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  1. Flexible Adaptivity in AEHS Using Policies

    Koesling, Arne; Krause, Daniel; Herder, Eelco


    Koesling, A., Krause, D., & Herder, E. (2008). Flexible Adaptivity in AEHS Using Policies. In W. Nejdl, J. Kay, P. Pu & E. Herder (Eds.), Proceedings Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems 5th International Conference, AH 2008 (pp. 410-415). July 29-August, 1, 2008, Hannover, Germany: Le

  2. Viabilidad de utilización de aditivo estabilizador de hidratación (AEH) para el reciclaje del hormigón en estado fresco: Estudio de caso en el sur de Brasil

    Kulakowski,M; Guerreiro,M; González, M.


    La generación de residuos de hormigón en las Centrales Dosificadoras (CD) se produce debido a la devolución de los residuos de los camiones hormigoneras/mezcladores, pérdidas en la tubería y en el agitador de bombas de hormigón, limpieza de los camiones y en la propia Central. El objeto de este trabajo es evaluar la viabilidad técnica y económica de utilización del aditivo estabilizador de hidratación (AEH) para la reutilización del hormigón retornado. La viabilidad técnica se evaluó midiendo...

  3. Scalable Coupling of Multiscale AEH and PARADYN Analyses for Impact Modeling


    development of homogenization theories. Licht Frottement (1987), Lene (1984), Moulinec and Suquet (1994), Bensoussan et al. (1978), and Sanchez...Lene, F. Damage Constitutive Relations for Composite Materials. Engineering Fracture Mechanics 1986, 25, (5/6), 713–728. Licht Frottement , C...substituted into the governing equations of motion. Next, the micro and macro equations are identified by selecting the appropriate coefficients to the

  4. Atypical epithelial hyperplasia of the breast: state of the art.

    Dion, Ludivine; Racin, Adelaïde; Brousse, Susie; Beltjens, Françoise; Cauchois, Aurélie; Levêque, Jean; Coutant, Charles; Lavoué, Vincent


    Atypical epithelial hyperplasia (AEH) of the breast is considered benign histological lesions with breast cancer risk. This review focuses on clinical signification and management of AEH that remains controversial. A review of published studies was performed using medline database. In this review, we fully describe the current evidence available. In particular, we describe 1) data from immunohistochemistry and molecular studies that suggest AEH is a precursor of breast cancer; 2) epidemiological studies demonstrate low rate of breast cancer in women with AEH; 3) surgical excision is necessary after diagnosis of AEH, such as lobular carcinoma in situ or atypical ductal hyperplasia, on core needle biopsy; 4) although current recommendations are evolving to fewer (if not no) excisions for flat epithelial with atypia and classic lobular neoplasia found on percutaneous biopsy (without radiologic indications for excision). Expert commentary: HEA management steel need prospective evidences, but recent retrospective data give some clue for less invasive management for some of HEA.

  5. Supervised clustering of immunohistochemical markers to distinguish atypical and non-atypical endometrial hyperplasia.

    Laas, Enora; Ballester, Marcos; Cortez, Annie; Gonin, Julie; Canlorbe, Geoffroy; Daraï, Emile; Graesslin, Olivier


    The risk of endometrial hyperplasia (EH) progressing into endometrioid endometrial cancer ranges from 1% for simple EH without atypia (EHWA) to 46.2% for atypical EH (AEH). Differentiation between both entities is crucial to determine optimal management. As preoperative diagnosis of AEH can be difficult, we aimed to establish clusters of immunohistochemical markers to distinguish EHWA from AEH. We studied 13 immunohistochemical markers (steroid receptors, pro/anti-apoptotic proteins, metalloproteinases (MMP), tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase (TIMP), CD44 isoforms) known for their role in endometrial pathology. Using supervised clustering, we determined clusters of co-expressed proteins which contributed the most in differentiating EHWA from AEH. From 39 tissue samples (17 EHWA and 22 AEH), we found three clusters of co-expressed proteins: Cluster 1 included two proteins (over-expression of estrogen receptor (ER) and under-expression of progesterone receptor (PR) B in AEH compared to EHWA); Cluster 2: an ER, PR A, MMP-2 and TIMP-1 over-expression and a PR B and TIMP-2 under-expression; Cluster 3: over-expression of ER and MMP-7 and under-expression of PR B and TIMP-2. AEH can be accurately distinguished from EHWA using a supervised clustering of immunohistochemical markers. This promising approach could be useful to improve the preoperative diagnosis of EH.

  6. Assessment of Practical Research-Based Activity Program as a Tool ...

    number of first year students finished their physiology course; Results: In this study, the twenty students ... knowledge, practical research work is best seen as a practice and not as ..... Excitement in the Classroom AEHE ERIC Higher. Education ...

  7. Risk of endometrial cancer in patients with a preoperative diagnosis of atypical endometrial hyperplasia treated with total laparoscopic hysterectomy

    Katsutoshi Oda


    Conclusion: Careful preoperative examinations, including hysteroscopy, might be useful to evaluate the risk of EC. Accordingly, we should be still careful about the possibility of overdiagnosis in patients with AEH.

  8. Patients with atypical hyperplasia of the endometrium should be treated in oncological centers

    Antonsen, Sofie Leisby; Ulrich, Lian; Høgdall, Claus


    OBJECTIVES: To examine the prevalence of undiagnosed endometrial carcinoma (EC) among women with a preoperative diagnosis of atypical endometrial hyperplasia (AEH) in correlation to age, BMI and menopause. METHODS: Data extracted from the Danish Gynecological Cancer Database (DGCD) covering women...

  9. Integrated Field Scale, Lab Scale, and Modeling Studies for Improving Our Ability to Assess the Groundwater to Indoor Air Pathway at Chlorinated Solvent Impacted Groundwater Sites


    and Depth. Environmental Science and Technology, 40 (7), 2304-2315. Beckley, L., Gorder, K., Dettenmaier, E., Rivera -Duarte, I., & McHugh, T...Analysis. AEHS Conference. San Diego . March 16. EPA/AEHS. Hodgson, A. T., Garbesi, K., Sextro, R...E., Beckley, L., Bailey, D., Gorder, K., Dettenmaier, E., Rivera -Duarte, I., Brock, S., MacGregor, I. C. (2012). Evaluation of vapor intrusion

  10. Electromagnetic energy harvester for harvesting acoustic energy



    This paper reports a suspended coil, electromagnetic acoustic energy harvester (AEH) for extracting acoustical energy. The developed AEH comprises Helmholtz resonator (HR), a wound coil bonded to a flexible membrane and a permanent magnet placed in a magnet holder. The harvester’s performance is analyzed under different sound pressure levels (SPLs) both in laboratory and in real environment. In laboratory, when connected to 50 &Omega load resistance and subjected to an SPL of 100 dB, the AEH generated a peak load voltage of 198.7 mV at the resonant frequency of 319 Hz. When working under the optimum load resistance, the AEH generated an optimum load power of 789.65 &muv. In real environment, the developed AEH produced a maximum voltage of25 mV when exposed to the acoustic noise of a motorcycle and generated an optimum voltage of 60 mV when it is placed in the surroundings of a domestic electrical generator.

  11. Metabolic and clinical markers of prognosis in the era of CT imaging in children with acute epidural hematomas.

    Ben Abraham, R; Lahat, E; Sheinman, G; Feldman, Z; Barzilai, A; Harel, R; Barzilay, Z; Paret, G


    Acute epidural hematoma (AEH), a relatively common complication of head injury in children, persists in bearing high morbidity and mortality. Early establishment of prognosis could guide optimal patient allocation, and early identification of predictive signs could assist in choosing appropriate therapeutic interventions. This study aimed to delineate expeditiously obtainable prognostic markers for determining outcome in a subset of children with AEH. We reviewed our 11-year experience with 61 consecutive children <16 years old with head trauma and isolated AEH. Treatment followed a standard advanced trauma life support protocol. A medical history was obtained, and all patients underwent neurosurgical and physical evaluations. CT scans were performed, as were laboratory tests which included arterial blood gases, glucose, electrolytes (K(+), Na(+)), hemoglobin and coagulation studies. Evaluation of the data collected on cause of injury, interval between trauma occurrence and presentation, clinical symptoms, Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) scores, vital signs, laboratory test results, physical findings and surgical versus conservative management revealed that the best single predictors of outcome following AEH were the GCS and focal neurological deficits. Of all laboratory data obtained on admission, the blood potassium, pH and glucose test results correlated significantly with prognosis. Prognosis can be adequately and expeditiously estimated by selected markers within a comprehensive evaluation of children with AEH.

  12. Contributed Review: Recent developments in acoustic energy harvesting for autonomous wireless sensor nodes applications.

    Khan, Farid Ullah; Khattak, Muhammad Umair


    Rapid developments in micro electronics, micro fabrication, ultra-large scale of integration, ultra-low power sensors, and wireless technology have greatly reduced the power consumption requirements of wireless sensor nodes (WSNs) and make it possible to operate these devices with energy harvesters. Likewise, other energy harvesters, acoustic energy harvesters (AEHs), have been developed and are gaining swift interest in last few years. This paper presents a review of AEHs reported in the literature for the applications of WSNs. Based on transduction mechanism, there are two types of AEHs: piezoelectric acoustic energy harvesters (PEAEHs) and electromagnetic acoustic energy harvesters (EMAEHs). The reported AEHs are mostly characterized under the sound pressure level (SPL) that ranges from 45 to 161 dB. The range for resonant frequency of the produced AEHs is from 146 Hz to 24 kHz and these produced 0.68 × 10(-6) μW to 30 mW power. The maximum power (30 mW) is produced by a PEAEH, when the harvester is subjected to a SPL of 161 dB and 2.64 kHz frequency. However, for EMAEHs, the maximum power reported is about 1.96 mW (at 125 dB and 143 Hz). Under the comparable SPLs, the power production by the reported EMAEHs is relatively better than that of PEAEHs, moreover, due to lower resonant frequency, the EMAEHs are more feasible for the low frequency band acoustical environment.

  13. Arterial embolization hyperthermia using As2O3 nanoparticles in VX2 carcinoma-induced liver tumors.

    Hui Yu

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Combination therapy for arterial embolization hyperthermia (AEH with arsenic trioxide (As(2O(3 nanoparticles (ATONs is a novel treatment for solid malignancies. This study was performed to evaluate the feasibility and therapeutic effect of AEH with As(2O(3 nanoparticles in a rabbit liver cancer model. The protocol was approved by our institutional animal use committee. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: In total, 60 VX(2 liver-tumor-bearing rabbits were randomly assigned to five groups (n = 12/group and received AEH with ATONs (Group 1, hepatic arterial embolization with ATONs (Group 2, lipiodol (Group 3, or saline (Group 4, on day 14 after tumor implantation. Twelve rabbits that received AEH with ATONs were prepared for temperature measurements, and were defined as Group 5. Computed tomography was used to measure the tumors' longest dimension, and evaluation was performed according to the Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors. Hepatic toxicity, tumor necrosis rate, vascular endothelial growth factor level, and microvessel density were determined. Survival rates were measured using the Kaplan-Meier method. The therapeutic temperature (42.5°C was obtained in Group 5. Hepatotoxicity reactions occurred but were transient in all groups. Tumor growth was delayed and survival was prolonged in Group 1 (treated with AEH and ATONs. Plasma and tumor vascular endothelial growth factor and microvessel density were significantly inhibited in Group 1, while tumor necrosis rates were markedly enhanced compared with those in the control groups. CONCLUSIONS: ATON-based AEH is a safe and effective treatment that can be targeted at liver tumors using the dual effects of hyperthermia and chemotherapy. This therapy can delay tumor growth and noticeably inhibit tumor angiogenesis.

  14. Patients with atypical hyperplasia of the endometrium should be treated in oncological centers

    Antonsen, Sofie Leisby; Ulrich, Lian; Høgdall, Claus


    OBJECTIVES: To examine the prevalence of undiagnosed endometrial carcinoma (EC) among women with a preoperative diagnosis of atypical endometrial hyperplasia (AEH) in correlation to age, BMI and menopause. METHODS: Data extracted from the Danish Gynecological Cancer Database (DGCD) covering women......- and postoperative diagnoses. Secondary outcomes were relationship to BMI, age and menopause. RESULTS: The preoperative diagnosis of AEH was retained in 41% of 773 cases and 59% had endometrial cancer. Of the cancer cases, 18% had more than Stage I disease and 3% were non-endometrioid. Cancer risk was significantly...

