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  1. c p chaudhari

    C P CHAUDHARI. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 41 Issue 1 February 2018 pp 24. A logical explanation of structurally unfit X-ray diffraction peaks in nanoferroelectrics · C M DUDHE B K SAKHARE S S PANCHBHAI S J KHAMBADKAR N V DHOKE C P CHAUDHARI U A PALIKUNDWAR.

  2. Shaukat links economic development with scientific education


    Speaking at a physics award ceremony, Federal Minister for Finance, Shaukat Aziz, stated that Muslims Scientists have made tremendous contributions to the progress of different fields of science and in many cases Western scientists just upgraded this work (1 page).

  3. Dr. Praveen Chaudhari named director of Brookhaven National Laboratory


    "Brookhaven Science Associates announced today the selection of Dr. Praveen Chaudhari as Director of the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory. Dr. Chaudhari, who will begin his new duties on April 1, joins Brookhaven Lab after 36 years of distinguished service at IBM as a scientist and senior manager of research" (1 page).

  4. Hospital-Based Cancer Profile at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Lahore, Pakistan

    Badar, F.; Mahmood, S.


    Objective: To determine a frequency distribution of the type and clinical profile of cancer cases registered at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH and RC). Study Design: A retrospective, observational study. Place and Duration of Study: The SKMCH and RC, Lahore, from December 1994 to December 2012. Methodology: The time period taken into consideration for the three most common diagnoses was December 1994 - December 2012. Summaries were obtained for gender, age-group, and cancer type on: (i) all age-groups, both genders combined; (ii) adults (> 18 years); (iii) adult males (> 18 years); (iv) adult females (> 18 years); and (v) children (18 years). For a subset of cases registered between January 2004 to December 31, 2012 (9 years), summaries on cancers, age, addiction, family history, disease stage, and grade were obtained for the above groups. Statistical Package for Social Sciences, version 19, was used to analyze the data. Results: The most common malignancies, for the 18-year time period, among adults, were those of breast (11,848/ 49,765, 23.81%), lip and oral cavity (3, 291/49, 765, 6.61%), and liver and intrahepatic bile ducts (2, 836/49, 765, 5.70%). Conclusion: Hospital-based results obtained from various oncology hospital and departments, can be considered as an effective way forward in getting a preview of cancer burden in the region. (author)

  5. RICCI and matter collineations of som-roy chaudhary symmetric space time

    Ramzan, M.; Ahmed, Y.; Mufti, M.


    This paper is devoted to explore the RICCI and MCs (Matter Collineations of the Som-Ray Chaudhary spacetime. The spacetime under consideration is one of the spatially homogeneous and rotating spacetimes. Collineations are the some kinds of the Lie symmetries. To discuss the required collineations we have used the RICCI and energy momentum tensors. As the RICCI tensor is formulated from the metric tensor, it must possess its symmetries. RCs (RICCI Collineations) leads to conservation laws. On the other hand for the distribution of matter in the spacetimes, the symmetries of energy momentum tensor or MCs provides conservation laws on matter field. Throughout this paper, these collineations are discussed by vanishing Lie derivative of RICCI and energy momentum tensors respectively. Complete solution of the RCs and MCs equations, which are formed in the result of vanishing Lie derivative are explored. Studying all these collineations in the said spacetime, it has been shown that RCs of the spacetime form an infinite dimensional vector space where as MCs are Killing vector fields. (author)

  6. New ALI and its relevant factors

    Zhou Yongzeng; Wang Jiadong


    ALI is secondary limit. The method of calculating ALI, changes of some parameters used in calculation of ALI and their influences on ALI were discussed. A comparison between old and new ALI was made. The most part of the ratios of old ALI/new ALI (about 75%) ranges from 2 to 4. Reduction of annual dose limit from 50 mSv to 20 mSv seems to be the main reason causing reduction of values of new ALI

  7. The applicability of the Centeno, Chaudhary and Lopez repair time standard methodology in a rail maintenance environment

    Rommelspacher, Karl Otto


    Full Text Available The establishment of labour standards within a production environment has become common practice, and is receiving growing recognition in the maintenance environment. However, the application of labour standards in a transit maintenance organisation has received limited attention. Centeno, Chaudhary and Lopez have developed a repair time standard methodology that has been applied in the transit bus maintenance facilities of three agencies in central Florida in the USA. An investigation into the applicability of this methodology in a rail maintenance environment in South Africa forms the basis for this study.

  8. AliPDU Package Upgrade

    "Martin, Michael


    "AliPDU Package" is a set of script, panels, and datapoints designed in WinCC to manage and monitor PDU's. PDU is an essential component in the data center, in order to make data center working properly through the monitoring of power distribution and environmental condition of the data center. In this project "AliPDU Package" is upgraded so it can be used to monitor environmental condition of data center using PDU's and external environmental sensor connected to PDU.

  9. AliPDU Package Upgrade

    Martin, Michael


    AliPDU Package is a set of script, panels, and datapoints designed in WinCC to manage and monitor PDU's. PDU is an essential component in the data center, in order to make data center working properly through the monitoring of power distribution and environmental condition of the data center. In this project "AliPDU Package" is upgraded so it can be used to monitor environmental condition of data center using PDU's and external environmental sensor connected to PDU.

  10. Ali, Dr Moizuddin Abdul Salim

    ... Section: Animal Sciences. Ali, Dr Moizuddin Abdul Salim D.Sc. (Andhra), D.Sc. (h.c.), FNA. Date of birth: 12 November 1896. Date of death: 20 June 1987. Specialization: Ecology, Zoogeography, Nature Conservation, Ornithology Last known address: No. 46, Pali Hill, Bombay 400 050. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog ...

  11. Chaudhari, Prof. Raghunath Vitthal

    Specialization: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis, Biomass Conversion; Multiphase Reactors, Chemical Reaction Engineering and Kinetics & Mechanism Address: Deane E Ackers Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, CEBC, The University of Kansas, 1501, Wakarusa Dr ...

  12. AliEn - EDG Interoperability in ALICE

    Bagnasco, S; Buncic, P; Carminati, F; Cerello, P G; Saiz, P


    AliEn (ALICE Environment) is a GRID-like system for large scale job submission and distributed data management developed and used in the context of ALICE, the CERN LHC heavy-ion experiment. With the aim of exploiting upcoming Grid resources to run AliEn-managed jobs and store the produced data, the problem of AliEn-EDG interoperability was addressed and an in-terface was designed. One or more EDG (European Data Grid) User Interface machines run the AliEn software suite (Cluster Monitor, Storage Element and Computing Element), and act as interface nodes between the systems. An EDG Resource Broker is seen by the AliEn server as a single Computing Element, while the EDG storage is seen by AliEn as a single, large Storage Element; files produced in EDG sites are registered in both the EDG Replica Catalogue and in the AliEn Data Catalogue, thus ensuring accessibility from both worlds. In fact, both registrations are required: the AliEn one is used for the data management, the EDG one to guarantee the integrity and...

  13. An interview with Ali M. Ahad

    Zoppi, Marco


    , and on questions of migration and integration. He is the author of the book “Somali Oral Poetry and the Failed She-Camel Nation State: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Deelley Poetry Debate (1979-1980)”, published in 2015. Ali is also an eminent voice of Italian post-colonial studies: his “I peccati storici...... del colonialismo” is a must-read for those interested in understanding the legacy of Italian colonialism in Somalia. Marco Zoppi has conducted this interview for, and wishes to thank Ali M. Ahad for his kind availability....

  14. AliEnFS - a Linux File System for the AliEn Grid Services

    Peters, Andreas J.; Saiz, P.; Buncic, P.


    Among the services offered by the AliEn (ALICE Environment Grid framework there is a virtual file catalogue to allow transparent access to distributed data-sets using various file transfer protocols. $alienfs$ (AliEn File System) integrates the AliEn file catalogue as a new file system type into the Linux kernel using LUFS, a hybrid user space file system framework (Open Source LUFS uses a special kernel interface level called VFS (Virtual F...

  15. Muhammad Ali: parel voor de sport en de mensheid

    Jan de Leeuw


    Begin juni 2016 overleed Muhammad Ali, volgens velen de grootste sportman allertijden. De betekenis van Ali voor de sport is groot geweest. Maar zijn betekenis voor de mensheid is nog groter. Ali stond voor de idealen van gelijkheid, rechtvaardigheid, vrijheid en vrede. Hij staat op een lijn met

  16. Experimental investigation of the Al-Y phase diagram

    Liu Shuhong; Du Yong; Xu Honghui; He Cuiyun; Schuster, Julius C.


    The Al-Y phase diagram has been reinvestigated with 16 key alloys over its whole composition range by means of differential thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive X-ray techniques. The existence of five intermetallic phases, Al 3 Y, Al 2 Y, AlY, Al 2 Y 3 , and AlY 2 , has been confirmed. Al 2 Y and Al 2 Y 3 melt congruently at 1490 ± 2 and 1105 ± 2 deg. C, respectively. Al 3 Y, AlY, and AlY 2 are formed via the peritectic reactions L + Al 2 Y ↔ Al 3 Y at 980 ± 2 deg. C, L + Al 2 Y ↔ AlY at 1138 ± 2 deg. C, and L + Al 2 Y 3 ↔ AlY 2 at 977 ± 2 deg. C, respectively. Three eutectic reactions L ↔ (Al) + Al 3 Y at 637 ± 2 deg. C, L ↔ AlY + Al 2 Y 3 at 1081 ± 2 deg. C, and L ↔ AlY 2 + (αY) at 955 ± 2 deg. C , are observed. The previously reported Al 3 Y 5 , AlY 3 compounds were not found. A revised Al-Y phase diagram is presented mainly based on the present experimental results

  17. Muhammad Ali, um outsider na sociedade americana?

    Flávio Py Mariante Neto


    Full Text Available O estudo analisa a carreira do boxeador Muhammad Ali segundo as formulações sobre as relações de poder em configurações apresentadas por Norbert Elias. O propósito foi compreender como um atleta que foi contra questões tão profundas da sociedade estabelecida obteve sucesso profissional. Tratou-se de um estudo documental, tendo como fonte livros, artigos e reportagens publicadas sobre a trajetória do lutador. Concluiu-se que apesar de Ali ter se posicionado contra padrões estabelecidos de sua época em questões como a religião, o racismo e o patriotismo, a sua habilidade técnica acima da média, o seu poder de autopromoção e a sua capacidade de participar do jogo no contexto configuracional de que fazia parte, lhe deram condições de sobrevivência no mundo do boxe e conseqüente sucesso profissional.

  18. Analysis list: aly-2 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available aly-2 Larvae + ce10 ...

  19. 03 Chaudhari WEB 02.pmd


    novel, The Slave Book by Rayda Jacobs, short stories in Drie Wêrelde [“Three Worlds”] by I. D. du Plessis and the poem, “Ons .... nie die reg gehad om te trou nie, hoewel hul wel kon saambly; hulle het nie reg tot beheer oor hul eie ..... wêreld—”baie ver van hier”—gelê: “Maar iewers lank gelede / baie ver van hier / het.

  20. Remembering for tomorrow: Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb.

    Salih, Mustafa Abdalla M


    This is a highlight of the obituary ceremony in tribute to Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb (1910 - 1973), organized by the Medical Students Association of the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Khartoum (U of K). Professor Haseeb has been the first Sudanese Professor and first Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. He was an outstanding humane teacher, mentor and researcher, and was awarded the international Dr. Shousha Foundation Prize and Medal by the WHO. He was also an active citizen in public life and became Mayor of Omdurman City. The obituary ceremony reflected the feelings of the medical community and included speeches by Professor Abdalla El Tayeb, President of U of K; the Dean, Faculty of Medicine; the Late Professor Haseeb's colleagues and students, His family representative, and an elegy poem.

  1. Characterization of ALD grown TixAlyN and TixAlyC thin films

    Kinnunen, S. A.; Malm, J.; Arstila, K.; Lahtinen, M.; Sajavaara, T.


    Atomic layer deposition (ALD) was used to grow TixAlyN and TixAlyC thin films using trimethylaluminum (TMA), titanium tetrachloride and ammonia as precursors. Deposition temperature was varied between 325 °C and 500 °C. Films were also annealed in vacuum and N2-atmosphere at 600-1000 °C. Wide range of characterization methods was used including time-of-flight elastic recoil detection analysis (ToF-ERDA), X-ray diffractometry (XRD), X-ray reflectometry (XRR), Raman spectroscopy, ellipsometry, helium ion microscopy (HIM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and 4-point probe measurement for resistivity. Deposited films were roughly 100 nm thick and contained mainly desired elements. Carbon, chlorine and hydrogen were found to be the main impurities.

  2. AliEn: ALICE environment on the GRID

    Bagnasco, S; Betev, L; Buncic, P; Carminati, F; Cirstoiu, C; Grigoras, C; Hayrapetyan, A; Harutyunyan, A; Peters, A J; Saiz, P


    Starting from mid-2008, the ALICE detector at CERN LHC will collect data at a rate of 4PB per year. ALICE will use exclusively distributed Grid resources to store, process and analyse this data. The top-level management of the Grid resources is done through the AliEn (ALICE Environment) system, which is in continuous development since year 2000. AliEn presents several original solutions, which have shown their viability in a number of large exercises of increasing complexity called Data Challenges. This paper describes the AliEn architecture: Job Management, Data Management and UI. The current status of AliEn will be illustrated, as well as the performance of the system during the data challenges. The paper also describes the future AliEn development roadmap

  3. AliEn: ALICE Environment on the GRID

    Bagnasco, S; Buncic, P; Carminati, F; Cirstoiu, C; Grigoras, C; Hayrapetyan, A; Harutyunyan, A; Peters, A J; Saiz, P


    Starting from mid-2008, the ALICE detector at CERN LHC will collect data at a rate of 4PB per year. ALICE will use exclusively distributed Grid resources to store, process and analyse this data. The top-level management of the Grid resources is done through the AliEn (ALICE Environment) system, which is in continuous development since year 2000. AliEn presents several original solutions, which have shown their viability in a number of large exercises of increasing complexity called Data Challenges. This paper describes the AliEn architecture: Job Management, Data Management and UI. The current status of AliEn will be illustrated, as well as the performance of the system during the data challenges. The paper also describes the future AliEn development roadmap.

  4. Prognostic Significance of Modified Advanced Lung Cancer Inflammation Index (ALI) in Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer_ Comparison with Original ALI.

    Kim, Eun Young; Kim, Nambeom; Kim, Young Saing; Seo, Ja-Young; Park, Inkeun; Ahn, Hee Kyung; Jeong, Yu Mi; Kim, Jeong Ho


    Advanced lung cancer inflammation index (ALI, body mass index [BMI] x serum albumin/neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio [NLR]) has been shown to predict overall survival (OS) in small cell lung cancer (SCLC). CT enables skeletal muscle to be quantified, whereas BMI cannot accurately reflect body composition. The purpose was to evaluate prognostic value of modified ALI (mALI) using CT-determined L3 muscle index (L3MI, muscle area at L3/height2) beyond original ALI. L3MIs were calculated using the CT images of 186 consecutive patients with SCLC taken at diagnosis, and mALI was defined as L3MI x serum albumin/NLR. Using chi-squared test determined maximum cut-offs for low ALI and low mALI, the prognostic values of low ALI and low mALI were tested using Kaplan-Meier method and Cox proportional hazards analysis. Finally, deviance statistics was used to test whether the goodness of fit of the prognostic model is improved by adding mALI as an extra variable. Patients with low ALI (cut-off, 31.1, n = 94) had shorter OS than patients with high ALI (median, 6.8 months vs. 15.8 months; p ALI and low mALI (z = 0.000, p = 1.000) and between high ALI and high mALI (z = 0.330, p = 0.740). Multivariable analysis showed that low ALI was an independent prognostic factor for shorter OS (HR, 1.67, p = 0.004), along with advanced age (HR, 1.49, p = 0.045), extensive disease (HR, 2.27, p ALI using BMI. ALI is a simple and useful prognostic indicator in SCLC.

  5. AliEn: ALICE Environment on the GRID

    CERN. Geneva


    AliEn is the GRID middleware used by the ALICE collaboration. It provides all the components that are needed to manage the distributed resources. AliEn is used for all the computing workflows of the experiment: Montecarlo production, data replication and reconstruction and organixed or chaotic user analysis. Moreover, AliEn is also being used by other experiments like PANDA and CBM. The main components of AliEn are a centralized file and metadata catalogue, a job execution model and file replication model. These three components have been evolving over the last 10 years to make sure that the satisfy the computing requirements of the experiment, which keep increasing every year.

  6. AliEn - ALICE environment on the GRID

    Saiz, P; Buncic, P; Piskac, R; Revsbech, J E; Sego, V


    AliEn ( (ALICE Environment) is a Grid framework built on top of the latest Internet standards for information exchange and authentication (SOAP, PKI) and common Open Source components. AliEn provides a virtual file catalogue that allows transparent access to distributed datasets and a number of collaborating Web services which implement the authentication, job execution, file transport, performance monitor and event logging. In the paper we will present the architecture and components of the system.

  7. AliEn - ALICE environment on the GRID

    Saiz, P.; Aphecetche, L.; Buncic, P.; Piskac, R.; Revsbech, J.-E.; Sego, V.


    AliEn ( (ALICE Environment) is a Grid framework built on top of the latest Internet standards for information exchange and authentication (SOAP, PKI) and common Open Source components. AliEn provides a virtual file catalogue that allows transparent access to distributed datasets and a number of collaborating Web services which implement the authentication, job execution, file transport, performance monitor and event logging. In the paper we will present the architecture and components of the system

  8. Prognostic Significance of Modified Advanced Lung Cancer Inflammation Index (ALI in Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer_ Comparison with Original ALI.

    Eun Young Kim

    Full Text Available Advanced lung cancer inflammation index (ALI, body mass index [BMI] x serum albumin/neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio [NLR] has been shown to predict overall survival (OS in small cell lung cancer (SCLC. CT enables skeletal muscle to be quantified, whereas BMI cannot accurately reflect body composition. The purpose was to evaluate prognostic value of modified ALI (mALI using CT-determined L3 muscle index (L3MI, muscle area at L3/height2 beyond original ALI.L3MIs were calculated using the CT images of 186 consecutive patients with SCLC taken at diagnosis, and mALI was defined as L3MI x serum albumin/NLR. Using chi-squared test determined maximum cut-offs for low ALI and low mALI, the prognostic values of low ALI and low mALI were tested using Kaplan-Meier method and Cox proportional hazards analysis. Finally, deviance statistics was used to test whether the goodness of fit of the prognostic model is improved by adding mALI as an extra variable.Patients with low ALI (cut-off, 31.1, n = 94 had shorter OS than patients with high ALI (median, 6.8 months vs. 15.8 months; p < 0.001, and patients with low mALI (cut-off 67.7, n = 94 had shorter OS than patients with high mALI (median, 6.8 months vs. 16.5 months; p < 0.001. There was no significant difference in estimates of median survival time between low ALI and low mALI (z = 0.000, p = 1.000 and between high ALI and high mALI (z = 0.330, p = 0.740. Multivariable analysis showed that low ALI was an independent prognostic factor for shorter OS (HR, 1.67, p = 0.004, along with advanced age (HR, 1.49, p = 0.045, extensive disease (HR, 2.27, p < 0.001, supportive care only (HR, 7.86, p < 0.001, and elevated LDH (HR, 1.45, p = 0.037. Furthermore, goodness of fit of this prognostic model was not significantly increased by adding mALI as an extra variable (LR difference = 2.220, p = 0.136.The present study confirms mALI using CT-determined L3MI has no additional prognostic value beyond original ALI using BMI. ALI

  9. AliEn - GRID application for ALICE Collaboration

    Zgura, Ion-Sorin


    AliEn (ALICE Environment) is a GRID framework built on top of the latest Internet standards for information exchange and authentication (SOAP, PKI) and common Open Source components. AliEn provides a virtual file catalogue that allows transparent access to distributed data-sets and a number of collaborating Web services which implement the authentication, job execution, file transport, performance monitor and event logging.The ALICE experiment has developed AliEn as an implementation of distributed computing infrastructure needed to simulate, reconstruct and analyze data from the experiment. The sites that belong to the ALICE Virtual Organisation can be seen and used as a single entity - any available node executes jobs and access to logical and datasets is transparent to the user. In developing AliEn common standards and solutions in the form of Open Source components were used. Only 1% (25k physical lines of code in Perl) is native AliEn code while 99% of the code has been imported in form of Open Sources packages and Perl modules. Currently ALICE is using the system for distributed production of Monte Carlo data at over 30 sites on four continents. During the last twelve months more than 30,000 jobs have been successfully run under AliEn control worldwide, totalling 25 CPU years and producing 20 TB of data. The user interface is compatible to EU DataGrid at the level of authentication and job description language. In perspective AliEn will be interfaced to the mainstream Grid infrastructure in HEP and it will remain to serve as interface between ALICE Offline framework and external Grid infrastructure. (authors)

  10. Site Protection Program and Progress Report of Ali Observatory, Tibet

    Yao, Yongqiang; Zhou, Yunhe; Wang, Xiaohua; He, Jun; Zhou, Shu


    The Ali observatory, Tibet, is a promising new site identified through ten year site survey over west China, and it is of significance to establish rules of site protection during site development. The site protection program is described with five aspects: site monitoring, technical support, local government support, specific organization, and public education. The long-term sky brightness monitoring is ready with site testing instruments and basic for light pollution measurement; the monitoring also includes directions of main light sources, providing periodical reports and suggestions for coordinating meetings. The technical supports with institutes and manufacturers help to publish lighting standards and replace light fixtures; the research pays special attention to the blue-rich sources, which impact the important application of high altitude sites. An official leading group towards development and protection of astronomical resources has been established by Ali government; one of its tasks is to issue regulations against light pollution, including special restrictions of airport, mine, and winter heating, and to supervise lighting inspection and rectification. A site protection office under the official group and local astronomical society are organized by Ali observatory; the office can coordinate in government levels and promote related activities. A specific website operated by the protection office releases activity propaganda, evaluation results, and technical comparison with other observatories. Both the site protection office and Ali observatory take responsibility for public education, including popular science lectures, light pollution and energy conservation education. Ali Night Sky Park has been constructed and opens in 2014, and provides a popular place and observational experience. The establishment of Ali Observatory and Night Sky Park brings unexpected social influence, and the starry sky trip to Ali becomes a new format of culture

  11. Implications of the ICRP draft recommendations for ALIs

    Stather, J.W.; Kendall, G.M.; Phipps, A.W.


    The results of the calculations summarised here suggest that under the new scheme for calculating annual limits on intake proposed by ICRP there may still be a need for an organ dose limit. This would lose one of the main advantages of the new scheme, namely that ALIs could be strictly additive. Adjusting the weighting factors and allocating the 'remainder' to possibly two tissues with the highest doses would result in effectances from different radionuclides which were not strictly additive. If, however, for practical purposes effectance could be taken to be additive, then the resulting ALIs could be apportioned between different radionuclides as desired. (author)

  12. High-frequency oscillatory ventilation in ALI/ARDS.

    Ali, Sammy; Ferguson, Niall D


    In the last 2 decades, our goals for mechanical ventilatory support in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or acute lung injury (ALI) have changed dramatically. Several randomized controlled trials have built on a substantial body of preclinical work to demonstrate that the way in which we employ mechanical ventilation has an impact on important patient outcomes. Avoiding ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI) is now a major focus when clinicians are considering which ventilatory strategy to employ in patients with ALI/ARDS. Physicians are searching for methods that may further limit VILI, while still achieving adequate gas exchange. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. MPC and ALI: their basis and their comparison

    Kennedy, W.E. Jr.; Watson, E.C.


    Radiation protection regulations in the United States have evolved from the recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP). In 1959, the ICRP issued Publication 2 which contained specific recommendations on dose rate limits, permissible body burdens, metabolic data for radionuclides, and maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) in air or water. Over the next 20 years, new information became available concerning the effects of radiation, the uptake and retention of radionuclides, and the radioactive decay schemes of parent radionuclides. To include this newer information, the ICRP issued Publication 30 in 1978 to supersede Publication 2. One of the secondary limits defined in Publication 30 is the annual limit of intake (ALI). Radionuclide specific ALI values are intended to replace MPC values in determining whether or not ambient air and water concentrations are sufficiently low to maintain the dose to workers within accepted dose rate limits. In this paper, we discuss the derivation of MPC and ALI values, compare inhalation committed dose equivalent factors derived from ICRP Publications 2 and 30, and discuss the practical implications of using either MPC or ALI in determining compliance with occupational exposure limits. 6 references

  14. Sidi Ali Ou Azza (L4): A New Moroccan Fall

    Chennaoui Aoudjehane, H.; Agee, C. B.; Aaranson, A.; Bouragaa, A.


    Sidi Ali Ou Azza is the latest meteorite fall in Morocco, it occurred on 28 July 2015 very close (about 40 km) to Tissint martian shergottite fall that occurred on 18 July 2011. It's one of the small group of 23 L4 ordinary chondrite falls.

  15. ALI--A Digital Archive of DAISY Books

    Forsberg, Asa


    ALI is a project to develop an archive for talking books produced by the Swedish universities. The universities produce talking books from the mandatory literature for students with reading disabilities, including mostly journal articles, book chapters and texts written by teachers. The project group consists of librarians and co-ordinators for…

  16. Suurajatolla Ali al-Sistani saabus Najaffi / Kalev Vilgats

    Vilgats, Kalev


    Mässulise shiiidivaimuliku Moqtada al-Sadri Mahdi armee võitlejad on pidanud Najafis USA vägedega lahinguid juba kolm nädalat. Iraagi kõrgeim shiiiavaimulik suurajatolla Ali al-Sistani kutsub kõiki iraaklasi endaga Najaffi marssima, et lahingutele lõpp teha

  17. The final story on the ALA3/ALIS1 complex

    Lopez Marques, Rosa Laura

    The final story on the ALA3/ALIS1 complex. Lisbeth R. Poulsena, Rosa L. López-Marquésa, Alexander Schultza, Stephen C. McDowellb, Juha Okkeric, Dirk Lichtc, Thomas Pomorskic,  Jeffrey F. Harperb, and Michael G. Palmgrena,1 aCentre for Membrane Pumps in Cells and Disease - PUMPKIN, Danish National......).              Through a database search we have previously identified five Cdc50p/Lem3p homologues in Arabidopsis (ALIS1-5 for ALA Interacting Subunit)..We investigated the capacity of ALA3, alone and in combination with expressed ALIS proteins, to functionally complement a battery of yeast mutants carrying deletions...... in endogenous P4-ATPases. Our results indicated that ALIS1 functions as a true ß-subunit for the Arabidopsis putative flippase ALA3, being required for ATP-dependent phospholipid transport and for genetic complementation of the yeast P4-ATPase gene Drs2, which is involved in vesicle budding from the late Golgi...

  18. Enhancing the AliEn Web Service Authentication

    Zhu Jianlin; Zhou Daicui; Zhang Guoping; Saiz, Pablo; Carminati, Federico; Betev, Latchezar; Lorenzo, Patricia Mendez; Grigoras, Alina Gabriela; Grigoras, Costin; Furano, Fabrizio; Schreiner, Steffen; Datskova, Olga Vladimirovna; Banerjee, Subho Sankar


    Web Services are an XML based technology that allow applications to communicate with each other across disparate systems. Web Services are becoming the de facto standard that enable inter operability between heterogeneous processes and systems. AliEn2 is a grid environment based on web services. The AliEn2 services can be divided in three categories: Central services, deployed once per organization; Site services, deployed on each of the participating centers; Job Agents running on the worker nodes automatically. A security model to protect these services is essential for the whole system. Current implementations of web server, such as Apache, are not suitable to be used within the grid environment. Apache with the mod s sl and OpenSSL only supports the X.509 certificates. But in the grid environment, the common credential is the proxy certificate for the purpose of providing restricted proxy and delegation. An Authentication framework was taken for AliEn2 web services to add the ability to accept X.509 certificates and proxy certificates from client-side to Apache Web Server. The authentication framework could also allow the generation of access control policies to limit access to the AliEn2 web services.

  19. Improving performance of AliRoot using C++11

    Agarwal, Abhineet


    The aim of the project was to increase the performance and better the memory management which is currently used in AliRoot. For this, we want to look up to certain ROOT libraries and containers which could be replaced using C++ containers and standard libraries. Also, to better the memory management, we wanted to use the smart pointers used in C++11.

  20. Exhaled breath analysis discriminates phenotypes of acute lung injury (ALI)

    Bos, L.D.J.; Hemmes, S.N.T.; Nijsen, T.M.E.; Sterk, P.J; Schultz, M.J.


    Introduction It has been postulated that the pathophysiology and clinical presentation of ALI based on pulmonary and non-pulmonary etiology represent different phenotypes1. Until now, little biological evidence on the molecular level has been presented to support this hypothesis. Exhaled air

  1. [Research on blood distribution of Tibetan population in Ali area].

    Liu, X X; Li, D D; Li, H L; Hou, L A; Liu, Z J; Yang, H Y; Qiu, L


    Objective: To explore the distribution of ABO blood group in the healthy population in the Ali area of Tibet, and to analyze the difference of blood group distribution between the Tibetan population in Ali and the Tibet Tibetan population. Methods: The blood distribution of 509 apparent healthy volunteers of Tueti County and Gal County, Tibet, which were randomly selected from September to November in 2016; 137 Tibetan blood donors, from 2016 September to2017 July and 84 Tibetan blood donors from 2015 August to 2017 July was analyzed retrospectively. The blood type was tested by the slide method. By reviewing the Chinese and foreign language database, seven articles on Tibetan blood group distribution were obtained. And the data of the blood distribution of the Ali area population and the Tibet Tibetan population were compared. Results: The ABO phenotype frequencies of 507 apparent healthy people, 137 blood donors and 84 recipients were B>O>A>AB. The composition ratio were 36.1%, 34.5%, 21.5 %, 7.9%; 40.1%, 35.0%, 17.5%, 7.3%; 39.3%, 34.5%, 20.2%, 6.0%.There was no statistically significant difference in blood group distribution between the donors and the recipients ( P >0.05). And there was no significant difference in the blood group distribution between Ali and Shigatse, Nagqu, Lhasa, Shannan. However, the differences between Ali and Qamdo, Nyingchi areas were statistically significant. Conclusion: The geographical position of the blood from the west to east, B type shows a downward trend, O type blood composition ratio shows an upward trend.

  2. AliBaba: PubMed as a graph.

    Plake, Conrad; Schiemann, Torsten; Pankalla, Marcus; Hakenberg, Jörg; Leser, Ulf


    The biomedical literature contains a wealth of information on associations between many different types of objects, such as protein-protein interactions, gene-disease associations and subcellular locations of proteins. When searching such information using conventional search engines, e.g. PubMed, users see the data only one-abstract at a time and 'hidden' in natural language text. AliBaba is an interactive tool for graphical summarization of search results. It parses the set of abstracts that fit a PubMed query and presents extracted information on biomedical objects and their relationships as a graphical network. AliBaba extracts associations between cells, diseases, drugs, proteins, species and tissues. Several filter options allow for a more focused search. Thus, researchers can grasp complex networks described in various articles at a glance.

  3. 76 FR 62494 - Designation of Ibrahim `Awwad Ibrahim `Ali al-Badri, Also Known as Dr. Ibrahim `Awwad Ibrahim...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 7638] Designation of Ibrahim `Awwad Ibrahim `Ali al-Badri, Also Known as Dr. Ibrahim `Awwad Ibrahim `Ali al-Badri, Also Known as Ibrahim `Awad Ibrahim al-Badri al... individual known as Ibrahim `Awwad Ibrahim `Ali al-Badri, also known as Dr. Ibrahim `Awwad Ibrahim `Ali al...

  4. Association of Heme Oxygenase 1 with Lung Protection in Malaria-Associated ALI/ARDS.

    Pereira, Marcelo L M; Ortolan, Luana S; Sercundes, Michelle K; Debone, Daniela; Murillo, Oscar; Lima, Flávia A; Marinho, Claudio R F; Epiphanio, Sabrina


    Malaria is a serious disease, caused by the parasite of the genus Plasmodium , which was responsible for 440,000 deaths in 2015. Acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ALI/ARDS) is one of the main clinical complications in severe malaria. The murine model DBA/2 reproduces the clinical signs of ALI/ARDS in humans, when infected with Plasmodium berghei ANKA. High levels of HO-1 were reported in cases of severe malaria. Our data indicated that the HO-1 mRNA and protein expression are increased in mice that develop malaria-associated ALI/ARDS (MA-ALI/ARDS). Additionally, the hemin, a HO-1 inducing drug, prevented mice from developing MA-ALI/ARDS when administered prior to the development of MA-ALI/ARDS in this model. Also, hemin treatment showed an amelioration of respiratory parameters in mice, high VEGF levels in the sera, and a decrease in vascular permeability in the lung, which are signs of ALI/ARDS. Therefore, the induction of HO-1 before the development of MA-ALI/ARDS could be protective. However, the increased expression of HO-1 on the onset of MA-ALI/ARDS development may represent an effort to revert the phenotype of this syndrome by the host. We therefore confirm that HO-1 inducing drugs could be used for prevention of MA-ALI/ARDS in humans.

  5. [Advance on human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of ALI in severe burns].

    Wang, Yu; Hu, Xiaohong


    Severe burn is often accompanied by multiple organ damage. Acute lung injury (ALI) is one of the most common complications, and often occurs in the early stage of severe burns. If it is not treated in time, it will progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which will be a serious threat to the lives of patients. At present, the treatment of ALI in patients with severe burn is still remained in some common ways, such as the liquid resuscitation, the primary wound treatment, ventilation support, and anti-infection. In recently, human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (hUCMSCs) have been found having some good effects on ALI caused by various causes, but few reports on the efficacy of ALI caused by severe burns were reported. By reviewing the mechanism of stem cell therapy for ALI, therapeutic potential of hUCMSCs in the treatment of severe burns with ALI and a new approach for clinical treatment was provided.

  6. Pioneers of paediatrics: Professor Salah Abdelrahman Ali Taha


    This article highlights the contributions of Professor Salah Abdelrahman Ali Taha (1927–1988), one of the pioneers in paediatrics in Sudan and Saudi Arabia. He graduated from Kitchener School of Medicine (renamed, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum[U of K]) in 1952 and was awarded an MD from the U of K in 1973, having accomplished a survey on the prevalence and underlying causes of childhood malnutrition in 14 villages. His impact was remarkable in establishing child health services in Sudan and Saudi Arabia, and in laying the foundation of the Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, King Saud University. He was also an active researcher in various fields in child health, and was pioneering in those related to nutrition. Following his return to Sudan, Dr Salah A Taha was elected Member of Parliament from his rural district in Gezira State and was the Speaker of the House of Parliament in 1986. PMID:27493360

  7. Contamination of mercury in tongkat Ali hitam herbal preparations.

    Ang, H H; Lee, K L


    The DCA (Drug Control Authority), Malaysia has implemented the phase three registration of traditional medicines on 1 January 1992. As such, a total of 100 products in various pharmaceutical dosage forms of a herbal preparation found in Malaysia, containing tongkat Ali hitam, either single or combined preparations, were analyzed for the presence of a heavy toxic metal, mercury, using atomic absorption spectrophotometer, after performing a simple random sampling to enable each sample an equal chance of being selected in an unbiased manner. Results showed that 26% of these products possessed 0.53-2.35 ppm of mercury, and therefore, do not comply with the quality requirement for traditional medicines in Malaysia. The quality requirement for traditional medicines in Malaysia is not exceeding 0.5 ppm for mercury. Out of these 26 products, four products have already registered with the DCA, Malaysia whilst the rest, however, have not registered with the DCA, Malaysia.

  8. Divider plate leak inspections using an acoustic tool 'ALIS'

    Kowalewski, J.; Colbert, M.


    Divider plate leakage in the primary head of steam generators may be a contributor to high Reactor Inlet Header Temperature (RIHT) which can have a negative effect on the operation of a plant. A method to provide quick information of divider plate leakage can be very useful in helping operators to make timely and cost effective repair and maintenance decisions. As part of a CANDU Owners Group (COG) funded program, a novel acoustic tool for performing inspections in empty steam generators during a shutdown has been developed and successfully demonstrated by Ontario Hydro Technologies (OHT). The basic principle of this technique utilizes sound transmission through the leakage paths of a divider plate assembly for creating a graphic image which reveals the locations and relative sizes of leaks. This is accomplished by injecting one side of the primary head with a series of airborne, ultrasonic sound bursts while scanning the divider plates from the opposite side and collecting transmitted sound pressure levels. Once a scan is completed the results are processed and displayed graphically as a color mapping of the entire divider plate assembly showing an image of the leakage locations and relative severity. The special transducers of the acoustic leak inspection system (ALIS) are installed through the manways of the steam generator at both sides of the primary head. These are clamped to the tube sheet and operated from a convenient remote location within the containment building. This process minimizes radiation exposure of the workers, as well, it reduces risk of contamination of the ALIS equipment. The current version of this tool performs the scans by remote manual control. (author)

  9. ALiEM Blog and Podcast Watch: Toxicology.

    Zaver, Fareen; Craddick, Michael; Sanford, Audrey; Sefa, Nana; Hughes, George; Lin, Michelle


    The WestJEM Blog and Podcast Watch presents high-quality open-access educational blogs and podcasts in emergency medicine based on the ongoing Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) Approved Instructional Resources (AIR) and AIR-Professional (Pro) series. Both series critically appraise open-access educational blogs and podcasts in EM using an objective scoring instrument. This installment of the blog and podcast watch series curated and scored relevant posts in the specific topic of toxicology emergencies from the AIR-Pro Series. The AIR-Pro Series is a continuously building curriculum covering a new subject area every two months. For each area, eight EM chief residents identify 3-5 advanced clinical questions. Using and FOAMSearcher to search blogs and podcasts, relevant posts are scored by eight reviewers from the AIR-Pro editorial board, which is comprised of EM faculty and chief residents at various institutions across North America. The scoring instrument contains five measurement outcomes based on seven-point Likert scales: recency, accuracy, educational utility, evidence based, and references. The AIR-Pro label is awarded to posts with a score of ≥28 (out of 35) points. An "honorable mention" label is awarded if board members collectively felt that the blogs were valuable and the scores were > 25. A total of 31 blog posts and podcasts were included. Key educational pearls from the six high-quality AIR-Pro posts and four honorable mentions are summarized. The WestJEM ALiEM Blog and Podcast Watch series is based on the AIR and AIR-Pro Series, which attempts to identify high-quality educational content on open-access blogs and podcasts. This series provides an expert-based, crowdsourced approach towards critically appraising educational social media content for EM clinicians. This installment focuses on toxicology emergencies.

  10. Peran Mukti Ali dalam Pengembangan Toleransi Antar Agama di Indonesia

    Khairah Husin


    Full Text Available Agama sebagai sasaran kajian penelitian sudah banyak dilakukan oleh para sarjana disiplin ilmu. Mereka melakukan penelitian terhadap berbagai aspek dari agama, baik aspek ide maupun aspek perwujudan dalam kenyataan. Dimulai dari keyakinan dan ajaran yang dimiliki oleh suatu agama hingga pengaruh agama pada kehidupan masyarakat pemeluk agama tersebut. Kalau yang dimaksud metode dalam ilmu perbandingan agama adalah cara untuk memperoleh dan mamahami kebenaran agama dari realitas empiris, atau lebih tepatnya “kebenaran ilmiah agamis”, maka pendekatan tiada lain adalah suatu sikap ilmiah (persepsi dari seorang yang harus ditunjukkan untuk menemukan kebenaran ilmiah yang hendak diperoleh. Dengan demikian pendekatan sifatnya umum. Dalan suatu pendekatan tertentu dapat digunakan bermacammacam metode, umpamanya seorang Sosiolog akan mengkaji agama pasti akan menerapkan pendekatan metode-metode sosiologis. Begitu pula Sejarawan, Antropolog, Fenomenolog, dan lain-lain akan menerapkan pendekatan dan metode sesuai dengan latar belakang keahliannya. Maka sasaran ideal dari beberapa pendekatan adalah memperoleh interelasi yang sistematis dari fakta-fakta agama, dan bertujuan untuk mencari jawaban tentang fakta-fakta tersebut dengan menggunakan kesangsian sistematis. Pendekatan keilmuan dalam meneliti agama mencoba mendeskripsikan dunia pemeluk agama secara apa adanya (das sein, bukan didasarkan semestinya secara normatif (das sollen. Dengan demikian, pendekatan keilmuan yang empiris ini menggunakan dan mengadaptasi pendekatanpendekatan ilmu-ilmu sosial dan budaya. Dari sekian tokoh ilmu Perbandingan Agama, kebanyakan dari mereka merupakan ilmuwan Barat. Namun demikian ada juga beberapa tokoh perbandingan agama dari duni Islam, antara lain adalah Prof. Dr. H.A. Mukti Ali, Ibnu Hazm dan As-Syahrastani. Sementara Ibnu Hazm Al Andalusy dan As-Syahrastani merupakan tokoh-tokoh Perbaga Muslim dari zaman klasik – zaman ketika Perbaga belum terbentuk sebagai

  11. Muhammad Ali's Fighting Words: The Paradox of Violence in Nonviolent Rhetoric

    Gorsevski, Ellen W.; Butterworth, Michael L.


    While Muhammad Ali has been the subject of countless articles and books written by sports historians and journalists, rhetorical scholars have largely ignored him. This oversight is surprising given both the tradition of social movement scholarship within rhetorical studies and Ali's influential eloquence as a world renowned celebrity espousing…

  12. 76 FR 11756 - Action Affecting Export Privileges; Ali Amirnazmi; Order Denying Export Privileges


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Bureau of Industry and Security Action Affecting Export Privileges; Ali Amirnazmi; Order Denying Export Privileges In the Matter of: Ali Amirnazmi, Register 63302-066, FCI... release and forfeit $81,277.37. Section 766.25 of the Export Administration Regulations (``EAR'' or...

  13. Dynamic virtual AliEn Grid sites on Nimbus with CernVM

    Harutyunyan, A; Buncic, P; Freeman, T; Keahey, K


    We describe the work on enabling one click deployment of Grid sites of AliEn Grid framework on the Nimbus 'science cloud' at the University of Chicago. The integration of computing resources of the cloud with the resource pool of AliEn Grid is achieved by leveraging two mechanisms: the Nimbus Context Broker developed at Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago, and CernVM - a baseline virtual software appliance for LHC experiments developed at CERN. Two approaches of dynamic virtual AliEn Grid site deployment are presented.

  14. The similarity of Ali (as and Jesus (PBUH in Islamic tradition

    Mahdi Hasanzadeh


    Full Text Available According to the teachings of the Shia, Imam Ali (AS has unique features by which he earned the merits of becoming the successor to the Prophet (pbuh as the Imam and Wali. One of the most important of his features is his similarity to the Jesus as one of the greatest prophets before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh. This similarity was first mentioned in some Islamic traditions, especially the ones narrated through Shiite Isnad in interpretation of the verses 57-59 of the Surta Az-Zukhruf. In these traditions, the Prophet has regarded the Position of Imam Ali (AS in his nation the same as Jesus's Position among the Israel. The Quran has cited the inimical arguments of the Arab infidels against this prophet's saying: they considered the worshiping of their own gods better than accepting Prophet's remark in equating his cousin with Jesus (pbuh. By resorting to this remark, the infidels regarded worshiping their own gods more preferable than deifying a man. Therefore, the first and most prominent similarity between Imam Ali (AS and Jesus Christ (pbuh is attributing divinity to Imam Ali (AS, at least by some of his extreme lovers. The Quranic command saying: "Do not Exaggerate about your religion… .(Quran 4:17 refers to the Christian extremism in deifying Jesus, But soon word Ghali was borrowed from this verse and used to refer to Shiite extremists. Moreover, the Quran (4: 159, talks about the advent of Jesus Christ to his followers before their death .The same concept has been mentioned in Shiite traditions about Imam Ali (AS, according to which, he is believed to be present beside every dying Muslim individual. This appearance of Imam Ali (AS would remind us the idea of Imam Ali's (AS return to this world. Thus, the return of Imam Ali (AS to this world is the third similarity between Imam Ali (AS and Jesus Christ (PBUH. Not only the return of Jesus has been mentioned in in the Christian tradition as the one manifested to the apostles after his ascension

  15. The similarity of Ali (as and Jesus (PBUH in Islamic tradition

    Sorush Ghanbari


    Full Text Available According to the teachings of the Shia, Imam Ali (AS has unique features by which he earned the merits of becoming the successor to the Prophet (pbuh as the Imam and Wali. One of the most important of his features is his similarity to the Jesus as one of the greatest prophets before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh. This similarity was first mentioned in some Islamic traditions, especially the ones narrated through Shiite Isnad in interpretation of the verses 57-59 of the Surta Az-Zukhruf. In these traditions, the Prophet has regarded the Position of Imam Ali (AS in his nation the same as Jesus's Position among the Israel. The Quran has cited the inimical arguments of the Arab infidels against this prophet's saying: they considered the worshiping of their own gods better than accepting Prophet's remark in equating his cousin with Jesus (pbuh. By resorting to this remark, the infidels regarded worshiping their own gods more preferable than deifying a man. Therefore, the first and most prominent similarity between Imam Ali (AS and Jesus Christ (pbuh is attributing divinity to Imam Ali (AS, at least by some of his extreme lovers. The Quranic command saying: "Do not Exaggerate about your religion… .(Quran 4:17 refers to the Christian extremism in deifying Jesus, But soon word Ghali was borrowed from this verse and used to refer to Shiite extremists. Moreover, the Quran (4: 159, talks about the advent of Jesus Christ to his followers before their death .The same concept has been mentioned in Shiite traditions about Imam Ali (AS, according to which, he is believed to be present beside every dying Muslim individual. This appearance of Imam Ali (AS would remind us the idea of Imam Ali's (AS return to this world. Thus, the return of Imam Ali (AS to this world is the third similarity between Imam Ali (AS and Jesus Christ (PBUH. Not only the return of Jesus has been mentioned in in the Christian tradition as the one manifested to the apostles after his ascension

  16. ALI and DAC for transuranic elements based on the metabolic data presented in ICRP Publication 48

    Togawa, Orihiko; Yamaguchi, Yukichi; Homma, Toshimitsu


    The recently published ICRP report, ICRP Publication 48, presents the new metabolic data of some transuranic elements, compared with those employed in the calculation of ALI and DAC in ICRP Publication 30. Values of ALI and DAC for 72 radionuclides were calculated using the metabolic data presented in the Publication 48. The calculation was performed by a computer code system DOSDAC, which can systematically calculate ALI and DAC by the same method as that described in the Publication 30. The calculated values of ALI and DAC were tabulated in the same format as that of the supplements to the Publication 30. For the convenience of using in the dose assessment, also given are values of committed effective dose equivalent per intake of unit activity. It is expected that these values will be applied to the radiation protection purposes. (author)

  17. Studying the potential role of ALIS proteins on the functionality of ALA2

    Lopez Marques, Rosa Laura; Poulsen, Lisbeth Rosager; Meffert, Katharina

    ). Recently we have identified five Cdc50p homologues in Arabidopsis [ALA Interacting Subunit (ALIS) 1 to 5] (1), and demonstrated that these ß-subunits are essential for the functioning of ALA3. We are currently working on a third Arabidopsis P4-ATPase isoform, ALA2. We have shown that this isoform...... is involved in specific translocation of phosphatidylserine analogues. Furthermore, we have found evidence that the substrate specificity is independent of the ß-subunit interacting with this P4-ATPase. ALA2 in combination with ALIS genes complement both the cold and the metal sensitive phenotype caused...... by lack of DRS2 in yeast. Tissue specific expression patterns of ALA2 and ALIS genes indicate that different ALIS isoforms may interact with ALA2 in diverse parts of the plant. At present we are studying the subcellular localization of ALA2 in planta in order to understand better its possible...

  18. Infrared dim small target segmentation method based on ALI-PCNN model

    Zhao, Shangnan; Song, Yong; Zhao, Yufei; Li, Yun; Li, Xu; Jiang, Yurong; Li, Lin


    Pulse Coupled Neural Network (PCNN) is improved by Adaptive Lateral Inhibition (ALI), while a method of infrared (IR) dim small target segmentation based on ALI-PCNN model is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the feeding input signal is modulated by lateral inhibition network to suppress background. Then, the linking input is modulated by ALI, and linking weight matrix is generated adaptively by calculating ALI coefficient of each pixel. Finally, the binary image is generated through the nonlinear modulation and the pulse generator in PCNN. The experimental results show that the segmentation effect as well as the values of contrast across region and uniformity across region of the proposed method are better than the OTSU method, maximum entropy method, the methods based on conventional PCNN and visual attention, and the proposed method has excellent performance in extracting IR dim small target from complex background.

  19. Aerosolized prostacyclin for acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

    Afshari, Arash; Brok, Jesper; Møller, Ann


    Acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) are critical conditions that are associated with high mortality and morbidity. Aerosolized prostacyclin has been used to improve oxygenation despite the limited evidence available so far.......Acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) are critical conditions that are associated with high mortality and morbidity. Aerosolized prostacyclin has been used to improve oxygenation despite the limited evidence available so far....

  20. Neutrophil extracellular traps contribute to the pathogenesis of acid-aspiration-induced ALI/ARDS.

    Li, Haitao; Zhou, Xiaoting; Tan, Hongyi; Hu, Yongbin; Zhang, Lemeng; Liu, Shuai; Dai, Minhui; Li, Yi; Li, Qian; Mao, Zhi; Pan, Pinhua; Su, Xiaoli; Hu, Chengpin


    Acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ALI/ARDS) is a manifestation of systemic inflammation in the lungs, but the factors that trigger inflammation in ALI/ARDS are unclear. We hypothesized that neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) contribute to the pathogenesis of acid aspiration-induced ALI/ARDS. Analysis of bronchial aspirates from ARDS patients showed that NETs were significantly correlated with the degree of ARDS (r = -0.5846, p = 0.0359). NETs in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of acid-aspiration mice were significantly higher (141.6 ± 23.08) at 3 h after injury than those in the sham group (1234 ± 101.9; p = 0.003, n = 5 per group). Exogenous NETs aggravated lung injury, while alvelestat and DNase markedly attenuated the intensity of ARDS. We investigated whether NETs are involved in the severity of gastric aspiration-induced ARDS. Then, a hydrochloric acid aspiration-induced ALI murine model was used to assess whether NETs are pathogenic and whether targeting NETs is protective. Exogenous NETs were administered to mice. Alvelestat can inhibit neutrophil elastase (NE), which serves an important role in NET formation, so we investigated whether alvelestat could protect against ALI in cell and mouse models. NETs may contribute to ALI/ARDS by promoting tissue damage and systemic inflammation. Targeting NETs by alvelestat may be a potential therapeutic strategy.

  1. Ground-based multi-station spectroscopic imaging with ALIS. - Scientific highlights, project status and future prospects

    Brändström; Gustavsson, Björn; Pellinen-Wannberg, Asta; Sandahl, Ingrid; Sergienko, Tima; Steen, Ake


    The Auroral Large Imaging System (ALIS) was first proposed at the ESA-PAC meeting in Lahnstein 1989. The first spectroscopic imaging station was operational in 1994, and since then up to six stations have been in simultaneous operation. Each station has a scientific-grade CCD-detector and a filter-wheel for narrow-band interference-filters with six positions. The field-of-view is around 70°. Each imager is mounted in a positioning system, enabling imaging of a common volume from several sites. This enables triangulation and tomography. Raw data from ALIS is freely available at ("") and ALIS is open for scientific colaboration. ALIS made the first unambiguous observations of Radio-induced optical emissions at high latitudes, and the detection of water in a Leonid meteor-trail. Both rockets and satellite coordination are considered for future observations with ALIS.

  2. Pemikiran Ali Syari’ati dalam Sosiologi (Dari Teologi Menuju Revolusi

    Faiq Tobroni


    Full Text Available Ali Syari’ati is muslim brilliant philosopher, graduated from doctoral of Sorbonne France. He created social teology perspective, based from his experience in west sociology perspective about Capitalism or Marxism. He succeed seek the Capitalism and Marxism weaknes if this perspective is used in Muslim Society. He mapping structure of society, insist of: Habil and Qobail. Habil is common people in society, Qabil is high class, likes: prince, aristocrats or capital owner. Qabil was repressedHabil trough social, politic, economy and religious system. This tragedy happen in Iran whenSyah Reza rezim. The consequences, Ali Syari’ati propagandist rebellion Habil to Qabil. Because of his activities, he to be prisoner one more time, then he is going abroad, until he pass away in England (with suspicious that he killed by Syah Reza people. The Iran Revolution happen, after 2 years Ali Syaria’ti pass away

  3. El cuerpo extendido : indumentaria mutante en la obra de Ali Schachtschneider

    Nóvoa Vicente, Elena Fernández


    The issue of this paper is to explore the concept of the extended body reflecting on clothing and biotechnology activated through Ali Schachtschneider´s work. Going through the different scopes articulated by the Vivorium project, we will look over the taxonomy review that these pieces of work arouse info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion

  4. Põhja-Küprose liider soovib isolatsiooni lõppemist / Mehmet Ali Talat ; interv. Erkki Bahovski

    Talat, Mehmet Ali


    Põhja-Küprose liidri väitel soovib türklaste kogukond diplomaatilise tunnustuse asemel isolatsiooni lõppemist. Intervjuus käsitletavad teemad: Küprose saare tulevik, liitumine Euroopa Liiduga, Türgi liitumine euroliiduga. Lisad: Kahe kogukonna - kreeklaste ja türklaste - vahel lõhestatud Küpros; Mehmet Ali Talat

  5. Cross calibration of the Landsat-7 ETM+ and EO-1 ALI sensor

    Chander, G.; Meyer, D.J.; Helder, D.L.


