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  1. Efforts to Recruit Secondary STEM Teachers at Columbus State University (United States)

    Webster, Zodiac T.; MaSST Preparation Council


    Physics as a discipline is not alone in having difficulty finding qualified teachers. Under-qualified teachers are present in high school Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth-science classrooms as well. Columbus State University (CSU) has formed the Mathematics and Science Secondary Teachers (MaSST) Preparation Council to recruit more majors into our existing secondary teaching programs: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Geology. College of Education and College of Science faculty are working together to create a higher profile for these majors at our institution within the state of Georgia. In addition, we are planning an aggressive campaign to recruit from within by implementing a peer-tutoring program using outstanding students who have completed introductory math and science courses. Our group’s organization and initiatives can serve as a model for other institutions concerned about recruiting more high-school teachers.

  2. Columbus State University Global Observation and Outreach for the 2012 Transit of Venus (United States)

    Perry, Matthew; McCarty, C.; Bartow, M.; Hood, J. C.; Lodder, K.; Johnson, M.; Cruzen, S. T.; Williams, R. N.


    Faculty, staff and students from Columbus State University’s (CSU’s) Coca-Cola Space Science Center presented a webcast of the 2012 Transit of Venus from three continents to a global audience of 1.4 million unique viewers. Team members imaged the transit with telescopes using white-light, hydrogen-alpha, and calcium filters, from Alice Springs, Australia; the Gobi Desert, Mongolia; Bryce Canyon, UT; and Columbus, GA. Images were webcast live during the transit in partnership with NASA’s Sun-Earth Day program, and Science Center staff members were featured on NASA TV. Local members of the public were brought in for a series of outreach initiatives, in both Georgia and Australia, before and during the transit. The data recorded from the various locations have been archived for use in demonstrating principles such as the historical measurement of the astronomical unit.

  3. Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy (38th) Held at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio on June 13-17 1983. (United States)


    FLUORESCENCE SPECTROSCOPY OF MOtZCUIAR IONS IN A RADIOFREQUENCY ION TRAP..................................................... 15 aim. (4:43) CECILIA ...A. PAYNE , ANDREA GOLDBERG, and DONALD S. *.CLURE, Department of Chemistry, Princetoa University, Princeton, New, Jersey, 08544. TH14. EXCITED STATE...DYNAMICS OF Cu + IN NsF HOST CRYSTAL .......................... 15 mn. (4:21) ANDREA GOLDBERG, STEPHEN A. PAYNE , and DONALD S. MCCWRE, Department of

  4. The Ohio State University. (United States)

    CAUSE/EFFECT, 1978


    The three computer service facilities at Ohio State University in Columbus are described. Computer services are provided for: instructional purposes, public service activities, university management, the hospital information system, and student services. (BH)


    Office of Education (DHEW), Washington, DC. Agricultural Education Branch.


  6. Columbus Bibliography. (United States)

    Harvey, Karen D.


    Offers a list of books for teachers and children about Christopher Columbus and the consequences of 1492. Suggests that teachers need to relearn the Columbus story to avoid the myths and biased texts of the past. Includes the American Indian perspective of the discoveries, original materials, and biological and cultural consequences. (DK)

  7. 75 FR 81438 - Amendment of Class E Airspace; Columbus, OH (United States)


    ... International Airport, OH (Lat. 39 48'50'' N., long. 82 55'40'' W.) Columbus, Ohio State University Airport, OH... miles northeast of the airport, and within a 6.5-mile radius of the Ohio State University Airport, and... (Air). Adoption of the Amendment In consideration of the foregoing, the Federal Aviation Administration...

  8. 78 FR 62337 - Columbus Day, 2013 (United States)


    ... Documents#0;#0; ] Proclamation 9041 of October 11, 2013 Columbus Day, 2013 By the President of the United... requested the President proclaim the second Monday of October of each year as ``Columbus Day.'' NOW..., as Columbus Day. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate...

  9. Columbus's Spain. (United States)

    Soria, Jose Manuel Nieto


    Describes fifteenth-century Spain's tendencies that proved central to the Columbian enterprise: experience as a conquering and colonizing kingdom, interest in Atlantic expansion, and missionary inclination. Argues that Columbus's arrival in Spain came at the perfect time in Spanish history. Stresses Spain's long history of religious war, conquest,…

  10. Relationship between sports drinks and dental erosion in 304 university athletes in Columbus, Ohio, USA. (United States)

    Mathew, Tanya; Casamassimo, Paul S; Hayes, John R


    Acidic soft drinks, including sports drinks, have been implicated in dental erosion with limited supporting data in scarce erosion studies worldwide. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of dental erosion in a sample of athletes at a large Midwestern state university in the USA, and to evaluate whether regular consumption of sports drinks was associated with dental erosion. A cross-sectional, observational study was done using a convenience sample of 304 athletes, selected irrespective of sports drinks usage. The Lussi Index was used in a blinded clinical examination to grade the frequency and severity of erosion of all tooth surfaces excluding third molars and incisal surfaces of anterior teeth. A self-administered questionnaire was used to gather details on sports drink usage, lifestyle, health problems, dietary and oral health habits. Intraoral color slides were taken of all teeth with erosion. Sports drinks usage was found in 91.8% athletes and the total prevalence of erosion was 36.5%. Nonparametric tests and stepwise regression analysis using history variables showed no association between dental erosion and the use of sports drinks, quantity and frequency of consumption, years of usage and nonsport usage of sports drinks. The most significant predictor of erosion was found to be not belonging to the African race (p sports drinks and dental erosion. Copyright 2002 S. Karger AG, Basel

  11. 75 FR 64966 - Proposed Amendment of Class E Airspace; Columbus, OH (United States)


    .... 39 48''50'' N., long. 82 55'40'' W.) Columbus, Ohio State University Airport, OH (Lat. 40 04'47'' N..., and within a 6.5-mile radius of the Ohio State University Airport, and within 3 miles either side of... Proposed Amendment In consideration of the foregoing, the Federal Aviation Administration proposes to amend...

  12. EcoCity Columbus: Using an Ohio State University Planning Class to Bring Sustainability Concepts to Columbus, Ohio (United States)

    Conroy, Maria Manta


    Attention in US literature and practice addressing sustainable development has focused on a limited number of communities such as Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. These communities have been identified as making difficult decisions and ground-breaking policies to advance sustainability initiatives. However, these communities are…

  13. State University System of Florida (United States)

    Board of Governors, State University System of Florida, 2012


    This paper presents some information about the State University System of Florida. The following are presented in this paper: (1) University Work Plans and Annual Reports; (2) State University System 2009 Annual Report; (3) Quick Facts: Planned New Degree Programs--2010 to 2013; (4) State University System Tuition Differential Summary, FY…

  14. Columbus Programme (current status) (United States)


    A description is presented for the Columbus Program. The Columbus program comprises a space segment, a ground segment, and operations preparation program, and a utilization preparation program. The space segment consist of three elements: an Attached Pressurized Module (APM); a Man Tended Free Flyer (MTFF); and a Polar platform (PPF). The ground segment is a program shared with other European programs such as Hermes, for communications, services, training and tracking facilities. The Operations preparation program focuses on preparing the ground segment for readiness for the launch of the space segment elements. And the Utilization preparation program includes definition of candidate payload facilities, initial payload selection and precursor flights (Eureca, Spacelab).

  15. Health hazard evaluation report HETA 84-198-1560, Division of Public Health Laboratories, State of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio. [Ethylene oxide and organic-solvent vapors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Behrens, V.; Burroughs, G.E.


    Breathing-zone and environmental samples were analyzed for ethylene oxide and organic-solvent vapors at the Public Health Laboratory, State of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, on March 26 and 27, 1984. The evaluation was requested because of employee complaints of mucous membrane and skin irritation while they poured gonorrhea culture media into petri dishes that had been sterilized with ethylene oxide. The authors conclude that the environmental cause of the health problems cannot be determined due to the lack of symptoms on the days of the survey. Without taking measurements on the exact day when conspicuous symptoms occur, it is difficult to determine the source of the problem. General recommendations include checking the general air circulation in the media laboratory and encouraging employees to wear gloves that protect hands and wrists while pouring culture media.

  16. From Columbus to Columbia (United States)

    Morain, Stanley A.

    On the eve of Christopher Columbus's historic voyage to the New World, the international community of remote sensing and mapping sciences is poised to lead a new, environmentally conscious world into the 21st century. Developments in remote sensing and GIS technology during the past 25 years have paved the way for a modern round of earth exploration that could well equal in lasting importance the geographic achievement of Columbus, 500 years ago. Human experience has evolved from land-lubbing to sea-faring, air-faring and now space-faring so that in future all four modes will be used to enhacce our understanding of earth systems. Columbus "dead reckoned" his place into history by sailing the southern arm of the Atlantic Gyre westward to the Bahamas. For reasons beyond his knowledge, he was "lost" almost from the moment he departed; and to this day, his landfall is placed at several islands between Grand Turk at latitude 21.5°N and San Salvador at 24°N. His headings, nautical speeds, and drift are all subjects of controversy. Today, with global positioning systems, scientists and entrepreneurs can triangulate with considerable accuracy almost any point on the earth's surface, day or night; and, with a fourth satellite, can determine elevation. The same satellite constellation can monitor the speeds and headings of land, sea, and air transportation carriers for the benefit of all international commerce - a knowledge that would have been the envy of Spain's Admiral of the Ocean Seas throughout his search for spices, souls, and gold. We can only imagine what he and his captains might have given for a nightly satellite weather report, let alone images by which to navigate.

  17. Tavria state agrotechnological university

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. V. Shcherbakova


    Full Text Available It can be argued that life priorities of young people, including student ones, are not yet well established, therefore, have a certain ability to transformation. In turn, the family has a huge influence on the processes of changes in the value system of young people, in addition, the institution of the family has an impact on shaping the personality of almost every representative of the younger generation. It is necessary to consider the role of the state in the preparation of the family Institution to perform educational functions. The essence of this role is to prepare parents for the process of education, in other words, to increase the level of their pedagogical culture. This is because most parents do not have pedagogical education. Therefore there is a contradiction: the older generation is actively engaged in education without having any methods or tools for this process. In fact, some ways to resolve the conflict are the basic content of this article. In the future, the resolution of this contradiction, will transform social relations so that they were based on spiritual norms, which, in turn, will lead to the preservation and further development of Ukrainian culture, and society in general.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Máximo Andrés Rodríguez Pérez


    Full Text Available In Nicaragua levels Linking state, university and business are low, Nicaraguan universities have initiated communication strategies with the state and the private sector. The idiosyncrasies of its citizens favor this link. The entailment policies formalize the communications and information networks. Universities have a key role in building models and organizations that provide alternatives to economic development. Linking the university with the environment, generating virtuous circles, where companies achieve greater competitiveness, the state, higher taxes and public stability, universities generate new knowledge. This article analyzes the strategies linking U-E- E that can be applied in Nicaragua, to strengthen and achieve positive developments in the country.

  19. Ohio State University Symposium (45th) on Molecular Spectroscopy Held in Columbus, Ohio on 11-15 Jun 1990 (United States)


    Colorado, 80303; J. ORTIGOSO, R. ESCRIBANO, Instituto de Estructura de al Materia, Consejo Superior a~. Investigacionos Cientificas, Serrano 119, 28006...Atmospheric Administration, Boulder, CO 80303. Address of Ortigoso and Escribano: Instituto de Estructura de al Materia, Consejo Superior de investigaciones...8217 assignment of the rotorsional spectrum of tert-Butyl isocyanate will be pie - sented in the talk. Address of Stahl. Andresen. Dreizler and Grabow: Institut

  20. Columbus and the Flat Earth Myth (United States)

    Singham, Mano


    In this article, the author discusses the resilient myth that it was Columbus' journey to the New World that proved that the world was round. It is widely known that it was Columbus' journey to the New World that proved that the world was round. However, Thomas Kuhn in "The Copernican Revolution" showed clearly in 1957 that the idea of a flat…

  1. Goodby Columbus and all that: history and textual criticism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teofilo F. Ruiz


    Full Text Available [First paragraph] Columbus. FELIPE FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991. xxvii + 218 pp. (Cloth US$ 16.95, Paper US$ 6.99 The Worlds of Christopher Columbus. WILLIAM D. PHILLIPS, JR. & CARLA RAHN PHILLIPS. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. xii + 322 pp. (Cloth US$ 27.95 In Search of Columbus: The Sources for the First Voyage. DAVID HENIGE. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1991. xiii + 359 pp. (Cloth US$ 29.95 Columbus and the Golden World of the Island Arawaks: The Story of the First Americans and Their Caribbean Environment. D.J.R. WALKER. Kingston, Jamaica: Ian Randle, 1992. 320 pp. (Cloth US$ 12.95 By the time this review appears in print, the Quincentenary celebrations and/or deprecations of the event will be slowly fading into most welcomed oblivion. There will be, of course, the unavoidable local commemorations of specific events: the discovery of such and such island, the anniversary of some European misdeed, the struggle for the valley of Mexico; but the collective remembrance of the Encounter/Discovery will have been allowed to run its course. In truth, after a veritable flood of publications, seminars, operas, protests, and ghastly movies, one is not too sorry to see the whole affair put safely away for another century. If there is any consolation to this continuous process of recovered memories and history, it is that a good number of sensible and scholarly works have been published - including some of those reviewed here - which demolish the idealization and glorification of the Atlantic enterprise and set the history of the Encounter/Discovery within a proper historical context.

  2. Automation and robotics for COLUMBUS: An implementation concept for the free flying laboratory (MTFF) (United States)

    Goelz, G.; Sommer, B.


    With nearly forty percent of the funding, Germany is the main contributor to the European COLUMBUS Programme, followed by Italy, France and further ESA member states. The COLUMBUS elements are the Attached Laboratory (APM) to be permanently attached to the Space Station FREEDOM, the polar platform (PPF) and the Man Tended Free Flyer (MTFF). The latter element is regarded to be of special interest for the German micro-g community. Until now the implementation of A&R Technologies has not been included as part of the system concept for the COLUMBUS laboratory modules. Yet especially for the Free Flyer, a high degree of A&R will be indispensible. An A&R system concept and implementation options for A&R are given to make the COLUMBUS labs 'intelligent' laboratories in orbit.

  3. Arkansas State University Beebe Branch Faculty Handbook. (United States)

    Arkansas State Univ., Beebe.

    Arkansas State University Beebe Branch provides a liberal arts oriented program for traditional and nontraditional students. Its faculty handbook contains institutional goals, description of responsibilities of administrative officers and faculty committees, faculty employment policies, and administrative and instructional policies. The…

  4. Quantum cobwebs: Universal entangling of quantum states

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ZSA) multipartite, pure entangled states for qubits and study their salient features. ... Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar 751 005, India; Center for Philosophy and Foundation of Science, New Delhi, India; School of Informatics, University of Wales, ...

  5. An Atlas of Illinois State University Affairs. (United States)

    Sublett, Michael D., Ed.; And Others

    Twelve reports on the spatial patterns present on the campus of Illinois State University are divided into three sections. Following an introduction, the first section focuses on behavioral patterns such as seating choices made in the university cafeteria or the classroom. Section II deals with the measures people take to save time. A microstudy…

  6. Kansas State University. The Quest for Identity. (United States)

    Kansas Univ., Lawrence.

    An interpretive account of the major events in the history of Kansas State University (KSU) is presented in this book. Originally chartered as a land-grant college, the university's original purpose was to provide much-needed agricultural education for the people of Kansas. Its development into a center distinguished for agricultural research is…

  7. Arizona State University: Student Tracking in a University System. (United States)

    Porter, John D.; Gebel, Melinda A.


    Arizona State University has created longitudinal student files capable of tracking each student's curricular and financial aid history from entry until graduation. The structure of the files, their creation and maintenance, and their evolution over the years are described. Uses of the files to conduct different kinds of studies to inform…

  8. Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Advertisement Rate per issue. SUBSCRIPTION Nigeria: Personal N 500 per issue. Institutional N 600 per issue. Outside Aba- Add 30% extra for postage. Correspondence should be addressed to: The Editor-in-Chief ABSUMSAJ School of Clinical Medicine Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba Abia State.

  9. Department of Biological Science, Florida State University ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    THE SYSTEMATIC POSITION OF UNIO CAFFER. (PELECYPODA: UNIONOIDA: UNIONIDAE). WILUAM H. HEARD AND VIRGINIA A. VAIL-. Department of Biological Science, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 32306. ABSTRACT. Some anatomical, adult shell and larval features of Unto ~er Krauss arc described ...

  10. Teaching Biochemistry Online at Oregon State University (United States)

    Ahern, Kevin


    A strategy for growing online biochemistry courses is presented based on successes in ecampus at Oregon State University. Four free drawing cards were key to the effort--YouTube videos, iTunes U online free course content, an Open Educational Resource textbook--Biochemistry Free and Easy, and a fun set of educational songs known as the Metabolic…

  11. Changing scene highlights III. [Iowa State University

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fassel, V. A.; Harl, Neil E.; Legvold, Sam; Ruedenberg, Klaus; Swenson, Clayton A.; Burnet, George; Fisher, Ray W.; Gschneidner, Karl A.; Hansen, Robert S.; Kliewer, Kenneth L.; Wildman, Ruth


    The research programs in progress at Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University, are reviewed: hydrogen (storage), materials, catalysts, TRISTAN (their laboratory isotope separator), coal preparation, coal classification, land reclamation (after surface mining, nitinol, neutron radiography, grain dust explosions, biomass conversion, etc). (LTC)

  12. Generalized equations of state and regular universes

    CERN Document Server

    Contreras, Felipe; González, Esteban


    We found non singular solutions for universes filled with a fluid which obey a Generalized Equation of State of the form $P(\\rho)=-A\\rho+\\gamma\\rho^{\\lambda}$. An emergent universe is obtained if $A=1$ and $\\lambda =1/2$. If the matter source is reinterpret as that of a scalar matter field with some potential, the corresponding potential is derived. For a closed universe, an exact bounce solution is found for $A=1/3$ and the same $\\lambda $. We also explore how the composition of theses universes can be interpreted in terms of known fluids. It is of interest to note that accelerated solutions previously found for the late time evolution also represent regular solutions at early times.

  13. Columbus Payloads Flow Rate Anomalies (United States)

    Quaranta, Albino; Bufano, Gaetana; DePalo, Savino; Holt, James M.; Szigetvari, Zoltan; Palumberi, Sergio; Hinderer, S.


    The Columbus Active Thermal Control System (ATCS) is the main thermal bus for the pressurized racks working inside the European laboratory. One of the ATCS goals is to provide proper water flow rate to each payload (P/L) by controlling actively the pressure drop across the common plenum distribution piping. Overall flow measurement performed by the Water Pump Assembly (WPA) is the only flow rate monitor available at system level and is not part of the feedback control system. At rack activation the flow rate provided by the system is derived on ground by computing the WPA flow increase. With this approach, several anomalies were raised during these 3 years on-orbit, with the indication of low flow rate conditions on the European racks FSL, BioLab, EDR and EPM. This paper reviews the system and P/Ls calibration approach, the anomalies occurred, the engineering evaluation on the measurement approach and the accuracy improvements proposed, the on-orbit test under evaluation with NASA and finally discusses possible short and long term solutions in case of anomaly confirmation.

  14. Columbus payload requirements in human physiology (United States)

    Stegemann, Juergen


    Most of the biological feedback loops in the human body are interrelated. This means that several different parameters have to be recorded simultaneously to understand the interrelationship of different subsystems within the body when fast and slow adaptation processes are to be studied. This determines the requirements for the payload in the Columbus module. In 1988 ESA asked some European scientists in different fields of physiology to provide a 'science study' for the Columbus payload requirements. Their report was the basis of a phase A study completed in December 1991, concerning the 'ANTHROLAB', a laboratory that covers all presently known research challenges in this area. Anthrolab is more or less an improvement of the Anthrorack to be flown on the German Spacelab mission D-2 and on the Columbus precursor flight E-1. Beside the present Anthrorack design, Anthrolab will also provide subelements for vestibular, neurophysiological, and biomechanical research.

  15. Fluid science laboratory for Columbus, executive summary (United States)

    Defilippi, V.


    The role of the fluid science laboratory (FSL) on Columbus; FSL scientific objectives; and Columbus resources and interfaces to FSL are summarized. The FSL concept comprises a fully contained fluid facility, a partially contained fluid facility, a containerless fluid facility, and a convection controlled fluid facility; two double racks; non dedicated containers for fluids, and conditioning loops; fully automated working; diagnostic techniques; and possibilities to intervene when changing fluids, diagnostics, stimuli, or geometric environmental conditions. A power conditioning subsystem is necessary. A man tended free flyer option is also feasible.

  16. Peer Pressure at Angelo State University (United States)

    Johnson, Jeremy; Dunham, Hardin; Sauncy, Toni


    Since 2005 a select group of students from the Society of Physics Students at Angelo State University have joined together to form the basis of the organization's outreach program. This group is known as the Peer Pressure Team. Over the years this organization has performed at numerous outreach events, reaching tens-of-thousands of elementary, junior high, and high school students across the country. Each year for the last 7 years the Peer Pressure Team has traveled for a week to various schools performing for thousands of students. We present here the structure of the group, demonstrations, and methods for involving the groups presented to.

  17. Physics Incubator at Kansas State University (United States)

    Flanders, Bret; Chakrabarti, Amitabha

    Funded by a major private endowment, the physics department at Kansas State University has recently started a physics incubator program that provides support to research projects with a high probability of commercial application. Some examples of these projects will be discussed in this talk. In a parallel effort, undergraduate physics majors and graduate students are being encouraged to work with our business school to earn an Entrepreneurship minor and a certification in Entrepreneurship. We will discuss how these efforts are promoting a ``culture change'' in the department. We will also discuss the advantages and the difficulties in running such a program in a Midwest college town.

  18. Comparing Sustainable Universities between the United States and China: Cases of Indiana University and Tsinghua University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yonghua Zou


    Full Text Available It is widely accepted that universities can play critical roles in promoting sustainability. In the United States and China, many universities have initiated sustainability programs. Employing Indiana University, Bloomington, the U.S. (IUB and Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (Tsinghua as two cases, we examine the conceptualization and implementation of university sustainability programs through a comparison of their respective definitions, goals, organizational dynamics, and strategies. We find that IUB’s sustainability scheme is more detailed and specific, while Tsinghua’s is more general; this is principally attributable to differences in national and local contexts. Furthermore, IUB values the environmental, economic, and social aspects of university sustainability equally, while Tsinghua focuses more on the environmental aspect. In addition, IUB has a more loosely-structured and more inclusive sustainability organizational dynamic while Tsinghua has a more hierarchical one. This comparative study helps us to understand how these two research universities understand and implement sustainability within the respective cultural, political, and institutional contexts of the United States and China.

  19. Washington State University Algae Biofuels Research

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    chen, Shulin [Washington State Univ., Pullman, WA (United States). Dept. of Biological Systems Engineering; McCormick, Margaret [Targeted Growth, Inc., Seattle, WA (United States); Sutterlin, Rusty [Inventure Renewables, Inc., Gig Harbor, WA (United States)


    The goal of this project was to advance algal technologies for the production of biofuels and biochemicals by establishing the Washington State Algae Alliance, a collaboration partnership among two private companies (Targeted Growth, Inc. (TGI), Inventure Chemicals (Inventure) Inc (now Inventure Renewables Inc) and Washington State University (WSU). This project included three major components. The first one was strain development at TGI by genetically engineering cyanobacteria to yield high levels of lipid and other specialty chemicals. The second component was developing an algal culture system at WSU to produce algal biomass as biofuel feedstock year-round in the northern states of the United States. This system included two cultivation modes, the first one was a phototrophic process and the second a heterotrophic process. The phototrophic process would be used for algae production in open ponds during warm seasons; the heterotrophic process would be used in cold seasons so that year-round production of algal lipid would be possible. In warm seasons the heterotrophic process would also produce algal seeds to be used in the phototrophic culture process. Selected strains of green algae and cyanobacteria developed by TGI were tested in the system. The third component was downstream algal biomass processing by Inventure that included efficiently harvesting the usable fuel fractions from the algae mass and effectively isolating and separating the usable components into specific fractions, and converting isolated fractions into green chemicals.

  20. Central State University. Its Unique Role: In Retrospect, In Prospect. (United States)

    Central State Univ., Wilberforce, OH.

    After a devastating tornado, a firm commitment was made to rebuild Central State University. As a college, its mission was to provide teacher training, to develop technical programs, and to stabilize these programs for minority students. In 1965, Central State was granted university status. The Central State University is plagued by two issues:…

  1. Mississippi State University Sustainable Energy Research Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Steele, W. Glenn [Mississippi State Univ., Mississippi State, MS (United States)


    The Sustainable Energy Research Center (SERC) project at Mississippi State University included all phases of biofuel production from feedstock development, to conversion to liquid transportation fuels, to engine testing of the fuels. The feedstocks work focused on non-food based crops and yielded an increased understanding of many significant Southeastern feedstocks. an emphasis was placed on energy grasses that could supplement the primary feedstock, wood. Two energy grasses, giant miscanthus and switchgrass, were developed that had increased yields per acre. Each of these grasses was patented and licensed to companies for commercialization. The fuels work focused on three different technologies that each led to a gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel product. The three technologies were microbial oil, pyrolysis oil, and syngas-to liquid-hydrocarbons

  2. 75 FR 5108 - Notice of Inventory Completion: University of Nebraska State Museum, University of Nebraska... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: University of Nebraska State Museum, University of.... 3003, of the completion of an inventory of human remains in the possession of the University of Nebraska State Museum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE. The human remains were removed from...

  3. Excellence in Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University (United States)

    Tietz, William J.


    Colorado State University has developed a strong interdisciplinary faculty that provides the entire university with graduate and undergraduate instruction in the basic biomedical sciences--anatomy, physiology, and microbiology--in addition to instruction in the professional curriculum. (LBH)

  4. The State University System 2025 System Strategic Plan. Revised (United States)

    Board of Governors, State University System of Florida, 2014


    The State University System 2025 Strategic Plan strengthens the Board of Governors' commitment to achieving excellence in the tripartite mission of its state universities--teaching, research, and public service--for the benefit of Florida's citizens, their communities, and the state economy. The Strategic Plan is a living document that helps align…

  5. The Scholarly Communication Process within the University Research Corridor (Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University): A Case Study in Cooperation (United States)

    Utter, Timothy; Holley, Robert P.


    The growth of open access publishing, the development of institutional repositories, and the availability of millions of digitized monographs and journals are rapidly changing scholarly communication. This case study looks at the current and possible uses of these tools by Michigan's three largest universities: Michigan State University, the…

  6. Research in Second Language Studies at Michigan State University (United States)

    Inceoglu, Solene; Spino, Le Anne


    Since its inception seven years ago, Michigan State University's vibrant Second Language Studies (SLS) Program has grown quickly under the direction of Dr. Susan Gass. Thus far, twelve students have graduated from the program and now hold academic positions in various universities in the United States and elsewhere. In 2011, the department…

  7. Center for Catalysis at Iowa State University

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kraus, George A.


    The overall objective of this proposal is to enable Iowa State University to establish a Center that enjoys world-class stature and eventually enhances the economy through the transfer of innovation from the laboratory to the marketplace. The funds have been used to support experimental proposals from interdisciplinary research teams in areas related to catalysis and green chemistry. Specific focus areas included: • Catalytic conversion of renewable natural resources to industrial materials • Development of new catalysts for the oxidation or reduction of commodity chemicals • Use of enzymes and microorganisms in biocatalysis • Development of new, environmentally friendly reactions of industrial importance These focus areas intersect with barriers from the MYTP draft document. Specifically, section Processing and Conversion has a list of bulleted items under Improved Chemical Conversions that includes new hydrogenation catalysts, milder oxidation catalysts, new catalysts for dehydration and selective bond cleavage catalysts. Specifically, the four sections are: 1. Catalyst development (7.4.12.A) 2. Conversion of glycerol (7.4.12.B) 3. Conversion of biodiesel (7.4.12.C) 4. Glucose from starch (7.4.12.D) All funded projects are part of a soybean or corn biorefinery. Two funded projects that have made significant progress toward goals of the MYTP draft document are: Catalysts to convert feedstocks with high fatty acid content to biodiesel (Kraus, Lin, Verkade) and Conversion of Glycerol into 1,3-Propanediol (Lin, Kraus). Currently, biodiesel is prepared using homogeneous base catalysis. However, as producers look for feedstocks other than soybean oil, such as waste restaurant oils and rendered animal fats, they have observed a large amount of free fatty acids contained in the feedstocks. Free fatty acids cannot be converted into biodiesel using homogeneous base-mediated processes. The CCAT catalyst system offers an integrated and cooperative catalytic

  8. On the initial state of the Universe in quantum cosmology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N.N. Gorobey


    Full Text Available The paper discusses the problem of the initial state of a quantum inflationary Universe. Considering the dynamics of the inflation scalar field at the beginning of the inflation stage in the context of semi-classical approximation, we have identified this field with a cosmic time parameter. The early Universe state was defined as an initial value of the inflation field. Other degrees of the Universe freedom, including the scale factor, are treated within the framework of the quantum theory. The initial state of quantum degrees of freedom at the beginning of the inflation must be defined as well. A principle of the least excitation of physical degrees of freedom for the Universe has been proposed to determine the initial state of the quantum Universe. A uniform anisotropic model of the Universe was considered where its size and the anisotropic parameters were quantum dynamical variables. Assuming that the Universe size is a radial variable in the configuration space of the theory, the definition of the Hamiltonian of the Universe is rendered more precise. A simple exponential form of the initial state of the Universe is suggested and the Universe initial size is estimated for this form.

  9. Workplace Energy Conservation at Michigan State University (United States)

    Allen, Summer; Marquart-Pyatt, Sandra T.


    Purpose: This research contributes to the literature on workplace energy conservation by examining the predictors of individual employee behaviors and policy support in a university. The purpose of this research is to better understand what factors influence energy conservation behaviors in this setting to inform programs and interventions.…

  10. Mythology, Weltanschauung, symbolic universe and states of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jul 15, 2016 ... Original Research. Read online: Scan this QR code with your smart phone or mobile device to read online. Author: Gert Malan1. Affiliation: 1Department of New. Testament Studies, Faculty of. Theology, University of. Pretoria, South Africa. Project Leader: E. van Eck. Project Number: 2400030. Description:.

  11. The state of the Java universe

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    Speaker Bio: James Gosling received a B.Sc. in computer science from the University of Calgary, Canada in 1977. He received a Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1983. The title of his thesis was The Algebraic Manipulation of Constraints. He has built satellite data acquisition systems, a multiprocessor version of UNIX®, several compilers, mail systems, and window managers. He has also built a WYSIWYG text editor, a constraint-based drawing editor, and a text editor called Emacs, for UNIX systems. At Sun his early activity was as lead engineer of the NeWS window system. He did the original design of the Java programming language and implemented its original compiler and virtual machine. He has recently been a contributor to the Real-Time Specification for Java.

  12. Encoding Universal Computation in the Ground States of Ising Lattices


    Gu, Mile; Perales, Alvaro


    We characterize the set of ground states that can be synthesized by classical 2-body Ising Hamiltonians. We then construct simple Ising planar blocks that simulates efficiently a universal set of logic gates and connections, and hence any boolean function. We therefore provide a new method of encoding universal computation in the ground states of Ising lattices, and a simpler alternative demonstration of the known fact that finding the ground state of a finite Ising spin glass model is NP com...

  13. The plant ecology of Amchita Island, Alaska: Report on a research contract between the Department of Botany, the University of Tennessee and Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus Laboratories for the period 1 August 1967 through 30 June 1968 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Department of Botany of The University of Tennessee is conducting a study of the plant ecology of Amchitka Island, Alaska, as a subcontractor for Battelle...

  14. Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal: Contact

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Principal Contact. Prof. Ivuoma Okoroafor Editor-in-Chief School of Clinical Medicine, Abia State c/o School of Clinical Medicine Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba Abia State. PMB 7004. Phone: +234-07066896553. Email: ...

  15. Mythology, Weltanschauung , symbolic universe and states of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Different Weltanschauungen constitute alternative states of consciousness. Compared to secular worldviews, religious worldviews may be described as ASCs. Thanks to our globalised modern societies, the issue is even more complex, as alternate modernities lead to a symbolic multiverse, with individuals living in a social ...

  16. Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Determinants of HIV/AIDS Risky Behaviours among Senior Secondary School Students in Aba North Local Government Area, Abia State · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. CA Onwubiko, SC Ivy, O Kalu ...

  17. Quantum cobwebs: Universal entangling of quantum states

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Center for Philosophy and Foundation of Science, New Delhi, India ... Introduction. Quantum entanglement is generally regarded as a very useful resource for quantum infor- mation processing [1]. It can be used for teleportation [2], ... To achieve this, we introduce a class of entangled states calledzero sum amplitude(ZSA).

  18. Downlight Demonstration Program: Hilton Columbus Downtown

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Davis, Robert G.; Perrin, Tess E.


    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that there were about 700 million downlight luminaires installed in residential and commercial buildings in the U.S. as of 2012, with light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires representing less than 1% of this installed base. Downlight luminaires using conventional incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent lamps have lower efficacies and shorter expected lifetimes than comparable LED systems, but the lower initial cost of the conventional technology and the uncertainties associated with the newer LED technology have restricted widespread adoption of LED downlight luminaires. About 278 tBtu of energy could be saved annually if LED luminaires were to saturate the downlight market, equating to an annual energy cost savings of $2.6 billion. This report summarizes an evaluation of LED recessed downlight luminaires in the guest rooms at the Hilton Columbus Downtown hotel in Columbus, OH. The facility opened in October of 2012, and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) conducted a post-occupancy assessment of the facility in January–March of 2014. Each of the 484 guest rooms uses seven 15 W LED downlights: four downlights in the entry and bedroom and three downlights in the bathroom. The 48 suites use the seven 15 W LED downlights and additional fixtures depending on the space requirements, so that in total the facility has more than 3,700 LED downlights. The downlights are controlled through wall-mounted switches and dimmers. A ceiling-mounted vacancy sensor ensures that the bathroom luminaires are turned off when the room is not occupied.

  19. Inventory Accuracy at the Defense Depot, Columbus, Ohio

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lane, F


    We identified issues on the accuracy of inventory reporting for materiel stored at the Defense Depot, Columbus, Ohio during our overall audit of the inventory accounts in the FY 1996 Defense Business...

  20. Prevention of cancer | Onuigbo | Abia State University Medical ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal. Journal Home · ABOUT · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 4, No 1 (2007) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads.

  1. Intramurals for Handicapped Students at Kent State University. (United States)

    Vannoy, Winona


    As an outgrowth of a student project, a recreational swimming program for handicapped students at Kent State University proved to be such a success that intramural basketball competitions were organized for students confined to wheelchairs. (JN)

  2. Pattern of medical admissions at Enugu state university of science ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Pattern of medical admissions at Enugu state university of science and technology teaching hospital: a 5 year review. BA Ezeala‑Adikaibe, E Aneke, C Orjioke, NP Ezeala‑Adikaibe, N Mbadiwe, P Chime, U Okafor ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L.A. Googe


    Full Text Available Stomatological faculty of SaratovState Medical University was founded in 1988. During 20 years scientific stomatologic school on the basis of all major directions was formed in our university. Greatamountof high professional scientific staff and practitioners was trained.

  4. Early Years of the Ohio State University Leadership Studies. (United States)

    Shartle, Carroll L.; And Others


    These papers commemorate Ralph M. Stogdill's contributions to the history of ideas in the area of leadership research. They deal with his work and the Ohio State University Leadership Studies and leadership research at the University of Michigan. Edwin Hollander comments on his association with Stogdill who furthered Hollander's work. (Author/BEF)

  5. The Use of Institutional Repositories: The Ohio State University Experience (United States)

    Connell, Tschera Harkness


    In this paper the author compares the use of digital materials that have been deposited in The Ohio State University (OSU) Knowledge Bank (KB). Comparisons are made for content considered in scope of the university archives and those considered out of scope, for materials originating from different campus sources, and for different types of…

  6. Creating Digital Scholarship Services at Appalachian State University (United States)

    Mitchem, Pamela Price; Rice, Dea Miller


    This article reviews literature related to building digital scholarship centers and explores the experience of Appalachian State University Libraries in planning and implementing a digital scholarship program. Appalachian surveyed its faculty, performed a gap analysis of existing services, compared programs at other universities, and inventoried…

  7. Pattern of Medical Admissions at Enugu State University of Science ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Technology Teaching Hospital, Parklane, Enugu, 2Department of Community Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching. Hospital ... A review of medical admissions into the Enugu State University of Science and Technology. Teaching Hospital ..... of electronic media for dissemination of information about the infection may ...

  8. Tree species composition within Kano State University of science ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study accessed the tree species composition within the Kano State University of Science and Technology Wudil, Kano State, Nigeria with the view of providing information that will help in the management and conservation of tree species within the campus. The study area was stratified into four (4) sections from which ...

  9. Marketing and Branding the Agronomy Major at Iowa State University (United States)

    Miller, Bradley A.


    The decline of enrollments in agronomy programs across the United States has been a concern for more than a decade. In an effort to reverse this trend, the Agronomy Department at Iowa State University (ISU) launched the "I'm An Agronomist" marketing campaign in 2006. This article reports on these efforts and the change in the…

  10. Encoding universal computation in the ground states of Ising lattices (United States)

    Gu, Mile; Perales, Álvaro


    We characterize the set of ground states that can be synthesized by classical two-body Ising Hamiltonians. We then construct simple Ising planar blocks that simulate efficiently a universal set of logic gates and connections, and hence any Boolean function. We therefore provide a new method of encoding universal computation in the ground states of Ising lattices and a simpler alternative demonstration of the known fact that finding the ground state of a finite Ising spin glass model is NP complete. We relate this with our previous result about emergent properties in infinite lattices.

  11. Encoding universal computation in the ground states of Ising lattices. (United States)

    Gu, Mile; Perales, Álvaro


    We characterize the set of ground states that can be synthesized by classical two-body Ising Hamiltonians. We then construct simple Ising planar blocks that simulate efficiently a universal set of logic gates and connections, and hence any Boolean function. We therefore provide a new method of encoding universal computation in the ground states of Ising lattices and a simpler alternative demonstration of the known fact that finding the ground state of a finite Ising spin glass model is NP complete. We relate this with our previous result about emergent properties in infinite lattices.

  12. Colorado State University: A Midscale Market Solar Customer Case Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Holm, Alison [National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Chernyakhovskiy, Ilya [National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)


    Despite substantial increases in solar photovoltaic (PV) deployment between 2005 and 2015, a large untapped market for solar PV deployment still exists in midscale market investments by universities. Recent estimates show that if all universities in the United States installed enough solar PV to meet 25% of their annual electricity consumption, this would cumulatively result in just over 16 gigawatts (GW) of additional installed PV capacity. Within this context, midscale market projects - loosely defined as solar PV installations ranging from 100 kilowatts (kW) to 2 megawatts (MW), but more broadly representing installations not captured in the residential or utility-scale sectors - could be an attractive option for universities. This case study focuses on one university solar customer, Colorado State University (CSU), to provide a detailed example of the challenges, solutions, and opportunities associated with university solar power procurement. Between 2009 and 2015, a combined 6,754 kW of both ground-mounted and rooftop solar PV was installed across multiple CSU campuses in Fort Collins, Colorado. This case study highlights CSU's decision-making process, campus engagement strategies, and relationships with state, local, and utility partners, which have culminated in significant on-campus PV deployment.

  13. 78 FR 5202 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Arkansas State University Museum, Jonesboro, AR (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Arkansas State University Museum, Jonesboro, AR AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Arkansas State University Museum... culturally affiliated with the human remains may contact the Arkansas State University Museum. Repatriation...

  14. 78 FR 5199 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Arkansas State University Museum, Jonesboro, AR (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Arkansas State University Museum, Jonesboro, AR AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Arkansas State University Museum... associated funerary objects may contact the Arkansas State University Museum. Repatriation of the human...

