Sample records for twenty-fourth infantry regiment

  1. Dental health status and treatment needs in the infantry regiment of the Malaysian Territorial Army. (United States)

    Jasmin, Borhan; Jaafar, Nasruddin


    The aim of this study was to determine the dental health status and treatment needs of personnel in the Infantry Regiment of the Malaysian Territorial Army (TA).This cross-sectional study involved stratified and systematic random sampling with a total sample size of 300. Dental health status and treatment needs were assessed using the standard WHO oral assessment criteria (1997). The prevalence of caries experience was 96% (mean ± SD DMFT [decayed, missing, filled teeth] = 8.0 ± 5.5). Active decay prevalence was high (85%; mean ± SD = 3.6 ± 3.1) indicating high unmet treatment need. Missing teeth prevalence was high (69%; mean ± SD = 2.8 ± 3.7). Filled teeth prevalence was low (56%, mean ± SD = 1.5 ± 2.0). In all, 90% of participants required some form of dental treatment, of whom 85% required restorative treatment, 5% advanced restorative treatment, 36.7% extractions, and 45.3% prosthetic treatment. These findings suggest that there was a high need for dental treatment in the Infantry Battalions of Malaysian TA Regiments and the service must be made available to cater to the needs.

  2. Twenty-fourth Semiannual Report of the Commission to the Congress, July 1958

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Strauss, Lewis L.; McCone, John A.


    The document represents the twenty-fourth semiannual Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) report to Congress. The report sums up the major activities and developments in the national atomic energy program covering the period January - June 1958.

  3. 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment (A Legacy of Lessons) (United States)


    area being the critical choke point for a German counterattack of the invasion force. However, they had failed to predict the presence of Tiger tanks from...ineffective against the heavier Tiger tank and the paratroopers desperately improvised with captured German Eighty-eights and panzerfausts. Naval

  4. Re-forging the Iron Division: The Reconstitution of the 28th Infantry Division between the Huertgen and the Ardennes (United States)


    twisting forest road, the Kall Trail, as the Division’s main supply route. These factors, among others, eventually led to a tragedy of 8 The GI Offensive in Europe: The Triumph of American Infantry Divisions, 1941-1945, published in 1999. Robert Rush...The Ordeal and Triumph of an American Infantry Regiment (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2001), 302, 304; Drea. 15 Weaver; Holt; Harry M. Kemp

  5. 1 Medium Regiment, (SAHA), SAA

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 16, No 4 (1986) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. 1 Medium Regiment, (S.A.H.A.), ...

  6. Combat Operations in Mountainous Terrain: Are United States Army Light Infantry Divisions Preparing Properly? (United States)


    Mountain Division, Charles Hauptman, Comeany I. 97th Mountain Infantry Regiment by CPT George Earle, and PFC Hugh Graves (1945), and 10th in this country is believed to depend primarily ’Albert H. Jackman , "The Tenth Mountain Division, A Successful Experiment," The Algine Journal...44-48. Houston, Charles S., Dr. "Altitude Sickness and the Army," 112zard. 2d Qtr 1986: n.p. Jackman , Albert H. "The Tenth Mountain Division, A

  7. A Learning Organization Born in the Crucible of Combat: The 3rd Infantry Brigade, 2nd Division, in World War I (United States)


    infantrymen were massacred by artillery and machine guns every few months, American officers continued to focus on the weapons they knew and loved ...machine guns was excellent. The best relationship and spirit existed between the marines, the 9th Infantry, and the regiment.106...68 level had to exert great effort to restart forward movement.”135 Again Burress, the 23rd operations officer, paints a vivid picture of the night

  8. The Brave Black Regiment: The Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry Volunteers (Colored) January 1863 - September 1864. (United States)


    additional references.. The material contained in this thesis was compiled from numerous books, magazines, official military records, pamphlets...Reedy Creek Road Raleigh, NC 27607-6410 13. Cynthia E. Williams 318 Petunia Path Chesapeake, VA 2332 5 14. Sandra K. Alston 17409 Park Lane

  9. The Combined Arms Role of Armored Infantry. (United States)


    imbalance of its mechanized formations. It lacked the capability of bringing infantry to battle under armor . [57] Without mobile means for its...equipped with firing ports, permitting mounted infantry to deliver fires while under armor . These fires are primarily burst-on-target, limited range, small...infantry with tanks under armor . Although Bradley-equipped forces may take on limited independent -* missions, they can do so only when the general

  10. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth water reactor safety information meeting. Volume 1: Plenary session; High burnup fuel; Containment and structural aging

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Monteleone, S.


    This three-volume report contains papers presented at the Twenty-Fourth Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting held at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel, Bethesda, maryland, October 21--23, 1996. The papers are printed in the order of their presentation in each session and describe progress and results of programs in nuclear safety research conducted in this country and abroad. Foreign participation in the meeting included papers presented by researchers from Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, Russia and United Kingdom. This first volume is divided into 3 sections: plenary session; high burnup fuel; and containment and structural aging. Selected papers are indexed separately for inclusion in the Energy Science and Technology Database

  11. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth water reactor safety information meeting. Volume 3: PRA and HRA; Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and seismic siting criteria

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Monteleone, S.


    This three-volume report contains papers presented at the Twenty-Fourth Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting held at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel, Bethesda, Maryland, October 21--23, 1996. The papers are printed in the order of their presentation in each session and describe progress and results of programs in nuclear safety research conducted in this country and abroad. Foreign participation in the meeting included papers presented by researchers from Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, Russia and United Kingdom. This volume is divided into the following sections: PRA and HRA and probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and seismic siting criteria. Selected papers are indexed separately for inclusion in the Energy Science and Technology Database

  12. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth water reactor safety information meeting. Volume 1: Plenary session; High burnup fuel; Containment and structural aging

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Monteleone, S. [comp.] [Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States)


    This three-volume report contains papers presented at the Twenty-Fourth Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting held at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel, Bethesda, maryland, October 21--23, 1996. The papers are printed in the order of their presentation in each session and describe progress and results of programs in nuclear safety research conducted in this country and abroad. Foreign participation in the meeting included papers presented by researchers from Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, Russia and United Kingdom. This first volume is divided into 3 sections: plenary session; high burnup fuel; and containment and structural aging. Selected papers are indexed separately for inclusion in the Energy Science and Technology Database.

  13. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth water reactor safety information meeting. Volume 3: PRA and HRA; Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and seismic siting criteria

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Monteleone, S. [comp.] [Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States)


    This three-volume report contains papers presented at the Twenty-Fourth Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting held at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel, Bethesda, Maryland, October 21--23, 1996. The papers are printed in the order of their presentation in each session and describe progress and results of programs in nuclear safety research conducted in this country and abroad. Foreign participation in the meeting included papers presented by researchers from Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, Russia and United Kingdom. This volume is divided into the following sections: PRA and HRA and probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and seismic siting criteria. Selected papers are indexed separately for inclusion in the Energy Science and Technology Database.

  14. Fit for the frontline? A focus group exploration of auditory tasks carried out by infantry and combat support personnel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zoë L Bevis


    Full Text Available In order to preserve their operational effectiveness and ultimately their survival, military personnel must be able to detect important acoustic signals and maintain situational awareness. The possession of sufficient hearing ability to perform job-specific auditory tasks is defined as auditory fitness for duty (AFFD. Pure tone audiometry (PTA is used to assess AFFD in the UK military; however, it is unclear whether PTA is able to accurately predict performance on job-specific auditory tasks. The aim of the current study was to gather information about auditory tasks carried out by infantry personnel on the frontline and the environment these tasks are performed in. The study consisted of 16 focus group interviews with an average of five participants per group. Eighty British army personnel were recruited from five infantry regiments. The focus group guideline included seven open-ended questions designed to elicit information about the auditory tasks performed on operational duty. Content analysis of the data resulted in two main themes: (1 the auditory tasks personnel are expected to perform and (2 situations where personnel felt their hearing ability was reduced. Auditory tasks were divided into subthemes of sound detection, speech communication and sound localization. Reasons for reduced performance included background noise, hearing protection and attention difficulties. The current study provided an important and novel insight to the complex auditory environment experienced by British infantry personnel and identified 17 auditory tasks carried out by personnel on operational duties. These auditory tasks will be used to inform the development of a functional AFFD test for infantry personnel.

  15. Fit for the frontline? A focus group exploration of auditory tasks carried out by infantry and combat support personnel. (United States)

    Bevis, Zoe L; Semeraro, Hannah D; van Besouw, Rachel M; Rowan, Daniel; Lineton, Ben; Allsopp, Adrian J


    In order to preserve their operational effectiveness and ultimately their survival, military personnel must be able to detect important acoustic signals and maintain situational awareness. The possession of sufficient hearing ability to perform job-specific auditory tasks is defined as auditory fitness for duty (AFFD). Pure tone audiometry (PTA) is used to assess AFFD in the UK military; however, it is unclear whether PTA is able to accurately predict performance on job-specific auditory tasks. The aim of the current study was to gather information about auditory tasks carried out by infantry personnel on the frontline and the environment these tasks are performed in. The study consisted of 16 focus group interviews with an average of five participants per group. Eighty British army personnel were recruited from five infantry regiments. The focus group guideline included seven open-ended questions designed to elicit information about the auditory tasks performed on operational duty. Content analysis of the data resulted in two main themes: (1) the auditory tasks personnel are expected to perform and (2) situations where personnel felt their hearing ability was reduced. Auditory tasks were divided into subthemes of sound detection, speech communication and sound localization. Reasons for reduced performance included background noise, hearing protection and attention difficulties. The current study provided an important and novel insight to the complex auditory environment experienced by British infantry personnel and identified 17 auditory tasks carried out by personnel on operational duties. These auditory tasks will be used to inform the development of a functional AFFD test for infantry personnel.

  16. Trust and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (United States)


    regiment, the 68 Asahina, 51. Because the US Army poorly worded the questionnaire, only 1,208 men volunteer for service. 69 Hoichi Kubo , "If I am...34 Puka Puka Parade, Volume 36, Issue Number 3, July-August, 1982. Kubo , Hoichi. "If I am Filial…" In Japanese Eyes, American Heart: Personal

  17. A Historical Perspective on Light Infantry (United States)


    which were scarce) expecting the enemy to use them in building fires. In another case, the CCF draped a large wire entanglement across a village...Jungle Frontier: 92 Special Air Service Regiment in the Borneo Campaign, 1963-1966 (London: Arms and Armour Press, 1985), 65, 57. Lieutenant Colonel P. E...1963-1966. London: Arms and Armour Press, 1985. Foxley-Norris, C. N., Air Vice Marshal, "Air Aspects of Operations Against ’Confrontation.’ " In

  18. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth water reactor safety information meeting. Volume 2: Reactor pressure vessel embrittlement and thermal annealing; Reactor vessel lower head integrity; Evaluation and projection of steam generator tube condition and integrity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Monteleone, S. [comp.] [Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States)


    This three-volume report contains papers presented at the Twenty-Fourth Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting held at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel, Bethesda, Maryland, October 21--23, 1996. The papers are printed in the order of their presentation in each session and describe progress and results of programs in nuclear safety research conducted in this country and abroad. Foreign participation in the meeting included papers presented by researchers from Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, Russia and United Kingdom. This volume is divided into the following sections: reactor pressure vessel embrittlement and thermal annealing; reactor vessel lower head integrity; and evaluation and projection of steam generator tube condition and integrity. Selected papers are indexed separately for inclusion in the Energy Science and Technology Database.

  19. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth water reactor safety information meeting. Volume 2: Reactor pressure vessel embrittlement and thermal annealing; Reactor vessel lower head integrity; Evaluation and projection of steam generator tube condition and integrity

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Monteleone, S.


    This three-volume report contains papers presented at the Twenty-Fourth Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting held at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel, Bethesda, Maryland, October 21--23, 1996. The papers are printed in the order of their presentation in each session and describe progress and results of programs in nuclear safety research conducted in this country and abroad. Foreign participation in the meeting included papers presented by researchers from Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan, Norway, Russia and United Kingdom. This volume is divided into the following sections: reactor pressure vessel embrittlement and thermal annealing; reactor vessel lower head integrity; and evaluation and projection of steam generator tube condition and integrity. Selected papers are indexed separately for inclusion in the Energy Science and Technology Database

  20. Twenty-fourth annual report 1980

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    In this report progress for 1980 is reported on the following: nuclear materials; nuclear power; application of radioisotopes and radiation; health and safety; fundamental studies undertaken in the fields of nuclear physics, plasma physics, theoretical physics, radiation chemistry, research on liquid metals and molten salts, solid-state physics and the medical and biological sciences. The supporting activities of the research reactor, electronic engineering, waste treatment and disposal, analytical services, engineering services and computing services are discussed. The activities of the external relations division and licensing division are also discussed. The report contains a bibliography of publications published by staff members and bursars of the Atomic Energy Board during 1980

  1. Evaluation of Combat Service Support Logistics Concepts for Supplying a USMC Regimental Task Force

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lenhardt, Thomas


    .... This thesis evaluates existing and proposed concepts on how to best use the CSSE resources of a Force Service Support Group to transport supplies to Regimental Combat Teams over constrained networks...

  2. Identifying British Army infantry recruit population characteristics using biographical data. (United States)

    Kiernan, M D; Arthur, A; Repper, J; Mukhuty, S; Fear, N T


    The infantry accounts for more than a quarter of the British Army but there is a lack of data about the social and educational background of its recruits. To provide an insight into British Army infantry recruits' personal, social and educational background prior to enlistment. The study sample consisted of infantry recruits who enlisted into the British Army School of Infantry. Each recruit completed a 95-item biographical questionnaire. Descriptive statistics were used to describe the sample in terms of demographic, physical, personal, social and educational attributes. The study sample consisted of 1000 male recruits. Over half of the recruits were consuming alcohol at a hazardous or harmful level prior to enlistment and 60% of recruits had used cannabis prior to joining the Army. Academic attainment was low, with the majority of recruits achieving GCSE grade C and below in most subjects, with 15% not taking any examinations. Over half the recruits had been in trouble with the police and either been suspended or expelled from school. Substance misuse and poor behaviour are highly prevalent among recruits prior to enlistment. Taken alongside existing evidence that some of these problems are commonplace among personnel in regular service, the assumption that the British Army infantry is, in itself, a cause of these behaviours should be questioned. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Occupational Medicine. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  3. The Armored Infantry in the US Force Structure. (United States)


    armored infantry and tank integration occurred during the capture of the town of Troyes , France, in 1944, by Task Force West of the 4th Armored...Singling and Troyes . The same can not be said of the foot infantryman because normally he was not associated with tanks. Such was the case in the previously

  4. The Light Infantry Division Regionally Focused for Low Intensity Conflict (United States)


    Infantry: Indispensable Element of a Balanced Force." AM (June 1985): 26-41. Dodd, Norman L. "Counter Insurgency and Internal Security perations...5410 LTC Smallwood Major Kerry Abington USACGSC USACGSC ATTN: DJCO ATrN: CTAC Ft. Leavenworth, KS Ft. Leavenworth, KS 303 Dr. Harold R. Winton Army-Air

  5. fireforce - one man's war in the rhodesian light infantry

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    "They have the faces of boys but they fight like lions". The history of the Rhodesian Light Infantry is an illustrious one. The. RLI produced many of the senior brass who led the Rhodesian Army including Gen Peter Walls. It was arguably Rhodesia's premier fighting unit (if one excludes Rhodesia's two special forces outfits, the ...

  6. Improving the Marine Corps Reserve Infantry Battalion: Manning, Training, Integration, and Retention

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Parrish, Ross A


    .... Recognizing that all Marine Corps reserve infantry battalions have deployed at least once in support of the GWOT, further improvements in the manning, training, integration, and retention within...

  7. Effectiveness Of The Individual Riflemen In An Infantry Squad (United States)


    2017 3. REPORT TYPE AND DATES COVERED Master’s thesis 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE INDIVIDUAL RIFLEMEN IN AN INFANTRY SQUAD 5...STATEMENT Approved for public release. Distribution is unlimited. 12b. DISTRIBUTION CODE 13. ABSTRACT (maximum 200 words) Our research ...part of the model is a qualitative approach that examines other potential risk factors. We analyze, normalize, and weigh the performance factors for

  8. The Military Route of 24 th Infantry Division within the Troops of North-Western, Western and Northern Fronts. 1914–1917

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikhaylov Andrey


    Full Text Available The article presents the operational record of 24th infantry division during the First World War within the troops of three fronts (North-Western, Northern and Western. This division was formed in 1863, and in 1892-1895 three of its four regiments were located in Pskov, an old city in the North-West of Russia. The officer staff (their social origin and education by the eve of the First World War as well as the mobilization course at the beginning of the War have been reviewed in the article. On the example of one military unit, typical of the Russian Army, the author analyzes the peculiar features of military operations during the First World War and the role of the division’s participation in several major operations in 1914-1917. They include the Russian Army’s dramatic offensive in East Prussia (summer and autumn 1914, the defensive fighting on the Ravca river (in the beginning of 1915, the offensive of the Russian army in Galicia in 1916 (known as Brusilov Offensive. The article has been finished with the story about the division’s way during the Russian Army’s disintegration in the period of the revolution of 1917. The article is based on the unpublished documents from Russian Military and Historic Archive (Moscow as well as on the press materials.

  9. Evaluation of the Performance of Females as Light Infantry Soldiers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aharon S. Finestone


    Full Text Available A few countries permit women to serve in combat roles, but their long term performance in these positions has not been reported. The incidences of overuse injuries and attrition of 85 male and 235 female recruits in a light infantry brigade was followed in a three-year prospective study. Females were shorter (162 cm, CI 161–163 cm than males (174 cm, CI 173–176, had more body fat (18.9 kg, CI 18.2–19.6 kg than males (12.6 kg, 11.3–13.8 kg, had lower V˙O2max (36.8 mL·min−1·kg−1, CI 35.8–37.78 mL·min−1·kg−1 than males (50.48 mL·min−1·kg−1, CI 48.4 to 52.48 mL·min−1·kg−1, had more stress fractures (21.0%, 95% CI 16.2–26.5% than males (2.3%, CI 0.3–8.2%, and had more anterior knee pain (41.2%, CI 34.9–47.7% than males (24.7%, CI 16.0–35.2%. Three-year attrition was 28% CI 22–34% for females and 37% CI 26–48% for males. The females in this study successfully served as light infantry soldiers. Their lower fitness and high incidence of overuse injuries might impede service as regular infantry soldiers.

  10. A Comprehensive Examination of the Soviet Naval Infantry (United States)


    already mentioned, a Marine can participate in classical and free-style wrestling and rugby . Tram- polines are balso availaole lor use.164 Political...following abbreviations are used in this appendix. U = Unit N a Northern Fleet SU = Subunit B = Baltic Fleet Regt = Regiment B1 = Black Sea Fleet 1973’D Pushkaresv Ke(engr) author 1976* Soroka, A. Ruthor 1970’ Sysoltatin, I.I. Regt B1 1971 LU 196? su (P) 1965 (Maij) SU 16 141 Baranov, we Lu 1

  11. The Urban Warrior: What are the Dismounted Infantry Skills Necessary to Survive in Today's Urban Fighting

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Glaze, George


    The topic of this thesis is Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT). Specifically, certain essential skills for the dismounted infantry soldier are lacking in today's training, doctrine, and skills...

  12. Relevance of Army National Guard Infantry Units in the Force Structure and Their Role in Combat

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Harris, Brian


    ...% of a total force of 346,848 assigned. Such large numbers are staggering considering that National Guard infantry units are not being utilized according to their organization training and equipment...

  13. Special Forces Values: How The Regiment’s Ethical Framework Influences Its Organizational Effectiveness (United States)


    revolutionary Nathan Hale professed, “Every kind of service necessary to the public good becomes honorable by being necessary.”129 This is clear and...v17i4a03p_0001.htm. 130 USASOC, “ARSOF Next,” 31. 39 graces of other customers who are watching, he has failed to do good , even though the end...mentoring programs, flexible work hours, and training ”—all of which the SF Regiment offers to one degree or another—”can create bonds, which may be

  14. Organizational Leadership in Crisis: The 31st Regimental Combat Team at Chosin Reservoir, Korea, 24 November-2 December 1950

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Berquist, Paul T


    The 31st Regimental Combat Team (RCT) was created on 24 November 1950. On 27 November it had the mission of relieving the Marines of the 1st Marine Division East of the Chosin reservoir and attacking to the North towards the Yalu River...

  15. Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Software Engineering Workshop (United States)


    On December 1 and 2, the Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL), a consortium composed of NASA/Goddard, the University of Maryland, and CSC, held the 24th Software Engineering Workshop (SEW), the last of the millennium. Approximately 240 people attended the 2-day workshop. Day 1 was composed of four sessions: International Influence of the Software Engineering Laboratory; Object Oriented Testing and Reading; Software Process Improvement; and Space Software. For the first session, three internationally known software process experts discussed the influence of the SEL with respect to software engineering research. In the Space Software session, prominent representatives from three different NASA sites- GSFC's Marti Szczur, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Rick Doyle, and the Ames Research Center IV&V Facility's Lou Blazy- discussed the future of space software in their respective centers. At the end of the first day, the SEW sponsored a reception at the GSFC Visitors' Center. Day 2 also provided four sessions: Using the Experience Factory; A panel discussion entitled "Software Past, Present, and Future: Views from Government, Industry, and Academia"; Inspections; and COTS. The day started with an excellent talk by CSC's Frank McGarry on "Attaining Level 5 in CMM Process Maturity." Session 2, the panel discussion on software, featured NASA Chief Information Officer Lee Holcomb (Government), our own Jerry Page (Industry), and Mike Evangelist of the National Science Foundation (Academia). Each presented his perspective on the most important developments in software in the past 10 years, in the present, and in the future.

  16. Forty-Sixth Indiana Regiment: A Tactical Analysis of Amphibious Operations and Major Combat Engagements during the American Civil War (United States)


    cohesion and morale of the 46th Indiana. The monotony of camp life, severe weather, illness and disease , high casualty rates, and lack of food and...sickness and disease were a common cause of casualties during the war and the regiment experienced the same hardships caused by the harsh conditions... Carrion Crow Bayou. 161Bernard F. Schermerhorn, letter to wife, 9 November 1863, Bernard Schermerhorn Papers, 1862-1864, Indiana Historical Society

  17. The influence of the Ratel infantry fighting vehicle on mobile warfare ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This article traces the story of how the author and a number of daring young commanders and soldiers had cast aside military textbooks in developing their own military doctrine for mobile warfare, South African style. It is clear that the Ratel infantry fighting vehicle had wielded huge influence on the development and ...

  18. Hunting The Ghost Gun: An Analysis Of The U.S. Army Infantry Rifle (United States)



  19. Spontaneous cure of American cutaneous leishmaniasis due to Leishmania naiffi in two Dutch infantry soldiers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Snoek, E. M.; Lammers, A. M.; Kortbeek, L. M.; Roelfsema, J. H.; Bart, A.; Jaspers, C. A. J. J.


    We report two Dutch infantry soldiers who acquired American cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL) during military jungle training in Surinam. The lesions had existed for 3 and 5 months, respectively, before the soldiers presented for treatment. The lesions occurred on the head and right thigh, and were

  20. Reorganizing for Global War: General Malin Craig and the Triangular Infantry Division, 1935-1939 (United States)


    reduced to a battalion and the signal battalion to a company. The assets that were formerly pooled in the square division’s sanitary trains were...BIBLIOGRAPHY “Arms Before Men,” Time. Army and Navy. August 22, 1938. Clay , Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Steven E. The Arms: Major Commands and Infantry

  1. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Game-Based Training: A Controlled Study with Dismounted Infantry Teams (United States)


    use of a multiplayer game to train infantry company commanders. Proceedings of the 2009 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education...Gigabyte RAM Video/Graphics Card NVIDIA Geforce 7900 GTX Audio Legacy audio; stereo sound (non-3D) Software Version VBS2 VTK Release 1.4 - BIA

  2. Regimental Medical Officer Charles McKerrow: saving lives on the Western Front. (United States)

    Mayhew, E


    Ayrshire general practitioner Charles McKerrow was appointed regimental medical officer (RMO) to the 10th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers in 1915. At this time, fundamental restructuring of the military medical service on the Western Front had two main effects: surgical capability was moved forward as close to the front as possible and specialist stretcher bearers were trained to apply emergency first aid at the place of injury and to triage casualties appropriately. The specialist stretcher bearers were the equivalent of today's combat medical technicians. The reorganisation was undertaken in a rapid, improvised 'bottom-up' manner and there are very few official records to detail the process. McKerrow and RMOs of his calibre were integral to the successful implementation and operation of this reorganisation so their personal archives are the primary sources for its history. McKerrow's record is particularly detailed and insightful on the process; he was not only an extraordinarily fine medical officer but also provided expert testimony on a period of military medical change that was enduringly successful.

  3. The 91st Infantry in World War I -- Analysis of an AEF Division’s Efforts to Achieve Battlefield Success (United States)


    collaboration with John J. Pershing, “Who Won the War” ( Typescript copy held in the Duane N. Diedrich Collection, Clements Library, University of...trusted to luck.”74 73The Training and Employment of Divisions, 1918, 71. 74Diary of Lieutenant Charles H. Paul, 364th Infantry, 91st Division ( typescript ...accessed 19 May 2013). Diary of Gaylen Snow, 362nd Infantry, 91st Division. Typescript held at Brigham Young University, UT. 79 Diary of Lieutenant

  4. Design Considerations of a Lower Limb Exoskeleton System to Assist walking and Load-Carrying of Infantry Soldiers


    Yu, Seungnam; Han, Changsoo; Cho, Ilje


    This paper describes the development of a wearable exoskeleton system for the lower extremities of infantry soldiers and proposes appropriate design criteria based on existing case studies. Because infantry soldiers carry a variety of equipment, the interference with existing equipment and additional burden of the exoskeleton support system should be minimized. Recent studies have shown that a user only needs to be supported in the gravitational direction when walking on flat terrain; however...

  5. On the Terminological Mistake in the Biography of the Astrakhan Cossack Regiment Commander, Major General P.S. Popov


    Astafyev Evgeniy V.


    On the basis of authentic documents of the late 18th – early 19th centuries, stored in federal and regional archives of Russia, as well as published materials, the article analyzes the reasons of the terminological mistake made in the biography of commander of Astrakhan’s Cossack regiment, major general P.S. Popov, which had been reproduced in the scientific works for longer than 100 years. So well known person in the Lower Volga region, P.S. Popov was purposefully chosen as an object of hist...

  6. Sensor data fusion for automated threat recognition in manned-unmanned infantry platoons (United States)

    Wildt, J.; Varela, M.; Ulmke, M.; Brüggermann, B.


    To support a dismounted infantry platoon during deployment we team it with several unmanned aerial and ground vehicles (UAV and UGV, respectively). The unmanned systems integrate seamlessly into the infantry platoon, providing automated reconnaissance during movement while keeping formation as well as conducting close range reconnaissance during halt. The sensor data each unmanned system provides is continuously analyzed in real time by specialized algorithms, detecting humans in live videos of UAV mounted infrared cameras as well as gunshot detection and bearing by acoustic sensors. All recognized threats are fused into a consistent situational picture in real time, available to platoon and squad leaders as well as higher level command and control (C2) systems. This gives friendly forces local information superiority and increased situational awareness without the need to constantly monitor the unmanned systems and sensor data.

  7. Physical Training Programs in Light Infantry Units: Are They Preparing Soldiers for the Rigors of Combat? (United States)


    selection is made which ensure further injury is not incurred during evacuation. As a result, the basic task identified is carry. Demanding Physical Tasks...greatest amount of force a muscle or muscle group can exert in a single effort.3 An example, in very simple terms, would be an Olympic weightlifter ...Olympic weightlifters lift as much as possible in one lift. This requires a great amount of strength. A need for strength in light infantry soldiers is

  8. The Marine Corps' infantry selection and assignment process: is it ready for gender neutrality?


    Stooksbury, William Thorpe.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited Opportunities for women in the military continue to expand. At some point in the future, the Marine Corps may be compelled to address the assimilation of women into combat arms occupational specialties. Existing high attrition rates in the Marine Corps' infantry specialties indicate a flawed selection and assignment process resulting in a poor fit of the person to the job. Because of gender differences, this problem will be magnified i...

  9. Army Instructors’ Use of Mobile Devices in the Infantry Advanced Leaders Course (United States)


    attenuate 3G /4G signal strength. When network access is inhibited, so too is the usefulness of the mobile device. Therefore, if cellular service is...Benning? Do you have 2G , 3G , or 4G connectivity? Do you have the same connectivity at the other installations where MTTs are usually conducted? Are there...Research Report 1975 Army Instructors’ Use of Mobile Devices in the Infantry Advanced Leaders Course Richard L

  10. On the Terminological Mistake in the Biography of the Astrakhan Cossack Regiment Commander, Major General P.S. Popov

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Astafyev Evgeniy V.


    Full Text Available On the basis of authentic documents of the late 18th – early 19th centuries, stored in federal and regional archives of Russia, as well as published materials, the article analyzes the reasons of the terminological mistake made in the biography of commander of Astrakhan’s Cossack regiment, major general P.S. Popov, which had been reproduced in the scientific works for longer than 100 years. So well known person in the Lower Volga region, P.S. Popov was purposefully chosen as an object of historical research. His biography is not typical for the people of provincial hereditary Russian nobility of this period, Astrakhan and Saratov’s nobility in this case, where, although rather conventionally, he was linked for a long time in the historical literature. Thanks to the current research, it was determined that P.S. Popov was born in Walachia, evidently not very rich noble family. For a long time he served in Bug Cossack regiment, where got promoted from Arnaut captain to officer rank. He took part in many campaigns of Russian-Turkish war, was repeatedly injured, and distinguished himself during the capture of the fortresses Ochakov and Ismail. P.S. Popov was awarded the order of St. John of Jerusalem, and golden mark for capture of Ismail. P.S. Popov was married to a daughter of Astrakhan priest, and had seven sons and daughters in this spousal. Already serving in Astrakhan province, he purchased a seigneury for himself and descendants in Tsaritsyn district of the Saratov province. His descendants settled in the Lower Volga region, kept the seigneury in possession, served in military and civil services.

  11. 78 FR 50050 - Record of Decision for the Construction and Operation of an Infantry Platoon Battle Course at... (United States)


    ... (group) tactical movement techniques, and to detect, identify, engage, and defeat stationary and moving... of an Infantry Platoon Battle Course at P[omacr]hakuloa Training Area, Hawai`i AGENCY: Department of... Course (IPBC) and associated infrastructure at P[omacr]hakuloa Training Area (PTA), Hawai`i. This...

  12. 77 FR 6865 - Pricing for 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar and 2012 Star-Spangled Banner Commemorative Coin... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY United States Mint Pricing for 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar and... Treasury. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The United States Mint is announcing adjusted pricing for the 2012...-Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver N/A 53.95 Dollar Set The introductory pricing period for the 2012...

  13. The effect of stress fracture interventions in a single elite infantry training unit (1983-2015). (United States)

    Milgrom, Charles; Finestone, Aharon S


    Stress fractures can be seen as an undesired byproduct of demanding physical training. The threshold value of stress that places an individual bone at high risk for stress fracture has not been identified. In a prospective study of stress fractures in 1983, a 31% incidence was found during demanding Israeli infantry basic training by bone scan criteria. Within a subgroup of these recruits, an elite infantry unit was found to have a 40% incidence. Since then and until 2015, eight additional induction companies of the same elite infantry unit were prospectively monitored for stress fractures during their basic training. In all of the studies, stress fracture surveillance and the examining orthopedist were the same. A retrospective review of all nine studies and of eight training changes was performed to look for a temporal trend in stress fracture incidence and to see if these might be related to training changes. There was a statistically significant trend for lower radiological proven stress fractures (p=0.0001) and radiological proven stress fractures plus clinical stress fractures (p=0.0013), as well as lower stress fracture severity by radiological criteria (p=0.0001) between 1983 and 2015. The only training change that was associated, by multivariate logistic regression, with a decreased incidence of stress fracture was restricting training to the authorized training protocol (odds ratio, 3874; 95% CI, 1.526 to 9.931; p=0.004). Increased recruit weight was found by multivariate analysis to be associated with lower stress fracture incidence (odds ratio 1.034; 95% CI, 1.00 to 1.070; p=0.051). Moving the training to a base with flatter terrain and reducing the formal marching distance by 1/3 was associated with a decrease in high grade stress fractures (odds ratio, 10.03; 95% CI, 3.5 to 28.4; p=0.0001). Neither the combined changes of enforcing a seven hour a night sleep regimen, training in more comfortable boots and adding a physical therapist to the unit nor

  14. Design Considerations of a Lower Limb Exoskeleton System to Assist walking and Load-Carrying of Infantry Soldiers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seungnam Yu


    Full Text Available This paper describes the development of a wearable exoskeleton system for the lower extremities of infantry soldiers and proposes appropriate design criteria based on existing case studies. Because infantry soldiers carry a variety of equipment, the interference with existing equipment and additional burden of the exoskeleton support system should be minimized. Recent studies have shown that a user only needs to be supported in the gravitational direction when walking on flat terrain; however, active joints are necessary to support walking over rough and sloped terrain such as mountains. Thus, an underactuated exoskeleton system was considered: passive joints are applied to the hip and ankle joints, and active joints are applied to the knee joints to exploit the dynamic coupling effect of the link structure and muscular activation patterns when the user is going up and down stairs. A prototype of the exoskeleton system was developed and validated through a simple stair-climbing experiment.

  15. The Effect of Personnel Stability on Marine Corps Readiness: Are Infantry Battalions Ready to Respond to Future Conflicts? (United States)


    shortages below 85% of structure ( McHugh et al., 2006). The primary finding in the CNA report relating to officer staffing within infantry battalions...was a systemic shortage for MAGTF intelligence officers ( McHugh et al., 2006). Shortages will likely continue to occur in high demand/low density...This issue was also addressed by McHugh et al. (2006), a CNA study that proposes including the number a PMOS is over or under structure in

  16. Detection and Avoidance of Mines and Boobytraps in South Vietnam -- Training and Tactical Procedures of the 1st Infantry Division (United States)


    Persons intervieý!ed included engineer and infantry personnel, both officers and enlisted imen. Interviews were conducted in five different major...1󈨈 *1 The George Washiingion iniversity HUlMAN RES•OURCIES IRESEARCH’I OFFI’CE oileraling tinder rontract with THE’ i•E•AIITMENT 9F THlE AIIMV 80 6...frotm one of the five major commands furnishing data. It is divided into two sections. The first section consists of interview suimmiaries which

  17. Haemodynamic changes and intubating conditions during tracheal intubation in children under anaesthesia: a comparative study of two induction regiments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarina Šakić


    Full Text Available Aim To compare the haemodynamic changes and intubation conditionsfollowing induction of anaesthesia with alfentanil-propofol-rocuronium with those following alfentanil-propofol combinationin children.Methods A prospective, non-randomized and non blinded trialwas performed in 208 children ( ASA I-II, both gender, aged 2-12years undergoing elective adenoidectomy with or without tonsillectomy.Children scheduled for tonsillectomy or adenotonsillectomyreceived alfentanil 0.02 mg kg-1, propofol 2 mg kg-1 androcuronium 0.45 mg kg-1 before tracheal intubation (R-group.Children scheduled for adenoidectomy received alfentanil 0.02mg kg-1and propofol 3 mg kg-1 before intubation (C-group. Haemodynamicvalues (heart rate, systolic arterial pressure, diastolicarterial pressure, mean arterial pressure were recorded at predeterminedtime intervals before surgical incision. The intubatingconditions were evaluated applying the Copenhagen Scoring System(excellent, good, poor.Results There was no statistical difference in haemodynamicbaseline values, neither prior nor after the intubation betweenthe two groups. There was a statistically significant increase inheart rate, systolic and diastolic arterial pressure after intubationin both groups (p<0.05. Mean arterial pressure after the intubationincreased statistically significantly only in R-group (p=0.001.There was no hypotension, bradycardia, hypoxemia or other complications.Overall intubation conditions were scored excellent in72.3%, good in 21.5% and poor in 6.2% patients. There were nosignificant differences in intubation conditions between the twogroups (p=0.244Conclusion Both induction regiments provided the clinically acceptablehaemodynamics and intubation conditions during trachealintubation in children.

  18. US Army Order of Battle 1919-1941. Volume 1. The Arms: Major Commands and Infantry Organizations, 1919-41 (United States)


    time, one squad each from the 3d Cav., 13th Engrs., and the 12th Inf.) to perform honor guard duties for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington...transferred 22 October 1922 to Fort Thomas, KY. Assigned to the 5th Div. on 24 March 1923. Provided detachments to guard the tomb of President Warren G...Egypt.” The officers of the regiment, therefore, adopted the nickname of the “ Egyptian Fusiliers” in the 1920s. Conducted summer training most years with

  19. Proceedings of the twenty fourth DAE-BRNS national laser symposium: abstract book

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The topics covered in this symposium are: physics and technology of lasers, lasers in nuclear science and technology, laser materials, devices and components, nonlinear, quantum optics and atomic optics, ultrafast lasers and applications, lasers in material science, laser plasma interaction, lasers in industry and defence, lasers in spectroscopy and applications, lasers in chemistry, biology and medicine, laser based instrumentation and electronics and instrumentation for lasers. Papers relevant to INIS are indexed separately

  20. 75 FR 62810 - Twenty-Fourth Update of the Federal Agency Hazardous Waste Compliance Docket (United States)


    ... Restoration and Reuse Office (Mail Code 5106P), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue... Coordinator, Federal Facilities Restoration and Reuse Office (Mail Code 5106P), U.S. Environmental Protection... facilities, as reported under RCRA Section 3010; and (4) Federal facilities that have mixed mine or mill site...

  1. 78 FR 20168 - Twenty Fourth Meeting: RTCA Special Committee 203, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (United States)


    ... Washington, DC, on March 28, 2013. Paige Williams, Management Analyst, NextGen, Business Operations Group... Introductions Review Meeting Agenda Review/Approval of Twenty Third Plenary Meeting Summary Leadership Update... for Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards Other Business Adjourn...