    As part of the Earth Observer 1 (EO-1) Mission, the Advanced Land Imager (ALI) demonstrates a potential technological direction for Landsat Data Continuity Missions. To evaluate ALI's capabilities in this role, a cross-calibration methodology has been developed using image pairs from the Landsat-7 (L7) Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) and EO-1 (ALI) to verify the radiometric calibration of ALI with respect to the well-calibrated L7 ETM+ sensor. Results have been obtained using two different approaches. The first approach involves calibration of nearly simultaneous surface observations based on image statistics from areas observed simultaneously by the two sensors. The second approach uses vicarious calibration techniques to compare the predicted top-of-atmosphere radiance derived from ground reference data collected during the overpass to the measured radiance obtained from the sensor. The results indicate that the relative sensor chip assemblies gains agree with the ETM+ visible and near-infrared bands to within 2% and the shortwave infrared bands to within 4%.

  6. ALIS-FLP: Amplified ligation selected fragment-length polymorphism method for microbial genotyping

    Brillowska-Dabrowska, A.; Wianecka, M.; Dabrowski, Slawomir


    A DNA fingerprinting method known as ALIS-FLP (amplified ligation selected fragment-length polymorphism) has been developed for selective and specific amplification of restriction fragments from TspRI restriction endonuclease digested genomic DNA. The method is similar to AFLP, but differs...

  7. Book featuring Grand Egyptian Museum design proposals by Ahmed Ali published

    Chadwick, Heather Riley


    "Silence, Darkness and Light," a new book by Ahmed K. Ali, adjunct professor of architecture in the School of Architecture + Design and program leader for study abroad in Egypt for Virginia Tech's College of Architecture and Urban Studies, has been published by VDM Verlag in Saarbrucken, Germany.

  8. Simultaneous quantitation of six major quassinoids in Tongkat Ali dietary supplements by liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry.

    Han, Young Min; Jang, Moonhee; Kim, In Sook; Kim, Seung Hyun; Yoo, Hye Hyun


    Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is one of the most popular traditional herbs in Southeast Asia and generally consumed as forms of dietary supplements, tea, or drink additives for coffee or energy beverages. In this study, the liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous quantitation of six major quassinoids of Tongkat Ali (eurycomanone, 13,21-dihydroeurycomanone, 13α(21)-epoxyeurycomanone, 14,15β-dihydroxyklaineanone, eurycomalactone, and longilactone) was developed and validated. Using the developed method, the content of the six quassinoids was measured in Tongkat Ali containing dietary supplement tablets or capsules, and the resulting data were used to confirm the presence of Tongkat Ali in those products. Among the six quassinoids, eurycomanone was the most abundant quassinoid in all samples tested. The developed method would be useful for the quality assessment of Tongkat Ali containing dietary supplements. © 2015 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  9. 75 FR 2921 - In the Matter of the Designation of Said Ali al-Shihri, Also Known as Abu-Sayyaf, Also Known as...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 6872] In the Matter of the Designation of Said Ali al-Shihri... Known as Abu Sufian Kadhdhaab Matrook, Also Known as Sa'id Ali Jabir al-Khathim al-Shihri, Also Known as... January 23, 2003, I hereby determine that the individual known as Said Ali al- Shihri, and also known as...

  10. Interoperating AliEn and ARC for a Distributed Tier1 in the Nordic Countries

    Gros, Philippe; Lindemann, Jonas; Saiz, Pablo; Zarochentsev, Andrey


    To reach its large computing needs, the ALICE experiment at CERN has developed its own middleware called AliEn, centralised and relying on pilot jobs. One of its strength is the automatic installation of the required packages. The Nordic countries have offered a distributed Tier-1 centre for the CERN experiments, where the job management should be done with the NorduGrid middleware ARC. We have developed an interoperation module to allow to unify several computing sites using ARC, and make them look like a single site from the point of view of AliEn. A prototype has been completed and tested out of production. This talk will present implementation details of the system and its performance in tests.

  11. Stress field during early magmatism in the Ali Sabieh Dome, Djibouti, SE Afar rift

    Sue, Christian; Le Gall, Bernard; Daoud, Ahmed Mohamed


    The so-called Ali Sabieh range, SE Afar rift, exhibits an atypical antiform structure occurring in the overall extensional tectonic context of the Afar triple junction. We dynamically analyzed the brittle deformation of this specific structural high using four different methods in order to better constrain the tectonic evolution of this key-area in the Afar depression. Paleostress inversions appear highly consistent using the four methods, which a posteriori validates this approach. Computed paleostress fields document two major signals: an early E-W extensional field, and a later transcurrent field, kinematically consistent with the previous one. The Ali Sabieh range may have evolved continuously during Oligo-Miocene times from large-scale extensional to transcurrent tectonism, as the result of probable local stress permutation between σ1 and σ2 stress axes.

  12. Fighting Injustice and Intolerance: Re-Presentations of Race and Religion at the Muhammad Ali Center

    Michael Brandon McCormack


    Full Text Available This article explores the significance of the Muhammad Ali Center as a site where meanings associated with “race” and “religion” are constructed, contested and potentially transformed. The Muhammad Ali Center is examined as an example of an increasing number of cultural institutions (i.e., cultural centers, museums, arts spaces etc. engaged in the strategic re-presentation of issues of cultural difference and socio-political conflict, towards the ends of promoting social justice and/or human rights. The article draws upon theories and methods in cultural studies, religious studies, and museums studies in order to explore the significance of the representational and curatorial strategies of such cultural institutions for understanding alternative approaches to influencing and/or intervening in public discourses and practices surrounding issues of racial injustice and religious intolerance.

  13. Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia Jack): a review on its ethnobotany and pharmacological importance.

    Bhat, Rajeev; Karim, A A


    Eurycoma longifolia Jack is an herbal medicinal plant of South-East Asian origin, popularly recognized as 'Tongkat Ali.' The plant parts have been traditionally used for its antimalarial, aphrodisiac, anti-diabetic, antimicrobial and anti-pyretic activities, which have also been proved scientifically. The plant parts are rich in various bioactive compounds (like eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, eurycomalactone, eurycomanone, and pasakbumin-B) among which the alkaloids and quassinoids form a major portion. Even though toxicity and safety evaluation studies have been pursued, still a major gap exists in providing scientific base for commercial utilization and clearance of the Tongkat Ali products with regard to consumer's safety. The present review aims at reviewing the research works undertaken till date, on this plant in order to provide sufficient baseline information for future works and for commercial exploitation. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  14. Pemikiran Ali Syari’ati dalam Sosiologi (Dari Teologi Menuju Revolusi)

    Faiq Tobroni


    Ali Syari’ati is muslim brilliant philosopher, graduated from doctoral of Sorbonne France. He created social teology perspective, based from his experience in west sociology perspective about Capitalism or Marxism. He succeed seek the Capitalism and Marxism weaknes if this perspective is used in Muslim Society. He mapping structure of society, insist of: Habil and Qobail. Habil is common people in society, Qabil is high class, likes: prince, aristocrats or capital owner. Qabil was repressedHa...

  15. Pemikiran Ali Syari'ati Dalam Sosiologi (Dari Teologi Menuju Revolusi)

    Tobroni, Faiq


    Ali Syari'ati is muslim brilliant philosopher, graduated from doctoral of Sorbonne France. He created social teology perspective, based from his experience in west sociology perspective about Capitalism or Marxism. He succeed seek the Capitalism and Marxism weaknes if this perspective is used in Muslim Society. He mapping structure of society, insist of: Habil and Qobail. Habil is common people in society, Qabil is high class, likes: prince, aristocrats or capital owner. Qabil was repressedHa...

  16. JAliEn - A new interface between the AliEn jobs and the central services

    Grigoras, A G; Pedreira, M M; Saiz, P; Schreiner, S


    Since the ALICE experiment began data taking in early 2010, the amount of end user jobs on the AliEn Grid has increased signif icantly. Presently 1/3 of the 40K CPU cores available to ALICE are occupied by jobs submitted by about 400 distinct users, individually or in organized analysis trains. The overall stability of the AliEn middleware has been excellent throughout the 3 years of running, but the massive amount of end-user analysis and its specific requirements and load has revealed few components which can be improved. One of them is the interface between users and central AliEn services (catalogue, job submission system) which we are currently re-implementing in Java . The interface provides persistent connection with enhanced data and job submission authenticity. In this paper we will describe the architecture of the new interface, the ROOT binding which enables the use of a single interface in addition to the standard UN IX-like access shell and the new security-related features.

  17. Securing the AliEn File Catalogue - Enforcing authorization with accountable file operations

    Schreiner, Steffen; Banerjee, Subho Sankar; Betev, Latchezar; Carminati, Federico; Vladimirovna Datskova, Olga; Furano, Fabrizio; Grigoras, Alina; Grigoras, Costin; Mendez Lorenzo, Patricia; Peters, Andreas Joachim; Saiz, Pablo; Bagnasco, Stefano; Zhu Jianlin


    The AliEn Grid Services, as operated by the ALICE Collaboration in its global physics analysis grid framework, is based on a central File Catalogue together with a distributed set of storage systems and the possibility to register links to external data resources. This paper describes several identified vulnerabilities in the AliEn File Catalogue access protocol regarding fraud and unauthorized file alteration and presents a more secure and revised design: a new mechanism, called LFN Booking Table, is introduced in order to keep track of access authorization in the transient state of files entering or leaving the File Catalogue. Due to a simplification of the original Access Envelope mechanism for xrootd-protocol-based storage systems, fundamental computational improvements of the mechanism were achieved as well as an up to 50% reduction of the credential's size. By extending the access protocol with signed status messages from the underlying storage system, the File Catalogue receives trusted information about a file's size and checksum and the protocol is no longer dependent on client trust. Altogether, the revised design complies with atomic and consistent transactions and allows for accountable, authentic, and traceable file operations. This paper describes these changes as part and beyond the development of AliEn version 2.19.

  18. Ali Emirî'nin Osmanlı Tarih ve Edebiyat Mecmuası Ali Emiri's Ottoman History And Literature Periodicals



    Full Text Available Periodicals are the documents which constitute resources for ourhistory. A kind of literary atmosphere forms around the magazines;feuilleton novel, story, poetry, critics and similar literary works cometogether with the reader via these magazines. Founder of the PublicLibrary, Ali Emirî published two literary periodicals named OttomanHistory and Literature and History and Literature which are thesuccessor to each other. Totally comprising of 36 issues, the first ispublished as 31 and the latter is published as 5 issues. During theirpublication years, the periodical constituted highly literary atmosphereand this atmosphere undertook an encoring mission in youth’s literaryworks.In this study, these periodicals are introduced and theircontributions to our literary and cultural life are mentioned.First of all Ali Emirî published Ottoman History and Literatureand History and Literature with the aim of being useful for his countryand nation. Later he aimed to illuminate the information/sources ofabout Ottoman history and literature and correct document mistakes.He also wanted to replay to the works that were published as anopposition for him through the magazine and, including Mehmet FuatKöprülü he criticized many other people and institutions.Ali Emiri introduces Divanu Lügati't-Türk to Turkish world. Hewho travelled a lot because of his occupation and thus he continuouslycollected new information and documents. As he enlarged Emirisometimes introduced this information to the readers. Ettik şeref-i hizmet-i ecdâdı ferâmûşÂsârına eslâfımızın rağbet olunmazBir gün bilinir kıymeti mecmûamın ammâPek çok aranır ortada mecmûa bulunmazSüreli yayınlar, edebiyat tarihimize kaynaklık eden dokümanlardandır. Dergiler çevresinde genelde edebî bir muhit oluşur; tefrika roman, hikâye, şiir, tenkit ve benzeri gibi edebî ürünler onlar vasıtasıyla okuyucusuyla buluşur. Millet Kütüphanesinin kurucusu olan Ali Emir

  19. Expounding a Few Key Strategies of Imam Ali (AS on Prevention of Diseases by Means of Improving Nutrition Style

    Hossein Moradi


    Conclusion: Using the guidelines of Imam Ali (AS, new dimensions of prevention practices and treatment of chronic diseases can be achieved. Furthermore, many other hypotheses can be raised making available a wide range of scientific researches

  20. Prognostic Value of the Pretreatment Advanced Lung Cancer Inflammation Index (ALI) in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Patients Treated with R-CHOP Chemotherapy.

    Park, Young Hoon; Yi, Hyeon Gyu; Lee, Moon Hee; Kim, Chul Soo; Lim, Joo Han


    The Advanced Lung Cancer Inflammation Index (ALI, body mass index × albumin/neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio) has been demonstrated to be a prognostic factor of survival in some solid cancers. We retrospectively investigated the usefulness of the ALI to predict chemotherapy response and survival in 212 patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) treated with R-CHOP (rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisolone) chemotherapy. Patients were allocated to a low ALI group (n = 82, 38.7%) or a high ALI group (n = 130, 61.3%) according to an optimal pretreatment ALI cut-off value of 15.5 as determined by receiver operating curve analysis. The low ALI group displayed more adverse clinical characteristics, lower rates of complete remission (54.9 vs. 75.4%, p = 0.008), and poorer 5-year progression-free (PFS, 58.1 vs. 77.3%, p = 0.006) and overall (OS, 64.2 vs. 80.2%, p = 0.008) survival. Multivariate analysis showed that low ALI was found to independently predict shorter PFS and OS. Interestingly, a low ALI reverted to a high ALI during treatment in 58 patients (27.4%), and the 5-year OS of these patients was better than that of patients whose ALI remained low (n = 24, 72.5 vs. 24%, p ALI might be an easily available marker for predicting clinical outcomes in DLBCL patients treated with R-CHOP chemotherapy. © 2017 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  1. Audito pasiūlos Baltijos šalių kapitalo rinkoms tyrimas

    Černelis, Vidmantas


    Šiame darbe yra atskleidžiama ir analizuojama audito pasiūla tenkanti kapitalo rinkoms, nagrinėjama jos nepakankamumo problema. Darbo tikslas yra, įvertinus globalius audito pasiūlos pokyčius ir jų įtaką kapitalo rinkoms, atlikti audito pasiūlos ir auditoriaus pasirinkimo veiksnių Baltijos šalių kapitalo rinkoms tyrimą. Darbas skirstomas į tris pagrindines dalis. Pirmojoje dalyje apibūdinamas auditoriaus vaidmuo bei jo reikšmė ekonomikai, atskleidžiamas sisteminės rizikos, kylančios iš audito...

  2. Summary of Current Radiometric Calibration Coefficients for Landsat MSS, TM, ETM+, and EO-1 ALI Sensors

    Chander, Gyanesh; Markham, Brian L.; Helder, Dennis L.


    This paper provides a summary of the current equations and rescaling factors for converting calibrated Digital Numbers (DNs) to absolute units of at-sensor spectral radiance, Top-Of- Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance, and at-sensor brightness temperature. It tabulates the necessary constants for the Multispectral Scanner (MSS), Thematic Mapper (TM), Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+), and Advanced Land Imager (ALI) sensors. These conversions provide a basis for standardized comparison of data in a single scene or between images acquired on different dates or by different sensors. This paper forms a needed guide for Landsat data users who now have access to the entire Landsat archive at no cost.

  3. ALI and DAC for transuranic elements based on the metabolic data presented in ICRP publication 48

    外川 織彦; 山口 勇吉; 本間 俊充


    最近刊行されたICRPの報告書、ICRP Publication 48にはICRP Publication 30の年摂取限度(ALI)と誘導空気中濃度(DAC)の計算に採用されたデータと比較して、いくつかの超ウラン元素について新しい代謝データが示されている。

  4. Odonata (Insecta diversity of Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and its adjacent areas in Thattekkad, Kerala, India

    A.P. Varghese


    Full Text Available Odonata diversity of Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and its adjacent areas in Thattekkad, Kerala, India were documented from 2010 to 2012. Opportunistic observations were carried out to record species diversity. Eighty-two species of Odonata, which included 51 species of Anisoptera (dragonflies and 31 species of Zygoptera (damselflies, were recorded during the study. Of this 21 species are endemic to the Western Ghats. The presence of the IUCN categorized nearly threatened species like Megalogomphus hannyngtoni and vulnerable species like Platysticta deccanensis and Protosticta sanguinostigma is remarkable.

  5. Ab-initio study of phase stability, elastic and thermodynamic properties of AlY alloy under pressure

    Zhou, Dawei [College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Normal University, Nanyang 473061 (China); Su, Taichao [Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo 454000 (China); Song, Haizhen; Lu, Cheng; Zhong, Zhiguo; Lu, Zhiwen [College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Normal University, Nanyang 473061 (China); Pu, Chunying, E-mail: [College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Normal University, Nanyang 473061 (China)


    Using the particle swarm optimization algorithm combined with first-principles methods, we explore the diagram of AlY alloy up to 250 GPa. It is found that AlDy phase, rather than the experimentally observed B2 phase, is the most stable structure at 0 K and 0–20 GPa. However, our results show that B2 phase can exist as a stable phase at 20–27.6 GPa. At higher pressure, four new high-pressure phases with Cmcm-I, Cmcm-II, I4/mmm and P4/nmm structure are identified for the first time. The hardness, elastic and thermodynamic properties of the newly found phases are investigated and compared with B2 phase. The calculated hardness of AlDy, Cmcm-I, Cmcm-II, I4/mmm and P4/nmm phases is in the range of 7–9 GPa, higher than that of B2 phase. In addition, it is found that AlDy phase is a brittle material at 0 GPa, which changes to a ductile material above 12 GPa. Except for AlDy phase, all the other AlY compounds exhibit completely ductile behavior under pressure. Compared with the other phases, B2 phase is found to have the best ductility and the largest elastic anisotropy over the whole pressure investigated. Moreover, all AlY intermetallics exhibit a nearly elastic isotropy in compressibility but a comparatively large elastic anisotropy in shear. The structural stability, electronic structure, bulk and shear modulus, Debye temperature as well as sound velocities of AlY alloy under pressure are also deeply discussed. - Graphical abstract: Pressure-induced phase transition of AlY alloy up to 250 GPa. - Highlights: • The diagram of AlY alloy was explored and four new stable phases were predicted. • B2 phase shows the largest ductility and elastic anisotropy among AlY alloys. • All AlY alloys exhibit ductile behavior except for AlDy phase under pressure. • All AlY alloys show strong isotropy in compressibility and anisotropy in shear.

  6. STS-45 Earth observation of the Persian Gulf and the island of Abu Ali


    STS-45 Earth observation taken aboard Atlantis, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104, is of the northern reaches of the Persian Gulf with the sunglint pattern centered on the Saudi Arabian island of Abu Ali. Bright features along the coast are thought to be deposits of oil, released from a terminal offshore of Kuwait during the recent Persian Gulf War. Further up the coast, in Kuwait, the black, oil-soaked desert surrounding the site of the oil well fires is clearly visible. View was taken from an altitude of 160 nautical miles with OV-104 located at 28 degrees north and 52.8 degrees east. During the STS-45 mission, an international survey team focused on oil contamination of the shallow-water habitants in the area north of Abu Ali Island. Crewmembers contacted the NOAA survey vessel, the R/V Mt. Mitchell, several times and photographed water color and sunglint within the study area and throughout the entire Persian Gulf. These photographic data are expected to aid the Persian Gulf researchers in

  7. Magma-driven antiform structures in the Afar rift: The Ali Sabieh range, Djibouti

    Le Gall, Bernard; Daoud, Mohamed Ahmed; Maury, René C.; Rolet, Joël; Guillou, Hervé; Sue, Christian


    The Ali Sabieh Range, SE Afar, is an antiform involving Mesozoic sedimentary rocks and synrift volcanics. Previous studies have postulated a tectonic origin for this structure, in either a contractional or extensional regime. New stratigraphic, mapping and structural data demonstrate that large-scale doming took place at an early stage of rifting, in response to a mafic laccolithic intrusion dated between 28 and 20 Ma from new K-Ar age determinations. Our 'laccolith' model is chiefly supported by: (i) the geometry of the intrusion roof, (ii) the recognition of roof pendants in its axial part, and (iii) the mapping relationships between the intrusion, the associated dyke-sill network, and the upper volcanic/volcaniclastic sequences. The laccolith is assumed to have inflated with time, and to have upwardly bent its sedimentary roof rocks. From the architecture of the ˜1 km-thick Mesozoic overburden sequences, ca. 2 km of roof lifting are assumed to have occurred, probably in association with reactivated transverse discontinuities. Computed paleostress tensors indicate that the minimum principal stress axis is consistently horizontal and oriented E-W, with a dominance of extensional versus strike-slip regimes. The Ali Sabieh laccolith is the first regional-scale magma-driven antiform structure reported so far in the Afro-Arabian rift system.

  8. Abnormal rotation of the right kidney | Chaudhary | Central African ...

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  9. Ali Canip Yöntem’in Sanata ve Edebiyata Bakışı Ali Canip Yöntem’s Perspective to Art and Literature

    Abdullah HARMANCI


    Full Text Available Ali Canip Yöntem (1887-1967 who is one of the prominent names of the national literary movement gave many works relating to literary theory and criticism as well as poem. Before being connected to national literary, author who has largely been seeking on the line extending from Muallim Naci to Cedideci (New Literature movement and Fecr-i Aticis (Dawn of the Future has deep thoughts in his many articles that will light the way for today’s artists and researchers either due to hiscommand of our classical literature or of Western Literature. From hiswritings in question, in our article, opinions of Yöntem about somematters such as what is the art and literature, why it is existing, whatcould be its power and effect, how to take advantage of art andliterature, the place and importance of the imitation in art, pleasure,beauty, perception and genius concepts, purpose of art, relationshipbetween artist and school of art, art and dialectic, poem and knowledge,poem and sensation etc were scanned and these opinions were whollyattempted to be assessed. Apart from these, problems collected undersome titles such as what, in fact, is the concept of national literature adhow it should be understood, our mistakes when assessing the concept“national”, dimensions of artist and public when assessing within thecontext of national literature have been the topic of the Ali CanipYöntem’s articles and opinions of author about these issues wereattempted to be examined by us. Yöntem also referred to the problemsabout limits of literary criticism and features which a reviewer musthave, and attached importance to the relationship of literary criticismwith literary text. Milli edebiyat akımının önde gelen isimlerinden olan Ali Canip Yöntem (1887 – 1967, şiirin yanı sıra edebiyat teorisine ve eleştirisine ilişkin eserler de vermiştir. Milli edebiyata mensup olmadan önce, Muallim Naci’den Edebiyatı Cedidecilere, Fecr-i Âticilere uzanan

  10. His Excellency Mr Ali Naci Koru Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other international organisations in Switzerland

    Bennett, Sophia Elizabeth


    His Excellency Mr Ali Naci Koru Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other international organisations in Switzerland

  11. Toplumcu gerçekçilik ve Sabahattin Ali'nin hikâye kişileri

    Hasdedeoğlu, Mehmet Onur


    Bu çalısmanın konusu, günümüzde devrini tamamlamıs olan toplumcu gerçekçilik akımının ilkeleri dorultusunda, Sabahattin Ali'nin hikâye kisilerini tanımaktır. Ulasılması hedeflenen amaç, edebiyatın çesitli türlerinde eserler vermis olmasına karsın daha çok hikâyeci kimligiyle öne çıkan Sabahattin Ali'nin, hikâyelerinde yarattıgı kahramanları inceleme yoluyla, temsilcisi oldugu toplumcu gerçekçilik akımı içerisindeki yerini belirlemektir. Çalısmanın çekirdegini olusturan ?Sabahattin Ali'nin Hik...

  12. Differential expression of THOC1 and ALY mRNP biogenesis/export factors in human cancers

    Domínguez-Sánchez, María S; Sáez, Carmen; Japón, Miguel A; Aguilera, Andrés; Luna, Rosa


    One key step in gene expression is the biogenesis of mRNA ribonucleoparticle complexes (mRNPs). Formation of the mRNP requires the participation of a number of conserved factors such as the THO complex. THO interacts physically and functionally with the Sub2/UAP56 RNA-dependent ATPase, and the Yra1/REF1/ALY RNA-binding protein linking transcription, mRNA export and genome integrity. Given the link between genome instability and cancer, we have performed a comparative analysis of the expression patterns of THOC1, a THO complex subunit, and ALY in tumor samples. The mRNA levels were measured by quantitative real-time PCR and hybridization of a tumor tissue cDNA array; and the protein levels and distribution by immunostaining of a custom tissue array containing a set of paraffin-embedded samples of different tumor and normal tissues followed by statistical analysis. We show that the expression of two mRNP factors, THOC1 and ALY are altered in several tumor tissues. THOC1 mRNA and protein levels are up-regulated in ovarian and lung tumors and down-regulated in those of testis and skin, whereas ALY is altered in a wide variety of tumors. In contrast to THOC1, ALY protein is highly detected in normal proliferative cells, but poorly in high-grade cancers. These results suggest a differential connection between tumorogenesis and the expression levels of human THO and ALY. This study opens the possibility of defining mRNP biogenesis factors as putative players in cell proliferation that could contribute to tumor development

  13. Does advanced lung inflammation index (ALI) have prognostic significance in metastatic non-small cell lung cancer?

    Ozyurek, Berna Akinci; Ozdemirel, Tugce Sahin; Ozden, Sertac Buyukyaylaci; Erdoğan, Yurdanur; Ozmen, Ozlem; Kaplan, Bekir; Kaplan, Tugba


    Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed and death-related cancer type and is more frequent in males. Non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) accounts for about 85% of all case. In this study, it was aimed to research the relationship between advanced lung inflammation index (ALI) and the primary mass maximum standardized uptake value (SUVmax) and C-reactive protein (CRP) at initial diagnosis and the prognostic value of ALI in determining the survival in metastatic NSCLC. A total of 112 patients diagnosed as stage 4 non-small-lung cancer in our hospital between January 2006 and December 2013 were included in this study. ALI was calculated as body mass index (BMI) × serum albumin/neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR). The patients were divided into two groups as ALI ALI ≥ 18 (low inflammation). The log-rank test and Cox proportional hazard model were used to identify predictors of mortality. Evaluation was made of 94 male and 18 female patients with a mean age of 59.7 ± 9.9 years. A statistically significant negative relationship was determined between ALI and CRP values (P ALI and SUVmax values (P = .436). The median survival time in patients with ALI ALI ≥ 18, it was 16 months (P = .095). ALI is an easily calculated indicator of inflammation in lung cancer patients. Values <18 can be considered to predict a poor prognosis. © 2018 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  14. Gene expression of bovine embryos developing at the air-liquid interface on oviductal epithelial cells (ALI-BOEC).

    van der Weijden, Vera A; Chen, Shuai; Bauersachs, Stefan; Ulbrich, Susanne E; Schoen, Jennifer


    We recently developed an air-liquid interface long-term culture of differentiated bovine oviductal epithelial cells (ALI-BOEC). This ex vivo oviduct epithelium is capable of supporting embryo development in co-culture up to the blastocyst stage without addition of embryo culture medium. However, blastocyst rates in co-culture were markedly lower than in conventional in vitro embryo production procedures. In the present study, we assessed target gene expression of ALI-BOEC derived embryos to test their similarity to embryos from conventional in vitro embryo culture. We screened previously published data from developing bovine embryos and selected 41 genes which are either differentially expressed during embryo development, or reflect differences between various in vitro culture conditions or in vitro and in vivo embryos. Target gene expression was measured in 8-cell embryos and blastocysts using a 48.48 Dynamic Array™ on a Biomark HD instrument. For comparison with the ALI-BOEC system, we generated embryos by two different standard IVP protocols. The culture conditions lead to differential gene expression in both 8-cell embryos and blastocysts. Across the expression of all target genes the embryos developing on ALI-BOEC did not depart from conventional IVP embryos. These first results prove that gene expression in ALI-BOEC embryos is not largely aberrant. However, there was no clear indication for a more in vivo-like target gene expression of these embryos. This calls for further optimization of the ALI-BOEC system to increase its efficiency both quantitatively and qualitatively.

  15. Land cover mapping with emphasis to burnt area delineation using co-orbital ALI and Landsat TM imagery

    Petropoulos, George P.; Kontoes, Charalambos C.; Keramitsoglou, Iphigenia


    In this study, the potential of EO-1 Advanced Land Imager (ALI) radiometer for land cover and especially burnt area mapping from a single image analysis is investigated. Co-orbital imagery from the Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) was also utilised for comparison purposes. Both images were acquired shortly after the suppression of a fire occurred during the summer of 2009 North-East of Athens, the capital of Greece. The Maximum Likelihood (ML), Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Support Vector Machines (SVMs) classifiers were parameterised and subsequently applied to the acquired satellite datasets. Evaluation of the land use/cover mapping accuracy was based on the error matrix statistics. Also, the McNemar test was used to evaluate the statistical significance of the differences between the approaches tested. Derived burnt area estimates were validated against the operationally deployed Services and Applications For Emergency Response (SAFER) Burnt Scar Mapping service. All classifiers applied to either ALI or TM imagery proved flexible enough to map land cover and also to extract the burnt area from other land surface types. The highest total classification accuracy and burnt area detection capability was returned from the application of SVMs to ALI data. This was due to the SVMs ability to identify an optimal separating hyperplane for best classes' separation that was able to better utilise ALI's advanced technological characteristics in comparison to those of TM sensor. This study is to our knowledge the first of its kind, effectively demonstrating the benefits of the combined application of SVMs to ALI data further implying that ALI technology may prove highly valuable in mapping burnt areas and land use/cover if it is incorporated into the development of Landsat 8 mission, planned to be launched in the coming years.

  16. Catalytically important amino-acid residues of abalone alginate lyase HdAly assessed by site-directed mutagenesis

    Yamamoto, Sayo; Sahara, Takehiko; Sato, Daisuke; Kawasaki, Kosei; Ohgiya, Satoru; Inoue, Akira; Ojima, Takao


    Alginate lyase is an enzyme that degrades alginate chains via β-elimination and has been used for the production of alginate oligosaccharides and protoplasts from brown algae. Previously, we deduced the amino-acid sequence of an abalone alginate lyase, HdAly, from its cDNA sequence and, through multiple amino-acid sequence alignment, found that several basic amino-acid residues were highly conserved among the polysaccharide-lyase family 14 (PL-14) enzymes including HdAly. In the present study...

  17. Occurrence and genesis of Quaternary microbialitic tufa at Hammam Al Ali, Oman

    Khalaf, Fikry I.


    Remnants of late Quaternary microbialitic tufa occurs within a shallow depression in the Hammam Al Ali hot spring area, which is located approximately 14.5 km to the southwest of Muscat, Oman. The tufa precipitated from hot spring water supersaturated with respect to calcium carbonate and is mostly of a porous phytogenic type, with occasional detrital and stromatolitic types. Microscopic and nanoscopic examination revealed that the tufa deposits developed through two successive processes of calcite precipitation, biotic and abiotic, preceded by limited precipitation of unstable aragonite. It is suggested that biologically mediated precipitation results in the construction of incomplete skeletal calcite crystals. The latter provide a base for classical physiochemical precipitation and, eventually, the development of complete sparry calcite crystals. The initiation of dendritic calcite crystals in the stromatolitic tufa as incomplete biogenic skeletal crystals and their characteristic growth pattern indicates that the tufa represents a clear example of hot spring calcitic microbialite.

  18. Effet des conditions climatiques sur le niveau du lac Sidi Ali (Moyen Atlas, Maroc)

    Sayad, Ahmed; Chakiri, Saïd; Martin, Claude; Bejjaji, Zohra; Echarfaoui, Hassan


    Le lac Sidi Ali est un lac naturel d'altitude (2070-2080 m), sans exutoire superficiel, déterminé par le barrage d'une coulée basaltique. Doté d'un bassin versant apparent de 15,6 km2, il est alimenté par des eaux de ruissellement et par des sources karstiques. Son niveau subit des variations très fortes, annuelles et interannuelles, sous le contrôle des conditions climatiques, et en particulier des pluies et de l'évapotranspiration. Les périodes de sécheresse qui ont marqué les trois dernièr...

  19. Porphyry Cu-Au mineralization in the Mirkuh Ali Mirza magmatic complex, NW Iran

    Maghsoudi, A.; Yazdi, M.; Mehrpartou, M.; Vosoughi, M.; Younesi, S.


    The Mirkuh Ali Mirza Cu-Au porphyry system in East Azerbaijan Province is located on the western part of the Cenozoic Alborz-Azerbaijan volcanic belt. The belt is also an important Cu-Mo-Au metallogenic province in northwestern Iran. The exposed rocks in the study area consist of a volcaniclastic sequence, subvolcanic rocks and intermediate to mafic lava flows of Neogene age. The volcanic rocks show a typical subduction-related magmatic arc geological and geochemical signature, with low concentration of Nb, Ta, and Ti. Mineralization is hosted by Neogene dacitic tuff and porphyritic dacite situated at the intersections of northeast and northwest faults. Field observations, alteration zonation, geochemical haloes and isotopic data of the Mirkuh Ali Mirza magmatic complex show similarities with typical convergent margin Cu-Au porphyry type deposits. The following features confirm the classic model for Cu-Au porphyry systems: (a) close spatial association with high-K calcalkaline to shoshonitic rock related to post-collision extensional setting (b) low grade Cu (0.57%) (c) stockworks as well as disseminated sulfides (c) zonality of the alteration patterns from intense phyllic at the center to outward weak-phyllic, argillic, and propylitic (d) the presence of a pyritic halo (e) accompanied by sheeted veins and low-sulfidation epithermal gold (f) mineralization spatially associated with intersection of structures, (g) genetically related to diorite porphyry stocks at depth (h) geochemical zonation of (Cu ± Au ± Ag ± Bi) → (Cu + Mo ± Bi ± Au ± Pb ± Zn ± As) → (Au + Mo ± Pb ± Zn) → (As + Ag + Sb + Mn + Ba + Pb + Zn + Hg) → Hg from center to outwards (i) The range of sulfur isotopic values is approximately zero (interpreted to have magmatic source) and similar to other subduction-related porphyry Cu deposits.

  20. VizieR Online Data Catalog: AKARI IRC asteroid sample diameters & albedos (Ali-Lagoa+, 2018)

    Ali-Lagoa, V.; Mueller, T. G.; Usui, F.; Hasegawa, S.


    Table 1 contains the best-fitting values of size and beaming parameter and corresponding visible geometric albedos for the full AKARI IRC sample. We fitted the near-Earth asteroid thermal model (NEATM) of Harris (1998Icar..131..291H) to the AKARI IRC thermal infrared data (Murakami et al., 2007PASJ...59S.369M, Onaka et al., 2007PASJ...59S.401O, Ishihara et al., 2010A&A...514A...1I, Cat. II/297, Usui et al., 2011PASJ...63.1117U, Cat. J/PASJ/63/1117, Takita et al., 2012PASJ...64..126T, Hasegawa et al., 2013PASJ...65...34H, Cat. J/PASJ/65/34). The NEATM implementation is described in Ali-Lagoa and Delbo' (2017A&A...603A..55A, cat. J/A+A/603/A55). Minimum relative errors of 10, 15, and 20 percent are given for size, beaming parameter and albedo in those cases where the beaming parameter could be fitted. Otherwise, a default value of the beaming parameter is assumed based on Eq. 1 in the article, and the minimum relative errors in size and albedo increase to 20 and 40 percent (see the discussions in Mainzer et al., 2011ApJ...736..100M, Ali-Lagoa et al., 2016A&A...591A..14A, Cat. J/A+A/591/A14). We also provide the asteroid absolute magnitudes and G12 slope parameters retrieved from Oszkiewicz et al. (2012), the number of observations used in each IRC band (S9W and L18W), plus the heliocentric and geocentric distances and phase angle (r, Delta, alpha) based on the ephemerides taken from the MIRIADE service ( (1 data file).

  1. [VEGF165 transfected endothelial progenitor cells mediated by lentivirus alleviated ALI in rats].

    He, Zhaohui; He, Huiwei; Lu, Yuanhua; Chen, Zhi; Xu, Fanghua; Wang, Rongsheng; Yang, Chunli


    To investigate the protective effects of vascular endothelial growth factor-165 (VEGF165) transfected the endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) mediated by lentivirus on acute lung injury (ALI) in rats. The mononuclear cells from the male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were isolated and cultured to get the EPCs for study. The lentivirus vector carrying the human VEGF165 gene was constructed. According to the random number table method, 90 male SD rats were divided into ALI model group, phosphate buffer solution (PBS) group, EPCs treatment group, none transfected EPCs treatment group and VEGF165 transfected EPCs treatment group, and the rats in each group were subdivided into 4, 12 and 48 hours subgroups, with 6 rats in each subgroup. The rat model of ALI was reproduced by intravenous injection of oleic acid (0.15 μL/g). Then each treatment group was given PBS, EPCs, none transfected EPCs and VEGF165 transfected EPCs respectively with the same volume of 0.2 mL. For the groups with cells, about 1×10 6 cells were contained. Abdominal aortic blood and lung tissue were harvested at 4, 12 and 48 hours. Arterial blood gas analysis was performed. The lung wet/dry weight ratio (W/D) was calculated. The expressions of induced nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), endothelin-1 (ET-1) and VEGF165 were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). After dyed with hematoxylin-eosin (HE), the lung tissue pathology was observed and the lung injury score was performed. Compared with the ALI model group, the arterial partial pressure of oxygen (PaO 2 ) in EPCs, none transfected EPCs and VEGF165 transfected EPCs treatment groups was significantly increased from 4 hours, and lung W/D, expressions of iNOS and ET-1 were significantly decreased, and VEGF165 expression was significantly increased. Compared with the EPCs treatment group, the increase in PaO 2 , the decrease in lung W/D and expressions of iNOS and ET-1, and the increase in VEGF165 expression in VEGF165 transfected EPCs

  2. An Approach to the Stories of Sabahattin Ali within the Context of Marxist Literary Aesthetics: The Conflict between Peasants and the Intelligentsia

    Yigit, Murat


    This study will try to read the stories of Sabahattin Ali, who has written various books in Turkish, within the context of Marxist literary aesthetics, assess the types and characters in the stories of Sabahattin Ali within that framework, and observe the social levels and the gaps between them based on the relationships between the two extreme…

  3. 40 CFR 721.9527 - Bis(1,2,2,6,6-pentamethyl-4-piperidin-4-ol) ester of cy-clo-ali-phatic spiroketal.


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 30 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Bis(1,2,2,6,6-pentamethyl-4-piperidin-4-ol) ester of cy-clo-ali-phatic spiroketal. 721.9527 Section 721.9527 Protection of Environment...-piperidin-4-ol) ester of cy-clo-ali-phatic spiroketal. (a) Chemical substance and significant new uses...

  4. The ALI-ARMS Code for Modeling Atmospheric non-LTE Molecular Band Emissions: Current Status and Applications

    Kutepov, A. A.; Feofilov, A. G.; Manuilova, R. O.; Yankovsky, V. A.; Rezac, L.; Pesnell, W. D.; Goldberg, R. A.


    The Accelerated Lambda Iteration (ALI) technique was developed in stellar astrophysics at the beginning of 1990s for solving the non-LTE radiative transfer problem in atomic lines and multiplets in stellar atmospheres. It was later successfully applied to modeling the non-LTE emissions and radiative cooling/heating in the vibrational-rotational bands of molecules in planetary atmospheres. Similar to the standard lambda iterations ALI operates with the matrices of minimal dimension. However, it provides higher convergence rate and stability due to removing from the iterating process the photons trapped in the optically thick line cores. In the current ALI-ARMS (ALI for Atmospheric Radiation and Molecular Spectra) code version additional acceleration of calculations is provided by utilizing the opacity distribution function (ODF) approach and "decoupling". The former allows replacing the band branches by single lines of special shape, whereas the latter treats non-linearity caused by strong near-resonant vibration-vibrational level coupling without additional linearizing the statistical equilibrium equations. Latest code application for the non-LTE diagnostics of the molecular band emissions of Earth's and Martian atmospheres as well as for the non-LTE IR cooling/heating calculations are discussed.

  5. Assessments of Ali, Dome A, and Summit Camp for mm-wave Observations Using MERRA-2 Reanalysis

    Kuo, Chao-Lin


    NASA’s latest MERRA-2 reanalysis of the modern satellite measurements has made atmospheric data easily accessible with unprecedented uniformity, fidelity, and completeness. In this paper, these data are used to evaluate five sites for millimeter-wave (mm-wave) observations. These include two established sites (South Pole and Chajnantor, Atacama), and three new sites (Ali in Tibet, Dome A in Antarctica, and Summit Camp in Greenland). Atmospheric properties including precipitable water vapor (PWV), sky brightness temperature fluctuations, and ice and liquid water paths are derived and compared. Dome A emerges to be the best among those evaluated, with PWV and fluctuations smaller than the second-best site, South Pole, by more than a factor of 2. It is found that the higher site in Ali (6100 m) is on par with Cerro Chajnantor (5612 m) in terms of transmission and stability. The lower site in Ali (5250 m) planned for the first stage of observations at 90/150 GHz provides conditions comparable to those on the Chajnantor Plateau. These analyses confirm Ali to be an excellent mm-wave site in the Northern Hemisphere that will complement well-established Southern sites. According to MERRA-2 data, the observing conditions at Summit Camp are also comparable to Cerro Chajnantor. However, it is more affected by the presence of liquid water clouds.

  6. Assessments of Ali, Dome A, and Summit Camp for mm-wave Observations Using MERRA-2 Reanalysis

    Kuo, Chao-Lin


    NASA's latest MERRA-2 reanalysis of the modern satellite measurements has made atmospheric data easily accessible with unprecedented uniformity, fidelity, and completeness. In this paper, these data are used to evaluate five sites for millimeter-wave (mm-wave) observations. These include two established sites (South Pole and Chajnantor, Atacama), and three new sites (Ali in Tibet, Dome A in Antarctica, and Summit Camp in Greenland). Atmospheric properties including precipitable water vapor (PWV), sky brightness temperature fluctuations, and ice and liquid water paths are derived and compared. Dome A emerges to be the best among those evaluated, with PWV and fluctuations smaller than the second-best site, South Pole, by more than a factor of 2. It is found that the higher site in Ali (6100 m) is on par with Cerro Chajnantor (5612 m) in terms of transmission and stability. The lower site in Ali (5250 m) planned for the first stage of observations at 90/150 GHz provides conditions comparable to those on the Chajnantor Plateau. These analyses confirm Ali to be an excellent mm-wave site in the Northern Hemisphere that will complement well-established Southern sites. According to MERRA-2 data, the observing conditions at Summit Camp are also comparable to Cerro Chajnantor. Furthermore, it is more affected by the presence of liquid water clouds.

  7. Mir Masoom Ali: A Distinguished and Dedicated Statistician Who Never Gets Old – Even at Seventy-Five

    Aylin Alin


    Full Text Available I first met Distinguished Professor Dr. Mir Masoom Ali at the International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics held in Athens, Greece in 2007. He was there as an invited speaker and he also chaired my session. After my session we had a chance to chat on our way to the restaurant where the banquet was held.  Even though it was the first time we hadmet, he was very kind to me.  He was there with his wife Firoza (Leena Ali. They looked great together.  Family is the most important part of our lives.  It was immediately apparent to me that Professor Ali, apart from being an outstanding statistician and a great teacher, is also a dedicated husband, father and grandfather. We have always kept in touch since our first meeting. I am very lucky to have had a chance to recently collaborate with him in a research paper. It is also a great honor for me to have been asked to serve as a guest editor for this special issue and to be able to be part of this undertaking to celebrate Dr. Ali’s 75th birthday anniversary. To some people, age is only an indicator of the year they were born but inside they feel much younger. Professor Ali is onesuch person who not only looks very young both physically and emotionally for his age but who also has the personality and mentality of a very active younger person. That is why I have chosen the title "Mir Masoom Ali: A Distinguished and Dedicated Statistician Who Never Gets Old - Even at Seventy-Five."  

  8. Lithospheric mantle evolution in the Afro-Arabian domain: Insights from Bir Ali mantle xenoliths (Yemen)

    Sgualdo, P.; Aviado, K.; Beccaluva, L.; Bianchini, G.; Blichert-Toft, J.; Bryce, J. G.; Graham, D. W.; Natali, C.; Siena, F.


    Detailed petrological and geochemical investigations of an extensive sampling of mantle xenoliths from the Neogene-Quaternary Bir Ali diatreme (southern Yemen) indicate that the underlying lithospheric mantle consists predominantly of medium- to fine-grained (often foliated) spinel-peridotites (85-90%) and spinel-pyroxenites (10-15%) showing thermobarometric estimates in the P-T range of 0.9-2.0 GPa and 900-1150 °C. Peridotites, including lherzolites, harzburgites and dunites delineate continuous chemical, modal and mineralogical variations compatible with large extractions of basic melts occurring since the late Proterozoic (~ 2 Ga, according to Lu-Hf model ages). Pyroxenites may represent intrusions of subalkaline basic melts interacting and equilibrated with the host peridotite. Subsequent metasomatism has led to modal changes, with evidence of reaction patches and clinopyroxene and spinel destabilization, as well as formation of new phases (glass, amphibole and feldspar). These changes are accompanied by enrichment of the most incompatible elements and isotopic compositions. 143Nd/144Nd ranges from 0.51419 to 0.51209 (εNd from + 30.3 to - 10.5), 176Hf/177Hf from 0.28459 to 0.28239 (εHf from + 64.4 to - 13.6), and 208Pb/204Pb from 36.85 to 41.56, thus extending from the depleted mantle (DM) towards the enriched OIB mantle (EM and HIMU) components. 3He/4He (R/RA) ratios vary from 7.2 to 7.9 with He concentrations co-varying with the most incompatible element enrichment, in parallel with metasomatic effects. These metasomatic events, particularly effective in harzburgites and dunites, are attributable to the variable interaction with alkaline basic melts related to the general extensional and rifting regime affecting the East Africa-Arabian domain during the Cenozoic. In this respect, Bir Ali mantle xenoliths resemble those occurring along the Arabian margins and the East Africa Rift system, similarly affected by alkaline metasomatism, whereas they are

  9. Effet des conditions climatiques sur le niveau du lac Sidi Ali (Moyen Atlas, Maroc

    Claude Martin


    Full Text Available Le lac Sidi Ali est un lac naturel d'altitude (2070-2080 m, sans exutoire superficiel, déterminé par le barrage d'une coulée basaltique. Doté d'un bassin versant apparent de 15,6 km2, il est alimenté par des eaux de ruissellement et par des sources karstiques. Son niveau subit des variations très fortes, annuelles et interannuelles, sous le contrôle des conditions climatiques, et en particulier des pluies et de l'évapotranspiration. Les périodes de sécheresse qui ont marqué les trois dernières décennies, se sont traduites par un abaissement du niveau de près de 7 m. Mais les précipitations abondantes des années 2008-09 et 2009-10 ont provoqué une nette remontée. Une régression multiple d'assez bonne qualité (r = 0,87 lie la variation annuelle du niveau (d'août à août à différents paramètres (conditions climatiques et niveau initial du lac.Lake Sidi Ali is a natural lake at high altitude (2070-2080 m, without surface outlet, determined by the dam of a basalt flow. With an apparent catchment of 15.6 km2, it is fed by runoff and karst springs. Its level shows strong annual and interannual variations, depending on weather conditions, particularly rainfall and evapotranspiration. Droughts that have marked the last three decades have resulted in a lowering of about 7 m of the water level. But heavy rainfall that occurred in 2008-09 and 2009-10 caused a marked rise. A multiple regression of sufficient quality (r = 0.87 binds the annual change (from august to august at differents parameters (weather conditions and initial level of the lake.

  10. Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb: Highlights from a pioneer of biomedical research, physician and scientist.

    Salih, Mustafa Abdalla M


    The article highlights the career of Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb (1910 - 1973; DKSM, Dip Bact, FRCPath, FRCP [Lond]), a pioneer worker in health, medical services, biomedical research and medical education in the Sudan. After his graduation from the Kitchener School of Medicine (renamed, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum [U of K]) in 1934, he devoted his life for the development of laboratory medicine. He became the first Sudanese Director of Stack Medical Research Laboratories (1952 - 1962). He made valuable contributions by his services in the vaccine production and implementation programs, most notably in combating small pox, rabies and epidemic meningitis. In 1963 he became the first Sudanese Professor of Microbiology and Parasitology and served as the first Sudanese Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, U of K (1963-1969). He was an active loyal citizen in public life and served in various fields outside the medical profession. As Mayor of Omdurman, he was invited to visit Berlin in 1963 by Willy Brandt, Mayor of West Berlin (1957-1966) and Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (1969 to 1974). Also as Mayor of Omdurman, he represented the City in welcoming Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Sudan in February 1965. He also received State Medals from Egypt and Ethiopia. In 1973 he was appointed Chairman of the Sudan Medical Research Council, and was awarded the international Dr. Shousha Foundation Prize and Medal by the WHO for his contribution in the advancement of health, research and medical services.

  11. The Effect of Dramatized Instruction on Speaking Ability of Imam Ali University EFL Learners

    Sadegh Khosronejad


    Full Text Available Teaching language as a second or foreign language, undoubtedly, is so demanding and seeking to find methods for facilitating this prominent practice whets the appetite of any practitioner who works in this field. Research shows that using drama in the classroom as a means of teaching helps students learn socially, academically, and developmentally. This study was an attempt to determine the effect of dramatized instruction on the speaking ability of EFL learners of Imam Ali University. Sixty EFL male students at the intermediate level participated in the study. Their age range was 19-22. Two instruments were utilized in this study; pretest, and posttest.  The data were analyzed through t-test. The data analysis indicated that the mean scores of the experimental group students (M = 72.80 were significantly different (3.29>2; df = 58 from the control group students (M = 65.39. In other words, the experimental group outperformed the control group in the posttest significantly. Moreover, the findings indicated that dramatized instruction does have a great effect on the speaking skills. This study supported the idea of effectiveness of dramatized instruction on developing speaking skill and the teachers can help the learners at lower levels promote their speaking skill through dramatized instruction in EFL classes.

  12. Worlds Apart: Nam Le’s The Boat and Ali Alizadeh’s Transactions

    Lachlan Brown


    Full Text Available This paper reads Ali Alizadeh’s transnational book of short stories (Transactions, 2013 as a curious and pointed response to the kind of literary internationalism seen in Nam Le’s The Boat (2008. Le’s work was first published in the same year as Alizadeh’s The New Angel (which was set during the Iranian revolution. There is a sense in which the spectacular success of Le’s book ‘overshadowed’ the publicity for Alizadeh’s novel in the year of its arrival. But Le’s also work contains a story about an American woman visiting Tehran, and his mimicry perhaps signifies a more problematic representational point of comparison. With this in mind, this paper examines Alizadeh’s Transactions exploring the ways in which Alizadeh’s brutally connected global vision is coded through certain aesthetic choices (including structural, tonal and descriptive that offer something very different to the artisanal and paratactic sensibility of The Boat.

  13. Digital Workflow for the Conservation of Bahrain Built Heritage: the Sheik Isa Bin ALI House

    Barazzetti, L.; Mezzino, D.; Santana Quintero, M.


    Currently, the commercial market offers several tools for digital documentation of historic sites and buildings. Photogrammetry and laser scanning play a fundamental role in the acquisition of metric information, which is then processed to generate reliable records particularly useful also in the built heritage conservation field. Although potentially very fast and accurate, such techniques require expert operators to produce reliable results, especially in the case of complex and large sites. The aim of this paper is to present the digital workflow developed for data acquisition and processing of the Shaikh Isa Bin Ali house in Muharraq, Bahrain. This historic structure is an outstanding example of Bahrain architecture as well as tangible memory of the country history, with strong connotations in the Bahrain cultural identity. The building has been documented employing several digital techniques, including: aerial (drone) and terrestrial photogrammetry, rectifying photography, total station and laser scanning. The documentation project has been developed for the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) by a multidisciplinary team of experts from Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS, Carleton University, Canada) and Gicarus Lab (Politecnico di Milano, Italy).

  14. Greater self-enhancement in Western than Eastern Ukraine, but failure to replicate the Muhammad Ali effect.

    Kemmelmeier, Markus; Malanchuk, Oksana


    Based on the cross-cultural research linking individualism-collectivism and self-enhancement, this research examines regional pattern of self-enhancement in Ukraine. Broadly speaking, the western part of Ukraine is mainly Ukrainian speaking and historically oriented towards Europe, whereas Eastern Ukraine is mainly Russian speaking and historically oriented towards the Russian cultural sphere. We found self-enhancement on a "better than average" task to be higher in a Western Ukrainian sample compared to an Eastern Ukrainian sample, with differences in independent self-construals supporting assumed regional variation in individualism. However, the Muhammad Ali effect, the finding that self-enhancement is greater in the domain of morality than intelligence, was not replicated. The discussion focuses on the specific sources of this regional difference in self-enhancement, and reasons for why the Muhammad Ali effect was not found. © 2015 International Union of Psychological Science.

  15. Expounding a Few Key Strategies of Imam Ali (AS) on Prevention of Diseases by Means of Improving Nutrition Style

    Hossein Moradi


    diseases are due to lifestyle changes, especially in the field of nutrition. The Iranian Islamic teachings have extensive guidelines on the issue of healthy lifestyle and nutrition in particular. On that account, there are many sayings and traditions related to nutrition and its practices. The sayings of Imam Ali (AS) like avoiding eating when you are full, not eating your fill when mealtime, and masticating food well are among those traditions. In the light of Imam’s view, the role of ...

  16. ALICE distributed analysis of the K*(892)0 signal in pp events with the AliEn package

    Badala, A.; Barbera, R.; Lo Re, G.; Palmeri, A.; Pappalardo, G.S.; Pulvirenti, A.; Riggi, F.


