Sample records for twenty-fourth infantry regiment

  1. The Brave Black Regiment: The Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry Volunteers (Colored) January 1863 - September 1864. (United States)


    Common. At the State House there was much pomp and ceremony celebrating the regiment. However, none spoke more eloquently and passionately than...service to the Union. The regiment was ecstatic that their pay 49 travails were over. I" required the grand total of $170,00 to pay tne dollars a month." Through all of the unit’s travails they maintained their morale and a sense of humor. The most interesting aspect of the

  2. On Light Infantry. (United States)


    the Israeli’s use during ,J their Armor Corps rite of passage at Masada or the five day Ranger Indoctrination Program of the Ranger Regiment or even... rite of passage by creating a five day program for all soldiers. It emphasizes esprit and fundamental field craft of an infantry soldier The division

  3. Yangzhou’s Famous Twenty-fourth Bridge

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    “LOOMING green moun-tains and runningstreams;grass does notwither and fall,though the autumnhas come to an end in the south.The bright moon arises overTwenty-fourth Bridge.Where doyou teach pure-jade Yangzhouwomen to play music on bambooflutes?”This poem by Du Mu(803-c.852),a famous poet of thelate Tang Dynasty,is well remem-bered today It made Yangzhou’sTwenty-fourth Bridge Known to la-ter generations.Of many ancientpoems about Twenty-fourth Bridge

  4. Moselle River Crossing. Offensive, River Crossing, 5th Infantry Division, September 1944 (United States)


    Canadian Army and the 2d British Army. The Canadian Army was driving towards the Belgian city of Bruge while the 2d British Army was moving towards...use "in the Atlantic Wall. An American legend often repeated in postwar unit histories was that the Germans had worked feverishly on the forts...Section, 10th Infantry Regiment. History of the Tenth L%, Infantry Regiment, US Army. 1946. •’ ( \\ Seaton, Albert. The Fall of Fortress Europe 1943

  5. Twenty-fourth Semiannual Report of the Commission to the Congress, July 1958

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Strauss, Lewis L.; McCone, John A.


    The document represents the twenty-fourth semiannual Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) report to Congress. The report sums up the major activities and developments in the national atomic energy program covering the period January - June 1958.

  6. 78 FR 20168 - Twenty Fourth Meeting: RTCA Special Committee 203, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration Twenty Fourth Meeting: RTCA Special Committee 203, Unmanned Aircraft Systems AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). ACTION.../Approval of Twenty Third Plenary Meeting Summary Leadership Update Workgroup Progress...



    Noëlle Van der Waag-Cowling


    "They have the faces of boys but they fight like lions" The history of the Rhodesian Light Infantry is an illustrious one. The RLI produced many of the senior brass who led the Rhodesian Army including Gen Peter Walls. It was arguably Rhodesia's premier fighting unit (if one excludes Rhodesia's two special forces outfits, the Special Air Service and the Selous Scouts). The spirit of the RLI runs deep in Rhodesian military lore, it was to all intents and purposes a unique Regiment. The RLI was...

  8. Photographs of the 369th Infantry and African Americans during World War I. The Constitution Community: The Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930). (United States)

    Schur, Joan Brodsky

    In April 1917, President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany. Under the powers granted to it by the U.S. Constitution, Congress passed the Selective Service Act of 1917. Among the first regiments to arrive in France, and among the most highly decorated when it returned, was the 369th Infantry, more gallantly known as the…

  9. Validation of ASVAB against Infantry Job Performance (United States)


    Job Performance Measurement (JPM) project. ASVAB was highly related to hands-on performance of critical infantry tasks, written infantry job knowledge tests, and grades in initial infantry training courses. The validity of ASVAB was also found to extend into the second term of service by being able to predict the performance of infantry unit leaders. Experience in the Marine Corps, as measured by time in service, rank, and recency of task performance, had a

  10. Operational Employment of the Airborne Brigade Combat Team: The 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment as a Case Study (United States)


    282 The paratroopers also brought with them all weather indirect fire capability with 105mm artillery and 120mm mortars , augmenting the close air...Additionally, Allied forces enjoyed air superiority over Luzon, allowing virtually unhindered aerial bombing and naval gunfire on the island and free...relentlessly bombed Corregidor, destroying infrastructure, razing buildings, splintering trees, and cratering the landscape, to include the selected drop

  11. The Need For and Benefits of the Creation of the Light Armored Reconnaissance Regiment (United States)


    within the LAR community have spoke of a need to form aLAR Regiment in order to resolve the issues discussed in this paper. To the best of my...term 4 vision and standardization. The creation of aLAR Regimental Commander and staff will maximize the conti’ibution of the LAR Battalions to the...expertise in the creation of a coordinating draft of the new MCWP 3-14 by LOAG 2-07.24 Through the creation of aLAR Regiment, the Regiment’s staff

  12. fireforce - one man's war in the rhodesian light infantry

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The history of the Rhodesian Light Infantry is an illustrious one. The. RLI produced many of the senior brass who led the Rhodesian Army including Gen ... contains three sections of colour photographs, mainly taken from Chris. Cocks' private ...

  13. A Light Infantry Division for Airland Battle-Future (United States)


    infantry with modern high technology . SCHOOL OF ADVANCED MILITARY STUDIES MONOGRAPH APPROVAL Major Mark Van Drie Title of Monograph: A Light Infantry...tre reauirements of the f uturG’ batt lef ield. It conJcludes m -at 7h miisersed, Moble sml unit tactics of lgtifnr i dominate the future batt...tactical success: technical means are simply one factor in the combat power eqation. High technology weapons and equipment provide both advantages and - 7

  14. Organizational Culture and Leadership Practices in the 75th Ranger Regiment (United States)


    REPORT DATE 5 June 1998 3. REPORT TYPE AND DATES COVERED Master’s Thesis 4 August 1997-5 June 1998 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Organizational Culture and...and believe in being proactive problem solvers. 14. SUBJECT TERMS 75th Ranger Regiment, Organizational Culture , Unit Culture, Leadership, Shared...Rev. 2-89) Prescribed by ANSI Std Z39-18 298-102 ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP PRACTICES IN THE 75TH RANGER REGIMENT A thesis presented

  15. Integrating Intelligence and Building Teams Within the Infantry Immersion Trainer (United States)


    incorporating intelligence briefs and debriefs with a Squad Planning Operations Center ( SPOC ) supported by suitable technologies improved infantry... SPOC ). The most statistically significant difference between the groups came from the participants’ self-assessment on training confidence and overall...success of training. Members of the experimental group, after utilizing the SPOC for planning, felt more confident in completing their training tasks

  16. Impact of the Phase 2 Infantry Advanced Leader Course (ALC) (United States)


    MTT) version]. Existing course content focuses on Infantry war- fighting skills, combat leadership, and the planning and conducting of squad level...understanding of learning materials (Bransford, Brown, & Cocking , 2000) and subsequent far transfer. Overlearning. As noted by Bransford, Brown, and... Cocking (2000), without an adequate level of initial learning, transfer cannot be expected despite the relevance of the training to the individual

  17. A Courage and Desperation Rarely Equaled: The 36th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Confederate States Army), 26 June 1862-25 May 1865 (United States)


    every straggler that I found to fall into the ranks. The first field officer that I met was Colonel [A. T.] Hawthorn , at some huts where some of...General Nathaniel Banks’ advance along the Red River. Since Union operations had effectively stalled in the attempt at moving south from northern...Killed in action July 4, 1863 Private Griffin, William 18 Apr 63 Private Hale, Nathaniel 28 Feb 62 Deserted August 26, 1863 Private Hammon, T. Private

  18. Improving Junior Infantry Officer Leader Development and Performance (United States)


    responsible for the critical role of professionally developing these young officers, and yet the junior officer was not a master of these developmental ...effectively balance his individual development or the long-term needs of the Army, with the immediate needs of their organizations . As a result...positive side, it allows infantry officers to experience more diverse, Army-wide, developmental experiences and assignments. This is good for developing

  19. 77 FR 6865 - Pricing for 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar and 2012 Star-Spangled Banner Commemorative Coin... (United States)


    ... United States Mint Pricing for 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar and 2012 Star- Spangled Banner... United States Mint is announcing adjusted pricing for the 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar and 2012.../A 53.95 Dollar Set The introductory pricing period for the 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver...

  20. Reproduction of Cultural and Social Capital in Nineteenth Century Spanish Regimental Bands of the Philippines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arwin Q. Tan


    Full Text Available Band tradition in the Philippines traces its origins to the regimental bands of the Spanish colonial period. As a representation of social power, the regimental band was a symbol of Spain’s hierarchical relation with the colony. The elevation of a Filipino musician to the rank of the bands’ highest position, the bandmaster, enabled the accumulation of cultural capital, providing him a highly influential position in his local community that is almost equivalent to his Spanish counterpart. This paper examines how music was used as cultural capital by some Filipinos, framed in the band tradition of the Spanish military regiments of the late nineteenth century Philippines. Using Bourdieu’s theory of cultural and social capital and his concept of habitus, this paper aims to trace the development of a new social class and the reproduction of its accumulated cultural capital. The eventual attainment of prestige as a result of occupying the highest position in the Spanish regimental bands afforded the bandmasters significant influence in their communities that transmuted cultural capital into social, symbolic, even economic capital.

  1. The Impact of Leaders on Organizational Culture: A 75th Ranger Regiment Case Study. (United States)


    Organizational founders and initial leaders have lasting impact on organizational culture through the transformation of their initial beliefs and... organizational culture and are taught to new members as the correct way to think and believe in certain situations. In the 75th Ranger Regiment, the initial

  2. Operational Performance of the U.S. 28th Infantry Division September to December 1944 (United States)


    8217 Ernest Hemingway During World War H, Ernest Hemingway served as a war correspondent in the ETO and frequently operated with the U.S. 4th Infantry...soldiers into cohesive units.9’ 103 Endntes 1. Ernest Hemingway , Personal notes while serving as a war correspondent with the U.S. 4th Infantry

  3. Reorganizing for Global War: General Malin Craig and the Triangular Infantry Division, 1935-1939 (United States)


    38Harry C. Ingles , “The New Division,” Infantry Journal 46, no. 6 (Nov-Dec 1939), 522; Wilson, 132. 26...1923), 1; Wilson, 127. 42Wilson, 129. Ingles , 522. 28 The Provisional Infantry Division...objections, however, the 43“Texas Preview,” Army and Navy, Time, November 22, 1937, 24; Ingles , 523. 29

  4. The 1st Kalmyk Regiment Formation and Its Military Experience in the War of 1812–1814

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Utash B. Ochirov


    Full Text Available The war of 1812–1814 has become a challenge for the Russian Empire. To meet the attack of “The Grand Armee”, great forces were called up, including the regiments, formed from non-Russian ethnic groups. The 1st Kalmyk Regiment (Commander – Captain Dzhamba-taysha Tundutov was one of these regiments. It should be noted that the historiography of Napoleonic Wars starting from the XIX century was interested in irregular regiments far less than in the regular ones, that is why their history abounded with unexplored facts. Stavropol, 1st and 2nd Kalmyk Regiments went through a glorious way in the war of 1812–1814, but, unfortunately, for a number of reasons it was misrepresented in the history of the XХ century. The 1st Kalmyk Regiment was the most unlucky, as its military experience was far from being true due to the mistakes, made by the researchers. The article is focused on the history of the 1st Kalmyk Regiment formation and its military experience in the war of 1812–1814. The work is chiefly based on the Russian State Military History Archive data.

  5. The Military Route of 24 th Infantry Division within the Troops of North-Western, Western and Northern Fronts. 1914–1917

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikhaylov Andrey


    Full Text Available The article presents the operational record of 24th infantry division during the First World War within the troops of three fronts (North-Western, Northern and Western. This division was formed in 1863, and in 1892-1895 three of its four regiments were located in Pskov, an old city in the North-West of Russia. The officer staff (their social origin and education by the eve of the First World War as well as the mobilization course at the beginning of the War have been reviewed in the article. On the example of one military unit, typical of the Russian Army, the author analyzes the peculiar features of military operations during the First World War and the role of the division’s participation in several major operations in 1914-1917. They include the Russian Army’s dramatic offensive in East Prussia (summer and autumn 1914, the defensive fighting on the Ravca river (in the beginning of 1915, the offensive of the Russian army in Galicia in 1916 (known as Brusilov Offensive. The article has been finished with the story about the division’s way during the Russian Army’s disintegration in the period of the revolution of 1917. The article is based on the unpublished documents from Russian Military and Historic Archive (Moscow as well as on the press materials.

  6. Evaluation of the Performance of Females as Light Infantry Soldiers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aharon S. Finestone


    Full Text Available A few countries permit women to serve in combat roles, but their long term performance in these positions has not been reported. The incidences of overuse injuries and attrition of 85 male and 235 female recruits in a light infantry brigade was followed in a three-year prospective study. Females were shorter (162 cm, CI 161–163 cm than males (174 cm, CI 173–176, had more body fat (18.9 kg, CI 18.2–19.6 kg than males (12.6 kg, 11.3–13.8 kg, had lower V˙O2max (36.8 mL·min−1·kg−1, CI 35.8–37.78 mL·min−1·kg−1 than males (50.48 mL·min−1·kg−1, CI 48.4 to 52.48 mL·min−1·kg−1, had more stress fractures (21.0%, 95% CI 16.2–26.5% than males (2.3%, CI 0.3–8.2%, and had more anterior knee pain (41.2%, CI 34.9–47.7% than males (24.7%, CI 16.0–35.2%. Three-year attrition was 28% CI 22–34% for females and 37% CI 26–48% for males. The females in this study successfully served as light infantry soldiers. Their lower fitness and high incidence of overuse injuries might impede service as regular infantry soldiers.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    GAO Ci-xiu; XU Shi-xiong; JIANG Yu-ping; TU Jiang-long


    This work aims to investigate the effects of dosing regiments on drug delivery in solid tumors and to validate them with experiments on rats.The lumped parameter models of pharmacokinetics and of drug delivery in tumor were developed to simulate time courses of average drug concentration(Ct)of tumor interstitium in two types of dosing regiments(i.e.,single-shot and triple-shot ones).The two regiments were performed via antitumor drug,hydroxycamptothecin(HCPT),on rats,to measure the drug concentration in the tumor.The simulations of the drug concentration in the tumor of the two dosing regiments were conducted and compared with the experimental data on rats.The coefficients in the models were investigated.It is concluded that the triple-shot method is more effective than that of single-shot injection.The present lumped-parameter model is quantitatively competent for drug delivery in solid tumor.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.L.S. Hudson


    Full Text Available Lt Genl C. L. Viljoen, present Chief of the South African Army, describes the South African soldier in his forword to the book 'Our South African Army Today' as follows: 'Throughout history, soldiering has always come naturallY to South Africans. In many wars and battles [he South African soldier has proved himself .to be brave, determined and willing to sacrifice all for the cause.'1 It is a well establ ished fact that the infantry was and still is the nucleus of any army and was aptly described by SirWilliam Napier as the 'Queen of the Battlefield.'

  9. Infantry Instructors’ Conference. 15-19 July 1963 (United States)


    primary functions are of a logistical nature. Ocl PLAY SOT N *UnG XO HG CO 4ON LOG NCr g(voCC) VR .1 am.4 INXO OPY PLAT LDR MAINT OFF MAINT SOT $UP OFF 4...operating-in the Mediter - ranean, at Normandy, and in the Southwest Pacific. The concept during the Korean conflict was that of Ranger Infantry...trailers, two 3/4-ton 7 trucks with trailers, a- 1/4-toin truck with one AN/ VR -46 radio, and a 5-ton wrecker. The maintenance platoon of the mechanized

  10. The Nation’s Most Decorated Military Unit--The 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team (United States)


    the 141st Regiment, 36th Division from Texas in the Battle of Bruyeres (See Appendix C) and were the first unit to break through the " Gothic Line...442nd Regimental Combat Team’s history proves very enlightening . Through its gallant efforts, sacrifices and winning performance, the 442nd RCT...APPENDIX D The Battle of the Gothic Line. During the last few months of the war, the Germans maintained their last stronghold in a mountain region in

  11. Evaluation of combat service support logistics concepts for supplying a USMC Regimental Task Force



    One of the primary responsibilities of a Marine Corps Combat Service Support Element (CSSE) is to provide water, fuel, and ammunition requirements for the primary task forces and other Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) elements. This thesis evaluates existing and proposed concepts on how to best use the CSSE resources of a Force Service Support Group to transport supplies to Regimental Combat Teams over constrained networks with time constraints. A model was developed that optimizes the use of...

  12. Borgerligt Regimente

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    ”kommunalismen” - byer og landsbyers demokratiske selvstyre med dets ideal om ”det fælles bedste”. Mens de fleste danske historikere forbinder ”god politi” med enevælden, fokuserer denne afhandling på det kommunale aspekt. Mere specifikt undersøges om oprettelsen af en enevældig politimyndighed i 1682 ændrede......Det tidligmoderne begreb ”god politi” var betegnelsen for en velfærdsfremmende lovgivning og dens administration. Denne ph.d.-afhandling er et dansk bidrag til en tysk forskningsdiskussion om denne lovgivnings funktion og virkning. Ifølge teorien om ”socialdisciplinering”, der blev fremsat af den...... tyske historiker Gerhard Oestreich i 1968, var formålet med politiforordningerne at forøge den enevældige stats magt og virkningen af dem en fundamental forandring af det sociale liv. Derimod hævder den schweiziske historiker Peter Blickle, at ”god politi” var et krav fra undersåtterne og havde rødder i...

  13. Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Software Engineering Workshop (United States)


    On December 1 and 2, the Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL), a consortium composed of NASA/Goddard, the University of Maryland, and CSC, held the 24th Software Engineering Workshop (SEW), the last of the millennium. Approximately 240 people attended the 2-day workshop. Day 1 was composed of four sessions: International Influence of the Software Engineering Laboratory; Object Oriented Testing and Reading; Software Process Improvement; and Space Software. For the first session, three internationally known software process experts discussed the influence of the SEL with respect to software engineering research. In the Space Software session, prominent representatives from three different NASA sites- GSFC's Marti Szczur, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Rick Doyle, and the Ames Research Center IV&V Facility's Lou Blazy- discussed the future of space software in their respective centers. At the end of the first day, the SEW sponsored a reception at the GSFC Visitors' Center. Day 2 also provided four sessions: Using the Experience Factory; A panel discussion entitled "Software Past, Present, and Future: Views from Government, Industry, and Academia"; Inspections; and COTS. The day started with an excellent talk by CSC's Frank McGarry on "Attaining Level 5 in CMM Process Maturity." Session 2, the panel discussion on software, featured NASA Chief Information Officer Lee Holcomb (Government), our own Jerry Page (Industry), and Mike Evangelist of the National Science Foundation (Academia). Each presented his perspective on the most important developments in software in the past 10 years, in the present, and in the future.

  14. Educators Guide to Free Filmstrips. Twenty-Fourth Edition. (United States)

    Horkheimer, Mary Foley, Comp.; Diffor, John C., Comp.

    More than 450 filmstrips for teaching a wide range of educational topics which are available to schools in the U.S. without charge are listed in this catalog. The filmstrips are classified into 17 topics, including agriculture, arts and crafts, business education, driver education, environmental education, geography, history, home economics,…

  15. The Rhodesian African Rifles: The Growth and Adaptation of a Multicultural Regiment through the Rhodesian Bush War, 1965-1980 (United States)


    Banana ,” (the regimental song), or any other song relating to their experience in the war. It was quite common, particularly after some “lubrication...its own chain of command, the army around the RAR was a hollow shell of its former self. Lt. Gen. Walls stayed on briefly but had just resigned as

  16. Modern night vision goggles for advanced infantry applications (United States)

    Estrera, Joseph P.; Ostromek, Timothy E.; Isbell, Wayne; Bacarella, Antonio V.


    Northrop Grumman Electro-Optical Systems (NGEOS) has concentrated in recent years on the development of advanced night vision goggle (NVG) systems. These NVGs developments concentrate on past operational deficiencies such as high light/bright source conditions during military operations in urban terrain (MOUT), poor individual movement technique (IMT) infantry operations, and obscured battlefield and reduced weather conditions. The first area of NVG advancement involves direct image intensifier (I2) replacement involving automatic gated power supply technology for wide dynamic NVG operation and advanced Generation III halo free I2 technology for reduction of NVG image halo and "blooming" artifacts. The second significant development area is NVG individual movement technique (IMT) deficiencies such as reduced field of view, reduced depth perception, center of gravity problems, and limited operation flexibility. These issues of NVG IMT have resulted in the development of an IMT enhanced night vision goggle for the U.S. Army's enhanced night vision goggle (ENVG). Finally, Northrop Grumman EOS is developing a NVG with the capability of producing optimized real-time image fusion from an image intensified sensor and uncooled long wavelength infrared (LWIR) sensor. This new technology allows for optimum imaging in battlefield obscured and laser polluted environment. These image fusion NVG development efforts have concentrated on both optical overlay image fusion and digital image fusion. This paper will compare and contrast these two types of image fusion technologies.

  17. A physical demands analysis of the 24-week British Army Parachute Regiment recruit training syllabus. (United States)

    Wilkinson, David M; Rayson, Mark P; Bilzon, James L J


    This study assessed the physical demands of the 24-week Combined Infantryman's Course (CIC) for Parachute Regiment (Para) recruits and developed physical selection standards for applicants. Fifty recruits were monitored over five separate periods (35 d in total during weeks 1-2, 5, 9, 15 and 19-20). Energy expenditure (doubly labelled water), physical activity (accelerometry) and cardiovascular strain (% heart rate reserve) were measured. There was no overall progression in both the levels of physiological stress (physical activity counts and energy expenditure) and resultant cardiovascular strain during the first nine weeks of training. Applicants' 2.4 km run time and static lift strength measured at selection predicted 10 mile loaded march performance at the end of CIC Para. The introduction of job-related selection procedures and a more progressive approach to training has reduced the incidence of medical discharge from 14.4% to 5.1% and increased overall pass rates from 43% to 58%.

  18. Quantizing Analysis and Processing of Test Conditions for Infantry Grenade Ignition Characteristics

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SHAN Yong-hai; ZHANG Bing; SUN Guo-ji


    A rule of how the ignition probability or invalidation probability of infantry grenade varies with the projectile quantity is presented based on the statistical analysis. The statistical induction, quantizing analysis and data processing in the infantry grenade type approval test are completed, and we obtain how various test factors in the research item affect the test results(invalidation probability), i.e., quantized data. The acquisition of these quantized data provides theory basis and data auspice for further reasonable filtration of all test factors and the optimization of test scheme.

  19. 78 FR 24734 - Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Construction and Operation of an Infantry Platoon... (United States)


    ...-HI) propose to construct and operate a modern Infantry Platoon Battle Course (IPBC) and associated infrastructure that is compliant with current Army training requirements at P hakuloa Training Area (PTA), Hawai... Reserve, and Hawai`i Army National Guard, as well as other Service components that are stationed or...

  20. Review of physiotherapy records to characterise musculoskeletal injury in Australian soldiers in the 16th Air Defence Regiment


    Rolf Sellentin; Penny Sanchez


    Background: There is scant information on the types of musculoskeletal injuries, their causes and injury patterns that are sustained by Australian garrison soldiers (a permanent military post or place where troops are stationed). Rigorous physical training, manually emplacing weapon systems and daily military duties carried out by soldiers of the 16th Air Defence Regiment reflect the types of injuries observed in this study. It defines the injury patterns for trained soldiers and addresses t...

  1. Review of physiotherapy records to characterise musculoskeletal injury in Australian soldiers in the 16th Air Defence Regiment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rolf Sellentin


    Full Text Available Background: There is scant information on the types of musculoskeletal injuries, their causes and injury patterns that are sustained by Australian garrison soldiers (a permanent military post or place where troops are stationed. Rigorous physical training, manually emplacing weapon systems and daily military duties carried out by soldiers of the 16th Air Defence Regiment reflect the types of injuries observed in this study. It defines the injury patterns for trained soldiers and addresses those aspects of injury and mechanism of injury, forming the basis for further research targetted at injury prevention. Purpose: To identify the predominant musculoskeletal injuries sustained by soldiers of the 16th Air Defence Regiment and to explore the relationship between the type of injury and subunit as well as the relationship between type of injury and cause. This is important so that remedial measures can be engaged in an attempt to reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal injury to Australian soldiers, to maintain the regimental fighting strength and deployable status and to reduce the financial burden of rehabilitation and compensation borne by the Australian Defence Force and the Federal Government. Materials and Methods: All patients were trained serving soldiers of the 16th Air Defence Regiment and were referred by the Medical Officer for physiotherapy treatment. On conclusion of a course of treatment, a physiotherapy patient discharge summary (PM 528 was written and it is from these summaries that the demographic data for this study was extracted, which included the type of musculoskeletal injury (diagnosis, cause of that injury and the subunit that the soldier belonged to in the 16th Air Defence Regiment during the years 2008 to 2010. Tests of significance based on the chi-square test statistic were carried out at the 0.05 significance level using Minitab 16 statistical software. When the chi-square test of independence was significant, then the

  2. 2005 International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms Systems Annual Symposium Exhibition and Firing Demonstration (United States)


    Raptor • Wolf Pack Infantry Weapons • Modular Weapon System (MWS) NBCS • NBC Equipment Operation Center • Portable Display Device • Digital Automated...capabilities? • What are the military’s requirements? • What is the military doing with ISNLS/blunt trauma ? – Qualification of existing commercial...Human Target/USER Effects – Non-lethality of Blunt Trauma •Compliance to Military conditions – MIL-STD 810F (Salt fog, drop testing, Sand & dust etc

  3. The 300th Infantry Division in Mius-Front Fights in February-March of 1943

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Medvedev Maksim Valeryevich


    Full Text Available After the encirclement of the German troops and their allies near Stalingrad at the end of November, 1942, the Red army was able to develop large-scale offensive to the west. In January and in the beginning of February of 1943 the forces of the Southern front struck blow on the Rostov direction. This article is devoted to military operations of the 300th infantry division of the 13th Guard infantry corps of the 2nd Guards army at the beginning of 1943. Mentions of them are practically absent in a historiography. Meanwhile, in fights of February – the first decade of March, when the division has suffered huge losses and has been taken away in a reserve, are of great historic importance. In the Soviet historiography in days of the Great Patriotic War not enough attention was paid to destiny of separate fighting connections, the principal value was attached to actions of large expeditions and strategic military associations. It concerns also the 300th infantry division operating to Mius-fronte in February-March, 1943. Meanwhile, the appeal to its fighting way allows to understand better the reasons of failures of the Soviet approach, to find out in what conditions it passed. The approach of this division failed and brought big losses to staff and military equipment. Being guided by the declassified documents of the Central archive of the Ministry of Defence, the author discovers one of the little-known pages of the Mius-front history.

  4. Clinical efficacy evaluation of Liujunzi decoction combined with EP chemotherapy regiment for advanced non-small cell lung cancer

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Xin-Jun Xiong; Long-Jun Xiong


    Objective:To analyze the clinical efficacy of Liujunzi decoction combined with EP chemotherapy regiment for advanced non-small cell lung cancer.Methods:A total of 72 cases of patients with non-small cell lung cancer were included in the study, the range of patients’ treatment was from August 2012 to October 2014, and according to different treatment, they were divided into observation group 36 cases and control group 36 cases. Control group received EP chemotherapy, observation group received Liujunzi decoction combined with EP chemotherapy regiment, and then differences in serum tumor marker levels, tumor tissue-related protein levels, PDCD5, Nrf2, HIF-1α and GLUT1 levels, and levels of VEGF, GSTs, TSGF and so on were compared between two groups.Results:Serum CY211, SCC, NSE, CEA and CA199 levels of observation group after treatment were lower than those of control group; TUBB3, ERCC-1, MT and P53 expression levels of observation group after treatment were lower while Mcll and Fbw7 expression levels were higher; PDCD5 level of observation group after treatment was higher than that of control group while Nrf2, HIF-1α and GLUT1 levels were lower than those of control group; CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ Treg/CD4+ T, VEGF, GSTs and TSGF values of observation group after treatment were lower than those of control group. Conclusion:Liujunzi decoction combined with EP chemotherapy regiment for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer can effectively inhibit tumor cell proliferation as well as invasion and metastasis, is helpful for disease control and prognosis improvement, and has positive clinical significance.

  5. Breaching the Devil’s Garden- The 6th New Zealand Brigade in Operation Lightfoot. The Second Battle of El Alamein, 23 October 1942. Appendices (United States)


    pdr anti-tank guns) 151L’ Infantry Brigade, commanded by Brigadier J. E. S. Percy 6’h Battalion, Durham Light Infantry Regiment (8 2-pdr anti-tank guns...battalion), 5th New Zealand Infantry Brigade)) Royal Warwick Yeomanry Regiment (Lieutenant Colonel Guy Jackson , assigned 13 Shermans, 14 Grants, 17

  6. Critical Combat Performances, Knowledges, and Skills Required of the Infantry Rifle Squad Leader: Human Maintenance under Campaign Conditions. (United States)

    Brown, Frank L.; Jacobs, T. O.

    The paper covers the performances, skills, and kinds of knowledge demanded of an infantry rifle squad leader to maintain an organized and effective fighting unit under campaign conditions and to set an example as a leader for his men. It covers personal hygiene and field sanitation, the maintenance of minimal fighting and existence loads, water…

  7. Where are the Infantry Sergeants? An Examination of the Marine Corps’ Policies and Processes That Adversely Affected the Availability of Infantry Sergeants to Serve as Squad Leaders in the Operating Forces (United States)


    platoon broke down into two half platoons led by Sergeants. Lacldng their own tables or organization, Marine * Appendix C graphically depicts the Table...availability of infantry Sergeants. t Appendix C graphically depicts ,the Table of Organization of the US Marine Corps Rifle Company of 1944 8 h...affect enlisted ’staffing in recent conflicts. . Operation Desert Shielcl/ Deseli StC?rm was too brief to have had significant impact on manpower

  8. Design Considerations of a Lower Limb Exoskeleton System to Assist walking and Load-Carrying of Infantry Soldiers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seungnam Yu


    Full Text Available This paper describes the development of a wearable exoskeleton system for the lower extremities of infantry soldiers and proposes appropriate design criteria based on existing case studies. Because infantry soldiers carry a variety of equipment, the interference with existing equipment and additional burden of the exoskeleton support system should be minimized. Recent studies have shown that a user only needs to be supported in the gravitational direction when walking on flat terrain; however, active joints are necessary to support walking over rough and sloped terrain such as mountains. Thus, an underactuated exoskeleton system was considered: passive joints are applied to the hip and ankle joints, and active joints are applied to the knee joints to exploit the dynamic coupling effect of the link structure and muscular activation patterns when the user is going up and down stairs. A prototype of the exoskeleton system was developed and validated through a simple stair-climbing experiment.

  9. Haemodynamic changes and intubating conditions during tracheal intubation in children under anaesthesia: a comparative study of two induction regiments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarina Šakić


    Full Text Available Aim To compare the haemodynamic changes and intubation conditionsfollowing induction of anaesthesia with alfentanil-propofol-rocuronium with those following alfentanil-propofol combinationin children.Methods A prospective, non-randomized and non blinded trialwas performed in 208 children ( ASA I-II, both gender, aged 2-12years undergoing elective adenoidectomy with or without tonsillectomy.Children scheduled for tonsillectomy or adenotonsillectomyreceived alfentanil 0.02 mg kg-1, propofol 2 mg kg-1 androcuronium 0.45 mg kg-1 before tracheal intubation (R-group.Children scheduled for adenoidectomy received alfentanil 0.02mg kg-1and propofol 3 mg kg-1 before intubation (C-group. Haemodynamicvalues (heart rate, systolic arterial pressure, diastolicarterial pressure, mean arterial pressure were recorded at predeterminedtime intervals before surgical incision. The intubatingconditions were evaluated applying the Copenhagen Scoring System(excellent, good, poor.Results There was no statistical difference in haemodynamicbaseline values, neither prior nor after the intubation betweenthe two groups. There was a statistically significant increase inheart rate, systolic and diastolic arterial pressure after intubationin both groups (p<0.05. Mean arterial pressure after the intubationincreased statistically significantly only in R-group (p=0.001.There was no hypotension, bradycardia, hypoxemia or other complications.Overall intubation conditions were scored excellent in72.3%, good in 21.5% and poor in 6.2% patients. There were nosignificant differences in intubation conditions between the twogroups (p=0.244Conclusion Both induction regiments provided the clinically acceptablehaemodynamics and intubation conditions during trachealintubation in children.

  10. Immune thrombocytopenia in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia treated with cladribine-based regiments or chlorambucil--follow-up of PALG-CLL randomized trials. (United States)

    Blonski, Jerzy Z; Robak, Tadeusz; Chojnowski, Krzysztof; Gora-Tybor, Joanna; Warzocha, Krzysztof; Ceglarek, Bernadetta; Seferynska, Ilona; Calbecka, Malgorzata; Kostyra, Aleksandra; Stella-Holowiecka, Beata; Kloczko, Janusz; Dmoszynska, Anna; Kowal, Malgorzata; Lewandowski, Krzysztof; Dwilewicz-Trojaczek, Jadwiga; Wiater, Elzbieta; Kuliczkowski, Kazimierz; Potoczek, Stanislaw; Hellmann, Andrzej; Mital, Andrzej; Skotnicki, Aleksander; Nowak, Wieslaw; Sulek, Kazimierz; Zawilska, Krystyna; Trelinski, Jacek


    The relationship between treatments of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) with cladribine (2-CdA) or chlorambucil and immune thrombocytopenia (IT) has not been yet determined. The records of 777 patients in two randomized Polish Adult Leukemia Group (PALG)-CLL programs treated with these agents were retrospectively analyzed. Immune thrombocytopenia occurred in 55 of 777 (7.1%) patients. No significant differences in IT prevalence were seen between patients on chlorambucil or 2-CdA-based regiments (P = 0.33). IT developed at a median time of 0.499 yr (0.06-4.8) from the start of CLL therapy. This time was significantly longer in patients treated with chlorambucil (2.03 yr, 95% CI: 0.06-4.22) in relation to patients treated with 2-CdA-based regiments (0.52 yr, 95%CI: 0.34-0.69, P = 0.049). Overall survival (OS) of patients with IT and those without IT were similar (2.65 yr vs. 3.2 yr P = 0.23) but the severity of bleeding was more pronounced in the 2-CdA group. The responses to IT therapy were 35%, 54% and 75% for steroids, chemotherapy and splenectomy, respectively. In this study, an unexpectedly high percentage of IT incidence was demonstrated in patients with CLL requiring chemotherapy. Although no marked differences were seen in IT frequency in patients treated with 2-CdA-based regiments compared to chlorambucil regimen, the clinical course of hemorrhagic diathesis was more severe in 2-CdA group. Also, the time elapsed from study screening to IT diagnosis was significantly shorter in the 2-CdA group than in the chlorambucil group suggesting a causative relationship. The appearance of IT did not influence the median time of OS. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  11. Seroconversion to Japanese Encephalitis Virus among U.S. Infantry Forces in Korea (United States)

    Eick-Cost, Angelia A.; Hu, Zheng; Klein, Terry A.; Putnak, Robert J.; Jarman, Richard G.


    Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is endemic in the Republic of Korea (ROK), posing a medical threat to more than 29,000 U.S. Forces military personnel currently deployed in the ROK. The objective of this study was to provide data on the risk of JEV exposure among U.S. Forces in the ROK. One thousand U.S. Army Soldiers were randomly selected for the study from the cohort of infantry Soldiers deployed in the ROK for a period of at least 330 days from 2008 to 2011. Pre- and post-deployment serum specimens were tested for the presence of JEV antibodies by plaque reduction neutralization test. A total of 2/1,000 (0.2%) U.S. Army Soldiers post-deployment specimens tested positive for JEV antibody. Results from the pre-deployment specimens indicated one true seroconversion and one with titers suggestive of a JEV infection. These results indicate a low, but nonzero risk of JEV exposure among U.S. Army Soldiers in the ROK. PMID:26240157

  12. American Airborne Operations in the Pacific Theater: Extending Operational Reach and Creating Operational Shock (United States)


    Zone GIR Glider Infantry Regiment KIA Killed In Action LTC Lieutenant Colonel MIA Missing In Action mm Millimeter PIR Parachute Infantry Regiment...casualties ( KIA , WIA, and MIA) out of a total force of 4,560 men. The Japanese suffered approximately 5,980 casualties out of a force of 6,000 men; only 20

  13. One Tank, 31 Boxes of .50 Cal. and 11 Men: An Analysis of the Armor- Infantry Team in Korea, June 1950 - July 1952 (United States)


    company. The logic behind this decision was best summarized by Major General Kibler at a conference on the infantry division given at the Grand Hotel...Joe Offutt 4005 Esperanza Drive El Paso, Texas 79922 6. CSM Billy Gray 1428 Server Drive Colorado Springs, Colorado 30910 -142-

  14. 75 FR 62810 - Twenty-Fourth Update of the Federal Agency Hazardous Waste Compliance Docket (United States)


    ... number of Federal facilities that appear on the Docket is 2,358. Dated: September 29, 2010. John E... Facility name Address City State code Agency mechanism Code US NAVY NUWC Div Newport 419 Dalton Highway... Meridian, N. Bank of Kuskokwim Rivr. USDOI BLM John Rishel Mineral 100 Savikko Rd, Douglas AK 99824...

  15. 78 FR 51810 - Twenty-Fourth Meeting: RTCA Special Committee 224, Airport Security Access Control Systems (United States)


    ... Security Access Control Systems AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). ACTION: Meeting Notice of RTCA Special Committee 224, Airport Security Access Control... RTCA Special Committee 224, Airport Security Access Control Systems. DATES: The meeting will be held...

  16. University of Zimbabwe Institute of Mining Research twenty-fourth annual report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roberts, A.E. (comp.)


    Provides brief summaries of investigations in the following subject areas during 1992: analytical chemistry, applied mineralogy, economic geology and metallurgy. Various papers relating to metals and non-fuel minerals are presented under these subject headings and under the headings: agrogeology, rock mechanics and mineral economics. The IMR coal laboratory saw an increase in the number of solid fuel analyses carried out compared to the previous year; a total of 759 coals and their by-products were received for approximately 8,000 analyses.

  17. United States Air Force Statistical Digest, Fiscal Year 1969. Twenty-fourth Edition (United States)


    PROPERTY - Personal propert.y which, through screening or other means, has been determined to bee in excess to all federal agency r-equ.i r ement.s...Investigations, Special 1,486 1,485 1 - 1,488 1,487 1 -77 Ultra-Sensitive Positions 1,025 906 104 15 1,045 930 96 19 144 Premarital Investigations 749 13...2,412 71 12 77 Ultra- Sensitive Positions 219 174 4 41 I 214 170 4 40 144 Premarital Investigations 2 - 1 1\\ 4 2 1 1 149 Name Traces 379 367 2 10 I 360

  18. JPRS Report Science & Technology Europe Twenty-Fourth Isata International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation. (United States)


    Hirayama, Association of Electronic Technology for Automobile Traffic and Driving and Y Ishii, Oki Electric Industry, Japan " Mazda Car Communication...System" Mazda Car Corporation, FRG IMPROVING TRAFFIC FLOW "Strategies for Integrating Dynamic Route Guidance and Traffic Control Systems" MGH Bell...Stoelhorst, Rijkswaterstaat-DVK, The Netherlands "A Vehicular Traffic Analysis Capability for Intelligent 373 Vehicle/Highway Systems Engineering " J J

  19. Radiation exposures for DOE and DOE contractor employees - 1991. Twenty-fourth annual report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smith, M.H.; Hui, T.E. [Pacific Northwest Lab., Richland, WA (United States); Millet, W.H.; Scholes, V.A. [Idaho National Engineering Lab., Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    This is the 24th annual radiation exposure report published by US DOE and its predecessor agencies. This report summarizes the radiation exposures received by both employees and visitors at DOE and COE contractor facilities during 1991. Trends in radiations exposures are evaluated. The significance of the doses is addressed by comparing them to the DOE limits and by correlating the doses to health risks based on risk estimates from expert groups.

  20. Joint Operational Fires in the Offense: The Southwest Pacific Campaign to Isolate Rabaul (United States)


    machine gun, the rifle, tommy-gun, grenade and knife are the weapons carried by men who fly to war, jump in parachutes , are carried in gliders and who...Operation Iraqi Freedom PIR Parachute Infantry Regiment POA Pacific Ocean Areas PT Patrol Torpedo (Boat) RAAF Royal Australian Air Force RCT Regimental...peninsula would require two Australian divisions and the American 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR). The 503rd would parachute directly onto

  1. Conduct of the Persian Gulf War: Final Report to Congress. Chapters 1 through 8. Sanitized Version (United States)


    Marines) Infantry Battalion (Senegal) 6th Mech Infantry Regiment ( Moroccan Forces) JFC-E Troops Qatar Mech Infantry Battalion 1st East Bengal INF BN...ground receiver [GPS] SMCM - surface mine countermeasures [Navy] SME - Squadron Medical Element [USAF] SMESA-Special Middle East Sealift

  2. 新疆兵团四师77团>20岁人群高血压、糖尿病普查情况分析%Analysis of hypertension, diabetes census prevalence situation of people over 20 years old in Xinjiang regiment four division 77 regiment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李建梅; 王露; 严翠芳; 王生文


    Objective:To survey the hypertension,diabetes epidemiology of people over 20 years old in four division 77 regiment. Methods:The physical examination data of people over 20 years old in whole regiment were given consolidation analysis by using cross sectional study(prevalence rate) and screening method.Results:The prevalence of hypertension increased with age,and the prevalence of diabetes also increased with age.Conclusion:After 60 years old is a high risk factor of hypertension,diabetes.The prevalence rate of minority nationalities is lower than the prevalence of Han nationality.%目的:对四师77团>20岁人群进行高血压、糖尿病的流行病学调查。方法:采用现况研究(患病率调查)与筛检法对全团>20岁人群的健康体检资料进行整理分析。结果:高血压患病情况是随年龄增长而增加,糖尿病患病情况也是随年龄增长而增加。结论:>60岁是高血压、糖尿病高危因素。少数民族患病率低于汉族的患病率。

  3. A Learning Organization Born in the Crucible of Combat: The 3rd Infantry Brigade, 2nd Division, in World War I (United States)


    division was expected to fight and were, figuratively speaking , students under Lejeune’s tutelage. This is important because the new commanders...Organization. The skillful practice of personal mastery, challenging mental models, creating a shared vision, fostering team learning and developing...organization. In the end, the 3rd Infantry Brigade demonstrated personal mastery of warfighting skills , challenged the status quo of their doctrine

  4. “Keeping Solid Memoirs About the Performed Exploits”: a Case for the Caucasus Military-Historical Department’s Role in the Establishment of the Regimental Historiography in the Late XIX c

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tatyana A. Kolosovskay


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to consider the experience of saving the military sector of the historical memory. It is particularly concern with the issue of the foundation of so-called ―regimental historiography‖ – a corpus of investigations, performed by the militaries about their regiment’s deeds. The article attempts to bring in a number of general questions, related to the history of the troops of the Caucasus Army of the XIX c. The investigation is devoted specifically to the role of the Military-Historical department of the Caucasus Military District General Stuff. The research is based on either newspapers (as the ―Caucasus Journal‖ or primary sources, collected in Federal and regional archives with a particular focus on published ―regimental histories‖ of certain troops. Based on the approach offered by research direction of the ―intellectual history‖, the author came to the conclusions, that all regiment histories were written by non-professional historians. Their historical plot was determined by the official ideological background and by the wish for keeping the memory about the war exploits and traditions of their regiment. The work existence depended not only on the author subjective will, but either on financial issues – money need for the papers printing. The Caucasus Military-Historical department’s participation in this process allowed achieving extremely high results. Many printed and edited papers contained much more than making the dry roll-call of battles and military events. They included either reviews of political, historical, cultural and ethnological context, making some shift to mastering the base for the further scientific Caucasus studies.

  5. JPRS Report, Science and Technology: Europe Twenty-Fourth ISATA International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation. (United States)


    Regulation Division , Traffic Bureau, National Police Agency, Japan The Role of RTF Technology in the Future of Roat Transport" F Carpi de Resmini...Local C Control C Centre R Road S Side S Station /tag*/ Traffic Lights Variable Message Signs Beacons P’R a On-Board IHt Celular Rade


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Musa GÜMÜŞ


    Full Text Available Polish and Hungarian refugees that took cover to Ottoman State during the 1848 revolution attempts, made important changes and innovations in Ottoman State. Ottoman army was the most affected institution from these changes and innovations. Because, a great number of this refugees were qualified soldiers who knew European military system well. Michal Czajkowski was one of the most important of them. He became muslim and changed his name as Mehmed Sadık during the issue of refugees. after the issue of refugees had been resolved, he was employed in Ottoman army. Michal Czajkowski served in different units of Ottoman army and he was promoted to generalship.Michal Czajkowski took duty in Crimean War and he fought aganist Russians. He established Cossack Cavalry Regiment dependent on himself. This regiment that has a specific structure, emerged as a result of the experiences of Michal Czajkowski. The regiment consisted of Polish and Hungarian refugees that took cover to Ottoman State, Cossacks and Tatarians. Dragon Troops were formed in the structure of the regiment. Cossack Cavalry Regiment was usually used to provide public order and security in Balkan border. Afterwards, because of the new regulations in Ottoman army, Cossack Cavalry Regiment was disbanded and were added to third army. 1848-1849 ihtilal hareketleri sırasında Osmanlı Devleti’ne sığınan Leh ve Macar Mültecileri Osmanlı Devleti’nde önemli değişim ve yeniliklere imza atmışlardır. Osmanlı Ordusu bu değişim ve yeniliklerden en fazla etkilenen kurum olmuştur. Çünkü Osmanlı Devleti’ne sığınan mültecilerin büyük bir bölümü Avrupa askerî sistemini iyi bilen uzman askerlerdi. Michal Czajkowski de bunların en önemlilerinden biriydi. İslamiyet’i kabul eden Michal Czajkowski, Mehmed Sadık adını almıştır. Mülteciler meselesi çözüme kavuşunca Osmanlı ordusunda istihdam edilmiştir. Mehmed Sadık Paşa ordunun çeşitli birimlerinde görev alm

  7. Soviet Naval Infantry (United States)


    many ways was a self-made hero. He took the title of Generalissimo, a rank one step above IPrit urd, op. cit., p. 256. 2Msam ezw (Red Stir), 24 July...respective fleet headquarters. 3 Ibid. 4Kenneth R. hliting, Develog1 ent of the Soviet Armed Forces. 1917- SAir University Study No. AU-201-72- 1D , Mxwell

  8. Clinical efficacy of ubenimex and DF combined chemotherapy regiment in the treatment of advanced esophageal cancer%乌苯美司联合DF方案治疗晚期食管癌的效果观察

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    目的::观察乌苯美司联合DF方案治疗晚期食管癌的临床疗效及不良反应。方法:将54例晚期食管癌患者随机分为对照组(30例)和观察组(24例),对照组采用DF方案化疗,观察组在DF方案基础上加用乌苯美司片。评价两组患者化疗效果及生活质量,观察不良反应。结果:观察组总有效率为45.8%,对照组为40.0%,差异无统计学意义(P>0.05)。观察组进展率为16.7%,对照组为43.3%,差异有统计学意义(P0. 05). The rate of progression was 16. 7% in the observation group, and 43. 3% in the control group (P<0. 05). The changes on quality of life ( QOL) in observation group were better than those in the control group ( P<0 . 05 ) . The hematological toxicity in the observation group was lower than that in the control group ( P <0 . 05 ) . Conclusion: Ubenimex and DF chemotherapy combination regiment could improve the efficacy of chemotherapy and the QOL for advanced esophageal cancer, and has definite effect of relieving toxicity on chemotherapy.

  9. Tactics of the Soviet Army Regiment (United States)


    for this project. Sug- gestions , comments, and recommended changes to this pub- lication are solicited and may be nade to Commander USACACDA ATTN...As a rule, anti-tank obstacles are covered by artillery, martar, and machine-gun fire. 1397 SISTEMA ZAGRAZHDENIY (obstacle plan) - The aggregate o

  10. Regimented Communities in a Civil Society

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Konstantin L. Bannikov


    Full Text Available Commanders are quite right to refer to lawlessness, violence, xenophobia, etc. reining in civvy street as a strong argument in replying to the society’s claims on bullying. “Look at yourselves,” they say. Indeed, people joining up the army come from socium, not from cosmos, and they are people, not angels, with all human vices and virtues, merits and shortcomings. Being guided by higher officers, service regulations or military idealism, commanders try to convert a man into a perfect soldier,...

  11. Regimented Communities in a Civil Society



    Commanders are quite right to refer to lawlessness, violence, xenophobia, etc. reining in civvy street as a strong argument in replying to the society’s claims on bullying. “Look at yourselves,” they say. Indeed, people joining up the army come from socium, not from cosmos, and they are people, not angels, with all human vices and virtues, merits and shortcomings. Being guided by higher officers, service regulations or military idealism, commanders try to convert a man into a perfect soldier,...

  12. Operation Cobra: Organizational Pooling and Operational Art in the European Theater (United States)


    formations lacked the firepower needed to overwhelm an enemy, particularly the Germans who possessed large number of automatic weapons and could produce...the lead, the 8th Infantry Regiment, but gave that regiment the support of a reinforced TD battalion, an antiaircraft battalion ( automatic weapons...4th ID’s sector the dispersed hedgerows and gently sloping fields and orchards , with numerous crisscrossing roads, left fewer natural obstacles than

  13. Target Value Evaluation of the Mechanized Infantry Division Joint Fires Attack Based on Optimization Theory%基于最优化理论的机步师联合火力打击目标价值评估

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邹进; 许劲松


    According to the characteristics of the mechanized infantry division joint fires attack in city offensive combat under informa tion condition, by the means of optimization theory decision-making, and an example is used for demonstrating the effectiveness and feasibili ty of the model, the paper analyzes and prioritizes battlefield target value for artillery commanders.%根据信息化条件下机步师城市进攻战斗联合火力打击特点,以最优化理论为基础,对战场联合火力打击目标价值进行了分析和排序,并通过实例对该模型的有效性和实用性进行了验证,为指挥员的决策行为提供了理论依据。

  14. Space activity impact on science and technology. Proceedings of the twenty-fourth international astronautical congress, Baku, USSR, October 7--13, 1973

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Napolitano, L.G.; Contensou, P.; Hilton, W.F. (eds.)


    Topics covered include: Soviet automatic vehicles for lunar exploration and their influence on the progress of automatics and control theory; the problems of space technology and their influence on science and technics; industrial use of aerospace technology; development of liquid-propellant rocket engine engineering and its influence on science and technology in the USSR; space medicine and public health; impact of space activity on technology in a country the size of France; astronautics as a stimulus for celestial mechanics; space activity impact on the science and technology of rotating bodies; skylab systems flight performance, an interim report; the design and utilization of a spacelab for sortie missions; the spacelab program; man and the environment, remote sensing from space; EOLE application program for meteorological experiments, complementary experiences; machine processing methods for earth observational data; recent advances in geologic applications of remote sensing from space; infrared scanning for meteorological purposes; spatial antartic glaciology; reflection spectra usage in recognition of plant covers; experimental investigation of aeronautical and maritime communications and surveillance using satellites; the ESRO MAROTS program; the problem of habitability in spaceships; atmosphere revitalization for manned spacecraft; prospects of international cooperation in medical sciences; developing a technology base in planetary entry aerothermodynamics; scientific results of the automatic ionospheric laboratory Yantar 4 flight; nonlinear unsteady motions in solid propellant rockets with application to large motors; investigation of the physical and mechanical properties of the lunar sample brought by Luna 20 and along the route of motion of Lunokhod 2; orbiting astronomical observatory Copernicus; the delta launch vehicle model 2914 series; space tug mission and program planning; space and education; and safety in youth rocket experiments. (GHT)

  15. Performance of Basic Infantry Tasks (United States)


    tripwire until the locking safety pin was pulled into the wide portion of the safety pin hole. 14. Moved to the mine, and emplaced a third - stake slightly...Returned to the firing device and with- the attached string pulled out the locking safety pin . RECOVER SAY: Now recover the mine. Inspected the mine and...attached trip- NT SCORED wires to determine if they had been altered, damaged, or boobytrapped. 20. Inserted the locking safety pin in safety pin hole

  16. Load carriage by infantry soldiers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. C. Majumdar


    Full Text Available At constant speed of marching, oxygen consumption has been found to increase linearly with the amount of load carried, indicating that there is no optimum load. However, an optimum speed of marching has been found, depending on the terrain condition. A different line of approach, involving a study of the relationship between stride-length, frequency of stepping and speed in normal walking and the effect of muscular fatigue on this relationship has also yielded similar results. Desirability of further studies on the effect of load on optimum speed of marching, effective reduction of weight of equipment and optimum distribution of load on the body has been stressed.

  17. Investigation & analysis on the armored infantry with nonspecific low back pain induced by resonance%谐振致装甲步兵肌源性下腰痛的调查与分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵亮; 黄昌林


    Objective To analyze the incidence of myogenic low back pain in the armored infantry, investigate the impact of resonance,as well as the effectiveness of back muscle strength training. Methods With the self-designed questionnaire and the diagnosis standard of myogenic low back pain,the findings of 402 cases of armored infantry undergoing resonance was investigated. The degree of the pain and incidence were compared in armored infantry with different specialty and enlist time. By performing back muscle strength training,the symptomatic relief was observed. Results The prevalence of low back pain in this population was 12.93%;20.36% in occupant,7.66% in manning occurrence,so their the incidence had statistically difference (P<0.001);Also 8.21% with Ⅰ degree of pain,3.98% with Ⅱ degree,0.75% with Ⅲ degree,so the incidence of the three degrees had statistical difference (P<0.05);Performing back muscle strength training,1 case was of low back pain in group A (i.e health control non-intervention group);Group B (i.e health control + intervention group) had no low back pain patients,19 cases of group C (i.e case-group without intervention) had symptomatic relief,24 cases of Group D (i.e case-group with intervention) had symptomatic relief. Conclusion Armored infantry is a high-risk population of myogenic low back pain;Resonance vibration is an important risk factor for myogenic low back pain in the armored infantry;Most of them with Ⅰ or Ⅱ degree of pain; myogenic low back pain can be effectively lightened by back muscle strength training.%目的 对装甲步兵肌源性下腰痛的发生率进行分析,了解谐振对肌源性下腰痛的影响,以及腰背肌相对肌力训练对改善肌源性下腰痛的效果. 方法 采用自制调查表及拟定的肌源性下腰痛诊断标准, 对某部402名装甲步兵肌源性下腰痛发生情况进行调查, 比较不同专业和军龄战士肌源性下腰痛的发生率及疼痛程度;对肌源性下腰痛患者

  18. Staff Ride Handbook for the Battle of Chickamauga, 18-20 September 1863 (United States)


    D. Augustus Dicker & 3d South Carolina Infantry Regiment, Kershaw’s Brigade, in History of Kershaufs &rigade [Newberry, SC: Elbert H. Au11 Co...Joseph T. Smith 4th Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters, Maj. T. D. Caswell, Capt. B. M. Turner, Lt. Joel Towers 15th Tennesseel37th Tennessee, Cal. R

  19. A Social History of the Tenth Cavalry, 1931-1941 (United States)


    days after the bandits’ departure. On 31 March, the Tenth =. / 19 did make contact with Villa’s forces at Aguas Calientes, but their tired horses could...Week," Leavenworth Times, 9 March 1941. 8 "Tenth Cavalr.y to Fort Riley this Morning ," Leavenworth Times, 14 March 1941. 9 "Two Infantry Regiments to

  20. A Regiment Like No Other: The 6th Marine Regiment at Belleau Wood (United States)


    could be found in men like Clifton Cates. He was studying for the bar exam when war broke out and immediately enlisted.52 Johnny Overton was the son...Adolphus Busch; Harry A. Pabst, nephew of the Pabst brewer; and Harold E. Kellogg, nephew of the cereal magnate.60 The Marines had their pick of those

  1. The epidemiological investigation and analysis of bone-derived low back pain in armored infantry%装甲步兵骨关节源性下腰痛调查与分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王宪卫; 黄昌林


    目的 抽样调查某部装甲步兵职业性骨关节源性下腰痛的发生原因及分布情况,探讨其流行特征及预防措施.方法 以问卷结合体格检查的方式,依照《军事训练伤诊断标准及防治原则》(WSB38-2001)中所规定军事训练所致下腰痛的诊断标准,对某部参训装甲步兵进行骨关节源性下腰痛流行病学调查,采集数据资料,并进行相关分析. 结果 被筛选调查的402名参训装甲步兵罹患下腰痛113例,发生率28.11%. 其中骨关节源性下腰痛24例,发生率为5.97%,占下腰痛人员比例21.24%.≥2年军龄骨关节源型下腰痛发病率为10.93%,明显高于≤1年军龄组的5.19%和1~2年军龄组的4.76%(P<0.05).在骨关节源性下腰痛24名战士中,乘员17名,所占比例高达70.83%,载员7名,占29.17%.装甲乘员比例明显高于装甲载员(P<0.05).24例装甲步兵组骨关节源性下腰痛伤员中,Ⅰ度疼痛患者发生率较高(3.98%),明显高于Ⅱ度疼痛伤员(1.49%)(P<0.05),Ⅲ度以上的患者发生率极低,仅为0.50%,三组发病率比较有统计学意义(P<0.05).此外,腰背肌相对肌力素质锻炼的方法进行干预治疗,结果没有新增骨关节源性下腰痛伤员,且有7名骨关节源性下腰痛伤员症状减轻. 结论 通过调查发现,装甲步兵下腰痛发病率较高,骨关节源性下腰痛所占比例不可忽视,主要集中在≥2年军龄,其中装甲乘员明显高于装甲载员,腰背肌相对肌力素质锻炼对于骨关节源性下腰痛的预防和治疗均具有明显的效果. 因此,在平常的军事训练及作业中,应该加强腰背肌锻炼及健康宣教工作,减少骨关节源性下腰痛的发生.%Objective To investigate the cause and the distribution of bone-derived low back pain of armored infantry and to discuss the epidemiological features and preventions. Methods Combined with the questionnaire and physical examination,authors conducted the epidemiological investigation and the

  2. 地西他滨联合半量CAG治疗复发难治性急性髓细胞白血病的疗效分析%Analysis of the Efficacy of Decitabine Combined with Half Quantity of CAG Regiment for the Treatment of Refractory or Relapsed Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    高然; 于锦香; 高峰; 蔡大利; 王柏勋; 潘登; 张蕊; 颜晓菁; 李艳


    [目的]探讨地西他滨联合半量阿克拉霉素+阿糖胞苷+粒系集落刺激因子(CAG)方案治疗复发难治性急性髓细胞白血病(AML)的疗效.[方法]回顾性分析2012年2~10月在本院血液科接受地西他滨治疗的7例复发难治AML患者的临床资料,评价其疗效和不良反应.[结果]完全缓解患者3例,部分缓解患者2例,无效患者2例,总有效率为71.4%(5/7);血液学不良反应发生率为100%,感染发生率为71.4%(5/7),轻度肝功能损伤率42.9%(3/7),无严重出血、恶心呕吐不良反应.[结论]地西他滨联合半量CAG可有效治疗复发难治性急性髓细胞白血病,虽然血液学不良反应较重,感染的发生率较高,但患者基本上可耐受,给予相应抗炎及支持治疗可得到有效控制.%[Objective]To explore clinical efficacy of decitabine combined with half quantity of aclacinomycin+cytarabine+granulocyte-colony stimulating factor(CAG) regiment for the treatment of refractory or relapsed acute myeloid leukemia(AML).[Methods]Clinical data of 7 patients with refractory or relapsed AML treated with decitabine in hematology department of our hospital from Feb.2012 to Oct.2012 were analyzed retrospectively.The efficacy and adverse reaction were evaluated.[Results] Of all patients,3 patients achieved complete remission,and 2 patients achieved partial remission.The overall response rate was 71.4%(5/7).The incidence of hematologic toxicity was 100%,and the infection rate was 71.4% (5/7),and the incidence of mild liver injury was 42.9% (3/7).No severe bleeding,nausea and vomiting were observed.[Conclusion] Decitabine combined with half quantity of CAG regiment can effectively treat refractory or relapsed AML.Although the hematologic toxicity is more serious and the infection rate is higher,patients can tolerate them.Anti-inflammatory and supportive treatment should be given to control them.

  3. War Medicine and Surgery, Punishment and Torture at the time of the Regiments of Renown - Chirurgie de guerre, médecine militaire, punitions et torture à l’époque des compagnies de mercenaires - Medicina e Chirurgia da guerra, Punizioni e Tortura all’epoca delle Compagnie di Ventura

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lugaresi M.


    Full Text Available This article highlights the main surgical and medical issues related to the age of the Regiments of Renown. Analyzing the main causes of death of Condottieres and Captains in the period 1300-1580, the treatment of wounds and the development of skills involved in the surgery of war, the more frequent Italian epidemic diseases in that time, the punishments and torture in force in the Republic of Venice, are described.Cet article expose les aspects les plus importants en matière de médecine et de chirurgie à l'époque des compagnies de mercenaires. En analysant les principales causes de décès des condottières et des capitaines entre 1300 et 1580, l’autrice décrit le traitement des blessures et le développement des techniques chirurgicales de guerre, les épidémies les plus fréquentes en Italie à cette époque-là, les peines et les tortures en vigueur sous la République Sérénissime de Venise.Questo articolo illustra i principali aspetti medici e chirurgici connessi all’epoca delle Compagnie di Ventura. Analizzando le principali cause di decesso dei Condottieri e dei Capitani nel periodo 1300-1580, vengono descritte la cura delle ferite e lo sviluppo delle tecniche applicate nella chirurgia da guerra, le epidemie più frequenti che colpirono l’Italia in tale epoca, le pene e la tortura in vigore nella Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia.

  4. 谐振致装甲步兵椎间盘源性下腰痛的调查与分析%The epidemiological investigation and analysis of intervertebral disk-derived low back pain caused by syntony in armored infantry

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘维高; 黄昌林


    Objective To investigate the incidence of intervertebral disk-derived low back pain caused by long-last syntony situation among armored infantry and the improvement of low back muscle after relative strength exercise. Methods With the forms and the diagnostic standard of intervertebral disk-derived low back pain , authors conducted a investigation of 402 armored infantry in long-last syntony situation and compared the incidence of intervertebral disk-derived low back pain and the degree of pain. By teaching relative strength exercise of low back muscle,authors expected to improve the severity of their low back pain. Results There were 37 cases of intervertebral disk-derived low back pain patients among the 402 armored infantry accounted for 9.2%. Among them,27 were the staff working on vehicles with accounted for 73.0% and 10 were the carried passengers with accounted for 27.0%. And there was significant difference between both (P0.05).Ⅰ度疼痛共发生25例,Ⅱ度疼痛发生12例,Ⅰ度疼痛明显高于Ⅱ度疼痛(P<0.05).通过8周的腰背肌锻炼后,载员的有效率明显高于乘员(P<0.05);锻炼前与锻炼后比较,有显著性差异(P<0.05).结论 某部装甲步兵椎间盘源性下腰痛发生率较高,乘员发生率高于载员,≥2年军龄发生率最高,疼痛程度多为Ⅰ、Ⅱ度,通过适当的腰背肌相对肌力训练,对Ⅰ、Ⅱ度疼痛的缓解有效,可作为治疗并预防Ⅰ、Ⅱ度椎间盘源性下腰痛患者的常规措施.

  5. The Lucky Seventh in the Bulge: A Case Study for the Airland Battle (United States)


    Para- chute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 509th Parachute Infantry s.< 4Battalion ( PIB ), and various corps and army units. All of these units began all of the airborne units experienced and enjoyed high morale. The 29 508th PIR and the 509th PIB were combat-tested units. CCB 9th AD had...Normandy and Arnhem operations. . The 509th had first seen combat in North Africa . ’ ’ ~~~30 PT C a es G l t , 0CPT Charles Gillett, "History of the 9th

  6. Mountain Infantry - Is There a Need? (United States)


    fail to realize this. LTC John Schmelzer , in his after action report on mountain warfare during World War II, states that "morale of the troops in...Evaluation, p.79. 62. U.S. Army, FM 100-5. Operatione, pp.12-13. 63. Schmelzer , p.2. 64. CPT Michael Robertson, "Briefing on the Force Design of the... Schmelzer . 1944. One of the best sources found. Provides keen insight into the struggles of the units in Italy as they fought the environment and the

  7. Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle Procedures Guides: Evaluation (United States)


    can open and close fully and locks in both OPEN and CLOSED positions. 8. Check that safety pin is not missing. Internal fire suppression handles 9...that safety pin is not missing. Driver’s instrument panel 19. Check VOLTS gage. 20. Check ENGINE COOLANT TEMP gage. 21. Check ENGINE OIL gage. 22

  8. A Historical Perspective on Light Infantry (United States)


    runners and signals. (Sometimes, battalion and company commanders enjoyed the use nf captured U.S. walkie-talkies.) Under these conditions, unyielding...concealed, The patrol element that discovered the CT@ kept the camp under surveillance and sent off a runner to inform the platoon leader or company...through a sparsely settled and thinly held maze of barren hills and ridges. German opposition consisted of scattered outposts leading back to a main line of

  9. Active Camouflage for Infantry Headwear Applications (United States)


    3 The Barracuda Multispectral Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Screen (BMS-ULCAS) uses a garnishing material attached to a backing material (Jewish and...they work for more than one camouflage type. Barracuda Inc. has developed a multispectral camouflage product, the High Mobility on Board System

  10. Infantry Small-Unit Mountain Operations (United States)


    webbing runners , 7-mm accessory cord, and a belay/rappel device. There are also static installation ropes, a rope cutter and a rope washer (Figure 5-4...with a harness, locking and non-locking carabineers, sewn webbing runners , mechanical ascenders, chock pick, assault climber bag, 7-mm accessory cord...for the build-up of ice from moisture in the breath and can mask the presence of frostbite. Shaving daily is necessary but using a blade and soap

  11. Canadian Light Infantry in Adaptive Dispersed Operations (United States)


    Sources Bercuson, David . Significant Incident: Canada’s Army, the Airborne and the murder in Somalia. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1996. Bernier...36 David Bercuson, Significant Incident: Canada’s Army, the Airborne and the Murder in Somalia...Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1996), 54-58. 37 Bernd Horn and M. Wyczynski, Hook-up! The Canadian Airborne Compendium (St.Catharines: Vanwell

  12. regiment mooirivier and operations modular, hooper, packer a

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Gerhard Oosthuizen


    Dec 9, 1987 ... Cuban–Russian allies intended to eliminate the 'UNITA problem' once and .... logistic stock was insufficient to support a large-scale offensive.15 ...... Until the exchange of troops would take place, whereupon a new operation.