  2. United States Air Force Statistical Digest, Fiscal Year 1969. Twenty-fourth Edition (United States)


    Medical Corps 1038 14 251 348 3R9 36 - - Medical Service Corps 719 - 76 126 183 271 47 16 Veterinary Corps 163 1 21 30 63 48 - - Biomedical Sciences 340...included. (See AFR 50-27.) SOURCE: Aerospace Medicine Division, Office of the Surgeon General, USAF. UNCLASSIFIED 284 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLA~SlfJEO INTRODUCTION... Counterfeiting 212 33 138 41 217 31 142 44 53 Reciprocal Investigations 237 78 75 84 242 76 I 81 85 62 Bad Checks 9 7 - 2 27 23 1 372 Lie Detector

  3. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth annual conference on explosives and blasting technique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Papers of interest to the coal industry include: death of a coal shovel; deep hole blasting with SMS (site-mix slurry system); trend of bulk explosives in India; bottomhole annular pressure - a theoretical problem with real effects; maximizing rotary blast hole drills; explosive energy concept for drill productivity and higher overall productivity at reduced excavation costs; large diameter presplitting improved through two novel techniques; avoiding tragedy - lessons to be learned from a flyrock fatality; and an economic analysis of cast blasting compared to other stripping alternatives.

  4. Radiation exposures for DOE and DOE contractor employees - 1991. Twenty-fourth annual report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Smith, M.H.; Hui, T.E.; Millet, W.H.; Scholes, V.A.


    This is the 24th annual radiation exposure report published by US DOE and its predecessor agencies. This report summarizes the radiation exposures received by both employees and visitors at DOE and COE contractor facilities during 1991. Trends in radiations exposures are evaluated. The significance of the doses is addressed by comparing them to the DOE limits and by correlating the doses to health risks based on risk estimates from expert groups

  5. JPRS Report Science & Technology Europe Twenty-Fourth Isata International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation. (United States)


    Hirayama, Association of Electronic Technology for Automobile Traffic and Driving and Y Ishii, Oki Electric Industry, Japan " Mazda Car Communication...System" Mazda Car Corporation, FRG IMPROVING TRAFFIC FLOW "Strategies for Integrating Dynamic Route Guidance and Traffic Control Systems" MGH Bell...Chemical Structure by Means of Exafs" N Sato, Honda R&D Co. Ltd and T Minami, Honda Motor Co. Ltd, Japan 155 910904 "Microstructural and Hardness

  6. “Keeping Solid Memoirs About the Performed Exploits”: a Case for the Caucasus Military-Historical Department’s Role in the Establishment of the Regimental Historiography in the Late XIX c

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tatyana A. Kolosovskay


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to consider the experience of saving the military sector of the historical memory. It is particularly concern with the issue of the foundation of so-called ―regimental historiography‖ – a corpus of investigations, performed by the militaries about their regiment’s deeds. The article attempts to bring in a number of general questions, related to the history of the troops of the Caucasus Army of the XIX c. The investigation is devoted specifically to the role of the Military-Historical department of the Caucasus Military District General Stuff. The research is based on either newspapers (as the ―Caucasus Journal‖ or primary sources, collected in Federal and regional archives with a particular focus on published ―regimental histories‖ of certain troops. Based on the approach offered by research direction of the ―intellectual history‖, the author came to the conclusions, that all regiment histories were written by non-professional historians. Their historical plot was determined by the official ideological background and by the wish for keeping the memory about the war exploits and traditions of their regiment. The work existence depended not only on the author subjective will, but either on financial issues – money need for the papers printing. The Caucasus Military-Historical department’s participation in this process allowed achieving extremely high results. Many printed and edited papers contained much more than making the dry roll-call of battles and military events. They included either reviews of political, historical, cultural and ethnological context, making some shift to mastering the base for the further scientific Caucasus studies.

  7. The human quest in space; Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Goddard Memorial Symposium, Greenbelt, MD, Mar. 20, 21, 1986 (United States)

    Burdett, Gerald L. (Editor); Soffen, Gerald A. (Editor)


    Papers are presented on the Space Station, materials processing in space, the status of space remote sensing, the evolution of space infrastructure, and the NASA Teacher Program. Topics discussed include visionary technologies, the effect of intelligent machines on space operations, future information technology, and the role of nuclear power in future space missions. Consideration is given to the role of humans in space exploration; medical problems associated with long-duration space flights; lunar and Martian settlements, and Biosphere II (the closed ecology project).

  8. The Tasks of Educational Psychology in the Light of the Decisions of the Twenty-Fourth Congress of the CPSU (United States)

    Bozhovich, L. I.; Chudnovsky, V. E.


    The task of educational psychology is to create flexible but scientifically substantiated methods of determining personality traits and the degree of their development. Emphasis here is on the need for self discipline as a major objective in child rearing. (JB)

  9. JPRS Report, Science and Technology: Europe Twenty-Fourth ISATA International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation. (United States)


    Consultancy, UK and F Op de Beek, Philips, The Netherlands ISSUES IN IMPLEMENTING IVHS PROGRAMS "IVHS: A Public/Private Sector " Partnership "" J R...Traffic and Driving and Y Ishii, Oki Electric Industry, Japan " Mazda Car Communication System" Mazda Car Corporation, FRG IMPROVING TRAFFIC FLOW...Universität Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain in addition, it is expected that Ford of Europe and Daimler Benz will join the project during 1991. Th? P£mo

  10. Texas A and M University, Nuclear Science Center: Twenty-fourth progress report, January 1, 1987-December 31, 1987

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Crawford, K.C.; Davis, J.W.; Krohn, J.L.; Meyer, C.M.; Petesch, J.E.; Stasny, G.S.


    Utilization of the reactor (NSCR Reactor) during 1987 increased slightly over that in 1986. The main activity is shifting from isotope tracer production to testing and exposure irradiations. Core VIII-A, operational since March 1986, was used throughout 1987

  11. Colonel Stefan Ilieff [In Bulgarian

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. Dimov


    Full Text Available On 26 March 1917 colonel Stefan Ilieff, a commander of the 15th Infantry Lom regiment (Belogradchik, was killed on the battlefield at Pelister, near Bitolja (Macedonia. The text of V. Dimov, a war correspondent at the 6th Infantry Bdin division, was published in the magazine “Otechestvo” (Homeland, Volume 4, Number 45, 11 November 1917.

  12. Risk factors for injury associated with low, moderate, and high mileage road marching in a U.S. Army infantry brigade. (United States)

    Schuh-Renner, Anna; Grier, Tyson L; Canham-Chervak, Michelle; Hauschild, Veronique D; Roy, Tanja C; Fletcher, Jeremy; Jones, Bruce H


    Road marching is an important physical training activity that prepares soldiers for a common occupational task. Continued exploration of risk factors for road marching-related injuries is needed. This analysis has assessed the association between modifiable characteristics of physical training and injury risk. Injuries in the previous 6 months were captured by survey from 831 U.S. Army infantry soldiers. Road marching-related injuries were reported as those attributed to road marching on foot for specified distances while carrying equipment. Frequencies, means, and relative risk ratios (RR) for road marching-related injury with 95% confidence intervals (CI) were calculated. Adjusted odds ratios (OR) and 95% CI were calculated for leading risk factors using multivariable logistic regression. Retrospective cohort study. Half (50%) of reported injuries were attributed to road marching or running. When miles of exposure were considered, injury risk during road marching was higher than during running (RR road marching/running =1.8, 95% CI: 1.38-2.37). A higher product of road marching distance and weight worn (pound-miles per month) resulted in greater injury risk (RR ≥1473 pound-miles/Road marching-related injuries were associated with carrying a load >25% of one's body weight (OR >25%/1-20% =2.09, 95% CI: 1.08-4.05), having high occupational lifting demands (OR 50-100+lbs/25-50lbs =3.43, 95% CI: 1.50-7.85), road marching ≥5 times per month (OR ≥5 times/4 times =2.11, 95% CI: 1.14-3.91), and running road marching-related injuries. Since this is not always operationally feasible, reducing the cumulative overloading from both physical training and occupational tasks may help prevent injury. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  13. Regimented Communities in a Civil Society

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Konstantin L. Bannikov


    Full Text Available Commanders are quite right to refer to lawlessness, violence, xenophobia, etc. reining in civvy street as a strong argument in replying to the society’s claims on bullying. “Look at yourselves,” they say. Indeed, people joining up the army come from socium, not from cosmos, and they are people, not angels, with all human vices and virtues, merits and shortcomings. Being guided by higher officers, service regulations or military idealism, commanders try to convert a man into a perfect soldier,...

  14. Space activity impact on science and technology. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth international astronautical congress, Baku, USSR, October 7--13, 1973

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Napolitano, L G; Contensou, P; Hilton, W F [eds.


    Topics covered include: Soviet automatic vehicles for lunar exploration and their influence on the progress of automatics and control theory; the problems of space technology and their influence on science and technics; industrial use of aerospace technology; development of liquid-propellant rocket engine engineering and its influence on science and technology in the USSR; space medicine and public health; impact of space activity on technology in a country the size of France; astronautics as a stimulus for celestial mechanics; space activity impact on the science and technology of rotating bodies; skylab systems flight performance, an interim report; the design and utilization of a spacelab for sortie missions; the spacelab program; man and the environment, remote sensing from space; EOLE application program for meteorological experiments, complementary experiences; machine processing methods for earth observational data; recent advances in geologic applications of remote sensing from space; infrared scanning for meteorological purposes; spatial antartic glaciology; reflection spectra usage in recognition of plant covers; experimental investigation of aeronautical and maritime communications and surveillance using satellites; the ESRO MAROTS program; the problem of habitability in spaceships; atmosphere revitalization for manned spacecraft; prospects of international cooperation in medical sciences; developing a technology base in planetary entry aerothermodynamics; scientific results of the automatic ionospheric laboratory Yantar 4 flight; nonlinear unsteady motions in solid propellant rockets with application to large motors; investigation of the physical and mechanical properties of the lunar sample brought by Luna 20 and along the route of motion of Lunokhod 2; orbiting astronomical observatory Copernicus; the delta launch vehicle model 2914 series; space tug mission and program planning; space and education; and safety in youth rocket experiments. (GHT)

  15. Proceedings of the twenty fourth annual general meeting of Materials Research Society of India and theme symposium on advanced materials for energy applications: abstract and souvenir book

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    Materials science and engineering plays a crucial role in the development of advanced technologies that include development of materials that can withstand high temperatures and intense neutron dose, development of advanced sensors and radiochemical processing methodologies. The contributed papers in the symposium were focussed on energy materials: thermoelectrics, photovoltaics; nuclear materials: alloys and glasses; oxides and ceramics; alloys and intermetallics; fictionalised nanomaterials and applications; thin films; soft matter and bio materials etc. Papers relevant to INIS are indexed separately

  16. Dismounted Infantry Visualization Research: The Dismounted Infantry Simulation (DISim)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Thomas, Mark


    .... Targeted to the simulation needs of the ground warfighter, the algorithms developed using the DISim test-bed are high-resolution real-time effects for simulation, training, and mission rehearsal. C++...

  17. Staff Development, Deception Operations, and Force Projection: Lessons from the Normandy Invasion (United States)


    assault, the plan for Operation Neptune called for the naval bombardment of the five assault beaches, Utah, Omaha, Gold , Sword, and Juneau, to commence...evening news bulletin 9PM broadcast, June 7, 1944 As the rain started to fall on the positions of the US Army’s 16th Infantry Regiment, the soldiers

  18. State Websites - The National Guard (United States)

    , 5/19th Special Forces Group (A) Company B, 1-184th Infantry Regiment JFHQ, Headquarters and Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) 115th Regional Support Group 118th Maintenance Company 129th Rescue Wing 144th Fighter Wing 146th Airlift Wing 147th Combat Communications Squadron 149th Chemical Company 149th Combat



    J. Murray


    A traveller to the battlefields of the Anglo-Zulu War in Northern KwaZulu-Natal will come across, at Isandlwana, a memorial to the Natal Carbineers, an infantry regiment that served on the side of the British during the war.

  20. War Medicine and Surgery, Punishment and Torture at the time of the Regiments of Renown - Chirurgie de guerre, médecine militaire, punitions et torture à l’époque des compagnies de mercenaires - Medicina e Chirurgia da guerra, Punizioni e Tortura all’epoca delle Compagnie di Ventura

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lugaresi M.


    Full Text Available This article highlights the main surgical and medical issues related to the age of the Regiments of Renown. Analyzing the main causes of death of Condottieres and Captains in the period 1300-1580, the treatment of wounds and the development of skills involved in the surgery of war, the more frequent Italian epidemic diseases in that time, the punishments and torture in force in the Republic of Venice, are described.Cet article expose les aspects les plus importants en matière de médecine et de chirurgie à l'époque des compagnies de mercenaires. En analysant les principales causes de décès des condottières et des capitaines entre 1300 et 1580, l’autrice décrit le traitement des blessures et le développement des techniques chirurgicales de guerre, les épidémies les plus fréquentes en Italie à cette époque-là, les peines et les tortures en vigueur sous la République Sérénissime de Venise.Questo articolo illustra i principali aspetti medici e chirurgici connessi all’epoca delle Compagnie di Ventura. Analizzando le principali cause di decesso dei Condottieri e dei Capitani nel periodo 1300-1580, vengono descritte la cura delle ferite e lo sviluppo delle tecniche applicate nella chirurgia da guerra, le epidemie più frequenti che colpirono l’Italia in tale epoca, le pene e la tortura in vigore nella Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia.

  1. Peaceful Relations?: United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and the Military Relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China (United States)


    components to a max of “8,940 troops” and “up to 4,391 police.”62 The SRSG position, also the HOM, has been held by Mariano Fernández, from Chile since response to an increase in refugees.39 The transportation company further delivered “fuel, drinking water, office furniture , and construction...Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 3d Infantry Division (Mechanized) . . . assumed the mission on January 6, 1994.”93 As the mission transitioned to

  2. The Combined Armor Regiment: The Future of USMC Armor? (United States)


    work as advertised or worse fill a "capability niche" that becomes obsolete once a campaign is over. Former President Dwight Eisenhower warned of the...Sea Power, October 2007. 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review. Guderian, MajGen Heinz. Achtung-Panzer: The Development of Armoured Forces, Their Tactics...World War. New York: 1971. U.S. Marines in Battle: Al-Khafji, 28 January -1 February 1991. Foss, Christopher F. Jane’s: Armour and Artillery 2007

  3. Wounded Warrior Regiment Strategic Plan 2011-2012 (United States)


    months later, the “Miracle Man”, as he had come to be known, walked out of the hospital under his own power. Sergeant German met his challenges...Coordination Program-Support Solution ( RCP -SS), Marine Corps Medical Entitlement Data System (MCMEDS), Comprehensive Health Care System (CHCS), and...PTS Post-Traumatic Stress RCC Recovery Care Coordinator RCP -SS Recovery Coordination Program-Support Solution RMED Reserve Medical Entitlements

  4. regiment mooirivier and operations modular, hooper, packer a

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Gerhard Oosthuizen


    Dec 9, 1987 ... This article critically examines the claim made by General Jannie .... were to fail, UNITA had to launch an attack, with the support of indirect SADF fire support. .... for Cuito Cuanavale to resume its service as a convoy defender.43 ..... cannons. Müller therefore decided to withdraw to a safe area with a view to.

  5. Catechistic Teaching, National Canons, and the Regimentation of Students' Voice (United States)

    Kroon, Sjaak


    Drawing on key incident analysis of classroom transcripts from Bashkortostan, France, North Korea, and Suriname, this article discusses the relationship between an increasingly canonical content of education and the discursive organization of teaching processes at the expense of both teachers' and students' voice. It argues that canonical…

  6. Canadian Light Infantry in Adaptive Dispersed Operations (United States)


    adapted the concept to the offence by subdividing the gruppe in a light machine gun support trupp (detachment) and an assault trupp, thus creating the...They include medium and light elements that can be augmented by heavy elements if needed. According to the LO 202, light elements: “ trade a measure...the transportation of electronics equipment, weapons, and limited amounts of ammunition and supplies. All elements are helicopter transportable and

  7. Promotion Factors For Enlisted Infantry Marines (United States)


    Marine Corps. However, due to periods of growth during two major conflicts , quality has given way to quantity to fulfill the needs of the Marine...Corps. As conflicts draw down, the Marine Corps shifts from promoting and retaining quantity to high-quality Marines. Throughout this thesis, we use...historically possessed an innate drive to succeed, to excel in all that they do, including winning in combat. We will sustain this trait and ensure this

  8. Infantry Small-Unit Mountain Operations (United States)


    should be on the uphill side of grass tussocks, small talus, and other level spots to avoid twisting an ankle or straining an Achilles tendon...should be extremely cautious while traveling on the side of a hill. During side-hill travel personnel are more vulnerable to twisted ankles , back injury...installation in the mountains is the fixed rope system. A fixed rope is a rope anchored in place to assist Soldiers in movement over difficult terrain

  9. Active Camouflage for Infantry Headwear Applications (United States)


    Figure 1: Camouflage Types 1.3.1 Visual Camouflage Visual camouflage consists of shape, surface, shine, silhouette, shadow, spacing and movement (Sen...convincing examples of active shape camouflage is the octopus , which can blend into its surroundings not only by changing colour, but also the shape...mimic its surroundings, even adjusting to changes made by movement , so that a soldier becomes nearly invisible. Humansystems® Incorporated Active

  10. Implications of Integrating Women into USMC Infantry (United States)


    well-defined, updated, and clearly communicated sexual harassment policies; and procedures to ensure that women receive equal training and...retention policies that attract women into such occupations and keep them there. These might include flexible workplace policies and child-care resources...Corps will need to man - age both internal and external expectations and ensure that the planning process for integration is flexible enough to accom

  11. Invisible Infantry: Mexicans in World War II

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enrique Plasencia de la Parra


    Full Text Available This paper analyses the  participation of Mexican  and  Mexican- American troops in the United States army during World War II. Recruiting, discrimination, their  role  in the  armed forces  and their reinsertion into society once the war ended, are examined. Special emphasis is placed  on the  Hispanics  fight for their  civil and political rights that was carried on very actively by many War veterans.

  12. Hitler's hysterical blindness: fact or fiction? (United States)

    Maranhão-Filho, Péricles; Silva, Carlos Eduardo da Rocha E


    This article deals with a little known episode that occurred near the end of the Great War in a military reserve hospital located in the small town of Pasewalk, part of the distant region of Pomerania in northern Poland. The story is centered around the transient visual loss of a 29-year-old Austrian messenger of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. His name: Adolf Hitler.

  13. The La Tablada Attack and the Erosion of Civil Rights in Argentina


    Sheinin, David


    On January 23, 1989, 42 operatives of a revolutionary group, the Movimiento Todos por la Patria (MTP), attacked the General Belgrano Mechanized Infantry Regiment No. 3 at La Tablada in the province of Buenos Aires. This article analyzes the accusations of human rights violations committed by the armed forces and the police on the attackers in the aftermath of the assault; the skeptical Argentine government’s response to those allegations before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (I...

  14. General MacArthur’s Strategic Success During the Early Months of the Korean War (United States)


    Korean advance. On the evening of 30 June, Colonel Richard W. Stephens the commanding officer of the Twenty First Infantry Division woke up Lieutenant...the Fifth Regimental Combat Team arrived from Hawaii with fourteen additional Pershing tanks and the Five Fifty-Fifth Field Artillery Battalion, the...staff not pay attention to the clear indicators of a pending North Korean invasion? Today, the operational planning team leverages the collective

  15. South Atlantic Conflict of 1982: A Case Study in Military Cohesion (United States)


    essence of regimental loyalty. Military historians and officer’s memoirs provide some insight into the existential meaning of morale. In this...Management, Humanistic Management or even the touted Theory Z concept. Generally, the major characteristics of an open climate are: trust...Replacements back on the road at last. Military Review, 47-53. Yager, J. (1975). Personal violence in infantry combat Archives of General Psychiatry

  16. Twenty-Fourth Meeting of the Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation, 24-25 May 2012, NEA Headquarters, 12 boulevard des Iles, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France - Summary record

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    This paper gives the summary record of the past 24. Meeting of the Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation: review of the experimental nuclear data activities of relevance to the evaluation projects (NEA Data Bank member countries, Japan, USA, China, Russia), brief progress reports from the evaluation projects and discussion of future plans (ENDF, JEFF, JENDL, TENDL, BROND, CENDL, IAEA), review of final or near-final subgroup reports (subgroups 27 (Prompt photon production from fission products), 28 (Processing of covariance data), 29 (U-235 capture cross-section in the keV to MeV energy region), 31 (Meeting nuclear data needs for advanced reactor systems)), status of ongoing subgroups (subgroups C (High priority request list for nuclear data), 33 (Methods and issues for the combined use of integral experiments and covariance), 34 (Coordinated evaluation of 239 Pu in the resonance region), 35 (Scattering angular distribution in the fast energy range), 36 (Reporting and usage of experimental data for evaluation in the resolved resonance region)), proposals for new subgroups, discussions on the opportunity to create a World Wide Evaluated Nuclear Data File/Library, information on conferences and meetings of interest to the nuclear data community

  17. Cyber Professionals in the Military and Industry-Partnering in Defense of the Nation: A Conversation between Maj Gen Suzanne Vautrinot, Commander, Twenty-Fourth Air Force, and Mr. Charles Beard, Chief Information Officer, Science Applications International Corporation (United States)


    what truly had to be protected and where we would establish trust. The results of that exercise materially changed our defense-in-depth strategy...vice president for Global Transportation and Industrial Markets at KPMG Consulting (later BearingPoint), leading the company’s strat- egy and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    SCURTU Costin


    Full Text Available The analysis of the transformations which the national defense system underwent after 1918, showed that, at the time, it followed a few paths: training the higher military leading bodies and activating specific structures in order to coordinate the entire arms and services in the; modernizing the infantry and cavalry; training troops for combat in mountain areas and on the sea side, as well as ranger regiments; equipping the army with modern military technologies, particularly for the aviation, tank units and communication

  19. Infantry Instructors’ Conference. 15-19 July 1963 (United States)


    with his rifle always ready, backed by. courage, resolution, and capability, is the one who0 has the Nation’ a destiny 1 in his charge. As you know...Army is more than 180 years old, our physical training program is still in the embryo stage. New developments may be expected in this field. These-new

  20. The South African Defence Force and Horse Mounted Infantry ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Mar 26, 2003 ... ranger and tracker in the Etosha National park after being offered the ... had a personal interest in the SADF horse stud farm at De Aar, and was a .... prudent to know the location of 'shonas'48, local wells and watering holes ...

  1. Impact of the Phase 2 Infantry Advanced Leader Course (ALC) (United States)


    as well as interpersonal skills (Baldwin & Ford, 1988; Baldwin cited in Baldwin & Ford, 1988). In a meta-analysis of 117 studies, Taylor, Russ- Eft ... tapping each of the nine competencies. Correlations were computed among the competencies at the start-/end-of-course and follow-on. These... tapping each of the seven tasks. Intercorrelations among ALC task categories were also calculated at both the start and end of the course as well as

  2. Engineer Analysis of the Light Infantry Division (ELID). Volume 1 (United States)


    m 5. Forward logistics protection a. FARP b. Brigade petroleum, oil , and lubricant (POL) berms P P *Positlon may not be dug in if...battalion in order to complete all of the squad and equipment corabat- essencial requirements. With Che adrittion of the EAD force, there is a large

  3. Improving Junior Infantry Officer Leader Development and Performance (United States)


    Force Field Analysis helped support the idea that the four themes could be visualized as simultaneous and inverse forces, and populated driving and...restraining sides of the Force Field Analysis diagram. These themes functioned simultaneously and inversely to drive and restrain the system, and...visualized the four themes as simultaneous and reciprocal, and applied them on both sides of the diagram. These simultaneous , yet inverse , relationships

  4. [Contact shot from infantry weapons with a flash-suppressor]. (United States)

    Perdekamp, Markus Grosse; Braunwarth, Roland; Schmidt, Ulrike; Schmidt, Wolfgang; Pollak, Stefan


    The number of reports on contact shots from firearms with a flash suppressor attached to the muzzle is small. On the basis of a case report (suicidal shot to the forehead with a Kalschnikow AKMS 47 assault rifle) the morphological peculiarities (characteristics soot pattern, relatively small powder cavity and only minor skin tears in the presence of a bony support) are presented and the conclusions to be drawn from the findings regarding the flash-suppressor, the shot distance, the angle of the shot and the way of holding the weapon are discussed.

  5. The 43rd Infantry Division: Unit Cohesion and Neuropsychiatric Casualties

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Fuschak, K


    ..., The Solomon Islands, from July to September 1943. The study explores the multiple causes of these casualties, to include ignorance of lessons learned regarding neuropsychiatric casualties in World War I, general unpreparedness, poor training...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    unique military systems played in making the SADF one of the most ... bush war per se, but to fight alongside armour to protect the territorial integrity of .... and to concentrate superior forces at points of decision and to strike quickly when.

  7. Light Infantry: A Tactical Deep Battle Asset for Central Europe. (United States)


    that overview siptgficant lessons will be extracted with a view toward modern day applicability. A brief review of current capabilities for U. S. o...Genral Boldin wrote about a forty-five day operation in the enemy’s rear in which he establisad caummications with friendly forces and was able to...between the lessons extracted above n the hb fits of deep battle operations identified by LT Holder. lie contends that the principal benefLts of d v-p

  8. Women in the Infantry - The Effect on the Moral Domain (United States)


    psychological toll on the infantrymen. Okinawa’s mud drove us to a state of frustration and exasperation bordering on rage . It can be appreciated only by...waited to move out. The cursing and outbursts of rage didn’t seem to help, although ,no one was above it when goaded to the point of desperation and...of the canines , chest thumping, display of the ruff, and so forth).69 The authors believed that the similarity of soldier language to the primates

  9. The South African Defence Force and Horse Mounted Infantry ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Mar 26, 2003 ... Department of Defence in Pretoria, and oral history interviews with military .... were created almost from scratch and 'refined on the hoof' in the first three ... would culminate in a three or four day, thirty five or forty five kilometre .... organisation of 202 Bn. to be adjusted so as to accommodate horse and dog.

  10. Implications of Integrating Women into the Marine Corps Infantry (United States)


    Rights Commission, 2013. 14 Randazzo-Matsel, Schulte, and Yopp, 2012; Anne Summers, “The Lady Killers : Women in the Military,” The Monthly, December 2011...individual and crew-served weapons, optics, image enhancement equipment, and other serialized items. Leadership and education PME: Issues concerning...United Kingdom, June 2010. Summers, Anne, “The Lady Killers : Women in the Military,” The Monthly, December 2011. “Swedish Women Troops Want ‘Combat

  11. Army Communicator. Voice of the Signal Regiment. Volume 33, Number 2, Spring 2008 (United States)


    Militant Islam, and one on Cultural Aware- ness. Many of these works can be downloaded. biblio ...CAC_counterinsurgency.asp biblio /CAC_militant.asp biblio /CAC_cultural.asp Are you...deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan? sources/ biblio /3acrart.asp sources

  12. Mega, February 1941: The role of the 1st South African Irish Regiment

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    1 Bn Natal Mounted Rifles (Lt Col N.D. McMillan). Field Force Brigade .... by Mr West, in the following extract from his memoirs4: ..... rian and Gold Coast battalions), in which the. European ...... they arrived near the bottom of the ridge which.

  13. When the Macro Facilitates the Micro: A Study of Regimentation and Emergence in Spoken Interaction (United States)

    Warriner, Doris S.


    In moments of "dispersion, diaspora, and reterritorialization" (Amy Shuman 2006), the personal, the interactional, and the improvised (the "micro") cannot be separated analytically from circulating ideologies, institutional norms, or cultural flows (the "macro"). With a focus on the emergence of identities within social interaction, specifically…

  14. Mining Predictors of Success in Air Force Flight Training Regiments via Semantic Analysis of Instructor Evaluations (United States)


    the flight-training course. 14. SUBJECT TERMS text mining , feedback analysis, semantic network, binary classification 15. NUMBER OF PAGES 105 16...A. TEXT MINING ..........................................................................................5 B. SEMANTIC WORD NETWORK...13 Figure 2. Text Mining Pre-Processing Techniques. Source: Vijayarani (2015). ............20 Figure 3. From text


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Hilda Baqueiro Paraiso


    Full Text Available In traditional analyzes of the decision of the Portuguese Crown to institute a centralized administration for its American colony, one aspect has been disregarded relevant: the threat posed by the constant indigenous revolts in the 1940s. investments made by the State and private individuals. This issue was linked to the of donators to carry out settlement and colonization projects, the absence of mechanisms coordinators of land and naval defensive forces and collective actions aimed at same objective - to colonize and guarantee the possession of the land conquered to the Indians. To this concern was the existence of regular trade between natives and French. The Rules of Procedure of 1548, created to guide the actions of the governor, defined, for the first time, the the Portuguese indigenist who sought to reconcile the repression and enslavement of the measures to establish alliances and cooperation, essences to effect the colonization of Portuguese America. It is these aspects that we are going to deal with in that article.

  16. [Medical graduate and basic education in Austria: emergency or surplus? Objective evaluation or bureaucratic regimentation?]. (United States)

    Barolin, G S


    If there is a reform of medical school, it will be desirable to keep the positive aspects of our tradition, while adding favourable aspects out of international experience. We will need to shorten unprofitable ballast, which means theory in excess, seeking for more practical and well accessable knowledge capability of independent work and decisionmaking. We need better communication ("humanization") in medicine. It is necessary to take the whole education system into consideration: college up to professorship, as they are linked together. We cannot recommend to increase the number of exams, but we support a continuating control, working in small groups promoting the motivation of the students. They must see more sense in their studies. Rather intensify the control and supervision of the system of instruction than to reinforce the learning control of students by exams. We reject to explain all failures and disappointments in medical school by lack of financial means or because of competences which overlap each other. Many things could be changed within existing laws. Partly they have to be changed by altering laws. A number of practical possible ways to reach this target are pointed out here.

  17. A Case in Pointe: Romance and Regimentation at the New York City Ballet. (United States)

    Laemmli, Whitney E


    This article analyzes the ballet dancer's pointe shoe as a technology of artistic production and bodily discipline. Drawing on oral histories, memoirs, dance journals, advertisements, and other archival materials, it demonstrates that the shoe utilized by dancers at George Balanchine's New York City Ballet was not the quintessentially Romantic entity it is so often presumed to be. Instead, it emerged from uniquely twentieth-century systems of labor and production, and it was used to alter dancers' bodies and professional lives in particularly modern ways. The article explores not only the substance of these changes but also the ways in which Balanchine's artistic oeuvre was inextricably intertwined with the material technologies he employed and, more broadly, how the history of technology and the history of dance can productively inform one another. Fundamentally, this article recasts Balanchine, seeing him not as a disconnected artist but as an eager participant in the twentieth-century national romance with American technology.

  18. Army Communicator. Voice of the Signal Regiment. Volume 32, Number 4, Fall 2007 (United States)


    moment addressed to me ordering me back to Finchhaven. By coded reply I requested to be picked up by a PT (Patrol Tor- pedo ) boat which I knew were making... link them together with copper cable until you meet the resistance requirement. Generators that are on a trailer or vehicle must be grounded to the...warfighters have the best communication links possible. We will not fail them. I truly thank the 86th for their profes- sionalism leading up to the transfer

  19. Saving Private Ryan: The Indian Scenario (Rapid Diagnosis of Malaria at Regimental Aid Post)


    Gokhale, S


    Immunochromatography test (ICT) (Paracheck Pf) for diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum (Pf) infection was compared with the conventional smear examination method. A total of 350 specimens of blood from cases of fever were investigated (falciparum malaria 220, vivax malaria 100, controls 30). Paracheck Pf ICT was found to have enormous advantages over smear examination due to its high degree of sensitivity, specificity, speed and ease of performance. Paracheck Pf ICT test kits are stable at roo...

  20. The Last Cavalry Regiment: The Corps Commander's Requirement for the 3d ACR

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Stewart, III, George A


    In the years since Operation Desert Storm, there has been a significant restructuring of the United States Army that has had an enormous impact on the structure of the cavalry at brigade level and above...

  1. Hitler's hysterical blindness: fact or fiction? A cegueira histérica de Hitler: fato ou ficção?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Péricles Maranhão-Filho


    Full Text Available This article deals with a little known episode that occurred near the end of the Great War in a military reserve hospital located in the small town of Pasewalk, part of the distant region of Pomerania in northern Poland. The story is centered around the transient visual loss of a 29-year-old Austrian messenger of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. His name: Adolf Hitler.Este artigo trata de um episódio mal conhecido, ocorrido próximo ao final da Primeira Grande Guerra, em um hospital militar da reserva, situado na pequena cidade de Pasewalk, na distante região da Pomerania ao norte da Polônia. No centro desta história, a perda visual transitória de um cabo austríaco de 29 anos, mensageiro do 16º Regimento Bávaro de Infantaria. Seu nome: Adolf Hitler.

  2. The Rhodesian African Rifles: The Growth and Adaptation of a Multicultural Regiment through the Rhodesian Bush War, 1965-1980 (United States)


    thousands of black Rhodesians stood outside the gates of Depot RAR to fill an advertised 200 open billets. 23 candidates, “often 100 per cent find the rest of ZIPRA’s forces: The armoured cars were sent down to Essexvale battle camp to deal with ZIPRA’s armoured battle group but soon

  3. Advanced Infantry Training: An Empirical Analysis Of (0341) Mortarman Success While Attending Advanced Mortarman Course (United States)


    system MCT Marine Combat Training MEF Marine Expeditionary Force MK Math knowledge MOS Military occupational specialty MSG Marine Security advanced level training, specifically, the Advanced Mortarman Course (AMC). Prospective students’ success is predicated on an effective command...survival. It is evident through survival analysis that increased levels of cognitive ability have significant impacts on a Marine’s probability to

  4. International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms Systems Symposium: Exhibition and Firing Demonstration (United States)


    Terminal fragmentation effectiveness trades –Miniaturize Proximity electronics power – Lowest weight Recoil attenuation – Modeling and Simulation...solution using RK4 intergration scheme for inital value problem (inner loop) boundary value problem solved by secant method (outer loop) consistent ballistic performance Yaw on target is trade -off for greatly reduced max range 0 8 M K 0 5 1 2 _ J M N D I A P r e s e n t a t i o n

  5. International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms Systems Symposium, Exhibition and Firing Demonstration (United States)


    a shoe polish tin. The company and the product were known as The Whole Kit & Caboodle. The company that began at the kitchen table of the Williams...of receivers and how well we know their positions. – Inertial navigation - Possible - DARPA recently funded development for shoe sized inertial...Future Small Caliber and 40mm Strategies  Field Capability Improvements – Green Ammunition – Case Mouth Waterproofing – Flash Suppression – Packaging

  6. 2005 International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms Systems Annual Symposium Exhibition and Firing Demonstration (United States)


    important factor! Movies and computer games… 4By watching movies and playing computer games some soldiers believe that a hit anywhere will bring the...Description Non-toxic/ biodegradable payload/no pyrotechnics 40mm ctg fired from the M203 grenade launcher Utilizes chem-illuminescent materials found in

  7. The Army's Light Infantry Divisions: An Analysis of Advocacy and Opposition

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wray, Timothy A


    .... In the ten years since the American withdrawal from Vietnam, the general trend of US Army force structure development had been toward heavy mechanized and armor forces, and so Wickham's decision...

  8. 2011 International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms Systems Symposium, Exhibition and Firing Demonstration (United States)


    Kinetics Tungsten Carbide Material Research and Development of Small Arms Ammunition Armour Piercing, Mr. Fredrik Eringe, Nammo Talley 12818 - Tracer...Ammunition Armour Piercing Mr. Fredrik Eringe, Nammo Talley SMALL ARMS SYSTEMS AGENDA: 05/25/11 2:40 pm - 3:10 pm BREAK - EXHIBIT HALL 3:10 pm - 4:50...inroads within the academic community by way of word-of-mouth advertisement at the faculty and the student level  Ability to sponsor needed research

  9. Radio Communications and Situation Awareness of Infantry Squads during Urban Operations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Christ, Richard


    .... Important moderating factors for these results were differences found for downward and upward-directed communications and conflicting requirements for processing information under conditions of information overload...

  10. The Fulcum, the Late Roman and Byzantine Testudo: the Germanization of Roman Infantry Tactics?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Philip Rance


    Full Text Available The tactic of forming a shield-wall, although called by the Germanic name fulcum first in Maurice’s Strategicon in the sixth century, has a long history of use by the Roman legions, and is not an instance of Germanic influence on Roman tactics.

  11. Modern Application of Liddell Hart’s Doctrine on Infantry Tactics. (United States)


    ironclad landships and swarms of armoured aeroplanes, whilst 9 they consign the ordinary infantryman to the limbo of the past." This is curious enough and...enough they looked, and little different from half-a-dozen others. Yet straining my eyes, I spotted a dark loophole in one around which hung the misty

  12. Universal Infantry Weapons Trainer (UIWT). Volume 1. M-16 Rifle Model. (United States)


    t power supply provides o!)erating %olta es f(r thE UIWT is well as for the pre-amp receiver in the UIWT,-ifle. A single ;diniature dry cell forty... NT1 ;IF NOT TME CON I1NE ,,i5 9 F .54 101 1 t,#131D , 1TTOP OF QUEUE R b, 19 55 CONrI: IC tt NCMEIENT WRITE IOINTER REG E FB 󈧼 UE:UL: MN R3 ,’ESTORE

  13. 78 FR 24734 - Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Construction and Operation of an Infantry Platoon... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Department of the Army Final Environmental Impact Statement for the... Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS), Southwest of Range 20, is not operationally feasible and has been.... The Army identified and analyzed environmental and socioeconomic impacts associated with the proposed...

