Sample records for vliyanie askorbinovoj kisloty

  1. Carbon humic acids and their use. Ugleguminovyye kisloty i ikh ispol'zovaniye

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zabramnyy, D.T.; Pobedonosteva, O.I.; Pobedonostseva, N.I.; Umarov, T.Z.


    This monograph gives the results of research into the molecular structure of humic acids; certain issues are examined of an applied nature; the data from experimental industrial tests are generalized. Data are generalized which involve questions of the use of humic acids in the form of multiple-ton product. In agriculture, they are used for producing final complex fertilizers and plant growth stimulators; in drilling technology, for improving drilling muds; in the cement industry, for lowering the moisture content of cement raw material sludges. Methods of modifying humates by sulfomethylation are described, and a method for producing coal-alkali reagents directly at drilling and cement firms, based on intensifying the process of interaction of coals with alkali solutions.

  2. Vliyanie antigipertenzivnoy terapii na aktivnost' adipokinov i endotelina-1 u bol'nykh arterial'noy gipertoniey s ozhireniem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S D Oshorova


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to investigate the pharmacodynamic characteristics of the modern antihypertensive therapy in obese hypertensive patients. Materials and methods. The activity of leptin, adiponectin and endothelin-1 and cardiohemodynamics were studied in 61 patients with essential hypertension and obesity (body mass index 34,3±4,8 kg/m2 before and after the 12-weeks treatment with zofenopril (n=31 and nebivolol (n=29. Results. It was revealed that obese hypertensive patients had abnormal circadian profile of blood pressure (63.9%, hyperleptinemia together with the decrease of the adiponectin activity (67%, as well as the increased activity of endothelin-1 (54%. The 12-weeks therapy with zofenopril and nebivolol has resulted in the improvement of the daily profile of the arterial pressure with the achievement of the target level of the arterial pressure in 72% and 79% of patients correspondingly. The following was recorded: the decrease in the activity of leptin and endothelin-1 in both groups; upward trend of the adiponectins activity under the influence of zofenopril. Conclusion. Zofenopril and nebivolol in obese hypertensive patients in addition to the antihypertensive action reduce negative cardiometabolic effects of the activation of adipocytes and endothelin-1.

  3. Alcohol and the clinical picture of gout

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V G Barskova


    alkogolya i kardiovaskulyarnym riskom ne otmechalos'. Odnako svyaz' mezhdu priemom alkogolya i vyrazhennost'yu vistseral'nogo ozhireniya, podagricheskogo vospaleniya, urovnem mochevoy kisloty mozhet govorit' o kosvennom povyshenii u nikh kardiovaskulyarnogo riska.