  15. Effect of different extraction procedures on antimicrobial activity of marine bivalves: A comparison

    Sharma, S.; Chatterji, A.; Das, P.

    was assessed on the antimicrobial activity. Antimicrobial assay was carried out against 8 bacterial strains (3 Gram positive and 5 negative bacteria) and 1 species of fungi. The AEH extracts showed higher activity against the tested organisms as compared to Me...

  16. Adaptive Learning Objects Sequencing for Competence-Based Learning

    Karampiperis, Pythagoras; Demetrios, Sampson


    Lifelong learning refers to the activities people perform throughout their life to improve their competence in a particular field. Although adaptive educational hypermedia systems (AEHS) bare the potential to provide personalized learning experiences based on individual’s knowledge, skills, and comp

  17. Assessing Acceptance of Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems: Prior Knowledge vs Cognitive Styles

    Freddy Mampadi


    Full Text Available Perceived usefulness and ease of use have proved to be key determinants of the acceptance and usage of e-learning systems. On the contrary, little is known about students perceptions in Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems (AEHS. In this paper, the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM was utilized to investigate university students attitudes towards AEHSs. The goal of the study was to investigate whether students perceptions towards AEHS that adapts basing on cognitive styles were comparable to perceptions of students using AEHS that adapts basing on prior knowledge. This is part of a project to determine how prior knowledge and cognitive styles could be combined in AEHS to maximize learning and comprehension of educational materials. To this end, the study presented in this paper developed two AEHSs, one tailored to students prior knowledge while the other to their cognitive styles with emphasis on Holist-Serialist dimension. Comparative effects of using the two systems employing perceptions and attitudes as a measure were then investigated. In total, 104 students participated in the study, 60 students using the prior knowledge version while 44 participated on the cognitive styles version. The findings indicate that students using the cognitive styles version had more positive attitudes and perceptions towards their version than those who used the prior knowledge version. The implications of these results for the design of effective AEHSs combining prior knowledge and cognitive styles are discussed.



    EHIOInternacia Klubo de Asocio de Esperantis-toj Handikapuloj en Pardubice elkore invitas vinal Internacia Renkontio aranota antaǔ SATkongreso de 21.-24.Ⅶ.1999 en Pardubice.Internacia Klubo de AEH,Na Okrouhliku 953/21,530 03 Pardubice,ehio.(Asoeio de Esper-

  19. Informative value of some endocrine homeostatic parameters in the formation of endometrial cancer risk groups

    Yu. S. Sidorenko


    Full Text Available Twenty-five patients with atypical endometrial hyperplasia (AEH and 90 patients with Stages I-II endometrial cancer (EC were followed up. The patients’ mean age was 44.3±2.1 years. A control group consisted of 20 healthy women matched for age. Before treatment, the authors determined the blood levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortisol by radiometric assay and the content of daily excreted cortisol, cortisone, tetrahydrocortisol, tetrahydrocortisone, 11-hydroxy-17-ketosteroids, estrone, estradiol, and pregnanediol by the conventional classical studies.The nature of the impaired synthesis and metabolism of sex and adrenocorticoid hormones and their degree have been found to coincide, which suggest that it is expedient to use these findings to form EC risk groups in patients with AEH in the late reproductive period.

  20. Computer morphometry: experience in the study of clinical value in endometrial precancer

    A. Kh. Bishtavi


    Full Text Available The differential diagnosis of simple endometrial hyperplasia (SEH, complex endometrial hyperplasia (CEH, atypical endometrial hyper- plasia (AEH, and endometrial cancer (EC is associated with a number of difficulties, frequently giving rise to different interpretations of the same histology specimens.Objective: to assess the possibilities of computed morphometry in endometrial hyperplasia.Subjects and methods. The investigation included 35 patients, including 12 with SEH, 11 with CEH, 7 with AEH, and 5 with EC. Endome- trial computed morphometry was performed using the ImageScope Color.Conclusion. The morphometric changes in endometrial hyperplasia, which are expressed in quantitative indicators, are much more diverse than their schematic image in the current classification, which may be a reason for a difference between the diagnoses.

  1. JPRS Report. East Europe: Reference Aid, Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in the Bulgarian Press


    lawsuit; affairs A Ul, A2, A3, H T. H AeH Ha onepauHATa (BT H T-bH HaTaTtK ) .) OPH, TpeTH D (Dl, D2 , D3 i t. n.) Day of operation (first...Economics Institute BHT . BHTaMHH vit. vitamin BHTM BHCUJ HHCTHTXT 3a TeaTpajiHO H3K/CTBO VITI Higher Institute of Theater Arts BMTM3 BHCUI

  2. Engine Handling.


    Multivariable Control for tho F100 turbofan angina" AGAND -PEP 54 A, Cologne, Octobro 1979). Elbas permottent d’obtonir aisiment lee gains do rigulation d’un...trio exigeant A ce nivoau. Los calculo 4’int~gration du syotime adjoint sont trio p~nalisanto en tempo de calcul. LuA vatu g.aeh d & apt~If adjoint

  3. Purification and characterization of an arginine ester hydrolase from the venom of Trimeresurus mucrosqumatus in Hunan province of China

    YU Xiao-dong; LI Bo; YU Zheng-ping


    Objective: To study the physical and chemical properties of an arginine ester hydrolase from the venom of Trimeresurus mucrosqumatus in Hunan province of China. Methods :The arginine ester hydrolase (AEH) was isolated from the venom of Chinese Trimeresurus mucrosqumatus by a combination of ionexchange chromatography on DEAE-Sephadex A-50, CM-Sepharose Cl-6B and gel filtration on Sephadex G-100. Results: The purified protein named TM-AEH,a glycoprotein with carbohydrate content of 0.5 % neutral hexose and 0. 75 % sialic acid,a relative molecular mass of 29.0 kDa,and an isoelectric point (pI) of 5. 2. It shares with an extinction coefficient (E0.1%/cm) of 1.332 at 280 nm,consisted of 225 amino acid residues ,and migrated as a band under reduced or non-reduced condition in basic PAGE. TM-AEH was a highly thermostable protein and was stable to pH changes between 5 and 9. The optimum temperature and optimum pH were 55℃ and 8. 4 for its catalytic activity respectively,which was inhibited by Fe3+ and Cu2+. Conclusion:This protein can exhibit higher BAEE-hydrolysing activity and fibrinogenolytic activity as compared to that of whole venom.

  4. Expression and clinical significance of ghrelin in endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma of Egyptian patients.

    Younes, Sheren Fouad; Aiad, Hayam; Kandil, Mona; El Kalashy, Fatma Samir


    Endometrial carcinoma ranks the seventh most common malignant tumor worldwide. The distinction between atypical endometrial hyperplasia (AEH) and endometrial carcinoma, especially the well-differentiated grade, is particularly difficult with overlapping distinguishing criteria and small biopsy. Ghrelin is 28 amino acid peptide that is synthesized by gastric mucosa and is expressed in a variety of normal and tumor tissues. In endometrial tissue, it is expressed during the menstrual cycle, involved in the uterine development and cyclic growth. Data regarding role of Ghrelin in endometrial carcinoma are contradictory. In the present study, immunohistochemical expression of Ghrelin was evaluated in 55 endometrioid carcinoma cases, as well as 26 endometrial hyperplasia cases. The relationship between Ghrelin expression and clinicopathologic features of endometrioid carcinoma was studied as well. Ghrelin loss or reduced expression was significantly related to endometrioid carcinoma, especially the well-differentiated type, compared with AEH and EIN (p = 0.000 and 0.006, respectively). Ghrelin loss was also related to poorly differentiated histologic grades of endometrioid carcinoma (p = 0.04). Ghrelin loss is helpful in differentiation between AEH and EIN from endometrioid adenocarcinoma, especially the well-differentiated grade. It could be also related to poor differentiation.

  5. Angioedema recorrente – caso clínico

    Sandrina Martins


    Full Text Available Introdução: O Angioedema hereditário (AEH é uma causa rara de angioedema recorrente, resultante de um defeito a nível do gene que codifica o inibidor do C1 esterase (C1 -INH. O edema envolve predominantemente os tecidos da face, membros, trato gastrointestinal e área genital. O envolvimento da laringe, apesar de menos frequente, constitui a expressão clínica mais grave, sendo potencialmente fatal. Caso clínico: Descreve -se o caso clínico de uma criança do sexo feminino de oito anos de idade referenciada à consulta de pediatria por episódios recorrentes de angioedema. O estudo efetuado revelou tratar -se de um caso de AEH. Discussão: O diagnóstico, estabelecido com base no quadro clínico, estudo do complemento e história familiar, é de importância fundamental considerando que o AEH é potencialmente fatal e exige uma terapêutica específica.

  6. [Algorithm for diagnosis and treatment of hereditary angioedema as a tool for management].

    Baeza, María Luisa; Caballero Molina, Teresa; Crespo Diz, Carlos; González-Quevedo; Guilarte Clavero, Mar; Hernández Fernández de Rojas, Dolores; Lobera Labairu, Teófilo; Marcos Bravo, Carmen; Navarro Ruiz, Andrés; Navarro Ruiz, A; Poveda Andrés, José Luis; Poveda Andrés, J L; Cebollero, María Antonia; Cebollero de Torre, A


    Introducción: El angioedema hereditario es una enfermedad rara de baja prevalencia y gran heterogeneidad en la gravedad del cuadro clínico, lo que dificulta su diagnóstico, y establece la necesidad de iniciar un tratamiento precoz y específico con el fin de evitar complicaciones. Objetivo: Proponer un algoritmo de decisión en el angioedema hereditario (AEH), basado en la evidencia disponible, sobre el diagnóstico, valoración clínica y tratamiento. Se trata de presentar opciones terapéuticas disponibles, así como un algoritmo de decisión para seleccionar el tratamiento más eficiente en cada momento. Material y Métodos: Revisión bibliográfica mediante una búsqueda a través de PubMed y otras fuentes de interés. Resultados: Se han desarrollado cuatro algoritmos de decisión para el AEH; diagnóstico de angioedema mediado por bradicinina, tratamiento del ataque agudo y profilaxis a corto y largo plazo del AEH por déficit del inhibidor C1. Conclusiones: La aplicación de un algoritmo de decisión, en función de unas variables clínicas, ayuda a la selección de la opción terapéutica más eficiente en cada momento y puede ser un instrumento de utilidad en el abordaje terapéutico.

  7. Facile and selective synthesis of oligothiophene-based sensitizer isomers: an approach toward efficient dye-sensitized solar cells.

    Feng, Quanyou; Zhang, Qian; Lu, Xuefeng; Wang, Hong; Zhou, Gang; Wang, Zhong-Sheng


    Two sets of isomeric organic dyes with n-hexyl (DH and AH) or 2-ethylhexyl (DEH and AEH) groups substituted at the spacer part have been designed and straightforwardly synthesized via a facile and selective synthetic route. The structure difference between the isomers stands at the position of the incorporated alkyl chains which are introduced into the terthiophene spacer close to the donor (D) or anchor (A) side. The relationship between the isomeric structures and the optoelectronic properties are systematically investigated. It is found that, in the D series dyes, the alkyl group is much closer to the aromatic donor moiety, which brings about strong steric hindrance and therefore causes a remarkable twist in the molecular skeleton. In contrast, a more planar chemical structure and more effective π-conjugation are realized in the A series dye isomers. Consequently, the A series isomeric dyes demonstrate bathochromically shifted absorption bands, resulting in the improved light-harvesting capability and enhanced photo-generated current. However, the D series isomeric dyes with more twisted molecular skeleton have suppressed the intermolecular interactions and retarded the charge recombination more efficiently, which induces higher open-circuit photovoltage. Combining the two effects on the performance of the fabricated dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC), the influence from the short-circuit photocurrent plays a more significant role on the power conversion efficiency (η). As a result, isomer AEH-based DSSC with quasi-solid-state electrolyte displays the highest η of 7.10% which remained at 98% of the initial value after continuous light soaking for 1000 h. Promisingly, a η of 8.66% has been achieved for AEH-based DSSC with liquid electrolyte containing Co(II)/(III) redox couple. This work presents the crucial issue of molecular engineering and paves a way to design organic sensitizers for highly efficient and stable DSSCs.

  8. Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activities of Hibiscus sabdariffa petal extracts in Wistar rats

    Abba P. Obouayeba; Lydie Boyvin; Gervais M. M'Boh; Sekou Diabat and eacute;; Tanoh H. Kouakou; Allico J. Djaman; Jean D. N'Guessan


    Background: Hibiscus sabdariffa is a medicinal plant rich in phytochemical compounds, which is the source of its biological properties. This study on the aqueous extract of H. sabdariffa (AEHS) was conducted to assess its hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties. Methods: It was carried out with 25 Wistar rats divided into five groups. Two groups were treated with a solution of NaCl 0.9%. One group was treated with silymarin at a dose of 25 mg/kg body weight (BW). Two other groups were ...