  14. The 0302/1802/1803 MOS Merger: Infantry and Combat Arms One in the Same

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lewis, Brian R


    ...) 1802, 1802 and 0302 into a single entity. The aggregate result of this merger will provide commanders with a multi-talented ground combat officer thereby capitalizing on the Marine Corps' scarce manpower resources...

  15. Risk Mitigation and Leadership in Tactical U.S. Army Infantry Training (United States)

    required for this war must simulate the expected conditions, those of high-intensity conflict, as closely as possible. As U.S. strategic leaders look...doctrine, cognitive and perceptual biases, and historical case studies, this thesis suggests that U.S. Army risk management practices neither hinder nor

  16. A Field Study of Performance Among Embarked Infantry Personnel Exposed to Waterborne Motion (United States)


    motion sickness. However, the symptoms associated with these sicknesses may also arise in the absence of motion. Cinema sickness and simulator... identical courses were constructed to facilitate the timely completion of 35 the physical coordination course. Participants with an odd identification...nearly identical to the layout at Pelican Point. Figure 9 shows the detailed course layout superimposed over an aerial view of Red Beach

  17. The Process and Procedures Used for Job Preparation; Field Artillery and Infantry Officers and NCOS (United States)


    standards, and recognize unethical practices. (1.7 hours) y TLO2AG INTERPERSONAL LEADERSHIP SKILLS To enable students to identify types of communication...blacks and other minority groups to US military and civilian history; impact of slavery on the individual and the family. Prevalent complaints of...selecting and training subordinates. (3 hours, 1 lesson) 232 ~~~: , IS 249 RACE RELATIONS To teach students about minority group history, slavery , and

  18. Preliminary Inventories: Vietnam War Collection, 23rd Infantry (Americal) Division, 1967-1971. (United States)


    NnornMRtcv sen ose iaprn 35 aISA SIHST me f"’t (5 IL I MAMIW W-o d 1elLCTO Eel (-) (ea (, (el • I) )I) oi il 46 45) l) 1ITTOSWtCAL JI&ROmnoDl Weso...ORG HISTS N A& e40-ies er 2 28-08 ~~Umm Ob 11 m.5-?5 Pdembg byQ rr UECORDS TMAI1TfAL AND REcEwiP &: F" R n ost, fa I- I4 L ft feC.Pk*. edit - far so...mecomme aisa my EIm Gui ow0-CEaSIU 338 161 951 1.0 Is 718-0 Indviua gaard fibAu ඩ N1 In 34. er 2 18-0 Indviua AAKN Wa’ eerrds to 1970ceerse 23

  19. A Comparison of the Combat Performance of Good and Poor Infantry Squad Leaders (United States)


    56 Knowlede and skills . . . . ... 56 Communication . . . . . . . . . ........... . 59 Awareness...situation. Personnel management principles frequently indicate that when criticism is leveled 3t subordinates, this criticism should be given privately in

  20. Implications of Women in the Infantry: Will This Improve Combat Efficiency? (United States)


    20 times more a day than women.84 Testosterone is responsible for carrying oxygen producing red blood cells , allowing greater endurance.85 The male...power, and load carrying stamina that would produce disproportionate casualties.165 So, within two years, it appears that Australian women went

  1. The Status of Infantry TOW, LAW, and Dragon Training in USAREUR. (United States)


    TOW duties (guard, CQ runner , etc.); (b) Permanent assignment to other than TOW duties; (c) medical and dental appointments and drug and alcohol training areas would be most helpful, and a third said American tanks and ve- hicles could be mocked-up to look like enemy targets and that kites

  2. Method of Estimating the Principal Characteristics of an Infantry Fighting Vehicle from Basic Performance Requirements (United States)


    in a linear scaling with vehicle weight. • Counter-examples to linear scaling, such as torsion rods , account only for a small fraction (< 10%) the maximum cabin height comes out to be 61 cm which is consistent with previous designs. We wish to keep as much flexibility for the designer...the ground via the track shoe(s). If we assume the track is perfectly flexible , one can estimate the sinkage by:10 0 = 6 5 √

  3. Shoe heel abrasion and its possible biomechanical cause: a transversal study with infantry recruits. (United States)

    Baumfeld, Daniel; Raduan, Fernando C; Macedo, Benjamim; Silva, Thiago Alexandre Alves; Baumfeld, Tiago; Favato, Danilo Fabrino; de Andrade, Marco Antonio Percope; Nery, Caio


    Excessive shoe heel abrasion is of concern to patients and shoe manufacturers, but little scientific information is available about this feature and its possible causes. The purpose of this study was to relate this phenomenon with biomechanical factors that could predispose to shoe heel abrasion. Ninety-seven recruits (median age 25) were enrolled in this study. Shoe abrasion was assessed manually with a metric plastic tape on the posterior part of the heel that comes in contact with the ground. The number of sprains, foot alignment, and calf muscle shortening (Silfverskiold test) was also assessed in order to relate it with shoe heel abrasion. After using our exclusion criteria, 86 recruits and 172 were considered for this study. The most common abrasion site was the lateral portion of the heel surface (50 %). Forty-four percent of the participants had neutral hind-foot alignment and 39 % had valgus alignment. Twenty-six (30 %) patients have had previous ankle or foot sprains. Neutral foot was related with less calf muscle shortening. On the other hand, valgus hind-foot alignment was more associated with Achilles shortening (p study was able to correlate shoe heel abrasion with biomechanical causes (neutral alignment-uniform abrasion/varus alignment-central and lateral abrasion). More effort has to be done to continue evaluating outsole abrasion with its possible biomechanical cause in order to predict and treat possible associated injuries.

  4. Closing the Inter-Agency Gap: Role of the Marine Infantry Battalion on the Future Battlefield (United States)


    Master of Military Studies Research Paper September 2009- April2010 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Sa. CONTRACT NUMBER Closing the Inter-Agency Gap : Role of the...battlalion the future battlefield will be to close the inter-agency gap by utilizing a comprehensive government approach to locate, close with, and...

  5. Increasing Small Arms Lethality in Afghanistan Taking Back the Infantry Half-Kilometer (United States)


    John A. Malinowski , and Robert E. Bowen. "Bullet Fragmentation: A Major Cause of Tissue Disruption." JTrauma, 1984: 35-39. 67 Initial muzzle...Fackler, Martin L, M.D., M.A. John S. Surinchak, B.S. John A. Malinowski , and Robert E. Bowen. "Bullet Fragmentation: A Major Cause of Tissue

  6. Development of radiation shielding materials and NBC pads for infantry combat vehicle and tank

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pal, R.S.; Gautam, O.P.; Katiyar, Mohit; Tripathi, D.N.; Singh, R.K.


    Tanks have special lining materials inside, providing a certain degree of radiation protection for operation in nuclear scenario's. At present these special lining materials in the form of sheets are imported and are fitted into armoured vehicles. Three types of polymer compositions; PE(M)SE, PEC-ISE and PEC-IISE were formulated based on polymer matrix, specific fillers and anti-ageing additives. Prototype NBC pads based on polymer composition PEC-ISE was finalized for moulding of NBC pads for use in ICVs and composition PE(M)SE was finalized for T-90 tanks. The physico-mechanical properties for NBC pads have been evaluated. Radiography of test samples was conducted to ensure homogeneity of specific fillers in the polymer matrix. Radiation shielding factors against nuclear radiation sources ( 60 Co, I37 Cs and 252 Cf) were evaluated at DL Jodhpur and found to be better than imported Russian Pads designed for ICVs and T-90 Tanks. Drawings for twelve types of NBC pads for ICVs and one hundred eighteen types of pads for T-90 tank were generated with the help of design tool, Auto Desk Inventor-II and metallic moulds for moulding of NBC pads were fabricated. Prototype NBC pads were moulded through compression moulding process. Radiation protection factors of prototype NBC pads, after fitment in ICVs, were also evaluated against neutron and gamma (primary and secondary) radiation sources. Prototype NBC pads for ICVs have shown 20% improvement in overall protection level and NBC pads for T-90 tanks have been developed as per design requirements. Manufacturing facility for NBC shielding pads have been established in association with industries. (author)

  7. Task Force Smith and the 24th Infantry Division in Korea, July 1950 (United States)


    11D.M. Giangreco, "Artillery in Korea: Massing Fires and Reinventing the Wheel," (Korean War Anthology , Combat...and General Staff College, 2000. Giangreco, D.M. "Artillery in Korea: Massing Fires and Reinventing the Wheel." Korean War Anthology , Combat

  8. Marine Corps Combat Casualty Care: Determining Medical Supply Requirements for an Infantry Corpsman Bag

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hill, Martin; Galarneau, Michael; Konoske, Paula; Pang, Gerald; Hopkins, Curt


    .... Part of the Marine Corps Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system, the MOLLE medical bag was designed to be a modular system that could be customized by the corpsman for specific missions...

  9. «A Monstrous Regiment of Women»: nascite mostruose come stigma del dissenso religioso delle donne negli anni delle guerre civili inglesi (1642-1652

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luca Baratta


    Full Text Available Il presente lavoro prende in esame quattro resoconti di nascite di esseri umani con malformazioni congenite pubblicati a Londra tra il 1642 e 1652. Messi in circolazione dalla stampa nel frastagliato quadro del conflitto tra Carlo I e il Parlamento, e più nello specifico negli anni in cui non si era ancora del tutto spenta la polemica sulla chiesa riformata, i quattro pamphlet sono accomunati dalla medesima lettura della nascita mostruosa, vista come esito di una qualche forma di dissenso religioso da parte delle madri protagoniste. La colpevolizzazione delle donne non era un fenomeno nuovo: già nei decenni precedenti alle guerre civili, le narrazioni di nascite mostruose avevano frequentemente messo in luce negativa le donne, spesso attraverso il sillogismo per cui la nascita di un figlio deforme dichiarava una colpa segreta della genitrice. La novità dei documenti che raccontarono le cosiddette monstrous births negli anni 1642-1652 fu di appuntare il proprio stigma su una colpa materna che non era più di tipo sessuale, o più in generale morale: la propaganda religiosa e politica strumentalizzò i parti di bambini deformi, interpretandoli come punizioni divine per il dissenso religioso manifestato dalle loro madri.

  10. 75 FR 55313 - Record of Decision (ROD) for Conversion of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment (3rd ACR) to a... (United States)


    ... request for a copy of the ROD can be sent to the Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Environmental Command, Building E4460, Attention: IMAE-PA, 5179 Hoadley Road, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5401. FOR FURTHER...

  11. Are Large Scale (Brigade Combat Team or Regimental Level and Above) United States Army Airborne Operations Effective in the Context of 21st Century Warfare

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Childress, Mark S


    Several recommendations, in regards to the use of large scale airborne operations in the context of 21st century warfare and identified shortfalls in airborne organization, are presented in this monograph...

  12. Pilot of the Modern Army Record-Keeping System (MARKS) at 5th Battalion, 73rd Armored Regiment, 194th Armored Brigade, Fort Knox, Kentucky (United States)


    patents, inventions, taxation , land litigation 7-. . . - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - .. . - . - - . . . . . .. - --- ----- Series 4...Jl~ 00 ;0 w 40 ow 03 -4 Ai’ Q3 r.. 41I acca -4 1.4 0.4 0 40 W A 1. 4 a C ’ 0 o-4 >4 u 0.-4 0d 0,U c c4E 0 ~ 0 .~ 4.4 C r-J * . 4 pq 4a *i LI 4) 4 4-44


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mopuri Muneer Kanha


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: AIDS, the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is the worst disease in the history of medicine due to HIV infection in many sexually active people. This disease is treated with two regimens of drugs in the ART centers at free of cost by the government. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To study and compare the efficacy of two antiretroviral regimens (zidovudine +lamivudine+ nevirapine vs ( S tavudine + lamivudine +nevirapine in HIV/AIDS patients. Methods: It is a longitudinal, prospective, observational study, carried at ART centers of siddhartha medical college, Vijayawada, AP and Guntur medical college, Guntur, AP from October 2006 to March 2008. Results: 650 patients were enrolled into study. Out of 650, 325 patients were received Tab.Zidovudine +Tab.Lamivudine+Tab.Nevirapine (Regimen A and 325 patients were received Tab. Stavudine + Tab.Lamivudine + Tab. Nevirapine (Regimen B in fixed drug combination. The study is designed for a Period of 12 months by recording observations at 0 months, 6months and 12months. All the cases enrolled had been studied prospectively at the ART centers and the data entered into the case sheets. The adherence to the ART is assessed by asking the patients to get the empty drug bottles and checking the number of remaining tablets. The chi - square test is applied for all the parameters after 6 months data and after 12 months data with degree of freedom (D f of > 1 = and > P = value as 0.05 (p=0.05 and the level of significance as x 2 >3.84. CONCLUSIONS: Stavudine containing regimen B is having better efficacy than zidovudine containing regimen A

  14. The Challenges in Training of the Mechanized Infantry Units of the Republic of Korea Army in Transitioning from the Armored Personnel Carrier (K200) to Infantry Fighting Vehicle (K21) (United States)


    Combat/Empty) 22,940kg/19,005kg 25,000kg/ Engine V-8 turbo charged diesel developing 500hp at 2,600rpm V-10 turbo -intercooled diesel developing...swim in the water propelled by its track. The M113 was replaced in production by diesel -powered M113A1 in 1964 which in turn was replaced by the...1x12.7mm MG, 1x7.62mm MG, 1x6 smoke dischargers Weight (Combat/Empty) 11,253kg/9,957kg 12,900kg/12,500kg Engine V-6 diesel developing 212hp at

  15. Breaching The Ramparts: The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division’s Capture Of Boulogne In World War Two (United States)


    during World War One, quickly rose through the ranks. While historians portrayed him as a man of high intellect and personality, his abrasive...Abilene, KS. The First Army tasks included completing the capture of Boulogne followed by Calais, masking Dunkirk, and advancing to 11 Division staff, in concert with civil affairs, warned all civilians to be out of Boulogne within thirty-six hours.68 Ironically , Heim’s decision

  16. Lessons Learned from Product Manager (PM) Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) Using Soldier Evaluation in the Design Phase

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Cline, Todd


    .... Demonstrations using mock-ups or prototypes often prove to be cost-effective ways to focus on certain requirements and bring valuable data and a unique real-world perspective to the design team...

  17. Evaluation of the Mountain Athlete Warrior (MAW) Program in a Light Infantry Brigade, March 2011 February 2012 (United States)


    repeatedly pitching a softball . 73. With these definitions in mind, have you had an injury during the past 12 months? If so, how many different times...pulling/pushing objects, or repeatedly pitching a softball . Technical Report No. S.0032423.3-11 D-18 O 13 Pelvic area O 14 Upper leg (thigh

  18. Evaluation of the Iron Horse Peformance Optimization Physical Training Program (IHPOP) in a Light Infantry Brigade, October 2010-April 2011 (United States)


    activities like excessive exercise or running long distances, r epetitive lifting/pulling/pushing objects, or repeatedly pitching a softball . 75... softball . 72. With these definitions in mind, have you had an injury during the past 6 months? If so, how many different times did you have an injury where

  19. Assessment of Two Desk-Top Computer Simulations Used to Train Tactical Decision Making (TDM) of Small Unit Infantry Leaders

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Beal, Scott A


    Fifty-two leaders in the Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) at Fort Benning, Georgia, participated in an assessment of two desk-top computer simulations used to train tactical decision making...

  20. Fit for the frontline? A focus group exploration of auditory tasks carried out by infantry and combat support personnel


    Bevis, Zoe L.; Semeraro, Hannah; van Besouw, R.M.; Rowan, D.; Lineton, B.; Allsopp, Adrian J.


    In order to preserve their operational effectiveness and ultimately their survival, military personnel must be able to detect important acoustic signals and maintain situational awareness. The possession of sufficient hearing ability to perform job-specific auditory tasks is defined as auditory fitness for duty (AFFD). Pure tone audiometry (PTA) is used to assess AFFD in the UK military; however, it is unclear whether PTA is able to accurately predict performance on job-specific auditory task...

  1. Assessment of Two Desk-Top Computer Simulations Used to Train Tactical Decision Making (TDM) of Small Unit Infantry Leaders

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Beal, Scott A


    .... A questionnaire administered to leaders following simulation exercises documented their sense of personal involvement during mission execution and their perceptions of the training value of the simulations...

  2. Development of a Physical Employment Testing Battery for Infantry Soldiers: 11B Infantryman and 11C Infantryman - Indirect Fire (United States)


    quickly as possible and ran around the course in the direction indicated, without knocking over the cones. Time to complete the course was recorded ( order to reduce the cost of collecting equipment. Additionally, all the tests used may be readily purchased at a sporting goods store. The third...a sporting goods store. The third model resulted in a test battery that included the medicine ball put, squat lift, Illinois agility test (lower

  3. Effects of anxiety and exercise-induced fatigue on shooting accuracy and cognitive performance in infantry soldiers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nibbeling, N.; Oudejans, R.R.D.; Ubink, E.M.; Daanen, H.A.M.


    Operational performance in military settings involves physical and mental skills that are generally investigated separately in lab settings, leading to reduced ecological validity. Therefore, we investigated the effects of anxiety and exercise-induced fatigue, separately and in combination, on

  4. The effects of anxiety and exercise-induced fatigue on shooting accuracy and cognitive performance in infantry soldiers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nibbeling, N.; Oudejans, R.R.D.; Ubink, E.M.; Daanen, H.A.M.


    Operational performance in military settings involves physical and mental skills that are generally investigated separately in lab settings, leading to reduced ecological validity. Therefore, we investigated the effects of anxiety and exercise-induced fatigue, separately and in combination, on

  5. The 34th Infantry Division at Cassino and Anzio: the role of operational art in the Italian Campaign. (United States)


    deep ravines, rose precipitously 450 meters in 1000 meters and were thoroughly organized with wires, mines, felled trees, concrete bunkers and steel...under the registered German guns, eventually securing a shallow bridgehead on the west side of the Rapido by midnight.86 The same day, the FEC attacked...ID Commander, replaced Lucas as VI Corps commander. By March 4, neither side had achieved their objectives, and the exhausted adversaries paused in a

  6. Fiches pratiques: Nouvelles histoires de modes; Pour se faire une tartine; Le Texte litteraire: "Decouverte" de Guy de Maupassant; Un Regiment dans un nuage (Practical Ideas: New Approaches to Grammatical Mood; How to Make Oneself Bread and Jam; The Literary Text: "Discovered" by Guy de Maupassant; A Regiment in a Cloud). (United States)

    Saraceni, Luisa; And Others


    Four activities are offered for French second-language classroom use: an exercise to aid comprehension of indicative and subjunctive mood; a lesson in making bread and jam, designed for young children; a study of narration within a novel, using a Guy de Maupassant story; and an exercise in discourse analysis. (MSE)

  7. Tod der Płocker Bischöfe im Soldauer Konzentrationslager

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Waldemar Graczyk


    Full Text Available In September 1939 in Działdowo the Nazis established a transit camp for the war prisoners of the Polish September Campaign of 1939 in the former barracks of the 32 infantry regiment on Grunwaldzka Street. At the turn of 1939 and 1940 the police and the SS authorities in Königsberg transformed the Działdowo camp into the transit camp „Durchgangslager“. Priests imprisoned in the Działdowo camp from autumn 1939 to autumn 1941 constituted a special group of political prisoners. The archbishop Antoni Julian Nowowiejski and the bishop Leon Wetmański, Płock bishop suffragan, were brought to the Działdowo camp in 1941. The Płock bishops quickly became spiritual guides and the support for the prisoners in difficult moments of camp life. In order to prevent their contacts with the prisoners, the bishops were put in a separate cell number 12. They were subjected to different kinds of moral and physical torture, including the attempt to profane the cross. Difficult living conditions in the camp soon led to the death of the Płock priests: the archbishop Antoni Julian Nowowiejski died on 28 May 1941 and the bishop Leon Wetmański died on 10 October 1941. Apart from them, 47 priests and 1 seminarian lost their lives in the Działdowo camp in 1939–1945.

  8. On-Demand Interactive Simulation-Centered Training for Small Unit Tactics

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Munro, Allen


    Training on small unit infantry tactics in both the context of present-day infantry operations and in Objective Force Warrior contexts may benefit from the use of interactive graphics with behavioral...

  9. Warfighter Physiological Status Monitoring (WPSM): Energy Balance and Thermal Status During a 10-Day Cold Weather U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course Field Exercise

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hoyt, Reed


    Energy balance and thermal status was assessed in 14 male U.S. Marine Corps volunteers (age = 25 +/- 3 y MEAN +/- SD; ht = 178 +/- 5 Cm; wt = 81.0 +/- 4.1 kg; %body fat = 15 +/- 3; load = 42.6 +/- 3.2 kg...

  10. Survey of Injuries and Injury Risk Factors in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, November 2014 - January 2015 (United States)


    physical training programs, health behaviors, and perceptions of leadership and medical support related to injury. Survey responses were received...illness, and health behavior data is recommended for monitoring of physical training program effects and collection of data necessary to inform future...calculated for demographics, personal characteristics, physical fitness and occupational demands, leadership and medical support, health behaviors

  11. The National Guard in War: An Historical Analysis of the 27th Infantry Division (New York National Guard) in World War 2 (United States)


    1935. McNair, Leslie J., memorandun dated 12 July 1944, subject: "Recommendations on the Post-War National GuLard". Millet , Allan R., Semper...Moenk, Jean R., A History of Large Scale Maneuvers in the US. 1933-1964, (Ft Monroe, VA: HQ, CONARC, 1969). Moskin, J. Robert, The US Marine Corps

  12. Risk Factors for Injury Associated with Low, Moderate, and High Mileage Road Marching in a U.S. Army Infantry Brigade (United States)


    and football ) as activities that are commonly associated with injury (Grier et al. 2017; Hauret et al. 2015; Jones and Hauschild 2015). Likewise...temporary emergency loads (Department of the Army 1990). The results of this study support the lowest range of these recommended weights, so reducing the

  13. International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms Systems Section Symposium, Exhibition and Firing Demonstration. Held in Atlantic City, NJ on 13-16 May 2002. Volume 2 (United States)


    going efforts to gather data Types of Sound Generation Sources • Piezo - Electric – High Performance Speakers & Ceramics – Smallest Volume Package...40-µm DRIE spring Stage 2 Devices-Fab 2 Texture of DRIE- machined surface Details of undercutting and release etch for 40-µm spring 1 Tank-automotive... PZT -5A Piezoceramic Sheets Nomenclature - Lead-Zirconate Titanate Micro-Flex Actuator* * Fundamentals of Adaptive/Smart Aerostructures Short Course

  14. Warfighter Physiological Status Monitoring (WPSM): Energy Balance and Thermal Status During a 10-Day Cold Weather U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course Field Exercise

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hoyt, Reed


    ...) during a 10-day field exercise (FEX) at Quantico, VA. Question: Does intense physical activity, limited sleep, and restricted rations, combined with cold/damp weather, result in excessively negative energy balance and hypothermia? Methods...

  15. A Situational-Awareness System For Networked Infantry Including An Accelerometer-Based Shot-Identification Algorithm For Direct-Fire Weapons (United States)


    combine my love of shooting with my education. Dr. Xiaoping Yun graciously provided me with his wealth of technical knowledge. Dr. James Calusdian’s...expanding gasses forcing the projectile down the barrel restarting the process [10]. The major internal components of an AR15 are shown in Figure 1 with...of the three-plate system does not change, regardless of the movement of the middle plate, resulting in the relationship (2.11) Expanding

  16. Preliminary Inventory of the Retired Records of the 1st United States Army Infantry Division during the Vietnam War, 2 October 1965-14 April 1970. Sanitized Version. (United States)


    Fub (1/281.l1) - aNg 0522 Web 73. 5 ftb l973. f 11IGAmclZ -.d HMIS 37.8U4ar w4, W4 .kh gad AM 3an of 62 011, I go. 130 get, eggect.~ I J1 1973. UOI&M...HQDA Records Managemet Divis ion TANSILS k The Adjutant General’s Office 9ATIH Zni:ENRYH Programs Branch Attn: DAAG-AE-P A NCV TAS a CV LIA OinCAL teo 5...srieas 128-09 Ikm f m HU f 6I Peolbd "A110 "M 6 CPO 001-13A RE&... T. ML AN*EE a mSm o fti oFdrlMsie oa 3. AGEJICt 11iesm OFFICIAL 48.. s Web DOO HQDA


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    hance regimental esprit, individual interest and morale as well as, not least, collective and in- dividual flexibility of mind. 3. The advantages and benefits of regimental traditions and esprit could be further ex- tended within the army by: a. Inducting National Servicemen via their future regiments. Personnel would thus be.

  18. Military Engineers and Chemical Warfare Troops (Inzhenernye Voiska Khimicheskie Voiska), (United States)


  19. Dental Injuries in a Sample of Portuguese Militaries - A Preliminary Research. (United States)

    Azevedo, Luís; Martins, David; Veiga, Nélio; Fine, Peter; Correia, André


    Traumatic dental and maxillofacial injuries are very common and appear to affect approximately 20-30% of permanent dentition, with often serious psychological, economic, functional, and esthetic consequences. Militaries are a highest risk group for orofacial trauma, not only because they are constantly engaged in physical activity (which increase the risk of traumatic injuries) but also because they are exposed to many risk factors. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of orofacial injuries, militaries knowledge about first-aid procedures following a dental avulsion and the use of mouthguards in a sample of Portuguese militaries. An observational cross-sectional study was conducted for forces of the Infantry Regiment n°14 of Viseu, Portugal. The study involved 122 members of the armed forces who were asked to complete a questionnaire, which enquired about: the occurrence of dental trauma, the use of mouthguards and militaries knowledge with regard to first-aid management of dental avulsions. In our sample, 5.7% reported having experienced a dental trauma. This was further broken down to reveal that 2.5% had experienced an avulsion and 3.3% had a dental fracture. All respondents who reported having suffered dental trauma, reported that this was the only time that they had experienced dental trauma. Within this group, 71.4% visited a dentist, however only one (20%) visited the dentist during the same day that the trauma occurred. In addition, 21.3% mentioned that they had seen a dental trauma in at least one colleague during military trainings/operations. In the case of dental avulsion, the majority (54.9%) did not know how to act. The rate of mouthguard's use among militaries was very low (6.4%). The main reason reported for not using a mouthguard was thinking that it is not necessary (53.3%). Besides that, 31.1% did not know what a mouthguard was for. Prevention programs and promoting actions with this population are important reflections and

  20. Network Centric Warfare Case Study: U.S. V Corps and 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) During Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Operations (Mar-Apr 2003). Volume 3. Network Centric Warfare Insights (United States)


    OPSEC), military deception, psychological operations (PSYOPS), special information operations (IO), information assurance, physical security...nonlethal effects, such as operational 8 Network Centric Warfare Case Study security (OPSEC), military deception, psychological operations (PSYOP...Support Operations Group ASR Alternate Supply Route; or, Ammunition Supply Rate ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System ATARS Advanced

  1. Network Centric Warfare Case Study: U.S. V Corps and 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) During Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Operations (Mar-Apr 2003). Volume 2: Command, Control, Communications and Computer Architectures

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Cogan, Kevin J; De Lucio, Ray


    ...), which hypothesizes that a robustly networked force improves information sharing, collaboration, quality of information, and shared situational awareness resulting in significantly increased mission effectiveness...

  2. Network Centric Warfare Case Study: U.S. V Corps and 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) During Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Operations (Mar-Apr 2003). Volume 3. Network Centric Warfare Insights

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Tisserand, III, John B


    ...), which hypothesizes that a robustly networked force improves information sharing, collaboration, quality of information, and shared situational awareness resulting in significantly increased mission effectiveness...

  3. Civil War Logistics: Effects of Logistics on the Pea Ridge Campaign (United States)


    twelve ounces of pork or bacon , or twenty ounces of fresh or salt beef; eighteen ounces bread or flour, or twelve ounces hard bread, or twenty ounces of......Vandever 9th Iowa Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Francis J. Herron 25th Missouri Infantry Colonel John S. Phelps 3rd Independent Battery, Iowa Light

  4. Operational Art and the Sustainment Warfighting Function (United States)


    Infantry Division (ID) a continuous sustainment line of operation. The leap- frogging of Forward Logisitics Bases provided 3rd Infantry Division (ID...victims. A C-17 Globemaster III departed North Carolina and delivered 14,000 Meals Ready-to- Eat , or MREs, and 14,000 quarts of water in a 7-hour round

  5. The Impact of Racial Integration on the Combat Effectiveness of Eighth (US) Army during the Korean War (United States)


    voting.”265 Integration combatted this cognitive dissonance , creating a sense of equality and pride in many African-American soldiers. Many found...180 Both Generals Bradley and Hodges expressed satisfaction with the African-American infantry soldiers. The 78th Infantry Division commanding

  6. Y =)~.~: SS

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    the true leader of the regiment in the more prac- tical sense. Any surplus monies at the end of the appropriate period, was shared out. But many .honest regiments used this surplus to provide schools, medical facilities and pensions for the widows and families of the disabled. • Mr Usher is a free-lance writer and a member of.

  7. COLONEL (DR) JAN PLOEGER (1913-1994)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    His mili- tary career commenced as early. as 1939, when he attested with the Regiment De la Rey for service during the Second World War. He later served with the Pretoria Regiment as a. Second Lieutenant. After the war, he became a journalist and later a teacher. In 1964, he gave up his teaching post at Hillview High.

  8. US Army Order of Battle 1919-1941. Volume 2. The Arms: Calvary, Field Artillery, and Coast Artillery, 1919-41 (United States)


    Artillery Regiment (75-mm G-P) (GHQR) Organized Reserve Michigan HQ— Alpena , MI, 1921–25; Flint, MI, 1925–29; Inactive, 1929–41 Constituted in the O.R. on... Alpena , MI. Subordinate battalion HQ concurrently organized as follows: 1st Bn. at Saginaw, MI,and 2d Bn. at Owosso, MI. Regimental HQ relocated on 2

  9. Unintended Relevance: The Role of the Stryker Brigade Combat Team in the Decisive Action Environment (United States)


    its_time_to_create_a_megacities_combat_unit_110717.html. 47 Steve Krippel and Chris Ricci, “The Stryker Brigade Combat Team: America’s Early Entry Force,” Infantry, July...vehicles to transport the large amounts of equipment to do their job , which is to fight dismounted in complex terrain. Light infantry is necessary...2015_National_Military_Strategy.pdf. Krippel, Steve , and Chris Ricci. “The Stryker Brigade Combat Team: America’s Early Entry Force.” Infantry, July-September 2014

  10. CSIR Annual report 1968

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)



    Full Text Available This report presents the twenty fourth annual report of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. The report covers the period from the 1st January, 1968, to the 31st December 1968. Balance sheets and statements of income and expenditure...

  11. An Embedded Training Solution: FBCB2/Tactical Decision Making Intelligent Tutoring System

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Stottler, Richard H; Pike, Bill


    We are developing for STRICOM an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) for tank and mechanized infantry company commanders that teaches tactical decision making and the tactical use of FBCB2, a C4I system...

  12. Religious Support in the Division XXI Heavy Brigade

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Keller, Eric


    Force XXI technology changes the war-fighting doctrine of the US Army. The new digital technology combined with changes in the design of the force structure created a new mechanized infantry or armor division...

  13. The Case for Employing the Mobile Assault Company Concept Through the Spectrum of Warfare

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sokol, Blair J


    The Mobile Assault Company (MAC) concept--the technique of employing the Marine Infantry Battalion's Weapons Company as a fourth maneuver element--is currently being employed successfully during counterinsurgency and Stability...

  14. Train-the-Trainer Package for the Full Spectrum Warrior Game

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Centric, James


    .... Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW), built for use with Microsoft's X-Box game console system, was developed to provide Infantry squad leaders with the opportunity to practice making tactical decisions and executing the troop-leading...

  15. The Effects of Posture, Body Armor and Other Equipment on Rifleman Lethality

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kramlich, Gary R., II


    ...? This study quantifies the effects of Soldier equipment on lethality through multi-factor logistic regression using data from range experiments with the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized...

  16. Battlefield Environment Technology Transfer During Digital Capstone Exercise II

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Barnes, Eugene S


    During Digital Capstone Exercise (DCX ) II, the 4th Infantry Division (4ID) employed the U.S. Army s first digitized heavy division enabled by modern warfighting doctrine, structure, and systems, such as the Army Battle Command System...

  17. Training for Operations Other Than War (Stability Operations): Front End Analysis

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Salter, Margaret


    An Army Research Institute Infantry Forces Research Unit work program on Improving Light Forces Low Intensity Conflict Training for Operations Other Than War was planned as research on Civil Affairs...

  18. Preliminary Evaluation of the Computer-Based Tactics Certification Course--Principles of War Module

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Pleban, Robert


    This report describes a portion of the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences Infantry Forces Research Unit's work in the formative evaluation of the computer based Tactics Certification Course (TCC...

  19. Rapid Wall-Breaching Kit, Ingress Hole Determination Experiment

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Turner, Daniel D; Carstens, Christian B; Redden, Elizabeth S; Whalen, Joseph B


    .... The experiment was conducted at McKenna Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) site Ft. Benning, Georgia. Soldiers from the Ranger Training Brigade and Headquarters Company 3/11th Infantry participated in the experiment...

  20. The Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP): A Prototype Training Product

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wampler, Richard


    ...): A Prototype Training Product. The MDMP product is a computer-based, stand alone training support package to assist individuals and staffs of light infantry brigades in learning to participate in the military decision-making process...

  1. Korea - 1950: The Decision to Invade the North...(What Would Carl Have Thought?)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Moseley, T. M


    Sunday, 0400 hours, 25 June 1950...the assault came without warning. Eight North Korean infantry divisions exploded across the 38th Parallel into South Korea through gaps torn by armor and artillery...

  2. The Commanders' Integrated Training Tool for the Close Combat Tactical Trainer 3: Final Prototype Development

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Flynn, Michael


    ...) for the Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT), a system of armored vehicle manned-module simulators and workstations that allows units to train collective armor and infantry tasks at the platoon through battalion task force level...

  3. Breaching the Phalanx: Developing a More Engineer-Centric Modular BCT

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Schultze, James M


    ... to OIF and OEF for SSTR operations. These new modular combat units are based on predominantly infantry and armor capabilities and have resulted in a large divestiture of engineering units and capabilities...

  4. Comparison of a Distributed Operations Force to a Traditional Force in Urban Combat

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Babilot, Michael


    ...). The employment of a DO is compared to employment of a traditional Marine infantry platoon in an urban combat scenario based upon data obtained from Operation al-Fajr, conducted in Fallujah, Iraq, in November 2004...

  5. The Commanders' Integrated Training Tool for the Close Combat Tactical Trainer - 2: Second Generation Design and Prototype Development

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gossman, J


    ...) for the Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT), a system of armored vehicle manned-module simulators and workstations that allows units to train collective armor and infantry tasks at the platoon through battalion task force level...

  6. [Tadeusz Tucholski (1898-1940). A contribution to the scientific biography]. (United States)

    Tucholska-Załuska, Hanna


    Assistant professor Tadeusz Tucholski Ph.D., murdered in Katyń, was one of the most outstanding representatives of the younger generation of Polish physical chemist scholars of the interwar period. He published over 30 scientific papers in the field of physical and chemical properties of explosions, kinetics and catalysis and also toxicology and forensics. Thesere searches were partly performed at the University of Poznań, in the period 1926-1939, at the Faculty of Medicine of the Department of Physics where Tucholski was employed as a senior assistant and was the closest associate of professor S. Kalandyk, partly at the Department of Forensic Medicine headed by professor S. Horoszkiewicz in the chemical-toxicological laboratory which Tucholski ranin the years 1931-1939, partly at the Warsaw University of Technology in the Department of Explosives Technology of the Faculty of Chemistry headed by professor T. Urbański, where he had been lecturing "On the latest theories of explosives" since 1937 and in 1934-35 in Cambridge, as a teaching fellow of the National Culture Fund, in Colloid Science Laboratory headed by professor E.K. Rideal. In 1903 Tucholski moved with his parents to Zabaykalye, in 1911--to Brazil. He returned to Poland in 1920, joined the Polish Army and with the 14th Polish Medium Regiment fought on the fronts of the Polish-Bolshevik War. He was drafted to the School of Pyrotechnics Foremen at Corps District Command number VII (Poznań). After graduating, Tucholski remained on active duty as a professional pyrotechnic: from 1921 to 1929 he was appointed the head of the Laboratory of Chemical and Pyrotechnic Ammunition Workshop No. 2 in Poznań and as an inspector of magazines of explosives. In 1927 he was transferred to the reserves, in 1932 after having graduated from the Officer Cadet School in Jarocin, Tucholski was appointed a second lieutenant in the Army Reserve, and later moved from the officers infantry corpsto the army ordnance corps. As

  7. Swarming and the Future of Warfare (United States)


    and Plans DIVARTY Division Artillery DoD Department of Defense EO Electro-Optical EXFOR Experimental Force FLIR Forward-Looking Infrared FOFA Follow-on...HUMINT Human Intelligence xiii IED Improvised Explosive Device IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle 10 Information Operations IR Infrared ISR Intelligence...and the rifles of WW2 (9 out of 1,000). 37 No longer could artillery unlimber within 300 yards and shoot at infantry with relative impunity since

  8. The City’s Many Faces: Proceedings of the RAND Arroyo-MCWL-J8 UWG Urban Operations Conference, April 13-14 1999 (United States)


    FBI Headquarters FCU Future Combat Vehicle FDA Food and Drug Administration FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency FLIR Forward Looking Infrared ...Infantry IN (L) Infantry (Light) 10 Information Operations IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield IPSF Interim Public Security Forces IR Infrared ...Acquisition Program WSO Weapons System Officer vi The City’s Many Faces WTI Weapons and Tactics Instructor WW2 World War Two Y2K Year 2000, often used

  9. Will the Current Solution Survive the Future Battlespace? An examination of the Combatant Role of the Australian Army’s Protected mobility capability (United States)


    Interim Infantry Mobility Vehicle IMV Infantry Mobility Vehicle INTERFET International Force East Timor LOE Lines of Effort LWD -1 Land Warfare...produce strategically relevant and combat ready forces.”39 This doctrinal publication, Land Warfare Doctrine 1 ( LWD 1), echoes the difficulties outlined...time. The acknowledgement of this concern is further underlined in LWD 1 which enunciates that “while the strategic situation can change quickly

  10. Abstracts of ARI Research Publications FY 1980 (United States)


    personnel, Lasswell projected that .- • "specialists in violence ," i.e., military elites, would add management to their repertoire of skills and would become...techniques: Rules of play for two-player/ multiplayer infantry mapboard gaxu&s. January 1979. (AD A077 476) The objective of this project was to...two-player or multiplayer use, (b) an infantry squad/platoon level field opposition exercise, and (c) a combined arms platoon/company level mapboard

  11. The Effects of Terrain on a System of Systems (United States)


    31 d. Obstacle Clearance Rates .......................................................31 e. Armor – Number of Hits to Kill ...Infantry Soldiers 4 x detachments 3 x Mine Ploughs 3 x Tractors UAV section 1 x UAV 11 c. Scenario Defender’s (RED) Basic Deployment: At the...x Mine Ploughs 3 x Tractors MECHANIZED INFANTRY BRIGADE ARMR BN MI BN UAV section 1 x UAV 15 INF BN ARMR BNARMR BNINF COY MORTAR PL ARMR

  12. ORIGINAL ARTICLES Homicidal violence during foreign military ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Nov 12, 2003 ... explosive rage with little or no warning and may be associated with substance use ... reported to the Regimental Aid Post complaining of fatigue, restlessness and ... European country by hitting him on the head. Although the.