  13. Catechistic Teaching, National Canons, and the Regimentation of Students' Voice (United States)

    Kroon, Sjaak


    Drawing on key incident analysis of classroom transcripts from Bashkortostan, France, North Korea, and Suriname, this article discusses the relationship between an increasingly canonical content of education and the discursive organization of teaching processes at the expense of both teachers' and students' voice. It argues that canonical…

  14. The SHORAD Requirement of the Armored Cavalry Regiment (United States)


    8217 - ||||PPPI|PH|IP.II I . L. . P.-W^."." . i’^.-..,.. »* ■J.. JH .,,.. ,.. J..,.,.^v....>,^,,ww-,w-.CTg-. t-.. t.. w.,,wvlf^BWBW...8217 ■, » !■ L I♦ i ’ ’ -I 1?.;" ! : -4- I1*« 2 ’’ JhV -^ ’ r.*^^«^’ z,0 ^’-^^ IH^ *■ ! -^yTi / "ixi^i

  15. Catechistic Teaching, National Canons, and the Regimentation of Students' Voice (United States)

    Kroon, Sjaak


    Drawing on key incident analysis of classroom transcripts from Bashkortostan, France, North Korea, and Suriname, this article discusses the relationship between an increasingly canonical content of education and the discursive organization of teaching processes at the expense of both teachers' and students' voice. It argues that canonical…

  16. The Light Armored Cavalry Regiment -- Reconnaissance Force of the Future (United States)


    appli- que armor made this possible. The Bradely Scout Vehicle, armed with a 25 mm cannon and a wire guided missile system, could now engage and destroy...University Press. 1986 Palmer, David Richard, Summons of the Trumpet. Novato. CA. Presidio Press. 1978. Palmer, Bruce Jr., The 25 Year War. America’s Military

  17. Trust and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (United States)


    and continual popular support.23 Internationally, American and Japanese international relations improved from the late 1850’s to World War I, then...control Japan’s growing influence. International relations between the United States and Japan continued to decline as Japan expanded its Empire in...gain popular support. Some politicians wanted to go so far as to amend the constitution to deny Nisei their citizenship.35 In San Francisco and

  18. USSR Report, Military Affairs, No. 1731. Military History Journal, No. 8, August 1982. (United States)


    reinforced by the company of submachine gunners of Sr Lt A. P. Golovin . The regiment had around 24 hours to prepare for combat. The commander of the...various operations. Following the experience of the Italians who in 1940 -1943 had employed guided torpedoes, a decision was made to employ aircraft...armored schools was carried out at particularly rapid pace. In 1937- 1940 , the number of infantry schools rose from 15 to 54, for artillery schools

  19. Hitler's hysterical blindness: fact or fiction? (United States)

    Maranhão-Filho, Péricles; Silva, Carlos Eduardo da Rocha E


    This article deals with a little known episode that occurred near the end of the Great War in a military reserve hospital located in the small town of Pasewalk, part of the distant region of Pomerania in northern Poland. The story is centered around the transient visual loss of a 29-year-old Austrian messenger of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. His name: Adolf Hitler.

  20. Lieutenant General Robert L. Bullard: Understanding Small and Large Conflicts (United States)


    Tenth Infantry Regiment. In the summer of 1885, Second Lieutenant Bullard began his service at Fort Union, New Mexico and began to take part in the... presidente ) and a municipal council. These local officials functioned under the watchful eye of the army post commander and the district commander, an...Bullard was once again on the border of Mexico – the place he began his career. The Army deployed along the Mexican border as early as 1906 to

  1. U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Studies Gas Warfare in World War I: The 26th Division East of the Meuse, September 1918 (United States)


    and 139 artillerymen, or 237* The gas fire and the HE bombardment that began as the raiders advanced and continued through the day destroyed all...not distinguish between the projector 34 attack and the later gas fire * The Regimental Gas Officer of the 103rd Infantry thought no more than 300...strongpoints in the Bois de Crepion, Ravin de la Hazelle, and Ravin du Chuchu, masking the gas fire with high explosives. A mortar platoon of the 1st Gas

  2. Cyber Professionals in the Military and Industry-Partnering in Defense of the Nation: A Conversation between Maj Gen Suzanne Vautrinot, Commander, Twenty-Fourth Air Force, and Mr. Charles Beard, Chief Information Officer, Science Applications International Corporation (United States)


    military controlled, across several different networks, including foreign systems, making it critical to establish relationships with com- mercial...level, you had to go beyond awareness. Peo- ple had to get on board, understand the codependency , and see its benefit to the individual. Having the

  3. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 75, Number 5, September-October 1932 (United States)


    Activities 390 The Coast Artillery School-Summer Training at Fort Barrancas --250tll Coast Artillery (C.X.G.) Has Good Year-202d Coast Artillery (IIlS.G.) Field...Training-’With the 970th AA Regiment at Ft. Barrancas -The 516th Coast Artillery (AA). Coast Artillery Orders 396 Book Reviews 398 ’,"orld States of...RUBSiain Siberl.a. >:r:urk.estanand the Caucasus. The formation of the 31 infantrY divislOns of the seoond line to reinforce the regular troops wall

  4. Biography of Colonel Stefan Iliev (1930 [In Bulgarian

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Kozhuharova


    Full Text Available Colonel Stefan Iliev, a commander of the 15th Infantry Lom regiment (Belogradchik, is a Bulgarian hero, killed in the battlefield at Chervenata stena, near Bitola, on 26 March 1917. Here is the journal version of a very rare book, published in the printing house of Stamen Kamenov in Belogradchik in 1930. On the cover of the book an author is not given - it is an edition of the Belogradchik Society of the Reserve Non-Commissioned Officers. All details of the military career of this brave Bulgarian soldier are described. The book exists in two editions.

  5. The Simulation Operations Officer in a Sustainment Brigade (United States)


    build trust through education and by market- ing their capabilities to unit leaders. FA57s can use an “ elevator pitch ,” or a concise briefi ng, to...operations officer for the 3rd Sustainment Brigade. I deployed with the 3rd Sustainment Brigade to Afghanistan in 2013 and helped prepare the brigade...brigade that is preparing to deploy.  By Lt. Col. Carlos J. Kavetsky A humvee from the 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry Regiment, encounters a simulated car

  6. Critical Skills of Marine Corps Infantry Small Unit Leaders (United States)


    skills, leadership skills, assertiveness, adaptability, and time management skills, were rated by all 6 raters with the maximum possible rating. All...adaptability 5.00 0.00 - - 1.00 p<.05 0.00 p<.05 and Prac. Sig. 47 time management skills 5.00 0.00 - - 1.00 p<.05 0.00 p<.05 and Prac. Sig. 9...tasks efficiently; to keep one’s work space neat and tidy. 14.2 Time Management Skills - To manage one’s own time and the time of others to accomplish

  7. The United States Army Infantry Squad: Year 2015. (United States)


    time is a testament to the selfless service they provide the Army daily. To Kellie, Ashley, and Haley, thank you for the notes, pictures, love , and... astrology . "s Before World War I, the world’s major military powers studied major battles to determine how best to prepare their forces to fight in the

  8. Measurement of Unit Effectiveness in Marine Corps Infantry Battalions. Appendices (United States)


    whose military experience also contributed greatly to the project. Historical work was also undertaken by Dr. Paul Davis, COL, USA(Ret), and Messrs...straight across the island. 3/2 was to secure GREEN BEACH (via land) while 2/8 cleaned out a pocket at the .. Burns- Philp Pier on the left flank of...strong-points near the Burns- Philps Pier. (For 1800 positions, see Map 3.) 2/ 1 (plus 2/2) enlarged the south shore beachhead and made a limited

  9. The Light Infantry Division Regionally Focused for Low Intensity Conflict (United States)


    I.V. Hogg , London: Jane’s Publishing Company Limited, 1986, pp. 92-110. Johnson, W.P., and Russell, E.N. Strategic Studies Project: U.S. Army...Triumph. New York: Penguin Books, 1962. Laquer, Walter. Guerrilla: A Historical and Critical Study. Boston: Little, Brown, 1976. 273 Lincoln, Jennie K

  10. Implications of Integrating Women into the Marine Corps Infantry (United States)


    negative consequences for unit cohesion. This may help explain why some studies of gender integration in the military have found no negative effects of...Backlash Effects for Disconfirming Gender Stereotypes in Organiza- tions,” Research in Organizational Behavior, Vol. 28, 2008, pp. 61–79; Laurie A...Moderates Stereotype Threat Effects on Women’s Math Performance,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 38, No. 2, 2002, pp. 194–201. Gender

  11. Simulation of Dismounted Infantry Combat in Urban Terrain (United States)


    New Mexico 88002 20. Headquarters, Department of the Army Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans ATTN: DA-MO-2D Washington, D. C...20310 21. Commander US Army Concepts and Analysis Agency ATTN: MOCA -WG (LTC Earl Darden) 8120 Woodmont Avenue Bethesda, Maryland 20014 22. Director...Missile Range, New Mexico 88002 25. Commander MICOM ATTN: DRSMI-YC (MAJ Hagewood) Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 35809 26. Director Combat Developments

  12. Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle Procedures Guides: Commander and Gunner (United States)



  13. Light Infantry in the Defense of Urban Europe. (United States)


    plateau and containing a maze of narrow streets, cul-de-sacs, vaults, caves, and tunnels; as well as an outer, nodern urbin drea. Stone construction was...localizc±d forces and sortie use ..ade of runners and teboj1p~r;t ."’Ive iu en l W𔃾 SciLQ L the tactical situation. 8 Turning to the ongoing Iran

  14. The Operational Employment of the Light Infantry Division. (United States)


    conducted in the latter part of May 1941. The operation, code named MERKUR , represented an initial step by the Germans to gain total control of the...options of seizing Malta or Crete and somewhat unenthusiasticly, issued Operational Directive 28 authorizing Operation Merkur on 25 April 1941.E51 The

  15. The South African Defence Force and Horse Mounted Infantry ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Mar 26, 2003 ... period, its first mounted troops were deployed to the Border region by ... Sergeant Major, in the eyes of the Defence Force, officially the horse was a ... psychology of training, serving to reinforce identification with the horse. As .... and given to horses in trial and control groups to measure the feed's benefit.

  16. Measurement of Unit Effectiveness in Marine Corps Infantry Battalions (United States)


    before taken a drink in his life) or a theoretical framework (money is less important than a happy family life) that orders the data for us...between individuals at mealtime . e Average distance between individuals on the march. . Average distance to flank guards on the march. e Number of

  17. Human Powered Vehicles in Support of Light Infantry Operations (United States)


    E 3. Noise level, 65 decibel maximum desirable, 70 decibel essential, at 50 meters at full engine RPM. M 4. Travel speed: 0 to 12 mph minimun . M pass, were able to support the bicycle convoys.(1:128) In 1951 Giap started waging long term battles with the French using division size units. In...cannot bomb what you cannot see. The bicyc2e convoys that were destroyed were usually those caught in the general interdiction campaign waged against

  18. Commentary Article THE INFLUENCE OF THE RATEL INFANTRY ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    the imaginable political, diplomatic, military and social ramifications and ... perspectives, but as Dr Michael Evans of the Australian Defence College, Canberra, observes, “Only a quarter ago, the Southern African region was one of the world's ... total economic, political and military embargoes in the seventies and eighties.

  19. Parametric Simulation of Infantry Tactics and Equipment (Dismounted Star). (United States)


    prepared by General Research Corporation in t November 1974. CARMONETTE is a Ponte Carlo, event sequenced simulation of ground comnat . The original...model was developed by the Research Analysis Corporation in the late 1950’s. The principal activities represented In the model are movement, target...III, 1972. 12. General Research Corporation , OAD-CR-73, CARMONETTE, Volumes I, II. and III, November 1974. 13. Parry, S.H., and Kelleher, E.P

  20. Army Communicator. Voice of the Signal Regiment. Volume 33, Number 2, Spring 2008 (United States)

    2008-01-01 syltguides/fullview/6PMKABCX1QEX/ If you don’t think you have the time for profes- sional reading, then you don’t. As George Orwell ...Editor-in-Chief/Graphic Designer Janet A. McElmurray EDITORIAL STAFF 0805802 By Order of the Secretary of the Army: GEORGE W. CASEY JR. General, United...differences as the deadly rift between Sunni and Shia Muslim factions raged out of control. In response, President George W. Bush and his military advisors

  1. The ISR Regiment: The New Eyes and Ears for Shaping the MAGTF Commander’s Battlespace (United States)


    be met as it prepared for looming worldwide deployments, most notably in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.33 Marine Corps leadership falsely...decisions.”37 The six Intelligence Functions equip the force for weaving intelligence requirements into the planning, execution and decision-making

  2. A Case in Pointe: Romance and Regimentation at the New York City Ballet. (United States)

    Laemmli, Whitney E


    This article analyzes the ballet dancer's pointe shoe as a technology of artistic production and bodily discipline. Drawing on oral histories, memoirs, dance journals, advertisements, and other archival materials, it demonstrates that the shoe utilized by dancers at George Balanchine's New York City Ballet was not the quintessentially Romantic entity it is so often presumed to be. Instead, it emerged from uniquely twentieth-century systems of labor and production, and it was used to alter dancers' bodies and professional lives in particularly modern ways. The article explores not only the substance of these changes but also the ways in which Balanchine's artistic oeuvre was inextricably intertwined with the material technologies he employed and, more broadly, how the history of technology and the history of dance can productively inform one another. Fundamentally, this article recasts Balanchine, seeing him not as a disconnected artist but as an eager participant in the twentieth-century national romance with American technology.

  3. Army Communicator. Voice of the Signal Regiment. Volume 31 Number 4, Fall 2006 (United States)


    consists of radios mounted on mobile plat- forms such as the Abrams , Bradley, and Stryker vehicles. The Handheld, Manpack, and Small-form-factor PdM is...herald in the completion of the 4th Fires 50 Fall 2006 WO1 Paul Gonzalez and SPC Floyd Telford work in a Line of Sight transmission to improve the

  4. When the Macro Facilitates the Micro: A Study of Regimentation and Emergence in Spoken Interaction (United States)

    Warriner, Doris S.


    In moments of "dispersion, diaspora, and reterritorialization" (Amy Shuman 2006), the personal, the interactional, and the improvised (the "micro") cannot be separated analytically from circulating ideologies, institutional norms, or cultural flows (the "macro"). With a focus on the emergence of identities within social interaction, specifically…

  5. When the Macro Facilitates the Micro: A Study of Regimentation and Emergence in Spoken Interaction (United States)

    Warriner, Doris S.


    In moments of "dispersion, diaspora, and reterritorialization" (Amy Shuman 2006), the personal, the interactional, and the improvised (the "micro") cannot be separated analytically from circulating ideologies, institutional norms, or cultural flows (the "macro"). With a focus on the emergence of identities within social interaction, specifically…

  6. The Regimental System in the United States Army: Its Evolution and Future (United States)


    the Theory of Reference Group Behavior in Robert K. Mert,•a and Paul F. Lazarsfeld , (Eds.), Studies in the Scoape and Method of "The American So=iar...K. & Lazarsfeld , Paul F. Studies in Ue’l c 0 ois: The Free Press, 195-T? :-cKim. Randolph H. The N%merical Strength of the Con- federate Ary, New...Frederick A. Praeger,7!58 X Preston, Richard A., & Wise, Sydney F. Men in Arms, New York: Praeger Publishers, 1976. Prucha, Francis Paul Broadax and Bayonet

  7. Hitler's hysterical blindness: fact or fiction? A cegueira histérica de Hitler: fato ou ficção?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Péricles Maranhão-Filho


    Full Text Available This article deals with a little known episode that occurred near the end of the Great War in a military reserve hospital located in the small town of Pasewalk, part of the distant region of Pomerania in northern Poland. The story is centered around the transient visual loss of a 29-year-old Austrian messenger of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. His name: Adolf Hitler.Este artigo trata de um episódio mal conhecido, ocorrido próximo ao final da Primeira Grande Guerra, em um hospital militar da reserva, situado na pequena cidade de Pasewalk, na distante região da Pomerania ao norte da Polônia. No centro desta história, a perda visual transitória de um cabo austríaco de 29 anos, mensageiro do 16º Regimento Bávaro de Infantaria. Seu nome: Adolf Hitler.

  8. Forty-Sixth Indiana Regiment: A Tactical Analysis of Amphibious Operations and Major Combat Engagements during the American Civil War (United States)


    Carrion Crow Bayou. 161Bernard F. Schermerhorn, letter to wife, 9 November 1863, Bernard Schermerhorn Papers, 1862-1864, Indiana Historical Society...Burbridge’s Division and a portion of the XIX Army Corps. The camp was located at Carrion Crow Bayou, three miles to the rear of Burbridge’s headquarters

  9. Progress of the Regiment: A Framework for Understanding Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage (United States)


    recruits who enlist in -. la against parental wishes, because of patriotic rhetoric. Both are prone to romantic "self- 4 dramatization" (Webster 286...have been thoroughly familiar with" (61). Wertheim contends that Crane "originally conceived of Th Red., dm as an outgrowth of this genre " [of...drawing not from a single source, but from a genre of narratives which showed the experiences of a Civil War recruit. Pizer agrees, observing that the

  10. History of the 4th Battalion, 37th Armored Regiment in Operation Desert Shield/Storm. Volume 1 (United States)


    together simultaneously— pucker factor. ’ LTC Marl in in MOPP 4 on the night of 17 January in Warehouse 18. 141 I was more upset about the timing...Marlin called and told the commanders there was a delay. The new LD time was now 1500 hours. Emotions were running high. The " pucker factor" grabbed us...approximately one hundred meters behind the lead tanks and "riding the seam " between B and C Cos. As we moved forward, B Co, to our right, maintained

  11. Organizational Leadership in Crisis: The 31st Regimental Combat Team at Chosin Reservoir, Korea, 24 November-2 December 1950 (United States)


    Collection, USAMHI, Carlisle, PA, 2. 3Martin Russ, Breakout: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea, 1950 (New York: Fromm International, 1999), 84...War. New York: Macmillan Company, 1963. Goulden, Joseph C. Korea: The Untold Story of the War. New York: Times Books, 2002. Hammel, Eric . Chosin...Breakout: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea, 1950. New York: Fromm International, 1999. Simpkin, Richard. Race to the Swift: Thoughts on Twenty

  12. Dento-alveolar and maxillofacial injuries - a survey of knowledge of the regimental aid providers in the Israeli army. (United States)

    Levin, Liran; Lin, Shaul; Emodi, Omri; Gordon, Moshe; Peled, Micha


    The present study evaluated the knowledge of physicians and emergency medical technicians (EMT) regarding primary treatment for oral and maxillofacial trauma and assessed the experience they have in treating oral and maxillofacial injuries. The study population consisted of 80 military physicians and EMT during their military service. A questionnaire was distributed relating to demographic data such as age, gender, position, and type of military service, as well as past experience in treating or witnessing oral and maxillofacial trauma, former education regarding diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial trauma, assessment of knowledge regarding oral and maxillofacial trauma, etc. The questionnaire was answered by 76 participants (95% response rate): 32 physicians and 44 EMT. Only 17 (22.4%) received education regarding oral and maxillofacial trauma (eight physicians, 25% and nine EMT, 20.5%). Nevertheless, 23 (30.3%) reported witnessing such an injury during their military service. Oral and maxillofacial injuries were first seen by the EMT in 43.4% of the cases, a physician in 23.7%, and a dentist in only 9.2%. Overall, 66 (86.8%) of the physicians and EMT stated that it was important to educate the primary health care providers regarding diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial trauma. Special emphasis should be given to providing primary caregivers with the relevant education to improve their knowledge and ability of dealing with diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial trauma.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Cornwell


    Full Text Available In December 1941 as 'Crusader' ground to a halt, Auchinleck was already being pushed by his political masters in London to consider the complete eviction of Axis forces from North Africa. Various plans had been mooted by Churchill, who for some time past had exhorted his generals to provide a convincing victory in the one theatre where British land forces were at grips with the enemy. Operations had been suggested in which the Allies would land in French North West Africa and drive simultaneously from there and from Cyrenaica towards Tripoli. With Rommel out of Africa a start could be made with the removal of Italy from the armed camp of the Axis and the Mediterranean might be opened to Allied shipping once more.

  14. History of the 4th Battalion, 37th Armored Regiment in Operation Desert Shield/Storm. Volume 2 (United States)


    pews of the church were the tanks and the desert sand. I even used the field altar this morning. The parament was Pentecost red, but here we make do with...Kansas. Finally, we asked God for healing in the Mideast. After our prayers, we shared Holy Communion together. With over six hundred soldiers in the

  15. Measurement and Analysis of Soldiers’ Value Systems Change during Infantry Initial Entry Training. (United States)


    Description A noted communication author, David Berlo (1960), viewed communi- cation as a dynamic process of continuous interaction. In this per- spective... Berlo , David D. The Process of Communication. New York: Holt, Rhinehart and Winston, 1960. Davis, Sheldon A. and Tannenbaum, Robert. "Values, Men...Research 21 (February 1981): 29-35. Cherrington, David . Quoted in "Manager’s Example Called Key to Good Work Values". Chicago Tribune, 22 August 1982

  16. Games for Training: Leveraging Commercial Off the Shelf Multiplayer Gaming Software for Infantry Squad Collective Training (United States)


    OF SOFTWARE TRAINING METHOLOGY ..................39 1. Introduction...CA xvi NTC National Training Center, Ft Irwin, CA OC Observer /Controller OPFOR Opposing Force OPORD Operation Order PC Personal...of the experiment, we deployed to the live fire field site with both the test and control squads to observe qualitative data on the unit’s

  17. Occupational History of the 24th Infantry Division for February 1946 (United States)


    8217 V I 1 Q,4 Z-/ S CALE -. LSO TJL T.SN JAPAT 1, l 000, 000 PA T I .0r Ic. locI , lll ,_^.j, *’^^**^,/ -, ,"’ A- . ..o IN-. 44, r i 4 7. Nr- .. , 7...Repatriation.;- . . * - . , ’ * V. G-4 ACTIVITIES Supply . ..... .· · · · · · · Housing .. . . . . . . . . VI. INFORIMATION AND EDUCAION ...Ro G, Gard, I and E ’Officer GQ, AF PAC, and. iajor Dean 9 I and E Officer9 - 26- Army Educaion Piorra.m Headquarters I Cor-s, visited the Division to

  18. Factors limiting endurance of armor, artillery, and infantry units under simulated NBC conditions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rauch, T.M.; Tharion, W.J.; Banderet, L.E.; Lussier, A.R.


    The war of the future will require 72-hour operations in environments contaminated with nuclear/biological/chemical (NBC) agents. The 1985 P2NBC2 (Physiological and Psychological Effects of NBC and Extended Operations on Combined Arms Crews) Program assessed soldier endurance and performance under simulated NBC conditions. A total of 175 soldiers were observed during four tests differing in design, site, climatic conditions, and performance demands. In all but one of the iterations where the full chemical-protective ensemble (MOPP 4) was used without cooling, soldier endurance fell far short of the projected requirement. Psychological data were analyzed to determine which factors were associated with the incidence of casualties. The findings showed that perceived intensity of symptoms resembling the hyperventilation syndrome was significantly greater in soldiers classified as Casualties. Five of these symptoms (painful breathing, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, headache, and nausea) showed Casualty-Survivor differences in all tests. Symptom intensity was attributed to two factors. (1) External conditions. Thermal stress exacerbated the five basic symptoms, induced others (tetany and paresthesia), and decreased endurance. Periodic relief from respirator use attenuated these symptoms and enhanced endurance. (2) Individual differences. Significant Casualty-Survivor differences in anxiety, depression, and cognitive strategy scores indicated that perception of hyperventilation symptoms and endurance were related to personality variables. Hyperventilation symptoms could incapacitate the soldier or induce removal of the protective mask under actual chemical attack.

  19. An Analysis of Unit Cohesion in the 42nd Alabama Infantry (United States)


    83 Kennesaw Mountain ............................................................................. 84 Ezra Church...93 28. Battle of Ezra Church .............................................................................. 94 29. Defenses of Mobile...emplaced one 8-inch Columbiad and two 20- pound Parrotts to command the Yazoo River. The 8-inch Columbiad was manned by two officers and twenty men of

  20. Psychological, Social and Attitudinal Variables Associated with Infantry Combat Effectiveness and their Relation to Women (United States)


    Dahomy to a minor power [Ref. 4]. The Soviet Union has probably had the most experience with female combatants in the 20th century . A female battalion...significantly higher.2 Also femin - inity3 as measured by the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) and the California Personality Inventory (CPI) L...Q. Thomas, 1971.- 29. Tyler, L. E., The Pszchology cf Human Differences., p. 251, Appleton- Century -Crofts. 30. Hare, A. P,# Handbook of Small Group

  1. Infantry Weapons Test Methodology Study. Volume 3. Light Machine Gun Test Methodology (United States)


    additional target array. These are described in .the following section. 5.- RANGE CONCEPTS 1 (a) Firing Positions - The defense tesi facility currently...coincides or nearly coin- ground to low ground, and when firing cides with the long axis of the target. into abruptly rising ground. This type of fire is

  2. Method of Estimating the Principal Characteristics of an Infantry Fighting Vehicle from Basic Performance Requirements (United States)


    19 5. Weight of Power Plant and Drivetrain Components...25 6. Volume of Drivetrain Components ...........................................................................31 7. Volume and Weight...Allocations for Power Plant, Drivetrain , and Fuel ...................33 8. Weight of Turret

  3. 2011 International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms Systems Symposium, Exhibition and Firing Demonstration (United States)


    one in the weapon, 8 carried  Currently using 28 rounds; 7 mags – one in the weapon, 6 carried Having the extra firepower of a semiautomatic ... semiautomatic “grenade launcher” – yeah, I would go with that for every section if possible. – 1LT Featherman 12 XM 25 Capability Assessment  “I believe...Specific Grades . • Burn Through Experienced Throughout All Efforts • Early Studies (1950-1956) Isolated & Identified One (1) Specific Alloy Grade

  4. Hunting The Ghost Gun: An Analysis Of The U.S. Army Infantry Rifle (United States)


    more than counteract the beneficial effect of any semiautomatic rifle” (Canfield, 2009, p. 6). In his letter, MacArthur also mentions utilizing the...overall weapon weight. The design called for construction using lighter materials such as polymers and aircraft grade aluminum. The M16’s polymer

  5. French and English Equality of Language Status in the Officer Corps of the Canadian Infantry (United States)


    Director of Land Personal Office (DLP 6). Her passion for the integration of the two official languages into the Canadian Forces sets quite an example in...vous eu l’occasion de travailler dans votre langue seconde durant votre carrière? Si oui, pendant combien de temps et

  6. Assessment of Physical Activity Intensity during Infantry Combat-Simulated Operations (United States)


    oxygen consumption (V02 ), we chose to measure continuous heartrate (HR) as an indicator of energy cost. When exercise can be carefully controlled, such...exercise prescription. American College of Sports Medicine pp. 15-16, 1975. 9. Karvonen,M., K. Kentala and 0. Mustala. The effects of training heartrate

  7. Increasing Small Arms Lethality in Afghanistan Taking Back the Infantry Half-Kilometer (United States)


    John A. Malinowski , and Robert E. Bowen. "Bullet Fragmentation: A Major Cause of Tissue Disruption." JTrauma, 1984: 35-39. 67 Initial muzzle...Fackler, Martin L, M.D., M.A. John S. Surinchak, B.S. John A. Malinowski , and Robert E. Bowen. "Bullet Fragmentation: A Major Cause of Tissue

  8. The Effects of Degraded Vision and Automatic Combat Identification Reliability on Infantry Friendly Fire Engagements


    Kogler, Timothy Michael


    Fratricide is one of the most devastating consequences of any military conflict. Target identification failures have been identified as the last link in a chain of mistakes that can lead to fratricide. Other links include weapon and equipment malfunctions, command, control, and communication failures, navigation failures, fire discipline failures, and situation awareness failures. This research examined the effects of degraded vision and combat identification reliability on the time-stress...

  9. A Field Study of Performance Among Embarked Infantry Personnel Exposed to Waterborne Motion (United States)


    living, the dead, and the seasick. Archimedes , 250 B.C. Seasickness, airsickness, and carsickness, all variants of motion sickness, have...visual, proprioceptive and vestibular systems is inherent to any discussion on the motion sickness. The principle components of the visual system are the...physical tasks. With Archimedes ’ quote, there is little doubt that he was commenting on the feeling of remarkable dread experienced by those

  10. Spinal epidural abscess with a rapid course in young healthy infantry recruits with multiple skin lacerations. (United States)

    Honig, Asaf; Or, Omer; Barzilay, Yair; Fraifeld, Shifra; Pikkel, Yoav Y; Eliahou, Ruth; Cohen, José E; Itshayek, Eyal


    In recent years, there has been high prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) infection among soldiers in the Israeli military, with devastating sequelae in several cases. Emergency department physicians have developed a high level of suspicion for spinal epidural abscess (SEA) in patients presenting known risk factors; however, SEA is a particularly elusive diagnosis in young healthy adults with no history of drug abuse. We review three cases of SEA secondary to methicillin-sensitive S. aureus (MSSA) infection in young healthy soldiers without known risk factors. We retrospectively reviewed clinical files of soldiers treated at our Medical Center from 2004-2015 to identify patients diagnosed with SEA. Those aged less than 30years with no history of intravenous drug use, spine surgery or spine trauma were included in the study. Three young army recruits met the inclusion criteria. These young men developed SEA through extension of MSSA infection to proximal skin and soft tissue from impetigo secondary to skin scratches sustained during "basic" training. All presented with mild nuchal rigidity and severe persistent unremitting lancinating radicular pain. Although healthy at baseline, they had a severe, rapidly progressive course. Following urgent surgery, two patients recovered after rehabilitation; one remained with paraparesis at late follow-up. Neurological deficits and systemic evidence of S. aureus infection progressed rapidly in these young healthy SEA patients with no history of drug abuse, emphasizing the critical role of timely MRI, diagnosis, and surgery.

  11. Of Tank and Infantry: Lessons of Heavy-Light Integration Learned, Forgotten and Relearned (United States)


    combined arms we can look to Market Garden, September 1944, when self pro- pelled guns stopped the 82nd 400 yards short at the Nijmegen Bridge. At Arnheim ... Arnheim ," Armor, Mar-Apr 1955, pp. 36-37. 47. Scott R. McMichael, A Historical Perspective on the Light Divisions, CSI No. 6, p. 13. 48. T. R. Fehrenbach...Airborne at Arnheim ." Military Review, Dec 1954, pp. 31-38. Cawthon, C. R. "Plan Beyond the Assault." Army, Dec 1958, pp. 28-34. Clark, Lyman H

  12. Tactical Implications of the M2 Equipped, J-Series Mechanized Infantry Battalion Dismount Strength, (United States)


    f onuct In\\,g the recornnaiss-ance an tost acl e reutO I ef~cr ’𔃻a’-t tactical offensive success. The battalion task force -T le ris extemely...These misions are an~hetcait- successful mechanlZed operations. Th’ese are mrsnr~ s’u te d fcor r e guIa r, manripow"e r rath[ e r tL.h an w e a pon sy st

  13. Overmatch: Enabling the Infantry Rifle Squad as the Foundation of the Decisive Force (United States)


    ridgeline, carrying in excess of fifty pounds of equipment, for three miles. Montcastle noted the terrain in northwestern Afghanistan was so treacherous ...development of the human dimension. As then-President Eisenhower wrote in a letter to Joseph L. Collins , “There has been much talk of air and sea

  14. International Infantry and Joint Services Small Arms Systems Symposium, Exhibition and Firing Demonstration (United States)


    Professional Service Awards Recipient: Mr. Volker Kurtz Presented by: Mr. Jim Schatz and Mr. Charles Buxton Small armS conference agenDa...NDIA Professional Service Awards Recipient: Mr. Volker Kurtz Presented by: Mr. Jim Schatz and Mr. Charles Buxton small arms...temperature stability • Supersonic past 1,000 yards, etc. • Federal Cartridge has over 25 years experience with Gold Medal brand of match ammunition MK

  15. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Game-Based Training: A Controlled Study with Dismounted Infantry Teams (United States)


    environment, their execution uses very different skills than those used in the live environment (e.g., using a keystroke to reload a weapon as...Australia (BIA). VBS2 provides a dynamic virtual environment that allows users to participate in training scenarios (or ‘missions’) from a first...casualties can be achieved with a single keystroke , therefore it is not comparable with the live environment. Movement Aggressive The aggression of

  16. Combat Policing: The Application of Selected Law Enforcement Techniques to Enhance Infantry Operations (United States)


    from the soda cans filled with plastic explosives he encountered in February 2004, during the early months of the insurgency. The IEDs of December...scratches on bullet fragments found by both Marines and surgeons , and iris scans obtained at checkpoints are all elements of intelligence data which can...Police in War: Fighting Insurgency, Terrorism and Violent Crime. Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc., 2010. Blaine, Barney B. “ Mexican Drug

  17. Mortain. Defensive, Deliberate Defense, 30th Infantry Division, 9-13 August 1944 (United States)


    Berchestgaden, Hitler removed Rundstedt from omand and replaced him with von Kluge. This change was brought on by Rundstedt’s tart reply to the high oommandIa...Pursuit, p. � 2𔃾. David Irvingo Hitler’s War, (New York, 1977), p. 685. 25. Weig~ley, Eisenhower’s Lieutenants, p. 192. 3WfSJQ$ SECTION 3 THE...American Strategy in World War II: a Reconsideration. Westport, Connecticut, 1963. Irving, David . Hitler’s War. New York, 1977. Keegan, John. Six Armies

  18. Universal Infantry Weapons Trainer (UIWT). Volume 1. M-16 Rifle Model. (United States)


    source used in the system is a semiconductor, gallium arsenide laser. The laser is collimated by a simple plano convex lens. The laser is attached where...UfSATSOATA LITE~tlY ’%.CH’, /s PIF#, 3-48 OF 80/2P MAUAL U5MRTSSTATUS LITERALLY 6ED9’, /* PiE 3-44 *./ EcC LITERALLY ’±R; /* AS(I I "EsCFm * ZERO LITERALLY...H EI E CHIP CT 9026 15 1 EN I E6t E EXTEIEI INTEPRUPTS 41? A 2 WRIT: NOY R,R2 ,GET PIE STATUS *218 627 93 JZ WRIT ,IF 0lJETE ENPTY NO ACTION 𔄁 𔄂

  19. Closing the Inter-Agency Gap: Role of the Marine Infantry Battalion on the Future Battlefield (United States)


    reconnaissance, and other technological advantages. 1 Due to the effects of world demographic trends, globalization, a growing technological gap , and...complexity to the ------ba~l~~~-~------------------------------------------------------------------ The technological gap between the United States and

  20. History of the Army Ground Forces. Study Number 12. The Building and Training of Infantry Divisions (United States)


    coenande.s, for the March divi- sions, was the subject of a pungent letter from 1eeral ’arshall to General Lear in xhich The Chief of Staff said: "I have...sight, sound, and sensation of battle,". and to train him "tp act calmly with sound judgent regardless of noise, confusion, and surprise," The

  1. Battle Analysis, Yongsan, Rear Area Operations (24th Infantry Division 11-13 August 1950), (United States)


    HAFEMAN. At 0900 hours, 13 August 1950, TF HAFEMAN was dissolved. After a valient effort in combat roles, the combat service support soldiers of TF...defense role for TF HAFEMAN. At 0900 hours, 13 August 1950, TF HAFEMAN was dissolved. After a valient effort in combat roles, the combat service support...This operation ended the rear area defense role for TF HAFEMAN. At 0900 hours, 13 August 1950, TF HAFEMAN was dissolved. After a valient effort in

  2. Pengembangan Rancangan Nozzle Waterjet untuk Meningkatkan Kecepatan Renang pada Tank BMP-3F (Infantry Fighting Vehicle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rozzaqi Anata


    Full Text Available Negara Kepulauan Republik Indonesia (NKRI memiliki wilayah  perairan yang luas, sehingga pertahanan negara di sektor perairan menjadi lebih dirapatkan. Strategi yang dibentuk adalah dengan memproduksi dan membeli kendaraan tempur. Salah satu kendaraan yang dibeli adalah tank amphibi BMP-3F buatan rusia. Kendaraan tank ini ketika dioperasikan di perairan hanya mencapai kecepatan 10 km/h, oleh karena itu akan dilakukan pengembangan perancangan nozzle waterjet untuk dapat meningkatkan kecepatan renang dari tank BMP-3F. Sehingga dilakukan beberapa modifikasi dari variasi nozzle yang akan dianalisa menggunakan SolidWorks yakni variasi diameter nozzle dari kondisi awal 140 mm hingga menjadi 110 mm, serta perbedaan sudut nozzle yang nantinya akan membentuk cone, dari 10 hingga 40, serta penambahan ulir pada sisi outlet water jet. Dari hasil analisa data dan perhitungan diperoleh untuk hasil thrust tertinggi dengan bentuk nozzle cone variasi 40 menghasilkan thrust sebesar 146,347 kN dengan kecepatan renang meningkat sebesar 89% dari kecepatan awal yakni menjadi 10,017 knot pada saat thrust deduction factor sebesar 0,3076.