  9. Missile Aerodynamic Parameter and Structure Identification from Flight Test Data


    MODEL AEhODYNAMIC MATHEMATICAL MODELo |.rrtrr . x Body Force AQC y Body Forco A0(CyR + Cy6 rAr) I "Body Force AQ(Cz ax + Cz6,6q) Moment About x 0 MOment...TIME isec) (g’) FLTEE RESDUAL, a (h) FILTER RESIDUAL, w I I 0.4 A5 l I I t theI ISI I I II II I’ W 1 I &I - -_ __-+I 171 -0.06 •l-’ l • , -,I.o ’- "r

  10. Influencia del tipo de hormigón y de acero, y de las características geométricas de la estructura, en los costes de materiales y en la superficie ocupada por los pilares en estructuras de edificios de hormigón armado con forjado unidireccional

    Gómez Hermoso, J.


    Full Text Available The project and construction experience of building structures permit to affirm that greatest part of this structures usually are concrete frames with one way slab. This is the reason to develop this systematic study about the influence that concrete and steel used have in this structures. The aim is to give some criteria to geometric structure definition and the materials choice. We have calculated 80 structure buildings modified the height (small, intermediate and tall, with 5,12 and 20 tipical flats over ground, respectively, the concrete class (HI 75, H200, H250, H300, H400 y H500, the steel types (AEH400 and AEH500, the distance between columns (short and long, 5,00 and 6,00 m, respectively and the slab depth (24. 26 and 29 cm. When the calculation results were obtained (as shown on a set of tables and graphs, we made an analysis of materials cost (concrete and steel and the surface occupied for the columns.

    La experiencia en el proyecto y ejecución de estructuras de edificación permite afirmar que, en un porcentaje muy elevado de ocasiones, se encuentran constituidas por pórticos de hormigón armado y forjados unidireccionales. Este hecho ha sido la causa fundamental que ha motivado el desarrollo de este estudio sistemático sobre la influencia que en estas estructuras puede tener el tipo de hormigón y acero utilizados, persiguiendo como objetivo final facilitar unos criterios para la definición geométrica de la estructura y la elección de materiales. Se ha procedido al cálculo de 80 edificios clasificados en función de la altura (bajo, medio y alto, con 5, 12 y 20 plantas tipo sobre rasante, respectivamente, el tipo de hormigón (H175, H200, H250, H300, H400 y H500, el tipo de acero (AEH400 y AEH500, la luz entre pilares (corta y larga, con 5,00 y 6,00 m, respectivamente y el canto del forjado (24, 26 y 29 cm, siendo la viga plana. Tras la obtención de los resultados (presentados en una serie de tablas y gráficos, se

  11. Atendimento à saúde de crianças e adolescentes em situação de violência sexual, em quatro capitais brasileiras

    Suely Ferreira Deslandes

    Full Text Available O artigo analisa a atenção à saúde de crianças e adolescentes em situação de violência sexual (VS na rede pública municipal de saúde de quatro capitais brasileiras – Porto Alegre (RS, Belém (PA, Fortaleza (CE e Campo Grande (MS –, enfocando a disponibilidade de serviços e a oferta de atendimentos, tais como a anticoncepção de emergência hormonal (AEH, profilaxias para doenças sexualmente transmissíveis (DSTs e interrupção legal da gravidez (ILG. O método de estudo de casos foi conduzido por entrevistas semiestruturadas, com vinte gestores e técnicos do nível central, representantes das secretarias municipais de saúde, e de análise documental. A atenção é desigual entre as capitais. Considerando-se a alta demanda, há baixa oferta de serviços em três delas. Os atendimentos especializados, como AEH e ILG, encontram resistências dos profissionais e setores religiosos. Destacam-se inovações de dois Centros Integrados de Atenção e de um Centro de Atenção Psicossocial Pós-Trauma.

  12. Evaluation of jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas byproduct hydrolysates obtained by acid-enzymatic hydrolysis and by autohydrolysis in practical diets for Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei

    Mayra Lizett González-Félix


    Full Text Available The marine bioprocessing industry offers great potential to utilize byproducts for fish meal replacement in aquafeeds. Jumbo squid is an important fishery commodity in Mexico, but only the mantle is marketed. Head, fins, guts and tentacles are discarded in spite of being protein-rich byproducts. This study evaluated the use of two jumbo squid byproduct hydrolysates obtained by acid-enzymatic hydrolysis (AEH and by autohydrolysis (AH as ingredients in practical diets for shrimp. The hydrolysates were included at levels of 2.5 and 5.0% of the diet dry weight in four practical diets, including a control diet without hydrolysate. Shrimp growth and survival were not significantly affected by the dietary treatments. Postharvest quality of abdominal muscle was evaluated in terms of proximate composition and sensory evaluation. Significantly higher crude protein was observed in the muscle of shrimp fed the highest hydrolysate levels, AH 5% (204.8 g kg- 1 or AEH 5% (201.3 g kg- 1. Sensory analysis of cooked muscle showed significant differences for all variables evaluated: color, odor, flavor, and firmness. It was concluded that Jumbo squid byproducts can be successfully processed by autohydrolysis or acid-enzymatic hydrolysis, and that up to 5.0% of the hydrolysates can be incorporated into shrimp diets without affecting growth or survival.

  13. Menstrual cyclic change of metastin/GPR54 in endometrium.

    Baba, Tsukasa; Kang, Hyun Sook; Hosoe, Yuko; Kharma, Budiman; Abiko, Kaoru; Matsumura, Noriomi; Hamanishi, Junzo; Yamaguchi, Ken; Yoshioka, Yumiko; Koshiyama, Masafumi; Mandai, Masaki; Murphy, Susan K; Konishi, Ikuo


    Metastin/kisspeptin is encoded by KISS1 and functions as an endogenous ligand of GPR54. Interaction of metastin with GPR54 suppresses metastasis and also regulates release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which promotes secretion of estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P4). We have previously demonstrated epigenetic regulation of GPR54 in endometrial cancer and the potent role of metastin peptides in inhibiting metastasis in endometrial cancer. However, little is known about how the metastin-GPR54 axis is regulated in the endometrium, the precursor tissue of endometrial cancer. Endometrial stromal cells (ESCs) and endometrial glandular cells (EGCs) within the endometrium show morphological changes when exposed to E2 and P4. In this study, we show that metastin expression is induced in ESCs through decidualization, but is repressed in glandular components of atypical endometrial hyperplasia (AEH) and endometrial cancer relative to EGCs. The promoter of GPR54 is unmethylated in normal endometrium and in AEH. These results indicate metastin may function in decidualized endometrium to prepare for adequate placentation but this autocrine secretion of metastin is deregulated during oncogenesis to enable tumor cells to spread.

  14. Angioedema hereditario: Historia familiar y manifestaciones clínicas en 58 pacientes Hereditary angioedema: Family history and clinical manifestations in 58 patients

    Diego S. Fernández Romero


    Full Text Available El angioedema hereditario (AEH es una enfermedad rara, autosómica dominante, caracterizada por episodios de angioedema que comprometen la piel, el tracto gastrointestinal y la laringe. Analizamos las características epidemiológicas y clínicas en una serie de 58 pacientes, 53 (91% con diagnóstico de AEH tipo I y 5 (9% con tipo II. La edad media al inicio fue de 10.8 ± 9.5 años (0.1 a 59 y de 25.8 ± 16.2 años (2 a 77 en el momento del diagnóstico, con un retraso diagnóstico de 15.3 ± 14.3 años. El promedio de ataques en los 6 meses previos a la consulta fue de 7.4 ± 7.6 (0 a 40. Cincuenta y cuatro (93% presentaron ataques cutáneos, 50 (86% abdominales, 24 (41% laríngeos y 24 (41% cutáneos y abdominales combinados. Veintisiete (46.5% nunca utilizaron medicación preventiva para la enfermedad y 17 (29% recibieron danazol en diferentes dosis por diferentes periodos de tiempo. Durante los ataques, 15 (26% pacientes recibieron C1 inhibidor endovenoso alguna vez, 7 (12% recibieron plasma fresco y 40 (69% tratamiento sintomático. Ansiedad o situaciones de estrés y traumatismos fueron los desencadenantes más frecuentes. Identificamos a 6 (10% pacientes como primera mutación y a 52 (90% con historia familiar previa. Analizamos 20 troncos familiares identificando 205 individuos en riesgo de heredar la enfermedad, 109 (53% de ellos con síntomas o diagnóstico AEH. El total de individuos con síntomas de AEH fue de 145, de los cuales 19 (13% murieron por asfixia. Disminuir el retraso diagnóstico y ofrecer una terapéutica adecuada son desafíos a afrontar en el AEH.Hereditary angioedema (HAE is a rare autosomal dominant disease, characterized by episodes of edema typically involving the skin, gastrointestinal tract and larynx. We here describe the epidemiologic and clinical characteristic of a series of 58 patients with diagnosis of HAE, 53 (91% type I and 5 (9% type II. The mean age at first symptom was 10.8 ± 9.5 years and the mean

  15. Methods of rock burst prediction

    Genkin, V.A.; Minin, Yu.Ya.; Morozov, G.D.; Proskuryakov, V.M.; Cmirnov, V.A.


    Some methods of predicting rock bursts in underground coal and iron ore mines are evaluated: using BP-18 indenters and the MGD indenter with automatic recording; seismic method consisting in measuring the speed of shock waves travelling through various layers (apparatus SB-20 is designed for use in coal mines); electrometric method (measuring resistance between two electrodes when electric currents flow through coal and rocks). The design of the AEhSSh-1 measuring instrument, used in the electrometric method in coal mines is also described. Each of the methods is described and mathematical fomulae used as their theoretical basis are presented. The calculating process is explained and brief information on the design and use of the measuring instrument is given. The methods are evaluated from the viewpoint of precision. (In Russian)

  16. Weaving Together Space Biology and the Human Research Program: Selecting Crops and Manipulating Plant Physiology to Produce High Quality Food for ISS Astronauts

    Massa, Gioia; Hummerick, Mary; Douglas, Grace; Wheeler, Raymond


    Researchers from the Human Research Program (HRP) have teamed up with plant biologists at KSC to explore the potential for plant growth and food production on the international space station (ISS) and future exploration missions. KSC Space Biology (SB) brings a history of plant and plant-microbial interaction research for station and for future bioregenerative life support systems. JSC HRP brings expertise in Advanced Food Technology (AFT), Advanced Environmental Health (AEH), and Behavioral Health and Performance (BHP). The Veggie plant growth hardware on the ISS is the platform that first drove these interactions. As we prepared for the VEG-01 validation test of Veggie, we engaged with BHP to explore questions that could be asked of the crew that would contribute both to plant and to behavioral health research. AFT, AEH and BHP stakeholders were engaged immediately after the return of the Veggie flight samples of space-grown lettuce, and this team worked with the JSC human medical offices to gain approvals for crew consumption of the lettuce on ISS. As we progressed with Veggie testing we began performing crop selection studies for Veggie that were initiated through AFT. These studies consisted of testing and down selecting leafy greens, dwarf tomatoes, and dwarf pepper crops based on characteristics of plant growth and nutritional levels evaluated at KSC, and organoleptic quality evaluated at JSCs Sensory Analysis lab. This work has led to a successful collaborative proposal to the International Life Sciences Research Announcement for a jointly funded HRP-SB investigation of the impacts of light quality and fertilizer on salad crop productivity, nutrition, and flavor in Veggie on the ISS. With this work, and potentially with other pending joint projects, we will continue the synergistic research that will advance the space biology knowledge base, help close gaps in the human research roadmap, and enable humans to venture out to Mars and beyond.

