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  1. Human subjects protection issues in QUERI implementation research: QUERI Series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ritchie Mona


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Human Subjects protections approaches, specifically those relating to research review board oversight, vary throughout the world. While all are designed to protect participants involved in research, the structure and specifics of these institutional review boards (IRBs can and do differ. This variation affects all types of research, particularly implementation research. Methods In 2001, we began a series of inter-related studies on implementing evidence-based collaborative care for depression in Veterans Health Administration primary care. We have submitted more than 100 IRB applications, amendments, and renewals, and in doing so, we have interacted with 13 VA and University IRBs across the United States (U.S.. We present four overarching IRB-related themes encountered throughout the implementation of our projects, and within each theme, identify key challenges and suggest approaches that have proved useful. Where applicable, we showcase process aids developed to assist in resolving a particular IRB challenge. Results There are issues unique to implementation research, as this type of research may not fit within the traditional Human Subjects paradigm used to assess clinical trials. Risks in implementation research are generally related to breaches of confidentiality, rather than health risks associated with traditional clinical trials. The implementation-specific challenges discussed are: external validity considerations, Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles, risk-benefit issues, the multiple roles of researchers and subjects, and system-level unit of analysis. Discussion Specific aspects of implementation research interact with variations in knowledge, procedures, and regulatory interpretations across IRBs to affect the implementation and study of best methods to increase evidence-based practice. Through lack of unambiguous guidelines and local liability concerns, IRBs are often at risk of applying both variable and inappropriate or

  2. Forecasting Long Memory Series Subject to Structural Change

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dias, Gustavo Fruet; Papailias, Fotis

    A two-stage forecasting approach for long memory time series is introduced. In the first step we estimate the fractional exponent and, applying the fractional differencing operator, we obtain the underlying weakly dependent series. In the second step, we perform the multi-step ahead forecasts...... change and yields good forecasting results....

  3. EEG source localization and global dimensional complexity in high- and low- hypnotizable subjects: a pilot study. (United States)

    Isotani, T; Lehmann, D; Pascual-Marqui, R D; Kochi, K; Wackermann, J; Saito, N; Yagyu, T; Kinoshita, T; Sasada, K


    Individuals differ in hypnotizability. Information on hypnotizability-related EEG characteristics is controversial and incomplete, particularly on intracerebral source localization and EEG dimensionality. 19-channel, eyes-closed resting EEGs from right-handed, healthy, 8 high- and 4 low-hynotizable subjects (age: 26.7 +/- 7.3 years) were analyzed. Hypnotizability was rated after the subjects' ability to attain a deep hypnotic stage (amnesia). FFT Dipole Approximation analysis in seven EEG frequency bands showed significant differences (p Power spectral analysis of Global Field Power time series (curves) showed no overall power differences in any band. Full-band Global Dimensional Complexity was higher in high-hypnotizable subjects (p < 0.02). Thus, before hypnosis, high and low hypnotizables were in different brain electric states, with more posterior brain activity gravity centers (excitatory right, routine or relaxation left) and higher dimensional complexity (higher arousal) in high than low hypnotizables. Copyright 2001 S. Karger AG, Basel

  4. Case Series of an Intraoral Balancing Appliance Therapy on Subjective Symptom Severity and Cervical Spine Alignment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Young Jun Lee


    Full Text Available Objective. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of a holistic intraoral appliance (OA on cervical spine alignment and subjective symptom severity. Design. An observational study on case series with holistic OA therapy. Setting. An outpatient clinic for holistic temporomandibular joint (TMJ therapy under the supervision of the Pain Center, CHA Biomedical center, CHA University. Subjects. Ambulatory patients presenting with diverse chief complaints in the holistic TMJ clinic. Main Measures. Any immediate change in the curvature of cervical spine and the degree of atlantoaxial rotation was investigated in the images of simple X-ray and computed tomography of cervical spine with or without OA. Changes of subjective symptom severity were also analyzed for the holistic OA therapy cases. Results. A total of 59 cases were reviewed. Alignment of upper cervical spine rotation showed an immediate improvement (. Changes of subjective symptom severity also showed significant improvement (. Conclusion. These cases revealed rudimentary clinical evidence that holistic OA therapy may be related to an alleviated symptom severity and an improved cervical spinal alignment. These results show that further researches may warrant for the holistic TMJ therapy.

  5. California History. Teaching with Primary Sources Series, Volume 10. (United States)

    Rawls, James J.

    Intended for teachers of grades 5 and up, this unit provides 127 documents from California's history, 38 of which come from the California State Archives in Sacramento, one of the nation's largest and most sophisticated repositories for primary sources. The unit contains three elements: (1) a list of document descriptions, which includes a…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta un nuevo método para la estimación de actividad neuronal a partir de señales electroencefalográficas usando análisis de series de tiempo ponderadas. El método considera un modelo lineal basado en restricciones fisiológicas que tiene en cuenta tanto la dinámica espacial como la temporal, y una etapa de ponderación que modifica las suposiciones del modelo a partir de las observaciones. La matriz de pesos calculada es incluida en la función de costo usada para solucionar el problema inverso dinámico, y por lo tanto en la formulación del filtro de Kalman. De esta forma, se propone un filtro de Kalman ponderado que incluye la matriz de pesos. El desempeño del filtro (en términos del error de localización se analiza para varios SNRs. El desempeño óptimo se alcanza usando el modelo lineal con matriz de ponderación calculado por el método de producto interno.

  7. Determinants and sources of PM{sub 2.5} exposure among elderly subjects

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lanki, T.; Ahokas, A.; Yli-Tuomi, T. [National Public Health Institute, Kuopio (Finland); Janssen, N.A.C.; Hoek, G.; Hartog, J.J. de [Inst. of Risk Assessment Sciences, IRAS, Utrecht Univ., Division of Environmental Health Utrecht (NL)] (and others)


    Determinants and sources of PM2.5 exposures among persons with coronary artery disease, a potentially susceptible population group, were studied. Anexisting database of daily outdoor, indoor, and personal PM2.5 concentrations and compositions for elderly subjects with coronary disease was utilized. The data were collected in Amsterdam and Helsinki during the winter and spring of 1998-1999 within the frameworks of the ULTRA studies. Each subject's indoor and personal exposures to PM2.5 were measured biweekly in order to study the time variation of the exposure. PersonalPM2.5 concentrations were highly correlated with ambient concentrations within subjects over time. For most elements, personal and indoor concentrations were lower than and highly correlated with outdoor concentrations. The highest correlations were found for sulfur and particle absorbance, which both represent fine mode particles from outdoor origin. Low correlations were observed for elements that represent the coarser part of the PM2.5 particles (Ca, Cu, Si, Cl). The findings of this study provide support for using fixed site measurements as a measure of exposure to particulate matter and some of its components, e.g. combustion originating elemental carbon, in time series studies. In Amsterdam, exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) indoors was a major source of between-subject variation in PM2.5 exposures. ETS contributed substantially also to the levels of S, Zn, Fe, K, and Cl. In both cities, outdoor levels of PM2.5 and absorbance were major determinants of personal and indoor levels. Traffic was also an important determinant of absorbance: living near a major street increased exposure by 22%, and every hour spent in a motor vehicle by 13% in Amsterdam. The respective increases were 37% and 9% in Helsinki. Time spent in traffic was strongly associated also with increased exposure to Fe. Cooking was associated with increased levels of both absorbance and PM2.5, while cleaning

  8. Parallel and series 4 switch Z-source converters in induction motor drives

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Baba, Mircea; Lascu, Cristian; Boldea, Ion


    This paper presents a control strategy for four switch three-phase Z-source Inverter with parallel and series Z-source network fed 0.5 kW induction motor drive with V/f control and the algorithm to control the dc boost, split capacitor voltage balance and the ac output voltage. The proposed control...

  9. Metabolic and Subjective Results Review of the Integrated Suit Test Series (United States)

    Norcross, J.R.; Stroud, L.C.; Klein, J.; Desantis, L.; Gernhardt, M.L.


    Crewmembers will perform a variety of exploration and construction activities on the lunar surface. These activities will be performed while inside an extravehicular activity (EVA) spacesuit. In most cases, human performance is compromised while inside an EVA suit as compared to a crewmember s unsuited performance baseline. Subjects completed different EVA type tasks, ranging from ambulation to geology and construction activities, in different lunar analog environments including overhead suspension, underwater and 1-g lunar-like terrain, in both suited and unsuited conditions. In the suited condition, the Mark III (MKIII) EVA technology demonstrator suit was used and suit pressure and suit weight were parameters tested. In the unsuited conditions, weight, mass, center of gravity (CG), terrain type and navigation were the parameters. To the extent possible, one parameter was varied while all others were held constant. Tests were not fully crossed, but rather one parameter was varied while all others were left in the most nominal setting. Oxygen consumption (VO2), modified Cooper-Harper (CH) ratings of operator compensation and ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) were measured for each trial. For each variable, a lower value correlates to more efficient task performance. Due to a low sample size, statistical significance was not attainable. Initial findings indicate that suit weight, CG and the operational environment can have a large impact on human performance during EVA. Systematic, prospective testing series such as those performed to date will enable a better understanding of the crucial interactions of the human and the EVA suit system and their environment. However, work remains to be done to confirm these findings. These data have been collected using only unsuited subjects and one EVA suit prototype that is known to fit poorly on a large demographic of the astronaut population. Key findings need to be retested using an EVA suit prototype better suited to a

  10. Forecasting long memory series subject to structural change: A two-stage approach

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Papailias, Fotis; Dias, Gustavo Fruet


    A two-stage forecasting approach for long memory time series is introduced. In the first step, we estimate the fractional exponent and, by applying the fractional differencing operator, obtain the underlying weakly dependent series. In the second step, we produce multi-step-ahead forecasts...... change and yields good forecasting results....

  11. The Notion of Subject in South Asian Languages. South Asian Studies Publication Series, Number 2. (United States)

    Verma, Manindra K., Ed.

    The following papers on subject in South Asian languages are compiled here: (1) "Subject in Sanskrit" by George Cardona; (2) "Is Sinhala a Subject Language? (or, How Restricted is Your PNP?)" by James W. Gair; (3) "Some Syntactic Reflexes of Sub-Categories of Agent in Hindi" by Peter Edwin Hook; (4) "The Notion…

  12. Subjectivity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jesús Vega Encabo


    Full Text Available In this paper, I claim that subjectivity is a way of being that is constituted through a set of practices in which the self is subject to the dangers of fictionalizing and plotting her life and self-image. I examine some ways of becoming subject through narratives and through theatrical performance before others. Through these practices, a real and active subjectivity is revealed, capable of self-knowledge and self-transformation. 

  13. On Mathematics in Curriculum Reform in Elementary Mathematics. Elementary Subjects Center Series No. 9. (United States)

    Blair, David E.

    This paper, one of a series considering eight disciplines, describes historical developments and current thinking in mathematics concerning what ought to be included in the elementary school mathematics curriculum. The first part of this paper is devoted to a discussion of the previous involvement of mathematicians in curriculum reform projects.…

  14. Factors affecting quality for beta dose rate measurements using ISO 6980 series I reference sources

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burns, R.E. Jr.; O`Brien, J.M. Jr. [Atlan-Tech, Rosewll, GA (United States)


    Atlan-Tech, Inc. has performed several calibrations of ISO 6980 Series 1 reference beta sources over the past two to three years. There were many problems encountered in attempting to compare the results of these calibrations with those from other laboratories, indicating the need for more standardization in the methodology employed for the measurement of the absorbed dose rate from ISO 6980 Series 1 reference beta sources. This document describes some of the problems encountered in attempting to intercompare results of beta dose-rate measurements. It proposes some solutions in an attempt to open a dialogue among facilities using reference beta standards for the purpose of promoting better measurement quality assurance through data intercomparison.

  15. Shoulder functionality after manual therapy in subjects with shoulder impingement syndrome: a case series. (United States)

    Heredia-Rizo, Alberto Marcos; López-Hervás, Antonia; Herrera-Monge, Patricia; Gutiérrez-Leonard, Ana; Piña-Pozo, Fernando


    The aim of the study was to identify the differences in functionality of the upper limb in subjects suffering from shoulder impingement syndrome after intervention by two manual therapy protocols. Randomized, single-blind study with a sample of 22 subjects (58 ± 10.86 years old) divided into two groups. The conventional-group (n = 11) received mobilizations of the shoulder and the experimental-group (n = 11) was treated with soft tissue techniques in the cervical and upper thoracic regions. These two groups received electrotherapy and postural advices. The treatment lasted three weeks (15 daily sessions of 1 h and 30 min). Both active and passive range of motion (ROM) and self-perceived functionality of the upper limb (DASH questionnaire) were measured. The experimental group showed a significant improvement in the DASH scores and both groups improved mobility in the intra-group comparison pre-intervention versus post-intervention (p .05). Our results suggest that a combined treatment with electrotherapy, postural hygiene and manual therapy, regardless of the protocol, improves shoulder mobility and functionality. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. Shifting nitrous oxide source/sink behaviour in a subtropical estuary revealed by automated time series observations (United States)

    Reading, Michael J.; Santos, Isaac R.; Maher, Damien T.; Jeffrey, Luke C.; Tait, Douglas R.


    The oceans are a major source of the potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O) to the atmosphere. However, little information is available on how estuaries and the coastal ocean may contribute to N2O budgets, and on the drivers of N2O in aquatic environments. This study utilised five time series stations along the freshwater to marine continuum in a sub-tropical estuary in Australia (Coffs Creek, Australia). Each time series station captured N2O, radon (222Rn, a natural submarine groundwater discharge tracer), dissolved nitrogen, and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrations for a minimum of 25 h. The use of automated time series observations enabled spatial and tidal-scale variability of N2O to be captured. Groundwater was highly enriched in N2O (up to 306 nM) compared to the receiving surface water. Dissolved N2O supersaturation as high as 386% (27.4 nM) was observed in the upstream freshwater and brackish water areas which represented only a small (∼13%) proportion of the total estuary area. A large area of N2O undersaturation (as low as 53% or 3.9 nM) was observed in the mangrove-dominated lower estuary. This undersaturated area likely resulted from N2O consumption due to nitrate/nitrite (NOx) limitation in mangrove sediments subject to shallow porewater exchange. Overall, the estuary was a minor source of N2O to the atmosphere as the lower mangrove-dominated estuary sink of N2O counteracted groundwater-dominated source of N2O in the upper estuary. Average area-weighted N2O fluxes at the water-air interface approached zero (0.2-0.7 μmol m-2 d-1, depending on piston velocity model used), and were much lower than nitrogen-rich Northern Hemisphere estuaries that are considered large sources of N2O to the atmosphere. This study revealed a temporally and spatially diverse estuary, with areas of N2O production and consumption related to oxygen and total dissolved nitrogen availability, submarine groundwater discharge, and uptake within mangroves.

  17. A Series-LC-Filtered Active Trap Filter for High Power Voltage Source Inverter

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bai, Haofeng; Wang, Xiongfei; Loh, Poh Chiang


    Passive trap filters are widely used in high power Voltage Source Inverters (VSI) for the switching harmonic attenuation. The usage of the passive trap filters requires clustered and fixed switching harmonic spectrum, which is not the case for low pulse-ratio or Variable Switching Frequency (VSF...... current control of the auxiliary converter, which can be challenging considering that the switching harmonics have very high orders. In this paper, an Active Trap Filter (ATF) based on output impedance shaping is proposed. It is able to bypass the switching harmonics by providing nearly zero output...... impedance. A series-LC-filter is used to reduce the power rating and synthesize the desired output impedance of the ATF. Compared with the existing approaches, the compensated frequency range is greatly enlarged. Also, the current reference is simply set to zero, which reduces the complexity of the control...

  18. A lifestyle intervention program for successfully addressing major cardiometabolic risks in persons with SCI: a three-subject case series. (United States)

    Bigford, Gregory E; Mendez, Armando J; Betancourt, Luisa; Burns-Drecq, Patricia; Backus, Deborah; Nash, Mark S


    This study is a prospective case series analyzing the effects of a comprehensive lifestyle intervention program in three patients with chronic paraplegia having major risks for the cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS). Individuals underwent an intense 6-month program of circuit resistance exercise, nutrition using a Mediterranean diet and behavioral support, followed by a 6-month extension (maintenance) phase involving minimal support. The primary goal was a 7% reduction of body mass. Other outcomes analyzed insulin resistance using the HOMA-IR model, and plasma levels of fasting triglycerides and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. All participants achieved the goal for 7% reduction of body mass and maintained the loss after the MP. Improvements were observed in 2/3 subjects for HOMA-IR and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. All participants improved their risk for plasma triglycerides. We conclude, in a three-person case series of persons with chronic paraplegia, a lifestyle intervention program involving circuit resistance training, a calorie-restrictive Mediterranean-style diet and behavioral support, results in clinically significant loss of body mass and effectively reduced component risks for CMS and diabetes. These results were for the most part maintained after a 6-month MP involving minimal supervision.

  19. Single subject design: Use of time series analyses in a small cohort to understand adherence with a prescribed fluid restriction. (United States)

    Reilly, Carolyn Miller; Higgins, Melinda; Smith, Andrew; Culler, Steven D; Dunbar, Sandra B


    This paper presents a secondary in-depth analysis of five persons with heart failure randomized to receive an education and behavioral intervention on fluid restriction as part of a larger study. Using a single subject analysis design, time series analyses models were constructed for each of the five patients for a period of 180 days to determine correlations between daily measures of patient reported fluid intake, thoracic impedance, and weights, and relationships between patient reported outcomes of symptom burden and health related quality of life over time. Negative relationships were observed between fluid intake and thoracic impedance, and between impedance and weight, while positive correlations were observed between daily fluid intake and weight. By constructing time series analyses of daily measures of fluid congestion, trends and patterns of fluid congestion emerged which could be used to guide individualized patient care or future research endeavors. Employment of such a specialized analysis technique allows for the elucidation of clinically relevant findings potentially disguised when only evaluating aggregate outcomes of larger studies. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Bioequivalence of eslicarbazepine acetate from two different sources of its active product ingredient in healthy subjects. (United States)

    Falcão, Amílcar; Lima, Ricardo; Sousa, Rui; Nunes, Teresa; Soares-da-Silva, Patrício


    To compare the bioavailability (BA) and pharmacokinetic (PK) properties and to demonstrate the bioequivalence (BE) between two active product ingredient (API) sources of eslicarbazepine acetate (ESL) in healthy volunteers. Forty healthy male and female subjects aged 18-40 years were randomized to treatment with 400 or 800 mg ESL marketed (MF) formulation [current active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) source] and 400 or 800 mg ESL to-be-marketed (TBM) formulation (new API source) under a gender-balanced, two-period, two-sequence crossover open-label study design. Subjects were assigned to receive either 400 or 800 mg ESL dose strengths, and each was randomly administered on two occasions--either a single oral tablet of MF or a single oral tablet of TBM--separated by a washout period of at least 7 days. Formulations were to be considered bioequivalent if, for both 400 or 800 mg ESL dosage strengths, the test (TBM)/reference (MF) geometric mean ratios (GMR) and 90% confidence intervals (90% CI) of the area under the plasma concentration-time curve (AUC) and peak plasma concentration (Cmax) were within the predetermined range of 80-125%. Test/reference GMR (90% CI) for the Cmax and AUC was respectively 100% (94-109%) and 96% (94-98%) following 400 mg ESL and 100% (95-105%) and 100% (97-103%) following 800 mg ESL. Oral tablet formulations of either 400 or 800 mg ESL from the new API source were found to be bioequivalent to the corresponding marketed Zebinix® formulation according to the regulatory definition of bioequivalence.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Z. L. Motova


    Full Text Available We present results from petrographic and lithogeochemical studies of the Late Precambrian terrigenous rocks (sandstones, gravelites, and aleuritic sandstones from the Oselkovaya series of Prisayanie. The studies were conducted to reconstruct the primary composition of the rocks in the source area. It has been found that the rocks in the lower part of the cross-section of this series (Marninskaya suite, and the lower part of the Udinskaya suites are represented by more coarse-grained terrigenous rocks (gravelites, and sandstones as compared to the upper part of the cross-section (the upper part of the Udinskaya suite, and the Aisinskaya suite with sandstones and aleuritic sandstones. Gravelites and sandstones from the lower part of the Oselkovaya series show indicators of epigenetic changes that are less intensively expressed in the rocks from the upper part of the cross-section. The upper and lower parts of the Oselkovaya series are significantly different in terms of lithogeochemistry. The lower rocks show quite low contents of Na2O and ratios K2O/Na2O ranging between 10 and 75. In the terrigenous sediments of the upper part, values of K2O/Na2O do not exceed 1–2. Sandstones and gravelites in the lower part of the Oselkovaya series are characterized by reduced concentrations of radioactive, rare-earth, and highly charged elements, as well as lower concentrations of Ni and Co relative to concentrations of these elements in sandstones and aleuritic sandstones of the Oselkovaya series. The petrographic and lithogeochemical characteristics of the terrigenous sediments of the lower and upper parts of the Oselkovaya series suggest different sources of the denudation of these rocks into the sedimentation basin. It is suggested that acid rocks were the denudation source of the terrigenous rocks in the lower part of the series, and the sandstones and aleuritic sandstones in the upper part of the series were sourced from rocks of a mixed (acid

  2. Source-based subjective responses to sleep disturbance from transportation noise. (United States)

    Douglas, O; Murphy, E


    There is increasing evidence to suggest that the use of subjective responses to questions concerning night-time environmental noise exposure is a robust method of assessing sleep disturbance from road traffic noise. However, there have only been a few studies exploring this issue in a real world context beyond controlled laboratory settings. This paper presents results from such a study. It utilises 208 household questionnaire surveys to assess subjective responses to levels of night-time sleep disturbance and annoyance from four different residential sites. Each residential site is characterised by a dominant noise source - road, light rail, and aircraft - and these sites are compared to a control site that is relatively free from transportation noise. The results demonstrate the inadequacy of continuous equivalent noise level measures as indicators of night-time disturbance. Furthermore, they suggest that the use of these measures alone is likely to result in inaccurate appraisals of night-time sleep disturbance from transportation noise. Ultimately, the research implies that measurement data should be used in conjunction with subjective response data to accurately gauge the level of night-time disturbance from transportation noise. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. Error Sources in Deforestation Detection Using BFAST Monitor on Landsat Time Series Across Three Tropical Sites

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schultz, Michael; Verbesselt, Jan; Avitabile, Valerio; Souza, Carlos; Herold, Martin


    Accurate tropic deforestation monitoring using time series requires methods which can capture gradual to abrupt changes and can account for site-specific properties of the environment and the available data. The generic time series algorithm BFAST Monitor was tested using Landsat time series at

  4. Open source database of images DEIMOS: extension for large-scale subjective image quality assessment (United States)

    Vítek, Stanislav


    DEIMOS (Database of Images: Open Source) is an open-source database of images and video sequences for testing, verification and comparison of various image and/or video processing techniques such as compression, reconstruction and enhancement. This paper deals with extension of the database allowing performing large-scale web-based subjective image quality assessment. Extension implements both administrative and client interface. The proposed system is aimed mainly at mobile communication devices, taking into account advantages of HTML5 technology; it means that participants don't need to install any application and assessment could be performed using web browser. The assessment campaign administrator can select images from the large database and then apply rules defined by various test procedure recommendations. The standard test procedures may be fully customized and saved as a template. Alternatively the administrator can define a custom test, using images from the pool and other components, such as evaluating forms and ongoing questionnaires. Image sequence is delivered to the online client, e.g. smartphone or tablet, as a fully automated assessment sequence or viewer can decide on timing of the assessment if required. Environmental data and viewing conditions (e.g. illumination, vibrations, GPS coordinates, etc.), may be collected and subsequently analyzed.

  5. Subjective impression of differences in realism, source width, and orientation between auralizations created from multi-channel anechoic recordings

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vigeant, Michelle C.; Wang, Lily M.; Rindel, Jens Holger


    in realism and source width. Auralizations were made using three different types of musical instruments: woodwinds (flute), brass (trombone) and strings (violin). Subjects were asked to rate each musical track on a seven-point scale for the degree of realism and source width. An analysis of variance (ANOVA...

  6. Subjective response to foot-fall noise, including localization of the source position

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brunskog, Jonas; Hwang, Ha Dong; Jeong, Cheol-Ho


    annoyance, using simulated binaural room impulse responses, with sources being a moving point source or a non-moving surface source, and rooms being a room with a reverberation time of 0.5 s or an anechoic room. The paper concludes that no strong effect of the source localization on the annoyance can...

  7. Analysis and categorization of information sources in the subject field of cynology


    Bušková, Markéta


    The aim of this bachelor thesis, titled "Analysis and Categorization of Information Sources for the Field of Dog-breeding", is to map and analyze information sources relating to the field of dog-breeding, introduce dog-breeding as a field, compile an overview of current information sources for this field and focus on particularly defined groups of information sources.

  8. Real-time measurements of particulate matter emissions from stationary sources with ELPI and TEOM series 7000

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Louer, P.; Chaucherie, X. [Sechaud Environnement, Maizieres-Les-Metz (France)


    The Electrical Low Pressure Impactor (ELPI) from DEKATI Ltd. has the capability to provide real-time measurement of fine (PM2.5) and ultrafine (PM 0.1) particle size distribution and concentrations. The ELPI was compared with the TEOM Series 7000 Source Particulate Monitor, from Rupprecht and Pataschnick, to determine its reliability to measure particle mass concentrations from stationary sources. The ELPI measures in real-time particles concentrations and particles sizes from 0.03 to 10 {mu}m in diameter. The operation is based on particle charging in an unipolar diode charger, size classification in an inertial impactor and electrical detection with a multi-channel electrometer. The TEOM Series 7000 provides in real-time high resolution, in situ direct mass measurement of particulate concentrations, using the TEOM technology (Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance). Measurements of particulate matter (PM) emissions form the ELPI and TEOM Series 7000 were conducted at coke plant located in France. Results indicated a good correlation between the ELPI and TEOM Series 7000 with a tendency for the ELPI to measure higher mass concentration. 14 refs., 3 figs., 2 tabs.

  9. Sources of variability of resting cerebral blood flow in healthy subjects

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Henriksen, Otto Mølby; Kruuse, Christina Rostrup; Olesen, Jes


    measurements acquired in 152 healthy, young subjects using (133)Xe single-photon emission computed tomography. Cerebral blood flow was correlated positively with both end-tidal expiratory PCO2 (PETCO2) and female gender and inversely with hematocrit (Hct). Between- and within-subject CO2 reactivity......Measurements of cerebral blood flow (CBF) show large variability among healthy subjects. The aim of the present study was to investigate the relative effect of established factors influencing CBF on the variability of resting CBF. We retrospectively analyzed spontaneous variability in 430 CBF...... was not significantly different. Including PETCO2, Hct and gender in the model reduced between-subject and within-subject variance by 14% and 13.5%, respectively. Within-subject variability was mainly influenced by PETCO2 and between-subject variability mostly by Hct, whereas gender appeared to be of little added value...

  10. Information theory: Sources, Dirichlet series, and realistic analyses of data structures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mathieu Roux


    Full Text Available Most of the text algorithms build data structures on words, mainly trees, as digital trees (tries or binary search trees (bst. The mechanism which produces symbols of the words (one symbol at each unit time is called a source, in information theory contexts. The probabilistic behaviour of the trees built on words emitted by the same source depends on two factors: the algorithmic properties of the tree, together with the information-theoretic properties of the source. Very often, these two factors are considered in a too simplified way: from the algorithmic point of view, the cost of the Bst is only measured in terms of the number of comparisons between words --from the information theoretic point of view, only simple sources (memoryless sources or Markov chains are studied. We wish to perform here a realistic analysis, and we choose to deal together with a general source and a realistic cost for data structures: we take into account comparisons between symbols, and we consider a general model of source, related to a dynamical system, which is called a dynamical source. Our methods are close to analytic combinatorics, and our main object of interest is the generating function of the source Lambda(s, which is here of Dirichlet type. Such an object transforms probabilistic properties of the source into analytic properties. The tameness of the source, which is defined through analytic properties of Lambda(s, appears to be central in the analysis, and is precisely studied for the class of dynamical sources. We focus here on arithmetical conditions, of diophantine type, which are sufficient to imply tameness on a domain with hyperbolic shape.

  11. Finding Funding: A Guide to Federal Sources for Youth Programs. Finding Funding Series (United States)

    Dobbins-Harper, Dionne; Bhat, Soumya


    This publication is part of a series of tools and resources on financing and sustaining youth programming. These tools and resources are intended to help policymakers, program developers, and community leaders develop innovative strategies for implementing, financing, and sustaining effective programs and policies. This guide outlines strategies…

  12. Determining source cumulants in femtoscopy with Gram-Charlier and Edgeworth series

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schmiegel, Jürgen; Eggers, Hans C.; de Kock, Michiel B

    Lowest-order cumulants provide important information on the shape of the emission source in femtoscopy. For the simple case of noninteracting identical particles, we show how the fourth-order source cumulant can be determined from measured cumulants in momentum space. The textbook Gram-Charlier s...

  13. Review of current GPS methodologies for producing accurate time series and their error sources (United States)

    He, Xiaoxing; Montillet, Jean-Philippe; Fernandes, Rui; Bos, Machiel; Yu, Kegen; Hua, Xianghong; Jiang, Weiping


    The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an important tool to observe and model geodynamic processes such as plate tectonics and post-glacial rebound. In the last three decades, GPS has seen tremendous advances in the precision of the measurements, which allow researchers to study geophysical signals through a careful analysis of daily time series of GPS receiver coordinates. However, the GPS observations contain errors and the time series can be described as the sum of a real signal and noise. The signal itself can again be divided into station displacements due to geophysical causes and to disturbing factors. Examples of the latter are errors in the realization and stability of the reference frame and corrections due to ionospheric and tropospheric delays and GPS satellite orbit errors. There is an increasing demand on detecting millimeter to sub-millimeter level ground displacement signals in order to further understand regional scale geodetic phenomena hence requiring further improvements in the sensitivity of the GPS solutions. This paper provides a review spanning over 25 years of advances in processing strategies, error mitigation methods and noise modeling for the processing and analysis of GPS daily position time series. The processing of the observations is described step-by-step and mainly with three different strategies in order to explain the weaknesses and strengths of the existing methodologies. In particular, we focus on the choice of the stochastic model in the GPS time series, which directly affects the estimation of the functional model including, for example, tectonic rates, seasonal signals and co-seismic offsets. Moreover, the geodetic community continues to develop computational methods to fully automatize all phases from analysis of GPS time series. This idea is greatly motivated by the large number of GPS receivers installed around the world for diverse applications ranging from surveying small deformations of civil engineering structures (e

  14. Subjective Response to Foot-Fall Noise, Including Localization of the Source Position

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brunskog, Jonas; Hwang, Ha Dong; Jeong, Cheol-Ho


    Although an impact noise level is objectively evaluated the same according to current standards, a lightweight floor structure is often subjectively judged more annoying than a heavy homogeneous structure. The hypothesis of the present investigation is that the subjective judgment of impact noise...

  15. Two-dimensional physically based semi-analytical model of source/drain series resistance in MOSFETs (United States)

    He, Pei; Ke, Daoming; Hu, Pengfei


    In this study, a two-dimensional physically based semi-analytical model of source/drain series resistance in MOSFETs is developed, in which only one parameter needs to be extracted by measurement and the extracted parameter can be repeatedly used when the structure size of the source or drain is changed. The model at the first time separates the resistance into two independent parameters that multiply each other. One is the extracted parameter that is only related to the resistivity. The other one is calculated by the expressions obtained by using the semi-analytical method and Eigen function expansion method, and is only related to the structure size of the source or drain area. The model provides a new approach to solve the resistance problem and matches well with simulation results. It can be used easily to estimate the resistance when the device structure changes in device design.

  16. Impact of head models in N170 component source imaging: results in control subjects and ADHD patients (United States)

    Beltrachini, L.; Blenkmann, A.; von Ellenrieder, N.; Petroni, A.; Urquina, H.; Manes, F.; Ibáñez, A.; Muravchik, C. H.


    The major goal of evoked related potential studies arise in source localization techniques to identify the loci of neural activity that give rise to a particular voltage distribution measured on the surface of the scalp. In this paper we evaluate the effect of the head model adopted in order to estimate the N170 component source in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) patients and control subjects, considering faces and words stimuli. The standardized low resolution brain electromagnetic tomography algorithm (sLORETA) is used to compare between the three shell spherical head model and a fully realistic model based on the ICBM-152 atlas. We compare their variance on source estimation and analyze the impact on the N170 source localization. Results show that the often used three shell spherical model may lead to erroneous solutions, specially on ADHD patients, so its use is not recommended. Our results also suggest that N170 sources are mainly located in the right occipital fusiform gyrus for faces stimuli and in the left occipital fusiform gyrus for words stimuli, for both control subjects and ADHD patients. We also found a notable decrease on the N170 estimated source amplitude on ADHD patients, resulting in a plausible marker of the disease.

  17. Harmonic Analysis and Mitigation of Low-Frequency Switching Voltage Source Inverter with Series LC Filtered VSI

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bai, Haofeng; Wang, Xiongfei; Loh, Poh Chiang


    The output currents of high power Voltage Source Inverters (VSIs) are distorted by the switching harmonics and the backgroud harmonics in the grid voltage. In this paper, a hybrid power conversion system composed of a high power VSI with low switching frequency and an auxiliary series LC filtered...... VSI is proposed. The auxiliary VSI compensates both the switching harmonics of the high power VSI and the low order harmonics. The output current of the system remains sinusoidal when grid voltage is distorted. Impedance models of the system are built in different frequency ranges and harmonic...

  18. Sources of variation in hydrological classifications: Time scale, flow series origin and classification procedure (United States)

    Peñas, Francisco J.; Barquín, José; Álvarez, César


    Classification of flow regimes in water management and hydroecological research has grown significantly in recent years. However, depending on available data and the procedures applied, there may be several credible classifications for a specific catchment. In this study, three inductive classifications derived from different initial flow data and one expert-driven classification were defined. The hydrological interpretation, statistical performance and spatial correspondence of these classifications were compared. Daily Gauged Classification (DC) was derived from daily flow data while Monthly Gauged Classification (MC) and Monthly Modeled Classification (MMC) were derived from monthly flow series, using gauged and modeled flow data, respectively. Expert-Driven Classification (EDC) was based on a Spanish nationwide hydrological classification, which is being used in the current River Basin Management Plans. The results showed that MC accounted for much of the critical hydrological information variability comprised within the DC. However, it also presented limitations regarding the inability to represent important hydroecological attributes, especially those related to droughts and high flow events. In addition, DC and MC presented an equivalent performance more than 60% of the time and obtained a mean ARI value of 0.4, indicating a similar classification structure. DC and MC outperformed MMC 100% and more than 50% of the times when they were compared by means of the classification strength and ANOVA, respectively. MMC also showed low correspondence with these classifications (ARI = 0.20). Thus, the use of modeled flow series should be limited to poorly gauged areas. Finally, the significantly reduced performance and the uneven distribution of classes found in EDC questions its application for different management objectives. This study shows that the selection of the most suitable approach according to the available data has significant implications for the

  19. Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series. Number Six, Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources and Properties


    Alley, Marcus M., 1947-; Thomason, Wade Everett; Woodward, Timothy


    The most commonly available nitrogen fertilizer sources used in Virginia are urea, liquid urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution, and ammonium sulfate. Ammonium nitrate is also available in some areas but its use is low relative to urea and UAN solution. Understanding the properties of these fertilizers enables managers to make better decisions as to the most effective way to use these fertilizers as well as to make economic comparisons.

  20. Experiences Using an Open Source Software Library to Teach Computer Vision Subjects (United States)

    Cazorla, Miguel; Viejo, Diego


    Machine vision is an important subject in computer science and engineering degrees. For laboratory experimentation, it is desirable to have a complete and easy-to-use tool. In this work we present a Java library, oriented to teaching computer vision. We have designed and built the library from the scratch with emphasis on readability and…

  1. Eccentric training for shoulder abductors improves pain, function and isokinetic performance in subjects with shoulder impingement syndrome: a case series. (United States)

    Camargo, Paula R; Avila, Mariana A; Alburquerque-Sendín, Francisco; Asso, Naoe A; Hashimoto, Larissa H; Salvini, Tania F


    Conservative treatments have been proposed for people with shoulder impingement syndrome (SIS), such as strengthening of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles and stretching of the soft tissues of the shoulder. However, there is a lack of studies analyzing the effectiveness of eccentric training in the treatment of SIS. To evaluate the effects of eccentric training for shoulder abductors on pain, function, and isokinetic performance during concentric and eccentric abduction of the shoulder in subjects with SIS. Twenty subjects (7 females, 34.2 SD 10.2 years, 1.7 SD 0.1 m, 78.0 SD 16.3 kg) with unilateral SIS completed the study protocol. Bilateral isokinetic eccentric training at 60º/s for shoulder abductors was performed for six consecutive weeks, twice a week, on alternate days. For each training day, three sets of 10 repetitions were performed with a 3-minute rest period between the sets for each side. The range of motion trained was 60° (ranging from 80° to 20°). The Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) questionnaire was used to evaluate functional status and symptoms of the upper limbs. Peak torque, total work and acceleration time were measured during concentric and eccentric abduction of the arm at 60º/s and 180º/s using an isokinetic dynamometer. DASH scores, peak torque, total work and acceleration time improved (pshoulder abductors improves physical function of the upper limbs in subjects with SIS.

  2. Tobit regression for modeling mean survival time using data subject to multiple sources of censoring. (United States)

    Gong, Qi; Schaubel, Douglas E


    Mean survival time is often of inherent interest in medical and epidemiologic studies. In the presence of censoring and when covariate effects are of interest, Cox regression is the strong default, but mostly due to convenience and familiarity. When survival times are uncensored, covariate effects can be estimated as differences in mean survival through linear regression. Tobit regression can validly be performed through maximum likelihood when the censoring times are fixed (ie, known for each subject, even in cases where the outcome is observed). However, Tobit regression is generally inapplicable when the response is subject to random right censoring. We propose Tobit regression methods based on weighted maximum likelihood which are applicable to survival times subject to both fixed and random censoring times. Under the proposed approach, known right censoring is handled naturally through the Tobit model, with inverse probability of censoring weighting used to overcome random censoring. Essentially, the re-weighting data are intended to represent those that would have been observed in the absence of random censoring. We develop methods for estimating the Tobit regression parameter, then the population mean survival time. A closed form large-sample variance estimator is proposed for the regression parameter estimator, with a semiparametric bootstrap standard error estimator derived for the population mean. The proposed methods are easily implementable using standard software. Finite-sample properties are assessed through simulation. The methods are applied to a large cohort of patients wait-listed for kidney transplantation. Copyright © 2018 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  3. Content-analysys of historiographic source (on the subject of interdisciplinarity of linguistic methods)


    Mozhaeva, G.; Mishankina, N.


    In the article are reflected the results of research of a discourse historiographic sources as uniform information object for revealing all kinds of The information contained in it and forming of model of an information field of the historian. Originality of the approach is based on displacement of focus of research in area of information potential of a language code of the text. The basic result became application of the information approach and linguistic techniques for «expansion» of the l...

  4. Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) for indexing and retrieving open-source healthcare data. (United States)

    Marc, David T; Khairat, Saif S


    The US federal government initiated the Open Government Directive where federal agencies are required to publish high value datasets so that they are available to the public. and the community site were initiated to disperse such datasets. However, data searches and retrieval for these sites are keyword driven and severely limited in performance. The purpose of this paper is to address the issue of extracting relevant open-source data by proposing a method of adopting the MeSH framework for indexing and data retrieval. A pilot study was conducted to compare the performance of traditional keywords to MeSH terms for retrieving relevant open-source datasets related to "mortality". The MeSH framework resulted in greater sensitivity with comparable specificity to the keyword search. MeSH showed promise as a method for indexing and retrieving data, yet future research should conduct a larger scale evaluation of the performance of the MeSH framework for retrieving relevant open-source healthcare datasets.

  5. Functional diversity of the microbial community in healthy subjects and periodontitis patients based on sole carbon source utilization.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yifei Zhang

    Full Text Available Chronic periodontitis is one of the most common forms of biofilm-induced diseases. Most of the recent studies were focus on the dental plaque microbial diversity and microbiomes. However, analyzing bacterial diversity at the taxonomic level alone limits deeper comprehension of the ecological relevance of the community. In this study, we compared the metabolic functional diversity of the microbial community in healthy subjects and periodontitis patients in a creative way--to assess the sole carbon source utilization using Biolog assay, which was first applied on oral micro-ecology assessment. Pattern analyses of 95-sole carbon sources catabolism provide a community-level phenotypic profile of the microbial community from different habitats. We found that the microbial community in the periodontitis group had greater metabolic activity compared to the microbial community in the healthy group. Differences in the metabolism of specific carbohydrates (e.g. β-methyl-D-glucoside, stachyose, maltose, D-mannose, β-methyl-D-glucoside and pyruvic acid were observed between the healthy and periodontitis groups. Subjects from the healthy and periodontitis groups could be well distinguished by cluster and principle component analyses according to the utilization of discriminate carbon sources. Our results indicate significant difference in microbial functional diversity between healthy subjects and periodontitis patients. We also found Biolog technology is effective to further our understanding of community structure as a composite of functional abilities, and it enables the identification of ecologically relevant functional differences among oral microbial communities.

  6. Functional magnetic resonance imaging study of external source memory and its relation to cognitive insight in non-clinical subjects. (United States)

    Buchy, Lisa; Hawco, Colin; Bodnar, Michael; Izadi, Sarah; Dell'Elce, Jennifer; Messina, Katrina; Lepage, Martin


    Previous research has linked cognitive insight (a measure of self-reflectiveness and self-certainty) in psychosis with neurocognitive and neuroanatomical disturbances in the fronto-hippocampal neural network. The authors' goal was to use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate the neural correlates of cognitive insight during an external source memory paradigm in non-clinical subjects. At encoding, 24 non-clinical subjects travelled through a virtual city where they came across 20 separate people, each paired with a unique object in a distinct location. fMRI data were then acquired while participants viewed images of the city, and completed source recognition memory judgments of where and with whom objects were seen, which is known to involve prefrontal cortex. Cognitive insight was assessed with the Beck Cognitive Insight Scale. External source memory was associated with neural activity in a widespread network consisting of frontal cortex, including ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (VLPFC), temporal and occipital cortices. Activation in VLPFC correlated with higher self-reflectiveness and activation in midbrain correlated with lower self-certainty during source memory attributions. Neither self-reflectiveness nor self-certainty significantly correlated with source memory accuracy. By means of virtual reality and in the context of an external source memory paradigm, the study identified a preliminary functional neural basis for cognitive insight in the VLPFC in healthy people that accords with our fronto-hippocampal theoretical model as well as recent neuroimaging data in people with psychosis. The results may facilitate the understanding of the role of neural mechanisms in psychotic disorders associated with cognitive insight distortions. © 2014 The Authors. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences © 2014 Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology.


    Pavkovich, Ron


    Chronic lateral hip and thigh pain is regularly treated by the physical therapist. Many issues can cause pain in this region, and trigger points may contribute to pain. Dry Needling (DN) is an intervention used by physical therapists where a monofilament needle is inserted into soft tissue to reduce pain thereby facilitating return to prior level of function. The purpose of this case series is to report the outcomes of DN and conventional physical therapy as a treatment intervention for subjects with chronic lateral hip and thigh pain. Four subjects with chronic lateral hip and thigh pain attended between four and eight sixty-minute sessions of dry needling and stretching/ strengthening activities over a four to eight week intervention course. Outcomes were tested at baseline and upon completion of therapy. A long-term follow up averaging 12.25 months (range 3 to 20 months) was also performed. The outcome measures included the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and the Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS). The LEFS and VAS indicated clinically meaningful improvements in disability and pain in the short term and upon long term follow up for each subject. The LEFS(mean) for the four subjects improved from 50.75 at baseline to 66.75 at the completion of treatment. At long-term follow-up, the LEFS(mean) was 65.50. Each subject met the minimal clinically important difference (MCID) and minimal detectable change (MDC) for the LEFS and the VAS. The VAS was broken down into best (VAS(B)), current (VAS(C)), and worst (VAS(W)) rated pain levels and averaged between the four subjects. The VAS(B) improved from 20 mm at the initial assessment to 0 mm upon completion of the intervention duration. The VAS(C) improved from 25.75 mm to 11.75 mm, and the VAS(W) improved from 85 mm to 32.5 mm. At the long-term follow up (average 12.25 months), the VAS(B), VAS(C), and VAS(W) scores were 0 mm, 14.58 mm, and 43.75 mm respectively. Clinically meaningful improvements in pain and disability were

  8. PhysioNet: physiologic signals, time series and related open source software for basic, clinical, and applied research. (United States)

    Moody, George B; Mark, Roger G; Goldberger, Ary L


    PhysioNet provides free web access to over 50 collections of recorded physiologic signals and time series, and related open-source software, in support of basic, clinical, and applied research in medicine, physiology, public health, biomedical engineering and computing, and medical instrument design and evaluation. Its three components (PhysioBank, the archive of signals; PhysioToolkit, the software library; and PhysioNetWorks, the virtual laboratory for collaborative development of future PhysioBank data collections and PhysioToolkit software components) connect researchers and students who need physiologic signals and relevant software with researchers who have data and software to share. PhysioNet's annual open engineering challenges stimulate rapid progress on unsolved or poorly solved questions of basic or clinical interest, by focusing attention on achievable solutions that can be evaluated and compared objectively using freely available reference data.