    A simulation study concerning the K*(892)0 resonance was carried out within the ALICE Collaboration, in order to evaluate the capability of the detector in the reconstruction of this signal in pp collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) energy. A description of the analysis procedure which makes use of AliEn, the ALICE package for distributed computing, is given together with the obtained results

  17. ALICE distributed analysis of the $K^{*}(892)^{0}$ signal in pp events with the AliEn package

    Badalà, A; Palmeri, A; Pappalardo, G S; Pulvirenti, A; Lo Re, G; Riggi, F


    A simulation study concerning the K*(892)**0 resonance was carried out within the ALICE Collaboration, in order to evaluate the capability of the detector in the reconstruction of this signal in pp collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) energy. A description of the analysis procedure which makes use of AliEn, the ALICE package for distributed computing, is given together with the obtained results.

  18. Factors influencing development of management strategies for the Abou Ali River in Lebanon. I: Spatial variation and land use

    Massoud, MA; El-Fadel, M; Scrimshaw, MDirector; Lester, JN


    Surface water bodies are progressively subject to increasing stress as a result of environmentally degrading processes primarily related to anthropogenic activities. This study assesses and examines the impact of land use and anthropogenic activities on the spatial variation in water quality of the Abou Ali River in North Lebanon. It is the first detailed study of its kind in Lebanon and adds to the existing Knowledge by shedding light on a relatively small Mediterranean river in a developing...

  19. JAliEn – A new interface between the AliEn jobs and the central services

    Grigoras, A G; Grigoras, C; Pedreira, M M; Saiz, P; Schreiner, S


    Since the ALICE experiment began data taking in early 2010, the amount of end user jobs on the AliEn Grid has increased significantly. Presently 1/3 of the 40K CPU cores available to ALICE are occupied by jobs submitted by about 400 distinct users, individually or in organized analysis trains. The overall stability of the AliEn middleware has been excellent throughout the 3 years of running, but the massive amount of end-user analysis and its specific requirements and load has revealed few components which can be improved. One of them is the interface between users and central AliEn services (catalogue, job submission system) which we are currently re-implementing in Java. The interface provides persistent connection with enhanced data and job submission authenticity. In this paper we will describe the architecture of the new interface, the ROOT binding which enables the use of a single interface in addition to the standard UNIX-like access shell and the new security-related features


    Katni dan Anip Dwi Saputro


    Full Text Available The institution always expects the output quality and personality, but if the surroundings of education never give appropriate habitus, then the result will not be achieved. On the basis of this research, trying to peel about the role of habitus in developing intellectual capital which is a student at Ma'had synergy between the structure with an agency, how an intellectual capital created and run in a Ma'had university. The question of the Islamic College during this time, when students are extremely variable input, its ability to be tough in the formation and determination of the standard of their abilities.  The results of this study found that the role of habitus intellectual capital improvement done in Mahad Aly Al Furqon Ponorogo there are seven models of the structure that supports the students ' intellectual capital development in Ma'had Aly Al Furqon Ponorogo. As for overcoming the Burnout, the students do a variety of activities that make students fresh so avoid burnout. The results of the intellectual capital developed in the Mahad Aly Al Furqon students achieved the target of memorizing a set amount and the more intellectual growth of students marked with a creative, independent inquiries, in drawing up the scientific agenda, active removing the arguments in different ways.

  1. Molecular detection of the carriers of Staphylococcus aureus golden in referred to the Imam Ali Clinic in Shahrekord, Iran

    Maryam Reisi


    Full Text Available Objective: To conduct for the molecular detection of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus (Golden staph carriers among patients referred to the Imam Ali Clinic, Shahrekord, Iran. Methods: This sectional-descriptive study was conducted with 200 persons with suspected upper respiratory tract infections, who were referred to the Imam Ali Clinic in Shahrekord, Iran, in 2012. After culturing the nasal swab samples in mannitol salt agar and blood agar, S. aureus colonies were confirmed by biochemical methods. To determine the susceptibility of S. aureus strains isolated, molecular methods were used. Results: Among the 200 investigated samples, 60 cases (30%, comprising 25 men (41.66% and 35 women (58.33%, were found to be S. aureus carriers. Conclusions: The results of the present study showed that the frequency of the S. aureus strain isolated from the nasal swabs of patients with respiratory tract infections admitted to the Imam Ali Clinic in Shahrekord, Iran, was remarkable. Thus, knowing detection of S. aureus carriers, who are at a risk of spreading nosocomial infection among the staff, is vital to control and prevent nosocomial infections.

  2. Paparan Debu Kayu Dan Gangguan Fungsi Paru Pada Pekerja Mebel (Studi di PT Alis Jaya Ciptatama

    Wenang Triatmo


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Background : Wood dust generated from processes of sawing, planning and sanding can disperse in the workplace air and harm to the workers. Exposed to low concentration of wood dust for a long time can cause respiratory tract disorders  such as restriction, obstruction or mixed. Generally, organic dust exposure will effect on obstruction of respiratory tract which is indicated by decreasing of % FEV – 1 / FVC. Workers of wood industries have a high risk from wood dust deposition on their respiratory tract. Absorption of wood dust particles in the lung occurred by respiration mechanism. Methods : This research purpose was to analyze the exposure of wood dust and lung function disorder on furniture workers (Study  at  PT Alis Jaya Ciptatama in Jepara Regency. This research was an observational study with a cross Sectional approach with 55 samples. Sampling was carried out by using a Probability Systematic Sampling. Data of respirable wood dust concentration  was measured by a using Personal Dust Sampler. Whereas data of lung function was resulted from Sprirometry test  using a spirometer. Other data was collected from interview with the workers with age limitation is up to 40 years old. Data analyze by Chi Square Test was used to   identity the wood dust exposure, age, gender, time of exposure, working years, smoking habit, excercise habit, nutrient status and awareness in using of Personal Protective Equipment, in the correlation of occuring the lung function disorder.Multivariat analysis was carried out by regression test with the method of backward stepwise. Results: The result of this research was wood dust exposure significantly influence and correlate to the occuring of the lung function disorder on furniture workers ( Study at PT Alis Jaya Ciptatama , using appliance Personal Dust Sampler, highest result wood dust exposure 1,848 mg/m³ and the low result wood dust exposure 0,833 mg/m³, with the result : for wood dust

  3. Quality and storage characteristics of yogurt containing Lacobacillus sakei ALI033 and cinnamon ethanol extract

    Yu Jin Choi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background This study was conducted to examine the quality and storage characteristics of yogurt containing antifungal-active lactic acid bacteria (ALH, Lacobacillus sakei ALI033 isolated from kimchi and cinnamon ethanol extract. The starter was used for culture inoculation (1.0 % commercial starter culture YF-L812 and ALH. Results The antifungal activity of cinnamon extracts was observed in treatments with either cinnamon ethanol extracts or cinnamon methanol extracts. Changes in fermented milk made with ALH and cinnamon extract during fermentation at 40 °C were as follows. The pH was 4.6 after only 6 h of fermentation. Titratable acidity values were maintained at 0.8 % in all treatment groups. Viable cell counts were maintained at 4 × 109 CFU/mL in all groups except for 1.00 % cinnamon treatment. Sensory evaluations of fermented milk sample made with ALH and 0.05 % cinnamon ethanol extract were the highest. Changes in fermented milk made with ALH and cinnamon ethanol extract during storage at 4 °C for 28 days were as follows. In fermented milk containing ALH and cinnamon ethanol extracts, the changes in pH and titratable acidity were moderate and smaller compared with those of the control. Viable cell counts were maintained within a proper range of 108 CFU/mL. Conclusions The results of this study suggest that the overgrowth of fermentation strains or post acidification during storage can be effectively delayed, thereby maintaining the storage quality of yogurt products in a stable way, using cinnamon ethanol extract, which exhibits excellent antifungal and antibacterial activity, in combination with lactic acid bacteria isolated from kimchi.

  4. Alteration zone Mapping in the Meiduk and Sar Cheshmeh Porphyry Copper Mining Districts of Iran using Advanced Land Imager (ALI Satellite Data

    A. Beiranvand Pour


    Full Text Available This study evaluates the capability of Earth Observing-1 (EO1 Advanced Land Imager (ALI data for hydrothermal alteration mapping in the Meiduk and Sar Cheshmeh porphyry copper mining districts, SE Iran. Feature-oriented principal components selection, 4/2, 8/9, 5/4 band ratioing were applied to ALI data for enhancing the hydrothermally altered rocks associated with porphyry copper mineralization, lithological units and vegetation. Mixture-tuned matched-filtering (MTMF was tested to discriminate the hydrothermal alteration areas of porphyry copper mineralization from surrounding environment using the shortwave infrared bands of ALI. Results indicate that the tested methods are able to yield spectral information for identifying vegetation, iron oxide/hydroxide and clay minerals, lithological units and the discrimination of hydrothermally altered rocks from unaltered rocks using ALI data.

  5. Incorporation of Tongkat Ali and Ginseng extracts from mass propagated roots derived from bioreactor technology as supplements in energy chocolate confectionery

    Seri Cempaka Mohd Yusof; Sobri Hussein; Salmah Moosa; Salahbiah Badul Majid; Azhar Mohammad; Foziah Ali; Shafii Khamis; Rusli Ibrahim


    Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) and Ginseng (Panax ginseng) are well known herbs among Asians and have been sought after by Europeans and others for the benefits to health, especially as aphrodisiac and nourishing stimulants. They have high antioxidant level and were reported to be used in the treatment of type II diabetes, as well as for sexual dysfunction in men. Since Tongkat Ali and Ginseng are difficult to cultivate and have a long cultivation period, the bioreactor technology is the alternative method to produce huge amount of raw materials for the herbal industry and continuous supply of standardized raw materials that is not affected by geographical and environmental factors, soil less and free from pesticides and other contaminants. Tongkat Ali and Ginseng extracts from mass propagated roots derived from bioreactor technology have similar profiles as extracts derived from normal cultivation. Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS) profiles showed presence of active compounds in the Tongkat Ali and Ginseng extracts from the mass propagated roots. Cytotoxicity test using the brine shrimp (Artemia salina Leach) lethality assay, revealed that higher concentration of Tongkat Ali and Ginseng extracts from mass propagated roots did not kill or affect the brine shrimps, implying that the extracts were safe for consumption. Incorporation of combination of Tongkat Ali and Ginseng total extracts from mass propagated roots derived from bioreactor technology energy chocolate confectionery was accepted by the panelists in sensory evaluation and showed that the chocolate product has good potential as a carrier besides beverages and capsules. (author)

  6. Pretreatment advanced lung cancer inflammation index (ALI) for predicting early progression in nivolumab-treated patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

    Shiroyama, Takayuki; Suzuki, Hidekazu; Tamiya, Motohiro; Tamiya, Akihiro; Tanaka, Ayako; Okamoto, Norio; Nakahama, Kenji; Taniguchi, Yoshihiko; Isa, Shun-Ichi; Inoue, Takako; Imamura, Fumio; Atagi, Shinji; Hirashima, Tomonori


    Programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) expression status is inadequate for indicating nivolumab in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Because the baseline advanced lung cancer inflammation index (ALI) is reportedly associated with patient outcomes, we investigated whether the pretreatment ALI is prognostic in NSCLC patients treated with nivolumab. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of all patients treated with nivolumab for advanced NSCLC between December 2015 and May 2016 at three Japanese institutes. Multivariate logistic regression and Cox proportional hazards models were used to assess the impact of the pretreatment ALI (and other inflammation-related parameters) on progression-free survival (PFS) and early progression (i.e., within 8 weeks after starting nivolumab). A total of 201 patients were analyzed; their median age was 68 years (range, 27-87 years), 67% were men, and 24% had an Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) performance status of 2 or higher. An ECOG performance status ≥2, serum albumin ALI ALI ALI was found to be a significant independent predictor of early progression in patients with advanced NSCLC receiving nivolumab, and may help identify patients likely to benefit from continued nivolumab treatment in routine clinical practice. © 2017 The Authors. Cancer Medicine published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  7. Comparison of the X-ray features between child Hirschsprung alied disease and Hirschsprung disease

    Wu Shuochun; Yuan Xinyu; Bai Fengsen; Ma Lishuang; Li Long


    Objective: To compare the X-ray features between Hirschsprung alied disease (HAD) and Hirschsprung disease (HD), and analyze the differentiations. Methods: From December 2004 to December 2009, nineteen cases of HAD, aged from 30 days to 10 years (median, 14 months), received barium enema examinations in our institution. Other 19 cases with HD, also received barium enema examinations, were chosen randomly. They were aged from 42 days to 8 years (median, 8 months). The imaging features of HAD and HD were analyzed retrospectively. The incidence rate of colon stenosis, 'truncation sign' and spasm notch and R/C ratio (the longest diameter of rectum/colon) were calculated and compared between these two groups. In all these cases, diagnosis was confirmed by postoperative histopathology. The position of barium retained was also evaluated. These parameters of both groups were compared by χ 2 and Fisher test. Results: There was statistical significance in the incidence rate of' colon stenosis between HAD (9/19) and HD (18/19) (χ 2 =10.364, P 0.05 for both). R/C ratio was 0.42±0.15 in HAD group and 0.29±0.12 in HD group, and there was statistical significance between them (t=2.892, P<0.01). In HAD group, barium retained in distal sigmoid colon in 1 case (1/19), in distal descending colon in 7 cases (7/19), in distal transverse colon in 1 case (1/19), in total colon in 6 cases (6/19); However, in HD group, barium retained in distal rectum in 3 cases (3/19), in distal sigmoid colon in 13 cases (13/19), in distal descending colon in 3 cases (3/19). Conclusions: There were some differences in the imaging features between HAD and HD though they presented similar clinic experience. HAD cases presented a lower incidence rate of colon stenosis and a higher R/C ratio than HD cases. In HAD cases, the most common site of barium retained is distal descending colon, while in HD cases, it is distal sigmoid colon. (authors)

  8. Aliénor, une infante entre la Castille, l’Aragon et le Portugal

    Ana Maria S. A. RODRIGUES


    Full Text Available Aliénor (?-1445, fille de l’infant Ferdinand de Castille, est devenue infante d’Aragon par l’accession de son père à la couronne d’Aragon et princesse puis reine du Portugal par son mariage avec Édouard (1391-1438. Dans cette étude, nous essayons de démontrer qu’elle ne se contenta pas d’être un simple pion dans les jeux de pouvoir des hommes de ses deux familles – la famille d’origine et la famille d’alliance –, mais qu’elle y prit part activement sans pourtant manquer à ses obligations spécifiquement féminines. Elle mit au monde neuf enfants, garantissant ainsi la continuité dynastique et de fructueuses alliances avec d’autres monarchies, prodigua à son mari affection et conseils et assura la régence du royaume au nom de son fils, tout en gardant un contact étroit avec ses frères et les aidant le cas échéant. Elle fut pourtant déchue du pouvoir par ses beaux-frères. Abandonnée par les infants d’Aragon, elle mourut en exil dans un dénuement presque complet.Leonor (?-1445, hija del infante Fernando de Castilla, fue infanta de Aragón por la elevación de su padre a ese trono, princesa y luego reina de Portugal por su matrimonio con Eduardo (1391-1438. En este estudio, intentamos demostrar que ella no se contentó con ser un simple peón en los juegos de poder de los hombres de sus dos familias – la familia de origen y la familia de alianza – sino que participó en ellos activamente sin por eso faltar a sus deberes específicamente femeninos. Tuvo nueve hijos, garantizando así la continuidad dinástica y fructuosas alianzas con otras monarquías, prodigó a su marido afecto y consejos, y aseguró la regencia del reino en nombre de su hijo, guardando al mismo tiempo un contacto estrecho con sus hermanos y ayudándoles en caso de necesidad. Sin embargo fue descartada del poder por sus cuñados. Abandonada por los infantes de Aragón, murió en exilio en la más extrema necesidad.

  9. Study of the raw materials used in the manufacture of ceramics in Fran Ali (Oued Laou, Marruecos); Estudio de materiales usados en la fabricacion de las ceramicas de Fran Ali (Oued Laou, Marruecos)

    Barrios Neira, J.; Martin de la Cruz, J. C.; Montealegre Contreras, L.


    The thermal behaviour, mineralogy, texture and micro-structure of the original rocks used as raw materials in the manufacture of ceramics of the potter community in Fran Ali (Oued Laou, Tetouan, Morocco) were studied. The original rocks of the alteration deposit are metapelites and altered philites from the Units Malaguide-Gomaride in the Baetic-Rifian mountain system. The techniques used by local potters and the water used to prepare the ceramic bodies were also studied. Original rocks are metapelites or filadios and raw materials belong to levels caused by exogenous or supergene alteration (quartz-illite and chlorite type clays). The ceramics studied by microscopy exhibit anisotropy. (Author) 15 refs.

  10. La Roma della diaspora somala: i grovigli spaziali ed identitari della narrativa di Cristina Ali Farah - The Somali Diaspora within Rome: Entanglements of Space and Identity in Cristina Ali Farah's novels

    Nora Moll


    Full Text Available Scenario urbano principale dei due romanzi Madre piccola (2007 e Il comandante del fiume (2014, la città di Roma viene ricostruita narrativamente dalla scrittrice italo-somala Cristina Ali Farah secondo prospettive e tensioni nuove e significative. Le geografie degli spazi esterni ed interni della città rispondono in entrambi i testi a delle dinamiche identitarie le quali sono attraversate da temi comuni agli scrittori contemporanei della diaspora africana: la dialettica tra presenza ed assenza (di persone, di luoghi, la precarietà e l’instabilità della dimora d’arrivo, il conflitto tra la memoria traumatica e la necessità di radicarsi nell’hic et nunc spaziale ed esistenziale, la rilettura degli spazi urbani in chiave postcoloniale. A partire da tale matrice tematica, la narrativa di Ali Farah si carica di simbologie e di metafore nuove, che rimandano alla sua poetica e al suo immaginario ben personali. Subentra, nella lettura critica dei testi in questione, anche la considerazione dell’aspetto generazionale, che contrassegna i personaggi, e del diverso vivere la città d’approdo nel caso di biografie finzionali segnate dalla fuga e dalla diaspora, o viceversa dai legami con essa degli esponenti delle “seconde generazioni”.   The city of Rome is the main urban scenario of Cristina Ali Farah's two novels Madre piccola (2007 and Il comandante del fiume (2014, being constructed narratively from new perspectives and using significant narrative strategies. In both fictional texts, the Italian author of Somali and Italian origin depicts external and internal geographies of the Italian Capital, which are connected with identitary dynamics expressed by themes frequently used by contemporary diasporic writers: the dialectics between the presence and the absence (of people and places, the precariousness and instability of the new abode, the conflict between a traumatic memory and the necessity of establishing roots in the spacial

  11. Permanentnost primitivne akumulacije, ali o privatni lastnini, komodifikaciji in povratku rente

    Jernej Prodnik


    Full Text Available Namen teksta je prispevati k razumevanju ideje o skupnem v obstoječih zgodovinskih okvirih. Avtor opozarja na množico pomenov, ki jih je potrebno vzeti v ozir, ko poizkušamo konceptualizirati skupno, vsaj če ga hočemo razumeti kar se le da celovito. Tega koncepta namreč nikakor ne smemo dojemati le v povezavi s skupnimi viri, področji ali dobrinami, torej v pomenu tega, kar se najpogosteje dojema za skupno posest ali skupno »lastnino«. Skupno je namreč v prvi vrsti koncept, ki ga je nemogoče misliti brez družbenih odnosov, ki so njegov neizogiben del. Omenjen ožji oziroma zamejen pristop, ki je značilen predvsem za politično-ekonomski pogled na skupno, sicer lahko nudi enega izmed ključev za razumevanje raznolikosti skupnega in s kakšnimi tehnikami se ga v epohi bio-lingvističnega kapitalizma eksploatira, vendar bi ekskluzivno osredotočanje le na ta pomen reduciralo kompleksnost tako samega koncepta, kot tudi družbe, v kateri nastaja, s čimer bi lahko tvegali naturalizacijo nekaterih delov družbenega. Prvi del teksta je zato namenjen razjasnitvi mnoštva obrazov in pristopov, iz katerih je mogoče opazovati skupno, čemur šele v drugem delu in s pridržki sledi poizkus politično-ekonomske tipologizacije skupnega. V tem delu sta izpostavljeni predvsem dve »neotipljivi« obliki skupnega, ki postajata žrtvi novih procesov ograjevanja in privatizacije. V obeh primerih se lastnini same informacije, za katere je značilna nerivalska logika ter nizka subtraktivnost, s tem pa se ustvarja nove monopole nad znanjem, ki posredno vplivajo na delovanje celotne družbe. Ti procesi so omogočeni z zunaj-ekonomskimi posegi, predvsem prek uveljavljanja t.i. intelektualne lastnine, ki se na globalni ravni širi prek novih in rigidnih lastniških sistemov (npr. TRIPS, lastnikom pa omogoča omejevanje dostopa ter jim s tem potencialno prinaša ‘profit, ki postaja renta’. Avtor k skupnemu pristopa iz radikalne pozicije alternativne

  12. Outcome prediction in pneumonia induced ALI/ARDS by clinical features and peptide patterns of BALF determined by mass spectrometry.

    Frenzel, Jochen; Gessner, Christian; Sandvoss, Torsten; Hammerschmidt, Stefan; Schellenberger, Wolfgang; Sack, Ulrich; Eschrich, Klaus; Wirtz, Hubert


    Peptide patterns of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) were assumed to reflect the complex pathology of acute lung injury (ALI)/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) better than clinical and inflammatory parameters and may be superior for outcome prediction. A training group of patients suffering from ALI/ARDS was compiled from equal numbers of survivors and nonsurvivors. Clinical history, ventilation parameters, Murray's lung injury severity score (Murray's LISS) and interleukins in BALF were gathered. In addition, samples of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid were analyzed by means of hydrophobic chromatography and MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry (MALDI-ToF MS). Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis for each clinical and cytokine parameter revealed interleukin-6>interleukin-8>diabetes mellitus>Murray's LISS as the best outcome predictors. Outcome predicted on the basis of BALF levels of interleukin-6 resulted in 79.4% accuracy, 82.7% sensitivity and 76.1% specificity (area under the ROC curve, AUC, 0.853). Both clinical parameters and cytokines as well as peptide patterns determined by MALDI-ToF MS were analyzed by classification and regression tree (CART) analysis and support vector machine (SVM) algorithms. CART analysis including Murray's LISS, interleukin-6 and interleukin-8 in combination was correct in 78.0%. MALDI-ToF MS of BALF peptides did not reveal a single identifiable biomarker for ARDS. However, classification of patients was successfully achieved based on the entire peptide pattern analyzed using SVM. This method resulted in 90% accuracy, 93.3% sensitivity and 86.7% specificity following a 10-fold cross validation (AUC = 0.953). Subsequent validation of the optimized SVM algorithm with a test group of patients with unknown prognosis yielded 87.5% accuracy, 83.3% sensitivity and 90.0% specificity. MALDI-ToF MS peptide patterns of BALF, evaluated by appropriate mathematical methods can be of value in predicting outcome in pneumonia induced

  13. Landslide detection using LiDAR data and data mining technology: Ali Mountain Highway case study (Taiwan)

    Cheng, Youg-Sin; Yu, Teng-To; Tarolli, Paolo


    Taiwan mountains are severely affected each year by landslides, rock falls, and debris flows where the roads system suffer the most critical consequences. Among all mountain highways, Ali Highway, located into the main entrance of Alishan Mountain region, is one of the most landslide-prone areas in southern Taiwan. During the typhoon season, between May and August, the probability of occurrence of mass movements is at higher level than usual seeing great erosion rates. In fact, during Typhoon Morakot, in 2009, the intense rainfall caused abrupt interruption of the circulation for three months triggering several landslides (Liu et al. 2012). The topographic features such as slope, roughness and curvature among others have been extracted from 1 m DTM derived by a LiDAR dataset (collected in 2015) to investigate the slope failures along the Ali Mountain Highway. The high-resolution DTM highlighted that the hydrogeomorphological (e.g. density of stream, the distance from the ridge and terrain) features are one of the most influencing factors affecting the change and the instability of the slopes. To detect the landslide area, the decision tree classifier and the random forest algorithm (RF) have been adopted. The results provided a suitable analysis of the area involved in the failure. This will be a useful step in the understanding (and management) landslide processes of study area. References Liu CN, Dong JJ, Chen CJ, Lee WF (2012) Typical landslides and related mechanisms in Ali Mountain highway induced by typhoon Morakot: Perspectives from engineering geology. Landslides 9:239-254.

  14. Factors influencing development of management strategies for the Abou Ali River in Lebanon I: spatial variation and land use.

    Massoud, May A; El-Fadel, Mutasem; Scrimshaw, Mark D; Lester, John N


    Surface water bodies are progressively subject to increasing stress as a result of environmentally degrading processes primarily related to anthropogenic activities. This study assesses and examines the impact of land use and land-based activities on the spatial variation in water quality of the Abou Ali River in North Lebanon. It is the first detailed study of its kind in Lebanon and adds to the existing knowledge by shedding light on a relatively small Mediterranean river in a developing country where there is a paucity of such studies. The assessment was conducted at the end of the dry season in 2002 and 2003 and the end of the wet season in 2003 and 2004. The study has demonstrated the importance of anthropogenic influences on the water quality of the Abou Ali River Basin, as concentrations of most contaminants were higher at locations with greatest human activity. The most adversely affected area was the section of the river that flows through an entirely urbanized and highly populated region, the Tripoli conurbation. Upstream rural sites were enriched by contaminants primarily from non-point sources such as agricultural runoff and poultry litter whereas contaminant concentrations at the urban sites were enriched by a combination of sewage discharge and flow of contaminants from upstream. If the Abou Ali River is to be utilized as a managed water resource and its water quality sustained, point source discharges will require treatment and land use management must be planned to minimize the impact of diffuse source pollution on the river. A high priority should be given to the implementation and enforcement of the precautionary and polluter pays principles. Moreover, an effective legal, economic and institutional framework is required to encourage investment in waste reduction and control and to introduce environmentally sound practices.

  15. Parallelization of the AliRoot event reconstruction by performing a semi- automatic source-code transformation

    CERN. Geneva


    side bus or processor interconnections. Parallelism can only result in performance gain, if the memory usage is optimized, memory locality improved and the communication between threads is minimized. But the domain of concurrent programming has become a field for highly skilled experts, as the implementation of multithreading is difficult, error prone and labor intensive. A full re-implementation for parallel execution of existing offline frameworks, like AliRoot in ALICE, is thus unaffordable. An alternative method, is to use a semi-automatic source-to-source transformation for getting a simple parallel design, with almost no interference between threads. This reduces the need of rewriting the develop...

  16. The Political Structure at Basra Gulf in the Period of Ali b. Ebu Talib and Yezid b. Muaviye

    Taner YILDIRIM


    At this work about the political structure of the Basra Gulf, we dwelled upon the general geography of the district and its political history. The political situation of the district in this period is assessed in a way that comprises especially the period of Hz. Ali the fourth caliph of early islamic period Muaviya, the first Emevi caliph, and his son Yazid in the light of political developments in that period. When we took up Gulf of Basra we saw that the region of the Gulf is a very importa...

  17. Examining Reliability and Validity of an Online Score (ALiEM AIR) for Rating Free Open Access Medical Education Resources.

    Chan, Teresa Man-Yee; Grock, Andrew; Paddock, Michael; Kulasegaram, Kulamakan; Yarris, Lalena M; Lin, Michelle


    Since 2014, Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) has used the Approved Instructional Resources (AIR) score to critically appraise online content. The primary goals of this study are to determine the interrater reliability (IRR) of the ALiEM AIR rating score and determine its correlation with expert educator gestalt. We also determine the minimum number of educator-raters needed to achieve acceptable reliability. Eight educators each rated 83 online educational posts with the ALiEM AIR scale. Items include accuracy, usage of evidence-based medicine, referencing, utility, and the Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine rating score. A generalizability study was conducted to determine IRR and rating variance contributions of facets such as rater, blogs, posts, and topic. A randomized selection of 40 blog posts previously rated through ALiEM AIR was then rated again by a blinded group of expert medical educators according to their gestalt. Their gestalt impression was subsequently correlated with the ALiEM AIR score. The IRR for the ALiEM AIR rating scale was 0.81 during the 6-month pilot period. Decision studies showed that at least 9 raters were required to achieve this reliability. Spearman correlations between mean AIR score and the mean expert gestalt ratings were 0.40 for recommendation for learners and 0.35 for their colleagues. The ALiEM AIR scale is a moderately to highly reliable, 5-question tool when used by medical educators for rating online resources. The score displays a fair correlation with expert educator gestalt in regard to the quality of the resources. The score displays a fair correlation with educator gestalt. Copyright © 2016 American College of Emergency Physicians. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. Investigation of thermodynamic and mechanical properties of AlyIn1-yP alloys by statistical moment method

    Ha, Vu Thi Thanh; Hung, Vu Van; Hanh, Pham Thi Minh; Tuyen, Nguyen Viet; Hai, Tran Thi; Hieu, Ho Khac


    The thermodynamic and mechanical properties of III-V zinc-blende AlP, InP semiconductors and their alloys have been studied in detail from statistical moment method taking into account the anharmonicity effects of the lattice vibrations. The nearest neighbor distance, thermal expansion coefficient, bulk moduli, specific heats at the constant volume and constant pressure of the zincblende AlP, InP and AlyIn1-yP alloys are calculated as functions of the temperature. The statistical moment method calculations are performed by using the many-body Stillinger-Weber potential. The concentration dependences of the thermodynamic quantities of zinc-blende AlyIn1-yP crystals have also been discussed and compared with those of the experimental results. Our results are reasonable agreement with earlier density functional theory calculations and can provide useful qualitative information for future experiments. The moment method then can be developed extensively for studying the atomistic structure and thermodynamic properties of nanoscale materials as well.

  19. Synthesis of Multispectral Bands from Hyperspectral Data: Validation Based on Images Acquired by AVIRIS, Hyperion, ALI, and ETM+

    Blonski, Slawomir; Glasser, Gerald; Russell, Jeffrey; Ryan, Robert; Terrie, Greg; Zanoni, Vicki


    Spectral band synthesis is a key step in the process of creating a simulated multispectral image from hyperspectral data. In this step, narrow hyperspectral bands are combined into broader multispectral bands. Such an approach has been used quite often, but to the best of our knowledge accuracy of the band synthesis simulations has not been evaluated thus far. Therefore, the main goal of this paper is to provide validation of the spectral band synthesis algorithm used in the ART software. The next section contains a description of the algorithm and an example of its application. Using spectral responses of AVIRIS, Hyperion, ALI, and ETM+, the following section shows how the synthesized spectral bands compare with actual bands, and it presents an evaluation of the simulation accuracy based on results of MODTRAN modeling. In the final sections of the paper, simulated images are compared with data acquired by actual satellite sensors. First, a Landsat 7 ETM+ image is simulated using an AVIRIS hyperspectral data cube. Then, two datasets collected with the Hyperion instrument from the EO-1 satellite are used to simulate multispectral images from the ALI and ETM+ sensors.

  20. Pharmacognostic and phytochemical analyses of leaves and seed storage of abutilon pakistanicum jafri and ali an endemic plant of pakistan

    Fatima, H.; Munir, U.


    There are vast varieties of medicinal plant in the world having therapeutical importance. With increasing popularity of herbal medicine as a curative measure, the need for correct identification and standardization of the plant is also increased. Present work was performed to study the pharmacognostic and phytochemical characters of leaves and exsitu seed conservation by seed storage of Abutilon pakistanicum Jafri and Ali. It is an endemic plant, found in the sub tropical regions of Pakistan and is used in traditional medicine for treating rheumatism. The leaves of Abutilon pakistanicum Jafri andAli were investigated for pharmacognostic parameters. Phytochemical screening, macroscopic characters, physiochemical attributes and fluorescence analysis. The results revealed the presence of pharmacologically active compounds like alkaloids, flavonoids, terpinoids, saponins and phenolic compounds, leaf constant values and the extractive values obtained were found close to the values reported for other Abutilon species, while high ash value indicated presence of impurities in the crude drug. The investigation provides information for correct identification and authentication of plant species for further studies and medicinal evaluation of the species. (author)

  1. Ventilation distribution measured with EIT at varying levels of pressure support and Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist in patients with ALI.

    Blankman, Paul; Hasan, Djo; van Mourik, Martijn S; Gommers, Diederik


    The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of varying levels of assist during pressure support (PSV) and Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA) on the aeration of the dependent and non-dependent lung regions by means of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT). We studied ten mechanically ventilated patients with Acute Lung Injury (ALI). Positive-End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) and PSV levels were both 10 cm H₂O during the initial PSV step. Thereafter, we changed the inspiratory pressure to 15 and 5 cm H₂O during PSV. The electrical activity of the diaphragm (EAdi) during pressure support ten was used to define the initial NAVA gain (100 %). Thereafter, we changed NAVA gain to 150 and 50 %, respectively. After each step the assist level was switched back to PSV 10 cm H₂O or NAVA 100 % to get a new baseline. The EIT registration was performed continuously. Tidal impedance variation significantly decreased during descending PSV levels within patients, whereas not during NAVA. The dorsal-to-ventral impedance distribution, expressed according to the center of gravity index, was lower during PSV compared to NAVA. Ventilation contribution of the dependent lung region was equally in balance with the non-dependent lung region during PSV 5 cm H₂O, NAVA 50 and 100 %. Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist ventilation had a beneficial effect on the ventilation of the dependent lung region and showed less over-assistance compared to PSV in patients with ALI.

  2. Agama Sebagai Kesadaran Ideologis: Refleksi Perubahan Sosial Ali Syari’ati

    Imam Bonjol Jauhari


    Full Text Available Abstract: In the context of social change, the thought of Ali Syar'ati, if seen from the perspective of its frameworks and methods,is different from the thought of other Islamic movements.On the one hand, Shari'ati’s thought opposes the Iranian authority, Shah Pahlavi, but on the other hand, it is totally different from the traditional Iranian anti-change cleric, and it is also in contrast to the radical Islamic movements that do political rebellion against the ruler.Shari'atiput up political resistance through revolutionary ideas influencing public opinion to understand Islam as a doctrine which has an emancipatory interest, that is, the belief of Islam as a school of thought and action in the fight against social and economic injustice, despotic ruler, and the fetters of culture. Efforts to comprehend Islamic meanings in modern and contextual Islamic thought presents two patterns of social changes; first is the pattern of moderatemovement and second is extreme one. The formerleads more specifically to how to implement Islamic values in the national way of life, and   sense of nationalitywithout being trapped inreligious symbols and labels, while the latter leads totheimplementation of Islamic values and symbolismand labeling whichare both considered to be important. So the former tends to take more substantive values of Islam that is essentially concerned with the purpose of realization of the ideals of Islam, while the latter tends to the enactment of Islamic lawin all aspects of community life.  الملخص: في سياق التغيير الاجتماعي، يعتقد أن فكرة علي شريعتي لها إطار وأساليب تختلف عن أساليب رواد الفكر والحركات الإسلامية الأخرى. من ناحية ،أن شريعتي يكافح ضد سلطة مستبدة في إيران، شاه بهلوي. ومن ناحية أخرى، كان مختلفا تماما عن علماء الدين

  3. Outcome prediction in pneumonia induced ALI/ARDS by clinical features and peptide patterns of BALF determined by mass spectrometry.

    Jochen Frenzel

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Peptide patterns of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF were assumed to reflect the complex pathology of acute lung injury (ALI/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS better than clinical and inflammatory parameters and may be superior for outcome prediction. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: A training group of patients suffering from ALI/ARDS was compiled from equal numbers of survivors and nonsurvivors. Clinical history, ventilation parameters, Murray's lung injury severity score (Murray's LISS and interleukins in BALF were gathered. In addition, samples of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid were analyzed by means of hydrophobic chromatography and MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry (MALDI-ToF MS. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC analysis for each clinical and cytokine parameter revealed interleukin-6>interleukin-8>diabetes mellitus>Murray's LISS as the best outcome predictors. Outcome predicted on the basis of BALF levels of interleukin-6 resulted in 79.4% accuracy, 82.7% sensitivity and 76.1% specificity (area under the ROC curve, AUC, 0.853. Both clinical parameters and cytokines as well as peptide patterns determined by MALDI-ToF MS were analyzed by classification and regression tree (CART analysis and support vector machine (SVM algorithms. CART analysis including Murray's LISS, interleukin-6 and interleukin-8 in combination was correct in 78.0%. MALDI-ToF MS of BALF peptides did not reveal a single identifiable biomarker for ARDS. However, classification of patients was successfully achieved based on the entire peptide pattern analyzed using SVM. This method resulted in 90% accuracy, 93.3% sensitivity and 86.7% specificity following a 10-fold cross validation (AUC = 0.953. Subsequent validation of the optimized SVM algorithm with a test group of patients with unknown prognosis yielded 87.5% accuracy, 83.3% sensitivity and 90.0% specificity. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: MALDI-ToF MS peptide patterns of BALF, evaluated by appropriate

  4. Confronting a Divided Past for a Shared Future: The Lieux de Mémoire of the Altab Ali Park in London

    Vékony, Dániel


    This paper deals with the Altab Ali Park and its significance in regards to the Muslim community in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. Using Pierre Nora’s concept of lieux de Mémoire, I would like to demonstrate how the Bangladeshi Muslim minority and the rest of the community of Tower Hamlets construct their collective memory through the transformation of the park. The article argues that the Altab Ali Park is in Pierre Nora's term a lieu de Mémoire with a multiple layers, which has been d...

  5. New insights into the structure of Om Ali-Thelepte basin, central Tunisia, inferred from gravity data: Hydrogeological implications

    Harchi, Mongi; Gabtni, Hakim; El Mejri, Hatem; Dassi, Lassaad; Mammou, Abdallah Ben


    This work presents new results from gravity data analyses and interpretation within the Om Ali-Thelepte (OAT) basin, central Tunisia. It focuses on the hydrogeological implication, using several qualitative and quantitative techniques such as horizontal gradient, upward continuation and Euler deconvolution on boreholes log data, seismic reflection data and electrical conductivity measurements. The structures highlighted using the filtering techniques suggest that the Miocene aquifer of OAT basin is cut by four major fault systems that trend E-W, NE-SW, NW-SE and NNE-SSW. In addition, a NW-SE gravity model established shows the geometry of the Miocene sandstone reservoir and the Upper Cretaceous limestone rocks. Moreover, the superimposition of the electrical conductivity and the structural maps indicates that the low conductivity values of sampled water from boreholes are located around main faults.

  6. Regions of Different Confinement in Low-Dimensional AlyInxGa1−x−yN Quantum Structures

    A. Gröning


    Full Text Available The optical properties of metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy grown AlyInxGa1−x−yN quantum dot structures have been studied by time-resolved photoluminescence experiments. We investigated the recombination dynamics of the photo-exited carriers in dependence of the growth parameters such as aluminium flow and the duration of the growth interruption after the dot deposition. Our results confirm the presence of localized states, where the degree of localization is strongly dependent on the growth conditions. To describe this behavior, we propose a band structure with coupled potentials for these nanostructures. Finally, we demonstrate state filling to prove the zero-dimensional character of the strongly localized states in our quaternary quantum dots.

  7. Plasticité du droit constitutionnel et dynamique de l’autoritarisme dans la Tunisie de Ben Ali

    Éric Gobe


    Full Text Available Le droit des institutions politiques dans la Tunisie de Ben Ali apparaît particulièrement plastique et instable car ce sont les échéances politiques liées à la pérennisation du régime autoritaire qui dictent le rythme et la nature des changements institutionnels. Ce droit est conçu de façon à rendre impensable l’éventualité d’une alternance au sommet de l’État tout en permettant aux pouvoirs publics tunisiens de tenir un discours sur la résolution de la Tunisie à approfondir son engagement démocratique. Les récents textes constitutionnels et législatifs organisant la vie politique concourent, dans le même temps à limiter formellement les pratiques autoritaires tout en les autorisant si nécessaire.

  8. Assessment of a volume-dependent dynamic respiratory system compliance in ALI/ARDS by pooling breathing cycles

    Zhao, Zhanqi; Möller, Knut; Guttmann, Josef


    New methods were developed to calculate the volume-dependent dynamic respiratory system compliance (C rs ) in mechanically ventilated patients. Due to noise in respiratory signals and different characteristics of the methods, their results can considerably differ. The aim of the study was to establish a practical procedure to validate the estimation of intratidal dynamic C rs . A total of 28 patients from intensive care units of eight German university hospitals with acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) were studied retrospectively. Dynamic volume-dependent C rs was determined during ongoing mechanical ventilation with the SLICE method, dynostatic algorithm and adaptive slice method. Conventional two-point compliance C 2P was calculated for comparison. A number of consecutive breathing cycles were pooled to reduce noise in the respiratory signals. C rs -volume curves produced with different methods converged when the number of pooling cycles increased (n ≥ 7). The mean volume-dependent C rs of 20 breaths was highly correlated with mean C 2P (C 2P,mean = 0.945 × C rs,mean − 0.053, r 2 = 0.968, p < 0.0001). The Bland–Altman analysis indicated that C 2P,mean was lower than C rs,mean (−2.4 ± 6.4 ml cm −1 H 2 O, mean bias ± 2 SD), but not significant according to the paired t-test (p > 0.05). Methods for analyzing dynamic respiratory mechanics are sensitive to noise and will converge to a unique solution when the number of pooled cycles increases. Under steady-state conditions, assessment of the volume-dependent C rs in ALI/ARDS patients can be validated by pooling respiratory data of consecutive breaths regardless of which method is applied. Confidence in dynamic C rs determination may be increased with the proposed pooling. (note)

  9. Near-critical density filling of the SF6 fluid cell for the ALI-R-DECLIC experiment in weightlessness

    Lecoutre, C.; Marre, S.; Garrabos, Y.; Beysens, D.; Hahn, I.


    Analyses of ground-based experiments on near-critical fluids to precisely determine their density can be hampered by several effects, especially the density stratification of the sample, the liquid wetting behavior at the cell walls, and a possible singular curvature of the "rectilinear" diameter of the density coexisting curve. For the latter effect, theoretical efforts have been made to understand the amplitude and shape of the critical hook of the density diameter, which depart from predictions from the so-called ideal lattice-gas model of the uniaxial 3D-Ising universality class. In order to optimize the observation of these subtle effects on the position and shape of the liquid-vapor meniscus in the particular case of SF6, we have designed and filled a cell that is highly symmetrized with respect to any median plane of the total fluid volume. In such a viewed quasi-perfect symmetrical fluid volume, the precise detection of the meniscus position and shape for different orientations of the cell with respect to the Earth's gravity acceleration field becomes a sensitive probe to estimate the cell mean density filling and to test the singular diameter effects. After integration of this cell in the ALI-R insert, we take benefit of the high optical and thermal performances of the DECLIC Engineering Model. Here we present the sensitive imaging method providing the precise ground-based SF6 benchmark data. From these data analysis it is found that the temperature dependence of the meniscus position does not reflect the expected critical hook in the rectilinear density diameter. Therefore the off-density criticality of the cell is accurately estimated, before near future experiments using the same ALI-R insert in the DECLIC facility already on-board the International Space Station.

  10. Examination of the "Theory of Guidance" in the View of 'Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A): An Exploration into the Nahj Al-Balaghah

    Rostami-Nasab, Abas Ali; Tajedini, Oranus; Sadatmoosavi, Ali


    This study examines the "Theory of Guidance" according to 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (a). This theory is based on three divine covenants or fundamentals in guidance including the divine Prophet, the divine Book, and the divine human nature ("fitrat"). Research in this regard seems essential because this theory has not been previously…

  11. Muusikamaailm : Ozawa festival Matsumotos. Pidustused Utrechtis ülehomseni. Philip Glassi uusteos Salzburgis. Alexandre Lagoya surnud. Frangiz Ali-Zade asutamine Luzernis. Wolfgang Wagner 80 / Priit Kuusk

    Kuusk, Priit, 1938-


    H.Saito mälestusfestivalist "Saito Kinen" 29.08-12.09 Jaapanis. Utrechti varajase muusika pidustustest 27.08-5.09. P.Glassi teose "Requiem, Bardo and Nimanakaya" maailmaesiettekandest Salzburgi suvefestivalil 28.08. A. Lagoya elust ja tegevusest. Luzerni festivali resideerivaks heliloojaks oli F.Ali-Zade. W. Wagneri tegevusest impressaariona

  12. The Shah-Ali-Beiglou Zn-Pb-Cu (-Ag Deposit, Iran: An Example of Intermediate Sulfidation Epithermal Type Mineralization

    Khadijeh Mikaeili


    Full Text Available The Shah-Ali-Beiglou epithermal base metal-silver deposit is located in the Tarom-Hashjin metallogenic province (THMP in northwestern Iran. This deposit is hosted by quartz monzonite dikes of Oligocene age and surrounded by andesite to trachyandesite volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks of Eocene age. The subvolcanic rocks in the study area vary in composition from quartz-monzonite to monzonite and have metaluminous, calc-alkaline to shoshonitic affinity. These rocks have I-type geochemical characteristic and are related to post-collisional tectonic setting. The mineralization occurs as NE-SW and E-W-trending brecciated veins controlled by strike-slip and normal faults, which are associated to the Late Oligocene compressional regime. The mineral paragenesis of the vein mineralization is subdivided into pre-ore stage, ore stage, post-ore stage, and supergene stage. Pre-ore stage is dominated by quartz, sericite, and subhedral to anhedral pyrite as disseminated form. Ore-stage is represented by quartz, sphalerite (from 0.1 mol % to 4 mol % FeS, galena, chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite-tennantite, minor seligmannite and enargite, as vein-veinlet, cement and clast breccias. Post-ore stage is defined by deposition of quartz and carbonate along with minor barite, and supergene stage is characterized by bornite, chalcocite, covellite, hematite, goethite, and jarosite. The ore mineralization is associated with the silicic alteration. The styles of alteration are silicic, carbonate, sericitic, chloritic, and propylitic. Fluid inclusions in sphalerite have a wide range of salinities between 0.35 wt % and 21.4 wt % NaCl equivalent and homogenization temperatures range from 123 to 320 °C. The isotopic values of sulfides vary from 2.8‰ to 6.7‰ suggesting a magmatic source for the sulfur. In the present study, based on geological setting, alteration style of the host and wall rocks, main textures, mineral assemblages, composition of ore minerals, and structural


    Kondragunta Sri Rama Murthy


    Full Text Available Seeds of Paracalyx scariosus (Roxb. Ali locally known as ";;adavi tellakandulu";; in Telugu, used as food by local tribes people in the Rollapenta forest, Kurnool district, Nallamalais of Andhra Pradesh of southern Peninsular India. The mature seed samples were analysed for proximate composition, total (true seed protein fractions, amino acid composition, fatty acids profile, mineral and antinutritional factors. They contained higher amount of crude protein, crude fat, ash and nitrogen free extractives constitute 20.56, 5.19, 5.12 and 56.25 % respectively of the seed weight. The calorific value of 100g dry matter of seed material was 1680.92 kJ DM. The essential amino acids, isoleucine, tyrosine and phenylalanine, were present in relatively large quantities.  The fatty acid profiles revealed that the seed lipids contained higher concentrations of palmitic and linoleic acids. The seeds are rich in sodium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, manganese and iron. Anti-nutritional factors such as total free phenols, (5.56% tannins (2.78%, L -DOPA (0.63%, hydrogen cyanide (0.065% and phytic acid (0.85% are present in variable quantities. From the results these plant have a good potential as food crops in Andhra Pradesh.  This paper presents the chemical composition and nutritional potential of Paracalyx scariosus seeds with regard to its suitability as a regular component in human diet.

  14. Structural Study and Evaluation of Previous Restoration Work of Mohammad 'Ali Pasha Mosque at the Citadel in Cairo

    dr.Yaser Yehya Amin Abdel-Aty


    Full Text Available Mohammad 'Ali Pasha Mosque at the Citadel in Cairo is considered one of the main landmarks in Egypt. It majestically stands at a northwestern bend of the Citadel and it is visible from numerous locations in Cairo. It has become the symbol of the Citadel, to the point that its name is given to the whole complex in the colloquial Egyptian parlance. This paper studies analytically the static and dynamic structural behavior of this great mosque using computer numerical modeling techniques, to reach the main reasons for past cracking and failures in its domed-roof and other structural elements, which occurred by the end of 19th Century. A number of 3D-models are analyzed to study the mosque, in both original and after restoration conditions, under static (i.e. dead and live loads and dynamic (i.e. Eigenvector modal analysis, response-spectrum and time-history cases of loading. Besides, structural evaluation of major restoration project, in 1930s, is conducted to determine the current structural safety status of the mosque

  15. The Political Structure at Basra Gulf in the Period of Ali b. Ebu Talib and Yezid b. Muaviye

    Taner YILDIRIM


    Full Text Available At this work about the political structure of the Basra Gulf, we dwelled upon the general geography of the district and its political history. The political situation of the district in this period is assessed in a way that comprises especially the period of Hz. Ali the fourth caliph of early islamic period Muaviya, the first Emevi caliph, and his son Yazid in the light of political developments in that period. When we took up Gulf of Basra we saw that the region of the Gulf is a very important strategic lacation. So since the most prohestoric period this area have got a lot of civilizations, big wars, social events and contentions. We saw that in the time of the region that we take up, the pozition of the Gulf area have gotten similar events in the past. Consequently, the area of the Gulf have owned most active pozition in that term that we take up. Especially because of the land trade roads, sea trade roads and riwer trade roads, Gulf of Basra have owned a very active junction at all time in the past and we easily guess that it will be protect its status in the future, too

  16. Measurement of Radon (222Rn) in the High School of Medicine 'Dr.Ali Sokoli' in Prishtina

    Kadiri, S.; Hodolli, G.; Pllana, X.; Dumani, S.; Hasani, F.


    Measurements of radon concentration (222Rn) were performed in the largest High School of Medicine ''Dr. Ali Sokoli'' in Prishtina. We choose four locations (classrooms) at ground level, three at first and three on the second floor. In the same premises, the measurements were performed with two methods: using a scintillation cell and a continuous method. The maximum value of radon concentration, measurements with scintillation cells, were obtained by the ground level moving to (573 ± 26) Bq m -3 , while the minimum value of (176 ± 11) Bq m -3 was obtained in the second floor. The maximum value of radon concentration measurements with the continuous method was 116 Bq m -3 in ground level, and the minimum value was 70 Bq m -3 . Based on these results, we calculated annual effective dose, which ranges between (0.76 ± 0.06) mSv and (2.48 ± 0.11) mSv, by scintillation cells. Whereas, the annual effective dose measuring by continuous method was between 0.30 mSv and 0.50 mSv. Based on those results, we conclude that radon concentration and annual effective doses were within accepted international standards. (author)


    Ellya Roza


    Full Text Available Kingdom of Riau in the 19th century recognized by many historians as the center of culture and intellectual development. While at the same time, the kingdom of Riau no longer holds hegemony and succeeding in politics, economy and trade, but they have a tradition of excellence in the form of writing that many writers with works of quality that is not only in the field of literature and language alone but also in the fields of religion, history, socio-political, legal, and cultural. Although the tools for writing like paper and ink difficulty encountered in those days, and must be imported from European countries, but the author and the author's Riau while still concentrating on the activities making up the reef. For instance, Raja Ali Haji (1808-1873 is the third descendant of Raja Haji Fi Sabilillah most productive in writing activities. One of his works, entitled The Book of Knowledge of Language, Slang Dictionary Pahang Malay Johor Riau linga which was completed in 1858 is a Malay Dictionary Malay First Nature books can even be regarded as Malay Einsiklopedi containing approximately 2000 sentences basic and advanced script written as Bustanul Katibin which intends to foster Malay language became the language of the standard on its own. The manuscript of the book, now the mistress Foundation Indrasakti in Penyengat. In connection with that paper will review the history of the manuscript and are contained in the text.

  18. Patandžali jogas un Kundalīni jogas sintēze Tantra jogas doktrīnā

    Hvoraks, Antons


    Antons Hvoraks, Patandžali Jogas un Kundalīni Jogas sintēze Tantra Jogas doktrīnā, Rīga, 2007. Darba tēze: „Tantra-joga” skolas filozofija ir Patandžali jogas un Kundalīni jogas sintēze. Darbs sastāv no ievada, trim nodaļām, kuras ir sadalītas 20 apakšnodaļās, un no noslēguma daļas ar secinājumiem. Pirmajā nodaļā tiek aplūkoti klasiskās jogas uzskati par Visumu un cilvēku, par iespējām sasniegt atbrīvošanu un jogas kustības lielo izplatību. Otrajā nodaļā aprakstīti tantrisma uzs...

  19. Investigation on the neutral and anionic BxAlyH2 (x + y = 7, 8, 9) clusters using density functional theory combined with photoelectron spectroscopy.

    Ding, Li-Ping; Shao, Peng; Lu, Cheng; Zhang, Fang-Hui; Ding, Lei; Yuan, Tao Li


    The structure and bonding nature of neutral and negatively charged BxAlyH2 (x + y = 7, 8, 9) clusters are investigated with the aid of previously published experimental photoelectron spectra combined with the present density functional theory calculations. The comparison between the experimental photoelectron spectra and theoretical simulated spectra helps to identify the ground state structures. The accuracy of the obtained ground state structures is further verified by calculating their adiabatic electron affinities and vertical detachment energies and comparing them against available experimental data. The results show that the structures of BxAlyH2 transform from three-dimensional to planar structures as the number of boron atoms increases. Moreover, boron atoms tend to bind together forming Bn units. The hydrogen atoms prefer to bind with boron atoms rather than aluminum atoms. The analyses of the molecular orbital on the ground state structures further support the abovementioned results.