  17. Trait differences between naturalized and invasive plant species independent of residence time and phylogeny

    Gallagher, R V; Randall, R P; Leishman, M R


    inclusion of quantitative traits, in particular SLA, into the WRA schemes. Diferencia de Características entre Especies de Plantas Naturalizadas e Invasoras Independientes del Tiempo de Residencia y de la Filogenia Resumen La habilidad para predecir cuáles plantas exóticas harán la transición de naturalizadas a invasoras antes de su introducción a regiones nuevas es un objetivo clave para la conservación y tiene el potencial de incrementar la eficiencia de la evaluación de riesgo de hierbas (ERH). Sin embargo, múltiples factores contribuyen al éxito invasor de las plantas (p. ej.: características funcionales, características de cobertura, tiempo de residencia, filogenia) y todos deben considerarse simultáneamente para poder identificar correlaciones significativas del éxito invasor. Recopilamos en Australia 146 parejas de especies de plantas invasoras y naturalizadas emparejadas filogenéticamente (congéneres) y con tiempos de residencia mínima similares (es decir, el tiempo transcurrido desde su introducción en años). Estas parejas se usaron para probar diferencias en cinco características funcionales (duración de la floración, tamaño de la hoja, altura máxima, área específica de la hoja [AEH], masa de la semilla) y en tres características de cobertura nativa de las especies (ocupación de bioma, temperatura media anual y amplitud de pluviosidad) entre especies invasoras y naturalizadas. Las especies invasoras, en promedio, tuvieron una mayor AEH, periodos de floración más largos y fueron más altas que sus parientes congéneres naturalizadas. Las invasoras también exhibieron una mayor tolerancia a diferentes condiciones ambientales en su cobertura nativa, donde ocuparon más biomas y una mayor amplitud de pluviosidad y condiciones de temperatura que sus congéneres naturalizadas. Sin embargo, ni la masa de la semilla ni el tamaño de hoja difirieron entre las parejas de especies naturalizadas e invasoras. Un hallazgo relevante fue el papel de

  18. Brincar no hospital: estratégia de enfrentamento da hospitalização infantil Playing in the hospital: coping strategy in child hospitalization

    Alessandra Brunoro Motta


    Full Text Available Estudos indicam que a hospitalização pode afetar o desenvolvimento da criança, interferindo na qualidade de vida. Para lidar com essa situação, o brincar tem funcionado como estratégia de enfrentamento. Procurando-se avaliar a importância dada ao brincar pela criança e caracterizar atividades lúdicas possíveis no hospital, 28 crianças hospitalizadas com câncer (6-12 anos, em Vitória/ES, foram entrevistadas e responderam a um instrumento especialmente elaborado (AEH - Avaliação das Estratégias de Enfrentamento da Hospitalização - Conjunto B: Brincar no hospital, contendo 20 desenhos de brinquedos e brincadeiras, classificados em jogos de Exercícios, Simbólicos, de Acoplagem, de Regras e Atividades Diversas. 78,6% das crianças relataram que gostariam de brincar no hospital, o que é justificado principalmente pela sua função lúdica, na companhia de outras crianças internadas. Não houve diferenças significativas nas escolhas entre as categorias de brincadeiras. O instrumento mostrou que o brincar pode ser um recurso adequado para a adaptação da criança hospitalizada, permitindo personalizar a intervenção.Studies have shown that the hospitalization can affect a child development interfering with his/her quality of life. In order to deal with this situation, the act of playing has worked as a coping strategy. With the purpose to assess of the importance children give to play and to characterize possible playful activities in the hospital, 28 children hospitalized with cancer (6-12 years in Vitória, ES, were interviewed and took part on an instrument specially developed (AEH Evaluation of the Coping Strategies of the Hospitalization - group B: Playing in the hospital, consisting of 20 drawings of toys and games classified in games of Exercises, Symbolic Game, Game of Connection, Game of Rules and a variety of Activities. 78,6% of the children said that they would like playing in the hospital, which is justified mainly

  19. Phase II study of medroxyprogesterone acetate plus metformin as a fertility-sparing treatment for atypical endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer.

    Mitsuhashi, A; Sato, Y; Kiyokawa, T; Koshizaka, M; Hanaoka, H; Shozu, M


    Metformin, widely used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, reduces the risk of cancer and relapse after treatment. Fertility-sparing treatment for endometrial cancer (EC) with progestin is associated with a high chance of disease regression, and the high relapse rate continues to be a problem. We assessed the efficacy of metformin in preventing recurrence after medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) as fertility-sparing treatment for atypical endometrial hyperplasia (AEH) and EC. This phase II study enrolled 17 patients with AEH and 19 patients with EC limited to the endometrium (age, 20-40 years). MPA (400 mg/day) and metformin (750-2250 mg/day) were administered for 24-36 weeks to achieve a complete response (CR). Metformin was administered until conception, even after MPA discontinuation. The primary end point was relapse-free survival (RFS) after remission. We analyzed all efficacy end points in the full analysis set. The body mass index was ≥25 kg/m(2) in 27 patients (mean, 31 kg/m(2); range, 19-51 kg/m(2)), and the homeostasis model assessment for insulin resistance index was ≥2.5 in 24 patients (mean, 4.7; range, 0.7-21). Two patients showed progression at 12 weeks [6%; 95% confidence interval (CI) 2-18]. At 36 weeks, 29 (81%; 95% CI 65-90) patients achieved CR, and 5 (14%; 95% CI 6-29) patients achieved partial response. During a median follow-up of 38 months (range, 9-66 months) after remission, relapse was confirmed in three of the patients who had achieved CR (relapse rate, 10%). The 3-year estimated RFS rate was 89%. No patients experienced severe toxicity. Metformin inhibited disease relapse after MPA therapy. The combination of metformin and MPA in EC treatment should be studied further. UMIN 000002210. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the European Society for Medical Oncology. All rights reserved. For permissions, please email:

  20. Assessment of Cellular Responses to Oxidative Stress using MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells, Black Seed (N. Sativa L. Extracts and H2O2

    Ibrahim O. Farah


    Full Text Available Black seed (N. Sativa L is an oriental spice of the family Ranunculaceae that has long been rationally used as a natural medicine for treatment of many acute as well as chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease and immunological disorders. It has been used in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, and dermatological conditions. There have been very few studies on the effects of N. Sativa as a chemoprevention of chronic diseases as well as in cancer prevention and/or therapy. Oxidative stress is a condition that underlies many acute as well as chronic conditions. The combination and role of oxidative stress and antioxidants in vivo is still a matter of conjecture. Our objective for the present study was to expose MCF-7 breast cancer cells in vitro (as a chronic disease example to aqueous and alcohol extracts and in combination with H2O2 as an oxidative stressor. Measurement of cell survival under various concentrations and mixtures was conducted using standard cell culture techniques, exposure protocols in 96 well plates and Fluorospectrosphotometry. Following cellular growth to 90% confluencey, exposure to water (WE and ethanol (AE extracts of N. sativa and H2O2 was performed. Cell survival indices were calculated from percent survival using regression analysis. Results showed that the alcohol extract and its mixtures were able to influence the survival of MCF-7 cells (indices ranged from 357.15- 809.50 Bg/ml in descending potency for H2O2+AE to the mix of 3. In contrast, H2O2 alone reduced effectively the survival of MCF-7 cells and the least effective combinations in descending potency were AE+H2O2, WE+H2O2, AE+WE, and WE+AE+H2O2. Mixtures other than AE+H2O2 showed possible interactions and loss of potency. In conclusion, N. Sativa alone or in combination with oxidative stress was found to be effective (in vitro in influencing the survival of MCF-7 breast cancer cells, unveiling promising opportunities in the field of cancer

  1. p16蛋白和PCNA在子宫内膜癌中的表达及其意义%Expression of p16 protein and PCNA in endometrial carcinomas



    Objective: To investigate the effect of multiple tumor suppressor gene(p16/MTS1) and proliferating cell nuclear antigen(PCNA) in the carcinogenesis of human endometrial carcinoma. Methods: The expressions of the PCNA and p16 protein were investigsted by immunohistochemical method in 8 normal endometrial tissues, 22atypical endometrial hyperplasia(AEH) and 42 endometrial carcinoma tissues. Results: The positive rate of p16 expression decreased from normal endometrial tissues and AEH to endometrial carcinoma, while the PCNA index showed inversely. The expression of p16 related to histological grade ( P<0.05) and Lymph node metastasis. The prognosis of patients with p16 negetive-expression was poor. PCNA index was associated with histological grade and surgical stage of endometrial carcinoma. PCNA index in tumors with p16 positive-expression was higher than in tumors with p16 negetive expression ( P<0.05). Conclusion: It is suggested that the inactivation of p16 gene may be involved in the carcinogenesis of endometrial carcinoma, and the expression of p16 protein may be a useful prognosticator of endometrial carcinoma.%目的探讨p16基因和PCNA在子宫内膜癌发生发展中的作用.方法采用免疫组化技术检测子宫内膜癌组织中p16蛋白和PCNA的表达.结果子宫内膜癌组织p16蛋白表达阳性率低于正常内膜组织(P《0.05),而PCNA表达高于正常内膜组织(P《0.01),p16蛋白表达与子宫内膜癌组织学分级、淋巴转移相关(P《0.05,P《0.05),PCNA指数与子宫内膜癌的临床分期、组织学分级、淋巴转移相关.p16蛋白表达阴性者预后差.结论p16基因和PCNA可能参与子宫内膜癌的发生发展,p16蛋白检测可做为子宫内膜癌的预后指标.

  2. Human Factors and Habitability Challenges for Mars Missions

    Whitmore, Mihriban


    As NASA is planning to send humans deeper into space than ever before, adequate crew health and performance will be critical for mission success. Within the NASA Human Research Program (HRP), the Space Human Factors and Habitability (SHFH) team is responsible for characterizing the risks associated with human capabilities and limitations with respect to long-duration spaceflight, and for providing mitigations (e.g., guidelines, technologies, and tools) to promote safe, reliable and productive missions. SHFH research includes three domains: Advanced Environmental Health (AEH), Advanced Food Technology (AFT), and Space Human Factors Engineering (SHFE). The AEH portfolio focuses on understanding the risk of microbial contamination of the spacecraft and on the development of standards for exposure to potential toxins such as chemicals, bacteria, fungus, and lunar/Martian dust. The two risks that the environmental health project focuses on are adverse health effects due to changes in host-microbe interactions, and risks associated with exposure to dust in planetary surface habitats. This portfolio also proposes countermeasures to these risks by making recommendations that relate to requirements for environmental quality, foods, and crew health on spacecraft and space missions. The AFT portfolio focuses on reducing the mass, volume, and waste of the entire integrated food system to be used in exploration missions, and investigating processing methods to extend the shelf life of food items up to five years, while assuring that exploration crews will have nutritious and palatable foods. The portfolio also delivers improvements in both the food itself and the technologies for storing and preparing it. SHFE sponsors research to establish human factors and habitability standards and guidelines in five risk areas, and provides improved design concepts for advanced crew interfaces and habitability systems. These risk areas include: Incompatible vehicle/habitat design

  3. Changed activity of cholinesterase and expression of nicotinic acetylchiline receptor in blood from the patients with vascular dementia%血管性痴呆患者血中胆碱酯酶活性及神经型尼古丁受体mRNA表达水平变化

    肖雁; 张蓝江; 齐晓岚; 单可人; 况时祥; 刘芳; 官志忠


    目的 探讨血管性痴呆(vascular dementia,VD)患者血中胆碱酯酶活性及神经型尼古丁乙酰胆碱能受体(nicotinic acetyleholine receptor,nAchR)mRNA表达的变化.方法 分组比较测定59例血管性痴呆、33例正常老年人空腹血浆胆碱酯酶浓度及血液白细胞nAchRa4、β2亚单位mRNA表达水平.结果 血管性痴呆组与对照组乙酰胆碱酯酶活性分别为(1.70±1.17nmol/min/ml,2.18±0.87nmol/min/ml),VD组与对照组相比差异有显著性(P<0.05);VD组与对照组丁酰胆碱酯酶活性分别为(61.08±38.23nmol/min/ml,70.41+28.82nmol/min/ml),相比差异无显著性(P<0.05).乙酰胆碱酯酶及丁酰胆碱酯酶均无性别的差异;VD患者血液白细胞nAchR a4亚单位mRNA表达水平(0.926±0.411)较正常对照组(1.41±0.22)降低(P<0.05);VD患者nAchR β2亚单位mR-NA表达水平(2.14±0.18)与正常对照组(2.19±0.16)差异无显著性(P<0.05).结论 血管性痴呆患者血浆乙酰胆碱酯酶活性和血液白细胞中nAehR α4亚单位mRNA表达水平较正常对照老年人降低,但丁酰胆碱酯酶和nAeh β2 mRNA无改变,这些变化可能对血管性痴呆的诊断有一定临床意义.