  3. Implications of Women in the Infantry: Will This Improve Combat Efficiency? (United States)

    2013-04-22 for-the-front-line.html. 38 Lolita Baldor , “Death Highlights Women’s Role In...Argument Against Female Combatants,” 248. 110 Lolita Baldor , “Women In Combat: Panetta Says It Will Strengthen U.S. Military,”, last...Evidence that Women Should Not Fight the Nation’s Wars, 100. 115 Tuten, “The Argument Against Female Combatants,” 252. 116 Lolita Baldor , “Panetta

  4. Preliminary Inventories: Vietnam War Collection, 23rd Infantry (Americal) Division, 1967-1971. (United States)


    UISISICA.. A C3OI: heise records were procels- d Tsr offer to the nationat Archivem for permsel eccessiouin of * seeded retention in the retired records...2742 4. REco~ .C0u06 5it13 MV BY fe.fe ad US.) 5 _ _ D A T A A dd a m AC9211" NUMUS. A5P05g=5L~wnmQwuwwaog mi as I’T mIADES (m IL) U&5I mango 6.ddes...IG Invest Files (NY LAI Files) N 224-02 1968 bpa ma- ft"MrIs bp Ot11A Coplt ad seed orgls ad 4n. gf SI. bar I te epopeI Fa-ld bm Cm I | A; RECORD

  5. The Marine Corps’ Infantry Selection and Assignment Process: Is it Ready for Gender Neutrality? (United States)


    WONM MARV=E 01 P308.Un AND AMNUDIBkTWHM 9w03. 9.05 02 vals"OKS 4 0.12 03 04 LOEM22 0.70 1.U4 13 BOMm AM SMoMMPARY 31 aŝ 0.37 14 =AFMI%~ URVEVG, AND...34Affirmative Action and Combat Exclusion: Gender Roles in the U.S. Army," Parameters, December 1989. 110 Howes, Ruth, and Stevenson, Michael , Women and

  6. Army Instructors’ Use of Mobile Devices in the Infantry Advanced Leaders Course (United States)


    documents, and not very often. Participants without a smartphone did have cell phones. Four participants owned a tablet device. Instructors...given that most had experience with smartphones . However, due to the relatively small size of the tablet , some instructors were frustrated with...accessing networks during classroom training. Any device intended to supplement or replace these laptops (i.e., a mobile device or tablet ) must be

  7. Task Force Smith and the 24th Infantry Division in Korea, July 1950 (United States)


    meal and that the NKPA would run at first sight of American soldiers. The operational approach and the operational art of the commanders and staffs of...1 EIGHTH ARMY IN JAPAN - MANNING...4 EIGHTH ARMY IN JAPAN - EQUIPMENT...............................................................................................9

  8. «A Monstrous Regiment of Women»: nascite mostruose come stigma del dissenso religioso delle donne negli anni delle guerre civili inglesi (1642-1652

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luca Baratta


    Full Text Available Il presente lavoro prende in esame quattro resoconti di nascite di esseri umani con malformazioni congenite pubblicati a Londra tra il 1642 e 1652. Messi in circolazione dalla stampa nel frastagliato quadro del conflitto tra Carlo I e il Parlamento, e più nello specifico negli anni in cui non si era ancora del tutto spenta la polemica sulla chiesa riformata, i quattro pamphlet sono accomunati dalla medesima lettura della nascita mostruosa, vista come esito di una qualche forma di dissenso religioso da parte delle madri protagoniste. La colpevolizzazione delle donne non era un fenomeno nuovo: già nei decenni precedenti alle guerre civili, le narrazioni di nascite mostruose avevano frequentemente messo in luce negativa le donne, spesso attraverso il sillogismo per cui la nascita di un figlio deforme dichiarava una colpa segreta della genitrice. La novità dei documenti che raccontarono le cosiddette monstrous births negli anni 1642-1652 fu di appuntare il proprio stigma su una colpa materna che non era più di tipo sessuale, o più in generale morale: la propaganda religiosa e politica strumentalizzò i parti di bambini deformi, interpretandoli come punizioni divine per il dissenso religioso manifestato dalle loro madri.

  9. Regimental Combat Team One in Afghanistan: A Case Study into the Organization and Operation of a Tactical Level C-IED Cell (United States)


    Clearance Vehicles WTI IED Lexicon CEXC EOD Operations IED Components JEFF Robots IED Reporting Requirments JPEC Road Repair Operations Biometrics...Penetrating Radar WTI /WIT C-IED Battle Rhythm Threat Financing Dismounted Movement Emerging Technologies Unmanned Ground Sensors STO Programs ACCM...progress. Weapons Technical Intelligence ( WTI ): As the Marine Corps C-IED doctrine states, “ WTI provides critical forensics to identify adversary

  10. Total Force Training: A Study of Company-Level Commanders’ Training in Armored Cavalry Regiments in the Army National Guard. (United States)


    cc4rPe-7nsate for th e rnw Shrte-rr gcst-,7cbil1zation training tirrn-. The ircreased ’~Intensity of interest" In the readiness of1 thea kNG hivs causeLd... suplemental missions. %- . A 4 -’. -’.- - _ ~ .’ v .,., I The missions listed In Chart 3 are the standard tactical missions (less the supplemental

  11. Integration of Female Pilots in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) - A Culture Already Set-Up for Success (United States)


    Level ( EBL ), comes closer to the core of an organization’s culture. The EBL comprises the “beliefs and ethical rules … (that) are explicitly...articulated, (and) they serve the normative… function of guiding members of the group … in training new members how to behave.” 17 The EBL is where an

  12. The Challenges in Training of the Mechanized Infantry Units of the Republic of Korea Army in Transitioning from the Armored Personnel Carrier (K200) to Infantry Fighting Vehicle (K21) (United States)


    Under CAMB, recall , nothing changes at line company level. (Bernier 1988, 17) Theses and Monographs The U.S. Army War College and U.S. Army Command...makes safe water operations possible by using an inflating airbag and trim-vane; moreover, the K21 IFV can fire its stabilized main gun even when...floating screen) Amphibious with preparation (inflatable airbag and trim-vane) Trench 2.54m 2.5m Vertical obstacle 0.914m 0.8m NBC system Yes

  13. The effects of anxiety and exercise-induced fatigue on shooting accuracy and cognitive performance in infantry soldiers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nibbeling, N.; Oudejans, R.R.D.; Ubink, E.M.; Daanen, H.A.M.


    Operational performance in military settings involves physical and mental skills that are generally investigated separately in lab settings, leading to reduced ecological validity. Therefore, we investigated the effects of anxiety and exercise-induced fatigue, separately and in combination, on cogni

  14. The Effect of Personnel Stability on Marine Corps Readiness: Are Infantry Battalions Ready to Respond to Future Conflicts? (United States)


    the iceberg of potential topics for further research on readiness. 95 An extension of this research includes an expansion of the unit group...2015, from https://tfdw- Van Riper, P. (2013). An introduction to system theory and decision making [Lecture notes]. Retrieved

  15. Tactical Decision Making: A Proposed Evaluation Criteria Model for the Infantry Battalion’s Tactical Estimate during Offensive Operations (United States)


    Syatama Concapta. (Illinois: Richard D. Irwin, Inc., 1974), 233. ^Kerllng^r, 15. • Selltiz , 17. »Ibid., 6. *Ibid., 7. "Kerlinger, 18...8217-’ Selltiz , 18. »Ibid., 20. ’"’Ibid., 160. ’■Kerlinger, 13. ’- Selltiz , 38. ’ Ibid. , 48. ’-Kerlinger, 322-346. 175 ’’"Michael C. Ingram and Robert T...Rinehart and Winston, Inc., 1973. Selltiz , Claire. L. S. Wrightaan, and S. W. Cook. Research Methods In Social

  16. Social Psychological Exchange of Interpersonal Power and Obligation between U.S. Army Infantry Superordinates and Subordinates (United States)


    1965. c l ], pp. 267-299. Adorno , T. W., E. Prenkel-BrunswicJc, D, J. Levinson, auid R. N. Sanford. Tha An-hhnritarian Parpon^Htv...Neuropsychiatric Research Unit, 1962. Newcombe, Theodore M. Social Psychology. New Yorki Dryden Prefl«?, 1950. New York Tüne^. March 27

  17. Detection and Avoidance of Mines and Boobytraps in South Vietnam -- Training and Tactical Procedures of the 25th Infantry Division (United States)


    and here you have the safety pin . On the inside of the firing device you have the firing pin and firing pin spring. Now, let’s talk about the MLA1...This is the MLA1 firing device. The device itself is metal. On one end you have a safety pin and a trigger head. Right around the trigger head you...have a safety pin . Along with the devices you’ll get a three-pronged head that screws right into the top of the device. The M3 is a pull-release

  18. Evaluation of the Mountain Athlete Warrior (MAW) Program in a Light Infantry Brigade, March 2011 February 2012 (United States)


    nurse , doctor, physician assistant, athletic trainer, or physical therapist)? (Mark one.) O 1 Yes O 0 No 82. If yes, you received medical care ...of all seven FMS tests can be found in the two-part clinical commentary by Cook et al. (2006). 5.1.2 Pull-ups The pull-ups test was a measure ...was a measure of muscular power and balance. The Soldiers performed three consecutive jumps with the same leg, with each successive jump crossing

  19. 78 FR 50050 - Record of Decision for the Construction and Operation of an Infantry Platoon Battle Course at... (United States)


    ... engage targets with small arms, machine guns, and other weapon systems as part of live-fire exercises... IPBC that will meet Army training requirements and will support the live-fire collective training needs... munitions fire and constructing the IPBC here will reclaim a portion of the impact area. A copy of the...

  20. The Epidemiology of Physical Training Injuries in U.S. Army Infantry Trainees: Methodology, Population, and Risk Factors (United States)


    Taunton JE, Clement DB, McNicol K. Plantar fasciitis in runners. Can J Appl Sport Sci 7 (March)41-44 1982. 34. Williams AF. Personality and other...Formerly, Division of Surgery , Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington, DC Acknowledgements The authors gratefully acknowledge the...photographs were taken of the legs, with anatomical landmarks highlighted with markers. Four plane photographs (medial, plantar , anterior, and posterior

  1. An Assessment of a Friction Joint Concept for the Roadwheel Housing Attachment of the Composite Infantry Fighting Vehicle (United States)


    Johnson, William Haskell, and Gordon Parsons of MTL as well as Eric Weerth, Paul Para and Dr. Baramn Fatemi of FMC for their informative discussions...Commander, Defense Technical Information Center, Cameron Station, Building 5, 5010 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22304-6145 2 ATTN: DTIC-FOAC 1 MIAC/ CINDAS

  2. Evaluation of the Iron Horse Peformance Optimization Physical Training Program (IHPOP) in a Light Infantry Brigade, October 2010-April 2011 (United States)


    control performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 1998;30:1703-7. 43. Dickin D, Doan J. Postural stability in altered and can occur in two ways: 1) W hen strong sudden forces are applied to the body - these would include things like falling from a ladder, a n

  3. Breaching The Ramparts: The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division’s Capture Of Boulogne In World War Two (United States)


    Section Canadian Military Headquarters, “Operation Wellhit: Capture of Boulogne Fortress,” 4. 54 Roger Rowley, “The Attack on Boulogne,” Canadian...Leaf Against the Axis: Canada’s Second World War. Toronto: Stoddart, 1995. Bennett , Ralph. Ultra in the West: The Normandy Campaign, 1944-5. New...of Toronto Press, 2010. Rowley, Roger . “The Attack on Boulogne.” Canadian Military History 3, no. 2 (March 26, 2012): 76. Accessed October 5

  4. US Army Order of Battle 1919-1941. Volume 1. The Arms: Major Commands and Infantry Organizations, 1919-41 (United States)


    include Mr. Steven Brown, Mr. Ed Metz, Ms. Dorothy Rogers , Mr. Carl Fischer, Ms. Kathy Buker, Ms. Elizabeth Merrifield, and Ms. Pamela Kontowicz. The...never be available to Army historians and others. I also wish to thank General Gordon Sullivan, Mr. Roger Cirillo, and the Association of the United... Sperry , OK, in June 1924 and later reorganized as Headquarters Battery, 160th Field Artillery in June 1926. Another new 120th Ammunition Train was

  5. Detection and Avoidance of Mines and Boobytraps in South Vietnam -- Training and Tactical Procedures of the Americal Infantry Division (United States)


    ami Lcail». About the only thing you car. do when you first spot o!ie Is everybody just hit the ground because where you spot one there are quite...more. So, you spot one and you hit the ground. Normally the squad leader will be up there before the platoon leader or company commander gets there...You’ll find some mer; who have stumbled into four or five of them, and will never spot one . You make ammo bearers out of the men who can’t spot a

  6. The 91st Infantry in World War I -- Analysis of an AEF Division’s Efforts to Achieve Battlefield Success (United States)


    commander, Colonel John “Gatling Gun” Parker had previously written extensively on machine gun tactics during a previous conflict in Santiago, Cuba . This...fellow Soldiers were staying in hotels , eating and drinking, and trying to avoid the Military Police. They were eventually caught and put into

  7. Development of a Physical Employment Testing Battery for Infantry Soldiers: 11B Infantryman and 11C Infantryman-Indirect Fire (United States)


    From - To) December 20 I 5 Technical Report 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER Development of a Physical Employment Testing Battery of muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. While recruits in the U.S. Army are required to complete a mental aptitude...criterion tasks for these MOSs. Sit-up testing primarily assesses muscular endurance of the abdominals and hip flexors. While muscular endurance

  8. Detection and Avoidance of Mines and Boobytraps in South Vietnam -- Training and Tactical Procedures of the 9th Infantry Division (United States)


    They will use it for their own safety. When they get ready to move out, they will pick them up and throw them aside . Q. So you don’t often run into...paflteens, and a radio through the rice paddies all day, about 1300 to ll+OO, your alertness goes down. That includes me too. The phytical exertion of

  9. Re-forging the Iron Division: The Reconstitution of the 28th Infantry Division between the Huertgen and the Ardennes (United States)


    rounds falling short, and allied planes bombing friendly-held positions. Front-line battalions ran short of trained forward observers. Cannon Company of...the 110th Inf. Reg. to run it. The center included “two nice hotels with soft beds, sheets, hot baths , PX, a movie theater, and a real American girl

  10. Development of a Physical Employment Testing Battery for Infantry Soldiers: 11B Infantryman and 11C Infantryman - Indirect Fire (United States)


    INFANTRYMAN- INDIRECT FIRE Jan E. Redmond, Ph.D. Stephen A. Foulis, Ph.D. Peter N. Frykman, M.S. MAJ Bradley J. Warr, Ph.D., MPAS SPC...TOW Missile Launcher on BFV (Task 8) 43 1.9 Images of Move Under Direct Fire (Task 10) 44 1.10 Engage Targets with a .50 Caliber M2 Machine Gun...Task 12) 45 1.11 Image of Lay a Mortar- Emplace Base Plates (Task 13) 46 1.12 Image of Lay a Mortar- Emplace Cannon (Task 14) 47 1.13 Image of Fire a

  11. Tod der Płocker Bischöfe im Soldauer Konzentrationslager

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Waldemar Graczyk


    Full Text Available In September 1939 in Działdowo the Nazis established a transit camp for the war prisoners of the Polish September Campaign of 1939 in the former barracks of the 32 infantry regiment on Grunwaldzka Street. At the turn of 1939 and 1940 the police and the SS authorities in Königsberg transformed the Działdowo camp into the transit camp „Durchgangslager“. Priests imprisoned in the Działdowo camp from autumn 1939 to autumn 1941 constituted a special group of political prisoners. The archbishop Antoni Julian Nowowiejski and the bishop Leon Wetmański, Płock bishop suffragan, were brought to the Działdowo camp in 1941. The Płock bishops quickly became spiritual guides and the support for the prisoners in difficult moments of camp life. In order to prevent their contacts with the prisoners, the bishops were put in a separate cell number 12. They were subjected to different kinds of moral and physical torture, including the attempt to profane the cross. Difficult living conditions in the camp soon led to the death of the Płock priests: the archbishop Antoni Julian Nowowiejski died on 28 May 1941 and the bishop Leon Wetmański died on 10 October 1941. Apart from them, 47 priests and 1 seminarian lost their lives in the Działdowo camp in 1939–1945.

  12. The Militärgrenze from the battle of Solferino before the beginning of demilitarization: three views out of Russia (F. F. Tornau, N.I. Krasnov, B. Katalinich. Part II

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Artyom Y. Peretyatko


    Full Text Available The article is analyzed the materials of Russian periodical press in 1860. It is about the Militärgrenze and the project of organization of the Slavic rebellion in the Austrian Empire, developed by B. Katalinich. The author concludes that the authors of journal publications (N.P. Glinojecky, only Russian officer, who wrote regularly about Grenz infantry and M.I. Dragmirov, who was well-known military theorist is not considered Grenz regiments as a military settlement. They considered them as a part of the regular Austrian army and exaggerating their fighting efficiency. Special attention is paid to the project B. Katalinich, who was a junior officer in the four armies: Austrian, Mexican, Serbian and Russian. His project of the Slavic rebellion was very unreal, but the Minister of war D. A. Milyutin, the chief of Main staff F.L. Heiden and other top Russian officials expressed interest to him. The result of the study is the conclusion that the project of B. Katalinich could have some influence on the Russian-Austrian and Russian-Croatian relations in different conditions, but was proposed too late.

  13. Fiches pratiques: Nouvelles histoires de modes; Pour se faire une tartine; Le Texte litteraire: "Decouverte" de Guy de Maupassant; Un Regiment dans un nuage (Practical Ideas: New Approaches to Grammatical Mood; How to Make Oneself Bread and Jam; The Literary Text: "Discovered" by Guy de Maupassant; A Regiment in a Cloud). (United States)

    Saraceni, Luisa; And Others


    Four activities are offered for French second-language classroom use: an exercise to aid comprehension of indicative and subjunctive mood; a lesson in making bread and jam, designed for young children; a study of narration within a novel, using a Guy de Maupassant story; and an exercise in discourse analysis. (MSE)

  14. A Tarnished Eagle: Napoleon’s Winter Campaign in Poland, December 1806 through February 1807 (United States)


    Elisabethgrad Hussars Gordejov Cossacks 5th Division 6pdr Horse Battery Aide: Generalmajor Leontiev Sewsk Musketeer Regiment (w/ 6 guns) Kaluga Musketeer...Wing: General Tuchkov 5th Division: Generalmajor Leontiev Sewsk Musketeer Regiment Perm Musketeer Regiment Mohilev Musketeer Regiment 24th Jager

  15. A Situational-Awareness System For Networked Infantry Including An Accelerometer-Based Shot-Identification Algorithm For Direct-Fire Weapons (United States)


    Postgraduate School NW Nett Warrior Pub /Sub Publication and Subscribe Q-Comp Quaternion Complementary Q-grad Quaternion Gradient Descent RAM...With this approximation, the displacement is solvable. Additionally, the value of from (2.5) is substituted, yielding 0 0 1 ,A AC d d ε ε ε= = 0ε ε...Aε 1 0 1 AC C Cd x ε= = −∆ + 2 0 1 . AC C Cd x ε= = + ∆ − 2 1 2 22 2 .A xC C C d x ε− = ∆ = − 2 2 0.ACx x Cdε∆ + −∆ = Aε 16 (2.10) The

  16. Evaluation of Air Threat Motorized Infantry Division's Anti-airraid Operation%摩步师(团)反空袭作战空中威胁评估

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郝强; 冯立东; 龚旭



  17. Experimental Evaluation of Performance Feedback Using the Dismounted Infantry Virtual After Action Review System. Long Range Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology Program (United States)


    is experienced as the cognitive centers in an individual’s brain process visual, tactile, kinesthetic, olfactory, proprioceptive , and auditory...learning variable in motor skill acquisition. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport , 57, 170-173. McGeoch, G.O. (1931). Whole-part problem

  18. Demonstration/Validation of Hazardous Air Pollutant-Free Adhesive Replacement for Federal Specification MMM-A-121 on the Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle (United States)


    for use on MMM-A-121 requisite substrates, such as vulcanized rubber (styrene-butadiene rubber, neoprene , and nitrile) bonded to unpolished steel, in...adhesive (baseline) is designed for bonding vulcanized synthetic rubber gaskets, matting, and similar items to steel. It will adhere to neoprene ...aggressive bonds are required. Clifton E-1293 meets the requirements of MMM-A-121 and contains 50%–60% HAPs (7, 8). 3M Scotch-Weld* 1357 neoprene

  19. Risk Factors for Injury Associated with Low, Moderate, and High Mileage Road Marching in a U.S. Army Infantry Brigade (United States)


    DISTRIBUTION/AVAILABILITY STATEMENT TBD 13. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 14. ABSTRACT Road marching is an important physical training activity that represent approximately equal response categories. Reported durations of unit PT activities were grouped by half hour. Because there were... Gender Male 732 10% n/a >0.99 Female 4 0% 1.00 Height (feet and inches) ≤5’8” 232 11% 1.36(0.74-2.51) 0.33 5’9”-5’11” 264 10% 1.17(0.64-2.16) 0.61

  20. The Infantry Brigade Combat Team: The U.S. Army’s Premier Phase IV and Irregular Warfare Force for the 21st Century (United States)


    technology. They look at computer games and the internet as essential for a solid quality of life. This contrasts with how their parents look at the...difficult task and requires a special type of leader. However chock -full of great leaders the Army may be, few possess the intellectual background and

  1. An Analysis of the Contributing Factors to the Fiscal Year 1985 MCDOSET (Marine Corps Disbursing On-Site Examination Teams) Error Rates of the Marine Corps Infantry Battalion. (United States)


    RATXrE FiMgure 7. monetar Error Pate in Plation to the ’,u’ber of Additional Duties of the Personnel Officer. a൹ no relationship appears to exist...S x z zz z 00- - - .1 0 5 10 15 20 _25 30 35 40 MONETAR !Y ERROR R11ATE Figure 12. Monetary Error Rate in --,lation to the Number of MOS 0131

  2. Assessment of Cabin Dimensions to Accommodate Infantry Soldiers for the Future Vertical Lift/Joint Multi-Role Medium-Class Aircraft (United States)


    Soldier (small body size/60-mm assistant gunner) reported that his canteen had to be repositioned before he was 11 able to fit in the seat space, and...horizontal; problems putting javelin down—needed to wait to get up due to Javelin; canteen had to be repositioned; had to move squad automatic weapon to...39% Can’t move feet, but they fit. Worn gear that had to be repositioned for seating: Canteen pouch – Ammo pocket on left side Problems with stowage

  3. Proposed 9th Infantry Division Force Conversion; Maneuver Damage, Erosion and Natural Resources Assessment Fort Lewis, Washington. Volume 1: Main Text (United States)


    Sialia mexicana forests and open areas Oregon vesper sparrow, Under consideration Grasslands Pooecetes gramineus for State listing affinis Pacific...bance that increases edge. The nest box program on Fort Lewis is also beneficial. 161. Oregon vesper sparrow (Pooecetes gramineus affinis). This bird...Stinging nettle, creeping buttercup ( Ranunculus reens), and orchard grass are also present. This association is common on river terraces where the

  4. 农九师168团新生儿接种乙型肝炎疫苗的流行病学效果评价%Agricultural Ninth Division 168 Regiment Epidemiological Effect of Hepatitis B Vaccine in Infants

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    何兰芬; 戴立群


    Objective Epidemiological ef ect of hepatitis B vaccine immunization of newborns after evaluation.Methods Col ect the vaccinated population, each year new nursery inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine in children vaccinated children, col ected serum samples, detection of serum hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), anti -HBs, and the results were compared with the early inoculation. Results The hepatitis B vaccine in infants after the inoculation, before carrying rate from 11. 82% to 0.38%, Conclusion To hepatitis B vaccine in infants is an ef ective means to prevent and control the infection of hepatitis B virus.%目的评价新生儿接种乙型肝炎疫苗后的流行病学效果。方法收集接种人群,每年新入托接种乙肝疫苗的儿童,收集接种儿童血清标本,检测血清中乙型肝炎表面抗原(HBsAg)、抗-HBs,并与接种初期的检测结果进行比较。结果新生儿接种乙型肝炎疫苗后,由接种前携带率由11.82%降至0.38%。结论给新生儿接种乙型肝炎疫苗是预防和控制乙型肝炎病毒感染的有效手段。

  5. The Defense Colombian Sovereignty at the Guajira Peninsula, through the Integration of the Instruments of National Power (United States)


    Infantry Division HQ 11th Armoured Brigade 12th Caribes Brigade 13th Infantry Brigade 14th Mechanized Infantry Brigade 19th Western Air Defense...governments. Negotiations between countries and through international and multinational institutions like the UN, NATO, or UNASUR are included under ...intentions towards neighboring states, particularly against Colombia. This aggressive posture towards Colombia began under former Venezuelan president Hugo


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C.F. Aquadro


    Full Text Available In the interest of authenticity, editing has been kept to a bare minimum. This narrative thusappears in virtually its original form, as written in secret, under difficult conditions. Terminologyis often in the vernacular. Details of regiments, titles and place names may also have beenchanged in the interim. Editor.I was serving with the 4th Brigade, Signallers Company, in No. 1 Platoon attached to the U.M.R., Infantry of the 2nd SA Division, Garrison of Tobruk since March, 1942, until the 18th June, 1942, when Rommel made his last main assault on Tobruk, and the same day we were besieged, besieged for three days. On the 21st of June, our C.O. General Klopper of Tobruk surrendered to the Germans unconditionally. That Sunday morning of the 21st of June, we were ordered to destroy all the equipment we had, which we did thoroughly. At about 9 p.m. German Panzer Units rushed upon us, where we were holding a line on the central perimeter, and from there I was taken prisoner. I had a small valice packed with a change of clothing and shaving outfit, the remainder of my possessions I burnt. We were all lined up in three's about one thousand of us with not many German guards with automatic guns, and in the blistering heat we were marched from the perimeter to the aerodrome a distance of six miles. On this aerodome about 25 000 prisoners were massed including officers, everybody mixed. The same day each prisoner was issued with 1 WB. of water, 1 tin of our bully and two biscuits for the day. It is terribly hot and we have no shelter at all. We slept there in the open that night. 

  7. A Group Theoretic Tabu Search Methodology for Solving the Theater Distribution Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem (United States)


    Assignment Heurisitic for Vehicle Routing,” Networks: 11, 109-124 (1981). Fraleigh , John B. A First Course in Abstract Algebra, Addison-Wesley...Infantry Officer, and attended the Infantry Officer Basic Course and Ranger School. His first tour was with the 25th Infantry Division, Schofield...James Moore, for his guidance and support throughout the course of this research effort. I would also like to thank my committee members Dr. Barnes

  8. Cross-Cultural Food Consumption Behavior of Consumers in Fiji

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Karishma Kavita Devi; Gurmeet Singh; Rafia Naz; Kim-Shyan Fam


      Though there is a consensus that global food consumption globally is regimenting, it remains undefined whether the cultural stimuli inducing consumers' choices, preferences, and consumption patterns...

  9. History of the Field Artillery School. Volume 2. World War II (United States)


    167 Radar Team Training Course 168 Comments on the Air Training Program . . 169 Field Artillery Pilot Course .......... 177 Refresher Course on...Liaison Type Aircraft . . 182 Field Artillery Pilot Short Course ....... 183 Pilot Mechanic Course (Officers) ...... 184 Pilot Mechanic Course...U. S. infantry doctrine and employment of small infantry units; communication for the S-2; obse rvatlon; photointelligcnce, including stereovision

  10. Deciding What Has to Be Done: General William E. DePuy and the 1976 Edition of FM 100-5, Operations (Leavenworth Paper, Number 16) (United States)


    infantry brigades and acquired the Hispano- Suiza 30-a fighting vehicle, not a carrier-as the rifle squad’s transportation. General DePuy became...they had acquired an infantry fighting vehicle, the Marder, successor to the Hispano- Suiza 30, with which to execute the con- cept. This thorough

  11. Model Effectiveness as a Function of Personnel (ME = f(PER)) (United States)


    Department of the Army, Bully 19ea Vineberg, R., Human Factors in Tactical Nuclear Combat, HuudRO Technical Report 65-2, 1967 AD-647838 Walas , SFC W. Jr...Technical Memorandum 14-73, 1973 AD-769933 US Army Infantry School (USAIS) Walas , SFC W. Jr., Mechanized Infantry in a Smoke Environment: Independent

  12. The Influence of Strategic and Organizational Cultures on the Revolution in Military Affairs Within the U.S. Army (United States)


    rejected Army Chief of Staff Peyton C. March’s plan for “a peacetime complement of 509,000 men, in which the Philippine and Hawaiian departments would...the regular infantry for training. The doctrine for tank use remained wedded to the concepts (and speed) of infantry combat.”100 Airplane technology

  13. Comparison of Two Docetaxel Based Regiments with ECF as First Line Systemic Treatment for Advanced Gastric Carcinoma%两个含多西紫杉醇的化疗方案与ECF方案在晚期胃癌一线治疗中的比较

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马冬; 董秋美


    @@ 1 文献来源 Roth AD,Fazio N,Stupp R,et al.Docetaxel,Cisplatin,and Fluorouracil;Docetaxel and Cisplatin;and Epirubicin,Cisplatin,and Fluorouracil as systemic treatment for advanced gastric carcinoma:A randomized phase Ⅱ trial of the Swiss group for clinical cancer research[J].J Clin Oncol,2007,25(22):3217-3223.

  14. 2007 Pacific Operational Science and Technology Conference (United States)


    Infantry, 25th ID SFC Mario Miramontiz, USA, 1-21 Infantry, 25th ID SGM George Garcia , USA, 1-21 Infantry, 25th ID SMSgt John Anipe, USAF, 25th...Hooks S& Starnes Walker S& Roger McGinnis S& Lil Ramirez S& 38...Our S&T Partners Israel USA Sweden France Norway UK Germany Australia India Singapore Singapore Australia UK USFrance Defence Technology Office

  15. Monitoring the Effectiveness of the Wilson Reading System for Students with Disabilities: One District's Example (United States)

    Stebbins, Molly S.; Stormont, Melissa; Lembke, Erica S.; Wilson, David J.; Clippard, Dana


    The current study detailed the manner in which one school district monitored the effectiveness of the Wilson Reading System for students with disabilities who were experiencing difficulty with reading. Effectiveness was measured by growth in the reading skills that have been documented to be critical for successful readers. Twenty fourth- and…

  16. CSIR Annual report 1968

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)



    Full Text Available This report presents the twenty fourth annual report of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. The report covers the period from the 1st January, 1968, to the 31st December 1968. Balance sheets and statements of income and expenditure...

  17. Manpower and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT) and Network Integration Evaluation 13.2: Observations on Cognitive Load in Mission Command (United States)


    JCR [Joint Capability Release] from the point of view of the FSO [Fire Support Officer...IN Infantry JBC-P Joint Battle Command – Platform JCR Joint Capability Release MANPRINT Manpower and Personnel Integration NCW network-centric

  18. JPRS Report, West Europe, Reference Aid, Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations of Norway (United States)


    Ceramic Merchants Association NG&TF Norges Gymnastikk- og Turnforbund Norwegian Gymnastic and Tumbling Association NGU Norges Geologiske Unders...Election Alliance SV Sosialistisk Vensteparti Socialist Left Party sv. svensk Swedish SVI Skyte- og Vinterskolen for Infanteriet Infantry

  19. Changes in Organizational Leadership and the Behavior of Relationship- and Task-Motivated Leaders (United States)

    Bons, Paul M.; Fiedler, Fred E.


    This study, based on Fiedler's Contingency Model of Leadership Effectiveness, examines the effect of job rotation, succession, and reassignment of superiors on the behavior and performance of a sample of 115 infantry squad leaders. (Author)

  20. Gadsden, a Florida County in Word and Picture (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Company A of the Fourth Florida Infantry was mustered into Confederate service at Fort Mallory on St. Vincent's Island. Most of their first year of service was spent...