  13. Lietuvos liaudies armijos reorganizavimo į 29-ąjį teritorinį Raudonosios armijos šaulių pulko istorija 1940-1941 m


    Čapenko, Aleksandr


    The article analyzes the history of reorganization of Lithuanian people’s army into the 29th territorial regiment of the Red Army starting from 17 August 1940, when the Defense Commissioner of the USSR, the Marshal of the Soviet Union S. K. Timoshenko announced on the necessary reorganization, till its final dissolution in the August of 1941. The phases of reorganization, the related problems, the composition of the regiment, the issues of the available ammunition, clothing and funding are an...

  14. Air Land Sea Bulletin (United States)


    Unidentified Royal Air Force Regiment forward air controllers from the Air Land Integration Cell , Based at Royal Air Force Honington, Suffolk (United...heavy as an actual weapon.4 Ideally, this practice imbued a soldier with more energy and stamina during real combat, given the feel of the genuine but...through tactical forces, to individual training. Unidentified Royal Air Force Regiment forward air controllers from the Air Land Integration Cell , Based

  15. 9/11 and Canadian Special Operations Forces: How 40 Selected Men Indelibly Influenced the Future of the Force (United States)


    Terrorism strategy/plan and an unresolved dialogue surrounding special operations aviation (SO Avn ) deficiencies are but two specific examples of...Regiment-like sister unit (the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)) is created, an expanded SO Avn capability is formed (427 Special adequate SO Avn Squadron under command, maturing CJIRU and CSOR sister units and lately a small but effective SOF training organization.127

  16. Assessment of Psychophysiological Response and Specific Fine Motor Skills in Combat Units. (United States)

    Sánchez-Molina, Joaquín; Robles-Pérez, José J; Clemente-Suárez, Vicente J


    Soldiers´ training and experience can influence the outcome of the missions, as well as their own physical integrity. The objective of this research was to analyze the psycho-physiological response and specific motor skills in an urban combat simulation with two units of infantry with different training and experience. psychophysiological parameters -Heart Rate, blood oxygen saturation, glucose and blood lactate, cortical activation, anxiety and heart rate variability-, as well as fine motor skills were analyzed in 31 male soldiers of the Spanish Army, 19 belonging to the Light Infantry Brigade, and 12 to the Heavy Forces Infantry Brigade, before and after an urban combat simulation. A combat simulation provokes an alteration of the psycho-physiological basal state in soldiers and a great unbalance in the sympathetic-vagal interaction. The specific training of Light Infantry unit involves lower metabolic, cardiovascular, and anxiogenic response not only previous, but mainly after a combat maneuver, than Heavy Infantry unit's. No differences were found in relation with fine motor skills, improving in both cases after the maneuver. This fact should be taken into account for betterment units´ deployment preparation in current theaters of operations.

  17. The future of nuclear power: The role of the IAEA. Address at the Uranium Institute: 24th annual symposium, London, 9 September 1999

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    ElBaradei, M.


    In his address at the Twenty-fourth Annual Symposium of the Uranium Institute (London, 9 September 1999), the Director General of the IAEA presented a survey of the prospects for nuclear power as seen from the perspective of the IAEA. The speech focussed on the following aspects: nuclear power and world energy needs, nuclear safety, economic performance and competitiveness of nuclear power, public confidence, and the year 2000 computer systems problem

  18. Combined Operations a Commonwealth Caribbean Perspective (United States)


    in the overt case of the US bombing raid on Libya and more covertly the French bombing of the Greenpeace ship in Auckland New Zealand. INTERNATIONAL...2 USA Ranger Bns 2/1 PRA Infantry Bns 1/3 USA Airborne Gns 7/(-) PRM Infantry Bns .% / Bn CPF [(-) fragments of unit] . 162 ANNEX C 1. GDP US...Ranks Local Local UK, Canada Local ’’See Attached Order of Battle 164. p. BAHAMAS RSS TRINIDAD"’~ 1. GDP us 1.91 bn 1.315 bn 4.81 bn Del Budget us 34

  19. There Shall We Be Also: Tribal Fractures and Auxiliaries in the Indian Wars of the Northern Great Plains (United States)


    Director ~ Thomas A. BrUS ~h.D. Monograph Reader MiCh~~--- Director, School of Advanced Military Studies ~~~M ___ ’" Director, Robert F. Bau , Ph.D...Indians, Infants, and Infantry: Andrew and Elizabeth Burt on the Frontier (Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1988), 130-132; Dunlay, Wolves for...Indians, Infants, and Infantry: Andrew and Elizabeth Burt on the Frontier. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1988. Morgan, Patrick. "How

  20. Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges, 2012 (United States)


    4ID AVN BDE HQ, 41st Fires BDE, 4th Sustainment BDE, 7-158 AVN (-), 6-52 AVN (-), 11th MP BN, 308th MI BDE, 21st Cavalry BDE (Air Combat), TF Odin, 1st...Army Division West HQ, 120 Infantry BDE, 166th AVN , 479 FA BDE, 407 AFSB, 901 SPT BN, 15th Sustainment BDE, 36th EN BDE, 89th MP BDE, 57th SIG BDE...1st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade; 162nd Infantry Training Brigade; the JRTC Operations Group; the 115th CSH and the 5th AVN BN. Home station unit

  1. U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Studies. Gas Warfare in World War I: Gas Warfare at Belleau Wood, June 1918 (United States)


    companies (over 400 men) against the Rouvrols sector occupied by the 9th Infantry at 11$00 porno that same night, 13 April, apparently to highly probable that until gas is dissipated no infantry attack need be fearedo" The bombardment continued on the 14th when about 4|30 porno the...40 the next morningo Between liOO and 6t00 porno on 18 June^ 100 HE and gas 105s fell in the Bois des Clerembaut8s and between 6r00 and lljOO

  2. Survivability Design of Ground Systems for Area Defense Operation in an Urban Scenario (United States)


    vulnerability reduction techniques facilitates identification of important considerations to optimize platform design with a view of the current market ...source market research, equipment online technical specifications, previous studies (Treml 2013), and the intended variations of the identified... Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle.” Accessed August 6. united_states_american_army_light_armoured_vehicle

  3. The European Union’s Headline Goal: An Operational Assessment (United States)


    strong between the United States and the rest of Europe. The 1956 Suez Crisis did not scar relations between the UK and the United States to the...Support Logistics UK 6 Light Infantry Brigade HQ & Augmentees 7 Light/Medium Armoured Companies UK 8 Medical Collective Protection Role 3

  4. History of the Army Ground Forces. Study Number 28. History of the Light Division (10th) (Alpine) (United States)


    some of whom were among the nation’s outstanding skiers and mountaineers. Before the 90th Infantry left the division the men in its ranks who had come...and men in winter and mountain training to draw upon in addition to the specialized knowledge of the officers and men of the Mountain Training Center

  5. Development and testing of a flexible ballistic neck protection

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Roebroeks, G.H.J.J.; Rensink, P.


    Sufficient ballistic protection of the neck area would significantly reduce the vulnerability of an infantry soldier. So far this protection is offered by extensions on the ballistic vest or combat helmet. However, the requirements for head agility and the various body to head positions combined

  6. Artistic Chess (United States)

    Blackwood, Christine Horvatis


    Chess is one of the world's oldest games, invented in India before 600 AD. The original pieces were inspired by the infantry, cavalry, elephants, and chariots of the ancient Indian army. The design of chess pieces changed when the game spread to the West, reflecting the society of medieval Europe. The king remained, pawns were the foot soldiers,…

  7. A Preliminary Assessment of the Regionally Aligned Forces (RAF) Concept’s Implications for Army Personnel Management (United States)


    document is HQD146655. v Contents Preface...characteristics of a full range of countries in a region, however, is probably infeasible. For the moment, we are content to operate on the...27,021, is made up of infantry (CMF 11), followed by supply (92) at 19,264, medical personnel (68) at 13,959, and audiovisual (25) at 16,611

  8. Military Modernization and the Russian Ground Forces (United States)


    Army infantry regi- ment, including 3 years in Northern Ireland and 1 year as a Serbo-Croat interpreter in Bosnia (1992-93). He has lived and worked...democratic manifestation, is not one characterized by entrepreneurship , drive, and innova- tion. Rather, as any historian of this land would aver

  9. Comparative Power Projectional Capabilities: The Soviet Union and the United States 1980-85. (United States)


    Comparisons 2 LDC Growth of GDP , 1970-1990 3 Major LDC Primary Product and Manufactured Good Exporters 4 LDCs with Declining Terms of Trade 5 External Public...Amphibious Unit -- Southern Spain & Western Mediterranean -Marine Amphibious Unit Auckland , New Zealand - Infantry Company Okinawa, Japan - Marine



    Marine Corps Clothing and Equipment Team, Product Manager Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command Natick Soldier Research Design...10 Table 5. Total thermal resistance for recommended configurations .............................. 10 Table 6. Total evaporative resistance...for recommended configurations ....................... 11 Table 7. Total resistance values of headwear items

  11. Using Combat Camera Still Imagery Products To Improve U.S. Strategic Communications (United States)


    seven local farmers on a split-cost basis and teaches them how to properly raise, maintain and manage egg-laying poultry . (U.S. Navy photo by Petty...Infantry Division, Military Policeman Sgt. Thomas Dwyer of Ft. River, N.J., laughs with Iraqi children while on a patrol in the Muhalla 513 neighborhood

  12. Fulltext PDF

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    general equations of flight), operations research and military strategy. ... military force after cavalry, infantry and artillery and hence the title of his book. .... Japanese business and marketing strategies, an effort that has been ... Although these are qualitative descriptions, they have been refined into quantitative prescriptions.

  13. Warrior Heroes and Little Green Men: Soldiers, Military Training, and the Construction of Rural Masculinities. (United States)

    Woodward, Rachel


    Examines military training in the United Kingdom; the construction of military masculinities, particularly the ideal type of the warrior hero; and the role of the countryside (as the training location) and rurality (as a social construction) in that process. Argues that becoming an infantry soldier means being molded to this hegemonic model of…

  14. Engaged in Debate: Major Albert C. Wedemeyer and the 1941 Victory Plan in Historical Memory (United States)


    motorization . During this time, the US Army transformed from the paradigmatic square infantry division to the smaller, more mobile, and more powerful...Mobilization Plan (IMP) to inform mobilization and gain strategic flexibility in the event of a major war.33...Concept of Operations The competing historical narratives cast Wedemeyer’s strategic concept as either the work of unparalleled genius, per Watson

  15. Operational User Requirements and Priorities for a Soldier’s Integrated Headwear System (Priorites et Exigences Operationnelles du Casque Integre du Soldat) (United States)


    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Development of future infantry soldier systems with portable computing systems, advanced sensors, intra-section communications, head...les chocs présentement assurée par les casques de conception classique. La menace de lésion par souffle a augmenté dans des conditions de menace de...ii Executive Summary

  16. Women in the Combat Zone - February 21 2007 - U.S. Department of Defense (United States)

    Officials Honor Women's Achievements WASHINGTON, March 21, 2007 - The Defense Department observed Women's . Story Woman Gunner Helps Protect Security Detachment FORWARD OPERATING BASE LOYALTY, Iraq, March 1, 2007 during March's Women's History Month. Story Soldiers Aid Infantry Troops with Searches BAGHDAD, Iraq, Feb

  17. Changing Attitudes among South African Prisoners of War towards ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Battle of Sidi Rezegh in November 1941 and the fall of Tobruk in June 1942 were disastrous for South Africa. At Sidi Rezegh, the entire 5th South African Infantry Brigade was lost and at Tobruk the following year more than 10 000 South Africans were captured by German forces. As if the shock of becoming prisoners of ...

  18. From El Wak to Sidi Rezegh: The Union Defence Force's First ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    While Hitler's armies conquered. Western Europe the Springboks prepared to go North and in spite of trepidations about the might of Mussolini's East African Empire the First South African Infantry Division set sail for East Africa in mid-July 1940. In five short months, Mussolini's East African Empire had been torn to shreds.

  19. The Measurement of Combat Stress in the Field: A Product Development Study

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Cotton, A


    .... In the early nineties, however, a need was perceived to improve the individual combat capability of the infantry soldier in order to improve the combat capability of the Army as a whole. This led to the creation of Project WUNDURRA (an aboriginal word meaning "warrior"), which subsequently became known as Project LAND125 (Soldier Combat System Enhancement Study).


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    great victory for the Alliesin World War II. The faint ... ure which would bring his gun pointing ... 15 second intervals, onto the first of ... one,6. Away to the east the waiting infantry of the 8th Army climbed out of the ..... the memories of those who heard iUo ... He wrote, "The British bom- ... can Division at Alamein, only two re-.

  1. Operation Savannah: A Measure of SADF Decline, Resourcefulness ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Authorised amidst debilitating secrecy by a miscalculating South African government, Savannah demonstrated significant South African military equipment inadequacies, particularly in terms of artillery, armour and the need for an infantry combat vehicle. Savannah also gave hints of SADF strength residing in the ...

  2. Die helikopter as troepedraer in konvensionele lugoperasies ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Contending that the transport helicopter is an excellent and viable Blitzkrieg vehicle, the author concludes that it is a most effective 'weapon'. But just like any other offensive unit, it has to be deployed in combination with other weapon systems (armour, artillery, and infantry) to realize its full potential. His argument that the ...

  3. die helikopter as troepedraer in konvensionele lugoperasies

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Contending that the transport helicopter is an excellent and viable Blitzkrieg vehicle, the author concludes that it is a most effective 'weapon'. But just like any other offensive unit, it has to be deployed in combination with other weapon systems (armour, artillery, and infantry) to realize its full potential. His argument that the ...

  4. Controls Over Materiel Procured for Direct Vendor Delivery (United States)


    National Guard, Company D, 560th Engineer Battalion, Bainbridge, GA Army National Guard, Company E, 121st Infantry Battalion, Tifton , GA Joint...Command, Fort Monmouth, NJ United States Army Forces Command, Atlanta, GA United States Army Materiel Command, Alexandria, VA United States Army...Fort Gillem, GA Headquarters, Fort Lee, Petersburg, VA Headquarters, Fort Riley, KS Headquarters, National Guard Bureau, Washington, DC Headquarters

  5. Improving Product Performance Through New Equipment Training (NET) Techniques (United States)


    communication equipment with gloves, acquire targets while wearing helmet and protective eyewear , and stealth movement to contact the enemy be utilized in the literature review. We found that the industry and academic information we retrieved was relevant and transferable to the...chapter summarized industry and academic research relevant to enhancing Marines abilities to better notice and correctly utilize Infantry Combat

  6. Using a Simulation and Literature To Teach the Vietnam War. (United States)

    Johannessen, Larry R.


    Addresses teaching about the Vietnam War. Focuses on selecting literature and how to implement the "mines and booby traps simulation," which demonstrates the experience of an infantry soldier. Describes follow-up activities to the simulation, the connections students made between the simulation and literature, and the importance of simulation…

  7. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 78, Number 2, March-April 1935 (United States)


    Craig, C.A.C., assigned to command Battery "B" Captain Oren A. Mulkey, Infantry, assigned to Headquarters Company Pacific Sec- tor; and Lieutenant Norman ...a blow to the pride of our :1ble corps of instructors. By Lieutenant Eugene C. Smallwood , C.A .C. JENROLL~vrENT for additional members in the C.c.c

  8. Army Strategic Leader Competency Development: Small Changes for a Large Impact (United States)


    an Infantry Officer is similar to other Maneuver, Fire, and Effects ( MFE ) Officers, and the majority of General Officers come for the MFE ranks.24...Army, CASAL 2010, 12. 65 Discussion with COL Reese Turner, Former MFE Branch Chief, 13 Nov 12, on how branches assign officers to OES assignments. 66 U.S. Department of the Army, CASAL 2010, 18.

  9. Joint Force Quarterly. Number 26, Autumn 2000 (United States)


    Compañía Impresora Ar- gentina, 1990). Caribbean, Central America, and Mex- ico, have become a parallel power to the state in controlling national terri...and regimen- tal service (1917–19); commanded 3d Battalion, 22d Infantry, in France (1919); assistant chief of staff, American Forces, Germany (1920–21

  10. Finding The Right Way: Toward an Army Institutional Ethic (United States)


    Guardsman, he has served in Infantry, Armor, and Cavalry positions and deployed to Egypt and Iraq. Lieutenant Colonel Barrett focuses on the human...conciseness. (See Figure 2.) 18 Figure 2. The Canadian Defence Forces Military Ethos.145 Canadian Army Forces train this Ethos in a pyramid construct of


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Willem Scholtz

    armoured cars, mechanised infantry in Ratel-20s, and a battery of 140-mm. G-2 guns. ..... reasons of self-interest, which need not interest us here, South Africa ..... advance was stopped at the Lomba, and that the Angolans were then driven.

  12. Suicide Risk by Military Occupation in the DoD Active Component Population (United States)

    Trofimovich, Lily; Reger, Mark A.; Luxton, David D.; Oetjen-Gerdes, Lynne A.


    Suicide risk based on occupational cohorts within the U.S. military was investigated. Rates of suicide based on military occupational categories were computed for the Department of Defense (DoD) active component population between 2001 and 2010. The combined infantry, gun crews, and seamanship specialist group was at increased risk of suicide…

  13. Aviators and Air Combat: A Study of the U.S. Eighth Air Force and R.A.F. Bomber Command (United States)


    moved to the top of the popular music charts in 1942. See Bruce D. Callander, "They Wanted Wings," Air Force Magazine (January 1991) p. 82. 19 Even in the...infantry of the Somme in 1916. According to some accounts, airmen faced German flak, searchlights, and "Schrdge Musik " in the same way their fathers had

  14. A Natural Logic for Natural-Language Knowledge Bases

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andreasen, Troels; Styltsvig, Henrik Bulskov; Jensen, Per Anker


    We describe a natural logic for computational reasoning with a regimented fragment of natural language. The natural logic comes with intuitive inference rules enabling deductions and with an internal graph representation facilitating conceptual path finding between pairs of terms as an approach t...

  15. A Natural Logic for Natural-language Knowledge Bases

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andreasen, Troels; Bulskov, Henrik; Jensen, Per Anker


    We describe a natural logic for computational reasoning with a regimented fragment of natural language. The natural logic comes with intuitive inference rules enabling deductions and with an internal graph representation facilitating conceptual path finding between pairs of terms as an approach t...

  16. union defence forces : statistics of the wounded and prisoners of war ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    UNION DEFENCE FORCES : STATISTICS OF THE. WOUNDED AND PRISONERS OF WAR DURING. THE SECOND WORLD WAR 1939-1945. Compiled by Captain J.E. Loraine-Grews. In 1943, after active service as ROMS of Die Middellandse Regiment in the Western Desert during which he escaped capture at Tobruk ...

  17. Colonel John Graham of Fintry and the Fourth Cape Eastern Frontier ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In July 1795, commanding a company of this regiment, he served on the Isle .... Graham's grand strategy to clear the eastern frontier of Xhosa invaders was carefully ..... greatest ability and good management, and has expressed himself in the .... interests surpassed the 'luxury' of military and security needs, regulated from ...

  18. Blue-Eyed Child of Fortune

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    This volume collects the letters written home during the American Civil War and are important for what they tell about race relations as seen through the autobiography of the Army officer leading the Norths first regiment of African American soldiers. The fight for equality and manhood are manifest...

  19. Let's Celebrate Personalization: But Not Too Fast (United States)

    Tomlinson, Carol Ann


    The concept of personalization in learning appeals to many K-12 teachers and students weary of regimented, one-size-fits-all instruction. The in-vogue term personalization is used to refer to many different learning strategies and structures--from personal learning plans to greater student voice. Differentiation expert Carol Ann Tomlinson is…

  20. K počátkům telegrafních jednotek rakousko-uherské armády (1883–1911)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Szajkó, Vojtěch


    Roč. 10, č. 1 (2017), s. 125-146 ISSN 1803-411X Institutional support: RVO:67985963 Keywords : Austro-Hungarian Army * Railway and Telegraph Regiment * drill Subject RIV: AB - History OBOR OECD: History (history of science and technology to be 6.3, history of specific sciences to be under the respective headings)

  1. Retention in the Canadian Forces (United States)


    organizational issues and issues of dissatisfaction identified as proximal or distal antecedents of turnover behaviour, and examines the extent to airborne battalions. Two armoured regiments will also be re-roled; one to nuclear, biological and chemical defence and the other to armoured

  2. The High School Environment: A Comparison of Coeducational and Single-Sex Schools. (United States)

    Schneider, Frank W.; Coutts, Larry M.


    Grade 10 and 12 students from single-sex and coeducational schools were surveyed, comparing their perceptions of school emphasis on scholarship and achievement affiliation and nonacademic activities, and control and discipline. Coeducational schools were perceived to enjoy an advantage in social-emotional needs and to minimize regimentation and…

  3. Fires. A Joint Publication for U.S. Artillery Professionals. January - February 2011 (United States)


    Bautzen. At Ligny the artillery of the Guard broke the enemy’s center; at Mont St. Jean , Drouot’s 72 guns not only prepared but accompanied the attack...flank caught a Japanese mountain battery in a millet field at 850 m., and destroyed it; and the attack of the 23d Regiment, of the Japanese 6th

  4. Counter-Insurgency in the Cape Colony, 1872 - 1882 | Kotze ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The acceptance of responsible government in 1872 entailed that the Cape Colony had to provide its own security arrangements. The two British regiments that were still deployed at ... The Molteno as well as the Sprigg ministry eventually paid the highest political price for the failure of their respective defence schemes not ...

  5. A Social History of the Tenth Cavalry, 1931-1941 (United States)


    Moton’s assessment of the situation and sympathized with his efforts to change conditions of service for the black regiments. MacArthur stressed the...Carter, Ernest, 2909 Lockridge, Kansas City, KS 64128 Carter, George B., 601 Yum, Manhattan, KS 66502 Cumins , Charles, 2860 Ivanhoe, Denver, CO 80207

  6. Separation of Church and State: Has the Military Gone too Far? (United States)


    a way to commemorate fallen Marines in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. The Regimental Commander said, “At the base of the cross is a marble plaque bearing...crosses that traced back to the Stone Age. Celtic coins minted many centuries before the Christian era had nothing to do with Christ, so broad brushing

  7. Whatever Will Be Will Be: Queering Disabled Subjects' Temporality (United States)

    Sheldon, James; Rands, Kai


    Normative time is disciplined through what Freeman calls chrononormativity, and this disciplining is particularly evident in the experiences of disabled children. Despite the constant regimenting of the present reality for disabled children in time, they are essentially denied a future, the future generally being figured without people with…

  8. ware metaboliseerbare energiewaardes met stikstofkorreksies om ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    from corn, wheat shorts and wheat bran. Cereal Chem.45,612. SWAIN, S. & FARRELL, D.J., 1975. Effects of different temperature regiments on bodycompositionandcarry-over effects on energy metabolism of growing chickens. Poult. Sct. 54, 5 13. TITUS, H.L., MEHRING jr., A.L., JOHNSON, jr., D., NESBITT, L. & TOMAS, T., ...

  9. Department of Defense Annual Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Military Service Academies, Academic Program Year 2015-2016 (United States)


    Moments,” 21st birthday dinner training). The Enhanced Shore Patrol, one of the new risk reduction activities, consists of a rotational pair of...its prevention program through outreach activities, such as Plebe Summer Regimental runs, eating with midshipmen during meals, being visible on

  10. How To Stop Writing: In Search of Heterotopia. (United States)

    Murray, Joel K.

    A priori criteria are pressing playwrights to be conservative, to unify their total experience so that everything is regimented and predictable, consciously or subconsciously. The danger, joy, and mystery of life is under the aesthetic gun. Do playwrights, and theater practitioners in general, repress and thus betray their inner voices, or do they…

  11. Book Review MOBILITY CONQUERS: THE STORY OF 61 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    officialdom cancelled the excellent series in 1961.2 In similar fashion, a strong combined team consisting of the Regimental Association of 61 Mechanised. Battalion ... The book proffers the influence of two famous inter-war British intellectual military commentators, JFC Fuller and BH Liddell Hart. These two gentlemen.

  12. Review article: Deneys Reitz and the First World War: an ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The historical sources detailing South Africa's participation in the First World War are vast, and range from official publications to regimental histories, private diaries and first-hand accounts. The Department of Defence (DOD) Documentation Centre is the custodian of all military archival material generated since the ...

  13. The East Was What the West Was Not: An Interest or a Commitment (United States)


    with troops, and permitted the raising of a force of Filipinos and a Puerto Rican regiment. 1) Corresponding increases in spending began an upward...Dixon, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, p. 11. 4. Tuveson, Ernest Redeemer Nation: The Idea of America’s Millennial Role, Chicago, 1968. 5

  14. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 301 - 350 of 414 ... Vol 10, No 2 (2008), The inadequacy of multi-valued logic in overcoming the problem of regimentation and its implications for logic, Abstract. UO Uduma. Vol 10, No 2 (2008), The indispensability of moral principles in governance, Abstract. ME Abam. Vol 8, No 1 (2005), The inductive predicament as ...

  15. "You Must Have a Wealth of Stories": Cross-Linguistic Differences between Addressee Support Behaviour in Australian and Japanese (United States)

    Fujii, Yasunari


    This article investigates the various types of support that addressees provide to a speaker who is telling a story. It compares addressee support behaviour in two societies, Japan and Australia, exploring how disparities between the two might relate to differences in the social regimentation of polite and friendly conversation in these cultures.…

  16. Combination treatment of extensive and recalcitrant alopecia areata with oral and topical steroids with topical minoxidil: An open-label study of efficacy and safety in pediatric patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vivek Kumar Dey


    Conclusion: Finding an effective and safe treatment regimen for AA, especially in children is difficult. Our regimen allows for more rapid lowering of oral doses with maintaining the cosmetic response and minimizing the side effects. Therefore, a trial course of this regiment would seem to be a reasonable approach for nearly hopeless but highly motivated pediatric patients of extensive and recalcitrant AA.

  17. Desert Guerrillas: Psychological Social and Economic Characteristics of the Bedouin Which Lend Themselves to Irregular Warfare (United States)


    to defend their positions from the rebels; and augmenting their efforts with a well- financed and comprehensive civic action program aimed at...Royal Sussex Regiment. London, England: The Unicorn Press Ltd., 1936. Connelley, William Elsey. Duantrill and the Border Wars. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  18. Where Death and Glory Meet

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Duncan, Russell

    Robert Gould Shaw was one of the most celebrated heroes of the American Civil War because of his position as Colonel of the North's first African-American regiment, his abolitionist family, his death on the parapets of Fort Wagner, and the monuments and poems praising his dedication to the equality...

  19. Evaluating the Effects of Clothing and Individual Equipment on Marksmanship Performance Using a Novel Five Target Methodology (United States)


    operationally relevant and address the key factors for Warfighter performance. N ot s ub je ct to U .S . c op yr ig ht re st ric tio ns . D...11B) from the 75th Ranger Regiment. Two TPs were Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) Contractors as Representative Soldiers (CARS). One of the CARS is

  20. Transformation of Marine Corps Artillery in Support of the 2015 Expeditionary Force (United States)


    artillery electronics maintenance, and meterological sections in support ofsubordinate elements. On order, the Regiment assumes the primary civil...3rd order capability), engineer, counterbattery radar, artillery electronics maintenance, and meterological sections in support ofsubordinate (accessed December 15,2007). Training and Education Command. MOS Roadmap: 0847 - Field Artillery Meterological Crew Member. Quantico

  1. Directory - Social Media - The National Guard (United States)

    Brigade 1st Battalion, 145th Armored Regiment Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 145th Florida Air National Guard Florida Guard History Camp Blanding Joint Training Center Wolfpack Company, 1st Force Georgia National Guard Joint Force Headquarters 116th Air Control Wing Flickr Georgia National

  2. Army Communicator. Volume 36, Number 4, Winter 2011 (United States)


    Corp Regiment is open to speculation. What is certain is that you can have an impact. At the end of articles where you see this icon , you...Force Space Command A5 and the GPS Directorate to ensure Army requirements are documented and addressed in capability and technical documentation

  3. Airborne Tactical Crossload Planner (United States)


    Regiment AGL above ground level AO area of operation APA American psychological association ASOP airborne standard operating procedure A/C aircraft...awarded a research contract to develop a tactical crossload tool. [C]omputer assisted Airborne Planning Application ( APA ) that provides a

  4. Strategic Utilization of Norwegian Special Operations Forces (United States)


    missions on large industrial targets deep in enemy territory.61 During the winter 1942–43, FSSF’s expected mission, “Project Plough ,” an assault on... killed by members from the Canadian Airborne Regiment.68 In 1993, when the Canadian Forces took over the domestic counterterrorist responsibility

  5. Arranged Marriages: Relationships Between Regular and Irregular Forces, During the Early American Revolutionary War in Monmouth County, New Jersey (United States)


    regiments of English, Irish, and Scottish lineage.4 The British government attempted to augment the British Army by hiring additional forces, preferring...miles north-south, nearly 1,100 square miles total. The county was rural and sparsely populated, with few roads. The coastline stretched 80 miles, with

  6. A Methodology for Developing Army Acquisition Strategies for an Uncertain Future (United States)


    manuscript for publication. Acronyms ABP Assumption-Based Planning ACEIT Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tool ACR Armored Cavalry Regiment ACTD...decisions. For example, they employ the Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools ( ACEIT ) to simplify life cycle cost estimates; other tools are

  7. Impact of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) on the Marine Corps' Supply Process

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Chestnut, Melissa D


    .... I interviewed experts and users of the LTMITV/W2W at the Supply Management Unit (SMU), 1st Combat Logistics Regiment, 1st Marine Logistics Group on the operational implementation of the system as well as benefits and opportunities for improvement...

  8. Prostaglandin E1 treatment in ductus dependent congenital cardiac malformation. A review of the treatment of 34 neonates

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Høst, A; Halken, S; Kamper, J


    and safe regiment that could be initiated after clinical diagnosis of a severe duct dependent cardiac defect, whose clinical course would be adversely affected by ductus closure. After an initial dosage of 0.1 micrograms/kg/min, effective clinical improvement was achieved in 28 infants (82%). In all 28...

  9. Country Reports on Terrorism 2005 (United States)


    Purpose Islamic Regiment (SPIR) Tunisian Combatant Group (TCG) Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) Turkish Hizballah Ulster Defense...Francisco "Pacho" Cortez, to trial. Bolivian authorities nevertheless arrested Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) member Aida Ochoa in La Paz...Army. Authorities arrested 143 suspected SL and Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) members, including SL leader Toribio Castaneda Quijano

  10. Fusion materials semiannual progress report for the period ending June 30, 1998

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Burn, G.


    This is the twenty-fourth in a series of semiannual technical progress reports on fusion materials. This report combines the full spectrum of research and development activities on both metallic and non-metallic materials with primary emphasis on the effects of the neutronic and chemical environment on the properties and performance of materials for in-vessel components. This effort forms one element of the materials program being conducted in support of the Fusion Energy Sciences Program of the US Department of Energy. Selected papers have been indexed separately for inclusion in the Energy Science and Technology Database

  11. Fusion materials semiannual progress report for the period ending June 30, 1998

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burn, G. [ed.] [comp.


    This is the twenty-fourth in a series of semiannual technical progress reports on fusion materials. This report combines the full spectrum of research and development activities on both metallic and non-metallic materials with primary emphasis on the effects of the neutronic and chemical environment on the properties and performance of materials for in-vessel components. This effort forms one element of the materials program being conducted in support of the Fusion Energy Sciences Program of the US Department of Energy. Selected papers have been indexed separately for inclusion in the Energy Science and Technology Database.

  12. Simplicity ideals of practice in mathematics and the arts

    CERN Document Server

    Ording, Philip


    To find "criteria of simplicity" was the goal of David Hilbert's recently discovered twenty-fourth problem on his renowned list of open problems given at the 1900 International Congress of Mathematicians in Paris. At the same time, simplicity and economy of means are powerful impulses in the creation of artworks. This was an inspiration for a conference, titled the same as this volume, that took place at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in April of 2013. This volume includes selected lectures presented at the conference, and additional contributions offering diverse perspectives from art and architecture, the philosophy and history of mathematics, and current mathematical practice.

  13. Marine Corps Expeditionary Rifle Platoon Energy Burden (United States)


    26  a.  Step 1: The Flight to MRP AOR ............................................26  b...Terrain and Troops MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit MRP Marine Rifle Platoon NVG Night Vision Goggles SAW Squad automatic weapon SPOD Seaport...rifle platoon ( MRP ). The MRP is an infantry unit, which is the core component of the GCE. Each MRP consists of 40–45 Marines and requires energy

  14. 2008 Joint Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Conference and Exhibition (United States)


    Marines (120) Physicians (3) Env Health Off (1) Physician Ass’t (1) Nurse (1) Corpmen (17) Officers (5) Enlisted Marines (70) Marines (27) (* Various...Officer (1) Infantry Marines (120) Physicians (3) Env Health Off (1) Physician Ass’t (1) Nurse (1) Corpmen (17) Officers (5) Enlisted Marines (70...Development and Testing of Recombinant Single Domain Antibodies Developed hyper diversified shark new antigen receptor display library to be used against

  15. Impact of the Manning, Training, and Utilization of Black Combat Units during World War II on the Racial Integration of the Army (United States)


    France. These operations forced German troops in southern France to begin to withdraw. After liberating Paris on 25 August 1944, the immediate...still originated at the beaches of Normandy. In September 1944, Allies captured the ports of Brest , France and Antwerp, Belgium; however it would...Normandy, including the siege of the port city of Brest , through September 1944. In October 1944, the 969th moved with the 8th Infantry Division to the

  16. A History of Army Aviation - 1950-1962 (United States)


    liaison airplanes from seven civilian flying instrutors and three civilian maintenance instructors. Thirteen officers and eight enlisted at locations lacking established facilities and personnel qualified by experience. Field manuals on concept of employment were then under study...preparation of field manuals by various Army service schools. The Infantry School would prepare, coordinate, and submit to CONARC the manuscript for a new field

  17. The Alpini Effect: Why the US Army Should Train Units for Mountain Warfare (United States)


    practical knowledge of the ground, and are very little adapted for mountain warfare.”20 The concept of infantry forces trained in mountain combat was...spearheaded the word of mouth campaign as he said, “It is easier to train a skier to be a soldier than to train a soldier to be a skier .”’s knowledge from professional experience 51 at Camp Carson from 1942-1944 and the US

  18. Epidemiology of metatarsal stress fractures versus tibial and femoral stress fractures during elite training. (United States)

    Finestone, Aharon; Milgrom, Charles; Wolf, Omer; Petrov, Kaloyan; Evans, Rachel; Moran, Daniel


    The training of elite infantry recruits takes a year or more. Stress fractures are known to be endemic in their basic training and the clinical presentation of tibial, femoral, and metatarsal stress fractures are different. Stress fracture incidence during the subsequent progressively more demanding training is not known. The study hypothesis was that after an adaptation period, the incidence of stress fractures during the course of 1 year of elite infantry training would fall in spite of the increasingly demanding training. Seventy-six male elite infantry recruits were followed for the development of stress fractures during a progressively more difficult training program composed of basic training (1 to 14 weeks), advanced training (14 to 26 weeks), and unit training (26 to 52 weeks). Subjects were reviewed regularly and those with clinical suspicion of stress fracture were assessed using bone scan and X-rays. The incidence of stress fractures was 20% during basic training, 14% during advanced training and 23% during unit training. There was a statistically significant difference in the incidence of tibial and femoral stress fractures versus metatarsal stress fractures before and after the completion of phase II training at week 26 (p=0.0001). Seventy-eight percent of the stress fractures during phases I and II training were either tibial or femoral, while 91% of the stress fractures in phase III training were metatarsal. Prior participation in ball sports (p=0.02) and greater tibial length (p=0.05) were protective factors for stress fracture. The study hypothesis that after a period of soldier adaptation, the incidence of stress fractures would decrease in spite of the increasingly demanding elite infantry training was found to be true for tibial and femoral fractures after 6 months of training but not for metatarsal stress fractures. Further studies are required to understand the mechanism of this difference but physicians and others treating stress fractures

  19. Army Sustainability Modelling Analysis and Reporting Tool Phase 1: User Manual and Results Interpretation Guide (United States)


    rates during deployments; examples of unit type include, infantry, armour , air defence, medical etc. Location, Readiness level and Type can be set...individual training is that a scenario with a high personnel turnover rate (that is, a high recruitment rate coupled with a high separation rate) will...require a larger training throughput to achieve sustainability than a scenario with a low turnover rate. This is because recruits enter the force with

  20. An Evaluation of the Feasibility of Using Hand-Held Computers for Training. (United States)


    approved. I FRANK E. GIUNTI F. A. NERONE Chief, Instructuinal Colonel, Infantry Development Division Director, Training Developments Institute...on electronic networks (PLATO) were initiated, and HHCs were borrowed and programmed. A number of Battelle experts were also consulted. Devices Noted...of a network . as an book. aide-memoire, a calculator, a word For outdoor use there is no processor, a financial planner and comparable product. From on

  1. Proceedings of the Military Operational Medicine Research Program Return-to-Duty Research Working Group Meeting, 19-20 September 2012 (United States)


    combat engineer or “Sappers,” who are combat engineers who advance with the front-line infantry. It turns out women are often better Sappers than men ...37 The Assessment of Military Multitasking Performance – Dr. Maggie Weightman, SKRC . 45 Functional Hearing Test...variable is loss of duty time. Clinicians have discrete outcomes; this is different . We need a metric to define what is meant as loss of duty time. 19

  2. Leveraging Non-Cognitive Testing to Predict Success at USMC Scout Sniper Course (United States)


    whether aptitude requirements translate to job performance. Mayberry (1990) determines the ASVAB a valid predictor of success for infantrymen...Reduction Project (0704-0188) Washington, DC 20503. 1. AGENCY USE ONLY (Leave blank) 2. REPORT DATE March 2017 3. REPORT TYPE AND DATES COVERED...success at scout sniper school. We use data from 2012 through 2016 containing more than 700 Marines from every infantry military occupational specialty

  3. Harold A. Hyde: Recollections of Santa Cruz County


    Hyde, Harold A.; Jarrell, Randall; Regional History Project, UCSC Library


    A fifth-generation Santa Cruz County resident, Hyde has been in on the creation of organizations and institutions ranging from UCSC and Cabrillo College to the Community Foundation and the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County. His contributions to California and Santa Cruz are documented in his oral history. Following infantry combat service with the U.S. Army in Europe during World War II and graduate studies in business at Harvard, Hyde returned to Santa Cruz County and a career a...