  4. Cyclin E gene (CCNE) amplification and hCDC4 mutations in endometrial carcinoma.

    Cassia, Raúl; Moreno-Bueno, Gema; Rodríguez-Perales, Sandra; Hardisson, David; Cigudosa, Juan C; Palacios, José


    Cyclin E overexpression occurs in a subset of endometrial carcinomas (ECs), but the molecular mechanisms underlying this alteration remain to be established. The present study has analysed amplification of the cyclin E gene (CCNE) and mutation in hCDC4, the gene coding for the F-box protein, which tags phosphorylated cyclin E for proteosomal degradation, to ascertain whether these alterations might be responsible for cyclin E overexpression in ECs. Cyclin E and p53 expression was studied by immunohistochemistry in eight atypical endometrial hyperplasias (AEHs), 51 endometrioid endometrial carcinomas (EECs), and 22 non-endometrioid endometrial carcinomas (NEECs). CCNE amplification was analysed by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Mutations in exons 2-11 of the hCDC4 gene were screened by PCR-SSCP-sequencing. Finally, the polymorphic marker D4S1610 was used to assess loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in the hCDC4 gene. Cyclin E overexpression was found in 26/81 (32%) cases and was associated with the histological type of the lesion, since it was not found in any AEHs but was present in 27% of EECs and 54.5% of NEECs (p=0.035). Cyclin E overexpression was associated with histological grade (p=0.011) and p53 immunostaining in EECs (p=0.033). CCNE amplification was found in 6 of 37 (16%) ECs examined. There was a significant association between CCNE amplification and the histological type of the lesion, since five (83%) of the six cases with amplification were NEECs (p=0.008). One EEC harboured an hCDC4 mutation: a CGA to CAA (Arg/Gln) change at codon 479. In addition, D4S1610 LOH was found in 7 of 23 (30%) informative cases analysed, but no correlation with cyclin E overexpression was found. However, the tumour with hCDC4 mutation also showed LOH. This is the first study demonstrating that cyclin E overexpression is associated with gene amplification in ECs, these alterations being more frequent in NEECs. Although hCDC4 exhibits a low mutation frequency in ECs

  5. 2013 Advanced Environmental Health/Advanced Food Technology Standing Review Panel Final Report

    Steinberg, Susan


    The 2013 Advanced Environmental Health/Advanced Food Technology (AEH/AFT) Standing Review Panel (from here on referred to as the SRP) participated in a WebEx/teleconference with members of the Space Human Factors and Habitability (SHFH) Element, representatives from the Human Research Program (HRP), and NASA Headquarters on November 22, 2013 (list of participants is in Section IX of this report). The SRP reviewed the updated research plans for the Risk of Adverse Health Effects Due to Alterations in Host-Microorganism Interactions (Host Microbe Risk) and the Risk of Performance Decrement and Crew Illness Due to an Inadequate Food System (Food Risk). The SRP also received a status update on the Risk of Adverse Health Effects of Exposure to Dust and Volatiles during Exploration of Celestial Bodies (Dust Risk). Overall, the SRP was impressed with the strong research plans presented by the scientists and staff associated with the SHFH Element. The SRP also thought that the updated research plans were thorough, well organized, and presented in a comprehensive manner. The SRP agrees with the changes made to the Host Microbe Risk and Food Risk portfolios and thinks that the targets for Gap closure are appropriate.

  6. The Impact of Chronic Aluminium Toxicity on ChAT Positive Neuron in Hippocampal CA3 Area of Rats%慢性铝中毒对大鼠海马CA3区ChAT阳性神经元的影响

    王继芬; 康朝胜; 臧贵勇; 李强明


    目的:从慢性铝中毒大鼠海马CA3区胆碱乙酰转移酶(Choline Aeetytransferase,ChAT)变化的角度,探讨铝的神经毒性作用机制.方法:40只4~5月龄SD大鼠,随机分为铝中毒组和正常对照组,采用尼氏染色及ChAT免疫组化染色,计数阳性细胞,用细胞形态学汁量方法测量ChAT阳性产物的平均光密度.结果:铝中毒组大鼠海马CA3区ChAT阻j性神经元减少,合成的乙酰胆碱(Acetychdine,Aeh)也减少.结论:铝可对大鼠海马CA3区ChAT阳性神经元产生神经毒性作用.

  7. LC-MS/MS Identification of a Bromelain Peptide Biomarker from Ananas comosus Merr

    Eric R. Secor


    Full Text Available Bromelain (Br is a cysteine peptidase (GenBank AEH26024.1 from pineapple, with over 40 years of clinical use. The constituents mediating its anti-inflammatory activity are not thoroughly characterized and no peptide biomarker exists. Our objective is to characterize Br raw material and identify peptides in the plasma of Br treated mice. After SDS-PAGE in-gel digestion, Br (VN#3507; Middletown, CT, USA peptides were analyzed via LC/MS/MS using 95% protein probability, 95% peptide probability, and a minimum peptide number = 5. Br spiked mouse plasma (1 ug/ul and plasma from i.p. treated mice (12 mg/kg were assessed using SRM. In Br raw material, we identified seven proteins: four proteases, one jacalin-like lectin, and two protease inhibitors. In Br spiked mouse plasma, six proteins (ananain, bromelain inhibitor, cysteine proteinase AN11, FB1035 precursor, FBSB precursor, and jacalin-like lectin were identified. Using LC/MS/MS, we identified the unique peptide, DYGAVNEVK, derived from FB1035, in the plasma of i.p. Br treated mice. The spectral count of this peptide peaked at 6 hrs and was undetectable by 24 hrs. In this study, a novel Br peptide was identified in the plasma of treated mice for the first time. This Br peptide could serve as a biomarker to standardize the therapeutic dose and maximize clinical utility.

  8. LC-MS/MS Identification of a Bromelain Peptide Biomarker from Ananas comosus Merr.

    Secor, Eric R; Szczepanek, Steven M; Singh, Anurag; Guernsey, Linda; Natarajan, Prabitha; Rezaul, Karim; Han, David K; Thrall, Roger S; Silbart, Lawrence K


    Bromelain (Br) is a cysteine peptidase (GenBank AEH26024.1) from pineapple, with over 40 years of clinical use. The constituents mediating its anti-inflammatory activity are not thoroughly characterized and no peptide biomarker exists. Our objective is to characterize Br raw material and identify peptides in the plasma of Br treated mice. After SDS-PAGE in-gel digestion, Br (VN#3507; Middletown, CT, USA) peptides were analyzed via LC/MS/MS using 95% protein probability, 95% peptide probability, and a minimum peptide number = 5. Br spiked mouse plasma (1 ug/ul) and plasma from i.p. treated mice (12 mg/kg) were assessed using SRM. In Br raw material, we identified seven proteins: four proteases, one jacalin-like lectin, and two protease inhibitors. In Br spiked mouse plasma, six proteins (ananain, bromelain inhibitor, cysteine proteinase AN11, FB1035 precursor, FBSB precursor, and jacalin-like lectin) were identified. Using LC/MS/MS, we identified the unique peptide, DYGAVNEVK, derived from FB1035, in the plasma of i.p. Br treated mice. The spectral count of this peptide peaked at 6 hrs and was undetectable by 24 hrs. In this study, a novel Br peptide was identified in the plasma of treated mice for the first time. This Br peptide could serve as a biomarker to standardize the therapeutic dose and maximize clinical utility.

  9. Structured extracapsular cataract extraction-intraocular lens microsurgical training: report of a trainee's experience.

    Aghaji, A E; Natchiar, G


    The aim was to report the experience an ophthalmologist gained in a structured intraocular lens (IOL) microsurgery training program for the information and benefit of colleagues in ophthalmology training institutions. An ophthalmologist was trained in extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE)-IOL implant in Aravind Eye Hospital (AEH), Madurai, for a period of 8 weeks. Details of patients operated on, procedures observed, and conferences attended were prospectively recorded in a log book. Training was available in conventional ECCE with posterior chamber IOL (ECCE-PCIOL), small incision sutureless cataract surgery, and phacoemulsification. During the period, this trainee observed a total of 1527 cataract extractions, administered 528 retrobulbar and 1047 facial blocks, and also operated on 75 patients. The trainee gained experience and confidence to perform high-quality, low-cost cataract surgery. Hands-on experience and competence in quality ECCE-IOL implant microsurgery can be acquired in a short period of time in a high-volume cataract center. Trainees can also be exposed to other techniques of cataract surgery. Ophthalmology training centers with diminishing surgical training opportunities can also benefit from this structured training in a high-volume cataract center like Aravind Eye Hospital.

  10. 全细胞高通量筛选α-氨基酸酯水解酶突变体的方法%Cell-based high throughput screening of α-amino acid ester hydrolase variants

    叶丽娟; 王佳珉; 王辂; 曹毅


    [Objective] The study aimed to develop an efficient and sensitive high-throughput method to obtain alpha-amino acid ester hydrolase (AEH) with improved activity or thermo-stability. [Methods] Standard curve was made based on the fact that hydrolysis of cefaclor in alkaline buffer yields a derivate which has specific absorbance at 340 nm. Whole cell-based ultra-violet spectrophotometric method was applied to screen the cefaclor synthesis activity of AEH variants at a high-throughput scale. [Results] Beer's Law is obeyed in the range of (0.1-0.6)xl0~3 mol/L cefaclor. The average recovery is 99.8%-101.3%. 2 300 Clones obtained by one round of site-directed saturated mutagenesis were screened by this method. Three variants with more than 1.4-fold kcat and 4 variants with T50 5 ℃ more than wild type were obtained. [Conclusion] The screening method was precise and reliable. The screen capacity can be up to 2 000 samples per day, which was in the scale of high-throughput screening.%[目的]建立高效敏感的高通量筛选方法,用于筛选头孢克洛合成活性提高或热稳定性提高的α-氨基酸酯水解酶.[方法]根据头孢克洛在碱性条件下水解生成的衍生物在340 nm处有特征吸收峰的原理,制作出标准曲线.采用全细胞96孔板紫外分光光度法高通量测定α-氨基酸酯水解酶突变体的头孢克洛合成活性.[结果]头孢克洛含量与△A340-405在(0.1-0.6)×10-3 mol/L浓度范围内有良好的线性关系,服从朗伯-比尔定律,平均回收率为99.8%-101.3%.一轮定点饱和突变产生的2 300个克隆经该方法的筛选,获得3株Kcat提高40%以上,4株半失活温度较野生型提高5℃以上的突变体酶.[结论]该方法准确可靠,每天筛选量可达到2 000个反应,达到高通量筛选的要求.

  11. A new Fortran 90 program to compute regular and irregular associated Legendre functions

    Schneider, Barry I.; Segura, Javier; Gil, Amparo; Guan, Xiaoxu; Bartschat, Klaus


    We present a modern Fortran 90 code to compute the regular Plm(x) and irregular Qlm(x) associated Legendre functions for all x∈(-1,+1) (on the cut) and |x|>1 and integer degree ( l) and order ( m). The code applies either forward or backward recursion in ( l) and ( m) in the stable direction, starting with analytically known values for forward recursion and considering both a Wronskian based and a modified Miller's method for backward recursion. While some Fortran 77 codes existed for computing the functions off the cut, no Fortran 90 code was available for accurately computing the functions for all real values of x different from x=±1 where the irregular functions are not defined. Program summaryProgram title: Associated Legendre Functions Catalogue identifier: AEHE_v1_0 Program summary URL: Program obtainable from: CPC Program Library, Queen's University, Belfast, N. Ireland Licensing provisions: Standard CPC licence, No. of lines in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 6722 No. of bytes in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 310 210 Distribution format: tar.gz Programming language: Fortran 90 Computer: Linux systems Operating system: Linux RAM: bytes Classification: 4.7 Nature of problem: Compute the regular and irregular associated Legendre functions for integer values of the degree and order and for all real arguments. The computation of the interaction of two electrons, 1/|r-r|, in prolate spheroidal coordinates is used as one example where these functions are required for all values of the argument and we are able to easily compare the series expansion in associated Legendre functions and the exact value. Solution method: The code evaluates the regular and irregular associated Legendre functions using forward recursion when |x|<1 starting the recursion with the analytically known values of the first two members of the sequence. For values of

  12. In vitro antioxidant properties, free radicals scavenging activities of extracts and polyphenol composition of a non-timber forest product used as spice: Monodora myristica.

    Moukette, Bruno Moukette; Pieme, Constant Anatole; Njimou, Jacques Romain; Biapa, Cabral Prosper Nya; Marco, Bravi; Ngogang, Jeanne Yonkeu


    Excessive production of free radicals causes direct damage to biological molecules such as DNA, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates leading to tumor development and progression. Natural antioxidant molecules from phytochemicals of plant origin may directly inhibit either their production or limit their propagation or destroy them to protect the system. In the present study, Monodora myristica a non-timber forest product consumed in Cameroon as spice was screened for its free radical scavenging properties, antioxidant and enzymes protective activities. Its phenolic compound profile was also realized by HPLC. This study demonstrated that M. myristica has scavenging properties against DPPH(•), OH(•), NO(•), and ABTS(•) radicals which vary in a dose depending manner. It also showed an antioxidant potential that was comparable with that of Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) and vitamin C used as standard. The aqueous ethanol extract of M. myristica barks (AEH); showed a significantly higher content in polyphenolic compounds (21.44 ± 0.24 mg caffeic acid/g dried extract) and flavonoid (5.69 ± 0.07 quercetin equivalent mg/g of dried weight) as compared to the other studied extracts. The HPLC analysis of the barks and leaves revealed the presence of several polyphenols. The acids (3,4-OH-benzoic, caffeic, gallic, O- and P- coumaric, syringic, vanillic), alcohols (tyrosol and OH-tyrosol), theobromine, quercetin, rutin, catechine and apigenin were the identified and quantified polyphenols. All the tested extracts demonstrated a high protective potential on the superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase and peroxidase activities. Finally, the different extracts from M. myristica and specifically the aqueous ethanol extract reveal several properties such as higher free radical scavenging properties, significant antioxidant capacities and protective potential effects on liver enzymes.