  15. Establishing a clinical pharmacology fellowship program for physicians, pharmacists, and pharmacologists: a newly accredited interdisciplinary training program at the Ohio State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kitzmiller JP


    Full Text Available Joseph P Kitzmiller,1,4 Mitch A Phelps,2 Marjorie V Neidecker,3 Glen Apseloff41Center for Pharmacogenomics, Colleges of Medicine and of Engineering, The Ohio State University Medical Center, 2Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine, Pharmacoanalytic Shared Resources Laboratory, The Ohio State University, 3Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, The Ohio State University, 4Department of Pharmacology, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus, OH, USAAbstract: Studying the effect of drugs on humans, clinical pharmacologists play an essential role in many academic medical and research teams, within the pharmaceutical industry and as members of government regulatory entities. Clinical pharmacology fellowship training programs should be multidisciplinary and adaptable, and should combine didactics, applied learning, independent study, and one-on-one instruction. This article describes a recently developed 2 year clinical pharmacology fellowship program – one of only nine accredited by the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology – that is an integrative, multi faceted, adaptable method for training physicians, pharmacists, and scientists for leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry, in academia, or with regulatory or accreditation agencies. The purpose of this article is to provide information for academic clinicians and researchers interested in designing a similar program, for professionals in the field of clinical pharmacology who are already affiliated with a fellowship program and may benefit from supplemental information, and for clinical researchers interested in clinical pharmacology who may not be aware that such training opportunities exist. This article provides the details of a recently accredited program, including design, implementation, accreditation, trainee success, and future directions.Keywords: clinical pharmacology education, clinical pharmacology fellowship

  16. Emergence of advance waves in a steady-state universe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hobart, R.H.


    In standard Wheeler-Feynman electrodynamics advanced waves from any source are absolutely canceled by the advanced waves from the absorber responding to that source. The present work shows this cancellation fails over cosmic distances in a steady-state universe. A test of the view proposed earlier, in a paper which assumed failure of cancellation ad hoc, that zero-point fluctuations of the electromagnetic field are such emergent advanced waves, is posed. The view entails anomalous slowing of spontaneous transition rates at longer emission wavelengths; available data go against this, furnishing additional argument against the suspect assumption that the universe is steady-state.

  17. An update of Utah State University's GAS activities (United States)

    Megill, L. R.


    The highlights of the Utah State University's participation in the space program are listed. Proposed experiments include: a study of the velocity of a bubble in water under the influence of a temperature gradient; reflight of an experiment on surface tension driven convective flow; surface waves in zero-G; crystallization in zero-G (vapor phase and liquid phase); bio gas generation; and penicillum growth; study of undamped oscillations in a vacuum and zero-G. The effect that spinoffs have had on the Utah State University were discussed.

  18. Steady State Dynamic Operating Behavior of Universal Motor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Khan Burdi


    Full Text Available A detailed investigation of the universal motor is developed and used for various dynamic steady state and transient operating conditions of loads. In the investigation, output torque, motor speed, input current, input/output power and efficiency are computed, compared and analyzed for different loads. While this paper discusses the steady-state behavior of the universal motor, another companion paper, ?Transient dynamic behavior of universal motor?, will discuss its transient behavior in detail. A non-linear generalized electric machine model of the motor is considered for the analysis. This study was essential to investigate effect of output load on input current, power, speed and efficiency of the motor during operations. Previously such investigation is not known

  19. On marking resit exam script | Onuigbo | Abia State University ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal. Journal Home · ABOUT · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 2, No 1 (2000) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT Open Access ...

  20. Academic Freedom and Tenure: Sonoma State University (California) (United States)

    Mason, Henry L.; Schatzki, George


    A summary of the 1982 Sonoma State University case of dismissal of 24 tenured faculty members for financial reasons provides background regarding financial exigency, faculty participation in decisions leading to the layoff, provision for individual hearings, notice, efforts to reinstate and relocate, and teaching service areas. (MSE)

  1. Composition at Washington State University: Building a Multimodal Bricolage (United States)

    Ericsson, Patricia; Hunter, Leeann Downing; Macklin, Tialitha Michelle; Edwards, Elizabeth Sue


    Multimodal pedagogy is increasingly accepted among composition scholars. However, putting such pedagogy into practice presents significant challenges. In this profile of Washington State University's first-year composition program, we suggest a multi-vocal and multi-theoretical approach to addressing the challenges of multimodal pedagogy. Patricia…

  2. Cases of ectopic pregnancies as seen in Lagos State University ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Objective: To determine the prevalence rate, the major forms of ectopic pregnancy and to correct some of the inadequacies in filling of the laboratory forms. Materials and Methods: Relevant data on 91 ectopic pregnancy specimens received at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja between May 1 ...

  3. Sudden infant death | Chika | Abia State University Medical Students ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal. Journal Home · ABOUT · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 2, No 1 (2000) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT Open Access ...

  4. Foundations of Online Education at Tarleton State University (United States)

    Atchley, Wayne; Wingenbach, Gary


    Online course delivery has been used for many years in higher education. Like many institutions, Tarleton State University has used online education as a means to increase student enrollment and satisfy the changing education needs of both traditional and non-traditional students. The purpose of this study was to examine the origins of online…

  5. AAFCS Accreditation: From Dream to Reality at Jacksonville State University (United States)

    Goodwin, Debra K.; Roberts, W. Tim; Boggs, Robbie; Townsel, Kim; Frazier, Jeannie; Marsh, Jill


    Accreditation by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) was a long-held dream of the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Unit at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. After more than 6 decades of preparing FCS students for life and the workplace, the FCS Unit resolutely began the journey to the coveted and honored…

  6. Prostate cancer | Mbanaso | Abia State University Medical Students ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal. Journal Home · ABOUT · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 3, No 1 (2006) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT Open Access ...

  7. Perfect fluid cosmological Universes: One equation of state and the ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Anadijiban Das


    Jan 4, 2018 ... Perfect fluid; equation of state; cosmological solutions. PACS Nos 04.20.−q; 98.80.−k. 1. Introduction. During the present century, a large number of observa- tional results point to the overall regularities, which are global rather than local. The simplest and the most ele- gant assumption is that, our Universe ...

  8. Earnings of Kansas State University Agriculture Graduates: 1978–88


    Barkley, Andrew P.


    Survey data were utilized to identify salary determinants of agriculture graduates at Kansas State University. Findings include a secular decline in real annual starting salaries for Bachelor of Science degree holders. Salary determinants include major field, double major, job location, type of occupation, grade point average, sex, marital status, and highest degree earned. Implications for teaching, advising, and curricula change are discussed.

  9. State Investment in Universities: Rethinking the Impact on Economic Growth (United States)

    Schalin, Jay


    Does investing taxpayer money in higher education lead to major payoffs in economic growth? State legislators and policy makers say yes. They routinely advocate massive appropriations for university education and research, even in poor economic times, on the grounds that taxpayers will be rewarded many times over. The investment of federal funds…

  10. Challenges and Opportunities of the Postcolonial State University ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Postcolonial state universities have continued to serve African countries in producing highly educated professionals pertinent for the national economy and development. Unfortunately the moral philosophy of education in tertiary training institutions has been unclear for its products lacked moral relevance to local needs.

  11. Estimation of background radiation at Rivers State University of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background radiation from the use of photocopies, computers and other electronic devices around River State University of Science and Technology was measured using a specialize digital, radiation meter type, radalert - 50, which is optimized to detect radiations like alpha, beta, gamma and x-rays. Measurements were ...

  12. Preparing States in India for Universal Health Coverage | IDRC ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Given India's population, geographical diversity, and health inequities, the path to universal health coverage is likely to vary widely across states. Using research evidence, policymakers will need to ensure a balance between prioritizing primary health care and expanding access to insurance for secondary and tertiary care.

  13. The Undergraduate Biomechanics Experience at Iowa State University. (United States)

    Francis, Peter R.

    This paper discusses the objectives of a program in biomechanics--the analysis of sports skills and movement--and the evolution of the biomechanics program at Iowa State University. The primary objective of such a course is to provide the student with the basic tools necessary for adequate analysis of human movement, with special emphasis upon…

  14. Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal - Vol 3 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Causes of neonatal jaundice in neonates admitted into the newborn unit of the Abia State University Teaching Hospital between 2000 and 2004 · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. S Onwere, O Okoro, N Nwoko, B Okoro, 18-19.

  15. Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry at Humboldt State University. (United States)

    Paselk, Richard A.; Zoellner, Robert W.


    Describes a molecular modeling and computational chemistry (MM&CC) facility for undergraduate instruction and research at Humboldt State University. This facility complex allows the introduction of MM&CC throughout the chemistry curriculum with tailored experiments in general, organic, and inorganic courses as well as a new molecular modeling…

  16. Anaemia in Pregnancy in Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A prospective study of incidence of anaemia in pregnancy at Abia state University Teaching Hospital, Aba was conducted over a six-month period spanning from 31st January 2000 to 31st July 2000. The incidence of anaemia in pregnancy was 29%. The vast majority (97.6%) had mild anaemia. The result showed that most ...

  17. Telepractice Services at Sound Beginnings at Utah State University (United States)

    Blaiser, Kristina M.; Edwards, Marge; Behl, Diane; Munoz, Karen F.


    The Utah State University Sound Beginnings program originated in 2007 as a laboratory school to serve children with hearing loss from birth to age 6 years old living in Northern Utah. Sound Beginnings offers an interdisciplinary listening and spoken language educational option for families through the following services: toddler and preschool…

  18. uptake of ocular surgeries at ebonyi state university teaching hospi

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dr Chijioke Onyeknowu

    Conclusion: The yearly surgical uptake at EBSUTH was low and cataract extraction was the most common ocular surgery performed. Key words: ocular surgeries, analysis, EBSUTH, Abakaliki. INTRODUCTION. The eye clinic of Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital. (EBSUTH), Abakaliki was revitalized and equipped ...

  19. Gestational age at booking in Imo State University Teaching Hospital.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Gestational age at booking in Imo State University Teaching Hospital. E Ojiyi, E.I Dike. Abstract. No Abstract Available. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Article Metrics. Metrics Loading ... Metrics powered by PLOS ALM

  20. Management of email as electronic records in state universities in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The administrative functions of state universities in Zimbabwe rely on and actively use email communication in their official business. These business emails have significant transactional, reference and decision making value which merits the need for their capture, retention and management as electronic records.

  1. Comparative Study of Teenage Pregnancy in Lagos State University ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Comparative Study of Teenage Pregnancy in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. ... Abstract. Teenage pregnancy is a topic that will need to be revisited time and again because of the continuously evolving and changing social and moral norms in different parts of the world. This informed a comparative study of the ...

  2. Cardio-respiratory emergencies | Chidinma | Abia State University ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 2, No 1 (2000) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT ...

  3. An Empirical Investigation of Entrepreneurship Intensity in Iranian State Universities (United States)

    Mazdeh, Mohammad Mahdavi; Razavi, Seyed-Mostafa; Hesamamiri, Roozbeh; Zahedi, Mohammad-Reza; Elahi, Behin


    The purpose of this study is to propose a framework to evaluate the entrepreneurship intensity (EI) of Iranian state universities. In order to determine EI, a hybrid multi-method framework consisting of Delphi, Analytic Network Process (ANP), and VIKOR is proposed. The Delphi method is used to localize and reduce the number of criteria extracted…

  4. State funding of universities and technikons 1993 to 2001

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    is curbed by means of realistic restrictions on the projected student numbers used in the revised SAPSE formulas. As a result of this, large annual fluctuations in subsidy allocations to institutions, and therefore to the university and technikon systems, are avoided. Table 2. Relative State expenditure on higher education ...

  5. uptake of ocular surgeries at ebonyi state university teaching hospi

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dr Chijioke Onyeknowu

    SUMMARY. Objective: To ascertain the number, types and frequencies of ocular surgeries done at Ebonyi State University Teaching. Hospital (EBSUTH), Abakaliki, with a view to improving the overall surgical uptake. Methods: A retrospective review of ocular surgeries done at. EBSUTH between January 2003 and April ...

  6. estimation of background radiation at rivers state university of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    State University of Science and Technology was measured using a specialize digital, radiation meter type, radalert -. 50, which is ... Measurements were carried out within seven working hours of the day and for seven days of the week in each of the five locations ..... Ricke, G., 1996. Detection of light him UV to the sub.

  7. 40 CFR 81.58 - Columbus (Georgia)-Phenix City (Alabama) Interstate Air Quality Control Region. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 17 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Columbus (Georgia)-Phenix City... PLANNING PURPOSES Designation of Air Quality Control Regions § 81.58 Columbus (Georgia)-Phenix City (Alabama) Interstate Air Quality Control Region. The Columbus (Georgia)-Phenix City (Alabama) Interstate...

  8. Meeting report: The 13th Annual Meeting of the Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium (TrC3); Immune Suppression and the Tumor Microenvironment, Columbus, Ohio; March 1-2, 2010. (United States)

    Lesinski, Gregory B; Carson, William E; Repasky, Elizabeth A; Wei, Wei-zen; Kalinski, Pawel; Lotze, Michael T; June, Carl H; Petros, William; Muthusamy, Natarajan; Olencki, Thomas


    The Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium (TrC3) is a cancer immunotherapy network, established to promote biologic therapeutics in the Midwestern and Northeastern regions of The United States. The 13th Annual Meeting of the TrC3 was hosted by The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute and took place at The Blackwell Hotel and Conference Center in Columbus, OH on March 1-2, 2010 ( This year's theme was "Immune Suppression and the Tumor Microenvironment." The meeting consisted of 21 oral presentations, a roundtable discussion focused on enhancing collaborative relationships within the consortium, and a poster session with 54 abstracts from predoctoral or postdoctoral researchers. This annual meeting brought together more than 170 investigators from 9 regional cancer centers including: Abramson Cancer Center at The University of Pennsylvania, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center, James P. Wilmot Cancer Center, Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center at West Virginia University, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, Penn State Cancer Institute, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. The proceedings of this year's meeting are summarized in this report.

  9. The Academic Study of Religion in Four State Universities in Michigan: Culture, Curriculum and Complexities (United States)

    Drewel, Christine L.


    This dissertation examines the development of religion curricula at four state universities in Michigan: Grand Valley State University, Western Michigan University, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. It analyzes the historical development of these curricula, illustrating that each institution has a unique religion curriculum…

  10. Tomsk State University: Space-planning development concept

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Grigoryeva


    Full Text Available The article features the space-planning development concept for National Research Tomsk State University and the subsequent sketch design. Together with extension of educational and laboratory area, the system of open exterior and interior public spaces is created for interpersonal communication, independent work, leisure, self-presentations, team building events, etc. One of the leading principles is preservation of the University historical heritage together with appliance of advanced architectural and spatial methods and integration of facilities built at different times into one complex. 

  11. Effect of maturity on the mineral content of Columbus grass ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study was conducted in Naivasha, Kenya over a period of 15 weeks to determine the effect of maturity on mineral content in Columbus grass (Sorghum almum). Immediately after field preparation, representative soil samples were taken for mineral profiling. Thereafter, 60 plots 2 x 2 sq. m size were demarcated and ...

  12. New Mexico State University Campus geothermal demonstration project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cuniff, R.A.; Fisher, K.P.; Chintawongvanich, P.


    This report presents the design, construction highlights, and performance of the New Mexico State University Campus Geothermal Demonstration Project at Las Cruces, New Mexico. Construction started in July 1981, first system use was January 1982, and the system was dedicated on April 21, 1982. Included herein are summary observations after two years of use. The geothermal hot water from New Mexico State University wells is used to heat potable water, which in turn provides 83 percent of the domestic hot water on the New Mexico State University campus, as well as space heat to two buildings, and for two heated swimming pools. The original system is providing service to 30 total buildings, with two additional buildings (150,000 square feet) in process of geothermal conversion.) The system overall performance has been excellent, except for geothermal well pump problems. In terms of operating efficiency, the system has exceeded the design parameters. In spite of abnormally high costs for well and pump repairs, the system has shown a positive cost avoidance of more than $118,000 for the first year of operation. For the first two full years of operation, the system has produced a net positive cost avoidance of more than $200,000. Payback on the total investment of $1,670,000 is projected to be 6 to 10 years, depending on the future prices of natural gas and electricity.

  13. Meteorological Implications of the First Voyage of Christopher Columbus. (United States)

    Cerveny, Randall S.; Hobgood, Jay S.


    The log of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World provides valuable information on the meteorological conditions of September 1492. Comparison and analysis of the descriptive accounts of weather made by Columbus and his pilots to other available Columbian and modern data leads to two distinct perspectives on the Columbian voyage: an examination of the frequency of "calm" events, and an analysis of the lack of tropical storm activity. The major conclusions of the first portion of the study include: 1) The Columbian pilots' descriptions of "cairns" related to travel slower than travel occurring during other portions of the voyage. That rate of travel compares favorably to calm winds and an oceanic current of 0.4 knots, a value close to modern-day values; 2) The frequency of "calm" events experienced by Christopher Columbus in 1492 is significantly higher than the most liberal estimates of calms in the North Atlantic over the last 100 years; and 3) The locations of the Columbian calms are generally in the same region currently experiencing the highest frequency of calms. The main finding of the second portion of the study is that, based on historical hurricane records from 1886 to 1989, the center of a hurricane would have passed within 100 km of Columbus only once in the past 104 years. Inclusion of tropical storms increases this number to four out of 104 years. Therefore, while Columbus may indeed have been fortunate to have avoided severe weather during his voyage, the odds decidedly were in his favor. This Columbian "weather luck" was due to a combination of 1) encountering abnormally strong anticyclonic flow over the eastern North Atlantic, 2) starting late enough in the hurricane season to significantly decrease the probability of experiencing a hurricane, and 3) taking a north and easterly voyage, thereby avoiding the area of maximum hurricane occurrence.

  14. The Louisiana State University waste-to-energy incinerator (United States)


    This proposed action is for cost-shared construction of an incinerator/steam-generation facility at Louisiana State University under the State Energy Conservation Program (SECP). The SECP, created by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act, calls upon DOE to encourage energy conservation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency by providing Federal technical and financial assistance in developing and implementing comprehensive state energy conservation plans and projects. Currently, LSU runs a campus-wide recycling program in order to reduce the quantity of solid waste requiring disposal. This program has removed recyclable paper from the waste stream; however, a considerable quantity of other non-recyclable combustible wastes are produced on campus. Until recently, these wastes were disposed of in the Devil's Swamp landfill (also known as the East Baton Rouge Parish landfill). When this facility reached its capacity, a new landfill was opened a short distance away, and this new site is now used for disposal of the University's non-recyclable wastes. While this new landfill has enough capacity to last for at least 20 years (from 1994), the University has identified the need for a more efficient and effective manner of waste disposal than landfilling. The University also has non-renderable biological and potentially infectious waste materials from the School of Veterinary Medicine and the Student Health Center, primarily the former, whose wastes include animal carcasses and bedding materials. Renderable animal wastes from the School of Veterinary Medicine are sent to a rendering plant. Non-renderable, non-infectious animal wastes currently are disposed of in an existing on-campus incinerator near the School of Veterinary Medicine building.

  15. University-Based Teleradiology in the United States

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tim B. Hunter


    Full Text Available This article reviews the University of Arizona’s more than 15 years of experience with teleradiology and provides an overview of university-based teleradiology practice in the United States (U.S.. In the U.S., teleradiology is a major economic enterprise with many private for-profit companies offering national teleradiology services (i.e., professional interpretation of radiologic studies of all types by American Board of Radiology certified radiologists. The initial thrust for teleradiology was for after-hours coverage of radiologic studies, but teleradiology has expanded its venue to include routine full-time or partial coverage for small hospitals, clinics, specialty medical practices, and urgent care centers. It also provides subspecialty radiologic coverage not available at smaller medical centers and clinics. Many U.S. university-based academic departments of radiology provide teleradiology services usually as an additional for-profit business to supplement departmental income. Since academic-based teleradiology providers have to compete in a very demanding marketplace, their success is not guaranteed. They must provide timely, high-quality professional services for a competitive price. Academic practices have the advantage of house officers and fellows who can help with the coverage, and they have excellent subspecialty expertise. The marketplace is constantly shifting, and university-based teleradiology practices have to be nimble and adjust to ever-changing situations.

  16. The REU Program in Solar Physics at Montana State University (United States)

    Martens, Petrus C.; Canfield, R. C.; McKenzie, D. M.


    The Solar Physics group at Montana State University has organized an annual summer REU program in Solar Physics, Astronomy, and Space Physics since 1999, with NSF funding since 2003. The number of students applying and being admitted to the program has increased every year, and we have been very successful in attracting female participants. A great majority of our REU alumni have chosen career paths in the sciences, and, according to their testimonies, our REU program has played a significant role in their decisions. From the start our REU program has had an important international component through a close collaboration with the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. In our poster we will describe the goals, organization, scientific contents, international aspects, and results, and present statistics on applications, participants, gender balance, and diversity.

  17. Operations improvement and reengineering at Ohio State University Medical Center. (United States)

    Marsh, G; Guanciale, T; Simon, M


    Rising costs and increasing competition have forced hospitals to respond to the needs of their customers. At Ohio State University Medical Center, operations improvement and reengineering are being used to redesign processes and to position the medical center competitively in today's changing environment. An operations improvement team identified business processes with the greatest opportunity for positive impact based on the goals of the medical center. Next, these areas were prioritized and teams appointed to begin the reengineering process. Reengineering methods focused on specific outcomes, including improved patient satisfaction, reduced cost, and improved clinical and service quality. Throughout the process, the goals and successes of reengineering were communicated to the organization and community.

  18. Entrepreneurial Intentions among Business Students in Batangas State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This study focused on Entrepreneurial Intention among Business Students in Batangas State University based on their entrepreneurial capabilities and skills. The descriptive method of research was utilized in the conduct of the study. The study revealed that majority of the respondents have no family business, belongs to middle income group and management major students. Further, it was found out that most of the students agreed that they possess entrepreneurial intentions, skills and capabilities. It was also found out that entrepreneurial intention is not affected by the profile variables. It only shows that the entrepreneurial intention of the students is independent with that of their profile variables.

  19. Columbus 1:100000 Quad Hydrography DLGs (United States)

    Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico — Digital line graph (DLG) data are digital representations of cartographic information. DLG's of map features are converted to digital form from maps and related...

  20. Nuclear Security Education Program at the Pennsylvania State University

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Uenlue, Kenan [The Pennsylvania State University, Radiation Science and Engineering Center, University Park, PA 16802-2304 (United States); The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, University Park, PA 16802-2304 (United States); Jovanovic, Igor [The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, University Park, PA 16802-2304 (United States)


    The availability of trained and qualified nuclear and radiation security experts worldwide has decreased as those with hands-on experience have retired while the demand for these experts and skills have increased. The U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) has responded to the continued loss of technical and policy expertise amongst personnel and students in the security field by initiating the establishment of a Nuclear Security Education Initiative, in partnership with Pennsylvania State University (PSU), Texas A and M (TAMU), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This collaborative, multi-year initiative forms the basis of specific education programs designed to educate the next generation of personnel who plan on careers in the nonproliferation and security fields with both domestic and international focus. The three universities worked collaboratively to develop five core courses consistent with the GTRI mission, policies, and practices. These courses are the following: Global Nuclear Security Policies, Detectors and Source Technologies, Applications of Detectors/Sensors/Sources for Radiation Detection and Measurements Nuclear Security Laboratory, Threat Analysis and Assessment, and Design and Analysis of Security Systems for Nuclear and Radiological Facilities. The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Nuclear Engineering Program is a leader in undergraduate and graduate-level nuclear engineering education in the USA. The PSU offers undergraduate and graduate programs in nuclear engineering. The PSU undergraduate program in nuclear engineering is the largest nuclear engineering programs in the USA. The PSU Radiation Science and Engineering Center (RSEC) facilities are being used for most of the nuclear security education program activities. Laboratory space and equipment was made available for this purpose. The RSEC facilities include the Penn State Breazeale

  1. Child Passenger Safety in the Somali Communities of Columbus, Ohio. (United States)

    McKenzie, Lara B; Fowler, Erica; Roberts, Kristin J; Kaercher, Roxanne M


    Children (particularly low-income minorities and refugees) are at high risk for serious injury or death from motor vehicle crashes. Interpreter-assisted data collection included key informant interviews, focus groups and face-to-face surveys with the Somali community of Columbus, Ohio about child passenger safety. Measurements included prevalence of child safety seats use, awareness and knowledge of and barriers to proper use in order to inform development, implementation, and initial evaluation of a culturally-appropriate intervention for Somali families. Somali parents regarded child passenger safety as an important topic, but many reported improper restraint behaviors of one or more children and/or did not have an adequate number of child safety seats. Few parents reported having child safety seats installed by a professional technician. Child passenger safety practices in the Somali communities of Columbus are a public health concern that should be addressed with culturally-appropriate interventions.

  2. An Examination of the Leadership Practices of University Presidents of Land-Grant Universities in the United States (United States)

    Aldighrir, Wafa M.


    A great deal of research has been done to understand leadership styles in different organizational settings. In this study, the researcher focused on the leadership practices of university presidents of land-grant universities (LGUs) in the United States. The study examined the leadership practices of presidents of land-grant universities as…

  3. Exploring Students’ Politeness Perspectives at the State University Of Makassar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murni Mahmud


    Full Text Available This paper’s main focus is to explore the perspectives of politeness practices of the English students at the State University of Makassar. The main questions to be explored are the important roles of politeness in the class and indicators of polite and impolite behaviors in the class. The subject of this research is the English Literature students of Faculty of Languages and Literature, State University of Makassar. To collect data, an open-ended questionnaire was distributed to one class of English Literature department, consisting of 20 students. This questionnaire was analyzed descriptively. Students’ perspectives of politeness practices were discussed in relation to politeness framework of Brown and Levinson (1987. The results of the research show that English students perceived that politeness has important roles in the classroom interaction. According to them, politeness is a need in education, a strategy to build character, and as a motivation. In addition, the students perceived some impolite and polite behaviors in the class which should be given attention in order to create effective learning and teaching process such as being on time and not getting angry in the class. Findings from this study become input for teachers and students in an effort to create effective classroom interaction.

  4. The Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine Shelter Program (United States)

    Bushby, Philip; Woodruff, Kimberly; Shivley, Jake


    Simple Summary First initiated in 1995 to provide veterinary students with spay/neuter experience, the shelter program at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine has grown to be comprehensive in nature incorporating spay/neuter, basic wellness care, diagnostics, medical management, disease control, shelter management and biosecurity. Junior veterinary students spend five days in shelters; senior veterinary students spend 2-weeks visiting shelters in mobile veterinary units. The program has three primary components: spay/neuter, shelter medical days and Animals in Focus. Student gain significant hands-on experience and evaluations of the program by students are overwhelmingly positive. Abstract The shelter program at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine provides veterinary students with extensive experience in shelter animal care including spay/neuter, basic wellness care, diagnostics, medical management, disease control, shelter management and biosecurity. Students spend five days at shelters in the junior year of the curriculum and two weeks working on mobile veterinary units in their senior year. The program helps meet accreditation standards of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Council on Education that require students to have hands-on experience and is in keeping with recommendations from the North American Veterinary Medical Education Consortium. The program responds, in part, to the challenge from the Pew Study on Future Directions for Veterinary Medicine that argued that veterinary students do not graduate with the level of knowledge and skills that is commensurate with the number of years of professional education. PMID:26479234

  5. Space science public outreach at Louisiana State University (United States)

    Guzik, T.; Babin, E.; Cooney, W.; Giammanco, J.; Hartman, D.; McNeil, R.; Slovak, M.; Stacy, J.

    Over the last seven years the Astronomy / Astrophysics group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Louisiana State University has developed an exten- sive Space Science education and public outreach program. This program includes the local park district (the Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge, BREC), the local amateur astronomer group (the Baton Rouge As- tronomical Society, BRAS), the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum (LASM), and Southern University (SU, part of the largest HBCU system in the nation). Our effort has directly led to the development of the Highland Road Park Observatory (HRPO, that supports student astronomy training at LSU and SU, amateur observations and a public program for adults and children, establishment of a series of teacher professional development workshops in astronomy and physics, and the "Robots for Internet Experiences (ROBIE)" project ( where we have several instruments (e.g. HAM radio, radio telescope, optical tele- scopes) that can be controlled over the internet by students and teachers in the class- room along with associated lessons developed by a teacher group. In addition, this year the LASM, will be opening a new planetarium / space theater in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are currently working to bring live views of the heavens from the HRPO telescope to audiences attending planetarium shows and will be working closely with planetarium staff to develop shows that highlight LSU astronomy / space science research. During the presentation we will provide some details about our in- dividual projects, the overall structure of our program, establishing community links and some of the lessons we learned along the way. Finally, we would like to acknowl- edge NASA, Louisiana State University, the Louisiana Systemic Initiatives Program and the Louisiana Technology Innovation Fund for their support.

  6. Updates on HRF Payloads Operations in Columbus ATCS (United States)

    DePalo, Savino; Wright, Bruce D.; La,e Robert E.; Challis, Simon; Davenport, Robert; Pietrafesa, Donata


    The NASA developed Human Research Facility 1 (HRF1) and Human Research Facility (HRF2) experiment racks have been operating in the European Space Agency (ESA) Columbus module of the International Space Station (ISS) since Summer 2008. The two racks are of the same design. Since the start of operations, unexpected pressure spikes were observed in the Columbus module's thermal-hydraulic system during the racks activation sequence. The root cause of these spikes was identified in the activation command sequence in the Rack Interface Controller (RIC), which controls the flow of thermal-hydraulic system fluid through the rack. A new Common RIC Software (CRS) release fixed the bug and was uploaded on both racks in late 2009. This paper gives a short introduction to the topic, describes the Columbus module countermeasures to mitigate the spikes, describes the ground validation test of the new software, and describes the flight checks performed before and after the final upload. Finally, the new on-orbit test designed to further simplify the racks hydraulic management is presented.

  7. 76 FR 14052 - Notice of Inventory Completion: California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento... of an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects in the possession of California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA. The human remains and associated funerary objects were...

  8. 78 FR 59955 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, WA; Correction AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice; correction. SUMMARY: The Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of Washington (Burke...

  9. The Columbus-CC—Operating the European laboratory at ISS (United States)

    Kuch, T.; Sabath, D.


    The European ISS Columbus Control Center (Col-CC) joined the club of ISS mission control centers in Moscow, Houston and Huntsville. It took some time to reach that goal. In 1998 the European Space Agency (ESA) awarded the German Aerospace Center DLR to design, develop and implement the Col-CC at its premises in Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich, Germany. In 2002 a core mission operations team was built up. An integrated team of ESA, industry and control center started to define processes and implemented first operations products and tools. This was accompanied by regular meetings with the international partners in the US and Russia. With intensive training and numerous simulations the team was able to gain experience and is now eagerly waiting for the launch of Columbus. However, thanks to the involvement in some operational activities the Col-CC staff has already been able to gain operational ISS experience. After the inauguration in October 2004 Col-CC supported the Eneide mission in April 2005 when the Italian ESA-Astronaut Roberto Vittori flew onboard a Soyuz to the ISS where he spent 10 days. Another very important milestone was the operations support for ESA's Astrolab mission. The Astrolab mission was of major importance for Europe and particularly for Germany because it implied the first long duration flight of ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter, an astronaut of German nationality. The tasks of Col-CC are described and also the experiences made with the first operational long-term mission which took place from July to December 2006. Meanwhile the Col-CC was able to reach the operational readiness status for the Columbus mission which is set for a launch date later in 2007. Despite the concentration on the challenging Columbus Assembly and Checkout phase emphasis is already laid on the following increments for the European ISS operations. Early 2006 ESA transferred the operational tasks and responsibilities to the hands of the industrial operator. This approach creates

  10. Leadership: Subject to the State Personnel Act (SPA) Employee's Perceptions of Job Satisfaction at Elizabeth City State University (United States)

    Leary, Mary


    This evaluation was conducted at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, located approximately 40 miles south of the Virginia state line. ECSU, a historically Black institution of higher learning, was founded in 1891 and is one of 17 constituent universities in The University of North Carolina system. The…

  11. 78 FR 78379 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University, Pullman, WA (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University... at Washington State University has completed an inventory of human remains, in consultation with the... the Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University. If no additional requestors come forward...

  12. A Cooperative Project for Electrical Engineering Education at UNESP--Sao Paulo State University. (United States)

    Akamatsu, Janio Itiro; Torres, Germano Lambert; Origa de Oliveira, Luiz C.; Loyolla, Waldomiro

    UNESP--Sao Paulo State University--is a successful experiment at the Multicampus University in Brazil, maintaining intense and diversified education activities in the most developed state of the Federation, the Sao Paulo State. The multicampus structure that consists of 15 university campuses and two advanced ones, distributed throughout the State…

  13. 76 FR 63809 - Columbus Day, 2011 (United States)


    ... accomplishments. Today, we renew our commitment to fostering the same spirit of innovation and exploration that... direct that the flag of the United States be displayed on all public buildings on the appointed day in...

  14. Short run economic impact of State University of Londrina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Tarocco Filho


    Full Text Available The present study aimed to analyze the inter-regional economic impact of short-term, State University of Londrina and their local impacts and in 2006, in respect of employment and income. Through the analysis of input-output multipliers employment and earnings, employment generation and income indexes and link back and forth was calculated. Through the results found that the Public Education employs 6.19% of employed staff and is responsible for 12.27% of earnings generated in the county. The Public Education excelled in creating jobs in Londrina, which along with the sectors of Education Services and Commodities (13, was the fourth biggest indicator, trailing sectors: Public Administration, Commerce and Securities Industry and Miscellaneous. We found that the employment multiplier is 1.25 and their ability to generate earnings through direct effect in the city is the third largest R $ 368,153 million.

  15. Psychobiology and Neuroscience at the Florida State University: a history. (United States)

    Rashotte, Michael E; Smith, James C


    In the 1950s, young faculty in Psychology and Physiology/Biology at the newly established Florida State University recognized common interests in the study of sensory systems. They spontaneously formed one of this country's earliest interdisciplinary research cohorts in the emerging field of "psychobiology". In the 1960s, this group established a formal graduate program in Psychobiology, acquired resources for building a new laboratory and for supporting pre- and post-doctoral students, and began the expansion of faculty and research focuses that continues to this day. In 1991, FSU's Psychobiology Program was re-branded as a Program in Neuroscience that awards a doctoral degree. It now encompasses faculty and students from four academic departments in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Human Sciences, and Medicine. This paper traces some main developments in our 50-year history of these research and training efforts.

  16. The Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine Shelter Program. (United States)

    Bushby, Philip; Woodruff, Kimberly; Shivley, Jake


    The shelter program at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine provides veterinary students with extensive experience in shelter animal care including spay/neuter, basic wellness care, diagnostics, medical management, disease control, shelter management and biosecurity. Students spend five days at shelters in the junior year of the curriculum and two weeks working on mobile veterinary units in their senior year. The program helps meet accreditation standards of the American Veterinary Medical Association's Council on Education that require students to have hands-on experience and is in keeping with recommendations from the North American Veterinary Medical Education Consortium. The program responds, in part, to the challenge from the Pew Study on Future Directions for Veterinary Medicine that argued that veterinary students do not graduate with the level of knowledge and skills that is commensurate with the number of years of professional education.

  17. Geothermal research at Oklahoma State University: An integrated approach

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smith, M.D.


    Oklahoma State University and the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) are active in providing technical support to government and industry through technology transfer, technology development, technical assistance, and business development support. Technology transfer includes geothermal heat pump (GHP) system training for installers and architects and engineers, national teleconferences, brochures, and other publications. Technology development encompasses design software development, GLHEPRO, in-situ thermal conductivity testing methods and verification of data reduction techniques, and specifications and standards for GHP systems. Examples of technical assistance projects are a Navy officers quarters and a NASA Visitors Center which required design assistance and supporting information in reducing the life cycle cost to make them viable projects.

  18. State of the Universe 2008 new images, discoveries, and events

    CERN Document Server

    Ratcliffe, Martin A


    The aim of the "State of the Universe" annuals is to provide an annual astronomy review suitable for the popular science-level reader. The annuals are published each September in a format suitable for, and appealing to, the Christmas market. The 2008 annual covers all major astronomical news on topics beyond the Solar System, placing them in the context of the longer-term goals of astronomers and astrophysicists around the world. The books capture the excitement and vibrancy of modern astronomical research. This section also includes web links for all major news stories, providing a bridge between the public news stories and the actual research web sites.The invited contributions which make up the second half of the 2008 annual are written by leading astronomers or science writers, and cover a variety of topics and in a style that appeals to a wide readership.

  19. New Mexico State University Arrowhead Center PROSPER Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peach, James


    This document is the final technical report of the Arrowhead Center Prosper Project at New Mexico State University. The Prosper Project was a research and public policy initiative funded by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The Prosper project (DOE Grant Number DE-NT0004397) began on October 1, 2008 (FY2009, Quarter 1) and ended on December 31, 2012 (FY2013, Quarter 1). All project milestones were completed on time and within the budget. This report contains a summary of ten technical reports resulting from research conducted during the project. This report also contains a detailed description of the research dissemination and outreach activities of the project including a description of the policy impacts of the project. The report also describes project activities that will be maintained after the end of the project.

  20. Creating Open Textbooks: A Unique Partnership between Oregon State University Libraries and Press and Open Oregon State (United States)

    Chadwell, Faye A.; Fisher, Dianna M.


    This article presents Oregon State University's experience launching an innovative Open Textbook initiative in spring 2014. The partners, Open Oregon State and the Oregon State University Libraries and Press, aimed to reduce the cost of course materials for students while ensuring the content created was peer-reviewed and employed multimedia…

  1. Research in elementary particle physics. [Ohio State Univ. , Columbus

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Experimental and theoretical work on high energy physics is reviewed. Included are preparations to study high-energy electron-proton interactions at HERA, light-cone QCD, decays of charm and beauty particles, neutrino oscillation, electron-positron interactions at CLEO II, detector development, and astrophysics and cosmology.

  2. Water Quality Management Survey Columbus AFB, Mississippi. (United States)


    existing outfall provides chlorine contact time, since the WTP does not have a chlorine contact tank. 2. The base anaerobic digestor is operated by... digestor may be sourin;. but the pH and solids may not indicate the impending upset. C. Surface Water 1. According to the State of Mississippi Water Quality...acids to alkalinity ratio should be added as a control indicator for the anaerobic digestor . Changes in the ratio can indicate hydraulic overload, organic

  3. The New Robotic Telescope at Oklahoma State University (United States)

    Shull, Peter, Jr.


    A new, 0.6-m robotic telescope of Ritchey-Chrétien design was recently installed at the H. S. Mendenhall Observatory (HSMO) of Oklahoma State University (OSU), and is now undergoing operational tests. Funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research through the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program, it replaces HSMO's original 0.35-m Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Research programs will include the characterization of near-Earth objects and collaborative searches for transiting exoplanets, programs which will also open up new research opportunities for students in the Oklahoma-Arkansas region. Ideally, these opportunities will attract more undergraduate and graduate students to major in physics and astronomy, and foster the creation of degree programs in astronomy at OSU. Optical Guidance Systems was the contractor for both the telescope and dome automation. The telescope's ceramic 602-mm f/3 primary and 220-mm secondary mirrors yield an effective focal ratio of f/8 that can be changed to f/5.3 with a focal reducer / field flattener. Fields of view range from 0.75° at f/5.3 to 1.2° at f/8. The Strehl ratio is 0.954. The telescope's carbon-fiber Serrurier truss is supported by an equatorial fork mount equipped with friction drives. Telescope equipment includes a 35-mm-format CCD camera with UBVRI filters, field rotator, off-axis guider, and flip-mirror unit for quick switches to eyepiece observing. HSMO itself is conveniently located under reasonably dark skies at an elevation of 340 m about 15 km southwest of the city of Stillwater, whose population, including OSU, is approaching 50,000. HSMO's dome was completed in 2002, and funding is being raised for a control building near the dome. The observatory's URL is

  4. The Sorsogon State College on Becoming a University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edna L. Hapin


    Full Text Available Based on the standard requirements for a university, the Sorsogon State College has to produce graduates who manifest the training experts who will be involved in the professional practice and discovery of new knowledge. CHED Memorandum 46, series 2012 defines quality as the alignment and consistency of the learning environment with the institution’s vision, mission, and goals demonstrated by exceptional learning and service outcomes and the development of a culture of quality. This descriptive method of study utilized documentary analysis, unstructured interview, and focus group discussions (FGD which determined the status of the curricular program offerings of the College and assessed its readiness in terms of faculty complement, physical plant and facilities, and learning resources. SSC offers various curricular programs in its four campuses with their own concentration (Sorsogon City Campus concentration is in education, technology and engineering courses, Bulan campus in Business and IT courses, Magallanes campus in fisheries, and Castilla Campus in agriculture courses. Majority of the faculty members of the College are master’s degree holder with permanent status, few are holder of doctoral degree not enough to comply CHED typology standards. The learning resources of the College are enough to meet the needs of the students. The Sorsogon City Campus has the most density of population having the smallest land area among the four campuses. Other programs in the main campus have insufficient classrooms and some laboratory facilities are shared by the three departments including the graduate school program. In other campuses, their facilities have to be modernized and updated. The proposed strategic plan may be further reviewed and considered in the development plan of the College on becoming a university.