  20. Selon une étude réalisée en Amérique latine, l'investissement dans l ...

    Selon une étude réalisée en Amérique latine, l'accès à Internet haute vitesse ... contribuer au développement social et économique, mais uniquement s'il est ... Le réseau a aussi découvert que l'impact des services à large bande sur la ...

  1. Comparison of hyperspectral transformation accuracies of multispectral Landsat TM, ETM+, OLI and EO-1 ALI images for detecting minerals in a geothermal prospect area

    Hoang, Nguyen Tien; Koike, Katsuaki


    Hyperspectral remote sensing generally provides more detailed spectral information and greater accuracy than multispectral remote sensing for identification of surface materials. However, there have been no hyperspectral imagers that cover the entire Earth surface. This lack points to a need for producing pseudo-hyperspectral imagery by hyperspectral transformation from multispectral images. We have recently developed such a method, a Pseudo-Hyperspectral Image Transformation Algorithm (PHITA), which transforms Landsat 7 ETM+ images into pseudo-EO-1 Hyperion images using multiple linear regression models of ETM+ and Hyperion band reflectance data. This study extends the PHITA to transform TM, OLI, and EO-1 ALI sensor images into pseudo-Hyperion images. By choosing a part of the Fish Lake Valley geothermal prospect area in the western United States for study, the pseudo-Hyperion images produced from the TM, ETM+, OLI, and ALI images by PHITA were confirmed to be applicable to mineral mapping. Using a reference map as the truth, three main minerals (muscovite and chlorite mixture, opal, and calcite) were identified with high overall accuracies from the pseudo-images (> 95% and > 42% for excluding and including unclassified pixels, respectively). The highest accuracy was obtained from the ALI image, followed by ETM+, TM, and OLI images in descending order. The TM, OLI, and ALI images can be alternatives to ETM+ imagery for the hyperspectral transformation that aids the production of pseudo-Hyperion images for areas without high-quality ETM+ images because of scan line corrector failure, and for long-term global monitoring of land surfaces.

  2. Les « faux » mariages homosexuels de Sidi Ali au Maroc : enjeux d’un scandale médiatique

    Florence Bergeaud-Blackler


    Full Text Available Les affaires de « mariages homosexuels » à Ksar el Kebir puis à Sidi Ali ont fait grand bruit dans la presse marocaine. Au-delà de l’émotion soulevée par le scandaleux amalgame entre l’institution respectée du mariage et une forme illégale de sexualité, elle a mis en évidence une transformation du traitement public de la question homosexuelle. Le changement de ton de la presse reflète-t-il celui de l’attitude de la société marocaine vis-à-vis de l’homosexualité ? Assiste-t-on à l’émergence d’une communauté homosexuelle militant pour la défense de ses droits ? Les « mariages » de Ksar el Kebir et de Sidi Ali constituent-ils des démonstrations visant à briser le tabou de l’homosexualité par l’émergence d’une « fierté » homosexuelle ? D’enquêtes menées à Sidi Ali, Fez et Casablanca, nous concluons que la médiatisation autour des affaires de mariages d’homosexuels a été un instrument d’une stratégie d’un « retour de la morale » aux relents nationalistes consécutive à la période d’establishement du roi Mohamed VI. L’article s’attache à montrer les enjeux locaux et nationaux d’une fausse chasse aux sorcières dans un pays où les conditions d’un débat sur la dépénalisation de l’homosexualité ne semblent pas encore réalisées.

  3. Mass propagation of in vitro plantlets and extraction of bioactive compounds from Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) using cell and organ cultures

    Sobri Hussein; Rusli Ibrahim


    Eurycoma longifolia Jack or better known in Malaysia as Tongkat Ali is an important herbal plant that owes its popularity locally and worldwide to its aphrodisiac claim and has been sought after as an essential component for the treatment of anti-malarial, anti-ulcer, anti-tumour promoting and anti-parasitic agent and also as health supplements. Quassinoids and canthin-6-one alkaloids contained in Tongkat Ali roots are the main substances having active functions for human body. Propagation is commonly done through seeds or some vegetative means such as cuttings of stems and root, grafting or layering. However, propagation by conventional method is inadequate to meet the demand due to low viability, low germination rate, delayed rooting and long life cycle. Tissue culture has been successfully applied for mass production of plantlets and extraction of many useful secondary metabolites, including pharmaceuticals, pigments and other fine chemicals. Tongkat Ali active substances have also been derived through cell culture technology but its processes need to be optimized before the product can be commercialized. Cell and organ cultures have been proven to be an efficient alternative method for biomass production due to its fast growth and stable metabolite production. In view of its potential commercial value as a plantation crop as well as to conserve its germplasm, micropropagation technique using cell culture system is an attractive method for regeneration and mass propagation. (Author)

  4. Comparative alteration mineral mapping using visible to shortwave infrared (0.4-2.4 μm) Hyperion, ALI, and ASTER imagery

    Hubbard, B.E.; Crowley, J.K.; Zimbelman, D.R.


    Advanced Land Imager (ALI), Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER), and Hyperion imaging spectrometer data covering an area in the Central Andes between Volcan Socompa and Salar de Llullaillaco were used to map hydrothermally altered rocks associated with several young volcanic systems. Six ALI channels in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range (0.4-1.0 ??m) were useful for discriminating between ferric-iron alteration minerals based on the spectral shapes of electronic absorption features seen in continuum-removed spectra. Six ASTER channels in the short wavelength infrared (1.0-2.5 ??m) enabled distinctions between clay and sulfate mineral types based on the positions of band minima related to Al-OH vibrational absorption features. Hyperion imagery embedded in the broader image coverage of ALI and ASTER provided essential leverage for calibrating and improving the mapping accuracy of the multispectral data. This capability is especially valuable in remote areas of the earth where available geologic and other ground truth information is limited.

  5. Nosocomial infections and antibiotic resistance pattern in open-heart surgery patients at Imam Ali Hospital in Kermanshah, Iran.

    Heydarpour, Fatemeh; Rahmani, Youssef; Heydarpour, Behzad; Asadmobini, Atefeh


    Background: Patients undergoing open heart surgery have a relatively high risk of acquiring nosocomial infections. The development of antibiotic-resistant infections is associated with prolonged hospital stays and mortalities. Objectives: The present study was conducted to investigate nosocomial infections and the antibiotic resistance pattern in bacteria causing these infections in open heart surgery patients at Imam Ali Hospital in Kermanshah in the west of Iran over a 4-year period from March 2011 to March 2014. Materials and methods: The present cross-sectional study was conducted on 135 cases of nosocomial infection among open heart surgery patients. The demographic characteristics and the risk factors of each case of infection were recorded. The antibiotic susceptibility test was carried out using the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) method based on the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) protocol. The data collected were then analyzed in SPSS-16. Results: Out of the 6,000 patients who underwent open heart surgery during this 4-year period at the selected hospital, nosocomial infections developed in 135 patients (2.25%), 59.3% of whom were female and 40.7% male. Surgery site infection (SSI), pneumonia (PNEU), urinary tract infection (UTI) and blood stream infection (BSI) affected 52.6%, 37%, 9.6% and 0.8% of the cases, respectively. E.coli , Klebsiella spp. and S. aureus were the most common bacteria causing the nosocomial infections. E. coli was most frequently resistant to imipenem (23.3%) Klebsiella spp. to gentamicin (38.5%) S. aureus to co-trimoxazole (54.2%). Conclusion: SSI had a high prevalence in this study. Further studies should therefore be conducted to examine the risk factors associated with SSI in open heart surgery. Various studies have shown that antibiotic resistance patterns are different in different regions. Finding a definitive treatment therefore requires an antibiogram.

  6. Discharge Against Medical Advice in the Pediatric Wards in Boo-ali Sina Hospital, Sari, Iran 2010.

    Mohseni Saravi, Benyamin; Reza Zadeh, Esmaeil; Siamian, Hasan; Yahghoobian, Mahboobeh


    Since children neither comprehended nor contribute to the decision, discharge against medical advice is a challenge of health care systems in the world. Therefore, the current study was designed to determine the rate and causes of discharge against medical advice. This descriptive cross-sectional study was done by reviewing the medical records by census method. Data was analyzed using SPSS software and x(2) statistics was used to determine the relationship between variables. The value of P<0.05 was considered significant. Rate of discharged against medical advice was 108 (2.2%). Mean of age and length of stay were 2.8±4 (SD).3 years old and 3.7±5.4 (SD) days, respectively. Totally, 95 patients (88.7%) had health insurance and 65 (60.2%) patients lived in urban areas. History of psychiatric disease and addiction in 22 (20.6%) of the parents were negative. In addition, 100 (92.3%) patients admitted for medical treatment and the others for surgery. The relationship of the signatory with patients (72.3%) was father. Of 108 patients discharged against medical advice, 20 (12%) were readmitted. The relationship between the day of discharge and discharge against medical advice was significant (ρ =0/03). Rate of discharge against medical advice in Boo-ali hospital is the same as the other studies in the same range. The form which is used for this purpose did not have suitable data elements about description of consequence of such discharge, and it has not shown the real causes of discharge against medical advice.

  7. JGME-ALiEM Hot Topics in Medical Education: An Analysis of a Virtual Discussion on Resident Well-Being.

    Chung, Arlene; Battaglioli, Nicole; Lin, Michelle; Sherbino, Jonathan


    Physician well-being is garnering increasing attention. In 2016, the Journal of Graduate Medical Education ( JGME ) published a review by Kristin Raj, MD, entitled "Well-Being in Residency: A Systematic Review." There is benefit in contextualizing the literature on resident well-being through an academic journal club. We summarized an asynchronous, online journal club discussion about this systematic review and highlighted themes that were identified in the review. In January 2017, JGME and the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) blog facilitated an open-access, online, weeklong journal club on the featured JGME article. Online discussions and interactions were facilitated via blog posts and comments, a video discussion on Google Hangouts on Air, and Twitter. We performed a thematic analysis of the discussion and captured web analytics. Over the first 14 days, the blog post was viewed 1070 unique times across 52 different countries. A total of 130 unique participants on Twitter posted 480 tweets using the hashtag #JGMEscholar. Thematic analysis revealed 5 major domains: the multidimensional nature of well-being, measurement of well-being, description of wellness programs and interventions, creation of a culture of wellness, and critique of the methodology of the review. Our online journal club highlighted several gaps in the current understanding of resident well-being, including the need for consensus on the operational definition, the need for effective instruments to evaluate wellness programs and identify residents in distress, and a national research collaboration to assess wellness programs and their impact on resident well-being.

  8. A Review on the Concepts of Traditional Architecture by Mulla Sadra’s Al-Hikmat Al-Mota'alie

    Zeinab Soleimani Sheijani


    Full Text Available Paying little attention to the roots of today's architecture has departed the contemporary architecture from its conceptual origins. However, the single application of traditional architecture principles does not fulfill the demands of today's life. Although by peering into the traditional Iranian architecture, principles and specific ideas implicit in the Islamic wisdom of Iran are revealed. In addition to maintaining the values of traditional architecture, a new approach to architectural design can also be achieved by recognizing and integrating these principles with the necessities of today's life. The article aims to answer whether it is possible to create a link between the traditional Iranian architecture concepts and the principles of contemporary rational architecture, similar to what Mulla Sadra, the great Persian philosopher, created between the Iranian ancient wisdom and al-Hikmat al-Masha which was solely a rational philosophy. To achieve the mentioned aim, first Mulla Sadra's intellectual structure has been studied, after modeling al-Hikmat al-Mota'alie. Then the traditional architecture has been analyzed in order to recognize its being (al-Wojud and essence (al-Mahiyat. The priority of being has been introduced in the next step, followed by levels of being. The next pace was to discuss the structure of Mulla Sadra's thinking method in architecture. The results of study indicate that the process of communication between ancient wisdom and al-Hikmat al-Mashaexplained by Sadra can be classified in two phases, cognizing and integrating. In the stage of integration Sadra used rational reasoning to prove the issues that have been obtained through intuition and the same trend can be applied in architecture. The intuitive aspects of traditional architecture can also be presented within the framework of today's rationalist architecture in two steps, including cognizing and integrating.

  9. Asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant women attending Boo-Ali Hospital Tehran Iran: Urine analysis vs. urine culture.

    Etminan-Bakhsh, Mina; Tadi, Sima; Darabi, Roksana


    Asymptomatic bacteriuria is one of the common problems in pregnancy. Asymptomatic bacteriuria is associated with pyelonephritis, preterm labor and low birth weight infants. The physiological and anatomical changes in pregnancy facilitate urinary tract infection (UTI) during pregnancy. Several tests are available for diagnosis of asymptomatic bacteriuria. The urine culture is a gold standard diagnostic test for asymptomatic bacteriuria but it is expensive and time-consuming. Screening methods may be useful in detecting high-risk pregnant women for asymptomatic bacteriuria. The aim of the present study was to compare urine analysis as a rapid screening test to urine culture in diagnosis of asymptomatic bacteriuria. A total of 123 pregnant women attending the obstetrics clinic of Boo-Ali hospital in Tehran, Iran from March 2013 to September 2014 were included in the present diagnostic cross-sectional study. One hundred twenty three mid-stream urine samples were inoculated into cultures and were processed by dipstick (nitrite test and leucocyte esterase test) and microscopic pus cell count. The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of nitrite test, leucocyte esterase test and microscopic pus cell count were compared with urine culture in diagnosis of asymptomatic bacteriuria by using SPSS version 19. Of 123 urine samples, significant asymptomatic bacteriuria (≥10 4 cfu/Ml) was detected in 8 (6.5%) subjects. The sensitivity and specificity of nitrite test were 37% and 100% respectively. The sensitivity of pus cell count alone and leucocyte esterase test alone were 100% but the specificity of them were 64% and 65% respectively. We found high negative predictive value by Pus cell count and the leucocyte esterase test (100%) and low positive predictive value by them (16% and 17% respectively). Urine culture is the most useful test for diagnosis of asymptomatic bacteriuria. None of our screening tests had a sensitivity and

  10. Summer students and professor from the United Arab Emirates - from left to right : Alya Ali Binghurair, Shaikha Al Kalbani, Professor Chafia Hejase de Trad, Mariam Al Hassani, Aminah Al Abdouli.

    Maximilien Brice


    Summer students and professor from the United Arab Emirates - from left to right : Alya Ali Binghurair, Shaikha Al Kalbani, Professor Chafia Hejase de Trad, Mariam Al Hassani, Aminah Al Abdouli.

  11. (Tongkat Ali) for callus



    Dec 6, 2010 ... The induction of callus cultures using leaf, petiole, rachis, stem, tap root, fibrous root, cotyledon and ... other countries of the South-East Asia region and widely distributed ..... Indian ginseng plantlets from stem callus. Plant Cell ...

  12. TOURE ALI.xps

    HP Pro 2000

    irrigated-rice production enterprise revealed positive economic profitability for both ... marketing in which a great number of women rice traders are active. ..... Table 3 : Summary results for single-factor change scenarios: increase in yield and ...

  13. Ali, Prof. Sher

    Elected: 2005 Section: Animal Sciences ... Specialization: Molecular Genetics of Humans & Animals, Gene Expression, Cancer Genomics and Genomics of Endangered Species ... Biotechnology techniques in Biodiversity conservation

  14. Hindering factors and suggestions related to organ donation decisions: perspective of the Taiwan Ali-Shan Tsou aboriginal tribe.

    Chen, A N; Chen, K F; Chang, P C; Shih, F Jong; Chen, C R; Shih, F-Jin; Huang, C-Y


    Ali-San Tsou (AST) is one of leading aboriginal tribes in Taiwan with traditional godly beliefs related to life and death. Lacking related knowledge, health professionals (HPs) often failed to help them reach good dying or organ donation (OD). This study aimed to explore hindering factors and suggestions related to OD for good dying from Taiwan AST's own perspective. An explorative qualitative design was employed using a purposive sample of the AST tribes from Taiwan. Data were collected with AST residents by face-to-face interviews and analyzed by content analysis. Thirty AST residents (16 females and 14 males) with ages ranging from 28 to 78 (mean, 54.5) years completed interviews. Of them, 85% reported various diseases. In this study 73% were Catholics and Christians, 17% held traditional godly believes, and 10% had no religious affiliation. Eight hindering factors were reported: (1) limited information about organs and OD; (2) no qualified organs for donation; (3) worry about lack of forgiveness by ancestors; (4) tribe elders who might not accept concept of OD; (5) intact bodies were required at home during spirit-companion rituals; (6) earth burial with intact bodies was preferred; (7) bodies due to accidental and bad death were impermissible for OD; and (8) worry about possession by the donor's spirit. Seven suggestions were also reported for HPs to enhance AST's OD decisions: (1) starting with friendship and a caring relationship; (2) providing spiritual support from reverent religions; (3) stressing good deeds and honoring tribe folks by OD; (4) avoiding accidental/bad death; (5) providing relevant modern medical knowledge of human organs and OD; (6) introducing OD as part of a good-dying care plan; and (7) demonstrating a respectful discussion mindset about OD. Eight hindering factors and 7 types of suggestions for enhancing AST aboriginal people's OD decisions were first explored in this project. In the future, HPs are encouraged to invite AST to share

  15. Radiometric cross-calibration of EO-1 ALI with L7 ETM+ and Terra MODIS sensors using near-simultaneous desert observations

    Chander, Gyanesh; Angal, Amit; Choi, Taeyoung; Xiong, Xiaoxiong


    The Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite was launched on November 21, 2000, as part of a one-year technology demonstration mission. The mission was extended because of the value it continued to add to the scientific community. EO-1 has now been operational for more than a decade, providing both multispectral and hyperspectral measurements. As part of the EO-1 mission, the Advanced Land Imager (ALI) sensor demonstrates a potential technological direction for the next generation of Landsat sensors. To evaluate the ALI sensor capabilities as a precursor to the Operational Land Imager (OLI) onboard the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM, or Landsat 8 after launch), its measured top-of-atmosphere (TOA) reflectances were compared to the well-calibrated Landsat 7 (L7) Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) and the Terra Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensors in the reflective solar bands (RSB). These three satellites operate in a near-polar, sun-synchronous orbit 705 km above the Earth's surface. EO-1 was designed to fly one minute behind L7 and approximately 30 minutes in front of Terra. In this configuration, all the three sensors can view near-identical ground targets with similar atmospheric, solar, and viewing conditions. However, because of the differences in the relative spectral response (RSR), the measured physical quantities can be significantly different while observing the same target. The cross-calibration of ALI with ETM+ and MODIS was performed using near-simultaneous surface observations based on image statistics from areas observed by these sensors over four desert sites (Libya 4, Mauritania 2, Arabia 1, and Sudan 1). The differences in the measured TOA reflectances due to RSR mismatches were compensated by using a spectral band adjustment factor (SBAF), which takes into account the spectral profile of the target and the RSR of each sensor. For this study, the spectral profile of the target comes from the near-simultaneous EO-1

  16. Reasons for not receiving thrombolytic therapy in patients with acute myocardial infarction admitted to Bu-Ali Sina Hospital in Qazvin (2013-14)

    MM. Daei; M. Karimi Rad; M. Khalaja


    This hospital-based cross-sectional study was conducted in 2013-14 in Qazvin Bu-Ali Sina Hospital. 170 patients with acute myocardial infarction who not receiving thrombolytic therapy entered the study and were analyzed. Medical history, physical examination, twelve lead ECG and cardiac biomarkers were obtained. The mean age of the patients was 63.4±14.4 years (from 19 to 90 years). 110 (64.7%) of the patients were male and 48 (28.2%) were diabetic. 86 (50%) of patients due to late present...

  17. Technical feasibility of a seabed gallery seawater intake at Ras Abu Ali Island, Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia

    Rachman, Rinaldi


    Open-ocean intake systems require extensive and advanced pretreatment unit operation to produce feed water with low membrane fouling potential in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) facilities. Alternatively, subsurface intake systems tend to produce high quality raw seawater even before pretreatment. Subsurface intakes extract seawater indirectly through the geological structure of shoreline or nearshore sediments. Water percolation through geological units provides physical and biological treatment, so that the raw seawater is microbiologically stable with relatively low particulate and organics content. Overall, utilization of subsurface intakes will reduce the intensity of pretreatment, which reduces operating cost, lowers chemical and energy consumption, and reduces environmental impacts. An important aspect in the feasibility of a subsurface intake is the compatibility of the local geological environment. In this study, a field investigation was conducted at Ras Abu Ali Island in the Arabian Gulf. This location currently contains an of existing oil company facilities and a proposed governmental marine fish hatchery facility. Recreational, commercial, and domestic potable water uses require the need to use the SWRO process to meet demands. Characterization of the shoreline and marine offshore bottom were performed as well as observation of tidal fluctuations and wave heights. A specific grid area was chosen where 35 sediment samples were collected from the seabed floor for laboratory analysis of grain size distribution, sediment porosity, and hydraulic conductivity. Onsite observation showed that the marine bottom has a low slope creating a wide intertidal area. The lowest tidal zone is more than 150 m from the shoreline defining a far seaward boundary for the intake construction point. A relatively thin layer of mixed-type sediment (carbonate and siliciclastic) covers the marine hardground bottom. The unlithified bottom sediment contains a low mud percentage

  18. Turkish Postmodernism through the “Second Wave” Paradigm: The Example of Creative Work by Hasan Ali Toptaş and Perihan Mağden

    Kseniya V. Grebenshcikova


    Full Text Available This paper describes the aspects of Turkish postmodernism of the "second wave", which is justified by an insignificant number of theoretical works and inadequate elaboration of studies concerning the representatives of Turkish postmodernism "second wave". The exception is represented by the works of Russian turkologists M.M. Repenkova and O.V. Kareva, who consider the features of the postmodern paradigm in their studies within the novelistics of the leading representatives of the Turkish postmodernism "second wave". The representatives of the "second wave" (Hasan Ali Toptaş, İhsan Oktay Anar, Perihan Mağden, Kürşat Başar, etc. were not the object of close research before, and therefore the consideration of their creativity as the next stage in the development of Turkish postmodernism is relevant. The "second wave" of postmodernism is characterized by the appeal to the literature of symbolic modeling in 1990s. During this period, the literature of postmodernism develops into a powerful trend, which becomes the predominant trend of the cultural life of Turkey in 2000s. It is worth noting that, if in the postmodern prose of 1980s was marked by the dominance of "lyrical stream", then in 1990s and 2000s the dominant trend was represented by narrative modification. Hasan Ali Toptaş, known for his mastery of language use, is regarded as one of the main representatives of the second wave of postmodern literature.

  19. Şiî Kaynaklarda Ali B. Ebî Tâlib ve Fatıma Mushafı

    Mehmet Atalan


    Full Text Available It isimportant to note that the issue of the mushaf of Ali b. Ebi Talib is neither based on inference nor is it a matter of belief but it is rather a historical and well-researched fact, and if there exists any dispute over this issue, it is regarding certain details and the eventual fate of this mushaf Most of the narrations indicate that Imam Ali mushaf was compiled on the basis of the order of the revelation of the surahs. However, there are differing views as regards the contents of the mushaf had whether it contained only the revealed text or the al-nuzul and the nasikh and mansukh. In one tradition it is said that Fatimah, after the Prophet passed away, used to write what she was told that would happen to her descendants and stories about other rulers to come. Fatimah recorded those information, which was kept in her family of Imams, and was called The Mushaf of Fatimah. But, The Mushaf of Fatimah is not a part of Quran. It does not have anything to do with Shari’ah and the religious practices

  20. The Impact of Vocational Schools on the Regional Development Akören Ali Rıza Ercan Vocational School Example

    Refika Atalay


    Full Text Available The regional development difference which has globally become a major problem even for developing countries is one of important problems of Turkey's economy. The regional dualism in the country's economy brings with many economic and social problems such as the immigration, the income inequality, the unplanned urbanization etc. The vocational schools established generally in localities less than ten thousand people contribute to remove the development difference of these localities by providing social and economic benefits as well as by training skilled staff to the locality where they are located. In this study we investigated the impact of vocational schools in the removal of the regional development difference and we made use of primary and secondary sources. Firstly, we scanned the literatures concerning this study, then we made survey with the students which study in Akören Ali Riza Ercan Vocational School. By taking the 5% significance level and the 5% margin of error into consideration in this study we used the SPSS for Windows statistics program in the evaluation of data taken as 317 students sample among the main body of 1,240 students. We tried to present solution proposals by studying the expectations and problems of the students as well as the contribution of the Akören Ali Riza Ercan Vocational School to the development of Akören district.

  1. Pb-Zn mineralization of Ali ou Daoud area (Central High Atlas, Morocco: characterisation of deposit and relationship with the clay assemblages

    Daoudi, L.


    Full Text Available Zn-Pb-Fe ores in the Ali ou Daoud deposit (Central High Atlas are found as stratiform levels and as karst fillings in carbonate platforms facies of Bajocian age. Tectonic structures (e.g., synsedimentary faults played a relevant role in the ore emplacement. The dolomitic ore-related host-rock levels are characterized by the presence of kaolinite enrichment in clay levels in amounts directly related to the proportion of the clay minerals. The latter is evidenced by correlation between kaolinite and sulphide contents, suggesting that the installation of kaolinite and mineralisations would result from the same hydrothermal fluid.[Français] Dans les séries sédimentaires carbonatées d’Ali ou Daoud (Haut Atlas Central, les minéralisations à Zn, Pb et Fe en amas stratiformes forment les faciès de remplissage des karsts d’une plateforme carbonatée bajocienne. Le contrôle structural joue un rôle capital dans la localisation du gîte en bordure de plateforme sur des failles synsédimentaires. Dans les niveaux dolomitiques encaissants des minéralisations, les assemblages argileux sont caractérisés par la présence de kaolinite dont la teneur varie parallèlement avec celle du minerai. Ceci suggère que la mise en place de la kaolinite et des minéralisations résulterait du même fluide hydrothermal. [Español] En las series sedimentarias carbonatadas de Ali ou Daoud (Alto Atlas Central, las mineralizaciones de Zn, Pb y Fe aparecen en niveles estratiformes como facies de reemplazamiento de los karsts de una plataforma carbonatada Bajociense. El control estructural desempeña un papel crucial en la localización del yacimiento a lo largo de la plataforma sobre fallas sinsedimentarias. En los niveles dolomíticos que incluyen las mineralizaciones, las asociaciones arcillosas se caracterizan por la presencia de caolinita, cuyo contenido varía paralelamente al de la mineralización. Esto sugiere que la creación de caolinita y de la

  2. Geochemistry of rare earth elements in the Baba Ali magnetite skarn deposit, western Iran – a key to determine conditions of mineralisation

    Zamanian Hassan


    Full Text Available The Baba Ali skarn deposit, situated 39 km to the northwest of Hamadan (Iran, is the result of a syenitic pluton that intruded and metamorphosed the diorite host rock. Rare earth element (REE values in the quartz syenite and diorite range between 35.4 and 560 ppm. Although the distribution pattern of REEs is more and less flat and smooth, light REEs (LREEs in general show higher concentrations than heavy REEs (HREEs in different lithounits. The skarn zone reveals the highest REE-enriched pattern, while the ore zone shows the maximum depletion pattern. A comparison of the concentration variations of LREEs (La–Nd, middle REEs (MREEs; Sm–Ho and HREEs (Er–Lu of the ore zone samples to the other zones elucidates two important points for the distribution of REEs: 1 the distribution patterns of LREEs and MREEs show a distinct depletion in the ore zone while representing a great enrichment in the skarn facies neighbouring the ore body border and decreasing towards the altered diorite host rock; 2 HREEs show the same pattern, but in the exoskarn do not reveal any distinct increase as observed for LREEs and MREEs. The ratio of La/Y in the Baba Ali skarn ranges from 0.37 to 2.89. The ore zone has the highest La/Y ratio. In this regard the skarn zones exhibit two distinctive portions: 1 one that has La/Y >1 beingadjacent to the ore body and; 2 another one with La/Y < 1 neighbouring altered diorite. Accordingly, the Baba Ali profile, from the quartz syenite to the middle part of the exoskarn, demonstrates chiefly alkaline conditions of formation, with a gradual change to acidic towards the altered diorite host rocks. Utilising three parameters, Ce/Ce*, Eu/Eu* and (Pr/Ybn, in different minerals implies that the hydrothermal fluids responsible for epidote and garnet were mostly of magmatic origin and for magnetite, actinolite and phlogopite these were of magmatic origin with low REE concentration or meteoric water involved.

  3. Actividades económicas primarias predominantes en la Reserva Paisajística Nor Yauyos Cochas, Perú. Caso: distritos de Huancaya, Alis y Vitis

    Wilfredo Bulege Gutiérrez


    Full Text Available Objetivos: Determinar las actividades económicas primarias predominantes en los distritos de Huancaya, Alis y Vitis de la provincia de Yauyos, región Lima, ubicados en la zona de aprovechamiento directo de la Reserva Paisajística Nor Yauyos Cochas. Métodos: Es una investigación de tipo básica, alcance descriptiva, diseño transversal, en el proceso de recolección de datos se aplicó un cuestionario estructurado a una muestra no probabilística de 79 personas con edades mayores a 18 años entre varones y mujeres de los distritos de Huancaya, Alis y Vitis, quienes participaron en un evento académico sobre “Econegocios para el desarrollo” organizado por Grupo de Proyección Social “Eco-negocios” de la Universidad Continental, este mismo instrumento se aplicó a personas ubicadas circunstancialmente en la vía pública de los mencionados distritos hasta completar el tamaño muestral de 79. Resultados: El 42% manifiesta que se dedica principalmente a la agricultura; 37%, a la ganadería; 5%, a la acuicultura; 5%, a la artesanía y un 11% a otras actividades entre las cuales se puede identificar el comercio, servicios turísticos, minería, etc. Las personas cuya actividad principal es la agricultura manifestaron que el 44% de su producción es maíz; 28%, papa; 23%, trigo y 5% otros productos. Las personas dedicadas a la ganadería manifestaron que el 41%, cría camélidos; 28%, vacunos; 14%, ovinos y un 17%, otros. Conclusiones: La población de los distritos de Huancaya, Alis y Vitis dedican como una de sus actividades económicas de mayor predominancia a la agricultura, luego la ganadería, siendo este un indicador importanteque caracteriza a estos distritos como zonas con una economía basada en actividades primarias, es decir extractiva de recursos naturales y aprovechada prioritariamente para autoconsumo y su comercialización.

  4. Makna menjadi keluarga ‘teroris’ bagi keluarga tersangka terorisme Amrozi dan Ali Ghufron di Desa Tenggulun, Kecamatan Solokuro, Kabupaten Lamongan

    Anis Ulfiyatun


    Full Text Available In understanding terrorism, comprehensive perspective is strongly needed in order to explain terrorism activity in a boarder structure. The main purpose of this article is to understand the circumstances that were redefined by terrorism suspect's family about their existence in the society. Another objective of this research was also to prove the presumption of being a terrorist's family and their response of massive terrorism related reportage from media. This research uses qualitative method to comprehend value and socio-cultural context in many terrorism cases, considering terrorits's family position and situation after the bombing. Primary data were collected by in-depth interview with Amrozy and Ali Ghufron's family. The research shows that terrorist's family has redefined their identity as terrorist's family by saying "us" are different with common family around them. The difference meant in this context was about life principal that was based on Islamic value and behaviour which had to be preserved by the terrorist's family

  5. Pb-Zn mineralization of the Ali ou Daoud area (Central High Atlas, Morocco): characterisation of the deposit and relationships with the clay assemblages; Mineralisation Pb-Zn du type MVT de la region d'Ali ou Daoud (Haut Atlas Central, Maroc): caracterisations du gite et relations avec les corteges de mineraux argileux

    Mouguina, E. M.; Daoudi, L.


    Zn-Pb-Fe ores in the Ali ou Daoud deposit (Central High Atlas) are found as stratiform levels and as karst fillings in carbonate platforms facies of Bajocian age. Tectonic structures (e.g., syn sedimentary faults) played a relevant role in the ore emplacement. The dolomitic ore-related host-rock levels are characterized by the presence of kaolinite enrichment in clay levels in amounts directly related to the proportion of the clay minerals. The latter is evidenced by correlation between kaolinite and sulphide contents, suggesting that the installation of kaolinite and mineralizations would result from the same hydrothermal fluid. (Author) 55 refs.

  6. Synthesis and optical properties of turquoise- and green-colored brownmillerite- type Ba2In2-x-yMnxAlyO5+x codoped with manganese and aluminum

    Peng Jiang; Wen-hui Yang; Yun-cheng Zhou; Jian-lei Kuang; Yong Li; Ting Xiao


    Brownmillerite-type oxides Ba2In2−x−yMnxAlyO5+x (0≤x≤ 0.6, 0≤y≤ 0.5) were prepared at 1300°C through solid-state reaction. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis showed that the structure symmetry evolved from orthorhombic to cubic with increasing Mn and Al con-tents. Wheny was greater than 0.3, peaks associated with small amounts of BaAl2O4 and Ba2InAlO5 impurities were observed in the XRD patterns. When substituted with a small amount of Mn (x≤ 0.3), the Ba2In2−x−yMnxAlyO5+x samples exhibited an intense turquoise color. The color changed to green and dark-green with increasing Mn concentration. UV–vis absorbance spectra revealed that the color changed only slightly upon Al doping. The valence state of Mn ions in Ba2In2−x−yMnxAlyO5+x was confirmed to be +5 on the basis of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis. According to this analysis, the intense turquoise color of the Ba2In2−x−yMnxAlyO5+x samples is rooted in the existence of Mn5+; thus, the introduction of Al does not affect the optical properties of the compounds.

  7. Geology, Alteration, Mineralization, Geochemistry and Petrology of intrusive units in the Shah Soltan Ali prospect area (Southwest of Birjand, South Khorasan province

    Samaneh Nadermezerji


    Full Text Available Introduction The Shah Soltan Ali area is located 85 km southwest of Birjand in the South Khorasan province. This area is part of the Tertiary volcanic-plutonic rocks in the east of the Lut block. The Lut block is bounded to the east by the Nehbandan and associated faults, to the north by the Doruneh and related faults (Sabzevar zone, to the south by the Makran arc and Bazman volcanic complex and to the west by the Nayband Fault. The Lut block is the main metallogenic province in the east of Iran (Karimpour et al., 2012, that comprises of numerous porphyry Cu and Cu–Au deposits, low and high sulfidation epithermal Au deposits, iron oxide deposits, base-metal deposits and Cu–Pb–Zn vein-type deposits. The geology of Shah Soltan Ali area is dominated by volcanic rocks, comprised of andesite and basalt, which are intruded by subvolanic units such as monzonite porphyry, monzodiorite porphyry and diorite porphyry. Materials and methods 1. 170 thin sections of the rock samples as well as 25 polished and thin polished sections were prepared for petrography, alteration and mineralization. 2. Twenty five samples were analyzed for Cu, Pb, Zn, Sb, Mo and As elements by the Aqua regia method in the Zarazama laboratory in Tehran, Iran. 3. Nine samples were analyzed for trace elements [including rare earth elements (REEs]. As a result of these analyses, trace elements and REE were determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS in the ACME Analytical Laboratories (Vancouver Ltd., Canada. 4. Ten samples were analyzed for major elements by wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry in the East Amethyst laboratory in Mashhad, Iran. 5. Five samples were analyzed for Firre Assay analysis in the Zarazma Laboratory in Tehran, Iran. 6. The results of XRD analysis were used for 4 samples. Discussion and results Petrographic studies indicate that subvolcanic rocks consist of diorite porphyry, monzonite porphyry and monzodiorite

  8. Ionic ASi{sub 2}N{sub 3} (A=Li, Na, K and Rb) stabilized by the covalent Si–N bonding: First-principles calculations

    Zhang, Huijun [College of Information Science and Engineering, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004 (China); Ren, Jiadong, E-mail: [College of Information Science and Engineering, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004 (China); Wu, Lailei [Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Science and Technology, College of Material Science and Engineering, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004 (China); Zhang, Jingwu, E-mail: [Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Science and Technology, College of Material Science and Engineering, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004 (China)


    The structural, elastic and electronic properties of LiSi{sub 2}N{sub 3} and its substitutions by Na, K and Rb were investigated through first-principles computations. The expansion of lattice parameters of ASi{sub 2}N{sub 3} from Li, Na, K to Rb is found to be determined by the bond angle of Si–N1–Si, which suggests a possible way to improve the lithium ionic conductivity by substitutions. ASi{sub 2}N{sub 3} (A=Li, Na, K and Rb) shows the similar elastic behaviors, while the electronic band gap gradually decreases from 5.1 to 3.4 eV from LiSi{sub 2}N{sub 3} to RbSi{sub 2}N{sub 3}. Interestingly, the analysis of electronic structure, crystal orbital Hamiltonian populations and Bader charges shows that the covalence of Si–N bonding is critical for the stability of ASi{sub 2}N{sub 3} phase. Among ASi{sub 2}N{sub 3} phases, there is a relatively high ionicity in NaSi{sub 2}N{sub 3}; the Si–N bond strength in [Si{sub 2}N{sub 3}]{sup −} net for KSi{sub 2}N{sub 3} and RbSi{sub 2}N{sub 3} is comparable to LiSi{sub 2}N{sub 3}, but stronger than NaSi{sub 2}N{sub 3}. - Graphic abstract: Universal trend of structural and electronic properties in alkaline metal silicon nitrides, ASi{sub 2}N{sub 3}, A=Li, Na, K and Rb. - Highlights: • Trend in structure, electronic and mechanical properties of ASi{sub 2}N{sub 3} (A=Li-Rb) were predicted. • Lattice expansion of ASi{sub 2}N{sub 3} induced by the bond angle of Si–N1–Si was found. • Calculated band gap decreases from 5.1 to 3.4 eV from LiSi{sub 2}N{sub 3} to RbSi{sub 2}N{sub 3}. • Covalent Si–N bonding is critical for the stability of ASi{sub 2}N{sub 3}.

  9. Study of the hydrodynamic of groundwater karst system of Laraos and Alis, upper basin of the Canete river using environmental isotopes

    Valencia, Jacinto; Mamani, Enoc; Magina, Jose


    In this study, seven water samples have been characterized, collected from the upper Canete river micro-basins Laraos and Alis. They were analyzed by Oxygen-18 (δ18O), deuterium (δ2H) and radioactive tritium (3H) using the technique of laser spectrometry and characterized in order to establish the recharge-discharge relationship karst system under study, formed by the dissolution of limestone from the Cretaceous age formation Jumasha, and forming watertight groundwater that by connection and hydraulic gradient of fractures discharge into springs. The interpretation of the isotopic analysis performed according to the diagram δ18O/δ2H indicates that the springs are originated from infiltrating rainwater into the karst system due to the structural design and make the connection between micro-basins. Groundwater has a different dynamic, and to a lesser extent, receives contributions from waters lagoons, this fact makes them vulnerable to contamination. In the karst hydrogeological system, groundwater from micro-basins has a dynamic part of water with a long residence time with 1.8 units of tritium (RC-7) and another water dynamic of short residence time of 3 and 3.2 tritium units (RC-4, RC-5, RC-6). (authors).

  10. Effect of integrated pest management on controlling zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Emamzadeh Agha Ali Abbas (AS) District, Isfahan province, 2006-2009.

    Nilforoushzadeh, Mohammad Ali; Shirani-Bidabadi, Leila; Saberi, Sedigheh; Hosseini, Seyed Mohsen; Jaffary, Fariba


    Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is still considered as a health problem in the world. Several methods of control in different regions, together with obtaining integrated information on its natural foci, are needed to decrease its prevalence. This study was designed to evaluate the effects of simultaneous interventions on CL control. A standard questionnaire was used to identify patients among pilgrims to Emamzadeh Agha Ali Abbas (Isfahan Province, Iran). Subsequently, three methods of controlling the disease, including, spraying residential buildings with Baygon, baiting with zinc phosphide poisons, changing the vegetative cover of the region, improving the environment, and mounting a mesh on all doors and windows of buildings in residential areas were used. The control measures were then evaluated by comparing the number of pilgrims affected by CL after and before the interventions. While 23 pilgrims (1.4%) were affected with CL before the intervention (pretest), five (0.3%) persons were found to have CL after taking control measures. The Chi-square test did not indicate any significant difference in the relative frequency of CL (P = 0.731). The only scientific method for preventing and controlling zoonotic CL (ZCL) is a combination of the control methods (improving the environment and fighting off the disease districts and vectors) together with changing the vegetative cover of the region. Any measure for controlling this disease must be taken and programmed in accordance with the relevant experts' views, in coordination with the participation of other organizations and the society.

  11. Reasons for not receiving thrombolytic therapy in patients with acute myocardial infarction admitted to Bu-Ali Sina Hospital in Qazvin (2013-14

    MM. Daei


    Full Text Available This hospital-based cross-sectional study was conducted in 2013-14 in Qazvin Bu-Ali Sina Hospital. 170 patients with acute myocardial infarction who not receiving thrombolytic therapy entered the study and were analyzed. Medical history, physical examination, twelve lead ECG and cardiac biomarkers were obtained. The mean age of the patients was 63.4±14.4 years (from 19 to 90 years. 110 (64.7% of the patients were male and 48 (28.2% were diabetic. 86 (50% of patients due to late presentation and 47 (28% due to lack of diagnosis and 29 (17% due to contraindication and 8 (5% due to autolysis or coronary spam were not received thrombolytic therapy. We could reduce failure of receiving thrombolytic therapy more than seventy five percent with increasing people's awareness about the symptoms of myocardial infarction and skills of health staff in relation to the proper and timely diagnosis of myocardial infarction.




    Une étude est effectuée sur le site de la nouvelle ville ALI MENDJELI de Constantine afin de comparer et de chercher la relation entre les éléments du climat et l’orientation. Une investigation sur terrain (relevé des températures, humidité relatives, températures de surfaces est entreprise pour évaluer la réponse quantitative globale pour ce type de climat (semi aride. Parallèlement à cela une simulation à l’aide d’un logiciel TRNSYS (version 14.1 a été effectuée pour tester plusieurs possibilités d’orientations et d’améliorations afin de déterminer les éléments qui peuvent servir à des conditions meilleures. Les résultats montrent que la prise en compte du critère orientation fait participer le bâtiment à une conception plus performante thermiquement et plus économe énergétiquement.

  13. Statement from the 1983 meeting of the International Commission on Radiological Protection: annual limits for intakes (ALI) and derived air concentrations (DAC) for members of the public


    The limitation of the committed effective dose equivalent for members of the public is sufficient to provide compliance over a lifetime with the limit for single organs, thus avoiding non-stochastic effects. Relative values for infants and adults of the committed dose equivalent in a number of tissues per unit intake for each of a few radionuclides have been given: the values for infants are just more than 1 up to 100 times greater than those for adult workers. In each of these cases the appropriate annual dose-equivalent limits recommended by the Commission for members of the public are 10 times less than the corresponding values for workers; the resulting ALI for infants aged six months will be smaller than the values given in ICRP Publication 30 for limiting stochastic effects in workers by factors that range from just more than 10 (for caesium-137) to 1,000 (for ingested plutonium-239). Intermediate factors would apply for older members of the public. The magnitude of the range emphasises the need to consider each situation carefully, with particular reference to children and women. (author)

  14. Long-range ferromagnetism and magnetocaloric effects in rapidly quenched Ni50−xCoxMn50−yAly ribbons

    Nguyen Thi Mai


    Full Text Available Ni50−xCoxMn50−yAly (x = 7 and 9; y = 17, 18 and 19 alloy ribbons were prepared by melt-spinning with a tangential velocity of copper wheel of 40 m s−1. X-ray diffraction patterns reveal multi-crystalline phase behavior in the fabricated ribbons. The shape of thermomagnetization curves clearly depends on Co and Al concentrations. The Curie temperatures (TC of the alloy ribbons strongly increase with increasing the Co concentration and slightly decrease with increasing the Al concentration. The martensitic-austenitic phase transition in the alloy ribbons can be manipulated by tuning Co and Al concentrations. The maximum magnetic entropy change |ΔSm|max of about 0.75 J kg−1 K−1 for a field change of 12 kOe at TC ≈ 364 K was achieved for the Ni43Co7Mn32Al18 ribbon. Critical analysis using the Arrott-Noaks and Kouvel–Fisher methods demonstrates the existence of a long-range ferromagnetic order in this ribbon.

  15. Crystal structures of hydrates of simple inorganic salts. III. Water-rich aluminium halide hydrates: AlCl3 · 15H2O, AlBr3 · 15H2O, AlI3 · 15H2O, AlI3 · 17H2O and AlBr3 · 9H2O.

    Schmidt, Horst; Hennings, Erik; Voigt, Wolfgang


    Water-rich aluminium halide hydrate structures are not known in the literature. The highest known water content per Al atom is nine for the perchlorate and fluoride. The nonahydrate of aluminium bromide, stable pentadecahydrates of aluminium chloride, bromide and iodide, and a metastable heptadecahydrate of the iodide have now been crystallized from low-temperature solutions. The structures of these hydrates were determined and are discussed in terms of the development of cation hydration spheres. The pentadecahydrate of the chloride and bromide are isostructural. In AlI(3) · 15H2O, half of the Al(3+) cations are surrounded by two complete hydration spheres, with six H2O in the primary and 12 in the secondary. For the heptadecahydrate of aluminium iodide, this hydration was found for every Al(3+).

  16. Use of EO-1 Advanced Land Imager (ALI) multispectral image data and real-time field sampling for water quality mapping in the Hirfanlı Dam Lake, Turkey.

    Kavurmacı, Murat; Ekercin, Semih; Altaş, Levent; Kurmaç, Yakup


    This paper focuses on the evaluation of water quality variations in Hirfanlı Water Reservoir, which is one of the most important water resources in Turkey, through EO-1 (Earth Observing-1) Advanced Land Imager (ALI) multispectral data and real-time field sampling. The study was materialized in 20 different sampling points during the overpass of the EO-1 ALI sensor over the study area. A multi-linear regression technique was used to explore the relationships between radiometrically corrected EO-1 ALI image data and water quality parameters: chlorophyll a, turbidity, and suspended solids. The retrieved and verified results show that the measured and estimated values of water quality parameters are in good agreement (R (2) >0.93). The resulting thematic maps derived from EO-1 multispectral data for chlorophyll a, turbidity, and suspended solids show the spatial distribution of the water quality parameters. The results indicate that the reservoir has average nutrient values. Furthermore, chlorophyll a, turbidity, and suspended solids values increased at the upstream reservoir and shallow coast of the Hirfanlı Water Reservoir.

  17. Evolution and circulation of type-2 vaccine-derived polioviruses in Nad Ali district of Southern Afghanistan during June 2009-February 2011.

    Salmaan Sharif

    Full Text Available Oral polio vaccine has been used successfully as a powerful tool to control the spread of wild polioviruses throughout the world; however, during replication in under immunized children, some vaccine viruses revert and acquire the neurovirulent phenotypic properties. In this study, we describe the evolution and circulation of Vaccine-Derived Polioviruses (VDPVs in Helmand province of Afghanistan. We investigated 2646 AFP cases of Afghan children from June 2009-February 2011 and isolated 103 (04% vaccine viruses, 45(1.7% wild type polioviruses and six (0.22% type 2 circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses (cVDPVs. These cVDPVs showed 97.7%-98.2% nucleotide and 98%-98.7% amino acid homology in VP1 region on comparison with Sabin type 2 reference strain. All these cVDPVs had two signature mutations of neurovirulent phenotypes and 12 additional mutations in P1 capsid region that might also have contributed to increase neurovirulence and replication. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that all these viruses were closely related and originated from previously reported Sabin like 2 virus from Pakistan which did not conform to the standard definition of VDPVs at that time. It was also observed that initial OPV dose was administered approximately 9 months prior to the collection of first stool specimen of index case. Our findings support that suboptimal surveillance and low routine immunization coverage have contributed to the emergence and spread of these viruses in Afghanistan. We therefore recommend high quality immunization campaigns not only in affected district Nad Ali but also in the bordering areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan to prevent the spread of cVDPVs.

  18. Prevalence of resistance to antibiotics according to International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) in Boo Ali Sina Hospital of Sari, 2011-2012.

    Afshar, Parvaneh; Saravi, Benyamin Mohseni; Nehmati, Ebrahim; Farahabbadi, Ebrahim Bagherian; Yazdanian, Azadeh; Siamian, Hasan; Vahedi, Mohammad


    One of the issues in health care delivery system is resistance to antibiotics. Many researches were done to show the causes and antibiotics which was resistance. In most researches the methods of classifying and reporting this resistance were made by researcher, so in this research we examined the International Classification of Diseases 10 the edition (ICD-10). This is a descriptive cross section study; data was collected from laboratory of Boo Ali Sina hospital, during 2011-2012. The check list was designed according the aim of study. Variables were age, bacterial agent, specimen, and antibiotics. The bacteria and resistance were classified with ICD-10. The data were analyzed with SPSS (16) soft ware and the descriptive statistics. Results showed that of the 10198 request for culture and antibiogram, there were 1020(10%) resistance. The specimen were 648 (63.5%) urine, blood 127(12.5%), other secretion 125 (12/3%), sputum 102 (10%), lumbar puncture 8 (0/8%), stool 6 (6/0%) and bone marrow 4 (0.4%). The E coli was the most 413 (40.5%) resistance cause to antibiotics which was coded with B96.2 and the most resistance was to multiple antibiotics 885(86.8%) with the U88 code. The results showed that by using the ICD-10 codes, the study of multiple causes and resistance is possible. The routine usage of coding of the ICD-10 would result to an up to date bank of resistance to antibiotics in every hospitals and useful for physicians, other health care, and health administrations.

  19. Study of the growth, reproductive biology and abundance for invasive shrimps Palaemon elegans Rathke from Garmat Ali river Basrah, Southern Iraq

    Khaled Khasaf Al-Khafaji


    Full Text Available Objective: To describe the growth, reproductive biology and abundance of the population of invasive shrimps Palaemon elegans (P. elegans in one of the branches of Garmat Ali river at Basrah, Southern Iraq. Methods: Monthly samples of the prawn P. elegans were collected with a bottom hand net (40 cm, 0.5 mm mesh hauled over a distance of 10 m. A simple random sampling was conducted monthly between December 2012 and November 2013. Results: Seasonal changes were observed in the composition of the population of the species during the study year with the highest abundance in 2013 and the lowest abundance for the males was reported in January and for the females occurred in June. Salinity showed a significant correlation with the abundance of shrimps at the sampling site. The largest female measured 67.90 mm while the corresponding value for males was 61.31 mm. The proportion of ovigerous adults rose during spring season to peak on about July and ovigerous prawns were taken in all months of the year. The sex ratio indicated a preponderance of females over males in all months in the study period. Each females produced around 36–1324 eggs and the incubation period lasted for 11–14 days at 17–29 °C. Conclusions: The results of the present study indicate that this species has a wide distribution range, high density, and great reproduction potential. This study reveals the lack of researches on this species in environments of Shatt Al-Arab river and its branches. Thus, P. elegans has most likely formed a permanent population in all the brackish waters in Basrah area.

  20. Conformational preferences of DNA following damage by aristolochic acids: Structural and energetic insights into the different mutagenic potential of the ALI and ALII-N(6)-dA adducts.

    Kathuria, Preetleen; Sharma, Purshotam; Abendong, Minette N; Wetmore, Stacey D


    Aristolochic acids (AAI and AAII), produced by the Aristolochiaceae family of plants, are classified as group I (human) carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. These acids are metabolized in cells to yield aristolactams (ALI and ALII, respectively), which further form bulky adducts with the purine nucleobases. Specifically, the adenine lesions are more persistent in cells and have been associated with chronic renal diseases and related carcinogenesis. To understand the structural basis of the nephrotoxicity induced by AAs, the ALI-N(6)-dA and ALII-N(6)-dA lesions are systematically studied using computational methods. Density functional theory calculations indicate that the aristolactam moiety intrinsically prefers a planar conformation with respect to adenine. Nucleoside and nucleotide models suggest that the anti and syn orientations about the glycosidic bond are isoenergetic for both adducts. Molecular dynamics simulations and free energy calculations reveal that the anti base-displaced intercalated conformation is the most stable conformer for both types of AL-N(6)-dA adducted DNA, which agrees with previous experimental work on the ALII-N(6)-dA adduct and thereby validates our approach. Interestingly, this conformer differs from the dominant conformations adopted by other N6-linked adenine lesions, including those derived from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Furthermore, the second most stable syn base-displaced intercalated conformation lies closer in energy to the anti base-displaced intercalated conformation for ALI-N(6)-dA compared to ALII-N(6)-dA. This indicates that a mixture of conformations may be detectable for ALI-N(6)-dA in DNA. If this enhanced conformational flexibility of double-stranded DNA persists when bound to a lesion-bypass polymerase, this provides a possible structural explanation for the previously observed greater nephrotoxic potential for the ALI versus ALII-N(6)-dA adduct. In addition, the structural

  1. Unustatud katakombid / Claudia Haj Ali

    Haj Ali, Claudia


    Arheoloog Jean-Yves Empereur leidis Egiptuse Aleksandria linna lähedal asuvasse kaljusse rajatud katakombid, mis on osa hellenistlikul perioodil rajatud ning pikka aega unustuse hõlmas olnud surnute linnast. Leidude seas on kipsist Meduusa pea nind leide Rooma perioodist.

  2. S. Ali. J, Anim. Sci

    Line0re regrcssievcrwantskappe nret tritium- of ureumruinrte en lewende massa as onafhanklike veranderlikes en spier, been en dissek- teerbare vet in die bulkarkasse is opgcstel. Dre akkuranthcid van hlerdie verwantskappe is vergelyk met soortgelyke verwantskappe waar die onafhanklike veranderlikes karkasmansa en ...