  13. 2015 Advanced Environmental Health/Advanced Food Technology Standing Review Panel

    Steinberg, Susan


    The 2015 Advanced Environmental Health/Advanced Food Technology (AEH/AFT) Standing Review Panel (from here on referred to as the SRP) met for a site visit in Houston, TX on December 14 - 15, 2015. The SRP met with representatives from the Space Human Factors and Habitability (SHFH) Element and members of the Human Research Program (HRP) to review the updated research plans for the Risk of Adverse Health Effects Due to Host-Microorganism Interactions (MicroHost Risk) and the Risk of Performance Decrement and Crew Illness due to an Inadequate Food System (Food Risk). During the meeting, the SRP also met with the vehicle engineers to discuss possible food storage options. The SRP would like to commend Dr. Oubre and Dr. Douglas for their detailed presentations, as well the frank, refreshing, and comprehensive engineering presentation. This gave much needed perspective to the food storage issues and reassured the committee about NASA's approach to the problem. In terms of critiques, the SRP remains unconvinced about the rationale for probiotic use other than for specific applications supported by the literature. It is not clear what gap or problem is being addressed by the use of probiotics, and the rationale for their use needs to be clearly rooted in the available literature. The SRP thinks that if low-Earth orbit is associated with immune system impairment, then there may additional risks linked with the use of probiotics. It is not clear to the SRP how NASA will determine if probiotics are having their intended beneficial effect. A similar concern is raised as to what gaps or problems are being addressed by "functional foods". Mixed infections, rather than single species infections, which can augment severity of disease, also represent a significant concern. Overall, the SRP considers this to be a strong program that is well-organized, well-coordinated and generates valuable data.

  14. Salmonella Typhi-specific multifunctional CD8+ T cells play a dominant role in protection from typhoid fever in humans.

    Fresnay, Stephanie; McArthur, Monica A; Magder, Laurence; Darton, Thomas C; Jones, Claire; Waddington, Claire S; Blohmke, Christoph J; Angus, Brian; Levine, Myron M; Pollard, Andrew J; Sztein, Marcelo B


    Typhoid fever, caused by the human-restricted organism Salmonella Typhi (S. Typhi), is a major public health problem worldwide. Development of novel vaccines remains imperative, but is hampered by an incomplete understanding of the immune responses that correlate with protection. Recently, a controlled human infection model was re-established in which volunteers received ~10(3) cfu wild-type S. Typhi (Quailes strain) orally. Twenty-one volunteers were evaluated for their cell-mediated immune (CMI) responses. Ex vivo PBMC isolated before and up to 1 year after challenge were exposed to three S. Typhi-infected targets, i.e., autologous B lymphoblastoid cell-lines (B-LCL), autologous blasts and HLA-E restricted AEH B-LCL cells. CMI responses were evaluated using 14-color multiparametric flow cytometry to detect simultaneously five intracellular cytokines/chemokines (i.e., IL-17A, IL-2, IFN-g, TNF-a and MIP-1b) and a marker of degranulation/cytotoxic activity (CD107a). Herein we provide the first evidence that S. Typhi-specific CD8+ responses correlate with clinical outcome in humans challenged with wild-type S. Typhi. Higher multifunctional S. Typhi-specific CD8+ baseline responses were associated with protection against typhoid and delayed disease onset. Moreover, following challenge, development of typhoid fever was accompanied by decreases in circulating S. Typhi-specific CD8+ T effector/memory (TEM) with gut homing potential, suggesting migration to the site(s) of infection. In contrast, protection against disease was associated with low or no changes in circulating S. Typhi-specific TEM. These studies provide novel insights into the protective immune responses against typhoid disease that will aid in selection and development of new vaccine candidates.

  15. GPER and ERα expression in abnormal endometrial proliferations.

    Tica, Andrei Adrian; Tica, Oana Sorina; Georgescu, Claudia Valentina; Pirici, Daniel; Bogdan, Maria; Ciurea, Tudorel; Mogoantă, Stelian ŞtefăniŢă; Georgescu, Corneliu Cristian; Comănescu, Alexandru Cristian; Bălşeanu, Tudor Adrian; Ciurea, Raluca Niculina; Osiac, Eugen; Buga, Ana Maria; Ciurea, Marius Eugen


    G-protein coupled estrogen receptor 1 (GPER), a particular extranuclear estrogen receptor (ER), seems not to be significantly involved in normal female phenotype development but especially associated with severe genital malignancies. This study investigated the GPER expression in different types of normal and abnormal proliferative endometrium, and the correlation with the presence of ERα. GPER was much highly expressed in cytoplasm (than onto cell membrane), contrary to ERα, which was almost exclusively located in the nucleus. Both ERs' densities were higher in columnar epithelial then in stromal cells, according with higher estrogen-sensitivity of epithelial cells. GPER and ERα density decreased as follows: complex endometrial hyperplasia (CEH) > simple endometrial hyperplasia (SHE) > normal proliferative endometrium (NPE) > atypical endometrial hyperplasia (AEH), ERα' density being constantly higher. In endometrial adenocarcinomas, both ERs were significant lower expressed, and widely varied, but GPER÷ERα ratio was significantly increased in high-grade lesions. The nuclear ERα is responsible for the genomic (the most important) mechanism of action of estrogens, involved in cell growth and multiplication. In normal and benign proliferations, ERα expression is increased as an evidence of its effects on cells with conserved architecture, in atypical and especially in malignant cells ERα's (and GPER's) density being much lower. Cytoplasmic GPER probably interfere with different tyrosine÷protein kinases signaling pathways, also involved in cell growth and proliferation. In benign endometrial lesions, GPER's presence is, at least partially, the result of an inductor effect of ERα on GPER gene transcription. In high-grade lesions, GPER÷ERα ratio was increased, demonstrating that GPER is involved per se in malignant endometrial proliferations.

  16. 尼古丁乙酰胆碱受体促肺癌细胞增殖及抑凋亡作用%Roles of Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors on cell proliferation and apoptosis in lung cancer

    赵云; 马晓丽


    尼古丁乙酰胆碱受体(nAchR)除具有传导神经冲动的作用外,还能促进肺癌细胞增殖、抑制肺癌细胞凋亡.烟草成分尼古丁和亚硝胺是尼古丁乙酰胆碱受体的激动剂.当前的研究表明α7nAchR是调节尼古丁促进肺癌细胞增殖的主要亚基.最新流行病学研究表明,编码nAchR的基因簇与肺癌发生密切相关.nAehR可能成为治疗肺癌有效的分子靶点,nAchR促进肺癌细胞增殖的研究将为治疗烟草相关肿瘤提供更大的帮助.%Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) can promote proliferation and inhibit apoptosis of lung cancer cell except its functions on neurotransmission. Nicotine and nitrosamine,the principal tobacco alkaloids,act through nAChR. Recent studies have shown that a7 is the main nAChR subunit that mediates the proliferative effects of nicotine in lung cancer cells. Epidemiological studies show that the genes encoding specific nAChR subunits are significantly associated with lung carcinogenesis. nAchR may be the effective molecular target of lung cancer treatment. Future studies involving the design of nAChR antagonists might identify novel strategies for the treatment of cancers related with tobacco.

  17. Genetic diversity among five T4-like bacteriophages

    Bertrand Claire


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Bacteriophages are an important repository of genetic diversity. As one of the major constituents of terrestrial biomass, they exert profound effects on the earth's ecology and microbial evolution by mediating horizontal gene transfer between bacteria and controlling their growth. Only limited genomic sequence data are currently available for phages but even this reveals an overwhelming diversity in their gene sequences and genomes. The contribution of the T4-like phages to this overall phage diversity is difficult to assess, since only a few examples of complete genome sequence exist for these phages. Our analysis of five T4-like genomes represents half of the known T4-like genomes in GenBank. Results Here, we have examined in detail the genetic diversity of the genomes of five relatives of bacteriophage T4: the Escherichia coli phages RB43, RB49 and RB69, the Aeromonas salmonicida phage 44RR2.8t (or 44RR and the Aeromonas hydrophila phage Aeh1. Our data define a core set of conserved genes common to these genomes as well as hundreds of additional open reading frames (ORFs that are nonconserved. Although some of these ORFs resemble known genes from bacterial hosts or other phages, most show no significant similarity to any known sequence in the databases. The five genomes analyzed here all have similarities in gene regulation to T4. Sequence motifs resembling T4 early and late consensus promoters were observed in all five genomes. In contrast, only two of these genomes, RB69 and 44RR, showed similarities to T4 middle-mode promoter sequences and to the T4 motA gene product required for their recognition. In addition, we observed that each phage differed in the number and assortment of putative genes encoding host-like metabolic enzymes, tRNA species, and homing endonucleases. Conclusion Our observations suggest that evolution of the T4-like phages has drawn on a highly diverged pool of genes in the microbial world. The T4

  18. Genome-wide characterization of vibrio phage ϕpp2 with unique arrangements of the mob-like genes

    Lin Ying-Rong


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Vibrio parahaemolyticus is associated with gastroenteritis, wound infections, and septicemia in human and animals. Phages can control the population of the pathogen. So far, the only one reported genome among giant vibriophages is KVP40: 244,835 bp with 26% coding regions that have T4 homologs. Putative homing endonucleases (HE were found in Vibrio phage KVP40 bearing one segD and Vibrio cholerae phage ICP1 carrying one mobC/E and one segG. Results A newly isolated Vibrio phage ϕpp2, which was specific to the hosts of V. parahaemolyticus and V. alginolyticus, featured a long nonenveloped head of ~90 × 150 nm and tail of ~110 nm. The phage can survive at 50°C for more than one hour. The genome of the phage ϕpp2 was sequenced to be 246,421 bp, which is 1587 bp larger than KVP40. 383 protein-encoding genes (PEGs and 30 tRNAs were found in the phage ϕpp2. Between the genomes of ϕpp2 and KVP40, 254 genes including 29 PEGs for viral structure were of high similarity, whereas 17 PEGs of KVP40 and 21 PEGs of ϕpp2 were unmatched. In both genomes, the capsid and tail genes have been identified, as well as the extensive representation of the DNA replication, recombination, and repair enzymes. In addition to the three giant indels of 1098, 1143 and 3330 nt, ϕpp2 possessed unique proteins involved in potassium channel, gp2 (DNA end protector, tRNA nucleotidyltransferase, and mob-type HEs, which were not reported in KVP40. The ϕpp2 PEG274, with strong promoters and translational initiation, was identified to be a mobE type, flanked by NrdA and NrdB/C homologs. Coincidently, several pairs of HE-flanking homologs with empty center were found in the phages of Vibrio phages ϕpp2 and KVP40, as well as in Aeromonas phages (Aeh1 and Ae65, and cyanophage P-SSM2. Conclusions Vibrio phage ϕpp2 was characterized by morphology, growth, and genomics with three giant indels and different types of HEs. The gene analysis on the required

  19. In silico characterization of the family of PARP-like poly(ADP-ribosyltransferases (pARTs

    Dittmar Katharina


    Full Text Available Abstract Background ADP-ribosylation is an enzyme-catalyzed posttranslational protein modification in which mono(ADP-ribosyltransferases (mARTs and poly(ADP-ribosyltransferases (pARTs transfer the ADP-ribose moiety from NAD onto specific amino acid side chains and/or ADP-ribose units on target proteins. Results Using a combination of database search tools we identified the genes encoding recognizable pART domains in the public genome databases. In humans, the pART family encompasses 17 members. For 16 of these genes, an orthologue exists also in the mouse, rat, and pufferfish. Based on the degree of amino acid sequence similarity in the catalytic domain, conserved intron positions, and fused protein domains, pARTs can be divided into five major subgroups. All six members of groups 1 and 2 contain the H-Y-E trias of amino acid residues found also in the active sites of Diphtheria toxin and Pseudomonas exotoxin A, while the eleven members of groups 3 – 5 carry variations of this motif. The pART catalytic domain is found associated in Lego-like fashion with a variety of domains, including nucleic acid-binding, protein-protein interaction, and ubiquitylation domains. Some of these domain associations appear to be very ancient since they are observed also in insects, fungi, amoebae, and plants. The recently completed genome of the pufferfish T. nigroviridis contains recognizable orthologues for all pARTs except for pART7. The nearly completed albeit still fragmentary chicken genome contains recognizable orthologues for twelve pARTs. Simpler eucaryotes generally contain fewer pARTs: two in the fly D. melanogaster, three each in the mosquito A. gambiae, the nematode C. elegans, and the ascomycete microfungus G. zeae, six in the amoeba E. histolytica, nine in the slime mold D. discoideum, and ten in the cress plant A. thaliana. GenBank contains two pART homologues from the large double stranded DNA viruses Chilo iridescent virus and Bacteriophage Aeh1

  20. Resting cerebral blood flow

    Ances, B M.; Sisti, D; Vaida, F; Liang, C L.; Leontiev, O; Perthen, J E.; Buxton, R B.; Benson, D; Smith, D M.; Little, S J.; Richman, D D.; Moore, D J.; Ellis, R J.