  5. 78 FR 48291 - Amendment of Class D Airspace; Columbus, Rickenbacker International Airport, OH (United States)


    ..., Rickenbacker International Airport, OH AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT. ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: This action amends Class D airspace at Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus, OH. Changes to the airspace description are necessary due to the closure of South Columbus Airport. The FAA is...

  6. Italian in the Colleges and Universities of the United States. (United States)

    Striano, Antonio, Comp.; Adorno, Elvira, Ed.

    This comprehensive guide to Italian study programs in American colleges, universities, specialized schools, and study abroad programs contains five major sections: (1) colleges, universities, and specialized schools offering introductory courses, minor, major, M.A., and Ph.D. programs; (2) colleges and universities offering graduate programs…

  7. University Industry Collaboration and Graduates' Unemployment in Ondo State, Nigeria (United States)

    Adepoju, O. O.; Adedeji, A. O


    Research evidence shows that university industry collaboration presents a wide range of benefits to industries, higher institutions, and to the development of a nation. This study investigated the existence of university industry collaboration, the factors militating against the collaboration, and the extent to which university industry…

  8. Perfect fluid cosmological Universes: One equation of state and the ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada; Department of Physics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032, India; Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032, India; Department of Physical Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, ...

  9. Guest Room Lighting at the Hilton Columbus Downtown

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    At the Hilton Columbus Downtown hotel in Ohio, DOE's Better Buildings Alliance conducted a demonstration of Next Generation Luminaires-winning downlights installed in all guest rooms and suites prior to the hotel's 2012 opening. After a post-occupancy assessment, the LED downlights not only provided the aesthetic appearance and dimming functionality desired, but also provided 50% energy savings relative to a comparable CFL downlight and enabled the lighting power to be more than 20% below that allowed by code. This document is a summary case study of the report.

  10. Next Generation Luminaire (NGL) Downlight Demonstration Project, Hilton Columbus Downtown

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Davis, R. G. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Perrin, T. E. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    At the Hilton Columbus Downtown hotel in Ohio, DOE's Better Buildings Alliance conducted a demonstration of Next Generation Luminaires-winning downlights installed in all guest rooms and suites prior to the hotel's 2012 opening. After a post-occupancy assessment, the LED downlights not only provided the aesthetic appearance and dimming functionality desired, but also provided 50% energy savings relative to a comparable CFL downlight and enabled the lighting power to be more than 20% below that allowed by code.

  11. The History of the Austin College Building and Old Main at Sam Houston State University (United States)

    Singer, Erin; Shields, Samantha


    Austin Hall and Old Main serve as the heart of what is now Sam Houston State University. The buildings' rich histories help one to understand how Sam Houston State University and its proud teacher education heritage came to be. To begin with Austin Hall's story, the University's original building has a unique and interesting tale that journeys…

  12. 76 FR 73664 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Washington State University, Museum of Anthropology, Pullman, WA (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Washington State University, Museum of Anthropology... University, Museum of Anthropology (WSU) has completed an inventory of human remains and associated funerary... Collins, Director, Washington State University, Museum of Anthropology, Pullman, WA 99164-4910, telephone...

  13. Organizational Change Factors for Increasing Online Learning within a Southeastern State University System (United States)

    Stone, David Edwin


    This bounded case study describes the readiness of a Southeastern State University System to support the growth of online learning. Structured as a case study, the view provided of the Southeastern State University System in this moment in time provides a contextually rich view of the phenomenon of change within a university system. The study…

  14. Florida State University College of Medicine: from ideas to outcomes. (United States)

    Fogarty, John P; Littles, Alma B; Romrell, Lynn J; Watson, Robert T; Hurt, Myra M


    The Florida State University College of Medicine (FSU COM) was established in 2000, the first new MD-granting medical school in the United States in over 25 years. In its brief history, the FSU COM has developed rapidly in accordance with its founding mission to meet the need for primary care physicians, especially those caring for the elderly and the underserved. The school recently received a full continuation of accreditation for the maximum period, eight years, from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education.The authors describe FSU COM's new, innovative educational program using community-based clinical training on six statewide regional campuses and two rural sites. Third- and fourth-year students are assigned to community physicians in a one-on-one clinical training model in all of the settings where physicians practice. Over 70% of student clinical training is in such settings. The authors describe how the model operates, including curricular oversight (which ensures quality and equivalence of the educational experience at all sites), the regional campus structure, administration, education program delivery during core clerkships, and assessment of students' performance. Ongoing required faculty development for all clerkship faculty is an essential feature of the training program, as is tracking of all individual student contacts through an online clinical data collection system used for evaluation of the clerkship experiences as well as research.The authors demonstrate that the school has been highly successful in implementing its mission, and that the challenge ahead is to sustain its approach to the training of future physicians.

  15. Using Digital Materials in Online Courses: A Cautionary Tale of Georgia State University (United States)

    Talab, Rosemary


    On April 15, 2008, a lawsuit was filed against Georgia State University by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Sage, supported by the American University Presses (AAP). The complaint asserted ""pervasive, flagrant, and ongoing" unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials...through its electronic course…

  16. The Michigan State University Twin Registry (MSUTR): an update. (United States)

    Burt, S Alexandra; Klump, Kelly L


    The primary aim of the Michigan State University Twin Registry (MSUTR) is on understanding developmental changes in genetic, environmental, and neurobiological influences on internalizing and externalizing disorders, with antisocial behavior and disordered eating representing our particular areas of interest. The MSUTR has two broad components: a large-scale, population-based registry of child, adolescent, and adult twins and their families (current N ~20,000) and a series of more focused and in-depth studies drawn from the registry (current N ~4,000). Participants in the population-based registry complete a family health and demographic questionnaire via mail. Families are then recruited for one or more of the intensive, in-person studies from the population-based registry based on their answers to relevant items in the registry questionnaire. These in-person assessments target a variety of biological, genetic, and environmental phenotypes, including multi-informant measures of psychiatric and behavioral phenotypes, census and neighborhood informant reports of twin neighborhood characteristics, buccal swab and salivary DNA samples, assays of adolescent and adult steroid hormone levels, and/or videotaped interactions of child twin families. This article provides an overview of the MSUTR and describes current and future research directions.

  17. Non-equilibrium plasma experiments at The Pennsylvania State University (United States)

    Knecht, Sean; Bilen, Sven; Micci, Michael


    The authors have recently established the capability at The Pennsylvania State University to generate non-equilibrium plasma in atmospheric-pressure air and liquids such as water and saline. The plasma is generated using a high-voltage pulser (Pacific-Electronics PT-55), which is capable of voltage pulses of 75-ns width, peak voltage >50 kV, with rise-times on the order of nanoseconds. The electrodes are tungsten wires of various diameters (50 μm, 175 μm, 254 μm) insulated with nylon tubing. The spacing of the electrodes is controlled with translating mounts with resolution of tens of microns. Spectroscopy (Ocean Optics Model HR2000) is presently used for line identification only. Current and voltage vs. time will be measured with a 500-MHz bandwidth oscilloscope, a high-voltage probe and a shunt resistor connected to the ground side of the circuit. Research directions presently being pursued include the effects of solution electrical conductivity on plasma production and propellant ignition studies. Data from several types of experiments will be presented.

  18. The Upgraded Tennessee State University 2m Automatic Spectroscopic Telescope (United States)

    Muterspaugh, Matthew W.; Williamson, M. H.; Fekel, F. C.; Harrison, C.


    We recently have completed several upgrades to the Tennessee State University (TSU) 2m automatic spectroscopic telescope (AST), which is located at Fairborn Observatory, Washington Camp, Arizona. A new 4K x 4K Fairchild 486 CCD with 15 micron pixels, housed in a dewar cooled by a CryoTiger refrigeration system, has allowed us to substantially increase the wavelength coverage and greatly reduce the noise of our echelle spectra. A new beam splitter cube has increased the throughput of the system by about 1 magnitude. A recently built instrument head enables us to rapidly switch between commercial fibers of different diameters, allowing us to use different resolutions for different stars. Microlenses, attached to the ends of those fibers, have improved the f-ratio compatibility of the fibers and the spectrograph system. We discuss these enhancements and the resulting throughput improvements. The TSU 2m AST is available for joint projects with outside observers. As a robotic telescope dedicated to spectroscopic observations, the AST provides rare opportunities for observing programs that benefit from high cadences. In its previous incarnation it has participated in several photometric-spectroscopic observing campaigns such as the one completed in 2010 on the B8 supergiant Rigel. Simultaneous with MOST satellite photometry, the 2m AST obtained 442 spectra on 20 nights. This intensive series of spectroscopic observations plus somewhat less numerous spectra, taken for several years before the joint campaign, enabled the identification of Rigel's spectrum of pulsation frequencies.

  19. Climate Science Program at California State University, Northridge (United States)

    Steele Cox, H.; Klein, D.; Cadavid, A. C.; Foley, B.


    Due to its interdisciplinary nature, climate science poses wide-ranging challenges for science and mathematics students seeking careers in this field. There is a compelling need for universities to provide coherent programs in climate science in order to train future climate scientists. With funding from NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE), California State University, Northridge (CSUN), is creating the CSUN Climate Science Program. An interdisciplinary team of faculty members is working in collaboration with UCLA, Santa Monica College and NASA/JPL partners to create a new curriculum in climate science. The resulting sequence of climate science courses, or Pathway for studying the Mathematics of Climate Change (PMCC), is integrated into a Bachelor of Science degree program in the Applied Mathematical Sciences offered by the Mathematics Department at CSUN. The PMCC consists of courses offered by the departments of Mathematics, Physics, and Geography and is designed to prepare students for Ph.D. programs in technical fields relevant to global climate change and related careers. The students who choose to follow this program will be guided to enroll in the following sequence of courses for their 12 units of upper division electives: 1) A newly created course junior level course, Math 396CL, in applied mathematics which will introduce students to applications of vector calculus and differential equations to the study of thermodynamics and atmospheric dynamics. 2) An already existing course, Math 483, with new content on mathematical modeling specialized for this program; 3) An improved version of Phys 595CL on the mathematics and physics of climate change with emphasis on Radiative Transfer; 4) A choice of Geog 407 on Remote Sensing or Geog 416 on Climate Change with updated content to train the students in the analysis of satellite data obtained with the NASA Earth Observing System and instruction in the analysis of data obtained within a Geographical

  20. Promoting Undergraduate Research at Grand Valley State University (United States)

    Riemersma, P.; Mekik, F. A.


    Grand Valley State University (GVSU) is a relatively young, rapidly growing, predominately undergraduate institution of about 20,000 students located in western Michigan in which undergraduate research plays a vital role in the education of our students. Student research is supported and actively promoted by 1) creating university funding opportunities and taking advantage of small outside funding sources 2) building a tradition of undergraduate research 3) incorporating small research activities into classes and 4) educating students explicitly in how to prepare a professional poster, give a professional talk and write a journal article. As the saying goes, if you have money, the students will come. At GVSU most students recognize the value of a research experience but need income to pay for college expenses. The internally funded Student Summer Scholars program at GVSU provides student salary and faculty stipend for a summer research project (\\6000 per grant). The geology department has also been successful at obtaining grants from the NASA Michigan Space Grant Consortium (\\5,000 plus a 100% GVSU match). We have been successful in using these easier to obtain smaller grants to fund undergraduate projects. In some cases small grants actually allow us to pursue "risky" or otherwise difficult to fund projects. Undergraduate research "counts" at GVSU and once a tradition and critical mass of undergraduate research has been established, it can become self-sustaining. To recognize the achievements of undergraduate research at GVSU, there is an annual Student Scholarship Day in which the students (580 university wide) present the results of their research. Also, by persuading students in our introductory classes (for extra credit) to attend Student Scholarship Day, the students, early in their college career, can see what fellow students can accomplish and student presenters can revel in their role of researcher and educator. Such an event helps to build a tradition

  1. How Public Universities Close Budget Gaps Matters for States. Schools in Crisis: Making Ends Meet (United States)

    Kinne, Alicia; Roza, Marguerite; Murphy, Patrick; Gross, Betheny


    When the Great Recession took its toll on state budgets, public universities felt the pain. Many public universities attempted to offset reductions in state funds by raising tuition, shifting admission spots to more out-of-state students, and, in some cases, increasing enrollment. For a given budget gap, these three strategies should be weighted…

  2. Biography of Dr. Eugene W. Smith Arkansas State University President 1984 to 1992 (United States)

    Newsom, Glenda


    A president of a university in the state of Arkansas would benefit from researching the roots of the educational system within the state. Even though the state now has a number of universities that have evolved and are on the cutting-edge of advanced technology, Arkansas was slow in growth and development. Since Arkansas was slow to expand public…

  3. Integrated Biomass Refining Institute at North Carolina State University

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peretti, Steven [North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC (United States)


    The  overall  objective  of  the  Integrated  Biomass  Refining  Institute  (IBRI)  is  to  advance  the  fundamental  understanding  of  novel  biomass  conversion  technologies  leading  to  the  production  of  biofuels  and  bioproducts,  expanding  the  range  of  feedstock  that  can  be  utilized  and  compounds  produced  from  a  biomass  refinery.  The  outcomes  of  this  project  will  be  new  analytical  facilities  for  biofuels  and  bioproducts  research  at  North  Carolina  State  University  (NCSU),  establishment  of  the  capabilities  of  a  cellulosic  ethanol  screening  pilot  facility  to  monitor  and  control  processes,  and  publications  in  the  open  literature  and  presentations  at  public  conferences  regarding  novel  crops  and  technologies for cost-effective biomass processing.

  4. University Research Funding: The United States Is Behind and Falling (United States)

    Atkinson, Robert D.; Stewart, Luke A.


    Research and development drives innovation and innovation drives long-run economic growth, creating jobs and improving living standards in the process. University-based research is of particular importance to innovation, as the early-stage research that is typically performed at universities serves to expand the knowledge pool from which the…

  5. Perception of University Education Students in Cross River State

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nekky Umera

    Idaka, Idaka E. - Dept. of Educational Foundations & Administration. Cross River University of Technology, Calabar .... professional teachers? Teaching as a Career: Perception of University Education Student… .... Recommendations. Based on the findings and conclusion drawn in this study, it is hereby recommended that:.

  6. The research management profession within universities in small island states

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Christian Bonnici; Vincent Cassar


    ...; and the rise of the research management profession and its associated literature. Within a small island state context, the profession cannot be taken for granted, owing to smallness and other inherent characteristics of small island states...



    Worley, C. Thomas; Ellerman, John; Mangione, Dave; West, Travis; Yang, Y.


    This case study focuses on meat goat marketing involving one distinct immigrant group residing in one area of Columbus, Ohio: the Somalis. There are about 20,000-25,000 Somalis living in Columbus, the second largest concentration of Somalian immigrants in the U.S. after Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. It is estimated that Columbus Somalis consume the meat from about 14,000 goats each year. The objective of this pilot study is to analyze the meat goat marketing and consumption patterns of the...

  8. Repositioning Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Anambra State ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    meaningfully to the development of the state and the nation has not been fully implemented in Anambra State. This paper, therefore, aimed at repositioning UBE programme in Anambra State for sustainable Development through effective communication. Four research questions and four null hypotheses guided the study.

  9. A Collaboration Between University and High School in Preparing Physics Teachers: Chicago State University's Teacher Immersion Institutea) (United States)

    Sabella, Mel S.; Van Duzor, Andrea G.; Passehl, Jennie; Weisenburger, Kara


    Because of the diverse character of colleges and universities throughout the United States, it is naive to believe that a one-size-fits-all model of teacher preparation aligns with specific resources and student population needs. Exploring innovative models that challenge traditional programs is now being encouraged by organizations such as the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Physical Society. Chicago State University (CSU) is now exploring exciting changes to its physics teacher preparation program by utilizing the expertise of Chicago Area teachers and early teaching experiences for students interested in, but not yet committed to, the physics teaching profession.

  10. The "Egg of Columbus" for making the world's toughest fibres.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicola M Pugno

    Full Text Available In this letter we present the "Egg of Columbus" for making fibres with unprecedented toughness: a slider, in the simplest form just a knot, is introduced as frictional element to dissipate additional energy and thus demonstrating the existence of a previously "hidden" toughness. The proof of concept is experimentally realized making the world's toughest fibre, increasing the toughness modulus of a commercial Endumax macroscopic fibre from 44 J/g up to 1070 J/g (and of a zylon microfiber from 20 J/g up to 1400 J/g. The ideal upperbound toughness is expected for graphene, with a theoretical value of ∼10(5 J/g. This new concept, able of maximizing (one fold increment the structural robustness, could explain the mysterious abundance of knot formations, in spite of their incremental energy cost and topological difficulty, in biological evolved structures, such as DNA strands and proteins.

  11. The "Egg of Columbus" for making the world's toughest fibres. (United States)

    Pugno, Nicola M


    In this letter we present the "Egg of Columbus" for making fibres with unprecedented toughness: a slider, in the simplest form just a knot, is introduced as frictional element to dissipate additional energy and thus demonstrating the existence of a previously "hidden" toughness. The proof of concept is experimentally realized making the world's toughest fibre, increasing the toughness modulus of a commercial Endumax macroscopic fibre from 44 J/g up to 1070 J/g (and of a zylon microfiber from 20 J/g up to 1400 J/g). The ideal upperbound toughness is expected for graphene, with a theoretical value of ∼10(5) J/g. This new concept, able of maximizing (one fold increment) the structural robustness, could explain the mysterious abundance of knot formations, in spite of their incremental energy cost and topological difficulty, in biological evolved structures, such as DNA strands and proteins.

  12. The Origin and Development of an Interdisciplinary Humanities Program at Arizona State University. (United States)

    Frazier, Robert Carter

    The purpose of this case study was to examine the origin and development of the Center for the Humanities at Arizona State University in Tempe. An attempt was made to explicate why and how the interdisciplinary humanities program began at Arizona State University, to describe the expansion of and changes in the program as it evolved into the…

  13. The Pennsylvania State University Child Sexual Abuse Scandal: An Analysis of Institutional Factors Affecting Response (United States)

    Holland, Alice R.


    The outcomes of The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) child sexual abuse scandal have left many scholars and individuals questioning the university's collective identity. The goal of this research was to uncover the dominant themes that describe a problematic institutional response to the child sexual abuse incidents in order to provide…

  14. 78 FR 59958 - Notice of Inventory Completion: The Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, MI (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: The Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, MI AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Michigan State University Museum (MSUM) has completed an inventory of human remains, in consultation with the appropriate Indian...

  15. 78 FR 64006 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, WA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of Washington (Burke Museum), has completed an...

  16. 75 FR 8742 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX... inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects in the control of Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX. The human remains and associated funerary objects were removed from Nacogdoches...

  17. 76 FR 28073 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University, Pullman, WA (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University... completion of an inventory of human remains and associated funerary items in the possession and control of the Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University, Pullman, WA. The human remains and...

  18. 77 FR 34988 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Diego State University, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: San Diego State University, San Diego, CA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: San Diego State University Archeology Collections Management Program has completed an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects, in...

  19. 76 FR 28076 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Museum of Anthropology, Washington State University, Pullman, WA... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Museum of Anthropology, Washington State University....S.C. 3003, of the completion of an inventory of human remains and associated funerary items that were in possession of the Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University, Pullman, WA. The human...

  20. 76 FR 14049 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: California State University, Sacramento... (United States)


    ...-speaking groups at the beginning of the Historic Period, while Patwin-speakers occupied the valley west of... gold- rush activities. In summary, officials of California State University, Sacramento, together with... date if no additional claimants come forward. California State University, Sacramento, is responsible...

  1. 76 FR 28079 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: Arizona State Museum, University of... intent to repatriate cultural items in the possession of the Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona... determinations in this notice are the sole responsibility of the museum, institution, or Federal agency that has...

  2. Human Resources Management in Educational Faculties of State Universities in Turkey (United States)

    Öztürk, Sevim


    This study aims to evaluate the human resources management in the faculties of education of state universities in Turkey within the context of Human Resources Management Principles. The study population consisted of 40 academic members in the faculties of education of 20 different state universities and 10 academic unit administrators at different…

  3. Food insecurity among students at the University of the Free State ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Original Research: Food insecurity among students at the University of the Free State, South Africa. 2015;28(4). S Afr J Clin Nutr. Van den Berg L, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Allied Health Professions. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein.

  4. Nuclear Science in the Undergraduate Curriculum: The New Nuclear Science Facility at San Jose State University. (United States)

    Ling, A. Campbell


    The following aspects of the radiochemistry program at San Jose State University in California are described: the undergraduate program in radiation chemistry, the new nuclear science facility, and academic programs in nuclear science for students not attending San Jose State University. (BT)

  5. 78 FR 34123 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... NAGPRA Program, c/o Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San... construction activities for the Middle Fork American River Project. Site materials from the Middle Fork... Jeffrey Boland Fentress, San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, c/o Department of Anthropology...

  6. 77 FR 59648 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University, NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, c/o Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State University... contains Augustine Pattern components along with ethnohistoric and historic era materials. In 1997, human... between the archeological record and historic material culture as early as 500 B.C. Ethnographic records...

  7. Kansas State University electric vehicle site operator program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hague, J.R.; Steinert, R.A.; Nissen-Pfrang, T.


    K-State is presently working with Grumman Allied and Unique Mobility to establish a working agreement for the research and development of a pure electric postal vehicle. K-State has worked on the design of this vehicle for the past year and is working to establish the appropriate consortium to bring this vehicle to commercial realization. K-State is working to establish infrastructure support for electric vehicles. Presently, a Kansas company is working with K-State to bring its patented low-cost vehicle metering product to market. An anticipated second year DOE project would provide 100 electric metering stations to Southern California for a large scale electric vehicle infrastructure demonstration project. This project would allow a parking lot(s) to be made EV ready. K-State's Site Operator Program continues to get the word-out'' about electric vehicles. From a personal visit by Senator Bob Dole, to Corporate Board of Director Meetings, to school classrooms, to shopping mall demonstrations; K-State Employees are increasing public access and awareness about the electric vehicle industry. As has been shown in this report, K-State's G-Van has logged an average eighteen miles per day while maintaining a full schedule of public relations tours within the state of Kansas and Missouri. K-State has now been contacted by companies in Nebraska and Iowa requesting information and involvement in this program. Kansas and Kansas State will continue its work to contribute to the Site Operator Program effort. With the purchase of two additional electric vehicles and the pending request to purchase two more electric vehicles during the next contractual year, K-states's program will grow. When vehicle development plans and infrastructure requirements are solidified, K-State's program will be ready to participate and be a major contributor to the development and introduction of this technology.

  8. University-State Child Welfare Training Partnerships: The Challenge of Matching Dollar Contributions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melissa Wells


    Full Text Available Universities are uniquely positioned to provide the very best training opportunities to public child welfare workers. However, university–child welfare agency training partnerships require a significant commitment of time and resources by university personnel at a time of extensive state cuts to public higher education. This national survey of university partnership administrators found significant differences among university respondents involving length of the contractual relationship, matching dollar requirements, and overall satisfaction with the training partnership.

  9. Integrated and Inclusive Higher Education in Vladimir State University: Current State and Development Perspectives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yegorov I.N.,


    Full Text Available The paper summarizes the many years of experience in methodological support and training at the Center of Professional Education for the Disabled and at the “Inclusive Education” Research and Educational Center of the Vladimir State University. At these centers the work is aimed at establishing a system of continuous higher inclusive education for persons with hearing and visual impairments. The paper focuses on the issues concerning the organization of educational process and the adaptation of learning materials for students with hearing and visual impairments; it addresses the problem of creating a system of academic support for students with disabilities and providing psychological and educational assistance to individuals with hearing and visual impairments in the system of higher education.

  10. safety awareness of emergency among students of a state university

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Sep 5, 2009 ... 8.3% and 31.4% reported seeing fire extinguisher and buckets full of sand in and around buildings. Similarly, only 29.0%, 31.0%, 14.8% and 6.5% of the students had the phone numbers of ambulance service provider, federal road safety office, fire service office and the chief security officer of the university.

  11. Ectopic Pregnancy in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    We set out to determine the socio-demographic factors,pattern of presentation and management of ectopic pregnancy in a University Teaching Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. A retrospective descriptive analysis of all cases of ectopic pregnancy over a 2-year period was carried out. The case notes were retrieved from the ...

  12. An Empirical Study of State University Students' Perceived Service Quality (United States)

    Sumaedi, Sik; Bakti, Gede Mahatma Yuda; Metasari, Nur


    Purpose: This paper aims to identify: university students' perceived service quality dimensions; the dimensions contributing most towards overall students' perceived service quality; and whether there is a difference in perceived quality level of each dimension based on students' year of study and gender in the context of undergraduate students of…

  13. Rewarding Community-Engaged Scholarship: A State University System Approach (United States)

    Saltmarsh, John; Wooding, John


    The need for new and revised structures to reward new forms of scholarship is being examined nationally and globally. It is also being examined on campuses that make up the University of Massachusetts system, all which are classified by the Carnegie Foundation for Community Engagement. This paper reports on the collective exploration by the five…

  14. Indiana State University Graduates to Advanced Plastic Cooling Towers (United States)

    Sullivan, Ed


    Perhaps more than many other industries, today's universities and colleges are beset by dramatically rising costs on every front. One of the areas where overhead can be contained or reduced is in the operation of the chilled water systems that support air conditioning throughout college campuses, specifically the cooling towers. Like many…

  15. Universal Physical Fitness Testing for United States Guardians Afloat (United States)


    University, 1965. Creswell , John W. Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design : Choosing Among Five Approaches. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2013...program as compared to the adoption of a pUPFT. Organized along the ideas laid out by John W. Creswell’s Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design ...35 Research Design

  16. Who Benefits from Foreign Universities in the Arab Gulf States? (United States)

    Wilkins, Stephen


    The Arab Gulf States are the largest hosts of international branch campuses globally. By increasing higher education capacity in the Arab Gulf States by over 30,000 places, foreign institutions have, through various forms of transnational provision, increased significantly the accessibility of higher education to young people living in these…

  17. Corruption and Coercion: University Autonomy versus State Control (United States)

    Osipian, Ararat L.


    A substantial body of literature considers excessive corruption an indicator of a weak state. However, in nondemocratic societies, corruption--whether informally approved, imposed, or regulated by public authorities--is often an indicator of a vertical power rather than an indicator of a weak state. This article explores the interrelations between…

  18. 76 FR 318 - Designation for the Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; and Decatur, IN Areas (United States)


    ... Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration Designation for the Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; and Decatur, IN Areas AGENCY: Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration, USDA. ACTION... and Stockyards Administration. BILLING CODE 3410-KD-P ...

  19. 75 FR 29722 - Foreign-Trade Zone 138-Columbus, OH Area; Site Renumbering Notice (United States)


    ... purposes. (Note: Sites 7 through 11 have expired and those numbers will not be reused.) Under this revision...; and, Site 19 (1 acre, expires 9/1/2010)--located at 330 Oak Street, Columbus. For further information...

  20. 78 FR 11679 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate a Cultural Item: Binghamton University, State University of New... (United States)


    ... item meets the definition of sacred object and repatriation to the Indian tribe stated below may occur... Binghamton University that meets the definition of sacred object under 25 U.S.C. 3001. This notice is... Native American religious leaders for the practice of traditional Native American religions by their...

  1. Free Movement as a Threat for Universal Welfare States?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Greve, Bent


    The free movement of workers has been a cornerstone of the European Union since it was founded in 1957. A gradual improvement of rights to groups other than workers has implied that rights related to free movement have already had an impact on universal welfare states’ social security arrangement...... or not recent developments are once again opening the debate on social dumping in Europe.......The free movement of workers has been a cornerstone of the European Union since it was founded in 1957. A gradual improvement of rights to groups other than workers has implied that rights related to free movement have already had an impact on universal welfare states’ social security arrangements...

  2. The Development of an Intelligent Leadership Model for State Universities


    Aleme Keikha; Reza Hoveida; Nour Mohammad Yaghoubi


    Higher education and intelligent leadership are considered important parts of every country’s education system, which could potentially play a key role in accomplishing the goals of society. In theories of leadership, new patterns attempt to view leadership through the prism of creative and intelligent phenomena. This paper aims to design and develop an intelligent leadership model for public universities. A qualitativequantitative research method was used to design a basic model of intellige...

  3. A study on state of Geospatial courses in Indian Universities (United States)

    Shekhar, S.


    Today the world is dominated by three technologies such as Nano technology, Bio technology and Geospatial technology. This increases the huge demand for experts in the respective field for disseminating the knowledge as well as for an innovative research. Therefore, the prime need is to train the existing fraternity to gain progressive knowledge in these technologies and impart the same to student community. The geospatial technology faces some peculiar problem than other two technologies because of its interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary nature. It attracts students and mid career professionals from various disciplines including Physics, Computer science, Engineering, Geography, Geology, Agriculture, Forestry, Town Planning and so on. Hence there is always competition to crab and stabilize their position. The students of Master's degree in Geospatial science are facing two types of problem. The first one is no unique identity in the academic field. Neither they are exempted for National eligibility Test for Lecturer ship nor given an opportunity to have the exam in geospatial science. The second one is differential treatment by the industrial world. The students are either given low grade jobs or poorly paid for their job. Thus, it is a serious issue about the future of this course in the Universities and its recognition in the academic and industrial world. The universities should make this course towards more job oriented in consultation with the Industries and Industries should come forward to share their demands and requirements to the Universities, so that necessary changes in the curriculum can be made to meet the industrial requirements.

  4. A Survey of State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) Model ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    SUBEB) Model Nursery and Primary School Libraries in Ekiti State. How fit are the school libraries to ably play their roles as supporters of schools ' academic programmes? To what extent are the school libraries satisfying the information needs ...

  5. Candidate functions for advanced technology implementation in the Columbus mission planning environment (United States)

    Loomis, Audrey; Kellner, Albrecht


    The Columbus Project is the European Space Agency's contribution to the International Space Station program. Columbus is planned to consist of three elements (a laboratory module attached to the Space Station base, a man-tended freeflyer orbiting with the Space Station base, and a platform in polar orbit). System definition and requirements analysis for Columbus are underway, scheduled for completion in mid-1990. An overview of the Columbus mission planning environment and operations concept as currently defined is given, and some of the challenges presented to software maintainers and ground segment personnel during mission operators are identified. The use of advanced technologies in system implementation is being explored. Both advantages of such solutions and potential problems they present are discussed, and the next steps to be taken by Columbus before targeting any functions for advanced technology implementation are summarized. Several functions in the mission planning process were identified as candidates for advanced technology implementation. These range from expert interaction with Columbus' data bases through activity scheduling and near-real-time response to departures from the planned timeline. Each function is described, and its potential for advanced technology implementation briefly assessed.

  6. Einstein's aborted attempt at a dynamic steady-state universe

    CERN Document Server

    Nussbaumer, Harry


    In June 1930 Einstein visited Cambridge where he stayed with Eddington who had just shown that Einstein's supposedly static universe of 1917 was not stable. This forced Einstein to rethink his cosmology. He spent January and February 1931 at Pasadena. There, he discussed cosmology intensely with Tolman, conscious that he had to replace his original model of 1917. However, at the end of February he still had not made up his mind about an alternative. The Albert Einstein Archives of Jerusalem (AEA) hold an undated draft, handwritten by Einstein, which I date to the beginning of January 1931. In this draft Einstein hopes to have found a solution to the cosmological problem: a stationary, dynamic universe in expansion. His model was stationary because particles leaving a given volume were replaced by particles created out of the vacuum, anticipating an idea of Bondi, Gold and Hoyle published in 1948. He saw the cosmological term as energy reservoir. However, he realised that his calculations contained a numerical...

  7. Thomas Edison State College and Colorado State University: Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Enhance CE Unit Success (United States)

    van Zyl, Henry; Powell, Albert, Jr.


    Thomas Edison State College (TESC) and Colorado State University (CSU) offer significant contrasts in institutional culture, student demographics, faculty and institutional priorities and approaches to distance education course development and delivery. This article offers case studies showing that widely disparate program design and delivery…

  8. 77 FR 46117 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of... (United States)


    ...-1100-665] Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of... Memorial Washington State Museum (Burke Museum) has completed an inventory of human remains and associated... Museum. Disposition of the human remains and the associated funerary object to the Indian tribes stated...

  9. Expanding Downward: Innovation, Diffusion, and State Policy Adoptions of Universal Preschool (United States)

    Curran, F. Chris


    Framed within the theoretical framework of policy innovation and diffusion, this study explores both interstate (diffusion) and intrastate predictors of adoption of state universal preschool policies. Event history analysis methodology is applied to a state level dataset drawn from the Census, the NCES Common Core, the Book of the States, and…

  10. Repositioning Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Anambra State ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nekky Umera

    UBE programme in Anambra State for sustainable Development through effective communication. Four research questions ... expert in measurement and evaluation. The instrument was tested for reliability using ..... Ocho, R.A (2002). Guidance and Counseling Strategies for reducing violent conflicts: Towards promoting ...

  11. Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal - Vol 1 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Occupation health hazards among soap and detergent manufacturing workers in Abia state · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. AC Nlemadin, OO Moemenam, UC Agulanna, 6-13. ...

  12. Universal state-of-charge indication for portable applications

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pop, V.


    Many leading semiconductors companies (e.g. Philips, Texas Instruments, Microchip, Maxim, etc.) are paying even more attention to accurate State-of-Charge (SoC) indication. Following the technological revolution and the appearance of more power consuming devices on the automotive electronics and

  13. Francophone Courses in United States Colleges and Universities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdellatif Attafi


    Full Text Available In undergraduate programs in the U.S, Francophone literature and culture courses are generating more and more interest among students courses are offered in more institutions than in the past but when these courses are offered, they are often optional and rarely mandatory. In order to examine how many Francophone literature and culture courses are offered and required for students, we reviewed 63 French department course catalogs from 63 different sized universities—both public and private—from a variety of geographic regions. The discussion of the results is preceded by a brief synopsis of Francophone history, from the birth of the concept to the present. In the analysis of the results, the importanc of Francophone literature and culture courses for both students and universities is stressed.



    Gürer, Burak; Tiryaki, Kadir; GÜZEL, Pınar


    This research has been made for the students studying at the different culture profiled universities to determine the anxiety level and to investigate according to some variables. The research group consists of 164 students who have been engaged studying in Celal Bayar University and Batman University and practicing regular exercises. In the research, Spielberger Trait-State Anxiety Inventory were used as data collection tools.. Translation in to Turkish language, reliability and validity stu...

  15. Investigation of Science Faculty with Education Specialties within the Largest University System in the United States


    Bush, Seth D.; Pelaez, Nancy; Rudd, James A.; Stevens, Michael T.; Tanner, Kimberly D.; Williams, Kathy


    Efforts to improve science education include university science departments hiring Science Faculty with Education Specialties (SFES), scientists who take on specialized roles in science education within their discipline. Although these positions have existed for decades and may be growing more common, few reports have investigated the SFES approach to improving science education. We present comprehensive data on the SFES in the California State University (CSU) system, the largest university ...

  16. Supply Inventory Management: Evaluation of the Defense Supply Center Columbus Qualified Products List and Qualified Manufacturers List Program

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    ... was transitioned from the Military Departments. The Defense Supply Center Columbus currently has management responsibility for over 300 Qualified Products Lists and 4 Qualified Manufacturers Lists...

  17. Pennsylvania: Penn State University Integrated Pest Management Project (A Former EPA CARE Project) (United States)

    Penn State University (PSU) is the recipient of a Level II CARE cooperative agreement targeting environmental risks in Philadelphia communities. PSU is involved in developing IPM management practices recommendations and policies.

  18. 75 FR 48939 - National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory of Michigan State University; Notice of Decision on... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE International Trade Administration National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory of Michigan State University...., NW., Washington, DC. Docket Number: 10-043. Applicant: National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory...

  19. Forest tree improvement at Michigan State University: Past, present, and future (United States)

    Paul Bloese


    The Department of Forestry at Michigan State University has engaged in forest tree improvement for more than 50 years. This paper presents a brief historical perspective on past research, the status of current projects, and outlines plans for the future.

  20. Search activity of the passe of the Historical Faculty of Transbaikal State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Drobotushenko Evgeniy Viktorovich


    .... The focus is on the attitudes towards activities and goals of the search party “Khingan – Khalkhin-Gol” which was established in early 2012 at the Department of History of Transbaikal State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University.

  1. Development of students’ scientific society of Sochi state university for tourism and recreation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander A. Cherkasov


    Full Text Available The article concerns the development of students’ scientific society of Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation. Special attention is attached to students’ scientific work and occupational guidance activities, aimed to involve schoolchildren in research work.

  2. Faculty Member Perceptions of Department Head Leadership Effectiveness at a State University in Turkey (United States)

    Akbulut, Meltem; Nevra Seggie, Fatma; Börkan, Bengü


    This article examined the leadership effectiveness of department heads at a state university in Turkey using a model of leadership effectiveness that includes the use of multiple leadership roles to manage situations arising from internal and external university environments. Leadership effectiveness was measured by surveying 70 faculty members in…

  3. Master's Degrees in the State University System of Florida. Information Brief. Volume 6, Issue 1 (United States)

    Florida Board of Governors, State University System, 2008


    A master's degree is a postbaccalaureate academic degree awarded after one to three years of full-time academic study. The State University System (SUS) of Florida offers master's degree programs in a variety of disciplines and at all universities, with the exception of New College. Students travel to Florida from throughout the world to earn…

  4. Trailblazing Partnerships: Professional Development Schools in Partnership with Emporia State University (United States)

    Jones, Jill; Schwerdtfeger, Sara; Roop, Teddy; Long, Jennie L.


    Emporia State University is committed to preparing future elementary education teachers through the collaborative efforts and ongoing reflective practice between the university and school districts. The Professional Development School is the vehicle behind the structured involvement in the process of immersing student-teacher in a clinical model…

  5. Expanding the Education Universe: A Fifty-State Strategy for Course Choice (United States)

    Brickman, Michael


    After twenty years of expanding school-choice options, state leaders, educators, and families have a new tool: course choice, a strategy for students to learn from unconventional providers that might range from top-tier universities or innovative community colleges to local employers, labs, or hospitals. In "Expanding the Education Universe:…

  6. University of Central Florida and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities: Blended Learning Toolkit (United States)

    EDUCAUSE, 2014


    The Blended Learning Toolkit supports the course redesign approach, and interest in its openly available clearinghouse of online tools, strategies, curricula, and other materials to support the adoption of blended learning continues to grow. When the resource originally launched in July 2011, 20 AASCU [American Association of State Colleges and…



    Muhammad Thoyib


    This article aims to examine the scientific view of the State Islamic University in Indonesia, namely, the concept of 'integration of science and religion'. The theory used is based on 'theology theory of evolution' of John F. Haught and theory of Islamic Science of Mehdi Golshani. State Islamic University such as UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Jakarta, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and other UIN, authorized open course, both of science humanities, social, technical and religious faculty. Referring...

  8. The Influence of Vocabulary and Grammar Masteryon the Students' Writing Skill at YOGYAKARTA State University


    Hastuti, Saptin Dwi Setyo


    This study aims to investigate the influence of (1) the students' vocabulary mastery on their writing skill, (2) the students' grammar mastery on their writing skill and(3) the students' vocabulary and grammar mastery on their writing skill at Yogyakarta State University. This research was an ex-post facto. The population comprised the third semester students of Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (PBI) study program at the Languages and Arts Faculty, Yogyakarta State University in the academic year 20...

  9. International Cooperation of Izmail State University for Humanities in 2015-2016

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mykola Kapliienko


    Full Text Available The article presents the state and perspectives of international cooperation of Izmail State University for Humanities with academic partners abroad. Special attention is given to the participation of the University in European research networks for educational and curricula quality promotion, as well as to improvement of academic staff professional qualification in view of social and regional needs for sustainable economic and social development.

