were signifi-cantly higher than that of group of middle cerebral artery MI incidence, as well as the internal carotid artery, the difference was statistically significant. Conclusion middle-aged and young cerebral infarction patients with senile cerebral infarction there was some difference of distribution of cerebral artery stenosis, the former is common with intracranial cerebral artery lesions, the latter is given priority to with cranial outside brain artery vascular lesions, but occurs in vertebral artery opening, and the degree of stenosis were severe or occlusion.%目的:比较中

  9. 护理人员分层管理对急诊科护理质量的作用探讨%Study on Effect of Layer Management of Nursing Staff on the Nursing Qual-ity in the Department of Emergency

    李颖; 李晓英; 安晓红


    Objective To study the important significance of layer management of nursing staff to the improvement of nurs-ing quality in the process of emergency nursing. Methods The layer management of nursing staff had been formally imple-mented since July 2013 in the department of emergency in our hospital, the nursing situation in the department of emergen-cy from January 2014 to January 2015 was collected, and compared after 1-year implementation of layer management, 25 cases of on-the-job female nursing staff in the department of emergency aged from 25 to 47 (33.62±6.49)years old on average) treated in our hospital from January 2014 to January 2015 were selected as the research objects, in terms of professional ti-tle, 3 cases were nurses-in-charge, 17 cases were nurses, and 5 cases were primary nurses; in terms of academic level, 15 cases were undergraduates, 6 cases graduated from junior colleges, and 4 cases graduated from the technical secondary school, in this research, the incidence rate of errors, satisfactory degrees of patients and physicians in the department of e-mergency before and after the implementation of layer management needed to be compared, and the self-made satisfactory degree score table method was adopted for assessment in the course of evaluating the satisfactory degree, and the full mark was 10 marks. Results After the implementation of layer management in the department of emergency, the incidence rate of errors, satisfactory degrees of patients and physicians in the department of emergency were obviously improved, and all dif-ferences had statistical significance after the comparison of statistical methods, P<0.05. Conclusion The implementation of layer management means of nursing staff in the department of emergency can obviously improve the nursing quality in the department of emergency, which is of important significance to the normal treatment of patients and physical recovery, and it is of extremely high application value.%目的:探

  10. Decomposition of Interference Hyperspectral Images Using Improved Morphological Component Analysis%基于改进MCA的干涉高光谱图像分解

    温佳; 赵军锁; 王彩玲; 夏玉立


    As the special imaging principle of the interference hyperspectral image data ,there are lots of vertical interference stripes in every frames .The stripes’ positions are fixed ,and their pixel values are very high .Horizontal displacements also exist in the background between the frames .This special characteristics will destroy the regular structure of the original interference hyperspectral image data ,which will also lead to the direct application of compressive sensing theory and traditional compression algorithms can’t get the ideal effect .As the interference stripes signals and the background signals have different characteristics themselves ,the orthogonal bases which can sparse represent them will also be different .According to this thought ,in this paper the morphological component analysis (MCA) is adopted to separate the interference stripes signals and background signals .As the huge amount of interference hyperspectral image will lead to slow iterative convergence speed and low computational efficien‐cy of the traditional MCA algorithm ,an improved MCA algorithm is also proposed according to the characteristics of the inter‐ference hyperspectral image data ,the conditions of iterative convergence is improved ,the iteration will be terminated when the error of the separated image signals and the original image signals are almost unchanged .And according to the thought that the orthogonal basis can sparse represent the corresponding signals but cannot sparse represent other signals ,an adaptive update mode of the threshold is also proposed in order to accelerate the computational speed of the traditional MCA algorithm ,in the proposed algorithm ,the projected coefficients of image signals at the different orthogonal bases are calculated and compared in order to get the minimum value and the maximum value of threshold ,and the average value of them is chosen as an optimal threshold value for the adaptive update mode .The experimental results

  11. Spatiotemporal Pattern of Gold Content of GDP at Prefecture Level or Cities Above in China%中国地级及以上城市GDP含金量时空分异格局



    Gold content of GDP is an international general index to reflect the improvement of people's liveli-hood. For decades China's GDP and per capita GDP have been growing rapidly. However, the cost of high growth in GDP including the waste of resources, environmental pollution, urban-rural income gap, slowly rise of living standard and so on.The fundamental goal of economic growth is human all-round development. There will be real meaning that economic growth must be translated into upgrading the level of benefits of the over-whelming majority of residents. Only a reasonable income vs. GDP ratio can have reference value for the econ-omy at large. Taking the gold content of GDP as the measuring indicator, this article analyses the global trends, spatial heterogeneities and correlations of gold content of GDP for 343 cities at the prefecture level or above with panel data in 2001 and 2011 with exploratory spatial data analysis methods, of Moran's I and Getis-Ord Gi*, whereby the significance of spatial interactions and geographical location was investigated. Semi-variant function, gravity center migration and trend surface analysis was used to explore the spatiotemporal spatial pat-terns of the gold content of GDP over the 10 years with the application of ArcGIS10.0 and GeoDa095i. Influ-encing factors of gold content of GDP were tried to summarize. The results show as following:The spatial dif-ference of gold content of GDP is significantly, showing a trend of the western China>the eastern China>the middle China, and the North>the South>the Central. The calculate result of Moran's I shows that the density of gold content of GDP at prefecture level or above cities in China has a growing global spatial autocorrelation characteristic, regional disparities trend of gold content of GDP is more and more obvious. The gravity center of gold content of GDP had moved southeast on the whole from 2001 to 2011. The north of the Yellow River and the south of the Changjiang River are

  12. 重庆市部分农村居民高血压与糖尿病患病率及影响因素分析%Analysis on prevalence rate of hypertension,diabetes and its associated factors among some rural residents in Chongqing