    Objective: HIV enters the brain soon after infection causing neuronal damage and microglial/astrocyte dysfunction leading to neuropsychological impairment. We examined the impact of HIV on resting cerebral blood flow (rCBF) within the lenticular nuclei (LN) and visual cortex (VC). Methods: This cross-sectional study used arterial spin labeling MRI (ASL-MRI) to measure rCBF within 33 HIV+ and 26 HIV− subjects. Nonparametric Wilcoxon rank sum test assessed rCBF differences due to HIV serostatus. Classification and regression tree (CART) analysis determined optimal rCBF cutoffs for differentiating HIV serostatus. The effects of neuropsychological impairment and infection duration on rCBF were evaluated. Results: rCBF within the LN and VC were significantly reduced for HIV+ compared to HIV− subjects. A 2-tiered CART approach using either LN rCBF ≤50.09 mL/100 mL/min or LN rCBF >50.09 mL/100 mL/min but VC rCBF ≤37.05 mL/100 mL/min yielded an 88% (29/33) sensitivity and an 88% (23/26) specificity for differentiating by HIV serostatus. HIV+ subjects, including neuropsychologically unimpaired, had reduced rCBF within the LN (p = 0.02) and VC (p = 0.001) compared to HIV− controls. A temporal progression of brain involvement occurred with LN rCBF significantly reduced for both acute/early (<1 year of seroconversion) and chronic HIV-infected subjects, whereas rCBF in the VC was diminished for only chronic HIV-infected subjects. Conclusion: Resting cerebral blood flow (rCBF) using arterial spin labeling MRI has the potential to be a noninvasive neuroimaging biomarker for assessing HIV in the brain. rCBF reductions that occur soon after seroconversion possibly reflect neuronal or vascular injury among HIV+ individuals not yet expressing neuropsychological impairment. GLOSSARY AEH = acute/early HIV infection; ANOVA = analysis of variance; ASL-MRI = arterial spin labeling MRI; CART = classification and regression tree; CBF = cerebral blood flow; CH = chronic HIV

  1. Seismic anisotropy in the lower crust: The link between rock composition, microstructure, texture and seismic properties.

    Czaplinska, Daria; Piazolo, Sandra; Almqvist, Bjarne


    techniques, including Voigt, Reuss, Hill, geometric mean and self-consistent and Asymptotic Expansion Homogenization (AEH) methods. To test the advantages and disadvantages of the method, results are compared to measured geophysical properties of equivalent rocks. Such comparison, allows refinement of seismic data interpretation for mid to lower crustal rocks. References: Cook, A., Vel., S., Johnson, S.E., Gerbi, C., Song, W.J., 2013. Elastic and Seismic Properties (ESP) Toolbox (beta version);

  2. The value of GnRH - a in treatment of endometrial atypical hyperplasia%GnRH-a 对子宫内膜非典型增生的治疗价值

    宋宁; 程迪; 马晓欣; 张淑兰


    Objective:To investigate the value of GnRH - a in the treatment of endometrial atypical hyperplasia (AEH). Methods:All 66 cases of endometrial atypical hyperplasia patients were randomly divided into 2 groups. The patients in group A(32 cases)were treated with GnRH - a for 6 months. Patients in group B(34 cases)were treated with progesterone therapy for 6 months. Hysteroscopy examination and endometrial biopsy were applied every three months. Results:Among the patients with mild to moderate atypical hyperplasia,there was no statistical difference in the therapeutic effect between the two groups(P > 0. 05),while GnRH - a was not as effective as progesterone in the treatment of severe endometrial atypical hyperplasia(P 0. 05). Conclusion:The therapeutic effect of GnRH - a was similar to that of medroxyprogesterone acetate in the treatment of endometrial atypical hyperplasia.%目的:探讨 GnRH - a 在子宫内膜非典型增生(AEH)中的治疗价值。方法:将66例子宫内膜非典型增生患者按照随机的原则分为2组,A 组患者(32例)使用 GnRH - a(诺雷德)治疗,每月一次,连用6个月。B 组患者(34例)使用孕激素(醋酸甲羟孕酮)连续治疗6个月。每3个月行宫腔镜检查,并行内膜活检,记录结果并进行统计学分析。结果:两组轻中度非典型性增生治疗效果,无统计学意义(P >0.05)。重度非典型增生治疗效果 GnRH - a 组低于孕激素组,P <0.05,有统计学意义。两组总的治疗效果比较,无统学意义(P >0.05)。结论:GnRH - a 用于治疗子宫内膜非典型增生效果与醋酸甲羟孕酮相似,具有每月一次的方便性,但价格较贵。

  3. 雷米芬太尼对离体人支气管平滑肌张力的影响%Effects of remifentanil on tension of human bronchial smooth muscle

    杨志军; 单红梅; 钱斌; 安裕文; 高鸿


    目的 观察雷米芬太尼(RF)对离体人支气管平滑肌张力的影响.方法 选择期行肺叶切除患者切除的肺叶支气管制作72条气管平滑肌条,随机均分为6组:对照组(C组)、RF1组、RF2组、乙酰胆碱(Ach)组、Ach+RF1组、Ach+ RF2组.采用BL-410生物机能实验系统记录气管平滑肌张力.分别在Ach组、Ach+RF1组、Ach+RF2组中加入Ach 0.1μmol/L平衡后,RF1组、Ach+ RF1组分别加入RF 4 ng/ml,RF2、Ach+RF2组分别加入RF 8 ng/ml,C组加入等量的生理盐水;记录各组每次加入Ach或RF后5、10、20 min时气管平滑肌张力.结果 RF1组、RF2组气管平滑肌张力与C组比较差异无统计学意义(P>0.05);与C组比较,Ach组、Aeh+ RF1组、Ach+RF2组气管平滑肌张力增加(P<0.05).结论 RF4、8 ng/ml对离体人支气管平滑肌张力无显著影响.%Objective To determine the effects of remifentanil(RF) on the tension of human bronchial smooth muscle (HBSM). Methods Seventy-two strips of HBSM from pulmonary lobectomy were made and equally randomized into six groups of C(put in K-H solution as the control), RF1 (added RF 4 ng/ml), RF2 (added RF 8 ng/ml) , Ach(added acetylcholine 0.1 mol/L), Ach+ RF1 (added Ach 0.1 mol/L and RF 4 ng/ml) and Ach+RF2 (added Ach 0.1 mol/L and, RF 8 ng/ml). HBSM was suspended in bath tube, superior extremity of HBSM was tied on the muscular tension energy transducer, signals of transducer were detected and recorded automatically by BL-410 functional experimental system in computer. Data of the tension were recorded respectively at 5,10, 20 min after RF was added. Results The HBSM tension of groups of RF1, RF2 and C was not significantly different, but that in groups of Ach, Ach+RF1 and Ach+RFz was higher significantly than that in group C(P<0. 05). Conclusion Remifentanil in vitro in the concentrations of 4,8 ng/ml does not affect the tension of HBSM.

  4. Sorption/desorption reversibility of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in soils and carbonaceous materials

    Wang, Guohui


    Understanding sorption/desorption is an important prerequisite for the prediction of fate and transport of pollutants in the environment. During the last two decades, numerous studies have reported hysteresis phenomenon for the interaction of hydrophobic organic contaminants (HOCs) with natural organic matter (NOM). It manifests as nonsingular sorption/desorption isotherms or different rates for sorption and desorption, where during desorption a higher affinity of a compound on a given sorbent and a longer time scale for release than for sorption is observed. Other studies showed that some of the reported sorption/desorption hysteresis phenomena are due to experimental artifacts, mainly resulting from non-attainment of sorption equilibrium before desorption experiments, which result in 'pseudo-hysteresis'. Except for the hypothesis of sorbent reconfiguration, clear experimental evidence for the physical or chemical mechanisms proposed to lead to hysteresis is still lacking. In this study, sorption/desorption equilibrium and kinetics of phenanthrene sorption/desorption from two soils and three carbonaceous samples were investigated using both batch and column techniques. The main objective of this work was to monitor hysteresis phenomenon by carefully recovering the solute mass in the system and to compare sorption/desorption equilibria and kinetics thermodynamically. Nonsingular isotherms and higher desorption enthalpies as well as increased activation energies with proceeding desorption are expected if significant hysteresis exists. Sorption-desorption cycles were carried out to compare equilibrium isotherms and associated sorption/desorption enthalpies (AeH, isosteric heats). Instead of the traditional decant-and-refill batch method, the experiments were conducted using a newly designed batch protocol, which enables the determination of sorption/desorption isotherms at different temperatures using a closed batch system. This method additionally allows

  5. Sorption/desorption reversibility of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in soils and carbonaceous materials

    Wang, Guohui


    Understanding sorption/desorption is an important prerequisite for the prediction of fate and transport of pollutants in the environment. During the last two decades, numerous studies have reported hysteresis phenomenon for the interaction of hydrophobic organic contaminants (HOCs) with natural organic matter (NOM). It manifests as nonsingular sorption/desorption isotherms or different rates for sorption and desorption, where during desorption a higher affinity of a compound on a given sorbent and a longer time scale for release than for sorption is observed. Other studies showed that some of the reported sorption/desorption hysteresis phenomena are due to experimental artifacts, mainly resulting from non-attainment of sorption equilibrium before desorption experiments, which result in 'pseudo-hysteresis'. Except for the hypothesis of sorbent reconfiguration, clear experimental evidence for the physical or chemical mechanisms proposed to lead to hysteresis is still lacking. In this study, sorption/desorption equilibrium and kinetics of phenanthrene sorption/desorption from two soils and three carbonaceous samples were investigated using both batch and column techniques. The main objective of this work was to monitor hysteresis phenomenon by carefully recovering the solute mass in the system and to compare sorption/desorption equilibria and kinetics thermodynamically. Nonsingular isotherms and higher desorption enthalpies as well as increased activation energies with proceeding desorption are expected if significant hysteresis exists. Sorption-desorption cycles were carried out to compare equilibrium isotherms and associated sorption/desorption enthalpies (AeH, isosteric heats). Instead of the traditional decant-and-refill batch method, the experiments were conducted using a newly designed batch protocol, which enables the determination of sorption/desorption isotherms at different temperatures using a closed batch system. This method additionally allows

  6. The role of length scales in bridging the gap between rock CPO and seismic signals of crustal anisotropy

    Okaya, D.; Johnson, S. E.; Vel, S. S.; Song, W. J.; Christensen, N. I.


    CPO in order to calculate the effective media associated with a structure (see W.J. Song et al., this session). Frontier issues exist to improve the connection between rock CPO and seismic signals. For quantitative analyses of anisotropic elastic tensors: *Improved averaging methods of rock CPO tensors beyond modal or volume averaging, such as asymptotic expansion homogenization (AEH). *Updated series of single-crystal elasticity measurements using modern technologies. For structural geology/tectonics and geodynamics: *Catalogue mapping functions or impulse responses associated with 3D structure. *Identify geometries of anisotropy tensors associated with different tectonic regimes. *Geodynamical modeling of crustal tectonics in order to quantify patterns of metamorphic/deformational fabrics. For seismology: *Two-layer and multi-layer seismic anisotropy methods. *Robust anisotropy tomography methods with improved resolution. *Field experiment methods designed specifically for crustal anisotropy (multi-azimuth, multi-incidence, multi-wavelength using active/passive source types). We discuss the dimensional scales of common seismic waves and earth structures. We illustrate tensor structural operators, effective media, and resulting seismic signals using anisotropic synthetic wave propagation.