  10. Expat University Professors' State of Psychological Well-Being and Academic Optimism towards University Task in UAE

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Guanzon Rile Jr.


    Full Text Available This study explored the state of psychological well-being and academic optimism in relation to university tasks among one hundred sixty-nine (169 professors in selected UAE universities, utilizing mixed quantitative and qualitative research approaches. The quantitative aspect primarily employed descriptive correlation method which used quantifiable data through survey instruments on psychological well-being, academic optimism, and university tasks. The qualitative analysis was used through a focused group discussion among nineteen (19 key informants. Six (6 areas of psychological wellbeing: autonomy, environmental mastery, personal growth, positive relations, purpose in life, and selfacceptance were measured through the Ryff's Scales of Psychological Well-Being. Academic optimism scale measured three (3 subscales: efficacy, trust, and academic emphasis. University tasks were categorized into three (3 major areas: student centered work, professional development work, and community centered work. The moderator variables considered were age, gender, length of teaching experience, length of experience in the UAE, and area of specialization. The results showed that the participants tend towards high scores in the subscales of autonomy, self-acceptance, and purpose in life. The academic optimism scale showed prominent high scores in efficacy and trust. Among the university tasks, student-centered work was the most fulfilled. Using the focused-group discussion, most expat university professors lament on the lack of time, management support, and lack of funding to pursue professional development, particularly research and publication. The regression analysis showed that there is a significant correlation between psychological well-being and academic optimism. Both psychological well-being and academic optimism predicts fulfillment of university tasks.

  11. Depoliticisation and the post-conflict state in Northern Ireland : sovereignty, citizenship and universality


    Byrne, Michael


    This thesis focuses on the transformation of the state in Northern Ireland (NI) and what is at stake politically in that transformation. More specifically, it is an empirically grounded social-theoretical investigation into the relationship between state universality and depoliticisation in the transformation of the NI state. I address this question by investigating historical depoliticisation, sovereignty and citizenship. I am interested in a specific dimension of the state: the ‘idea of the...

  12. Connecticut State University System Initiative for Nanotechnology-Related Equipment, Faculty Development and Curriculum Development

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Broadbridge, Christine C. [Southern Connecticut State University


    DOE grant used for partial fulfillment of necessary laboratory equipment for course enrichment and new graduate programs in nanotechnology at the four institutions of the Connecticut State University System (CSUS). Equipment in this initial phase included variable pressure scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy elemental analysis capability [at Southern Connecticut State University]; power x-ray diffractometer [at Central Connecticut State University]; a spectrophotometer and spectrofluorimeter [at Eastern Connecticut State University; and a Raman Spectrometer [at Western Connecticut State University]. DOE's funding was allocated for purchase and installation of this scientific equipment and instrumentation. Subsequently, DOE funding was allocated to fund the curriculum, faculty development and travel necessary to continue development and implementation of the System's Graduate Certificate in Nanotechnology (GCNT) program and the ConnSCU Nanotechnology Center (ConnSCU-NC) at Southern Connecticut State University. All of the established outcomes have been successfully achieved. The courses and structure of the GCNT program have been determined and the program will be completely implemented in the fall of 2013. The instrumentation has been purchased, installed and has been utilized at each campus for the implementation of the nanotechnology courses, CSUS GCNT and the ConnSCU-NC. Additional outcomes for this grant include curriculum development for non-majors as well as faculty and student research.

  13. Solid Waste Management Practices of Select State Universities in CALABARZON, Philippines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amado C. Gequinto


    Full Text Available The enactment of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act prompted higher education institutions including state universities and colleges (SUCs to incorporate ecological waste management in the school system. Thus, this paper aimed to assess the extent of implementation of solid waste management practices in select SUCs in CALABARZON in terms of waste reuse, waste reduction, waste collection, waste recycling, waste treatment, and final waste disposal. Respondents of the study included university administrators, faculty members, non-teaching staff, students and concessionaries for a total of 341. A survey questionnaire was used to gather data from Batangas State University (BatState-U, Cavite State University (CavSU, Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU and Southern Luzon State University (SLSU. Result revealed that solid waste management practices are implemented to a great extent. Among the practices, waste collection got the highest composite mean particularly on the promotion of 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle in the collection of waste. On the other hand, waste recycling and waste treatment obtained the lowest composite mean. In terms of waste recycling, establishing partnership with local or private business for recyclable recovery program was to moderate extent. Waste treatment particularly neutralization of acid bases was also of moderate extent. The study recommended strengthening of publicprivate partnership (PPP on the recycling and treatment of wastes.

  14. University-Affiliated Lab Schools: A Collaborative Partnership Between the University of Pittsburgh's Falk School and the State University of Malang Lab Schools

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sri Rachmajanti


    Full Text Available This article focuses on contemporary discussions about university-affiliated lab schools and their growing international networks. Topics include university-affiliated lab schools, the State University of Malang-University of Pittsburgh partnership created by a consortium of rectors in Indonesia, and the growing importance of international professional development networks for university-affiliated lab schools. The instructional leadership side of the partnership has shared ways: (a to design a better aligned curriculum; (b to make learning activities more active and student-oriented; (c to trigger creativity, critical thinking, and independence; (d to practice ongoing assessment; and (e to enrich the cultural repertoire of students. The institutional management side has focused greater attention on: professionalism in management; use of technology; human resources issues of recruitment, induction, and continuing professional development; and more innovative, balanced, transparent and sustainable funding sources. The following recommendations are made. First, fostering international partnerships is a good way for already strong schools to make continuous improvements in both instruction and institutional leadership. Second, partnership sustainability is paramount, especially during transitions in senior university management. Careful and thoughtful construction of the universities’ core memorandum of understanding is time well spent because it becomes embedded in institutional policy.

  15. Using First-Grade Teacher Ratings to Predict Third-Grade English Language Arts and Mathematics Achievement on a High-Stakes Statewide AssessmentDorinda J. GALLANTThe Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USAReceived: 2 August 2012/ Revised: 25 December2012 / Accepted: 10 January 2013AbstractEarly childhood professional organizations support teachers as the best assessors of students’ academic, social, emotional, and physical development.This study investigates the predictive nature of teacher ratings of first-grade students’ performance on a standards-based curriculum-embedded performance assessment within the context of a state accountability system.The sample includes 4292 elementary school students cross-classified by 131 first-grade and 137third-grade schools attended.This study uses extant statewide assessment data for students located in a state in the southeastern part of the United States.Controlling for student and school demographic variables in cross-classified random effects multilevel models, first-grade teacher ratings—as reflected by domain scores on a performance assessment—are found to positively and significantly correlate with students’ third-grade academic achievement.Keywords:Teacher ratings, Predictive validity, Curriculum-embedded Performance assessmentIntroductionResearch on the use of teacher-based judgment measures (e.g., measures that use teacher ratings or rankings to assess students’ knowledge or skills in specific academic content areas) to assess students’ academic achievement in core academic areas (i.e., math, reading, science, or social studies) span over four decades.One of the most comprehensive scholarly reviews of the use of teacher-based judgment measures to assess student achievement was completed by Hoge and Coladarci (1989).The authors presented a thorough review of 16 empirical studies from 1962-1988.With these studies, they examined the association between concurrently administered direct and indirect


    Dorinda J. GALLANT


    Early childhood professional organizations support teachers as the best assessors of students’ academic, social, emotional, and physical development.This study investigates the predictive nature of teacher ratings of first-grade students’ performance on a standards-based curriculum-embedded performance assessment within the context of a state accountability system.The sample includes 4292 elementary school students cross-classified by 131 first-grade and 137thi...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valentin Pugach


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the problem of assessing the quality of higher education. In the Russian Federation recently quality assessment of educational services provided by state-accredited universities is carried out by the state represented by the Ministry of education and science. State universities have simulated internal systemseducation quality assessment in accordance with the methodology proposed by the Ministry of education and science. Currently more attention is paid to the independent assessment of education quality which is the basis of professional public accreditation. The project "EQUASP" financed within the framework of the TEMPUS programme is directed to the problem of implementing the methodology of the online model of independent higher education quality assessment in the practice of Russian universities. The proposed model for assessing the quality of education is based on usage of 5 standards. The authors have done a comparative analysis of the model of higher education quality assessment existing in Vyatka State University and the model of education quality assessing offered by European universities-participants of the project EQUASP. The authors have presented the main results of investigation of this problem and some suggestions for improving the model of education quality assessment used by Vyatka State University.

  17. Efficacy of Cotton Root Destruction and Winter Cover Crops for Suppression of Hoplolaimus columbus. (United States)

    Davis, R F; Baird, R E; McNeil, R D


    The efficacy of rye (Secale cereale) and wheat (Triticum aestivum) winter cover crops and cotton stalk and root destruction (i.e., pulling them up) were evaluated in field tests during two growing seasons for Hoplolaimus columbus management in cotton. The effect of removing debris from the field following root destruction also was evaluated. Wheat and rye produced similar amounts of biomass, and both crops produced more biomass (P Cover crops did not suppress H. columbus population levels or increase subsequent cotton yields. Cotton root destruction did not affect cotton stand or plant height the following year. Cotton root destruction lowered (P columbus population levels at planting in 1996 but not in 1997, but cotton yield was not increased by root destruction in either year. Removing debris following root destruction did not lower H. columbus levels compared to leaving debris on the soil surface. This study suggests that a rye or wheat cover crop or cotton root destruction following harvest is ineffective for H. columbus management in cotton.

  18. Examining the Adjustment Problems of Kenyan International Students Attending Colleges and Universities in the United States (United States)

    Mokua, Rodgers Nyandieka


    The literature on international students from Africa, and particularly Kenya, is very limited despite the significant number of Kenyan international students attending colleges and universities in the United States. Therefore, the intent of this study was to examine the adjustment problems of Kenyan international students in the United States. The…

  19. The State University System of Florida Strategic Plan 2012-2025 (United States)

    Board of Governors, State University System of Florida, 2011


    The Board of Governors continues to be committed to achieving excellence in the tripartite mission of its state universities--teaching, research, and public service--for the benefit of Florida's citizens, their communities, and the state economy. In light of the velocity with which the 21st century is moving ahead, however, the Board of Governors…

  20. Relationship between Balanced Scorecard and Professors' Job Characteristics at Ekiti State University, Nigeria (United States)

    Fatile, Mopelola


    The purpose of this quantitative, correlational study was to understand the relationship between a balanced scorecard, professors' job characteristics, and the leadership styles of higher education leaders at Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti State, Nigeria, which was the site of the study. The problem statement addressed whether or not a…

  1. 77 FR 51564 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum... Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum (Burke Museum), University of Washington, has completed an... contact the Burke Museum. Repatriation of the human remains to the tribe named below may occur if no...

  2. Users' Satisfaction with Library Services: A Case Study of Delta State University Library (United States)

    Ikolo, Violet E.


    The study focused on users' satisfaction with library services at the Delta State University main Library, Abraka, Delta State. The objective was to find out if users are satisfied with the services, facilities, the library environment, information sources and staff of the library. Using the descriptive survey design, the population for the study…

  3. 2008 The State of ICT in University Libraries in South Eastern ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Gbaje E.S

    Abstract. The work surveyed eight university libraries in southeastern Nigeria to determine their state of ICT application including the ... Many of the Libraries especially the state funded have no Internet, or LAN workstation but each of the library can boast of standalone ..... Discussion of Findings. The result in Table 1 which ...

  4. The Management Of Intellectual Property In A Romanian State University Where Research Represents A Strength (United States)

    Tîţu, Aurel Mihail; Oprean, Constantin; Răulea, Andreea Simina


    The transition to the knowledge-based economy and society requires adaptation to constant change that implies intellectual property as a multidimensional concept that continually leaves its mark on generations contributing to their well-being in obvious and undeniable ways. The main objective of this article was to assess the present level of the management of intellectual property in a state university in Romania displaying their strengths and weaknesses. The overall objective of the work is to analyze the state of the art in a Romanian state university in order to find solutions to the current problems that the Romanian scientific environment is facing. The conclusions drawn in the study converge in directions and proposals for improving the way in which the intellectual property is regarded and its management in the state universities of Romania.

  5. Update on the NSF PAARE Project at South Carolina State University (United States)

    Walter, Donald K.; Brittain, S. D.; Cash, J.; Hartmann, D.; Hinkle, K. H.; Howell, S. B.; King, J. R.; Leising, M. D.; Mighell, K. J.; Smith, D. M.


    We summarize the progress made over the past six years of “A Partnership in Observational and Computational Astronomy (POCA)”. This NSF-funded project is part of the “Partnerships in Astronomy and Astrophysics Research and Education (PAARE)" program. Our partnership includes South Carolina State University (a Historically Black College/University), Clemson University (a Ph.D. granting institution) and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. We summarize the results to date of our ongoing ground and space-based study of RV Tauri and Semiregular variables. We also examine our work on two unusual stars, R Coronae Borealis and XX Oph. The research on our Kepler objects is nearing completion and includes new international collaborators. We have developed 2 new cosmology labs and 5 new web simulations in the past year. These are being used in the science classes at South Carolina State University and are available to the community at our website listed below. Our success and the challenge of recruiting and retaining underrepresented students into the field as physics majors at South Carolina State University is reviewed. We recently graduated from Clemson a POCA student with a M.S. in astronomy who has since continued on for a Ph.D. in a related field, while another underrepresented student continues toward her Ph.D. in astronomy. Support for the POCA project is provided by the NSF PAARE program to South Carolina State University under award AST-0750814 as well as resources and support provided by Clemson University and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. Support for the Kepler observations is provided by NASA to South Carolina State University under awards NNX11AB82G and NNX13AC24G. Additional details can be found at:

  6. Regionalization of the Iowa State University Extension System: Lessons Learned by Key Administrators


    Mary S. Holz-Clause; Koundinya, Vikram Swaroop Chandra; Glenn, Sherry; Payne, Jack M.


    The cyclical economic downturn in the United States has forced many Extension administrators to rethink and adjust services and programming. The Cooperative Extension System (CES), the organization primarily responsible for governmental Extension work in the United States, at Iowa State University responded to this economic downturn by restructuring its organization from county based to a regional model. This paper shares the experiences of key administrators in planning this restructuring pr...

  7. 75 FR 66745 - Eagle and Phenix Hydro Company, Inc. and UPtown Columbus, Inc.; Notice of Application Accepted... (United States)


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Eagle and Phenix Hydro Company, Inc. and UPtown Columbus, Inc.; Notice of.... Applicants: Eagle and Phenix Hydro Company, Inc. and UPtown Columbus Inc., respectively. e. Name of Projects: Eagle and Phenix Mills and City Mills Hydroelectric Projects. f. Location: Lower Chattahoochee River...

  8. The Economic Impact of the Louisiana State University System on the Louisiana State Economy. AIR Forum 1980 Paper. (United States)

    Engler, Sheldon D.; And Others

    An econometric model was developed for use in measuring the impact of the Louisiana State University (LSU) upon the Louisiana economy. Emphasis is placed on measuring the effects of enrollment changes, salary and wage expenditures, and campus construction activity. The results show that, overall, each dollar spent by the LSU System creates another…

  9. Statistics of State Universities and State Colleges for Year Ending June 30, 1924. Bulletin, 1925, No. 12 (United States)

    Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1925


    This annual bulletin, formerly prepared and published by the National Association of State Universities, has been published by the Bureau of Education for the past 16 years. The data given are taken from reports received from the offices of the presidents of the various institutions, and the figures printed are substantially as given in those…

  10. Columbus crater and other possible groundwater-fed paleolakes of Terra Sirenum, Mars (United States)

    Wray, J.J.; Milliken, R.E.; Dundas, C.M.; Swayze, G.A.; Andrews-Hanna, J. C.; Baldridge, A.M.; Chojnacki, M.; Bishop, J.L.; Ehlmann, B.L.; Murchie, S.L.; Clark, R.N.; Seelos, F.P.; Tornabene, L.L.; Squyres, S. W.


    Columbus crater in the Terra Sirenum region of the Martian southern highlands contains light-toned layered deposits with interbedded sulfate and phyllosilicate minerals, a rare occurrence on Mars. Here we investigate in detail the morphology, thermophysical properties, mineralogy, and stratigraphy of these deposits; explore their regional context; and interpret the crater's aqueous history. Hydrated mineral-bearing deposits occupy a discrete ring around the walls of Columbus crater and are also exposed beneath younger materials, possibly lava flows, on its floor. Widespread minerals identified in the crater include gypsum, polyhydrated and monohydrated Mg/Fe-sulfates, and kaolinite; localized deposits consistent with montmorillonite, Fe/Mg-phyllosilicates, jarosite, alunite, and crystalline ferric oxide or hydroxide are also detected. Thermal emission spectra suggest abundances of these minerals in the tens of percent range. Other craters in northwest Terra Sirenum also contain layered deposits and Al/Fe/Mg-phyllosilicates, but sulfates have so far been found only in Columbus and Cross craters. The region's intercrater plains contain scattered exposures of Al-phyllosilicates and one isolated mound with opaline silica, in addition to more common Fe/Mg-phyllosilicates with chlorides. A Late Noachian age is estimated for the aqueous deposits in Columbus, coinciding with a period of inferred groundwater upwelling and evaporation, which (according to model results reported here) could have formed evaporites in Columbus and other craters in Terra Sirenum. Hypotheses for the origin of these deposits include groundwater cementation of crater-filling sediments and/or direct precipitation from subaerial springs or in a deep (???900 m) paleolake. Especially under the deep lake scenario, which we prefer, chemical gradients in Columbus crater may have created a habitable environment at this location on early Mars. ?? 2011 by the American Geophysical Union.

  11. Creating Open Textbooks: A Unique Partnership Between Oregon State University Libraries and Press and Open Oregon State

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Faye A. Chadwell


    Full Text Available This article presents Oregon State University’s experience launching an innovative Open Textbook initiative in spring 2014. The partners, Open Oregon State and the Oregon State University Libraries and Press, aimed to reduce the cost of course materials for students while ensuring the content created was peer-reviewed and employed multimedia capabilities. This initiative sought to showcase existing and emerging disciplinary strengths of the University thus creating unique course content that could be shared globally. This article briefly describes the U.S. landscape for open textbook creation and adoption. It demonstrates how this unique partnership has developed, covering barriers and benefits, and what the future could hold for new projects.

  12. Solar heating and cooling system installed at Columbus, Ohio. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Coy, R. G.; Braden, R. P.


    The Solar Energy System installed at Columbus Technical Institute, Columbus, Ohio was installed as a part of a new construction of a college building. The building will house classrooms and laboratories, administrative offices and three lecture halls. The Solar Energy System consists of 4096 square feet (128 panels) Owens/Illinois Evacuated Glass Tube Collector Subsystem, and a 5000 gallon steel tank below ground storage system, hot water is circulated between the collectors and storage tank, passing through a water/lithium bromide absorption chiller to cool the building. Extracts from the site files specification references, drawings, installation, operation and maintenance instructions are included.

  13. Toward a permanent lunar settlement in the coming decade: the Columbus Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hyde, R.A.; Ishikawa, M.Y.; Wood, L.L.


    The motivation for creating a permanent lunar settlement is sketched, and reasons for doing so in the coming decade are put forward. A basic plan to accomplish this is outlined, along technical and programmatic axes. It is concluded that founding a lunar settlement on the five hundredth anniversary of the Columbus landing - a Columbus Project - could be executed as a volunteer-intensive American enterprise requiring roughly six thousand man-years of skilled endeavor and a total Governmental contribution of the order of a half-billion dollars. 8 figs.

  14. A qualitative study on the motivation of Turkish EFL teachers working at state universities


    Ölmezer Öztürk, Elçin


    Following a qualitative research design, this study examines the motivation of Turkish EFL teachers working at state universities in Turkey. Purposeful sampling was used in the selection of participants and 20 teachers working at different universities participated in the study. The data were collected through semi-structured interviews and daily reflection entries. In the analysis of data, qualitative content analysis scheme of Creswell (2011) was used. The results revealed that ...

  15. The current state and trends of the development of universities in Ukraine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O.B. Morhulets


    Full Text Available Education is the basis of social, political, economic, spiritual, and cultural development. Therefore, the study of the current state and trends of the development of Ukrainian universities is a significant factor of social and economic progress of the country.The paper reflects the general state of universities in Ukraine, in particular, the trends in dynamics: the number of students in terms of entry/graduation, sources of financing, education fields; the number of universities in the context of accreditation, types and forms of ownership; the number of outbound Ukrainian and inbound foreign students; quantitative and qualitative characteristics of teaching staff; spending on higher education and the cost of funding per student compared with other countries. The purpose of the study is the assessment of economic activity of higher educational establishments in Ukraine, the identification of problems and tendencies of their development in the context of national transformational processes in education and formation of the society of knowledge. The methodical base used in the study is analysis and synthesis, methods of comparison and generalization, extrapolation, index and graphical methods. The practical value of the study is based on the results of a thorough analysis of university activities. Such results reveal the current state and trends of the development of universities under conditions of higher education transformation in Ukraine and its integration into the European educational area. The results of research improve understanding of the state and problems of the universities and provide the foundations for further research in the field of the national education system development and for improving of the quality of young professionals’ training. The trends of the university development indicate that the reorganization of higher education which is being currently taken place, already results in the emergence of new competencies of

  16. EEG Oscillatory States: Universality, Uniqueness and Specificity across Healthy-Normal, Altered and Pathological Brain Conditions (United States)

    Fingelkurts, Alexander A.; Fingelkurts, Andrew A.


    For the first time the dynamic repertoires and oscillatory types of local EEG states in 13 diverse conditions (examined over 9 studies) that covered healthy-normal, altered and pathological brain states were quantified within the same methodological and conceptual framework. EEG oscillatory states were assessed by the probability-classification analysis of short-term EEG spectral patterns. The results demonstrated that brain activity consists of a limited repertoire of local EEG states in any of the examined conditions. The size of the state repertoires was associated with changes in cognition and vigilance or neuropsychopathologic conditions. Additionally universal, optional and unique EEG states across 13 diverse conditions were observed. It was demonstrated also that EEG oscillations which constituted EEG states were characteristic for different groups of conditions in accordance to oscillations’ functional significance. The results suggested that (a) there is a limit in the number of local states available to the cortex and many ways in which these local states can rearrange themselves and still produce the same global state and (b) EEG individuality is determined by varying proportions of universal, optional and unique oscillatory states. The results enriched our understanding about dynamic microstructure of EEG-signal. PMID:24505292

  17. university

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Grigoryeva


    Full Text Available Universities occupy a special place in the city’s life, the place where centuries-old traditions of the past meet the future. Universities keep their ancestral roots stretching back into the Middle Ages. University rooms and laboratories are the places where the future of science and society is built and discussed.The oldest Siberian University located in Tomsk was included in the City Charter as a city-forming enterprise. Other Siberian cities have not yet come to such deep comprehension of the role of universities. But who can doubt the significance and beneficence of this role?A complex and debatable process of reformation of the Russian higher education has been going on for several decades. Many things are perceived painfully. Irkutsk has been a student city for a long time and ranked second in the percentage of students among citizens. But recently we have lost Irkutsk High Military Aviation Engineering School, nearly lost the MIA High School. Pedagogical University has lost its status of university, and then its independence. Linguistic University has turned into a branch of Moscow University…Besides, external threats still exist and even grow. The lands and the buildings of universities are of keen interest among big businessmen, speculators and developers… Isn’t it the reason why the ideas to evacuate universities to suburban campuses arise increasingly frequently?What is the impact of dislocation of universities out of the city historical center? Does it make the city poorer and older? Or safer and more manageable? As usual, we tried to show the challenge and diversity of the main topic of the issue.

  18. High Resolution Jet Cooled Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy of the tilde{A} State 31_0 Band of the NO_3 Radical (United States)

    Codd, Terrance J.; Roudjane, Mourad; Miller, Terry A.


    The 2E''tilde{A} state of NO_3 is doubly degenerate and is therefore subject to Jahn-Teller (JT) distortion. In the tilde{A} state there are two JT active modes, ν_3 and ν_4 (e' stretch and in plane bend respectively). Theoretical work has predicted that the JT effect in the tilde{A} state should be quite strong and approach the static case (D≥1) where the molecule is permanently distorted to a lower symmetry geometry. A moderate resolution spectrum of the tilde{A} state showed a feature that we tentatively assigned as the 31_0 band based on position and band contour. Using high resolution cavity ringdown spectroscopy we have now obtained a rotationally resolved spectrum of this band. The analysis of this band has been commenced using an oblate symmetric top Hamiltonian with spin-rotation terms. This analysis supports the assignment of this band to the a_1'' vibronic component of the 31_0 band. So far, the spectrum shows no evidence of a large geometric distortion of the molecule. Some lines appear to be split, as was previously observed in the 41_0 and 42_0 bands, and the possible sources of this splitting are being investigated. J.F. Stanton, 66th OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, 2011, TJ-03 W. Eisfeld, K. Morokuma, J. Chem. Phys. 114, 9430 (2001) S. Faraji, H. Köppel, W. Eisfeld, S. Mahapatra, J. Chem. Phys. 347, 110 (2008) T.J. Codd, M.W. Chen, T.A. Miller, 66th OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, 2011, TD-06 M.W. Chen, T.J. Codd, G. Just, T.A. Miller, OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, 2011, TD-07

  19. Radar research at The Pennsylvania State University Radar and Communications Laboratory (United States)

    Narayanan, Ram M.


    The Radar and Communications Laboratory (RCL) at The Pennsylvania State University is at the forefront of radar technology and is engaged in cutting edge research in all aspects of radar, including modeling and simulation studies of novel radar paradigms, design and development of new types of radar architectures, and extensive field measurements in realistic scenarios. This paper summarizes the research at The Pennsylvania State University's Radar and Communications Laboratory and relevant collaborative research with several groups over the past 15 years in the field of radar and related technologies, including communications, radio frequency identification (RFID), and spectrum sensing.

  20. Application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the Management of Universities in the North-Central State of Nigeria (United States)

    Oboegbulem, Angie Ijeoma; Godwin, Ochai


    This study investigated the application of ICT (information and communication technology) in the management of universities in the north-central Nigeria. The study was a descriptive survey. The population of the study comprised 1,294 respondents in federal and state universities (763 in federal and 531 in state universities). The sample size…

  1. An Overview of Research Infrastructure for Medieval Studies in the United States: Associations, Institutes, and Universities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zan Kocher


    Full Text Available This overview of research infrastructure in the United States brieflymentions some institutes, universities, associations, conferences,sources of funding, types of courses, research databases, academicjournals and book publishers. It intends to make American medievalistresources better accessible to colleagues from other countries, and toencourage those who wish to study in the United States and those whoare using the Internet to seek printed or digital materials for theirteaching or research.

  2. Physical-depth architectural requirements for generating universal photonic cluster states (United States)

    Morley-Short, Sam; Bartolucci, Sara; Gimeno-Segovia, Mercedes; Shadbolt, Pete; Cable, Hugo; Rudolph, Terry


    Most leading proposals for linear-optical quantum computing (LOQC) use cluster states, which act as a universal resource for measurement-based (one-way) quantum computation. In ballistic approaches to LOQC, cluster states are generated passively from small entangled resource states using so-called fusion operations. Results from percolation theory have previously been used to argue that universal cluster states can be generated in the ballistic approach using schemes which exceed the critical threshold for percolation, but these results consider cluster states with unbounded size. Here we consider how successful percolation can be maintained using a physical architecture with fixed physical depth, assuming that the cluster state is continuously generated and measured, and therefore that only a finite portion of it is visible at any one point in time. We show that universal LOQC can be implemented using a constant-size device with modest physical depth, and that percolation can be exploited using simple pathfinding strategies without the need for high-complexity algorithms.

  3. Scaling and universality in two dimensions: three-body bound states with short-ranged interactions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bellotti, F F; Frederico, T [Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica, DCTA, 12.228-900 Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil); Yamashita, M T [Instituto de Fisica Teorica, UNESP-Univ Estadual Paulista, CP 70532-2, CEP 01156-970, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Fedorov, D V; Jensen, A S; Zinner, N T, E-mail: [Department of Physics and Astronomy-Aarhus University, Ny Munkegade, bygn. 1520, DK-8000 Arhus C (Denmark)


    The momentum space zero-range model is used to investigate universal properties of three interacting particles confined to two dimensions. The pertinent equations are first formulated for a system of two identical and one distinct particle and the two different two-body subsystems are characterized by two-body energies and masses. The three-body energy in units of one of the two-body energies is a universal function of the other two-body energy and the mass ratio. We derive convenient analytical formulae for calculations of the three-body energy as a function of these two independent parameters and exhibit the results as universal curves. In particular, we show that the three-body system can have any number of stable bound states. When the mass ratio of the distinct to identical particles is greater than 0.22, we find that at most two stable bound states exist, while for two heavy and one light mass an increasing number of bound states is possible. The specific number of stable bound states depends on the ratio of two-body bound state energies and on the mass ratio, and we map out an energy-mass phase diagram of the number of stable bound states. Realizable systems of both fermions and bosons are discussed in this framework.

  4. Cosmographic analysis of the equation of state of the universe through Pad\\'e approximations

    CERN Document Server

    Gruber, Christine


    Cosmography is used in cosmological data processing in order to constrain the kinematics of the universe in a model-independent way, providing an objective means to evaluate the agreement of a model with observations. In this paper, we extend the conventional methodology of cosmography employing Taylor expansions of observables by an alternative approach using Pad\\'e approximations. Due to the superior convergence properties of Pad\\'e expansions, it is possible to improve the fitting analysis to obtain numerical values for the parameters of the cosmographic series. From the results, we can derive the equation of state parameter of the universe and its first derivative and thus acquire information about the thermodynamic state of the universe. We carry out statistical analyses using observations of the distance modulus of type 1a supernovae, provided by the union 2.1 compilation of the supernova cosmology project, employing a Markov chain Monte Carlo approach with an implemented Metropolis algorithm. We compar...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Syrtsova


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the study of various aspects of development and implementation of e-learning at higher education institutions. This system has been created according to the main approaches and criteria used by the European Foundation for quality assurance of e-learning (EFQUEL. The article presents the main results of the experiment on Vyatka State University's e-learning system development. The article reveals the feasibility of the development of e-learning in the region. The authors consider three main strategies of implementation of e-learning system at Vyatka State University. The authors substantiate the choice of the most effective and promising strategy of them based on the analysis and considering the peculiarities of the university and the region. In the article, the fundamental results of the experiment and description of the stages of the implementation of e-learning system are presented.

  6. Wild-type food in health promotion and disease prevention: the Columbus Concept

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Meester, Fabien De; Watson, Ronald R. (Ronald Ross)


    ... the expected benefits of the former versus the latter regarding quality of life. The leading market concept behind the rehabilitation of dietary/blood cholesterol is called "Columbus." Obviously, it borrows the significance of the name from the time when the earth was proven round rather than flat, and a dramatic leap was made in the way ...

  7. Ada (R) assessment: An important issue within European Columbus Support Technology Programme (United States)

    Vielcanet, P.


    Software will be more important and more critical for Columbus than for any ESA previous project. As a simple comparison, overall software size has been in the range of 100 K source statements for EXOSAT, 500 K for Spacelab, and will probably reach several million lines of code for Columbus (all element together). Based on past experience, the total development cost of software can account for about 10 pct to 15 pct of the total space project development cost. The Ada technology may support the strong software engineering principles needed for Columbus, provided that technology is sufficiently mature and industry plans are meeting the Columbus project schedule. Over the past 3 years, Informatique Internationale has conducted a coherent program based on Ada technology assessment studies and experiments, for ESA and CNES. This specific research and development program benefits from 15 years experience in the field of space software development and is supported by the overall software engineering expertise of the company. The assessment and experiments of Ada software engineering by Informatique Internationale are detailed.

  8. Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence Reported by Homeless Youth in Columbus, Ohio (United States)

    Slesnick, Natasha; Erdem, Gizem; Collins, Jennifer; Patton, Rikki; Buettner, Cynthia


    No study to date has reported intimate partner violence (IPV) experiences among homeless youth. This study sought to uncover lifetime prevalence estimates of physical, sexual, and emotional IPV among a nonprobability sample of 180 homeless male and female youth in Columbus, Ohio. To that aim, self-reported IPV and the association between IPV and…

  9. The Struggle for Industrial Education in the "Lowell of the South," Columbus, Georgia, 1850-1930 (United States)

    Bradshaw, Lauren Yarnell; Bohan, Chara Haeussler


    The history of Columbus, Georgia, cannot be separated from that of the local textile mills; the mills were important in defining the economic success, the social struggles, and the enduring legacy of southern industrial tycoons. Evidence of this industrial past can be seen on almost every street, school, and business located in the city along the…

  10. Franklin University of Ohio and the Community College Alliance (CCA). (United States)

    Illinois State Board of Education, Springfield.

    This document summarizes a request by Franklin University of Columbus, Ohio to receive approval from the Illinois Board of Higher Education to operate and grant degrees statewide in Illinois. The vehicle through which it proposed to offer instruction was the Community College Alliance (CCA), a creation of the university designed to offer…

  11. Do State Subsidies for Public Universities Favor the Affluent? Evidence Speaks Reports, Vol 1, #23 (United States)

    Delisle, Jason; Dancy, Kim


    Public universities typically charge students less than the full cost of education, using funds from state and local government and other sources to cover the difference. This indirect subsidy is one of the largest forms of aid in America's higher education system but is less understood in the policy community than grants and loans, which are…

  12. Virtual Training for Virtual Success: Michigan State University Extension's Virtual Conference (United States)

    Vandenberg, Lela; Reese, Luke


    Michigan State University Extension conducted its first virtual conference, attended by more than 600 staff, with a weeklong menu of over 100 online meetings and learning sessions. Providing multiple types of pre-conference hands-on training to small groups using Adobe Connect Pro was an important key to success. Other success factors were pre and…

  13. Love and sickle-cell | Bani | Abia State University Medical Students ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 1, No 1 (2000) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT ...

  14. Changing State-University Relations: The Experiences of Japan and Lessons for Malaysia (United States)

    Sirat, Morshidi; Kaur, Sarjit


    This article investigates the changing state-university relations in Japan and Malaysia. Its main objective is to identify and examine possible lessons for Malaysia, based on the Japanese experience. Notably, since the late 1970s, Malaysia has been looking towards Japan as a model for socio-economic development (the "look-east" Policy)…

  15. Distributed Use of a Fourth-Generation Language at Arizona State University. (United States)

    Brown, Jana; O'Connell, John


    The acquisition and implementation at Arizona State University of a fourth-generation language product to facilitate end-user access to institutional data are described. Some problems encountered are included, as are discussions of training and security considerations. (Author/MLW)

  16. Academic Staff Utilization of Information and Communication Technology and Knowledge Creation in Cross River State Universities (United States)

    Ekpoh, Uduak Imo; Etor, Comfort Robert


    This study examined academic staff utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in knowledge creation in universities in Cross River State. The study was guided by two research questions and one hypothesis. A questionnaire was developed, validated and used for data collection from a sample of 300 academic staff. Descriptive…

  17. A Comprehensive Wellness Program for Veterinary Medical Education: Design and Implementation at North Carolina State University (United States)

    Royal, Kenneth; Flammer, Keven; Borst, Luke; Huckle, Jeffrey; Barter, Hillary; Neel, Jennifer


    Research in veterinary medical education has illustrated the challenges students face with respect to mental and emotional wellness, lack of attention to physical health, and limited opportunities to meaningfully engage with persons from different backgrounds. In response, the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine has…

  18. A Needs Analysis for Chinese Language Teaching at a University in the United States (United States)

    Huang, Chuanning


    This paper presents the results of a one-year language curriculum needs analysis project aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the learning needs of first and second year Chinese language students at a university in the United States. The purpose of this project was to provide a foundation for further curriculum development of the…

  19. Florida State University Work Plan Presentation for 2014-15 Board of Governors Review (United States)

    Board of Governors, State University System of Florida, 2014


    The State University System of Florida has developed three tools that aid in guiding the System's future: (1) The Board of Governors' new "Strategic Plan 2012-2025" is driven by goals and associated metrics that stake out where the System is headed; (2) The Board's "Annual Accountability Report" provides yearly tracking for how…

  20. 78 FR 59960 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (United States)


    ... Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), 25 U.S.C. 3003, of the completion of an inventory of human remains under the control... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO AGENCY... inventory of human remains, in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribes or Native Hawaiian...

  1. 78 FR 50103 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (United States)


    ... Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), 25 U.S.C. 3003, of the completion of an inventory of human remains under the control... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO AGENCY... inventory of human remains, in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribes or Native Hawaiian...

  2. Comparison of Attitudes toward Gay Men and Lesbians among Students at Bowling Green State University. (United States)

    Manning, Trisha; Nicoloff, Jennifer

    This study examined the attitudes toward gay men and lesbians among male and female undergraduate students and graduate students at Bowling Green State University (Ohio). The subject pool included 99 students between the ages of 18 and 48. The sample included 47 males, 52 females, 60 undergraduate students, and 39 graduate students. A…

  3. Case history study of cogeneration facility at Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The Southeast Missouri State University total energy plant, its fuel, control, production, operation, and maintenance are examined. A financial analysis looks at comparative operating costs for central heating (case 1), stand along (case 2), and cogeneration (case 3). Finally an evaluation of the performance of the plant indicates continuation of operation with some modifications.

  4. Use of Law Library resources by law students of Imo State University ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Academic law li braries are indispensable support for learning, research and general practice in the entire legal profession. This article sought to establish the level of usage students of Imo State University make of its law library and in particular, determine the leve l of organization of the resources, services available as well ...

  5. Prescribed Fire Education at Oklahoma State University: Training Our Future Pyros (United States)

    John R. Weir


    The Rangeland Ecology and Management program at Oklahoma State University recognized the need for a practical, hands-on course designed for undergraduate and graduate students, with instruction on conducting prescribed fires for vegetation management, wildlife management, and livestock management. Two separate prescribed fire courses were initiated in the spring of...

  6. Sustainability for the Americas Initiative: Land Design Institute, Ball State University (United States)

    J. L. Motloch; Pedro Pacheco; Eloy F. Jr. Casagrande


    The Ball State University Land Design Institute (LDI) pursues ecologically and culturally sustainable land design through education, research, outreach, and demonstration. LDI seeks to lead communities (local, regional, global) to sustainable futures. It connects communities and sustainability experts to optimize education about land management, planning, and design...

  7. 78 FR 37549 - Cooperative Agreement To Support the North Carolina State University, Prestage Department of... (United States)


    ... (conventional cage, enriched cage systems, and free-range). 4. Examine the effect of various nutritional intervention strategies (physical feed characteristics, antimicrobials, immuno- enhancing feed ingredients) on... operations. The North Carolina State University feed mill is a research and educational feed mill that is...

  8. Resolving Issues in Innovative Graduate Degree Programs: The Metropolitan State University Doctor of Business Administration Experience (United States)

    Delmont, Tim


    Applied Master's Degree and doctoral programs have been criticized widely for their lack of relevance, rigor and quality. New graduate degree programs have responded to these criticisms by implementing innovative academic policies, program curriculum, and student services. A case study of the Metropolitan State University Doctor of Business…

  9. Exploring Management Strategies to Reduce Cheating in Written Examinations: Case Study of Midlands State University (United States)

    Taderera, Ever; Nyikahadzoi, Loveness; Matamande, Wilson; Mandimika, Elinah


    This study was concerned about cheating in written examinations at Midlands State University (MSU). The study revealed that both male and female students cheat in written examination; business studies students cheat more than other faculties, and younger (lower class) students cheat more than (upper class) older students. Factors influencing…

  10. Food insecurity among students at the University of the Free State ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Objective: The objective of this study was to investigate food insecurity in students in a developing country with high national food insecurity. Design: This was a cross-sectional survey. Subjects and setting: Registered students at the University of the Free State were invited to participate. Thirty-one thousand and fourteen ...

  11. Evaluation of Achievement of Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Delta State (United States)

    Osadebe, P. U.