  9. Open-source software for demand forecasting of clinical laboratory test volumes using time-series analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emad A Mohammed


    Full Text Available Background: Demand forecasting is the area of predictive analytics devoted to predicting future volumes of services or consumables. Fair understanding and estimation of how demand will vary facilitates the optimal utilization of resources. In a medical laboratory, accurate forecasting of future demand, that is, test volumes, can increase efficiency and facilitate long-term laboratory planning. Importantly, in an era of utilization management initiatives, accurately predicted volumes compared to the realized test volumes can form a precise way to evaluate utilization management initiatives. Laboratory test volumes are often highly amenable to forecasting by time-series models; however, the statistical software needed to do this is generally either expensive or highly technical. Method: In this paper, we describe an open-source web-based software tool for time-series forecasting and explain how to use it as a demand forecasting tool in clinical laboratories to estimate test volumes. Results: This tool has three different models, that is, Holt-Winters multiplicative, Holt-Winters additive, and simple linear regression. Moreover, these models are ranked and the best one is highlighted. Conclusion: This tool will allow anyone with historic test volume data to model future demand.

  10. Hemicrania continua in a headache clinic: referral source and diagnostic delay in a series of 22 patients. (United States)

    Cortijo, Elisa; Guerrero, Angel L; Herrero, Sonia; Mulero, Patricia; Muñoz, Irene; Pedraza, María I; Peñas, María L; Rojo, Esther; Campos, Dulce; Fernández, Rosa


    Hemicrania continua (HC) is a unilateral and continuous primary headache with superimposed exacerbations frequently associated with autonomic features. Diagnostic criteria of HC, according to II Edition of International Classification of Headache Disorders require complete response to indomethacin. HC is probably misdiagnosed more often than other primary headaches. We aim to analyze characteristics of a series of 22 consecutive cases of HC. We recruited patients from a headache outpatient clinic in a tertiary hospital over a 3-year period (January 2008 to January 2011). We prospectively gathered demographic and nosological characteristics and considered referral source and delay between onset of headache and diagnosis of HC. Twenty-two patients (14 females, 8 males) out of 1,150, who attended the mentioned clinic during the inclusion period (1.9 %) were diagnosed with HC. All cases responded to indomethacin. No patient received a diagnosis of HC before attending our headache office. Mean latency of diagnosis was 86.1 ± 106.5 months (range 3-360). 11 patients (50 %) were referred from primary care, with 9 (40.9 %) from other neurology clinics and 2 (9.1 %) from other specialities offices. According to our series, HC is not an infrequent diagnosis in a headache outpatient clinic. Diagnostic delay is comparable to data collected in previous studies. As HC is frequently misdiagnosed, we thing there is a need for increasing the understanding of this entity, potentially responsive to indomethacin.

  11. Open-source Software for Demand Forecasting of Clinical Laboratory Test Volumes Using Time-series Analysis. (United States)

    Mohammed, Emad A; Naugler, Christopher


    Demand forecasting is the area of predictive analytics devoted to predicting future volumes of services or consumables. Fair understanding and estimation of how demand will vary facilitates the optimal utilization of resources. In a medical laboratory, accurate forecasting of future demand, that is, test volumes, can increase efficiency and facilitate long-term laboratory planning. Importantly, in an era of utilization management initiatives, accurately predicted volumes compared to the realized test volumes can form a precise way to evaluate utilization management initiatives. Laboratory test volumes are often highly amenable to forecasting by time-series models; however, the statistical software needed to do this is generally either expensive or highly technical. In this paper, we describe an open-source web-based software tool for time-series forecasting and explain how to use it as a demand forecasting tool in clinical laboratories to estimate test volumes. This tool has three different models, that is, Holt-Winters multiplicative, Holt-Winters additive, and simple linear regression. Moreover, these models are ranked and the best one is highlighted. This tool will allow anyone with historic test volume data to model future demand.

  12. Infinite series

    CERN Document Server

    Hirschman, Isidore Isaac


    This text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students presents a rigorous approach that also emphasizes applications. Encompassing more than the usual amount of material on the problems of computation with series, the treatment offers many applications, including those related to the theory of special functions. Numerous problems appear throughout the book.The first chapter introduces the elementary theory of infinite series, followed by a relatively complete exposition of the basic properties of Taylor series and Fourier series. Additional subjects include series of functions and the app

  13. Evaluation of changes in birefringence for samples subjected to various stress sources measured with polarization-sensitive OCT (United States)

    Karnowski, Karol; Li, Qingyun; Villiger, Martin; Sampson, David D.


    Polarization-sensitive OCT (PS-OCT) has proven useful in determining the stress-induced birefringence of non-biological materials, but such utility in biological tissues subjected to stress has not been well studied yet. To study stress-induced birefringence of biological tissues, we use a swept-source PS-OCT system with passively depth-encoded, orthogonal polarization states in the illumination path and polarization-diversity detection and a Mueller formalism in post-processing. We present measurements of stress-induced changes in the birefringence of non-biological and biological samples that provide useful benchmarks in further assessing the utility of this approach.

  14. Oral mucosa: an alternative epidermic cell source to develop autologous dermal-epidermal substitutes from diabetic subjects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela GUZMÁN-URIBE

    Full Text Available Abstract Oral mucosa has been highlighted as a suitable source of epidermal cells due to its intrinsic characteristics such as its higher proliferation rate and its obtainability. Diabetic ulcers have a worldwide prevalence that is variable (1%-11%, meanwhile treatment of this has been proven ineffective. Tissue-engineered skin plays an important role in wound care focusing on strategies such autologous dermal-epidermal substitutes. Objective The aim of this study was to obtain autologous dermal-epidermal skin substitutes from oral mucosa from diabetic subjects as a first step towards a possible clinical application for cases of diabetic foot. Material and Methods Oral mucosa was obtained from diabetic and healthy subjects (n=20 per group. Epidermal cells were isolated and cultured using autologous fibrin to develop dermal-epidermal in vitro substitutes by the air-liquid technique with autologous human serum as a supplement media. Substitutes were immunocharacterized with collagen IV and cytokeratin 5-14 as specific markers. A Student´s t- test was performed to assess the differences between both groups. Results It was possible to isolate epidermal cells from the oral mucosa of diabetic and healthy subjects and develop autologous dermal-epidermal skin substitutes using autologous serum as a supplement. Differences in the expression of specific markers were observed and the cytokeratin 5-14 expression was lower in the diabetic substitutes, and the collagen IV expression was higher in the diabetic substitutes when compared with the healthy group, showing a significant difference. Conclusion Cells from oral mucosa could be an alternative and less invasive source for skin substitutes and wound healing. A difference in collagen production of diabetic cells suggests diabetic substitutes could improve diabetic wound healing. More research is needed to determine the crosstalk between components of these skin substitutes and damaged tissues.

  15. Reproducibility and repeatability of foveal avascular zone area measurements using swept-source optical coherence tomography angiography in healthy subjects. (United States)

    Mastropasqua, Rodolfo; Toto, Lisa; Mattei, Peter A; Di Nicola, Marta; Zecca, Isaia A L; Carpineto, Paolo; Di Antonio, Luca


    To assess the reproducibility and repeatability of foveal avascular zone (FAZ) area measurements using swept-source optical coherence tomography angiography (SS-OCTA) in healthy subjects. Sixty-four eyes of 64 healthy volunteers were randomly subjected to FAZ area measurements using SS-OCTA by 2 examiners in 2 different sessions. The FAZ areas measured by the first and second observer were 0.269 ± 0.092 mm2 and 0.270 ± 0.090 mm2, respectively. Within subjects, the coefficients of variations were 2.44% (95% confidence interval [CI] 1.95% to 2.93%) and 2.66% (95% CI 2.00% to 3.31%) for the first and second observers, respectively. The coefficient of repeatability average measurements of FAZ area were 0.021 mm2 and 0.024 mm2. The intraclass correlation coefficient values were 0.993 (95% CI 0.989 to 0.996) and 0.991 (95% CI 0.986 to 0.995). Interobserver and intraobserver concordance correlation coefficients ranged from 0.998 (95% CI 0.997 to 0.999) to 0.999 (95% CI 0.998 to 0.999) and from 0.989 (95% CI 0.982 to 0.993) to 0.987 (95% CI 0.979 to 0.992), respectively. The FAZ area measurements by means of SS-OCTA showed high reproducibility and repeatability in healthy eyes.

  16. Prospective Assessment of Nocturnal Awakenings in a Case Series of Treatment-Seeking Chronic Insomnia Patients: A Pilot Study of Subjective and Objective Causes (United States)

    Krakow, Barry; Romero, Edward; Ulibarri, Victor A.; Kikta, Shara


    assessment of nocturnal awakenings in a case series of treatment-seeking chronic insomnia patients: a pilot study of subjective and objective causes. SLEEP 2012;35(12):1685-1692. PMID:23204611

  17. Low order modelling and closed-loop thermal control of a ventilated plate subject to a heat source disturbance (United States)

    Videcoq, E.; Girault, M.; Petit, D.


    A multi-input multi-output (MIMO) thermal control problem in real-time is investigated. An aluminum slab is heated on one side by a radiative heat source and cooled on the other side by a fan panel. Starting from a nominal steady state configuration of heat source power and ventilation level, the objective is to control temperature at 4 chosen locations on the rear side when the thermal system is subject to a perturbation: the heat source power. The 4 actuators are the ventilation levels of 4 fans. The hypothesis of small inputs and temperature responses deviations is made, resulting in the assumption of a linear control problem. The originality of this work is twofold: (i) instead of a (large-sized) classical heat transfer model built from spatial discretization of local partial differential equations governing physics over the system domain, a low order model is identified from experimental data using the Modal Identification Method, (ii) this low order model is used to perform state feedback control in real time through a Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) compensator.

  18. Thirty Sixth Series of the Next Kind of Series

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kok, Wjm


    The subject of the research is ‘difference and repetition,’ an area which bears a direct relationship to Wjm Kok’s practice, in which the production of work always emerges and passes through series. It is also the title of a book by Gilles Deleuze that has been used as source and reference to

  19. The biopsychology-nonlinear analysis toolbox: a free, open-source Matlab-toolbox for the non-linear analysis of time series data. (United States)

    Beste, Christian; Otto, Tobias; Hoffmann, Sven


    We provide a free, open-source toolbox for non-linear time series analyses. The major goal of this project was to provide a toolbox for nonlinear time series analyses that is easily accessible to a wide range of neuroscientists. The toolbox offers modular, powerful and flexible algorithms embedded in an easy to handle graphical user interface (GUI). The toolbox can be run within the Matlab environment, but also as stand-alone solution without reference to a programming environment that is also usable for different PC operating systems (Windows and Linux). The Biopsychology--Nonlinear Analysis Toolbox and documentation are available freely and open-source from

  20. The extension of the parametrization of the radio source coordinates in geodetic VLBI and its impact on the time series analysis (United States)

    Karbon, Maria; Heinkelmann, Robert; Mora-Diaz, Julian; Xu, Minghui; Nilsson, Tobias; Schuh, Harald


    The radio sources within the most recent celestial reference frame (CRF) catalog ICRF2 are represented by a single, time-invariant coordinate pair. The datum sources were chosen mainly according to certain statistical properties of their position time series. Yet, such statistics are not applicable unconditionally, and also ambiguous. However, ignoring systematics in the source positions of the datum sources inevitably leads to a degradation of the quality of the frame and, therefore, also of the derived quantities such as the Earth orientation parameters. One possible approach to overcome these deficiencies is to extend the parametrization of the source positions, similarly to what is done for the station positions. We decided to use the multivariate adaptive regression splines algorithm to parametrize the source coordinates. It allows a great deal of automation, by combining recursive partitioning and spline fitting in an optimal way. The algorithm finds the ideal knot positions for the splines and, thus, the best number of polynomial pieces to fit the data autonomously. With that we can correct the ICRF2 a priori coordinates for our analysis and eliminate the systematics in the position estimates. This allows us to introduce also special handling sources into the datum definition, leading to on average 30 % more sources in the datum. We find that not only the CPO can be improved by more than 10 % due to the improved geometry, but also the station positions, especially in the early years of VLBI, can benefit greatly.

  1. Environmental Toxicology: A Guide to Information Sources. Volume 7 in the "Man and the Environment Information Guide" Series. (United States)

    Rudd, Robert L.

    This annotated bibliography on environmental toxicology brings together a diverse set of information sources from the physical, social, and natural sciences. These sources include periodical literature, government documents, scientific journals, and teaching materials. The volume is divided into sixteen sections organized into four parts: (1)…

  2. Subjective Positive and Negative Sleep Variables Differentially Affect Cellular Immune Activity in a Breast Cancer Survivor: A Time-series Analysis Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Magdalena Singer


    Full Text Available This study on a breast cancer survivor suffering from cancer-related fatigue (CaRF and depression investigated the bidirectional relationship between cellular immune activity and subjective sleep. The 49-year-old patient (breast cancer diagnosis 5 years before the study, currently in remission collected her full urine output for 28 days in 12-h intervals (8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. These urine samples were used to determine urinary neopterin (cellular immune activation marker and creatinine concentrations via high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC. Each morning, the patient answered questions on five sleep variables: sleep quality (SQ, sleep recreational value (SRV, total sleep time (TST, total wake time (TWT, and awakenings during sleep period (ADS. For the purpose of this study, the time series of the nighttime urinary neopterin levels and the five sleep variables were determined. Using centered moving average (CMA smoothing and cross-correlational analysis, this study showed that increases in the positive sleep variables SQ and SRV were followed by urinary neopterin concentration decreases after 96–120 h (SQ, lag 4: r = −0.411; p = 0.044; SRV: lag 4: r = −0.472; p = 0.021 and 120–144 h (SRV, lag 5: r = −0.464; p = 0.026. Increases in the negative sleep variable TWT, by contrast, were followed by increases in urinary neopterin concentrations 72–96 h later (lag 3: r = 0.522; p = 0.009. No systematic effects in the other direction, i.e., from urinary neopterin levels to sleep, were observed in this study. Although preliminary, the findings of this study highlight the benefit of carefully investigating temporal delays and directions of effects when studying the dynamic relationship between sleep and immune variables in the natural context of everyday life.

  3. Heel-strike in walking: assessment of potential sources of intra- and inter-subject variability in the activation patterns of muscles stabilizing the knee joint. (United States)

    Huber, Cora; Federolf, Peter; Nüesch, Corina; Cattin, Philippe C; Friederich, Niklaus F; Tscharner, Vinzenz von


    The electromyographic (EMG) signal is known to show large intra-subject and inter-subject variability. Adaptation to, and preparation for, the heel-strike event have been hypothesized to be major sources of EMG variability in walking. The aim of this study was to assess these hypotheses using a principal component analysis (PCA). Two waveform shapes with distinct characteristic features were proposed based on conceptual considerations of how the neuro-muscular system might prepare for, or adapt to, the heel-strike event. PCA waveforms obtained from knee muscle EMG signals were then compared with the predicted characteristic features of the two proposed waveforms. Surface EMG signals were recorded for ten healthy adult female subjects during level walking at a self-selected speed, for the following muscles; rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, semitendinosus, and biceps femoris. For a period of 200 ms before and after heel-strike, EMG power was extracted using a wavelet transformation (19-395 Hz). The resultant EMG waveforms (18 per subject) were submitted to intra-subject and inter-subject PCA. In all analyzed muscles, the shapes of the first and second principal component (PC-) vectors agreed well with the predicted waveforms. These two PC-vectors accounted for 50-60% of the overall variability, in both inter-subject and intra-subject analyses. It was also found that the shape of the first PC-vector was consistent between subjects, while higher-order PC-vectors differed between subjects. These results support the hypothesis that adaptation to, and preparation for, a variable heel-strike event are both major sources of EMG variability in walking. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Frequency-swept laser light source at 1050 nm with higher bandwidth due to multiple semiconductor optical amplifiers in series

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Marschall, Sebastian; Thrane, Lars; Andersen, Peter E.


    We report on the development of an all-fiber frequency-swept laser light source in the 1050 nm range based on semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) with improved bandwidth due to multiple gain media. It is demonstrated that even two SOAs with nearly equal gain spectra can improve the performance...

  5. Estimation of point source fugitive emission rates from a single sensor time series: a conditionally-sampled Gaussian plume reconstruction (United States)

    This paper presents a technique for determining the trace gas emission rate from a point source. The technique was tested using data from controlled methane release experiments and from measurement downwind of a natural gas production facility in Wyoming. Concentration measuremen...

  6. Passivity-Based Control by Series/Parallel Damping of Single-Phase PWM Voltage Source Converter

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    del Puerto Flores, Dunstano; Scherpen, Jacqueline; Liserre, Marco; de Vries, Martijn M. J.; Kransse, Marco J.; Monopoli, Vito Giuseppe

    This paper describes a detailed design procedure for passivity-based controllers developed using the Brayton-Moser (BM) framework. Several passivity-based feedback designs are presented for the voltage-source converter, specifically for the H-bridge converter, since nowadays it is one of the

  7. Extending the inverse scattering series free-surface-multiple-elimination algorithm by accommodating the source property on data with interfering or proximal seismic events (United States)

    Zhao, Lei; Yang, Jinlong; Weglein, Arthur B.


    The inverse scattering series free-surface-multiple-elimination (FSME) algorithm is modified and extended to accommodate the source property-source radiation pattern. That accommodation can provide additional value for the fidelity of the free-surface multiple predictions. The new extended FSME algorithm retains all the merits of the original algorithm, i.e., fully data-driven and with a requirement of no subsurface information. It is tested on a one-dimensional acoustic model with proximal and interfering seismic events, such as interfering primaries and multiples. The results indicate the new extended FSME algorithm can predict more accurate free-surface multiples than methods without the accommodation of the source property if the source has a radiation pattern. This increased effectiveness in prediction contributes to removing free-surface multiples without damaging primaries. It is important in such cases to increase predictive effectiveness because other prediction methods, such as the surface-related-multiple-elimination algorithm, has difficulties and problems in prediction accuracy, and those issues affect efforts to remove multiples through adaptive subtraction. Therefore accommodation of the source property can not only improve the effectiveness of the FSME algorithm, but also extend the method beyond the current algorithm (e.g. improving the internal multiple attenuation algorithm).

  8. The effects of various sources of dietary fibre on cholesterol metabolism and colonic function in healthy subjects

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stasse-Wolthuis, M.


    This thesis deals with the influence of several types of dietary fibre on cholesterol metabolism and colonic function in young healthy subjects. Dietary fibre has been defined as those plant polysaccharides (cellulose, hemicelluloses, pectic substances) and lignin which are resistant to hydrolysis

  9. sources

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shu-Yin Chiang


    Full Text Available In this paper, we study the simplified models of the ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode multiplexer network with Bernoulli random traffic sources. Based on the model, the performance measures are analyzed by the different output service schemes.

  10. High-antioxidant potatoes: acute in vivo antioxidant source and hypotensive agent in humans after supplementation to hypertensive subjects. (United States)

    Vinson, Joe A; Demkosky, Cheryil A; Navarre, Duroy A; Smyda, Melissa A


    Potatoes have the highest daily per capita consumption of all vegetables in the U.S. diet. Pigmented potatoes contain high concentrations of antioxidants, including phenolic acids, anthocyanins, and carotenoids. In a single-dose study six to eight microwaved potatoes with skins or a comparable amount of refined starch as cooked biscuits was given to eight normal fasting subjects; repeated samples of blood were taken over an 8 h period. Plasma antioxidant capacity was measured by ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP). A 24 h urine was taken before and after each regimen. Urine antioxidant capacity due to polyphenol was measured by Folin reagent after correction for nonphenolic interferences with a solid phase (Polyclar) procedure. Potato caused an increase in plasma and urine antioxidant capacity, whereas refined potato starch caused a decrease in both; that is, it acted as a pro-oxidant. In a crossover study 18 hypertensive subjects with an average BMI of 29 were given either six to eight small microwaved purple potatoes twice daily or no potatoes for 4 weeks and then given the other regimen for another 4 weeks. There was no significant effect of potato on fasting plasma glucose, lipids, or HbA1c. There was no significant body weight increase. Diastolic blood pressure significantly decreased 4.3%, a 4 mm reduction. Systolic blood pressure decreased 3.5%, a 5 mm reduction. This blood pressure drop occurred despite the fact that 14 of 18 subjects were taking antihypertensive drugs. This is the first study to investigate the effect of potatoes on blood pressure. Thus, purple potatoes are an effective hypotensive agent and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke in hypertensive subjects without weight gain.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorel MATEȘ


    Full Text Available The present article aims to highlight the kinds of tax evasion methods in the field of products subject to excise duty and the role of the tax inspection in combating them. The research reveals which are the most common methods of tax evasion, but it tries to discern the probable developments of the process. The article has in view the inexorable reality, namely that the ingenuity method of tax fraud increases with the emergence of the new rules or barriers to the fraud. Following the research carried out we found that the tax evasion phenomenon in the field of products subject to excise duty has currently a significant impact in the economic and social Romanian reality. In order to reduce the tax evasion phenomenon in the field of products subject to excise duty, it must set up a mechanism for monitoring, oversight and fiscal control as well as the amendment of legislation, the tax evasion being mainly a consequence of the inaccuracies or imperfection of laws.

  12. Sources



    Sources Fondation Pablo Iglesias. Alcala de Henares. Sections : Archives privées de Manuel ArijaArchives extérieuresArchives FNJS de EspañaPrensa Archives Générales de l’Administration. Alcala de Henares. Sections : Opposition au franquismeSig. 653 Sig TOP 82/68.103-68.602.Índice de las cartas colectivas, Relaciones, Cartas al Ministro de Información de Marzo de 1965. c.662. Sources cinématographiques Filmothèque Nationale d’Espagne.NO.DO. N° 1157C. 08/03/1965.aguirre Javier, Blanco vertical....

  13. The determinants of physician attitudes and subjective norms toward drug information sources: modification and test of the theory of reasoned action. (United States)

    Gaither, C A; Bagozzi, R P; Ascione, F J; Kirking, D M


    To improve upon the theory of reasoned action and apply it to pharmaceutical research, we investigated the effects of relevant appraisals attributes, and past behavior of physicians on the use of drug information sources. We also examined the moderating effects of practice characteristics. A mail questionnaire asked HMO physicians to evaluate seven common sources of drug information on general appraisals (degree of usefulness and ease of use), specific attributes (availability, quality of information on harmful effects and on drug efficacy), and past behavior when searching for information on a new, simulated H2 antagonist agent. Semantic differential scales were used to measure each appraisal, attribute and past behavior. Information was also collected on practice characteristics. Findings from 108/200 respondents indicated that appraisals and attributes were useful determinants of attitudes and subjective norms toward use. Degree of usefulness and quality of information on harmful effects were important predictors of attitudes toward use for several sources of information. Ease of use and degree of usefulness were important predictors of subjective norms toward use. In many cases, moderating effects of practice characteristics were in opposing directions. Past behavior had significant direct effects on attitudes toward the PDR. The findings suggest ways to improve the usefulness of the theory of reasoned action as a model of decision-making. We also propose practical guidelines that can be used to improve the types of drug information sources used by physicians.

  14. Low cost monitoring from space using Landsat TM time series and open source technologies: the case study of Iguazu park (United States)

    Nole, Gabriele; Lasaponara, Rosa


    Up to nowadays, satellite data have become increasingly available, thus offering a low cost or even free of charge unique tool, with a great potential for operational monitoring of vegetation cover, quantitative assessment of urban expansion and urban sprawl, as well as for monitoring of land use changes and soil consumption. This growing observational capacity has also highlighted the need for research efforts aimed at exploring the potential offered by data processing methods and algorithms, in order to exploit as much as possible this invaluable space-based data source. The work herein presented concerns an application study on the monitoring of vegetation cover and urban sprawl conducted with the use of satellite Landsat TM data. The selected test site is the Iguazu park highly significant, being it one of the most threatened global conservation priorities ( In order to produce synthetic maps of the investigated areas to monitor the status of vegetation and ongoing subtle changes, satellite Landsat TM data images were classified using two automatic classifiers, Maximum Likelihood (MLC) and Support Vector Machines (SVMs) applied by changing setting parameters, with the aim to compare their respective performances in terms of robustness, speed and accuracy. All process steps have been developed integrating Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing, and adopting free and open source software. Results pointed out that the SVM classifier with RBF kernel was generally the best choice (with accuracy higher than 90%) among all the configurations compared, and the use of multiple bands globally improves classification. One of the critical elements found in the case of monitoring of urban area expansion is given by the presence of urban garden mixed with urban fabric. The use of different configurations for the SVMs, i.e. different kernels and values of the setting parameters, allowed us to calibrate the classifier also to

  15. Correlation of lithium levels between drinking water obtained from different sources and scalp hair samples of adult male subjects. (United States)

    Baloch, Shahnawaz; Kazi, Tasneem Gul; Afridi, Hassan Imran; Baig, Jameel Ahmed; Talpur, Farah Naz; Arain, Muhammad Balal


    There is some evidence that natural levels of lithium (Li) in drinking water may have a protective effect on neurological health. In present study, we evaluate the Li levels in drinking water of different origin and bottled mineral water. To evaluate the association between lithium levels in drinking water with human health, the scalp hair samples of male subjects (25-45 years) consumed drinking water obtained from ground water (GW), municipal treated water (MTW) and bottled mineral water (BMW) from rural and urban areas of Sindh, Pakistan were selected. The water samples were pre-concentrated five to tenfold at 60 °C using temperature-controlled electric hot plate. While scalp hair samples were oxidized by acid in a microwave oven, prior to determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The Li content in different types of drinking water, GW, MTW and BMW was found in the range of 5.12-22.6, 4.2-16.7 and 0.0-16.3 µg/L, respectively. It was observed that Li concentration in the scalp hair samples of adult males consuming ground water was found to be higher, ranged as 292-393 μg/kg, than those who are drinking municipal treated and bottle mineral water (212-268 and 145-208 μg/kg), respectively.

  16. Sources



    Archives Archivo Histórico del Estado de Jalisco Fondo Gobernación, Asunto Pasaportes y Salvoconductos : G-8-877/9773-9775 G-8-878/9774, 9776, 9777 et 9781 G-8-879/9782-9788 G-8-880/9789-9798 G-8-881-882/9803 G-8-882/9804-9805 G-8-883/9806-9811 G-8-884/9813 G-8-885/9817-9820 G-8-886/9822-9825 G-8-887/9826-9830 G-8-888/9835 G-8-889-890/9837 G-8-889/9839 Sources imprimées Livres et chroniques O’Farrill Romulo, (2004) Reseña histórica estadística y comercial de México y sus estados, directorio g...

  17. Crank-Nicholson Scheme for the Estimation of Thermal Disturbance on the Peripheral Tissues of Human Body Subjected to Oscillatory Boundary Condition and Time Dependent Heat Source (United States)

    Khanday, M. A.; Hussain, Fida


    To predict the behaviour of thermal physiology of a finite biological tissue in severe cold climatic conditions, a mathematical model has been established based on Pennes' bio-heat transfer equation with oscillatory boundary condition and time dependent heat source term. Crank-Nicholson scheme has been employed to obtain the solution of the boundary value problem to understand the change in stable temperature profiles at the peripheral tissues of human body subjected to forced convection due to cold. Thermal stress at these regions with respect to different input parameters has been computed under extreme environmental conditions using MATLAB Software. The results have shown a relative significance and provide a reasonable outcome in terms of variable metabolic heat generation and oscillatory heat source. The oscillations of the temperature profiles from the mean temperatures were computed in relation with tissue medium and other physiological parameters.

  18. Historical flood data series of Eastern Spanish Coast (14th-20th centuries). Improving identification of climatic patterns and human factors of flood events from primary documentary sources (United States)

    Alberola, Armando; Barriendos, Mariano; Gil-Guirado, Salvador; Pérez-Morales, Alfredo; Balasch, Carles; Castelltort, Xavier; Mazón, Jordi; Pino, David; Lluís Ruiz-Bellet, Josep; Tuset, Jordi


    Historical flood data series of Eastern Spanish Coast (14th-20th centuries). Improving identification of climatic patterns and human factors of flood events from primary documentary sources Armando Alberola, Barriendos, M., Gil-Guirado, S., Pérez Morales, A., Balasch, C., Castelltort, X., Mazón, J., Pino, D., Ruiz-Bellet, J.L., Tuset, J. Historical flood events in eastern spanish coast have been studied by different research groups and projects. Complexity of flood processes, involving atmospheric, surface and human factors, is not easily understandable when long time series are required. Present analysis from PREDIFLOOD Project Consortium defines a new step of flood event databases: Improved access to primary (documentary) and secondary (bibliographical) sources, data collection for all possible locations where floods are detected, and improved system of classification (Barriendos et al., 2014). A first analysis is applied to 8 selected flood series. Long chronologies from PREDIFLOOD Project for Catalonia region (Girona, Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Tortosa). In addition, to cover all sector of spanish mediterranean coast, we introduce Valencia city in Turia River basin. South Eastern sector is cover with Murcia and Caravaca cities, Segura River basin. Extension of area under study required contributions of research teams experienced in work of documentary primary sources (Alberola, 2006; Gil-Guirado, 2013). Flood frequency analysis for long scale periods show natural climatic oscillations into so-called Little Ice Age. There are general patterns, affecting most of basins, but also some local anomalies or singularities. To explain these differences and analogies it is not enough to use purely climatic factors. In this way, we analyze human factors that have been able to influence the variability of floods along last 6 centuries (demography, hydraulic infrastructures, urban development...). This approach improves strongly understanding of mechanisms producing

  19. [Determination of iodine content in the left ventricular myocardium of healthy subjects using dual-source dual-energy CT myocardial first perfusion imaging: a preliminary study]. (United States)

    Chen, Z X; Wang, G; Liang, L; Lu, X R; Guo, Q H; Zhai, Y N; Shi, X N


    Objective: To analyze the normal value of the iodine content in the left ventricular myocardium of healthy subjects and to observe if there is a segmental differences on iodine distribution by using the second generation dual-source dual-energy computed tomography myocardial first perfusion imaging. Methods: In this retrospective study, 42 healthy subjects, who admitted to our department between January to June 2016, with normal second generation dual-source dual-energy computed tomography and coronary CT angioghphy (CTA), electrocardiogram (ECG) results, normal cardiac, hepatic, renal function, normal myocardial enzymes results were enrolled, data from 38 out of 42 subjects with satisfactory image quality were analyzed using Siemens Dual Energy-Heart PBV image processing software.In accordance with the standards of the American Heart Association myocardial 17 fractionation method, content of iodine was measured at different segmental left ventricular myocardium and aorta (left coronary artery from the opening level). The standardized containing iodine value (nIC) was calculated. Results: The iodine content of left ventricular myocardium in normal subjects was 3.1-7.8 mg/ml.The nIC of myocardium from 1st to 17th segments was 0.28±0.06, 0.31±0.07, 0.30±0.07, 0.30±0.04, 0.28±0.04, 0.29±0.05, 0.29±0.01, 0.30±0.07, 0.31±0.07, 0.27±0.06, 0.28±0.08, 0.28±0.07, 0.29±0.08, 0.31±0.07, 0.27±0.06, 0.29±0.06 and 0.21±0.07, respectively.The nIC of the 17th segment was the lowest and was significantly lower than in other segments (all PnIC was similar among the rest 16 segments (all P>0.05). Conclusion: The normal iodine content range in left ventricle myocardium is 3.1-7.8 mg/ml, and the lowest iodine content is detected in the apex and which is significantly lower than the other left ventricular segments.

  20. Using U-series Isotopes To Determine Sources Of Pedogenic Carbonates: Comparison Of Natural And Agricultural Soils In The Semi-arid Southern New Mexico And Western Texas (United States)

    Nyachoti, S. K.; Ma, L.; Borrok, D. M.; Jin, L.; Tweedie, C. E.


    Pedogenic carbonates commonly precipitate from infiltrating soil water in arid and semi-arid lands and are observed in soils of southern New Mexico and western Texas. These carbonates could form an impermeable layer in the soil horizons impairing water infiltration, thus affecting crop growth and yield. It is important to determine the source of C and Ca in these carbonates and to understand conditions favoring their formation, kinetics and precipitation rates. In this study, major elements and U-series isotopes in bulk calcic soils, and weak acid leachates and residues were measured from one irrigated alfalfa site in the Hueco basin near El Paso, TX and one natural shrubland site on the USDA Jornada experimental range in southern NM. The combined geochemical and isotopic results allow us to determine the formation ages of the carbonates; investigate the mobility of U, Th, and major elements in these soils; and infer for the effects of irrigation on carbonate formation in agricultural soils. Our results show distinctive U and Th isotope systems in the two soil profiles analyzed. For example, (234U/238U) ratios in the Jornada bulk soils decrease from ~1.01 to 0.96 towards the surface, consistent with a preferential loss of 234U over 238U during chemical weathering. At the Jornada site, (238U/232Th) ratios decrease while (230Th/238U) increase towards the surface, consistent with a general depletion of U and the immobility of Th in the natural soils. By contrast at the Alfalfa site, (234U/238U) ratios of bulk soils increase from ~ 0.97 to 1.02 towards the surface, suggesting an additional source of external uranium, most likely the irrigation water from Rio Grande which has a (234U/238U) ratio of ~ 1.5 near El Paso. The (238U/232Th) and (230Th/238U) ratios also imply leaching of U from shallower soils but precipitation in greater depths at Alfalfa site; suggests that partial dissolution and re-precipitation of younger carbonates occur. Calculated carbonate ages from U-series

  1. Affective Norms for 718 Polish Short Texts (ANPST): Dataset with Affective Ratings for Valence, Arousal, Dominance, Origin, Subjective Significance and Source Dimensions. (United States)

    Imbir, Kamil K


    Affective sciences are of burgeoning interest and are attracting more and more research attention. Three components of stimuli meaning have traditionally been distinguished: valence (degree of pleasantness), arousal (degree of intensity of sensations), and dominance (degree of control over sensations). Recently, another three dimensions have been introduced to measure qualities connected to the emotion-duality model: origin (the main component originating in the heart or in the mind), subjective significance (the degree of the subjective goal's relevance), and source (the location of the stimuli evoking the state). All six affective dimensions were assessed in our study of 718 Polish short texts (sentences of 5-23 words and 36-133 characters in length) describing situations or states in a way that can be referenced to an individual's experience. Assessments were carried out by 148 psychology students (all women for 108 sentences) and 2,091 students of different faculties (social science, engineering, life science, and science) from Warsaw colleges and universities (1,061 women and 1,030 men for all 718 sentences). Assessing sets of sentences for emotional response is especially useful for researchers interested in emotion elicitation through the use of a phrase such as "imagine that …" or by simply reading emotionally charged material that is more complex and that provides better context than single pictures or words.

  2. Differential effects of dietary protein sources on postprandial low-grade inflammation after a single high fat meal in obese non-diabetic subjects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Herzig Karl-Heinz


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Obesity is a state of chronic low-grade inflammation. Chronic low-grade inflammation is associated with the pathophysiology of both type-2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. Prevention or reduction of chronic low-grade inflammation may be advantageous in relation to obesity related co-morbidity. In this study we investigated the acute effect of dietary protein sources on postprandial low-grade inflammatory markers after a high-fat meal in obese non-diabetic subjects. Methods We conducted a randomized, acute clinical intervention study in a crossover design. We supplemented a fat rich mixed meal with one of four dietary proteins - cod protein, whey isolate, gluten or casein. 11 obese non-diabetic subjects (age: 40-68, BMI: 30.3-42.0 kg/m2 participated and blood samples were drawn in the 4 h postprandial period. Adiponectin was estimated by ELISA methods and cytokines were analyzed by multiplex assay. Results MCP-1 and CCL5/RANTES displayed significant postprandial dynamics. CCL5/RANTES initially increased after all meals, but overall CCL5/RANTES incremental area under the curve (iAUC was significantly lower after the whey meal compared with the cod and casein meals (P = 0.0053. MCP-1 was initially suppressed after all protein meals. However, the iAUC was significantly higher after whey meal compared to the cod and gluten meals (P = 0.04. Conclusion We have demonstrated acute differential effects on postprandial low grade inflammation of four dietary proteins in obese non-diabetic subjects. CCL5/RANTES initially increased after all meals but the smallest overall postprandial increase was observed after the whey meal. MCP-1 was initially suppressed after all 4 protein meals and the whey meal caused the smallest overall postprandial suppression. Trial Registration ID: NCT00863564

  3. Fourier series

    CERN Document Server

    Tolstov, Georgi P


    Richard A. Silverman's series of translations of outstanding Russian textbooks and monographs is well-known to people in the fields of mathematics, physics, and engineering. The present book is another excellent text from this series, a valuable addition to the English-language literature on Fourier series.This edition is organized into nine well-defined chapters: Trigonometric Fourier Series, Orthogonal Systems, Convergence of Trigonometric Fourier Series, Trigonometric Series with Decreasing Coefficients, Operations on Fourier Series, Summation of Trigonometric Fourier Series, Double Fourie

  4. New Directions in X-Ray Light Sources or Fiat Lux: what's under the dome and watching atoms with x-rays (LBNL Summer Lecture Series)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Falcone, Roger


    Summer Lecture Series 2008: Molecular movies of chemical reactions and material phase transformations need a strobe of x-rays, the penetrating light that reveals how atoms and molecules assemble in chemical and biological systems and complex materials. Roger Falcone, Director of the Advanced Light Source,will discuss a new generation of x ray sources that will enable a new science of atomic dynamics on ultrafast timescales.

  5. case series

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Conclusions: The concept of “case series” is not well defined in the literature and does not reflect a specific research design. We suggest that a case series should have more than four patients while four paitents or less should be reported individually as case reports. Key words: Case report, case series, concept analysis, ...


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    IAS Admin

    347 Impact of Theoretical Chemistry on Chemical and. Biological Sciences. Chemistry Nobel Prize – 2013. Saraswathi Vishveshwara. SERIES ARTICLES. 368 Ecology: From Individuals to Collectives. A Physicist's Perspective on Ecology. Vishwesha Guttal. 310. 368 ...


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ensis fruit. 4. SERIES ARTICLES. Evolution of the Atmosphere and Oceans: Evidence from Geological Records. Evolution of the Early Atmosphere. P V Sukumaran. 11 Electrostatics in Chemistry. Electrostatic Models for Weak Molecular ...

  8. Chart Series (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offers several different Chart Series with data on beneficiary health status, spending, operations, and quality...

  9. Emergency Hospital Visits in Association with Volcanic Ash, Dust Storms and Other Sources of Ambient Particles: A Time-Series Study in Reykjavík, Iceland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hanne Krage Carlsen


    Full Text Available Volcanic ash contributed significantly to particulate matter (PM in Iceland following the eruptions in Eyjafjallajökull 2010 and Grímsvötn 2011. This study aimed to investigate the association between different PM sources and emergency hospital visits for cardiorespiratory causes from 2007 to 2012. Indicators of PM10 sources; “volcanic ash”, “dust storms”, or “other sources” (traffic, fireworks, and re-suspension on days when PM10 exceeded the daily air quality guideline value of 50 µg/m3 were entered into generalized additive models, adjusted for weather, time trend and co-pollutants. The average number of daily emergency hospital visits was 10.5. PM10 exceeded the air quality guideline value 115 out of 2191 days; 20 days due to volcanic ash, 14 due to dust storms (two days had both dust storm and ash contribution and 83 due to other sources. High PM10 levels from volcanic ash tended to be significantly associated with the emergency hospital visits; estimates ranged from 4.8% (95% Confidence Interval (CI: 0.6, 9.2% per day of exposure in unadjusted models to 7.3% (95% CI: −0.4, 15.5% in adjusted models. Dust storms were not consistently associated with daily emergency hospital visits and other sources tended to show a negative association. We found some evidence indicating that volcanic ash particles were more harmful than particles from other sources, but the results were inconclusive and should be interpreted with caution.

  10. A Comparison of Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood and Asymptotically Distribution-Free Dynamic Factor Analysis Parameter Estimation in Fitting Covariance-Structure Models to Block-Toeplitz Representing Single-Subject Multivariate Time-Series

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Molenaar, P.C.M.; Nesselroade, J.R.


    The study of intraindividual variability pervades empirical inquiry in virtually all subdisciplines of psychology. The statistical analysis of multivariate time-series data - a central product of intraindividual investigations - requires special modeling techniques. The dynamic factor model (DFM),

  11. Estimation of localization and dipole moment of alpha- and theta-rhythm sources by cluster analysis in healthy subjects and schizophrenics

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verkhlyutov, VM; Shchuchkin, YV; Ushakov, VL; Strelets, VB; Pirogov, YA


    In 12 healthy subjects and 9 schizophrenic patients in the background conditions (with eyes closed) EEG was recorded from 16 standard derivations (10-20 system) during 3 min. The record underwent the spectral analysis detecting alpha- and theta-frequency bands. After the preliminary narrow band


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    An artistic 'representation' of biological clocks. ( Credit: Subhankar Biswas ). M K Chandrashekaran. (1937–2009). ( Illustration: Subhankar Biswas ). Front Cover. Back Cover. 701. Science Smiles. Ayan Guha. 704. Inside Back Cover. Flowering Trees. (Credit: K Sankara Rao, IISc). SERIES ARTICLES. 770 Dawn of Science.


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Resonance journal of science education. February 2012 Volume 17 Number 2. SERIES ARTICLES. 106 Dawn of Science. Calculus is Developed in Kerala. T Padmanabhan. GENERAL ARTICLES. 117 Willis H Carrier: Father of Air Conditioning. R V Simha. 139 Refrigerants For Vapour Compression Refrigeration. Systems.

  14. Fourier Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    GENERAL I ARTICLE. Fourier Series. The Mathematics of Periodic Phenomena. The author received his. Ph.D from Princeton. University in 1987. After spending several years at. TIFR Centre, Bangalore, he is currently with the. Indian Statistical Institute,. Bangalore. His research interests are in harmonic analysis and partial.

  15. Case Series

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abstract. Introduction: Hemodialysis (HD) patients are predisposed to infective endocarditis (IE) mainly due to repeated manipulation of the vascular access. However, catheter seeding and IE may also result from a distant infection site. Case series: A diabetic patient who was maintained on regular HD through a permanent ...

  16. Student Assessment of Teaching as a Source of Information about Aspects of Teaching Quality in Multiple Subject Domains: An Application of Multilevel Bifactor Structural Equation Modeling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronny eScherer


    Full Text Available Research on educational effectiveness most often uses student assessments of classroom instruction for measuring aspects of teaching quality. Given that crucial inferences on the success of education are based on these assessments, it is essential to ensure that they provide valid indicators. In this study, we illustrate the application of an innovative application of a multilevel bifactor structural equation model (ML-BFSEM to examine the validity of student assessments. Analyzing a large-scale data set of 12,077 fourth-grade students in three countries (Finland, Norway, and Sweden, we find that (a three aspects of teaching quality and subject domain factors can be established; (b metric and scalar invariance could be established for the ML-BFSEM approach across countries; (c significant relations between students’ assessments of how easy the teacher is to understand and achievement in all subjects exist. In support of substantive research, we demonstrate a methodological approach for representing the complex nature of student assessments of teaching quality. We finally encourage substantive and methodological researchers to advance the ML-BFSEM.

  17. Crime and Criminal Law as a Theme in Education. Paper on the Starting Points, Objectives, and Teaching Matter of a Series of Lessons Called "Crime and Criminal Law," as a Theme for the School Subject of Social and Political Studies. (United States)

    Hooghoff, Hans

    This series of lessons is intended to help high school students in the Netherlands consider how they look at, react to, and judge criminal events. The first part of the publication discusses different teaching approaches used in the lessons. These include: (1) a business analysis--study of the organization and structure of the criminal…

  18. Case series

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    3 mars 2011 ... Published in partnership with the African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET). ( Case series. Open Access ... L'analyse statistique a été réalisée en utilisant le programme statistique pour les sciences sociales (SPSS) version13. .... données nécessaires pour la réalisation de ce travail.

  19. Exposures series


    Stimson, Blake


    Reaktion Books’ Exposures series, edited by Peter Hamilton and Mark Haworth-Booth, is comprised of 13 volumes and counting, each less than 200 pages with 80 high-quality illustrations in color and black and white. Currently available titles include Photography and Australia, Photography and Spirit, Photography and Cinema, Photography and Literature, Photography and Flight, Photography and Egypt, Photography and Science, Photography and Africa, Photography and Italy, Photography and the USA, P...