    丁贤彬; 冯连贵; 王豫林; 沈卓之; 漆莉; 毛德强


    Objective To understand the prevalence of hypertension and diabetes and its associated factors among rural resi-dents in Chongqing ,in order to provide the evidence for conducting non-communicable disease prevention and control in rural area . Methods Rural residents aged above 18 years old were sampled by multi-stage stratified random sampling .The resident sampled was interviewed with the structured questionnaire by face-to-face and examined body weight ,height ,blood pressure ,waist circum-ference .The blood sample was taken to test fasting glucose ,2 h glucose .The associated factors of hypertension and diabetes were i-dentified by Chi-square test and the independent factors of hypertension and diabetes were identified by Logistic regression .Results A total of 2 406 rural residents were interviewed .The amount of salt in taking and oil in taking per person per day self-reported was 6 .7 g and 44 .4 g .The proportion of smoking among rural residents was 21 .0% .The proportion of alcohol use in the past 12 months was 22 .4% .32 .6% of interviewees participated in the regular physical activity .The proportion of overweight and obesity a-mong rural residents was 25 .4% and 6 .2% .The prevalence of hypertension and diabetes was 22 .0% and 9 .4% .The independent factor of hypertension was age(OR = 1 .83 ,95% CI :1 .68 - 1 .98) ,education level(OR = 0 .67 ,95% CI :0 .55 - 0 .82) ,body index(OR= 1 .68 ,95% CI :1 .44 - 1 .96) ,blood glucose(OR = 0 .60 ,95% CI :0 .51 - 0 .70) .The independent factor of diabetes was age(OR =1 .33 ,95% CI :1 .20 - 1 .48) ,gender(OR = 1 .48 ,95% CI :1 .11 - 1 .98) ,education level(OR = 0 .77 ,95% CI :0 .60 - 0 .98) ,body in-dex(OR = 1 .40 ,95% CI :1 .16 - 1 .70) and blood pressure(OR = 0 .77 ,95% CI :0 .64 - 0 .93) .Conclusion The prevalence of hyper-tension and diabetes was high .The risk factors such as unhealthy diet ,physical inactivity ,smoking ,harmful alcohol use ,overweight and obesity is common among rural residents .It should be


    Analía Del Valle Garnero


    Full Text Available

    Developments in cattle raising and the need to sidered: birth weight (BW, _20 days (W_20, weaning make herds commercially enhanced have intensified the weight (W205, yearling weight (YW and postyearling efforts to identify animals that grow and reproduce at ear-(PW, and the reproductive ones: yearling scrotal circunlier ages. In an attempt to facilitate research, through the ference (YSC and postyearling (PSC and age at first compilation and analysis of results for estimated genetic calving (AFC.The average estimates for direct, maternal parameters for productive and reproductive traits in zebu and total heritability were, respectively: 0.33; 0.09 and beef breeds, 67 publications were analyzed from both Na-0.27 (BW, 0.27; 0.08 and 0.2_ (W_20, 0.28; 0._2 and tional and international journals in the fields of Animal 0.24 (WW, 0.3_; 0._0 and 0.26 (YW, 0.35; 0.05 and Science/Fishing Resources between _995 and 2005, all of 0._8 (PW. Nearly 70% of all articles were published in which are rated A or B by the QUALIS program (2005 journals rated A, with international circulation, and 78% at CAPES’s Portal. The productive traits had been con-concern the Nelore breed.
    KEY WORDS: Age at first calving, genetic correlation, heritability, scrotal circumference, weights.

    O desenvolvimento da pecuária e a necessidade de _20 dias (P_20, desmame (P205, ano (PA e sobreano melhorar o rebanho comercialmente intensificaram os esfor-(PSA, e as reprodutivas: perímetro escrotal ao ano (PEA ços para a identificação de animais com maior precocidade e sobreano (PESA e idade ao primeiro parto (IPP. As de crescimento e

  14. 中国地理学界人居环境研究回顾与展望%Overview and Prospect of Research on Human Settlement of Chinese Geographers

    马仁锋; 张文忠; 余建辉; 王岱; 谌丽


    settlement demand based on humanism, so as to reflect the different people′s demand dif-ference for a biological suitable settlement in urban environment, the corresponding valuation indicator and sys-tem, and its evolution, and the impact from the residents′socioeconomic attributes. 2)"Space and time"dimen-sion evaluation and sustainable research on urban/rural human settlement in various scales, focusing on the evo-lution and spatial differentiation from the perspective of various scales as city cluster, between cities, within the cities and communities. 3) Expolration and establishing theory and technology route for human settlement evolu-tion research, including detection technology and methods , and data mining measures, and forecasting and emu-lation of regional/urban human settlement evolution process, mechanism and pattern. 4) Research on the con-trol of the human settlement, which will focus on the optimism route, pattern and policy for a sound manage-ment and development on the basis of its evolution′s effect factor, dynamic mechanism and pattern. 5) Estimate the human settlement system service value and establishing suitable human settlement system, including the so-cial economic and cultural value and ecology service value,which are inevitable an important field of human settlement regulating and evaluating system expolration and man-earth law revelation.%人居环境作为人地关系研究的古老而又全新领域,伴随着中国城市化与工业化进程中的环境问题备受地理、建筑、城市规划等学科关注。利用文献计量方法梳理国内地理学16种期刊刊发的180篇有关人居环境研究论文,发现国内研究:①起步晚、发展缓慢,高层次研究成果少且增长慢,以城市内部实证研究为主、理论研究较少;②研究领域主要集中在人居环境的内涵与外延、城市或乡村人居环境评价指标体系与模型、宏观尺度地理环境的宜居性与中观层面城市人

  15. B型尿钠肽检测在感染性休克相关心功能不全中的应用价值分析%Analyze the Application Value of B-type Natriuretic Peptide in Septic Shock Associated Cardiac Dysfunction



    Objective To explore the application vaule of plasma B-type natriuretic peptide (PBNP) in septic shock associ-ated cardiac dysfunction. Methods Convenient selection between May 2013 to April 2016 were selected in our hospital 90 cases of septic shock patients as the observation group, select the same period in our hospital 90 cases of hypovolemic shock patients as control group, using monoclonal heterogeneus immunoassay, detection of plasma B type natriuretic peptide levels in all patients in the morning fasting venous blood were compared between groups; the number of patients with heart failure and analysis of plasma B type natriuretic peptide levels in patients with septic shock occurred between heart failure occurred in the observation group statistics. Results ①The level of PBNP in observation group was (937.8±216.7)ng/L and in control group was (233.2±131.6)ng/L. The level of PBNP in observation group was higher than control group and the dif-ference was statistically significant (P<0.05). ②In observation group, there were 78 cases occurrence of heart failure (86.7%). And another in 12 cases, the heart function was normal (13.3%). The level of PBNP in heart failure cases was (994.6±357.1)ng/L and in normal heart function was (727.5±263.7)ng/L. The level of PBNP in the foemer was higher than the later and the difference was statistically significant(t=2.4837,P<0.05). Conclusion In septic shock patients, PBNP levels and cardiac dysfunction had been close related.%目的:探讨血浆B型尿钠肽检测在感染性休克相关心功能不全中的应用价值。方法方便选取2013年5月—2016年4月之间该院收治的90例感染性休克患者为观察组,另选取同时期该院收治的90例低血容量性休克患者为对照组,采用单克隆非均相免疫法,对所有患者于晨起空腹抽静脉血进行血浆B型尿钠肽水平检测,进行组间对比分析;统计观察组中出现心功能不全的患

  16. Significado clínico-patológico das expressões citofotométricas do Ki-67 e Caspase-3 no carcinoma de células escamosas do esôfago Clinicopathologic significance of the Ki-67 and Caspase-3 cytophotometric expressions in the esophageal squamous cell carcinomal