  1. Leveraging Embedded Training Systems to Build Higher Level Cognitive Skills in Warfighters (United States)


    rating scale includes descriptive phrases that serve as guidelines to raters when providing a score from 1 to 5. The descriptions help rates assess...International Journal of Aviation Psychology, 1994. 4(3): p. 241-264. 8. Strater, L.D., D.G. Jones, and M.R. Endsley, Analysis of infantry situation awareness...In 11th International Conference on HCI . 2005. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. 12. Kaber, D.B., et al. Assessing infantry soldier situation awareness

  2. History of the Army Ground Forces. Study Number 13. Activation and Early Training of ’D’ Division (United States)


    the nucleus of his division’s infantry cmponent. With them an& with Infantry School authorities, he disoussedl training methods, training literature ... literature sent by The Adjutant General. 2 2 During the next few days the framework of the division was set up by assigmnt of officer and enlisted cadre to...Roman history background, another who wrote mystery thrillers , and a third who had published a volume of poetry; a dozen or more news- paper men, three.of

  3. Guessing right for the next war: streamlining, pooling, and right-timing force design decisions for an environment of uncertainty (United States)


    36 John S. Brown , Draftee Division: The 88th Infantry Division in World War II (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1986) 151. 18 imposed...artillery, and sustainment support came in the form of support relationships. McGrath, The Brigade, 77-99. John Sloan Brown , Kevlar Legions: The... Brown , John Sloan. Draftee Division: The 88th Infantry Division in World War II. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2014. ______. Kevlar Legions

  4. The Battle of Vukovar: The Battle That Saved Croatia (United States)


    and the transmission positioned in the back of the tank; interview with Col. Milorad Vucic , commander of a JNA mechanized infantry brigade, conducted...interview with Colonel Milorad Vucic , commander of a JNA mechanized infantry brigade, conducted by Lieutenant General (Ret) Dušan Dozet, Lt. Col. Nikola...specialties, and we were forced to adapt them as soon as possible”, quoted from the interview with Col Vucic by Dozet, “Ti divni ljudi, mladi ratnici (2

  5. America’s Siberian Expedition 1918 - 1920 (United States)


    western front. Events in Siberia naturally aroused the Japanese. Their Interests In Manchuria would be Influenced by events in Siberia...the theater were located at Harbin , China and Omsk, Siberia. Primary among this group was Major Homer H. Slaughter who was with the Czech Forces In...become the scene of many problems for the 31st Infantry. Company B, 31st Infantry, was sent to Harbin , China where it would remain throughout

  6. Negative First-Term Outcomes Associated with Lower Extremity Injury During Recruit Training Among Female Marine Corps Graduates (United States)


    Infantry training and any specialized MOS training before matriculating into the Fleet Marine Force, up to 48 months of service. Failure to complete...Aptitude Battery: word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, arithmetic reason- ing, and mathematics knowledge.’" The raw scores are com- bined, weighted...graduation, and included School of Infantry training and any specialized military occupational (MOS) training before matriculating into the Fleet

  7. The Battle of Aschaffenburg: An Example of Late World War 2 Urban Combat in Europe (United States)


    briage still uncamageo over the river. Awaiting them on this Palm Sunday were the five thousand comnatants of Kamzfkommando Aschaffenbura (KKA) ana German...William Sanders (former Corporal , M/3/157th IR). conversation with author June 1985. U.S Army, 45th Infantry Division. "Operations of the 45tn infantry...of the few civilians left In the city and their military defenders. 7 Henderly, ’Operations of Company D." 12. According to jr- Force Comnat Units of

  8. Joint Command, Control and Communications: An Army Perspective (United States)


    positions along its supplemental landlocked borders. The • ’ • • • • • • • i Infantry Division is garrisoned within the Western Calmorn capital to...Counter Measures (ECM). To capitalize on these advancements, the Army has fielded the Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) as a...SMechanized Infantry MECH INF SArmored Recon (CAV) ARC ; Armored ArWlAery (Self AARTY (SP) ___Propelled)m SlgnaVCommo SIG ; Transportation TRANS Psycologi c

  9. The Maneuver Center of Excellence and its Support of the Brigade Combat Team (United States)


    Anthony J. Principi , recommended, among other things, the consolidation of the U.S. Army’s Armor and Infantry Centers and Schools at Fort Benning...areas like unit personnel management and administration , leadership, discipline and morale, logistics, maintenance, security, physical training...within the BCT (communications, supply, administration ) all attend the WLC side by side with Armor and Infantry to gain experience in small unit

  10. [Tadeusz Tucholski (1898-1940). A contribution to the scientific biography]. (United States)

    Tucholska-Załuska, Hanna


    Assistant professor Tadeusz Tucholski Ph.D., murdered in Katyń, was one of the most outstanding representatives of the younger generation of Polish physical chemist scholars of the interwar period. He published over 30 scientific papers in the field of physical and chemical properties of explosions, kinetics and catalysis and also toxicology and forensics. Thesere searches were partly performed at the University of Poznań, in the period 1926-1939, at the Faculty of Medicine of the Department of Physics where Tucholski was employed as a senior assistant and was the closest associate of professor S. Kalandyk, partly at the Department of Forensic Medicine headed by professor S. Horoszkiewicz in the chemical-toxicological laboratory which Tucholski ranin the years 1931-1939, partly at the Warsaw University of Technology in the Department of Explosives Technology of the Faculty of Chemistry headed by professor T. Urbański, where he had been lecturing "On the latest theories of explosives" since 1937 and in 1934-35 in Cambridge, as a teaching fellow of the National Culture Fund, in Colloid Science Laboratory headed by professor E.K. Rideal. In 1903 Tucholski moved with his parents to Zabaykalye, in 1911--to Brazil. He returned to Poland in 1920, joined the Polish Army and with the 14th Polish Medium Regiment fought on the fronts of the Polish-Bolshevik War. He was drafted to the School of Pyrotechnics Foremen at Corps District Command number VII (Poznań). After graduating, Tucholski remained on active duty as a professional pyrotechnic: from 1921 to 1929 he was appointed the head of the Laboratory of Chemical and Pyrotechnic Ammunition Workshop No. 2 in Poznań and as an inspector of magazines of explosives. In 1927 he was transferred to the reserves, in 1932 after having graduated from the Officer Cadet School in Jarocin, Tucholski was appointed a second lieutenant in the Army Reserve, and later moved from the officers infantry corpsto the army ordnance corps. As


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    BA LLB (University of Cape Town) MCL (International Islamic University, Malaysia. ... equality and freedom because essentially, human rights law must serve the .... human tissue, euthanasia techniques, computerized regimentation of society ...

  12. Orwell. (United States)

    Ohanian, Susan


    "1984" and other works by George Orwell contain messages that are pertinent to teaching. Orwell left a teaching career for other work; his comments on teaching, rote learning, regimentation, and literature are discussed. (PP)

  13. Dance as Experience: Pragmatism and Classical Ballet

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jean Van Delinder


    ... life, and the necessity of removing any limitations that prevent it from occurring. How can a regimented, formalized dance form such as classical ballet create a consummatory experience for the artist...

  14. IJ.~~TINUNI."'O 8M

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    women. After the South West African Campaign the University again answered the call when troops were ... search of volunteers who would be trained as ... men was appreciated. Students were .... and in the deployment exercise the regiment.

  15. south africa

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A combination of the courses would increase promotion possibilities and ... tain to be schooled under the auspices of the Ad- miralty at the ... ledge of the tactical employment of a Regiment .... Armour, Aviation, Physical Training and Equitation.

  16. Literature Review on Systems of Systems (SoS): A Methodology With Preliminary Results (United States)


    Operations (including counter-insurgency [COIN] activity) in conflict and postconflict environments (including preventive deployment, postintervention...battalions or armored regiments), while their civilian equivalents are reconstruction “groups.” Finally, the level of unit granularity within the OG

  17. Impact of Battalion and Smaller African-American Combat Units on Integration of the U.S. Army in the European Theater of Operations During World War II (United States)


    Beginning of Something Beautiful ........................................................................ 82 Discrimination and Humiliation Home and...shall be no discrimination based on race, color, or creed. All officers of the regiment use the same messes, sleeping accommodations, and bathhouses...

  18. Prevalence of exchange blood transfusion in severe hyper ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Nov 9, 2015 ... especially pregnant women on early recognition and referral to ..... pant interruption of power supply leading to ineffective phototherapy regiment ... medical care was usually out of pocket expenses,9 such a lack of fund lead to ...

  19. Clinical observation of docetaxel plus cisplatin versus gemcitabine plus cisplatin in the treatment of patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer%多西他赛与吉西他滨分别顺泊治疗晚期非小细胞肺癌的临床研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yongguang Cai; Ming Li; Xin Xie


    Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy and side effects of docetaxel/cisplatin regiment and gemcitabine/cisplatin regiment in the patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Methods: Seventy-six patients with advanced NSCLC who were chemotherapy-naive were enrolled in two groups. In docetaxel group (DP group) the patients received docetaxe175 mg/m2 and cisplatin 60 mg/m2 on day 1. In gemcitabine group (GP group) the patients received gemcitabine 1000 mg/m2 on day 1 and day 8. The dosage of cisplatin was the same as DP group. The two regiments were administrated intravenously every 21 days as a cycle, each patient received 2-4 cycles. All patients were followed up until disease progressed or patients died. Results: The overall response rates were 43.5% in DP group and 45.9% in GP group. The response rate was significantly different between the initial treated group and retreated group in both two groups (53.8% vs 23.0% in DP group and 56% vs 25% in GP group, P < 0.05, respectively). The main side effects were bone marrow suppression and thrombocytopenia. Conclusion: Docetaxel/cisplatin regiment and gemcitabine/cisplatin regiment for the patients with advanced NSCLC were efficient and well-tolerated chemotherapeutic approachs with Iow toxicity levels. The efficacy and major toxicity in two groups were similar.

  20. U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Studies. Gas Warfare in World War I: Gas Warfare at Belleau Wood, June 1918 (United States)


    companies (over 400 men) against the Rouvrols sector occupied by the 9th Infantry at 11$00 porno that same night, 13 April, apparently to highly probable that until gas is dissipated no infantry attack need be fearedo" The bombardment continued on the 14th when about 4|30 porno the...40 the next morningo Between liOO and 6t00 porno on 18 June^ 100 HE and gas 105s fell in the Bois des Clerembaut8s and between 6r00 and lljOO

  1. The Aura Fatigue and Heat Stress Algorithms (United States)


    250 291 Badminton 250 291 Brisk Walking 300 349 Tennis 300 349 Skating 300 349 Slow Jogging 300 349 Bicycle Riding 380 442 Aerobic Dancing 385 447...Missile Range, NM 88002-5502 Commander (Cla. only) I Commandant US Army Laboratory Command US Army Infantry School ATTN: AMSLC-DL ATT’N: ATSH-CD (Security...Mgr.) Adelphi, MD 20783-1145 Fort Benning, GA 31905-5660 2 Commander (Unclu . only) 1 Commandant Armament RD&E Center US Army Infantry School US Army

  2. General Albert C. Wedemeyer’s Missions in China, 1944 - 1947: An Attempt to Achieve the Impossible (United States)


    Washington, MD, assd . to 12th Inf. 1927-1929 .... Washington, DC, assd as Aide to CO, MDW 1930-1932 .... Tientsin, China, assd . to 15th Infantry 1932...1934 .... Corregidor, Phillipine Islands, assd . as Aide to MG Kilbourne and MG Embick 19’,4-1936 .... Fort Leavenworth, KS studeit at USACGSC 1936...19Z8 .... Bcrlin, Germany, student at German War College (Die Krie~sakademie) 1938-1940 .... Fort Benning, GA assd . to 29th Infantry & 94th Antitank

  3. Task Force Butler: A Case Study in the Employment of an Ad Hoc Unit in Combat Operations, During Operation Dragoon, 1-30 August 1944 (United States)


    infantry divisions.” 7Michael Reynolds, Steel Inferno 1st SS Panzer Corps in Normandy (New York: Dell Books, 1997), 144-176. It describes the British...Reprint, Stackpole Books, 1999. Reynolds, Michael. Steel Inferno , 1st SS Panzer Corps in Normandy. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing

  4. United States Armed Forces Celebrating 60 Years of Integration: 1948-2008 (United States)


    famed 45th “Thunderbird” Infantry Division, won Medals of Honor in Europe. Lt. Childers had first distinguished himself in Sicily , where he... tropical jungles, river valleys, and central highlands made the best of the American weaponry and troops seem at odds with the guerilla tactics of the

  5. Military Review, v71 n3 (United States)


    dama Led, but Come Ot any kittich. The restrict ion,, ipoed collateral danmagLe was limited. In thle cas:’C of the durin-ho (411t & .asc mde them...Japanese descent the problems, the ability to convert the civilian and the only combat negro infantry division in our production infrastructure for

  6. Developing a Standard Update Process for the Army’s Annual MOS Availability Factors (AMAFs) (United States)


    Disposal (EOD) MOS may help ensure that EOD teams, who have provided extensive support during OIF ( Meneses , 2005), have sufficient direct productive...Practice, 43(4): 361–369. Meneses , G.V. 2005. “EOD Support in OIF 04-06: when GS is More than DS.” Infantry Magazine, 94(5): 23–24. Moore, C., Gasch

  7. A Public Relations Model for the Department of Defense During Combat Contingencies (United States)


    Under orders from an American infantry platoon leader, Lieutenant William L. Calley, Jr., 109 men, women and children of the My Lai Village were...Jan 31, 1990: 7. 152 Fred Francis. "An Evaluation of the DOD Media Pool," United States Southern Command Public Affairs After Action Report Suplement

  8. 101st Sustainment Brigade Supports Operation United Assistance (United States)


    transportation infrastructure in Liberia and Senegal. The task force also established com- munication with the brigade’s parent headquarters, the 101st...Armstrong Atlantic State University. He is a gradu- ate of the Infantry Officer Basic Course, Military Intelligence Captains Career Course, Command

  9. Preparing for the Future: Developing an Adaptive Army in a Time of Peace, 1918-1941 (United States)


    into three corps, jumped off along a narrow front between the Argonne Forrest in the west and the Meuse River in the east. The objective of the Meuse...Battalion, 511th Parachute Infantry (11th Airborne Division) in the Battle for Southern Manila, 3-10 February (Luzon Campaign) (Personal Experience


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Willem Scholtz

    operational lessons, and then work my way to the military-strategic level. Combined Arms ... regarding the integrated utilisation of armour, mechanised infantry and .... in the light of the intensive strain the US military manpower was under since ... business, which has very little bearing to what is considered ordinary and.

  11. Uncovering the Hidden Structure of Platoons: Formal and Emergent Leaders’ Perceptions of Organizational Networks (United States)


    tested by calculating the Quadratic Assignment Procedure ( QAP ) correlation between leadership ratings and advice network ties as well as the QAP ...correlation between leadership ratings and friendship network ties, in each of the three infantry platoons. QAP correlations (Hubert & Schultz, 1976...inflated estimates of statistical significance if ordinary least squares (OLS) regression is used. The QAP technique is designed to provide unbiased

  12. The Economic Impact of Peacekeeping in Burkina Faso: A Motivation to Contribute (United States)


    and regular feedback allowed me to deliver a better product. I also want to express my gratitude to the staff of the Combined Arms Research has two head organizations: the UN and the AU. ‡ Laafi means Peace in Moore, the most largely spoken language in Burkina Faso. 5 two infantry

  13. Suicide Risk by Military Occupation in the DoD Active Component Population (United States)

    Trofimovich, Lily; Reger, Mark A.; Luxton, David D.; Oetjen-Gerdes, Lynne A.


    Suicide risk based on occupational cohorts within the U.S. military was investigated. Rates of suicide based on military occupational categories were computed for the Department of Defense (DoD) active component population between 2001 and 2010. The combined infantry, gun crews, and seamanship specialist group was at increased risk of suicide…

  14. The New Close Air Support Weapon: Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle in 2010 and Beyond. (United States)


    General Staff College in partial fulfillment of the requiremenits for the deg~ ree MASTER OF MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE Military History 𔃾 ~by 4 SHARON L...Perimeter offered a first-hand glimpse into some CAS strike results. Major General Laurence B. Keiser, commander of the 2d Infantry Division, credited

  15. Military Music in the United States: A Historical Examination of Performance and Training (United States)

    Gleason, Bruce P.


    As of 2014, the U.S. Department of Defense is the largest employer of musicians in the United States, with more than 6,000 musicians serving in active-duty, reserve, and National Guard bands. From its dual origins with drums and fifes in infantry units (foot soldiers) and trumpets in the cavalry (horse-mounted troops), music has served crucial…

  16. Racial Similarity as a Moderator Variable in the Perception of Leader Behavior and Control (United States)

    Scontrino, M. Peter; And Others


    Compares leader behavior ratings of black and white army infantry squad members serving in squads led either by black or white leaders. Available from: International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Transaction Periodicals Consortium, Rutgers-The State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903. (MH)

  17. Leadership Handbook for the Armor Officer. Volume 1. Thoughts on Leadership (United States)


    Change in mission. On Christmas night, the infantry line companies dug in fronting on the Bois de Cohet and Reichampagne, 6 miles from Eastogne. The...Bois de Cohet and Remichapagne. Lieutenant Don Guild, in his FO tank, prepared to lift fires as the attack went in. Suddenly P-47 fighters, probably

  18. Referral Directory System Specification (United States)


    Center, Ship Materiall I IDavid W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center, Technical Infi *Defense Audiovisual Agency, Still Photographic...and gro und life support, aerospace medicine, human performance , medical equipment, dental service operations, bioeffe cts-radiation and chemical...Combined Arms Support Laboratory 990756 Army Infantry School Library 990920 Army Communications Systems Center 990785 Army Institute of Dental Research

  19. Managing Training of Military Units: Development of a Management Information System. (United States)

    Atwood, Nancy K.; Hiller, Jack H.

    An automated management information system was developed for planning and scheduling unit training in a U.S. Army infantry division. The primary goal of the project was to test the feasibility of the concept for a computer-based management information system. Specific objectives were to integrate information on personnel, training, and logistics…

  20. the oral history of forgotten wars: the memoirs of veterans of the war ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    The latter caliber increasingly proved to be ineffective under the battle conditions ... The real job is done by the infantry, armour and the air forces. For the ... more personal level he shares with us that in the absence of supplies Soviet soldiers.

  1. The Advance on Rome of the Fifth Army (United States)


    off assisted by a diversionary action of the \\ and 5 British In- 25 •Stubborn fighting for CISTERNS lasted two days.- • Army Commander encouraged his...objective on 25 May. The 3d Infantry Division, attacking CISTERN A, completely enveloped the town in a stubborn two-day battle. Upon ita capture in the

  2. General Troy H. Middleton: Steadfast in Command (United States)


    September 1943. Middleton’s chronic football injury to his left knee forced him to relinquish command of the 45th Infantry division on November 19, 1943...gone down in history as an irresponsible commander who recklessly sacrificed his divisions or ignored true objectives… gambling always looks brilliant

  3. Aviators and Air Combat: A Study of the U.S. Eighth Air Force and R.A.F. Bomber Command (United States)


    moved to the top of the popular music charts in 1942. See Bruce D. Callander, "They Wanted Wings," Air Force Magazine (January 1991) p. 82. 19 Even in the...infantry of the Somme in 1916. According to some accounts, airmen faced German flak, searchlights, and "Schrdge Musik " in the same way their fathers had

  4. A.~()HU

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    officer training college to improve the professional ... exercises'. ... in 1924 of the first Labour Government, headed by ... infantry tactics and stressed riding skills. At heart, ... sergeant and cadet Prince Henry, third son of .... 'Vorld, are led by men trained at Sandhurst (for stu- .... lurst does not need a 'system' to maintain its high.

  5. Pegasus Unbound? The Challenge of Sustainment and Endurance in Airborne Joint Forcible Entry Operations (United States)


    stuff, … we took risk on MKTs and thus ate MREs for 90 days. The infantry didn’t seem to mind…. We also had USAREUR ship us cup a soup and other...Though every class of supply can potentially be a war-stopper, beans-bullets-and-gas remains a primordial triumvirate for mission success. The

  6. Suicide Risk by Military Occupation in the DoD Active Component Population (United States)

    Trofimovich, Lily; Reger, Mark A.; Luxton, David D.; Oetjen-Gerdes, Lynne A.


    Suicide risk based on occupational cohorts within the U.S. military was investigated. Rates of suicide based on military occupational categories were computed for the Department of Defense (DoD) active component population between 2001 and 2010. The combined infantry, gun crews, and seamanship specialist group was at increased risk of suicide…

  7. Mobilization and Training Centers: The Critical Link in the Strategic Policy of Global Deployment (United States)


    Morotai in September 1944. Following its successful push on Morotai , the 31st landed on Mindanao. Philippine Islands, in April 1945.39 * 77th Infantry...Pickett, Virginia to Morotai ." St. Augustine, FL: State Arsenal. 1985. Post-War Utilization Studies. Camo Pickett. Virginia. Washington, D.C.: War

  8. Concept for a Common Performance Measurement System for Unit Training at the National Training Center (NTC) and with Simulation Networking (SIMNET) platoon-Defend (United States)


    As a minimum the following assets should be con- sidered and platned for: * Tanks * Infantry * Antitank weapons • Engineers • ADA weapons * Mortars...Lifedand re’sowce reqtirenIets foreacha octed to maximize the protec- dctermind. ion of all platn elements. IM 7-7, App. O FC 17-15, Appt,. C FI 7-7J, Apip

  9. The Computer-Aided Analytic Process Model. Operations Handbook for the Analytic Process Model Demonstration Package (United States)


    Research Note 86-06 THE COMPUTER-AIDED ANALYTIC PROCESS MODEL : OPERATIONS HANDBOOK FOR THE ANALYTIC PROCESS MODEL DE ONSTRATION PACKAGE Ronald G...ic Process Model ; Operations Handbook; Tutorial; Apple; Systems Taxonomy Mod--l; Training System; Bradl1ey infantry Fighting * Vehicle; BIFV...8217. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * - ~ . - - * m- .. . . . . . . item 20. Abstract -continued companion volume-- "The Analytic Process Model for

  10. Ballistic Evaluation of 2060 Aluminum (United States)


    experiments in Experimental Facilities (EFs) 108 and 106, as well as John Hogan of ARL/AMB, Hugh Walter of Bowhead Science and Technology, and David aluminum (Al)-based monocoque armored-vehicle hulls such as those of the M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Also in 2012 the Aluminum

  11. Development and testing of a flexible ballistic neck protection

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Roebroeks, G.H.J.J.; Rensink, P.


    Sufficient ballistic protection of the neck area would significantly reduce the vulnerability of an infantry soldier. So far this protection is offered by extensions on the ballistic vest or combat helmet. However, the requirements for head agility and the various body to head positions combined wit

  12. Arrowhead Ripper: Adaptive Leadership in Full Spectrum Operations (United States)


    received his commission as an infantry officer from Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 1985. Colonel Johnson’s first assignment was as...DESERT STORM, JOINT ENDEAVOR in Bosnia, and IRAQI FREEDOM. Colonel Johnson holds a B.A. in Sociology and Government from Wofford College, Spartanburg

  13. Modern weapons and military equipments for issue 1-2017 / Современное вооружение и военное оборудование за но. 1-2017 / Savremeno naoružanje i vojna oprema za broj 1-2017

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miloš M. Jevtić


    Full Text Available Standardi izrade modernih kundaka; O kriterijumima konstrukcija kundaka pri različitim kategorijama modernog pešadijskog naoružanja. / Standards development of modern rifle; The criteria structure of the stock in the various categories of modern infantry weapons.

  14. Achieving Operational Flexibility Through Task Organization: How the American Forces in Europe Beat Nazi Germany by Making the Difficult Routine (United States)


    in a Democracy (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2002). 11 School of Infantry and...generals in combat. Working in conjunction, this system of schools from induction to senior level indoctrinated the best and brightest officers with...what type of officers he needed. The small size of the standing army would require the induction of huge numbers of National Guard, Reserve, and

  15. USMC Initiatives in Energy and Power (United States)


    PG-11 MAGTF C2, Weapons and Sensors Dev & Int PG-12 Communications, Intel, And Networking PG-13 Infantry Weapons Systems PG-14 Armor and Fire...Production IOT &E - Initial Operation Test & Evaluation LD - Logistics Demonstration LRIP - Low Rate Initial Product PAC - Post Award Conference PDR...and Manufacturing Demonstration LRIP/ IOT &E System Integration System Demonstration Production & Deployment Operations & Support FRP

  16. A History of the Army Ground Forces; Study Number 16. The Army Ground Forces History of the Second Army (United States)


    artillery with infantry was poor, orders were verbose, and time and space factors were not -sufficiently considered. Genera.. Fredndall observed pungently ...practicable, he must be subjected in training to every eight, sound, and sensation of battle. He must be trained to act calmly and with sound judgment

  17. Examining the relationship between mental, physical, and organizational factors associated with attrition during maritime forces training

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Binsch, O.; Banko, K.M.; Veenstra, B.J.; Valk, P.J.L.


    For infantry units of the Dutch Ministry of Defence, high attrition rates (varying from 42 to 68%) during initial training are a persisting problem. The reasons for this attrition are diverse. Having better insight into the causes of attrition is a prerequisite for implementing preventive measures.

  18. 78 FR 34083 - Meeting of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS) (United States)


    ... Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course, commissioning sources related to representation of women, and an... of the Secretary Meeting of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS) AGENCY... Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS). The purpose of the meeting is to receive briefings...

  19. The Need for the United States of America’s Amphibious Capability in an Era of Maritime Focus (United States)


    Quadrennial Defense Review Report. Washington, DC: Office of the Secretary of Defense, February 2010. Van der Bijl, Nicholas and David Aldea . 5th...184-185. v Self, 161. vi Self, 164. vii Taylor, 4. viii Self, 167. ix Taylor, 7. x Nicholas Van Der Bijl and David Aldea , 5th Infantry

  20. Tasks Important to Soldier Success in Stability and Reconstruction Operations (United States)


    Map of Iraq ...........................................................................................37 x ACRONYMS ADA Air Defense Artillery AR...Cody, the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, to counter the increasing US casualties from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) ( Lovelace 2005, 31); a...Infantry Armor Field Artillery Aviation ADA Engineer Chemical Signal Transportation Quartermaster

  1. Breaching the Phalanx: Developing a More Engineer-Centric Modular BCT (United States)


    Commander) and MG James Thurman (4th I.D.) 2006 report to LTG James Lovelace (Army G3) There are several recommendations in current literature...combat battalions, ADA battalions, MP battalions, and Combined Arms (Armor/Infantry) battalions. Their purpose, according to Hampton is “…to

  2. The Mentorship Course of Action: Increasing African American Interest in the Maneuver Branches. (United States)


    which provides the remaining 38 percent of new officers a year, falls under the command of the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia (Wardinski, Lyle...Course to visit their alma maters and espouse the values of the maneuver branches and ―emphasize better communication skills training at

  3. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Building a Mental Construct for Senior Officers Contemplating Leaving the Service Over Matters of Policy (United States)


    As he learned the profession of soldiering through practice, he attended Infantry School in Georgia and the Artillery School in Oklahoma; he...faculty of his alma mater.7 As a member of the Department of Tactics at the Military Academy, Gavin delighted in the “opportunity to discuss new


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    many other African states under military rule,. Nigeria and its ... mood of the people and thus initiated the now .... an ameliorative role of a limited duration for the ..... the 2nd. Infantry Division, was able to report that the demobilisation exercise.

  5. Development and testing of a flexible ballistic neck protection

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Roebroeks, G.H.J.J.; Rensink, P.


    Sufficient ballistic protection of the neck area would significantly reduce the vulnerability of an infantry soldier. So far this protection is offered by extensions on the ballistic vest or combat helmet. However, the requirements for head agility and the various body to head positions combined

  6. Where Is the Heavy-Light Organization in the Army’s Future Force? (United States)


    Department that serves them by encouraging a culture of creativity and prudent risk-taking. We must promote an entrepreneurial approach to developing...DIAGRAM BTB Brigade Troops Reconnaissance Surveillance Target Acquisition Infantry Fires Support SPT Combined Arms SCT HVY MRT HHC FSC A C B D

  7. Air Warfare (United States)


    advanced waves of friendly troops, have already been described. It was noted also that the airplane finally came to be relied on for the performance of...vivid imagination to conjure up one, where it would be justifiable to use all bom- bardment units against the very advanced waves of infantry. Another

  8. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs (United States)


    borders with unpol- scripts, the unprofessionalism of the officer corps, the ished stone after unpolished stone, care about? haughtiness of the...mountains. "My the role of the infamous gem among stones would be regiment’s primary airfield was here at Bani-Suwayf and prepared for the Admiral

  9. A Rebuttal to the 2010 Marine Corps Operating Concept (United States)


    Vietnam. Within six months of crossing the beaches at Da Nang, the Marine Corps launched OPERATION STARLITE ; the first regimental-size battle fought...47 DeHavilland bombers in the defense of Ocotal in 1927, the execution of Operation Starlite in

  10. Polakkerne i slaget ved Nyborg

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Frandsen, Karl-Erik


    I slaget ved Nyborg november 1659, hvor den danske hær sammen med de allierede tilføjede svenskerne et betydeligt nederlag, deltog også et polsk kavalleri-regiment. Artiklen belyser baggrunden for regimentets deltagelse og diskuterer efterfølgende rygter om de polske soldaters usædvanlige grusomhed....

  11. Dormancy: Illuminating How a Microbial Sleeping Beauty Awakens. (United States)

    Sawers, R Gary


    Nitrogen limitation induces dormancy in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis. During dormancy, the bacterium neither photosynthesizes nor divides, yet it maintains low-level metabolic activity. A new study shows how provision of a nitrogen source initiates a regimented genetic program that initially kick-starts metabolism and ultimately photosynthesis.

  12. 新一代“红色娘子军”(英文)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王裕超; 苏雪; 郭进德


    "In the ancient past, Mulan joined the army instead ofher father, Today, the Red Detachment of Women will fight to deathfor the people…" This familiar song was again heard on the Hainan Islandon October 1, 2000 when The Red Detachment of Women ofthe First Regiment, PLA Reserve Duty Division in Qionghai,

  13. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters: Selection and Training of Warrior Transition Unit and Wounded Warrior Battalion Leaders and Cadre (United States)


    Demographics from Wounded Warrior Regiment, December 16, 2013. 34 “ Polytrauma ” was termed by VA to describe injuries to multiple body parts and...frequently occurs in polytrauma in combination with other disabling conditions, such as amputation, auditory and visual impairments, spinal cord injury...Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD VA Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center, Palo Alto, CA Richmond Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center, Richmond, VA

  14. The Red River War 1874-1875: Evidence of Operational Art and Mission Command (United States)


    and some fifteen hundred ponies to Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie, the commander of the 4th Cavalry Regiment.2 The remaining Quahadi Comanche, four...four miles in which they killed three Indians and captured 1424 head of stock consisting of ponies , colts and mules. The advance companies were ordered

  15. How To Stop Writing: In Search of Heterotopia. (United States)

    Murray, Joel K.

    A priori criteria are pressing playwrights to be conservative, to unify their total experience so that everything is regimented and predictable, consciously or subconsciously. The danger, joy, and mystery of life is under the aesthetic gun. Do playwrights, and theater practitioners in general, repress and thus betray their inner voices, or do they…

  16. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 74, Number 5, July-August 1931 (United States)


    equipped with the old 75-mm. antiaircraft gum;, In J anuar:r, 1921, Colonel William Ottmann assume~l COlll- mand of the regiment. lTnder ColonE𔃻...record of attendance. The 212th broke aU its previous rec- ords in attendance at the last armory inspection. Colonel Ottmann attributes this high record to

  17. Army Rotary-Wing Aggressors: The Key to Counter-Helicopter Training (United States)


    Stendhal Airfields in East Germany where, so far as is known, the first photography of the aircraft reached the West.វ> FIGURE 5 (Source: Mike Spick...1976, supplementing the existing attack regiments at Stendhal and Parch~m Airfields. The HIND-D soon earned the nickname Gorbach (Hunchback) due to

  18. The Strategic Importance of Colored Soldiers in the Civil War (United States)


    and passionately than Frederick Douglass: My brothers, you are going off to fight the slave masters. When you are in battle remember the shame, the...along with back pay for eighteen months of selfless duty and service to the Union. The regiment was ecstatic that their pay problems and travails were

  19. Characteristics of Escherichia coli causing persistence or relapse of urinary tract infections

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ejrnæs, Karen; Stegger, Marc; Reisner, Andreas


    Recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTIs) pose a major problem but little is known about characteristics of Escherichia coli associated with RUTI. This study includes E. coli from 155 women with community-acquired lower urinary tract infections (UTIs) randomized to one of three dosing regiments...

  20. A Bibliography of Plays Written by Black Americans: 1855 to the Present. (United States)

    Whitlow, Roger, Comp.

    This 342-item alphabetized bibliography of plays by black Americans covers the period from 1855 to the present. Some of the playwrights and their works are Paul L. Dunbar's "Uncle Eph's Christmas," 1905; James W. Johnson and Bob Cole's "The Shoo-Fly Regiment," 1907; Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun," 1959; James Baldwin's "Blues for Mr.…

  1. Fox Conner (United States)


    Order of the Crown, the Belgian Order of the Crown; Companion of the British Order of the Bath; the French Croix de Guerre , and Panamanian Order of La...War College, L’Ecole de Guerre .9 In 1912, Fox Conner was selected as the first American 10 liaison officer to be assigned to a French Regiment. And so

  2. Aromatase inhibitors in stimulated IVF cycles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Papanikolaou, Evangelos G; Polyzos, Nikolaos P; Al Humaidan, Peter Samir Heskjær


    Aromatase inhibitors have been introduced as a new treatment modality that could challenge clomiphene citrate as an ovulation induction regiment in patients with PCOS. Although several randomized trials have been conducted regarding their use as ovulation induction agents, only few trials are ava...

  3. Effects of Ventilation on Segmental Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Measures Using Generalizability Theory (United States)

    Turner, A. Allan; Lozano-Nieto, Albert; Bouffard, Marcel


    The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of three ventilation conditions (i.e., normal, regimented, and no-ventilation) on the reproducibility of bioimpedance scores in humans for the forearm and trunk segments. One hundred able-bodied North American men and women, from 18 to 71 years of age, volunteered as participants. The…

  4. Brownsville: The Reaction of the Negro Press (United States)

    Wynne, Lewis N.