    The study evaluated the objectives of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme in Delta State. It considered the extent to which each objective was achieved. A research question on the extent to which the UBE objectives were achieved guided the study. Two hypotheses were tested. A sample of 300 students was randomly drawn through the use of…

  12. Characteristics and Motivational Factors of Major Donors to Bowling Green State University (United States)

    Latta, Marcia Sloan


    With declining state support, increased financial need on the part of the fastest growing demographic sections of the population, and public policy that discourages major increases in tuition for public higher education, the only logical source of additional finances for public colleges and universities is increased private funding through…

  13. Iowa State University: Live Green Revolving Loan Fund. Green Revolving Funds in Action: Case Study Series (United States)

    Billingsley, Christina


    The $3 million Live Green Revolving Loan Fund (LGRLF) at Iowa State University (ISU) was launched in 2008. The LGRLF is unique in its decentralized implementation structure which allows each department and building to reap the benefits of their own efficiency measures and gives individual departments the incentive to propose resource-saving…

  14. 75 FR 36671 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, WA; Correction AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice... Act (NAGPRA), 25 U.S.C. 3003, of the completion of an inventory of human remains and associated...

  15. 75 FR 36672 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, WA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. Notice is here.... 3003, of the completion of an inventory of human remains in the possession of the Thomas Burke Memorial...

  16. 77 FR 74871 - Notice of Inventory Completion: The Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: The Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University, Pullman, WA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Museum of Anthropology has completed an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects, in consultation with...

  17. Linking Curriculum and Learning to Facilities: Arizona State University's GK-12 Sustainable Schools Program (United States)

    Elser, Monica M.; Pollari, Lynette; Frisk, Erin; Wood, Mark


    Arizona State University's "Sustainability Science for Sustainable Schools program" brings together graduate students, sustainability researchers, high school teachers and students, and school or district administrators in a project designed to address the challenge of becoming a "sustainable school." Funded by the National…

  18. Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication (Volgograd State University: Scientific and Research Innovations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Violetta S. Molchanova


    Full Text Available The paper describes different scientific innovations, applied in the course of study at the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of Volgograd State University. Special attention is attached to technological component and personnel developments, aimed at the education process improvement and optimization.

  19. Penile Injuries In Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Ikeja: A 7 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: Injuries to the penis are not frequent events and usually not life threatening. However, they may be associated with significant long term psychological and functional impairment. This study elucidates the clinical spectrum of penile injuries in the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital and how they were ...

  20. Implementing TQM at Oregon State University: Moving Continuous Quality Improvement Practices into Higher Education. (United States)

    Rudolph, Jacquelyn T.; Howard, Nancy Lee


    The evolution of an award-winning Total Quality Management (TQM) program for administrative and academic staff development at Oregon State University is chronicled. Special attention is given to application of TQM for faculty and corporate interaction, instructional improvement, and curriculum development. Special challenges for implementation of…

  1. Epidemiology and Herd Health Training in the School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University. (United States)

    Archbald, L. F.; Hagstad, H. V.


    At Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine, training in preventive medicine is incorporated into all four years of the curriculum. The curriculum is described with focus on the fourth year practical course that involves problem solving, using various herds in the area. (JMD)

  2. Military, University, and Police Agency Command and Staff Colleges in the United States (United States)

    Martin, Richard H.


    This article discusses three models of command and staff colleges (CSC). Five university models, five United States Military models, and one police agency model are discussed. The 11 CSCs provide leadership development in various training and education programs all leading to the increased capabilities of leaders and potential leaders for public…

  3. Unblocking Occluded Genres in Graduate Writing: Thesis and Dissertation Support Services at North Carolina State University (United States)

    Autry, Meagan Kittle; Carter, Michael


    In 2013, the Graduate School at North Carolina State University launched Thesis and Dissertation Support Services, a rhetorical, genre-based approach to assisting students with their graduate writing. Through a description of the program's founding, goals, and first year of services, we summarize this genre-based approach that is informed by the…

  4. 76 FR 14051 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... American human remains. The National Park Service is not responsible for the determinations in this notice... of shared group identity that can be reasonably traced between the Native American human remains and... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA...

  5. End User Satisfaction: A User Study of the CD-ROM Databases at Kent State University. (United States)

    Balraj, Leela E.

    This study attempted to determine if the type of training that CD-ROM patrons received had an effect on the satisfaction level of their search results by use of the survey method. Kent State University students, faculty, and patrons who used CD-ROM databases for information retrieval were asked to complete a one page (front and back) questionnaire…

  6. Service Quality of State Universities in Turkey: The Case of Ankara (United States)

    Eres, Figen


    The aim of this study is determine the service quality perceptions of students being educated at state universities in Ankara. The sample of the study is composed of final grade students of faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The sample of the study is composed of a total of randomly selected students. There were 416 returned…

  7. Access or Inclusion? Conceptualisation and Operationalisation of Gender Equality in Zimbabwean State Universities (United States)

    Chauraya, Efiritha


    This article explores concerns about gender inequality in Zimbabwean state universities. The researcher's interest arose from the realisation of persistent gender inequalities despite initiatives to close gender gaps. Of particular concern is the conceptualization and operationalisation of gender equality in institutions. Focusing only on the…

  8. The Design and Implementation of a Peer Mentoring Program for International Students at Morehead State University (United States)

    Murray, Donell Cochran


    Peer mentoring is a way to help guide and form valuable relationships between two or more students and plays an important role in the success, both academically and socially, of students. At Morehead State University (MSU), the International Peer Mentoring Program (IPMP) was designed and implemented in the Fall of 2016 to assist in the academic…

  9. Survey of Current Practices in Field Experience Education. Michigan State University 1977-1978. (United States)

    Duley, John S.

    During the 1978 winter term, the Learning and Evaluation Service of Michigan State University initiated, in collaboration with the Council for the Advancement of Experiential Learning (CAEL), an institutional development program in field experience education. Purposes of the study were to describe the nature and extent of field experience…

  10. 78 FR 36239 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Wayne State University Gordon L. Grosscup Museum of Anthropology... (United States)


    ... Anthropology, Detroit, MI AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Wayne State University Gordon L. Grosscup Museum of Anthropology (hereafter WSU Museum) has completed an inventory of... Native Hawaiian organizations, and has determined that there is no cultural affiliation between the human...

  11. 76 FR 43714 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Oregon State University Department of Anthropology, Corvallis, OR (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Oregon State University Department of Anthropology... Department of Anthropology has completed an inventory of human remains, in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribes, and has determined that there is a cultural affiliation between the human remains and...

  12. 76 FR 73663 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: Washington State University, Museum of... (United States)


    ... the cultural items should contact Mary Collins, Director of the Museum of Anthropology at Washington... National Park Service Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: Washington State University, Museum of Anthropology, Pullman, WA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Washington...

  13. 77 FR 23507 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University, Pullman, WA (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Museum of Anthropology at Washington State University, Pullman, WA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Museum of Anthropology... appropriate Indian tribes, and has determined that there is a cultural affiliation between the human remains...

  14. 76 FR 43716 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Oregon State University Department of Anthropology, Corvallis, OR (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Oregon State University Department of Anthropology... Department of Anthropology has completed an inventory of human remains, in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribes, and has determined that there is a cultural affiliation between the human remains and...

  15. Design Core Commonalities: A Study of the College of Design at Iowa State University (United States)

    Venes, Jane


    This comprehensive study asks what a group of rather diverse disciplines have in common. It involves a cross-disciplinary examination of an entire college, the College of Design at Iowa State University. This research was intended to provide a sense of direction in developing and assessing possible core content. The reasoning was that material…

  16. A Professional Development Manual for Online Learning at Savannah State University (United States)

    Nyatuame, Patrice C.


    This capstone is designed to support instructions, learning, and assessment at Savannah State University. The concepts that frame this capstone include Johnson and Aragon's (2004) pedagogical model that was used to develop the HRE Online Master's Degree Program. The manual addresses the new faculty member with a getting started systematic guide…

  17. Evaluation of Student Engagement Assessment in Colorado State University's Warner College of Natural Resources (United States)

    Holman, Debra Kaye


    The purpose of this mixed methods study was to conduct a participatory program evaluation of student engagement assessment in Colorado State University's (CSU) Warner College of Natural Resources (WCNR). The college requested the evaluation after completing two pilot studies of undergraduate engagement which led them to consider establishing the…

  18. 75 FR 36717 - Washington State University; Notice of Acceptance for Docketing and Opportunity for Hearing on... (United States)


    ... Washington State University Research Reactor and Order Imposing Procedures for Access to Safeguards... Manager, Research and Test Reactors Licensing Branch, Division of Policy and Rulemaking, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Rockville, MD 20852. Telephone: (301) 415-0894...

  19. Quantitative Analysis of Variables Affecting Nursing Program Completion at Arizona State University (United States)

    Herrera, Cheryl


    This study is designed to understand the patterns of selection, preparation, retention and graduation of undergraduate pre-licensure clinical nursing students in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University enrolled in 2007 and 2008. The resulting patterns may guide policy decision making regarding future cohorts in…

  20. Search activity of the passe of the Historical Faculty of Transbaikal State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University


    Drobotushenko Evgeniy Viktorovich


    The article analyzes the specificity of historical and patriotic work in the Zabaykalsky region. The focus is on the attitudes towards activities and goals of the search party “Khingan – Khalkhin-Gol” which was established in early 2012 at the Department of History of Transbaikal State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University.

  1. 78 FR 21403 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... NAGPRA Program, c/o Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San... conjunction with the construction of the New Don Pedro Reservoir. Site materials from the New Don Pedro...-Wuk Indians of the Tuolumne Rancheria of California. The objects are consistent with the material...

  2. How Education Media can benefit the International Student Population in the United States University Setting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kerry Purmensky


    Full Text Available This study investigated international students’ access to the Internet, their use of webbased educational media, and the differences between those who utilized a website designed to decrease acculturative stress and those who did not. Results indicated that international students applying to universities in the United States have excellent access to the Internet, although in some areas it is still very expensive. Of the students who utilized the website designed for them, most found it was very helpful to their adjustment to life at the university. Many of those same students also reported that they used web-based educational media resources to help them decide which university to attend. Universities need to focus their attention on using web-based educational media to attract and assist their international student populations.

  3. Jackson State University (JSU)’s Center of Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education (CESTEME) (United States)


    Mobile Devices in the Classroom : Promoting Mathematical Discourse.” Shontrice Garrett (Jackson State University) and Jana Talley (Jackson State... classrooms to enrich instructional and research activities, and hiring coordinators for STEM student services. Jackson State University - The...Scientific Forma incubator; one EVOS digital inverted fluorescence microscope, one fraction collection system, one vacuum aspirator, one Bel-Art

  4. [Current state of measures to deal with natural disasters at public universities]. (United States)

    Hirouchi, Tomoko; Tanka, Mamoru; Shimada, Ikuko; Yoshimoto, Yoshinobu; Sato, Atsushi


    The responsibility of a university after a large-scale, natural disaster is to secure the safety of students' and local residents' lives. The present study investigated the current state of measures at public universities to deal with natural disasters in coordination with the local community. A survey was administered at 77 public universities in Japan from March 25 to May 10, 2011. The survey included questions on the existence of local disaster evacuation sites, a disaster manual, disaster equipment storage, emergency drinking water, and food storage. A total of 51% of universities had designated local evacuation sites. Based on responses for the remaining questions, universities with and without the designated disaster response solutions accounted for 42% and 57%, respectively, for disaster manuals; 55% and 33%, respectively, for disaster equipment; 32% and 13%, respectively, for disaster drinking water storage; and 26% and 7%, respectively, for emergency food storage. A majority of public universities have not created disaster manuals, regardless of whether they have a local evacuation site. The survey results also indicated that most universities have no storage of disaster equipment or emergency supplies.

  5. [Feminization of the odontology course at the State University of Montes Claros, Minas Gerais State]. (United States)

    Costa, Simone de Melo; Durães, Sarah Jane Alves; Abreu, Mauro Henrique Nogueira Guimarães de


    This article substantiates the feminization of the odontology course starting from the case study of the Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros - Unimontes, Brazil, and its relation with some explanations that can be found at specialized literature. Its subject of analysis is the empirical data about the number of people, by gender, enrolled in the entrance examination and that has concluded the course at the university during the period of 1997 and 2006. Since its establishment, the odontology course of Unimontes has been having a higher percentage of women since the number entrance examination or entering, and also that has been concluded it. The analyzed literature source is according to the empirical data from the present case study. It was concluded that the feminization phenomena also occurs in the odontology course of Unimontes.

  6. A Study of The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences' Ecological-Paradigm Model

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Robert Agunga; James J. Connors; Hsing-Ying Chen


    ... business. From 1994 to 2000, The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences experimented with an "Ecological Paradigm Model" as a logical framework illustrating...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Г. М. Віняр


    Full Text Available The subject of research is the examination of marketing techniques aimed at creating a favorable image of the university library, engaging its users in high use of information resources, and modernization of library processes. Purpose of the article is to analyze the feasibility and efficiency of different types of marketing communications in the library ofKryvyiRihStatePedagogicalUniversity. The article is based on modern theoretical developments in the area of library marketing, without which successful work of an information institution is impossible. In the investigation are used statistical data from annual reports of the library, quantitative data on site traffic and users’ attendance of cultural and educational events, information from survey among students and teachers. The article describes forms of marketing interaction between the library institution, its users, and the public. University libraries, including the library websites, are the main application area of developments in information marketing communications. Promising directions of activity in the Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University library remain the following: further improvement of library and information services with maximum involvement of new information technologies and innovative methodologies, development of library-based powerful, extensive information system designed to organize the most complete, high-quality and quick support for all areas of the university work based on current information needs of all categories of library users.

  8. DOE KSU EV Site Operator Program. [United States Department of Energy (DOE) Kansas State University (KSU) Electric Vehicle (EV)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hague, J.R.; Steinert, R.A.; Nissen-Pfrang, T.


    Kansas State University, with funding from federal, state, public, and private companies, is participating in the DOE Electric Vehicle Site Operator Program. Kansas State is demonstrating, testing, and evaluating electric of hybrid vehicle technology. This will provide organizations the opportunity to examine the latest EHV prototypes under actual operating conditions. KSU proposes to purchase one (1) electric or hybrid van and four(4) electric cars during the first two years of this five-year program. KSU has purchased one G-Van built by Conceptor Industries, Toronto, Canada and has initiated a procurement order to purchase two (2) Soleq 1992 Ford EVcort station wagons. This quarter's report describes ongoing public relations activities and meetings as well as presenting performance data for the electric vehicles. (GHH)

  9. Stability of Einstein static state universe in the spatially flat branemodels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang, Kaituo [Department of Physics, Anhui Normal University, Wuhu, Anhui 241000 (China); Wu, Puxun [Center for Nonlinear Science and Department of Physics, Ningbo University, Ningbo, Zhejiang 315211 (China); Synergetic Innovation Center for Quantum Effects and Applications, Hunan Normal University, Changsha, Hunan 410081 (China); Center for High Energy Physics, Peking University, Beijing 100080 (China); Yu, Hongwei, E-mail: [Synergetic Innovation Center for Quantum Effects and Applications, Hunan Normal University, Changsha, Hunan 410081 (China); Center for Nonlinear Science and Department of Physics, Ningbo University, Ningbo, Zhejiang 315211 (China); Luo, Ling-Wei [Institute of Physics, Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan (China)


    With the assumption that a perfect fluid with a constant equation of state is the only energy component on the brane, we study the stability of Einstein static state solution under homogeneous and inhomogeneous scalar perturbations in both spatially flat Randall–Sundrum (RS) and Shtanov–Sahni (SS) braneworlds. We find that if the perfect fluid has a phantom-like property and the “Weyl fluid” originating from the projection of the bulk Weyl tensor onto the brane behaves like a radiation with positive energy density, the Einstein static state solution is stable in the SS braneworld, but unstable in the RS one. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the static state solution is also stable in the bulk with a timelike extra dimension. Thus, in the model where the extra dimension is timelike, our universe can stay at the Einstein static state past-eternally, which means that the big bang singularity might be resolved successfully by an emergent scenario.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Máximo Andrés Rodríguez Pérez


    Full Text Available Entailment theories linking University enterprise state, give us guidelines for what knowledge societies must do to obtain a sustainable development, experiences accumulated in different countries of the world bring us the way that countries and universities that do not have developed this theme should follow. The core activities of any higher education institution are teaching, research and extension. To accomplish these activities with the greatest success it must be done in association with the above institutions and society as a whole

  11. The Universal Jurisdiction of South African Criminal Courts and Immunities of Foreign State Officials

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Under the "complementarity" regime of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC, the jurisdiction of the ICC is secondary to the jurisdiction of domestic courts. States Parties, not the ICC, have the primary responsibility of investigating and prosecuting international crimes. The ICC acts only when States are "unable" or "unwilling" to prosecute. As a State Party, in order to give effect to the complementarity principle, South Africa enacted the Implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Act 27 of 2002, which determines the modalities of prosecuting perpetrators of the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in South African courts. The Implementation Act also provides that South African courts will have jurisdiction over these crimes not only when they are committed on the territory of South Africa but also when they are committed outside the Republic. By granting South African courts jurisdiction over a person who commits a crime outside the Republic when that person is later found on South African territory, without regard to that person's nationality or the nationality of the victims, the Implementation Act empowers South African courts with universal jurisdiction over international crimes. This paper seeks to determine whether and to what extent foreign State officials, such as foreign heads of State, heads of government and ministers of foreign affairs, can plead immunity when they are accused of international crimes before South African courts when exercising their universal jurisdiction in terms of the Implementation Act and in accordance with the complementarity regime of the Rome Statute. In other words, the article endeavours to determine whether international law rules regarding immunities of State officials may or may not limit the ability of South African courts to exercise universal jurisdiction over international crimes committed in foreign States.

  12. The inclusion program at São Paulo state university: values, contradictions and affirmative action

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mário Sérgio Vasconcelos


    Full Text Available This article has a wider aim to make a reflection about the process of affirmative policies implantation at University Teaching. More specifically, it aims to describe and done some notes about the Inclusion Project developed by Paulista State University (UNESP, since 2014, using the System of Vacancies Reservation of Public Basic Education. With this perspective, we introduce datas about the inclusive process, the profile of students and actions which are focused to students' permanency that support the inclusion at UNESP. At Least, we shows a sketch of an in progress research which has the objective to understand and evaluate the impacts and consequences of this inclusion process. The previews reflections performed allow to point some positive results and indicate that there are required integrated institutional actions to keep a worthy inclusive policy which are befitting with the quality principles that should guide the services at a public university.

  13. Performance Evaluation of Karnataka State University Library Resources and Services:A Librarians Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Library service is the supreme activity to attract the attention of the user community. It is more so in the case of a university library. Looking at the commitment of the university library to promote the cause of healthy higher education, it is essential on the part of the library professionals to evaluate and assesses the usability of the library resources in the light of the vast amount of investment made in acquiring the information resources and the cost of the manpower in managing the library activity. This paper reveals one such attempt with reference to the university libraries in the state of Karnataka which is a part of Independent India.

  14. Awareness of Climate Change and Sustainable Development among Undergraduates from Two Selected Universities in Oyo State, Nigeria (United States)

    Agboola, Omowunmi Sola; Emmanuel, Michael


    This study investigated awareness of climate change and sustainable development among undergraduates in two universities: University of Ibadan, Ibadan and Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso in Oyo State of Nigeria. This was aimed at increasing the knowledge of undergraduates on climate change and sustainable development. The study…

  15. 75 FR 29310 - Opportunity for Designation in the Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; and Decatur, IN Areas; Request for... (United States)


    ... Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration Opportunity for Designation in the Columbus, OH... AGENCY: Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration, USDA. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The..., Acting Administrator, Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration. BILLING CODE 3410-KD-P ...

  16. Partnership Opportunities In Earth System Science Education Between Historically Black and Historically White Universities: Elizabeth City State University and the University of New Hampshire (United States)

    Williams, J. E.; Hayden, L. B.; Wake, C. P.; Varner, R. K.; Graham, K.; Rock, B. N.; Hale, S.; Hurtt, G. C.; Porter, W.; Blackmon, R.; Bryce, J. G.; Branch, B. D.; Johnson, J. E.


    Federal efforts to promote the participation of underrepresented students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines (STEM) in higher education have been in effect over several decades. The Science and Engineering Equal Opportunities Act of 1980 aimed to create equal opportunity in the STEM disciplines by promoting and broadening the participation of underrepresented talent in science and engineering. Since that time, federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation, NOAA and NASA, scientific organizations such as the American Geophysical Union, and other organizations such as the Educational Testing Service have created programs, diversity plans and cutting edge reports designed to further explicate the need to broaden the participation of underrepresented student talent in these disciplines. Despite increases in the degrees awarded to underrepresented students in the STEM disciplines, enhancing diversity in these disciplines continues to remain a significant challenge. This paper describes a strategic approach to this challenge via the development of a collaborative partnership model between two universities: the historically black Elizabeth City State University (ESCU) and the historically white University of New Hampshire (UNH). The alliance, built on a mutually-agreed upon set of partnership principles, strives to enhance opportunities for underrepresented students to pursue careers in STEM disciplines, specifically those in Earth system science and remote sensing. In examining the partnership, six promising practices that help advance its success come to the forefront. These practices include institutional commitment and faculty engagement, mutual respect and shared time commitment, identifying engaged leadership, engaging critical change agents, initiating difficult dialogues, and preparing for growth and evolution. Outcomes of the partnership to date include the successful submission and funding of four collaborative

  17. A use study of speech pathology and audiology periodicals at Illinois State University. (United States)

    Duran, N; Buckley, C E; Ng, M L


    No core list of periodicals exists for speech pathology and audiology. Faced with the prospect of having to cancer periodicals for all subjects, the science librarians at Illinois State University decided to determine which science periodicals were used most heavily. A one-year study of science periodical reshelving and interlibrary loan requests yielded ranked lists of periodicals important to speech pathology and audiology faculty and students at Illinois State University. The three most heavily used journals were the Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, ASHA, and Topics in Language Disorders. Most of the periodicals on the lists were indexed by either MEDLINE or UnCover, or by both. While the lists of journals developed in the study are not sufficient to serve as true core lists, they should be useful to libraries supporting comparable programs in speech pathology and audiology. PMID:9431426

  18. Solar energy system performance evaluation: Seasonal report for Elcam Tempe Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona (United States)


    The solar system, Elcam-Tempe, was designed by Elcam Incorporated, Santa Barbara, California, to supply commercial domestic hot water heating systems to the Agriculture Department residence at Arizona State University. The building is a single story residence located at the agriculture experiment farm of the Arizona State University. The energy system's four modes of operation are described. Electrical energy savings at the site was a net of 5.54 million Btu after the 0.17 million Btu of operating energy required to operate collector loop circulating pump were subtracted. The energy savings due to solar was less than the system's potential. On an average, twice as much hot water could have been used with significant solar energy contribution. The system corrosion and deposits caused by using dissimilar metals in the collector loop was the only problem noted with the Elcam-Tempe system.

  19. Beam position and phase measurements of microampere beams at the Michigan State University REA3 facility

    CERN Document Server

    Crisp, J; Durickovic, B; Kiupel, G; Krause, S; Leitner, D; Nash, S; Rodriguez, J A; Russo, T; Webber, R; Wittmer, W; Eddy, N; Briegel, C; Fellenz, B; Slimmer, D; Wendt, M


    A high power CW, heavy ion linac will be the driver accelerator for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) being designed at Michigan State University (MSU). The linac requires a Beam Position Monitoring (BPM) system with better than 100 micron resolution at 100 microamperes beam current. A low beam current test of the candidate technology, button pick-ups and direct digital down-conversion signal processing, was conducted in the ReA3 re-accelerated beam facility at Michigan State University. The test is described. Beam position and phase measurement results, demonstrating ~250 micron and ~1.5 degree resolution in a 45 kHz bandwidth for a 1.0 microampere beam current, are reported.

  20. The Implementation Analysis of Intellectual Capital to Department Performance in Padang State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sulastri sulastri


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research was to observe the effect of the age of the organization department in Padang State University on performance through human capital, structural capital and relational capital. The sample is all of department in Padang State University, which is 33 departments. The data were collected through questionnaires and analyzed using partial least squares (PLS. The results showed that the age of the department is not direct and significant impact on the department performance. While the age departments significantly affect the department's human capital, structural capital and relational capital. Furthermore, the human capital, structural capital and relational capital significantly positive affect the department performance. This research failed to prove the existence of variable human capital, structural capital and relational capital as a mediating variable but serves as an intervening variable. Its means that age of department performance cannot determine performance without increasing the human capital, structural capital and relational capital.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Thoyib


    Full Text Available This article aims to examine the scientific view of the State Islamic University in Indonesia, namely, the concept of 'integration of science and religion'. The theory used is based on 'theology theory of evolution' of John F. Haught and theory of Islamic Science of Mehdi Golshani. State Islamic University such as UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Jakarta, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and other UIN, authorized open course, both of science humanities, social, technical and religious faculty. Referring to the Haught and Golshani‟s views, there are three approaches in the development of Islamic science in UIN; First, science aims to find the meaning of Allah (ontological; second, dismantle and re-test the findings of the medieval Islamic scientists (epistemological; Third, utilizing science to build a better civilization (axiological. Thus, UIN‟s existence in the future is largely determined by the success or failure of these institutions to develop the three areas of science Islam.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S.C. Yim


    Full Text Available A diverse series of research projects have taken place or are underway at the NEES Tsunami Research Facility at Oregon State University. Projects range from the simulation of the processes and effects of tsunamis generated by sub-aerial and submarine landslides (NEESR, Georgia Tech., model comparisons of tsunami wave effects on bottom profiles and scouring (NEESR, Princeton University, model comparisons of wave induced motions on rigid and free bodies (Shared-Use, Cornell, numerical model simulations and testing of breaking waves and inundation over topography (NEESR, TAMU, structural testing and development of standards for tsunami engineering and design (NEESR, University of Hawaii, and wave loads on coastal bridge structures (non-NEES, to upgrading the two-dimensional wave generator of the Large Wave Flume. A NEESR payload project (Colorado State University was undertaken that seeks to improve the understanding of the stresses from wave loading and run-up on residential structures. Advanced computational tools for coupling fluid-structure interaction including turbulence, contact and impact are being developed to assist with the design of experiments and complement parametric studies. These projects will contribute towards understanding the physical processes that occur during earthquake generated tsunamis including structural stress, debris flow and scour, inundation and overland flow, and landslide generated tsunamis. Analytical and numerical model development and comparisons with the experimental results give engineers additional predictive tools to assist in the development of robust structures as well as identification of hazard zones and formulation of hazard plans.

  3. Perfect fluid cosmological Universes: One equation of state and the most general solution (United States)

    Das, Anadijiban; Banerjee, Asit; Chakraborty, Subenoy; Pan, Supriya


    Considering a homogeneous and isotropic Universe characterised by the Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker line element, in this work, we have prescribed a general formalism for the cosmological solutions when the equation of state of the cosmic substance follows the general structure φ (p, ρ ) = 0, where p, ρ are respectively the pressure and the energy density of the cosmic substance. Using the general formalism we recover some well-known solutions, namely, when the cosmic substance obeys the linear equation of state, a Chaplygin-type equation of state, or a nonlinear equation of state. Thus, the current work offers a new technique to solve the cosmological solutions without any prior relation between p and ρ.

  4. Social Marketing Campaign for the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week among Utah State University Students


    Despain, Kelsey; Miyairi, Maya


    As one of the Healthy Campus 2020 initiatives, college campuses nationwide are encouraged to focus on reducing the proportion of students who report experiencing an eating disorder/problem within the last 12 months from 5.3% to 4.8% (American College Health Association, 2015). In a survey of 639 Utah State University (USU) students, 0.6% of respondents reported an eating disorder/problem having a negative impact on their academic performance (American College Health Association, 2015). Althou...

  5. Speaking anxiety among Turkish EFL learners: The case at a state university


    Gökhan Öztürk; Nurdan Gürbüz


    This study investigated the level, major causes, determining factors of foreign language speaking anxiety and students’ perceptions of it in a Turkish EFL context. Pre-intermediate students (N=383) of an English preparatory program at a state university participated in the study. The data regarding the level of EFL speaking anxiety were collected through a questionnaire, and then, randomly selected participants (N=19) were interviewed to get in-depth data on speaking...



    Jake G. Maggay


    The study aimed to develop a fully customized Biometric Attendance Monitoring System (BAMS) of Cagayan State University – Lasam Campus, Philippines (CSU - Lasam) using biometric fingerprint reader to facilitate the monitoring of employees’ attendance. This study followed the framework of Design Science Research for Information Systems, thus, the researcher identified the problems and issues encountered in the monitoring of attendance, defined the objectives of the study, designed and develope...

  7. Implementation of Package IBR Anaerobic Digester at the Ohio State University


    Dustin, J. Shaun; Yu, Zhongtang; Hansen, Conly L.; Dustin, Jacob D.


    The Induced Bed Reactor (IBR) is a high rate anaerobic digester designed to treat high-solids, high strength wastes, such as those found in dairy manures and mixed solid wastes. The IBR has been successfully operated at bench, pilot and full scale. The objective of this paper is to present design and implementation of a 3,800 L pilot scale facility at The Ohio State University's OARDC facility in Wooster, OH for testing and optimization of IBR systems at small dairies.

  8. Presentation to Ohio State University Dept. of Electrical Engineering ElectroScience Laboratory (United States)

    Fujikawa, Gene


    Presentation made during visit to The Ohio State University, ElectroScience Laboratory, on November 14, 2002. An overview of NASA and selected technology products from the Digital Communications Technology Branch (5650) for fiscal year 2003 are highlighted. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange technical information on current aeronautics and space communications research and technology being conducted at NASA Glenn Research Center and to promote faculty/student collaborations of mutual interest.

  9. Ethnic Studies in the United States as decolonial studies within the overall university system westernized

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ramón Grosfoguel


    Full Text Available This article is an analysis of the Westernized university and its Eurocentric fundamentalism in relation to the subaltern struggles of racialized groups in the United States and its impact on the formation of ethnic studies in the university’s epistemic structure. The article goes on to discuss questions of epistemic racism/sexism and the dilemmas that ethnic studies programs confront today in particular forms of disciplinary colonization, liberal multiculturalism and identity politics.

  10. Employability Skills of Graduating Business and Accounting Students of Batangas State University


    Romer C. Castillo


    This research determines and analyzes the level of employability skills of the graduating and senior students of BS Business Administration, BS Accounting Management and BS Accountancy of Batangas State University. It uses the descriptive method of research, with survey questionnaire as data gathering instrument, and employs the SPSS for the statistical analysis. Results show that the employability skills of the students, particularly fundamental skills, teamwork skills and personal managemen...

  11. The State of Sleep among College Students at a Large Public University (United States)

    Orzech, Kathryn M.; Salafsky, David B.; Hamilton, Lee Ann


    Objective: Data about college student sleep were collected and used to develop an education campaign to improve sleep. Participants: On-campus residents at a large state university were surveyed on 4 occasions, October 2005 to April 2007. Sample size was 675 to 1,823 students. Fall 2005 mean age = 18.5 years, SD = 1.03 (range 18-30) years. Initial…

  12. Ground State of the Universe and the Cosmological Constant. A Nonperturbative Analysis. (United States)

    Husain, Viqar; Qureshi, Babar


    The physical Hamiltonian of a gravity-matter system depends on the choice of time, with the vacuum naturally identified as its ground state. We study the expanding Universe with scalar field in the volume time gauge. We show that the vacuum energy density computed from the resulting Hamiltonian is a nonlinear function of the cosmological constant and time. This result provides a new perspective on the relation between time, the cosmological constant, and vacuum energy.

  13. Three-state anti-ferromagnetic Potts model in three dimensions universality and critical amplitudes

    CERN Document Server

    Gottlob, A P


    We present the results of a Monte Carlo study of the three-dimensional anti-ferromagnetic 3-state Potts model. We compute various cumulants in the neighbourhood of the critical coupling. The comparison of the results with a recent high statistics study of the 3D XY model strongly supports the hypothesis that both models belong to the same universality class. From our numerical data for the anti-ferromagnetic 3-state Potts model we obtain for the critical coupling \\coup_c=0.81563(3), and for the static critical exponents .gamma. /.nu. = 1.973(9) and .nu. = 0.664(4).

  14. Universe

    CERN Document Server


    The Universe, is one book in the Britannica Illustrated Science Library Series that is correlated to the science curriculum in grades 5-8. The Britannica Illustrated Science Library is a visually compelling set that covers earth science, life science, and physical science in 16 volumes.  Created for ages 10 and up, each volume provides an overview on a subject and thoroughly explains it through detailed and powerful graphics-more than 1,000 per volume-that turn complex subjects into information that students can grasp.  Each volume contains a glossary with full definitions for vocabulary help and an index.

  15. Universe

    CERN Document Server


    Updated for 2011, the Universe, is one book in the Britannica Illustrated Science Library Series that covers today's most popular science topics, from digital TV to microchips to touchscreens and beyond. Perennial subjects in earth science, life science, and physical science are all explored in detail. Amazing graphics-more than 1,000 per title-combined with concise summaries help students understand complex subjects. Correlated to the science curriculum in grades 5-9, each title also contains a glossary with full definitions for vocabulary.

  16. Russian geological education in the world market (the case of Russian State Geological Prospecting University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vasily Ivanovich Lisov


    Full Text Available Higher geological education in Russia and in MSGPI-RSGPU specific. It - engineering. The mineral deposits determine the development of the global industry and foreign trade. Growing global demand for the profession of geologists and mining engineers. Training of foreign students in Russia has its own geopolitical and economic importance. In Russia a strong resource-based economy. It attracts students from developing countries. MGRI-RSGPU is the leading universities training specialists for mining. The article presents data about the University and types of education. Shown scientific and educational problems in higher education. This article discusses the prospects for the promotion of Russian higher geological education at the world market of educational services. The increasing role of new scientific and technological achievements in mining, enhanced environmental as well as staff requirements is revealed. Given that the leading schools in the mining industry, in addition to Russia, are formed in Canada, Germany, USA, Australia, Great Britain, many developing countries rich in natural resources, have begun to form their own national centers for training in this area. Under such competitive conditions Russian geological education maintains its own niche. Recognition of this is the active participation of Russian universities in the creation and development of the World Forum of sustainable development of mineral universities (WFURS, described in the article. The main factors of competitiveness that led to leading positions of Russian State Geological Prospecting University in system of the Russian geological education are described. Particular attention is paid to the international activities of Russian higher educational institutions including Geological Prospecting University. The basic statistics (both in the context of the country, and in the field of foreign undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at this university is provided. The

  17. 77 FR 15799 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate a Cultural Item: San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... Boland Fentress, San Francisco State University, Academic Affairs-ADM 447, San Francisco, CA 94132... identity that can be reasonably traced between the basket and the Santa Rosa Indian Community of the Santa..., San Francisco State University, Academic Affairs-ADM 447, San Francisco, CA 94132, telephone (415) 338...

  18. 77 FR 15798 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate Cultural Items: San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... Fentress, San Francisco State University, Academic Affairs-ADM 447, San Francisco, CA 94132, telephone (415.... Pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001(2), there is a relationship of shared group identity that can be reasonably... Boland Fentress, San Francisco State University, Academic Affairs-ADM 447, San Francisco, CA 94132...

  19. 78 FR 21412 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate a Cultural Item: Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona... (United States)


    ... National Park Service Notice of Intent To Repatriate a Cultural Item: Arizona State Museum, University of... Museum, University of Arizona, in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribes or Native Hawaiian... the Arizona State Museum. If no additional claimants come forward, transfer of control of the cultural...

  20. 76 FR 62868 - Washington State University; Notice of Issuance of Renewed Facility Operating License No. R-76 (United States)


    ... COMMISSION Washington State University; Notice of Issuance of Renewed Facility Operating License No. R-76... No. R- 76. ADDRESSES: You can access publicly available documents related to this notice using the... License No. R-76, held by the Washington State University (WSU, the licensee), which authorizes continued...

  1. Doing state policy at preschool: An autoethnographic tale of universal access to ECEC in Australia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Millei Zsuzsa


    Full Text Available In 2009, the Australian states and territories signed an agreement to provide 15 hours per week of universal access to quality early education to all children in Australia in the year before they enter school. Taking on board the international evidence about the importance of early education, the Commonwealth government made a considerable investment to make universal access possible by 2013. We explore the ongoing processes that seek to make universal access a reality in New South Wales by attending to the complex agential relationships between multiple actors. While we describe the state government and policy makers′ actions in devising funding models to drive changes, we prioritise our gaze on the engagement of a preschool and its director with the state government’s initiatives that saw them develop various funding and provision models in response. To offer accounts of their participation in policy making and doing at the preschool, we use the director’s autobiographical notes. We argue that the state’s commitment to ECEC remained a form of political manoeuvring where responsibility for policy making was pushed onto early childhood actors. This manoeuvring helped to silence and further fragment the sector, but these new processes also created spaces where the sector can further struggle for recognition through the very accountability measures that the government has introduced.

  2. Scholar and teacher: V.A. Kitaev at the history department of Volgograd State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kuznetsov Oleg Viktorovich


    Full Text Available Vladimir A. Kitaev was born 1941. He was the first dean of the Faculty of History and the first head of the Department of History of the USSR (now the Department of History of Russia of Volgograd State University, reputable scientist, recognized expert in the history of the Russian social thought. The article shows the role of V.A. Kitaev in the formation and development of the faculty and the department. A characteristic of V.A. Kitaev’ sresearch and teaching activities is given. Kitaev’s featuresas a scholar and teacher such as great erudition, science scrupulosity, exactingness to himself andto his disciples, are marked. V.A. Kitaev worked at Volgograd State University for 16 years. All the while, he headed the Department andwas the dean for the first four years. The main thing is what he wanted in those positions – along with their colleagues was to lay and develop the traditions of the classical university, university atmosphere of the faculty and the university. The major scientific issues that are developed by V.A. Kitaev were: the history of liberalism and the fate of liberal reforms (modernization in Russia, the history of the Russian conservative thought, the problem of revolutionary violence as an inevitable result of the practical realization of socialist ideas. As an advocate of “establishing full-fledged liberal order”, V.A. Kitaev had, in essence, to ascertain: in Russia XIX – early XX century did not yet develop the historical conditions for the triumph of liberal ideas. The weakness and indecision of Russian liberals and their fear of the revolutionary movement, the constant fluctuation between the reform and reaction did not allow them to become independent of the political force that would determine the fate of the country in the end.

  3. In the footsteps of Columbus European missions to the International Space Station

    CERN Document Server

    O'Sullivan, John


    The European Space Agency has a long history of cooperating with NASA in human spaceflight, having developed the Spacelab module for carrying in the payload bay of the Space Shuttle. This book tells of the development of ESA’s Columbus microgravity science laboratory of the International Space Station and the European astronauts who work in it. From the beginning, ESA has been in close collaboration on the ISS, making a significant contribution to the station hardware. Special focus is given to Columbus and Copula as well as station resupply using the ATV. Each mission is also examined individually, creating a comprehensive picture of ESA's crucial involvement over the years. Extensive use of color photographs from NASA and ESA to depict the experiments carried out, the phases of the ISS construction, and the personal stories of the astronauts in space highlights the crucial European work on human spaceflight.