    Gilmar Pereira Silva


    se mostraram in-tensas sendo que a da Caspase-3 foi superior ao Ki-67 mas sem correlação com as características clínico-patológicas.BACKGROUND: The esophageal squamous cell carcinoma treatment strategy is still based on the tumor staging, where tumor histopathologic charac-teristics are the major determinants. In parallel, studies have been developed in order to better understand the tumor biology using immunohistochemical meth-ods with manual quantification evaluating the proliferative and apoptotic activi-ties of the cells. The disadvantages related to the manual method rose the de-velopment of computerized ways to do the image analysis. OBJETIVES: To verify the expressions of the markers Ki-67 (proliferative and Caspase-3 (apoptotic and to correlate them with the clinic and pathologic characteristics of the tumor. METHODS: Twenty-nine paraffin embedded blocks were studied, each one con-taining tissue samples from patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma submitted to esophagectomies. The clinic and pathological data were obtained from histopathologic informations and from medical records. The slides were prepared following the routine immunohistochemical method until the point to utilize the specific antibodies (MIB-1 and CPP32. Positive quantification of the immunoreactivity to the proteins Ki-67 and Caspase-3 was performed by the software for computerized image analysis SAMBA (Systeme d' Analyse Micro-photometrique a Balayage Automatique. Statistical analysis was done having P3cm; and lesions located in the lower third of the organ. The mean score indexes found were 62.05% for Ki-67 and 86.06% for Caspase-3 and there was no correlation with the clinic or pathologi-cal characteristics as gender, age and tumor staging. There was significant dif-ference of Ki-67 expression among the histological grades (P=0.047 and corre-lation between the evaluated indexes (r=0.41 and P=0.032. CONCLUSION: The protein expressions were high and the Caspase-3 protein

  17. Comparison of Sedative Effect of Dexmedetomidine and Midazolam on Patients with Comprehensive ICU Me-chanical Ventilation%右美托咪定与咪达唑仑用于ICU机械通气患者的镇静效果比较

    吴翔; 陶飞; 吴晓第; 娄侠儒


    OBJECTIVE:To compare the sedative effects of dexmedetomidine and midazolam in patients with comprehensive ICU mechanical ventilation. METHODS:74 patients in ICU were randomly divided into dexmedetomidine group (37 cases) and midazolam group (37 cases). Based on mechanical ventilation,dexmedetomidine group received 200 μg Dexmedetomidine injec-tion,dissolving in 48 ml 0.9% Sodium chloride injection,pumped by 1 μg/kg within 30 min,then adjusted to 0.2-0.7 μg/(kg·h) by micropump. Midazolam group received 30 mg Midazolam injection,dissolving in 44 ml 0.9% Sodium chloride injection, pumped by 0.05 mg/kg within 15 min,then adjusted to 0.04-0.20 mg/(kg·h)by micropump. The sedative effects,clinical indica-tors(weaning time,extubation time,time of mechanical ventilation,ICU hospitalization time)and the incidence of adverse reac-tions in 2 groups were observed. RESULTS:There was no significant difference in the sedative effects(P>0.05);weaning time, extubation time,and ICU hospitalization time in dexmedetomidine group were significantly shorter than midazolam group,the dif-ferences were statistically significant(P<0.05);the incidence of total adverse reactions in dexmedetomidine group was significant-ly lower than midazolam group,the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). CONCLUSIONS:Dexmedetomidine show similar sedative effects with midazolam in patients with comprehensive ICU mechanical ventilation,shorter weaning time,extuba-tion time,ICU hospitalization time,and lower incidence of total adverse reactions than midazolam.%目的:比较右美托咪定与咪达唑仑用于重症医学科(ICU)机械通气患者的镇静效果。方法:74例ICU收治的患者,按随机数字表法分为右美托咪定组(37例)与咪达唑仑组(37例)。在机械通气治疗的基础上,右美托咪定组患者给予右美托咪定注射液200μg,溶于0.9%氯化钠注射液48 ml中,先给予负荷剂量1μg/kg于30 min内泵入完毕,再调整以0

  18. Ⅳ期维吾尔族NSCLC患者EML4-ALK、EGFR基因突变状态及生存分析%EML4-ALK and EGFR mutation status and survival analysis in Uygur with stageⅣNSCLC

    王强; 张峤; 曹燕珍; 陶洁; 单莉


    目的 探讨棘皮动物微管样蛋白4-间变淋巴瘤激酶(EML4-ALK)和表皮生长因子受体(EGFR)基因突变状态与未经系统酪氨酸激酶抑制剂(TKIs)治疗的Ⅳ期维吾尔族非小细胞肺癌(NSCLC)患者长期生存的关系.方法 收集97例未经TKIs治疗的Ⅳ期维吾尔族NSCLC患者的组织标本,分别运用FISH及ARMS方法检测EML4-ALK基因融合及EGFR基因突变状态并进行生存分析.结果 97例Ⅳ期维吾尔族NSCLC组织中,6例(6.2%)存在EML4-ALK基因融合,26例(26.8%)存在EGFR基因突变.生存分析显示,EML4-ALK基因融合患者与EML4-ALK基因未融合患者总生存期(OS)差异无统计学意义(P=0.941),EGFR基因突变患者与EGFR野生型患者OS比较差异无统计学意义(P=0.607).EGFR/EML4-ALK综合突变对Ⅳ期维吾尔族NSCLC患者长期生存发现,EGFR突变型组、EML4-ALK阳性组、EML4-ALK阴性+EGFR野生型组患者中位OS分别为17.7、17.3、16.2个月,差异无统计学意义(P=0.915).结论 在排除TKIs治疗影响的情况下,EML4-ALK融合基因与EGFR基因突变状态尚不能作为评估Ⅳ期维吾尔族NSCLC患者预后的独立因素.%Objective To investigate the relationship between the echinoderm microtubule associated protein like 4-anaplastic lymphoma kinase (EML4-ALK) and epithelial growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation status and overall survival (OS) in Uygur patients with stageⅣnon-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who did not accept tyrosine kinase inhibitor treat-ment. Methods Totally 97 tissue samples were collected from Uygur patients with stageⅣNSCLC who did not accept tyro-sine kinase inhibitor treatment. EML4-ALK fusion gene and EGFR mutation status were detected by using FISH and ARMS methods. The survival rates were analysed. Results In 97 tissue samples, EML4-ALK fusion genes were found in 6 (6.2%) samples, EGFR mutations were found in 26 (26.8%) samples. The survival analysis showed that there was no significant dif-ference in OS between EML4

  19. 不同桩核抗折强度与修复后牙根抗折性的实验研究%Experiment research on fracture resistance of different post-cores and fracture strength of roots restored with different post-cores

    李琳; 宋兵; 黄靖婕; 韩晶


    different post-cores:Group A2 Cr-Co alloy post-core, Group B2 glass fiber post resin core, Group C2 quartz fiber post resin core, and Group D2 CAD/CAM zirconium post-core, which were then restored with porce-lain full crown. The experimental samples were embedded in the resin blocks. The loads were fixed on the universal testing machine and loaded until fracture. The instantaneous force was recorded and failure patterns were observed. Results Test one:the fracture resistance of post-cores were Group A1>Group D1>Group C1>Group B1, and the dif-ferences between four groups were all statistically significant (PGroup D2>Group B2>Group C2. The difference between Group B2 and Group C2 was not statistically significant (P>0.05), but differences between the other groups were all significant (P0.05). Conclusion Cr-Co alloy post-core can bear a higher bite, but the risk of destructive root fracture in repaired glass fi-ber post and quartz fiber post are the lowest, and CAD/CAM zirconium post is between the two. The mechanical prop-erties and clinical needs should be taken into consideration when choosing a suitable material in clinical use.