    Describes the events that followed subsequent to the assignment of an all-black regimental unit to the Fort Brown military installation on the outskirts of Brownsville, Texas, in 1906, with reference to the reactions of the Brownsville residents, the Negro press, and white champions of the black cause, and to the actions of President Theodore…

  5. The Influence of Stromal Transforming Growth Factor-Beta Receptor signaling on Mouse Mammary Neoplasia (United States)


    the stroma affects tumor development transgenic and wild type mice were given pituitary isografts , zinc water and either left untreated or treated...with 7, 12-dimethylbenz (a) anthracene (DMBA). Fifteen tumors developed in the wild type group on a full regiment (pituitary isograft , zinc and DMBA

  6. Project CHECO Southeast Asia Report. An Overview of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Thailand through 1973 - A Background Survey for Perspective and a Guide to the Literature (United States)


    kilometers out from their posts, the men performed needed services for the villages. The Remote Area Security Development ( RASD ) program began in 1960...Operations RAC Research Analysis Corporation i RAS Remote Area Security RASD Remote Area Security Development RCT Regimental Combat Team m RDFU Research

  7. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters - Wounded Warrior Battalion - West Headquarters and Southern California Units (United States)


    therapy, vocational rehabilitation, integrative treatment approaches such as yoga and meditation , and weekly opportunities for community outreach. The...Regiment Mobile App . Enclosure ( I) 4 Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters – Report No. DODIG-2012-120 Wounded Warrior Battalion

  8. The Phase of Illness Paradigm: A Checklist Centric Model to Improve Patient Care in the Burn Intensive Care Unit (United States)


    NASA-Task Load Index (NASA-TLX); 20 Years Later. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 50th Annual Meeting, 904-908. Santa Monica...maintain proper pressures Task Task:Role?:Monitor stool output Task Task:Role?:Monitor ventilator settings Task Task:Role?:Reasses bowl regiment

  9. Learning to "Walk the Talk": A Critical Tale of the Micropolitics at a Total Quality University. (United States)

    Wendt, Ronald F.


    Describes a case study of a major university implementing a total quality management (TQM) program. Finds that TQM hegemony has a potential to privilege passive, bounded, regimented, and efficiency-focused thinking over critical, self-reflective, strategic, and creative thinking; and to replace experimentation, the inherent value of ideas, and…

  10. 76 FR 12075 - Meeting of a Federal Advisory Committee (United States)


    ...: Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, 201 Waterfront St., National Harbor, MD 20745. FOR FURTHER CONTACT INFORMATION: Mail Delivery service through Recovering Warrior Task Force, Hoffman Building II, 200... Accountability and Marine Corps Support to Caregivers in the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment ] 11:30...

  11. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 62, Number 6, June 1925 (United States)


    are willing to serre , should be discarded, beeau;e her own regiments under the establishment, cannot provide for them. Congress failed to heed...H121. Counter battery.-US-38, Fehruary, 192:), The defense of Kut-El-Amarah.-l:K-2J, Dt’cemher. 1\\121. Effets de masse d’ artilleIie lourdt’, a Yerdun

  12. Automated and Autonomous Systems for Combat Service Support: Scoping Study and Technology Prioritisation (United States)


    includes the types of technologies that fall under automation and autonomy umbrella: Logistic Information Systems (LIS), various unmanned systems...Australian Army Medical Corps RACT Royal Australian Corps of Transport RAM Reliability, Availability, Maintainability RAR Royal Armoured Regiment...interest can be generated under less-constrained conditions for interpretation by human analysts. There are still significant limitations in perception

  13. Black Soldiers, Citizenship, and Constitutional Rhetoric: 1857-1866 (United States)


    but earned. A foreshadowing of Martin Luther King , Jr‟s “Dream” is apparent in the words of one black man from New Orleans who explained to a Union...deemed as a truly noble sacrifice , volunteering to serve as cooks and servants for the white regiments from the Northern states.19 The black leaders

  14. A Methodology for Developing Army Acquisition Strategies for an Uncertain Future (United States)


    manuscript for publication. Acronyms ABP Assumption-Based Planning ACEIT Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tool ACR Armored Cavalry Regiment ACTD...decisions. For example, they employ the Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools ( ACEIT ) to simplify life cycle cost estimates; other tools are

  15. Enabling Disciplined Initiative: An Experiential Lesson (United States)


    in a nationally broadcast speech that only battle hardening could drive peacetime training home.62 Personal relationships play an important role in...regiment. In the summer of 1899, he traveled to the Philippines to fight with Major General Arthur MacArthur Jr. and the 2nd Division.76 Krueger

  16. A Historic Context for the African American Military Experience (United States)


    and eternal life, free of pain, sickness, want, and death, free, above all, of white people" (Utley 1973:402). By working themselves into a trance...Florida. Upon arrival in the Sunshine State, the black regiments became part of an invasion force known as the 5th Army Corps under the command of Major

  17. Clinical characteristics and innate immunity in patients with community-acquired pneumonia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Endeman, H.


    Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is the most common infectious disease requiring hospitalisation in the Western world. In spite of improving antibiotic regiments, CAP still has significant mortality. In non-immune compromised patients, Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most frequently isolated micro

  18. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 67, Number 3, September 1927 (United States)


    the Pertica area and the SolarIo salient. The weather was cold and foggy. There was no observation at alL At about 6:00 o’clock this fog changed to a... Pertica , to the right of Asolone, on the 24th, but after having lost nearly forty per cent of their assault lines, these two regiments were driven

  19. Patienter med KOL har lav mediciadhærens

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lange, Peter; Toettenborg, Sandra; Topp, Marie


    describe results of previous studies on prevalence of adherence to inhaled medicine in COPD, and define characteristics of the patients and treatment associated with degree of adherence. We conclude that health professionals should always consider non-adherence, strive to simplify regiments......, and that there is an urgent need of studies aiming at improving adherence in patients with COPD....

  20. "You Must Have a Wealth of Stories": Cross-Linguistic Differences between Addressee Support Behaviour in Australian and Japanese (United States)

    Fujii, Yasunari


    This article investigates the various types of support that addressees provide to a speaker who is telling a story. It compares addressee support behaviour in two societies, Japan and Australia, exploring how disparities between the two might relate to differences in the social regimentation of polite and friendly conversation in these cultures.…

  1. The Brigade: A History. Its Organization and Employment in the US Army (United States)


    soon developed into waves of attacks, the first two being disjointed regimental attacks, the third an all out attack in the pending twilight by the...Cross, the Saga of the Americal Division. Washington, DC: Combat Forces Press, 1971. Crossland, Richard B., and James T. Currie. Twice the Citizen: A

  2. Simplicity ideals of practice in mathematics and the arts

    CERN Document Server

    Ording, Philip


    To find "criteria of simplicity" was the goal of David Hilbert's recently discovered twenty-fourth problem on his renowned list of open problems given at the 1900 International Congress of Mathematicians in Paris. At the same time, simplicity and economy of means are powerful impulses in the creation of artworks. This was an inspiration for a conference, titled the same as this volume, that took place at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in April of 2013. This volume includes selected lectures presented at the conference, and additional contributions offering diverse perspectives from art and architecture, the philosophy and history of mathematics, and current mathematical practice.

  3. Fusion materials semiannual progress report for the period ending June 30, 1998

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burn, G. [ed.] [comp.


    This is the twenty-fourth in a series of semiannual technical progress reports on fusion materials. This report combines the full spectrum of research and development activities on both metallic and non-metallic materials with primary emphasis on the effects of the neutronic and chemical environment on the properties and performance of materials for in-vessel components. This effort forms one element of the materials program being conducted in support of the Fusion Energy Sciences Program of the US Department of Energy. Selected papers have been indexed separately for inclusion in the Energy Science and Technology Database.

  4. Enhancing the Effectiveness of Ad Hoc Units: A Revised Training Model (United States)


    Baghadad LNO Camp Victory, Iraq June 5, 2006 Lieutenant Colonel Alberto Rivera, Multi-National Corps-Iraq C9 Plans, 354 Civil Affairs Brigade Camp...6, 2006 Major Ray Reidel, MNCI C9, 354 Civil Affairs Brigade Camp Victory, Iraq June 6, 2006 Lieutenant Colonel Alberto Rivera, Multi-National...2006 Major Jose Acosta , S9, 4/4 Infantry Division Camp Taji, Iraq June 11, 2006 Staff Sergeant McGuire, B/414 Civil Affairs Battalion Camp Taji

  5. Reducing Risks in Wartime Through Capital-Labor Substitution: Evidence from World War II (United States)


    action ( KIA ), and a zero to one subjective index of mission success from The Dupuy Institute (2001b, 2005) for each of the division types...U.S. KIA is slightly higher for armor than for infantry, which could be attributable to higher task difficulty or usage intensity for armor...Despite the decrease in the armored division’s troops and tanks, we observe a slight increase in km of progress and little effect on U.S. KIA . We see a

  6. Fires. October-December 08 (United States)


    flexibility—and to enhance their careers in the process. We also are shaping our career-field designation contributions, allowing our captains to “re- Red ...Operational training and Advisory Group in Kent, england. He served as the 1st infantry Division Artillery s3, deploying in support of Kosovo Forces...constructed mud huts or tents. The company we relieved cautioned us that these camps were suspected of harboring illicit arms markets. Over time

  7. The Russo-Japanese War Impact on Western Military Thought Prior to 1914 (United States)


    cover. Lieutenant Neuffer , a young German artillery officer who won an essay contest on the artillery lessons of the war, wrote: "It results logically...function as that of supporting the infantry. Essay-winner Lieutenant Neuffer remarked: "The most important lesson to be drawn from the Manchurian War...Field," Artillery 24 (September-October 1905): 215, trans. from Revue d’Artillerie. 12. Lieutenant Neuffer , "Artillery Lessons from the Manchurian War

  8. Multiple Mission Modularity: Optimizing the Brigade Combat Team for Combined Arms Maneuver and Wide Area Security Missions (United States)


    reconnaissance squadron, and a field artillery battalion. With seven different variants of the Stryker vehicle, more than 1,500 infantry, 120mm mortars and... mortars . Stryker crews operate one type—the 120mm mortar from within the Stryker vehicle, while the smaller 60mm system provides a portable mortar for...KS, 10 January 2011); An improvised explosive device (IED), also known as a roadside bomb , is a homemade bomb constructed and deployed in ways other

  9. The Importance of Combat Ethics Training: Solidifying Marines Footing on the Moral High Ground (United States)


    combat ethics is accomplished through a variety ofmethods. These include instruction on core values, leadership, martial arts , rules of engagement (ROE...exercises. We further reinforce confident, ethical decision-making through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program that teaches our Core Values and" at the School of Infantry (Sal). The development of ethics continues with core values discussions, Marine Corps Martial Arts program (MCMAP

  10. The Acute Effects of Single Exposures to White Phosphorus Smoke in Rats and Guinea Pigs (United States)


    males and three females per dose, were used. The animals, weighing between 200 and 300 grams, were fasted overnight prior to desing . The liquid used in...min_’u n, nfinc animals died during exposure. The sunivine animal had respirator, problems far i houlr and t!-_- gradually recovered. 3. Hematology and...ATTN: MAJ Borges APO San Francisco 96328) Defense- Technical Information Center ATTN: DTIC-DDA-2 2 Commander Cau;icon Station, Building 5 2d Infantry

  11. Russian Perspectives on Network-Centric Warfare: The Key Aim of Serdyukov’s Reform (United States)


    37 Significantly, Kondratyev traced the development of US open source intelligence ( OSINT ) since World War II to its increased level of importance...highlighted the growing role of OSINT in US military operations; referring, in particular, to the experience of the US 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq in...2005. Kondratyev then delineated examples of US centers that produce OSINT , such as the Asian Studies Department tasked with serving the interests of

  12. The Heavy Brigade Combat Team in COIN: An Assessment Capabilities to Clear-Hold-Build-and Sustain Success (United States)


    Committee Chair Thomas G. Clark, Ph.D. , Member Stephen L. Melton, M.P.A. , Member Lowell E. Solien, M.S. Accepted this... basketball team of Michael Jordans who can play any position. What we must do is be able to have this pentathlete team better organized, better led...infantry, and a large increase in wheeled capability to facilitate population centric operations. On Point II describes how armor and field

  13. The United States Army and Large Cities Prior to the Global War on Terror (United States)


    extradition of Manuel Noriega , the de facto ruler of Panama, which required elements to operate in Panama City.181 The 193d Infantry Brigade, already forward...designed to shock the government of Panama into handing over Noriega . Combat operations, in which U.S. forces performed with great success, did not last...even during the transition to stability operations.197 Although Manual Noriega himself stated that “…the invasion and its effect and consequence of

  14. The Army’s Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV): Background and Issues for Congress (United States)


    for armor and mechanized infantry units. 1 Known as the M-113, it entered production in 1960 and saw extensive wartime service in Vietnam. Considered...Vehicle (AMPV): Background and Issues for Congress Congressional Research Service 4 Table 2. 2013 Projected ABCT AMPV Production , by Variant...September 14, 2016 Congressional Research Service 7-5700 R43240 The Army’s Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV): Background and Issues

  15. Final Report of the AMC Committee-Armament. Annexes to Volume 2 - Book 1. Volume 3 (United States)


    Deaver, Sec’y COL James E. Wyatt LTC James F. McCall STUDY INTEGRATION 2i LTC Philip A. Pryor COL James P. Duffy Ms Jennifer W. Galleher, Sec’y Mrs...Armored Div COL BROPHY CMDR, 3d Bde, 3d Infantry Div LTC ATWOOD XO, 2d Bde, 3d Armored Div LTC BREEDLOVE CMDR, 2/6 FA, 3d Armored Div LTC ASHWORTH

  16. A History of the Organizational Development of the Continental Artillery during the American Revolution (United States)


    second is that organizational cultures are relatively stable. By nature, they rarely change. Normally, cultural change is an evolutionary process support to the infantry battalion. Battalion guns rarely consisted of more than two guns concentrated at any one firing point. Commanders might...he apprenticed to William Goddard as a printer in Philadelphia. Later, he was a journeyman printer in the town of Basse Terre on St. Christopher

  17. That’s Not What I Joined to Do, Sir -- Understanding Military Culture and Ethos is Critical for the Correct Use of the Military Instrument of Power (United States)


    Foreign Service Journal (September 2009). 13 U.S Army, Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad, Field Manual 7-8. 33 patriotism, and romanticism , continues...we have come to exercise romanticism when setting up the Armed Forces as a mirror to the heart of a nation and the executors of just and combat.‖ 19 It seems, therefore, that the West today evokes patriotism and romanticism in relation to military service while forgetting its

  18. Lessons in Combat Service Support Tactical Mobility: The Afghanistan Conflict, Falklands War and Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm (United States)


    supplies up river at Estancia where units could load vehicles and return to their units. Additionally, supplies could be lifted by helicopter the unit DP at Estancia (see appendix I). The 5th Infantry Brigade (Army) was also able to expand operations. A forward BHA and DP were established...Without the bridge, BVs could not pick up supplies at the distribution point (DP) lodated 25 at Estancia and move it forward to their units. §umary

  19. The Capabilities That Medium-Armored Forces Bring to the Full Spectrum of Operations (United States)


    fi repower required to extricate soldiers trapped in Mogadishu during a raid to capture a clan warlord. During Operation Just Cause in Panama (1989... repower , and a rapid-reaction capability that foot soldiers or truck-borne infantry do not possess. Medium-Armored Forces Have Performed Well over...ferring their greater deployability compared with heavy forces and their greater mobility and fi repower compared with light forces. In Panama, air

  20. Overuse Injury Assessment Model (United States)


    to identify and segment endosteal and periosteal boundaries of the tibial cortex. Analy- ses were conducted to look for geometry and density changes...H., Margulies, J., Rand, N., Chisin, R., Steinberg, R., Aharonson, Z., & et al. (1987). "Stress fractures and tibial bone width. A risk factor." J...N., Kedem, R., Kashtan, H., & Stein, M. (1988). "An analysis of the biomechanical mechanism of tibial stress fractures among Israeli infantry

  1. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army, Volume 90, Number 1, January-February 2000 (United States)


    era and must still be present and largely unchanged in today�s emerging Force XXI. 3. FM 100-5, Operations, 2-15. 4. John K. Mahon and Romana Danysh...ample, family, religion , security or honesty. By sharing personal val- ues, they prepare themselves to dis- cover and define things they collec...Testimony before Sub- committee on Defense Appropriations, 7-8 February 1955, 23; John K. Mahon and Romana Danysh, Infantry, Part I: �Regular Army

  2. Soviet Night Operations in World War II (Leavenworth Papers, Number 6) (United States)


    1948):81, translated and digested from an article in Reuista de la Oficialidad de Complementa, Apendice de la Revista Ejercito (Spain), May 1947. 2...Strategy (Santa Monica, CA: The Rand Corporation, July 1976), p. 46, DTIC ADA 028881. 72. Zstoriia Vtorai Mirovoi Veiny, 1939-1945 [History of the Second...Soviet Strategy. Santa Monica, CA: The Rand Corporation, July 1976, DTIC ADA 028881. Duncan, W. D. “Tanks and Infantry in Night Attacks.” Military

  3. The Role of Counterintelligence in the European Theater of Operations During World War II (United States)


    CIC vs Naziism , (Office of the Assistance Chief of Staff, G2, 24 November 1944), 5. 5 US War Department, Headquarters, 1st Infantry Division, CIC...Operations in Aachen and Vicinity (Undated), 2. 6US War Department, Headquarters, VII Corps, CIC vs Naziism , 5. 7 US War Department, General Board Study...Corps, CIC vs Naziism , 5. 9 US War Department, General Board Study Number 13, Organization and Operation of the Counter-Intelligence Corps in the

  4. Benning House: The Grass Roots Beginning of Army Substance Abuse Treatment (United States)


    Group Library, History Offices of TRADOC, AMEDD, Fort Benning, and the U.S. Army Infantry Museum. 14. ABSTRACT This paper provides the historical...military historians were unaware until asked specific questions in support of research for this paper . Most evidence of a decade long halfway house...visiting staff delegations. Increasing national interest in heroin addicted soldiers returning from Vietnam increased interest in Benning House as

  5. Nonfreezing Cold-Induced Injuries (United States)


    proprioception , resulting in gait disturbance. This has been described as “walking on air” or “walking on cotton-wool [29].” Capillary refill is sluggish and...night [51]. Vibratory sensation is reduced or lost, whereas proprioception is usually retained. Anhydrosis coincides with the extent of sensory loss...Infantry Recruit Training. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 2008 40:5; S229 35. Imray CHE, Castellani J. Chapter 6 Wilderness Medicine Paul

  6. Making the Soldier Decisive on Future Battlefields (United States)


    protection. Ensuring that the tip of the spear is dominant will also better enable all forces in the operational environment. The equipment of an...Press. Rainey, MAJ J. E. 1998. Sharpening the Tip of the Spear: Is the Light Infantry Squad the Right Size for the Future Battlefield? Fort...Copyright © National Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved. Making the Soldier Decisive on Future Battlefields APPENDIX I 221 marketed by Bionic Power

  7. Casualty Data Assessment Team Operation Desert Storm (United States)


    none of these facilities were able or willing to volunteer such resources, at least initially. At the 2nd General Hospital, the Chief of Surgery "toe poppers" described as 2 discs joined together like a dumbbell with just enough explosive charge to destroy the forefoot . Protective...Requires hospitalization/ surgery . Black (solid) = KIA. The scenario of the first three vehicles is that of Bravo Company, 1/41 Infantry, 2nd Amiored

  8. Preventing the Emasculation of Warfare: Halting the Expansion of Human Rights Law into Armed Conflict (United States)


    as the two regimes "rub[bing] up against each other like two tectonic plates .蕎 Part III of this article provides a discussion of these...General’s Legal Center and School; J.D. 1997, Regent University School of Law; B.A. 1994, Saint Leo College; A.A. 1992, Hawaii Pacific University. Previous...French Horn Player, 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii , 1990-1992 (enlisted service). Member of the bars of Virginia, the Supreme

  9. Information Operations in Pursuit of Terrorists (United States)


    penetrate the Pentagon’s internal systems, and the incident of ‘Moonlight Maze ’ that took place between 1998 and beyond, both took the form of an intense...command and control messages amply displays the path of constant learning and improvement adopted by Al Qaeda in this fast-changing field. The maze of...Infantry Division of the United States were fully integrated and show-cased as the fore- runners of defining the network- centric warfare concept, during

  10. Battlefield Stress: Causes, Cures and Countermeasures. (United States)


    thing which enables an infantry soldier to keep goin" with his weapons is the near presence or the presumed presence of a comrade. The warmth which...moral quality; it is not a chance gift of nature like an aptitude for games. It is a cold choice between two alternatives, the fixed resolve not to quit...the effect of hindering communication by stifling talk and interpersonal interaction, which further impacts adversely on unit cohesion. The cocoon-like

  11. National Training Center: Success Tips for Battalion Signal Officers (United States)


    inadequately resourced; RJ-45 tips, sufficient CAT-5 cable for multiple jumps, DVD-Rs, USB cables, ASIP re- transmission cables, BFT mission data...Army DIV – Division DVD-R – Digital Video Disk - Recordable ESB – Expeditionary Signal Battalion nal support prior to publication. Just as BN S-6s...infantry battalion S-6, ESB company commander, and deputy G-6 among various other signal staff positions. He holds a masters degree in IT management

  12. Programmatic Integration of Cyber into the Institutional Domain of Leader Development (United States)


    motivated and were good study partners on the many beautiful Saturdays that we spent working on our theses. Thanks is also owed to my committee. Andrew...56 Ibid 57 Ibid 58 Doughty, 5. 39 World War II and the Korean War U.S. tactical doctrine remained offensive in...nature.59The Korean War forced the United States to modify its doctrine and begin to focus on defensive operations.60 The tank combined with Infantry

  13. PATHFINDER. Volume 8, Number 5. September/October 2010 (United States)


    analysts began reviewing the first Dari-language Image City Map co-produced by the Afghanistan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office. The map, of...navigation, planning and urban area operations. NGA photo Arabic language map co-produced by Afghanistan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office. » the 1st Cavalry Division GIS Cell, MND-Baghdad, 07 July 2009 Security District outlines validated by 4th Infantry Division Geospatial Information

  14. Modelling Effectiveness of Machine Gun Fire


    Dutta, D.; S. Sabhanval


    Machine gun is an effective infantry weapon which can cause heavy damage to enemy targets, if sited in a tactically favourable position. It can be engaged effectively against both static and moving targets. The paper deals with the determination of target vulnerability under effective machine gun fire considering relevant tactical parameters, eg, target aiming point, trajectory of fire, sweep angle, target frontage, posture, direction of attack, etc.

  15. Modelling Effectiveness of Machine Gun Fire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Dutta


    Full Text Available Machine gun is an effective infantry weapon which can cause heavy damage to enemy targets, if sited in a tactically favourable position. It can be engaged effectively against both static and moving targets. The paper deals with the determination of target vulnerability under effective machine gun fire considering relevant tactical parameters, eg, target aiming point, trajectory of fire, sweep angle, target frontage, posture, direction of attack, etc.



    Otto, W


    It is sometimes difficult for people to break with outmoded traditions, and this is particularly noticeable in the military world, where today the most modern and technological equipment is carried into battle by soldiers also equipped with a weapon of quite historic origin, the bayonet. During the period of the single-shot infantry weapon, the bayonet formed an essential part of the soldier's equipment, being useful in mounting or repelling assaults at close-quarters when it was impossible t...

  17. Geometry-of-fire tracking algorithm for direct-fire weapon systems


    Khan, Caleb K.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited The continuous cycle for validating geometry of fires on a battlefield impedes momentum. A force that can decide and act quicker than the enemy has an advantage. The goal of this thesis is to provide dismounted infantry units with this advantage by developing a sensor network that streamlines the geometry-of-fire validation cycle for direct-fire weapon systems. This is the first attempt to develop technology for this specific applicati...

  18. Nett Warrior: Initial Operational Test and Evaluation Report (United States)


    Platform (JBC-P)/Joint Capability Release ( JCR ) compatibility as a network enabler  Global Positioning System (GPS) Repeater The EUD is a commercial...Text Markup Language (HTML) message that does not depend upon JBC-P/ JCR for transmission among units, as do the other messages listed, which are in...P or JCR software in mounted units. Within light infantry units, Nett Warrior interfaces through the Manpack radio to enable network connectivity to

  19. Evaluation of Logistics Operation Command and Control Capability: Optimization Revisited (United States)


    Turkish Infantry Brigade, Vehicle Routing Problem 16. PRICE CODE 17. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF REPORT Unclassified 18. SECURITY...Formulation of the Vehicle Routing Problem ........16 5. Modifications to the model for the Turkish Army scenario ..........17 6. Description of the...evaluated the existing and proposed concepts on how to use the Combat Service Support Element resources of a FSSG by solving a vehicle routing problem with

  20. Maximizing the Inter-Service SOF Handshake (United States)


    focal point, and the broad spectrum that Arquilla presents that decision-makers should have as their fundamental perception of Special Operations...Staff Training 40 Chimore Ninth Division - CHIPIRIRI BN 7th SFG (A) Chile JCET 50 Santiago Grupo Operaciones De Policia Especial 7 SFG (GOPE) of the...NSWG-2 Panama JCET 40 FT Sherman PANAMANIAN GRUPO DE OPERACIONES ESPECIALES (GOE) NSW-4, ST-8 Panama Light Infantry 40 Colon City Panamanian

  1. Syndrome of Acute Anxiety Among Marines After Recent Arrival at High Altitude (United States)


    conditioned 18- to 35-year-old men in good health, with a potentially increased incidence of trau- matic brain injury [TBI] germane to an infantry unit...initial presentation. Case 4 A male Marine in his late teens was brought to the BAS from a higher altitude because of cotnplaints of acute chest brain disorders known to be associated with anxiety (both of which have a higher inci- dence in military populations). It is reasonably likely that

  2. Expanding Fixed-Wing Aircraft Capability in US Army Aviation Operations (United States)


    Aircraft (FCA) program. Also in 2005, the Air Force expressed a need for a small airlifter and proposed development of the Light Cargo Aircraft ( LCA ...and LCA into the JCA program with the Army as program lead for both services. In 2007, the C-27J Spartan, a vastly improved version of the by fuel consumption and maintenance readiness. The Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) is a lightly armored, motorized infantry brigade that

  3. Mulberry-American: The Artificial Harbor at Omaha (United States)


    invasion LCA Landing Craft Assault LCI Landing Craft (Infantry) LCT Landing Craft (Tank) LCVP Landing Craft–Vehicle, Personnel. Also known as a...4,080 tons at sea, 2,366 landing 12.1 knots LST 3 Five LCA , one LCT(6) or fourteen trucks on upper deck; twenty- seven 25 ton or fifteen 40...outboard motors designed to offload large quantities of materials from waiting cargo ships. Rhino ferries were an American contribution to the

  4. Allies of a Kind: Canadian Army-US Army Relations and the Korean War, 1950-1953 (United States)


    Trade as part of its Faculty Research Program (United States of America) of the Understanding Canada- Cana - dian Studies Program. The fellowship...staff. The Cana - dian infantry sections kept their M4 Enfield rifles, Bren light machine guns, and Sten submachine guns because of their ammunition...the end of the year the Cana - dian service units within the war zone included: 57th Independent Field Squadron (Royal Canadian Engineers) 25th

  5. The Cuban Interventionary Forces: The Growing Strategic and Regional Threat to the United States and NATO. (United States)


    Intelligence (DGI--Direccion General de Inteligencia ), the Department of State Security (DSE-- Departmento de Sequridad del Estado), and the Directorate of...light aircraft, hundreds of artillery pieces and multiple rocket launchers, and thousands of light infantry weapons. Unlike the relatively...much integrated into the Soviet system as Cuba, not only would there be a multiplication of Soviet influence and oppor- tunities, but presumably of

  6. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. Volume 83, Number 4, July-August 2003 (United States)


    Funk & Wagnalls , 1969), 65. 22. R. Ernest Dupuy and Trevor N. Dupuy, The Harper Encyclopedia of Military History, 4th ed. ( New York: HarperCollins Pub...How Effective is Strategic Bombing? Lessons Learned from World War II to Kosovo ( New York University Press, 2001); Mark Clodfelter, The Limits of...Battle of Taji on 16 April 2003, battle command in the 4th Infantry Division was exercised in a technically new style nicknamed Battle Command on the

  7. The Decline of Air Assault Operations (United States)


    criticality of mission focus to the success of air assaults . However, 31 1st Infantry Division, AAR—Operation Junction City for 22 February 1967 to 15...product life cycle theory is a great way to visualize the fifty-year life of air assault operations; however, its explanatory powers are limited. The 1962...The Decline of Air Assault Operations A Monograph by MAJ Jason S. Raub United States Army School of

  8. Enhancing Hungarian Special Forces through Transformation -- The Shift to Special Operations Forces (United States)


    operational exposure concerns the operational (combat theatre ) experience of the relevant HDF personnel. The assumption is that the more such experience...bureaucratic jungle” or the deployed HUNSF elements’ combat theatre . Moreover, adhocracies are not meant to produce outputs; there is no “product” at the end...infantry brigade as a consequence of the last larger reorganization of the HDF. That reorganization occurred amid the renaissance of the “light

  9. The Decisive Phase of Colombia’s War on Narco-Terrorism (United States)


    in Arauca, the U.S. training of the Colombian 5th Mobile and 18th Infantry Brigades showed dramatic results defending the Caño Limon Oil Pipeline...and economic policies, Luis Eduardo “Lucho” Garzon, as Bogotá’s new mayor, voters again dealt a blow to Uribe.”79 With the election of a leftist as

  10. Soviet Union, Military Affairs. (United States)


    Combat training and combat standby duty, the opera - tion and servicing of cpmbat equipment, performing guard duty, and daily living little by little...German classical philosophy of Hegel and Feuerbach. The work was written at the beginning of 1886, and it was published initially in the...contains 14 Ml Abrams tanks, 1 motor vehicle, and 16 radios. The motorized infantry (tank) company can be used for the conduct of combat opera

  11. Winfield Scott’s 1847 Mexico City Campaign as a Model for Future War (United States)


    wars of annihilation. Our future commanders will be called on to do much more than simply defeat an adversary’s armed forces; they will also be...the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, under the command of Brigadier General William Worth, entered Puebla (ele- vation 7,091 feet, population 80,000...order to garrison Veracruz, Jalapa, and now Puebla , he faced guerrilla bands that operated with impunity in the hinterland between out- posts. With

  12. 2006 Combat Vehicles Conference (United States)


    and Agreements Supply Chain Management Logistics Solutions for the Warfighter Guam & Saipan Diego Garcia Mediterranean SS KOCAK MV PHILLIPS MV...BUTTON MV LOPEZ USNS STOCKHAM SS PLESS MV HAUGE MV LUMMUS MV ANDERSON MV BONNYMAN USNS MARTIN SS OBREGON MV BAUGH MV WILLIAMS MV BOBO USNS WHEAT MPS...importantly it delivers the most valuable weapon on the battlefield – a soldier. LTC Erik Kurilla CDR, 1-24 Infantry Stryker Vehicles are 312 pieces

  13. Romanian Armed Forces Transformation (United States)


    strategic importance is defined by the configuration of the Carpathian Mountains to the north-east, by the lower course and estuary of the Danube river...Companies, 1 Engineer Company, 1 Mountain Company, 1 Military Police Company, 1 Mine-clearing Detachment); Air Forces (4 MIG-21 LANCER, 1 C- 130B...Land Forces - 3 Infantry Companies, 1 Engineer Company, 1 Mountain Company, 1 Paratroops Company, 1 Military Police Company, 1 Demining Detachment

  14. Assessing the Use of Tactical Clouds to Enhance Warfighter Effectiveness (United States)


    Armoured Vehicle (LAV) – Within this report, a LAV is a generic term used to denote a mechanized infantry vehicle used to support warfighters in ground...are under considerable pressure to reduce IT expenditures. 10 The Defense Science Board, which... awarded to IBM, Lockheed Martin, HP, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, MicroTech and Criterion Systems. The contract consists of two parts. The first

  15. Al Sahawa-The Awakening Volume 4-A: Area of Operations Topeka, East Ramadi and the Shark Fins (United States)


    trainers and educators. It is presented in multimedia to accommodate different teaching and learning styles .4 The project presents the Awakening...needed he received more. As an example, he received two Marine Infantry companies when the TF extended its reach to Julaybah.7 When he was directed to...Qaeda. On 3 September 2007, one year after Sattar’s announcement, President George W. Bush met with the tribal leaders of Al Anbar and the leadership

  16. Examining the Relationship Between Mental, Physical, and Organizational Factors Associated With Attrition During Maritime Forces Training. (United States)

    Binsch, Olaf; Banko, Katherine M; Veenstra, Bertil J; Valk, Pierre J L


    For infantry units of the Dutch Ministry of Defence, high attrition rates (varying from 42 to 68%) during initial training are a persisting problem. The reasons for this attrition are diverse. Having better insight into the causes of attrition is a prerequisite for implementing preventive measures. To achieve this, a monitoring assessment system was developed that integrated the effects of physical, mental, and organizational determinants on operational readiness. The aim of this study was to implement the monitoring tools and to establish the set of determinants that best predicted attrition during infantry training of new recruits. Eighty-five recruits were monitored over a 24-week infantry training course. Before the training, recruits were screened for medical, psychological, and physical wellness. During the monitoring phase, mental, physiological, and organizational indicants were obtained using an array of tools such as questionnaires, chest belt monitors (for heart rate, acceleration, and skin temperature measurements), and computerized tests (e.g., vigilance, long-term memory). Survival analyses were used to tease out the determinants of individual and grouped predictors of attrition. Nearly half the recruits (47%) failed the training. Attrition was predicted by both physiological and mental determinants. However, the organizational determinant "trainers' judgment" on the "recruits' military quality" dominated the physiological and mental determinants. It was concluded that the monitoring system was successfully implemented during infantry training, and that the survival analysis method emphasized on single effects and interactions between the different determinants. Based on the current findings, we recommend several steps to successfully implement a monitoring method in settings with high demands.