  3. Centennial-scale vegetation and climate changes in the Middle Atlas, Morocco: new insights from multi-proxy investigations at Lake Sidi Ali

    Fletcher, William; Campbell, Jennifer; Joannin, Sebastien; Mischke, Steffen; Zielhofer, Christoph; de Batist, Marc; Mikdad, Abdes


    The karstic lakes of the Middle Atlas, Morocco, represent a valuable archive of environmental and climatic change for Northwest Africa. Here we present the results of centennial-scale palynological and charcoal analyses as part of a multiproxy palaeolimnological study of sediment cores from Lake Sidi Ali in the Middle Atlas, Morocco (33° 03 N, 05° 00 W; 2,080 m a.s.l.). Supported by absolute dating including 23 more than twenty AMS 14C dates on pollen concentrates, the record covers the entire Holocene and offers insights into vegetation and climate change at a regionally unprecedented centennial-scale. Pollen assemblages are dominated by steppic herbs, evergreen oaks (Quercus), junipers (Cupressaceae) and Atlantic cedar (Cedrus atlantica). A long-term evolution of the montane vegetation is recorded, reflecting progressive changes in the dominant arboreal taxa and leading to the full establishment of the emblematic cedar forests of the area during the mid-Holocene by 6000 cal BP. Orbital-scale changes in seasonality and growing season moisture availability linked to declining summer insolation are implicated, with a transition from (a) warm, dry summers associated with summer drought tolerant taxa especially evergreen Quercus, high algal productivity in the lake, and high background levels of microcharcoal reflecting distant fire activity during the early Holocene, to (b) cool, relatively humid summers with dominance of montane conifers, declining algal productivity in the lake, and episodic local fire activity during the mid- to late Holocene. Superimposed on the long-term environmental changes are recurrent centennial-scale fluctuations in vegetation composition, reflecting competitive dynamics between the major taxa, initially between steppic and arboreal elements, and later between the major tree taxa. Parallels with hydrological proxies including stable O and C isotopes suggest common responses to climatic drivers (fluctuations in moisture sources and

  4. Review on a Traditional Herbal Medicine, Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali: Its Traditional Uses, Chemistry, Evidence-Based Pharmacology and Toxicology

    Shaheed Ur Rehman


    Full Text Available Eurycoma longifolia Jack (known as tongkat ali, a popular traditional herbal medicine, is a flowering plant of the family Simaroubaceae, native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and also Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. E. longifolia, is one of the well-known folk medicines for aphrodisiac effects as well as intermittent fever (malaria in Asia. Decoctions of E. longifolia leaves are used for washing itches, while its fruits are used in curing dysentery. Its bark is mostly used as a vermifuge, while the taproots are used to treat high blood pressure, and the root bark is used for the treatment of diarrhea and fever. Mostly, the roots extract of E. longifolia are used as folk medicine for sexual dysfunction, aging, malaria, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, aches, constipation, exercise recovery, fever, increased energy, increased strength, leukemia, osteoporosis, stress, syphilis and glandular swelling. The roots are also used as an aphrodisiac, antibiotic, appetite stimulant and health supplement. The plant is reported to be rich in various classes of bioactive compounds such as quassinoids, canthin-6-one alkaloids, β-carboline alkaloids, triterpene tirucallane type, squalene derivatives and biphenyl neolignan, eurycolactone, laurycolactone, and eurycomalactone, and bioactive steroids. Among these phytoconstituents, quassinoids account for a major portion of the E. longifolia root phytochemicals. An acute toxicity study has found that the oral Lethal Dose 50 (LD50 of the alcoholic extract of E. longifolia in mice is between 1500–2000 mg/kg, while the oral LD50 of the aqueous extract form is more than 3000 mg/kg. Liver and renal function tests showed no adverse changes at normal daily dose and chronic use of E. longifolia. Based on established literature on health benefits of E. longifolia, it is important to focus attention on its more active constituents and the constituents’ identification, determination, further development and most

  5. Capacity fade of LiNi(1-x-y)CoxAlyO2 cathode for lithium-ion batteries during accelerated calendar and cycle life test. I. Comparison analysis between LiNi(1-x-y)CoxAlyO2 and LiCoO2 cathodes in cylindrical lithium-ion cells during long term storage test

    Watanabe, Shoichiro; Kinoshita, Masahiro; Nakura, Kensuke


    Ni-based LiNi(1-x-y)CoxAlyO2 (NCA) and LiCoO2 (LCO) cathode materials taken out of lithium-ion cells after storage for 2 years at 45 °C were analyzed by various spectroscopic techniques. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy exhibited that there was no difference between NCA and LCO. On the other hand, scanning transmission electron microscopy-electron energy-loss spectroscopy demonstrated there was a remarkably large difference between the two cathode materials. Ni-L2,3 energy-loss near-edge structure (ELNES) spectra of the NCA showed a peak at about 856.5 eV, which was assigned to trivalent nickel, was maintained even after storage, indicating that the NCA had no significant change in its surface structure during storage. On the other hand, in the Co-L2,3 ELNES spectra of the LCO a peak at about 782.5 eV, which was assigned to trivalent cobalt, significantly shifted to the lower energies after storage. These results suggest that crystal structure change of the active material surface is a predominant reason of deterioration during the storage test.

  6. Erken Cumhuriyet Yılları Milli Kimlik Tartışmaları: Hasan Ali Yücel ve Türkiye’de Hümanizma Arayışları Discussions on National Identity in the Early Republican Years: Hasan Ali Yucel and Searching for Turkish Humanism



    Full Text Available This article aims to demonstrate a small group of intellectuals’ thoughts on nationalism and Turkish national identity who had tried to give an answer by searching for a new and unique Turkish humanism in general and particularly former Minister of Education, Hasan Ali Yücel’s period (1939-1946 and his humanist reformist approach to politics during the nation/identity-building process in the early decades of Republican Era. After the historical and social transition, French Revolution spreading the ideas of equality, liberty and fraternity giving rise to nationalist movements throughout Europe ended up with the decline of the multi-national empires and gave birth to the nation-states. Like the others, a new nation-state, Turkish Republic was established after the Ottoman Empire had collapsed. Turkish modernization initially took a form of westernization. Three ideologies; Pan-Ottomanism, Pan-Islamism and Pan-Turkism were seen as an appropriate direction for the society’s search for a new identity. At the same time, Turkish national identity was seen as an appropriate direction for the society’s search for a new identity and The republican elite embarked a radical stand and defined Turkish identiy as western modern secular nation which later became a dominant ideology for the new republic. At the time of early years of Republic, there were seen different acceptions for the content national identity. Hasan Ali Yücel and intellectuals searching for Turkish humanism defined modern Turkish identity by deriving it from Anatolian humanism, which could be realized through a Turkish Renaissance and claimed that it would be possible to create a unique Anatolian identity by this definition. Bu çalışma, Modern Türkiye tarihinin erken Cumhuriyet yıllarının ulus-devletleşme sürecinde milliyetçilik ve milli kimlik üzerine yaşanan tartışmalara katkıları açısından milli kimliğin içeriğini belirlemede Türkiye’ye özgü yeni bir

  7. Accumulation and distribution of heavy metal in perennials parts of vine in five local varieties (Riling, Smederevka, Hamburg, Kratoshija and Afus-Ali ) from Ovche Pole (R. Macedonia)

    Karakasheva, Elizabeta; Jovanova, Sonja; Boev, Blazho


    This work was conducted in vineyards located in Ovče Pole, near the village of Krivi dol , in the eastern part of Macedonia, in order to assess the bio-accumulation and distribution of trace elements in perennial part of grape, in five local varieties (Rizling, Smederevka, Hamburg, Kratošia and Afus-Ali). For this purpose, the content of trace elements in soil and in the perennials parts of the vine: leaves, branches and grapefruit were measured, in all five local varieties.The content of Zn in soils varied from 75.7- 96.33 mg/kg, Ni from 1.69 to 4.45 mg/ kg, Cu from 34.1- 53.6 mg/ kg, Ba from 65.8- 140.5 mg/kg, Sr from 56,3-150,9 mg/kg, As from 5.48 -13.59 mg/kg, Mo from 1.99 to 3.1 mg/kg, Pb from 14.19-26.9 mg/kg, Ti from 119-239 mg/kg, Fe from 2482-3080 mg/kg, Mn from 722-1081 mg/kg and Al from 2646-4012 mg/kg, respectively. The content of Zn in plant varied from 154.8- 188.5 mg/kg, Ni from 145.1 to 191.8 mg/kg, Cu from 31.1 to 51.5 mg/kg, Ba from 15.7 to 24.2 mg/kg, Sr from 186.5 to 287.8 mg/kg, As from 9.78-27.7 mg/kg, Mo from 0.28 to 1.44 mg/kg, Pb from 5.25 to 13.56 mg/kg, Ti from 3.73 to 7.38 mg/kg, Fe from 345 to 464.5 mg/kg, Mn from 352.3 to 400.2 mg/kg and Al from 130.8 to 256.5 mg/kg, respectively. The contents of Zn,Ba, As, Mo, and Pb not exceeded the maximum allowable content (MAC) in all soil (The Now Dutch list). The highest content of Cu and Ni (The Now Dutch list) were founded in all vineyard soil from Ovče pole. Considering the value for bioaccumulation factor (BAF), grape vine for Zn, Sr, Cu and As possessed the characteristics of hyper accumulator. Most of the accumulated metals are mainly concentrated in the leaves of the vine, with the exception of As, which are concentrated in the fruit of the vine. (Author)

  8. Hasan Ali Toptaş'ın Kayıp Hayaller Kitabı'nda Büyülü Gerçekçilik In Kayıp Hayaller Kitabı of Hasan Ali Toptaş Megical Realism

    Oktay YİVLİ


    Full Text Available In narrations of magical reality, real and unreal, ordinary andextraordinary, authentic and imaginary elements exist together withoutany conflict. Magical Realism flourishes especially in the twentiethcentury Latin American Literature. This sense results from the struggleof comprehending and narrating new reality as opposed to fantasticfictions and tales. In his novel called Kayıp Hayaller Kitabı, Hasan AliToptaş included the techniques and elements used in the samples ofmagical realism, such as de-familiarization, singularity, indefiniteness,dead people and multiple narrators.As be different fantastic in magical realism fictional people havebeen to become inured to in a world which is together realty and magic,just about accepted it as a natural media. Formal notice of magicalrealism from fantastic is that it selects spaces from realty world notimaginary world.In his novel called Kayıp Hayaller Kitabı, external reality isn’talways reflected one to one. The narration differentiates from classicnarrative structure reality in terms of presentations. Event descriptionsseen, heard and dreamed are presented in an imaginary order. In thenovel, the nature of entities and objects are given as changed Thus ittries to catch to catch another dimension of reality. The people in thenovel doubt from their own realities. What is real, what is not realbecome confused.After all these features, the novel studied should be considered asa magical realistic novel and should be evaluated as use aesthetics ofmagical realism. Büyülü gerçekçi anlatılarda gerçekle gerçek dışı, olağanla olağan olmayan, düşsel ile sahici ögeler aynı dünyanın içinde herhangi bir çatışmaya girmeden yaşarlar. Büyülü gerçekçilik özellikle yirminci yüzyıl Latin Amerikan edebiyatında gelişip serpilmiştir. Bu anlayış fantastikten ve masaldan ayrı olarak yeni gerçekliği kavramanın ve anlatmanın bir çabası olarak ortaya çıkmıştır. Hasan Ali

  9. Synthesis and optimization of novel allylated mono-carbonyl analogs of curcumin (MACs) act as potent anti-inflammatory agents against LPS-induced acute lung injury (ALI) in rats.

    Zhu, Heping; Xu, Tingting; Qiu, Chenyu; Wu, Beibei; Zhang, Yali; Chen, Lingfeng; Xia, Qinqin; Li, Chenglong; Zhou, Bin; Liu, Zhiguo; Liang, Guang


    A series of novel symmetric and asymmetric allylated mono-carbonyl analogs of curcumin (MACs) were synthesized using an appropriate synthetic route and evaluated experimentally thru the LPS-induced expression of TNF-α and IL-6. Most of the obtained compounds exhibited improved water solubility as a hydrochloride salt compared to lead molecule 8f. The most active compound 7a was effective in reducing the Wet/Dry ratio in the lungs and protein concentration in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid. Meanwhile, 7a also inhibited mRNA expression of several inflammatory cytokines, including TNF-α, IL-6, IL-1β, and VCAM-1, in Beas-2B cells after Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) challenge. These results suggest that 7a could be therapeutically beneficial for use as an anti-inflammatory agent in the clinical treatment of acute lung injury (ALI). Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  10. Poklicna izgorelost ali zavzetost za delo, to je zdaj vprašanje Osebni in skupinski izobraževalni moduli za preprečevanje poklicne izgorelosti (2. del

    Andreja Pšeničny


    Full Text Available Raziskavo sta avtorici posvetili preucevanju potreb po varovanju zaposlenih pred poklicno izgorelostjo, hkrati pa tudi spodbujanju njihove zavzetosti za delo. Podjetje, ki se zaveda pomena svojih virov, lahko v enem in drugem primeru s podobnimi izobrazevalnimi vsebinami in postopki oplemeniti svoj najpomembnejsi vir ljudi. Avtorici ugotavljata, da v zvezi s poklicno izgorelostjo danes ni vec poudarek na preucevanju osebnostnih lastnosti za delo »preveč« vnetih ljudi, marvec predvsem na proucevanju delovnega okolja in psiholoških delovnih okolisCin v podjetju. Poklicno izgorelost lahko prepreCimo tudi z znanstveno utemeljeno organiziranostjo podjetja ali ustanove; taksno, ki spodbuja formalne in neformalne komunikacijske okoliscine, pozitivne medsebojne in kolektivne odnose ter druge ugodne psihološke delovne okoliscine. Izobrazevanje za prepoznavanje in preprečevanje poklicne izgorelosti na eni strani ter izobrazevanje za spodbujanje zavzetosti za delo na drugi strani je posvečeno posameznikom, podjetjem, strokovni in široki javnosti.

  11. Application of multivariate statistical analysis and hydrochemical and isotopic investigations for evaluation of groundwater quality and its suitability for drinking and agriculture purposes: case of Oum Ali-Thelepte aquifer, central Tunisia.

    Hassen, Imen; Hamzaoui-Azaza, Fadoua; Bouhlila, Rachida


    Groundwater plays a dominant role in arid regions; it is among the most available water resources in Tunisia. Located in northwestern Tunisia, Oum Ali-Thelepte is a deep Miocene sedimentary aquifer, where groundwater is the most important source of water supply. The aim of the study is to investigate the hydrochemical processes leading to mineralization and to assess water quality with respect to agriculture and drinking for a better management of groundwater resources. To achieve such objectives, water analysis was carried out on 16 groundwater samples collected during January-February 2014. Stable isotopes and 26 hydrochemical parameters were examined. The interpretation of these analytical data showed that the concentrations of major and trace elements were within the permissible level for human use. The distribution of mineral processes in this aquifer was identified using conventional classification techniques, suggesting that the water facies gradually changes from Ca-HCO3 to Mg-SO4 type and are controlled by water-rock interaction. These results were endorsed using multivariate statistical methods such as principal component analysis and cluster analysis. The sustainability of groundwater for drinking and irrigation was assessed based on the water quality index (WQI) and on Wilcox and Richards's diagrams. This aquifer has been classified as "excellent water" serving good irrigation in the area. As for the stable isotope, the measurements showed that groundwater samples lay between global meteoric water line (GMWL) and LMWL; hence, this arrangement signifies that the recharge of the Oum Ali-Thelepte aquifer is ensured by rainwater infiltration through mountains in the border of the aquifer without evaporation effects.

  12. Hz. Ali’nin Menkıbevî Hayatına Dair Bir Destan: Dâstân-ı Ejderhâ A Legend about the life of Ali: The Legend of Dragon

    Ali KOZAN


    Full Text Available Following the conversion of Turks to Islam a new structure ofbelief and culture has appeared for them. They recall the individualsthey consubstantiated with Islam by heroic stories in verbal custom. Inthis praxis especially the son in law of Prophet Muhammed, first fourCaliphs and the friends of Prophet have become indispensable part ofthese legendary stories. In the legendary stories which our workincludes, the heroic, warrior and courageous side of Ali have shown asbeing a son in law of Prophet and father of Hasan and Hussein.Thistradition has written down by the works of Islamic Era of TurkishHistory. One of the “Cenknâmes” which Ali's braveness and courageoushas mention is “Destan-ı Ejderha”, The Legend Of Dragon. The legendhas written in the manner of "masnavi" and also it has some features oftale and legend genre.In this work namely “Destan-ı Ejderha” a dragon which Muslimscame to place of Prophet Muhammed in order to complain of it and awar which was fought between dragon and a group of “sahabe” underthe leadership of Ali by the assignment of Prophet Muhammed and thedefeat of dragon were mentioned. At the work Ali combines fantasticpowers in his heroic personality therefore withstands against dragonwhich was symbolized as an enemy of the religion and Ali has apersonality that is not avoid to struggle. In the legend Muslims wereaimed to encourage to “gaza” by underlining Ali’s face up of the death.Also it is aimed to obtain an idea that the true religion is Islam and alsoto make the ideal of gaza and jihad by the pointing the rebellious oneswill be eradicated in a pathetic way.In our work primarily we have compared the copies by collectedthe exemplars of “The Legend of Dragon” then tried to expose theoriginal text. Epic’s implications are discussed in Anatolia and theBalkans, later on an assessment is made about the value and place ofthe mentioned pamphlet in the history of Turkish Culture in Islamicperiod

  13. »Nočem biti odvisna«: Ali javne prevajalske in tolmaške storitve res negativno vplivajo na aktivno vključenost migrantov v državo gostiteljico?

    Nike Kocijančič Pokorn


    Full Text Available Prispevek se sprašuje o upravičenosti določenih političnih ukrepov, ki odrekajo zagotavljanje prevajanja in tolmačenja migrantom, ter zagovarja nove pristope k jezikovni in prevodni politiki, in sicer prek raziskave, ki je bila zasnovana kot odziv na trditve, da prevajalske in tolmaške storitve ovirajo integracijo nedavnih priseljencev. Raziskava je bila izvedena na skupini prosilcev za mednarodno zaščito v azilnem domu v Ljubljani. Najprej smo zbrali podatke o jezikovnem ozadju vseh stanovalcev azilnega doma v avgustu 2014 (56 stanovalcev iz 19 različnih držav, nato pa sestavili reprezentativno skupino 18 prosilcev za mednarodno zaščito na podlagi njihovega maternega jezika in jih razdelili na dve skupini glede na čas bivanja v Sloveniji v času intervjuja (krajše ali daljše obdobje. Kvantitativne podatke o jezikovnih profilih smo zbrali z vprašalnikom, kvalitativne pa s pomočjo polstrukturiranih intervjujev, izvedenih v letu 2014, in dveh ponovitvenih intervjujev v letu 2015. Nato smo kvalitativno analizirali transkripcije vseh posnetih intervjujev, pri čemer smo se osredotočali na jezikovne in komunikacijske rešitve na različnih stopnjah migrantovega življenja v državi gostiteljici. Rezultati kažejo, da je osnovne kompromise mogoče doseči, saj so prevajalske in tolmaške storitve komplementarni koraki do neodvisnosti in kot take ne ovirajo učenja dominantnega oz. nacionalnega jezika države gostiteljice, temveč ga podpirajo.

  14. 27 August 2013 - Signature of an Agreement between KTO Karatay University in Turkey represented by the Dean of Engineering Professor Ali Okatan, CERN represented by Director for Research and Computing Dr Sergio Bertolucci and ALICE Collaboration represented by ALICE Collaboration Spokesperson Dr Paolo Giubellino.

    Maximilien Brice


    27 August 2013 - Signature of an Agreement between KTO Karatay University in Turkey represented by the Dean of Engineering Professor Ali Okatan, CERN represented by Director for Research and Computing Dr Sergio Bertolucci and ALICE Collaboration represented by ALICE Collaboration Spokesperson Dr Paolo Giubellino.

  15. Le diagnostic anténatal de la trisomie 21 par l'hybridation in situ en fluorescence (FISH): à propos des premiers tests réalisés au Maroc

    Lamzouri, Afaf; Natiq, Abdelhafid; Tajir, Mariam; Sendid, Mohamed; Sefiani, Abdelaziz


    Introduction Le but de cette étude était de présenter les premiers résultats de diagnostic anténatal de la trisomie 21 par la technique d'hybridation in situ en fluorescence (FISH) au Maroc et discuter son intérêt dans le diagnostic rapide de cette aneuploïdie. Méthodes Ce travail a été réalisé chez 23 femmes avec des grossesses à haut risque de trisomie 21. La moyenne d’âge des gestantes étaient de 37,43 ans avec des extrêmes de 21 et 43 ans. Toutes étaient musulmanes mariées, mariage légitimé par la Charia, dont trois mariages consanguins, sauf une originaire de la République Démocratique du Congo qui était chrétienne et concubine. La majorité des femmes étaient fonctionnaires et avaient un niveau de scolarisation moyen à élevé. Toutes les patientes ont bénéficié d'une consultation de génétique médicale au cours de laquelle il leur a été donné des informations sur la technique, son intérêt et ses limites. Il s'agit de femmes enceintes qui avaient soit un âge maternel élevé ou des signes d'appel échographiques et/ ou biochimiques. Une des patientes était porteuse d'une translocation robertsonienne t(14;21) équilibrée. Une amniocentèse a été réalisée chez toutes les gestantes et aucun avortement n'a était induit par ce geste invasif. L’âge gestationnel moyen à la première consultation était de 14 semaines d'aménorrhée (SA) et à l'amniocentèse était de 16 SA et 5 jours. L'analyse FISH a été réalisée, après consentement des couples, sur des cellules non cultivées à partir des échantillons de liquides amniotiques, en utilisant des sondes spécifiques du chromosome 21. Résultats Parmi les 23 patientes qui ont bénéficiées d'un diagnostic anténatal de la trisomie 21 par la technique FISH, nous avons pu rassurer 21 d'entre elles, et nous avons détecté deux cas de trisomie 21 fœtal. Conclusion La technique FISH permet un diagnostic anténatal rapide, en moins de 48h, de la trisomie 21 sur

  16. Five-year outcome of a stroke cohort in Martinique, French West Indies: Etude Réalisée en Martinique et Centrée sur l'Incidence des Accidents vasculaires cérebraux, Part 2.

    Chausson, Nicolas; Olindo, Stéphane; Cabre, Philippe; Saint-Vil, Martine; Smadja, Didier


    Limited information exists on stroke among black populations outside the United States and United Kingdom. Part 1 of the Etude Réalisée en Martinique et Centrée sur l'Incidence des Accidents vasculaires cérebraux (ERMANCIA) provided strong epidemiologic data on the incidence of first-ever stroke in a black Caribbean population and showed a 40% greater incidence of stroke in Martinique than in continental France. In ERMANCIA part 2, we evaluated the long-term outcomes of our cohort. Survivors of a first stroke from this prospective, community-based, stroke incidence study were reassessed at 5 years according to standardized procedures and criteria, including the modified Rankin scale, Barthel Index, Montgomery-Asberg Depression-Rating Scale, Mini-Mental State Examination, treatment compliance, and blood pressure control. Of the 293 survivors of the original 580 (50.5%) patients who were still alive 5 years after stroke, 262 (89.4%) were assessed. Among these survivors, 66.4% were functionally independent and 43% were completely autonomous for activities of daily living, but 25.8% were depressed and 58.9% were cognitively impaired. Only 50 of 170 (29.4%) of the hypertensive patients achieved their target blood pressure. These results highlight the very poor blood pressure control and the very high rate of cognitive impairment in Martinican patients after stroke. As a consequence, a poststroke prevention network was established in Martinique.

  17. Hydrothermal synthesis, structures and optical properties of A2Zn3(SeO3)4·XH2O (A=Li, Na, K; X=2 or 0)

    Liu, Yunsheng; Mei, Dajiang; Xu, Jingli; Wu, Yuandong


    New alkali metal zinc selenites, A2Zn3(SeO3)4·XH2O (A=Li, Na, K; X=2 or 0) were prepared through hydrothermal reactions. Li2Zn3(SeO3)4·2H2O (1) crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/c with lattice parameters a=8.123(4), b=9.139(4), c=7.938(3) Å, β=112.838(9)°. Na2Zn3(SeO3)4·2H2O (2) crystallizes in the monoclinic space group C2/c with lattice parameters a=15.7940(18), b=6.5744(8), c=14.6787(17) Å, β=107.396(3)°. K2Zn3(SeO3)4 (3) crystallizes in the monoclinic space group C2/c with lattice parameters a=11.3584(12), b=8.6091(9), c=13.6816(14) Å, β=93.456(2)°. The anionic structures are composed of [Zn3O12]18- sheets, chains, and "isolated" units in compound 1, 2, 3, respectively, and trigonal pyramids SeO32-. The compounds were characterized by the solid state UV-vis-NIR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, infrared spectra and thermogravimetric analysis.

  18. Electronic properties and structural phase transition in A4 [M4O4] (A=Li, Na, K and Rb; M=Ag and Cu): A first principles study

    Umamaheswari, R.; Yogeswari, M.; Kalpana, G.


    Self-consistent scalar relativistic band structure calculations for AMO (A=Li, Na, K and Rb; M=Ag and Cu) compounds have been performed using the tight-binding linear muffin-tin orbital (TB-LMTO) method within the local density approximation (LDA). At ambient conditions, these compounds are found to crystallize in tetragonal KAgO-type structure with two different space group I-4m2 and I4/mmm. Nowadays, hypothetical structures are being considered to look for new functional materials. AMO compounds have stoichiometry similar to eight-electron half-Heusler materials of type I-I-VI which crystallizes in cubic (C1b) MgAgAs-type structure with space group F-43m. For all these compounds, by interchanging the positions of atoms in the hypothetical cubic structure, three phases (α, β and γ) are formed. The energy-volume relation for these compounds in tetragonal KAgO-type structure and cubic α, β and γ phases of related structure have been obtained. Under ambient conditions these compounds are more stable in tetragonal KAgO-type (I4/mmm) structure. The total energies calculated within the atomic sphere approximation (ASA) were used to determine the ground state properties such as equilibrium lattice parameters, c/a ratio, bulk modulus, cohesive energy and are compared with the available experimental results. The results of the electronic band structure calculations at ambient condition show that LiCuO and NaMO are indirect band gap semiconductors whereas KMO and RbMO are direct band gap semiconductors. At high pressure the band gap decreases and the phenomenon of band overlap metallization occur. Also these compounds undergo structural phase transition from tetragonal I-4m2 phase to cubic α-phase and transition pressures were calculated.

  19. 2526-IJBCS-Article-Mahamat Seid Ali


    of the world population, which is a real public health problem. The purpose of this scientific work is to ..... Chem. Sci. 9(5): 2719-2734, 2015. 2727. Figure 9 : Variation du taux de diminution en iode durant le suivi avec les emballages au Marché – ..... Ministère de la Santé (Maroc). 2001. Les carences en micronutriments / ...

  20. 1459-IJBCS-Article-Ben Moussa Ali


    L'Oued Khoumane est un cours d'eau traversant du sud-est à l'ouest la ville de Moulay Idriss Zerhoun. L'intérêt porté à ce .... Oxygène, Demande Biologique en Oxygène et les matières en ..... agriculture et au fumier (Dumontier et al.,. 1995).

  1. 1859-IJBCS-Article-Aly Diallo


    Cette étude se propose de déterminer la composition floristique et la structure des peuplements ligneux ... climatique et des actions anthropiques ... Le climat est du type soudano-sahélien ..... du taux global de régénération dans les trois sites.

  2. Siserände rahvuserinevused / Alis Tammur

    Tammur, Alis


    Uuringu tulemustest selgus, et eestlaste rändeaktiivsus oli 1990. aastatel oluliselt suurem kui mitte-eestlastel. Kui eestlaste rändes valitses linnastumine, siis mitte-eestlaste vastulinnastumine on uus protsess ja näitab, et nende asustusala on Eestis laienemas. Tabelid. Diagramm. Kaardid

  3. 2582-IJBCS-Article-Mahamat Seid Ali


    55% laquelle, dans 100 kg de matière sèche retient 55 kg de saccharose et 45 kg de matières organiques et non organiques. ... l'alcool éthylique, de levure et de l'acide citrique utilisé dans les ..... Tableau 1 : Effet de la durée de la réaction de 90 mn sur les caractéristiques des solutions de mélasses. Echantillons.

  4. 1902-IJBCS-Article-Ali Garane


    Département de Production Végétale, 01 BP 470 Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso. 3 Department of Plant Science, Institute for Agricultural ... Burkina Faso kitchen. For Karnataka (2008), okra is from the most useful ... grown in randomized blocks design with three replications at experimental field of the. University of ...

  5. 1229-IJBCS-Article-Aly Savadogo


    l'utilisation des starters de microorganismes performants qui assureront leurs qualités ... développement, la majeure partie du lait issue de l'élevage est transformée par de petites unités et les .... incluant leurs principaux métabolites,.

  6. 2421-IJBCS-Article-Ali Doumma


    macrophylla et Prosopis juliflora (Figure 1). Méthodologie. Moyennant une approche participative, il a été question d'identifier les connaissances locales en matière de production de patate douce. Pour cela, des entretiens avec les informateurs clés (organisations paysannes,. ONGs et les services techniques) et des.

  7. Ene Käpp ali optimizem

    Dušana Findeisen


    Full Text Available Na »Konferenci o vlogi in organizaciji izobraževanja odraslih v času prehoda«, ki je bila novembra lani v Tallinnu, glavnem mestu Estonije, smo srečevali nekaj razsvetljenih obrazov organizatorjev. Med njimi je bila Ene Kapp, kratko pristriženih las, živahnega videza in prodornega glasu. Ene Kapp je neprestano bedela nad nami. Tisti, ki so povezani z estonskim izobraževanjem odraslih, jo poznajo že dolgo. Srečujejo se z njo na ANDRAS-u, estonskem združenju za izobraževanje odraslih.

  8. ALI Conservation Scorecards Input Data Layers

    Department of the Interior — In 2014 and 2015, the Arid Lands Initiative developed “Conservation Scorecards” for their Priority Core Areas (PCAs) and Priority Linkage Areas (PLAs). To create...

  9. Intraspecific variation in adult Uvitellina iraquensis Dronen, Ali & Al-Amura, 2013 (Cyclocoelidae: Haematotrephinae) from two collection sites of white-tailed lapwing, Vanellus leucurus (Lichtenstein) (Charadriiformes: Charadriidae), in Iraq.

    Dronen, Norman O; Al-Kassar, Nothiala R; Ali, Atheer H; Abdulhameed, Mohanad F; Abdullah, Basim H; Al-Mayah, Sabeeh H


    A total of 19 white-tailed lapwing, Vanellus leucurus, were collected from Huwazah Marsh, north-eastern Basrah Province, Iraq from February to March and in October, 2011 (collection site #1) and 60 V. leucurus were collected from Al-Hammar Marshes, Thi-Qar Province, southern Iraq from July to November, 2012 (collection site #2), and examined for cyclocoelids. Nineteen Uvitellina iraquensis Dronen, Ali & Al-Amura, 2013 from site #1 and 17 specimens from site #2 were fixed with minimal compression for comparisons of morphological characteristics, measurements, morphometric percentages and morphometric ratios commonly used to distinguish species of cyclocoelids. An additional five adult specimens from site #1 were fixed without compression for comparisons. Specimens from site # 1 (n=24) represented only fully-developed, non-senescing adults, while those from site #2 (n=17) could be divided into fully-developed (non-senescing) adults (n=8); younger (smaller, less developed) adults (n=5) and senescing adults (n=4). The following characteristics were relatively consistent, and appeared to be valuable in identifying groups of similar species and distinguishing species in Uvitellina: the presence or absence of the oral sucker; the oral sucker/pharynx width ratio; the posterior extent of the cirrus sac relative to the intestinal bifurcation; the position of the genital pore relative to the pharynx; the position of the testes in the body; the length of the intertesticular space; the length of the posttesticular space; the lateral disposition of the uterine loops; the presence of a posteriorly-directed, tail-like extension off the posterior confluence of the vitelline fields; the posterior extent of the uterine loops relative to the gonads; and the size of fully-developed eggs. It may be beneficial to calculate the percentage that measurements represent relative to the body length to provide insight into the relationship of the size of a structure to increased size of the

  10. Évaluation de la réussite de l'ouvrage de protection de berges de la Romanche au barrage de Livet, réalisé à l'aide de techniques de génie végétal

    DELAGE, Camille


    Full Text Available À l’interface entre les écosystèmes aquatiques et terrestres, le génie végétal sur les berges de cours d’eau s’inspire et utilise les capacités naturelles des végétaux comme matériel de base à la reconstruction de berges. Cette alternative au génie civil, confère aux écosystèmes une meilleure capacité de retour vers des systèmes plus naturels et surtout plus diversifiés. Toutefois, la restauration écologique et particulièrement les techniques de génie végétal souffrent de l’absence généralisée d’évaluation du succès et de retours d’expérience sur le développement des espèces et la tenue des différentes techniques. Cet article présente la démarche adoptée ainsi que les principaux résultats du suivi du réaménagement des berges de la Romanche au barrage de Livet, réalisé avec des techniques mixtes associant enrochements et différentes techniques de génie végétal.

  11. Alexopoulos, Theodoros Benford's Law in Astronomy 639 Ali, Sk ...

    Since January 2016, the Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy has moved to Continuous Article Publishing (CAP) mode. This means that each accepted article is being published immediately online with DOI and article citation ID with starting page number 1. Articles are also visible in Web of Science immediately.

  12. A rare neurocutaneous syndrome and a rare association | Ali ...

    Among the many causes of ataxia, Ataxia -telangictasia is an autosomal recessive1, multi system disease affecting the skin, nervous system & immune system. It's prevalence has been estimated at 1 to 2 per 100,000 It is a neurodegenerative disorder2 in which there is progressive cerebellar ataxia, occulocutaneous ...

  13. 114_606 - 614_CHM 044 Ali Ahmed


    ABSTRACT. Liquid phase adsorption experiments were. (MO) ... tential of zero charge (pHpzc) measurements.. Three different ... Surface characterization of the adsorbent revea he cloudy and ..... dye, due to electrostatic attractio adsorption ...

  14. Stylistics of Hajmirza Habib Khorasani's sonnets | Ali Shakaki ...

    ... repetitive and vulgar, Habib's sonnets are an exceptional since they are the expression of feelings and his inner experiences. His sonnets in the language level is of the most successful poems from outer music view because, has selected the most appropriate and the most frequent rhythms to express the mystical ideas.

  15. Bacillus thuringiensis and its application in agriculture | Ali | African ...

    Presently, a number of approaches to pest control via genetic engineering have been developed and genetically engineered crops expressing insecticidal characteristics are under cultivation for the last 15 years. Use of Bacillus thuringiensis genes encoding o̅ endotoxins with insecticidal characteristics is the major ...

  16. Transgenic crops: Current challenges and future perspectives | Ali ...

    resistance, use of selectable marker genes, etc. There exists a thought that the pace of research in genetic engineering of crop plants may some day lead to the development of variations that will not ensure the survival of living creatures including human beings. Most of such concerns are just psychological and are often ...

  17. Factors predisposing to obesity: a review of the literature | Ali ...

    The rising prevalence of obesity is a worldwide problem affecting not only the developed world but also developing nations such as South Africa. Excess body fat deposition is caused by an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure and there are many genetic and environmental factors that can influence ...

  18. Ibn Sina, Abu Ali [known as Avicenna] (980-1037)

    Murdin, P.


    Islamic philosopher and scientist, born in Kharmaithen, near Bukhara (now Uzbekistan). Avicenna's life was marked by swings of fortune, from physician and favored scholar of a Samanid prince, to peripatetic country doctor when the Samanid regime fell. He became court physician in Hamadan (Iran), where he was for a time imprisoned as a political prisoner. He ended his life in a peaceful, contem...

  19. Qal'eh Hasan Ali maars, central Iran.

    Milton, D.J.


    This group of some 15 Late Quaternary explosion craters are typical maars, with rims of bedded pyroclastics. In all but the largest crater, the deposits consist entirely of clasts of country rock (granodiorite and Eocene volcanics). The maars were formed by phreatomagmatic explosions, possibly caused by groundwater originating from a major river. The deposits of the largest maar contain up to 20% juvenile fragments of two types. Tephrite clasts have phenocrysts of phlogopite, clinopyroxene, olivine and anorthoclase; the presence of hauyne as a groundmass phase is notable. Cumulate blocks of phlogopite-clinopyroxene rock also occur. The maar field is part of a distinct province of Quaternary alkaline volcanism, related to a major crustal fracture - the N-S-trending Nayband fault.-R.J.S.

  20. Alexopoulos, Theodoros Benford's Law in Astronomy 639 Ali, Sk ...


    Important Property of GRB Pulse: Power-Law Indices of Time Proper- ties on Energy. 535. Pi, F. P.. Astronomy Education Project for. Guangdong High Schools ... stricted Three-Body Problem with. Oblateness and Potential from a Belt. 107. On the Stability of L4,5 in the Relativis- tic R3BP with Radiating Secondary. 685. 752.

  1. Enchondroma of the scaphoid: a case report | Ali | Pan African ...

    Enchondroma represents a common bone tumor of the hand. The scaphoid is a rare location. We report the case of a scaphoid enchondroma presenting as chronic wrist pain following a relatively minor trauma. The diagnosis was suggested by radiological study and then confirmed by histological study after biopsy.

  2. Management of Conjoined Twins During Neonatal Period | Ali ...

    Background/Purpose: Conjoined twins are rare and complex anomalies of the newborn. It is reported in 1/50.000 to 1/100.000 live births. The aim of the study was to summarize the experiences gained during separation of 5 sets of conjoined twins with presentation of literature review. Materials & Methods: During the period ...

  3. Atvykstamojo turizmo sektoriaus poveikis šalies ekonomikai

    Antonovė, Milda


    The relevance of the study. Inbound tourism industry includes many services in areas such as catering, accommodation, recreational activities, educational activities, etc., But these volumes increase in the overall level of the country's economic growth. Therefore, inbound tourism is seen as relevant and important business area with a positive impact on Lithuania's economic growth. Research object. Inbound tourism sector in Lithuania. The aim. Investigate the inbound tourism sector on t...

  4. Nutraceuticals as natural healers: Emerging evidences | Ali | African ...

    The protective effects of tocotrienols in flax seed oil, the curcuminoids in turmeric, carotenoids in carrots, flavonoids in fruits/vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids in sea foods, allyl-sulfides in garlic and -glucans in mush-rooms/cereals are few common examples to be cited here. Excess saturated fat is attributed to pose adverse ...

  5. Aliénation et idéologie

    Kanabus, Benoît; Popa, Délia


    Dès lors, on entend mieux la question sur laquelle se referment les mille pages du Marx : « La pensée de Marx nous place devant la question abyssale : qu’est-ce que la vie » ? Cette question peut être reposée à nouveaux frais à l’âge du capitalisme avancé, où, comme le notait Adorno, la vie est devenue « l’idéologie de sa propre absence ». La recherche d’un autre rapport à l’idéologie vient alors prendre le relais de la lutte anti-idéologique de la théorie critique. Cette recherche part du po...

  6. Is the Age Problem Resolved? Ali Akbar Navabi & Nematollah Riazi

    R. Narasimhan (Krishtel eMaging) 1461 1996 Oct 15 13:05:22

    uncertainties are comparatively studied in the present paper. We are ... the recent estimates of the age of globular clusters have led to the gradual ... Three main streams of research seem to have converged to consistent estimates of the ... ters on the basis of a wide set of observational data including the Abell-ACO cluster.

  7. Editorial: Neglected diseases: burden and attention | Ali | Ethiopian ...

    No Abstract. Ethiopian Journal of Health Development Vol. 19 (2) 2005: 88. Full Text: EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians ...




    Full Text Available An inventory of the alien plant species in Indone sia based on the existing references and herbarium specimens concluded that 1936 alien plant species ar e found in Indonesia which belong to 187 families. Field studies should be done to get the complete figur es of alien plant species in Indonesia. Based on the existing figures of the plant species, the invasive alien plant species can be iden tified, followed by studies on the assessment of losses, biology, management and their possible utilizations. Alien plant species are imported to Indonesia for cultivation, collection of the botanical garden, as experimental plants or other curiosities. Aside from plants purposely imported, there are also introduced plant propagules conta-minating imported agricultural products. These alien plant species can be beneficial or have a potential of being invasive. The alien cultivated species consisted of 67% of the total number. More than half of the cultivated plants are ornamental plants. Some of th e species are naturalized or escaped from cultivation and become wild and invasive. Some other natura lized species, adapted well without any problems of invasion. There are 339 species or 17% of the species r ecorded as weeds. The highest record of weeds is found in the family of Poaceae (57 species, follo wed by Asteraceae (53 species and Cyperaceae (35 species. There are 6 families having more than 10 species of weeds: Amaranthaceae, Asteraceae, Cyperaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Poaceae, and Rubiaceae. Three families have more than 100 species: Asteraceae 162 species, Poaceae 120 species, and Papillionaceae 103 species. Five species of aquatic and 20 species of terrestrial plants considered as important alien plant species in Indonesia were identified and some of their distributions noted

  9. Jonas U. Ezema and Adizetu A. Ali STRATEGIES FOR ENHANCING ...

    learning, mobile schools, information repackaging, translation services, book mobile, use of audio visuals .... Audio-visual resources, commonly referred to as instructional materials form a ... appreciation of reading communication and literate.

  10. Biodecolorization of acid violet 19 by Alternaria solani | Ali | African ...

    African Journal of Biotechnology ... Microorganisms are the nature's tools for cleaning the environment. Bioremediation using bacteria, fungi and algae is becoming an attractive option for the treatment of industrial effluents containing a

  11. Challenge and Opportunity: the ALI/III Global Principles Project ...

    This contribution explains the process whereby the American Law Institute and the International Insolvency Institute (1) developed principles of cooperation with regard to cross-border insolvency; (2) established acceptance of these principles in jurisdictions across the world, subject to any necessary local modifications; and ...

  12. Recovery of Chromium (III) from Tannery wastewater | ALI AWAN ...

    Hydrogen peroxide was potentially a suitable oxidant as it could recover chromate (CrO42-) up to 98% (from synthetic Cr3+ solution) and 88% (from effluent I). The percentage recoveries by the hypochlorites were lower than those by hydrogen peroxide i.e. for NaOCl the recoveries were up to 94% (from synthetic Cr3+ ...

  13. 'Les lendemains de révolution avortée' at alie to e's i o at alie to ...


    Mar 28, 2016 ... social and political reality whose normative limits we now live as the tangible ruins .... the biased visual representations circulated by average Western media. ..... And I would have done anything to disappear before the 1980s.

  14. Trends in incidence and early outcomes in a Black Afro-Caribbean population from 1999 to 2012: Etude Réalisée en Martinique et Centrée sur l'Incidence des Accidents Vasculaires Cérébraux II Study.

    Olindo, Stephane; Chausson, Nicolas; Mejdoubi, Mehdi; Jeannin, Severine; Rosillette, Karine; Saint-Vil, Martine; Signate, Aissatou; Edimonana-Kaptue, Mireille; Larraillet, Veronique; Cabre, Philippe; Smadja, Didier; Joux, Julien


    Seldom studies are available on trends in stroke incidence in blacks. We aimed to evaluate whether stroke risk prevention policies modified first-ever stroke incidence and outcomes in the black Afro-Caribbean population of Martinique. Etude Réalisée en Martinique et Centrée sur l'Incidence des Accidents Vasculaires Cérébraux (ERMANCIA) I and II are 2 sequential prospective population-based epidemiological studies. There have assessed temporal trends in first-ever stroke incidence, risk factors, pathological types, and early outcomes in the black Afro-Caribbean population of Martinique comparing two 12-month periods (1998-1999 and 2011-2012). Crude and age-standardized incidence and 30-day outcomes for stroke in the 2 study periods were compared using Poisson regression. We identified 580 and 544 first-ever strokes in the 2 studies. World age-standardized incidence rates decreased by 30.6% in overall (111 [95% confidence interval, 102-120] versus 77 [95% confidence interval, 70-84]). Rate decline was greater in women than in men (34% versus 26%) particularly in women aged 65 to 74 years (-69%) and 75 to 84 years (-43%). Frequencies of hypertension and diabetes mellitus were unchanged, whereas dyslipidemia, smoking, and atrial fibrillation significantly increased. Only ischemic stroke types showed significant rate reduction in overall and in women, incidence rate ratio (95% confidence intervals) of 0.69 (0.50-0.97) and 0.61 (0.42-0.88), respectively. The overall 30-day case-fatality ratio remained stable (19.3%/17.6%), whereas a better 30-day outcome was found (modified Rankin Score, ≤2 in 47%/37.6%; P=0.03). Over 13 years, there has been a significant decrease (30.6%) in the age-specific first-ever stroke incidence in our Afro-Carribean population. Although prevention policies seem effective, we need to focus on new risk factors limitation and on male population adherence to prevention program. © 2014 American Heart Association, Inc.

  15. Taxonomic Study of Endemic Species of Astragalus L. (Fabaceae of India

    Lal Babu Chaudhary


    Full Text Available The goal of the study is to provide a comprehensive taxonomic account of 12 endemic species of Astragalus occurring in India. The north-west Himalayan region harbors more endemic species (11 spp. than eastern Himalaya where only two species have been noticed from Sikkim. Jammu & Kashmir with seven species occupies first position in the list of endemic species. Five species are strictly confined to Jammu & Kashmir, while two species to Uttaranchal and one species to Sikkim. Only one species (A. tenuicaulis is found in both the Himalayas, otherwise the elements of both the Himalayas are quite distinct from each other. Most of the endemic species of Astragalus have been observed quite rare in the nature except A. uttaranchalensis. In the present investigation, A. turgidus, a newly described species from Jammu & Kashmir, has been found conspecific to A. kashmirensis. For each species nomenclature, description, distribution, phenology, taxonomic notes, list of the investigated materials, distribution map and figures are given. A new combination A. falconeri var. pilosus (Ali Chaudhary has been proposed based on A. hoffmeisteri var. pilosus Ali. A new endemic species A. nainitalensis from Kumaon Himalaya has also been described here along with illustrations.

  16. Management in ekonomija: ali je to dvoje ali eno? (Elementi in razumevanje postocializma in managerske revolucije = Management and Economy: Are They the Same Or Not?

    Tonci Kuzmanic


    Full Text Available Author starts from important but suppressed equalisation of economy and management in post socialist and post capitalist circumstances which represents the very essence of post-modern global dominance (globalisation. An attempt to distinguish economy from management is connected with the appearance of neo-liberalism as the central argumentative machinery of management being connected with postmodern type of subjectivity. In comparison with the so-called »objective law« around which economy used to revolve (ideally, of course, management explicitly leaves this terrain and opens itself up to the subjective, even subversive activity at the level of global society. In that sense economy and management are operating on two radically different levels and we could even speak of two different entities which should be analytically distinguished. The very supposition for modern defence with regard to post-modern forms of dominance is exactly a possibility of differentiating between economy and management.

  17. Čemu (ali sploh čemu služi diploma iz družboslovja ali humanistike in pomen izobraževanja odraslih

    Dušana Findeisen


    Full Text Available Avtorica obravnava usklajenost formalne izobrazbe z zaposlitvijo, ki je različna na različnih področjih dela in v različnih evropskih državah. Zaposlenost na svojem področju diplomantom omogoča, da ostanejo na delovnem mestu. Omogoča jim tudi boljši zaslužek. Za boljšo usklajenost izobrazbe z zaposlitvijo je pomembno izobraževanje odraslih in tudi to, kar počnemo v »resnem prostem času«. V nadaljevanju razprave Dušana Findeisen predstavi zbrana pričevanja o tem, kako individualizirano poteka življenjska in poklicna pot diplomantov s področja družboslovja in humanistike, in o pomenu izobraževanja odraslih pri tem.

  18. Magnetic ordering in PrBa2Cu3-yAlyO6+x

    Longmore, A.; Boothroyd, A.T.; Chen, C.K.


    The magnetic ordering in single crystals of PrBa2CU3O6+x has been investigated by elastic neutron scattering over the full range of temperatures for reduced and oxygenated crystals. The crystals were grown in alumina crucibles and therefore contained dissolved aluminum on the Cu(1) site. Both...... aluminum and oxygen contents were analyzed in detail in order to establish their effects on the magnetic ordering, Our crystals exhibited Pr ordering and the two types of antiferromagnetic Cu ordering frequently reported in related compounds, but our results differ in several respects from previous studies...... axis, we find the moment to be aligned well away from the c axis, in agreement with recent Yb-170(3+) Mossbauer spectroscopy results. Ridges of scattering indicative of 2D magnetic ordering were seen in both oxygenated and reduced crystals, though we believe different magnetic moments are responsible...


    KOCABATMAZ, Mehmet; DURGUN, Zafer; EKSEN., Mursayettin


    Bu araştırma kuru yoncanın rumen içeriği pH'sı ve silialı protozoonların sayıları üzerindeki etkisini incelemek için yapıldı.Araştırmada biri rumen fistüllü diğeri rumen kanüllü iki Akkaraman koyun kullanıldı. Hayvanlar kuru yonca ve su ile ad. libitum olarak beslendi.Rumen içeriği örnekleri plastik hortum ile fistül ve kanülden girilerek alındı. Rumen içeriği pH'sı elektrometrik yolla hemen ölçüldü. Rumeniçerikli Formalin de tespit edildikten sonra, silialı protozoonların sayıları ...

  20. Design heuristic for parallel many server systems under FCFS-ALIS

    Adan, I.J.B.F.; Boon, M.; Weiss, G.


    We study a parallel service queueing system with servers of types $s_1,\\ldots,s_J$, customers of types $c_1,\\ldots,c_I$, bipartite compatibility graph $\\mathcal{G}$, where arc $(c_i, s_j)$ indicates that server type $s_j$ can serve customer type $c_i$, and service policy of first come first served

  1. Page 1 Rev. Sci. Technol., Synthese 26: 57 - 64 (2013) D. Ali ...

    Une augmentation de la teneur en proline est observee dans les plantes traitees ou non par !'hormone la kinetine. Mots cles: ... hormone in plants under stress induced a proportional increase in chlorophyll (a) and (b) with the concentration of used salt. ..... grains and vegetables, Agronomy Journal, Vol. 66,. 412-421.




    Full Text Available Encountered wit h b izarre patterns o f l i v e r metas t a s es dec l i ned our accuracy rate s o the humi liation o f mist ake s motivated me to re-assess t he value o f hepatic sonography in patients s u spe c t ed o f having metastatic l i ver neoplasms . 43 pat ients , who had no t recieved any prior the r a phy , had been studied by gray-scale ult r a s ound . The echographic evidence i n accordance with o ur e x p e r ~ e n ce can be categorized as fo l l ows : I l a rge echo g enic or ~c ho poor area , II d iscrete masse s wi t.h high-level e c hoes spreaded t hroughout a lobe o f the l i ve r , III e cho f ree mass with i r regular mar q i.n , r .J d i f f use a lterat ion of the homogeneous e cho pattern of t he liver , V Bull ' s - eye ,VI abscess like,VII sol id echogenic mass vei th a centra l hyperechoic hor izontal l i ne , VIII echogenic mass ".;i t;l two l a t eral hypo e choic marg i n s, rX isodense e chog eni c a r ea bounded by an hypoechoic c i r c l e . The f e at u r e s seen i n l iver ultra sonography of t he entire pat t e r ns , a nd those s e en as new c r i teria are presented ~

  3. The Cholesterol Lowering Effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali Root Extract in Male Rats

    Ghasak G Faisal


    Full Text Available Background: To investigate the effect of Eurycoma longifolia Jack root extract on serum lipids in rats. Methods: Twenty-six mature male albino Wistar rats were used in this study. A group of 18 rats were fed a high fat and high cholesterol diet for 4 weeks, after which their lipid profile was compared to the control group, who were kept on a normal diet. The rats were then further divided into three groups, the Cf group that continued to feed on a high fat and cholesterol diet only, and group A and group B who continued on a high fat diet with the addition of 5 mg/kg and 10 mg/kg of Eurycoma longifolia Jack root extract respectively for 4 weeks. After the 4 week period, the rat's lipid profiles were analysed again. Results: Group A and B showed significant total cholesterol reduction when compared to the Cf group, 140 ± 7.23, 139.63 ± 7.95, 192.14 ± 8.96 mg/dL respectively (p < 0.001. The total cholesterol/HDL ratio in group A was 5 however there was a sharp increase in group B to a high-risk level of 9.2 indicating a significant drop in HDL levels. The LDL level increased significantly in both group A and B compared to the Cf group. Conclusions: Eurycoma longifolia Jack root extract is effective in lowering total cholesterol, however the dose needs to be adjusted to prevent an excessive decrease in HDL levels.

  4. Trade and inter-group relations in the lower Niger 1830-1960 | Ali ...

    This study focuses on trade and intergroup relations in the Lower Niger in the period 1830-1960. Trade constitutes an integral aspect of communal relationship in the Lower Niger region from 1830 to 1960. The objective of the study is to show how the people of the Lower Niger related with each other in trade and other ...

  5. Ethnic Relations in Lokoja in the Colonial Period | Ali | Journal of ...

    These natural waterways served as major means of communication and transportation especially for the riverside dwellers during the colonial period. Because of its location at the confluence, Lokoja served as a commercial rendezvous during the east-west kolanut trade in West Africa. With the arrival of the Europeans, ...