  20. Expanding subjectivities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lundgaard Andersen, Linda; Soldz, Stephen


    A major theme in recent psychoanalytic thinking concerns the use of therapist subjectivity, especially “countertransference,” in understanding patients. This thinking converges with and expands developments in qualitative research regarding the use of researcher subjectivity as a tool to understa...


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Leibnitz series (2) 116 (GA). Guaiacum officinale L. (6) (FT). Gun-powder (11) 1009 (SA). Gust loads (3) 206 (SA). Gyrocarpus americanus Jacq. (12) FT. Handicap principle (5) 434 (GA). Hands-on learning (4) 351 (CR). Heisenberg (5) 411 (GA).


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    bdenum(IV) and tungsten(IV) with N- alkylphenothiazines and their interactions with L-cysteine and L-histidine. 165. Allyl and benzyl ethers. A convenient procedure for the synthesis of allyl and benzyl ethers from alcohols and phenols. 191. Ambient temperature. New mesogenic homologous series of α- methylcinnamates.


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    RESONANCE | June 2011. Resonance journal of science education. June 2011 Volume 16 Number 6. GENERAL ARTICLES. 504 D D Kosambi: The Scholar ... 551 Early Indian History and the Legacy of D D Kosambi. Romila Thapar. Source: http://www.arvindguptatoys. com/arvindgupta/ddknumis- matics.pdf. Punch Mark.

  4. Subject Index

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ray. Spectrometer (SOXS) Mission ... Luminosity Dependent Study of the High Mass X-ray Binary Pulsar 4U 0114 + 65 with ASCA (U. Mukherjee & B. ... Magnetic Source Regions of Coronal Mass Ejections (Brigitte Schmieder), 139. North–South ...

  5. Greater robustness of second order statistics than higher order statistics algorithms to distortions of the mixing matrix in blind source separation of human EEG: implications for single-subject and group analyses. (United States)

    Lio, Guillaume; Boulinguez, Philippe


    A mandatory assumption in blind source separation (BSS) of the human electroencephalogram (EEG) is that the mixing matrix remains invariant, i.e., that the sources, electrodes and geometry of the head do not change during the experiment. Actually, this is not often the case. For instance, it is common that some electrodes slightly move during EEG recording. This issue is even more critical for group independent component analysis (gICA), a method of growing interest, in which only one mixing matrix is estimated for several subjects. Indeed, because of interindividual anatomo-functional variability, this method violates the mandatory principle of invariance. Here, using simulated (experiments 1 and 2) and real (experiment 3) EEG data, we test how eleven current BSS algorithms undergo distortions of the mixing matrix. We show that this usual kind of perturbation creates non-Gaussian features that are virtually added to all sources, impairing the estimation of real higher order statistics (HOS) features of the actual sources by HOS algorithms (e.g., Ext-INFOMAX, FASTICA). HOS-based methods are likely to identify more components (with similar properties) than actual neurological sources, a problem frequently encountered by BSS users. In practice, the quality of the recovered signal and the efficiency of subsequent source localization are substantially impaired. Performing dimensionality reduction before applying HOS-based BSS does not seem to be a safe strategy to circumvent the problem. Second order statistics (SOS)-based BSS methods belonging to the less popular SOBI family class are much less sensitive to this bias. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Money, Sociability and Happiness: Are Developed Countries Doomed to Social Erosion and Unhappiness? Time-Series Analysis of Social Capital and Subjective Well-Being in Western Europe, Australia, Canada and Japan (United States)

    Sarracino, Francesco


    Discovering whether social capital endowments in modern societies have been subjected or not to a process of gradual erosion is one of the most debated topics in recent economic literature. Inaugurated by Putnam's pioneering studies, the debate on social capital trends has been recently revived by Stevenson and Wolfers (2008) contending…

  7. Magnetic Field Emission Comparison for Series-Parallel and Series-Series Wireless Power Transfer to Vehicles – PART 2/2

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Batra, Tushar; Schaltz, Erik


    Series-series and series-parallel topologies are the most favored topologies for design of wireless power transfer system for vehicle applications. The series-series topology has the advantage of reflecting only the resistive part on the primary side. On the other hand, the current source output...


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Subject Index. Variation of surface electric field during geomagnetic disturbed period at Maitri, Antarctica. 1721. Geomorphology. A simple depression-filling method for raster and irregular elevation datasets. 1653. Decision Support System integrated with Geographic. Information System to target restoration actions in water-.

  9. Accounting for Non-Gaussian Sources of Spatial Correlation in Parametric fMRI Paradigms II: A Method to Obtain First Level Analysis Residuals with Uniform and Gaussian Spatial Autocorrelation Function and Independent and Identically Distributed Time-Series. (United States)

    Gopinath, Kaundinya; Krishnamurthy, Venkatagiri; Lacey, Simon; Sathian, K


    A recent study (Eklund et al., 2016) has shown that cluster-wise family-wise error (FWE) rate corrected inferences made in parametric statistical methods based fMRI studies over the past couple of decades may have been invalid, particularly for cluster defining thresholds less stringent than p autocorrelation functions (sACF) of fMRI data had been modeled incorrectly to follow a Gaussian form, whereas empirical data suggests otherwise (Eklund et al., 2016). Hence the residuals from general linear model (GLM) based fMRI activation estimates in these studies may not have possessed a homogenously Gaussian sACF (Eklund et al., 2016). Here we propose a method based on the assumption that heterogeneity and non-Gaussianity of the sACF of the first-level GLM analysis residuals, as well as temporal autocorrelations in the first-level voxel residuals time-series, are caused by unmodeled MRI signal from neuronal and physiological processes as well as motion and other artifacts which can be approximated by appropriate decompositions of the first-level residuals with principal component analysis (PCA), and removed. We show that application of this method yields GLM residuals with significantly reduced spatial correlation, nearly Gaussian sACF and uniform spatial smoothness across the brain, thereby allowing valid cluster-based FWE corrected inferences based on assumption of Gaussian spatial noise. We further show that application of this method renders the voxel time-series of first-level GLM residuals independent, and identically distributed across time (which is a necessary condition for appropriate voxel-level GLM inference), without having to fit ad-hoc stochastic colored noise models. Further the detection power of individual subject brain activation analysis is enhanced. This method will be especially useful for case studies, which rely on first-level GLM analysis inferences.

  10. DCP Series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Philip Stearns


    Full Text Available Photo essay. A collection of Images produced by intentionally corrupting the circuitry of a Kodak DC280 2 MP digitalcamera. By rewiring the electronics of a digital camera, glitched images are produced in a manner that parallels chemically processing unexposed film or photographic paper to produce photographic images without exposure to light. The DCP Series of Digital Images are direct visualizations of data generated by a digital camera as it takes a picture. Electronic processes associated with the normal operations of the camera, which are usually taken for granted, are revealed through an act of intervention. The camera is turned inside­out through complexes of short­circuits, selected by the artist, transforming the camera from a picture taking device to a data capturing device that renders raw data (electronic signals as images. In essence, these images are snap­shots of electronic signals dancing through the camera's circuits, manually rerouted, written directly to the on­board memory device. Rather than seeing images of the world through a lens, we catch a glimpse of what the camera sees when it is forced to peer inside its own mind.

  11. Summable series and convergence factors

    CERN Document Server

    Moore, Charles N


    Fairly early in the development of the theory of summability of divergent series, the concept of convergence factors was recognized as of fundamental importance in the subject. One of the pioneers in this field was C. N. Moore, the author of the book under review.... Moore classifies convergence factors into two types. In type I he places the factors which have only the property that they preserve convergence for a convergent series or produce convergence for a summable series. In type II he places the factors which not only maintain or produce convergence but have the additional property that

  12. Inferring Beliefs as Subjectively Imprecise Probabilities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Steffen; Fountain, John; Harrison, Glenn W.


    . The experimental task consists of a series of standard lottery choices in which the subject is assumed to use conventional risk attitudes to select one lottery or the other and then a series of betting choices in which the subject is presented with a range of bookies offering odds on the outcome of some event...

  13. A subjective scheduler for subjective dedicated networks (United States)

    Suherman; Fakhrizal, Said Reza; Al-Akaidi, Marwan


    Multiple access technique is one of important techniques within medium access layer in TCP/IP protocol stack. Each network technology implements the selected access method. Priority can be implemented in those methods to differentiate services. Some internet networks are dedicated for specific purpose. Education browsing or tutorial video accesses are preferred in a library hotspot, while entertainment and sport contents could be subjects of limitation. Current solution may use IP address filter or access list. This paper proposes subjective properties of users or applications are used for priority determination in multiple access techniques. The NS-2 simulator is employed to evaluate the method. A video surveillance network using WiMAX is chosen as the object. Subjective priority is implemented on WiMAX scheduler based on traffic properties. Three different traffic sources from monitoring video: palace, park, and market are evaluated. The proposed subjective scheduler prioritizes palace monitoring video that results better quality, xx dB than the later monitoring spots.

  14. Tracing magma sources of three different S-type peraluminous granitoid series by in situ U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotope zircon composition: The Variscan Montes de Toledo batholith (central Spain) (United States)

    Merino Martínez, E.; Villaseca, C.; Orejana, D.; Pérez-Soba, C.; Belousova, E.; Andersen, T.


    Three distinct S-type peraluminous granitoid types have been identified within the Variscan Montes de Toledo batholith, located in the Central Iberian Zone (SW European Variscides): type-1, extremely high peraluminous restite-rich granitoids; type-2, highly peraluminous restite-bearing granitoids; and type-3, moderately peraluminous granitoids with mafic microgranular enclaves. Type-1 and type-2 granitoids are restricted to the western part of the batholith, whereas type-3 granites are mostly restricted to the eastern segment. There is a sequential youngering of emplacement age from type-1 (late-tectonic) to type-2 and type-3 granitoids (post-tectonic), extending the timing of the batholith formation for about 19 Ma between 316 and 297 Ma. Although the degree of peraluminousity of the different series could be related to different partial melting conditions or to the variable entrainment of restitic components (including the peritectic mineral assemblage of the melting reactions), whole-rock geochemical signatures and isotope zircon composition of the peraluminous granitoid types suggest contribution of different crustal sources. There is no evidence for the direct mantle-derived material contribution in the genesis of these peraluminous melts. Type-1 and type-2 granitoids contain mostly Archean to Neoproterozoic inherited zircons, whereas type-3 granites show preferentially Neoproterozoic (up to late Cryogenian) and Ordovician inheritance. The wide range of initial Hf isotope composition, ranging to highly radiogenic values (ƐHf up to + 10), of Neoproterozoic zircon inheritances in type-1 and type-2 granitoids suggests derivation from heterogeneous Neoproterozoic metasedimentary sources composed of both juveline and recycled crustal materials, similar in composition to the host Schist-Greywacke Complex metasediments. Trace-element modelling clearly suggests the involvement of metasediments similar to those mentioned from the southern part of the Central Iberian

  15. Time series analysis time series analysis methods and applications

    CERN Document Server

    Rao, Tata Subba; Rao, C R


    The field of statistics not only affects all areas of scientific activity, but also many other matters such as public policy. It is branching rapidly into so many different subjects that a series of handbooks is the only way of comprehensively presenting the various aspects of statistical methodology, applications, and recent developments. The Handbook of Statistics is a series of self-contained reference books. Each volume is devoted to a particular topic in statistics, with Volume 30 dealing with time series. The series is addressed to the entire community of statisticians and scientists in various disciplines who use statistical methodology in their work. At the same time, special emphasis is placed on applications-oriented techniques, with the applied statistician in mind as the primary audience. Comprehensively presents the various aspects of statistical methodology Discusses a wide variety of diverse applications and recent developments Contributors are internationally renowened experts in their respect...

  16. A notícia como fonte de informação em propriedade intelectual: um olhar sobre o tema marcasNew as a source of information in intelectual property: a look at the subject of brands

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ane Aparecida Cerantola


    are knowledgeable about the subject, the news is interesting in terms of problems related to not registering a brand and the inappropriate use of the brands. This can be considered as a good source of business information related to the subject.

  17. Subjectivity and professional vocational counselling


    Müller, Marina


    In this work, I shall deal with the psychodynamic approach to subjectivity in P.V.C. To this effect, I want to develop the concept of subject and subjectivity, its variation and historical-social construction and its approach in counselling, from a psychodynamic conceptual framework in P.V.C. with a short reference to the theoretical sources on which this approach is founded. Departamento de Psicología

  18. Fourier series in orthogonal polynomials

    CERN Document Server

    Osilenker, Boris


    This book presents a systematic course on general orthogonal polynomials and Fourier series in orthogonal polynomials. It consists of six chapters. Chapter 1 deals in essence with standard results from the university course on the function theory of a real variable and on functional analysis. Chapter 2 contains the classical results about the orthogonal polynomials (some properties, classical Jacobi polynomials and the criteria of boundedness).The main subject of the book is Fourier series in general orthogonal polynomials. Chapters 3 and 4 are devoted to some results in this topic (classical

  19. The universe all sliced up series explains complex subject

    CERN Multimedia

    Ostrow, J


    ' "NOVA's "The Elegant Universe," an entertaining and mostly understandable three-part miniseries based on Greene's book of the same title, will be broadcast on PBS over two Tuesdays, with two hours this Tuesday and one on Nov. 4. Part 1, "Einstein's Dream," begins at 8 p.m. Tuesday on Channel 6 ' (1 page).

  20. Debates in Music Teaching. The Debates in Subject Teaching Series (United States)

    Philpott, Chris, Ed.; Spruce, Gary, Ed.


    "Debates in Music Teaching" encourages student and practising teachers to engage with contemporary issues and developments in music education. It aims to introduce a critical approach to the central concepts and practices that have influenced major interventions and initiatives in music teaching, and supports the development of new ways of looking…

  1. Debates in Citizenship Education. The Debates in Subject Teaching Series (United States)

    Arthur, James, Ed.; Cremin, Hilary, Ed.


    What are the key issues in Citizenship Education today? "Debates in Citizenship Education" encourages student and practising teachers to engage with and reflect on some of the key topics, concepts and debates that they will have to address throughout their career. It places the specialist field of Citizenship Education in a wider context…

  2. Trash-Free Waters Webinar Series (United States)

    The Trash-Free Waters Webinar Series promotes increased knowledge and understanding of the sources, distribution and impacts of plastics and microplastics in the environment with featured presenters who are experienced researchers in this field.

  3. Summation of series

    CERN Document Server

    Jolley, LB W


    Over 1,100 common series, all grouped for easy reference. Arranged by category, these series include arithmetical and geometrical progressions, powers and products of natural numbers, figurate and polygonal numbers, inverse natural numbers, exponential and logarithmic series, binomials, simple inverse products, factorials, trigonometrical and hyperbolic expansions, and additional series. 1961 edition.

  4. Case Series Investigations in Cognitive Neuropsychology (United States)

    Schwartz, Myrna F.; Dell, Gary S.


    Case series methodology involves the systematic assessment of a sample of related patients, with the goal of understanding how and why they differ from one another. This method has become increasingly important in cognitive neuropsychology, which has long been identified with single-subject research. We review case series studies dealing with impaired semantic memory, reading, and language production, and draw attention to the affinity of this methodology for testing theories that are expressed as computational models and for addressing questions about neuroanatomy. It is concluded that case series methods usefully complement single-subject techniques. PMID:21714756

  5. TV series on atmospheric science (United States)

    Cruise, Karla A.

    Acid rain, climate change, air pollution, and the possible inadvertent depletion of ozone in the upper atmosphere will be among the subjects covered in an eight-part television series that premiers April 3, 1986, on public television. Part of a 32-lecture program entitled “Earth Science for Teachers,” this series will feature new developments in the physics, chemistry, and dynamics of the atmosphere and will focus on the role of anthropogenic activities that affect atmospheric composition and climate.Public television station WHRO-TV in Norfolk, Va., in cooperation with Virginia's Department of Education in Richmond, produced the series, which involved guest lecturers from across the country. Joel S. Levine, senior research scientist in the Atmospheric Science Division at the Langley Research Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Hampton, Va., served as the organizer and coordinator of the series. Joseph D. Exline, Associate Director for Science, Virginia Department of Education, assisted with the development and production of the series.

  6. Biological Systems, Energy Sources, and Biology Teaching. Biology and Human Welfare. (United States)

    Tribe, Michael; Pritchard, Alan J.

    This five-chapter document (part of a series on biology and human welfare) focuses on biological systems as energy sources and on the teaching of this subject area. Chapter 1 discusses various topics related to energy and ecology, including biomass, photosynthesis and world energy balances, energy flow through ecosystems, and others. Chapter 2…

  7. Tax evasion and the source of income: An experimental study in Albania and the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gërxhani, K.; Schram, A.


    A series of experiments among different social groups in both Albania and the Netherlands give the opportunity to compare behavioral patterns related to tax evasion. Aside from the decision whether or not to evade taxes, subjects have to choose a source of income, where one type enables subsequent

  8. Unification and Infinite Series (United States)

    Leyendekkers, J. V.; Shannon, A. G.


    Some infinite series are analysed on the basis of the hypergeometric function and integer structure and modular rings. The resulting generalized functions are compared with differentiation of the "mother" series. (Contains 1 table.)

  9. Time series analysis.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)


    Time series analysis can be used to quantitatively monitor, describe, explain, and predict road safety developments. Time series analysis techniques offer the possibility of quantitatively modelling road safety developments in such a way that the dependencies between the observations of time series

  10. This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIS05), Combination of Irrigation Sources (CIS) on agricultural land by county (nri_is05) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIS05), Combination...

  11. This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIT01), Gravity Irrigation Source (GI) on agricultural land by county (nri_it01) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIT01), Gravity...

  12. Random time series in astronomy. (United States)

    Vaughan, Simon


    Progress in astronomy comes from interpreting the signals encoded in the light received from distant objects: the distribution of light over the sky (images), over photon wavelength (spectrum), over polarization angle and over time (usually called light curves by astronomers). In the time domain, we see transient events such as supernovae, gamma-ray bursts and other powerful explosions; we see periodic phenomena such as the orbits of planets around nearby stars, radio pulsars and pulsations of stars in nearby galaxies; and we see persistent aperiodic variations ('noise') from powerful systems such as accreting black holes. I review just a few of the recent and future challenges in the burgeoning area of time domain astrophysics, with particular attention to persistently variable sources, the recovery of reliable noise power spectra from sparsely sampled time series, higher order properties of accreting black holes, and time delays and correlations in multi-variate time series.

  13. Time Series Analysis Forecasting and Control

    CERN Document Server

    Box, George E P; Reinsel, Gregory C


    A modernized new edition of one of the most trusted books on time series analysis. Since publication of the first edition in 1970, Time Series Analysis has served as one of the most influential and prominent works on the subject. This new edition maintains its balanced presentation of the tools for modeling and analyzing time series and also introduces the latest developments that have occurred n the field over the past decade through applications from areas such as business, finance, and engineering. The Fourth Edition provides a clearly written exploration of the key methods for building, cl

  14. Exponential Series Without Denominators


    Loday, Jean-Louis


    International audience; For a commutative algebra which comes from a Zinbiel algebra the exponential series can be written without denominators. When lifted to dendriform algebras this new series satisfies a functional equation analogous to the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff formula. We make it explicit by showing that the obstruction series is the sum of the brace products. In the multilinear case we show that the role the Eulerian idempotent is played by the iterated pre-Lie product.

  15. Series Transmission Line Transformer (United States)

    Buckles, Robert A.; Booth, Rex; Yen, Boris T.


    A series transmission line transformer is set forth which includes two or more of impedance matched sets of at least two transmissions lines such as shielded cables, connected in parallel at one end ans series at the other in a cascading fashion. The cables are wound about a magnetic core. The series transmission line transformer (STLT) which can provide for higher impedance ratios and bandwidths, which is scalable, and which is of simpler design and construction.

  16. Anatomy of the ICDS series: A bibliometric analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cardona, Manuel [Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Heisenbergstrasse 1, D-70569 Stuttgart (Germany)], E-mail:; Marx, Werner [Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Heisenbergstrasse 1, D-70569 Stuttgart (Germany)


    In this article, the proceedings of the International Conferences on Defects in Semiconductors (ICDS) have been analyzed by bibliometric methods. The papers of these conferences have been published as articles in regular journals or special proceedings journals and in books with diverse publishers. The conference name/title changed several times. Many of the proceedings did not appear in the so-called 'source journals' covered by the Thomson/ISI citation databases, in particular by the Science Citation Index (SCI). But the number of citations within these source journals can be determined using the Cited Reference Search mode under the Web of Science (WoS) and the SCI offered by the host STN International. The search functions of both systems were needed to select the papers published as different document types and to cover the full time span of the series. The most cited ICDS papers were identified, and the overall numbers of citations as well as the time-dependent impact of these papers, of single conferences, and of the complete series, was established. The complete of citing papers was analyzed with respect to the countries of the citing authors, the citing journals, and the ISI subject categories.

  17. Anatomy of the ICDS series: A bibliometric analysis (United States)

    Cardona, Manuel; Marxa, Werner


    In this article, the proceedings of the International Conferences on Defects in Semiconductors (ICDS) have been analyzed by bibliometric methods. The papers of these conferences have been published as articles in regular journals or special proceedings journals and in books with diverse publishers. The conference name/title changed several times. Many of the proceedings did not appear in the so-called “source journals” covered by the Thomson/ISI citation databases, in particular by the Science Citation Index (SCI). But the number of citations within these source journals can be determined using the Cited Reference Search mode under the Web of Science (WoS) and the SCI offered by the host STN International. The search functions of both systems were needed to select the papers published as different document types and to cover the full time span of the series. The most cited ICDS papers were identified, and the overall numbers of citations as well as the time-dependent impact of these papers, of single conferences, and of the complete series, was established. The complete of citing papers was analyzed with respect to the countries of the citing authors, the citing journals, and the ISI subject categories.

  18. Retrospective 70 y-spatial analysis of repeated vine mortality patterns using ancient aerial time series, Pléiades images and multi-source spatial and field data (United States)

    Vaudour, E.; Leclercq, L.; Gilliot, J. M.; Chaignon, B.


    For any wine estate, there is a need to demarcate homogeneous within-vineyard zones ('terroirs') so as to manage grape production, which depends on vine biological condition. Until now, the studies performing digital zoning of terroirs have relied on recent spatial data and scant attention has been paid to ancient geoinformation likely to retrace past biological condition of vines and especially occurrence of vine mortality. Is vine mortality characterized by recurrent and specific patterns and if so, are these patterns related to terroir units and/or past landuse? This study aimed at performing a historical and spatial tracing of vine mortality patterns using a long time-series of aerial survey images (1947-2010), in combination with recent data: soil apparent electrical conductivity EM38 measurements, very high resolution Pléiades satellite images, and a detailed field survey. Within a 6 ha-estate in the Southern Rhone Valley, landuse and planting history were retraced and the map of missing vines frequency was constructed from the whole time series including a 2015-Pléiades panchromatic band. Within-field terroir units were obtained from a support vector machine classifier computed on the spectral bands and NDVI of Pléiades images, EM38 data and morphometric data. Repeated spatial patterns of missing vines were highlighted throughout several plantings, uprootings, and vine replacements, and appeared to match some within-field terroir units, being explained by their specific soil characteristics, vine/soil management choices and the past landuse of the 1940s. Missing vines frequency was spatially correlated with topsoil CaCO3 content, and negatively correlated with topsoil iron, clay, total N, organic C contents and NDVI. A retrospective spatio-temporal assessment of terroir therefore brings a renewed focus on some key parameters for maintaining a sustainable grape production.

  19. Multiple meningiomas CASE SERIES

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Multiple meningioma is a condition in which the patient has more than. 1 meningioma in several intracranial locations with or without signs of neurofibromatosis. The incidence of multiple intracranial meningiomas varies from 1% to 10% in different series. In this case series we report. 3 cases of female patients with multiple ...

  20. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series This series of five videos was designed ... Activity Role of Body Weight in Osteoarthritis Educational Videos for Patients Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series Psoriatic ...

  1. SERI Wind Energy Program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Noun, R. J.


    The SERI Wind Energy Program manages the areas or innovative research, wind systems analysis, and environmental compatibility for the U.S. Department of Energy. Since 1978, SERI wind program staff have conducted in-house aerodynamic and engineering analyses of novel concepts for wind energy conversion and have managed over 20 subcontracts to determine technical feasibility; the most promising of these concepts is the passive blade cyclic pitch control project. In the area of systems analysis, the SERI program has analyzed the impact of intermittent generation on the reliability of electric utility systems using standard utility planning models. SERI has also conducted methodology assessments. Environmental issues related to television interference and acoustic noise from large wind turbines have been addressed. SERI has identified the causes, effects, and potential control of acoustic noise emissions from large wind turbines.

  2. Sensibility and Subjectivity: Levinas’ Traumatic Subject

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rashmika Pandya


    Full Text Available The importance of Levinas’ notions of sensibility and subjectivity are evident in the revision of phenomenological method by current phenomenologists such as Jean-Luc Marion and Michel Henry. The criticisms of key tenants of classical phenomenology, intentionality and reduction, are of a particular note. However, there are problems with Levinas’ characterization of subjectivity as essentially sensible. In “Totality and Infinity” and “Otherwise than Being”, Levinas criticizes and recasts a traditional notion of subjectivity, particularly the notion of the subject as the first and foremost rational subject. The subject in Levinas’ works is characterized more by its sensibility and affectedness than by its capacity to reason or affect its world. Levinas ties rationality to economy and suggests an alternative notion of reason that leads to his analysis of the ethical relation as the face-to-face encounter. The ‘origin’ of the social relation is located not in our capacity to know but rather in a sensibility that is diametrically opposed to the reason understood as economy. I argue that the opposition in Levinas’ thought between reason and sensibility is problematic and essentially leads to a self-conflicted subject. In fact, it would seem that violence characterizes the subject’s self-relation and, thus, is also inscribed at the base of the social relation. Rather than overcoming a problematic tendency to dualistic thought in philosophy Levinas merely reverses traditional hierarchies of reason/emotion, subject/object and self/other. 

  3. Estrone sulfate source of estrone and estradiol formation in isolated human hair roots: identification of a pathway linked to hair growth phase and subject to site-, gender-, and age-related modulations. (United States)

    Wehner, Gabriele; Schweikert, Hans-Udo


    The present study investigated the metabolism of estrone sulfate into bioactive estrogens in the human hair root, including the effects of hair growth phase, anatomical site, gender, and age. Healthy male (n = 18) and female (n = 20) subjects were investigated. Growing (anagen) and resting (telogen) hair roots were collected from selected scalp and body sites. Estrone sulfate metabolism in the hair root yielded substantial levels of estrone and estradiol. Estrogen synthesis exceeded that associated with aromatization of androgens in a previous study. In subjects hair was lower in men than in women. Comparable levels of estrogen formation were observed in 1) male and female axillary and pubic hair and 2) male beard hair. These levels were higher than the estrogen levels detected in the in scalp hair of men hair from all body sites, the capacity to form estrone from estrone sulfate remained unaffected, whereas the ability to form estradiol decreased by 62% and 86% in men and women, respectively. Estrogen formation from estrone sulfate in sexually dimorphic hair is linked to the hair growth phase and is subject to gender- and age-related modulations. The magnitude of the in situ estrogen synthesis from estrone sulfate and the selective arrest of estradiol synthesis at the end of the hair cycle suggest that this pathway plays a crucial role in the regulation of human hair growth.

  4. Time Series Momentum

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Moskowitz, Tobias J.; Ooi, Yao Hua; Heje Pedersen, Lasse


    We document significant “time series momentum” in equity index, currency, commodity, and bond futures for each of the 58 liquid instruments we consider. We find persistence in returns for one to 12 months that partially reverses over longer horizons, consistent with sentiment theories of initial...... under-reaction and delayed over-reaction. A diversified portfolio of time series momentum strategies across all asset classes delivers substantial abnormal returns with little exposure to standard asset pricing factors and performs best during extreme markets. Examining the trading activities...... of speculators and hedgers, we find that speculators profit from time series momentum at the expense of hedgers....

  5. Swallowed toothbrush: Case series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S Kiran


    Full Text Available Toothbrush swallowing is rare, and most cases are seen in young women with anorexia nervosa or bulimia or associated with mental retardation or schizophrenia. Prompt removal is recommended because no cases of spontaneous passage have been reported. There is no previously reported case series on swallowed toothbrush in mentally normal young men. Here, we report three cases of swallowed toothbrush found in the esophagus and stomach on endoscopy. In our case series, successful removal of the toothbrush was done without endotracheal intubation or over tube, without any complications. To our knowledge, this is the first documented case series of swallowed toothbrush managed successfully endoscopically.

  6. TV series on geophysics (United States)

    Richman, Barbara T.

    A seven-part public television series on earth sciences, dubbed “Terra Nova,” is expected to begin filming this fall. The series, slated for prime time, is also designed as an introductory course in geophysics for college students who are not science majors. Completion of filming is expected in 1985; no air date has been scheduled.Public television station WQED, Pittsburgh, in association with the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), is producing “Terra Nova.” WQED and NAS collaborated on the production of the Planet Earth series, which originally aired some 25 years ago. The Annenberg/Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Project has provided a $3 million grant for “Terra Nova.” Two years ago AGU gave $10,000 for NAS to develop basic scientific plans for the geophysics series.

  7. Historical Climatology Series (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Historical Climatology Series (HCS) is a set of climate-related publications published by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center beginning in 1978. HCS is...

  8. Multivariate Time Series Search (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Multivariate Time-Series (MTS) are ubiquitous, and are generated in areas as disparate as sensor recordings in aerospace systems, music and video streams, medical...

  9. Long time series

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hisdal, H.; Holmqvist, E.; Hyvärinen, V.

    Awareness that emission of greenhouse gases will raise the global temperature and change the climate has led to studies trying to identify such changes in long-term climate and hydrologic time series. This report, written by the......Awareness that emission of greenhouse gases will raise the global temperature and change the climate has led to studies trying to identify such changes in long-term climate and hydrologic time series. This report, written by the...

  10. Biography Today: Profiles of People of Interest to Young Readers. Author Series, Volume 1. (United States)

    Harris, Laurie Lanzen, Ed.

    The serialized reference work "Biography Today" is initiating a "Subject Series" that in five separate volumes will encompass: authors, artists, scientists, and inventors, sports figures, and world leaders. This is the first volume in the "Author Series." There will be no duplication between the regular series and the special subject volumes. This…

  11. Subjectivity and severe psychiatric disorders. (United States)

    Strauss, John


    To have a complete human science in the mental health field it is essential to give adequate attention to both the objective and the subjective data related to people with psychiatric disorders. The tendency in the past has been to ignore or discount one or the other of these data sources. Subjective data are particularly neglected, sometimes considered (only) part of the "art" of medicine since the usual methodologies of the physical sciences in themselves are not adequate to reflect the nature, elusiveness, and complexity of human subjective experience. The complete experience of hallucinated voices, for instance, often includes not only the voices themselves but also terrible anguish and terrifying inability to concentrate. But even such descriptors fall unnecessarily short of reflecting the data of the experience, thus leaving research, theory, and treatment with incomplete information. To represent adequately the subjective data it is essential to recognize that besides the usual discursive knowledge and methods of traditional physical science, a second kind of knowledge and method is required to reflect the depth of human experience. To accomplish this, we must employ approaches to narrative and the arts that are uniquely capable of capturing the nature of these experiences. Only by attending seriously in our research, training, theory, and practice to the unique nature of subjective data is it possible to have a true human science for our field.

  12. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Patient Webcasts / Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series This series of five videos ... member of our patient care team. Managing Your Arthritis Managing Your Arthritis Managing Chronic Pain and Depression ...

  13. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Corner / Patient Webcasts / Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series This series of five videos was designed to help you learn more about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). You will learn how the diagnosis of ...

  14. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series (United States)

    ... Corner / Patient Webcasts / Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series This series of five videos was designed to help you learn more about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). You will learn how the diagnosis of ...

  15. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Corner / Patient Webcasts / Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series This series of five ... was designed to help you learn more about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). You will learn how the diagnosis ...

  16. Protein from Meat or Vegetable Sources in Meals Matched for Fiber Content has Similar Effects on Subjective Appetite Sensations and Energy Intake—A Randomized Acute Cross-Over Meal Test Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lone V. Nielsen


    Full Text Available Higher-protein meals decrease hunger and increase satiety compared to lower-protein meals. However, no consensus exists about the different effects of animal and vegetable proteins on appetite. We investigated how a meal based on vegetable protein (fava beans/split peas affected ad libitum energy intake and appetite sensations, compared to macronutrient-balanced, iso-caloric meals based on animal protein (veal/pork or eggs. Thirty-five healthy men were enrolled in this acute cross-over study. On each test day, participants were presented with one of four test meals (~3550 kilojoules (kJ 19% of energy from protein, based on fava beans/split peas (28.5 g fiber, pork/veal or eggs supplemented with pea fiber to control for fiber content (28.5 g fiber, or eggs without supplementation of fiber (6.0 g fiber. Subjective appetite sensations were recorded at baseline and every half hour until the ad libitum meal three hours later. There were no differences in ad libitum energy intake across test meals (p > 0.05. Further, no differences were found across meals for hunger, satiety, fullness, prospective food consumption, or composite appetite score (all p > 0.05. Iso-caloric, macronutrient-balanced, fiber-matched meals based on vegetable protein (fava beans/split peas or animal protein (veal/pork or eggs had similar effects on ad libitum energy intake and appetite sensations.

  17. Protein from Meat or Vegetable Sources in Meals Matched for Fiber Content has Similar Effects on Subjective Appetite Sensations and Energy Intake-A Randomized Acute Cross-Over Meal Test Study. (United States)

    Nielsen, Lone V; Kristensen, Marlene D; Klingenberg, Lars; Ritz, Christian; Belza, Anita; Astrup, Arne; Raben, Anne


    Higher-protein meals decrease hunger and increase satiety compared to lower-protein meals. However, no consensus exists about the different effects of animal and vegetable proteins on appetite. We investigated how a meal based on vegetable protein (fava beans/split peas) affected ad libitum energy intake and appetite sensations, compared to macronutrient-balanced, iso-caloric meals based on animal protein (veal/pork or eggs). Thirty-five healthy men were enrolled in this acute cross-over study. On each test day, participants were presented with one of four test meals (~3550 kilojoules (kJ) 19% of energy from protein), based on fava beans/split peas (28.5 g fiber), pork/veal or eggs supplemented with pea fiber to control for fiber content (28.5 g fiber), or eggs without supplementation of fiber (6.0 g fiber). Subjective appetite sensations were recorded at baseline and every half hour until the ad libitum meal three hours later. There were no differences in ad libitum energy intake across test meals (p > 0.05). Further, no differences were found across meals for hunger, satiety, fullness, prospective food consumption, or composite appetite score (all p > 0.05). Iso-caloric, macronutrient-balanced, fiber-matched meals based on vegetable protein (fava beans/split peas) or animal protein (veal/pork or eggs) had similar effects on ad libitum energy intake and appetite sensations.

  18. Time series analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Madsen, Henrik


    ""In this book the author gives a detailed account of estimation, identification methodologies for univariate and multivariate stationary time-series models. The interesting aspect of this introductory book is that it contains several real data sets and the author made an effort to explain and motivate the methodology with real data. … this introductory book will be interesting and useful not only to undergraduate students in the UK universities but also to statisticians who are keen to learn time-series techniques and keen to apply them. I have no hesitation in recommending the book.""-Journa

  19. Applied time series analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Woodward, Wayne A; Elliott, Alan C


    ""There is scarcely a standard technique that the reader will find left out … this book is highly recommended for those requiring a ready introduction to applicable methods in time series and serves as a useful resource for pedagogical purposes.""-International Statistical Review (2014), 82""Current time series theory for practice is well summarized in this book.""-Emmanuel Parzen, Texas A&M University""What an extraordinary range of topics covered, all very insightfully. I like [the authors'] innovations very much, such as the AR factor table.""-David Findley, U.S. Census Bureau (retired)""…

  20. Time series analyses of mean monthly rainfall for drought ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper analyses the time series characteristics of rainfall data for Sokoto metropolis for 40 years with a view to understanding drought management. Data for this study was obtained from the Nigeria Metrological Agency (NIMET), Sokoto Airport; Sokoto. The data was subjected to time series tests (trend, cycle, seasonal ...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Abstract. This paper analyses the time series characteristics of rainfall data for Sokoto metropolis for 40 years with a view to understanding drought management. Data for this study was obtained from the. Nigeria Metrological Agency (NIMET), Sokoto Airport; Sokoto. The data was subjected to time series tests (trend, cycle ...

  2. Osseous genioplasty: A case series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sanjeev N Deshpande


    Full Text Available Introduction: The chin (mentum is vital to the human facial morphology as it contributes to the facial aesthetics and harmony both on frontal and lateral views. Osseous genioplasty, the alteration of the chin through skeletal modification, can lead to significant enhancement of the overall facial profile. Aim and Study Design: A case series was designed to study the long-term results of osseous genioplasty in Indian patients with regard to patient satisfaction, complications, and long-term stability. Materials and Methods: All subjects who underwent osseous genioplasty either alone or as a component of orthognathic surgery between January 1992 and December 2010, with a minimum follow-up of 2 years, were included. The genioplasty was performed using standard protocols of assessment and execution. Post-operative evaluation included patient satisfaction, complications and radiological evidence of long-term stability. A comprehensive score was formulated for the purpose of the study. Results: Thirty-seven subjects underwent osseous genioplasty with at least 2 years of follow-up in the study period. This included 17 male and 20 female subjects, with a mean age of 22.8 years (15-52 years and a mean follow-up of 3 years 4 months (2 years to 4 years and 11 months. Nineteen subjects underwent isolated genioplasty while 18 underwent genioplasty as a part of orthognathic surgery. The procedures included advancement (22, pushback (9, side-to-side (4 and vertical reduction (2 genioplasty.Thirty-six subjects (97.3% were extremely pleased with the results with only one subject expressing reservations, without, however, demanding any further procedure. There were no significant complications. The osteotomised segment was well maintained in its new position with good bony union and minimal resorption. Overall, 35 (94.6% cases had excellent results and 2 (4.4% cases had good results, according to the comprehensive score. Conclusions: Osseous genioplasty is a safe

  3. Biosemiotic Entropy: Concluding the Series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John W. Oller


    Full Text Available This article concludes the special issue on Biosemiotic Entropy looking toward the future on the basis of current and prior results. It highlights certain aspects of the series, concerning factors that damage and degenerate biosignaling systems. As in ordinary linguistic discourse, well-formedness (coherence in biological signaling systems depends on valid representations correctly construed: a series of proofs are presented and generalized to all meaningful sign systems. The proofs show why infants must (as empirical evidence shows they do proceed through a strict sequence of formal steps in acquiring any language. Classical and contemporary conceptions of entropy and information are deployed showing why factors that interfere with coherence in biological signaling systems are necessary and sufficient causes of disorders, diseases, and mortality. Known sources of such formal degeneracy in living organisms (here termed, biosemiotic entropy include: (a toxicants, (b pathogens; (c excessive exposures to radiant energy and/or sufficiently powerful electromagnetic fields; (d traumatic injuries; and (e interactions between the foregoing factors. Just as Jaynes proved that irreversible changes invariably increase entropy, the theory of true narrative representations (TNR theory demonstrates that factors disrupting the well-formedness (coherence of valid representations, all else being held equal, must increase biosemiotic entropy—the kind impacting biosignaling systems.

  4. series of abundance

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    permit application of a formal decision-analysis ap- proach to fishery management (Punt and ... 1994) than to developing deep-water fisheries, that present equally difficult ... methods in the management of Namibian orange roughy Hoplosthethus atlanticus within the 200 mile EEZ of. Namibia is reviewed. Time-series of ...

  5. Visual time series analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fischer, Paul; Hilbert, Astrid


    commands, our application is select-and-click-driven. It allows to derive many different sequences of deviations for a given time series and to visualize them in different ways in order to judge their expressive power and to reuse the procedure found. For many transformations or model-ts, the user may...

  6. On the series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    In this paper we investigate the series ∑ k = 1 ∞ ( 3 k k ) − 1 k − n x k . Obtaining some integral representations of them, we evaluated the sum of them explicity for =0,1,2. Author Affiliations. Necdet Batir1. Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Yüzüncü Yil University, 65080 Van, Turkey. Dates.

  7. Lower GI Series (United States)

    ... bleeding from the anus • changes in bowel habits • chronic diarrhea • unexplained weight loss A lower GI series can ... bleeding from the anus –– changes in bowel habits –– chronic diarrhea –– unexplained weight loss • A person prepares for a ...

  8. Composition: Unity - Diversity series

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Carl


    Unity-Diversity series are open compositions to be realised by improvising musicians. See more about my composition practise in the entry "Composition - General Introduction". This work is licensed under a Creative Commons "by-nc" License. You may for non-commercial purposes use and distribute it...

  9. Simple Hofmeister series

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lyklema, J.


    Hofmeister, or lyotropic, series date back to 1888, when the founder arranged a large number of electrolytes in sequences with respect to their effectiveness salting out egg white. Since then the name has been applied to various phenomena involving ion specificity. In order to isolate effects

  10. Sequences, Series, and Mathematica. (United States)

    Mathews, John H.


    Describes how the computer algebra system Mathematica can be used to enhance the teaching of the topics of sequences and series. Examines its capabilities to find exact, approximate, and graphically generated approximate solutions to problems from these topics and to understand proofs about sequences. (MDH)

  11. Danish television drama series

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Degn, Hans-Peter; Krogager, Stinne Gunder Strøm


    In recent years, Danish television drama series have become an internationally acclaimed export success. This article analyses the development on the domestic market lying behind this international recognition. A change in production dogmas has formed the characteristics of these successful Danish...... the characteristics of these productions and the development of their audience profiles across age, gender and educational level....

  12. Global War Game: Second Series, 1984-1988

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gile, Robert H


    This is the second in a series of monographs synthesizing the primary sources to provide a concise, chronological summary and analysis of the prestigious Global War Games, hosted in Newport from 1979...

  13. Estimating Subjective Probabilities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Steffen; Fountain, John; Harrison, Glenn W.

    Subjective probabilities play a central role in many economic decisions, and act as an immediate confound of inferences about behavior, unless controlled for. Several procedures to recover subjective probabilities have been proposed, but in order to recover the correct latent probability one must...

  14. Estimating Subjective Probabilities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Steffen; Fountain, John; Harrison, Glenn W.


    Subjective probabilities play a central role in many economic decisions and act as an immediate confound of inferences about behavior, unless controlled for. Several procedures to recover subjective probabilities have been proposed, but in order to recover the correct latent probability one must ...

  15. Subjective meaning: an introduction

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Wijnbergen-Huitink, Janneke; van Wijbergen-Huitink, Janneke; Meier, Cécile

    This introductory chapter traces some of the considerations on the basis of which relativistic approaches to subjective meaning became en vogue. In doing so, the chapter provides an overview of the relevant linguistic and philosophical issues when developing a treatment of subjectivity. In addition,

  16. Subjective safety in traffic.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)


    The term ‘subjective safety in traffic’ refers to people feeling unsafe in traffic or, more generally, to anxiety regarding being unsafe in traffic for oneself and/or others. Subjective safety in traffic can lead to road users limiting their mobility and social activities, which is one of the

  17. Subjective poverty line definitions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J. Flik; B.M.S. van Praag (Bernard)


    textabstractIn this paper we will deal with definitions of subjective poverty lines. To measure a poverty threshold value in terms of household income, which separates the poor from the non-poor, we take into account the opinions of all people in society. Three subjective methods will be discussed

  18. Unifying Subjectivity and Objectivity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murugesan Chandrasekaran


    Full Text Available The contribution of modern science to the progress of civilization is immeasurable. Even its tendency toward exclusive concentration on the objective world has had salutary effects of great value. Modern science has wiped away much that was merely superstitious or speculative. Its rejection of unfounded opinions and prejudices has helped the thinking mind question conventional beliefs, shed preferences and prejudices, and challenge established authority. But modern systems thinking inherited from natural science is the suppression of the subjective dimension of reality. Many complex systems are an attempt to define and represent all subjective experience in physical terms. The modern man has a bias towards objectivity. The powerful influence of sense impressions on his mind and thinking makes him ignore the subjective experience and consider only objective facts as a valid, legitimate and representation of reality. Observing objective factors that are physical is easier than observing subjective factors that are subtle. The mechanistic view of reality has led to the rejection of the role of the individual in social development as insignificant. The individuals determine the development of society. Their social power has its roots both in subjective factors and objective factors. Economy, politics, society, and culture are inseparable dimensions of a single integrated reality. Subject and object constitute an integrated whole. The mind sees them as separate and independent. Or it views one as completely subordinate to the other. Unbiased approach to the study of all human experiences may prove that subject and object are interdependent dimensions or elements of reality.

  19. Time series analysis of bright galactic X-ray sources

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Priedhorsky, W. C.; Brandt, Søren; Lund, Niels


    We analyze 70 to 110 day data sets from eight bright galactic X-ray binaries observed by WATCH/Eureca, in search of periodic variations. We obtain new epochs for the orbital variation of Cyg X-3 and 4U 1700-37, and confirmation of a dip in Cyg X-1 at superior conjunction of the X-ray star. No evi...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D.N. Bakhrakh


    Full Text Available The question about the subjects of law branches is concerning the number of most important and difficult in law science. Its right decision influences on the subject of law regulation, precise definition of addressees of law norms, the volume of their rights and duties, the limits of action of norms of Main part of the branch, its principles. Scientific investigations, dedicated to law subjects system, promote the development of recommendations for the legislative and law applying activity; they are needed for scientific work organization and student training, for preparing qualified lawyers.

