Sample records for vykhody oskolkov deleniya

  1. Nanoparticle Delivery Of RNAi Therapeutics For Ocular Vesicant Injury (United States)


    J. Suhorutsenko, P. M. D. Moreno , N. Oskolkov, J. Halldin, U. Tedebark, A. Metspalu, B. Lebleu, J. Lehtio, C. I. E. Smith, U. Langel, Nucleic Acids...Wang X, TerpMC, et al. 2012. Lipid nanoparticles for hepatic delivery of small interfering RNA. Biomaterials 33:5924–34 23. TaoW, Davide JP, Cai M...1 9/ 14 . F or p er so na l u se o nl y. BE16CH14-Leong ARI 16 May 2014 14:8 50. Tzeng SY, Guerrero-Cazares H, Martinez EE, Sunshine JC, Quinones

  2. Global Smoothing for the Periodic KdV Evolution

    CERN Document Server

    Erdogan, Burak


    The Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation with periodic boundary conditions is considered. It is shown that for $H^s$ initial data, $s>-1/2$, and for any $s_1<\\min(3s+1,s+1)$, the difference of the nonlinear and linear evolutions is in $H^{s_1}$ for all times, with at most polynomially growing $H^{s_1}$ norm. The result also extends to KdV with a smooth, mean zero, time-dependent potential in the case $s\\geq 0$. Our result and a theorem of Oskolkov for the Airy evolution imply that if one starts with continuous and bounded variation initial data then the solution of KdV (given by the $L^2$ theory of Bourgain) is a continuous function of space and time.

  3. On function classes related pertaining to strong approximation of double Fourier series (United States)

    Baituyakova, Zhuldyz


    The investigation of embedding of function classes began a long time ago. After Alexits [1], Leindler [2], and Gogoladze[3] investigated estimates of strong approximation by Fourier series in 1965, G. Freud[4] raised the corresponding saturation problem in 1969. The list of the authors dealing with embedding problems partly is also very long. It suffices to mention some names: V. G. Krotov, W. Lenski, S. M. Mazhar, J. Nemeth, E. M. Nikisin, K. I. Oskolkov, G. Sunouchi, J. Szabados, R. Taberski and V. Totik. Study on this topic has since been carried on over a decade, but it seems that most of the results obtained are limited to the case of one dimension. In this paper, embedding results are considered which arise in the strong approximation by double Fourier series. We prove theorem on the interrelation between the classes Wr1,r2HS,M ω and H(λ, p, r1, r2, ω(δ1, δ2)), in the one-dimensional case proved by L. Leindler.