  20. Effects of Transcutaneous Electrostimulation of Auricular Concha at Different Stimulating Frequencies and Duration on Acute Seizures in Epilepsy Rats%不同频率和持续时间经皮电刺激耳甲区对大鼠癫痫发作抑制作用的比较

    王晓宇; 尚红燕; 何伟; 石宏; 景向红; 朱兵


    Objective To observe the inhibitory effect of auricular concha transcutaneous electrostimulation (ACTES) of different frequencies and duration on acute seizures in epilepsy rats so as to select a better stimulating parameter for relieving epilepsy. Methods According to the stimulation duration of ACTES, 44 Sprague-Dawley rats were randomized into:30 s, 5 min, 10 min, and 30 min groups. Epilepsy model was duplicated by intraperitoneal injection of PTZ (pentylenetetrazol, 50 mg/kg). Cerebral field potentials delivered from the fixed 4 recording electrodes array (A-P: -3 -6, L: 4-6, H: 1. 5) and re-ference electrode (a fixed screw) touching the cerebral dura surface were recorded using a data acquisition system (CerebusTM 5. 0 system). Transcutaneous electrostimulation (1 mA, duration 500 ijs) of frequency 2 Hz, 20 Hz and 100 Hz was applied to auricular concha by using an electric stimulator. The anti-epileptic effects of ACTES were evaluated by using the duration and rate of seizure suppression. Results (Dthe anti-epileptic effect of 20 Hz -ACTES was markedly longer than those of 2 Hz and 100 Hz in the duration of seizure suppression (P<0. 05). (2) After 2 Hz-ACTES, the anti-epileptic effects (duration and inhibitory rate) in 30 s-stimulation group were markedly longer than those of the 5 min-, 10 min- and 30 min-stimulation groups ( P<0. 01. P<0. 05). (3) After 100 Hz-ACTES, the anti-epileptic effects (duration and rate of seizure suppression) in the 30 min-stimulation group were markedly longer than those in the 30 s-, 5 min- and 10 min-stimulation group (P<0. 01, P<0. 05). Conclusion ACTES at 20 Hz can effectively lessen epileptic seizures, and under fixed stimulating frequencies of 2 Hz and 100 Hz, the anti-epileptic effects of 30 s ACTES and 30 min-ACTES are obviously better in epilepsy rats.%目的:比较不同频率经皮电刺激耳甲区对大鼠癫痫发作的影响,以明确不同刺激频率及刺激持续时间所产生的抑制效应的

  1. 蛔虫抗原基因ALAg表达载体的构建及其重组蛋白诱导小鼠的免疫保护研究%Construction of expression vector of ALAg and immune protection of its recombinant protein induced in mice

    何光志; 刘安胜; 安传伟; 查高武; 张鹏; 田维毅; 王平; 王文佳; 奚锦; 俞琦; 王乾宇; 黄高; 蔡琨


    69.26%, and the dif-ference among the 3 groups showed statistical significances (P < 0.01). The IgG levels(A450 value)of the rALAg-FCA, FCA and PBS groups were 0.858±0.003, 0.149±0.004 and 0.134±0.004, respectively, there were statistical differences among them (P < 0.01). Conclusion ALAg can be used as a candidate gene of genetic engineering vaccine of Ascaris lumbricoides.

  2. Evaluation of Water Resources System Vulnerability in Southern Hilly Rural Region Based on the GIS/RS-Take Hengyang Basin as an Example%基于GIS/RS的南方丘陵区农村水资源系统脆弱性评价--以衡阳盆地为例

    邹君; 郑文武; 杨玉蓉


    The traditional econometric model is mostly utilized in water resources vulnerability assessment field. In recent years, the author and his research teams have studied the water resources vulnerability problem in Hengyang Basin using the traditional method. In order to explore better water resources vulnerability quanti-tative assessment method, in this article, GIS and RS technology was used to evaluated the vulnerability of wa-ter resources system in Hengyang Basin. Using GIS/RS method, take Hengyang Basin as the research region, construct a water resource vulnerability evaluation index system based on GIS and RS which contains natural vulnerability (NV), human vulnerability (HV) and burden vulnerability (BV) three aspects and include aver-age precipitation, drought index during 7-9, slope index, soil water storage ability index, vegetation index, land use index, water availability index and human activity index 8 specific index. The index system has great dif-ferences to the indicator system of the traditional method. Firstly, use the human activity index to replace the series of index in original social and economic aspects of the traditional method. Secondly, increase water re-sources availability index and land use index to replace series of indicators about artificial vulnerability index in traditional method. Eight thematic data layers were generated after index data digitization and layer edit pro-cessing. Water resource vulnerability of Hengyang Basin was calculated using the spatial analysis model. The results show that water resources system vulnerability space distribution shows the situation of "north and south low, middle high", Hengyang in the north, Qidong in the west and Hengnan in the centeris the highest water resource vulnerability areas. And LeiYang in the sourth, and Hengdong in the northeastis the water re-source vulnerability low value areas. The evaluation results have good similarity between water resource vul-nerability evaluation method

  3. Observe Curative Effect of Recombinant human interferon combined with hormone in the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary interstitial fibrosis patients%重组人干扰素-γ联合激素治疗特发性肺间质纤维化患者临床研究

    郝春阳; 王坤宇; 高巍; 李晓楠; 高俊杰; 刘丽


    ,Ⅲ-C) and collagen type IV (Collagen Type IV, IV-C), hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic, acid, HA) level; in addition, to observe the changes of the two groups before and after treatment in patients with clinical symptoms, chest CT, pulmonary diffu-sion function index.Results Before treatment, III-C, IV-C, HA levels of patients in the two group showed no significant dif-ference ; after the treatment, the study group III -C, IV-C, HA levels were (49.57±4.31) ng/mL, (64.39±17.98) ng/mL, (79.01 ±22.84) ng/mL, the control group III-C, IV-C, HA levels were (80.36±5.09) ng/mL, (73.33±18.94) ng/mL, (90.944±21.67) ng/mL, there was significant difference ; the study group of patients with dyspnea, irritating cough, activity and pulmonary dif-fusion function improvement rate were52%,56%,60% and64%, control group were24%,24%28% and32%, respectively, there was significant difference.ConclusionIFN- gamma ray combined with hormone therapy for IPF can effectively improve the patients with dyspnea, irritating cough and other symptoms, improve its activity ability and pulmonary diffusion function, and which can improve the degree of pulmonary fibrosis, it is worthy of promotion.