  4. Cosmic radiation shielding properties of COLUMBUS and REMSIM multi-layer external shells (United States)

    Durante, Marco; Manti, Lorenzo; Rusek, Adam; Belluco, Maurizio; Lobascio, Cesare

    The European module COLUMBUS has been recently installed on the International Space Station. Future plans for exploration involve the use of inflatable modules, such as the REMSIM concept proposed in a previous ESA funded study. We studied the radiation shielding properties of COLUMBUS and REMSIM external shell using 1 GeV/n Feor H-ions accelerated at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (Long Island, NY, USA). COLUMBUS has a 22 mm rigid multi-layer shell with Al, Nextel and Kevlar, as materials of the double bumper for meteoroids and debris protection, MLI for thermal reasons and again Al as pressure shell. Inside the module, astronauts are further protected by secondary structures, including racks, a number of electronic devices and payload equipment. This internal equipment has been simulated using Al and Kevlar, bringing the total thickness to about 15 g/cm2. REMSIM consists of a thermal multi-layer (MLI), four Nextel layers used to provide shock of the impacting micro-meteoroids, a ballistic restraint multi-layer of Kevlar used to absorb debris cloud's kinetic energy, a Kevlar structural restraint to support pressure loads incurred from inflating the module. To contain air inside the module, REMSIM adopts three layers of airtight material separated by two layers of Kevlar (air bladder). A final layer of Nomex provide protection against punctures and fire. In the flight configuration there are also spacer elements (foam) needed to guarantee correct spacing between consecutive bumper layers. These spacers were not included in the tests, making the total thickness about 1.1 cm. The internal equipment in REMSIM was not been defined, but due to its application for exploration missions it was decided to exploit water, valuable resource used for drinking, washing and technical usage, as a radiation shielding. In this test, we have included about 8 cm of water. Measured dose attenuation shows that the Columbus module reduces the

  5. Final Environmental Assessment: Columbus Air Force Base Digital Airport Surveillance Radar (United States)


    location, north of the Gulf of Mexico in the coastal plain physiographic province, it is prone to frequent heavy thunderstorms that are occasionally...scrub oak ( Quercus illicifolia) and highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) individuals. The herbaceous layer contained panic grass (Panicum sp...Table 3.8-1 Plant Species on Columbus Air Force Base Taxonomic Group Scientific Name Common Name I Trees and Shrubs Carya sp. Hickory Fagus

  6. An Electronic Commerce Program for the Defence Finance and Accounting Service-Columbus Center (United States)


    AD-A237 636 JU0 0 u5 11111 IN III III1 m11i AN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE PROGRAM FOR THE DEFENSE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING SERVICE - COLUMBUS CENTER Report...MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE 6400 Goldsboro Road Bethesda, Maryland 20817-5886 91-04373 LMI Executive Summary AN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE PROGRAM FOR THE DEFENSE...some Electronic Commerce techniques, such as electronic data interchange and electronic funds transfer. We believe additional applications of those

  7. Cooperative Extension as a Framework for Health Extension: The Michigan State University Model. (United States)

    Dwyer, Jeffrey W; Contreras, Dawn; Eschbach, Cheryl L; Tiret, Holly; Newkirk, Cathy; Carter, Erin; Cronk, Linda


    The Affordable Care Act charged the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to create the Primary Care Extension Program, but did not fund this effort. The idea to work through health extension agents to support health care delivery systems was based on the nationally known Cooperative Extension System (CES). Instead of creating new infrastructure in health care, the CES is an ideal vehicle for increasing health-related research and primary care delivery. The CES, a long-standing component of the land-grant university system, features a sustained infrastructure for providing education to communities. The Michigan State University (MSU) Model of Health Extension offers another means of developing a National Primary Care Extension Program that is replicable in part because of the presence of the CES throughout the United States. A partnership between the MSU College of Human Medicine and MSU Extension formed in 2014, emphasizing the promotion and support of human health research. The MSU Model of Health Extension includes the following strategies: building partnerships, preparing MSU Extension educators for participation in research, increasing primary care patient referrals and enrollment in health programs, and exploring innovative funding. Since the formation of the MSU Model of Health Extension, researchers and extension professionals have made 200+ connections, and grants have afforded savings in salary costs. The MSU College of Human Medicine and MSU Extension partnership can serve as a model to promote health partnerships nationwide between CES services within land-grant universities and academic health centers or community-based medical schools.

  8. Investigation of science faculty with education specialties within the largest university system in the United States. (United States)

    Bush, Seth D; Pelaez, Nancy J; Rudd, James A; Stevens, Michael T; Tanner, Kimberly D; Williams, Kathy S


    Efforts to improve science education include university science departments hiring Science Faculty with Education Specialties (SFES), scientists who take on specialized roles in science education within their discipline. Although these positions have existed for decades and may be growing more common, few reports have investigated the SFES approach to improving science education. We present comprehensive data on the SFES in the California State University (CSU) system, the largest university system in the United States. We found that CSU SFES were engaged in three key arenas including K-12 science education, undergraduate science education, and discipline-based science education research. As such, CSU SFES appeared to be well-positioned to have an impact on science education from within science departments. However, there appeared to be a lack of clarity and agreement about the purpose of these SFES positions. In addition, formal training in science education among CSU SFES was limited. Although over 75% of CSU SFES were fulfilled by their teaching, scholarship, and service, our results revealed that almost 40% of CSU SFES were seriously considering leaving their positions. Our data suggest that science departments would likely benefit from explicit discussions about the role of SFES and strategies for supporting their professional activities.

  9. New Sustainability Programs and Their Impact at a Large Public State University (United States)

    Bralower, T. J.; Guertin, L. A.


    The Pennsylvania State University comprises 24 campuses across the state. Students who are admitted to any campus are automatically admitted to the University Park Campus once they meet the entrance requirements for their major. The University Park Campus has a Geoscience Department with over 30 faculty and several degree programs. Several of the campuses also have Geoscience faculty. Two of the campuses offer majors in geoscience fields with plans at other campuses to add Environmental Science degree programs. Campus faculty play an instrumental role in recruiting students into the geosciences and providing them with general and allied science education. However, these faculty have high teaching loads and often struggle to fulfill student demand for courses. Penn State is also home to the World Campus which offers courses solely online to students all around the world including a large number of Military personnel. Penn State has led the development of five introductory-level blended and online courses as part of the InTeGrate STEP center. These courses are Coastal Processes, Hazards and Society; Water Science and Society; Climate, Energy, and Our Future; the Future of Food; and Earth Modeling. They add to an existing blended and online course, Earth in the Future that has been taught at the University Park and World Campuses for four years. Combined, the courses include 70 weekly modules. The courses constitute the basis of a recently approved Minor and Certificate of Excellence in Earth Sustainability offered in online format through the World Campus and in blended format at all the campuses. We are in the process of establishing an e-Learning Cooperative so that faculty at a campus can teach any of the sustainability courses online to students throughout the Penn State system. This will enable students to receive a greater introduction to, and variety of, sustainability courses at the campuses, and enable faculty to tailor courses to local campus interests and

  10. Quantitative Literacy at Michigan State University, 3: Designing General Education Mathematics Courses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samuel L. Tunstall


    Full Text Available In this paper, we describe the process at Michigan State University whereby we have created two courses, Math 101 and 102, designed to foster numeracy and alleviate mathematics anxiety. The courses--which are not sequential--provide a means of satisfying the University's general education requirement without taking college algebra or calculus, among other options. They are context-driven and broken into modules such as "The World and Its People" and "Health and Risk." They have been highly successful thus far, with students providing positive feedback on their interest in the material and the utility they see of it in their daily lives. We include background on the courses' history, their current status, and present and future challenges, ending with suggestions for others as they attempt to implement quantitative literacy courses at their own institution.

  11. Institutional Repository Access Policy: A Case Study in State University of Malang Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dwi Novita Ernaningsih


    Full Text Available This article discusses about access policy to institutional repository in State University of Malang Library. This study aims to analize access policy and accessibility to institutional repository, barriers to adoption of open access, as well as the views of stakeholders to open access institutional repository. The method used is the case study method with qualitative approach. Data was collected by observation, interviews, and document analysis. The result shows that the resistance and disagreement among the stakeholders toward open access institutional repository affect the access policy and accessibility to institutional repository. In protecting academic work, access restrictions which is explicitly does not have legality is applied. The access restriction affects users and visibility of institution. It generates complaints from library users most of whom are digital generation. The restriction also declines the university rank in Webometrics. Keywords: institutional repository, access policy, open access, UM Library

  12. Institutional Repository Access Policy: A Case Study in State University of Malang Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dwi Novita Ernaningsih


    Full Text Available This article discusses about access policy to institutional repository in State University of Malang Library. This study aims to analize access policy and accessibility to institutional repository, barriers to adoption of open access, as well as the views of stakeholders to open access institutional repository. The method used is the case study method with qualitative approach. Data was collected by observation, interviews, and document analysis. The result shows that the resistance and disagreement among the stakeholders toward open access institutional repository affect the access policy and accessibility to institutional repository. In protecting academic work, access restrictions which is explicitly does not have legality is applied. The access restriction affects users and visibility of institution. It generates complaints from library users most of whom are digital generation. The restriction also declines the university rank in Webometrics.

  13. Universal subleading terms in ground-state fidelity from boundary conformal field theory (United States)

    Campos Venuti, Lorenzo; Saleur, Hubert; Zanardi, Paolo


    The study of the (logarithm of the) fidelity, i.e., of the overlap amplitude, between ground states of Hamiltonians corresponding to different coupling constants provides a valuable insight on critical phenomena. When the parameters are infinitesimally close, it is known that the leading term behaves as O(Lα) ( L system size), where α is equal to the spatial dimension d for gapped systems, and otherwise depends on the critical exponents. Here we show that when parameters are changed along a critical manifold, a subleading O(1) term can appear. This term, somewhat similar to the topological entanglement entropy, depends only on the system’s universality class and encodes nontrivial information about the topology of the system. We relate it to universal g factors and partition functions of (boundary) conformal field theory in d=1 and d=2 dimensions. Numerical checks are presented on the simple example of the XXZ chain.

  14. Public funds use: The case of Surigao del Sur State University Philippines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Camilo D. Malong Jr.


    Full Text Available The study determined the utilization of the fund use of Income Generating Projects of the Surigao del Sur State University Tandag Campus relating the fiscal governance in improvement of the quality of education. A survey was conducted to among the internal stakeholders to extract perception of the effectiveness of the utilization of the fund. Results of the study showed that the earning projects among the income generating projects of the University are in the areas of selling commercial rice, grocery store, supplies for ROTC/CWTS, and livelihood assistance program. The income from the enterprise is being used to instructional development. Further, a test in perceived utilization of IGP funds has no statistical difference among the administrators, faculty, staff and students indicating a general sense of acceptability of the fiscal governance of the income generating project of the institution.

  15. Curriculum Development in Remote Sensing at California State University, Monterery, Seaside, California 93955 (United States)

    Sinha, Ravi; Geol, P.


    The NASA-Ames Research Center and the California State University, Monterey Bay, California (CSUMB), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop and provide cooperative programs between the Ecosystem Science and Technology Branch of NASA (ECOSAT) and the University (CSUMB). The agreement is to carry out educational, research, and technology goals in ecological and environmental sciences and related disciplines, with particular emphasis on changing environmental and climatic conditions occurring worldwide due to the anthropogenic causes affecting the balance within ecological systems and the health and well-being of humans. The preparation of the Curriculum for Remote Sensing at CSUMB was undertaken at the request of the Center as a result of the above agreement.

  16. The Community Partnerships Experience: a report of institutional transition at East Tennessee State University. (United States)

    Goodrow, B; Olive, K E; Behringer, B; Kelley, M J; Bennard, B; Grover, S; Wachs, J; Jones, J


    The Community Partnerships Program, sponsored by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, served as a catalyst for significant changes within East Tennessee State University (specifically its schools of medicine, nursing, and public and allied health) and the rural communities involved. The authors describe the development and implementation of the program and its effects on the students, faculty, communities, and the three participating schools over the period 1992-1999. They also review the changes the program fostered in health professions education and the resulting institutional changes at their university. The primary motivation for change at East Tennessee State University was the desire to develop primary care providers who could more effectively function in an interdisciplinary and interprofessional health care system and who would be sensitive to community needs in rural and underserved areas. The planning process, curricular transformation, implementation of inquiry-based learning, community collaboration, and interdisciplinary education involving students from the three health professions schools are described, including challenges and difficulties (e.g., student attrition; retention of volunteer community-based clinical preceptors; initial faculty resistance; a climate of competition rather than cooperation). Outcomes are described, including students' enrollment and attrition in the program over time, performances on the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination, program graduates' career choices, and the types and locations of their practices. The program's students performed as well on professional licensing examinations as did their peers enrolled in traditional programs. Program graduates have been much more likely to select primary care careers and to practice in rural locations than have their non-program peers. The development strategies and experience gained could give useful insights to other universities contemplating a community-based component for health

  17. Universal three-body bound states in mixed dimensions beyond the Efimov paradigm (United States)

    Zhang, Pengfei; Yu, Zhenhua


    The Efimov effect was first predicted for three particles interacting at an s -wave resonance in three dimensions. A subsequent study showed that the same effect can be realized by considering two-body and three-body interactions in mixed dimensions. In this work, we consider the three-body problem of two bosonic A atoms interacting with another single B atom in mixed dimensions: The A atoms are confined in a space of dimension dA and the B atom in a space of dimension dB, and there is an interspecies s -wave interaction in a dint-codimensional space accessible to both species. We find that when the s -wave interaction is tuned on resonance, there emerge an infinite series of universal three-body bound states for {dA,dB,dint} ={2 ,2 ,0 } and {2 ,3 ,1 } . Going beyond the Efimov paradigm, the binding energies of these states follow the scaling ln| En|˜-s(n π -θ ) 2/4 , with the scaling factor s being unity for the former case and √{mB(2 mA+mB) }/(mA+mB) for the latter. We discuss the possibility of realizing our mixed-dimensional systems in a cold-atom experiment and how the effects of these universal three-body bound states may be detected.

  18. Flood-inundation maps for the East Fork White River at Columbus, Indiana (United States)

    Lombard, Pamela J.


    Digital flood-inundation maps for a 5.4-mile reach of the East Fork White River at Columbus, Indiana, from where the Flatrock and Driftwood Rivers combine to make up East Fork White River to just upstream of the confluence of Clifty Creek with the East Fork White River, were created by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the Indiana Department of Transportation. The inundation maps, which can be accessed through the USGS Flood Inundation Mapping Science Web site at, depict estimates of the areal extent of flooding corresponding to selected water levels (stages) at USGS streamgage 03364000, East Fork White River at Columbus, Indiana. Current conditions at the USGS streamgage may be obtained on the Internet from the USGS National Water Information System ( The National Weather Service (NWS) forecasts flood hydrographs for the East Fork White River at Columbus, Indiana at their Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) flood warning system Website (, that may be used in conjunction with the maps developed in this study to show predicted areas of flood inundation. In this study, flood profiles were computed for the stream reach by means of a one-dimensional step-backwater model. The hydraulic model was calibrated by using the most current stage-discharge relation at USGS streamgage 03364000, East Fork White River at Columbus, Indiana. The calibrated hydraulic model was then used to determine 15 water-surface profiles for flood stages at 1-foot (ft) intervals referenced to the streamgage datum and ranging from bankfull to approximately the highest recorded water level at the streamgage. The simulated water-surface profiles were then combined with a geographic information system digital elevation model (derived from Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data), having a 0.37-ft vertical accuracy and a 1.02 ft

  19. South Ural State University Campus: Architectural Development Concept in Accordance with International Standards (United States)

    Shabiev, S. G.


    The article deals with the vital problem of the implementation of the Program to enhance the competitiveness of the South Ural State University (SUSU) among other scientific and educational centers, which defines the main objective – to form a world-class university. According to the set objective, the most important task is to build a landscaped campus, which can be efficiently solved by the architectural means. The solution of this task is based on the scientific methods of the territorial and architectural improvement of the main university building complex development in the northern academic area and the architectural and aesthetic improvement of the space structural arrangement of the buildings. The author analyzes the global practice of modern campuses in Russia and abroad based on the Internet resources. The author carried out some additional on-site surveys of foreign campuses in Australia, Canada and China. The essence of the architectural concept of the first university campus development stage lies in the science-based achievement of a harmonious architectural and space unity of solid and plane elements of the site development, landscape arrangement of the main building’s courtyard and the adjacent territories with an efficient use of the relief, water areas and planting, allotment of additional spaces for landscaped areas due to a split-level arrangement, including a landscaped platform, increase of the underground space utilization share with the arrangement of an underground car parking and an underground walkway considering the environmental requirements. Further, it is planned to use the author’s methodological approach for the southern academic and the northern residential university areas, which will allow to create a duly completed landscaped SUSU campus with a developed infrastructure according to the international standards.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Our interest in developing this scientific approach has started from the impact that Higher Education has on the social and economic growth which positively affects employability and labour market mobility. In this respect, from the analysis carried out on the dynamics of public expenditure at a State university, we have concluded that it coincides with the evolution at national level, therefore it is necessary that the current economic conditions pay attention to increasing the efficiency of costs on education, Romanian Higher Education is expected and it should play a fundamental role in asserting a national society of knowledge and learning.

  1. Observation of Frog Species in State University of Malang as a Preliminary Effort on Frog Conservation


    Wulandari, Dian Ratri; Habibi, Muhammad; Listyorini, Dwi


    Frog is an amphibian which widely distributed around the world. Indonesia houses 450 species which represent 11% of frog species in the world. In Java Island living 42 species of frogs and toads. Frogs can be used as an environment indicator due to the presence of frog in a particular place indicates that the place is stay natural and unpolluted. State University of Malang Campus #1 which is located in the heart of Malang District has been developing rapidly, currently. Thus, it requires for ...

  2. Center for Space Telemetering and Telecommunications Systems, New Mexico State University (United States)

    Horan, Stephen; DeLeon, Phillip; Borah, Deva; Lyman, Ray


    This viewgraph presentation gives an overview of the Center for Space Telemetering and Telecommunications Systems activities at New Mexico State University. Presentations cover the following topics: (1) small satellite communications, including nanosatellite radio and virtual satellite development; (2) modulation and detection studies, including details on smooth phase interpolated keying (SPIK) spectra and highlights of an adaptive turbo multiuser detector; (3) decoupled approaches to nonlinear ISI compensation; (4) space internet testing; (4) optical communication; (5) Linux-based receiver for lightweight optical communications without a laser in space, including software design, performance analysis, and the receiver algorithm; (6) carrier tracking hardware; and (7) subband transforms for adaptive direct sequence spread spectrum receivers.

  3. Four Decades of Systems Science Teaching and Research in the USA at Portland State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wayne Wakeland


    Full Text Available Systems science is defined in general fashion, and a brief background is provided that lists some of the systems science-related societies, conferences, journals, research institutes, and educational programs. The Systems Science Graduate Program at Portland State University in Portland, OR, USA, is described in detail, including its history, curriculum, students, faculty, and degrees granted. Dissertation topics are summarized via word diagrams created from dissertation titles over the years. MS degrees, student placement, and undergraduate courses are also mentioned, and future plans for the program are described including its support for sustainability education.



    Marianne B. Dagaylo-AN*, Noel P. Tancinco


    The main objective of this study was to determine the relationship between the level of Mathematics anxiety and the academic performance of the students at the Naval State University. The data were gathered through the questionnaire from the 200 student-respondents. More than three-fourths or 82.5 percent of the students’ involved in the study aged between 16 and 18 years old. Almost one-half or 48.5 percent of the students was rated “Good” as school grades in Mathematics; 86 percent had favo...

  5. Inclusive Education of Students with Disabilities in the Regional Multidisciplinary University: The Experience of Cherepovets State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denisova O.A.,


    Full Text Available This article describes the regional experience of teaching students with disabilities in a multidisciplinary university. Analysis of resources and algorithms of educational support provided at the university creates the opportunity to share this experience and to evaluate its significance for the development of higher inclusive education, as well as to assess the perspectives for its application in similar educational environments. Consulting, education, coordination and rehabilitation services are the main forms of assistance to students and teachers at all stages of education and socialization of people with disabilities. The university has a department that provides support to students with disabilities and their teachers. The analysis of the successes and challenges of higher education of persons with disabilities shows that there is an objective need to unite the efforts of the university with the regional non-governmental organizations and the authorities of the region, with health care, education and social services in order to support young people with disabilities.

  6. Sexual Satisfaction and Sexual Health Among University Students in the United States (United States)

    Mullinax, Margo; Trussell, James; Davidson, J. Kenneth; Moore, Nelwyn B.


    Despite the World Health Organization's definition of sexual health as a state of well-being, virtually no public health research has examined sexual well-being outcomes, including sexual satisfaction. Emerging evidence suggests that sexual well-being indicators are associated with more classic measures of healthy sexual behaviors. We surveyed 2168 university students in the United States and asked them to rate their physiological and psychological satisfaction with their current sexual lives. Many respondents reported that they were either satisfied (approximately half) or very satisfied (approximately one third). In multivariate analyses, significant (P sexual guilt, sexual self-comfort, self-esteem (especially among men), relationship status, and sexual frequency. To enhance sexual well-being, public health practitioners should work to improve sexual self-comfort, alleviate sexual guilt, and promote longer term relationships. PMID:21778509

  7. Research and Development for Underground Science at Black Hills State University (United States)

    Keeter, Kara


    The development of the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) in the former Homestake mine in Lead, South Dakota has greatly spurred interest in science research and development along with education and outreach. Early science activities at Black Hills State University associated with the Sanford Underground Laboratory and DUSEL include radon emanation studies of iron oxide sludge and in situ, and radioactive background and magnetic field measurements. Work is also underway for R&D development for depleted argon-based dark matter detectors, neutrinoless double beta decay experiments, and a liquid scintillator immersion tank for whole-body low-background assays. Students from BHSU and across the state of South Dakota have been working alongside scientists on these and other projects. Teachers from high schools throughout South Dakota have also participated in these projects through the newly formed QuarkNet Center at BHSU.

  8. Development of Multi-Disciplinary Finite Element Method Analysis Courses at California State University, Los Angeles (United States)

    McKinney, John; Wu, Chivey


    The NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) Partnership Awards Grant to California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) has two primary goals that help to achieve NASA objectives. The overall objectives of the NASA Partnership Awards are to create opportunities for joint University NASA/Government sponsored research and related activities. One of the goals of the grant is to have university faculty researchers participate and contribute to the development of NASA technology that supports NASA goals for research and development (R&D) in Aeronautics and Astronautics. The other goal is technology transfer in the other direction, where NASA developed technology is made available to the general public and more specifically, targeted to industries that can profit from utilization of government developed technology. This years NASA Dryden Partnership Awards grant to CSULA entitled, "Computer Simulation of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Systems", has two major tasks that satisfy overall NASA objectives. The first task conducts basic and applied research that contributes to technology development at the Dryden Flight Research Center. The second part of the grant provides for dissemination of NASA developed technology, by using the teaching environment created in the CSULA classroom. The second task and how this is accomplished is the topic of this paper. The NASA STARS (Structural Analysis Routines) computer simulation program is used at the Dryden center to support flight testing of high-performance experimental aircraft and to conduct research and development of new and advanced Aerospace technology.

  9. Hydrogeology and simulation of ground-water flow at the South Well Field, Columbus, Ohio (United States)

    Cunningham, W.L.; Bair, E.S.; Yost, W.P.


    The City of Columbus, Ohio, operates four radial collector wells in southern Franklin County. The 'South Well Field' is completed in permeable outwash and ice-contact deposits, upon which flow the Scioto River and Big Walnut Creek. The wells are designed to yield approximately 42 million gallons per day; part of that yield results from induced infiltration of surface water from the Scioto River and Big Walnut Creek. The well field supplied up to 30 percent of the water supply of southern Columbus and its suburbs in 1991. This report describes the hydrogeology of southern Franklin County and a tran sient three-dimensional, numerical ground-water- flow model of the South Well Field. The primary source of ground water in the study area is the glacial drift aquifer. The glacial drift is composed of sand, gravel, and clay depos ited during the Illinoian and Wisconsinan glaciations. In general, thick deposits of till containing lenses of sand and gravel dominate the drift in the area west of the Scioto River. The thickest and most productive parts of the glacial drift aquifer are in the buried valleys in the central and eastern parts of the study area underlying the Scioto River and Big Walnut Creek. Horizontal hydraulic conductivity of the glacial drift aquifer differs spa tially and ranges from 30 to 375 feet per day. The specific yield ranges from 0.12 to 0.30. The secondary source of ground water within the study area is the underlying carbonate bedrock aquifer, which consists of Silurian and Devonian limestones, dolomites, and shales. The horizontal hydraulic conductivity of the carbonate bedrock aquifer ranges from 10 to 15 feet per day. The storage coefficient is about 0.0002. The ground-water-flow system in the South Well Field area is recharged by precipitation, regional ground-water flow, and induced stream infiltration. Yearly recharge rates varied spatially and ranged from 4.0 to 12.0 inches. The three-dimensional, ground-water-flow model was constructed by

  10. Roles of University Support for International Students in the United States: Analysis of a Systematic Model of University Identification, University Support, and Psychological Well-Being (United States)

    Cho, Jaehee; Yu, Hongsik


    Unlike previous research on international students' social support, this current study applied the concept of organizational support to university contexts, examining the effects of university support. Mainly based on the social identity/self-categorization stress model, this study developed and tested a path model composed of four key…

  11. UNESCO, "universal bioethics," and state regulation of health risks: a philosophical critique. (United States)

    Cherry, Mark J


    The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights announces a significant array of welfare entitlements--to personal health and health care, medicine, nutrition, water, improved living conditions, environmental protection, and so forth--as well as corresponding governmental duties to provide for such public health measures, though the simple expedient of announcing that such entitlements are "basic human rights." The Universal Declaration provides no argument for the legitimacy of the sweeping governmental authority, taxation, and regulation to create and impose such "rights." As this paper explores that some action promotes a purported good, such as "health," does not thereby make the action morally permissible. Just as there are moral limits on legitimate personal actions, there are also moral limits on legitimate governmental actions to promote purported goods, including health. A core question of any governmental regulation, therefore, is whether it is a legitimate application of moral political authority or an unauthorized act of state coercion. Pace UNESCO's wide-ranging assertions, this paper argues that promoting health only falls within the legitimate authority of governments in very narrowly defined circumstances. As the paper critically explores, at stake are foundational moral and political questions concerning the limits of governmental authority to intervene in the consensual interaction of persons. Imposing such duties on others, including citizens of a state through regulatory activity and taxation, must be justified, nonarbitrary, and demonstrably within the limits of moral political authority. UNESCO's assertions do not meet this burden of proof.

  12. From Three-Photon Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger States to Ballistic Universal Quantum Computation (United States)

    Gimeno-Segovia, Mercedes; Shadbolt, Pete; Browne, Dan E.; Rudolph, Terry


    Single photons, manipulated using integrated linear optics, constitute a promising platform for universal quantum computation. A series of increasingly efficient proposals have shown linear-optical quantum computing to be formally scalable. However, existing schemes typically require extensive adaptive switching, which is experimentally challenging and noisy, thousands of photon sources per renormalized qubit, and/or large quantum memories for repeat-until-success strategies. Our work overcomes all these problems. We present a scheme to construct a cluster state universal for quantum computation, which uses no adaptive switching, no large memories, and which is at least an order of magnitude more resource efficient than previous passive schemes. Unlike previous proposals, it is constructed entirely from loss-detecting gates and offers a robustness to photon loss. Even without the use of an active loss-tolerant encoding, our scheme naturally tolerates a total loss rate ˜1.6 % in the photons detected in the gates. This scheme uses only 3 Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states as a resource, together with a passive linear-optical network. We fully describe and model the iterative process of cluster generation, including photon loss and gate failure. This demonstrates that building a linear-optical quantum computer needs to be less challenging than previously thought.

  13. Archive of Geosample Data and Information from the Florida State University (FSU) Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility (AMGRF) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility (AMGRF) operated by Florida State University is a partner in the Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples...

  14. Digital Literacy Skills Among Librarians In University Libraries In The 21st Century In Edo And Delta States Nigeria

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Emiri; Ogochukwu T


    .... These have led to library automation digital and virtual libraries. This paper discussed the contemporary digital literacy skills DLS among librarians in university libraries the 21st century in Edo and Delta States of Southern Nigeria...

  15. Universal data-based method for reconstructing complex networks with binary-state dynamics (United States)

    Li, Jingwen; Shen, Zhesi; Wang, Wen-Xu; Grebogi, Celso; Lai, Ying-Cheng


    To understand, predict, and control complex networked systems, a prerequisite is to reconstruct the network structure from observable data. Despite recent progress in network reconstruction, binary-state dynamics that are ubiquitous in nature, technology, and society still present an outstanding challenge in this field. Here we offer a framework for reconstructing complex networks with binary-state dynamics by developing a universal data-based linearization approach that is applicable to systems with linear, nonlinear, discontinuous, or stochastic dynamics governed by monotonic functions. The linearization procedure enables us to convert the network reconstruction into a sparse signal reconstruction problem that can be resolved through convex optimization. We demonstrate generally high reconstruction accuracy for a number of complex networks associated with distinct binary-state dynamics from using binary data contaminated by noise and missing data. Our framework is completely data driven, efficient, and robust, and does not require any a priori knowledge about the detailed dynamical process on the network. The framework represents a general paradigm for reconstructing, understanding, and exploiting complex networked systems with binary-state dynamics.

  16. Situacion del Chicano en las Universidades de Los Estados Unidos (Situation of the Chicano in the United States Universities). (United States)

    Dolz-Blackburn, Ines

    Chicanos attending universities in the United States are, in general, frustrated individuals. With two languages and two cultures, they feel uneasy in both and usually go to the university with an inferiority complex. In spite of these shortcomings, Chicanos are, generally, subjected to the same entrance exams and requirements as the rest of the…

  17. Altering Public University Admission Standards to Preserve White Group Position in the United States: Results from a Laboratory Experiment (United States)

    Samson, Frank L.


    This study identifies a theoretical mechanism that could potentially affect public university admissions standards in a context of demographic change. I explore how demographic changes at a prestigious public university in the United States affect individuals' evaluations of college applications. Responding to a line graph that randomly displays a…

  18. Use of Multimedia in Teaching and Learning of Political Science in University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria (United States)

    Udim, Davies Kelvin; Etim, Eyo Akon


    This paper examines the use of multimedia in teaching and learning of political science in University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. A survey research was adopted and the tool employed for this research study was a questionnaire titled "Use of Multimedia in Teaching and Learning of Political Science in University of Uyo" (UMTLPSUU).…

  19. Predictive Factors in Undergraduates' Involvement in Campus Secret Cults in Public Universities in Edo State of Nigeria (United States)

    Azetta Arhedo, Philip; Aluede, Oyaziwo; Adomeh, Ilu O. C.


    This study examined the predictive factors in undergraduates' involvement in campus secret cults in public universities in Edo State of Nigeria. The study employed the descriptive method, specifically the survey format. A random sample of three hundred and eighty (380) undergraduates was drawn from the two public universities. Data were elicited…

  20. Learning Styles and Attitudes toward Online Education in Four Universities in the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico (United States)

    Martinez de Monarrez, Patricia; Korniejczuk, Victor


    The purpose of this research was to find the relation-ship between the predominant learning styles among university online students and their attitude toward online education. Data were collected from 385 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs from four universities in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Significant effects of…

  1. The State of Ethical Learning of Students in the Spanish University System: Considerations for the European Higher Education Area (United States)

    Buxarrais, Maria Rosa; Esteban, Francisco; Mellen, Teodor


    With the establishment of the European higher education area (EHEA), the ethical learning of students is a matter of central importance in European universities. This paper examines the current state of ethical learning of students in the Spanish university system. We present the results of a descriptive survey, which used a training model for…

  2. Charting a New Course: A Case Study on the Impact of Outreach Events at Kent State University Libraries (United States)

    Seeholzer, Jamie


    In an effort to market the library as a more inviting, student-friendly place, librarians at the main library of Kent State University have piloted several new events to lure students into the building and keep them coming back. With the transition to more social events hosted by the university libraries, a number of questions arose among…

  3. Eating habits and subjective well-being. A typology of students in Chilean state universities. (United States)

    Schnettler, Berta; Miranda, Horacio; Lobos, Germán; Orellana, Ligia; Sepúlveda, José; Denegri, Marianela; Etchebarne, Soledad; Mora, Marcos; Grunert, Klaus G


    The purpose of this study was to distinguish and characterize university student typologies according to their life satisfaction and satisfaction with their food-related life. An online survey was applied between June and August 2013 in five state universities in Chile, to 369 university students (mean age = 20.9 years, SD = 2.27). The survey included the Health-related Quality of Life Index-4 (HRQOL), Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), Satisfaction with Food-related Life Scale (SWFL), as well as questions about the place of residence, importance of food for well-being, frequency of meals in the place of residence and the frequency of consumption of eight food groups. A cluster analysis was used to determine student typologies. Three typologies of students were distinguished with significant differences in the average scores of the SWLS and SWFL scales, self-perception of health, days with mental health problems, number of days of health-related incapacity, place of residence, socioeconomic status, importance of food for well-being, frequency of breakfast and dinner in the place of residence, frequency of consumption of meat, milk, fruits and vegetables. It was found that most students with higher levels of life satisfaction and satisfaction with food-related life live with their parents, eat at home more frequently, report fewer health problems, have healthful eating habits and consider food very important for their well-being. Although it is necessary to promote or improve the campaigns that foster healthful eating in the entire university population, these campaigns must be specifically targeted to students who do not receive direct support from their families. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Smolensk State University`s implementation of the provisions of the national strategy in the field of education and upbringing of the young generation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Morozikova I.V.


    Full Text Available The article describes the strategies of state policy in the field of education and upbringing at the modern stage of the development of Russian society. Smolensk State University acts as a scientific and methodological center, which is actively implementing the provisions of the national strategy in the region. At Smolensk State University various forms of work for the implementation of the state policy in the field of young generation upbringing are used: research and educational projects, conferences, camps, etc. The article presents the results of the IX International Scientific-Practical Conference "Social and practical problems of mentality ", the projects of the Smolensk regional pedagogical unit "Winged" (the head – doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Prof. N.P. Senchenkov, the Summer school "Gifted children" and the prospects of research and educational projects for implementation of the strategy of the state policy in the field of education. It is shown that the main characteristic of these projects at Smolensk State University is the focusing on social partnership and practical orientation, cooperation with the Russian Academy of Education and educational organizations of the region. It is noted that they contribute to the formation of active civil position, to the development of needs of the young generation to participate in civic life, help to adapt to the social and political environment and to develop skills of cooperation with local authorities and other partners.

  5. The Impact of the Louisiana State University Physics Entrance Requirement on Secondary Physics in Louisiana (United States)

    McCoy, Michael Hanson

    State Department of Education data was examined to determine the number of students enrolled in physics, physics class number, physics teacher number, and physics teacher certification. Census data from public and nonpublic school teachers, principals, and superintendents was analyzed. Purposive sampling of seven public and four nonpublic schools was used for site visitation including observations of physics classes, interviews of teachers and principals, and document acquisition. The literature base was drawn from a call for an increase in academic requirements in the sciences by the National Commission on Excellence in Education, the Southern Regional Education Board, the American Association for Advancement in the Sciences, and numerous state boards of education. LSU is the only major state university to require physics as an academic admission standard. Curriculum changes which influenced general curriculum change were: leveling of physics classes; stressing concepts, algebra, and doing problems in level-one; stressing trigonometry and problem solving in level-two; and increased awareness of expectations for university admission. Certified physics teachers were positive toward the requirement. The majority adopted a "wait-and-see" attitude to see if the university would institute the physics standard. Some physics teachers, nonphysics majors, were opposed to the requirement. Those who were positive remained positive. Those who developed the wait-and-see adopted the leveled physics course concept in 1989 and were positive toward the requirement. College-bound physics was taught prior to the requirement. The State Department of Education leveled physics in 1989. Level-one physics was algebra and conceptual based, level-two physics was trigonometry based, and a level-three physics, advanced placement was added. Enrollment doubled in public schools and increased 40% in nonpublic schools. African-American enrollment almost doubled in public and nonpublic schools

  6. On Cost-Sharing, Tuition Fees and Income-Contingent Loans for Universal Higher Education: A New Contract between University, Student and State? (United States)

    Armbruster, Chris


    In the search for a viable twenty-first century cost-sharing contract between university, student and state, the issues of rising participation and student demand, functional differentiation, institutional competition and stratification and social inequality are systematically discussed. The argument develops through, firstly, a critical appraisal…

  7. Case series of child sexual abuse: Abia State University Teaching Hospital experience. (United States)

    Okoronkwo, N C; Ejike, O


    Child sexual abuse remains a serious infringement on the rights of the child. Though it appears to be viewed less seriously among adolescents, the consequences may be more severe and less obvious for the younger child. Age of the child appears notto be a deterrent. There is paucity of local data in the sub-region on this important social problem. The circumstance surrounding child sexual abuse in our environment needs to be reviewed. This study sets out to evaluate the characteristics of victims of child sexual abuse and to proffer solutions on how to stem the tide of the crime. To examine the characteristics of sexually abused children presenting to the paediatrics department of Abia State UniversityTeaching hospital, Aba. The case records of 10 consecutive cases of sexually abused children that presented to the Children Outpatient Department of Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) Aba, from January to June 2006 were prospectively reviewed and the parents/child/abuser interviewed where possible. All the victims were females aged 3-11 yrs, while all the abusers were males 14-29 yrs. Both parties were of low socio-economic class. 50% of the victims reported the incident. Mental and psychological state of the perpetrators appears to be a factor. Physical injuries to the vulva-vaginal areas were common. This study shows that child sexual abuse may not be uncommon in our environment. The exact prevalence remains unknown.The perpetrators of child sexual abuse should be prosecuted as a deterrent and rehabilitated whenever possible.

  8. An early note on the occurrence of the Magnificent Frigate Bird, Fregata magnificens Mathews, 1914, in the Cape Verde Islands: Columbus as an ornithologist

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hartog, den J.C.


    The importance of ornithological observations with respect to Columbus' discovery of America as recorded in the "Diario del descubrimiento" is recognized. The fact that his first and crucial crossing of the Atlantic coincided with the autumn migration may have contributed to its success. Columbus'

  9. Promoting active transportation as a partnership between urban planning and public health: the columbus healthy places program. (United States)

    Green, Christine Godward; Klein, Elizabeth G


    Active transportation has been considered as one method to address the American obesity epidemic. To address obesity prevention through built-environment change, the local public health department in Columbus, Ohio, established the Columbus Healthy Places (CHP) program to formally promote active transportation in numerous aspects of community design for the city. In this article, we present a case study of the CHP program and discuss the review of city development rezoning applications as a successful strategy to link public health to urban planning. Prior to the CHP review, 7% of development applications in Columbus included active transportation components; in 2009, 64% of development applications adopted active transportation components specifically recommended by the CHP review. Active transportation recommendations generally included adding bike racks, widening or adding sidewalks, and providing sidewalk connectivity. Recommendations and lessons learned from CHP are provided.

  10. Promoting Active Transportation as a Partnership Between Urban Planning and Public Health: The Columbus Healthy Places Program (United States)

    Green, Christine Godward; Klein, Elizabeth G.


    Active transportation has been considered as one method to address the American obesity epidemic. To address obesity prevention through built-environment change, the local public health department in Columbus, Ohio, established the Columbus Healthy Places (CHP) program to formally promote active transportation in numerous aspects of community design for the city. In this article, we present a case study of the CHP program and discuss the review of city development rezoning applications as a successful strategy to link public health to urban planning. Prior to the CHP review, 7% of development applications in Columbus included active transportation components; in 2009, 64% of development applications adopted active transportation components specifically recommended by the CHP review. Active transportation recommendations generally included adding bike racks, widening or adding sidewalks, and providing sidewalk connectivity. Recommendations and lessons learned from CHP are provided. PMID:21563711

  11. PERICLES: a knowledge management programme applied to solar data from International Space Station-Columbus (United States)

    Muller, Christian; PERICLES Consortium


    The FP-7 (Framework Programme 7 of the European Union) PERICLES project addresses the life-cycle of large and complex data sets to cater for the evolution of context of data sets and user communities, including groups unanticipated when the data was created. Semantics of data sets are thus also expected to evolve and the project includes elements which could address the reuse of data sets at periods where the data providers and even their institutions are not available any more. This paper presents the PERICLES science case with the example of the SOLAR (SOLAR monitoring observatory) payload on International Space Station-Columbus.

  12. Making Stuff Outreach at the Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ament, Katherine; Karsjen, Steven; Leshem-Ackerman, Adah; King, Alexander


    The U. S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory in Ames, Iowa was a coalition partner for outreach activities connected with NOVA's Making Stuff television series on PBS. Volunteers affiliated with the Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University, with backgrounds in materials science, took part in activities including a science-themed Family Night at a local mall, Science Cafes at the Science Center of Iowa, teacher workshops, demonstrations at science nights in elementary and middle schools, and various other events. We describe a selection of the activities and present a summary of their outcomes and extent of their impact on Ames, Des Moines and the surrounding communities in Iowa. In Part 2, results of a volunteer attitude survey are presented, which shed some light on the volunteer experience and show how the volunteers participation in outreach activities has affected their views of materials education.