  4. Two-Sided Matching in Hierarchical Organizations-An Application for the Assignment of Military Personnel (United States)


    performance in the unit. Although the terminology may be different, such characteristics are not dissimilar to the way positions are advertised in...other contexts; for example, an academic position may be advertised according to the desired level (assistant professor, associate professor, etc...239 Person Characteristics 101 102 103 104 105 Rank O-3 O-3 O-4 O-3 O-2 Branch Engineers Armour Infantry Artillery Artillery Primary Skill

  5. Volume 2: Compendium of Abstracts (United States)


    technology is not as mature as Si and SiC, and reliability needs to be established for the various alternative device architectures currently being... Emotion Regulation and Coping in Infantry Soldiers Patton, Colleen A study was conducted recently at Ft. Benning, Georgia, to test a new approach to...have high coping skills tend to have low anxiety and better emotional regulation. They suggest that this combination may allow them to focus on

  6. The Armys Armored Multi Purpose Vehicle (AMPV): Background and Issues for Congress (United States)


    but many non-infantry carrier versions of the M-113 were retained in service. According to reports , about 3,000 M-113 variants are currently still in...1 Information in this section is taken from Christopher F. Foss, Jane’s Armour and Artillery, 2011-2012, 32nd Edition...for EAB AMPVs. AMPV Completes Critical Design Review According to reports , the AMPV successfully completed its Critical Design Review (CDR) 16 on

  7. The Army’s Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV): Background and Issues for Congress (United States)


    but many non-infantry carrier versions of the M-113 were retained in service. According to reports , about 3,000 M-113 variants are currently still in...1 Information in this section is taken from Christopher F. Foss, Jane’s Armour and Artillery, 2011-2012, 32nd Edition...for EAB AMPVs. AMPV Completes Critical Design Review According to reports , the AMPV successfully completed its Critical Design Review (CDR) 16 on

  8. BEDA FOMM: An Operational Analysis (United States)


    Germany’s. The Italians launched their attack into Greece from Albania on 28 October. Through a combination of bad weather and unexpected Greek resistance...attacked Italian airfields at Benina and Berka . 7 1 The infantry attacked at 0540 and were able to pass the tanks through before 0700. There was...escaped to the north into the Jebel Akhdar. Bad weather and bad road conditions contributed to 7th Armoured’s failure to pursue along with the

  9. Manufacturing the Horns of Dilemma: A Theory of Operational Initiative (United States)


    Army began to understand CCF tactics by December, 1950. The Chinese preferred to infiltrate their infantry during darkness , utilized terrain to mask...most concerned with retaining its freedom of action against the CCF. The Third Chinese Counteroffensive began just after dark on December 31, 1950 and...IDF entered a process of soul -searching and reflection that questioned deeply held assumptions about the capabilities and utility of the IDF in the

  10. Sex and age differences in physical performance: A comparison of Army basic training and operational populations. (United States)

    Dada, Esther O; Anderson, Morgan K; Grier, Tyson; Alemany, Joseph A; Jones, Bruce H


    To determine the age- and sex-specific differences of physical fitness performances and Body Mass Index (BMI) in basic training and the operational Army. Cross-sectional Study. This secondary analysis utilizes retrospective surveys of U.S. Army Soldiers in Basic Combat Training (BCT) and operational units to compare physical performances between men and women as measured by the Army Physical Readiness Test (APFT). An ANOVA was used to compare mean differences in APFT results and BMI within sex-specific populations. A post hoc Tukey test identified specific mean differences. Adjusting for age, an ANCOVA was used to compare sex and occupation (infantry and non-infantry) differences in APFT results. Surveyed populations consisted of 2216 BCT Soldiers (1573 men and 643 women) and 5515 Operational Soldiers (4987 men and 528 women). Male and female operational Soldiers had greater muscular performance (79%-125% higher APFT push-ups, 66%-85% higher APFT sit-ups) and cardiorespiratory performance (22%-24% faster APFT 2-mile run times) than BCT Soldiers. Male BCT and operational Soldiers outperform their female counterparts on tests of muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance. Sex differences in physical performances attenuated among female Soldiers in operational units compared to BCT. Among male operational Soldiers, infantry Soldiers exhibited greater cardiorespiratory and muscular performance than non-infantry Soldiers. Higher BMI was associated with higher age groups, except for female BCT Soldiers. Gaps in cardiorespiratory and muscular performances between men and women should be addressed through targeted physical training programs that aim to minimize physiological differences. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  11. Azimuth Check: An Analysis of Military Transformation in the Republic of Korea-is it Sufficient (United States)


    15K fighters (additional purchase) • Next Generation of Weapons Systems (sample list) • Next Tank (XK-2, Black Panther ) • Next Infantry Fighting... animation ”-status quo persists; 2) “suspended animation ” and “soft-landing” hybrid-status quo plus some reforms, regime intact; 3) “soft landing”-gradual...Fighter Advanced Trainer (T‐50) Joint Air to Surface Stand‐off Missile (JASSM) R&D Next Tank ( Black Leopard) Medium‐altitude Unmanned Aerial

  12. Translations on Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Number 282. (United States)


    Judicial Police agents Francisco Fernandez Marin and Jesus Godoy Garcia. The arrest of Humberto de los Angeles Gutierrez and dentist Mario Alberto ...National Defense. He replaces Lt Col Alberto Alonso Rodriguez who has been named deputy commander of the 52nd Infantry Battalion in Chihuahua sell in that city. Gaico Veremo Jacama (grower) 42 years of age, rural worker, living in Chibabava. Joao Mahala (smoker) bachelor, 34 years old

  13. General Thomas Dresser White: Renaissance Man in a Dark Age (United States)


    diverse representation, as the last three chiefs started their careers in the infantry, armor, and artillery corps. Air Force...instrumental in the planning and establishment of the Twelfth Air Force in Northern Africa . Later, he earned the Silver Star and Distinguished Flying...the Springfield chapter of the American Colonization Society, a society promoting the abolition of slavery in the United States.2 Dresser also

  14. Decisive Action Training Environment at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, Volume 3: Multinational Interoperability (United States)


    operational and long-term benefits . As MG Walter Piatt, former Deputy Commander of U.S. Army Europe noted: “Countries don’t have relationships, people do...are difficult to overcome within a two-week period. If the following three major areas are not properly addressed before the ball is hiked , the...Successful OPFOR TTP and Lessons The 1-4 Infantry has the great benefit of planning and executing a DATE rotation approximately every other month

  15. Jungle Skippers: The 317th Troop Carrier Group in the Southwest Pacific and Their Legacy (United States)


    Company, 2/7th Battalion on the road west of Leahy’s Farm allowed them to press within 400 meters of the runway.124 By first light, the Japanese under...Both sides launched immediately into a sprint for the possession of Wau. Major General Toru Okabe drove a veteran infantry group of the Japanese 51st...a group of 300 to 400 enemy troops moved up the Crystal Creek 149 History, 46th Troop

  16. Lessons Learned from the Use of the Machine Gun during the Russo-Japanese War and the Application of Those Lessons by the Protagonists of World War I (United States)


    remain the master of the 9 battlefield. The influential military theorist Spencer Wilkinson, founder of the Manchester Tactical Society, clearly stated...yards, 473 Zulus . They lay in groups, in some places, of fourteen to thirty dead, mowed down by the fire of the Gatlings, which tells upon them more...than the fire of the rifles.”10 Lord Chelmsford was so impressed with their usefulness as an infantry support weapon that after the Zulu campaign he said

  17. A New Order of Things: Hap Arnold’s Approach to Airpower Innovation 1907-1938 (United States)


    Centennial Appraisal (London: Bookcraft Bath, 1994), 16-24. 24Jack M. Ivy, “The Paradoxical Paradigm: Aviation Leadership, 1918-1926: How William Moffett... Depression .26 However, there was more to it than resource constraints. Although the Army was beginning to entertain ideas of an expanded mission for...General Staff College: A Centennial History (Manhattan, KS: Sunflower University Press, 1982), 70-72. 137Perret, Winged Victory, 25. 44 Infantry

  18. Interpersonal Influence in Cross-Cultural Interactions (United States)


    Berry, J. W., Poortinga, Y. H., Segall, M. H., & Dasen, P. R. (2002). Cross - cultural psychology : Research and applications (Second Edition). Cambridge...Annual Review of Psychology , 51, 93–120. Matsumoto , D. (1996). Culture and psychology . Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole. Oyserman, D., Coon, H. M...interpreters. Infantry, Spring, 22–27. Shiraev, E., & Levy, D. (2004). Cross - cultural psychology : Critical thinking and contemporary applications. Boston



    W. Otto


    It is sometimes difficult for people to break with outmoded traditions, and this is particularly noticeable in the military world, where today the most modern and technological equipment is carried into battle by soldiers also equipped with a weapon of quite historic origin, the bayonet. During the period of the single-shot infantry weapon, the bayonet formed an essential part of the soldier's equipment, being useful in mounting or repelling assaults at close-quarters when it was impossible t...

  20. History of the Army Ground Forces. Study Number 27. History of the Armored Force, Command and Center (United States)


    was hard to receive our training on the battlefield. I cannot stress too much the IN_____ absolute necessity for combined tank-infantry training even...exhausts of the tanks were ruled out as taking up too much space and requiring time to clear away when zero hour approached. The Board recommended the...At.ten degrees farenheit , the turret seo- tion was not sufficiently heated although the other compartments were satisfactorily i4U.j? heated. The Board

  1. U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Studies, Gas Warfare in World War 1: The 33rd Division along the Meuse, October 1918 (United States)


    down to Cote de ,’Ole (Map Neo 2) The attack was to be made by the 66th Brig- ado , with two battalions each of the 131st and 3.2nrd Infantry in line...Pannevoux had been heavily shelled with HE, yellow cross, and blue cross every nighto He Arko 95 order for 7 porno 3 Oct to 7 aomo 4 Oct (7th Rles Div

  2. Military Review. September-October 2010 (United States)


    while deployed to Iraq with the 34th Infantry Division from 2009 to 2010. PHOTO: MG Nash and Moosawi approach Moosawi’s horse ranch and goat farm ...plan in North Africa in 1941 to obfuscate the exact timing of General Auchinleck’s offensive (Operation Crusader) against Rommel’s forces in Libya...ultimately in North Africa . The book details Carthage and Rome as states at war more than it studies Hannibal’s generalship, although the elements of

  3. Contract Attorneys Course Deskbook. Volume 1 (United States)


    included in a contract in violation of statutory or regulatory criteria will be read out of a contract. Empresa de Viacao Terceirense, ASBCA No. 49827...for upward and downward revision of the stated contract price upon the occurrence of specified contingencies. See Transportes Especiales de ...4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood Texas, 2002-2005; Assistant Operations Officer/Test Control Officer, Military Entrance Processing Station, Des

  4. The U.S. Marine Corps Combined Action Program (CAP): A Proposed Alternative Strategy for the Vietnam War (United States)


    Vietnamese men abstained from premarital sex, they openly practiced mutual masturbation . 62 In western culture, a man’s business was a man’s business, but... practice of integrating Marine with native forces marked the beginning of a nearly six year endeavor entitled the Combined Action Program or CAP. Embraced...chain of command. While the CAP platoons drew from infantry battalions primarily, their ties to them remained administrative and informal in practice

  5. The Impact of Leadership Behaviors and Communication Styles of Military Leaders on the Performance of Followers


    Sousa, Paulo; Rouco, Carlos; Nogueira, Fernanda; Carvalho, Ana Branca; Dias, Damasceno


    Abstract: The aim of this research is to analyze and relate the leadership behaviors and communication styles required of Infantry junior officers in their daily command tasks, in order to influence their subordinates to achieve extraordinary effort, group effectiveness and satisfaction. For this study, was used quantitative method and a survey was implemented comprising three questionnaires: one on leadership competences, one on communication styles, and one on with three criterion facto...

  6. Understanding Change: Sigismund Von Schlichting and the Operational Level of War (United States)


    officers, in th1e critical matter oCLr,- ~ - - -e 7410e aUn-3 Ue PaRtn1. Porn In 132c in, lerli n to a -i- e- oi infantry wno was also the commanider...34Schlichting, Principles, 2:p. 94 Recent warfare offer= -in e~ftraordinarily clear illustration of Schlichtino oQ n During the 1967 Arab -Israeli War, Israel

  7. The Soldier Must be Trained Not to Fight the Jungle: Preparing the U.S. Army for Future Operations in a Jungle Environment (United States)


    instructors from Cambodia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and Malaysia leading the Officer-in-Charge of the school to perceptively conclude that “everyone...Military Review (March 2017): 6-8, accessed March 16, 2017, Online -Exclusive/2017- Online ...difficult in secondary jungle. Figure 3. Comparison of Primary Jungle (L) and Secondary Jungle (R) Source: Draft 25th Infantry Division Green Book

  8. Investigation of Fire-Vulnerability-Reduction Effectiveness of Fire-Resistant Diesel Fuel in Armored Vehicular Fuel Tanks (United States)



  9. Physician Acceptance of Gateway to Care at Irwin Army Community Hospital (United States)


    frontier cavalry post once commanded by General George Armstrong Custer. Today it is the home of almost 20,000 soldiers of the Big Red One, First Infantry...especially important for the future. Physicians, as key "players" in healthcare organizations, are also key to the success of Gateway to Care. Kotler and...research (3rd ed.). New York: Holt. Physician Acceptance 32 Kotler , P., & Clarke, R. (1987). Marketing for health care organizations. Englewood Cliffs

  10. Examining the Relationship Between Mental, Physical, and Organizational Factors Associated With Attrition During Maritime Forces Training. (United States)

    Binsch, Olaf; Banko, Katherine M; Veenstra, Bertil J; Valk, Pierre J L


    For infantry units of the Dutch Ministry of Defence, high attrition rates (varying from 42 to 68%) during initial training are a persisting problem. The reasons for this attrition are diverse. Having better insight into the causes of attrition is a prerequisite for implementing preventive measures. To achieve this, a monitoring assessment system was developed that integrated the effects of physical, mental, and organizational determinants on operational readiness. The aim of this study was to implement the monitoring tools and to establish the set of determinants that best predicted attrition during infantry training of new recruits. Eighty-five recruits were monitored over a 24-week infantry training course. Before the training, recruits were screened for medical, psychological, and physical wellness. During the monitoring phase, mental, physiological, and organizational indicants were obtained using an array of tools such as questionnaires, chest belt monitors (for heart rate, acceleration, and skin temperature measurements), and computerized tests (e.g., vigilance, long-term memory). Survival analyses were used to tease out the determinants of individual and grouped predictors of attrition. Nearly half the recruits (47%) failed the training. Attrition was predicted by both physiological and mental determinants. However, the organizational determinant "trainers' judgment" on the "recruits' military quality" dominated the physiological and mental determinants. It was concluded that the monitoring system was successfully implemented during infantry training, and that the survival analysis method emphasized on single effects and interactions between the different determinants. Based on the current findings, we recommend several steps to successfully implement a monitoring method in settings with high demands.

  11. Evolve or Die: The U.S. Army’s Darwinian Challenge (United States)


    5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Lieutenant Colonel Todd A. Schmidt 5d...class of SAMS students, Major General Edward Cardon , Commanding General of the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea, stated that the expectations of...uncertainty, capable of developing and leading concepts for change. “Transitions are the most important events you will have to manage,” Cardon stated

  12. Analysis and systematization of experience of state administration of Russian Federation military-industrial complex


    O. F. Salnikova; H. P. Sytnik


    The analysis of the systems of development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation is conducted in the article. Control system of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation is schematically represented in the article. Russia is one of the largest exporters of armaments. The most popular types of armaments are airplanes, systems of air defense, helicopters, fighting machines of infantry and small-arms. For today Russia actively masters new on ...

  13. If You Don’t Like This, You May Resign and Go Home: Commanders’ Considerations in Assaulting a Fortified Position (United States)


    Panther equipped battalion from the 1st SS Panzer Division (Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler) and two battle groups of infantry and Tiger tanks from the 12th...British left (the eastern side of the box) and its absence gave the German Tiger tanks around Emieville the chance to counterattack into troops who thought... Tiger tank platoon leader. Officer Candidates had to prove themselves in combat prior to commissioning. All subsequent references will be cited as

  14. U.S. Marine Corps Concepts & Programs 2009 (United States)


    applied to the physical integration of the infantry squad’s equipment. The physiological and performance impacts of fielding new equipment and weight degrades a Marines performance when conducting physically demanding tasks in a fatigued and non-fatigued state. • Thermal...System ( ATARS ) provides manned airborne tactical recon- naissance capability to the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). ATARS incorporates

  15. Analysis of Rapid Acquisition Processes to Fulfill Future Urgent Needs (United States)


    has used some form of aerial reconnaissance since the early 1900s starting with manned hot air balloons and advancing to drones an earlier version cap Infantry combat boot type II Improved hot weather desert boot 2 pair 2 2 pair 2 Pair COTS socks Moisture wicking TG-shirts Combat...roadblocks to attaining air priority, attaining surface shipment priority, accessing facilities from foreign nations and sidestepping foreign nations

  16. U.S. Army Space Operational Narrative (United States)


    fire, and effects ( MFE ), the operational support (OS), and the functional support division (FSD); it is further divided into many more specialties...cyberspace expertise at the highest levels is a must for the Army. Both ARCYBERCOM and USASMDC/ARSTRAT commands are key positions filled by MFE officers... MFE officers with the majority from infantry and armor (31). The FA, AD, and EN branches will round out the top five.47 Half of the Army branches are

  17. Development and Evaluation of the Officer Transition Survey and Proxy Group Design (United States)


    preferred Branch/Functional Area? Maneuver, Fires and Effects ( MFE ) Operations Support (OS) Force Sustainment (FS) A-7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3...89 - Ammunition Other Branch/Functional Area; please specify ______________________________________ Maneuver, Fires and Effects ( MFE ) Operations...Maneuver, Fires and Effects ( MFE ) BR 11 – Infantry BR 12 – (Formerly BR21) Corps of Engineers BR 13 – Field Artillery BR 14 – Air Defense Artillery BR 15

  18. Human Views: Extensions to the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (United States)


    FOO) and engineering support. The proposal is to replace the four tank troops with two MGS troops, one MMEV troop, and one Tow Under Armour (TUA...Mobile Gun System (x4) Infantry (Platoon) Tow Under Armour (x2) MMEV (x2) FOO Engineer DRDC Corporate CR 2008-001 55 6.4 Solving...Tow Under Armour TSV Technical Standards View UJTL Universal Joint Task List DRDC Corporate CR 2008-001 77 Distribution list Document

  19. The Montenegrin-Albanian Campaign in 1916: The Last Successful Unilateral Campaign of Austria-Hungary (United States)


    agricultural cultivation. The vegetation varies from thin forest to the pasture . The capital city (Cettinje) locates here. The third terrain feature... preserve their dignity. On January 24th the negotiations continued and a paragraph was taken out in order to save the Montenegrin delegation to be...coordinated. The flanking fire from the sea helped the right flank infantry to destroy the enemy’s strong points and artillery and preserve combat power

  20. Assessing the Use of Tactical Clouds to Enhance Warfighter Effectiveness (United States)


    Assessing the use of tactical clouds to enhance warfighter effectiveness Alan Magar Sphyrna Security Inc . Prepared By...Sphyrna Security Inc . 340 Ridgeside Farm Drive Kanata, ON K2W 0A1 Project Manager: Darcy Simmelink (613) 998-1451 PWGSC Contract Number... Armoured Vehicle (LAV) – Within this report, a LAV is a generic term used to denote a mechanized infantry vehicle used to support warfighters in ground

  1. A Preliminary Anthropometry Standard for Australian Army Equipment Evaluation (United States)


    was broadly representative of the users of Armoured Fighting Vehicles such as the M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier and Australian Light Armoured ...Vehicle (ASLAV). Corps sampled included Armour , Artillery, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Engineers, Infantry, Medical, Transport, Signals...ll as facilit al items in t nation of c h may inc port system the referen s section. f this stand wing docu Defense De SA) FIED FIED renced d

  2. Fighting the Big War with the Small Hammer: Operational Planning for the Medium Force (United States)


    2008), 26. 27 Christopher F. Foss, eds., Jane’s: Armour and Artillery 2004-2005 (Alexandria, VA: Jane’s Information Group, 2004), 159, 409, and 553...WA: Headquarters 9th Infantry Division, 1989. Bradley, Omar N. A Soldier’s Story. New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company Inc , 1951. Brown, John S...Foss, Christopher F., eds. Jane’s: Armour and Artillery 2004-2005. Alexandria, VA: Jane’s Information Group, 2004. Fubini, Eugene G. Task Force on

  3. The Changing Face of Afghanistan, 2001-08 (United States)


    German, Norwegian, and New Zealand special forces; British, Canadian, German, and Australian infantry forces; and French, Dutch , Japanese, and...First Lady to put a heavy focus on education and school reconstruction, so they invested heavily in this area. Natsios, “Reconstruction and service; October 2005—plot in Netherlands to bomb Schipol airport, Dutch Parliament, Borssele nuclear reactor, Dutch Defense Ministry, and

  4. One Among Many: Building Partner Capacity in a Multinational Command (United States)


    initiative-life/ (accessed March 10, 2012). UNESCO defines literacy as “The ability to read and write with understanding a simple statement related...Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, “ UNESCO Institute for Statistics Glossary,” 2006, Brief, briefing slides, Fort Polk, LA , February 8, 2012 and MAJ John A. Redford, Brigade Operations Officer, 162d Infantry Brigade, Fort

  5. Highly Realistic Training for Navy Corpsmen: A Follow-up Assessment (United States)


    based training for military medical providers. One such training is highly realistic training. Based on the success of the Infantry Immersion ...observation with minimal participation improves paediatric emergency medicine knowledge, skills and confidence. Emergency Medicine Journal , 32(3), 195... immersive training for Navy corpsmen: Preliminary results. Military Medicine, 179(12), 1439–1443. Booth-Kewley, S., McWhorter, S. K., Dell’Acqua, R

  6. Setting Priorities in the Age of Austerity: British, French, and German Experiences (United States)


    overseas—it raises the cost of recruitment by an unknown amount, as the military will have to raise salaries and spend money on advertising and various...Mechanized Infantry Division: The Division in Eastern Germany],” in Heeresführungskommando, Sankt Augustin: CPM Communication Presse, 2009, p. 57...Sankt Augustin: CPM Communication Presse, 2009, p. 44. 76 Timo Noetzel and Martin Zapfe, “Force Structure Requirements for Complex and Conventional

  7. LeatherNet: an evaluation as a mission planning and briefing tool


    Hague, Tracy R.


    Information Technology Management The author evaluates LeatherNet, a Distributed Interactive Simulation compliant, virtual simulation system being developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency to demonstrate Modeling and Simulation(M&S) technologies and to partially fulfill the U. S. Marine Corps M&S goals. The research focuses on evaluation of LeatherNet as a mission planning and briefing tool for Marine infantry company commanders, staff, and subordinate leaders. Evaluation is based...

  8. Cellular Subcompartments through Cytoplasmic Streaming. (United States)

    Pieuchot, Laurent; Lai, Julian; Loh, Rachel Ann; Leong, Fong Yew; Chiam, Keng-Hwee; Stajich, Jason; Jedd, Gregory


    Cytoplasmic streaming occurs in diverse cell types, where it generally serves a transport function. Here, we examine streaming in multicellular fungal hyphae and identify an additional function wherein regimented streaming forms distinct cytoplasmic subcompartments. In the hypha, cytoplasm flows directionally from cell to cell through septal pores. Using live-cell imaging and computer simulations, we identify a flow pattern that produces vortices (eddies) on the upstream side of the septum. Nuclei can be immobilized in these microfluidic eddies, where they form multinucleate aggregates and accumulate foci of the HDA-2 histone deacetylase-associated factor, SPA-19. Pores experiencing flow degenerate in the absence of SPA-19, suggesting that eddy-trapped nuclei function to reinforce the septum. Together, our data show that eddies comprise a subcellular niche favoring nuclear differentiation and that subcompartments can be self-organized as a consequence of regimented cytoplasmic streaming. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Epidemiological Investigation of an Outbreak of Viral Hepatitis. (United States)

    Singh, Pmp; Handa, S K; Banerjee, A


    There was a rise in the number of viral hepatitis cases in a regimental training centre in Mar 2003 and an epidemic of viral hepatitis was suspected. The clinical case sheets and preliminary investigations carried out in the local military hospital (MH) were reviewed. A cross sectional descriptive epidemiological study was undertaken with survey odf the suspected sewage and water pipelines. A total of 36 cases occurred from Mar 2003 to Apr 2003. There was clustering in time and space suggesting common source epidemic. All the 36 serum samples tested for IgM anti HEV antibodies were positive. Exploration of the water pipelines revealed sewage contamination due to leakage in the pipeline passing close to the sewage line. The overall attack rate was 1.44%. The outbreak of viral hepatitis in the regimental training centre occurred due to sewage contamination of drinking water pipeline.

  10. The Rough Road to Antwerp: The First Canadian Army’s Operations Along the Channel Coast (United States)


    41Coincidently, September 17, 1944 also was the first day of Operation Market Garden. 42Copp and Vogel, Maple Leaf Route: Antwerp,142. 43Historical...Holland: 21 Army Group, 1944); Bernard Montgomery. The Armoured Division in Battle (Holland: 21 Army Group, December, 1944); Bernard Montgomery, Some...Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Squadron was formed. This squadron was further augmented and became First Canadian Armoured Regiment on October 23

  11. The Soviet Armed Forces: A History of Their Organizational Development, A Soviet View (United States)


    sense of responsibility for his coun- try’s destiny , integrity and efficiency in the performance of his duties, and purposeful determination in the...revolution. These detachments were called the Red Guards, and they were the embryo and prototype of the socialist army. The organizational development of...reveal the destiny of the socialist army to the working public and call for them to enter its ranks. Teams of party workers arose in regiments and

  12. How Do Leaders Enable Performance in Adverse Conditions Leadership in Defense of the Alcazar (United States)


    Army replace or augment these other functions of the practice of organized religion ? The emphasis on ensuring individual freedom to worship and...mass or carried a rosary. The existence of private property, freedom of worship, and the family were all being attacked on a grand scale.12 Amidst this... religion of the regiment,”63 but more specifically when used here, it refers to the maintenance of general military discipline, law and order and

  13. Just in Time - Expecting Failure: Do JIT Principles Run Counter to DoD’s Business Nature? (United States)


    Regiment. The last several years witnessed both commercial industry and the Department of Defense (DoD) logistics supply chains trending to-ward an...moving items through a production system only when needed. Equating inventory to an avoidable waste instead of adding value to a company directly...Louisiana plant for a week, Honda Motor Company to suspend orders for Japanese-built Honda and Acura models, and pro- ducers of Boeing’s 787 to run billions

  14. Opportunities Seized and Squandered: An Analysis of Joint Union and Confederate Operations at New Madrid and Island Number Ten (United States)


    Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, February 2016), 121. 2 The disregard for maintaining riverine... Dictionary of Admirals of the U.S. Navy, Volume I: 1862- 1900 (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1989), xi-xvi. 18 Cogar, 149-150. 19 Slagle, 115. 20... pocket . The regiment’s only combat action was the Battle of Belmont the previous month. After arriving at New Madrid, the regiment began to create

  15. IIIST1\\NTI-i\\III.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    guests in September 1914. (1) Major-General Sir Lothian Nicholson. KCB, CMG, and Major H 1. MacMullen, MC, History of the East Lancashire Regiment in the Great. War 1914-1918, Littlebury. Bros, Ltd. Liverpool,. 1936. p 114. Ti\\.~TI(~S-1\\ IIIST ••III. ~SI Til VI~V. I..•f :01 i\\. f~•• 10III.SOIl ~IIII~ 1~lt. The study of military tactics ...

  16. Developing a Capacity Assessment Framework for Marine Logistics Groups (United States)


    Corps, 2015; and 1st Marine Logistics Group, 2015. RAND RR1572-2.3 1st FSSG Headquarters Regiment Security Company CLR-1 CLR-15 7th ESB 1st Medical... Companies . Supply and maintenance battalions form the bulk of CLR-15. The Combat Logistics Companies are small, task-organized companies that support Marine...under- standing logistics capacity as it pertains to informing decisions to improve efficiencies and reduce costs . Most often these assessments of

  17. The Gallant Stand: An Analysis of the Union Army of the Border’s Use of Mission Command at the Battle of the Little Blue, 21 October 1864 (United States)


    Moonlight was a Scottish immigrant who served in the antebellum US Army in the artillery as well as the cavalry in numerous Indian wars before the...Lieutenant Colonel Nichols’s Regiment. He had his men cross the river by wading, presumably to not waste time crossing downstream one-half mile away, and... Digital Printing, 1996. Appendix II, 21-22. 93 BIBLIOGRAPHY Baker, J. H. P. Civil War Diary, 1864-1865 Vol I. Columbia, MO: The State Historical

  18. Army Airspace Command and Control (A2C2): Action Plan for Issue Resolution (United States)


    INFO Information INTEL Intelligence IPR In-Process Review IVIS Inter-Vehicular Information System JACC Joint Airspace Control Center JAOC Joint Air...base, centralized such as intelligence at Fort Huachuca and combat service support at Fort Lee , or a combination of both. It is no longer efficient to...Regiment (ATS) Ft. Bragg, NC 28307 ATTN: AFZF-ATS-C (LTC Ledbetter ) (919) 396-8899/7649 Bldg 87009, 16th Street Ft. Hood, TX 76544 Commander, 1st

  19. The Transformation of American Revolutionary Forces (United States)


    such that a consolidation of regiments with better manning made sense . Second, the ideological suspicion of a large standing army combined with the...these orders and considerations may seem like common sense , but the Continental Army had, at that point, little experience of the administration and...departments throughout the war. It often acted with urgency when faced with crises, but sometimes neglected important matters when overmatched by a plethora

  20. Metabolic adaptation to intermittent fasting is independent of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha


    Li, Guolin; Brocker, Chad N.; Yan, Tingting; Xie, Cen; Krausz, Kristopher W.; Xiang, Rong; Gonzalez, Frank J.


    Background: Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARA) is a major regulator of fatty acid oxidation and severe hepatic steatosis occurs during acute fasting in Ppara-null mice. Thus, PPARA is considered an important mediator of the fasting response; however, its role in other fasting regiments such as every-other-day fasting (EODF) has not been investigated. Methods: Mice were pre-conditioned using either a diet containing the potent PPARA agonist Wy-14643 or an EODF regimen ...

  1. Betatrophin


    Ahnfelt-Rønne, Jonas; Madsen, Ole D


    Regenerative therapy in diabetes with the capacity to reconstitute a functional β-cell mass sufficient for glycemic control holds the promise to effectively prevent the development of devastating late complications due to the unique ability of the β-cell to sense and regulate blood-glucose levels. An ability that cannot be mimicked by insulin replacement therapy or any other means of current treatment regiments for very large patient populations. Recently, Douglas A. Melton’s group from Harva...

  2. Army Communicator. Volume 33, Number 1, Winter 2008 (United States)


    1983, with the Cold War still going strong, a movie called “War Games” de- picted an eccentric computer hacker named David Lightman, played by Matthew...After an abbreviated, but successful, reception and staging operations, including another small COMMEX, in the “dustbowl;” the Regiment began a phased...stationed at Fort Riley Kan., STB 3HBCT 1AR Division. JNN training: 25Q, PFC Logan Davis, tests his knowledge on a Ku satellite transportable trailer

  3. An Assessment of Health Literacy Rates in a Sample of Active-Duty Military Personnel at a Major Medical Center (United States)


    behaviors, for exam- ple, adherence to medical regiments, proper exercise, and diet. Social cognitive theory was developed by Albert Bandura and...and Health Education: Theory, Research and Practtce.3rd ed. San Francisco, CA. Jossey-Bass; 2002:214-245. 19. Bandura A. Social cognitive theory: an...SoclaLCognitlve_Theory_Overview. htm. Accessed April 2006. 21. Bandura A. Health promotion by social cogni- tive means. Health Educ Bebav. 2004;31(2):143- 164. 318

  4. Project CHECO Southeast Asia Report. Operation Attleboro (United States)


    By the early morning of the 5th, the 273rd VC Regiment was once again 3 18-.... I A~POALI ~~llajor Enemy Contacts 0 S& , Ir iT~~~g I~c Srok Ca6 s6o...321 machetes, 1 VC flag, 1 chemical agent treatment kit, 1 -ton trail- er, 4 gas masks, 1 farm tractor, 1 pig, 1 set scales, 1 pr binoculars, 2

  5. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters: Selection and Training of Warrior Transition Unit and Wounded Warrior Battalion Leaders and Cadre (United States)


    incorporated aspects of care unique to the military health system as identified in the Medical Management Guide.27 25 Department of the Army Pamphlet 611-21...Warrior Regiment brochure described the Marine Corps care model as “unique in that its approach is to return recovering Marines to their parent...operational units as quickly as their medical conditions permit.” According to this brochure , allowing Marines to “stay in the fight” is what makes the

  6. The Abongo Abroad: Military Internationalism, Travel, Training, and Peace in Ghana and the United States, 1960-1992 (United States)


    Festus B. Aboagye, The Ghana Army: A Concise Contemporary Guide to Its Centennial Regimental History, 1897-1999 (Accra: Sedco, 1999), 119; S. Kojo...corruption in the military and the country’s depressed economy.” 132 Although the report noted that Rawlings’ AFRC had executed eight top leaders...v. 40. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2009. Aboagye, Festus B. The Ghana Army: A Concise Contemporary Guide to Its Centennial

  7. Experimental Evaluation of Concepts for Miqsture; An Online Interactive Language for Tactical Intelligence Processing (United States)



  8. Airborne Next: Rethinking Airborne Organization and Applying New Concepts (United States)


    9 Kenneth Macksey, Guderian: Panzer General-revised EDITION (South Yorkshire, England: Greenhill Books, 2003), 1–20. 10 Dr. John Arquilla...Airborne Operations: Field Manual 90=26, 1–5. 14 The 1st Special Forces Regiment has five active Special Forces Groups (1st, 3rd, 5th , 7th, 10th...Oxford University Press, 1981). Headrick, in his book, describes the interplay between technology and imperialism. For the purposes of this research

  9. Hard Day’s Night: A Retrospective on the American Intervention in Somalia (United States)


    weapons storage areas, a Pakistani unit was badly mauled. In a lengthy firefight, Aideed’s militia killed 23 and wounded 59. UNOSOM II’s Malaysian ...Regiment (SOAR), equipped with MH60 Black Hawk utility helicopters and MH6 and AH6 “Little Bird ” light helicopters. Small numbers of communicators...Americans through the night. By most accounts, only the dauntless actions of the AH6 Little Bird pilots, flying all night long, kept the besieged

  10. First Case Report of SAM (registered trademark) Junctional Tourniquet Use in Afghanistan to Control Inguinal Hemorrhage on the Battlefield (United States)


    cal care nurse (ECCN) and flight medic arrived at the aid station to prepare the casualty for the MEDEVAC flight. Peripheral intravenous catheter...flight to an Afghan hospital. During the majority of the 15-minute MEDEVAC flight, the casu- alty remained hemodynamically stable with a subopti- mal...with 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment from Vilseck, Germany, 2013–2014. CPT Leo is an emergency department nurse at William Beaumont Army Medical

  11. West Europe Report. (United States)


    Communications—One practical school, one regiment, and one company. Medical—One medical battalion and one practical school for military veterinary medicine ...succession [to the premiership];" "the Gennimatas- Giorgos clash;" "he wants a counterfeit party;" "he should not be in a cen- trist government," and... medicine , he chose to call for a more traditional and stronger liberal profession. When the Left appealed for social measures, he came for- ward with


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amaya Martin


    Full Text Available In addition to its strict fasting regiments, observed by practicing Muslims, the month of Ramadan has become known for its high viewership of serialized television programs throughout the Arabic-speaking world.  During Ramadan - a month during which millions partake of festive fast breaking (Iftaar gatherings after sundown - competition among television stations pull all the stops to attract the largest audiences possible, often by offering compelling seasonal soap operas featuring major local and pan-Arab actors.