  4. 老年人群颈围与代谢综合征及各代谢组分的相关性分析%Relation of neck circumference with metabolic syndrome and its components in the elderly

    高素颖; 于凯; 冀瑞俊; 王拥军; 颜应琳; 赵永娜; 张广波; 李芳; 刘东亮


    Objective To study the relation of neck circumference with MS and its components in the elderly .Methods A total of 4412 Renqu permanent residents aged 60-70 years were divided into group A (n=1115) with their neck circumference≤33 .80cm ,group B (n=1139) with their neck circumference being 33 .81-35 .80 cm ,group C (n=1143) with their neck circumference be‐ing 35 .81-38 .00cm ,and group D (n=1015) with their neck circumference>38 .00 cm .The cut point of neck circumference was analyzed according to the ROC curve by logistic regression analy‐sis .Results The BMI ,waist circumference ,blood pressure ,and serum FBG ,LDL‐C ,UA levels in‐creased while the serum HDL‐C level decreased with the increasing neck circumference (P<0 .05 , P<0 .01) .The cut point of neck circumference was 37 .75/34 .15 cm with a predictive accuracy of 78 .7% and 76 .1% respectively for MS in males and females .The detection rate of MS ,central obesity ,high TG ,low HDL‐C ,hypertension ,diabetes mellitus was significantly higher in patients with a higher cut point of neck circumference than in those with a lower cut point of neck circum‐ference (67 .41% vs 24 .93% ,84 .26% vs 30 .59% ,45 .95% vs 21 .98% ,55 .01% vs 31 .67% , 91.20% vs 80 .40% ,29 .33% vs 13 .89% ,P<0 .01) .Conclusion Neck circumference is closely related with MS and its components ,and plays an important role in early prediction and preven‐tion of MS .%目的:探讨老年人群颈围水平与代谢综合征(M S )及各代谢组分的相关关系。方法随机整群抽样法以任丘市年龄60~70岁的常住居民4412例为调查者,根据颈围进行4分位分组,A组1115例(颈围≤33.80 cm ),B组1139例(颈围33.81~35.80 cm),C组1143例(颈围35.81~38.00 cm),D组1015例(颈围>38.00 cm),采用ROC曲线分析判断颈围的界值,采用 logistic回归分析。结果 A、B、C、D组体质量指数、腰围、血压、空

  5. 一体化瞬态高温智能存储测试系统设计%Design of incorporate intelligent test system for transient high temperature

    石正全; 李新娥; 郝晓剑


    storage and processing modules and the wireless communication modules were also designed. What is more, an integrated design was made. Adopting the ZigBee module to set the parameters ( power up and down,trigger level and measuring range) of the several intelligent temperature probing tips,the sys-tem solves the problems of transient temperature parameter test in special testing environment,with AVR and FPGA as the main chip. The actual test results proves that the system can accurately obtain the transient high temperature parameters of the measured temperature field with the characteristics of the wireless remote control,micro power consumption,high precision,high impact resistance,anti-inter-ference,miniaturization,working stability and high reliability,which is suitable for testing and recording the transient high temperature parameters of harsh testing environment.

  6. 山楂水提取物对猪离体冠状动脉环的舒张作用研究%Vasodilative Acts of Water Extract from Crategi Fructus on Isolated Porcine Coronary Artery Rings

    郑晓俊; 胡志强


    precontracted with KC1 (30 mmol·L-1) in a concentra-tion-dependent manner. There was no significant difference in vasorelaxation response of coronary artery rings pretreated with KB-R7943, 4-AP and Gli and those without pretreatment to water extract from Crategi Fructus (P> 0.05). There was significant dif-ference in vasorelaxation response of coronary artery rings pretreated with TEA and BaCl2 and those without pretreatment to water extract from Crategi Fructus(P<0.05). CONCLUSION: Water extract from Crategi Fructus could produce vasodilatation effect on KC1 pre-contracted porcine coronary artery rings in concentration-dependant manner. The relaxation of the porcine coronary artery rings may be not associated with Na+/Ca2+ exchanger, KV channel and K+-ATP channel but K+/Ca2+ and KiR channel

  7. 心理护理干预在耐多药结核病患者中的效果探讨%Observation on the Effect of Psychological Nursing Intervention on Patients with Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis



    therapeutic effect, satisfaction and anxiety during hospitalization were compared between the two groups. And the clinical application value of individualized nursing intervention method was investigated. Results The significant absorption rate, absorption rate and overall effective rate of focus absorption in the psychological nursing interven-tion group was much better than that in the control group, respectively, the differences were statistically significant (P<0.05); the level of satisfaction of the psychological nursing intervention group was significantly higher than that of the control group, the dif-ference was statistically significant(P<0.05). The status of anxiety of the psychological nursing intervention group was obviously bet-ter than that of the control group, and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion Psychological nursing inter-vention is helpful to improve the condition of the patients and nursing satisfaction, reduce the anxiety of the patients, so it is wor-thy of further popularization and application.

  8. 综合康复护理对老年血管性痴呆的认知功能及日常生活自理能力的影响%Influence of comprehensive rehabilitation nursing on cognitive function and ability of daily living activities of elderly patients with vascular dementia



    Objective To implement comprehensive rehabilitation nursing among elderly patients with vascular dementia and discuss its influence on the cognitive function and ability of daily living activities in order to provide guidance for clinical application.Methods Fifty-six elderly patients with vascular dementia admitted to Xiangya Hospital of Central South University from March 2010 to August 2012 were selected and randomly divided into the study group and the control group using the random number table,with 28 patients in each group.The study group was given comprehensive rehabilitation nursing measures and the control group was given conventional nursing measures.The minimental state examination (MMSE),Hasegawa Dementia Scale (HDS),Clinical Dementia Scale (CDR),Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS-RC),simple Fugl-Meyer motor function score (FMA),activities of daily living scale (ADL) and social function activity questionnaire (FAQ) were given to both groups of patients before the intervention and 4 weeks after the intervention,and the results were recorded and compared.Results In the study group,there existed statistical dif ference in each scale score between before the intervention and after the intervention (P < 0.05).In the control group,there existed statistical difference in only MMSE,CDR,HDS and FAQ scores between before the intervention and af ter the intervention (P < 0.05),and the other scores were not different (P > 0.05 s).At the end of the 4th week after the intervention,the study group had a MMSE score of (19.85±3.14),HDS score of (24.84±2.38),WMS-RC score of (68.23±8.72),FMA score of (68.71±14.19),ADL score of (67.38±14.28) and FAQ score of (5.42±1.05),which were all higher than those of the control group,with significant difference (P < 0.05).Conclusion For elderly patients with vascular dementia,the implementation of a comprehensive rehabilitation nursing can improve the patient's cognitive function and ability of daily living activities