  13. Developing and supporting self-efficacy in physics undergraduates at California State University, Long Beach (United States)

    Duitsman, Brooke Erin

    Self-efficacy is regarded as a significant predictor of academic success. This study examines the development of self-efficacy in upper-division physics majors within the Physics 310 - Analytic Mechanics course at California State University, Long Beach during the fall semester of 2015. The Sources of Self-Efficacy in Science Courses - Physics (SOSESC-P), as developed by Drs. Heidi Fencl and Karen Scheel in 2002, was administered to students enrolled in the class in a pre-test/post-test format to identify increases in self-efficacy during the course. Students demonstrated a statistically significant increase in self-efficacy on only one subscore of the SOSESC-P. The collaborative nature of the class is thought to have had an effect on the Social Persuasion (t (23) = 2.11, p = 0.023) aspect of self-efficacy development. Students also reported perceptions of departmental support and participation in department-sponsored activities.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia Esther López-Parada


    Full Text Available This article aims to analyze the relationship that is developed in Universidad Tecnológica de Huejotzingo (UTH in the state of Puebla with the social and productive sectors, in the training of professionals in the areas of administration and evaluation of productive projects. The work was conducted through a literature review, interviews with the directors of university extension area and participant observation. The results indicate that Universidad Tecnológica de Huejotzingo has programs in connection with the social and productive sectors, such as processing enterprises which has allowed the participation of students in these spaces for performing professional stay in business these spaces have improved their academic knowledge and practice their skills.

  15. Universality in the phase behavior of soft matter: a law of corresponding states. (United States)

    Malescio, G


    We show that the phase diagram of substances whose molecular structure changes upon varying the thermodynamic parameters can be mapped, through state-dependent scaling, onto the phase diagram of systems of molecules having fixed structure. This makes it possible to identify broad universality classes in the complex phase scenario exhibited by soft matter, and enlightens a surprisingly close connection between puzzling phase phenomena and familiar behaviors. The analysis presented provides a straightforward way for deriving the phase diagram of soft substances from that of simpler reference systems. This method is applied here to study the phase behavior exhibited by two significative examples of soft matter with temperature-dependent molecular structure: thermally responsive colloids and polymeric systems. A region of inverse melting, i.e., melting upon isobaric cooling, is predicted at relatively low pressure and temperature in polymeric systems.

  16. Observations in Lidar Station of St. Petersburg State University for Ecological Safety Studyies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Donchenko Vladislav


    Full Text Available The solution of many problems associated with the air pollution, radiative regime of the earth's surface and atmosphere, global and local environmental changes and climate, facing humanity in the early 21st century, require detailed and regular information on atmospheric aerosol and gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere. For monitoring atmospheric pollutants especially effective were the methods of laser sounding of the atmosphere, which provide a vertical profile of aerosol parameters to a height of 20 km In this regard, at the beginning of the 21st century created a continental networks of lidar sounding stations. Over Europe there is a network EARLINET. Laser station, built on the basis of St. Petersburg State University has become the first Russian station that acceded to the European research network. The article briefly presents the technical features of the equipment and demonstrates the first results of the observations.

  17. Getting Real Results with Ohio State University Extension’s Real Money. Real World. Program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Theresa M. Ferrari


    Full Text Available Youth development organizations have a unique opportunity to offer programs that help young people develop financial skills they need to become successful adults. This article describes Ohio State University Extension’s Real Money. Real World. (RMRW and the systematic approach used to evaluate its effectiveness. The RMRW curriculum includes an active, hands-on experience that gives young people the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those they will make as adults. The realistic simulation creates a teachable moment. The outcomes of the statewide evaluation clearly indicate the curriculum accomplishes its goals of raising awareness, changing attitudes, and motivating students to plan for behavior changes concerning financial management, education, and career choices. The article concludes with a discussion of the organizational outcomes of conducting the evaluation.

  18. Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles: 15 years of development at the Ohio State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rizzoni Giorgio


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to document 15 years of hybrid electric vehicle energy management research at The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research (OSUCAR. Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV technology encompasses many diverse aspects. In this paper we focus exclusively on the evolution of supervisory control strategies for on-board energy management in HEV. We present a series of control algorithms that have been developed in simulation and implemented in prototype vehicles for charge-sustaining HEVs at OSU-CAR. These solutions span from fuzzy-logic control algorithms to more sophisticated model-based optimal control methods. Finally, methods developed for plug-in HEVs energy management are also discussed

  19. Variations in Mesospheric Neutral Densities from Rayleigh Lidar Observations at Utah State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barton David L.


    Full Text Available A Rayleigh lidar was operated from 1993 to 2004, at the Atmospheric Lidar Observatory (ALO; 41.7°N, 111.8°W at the Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences (CASS on the campus of Utah State University (USU. Observations were carried out on over 900 nights, 729 of which had good data starting at 45 km and going upward toward 90 km. They were reduced for absolute temperatures and relative neutral number densities. The latter at 45 km can be put on an absolute basis by using atmospheric models that go up to at least 45 km. The models’ absolute number densities at 45 km are used to normalize the lidar observations, thereby providing absolute densities from 45 to 90 km. We examine these absolute density profiles for differences from the overall mean density profile to show altitudinal structure and seasonal variations.

  20. A retrospective study of disease in captive kangaroos from Oklahoma State University, 1995-2009. (United States)

    Stern, Adam W


    The antemortem biopsy records (5 cases) and necropsy records (34 cases) were reviewed from 39 kangaroo case submissions during a 14-year period to the Oklahoma State University and the Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. The most common types of diseases in the kangaroos, based on necropsy examination, was disease of the alimentary tract (12 cases), pneumonia (6 cases), and disseminated toxoplasmosis (5 cases). The cause of disease was not determined in 6 case submissions. Based on histopathologic findings, clostridial enteritis/colitis was suspected in 2 kangaroos. Coccidian parasites were identified within histologic sections of the small intestine in 1 kangaroo. Pasteurella sp. (1 case) and Bacteroides sp. (1 case) were isolated from the lung in 2 cases of pneumonia. Most (77.3%) of disease in this study in the kangaroos with known ages occurred in animals older than 1 year. Two neoplasms were detected in the antemortem biopsy samples from 1 case.

  1. Preliminary list of the lepidopterous insects in the Arizona State University Hasbrouck Insect Collection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sangmi Lee


    Full Text Available The Arizona State University Hasbrouck Insect Collection (ASUHIC is one of the vital Southwest Arthropod collections in America North of Mexico, providing important biological information. The principal objective of the Catalog is to give a complete list of the lepidopterous insects held in the ASUHIC. Furthermore, it will be an online catalog of the Lepidoptera of Arizona. The preliminary Lepidoptera checklist is presented, consisting of 1983 species and 175 subspecies of 55 families in approximately 60,000 holdings at the ASUHIC. This article follows the recent classification and nomenclature (Hodges RW. 1983. Check list of the Lepidoptera of America north of Mexico. London, UK: E.W. Classey Ltd. and the Wedge Entomological Research Foundation; Moth Photographers Group (MPG. 2014.

  2. ESSEA On-Line Earth System Science Course at California State University Northridge (United States)

    Simila, G.; Herr, N.; Berry, K.


    The ESSEA on-line Earth System Science course at California State University Northridge has been coordinated with the Los Angeles Unified School District since 2000. We have offered the three educational modules (K-4, 5-6, 9-12), one module per semester. The teachers have utilized these courses for both credential and service credits. The impacts on the teacher's classroom were: teachers were educated in Earth System Science (ESS) Analysis and problem-based learning, some teachers implemented the concepts and associated lesson plans, and the student's awareness of ESS improved. Our challenges have included the strategies for teacher recruitment, participation, and retention. The high school module has been incorporated into a course for the geology option in secondary teaching. The geology students have developed an ESS module for the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The course has related connections to our California Science Project and Eisenhower/ Improving Teacher Quality program for in-service teachers, and the new California science standards.

  3. The persistence of Black males in the STEM fields at Texas State University (United States)

    Day, Beverly Woodson

    For the past five years, enrollment in the College of Science and Engineering by first-time undergraduate students has steadily increased. However, retaining the students through their first-year and their persistence to their second year of college and beyond has been problematic. The purpose of this study is to add to the knowledge of why Black students, specifically Black men, are not persisting at Texas State University in the STEM majors. It will also determine if specific factors like the SAT scores, parent's education, high school rank, college GPA, college science and math courses (physics, math, biology and chemistry), college credits earned and average GPA in all science and math college courses predict college preparation and college performance for all students and for Black male students.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blekhman, David


    California State University, Los Angeles, has partnered with the Department of Energy in addressing the workforce preparation and public education needs of the fuel cell industry and the US economy through a comprehensive set of curriculum development and training activities: * Developing and offering several courses in fuel cell technologies, hydrogen and alternative fuels production, alternative and renewable energy technologies as means of zero emissions hydrogen economy, and sustainable environment. * Establishing a zero emissions PEM fuel cell and hydrogen laboratory supporting curriculum and graduate students teaching and research experiences. * Providing engaging capstone projects for multi-disciplinary teams of senior undergraduate students. * Fostering partnerships with automotive OEMs and energy providers. * Organizing and participating in synergistic projects and activities that grow the program and assure its sustainability.

  5. Mineralogical and Geochemical Investigations in the Perm State University (1916 – 2016

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. G. Iblaminov


    Full Text Available The history of foundation and development of mineralogical and geochemical sciences on the Mineralogy and Petrography Department of the Perm State University for 100 years is presented. The achievements in the alluvial mineralogy and nanomineralogy are characterised. Relationship of development in the area of geochemical research on early stage with the European scientific school is discussed. The next stage is characterized by transition to investigations of trace elements and usage of the modern analytic base for environmental geochemistry. Petrographic and lithologic investigations have become the base for paleotectonic reconstruction of the Western Urals area. The study of distribution of mineral resources has been conducted on the base of specific minerageodynamic concept. The principles of minerageodinamic investigation of oil and gas basins, and methodology of reservoir study using modern technology were developed. The contribution of individual scientists in development in different scientific areas is illustrated.

  6. Outreach at Washington State University: a case study in costs and attendance (United States)

    Bernhardt, Elizabeth A.; Bollen, Viktor; Bersano, Thomas M.; Mossman, Sean M.


    Making effective and efficient use of outreach resources can be difficult for student groups in smaller rural communities. Washington State University's OSA/SPIE student chapter desires well attended yet cost-effective ways to educate and inform the public. We designed outreach activities focused on three different funding levels: low upfront cost, moderate continuing costs, and high upfront cost with low continuing costs. By featuring our activities at well attended events, such as a pre-football game event, or by advertising a headlining activity, such as a laser maze, we take advantage of large crowds to create a relaxed learning atmosphere. Moreover, participants enjoy casual learning while waiting for a main event. Choosing a particular funding level and associating with well-attended events makes outreach easier. While there are still many challenges to outreach, such as motivating volunteers or designing outreach programs, we hope overcoming two large obstacles will lead to future outreach success.

  7. Quantitative Literacy at Michigan State University, 1: Development and Initial Evaluation of the Assessment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alla Sikorskii


    Full Text Available Development, psychometric testing, and the results of the administration of a quantitative literacy (QL assessment to undergraduate students are described. Three forms were developed covering a wide range of skills, contexts, and quantitative information presentation formats. Following item generation and revision based on preliminary testing and cognitive interviewing, a total of 3,701 consented undergraduate students at Michigan State University completed one of the three forms. Two of the forms contained 14 multiple-choice items, and one form contained 17 multiple-choice items. All forms were completed by students in less than 30 minutes. Evidence of validity and reliability were obtained for the three forms. Unidimensionality of the underlying construct was established using confirmatory factor analysis. Correlations with ACT and university mathematics placement test ranged from .41 to .67, and correlations with the Lipkus numeracy scale ranged from .40 to .45. Cronbach’s alphas for the three forms were near or exceeded .70. Comparison of student QL performance according to demographic characteristics revealed gender differences, with males scoring higher than females. These gender differences persisted even after controlling for ACT composite scores. Race/ethnicity differences were significant in unadjusted analysis, but did not persist over and above ACT composite scores in the adjusted analyses. The three newly developed forms of QL assessment will need to be further tested in the future to determine if they capture the effects of interventions that aim to improve QL.

  8. Space and Atmospheric Physics Education and Research at North Carolina A&T State University (United States)

    Nair, J. R.; Smith, G.; Kebede, A.

    2006-11-01 In this communication we discuss the new undergraduate and graduate space and atmospheric physics program at NC A&T State University. The program is designed to train future generation space scientists to meet the workforce needs of NASA, aerospace industries and academic institutions. In order to fortify this effort, we have initiated collaboration with US Air Force, GSFC and University of Michigan. We plan to contribute to the current scientific issues associated with TEC variations, scintillations and disturbances, and the morphology/manifestations of Ionospheric Spread F phenomena, and their variations with locations, specifically over low and mid-latitudes. In order to facilitate research we plan to install a magnetometer, a coherent beacon receiver and GPS receivers. In the long run the space science research community and K12 students and teachers will use of these facilities. We will discuss our recent experience during the IHY-SCINDA 2006 workshop, in Sal Cape Verde, as well as the plans of the upcoming IHY-Africa workshop, November 5-9, 2007 Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

  9. State test-anxiety, selective attention and concentration in university students. (United States)

    Fernández-Castillo, Antonio; Caurcel, María J


    The principal aim of this study was to assess the level of selective attention and mental concentration before exams in a sample of university students and to determine a possible relationship between anxiety and reduction of levels of attention in this circumstance. A total of 403 university students, 176 men and 227 women, aged from 18 to 46 years, participated in the study. Of them, 169 were first-year undergraduates, 118 were second to fourth-year undergraduates and 116 were postgraduate Master's degree students. All of them completed the Spanish version of the Spielberger State-Anxiety Inventory and the D2 Attention Test just before taking an exam. Our results showed that participants with lower levels of anxiety had higher levels of selective attention and mental concentration before the exam. These results specifically indicate that when anxiety levels are very high, this could over-activate the orientating and alerting functions and to reduce the capacity of attentional control. These processes could have a negative impact on specific attentional processes and become a negative influence on performance in exams. © 2014 International Union of Psychological Science.

  10. Developing Flexible Dual Master's Degree Programs at UPAEP (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla) and OSU (Oklahoma State University) (United States)

    Fabregas-Janeiro, Maria G.; de la Parra, Pablo Nuno


    In 2006, UPAEP (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla) and OSU (Oklahoma State University) signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) to develop more than 20 dual master's degree programs. This special partnership has allowed students from Mexico and the United States to study two master degree programs, in two languages, in two…

  11. Motorcycle Safety Education Programs: Report of a Survey of State Departments of Education and of Colleges and Universities. (United States)

    American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association, Washington, DC.

    A survey of State departments of education and colleges and universities, conducted by the Motorcycle Industry Council Safety and Education Foundation, revealed the need for more teacher education programs, instructional materials, and organized workshops that promote motorcycle safety education. The primary interest indicated by State departments…

  12. Universal jurisdiction under attack: an assessment of African misgivings towards international criminal justice as administered by Western states

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Wilt, H.G.


    This article discusses the current criticism, expressed by African states and institutions, of the exercise of universal jurisdiction by Western states, accusing the latter of overstepping their lawful powers, as well as practicing ‘legal colonialism’. In order to gauge whether this criticism is

  13. Determination of State-Trait Anxiety Levels of University Students during the Learning Process of Global Environmental Problems (United States)

    Oluk, Sami; Ozuredi, Ozlem; Sakaci, Tansel


    This descriptive study is to determine anxiety levels of university students during the learning process of global environmental problems. The scope of the research is composed of 39 students. Data were collected via a state-trait anxiety inventory. Trait anxiety inventory was applied both before and after the study whereas, state anxiety…

  14. Radioactive waste management: exploratory survey among Rio de Janeiro state university students

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rodrigues, Danielle Monegalha; Almeida, Ivan Pedro Salati de, E-mail:, E-mail: [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Social approval is a fundamental part of the site selection process of a radioactive waste repository. Such approval requires the involvement of the local community in the decision-making process and is deemed essential to the success of an enterprise of this kind. A major problem when it comes to nuclear energy is the poor knowledge on the issue among the general population. For effective participation in the decision-making process, the community of the candidate site should be well informed on nuclear issues, because efficient community interaction depends on the level of knowledge of their citizens on the subject. One way to identify this level of knowledge is through opinion polls on attitudes and beliefs regarding the use of nuclear energy and on radioactive waste. In the European Union research is carried out periodically seeking to know people's opinion about their participation in the decision-making process. In order to assess in a preliminary way the attitude on this matter of university students of the state of Rio de Janeiro, the research method used in the European Union was adapted and subsequently applied to a sample of 200 students from public and private universities within the state. The results indicate that the majority of respondents, though possessing little information on nuclear issues, would like to participate in the decision-making process for site selection of a low and intermediate level radioactive waste repository, if that repository was to be built close to their living area. The collected data also identifies the sources of information that are considered trustworthy by the surveyed sample. Although exploratory, this research provides guidelines for future work to be developed within the scope of the site selection for a radioactive waste repository in Brazil. (author)

  15. Performance And Satisfaction Rating Of One State University Website In The Philippines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Randy Joy Magno Ventayen


    Full Text Available The Pangasinan State University information website was redesigned last August 2016. Since then the website is the main online source of information from the institution. Last June 2016 the rank of PSU website in region 1 compared to other SUC is ranked 6th with a global rank of around 9 million. Thus this study was conducted to know the satisfaction and performance rating of the institutional website of Pangasinan State University for the SY 2016-2017 after it was redesigned. For the first part of the study it uses the survey as primary means to gather information from the online visitors the researcher uses an online form to gather the data. It uses integrated sheets with pivot analysis for testing and data science analytical software RapidMiner to generate the graphical presentation. On the second part of the study Web analytics tools were used to visualize the performance of the website. The researcher extracted sessions from August 2016 to April 2017 to identify demographics of visitors from the historical data. The researcher also compared other SUC website rankings gathered from historical data for the last 3 months. The result of this study is expected to be good but there is no perfect website that could satisfy everything that a visitor needs. In this study it identifies the needs for improvement and importance of maintenance such as continuous customer feedback for continuous improvement. This study is recommended to be continuous and includes social media performance in the future study. This research fall under as NHERA-2 priority research areas in Education and Education Management.

  16. Bauman Moscow State Technical University Youth Space Centre: Student's Way in Space Technologies (United States)

    Mayorova, Victoria; Zelentsov, Victor


    The Youth Space Center (YSC) was established in Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) in 1989 to provide primary aerospace education for young people, stimulate youth creative research thinking, promote space science and technology achievements and develop cooperation with other youth organizations in the international aerospace community. The center is staffed by the Dr. Victoria Mayorova, BMSTU Associate Professor, the YSC director, Dr. Boris Kovalev, BMSTU Associate Professor, the YSC scientific director, 5 student consultants and many volunteers. Informally YSC is a community of space enthusiasts, an open club for BMSTU students interested in space science and technology and faculty teaching in this field. YSC educational activities are based on the concept of uninterrupted aerospace education, developed and implemented by the center. The concept includes working with young space interested people both in school and university and then assisting them in getting interesting job in Russian Space Industry. The school level educational activities of the center has got different forms, such as lecturing, summer scientific camps and even Classes from Space given by Mir space station flight crew in Mission Control Center - Moscow and done in cooperation with All- Russian Aerospace Society Soyuz (VAKO Soyuz). This helps to stimulate the young people interest to the fundamental sciences ( physics, mathematics, computer science, etc.) exploiting and developing their interest to space and thus increase the overall educational level in the country. YSC hosts annual Cosmonautics conference for high school students that provides the University with capability to select well-prepared and motivated students for its' rocket and space related departments. For the conference participants it's a good opportunity to be enrolled to the University without entrance examinations. BMSTU students can participate in such YSC activities as annual international workshop for space

  17. The Penn state lunar lion: A university mission to explore the moon (United States)

    Paul, Michael V.; Spencer, David B.; Lego, Sara E.; Muncks, John P.


    The Penn State Lunar Lion Team plans to send a robotic explorer to the surface of the Moon and, by applying 30 years of technological advancements, win the Google Lunar X Prize. The Google Lunar X Prize aims to showcase the ability of the growing private space industry by having teams pursue the goal of becoming the first private entity to land a spacecraft on another body in the solar system. Through the Team's pursuit of this Prize, Penn State will establish itself as a leader in space exploration. The Lunar Lion Team will win this Prize through the collaboration of faculty and students from multiple disciplines, and the engineering and technical staff at the Penn State Applied Research Lab, as well as strategic collaborations with industry partners. The diversity of technical disciplines required to build a system that can land on the Moon can be found at Penn State. This multidisciplinary project will be not only a means for bringing together personnel from around the University, but also a way to attract faculty and students to these fields. The baseline concept for the Lunar Lion will strictly follow the requirements of the Grand Prize and the Grand Prize only, leading to the simplest possible system for the mission. By achieving the Grand Prize, Penn State will have accomplished what once took the large-scale effort of NASA's early robotic lunar landers or the USSR's space program. While the Bonus Prizes are noteworthy, ensuring their accomplishment will add development and operational risk to the flight system that could jeopardize the Team's ability to win the Grand Prize. The Team will build the simplest spacecraft, with the fewest number of systems and components. This philosophy will shorten the development timeline and result in a robust flight system that is of minimum cost. Wherever possible, the Team will use commercially available products to satisfy the needs of the system. The work of the Team will be efficient systems integration, careful

  18. Quantitative Literacy at Michigan State University, 2: Connection to Financial Literacy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dennis Gilliland


    Full Text Available The lack of capability of making financial decisions has been recently described for the adult United States population. A concerted effort to increase awareness of this crisis, to improve education in quantitative and financial literacy, and to simplify financial decision-making processes is critical to the solution. This paper describes a study that was undertaken to explore the relationship between quantitative literacy and financial literacy for entering college freshmen. In summer 2010, incoming freshmen to Michigan State University were assessed. Well-tested financial literacy items and validated quantitative literacy assessment instruments were administered to 531 subjects. Logistic regression models were used to assess the relationship between level of financial literacy and independent variables including quantitative literacy score, ACT mathematics score, and demographic variables including gender. The study establishes a strong positive association between quantitative literacy and financial literacy on top of the effects of the other independent variables. Adding one percent to the performance on a quantitative literacy assessment changes the odds for being at the highest level of financial literacy by a factor estimated to be 1.05. Gender is found to have a large, statistically significant effect as well with being female changing the odds by a factor estimated to be 0.49.

  19. The evaluation of psycho-emotional state in junior students of medical university

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tetiana Pavliuk


    Full Text Available Currently, psychosocial factors, stress and mental exhaustion are considered by WHO experts and the International Labour Organization as an important new factor affecting the health, working capacity, training and career. Young generation, especially students, who are an industrial and intellectual potential of the country can be attributed to the risk group because of the extremely high burden of adaptation. The intensity and tension of modern life at a psychological level preceding the occurrence of negative emotional experiences and stress reactions that, accumulating, cause the formation of depressions. The aim of the study was to examine the level of psycho-emotional stress in the junior students of medical university. The observations of the medical students of the second year of study were performed. To determine the psycho-emotional stress we have used adaptive varint of H.Ayzenko method that include an anxiety, frustration, aggressiveness and rigidity, through questionnaires. According to a survey results of the state of psycho-emotional state low levels of stress resistance were found in students in learning activities, indicating that students are exposed to the negative impact of the environment. It should also be noted that the level of emotional condition of students depends on the personal experience of stressful situations that arise in students’ lives.

  20. Dialysis vascular access management by interventional nephrology programs at University Medical Centers in the United States. (United States)

    Vachharajani, Tushar J; Moossavi, Shahriar; Salman, Loay; Wu, Steven; Dwyer, Amy C; Ross, Jamie; Dukkipati, Ramanath; Maya, Ivan D; Yevzlin, Alexander S; Agarwal, Anil; Abreo, Kenneth D; Work, Jack; Asif, Arif


    The development of interventional nephrology has undoubtedly led to an improvement in patient care at many facilities across the United States. However, these services have traditionally been offered by interventional nephrologists in the private practice arena. While interventional nephrology was born in the private practice setting, several academic medical centers across the United States have now developed interventional nephrology programs. University Medical Centers (UMCs) that offer interventional nephrology face challenges, such as smaller dialysis populations, limited financial resources, and real or perceived political "turf" issues." Despite these hurdles, several UMCs have successfully established interventional nephrology as an intricate part of a larger nephrology program. This has largely been accomplished by consolidating available resources and collaborating with other specialties irrespective of the size of the dialysis population. The collaboration with other specialties also offers an opportunity to perform advanced procedures, such as application of excimer laser and endovascular ultrasound. As more UMCs establish interventional nephrology programs, opportunities for developing standardized training centers will improve, resulting in better quality and availability of nephrology-related procedures, and providing an impetus for research activities. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  1. Equation of state, universal profiles, scaling and macroscopic quantum effects in warm dark matter galaxies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vega, H.J. de [Sorbonne Universites, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie UPMC Paris VI, LPTHE CNRS UMR 7589, Paris Cedex 05 (France); Sanchez, N.G. [Observatoire de Paris PSL Research University, Sorbonne Universites UPMC Paris VI, Observatoire de Paris, LERMA CNRS UMR 8112, Paris (France)


    The Thomas-Fermi approach to galaxy structure determines self-consistently and non-linearly the gravitational potential of the fermionic warm dark matter (WDM) particles given their quantum distribution function f(E). This semiclassical framework accounts for the quantum nature and high number of DM particles, properly describing gravitational bounded and quantum macroscopic systems as neutron stars, white dwarfs and WDM galaxies. We express the main galaxy magnitudes as the halo radius r{sub h}, mass M{sub h}, velocity dispersion and phase space density in terms of the surface density which is important to confront to observations. From these expressions we derive the general equation of state for galaxies, i.e., the relation between pressure and density, and provide its analytic expression. Two regimes clearly show up: (1) Large diluted galaxies for M{sub h} >or similar 2.3 x 10{sup 6} M {sub CircleDot} and effective temperatures T{sub 0} > 0.017 K described by the classical self-gravitating WDM Boltzman gas with a space-dependent perfect gas equation of state, and (2) Compact dwarf galaxies for 1.6 x 10{sup 6} M {sub CircleDot} >or similar M{sub h} >or similar M{sub h,min} ≅ 3.10 x 10{sup 4} (2 keV/m){sup (16)/(5)} M {sub CircleDot}, T{sub 0} < 0.011 K described by the quantum fermionic WDM regime with a steeper equation of state close to the degenerate state. In particular, the T{sub 0} = 0 degenerate or extreme quantum limit yields the most compact and smallest galaxy. In the diluted regime, the halo radius r{sub h}, the squared velocity v{sup 2}(r{sub h}) and the temperature T{sub 0} turn to exhibit square-root of M{sub h} scaling laws. The normalized density profiles ρ(r)/ρ(0) and the normalized velocity profiles v{sup 2}(r)/v{sup 2}(0) are universal functions of r/r{sub h} reflecting the WDM perfect gas behavior in this regime. These theoretical results contrasted to robust and independent sets of galaxy data remarkably reproduce the observations. For

  2. Financing for universal health coverage in small island states: evidence from the Fiji Islands (United States)

    Asante, Augustine D; Irava, Wayne; Limwattananon, Supon; Hayen, Andrew; Martins, Joao; Guinness, Lorna; Ataguba, John E; Price, Jennifer; Jan, Stephen; Mills, Anne; Wiseman, Virginia


    Background Universal health coverage (UHC) is critical to global poverty alleviation and equity of health systems. Many low-income and middle-income countries, including small island states in the Pacific, have committed to UHC and reforming their health financing systems to better align with UHC goals. This study provides the first comprehensive evidence on equity of the health financing system in Fiji, a small Pacific island state. The health systems of such states are poorly covered in the international literature. Methods The study employs benefit and financing incidence analyses to evaluate the distribution of health financing benefits and burden across the public and private sectors. Primary data from a cross-sectional survey of 2000 households were used to assess healthcare benefits and secondary data from the 2008–2009 Fiji Household Income and Expenditure Survey to assess health financing contributions. These were analysed by socioeconomic groups to determine the relative benefit and financing incidence across these groups. Findings The distribution of healthcare benefits in Fiji slightly favours the poor—around 61% of public spending for nursing stations and 26% of spending for government hospital inpatient care were directed to services provided to the poorest 20% of the population. The financing system is significantly progressive with wealthier groups bearing a higher share of the health financing burden. Conclusions The healthcare system in Fiji achieves a degree of vertical equity in financing, with the poor receiving a higher share of benefits from government health spending and bearing a lower share of the financing burden than wealthier groups. PMID:28589017

  3. Project for the Space Science in Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK) (United States)

    Semenov, M.; Oberst, J.; Malinnikov, V.; Shingareva, K.; Grechishchev, A.; Karachevtseva, I.; Konopikhin, A.


    Introduction: Based on the proposal call of the Government of Russian Federation 40 of international scientists came to Russia for developing and support-ing research capabilities of national educational institutions. Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK) and invited scientist Prof. Dr. Jurgen Oberst were awarded a grant to establish a capable research facility concerned with Planetary Geodesy, Cartography and Space Exploration. Objectives: The goals of the project are to build laboratory infrastructure, and suitable capability for MIIGAiK to participate in the planning, execution and analyses of data from future Russian planetary mis-sions and also to integrate into the international science community. Other important tasks are to develop an attractive work place and job opportunities for planetary geodesy and cartography students. For this purposes new MIIGAiK Extraterrestrial Laboratory (MExLab) was organized. We involved professors, researchers, PhD students in to the projects of Moon and planets exploration at the new level of Russian Space Science development. Main results: MExLab team prepare data for upcom-ing Russian space missions, such as LUNA-GLOB and LUNA-RESOURSE. We established cooperation with Russian and international partners (IKI, ESA, DLR, and foreign Universities) and actively participated in international conferences and workshops. Future works: For the future science development we investigated the old Soviet Archives and received the access to the telemetry data of the Moon rovers Lunokhod-1 and Lunokhod-2. That data will be used in education purposes and could be the perfect base for the analysis, development and support in new Russian and international missions and especially Moon exploration projects. MExLab is open to cooperate and make the consortiums for science projects for the Moon and planets exploration. Acknowledgement: Works are funded by the Rus-sian Government (Project name: "Geodesy, cartography and the

  4. HIV/AIDS risk factors among residence students at the University of the Free State. (United States)

    Badenhorst, G; van Staden, A; Coetsee, E


    The aim of this study is to investigate the sexual campus culture of students at the University of the Free State (UFS), by specifically focussing on gender and culture as patterns of high-risk sexual behaviour. The sample consisted of 396 participants, 211 female and 185 male students, with a mean age of 19.9 years. Sixty one percent (61%) of the students associated themselves with a Western cultural background and 39% with an African cultural background. In this article an exposition is provided on information collected in a survey conducted at the UFS to help provide a better understanding of risk factors for HIV infection among UFS students in comparison with the behaviour patterns of students at other universities. Stereotypes identified as known risk factors making students at other universities more vulnerable to HIV and high-risk sexual behaviour, were also found among UFS students. Results indicated the existence of the following statistical significant correlations: African cultural students, gender and their viewpoint that there is a stronger relationship between homosexuality and HIV/AIDS; their opinion that HIV/AIDS is more strongly associated with African students. Data obtained from this survey questionnaire show that even if students have a great deal of knowledge to their disposal, and even if they recognised that they were personally at risk, some students' sexual practices and risk-taking behaviour remained unchanged. Despite the fact that the majority of students (85%) concluded that it is unacceptable for a woman or a man to have more than one sexual partner and that it is better to wait until marriage before engaging in a sexual relationship, 17% of male students (Western culture) and 4% of female students indicated that they have had more than five sexual partners in their lives. Statistical significant correlations also existed between African students, gender and their sexual activity the last six months. Contradictory to research results

  5. Computers and Tuvan language: an overview of research at Tuvan State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergey M. Dalaa


    Full Text Available Since their very beginnings, both philology and information technologies have faced the challenge of processing textual information. With the arrival of the Internet, this task has become more topical than ever before. In the Republic of Tuva, it is being dealt with by the Research and Education Center for Turkic Studies at the Tuvan State University in collaboration with the university’s Department of Information Technologies. This article is an overview of their joint projects. Computer processing of texts in Tuvan used to be a difficult task since the Tuvan alphabet is Cyrillic-based, but makes use of three letters absent in Russian - ң, ө and ү which did not have special codes assigned before the arrival of UNICODE. When the spread of UNICODE began in 1990s, Tuvan texts finally could be coded in their entirety. The article provides short summaries and abstracts of databases and software created by Tuva’s researchers in collaborative projects and registered at the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent in 2013-2015. All patent rights belong to Tuvan State University. The list includes such pieces of software as “Chastotnyi slovar po khudozhestvennym proizvedeniiam na tuvinskom iazyke” (Frequency dictionary of literary texts in Tuvan language, “Poisk slov v tekste na tuvinskom iazyke” (Word search in Tuvan texts, “Tyva dyl. Sөzүglel. Praktiktig stilistika 10-11 klasstarga өөredilge nomu” (Practical stylistics for 10th and 11th grades, “Leksika landshafta Tuvy” (The vocabulary of Tuvan landscape, CMS “Pisateli Tuvy” (The writers of Tuva, databases “Slovar’ dialektnykh slov altaiskogo dialekta Tuvinskogo iazyka” (A vocabulary of the Altai dialect of Tuvan language, Morfemno-orfograficheskii slovar’ Tuvinskogo iazyka” (Morphemic and orthographic dictionary of Tuvan language, and “Analiticheskie skrepy Tuvinskogo iazyka” (Analytical foundations of Tuvan language Given the rise of mobile

  6. Emergency Contraception: Awareness, Perception and Practice among Female Undergraduates in Imo State University, Southeastern Nigeria. (United States)

    Ojiyi, Ec; Anolue, Fc; Ejekunle, Sd; Nzewuihe, Ac; Okeudo, C; Dike, Ei; Ejikem, Ce


    Limited knowledge and practice of contraception is a global public health problem. Unintended pregnancies are the primary cause of induced abortion. When safe abortions are not available, as in Nigeria with restricted abortion laws, abortion can contribute significantly to maternal mortality and morbidity. Adequate information on the awareness and the use of emergency contraception is necessary for planning interventions in groups vulnerable to unwanted pregnancy. The aim of the following study is to access the awareness, perception and practice of emergency contraception among female undergraduates in Imo State University, South Eastern Nigeria. A questionnaire based cross-sectional survey using female undergraduates selected randomly from Imo State University, Owerri. A total of 700 students participated in the study. Awareness of emergency contraception was very high (85.1%) (596/700). The awareness was significantly higher amongst students in health related faculties than in the non-health related faculties (P = 0.01). The main sources of information were through friends (43.1%) (317/700) and lectures (22.1%) (192/700). High dose progestogen (postinor-2) was the most commonly known type of emergency contraception (70.8%) (422/596). Only 58.1% (346/596) of those who were aware of emergency contraception approved of their use. The major reasons given by the 41.9% (250/596) who disapproved of their use were religious reasons (50.4%) (126/250) and that they were harmful to health (49.2%) (123/250). Two-third (67%) (46 9/700) of the students were sexually active and only 39.9% (187/469) of them used emergency contraception. High dose progestogen (postinor-2) was again the most commonly used method (70.8%) (422/596). The most common situation in which emergency contraception was used was following unprotected sexual intercourse (45.5%) (85/144). Only 34.6% (206/596) of those who were aware of emergency contraception identified correctly the appropriate time interval

  7. Christopher Columbus, Hernando Cortes, and Francisco Pizzaro: A Qualitative Content Analysis Examining Cultural Bias in World History Textbooks (United States)

    Lillejord, Jebadiah Serril


    The purpose of this study is to investigate to what extent contemporary high school world history textbooks portray Christopher Columbus, Hernán Cortés, and Francisco Pizarro within the context of being "sacred," "profane," or someplace in between. To evaluate for existence of content bias this study employed qualitative…

  8. Implementation of Microelectronics Track in Electronics Engineering in a Philippines State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gil B. Barte


    Full Text Available The evolving trends in electronics continuous to attract students to take upElectronics Engineering.However, it also adds to discipline implementation complexities.Institutions of Higher Learning offering this program must adapt to this realities to avoid obsolescence. This paper looked at Batangas State University, in the Philippines,ongoingimplementation of the Microelectronics track under the Electronics Engineering (ECEProgram. It describes the restructuring done to the ECE curriculum to overcome the enormous complexity inherent in microelectronics design and the teaching pedagogy adopted to promote active learning. The ongoing program has produced encouraging outcomes:1students were able to design, and simulate complex gate CMOS circuits using EDA tools, in the four(4 course electives identified for the track; 2 the culture of independent learning among students improvement in students soft skills, communication skills, time-management and teamwork skill,; 3. useof free and web-based tools overcome the issue of high cost of license for EDA tools and seminar/training for continuous upgrading of faculty. Another encouraging outcome was the acceptance of the student-centered teaching approach used, Problem-Based Learning (PBL,in enhancing the students learning experience.

  9. Service design projects sponsored by the Kansas State University Student Chapter of the IEEE EMBS. (United States)

    Griffith, Connor; Gruber, Lucinda; Young, Ethan; Humphrey, Jason; Warren, Steve


    Service projects offer volunteer student organizations a means to generate interest and focus activity outside of the context of the classroom. This paper addresses efforts by the Kansas State University (KSU) Student Chapter of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) to initiate and guide service projects in two primary areas: (1) research to aid persons with disabilities (RAPD) and (2) hands-on efforts to interest young women in the quantitative fields of science and engineering. Three RAPD projects are presented: a computer mouse design that helps to alleviate productivity problems associated with Parkinson's tremors, a battery removal tool for arthritic individuals with limited dexterity, and a wireless door control and communication system to assist mobility-limited individuals. Service projects to garner science and engineering interest in young women are co-sponsored by the KSU Women in Engineering and Science Program (WESP). The most recent activity, entitled 'Vital Signs Shirts,' is presented in this paper, along with a summary of pending interactive laboratories designed to interest participants in engineering as applied to the human body. These service projects encourage IEEE EMBS student chapter members to explore their biomedical engineering interests and make a positive impact in the community.

  10. Mississippi State University Cooling, Heating, and Power (Micro-CHP) and Bio-Fuel Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mago, Pedro [Mississippi State Univ., Mississippi State, MS (United States); Newell, LeLe [Mississippi State Univ., Mississippi State, MS (United States)


    Between 2008 and 2014, the U.S. Department of Energy funded the MSU Micro-CHP and Bio-Fuel Center located at Mississippi State University. The overall objective of this project was to enable micro-CHP (micro-combined heat and power) utilization, to facilitate and promote the use of CHP systems and to educate architects, engineers, and agricultural producers and scientists on the benefits of CHP systems. Therefore, the work of the Center focused on the three areas: CHP system modeling and optimization, outreach, and research. In general, the results obtained from this project demonstrated that CHP systems are attractive because they can provide energy, environmental, and economic benefits. Some of these benefits include the potential to reduce operational cost, carbon dioxide emissions, primary energy consumption, and power reliability during electric grid disruptions. The knowledge disseminated in numerous journal and conference papers from the outcomes of this project is beneficial to engineers, architects, agricultural producers, scientists and the public in general who are interested in CHP technology and applications. In addition, more than 48 graduate students and 23 undergraduate students, benefited from the training and research performed in the MSU Micro-CHP and Bio-Fuel Center.

  11. Final report to DOE: Matching Grant Program for the Penn State University Nuclear Engineering Program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jack S. Brenizer, Jr.


    The DOE/Industry Matching Grant Program is designed to encourage collaborative support for nuclear engineering education as well as research between the nation's nuclear industry and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Despite a serious decline in student enrollments in the 1980s and 1990s, the discipline of nuclear engineering remained important to the advancement of the mission goals of DOE. The program is designed to ensure that academic programs in nuclear engineering are maintained and enhanced in universities throughout the U.S. At Penn State, the Matching Grant Program played a critical role in the survival of the Nuclear Engineering degree programs. Funds were used in a variety of ways to support both undergraduate and graduate students directly. Some of these included providing seed funding for new graduate research initiatives, funding the development of new course materials, supporting new teaching facilities, maintenance and purchase of teaching laboratory equipment, and providing undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, and wage payroll positions for students.