  13. Looking for a Few Good African American Officers: Context and the Mission to Increase the Percentage of African Americans Seeking an Officer’s Commission in the United States Marine Corps (United States)


    applicants, and receive valuable “ grass roots” response as to the effectiveness of its strategy. Years later this idea would be expanded, producing varying...measures; and society began to change its view of African Americans in the 1980s enabling outside growth in job opportunities, thus competing with...Regiment of the 92nd Buffalo Division where the unit fell back to the rear during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive on September 26, 1918. Under the French

  14. "Odds and Sods": Minorities in the British Empire's Campaign for Palestine, 1916-1919


    Saltman, Julian


    This dissertation examines the role of minority soldiers in Britain's Army during the campaign for Palestine in the First World War. It compares the experiences of two distinct, yet parallel, groups--three battalions of black, British West Indians (the British West Indies Regiment) and three battalions of Jewish soldiers (the "Jewish Legion"). Past scholarship has mostly ignored the history of these men, and what does exist has tended to conflate or subsume the specific experiences of the men...

  15. Focused vs Broad In World War I: A Historical Comparison Of General Staff Officer Education At Pre War Leavenworth and Langres (United States)


    Schools, either in the years before or after their attendance at the Langres Staff College. 9 Mark E . Grotelueschen, The AEF Way of War: The...the First World War, 404. 76 Mark E . Grotelueschen, The AEF Way of War: The American Army and Combat in World War I (New York: Cambridge Indiana, regimental staff officer in Texas, and as General Frederick N. Funston’s adjutant during the 1914 Vera Cruz Expedition.87 One

  16. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 75, Number 4, July-August 1932 (United States)


    experience and ability make possible. When men under stereotyped instruction in the conventional squad and platoon units are held back by slow in...organized hiking parties to various points of interest. He was especially fond of the moonlight hike to the top of Malinta Hill. Sometimes the Club...of the latest 155 guns training film . Each regiment had as its guest one of this years ROTC graduates of Fordham University. Practically the en- tire

  17. Closing the Security Gap: Building Irregular Security Forces (United States)


    had mutinied against the British during the Second Sikh War. Lawrence had the Punjabi regiments disarmed and then demobilized. The British initially...contributed to the security problem.118 The British were primarily concerned with control of the Punjabi plains because its economic and agricultural...classes were allowed to carry arms. The British recruited the following tribes from within India: Rajput, Hindustani and Punjabi Brahman, Punjabi

  18. Special Operations Doctrine: Is it Needed (United States)


    AOB), eight Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alphas (SFODAs)2, and Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations teams working alongside two bat...Operations doctrine. Sixty years after the Army’s first special operations units were formed, the time had arrived for writing how Army special operations...Affairs, Psychological Operations, and Special Forces, the effort inte- grated the roles and missions of the Ranger Regiment, Special Mission Units, and

  19. Identification of Relevant Costs in the Decision to Consolidate or Maintain Two Marine Corps Recruit Training Depots (United States)


    equipment RTR Recruit Training Regiment TAD temporary additional duty xii UFM Uniform Funding and Management USMC United States Marine Corps...still a necessity with the consolidation of the two facilities, which makes the cost irrelevant. Temporary additional duty ( TAD ) costs are still going...Recruit uniform alterations would behave the same as it did prior to the comparison. TAD costs are still going to exist with the consolidation, as well

  20. Specifika ošetřovatelské péče u dítěte s epilepsií.


    KOBZOVÁ, Andrea


    Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions and can affect children of any age. Epilepsy is accompanied by many symptoms and similarly to other conditions requires specific treatment and care.. Children patients have difficulties to accept this fact and it is necessary to support them. This thesis called "Specifics of nursing care for epileptic children" consists of two parts. The theoretical part describes epilepsy, its types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and regiment. A lar...

  1. All Those Who Remained: The American-Led Guerillas in the Philippines, 1942-1945 (United States)


    Luzon into sectors; these included Captain Ralph Praeger in northern Luzon, Charles Cushing in west central Luzon, Captain Ralph McGuire in western...officers who had served in Thorp’s US 26th Cavalry Regiment. Cushing was an American mining engineer who later received a commission as a second lieutenant...84. 25 less prone to the disease and malaria of the humid lowlands. This was a serious


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. V. Khaymina


    Full Text Available Blood serum biotesting in children of 9-14 years old with idiopathic scoliosis of I-II level (according to V.D. Chaklin revealed neurohumoral background change in comparison with age-related standard. Treatment regiment of this disease included magneto impulse therapy with field induction up to 1,5 Tl or/and electrophoresis. Repeated testing displayed that isolated magneto impulse influence evokes neuro-peptide regulation normalization under the most positive clinical effect.



    Ana Carolina Santos Surgik; Serguei Aily Franco de Camargo


    The mining activity is regimented mainly in two levels. The regulatory stands are distributed in federal and provincial levels. In this case, provincial environmental law (of Minas Gerais) is more restrictive, shifting mining activity costs through the statement of obligations related to environmental protection. According to the Mining Department of Companhia Geral de Minas (CGM/Alcoa Alumínio S/A), since 1979 it has been performed the rehabilitation of mined areas in Poços de Caldas. Despit...

  4. The Efficacy of Urban Insurgency in the Modern Era (United States)


    name Tupac Amaru UDR Ulster Defense Regiment (Northern Ireland) UN United Nations US United States of America WWI World War I WWII World War II 1 CHAPTER...Tupamoros) urban insurgency campaign that was conducted in Montevideo, Uruguay, from 1963 to 1972. It took its popular name, Tupamoros, from an Incan, Tupac ...moniker, the Tupamoros, came from an Incan, Tupac Amaru, who was burned at the stake after leading an unsuccessful revolt against Spanish colonial rule

  5. Building the Will to Fight -- Prerequisite to Winning the AirLand Battle, (United States)


    Shakespeare Henry V ~d. J4 44.4. V 4. 44 4.~44. -44 4. 4.4 .44 4.44.’C.? 444 󈧰 -’ 44 4.’! .4. ~44* *44 4% 44. 4..’ 4.p4,441 44 .4 4~ .4. * . 4~4 44* 4...proud of himself, of his companions in uniform, and of those who had fought and Won the battle honors that graced his regiment’s colours or drums

  6. Civil Military Engagements Program: A Special Operations Solution to Threats Derived from Undergoverned Areas (United States)


    software, and USAID— DoS used Google Earth to capture their information. Despite these software differences, the team leader did not think that software...However, there is a common misconception among senior Army leaders that all CA Soldiers are trained and educated in a similar fashion and therefore are...capable of conducting similar mission sets. The misconception about the CA Regiment exists because all CA Soldiers share the same MOS (38A for

  7. The Nez Perce Flight to Canada: An Analysis of the Nez Perce-US Cavalry Conflicts: Applying Historical Lessons Learned to Modern Counterinsurgency and Global War on Terrorism Operations (United States)


    Battle in which US Regimental Commander, Captain David Perry, appeared in a US court of inquiry to explain his devastating loss to the Nez Perce. He...changed, however, with the massacre of a detachment of eighty men under the command of Captain William J. Fetterman on the morning of 21 December...University, Homepage; available from; Internet; accessed on 26 April 2006. 14John H Eicher, and David J. Eicher, Civil War High

  8. The Effects of U.S. National Security Strategy on Force Structure and the National Industrial Base: 1945-1960 (United States)


    referred to here as North Korea, which claimed “ jurisdiction over all Korea.”56 By November 1948, only the 7,500 troops of the Fifth Regimental Combat Team...military budgets throughout the fall and winter of 1950 could not readily overcome the inertia of a dormant industrial base and provide immediate...stocks of the Far East and stateside inventories as General Larkin predicted three weeks before the

  9. Training of Russian Officers in Line Troops in the Second Half of the 17th – First Half of the 18th Century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aleksey N. Grebenkin


    Full Text Available This article considers the attempts of officer training directly in the troops of Russian army, which were undertook in the second half of the 17th –first half of the 18th centuries. The author gives the characteristic to the training of “commanding people” in reytar regiment of I. Fanbukoven in 1649-1653 and comes to conclusion that it was effective. The author thinks that the military educational activity of the “toy” army was focused on the training of soldiers, not officers. The attempt of Peter I to organize the military training of young courtiers abroad wasn’t successful because of their weak base preparation. The training of officers in guard regiments was more effective, but it quickly became sham because young noblemen only numbered in lists of military units. Besides, regiment schools which had been organized in the guard troops since 1721 didn’t give so much military knowledge as the technical one, moreover training was organized on a rather low level. The author comes to conclusion that difficulties which were connected with the organization of officer training directly in the troops (such as lack of qualified teachers, impossibility of regular conduct of classes, etc. made the government to pay close attention to the development of boarding military schools – cadet corpses.

  10. Brazilian law for scientific use of animals. (United States)

    Marques, Ruy Garcia; Morales, Marcelo Marcos; Petroianu, Andy


    The Brazilian scientific community claimed for a definitive systematization and for comprehensive and realistic national rules, to provide guidance and regulation, instead of sanctions, so that the question of scientific research involving animals could be better contemplated. This is beginning to occur now with Law no. 11.794, sanctioned by the President of the Republic on November 8, 2008. To describe the evolution of Brazilian regimentation for scientific use of animals and to analyze Law no. 11.794. The legislation about the use of animals in teaching and in scientific research in Brazil and in Rio de Janeiro State was identified and discussed. Until now, there was no updated general and systematizing rule regarding animal vivisection and experimentation for didactic or scientific purposes. The only specific law dates back to 1979 and was not regimented. More recent laws equated the practice of scientific experiments to acts of abuse and mistreatment of animals, when alternative technology was available. Municipal laws that restricted the scientific practice of vivisection and experimentation with animals were created in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis. With the claim and collaboration of the scientific community, the sanction of Law no. 11.794 regarding the scientific use of animals represented an invaluable advance in spite of the presence of some points that eventually may require another type of treatment. The new Law states that it will be regimented within 180 (one-hundred-and-eighty) days, when some of these points could be better elucidated.

  11. Primary extraskeletal mesenchymal chondrosarcoma arising from the iliac vein

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hua Zhang


    Full Text Available The iliac vein is an extremely rare site for mesenchymal chondrosarcoma, and patients with primary extraskeletal mesenchymal chondrosarcoma arising from a vein always suffer a very poor prognosis. We report a case of a 45-year-old female who presented with a 5-month history of left leg edema in 2015. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography showed a large mass in the left iliac vein with scattered calcifications. Wide-margin resection was performed, and histopathologic and immunohistochemical analyses confirmed the presence of intraluminal mesenchymal chondrosarcoma with local invasion out of the vein wall. Due to poor patient compliance, postoperative neoadjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy were not started, and a bone scan performed 16 weeks postoperatively showed multiple bone metastases. The patient died on the twenty-fourth postoperative week.

  12. On the simulation of the tokamak longitUdinal field

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Simakov, A.S.


    The problem of imitation of tokamak longitudinal field with a limited number of coils of a toroidal solenoid is considered in connection with construction of the bench-mark facility for the tokamak superconductive magnetic system. These coils should satisfactorily imitate the fields of the absent twenty three coils in the region of the twenty fourth. Fields and forces are calculated by the Tokat program. The analysis of the variants considered showed that with refuse from limitations on the cryostat sizes with acceptable accuracy the longitudinal field by means of 7-8 coils is possible. With the given sizes of the cryostat (d=4.1 m) it is hardly possible to obtain acceptable field imitation because of great current densities in the neighbouring coils. But on the bench of four coils one can obtain data, which, probably, will be useful during the evaluation of attaining the project parameters of the toroidal solenoid

  13. Mathematics and statistics research department. Progress report, period ending June 30, 1981

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lever, W.E.; Kane, V.E.; Scott, D.S.; Shepherd, D.E.


    This report is the twenty-fourth in the series of progress reports of the Mathematics and Statistics Research Department of the Computer Sciences Division, Union Carbide Corporation - Nuclear Division (UCC-ND). Part A records research progress in biometrics research, materials science applications, model evaluation, moving boundary problems, multivariate analysis, numerical linear algebra, risk analysis, and complementary areas. Collaboration and consulting with others throughout the UCC-ND complex are recorded in Part B. Included are sections on biology and health sciences, chemistry, energy, engineering, environmental sciences, health and safety research, materials sciences, safeguards, surveys, and uranium resource evaluation. Part C summarizes the various educational activities in which the staff was engaged. Part D lists the presentations of research results, and Part E records the staff's other professional activities during the report period.

  14. Experience with lifetime limits for EBR-II core components

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lambert, J.D.B.; Smith, R.N.; Golden, G.H.


    The Experimental Breeder Reactor No. 2 (EBR-II) is operated for the US Department of Energy by Argonne National Laboratory and is located on the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory where most types of American reactor were originally tested. EBR-II is a complete electricity-producing power plant now in its twenty-fourth year of successful operation. During this long history the reactor has had several concurrent missions, such as demonstration of a closed Liquid-Metal Reactor (LMR) fuel cycle (1964-69); as a steady-state irradiation facility for fuels and materials (1970 onwards); for investigating effects of operational transients on fuel elements (from 1981); for research into the inherent safety aspects of metal-fueled LMR's (from 1983); and, most recently, for demonstration of the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) concept using U-Pu-Zr fuels. This paper describes experience gained at EBR-II in defining lifetime limits for LMR core components, particularly fuel elements

  15. Mathematics and statistics research department. Progress report, period ending June 30, 1981

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lever, W.E.; Kane, V.E.; Scott, D.S.; Shepherd, D.E.


    This report is the twenty-fourth in the series of progress reports of the Mathematics and Statistics Research Department of the Computer Sciences Division, Union Carbide Corporation - Nuclear Division (UCC-ND). Part A records research progress in biometrics research, materials science applications, model evaluation, moving boundary problems, multivariate analysis, numerical linear algebra, risk analysis, and complementary areas. Collaboration and consulting with others throughout the UCC-ND complex are recorded in Part B. Included are sections on biology and health sciences, chemistry, energy, engineering, environmental sciences, health and safety research, materials sciences, safeguards, surveys, and uranium resource evaluation. Part C summarizes the various educational activities in which the staff was engaged. Part D lists the presentations of research results, and Part E records the staff's other professional activities during the report period

  16. Proceedings, CAS - CERN Accelerator School: RF for Accelerators, Ebeltoft, Denmark, 8 - 17 Jun 2010

    CERN Document Server

    Bailey, R


    These proceedings present the lectures given at the twenty-fourth specialized course organized by the CERN Accelerator School (CAS). The course was held in Ebeltoft, Denmark, from 8-17 June, 2010 in collaboration with Aarhus University, with the topic 'RF for Accelerators' While this topic has been covered by CAS previously, early in the 1990s and again in 2000, it was recognized that recent advances in the field warranted an updated course. Following introductory courses covering the background physics, the course attempted to cover all aspects of RF for accelerators; from RF power generation and transport, through cavity and coupler design, electronics and low level control, to beam diagnostics and RF gymnastics. The lectures were supplemented with several sessions of exercises, which were completed by discussion sessions on the solutions.

  17. The German Invasion of Yugoslavia: Insights for Crisis Action Planning and Operational Art in a Combined Environment (United States)


    Genral Rirt’ardtIs XLI Panzer Corps would head smthwest, frm the Rumnian city of Tweevar and join the attack on Belgrade. 77 Gwnral Alea r Larw took mmnd...XLVI Panzer Corps alog with the LI Infantry and X= Mountain Corps empted from their bridgeheads. The Fourth Army disnt -rate and the 14th Panzer took...Vrtovsk to make cotact with the Italians uhile he regrouped the XLIX mountain and LI Corps on the Saw river for an advarme an Sarajevo. The mays on

  18. The Influence of Strategic and Organizational Cultures on the Revolution in Military Affairs Within the U.S. Army (United States)


    aircraft, signal and armored car battalions, as well as additional infantry, bicycle, and machine gun troops.118 AR 487 integrated World War I airplane...acc.dau mil/adl/en-US/267116/file/41245/ JCIDS%20Manual %20-% 2019 %20Jan%202012.pdf, A-5. 144 Stuart E. Johnson et al., “A Review of The Army’s...frustrated the U.S. military’s high tech capabilities that had prevailed in the 1991 Operation Desert Storm. As Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster

  19. Armor in Vietnam (United States)


    battles a-Riuot the insurgent enemy, especially with armor. French contingents were present in Tndo Chinh P-w early as 1852, but it was not until 1884...committed to Vietnam were straight infantry. These troons er•A tran -norted in hn4±{ copters and usually airlifted to the battle zone; however, once...0STAINf0 FROM VKTNAM NATIONAL MAP SERVICE (NOS) PHU-YEN OCTOBER 19665 OARLAC ......... KKAN1+ HOA QLWA- DUC TUYEN- DUC PHUOC- NINH_ C;ry OF -10 T CAM RANK TAY

  20. Enhanced CAX Architecture, Design and Methodology - SPHINX (Architecture, definition et methodologie ameliorees des exercices assistes par ordinateur (CAX) - SPHINX) (United States)


    by Bi-SC 75-3 A-1 A.1.1 Module 1 – Geostrategic Situation A-1 A.1.2 Module 2 – Theatre of Operations A-1 A.1.3 Module 3 – Strategic Initiation A-1...Language BMP Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty (Soviet Mechanized Infantry Vehicle) BRDM Boyevaya Razvedyuatel’naya Dozornaya Meshina ( Russian combat...information regarding the Theatre of Operations, Strategic Initiation and Crisis Response Planning which are known as the Country Book1. The Customer

  1. Loglines. November-December 2012 (United States)


    other experience and skills that are a good fit for a manager,” she said. Clay Henson, a former Army infantry- man, was one of the first employees need to know that the agency provides? DLA supports warfighters. DLA provides clothing, medicine, meals , fuel and replacement parts for...first-strike ration is smaller and lighter than a meal , ready-to-eat. It is used by the U.S. Michael Tuttle and Nick Sistrun are writers for DLA

  2. U. S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Studies, Gas Warfare in World War I: The 32nd Division Advances to Fismes, August 1918 (United States)


    ithdrawing tc ards the Bois de la Planchette . At once enemy artillery opened up on Cierges and the area to the south and for almost four hours...take the Bois de la Planchette , while the 64th Brigade advanced to Hill 230 to turn the strong point at Bellevue Farm. Planchette was to be directly...through the western edge of the Bois Meuniere and Patis de Chamery in the French sector. 4 3 For the attack on Planchette , the 126th Infantry replaced the

  3. The Cossacks of the South of Russia in R.A. Fadeev’s geopolitical plans


    Kuznetsov Oleg Viktorovich


    The political project of a conservative writer of political essays of the second half of the XIX c. R.A. Fadeev (1824–1883), in which a key part is assigned to the attraction of the Cossacks of Southern Russia to solving the pressing foreign policy issues, is analyzed. A conclusion that the Cossacks could be used as a militant vanguard, i.e. military force (infantry, cavalry, reconnaissance) and an effective tool of the colonization of the suburbs of the Russian Empire – is drawn. The conditi...

  4. Leadership Handbook for the Armor Officer. Volume 1. Thoughts on Leadership (United States)


    34 Shakespeare "King Henry the VIII" (1612) 2-14 1 -4.. *4 * 4l& MISSION-TYPE ORDERS General Bruce C. Clarke, United States Army In Wbrld War II, those who... Hamlet IN ANY POSSIBLE nuclear war, as in past wars with conventional weapons, loss of sleep by soldiers--especially those in key staff and command...and sabotage. Several hamlets comprise Son My. These include Ta Cung, My 11hi, Co Lucy, and My Lai. These hamlets were assaulted by A/3-1 Infantry, B/4

  5. Logistical Support of the China Relief Expedition (United States)


    Legations (London: Smith, Elder, and Company, 1901), 45; U.S., Foreign Relations, 132. 3U.S., Foreign Relations,132; Robert Winslow Glickert, The Role...5ORichard O’Connor, 230-231. 5 1Taussig, 407-408. S2Chaffee, 526-527; Lowell Thomas, Old Gimlet Eye, the Adventures of Smedley D. Butler (New York: Farrar...consolidated under the command of Colonel Robert L. Meade. In a boat move that lasted almost 24 hours, two battalions of the 9th Infantry advanced to

  6. Medial tibial pain. A prospective study of its cause among military recruits. (United States)

    Milgrom, C; Giladi, M; Stein, M; Kashtan, H; Margulies, J; Chisin, R; Steinberg, R; Swissa, A; Aharonson, Z


    In a prospective study of 295 infantry recruits during 14 weeks of basic training, 41% had medial tibial pain. Routine scintigraphic evaluation in cases of medial tibial bone pain showed that 63% had abnormalities. A stress fracture was found in 46%. Only two patients had periostitis. None had ischemic medial compartment syndrome. Physical examination could not differentiate between cases with medial tibial bone pain secondary to stress fractures and those with scintigraphically normal tibias. When both pain and swelling were localized in the middle one-third of the tibia, the lesion most likely proved to be a stress fracture.

  7. An unusual characteristic “flower-like” pattern: flash suppressor burns (United States)

    Gurcan, Altun


    The case on contact shots from firearms with a flash suppressor is rare. When a rifle fitted with a flash suppressor is fired, the emerging soot-laden gas in the barrel escapes from the slits of the flash suppressor. If the shot is contact or near contact, the flash suppressor will produce a characteristic “flower-like” pattern of seared, blackened zones around the entrance. This paper presents the injury pattern of the flash suppressor in a 29-year-old man who committed suicide with a G3 automatic infantry rifle. PMID:23935280

  8. An unusual characteristic "flower-like" pattern: flash suppressor burns. (United States)

    Gurcan, Altun


    The case on contact shots from firearms with a flash suppressor is rare. When a rifle fitted with a flash suppressor is fired, the emerging soot-laden gas in the barrel escapes from the slits of the flash suppressor. If the shot is contact or near contact, the flash suppressor will produce a characteristic "flower-like" pattern of seared, blackened zones around the entrance. This paper presents the injury pattern of the flash suppressor in a 29-year-old man who committed suicide with a G3 automatic infantry rifle.

  9. Medicolegal aspects of atypical firearm injuries: a case report. (United States)

    Gürses, Murat Serdar; Akan, Okan; Eren, Bülent; Durak, Dilek; Türkmen, Nursel; Cetin, Selçuk


    Our case was a twenty year-old man, who was injured during the military duty with G3 infantry rifle in the training area. An atypical firearm entry wound on the left side of sternum which was 4.5 cm in diameter, and was surrounded by six irregular skin burn wounds by a flash-suppressor and a 0.7 cm diameter firearm exit wound at space on the left midscapular line. Our case emphasizes that the interpretation of properties of these atypical firearm entry wounds need to be carefully assessed by physicians.

  10. Retention Patterns for Army National Guard Units Attending the National Training Center (United States)


    which are more difficult, Table 2.1 NTC ROUNDOUT BATTALION SCHEDULE ARNG UNIT STATE DATES 1-108 AR GA 9-22 September 󈨗 2-136 INF (M) MN 19 April-8 May...1984 1-121 INF (M) GA 3-22 October 󈨘 2-121 INF (M) GA 18 March-6 April 󈨙 2-152 AR AL 1-20 June 󈨙 2-120 INF (M) NC 26 June-15 July 󈨙 3-156 INF...roundout unit to the 24th Infantry Division headquartered at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Elements of the unit are located in Tifton , Valdosta, Fitzgerald and

  11. Russian perceptions of the Boer and British Armies: An introduction through Russian documents


    Gennady Shubin


    On the eve of the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa, Colonel N.S. Yermolov, the Russian Military agent [attaché] in London reported on October1, 1899: "The War is inevitable ... The decision has been made to dispatch there from Britain the first army corps and at least 70 thousand [troops] ... The War is scheduled for half a year; many mounted infantry are under preparation; carts and mules being purchased in America. The general draft disposition is to defend the border of Natal...

  12. Field Demonstration of Aviation Turbine Fuel MIL-T-83133C, Grade JP-8 (NATO Code F-34), at Fort Bliss, TX (United States)



  13. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs, Volkogonov’s Political Portrait of Stalin (United States)


    paneled with treated oak. Stalin continued to pace up and down along the long table draped in green cloth, with a large map showing the operational...tank and two mechanized corps, 20 infantry and 46 Armour brigades were moved in Stalingrad’s direction at the Stavka’s order between July 1 and...body, a squat torso and rather long arms and legs. The military tunic showed a pouch draped in the Marshall’s uniform. He had thin hair and a pock

  14. ST-LO (7 July -19 July 1944) (United States)


    artillery, but the main troubles came in operating heavy vehicles through muddy fields, slippery trails, and hedgerows. The II9th Infantry felt...Army’s attack began, continued to balk aerial reconnaissance and to make the roads slippery and muddy. The axis of advance of the attacking task...JuLTI J ! VII - XIX CoIIps IOUNOIJIY AS OF 6 JULY .....lIT, If’ III IIIET!!!!. I o " ’" •’" .. flU ( \\ J Elm ’ "’/1’ v,",f «. ? --/ F:rm~91

  15. Great Warriors: Hannibal Barca and Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (United States)


    that would conceal even cavalry (2:159). Hanni - bal summoned his brother Mago and told him to pick 100 infantry and 100 horse to hold that location...could wreak. Flaminius was L -_ unlikely to sit still under any circumstances, but seeing Hanni - L bal laying waste to the fields of his allies, he felt...his army to the vicinity of Hanni - bal’s force, he refused to meet them in battle (2:239). Concerned about the prudence of the latest Roman general

  16. The Cut of the Scythe (United States)


    Adolf Hitler, the German dictator, however, had different ideas. His Wehrmecht Adjutant, Colonel Rudolf Schmudt 2 , discussed the Fuehrer’s desire...fl A,- 1.. 4Wr uCCe a A ft nha Zf iao zar *s*wft 194I (Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Yerleg GMBh, 1957), p. 9. 2Rudolf Schmunt vas born on Auguot 13, 1896...of Chief, Army Personnel Office. General of the Infantry, Rudolf Schmundt died from his wounds on October 10, 1944, In a field hospital at Ratzeburg

  17. Army Communicator. Volume 27, Number 3, Fall 2002 (United States)


    play in the Army’s transformation to the Objec- tive Force.” Gizmo’s debut in the Beatle Bailey comic strip came July 4. And according to a source close...Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Headquarters, Department of the Army ARMY COMMUNICATOR Voice of the Signal Regiment ! PB 11...02-3 Fall 2002 Vol. 27 No. 3 ! Special focus: radio’s resurgence -- its “new” uses in the current and near- future Army, Pgs. 2-18 ! Signal-planning

  18. Policing and Transgressing Borders: Soldiers, Slave Rebels, and the Early Modern Atlantic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marjoleine Kars


    Full Text Available In 1763, a regiment of mercenary soldiers stationed on the border of Suriname and Berbice in South America, rebelled. The men had been sent to help subdue a large slave rebellion. Instead, they mutinied and joined the rebelling slaves. This paper reconstructs the mutiny from Dutch records and uses it to look at the role of soldiers as border crosser in the Atlantic world. Colonial historians have usually studied soldiers in their capacity of border enforcers, men who maintained the cultural and legal divisions that supported colonial authority. However, as I show, soldiers with great regularity crossed those same borders, threatening the very foundations of colonialism.

  19. Dual antiplatelet treatment in patients candidates for abdominal surgery. (United States)

    Illuminati, Giulio; Ceccanei, Gianluca; Pacilè, Maria A; Pizzardi, Giulia; Palumbo, Piergaspare; Vietri, Francesco


    With the increasing diffusion of percutaneous interventions (PCI), surgeons are often faced with the problem of operating on patients under dual antiplatelet treatment. Replacing dual antiplatelet regiment with low molecular weight heparin may expose to the abrupt thrombosis of coronary stent and massive myocardial infarction. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that abdominal operations can be safely performed under dual antiplatelet treatment. Eleven patients underwent 5 colectomies, 3 nefrectomies, 2 gastrectomies and 1 hysterectomy under aspirin and plavix without any significant perioperative hemorrhage. These preliminary results show that abdominal operations can be safely performed under dual antiplatelet regimen. Abdominal surgery, Dual antiplatelet treatment.

  20. Querying Natural Logic Knowledge Bases

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andreasen, Troels; Bulskov, Henrik; Jensen, Per Anker


    This paper describes the principles of a system applying natural logic as a knowledge base language. Natural logics are regimented fragments of natural language employing high level inference rules. We advocate the use of natural logic for knowledge bases dealing with querying of classes...... in ontologies and class-relationships such as are common in life-science descriptions. The paper adopts a version of natural logic with recursive restrictive clauses such as relative clauses and adnominal prepositional phrases. It includes passive as well as active voice sentences. We outline a prototype...... for partial translation of natural language into natural logic, featuring further querying and conceptual path finding in natural logic knowledge bases....

  1. OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency. 25 years of international cooperation within the framework of the NEA

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stadie, Klaus B. [OECD, Paris (France). Safety and Regulation


    The nuclear atomic association NEA of the OECD, to which 23 western industrial countries belong to, was established 25 years ago (1959) as ''Nuclear Energy Agency'', almost simultaneously with other large international nuclear energy organisations. The NEA undertook special tasks during the international cooperation, which have shifted over time. A special feature today is the cooperation by means of international committees, which are supported by a small own staff of the organisation. The focus points lie within the area of safety and regimentation and on chosen scientific and technical studies.

  2. Key Considerations for Irregular Security Forces in Counterinsurgency (United States)


    wounded and one slightly. It was decided to move to virgin ground two miles away. The other moves went without a hitch and both Firqats and civilians...using the area for years as a sort of holiday camp for rest and recuperation.‖ 121Sibley, 304. 122Akehurst, 75. ―New positions were established at...Regiment and called ―Hammer.‖ It was almost due north of Raysut and a major blow to the enemy who had been using the area for years as a sort of holiday

  3. Fabrication of amorphous silica nanowires via oxygen plasma treatment of polymers on silicon (United States)

    Chen, Zhuojie; She, Didi; Chen, Qinghua; Li, Yanmei; Wu, Wengang


    We demonstrate a facile non-catalytic method of fabricating silica nanowires at room temperature. Different polymers including photoresists, parylene C and polystyrene are patterned into pedestals on the silicon substrates. The silica nanowires are obtained via the oxygen plasma treatment on those pedestals. Compared to traditional strategies of silica nanowire fabrication, this method is much simpler and low-cost. Through designing the proper initial patterns and plasma process parameters, the method can be used to fabricate various regiment nano-scale silica structure arrays in any laboratory with a regular oxygen-plasma-based cleaner or reactive-ion-etching equipment.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alina V. Chervinskaya


    Full Text Available The primary focus of medical rehabilitation is the approach of model simulation of natural environment. Halotherapy is one of the nonpharmacological methods widely used in Russian public health care delivery including prophylaxis and rehabilitation in children. This method is based on the recreation of the air environment of a natural underground salt mine. The article presents an innovative method using a next generation of equipment for halotherapy: a guided halocomplex where the control on dosage regiments and aerodisperse medium parameters is implemented. The mechanisms of the effect of halotherapy are considered, the data of the clinical effectiveness for various paediatric diseases are outlined. 

  5. Reasons to Improve: The Evolution of the U.S. Tank from 1945-1991 (United States)


    comparable to German Panther and Tiger tanks in armor and firepower. The Korean War experience did two things. First, it ushered in the era of limited war...yards away.21 In July 1943, a Tiger tank near Gela, Sicily quickly destroyed four tanks and hit a fifth from G Company, 67th Armored Regiment.22 During...German adversary in the form of Panther and Tiger tanks retained a significant advantage over the U.S. Sherman tank because of its armored protection

  6. Impact of nuclear fuel cycle centers on shipping special nuclear materials and wastes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Blomeke, J.O.


    The impact of integrated nuclear fuel cycle facilities on the transportation sector appears from this admittedly rather narrow study to be of only marginal significance. However, there are other factors which must be taken into account such as nuclear safeguards, economics, and radiological, ecological, institutional, and sociological impacts. Unless more clear-cut advantages can be shown by on-going studies for some of these other considerations, the regimentation and control of industry that would result from the imposition of the integrated fuel cycle facility concept probably could not be justified. (auth)

  7. [Sibutramine administration in polycystic ovary syndrome treatment]. (United States)

    Olszanecka-Glinianowicz, Magdalena; Zahorska-Markiewicz, Barbara; Jochemczyk-Banek, Urszula; Banaś, Michał; Zurakowski, Aleksander


    Obesity is considered important factor contributing development of PCOS. Insulin resistance, low level of serum SHBG and activation of pituitary-adrenal axis plays a major role in pathogenesis and symptoms of PCOS. The achievement of weight loss is an important factor in treatment of PCOS, but difficulties with adherences to the dietary regiment discourage physicians to use this method. In our paper we would like to show the effectiveness of such treatment and pay attention to possibilities of drug facilities in dietary approach in treatment of PCOS coexisting with obesity.

  8. La Mettrie's soul: vertigo, fever, massacre, and The Natural History. (United States)

    Hacking, Ian


    La Mettrie's materialist and monistic philosophy is that of a military doctor, knowing what dysentery did to his own mind, watching his regiment destroyed at Fontenoy, running French field hospitals in Flanders. He learned brain science in the injuries of his fellows. He knew pain and that man's main positive drive was sex. He despised the prudish hypocrisies of feeble materialists like Diderot and Voltaire. His brutal military life and his hedonism made him the most coherent monist against Cartesian dualism. His study of vertigo is sound clinical medicine, which well accords with one trend in today's medical practice.

  9. 'Alles is politek, maar politiek is nie alles nie': Het Kuitert gelyk?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Willem S. Vorster


    Full Text Available 'Everything is politics but politics is not everything': A critical discussion of Harry Kuitert's viewpoint on faith and politics A critical review is given of Kuitert's position on faith and politics developed in one of his recent publications. After a general survey, the idea of the two regiments to which Christians belong, is discussed. Then attention is paid to the source(s from which Christians derive principles for political and social decisions. The implications of Kuitert's views are summarised in a next section. In conclusion the question whether Kuitert is correct is discussed with a view to the South African situation.

  10. The effect of army vest design on the occurrence of stress fractures and overuse injuries in female military recruits. (United States)

    Palmanovich, Ezequiel; Frankl, M; Nyska, M; Hetsroni, I; Constantini, N; Trejo, L; Bechar, R; Novak, G; Lankovsky, Z; Mann, G


    Stress fractures (SFs) occur when microdamage caused by repetitive mechanical load exceeds the biological load-bearing capacity of the bone. The study objective was to test whether a vest specifically designed and manufactured for female recruits, compared with the standard vest used on a regular basis by Border Police recruits, would reduce the incidence of SF in female Border Police recruits. Data based on reports of military personnel show that women are more likely to sustain SFs. A follow-up of 240 female Border Police infantry recruits, divided into two trial groups, was conducted from 2007 to 2009. Two different vests were evaluated-the standard special unit fighting vest, which was conventionally used by both men and women during basic training, and the new fighting vest, specially design for female body shape. No significant difference was noted in the number of SFs between the two groups which may be attributed to increased weight of the new vest. There was a lower incidence of long bone SFs which may have been due to the superior vest design. The female Border Police Infantry recruits expressed great satisfaction with the new vest. Increased effort should be invested to further reduce the weight of female combat gear, alongside efforts to improve fit and comfort. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  11. Prevention of noise-induced hearing loss in the Canadian military. (United States)

    Pelausa, E O; Abel, S M; Simard, J; Dempsey, I


    A prospective study was undertaken to investigate the development of noise-induced hearing loss in Canadian military recruits, and to assess the effectiveness of the hearing conservation program currently in place. The participants were 134 men and women, 20 to 30 years of age, employed in four trades, three of these (infantry, artillery, and armour) associated with high noise levels. The data comprised audiometric measurements made at the time of entry and after 3 years of employment, and responses to a questionnaire mainly relating to noise exposure in the workplace and during leisure activities, and the utilization of personal hearing protective devices. The findings showed that group audiograms at entry and at the 3-year recall were characterized by a 6-kHz notch that was indicative of noise-induced hearing loss, although mean threshold values were within normal limits. By the 3-year recall, 11% of the infantry had sustained a mild-to-moderate hearing loss in the left ear, greater than 25-dB HL, that was consistent with the use of small-calibre weapons. Responses to the questionnaire indicated that, while subjects appreciated the potential benefit of wearing hearing protectors, instructions in their proper use and education on the hazards of noise exposure were poor. The results suggested methods to strengthen the existing scheme for hearing conservation to further minimize risk.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Military infantry recruits, although trained, lacks experience in real-time combat operations, despite the combat simulations training. Therefore, the choice of including them in military operations is a thorough and careful process. This has left top military commanders with the tough task of deciding, the best blend of inexperienced and experienced infantry soldiers, for any military operation, based on available information on enemy strength and capability. This research project delves into the design of a mission combat efficiency estimator (MCEE. It is a decision support system that aids top military commanders in estimating the best combination of soldiers suitable for different military operations, based on available information on enemy’s combat experience. Hence, its advantages consist of reducing casualties and other risks that compromises the entire operation overall success, and also boosting the morals of soldiers in an operation, with such information as an estimation of combat efficiency of their enemies. The system was developed using Microsoft Asp.Net and Sql server backend. A case study test conducted with the MECEE system, reveals clearly that the MECEE system is an efficient tool for military mission planning in terms of team selection. Hence, when the MECEE system is fully deployed it will aid military commanders in the task of decision making on team members’ combination for any given operation based on enemy personnel information that is well known beforehand. Further work on the MECEE will be undertaken to explore fire power types and impact in mission combat efficiency estimation.