  9. A study on the relationship between neck circumference and obesity related indexes and metabolic disorders associated with insulin resistance%颈围与肥胖相关指标及胰岛素抵抗相关代谢紊乱的关系研究

    高素颖; 张会玲; 李孝华; 颜应琳; 于凯; 冀瑞俊; 王拥军; 赵永娜; 张广波; 孔娅娜


    Objective To investigate the potential relationship between neck circumference and obesity related indexes and metabolic disorders associated with insulin resistance.Methods A random cluster sampling method was used to identify study population among the 4 412 60 -70 years old permanent residents in Renqiu region.Face to face health questionnaire,physical examination,laboratory tests were used.According to the gender group,the correlation between neck circumference and obesity related indexes and metabolic disorders associated with insulin resistance were analyzed.Results Comparing neck circumference and waist circumference,waist height ratio, and body mass index(BMI) of man and woman respondents,the differences were statistically significant.Neck circum-ference and waist circumference,waist height ratio,and BMI had positive correlation(male:r =0.752,0.695 and 0.761.W:r =0.707,0.655,0.721,all P <0.01).Increased trends of neck circumference,waist circumference,waist height ratio and BMI coincided with increased trend of thypertension,diabetes,hyperlipidemia and hyperinsulinemia and hyperlipidemia,and no gender differences.With the increase of the neck circumference,the incidence of above mentioned diseases also increased accordingly.Conclusion Neck circumference was associated with obesity related indexes and metabolic disorders associated with insulin resistance.Neck circumference measurement can be used as an effective indicator of central obesity,and had great significance for early prediction and prevention of metabolic disorders associated with clinical insulin resistance.%目的:探讨颈围与肥胖相关指标及胰岛素抵抗相关代谢紊乱之间的关系。方法采用整群随机抽样法以任丘市年龄60~70岁的常住居民4412例为调查对象,进行面对面健康问卷调查、体格检查、实验室检测。根据男女性别分组,分析颈围与肥胖相关指标及胰岛素抵抗相关的代谢紊乱之间的相关性。结果

  10. 维A酸联合常规三联药物治疗口腔白斑的临床观察%Clinical Observation of Vitamin A Acid Combined with Triple-drug in the Treatment of Oral Leukoplakia

    宋惠珠; 於俊


    OBJECTIVE:To observe the efficacy and safety of vitamin A acid combined with vitamin A,vitamin E,celecoxib in the treatment of oral leukoplakia. METHODS:104 patients with oral leukoplakia were randomly divided into control group(52 cases) and observation group (52 cases). Control group received 1 Vitamin A soft capsule,3 times a day+1 Vitamin E soft cap-sule,3 times a day+1 Celecoxib capsule,twice a day. Observation group additionally received 1 Vitamin A acid tablet,twice a day. 4-week was regarded as 1 treatment course,it lasted for 3 courses. Clinical efficacy,and leukoplakia number,maximum diam-eter of leukoplakia,immunoglobulin A(IgA),IgM,IgG before and after treatment,and the incidence of adverse reactions in 2 groups were observed. RESULTS:The total effective rate in observation group was significantly higher than control group,the dif-ference was statistically significant(P0.05). After treatment,leukoplakia number,maximum diam-eter of leukoplakia,IgA and IgM in 2 groups were significantly lower than before,and observation group was lower than control group,IgG was significantly higher than before,and observation group was higher than control group,the differences were statisti-cally significant (P0.05). CONCLUSIONS:Vitamin A acid combined with vitamin A,vitamin E,celecoxib shows obvious efficacy in the treatment of oral leukoplakia,it can effectively reduce clinical symptoms,improve immune function,with good safety.%目的:观察维A酸联合维生素A、维生素E、塞来昔布治疗口腔白斑的疗效和安全性。方法:104例口腔白斑患者随机分为对照组(52例)和观察组(52例)。对照组患者口服维生素A胶丸1粒,每日3次+维生素E胶丸1粒,每日3次+塞来昔布胶囊1粒,每日2次。观察组患者在对照组治疗的基础上口服维A酸片1片,每日2次。两组均以4周为1个疗程,共治疗3个疗程。观察两组患者的临床疗效,治疗前后白斑数目、白斑最大直径、免

  11. Effects of Competition on Sleep Patterns of Elite Female Water Polo Players%优秀女子水球运动员备战重要国际比赛过程中睡眠模式的变化规律

    廖鹏; 龚大力; 陈欣; 高小勤; 王爱文; 张晓丹


    to the preparation for the Super Final. Sleep behaviors and mental function were monitored continuously using PSQI,SDS,SAS,and sleep dietary. Results:1)The PSQI were above 5 score in all 3 periods. No significant dif⁃ferences among different periods were revealed related to PSQI,SDS,and SAS. 2)The bedtime and getup time of nocturnal sleep in the warm-up and compe⁃tition periods were significantly delayed than that of the training period. No significant differences among different periods were revealed related to time asleep in the evening. 3)The sleep latency of warm-up period was significantly extended than that of the training period. 4)The total sleep and siesta time, and the percentage of time from siesta in the warm-up and competition periods were significantly elevated than that of the training period. 5)The incidence of nocturnal sleep30 min,and PSQI>5 had significantly differences among different periods. No significant differences among different peri⁃ods were revealed related to time awake,nightmare,daytime sleepiness,and subjective poor sleep quality incidence. Conclusion:Elite female water polo ath⁃letes showed signs of sleep fragmentation and delayed sleep syndrome prior to and during important competition.

  12. 6种观赏植物吸收甲醛能力比较研究%Comparison of ability of absorbing formaldehyde among 6 species of indoor ornamentals

    曹受金; 潘百红; 田英翠; 王贵武


    standard (0.08 mg·m~(-3)), their absorption capacity is as follows: Ficus benjamina > Sansevieria trifasciata > Epipremnum aureum > Aglaonema modestum > Monstera deliciosa > Begonia semperflorens-hybr. The absorption capacity of the formaldehyde amount per unit of leaf area is as follows: Sansevieria trifasciata > Ficus benjamina > Monstera deliciosa > Agiaonema modestum > Epipremnum aureum >Begonia semperflorens-hybr. (3) According to the net ratio of absorption and the absorption capacity of the formaldehyde amount per unit of leaf area, the absorption capacity of the plants falls into two categories: the plants that absorb more formaldehyde include: Aglaonema modestum, Epipremnum aureum, Sansevieria trifasciata, Monstera deliciosa, Ficus benjamina. (There is a striking dif-ference when compared to the blank group (P<0.05)); those which absorb less formaldehyde include: Begonia semperflorens-hybr. (There is no striking difference when compared to the blank group).