  7. Effects of temperature and moisture on soil CO2 release potential under three typical land use types in the hill-gully area of the Loess Plateau%温度和水分对黄土丘陵区3种典型土地利用方式下土壤释放CO2潜力的影响

    张宏; 黄懿梅; 祁金花; 安韶山


    samples and the infrared absorption CO2 analyzer to measure soil respiration. CO2 release rate was analyzed in the laboratory using undisturbed soil samples under four temperatures of 5 °C, 15 °C,25 °C. And 35 °C;and five moisture contents of wilting water holding capacity, natural water holding capacity, fracture capillary water holding capacity, field capacity, and saturated water holding capacity. The aim was to determine the correct relationship among the factors and soil respiration rate. Factors that influenced soil CO2 release potential under different land use types in the Loess hilly-gully area were then determined. The results showed that under different land use types in the loess hilly region, the rates of soil respiration under different moisture contents were mainly driven by temperature variation. The "Ra=aehT" exponential model precisely forecasted the changes in respiration rate as affected by temperature. Though, soil moisture slightly influenced soil respiration rate, it greatly affected Q10, which indicated the sensitivity of soil respiration to temperature. Both high and low moisture contents inhibited the sensitivity of soil respiration. Whilethe rates of soil respiration substantially differed, it generally tracked the following order: forest land soil > grass land soil > orchard soil. Organic carbon significantly contributed to the variation in soil CO; release, followed by organic nitrogen. Furthermore, micro-bial biomass carbon might indirectly affect rate of soil respiration.

  8. Complex Hydride Compounds with Enhanced Hydrogen Storage Capacity

    Mosher, Daniel A.; Opalka, Susanne M.; Tang, Xia; Laube, Bruce L.; Brown, Ronald J.; Vanderspurt, Thomas H.; Arsenault, Sarah; Wu, Robert; Strickler, Jamie; Anton, Donald L.; Zidan, Ragaiy; Berseth, Polly


    between alkaline metal hydrides (AmH), Alkaline earth metal hydrides (AeH2), alane (AlH3), transition metal (Tm) hydrides (TmHz, where z=1-3) and molecular hydrogen (H2). The effort started first with variations of known alanates and subsequently extended the search to unknown compounds. In this stage, the FPM techniques were developed and validated on known alanate materials such as NaAlH4 and Na2LiAlH6. The coupled predictive methodologies were used to survey over 200 proposed phases in six quaternary spaces, formed from various combinations of Na, Li Mg and/or Ti with Al and H. A wide range of alanate compounds was examined using SSP having additions of Ti, Cr, Co, Ni and Fe. A number of compositions and reaction paths were identified having H weight fractions up to 5.6 wt %, but none meeting the 7.5 wt%H reversible goal. Similarly, MSP of alanates produced a number of interesting compounds and general conclusions regarding reaction behavior of mixtures during processing, but no alanate based candidates meeting the 7.5 wt% goal. A novel alanate, LiMg(AlH4)3, was synthesized using SBP that demonstrated a 7.0 wt% capacity with a desorption temperature of 150°C. The deuteride form was synthesized and characterized by the Institute for Energy (IFE) in Norway to determine its crystalline structure for related FPM studies. However, the reaction exhibited exothermicity and therefore was not reversible under acceptable hydrogen gas pressures for on-board recharging. After the extensive studies of alanates, the material class of emphasis was shifted to borohydrides. Through SBP, several ligand-stabilized Mg(BH4)2 complexes were synthesized. The Mg(BH4)2*2NH3 complex was found to change behavior with slightly different synthesis conditions and/or aging. One of the two mechanisms was an amine-borane (NH3BH3) like dissociation reaction which released up to 16 wt %H and more conservatively 9 wt%H when not including H2 released from the NH3. From FPM, the stability of the Mg(BH4

  9. First and second order semi-Markov chains for wind speed modeling

    Prattico, F.; Petroni, F.; D'Amico, G.


    -order Markov chain with different number of states, and Weibull distribution. All this model use Markov chains to generate synthetic wind speed time series but the search for a better model is still open. Approaching this issue, we applied new models which are generalization of Markov models. More precisely we applied semi-Markov models to generate synthetic wind speed time series. Semi-Markov processes (SMP) are a wide class of stochastic processes which generalize at the same time both Markov chains and renewal processes. Their main advantage is that of using whatever type of waiting time distribution for modeling the time to have a transition from one state to another one. This major flexibility has a price to pay: availability of data to estimate the parameters of the model which are more numerous. Data availability is not an issue in wind speed studies, therefore, semi-Markov models can be used in a statistical efficient way. In this work we present three different semi-Markov chain models: the first one is a first-order SMP where the transition probabilities from two speed states (at time Tn and Tn-1) depend on the initial state (the state at Tn-1), final state (the state at Tn) and on the waiting time (given by t=Tn-Tn-1), the second model is a second order SMP where we consider the transition probabilities as depending also on the state the wind speed was before the initial state (which is the state at Tn-2) and the last one is still a second order SMP where the transition probabilities depends on the three states at Tn-2,Tn-1 and Tn and on the waiting times t_1=Tn-1-Tn-2 and t_2=Tn-Tn-1. The three models are used to generate synthetic time series for wind speed by means of Monte Carlo simulations and the time lagged autocorrelation is used to compare statistical properties of the proposed models with those of real data and also with a time series generated though a simple Markov chain. [1] F. Youcef Ettoumi, H. Sauvageot, A.-E.-H. Adane, Statistical bivariate modeling

  10. A reward semi-Markov process with memory for wind speed modeling

    Petroni, F.; D'Amico, G.; Prattico, F.


    -order Markov chain with different number of states, and Weibull distribution. All this model use Markov chains to generate synthetic wind speed time series but the search for a better model is still open. Approaching this issue, we applied new models which are generalization of Markov models. More precisely we applied semi-Markov models to generate synthetic wind speed time series. The primary goal of this analysis is the study of the time history of the wind in order to assess its reliability as a source of power and to determine the associated storage levels required. In order to assess this issue we use a probabilistic model based on indexed semi-Markov process [4] to which a reward structure is attached. Our model is used to calculate the expected energy produced by a given turbine and its variability expressed by the variance of the process. Our results can be used to compare different wind farms based on their reward and also on the risk of missed production due to the intrinsic variability of the wind speed process. The model is used to generate synthetic time series for wind speed by means of Monte Carlo simulations and backtesting procedure is used to compare results on first and second oder moments of rewards between real and synthetic data. [1] A. Shamshad, M.A. Bawadi, W.M.W. Wan Hussin, T.A. Majid, S.A.M. Sanusi, First and second order Markov chain models for synthetic gen- eration of wind speed time series, Energy 30 (2005) 693-708. [2] H. Nfaoui, H. Essiarab, A.A.M. Sayigh, A stochastic Markov chain model for simulating wind speed time series at Tangiers, Morocco, Re- newable Energy 29 (2004) 1407-1418. [3] F. Youcef Ettoumi, H. Sauvageot, A.-E.-H. Adane, Statistical bivariate modeling of wind using first-order Markov chain and Weibull distribu- tion, Renewable Energy 28 (2003) 1787-1802. [4]F. Petroni, G. D'Amico, F. Prattico, Indexed semi-Markov process for wind speed modeling. To be submitted.

  11. Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (UCMD: Clinical and Genetic Correlations



    Ullrich Syndrome: A Clinical, genetic and Immunohistochemical study. Neurology 2002;58(9:1354-9.5. Lampe AK, Bushby KM. Collagen VI related muscle disorders. J Med Genet 2005;42(9:673-85.6. Mercuri E, Muntoni F. Congenital Muscular Dystrophies. In: Emery AEH, editors. The muscular dystrophies. Oxford: Oxford University Press: 2001. p. 10-38.7. Furukawa T, Toyokura Y. Congenital Hypotonic-Sclerotic muscular dystrophy. J Med Genet 1977;14(6:426-9.8. Nonaka I, Une Y, Ishihara T, Miyoshino S, Nakashima T, Sugita H. A clinical and histological study of Ullrich’s disease (congenital atonic-sclerotic muscular dystrophy. Neuropediatrics 1981; 12(3:197-208.9. Pan TC, Zhang RZ, Sudano DG, Marie SK, Bonnemann CG, Chu ML. New molecular mechanism for Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy: A heterozygous inframe deletion in the COL6A1 gene causes a severe phenotype. Am J Hum Genet 2003;73(2:355-69.10. Baker NL, Morgelin M, Peat R, Goemans N, North KN, Baterman JF, et al. Dominant Collagen VI Mutations are acommon cause of ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy. Hum Mol Genet 2005;14(2]:279-93.11. Pace RA, Peat RA, Baker NL, Zamurs L, Morgelin M, Irving M et al. Collagen VI glycine mutations: Perturbed assembly and a spectrum of clinical severity. Ann Neurol 2008;64(3:294-303.12. Bethlem J, Wijngaarden GK. Benign myopathy, with autosomal dominant inheritance. A report on three pedigress. Brain 1976;99(1:91-100.13. Gualandi F, Urciuolo A, Martoni E, Sabatelli P, Squarzoni S, Bovolenta M, et al Auotosomal recessive Bethlem myopath. Neurology 2009;73(22:1883-91.14. Foley AR, Hu Y, Zou Y, Columbus A, Shoffiner J, Dunn DM, et al. Autosomal recessive Bethlam Myopathy. Neuromuscular Disord 2009;19(10:813-7. 

  12. 预注不同剂量长托宁对内毒素休克兔肺动脉张力的影响及机制探讨%Effect of Preinjection of Different Doses of Penehyclidine Hydrochloride on the Pulmonary Artery Tension in Rabbits with Endotoxic Shock

    佟冬怡; 于泓波; 李娜; 魏会霞; 张锦


    目的 探讨预注不同剂量长托宁对内毒素休克兔肺动脉张力影响及机制.方法 新西兰大白兔30只,随机分为5组:生理盐水对照组(N组),乙酰胆碱对照组(A组),内毒素对照组(L组),长托宁0.02 mg/kg+内毒素组(PHC2+L组),长托宁0.45mg,kg+内毒素组(PHC5+L组).L组经颈静脉注入内毒素(LPS)复制兔内毒素休克模型,PHC2+L组、PHC5+L组分别在LPS注入前15 min注入长托宁,动态监测体循环平均动脉压力(MAP),取颈动脉血样检测肺循环一氧化氮(NO)含量,30 rain后动物处死,心肺联合取出,制备肺动脉环,应用血管张力测定技术测血管环对乙酰胆碱(Aeh)张力反应.并计算Ach曲线的半数有效浓度(EC50).结果 (1)A组加入Ach后可剂量依赖性引起肺动脉舒张;(2)与A组比较,L组可明显降低Ach引起的舒张反应、EC50增大(P0.05),此作用与肺循环NO含量有关;而小剂量长托宁(0.02 mg//kg)无此作用.结论 大剂量长托宁能逆转内毒素休克兔肺动脉对Ach的舒张反应的降低,此作用与肺循环NO含量有关,对肺循环有保护作用,而小剂量长托宁无此效应.%Objective To investigate the effect of different doses of penehyclidine hydrochloride (PHC) on pulmonary artery tension in rabbits with endotoxic shock and its mechanism. Methods Thirty New Zealand white rabbits were randomly divided into 5 groups (n =6each group):saline control group (group N),acetylcholine control group (group A),endotoxin control group (group L),0.02 mg/kg PHC group (group PHC2+L),and 0.45 mg/kg PHC group (group PHC5+L). The rabbit model of endotoxic shock was established by injecting lipopolysaccharide (LPS) via internal jugular vein. PHC was injected 15 miniutes before the injection of LPS. The changes in mean arterial pressure were obversed,and the content of nitric oxide (NO) in pulmonary artery was detected. The rabbits were killed after 30 minutes,and the pulmonary arterial rings were isolated. The response of the

  13. 猪早期孤雌胚组蛋白乙酰化与组蛋白去乙酰化酶基因mRNA表达水平相关性研究%Study on Relationship Between Histone Acetylation and mRNA Expression Level of Histone Deacetylase of Porcine Early Parthenogenetic Embryos

    赵彦玲; 任子利; 宁淑芳; 杨小淦; 卢晟盛; 卢克焕


    , morula and blastocyst of PA embryos), and mRNA expression patterns of HDAC1 genes decreased from 2-cell to blastocyst stage (1.00±0, 0.91±0.009, 0.85±0.008, 0.67±0.006, P<0.05, respectively).[Conclusion]These results indicated that there is an inverse correlation between the levels of AeH4K5 and mRNA expression of HDAC1 genes from 2-cell to blastocyst.