  12. A descriptive analysis of personality and gender at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. (United States)

    Johnson, Stephanie W; Gill, Marjorie S; Grenier, Charles; Taboada, Joseph


    The goals of this study were to explore the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator profile and gender differences of Louisiana State University veterinary students. A 12-year composite sample (N = 935) revealed that the personality profile was different from the published US population norm, but similar to the bimodal ESTJ-ISTJ profile found in Louisiana medical students. Significant gender differences were found among six of the 16 types. A 12-year trend analysis revealed a significant shift away from the prototypical ESTJ-ISTJ profile, culminating in a discernable heterogeneous profile for both males and females in the last four years. Composite scores for the 2004-2007 cohort (N = 331) revealed that the predominant types for women were ENFP, ESFJ, ESTJ, ISFJ, and ISTJ. For men, the predominant types were ESTJ, ESTP, INTP, and ISTJ. Post hoc tests confirmed significant gender differences for ESTP, INTP, ISTP, and ESFJ types. The evidence of significant gender differences and confirmation that personality profiles have begun to vary widely across the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator spectrum in the last four years have implications at the practical and theoretical levels. This could have profound effects on pedagogical considerations for faculty involved in veterinary medical education.

  13. Final Report: An Undergraduate Minor in Wind Energy at Iowa State University

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    James McCalley


    This report describes an undergraduate minor program in wind energy that has been developed at Iowa State University. The minor program targets engineering and meteorology students and was developed to provide interested students with focused technical expertise in wind energy science and engineering, to increase their employability and ultimate effectiveness in this growing industry. The report describes the requirements of the minor program and courses that fulfill those requirements. Five new courses directly addressing wind energy have been developed. Topical descriptions for these five courses are provided in this report. Six industry experts in various aspects of wind energy science and engineering reviewed the wind energy minor program and provided detailed comments on the program structure, the content of the courses, and the employability in the wind energy industry of students who complete the program. The general consensus is that the program is well structured, the course content is highly relevant, and students who complete it will be highly employable in the wind energy industry. The detailed comments of the reviewers are included in the report.

  14. Recent additions to the collection funds of Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University. Perennial ornamental plants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Platonova Elena


    Full Text Available Most important task for the botanical gardens is the introduction of new species, forms and cultivars of useful plants. This study summarizes the results of the first stages of the introduction of 255 species of perennial herbaceous plants new to Karelia in Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University. The seeds of hardy plants (USDA zones 3-4 were received from 97 botanical gardens in the world. Species belong to 27 families. Geographic area of investigated plants covers different regions of Asia-Temperate, Europe and North America. Several species are rare and endangered of habitat within areas of natural distribution. Some species are rarely used in horticultural crops in Russia and are suggest for gardens and parks. Investigated plants will be placed to the following thematic departments of Botanical Garden: "Shadow Garden" - 41 species, "Sunny Garden" - 80 species (22 species of them may be used for the geographic exposure "American prairie", exposure of Arcto-Alpine flora - 86 species, exposure of spicy plants - 16 species etc. The most of species will be perspective to the landscape gardening in Karelia.

  15. Non-traumatic childhood coma in Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, South Eastern Nigeria. (United States)

    Ibekwe, R C; Ibekwe, M U; Onwe, O E; Nnebe-Agumadu, U H; Ibe, B C


    Coma is a medical emergency, and optimal management, especially in a resource-poor setting, would depend on the knowledge of its etiology and predictors of outcome. This communication reviews the etiology and outcome of non-traumatic childhood coma in Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital (EBSUTH), Abakaliki. To determine the incidence, etiology and outcome of non-traumatic coma in children seen at the EBSUTH, Abakaliki. This is a retrospective analysis of records of all children admitted to the children emergency ward of EBSUTH in coma of a non-traumatic origin between 1 st of January and 31 st of December, 2007. Forty children presented with coma out of 673 children admitted during the study period, giving an incidence rate of 5.9%. The majority of the children (62.5%) were aged between 1 and 5 years of age, and 79.5% of them were deeply comatose on admission. Most of the cases (85%) of non-traumatic coma were due to infective causes, mainly cerebral malaria (47.5%), pyogenic meningitis (17.5%) and septicemia (10%). Twenty-four (60%) children recovered while 13 (32.5%) died. Infections were the predominant causes of non-traumatic coma in EBSUTH. In view of the high mortality among this group of patients, efforts at the control of malaria and other infections would significantly reduce the incidence of non-traumatic coma in this study site.

  16. The prevalence of adenoviral conjunctivitis at the Clinical Hospital of the State University of Campinas, Brazil. (United States)

    Pinto, Roberto Damian Pacheco; Lira, Rodrigo Pessoa Cavalcanti; Arieta, Carlos Eduardo Leite; Castro, Rosane Silvestre de; Bonon, Sandra Helena Alves


    Viral conjunctivitis is a common, highly contagious disease that is often caused by an adenovirus. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of adenoviral conjunctivitis by analyzing data from a prospective clinical study of 122 consecutively enrolled patients who were treated at the Clinical Hospital of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) after a clinical diagnosis of infectious conjunctivitis between November 2011 and June 2012. Polymerase chain reaction was used to evaluate all cases of clinically diagnosed infectious conjunctivitis and based on the laboratory findings, the prevalence of adenoviral infections was determined. The incidence of subepithelial corneal infiltrates was also investigated. Of the 122 patients with acute infectious conjunctivitis included, 72 had positive polymerase chain reaction results for adenoviruses and 17 patients developed subepithelial corneal infiltrates (13.93%). The polymerase chain reaction revealed that the prevalence of adenoviral conjunctivitis was 59% in all patients who presented with a clinical diagnosis of infectious conjunctivitis from November 2011 to June 2012. The prevalence of adenoviral conjunctivitis in the study population was similar to its prevalence in other regions of the world.

  17. Plans and Living Practices for the Green Campus of Portland State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yoon Jung Choi


    Full Text Available This study aims to comprehend Portland State University (PSU’s green campus strategies, and students’ level of knowledge and living practices relating to green campus. PSU’s sustainable campus plan has been nationally and internationally recognized. A literature review, field investigation, and interviews were conducted to ascertain the PSU green campus strategies. This study also used a survey to understand students’ level of knowledge and practices. The survey results were analyzed by SPSS. Green campus projects at PSU were operated by official organizations and funded according to PSU’s long term plans in 12 multilateral categories: administration, energy, water, climate action, green buildings, green purchasing, waste reduction and recycling, food and dining services, transportation, land use, action, and education and student activity. The survey results show that the level of students’ understanding about PSU’s green campus strategies was somewhat low, but the amount of practice of a sustainable lifestyle was higher. Students who had taken courses related with sustainability or were engaged in sustainable activities had more knowledge about green campus strategies than students who had not. Therefore, it would be important to focus more on educating students and developing related programs in order to have more positive effects of green campus projects.

  18. Speaking anxiety among Turkish EFL learners: The case at a state university

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gökhan Öztürk


    Full Text Available This study investigated the level, major causes, determining factors of foreign language speaking anxiety and students’ perceptions of it in a Turkish EFL context. Pre-intermediate students (N=383 of an English preparatory program at a state university participated in the study. The data regarding the level of EFL speaking anxiety were collected through a questionnaire, and then, randomly selected participants (N=19 were interviewed to get in-depth data on speaking anxiety. The quantitative data were analyzed through descriptive statistics, and the qualitative data were analyzed via content analysis. Although the results of the quantitative data revealed that students experienced a low level of EFL speaking anxiety, the quantitative data demonstrated that most of the students perceive speaking skill as an anxiety provoking factor. It was also found that pronunciation, immediate questions, fears of making mistakes and negative evaluation are the major causes of EFL speaking anxiety. Finally, the present study puts forward that foreign language speaking anxiety is a separate phenomenon with its own sources, aspects, variables and effects on learners.

  19. A new Masters program in Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting at Colorado State University (United States)

    Conant, R. T.; Ogle, S. M.


    Management guru Peter Drucker said that "what gets measured gets managed." But the unstated implication is that what doesn't get measured doesn't get managed. Accurate quantification of greenhouse gas mitigation efforts is central to the clean technology sector. Very soon professionals of all kinds (business people, accountants, lawyers) will need to understand carbon accounting and crediting. Over the next few decades food production is expected to double and energy production must triple in order to meet growing global demands; sustainable management of land use and agricultural systems will be critical. The food and energy supply challenges are inextricably linked to the challenge of limiting anthropogenic impacts on climate by reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere. To avoid serious disruption of the climate system and stabilize GHG concentrations, society must move aggressively to avoid emissions of CO2, CH4, and N2O and to actively draw down CO2 already in the atmosphere. A new cadre of technically adept professionals is needed to meet these challenges. We describe a new professional Masters degree in greenhouse gas management and accounting at Colorado State University. This effort leverages existing, internationally-recognized expertise from across campus and partners from agencies and industry, enabling students from diverse backgrounds to develop the skills needed to fill this emerging demand.

  20. A new approach to teaching veterinary public health at the Ohio State University. (United States)

    Hoet, Armando E; Caswell, Robert J; DeGraves, Fred J; Rajala-Schultz, Paivi J; Gebreyes, Wondwossen A; Saville, William J A; Wittum, Thomas E


    Public-health practitioners with expertise in the area of veterinary public health are expected to understand the prevention and control of zoonotic infectious diseases in both human and animal populations. This focus on multiple species is what makes the veterinary public health (VPH) official unique. The development of a new VPH specialization within the existing Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program at the Ohio State University represents a significant new collaboration between the College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Public Health. The main objective of the VPH specialization is to educate and train professionals to provide them with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to protect and improve human health using a One Medicine approach. The program targets a population of students who will likely enter the professional veterinary medicine curriculum but have one year available to enhance their preparatory training in health sciences before beginning the program. A core series of VPH courses was initiated to complement the existing MPH course requirements. The program has been successful in attracting students from the primary target population, but it has also attracted students wanting the MPH as a terminal degree and veterinarians returning to school to expand their career options.

  1. Hello, Columbus. (United States)

    Thernstrom, Stephan


    The European invasion five centuries ago exposed a large portion of the globe to the influence of a dynamic civilization that did much to make the modern world what it is. A Harvard history professor considers seven questions for a multicultural exploration of the Columbian Quincentenary. (MLF)

  2. Environmental gamma radiation monitoring around nuclear reactor of Pennsylvania State University; Monitoracao em tempo real dos niveis de radiacao gama nos arredores do reator nuclear da Pennsylvania State University

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Umisedo, Nancy K. [Sao Paulo Univ., SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica; Granlund, Rodger W. [Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA (United States). Helath Physics Office; Jester, William A. [Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park, PA (United States). Dept. of Nuclear Engineering


    The Pennsylvania State University Health Physics Office environmental gamma radiation monitoring with thermoluminescent dosimeters in and around Breazeale Nuclear Reactor is presented. The source of unexpected gamma radiation levels is studied considering that certain locations have high levels which do not seem to be related to the operation of the nuclear reactor 2 refs., 4 figs.

  3. Comparative study of the physical activity level, nutrition state and abdominal obesity in physical education professors from the University Autonomus of Sinaloa and Huelva University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Arturo Hall López


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to compare the prevalence of physical activity level, nutrition state and abdominal obesity in physical education professors from the University Autonomus of Sinaloa (UAS Mexico and Huelva University (UHU Spain, 52 professors were studied, in order to classify the physical activity level the International Physical Activity Questionannaire (IPAQ short version was applied. To determine the nutrition state and abdominal obesity, anthropometric measurements were taken (weight, stature and waist circumference. Resulting whith similar prevalence of high and moderate physical activity, the prevalence of combined overweight and obesity was considerly higher in UAS profesors (90.6% than UHU professors (37.5%, the same way in the prevalence of abdominal obesity 30.6% to 12.5%. The findings of this study shows subjects physically active, but for other side this study shows in both university professors high prevalence of overweight and obesity even higher than their respective people average country. We can conclude that in these subjects efforts should be made to develop nutritions programs to help stem rates of overweight and obesity.

  4. [Oral health state in dentistry students of Medical College, Jagiellonian University in Cracow]. (United States)

    Stypułkowska, Jadwiga; Łyszczarz, Robert; Wichliński, Jarosław; Pawłowska, Katarzyna; Solska-Kuczerek, Aleksandra


    The aim of the study was to analyse the oral health status of the fourth and fifth year dentistry students of Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. The data were collected using the anonymous questionnaire concerning the general health, using medications, dietary habits, smoking and drinking alcohol, present and previous oral complaints and selected health behaviour patterns (follow-up examination of oral cavity, teeth brushing and other hygienic procedures, using dental floss). The oral cavity status was estimated by clinical examination conducted with the use of artificial lighting and basic diagnostic set: dental probe and dental mirror. The data for 120 persons were analysed: 75 (62.5%) fourth year students and 45 (37.5%) fifth year students aged 21-27 years (mean age 23.2). Among the examined persons 84.2% descended from cities and 15.8% from the villages. During the medical review it was stated that among chronic diseases allergies (27.5%) were on the first position, cardio-vascular diseases (8.33%) were on the second and respiratory system diseases were on the third position. The review about smoking and drinking alcohol stated that 71.7% never smoked cigarettes, 10% gave up smoking and 18.3% were daily smokers, 81.7% of students occasionally drink alcohol, mainly beer. The dental history stated that all of examined students (100%) were subjected to teeth caries treatment, 48.7% had endodontic treatment, 38.1% extraction (mainly for orthodontic reasons), 5.9% prosthetic, 3.9% apicoectomy, 0.8% had dental implant. The estimation of oral cavity hygiene (API index) and frequency of decay (DMF index-Decayed Missing Filling) was included in the examination. The mean value of DMF was 13.56, API 22.51 in the whole examined group. The assessment of periodontal tissues was made with the support of treatment needs: 60.0% of examined persons don't need any periodontal treatment, 14.17% need to improve their oral cavity hygiene and 25.83% require

  5. Flood-inundation maps for the Flatrock River at Columbus, Indiana, 2012 (United States)

    Coon, William F.


    Digital flood-inundation maps for a 5-mile reach of the Flatrock River on the western side of Columbus, Indiana, from County Road 400N to the river mouth at the confluence with Driftwood River, were created by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the Indiana Department of Transportation. The inundation maps, which can be accessed through the USGS Flood Inundation Mapping Science Web site at and the Federal Flood Inundation Mapper Web site at, depict estimates of the areal extent and depth of flooding corresponding to selected water levels (stages) at the USGS streamgage on the Flatrock River at Columbus (station number 03363900). Near-real-time stages at this streamgage may be obtained on the Internet from the USGS National Water Information System at or the National Weather Service (NWS) Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service, which also presents the USGS data, at http:/ Flood profiles were computed for the stream reach by means of a one-dimensional step-backwater model. The model was calibrated by using the most current stage-discharge relation at the Flatrock River streamgage, high-water marks that were surveyed following the flood of June 7, 2008, and water-surface profiles from the current flood-insurance study for the City of Columbus. The hydraulic model was then used to compute 12 water-surface profiles for flood stages at 1-foot (ft) intervals referenced to the streamgage datum and ranging from 9 ft or near bankfull to 20 ft, which exceeds the stages that correspond to both the estimated 0.2-percent annual exceedance probability flood (500-year recurrence interval flood) and the maximum recorded peak flow. The simulated water-surface profiles were then combined with a Geographic Information System digital elevation model (derived from Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data having a 0.37 ft

  6. Academic Employees’ perceptions of Work - Life Balance practices: A Case Analysis of Private Universities in Ogun State, Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anthonia Adenike Adeniji


    Full Text Available This study investigates academic employees' perceptions and experiences of work–life balance (WLB in private Universities in Ogun State. A descriptive research design involves in-depth interviews among 129 academic employees in private Universities in Ogun State. Specifically, the main objectives are to critically examine the practices of work-life balance in the Universities. The study assesses the types of WLB policies and practices within the Universities and factors which influence the employee’s perception of work-life balance within the framework of employment relationship in the various Universities in Nigeria. Using spill-over theory, the findings reveal various dimensions in the academic employees' concept of WLB and show that academic employee experience the strain of work intensification and long hours of work. There is a wide gap between corporate WLB practices and the academic employee understanding of WLB. The paper suggests policy implications which would aid the implementation of WLB policies within Private Universities and suggests directions for future research.

  7. Radon emissions from natural gas power plants at The Pennsylvania State University. (United States)

    Stidworthy, Alison G; Davis, Kenneth J; Leavey, Jeff


    Burning natural gas in power plants may emit radon ((222)Rn) into the atmosphere. On the University Park campus of The Pennsylvania State University, atmospheric radon enhancements were measured and modeled in the vicinity of their two power plants. The three-part study first involved measuring ambient outdoor radon concentrations from August 2014 through January 2015 at four sites upwind and downwind of the power plants at distances ranging from 80 m to 310 m. For each plant, one site served as a background site, while three other sites measured radon concentration enhancements downwind. Second, the radon content of natural gas flowing into the power plant was measured, and third, a plume dispersion model was used to predict the radon concentrations downwind of the power plants. These predictions are compared to the measured downwind enhancements in radon to determine whether the observed radon concentration enhancements could be attributed to the power plants' emissions. Atmospheric radon concentrations were consistently low as compared to the EPA action level of 148 Bq m(-3), averaging 34.5 ± 2.7 Bq m(-3) around the East Campus Steam Plant (ECSP) and 31.6 ± 2.7 Bq m(-3) around the West Campus Steam Plant (WCSP). Significant concentrations of radon, ranging from 516 to 1,240 Bq m(-3), were detected in the natural gas. The measured enhancements downwind of the ECSP averaged 6.2 Bq m(-3) compared to modeled enhancements of 0.08 Bq m(-3). Measured enhancements around the WCSP averaged -0.2 Bq m(-3) compared to the modeled enhancements of 0.05 Bq m(-3), which were not significant compared to observational error. The comparison of the measured to modeled downwind radon enhancements shows no correlation over time. The measurements of radon levels in the vicinity of the power plants appear to be unaffected by the emissions from the power plants. Radon measurements at sites surrounding power plants that utilize natural gas did not indicate that the radon concentrations


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Spivakovsky


    Full Text Available The article is concerned with solving development issues of feedback services from students about the education environment in higher educational establishment. Our research conducted at the chair of informatics, software engineering and economic cybernetics of Kherson State University. During 6 years (2009 -2015 at the chair conducts a survey of students about their level of satisfaction of the learning process and teachers’ evaluation by students. As a part of the study surveyed students of 1-4 courses of the chair of informatics, software engineering and economic cybernetics. All respondents were distributed to interested and disinterested in the survey. Implementation of service "KSU Feedback" at Kherson State University in the chair of informatics, software engineering and economic cybernetics positively influenced on the creation of education environment where university acts as the corporation of students servicing.

  9. A Case Study of Two Regional State Universities Qualifying as Learning Organizations Based on Administration and Staff Viewpoints (United States)

    Rich, Tammy Morrison


    This case study of 2 state universities qualifying as learning organizations, based on administration and staff viewpoints, was completed using a qualitative methodology. The idea of what a learning organization is can be different depending on who or what is being analyzed. For this study, the work of theorists including W. Edwards Deming,…

  10. Emerging and Disruptive Technologies for Education: An Analysis of Planning, Implementation, and Diffusion in Florida's Eleven State University System Institutions (United States)

    Bradford, Deborah J.


    The purpose of the study was to understand and appreciate the methodologies and procedures used in determining the extent to which an information technology (IT) organization within the eleven member State University Systems (SUS) of Florida planned, implemented, and diffused emerging educational technologies. Key findings found how critical it…

  11. Impact of Cloud Services on Students' Attitude towards Mathematics Education in Public Universities in Benue State, Nigeria (United States)

    Iji, Clement Onwu; Abah, Joshua Abah; Anyor, Joseph Wuave


    This study focused on the impact of cloud services on students' attitude towards mathematics education in public universities in Benue State, Nigeria. Ex-post facto research design was adopted for the study. The instrument for the study is the researcher-developed Cloud Service Impact Questionnaire--CSIQ (Cronbach Alpha Coefficient = 0.92). The…

  12. Practical Adjustment to Life in the United States: Interviews with Incoming Japanese Students at an American University. (United States)

    Kitao, Kenji

    To expand on previous studies of the difficulties encountered by Japanese students in the United States, 20 newly-arrived Japanese university students were interviewed about ten areas of daily life: nonverbal communication, money, time, systems of measurement, clothes, education, transportation, communication, manners, and getting acquainted with…

  13. Library Service Enhancement Program, F.W. Crumb Memorial Library, State University College, Potsdam, New York. Final Report. (United States)

    Dittmar, Jeanne

    The integration of library instruction within established courses offered by academic departments at the State University College at Potsdam is discussed. A report of the year's activities, which are funded by a grant from the Council on Library Resources, is followed by the library director's assessment of staff skills required for program…

  14. Selected Financial Management Practices of the State University of New York College at Potsdam. Report 97-S-54. (United States)

    Barber, Jerry

    An audit was conducted of the State University of New York (SUNY) College at Potsdam, evaluating controls over access to student accounts and the collection of revenue at remote sites for fiscal year 1997-98. The objectives of the financial-related audit were to determine whether SUNY's controls over access to student accounts were adequate enough…

  15. 75 FR 8741 - Notice of Intent to Repatriate Cultural Items: Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX (United States)


    ..., under a sub-contract with the Historic Preservation Program of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma, which was under contract with Stephen F. Austin State University. In 1957, 15 cultural items were removed from a..., three ceramic vessels were removed from a single shovel test at site 41SY83 (unnamed site), in Shelby...

  16. Leadership in Higher Education: An Analysis of the Leadership Styles of Academic Deans in Ohio's 13 State-Supported Universities (United States)

    Thrash, Alberta B.


    The role of academic deans is critical to the success of higher education academic institutions. However, little is known about the leadership styles of these chief academic officers. This study illustrated the leadership approach of Ohio's academic deans in the 13 state-supported universities. This quantitative study researched and analyzed…

  17. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Their Relation to Academic Results Indicators in State Public Universities in Mexico (United States)

    Arcos-Vega, José L.; Ramiro Marentes, Fabiola; Algravez Uranga, Juan J.


    We present an analysis regarding Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their relation with indicators of academic results in bachelor's degree programs offered in state public universities in Mexico. This work is non experimental, cross-sectional, and correlational. The goal is to determine significant relations between variables:…

  18. The Florida State University's Learning District: A Case Study of an Academic Library-Run Peer Tutoring Program (United States)

    Demeter, Michelle


    In March 2010, the first floor of the main library at The Florida State University was renovated as a learning commons. With this change in design, all tutoring that existed throughout the library was moved into the commons. The crown jewel of these programs is the library's in-house, late-night peer tutoring program that has seen incredible…

  19. New Prof Omeje Pornography Addiction as Correlate of Psychosocial and Academic Adjustment of Students in Universities in Lagos State (United States)

    Ohuakanwa, Chijioke Ephraim; Omeje, Joachim Chinweike; Eskay, Michael


    The study sought to investigate the relationship between pornography addiction and psychosocial and academic adjustment of students in universities in Lagos State. In order to achieve this objective, five research questions were formulated and two hypotheses postulated. The subjects for the study consisted of 616 full-time third-year undergraduate…

  20. Instruction in Specialized Braille Codes, Abacus, and Tactile Graphics at Universities in the United States and Canada (United States)

    Rosenblum, L. Penny; Smith, Derrick


    Introduction: This study gathered data on methods and materials that are used to teach the Nemeth braille code, computer braille, foreign-language braille, and music braille in 26 university programs in the United States and Canada that prepare teachers of students with visual impairments. Information about instruction in the abacus and the…

  1. The studing of the Battle of Stalingrad and the restoration of Stalingrad at the Volgograd State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redkina Olga Yuryevna


    Full Text Available The contribution of historians of Volgograd State University to studying of the history of the Battle of Stalingrad and restoration of Stalingrad is considered in the article: forming of the scientific schools, publication of monographs and collections of documents; holding of conferences, scientific work on the basis of the Museum of cadet regiments of VolSU.

  2. Error Management Practices Interacting with National and Organizational Culture: The Case of Two State University Departments in Turkey (United States)

    Göktürk, Söheyda; Bozoglu, Oguzhan; Günçavdi, Gizem


    Purpose: Elements of national and organizational cultures can contribute much to the success of error management in organizations. Accordingly, this study aims to consider how errors were approached in two state university departments in Turkey in relation to their specific organizational and national cultures. Design/methodology/approach: The…

  3. Internet Technology-Based Projects in Learning and Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Yakutsk State University (United States)

    Zamorshchikova, Lena; Egorova, Olga; Popova, Marina


    This paper discusses recent uses of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in fostering Internet-based projects for learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at the Faculty of Foreign Languages in Yakutsk State University, Russia. It covers the authors' experiences integrating distance education and creating educational resources…

  4. Certified organic farming research and demonstration project by Oklahoma State University and USDA's Agricultural Research Service at Lane, Oklahoma (United States)

    In 2003, Oklahoma State University and USDA, Agricultural Research Service, South Central Agricultural Research Laboratory received organic certification for 8 acres at the Lane Agricultural Center, Lane, OK. The certified organic land was used to develop a cooperative project with a diversity of a...

  5. 76 FR 28068 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Utah State University/College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum... (United States)


    ... Prehistoric Museum, Price, UT AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. ] Notice is here given... control of the Utah State University/College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, Price, UT. The human... NAGPRA, 25 U.S.C. 3003(d)(3). The determinations in this notice are the sole responsibility of the museum...

  6. Effects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Nigerian Educational System: A Case Study of Kogi State University, Anyigba (United States)

    Baba, Pauline A.; Odiba, Isaac A.


    This research paper examines the effects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Nigerian educational system with a focus on Kogi State University (KSU), Anyigba. The study employed the survey method, choosing 40 academic staff, five library staff, 5 management staff and 250 students randomly from the seven (7) faculties at KSU. A…

  7. Florida State University Receives EPA Funding to Improve Understanding of the Effects of Climate Change on Indoor Air Quality (United States)

    ATLANTA - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced that Florida State University in Tallahassee, Fla. has received a $500,000 grant to improve understanding of the effects of climate change on indoor air quality. The grant is a

  8. The Relationship between Sexist Naming Practices and Athletic Opportunities at Colleges and Universities in the Southern United States (United States)

    Pelak, Cynthia Fabrizio


    This research examines the phenomenon of sexist naming of women's athletic teams at four-year colleges and universities in the southern United States. Drawing on theoretical and methodological insights from feminist scholarship on gender and sports, gendered language, and intersecting systems of race and gender inequalities, the author analyzes…

  9. Online Community-Based Learning as the Practice of Freedom: The Online Capstone Experience at Portland State University (United States)

    Arthur, Deborah Smith; Newton-Calvert, Zapoura


    Given the design of Portland State University's (PSU) undergraduate curriculum culminating in a capstone experience, the dramatic growth in online courses and online enrollments required a re-thinking of the capstone model to ensure all students could participate in this effective learning model and have a powerful learning experience. In recent…

  10. GTA Preparation as a Model for Cross-Tier Collaboration at North Carolina State University: A Program Profile (United States)

    Fedukovich, Casie; Hall, Megan


    This program profile describes recent changes to the process for preparing graduate teaching instructors (GTAs) in North Carolina State University's first-year writing program. The authors--one a nontenure-track faculty member and the other a tenure-track faculty member--describe the philosophical, ethical, and practical concerns in scaling…

  11. Properties of the quantum universe in quasistationary states and cosmological puzzles


    Kuzmichev, V. E.; Kuzmichev, V. V.


    Old and new puzzles of cosmology are reexamined from the point of view of quantum theory of the universe developed here. It is shown that in proposed approach the difficulties of the standard cosmology do not arise. The theory predicts the observed dimensions of nonhomogeneities of matter density and the amplitude of fluctuations of the cosmic background radiation temperature in the Universe and points to a new quantum mechanism of their origin. The large scale structure in the Universe is ex...

  12. EMATS, a robot-based equipment manipulation and transportation system for the columbus free flying laboratory (United States)

    Putz, P.; Colombina, G.; De Peuter, W.


    This paper describes the concept for a robot-based Equipment Manipulation and Transportation System (EMATS) for the Columbus Free Flying Laboratory developed under ESA contract by a study team headed by Dornier. EMATS could not only automatically provide the greater part of the payload facility handling and logistics functions during the unmanned microgravity periods, but also perform unmanned servicing operations in conjunction with various logistics vehicles concepts and assist the crew during manned servicing from the Space Station Freedom and from Hermes. To that end, a variety of telerobotics features are foreseen such as teleoperation and supervised automatic operation from ground or from a small control station aboard the Free Flyer, Hermes, or the Space Station Freedom. The paper summarizes the overall EMATS architecture and illustrates the flexibility of the concept by results from computer graphics simulations.

  13. "Fort Valley State University Cooperative Developmental Energy Program: Broadening the Participation of Underrepresented Minorities in the Geosciences" (United States)

    Crumbly, I.; Hodges, J.; Kar, A.; Rashidi, L.


    According to the American Geological Institute's Status of Recent Geoscience Graduates, 2014, underrepresented minorities (URMs) make up only 7%, 5%, and 2% of graduates at the BS/BA, MA/MS, and Ph.D levels, respectively. Recruiting academically-talented URMs to major in the geosciences instead of majoring in other fields such as medicine, law, business, or engineering is a major undertaking. Numerous factors may contribute as to why few URMs choose geoscience careers. To address the underrepresentation of URMs in the geosciences 1992, the Cooperative Developmental Energy Program (CDEP) of Fort Valley State University (FVSU) and the College of Geosciences at the University of Oklahoma (OU) implemented a 3 + 2 dual degree program specifically in geology and geophysics. Since 1992, FVSU-CDEP has added the University of Texas at Austin (2004), Pennsylvania State University (2005), University of Arkansas (2010), and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (2015) as partners to offer degrees in geology and geophysics. The dual degree programs consist of students majoring in chemistry or mathematics at FVSU for the first three years and transferring to one of the above partnering universities for years four and five to major in geology or geophysics. Upon completion of the program, students receive a BS degree in chemistry or mathematics from FVSU and a BS degree in geology or geophysics from a partnering university. CDEP has been responsible for recruiting 33 URMs who have earned BS degrees in geology or geophysics. Females constitute 50% of the graduates which is higher than the national average. Also, 56% of these graduates have earned the MS degree and 6% have earned the Ph.D. Currently, 60% of these graduates are employed with oil and gas companies; 20% work for academia; 12% work for governmental agencies; 6 % are professionals with environmental firms; and 2% of the graduate's employment is unknown.

  14. Charging Electric Vehicles in Smart Cities: An EVI-Pro Analysis of Columbus, Ohio

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wood, Eric W [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Rames, Clement L [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Muratori, Matteo [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Srinivasa Raghavan, Sesha [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Young, Stanley E [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)


    With the support of the U.S. Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) worked with the City of Columbus, Ohio, to develop a plan for the expansion of the region's network of charging stations to support increased adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in the local market. NREL's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projection (EVI-Pro) model was used to generate scenarios of regional charging infrastructure to support consumer PEV adoption. Results indicate that approximately 400 Level 2 plugs at multi-unit dwellings and 350 Level 2 plugs at non-residential locations are required to support Columbus' primary PEV goal of 5,300 PEVs on the road by the end of 2019. This analysis finds that while consumer demand for fast charging is expected to remain low (due to modest anticipated adoption of short-range battery electric vehicles), a minimum level of fast charging coverage across the city is required to ease consumer range anxiety concerns by providing a safety net for unexpected charging events. Sensitivity analyses around some key assumptions have also been performed; of these, consumer preference for PHEV versus BEV and for their electric driving range, ambient conditions, and availability of residential charging at multi-unit dwellings were identified as key determinants of the non-residential PEV charging infrastructure required to support PEV adoption. The results discussed in this report can be leveraged by similar U.S. cities as part of a strategy to accelerate PEV adoption in the light-duty vehicle market.

  15. Case Study for the ARRA-Funded Ground Source Heat Pump Demonstration at Ball State University

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Im, Piljae [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Liu, Xiaobing [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Henderson, Jr., Hugh [CDH Energy Corp., Beijing (China)


    With funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), 26 ground-source heat pump (GSHP) projects were competitively selected in 2009 to demonstrate the benefits of GSHP systems and innovative technologies for cost reduction and/or performance improvement. One of the selected demonstration projects is a district central GSHP system installed at Ball State University (BSU) in Muncie, IN. Prior to implementing the district GSHP system, 47 major buildings in BSU were served by a central steam plant with four coal-fired and three natural-gas-fired steam boilers. Cooling was provided by five water-cooled centrifugal chillers at the District Energy Station South (DESS). The new district GSHP system replaced the existing coal-fired steam boilers and conventional water-cooled chillers. It uses ground-coupled heat recovery (HR) chillers to meet the simultaneous heating and cooling demands of the campus. The actual performance of the GSHP system was analyzed based on available measured data from August 2015 through July 2016, construction drawings, maintenance records, personal communications, and construction costs. Since Phase 1 was funded in part by the ARRA grant, it is the focus of this case study. The annual energy consumption of the GSHP system was calculated based on the available measured data and other related information. It was compared with the performance of a baseline scenario— a conventional water-cooled chiller and natural-gas-fired boiler system, both of which meet the minimum energy efficiencies allowed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE 90.1-2013). The comparison was made to determine source energy savings, energy cost savings, and CO2 emission reductions achieved by the GSHP system. A cost analysis was performed to evaluate the simple payback of the GSHP system. The following sections summarize the results of the analysis, the lessons learned, and recommendations for improvement

  16. A microtomography beamline at the Louisiana State University Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices synchrotron (United States)

    Ham, Kyungmin; Jin, Hua; Butler, Leslie G.; Kurtz, Richard L.


    A microtomography beamline has been recently assembled and is currently operating at the Louisiana State University's Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices synchrotron (CAMD). It has been installed on a bending magnet white-light beamline at port 7A. With the storage ring operating at 1.5 GeV, this beamline has a maximum usable x-ray energy of ˜15 keV. The instrumentation consists of computer-controlled positioning stages for alignment and rotation, a CsI(Tl) phosphor screen, a reflecting mirror, a microscope objective (1:1, 1:4), and Linux/LabVIEW-controlled charge coupled device. With the 1:4 objective, the maximum spatial resolution is 2.25 μm. The positioning and image acquisition computers communicate via transfer control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP). A small G4/Linux cluster has been installed for the purpose of on-site reconstruction. Instrument, alignment and reconstruction programs are written in MATLAB, IDL, and C. The applications to date are many and we present several examples. Several biological samples have been studied as part of an effort on biological visualization and computation. Future improvements to this microtomography station include the addition of a double-multilayer monochromator, allowing one to evaluate the three-dimensional elemental composition of materials. Plans also include eventual installation at the CAMD 7 T wiggler beamline, providing x rays in excess of 50 keV to provide better penetration of higher mass-density materials.

  17. Development of a Centralized Human Resource Information System of Cavite State University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeffrey F. Papa


    Full Text Available This study focused in the automation and improvement of the Human Resource services. This includes managing of employees’ records, facilitating requests and processing of leave credits in accordance to the Civil Service Commission (CSC rules and regulation, tracking the employees' performance and skills, generating reports needed, and analyzing of employee information that will help in the decision making. This also includes attendance monitoring using biometrics, calculation of tardiness and absences of employees, and processing and printing of payroll. The system is developed using Visual Basic.Net, as the main programming language, SQL Server 2008 for back end database, MS Word and MS Excel for all needed reports. Two (2 units of computers that served as server and client, network devices and finger print biometric scanner completed the set-up of the developed system. The developed system consists of three (3 major application software or modules such as the Human Resource Information System, the Fingerprint Attendance System and the Payroll Alert System. The Human Resource Information System is used in the processing of employee records of the HR office. The Fingerprint Attendance System is used for getting the employee’s time-in and time-out for their attendance. The Payroll Alert System is used in notifying the accounting staff to generate the payroll on time. Test results based on efficiency in terms of CPU and memory usage, processing speed and accuracy of data, and consistency of outputs turned out favorable to the system. Forty respondents composed of faculty and administrative personnel of Cavite State University rated the system as “Excellent” with an overall mean of 4.73. It signifies that the developed system is acceptable and functions according to its preferred specifications.

  18. Embryo Development of Tree Frog Polypedates leucomystax at Campus of State University of Malang

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Tree frogs live in natural places which are unpolluted. Regarding their role as an ecological indicator, the decrease of frogs population in a particular habitat indicates the danger of environment quality decrease. Moreover, this condition can harm the frogs themselves. All kinds of frogs breed in aqueous environment such as ponds, marshes, and farming fields. One of the tree frogs, Polypedates leucomystax, which belongs to Familia Rachophoridae, is widely spread in Indonesia. This frog has yellowish brown skin with black spots or six lines extending from head to the posterior tip of body. A breeding couple of the frog produces foam nests on the water or plants around water body, where they will nest their fertilized eggs. This species produces over a hundred embryos in one spawning season. These embryos require appropriate conditions to develop normally in the nature. Frog embryo development may becomes a reference to understand how the frog population survives. This study focused on P. leucomystax with regards to its decrease in number due to the drying up of the environment and a lot lost of trees in Campus of State University of Malang. The development of P. leucomystax embryos in the reproduction foam was observed until it reached a tadpole stage. The result showed that the embryos developed in the foam until they hatched then they move out of the foam into the water under which they would continue their development. Considering that water body is a critical requirement for the development of P. leucomystax embryos, it is our responsibility to make any efforts to conserve not only the trees but also any type of water bodies including ponds, marshes, and farming fields as well.

  19. A New Antarctic Field Course for Undergraduates at Michigan State University (United States)

    Tweedie, C. E.; Hesse, J.; Hollister, R. D.; Roberts, P.; Wilson, J.; Wilson, M. I.; Webber, P. J.


    Field courses in remote and extreme environments immerse students in new and unfamiliar cultural and environmental settings where the impact from learning is high and the conventional wisdom, mindsets, and life skills of students are challenged. Through the Office of Study Abroad at Michigan State University (MSU), a new field course for undergraduates entitled `Studies in Antarctic System Science' embraces these principles. The three week, 6 credit course will be convened for the first time during the 2003-04 austral summer and will feature field based activities and classroom sessions beginning in Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. The defining experience of the program will be a cruise of the Antarctic Peninsula on a tourist ship partnered to the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO). This cruise will include landings on a daily basis at various sites of interest and international research stations en route. In 2003-04, the course will comprise 20 students and three faculty members from MSU. The non-major course curriculum has been compiled from materials based on original research by program faculty, relevant literature, information obtained directly from the international research community, and the Antarctic tourist industry. Subject areas will span multiple disciplines including palaeohistory and ecology, oceanography, climatology, geology and glaciology, marine, terrestrial and aerobiology, early exploration, policy and management, and the potential impacts from climate change and humans. It is intended that the course be repeated on an annual basis and that the curriculum be expanded to include greater coverage of ongoing research activities, especially NSF funded research. We welcome contact and feedback from educators and scientists interested in this endeavor, especially those who would like to broaden the impact of their own education interests or research by offering materials that could enhance the curriculum of the course

  20. Workplace Performance of Hotel and Restaurant Management Interns of West Visayas State University, Calinog Iloilo, Philippines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raymund B. Moreno, Ma. Nellie L. Mapa


    Full Text Available This study aimed to examine the workplace performance of Hotel and Restaurant Management practicum students of West Visayas State University – Calinog Campus as perceived by the interns’ themselves and the supervisors in different hospitality establishments in Iloilo City where students were deployed for on-the-job training in relation to industry-site internship / practicum program for academic year 2013-2014.The result of the study serves as the basis for designing a proposed education or training program in enhancing the workplace performance of Hotel and Restaurant Management Students. The study surveyed 35 practicum students and 23 supervisors in different hospitality establishments in Iloilo City using survey questionnaire based from Competency Standards for hospitality related courses of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED Memorandum Order No.30 series of 2006. Findings revealed that both supervisor and student respondents agreed on the satisfactory performance of the interns in terms of Higher Order Thinking Skills and very satisfactory rating on Personal Qualities . With regard to the Basic Skills (e.g., numerical computation, oral and written communications, the students rated themselves Very Satisfactory while supervisors gave a Satisfactory rating. The same Very Satisfactory performance rating was achieved on Professional Competencies by both respondents. Of the five common competencies, Interpersonal and Technological skills of the interns were rated very satisfactory by both respondents on Interpersonal Skills and on Technological Skills. Also the same satisfactory rating was given on Information skills by both the supervisor and interns. Whereas for the Resources Skills, the interns rated themselves Very Satisfactory rating while the supervisors rated them Satisfactory. It is recommended to continue the review and upgrade industry training in the curriculum and consistently redefine the curricular focus to meet the