  1. Historia de las series


    Cascajosa Virino, Concepción


    Reseña: Historia de las series de Toni de la Torre: la gran impostura Durante mucho tiempo los profesores de cine en España se han quejado (amargamente y en privado) de la recurrencia en la bibliografía de los trabajos de sus estudiantes de los libros de un autor conocido por la escasa calidad de sus textos, cuyos vistosos títulos garantizan que acaben en las estanterías de las bibliotecas universitarias. Es muy propio de la cultura española hacer duras aseveraciones en foros irrelevantes y, ...

  2. Square summable power series

    CERN Document Server

    de Branges, Louis


    This text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students introduces Hilbert space and analytic function theory, which is centered around the invariant subspace concept. The book's principal feature is the extensive use of formal power series methods to obtain and sometimes reformulate results of analytic function theory. The presentation is elementary in that it requires little previous knowledge of analysis, but it is designed to lead students to an advanced level of performance. This is achieved chiefly through the use of problems, many of which were proposed by former students. The book's

  3. The Data Subject

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Blume, Peter


    This article considers whether it is fortunate that data protection rules, as a starting point, apply to all physical persons as data subjects, or whether it would be better to differentiate between kinds of persons on grounds of their ability to act as a data subject. In order to protect all...... persons, it is argued that a principle of care should be part of data protection law....

  4. Sensory perception and pleasantness of food flavour in elderly subjects.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Graaf, de C.; Polet, P.; Staveren, van W.A.


    This study was designed to determine the perceived intensity and pleasantness of different food flavors. A group of 32 young subjects (mean age: 22, range 20-25) and 23 elderly subjects (mean age: 76, range 72-82) judged the intensity and the pleasantness of five series of food flavors, each with

  5. Load compensation for single phase system using series active filter ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    transmission system to low voltage distribution system, quite a good number of series active filters has been designed with a ... varies from time to time, the non linear load ranging from voltage source type harmonic load (VSHL) dominant to current source type harmonic load (CSHL) dominant has been taken up for study.

  6. GPS Position Time Series @ JPL (United States)

    Owen, Susan; Moore, Angelyn; Kedar, Sharon; Liu, Zhen; Webb, Frank; Heflin, Mike; Desai, Shailen


    Different flavors of GPS time series analysis at JPL - Use same GPS Precise Point Positioning Analysis raw time series - Variations in time series analysis/post-processing driven by different users. center dot JPL Global Time Series/Velocities - researchers studying reference frame, combining with VLBI/SLR/DORIS center dot JPL/SOPAC Combined Time Series/Velocities - crustal deformation for tectonic, volcanic, ground water studies center dot ARIA Time Series/Coseismic Data Products - Hazard monitoring and response focused center dot ARIA data system designed to integrate GPS and InSAR - GPS tropospheric delay used for correcting InSAR - Caltech's GIANT time series analysis uses GPS to correct orbital errors in InSAR - Zhen Liu's talking tomorrow on InSAR Time Series analysis

  7. The diagram for phyllotactic series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joanna Szymanowska-Pułka


    Full Text Available Many authors studying phyllotaxis in various plant species have reported the occurrence of many different numbers of contact parastichy pairs that are members of different Fibonacci-like series. On the basis of these reports a diagram was constructed in which any theoretically possible series was represented by the two first members of a given series.

  8. Harmonic Series Meets Fibonacci Sequence (United States)

    Chen, Hongwei; Kennedy, Chris


    The terms of a conditionally convergent series may be rearranged to converge to any prescribed real value. What if the harmonic series is grouped into Fibonacci length blocks? Or the harmonic series is arranged in alternating Fibonacci length blocks? Or rearranged and alternated into separate blocks of even and odd terms of Fibonacci length?

  9. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Corner / Patient Webcasts / Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series This series of five videos ... Your Arthritis Managing Chronic Pain and Depression in Arthritis Nutrition & Rheumatoid Arthritis Arthritis and Health-related Quality of Life ...

  10. Subject (of documents)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hjørland, Birger


    such as concepts, aboutness, topic, isness and ofness are also briefly presented. The conclusion is that the most fruitful way of defining “subject” (of a document) is the documents informative or epistemological potentials, that is, the documents potentials of informing users and advance the development......This article presents and discuss the concept “subject” or subject matter (of documents) as it has been examined in library and information science (LIS) for more than 100 years. Different theoretical positions are outlined and it is found that the most important distinction is between document......-oriented views versus request-oriented views. The document-oriented view conceive subject as something inherent in documents, whereas the request-oriented view (or the policy based view) understand subject as an attribution made to documents in order to facilitate certain uses of them. Related concepts...

  11. Globe: Lecture series

    CERN Multimedia


    The LHC: an accelerator of science This series of lectures is all about understanding the scientific and technological challenges of the phenomenal LHC project and assessing its innovations through their everyday applications. Come and take a sneak preview of the LHC! Communicate: the Grid, a computer of global dimensions François Grey, head of communication in CERN’s Information Technology Department How will it be possible for the 15 million billion bytes of data generated by the LHC every year to be handled and stored by a computer that doesn’t have to be the size of a skyscraper? The computer scientists have the answer: the Grid, which will harness the power of tens of thousands of computers all over the world by creating a network of computers and making them operate as one. >>> Lectures are free and require no specialist knowledge. In french. 
 >>> By reservation only: tel. +41 (0)22 767 76 76

  12. Science of the subjective. (United States)

    Jahn, R G; Dunne, B J


    Over the greater portion of its long scholarly history, the particular form of human observation, reasoning, and technical deployment we properly term "science" has relied at least as much on subjective experience and inspiration as it has on objective experiments and theories. Only over the past few centuries has subjectivity been progressively excluded from the practice of science, leaving an essentially secular analytical paradigm. Quite recently, however, a compounding constellation of newly inexplicable physical evidence, coupled with a growing scholarly interest in the nature and capability of human consciousness, are beginning to suggest that this sterilization of science may have been excessive and could ultimately limit its epistemological reach and cultural relevance. In particular, an array of demonstrable consciousness-related anomalous physical phenomena, a persistent pattern of biological and medical anomalies, systematic studies of mind/brain relationships and the mechanics of human creativity, and a burgeoning catalogue of human factors effects within contemporary information processing technologies, all display empirical correlations with subjective aspects that greatly complicate, and in many cases preclude, their comprehension on strictly objective grounds. However, any disciplined re-admission of subjective elements into rigorous scientific methodology will hinge on the precision with which they can be defined, measured, and represented, and on the resilience of established scientific techniques to their inclusion. For example, any neo-subjective science, while retaining the logical rigor, empirical/theoretical dialogue, and cultural purpose of its rigidly objective predecessor, would have the following requirements: acknowledgment of a proactive role for human consciousness; more explicit and profound use of interdisciplinary metaphors; more generous interpretations of measurability, replicability, and resonance; a reduction of ontological

  13. The Subjectivity of Participation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nissen, Morten

    What is a 'we' – a collective – and how can we use such communal self-knowledge to help people? This book is about collectivity, participation, and subjectivity – and about the social theories that may help us understand these matters. It also seeks to learn from the innovative practices and ideas...... practices. Through this dialogue, it develops an original trans-disciplinary critical theory and practice of collective subjectivity for which the ongoing construction and overcoming of common sense, or ideology, is central. It also points to ways of relating discourse with agency, and fertilizing insights...... from interactionism and ideology theories in a cultural-historical framework....

  14. Information Order Effects: Examining The Effect of Sequencing and Complexity in a Long Information Series (United States)


    Primacy / Recency / No Effect ) Order Mental Effort Complexity (within Subject) Sequencing Length Response Mode 10 Hypotheses 1. Anchoring...1----------No Effect 92/100%124Recency 21/68%-----3/60%3/60%15/79% Primacy Long Series 124314No Effect 2814221/68% Primacy Short Series...Force towards primacy Force towards primacy Force towards primacy Long Series No effect No effect

  15. Paying Hypertension Research Subjects (United States)

    Casarett, David; Karlawish, Jason; Asch, David A


    CONTEXT Cash payments are often used to compensate subjects who participate in research. However, ethicists have argued that these payments might constitute an undue inducement. OBJECTIVES To determine whether potential subjects agree with theoretical arguments that a payment could be an undue inducement. DESIGN/SETTING/PARTICIPANTS Survey of 350 prospective jurors. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Belief that a $500 payment for research participation would impair their own, and others' ability to think carefully about the risks and benefits of a clinical trial. RESULTS Two hundred sixty-one jurors (74.6%) believed that a $500 payment would impair subjects' ability to think carefully about the risks and benefits of research. Ninety-six of 120 (80%) expressed this concern about subjects with a low income ($50,000). In contrast, only 69 (19.7%) of jurors believed that a $500 payment would influence them. Jurors who believed that this payment would influence them reported lower incomes and less education. CONCLUSION Members of the general public share ethical concerns about the influence of payments for research, although they believe that these concerns are more applicable to others than to themselves.

  16. Subjects, Models, Languages, Transformations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rensink, Arend; Bézivin, J.; Heckel, R.


    Discussions about model-driven approaches tend to be hampered by terminological confusion. This is at least partially caused by a lack of formal precision in defining the basic concepts, including that of "model" and "thing being modelled" - which we call subject in this paper. We propose a minimal

  17. Subjective Duration and Psychophysics (United States)

    Eisler, Hannes


    Three models are proposed to describe the strategy applied by a subject when he is confronted with two successive time intervals and is required to deal with some relation between them, for example, by telling which was the longer by adjusting the second to match the first. (Author)

  18. Barron's SAT subject test

    CERN Document Server

    Jansen, MA, Robert


    Includes one diagnostic test and three complete tests, all questions answered and explained, self-assessment guides, and subject reviews. Also features test strategies, QR codes to short instructional videos, and a detailed appendix with equations, physical constants, and a basic math review.

  19. Source Water Protection Contaminant Sources (United States)

    Iowa State University GIS Support and Research Facility — Simplified aggregation of potential contaminant sources used for Source Water Assessment and Protection. The data is derived from IDNR, IDALS, and US EPA program...

  20. Sources of coal reserve data

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Skolits, D.; Lee, R.


    This report is a partially annotated bibliography of sources of coal reserve data and information for the United States. The references are divided into General Sources, including those containing data for all or large portions of the United States, and into individual sections for each state. Items that are parts of recurring series are identified by an asterick. In addition to the bibliographies, the authors conducted an independent survey of appropriate data sources. Attention was given primarily to those data sources having estimates of the quantity and geographical location of coal resources. Studies that report only on carbonizing properties, preparation characteristics, sulfur content or other analyses were not included.

  1. MEG source detection revisited (United States)

    Lei, Tianhu; Roberts, Timothy P. L.


    Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a multi-channel imaging technique. It uses an array composed of a large number of Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) to measure the magnetic fields produced by the primary electric currents inside the brain. The measured spatio-temporal magnetic fields are then used to estimate the locations and strengths of these electric currents, often known as MEG sources. The estimated quantities are finally superimposed with the images generated by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The combination of information from MEG and MRI forms the magnetic source image (MSI). A great variety of signal processing and modeling techniques such as Inverse problem, Subspace approach, Independent component analysis (ICA) method, and Beamforming (BF) are used to estimate these sources. The first three approaches require the number of sources be detected a priori. Several shortcomings exist in the currently used methods for detecting the source number. First, the source detection is completed only after - not before - MSI is generated. Secondly, the detection methods are somewhat subjective. In order to provide a solution to the problem of detecting MEG source number for all these approaches, a novel method is developed. The covariance matrix of MEG measurements over all channels is decomposed into the signal and the noise subspaces. The number of sources is shown to be equal to the dimension of the signal subspace. The selection of this dimension is translated into a problem of determining the order of the underlying statistics. This statistical identification is resolved by using Information theoretic criteria which are derived based on Kullback-Leibler divergence. Because the method utilizes originally acquired MEG measurements and implemented before magnetic source images are generated, it is an entirely data-driven approach, more efficient, and less likely to be subjective.

  2. [Subjective cognition in schizophrenia]. (United States)

    Potvin, S; Aubin, G; Stip, E


    Given the extent, magnitude and functional significance of the neurocognitive deficits of schizophrenia, growing attention has been paid recently to patients' self-awareness of their own deficits. Thus far, the literature has shown either that patients fail to recognize their cognitive deficits or that the association between subjective and objective cognition is weak in schizophrenia. The reasons for this lack of consistency remain unexplained but may have to do, among others, with the influence of potential confounding clinical variables and the choice of the scale used to measure self-awareness of cognitive deficits. In the current study, we sought to examine the relationships between subjective and objective cognitive performance in schizophrenia, while controlling for the influence of sociodemographic and psychiatric variables. Eighty-two patients with a schizophrenia-spectrum disorder (DSM-IV criteria) were recruited. Patients' subjective cognitive complaints were evaluated with the Subjective Scale to Investigate Cognition in Schizophrenia (SSTICS), the most frequently used scale to measure self-awareness of cognitive deficits in schizophrenia. Neurocognition was evaluated with working memory, planning and visual learning tasks taken from Cambridge Neuropsychological Tests Automated Battery. The Stroop Color-Word test was also administered. Psychiatric symptoms were evaluated with the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale and the Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenia. The relationships between subjective and objective cognition were evaluated with multivariate hierarchic linear regression analyses, taking into consideration potential confounders such as sociodemographic and psychiatric variables. Finally, a factor analysis of the SSTICS was performed. For the SSTICS total score, the regression analysis produced a model including two predictors, namely visual learning and Stoop interference performance, explaining a moderate portion of the variance

  3. From Fourier Series to Rapidly Convergent Series for Zeta(3)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Scheufens, Ernst E


    The article presents a mathematical study which investigates the exact values of the Riemann zeta (ζ) function. It states that exact values can be determined from Fourier series for periodic versions of even power functions. It notes that using power series for logarithmic functions on this such ......The article presents a mathematical study which investigates the exact values of the Riemann zeta (ζ) function. It states that exact values can be determined from Fourier series for periodic versions of even power functions. It notes that using power series for logarithmic functions...

  4. `Indoor` series vending machines; `Indoor` series jido hanbaiki

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gensui, T.; Kida, A. [Fuji Electric Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Okumura, H. [Fuji Denki Reiki Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper introduces three series of vending machines that were designed to match the interior of an office building. The three series are vending machines for cups, paper packs, cans, and tobacco. Among the three series, `Interior` series has a symmetric design that was coated in a grain pattern. The inside of the `Interior` series is coated by laser satin to ensure a sense of superior quality and a refined style. The push-button used for product selection is hot-stamped on the plastic surface to ensure the hair-line luster. `Interior Phase II` series has a bay window design with a sense of superior quality and lightness. The inside of the `Interior Phase II` series is coated by laser satin. `Interior 21` series is integrated with the wall except the sales operation panel. The upper and lower dress panels can be detached and attached. The door lock is a wire-type structure with high operativity. The operation block is coated by titanium color. The dimensions of three series are standardized. 6 figs., 1 tab.

  5. Interaction, transference, and subjectivity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lundgaard Andersen, Linda


    Fieldwork is one of the important methods in educational, social, and organisational research. In fieldwork, the researcher takes residence for a shorter or longer period amongst the subjects and settings to be studied. The aim of this is to study the culture of people: how people seem to make...... sense of their lives and which moral, professional, and ethical values seem to guide their behaviour and attitudes. In fieldwork, the researcher has to balance participation and observation in her attempts at representation. Consequently, the researcher’s academic and life-historical subjectivity...... are important filters for fieldwork. In general, fieldwork can be understood as processes where field reports and field analysis are determined by how the researcher interacts with and experiences the field, the events and informants in it, and how she subsequently develops an ethnography. However, fieldwork...

  6. Writing and the 'Subject'

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Greve, Charlotte

    /reading subject) manifests itself in the material mark on the page. The study shows how this indexical reference to a ‘subject’ is manipulated and used as a mask through which a writer/painter can perform a certain ‘subject’. Through analyses of the various levels on which the ‘subject’ is represented...... in the early as well as the contemporary avant-garde, it becomes clear that the ‘subject’ is an unstable category that can be exposed to manipulation and play. Handwriting is performing as a signature (as an index), but is at the same time similar to the signature of a subject (an icon) and a verbal construct...

  7. Terahertz sources

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Shumyatsky, Pavel; Alfano, Robert R


    We present an overview and history of terahertz (THz) sources for readers of the biomedical and optical community for applications in physics, biology, chemistry, medicine, imaging, and spectroscopy...

  8. Time series with mixed spectra theory and methods

    CERN Document Server

    Li, Ta-Hsin


    Time series with mixed spectra are characterized by hidden periodic components buried in random noise. Despite strong interest in the statistical and signal processing communities, no book offers a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of the subject. Filling this void, Time Series with Mixed Spectra focuses on the methods and theory for the statistical analysis of time series with mixed spectra. It presents detailed theoretical and empirical analyses of important methods and algorithms. Using both simulated and real-world data to illustrate the analyses, the book discusses periodogram analys

  9. Subject Sensitive Invariantism: In Memoriam

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Blaauw, M.J.


    Subject sensitive invariantism is the view that whether a subject knows depends on what is at stake for that subject: the truth-value of a knowledge-attribution is sensitive to the subject's practical interests. I argue that subject sensitive invariantism cannot accept a very plausible principle for

  10. Study of Composite Insulator Sheds Subjected to Wheel Test


    Mackiewicz M.; Mikulski J.L.; Wańkowicz J.; Kucharski S.; Ranachowski P.; Ranachowski Z.


    The paper presents investigation of the properties of the surface and the material stiffness – flexibility of series of samples taken from the sheds of the composite insulators. The insulators were previously subjected to wheel test. The wheel test and 1000 h salt fog test are regarded as alternative examination of the material resistance to the effects of electrical surface discharges. There were investigated two series of the samples of the composite insulators sheds. Examined specimens, ma...

  11. Persistent homology of time-dependent functional networks constructed from coupled time series (United States)

    Stolz, Bernadette J.; Harrington, Heather A.; Porter, Mason A.


    We use topological data analysis to study "functional networks" that we construct from time-series data from both experimental and synthetic sources. We use persistent homology with a weight rank clique filtration to gain insights into these functional networks, and we use persistence landscapes to interpret our results. Our first example uses time-series output from networks of coupled Kuramoto oscillators. Our second example consists of biological data in the form of functional magnetic resonance imaging data that were acquired from human subjects during a simple motor-learning task in which subjects were monitored for three days during a five-day period. With these examples, we demonstrate that (1) using persistent homology to study functional networks provides fascinating insights into their properties and (2) the position of the features in a filtration can sometimes play a more vital role than persistence in the interpretation of topological features, even though conventionally the latter is used to distinguish between signal and noise. We find that persistent homology can detect differences in synchronization patterns in our data sets over time, giving insight both on changes in community structure in the networks and on increased synchronization between brain regions that form loops in a functional network during motor learning. For the motor-learning data, persistence landscapes also reveal that on average the majority of changes in the network loops take place on the second of the three days of the learning process.

  12. Constricted glow discharge plasma source (United States)

    Anders, Andre; Anders, Simone; Dickinson, Michael; Rubin, Michael; Newman, Nathan


    A constricted glow discharge chamber and method are disclosed. The polarity and geometry of the constricted glow discharge plasma source is set so that the contamination and energy of the ions discharged from the source are minimized. The several sources can be mounted in parallel and in series to provide a sustained ultra low source of ions in a plasma with contamination below practical detection limits. The source is suitable for applying films of nitrides such as gallium nitride and oxides such as tungsten oxide and for enriching other substances in material surfaces such as oxygen and water vapor, which are difficult process as plasma in any known devices and methods. The source can also be used to assist the deposition of films such as metal films by providing low-energy ions such as argon ions.

  13. Area Handbook Series: Libya, a Country Study (United States)


    suppliers such as Greece, Brazil , and Yugoslavia. Military Costs: According to Libyan figures, 1984 defense bud- get was LD340 million, which...kind of North African outback , its oases peopled largely by minority ethnic groups. The border between Tripolitania and Tunisia is subject to count- less...cant West European source, furnishing US$180 million worth of equipment. Such other suppliers as Brazil and Yugoslavia accounted for a further US$2.6

  14. Students' Conception of Infinite Series (United States)

    Martinez-Planell, Rafael; Gonzalez, Ana Carmen; DiCristina, Gladys; Acevedo, Vanessa


    This is a report of a study of students' understanding of infinite series. It has a three-fold purpose: to show that students may construct two essentially different notions of infinite series, to show that one of the constructions is particularly difficult for students, and to examine the way in which these two different constructions may be…

  15. Inversion of the perturbation series

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Amore, Paolo [Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Colima, Bernal DIaz del Castillo 340, Colima, Colima (Mexico); Fernandez, Francisco M [INIFTA (Conicet, UNLP), Division Quimica Teorica, Diag 113 S/N, Sucursal 4, Casilla de Correo 16, 1900 La Plata (Argentina)


    We investigate the inversion of the perturbation series and its resummation, and prove that it is related to a recently developed parametric perturbation theory. Results for some illustrative examples show that in some cases series reversion may improve the accuracy of the results.

  16. Advances in time series forecasting

    CERN Document Server

    Cagdas, Hakan Aladag


    Readers will learn how these methods work and how these approaches can be used to forecast real life time series. The hybrid forecasting model is also explained. Data presented in this e-book is problem based and is taken from real life situations. It is a valuable resource for students, statisticians and working professionals interested in advanced time series analysis.

  17. Reconstrução do L.C.P. do joelho: técnica de fixação no leito tibial ("INLAY". Avaliação objetiva e subjetiva de 30 casos Knee P.C.L. reconstruction: a tibial bed fixation ("INLAY" technique. Objective and subjective evaluation of a 30-cases series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sérgio Rocha Piedade


    Full Text Available A reconstrução cirúrgica do ligamento cruzado posterior (L.C.P. do joelho ainda permanece como um grande desafio terapêutico. Neste trabalho avaliamos 30 pacientes submetidos à reconstrução cirúrgica do L.C.P. com a técnica de fixação do enxerto tendíneo no leito tibial por abordagem direta ("INLAY". 28 pacientes eram do sexo masculino e 2 do feminino, com idade média de 31,10 anos. O tempo médio de lesão foi de 34,24 meses Em 67% dos casos a lesão foi secundária a acidente motociclístico. As lesões condrais e do ligamento cruzado anterior (L.C.A. do joelho estavam presentes em 67% e 33% dos casos, respectivamente. Os pacientes foram avaliados objetivamente (teste de gaveta posterior e subjetivamente (Escala de Lysholm. O seguimento pós-operatório médio foi de 21,7 meses. Cerca de 66% dos casos foram classificados como bom e excelente na avaliação subjetiva e objetiva. A análise estatística apresentou comportamento semelhante para as duas avaliações.Os resultados clínicos pós-operatórios obtidos neste trabalho têm nos encorajado a seguir com esta técnica cirúrgica.Surgical reconstruction of the knee posterior cruciate ligament (P.C.L. still remains as a major therapeutic challenge. In this paper, we assessed 30 patients submitted to surgical reconstruction of the P.C.L. with a technique of tendinous graft fixation on tibial bed by direct approach ("INLAY". Twentyeight male patients and 2 female patients, with mean age of 31.10 years, participated on the study. The average injury time was 34.24 months. In 67% of the cases, injury was secondary to motorcycle accidents. Chondral injuries and knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL injuries were present in 67% and 33% of the cases, respectively. Patients were assessed objectively (posterior drawer test and subjectively (Lysholm's Scale. Mean post-operative follow-up time was 21.7 months. About 66% of the cases were rated as good and excellent at the subjective and

  18. Praxis, subjectivity and sense

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alfredo Gómez-Muller


    Full Text Available A primordial aspect of the Sartrian critique of alienation concerns understanding the analytic ideology as the domination of materiality over the symbolic, in other words as the reification of the human, and therefore as anticulture. In the context of contemporary nihilism, the decoding of the mechanisms which consign praxis to the practico-inert requires a critique of the relations between the social sciences and philosophy, which in its turn implies a new theory of the relation between what Sartre calls the "notion" (the area of subjectivity and the "concept" (objectivity, From this perspective, the deconstruction of the established frontiers between the social sciences and philosophy, and between the conceptual and the narrative, is corelative to a redefinition of the relation between theory and practice.

  19. Self-Heating Effects In Polysilicon Source Gated Transistors

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sporea, R A; Burridge, T; Silva, S R P


    Source-gated transistors (SGTs) are thin-film devices which rely on a potential barrier at the source to achieve high gain, tolerance to fabrication variability, and low series voltage drop, relevant to a multitude of energy...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marina Ivanovna Ilyushina


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the moment the subject – resources of a person. Be caused, “loss” possible resources: lack of personal self-realization, the maladjustment of the individual in a social environment, obstructed line of identity, which in some cases is accompanied by incomplete personal self-actualization and self-sufficiency. The article emphasizes the importance of the subjective component in understanding, identifying, understanding, mobilization, conservation and accumulation of resources of the individual. Man is an active Converter to your reality, where he and reality are the result of the conversion and source conversion. The author proposed the concept of “subjective resource” as a necessary factor for quality of life of the individual, achievement of tops of her self-improvement and self-development, both professionally and personally. Subjective component emphasizes the role of the individual in the conservation, transformation, accumulation, the reallocation of resources. Purpose. The subject of analysis is the awareness, understanding person own resources – the subjective resourcest. The author aims to describe the subjective resourcest as psychological and acmeological phenomenon to reveal its essence and to suggest the methodology of the study of this phenomenon, showing the importance of verbalization resources through associative image without relying on the visibility and relying on her. Methodology. The basis of the study form a General theoretical methods (theoretical analysis, including psychological analysis, generalization, systematization, system description. Results. The results of the work lies in the fact that the author has defined the concept of “subjective resourcesthe” and proposed methodology of the study. The obtained results may be of interest to improve the efficiency of the work to define the resources of the individual. The results and method of determining a subjective resource

  1. Webseries, Orginal Series and Digital Series: The Forms of Serial Fiction on the Web

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirko Lino


    Full Text Available The aim of this essay is to provide through an historical perspective an analysis of the morphologies of seriality in the web, from its origins to the latest linguistic and formal developments. The subject of this essay is the webseries: a webnative serialized fiction which, although it located several formal correspondences with the model of the TV series at the same time it differs significantly from them. Starting from the appropriation of models and forms of television series, nowadays the webseries stand at the center of the communicational and symbolic transformations that cross the way we communicate, relate and watch the stories in the era of convergence (Jenkins, 2007, within a post-media condition (Eugeni, 2015, and in a culture that always looks straight on the production of hybrid forms (Arcagni, 2016. Webseries is not only a simple model for the serial storytelling, but a format that hybridizes entertainment places making the difference between offline and online series increasingly nuanced, for example like in the cases of Amazon and Netflix’ series. Therefore webseries become one of the formats with which to experiment the languages and narrative forms connected with the last generation of immersive media. In the essay I will try to trace the new forms of webseries in relation to communicational development taken from social networks and from the technology of wereable media as the device for Virtual Reality, in order to draw guidelines for understanding the next horizon of digital storytelling. To do this, I’m going to propose terminological and conceptual change: to adopt the term "digital series" in place of the traditional and insufficient terms of webseries or original series.

  2. Phencyclidine Intoxication Case Series Study. (United States)

    Dominici, Paul; Kopec, Kathryn; Manur, Rashmi; Khalid, Abdullah; Damiron, Kathia; Rowden, Adam


    Phencyclidine (PCP) is a synthetic compound derived from piperidine and used as an anesthetic and hallucinogenic. Little has been recently published regarding the clinical presentation of PCP intoxication. PCP use as a recreational drug is resurging. Our objective was to describe clinical findings in patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) under the influence of PCP. This was a case series study conducted at a tertiary care center with an annual census of 100,000 patients/year. Emergency physicians, residents, physician assistants, and research assistants identified patients with possible PCP intoxication. Self-reported PCP use, report by bystanders or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff, was used in this process. A structured data collection form was completed, documenting both clinical and behavioral events observed by the treating team during the ED visit. We collected data on 219 patients; 184 were analyzed; two patients were excluded secondary to incomplete data. The mean age of patients was 32.5 years (±7 years) with 65.2 % being males. PCP use was self-reported by 60.3 % of patients. Of the 184 patients, 153 (83.1 %) received a urine drug screen (UDS); 152 (98.7 %) were positive for PCP. On arrival, 78.3 % of patients were awake and alert, and 51.6 % were oriented to self, time/date, and place. Mean physiological parameters were the following: heart rate 101.1 bpm (±24.3), RR 18.9 bpm (±3.4), BP 146.3 (±19.4)/86.3 (±14.0) mmHg, 36.9° C (±0.5), and pulse oximetry 98.2 % (±1.9). Clinical findings were the following: retrograde amnesia in 46 (25 %), horizontal nystagmus in 118 (64.1 %), vertical nystagmus in 90 (48.9 %), hypertension in 87 (47.3 %), and agitation in 71 (38.6 %). Concomitant use of at least one other substance was reported by 99 (53.8 %) patients. The mean length of stay in the ED for all subjects was 261.1 (±172.8) minutes. Final disposition for 152 (82.6 %) patients was to home. Of the 184 patients, 14 (7.6 %) required

  3. Las series en los diarios

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Angel Jimeno


    Full Text Available Este artículo se centrará en un ramillete de ideas que ofrecen hoy a sus lectores algunos diarios españoles en forma de serie, para salirse del abrumador y monótono periodismo. Las series ofrecen a los lectores páginas visualmente distintas y con una escritura ajena a la abrumadora estructura de la pirámide invertida. Las series sacan al periodista del "día a día", distinguen al diario de la competencia y son una estrategia para dotar al medio de personalidad, fomenta el trabajo en equipo, distingue al diario de la competencia.

  4. Cryogenics, the Uncommon Cold, Understanding the Atom Series. (United States)

    Laquer, Henry L.

    This booklet is one in the "Understanding the Atom Series" published by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission for high school students and their teachers. Reviewed are low temperature research and its application as these subjects are presented: how cold is cold, temperature, thermometers, states of matter, creation of low temperatures, properties…

  5. A new analytical solution to the diffusion problem: Fourier series ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper reviews briefly the origin of Fourier Series Method. The paper then gives a vivid description of how the method can be applied to solve a diffusion problem, subject to some boundary conditions. The result obtained is quite appealing as it can be used to solve similar examples of diffusion equations. JONAMP Vol.

  6. EEEK! They Just Keep Coming! YA Horror Series. (United States)

    Kies, Cosette


    Describes the increase in production of horror books for teen audiences and compares horror books from a decade ago and today, including subject matter, covers, audiences, fright factors, illustrations, and changing character stereotypes. A sidebar includes an annotated bibliography of horror/thriller series for teens and preteens. (SLW)

  7. Robotic repair of retrocaval ureter: A case series | Nayak | African ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Subjects and methods: This is a prospective case series of five consecutive patients who underwent robotic retrocaval ureter repair at our institute from August 2006 to September 2009. Pre-operative imaging included intravenous urogram, contrast enhanced CT scan and diuretic renography. All cases were done through a ...

  8. International Energy: Subject Thesaurus

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Raridon, M.H. (ed.)


    The International Energy Subject Thesaurus contains the standard vocabulary to indexing terms (descriptors) developed and structured to build and maintain energy information databases. Involved in this cooperative task are (1) the technical staff of the USDOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) in cooperation with the member countries of the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) and (2) the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) staff representing the more than ninety countries and organizations recording and indexing information for the international nuclear information community. ETDE member countries are also members of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS). Nuclear information indexed and recorded for INIS by these ETDE member countries is also included in the ETDE Energy Data Base, and indexing terminology is therefore cooperatively standardized for use in both information systems. This structured vocabulary reflects the scope of international energy research, development, and technological programs and encompasses terminology derived not only from the basic sciences but also from the areas of energy resources, conservation, safety, environmental impact, and regulation.

  9. Naming the Ethological Subject. (United States)

    Benson, Etienne S


    Argument In recent decades, through the work of Jane Goodall and other ethologists, the practice of giving personal names to nonhuman animals who are the subjects of scientific research has become associated with claims about animal personhood and scientific objectivity. While critics argue that such naming practices predispose the researcher toward anthropomorphism, supporters suggest that it sensitizes the researcher to individual differences and social relations. Both critics and supporters agree that naming tends to be associated with the recognition of individual animal rights. The history of the naming of research animals since the late nineteenth century shows, however, that the practice has served a variety of purposes, most of which have raised few ethical or epistemological concerns. Names have been used to identify research animals who play dual roles as pets, workers, or patients, to enhance their market value, and to facilitate their identification in the field. The multifaceted history of naming suggests both that the use of personal names by Goodall and others is less of a radical break with previous practices than it might first appear to be and that the use of personal names to recognize the individuality, sentience, or rights of nonhuman animals faces inherent limits and contradictions.

  10. A Subjective Rational Choice (United States)

    Vinogradov, G. P.


    The problem of constructing a choice model of an agent with endogenous purposes of evolution is under debate. It is demonstrated that its solution requires the development of well-known methods of decision-making while taking into account the relation of action mode motivation to an agent’s ambition to implement subjectively understood interests and the environment state. The latter is submitted for consideration as a purposeful state situation model that exists only in the mind of an agent. It is the situation that is a basis for getting an insight into the agent’s ideas on the possible selected action mode results. The agent’s ambition to build his confidence in the feasibility of the action mode and the possibility of achieving the desired state requires him to use the procedures of forming an idea model based on the measured values of environment state. This leads to the gaming approach for the choice problem and its solution can be obtained on a set of trade-off alternatives.

  11. Laboratory instruction and subjectivity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisabeth Barolli


    Full Text Available The specific aspects which determined the way some groups of students conducted their work in a university laboratory, made us understand the articulation of these groups´s dynamics, from elements that were beyond the reach of cognition. In more specific terms the conduction and the maintenance of the groups student´s dynamics were explicited based on a intergame between the non conscious strategies, shared anonymously, and the efforts of the individuals in working based on their most objective task. The results and issues we have reached so far, using a reference the work developed by W.R.Bion, with therapeutical groups, gave us the possibility for understanding the dynamics of the student´s experimental work through a new approach that approximates the fields of cognition and subjectivity. This approximation led us to a deeper reflection about the issues which may be involved in the teaching process, particularly in situations which the teacher deals with the class, organised in groups.

  12. 40 CFR 417.74 - Pretreatment standards for existing sources. (United States)


    ...) EFFLUENT GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS SOAP AND DETERGENT MANUFACTURING POINT SOURCE CATEGORY Manufacture of Bar Soaps Subcategory § 417.74 Pretreatment standards for existing sources. Any existing source subject to...

  13. Eccentric training for shoulder abductors improves pain, function and isokinetic performance in subjects with shoulder impingement syndrome: a case series Treino excêntrico para abdutores do ombro melhora dor, função e desempenho isocinético em sujeitos com síndrome do impacto: série de casos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paula R. Camargo


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Conservative treatments have been proposed for people with shoulder impingement syndrome (SIS, such as strengthening of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles and stretching of the soft tissues of the shoulder. However, there is a lack of studies analyzing the effectiveness of eccentric training in the treatment of SIS. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effects of eccentric training for shoulder abductors on pain, function, and isokinetic performance during concentric and eccentric abduction of the shoulder in subjects with SIS. METHODS: Twenty subjects (7 females, 34.2 SD 10.2 years, 1.7 SD 0.1 m, 78.0 SD 16.3 kg with unilateral SIS completed the study protocol. Bilateral isokinetic eccentric training at 60º/s for shoulder abductors was performed for six consecutive weeks, twice a week, on alternate days. For each training day, three sets of 10 repetitions were performed with a 3-minute rest period between the sets for each side. The range of motion trained was 60° (ranging from 80° to 20°. The Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH questionnaire was used to evaluate functional status and symptoms of the upper limbs. Peak torque, total work and acceleration time were measured during concentric and eccentric abduction of the arm at 60º/s and 180º/s using an isokinetic dynamometer. RESULTS: DASH scores, peak torque, total work and acceleration time improved (pCONTEXTUALIZAÇÃO: Tratamentos conservadores têm sido propostos para pessoas com síndrome do impacto (SI do ombro, como fortalecimento do manguito rotador e dos músculos escapulares e alongamento dos tecidos moles do ombro. No entanto, são escassos os estudos que analisaram a eficácia do treinamento excêntrico no tratamento da SI. OBJETIVOS: Avaliar os efeitos do treinamento excêntrico para abdutores do ombro na dor, função e desempenho isocinético durante a abdução concêntrica e excêntrica do ombro em indivíduos com SI. MÉTODOS: Vinte indivíduos (sete

  14. Crowd Sourcing. (United States)

    Baum, Neil


    The Internet has contributed new words and slang to our daily vernacular. A few terms, such as tweeting, texting, sexting, blogging, and googling, have become common in most vocabularies and in many languages, and are now included in the dictionary. A new buzzword making the rounds in industry is crowd sourcing, which involves outsourcing an activity, task, or problem by sending it to people or groups outside a business or a practice. Crowd sourcing allows doctors and practices to tap the wisdom of many instead of relying only on the few members of their close-knit group. This article defines "crowd sourcing," offers examples, and explains how to get started with this approach that can increase your ability to finish a task or solve problems that you don't have the time or expertise to accomplish.

  15. The Harvey lectures, Series 82

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Botstein, D.; Cech, T.R.; Hille, B.; Lodish, H.F.; Majerus, P.W.


    The Harvey Lecture Series is published annually and provides reviews of research topics in the biomedical sciences. Eight lectures by investigators are included in the volume representing the most recent work in the major laboratories.

  16. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... here. Will You Support the Education of Arthritis Patients? Each year, over 1 million people visit this ... of Body Weight in Osteoarthritis Educational Videos for Patients Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series Psoriatic Arthritis 101 ...

  17. Single subject fMRI test-retest reliability metrics and confounding factors. (United States)

    Gorgolewski, Krzysztof J; Storkey, Amos J; Bastin, Mark E; Whittle, Ian; Pernet, Cyril


    While the fMRI test-retest reliability has been mainly investigated from the point of view of group level studies, here we present analyses and results for single-subject test-retest reliability. One important aspect of group level reliability is that not only does it depend on between-session variance (test-retest), but also on between-subject variance. This has partly led to a debate regarding which reliability metric to use and how different sources of noise contribute to between-session variance. Focusing on single subject reliability allows considering between-session only. In this study, we measured test-retest reliability in four behavioural tasks (motor mapping, covert verb generation, overt word repetition, and a landmark identification task) to ensure generalisation of the results and at three levels of data processing (time-series correlation, t value variance, and overlap of thresholded maps) to understand how each step influences the other and how confounding factors influence reliability at each of these steps. The contributions of confounding factors (scanner noise, subject motion, and coregistration) were investigated using multiple regression and relative importance analyses at each step. Finally, to achieve a fuller picture of what constitutes a reliable task, we introduced a bootstrap technique of within- vs. between-subject variance. Our results show that (i) scanner noise and coregistration errors have little contribution to between-session variance (ii) subject motion (especially correlated with the stimuli) can have detrimental effects on reliability (iii) different tasks lead to different reliability results. This suggests that between-session variance in fMRI is mostly caused by the variability of underlying cognitive processes and motion correlated with the stimuli rather than technical limitations of data processing. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. Infinite series and infinite products


    Bohinc, Silva


    The main topic of my diploma thesis is the study of infinite product and the Wallis formula, which is one of the more interesting examples of infinite products. To study infinite products, we need some preliminaries. We follow the Introduction chapter with a chapter on infinite series. We give a definition of an infinite series, and present some basic results on convergence as well as a comprehensive list of convergence criteria. The next chapter is devoted to infinite products and their conv...

  19. Translating Signs, Producing Subjects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brett Neilson


    Full Text Available This paper moves between two streets: Liverpool Road in the Sydney suburb of Ashfield and Via Sarpi in the Italian city of Milan. What connects these streets is that both have become important sites for businesses in the Chinese diaspora. Moreover, both are streets on which locals have expressed desires for Chinese signs to be translated into the national lingua franca. The paper argues that the cultural politics inherent in this demand for translation cannot be fully understood in the context of national debates about diversity and integration. It is also necessary to consider the emergence of the official Chinese Putonghua as global language, which competes with English but also colonizes dialects and minority languages. In the case of these dual language signs, the space between languages can neither be reduced to a contact zone of minority and majority cultures nor celebrated as a ‘third space’ where the power relations implied by such differences are subverted. At stake is rather a space characterised by what Naoki Sakai calls the schema of co-figuration, which allows the representation of translation as the passage between two equivalents that resemble each other and thus makes possible their determination as conceptually different and comparable. Drawing on arguments about translation and citizenship, the paper critically interrogates the ethos of interchangeability implied by this regime of translation. A closing argument is made for a vision of the common that implies neither civilisational harmony nor the translation of all values into a general equivalent. Primary sources include government reports, internet texts and media stories. These are analyzed using techniques of discourse analysis and interpreted with the help of secondary literature concerning globalisation, language and migration. The disciplinary matrix cuts and mixes between cultural studies, translation studies, citizenship studies, globalization studies and

  20. Towards a definition of SUBJECT in binding domains and subject ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Towards a definition of SUBJECT in binding domains and subject-oriented anaphors 27 and it holds little explanatory value. At best, EPP ensures that the highest argument will move to subject position. The final property I will discuss here is the fact that, in some languages (e.g. Icelandic and. Dutch), there is a subset of ...

  1. Professionals and students in a lobbying experiment. Professional rules of conduct and subject surrogacy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Potters, J.; van Winden, F.A.A.M.


    Lobbying is studied in a series of signaling game experiments. Students as well as professional lobbyists are used as subjects. In contrast with some earlier studies, comparing students and professionals, we find significant differences in the behavior of the two subject pools. Professional subjects

  2. Source Water Protection Basics (United States)

    Defines drinking water sources (source water), identifies drinking water sources, and describes source water assessments and protection, roles of government and organizations in drinking water source protection

  3. Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation: Case Series Evaluating the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Female genital mutilation (FGM) remains a source of abuse to females despite efforts to eradicate it. We present a cases series of two clitoral cysts and one each of post-mutilation haemorrhage, labial adhesion and excess crural flap. One of the victims intended to circumcise her daughters for cultural reasons but rescinded ...

  4. Publicly Verifiable Private Aggregation of Time-Series Data

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bakondi, B.G.; Peter, A.; Everts, M.H.; Hartel, P.H.; Jonker, W.


    Aggregation of time-series data offers the possibility to learn certain statistics over data periodically uploaded by different sources. In case of privacy sensitive data, it is desired to hide every data provider's individual values from the other participants (including the data aggregator).

  5. Publicly Verifiable Private Aggregation of Time-Series Data

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bakondi, Bence Gábor; Peter, Andreas; Everts, Maarten Hinderik; Hartel, Pieter H.; Jonker, Willem


    Aggregation of time-series data offers the possibility to learn certain statistics over data periodically uploaded by different sources. In case of privacy sensitive data, it is desired to hide every data provider’s individual values from the other participants (including the data aggregator).