  13. Evaluating Andrographolide as a Potent Inhibitor of NS3-4A Protease and Its Drug-Resistant Mutants Using In Silico Approaches

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vivek Chandramohan


    Full Text Available Current combination therapy of PEG-INF and ribavirin against the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV genotype-1 infections is ineffective in maintaining sustained viral response in 50% of the infection cases. New compounds in the form of protease inhibitors can complement the combination therapy. Asunaprevir is new to the drug regiment as the NS3-4A protease inhibitor, but it is susceptible to two mutations, namely, R155K and D168A in the protein. Thus, in our study, we sought to evaluate Andrographolide, a labdane-diterpenoid from the Andrographis paniculata plant as an effective compound for inhibiting the NS3-4A protease as well as its concomitant drug-resistant mutants by using molecular docking and dynamic simulations. Our study shows that Andrographolide has best docking scores of −15.0862, −15.2322, and −13.9072 compared to those of Asunaprevir −3.7159, −2.6431, and −5.4149 with wild-type R155K and D168A mutants, respectively. Also, as shown in the MD simulations, the compound was good in binding the target proteins and maintains strong bonds causing very less to negligible perturbation in the protein backbone structures. Our results validate the susceptibility of Asunaprevir to protein variants as seen from our docking studies and trajectory period analysis. Therefore, from our study, we hope to add one more option in the drug regiment to tackle drug resistance in HCV infections.

  14. Effect of chest physiotherapy on the removal of mucus in patients with cystic fibrosis

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rossman, C.M.; Waldes, R.; Sampson, D.; Newhouse, M.T.


    We studied the effectiveness of some of the components of a physiotherapy regimen on the removal of mucus from the lungs of 6 subjects with cystic fibrosis. On 5 randomized study days, after inhalation of a 99 mTc-human serum albumin aerosol to label primarily the large airways, the removal of lung radioactivity was measured during 40 min of (a) spontaneous cough while at rest (control), (b) postural drainage, (c) postural drainage plus mechanical percussion, (d) combined maneuvers (postural drainage, deep breathing with vibrations, and percussion) administered by a physiotherapist, (e) directed vigorous cough. Measurements continued for an additional 2 h of quiet rest. Compared with the control day, all forms of intervention significantly improved the removal of mucus: cough (p less than 0.005), physiotherapy maneuvers (0.005 less than or equal to p less than 0.01), postural drainage (p less than 0.05), and postural drainage plus percussion (p less than 0.01). However, there was no significant difference between regimented cough alone and therapist-administered combined maneuvers, nor between postural drainage alone and with mechanical percussion. We conclude that in cystic fibrosis, vigorous, regimented cough sessions may be as effective as therapist-administered physiotherapy in removing pulmonary secretions. Postural drainage, although better than the control maneuver, was not as effective as cough and was not enhanced by mechanical percussion. Frequent, vigorous self-directed cough sessions are potentially as useful as more complex measures for effective bronchial toilet

  15. Effect of chest physiotherapy on the removal of mucus in patients with cystic fibrosis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rossman, C.M.; Waldes, R.; Sampson, D.; Newhouse, M.T.


    We studied the effectiveness of some of the components of a physiotherapy regimen on the removal of mucus from the lungs of 6 subjects with cystic fibrosis. On 5 randomized study days, after inhalation of a /sup 99/mTc-human serum albumin aerosol to label primarily the large airways, the removal of lung radioactivity was measured during 40 min of (a) spontaneous cough while at rest (control), (b) postural drainage, (c) postural drainage plus mechanical percussion, (d) combined maneuvers (postural drainage, deep breathing with vibrations, and percussion) administered by a physiotherapist, (e) directed vigorous cough. Measurements continued for an additional 2 h of quiet rest. Compared with the control day, all forms of intervention significantly improved the removal of mucus: cough (p less than 0.005), physiotherapy maneuvers (0.005 less than or equal to p less than 0.01), postural drainage (p less than 0.05), and postural drainage plus percussion (p less than 0.01). However, there was no significant difference between regimented cough alone and therapist-administered combined maneuvers, nor between postural drainage alone and with mechanical percussion. We conclude that in cystic fibrosis, vigorous, regimented cough sessions may be as effective as therapist-administered physiotherapy in removing pulmonary secretions. Postural drainage, although better than the control maneuver, was not as effective as cough and was not enhanced by mechanical percussion. Frequent, vigorous self-directed cough sessions are potentially as useful as more complex measures for effective bronchial toilet.

  16. Leech therapy- a holistic approach of treatment in unani (greeko-arab) medicine. (United States)

    Lone, Azad Hussain; Ahmad, Tanzeel; Anwar, Mohd; Habib, Shahida; Sofi, Gh; Imam, Hashmat


    The Unani System of Medicine also known as Greeko-Arab medicine, founded by Hippocrates is based on the concept of equilibrium and balance of natural body humours (blood, bile, black bile and phlegm). The imbalance in the quality and quantity of these humours leads to diseases whereas restoration of this balance maintains health of a person. The treatment methodology of diseases is based on four therapeutic modalities viz. Regimental therapy, Dieto-therapy, Pharmacotherapy and surgery. Irsale Alaq (Leech or Hirudo therapy) is one of the most important and widely practised methods of regimental therapy used for local evacuation of morbid humours. It is a procedure of treatment with the use of medicinal leeches. It has been suggested and successfully practised by Greeko-Arab physicians in the management of musculoskeletal diseases, gynaecological disorders, chronic skin diseases, thromboembolic diseases, varicose veins, ENT disorders etc since long. According to Unani doctrine, the efficacy of leech therapy is attributed to the analgesic and resolvent activities of leeches. However, from modern perspective, the saliva of leech contains about 100 pharmacologically active biological substances like Hirudin, hyaluronidase, vasodilators, anesthetics, antibacterial, fibrinases, collagenase etc. These substances are injected into human body while sucking of the blood and are responsible for the analgesic, anti inflammatory and anesthetic effects of leech therapy.

  17. Metabolic syndrome and hypertension: regular exercise as part of lifestyle management. (United States)

    Lackland, Daniel T; Voeks, Jenifer H


    The incorporation of physical activity and exercise represents a clinically important aspect in the management of metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and diabetes. While the benefit of exercise and active lifestyles is well documented for prevention and risk reduction of cardiovascular and stroke outcomes, the detailed regiment and recommendations are less clear. The components of a prescribed physical activity include consideration of activity type, frequency of an activity, activity duration, and intensity of a specific physical movement. The exercise parameters prescribed as part of the management of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and elevated blood pressure are most often proposed as separate documents while the general recommendations are similar. The evidence is strong such that physical activity and exercise recommendations in disease management guidelines are considered high quality. The general recommendations for both blood pressure and glycemic management include a regiment of physical activity with moderate- to high-intensity exercise of 30-min bouts on multiple days with a desired goal of a total of 150 min of exercise per week. While additional research is needed to identify the specific exercise/activity mode, frequencies for exercise training, intensity levels, and duration of exercise that achieve maximal blood pressure and glycemic lowering, this general recommendation showed a consistent and significant benefit in risk reduction. Similarly, the current available evidence also indicates that aerobic exercise, dynamic resistance exercise, and isometric exercises can lower blood pressure and improve glycemic control.

  18. Cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells emerges naturally by microfilament self-organization. (United States)

    Woodhouse, Francis G; Goldstein, Raymond E


    Many cells exhibit large-scale active circulation of their entire fluid contents, a process termed cytoplasmic streaming. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in plant cells, often presenting strikingly regimented flow patterns. The driving mechanism in such cells is known: myosin-coated organelles entrain cytoplasm as they process along actin filament bundles fixed at the periphery. Still unknown, however, is the developmental process that constructs the well-ordered actin configurations required for coherent cell-scale flow. Previous experimental works on streaming regeneration in cells of Characean algae, whose longitudinal flow is perhaps the most regimented of all, hint at an autonomous process of microfilament self-organization driving the formation of streaming patterns during morphogenesis. Working from first principles, we propose a robust model of streaming emergence that combines motor dynamics with both microscopic and macroscopic hydrodynamics to explain how several independent processes, each ineffectual on its own, can reinforce to ultimately develop the patterns of streaming observed in the Characeae and other streaming species.

  19. Combination therapy with carfilzomib, lenalidomide and dexamethasone (KRd) results in an unprecedented purity of the stem cell graft in newly diagnosed patients with myeloma. (United States)

    Tageja, Nishant; Korde, Neha; Kazandjian, Dickran; Panch, Sandhya; Manasanch, Elisabet; Bhutani, Manisha; Kwok, Mary; Mailankody, Sham; Yuan, Constance; Stetler-Stevenson, Maryalice; Leitman, Susan F; Sportes, Claude; Landgren, Ola


    Still, many physicians give 4 cycles of combination therapy to multiple myeloma patients prior to collection of stem cells for autologous bone marrow transplant. This tradition originates from older doxorubicin-containing regiments which limited the number of cycles due to cumulative cardiotoxicity. Using older regiments, most patients had residual myeloma cells in their autologous stem-cell grafts during collection. Emerging data show that newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients treated with modern carfilzomib/lenalidomide/dexamethasone (KRd) therapy, on average, take 6 cycles until reaching minimal residual disease (MRD) negativity. We assessed newly diagnosed patients treated with KRd focusing MRD status both in the individual patient's bone marrow, and the corresponding autologous hematopoietic progenitor cell grafts during collection. Per protocol, stem-cell collection was allowed after 4 to 8 cycles of KRd. We found similar stem-cell yield independent of the number of cycles of KRd. At stem-cell collection, 11/30 patients (36.6%) were MRD negative in their bone marrow; all 11 patients had MRD negative hematopoietic progenitor cell grafts. Furthermore, 18/19 patients who were MRD positive in their bone marrows also had MRD negative hematopoietic progenitor cell grafts. These observations support 6 cycles of KRd as an efficacious and safe induction strategy prior to stem-cell collection.


    Tsiskarishvili, N I; Katsitadze, A; Tsiskarishvili, N V; Tsiskarishvili, Ts; Chitanava, L


    homologous by the sex, age, duration and clinical forms of dermatosis. All patients underwent phototherapy. In the study group Selenium was used as an antioxidant, which was administered at a dose of 1 capsule 2 times a day for a month. Phototherapy was performed by means of MEDlight OCTAderm (3 times per week, the course of treatment - 15 procedures). After a course of phototherapy in combination with Selenium (study group), 1 patient had complete regimentation, in 43.5%of patients with NSV whisk of regimentation was formed, in 60.9% of patients with partial NSV we observeda partial regimentation in the form of pigmented inclusions withinthe foci of depigmentation. In the group of comparison we did not reveal any case of full regimentation, the whisk of hyperpigmentation was observed only in 34.7%, formation of pigmented inclusions within the foci of depigmentationwere revealed in 29.1% of cases. Thus, the phototherapy of vitiligoin combination with Selenium gives a well pronounced therapeutic effect, the clinical picture of which can be described as the following: high frequency, fast enough occurrence (2-3 months), cosmetic favorability-regimentation has uniform character without noticeable hyperkeratosis and peeling, as well as without any redness and hyperpigmentation.

  1. [The hospital at Hillersleben Germany, April 1945]. (United States)

    Weisskopf, Varda


    On 6th April 1945, nine days before the liberation of the Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp, about 2,500 Jewish prisoners were ordered to prepare to leave the camp on the next day. On 7th April, the prisoners left through the gates of the camp and began to walk about 10 kilometers to the train station near the city of Celle. There they were ordered to board a train that would take them to the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp. After six days of travel, the train stopped near the village of Farsleben, Germany, where it was liberated by the 743rd Tank Battalion of the 30th Infantry Division, of the U.S. 9th Army, on 13th April 1945. The 105th Medical Battalion of the same Division was the primary care provider for the survivors, who were then taken in vehicles available from the 30th Infantry Division, and organized into a convoy by the Division's Liaison Officer, Lt. Frank W. Towers, to the town of Hillersleben. A former German Air Force Base was located at Hillersleben with a small hospital that could not provide medical attention to all the survivors. On 21st April, Company C of the 95th Medical Battalion, received an order to go to Hillersleben. Colonel Dr. William W. Hurteau, the Commanding Officer of this Battalion, determined that the biggest task given to the Battalion during World War II, was establishing another hospital in the town of Hillersleben and providing additional beds in the existing hospital, which was a structure that had served as a boarding school. Furthermore, they needed to acquire hospital equipment which was obtained from German equipment and supplies that had been captured by the U.S. MiLitary. Also, they took care of obtaining food supplies from German warehouses, and meat and milk from local dairy farms. The lives of the prisoners on this train were saved by the heroism and dedicated work of those brave soldiers of the 30th Infantry Division and the 95th Medical Battalion.

  2. Changes in anthropometric measurements, body composition, blood pressure, lipid profile, and testosterone in patients participating in a low-energy dietary intervention. (United States)

    Balliett, Mary; Burke, Jeanmarie R


    The purpose of this study was to describe changes in anthropometric measurements, body composition, blood pressure, lipid profile, and testosterone following a low-energy-density dietary intervention plus regimented supplementation program. The study design was a pre-post intervention design without a control group. Normal participants were recruited from the faculty, staff, students, and community members from a chiropractic college to participate in a 21-day weight loss program. All participants (n = 49; 36 women, 13 men; 31 ± 10.3 years of age) received freshly prepared mostly vegan meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) that included 1200 to 1400 daily calories (5020.8 to 5857.6 J) for the women and 1600 to 1800 (6694.4 to 7531.2 J) daily calories for the men. Nutritional supplements containing enzymes that were intended to facilitate digestion, reduce cholesterol levels, increase metabolic rate, and mediate inflammatory processes were consumed 30 minutes before each meal. The regimented supplementation program included once-daily supplementation with a green drink that contained alfalfa, wheatgrass, apple cider vinegar, and fulvic acid throughout the study period. A cleanse supplementation containing magnesium, chia, flaxseed, lemon, camu camu, cat's claw, bentonite clay, tumeric, pau d'arco, chanca piedra, stevia, zeolite clay, slippery elm, garlic, ginger, peppermint, aloe, citrus bioflavonoids, and fulvic acid was added before each meal during week 2. During week 3, the cleanse supplementation was replaced with probiotic and prebiotic supplementation. Multiple paired t tests detected clinically meaningful reductions in weight (- 8.7 ± 5.54 lb) (- 3.9 ± 2.5 kg), total cholesterol (- 30.0 ± 29.77 mg/dL), and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (- 21.0 ± 25.20 mg/dL) (P < .05). There was a pre-post intervention increase in testosterone for men (111.0 ± 121.13 ng/dL, P < .05). Weight loss and improvements in total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein

  3. Changes in lens following 60Co irradiation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rozsival, P.; Obenberger, J.; Sladkova, J.


    Chinchilla rabbit lenses were irradiated using a 60 Co gamma source, and the changes in the transport activities, native weight, water content and dry weight were observed. The heads of rabbits were irradiated with doses of 10 and 20 Gy and functional changes occurring in the lenses were studied till the twenty-fourth week after the irradiation. The weight of the rabbit lens irradiated with a dose of 20 Gy significantly increased after the twelfth week and was maximal 16 weeks after irradiation when also cataracts were observed. The increased weight of lenses was caused by accumulation of water. The decrease in the dry weight of lenses preceded the period of visible cataracts. A decreased uptake of rubidium occurring during in vitro cultivation of lenses was the most sensitive marker for the changes caused by 20 Gy irradiation. It was significantly decreased as early as 8 weeks after irradiation, preceding the increased hydration of lenses by 4 weeks and the presence of visible cataracts by as much as 8 weeks

  4. A spectrum of applications of automated reasoning

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wos, L.


    The likelihood of an automated reasoning program being of substantial assistance for a wide spectrum of applications rests with the nature of the options and parameters it offers on which to base needed strategies and methodologies. This article focuses on such a spectrum, featuring W. McCune's program OTTER, discussing widely varied successes in answering open questions, and touching on some of the strategies and methodologies that played a key role. The applications include finding a first proof, discovering single axioms, locating improved axiom systems, and simplifying existing proofs. The last application is directly pertinent to the recently found (by R. Thiele) Hilbert's twenty-fourth problem-which is extremely amenable to attack with the appropriate automated reasoning program, a problem concerned with proof simplification. The methodologies include those for seeking shorter proofs and for finding proofs that avoid unwanted lemmas or classes of term, a specific option for seeking proofs with smaller equational or formula complexity, and a different option to address the variable richness of a proof. The type of proof one obtains with the use of OTTER is Hilbert-style axiomatic, including details that permit one sometimes to gain new insights. We include questions still open and challenges that merit consideration

  5. Selected acute phase CSF factors in ischemic stroke: findings and prognostic value

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Intskirveli Nino


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Study aimed at investigation of pathogenic role and prognostic value of several selected cerebrospinal fluid acute phase factors that can reflect the severity of ischemic brain damage. Methods Ninety five acute ischemic stroke patients were investigated. Ischemic region visualized at the twenty fourth hour by conventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Stroke severity evaluated by National Institute Health Stroke Scale. One month outcome of disease was assessed by Barthel Index. Cerebrospinal fluid was taken at the sixth hour of stroke onset. CSF pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines were studied by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay. Nitric Oxide and Lipoperoxide radical were measured by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance. CSF Nitrate levels were detected using the Griess reagent. Statistics performed by SPSS-11.0. Results At the sixth hour of stroke onset, cerebrospinal fluid cytokine levels were elevated in patients against controls. Severe stroke patients had increased interleukin-6 content compared to less severe strokes (P Conclusion According to present study the cerebrospinal fluid contents of interleukin-6 and nitrates seem to be the most reliable prognostic factors in acute phase of ischemic stroke.

  6. PFBC HGCU Test Facility. Technical progress report No. 24, Third quarter, CY 1995

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This is the twenty-fourth and final Technical Progress Report submitted to the Department of Energy (DOE) in connection with the cooperative agreement between the DOE and Ohio Power Company for the Tidd PFBC Hot Gas Clean Up Test Facility. This report covers the work completed during the Third Quarter of CY 1995. All activity this quarter was directed toward the completion of the program final report. A draft copy of the final report was forwarded to DOE during this quarter, and DOE submitted their comments on the report to AEPSC. DOE requested that Westinghouse write an appendix to the report covering the performance of the fail-safe regenerator devices during Tad operation, and Westinghouse subsequently prepared the appendix. Additional DOE comments were incorporated into the report, and it will be issued in camera-ready form by the end of October, 1995, which is the program end date. Appendix 1 presents the results of filter candle posttest examination by Westinghouse performed on selected filter candles following final shutdown of the system.

  7. Governing Board of the Pension Fund

    CERN Document Server


    The Governing Board of the Pension Fund held its one-hundred-and-twenty-third and one-hundred-and-twenty-fourth meetings on 6 April and 11 May 2004 respectively. At the first of the two meetings, the Governing Board took note of a summary by Mr F. Bello, one of the representatives appointed to the Board by the Council, of the highlights of the Council's latest meeting on 18 March 2004. Those highlights include the signing of the protocol on the Organization's privileges and immunities. Once ratified by a majority of the Member States, this protocol should, as a consequence of recognition of the Organization's international status, allow the Organization's right to tax exemption to be extended to all the Member States. The Governing Board then examined and approved the Annual Report of the Pension Fund for 2003, subject to a few amendments of a technical nature. This document will be examined at the Finance Committee and Council in June. Once approved, it will be made available for consultation on the Fund's ...

  8. On the use of a CFD software for reactor design support

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Garcia, J.C.; Rauschert, A.; Coleff, Agustin


    Different analysis performed with CFD software for reactor design support are shown. The CFD software used was FLUENT version 6.3.26. The first analysis corresponds to an MTR-type reactor. The MTR-type reactor core is constituted by plate fuel elements. The cooling water passes through channels formed by fuel plates with gap between 2 and 4 mm. The flow between two plates uniformly heated was modeled. The results obtained with FLUENT were compared with experimental data, for a transition Reynolds number. The subchannel with nonuniform power in the plates was modeled with those turbulence models which were closer to experimental results. The second analysis corresponds to an integrated PWR type reactor. The downcomer was modeled in order to visualize the streamlines and velocity distribution. Since the complete model of the downcomer would involve a large number of cells, thereby increasing the computation time, one twelfth of the same is modeled due to the symmetry of the problem. The third analysis also corresponds to an integrated PWR type reactor. The transition into the downcomer at the loss of the cold source was modeled. Since the complete model of the downcomer would involve a large number of cells, thereby increasing the computation time, one twenty fourth of the same is modeled due to the symmetry of the problem. A variable flow and temperature in the downcomer inlet were used as boundary condition. With this calculation, we can visualize the time distribution of velocities and temperatures in one of the symmetry planes. (author)

  9. Experimental and simulation optimization analysis of the Whipple shields against shaped charge (United States)

    Hussain, G.; Hameed, A.; Horsfall, I.; Barton, P.; Malik, A. Q.


    Occasionally, the Whipple shields are used for the protection of a space station and a satellite against the meteoroids and orbital debris. In the Whipple shields each layer of the shield depletes part of high speed projectile energy either by breaking the projectile or absorbing its energy. Similarly, this investigation uses the Whipple shields against the shaped charge to protect the light armour such as infantry fighting vehicles with a little modification in their design. The unsteady multiple interactions of shaped charge jet with the Whipple shield package against the steady homogeneous target is scrutinized to optimize the shield thickness. Simulations indicate that the shield thickness of 0.75 mm offers an optimum configuration against the shaped charge. Experiments also support this evidence.

  10. The pentomic experience

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gold, T.


    The Pentomic experience is presented in outline form. The subject is discussed under the following topics: context, objectives, description, assessment, and lessons. The context included President Eisenhower's open-quotes new lookclose quotes strategy and service rivalry for nuclear share. The objectives for the Pentomic Division included dual capability with nuclear emphasis, strategic mobility, smaller, and major organizational changes. The Pentomic Division is described as a separate division in which the infantry battle group is a basic building block. The Pentomic Division was designed to be dual-capable in both conventional and nuclear warfare and was assessed or perceived to be neither. The possible reasons for the failure of the concept were: problem too hard, wrong solution, premature solution, weak implementation, and overambitious goals

  11. [The organizational characteristics of the medical support for the troops in the first operations at the start of a war (based on the experience of exercises)]. (United States)

    Iziumtsev, I S


    The article summarized the experience of an explorative tactical-special exercise on medical support of Mobile Forces in first military operations of the initial period of war which has studied the following questions: the organic structure and organization of work of the medical service of a motorized infantry brigade in defense; joint direction of organic hospital facilities and field traumatological hospital. The author also studies the deployment peculiarities of a military multipurpose hospital on the basis of a garrison hospital. The experience of these exercises has proved the necessity to update the organic structure and principles of the employment of medical assets in accordance with the requirements of new military doctrine, as well as realize the technical re-equipment of medical service.

  12. Clinical microbiology during the Vietnam War. (United States)

    Washington, Michael; Brown, Matthew; Palys, Thomas; Tyner, Stuart; Bowden, Robert


    During the period of 1965-1968, over two dozen Army microbiologists were deployed to various locations in Southeast Asia in support of the Vietnam War. Their role was to serve both a clinical laboratory mission/function at the mobile Army surgical hospital and mobile laboratory level as well as to perform research roles in all of the facilities. They were essential to the formulation of medical intelligence as well as to the practice of operational medicine in the deployed environment. The results of their laboratory investigations provided commanders and military physicians with critical medical information for patient care, outbreak investigation, and forensic analysis. As with many soldiers in support of the infantry and armor combat forces, most of the work occurs behind the scenes and their contributions are often left out of the historical literature. This article presents a brief overview of microbiology performed by Army microbiologists during the Vietnam War.

  13. Transformational leadership and group interaction as climate antecedents: a social network analysis. (United States)

    Zohar, Dov; Tenne-Gazit, Orly


    In order to test the social mechanisms through which organizational climate emerges, this article introduces a model that combines transformational leadership and social interaction as antecedents of climate strength (i.e., the degree of within-unit agreement about climate perceptions). Despite their longstanding status as primary variables, both antecedents have received limited empirical research. The sample consisted of 45 platoons of infantry soldiers from 5 different brigades, using safety climate as the exemplar. Results indicate a partially mediated model between transformational leadership and climate strength, with density of group communication network as the mediating variable. In addition, the results showed independent effects for group centralization of the communication and friendship networks, which exerted incremental effects on climate strength over transformational leadership. Whereas centralization of the communication network was found to be negatively related to climate strength, centralization of the friendship network was positively related to it. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

  14. Comparison of helmet-mounted display designs in support of wayfinding (United States)

    Kumagai, Jason K.; Massel, Lisa; Tack, David; Bossi, Linda


    The Canadian Soldier Information Requirements Technology Demonstration (SIREQ TD) soldier modernization research and development program has conducted experiments to help determine the types and amount of information needed to support wayfinding across a range of terrain environments, the most effective display modality for providing the information (visual, auditory or tactile) that will minimize conflict with other infantry tasks, and to optimize interface design. In this study, seven different visual helmet-mounted display (HMD) designs were developed based on soldier feedback from previous studies. The displays and an in-service compass condition were contrasted to investigate how the visual HMD interfaces influenced navigation performance. Displays varied with respect to their information content, frame of reference, point of view, and display features. Twelve male infantry soldiers used all eight experimental conditions to locate bearings to waypoints. From a constant location, participants were required to face waypoints presented at offset bearings of 25, 65, and 120 degrees. Performance measures included time to identify waypoints, accuracy, and head misdirection errors. Subjective measures of performance included ratings of ease of use, acceptance for land navigation, and mental demand. Comments were collected to identify likes, dislikes and possible improvements required for HMDs. Results underlined the potential performance enhancement of GPS-based navigation with HMDs, the requirement for explicit directional information, the desirability of both analog and digital information, the performance benefits of an egocentric frame of reference, the merit of a forward field of view, and the desirability of a guide to help landmark. Implications for the information requirements and human factors design of HMDs for land-based navigational tasks are discussed.

  15. On results using automated wideband instrumentation for radar measurements and characterization (United States)

    Govoni, Mark A.; Dogaru, Traian; Le, Calvin; Sobczak, Kevin


    Experiences are shared from a recent radar measurement and characterization effort. A regimented data collection procedure ensures repeatability and provides an expedited alternative to typical narrowband capabilities. Commercially-available instrumentation is repurposed to support wideband data collections spanning a contiguous range of frequencies from 700 MHz to 40 GHz. Utilizing a 4-port network analyzer, both monostatic and quasi-monostatic measurements are achievable. Polarization is varied by way of a custom-designed antenna mount that allows for the mechanical reorientation of the antennas. Computational electromagnetic modeling is briefly introduced and serves in validating the legitimacy of the collection capability. Data products presented will include high-range resolution profiles and inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imagery.

  16. “Es preciso, pues, regimentar”. The organization of the National Guard in the rural space. Buenos Aires, 1852-1862

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonardo Canciani


    Full Text Available In this paper we will analize the organization of the National Guard in the bonaerense rural space and frontier, during the ten years post of your creation (1852-1862. The process encompass two cycles. The first, 1852-1857, was characterized by the predominance of peace justices in the institutional control. And the second, 1857-1862, was defined by stronger presence of the regiments chiefs. We will study the role of the civil and military authorities and your relations with the National Guard of the rural space. Finally, we will debate the perception that exists about the power relations between civilian - military and your inside.Key words: National Guard; Military commanders; Buenos Aires province; 1850s.

  17. Nelson Syndrome: Update on Therapeutic Approaches. (United States)

    Azad, Tej D; Veeravagu, Anand; Kumar, Sunny; Katznelson, Laurence


    To review the pathophysiology and therapeutic modalities availble for Nelson syndrome. We reviewed the current literature including managment for Nelson syndrome. For patients with NS, surgical intervention is often the first-line therapy. With refractory NS or tumors with extrasellar involvement, radiosurgery offers an important alternative or adjuvant option. Pharmacologic interventions have demonstrated limited usefulness, although recent evidence supports the feasibility of a novel somatostatin analog for patients with NS. Modern neuroimaging, improved surgical techniques, and the advent of stereotactic radiotherapy have transformed the management of NS. An up-to-date understanding of the pathophysiology underlying Nelson Syndrome and evidence-based management is imperative. Early detection may allow for more successful therapy in patients with Nelson Syndrome. Improved radiotherapeutic interventions and rapidly evolving pharmacologic therapies offer an opportunity to create targeted, multifocal treatment regiments for patients with Nelson Syndrome. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. Reducing hospital admissions of healthy children with functional constipation: a quality initiative. (United States)

    Deneau, Mark; Mutyala, Ramakrishna; Sandweiss, David; Harnsberger, Janet; Varier, Raghu; Pohl, John F; Allen, Lauren; Thackeray, Callie; Zobell, Sarah; Maloney, Christopher


    Functional constipation (FC) is a common medical problem in children, with minimal risk of long-term complications. We determined that a large number of children were being admitted to our children's hospital for FC in which there was no neurological or anatomical cause. Our hospital experienced a patient complication in which a patient died after inpatient treatment of FC. Subsequently, we developed a standardised approach to determine when paediatric patients needed hospitalisation for FC, as well as to develop a regimented outpatient therapeutic approach for such children to prevent hospitalisation. Our quality improvement initiative resulted in a large decrease in the number of children with FC admitted into the hospital as well as a decrease in the number of children needing faecal disimpaction in the operating room. Our quality improvement process can be used to decrease hospitalisations, decrease healthcare costs and improve patient care for paediatric FC.

  19. Gusar s gitaroy [Guitar Hussar

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Langkjær, Michael Alexander


    In his paper Gusar s gitaroy. Motivy stilya militari v obraze Dzhimi Khendriksa [Guitar Hussar. Motives behind the Military Look of Jomi Hendrix], Michael A. Langkjær looks at the legendary singer's love of the military style, and its broader popularity in the 1960s rock milieu. Why did 1960s rock...... guitarist Jimi Hendrix wear British vintage regimental military jackets? His motive is generally assumed to be 'transgression', and more particularly 'protest against the Vietnam War'. Close investigation of original sources reveals that Hendrix, a proud veteran, was motivated not by 'protest...... memories and cultural, social-economic and ideological circumstances of the day that induced him to become a 'guitar hussar'....

  20. Virtual Screening Models for Prediction of HIV-1 RT Associated RNase H Inhibition

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Poongavanam, Vasanthanathan; Kongsted, Jacob


    The increasing resistance to current therapeutic agents for HIV drug regiment remains a major problem for effective acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) therapy. Many potential inhibitors have today been developed which inhibits key cellular pathways in the HIV cycle. Inhibition of HIV-1...... databases. The methods used here include machine-learning algorithms (e.g. support vector machine, random forest and kappa nearest neighbor), shape similarity (rapid overlay of chemical structures), pharmacophore, molecular interaction fields-based fingerprints for ligands and protein (FLAP) and flexible...... for identifying structurally diverse and selective RNase H inhibitors from large chemical databases. In addition, pharmacophore models suggest that the inter-distance between hydrogen bond acceptors play a key role in inhibition of the RNase H domain through metal chelation....

  1. Neuromodulation of the lumbar spinal locomotor circuit. (United States)

    AuYong, Nicholas; Lu, Daniel C


    The lumbar spinal cord contains the necessary circuitry to independently drive locomotor behaviors. This function is retained following spinal cord injury (SCI) and is amenable to rehabilitation. Although the effectiveness of task-specific training and pharmacologic modulation has been repeatedly demonstrated in animal studies, results from human studies are less striking. Recently, lumbar epidural stimulation (EDS) along with locomotor training was shown to restore weight-bearing function and lower-extremity voluntary control in a chronic, motor-complete human SCI subject. Related animal studies incorporating EDS as part of the therapeutic regiment are also encouraging. EDS is emerging as a promising neuromodulatory tool for SCI. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Pathologic evaluation of the cervical spine following surgical and chiropractic interventions. (United States)

    Matshes, Evan W; Joseph, Jeffrey


    When patients die after chiropractic or surgical interventions of the cervical spine, pathologists tasked with the autopsy are frequently overwhelmed by the complicated anatomy, laborious dissections, complex operative procedures and surgical hardware, and the necessity to differentiate artifacts from trauma and disease. However, abundant data can be obtained from careful evaluation of the cervical spine in situ; extensive postmortem diagnostic imaging procedures; detailed dissections of the removed, formalin-fixed and decalcified spine; and histology. This study presents a regimented, stepwise approach to the evaluation of the cervical spine in these difficult cases, promotes uniform assessment, facilitates diagnoses, and supports the accumulation of otherwise hard-to-come-by reference material that can be of value in future cases. The resultant detailed autopsy findings may prove useful in the medico-legal death investigation process. Autopsy findings may also be of great value to health care providers involved in quality assurance processes. © 2011 American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

  3. Rickets and/or scurvy-like skeletal lesions in Cooley's anemia

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Orzincolo, C.; De Sanctis, V.; Vullo, C.; Castaldi, G.; Scutellari, P.N.; Ciaccio, C.


    Recently, a new type of skeletal lesions has been described in Cooley's anemia as a possible complication secondary to therapy. In 12 children affected with thalassemia major, who received an intensive transfusional regiment combined with continuous iron chelation therapy (desferoxamine-B: 50-80 mg/kg/day), some radiological abnormalities of the long bones were observed similar to those described in rickets and scurvy. These rickets and/or scurvy-like lesions had never been reported before the introduction of high-dose desferoxamine therapy. The pathogenesis of these lesions is uncertain, but the toxic effect of desferoxamine probably plays an important role in their development. The association of growth retardation and rickets and/or scurvy-like skeletal lesions in Cooley's anemia patients may be used as a valuable clinical criterion in long-term chelation management


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    article editorial


    Full Text Available During the past 20 years advances in drug formulations and innovative routes of administration have been made. Our understanding of drug transport across tissues has increased. These changes have often resulted in improved patient adherence to the therapeutic regiment and pharmacologic response. The administration of drugs by transdermal or transmucosal routes offers the advantage of being relatively painless. Also, the potential for greater flexibility in a variety of clinical situations exists, often precluding the need to establish intravinus access which is a particular benefit for children. This statement focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of alternative routes of drug administration. Issues of particular importance in the care of pediatric patients especially factors that could lead to drug-relaxed toxicity or adverse responses are emphasized.Key words: drug formulation, pharmacoKINETICS, pharmacodynamics, drug, children.

  5. Analysis of the electrical bills of residential consumers: tax and economic aspects; Analise da fatura de energia eletrica de consumidores residenciais: aspectos economicos e tributarios

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reis, Lindemberg Nunes; Pinto, Danilo Pereira [Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, MG (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia], e-mail:, e-mail:


    Residential consumers represent a significant part of the market of electric energy and are increasing by deriving tributes of the tariff of energy. These consumers are uninformed about the abuses that happen to them. This work has as objective to analyze and to argue the behavior of the tariffs of energy in the period of 2002 the 2006, demonstrating the occurred increases and pointing a relation enters the rise of the price of this energy and the increase of the number of clandestine linkings and difficulty to hold the basics statements of actually electrical regiments. ANEEL's data show that in 1995 the tariff for class residential was R$ 76.26 and industrial was R$ 43.59; in 2003 passed respectively to R$ 236.34 and R$ 110.48. This analysis is directly related to the difficulty of obtaining a national energy management totally sustainable. (author)

  6. Melatonin supplementation plus exercise behavior ameliorate insulin resistance, hypertension and fatigue in a rat model of type 2 diabetes mellitus. (United States)

    Rahman, Md Mahbubur; Kwon, Han-Sol; Kim, Myung-Jin; Go, Hyeon-Kyu; Oak, Min-Ho; Kim, Do-Hyung


    The objective was to investigate the effects of melatonin and exercise on insulin resistance (IR), hypertension and fatigue syndrome in a rat model of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Rats were divided into 5 groups namely normal control (NC), T2DM control group (DC), diabetes plus exercise (DE), diabetes plus oral melatonin supplement (DM) and diabetes plus melatonin and exercise (DME) groups. Melatonin was administered orally 5mg/kg twice daily and 40min swimming/day 5days/week were regimented after diabetes induction. Blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, insulin, IR, serum leptin, lipid profiles, inflammatory cytokines, lipid peroxidation increased significantly (Phypertension, IR, biochemical alteration induced by diabetes and significantly increased exercise performance (Phypertension and exercise performance or fatigue possibly by improving antioxidative activities, hyperlipidemia, inflammatory cytokines via up-regulation of GLUT4, PGC-1 α and mitochondrial biogenesis in T2DM rats. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  7. Psychological characteristics of Swedish mandatory enlisted soldiers volunteering and not volunteering for international missions: an exploratory study. (United States)

    Rydstedt, Leif W; Osterberg, Johan


    The purpose of this study was to assess personality traits, psychological fitness, and hardiness among conscript soldiers volunteering for international missions (n = 146), by comparing them with conscripts from the same year class and unit who did not apply for international missions (n = 275). The sample consisted of all mandatory enlisted soldiers assigned to a supply and maintenance regiment. There were no demographic differences between the groups. The volunteers reported greater stress tolerance, concern for others, extraversion, and self-confidence than the non-volunteers. There were no differences between the groups in orderliness, temper instability, or independence. Volunteers repeatedly reported greater psychological fitness for military missions and greater hardiness over the period of military service compared to the non-volunteers.

  8. Cognitive style and plebe turnover at the U.S. Naval Academy. (United States)

    Mitchell, Tom; Cahill, Alice M


    Students entering (N = 1,134) the U.S. Naval Academy class of 2000 were administered the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory on the first day of Plebe Summer, a 7-wk. nonacademic training program completed by all entering students in the summer prior to the freshman year. The mean score on Innovation cognitive style for this sample of plebes was approximately a standard deviation lower than those of five other undergraduate student samples from nonmilitary universities. Furthermore, the 98 plebes who voluntarily withdrew before completing the program scored higher on the average on Innovation than those who remained. Findings suggest that, in terms of Person-Organization fit, plebes with a more innovative cognitive style may, perhaps, be less compatible with the regimentation-style climate of the Academy than those with an Adaptive cognitive style. Further research, however, is needed to specify the relationship between Academy students' cognitive style and other important organizational outcomes.