  6. Aspect physico-chimique et biochimique Assia Amri, Ali Ladjama et ...

    ... analysis of sugars by HPLC, diastase, prolin and protein) local honey, ten ... The analysis of the report Fructose/glucose (F/G) shows that the honey of ... honeybee and the botanical wealth of the region where from interest to take into ...

  7. Recommended ALIs and DACs for 10 CFR part 220: A consistent numerical set

    Eckerman, K.F.


    Appendix B to 10 CFR Part 20 contains numerical data for controlling the intake of radionuclides in the workplace or in the environment. These data, derived from the recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), do not provide a numerically consistent basis for demonstrating compliance with the limitation on dose stated in the regulation. This situation is largely a consequence of the numerical procedures used by the ICRP which did not maintain, in a strict numerical sense, the hierarchial relationship among the radiation protection quantities. In this work recommended values of the quantities in Appendix B to CFR Part 20 are developed using the dose coefficients of the applicable ICRP publications and a numerical procedure which ensures that the tabulated quantities are numerically consistent.

  8. Visitors to Nicopolis in the reigns of Augustus and Ali Pacha

    Isager, Jacob


    Nicopolis, grundlagt af kejser Augustus, efter slaget ved Actium (i 31. f.Kr.) i samtidens litteratur samt i rejselitteraturen fra begyndelsen af 1800-tallet og de ideologiske og moralske overvejelser, som antikkens og 1800-tallets forfattere har gjort sig....

  9. ALI (Autonomous Lunar Investigator): Revolutionary Approach to Exploring the Moon with Addressable Reconfigurable Technology

    Clark, P. E.; Curtis, S. A.; Rilee, M. L.; Floyd, S. R.


    Addressable Reconfigurable Technology (ART) based structures: Mission Concepts based on Addressable Reconfigurable Technology (ART), originally studied for future ANTS (Autonomous Nanotechnology Swarm) Space Architectures, are now being developed as rovers for nearer term use in lunar and planetary surface exploration. The architecture is based on the reconfigurable tetrahedron as a building block. Tetrahedra are combined to form space-filling networks, shaped for the required function. Basic structural components are highly modular, addressable arrays of robust nodes (tetrahedral apices) from which highly reconfigurable struts (tetrahedral edges), acting as supports or tethers, are efficiently reversibly deployed/stowed, transforming and reshaping the structures as required.

  10. Ali, Cunich: Halley's Churches: Halley and the London Queen Anne Churches

    Ali, Jason R.; Cunich, Peter


    Edmond Halley's enormous contribution to science has received much attention. New research adds an intriguing chapter to his story and concerns his hitherto unexplored association with the baroque architectural visionary Nicholas Hawksmoor, and some important Temple-inspired churches that were built in London in the early 1700s. We argue that Christchurch Spitalfields and St Anne's Limehouse, which were both started in the summer of 1714, were aligned exactly eastwards using ``corrected'' magnetic-compass bearings and that Halley influenced or aided Hawksmoor. By this time the men had probably known each other for 30 years and had recently worked together on the Clarendon Building in Oxford. Despite there being more than 1500 years of Chinese and about 500 years of Western compass technology at the time, these probably represent the first constructions planned using a modern-day ``scientific'' technique. The research also throws light on Halley's contended religious position.

  11. Ahmad Farooq see Iqbal Naseer, 373 Ali Syed Salman Study of a ...

    Since January 2016, the Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy has moved to Continuous Article Publishing (CAP) mode. This means that each accepted article is being published immediately online with DOI and article citation ID with starting page number 1. Articles are also visible in Web of Science immediately.

  12. The role of public library services in societal empowerment | Ali | IFE ...

    This could be because they seem not to believe that libraries have vital roles to play in influencing the standard of living of the societies they serve, by way of adequate provision of information. This paper therefore highlights and discuses some agents of poverty; It also examines some poverty eradication measures already ...

  13. Reactive physical vapor deposition of TixAlyN: Integrated plasma-surface modeling characterization

    Zhang Da; Schaeffer, J.K.


    Reactive physical vapor deposition (RPVD) has been widely applied in the microelectronic industry for producing thin films. Fundamental understanding of RPVD mechanisms is needed for successful process development due to the high sensitivity of film properties on process conditions. An integrated plasma equipment-target nitridation modeling infrastructure for RPVD has therefore been developed to provide mechanistic insights and assist optimal process design. The target nitridation model computes target nitride coverage based on self-consistently derived plasma characteristics from the plasma equipment model; target sputter yields needed in the plasma equipment model are also self-consistently derived taking into account the yield-suppressing effect from nitridation. The integrated modeling infrastructure has been applied to investigating RPVD processing with a Ti 0.8 Al 0.2 compound target and an Ar/N 2 gas supply. It has been found that the process produces athermal metal neutrals as the primary deposition precursor. The metal stoichiometry in the deposited film is close to the target composition due to the predominance of athermal species in the flux that reaches the substrate. Correlations between process parameters (N 2 flow, target power), plasma characteristics, surface conditions, and deposition kinetics have been studied with the model. The deposition process is characterized by two regimes when the N 2 flow rate is varied. When N 2 is dilute relative to argon, target nitride coverage increases rapidly with increasing N 2 flow. The sputter yield and deposition rate consequently decrease. For less dilute N 2 mixtures, the sputter yield and deposition rate are stable due to the saturation of target nitridation. With increasing target power, the electron density increases nearly linearly while the variation of N generation is much smaller. Target nitridation and its suppression of the sputter yield saturate at high N 2 flow rendering these parameters insensitive to target power variation. The deposition rate, however, increases with target power as a result of the increased ion energy and flux at the target

  14. 124 The Relevance of Ali (Earth Deity): Ritual Forms And Processes ...


    remained a rhythm of significance in man's response to the sacred and his experience within the .... prototypes the repetition of the action of divine beings or mythical ancestors,” a .... changing and moving concerns of life. For the African, the ...

  15. Chemistry of Carbon Rich Star IRAS 15194–5115 A. Ali

    We have constructed two gas-phase models to study the chem- ... 1. Introduction. IRAS 15194–5115 is the third brightest carbon star at 12 µm and the brightest one ..... The main formation routes of CN, HCN and HNC in the inner part are.

  16. Development of ferry service on the lower Niger, 1901-1960 | Ali ...

    The paper demonstrates colonial government efforts in developing water transportation on the Lower Niger River by maintaining vessels as vehicles of transportation from the beginning of the twentieth century. Government departments were set up at various times to oversee activities of users of the River Niger.

  17. Revalence of Hearing Loss and the Related Factors in BuAli Hospital

    Shohreh Jalaei


    Full Text Available Objective:Determining the prevalence of hearing loss and correlated factors in clients referring to audiology clinic of Buali hospital. Method and Material: This cross-sectional analytic-descriptive survery was carried out on six thousand and twenty ears of 3010 clients (1651 ,a;e amd 1359 female in Audiology clinic of Buali hospital , during Sept 2000 to Sept 2001. Results: Hearing loss is the most common reason for referring the clients (20.5%. 1319 ears (21.9% Showed sensorineural hearing impairment and conductive and mixed hearing loss are observed in 1059 (17.6% and 234 (3.9% ears, respectedly. Hearing loss degree most cases is mild (14% in both ears. There is no significant difference between male and female hearing threshold means (p>0.05 ‘ but a significant difference between hearing thresholds is observed in terms of age (p<0.05. Audiogram configuration in most cases is flat (55.1%. Otoscopic examination reveals abnormal condition in 2333 ears (38.8% . 37.2% of the studied cases have abnormal tympanogram mostly type B (15.9%. 2.2% of the clients wear hearing aid that mostly have B.T.E ones (1.5%. 6.2% of the clients , depends on their hearing impairment type and degree need rehabilitation services. Conclusion: The results are Valid only in the context of this study and it’s generaliztion needs further researches.

  18. Regstellende aksie, aliënasie en die nie-aangewese groep / Dirk Johannes Hermann

    Hermann, Dirk Johannes


    Affirmative action is a central concept in South African politics and the workplace. The Employment Equity Act divides society into a designated group (blacks, women and people with disabilities) and a non-designated group (white men and white women). In this study, the influence of affirmative action on alienation of the non-designated group was investigated. Guidelines were also developed for employers in order to lead the non-designated group from a state of alienation to th...

  19. Promotion de l'évaluation d'impact réalisée ...

    The projects under this initiative will investigate issues surrounding women's ... the school already offers a special program featuring innovative approaches; and ... to climate change; and enhance the problem-solving capacity of governments, ...... examinant les modalités du concept de sièges réservés aux femmes (action ...

  20. Is surfactant a promising additive drug in ALI/ARDS-patients?

    Schultz, MJ; Kesecioglu, J

    The rationale for surfactant replacement therapy in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is to restore the normal composition of the surfactant system, as well as to overcome ongoing inactivation of present surfactant. Indeed, surfactant replacement therapy call normalize the

  1. Is surfactant a promising additive drug in ALI/ARDS-patients?

    Schultz, Marcus J.; Kesecioglu, Jozef


    The rationale for surfactant replacement therapy in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is to restore the normal composition of the surfactant system, as well as to overcome ongoing inactivation of present surfactant. Indeed, surfactant replacement therapy call normalize the

  2. Development of Resource Sharing System Components for AliEn Grid Infrastructure

    Harutyunyan, Artem


    The problem of the resource provision, sharing, accounting and use represents a principal issue in the contemporary scientific cyberinfrastructures. For example, collaborations in physics, astrophysics, Earth science, biology and medicine need to store huge amounts of data (of the order of several petabytes) as well as to conduct highly intensive computations. The appropriate computing and storage capacities cannot be ensured by one (even very large) research center. The modern approach to the solution of this problem suggests exploitation of computational and data storage facilities of the centers participating in collaborations. The most advanced implementation of this approach is based on Grid technologies, which enable effective work of the members of collaborations regardless of their geographical location. Currently there are several tens of Grid infrastructures deployed all over the world. The Grid infrastructures of CERN Large Hadron Collider experiments - ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb which are exploi...

  3. Ali et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2015) 12(2):149-154 ...


    Background: Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum L) is receiving global attention as a functional food due to its unique nutritional and medicinal properties ... These fibrous components bind to the toxins present in food and help to protect the colon mucus membrane from cancer causing .... condition, agricultural. Table 1: ...

  4. Ali et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2015) 12(2):149-154 ...


    1Department of Food Science and Nutrition, 2Department of Crop Sciences, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences,. Sultan Qaboos University, P.O. Box 34, PC 123, Al-Khoud, Muscat, Oman. ..... acute poisoning in humans and animals is relatively rare under normal ... components for improved human health benefits.

  5. Lorenz's attractor applied to the stream cipher (Ali-Pacha generator)

    Ali-Pacha, Adda; Hadj-Said, Naima; M'Hamed, A.; Belgoraf, A.


    The safety of information is primarily founded today on the calculation of algorithms whose confidentiality depends on the number of the necessary bits for the definition of a cryptographic key. If this type of system has proved reliable, then the increasing power of the means of calculation threatens the confidentiality of these methods. The powerful computers are certainly able to quantify and decipher information quickly, but their computing speed allows parallel cryptanalysis, which aims 'to break' a code by discovering the key, for example, by testing all the possible keys. The only evocation of the principle of the quantum computer, with the potentially colossal capacities of calculation, has started a shock, even in the most savaged who are convinced of algorithmic cryptography. To mitigate this concern, we will introduce in this article a new cryptographic system based on chaotic concepts

  6. BIOSKETCH Andrej Šali received his BSc degree in chemistry from ...

    Savitha Sekhar Nair

    , Slovenia, in 1987; and his PhD from. Birkbeck College, University of London, UK, in 1991, under the supervision of Professor Tom L. Blundell, where he developed the MODELLER program for comparative modeling of protein structures.

  7. Pakistani president korraldas riigipöörde ülemkohtunike vastu / Heiki Suurkask

    Suurkask, Heiki, 1972-


    Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf kuulutas riigis välja erakorralise seisukorra, Pakistani ajalehe hinnangul on tegemist riigipöördega ülemkohtu vastu. Peaminister Shaukat Azizi kinnitusel on arreteeritud ligi 500 inimest

  8. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. Swati Chaudhary. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 88 Issue 2 August 2009 pp 227-232 Research Article. Mapping of the multifoliate pinna (mfp) leaf-blade morphology mutation in grain pea Pisum sativum · Raghvendra Kumar Mishra Anil Kumar Swati Chaudhary Sushil ...

  9. Sadhana | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Sadhana. V V Chaudhari. Articles written in Sadhana. Volume 39 Issue 3 June 2014 pp 625-635. Parametric and mechanical characterization of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) using rotational moulding technology · P L Ramkumar D M Kulkarni V V Chaudhari · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF.

  10. العلامة السيد أبو القاسم رضي الدين علي بن موسى بن جعفر الحسني المعروف بابن طاووس(589هـ 664هـ ومنهجه في كتاب (سعد السعود للنفوس Alalmaa ALSayyed Abu al-Qasim Radhi al-Din Ali ibn Musa ibn Jaafar al-Hassani known as Ibn Tawoos (589 Ah 664 Ah And His method in the book (Saad Al Saud of souls

    Dr. Mohmed Abbass Noemman Aljobry أ.م.د. محمد عباس نعمان الجبوري


    Full Text Available Praise be to Allah who created man, aware man of the statement, and peace and blessings on the pillow creatures Muhammad and his Generous family, and after: Jurists and scholars alive in the hearts and thoughts of the faithful and if they departed this world, their careers and their works live what remains forever, they are sponsored by it for the hearts and neighborhoods of hearts, that Mr. Radhi al-Din Ali bin Tawoos (God's mercy Beauty walk and role models who know her place above the level of the mind, knowledge is infinite factor the satisfaction of God Almighty Mahtata so most reservists, pride of Hilla city, his efforts to raise the nation and Asaaffha, and access to the height of greatness and integrity through Asudaih of tips and guidance gained from his grandfather and Ram and his father and his life. know religion his main concern and suggesting that arguments and evidence relied upon, teaches others how to derive rulings of the conversations of the Prophet (them blessings and peace. wrote books have scientific value and features Balothaqh text transfer in a topping books written in his time. His books (Saad Al Saud of souls have ways a new kind of authorship in this book, the first mention of suspicions and discussed and the response based on evidence and arguments. Vmnahjah Mr. Saad Saud book include the following: the oath on two fronts: Part One: Transfer of Qurans binoculars and Rabat Mecca. Part II: What transfer of interpretations of the Koran and the specialty, has explained in detail the methodology on which the book was keeping conclusion to reach the most important included in the search results.

  11. 10 CFR Appendix B to Part 20 - Annual Limits on Intake (ALIs) and Derived Air Concentrations (DACs) of Radionuclides for...


    ... appendix are the annual intakes of a given radionuclide by “Reference Man” which would result in either (1... effects when the whole body is irradiated uniformly. The values of wT are listed under the definition of..., where 2×104 ml is the volume of air breathed per minute at work by “Reference Man” under working...

  12. JGME-ALiEM Hot Topics in Medical Education: Analysis of a Multimodal Online Discussion About Team-Based Learning.

    Riddell, Jeff; Patocka, Catherine; Lin, Michelle; Sherbino, Jonathan


    Team-based learning (TBL) is an instructional method that is being increasingly incorporated in health professions education, although use in graduate medical education (GME) has been more limited. To curate and describe themes that emerged from a virtual journal club discussion about TBL in GME, held across multiple digital platforms, while also evaluating the use of social media in online academic discussions. The Journal of Graduate Medical Education ( JGME ) and the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine blog facilitated a weeklong, open-access, virtual journal club on the 2015 JGME article "Use of Team-Based Learning Pedagogy for Internal Medicine Ambulatory Resident Teaching." Using 4 stimulus questions (hosted on a blog as a starting framework), we facilitated discussions via the blog, Twitter, and Google Hangouts on Air platforms. We evaluated 2-week web analytics and performed a thematic analysis of the discussion. The virtual journal club reached a large international audience as exemplified by the blog page garnering 685 page views from 241 cities in 42 countries. Our thematic analysis identified 4 domains relevant to TBL in GME: (1) the benefits and barriers to TBL; (2) the design of teams; (3) the role of assessment and peer evaluation; and (4) crowdsourced TBL resources. The virtual journal club provided a novel forum across multiple social media platforms, engaging authors, content experts, and the health professions education community in a discussion about the importance, impediments to implementation, available resources, and logistics of adopting TBL in GME.

  13. Recours aux cultures céréalières traditionnelles pour améliorer la ...

    Urging policy formulation on millets : an indispensable source of nutrition for Poraja, Kandha and Penthia tribal communities in Kundra Block, Odisha, India. Téléchargez le PDF. Articles de revue. Newspaper cuttings [appendix 9 of the joint technical final report (October 2010 - March 2013)]. Téléchargez le PDF. Articles de ...

  14. Švedijos ir Baltijos šalių konkurencingumas Europos perspektyvoje – kai kurie kiekybiniai aspektai

    Schuller, Bernd-Joachim


    This paper investigates in which way the EU members have achieved the Lisbon Agenda Goals according to the W orld Economic Forum (WEF, 2010) according to itd Lisbon Reviews. Furthermore the Global Competitiveness Index 2010 (WEF) for the EU member countries is shown. In both cases focus is on the Baltic Countries and Sweden. Straipsnyje, remiantis Pasaulio ekonomikos forumu (PEF, 2010) ir Lisabonos atsiliepimais, nagrinėjama, kokiu būdu ES narės pasiekė Lisabonos strategijos tikslus. Taip ...

  15. Recours aux cultures céréalières traditionnelles pour améliorer la ...

    ... ce qui crée des emplois sur place et aide les femmes à offrir des produits transformés nutritifs ayant de meilleures possibilités de mise en marché. Cette approche, qui contribue à l'amélioration de la qualité de vie des petits agriculteurs, fait partie intégrante d'une solution durable à la pauvreté en milieu rural en Inde.

  16. Recours aux cultures céréalières traditionnelles pour améliorer la ...

    Studies. Physico-chemical and sensory evaluation of commercial chakli and ... conference of McGill's Institute for the Study of International Development. ... Special journal issue highlights IDRC-supported findings on women's paid work.

  17. Said Ali Hassan El-Quliti1* and Neyara Radwan2 1 Prof., Department of Industrial Engineering, King Abdulaziz University

    El-Quliti, Said Ali Hassan; Radwan, Neyara


    Faculty of Engineering at King Abdulaziz University plans to redesign its undergraduate courses, which is required for students in 14 different programs. These courses have an annual enrolment of about 2,500 students each year. The Operations Research Teaching Area in the Department of Industrial Engineering will be presented as a case study. This area involves two core and three elective courses.The course redesign involves preparing students for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam req...

  18. VizieR Online Data Catalog: WISE/NEOWISE Mars-crossing asteroids (Ali-Lagoa+, 2017)

    Ali-Lagoa, V.; Delbo, M.


    We fitted the near-Earth asteroid thermal model of Harris (1998, Icarus, 131, 29) to WISE/NEOWISE thermal infrared data (see, e.g., Mainzer et al. 2011ApJ...736..100M, and Masiero et al. 2014, Cat. J/ApJ/791/121). The table contains the best-fitting values of size and beaming parameter. We note that the beaming parameter is a strictly positive quantity, but a negative sign is given to indicate whenever we could not fit it and had to assume a default value. We also provide the visible geometric albedos computed from the diameter and the tabulated absolute magnitudes. Minimum relative errors of 10, 15, and 20 percent should be considered for size, beaming parameter and albedo in those cases for which the beaming parameter could be fitted. Otherwise, the minimum relative errors in size and albedo increase to 20 and 40 percent (see, e.g., Mainzer et al. 2011ApJ...736..100M). The asteroid absolute magnitudes and slope parameters retrieved from the Minor Planet Center (MPC) are included, as well as the number of observations used in each WISE band (nW2, nW3, nW4) and the corresponding average values of heliocentric and geocentric distances and phase angle of the observations. The ephemerides were retrieved from the MIRIADE service ( (1 data file).

  19. The Effect of Different Treatments on Seed Dormancy Breaking of Weed Stalked Bur Grass Tragus racemosus (L. AlI.

    Gholam reza doraki


    Full Text Available Introduction: Stalked Bur Grass (Tragus racemosus L. is an angiosperm annual plant with C4 photosynthesis pathway and stolon. It grows in hot and dry summers. This plant spreaded throughout the world from hot regions of Africa. It is regularly seen in barren lands or in between the generations with sequential initial stages with light-texture soils. Seed dormancy is in fact a physiological phenomenon which is observed in the seeds of most crops, pasture plants, medicinal herbs and weeds. Dormancy allows the plant to guarantee its germination and survival for long years and to survive through adverse environmental conditions through its spatial and temporal spread. Materials and Methods: In order to evaluation dormancy break of Tragus racemosus L. seeds, an experiment was carried out based a Randomized Complete Block Design with four replications in research laboratory of Department of Agriculture, Birjand University during 2013. The initial experiments showed that the seeds of Stalked Bur Grass had initial dormancy and were unable to germinate at normal conditions, so that less than 5% of the seeds germinated. The studied treatments for breaking seeds dormancy included control (seeds disinfection by distilled water, wet chilling at 4°C for 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeds, treatment with H2SO4 at 97% for 20, 40, 60 and 80 seconds, treatment with KNO3 at 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8% for 24 hours and treatment with Gibberellic acid (GA3 at 50, 100, 200 and 400 ppm. In this study, 25 seeds of Stalked Bur Grass were uniformly placed in petri dishes with the diameters of 9 cm on Watmann filter papers and were applied with 5 mL distilled water. The number of germinated seeds was counted on a daily basis for 21 days. In the end, germination percentage and rate was determined. Results and Discussion: The results revealed that the effect of all studied levels of all treatments were significant on germination percentage and rate. The highest germination percentage (76% was observed under wet chilling treatment at 4°C for 4 weeds and the lowest one (6% was observed in control. The highest germination percentage under H2SO4 treatment was 41% obtained at the level of 80 seconds, under KNO3 treatment was 69% obtained at the level of 0.8%, and under GA3 treatment was 62% obtained at the level of 400 ppm. The highest germination rate (18.24 seeds per day was observed at KNO3 treatment (0.8% and the lowest one (0.91 seeds per day was observed in control. In addition, the highest germination rate under H 2SO4 treatment was 15.28 seeds per day obtained at the level of 80 seconds, under wet chilling was 13.25 seeds per day obtained at the level of 3 weeks, and under GA3 treatment was 12.08 seeds per day obtained at the level of 200 ppm. Wet chilling enhances the production of such stimulants as gibberellins. On the other hand, chilling treatment may reduce ABA amount or the sensitivity of embryo to ABA which can play a role in seeds dormancy breaking. KNO3 is likely to increase the sensitivity of germinating seeds to light acting as a complement factor for phytochrome which results in higher germination of the seeds. Most researchers believe that dormancy is broken by the balance between growth inhibitors like abscisic acid and growth stimulators like gibberellins. In addition, gibberellins activate a special signaling pathway that reduces abscisic acid in seeds and in contrast, auxins and cytokinins of the seeds are increased to a level enough for inducing dormancy break. Conclusion: In the present study, the germinated seeds were counted for 21 days. The highest germination percentage (76% was observed under wet chilling treatment for 4 weeks and the lowest one (6% was observed under control treatment. The highest germination rate (18.24 seeds per day was observed under KNO3treatment (0.8% and the lowest rate (0.91 seeds per day was reported under control treatment. According to the results it can be concluded that the dormancy of Stalked Bur Grass seeds belongs to physiological dormancy type.

  20. Technical feasibility of a seabed gallery seawater intake at Ras Abu Ali Island, Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia

    Rachman, Rinaldi; Missimer, Thomas M.


    high quality raw seawater even before pretreatment. Subsurface intakes extract seawater indirectly through the geological structure of shoreline or nearshore sediments. Water percolation through geological units provides physical and biological

  1. Évaluer les progrès réalisés | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    3 nov. 2010 ... Kenya : De la viande qui fait « bizz ». Quand la professeure Monica Ayieko fait frire des termites ou des criquets dans le laboratoire de l'université de science et technologie Jaramogi O. Voir davantageKenya : De la viande qui fait « bizz » ...

  2. Recours aux cultures céréalières traditionnelles pour améliorer la ...

    Millet delicacies : enhancing food security of rural families through production, ... IWRA/IDRC webinar on climate change and adaptive water management ... results of its 2017 call for proposals to establish Cyber Policy Centres in the Global South. ... partnering on a new initiative, aimed at reducing the emerging risk that.

  3. Effects of methyl-jasmonate on 9-methoxycanthin-6-one content in Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) root culture

    Chee, F.M.; Rathinam, X.; Danial, M.


    Eurycoma longifolia is a flowering plant from the Simaroubaceae family and it has been identified as one of the most intriguing medicinal plants in Malaysia. In the present study, the production of 9-methoxycanthin-6-one, an alkaloid compound was determined with various methyl-jasmonate (MeJA) concentrations using root culture via liquid system. Quantification of 9-methoxycanthin-6-one was confirmed by using thin layer chromatography (TLC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Quantitative analysis using HPLC displayed highest concentration of 9-methoxycanthin-6- one content in the absence of MeJA treatment (control) followed by increasing concentrations of MeJA (1, 10 and 100 micro M). Microanatomical analysis using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) has shown that root hair morphology of E.longifolia does not change significantly, whereas roots hair displayed rough surfaces with increases MeJA concentrations. Therefore, MeJA is not a suitable elicitor to increase 9-methoxycanthin-6-one compound in E. lon. (author)

  4. Vladimir Nabokov, un exemple d’aliénation créatrice Vladimir Nabokov, an Instance of Creative Alienation

    Marie Bouchet


    Full Text Available The terms “strange” and “stranger” derive from extraneus, a Latin word literally meaning “outside of”. This article proposes to examine the notions of distance and limit which shape the consciousness of a foreigner / outsider—Vladimir Nabokov. Nabokov lost his native land when he was 18, and was condemned to remain a stranger in a foreign land. In his fiction, many “estranged” characters are to be found, especially as main focalizers or first-person narrators. The present article thus demonstrates how the concept of frontier is crucial to interpreting such alien status: these characters are forever estranged, due to geographical borders, temporal distances or linguistic barriers. Nabokov, himself a trilingual writer, challenged the very idea of a foreign language. His English, which he claimed was merely “second rate”, is indeed quite different from the style of American classics, yet it has a unique poetic flavor. Maybe because he “did not think in any language, but in images”, his condition as a foreigner was not felt as alienating. Contrary to most of his characters, hybridization seems to have been a powerful element inspiring his artistic impulse, as illustrated in his extraordinary linguistic virtuosity and his constant playing on words. Similarly, the repeated inclusion of other semiotic codes (painting, photography, advertisements,… shows that by playing with limits and the interpenetration of familiar and strange(r elements, Nabokov found a creative alternative to the usually alienating condition of being a foreigner.

  5. Med humanističnim in poklicnim izobraževanjem ali kaj terja od nas prihodnost

    Dušana Findeisen


    Full Text Available Dušana Findeisen piše o razmerju med humanističnim in poklicnim izobraževanjem v prihodnosti. Ker kvalifikacij, ki bodo potrebne na trgu dela čez petnajst let, ni mogoče z gotovostjo predvideti, lahko razmišljamo predvsem o tem, kakšne ljudi bomo potrebovali: katere bodo bistvene zmožnosti, ki jih bo treba zajeti med cilje izobraževalnih programov mladih in odraslih. Med bistvenimi usposobljenostmi navaja obvladovanje miselnih procesov, zmožnost spo­razumevanja, usposobljenost za dejavno življenje v skupnosti , razmerje do okolja itd. Opozarja tudi na potrebo po drugačnih didaktičnih postopkih in drugačnem vrednotenju, da bi zagotovili uravnoteženost izobraževanja. Humanistično izobraževanje bo moralo prodreti tudi v ozko usposabljanje odraslih, saj podjetja ne potrebujejo samo dobrih strokovnjakov, temveč ljudi, ki so se zmožni prilagajati in se razvijati.

  6. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Mamta Chauhan1 A. K. Gupta1 S. Dhillon2. National Research Centre on Equines, Sirsa Road, Hisar 125 001, India; Department of Biotechnology, Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar 125 001, India ...

  7. Fulltext PDF


    Classroom” is equally a forum for raising broader issues and sharing personal experiences and viewpoints on matters related to teaching and learning science. Simple Solution of Some Integrals given by Srinivasa. Ramanujan. M P Chaudhary.


    symmetric po- tentials. 323. Arpornthip Tanwa. Conduction bands in classical periodic potentials. 259. Asfaw A see Chaudhary A K. 731. Aslan Ö see Özdemir Z Guven. 755. Asnani Himanshu. Effective mass theory of a two-dimen-.

  9. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative ...

    org/10.21010/ajtcam.v13i6.9 .... Muhammad Abuzar Ghaffari, Bashir Ahmed Chaudhary, Muhammad Uzair, Khuram Ashfaq, 194-198 ... Abdelkader Benhelima, Zohra Kaid-Omar, Houari Hemida, Tarek Benmahdi, Ahmed Addou, 204-214.

  10. African Journal of Psychiatry - Vol 15, No 1 (2012)

    Elevated plasma homocysteine in association with decreased vitamin B12, folate, serotonin, lipids and ... Matricide and schizophrenia in the 21st century: a review and illustrative cases · EMAIL FREE ... PS Biswas, D Sen, S Chaudhary, 59-60.

  11. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    oxoketenedithioacetals and -nitro--phenylenediamine exploited to achieve the regioselectivity in the synthesis of 2-thiomethyl ether substituted isomer of the privileged nucleus of 1,5-benzodiazepines over to its 4-substituted isomers. Priyanka Chaudhary ...

  12. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    oxoketenedithioacetals and -nitro--phenylenediamine exploited to achieve the regioselectivity in the synthesis of 2-thiomethyl ether substituted isomer of the privileged nucleus of 1,5-benzodiazepines over to its 4-substituted isomers · Priyanka Chaudhary ...

  13. Identification of micro satellite markers on chromosomes of bread ...

    Identification of micro satellite markers on chromosomes of bread wheat showing an association with karnal bunt resistance. M Kumar, OP Luthra, NR Yadav, L Chaudhary, N Saini, R Kumar, I Sharma, V Chawla ...

  14. Journal of Earth System Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Pravin K Gupta1 Sri Niwas1 Neeta Chaudhary2. Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee 247 667, India. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Priyadarshini Building, Sion, Mumbai, India.

  15. New Brookhaven chief seeks cross-cutting research

    Jones, D


    Brookhaven National Laboratory will pursue opportunities for promoting commercial development of energy systems and other technologies while focusing on the lab's primary mission of basic science research, according to the incoming BNL director, Praveen Chaudhari (1 page).

  16. Professor Tariq Solaija, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: Dr Austin Ball, CMS Deputy Technical Coordinator, discussing a section of CMS with Mr Tariq Solaija, National Centre of Physics, Pakistan, in charge of Pakistan's contribution to the Muon detector (Resistive Plate Chambers). Photo 02: Dr Austin Ball, CMS Deputy Technical Coordinator (right) presents neutron absorber panels for the CMS detector to (right-to-left) Mr Syed Shaukat Hasan, Minister Technical, Pakistan Mission in Geneva; Mr Tariq Solaija, National Centre of Physics, Pakistan and Dr Diether Blechschmidt, Non-Member States Relations, CERN. Photo 03: Mr Syed Shaukat Hasan, Minister Technical, Pakistan Mission in Geneva; Mr Tariq Solaija, National Centre of Physics, Pakistan; Dr Diether Blechschmidt, Non-Member States Relations, CERN and Austin Ball, CMS Deputy Technical Coordinator (right) looking up to the CMS detector. Photo 04: Mr Syed Shaukat Hasan, Minister Technical, Pakistan Mission in Geneva; Mr Tariq Solaija, National Centre of Physics, Pakistan listen to a presentation of the CMS d...

  17. Mr. Ansar Shamsi, Member Finance, Mr. Malik Adalat Khan, Director Finance, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: Mr Ansar Shamsi, Member Finance, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (centre), visiting the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter in building 191 with, from left to right, Mr Syed Shaukat Hussain, Pakistan Mission in Geneva and Dr Peter Jenni, ATLAS Spokesperson. Photo 02: Mr Ansar Shamsi, Member Finance, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (2nd form left), visiting the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter in building 191 with, from left to right, Mr Syed Shaukat Hussain, Pakistan Mission in Geneva; Dr Peter Jenni, ATLAS Spokesperson; Dr David Jacobs and Dr Philip Bryant, Joint Pakistan-CERN Committee.

  18. Browse Title Index

    Samina Shahid, Shafiq ur Rehman, Ahmad Adnan. Vol 7, No 25 (2008), Sucrose assimilation and ... Abdul Mateen, Shaukat Hussain, Shams Ur Rehman, Basharat Mahmood, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Abdul Rashid, Majid Sohail, Muhammad Farooq, S Jawad Ahmed Shah. Vol 8, No 22 (2009), Sulfuric acid and hot water ...

  19. Herbicidal effects of aqueous extracts of three Chenopodium ...



    Apr 7, 2011 ... root extract of Sorghum halepense stimulated seedling shoot length of Parthenium hysterophorus. Similar effects of the aqueous extracts of Inula grantioides Boiss. and. Capsicum annuum L. on seedling growth of test species have also been demonstrated against various test species by Shaukat et al.

  20. Excitonic localization in AlN-rich AlxGa1−xN/AlyGa1−yN multi-quantum-well grain boundaries

    Ajia, Idris A.


    AlGaN/AlGaN multi-quantum-wells (MQW) with AlN-rich grains have been grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition. The grains are observed to have strong excitonic localization characteristics that are affected by their sizes. The tendency to confine excitons progressively intensifies with increasing grain boundary area. Photoluminescence results indicate that the MQW have a dominant effect on the peak energy of the near-bandedge emission at temperatures below 150 K, with the localization properties of the grains becoming evident beyond 150 K. Cathodoluminescence maps reveal that the grain boundary has no effect on the peak intensities of the AlGaN/AlGaN samples.

  1. Une enquête réalisée en Jamaïque contribue à améliorer la santé ...

    23 mai 2012 ... On a procédé au dépistage de l'hypertension et au dépistage – et au traitement rapide – de la syphilis chez les femmes, et l'on a encouragé les femmes enceintes présentant des facteurs de risque ou habitant dans des régions éloignées à accoucher ... Developing the PALM Plus diagnostic tool for Malawi.

  2. Šalies ūkio konkurencinio pranašumo didinimo problemos ir galimybės: darbo produktyvumo atvejis

    Alma Mačiulytė-Šniukienė


    Full Text Available Straipsnyje atskleista nacionalinio konkurencingumo samprata, nustatyta darbo produktyvumo įtaka „Pasaulio ekonomikos forumo“ skaičiuojamam Pasaulio konkurencingumo indeksui (PKI. Aptarti teoriniai darbo produktyvumo klausimai, nustatyti veiksniai, galintys nulemti darbo produktyvumo pokyčius. Taip pat atlikta Lietuvos darbo produktyvumo pokyčių 2000–2009 m. analizė, nustatytos darbo produktyvumo sumažėjimo 2009 m. priežastys. Ištirta išlaidų moksliniams tyrimams ir technologijų plėtrai (MTTP, darbo užmokesčio, tiesioginių užsienio investicijų, materialaus ir nematerialaus kapitalo įtaka darbo produktyvumui. Prieita prie išvados, kad vienas iš būdų kelti Lietuvos darbo produktyvumą, o drauge ir konkurencingumą – didinti investicijas į MTTP verslo sektorių.Straipsnis lietuvių kalba

  3. Excitonic localization in AlN-rich AlxGa1−xN/AlyGa1−yN multi-quantum-well grain boundaries

    Ajia, Idris A.; Edwards, P. R.; Liu, Z.; Yan, J. C.; Martin, R. W.; Roqan, Iman S.


    AlGaN/AlGaN multi-quantum-wells (MQW) with AlN-rich grains have been grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition. The grains are observed to have strong excitonic localization characteristics that are affected by their sizes. The tendency

  4. Carrier-carrier scattering in the gain dynamics of InxGa1-xAs/AlyGa1-yAs diode lasers

    Sanders, Gary D; Sun, C.-K.; Golubovic, B.


    Ultrafast optical nonlinearities in semiconductors play a central role in determining transient amplification and pulse-dependent gain saturation in diode lasers. Both carrier-phonon and carrier-carrier scattering are expected to determine the gain dynamics in these systems. We present a relaxation......-Dirac function where the chemical potential and temperature are self-consistently chosen so that both particle number and energy are conserved in the carrier-carrier scattering process. The relaxation approximation makes the problem an effective one-dimensional problem which can then be solved directly...

  5. Baltijos šalių konkurencingumas : situacijos analizė iki globalinės krizės ir po jos

    Rojaka, Jekaterina


    The article analyses the condition of competitiveness and the achieved progress of the three Baltic States on the basis of two international sources widely used in literature on economics, i.e. a business climate evaluation report “Doing Business” elaborated by the World Bank and “Global Competitiveness Report” by the World Economic Forum. The Baltic States made a huge progress in the field of competitiveness improvement. Within a period less than two decades the country faced fundamental eco...

  6. Résistance et aliénation des esclaves dans les textes de Pétrone, Martial et Juvénal



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: Los textos de Petronio, Marcial y Juvenal reflejan muchos signos de resistencia de los esclavos. Si el discurso invita a la crítica —porque es especialmente el reflejo de la preocupación de los libres—, no parece, con todo, negar que los esclavos intentaran escapar por todos los medios de la explotación acabando con las vidas de sus señores, aunque más frecuentemente huyendo o recurriendo a la holgazanería en sus tareas, al descuido o al chantaje; sin olvidar, por supuesto, los astutamente extendidos rumores que comprometían a sus señores, o el disfrute excesivo de sus vicios y pasiones. ABSTRACT: The texts of Petronius, Martial and Juvenal present many signs of resistance on the part of the slaves. If the discourse invites criticism - because it is especially the reflection of the concern of free men - it is nevertheless a fact that we see the slaves there trying by all means to escape exploitation through the murder of the master, more often by flight and more often by laziness, nonchalance and blackmail. Added to these was their cleverness in compromising their master by dangerous gossip as well as by the exploitation of his vices and passions.

  7. Siserände suundumused 20. sajandil = Trends of internal migration during the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century / Alis Tammur

    Tammur, Alis


    Siserände suundadest Eestis alates 1920ndatest aastatest kuni 2007. aastani. Kaart: Linnadesse tulnud endise alalise elukoha järgi, 1922-1934. Graafik: Siserände vanusjaotus. Tabel: Linnade ja maa-asulate vahelised rändesuunad 2000-2007

  8. Napitnina: obdavčljivi ali neobdavčljivi del prihodkov zaposlenih = Tips: Taxable or Non-Taxable Part of Employee Income

    Andrej Raspor


    Full Text Available The article analyses how tips are regulated in Slovenia and in the United States from a tax point of view. The key finding is that Slovenian regulations are inconsistent, because they cover only tips earned by table games employees. Other tips in the casino and service sector in general are not covered. Indirectly, however, we can understand that they are taxable. But paying tax on tips is the exception rather than the rule. In order to avoid vagueness, tips should be regulated by a special law. This law should define the applicable rate and contributions, as well as the manner of payment.

  9. Barriers of the Development of Web-Based Training in Agricultural Higher Education System in Iran: A Case Study of Hamadan Bu Ali Sina University, Iran

    Saadi, Heshmatollah; Mirzayi, Khalil; Movahedi, Reza


    Recently, higher education systems seek to use network-based and Internet-based information technologies in education, teaching and learning. E-learning in Iran higher education system has been started since 2003, however, its development has been very slow. The present study is a survey research. The participants of the study are faculty members,…

  10. BAROMETRIC PRESSURE and Other Data from ALIS and Other Platforms From TOGA Area - Pacific (30 N to 30 S) from 19921111 to 19921205 (NODC Accession 9500027)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) and other water chemistry data were collected as part of Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere and Coupled Ocean Atmosphere...

  11. Hospital contacts for endocrine disorders in Adult Life after Childhood Cancer in Scandinavia (ALiCCS): a population-based cohort study

    de Fine Licht, Sofie; Winther, Jeanette Falck; Gudmundsdottir, Thorgerdur


    BACKGROUND: The pattern of endocrine disorders in long-term survivors of childhood cancer has not been investigated comprehensively. Here, we aimed to assess the lifetime risk of these disorders in Nordic survivors of childhood cancer. METHODS: From the national cancer registries of Denmark, Finl...

  12. Exposure to Sodium Dichromate at Qarmat Ali Iraq in 2003: Part 2 -- Evaluation of Army and Contractor Actions Related to Hazardous Industrial Exposure


    hexavalent chromium (chromium VI), a known carcinogen. USACE and the Army command in Iraq were made aware of the exposure in 2003 and took a series of...occupational and environmental health risks to U.S. personnel from potential exposure to hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] and other hazards prior to...chromium, or stigmata such as chrome ulcers. It was assumed by the 12 USACHPPM identified members of the West Virginia Army National Guard as part of the




    Full Text Available Bu çalışma Bahri Dağdaş Uluslararası Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü Deneme alanlarında yürütülmüştür. Çalışmada Dağdaş-94 buğday çeşiti kullanılmıştır. Bitkilerde lO'ar gün aralıklarla düzenli olarak 15 kez boy ölçümleri yapılmıştır. Her parselden 5 bitki tesadüfen alınmış ve üç tekrarlamalı olarak yapılan ölçümlerde, her ölçüm için toplam J 5 bitki kullanılmıştır. Buğday bitkisinin boyunun zamana göre modellenınesi ve model parametrelerinin tahmini uygulaına yönünden önem arzetmektedir. Bu amaçla, doğrusal olmayan bir model gösteren bitkinin boy uzunluğu ile zaman ilişkisi, belli noktalarda zıplamalar gösterirken bazı noktalarda kesilmeler gösterebilmektedir. Bu çalışmamızda buğday bitkisinin boy uzunluğu ve zaman ilişkisi açısından parçalı regresyon modelinin parametre tahmini ve zıplama noktalarının tahmin edilmesi ele alınmıştır

  14. Examining the prevalence of Hemoglobin A1C level di sorder in women affected with polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS at Imam Ali Hospital, Karaj

    Maryam Amin


    Full Text Available PCOS in commonly associated with metabolic disorders, therefore it, is reasonable and timely action to identify and manage the disorders. Accordingly in this study we decided to determine, the prevalence of abnormal hemoglobin A1C levels in women with signs and symptoms at PCOS .so 50 women with PCOS, based on clinical symptoms and laboratory results, were studied. Then hemoglobin A1C levels were assessed (by a blood test. The data analysis was performed using SPSS software. Chi-Square test didn't show the significant relationship between BMI and HbA1C levels (P>0.05. Chi-Square test didn't show the significant relationship between age and HbA1C levels (P>0.05. Independent T-test showed, there is significant relationship between fasting blood glucose and HbA1C levels (P<0.05.

  15. Clinical evaluation of dermatophytosis in patients referred to dermatologic department of Bu-Ali Sina Hospital in Qazvin in Iran 2004-2005

    Mohammad Reza Aghamirian


    Full Text Available Background: Dermatophytosis is a prevalent mycologic skin disease which is a widespread important health problem in the world. The ecology and etiology of the disease are important issues for its control. Methods: In a descriptive study, 341 patients with suspected dermatophytosis were examined over a period of one year (2004-2005. Skin, hair and nail samples were evaluated by to direct microscopic examination using potassium hydroxide (KOH the specimens were cultured in sabouraud dextrose agar. In some cases, differential tests such as corn meal agar, urease and hair perforation were used for recognizing the isolated dermatophytes. Results: A total of 116 dermatophytes (34% were isolated. Tinea cruris (31.9% was the most common type of infection, followed by tinea corporis (20.7%, tinea pedis (19%, tinea unguium (11.2%, tinea faciei (7.7%, tinea manuum (5.2%, tinea capitis (4.3%. Epidermophyton floccosum was the most frequent isolated dermatophyte (32.8%. Also Dermatophytosis was more frequent in male gender. Conclusion: The anthropophilic species, E. floccosum, was the most common causative dermatophyte of tinea in Qazvin and the most common clinical type of dermatophytosis was Tinea cruris.

  16. Effects of Al particles and thin layer on thermal expansion and conductivity of Al-Y2Mo3O12 cermets

    Liu, Xian-Sheng; Ge, Xiang-Hong; Liang, Er-Jun; Zhang, Wei-Feng


    Not Available Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 10974183 and 11104252), the Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education of China (Grant No. 20114101110003), the Fund for Science & Technology Innovation Team of Zhengzhou, China (Grant No. 112PCXTD337), the Industrial Science and Technology Research Projects of Kaifeng, Henan Province, China (Grant No. 1501049), and the Key Research Projects of Henan Higher Education Institutions, China (Grant No. 18A140014).

  17. WATER TEMPERATURE and other data from ALIS, PACIFIC ISLANDER and other platforms from 1989-01-13 to 1991-09-14 (NODC Accession 9200038)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The water depth and temperature data were collected as part of Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere (TOGA) project from multiple ships between January 13, 1989 and...

  18. Concept de l'autisme bleulérien dans la logique freudienne de l'aliénation et de la séparation

    Gailis , Janis


    "Autism is more or less the same thing Freud called auto-eroticism" - this is what Paul Eugen Bleuler writes in his fundamental work "Dementia praecox or the group of schizophrenias". However, if we take a closer look at other definitions of autism, offered by Bleuler, works, on which he relied in his proceedings, as well as Sigmund Freud's texts, he wrote, to answer Paul Eugen Bleuler, we can find that this remark about substituting auto-eroticism with autism, avoiding any mention of sexuali...

  19. The occurrence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in soil and root of medicinal plants in Bu-Ali Sina garden in Hamadan, Iran

    Ali Akbar Safari Sinegani


    Full Text Available Introduction: The study of symbiotic relationship between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF and medicinal plants is very important. Information about the symbiosis of medicinal plant species with AMF in the semi-arid regions of Iran is rare. This information allows increasing knowledge of the biology and ecology of these plant species. Materials and methods: The existence of AM symbiosis in 48 medicinal plant species (belonging to 9 families was studied by root staining. Soil around the root of each species was sampled and analyzed for all soil properties which may be interrelated to AM symbiosis. The importance of different soil properties in AMF and plant biological relationship and the dependency of root colonization and spore formation by AMF on soil properties were statistically analyzed. Results: Among them Lepidium sativum, Brassica oleracea, Cheiranthus cheiri, Beta vulgaris, Spinacia oleracea, Malva sylvestris, Zygophyllum fabago, Arctium Lappa have not been colonized by AM fungi. Colonization and spore density of perennial plants were slightly higher than those of annual plants and were varied among different plant families. Soil texture and available phosphorous were the most important soil properties affecting fungal root colonization and spore numbers. Discussion and conclusion: Although in accordance with other researches, most of the medicinal plants from Brassicaceae family had no mycorrhizal symbiosis, a few of them had this type of symbiosis. Dependency of spore formation by AM fungi on soil properties was higher than dependency of root colonization percentage on soil properties. Increasing root colonization and spore numbers with increasing the percentage of sand and decreasing the percentage of clay and available phosphorous in soils show that plants are more depended on mycorrhizal symbiosis in hard environments and less productive soils.

  20. Development of Chromatographic Fingerprints of Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali Roots Using Online Solid Phase Extraction-Liquid Chromatography (SPE-LC

    Nor Nasriah Zaini


    Full Text Available E. longifolia is attracting interest due to its pharmacological properties and pro-vitality effects. In this study, an online SPE-LC approach using polystyrene divinyl benzene (PSDVB and C18 columns was developed in obtaining chromatographic fingerprints of E. longifolia. E. longifolia root samples were extracted using pressurized liquid extraction (PLE technique prior to online SPE-LC. The effects of mobile phase compositions and column switching time on the chromatographic fingerprint were optimized. Validation of the developed method was studied based on eurycomanone. Linearity was in the range of 5 to 50 µg∙mL−1 (r2 = 0.997 with 3.2% relative standard deviation of peak area. The developed method was used to analyze 14 E. longifolia root samples and 10 products (capsules. Selected chemometric techniques: cluster analysis (CA, discriminant analysis (DA, and principal component analysis (PCA were applied to the fingerprint datasets of 37 selected peaks to evaluate the ability of the chromatographic fingerprint in classifying quality of E. longifolia. Three groups were obtained using CA. DA yielded 100% correlation coefficient with 19 discriminant compounds. Using PCA, E. longifolia root samples were clearly discriminated from the products. This study showed that the developed online SPE-LC method was able to provide comprehensive evaluation of E. longifolia samples for quality control purposes.

  1. Individualiziran program v posebnem programu vzgoje in izobraževanja - dober načrt dela ali le zakonska zahteva

    Stergar, David


    V diplomskem delu je predstavljena tematika oblikovanja individualiziranih programov (v nadaljevanju IP) v Centru za usposabljanje, delo in varstvo Dobrna. Teoretični del diplomskega dela zajema zakonodajo na področju oblikovanja IP in usmerjanja otrok s posebnimi potrebami, smernice za oblikovanje individualiziranih programov ter značilnosti oseb z motnjami v duševnem razvoju ter motnjami avtističnega spektra, predstavljen pa je tudi potek individualiziranega programiranja v Centru za us...

  2. Naravovarstveniki ali privrženci modnih smernic? Kaj od narodnih parkov v Republiki Makedoniji pričakujejo mestni prebivalci?

    Martin Čihař


    Full Text Available Ta prispevek se ukvarja s tem, kako mestni prebivalci dojemajo upravljanje okolja in varovanje okolja v narodnih parkih, zlasti v Jugovzhodni Evropi, in kakšen odnos imajo do teh vprašanj. Dejavniki, ki sodobne turiste spodbujajo k obisku narodnih parkov, pogosto niso jasni. Sodobne družboslovne raziskave se jim ne posvečajo dovolj. Zato smo preučili profil in potrebe urbanih obiskovalcev narodnega parka Pelister v Republiki Makedoniji. Zanimalo nas je, v kolikšni meri je njihovo zanimanje za naravne značilnosti območja pristno oziroma površno in simbolno. Izsledki so pokazali, da je zanimanje urbanih obiskovalcev predvsem površno. To razkriva potrebo po razvoju učinkovite strategije za odnos do obiskovalcev, ki bo sestavni del splošnega upravljanja narodnih parkov.

  3. Hydrogenation and crystal structures of the Nd(Ni1-xCux)(In1-yAly) intermetallics and their hydrides

    Riabov, A.B.; Denys, R.V.; Sato, Masashi; Delaplane, R.G.; Yartys, V.A.


    The crystal structure of NdNiInD 1.2 contains D-D pairs with the shortest known D...D separation of 1.56-bar A. This work was aimed on studies of the factors influencing the formation and the length of such a pair. We have studied the NdNiIn-based alloys, in which Ni or In are partially substituted by the chemically related elements, Cu or Al, respectively. Three equiatomic intermetallics, NdNiIn, NdCuIn and NdNiAl, are isostructural and crystallise with the ZrNiAl type of structure. In the NdNi 1-x Cu x In (x=0; 0.02; 0.05; 0.25; 0.50; 0.75 and 1.00) quaternary system a complete solid solubility range has been found. In contrast, in the Al-containing NdNiIn 1-x Al x alloys the range of a solid solution is limited to the region NdNiIn-NdNiIn 0.75 Al 0.25 . The substitutions result in regular changes in V, a, c and c/a of the hexagonal unit cells. Small substitutions by Cu and Al (x,y-bar 0.05) do not lead to significant changes in H content and types of the crystal structures formed (PND data). However, a decrease in the stability of the hydrides is observed. In NdNi 1-x Cu x In, Cu has a strong preference for the occupation of the 1b CuIn 6 trigonal prisms. An increase of the Cu content is accompanied by a decrease of the D/Nd(Ni 1-x Cu x )In ratio and a distinct growth of the distance between Ni(Cu) and D (from 1.51 to 1.84-bar A). H...H pairing is very sensitive to the content of both Al and Cu. When the level of substitution exceeds Cu/Ni(Al/In)>1/9, H pairing becomes unstable and H atoms favour other types of ordering in the metal sublattice

  4. Alu folija kot pripomoček za toplotno zaščito podhlajenih: da ali ne: Thermal protection offered by metallized platic sheeting:

    Mekjavić, Igor B.


    This study evaluated the thermal protection provided by suits made of metallized plastic sheeting (MPS) in a variety of environmental conditions. Four healthy male subjects participated in a total of 11 trials, simulating a range of possible outdoor scenarios. The rectal, esophageal and four skin temperatures, oxygen uptake, minute ventilation and heart rate were measured during 2 hour exposures in a climatic chamber. On the basis of these measurements, body heat storage and the rate of heat ...

  5. Analisis Kesan Terjemahan AL-QUR’AN Ke Dalam Bahasa Indonesia Mushaf Syaamil AL-QUR’AN Pada Surah Ali Imran

    Sari, Nur Indah


    نور إنده ساري, 2014. تحليل الإ نطباع ترجمة القران الكريم إلى اللغة الإندونيسية مصحف القران الشامل في السورة ال عمران. ميدان : قسم اللغة العربية: كلية العلوم الإنسانية جامعة سومطرة شامليةمصحف القران الشامل عبارة عن إحدى ترجمات القران الكريم كلمة بكلمة و تقابل كل تلك الكلمات معناها المقترح في اللغة الإندو نيسية. و في هذا المصحف الشامل كلمات معتادة معروفة شائعة يفهمها عامة الناس من أطياف المجتمع. و البحث يدور حول كلمات عربية معروفة وهي أساس داخلة إلى اللغة الإندو نيسية. يهدف البحث إلى معرفة الأث...