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    IJBE Volume 1


    Full Text Available SUBJECT INDEX IJBE VOLUME 1EPA, 1Agrotourism, 148AHP, 148balance scorecard, 63batik tulis Rolla Junior, 23Broiler, 90business model canvas, 137business performance,32capital structure, 81cashew industry,158CHAID,106CLI,42coal transportation service,63company’s characteristics, 81competitive advantage, 12competitive strategy, 127consumer satisfaction, 51CSI, 42customer loyalty, 42customer satisfaction,42decision of visitors, 72development strategy, 23development,158entrepreneurship, 32Feasibility studies, 90FEM, 81gap analysis, 1Indonesia Stock Exchange, 177Indosat, 137investor,177Kawah Putih, 72kedai sop durian lodaya (KSDL,51klassen typology, 96leading sector, 96less cash society, 137liquidity ratio, 165location quotient, 96logistic regression, 115market, 177marketing development strategy, 148Marketing mix, 72mobile payment, 137modern and Traditional cage, 90multiple regression analyse,165multiple regression, 177net working capital, 165organic tofu product, 115Padang, 106paired comparison, 63partnership, 1, 32Pecking Order Theory, 81PLS, 81Portfolio, 96power, 32product quality, 51profitability ratio, 165Prol Tape Primadona, 127purchase decision, 115purchase intention, 51purchasing interest,115QSPM, 23, 127refilled drinking water, 106seed,1segmentation, 106SEM, 42, 51service quality, 51SMEs, 96specialty coffee, 12stock,177strategic diagnosis,137strategy, 158Sukorambi Botanic Garden, 148SWOT, 23, 127, 148, 158SWOT-AHP, 12tourists,72UD. Primadona, 127value chain, 12VRIO,12 AUTHOR INDEX IJBE VOLUME 1Adiningsih, Kartika Puspitasari,42Aknesia, Vharessa,12Amalia, Firda Rachma,90Andati, Trias, 177Anggraeni, Lukytawati,23Asriani,158Daryanto, Arief,12, 90Djamaludin, MD., 42Djohar, Setiadi,96Fachrodji, Achmad,72Fahmi, Idqan,1, 63, 127Fasyni, Awisal,106Hubeis, Musa,148Iskandar, Dodi,51Juanda, Bambang, 165Kirbrandoko, 12, 106, 115Lumbantoruan, Dewi Margareth,96Maulana, TB Nur Ahmad,81Muksin, 148Mukti Soleh, Cecep,63Najib, Mukhamad,106Noor, Tajudin,81

  7. Connected to TV series: Quantifying series watching engagement. (United States)

    Tóth-Király, István; Bőthe, Beáta; Tóth-Fáber, Eszter; Hága, Győző; Orosz, Gábor


    Background and aims Television series watching stepped into a new golden age with the appearance of online series. Being highly involved in series could potentially lead to negative outcomes, but the distinction between highly engaged and problematic viewers should be distinguished. As no appropriate measure is available for identifying such differences, a short and valid measure was constructed in a multistudy investigation: the Series Watching Engagement Scale (SWES). Methods In Study 1 (NSample1 = 740 and NSample2 = 740), exploratory structural equation modeling and confirmatory factor analysis were used to identify the most important facets of series watching engagement. In Study 2 (N = 944), measurement invariance of the SWES was investigated between males and females. In Study 3 (N = 1,520), latent profile analysis (LPA) was conducted to identify subgroups of viewers. Results Five factors of engagement were identified in Study 1 that are of major relevance: persistence, identification, social interaction, overuse, and self-development. Study 2 supported the high levels of equivalence between males and females. In Study 3, three groups of viewers (low-, medium-, and high-engagement viewers) were identified. The highly engaged at-risk group can be differentiated from the other two along key variables of watching time and personality. Discussion The present findings support the overall validity, reliability, and usefulness of the SWES and the results of the LPA showed that it might be useful to identify at-risk viewers before the development of problematic use.

  8. Bayesian hypothesis testing for single-subject designs. (United States)

    de Vries, Rivka M; Morey, Richard D


    Researchers using single-subject designs are typically interested in score differences between intervention phases, such as differences in means or trends. If intervention effects are suspected in data, it is desirable to determine how much evidence the data show for an intervention effect. In Bayesian statistics, Bayes factors quantify the evidence in the data for competing hypotheses. We introduce new Bayes factor tests for single-subject data with 2 phases, taking serial dependency into account: a time-series extension of Rouder, Speckman, Sun, Morey, and Iverson's (2009) Jeffreys-Zellner-Siow Bayes factor for mean differences, and a time-series Bayes factor for testing differences in intercepts and slopes. The models we describe are closely related to interrupted time-series models (McDowall, McCleary, Meidinger, & Hay, 1980). (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved).

  9. Subjective Probability of Receiving Harm as a Function of Attraction and Harm Delivered. (United States)

    Schlenker, Barry R.; And Others

    It was hypothesized that subjects who liked a source of potential harm would estimate the probability of receiving harm mediated by him as lower than would subjects who disliked the source. To test the hypothesis, subjects were asked to estimate the probability that a liked or disliked confederate would deliver an electric shock on each of 10…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    IJBE Volume 2


    Full Text Available SUBJECT INDEX IJBE VOLUME 2access credit, 93acquisition, 177AHP, 61, 82, 165arena simulation,43BMC, 69Bojonegoro, 69brand choice, 208brand image, 208brand positioning, 208bullwhip effect, 43burger buns, 1business synergy and financial reports, 177capital structure, 130cluster, 151coal reserves, 130coffee plantation, 93competitiveness, 82consumer behaviour, 33consumer complaint behavior, 101cooking spices, 1crackers, 1cross sectional analytical, 139crosstab, 101CSI, 12direct selling, 122discriminant analysis, 33economic value added, 130, 187employee motivation, 112employee performance, 112employees, 139EOQ, 23farmer decisions, 93farmer group, 52financial performance evaluation, 187financial performance, 52, 177financial ratio, 187financial report, 187fiva food, 23food crops, 151horticulture, 151imports, 151improved capital structure, 177IPA, 12leading sector, 151life insurance, 165LotteMart, 43main product, 61marketing mix, 33, 165matrix SWOT, 69MPE, 61multiple linear regression, 122muslim clothing, 197Ogun, 139Pangasius fillet, 82Pati, 93pearson correlation, 101perceived value, 208performance suppy chain, 23PLS, 208POQ, 23portfolio analyzing, 1product, 101PT SKP, 122pulp and papers, 187purchase decision, 165purchase intention, 33remuneration, 112re-purchasing decisions, 197sales performance, 122sawmill, 52SCOR, 23sekolah peternakan rakyat, 69SEM, 112SERVQUAL, 12Sido Makmur farmer groups, 93SI-PUHH Online, 12small and medium industries (IKM, 61socio-demographic, 139sport drink, 208stress, 139supply chain, 43SWOT, 82the mix marketing, 197Tobin’s Q, 130trade partnership, 52uleg chili sauce, 1 AUTHOR INDEX IJBE VOLUME 2Achsani, Noer Azam, 177Andati, Trias, 52, 177Andihka, Galih, 208Arkeman, Yandra, 43Baga, Lukman M, 69Cahyanugroho, Aldi, 112Daryanto, Arief, 12David, Ajibade, 139Djoni, 122Fahmi, Idqan, 1Fattah, Muhammad Unggul Abdul, 61Hakim, Dedi Budiman, 187Harianto, 93Hartoyo, 101Homisah, 1Hubeis, Musa, 112Hutagaol, M. Parulian, 93Jaya, Stevana

  11. On Uniqueness of Multiple Trigonometric Series (United States)

    Gevorkyan, G. G.


    Trigonometric series summable by the Riemann method almost everywhere are considered. In particular, it is proved that if a multiple trigonometric series sums almost everywhere by the Riemann method to an integrable function f(x), and the Riemann majorant of this series satisfies a certain necessary condition, then the series is the Fourier series of the function f(x).Bibliography: 11 titles.

  12. Sourcing Excellence

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Adeyemi, Oluseyi


    the competitiveness of manufacturing companies (7). Over the last couple of years, supplier’s development is an evolution in supply chain management and there is a growing interest in generating approaches for meaningful development of suppliers and SDI. This would allow businesses to snatch long-term strategic......Sourcing Excellence is one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) in this world of ever changing sourcing strategies. Manufacturing companies need to access and diagnose the reliability and competencies of existing suppliers in order to coordinate and develop them. This would help in managing....... In essence, this would allow the deployment of both internal and external skills and competencies to determine the new approaches towards organizing, supporting and improving supplier driven innovations (SDI) and supplier relationship management (SRM). This is to achieve operational excellence...

  13. Superluminal sources



    Predictions for the apparent velocity statistics under simple beaming models are presented and compared to the observations. The potential applications for tests of unification models and for cosmology (source counts, measurements of the Hubble constant H0 and the deceleration parameter q0) are discussed. First results from a large homogeneous survey are presented. The data do not show compelling evidence for the existence of intrinsically different populations of galaxies, BL Lacertae object...

  14. Source rock

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abubakr F. Makky


    Full Text Available West Beni Suef Concession is located at the western part of Beni Suef Basin which is a relatively under-explored basin and lies about 150 km south of Cairo. The major goal of this study is to evaluate the source rock by using different techniques as Rock-Eval pyrolysis, Vitrinite reflectance (%Ro, and well log data of some Cretaceous sequences including Abu Roash (E, F and G members, Kharita and Betty formations. The BasinMod 1D program is used in this study to construct the burial history and calculate the levels of thermal maturity of the Fayoum-1X well based on calibration of measured %Ro and Tmax against calculated %Ro model. The calculated Total Organic Carbon (TOC content from well log data compared with the measured TOC from the Rock-Eval pyrolysis in Fayoum-1X well is shown to match against the shale source rock but gives high values against the limestone source rock. For that, a new model is derived from well log data to calculate accurately the TOC content against the limestone source rock in the study area. The organic matter existing in Abu Roash (F member is fair to excellent and capable of generating a significant amount of hydrocarbons (oil prone produced from (mixed type I/II kerogen. The generation potential of kerogen in Abu Roash (E and G members and Betty formations is ranging from poor to fair, and generating hydrocarbons of oil and gas prone (mixed type II/III kerogen. Eventually, kerogen (type III of Kharita Formation has poor to very good generation potential and mainly produces gas. Thermal maturation of the measured %Ro, calculated %Ro model, Tmax and Production index (PI indicates that Abu Roash (F member exciting in the onset of oil generation, whereas Abu Roash (E and G members, Kharita and Betty formations entered the peak of oil generation.

  15. Perception of acoustically presented time series with varied intervals. (United States)

    Wackermann, Jiří; Pacer, Jakob; Wittmann, Marc


    Data from three experiments on serial perception of temporal intervals in the supra-second domain are reported. Sequences of short acoustic signals ("pips") separated by periods of silence were presented to the observers. Two types of time series, geometric or alternating, were used, where the modulus 1+δ of the inter-pip series and the base duration Tb (range from 1.1 to 6s) were varied as independent parameters. The observers had to judge whether the series were accelerating, decelerating, or uniform (3 paradigm), or to distinguish regular from irregular sequences (2 paradigm). "Intervals of subjective uniformity" (isus) were obtained by fitting Gaussian psychometric functions to individual subjects' responses. Progression towards longer base durations (Tb=4.4 or 6s) shifts the isus towards negative δs, i.e., accelerating series. This finding is compatible with the phenomenon of "subjective shortening" of past temporal intervals, which is naturally accounted for by the lossy integration model of internal time representation. The opposite effect observed for short durations (Tb=1.1 or 1.5s) remains unexplained by the lossy integration model, and presents a challenge for further research. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  16. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    benefit analysis favours this slight negative buoyancy. Calculating a Péclet number casts serious doubt on this view, doubt first raised (with an equivalent argument) by. Munk and Riley (1952). For a diatom about 10 µm in diameter, that sinking rate ...

  17. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Evans M E G 1972 The jump of the click beetle (Coleoptera,. Elateridae): a preliminary study; J. Zool. London 167 319–. 336. Fischer M, Cox J, Davis D J, Wagner A, Taylor R, Huerta A J and Money N P 2004 New information on the mechanism of forcible ascospore discharge from Ascobolus immersus; Fun- gal Genet. Biol.

  18. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)



    Nov 9, 2010 ... Neo-Lamarckism delayed the development of genetics in France (Burian et al. 1988; Burian and Gayon. 1999), and the reception of Darwinism. A positive side effect of this domination of neo-Lamarckism was seen in the programmes adopted by the French eugenic movement, which was as active in France ...

  19. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    The description of programmed cell death (PCD) (Lockshin and Williams 1964), the characterization of its most popular form, apoptosis (Kerr et al. 1972), and its rapid molecular description thanks to the model organism. Caenorhabditis elegans (Ellis et al. 1991) might appear as a paradigmatic example of the success of ...

  20. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Apr 20, 2013 ... The brief summary of the 1963 publication that I presented before does not faithfully reflect its content. Most of the communication was devoted to a description .... To this aim, two strategies were used: isolation of mutants affected in their capacity to replicate DNA, and characterization by electron microscopy ...

  1. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Gould SJ and Lewontin RC 1979 The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian paradigm: a critique of the adaptationist programme. Proc. R. Soc. London Ser. B 205 581–598. Hershey AD and Chase M 1952 Independent functions of viral protein and nucleic acid in growth of bacteriophage. J. Gen. Physiol. 36 39–56.

  2. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Aug 4, 2016 ... lymphocyte-differentiating properties and is probably repre- sented universally in living cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 72 11–15. Gould SJ and Lewontin R 1979 The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian paradigm: a critique of the adaptationist programme. Proc. Roy. Soc. London B. 205 581–598.

  3. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)



    Feb 10, 2010 ... Felix Haurowitz is mentioned in the historical accounts of. 20th century biology as one of the authors of the instructive model of antibody synthesis, and one of its strongest and last supporters. He still argued in favour of this theory long after. Frank MacFarlane Burnet had proposed the clonal selection.

  4. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    The major role of Drosophila in the rise of genetics, or of bacteria and bacteriophages in that of molecular biology, is familiar to all readers. Amphibians were decisive tools in the development of experimental embryology. More recent- ly, the study of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and of the zebrafish has been ...

  5. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    May 16, 2011 ... structures generated by the replacement of residues along a long macromolecular chain – a process he ambiguously named 'isomerism' (Koltzoff 1939). .... improve crops as efficient as the environmental treatments praised by Lysenko. Returning at the end of the book to the congress he had attended 45 ...

  6. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)



    Jun 2, 2009 ... XVII. Conrad Waddington and The nature of life. MICHEL MORANGE. Centre Cavaillès, Ecole normale supérieure, 29 rue d'Ulm, 75230 Paris Cedex 05, France. (Fax, 33-144-323941; Email, Keywords. Epigenetic landscape; epigenetics; genetic assimilation; progress; vitalism ...

  7. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    From the end of the 1950s to the mid-1970s, a huge amount of work and various controversies focused on the isolation and characterization of the “molecules of memory”. Did such molecules exist, and if so, what was their nature? Was it possible to transfer a specific acquired behaviour from a trained organism to a naive ...

  8. Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    The infectious form can induce the normal form of this protein to adopt its own pathological conformation, leading to the apparent. “reproduction” of the infectious agent. Other mechanisms were proposed by Prusiner in 1982: the direct replication of the pathological protein mediated (or not mediated) by RNA; the possibility ...

  9. Ictal swearing: a case series and review. (United States)

    Birca, Veronica; Tayah, Tania; Saint-Hilaire, Jean-Marc; Nguyen, Dang Khoa


    Seizures can manifest with ictal swearing but few studies have investigated the localising value of this epileptic manifestation. In this case series and review of the literature, we attempted to determine whether ictal swearing could help localise the epileptic focus. We review two previously published cases and report eight additional epileptic patients with ictal swearing for whom the epileptic focus was determined based on clinical, structural, electrophysiological, and surgical outcome data. Results indicated that ictal swearing occurs more commonly in male subjects and lateralises to the non-dominant hemisphere, but has poor localisation value, arising either from the frontal, parietal, temporal or occipital lobes in different patients. We discuss the significance of these findings. [Published with video sequences].

  10. Diophantine approximation and Dirichlet series

    CERN Document Server

    Queffélec, Hervé


    This self-contained book will benefit beginners as well as researchers. It is devoted to Diophantine approximation, the analytic theory of Dirichlet series, and some connections between these two domains, which often occur through the Kronecker approximation theorem. Accordingly, the book is divided into seven chapters, the first three of which present tools from commutative harmonic analysis, including a sharp form of the uncertainty principle, ergodic theory and Diophantine approximation to be used in the sequel. A presentation of continued fraction expansions, including the mixing property of the Gauss map, is given. Chapters four and five present the general theory of Dirichlet series, with classes of examples connected to continued fractions, the famous Bohr point of view, and then the use of random Dirichlet series to produce non-trivial extremal examples, including sharp forms of the Bohnenblust-Hille theorem. Chapter six deals with Hardy-Dirichlet spaces, which are new and useful Banach spaces of anal...

  11. Scientific Eye: The Making of a Skills-based Television Series and Educational Package. (United States)

    Hart-Davis, Adam


    Describes the goals, programming emphasis, format, and subjects addressed in the television series "Scientific Eye." Offers suggestions on how teachers might use this type of interactive programming. Also includes an overview of the program's book. (ML)

  12. Human subjects research handbook: Protecting human research subjects. Second edition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This handbook serves as a guide to understanding and implementing the Federal regulations and US DOE Orders established to protect human research subjects. Material in this handbook is directed towards new and continuing institutional review board (IRB) members, researchers, institutional administrators, DOE officials, and others who may be involved or interested in human subjects research. It offers comprehensive overview of the various requirements, procedures, and issues relating to human subject research today.

  13. An introduction to Lebesgue integration and Fourier series

    CERN Document Server

    Wilcox, Howard J


    This book arose out of the authors' desire to present Lebesgue integration and Fourier series on an undergraduate level, since most undergraduate texts do not cover this material or do so in a cursory way. The result is a clear, concise, well-organized introduction to such topics as the Riemann integral, measurable sets, properties of measurable sets, measurable functions, the Lebesgue integral, convergence and the Lebesgue integral, pointwise convergence of Fourier series and other subjects.The authors not only cover these topics in a useful and thorough way, they have taken pains to motivate

  14. Source-space ICA for MEG source imaging. (United States)

    Jonmohamadi, Yaqub; Jones, Richard D


    One of the most widely used approaches in electroencephalography/magnetoencephalography (MEG) source imaging is application of an inverse technique (such as dipole modelling or sLORETA) on the component extracted by independent component analysis (ICA) (sensor-space ICA + inverse technique). The advantage of this approach over an inverse technique alone is that it can identify and localize multiple concurrent sources. Among inverse techniques, the minimum-variance beamformers offer a high spatial resolution. However, in order to have both high spatial resolution of beamformer and be able to take on multiple concurrent sources, sensor-space ICA + beamformer is not an ideal combination. We propose source-space ICA for MEG as a powerful alternative approach which can provide the high spatial resolution of the beamformer and handle multiple concurrent sources. The concept of source-space ICA for MEG is to apply the beamformer first and then singular value decomposition + ICA. In this paper we have compared source-space ICA with sensor-space ICA both in simulation and real MEG. The simulations included two challenging scenarios of correlated/concurrent cluster sources. Source-space ICA provided superior performance in spatial reconstruction of source maps, even though both techniques performed equally from a temporal perspective. Real MEG from two healthy subjects with visual stimuli were also used to compare performance of sensor-space ICA and source-space ICA. We have also proposed a new variant of minimum-variance beamformer called weight-normalized linearly-constrained minimum-variance with orthonormal lead-field. As sensor-space ICA-based source reconstruction is popular in EEG and MEG imaging, and given that source-space ICA has superior spatial performance, it is expected that source-space ICA will supersede its predecessor in many applications.

  15. Modeling BAS Dysregulation in Bipolar Disorder : Illustrating the Potential of Time Series Analysis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hamaker, Ellen L.; Grasman, Raoul P P P; Kamphuis, Jan Henk


    Time series analysis is a technique that can be used to analyze the data from a single subject and has great potential to investigate clinically relevant processes like affect regulation. This article uses time series models to investigate the assumed dysregulation of affect that is associated with

  16. Open source systems security certification

    CERN Document Server

    Damiani, Ernesto; El Ioini, Nabil


    Open Source Advances in Computer Applications book series provides timely technological and business information for: Enabling Open Source Systems (OSS) to become an integral part of systems and devices produced by technology companies; Inserting OSS in the critical path of complex network development and embedded products, including methodologies and tools for domain-specific OSS testing (lab code available), plus certification of security, dependability and safety properties for complex systems; Ensuring integrated systems, including OSS, meet performance and security requirements as well as achieving the necessary certifications, according to the overall strategy of OSS usage on the part of the adopter

  17. Data source handbook

    CERN Document Server

    Warden, Pete


    If you''re a developer looking to supplement your own data tools and services, this concise ebook covers the most useful sources of public data available today. You''ll find useful information on APIs that offer broad coverage, tie their data to the outside world, and are either accessible online or feature downloadable bulk data. You''ll also find code and helpful links. This guide organizes APIs by the subjects they cover-such as websites, people, or places-so you can quickly locate the best resources for augmenting the data you handle in your own service. Categories include: Website tools

  18. Political Scientists on Civic Education: A Nonexistent Discourse. Elementary Subjects Center Series, No. 15. (United States)

    Cherryholmes, Cleo H.

    A review of eight leading political science journals beginning with the first volume of the "American Political Science Review" in 1906 revealed no articles or statements about how elementary civic education is or should be taught. Several reasons for this omission are suggested. First, the elementary civic education curriculum was established…

  19. Teen Addiction. Current Controversies Series. (United States)

    Winters, Paul A., Ed.

    The Current Controversies series explores social, political, and economic controversies that dominate the national and international scenes today from a variety of perspectives. Recent surveys have shown that, after years of decline, drug use among teenagers has increased during the 1990s, and that alcohol and tobacco use have remained…

  20. Locations in television drama series

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Waade, Anne Marit

    , and reflect the growing academic and business interests, respectively, on places in a global media and consumption culture (Falkheimer & Jansson, 2006). Based on empirical location studies of three crime series, Wallander (Yellow Bird, 2008-2012), The Bridge (SVT1 & DR1, 2011-2013) and Dicte (Misofilm/TV2...

  1. Lasers, Understanding the Atom Series. (United States)

    Hellman, Hal

    This booklet is one of the booklets in the "Understanding the Atom Series" published by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission for high school science teachers and their students. Basic information for understanding the laser is provided including discussion of the electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves, light and the atom, coherent light, controlled…

  2. Cosmetology Series. Duty Task List. (United States)

    Oklahoma State Dept. of Vocational and Technical Education, Stillwater. Curriculum and Instructional Materials Center.

    This document contains the occupational duty/task lists for three occupations in the cosmetology series. Each occupation is divided into a number of duties. A separate page for each duty in the occupation lists the tasks in that duty along with its code number and columns to indicate whether that particular duty has been taught and to provide…

  3. Stochastic Time-Series Spectroscopy

    CERN Document Server

    Scoville, John


    Spectroscopically measuring low levels of non-equilibrium phenomena (e.g. emission in the presence of a large thermal background) can be problematic due to an unfavorable signal-to-noise ratio. An approach is presented to use time-series spectroscopy to separate non-equilibrium quantities from slowly varying equilibria. A stochastic process associated with the non-equilibrium part of the spectrum is characterized in terms of its central moments or cumulants, which may vary over time. This parameterization encodes information about the non-equilibrium behavior of the system. Stochastic time-series spectroscopy (STSS) can be implemented at very little expense in many settings since a series of scans are typically recorded in order to generate a low-noise averaged spectrum. Higher moments or cumulants may be readily calculated from this series, enabling the observation of quantities that would be difficult or impossible to determine from an average spectrum or from prinicipal components analysis (PCA). This meth...

  4. JWST NIRCam Time Series Observations (United States)

    Greene, Tom; Schlawin, E.


    We explain how to make time-series observations with the Near-Infrared camera (NIRCam) science instrument of the James Webb Space Telescope. Both photometric and spectroscopic observations are described. We present the basic capabilities and performance of NIRCam and show examples of how to set its observing parameters using the Space Telescope Science Institute's Astronomer's Proposal Tool (APT).

  5. Spectroscopy, Understanding the Atom Series. (United States)

    Hellman, Hal

    This booklet is one of the "Understanding the Atom" Series. The science of spectroscopy is presented by a number of topics dealing with (1) the uses of spectroscopy, (2) its origin and background, (3) the basic optical systems of spectroscopes, spectrometers, and spectrophotometers, (4) the characteristics of wave motion, (5) the…

  6. Energy Audits. Energy Technology Series. (United States)

    Center for Occupational Research and Development, Inc., Waco, TX.

    This course in energy audits is one of 16 courses in the Energy Technology Series developed for an Energy Conservation-and-Use Technology curriculum. Intended for use in two-year postsecondary technical institutions to prepare technicians for employment, the courses are also useful in industry for updating employees in company-sponsored training…

  7. Sums of Generalized Harmonic Series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 20; Issue 9. Sums of Generalized Harmonic Series: For Kids from Five to Fifteen. Zurab Silagadze. General Article Volume 20 Issue 9 September 2015 pp 822-843 ... Keywords. Riemann zeta function; integral representation; Basel problem.

  8. Flora Malesiana, Series III: Bryophyta

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wijk, van der R.


    Scope, organization, and purpose of Series III, Flora Malesiana (Musci and Hepaticae) are explained. Collaboration is asked on the following points: (a) To collect Mosses and Hepaticae in Malaysia and to add extensive and detailed data to the specimens (directions available on application to the

  9. Illegal Immigration. Opposing Viewpoints Series. (United States)

    Cozic, Charles P., Ed.

    Books in the Opposing Viewpoints Series present debates about current issues that can be used to teach critical reading and thinking skills. The variety of opinions expressed in this collection of articles and book excerpts explore many aspects of illegal immigration. Contrary depictions of the aspirations and attitudes of illegal immigrants fuel…

  10. Motors and Bulbs in Series (United States)

    Whitaker, Robert J.


    One of Paul Hewitt's "Figuring Physics" that appeared in this journal dealt with the heating of a motor. This phenomenon can be demonstrated with a miniature motor and a bulb as part of a series of activities with "batteries and bulbs." Students examine the effect on the brightness of a single bulb when a second, identical bulb is placed in series…

  11. Bell numbers, determinants and series

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    c Indian Academy of Sciences. Bell numbers, determinants and series. P K SAIKIA1 and DEEPAK SUBEDI1,2. 1Department of Mathematics, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong 793 022, India. 2Present Address: The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University,. Sikkim, Ranka Road, Gangtok 737 101, India.

  12. WTF! Taboo Language in TV Series: An Analysis of Professional and Amateur Translation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Micòl Beseghi


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the topic of censorship associated with the use of strong language and swear words in the translation of contemporary American TV series. In AVT, more specifically in Italian dubbing, the practice of censorship, in the form of suppression or toning down of what might be perceived as offensive, disturbing, too explicit or inconvenient, still remains a problematic issue. By focusing on two recent successful TV series - Girls and Orange is the New Black – which are characterized by the use of strong language (swear words, politically incorrect references and the presence of taboo subjects (homosexuality, sex, drugs, violence – this study will consider the different translation choices applied in dubbing and fansubbing. Previous academic studies have underlined the fact that professional translators tend to remove, more or less consciously, the disturbing elements from the source text, while fansubbers try to adhere as much as possible to the original text, not only in terms of linguistic contents but also in terms of register and style. The results of this analysis seem on the one hand to confirm that there is still not a systematic set of rules that govern the translation of strong language in dubbing, and on the other to indicate that the gap between professional and amateur translation is perhaps becoming less pronounced.

  13. Secondary origin of negative carbon isotopic series in natural gas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jinxing Dai


    Full Text Available The carbon isotopic series of alkane gases were divided into three types: (1 positive carbon isotopic series: δ13C values increased with increasing carbon numbers among the C1–C4 alkanes, which is a typical characteristic for primary alkane gases; (2 negative carbon isotopic series: δ13C values decreased with increasing carbon numbers among the C1–C4 alkanes; and (3 partial carbon isotopic reversal, which had no increasing or decreasing relationship between the δ13C values and carbon numbers. Negative carbon isotopic series were further divided into primary and secondary origins. The primary is a typical characteristic of abiogenic gases, while the secondary is a result of the secondary alteration imposed on biogenic gases usually observed in over-mature shale gas and coal-derived gas. Previous research has proposed several possible explanations for negative carbon isotopic series of secondary origin, such as secondary cracking, diffusion, and the Rayleigh fractionation of ethane and propane through redox reaction with the participation of transition metal and water at 250–300 °C. After a comparative study, the authors found that the negative carbon isotopic series of secondary origin for both shale gas and coal-derived gas appeared in areas where source rocks (shales were at an over-mature stage, but not in areas where source rocks (shales were only at a high-maturity stage. As a result, high maturity (>200 °C was the main controlling factor for the occurrence of negative carbon isotopic series of secondary origin in thermogenic gases. Within this maturity interval, secondary cracking, diffusion, and Rayleigh fractionation of ethane and propane could happen separately or together.

  14. International Work-Conference on Time Series

    CERN Document Server

    Pomares, Héctor; Valenzuela, Olga


    This volume of selected and peer-reviewed contributions on the latest developments in time series analysis and forecasting updates the reader on topics such as analysis of irregularly sampled time series, multi-scale analysis of univariate and multivariate time series, linear and non-linear time series models, advanced time series forecasting methods, applications in time series analysis and forecasting, advanced methods and online learning in time series and high-dimensional and complex/big data time series. The contributions were originally presented at the International Work-Conference on Time Series, ITISE 2016, held in Granada, Spain, June 27-29, 2016. The series of ITISE conferences provides a forum for scientists, engineers, educators and students to discuss the latest ideas and implementations in the foundations, theory, models and applications in the field of time series analysis and forecasting.  It focuses on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary rese arch encompassing the disciplines of comput...

  15. Subjective memory complaints and personality traits in normal elderly subjects. (United States)

    Hänninen, T; Reinikainen, K J; Helkala, E L; Koivisto, K; Mykkänen, L; Laakso, M; Pyörälä, K; Riekkinen, P J


    To evaluate the relationship between objectively measured memory functions and subjective complaints of memory disturbance and whether subjective complaints are affected by some personality traits or affective states. Cross-sectional two-group comparison. The city of Kuopio in Eastern Finland, considered representative of the urban elderly population of Finland. Originally 403 subjects aged 67-78 years from the random sample and then two matched study groups initially including eighteen subjects but only ten in the final analysis. Screening and follow-up examinations of subjects with and without subjective memory complaints: (1) Memory functions: Benton's visual retention test and the paired-associated learning subtest of Wechsler Memory Scale. (2) Memory complaints: Memory Complaint Questionnaire. (3) Personality traits and affective state: Two subscales from Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and Geriatric Depression Scale. Complaints of memory loss did not correlate with the actual memory performance in the tests. However, those subjects who most emphatically complained of memory disturbance had greater tendencies toward somatic complaining, higher feelings of anxiety about their physical health, and more negative feelings of their own competence and capabilities than those who did not complain of memory deterioration associated with aging. The study suggests that subjective feelings of memory impairment are more closely associated with personality traits than with actual memory performance in normal elderly people.

  16. The Subject in Cognitive Psychotherapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabel Caro-Gabalda


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the various subjects embedded in cognitive psychotherapy. The cognitive model developed by Beck, considered as a rationalist and modernist model, will exemplify these subjects. Cognitive therapy should be placed in the modernist historical context and related to a subject characterized as having rationality and the ability to observe and detect cognitions, emotions and behaviors. The paper develops this background introducing three main subject types. The first is the introspective and conscious subject, who is able to observe what is within oneself, has free access, and is conscious of one's cognitive world. The second is the cognitive miser that describes the subject who enters into therapy. The final subject identified, is the trained scientist who is able to develop a more objective knowledge, changing faulty schemas and cognitive distortions. This subject is the one most looked for in cognitive therapy. We could connect these subjects to some of the main elements of cognitive therapy such as the concept of ABC, assessment procedures, cognitive techniques or the relevance of schemas. Finally, the paper suggests some issues for study that could contribute to the theoretical and clinical evolution of cognitive psychotherapy.

  17. RADIATION SOURCE (United States)

    Gow, J.D.


    An improved version of a crossed electric and magnetic field plasma producing and containing device of the general character disclosed in U. S. Patent No. 2,967,943 is described. This device employs an annular magnet encased within an anode and a pair of cathodes respectively coaxially spaced from the opposite ends of the anode to establish crossed field electron trapping regions adjacent the ends of the anode. The trapping regions are communicably connected through the throat of the anode and the electric field negatively increases in opposite axial directions from the center of the throat. Electrons are trapped within the two trapping regions and throat to serve as a source of intense ionization to gas introduced thereto, the ions in copious quantities being attracted to the cathodes to bombard neutron productive targets dlsposed - thereat.

  18. Dust as a collection media for contaminant source attribution. (United States)

    Favela, Kristin Herrmann; Bohmann, Jonathan A; Williamson, William S


    Dust was investigated for its ability to retain source attribution profiles (SAPs) after chemical exposure. Three distinct sources of the organophosphate pesticide acephate were investigated as a proof-of-concept model. In addition, attribution profiles were created and tested using compounds related to chemical warfare agents (CWAs), specifically VX and G-series agents: O-ethyl methylphosphonothioate (EMPTA), N,N-diisopropylmethylamine (DIPMA), N,N-diisopropylethylamine (DIEA), diisopropylamine (DIPA), diethyl aniline (DEA), diethyl ethyl phosphonate (DEEP), trimethyl phosphite (TMP), dimethyl hydrogen phosphite (DMHP), diethyl hydrogen phosphite (DEHP), triethyl phosphate (TEP), ethyl methylphosphonate (EMPA), and diisopropyl methylphosphonate (DIMP). Dust was collected from a storage shed, aliquots deposited on carpet and loaded with distinct chemical profiles using an exposure chamber and aerosolizer. After a given period of time (1h, 24h, or 72 h), the dust was extracted and its SAP analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and/or liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Principal components analysis (PCA) was used to determine the association of dust exposed to the same and different chemical sources. PCA results demonstrate that dust samples exposed to distinct chemical sources are clearly differentiated from one another across all collection times. Furthermore, dust aliquots exposed to the same source can be clearly associated with one another across all collection times. When the CWA-related compounds were subjected to elevated temperature (90°C) conditions, it was found that the signature was stable at the 1h and 24h collections. At 72 h and elevated temperature, larger deviations from the control were observed for some compounds. Elevated pH (10) affected the profile to a lesser degree than elevated temperature. Overall, dust is found to be an effective media for the in situ collection of source attribution profiles

  19. Pattern Recognition in Time Series (United States)

    Lin, Jessica; Williamson, Sheri; Borne, Kirk D.; DeBarr, David


    Perhaps the most commonly encountered data types are time series, touching almost every aspect of human life, including astronomy. One obvious problem of handling time-series databases concerns with its typically massive size—gigabytes or even terabytes are common, with more and more databases reaching the petabyte scale. For example, in telecommunication, large companies like AT&T produce several hundred millions long-distance records per day [Cort00]. In astronomy, time-domain surveys are relatively new—these are surveys that cover a significant fraction of the sky with many repeat observations, thereby producing time series for millions or billions of objects. Several such time-domain sky surveys are now completed, such as the MACHO [Alco01],OGLE [Szym05], SDSS Stripe 82 [Bram08], SuperMACHO [Garg08], and Berkeley’s Transients Classification Pipeline (TCP) [Star08] projects. The Pan-STARRS project is an active sky survey—it began in 2010, a 3-year survey covering three-fourths of the sky with ˜60 observations of each field [Kais04]. The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project proposes to survey 50% of the visible sky repeatedly approximately 1000 times over a 10-year period, creating a 100-petabyte image archive and a 20-petabyte science database ( The LSST science database will include time series of over 100 scientific parameters for each of approximately 50 billion astronomical sources—this will be the largest data collection (and certainly the largest time series database) ever assembled in astronomy, and it rivals any other discipline’s massive data collections for sheer size and complexity. More common in astronomy are time series of flux measurements. As a consequence of many decades of observations (and in some cases, hundreds of years), a large variety of flux variations have been detected in astronomical objects, including periodic variations (e.g., pulsating stars, rotators, pulsars, eclipsing binaries


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Elemental concentrations of airborne particulate matter 9 sampled at three urban site classes m Lagos (an industrial city) 1n southWest Nigeria were subjected to statistical -' analysis to determine the number and nature of sources impacting the receptor sites. Inter-elemental Correlation, , '. Principal COmponent Factor ...

  1. Biotic patterns of heart rate variation in depressed and psychotic subjects. (United States)

    Sabelli, H; Messer, J; Kovacevic, L; Walthall, K


    This article presents novel quantitative methods to study R to R interval (RRI) series that identify their characteristic pattern of organization, Bios, and their variation in psychiatric illness. In this study twenty-four hour series of RRI were extracted from Holter recordings of healthy subjects (N = 74) and small groups of patients with affective depression or psychosis. These data were analyzed with recurrence and statistical methods. In all subjects, RRI series showed complexes (clusters of recurrences), such as those observed with mathematically-generated biotic series but not in chaotic or random series. RRI series from healthy persons showed diversification (increase in variance with the duration of the series analyzed), novelty (less recurrence isometry than copies randomized by shuffling), causal order (more consecutive isometry than shuffled copies), and asymmetric statistical distribution. These imprints of creative processes are characteristic of mathematical Bios, and are absent in chaos. Bios can be distinguished from random walk series by the nonrandom pattern of the series of differences between heartbeats, as well as by measures of consecutive isometry and of partial autocorrelation. These defining characteristics of Bios are significant signs of health. In comparison with healthy controls, psychiatric patient groups showed more isometry and more consecutive isometry than healthy subjects. Psychiatric patients also showed no diversification. This study highlights the process that produces heart rate variation as being non-stationary and creative (bios, not equilibrium or chaos) and causal (not stochastically generated by the coexistence of multiple factors). These results thus are significant regarding psychiatric health.

  2. Seismic analysis of series isolation system based on geometry nonlinearity (United States)

    Lin, Z. D.; Shi, H.; Xue, L.


    According to the system of rubber bearing serially connected with column, the mathematical model of serially isolated system based on geometric nonlinear is investigated by using Hamilton’s principle. The effects of axial pressure and difference column size to the series isolation system in seismic response is discussed. The series isolation system dynamics model based on geometric nonlinear is established considering the cross section rotated and the influence of the shear deformation and axial pressure. The differential quadrature element method is employed for discrete processing on governing equations and boundary conditions. Seismic response of series isolation system subjected to the far-field ground motions is solved numerically. Results show that: the slenderness ratio of cantilever column will significantly affect the seismic response of the isolation system under far-field ground motions, and it is particularly to response of the cantilever column.

  3. The disease-subject as a subject of literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kottow Andrea R


    Full Text Available Abstract Based on the distinction between living body and lived body, we describe the disease-subject as representing the impact of disease on the existential life-project of the subject. Traditionally, an individual's subjectivity experiences disorders of the body and describes ensuing pain, discomfort and unpleasantness. The idea of a disease-subject goes further, representing the lived body suffering existential disruption and the possible limitations that disease most probably will impose. In this limit situation, the disease-subject will have to elaborate a new life-story, a new character or way-of-being-in-the-world, it will become a different subject. Health care professionals need to realize that patients are not mere observers of their body, for they are immersed in a reassesment of values, relationships, priorities, perhaps even life-plans. Becoming acquainted with literature's capacity to create characters, modify narratives and depict life-stories in crisis, might sharpen physicians' hermeneutic acumen and make them more receptive to the quandaries of disease-subjects facing major medical and existential decisions in the wake of disruptive disease.

  4. Atopic asthmatic subjects but not atopic subjects without ... (United States)

    BACKGROUND: Asthma is a known risk factor for acute ozone-associated respiratory disease. Ozone causes an immediate decrease in lung function and increased airway inflammation. The role of atopy and asthma in modulation of ozone-induced inflammation has not been determined. OBJECTIVE: We sought to determine whether atopic status modulates ozone response phenotypes in human subjects. METHODS: Fifty volunteers (25 healthy volunteers, 14 atopic nonasthmatic subjects, and 11 atopic asthmatic subjects not requiring maintenance therapy) underwent a 0.4-ppm ozone exposure protocol. Ozone response was determined based on changes in lung function and induced sputum composition, including airway inflammatory cell concentration, cell-surface markers, and cytokine and hyaluronic acid concentrations. RESULTS: All cohorts experienced similar decreases in lung function after ozone. Atopic and atopic asthmatic subjects had increased sputum neutrophil numbers and IL-8 levels after ozone exposure; values did not significantly change in healthy volunteers. After ozone exposure, atopic asthmatic subjects had significantly increased sputum IL-6 and IL-1beta levels and airway macrophage Toll-like receptor 4, Fc(epsilon)RI, and CD23 expression; values in healthy volunteers and atopic nonasthmatic subjects showed no significant change. Atopic asthmatic subjects had significantly decreased IL-10 levels at baseline compared with healthy volunteers; IL-10 levels did not significa

  5. The Object of the Subject

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Brian Benjamin


    The article presents a theory of the subject, based on the work of Jacques Lacan, using the concepts of alienation, separation and liberation.......The article presents a theory of the subject, based on the work of Jacques Lacan, using the concepts of alienation, separation and liberation....

  6. Electromyographic and neuromuscular variables in unstable postpolio subjects, stable postpolio subjects, and control subjects. (United States)

    Rodriquez, A A; Agre, J C; Franke, T M


    To compare strength and endurance variables obtained in the quadriceps muscles of postpolio and control subjects over a 7-year interval with macro and single fiber electromyography (EMG) variables. A controlled inception cohort study. Neuromuscular research laboratory of a university hospital. A cohort of 23 postpolio and 14 control subjects. All postpolio subjects had a history, physical examination, and EMG consistent with previous poliomyelitis, and had greater than antigravity strength in the quadriceps muscle tested. Unstable postpolio subjects acknowledged new quadriceps weakness over the 7-year period of the study (n = 11), and stable postpolio subjects denied new weakness of the quadriceps over the same period (n = 12). All subjects had tests of neuromuscular function of the quadriceps muscles at the onset of this study and yearly over a 7-year period. EMG variables were determined on a separate day after the seventh year of neuromuscular measurements. Neuromuscular variables measured were isometric knee extension peak torque, isometric endurance (time to inability to maintain knee extensor contraction at 40% of maximal torque), tension time index (TTI) (product of isometric endurance time and 40% of maximal torque), and recovery of torque at 10 minutes after the endurance test. EMG variables were macro EMG and single fiber EMG (jitter, fiber density, and percent blocking). Unstable postpolio subjects did not lose strength more rapidly than stable postpolio subjects or control subjects. Unstable postpolio subjects were significantly weaker, had decreased TTI, larger macro EMG amplitude, greater jitter, blocking, and fiber density in comparison with stable postpolio subjects (all p postpolio group (p .05) with neuromuscular or EMG variables in control, stable, or unstable postpolio subjects.

  7. Mechanical Characteristics of Reflex Durign Upright Posture in Paralyzed Subjects (United States)

    Kim, Yongchul; Youm, Youngil; Lee, Bumsuk; Kim, Youngho; Choi, Hyeonki

    The characteristics of flexor reflexes have been investigated in the previous studies with human subjects who were seated or supine position. However, researchers did not describe how the spinal circuits are used in different hip angles for paralyzed subjects, such as the standing position with walker or cane. In upright posture the compatibility between a flexor reflex of leg and body balance is a special problem for lower limb injured subjects. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of hip angle change on the flexor reflex evoked in standing paralyzed subjects supported by walker. In this study, six spinal cord injured and four stroke subjects were recruited through the inpatient physical therapy clinics of Korea national rehabilitation hospital. A single axis electronic goniometer was mounted on the lateral side of the hip joint of the impaired limb to record movements in the sagittal plane at this joint. The electronic goniometer was connected to a data acquisition system, through amplifiers to a computer. Since subject' posture influenced characteristics of the flexion reflex response, the subjects were supported in an upright posture by the help of parallelogram walder. Two series of tests were performed on each leg. The first series of the tests investigated the influence of hip angle during stationary standing posture on flexion reflex response. The hip angle was adjusted by the foot plate. The second examined the effect of the voluntary action of subject on swing motion during the gait. The electrically induced flexion reflex simultaneously produced the flexion of the hip, knee and dorsiflexion of the ankle enabling the swing phase of walking. Form the experimental results we observed that the reflex response of hip joint was largerwith the hip in the extended position than in the flexed position during standing posture. Under voluntary movement on flexion reflex during gaint, the peak hip angle induced by stimulation was

  8. A case series report of cancer patients undergoing group body psychotherapy [version 1; referees: 2 approved

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Astrid Grossert


    Full Text Available Background: Disturbances in bodily wellbeing represent a key source of psychosocial suffering and impairment related to cancer. Therefore, interventions to improve bodily wellbeing in post-treatment cancer patients are of paramount importance. Notably, body psychotherapy (BPT has been shown to improve bodily wellbeing in subjects suffering from a variety of mental disorders. However, how post-treatment cancer patients perceive and subjectively react to group BPT aiming at improving bodily disturbances has, to the best of our knowledge, not yet been described. Methods: We report on six patients undergoing outpatient group BPT that followed oncological treatment for malignant neoplasms. The BPT consisted of six sessions based on a scientific embodiment approach, integrating body-oriented techniques to improve patients’ awareness, perception, acceptance, and expression regarding their body. Results: The BPT was well accepted by all patients. Despite having undergone different types of oncological treatment for different cancer types and locations, all subjects reported having appreciated BPT and improved how they perceived their bodies. However, individual descriptions of improvements showed substantial heterogeneity across subjects. Notably, most patients indicated that sensations, perceptions, and other mental activities related to their own body intensified when proceeding through the group BPT sessions. Conclusion: The findings from this case series encourage and inform future studies examining whether group BPT is efficacious in post-treatment cancer patients and investigating the related mechanisms of action. The observed heterogeneity in individual descriptions of perceived treatment effects point to the need for selecting comprehensive indicators of changes in disturbances of bodily wellbeing as the primary patient-reported outcome in future clinical trials. While increases in mental activities related to their own body are commonly

  9. Heat recovery system series arrangements

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kauffman, Justin P.; Welch, Andrew M.; Dawson, Gregory R.; Minor, Eric N.