  13. 饲喂酸化奶对犊牛采食量、腹泻率、血清生化及免疫指标的影响

    韩静; 周天琪; 王鸿英; 王东; 郭爽; 马树刚; 孟庆江; 刘景喜; 曹学浩; 王永颖; 陈龙宾; 何茹; 潘振亮; 王丽学


    control group was 190%higher than the experiment group;while at the age of 30 d to 60 d,the experiment group was 516.67% higher than the control group,the average feed intake of the all 60 d in the control group was 600% higher than the experiment group. (3)Inci-dence of diarrhea in the control group was 8.33% higher than the experiment group,and the diarrhea frequency in the control group was 2.93% higher than the experiment group. (4)In the blood biochemical indices,the urea in the control group was 18.63%higher than the experiment group (P< 0.05);total cholesterol in the control group was 35.76% higher than the experiment group(P<0.001);while total protein,glucose and triglyceride content had no significant difference be-tween the control group and the experiment group.However,the total protein in the age of 60 d was 10.30%higher than the age of 30 d (P<0.001),the glucose in the age of 30 d were 8.99%higher than the age of 60 d (P<0.05),and triglyceride in the age of 30 d were 76.61%higher than the age of 60 d (P<0.001).(5)The Immunoglobulin content had no significant dif-ference between the handle and over time.The resules indicated that the feeding patterns t hat acidified milk randomly and feeding in a group significantly reduced the calf diarrhea and was advantageous to the protein metabolism and fat deposits,while reduce the calf pellet intake.

  14. 比索洛尔联合音乐疗法对原发性高血压患者静息心率及交感神经活性的影响%Effect of Bisoprolol Combined with Music Therapy for Stabilizing Resting Heart Rate and Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Essential Hypertension Patients

    唐雪敏; 景颖颖


    Objective To observe the effect of bisoprolol combined with the music therapy for stabilizing the resting heart rate and sym-pathetic nerve activity in the patients with essential hypertension. Methods Totally 186 patients with essential hypertension were randomly divided into the control group,observation group 1 and observation group 2,62 cases in each group. The control group was treated by Amlodipine Besylate Tablets,the observation group 1 was added with bisoprolol on the basis of the control group and the observation group 2 was combined with the music therapy on the basis of the observation group 1. The treatment in 3 groups lasted for 30 d. Results The systolic and diastolic blood pressure of the 3 groups were significantly decreased than before treatment( P < 0. 05),but there was no statistically significant difference among 3 groups( P ? 0. 05). The decrease of resting heart rate after treatment in the con-trol group was unobvious compared with before treatment( P ? 0. 05),but which in the observation group 1 and 2 were obvious,the dif-ference was statistically significant( P < 0. 05);the decrease in the observation group 2 was more significant than that in the observation group 1( P < 0. 05). The plasma norepinephrine,renin and angiotensin Ⅱlevels after treatment in the observation group 1 and 2 were decreased significantly( P < 0. 05),but only plasma norepinephrine and renin levels in the control group were decreased( P < 0. 05),the angiotensin Ⅱlevel had no significant change( P ? 0. 05);in the comparison among groups,the 3 indexes levels in the observation group 1 and 2 were lower than those in the control group,moreover the decrease in the observation group 2 was more significant than that in the observation group 1( P < 0. 05). The occurrence rate of adverse reactions during the treatment process had no significant differences among 3 groups. Conclusion Bisoprolol combined with the music therapy in the treatment process of essential hypertension

  15. 产业发展与区域创新中的长三角城市网络--基于搜索引擎超链接的分析%Yangtze-River Delta city networks in cyberspace in respect of industrial development and regional innovation:Based on the analysis of hyperlinks provided by search engines

    戚云亭; 汪明峰


    通过搜集和处理互联网中的关键词数据,本文测度了在产业发展和区域创新两个方面的长三角城市网络空间体系,并研究了长三角城市之间的网络协作关系。研究表明,网络信息空间中的长三角城市网络与传统的城市网络存在较大差异,主要体现在中小城市表现活跃,以及平面化网络特征。但本文的分析也表明,城市地理区位、地理邻近性及网络信息传播的特征是影响网络信息空间中的城市网络的主要因素。总的来说,网络信息空间中的城市网络形成是一个复杂机制的结果,在信息传播和基础地理条件等各种因素的相互作用中持续演化。%With the development of Internet and information technology, cy-berspace, a virtual space, has appeared in the geographic research area in ad-dition to a physical space. In cyberspace, information can be produced, spread and received in almost one second, while such a process still rely on infras-tructures in physical space. Due to that, some geographic phenomena may per-form distinctively between cyberspace and physical space. Hence, there may be some new discoveries, both in theoretical and practical aspects, if differ-ences between two spaces could be studied. From last century, there have been geographers who have studied the European and American cities networks through immigrants, traffic flows, goods flows and other indicators which can be mea-sured in physical space. Until now, there are also some geographers putting their attention on cities networks in cyberspace, including Castells, Zook and so forth, whose researches inspire the paper a lot. Under such a background, the paper focus on cities network in Yangtze-River Delta, exploring the dif-ference between cyberspace and physical space and causes behind it. The paper chooses two key issues in future development of Yangtze-River Delta cities (as The Planning of Yangtze-River Delta Region in The

  16. An analysis of risk factors in anastomotic stricture after thoracospic repair of congenital esophageal atresia%胸腔镜技术治疗先天性食管闭锁术后食管狭窄的相关因素分析

    陶俊峰; 黄金狮; 陶强; 陈快; 樊玮; 刘智文; 徐美汉


    .The risk factors were identified through univariate analysis and multivariate logistic regression analysis. Results Dif-ferences were found in weight,age,thoracoscopic operation learning curve in univariate analysis,and in anasto-motic leakage、Gap length and GER in.multvariate analysis.The differences were statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion Esophageal stricture after thoracospic repair of congenital esophageal atresia was signifi-cantly associated with gap length,anastomotic leakage and GER,which could be prevented through reducing the tension of esophageal anastomosis,reducing the incidence of anastomotic leakage and active treatment on GER.