  6. Une enquête réalisée en Jamaïque contribue à améliorer la santé ...

    23 mai 2012 ... On a procédé au dépistage de l'hypertension et au dépistage – et au traitement rapide – de la syphilis chez les femmes, et l'on a encouragé les femmes enceintes présentant des facteurs de risque ou habitant dans des régions éloignées à accoucher dans un centre hospitalier. Des campagnes de ...

  7. First principles study of structural, elastic, electronic and magnetic properties of Mn-doped AlY (Y=N, P, As) compounds

    Sajjad, M. [School of Electronic Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing 100876 (China); Alay-e-Abbas, S.M. [Department of Physics, University of Sargodha, Sargodha 40100 (Pakistan); Department of Physics, Government College University, Faisalabad, Allama Iqbal Road, Faisalabad 38000 (Pakistan); Zhang, H.X. [School of Electronic Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing 100876 (China); Beijing Key Laboratory of Work Safety Intelligent Monitoring (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Beijing 100876 (China); Noor, N.A. [Centre for High Energy Physics, University of the Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, 54590 Lahore (Pakistan); Saeed, Y. [Department of Physics, Government College University, Faisalabad, Allama Iqbal Road, Faisalabad 38000 (Pakistan); Shakir, Imran [Deanship of scientific research, College of Engineering, King Saud University, P. O. BOX 800, Riyadh 11421 (Saudi Arabia); Shaukat, A., E-mail: [Department of Physics, University of Sargodha, Sargodha 40100 (Pakistan)


    We investigate zinc-blende phase Al{sub 0.75}Mn{sub 0.25}Y (Y=N, P, As) compounds using full-potential linear-augmented-plane wave plus local-orbital method. For computing structural and elastic properties the Generalized Gradient Approximation (GGA) has been used; whereas the electronic and magnetic properties are examined at the optimized GGA lattice parameters by employing modified Becke and Johnson local density approximation. All these compounds are found to be stable in ferromagnetic ordering in the zinc-blende structure which is supported by the computed elastic constants. The nature of electronic band structure are calculated and the nature of band gaps in the doped system is analyzed. The results are examined to identify exchange mechanism which is the main source of introducing ferromagnetism in the compounds under investigation. Spin charge density contour plots in the (1 1 0) plane and the evaluation of s–p and p–d exchange constants (N{sub 0}α and N{sub 0}β) are evaluated for understanding bonding and exchange splitting process, respectively. - Highlights: • Spin-polarized DFT investigation Mn-doped AlN, AlP and AlAs is reported. • Structrual and elastic properites are computed for evaluating stability. • mBJLDA used for appropriate treatment of d states of Mn for electronic properties. • Half metallicity, ferromagnetic stability and exchange constants are evaluated.

  8. Single crystal growth of high-temperature superconductor Bi2.1Sr1.9Ca1.0Cu2.0AlyOx

    Gu, G.D.; Lin, Z.W.


    The effect of Al doping on the crystal growth of Bi-2212 was studied by a floating zone method. The results show that the planar solid-liquid interface breaks down into a cellular growth front while increasing Al doping in the rods of Bi 2.1 Sr 1.9 Ca 1.0 Cu 2.0 Al y O x . The size of the single crystals decreases with the increase in Al doping. The solubility limit for Al or the maximum Cu-site substitution by Al in the Bi-2212 crystals is less than y = 0.01. The majority of nominal Al doping in the rods forms an Al-rich phase in the grain boundaries of the single crystals. The superconductivity of as-grown Al-doped crystals decreases progressively with increasing Al doping in the rods, however, the T c for annealed Al-doped crystals does not change with increasing Al doping in the rods. The unchanged T c for annealed Al-doped Bi-2212 crystals either suggests that a small amount of Al substitution in the Cu site does not cause T c to drop significantly, or indicates that Al only enters the Bi-2212 crystals as an impurity, but does not substitute at the Cu site in the Bi-2212 crystals. (author)

  9. Dileme današnjega sveta so tudi dileme v izobraževanja odraslih. Vzgajati potrošnike ali državljane?

    Dušana Findeisen


    Full Text Available Avtorica v prispevku opozarja na novo svetovno kulturo, ki jo imenuje kultura trosenja in ki je povzrocila pojav brezosebnih, standardiziranih odnosov med ljudmi. V potrosniski kulturi spada znanje med proizvode virtualnega sektorja. Z njim zeli ustvarjati dobicek, kar pomeni, da preprecuje nenadzorovano in neplacano distribucijo znanja. Pri tern, opozarja avtorica, se pojavi temeljna dilema izobrazevanja odraslih. ce zelimo, da se znanje oplaja, semora svobodno pretakati.

  10. Capacity fading of LiAlyNi1-x-yCoxO2 cathode for lithium-ion batteries during accelerated calendar and cycle life tests (effect of depth of discharge in charge-discharge cycling on the suppression of the micro-crack generation of LiAlyNi1-x-yCoxO2 particle)

    Watanabe, Shoichiro; Kinoshita, Masahiro; Hosokawa, Takashi; Morigaki, Kenichi; Nakura, Kensuke


    Cycle performance of a LiAl0.10Ni0.76Co0.14O2 (NCA) cathode/graphite cell closely depended on the range of depth of discharge in charge-discharge processes (ΔDOD). When ΔDOD was 10-70%, cycle performance at 25 °C was maintained even at 60 °C. Deterioration phenomena were analyzed by electrochemical method, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray diffractometry (XRD), and micro-cracks in NCA particles were analyzed with cross-sectional views by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Many micro-cracks were observed only after a 0-100% DOD region cycle test. Cycle tests in several restricted ΔDOD conditions showed that the deterioration was closely related to not the upper and lower limits of DOD or operation voltage but the width of ΔDOD.

  11. Capacity fade of LiAlyNi1-x-yCoxO2 cathode for lithium-ion batteries during accelerated calendar and cycle life tests (surface analysis of LiAlyNi1-x-yCoxO2 cathode after cycle tests in restricted depth of discharge ranges)

    Watanabe, Shoichiro; Kinoshita, Masahiro; Hosokawa, Takashi; Morigaki, Kenichi; Nakura, Kensuke


    Cycle performance at 60 °C for a Li Al0.10Ni0.76Co0.14O2 (NCA) cathode/graphite cell was greatly improved when a DOD range in charge-discharge cycling (ΔDOD) was restricted. The deterioration mechanism was analyzed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), high-angle annular dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy (HAADF-STEM) and scanning transmission electron microscopy-electron energy-loss spectroscopy (STEM-EELS). Only after the cycle test in the ΔDOD of 0-100%, many micro-cracks were generated in the inter-surface between the primary particles which aggregated to form the secondary particles, and a NiO-like resistance layer with Fm3m rock salt structure was formed on each primary particle which was contact with other primary particles and electrolyte. It can be concluded that the lack of contact between the primary particles with the micro-crack generation and the formation of the new resistance layer are responsible for the capacity fading and the rise in impedance during charge-discharge cycle in the wide ΔDOD.

  12. Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia of Orbit in Young Male

    [3] The etiology of. Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia of Orbit in Young Male. Somen Misra, Akshay Bhandari, Sagar Chaudhari, Neeta Misra, Pratik Gogri, Parag Tupe. Department of Ophthalmology, Rural Medical .... blood eosinophilia, and nephrotic syndrome due to IgE deposition in the renal glomeruli.

  13. Studies on mutagenic effectiveness and efficiency in Fenugreek ...



    May 1, 2013 ... improvement, the basic studies on effectiveness and efficiency of a mutagen in a crop are necessary to recover high frequency of desirable mutations (Kumar and Mani, 1997; Badere and Chaudhary, 2007). Mutagenic effectiveness is an index of the response of a genotype to the increasing doses of the ...

  14. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. Renu Kumari. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 89 Issue 2 August 2010 pp 201-211 Research Article. Genetic control of leaf-blade morphogenesis by the INSECATUS gene in Pisum sativum · Sushil Kumar Swati Chaudhary Vishakha Sharma Renu Kumari Raghvendra ...


    Detrimental effect of expression of Bt endotoxin Cry1Ac on in vitro regeneration, in vivo growth and development of tobacco and cotton transgenics. PREETI RAWAT, AMARJEET KUMAR SINGH, KRISHNA RAY, BHUPENDRA CHAUDHARY,. SANJEEV KUMAR, TARU GAUTAM, SHAVETA KANORIA, GURPREET KAUR, ...

  16. Determination of rotational temperature of AlO from the B2Σ+–X2Σ+ ...

    pp. 597–600. Determination of rotational temperature of AlO from the B2Σ+–X2Σ+ system. M M CHAUDHARI1, C T LONDHE2 and S H BEHERE2. 1Maharashtra Mahavidyalaya, Nilanga 413 521, Dist. Latur, India. 2Department of Physics, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,. Aurangabad 431 004, India.

  17. Department of Agronomy/Sugar Research Institute,



    Jan 19, 2015 ... percent extraction. Chaudhary (2001) in his own study reported high heritability estimates for millable cane population. (88%), stalk diameter (85%) and sugarcane weight (84%) whereas low heritability estimates were recorded for germination at. 45 days after planting (45%) and sucrose in the juice (32%).

  18. A rare case of Charlin's syndrome

    Mohit P Singh


    Full Text Available Charlin's syndrome is an extremely rare condition characterized by pain in the nasal and paranasal areas, which is precipitated by touching the lateral aspect of the ipsilateral nostril. We are presenting one such case of a 42-year-old man who was admitted to Dr. Chaudhary Hospital and Medical Research Centre.

  19. Quantum mechanics of yr and non-yr-symmetric potentials in three ...

    Author Affiliations. BHARDWAJ S B1 2 SINGH RAM MEHAR1 MISHRA S C3. Department of Physics, Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa 125 055, India; Department of Applied Sciences, Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran, Mohali 140 307, India; Department of Physics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra 136 ...

  20. Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia of Orbit in Young Male ...

    Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia of Orbit in Young Male. Somen Misra, Akshay Bhandari, Sagar Chaudhari, Neeta Misra, Pratik Gogri, Parag Tupe. Abstract. Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (ALHE) is an uncommon benign clinical entity characterized by the presence of a variable number of ...

  1. Journal of Earth System Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Earth System Science. Pravin K Gupta. Articles written in Journal of Earth System Science. Volume 115 Issue 3 June 2006 pp 267-276. Fast computation of Hankel Transform using orthonormal exponential approximation of complex kernel function · Pravin K Gupta Sri Niwas Neeta Chaudhary.

  2. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Genetics of flowering time in bread wheat Triticum aestivum: complementary interaction between vernalization-insensitive and photoperiod-insensitive mutations imparts very early flowering habit to spring wheat · Sushil Kumar Vishakha Sharma Swati Chaudhary Anshika Tyagi Poonam Mishra Anupama Priyadarshini ...

  3. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. Arun Kumar. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 89 Issue 2 August 2010 pp 201-211 Research Article. Genetic control of leaf-blade morphogenesis by the INSECATUS gene in Pisum sativum · Sushil Kumar Swati Chaudhary Vishakha Sharma Renu Kumari Raghvendra ...

  4. character associations in kenaf

    selection for these traits should result in heritable improvements. Seed yield was found to be positively and significantly ... margarine and protein stock feed. The cake variance procedures (Singh and Chaudhary, 1985; .... Path analyses identify indirect selection criteria. Biometrical Genetics. Kalyani Publishers, for yield of ...

  5. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    ... Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Journals; Pramana – Journal of Physics; Volume 73; Issue 4. Measurement of refractive index of biaxial potassium titanyl phosphate crystal plate using reflection spectroscopic ellipsometry technique. A K Chaudhary A Molla A Asfaw. Volume 73 Issue 4 October 2009 ...

  6. Single-stage definitive surgical treatment for portal biliopathy

    typical cholangiographic features of PB include indentations and irregularities in the wall ... Results. Follow-up. Chaudhary et al.[15]. 9. Proximal splenorenal shunt .... Tighe M, Jacobson I. Bleeding from bile duct varices: An unexpected hazard during ... cirrhotic portal hypertension: Does the type of surgery affect outcome?

  7. Sadhana | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Sadhana. P L Ramkumar. Articles written in Sadhana. Volume 39 Issue 3 June 2014 pp 625-635. Parametric and mechanical characterization of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) using rotational moulding technology · P L Ramkumar D M Kulkarni V V Chaudhari · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF.

  8. Creating an isotopically similar Earth–Moon system with correct ...

    Bryant M. Wyatt


    Mar 13, 2018 ... SCOTT A. COOK1, JOHN H. GRESHAM1, MICHAEL F. HIBBS3 and. SHAUKAT N. ... ical impact (Benz et al. 1986 ... the impactor (Meier 2012; Zhang et al. 2012). .... (B–G) Snap shots 0.49, 1.95, 3.82, 5.13, 9.28, and 15.32 hours into the collision. (H) Two ... funding; Robert W. Muth for insightful remarks and.

  9. Clinical predictors of anticipatory emesis in patients treated with chemotherapy at a tertiary care cancer hospital

    Qureshi, Fawad; Shafi, Azhar; Ali, Sheeraz; Siddiqui, Neelam


    Objective: To determine the clinical predictors of anticipatory emesis in patients treated with chemotherapy at a tertiary care cancer hospital. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study conducted on 200 patients undergoing first line chemotherapy with minimum of two cycles at inpatient department and chemotherapy bay of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Pakistan. Anticipatory nausea and vomiting develops before administration of chemotherapy. Clinical signs and symp...




    Results: Groups were similar by means of demographic features and cigarette consumption, onset of smoking age and total time of smoking (year (p>0.05. In addition, none of the SF-36 parameters differed between the groups (p>0.05. Discussion: Symptoms due to a long time cigarette consumption are determined to appear generally around the age 40. Depending on this issue, the similarity in the perception of quality of life between the groups leads us to think that a cumulative negative effect of cigarette on quality of life has not been established yet when the mean age, duration of cigarette consumption (year and the amount of consumption (package/year of the cases are taken into account. [J Contemp Med 2016; 6(1.000: 16-24

  11. Long-term inpatient disease burden in the Adult Life after Childhood Cancer in Scandinavia (ALiCCS study: A cohort study of 21,297 childhood cancer survivors.

    Sofie de Fine Licht


    Full Text Available Survivors of childhood cancer are at increased risk for a wide range of late effects. However, no large population-based studies have included the whole range of somatic diagnoses including subgroup diagnoses and all main types of childhood cancers. Therefore, we aimed to provide the most detailed overview of the long-term risk of hospitalisation in survivors of childhood cancer.From the national cancer registers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden, we identified 21,297 5-year survivors of childhood cancer diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20 years in the periods 1943-2008 in Denmark, 1971-2008 in Finland, 1955-2008 in Iceland, and 1958-2008 in Sweden. We randomly selected 152,231 population comparison individuals matched by age, sex, year, and country (or municipality in Sweden from the national population registers. Using a cohort design, study participants were followed in the national hospital registers in Denmark, 1977-2010; Finland, 1975-2012; Iceland, 1999-2008; and Sweden, 1968-2009. Disease-specific hospitalisation rates in survivors and comparison individuals were used to calculate survivors' standardised hospitalisation rate ratios (RRs, absolute excess risks (AERs, and standardised bed day ratios (SBDRs based on length of stay in hospital. We adjusted for sex, age, and year by indirect standardisation. During 336,554 person-years of follow-up (mean: 16 years; range: 0-42 years, childhood cancer survivors experienced 21,325 first hospitalisations for diseases in one or more of 120 disease categories (cancer recurrence not included, when 10,999 were expected, yielding an overall RR of 1.94 (95% confidence interval [95% CI] 1.91-1.97. The AER was 3,068 (2,980-3,156 per 100,000 person-years, meaning that for each additional year of follow-up, an average of 3 of 100 survivors were hospitalised for a new excess disease beyond the background rates. Approximately 50% of the excess hospitalisations were for diseases of the nervous system (19.1% of all excess hospitalisations, endocrine system (11.1%, digestive organs (10.5%, and respiratory system (10.0%. Survivors of all types of childhood cancer were at increased, persistent risk for subsequent hospitalisation, the highest risks being those of survivors of neuroblastoma (RR: 2.6 [2.4-2.8]; n = 876, hepatic tumours (RR: 2.5 [2.0-3.1]; n = 92, central nervous system tumours (RR: 2.4 [2.3-2.5]; n = 6,175, and Hodgkin lymphoma (RR: 2.4 [2.3-2.5]; n = 2,027. Survivors spent on average five times as many days in hospital as comparison individuals (SBDR: 4.96 [4.94-4.98]; n = 422,218. The analyses of bed days in hospital included new primary cancers and recurrences. Of the total 422,218 days survivors spent in hospital, 47% (197,596 bed days were for new primary cancers and recurrences. Our study is likely to underestimate the absolute overall disease burden experienced by survivors, as less severe late effects are missed if they are treated sufficiently in the outpatient setting or in the primary health care system.Childhood cancer survivors were at increased long-term risk for diseases requiring inpatient treatment even decades after their initial cancer. Health care providers who do not work in the area of late effects, especially those in primary health care, should be aware of this highly challenged group of patients in order to avoid or postpone hospitalisations by prevention, early detection, and appropriate treatments.

  12. Etablissement de scénarios alternatifs de valorisations alimentaires et non alimentaires des ressources céréalières wallonnes à l'horizon 2030

    Van Stappen, F.


    Full Text Available Alternative scenarios for food and non-food uses of Walloon cereals by 2030. Topic. Based on the current uses of cereals grown in Wallonia (Belgium, various scenarios defining possible futures for the Walloon cereal sector have been created. Purpose. These scenarios lay the basis for research aiming at assessing the sustainability of food and non-food uses of cereals. Method. Based on contrasted hypotheses, four scenarios for the uses of Walloon cereals by 2030 have been defined with the support of stakeholders involved in all the steps of the chain. Results. The first scenario, called "Business-as-Usual", extrapolates trends from 15 years before 2010 and up to 2030. In the second scenario, called "Strategic", the current system is optimized from the environmental, economic and social point of view. The third and fourth scenarios break with current trends. The third scenario, called "Localization", considers an increased autonomy and the development of new cereal processing units in Wallonia. The fourth scenario, called "Globalization", focuses on a massive level of cereal export in response to an increasing demand from the global market and deals with high added-value products within Wallonia. Conclusions. Issues such as competition between food uses and non-food uses of cereals and of Walloon dependency on imports are addressed in these scenarios illustrating possible future situations, from food self-sufficiency to dramatic globalization, through the development of new outlets combining the adaptation of cropping practices, consumption, the evolution of habits and the use of new technologies.

  13. An allosteric binding site at the human serotonin transporter mediates the inhibition of escitalopram by R-citalopram: kinetic binding studies with the ALI/VFL-SI/TT mutant.

    Zhong, Huailing; Hansen, Kasper B; Boyle, Noel J; Han, Kiho; Muske, Galina; Huang, Xinyan; Egebjerg, Jan; Sánchez, Connie


    The human serotonin transporter (hSERT) has primary and allosteric binding sites for escitalopram and R-citalopram. Previous studies have established that the interaction of these two compounds at a low affinity allosteric binding site of hSERT can affect the dissociation of [(3)H]escitalopram from hSERT. The allosteric binding site involves a series of residues in the 10th, 11th, and 12th trans-membrane domains of hSERT. The low affinity allosteric activities of escitalopram and R-citalopram are essentially eliminated in a mutant hSERT with changes in some of these residues, namely A505V, L506F, I507L, S574T, I575T, as measured in dissociation binding studies. We confirm that in association binding experiments, R-citalopram at clinically relevant concentrations reduces the association rate of [(3)H]escitalopram as a ligand to wild type hSERT. We demonstrate that the ability of R-citalopram to reduce the association rate of escitalopram is also abolished in the mutant hSERT (A505V, L506F, I507L, S574T, I575T), along with the expected disruption the low affinity allosteric function on dissociation binding. This suggests that the allosteric binding site mediates both the low affinity and higher affinity interactions between R-citalopram, escitalopram, and hSERT. Our data add an additional structural basis for the different efficacies of escitalopram compared to racemic citalopram reported in animal studies and clinical trials, and substantiate the hypothesis that hSERT has complex allosteric mechanisms underlying the unexplained in vivo activities of its inhibitors.

  14. Rändeandmete kvaliteet ja rändesuundumused Eestis aastatel 2000-2005 = The quality of migration data and the trends of migration in Estonia in 2000-2005 / Alis Tammur, Tiit Tammaru, Ene- Margit Tiit

    Tammur, Alis


    Eesti statistilise rahvastikuarvestuse alus on olnud viimase rahvaloenduse rahvaarv, millele lisatakse omavalitsusüksuste kaupa registripõhiselt kogutavad sünnid, surmad ning sisse- ja väljaränne. Rahvaloenduse ja rahvastikuregistri andmete põhimõtteline erinevus. Sise- ja välisrände arvestamise probleemid, rändesuundumuste analüüs. Diagramm. Tabelid

  15. Video žaidimų kaip medijų kultūrinė svarba 2010-2017 m.: lyčių šališkumas ir seksizmas

    Sokolinskas, Simonas


    The aim of this paper is to do an analysis on video games culture and industry, so that it would be possible to understand the extent to which women in the video games culture and industry face harassment and what are the underlying reasons for sexism in the video games culture and industry. As in the last 7 years, video games are becoming more popular as a medium, as well as a past time activity for more and more people, and the gender distribution between men and women who play video games ...

  16. Jsou žížaly (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) pravidelnými či náhodnými obyvateli jeskynních systémů ČR a SR?

    Pižl, Václav


    Roč. 12, - (2007), s. 139 ISSN 1335-213X. [Vedecká konferencia Výskum, využívanie a ochrana jaskýň /6./. 01.10.2007-05.10.2007, Ždiár] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z60660521 Keywords : earthworms * Czech cave system * Slovak cave system Subject RIV: EH - Ecology, Behaviour

  17. Crystal-structural study of zirconium chelates with alkali metals of composition A2[Zr(Nta)2]·xH2O (A=Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs or CH3H6)

    Sadikov, G.G.; Antsyshkina, A.S.; Sergienko, V.S.


    Some zirconium complexes with nitrile triacetate and with alkali metal in the external sphere were studied crystalostructurally. Packing of complexes and extra-sphere cations was studied. Plane or slightly corrugated anion layers of two essentially different types arranged according to the principle of trigonal and square grids represent the standard element of crystal structure. Water molecules are located both in anion and cation layers. CN and coordination polyhedron of cations are different even in case of stereotype nature of reasons of their location in the interlayer space. In Cs-, Rb- and K- compounds polyhedrons of alkali metal form specific doubled chains. These compounds are not isomorphous ones and are characterized by a specific way of water molecule location. Structure of sodium compound differs fundamentally from other ones. Ionic conductivity may be expected in crystals. 4 refs., 6 figs., 2 tabs

  18. Theoretical investigation of geometric structure and relative stability of classical and bridge structures in Hk-1ASiH2+, Hk-1ASiH2 system (A=Li, Na, Be, Mg, B, Al)

    Zyubin, A.S.; Zyubina, T.S.; Charkin, O.P.; Shlojfer, P.R.


    The influence of acceptor properties and structure of L + cation in the series L=Li, B, BeH, BH 2 and Na, Al, MgH, AlH 2 on relative stabilities of classical and bridge isomers in systems L + SiH 2 and LSiH 3 , in which L + cation interacts either with unshared pair Si(L + SiH 2 , LSiH 3 ) or with hydrogen atom (SiH 2 L + , SiH 3 L), have been investigated. Geometric parameters of alternative structures were determined at the level of SCF/3-211*, their relative stabilities were refined in the framework of MP3/6-311*. It is found that in LSiH 2 + ions bridge isomers are less stable than the classical ones, and when acceptor abilities of L + increase, the energy difference between them also increases. In systems LSiH 3 the regularities proved to be more complex and they are determined both by L + acceptor properties and its structure. Reasons for those regularities are discussed

  19. Source reverberations, near-surface resonances, or Q? Comment on "The peak frequency of direct waves for microseismic events" (Leo Eisner, Davide Gei, Miroslav Hallo, Ivo Oprsal, and Mohammed Y. Ali, GEOPHYSICS, 78, no. 6, A45-A49) Reply

    Eisner, Leo; Gei, D.; Hallo, M.; Opršal, I.; Ali, M.Y.


    Roč. 79, č. 4 (2014), X23-X25 ISSN 0016-8033 R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP210/12/2451 Institutional support: RVO:67985891 Keywords : attenuation * inversion * microseismicity Subject RIV: DC - Siesmology, Volcanology, Earth Structure Impact factor: 1.759, year: 2013

  20. Droop-free AlxGa1-xN/AlyGa1-yN quantum-disks-in-nanowires ultraviolet LED emitting at 337 nm on metal/silicon substrates

    Janjua, Bilal


    Currently the AlGaN-based ultraviolet (UV) solid-state lighting research suffers from numerous challenges. In particular, low internal quantum efficiency, low extraction efficiency, inefficient doping, large polarization fields, and high dislocation density epitaxy constitute bottlenecks in realizing high power devices. Despite the clear advantage of quantum-confinement nanostructure, it has not been widely utilized in AlGaN-based nanowires. Here we utilize the self-assembled nanowires (NWs) with embedding quantum-disks (Qdisks) to mitigate these issues, and achieve UV emission of 337 nm at 32 A/cm (80 mA in 0.5 × 0.5 mm device), a turn-on voltage of ∼5.5 V and droop-free behavior up to 120 A/cm of injection current. The device was grown on a titanium-coated n-type silicon substrate, to improve current injection and heat dissipation. A narrow linewidth of 11.7 nm in the electroluminescence spectrum and a strong wavefunctions overlap factor of 42% confirm strong quantum confinement within uniformly formed AlGaN/AlGaN Qdisks, verified using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The nitride-based UV nanowires light-emitting diodes (NWs-LEDs) grown on low cost and scalable metal/silicon template substrate, offers a scalable, environment friendly and low cost solution for numerous applications, such as solid-state lighting, spectroscopy, medical science and security.

  1. Self-consistent simulation of carrier confinement characteristics in (AlyGa1−yN/AlN)SLs/GaN/(InxGa1−xN/GaN)MQW/GaN heterostructures

    Ding Jieqin; Wang Xiaoliang; Xiao Hongling; Wang Cuimei; Yin Haibo; Chen Hong; Feng Chun; Jiang Lijuan


    Highlights: ► We present calculations of carrier confinement characteristics. ► An optimization of In x Ga 1−x N/GaN multiquantum-well (MQW) was made. ► 2DEG sheet carrier density in designed heterostructure is greatly increased. ► Interface roughness and alloy disorder scattering reduced. ► Carrier mobility will be improved in designed heterostructure. - Abstract: We present calculations of carrier confinement characteristics in (Al y Ga 1−y N/AlN)SLs/GaN/(In x Ga 1−x N/GaN)MQW/GaN heterojunction structure in the presence of spontaneous and piezoelectrically induced polarization effects. The calculations were made using a self-consistent solution of the Schrödinger, Poisson, potential and charge balance equations. An optimization of In x Ga 1−x N/GaN multiquantum-well (MQW) was made firstly including thickness of GaN channel, InGaN, and indium composition of In x Ga 1−x N in order to increase carrier density and mobility, and the influence of pairs of AlGaN/AlN superlattices (SLs) and InGaN/GaN MQWs on structure was discussed. Theoretical calculations clearly indicate that the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) sheet carrier density in designed heterostructure is greatly increased due to the enhancing of carrier confinement compared to those in conventional AlGaN/GaN one at the similar Al composition. Furthermore, the calculated carrier distribution shows that carrier mobility will be improved by reducing interface roughness and alloy disorder scattering in designed heterostructure.


    Hilčenko, Slavoljub


    Roditelji (Generacija 'Y') nemaju potpun uvid kako njihova djeca (Generacija 'Z') provode vrijeme za računalom. Cilj rada jeste predstavljanje modela kvalitetnog druženja roditelja i djece uz računalo za poticanje funkcionalno-logičkih kapaciteta (udruženo s motornim vježbama) u kojima su 15-godišnjaci Srbije na PISA testiranjima pokazali poražavajuće rezultate. Naša škola nije svemoguća i obrazovanje se ne stječe samo unutar institucionalnih reproduktivno-tradicionalnih 'zidina'. O njenoj te...

  3. Ekphrasis : au lieu de décrire ce qu’ils voyaient, ils réalisèrent ce qui était décrit

    Ana Vanessa Lucena


    Full Text Available Cette contribution s’insère dans le domaine des recherches actuelles en didactique des arts visuels mettant en évidence les pratiques de la réception des œuvres. Elle rend compte d’un projet d’apprentissage artistique prenant comme matière la collection René et Madeleine Junod et pratiquée durant quatre mois de leçons hebdomadaires dans deux classes de 7e maturité d’une école publique de la ville de La Chaux-de-Fonds en Suisse. Le projet a été vécu en trois parties : un exercice d’ekphrasis et de reproduction par la méthode de la grille de copie en salle de classe, une série de « jeux de stimulation de l’observation » pendant une visite au musée, complétée par les activités de dessin et coloriage à la maison et en salle de classe. Cet article est centré sur le premier exercice de « l’ekphrasis » où il a été proposé aux élèves la description de quatre tableaux de styles, thèmes et artistes différents. Chaque descriptif posait des contraintes en termes de composition des images et d’interprétation d’un vocabulaire spécifique aux arts visuels. Ekphrasis: Instead of describing what they were seeing, they created what was described This contribution goes into the domain of current research in Visual Arts didactics putting in evidence the methods of the “réception d’œuvre”. It reports an artistic learning project based on René and Madeleine Junod’s collection and practiced during four month of weekly Visual Arts lessons in two 7th grade classes of a public school in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The project was built in three parts: an “ekphrasis” activity, which implies describing by words a few paintings of the collection, then copying them using the “grille de copie” method; a few “games of observation skills stimulation” during the visit of a museum, then reinforced and completed by the “painting and drawing activities” at home and in the classroom. This article focuses only on the first exercise of the “ekphrasis” in which four paintings descriptions, all of different styles, themes and artists, were given to the students. Each description setting represented a constraint in terms of images composition and interpretation of a specific Visual Arts vocabulary.

  4. Droop-free AlxGa1-xN/AlyGa1-yN quantum-disks-in-nanowires ultraviolet LED emitting at 337 nm on metal/silicon substrates

    Janjua, Bilal; Sun, Haiding; Zhao, Chao; Anjum, Dalaver H.; Priante, Davide; Alhamoud, Abdullah A.; Wu, Feng-Yu; Li, Xiaohang; Albadri, Abdulrahman M.; Alyamani, Ahmed Y.; El-Desouki, Munir M.; Ng, Tien Khee; Ooi, Boon S.


    Currently the AlGaN-based ultraviolet (UV) solid-state lighting research suffers from numerous challenges. In particular, low internal quantum efficiency, low extraction efficiency, inefficient doping, large polarization fields, and high dislocation density epitaxy constitute bottlenecks in realizing high power devices. Despite the clear advantage of quantum-confinement nanostructure, it has not been widely utilized in AlGaN-based nanowires. Here we utilize the self-assembled nanowires (NWs) with embedding quantum-disks (Qdisks) to mitigate these issues, and achieve UV emission of 337 nm at 32 A/cm (80 mA in 0.5 × 0.5 mm device), a turn-on voltage of ∼5.5 V and droop-free behavior up to 120 A/cm of injection current. The device was grown on a titanium-coated n-type silicon substrate, to improve current injection and heat dissipation. A narrow linewidth of 11.7 nm in the electroluminescence spectrum and a strong wavefunctions overlap factor of 42% confirm strong quantum confinement within uniformly formed AlGaN/AlGaN Qdisks, verified using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The nitride-based UV nanowires light-emitting diodes (NWs-LEDs) grown on low cost and scalable metal/silicon template substrate, offers a scalable, environment friendly and low cost solution for numerous applications, such as solid-state lighting, spectroscopy, medical science and security.

  5. Exploitation du consommateur et aliénation du client. La sphère domestique comme espace de création de valeur économique et symbolique

    Perronet, Alexandra


    La phase actuelle d’accumulation capitalistique tend à faire de la consommation non seulement une sphère de reproduction des rapports sociaux, mais un lieu de production des forces de travail. Partant de ce postulat, cet article se propose de montrer comment les pratiques de consommation structurent les rapports sociaux de production. Selon l’auteur, il s'agit d'une question à la fois pratique et symbolique : la consommation déterminant tant l'organisation des rapports sociaux que le développ...

  6. Influence du temps de conservation du sang sur l'hémogramme réalisé avec le Vet-ABC chez le chien et le chat

    Caillard, Agnès


    L'utilisation du Vet abc, automate d'hématologie de type «coulter » a permis d'étudier les modifications engendrées par la conservation du sang pendant 24 heures à température ambiante, sur les paramètres et constituants de l'hémogramme du chien et du chat. L'évaluation de l'effet de la conservation du sang sur l'IDR et sur les courbes de distribution cellulaire, constitue l'originalité de ce travail. Les évolutions les plus notables ont été les suivantes : - un VGM qui augmente en moyenne de...

  7. Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Vibrio halioticoli Genes Encoding Three Types of Polyguluronate Lyase.

    Sugimura; Sawabe; Ezura


    The alginate lyase-coding genes of Vibrio halioticoli IAM 14596(T), which was isolated from the gut of the abalone Haliotis discus hannai, were cloned using plasmid vector pUC 18, and expressed in Escherichia coli. Three alginate lyase-positive clones, pVHB, pVHC, and pVHE, were obtained, and all clones expressed the enzyme activity specific for polyguluronate. Three genes, alyVG1, alyVG2, and alyVG3, encoding polyguluronate lyase were sequenced: alyVG1 from pVHB was composed of a 1056-bp open reading frame (ORF) encoding 352 amino acid residues; alyVG2 gene from pVHC was composed of a 993-bp ORF encoding 331 amino acid residues; and alyVG3 gene from pVHE was composed of a 705-bp ORF encoding 235 amino acid residues. Comparison of nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences among AlyVG1, AlyVG2, and AlyVG3 revealed low homologies. The identity value between AlyVG1 and AlyVG2 was 18.7%, and that between AlyVG2 and AlyVG3 was 17.0%. A higher identity value (26.0%) was observed between AlyVG1 and AlyVG3. Sequence comparison among known polyguluronate lyases including AlyVG1, AlyVG2, and AlyVG3 also did not reveal an identical region in these sequences. However, AlyVG1 showed the highest identity value (36.2%) and the highest similarity (73.3%) to AlyA from Klebsiella pneumoniae. A consensus region comprising nine amino acid (YFKAGXYXQ) in the carboxy-terminal region previously reported by Mallisard and colleagues was observed only in AlyVG1 and AlyVG2.

  8. National Centers for Environmental Prediction

    Dynamics, doi:10.1007/s00382-017-3587-z, 2017. 2016 Chattopadhyay R., Suryachandra A. Rao, Sabeerali C.T Applied Climatology, 125, August 2016, DOI:10.1007/s00704-015-1521-z, 413-426. Chaudhari, H.S., Hazra, A :10.1007/s00704-015-1515, 253-269. Chowdary J.S., Parekh A., Kakatkar R., Gnanaseelan C., Srinivas G

  9. Alcoholic liver disease in Nepal: identifying homemade alcohol as a culprit

    Pradhan, Bickram; Hadengue,Antoine; Chappuis,François; Chaudhary,Shatdal; Baral,Dharanidhar; Gache,Pascal; Karki,Prahlad; Rijal,Suman


    Bickram Pradhan,1 Antoine Hadengue,2 François Chappuis,3 Shatdal Chaudhary,1 Dharanidhar Baral,4 Pascal Gache,5 Prahlad Karki,6 Suman Rijal6 1Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Internal Medicine, B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal; 2Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 3Division of Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland; 4Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, ...

  10. Novel treatment options for nonmelanoma skin cancer: focus on electronic brachytherapy

    Kasper, Michael E; Chaudhary, Ahmed A


    Michael E Kasper,1,2 Ahmed A Chaudhary3 1Department of Radiation Oncology, Lynn Cancer Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Boca Raton, 2Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University, FL, 3North Main Radiation Oncology, Warren Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University, RI, USA Abstract: Nonmelanoma skin cancer (NMSC) is an increasing health care issue in the United States, significantly affecting quality of life and impacting health care costs. Radiotherapy has ...

  11. Abstracts from the 3rd International Genomic Medicine Conference (3rd IGMC 2015)

    Shay, Jerry W.; Homma, Noriko; Zhou, Ruyun; Naseer, Muhammad Imran; Chaudhary, Adeel G.; Al-Qahtani, Mohammed; Hirokawa, Nobutaka; Goudarzi, Maryam; Fornace, Albert J.; Baeesa, Saleh; Hussain, Deema; Bangash, Mohammed; Alghamdi, Fahad; Schulten, Hans-Juergen; Carracedo, Angel


    Table of contents O1 Regulation of genes by telomere length over long distances Jerry W. Shay O2 The microtubule destabilizer KIF2A regulates the postnatal establishment of neuronal circuits in addition to prenatal cell survival, cell migration, and axon elongation, and its loss leading to malformation of cortical development and severe epilepsy Noriko Homma, Ruyun Zhou, Muhammad Imran Naseer, Adeel G. Chaudhary, Mohammed Al-Qahtani, Nobutaka Hirokawa O3 Integration of metagenomics and metabo...

  12. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 10, No 39 (2011)

    Studies on Buddleja asiatica antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic and Ca antagonist activities · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. F Ali, I Ali, HU Khan, AU Khan, AH Gilani, 7679-7683 ...

  13. Ascertainment of acute liver injury in two European primary care databases

    Ruigómez, A.; Brauer, R.; Rodríguez, L. A García; Huerta, C.; Requena, G.; Gil, M.; de Abajo, Francisco; Downey, G.; Bate, A.; Tepie, M. Feudjo; de Groot, M.C.H.; Schlienger, R.; Reynolds, R.; Klungel, O.


    Purpose The purpose of this study was to ascertain acute liver injury (ALI) in primary care databases using different computer algorithms. The aim of this investigation was to study and compare the incidence of ALI in different primary care databases and using different definitions of ALI. Methods

  14. Unraveling systematic inventory of Echinops (Asteraceae) with special reference to nrDNA ITS sequence-based molecular typing of Echinops abuzinadianus.

    Ali, M A; Al-Hemaid, F M; Lee, J; Hatamleh, A A; Gyulai, G; Rahman, M O


    The present study explored the systematic inventory of Echinops L. (Asteraceae) of Saudi Arabia, with special reference to the molecular typing of Echinops abuzinadianus Chaudhary, an endemic species to Saudi Arabia, based on the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences (ITS1-5.8S-ITS2) of nuclear ribosomal DNA. A sequence similarity search using BLAST and a phylogenetic analysis of the ITS sequence of E. abuzinadianus revealed a high level of sequence similarity with E. glaberrimus DC. (section Ritropsis). The novel primary sequence and the secondary structure of ITS2 of E. abuzinadianus could potentially be used for molecular genotyping.

  15. Syria and Iraq: Relations and Prospects


    Asad TABLE 1 HAFIZ AL-ASAD’S KINSHIP GROUP Position Kinship Adnan Makhluf Muhammad al-Khuli Ali Dubah Ali Arslan Ali Salih Ali Haydar Shafiq...predecessor, General Ahmad Hasan al-Bakr, to neutralize the military’s tendency to overthrow the Party, as it did in 1963 under General Abd al-Salam Arif...SADDAM HUSAYN’S KINSHIP GROUP POSITION KINSHIP General Adnan Khay- rallah (Talfah) Ali Hasan al-Majid Fadhil al-Barrak Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri Kamil

  16. Rule base system for identification of patients with specific critical care syndromes: The "sniffer" for acute lung injury.

    Herasevich, V; Yilmaz, M; Khan, H; Chute, C G; Gajic, O


    Early detection of specific critical care syndromes, such as sepsis or acute lung injury (ALI)is essential for timely implementation of evidence based therapies. Using a near-real time copy of the electronic medical records ("ICU data mart") we developed and validated custom electronic alert (ALI"sniffer") in a cohort of 485 critically ill medical patients. Compared with the gold standard of prospective screening, ALI "sniffer" demonstrated good sensitivity, 93% (95% CI 90 to 95) and specificity, 90% (95% CI 87 to 92). It is not known if the bedside implementation of ALI "sniffer" will improve the adherence to evidence-based therapies and outcome of patients with ALI.

  17. Scale Effects in Laboratory and Pilot-Plant Reactors for Trickle-Flow Processes Les conséquences de l'extrapolation appliquée aux procédés à écoulement ruisselant réalisés en laboratoire et dans les réacteurs des unités-pilotes

    Sie S. T.


    Full Text Available Research and development studies in a laboratory are necessarily conducted on a scale which is orders of magnitude smaller than that in commercial practice. In the case of the development and commercialization of an unprecedented novel process technology, available laboratory results have to be translated into envisaged technology on a commercial scale, i. e. the problem is that of scaling-up. However, in many circumstances the commercial technology is more or less defined as far as type of reactor is concerned and laboratory studies are concerned with the generation of predictive information on the behaviour of new catalysts, alternative feedstocks, etc. , in such a reactor. In many cases the complexity of feed composition and reaction kinetics preclude the prediction to be made on the basis of a combination of fundamental kinetic data and computer models, so that there is no other option than to simulate the commercial reactor on a laboratory scale, i. e. the problem is that of scaling-down. From the point of view of R & D Defficiency, the scale of the laboratory experiments should be as small as possible without detracting from the meaningfulness of the results. In the present paper some problems in the scaling-down of a trickle-flow reactor as applied in hydrotreating processes to kinetically equivalent laboratory reactors of different sizes will be discussed. Two main aspects relating to inequalities in fluid dynamics resulting from the differences in scale will be treated in more detail, viz. deviations from ideal plug flow and non ideal wetting or irrigation of the catalyst particles. Although a laboratory reactor can never be a true small-scale replica of a commercial trickle-flow reactor in all respects, it can nevertheless be made to provide representative data as far as the catalytic conversion aspects are concerned. By ressorting to measures such as catalyst bed dilution with fine catalytically inert material it proves possible to carry out meaningful process research on hydrotreating processes on the scale of micro-reactors. Les études et mises au point effectuées en laboratoire sont nécessairement effectuées à plus petite échelle que les réalisations commerciales. Dans le cas de la mise au point et de la commercialisation de la technologie d'un procédé nouveau, il faudra traduire les résultats obtenus en laboratoire pour la technologie envisagée à l'échelle commerciale; le problème est donc l'extrapolation vers le haut. Cependant, bien souvent, la technologie commerciale, pour ce qui touche au type de réacteur, est plus ou moins bien définie et les études de laboratoire s'attachent à produire des données permettant de prévoir le comportement qu'auront dans ce réacteur des catalyseurs nouveaux, de matières premières de substitution, etc. Dans bien des cas, étant donné la complexité de la composition de la matière première et la cinétique de réaction, il est impossible de mener la prévision en s'appuyant sur les données cinétiques et les modèles informatiques, de sorte qu'il n'y a pas d'autre solution que la simulation du réacteur commercial à l'échelle du laboratoire; le problème est donc l'extrapolation vers le bas. Du point de vue de l'efficacité des études de recherche et développement, pour les expériences en laboratoire, l'échelle devra être aussi petite que possible sans nuire à la signification des résultats. Le présent article examine certains problèmes liés à l'extrapolation vers le bas d'un réacteur à écoulement ruisselant telle qu'elle est appliquée dans les procédés d'hydrotraitement à des réacteurs de laboratoire de tailles différentes cinétiquement équivalents. Deux aspects principaux relatifs à des inégalités de dynamique des fluides résultant de différences d'échelle sont décrits plus en détail, i. e. les écarts par rapport à un écoulement idéal donnant lieu à un effet bouchon et au mouillage ou à l'irrigation non-idéal des particules de catalyseur. Bien qu'un réacteur de laboratoire ne puisse jamais être la réplique exacte à petite échelle d'un réacteur commercial à écoulement ruisselant, il peut néanmoins être conçu de façon à fournir des données représentatives en ce qui concerne les aspects de la conversion catalytique. En considérant les mesures telles que la dilution du lit de catalyseur à l'aide d'un produit inerte du point de vue catalytique, il se révèle possible de mener à bien une recherche significative sur les procédés d'hydrotraitement à l'échelle des micro-réacteurs.


    Dr. Ercan ALKAYA


    Full Text Available The basic vocabulary which constructs the main vocabulary of alanguage is the word that is transferred from generation to generation in everylanguage, has importance of first degree and reflects important concepts aboutmankind and his environment. The words dealing with body, color, andconcepts about nature, animal names, numbers, and the most used verbs,words of holy concepts and persons and traditions consist of basic vocabularyof a language. In this study, the change in vocabulary of Kazan Tatar Turks, whomigrated from Kazan, Orenburg and Samara regions and inhabited in thevillage of Osmaniye of Çifteler, Eskisehir after 1884, was investigated. Thedialects of Tatar Turks who migrated from Kazan and its surrounding areawere affected by the local people who have been living in that region. Thoughthey still protect phonetical and morphological features of their language, itwas affected by the local dialect and Turkey Turkish.The main changes in the vocabulary of Tatar Turks in Osmaniye villagewere evaluated under several headings.

  19. Studium diverzity a aktivity mikrobního společenstva výsypkových substrátů ovlivněných aktivitou pionýrského druhu žížaly .i.Lumbricus rubellus./i. (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae)

    Krištůfek, Václav; Frouz, Jan; Elhottová, Dana; Márialigeti, K.; Borsodi, A.; Tóth, E.; Ruznyak, A.; Chroňáková, Alica; Uhlířová, E.; Pižl, Václav; Šustr, Vladimír; Baldrian, Petr


    Roč. 15, č. 1 (2007), VII-VIII ISSN 1210-4612 R&D Projects: GA MŠk LC06066; GA MŠk 2B06154; GA AV ČR 1QS600660505 Grant - others:MŠMT(CZ) 12/2004 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z60660521; CEZ:AV0Z50200510 Source of funding: V - iné verejné zdroje Keywords : microbial community * saprophagous fauna * diverzity Subject RIV: EH - Ecology, Behaviour

  20. Crystal structure and optical property of complex perovskite oxynitrides ALi0.2Nb0.8O2.8N0.2, ANa0.2Nb0.8O2.8N0.2, and AMg0.2Nb0.8O2.6N0.4 (A = Sr, Ba)

    Moon, Keon Ho; Avdeev, Maxim; Kim, Young-Il


    Oxynitride type complex perovskites AM0.2Nb0.8O3-xNx (A = Sr, Ba; M = Li, Na, Mg) were newly synthesized by the solid state diffusion of Li+, Na+, or Mg2+ into the layered oxide, A5Nb4O15, with concurrent O/N substitution. Neutron and synchrotron X-ray Rietveld refinement showed that SrLi0.2Nb0.8O2.8N0.2, SrNa0.2Nb0.8O2.8N0.2, and SrMg0.2Nb0.8O2.6N0.4 had body-centered tetragonal symmetry (I4/mcm), while those with A = Ba had simple cubic symmetry (Pm 3 ̅ m). In the tetragonal Sr-compounds, the nitrogen atoms were localized on the c-axial 4a site. However, the octahedral cations, M/Nb (M = Li, Na, Mg) were distributed randomly in all six compounds. The lattice volume of AM0.2Nb0.8O3-xNx was dependent on various factors including the type of A and the electronegativity of M. Compared to the simple perovskites, ANbO2N (A = Sr, Ba), AM0.2Nb0.8O3-xNx had wider band gaps (1.76-2.15 eV for A = Sr and 1.65-2.10 eV for A = Ba), but significantly lower sub-gap absorption.

  1. On the AlxGa1-xN/AlyGa1-yN/AlxGa1-xN (x>y) p-electron blocking layer to improve the hole injection for AlGaN based deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes

    Chu, Chunshuang; Tian, Kangkai; Fang, Mengqian; Zhang, Yonghui; Li, Luping; Bi, Wengang; Zhang, Zi-Hui


    This work proposes the [0001] oriented AlGaN-based deep ultraviolet (DUV) light-emitting diode (LED) possessing a specifically designed p-electron blocking layer (p-EBL) to achieve the high internal quantum efficiency. Both electrons and holes can be efficiently injected into the active region by adopting the Al0.60Ga0.40N/Al0.50Ga0.50N/Al0.60Ga0.40N structured p-EBL, in which a p-Al0.50Ga0.50N layer is embedded into the p-EBL. Moreover, the impact of different thicknesses for the p-Al0.50Ga0.50N insertion layer on the hole and electron injections has also been investigated. Compared with the DUV LED with the bulk p-Al0.60Ga0.40N as the EBL, the proposed LED architectures improve the light output power if the thickness of the p-Al0.50Ga0.50N insertion layer is properly designed.

  2. Translation into Turkish of: “Changes to publication requirements made at the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne – what does e-publication mean for you?”. Translated by Ali A. Dönmez, Yusuf Menemen and Zübeyde Uğurlu

    Sandra Knapp


    Full Text Available Changes to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature are decided on every 6 years at Nomenclature Sections associated with International Botanical Congresses (IBC. The XVIII IBC was held in Melbourne, Australia; the Nomenclature Section met on 18-22 July 2011 and its decisions were accepted by the Congress at its plenary session on 30 July. Several important changes were made to the Code as a result of this meeting that will affect publication of new names. Two of these changes will come into effect on 1 January 2012, some months before the Melbourne Code is published. Electronic material published online in Portable Document Format (PDF with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN or an International Standard Book Number (ISBN will constitute effective publication, and the requirement for a Latin description or diagnosis for names of new taxa will be changed to a requirement for a description or diagnosis in either Latin or English. In addition, effective from 1 January 2013, new names of organisms treated as fungi must, in order to be validly published, include in the protologue (everything associated with a name at its valid publication the citation of an identifier issued by a recognized repository (such as MycoBank. Draft text of the new articles dealing with electronic publication is provided and best practice is outlined.To encourage dissemination of the changes made to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants, this article will be published in BMC Evolutionary Biology, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, Brittonia, Cladistics, MycoKeys, Mycotaxon, New Phytologist, North American Fungi, Novon, Opuscula Philolichenum, PhytoKeys, Phytoneuron, Phytotaxa, Plant Diversity and Resources, Systematic Botany and Taxon.

  3. Translation into Turkish of: “Changes to publication requirements made at the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne – what does e-publication mean for you?”. Translated by Ali A. Dönmez, Yusuf Menemen and Zübeyde Uğurlu

    Sandra Knapp


    Full Text Available Changes to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature are decided on every 6 years at Nomenclature Sections associated with International Botanical Congresses (IBC. The XVIII IBC was held in Melbourne, Australia; the Nomenclature Section met on 18-22 July 2011 and its decisions were accepted by the Congress at its plenary session on 30 July. Several important changes were made to the Code as a result of this meeting that will affect publication of new names. Two of these changes will come into effect on 1 January 2012, some months before the Melbourne Code is published. Electronic material published online in Portable Document Format (PDF with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN or an International Standard Book Number (ISBN will constitute effective publication, and the requirement for a Latin description or diagnosis for names of new taxa will be changed to a requirement for a description or diagnosis in either Latin or English. In addition, effective from 1 January 2013, new names of organisms treated as fungi must, in order to be validly published, include in the protologue (everything associated with a name at its valid publication the citation of an identifier issued by a recognized repository (such as MycoBank. Draft text of the new articles dealing with electronic publication is provided and best practice is outlined.To encourage dissemination of the changes made to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants, this article will be published in BMC Evolutionary Biology, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, Brittonia, Cladistics, MycoKeys, Mycotaxon, New Phytologist, North American Fungi, Novon, Opuscula Philolichenum, PhytoKeys, Phytoneuron, Phytotaxa, Plant Diversity and Resources, Systematic Botany and Taxon.

  4. Usage des TIC, qualité de vie, bien-être et santé psychologique au travail: une étude réalisée au ministère de l'économie numérique, de la communication et de la poste au Gabon

    Medzo-M 'engone , Joseph


    The use of technology in public organizations in some African countries such as Gabon reflects a desire to improve quality of service for users and to make work processes more effective. Literature presents evidences that technological innovations in Western companies bring some advantages on both organizational and socio-professional levels, but also numerous negative impacts. The impact of technological change on occupational and organizational psychology in Public Administration in Gabon h...

  5. Quels sont les obstacles au développement de la dématérialisation dans le secteur médical public à l’ère du numérique et de la quête du zéro papier ? Étude de cas de l’établissement hospitalier Ali Ait Idir d’Alger

    Bitat, Aida


    Les technologies de l’information et de la communication rencontrent un vif engouement dans pratiquement tous les secteurs d’activité, ce qui a conduit à un changement significatif dans les modes de communication et de travail, c’est notamment le cas pour le secteur de la santé qui est fortement bénéficiaire de la dématérialisation de ses processus. Une réorganisation, ainsi qu’une formation continue du personnel en faveur du développement et de l’intégration des nouvelles technologies de l’i...