    The present disclosure is directed to heat recovery systems that employ two or more organic Rankine cycle (ORC) units disposed in series. According to certain embodiments, each ORC unit includes an evaporator that heats an organic working fluid, a turbine generator set that expands the working fluid to generate electricity, a condenser that cools the working fluid, and a pump that returns the working fluid to the evaporator. The heating fluid is directed through each evaporator to heat the working fluid circulating within each ORC unit, and the cooling fluid is directed through each condenser to cool the working fluid circulating within each ORC unit. The heating fluid and the cooling fluid flow through the ORC units in series in the same or opposite directions.

  10. Ramanujan summation of divergent series

    CERN Document Server

    Candelpergher, Bernard


    The aim of this monograph is to give a detailed exposition of the summation method that Ramanujan uses in Chapter VI of his second Notebook. This method, presented by Ramanujan as an application of the Euler-MacLaurin formula, is here extended using a difference equation in a space of analytic functions. This provides simple proofs of theorems on the summation of some divergent series. Several examples and applications are given. For numerical evaluation, a formula in terms of convergent series is provided by the use of Newton interpolation. The relation with other summation processes such as those of Borel and Euler is also studied. Finally, in the last chapter, a purely algebraic theory is developed that unifies all these summation processes. This monograph is aimed at graduate students and researchers who have a basic knowledge of analytic function theory.

  11. Clause structure and verb series

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Aboh, E.O.


    This article argues that in V1-XP-V2 and V1-V2-XP series, V1 merges in the functional domain of the lexical verb (V2). V2 introduces the (internal) argument and is embedded under an AspP whose head is endowed with an EPP feature. Surface word order variations in Kwa (and Khoisan) result from the EPP

  12. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... for Patients Arthritis Drug Information Sheets Benefits and Risks of Opioids in Arthritis ... website is intended for educational purposes only. Physicians and other health care professionals are encouraged to consult other sources ...

  13. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... for educational purposes only. Physicians and other health care professionals are encouraged to consult other sources and confirm the information contained within this site. Consumers should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of ...

  14. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... to bring current and accurate disease education to health care professionals and patients alike. Content on our site ... intended for educational purposes only. Physicians and other health care professionals are encouraged to consult other sources and ...

  15. Sources manuscrites



    I. SOURCES CONSULTÉES AUX ARCHIVES NATIONALES Série E 1. Minutes d’arrêts du Conseil, arrêts simples en finances 1602 : E 4a, E 4b. 1605 : E 8a, E 8b, E 8c-9a, E 9b, E 9c. 1608 : E 16a, E 16b, E 18a, E 18b, E 19a, E 19b. 1620 : E 63a E 63b, E 64a, E 64b-65a, E 65b. 1689 : E 579a, E 579b, E 580, E 581, E 582, E 583, E 584a, E 584b, E 585a, E 585b, E 586a, E 586b 1750 : E 1260a E 1260b, E 1261a E 1261b, E 1262a, E 1262b, E 1262e, E 1263a, E 1263b, E 1264a, E 1264b, E 1265a, E 1265b, E 1266a, E ...

  16. Electromagnetic tomography via source-space-ICA. (United States)

    Jonmohamadi, Yaqub; Poudel, Govinda; Innes, Carrie; Jones, Richard D


    We propose a technique, called source-space-ICA to provide spatiotemporal reconstruction of brain sources. First, the weight-vector-normalized minimum variance beamformer is applied to reconstruct the electrical activity of a 3D scanning grid which covers the whole brain. Second, principal component analysis is used to reduce the dimension of the reconstructed signal matrix of the source-space, then independent component analysis (ICA) is applied on the resulting matrix to identify multiple signal sources in the source-space. Third, the demixing weight vectors obtained by ICA for the identified independent components are projected back into the SS to obtain tomographic maps of the sources. Besides localization, the proposed source-space-ICA approach reconstructs the time-course of each source in a single time-series without requiring prior knowledge of location, orientation, and number of sources for a given segment of EEG/MEG. Simulated EEG was used to evaluate the source-space-ICA. The results show that the source-space-ICA approach is able to separate and localize multiple weak sources and is robust to interference from other sources as it identifies the sources based on their statistical independence.

  17. Multiple station beamline at an undulator x-ray source

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Als-Nielsen, J.; Freund, A.K.; Grübel, G.


    The undulator X-ray source is an ideal source for many applications: the beam is brilliant, highly collimated in all directions, quasi-monochromatic, pulsed and linearly polarized. Such a precious source can feed several independently operated instruments by utilizing a downstream series of X...

  18. Autism spectrum disorders in institutionalized subjects. (United States)

    Anckarsäter, Henrik; Nilsson, Thomas; Saury, Jean-Michel; Råstam, Maria; Gillberg, Christopher


    What do we know about the prevalence and the specific features of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) among subjects in forensic psychiatry and special youth centres? A clinical case series consisting of 42 subjects with ASD, recruited from three well-characterized populations in forensic psychiatry and special youth care, was used to determine: 1) the prevalence of ASD in these institutions (at least 13%), 2) the distribution of diagnostic criteria in this special population (mostly social interaction and communication problems, few or atypical flexibility problems), 3) the degree of comorbidity (the rule rather than the exception), 4) neuropsychological test profiles (lowered IQ with uneven profiles), 5) types of crimes and offences (very heterogeneous, often stress-related with dissociated features), 6) mental health care needs (high), and 7) special clinical features (especially expressions of flexibility deficits in non-classical areas and proneness to dissociation). This descriptive study indicates that ASD is a clinically relevant problem among forensic populations that has to be considered in diagnostics, assessments of needs and treatment planning.

  19. This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIS02), Pond, Lake or Reservoir as an Irrigation Source (PLRIS) on agricultural land by county (nri_is02) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIS02), Pond, Lake...

  20. This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIS03), Stream, Ditch or Canal as an Irrigation Source (SDCIS) on agricultural land by county (nri_is03) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIS03), Stream,...

  1. This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIS04), Stream, Lagoon or Other Waste Waster (not including tailwater recovery) as an Irrigation Source (LWWIS) on agricultural land by county (nri_is04) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the estimated percentage of the 1-km grid cell that is covered by or subject to the agricultural conservation practice (CPIS04), Stream,...

  2. A multidisciplinary database for geophysical time series management (United States)

    Montalto, P.; Aliotta, M.; Cassisi, C.; Prestifilippo, M.; Cannata, A.


    The variables collected by a sensor network constitute a heterogeneous data source that needs to be properly organized in order to be used in research and geophysical monitoring. With the time series term we refer to a set of observations of a given phenomenon acquired sequentially in time. When the time intervals are equally spaced one speaks of period or sampling frequency. Our work describes in detail a possible methodology for storage and management of time series using a specific data structure. We designed a framework, hereinafter called TSDSystem (Time Series Database System), in order to acquire time series from different data sources and standardize them within a relational database. The operation of standardization provides the ability to perform operations, such as query and visualization, of many measures synchronizing them using a common time scale. The proposed architecture follows a multiple layer paradigm (Loaders layer, Database layer and Business Logic layer). Each layer is specialized in performing particular operations for the reorganization and archiving of data from different sources such as ASCII, Excel, ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity), file accessible from the Internet (web pages, XML). In particular, the loader layer performs a security check of the working status of each running software through an heartbeat system, in order to automate the discovery of acquisition issues and other warning conditions. Although our system has to manage huge amounts of data, performance is guaranteed by using a smart partitioning table strategy, that keeps balanced the percentage of data stored in each database table. TSDSystem also contains modules for the visualization of acquired data, that provide the possibility to query different time series on a specified time range, or follow the realtime signal acquisition, according to a data access policy from the users.

  3. Is Piaget's epistemic subject dead? (United States)

    Lawson, Anton E.

    Niaz (1990) presents arguments in favor of the retention of Piaget's epistemic subject as a theoretical construct to guide research and practice in science education and psychology. The intent of this article is to point out the weaknesses of those arguments and to suggest that the weight of evidence argues against the existence of the logical thinker postulated by Piaget. Therefore, contrary to Niaz's conclusion that the acceptance of Piaget's epistemic subject will facilitate the development of cognitive theories with greater explanatory power, the conclusion is reached that Piaget's epistemic subject is dead and that continued acceptance of this aspect of Piagetian theory would be counterproductive.

  4. International energy: Subject thesaurus supplement

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This is a supplement to International Energy: Subject Thesaurus (ETDE/PUB--2(Rev.1)), which replaced DOE/TIC-7000--the EDB Subject Thesaurus. This supplement is provided periodically to keep International Energy: Subject Thesaurus recipients up-to-date on valid vocabulary terms (descriptors) used in building and maintaining several international energy information databases. Each issue contains all new terms added since the publication of the Thesaurus. Each supplement is a cumulative listing of the new terms, so that each issue replaces the previous one.

  5. Subject Responses to Electrochromic Windows

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Clear, Robert; Inkarojrit, Vorapat; Lee, Eleanor


    Forty-three subjects worked in a private office with switchable electrochromic windows, manually-operated Venetian blinds, and dimmable fluorescent lights. The electrochromic window had a visible transmittance range of approximately 3-60%. Analysis of subject responses and physical data collected during the work sessions showed that the electrochromic windows reduced the incidence of glare compared to working under a fixed transmittance (60%) condition. Subjects used the Venetian blinds less often and preferred the variable transmittance condition, but used slightly more electric lighting with it than they did when window transmittance was fixed.

  6. SERI Surgical Scaffold in 2-Stage Breast Reconstruction: 2-Year Data from a Prospective, Multicenter Trial. (United States)

    Karp, Nolan; Choi, Mihye; Kulber, David A; Downey, Susan; Duda, Gloria; Kind, Gabriel M; Jewell, Mark L; Murphy, Diane K; Lehfeldt, Max R; Fine, Neil


    Soft-tissue support devices are used during breast reconstruction. This study investigated long-term clinical data following SERI Surgical Scaffold (SERI) implantation, a bioresorbable, silk-derived scaffold for soft-tissue support. This was a prospective, multicenter study in 103 subjects who received SERI during stage 1 of 2-stage breast reconstruction with subpectoral tissue expander placement (Natrelle Style 133V; Allergan plc, Dublin, Ireland) followed by subpectoral breast implant placement. Investigator satisfaction (11-point scale: 0, very dissatisfied and 10, very satisfied) at 6 months was the primary endpoint. Ease of use, satisfaction, scaffold palpability/visibility, breast anatomy measurements via 3D images, SERI integration, histology, and safety were also assessed through 2 years after stage 1 surgery. Analyses were performed on the per-protocol population (103 subjects; 161 breasts) with no protocol deviations that could affect outcomes. Ease of use and subject and investigator satisfaction with SERI were high throughout 2 years. Breast anatomy measurements with 3D images demonstrated long-term soft-tissue stability of the lower breast mound. Key complication rates per breast were tissue/skin necrosis and wrinkling/rippling (8.1% each) and seroma, wound dehiscence, and breast redness (5.0% each). Over 2 years, 4 breasts in 4 subjects underwent reoperation with explantation of any device; 2 breasts required SERI explantation. SERI was retained in 98.8% of breasts (159/161) at 2 years. SERI was associated with high and consistent levels of investigator and subject satisfaction and demonstrated soft-tissue stability in the lower breast through 2 years. SERI provides a safe, long-term benefit for soft-tissue support in 2-stage breast reconstruction.

  7. Outpatient treatment of alcohol use disorders among subjects 60+ years

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Kjeld; Bogenschutz, Michael P; Bühringer, Gerhard


    disorders (AUD). We present the rationale and design of a multisite, multinational AUD treatment study for subjects aged 60+ years. METHODS/DESIGN: 1,000 subjects seeking treatment for AUD according to DSM-5 in outpatient clinics in Denmark, Germany, and New Mexico (USA) are invited to participate in a RCT....... Participants are randomly assigned to four sessions of Motivational Enhancement Treatment (MET) or to MET plus an add-on with eight sessions based on the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), which include a new module targeting specific problems of older adults. A series of assessment instruments is applied...

  8. Politics of modern muslim subjectivities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jung, Dietrich; Petersen, Marie Juul; Sparre, Sara Lei

    Examining modern Muslim identity constructions, the authors introduce a novel analytical framework to Islamic Studies, drawing on theories of successive modernities, sociology of religion, and poststructuralist approaches to modern subjectivity, as well as the results of extensive fieldwork in th...

  9. Politics of modern muslim subjectivities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jung, Dietrich; Petersen, Marie Juul; Sparre, Sara Lei

    Examining modern Muslim identity constructions, the authors introduce a novel analytical framework to Islamic Studies, drawing on theories of successive modernities, sociology of religion, and poststructuralist approaches to modern subjectivity, as well as the results of extensive fieldwork...

  10. The Subjective Experience of Punishment

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Adam J. Kolber


    ... laws pay little attention to such differences. I make two central claims: First, a successful justification of punishment must take account of offenders' subjective experiences when assessing punishment severity...

  11. Subjective Illness theory and coping

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gessmann H.-W.


    Full Text Available The article presents a view of a problem of subjective illness theory in context of coping behavior. The article compiles the results of the latest studies of coping; discloses the way subjective illness theory affects the illness coping and patient's health; presents the study of differences in coping behaviour of patients at risk of heart attack and oncology. The article is recommended for specialists, concerned with psychological reasons of pathogenic processes and coping strategies of patients.

  12. Ribcage compressibility in living subjects. (United States)

    Lee, M; Hill, S; Scullin, J


    The purpose of this study was to examine the responses of normal living subjects to the application of anteroposterior forces to the ribcage. Seventeen subjects aged between 25 and 37 years were tested during slow oscillatory loading while breath-holding at the end of a normal expiration. The mean stiffness coefficient was found to be 9.4 N mm(-1) (SD 2.9) and the mean gradient of the force-strain relation was 1888 N (SD 646). Comparison with previously published cadaver data indicates that the embalmed cadaver ribcage stiffness is in the order of three times stiffer than living subjects, while fresh cadavers showed comparable stiffness to living subjects. A number of studies have used models to predict and understand the behaviour of the thoracic spine. Validation of the behaviour of models which include the thoracic spine and ribcage depends on comparison of model response predictions with observed responses of human subjects. The present study provides data on the anteroposterior compressibility of the ribcage of living subjects which may be suitable for use in model validation studies. Copyright © 1994. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  13. Preverbal subjects in null subject languages are not necessarily dislocated

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    João Costa


    Full Text Available In recent work on null subject languages it has been claimed that preverbal subjects are always (clitic-left dislocated. In this paper, we argue against this claim, on the grounds of empirical evidence from European Portuguese concerning agreement facts, asymmetries between preverbal subjects and clitic-left dislocated XPs with respect to minimality effects, the existence of languages with a mixed system (null expletive subjects and full referential ones, language acquisition data, the behavior of negative QPs and interpretation facts, and propose a non-uniform analysis of preverbal subjects and clitic-left dislocated XPs that derives their topic interpretation from a predication rule stated configurationally (section 2. Our account of the SVO and VSO orders displayed in European Portuguese relies on a specific formulation of the EPP parameter, on the locality constraint Attract Closest X and on the independently motivated claim that V-movement targets T in European Portuguese (section 3. Under our analysis, the computational system generates equally economical SVO and VSO derivations and discourse considerations, at the appropriate interface, rule out the unfelicitous ones.

  14. Accounting for Material Reality in the Analytic Subject

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robin McCoy Brooks


    Full Text Available Scientific advances made in the 21st century contend that the forces of nature and nurture work together through an ongoing series of complex correspondences between brain and mental activity in our daily activities with others. Jung’s cosmological model of the psyche minimizes the fundamental corporeal condition of human nature and as such is critiqued and amended, influenced by the transcendental materialist theories of subjectivity inspired by Žižek, Johnston and Laplanche.

  15. NOAA grant for PBS series (United States)

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has awarded a $200,000 grant to a nonprofit foundation to begin production of a nine-part public television series concerning man's relationship with the sea. Planned for broadcast in 1989, “The Blue Revolution” is to examine seven major resources and uses of the ocean: for fisheries, extraction of materials used in pharmaceuticals and other products, mineral extraction, energy, marine transportation, waste disposal, and defense. Each episode will take an historical perspective, tracing these ocean uses from the earliest techniques to modern technologies.

  16. Molecular series-tunneling junctions. (United States)

    Liao, Kung-Ching; Hsu, Liang-Yan; Bowers, Carleen M; Rabitz, Herschel; Whitesides, George M


    Charge transport through junctions consisting of insulating molecular units is a quantum phenomenon that cannot be described adequately by classical circuit laws. This paper explores tunneling current densities in self-assembled monolayer (SAM)-based junctions with the structure Ag(TS)/O2C-R1-R2-H//Ga2O3/EGaIn, where Ag(TS) is template-stripped silver and EGaIn is the eutectic alloy of gallium and indium; R1 and R2 refer to two classes of insulating molecular units-(CH2)n and (C6H4)m-that are connected in series and have different tunneling decay constants in the Simmons equation. These junctions can be analyzed as a form of series-tunneling junctions based on the observation that permuting the order of R1 and R2 in the junction does not alter the overall rate of charge transport. By using the Ag/O2C interface, this system decouples the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO, which is localized on the carboxylate group) from strong interactions with the R1 and R2 units. The differences in rates of tunneling are thus determined by the electronic structure of the groups R1 and R2; these differences are not influenced by the order of R1 and R2 in the SAM. In an electrical potential model that rationalizes this observation, R1 and R2 contribute independently to the height of the barrier. This model explicitly assumes that contributions to rates of tunneling from the Ag(TS)/O2C and H//Ga2O3 interfaces are constant across the series examined. The current density of these series-tunneling junctions can be described by J(V) = J0(V) exp(-β1d1 - β2d2), where J(V) is the current density (A/cm(2)) at applied voltage V and βi and di are the parameters describing the attenuation of the tunneling current through a rectangular tunneling barrier, with width d and a height related to the attenuation factor β.

  17. 2013-2016 Lecture Series


    Scheid, John


    The launch in May 2014 of the lecture series delivered by Visiting Professor Jean-Louis Cohen from New York University, opened a new chapter in the history of teaching at the Collège de France, namely that of the Pluri-Annual Visiting Professorships. The new system increases the Collège de France’s freedom of action: it can now invite professors and ask them to teach for relatively long periods of time, even if they choose not to give up the permanent position they hold in another institution...

  18. Ameloblastic carcinoma: A case series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Appaji Athota


    Full Text Available Ameloblastic carcinoma is a rare odontogenic tumor exhibiting not only features of ameloblastoma but also features of carcinoma in either or both primary and metastatic lesions. Clinical features of this lesion are more aggressive and rapid than those of ameloblastoma. At times, it can metastasize to the lung or regional lymph nodes. Histologically, there is a picture of both ameloblastoma and carcinoma. Treatment is aggressive and has to be designed for each individual patient. English literature is sparse for this condition, as fewer cases have been reported till date. We report a series of four cases with different treatment modalities.

  19. Adding source positions to the IVS combination—First results (United States)

    Bachmann, Sabine; Thaller, Daniela


    The consistent estimation of terrestrial reference frames (TRF), celestial reference frames (CRF) and Earth orientation parameters (EOP) is still an open subject and offers a large field of investigations. Until now, source positions resulting from Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) observations are not routinely combined on the level of normal equations in the same way as it is a common process for station coordinates and EOPs. The combination of source positions based on VLBI observations is now integrated in the IVS combination process. We present the studies carried out to evaluate the benefit of the combination compared to individual solutions. On the level of source time series, improved statistics regarding weighted root mean square have been found for the combination in comparison with the individual contributions. In total, 67 stations and 907 sources (including 291 ICRF2 defining sources) are included in the consistently generated CRF and TRF covering 30 years of VLBI contributions. The rotation angles A_1, A_2 and A_3 relative to ICRF2 are -12.7, 51.7 and 1.8 μas, the drifts D_α and D_δ are -67.2 and 19.1 μas/rad and the bias B_δ is 26.1 μas. The comparison of the TRF solution with the IVS routinely combined quarterly TRF solution shows no significant impact on the TRF, when the CRF is estimated consistently with the TRF. The root mean square value of the post-fit station coordinate residuals is 0.9 cm.

  20. Prevalence and relevance of secondary contact sensitizers in subjects with psoriasis. (United States)

    Krupashankar, D S; Manivasagam, Shakthi R


    Psoriasis may be complicated by contact dermatitis due to an impaired cutaneous barrier. Patch testing helps elucidate sensitizers if any. To determine the prevalence and relevance of secondary contact dermatitis in subjects with psoriasis. Patch testing with Indian Standard Series was done and readings interpreted after 48 and 96 hours. Among 110 subjects 47 (42.7%) showed reactions to at least one antigen. Fifteen (13.6%) reacted to fragrance mix, 10 (9.1%) to nickel sulfate, seven (6.4%) to parthenium, and six (5.5%) to balsam of Peru. Palmoplantar psoriasis was the commonest type of psoriasis patch tested. Fragrance mix was the commonest antigen showing 100% current relevance as an aggravating factor of psoriasis. Cosmetics, beauty preparations, skin and healthcare products followed by topical medications were found to be the most common sources of the patch test positivity. Secondary contact dermatitis is common in patients with psoriasis. Patch testing is necessary to determine the triggering or aggravating antigens in these patients to avoid sensitizers and improve quality of life.

  1. Prevalence and relevance of secondary contact sensitizers in subjects with psoriasis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D S Krupashankar


    Full Text Available Background: Psoriasis may be complicated by contact dermatitis due to an impaired cutaneous barrier. Patch testing helps elucidate sensitizers if any. Aims: To determine the prevalence and relevance of secondary contact dermatitis in subjects with psoriasis. Materials and Methods: Patch testing with Indian Standard Series was done and readings interpreted after 48 and 96 hours. Results: Among 110 subjects 47 (42.7% showed reactions to at least one antigen. Fifteen (13.6% reacted to fragrance mix, 10 (9.1% to nickel sulfate, seven (6.4% to parthenium, and six (5.5% to balsam of Peru. Palmoplantar psoriasis was the commonest type of psoriasis patch tested. Fragrance mix was the commonest antigen showing 100% current relevance as an aggravating factor of psoriasis. Cosmetics, beauty preparations, skin and healthcare products followed by topical medications were found to be the most common sources of the patch test positivity. Conclusions: Secondary contact dermatitis is common in patients with psoriasis. Patch testing is necessary to determine the triggering or aggravating antigens in these patients to avoid sensitizers and improve quality of life.

  2. A Course in Time Series Analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Peña, Daniel; Tsay, Ruey S


    New statistical methods and future directions of research in time series A Course in Time Series Analysis demonstrates how to build time series models for univariate and multivariate time series data. It brings together material previously available only in the professional literature and presents a unified view of the most advanced procedures available for time series model building. The authors begin with basic concepts in univariate time series, providing an up-to-date presentation of ARIMA models, including the Kalman filter, outlier analysis, automatic methods for building ARIMA models, a

  3. Canonical Source Reconstruction for MEG

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jérémie Mattout


    Full Text Available We describe a simple and efficient solution to the problem of reconstructing electromagnetic sources into a canonical or standard anatomical space. Its simplicity rests upon incorporating subject-specific anatomy into the forward model in a way that eschews the need for cortical surface extraction. The forward model starts with a canonical cortical mesh, defined in a standard stereotactic space. The mesh is warped, in a nonlinear fashion, to match the subject's anatomy. This warping is the inverse of the transformation derived from spatial normalization of the subject's structural MRI image, using fully automated procedures that have been established for other imaging modalities. Electromagnetic lead fields are computed using the warped mesh, in conjunction with a spherical head model (which does not rely on individual anatomy. The ensuing forward model is inverted using an empirical Bayesian scheme that we have described previously in several publications. Critically, because anatomical information enters the forward model, there is no need to spatially normalize the reconstructed source activity. In other words, each source, comprising the mesh, has a predetermined and unique anatomical attribution within standard stereotactic space. This enables the pooling of data from multiple subjects and the reporting of results in stereotactic coordinates. Furthermore, it allows the graceful fusion of fMRI and MEG data within the same anatomical framework.

  4. A Time Series Forecasting Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wang Zhao-Yu


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a novel time series forecasting method based on a weighted self-constructing clustering technique. The weighted self-constructing clustering processes all the data patterns incrementally. If a data pattern is not similar enough to an existing cluster, it forms a new cluster of its own. However, if a data pattern is similar enough to an existing cluster, it is removed from the cluster it currently belongs to and added to the most similar cluster. During the clustering process, weights are learned for each cluster. Given a series of time-stamped data up to time t, we divide it into a set of training patterns. By using the weighted self-constructing clustering, the training patterns are grouped into a set of clusters. To estimate the value at time t + 1, we find the k nearest neighbors of the input pattern and use these k neighbors to decide the estimation. Experimental results are shown to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

  5. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Johns Hopkins Stategies to Increase your Level of Physical Activity Role of Body Weight in Osteoarthritis Educational Videos ... Drug Information for Patients Arthritis Drug Information Sheets Benefits and Risks of Opioids in Arthritis ... website is intended for educational purposes only. Physicians and other health care professionals are encouraged to consult other sources ...

  6. Rheumatoid Arthritis Educational Video Series

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... and Alternative Medicine for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Yoga for Arthritis Yoga Poses for Arthritis Patients from Johns Hopkins Stategies ... Drug Information for Patients Arthritis Drug Information Sheets Benefits and Risks of Opioids in Arthritis ... website is intended for educational purposes only. Physicians and other health care professionals are encouraged to consult other sources ...

  7. MOBBED: a computational data infrastructure for handling large collections of event-rich time series datasets in MATLAB. (United States)

    Cockfield, Jeremy; Su, Kyungmin; Robbins, Kay A


    Experiments to monitor human brain activity during active behavior record a variety of modalities (e.g., EEG, eye tracking, motion capture, respiration monitoring) and capture a complex environmental context leading to large, event-rich time series datasets. The considerable variability of responses within and among subjects in more realistic behavioral scenarios requires experiments to assess many more subjects over longer periods of time. This explosion of data requires better computational infrastructure to more systematically explore and process these collections. MOBBED is a lightweight, easy-to-use, extensible toolkit that allows users to incorporate a computational database into their normal MATLAB workflow. Although capable of storing quite general types of annotated data, MOBBED is particularly oriented to multichannel time series such as EEG that have event streams overlaid with sensor data. MOBBED directly supports access to individual events, data frames, and time-stamped feature vectors, allowing users to ask questions such as what types of events or features co-occur under various experimental conditions. A database provides several advantages not available to users who process one dataset at a time from the local file system. In addition to archiving primary data in a central place to save space and avoid inconsistencies, such a database allows users to manage, search, and retrieve events across multiple datasets without reading the entire dataset. The database also provides infrastructure for handling more complex event patterns that include environmental and contextual conditions. The database can also be used as a cache for expensive intermediate results that are reused in such activities as cross-validation of machine learning algorithms. MOBBED is implemented over PostgreSQL, a widely used open source database, and is freely available under the GNU general public license at Source and issue reports for MOBBED

  8. How to Finance and Administer Rural Development Programs. Resources for Rural Development Series: Handbook No. 3. (United States)

    National Area Development Inst., Rockport, TX.

    One of a series, this handbook is designed to assist individuals involved in area development to gain knowledge and understanding of the public and private sources of funds for support of various area development activities. National, regional, and local private sector sources of development capital are examined to give an overview of business…

  9. [Reproducibility of subjective refraction measurement]. (United States)

    Grein, H-J; Schmidt, O; Ritsche, A


    Reproducibility of subjective refraction measurement is limited by various factors. The main factors affecting reproducibility include the characteristics of the measurement method and of the subject and the examiner. This article presents the results of a study on this topic, focusing on the reproducibility of subjective refraction measurement in healthy eyes. The results of previous studies are not all presented in the same way by the respective authors and cannot be fully standardized without consulting the original scientific data. To the extent that they are comparable, the results of our study largely correspond largely with those of previous investigations: During repeated subjective refraction measurement, 95% of the deviation from the mean value was approximately ±0.2 D to ±0.65 D for the spherical equivalent and cylindrical power. The reproducibility of subjective refraction measurement in healthy eyes is limited, even under ideal conditions. Correct assessment of refraction results is only feasible after identifying individual variability. Several measurements are required. Refraction cannot be measured without a tolerance range. The English full-text version of this article is available at SpringerLink (under supplemental).

  10. Global Population Density Grid Time Series Estimates (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Global Population Density Grid Time Series Estimates provide a back-cast time series of population density grids based on the year 2000 population grid from SEDAC's...

  11. Global Population Count Grid Time Series Estimates (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Global Population Count Grid Time Series Estimates provide a back-cast time series of population grids based on the year 2000 population grid from SEDAC's Global...

  12. Visits Service Launches New Seminar Series

    CERN Multimedia


    The CERN Visits Service is launching a new series of seminars for guides, and they are open to everyone. The series kicks off next week with a talk by Konrad Elsener on the CERN neutrinos to Gran Sasso, CNGS, project.

  13. Investment Company Series and Class Information (United States)

    Securities and Exchange Commission — The Series and Class Report provides basic identification information for all active registered investment company series and classes that have been issued IDs by...

  14. subjective approach to subjective approach to human physiological

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    This study was based on the subjective responses of the masons that are performing physical activity of blocklaying in the outdoor condition in outdoor condition in outdoor condition in Ogun State Nigeria. A total of 204 masons were investigated on the average of seventeen. Ogun State Nigeria. A total of 204 masons were ...

  15. Subject to Form: Research Interviews, Performative Subjectivity, Professional Development (United States)

    Sarigianides, Sophia Tatiana


    In this dissertation, I analyze teacher, literacy coach and researcher subjectivities in a five-year study of on-site professional development with middle-grade Language Arts teachers in a school designated by its district and state as severely underperforming. Interested in the role of research interviews as both research method and cultural…

  16. Subjective quality of life and emotional pain among subjects with ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Objective: Heart failure (HF) is a common pathology worldwide. Associated emotional pain is an important risk factor of increased morbidity and secondary psychopathology. Methods: Subjects in stable state of HF attending the cardiology clinic of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) were recruited into the study.

  17. A Flexible Power Electronics Configuration for Coupling Renewable Energy Sources

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Filippini, Mattia; Molinas, Marta; Oregi, Eneko


    A combination of series, parallel and multilevel power electronics has been investigated as a potential interface for two different types of renewable energy sources and in order to reach higher power levels...

  18. Psychoanalysis And Politics: Historicising Subjectivity (United States)

    Layton, Lynne


    In this paper, I compare three different views of the relation between subjectivity and modernity: one proposed by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, a second by theorists of institutionalised individualisation, and a third by writers in the Foucaultian tradition of studies of the history of governmentalities. The theorists were chosen because they represent very different understandings of the relation between contemporary history and subjectivity. My purpose is to ground psychoanalytic theory about what humans need in history and so to question what it means to talk ahistorically about what humans need in order to thrive psychologically. Only in so doing can one assess the relation between psychoanalysis and progressive politics. I conclude that while psychoanalysis is a discourse of its time, it can also function as a counter-discourse and can help us understand the effects on subjectivity of a more than thirty year history in the West of repudiating dependency needs and denying interdependence. PMID:23678239

  19. Energy data base: subject thesaurus

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Redford, J.S. (ed.)


    The technical staff of the DOE Technical Information Center, during its subject indexing activities, develops and structures a vocabulary that allows consistent machine storage and retrieval of information necessary to the accomplishment of the DOE mission. This thesaurus incorporates that structured vocabulary. The terminology of this thesaurus is used for the subject control of information announced in DOE Energy Research Abstracts, Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis, and various update journals and bulletins in specialized areas. This terminology also facilitates subject searching of the DOE Energy Data Base on the DOE/RECON on-line retrieval system and on other commercial retrieval systems. The rapid expansion of the DOE's activities will result in a commitant thesaurus expansion as information relating to new activities is indexed. Only the terms used in the indexing of documents at the Technical Information Center to date are included. (JSR)

  20. Visual perception of spatial subjects

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Osterloh, K.R.S.; Ewert, U. [Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin (Germany)


    Principally, any imaging technology consists of two consecutive, though strictly separated processes: data acquisition and subsequent processing to generate an image that can be looked at, either on a monitor screen or printed on paper. Likewise, the physiological process of viewing can be separated into vision and perception, though these processes are much more overlapping. Understanding the appearance of a subject requires the entire sequence from receiving the information carried e.g. by photons up to an appropriate processing leading to the perception of the subject shown. As a consequence, the imagination of a subject is a result of both, technological and physiological processes. Whenever an evaluation of an image is critical, also the physiological part of the processing should be considered. However, an image has two dimensions in the first place and reality is spatial, it has three dimensions. This problem has been tackled on a philosophical level at least since Platon's famous discussion on the shadow image in a dark cave. The mere practical point is which structural details can be perceived and what may remain undetected depending on the mode of presentation. This problem cannot be resolved without considering each single step of visual perception. Physiologically, there are three 'tools' available to understanding the spatial structure of a subject: binocular viewing, following the course of perspective projection and motion to collect multiple aspects. Artificially, an object may be cut in various ways to display the interior or covering parts could be made transparent within a model. Samples will be shown how certain details of a subject can be emphasised or hidden depending on the way of presentation. It needs to be discussed what might help to perceive the true spatial structure of a subject with all relevant details and what could be misleading. (authors)

  1. HTGR Mechanistic Source Terms White Paper

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wayne Moe


    The primary purposes of this white paper are: (1) to describe the proposed approach for developing event specific mechanistic source terms for HTGR design and licensing, (2) to describe the technology development programs required to validate the design methods used to predict these mechanistic source terms and (3) to obtain agreement from the NRC that, subject to appropriate validation through the technology development program, the approach for developing event specific mechanistic source terms is acceptable

  2. Combinatorics Connections: Playoff Series and Pascal's Triangle. (United States)

    Litwiller, Bonnie H.; Duncan, David R.


    Applies Pascal's Triangle to determine the number of ways in which a given team can win a playoff series of differing lengths. Presents the solutions for one-, three-, five-, seven-, and nine-game series, and extends the solution to the general case for any series. (MDH)

  3. Improving the Instruction of Infinite Series (United States)

    Lindaman, Brian; Gay, A. Susan


    Calculus instructors struggle to teach infinite series, and students have difficulty understanding series and related concepts. Four instructional strategies, prominently used during the calculus reform movement, were implemented during a 3-week unit on infinite series in one class of second-semester calculus students. A description of each…

  4. Component extraction analysis of multivariate time series

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Akman, I.; de Gooijer, J.G.


    A method for modelling several observed parallel time series is proposed. The method involves seeking possible common underlying pure AR and MA components in the series. The common components are forced to be mutually uncorrelated so that univariate time series modelling and forecasting techniques

  5. Taylor series expansions for stationary Markov chains

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heidergott, B.F.; Hordijk, A.


    We study Taylor series expansions of stationary characteristics of general-state-space Markov chains. The elements of the Taylor series are explicitly calculated and a lower bound for the radius of convergence of the Taylor series is established. The analysis provided in this paper applies to the

  6. Generating series for bilinear hybrid systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M. Petreczky (Mihaly); J.H. van Schuppen (Jan)


    htmlabstractIn this paper we introduce the novel concept of a hybrid generating series and show that continuous state and output trajectories of bilinear hybrid systems can be described in terms of these series. The results represent an extension of the Fliess-series expansion for bilinear systems

  7. Functional sequences and series (in Ukrainian)


    Sukhorolsky, Mykhaylo


    The theory of the functional sequences and series is presented; uniformly convergent, convergent in the sense of a mean square and weakly convergent sequences and series are considered. Sequential approach to constructing generalized methods of series summarizing and generalized solutions of the problems of mathematical physics is developed

  8. Winter Video Series Coming in January | Poster (United States)

    The Scientific Library’s annual Summer Video Series was so successful that it will be offering a new Winter Video Series beginning in January. For this inaugural event, the staff is showing the eight-part series from National Geographic titled “American Genius.” 

  9. Sealed source peer review plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Feldman, Alexander [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Leonard, Lee [RETIRED; Burns, Ron [CONTRACTOR


    Sealed sources are known quantities of radioactive materials that have been encapsulated in quantities that produce known radiation fields. Sealed sources have multiple uses ranging from instrument calibration sources to sources that produce radiation fields for experimental applications. The Off-Site Source Recovery (OSR) Project at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), created in 1999, under the direction of the Waste Management Division of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Albuquerque has been assigned the responsibility to recover and manage excess and unwanted radioactive sealed sources from the public and private sector. LANL intends to ship drums containing qualified sealed sources to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) for disposal. Prior to shipping, these drums must be characterized with respect to radiological content and other parameters. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that ten radionulcides be quantified and reported for every container of waste to be disposed in the WIPP. The methods traditionally approved by the EPA include non-destructive assay (NDA) in accordance with Appendix A of the Contact-Handled Transuranic Waste Acceptance Criteria for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (DOE, 2002) (CH WAC). However, because of the nature and pedigree of historical records for sealed sources and the technical infeasibility of performing NDA on these sources, LANL proposes to characterize the content of these waste drums using qualified existing radiological data in lieu of direct measurement. This plan describes the process and documentation requirements for the use of the peer review process to qualify existing data for sealed radiological sources in lieu of perfonning radioassay. The peer review process will be performed in accordance with criteria provided in 40 CFR {section} 194.22 which specifies the use of the NUREG 1297 guidelines. The plan defines the management approach, resources, schedule, and technical requirements

  10. La scienza delle serie tv

    CERN Document Server

    Gentile, Andrea


    Un professore di chimica potrebbe davvero fabbricare droga come Walter White in "Breaking Bad"? Tra quanto avremo il teletrasporto di "Star Trek"? E qual è il modo migliore di reagire a un'epidemia zombie come quella di "The Walking Dead"? Si può parlare di scienza anche stando comodamente in poltrona di fronte alla televisione. Le serie tv sono diventate prodotti di culto, e le più celebri sono proprio quelle fantascientifiche, mediche o di investigazione, che al loro interno raccontano molta scienza. Cosa c'è di vero in ciò che mostrano? Dalla nascita del cosmo in "The Big Bang Theory", passando per le fantadiagnosi del "Dr. House", i complotti alieni di "X-Files" e la natura del tempo in "True Detective", Andrea Gentile svela il lato nascosto dei nostri show preferiti, con un linguaggio semplice e spiegazioni alla portata di tutti.

  11. Seminar series on Safety matters

    CERN Multimedia



    The HSE - Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection - Unit is starting a seminar series on Safety matters. The aim is to invite colleagues from Universities, Industries or Government Agencies to share their experience. The seminars will take place in intervals of several months. Part of the Seminars will be held in the form of a Forum where participants can discuss and share views with persons who manage, teach or research Safety matters elsewhere. You are invited to the first Safety Seminar on 22nd September 2010 at 10h00 in building 40 S2 A1 "Salle Andersson" L’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) will present the way safety is managed in their research institution. Some aspects of research in physics and chemical laboratories will also be presented. The seminar will be given by Dr Thierry Meyer, Head of OHS at FSB-EPFL and Dr Amela Groso, responsible for the safety of the physics institutes

  12. Earthquake Source Mechanics (United States)

    The past 2 decades have seen substantial progress in our understanding of the nature of the earthquake faulting process, but increasingly, the subject has become an interdisciplinary one. Thus, although the observation of radiated seismic waves remains the primary tool for studying earthquakes (and has been increasingly focused on extracting the physical processes occurring in the “source”), geological studies have also begun to play a more important role in understanding the faulting process. Additionally, defining the physical underpinning for these phenomena has come to be an important subject in experimental and theoretical rock mechanics.In recognition of this, a Maurice Ewing Symposium was held at Arden House, Harriman, N.Y. (the former home of the great American statesman Averill Harriman), May 20-23, 1985. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together the international community of experimentalists, theoreticians, and observationalists who are engaged in the study of various aspects of earthquake source mechanics. The conference was attended by more than 60 scientists from nine countries (France, Italy, Japan, Poland, China, the United Kingdom, United States, Soviet Union, and the Federal Republic of Germany).

  13. Raffinose-Series Oligosaccharides in Soybean Products

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Švejstil R.


    Full Text Available Soybean foods forming a substantial part of Asian diet have still more expanded into European diet. Raffinose-series oligosaccharides (RSO are important constituents of soya beans and they can be found also in soybean products. These oligosaccharides can be considered potentially prebiotic for their capability of influencing the composition of the host’s intestinal microbiota. The aim of the present paper was to determine the oligosaccharide content in various soybean products. Enzymatic assay has been used for the determination of oligosaccharides. RSO have been found in all tested samples and their content varied from 0.66 g per 100 g in soybean beverage to 5.59 g per 100 g in first clear soybean flour. Generally, the highest content of RSO has been detected in soybean flour in the average amount of 4.83 g per 100 g. There was no statistically significant difference observed in the amount of oligosaccharides in all four types of soybean flour (P < 0.01. Considerably high amounts of RSO have been found in sweet soybean bars and textured soy protein. Foods as soybean flour and soybean bar ‘Sójový suk’ seem to be effective natural sources of prebiotic oligosaccharides for humans.

  14. California State Waters Map Series Data Catalog (United States)

    Golden, Nadine E.


    In 2007, the California Ocean Protection Council initiated the California Seafloor Mapping Program (CSMP), designed to create a comprehensive seafloor map of high-resolution bathymetry, marine benthic habitats, and geology within the 3-nautical-mile limit of California's State Waters. The CSMP approach is to create highly detailed seafloor maps and associated data layers through the collection, integration, interpretation, and visualization of swath sonar data, acoustic backscatter, seafloor video, seafloor photography, high-resolution seismic-reflection profiles, and bottom-sediment sampling data. CSMP has divided coastal California into 110 map blocks (fig. 1), each to be published individually as USGS Scientific Investigations Maps (SIMs) at a scale of 1:24,000. The map products display seafloor morphology and character, identify potential marine benthic habitats, and illustrate both the seafloor geology and shallow (to about 100 m) subsurface geology. This CSMP data catalog contains much of the data used to prepare the SIMs in the California State Waters Map Series. Other data that were used to prepare the maps were compiled from previously published sources (for example, onshore geology) and, thus, are not included herein.

  15. A source book in physics

    CERN Document Server

    Magie, William Francis


    This is the reprint of a well-known and valuable work that has been out of print and widely sought for a number of years. A volume in the series of Source Books in the History of the Sciences, it consists of selections from the writings of the great physicists from the 16th through the 19th century - such figures as Galileo and Newton, Franklin and Faraday, Rowland, Hertz, and the Curies - making available to the student in English translation their most important contributions, described in their own words, together with biographical and explanatory notes by the editor.

  16. Youth Homelessness and Individualised Subjectivity (United States)

    Farrugia, David


    This article aims to contribute to understandings of youth homelessness and subjectivity by analysing identity construction in terms of young people's negotiation of the structural and institutional environment of youth homelessness. I suggest that while existing literature on this topic concentrates mainly on micro-social encounters, the…

  17. The Societal Nature of Subjectivity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olesen, Henning Salling


    The HSR Focus presents a psycho-societal approach to qualitative empirical research in several areas of everyday social life. It is an approach which integrates a theory of subjectivity and an interpretation methodology which integrates hermeneutic experiences from text analysis and psychoanalysis...

  18. Student Pressure Subject of Debate (United States)

    Gewertz, Catherine


    This article discusses student pressure as a subject of debate. The latest debate about schoolwork is being fueled by three recent books: "The Homework Myth" by Alfie Kohn, "The Case Against Homework" by Sara Bennett and Nancy Kalish, and "The Overachievers", by Alexandra Robbins, which depicts overextended high…

  19. Sexuality: Still a Taboo Subject? (United States)

    Duguay, Lucille


    In spite of the fact that we are all bombarded with sexual messages every day, the subject of relationship and sexuality education for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities continues to be a taboo one. Generally speaking, the author has found it is not the parents of those young people who are reluctant to have the discussion,…

  20. Changes in Dictionary Subject Matter

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Sandro


    The general content of the three editions of the Duden dictionary has undergone few changes. The most substantial changes are the addition of syllabification and the deletion of antonomy in respect of lemmata in the second and third editions. The concept of dictionary subject matter is questioned...

  1. The Subjective Dimension of Nazism

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Föllmer, M.


    The present historiographical review discusses the subjective dimension of Nazism, an ideology and regime that needed translation into self-definitions, gender roles, and bodily practices to implant itself in German society and mobilize it for racial war. These studies include biographies of some of

  2. Russia needs the Subjective Philosophy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Z. Gontcharov


    Full Text Available Based on the comparative analysis of different kinds of philosophic thinking, the paper reveals the advantages of subjective philosophy – the most adequate universal essentiality of socialized human being, opening the prospects for Russia as the creative society of cultural spontaneous activity. Objective principle of thinking is limited by the logic of outward definition. According to the above logic, people are regarded as tiny parts of social mechanism, the objects of manipulation. Separating action from spontaneous activity, object changes from self-alteration of human subject, executive functions from norm-creating ones brings about alienated practices and such social situation that makes individuals perceive their own existence as alien non- existence, or opposing existence.Subjectivity is a form of social activity regarding individuals and groups according to their ability in self-definition, self-organizing, self-control, norm-creating, as well as their actual rights and duties in social spheres of needs and objectives, and their feasible power over forces of nature and society. Subjective philosophy perceives the material production as the means for cultivating wholesome and spontaneously active individuals due to educational fundamentality and cultural prosperity. Accordingly, accumulation of capital turns into accumulation of culture and personal creativity growth. The results of the undertaken analysis and its conclusions can be implemented in developing creative anthropological bases for philosophy, pedagogy, psychology, economics, political science, as well as the relating discipline teaching. 