  17. Beyond the Gap: A Historical Perspective on World War II River Crossings (United States)


    transported a small force to the other side to defeat the enemy overlooking the banks.39 This allowed the engineers to emplace the footbridges ; however, and small arms fire to allow the construction of the footbridge and the ferrying of infantry vehicles.74 The second objective was to achieve...the engineer’s assault boats, footbridge , and other crossing means while maintaining concealment from air and ground observations. From this

  18. Understanding why a Ground Combat Vehicle that Carries Nine Dismounts is Important to the Army (United States)


    cites a quote by GEN Donn Starry, TRADOC commander from 1977 to 1981, in which he notes, “We in TRADOC . . . decided to put the TOW on the MICV because...Carmichael, John M., “Devising Doctrine for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle Platoon Dismount Element—Finding the Right Starting Point,” Fort...Mahon, John K., and Romana Danysh, Army Lineage Series: Infantry, Part I: Regular Army, Washington, D.C.: Office of the Chief of Military History, United

  19. An Overview of the Ecological Effects of Tracked Vehicles on Major U.S. (United States) Army Installations (United States)


    has been relatively small. 7 lPersonal communication between W. D. Goran (CERL) and COL Waller (G-3, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, CO), 1980. 7...layer depends on the ameliorating effects of a tree canopy, deciduous leaf litter, shade, rich soils, and other tree-related properties. Much of this...plant species such as the Japanese honeysuckle may become so well established that native species are excluded. This trend was evident in the old-field

  20. Scylla and Charybdis: the Army’s Development of War Plan Orange (United States)


    Martin Kriedberg and First Lieutenant Merton Henry, places a primacy on the planning for the mobilization of manpower in case of war. Together, the...Infantry Journal Press, 1946), 290. 37 Marvin A. Kreidberg and Merton G. Henry, History of Military Mobilization in the United States Army, 1775...1920-1939. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 1998. Kreidberg, Marvin A and Henry, Merton G. History of Military Mobilization in the United

  1. Improving the Enhanced Company Operations Fire Support Team (United States)


    Discrete-Event Models, Agent-Based Models, Enhanced Company Operations, ECO , Distributed Operations, DO, MANA, Simulation, Design of Experiments... design points. The design matrix guided 68,000 simulated ECO missions. The researcher‟s analysis of the output data provided valuable insight into more with less. MCWL is currently experimenting with Enhanced Company Operations ( ECO ), wherein an infantry company is designated as a Company

  2. Development of a Computerized Training Requirements and Cost Evaluation System for the U.S. Marine Corps (United States)


    READINESS 2 1-2 COMMAND MANAGEMENT OF COMBAT READINESS 2 2-1 SCHEMATIC MAUA MODEL OF MCCRES FOR INFANTRY UNITS 6 2-2 SCHEMATIC REPRESENTATION OF THE BENEFIT...decision analysis methodology, DDI constructed a prototype multi-attribute utility assess- ment ( MAUA ) model that permitted a rapid and systematic... MAUA model within MCCRES to select and allocate training options that will provide battalions with the most training benefit for specific levels of cost

  3. Operational Initiative in Theory and Doctrine (United States)


    their environment, but closed systems trend toward chaos via the increasing entropy dictated by the second law of thermodynamics . 61 In this...the infantry arm is the somewhat injudicious teaching that has been promulgated of late years on the subject of “taking the initiative.” …on every...initiative” …All this injudicious teaching has led to a good deal of go-as-you-please tactics, ending in abuses and censures all round until officers

  4. How Deployments Affect the Capacity and Utilization of Army Treatment Facilities (United States)


    at RAND, we wish to thank Margaret Harrell, the direc- tor of RAND Arroyo Center’s Army Health Program, and Sarah Meadows, the associate director...Equivalent HMO Health Maintenance Organization ID Infantry Division M2 MHS Management Analysis and Reporting Tool MAA Mood, Adjustment, or Anxiety...utilizing outpatient care for mental health for mood, adjustment, and anxiety ( MAA ) diag- noses increased by 4 percent (Figure 3.3). Similar studies

  5. Mentorship: The Strategic Cost of Growing the Brigade Combat Team (United States)


    Infantry Warfighting Conference Brief (Atlanta, Georgia : U.S. Army Forces Command, 14 September 2010) 52 BIBLIOGRAPHY Ambrose, Stephen E. Ike...July-August 2001): 4. Steinberg, Alma G. and Susann M. Nourizadeh. Superior, Peer, and Subordinate Mentoring in the U.S. Army. Alexandria, VA: U.S...Conference Brief. Atlanta, Georgia : U.S. Army Forces Command, 14 September 2010. Tichy, Noel and Eli Cohen. The Leadership Engine: How Winning

  6. The U.S. Navy in Operation Overlord Under the Command of Rear Admiral Alan G. Kirk (United States)


    doubled soon after the arrival of Eisenhower and Montgomery, Bradely assigned two veteran infantry divisions to lead the assault. Bradley planned to send a...213; and Keegan, Second World War, pp. 375-77. 179 14. Ellis, Victory in the-West, p. 17; 15. Alfred Chandler, ed., The Papers of Dwight David ...Kirk Mss, NHC. 3. David Brown, "Operation Neptune, The Normandy Invasion: 6 dune to 3 July 1944," July 1993, Naval Historical Branch, Ministry of

  7. Latin America Report, No. 2762 (United States)


    attack on the major city of San Miguel last 3 September. The barracks in this city, the headquarters of the Third Infantry Brigade of the Army, is... San Miguel barracks. That guerrilla operation destroyed one small tank, one armored car, three gaso- line stations, one electricity substation, the...victorious action of the FMLN, there were also actions in San Vicente, Chalatenango, Morazan, Cerro Cacahuatique, Guazapa and other parts of El

  8. Cannae (United States)


    lecture delivered by Colonel Wilson B, Burtt, Infantry, as to the observations of the United States military mission headed by General Joseph E. Kuhn ...NORTH OF METZ WITH THE FIRST ARMY, SHOULD BE EFFECTED. Map 80. MAR~ LATOUR " 16 August, 1870. Map 81. SITUATION ONTHEE~ENINGOF~~AUGUST,AND MOVEMENTS...XII, from Thiaueourt at Mars la Tour, of the Guard Corps and the IV to Hannonville and Latour . The corps stood at various distances from their

  9. Designing Interactive Multimedia Instruction to Address Soldiers’ Learning Needs (United States)


    screen capture software) Snag-it Programming Languages ActionScript 2 & 3 HTML JavaScript CSS Note: HTML refers to Hypertext Markup Language...Instead, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) was used, enabling the IMI exemplars to run in a web browser. While this approach precluded some data... Hypertext Markup Language IMDP Instructional Media Design Package IMI Interactive Multimedia Instruction IOBC Infantry Officer Basic

  10. The Relationship between Operational Graphics and Battlefield Success (United States)


    the U.S. Army National Training Center (NTC) and evaluates the relationship between the operational grphics used and three unit performance measures of...for the boundary with the armor battalion. In the example, the zone of action is the responsibility of Task Force 3-28. From the unit designations on...Symbol 2 is the representation of 3rd Battalion, 28th Infantry (Mechanized), and the box over the unit size designation indicates that the unit has

  11. Mountain and Cold Weather Warfighting: Critical Capability for the 21st Century (United States)


    Singh , became known as the “Mad Bull of Dras,” for his enthusiastic application of overwhelming firepower. Likening it to using a 34 “sledgehammer a peanut,” Singh would mass dozens of guns against a single target, pounding it with thousands of rounds while infantry maneuvered up the...Studies Office, 2006. Kanwal, Gurmeet . Heroes of Kargil. New Delhi: Army Headquarters, 2002. Leonov, Viktor. Blood on the Shores: Soviet Naval Commandos

  12. Terrorism: A Selected Bibliography. (United States)


    Fragmentation." Infantry, 61:44-49, September-October 1971. Collins, J. Erik. "The Twilight War--Diverse Aspects of the Hostile Threat." Army Digest, 24:4-9...Offenses in the Law and Practice of Extradition." American Journal of International Law, 27: 247, 1933. Deerin, James B. "Northern Ireland’s Twilight ...34Sad Days in Recife; Abductions of Operation Hope Workers." Commonweal, December 7, 1973, p. 256. " Saga of the Anzoategul: Hijacking of Venezuelan

  13. Technogeopologistics: Supply Networks and Military Power in the Industrial Age (United States)


    the German Western campaign were fully motorized .48 As a result, the vast majority of the German infantry marched into battle, supplied with horse...Germans simply had overextended their LOCs.51 In other words, the fast-moving German motorized divisions were in danger of outrunning their logistics...Creveld, Supplying War Hitler had a fascination with cars. The National Socialist movement highlighted the new Autobahn and the Volkswagen as

  14. Adaptations to Curriculum at the Quartermaster School Officer Candidate Course during World War II (United States)


    War I where most candidates at the Officer Training Schools were from the upper crust of society and often well connected. While many within the...commanders establish schools that adhered to standards of courses in the continental United States, the commandant of the Infantry School produced a training...instruction should the War Department direct a 17 week course length. The process highlighted great variances between school curriculums. After

  15. Symbology Sourcebook for Military Applications (United States)


    Antisubmarine 55 Personnel Food 12 Aviation 56 Missile 100 Infantry 13 Bomber 57 Railway 101 Fuel -14 Close Air Support 58 Shooter 102 Irregular Forces...SOLRM gmO M 0R 11.4.18 WJFeI BETA TEST B Mi ss lid/, sursace to it numerals placed beneath show unknown size.N numerals mean unk. 11.4.19 .EAPOt P1M

  16. The Alleged Mutiny of Company I (United States)


    Allied detachments.32 Tensions ran high at one point during the intervention, as Hugo Salchow of Company G, 339th Infantry, recalls, the British...British Intervention of Russia, 1918-1920 (London: Hambledon Continuum, 2006), 129. 33 Hugo K. Salchow, Interview by Shelden Annis. Oral History...Party of America Victor Berger. In retrospect, the possibility of the captain being a socialist is probable, or it could be that Scales’ judgment

  17. The Effect of Very High versus Very Low Sustained Loading on the Lower Back and Knees in Middle Life

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yael Milgrom


    Full Text Available To evaluate the effect of the extremes of long term high and low physical activities on musculoskeletal heath in middle age, a historical cohort study was performed. The MRI knee and back findings of 25 randomly selected subjects who were inducted into the armed forces in 1983 and served at least 3 years as elite infantry soldiers were compared 25 years later, with 20 randomly selected subjects who were deferred from army service for full time religious studies at the same time. Both cohorts were from the same common genome. The two primary outcome measures were degenerative lumbar disc disease evaluated by the Pfirrmann score and degenerative knee changes evaluated by the WORMS score. At the 25-year follow up, the mean Pfirrmann score (8.6 for the L1 to S1 level of the elite infantry group was significantly higher than that of the sedentary group (6.7, (P=0.003. There was no statistically significant difference between the WORMS knee scores between the two cohorts (P=0.7. In spite of the much greater musculoskeletal loading history of the elite infantry cohort, only their lumbar spines but not their knees showed increased degenerative changes at middle age by MRI criteria.

  18. Cellular Subcompartments through Cytoplasmic Streaming. (United States)

    Pieuchot, Laurent; Lai, Julian; Loh, Rachel Ann; Leong, Fong Yew; Chiam, Keng-Hwee; Stajich, Jason; Jedd, Gregory


    Cytoplasmic streaming occurs in diverse cell types, where it generally serves a transport function. Here, we examine streaming in multicellular fungal hyphae and identify an additional function wherein regimented streaming forms distinct cytoplasmic subcompartments. In the hypha, cytoplasm flows directionally from cell to cell through septal pores. Using live-cell imaging and computer simulations, we identify a flow pattern that produces vortices (eddies) on the upstream side of the septum. Nuclei can be immobilized in these microfluidic eddies, where they form multinucleate aggregates and accumulate foci of the HDA-2 histone deacetylase-associated factor, SPA-19. Pores experiencing flow degenerate in the absence of SPA-19, suggesting that eddy-trapped nuclei function to reinforce the septum. Together, our data show that eddies comprise a subcellular niche favoring nuclear differentiation and that subcompartments can be self-organized as a consequence of regimented cytoplasmic streaming.

  19. The Ranger First Responder Program and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Implementation: A Whole-Community Approach to Reducing Mortality From Active Violent Incidents. (United States)

    Fisher, Andrew D; Callaway, David W; Robertson, Josh N; Hardwick, Shane A; Bobko, Joshua P; Kotwal, Russ S


    Active violent incidents are dynamic and challenging situations that can produce a significant amount of preventable deaths. Lessons learned from the military?s experience in Afghanistan and Iraq through the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care and the 75th Ranger Regiment?s Ranger First Responder Program have helped create the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) to address the uniqueness of similar wounding patterns and to end preventable deaths. We propose a whole-community approach to active violent incidents, using the C-TECC Trauma Chain of Survival and a tiered approach for training and responsibilities: the first care provider, nonmedical professional first responders, medical first responders, and physicians and trauma surgeons. The different tiers are critical early links in the Chain of Survival and this approach will have a significant impact on active violent incidents. 2015.

  20. An evaluation of new circle system of anesthesia. Quantitative anesthesia with isoflurane in new zealand rabbits


    Fonseca,Neuber M.; Saul Goldenberg; Duvaldo Eurides; Novo, Neil F; Cirilo A. P. Lima


    A small circuit system of anesthesia was developed by Fonseca and Goldenberg in 1993. The authors used in this study New Zealand White (NZW) rabbits under closed system anesthetic regiment by insoflurane. Twenty male adult New Zealand rabbits were distributed in two groups of ten animals. No premedicant drugs were given. Endotraqueal intubation was made after intravenous administration of propofol (10mg/kg). Insoflurane was used to anesthesia management, administred by lowflow closed system t...

  1. Situation Desperate: U.S. Army Engineer Disaster Relief Operations, Origins to 1950 (United States)


    the abuse of the free ration issues also circulated. Col. Lansing Beach of the Corps of Engineers, stationed at Jackson Barracks near New Orleans...his experience that federal issuance of free rations did more harm than good. Percy Quin of Mississippi took umbrage at that idea. “Mr. Humphreys...upon returning Soldiers of the 359th Engineer General Service Regiment repaired a slough in the Jackson Bayou levee along the White River during the

  2. The Royal Army in America During the Revolutionary War: The American Prisoner Records (United States)


    John Percy do do Arch’d Jones do 62d H. Blacker do do G. Harvey do do James Power do do R. Kingston D.A.G...Nichols James Atkins Sam’l Morgantrayd Total Artillery 43 Of the 17th Regiment of Foot Serjeant Richardson “ Jackson “ Smith Corporal Abbot The...Uriah Jackson Alex’r McKay John McKenrie Eusibius Moore Jonathan Nixon Thomas Numery Richard Rice Thomas Savage John Simpsn Elias Simmondson

  3. Extending the Thin Blue Line: Constabulary Police Development in Phase Zero Operations (United States)


    February, 2010), B-13-14. 105Ibid, B-14. 31 parent IBCT or HBCT for human resources as well as quartermaster support, as the individual platoon is...military stopped rendering aid to police before South Vietnam fell to Communists. This Communist control was synonymous with the type of authoritarian ...constabulary force was analogous to the composition of a tradition cavalry outfit with the troop as the primary maneuver unit. Each parent regiment

  4. Combat Multipliers: African-American Soldiers in Four Wars (United States)


    were manned by free blacks or black slaves. England, seeking to enforce its embargo act, mainly directed at Napoleon Bonaparte , felt safe in 19 21...Blacks were a deciding factor on both sides of the ambush. Luis Pacheco, a local slave who had been hired out as a guide to assist Dade’s expedition...subject of the popular movie Glory. For a complete primary-source history of the 54th Massachusetts, see Luis F. Emilio, A Brave Black Regiment: History

  5. The Marines in Vietnam 1954-1973: An Anthology and Annotated Bibliography (United States)


    S. effort. liaison officers. A prime problem, however, was that there was no jointure of U. S. and Vietnamese command at any Operations Starlite and...possible Operation Various factors affected extension of these TAORs: Starlite , the first regimental-sized U. S. battle since the " First, General Thi... Starlite was launched. It was as to be of greatest mutual benefit. a converging movement, using a river crossing in LVTs Second, growth of the TAORS

  6. Operation Iraqi Freedom: Preliminary Observations on Iraqi Security Forces’ Logistics and Command and Control Capabilities (United States)


    support at the lowest levels is expected to be the purview of Headquarters and Services Companies (HSC), which provide limited health,, and transportation support to Iraqi Army battalions, brigades, and divisions, and Motorized Transport Regiments (MTR), which provide additional...including U.S. military 2.5- and 5-ton cargo trucks, as well as vehicles manufactured by AMC, Ashok Leyland (Indian), GAZ (Russian), Hyundai , Kamaz

  7. The Limits of Obedience: Brigadier General Thomas J. Wood’s Performance During the Battle of Chickamauga (United States)


    position they would have had to have blasted the Rebels the moment they came over the ridge, but before Davis’s men could take their place the yelling ...the massing Rebel soldiers, leaving Buell with his headquarters and one regiment, the 58th Indiana. Harker’s brigade, which had been situated in...between Wood’s division and the approaching Rebels . Realizing that the enemy advance must be stopped, Wood ordered the 125th Ohio, from Buell’s

  8. How to Train a Dragon: How the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Modernizes to Fight and Win Wars (United States)


    electronic countermeasures, chemical defense, and technical reconnaissance.45 The PLAFF organizes its operational units into a single...Extends Its Reach, 74. 45 Allen, The Chinese Air Force, 103. 20 corps, divisions, brigades, regiments, battalions, companies , and squads.46...had their first joint search in the same mission area in the search of Malaysia Airlines MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean. In this mission

  9. Jungle Skippers: The 317th Troop Carrier Group in the Southwest Pacific and Their Legacy (United States)


    loaded with the whole parachute regiment. Some troopers jumped to check the timing. The pilots were already familiar with the details of the objective...after the aircraft reaches the ground. In airdrop, troops are moved by air transport and landed by means of parachutes . 15. SUBJECT TERMS 16...moved by air transport and landed by means of parachutes . The author assesses how the convergence of opportunity, capability, and conditions enabled

  10. Against a Descriptive Vindication of Doxastic Voluntarism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nottelmann, Nikolaj


    evidence does not decisively undermine voluntarism either. Thus, it would seem that normative doxastic ethics could not justifiedly appeal directly to voluntarist assumptions. Second, I attempt to bring out how doxastic voluntarists may nevertheless hope to stir methodological worries within normative...... of this kind of descriptive vindication. However, a closer examination reveals that nothing obviously suggests that voluntarism provides a better regimentation of our ascription practices as compared to rival theses concerning human powers of doxastic control....

  11. The Second Tennessee Cavalry in the American Civil War (United States)


    General Edmund 1 Kirby Smith’s command in East Tennessee.1 In the fall of 1862, the regiment followed Smith into Kentucky and covered his army’s... Burke Families of East Tennessee (Springboro, OH: PBR Publishing, 2005). Eddie Lawson is the primary author of this book with contributions from...of Gainesboro, Tennessee.75 Kirby Smith Takes Command On 8 March 1862, Major General Edmund Kirby Smith took command of the Department of East

  12. The Applicability of Structured Modeling to Discrete Event Simulation Systems. (United States)


    of Attributes :\\ basic theme in this Section concerns the limitations of the attribute clement type and ways around these restrictions. A technique...ce 2nd Echelon Battalion of’IER of ILL) 1EDIER2- EBM [ANEUVER_*( IEDI ER2LB) cc IED1ER2EBARTILLERYN’\\(IEDIER2EB) ce IED2ER(lED ce 2nd Echelon Regiment of

  13. Battalion Combat Operations Center (COC) Test. Volume 1. Test Plan. (United States)


    lead elements of the motorized regiment and tank bat- talion arrived at Lake Elsinore . An additional MB and artillery battery were located in the Lake .Tahoe area commenced movement to the south and was expected to reinforce on or about 27 November. On D 9, M:G-25 photo aircraft escorted...readouts indicated heavy vehicular activity in the vicinity of Perris and Elsinore . These indicators clearly showed enemy forces were preparing to

  14. Major General James Scott Negley and His Division at Chickamauga: A Historical Analysis (United States)


    had little anxiety over the preparedness of the Third Brigade. Artillery, Captain Frederick Schutz Illinois Light, Bridges’ Battery, Captain Lyman...Campaign.54 First Ohio Light, M Battery, Captain Frederick Schutz M Battery, First Regiment Ohio Light Artillery, organized at Camp Dennison, Ohio, on 3...General Rosecrans appeared. Riding down Lytle Hill at a gallop, Rosecrans first spied Captain Alfred L. Hough of Negley’s staff, rode to his

  15. Southeast Asia Report (United States)


    Bounnaphone were in turn jailed for corruption. Specifically, Mr Oudone was charged with implication in an obscure affair of defective secondhand tractors...provide security for the police officers in his regiment and ensure their good health and sufficient food and clothing according to the slogan "We must...even if he’s the highest paid driver of the neighborhood. So he’ll always be tempted to pad the repair bill, get a kickback from the paint shop

  16. Changing Face of Warfare (United States)


    could reach; blood flowed in streams along the aisles and out the doors; screams and groans were 17 Benjamin Edwards Stiles Jr, letter dated April4...the tree line. Union artillery ripped holes in the attacking close knit formations almost immediately. "In the 1,000 yard ’shooting gallery’ at...the mountain, Sanders rushed his men forward to stem the overwhelming tide. The regiment was met with panicked Confederate soldiers streaming from

  17. First on the Line: The 35th Engineer Battalion in World War Two and the Evolution of a High-Performance Combat Unit (United States)


    fifty-five gallon steel drum and various other parts. He was soon running a full-fledged laundry service for the regiment. 46 Stories of the...banter faded as the 35th‘s first bulldozer suddenly burst from the thicket. Trailing broken vines and mangled branches, it lumbered down the bank...erection of telephone poles and the construction of four camps along the route. 52 However, the project was soon embroiled in deep controversy as many in

  18. Was It Really Worth Pain? Refurbishment of Mercedes-Benz Trucks by Botswana Defence Force (United States)


    outlined in Garrison and Noreen (2003) (page 646, exhibit 14-7). The items considered for the cost analysis were: • Spare parts. The spare-parts costs... GARRISON WORKSHOPS MBSA MERCEDES-BENZ SOUTH AFRICA MER MECHANICAL ENGINEERS REGIMENT NASA NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION OEM ORIGINAL...document that is not officially recognized by BDF headquarters; hence, it is hardly ever referred to in any official policy correspondence. Garrison

  19. Historical Investigations of the Richard B. Russell Multiple Resource Area. (United States)


    Howard W. Southern Regions of the United States. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press, 1936. 443 Oliphant, J. Orin . [ed...South Carolina, 1978. 515 Thompson, Edgar T. [ed.]. Perspectives on the South: Agenda for Research. Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press...1967. 516 Thompson, Edgar T. Plantation Societies, Race Relations and The South: The Regimentation of Population Durham, North Carolina: Duke University

  20. ’For the Cause’ Cadiz and the Peninsular War: Military and Siege Operations from 1808 to 1812 (United States)


    the commander, Areizaga, failed to personally command the troops and was some twenty miles south of the Despena Perros pass, billeted in a comfortable...castle. Soult took to the march on 7 January and by 20 January 1810, the Despena Perros pass was forced.22 With four separate columns piercing into...with his battalion to the western edge of Barossa Hill." These troops were then joined by two Spanish units, the Walloon and Ciudad R&l Regiments

  1. MOUT: Military Operations in Urban Terrain (Air Land Sea Bulletin, Issue No. 2008-1, January 2008) (United States)


    Regiment (3ACR) in Tal Afar; and 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division in Ramadi. Tal Afar in early 2005 was dominated by Al Qaeda in Iraq. Local...MOUT villages in the approximate center of the Hohenfels Training Area ( HTA ). These targets also had the advantage of being relatively unrestricted...missile target development in early entry and mature theater operations. It provides a common understanding of the threat missile target set and

  2. The determination of phenazone in blood plasma for obtained sistem suitable test of monitoring drug level


    Mochamad Lazuardi


    The determining of Phenazone to human blood plasma from healthy man after separated by solid phase extraction (SPE) and spectroscopic measurements has been investigated. The objective of that research was to obtain system suitable test for determine the Phenazone level in biological fluids (human blood plasma), for new performed dosage regimented in clinical dentistry. The method can be divided into the following four steps. 1. Centrifugation the blood sample, 2. Extraction from blood plasma ...

  3. Preparing General Purpose Forces in the United States and British Armies for Counterinsurgent Operations (United States)


    commander whose book Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife, was widely read by military leaders serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Dr. Nagl also...sustainment training for units while deployed to Malaya.23 Arthur Campbell , a company commander in the Suffolk Regiment who served in Malaya in the early 1950s...Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam, comparing the Malayan Emergency and Vietnam War is akin to

  4. JPRS Report, Arms Control. (United States)


    mis- siles, and 30 Pluton ground-to-ground missiles. Considering this imbalance, senate rapporteur Xavier de Villepin (Centrist Union, representing...senator also discussed the Hades, a prestrategic ground-to-ground missile with a range of 450 km, which is expected to replace the Pluton after...34] [Text] In 1991, the French Army will have only four regiments equipped with the prestrategic Pluton nuclear missile, compared to the five it has

  5. Software Interface Assessment of the Centralized Aviation Flight Records System (CAFRS) 4.0 (United States)


    instructor Job Title (UTE 2): • Brigade standardization pilot • Regiment standardization pilot • ARNG standardization officer • AH-64 Apache helicopter ...repairer/test and evaluation NCO • UH-60 helicopter repairer • 15W senior small group leader • Helicopter instructor pilot • Flight records...simplify. Ex: “Compl RL3 ref tng – Designated RL2 D/N, RL3 Night Vision Goggles ( NVG )”. • Once entry is made on 7122 initial and signed and remark

  6. The Effects of Anti-Deforestation Programs on Brazil’s Ecological Sustainability Goals and the Implications for the Economic Objectives of the Strategic Partnership with the European Union (United States)


    relevance of the EU contribution to controlling deforestation and sustainable development of the Amazon rain forest. In addition, the ECA reports...533 of August 29, 2000] Regimento Interno Comissão Interministerial de Mudança global do Clima [Internal Regiment Interministerial Commission on...Challenged,” 395‒424. 131“Portataria Nº 533, de 29 de agosto de 2000,” Regimento Interno Comissão Interministerial de Mudança global do Clima, accessed

  7. Elusive Agreement: The Sporazum of 1939 and the Serb-croat Dispute in the Context of European Crisis (United States)


    PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) S. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION 0,5, ARAZt~Y S7VP’E1 JT PETACHMINT-J REPORT NUMBER 9. SPONSORING/IMONITORING... perform their duties conscientiously in the Army and elsewhere." Macek sent a similar appeal to two Croatian regiments which had disarmed their Serbian...Cornell Univ. Press, 1984. Behschnitt, Wolf Dietrich. Nationalismus bei Serben und Kroaten 1830-1914: Analyse und Typologie der nationalen Ideologie

  8. Fires. A Joint Publication for U.S. Artillery Professionals. January - February 2012 (United States)


    designing pre-deployment training events for a mixed field artillery battalion By MAJ Corey Landry and MAJ Jon B. Fausnaugh 64 Electronic Warfare: The...Ky. Alexander Hamilton Award B Battery, 1st Battalion, 623rd Field Artillery Regiment, Kentucky Army National Guard BG Edmund L. Gruber Award SFC...Corey Landry and MAJ Jon B. Fausnaugh Combat Training Center and training unit partnership: Supporting and designing pre-deployment training events

  9. How Do Leaders Enable Performance in Adverse Conditions Leadership in Defense of the Alcazar (United States)


    of rifles ammunition, but only a few machine guns (10-12) and a handful of sub-machine guns , which were kept at the Academy as instructional samples...ammunition or small arms either. They also had machine guns , flamethrowers, tanks, armored cars, heavy artillery and bombing planes and dynamite. The... religion of the regiment,”63 but more specifically when used here, it refers to the maintenance of general military discipline, law and order and

  10. Innovation in the Face of Adversity: Major-General Sir Percy Hobart and the 79th Armoured Division (British) (United States)


    RE Royal Engineers REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers RM Royal Marines RTR Royal Tank Regiment SADE Specialized Armor Development...organization known as the Specialized Armour Development Establishment ( SADE ), later named the Specialized Armour Establishment (SAE). Hobart would...time.5 After the SADE /SAE disbanded in 1951, bridges, flails and AVREs would continue to be developed, through an organization known as the Fighting

  11. Security Decision-Making in Pakistan (United States)


    Arrl , and the institution of the Junior Commissioned Officer; this structure, developed by the British is found nowhere else in the world except India...DCO Baluchis, 1911). This is one of many handbooks published by or about various regiments of the Indian Army; they contain a wealth of information...the armed forces of Pakistan in Richard F. Nyrop, et al. Area Handbook for Pakistan, Washington, -211- Government Printing Office, 1975, which has

  12. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 78, Number 6, November-December 1935 (United States)


    noon meals, hence the messes were set up and operating whenever the column reached its next mealtime halt. In connection with the messes, the writer was...this company of minute men evidently became a part of this regiment and fought through the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. Family and authorized...the effect, that "Europe wastes its strength in family quarrels while a billion Asiatics under Japanese leadership are awakening." Apparently, the

  13. Immigrants and the US Army: A Study in Readiness and the American Dream (United States)


    Democratic Tammany Hall political machine in New York City.81 Tammany Hall’s political clout was at risk as they were responsible for the formation of...through political movements such as New York City’s Tammany Hall and the formation of volunteer regiments during the American Civil War. The Cosgrove, Stuart . “The Zoot-suit and Style Warfare.” History Workshop, no. 18. Oxford University Press

  14. CA 2025: the strategic design of Civil Affairs


    Hayes, Samuel L.; Nguyen, Ken


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited The goal of this capstone is the strategic redesign of the U.S. Army Civil Affairs (CA) Regiment in 2025 in support of the Army 2025 strategic vision. Design Thinking is the process used to plan and develop this strategic design. The authors led a twenty-person Civil Affairs design team through the five-phase process of Design Thinking adapted from the Stanford D School model: discovery; problem framing; ideation; prototyping; and test...

  15. Primary Reconstruction of Completely Biologic Tissue Engineered Blood Vessel and Related Basic Research

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    1 IntroductionIt is a usual regiment to execute surgical treatments to vascular diseases, which need much more vessels than the acquirable natural ones. This requires necessary vessel substitutes of tissue engineered blood vessels (TEBV)~([1]). It is one of the present research focuses to reconstruct TEBV with decellularised vascular scaffolds~([2, 3]).Despite the fact~([1,2]) that some of the large-diameter (>5 mm internal diameter) TEBV have been successfully developed from polymers such as Dacron or expa...

  16. U. S. Naval Forces, Vietnam Monthly Historical Summary for April 1971 (United States)


    towed to the 31st - Regimental Command Post. Two Americans, BM2 R. B. Fejaranez - and ENZ Terry M. Tanner, and three Vietnamese sailors, were wounded...following day. On 12 April, two U.S. senators, the Honorable T. F. Eagleton (D-Mo.) and T. F. Stevens (R-Ark) arrived in DaNang . .* : CONFIDENTIAL 117...Stephen Vossmeyer legislative assistant to Senator Eagleton , and Colonel Joseph E. O’Leary,, Secretary of the Army Representative. On 9 April


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. V. Khaymina


    Full Text Available Blood serum biotesting in children of 9-14 years old with idiopathic scoliosis of I-II level (according to V.D. Chaklin revealed neurohumoral background change in comparison with age-related standard. Treatment regiment of this disease included magneto impulse therapy with field induction up to 1,5 Tl or/and electrophoresis. Repeated testing displayed that isolated magneto impulse influence evokes neuro-peptide regulation normalization under the most positive clinical effect.

  18. Marine ground intelligence reform: how to redesign ground intelligence for the threats of the 21st century



    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited Present-day Marine ground intelligence is configured for attrition warfighting and the predictable conventional adversaries of the past. Designed during WWII, it has undergone little change; what has changed is the threat environment. Modern-day threats are less centralized and regimented. They think on their own and they adapt quickly. This thesis analyzes the current configuration of Marine ground intelligence and compares it with tw...

  19. Leech Therapy- A Holistic Approach of Treatment in Unani (Greeko-Arab) Medicine


    Lone, Azad Hussain; Ahmad, Tanzeel; Anwar, Mohd.; Habib, Shahida; Sofi, Gh; Imam, Hashmat


    The Unani System of Medicine also known as Greeko-Arab medicine, founded by Hippocrates is based on the concept of equilibrium and balance of natural body humours (blood, bile, black bile and phlegm). The imbalance in the quality and quantity of these humours leads to diseases whereas restoration of this balance maintains health of a person. The treatment methodology of diseases is based on four therapeutic modalities viz. Regimental therapy, Dieto-therapy, Pharmacotherapy and surgery. Irsale...

  20. Naval War College Review. Volume 67, Number 1, Winter 2014 (United States)


    view the world differently, “to move from a reactive stance—in which [navies] merely respond to events—to an intentional or creative one, in which... concrete ones, and the engineering airfield service could support three fully loaded sorties of the entire regiment in thirty-six hours. the efforts of...across the delaware river in small boats on Christmas day, surprising the british, winning an improbable victory, and capturing muskets, powder

  1. Army Communicator. Volume 28, Number 1, Spring 2003 (United States)


    received the 2002 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for his innova- tive method that enhances the performance of electronic systems. Most electronic...ELECTRONICS COMMAND ENGINEER NABS THOMAS EDISON AWARD FORT MONMOUTH, N.J. – The Research and Development Council of New Jersey recently honored a...attendees, 200 exhibitors CPT Thomas Birch 7 State of Signal Regiment strong Denise Allen 8 ‘Cyberman’ makes everyone cyberwarriors Denise Allen 9

  2. PBPK modeling and simulation in drug research and development


    Xiaomei Zhuang; Chuang Lu


    Physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling and simulation can be used to predict the pharmacokinetic behavior of drugs in humans using preclinical data. It can also explore the effects of various physiologic parameters such as age, ethnicity, or disease status on human pharmacokinetics, as well as guide dose and dose regiment selection and aid drug–drug interaction risk assessment. PBPK modeling has developed rapidly in the last decade within both the field of academia and the phar...