  17. 全血EBV DNA载量检测在儿童EB病毒感染中的应用价值%Detection of whole blood EBV DNA load in children with EB virus infection

    胡荣盛; 徐亚丽; 俞晓春; 薛静俊


    Objective To evaluate the detection of whole blood Epstein- Barr virus (EBV) DNA load in childhood EBV in-fection. Methods Two hundred and thirty- one children with active EBV infection (174 cases with primary infection and 57 cases with recurrent infection), 258 children with previous EBV infection and 45 healthy children were enrol ed in the study. Whole blood EBV DNA load was detected with automatic nucleic acid extraction method and real- time PCR. The relationship between EBV DNA load and EBV infection was analyzed. Results The positive rate of whole blood EBV in children with active EBV infection was 81.8%and the EBV DNA load was 3.99±0.96lg copies/ml. There were no significant differences between primary infection and recurrent infection groups (x2=0.419, P=0.517 and t=1.236, P=0.221, respectively). The positive rate and whole blood EBV DNA load in children with inactive EBV infection were 10.9%and 2.89±0.20lg copies/ml respectively;there were significant dif-ferences between active and inactive patients(x2=251.6, P=0.0001 and t=3.389, P=0.001, respectively) . The positive rate of whole blood EBV DNA in healthy children was 0%. The positive rate of whole blood EBV DNA in primary EBV infection group was 82.7%, which was higher than that of EBV- CA IgM positive rate (75.8%, P=0.008 ) with a poor consistency (Kappa=0.687). The sensi-tivity, specificity and accuracy of positive blood EBV DNA for diagnosis of EBV infection were 81.8%, 89.5%and 85.9%, respec-tively. Taking DNA load of 3.00lg copies/ml as cut- off value the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy for diagnosis of active EBV infection were 70.1%, 95.3%and 83.4%, respectively. Conclusion Detection of whole blood EBV DNA load can be used for di-agnosis and prognosis of EB virus infection in children.%目的:评价全血EBV DNA载量检测在儿童EB病毒(EBV)感染中的应用价值。方法将231例EBV活动感染儿童(原发感染174例,复发感染57例)、258例非活

  18. Disparities of Country Economy at Yunnan Province in China Base on the Perspective of Industrial Structure%基于产业结构视角的云南省县域经济差异研究

    陈利; 朱喜钢; 李小虎


    The purpose of this article is to study the influence of industrial structure on the economic inequali-ties among counties at the less developed Yunnan Province in China. In the process of modernization, the coun-try economy is the basic element of national economy and the ties of city with rural economic. Nowadays, Chi-nese economic operation of the prominent contradictions such as the regional inequality mostly is reflected in regional scale at countries. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the county economic difference in order to coor-dinate regional development. Yunnan as a frontier, ethnic, mountainous and poor district, it is located in the western inland and one of the most imbalanced areas with regional development in China. After studied the lit-eratures, we found the academia has not discussed the country economy from the perspective of industrial structure in Yunnan Province. So this article takes the shift share analysis and Industry decomposition of the Gi-ni coefficient methods, based on the data of statistical yearbook, to analyze the evolution of industrial structure effecting county economic difference in Yunnan Province. The results show that: the economic disparities of counties affected by the deviation of industrial structure and competition greatly, the eastern counties of the in-dustrial structure have a significant advantage, but the relative competitive advantage is weak, the western and southern counties have more competitive advantage, but less structural disadvantages than the eastern counties. In recent years, the eastern counties are dominant in the industrial structure, competitiveness, and the differ-ence between the western and southern county are widened;the results from the decomposition of the Gini co-efficient of industry indicate that the secondary industry is the leading factor causing the county economy dif-ference. In addition, the tertiary industry contributes to increase county economic difference and its impacts on

  19. Effect of ultrasonic nebulization of Shuang Huanglian double injectaion in the treatment of acute and chronic pharyngitis by ultrasonic atomizing inhalation%双黄连注射液在急慢性咽喉炎超声雾化吸入治疗中的应用效果观察

    张永平; 何峭生


    before and after treatment,duration of symptoms im-provement,recurrence of the diseaseand the clinical effectin the two groups was compared. Before and after treatment, and to improve the time of treatment,the recurrence of the disease and the clinical effect. ResultsAfter treatment,the levels of inflammatory factors 1L-1,1L-6 and TNF- in the two groups were decreased,in which andthat in the observation group(112.28±15.37,89.27±12.31,177.22±26.13) pg/ml was better than the control group(121.13±18.34, 95.36±14.27,188.29±25.94)pg/ml,and the differences there waswere significant difference(P<0.05),The dura-tionsto achieve symptoms improvement(including pharyngeal itching throat pain,pharyngeal foreign body sensation, hyperemia,mucous membrane dry)in the observation group pharyngeal itching throat pain,pharyngeal foreign body sensation,hyperemia,mucous membrane dry symptomim-provement time(3.92±1.28,4.28±1.14,4.65±1.41, 4.39±1.15)d were lower than those in the control group, the recurrence rate inof the observation group 2.22%(1/40, 2.22%)was lower than that of the control group13.33%(6/40,13.33%). And the clinical effective ratein the ob-servation group 93.33%(42/45,93.33%)was higher than that of control group77.78%(35/45,77.78%). The dif-ferences werethere was significant difference(P<0.05). ConclusionThe application efficacy of Shuang Huanglian injectaion in the treatment of acute and chronic pharyngitis by ultrasonic atomizing inhalation is effective,and the recurrence rate is low,it’s worth to be popularized in clinic.

  20. 表面增强拉曼光谱技术在食品痕量化学危害检测中的应用%Application of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy to the Determination of Trace Chemical Hazards in Food Products

    樊玉霞; 赖克强; 黄轶群


    In the present review ,we summarized the research progress in applying SERS for the determination of illegal food ad-ditives ,residual pesticides ,banned or restricted antibiotics and other drugs .The nanosubstrates used in these studies included , but were not limited to ,gold and silver nanosphere colloids ,solid surface gold coated nanosubstrates ,bimetallic nanosubstrates and spherical magnetic-core gold-shell nanoparticles ,and etc .Standard solutions of a targeted chemical were normally tested first before analysis of relevant food in which the targeted chemical was commonly detected ,and the tested food products included dairy products ,condiments (such as chili powder and spices) ,fish ,fruits and vegetables .The intensity of surface-enhanced Raman scattering signal is affected by various factors ,which makes it difficult to obtain reproducible spectra .In addition ,inter-ferences of non-targeted food components on the target molecules during SERS analyses further makes it difficult to apply SERS as a routine analytic technique ,despite its high specificity and sensitivity .Nevertheless ,SERS is a new tool with great potential for analysis of trace amounts of chemical hazards in various food products and other complex systems .%表面增强拉曼光谱(surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy ,SERS)技术是基于被测分子吸附在某些经特殊处理、具有纳米结构的金属表面具有极强拉曼散射增强效应的分子振动光谱技术。因SERS技术具有前处理简单、操作简便、检测时间短、灵敏度高等优点,在食品安全检测领域具有良好的应用前景。食品中化学危害残留超标是主要的食品安全问题之一,已引起全球的关注,SERS技术对食品中痕量化学危害的分子识别及定量分析检测的相关研究报道数量近年来呈上升趋势。本综述概括了应用SERS对食品中常被检出的非法添加物、农药残留、抗生素及其他药物残留检测中