  3. Developmental Asynchrony in the Acquisition of Subject Properties in Child L2 English and Spanish (United States)

    Pladevall-Ballester, Elisabet


    Given that L1A of subject properties in non-null subject languages emerges later than that of null subject languages, this study aims at determining to what extent the same pattern of acquisition is observed in early child L2A in bilingual immersion settings where English and Spanish are both source and target languages. Using an elicited oral…

  4. Cuspidal discrete series for projective hyperbolic spaces

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Nils Byrial; Flensted-Jensen, Mogens


    Abstract. We have in [1] proposed a definition of cusp forms on semisimple symmetric spaces G/H, involving the notion of a Radon transform and a related Abel transform. For the real non-Riemannian hyperbolic spaces, we showed that there exists an infinite number of cuspidal discrete series......, and at most finitely many non-cuspidal discrete series, including in particular the spherical discrete series. For the projective spaces, the spherical discrete series are the only non-cuspidal discrete series. Below, we extend these results to the other hyperbolic spaces, and we also study the question...

  5. Time Series Analysis and Forecasting by Example

    CERN Document Server

    Bisgaard, Soren


    An intuition-based approach enables you to master time series analysis with ease Time Series Analysis and Forecasting by Example provides the fundamental techniques in time series analysis using various examples. By introducing necessary theory through examples that showcase the discussed topics, the authors successfully help readers develop an intuitive understanding of seemingly complicated time series models and their implications. The book presents methodologies for time series analysis in a simplified, example-based approach. Using graphics, the authors discuss each presented example in

  6. Special values of the hypergeometric series

    CERN Document Server

    Ebisu, Akihito


    In this paper, the author presents a new method for finding identities for hypergeoemtric series, such as the (Gauss) hypergeometric series, the generalized hypergeometric series and the Appell-Lauricella hypergeometric series. Furthermore, using this method, the author gets identities for the hypergeometric series F(a,b;c;x) and shows that values of F(a,b;c;x) at some points x can be expressed in terms of gamma functions, together with certain elementary functions. The author tabulates the values of F(a,b;c;x) that can be obtained with this method and finds that this set includes almost all previously known values and many previously unknown values.

  7. Subjectivity, individuality and singularity in children: a socially constituted subject

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandra Del Ré


    Full Text Available Considering the hypothesis that Bakhtin and his Circle‟s reflections can help us think about issues involving the field of Language Acquisition, in addition to the fact that there are only a few works developed within this perspective in Brazil, in this article, we intend to discuss the notions of “subject”, “subjectivity”,“individuality” and “singularity”, drawing on Bakhtin‟s theory. Thus, in order to make this discussion clearer, we bring data from the speech of young children, from 1.8 to 3 years old, who were filmed in natural contexts interacting with their parents and relatives. From these data, we could verify, among other things, that children, as individuals who constitute themselves as subjects in and throughlanguage, bring marks to their discourse, revealing their subjectivity (through lexical, morphological, syntactic or genre choices.

  8. Electromagnetic switches, NEO SC Series; Denji kaiheiki NEO SC series

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The medium to large size electromagnetic switches, NEO SC Series were developed under the following five concepts: 'internationality,' 'safety,' 'practical applicability,' 'compactness' and 'environmentality'. Under the circumstances that safety and environmentality are given greater importance, internationalization of the JIS standard is in progress. These switches are the global products that are based on the newly established JIS standard and the international standard, and have acquired certification for the overseas standards in the standard products. Assurance of quick supply of the products including maintenance parts contribute to convenience of the customers. Enhancement was made on the performance to prevent consequential accident in the event of short circuit accident, as well as on the arc space free structure and safety as a result of making a full product line, including terminal covers and intra-phase barriers. Practical applicability was enhanced by expanding models attached with rails, and increasing the operating ambient temperature to 55 degrees C, and the coverage of additional auxiliary contacts. (translated by NEDO)

  9. Working Memory Processing In Normal Subjects and Subjects with Dyslexia (United States)

    Bowyer, S. M.; Lajiness-O'Neill, R.; Weiland, B. J.; Mason, K.; Tepley, N.


    Magnetoencephalography (MEG) was used to determine the neuroanatomical location of working memory (WM) processes. Differences between subjects with dyslexia (SD; n=5) and normal readers (NR; n=5) were studied during two WM tasks. A spatial WM task (SMW) consisted of blocks visually presented in one of 12 positions for 2 s each. Subjects were to determine if the current position matched the position presented 2 slides earlier (N-Back Test). The verbal task (VMW) consisted of presentation of a single letter. The location of cortical activity during SWM in NR (determined with MR-FOCUSS analysis) was in the right superior temporal gyrus (STG) and right angular gyrus (AG). Similar activation was seen in SD with a slight delay of approximately 20 ms. During VWM activity was seen in LEFT STG and LEFT AG in NR. In contrast for SD, activation was in the RIGHT STG and RIGHT AG. This study demonstrates the possibility to differentiate WM processing in subjects with and without learning disorders.

  10. Creating single-subject design graphs in Microsoft Excel 2007. (United States)

    Dixon, Mark R; Jackson, James W; Small, Stacey L; Horner-King, Mollie J; Lik, Nicholas Mui Ker; Garcia, Yors; Rosales, Rocio


    Over 10 years have passed since the publication of Carr and Burkholder's (1998) technical article on how to construct single-subject graphs using Microsoft Excel. Over the course of the past decade, the Excel program has undergone a series of revisions that make the Carr and Burkholder paper somewhat difficult to follow with newer versions. The present article provides task analyses for constructing various types of commonly used single-subject design graphs in Microsoft Excel 2007. The task analyses were evaluated using a between-subjects design that compared the graphing skills of 22 behavior-analytic graduate students using Excel 2007 and either the Carr and Burkholder or newly developed task analyses. Results indicate that the new task analyses yielded more accurate and faster graph construction than the Carr and Burkholder instructions.

  11. A review of subsequence time series clustering. (United States)

    Zolhavarieh, Seyedjamal; Aghabozorgi, Saeed; Teh, Ying Wah


    Clustering of subsequence time series remains an open issue in time series clustering. Subsequence time series clustering is used in different fields, such as e-commerce, outlier detection, speech recognition, biological systems, DNA recognition, and text mining. One of the useful fields in the domain of subsequence time series clustering is pattern recognition. To improve this field, a sequence of time series data is used. This paper reviews some definitions and backgrounds related to subsequence time series clustering. The categorization of the literature reviews is divided into three groups: preproof, interproof, and postproof period. Moreover, various state-of-the-art approaches in performing subsequence time series clustering are discussed under each of the following categories. The strengths and weaknesses of the employed methods are evaluated as potential issues for future studies.

  12. A series transformation formula and related polynomials

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khristo N. Boyadzhiev


    Full Text Available We present a formula that turns power series into series of functions. This formula serves two purposes: first, it helps to evaluate some power series in a closed form; second, it transforms certain power series into asymptotic series. For example, we find the asymptotic expansions for λ>0 of the incomplete gamma function γ(λ,x and of the Lerch transcendent Φ(x,s,λ. In one particular case, our formula reduces to a series transformation formula which appears in the works of Ramanujan and is related to the exponential (or Bell polynomials. Another particular case, based on the geometric series, gives rise to a new class of polynomials called geometric polynomials.

  13. A Review of Subsequence Time Series Clustering (United States)

    Teh, Ying Wah


    Clustering of subsequence time series remains an open issue in time series clustering. Subsequence time series clustering is used in different fields, such as e-commerce, outlier detection, speech recognition, biological systems, DNA recognition, and text mining. One of the useful fields in the domain of subsequence time series clustering is pattern recognition. To improve this field, a sequence of time series data is used. This paper reviews some definitions and backgrounds related to subsequence time series clustering. The categorization of the literature reviews is divided into three groups: preproof, interproof, and postproof period. Moreover, various state-of-the-art approaches in performing subsequence time series clustering are discussed under each of the following categories. The strengths and weaknesses of the employed methods are evaluated as potential issues for future studies. PMID:25140332

  14. An Analytical Method of Auxiliary Sources Solution for Plane Wave Scattering by Impedance Cylinders

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Niels Vesterdal; Breinbjerg, Olav


    Analytical Method of Auxiliary Sources solutions for plane wave scattering by circular impedance cylinders are derived by transformation of the exact eigenfunction series solutions employing the Hankel function wave transformation. The analytical Method of Auxiliary Sources solution thus obtained...

  15. [Functioning of memory in subjects with autism]. (United States)

    Gras-Vincendon, A; Bursztejn, C; Danion, J-M


    Autism is an early developmental disorder with cognitive impairments that leads to learning and social integration disabilities. The characterization of memory functions in individuals with autism has been the subject of numerous investigations, with widely varying conclusions. The notable differences between these studies can be attributed to variations in the age, intelligence and level of severity of the participants with autism. The purpose of our review of the recent literature is to describe the memory function of individuals with autism. Some of the different memory subtypes are intact, others are impaired. Short-term memory (digit span) is not impaired while working memory is impaired in some of its components, but the findings are inconsistent. More recent studies demonstrate reduced spatial working memory abilities in autism and extend previous findings by demonstrating that these deficits are significant when tasks impose heavier demands on working memory. Episodic long-term memory, as measured by free recall, cued recall or recognition tasks, is intact, but participants with autism perform significantly less well than controls as the complexity of the verbal or visual material to be recalled increases. Source or contextual memory involves a variety of characteristics specifying the conditions under which specific items or facts are acquired: it has been investigated in individuals with autism with different methods. Deficits in source memory for temporal information have been found, but there were no reality monitoring deficits. Recent findings indicate that the nature of source memory confusion in autism does not appear to reflect a generalized deficit in attaching context to memories, but rather is dependant on the specific to-be-remembered information that involves social aspects of context. The self-reference effect is missing, with individuals with autism recalling events performed by themselves less well than the events performed by a peer

  16. Neuromagnetic Source Analysis Using Magnetic Resonance Images for the Construction of Source and Volume Conductor Model


    Lütkenhöner, Bernd; Menninghaus, Elisabeth; Steinsträter, Olaf; Wienbruch, Christian; Gißler, Hans Martin; Elbert, Thomas


    Sources of the somatosensory evoked fields (SEF) for one subject were estimated using constraints from the magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the same subject. A realistic volume conductor model was shaped corresponding to the inside of the skull. Sources were restricted to a dipole patch riding on the surface of the cortex, reconstructed from the individual MRI. Such a patch can be considered as a uniformly activated cortical area giving rise to distributed currents which flow perpendicular ...

  17. Optical surfacing via linear ion source

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wu, Lixiang, E-mail: [Key Lab of RF Circuits and Systems of Ministry of Education, Zhejiang Provincial Key Lab of LSI Design, Microelectronics CAD Center, College of Electronics and Information, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou (China); Wei, Chaoyang, E-mail: [Key Laboratory of Materials for High Power Laser, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800 (China); Shao, Jianda, E-mail: [Key Laboratory of Materials for High Power Laser, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800 (China)


    We present a concept of surface decomposition extended from double Fourier series to nonnegative sinusoidal wave surfaces, on the basis of which linear ion sources apply to the ultra-precision fabrication of complex surfaces and diffractive optics. The modified Fourier series, or sinusoidal wave surfaces, build a relationship between the fabrication process of optical surfaces and the surface characterization based on power spectral density (PSD) analysis. Also, we demonstrate that the one-dimensional scanning of linear ion source is applicable to the removal of mid-spatial frequency (MSF) errors caused by small-tool polishing in raster scan mode as well as the fabrication of beam sampling grating of high diffractive uniformity without a post-processing procedure. The simulation results show that optical fabrication with linear ion source is feasible and even of higher output efficiency compared with the conventional approach.

  18. Optimum design of B-series marine propellers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.M. Gaafary


    Full Text Available The choice of an optimum marine propeller is one of the most important problems in naval architecture. This problem can be handled using the propeller series diagrams or regression polynomials. This paper introduces a procedure to find out the optimum characteristics of B-series marine propellers. The propeller design process is performed as a single objective function subjected to constraints imposed by cavitation, material strength and required propeller thrust. Although optimization software of commercial type can be adopted to solve the problem, the computer program that has been specially developed for this task may be more useful for its flexibility and possibility to be incorporated, as a subroutine, with the complex ship design process.

  19. Subject-verb number (disagreement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Isac


    Full Text Available This paper discusses cases of number mismatches between subjects and verbs. The main proposal is that subject-verb agreement is not in number but in a different feature, that we call Cardinality. Cardinality is a feature of DPs that is computed on the basis of number features and collectivity features carried by various heads in the DP. The “computation” of the Cardinality feature proceeds internal to the feature matrix of one lexical item - the D. The values of the number and collectivity features carried by various heads in the DP are transferred to the D by means of a feature checking mechanism and the value of the Cardinality feature is then derived from these.

  20. Objective and subjective sleep quality

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Baandrup, Lone; Glenthøj, Birte Yding; Jennum, Poul Jørgen


    and subjective sleep quality during benzodiazepine discontinuation and whether sleep variables were associated with benzodiazepine withdrawal. Eligible patients included adults with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder and long-term use of benzodiazepines in combination...... with antipsychotics. All participants gradually tapered the use of benzodiazepines after randomization to add-on treatment with melatonin versus placebo. Here we report a subsample of 23 patients undergoing sleep recordings (one-night polysomnography) and 55 patients participating in subjective sleep quality ratings....... Melatonin had no effect on objective sleep efficiency, but significantly improved self-reported sleep quality. Reduced benzodiazepine dosage at the 24-week follow-up was associated with a significantly decreased proportion of stage 2 sleep. These results indicate that prolonged-release melatonin has some...

  1. Energy Data Base: Subject Thesaurus

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Raridon, M.H. (ed.)


    This seventh edition of the subject thesaurus contains the standard vocabulary of indexing terms (descriptors) developed and structured by the technical staff of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information as part of its subject indexing activities for building and maintaining the Energy Data Base (EDB) and other energy information data bases for the Department of Energy (DOE). The purpose of this thesaurus is to enhance the efficiency of information retrieval from these data bases. This structured vocabulary reflects the scope of DOE's research, development, and technological programs and encompasses terminology derived not only from the basic sciences for also from areas of energy resources, conservation, safety, environmental impact, and regulation. There are 21,080 valid descriptors and 5683 forbidden terms in this edition of the Thesaurus. These descriptors are listed alphabetically.

  2. Cesarean scar endometrioma: Case series (United States)

    Çöl, Cavit; Yilmaz, Edip Erdal


    AIM: To evaluate endometrioma located at cesarean scatrix. METHODS: Medical data of 6 patients who presented to our institution with abdominal wall endometrioma were evaluated retrospectively and reviewed literature in this case series. The diagnostic approaches and treatment is discussed. RESULTS: All patients had a painful mass located at abdominal scars with history of cesarean section. The ages ranged from 31 to 34 and Doppler ultrasonography (US) detected hypoechoic mass with a mean diameter of 30 mm. Initial diagnosis was endometrioma in 4 and incisional hernia in 2 of 6 patients. Treatment was achieved with surgical excision in 5 patients, and one is followed by hormone suppression therapy with gonadotropin. CONCLUSION: Malignant or benign tumors of abdominal wall and incisional hernias should be kept in mind for diagnosis of endometrioma. Imaging methods like doppler US, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging should be used for differential diagnosis. Definitive diagnosis can only be made histopathologically. The treatment should be complete surgical excision and take care against intraoperative auto-inoculation of endometrial tissue in order to prevent recurrences. PMID:24868512

  3. [Scimitar syndrome: a case series]. (United States)

    Jaramillo González, Carlos; Karam Bechara, José; Sáenz Gómez, Jessica; Siegert Olivares, Augusto; Jamaica Balderas, Lourdes

    Scimitar syndrome is a rare and complex congenital anomaly of the lung with multiple variables and is named for its resemblance to the classical radiological crooked sword. Its defining feature is the anomalous pulmonary drainage. It is associated with various cardiothoracic malformations and a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations. Nine patients diagnosed with scimitar syndrome found in the database of Hospital Infantil de México between 2009 and 2013 were reviewed. Demographic records, clinical status and hemodynamic parameters reported were collected. This case series called attention to certain differences between our group of patients and those reported in the international literature. Patients were predominantly female and were diagnosed between 1 and 20 months of life. All were asymptomatic at the time of the study. Half of the patients had a history of respiratory disease and all patients had with pulmonary hypertension. Surgical management was required in on-third of the patient group. Copyright © 2014 Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez. Publicado por Masson Doyma México S.A. All rights reserved.

  4. The Romantic subject as an absolutely autonomous individual

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miljana Cunta


    Full Text Available This essay deals with the Romantic subject as a philosophical and literary category. Recog­ nizing the diversity and complexity of literary production in the Romantic period, this study does not attempt to treat all the many aspects of this subject, but it instead focuses upan a few: the role of nature, the status of imagination, and the subject's relation to the transcendental reality. In its rela­ tion to these issues, the Romantic subject appears as an absolutely autonomous individual, one who finds no satisfaction in claims to transcendental certainty made by any source outside the self, but relies on his immanent powers to achieve the self-awareness that is the only sure access to truth. Special attention is given to the Romantic mystical experience, whereby the subject eames into relation with the transcendental reality. Here what are termed mystical feelings are contrasted with religious feelings proper so as to stress the peculiarities of the Romantic religious experience. In providing a theoretical framewok for the religious experience, we have recourse to Rudolf Otto's definition of the "numinous," which denotes the feeling response of the subject to the divine aspect of reality. In comparison with the true religious experience, the Romantic type is seen as pseudo­- religious, thus confirming the proposed definition of the Romantic subject as a truly autonomous individual. The essay's second part contains an interpretation of selected poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge with a view of extrapolating from them some aspects of the Romantic subject.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nisa’ul Kasanah


    Full Text Available Civics learning is one of the subjects related with daily activities. The purpose of this research is to determain the using of series image media to incrase of outcomes learning the civics subject on schools discipline materials and to determine the increase of outcomes learning the civics subject on schools discipline materials in school to the students with intellectual disability in grade II after given learning with series image media.The approach in this research is a classroom action research (CAR. The conclusion of the study is the use of the series image media in the schools discipline material can improve student learning outcomes. The indicators was the incrased values of the average student and the percentage of successful students from pre action, one cycle to the next cycle, in pre action was 48,75, the first cycle was 56,25 and the second cycle was 86,25.

  6. Backward disequilibrium in elderly subjects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrick Manckoundia


    Full Text Available Patrick Manckoundia1,2, France Mourey1,2, Dominic Pérennou2,3, Pierre Pfitzenmeyer1,21Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, University Hospital, Dijon, France; 2INSERM/ERIT-M 0207 Motricity-Plasticity University of Burgundy, Dijon, France; 3Department of Neurological Rehabilitation, University Hospital, Dijon, FranceAbstract: Backward disequilibrium is observed frequently in daily clinical practice. However, there are no epidemiological data concerning this postural disorder. Defined by a posterior position of the centre of mass with respect to the base of support, backward disequilibrium is abnormal postural behavior, usually characterized by a posterior trunk tilt in standing and sitting positions, which predisposes subjects to backward falls. Many afflictions whether they are somatic (degenerative, ischemic and traumatic brain lesions, psychosomatic (psychomotor disadaptation syndrome, confinement to bed, nonuse situations or psychological (depression can cause backward disequilibrium. A vicious circle of falls, and loss of autonomy can arise and this is the main consequence of backward disequilibrium. Thus, in this paper, we review backward disequilibrium in elderly subjects with regard to the causes, consequences, assessment, and management.Keywords: backward disequilibrium, balance, elderly subject, falls, posture

  7. Electrical source imaging of sleep spindles. (United States)

    Del Felice, Alessandra; Arcaro, Chiara; Storti, Silvia Francesca; Fiaschi, Antonio; Manganotti, Paolo


    To identify and compare cortical source generators of slow and fast sleep spindles in healthy subjects, electroencephalographic (EEG) signals were obtained from 256 channels, and sources on neuroanatomical Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) space estimated with low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography analysis (LORETA). Spindle activity was recorded in 18 healthy volunteers during daytime napping. Because of lack of sleep or excessive artifacts, data from 13 subjects were analyzed off-line. Spindles were visually scored, marked, and bandpass filtered (slow 10-12 Hz or fast 12-14 Hz). EEG was segmented on the marker, and segments separately averaged. LORETA projected cortical sources on the MNI brain. Maximal intra- and inter-individual intensities were compared using the Wilcoxon test (P generators were consistently identified in frontal lobes, with additional sources in parietal and limbic lobes in half cases. Fast spindles had multiple temporo-parietal sources, with an inconstant frontal source. Inter-individual (P = 0.44), and intra-individual (P = 0.09 slow and P = 0.10 fast spindles) source intensities were comparable. Slow spindles sources were preferentially concentrated over frontal cortices in comparison with fast spindles (P = 0.0009). Our results demonstrate multiple, synchronous, and equipotent spindles cortical generators in healthy subjects, with more anterior generators for slow spindles.

  8. The Fricative Sound Source Spectrum Derived from a Vocal Tract Analog. (United States)

    Zagar, Lawrence Edward

    The applications of speech synthesis for computer voice response and speech analysis present the need for highly intelligible and natural synthesized speech. In order to improve the synthesis of fricative and related sounds, the use of simple models for the source spectrum of fricative sounds is investigated. The investigation is based on the use of a vocal tract analog and experimental measurements. Measurements of the sound pressure spectra of fricative consonants are made. Simple sound pressure measurements and measurements based on the technique for measuring intensity are utilized. The fricatives studied are /f/, /th/, /s/, /sh/, and /h/. Fricative sound source spectra are determined by applying an inverse filter to the measured fricative sound pressure spectra. The inverse filtering function is derived from a vocal tract analog. The resulting fricative source spectra are fit to a truncated Fourier series. The results show that structure is evident in all the source spectra except /f/. The presence of structure was related to turbulent flows. The structure of turbulent flows is relevant since fricative sound production is induced by turbulence. The structure of turbulent flows with Reynolds number near the critical Reynolds number is dependent on the initial conditions, the boundary conditions, and on the nonlinearity of the Navier Stokes equations. These three factors are tied together by bifurcation theory which is used to explain the structure present in the fricative source spectra. Also, the possibility that the structure is a by-product of the vocal tract analog is allowed. In any case, the structure evident in the source spectra indicates the use of simple models for the source spectra of fricative sounds is in error or the vocal tract analog requires revision. The fricative source spectra determined in this study can be used in future speech synthesizers. Also, the same procedure employed in this study can be used for speech analysis of speech impaired

  9. A non linear analysis of human gait time series based on multifractal analysis and cross correlations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Munoz-Diosdado, A [Department of Mathematics, Unidad Profesional Interdisciplinaria de Biotecnologia, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Av. Acueducto s/n, 07340, Mexico City (Mexico)


    We analyzed databases with gait time series of adults and persons with Parkinson, Huntington and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) diseases. We obtained the staircase graphs of accumulated events that can be bounded by a straight line whose slope can be used to distinguish between gait time series from healthy and ill persons. The global Hurst exponent of these series do not show tendencies, we intend that this is because some gait time series have monofractal behavior and others have multifractal behavior so they cannot be characterized with a single Hurst exponent. We calculated the multifractal spectra, obtained the spectra width and found that the spectra of the healthy young persons are almost monofractal. The spectra of ill persons are wider than the spectra of healthy persons. In opposition to the interbeat time series where the pathology implies loss of multifractality, in the gait time series the multifractal behavior emerges with the pathology. Data were collected from healthy and ill subjects as they walked in a roughly circular path and they have sensors in both feet, so we have one time series for the left foot and other for the right foot. First, we analyzed these time series separately, and then we compared both results, with direct comparison and with a cross correlation analysis. We tried to find differences in both time series that can be used as indicators of equilibrium problems.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. I. Popov


    Full Text Available Subject of Research. Creation of asymptotic expansions for solutions of partial differential equations with small parameter reduces, usually, to consequent solving of the Sturm-Liouville problems chain. To find some term of the series, the non-homogeneous Sturm-Liouville problem with the inhomogeneity depending on the previous term needs to be solved. At the same time, the corresponding homogeneous problem has a non-trivial solution. Hence, the solvability problem occures for the non-homogeneous Sturm-Liouville problem for functions or formal power series. The paper deals with creation of such asymptotic expansions. Method. To prove the necessary condition, we use conventional integration technique of the whole equation and boundary conditions. To prove the sufficient condition, we create an appropriate Cauchy problem (which is always solvable and analyze its solution. We deal with the general case of power series and make no hypotheses about the series convergence. Main Result. Necessary and sufficient conditions of solvability for the non-homogeneous Sturm-Liouville problem in general case for formal power series are proved in the paper. As a particular case, the result is valid for functions instead of formal power series. Practical Relevance. The result is usable at creation of the solutions for partial differential equation in the form of power series. The result is general and is applicable to particular cases of such solutions, e.g., to asymptotic series or to functions (convergent power series.

  11. Rigorous accuracy assessment for 3D reconstruction using time-series Dual Fluoroscopy (DF) image pairs (United States)

    Al-Durgham, Kaleel; Lichti, Derek D.; Kuntze, Gregor; Ronsky, Janet


    High-speed biplanar videoradiography, or clinically referred to as dual fluoroscopy (DF), imaging systems are being used increasingly for skeletal kinematics analysis. Typically, a DF system comprises two X-ray sources, two image intensifiers and two high-speed video cameras. The combination of these elements provides time-series image pairs of articulating bones of a joint, which permits the measurement of bony rotation and translation in 3D at high temporal resolution (e.g., 120-250 Hz). Assessment of the accuracy of 3D measurements derived from DF imaging has been the subject of recent research efforts by several groups, however with methodological limitations. This paper presents a novel and simple accuracy assessment procedure based on using precise photogrammetric tools. We address the fundamental photogrammetry principles for the accuracy evaluation of an imaging system. Bundle adjustment with selfcalibration is used for the estimation of the system parameters. The bundle adjustment calibration uses an appropriate sensor model and applies free-network constraints and relative orientation stability constraints for a precise estimation of the system parameters. A photogrammetric intersection of time-series image pairs is used for the 3D reconstruction of a rotating planar object. A point-based registration method is used to combine the 3D coordinates from the intersection and independently surveyed coordinates. The final DF accuracy measure is reported as the distance between 3D coordinates from image intersection and the independently surveyed coordinates. The accuracy assessment procedure is designed to evaluate the accuracy over the full DF image format and a wide range of object rotation. Experiment of reconstruction of a rotating planar object reported an average positional error of 0.44 +/- 0.2 mm in the derived 3D coordinates (minimum 0.05 and maximum 1.2 mm).

  12. Time series analysis of contaminant transport in the subsurface: applications to conservative tracer and engineered nanomaterials. (United States)

    Bai, Chunmei; Li, Yusong


    Accurately predicting the transport of contaminants in the field is subject to multiple sources of uncertainty due to the variability of geological settings, the complexity of field measurements, and the scarcity of data. Such uncertainties can be amplified when modeling some emerging contaminants, such as engineered nanomaterials, when a fundamental understanding of their fate and transport is lacking. Typical field work includes collecting concentration at a certain location for an extended period of time, or measuring the movement of plume for an extended period time, which would result in a time series of observation data. This work presents an effort to evaluate the possibility of applying time series analysis, particularly, autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) models, to forecast contaminant transport and distribution in the subsurface environment. ARIMA modeling was first assessed in terms of its capability to forecast tracer transport at two field sites, which had different levels of heterogeneity. After that, this study evaluated the applicability of ARIMA modeling to predict the transport of engineered nanomaterials at field sites, including field measured data of nanoscale zero valent iron and (nZVI) and numerically generated data for the transport of nano-fullerene aggregates (nC60). This proof-of-concept effort demonstrates the possibility of applying ARIMA to predict the contaminant transport in the subsurface environment. Like many other statistical models, ARIMA modeling is only descriptive and not explanatory. The limitation and the challenge associated with applying ARIMA modeling to contaminant transport in the subsurface are also discussed. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  13. Models for Pooled Time-Series Cross-Section Data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lawrence E Raffalovich


    Full Text Available Several models are available for the analysis of pooled time-series cross-section (TSCS data, defined as “repeated observations on fixed units” (Beck and Katz 1995. In this paper, we run the following models: (1 a completely pooled model, (2 fixed effects models, and (3 multi-level/hierarchical linear models. To illustrate these models, we use a Generalized Least Squares (GLS estimator with cross-section weights and panel-corrected standard errors (with EViews 8 on the cross-national homicide trends data of forty countries from 1950 to 2005, which we source from published research (Messner et al. 2011. We describe and discuss the similarities and differences between the models, and what information each can contribute to help answer substantive research questions. We conclude with a discussion of how the models we present may help to mitigate validity threats inherent in pooled time-series cross-section data analysis.

  14. Analysis of Heavy-Tailed Time Series

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Xie, Xiaolei

    This thesis is about analysis of heavy-tailed time series. We discuss tail properties of real-world equity return series and investigate the possibility that a single tail index is shared by all return series of actively traded equities in a market. Conditions for this hypothesis to be true...... are identified. We study the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of sample covariance and sample auto-covariance matrices of multivariate heavy-tailed time series, and particularly for time series with very high dimensions. Asymptotic approximations of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of such matrices are found...... and expressed in terms of the parameters of the dependence structure, among others. Furthermore, we study an importance sampling method for estimating rare-event probabilities of multivariate heavy-tailed time series generated by matrix recursion. We show that the proposed algorithm is efficient in the sense...

  15. International Work-Conference on Time Series

    CERN Document Server

    Pomares, Héctor


    This volume presents selected peer-reviewed contributions from The International Work-Conference on Time Series, ITISE 2015, held in Granada, Spain, July 1-3, 2015. It discusses topics in time series analysis and forecasting, advanced methods and online learning in time series, high-dimensional and complex/big data time series as well as forecasting in real problems. The International Work-Conferences on Time Series (ITISE) provide a forum for scientists, engineers, educators and students to discuss the latest ideas and implementations in the foundations, theory, models and applications in the field of time series analysis and forecasting. It focuses on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research encompassing the disciplines of computer science, mathematics, statistics and econometrics.

  16. Applications of nonlinear time-series analysis (United States)

    Nichols, Jonathan Michael

    In this work, new applications in chaos theory and nonlinear time-series analysis are explored. Tools for attractor-based analysis are developed along with a complete description of invariant measures. The focus is on the computation of dimension and Lyapunov spectra from a single time-history for the purposes of system identification. The need for accurate attractor reconstruction is stressed as it may have severe effects on the quality of estimated invariants and of attractor based predictions. These tools are then placed in the context of several different problems of importance to the engineering community. Dimension and Lyaponuv spectra are used to indicate the operating regime of a nonlinear mechanical oscillator. Subtle changes to the way in which the oscillator is forced may give rise to a response with different state space characteristics. These differences are clearly discernible using invariant measures yet are undetectable using linear-based techniques. A state space approach is also used to extract damping estimates from the oscillator by means of the complete Lyapunov spectrum. The sum of the exponents may be thought of as the average divergence of the system which will, for a viscous damping model, provide quantitative information about the coefficient of viscous damping. The notion of chaotic excitation of a linear system is also explored. A linear structure subject to chaotic excitation will effectively act as a filter. The resulting dynamical interaction gives rise to response (filtered) attractors which possess information about the linear system. Differences in the geometric properties of the filtered attractors are used to detect damage in structures. These attractor-based statistics are shown to be more robust indicators of damage than linear-based statistics (e.g. mode shapes, frequencies, etc.). The same procedure is also used to estimate the coefficient of viscous damping for a multi-degree-of-freedom linear structure.

  17. Cluster analysis of activity-time series in motor learning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Balslev, Daniela; Nielsen, Finn Å; Futiger, Sally A


    Neuroimaging studies of learning focus on brain areas where the activity changes as a function of time. To circumvent the difficult problem of model selection, we used a data-driven analytic tool, cluster analysis, which extracts representative temporal and spatial patterns from the voxel......-time series. The optimal number of clusters was chosen using a cross-validated likelihood method, which highlights the clustering pattern that generalizes best over the subjects. Data were acquired with PET at different time points during practice of a visuomotor task. The results from cluster analysis show...

  18. Forecasting long memory time series under a break in persistence

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Heinen, Florian; Sibbertsen, Philipp; Kruse, Robinson

    of this effect depends on whether the memory parameter is increasing or decreasing over time. A comparison of six forecasting strategies allows us to conclude that pre-testing for a change in persistence is highly recommendable in our setting. In addition we provide an empirical example which underlines......We consider the problem of forecasting time series with long memory when the memory parameter is subject to a structural break. By means of a large-scale Monte Carlo study we show that ignoring such a change in persistence leads to substantially reduced forecasting precision. The strength...

  19. Another type of generalized fibonacci series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Júlio Pureza


    Full Text Available The Fibonacci sequence, with many applications and occurrences in nature and arts is discussed in the present work. It is considered a generalization of the Fibonacci series by the introduction of a real coefficient in the recurrence relation. The analysis shows the divergence of the generalized series when the coefficient is the square root of a positive number, although the relation between two consecutive terms converges to a finite number when the coefficient is a real number. Fibonacci. Series. Convergence.

  20. Coping with Nonstationarity in Categorical Time Series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monnie McGee


    more categories. In this paper, we introduce an algorithm which corrects for nonstationarity in categorical time series. The algorithm produces series which are not stationary in the traditional sense often used for stationary categorical time series. The form of stationarity is weaker but still useful for parameter estimation. Simulation results show that this simple algorithm applied to a DAR(1 model can dramatically improve the parameter estimates.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jessie L. Bonner; Brian Stump; Mark Leidig; Heather Hooper; Xiaoning (David) Yang; Rongmao Zhou; Tae Sung Kim; William R. Walter; Aaron Velasco; Chris Hayward; Diane Baker; C. L. Edwards; Steven Harder; Travis Glenn; Cleat Zeiler; James Britton; James F. Lewkowicz


    The Arizona Source Phenomenology Experiments (SPE) have resulted in an important dataset for the nuclear monitoring community. The 19 dedicated single-fired explosions and multiple delay-fired mining explosions were recorded by one of the most densely instrumented accelerometer and seismometer arrays ever fielded, and the data have already proven useful in quantifying confinement and excitation effects for the sources. It is very interesting to note that we have observed differences in the phenomenology of these two series of explosions resulting from the differences between the relatively slow (limestone) and fast (granodiorite) media. We observed differences at the two SPE sites in the way the rock failed during the explosions, how the S-waves were generated, and the amplitude behavior as a function of confinement. Our consortium's goal is to use the synergy of the multiple datasets collected during this experiment to unravel the phenomenological differences between the two emplacement media. The data suggest that the main difference between single-fired chemical and delay-fired mining explosion seismograms at regional distances is the increased surface wave energy for the latter source type. The effect of the delay-firing is to decrease the high-frequency P-wave amplitudes while increasing the surface wave energy because of the longer source duration and spall components. The results suggest that the single-fired explosions are surrogates for nuclear explosions in higher frequency bands (e.g., 6-8 Hz Pg/Lg discriminants). We have shown that the SPE shots, together with the mining explosions, are efficient sources of S-wave energy, and our next research stage is to postulate the possible sources contributing to the shear-wave energy.

  2. Wage trends in post-apartheid South Africa: Constructing an earnings series from household survey data


    Rulof Burger; Derek Yu


    This paper examines South African wage earnings trends using all the available post-1994 household survey datasets. This allows us to identify and address the sources of data inconsistencies across surveys in order to construct a more comparable earnings time series. Taking account of the inconsistencies in questionnaire design and the presence of outliers, we find that it is possible to construct a fairly stable earnings series for formal sector employees. We find that claims that workers ha...





    En esta tesis se trabajó en el estudio de series de tiempo reales que exhiben no estacionaridades y fuerte dependencia. En una primera etapa se desarrolló la descripción y ayuda de la función spectrum_ARMA y de la serie MammothCreek pertenecientes al paquete LSARFIMA de R. Luego se analizaron datos de series reales reportados por el Departamento del Clima de los Estados Unidos, (NCDC, National Climatic Data Center). Las series estudiadas corresponden a mediciones realizadas en depósitos mi...





    En esta tesis se trabajó en el estudio de series de tiempo reales que exhiben no estacionaridades y fuerte dependencia. En una primera etapa se desarrolló la descripción y ayuda de la función spectrum _ARMA y de la serie MammothCreek pertenecientes al paquete LSARFIMA de R. Luego se analizaron datos de series reales reportados por el Departamento del Clima de los Estados Unidos, (NCDC, National Climatic Data Center). Las series estudiadas corresponden a mediciones realizadas en depósitos m...

  5. Genres of the American Tv Series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giorgio Grignaffini


    Full Text Available The American television series had grown enormously in recent years, both qualitatively and quantitatively , but the notion of genre has maintained its centrality . The multiplication of channels and distribution platforms has created a diversification, but just to allow an orientation in an increasingly broad offer both for those who create the series and the audiences , the system still use the genres although reworked and re-encoded . Through the analysis of " authorial " series such as True Detective , Fargo and The Knick, this article addresses some of the major trends that are going through the American tv series production from the point of view of the reworking of the genres.

  6. Data mining in time series databases

    CERN Document Server

    Kandel, Abraham; Bunke, Horst


    Adding the time dimension to real-world databases produces Time SeriesDatabases (TSDB) and introduces new aspects and difficulties to datamining and knowledge discovery. This book covers the state-of-the-artmethodology for mining time series databases. The novel data miningmethods presented in the book include techniques for efficientsegmentation, indexing, and classification of noisy and dynamic timeseries. A graph-based method for anomaly detection in time series isdescribed and the book also studies the implications of a novel andpotentially useful representation of time series as strings. Theproblem of detecting changes in data mining models that are inducedfrom temporal databases is additionally discussed.

  7. Nationwide assessment of nonpoint source threats to water quality (United States)

    Thomas C. Brown; Pamela Froemke


    Water quality is a continuing national concern, in part because the containment of pollution from nonpoint (diffuse) sources remains a challenge. We examine the spatial distribution of nonpoint-source threats to water quality. On the basis of comprehensive data sets for a series of watershed stressors, the relative risk of water-quality impairment was estimated for the...

  8. Arctic Visiting Speakers Series (AVS) (United States)

    Fox, S. E.; Griswold, J.


    The Arctic Visiting Speakers (AVS) Series funds researchers and other arctic experts to travel and share their knowledge in communities where they might not otherwise connect. Speakers cover a wide range of arctic research topics and can address a variety of audiences including K-12 students, graduate and undergraduate students, and the general public. Host applications are accepted on an on-going basis, depending on funding availability. Applications need to be submitted at least 1 month prior to the expected tour dates. Interested hosts can choose speakers from an online Speakers Bureau or invite a speaker of their choice. Preference is given to individuals and organizations to host speakers that reach a broad audience and the general public. AVS tours are encouraged to span several days, allowing ample time for interactions with faculty, students, local media, and community members. Applications for both domestic and international visits will be considered. Applications for international visits should involve participation of more than one host organization and must include either a US-based speaker or a US-based organization. This is a small but important program that educates the public about Arctic issues. There have been 27 tours since 2007 that have impacted communities across the globe including: Gatineau, Quebec Canada; St. Petersburg, Russia; Piscataway, New Jersey; Cordova, Alaska; Nuuk, Greenland; Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania; Oslo, Norway; Inari, Finland; Borgarnes, Iceland; San Francisco, California and Wolcott, Vermont to name a few. Tours have included lectures to K-12 schools, college and university students, tribal organizations, Boy Scout troops, science center and museum patrons, and the general public. There are approximately 300 attendees enjoying each AVS tour, roughly 4100 people have been reached since 2007. The expectations for each tour are extremely manageable. Hosts must submit a schedule of events and a tour summary to be posted online

  9. Critical job events, acute stress, and strain: a multiple interrupted time series. (United States)

    Eden, D


    A critical job event (CJE) is defined as a time-bounded peak of performance demand made on the individual as an integral part of his job. Though such events are an important source of acute job stress and are amenable to longitudinal study, relevant research has been scant. In the present study, the effects of acute objective stress on subjective stress and on psychological and physiological strain were assessed among 39 first-year nursing students in an interrupted time series with multiple replications. Strain was measured five times, twice in anticipation of CJE interspersed by three low-stress occasions. The CJEs were providing the first comprehensive patient care and the final exam in nursing. A consistently confirmatory pattern of significantly rising and falling strain was found for anxiety, systolic blood pressure, and pulse rate: qualitative overload and serum uric acid changed as predicted four times out of five. CJE research can redress past overemphasis on chronic organizational stress and strengthen causal interpretation.

  10. Radioactive Ion Sources


    Stora, T


    This chapter provides an overview of the basic requirements for ion sources designed and operated in radioactive ion beam facilities. The facilities where these sources are operated exploit the isotope separation online (ISOL) technique, in which a target is combined with an ion source to maximize the secondary beam intensity and chemical element selectivity. Three main classes of sources are operated, namely surface-type ion sources, arc discharge-type ion sources, and finally radio-frequenc...

  11. Impact of series resistance on the operation of junctionless transistors (United States)

    Jeon, Dae-Young; Park, So Jeong; Mouis, Mireille; Barraud, Sylvain; Kim, Gyu-Tae; Ghibaudo, Gérard


    Transconductance (gm) and its derivative (dgm/dVg) of junctionless transistors (JLTs), considered as a possible candidate for future CMOS technology, show their unique operation properties such as bulk neutral and surface accumulation conduction. However, source/drain series resistance (Rsd) causes significant degradation of intrinsic gm and dgm/dVg behavior in JLTs. In this letter, the Rsd effects on the operation of JLTs were investigated in detail and also verified with analytical modeling equations. This work provides helpful information for a better understanding of the operation mechanism of JLTs with de-embedded Rsd effects.

  12. New Zealand Asia-Pacific energy series country report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yamaguchi, N.D.; Keevill, H.D.


    This report on New Zealand is one of a series of country studies intended to provide a continuous, long-term source of energy sector analysis for the Asia-Pacific region. This report addresses significant changes occurring due to the reform, deregulation, and privatization of the economy in general and the energy sector in particular; provides the reader with an overview of the economic and political situation; petroleum and gas issues are highlighted, particularly the implications of foreign trade in oil and gas; provides the latest available statistics and insights to energy policy that are not generally available elsewhere.

  13. Thermophysical properties of freons methane series, pt.1

    CERN Document Server


    These are the succeeding volumes of a series of books on thermodynamic properties of engineering materials prepared under the auspices of the State Service of Standard Reference data of the Soviet Union. Each volume is set up in the same way: Part I deals with a study of all necessary aspects of experimental data interpretation and analysis; Part II then presents the fundamental constants, symbols with units, and data tables. Researchers and engineers in the fields of process design, equipment development, custody transfer and safety will find these book valuable and reliable reference sources for their respective tasks.

  14. Simulation of transcontinental wind and solar PV generation time series

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nuño Martinez, Edgar; Maule, Petr; Hahmann, Andrea N.


    The deployment of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is driving modern power systems towards a fundamental green transition. In this regard, there is a need to develop models to accurately capture the variability of wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) power, at different geographical and temporal scales....... This paper presents a general methodology based on meteorological reanalysis techniques allowing to simulate aggregated RES time series over large geographical areas. It also introduces a novel PV conversion approach based on aggregated power curves in order to capture the uncertainty associated...

  15. Real-time EEG Source-mapping Toolbox (REST): Online ICA and source localization. (United States)

    Pion-Tonachini, Luca; Hsu, Sheng-Hsiou; Makeig, Scott; Jung, Tzyy-Ping; Cauwenberghs, Gert


    The Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a noninvasive functional brain activity recording method that shows promise for becoming a 3-D cortical imaging modality with high temporal resolution. Currently, most of the tools developed for EEG analysis focus mainly on offline processing. This study introduces and demonstrates the Real-time EEG Source-mapping Toolbox (REST), an extension to the widely distributed EEGLAB environment. REST allows blind source separation of EEG data in real-time using Online Recursive Independent Component Analysis (ORICA), plus near real-time localization of separated sources. Two source localization methods are available to fit equivalent current dipoles or estimate spatial source distributions of selected sources. Selected measures of raw EEG data or component activations (e.g. time series of the data, spectral changes over time, equivalent current dipoles, etc.) can be visualized in near real-time. Finally, this study demonstrates the accuracy and functionality of REST with data from two experiments and discusses some relevant applications.