  3. Are the U.S. Navy’s Current Procedures for Responding to Homeland Defense and Security Tasking Adequately Designed? (United States)


    It is estimated that the average citizen residing in an industrialized country uses 10 gallons of water for domestic use per day, source, Feiss ...communication via line of sight (LOS) as well as the use of satellites, making the Nimitz class communication suite robust and redundant. These... line of command to increase readiness and responsiveness.125 1st BCT units consist of: 3rd Battalion 69th Armor Regiment, 2nd Battalion 7th

  4. Presbyterian Patriots: The Historical Context of the Shared History and Prevalent Ideologies of Delaware’s Ulster-Scots who took up Arms in the American Revolution (United States)


    2, Georgia 1, and Delaware 1. 14 At full authorized strength a Continental Regiment was supposed to have eight companies, each made up of eight...associate from his alma mater at the University of Glasgow, Frances Hutcheson. Hutcheson‘s book An Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty... Georgia Press, 1979. De Tocqueville, Alexis. Democracy in America. New York: Bantam Dell, 2004. Dickinson, John and Lee, Richard Henry. Empire and

  5. Leadership in the Shenandoah Valley and North Africa: Historical Studies in Mission Command (United States)


    Jackson to a Christian lifestyle , but it also allowed him to infuse his religious subordination into his military leadership. As his first Company...both Berlin and Rome prematurely issued political declarations about Egypt’s imminent “liberation.” The British Eighth Army, meanwhile, retreated with subordinates was clear. Jackson’s solitary nature and regimented lifestyle contributed to his lack of social skills when dealing with

  6. Selfless Service: The Cavalry Career of Brigadier General Samuel M. Whitside from 1858 to 1902 (United States)


    McClellan. Following that campaign, he was assigned in September 1862 as an aide-de-camp to General Nathaniel Banks. Later he would serve as an aide on...throughout the Civil War, he would not serve with the regiment again until after the war in 1865.23 Aide to General Banks Nathaniel Banks had...section of Artillery under Lt. Hawthorn , to this point and try to intercept the Sitting Bull 140 Indians who escaped from Col. Sumner, who

  7. Brazilian law for scientific use of animals


    MARQUES Ruy Garcia; Morales, Marcelo Marcos; Petroianu,Andy


    The Brazilian scientific community claimed for a definitive systematization and for comprehensive and realistic national rules, to provide guidance and regulation, instead of sanctions, so that the question of scientific research involving animals could be better contemplated. This is beginning to occur now with Law n.º 11.794, sanctioned by the President of the Republic on November 8, 2008. PURPOSE: To describe the evolution of Brazilian regimentation for scientific use of animals and to ana...

  8. Patienter med KOL har lav adhærens til inhalationsmedicin

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tøttenborg, Sandra Søgaard; Topp, Marie; Sylvan Ingebrigtsen, Truls


    sufficient adherence to inhaled medicine. In this review we describe results of previous studies on prevalence of adherence to inhaled medicine in COPD, and define characteristics of the patients and treatment associated with degree of adherence. We conclude that health professionals should always consider...... non-adherence, strive to simplify regiments, and that there is an urgent need of studies aiming at improving adherence in patients with COPD...

  9. Warrior Transition Leader: Medical Rehabilitation Handbook (United States)


    mental illness in 1773.19 In the mid-1800s, reformers such as Dorothea Dix and Horace Mann imported from Europe the idea that mental illness could be...timeline.html. Accessed October 8, 2010. 6. Parker MD. Thomas ’ Legion: The 69th North Carolina Regiment. www. Accessed October 11, 2010. 7...therapists use various techniques, including arts and crafts, animals, sports, games, dance and movement, drama, music , and community outings to

  10. The Necessity for the Military Assistance Command--Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (United States)


    the way China went.”67 Despite being a new president, Johnson was a career politician; he knew he had to appear strong, especially with the 1964...Bargewell’s career led him to assignments within the Ranger Regiment, Delta Force, and United States 100...before Kennedy and to his predecessor, President Dwight D. 57 Eisenhower. It was during this decade that an indecisive policy towards Indochina as

  11. Patterns of Individual and Organizational Adaptation: The Impact of Blacks in Predominantly White Organizations, (United States)


    shall be colored men . . ." In 1939 two Negro Quartermaster Regiments were partially organized in the form of Truck Companies in the motor transport...American Society of Mechanical Engineers, University Business Society, and a Yoga Club. Community service organizations were prominent on campus and...programs of rehabilitation . The issue that was consuming considerable time and energies was the rights of homosexuals in the Navy. SI S CHAPTER IV

  12. Near East/South Asia Report. (United States)


    to rank while they remained behind him. His sub ordinates in the elite unit in which he served, first as a lieutenant and "si einander, speak of...attrition, until the position of the commander of the elite unit was vacated; tank regimental commander, commander of reserve units and later of a...accredition to the State of Bahrain. A keen sportsman , Mr Huq takes interest in shooting and painting. He is married. [Text] [Dhaka THE BANGLADESH TIMES m

  13. The Role of Officer Selection and Training on the Successful Formation and Employment of U.S. Colored Troops in the American Civil War, 1863-1865 (United States)


    regimental command of black troops. In an attempt to appease Jennison‘s ego , Lane made him chief of recruiting. Motivated by revenge, Jennison and...physical examination.126 The injury to Adams‘ ego was actually inflicted by the board‘s recommendation, rather than his administrative rejection...and have realized it many times since. The strain on me was so great through the day, that when the excitement passed over and quiet came, my nervous

  14. Proceedings, CAS - CERN Accelerator School: RF for Accelerators, Ebeltoft, Denmark, 8 - 17 Jun 2010

    CERN Document Server

    Bailey, Roger


    These proceedings present the lectures given at the twenty-fourth specialized course organized by the CERN Accelerator School (CAS). The course was held in Ebeltoft, Denmark, from 8-17 June, 2010 in collaboration with Aarhus University, with the topic 'RF for Accelerators' While this topic has been covered by CAS previously, early in the 1990s and again in 2000, it was recognized that recent advances in the field warranted an updated course. Following introductory courses covering the background physics, the course attempted to cover all aspects of RF for accelerators; from RF power generation and transport, through cavity and coupler design, electronics and low level control, to beam diagnostics and RF gymnastics. The lectures were supplemented with several sessions of exercises, which were completed by discussion sessions on the solutions.

  15. Mathematics and statistics research department. Progress report, period ending June 30, 1981

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lever, W.E.; Kane, V.E.; Scott, D.S.; Shepherd, D.E.


    This report is the twenty-fourth in the series of progress reports of the Mathematics and Statistics Research Department of the Computer Sciences Division, Union Carbide Corporation - Nuclear Division (UCC-ND). Part A records research progress in biometrics research, materials science applications, model evaluation, moving boundary problems, multivariate analysis, numerical linear algebra, risk analysis, and complementary areas. Collaboration and consulting with others throughout the UCC-ND complex are recorded in Part B. Included are sections on biology and health sciences, chemistry, energy, engineering, environmental sciences, health and safety research, materials sciences, safeguards, surveys, and uranium resource evaluation. Part C summarizes the various educational activities in which the staff was engaged. Part D lists the presentations of research results, and Part E records the staff's other professional activities during the report period.

  16. Commentary on the Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Model of the Sun II. Insight Relative to Coronal Rain and Splashdown Events

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robitaille P.-M.


    Full Text Available Coronal rain represents blobs of solar material with a width of ∼ 300 km and a length of ∼ 700 km which are falling from the active region of the corona towards the solar surface along loop-like paths. Conversely, coronal showers are com prised of much larger bulks of matter, or clumps of solar rain. Beyond coronal rain and showers, the expulsion of solar matter from the surface, whether through flares, pro minences, or coronal mass ejections, can result in massive disruptions which have bee n observed to rise far into the corona, return towards the Sun, and splashdown onto the phot osphere. The existence of coronal rain and the splashdown of mass ejections onto the so lar surface constitute the twenty-third and twenty-fourth lines of evidence that the S un is condensed matter.

  17. Formation Feedback Applied to Behavior-Based Approach to Formation Keeping

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    苏治宝; 陆际联


    Approaches to the study of formation keeping for multiple mobile robots are analyzed and a behavior-based robot model is built in this paper. And, a kind of coordination architecture is presented, which is similar to the infantry squad organization and is used to realize multiple mobile robots to keep formations. Simulations verify the validity of the approach to keep formation, which combines the behavior-based method and formation feedback. The effects of formation feedback on the performance of the system are analyzed.

  18. The Rebirth of a World Power? German Unification and the Future of European Security (United States)


    finest infantry in battles which bled Europe dry. However, nowhere was the destruction in Europe worse than in Prussia and the German states. One battle for public opinion which eventually centered on the FRG. Bush became concerned that the Soviets were attempting to play the "German card...engagement." All of thebe changes will soon be embodied in NATO’s new strategy, 11C-14/4, which is presently being reviewed at the time of this writing. 4

  19. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 74, Number 6, September-October 1931 (United States)


    Dedication of ’Yilson Park-The Coast Artillery School-C’orregidor Swimming Pool-The 61st Coast Artillery (AA )-The 62d Coa"t Artillery (AA )-Fort Barrancas ...An In- fantQ’man at Barrancas -69th Coast Artillery (AA) -ThE’ 243th Coal’t Artillery (::’{.Y. X G.)-Thp 246th Coast Artillery (Va. ::’{.G.)-The 202d...upon this four-company infantry bat- talion a three-company coast artillf’rY formation and has changed the course of instruction from one suit- able for

  20. NRL Technical Year End Progress Report for MCSC PM-ICE FY11 SOW Tasks 1 and 2 - Hearing Loss (United States)


    2 — Hearing Loss Research May 18, 2012 Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Peter C. HerdiC James W. mCmaHon daniel l. amon...Technical Year End Progress Report for MCSC PM-ICE FY11 SOW Tasks 1 and 2 — Hearing Loss Research Peter C. Herdic, James W. McMahon, Daniel L. Amon...deemed relevant to the warfighter. 18-05-2012 Memorandum Report Hearing loss Human ear Small weapons fire Shooter’s notch Program Manager, Infantry Combat

  1. Special Operations Forces of Hungary: Is a Transformation Necessary? (United States)


    the HDF’s grade structure is somewhat distorted, if one considers a pyramid as a desirable shape representing the numbers in various grades: less...high ranking officers on top, more enlisted in the base of the pyramid . In the end of 2008, there were 5,072 officers, 7,207 12 NCOs and 5,644...Unit, Bosnia ), MH ÖBZ (SFOR Security and Guard Battalion, Bosnia ), MH Száll.Z (Transport and Security Battalion, Iraq), KGYSZD (ISAF Light Infantry

  2. Army AL&T, October-December 2007 (United States)


    Infantry Division, monitor vehicular and pedestrian traffic in and out of Riyadh, Iraq, last April. (U.S. Air Force photo by TSGT Maria J. Bare, 1st Combat...Riyadh, Iraq, last April. (U.S. Air Force photo by TSGT Maria J. Bare, 1st Combat Camera Squadron.) A_ALT_Oct-Dec 2007_V10_CC.qxp 9/26/2007 12:13 AM...25, 2007. (DOD photo by U.S. Army SGT Antonieta Rico.) A_ALT_Oct-Dec 2007_V10_CC.qxp 9/26/2007 12:25 AM Page 70 “The LMCC is a collection of minds

  3. Medial tibial pain. A prospective study of its cause among military recruits. (United States)

    Milgrom, C; Giladi, M; Stein, M; Kashtan, H; Margulies, J; Chisin, R; Steinberg, R; Swissa, A; Aharonson, Z


    In a prospective study of 295 infantry recruits during 14 weeks of basic training, 41% had medial tibial pain. Routine scintigraphic evaluation in cases of medial tibial bone pain showed that 63% had abnormalities. A stress fracture was found in 46%. Only two patients had periostitis. None had ischemic medial compartment syndrome. Physical examination could not differentiate between cases with medial tibial bone pain secondary to stress fractures and those with scintigraphically normal tibias. When both pain and swelling were localized in the middle one-third of the tibia, the lesion most likely proved to be a stress fracture.

  4. Program Executive Officer Land Systems Advanced Technology Investment Plan Update 2012 (United States)


    LogiiUct Vehicle Syslem (LV$), A$1"" MIMe Corpo’ ""Ivy· lac:tieal ~rbltion syatem. thelVSR Cargo val’ianl will transpon bolk liquids (fuel and water ...curb wt) HMG 21 Infantry Marines + 3 Marine crewmen 200 miles Effective with M1A1 off-road/ 6 !mots in water Program Status Acquisition Status: Pre... ssue M:a,pping Alignment Process Funding Profiles ($11) S& T (6.2 16.3) 6.1 ~rvivafxlily~dAI1emative$~ CD M~ PMs Advanced LAV Suspension I

  5. Staff Ride Handbook and Atlas Battle of White Bird Canyon 17 June 1877 (United States)


    confluence with the Salmon River. The Soldier’s view of the village and their pony herd was blocked by an east-west ridge that was perpendicular to...where [were] not seen… No wild horses were in this battle… Every horse carried a rider.”58 The Warriors leaned to the opposite sides of their ponies ...He also had a section of artillery. Miles was determined to catch the Nez Perce and mounted his infantry on ponies recently captured from the Sioux

  6. Lodh Carriage by the Soldier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. S. Srivastava


    Full Text Available A brief review on load carrige by infantry soldier in India, U.K. and U.S.A., in respect of the energy cost of carrying graded amounts of load and different types of load carrying equipments, has been presented. Four types of load carrying equipment, including the one in current use in the Indian Army, have been brielfy described . The need for further improvement in the design of equipment has been discussed nand the physiological principles which should guide the design are indicated.

  7. Growth and development status of adelescents%儿童青少年生长发育状况研究进展

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    史金端; 黄惠宇


    Growth and development are closely related with the evolution and breeding of humans,and the essential periods of growth and development of humans are from infantry to adolescence. The growth and development status of children and adolescents at home and abroad is reviewed in this paper.%生长发育与人类的进化和繁衍密不可分,而人类的生长发育主要在婴幼儿期、青少年期.本文就国内外学者对儿童青少年生长发育状况的研究作一综述.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ian Van der Waag


    Full Text Available The need for a South African expeditionary force was again experienced only twoyears after the end of the First World War. The border conflicts and minor warswhich followed the treaties signed in Paris in 1919 and 1920, emphasized the factthat South Africa required infantry, artillery and engineer units which could bemobilized into an effective task force. The war in Asia Minor (1920-1923, inparticular, revealed severe inadequacies in both the organization of the UnionDefence Force and the defence policy of the Empire.

  9. Logistical Support of the China Relief Expedition (United States)


    Japan. Admiral Remey’s flagship was the cruiser Brooklyn . His headquarters was at Cavite, Philippines. 3 Because of the increased threat to Tanggu.41 Half the marines boarded the U.S.S. Brooklyn on 8 October 1900. The remainder boarded the Indiana on 10 October 1900. The 14th Infantry...SHANGH a TLMG" 12 JUNE is JUNEW ILLUZ JacUrs IAk LOGANA kUILI DAGU 27 JUNE 4 JULY IrV INFANTaY, TROOPS $3 PONT ALBERT MANILA 2)1.01 27 JUNE k. JULY

  10. Flavius Vegetius Renatus: Great Roman Thinker (United States)


    Graham The Roman Imperial Army. New York, N.Y.i Funk & Wagnalls , 1969. 22 0𔃻"o - *" . s C * ’~ a ’ *’ **~* j q . 77 71 v V7 ’ J. ___ __CONTINUED 13. Zook...A World Atlas of Military History, Vol I. New York, N.Y.: Hippocrene Book, Inc., 1973. 3. Claxton, Bernard D. Military History and Theory Maxwell Air...Methods From the Earliest Times. Washington# D.C.: Infantry Journal Press, 1937. 9. Steinberg, S. H. Cassell’s Encyclopedia of World Literature, Vol

  11. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 72, Number 4, April 1930 (United States)


    1st Army Corps, at Chickamauga Park. After service at Lexington, Ken - tucky, Albany and Americus, Georgia, he was sent to l\\Iatanzas, Cuba, in Januar...Phillips, C. A. C. Maj. Cedric M. S. Skene, C. A. C. Maj. Harry W. Stark, C. A. C. Maj. Leonard R. Boyd, Infantry 1st Lieut. Wilber R. Ellis, C. A. C...C. 1st Lieut. Wilber R. Ellis, from student, University of Michigan, to instruc- tor, C. A. S., upon completion present course. 1st Lieut. Lester D

  12. Command History. 1967. Volume 1. Sanitized (United States)


    Activity Space Adjustments Jl -2 Surgeon -1 RF/PF Dir -3 PSYOP -20 Log Assistance -42 Railway Sec Det -1 Tng Dir IHQs ) -3 Arty Cmd -1 Armd GCid -1 Schools...air cover, NGF and USA and USMC artillery support, a multi-battalion force of ARVN infantry and airborne troops, crossed into the DMZ along Highway I...sorties and 245 NGF missions, accounted for 245 enemy killed. 20 (C) Operation BUFFALO immediately followed Operation CIMAR- RON of 2 Julý. On 5 July an

  13. Danish Peacekeepers in the Republic of Serbian Krajina (Croatia), 1992-1995. Abridged Version

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brink Rasmussen, Jakob


    This article is an abridged version of my dissertation “Den danske FN-bataljon i den ikke-anerkendte stat Republika Srpska Krajina, 1992-1995”, that was originally published in the Danish language journal “Fra Krig og Fred” (2014/2)” This article examines how the existence of the unrecognized state......, “Republika Srpska Krajina” (RSK), influenced a Danish infantry battalion during its deployment in Croatia between March 1992 and August 1995. Being a part of United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR), and later United Nations Confidence Restoration Force in Croatia (UNCRO), the battalion was to protect...

  14. Reserve Component Manpower Readiness and Mobilization Policy. Volume 2. Based on the Colloquium on Mobilization with Special Emphasis on Guard and Reserve Components, 1-4 November 1983 (United States)


    messages. For instance, soae aerial port unite mat be notified by Western Union which can not receive claaaified aessages. During one exarciae a and espirit when a rapid response mission arrived. The Round- out unit (in this case consisting of one tank battalion, two mechanized infantry...American ■illtary planners is c! >, 0 .5 m ■■.’. m0 L’V V- V IC’-s* the constant need to deploy large forces to the European Theatre if a

  15. LYNX: A Linked Eulerian and Lagrangian Code. Volume II. LYNX Computer Listing (United States)


    KMI-X0H(J,KM)«OLTH-XiJ*l .KZ) YM»YPlJtKH!»DVI J,KH|- TDH ( j|KM)»CLTM-r ( J*l . X Z > TXX4-TAXCJ*liKZ) TYY1-TYYIJ*l»*L) TXY4-TAY1J*liKZ) IF...VCUCÜT WC X XON XMSS XPLRHX T TDH YPLRUN TVINT | 00101 00103 S 00107 00126 00132 00133 00134 00135 00136 00137 00140 00141...White Sands Missile Range New Mexico 88002 President US Army Infantry Board Fort Benning, GA 31905 1 HQDA (DAMA, LTC Shelton) Washington, DC 20310

  16. Analysis of Factors That Have Influenced Outcomes of Battles and Wars: A Data Base of Battles and Engagements. Volume 1. Main Report. Selected Battles 1600 - 1973. (United States)


    attacks by the 1st and 9th Infantry Divisions on the 10th Panzer and Centauro Divisions, 24 March-S April; and the successful withdrawil of the two Axis...8217arch-10 April 1943, states (p. 5 thaton 23a st anry vision counter-attacked by Ger.n 10th Panzer Division and elements Centauro Division. Yet, the... Centauro Division occupied an 86- Attacker, 250 In error. kilometer front due to the penetration of the US 1st Armored Division on the right flank of

  17. Land Combat Systems Industry Report, Industrial College of the Armed Forces Academic Year 2004-2005 (United States)


    been sold to the United Kingdom to meet the British Army’s need for a Future Command and Liaison Vehicle (FCLV) while the Centauro , an 8x8 tank...Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), Centauro tank destroyer, and the Ariete Main Battle Tank (MBT). Along with the export of its 76mm Super Rapid...light and medium wheeled vehicles (Dingo and Mungo) and Oto-Melara makes the Centauro , a lethal 120mm main gun mounted on an 8-wheeled vehicle. Current

  18. Built to Last: The Army’s Failed Quest to Replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (United States)


    Challenge the Old Guard, 133. 11 they envisioned a closer tactical role for infantry and the XM-1, the Army’s new main battle tank under development...37 Christopher F. Foss, ed., Jane’s Armour and Artillery 2011-2012, 32 ed. (New York: Janes Information Group, 2011), 443. 38 Haworth, The...Bradley and How It Got That Way, 43. 39 Ibid., 44. 40 Foss, Jane’s Armour and Artillery 2011-2012, 442. 41 Hofmann and Starry, Camp Colt to Desert Storm

  19. The Cut of the Scythe (United States)


    Adolf Hitler, the German dictator, however, had different ideas. His Wehrmecht Adjutant, Colonel Rudolf Schmudt 2 , discussed the Fuehrer’s desire...fl A,- 1.. 4Wr uCCe a A ft nha Zf iao zar *s*wft 194I (Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Yerleg GMBh, 1957), p. 9. 2Rudolf Schmunt vas born on Auguot 13, 1896...of Chief, Army Personnel Office. General of the Infantry, Rudolf Schmundt died from his wounds on October 10, 1944, In a field hospital at Ratzeburg

  20. U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Studies, Gas Warfare in World War I: The 1st Division at Ansauville, January-April 1918 (United States)


    princip•al target of both enemy HE and gas fire at Ansauville was the 1st Division artillery, not the infantry. On both quiet and active fronts in the...of the gas fire was postponed on account of storm and rain. 434 JA. % *.. .. t .. t-. ,t. ,t.,,.4.:’... ,, ’. . w’. * ." .7 . , , , q I Io thought...against the enemy with gas fire . Butler’s journal indicates much more frequent use of gas, and this is confirmed by the artillery brigade summary which

  1. Agriculture and Rural Development on Fort Hood Lands, 1849-1942: National Register Assessments of 710 Historic Archeological Properties (United States)


    1890s, despite setbacks to the cattle industry brought to Burnet, Lampasas, Hamilton, that occurred as a result of the 1884-1887 Bosque , Coryell, and...ran a sawmill on the Genealogical Society 1986:375-376). Bosque River in 1855. He served in Speight’s Near Sugar Loaf and Palo Alto, J. G. B. Infantry...years, rural that sought to claim Spain’s northern frontier communities formed, evolved, and declined, were remote, as was the Camino Real, the main

  2. The Role of the Airmechanized Raid in Operational Maneuver (United States)


    might be by running out of fuel, its combat worth would drop from that of a tank division to that of an infantry battalion. (48) -24- simpkin’s notion...operational relevance) during the vaiA, hiit un•il t-r.hnnlav nvnvidP1 the tnlnt tn acquire timely and accurate operational intelligence, the...diviolon would run out of fuel within 150km and suffer b !asualties within I day. See also John Walker’s "Airpower: Present and Future" for a discussion of


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michela Dota


    Full Text Available Le scuole reggimentali rappresentano la prima esperienza di insegnamento pubblico dell’italiano ad adulti analfabeti non italofoni, iniziata negli anni a cavallo dell’unificazione e durata sino agli anni settanta del Novecento. Le scuole si proponevano il raggiungimento di obiettivi minimi di alfabetizzazione, in particolare relativi alle attività di lettura e scrittura, servendosi di sillabari e manuali pensati per quel particolare dominio educativo. Con questo articolo si vuole indagare la proposta di alcuni di questi testi, pubblicati nel periodo 1861- 1915, relativamente alle questioni di grafia, ortografia, interpunzione e ortoepia, in quanto prerequisiti fondamentalialle attività più esercitate in queste scuole. Inoltre, l’analisi viene inquadrata nell’ambito delle risorse glottodidattiche coeve per l’insegnamento linguistico nelle scuole primarie e popolari, adottate e rielaborate per queste scuole.LEARNING TO READ AND WRITE IN REGIMENTAL SCHOOLS (1861-1915Regimental public schools were places where illiterate Italian adults and non-native speakers were taught, spanning the time period between Italian unification to the 1970s. These schools aimed at minimal literacy, particularly in reading and writing, through the use of materials and textbooks designed for this particular audience. The article includes samples from textbooks published between 1861 and 1915, with regard to handwriting, spelling, punctuation and pronunciation, considered fundamental requirements for the more advanced activities carried out these schools. The analysis is placed in the framework of contemporary language teaching methods employed in primary and popular schools, which were adopted and revised for regimental teaching.

  4. Narrativas de identidad. De la nación mestiza a los recientes desplazamientos de la metáfora social en Bolivia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Sanjinés


    Full Text Available This paper argues that the construction of the “nation” was linked to narratives of identity (novels and essays. The first narrative identities that produced important metaphors, such as the one about ideal crossbreeding, jealously controlled the social climb of indigenous people. After regimenting the native people under the tough Tamayo’s notion of national pedagogy, Sanjinés proceeds to deterritorialize the idealized mestizo identity from three new versions that give fluidity to the social metaphor: the metaphor of the river, the one about an avalanche of the plebs and another about a cultural amphibian.

  5. [New in the biography of a military doctor A. G. Peredelsky]. (United States)

    Savinova, T N


    The history of activity of the Orenburg department of the Kazan society of adherents of military and sanitary knowledge is shown in article. The department existed in 1912-1914 and united officers and medical officers of the Orenburg garrison and military educational institutions. Members of Department tried to resolve the vital issues of a sanitary condition of Totsky military camp, regiments of the Orenburg military of the garrison. The department managed to publish two releases of the works. On these materials we can judge its activity. In article new data from A.G.Peredelsky's biography (1876-1940) in the period of his life in Orenburg are reported.

  6. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 79, Number 3, May-June 1936 (United States)


    Corregidor News Letter - Panama Canal De- partment News Lette-r-Hawaiian News Lette-r-Fort Barrancas Notes - News from Fort MaeArthur- Notes from the Harbor...proud of the fact that the 25 Ist is a part of his command. After the presentation ceremonies the regiment, in mass formation , took part in the...machine-gun battalion, which in turn reduces the number of rounds that can be I1red on a particular formation of attacking airplanes. ’The

  7. Weapons Systems, United States Army 1997. (United States)


    in a tactical environment. The M1070 trac - tor has front- and rear-axle steering, a central tire inflation system, and cab space for six personnel to...Cavalry Regiments-Squadrons, Field Artillery Battalions A3-based BFIST planned (XM7A1) France: AMX-10 PAC-90, AMX VTT /LT; Russia: BMP PRP-3, BMP PRP-4...Sensor-Heavy, Armored Transport and Treatment Vehicle (planned) China: Type 85 ACV, WZ-506, Type 90 CV; France: AMX-10PC, AMX VTT /PC; Germany: Tpzl

  8. Hey! (United States)

    Haviland, John B


    Zinacantec Family Homesign (Z) is a new sign language emerging spontaneously over the past three decades in a single family in a remote Mayan Indian village. Three deaf siblings, their Tzotzil-speaking age-mates, and now their children, who have had contact with no other deaf people, represent the first generation of Z signers. I postulate an augmented grammaticalization path, beginning with the adoption of a Tzotzil cospeech holophrastic gesture-meaning "come!"-into Z, and then its apparent stylization as an attention-getting sign, followed by grammatical regimentation and pragmatic generalization as an utterance initial change of speaker or turn marker.

  9. U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Studies, Gas Warfare in World War I: The 1st Division in the Meuse-Argonne 1-12 October 1918 (United States)


    October, instead of 30 September-I October 0 On the night of the relief the .Jnemy began shelling at 10s00 porn October 1st and continued until 4s00... Juvin and Landre, out off the Argoure front, and attack in rear of the Brunhild position to effect decisive action on the Group -Argonnej." 8 7 At...attack, fired on the Son’.erance area and north of St Georges et Landres, Juvin , Marcq, and Champigxeulle. 93 Company C, 1st Gas Regiment, was ordered

  10. Men, Salt, Cattle and Battle: The Civil War in Florida (November 1860-July 1865) (United States)


    and sloop Octavia . (CWNC: pg 11-42) 4 U.S.S. Pursuit, Acting Lieutenant David Cate, captured sloop LaFayette at St. Josephs Bay, Florida, with cargo of...Department of the South, on request from Major General Benjamin F. Butler , USA, commanding the Department of the Gulf, to send two regiments to New Orleans...annexed to the Department of the Gulf, under the command of Major General Benjamin F. Butler , USA, headquarters at New Orleans, per his desire to have

  11. MR Imaging and Gene Therapy of Breast Cancer (United States)


    can be used in differential 0730-725X/00/$ - see front matter 0 2000 Elsevier Science Inc . All rights reserved. P11: S0730-725X(00)001 19-3 312 M-Y Su... Science Inc . All rights reserved. Keywords: Gene therapy; Cancer therapy; Vascularity 1. Introduction very practical. It would be extremely useful to...optimization of treatment regiments. The vascularity changes measured by dynamic MRI may provide a means to serve for this purpose. © 2000 Elsevier

  12. The Mongol Warrior Epic: Masters of Thirteenth Century Maneuver Warfare (United States)


    the rest of his regiment to destroy the enemy and defeat in detail a confused and demora - lized foe. If the situation allowed it, "sometimes, on the...This ridgeline dominates the entire approach to Huai-Lai, if the enemy force advances along the west bank of the Yang-Ho river. To the east of Hual-Lal...and caused abso- lute chaos. So destructive was this terrible attack that Jelaladin managed to withdraw to the bank of the Indus with anly 700

  13. Virtual Screening Models for Prediction of HIV-1 RT Associated RNase H Inhibition

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Poongavanam, Vasanthanathan; Kongsted, Jacob


    The increasing resistance to current therapeutic agents for HIV drug regiment remains a major problem for effective acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) therapy. Many potential inhibitors have today been developed which inhibits key cellular pathways in the HIV cycle. Inhibition of HIV-1...... of choice in terms of best retrieval of active from inactive compounds and efficiency and efficacy schemes. Moreover, shape similarity, machine learning and FLAP models could also be used for further validation or filtration in virtual screening processes. The best models could potentially be use...

  14. Alexander Fleming

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Alexander Fleming was born in a remote, rural part of Scotland. After completing school he was employed by a shipping firm, though he didn’t much like it. In 1900, when the Boer War broke out between the United Kingdom and its colonies in southern Africa, Fleming and two brothers joined a Scottish regiment, which turned out to be as much a sporting club as anything. Soon after this, he got a legacy of 250 pounds from his uncle and decided to study medicine.

  15. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs No. 2114 (United States)


    Whoever has any complaints presents himself to the regiment’s physician. He decides whether the soldier is fit for the day’s duty or not. Soldier...Michalowska-Gemowska is a delegate to the Gdansk-Center City district conference. 36 Executitye RoQrd on.. CulturA Needs Gdansk DZIENNIK BALT¥CKI in...whether the minister of agriculture is a Catholic or a-communist, or whether he represents a political tendency which fits in with these principles

  16. Battle of Kasserine Pass: Defeat is a Matter of Scale (United States)


    America’s First Battles, 247. 7 Ernest Harmon, Combat Commander: Autobiography of a Soldier (New Jersey: Prentice- Hall , 1970), 146. 5 ENGIMA. The...Armored Division on February 14. The 10th Panzer Division quickly destroyed the ten M3 Stuart tanks of the 2nd Battalion, 168th Regimental Combat Team...Kasserine Pass.44 He is correct if he is comparing the diminutive M3 Stuart or the cobbled together M3 Grant/Lee to the German Panzer IV. The M4 Sherman

  17. [Treatment of scabies with special consideration of the approach in infancy, pregnancy and while nursing]. (United States)

    Fölster-Holst, R; Rufli, T; Christophers, E


    Infestation of human skin with scabies mites remains an persistent problem in daily dermatological practice. There are several therapeutic regiments against scabies which have been proven effective and without major side effects. Because of known neurotoxicity of lindane as well as intoxication/problems following systemic absorption of benzyl alcohol (the metabolite of benzyl benzoate), these two compounds have to be considered with caution in early childhood scabies as well as during pregnancy and nursing. The pharmacology and spectrum of clinical side effects of the approved anti-scabies preparations (lindane, benzyl benzoate, crotamiton) as well as permethrin (not available in Germany) are reviewed.

  18. Factors influencing mothers' compliance with a medication regimen for asthmatic children. (United States)

    Radius, S M; Becker, M H; Rosenstock, I M; Drachman, R H; Schuberth, K C; Teets, K C


    This study lends support to the utility of a compliance-adapted health belief framework for exploring mothers' differential adherence to medication regiments prescribed for their asthmatic children. Most of the Model components behaved as hypothesized in predicting mothers' drug administration. The findings offer empirical evidence which can be applied to the purposes of identifying potential noncompliers and designating those specific, health-related orientations of the mother which are related to poor cooperation with therapy. Based on an educational diagnosis, the clinician may thus intervene to alter inappropriate health beliefs in order to enhance the likelihood of compliance for the asthmatic patient.

  19. Dual antiplatelet treatment in patients candidates for abdominal surgery. (United States)

    Illuminati, Giulio; Ceccanei, Gianluca; Pacilè, Maria A; Pizzardi, Giulia; Palumbo, Piergaspare; Vietri, Francesco


    With the increasing diffusion of percutaneous interventions (PCI), surgeons are often faced with the problem of operating on patients under dual antiplatelet treatment. Replacing dual antiplatelet regiment with low molecular weight heparin may expose to the abrupt thrombosis of coronary stent and massive myocardial infarction. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that abdominal operations can be safely performed under dual antiplatelet treatment. Eleven patients underwent 5 colectomies, 3 nefrectomies, 2 gastrectomies and 1 hysterectomy under aspirin and plavix without any significant perioperative hemorrhage. These preliminary results show that abdominal operations can be safely performed under dual antiplatelet regimen. Abdominal surgery, Dual antiplatelet treatment.

  20. Pojetí městské vlády v díle Politia historica Daniela Adama z Veleslavína




    The main objective of this thesis is to publish the fourth book of Politia historica, which was translated in 1584 and published by Daniel Adam of Veleslavín. The work Regentenbuch of the German humanist Georg Lauterbeck, published in 1579, was the original for his work. The name of the fourth book is ?About regiment and administration of municipalities and cities, how they should and could be ordered in the best way? and it should serve as a handbook for city administrators and clerks, how t...