  9. Imprisoned in state care? Life inside Kew Cottages 1925-2008. (United States)

    Manning, Corinne


    Established in 1887, Kew Cottages was Australia's oldest and largest specialised institution for people with intellectual disability. Kew Cottages was originally designed as a place of benevolent care and education for children. However its secluded location, adjacent to a 'Lunatic Asylum,' and its use of physical security measures resulted in its reputation as a place of incarceration. This viewpoint emerged through oral history testimony collected as part of the Kew Cottages History Project during 2005-08. Oral histories, which were recorded from people closely associated with Kew Cottages, reveal that despite the introduction of reforms in the mid-twentieth century to accord residents greater freedoms, poor living conditions, strict regimentation, violence, and abuse, all contributed to a prison-like environment within the institution.

  10. Evaluation of short course drug therapy for tuberculosis in pediatric ward of Imam Khomeini Hospital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daneshjoo Kh


    Full Text Available Tuberculosis appears to be a disease as old as human history. Tuberculosis is of great public health importance in the developing countries. Its clinical profile is different in developing countries in comparison to countries of Europe and North America. The recent epidemic of HIV has slowed down the declining trend in the incidence of tuberculosis. Bacilli are transmitted from one infected person to the others as an aerosol. In some cases contaminated milk may also be responsible. However despite effective regimens and addition of new drugs and improved pharmacokinetic knowledge the chemotherapy of tuberculosis still remains a challenge. Poor drug-compliance by patients being one of the foremost reason for frequent relapses and bacterial resistance. Some important and concrete steps to meet these challenges have been judicious use of two or more bactericidal drugs and introduction of short courses regiment. Multiple drugs therapy may shorten the duration of treatment and prevent emergence of drug resistance.

  11. Effects of prophylactic treatment of central nervous system leukemia in children

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Abe, Yukiko; Asakura, Akio; Endo, Norio


    Thirty-five children with previously untreated ALL or AUL who received CNS prophylatic therapy with 3 treatment regiments were analyzed. After eutering complete remission, patients received CNS-prophylaxis with one of the following regimens: Goup A- cyclic high dose multichemotherapy plus intermittent intra-thecal methotrexate (MTX); Group B-craniospinal irradiation plus intermittent intrathecal MTX; Group C-intermittent high dose intravenous MTX. Incidence of CNS-leukemia and bone marrow relapse was less frequent in Group B. EEG abnormalities were seen in 38.5% of Group A, 40% of Group B, and 28.6% of Group C respectively, but the abnormalities were transient. IQs of three groups were above 100, but IQs of CNS-leukemia patients, especially VIQs had a tendency to be low. (author)

  12. The forecasting of radiation injuries of the urinary bladder and rectum in patients with uterine cervix carcinoma

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zharinov, G.M.; Gabelov, A.A.


    The frequency and degree of severity of radiation in unjuries of the urinary bladder and rectum after combined treatment of 725 patients with uterine cercix carcigoma are analysed. A quantitative index was worked out permi-- tting one to give an ob ective evaluation of the degree of early radiation reactions of the ad acent organs. The determination of the ''radiation injuries prognosis index'' (RIPI) makes it possible to forecast the occurence and degree of severity of late radiation injuries of the urinary bladder and rectum. The evaluation of RIPI mean values in the patients' groups provides an opportunity to oompare the damaging effect of different methods and regiment directly in the process of radiation therapy. The above method improves the potentialities of the forecasting of radiation injuries of the urinary bladder and rectum in patients with uterine cervix carcinoma

  13. Stereotactic iodine-125 brachytherapy for brain tumors: temporary versus permanent implantation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruge Maximilian I


    Full Text Available Abstract Stereotactic brachytherapy (SBT has been described in several publications as an effective, minimal invasive and safe highly focal treatment option in selected patients with well circumscribed brain tumors 40 cGy/h in combination with adjuvant external beam radiation and/or chemotherapy for the treatment of malignant gliomas and metastases resulted in increased rates of radiation induced adverse tissue changes requiring surgical intervention. Vice versa, such effects have been only minimally observed in numerous studies applying low dose rate (LDR regiments (3–8 cGy/h for low grade gliomas, metastases and other rare indications. Besides these observations, there are, however, no data available directly comparing the long term incidences of tissue changes after HDR and LDR and there is, furthermore, no evidence regarding a difference between temporary or permanent LDR implantation schemes. Thus, recommendations for effective and safe implantation schemes have to be investigated and compared in future studies.

  14. Interaction between cellular retinoic acid-binding protein II and histone hypoacetylation in renal cell carcinoma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Viroj Wiwanitkit


    Full Text Available Renal cell carcinoma is a rare but serious malignancy. Since a reduction in the level of retinoic acid receptor beta 2 (RARbeta2 expression in cancer cells due in part to histone hypoacetylation which is controlled by histone deacetylase (HD, the study on the interaction between cellular retinoic acid-binding proteins II (CRABP II, which is proposed to have its potential influence on retinoic acid (RA response, and HD can be useful. Comparing to CARBP II and HD, the CARBP II-HD poses the same function and biological process as HD. This can confirm that HD has a significant suppressive effect on the expression of CARBP II. Therefore, reduction in the level of RARbeta2 expression in cancer cells can be expected and this can lead to failure in treatment of renal cell carcinoma with RA. The author hereby purpose that additional HD inhibitor should be added into the regiment of RA to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

  15. Importance of doctor-patient relationship for patient adherence with medication regimes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sokolowski, Ineta; Vedsted, Peter

    Aim: It has been supposed that the relation between the doctor and the patient has implications for the adherence to medication. This study explores the effect of patient reported doctor-patient relationship on patient adherence with medication regiments. Methods: Design: Prospective cohort study...... practices. Doctor-patient relationship was measured from The Danish version of the 23-item EUROPEP questionnaire measuring patient evaluation of general practice. From the register data on prescriptions we drew all subsidised drugs redeemed at pharmacies for each patient in 2002-2005. Patients, who did...... was measured as secondary non-compliance and as persistence. The incidence rate ratio of non-adherence was calculated for different levels of the patient evaluated doctor-patient-relationship. Results: A total of 482 patients started new treatment of which 98 were non-compliant and 7 were censored. This study...

  16. Anxiety and methylphenidate in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a double-blind placebo-drug trial. (United States)

    Moshe, Keren; Karni, Avi; Tirosh, Emanuel


    To examine the relationship between attention and anxiety and the response to methylphenidate in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a total of 57 boys, between the ages of 7-12 years, were assessed for their attention and level of anxiety. Methylphenidate was administered for a week in a randomized double-blind drug/placebo-drug cross-over design. The levels of anxiety were evenly distributed between the inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive types. Anxiety was significantly correlated with the attention as reported by both teachers and parents. The response to methylphenidate was inversely correlated with the reported anxiety level only in boys with the hyperactive/impulsive and combined types. The higher the level of anxiety, the lower level of response to methylphenidate was observed. In the assessment and treatment of children with ADHD, the level of anxiety should be evaluated and taken into account while planning and monitoring treatment regiment.

  17. Aetiology of ''slobbers'' (chronic fluorosis) in the guinea-pig

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hard, G C; Atkinson, F F.V.


    A natural outbreak of ''slobbers'' with high morbidity and high mortality in guinea-pig breeding units in New South Wales and Canberra has been shown to be due to chronic fluoride poisoning. A survey of the dietary regiment employed in laboratories and units demonstrated the association of disease incidence with the feeding of proprietary pellets and usually low levels of green-food supplementation. Fluorine concentration in the pellets used in affected colonies ranged from 130 to 400 ppm. Inquiry produced some evidence that Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) rock-phosphate of high fluoride content had been incorporated in the pellets in place of bone flour. Experimental reproduction of the spontaneous disease was accomplished in exact detail by the extended administration of calcium fluoride in a concentration ranging from 300 to 450 ppm. The fluorine content of skull and teeth samples of experimentally poisoned guinea-pigs was comparable to that in natural cases of slobbers.

  18. [Ethics and blood transfusion]. (United States)

    Tissot, J-D; Garraud, O; Danic, B; Cabaud, J-J; Lefrère, J-J


    Blood donation is an act of solidarity. Most often, this act is done on a volunteer basis and, depending on countries and circumstances, is not remunerated. The increase in need, the always-greater number of deferral criteria, the safety issues and the changes in the structures of our societies are among the many subjects for ethical debates. Taking these into account, the actors of the transfusion must analyze certain parameters: the value of a donation, the meaning of volunteering, the appropriateness of remunerating the act of giving a part of one's self, no longer as a donation or an expression of altruism and solidarity, but as a commercial act regimented by economic laws. Copyright © 2013. Published by Elsevier SAS.

  19. An assessment of General Aviation utilization of advanced avionics technology (United States)

    Quinby, G. F.


    Needs of the general aviation industry for services and facilities which might be supplied by NASA were examined. In the data collection phase, twenty-one individuals from nine manufacturing companies in general aviation were interviewed against a carefully prepared meeting format. General aviation avionics manufacturers were credited with a high degree of technology transfer from the forcing industries such as television, automotive, and computers and a demonstrated ability to apply advanced technology such as large scale integration and microprocessors to avionics functions in an innovative and cost effective manner. The industry's traditional resistance to any unnecessary regimentation or standardization was confirmed. Industry's self sufficiency in applying advanced technology to avionics product development was amply demonstrated. NASA research capability could be supportive in areas of basic mechanics of turbulence in weather and alternative means for its sensing.

  20. The SDO Social Media Program: Walking the cat back into the bag (United States)

    Wawro, Martha; Van Norden, Wendy; Young, C. Alex; Durscher, Romeo


    As social media continues to grow as a way to communicate with the public about science missions, data and other STEM related topics, there has become a need for more organized and regimented Social Media programs and plans. In the Heliophysics science division at Goddard Space Flight Center we have been working on creating a template for social media programs which incorporates not just the goals for the program, as well as identifying an audience, but also deals with concerns about messaging, collaboration with other organizations, controversial topics, and evaluation. We hope that through creating a more unified approach we can develop a social media program that not only meets the needs of the audience but incorporates the needs of all of the different entities including the scientists, EPO Professionals and Office of Communications.

  1. The SDO Social Media Planning Process: Walking the cat back into the bag (United States)

    Wawro, M.; Young, C.; Van Norden, W. M.; Durscher, R.


    As social media continues to grow as a way to communicate with the public about science missions, data and other STEM related topics, there has become a need for more organized and regimented Social Media programs and plans. In the Heliophysics science division at Goddard Space Flight Center we have been working on creating a template for social media programs which incorporates not just the goals for the program, as well as identifying an audience, but also deals with concerns about messaging, collaboration with other organizations, controversial topics, and evaluation. We hope that through creating a more unified approach we can develop a social media program that not only meets the needs of the audience but incorporates the needs of all of the different entities including the scientists, EPO Professionals and Office of Communications.

  2. The Temporal Tipping Point

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hermann, A. K.


    “Slow journalism” is a term anthropologist and sociologists sometimes use to describe their empirical work, ethnography. To journalists and media observers, meanwhile, “slow journalism” signifies a newfound dedication to serious long-form journalism. Not surprisingly, thus, “ethnographic journalism......”—a genre where reporters adopt research strategies from social science—takes “slow” to the extreme. Immersing themselves in communities for weeks, months and years, ethnographic journalists seek to gain what anthropologists call “the native's point of view”. Based on in-depth interviews with practitioners...... and analyses of their journalistic works, this paper offers a study of ethnographic journalism suggesting that slow time operates in at least three separate registers. First, in terms of regimentation, ethnographic journalism is mostly long-form pieces that demand time-consuming research and careful writing...

  3. Characteristics of Escherichia coli causing persistence or relapse of urinary tract infections

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ejrnæs, Karen; Stegger, Marc; Reisner, Andreas


    Recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTIs) pose a major problem but little is known about characteristics of Escherichia coli associated with RUTI. This study includes E. coli from 155 women with community-acquired lower urinary tract infections (UTIs) randomized to one of three dosing regiments...... of persistence or relapse of UTI compared with three days. In vitro biofilm formation was not higher among E. coli causing persistence or relapse. The presence of agn43a(CFT073) or agn43b(CFT073) was associated with biofilm forming capacity. In conclusion, our results show potential targets for prevention...... and treatment of persistence/relapse of UTI and potential markers for selecting treatment lengths and warrant studies of these and new VFGs....

  4. Hypothesis driven development of new adjuvants: short peptides as immunomodulators. (United States)

    Dong, Jessica C; Kobinger, Gary P


    To date, vaccinations have been one of the key strategies in the prevention and protection against infectious pathogens. Traditional vaccines have well-known limitations such as safety and efficacy issues, which consequently deems it inappropriate for particular populations and may not be an effective strategy against all pathogens. This evidence highlights the need to develop more efficacious vaccination regiments. Higher levels of protection can be achieved by the addition of immunostimulating adjuvants. Many adjuvants elicit strong, undefined inflammation, which produces increased immunogenicity but may also lead to undesirable effects. Hypothesis driven development of adjuvants is needed to achieve a more specific and directed immune response required for optimal and safe vaccine-induced immune protection. An example of such hypothesis driven development includes the use of short immunomodulating peptides as adjuvants. These peptides have the ability to influence the immune response and can be extrapolated for adjuvant use, but requires further investigation.

  5. Putting Role 1 first: the Role 1 capability review. (United States)

    Hodgetts, T J; Findlay, S


    To quantify the risk for delivering care at Role 1 in the Land Environment (point of wounding to hospital care) on current operations and set the conditions for systematic change to enhance future capability. UK, US and Danish Army Role 1 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) (1) Questionnaire study ofUK SMEs to determine capability gaps; (2) Questionnaire study of US and Danish SMEs to benchmark UK capability; (3) Semi-structured interviews of UK SMEs; (4) In-theatre evaluation of deployed Role 1. Thirty two SMEs completed the questionnaire (68% response rate), comprising 25 medical officers (20 in clinical appointments; five in command and staff appointments), six nurses and one medical support officer. Results of the entire review were collated as a cross-Defence Lines of Development analysis, separating the specific experience of 1 Medical Regiment's Hybrid Foundation Training (HFT), Mission Specific Training (MST) and deployment cycle from the analysis gained from questionnaire studies, SME consultation and documentary evidence. The review generated 77 recommendations and 38 sub-recommendations. The top six messages of the review were (1) To balance the expressed desire to increase the ratio of trained Team Medics with the reality of generating credible instructors with clinical experience; (2) To recognise that inadequate experience for Combat Medical Technicians in Primary Healthcare in the Firm Base undermines their operational preparedness; (3) To recognise that Current Regimental Aid Post (RAP) at contingency without power lacks the rudimentary infrastructure of a modern Medical Treatment Facility; (4) To recognise that inappropriate deployment of personnel with chronic disease or acutely limiting conditions is a consistent trend for 20 years that highlights continuing system weaknesses in applying protective medical grading; (5) To accept that General Practitioner manning requires re-evaluating as an Operational Pinch Point, reviewing all options to maintain

  6. Comparison of Protein Value of Commercial Baby Food with Homemade Baby Food and Casein Standard in Rats as the Refference point

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Z. Asemi


    Full Text Available Background and ObjectivesEvaluation of protein quality in food is of great importance due to the biological and economical impacts of food proteins. This study has been conducted with the aim of comparing the protein quality of homemade food (mixture of macaroni and soy bean with commercial baby food (Cerelac Wheat using Casein as the refference point.MethodsThis study was conducted on 64 twenty one day old male Wistar rats. The rats were divided into 8 groups, and each group was put on a different diet regiments. The diet regiments were as follow: 2 homemade food+Cerelac test diet, 1 Ccasein+Methionine standard diet, 1 protien-free basal diet, 2 test diet, 1 standard diet and 1 basal diet. The purpose of protien-free diet was to evaluate True Protien Digestability (TPD. Net Protein Ratio (NPR and Protien Efficiency Ratios (PER were investigated by the basal diet. Protein intake and increasing of weight were determined for NPR and PER calculating. Nitrogen intake and fecal Nitrogen were determined to calculate TPD. Comparison of TPD, NPR and PER among the groups were analyzed by ANOVA and Tukey methods.ResultsTPD values of Standard, Cerelac and homemade food diets were 92.8±4, 87±8 and 85.4±3.2; NPR values were 4.3±0.4, 4.3±0.9, 3.8±0.6; and PER values were 3±0.2, 2.5±0.4, 1.7±0.1 respectively. The statistical difference between TPD and PER values were significant (p 0.05. ConclusionThese results shows that TPD and PER of homemade foods are lower than Cerelac while their NPR are acceptable.Keywords: Protein; Cerelac; Macaroni; Soybeens.

  7. Green tea polyphenols and sulfasalazine have parallel anti-inflammatory properties in colitis models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helieh S Oz


    Full Text Available Background: There is no cure for autoimmune chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD. IBD patients commonly use complementary and alternative medications of which the safety, efficacy and interaction with standard-of-care therapies are not fully known. Thus the consequences can become life-threatening. Sulfasalazine commonly used in IBD, potentially has severe adverse effects, including infertility, pulmonary fibrosis, lack of response and ultimately patients may require intestinal resection. We hypothesized that green tea polyphenols (GrTP, EGCG and sulfasalazine have similar anti-inflammatory properties. Methods: BALB/c mice received Dextran sodium sulfate (DSS to induce colitis (ulcerative colitis model. Exposure of IL-10 deficient mice (BALB/c-background to normal microbiota provoked enterocolitis (mimics Crohn’s disease. Animals were treated with agents incorporated into daily diets. Control animals received sham treatment. Results: DSS-treated animals developed severe bloody diarrhea and colitis (score 0-4, 3.2+0.27. IL-10 deficient mice developed severe enterocolitis as manifested by diarrhea, rectal prolapse and colonic lesions. Animals tolerated regimens (GrTP, EGCG, sulfasalazine with no major side effects, and further developed less severe colitis/enterocolitis. GrTP, EGCG and sulfasalazine significantly ameliorated colonic damage and histological scores in treated animals in a similar manner (GrTP vs DSS p<0.05; EGCG, sulfasalazine vs DSS p<0.01. The inflammatory markers TNFα (3-fold, IL-6 (14-fold and serum amyloid A (40-fold increased in colitic animals and significantly decreased with treatment regiments. In contrast, circulatory leptin levels decreased in colitic animals (2-fold. EGCG additionally reduced leptin levels (p<0.01 while GrTP and sulfasalazine had no effect on leptin levels (p<0.05. Hepatic and colonic antioxidants were significantly depleted in colitic animals and treatment regiments significantly restored

  8. Psychiatric disorders in patients with multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB in Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irwan Supriyanto


    Full Text Available Introduction: Tuberculosis has become a chronic debilitating disease in developing countries, particularly after the emergence of multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB. Second line treatments for the disease which were subsequently developed were associated with psychiatric disorders among patients. Psychiatric disorder can either be induced by treatment regiments or psychosocial factors. Cycloserine administration is frequently reported to be associated with psychiatric disorders. In this study, we examined the prevalence and characteristics of psychiatric disorders among MDR-TB patients in Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Methods: In this descriptive study, we studied medical records of MDR-TB patients admitted for MDR-TB treatments to Sardjito Hospital from January 2014 to July 2016 and screened for psychiatric disorders. Results: We found that 32.8% of the patients had psychiatric disorders, some of which had multiple psychiatric diagnoses (14.1%. The diagnoses were medication induced delirium, substance/medication induced psychotic disorder, substance/medication use depressive disorder, depressive type schizoaffective disorder, bipolar I disorder current episode severe manic with psychotic features, mild depression, moderate depression, major depression without psychotic features, major depression with psychotic features, adjustment disorders with mixed anxiety and depressed mood, adjustment disorder with anxiety, acute stress disorder, and insomnia. Psychiatric disorders were significantly associated with cycloserine dose and sex. Psychotic symptoms were significantly associated with sex and level of education. Conclusion: The presence of psychiatric disorders might disturb MDR-TB treatment resulting in poor outcomes. Precaution and prompt managements are required for psychiatric disorders in patients receiving MDR-TB treatment regiments.

  9. Herpes simplex encephalitis with onset of acute headache simulating subarachnoid hemorrhage

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Oana, Katsumaro; Tomita, Yukio; Kubo, Naohiko; Kanaya, Haruyuki.


    On examination in our clinic, he showed alert consciousness, with nuchal rigidity and left weakness. A lumbar puncture showed an opening pressure of 125 mm H 2 O, xanthochromic in nature, and the cerebrospinal fluid contained 40 white cells per cubic millimeter, mostly lymphocytes, though the total protein and glucose contents were normal. Blood, general, and chemical examinations showed a normal white-cell count and increasing titers of GPT (420), GOT (203), and LDH (723). A computed-tomographic scan of the brain on the day of admission revealed bilateral frontal and right temporal abnormal low-density areas, greater on the right side, and contrast enhancement in the bilateral frontal and right paraventricular regions. Cerebral angiography demonstrated a marked hypervascularity in the bilateral frontal regions in the arterial phase. A diagnosis of herpes simplex encephalitis was made on the basis of the clinical course and the angiographic and computed-tomographicscan findings. On the day of admission, the patient vomited once. On the third hospital day, he complained of a headache and became somnolent. After that, a mild fever continued for two weeks. On the eleventh hospital day, he occasionally vomited after a headache. On the fifteenth hospital day, a repeat spinal tap was performed with an opening pressure of 150 mm H 2 O. The total white blood cell count was 25/cu mm. On the twenty-fourth hospital day, the headache and vomiting disappeared, and the fever also subsided. He was discharged about two months later with minimal mental abnormality. (J.P.N)

  10. Bruno Ibáñez Gálvez, de oficial de Infantería a represor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Asensio Rubio


    Full Text Available Bruno Ibáñez Gálvez es conocido como uno de los represores más sanguinarios de la guerra civil española. Su actuación se centró básicamente en Córdoba, ciudad en la que se encontraba al comienzo de la contienda, en parte, por casualidad. Había sido oficial de Infantería en la guerra de África, donde participó en las operaciones de 1909. Abandonó el arma de Infantería e ingresó en la Benemérita en 1911. Vinculado con la provincia de Ciudad Real participó en sonados casos de asesinatos, como el suceso de «La reinilla» o el del asalto al expreso Madrid-Andalucía. Colaboró en la represión del movimiento obrero (1912, 1914, 1917, como militar anti-republicano abandonó el servicio activo durante el primer bienio, reingresando en el segundo. En 1936 estuvo a las órdenes del coronel Cascajo en Córdoba, donde ocupó la Jefatura de Orden Público y el gobierno civil entre 1936 y 1937. Relevado del mando en esa ciudad desempeñó otros cargos hasta el final de la guerra en distintos destinos. Falleció en 1947.Bruno Ibañez Gálvez is well-known as one of the cruelest oppressors of the Spanish Civil War. Primarily, he focused his actions on Cordoba city where he was by chance at the outbreak of the war. In 1909 he took part in the Africa War operations as an infantry officer. In 1911, he left the Infantry and joint up the Spanish Civil Guard. Due to his closeness to Ciudad Real, he was involved in some famous murder cases as the so-called «La reinilla» or the robbery of Madrid-Andalusia express. He contributed to the workers’ movement suppression in 1912, 1914 and 1917 too. As an anti-republican, he quit the active service during the first two-year period («primer bienio» and he re-entered during the second two year period. Between 1936 and 1937, he held the Public Order Headquarters and the civil governorship at Cascajo colonel command. Then, he was removed from his post in Cordoba but he held different posts in several

  11. Comparison of Protein Value of Commercial Baby Food with Homemade Baby Food and Casein Standard in Rats as the Refference point

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Z Asemi


    Full Text Available

    Background and Objectives

    Evaluation of protein quality in food is of great importance due to the  biological and economical impacts of food proteins. This study has been conducted with the aim of comparing the protein quality of  homemade food (mixture of macaroni and soy bean with commercial baby food (Cerelac Wheat using Casein as the refference point.



    This study was conducted on 64 twenty one day old male Wistar rats. The rats were divided into 8 groups, and each group was put on a different diet regiments. The diet regiments were as follow: 2 homemade food+Cerelac test diet, 1 Ccasein+Methionine standard diet, 1 protien-free basal diet, 2 test diet, 1 standard diet and 1 basal diet. The purpose of protien-free diet was  to evaluate True Protien Digestability (TPD. Net Protein Ratio (NPR and Protien Efficiency Ratios (PER were investigated by the basal diet. Protein intake and increasing of weight were determined for NPR and PER calculating. Nitrogen intake and fecal Nitrogen were determined to calculate TPD. Comparison of TPD, NPR and PER among the groups were analyzed by ANOVA and Tukey methods.



    TPD values of Standard, Cerelac and homemade food diets were 92.8±4, 87±8 and 85.4±3.2; NPR values were 4.3±0.4, 4.3±0.9, 3.8±0.6; and PER values were 3±0.2, 2.5±0.4, 1.7±0.1 respectively. The statistical difference between TPD and PER values were significant (p < 0.05, whereas NPR differences were insignificant ( p > 0.05.



    These results shows that TPD and PER of homemade foods are lower than Cerelac while their NPR are acceptable

  12. Comparison of three commercially available prescription diet regimens on short-term post-prandial serum glucose and insulin concentrations in healthy cats. (United States)

    Mori, A; Sako, T; Lee, P; Nishimaki, Y; Fukuta, H; Mizutani, H; Honjo, T; Arai, T


    Dietary therapy is an important treatment component for diabetes mellitus (DM). In this study, the impact of three different commercially available diet regiments (1 general use and 2 aimed for treating obesity and DM) on short-term post-prandial serum glucose and insulin concentrations of five healthy cats to better understand what impact each of these diets may have for diabetic cats. The diet regiments used in this study were as follows: C/D dry (General Use- Low protein, High fat, High carbohydrate, and Low fiber), M/D dry (DM- High protein, High fat, Low carbohydrate, and High Fiber), and W/D dry (DM- Low Protein, Low Fat, High Carbohydrate, and High Fiber). No significant difference in post-prandial serum glucose levels were observed with the C/D (84.6 +/- 1.5 mg/dl) and W/D (83.8 +/- 1.4 mg/dl) dry diets when compared to pre-prandial fasting levels (83.9 +/- 1.4 mg/dl). However, a significant reduction was observed with the M/D diet (78.9 +/- 0.8 mg/dl) which had 50-60% less carbohydrates than either C/D or W/D diet. Unlike what was observed with post-prandial glucose levels, an interesting pattern emerged with post-prandial insulin levels, which were increasing with W/D, C/D, and M/D diets in that order (1.1 +/- 0.2, 1.7 +/- 0.2, and 2.3 +/- 0.2 ng/ml respectively). Most surprising, though, was the fact that the W/D diet did not seem to stimulate insulin secretion as compared to pre-prandial levels (1.1 +/- 0.1 ng/ml) in healthy cats. Interestingly, the W/D diet had high levels of carbohydrate and low levels of protein. Coincidentally, the only diet (M/D) which had a significant reduction in post-prandial glucose also showed the highest increase in post-prandial insulin in healthy cats. Therefore, dietary amounts of carbohydrate, fat, protein and fiber can all have an individual impact on post-prandial glycemia and subsequent insulin requirement levels. Just as concepts regarding dietary management of people with DM are evolving, investigators are

  13. Estimation of Road Loads and Vibration Transmissibility of Torsion Bar Suspension System in a Tracked Vehicle (United States)

    Gagneza, G. P. S.; Chandramohan, Sujatha


    Designing the suspension system of a tracked combat vehicle (CV) is really challenging as it has to satisfy conflicting requirements of good ride comfort, vehicle handling and stability characteristics. Many studies in this field have been reported in literature and it has been found that torsion bars satisfy the designer's conflicting requirements of good ride and handling and thus have reserved a place for themselves as the most widely used suspension system for military track vehicles. Therefore, it is imperative to evaluate the effectiveness of the torsion bar under dynamic conditions of undulating terrain and validating the same by correlating it with computer simulation results. Thus in the present work, the dynamic simulation of a 2N + 4 degrees of freedom (DOF) mathematical model has been carried out using MATLAB Simulink and the vibration levels were also measured experimentally on a 12 wheel stationed high mobility military tracked infantry combat vehicle (ICV BMP-II) traversing different terrain, that is, Aberdeen proving ground (APG) and Sinusoidal, at a constant vehicle speed. The dynamic force transmitted to the hull CG through the 12 torsion bar suspension systems was computed to be around 26,700 N and found to match the measured values. The vibration isolation of the torsion bar in bounce was found to be effective, with a transmissibility from the road wheel to the hull of about 0.6.

  14. German Command’s Guidelines on Training of Wehrmacht’s Military Units at Soviet-German Front Based on the Front-line Experience in 1941-1942

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shendrikov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich


    Full Text Available he article analyzes the guidelines of the training division of the General Staff of German land forces on improving the fighting techniques of Wehrmacht’s military units on the basis of the front-line experience gained in armed hostilities with the Red Army in 1941-1942. The study of archives allowed the author to reveal drawbacks and shortcomings of Wehrmacht’s military units training in the period preceding the second major German advance in Summer of 1942. In particular, the following drawbacks were revealed: incatious movement through monitored terrains, insufficient camouflage security, lack of proper skills in overhead shooting, poor field engineering of the infantry, poor land navigation, defeat of tank attacks and finally, tank combating at close range. The article also contains the characteristics of profound and thorough training of German command for the summer campaign of 1942, which covered all major issues such as the actions of reconnaissance forces, the organization of officers and non-commissioned officers’ training, close combat instructions, training of infantry’s field engineering, night training, making reports etc. At the end of the article the author comes to the conclusion that despite the intensified training and correction of previous mistakes, German command failed to achieve radical turning point in the war, which ended in the total defeat of fascist Germany.

  15. Effect of Mandatory Unit and Individual Physical Training on Fitness in Military Men and Women. (United States)

    Anderson, Morgan K; Grier, Tyson; Canham-Chervak, Michelle; Bushman, Timothy T; Nindl, Bradley C; Jones, Bruce H


    The purpose of this study was to look at the effect of additional individual physical training (PT) in addition to mandatory unit PT as well as other risk factors on physical fitness. A cross-sectional design. This study was conducted on a US military installation. Participants were 6290 male and 558 female active duty US Army soldiers in 3 light infantry brigades. Participants completed self-administered questionnaires asking about individual characteristics, PT, and physical fitness. Cut points were established for soldiers scoring within the top 33% for each of the 3 Army Physical Fitness Test events (2-mile run, sit-ups, and push-ups) and top 50% in each of the tests combined for overall performance. Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals from multivariate analyses were calculated. Variables impacting physical fitness performance of men and women included increased body mass index, leading unit PT sessions, and individual distance running mileage. Other variables impacting physical performance for men included increased age, smoking, and individual resistance training. Soldiers performing additional individual PT demonstrated a positive influence on fitness compared to unit PT participation alone. Increased age and being overweight/obese negatively influenced physical fitness. To enhance fitness performance through unit PT, running by ability groups and resistance training should be encouraged by leadership.

  16. Wladimir Krzyzanowski, 123 Polish Hero of the Civil War in the USA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    PIYUK T.G.


    Full Text Available The article is dedicated to the young Polish revolutionist Wladimir Krzyzanowski who emigrated from Great Poland to the US after failed uprising in 1846 against Prussia in order to avoid possible arrest. He went to Hamburg, Germany and sailed from there to the United States.W. Krzyzanowski managed to become a successful and prosperous businessman and politician, and he was lucky in his personal life, he married a girl with a name and a significant dowry. He considered slavery not only anachronistic, but also a disgrace to the young state, and at the same time, he admired American democracy and American people. In Washington he recruited the company of Polish immigrants which became one of the first companies of Union Soldiers. Krzyzanowski then moved his company to New York and enlisted more immigrants and soon became a Colonel of the 58th Infantry Division, listed in the official Army Register as the “Polish Legion”. He participated in the Civil War battles of Cross-Keys, Bull Run, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. “Polish Legion”, led by Krzyzanowski, made himself famous in the main battle at Gettysburg. Subsequently, the memorial of granite was erected to legion in the immediate vicinity of the city.The author’s attention was attracted by the eccentric personality of the Pole, known in Poland and in America. In her work she explores Krzyzanowski’s life and service to the American people

  17. The effects of drought and disturbance on the growth and developmental instability of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) (United States)

    Graham, John H.; Duda, Jeffrey J.; Brown, Michelle L.; Kitchen, Stanley G.; Emlen, John M.; Malol, Jagadish; Bankstahl, Elizabeth; Krzysik, Anthony J.; Balbach, Harold E.; Freeman, D. Carl


    Ecological indicators provide early warning of adverse environmental change, helping land managers adaptively manage their resources while minimizing costly remediation. In 1999 and 2000, we studied two such indicators, growth and developmental instability, of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) influenced by mechanized infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Disturbed areas were used for military training; tracked and wheeled vehicles damaged vegetation and soils. Highly disturbed sites had fewer trees, diminished ground cover, warmer soils in the summer, and more compacted soils with a shallower A-horizon. We hypothesized that disturbance would decrease the growth of needles, branches, and tree rings, increase the complexity of tree rings, and increase the developmental instability of needles. Contrary to our expectations, however, disturbance enhanced growth in the first year of the study, possibly by reducing competition. In the second year, a drought reduced growth of branches and needles, eliminating the stimulatory effect of disturbance. Growth-ring widths increased with growing-season precipitation, and decreased with growing-season temperature over the last 40 years. Disturbance had no effect on tree-ring complexity, as measured by the Hurst exponent. Within-fascicle variation of current-year needle length, a measure of developmental instability, differed among the study populations, but appeared unrelated to mechanical disturbance or drought.

  18. Participation in ball sports may represent a prehabilitation strategy to prevent future stress fractures and promote bone health in young athletes. (United States)

    Tenforde, Adam Sebastian; Sainani, Kristin Lynn; Carter Sayres, Lauren; Milgrom, Charles; Fredericson, Michael


    Sports participation has many benefits for the young athlete, including improved bone health. However, a subset of athletes may attain suboptimal bone health and be at increased risk for stress fractures. This risk is greater for female than for male athletes. In healthy children, high-impact physical activity has been shown to improve bone health during growth and development. We offer our perspective on the importance of promoting high-impact, multidirectional loading activities, including ball sports, as a method of enhancing bone quality and fracture prevention based on collective research. Ball sports have been associated with greater bone mineral density and enhanced bone geometric properties compared with participation in repetitive, low-impact sports such as distance running or nonimpact sports such as swimming. Runners and infantry who participated in ball sports during childhood were at decreased risk of future stress fractures. Gender-specific differences, including the coexistence of female athlete triad, may negate the benefits of previous ball sports on fracture prevention. Ball sports involve multidirectional loading with high ground reaction forces that may result in stiffer and more fracture-resistant bones. Encouraging young athletes to participate in ball sports may optimize bone health in the setting of adequate nutrition and in female athletes, eumenorrhea. Future research to determine timing, frequency, and type of loading activity could result in a primary prevention program for stress fracture injuries and improved life-long bone health. Copyright © 2015 American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Bacterial Etiology and Risk Factors Associated with Cellulitis and Purulent Skin Abscesses in Military Trainees.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ryan C Johnson

    Full Text Available Military trainees are at high risk for skin and soft-tissue infections (SSTIs. Although Staphylococcus aureus is associated with purulent SSTI, it is unclear to what degree this pathogen causes nonpurulent cellulitis. To inform effective prevention strategies and to provide novel insights into SSTI pathogenesis, we aimed to determine the etiology of SSTI in this population. We conducted a prospective observational study in US Army Infantry trainees with SSTI (cutaneous abscesses and cellulitis from July 2012 through December 2014. We used standard microbiology, serology, and high-throughput sequencing to determine the etiology of SSTI. Furthermore, we compared purported risk factors as well as anatomic site colonization for S. aureus. Among 201 SSTI cases evaluated for SSTI risk factors, cellulitis was associated with lower extremity blisters (P = 0.01 and abscess was associated with methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA colonization (P<0.001. Among the 22 tested cellulitis cases that were part of the microbiome analysis, only 1 leading edge aspirate was culturable (Coagulase-negative Staphylococcus. Microbiome evaluation of aspirate specimens demonstrated that Rhodanobacter terrae was the most abundant species (66.8% average abundance, while abscesses were dominated by S. aureus (92.9% average abundance. Although abscesses and cellulitis share the spectrum of clinical SSTI, the bacterial etiologies as determined by current technology appear distinct. Furthermore, the presence of atypical bacteria within cellulitis aspirates may indicate novel mechanisms of cellulitis pathogenesis.NCT01105767.

  20. Occupational correlates of low back pain among U.S. Marines following combat deployment. (United States)

    MacGregor, Andrew J; Dougherty, Amber L; Mayo, Jonathan A; Rauh, Mitchell J; Galarneau, Michael R


    Many U.S. Marines have experienced routine combat deployments during Operation Iraqi Freedom, which present numerous occupational hazards that may result in low back pain (LBP). The objective of this retrospective cohort study was to identify new-onset LBP among Marines following initial deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Active duty Marines deployed to Iraq or Kuwait between 2005 and 2008 were identified from deployment records and linked to medical databases (n = 36,680). The outcome of interest was an International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification code indicating LBP (724.2) within 1 year postdeployment. Multivariate logistic regression examined the effect of occupation on LBP. Overall, 4.1% (n = 1,517) of Marines were diagnosed with LBP. After adjusting for covariates, the service/supply (odds ratio 1.33, 95% confidence interval, 1.12-1.59) and electrical/mechanical/craftsworker occupations (odds ratio 1.31, 95% confidence interval, 1.12-1.53) had higher odds of LBP when compared to the administrative/other referent group. Within these groups, the highest LBP prevalence was in the construction (8.6%) and law enforcement (6.2%) subgroups. Although infantry occupations purposefully engage the enemy and often face sustained physical rigors of combat, LBP was most prevalent in noninfantry occupations. Future studies should include detailed exposure histories to elucidate occupation-specific etiologies of LBP in order to guide prevention efforts.