  16. Subjective wellbeing, health, and ageing. (United States)

    Steptoe, Andrew; Deaton, Angus; Stone, Arthur A


    Subjective wellbeing and health are closely linked to age. Three aspects of subjective wellbeing can be distinguished-evaluative wellbeing (or life satisfaction), hedonic wellbeing (feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, stress, and pain), and eudemonic wellbeing (sense of purpose and meaning in life). We review recent advances in the specialty of psychological wellbeing, and present new analyses about the pattern of wellbeing across ages and the association between wellbeing and survival at older ages. The Gallup World Poll, a continuing survey in more than 160 countries, shows a U-shaped relation between evaluative wellbeing and age in high-income, English speaking countries, with the lowest levels of wellbeing in ages 45-54 years. But this pattern is not universal. For example, respondents from the former Soviet Union and eastern Europe show a large progressive reduction in wellbeing with age, respondents from Latin America also shows decreased wellbeing with age, whereas wellbeing in sub-Saharan Africa shows little change with age. The relation between physical health and subjective wellbeing is bidirectional. Older people with illnesses such as coronary heart disease, arthritis, and chronic lung disease show both increased levels of depressed mood and impaired hedonic and eudemonic wellbeing. Wellbeing might also have a protective role in health maintenance. In an analysis of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, we identify that eudemonic wellbeing is associated with increased survival; 29·3% of people in the lowest wellbeing quartile died during the average follow-up period of 8·5 years compared with 9·3% of those in the highest quartile. Associations were independent of age, sex, demographic factors, and baseline mental and physical health. We conclude that the wellbeing of elderly people is an important objective for both economic and health policy. Present psychological and economic theories do not adequately account for the variations in patterns

  17. Cuspidal discrete series for semisimple symmetric spaces

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Nils Byrial; Flensted-Jensen, Mogens; Schlichtkrull, Henrik


    We propose a notion of cusp forms on semisimple symmetric spaces. We then study the real hyperbolic spaces in detail, and show that there exists both cuspidal and non-cuspidal discrete series. In particular, we show that all the spherical discrete series are non-cuspidal. (C) 2012 Elsevier Inc. All...

  18. Fuzzy time series forecasting of wheat production


    Narendra Kumar; Sachin Ahuja; Shashank Bhardwaj; Vipin Kumar


    The present study provides a foundation for the development and application of fuzzy time series model for short term agricultural production forecasting. The present study can provide an advantageous basis to Farm administration for better post harvest management and thelocal industries in planning for their raw material requirement management. The fuzzy time series forecasting can be optimally utilized in agri-business management.

  19. Series expansion of the modified Einstein Procedure (United States)

    Seema Chandrakant Shah-Fairbank


    This study examines calculating total sediment discharge based on the Modified Einstein Procedure (MEP). A new procedure based on the Series Expansion of the Modified Einstein Procedure (SEMEP) has been developed. This procedure contains four main modifications to MEP. First, SEMEP solves the Einstein integrals quickly and accurately based on a series expansion. Next,...

  20. Health Psychology special series on health disparities

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kazak, A.E.; Bosch, J.; Klonoff, E.A.


    With the initiation of this new ongoing special series in Health Psychology on health disparities, we will publish articles that highlight ways in which health psychology can contribute to understanding and ameliorating these disparities. We welcome articles for this new special series and

  1. Power Series Solution to the Pendulum Equation (United States)

    Benacka, Jan


    This note gives a power series solution to the pendulum equation that enables to investigate the system in an analytical way only, i.e. to avoid numeric methods. A method of determining the number of the terms for getting a required relative error is presented that uses bigger and lesser geometric series. The solution is suitable for modelling the…

  2. 4-H Science Inquiry Video Series (United States)

    Green, Jeremy W.; Black, Lynette; Willis, Patrick


    Studies support science inquiry as a positive method and approach for 4-H professionals and volunteers to use for teaching science-based practices to youth. The development of a science inquiry video series has yielded positive results as it relates to youth development education and science. The video series highlights how to conduct science-rich…

  3. SERI Biomass Program. FY 1983 annual report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Corder, R.E.; Hill, A.M.; Lindsey, H.; Lowenstein, M.Z.; McIntosh, R.P.


    This report summarizes the progress and research accomplishments of the SERI Biomass Program during FY 1983. The SERI Biomass Program consists of three elements: Aquatic Species, Anaerobic Digestion, and Photo/Biological Hydrogen. Each element has been indexed separately. 2 references, 44 figures, 22 tables.

  4. FATS: Feature Analysis for Time Series (United States)

    Nun, Isadora; Protopapas, Pavlos; Sim, Brandon; Zhu, Ming; Dave, Rahul; Castro, Nicolas; Pichara, Karim


    FATS facilitates and standardizes feature extraction for time series data; it quickly and efficiently calculates a compilation of many existing light curve features. Users can characterize or analyze an astronomical photometric database, though this library is not necessarily restricted to the astronomical domain and can also be applied to any kind of time series data.

  5. Euler Polynomials, Fourier Series and Zeta Numbers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Scheufens, Ernst E


    Fourier series for Euler polynomials is used to obtain information about values of the Riemann zeta function for integer arguments greater than one. If the argument is even we recover the well-known exact values, if the argument is odd we find integral representations and rapidly convergent series....

  6. Description of complex time series by multipoles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lewkowicz, M.; Levitan, J.; Puzanov, N.


    We present a new method to describe time series with a highly complex time evolution. The time series is projected onto a two-dimensional phase-space plot which is quantified in terms of a multipole expansion where every data point is assigned a unit mass. The multipoles provide an efficient char...

  7. $\\omega$-Euclidean domain and Laurent series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. M. Romaniv


    Full Text Available It is proved that a commutative domain $R$ is $\\omega$-Euclidean if and only if the ring of formal Laurent series over $R$ is $\\omega$-Euclidean domain. It is also proved that every singular matrice over ring of formal Laurent series $R_{X}$ are products of idempotent matrices if $R$ is $\\omega$ -Euclidean domain.

  8. Contemporary Children and Basal Reading Series. (United States)

    Klebacher, Kathryn F.

    Contemporary children must deal with many family problems that children 20 years ago never had to face, including divorce, parental separation, death, working mothers, and economic status. To determine how well current basal reading series reflect the changing American family, the stories of four basal reading series for grades four, five, and six…

  9. Modelling of nonlinear filtering Poisson time series (United States)

    Bochkarev, Vladimir V.; Belashova, Inna A.


    In this article, algorithms of non-linear filtering of Poisson time series are tested using statistical modelling. The objective is to find a representation of a time series as a wavelet series with a small number of non-linear coefficients, which allows distinguishing statistically significant details. There are well-known efficient algorithms of non-linear wavelet filtering for the case when the values of a time series have a normal distribution. However, if the distribution is not normal, good results can be expected using the maximum likelihood estimations. The filtration is studied according to the criterion of maximum likelihood by the example of Poisson time series. For direct optimisation of the likelihood function, different stochastic (genetic algorithms, annealing method) and deterministic optimization algorithms are used. Testing of the algorithm using both simulated series and empirical data (series of rare words frequencies according to the Google Books Ngram data were used) showed that filtering based on the criterion of maximum likelihood has a great advantage over well-known algorithms for the case of Poisson series. Also, the most perspective methods of optimisation were selected for this problem.

  10. The foundations of modern time series analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Mills, Terence C


    This book develops the analysis of Time Series from its formal beginnings in the 1890s through to the publication of Box and Jenkins' watershed publication in 1970, showing how these methods laid the foundations for the modern techniques of Time Series analysis that are in use today.

  11. Trying to Live Now: Chronotopic Figures in Jenny Watson’s A Painted Page Series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chris McAuliffe


    Full Text Available Between late 1979 and early 1980, Australian artist Jenny Watson painted a sequence of six works, each with the title A Painted Page. Combining gridded, painted reproductions of photographs, newspapers and department store catalogues with roughly painted fields of color, the series brought together a range of recent styles and painterly idioms: pop, photorealism, and non-objective abstraction. Watson’s evocation of styles considered dated, corrupted or redundant by contemporary critics was read as a sign of the decline of modernism and the emergence of a postmodernism inflected with irony and a cool, “new wave” sensibility. An examination of the Painted Pages in the context of Watson’s interest in autobiography and her association with the women’s art movement, however, reveals the works to be subjective, highly personal reflections on memory, self and artistic aspiration. Drawing on Bahktin’s model of the chronotope, this paper argues for a spatio-temporal reading of Watson’s Painted Pages rather than the crude model of stylistic redundancy and succession. Watson’s source images register temporal orders ranging across the daily, the seasonal and the epochal. Her paintings transpose Bahktin’s typology of quotidian, provincial and “adventuristic” time into autobiographical paintings of teenage memories, the vicissitudes of the art world and punk subcultures. Collectively, the Painted Pages established a chronotopic field; neither an aggregation of moments nor a collaged evocation of a period but a point at which Watson closed off one kind of time (an art critical time of currency and succession and opened up another (of subjectivity and affective experience.

  12. MOBBED: A computational data infrastructure for handling large collections of event-rich time series datasets in MATLAB

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeremy eCockfield


    Full Text Available Experiments to monitor human brain activity during active behavior record a variety of modalities (e.g., EEG, eye tracking, motion capture, respiration monitoring and capture a complex environmental context leading to large, event-rich time series datasets. The considerable variability of responses within and among subjects in more realistic behavioral scenarios requires experiments to assess many more subjects over longer periods of time. This explosion of data requires better computational infrastructure to more systematically explore and process these collections. MOBBED is a lightweight, easy-to-use, extensible toolkit that allows users to incorporate a computational database into their normal MATLAB workflow. Although capable of storing quite general types of annotated data, MOBBED is particularly oriented to multichannel time series such as EEG that have event streams overlaid with sensor data. MOBBED directly supports access to individual events, data frames and time-stamped feature vectors, allowing users to ask questions such as what types of events or features co-occur under various experimental conditions. A database provides several advantages not available to users who process one dataset at a time from the local file system. In addition to archiving primary data in a central place to save space and avoid inconsistencies, such a database allows users to manage, search, and retrieve events across multiple datasets without reading the entire dataset. The database also provides infrastructure for handling more complex event patterns that include environmental and contextual conditions. The database can also be used as a cache for expensive intermediate results that are reused in such activities as cross-validation of machine learning algorithms.MOBBED is implemented over PostgreSQL, a widely used open source database, and is freely available under the GNU general public license at

  13. Postural control in blind subjects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Vinicius Soares


    Full Text Available Objective: To analyze postural control in acquired and congenitally blind adults. Methods: A total of 40 visually impaired adults participated in the research, divided into 2 groups, 20 with acquired blindness and 20 with congenital blindness - 21 males and 19 females, mean age 35.8 ± 10.8. The Brazilian version of Berg Balance Scale and the motor domain of functional independence measure were utilized. Results: On Berg Balance Scale the mean for acquired blindness was 54.0 ± 2.4 and 54.4 ± 2.5 for congenitally blind subjects; on functional independence measure the mean for acquired blind group was 87.1 ± 4.8 and 87.3 ± 2.3 for congenitally blind group. Conclusion: Based upon the scale used the results suggest the ability to control posture can be developed by compensatory mechanisms and it is not affected by visual loss in congenitally and acquired blindness.

  14. Sources management; La gestion des sources

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mansoux, H.; Gourmelon; Scanff, P.; Fournet, F. [Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, 92 - Fontenay-aux-Roses (France); Murith, Ch. [Office Federal de la SantePublique (Switzerland); Saint-Paul, N. [NOVAR, 75 - Paris (France); Colson, P. [Electricite de France (EDF/DPN), 93 - Saint-Denis (France); Jouve, A.; Feron, F. [Direction Generale de al Surete Nucleaire et de la Radioprotection, 75 - Paris (France); Haranger, D. [Electricite de France (EDF), 75 - Paris (France); Mathieu, P. [Institut Pasteur, 75 - Paris (France); Paycha, F. [CHU Louis Mourier, Unitede Medecine Nucleaire Assistance Publique-Hopitaux de Paris, 92 - Colombes (France); Israel, S. [CEGELEC NDT et la gestion des sources radioactives (France); Auboiroux, B. [APAVE (France); Chartier, P. [DRIRE de Basse-Normandie, Div. Surete Nucleaire et Radioprotection, 14 - Caen (France)


    Organized by the section of technical protection of the French society of radiation protection ( S.F.R.P.), these two days had for objective to review the evolution of the rule relative to the sources of ionising radiations 'sealed and unsealed radioactive sources, electric generators'. They addressed all the actors concerned by the implementation of the new regulatory system in the different sectors of activities ( research, medicine and industry): Authorities, manufacturers, and suppliers of sources, holders and users, bodies involved in the approval of sources, carriers. (N.C.)

  15. 40 CFR 471.33 - New source performance standards (NSPS). (United States)


    ... nickel-cobalt forming process wastewater shall not exceed the following values: (a) Rolling spent neat... GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS NONFERROUS METALS FORMING AND METAL POWDERS POINT SOURCE CATEGORY Nickel-Cobalt Forming Subcategory § 471.33 New source performance standards (NSPS). Any new source subject to this...

  16. 40 CFR 471.13 - New source performance standards (NSPS). (United States)


    ...-tin-bismuth forming operations' process wastewater shall not exceed the following values: (a) Rolling... GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS NONFERROUS METALS FORMING AND METAL POWDERS POINT SOURCE CATEGORY Lead-Tin-Bismuth Forming Subcategory § 471.13 New source performance standards (NSPS). Any new source subject to this...

  17. 40 CFR 408.336 - Pretreatment standards for new sources. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 28 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Pretreatment standards for new sources. 408.336 Section 408.336 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (CONTINUED) EFFLUENT... Subcategory § 408.336 Pretreatment standards for new sources. Any new source subject to this subpart that...

  18. Mesoscale, Sources and Models: Sources for Nitrogen in the Atmosphere

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hertel, O.


    Projektet Mesoscales, Sources and Models: Sources for Nitrogen in the Atmosphere er opdelt i 3 delprojekter: Sources - farmland, Sources - sea og Sources - biogenic nitrogen.......Projektet Mesoscales, Sources and Models: Sources for Nitrogen in the Atmosphere er opdelt i 3 delprojekter: Sources - farmland, Sources - sea og Sources - biogenic nitrogen....

  19. Mobility power flow analysis of an L-shaped plate structure subjected to acoustic excitation (United States)

    Cuschieri, J. M.


    An analytical investigation based on the Mobility Power Flow method is presented for the determination of the vibrational response and power flow for two coupled flat plate structures in an L-shaped configuration, subjected to acoustical excitation. The principle of the mobility power flow method consists of dividing the global structure into a series of subsystems coupled together using mobility functions. Each separate subsystem is analyzed independently to determine the structural mobility functions for the junction and excitation locations. The mobility functions, together with the characteristics of the junction between the subsystems, are then used to determine the response of the global structure and the power flow. In the coupled plate structure considered here, mobility power flow expressions are derived for excitation by an incident acoustic plane wave. In this case, the forces (acoustic pressures) acting on the structure are dependent on the response of the structure because of the scattered pressure component. The interaction between the structure and the fluid leads to the derivation of a corrected mode shape for the plates' normal surface velocity and also for the structure mobility functions. The determination of the scattered pressure components in the expressions for the power flow represents an additional component in the power flow balance for the source plate and the receiver plate. This component represents the radiated acoustical power from the plate structure.

  20. Television fiction series targeted at young audience: plots and conflicts portrayed in a teen serie


    García-Muñoz, Núria; Fedele, Maddalena


    This paper presents the main findings of a research project on teen series, which are television fiction series featuring teenagers and specifically targeted at a young audience. The analysis of the portrayal of young people in television fictional series specifically targeted at a young audience has a meaningful value both for television production and for audience reception. In fact, the potential consumers of the teen series –the teenagers– find themselves at a key moment in the constructi...

  1. Detecting switching and intermittent causalities in time series (United States)

    Zanin, Massimiliano; Papo, David


    During the last decade, complex network representations have emerged as a powerful instrument for describing the cross-talk between different brain regions both at rest and as subjects are carrying out cognitive tasks, in healthy brains and neurological pathologies. The transient nature of such cross-talk has nevertheless by and large been neglected, mainly due to the inherent limitations of some metrics, e.g., causality ones, which require a long time series in order to yield statistically significant results. Here, we present a methodology to account for intermittent causal coupling in neural activity, based on the identification of non-overlapping windows within the original time series in which the causality is strongest. The result is a less coarse-grained assessment of the time-varying properties of brain interactions, which can be used to create a high temporal resolution time-varying network. We apply the proposed methodology to the analysis of the brain activity of control subjects and alcoholic patients performing an image recognition task. Our results show that short-lived, intermittent, local-scale causality is better at discriminating both groups than global network metrics. These results highlight the importance of the transient nature of brain activity, at least under some pathological conditions.

  2. Intramuscular Olanzapine – a UK case series of early cases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Taylor Mark


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Clinical trials assessing efficacy and safety of Intramuscular (IM Olanzapine in acute schizophrenia and acute mania have previously been undertaken in studies required for drug registration in patients who were required to give informed consent. These patients may have less severe forms of psychosis than patients treated in routine practice. Data derived from naturalistic practice following the launch of IM olanzapine may be helpful for clinicians in assessing efficacy and safety of IM olanzapine. The PANSS-EC scale used in the clinical studies may represent a tool that could be used in routine clinical practice. Case presentation We report on an early unselected case series of 7 patients who received IM olanzapine in routine clinical practice settings in the UK. In this case series, olanzapine IM was generally effective, and no adverse events were reported. Adjunctive benzodiazepines were given concomitantly in 1 of the 7 subjects. This is relevant as concomitant benzodiazepines are not recommended for a minimum of 1 hour post IM olanzapine administration. PANSS-EC data was collected in 2 of the 7 subjects. Conclusion Although patients had greater severity of psychosis than clinical trial patients there were no unexpected findings. In addition the PANSS-EC scale is a scale that may be useful in assessing the efficacy of IM antipsychotics in routine clinical practice.

  3. Introduction to Reference Sources in the Health Sciences: an interview with Jo Anne Boorkman, Jeffrey T. Huber and Fred W. Roper. Interview by Elizabeth Connor. (United States)

    Boorkman, Jo Anne; Huber, Jeffrey T; Roper, Fred W


    Few works serve as solid a framework for the field of health sciences librarianship or provide as many insights and detailed knowledge as Introduction to Reference Sources in the Health Sciences. Now in its fourth edition, the book's editors and contributors represent an impressive range of experience, expertise, and subject knowledge appreciated by practicing librarians in a variety of settings and by students of health sciences librarianship. Jo Anne Boorkman, Jeffrey T. Huber, and Fred W. Roper answered a series of questions about the latest edition of this seminal work, and offered opinions about reference works, services, and librarians.

  4. Subjective assessment of contact lens wear by army aircrew. (United States)

    Lattimore, M R; Cornum, R L


    Because 23% of Army aviators are ametropic, contact lenses have drawn increased attention as a spectacle substitute to solve system compatibility problems. From November 1988 until October 1991, a series of contact lens research protocols were conducted to develop a comprehensive database on contact lens wear in varied environments. Questionnaires were used to assess suitability and acceptability of routine contact lens wear. Responses from 202 subjects were obtained from September 1989 through September 1991. The questions explored operational and safety of flight issues of contact lens wear. Subjects overwhelmingly approved of contact lens use in all settings: 95% expressed greater combat readiness and effectiveness with contact lenses, 98% felt contact lens use (and maintenance) in the cockpit had no adverse impact on safety of flight, and 98% endorsed the routine use of contact lenses. These data highlight Army aircrew acceptance of contact lens use.

  5. Forecasting Daily Time Series using Periodic Unobserved Components Time Series Models

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koopman, Siem Jan; Ooms, Marius


    We explore a periodic analysis in the context of unobserved components time series models that decompose time series into components of interest such as trend and seasonal. Periodic time series models allow dynamic characteristics to depend on the period of the year, month, week or day. In the

  6. Forecasting daily time series using periodic unobserved components time series models

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ooms, M.; Koopman, S.J.


    A periodic time series analysis is explored in the context of unobserved components time series models that include stochastic time functions for trend, seasonal and irregular effects. Periodic time series models allow dynamic characteristics (autocovariances) to depend on the period of the year,

  7. Evaluation of Harmonic Analysis of Time Series (HANTS): impact of gaps on time series reconstruction

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Zhou, J.Y.; Jia, L.; Hu, G.; Menenti, M.


    In recent decades, researchers have developed methods and models to reconstruct time series of irregularly spaced observations from satellite remote sensing, among which the widely used Harmonic Analysis of Time Series (HANTS) method. Many studies based on time series reconstructed with HANTS

  8. Scoring Rules for Subjective Probability Distributions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Harrison, Glenn W.; Martínez-Correa, Jimmy; Swarthout, J. Todd

    report the true subjective probability of a binary event, even under Subjective Expected Utility. To address this one can “calibrate” inferences about true subjective probabilities from elicited subjective probabilities over binary events, recognizing the incentives that risk averse agents have...

  9. Ion Source Physics and Technology (1/2)

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    This series of lectures starts with an introduction in some aspects of atomic and plasma physics as base for the ion source physics. The main part covers aspects of ion source physics, technology and operation. Several source types are presented. Some information on infrastructure and supporting services (as high voltage, cooling, microwaves etc) are given to better understand the source environment. The last part on engineering aims to show that, in the field of ion sources, many different technologies are combined in a quite small environment, which is challenging and interesting at the same time.

  10. Ion Source Physics and Technology (2/2)

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    This series of lectures starts with an introduction in some aspects of atomic and plasma physics as base for the ion source physics. The main part covers aspects of ion source physics, technology and operation. Several source types are presented. Some information on infrastructure and supporting services (as high voltage, cooling, microwaves etc) are given to better understand the source environment. The last part on engineering aims to show that, in the field of ion sources, many different technologies are combined in a quite small environment, which is challenging and interesting at the same time.

  11. Radioactive Ion Sources

    CERN Document Server

    Stora, T


    This chapter provides an overview of the basic requirements for ion sources designed and operated in radioactive ion beam facilities. The facilities where these sources are operated exploit the isotope separation online (ISOL) technique, in which a target is combined with an ion source to maximize the secondary beam intensity and chemical element selectivity. Three main classes of sources are operated, namely surface-type ion sources, arc discharge-type ion sources, and finally radio-frequency-heated plasma-type ion sources.

  12. Data visualization in interactive maps and time series (United States)

    Maigne, Vanessa; Evano, Pascal; Brockmann, Patrick; Peylin, Philippe; Ciais, Philippe


    State-of-the-art data visualization has nothing to do with plots and maps we used few years ago. Many opensource tools are now available to provide access to scientific data and implement accessible, interactive, and flexible web applications. Here we will present a web site opened November 2013 to create custom global and regional maps and time series from research models and datasets. For maps, we explore and get access to data sources from a THREDDS Data Server (TDS) with the OGC WMS protocol (using the ncWMS implementation) then create interactive maps with the OpenLayers javascript library and extra information layers from a GeoServer. Maps become dynamic, zoomable, synchroneaously connected to each other, and exportable to Google Earth. For time series, we extract data from a TDS with the Netcdf Subset Service (NCSS) then display interactive graphs with a custom library based on the Data Driven Documents javascript library (D3.js). This time series application provides dynamic functionalities such as interpolation, interactive zoom on different axes, display of point values, and export to different formats. These tools were implemented for the Global Carbon Atlas ( a web portal to explore, visualize, and interpret global and regional carbon fluxes from various model simulations arising from both human activities and natural processes, a work led by the Global Carbon Project.

  13. Modeling Frequency Comb Sources

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Li Feng


    Full Text Available Frequency comb sources have revolutionized metrology and spectroscopy and found applications in many fields. Stable, low-cost, high-quality frequency comb sources are important to these applications. Modeling of the frequency comb sources will help the understanding of the operation mechanism and optimization of the design of such sources. In this paper,we review the theoretical models used and recent progress of the modeling of frequency comb sources.

  14. Impact of the FUTURES series. Executive summary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the FUTURES series in affecting junior high school students` attitudes towards math and careers. FUTURES is a series of 12 programs designed to encourage positive attitudes in students towards math and science. The series illustrates their relevance to a variety of careers. The programs are hosted by Jaime Escalante and targeted to seventh to 12th grade students, with a special focus on minority students. This study looked at the long-term effects of the FUTURES series under classroom conditions. This study was designed to measure the effectiveness of the series in: (1) increasing positive attitudes toward math and science in school; (2) motivating students to have more positive attitudes about their future careers; (3) widening the possible choices of careers that involve the use of math and science; and, (4) creating an understanding of the relevance of math and science to careers and daily life. In addition, this study examined the appeal of the series, the students` understanding of program content, and how the series was used in the classroom.

  15. Network structure of multivariate time series (United States)

    Lacasa, Lucas; Nicosia, Vincenzo; Latora, Vito


    Our understanding of a variety of phenomena in physics, biology and economics crucially depends on the analysis of multivariate time series. While a wide range tools and techniques for time series analysis already exist, the increasing availability of massive data structures calls for new approaches for multidimensional signal processing. We present here a non-parametric method to analyse multivariate time series, based on the mapping of a multidimensional time series into a multilayer network, which allows to extract information on a high dimensional dynamical system through the analysis of the structure of the associated multiplex network. The method is simple to implement, general, scalable, does not require ad hoc phase space partitioning, and is thus suitable for the analysis of large, heterogeneous and non-stationary time series. We show that simple structural descriptors of the associated multiplex networks allow to extract and quantify nontrivial properties of coupled chaotic maps, including the transition between different dynamical phases and the onset of various types of synchronization. As a concrete example we then study financial time series, showing that a multiplex network analysis can efficiently discriminate crises from periods of financial stability, where standard methods based on time-series symbolization often fail.

  16. Allan deviation analysis of financial return series (United States)

    Hernández-Pérez, R.


    We perform a scaling analysis for the return series of different financial assets applying the Allan deviation (ADEV), which is used in the time and frequency metrology to characterize quantitatively the stability of frequency standards since it has demonstrated to be a robust quantity to analyze fluctuations of non-stationary time series for different observation intervals. The data used are opening price daily series for assets from different markets during a time span of around ten years. We found that the ADEV results for the return series at short scales resemble those expected for an uncorrelated series, consistent with the efficient market hypothesis. On the other hand, the ADEV results for absolute return series for short scales (first one or two decades) decrease following approximately a scaling relation up to a point that is different for almost each asset, after which the ADEV deviates from scaling, which suggests that the presence of clustering, long-range dependence and non-stationarity signatures in the series drive the results for large observation intervals.

  17. Forecasting of nonlinear time series using ANN

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmed Tealab


    Full Text Available When forecasting time series, it is important to classify them according linearity behavior that the linear time series remains at the forefront of academic and applied research, it has often been found that simple linear time series models usually leave certain aspects of economic and financial data unexplained. The dynamic behavior of most of the time series in our real life with its autoregressive and inherited moving average terms issue the challenge to forecast nonlinear times series that contain inherited moving average terms using computational intelligence methodologies such as neural networks. It is rare to find studies that concentrate on forecasting nonlinear times series that contain moving average terms. In this study, we demonstrate that the common neural networks are not efficient for recognizing the behavior of nonlinear or dynamic time series which has moving average terms and hence low forecasting capability. This leads to the importance of formulating new models of neural networks such as Deep Learning neural networks with or without hybrid methodologies such as Fuzzy Logic.

  18. Authentic subjectivity and social transformation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael O'Sullivan


    Full Text Available Holiness in the Christian tradition has often been understood in a way that devalues embodiment and practical engagement with the world of one’s time. The latter understanding, for example, led to Marx’s critique and repudiation of Christianity. Both interpretations of holiness can be understood as mistaken efforts to express the dynamism for authenticity in contextualised human subjectivity. Vatican 2 opposed both views by addressing itself to all people of good will, declaring that everyone was called to holiness, and that authentic Christian identity involved solidarity with the world of one’s time, especially those who are poor. Vatican 2, therefore, provided an authoritative faith foundation for holiness expressed through social commitment and for viewing social commitment on the part of people of good will in whatever state of life as a form of holiness. This vision was also the conviction of leading spirituality writers of the period, like Thomas Merton, and inspired liberation theologians and the Latin American Catholic bishops at their conference in Medellín a few years after the Council. The argument of this article is that the emergence and development of a non-dualist Christian spirituality is grounded methodologically in the correct appropriation of the common innate dynamism for authenticity in concrete human persons and lived spiritual experiences consistent with and capable of enhancing this dynamism.

  19. Clinical management of transsexual subjects. (United States)

    Costa, Elaine Maria Frade; Mendonca, Berenice Bilharinho


    Transsexual subjects are individuals who have a desire to live and be accepted as a member of the opposite sex, usually accompanied by a sense of discomfort with, or inappropriateness of, one's anatomic sex, and a wish to have surgery and hormonal treatment to make one's body as congruent as possible with one's preferred sex. They seek to develop the physical characteristics of the desired gender, and should undergo an effective and safe treatment regimen. The goal of treatment is to rehabilitate the individual as a member of society in the gender he or she identifies with. Sex reassignment procedures necessary for the treatment of transsexual patients are allowed in our country, at Medical Services that have a multidisciplinary team composed of a psychologist, a social worker, a psychiatrist, an endocrinologist and surgeons (gynecologists, plastic surgeons, and urologists). Patients must be between 21 to 75 years old and in psychological and hormonal treatment for at least 2 years. Testosterone is the principal agent used to induce male characteristics in female transsexual patients, and the estrogen is the chosen hormone used to induce the female sexual characteristics in male transsexual patients. Based on our 15 years of experience, we can conclude that testosterone and estradiol treatment in physiological doses are effective and safe in female and male transsexual patients, respectively.

  20. Researching Risk: Narrative, Biography, Subjectivity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karen Henwood


    Full Text Available This article contributes to the development of methodological practices promoting greater epistemic reflexivity in risk research and in social science generally. Knowledge of the specific practices researchers will find useful cannot exist separately from any particular empirical project. Accordingly, we report on, and provide a reflective account of, the "nuclear risk" project that was part of the Social Contexts and Responses to Risk (SCARR network in the UK (2003-2008. A key focus is exploring the value of narrative methods—especially narrative elicitation methods—for understanding people's perceptions of, and ways of living with, risk. We credit our deployment of a narrative method with producing a rich form of data on risk-biography intersections, which have carried great significance in our analytical work on the way biographical experiences, dynamically unfolding through space and time, can be interrupted by risk events. Arguments from the literature on reflexive modernity are deployed to make the case for: researching risk in everyday life as a problematic in and of itself; placing concepts of risk-biography, risk-reflexivity and risk-subjectivity at centre stage; and finding ways to inquire into the social and psychic complexities involved in the dynamic construction and reconstruction of risk phenomena. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs1001201

  1. Natural control capabilities of robotic hands by hand amputated subjects. (United States)

    Atzori, Manfredo; Gijsberts, Arjan; Caputo, Barbara; Muller, Henning


    People with transradial hand amputations who own a myoelectric prosthesis currently have some control capabilities via sEMG. However, the control systems are still limited and not natural. The Ninapro project is aiming at helping the scientific community to overcome these limits through the creation of publicly available electromyography data sources to develop and test machine learning algorithms. In this paper we describe the movement classification results gained from three subjects with an homogeneous level of amputation, and we compare them with the results of 40 intact subjects. The number of considered subjects can seem small at first sight, but it is not considering the literature of the field (which has to face the difficulty of recruiting trans-radial hand amputated subjects). The classification is performed with four different classifiers and the obtained balanced classification rates are up to 58.6% on 50 movements, which is an excellent result compared to the current literature. Successively, for each subject we find a subset of up to 9 highly independent movements, (defined as movements that can be distinguished with more than 90% accuracy), which is a deeply innovative step in literature. The natural control of a robotic hand in so many movements could lead to an immediate progress in robotic hand prosthetics and it could deeply change the quality of life of amputated subjects.

  2. Subjective visual acuity with simulated defocus. (United States)

    Dehnert, Anne; Bach, Michael; Heinrich, Sven P


    Artificial degradation of vision by inducing dioptric blur is frequently used for evaluating diagnostic equipment. However, the use of lenses is prone to errors as it is adversely affected by eyelid squinting, pupil size, and imprecise lens position. The alternative is a degradation of the stimuli themselves based on a Fourier-optical mathematical model. With this, however, perceptual effects such as 'simultaneous blur' induced by the surround may affect acuity. We tested whether both methods, lens induced defocus and mathematical stimulus degradation, yield concordant results. We compared both methods in normal subjects, measuring Landolt C acuity at five different levels of defocus from 0 to 8 dioptres. The pupil size was determined individually, chromatic aberrations were avoided by using a monochromatic approach, and a correction for spectacle magnification was included. Otherwise, the experimental design was kept deliberately simple to remain comparable to typical applications. With the major sources of error associated with the use of lenses being accounted for, both methods yield similar mean results with differences in acuity ranging from <0.001 to 0.054 logMAR (0.2-13%). Using mathematically simulated defocus is a viable option if both reasonable accuracy and ease of use are required. The fact that the application of the mathematical model only blurs the stimulus itself, but not the surrounding environment, does not appear to be detrimental to the method. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics © 2011 The College of Optometrists.

  3. Earthquake forecasting studies using radon time series data in Taiwan (United States)

    Walia, Vivek; Kumar, Arvind; Fu, Ching-Chou; Lin, Shih-Jung; Chou, Kuang-Wu; Wen, Kuo-Liang; Chen, Cheng-Hong


    For few decades, growing number of studies have shown usefulness of data in the field of seismogeochemistry interpreted as geochemical precursory signals for impending earthquakes and radon is idendified to be as one of the most reliable geochemical precursor. Radon is recognized as short-term precursor and is being monitored in many countries. This study is aimed at developing an effective earthquake forecasting system by inspecting long term radon time series data. The data is obtained from a network of radon monitoring stations eastblished along different faults of Taiwan. The continuous time series radon data for earthquake studies have been recorded and some significant variations associated with strong earthquakes have been observed. The data is also examined to evaluate earthquake precursory signals against environmental factors. An automated real-time database operating system has been developed recently to improve the data processing for earthquake precursory studies. In addition, the study is aimed at the appraisal and filtrations of these environmental parameters, in order to create a real-time database that helps our earthquake precursory study. In recent years, automatic operating real-time database has been developed using R, an open source programming language, to carry out statistical computation on the data. To integrate our data with our working procedure, we use the popular and famous open source web application solution, AMP (Apache, MySQL, and PHP), creating a website that could effectively show and help us manage the real-time database.

  4. Thematic Unity Across a Video Game Series


    Jason Brame


    Koji Kondo’s music is among the most recognized video game music ever written. As the composer for both Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, 1984) and The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo, 1986), he has received international fame and recognition for his game compositions. With The Legend of Zelda series, Kondo has managed to create new music for each iteration of the series while maintaining a sense of unity across the series as a whole. Through the use of motivic and prolongational analysis, this article ...

  5. Some aspects of harmonic time series analysis



    Ph.D. Harmonic time series are often used to describe the periodic nature of a time series, for example the periodic nature of a variable star’s observed light curve. Statistical methods for determining the number of harmonic components to include in harmonic time series are limited. In this thesis a stepwise bootstrap procedure based on a F-type statistic is suggested. The performance of the stepwise procedure is compared to that of Schwartz’s Bayesian Criterion (SBC) and a procedure base...

  6. The Uses of Reading and Study Skills: Individualized Inservice Packet Number IX. Teaching Teen Reading Series. (United States)

    Eberhart, Nancy A.; Lloyd, Margaret V.

    Consisting of nine individualized inservice packets, the Teaching Teen Reading Series describes reading procedures applicable to instruction in all subjects in the elementary, middle, and secondary school. This ninth packet is designed to enable the teacher to help students read for information and pleasure and includes sections discussing ways to…

  7. In vivo measurement of the series elasticity release curve of human triceps surae muscle

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hof, AL

    The force-extension characteristic of the series-elastic component of the human triceps surae muscle has been measured in vivo by means of a hydraulic controlled-release ergometer in 12 subjects. The SEC characteristic can be described by a linear relation between muscle moment and extension, with a

  8. The Cotton in Your T-Shirt. Young Discovery Library Series: 40. (United States)

    Riquier, Aline

    This book is part of an international series developed as a collaboration among the author, the illustrator, an advisory group of elementary school teachers and an academic specialist on the subject. This book answers questions about the history, use, and methods of producing cotton. Among the questions the book answers are: How long have people…

  9. The Effects of Physical Attractiveness and Anxiety on Heterosexual Attraction Over a Series of Five Encounters (United States)

    Mathes, Eugene W.


    The "information availability model" of heterosexual attraction was tested by having subjects go on a series of five encounters. It was found that both physical attractiveness and the personality variable, anxiety, had early and continuous effects on liking. It was concluded the model is an inadequate explanation of heterosexual…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ida Nauli Nainggolan


    Full Text Available The Effects of the usage of series images card media on toilet training skill toward autistic children. This research was aimed at describing the effects of the used of series images card media on toilet training toward autistic children. This research used experimental approach in the form of Single Subject Research (SSR, using the A-B-A’ design. The result of the research showed that the series images card media had effects on autism child toilet training skill.   Pengaruh Penggunaan Media Kartu Gambar Berseri terhadap Keterampilan Toilet Training (BAK Siswa Autis. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan pengaruh penggunaan kartu gambar berseri terhadap ketrampilan toilet training anak autis. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode eksperimen dengan menggunakan Single Subject Research (SSR. Dalam penelitian ini desain yang digunakan adalah desain A-B-A’. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa media kartu gambar berseri toilet training berpengaruh terhadap kemampuan toilet training anak autis.

  11. Source counting in MEG neuroimaging (United States)

    Lei, Tianhu; Dell, John; Magee, Ralphy; Roberts, Timothy P. L.


    Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a multi-channel, functional imaging technique. It measures the magnetic field produced by the primary electric currents inside the brain via a sensor array composed of a large number of superconducting quantum interference devices. The measurements are then used to estimate the locations, strengths, and orientations of these electric currents. This magnetic source imaging technique encompasses a great variety of signal processing and modeling techniques which include Inverse problem, MUltiple SIgnal Classification (MUSIC), Beamforming (BF), and Independent Component Analysis (ICA) method. A key problem with Inverse problem, MUSIC and ICA methods is that the number of sources must be detected a priori. Although BF method scans the source space on a point-to-point basis, the selection of peaks as sources, however, is finally made by subjective thresholding. In practice expert data analysts often select results based on physiological plausibility. This paper presents an eigenstructure approach for the source number detection in MEG neuroimaging. By sorting eigenvalues of the estimated covariance matrix of the acquired MEG data, the measured data space is partitioned into the signal and noise subspaces. The partition is implemented by utilizing information theoretic criteria. The order of the signal subspace gives an estimate of the number of sources. The approach does not refer to any model or hypothesis, hence, is an entirely data-led operation. It possesses clear physical interpretation and efficient computation procedure. The theoretical derivation of this method and the results obtained by using the real MEG data are included to demonstrates their agreement and the promise of the proposed approach.

  12. Subjective evaluations of recent productions of television with stereophonic sound (United States)

    Gaskell, P. S.


    A series of subjective tests were conducted to assess the improvement given by stereophonic sound with television in comparison to the conventional monophonic equivalent. The test material consisted of extracts from eight, recently produced, television stereo programs. They represented the wide range of BBC television program output and, since some types of program were new to television stereo, their production by this means was obviously experimental. Both technically and nontechnically qualified people took part in the tests but, with a few exceptions, they returned similar subjective responses. The tests showed a marked preference for the stereo presentation. Of the eight program extracts, five gained an average of two subjective grades of improvement. These items fell into the categories of music, sport and science fiction. The remaining program only benefitted marginally from stereo. The subjects' criticisms have suggested some modification of production techniques and it can be expected that as these are refined, viewers' enjoyment of television programs will be further enhanced by the television stereo presentation.

  13. Time series clustering for estimating particulate matter contributions and its use in quantifying impacts from deserts


    Gomez Losada, A; Pires, JCM; Pino Mejias, R


    Source apportionment studies use prior exploratory methods that are not purpose-oriented and receptor modelling is based on chemical speciation, requiring costly, time-consuming analyses. Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) are proposed as a routine, exploratory tool to estimate PM10 source contributions. These models were used on annual time series (TS) data from 33 background sites in Spain and Portugal. HMMs enable the creation of groups of PM10 TS observations with similar concentration values, d...

  14. Spatial resolution of the volume emission coefficient in strongly self-absorbing sources of cylindrical symmetry. (United States)

    Birkeland, J W; Oss, J P


    It is shown that the equations relating the radial profiles of the volume emission and absorption coefficients to the transmission and emitted intensity profiles in self-absorbing cylindrically symmetric sources, can be written in such a way that the problem of spatially resolving the volume emission coefficient gives rise to a Volterra integral equation of the second kind in a standard form. The theory of equations of this type is invoked to show the formal convergence of an iterative solution to the problem, subject only to a finite transmission and bounded slope to the absorption coefficient. A prescription for applying this iterative procedure is given that involves a series of numerical integrations and Abel inversions, and the convergence of some numerical solutions is demonstrated.

  15. The Multi-Messenger Approach to High-Energy Gamma-Ray Sources

    CERN Document Server

    Paredes, Josep M; Torres, Diego F


    This book provides a theoretical and observational overview of the state of the art of gamma-ray astrophysics, and their impact and connection with the physics of cosmic rays and neutrinos. With the aim of shedding new and fresh light on the problem of the nature of the gamma-ray sources, particularly those yet unidentified, this book summarizes contributions to a workshop that continues with the series initiated by the meeting held at Tonantzintla in October 2000, and Hong-Kong in May 2004. This books will be of interest for all active researchers in the field of high energy astrophysics and astroparticle physics, as well as for graduate students entering into the subject.

  16. An entropic approach to the analysis of time series (United States)

    Scafetta, Nicola

    Statistical analysis of time series. With compelling arguments we show that the Diffusion Entropy Analysis (DEA) is the only method of the literature of the Science of Complexity that correctly determines the scaling hidden within a time series reflecting a Complex Process. The time series is thought of as a source of fluctuations, and the DEA is based on the Shannon entropy of the diffusion process generated by these fluctuations. All traditional methods of scaling analysis, instead, are based on the variance of this diffusion process. The variance methods detect the real scaling only if the Gaussian assumption holds true. We call H the scaling exponent detected by the variance methods and delta the real scaling exponent. If the time series is characterized by Fractional Brownian Motion, we have H = delta and the scaling can be safely determined, in this case, by using the variance methods. If, on the contrary, the time series is characterized, for example, by Levy statistics, H ≠ delta and the variance methods cannot be used to detect the true scaling. Levy walk yields the relation delta = 1/(3 - 2H). In the case of Levy flights, the variance diverges and the exponent H cannot be determined, whereas the scaling delta exists and can be established by using the DEA. Therefore, only the joint use of two different scaling analysis methods, the variance scaling analysis and the DEA, can assess the real nature, Gauss or Levy or something else, of a time series. Moreover, the DEA determines the information content, under the form of Shannon entropy, or of any other convenient entropic indicator, at each time step of the process that, given a sufficiently large number of data, is expected to become diffusion with scaling. This makes it possible to study the regime of transition from dynamics to thermodynamics, non-stationary regimes, and the saturation regime as well. First of all, the efficiency of the DEA is proved with theoretical arguments and with numerical work

  17. Normed algebras and the geometric series test

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert Kantrowitz


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to survey a class of normed algebras that share many central features of Banach algebras, save for completeness. The likeness of these algebras to Banach algebras derives from the fact that the geometric series test is valid, whereas the lack of completeness points to the failure of the absolute convergence test for series in the algebra. Our main result is a compendium of conditions that are all equivalent to the validity of the geometric series test for commutative unital normed algebras. Several examples in the final section showcase some incomplete normed algebras for which the geometric series test is valid, and still others for which it is not.

  18. Fluorine geochemistry in volcanic rock series

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stecher, Ole


    A new analytical procedure has been established in order to determine low fluorine concentrations (30–100 ppm F) in igneous rocks, and the method has also proven successful for higher concentrations (100–4000 ppm F). Fluorine has been measured in a series of olivine tholeiites from the Reykjanes...... Peninsula, a tholeiite to rhyolitic rock series from Kerlingarfjöll, central Iceland, and an alkaline rock series from Jan Mayen that ranges from ankaramites to trachytes. Fluorine is not appreciably degassed during extrusion and appears to be insensitive to slight weathering. The olivine tholeiites from...... the Reykjanes Peninsula have F contents of 30–300 ppm and exhibit linear increases proportional to the incompatible elements K, P, and Ti. Such incompatible behaviour for F has been confirmed for the less evolved rocks of the other series. The tholeiites from Kerlingarfjöll (100–2000 ppm F) show a linear...

  19. Applied time series analysis and innovative computing

    CERN Document Server

    Ao, Sio-Iong


    This text is a systematic, state-of-the-art introduction to the use of innovative computing paradigms as an investigative tool for applications in time series analysis. It includes frontier case studies based on recent research.

  20. Abridged series and fandom remix culture [symposium

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zephra C. Doerr


    Full Text Available The "abridged series" is one of the more recent genres to come out of the fan culture of anime fan subs. An abridged series is a form of fan parody in which some of the peculiarities of fan subs are mixed with the more general conventions of Internet parodies to produce a shortened version of an anime series with edited video and original dubbed-in dialogue. The abridged series is not just a form of fan translation or a humorous recap of an existing work; rather, because they are engaged in significant textual criticism, construction of independent narratives, and interaction with greater fan communities, they should be considered a unique creative genre of transformative work.