  6. Çokanlamlilik Ve Değiştirim Üzerine Anlambilimsel Bir Çalişma: Fransizcada Algilama Eylemleri Une Etude Sémantique Sur La Polysémie Et La Commutation : Le Cas Des Verbes De Perception En Français

    Fulya BOYRAZ


    Full Text Available Dans ce travail, nous avons distingué l’expression linguistique dela perception d’une phénoménologie de la perception et nous n’avonsétudié que les “verbes de perception”. Il faut noter justement ici que lesverbes dont le contenu sémantique désigne le perceptible (comme puer,luire… sont très différents des verbes qui imposent l’achèvement de laperception (voir, entendre… et des verbes dont la signification impliqueune intention précise (regarder, toucher, écouter…. Dans ce cadre, cespremiers sont écartés de cette étude. Cet article vise à aborder lesproblèmes engendrés par la polysémie et la commutation. Nous avonssuivi une démarche sémantique et discursive en vue d’observer lesacceptions de ces verbes et d’exposer les sous-catégories en tenantcompte de la richesse d’expression que fournissent ces verbes.Il est possible de définir la commutation comme fait desubstitutiond’un mot par un autre lorsqu’ils sont polysémiques ou lorsqu’ilsrenvoient à la même zone de signification. Bien que les verbes deperception en français soient polysémiques, il n’est pas difficile derelever le sens discursif en tenant compte du contexte et lacommutation peut se faire selon les possibilités du contexte. Toutefois,il y a des cas où ces verbes sont employés pour désigner plutôt lerésultat d’une activité intellectuelle et ils recouvrent dans ce cadre, lasignification du verbe “comprendre”. Le fait qui ne permet pas tojoursune commutation entre ces verbes et qui pose certains problèmesdidactiques, surtout pour expliquer le sens linguistique et la valeurdiscursive dans l’enseignement du français langue étrangère. Bu çalışmada, algılamanın dilsel ifadesi olan sözcükler, bir olgu olan “algı”dan ayrılmış ve sadece sözcük türü olarak “algılama eylemleri” araştırma konusu yapılmıştır. Anlamsal içeriği, kokmak, parıldamak, çatırdamak gibi algılananın algıya neden olan özelliklerini ifade eden eylemlerin, algılama eyleminin gerçekleşimini ifade eden eylemlerden (görmek, duymak gibi ve algılamaya yöneltilen bilinçli eylemlerden (bakmak, dinlemek, dokunmak gibi ayrı tutulması gerekir. Bu çalışmada, yukarıda sözü edilen eylemlerden ilk grubu oluşturanlar inceleme dışında tutulmuş ve algıya yönelik bilinçli ve istemli algı ifade den eylemlerle, bu eylemlerin bir sonucu olarak ortya çıkan algılama ya da algılayamama durumunu ifade eden eylemler söz konusu edilmiştir. Çalışmamızda Fransızca’daki algılama eylemleri, özellikle çokanlamlı yapıları nedeniyle ortaya koydukları sorunlar çerçevesinde anlambilimsel açıdan ve söylemsel boyuttaki ifade zenginlikleri nedeniyle söylemsel açıdan ele alınmıştır.Değiştirim anlamdaş ya da yakın anlamlı sözcükler arasında birbirinin yerine geçme durumu olarak tanımlanabilir ve değiştirim yapılabilmesi için sözcede (énoncé ya da tümcede (phrase anlamsal ve söylemsel değerin korunması ön koşuldur. Fransızcanın algılama eylemleri (toucher, regarder, voir, écouter, entendre, sentir çokanlamlı yapıya sahip olmalarına rağmen söylem içerisinde ve bağlam değerlendirildiğinde anlamları kesinleşmekte ve değişitirim (commutation söz konusu bağlamın izin verdiği ölçüde, gerçekleşebilmektedir. Oysa ki bu sözcükler duyusal algı değil de zihinsel algı sürecinin sonucu olan “anlamak” sözcüğünün yerine geçtikleri zaman dilsel ve söylemsel sorunlar ortaya çıkmakta, değişitirim seçenekleri daralmakta ve özellikle Fransızcanın yabancı dil olarak öğretiminde söylemsel değeri açıklamak daha zor hale gelmektedir.

  7. QUALICOPC: Birinci basamak sağlik hizmetlerini kalite, maliyet ve aşitlik açisindan değerlendiren çok ülkeli bir çalişma* = QUALICOPC: a multi-country study evaluating quality, costs and equity in primary care.

    Akman, M.; Kalaça, S.; Sargin, M.; Tuncel, B.; Ünlüoğlu, I.; Uğurlu, M.; Schäfer, W.L.A.; Boerma, W.G.W.; Groenewegen, P.P.


    Objectives: The QUALICOPC (Quality and Costs of Primary Care in Europe) study aims to evaluate the performance of primary care systems in Europe in terms of quality, equity and costs. QUALICOPC is funded by the European Commission under the "Seventh Framework Program". In this article the

  8. Skandinavijos ir Baltijos šalys : kokia praktika įsivyraus finansinėse ataskaitose atskleidžiant ilgalaikį materialųjį turtą ir kaip tai paveiks įmonių strategiją?

    Diehl, Kevin A.


    Managers must choose cost or fair value to measure property, plant, and equipment. This research reports on the trend. Data emerge from policy disclosures in the 2009 annual reports. In percentage and number of industries, fair value is more prevalent in the Baltic than in Scandinavia. Vadovams tenka rinktis, kaip vertinti įmonių ilgalaikį materialųjį turtą: ar atskleisti finansinėse ataskaitose tokio turto savikainą, ar tikrąją vertę. Šis straipsnis išryškina tendencijas, autorius analizu...

  9. Zakharia Katia et Cheiban Ali (dir., Savoirs et Pouvoirs : genèse des traditions, traditions réinventées, coordonnée par, Maisonneuve et Larose, Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée, 2008, 275 p.

    Thomas Brisson


    Full Text Available Issues d’un séminaire organisé au GREMMO (Groupe de recherches et d’études sur la Méditerranée et le Moyen-Orient, les onze contributions rassemblées par K. Zahharia et A. Cheiban font dialoguer des chercheurs issus de disciplines différentes (historiens, sociologues, politologues, anthropologues, etc. autour d’un thème aussi riche que complexe : celui de la liaison entre savoirs et pouvoirs. L’intérêt de cette étude, ce qui en constitue parfois aussi les limites, tient en grande partie dan...

  10. Les représentations sociales de la profession de sage-femme chez des femmes enceintes après les manifestations d'octobre 2013Étude qualitative réalisée dans les départements des Bouches-du-Rhône et du Vaucluse

    Arquier, Adeline


    Introduction: « So, midwife, how many years after a nurse? ». The profession of midwife seems to be little known. This "beautiful craft" has evolved over time in terms of skills, training and knowledge making it unclear to the public. It is a medical profession with many different skills that are widening regularly. Three years have elapsed since the beginning of the strike and it seemed interesting to know what were the social representations of pregnant women about the roles and competences...

  11. Effects of different tidal volumes in pulmonary and extrapulmonary lung injury with or without intraabdominal hypertension.

    Santos, Cíntia L; Moraes, Lillian; Santos, Raquel S; Oliveira, Mariana G; Silva, Johnatas D; Maron-Gutierrez, Tatiana; Ornellas, Débora S; Morales, Marcelo M; Capelozzi, Vera L; Jamel, Nelson; Pelosi, Paolo; Rocco, Patricia R M; Garcia, Cristiane S N B


    We hypothesized that: (1) intraabdominal hypertension increases pulmonary inflammatory and fibrogenic responses in acute lung injury (ALI); (2) in the presence of intraabdominal hypertension, higher tidal volume reduces lung damage in extrapulmonary ALI, but not in pulmonary ALI. Wistar rats were randomly allocated to receive Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide intratracheally (pulmonary ALI) or intraperitoneally (extrapulmonary ALI). After 24 h, animals were randomized into subgroups without or with intraabdominal hypertension (15 mmHg) and ventilated with positive end expiratory pressure = 5 cmH(2)O and tidal volume of 6 or 10 ml/kg during 1 h. Lung and chest wall mechanics, arterial blood gases, lung and distal organ histology, and interleukin (IL)-1β, IL-6, caspase-3 and type III procollagen (PCIII) mRNA expressions in lung tissue were analyzed. With intraabdominal hypertension, (1) chest-wall static elastance increased, and PCIII, IL-1β, IL-6, and caspase-3 expressions were more pronounced than in animals with normal intraabdominal pressure in both ALI groups; (2) in extrapulmonary ALI, higher tidal volume was associated with decreased atelectasis, and lower IL-6 and caspase-3 expressions; (3) in pulmonary ALI, higher tidal volume led to higher IL-6 expression; and (4) in pulmonary ALI, liver, kidney, and villi cell apoptosis was increased, but not affected by tidal volume. Intraabdominal hypertension increased inflammation and fibrogenesis in the lung independent of ALI etiology. In extrapulmonary ALI associated with intraabdominal hypertension, higher tidal volume improved lung morphometry with lower inflammation in lung tissue. Conversely, in pulmonary ALI associated with intraabdominal hypertension, higher tidal volume increased IL-6 expression.

  12. Endovascular Management of Acute Limb Ischemia.

    Hynes, Brian G


    Despite major advances in pharmacologic and endovascular therapies, acute limb ischemia (ALI) continues to result in significant morbidity and mortality. The incidence of ALI may be as high as 13-17 cases per 100,000 people per year, with mortality rates approaching 18% in some series. This review will address the contemporary endovascular management of ALI encompassing pharmacologic and percutaneous interventional treatment strategies.

  13. The Role of Alveolar Macrophage Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptors in Acute Lung Injury


    Contribution to Project Performed bone marrow chimeras, influenza A model of ALI . Performed crossing and breeding of mice. Funding Support Name...Identifier (ORCID ID) Nearest person month worked 3 Contribution to Project Performed bone marrow chimeras, influenza A model of ALI . Assisted in...worked 12 Contribution to Project Performed experiments, optimized influenza A- induced ALI model, developed PKH26 methodology. Performed crossing and breeding of mice. Funding Support T32 HL007605

  14. Impact of ICRP publication 68

    Carter, M.W.; Woods, D.A.


    ICRP Publication 61 was a temporary replacement for ICRP Publication 30. It gave ALIs but not the underlying dose conversion factors. ICRP Publication 68 has now been issued to replace Publication 61; it contains the dose conversion factors but not the ALIs, so comparison is impossible without carrying out calculations. This paper presents comparisons between the two publications and calculates the ICRP Publication 68 ALIs for some of the more common radionuclides. (author)

  15. The Air Liquid-interface, a Skin Microenvironment, Promotes Growth of Melanoma Cells, but not Their Apoptosis and Invasion, through Activation of Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase

    Hong Yee, Chong; Aoki, Shigehisa; Uchihashi, Kazuyoshi; Matsunobu, Aki; Yamasaki, Fumio; Misago, Noriyuki; Piao, Meihua; Tetsuji, Uemura; Yonemitsu, Nobuhisa; Sugihara, Hajime; Toda, Shuji


    The air-liquid interface (ALI) is a common microenvironment of the skin, but it is unknown whether the ALI affects melanoma cell behaviors. Using a collagen gel invasion assay, immunohistochemistry, and Western blots, here we show that melanoma cell proliferation in cultures with an ALI is higher than melanoma cell proliferation in submerged cultures. Bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) uptake, an indicator of cell proliferation, of melanoma cells at the ALI was about 3 times that of submerged cells, while ALI and submerged melanoma cells had similar levels of single-stranded DNA (a marker of apoptosis). The ALI enhanced the expression of Raf-1, MEK-1 and pERK-1/2 components of the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascade, in cells more than the submerged condition did. The increases in BrdU uptake and pERK-1/2 expression promoted by ALI was abolished by the MEK inhibitor, PD-98059. ALI-treated and submerged melanoma cells did not infiltrate into the collagen gel, and they showed no significant difference in the expression of the invasion- and motility-related molecules, matrix metalloproteinase-1 and -9, laminin 5, and filamin A. Our data indicate that the ALI, a skin microenvironment, accelerates the growth, but not the apoptosis or invasion, of melanoma cells through MAPK activation

  16. Linkage disequilibrium between incompatibility locus region genes in the plant Arabidopsis lyrata

    Hagenblad, Jenny; Bechsgaard, Jesper Smærup; Charlesworth, Deborah


    to the incompatibility locus, one being a pseudogene. We determined the phase of multiple haplotypes in families of plants from Icelandic and other populations. Different Aly8 sequence types are associated with different SRK alleles, while haplotypes with the same SRK sequences tend to have the same Aly8 sequence...... the evolutionary history of these populations. Overall, the results suggest that recombination rarely occurs in the interval between the S-loci and Aly8 and that linkage to the S-loci can probably account for the observed high Aly8 diversity....

  17. Microbes and Gut-Epithelium


    Aug 26, 2016 ... Author Affiliations. Sarita Ahlawat1. Research Associate Malaria Group International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) Aruna Asaf Ali Marg New Delhi 110067, India.

  18. diSCuSSion of APPliCAtion of refleCtion WAve method to AnAlySiS of ChArACterS of roCK And Soil of beArinG lAyer At the end of Pile duG by mAn PoWer%反射波法在人工挖孔桩桩端持力层岩土性状分析中应用探讨



    By comparison of measured results by reflection wave method with detection results by drilled core method of low strain of man power-dug hole pile of a construction, this paper concluded that reflection wave method detection result of low strain can qualitatively be used for judging characters of rock and soil in bearing layer at the end of man power-dug hole grouting pile, and longitudinal wave velocity of rock mass is closely related to intactness of rock and weathering degree of rocks[1,2].%通过某工程人工挖孔桩低应变反射波法实测结果与钻芯法检测结果对比分析,认为低应变反射波法检测结果可定性判断人工挖孔灌注桩桩端持力层岩土性状,岩体的纵波速度与岩石的完整程度、岩石风化程度等因素关系密切[1~2],本文利用低应变反射波法检测结果计算了人工挖孔灌注桩持力层纵波速度,利用计算的持力层纵波速度对人工挖孔桩持力层岩土性状进行了探讨。

  19. Regio- and stereo-selective polymerization of 1,3-butadiene catalyzed by phosphorus–nitrogen PN3-pincer cobalt(ii) complexes

    Gong, Dirong; Zhang, Xuequan; Huang, Kuo-Wei


    ligand through the pyridinyl nitrogen, the pyrazol nitrogen and the phosphorus donor, with a long Co-P bond distance indicating a labile character. On activation with AlEt2Cl, Al2Et3Cl3, MAO, [Ph3C]+[B(C6F5)4]-/AliBu3 or AliBu3, cis-1,4 selective

  20. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 12, No 9 (2013)

    Molecular identification of Giardia lamblia isolates from adult human cases in southwest of Iran · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Elham Sadat Roointan, Abdollah Rafiei, Ali Reza Samarbaf-Zadeh, Ali Akbar Shayesteh, Ahmad Shamsizadeh, Mahdi ...

  1. R-ES-ONANCE--IJ-an-ua-rY

    However, his magnum opus was undoubtedly the 10 volumes of the Hand- book of the Birds of India and Pakistan, written over 10 years between 1964 and 1974, the culmination of a life's work. This was later compiled into the Compact Handbook, the. Bible of the Indian birdwatcher. Salim Ali lets on less about Salim Ali the.

  2. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences. Afsar Ali. Articles written in Journal of Chemical Sciences. Volume 122 Issue 3 May 2010 pp 311-320 Perspective Articles. Lewis acidic metal catalysed organic transformations by designed multi-component structures and assemblies · Afsar Ali Amit P Singh Rajeev Gupta.

  3. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences. Farman Ali. Articles written in Journal of Chemical Sciences. Volume 122 Issue 6 November 2010 pp 847-855 Full Papers. Blue and white light electroluminescence in a multilayer OLED using a new aluminium complex · Pabitra K Nayak Neeraj Agarwal Farman Ali Meghan P ...

  4. Effects of Rosiglitazone on the Expression of PPAR-γ and the ...



    Mar 15, 2011 ... and the Production of IL-6 and IL-8 in Acute Lung. Injury Model ... pathophysiology of ALI [2,3]. Peroxisome .... view in the pathophysiologic mechanism of. ALI is that it is a ... DNA synthesis in breast cancer-derived cell lines.

  5. Browse Title Index

    Items 151 - 200 of 223 ... Mohammad G. Khirallah, Ahmed I. Eid. Vol 7, No 4 (2011) ... Ahmad Ali, Hesham Sheir, Basem Saied, Tamer Wafa, Mohamed El-Ghazaly. Vol 10, No 1 (2014) ... RH Hassan, KAE Aly, SM Kandil, MES Zaki. Vol 7, No 3 ...

  6. Feedback and education improve physician compliance in use of lung-protective mechanical ventilation

    Wolthuis, Esther K.; Korevaar, Johanna C.; Spronk, Peter; Kuiper, Michael A.; Dzoljic, Misa; Vroom, Margreeth B.; Schultz, Marcus J.


    Objective: Use of lung-protective mechanical ventilation (MV) by applying lower tidal volumes is recommended in patients suffering from acute lung injury (ALI) or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Recent data suggest that lung-protective MV may benefit non-ALI/ARDS patients as well. This

  7. Complexes of alkylphenols with aluminium halides

    Golounin, A.V.


    Interaction of aluminium halides with alkylphenols is studied through the NMR method. The peculiarity of complex formation of pentamethylphenol with AlI 3 is revealed. By AlI 3 action on the pentamethylphenol the complexes are formed both of keto- and oxy form [ru

  8. Determination of annual limit of intake for long-lived radioactive dust

    Ching, S.H.; Horvath, F.J.


    A method for the determination of the annual limit on intake (ALI) for long-lived radioactive dust that is associated with every step in the uranium production process is proposed. It is based on methodology indicated in ICRP 26. A sample calculation for the ALI of fresh yellowcake is provided to assist in explaining this method

  9. RESO-NA-NCEIJa-nu-a

    74 BOOK REVIEWS. • The Fall of a Sparrow. The life of Salim Ali. Kartik Shanker. • Quantum Revolution. The Birth of Quantum Mechanics. A K Vijaykumar. 81 REFLECTIONS. An Ornithological Pilgrimage to Lake Manasarowar and Mount Kallas. Salim Ali. Front Cover. The cover picture shows two representations of a.

  10. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 13, No 39 (2014)

    Genetic variability in coat protein gene of sugarcane mosaic virus in Pakistan and its relationship to other strains · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. S Ali, IA Nasir, A Ali, U Aslam, AM Farooq, M Tariq, B Tabassum, Z Qamar, TR Samiullah, AQ Rao, ...

  11. Investigation on the relationship between systemic burden and annual limits on intake of radionuclides

    Zhou Yongzeng


    The concept of systemic burden and the calculation of annual limits on intake (ALI) of radionuclides are discussed. The relationship between these two quantities is also described. Using this relationship, the ratio of actual amount of intake to ALI can be obtained for the assessment of the risk to internal exposure

  12. ALICE-ARC integration

    Anderlik, Csaba; Gregersen, Anders Rhod; Kleist, Josva


    Data Grid Facility (NDGF). In this paper we will present our approach to integrate AliEn and ARC, in the sense that ALICE data management and job processing can be carried out on the NDGF infrastructure, using the client tools available in AliEn. The interoperation has two aspects, one is the data...

  13. Browse Title Index

    Items 9851 - 9900 of 11090 ... Vol 10, No 39 (2011), Studies on Buddleja asiatica antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic and Ca++ antagonist activities, Abstract PDF. F Ali, I Ali, HU Khan, AU Khan, AH Gilani. Vol 9, No 22 (2010), Studies on Meloidogyne javanica infestation on roma tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) ...

  14. Journal of Earth System Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Earth System Science. Ali Asgari. Articles written in Journal of Earth System Science. Volume 123 Issue 2 March 2014 pp 365-379. Numerical evaluation of seismic response of shallow foundation on loose silt and silty sand · Ali Asgari Aliakbar Golshani Mohsen Bagheri · More Details Abstract ...

  15. Association between insertion/deletion polymorphism in angiotensin-converting enzyme gene and acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome: a meta-analysis

    Matsuda Akihisa


    Full Text Available Abstract Background A previous meta-analysis reported a positive association between an insertion/deletion (I/D polymorphism in the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene (ACE and the risk of acute lung injury (ALI/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS. Here, we updated this meta-analysis and additionally assessed the association of this polymorphism with ALI/ARDS mortality. Methods We searched electronic databases through October 2011 for the terms “angiotensin-converting enzyme gene”, “acute lung injury”, and “acute respiratory distress syndrome,” and reviewed all studies that reported the relationship of the I/D polymorphism in ACE with ALI/ARDS in humans. Seven studies met the inclusion criteria, comprising 532 ALI/ARDS patients, 3032 healthy controls, and 1432 patients without ALI/ARDS. We used three genetic models: the allele, dominant, and recessive models. Results The ACE I/D polymorphism was not associated with susceptibility to ALI/ARDS for any genetic model. However, the ACE I/D polymorphism was associated with the mortality risk of ALI/ARDS in Asian subjects ( Pallele Pdominant = 0.001, Precessive = 0.002. This finding remained significant after correction for multiple comparisons. Conclusions There is a possible association between the ACE I/D polymorphism genotype and the mortality risk of ALI/ARDS in Asians.

  16. Synthesis, characterization and electrical properties of visible-light ...

    Results indicate that the incorporation of dopant into ZnO coated on the surface of MWCNT was found to shift the funda- ..... In order to find out the maximum possible information .... Kashif M, Hashim U, Ali M E, Foo K L and Usman Ali S M.

  17. Spoken Word Recognition in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Specific Language Impairment

    Loucas, Tom; Riches, Nick; Baird, Gillian; Pickles, Andrew; Simonoff, Emily; Chandler, Susie; Charman, Tony


    Spoken word recognition, during gating, appears intact in specific language impairment (SLI). This study used gating to investigate the process in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders plus language impairment (ALI). Adolescents with ALI, SLI, and typical language development (TLD), matched on nonverbal IQ listened to gated words that varied…

  18. Mutational landscape of the human Y chromosome-linked genes ...

    arsenic pollution (Ali and Ali 2010), cases of prostate can- cer (Pathak et al. ...... of function of the KiSS1-derived peptide receptor GPR54. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. .... genes and loci in prostate cancer cell lines DU145 and LNCaP. BMC Genomics ...

  19. Case report



    Apr 14, 2016 ... Mohamed Ali Sbai1, &, Sofien Benzarti1, Feten Sbei1, Riadh Maalla2. 1Orthopedic ... &Corresponding author: Mohamed Ali Sbai, Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Department, Maamouri Hospital, Nabeul, Tunisia. Key words: .... Mnif H, Koubaa M, Zrig M, Jawahdou R, Sahnoun N, Abid A. Ganglion cyst of ...

  20. Kucukoner et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2013) 10(1 ...

    AJTCAM 21. COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE USAGE IN CANCER PATIENTS IN. SOUTHEAST OF TURKEY. Mehmet Kucukoner1, Zulfikar Bilge2, Abdurrahman Isıkdogan1, M. Ali Kaplan1, Ali Inal1 ...

  1. The risk of acute liver injury among users of antibiotic medications in the protect project: The results of a nested case-control study using european outpatient healthcare data

    Brauer, Ruth; Douglas, Ian; Rodriguez, Luis Alberto Garcia; Bate, Andrew; Smeeth, Liam; Reynolds, Robert; Klungel, Olaf; Ruigomez, Ana


    Background: The estimated incidence of antibiotic induced acute liver injury (ALI) varies widely, depending on the case definition and source population used. Objectives: We aimed to compare the risk of ALI associated with exposure to any type of antibiotic in a Spanish and United Kingdom (UK)

  2. 77 FR 70548 - Designation of one (1) individual Pursuant to Executive Order 13224 of September 23, 2001...


    ... follows: Individual 1. AL-MUSAWI, Ali Mussa Daqduq (a.k.a. 'ABD AL-YUNIS, Hamid Majid; a.k.a. AL-LAMI.... AL-MUSAWI, Hamid Muhammad Jabur; a.k.a. AL-MUSUI, Hamid Muhammad Jabur; a.k.a. DAQDUQ, Ali Mussa; a.k...

  3. Are lung-protective ventilation strategies worth the effort? | Slinger ...

    Nonphysiological ventilation in healthy lungs induces acute lung injury (ALI). Protective lung ventilation in patients with ALI improves outcome. Protective lung ventilation in noninjured lungs and in the absence of a primary pulmonary insult may initiate ventilation-induced lung injury (VILI), as evidenced by inflammatory ...

  4. Evaluation of air-liquid interface exposure systems for in vitro assessment of airborne pollutants

    Exposure of cells to airborne pollutants at the air-liquid interface (ALI) is a more realistic approach than exposures of submerged cells. The published literature, however, describes irreproducible and/or unrealistic experimental conditions using ALI systems. We have compared fi...

  5. Original Paper Efficacité d'un produit répulsif à base de l ...


    d'Anthranilate de Methyl ont été réalisés au champ, en station de recherche et au laboratoire. L'essai réalisé à ..... coagulation associés à une atrophie des fibres musculaires ... et c) une atteinte pulmonaire de type d'une pneumopathie.

  6. Coagulopathy as a Therapeutic Target for TRALI: Rationale and Possible Sites of Action

    Tuinman, Pieter R.; Schultz, Marcus J.; Juffermans, Nicole P.


    Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI) is a subcategory of acute lung injury (ALI). As such, there are many similarities between the syndromes, both clinically and pathophysiologically. Pulmonary changes in fibrin turnover have emerged as a hallmark of ALI, thereby initiating studies

  7. Sadhana | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Sadhana. ALI EBRAHIMNEJAD. Articles written in Sadhana. Volume 41 Issue 3 March 2016 pp 299-316. Fuzzy linear programming approach for solving transportation problems with interval-valued trapezoidal fuzzy numbers · ALI EBRAHIMNEJAD · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF. Transportation ...

  8. Uncoupling of glomerular IgA deposition and disease progression in alymphoplasia mice with IgA nephropathy.

    Masashi Aizawa

    Full Text Available Previous clinical and experimental studies have indicated that cells responsible for IgA nephropathy (IgAN, at least in part, are localized in bone marrow (BM. Indeed, we have demonstrated that murine IgAN can be experimentally reconstituted by bone marrow transplantation (BMT from IgAN prone mice in not only normal mice, but also in alymphoplasia mice (aly/aly independent of IgA+ cells homing to mucosa or secondary lymphoid tissues. The objective of the present study was to further assess whether secondary lymph nodes (LN contribute to the progression of this disease. BM cells from the several lines of IgAN prone mice were transplanted into aly/aly and wild-type mice (B6. Although the transplanted aly/aly showed the same degree of mesangial IgA and IgG deposition and the same serum elevation levels of IgA and IgA-IgG immune-complexes (IC as B6, even in extent, the progression of glomerular injury was observed only in B6. This uncoupling in aly/aly was associated with a lack of CD4+ T cells and macrophage infiltration, although phlogogenic capacity to nephritogenic IC of renal resident cells was identical between both recipients. It is suggested that secondary LN may be required for the full progression of IgAN after nephritogenic IgA and IgA/IgG IC deposition.

  9. Amputation des quatre members | Feruzi | Pan African Medical Journal

    , Mireille Kakinga Zabibu, Jules Panda Mulefu, Francois Tshilombo Katombe. Abstract. Les auteurs présentent les cas d'amputation des quatre membres réalisée chez trois patients différents. Ce sont des amputations réalisées pour chaque ...

  10. Optimal pricing and promotional effort control policies for a new product growth in segmented market

    Jha P.C.


    Full Text Available Market segmentation enables the marketers to understand and serve the customers more effectively thereby improving company’s competitive position. In this paper, we study the impact of price and promotion efforts on evolution of sales intensity in segmented market to obtain the optimal price and promotion effort policies. Evolution of sales rate for each segment is developed under the assumption that marketer may choose both differentiated as well as mass market promotion effort to influence the uncaptured market potential. An optimal control model is formulated and a solution method using Maximum Principle has been discussed. The model is extended to incorporate budget constraint. Model applicability is illustrated by a numerical example. P.C. Jha, P. Manik, K. Chaudhary, R. Cambini / Optimal Pricing and Promotional 2 Since the discrete time data is available, the formulated model is discretized. For solving the discrete model, differential evolution algorithm is used.

  11. Thermodynamic and acoustical properties of mixtures p-anisaldehyde—alkanols (C1-C4)—2-methyl-1-propanol at 303.15 K

    Saini, Balwinder; Kumar, Ashwani; Rani, Ruby; Bamezai, Rajinder K.


    The density, viscosity and speed of sound of pure p-anisaldehyde and some alkanols, for example, methanol, ethanol, propan-1-ol, propan-2-ol, butan-1-ol, butan-2-ol, 2-methylpropan-1-ol, and the binary mixtures of p-anisaldehyde with these alkanols were measured over the entire composition range at 303.15 K. From the experimental data, various thermodynamic parameters such as excess molar volume ( V E), excess Gibbs free energy of activation (Δ G*E), and deviation parameters like viscosity (Δη), speed of sound (Δ u), isentropic compressibility (Δκs), are calculated. The excess as well as deviation parameters are fitted to Redlich—Kister equation. Additionally, the viscosity data for the systems has been used to correlate the application of empirical relation given by Grunberg and Nissan, Katti and Chaudhari, and Hind et al. The results are discussed in terms of specific interactions present in the mixtures.

  12. The Sclerotic Scatter Limbal Arc Is More Easily Elicited under Mesopic Rather Than Photopic Conditions.

    Eric Denion

    Full Text Available We aimed to determine the limbal lighting illuminance thresholds (LLITs required to trigger perception of sclerotic scatter at the opposite non-illuminated limbus (i.e. perception of a light limbal scleral arc under different levels of ambient lighting illuminance (ALI.Twenty healthy volunteers were enrolled. The iris shade (light or dark was graded by retrieving the median value of the pixels of a pre-determined zone of a gray-level iris photograph. Mean keratometry and central corneal pachymetry were recorded. Each subject was asked to lie down, and the ALI at eye level was set to mesopic values (10, 20, 40 lux, then photopic values (60, 80, 100, 150, 200 lux. For each ALI level, a light beam of gradually increasing illuminance was applied to the right temporal limbus until the LLIT was reached, i.e. the level required to produce the faint light arc that is characteristic of sclerotic scatter at the nasal limbus.After log-log transformation, a linear relationship between the logarithm of ALI and the logarithm of the LLIT was found (p<0.001, a 10% increase in ALI being associated with an average increase in the LLIT of 28.9%. Higher keratometry values were associated with higher LLIT values (p = 0.008 under low ALI levels, but the coefficient of the interaction was very small, representing a very limited effect. Iris shade and central corneal thickness values were not significantly associated with the LLIT. We also developed a censored linear model for ALI values ≤ 40 lux, showing a linear relationship between ALI and the LLIT, in which the LLIT value was 34.4 times greater than the ALI value.Sclerotic scatter is more easily elicited under mesopic conditions than under photopic conditions and requires the LLIT value to be much higher than the ALI value, i.e. it requires extreme contrast.

  13. Propofol attenuates oxidant-induced acute lung injury in an isolated perfused rabbit-lung model.

    Yumoto, Masato; Nishida, Osamu; Nakamura, Fujio; Katsuya, Hirotada


    Reactive oxygen species have been strongly implicated in the pathogenesis of acute lung injury (ALI). Some animal studies suggest that free radical scavengers inhibit the onset of oxidant-induced ALI. Propofol (2,6-diisopropylphenol) is chemically similar to phenol-based free radical scavengers such as the endogenous antioxidant vitamin E. Both in vivo and in vitro studies have suggested that propofol has antioxidant potential. We hypothesized that propofol may attenuate ALI by acting as a free-radical scavenger. We investigated the effects of propofol on oxidant-induced ALI induced by purine and xanthine oxidase (XO), in isolated perfused rabbit lung, in two series of experiments. In series 1, we examined the relationship between the severity of ALI and the presence of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). In series 2, we evaluated the effects of propofol on attenuating ALI and the dose dependence of these effects. The lungs were perfused for 90 min, and we evaluated the effects on the severity of ALI by monitoring the pulmonary capillary filtration coefficient (Kfc), pulmonary arterial pressure (Ppa), and the pulmonary capillary hydrostatic pressure (Ppc). In series 1, treatment with catalase (an H2O2 scavenger) prior to the addition of purine and XO resulted in complete prevention of ALI, suggesting that H2O2 may be involved closely in the pathogenesis of ALI. In series 2, pretreatment with propofol at concentrations in excess of 0.5 mM significantly inhibited the increases in the Kfc values, and that in excess of 0.75 mM significantly inhibited the increase in the Ppa values. Propofol attenuates oxidant-induced ALI in an isolated perfused rabbit lung model, probably due to its antioxidant action.

  14. Consumers’ and Retailers’ Attitudes Towards a Mexican Native Species of Aztec Lily as an Ornamental Plant

    Yesica Mayett-Moreno


    Full Text Available The use of native ornamental plants in urban landscapes and ornamental consumers’ designs is one strategy to preserve biodiversity. Sprekelia formosissima (L. Herb., known as Aztec lily (ALY, is one of the nearly 4000 species of native ornamental plants of Mexico. However, its domestic market is not yet developed and is virtually unknown. The objectives of this study were to: (1 compare consumers’ and retailers’ knowledge of ALY, and (2 to identify potential clusters of consumers and retailers based on their knowledge and preferences, such that marketing of the ALY could be best tailored to different market segments, leading to its sustainable commercialization. There were 464 interviews conducted in four nurseries in Mexico. Results showed only one consumer knew about the ALY; additionally, we found different behaviors in consumers and in retailers: those not interested in the ALY, but when they know it is Mexican they will acquire it; those interested no matter the ALY origin, and those who dislike the ALY because it is Mexican. Those answers suggest that improving consumers/retailers knowledge about this native flower could lead to a sustainable commercialization in Mexico, helping to ensure its conservation as well.

  15. Downregulation of Lung Toll-Like Receptor 4 Could Effectively Attenuate Liver Transplantation-Induced Pulmonary Damage at the Early Stage of Reperfusion

    Xinjin Chi


    Full Text Available Acute lung injury (ALI is a severe complication of orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT with unclear underline mechanism. Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4 has been identified as a key receptor mediating inflammation. We hypothesized that TLR4-mediated pulmonary inflammation may contribute to development of ALI during OLT. Patients with or without ALI were observed for serum cytokines and expression of TLR4 on peripheral blood polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs. Next, rats which underwent orthotopic autologous liver transplantation (OALT were divided into sham and model groups. Pulmonary function and the level of TLR4 expression and cytokines were analyzed. Furthermore, the role of TLR4 in OALT-mediated ALI was assessed in rats treated with TLR4-siRNA before OALT. The PMNs TLR4 expression and the serum TNF-α and IL-β level were higher in patients with ALI than those with non-ALI. Interestingly, lung TLR4 expression was significantly increased after 8 hours of OALT with increased levels of TNF-α and IL-β, which lead to lung pathological damage and an increase of lung myeloperoxidase content. Moreover, knockdown of TLR4 reduced lung cytokines release and reversed the above pathologic changes after OALT and finally improved rats’ survival rate. In conclusion, TLR4 overexpression, potentially by stimulating proinflammatory cytokine overproduction, contributes to the development of ALI after OLT.

  16. Preventative effect of OMZ-SPT on lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury and inflammation via nuclear factor-kappa B signaling in mice

    Wang, Ting; Hou, Wanru; Fu, Zhou


    Acute lung injury (ALI) is an early pathophysiologic change in acute respiratory distress syndrome and its management can be challenging. Omalizumab (Xolair™) is a recombinant DNA-derived, humanized antibody. OMZ-SPT is a polypeptide on the heavy chain of omalizumab monoclonal antibody. Here, we found that intramuscular administration of OMZ-SPT significantly improved survival and attenuated lung inflammation in female C57BL/6 mice suffering from lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced ALI. We also demonstrated that OMZ-SPT can inhibit expression of the inflammatory cytokines tumor necrosis factor-α, interleukin-1β and interleukin-6 by ELISA in mice suffering from LPS-induced ALI and a mouse macrophage line (RAW264.7 cells). In addition, we showed that OMZ-SPT inhibited LPS-induced activation of nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB) signaling and total expression of NF-κB by western blotting. These data suggest that OMZ-SPT could be a novel therapeutic choice for ALI. - Highlights: • OMZ-SPT is a polypeptide on the heavy chain of omalizumab monoclonal antibody. • Omalizumab (Xolair™) have anti-inflammatory effects. • OMZ-SPT can inhibit inflammatory responses and lung injury in LPS-induced ALI mice. • Protective effect of OMZ-SPT on ALI is due to inhibition of NF-κB signaling. • OMZ-SPT could be a novel therapeutic choice for ALI.

  17. Human models of acute lung injury

    Alastair G. Proudfoot


    Full Text Available Acute lung injury (ALI is a syndrome that is characterised by acute inflammation and tissue injury that affects normal gas exchange in the lungs. Hallmarks of ALI include dysfunction of the alveolar-capillary membrane resulting in increased vascular permeability, an influx of inflammatory cells into the lung and a local pro-coagulant state. Patients with ALI present with severe hypoxaemia and radiological evidence of bilateral pulmonary oedema. The syndrome has a mortality rate of approximately 35% and usually requires invasive mechanical ventilation. ALI can follow direct pulmonary insults, such as pneumonia, or occur indirectly as a result of blood-borne insults, commonly severe bacterial sepsis. Although animal models of ALI have been developed, none of them fully recapitulate the human disease. The differences between the human syndrome and the phenotype observed in animal models might, in part, explain why interventions that are successful in models have failed to translate into novel therapies. Improved animal models and the development of human in vivo and ex vivo models are therefore required. In this article, we consider the clinical features of ALI, discuss the limitations of current animal models and highlight how emerging human models of ALI might help to answer outstanding questions about this syndrome.

  18. Extracellular histones are essential effectors of C5aR- and C5L2-mediated tissue damage and inflammation in acute lung injury.

    Bosmann, Markus; Grailer, Jamison J; Ruemmler, Robert; Russkamp, Norman F; Zetoune, Firas S; Sarma, J Vidya; Standiford, Theodore J; Ward, Peter A


    We investigated how complement activation promotes tissue injury and organ dysfunction during acute inflammation. Three models of acute lung injury (ALI) induced by LPS, IgG immune complexes, or C5a were used in C57BL/6 mice, all models requiring availability of both C5a receptors (C5aR and C5L2) for full development of ALI. Ligation of C5aR and C5L2 with C5a triggered the appearance of histones (H3 and H4) in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF). BALF from humans with ALI contained H4 histone. Histones were absent in control BALF from healthy volunteers. In mice with ALI, in vivo neutralization of H4 with IgG antibody reduced the intensity of ALI. Neutrophil depletion in mice with ALI markedly reduced H4 presence in BALF and was highly protective. The direct lung damaging effects of extracellular histones were demonstrated by airway administration of histones into mice and rats (Sprague-Dawley), which resulted in ALI that was C5a receptor-independent, and associated with intense inflammation, PMN accumulation, damage/destruction of alveolar epithelial cells, together with release into lung of cytokines/chemokines. High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated lung damage, edema and consolidation in histone-injured lungs. These studies confirm the destructive C5a-dependent effects in lung linked to appearance of extracellular histones.

  19. Double-hit mouse model of cigarette smoke priming for acute lung injury.

    Sakhatskyy, Pavlo; Wang, Zhengke; Borgas, Diana; Lomas-Neira, Joanne; Chen, Yaping; Ayala, Alfred; Rounds, Sharon; Lu, Qing


    Epidemiological studies indicate that cigarette smoking (CS) increases the risk and severity of acute lung injury (ALI)/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The mechanism is not understood, at least in part because of lack of animal models that reproduce the key features of the CS priming process. In this study, using two strains of mice, we characterized a double-hit mouse model of ALI induced by CS priming of injury caused by lipopolysaccharide (LPS). C57BL/6 and AKR mice were preexposed to CS briefly (3 h) or subacutely (3 wk) before intratracheal instillation of LPS and ALI was assessed 18 h after LPS administration by measuring lung static compliance, lung edema, vascular permeability, inflammation, and alveolar apoptosis. We found that as little as 3 h of exposure to CS enhanced LPS-induced ALI in both strains of mice. Similar exacerbating effects were observed after 3 wk of preexposure to CS. However, there was a strain difference in susceptibility to CS priming for ALI, with a greater effect in AKR mice. The key features we observed suggest that 3 wk of CS preexposure of AKR mice is a reproducible, clinically relevant animal model that is useful for studying mechanisms and treatment of CS priming for a second-hit-induced ALI. Our data also support the concept that increased susceptibility to ALI/ARDS is an important adverse health consequence of CS exposure that needs to be taken into consideration when treating critically ill individuals.


    Faisal Ismail


    Full Text Available A known Indonesian Muslim scholar Mukti Ali (1923-2004 was very much concerned with dialogue, tolerance, and harmony among the people of different traditions, cultures, and religions. In his many academic works, he stressesed the importance of promoting, strengthening, and maintaining intercultural and interreligious dialogue, tolerance, and harmony. Not only did he produce various academic works, but also made efforts in putting his intercultural and interreligious ideas into practice. Both as a scholar and expert in the comparative study of religions and as Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (1971-1978, Mukti Ali endlessly promoted intercultural and interreligiuos diologue, tolerance, and harmony. Realizing that Indonesia is a pluralistic society, Mukti Ali adopted an approach called ‘agree in disagreement’ in the effort of creating and supporting tolerance, harmony, and security among people of different religious traditions. This paper will highlight the principles and values which Mukti Ali struggled for during his long administrative and academic careers.[Mukti Ali (1923-2004 adalah salah seorang intelektual Muslim ternama di Indonesia. Dia dedikasikan hidupnya untuk menyemai dialog, toleransi dan kehidupan harmonis antar tradisi, budaya dan agama yang beragam. Dalam berbagai karya akademiknya, Mukti Ali selalu menekankan pentingnya kehidupan harmonis dan toleransi antar pemeluk agama dan budaya. Lebih dari itu, dia melampaui hanya sekedar batas pemikiran dengan mengimplementasikan gagasan-gagasannya tersebut. Sebagai seorang ilmuwan dengan keahlian perbandingan agama dan sebagai Menteri Agama RI (1971-1978, Mukti Ali dengan kukuh memperjuangkan dialog, toleransi dan kehidupan harmonis antar agama dan budaya. Mukti Ali sadar, Indonesia adalah negara yang plural, karena itu dia menawarkan pendekatan “agree in disagreement” untuk menciptakan harmoni dan toleransi tersebut. Tulisan ini mengulas prinsip dan

  1. Transmission Dynamics of Visceral Leishmaniasis in the Indian Subcontinent - A Systematic Literature Review.

    Siddhivinayak Hirve


    Full Text Available As Bangladesh, India and Nepal progress towards visceral leishmaniasis (VL elimination, it is important to understand the role of asymptomatic Leishmania infection (ALI, VL treatment relapse and post kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL in transmission.We reviewed evidence systematically on ALI, relapse and PKDL. We searched multiple databases to include studies on burden, risk factors, biomarkers, natural history, and infectiveness of ALI, PKDL and relapse. After screening 292 papers, 98 were included covering the years 1942 through 2016. ALI, PKDL and relapse studies lacked a reference standard and appropriate biomarker. The prevalence of ALI was 4-17-fold that of VL. The risk of ALI was higher in VL case contacts. Most infections remained asymptomatic or resolved spontaneously. The proportion of ALI that progressed to VL disease within a year was 1.5-23%, and was higher amongst those with high antibody titres. The natural history of PKDL showed variability; 3.8-28.6% had no past history of VL treatment. The infectiveness of PKDL was 32-53%. The risk of VL relapse was higher with HIV co-infection. Modelling studies predicted a range of scenarios. One model predicted VL elimination was unlikely in the long term with early diagnosis. Another model estimated that ALI contributed to 82% of the overall transmission, VL to 10% and PKDL to 8%. Another model predicted that VL cases were the main driver for transmission. Different models predicted VL elimination if the sandfly density was reduced by 67% by killing the sandfly or by 79% by reducing their breeding sites, or with 4-6y of optimal IRS or 10y of sub-optimal IRS and only in low endemic setting.There is a need for xenodiagnostic and longitudinal studies to understand the potential of ALI and PKDL as reservoirs of infection.

  2. Ascertainment of acute liver injury in two European primary care databases.

    Ruigómez, A; Brauer, R; Rodríguez, L A García; Huerta, C; Requena, G; Gil, M; de Abajo, Francisco; Downey, G; Bate, A; Tepie, M Feudjo; de Groot, M; Schlienger, R; Reynolds, R; Klungel, O


    The purpose of this study was to ascertain acute liver injury (ALI) in primary care databases using different computer algorithms. The aim of this investigation was to study and compare the incidence of ALI in different primary care databases and using different definitions of ALI. The Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) in UK and the Spanish "Base de datos para la Investigación Farmacoepidemiológica en Atención Primaria" (BIFAP) were used. Both are primary care databases from which we selected individuals of all ages registered between January 2004 and December 2009. We developed two case definitions of idiopathic ALI using computer algorithms: (i) restrictive definition (definite cases) and (ii) broad definition (definite and probable cases). Patients presenting prior liver conditions were excluded. Manual review of potential cases was performed to confirm diagnosis, in a sample in CPRD (21%) and all potential cases in BIFAP. Incidence rates of ALI by age, sex and calendar year were calculated. In BIFAP, all cases considered definite after manual review had been detected with the computer algorithm as potential cases, and none came from the non-cases group. The restrictive definition of ALI had a low sensitivity but a very high specificity (95% in BIFAP) and showed higher rates of agreement between computer search and manual review compared to the broad definition. Higher incidence rates of definite ALI in 2008 were observed in BIFAP (3.01 (95% confidence interval (CI) 2.13-4.25) per 100,000 person-years than CPRD (1.35 (95% CI 1.03-1.78)). This study shows that it is feasible to identify ALI cases if restrictive selection criteria are used and the possibility to review additional information to rule out differential diagnoses. Our results confirm that idiopathic ALI is a very rare disease in the general population. Finally, the construction of a standard definition with predefined criteria facilitates the timely comparison across databases.

  3. Characterization of phospholipase C gamma enzymes with gain-of-function mutations.

    Everett, Katy L; Bunney, Tom D; Yoon, Youngdae; Rodrigues-Lima, Fernando; Harris, Richard; Driscoll, Paul C; Abe, Koichiro; Fuchs, Helmut; de Angelis, Martin Hrabé; Yu, Philipp; Cho, Wohnwa; Katan, Matilda


    Phospholipase C gamma isozymes (PLC gamma 1 and PLC gamma 2) have a crucial role in the regulation of a variety of cellular functions. Both enzymes have also been implicated in signaling events underlying aberrant cellular responses. Using N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) mutagenesis, we have recently identified single point mutations in murine PLC gamma 2 that lead to spontaneous inflammation and autoimmunity. Here we describe further, mechanistic characterization of two gain-of-function mutations, D993G and Y495C, designated as ALI5 and ALI14. The residue Asp-993, mutated in ALI5, is a conserved residue in the catalytic domain of PLC enzymes. Analysis of PLC gamma 1 and PLC gamma 2 with point mutations of this residue showed that removal of the negative charge enhanced PLC activity in response to EGF stimulation or activation by Rac. Measurements of PLC activity in vitro and analysis of membrane binding have suggested that ALI5-type mutations facilitate membrane interactions without compromising substrate binding and hydrolysis. The residue mutated in ALI14 (Tyr-495) is within the spPH domain. Replacement of this residue had no effect on folding of the domain and enhanced Rac activation of PLC gamma 2 without increasing Rac binding. Importantly, the activation of the ALI14-PLC gamma 2 and corresponding PLC gamma 1 variants was enhanced in response to EGF stimulation and bypassed the requirement for phosphorylation of critical tyrosine residues. ALI5- and ALI14-type mutations affected basal activity only slightly; however, their combination resulted in a constitutively active PLC. Based on these data, we suggest that each mutation could compromise auto-inhibition in the inactive PLC, facilitating the activation process; in addition, ALI5-type mutations could enhance membrane interaction in the activated state.

  4. Naval War College Review. Volume 59, Number 1, Winter 2006


    connections and related wealth—some billion dollars—of Aya - tollah Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s family offer a good example.39 Hashemi-Rafsanjani was born to...increasing interest in foreign affairs. Ayatollah Ali-Akbar Meshkini-Qomi is the speaker of the Assembly of Experts, and his deputy is Aya - tollah Ali...Utilizing firsthand accounts from diaries and let- ters, and writing in a graceful style, he humanizes the stories of the lesser char- acters of those


    Majcen, Mateja


    Cena izdelka ali storitve, ki jo plača uporabnik, ima pomemben vpliv na zadovoljstvo ali nezadovoljstvo uporabnika z uporabo tega izdelka ali storitve in posledično na zadovoljstvo do podjetja. Glede na to, da se različni avtorji strinjajo in to tudi dokazujejo z raziskavami, zadovoljstvo nedvoumno vpliva na zvestobo uporabnika, zvestoba pa na dolgoročno uspešnost podjetja, smo v delu ugotavljali, kako sama cena storitve vpliva na zadovoljstvo in kako posredno preko zadovoljstva vpliva na zve...


    Videtič, Mojca


    V diplomskem delu smo skušali prikazati, kolikšna je vključenost elementov razvajenosti v berilih za tretje triletje osnovnih šol. Pri analizi smo se omejili na berila iz Kataloga učbenikov. Skušali smo predstaviti problematiko razvajenosti v okviru pouka književnosti. V prvem delu diplomskega dela smo predstavili pojme, ki so ključni pri analizi tega problema (načini razvajanja, posledice razvajenosti, čustvena inteligenca), in skušali podati nekaj predlogov za lažje in uspešnejše delo z raz...


    Prah, Luka


    Projektni management je apliciranje znanja, veščin, orodji in tehnik na aktivnosti projekta, da dosežemo ali presežemo potrebe in pričakovanja interesne skupine. Projektni managerjem ni cilj samo doseganje specifičnega časa, stroškov in kvalitete projekta, temveč tudi organiziranje celotnega procesa, da le ta dosega pričakovanja ljudi, ki so vključeni v projekt ali le ta vpliva na njih. Projekt je dejansko začasno prizadevanje kreacije edinstvenega produkta ali storitve, ki poteka zunaj vsako...


    Mejak, Maksim


    Gospodarska kriza v Sloveniji kot tudi drugje, ki predstavlja za podjetja propad ali priložnost, je na površje prinesla tudi krizo etike. Priložnost za podjetje in prav tako tudi banke je predvsem v tem, da managment prevrednoti dosedanjo prakso, prevetri obstoječe cilje, sredstva in način dela. Managerji kot nosilci vodenja in vedenja v banki, morajo poiskati nove izzive, da bi izboljšali svojo konkurenčnost, rast podjetja ali vsaj preživetje. Povrniti morajo ugled bančni ustanovi in bankirj...


    Rubič, Gašper


    V diplomskem delu smo v uvodu predstavili problem spolnega nadlegovanja na delovnem mestu in predstavili podjetje TEKSTIL d.d. V nadaljevanju smo z anketo raziskali, ali problem spolnega nadlegovanja na delovnem mestu v obravnavanem podjetju obstaja in če, kako se nanj odziva okolje. V teoretičnem delu smo nadaljevali in predstavili definicijo spolnega nadlegovanja, ki je kakršna koli oblika nezaželenega verbalnega in neverbalnega ali fizičnega ravnanja spolne narave z učinkom ali nameno...

  10. Prevention and Therapeutic Effects and Mechanisms of Tanshinone IIA Sodium Sulfonate on Acute Liver Injury Mice Model

    Lunjie Lu


    Full Text Available Tanshinone IIA sodium sulfonate (TSS is a water-soluble derivative of tanshinone IIA, which is the main pharmacologically active component of Salvia miltiorrhiza. This study aimed to verify the preventive and therapeutic effects of TSS and its combined therapeutic effects with magnesium isoglycyrrhizinate (MI in D-galactosamine- (D-Gal- induced acute liver injury (ALI in mice. The potential regulatory mechanisms of TSS on ALI were also examined. Our results may provide a basis for the development of novel therapeutics for ALI.

  11. The Military Commissions Act of 2009 (MCA 2009): Overview and Legal Issues


    imprisonment, but credited with five years’ time served.12 Both men are now free from detention. Ali Hamza Ahmad Suliman al Bahlul of Yemen was found...Walid Muhammed Salih Mubarak Bin Attash, Ramzi Bin Al Shibh, Ali Abdul-Aziz Ali , and Mustafa Ahmed Al Hawsawi, to the Southern District of New York...Savage, Guantánamo Detainee Pleads Guilty in 2002 Attack on Tanker Off Yemen, NY TIMES, February 20, 2014. 24 One of these may have been Majid Shoukat

  12. The Islamic State Crisis and U.S. Policy


    be a source of tension in the months ahead. In an April interview, leader of the Sunni Al Dulaym tribe Majid al Ali al Suleiman said Al Anbar and...Pentagon says, May 21, 2015. 21 Ahmed Ali . “Calm Down. ISIS Isn’t Winning.” New York Times, May 22, 2015. 22 Brigadier General Thomas D. Weidley...November 2014 to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamene’i, the contents of which have not been released but which was said to focus on the potential for

  13. Hep par-1: a novel immunohistochemical marker for differentiating hepatocellular carcinoma from metastatic carcinoma

    Hanif, R.


    To evaluate the diagnostic utility of Hep par-1 in differentiating hepatocellular carcinoma from metastatic carcinoma taking histopathology as a gold standard. Study Design: Comparative cross-sectional study. Place and Duration of Study: Pathology Department, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Lahore, from April 2007 to February 2008. Methodology: Hep par-1 immunohistochemical stain was performed on 60 cases of liver carcinoma, 30 cases each of metastatic and hepatocellular carcinoma. Information regarding patient age, gender, sign and symptoms, radiographic findings, histological grade of tumour, and expression of Hep par-1 on hepatocellular and metastatic carcinoma were recorded on proforma sheet. Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, and accuracy of Hep par-1 were calculated using the formulas. Results: Hep par-1 expression was noted in 25 out of 30 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma (83%). Out of 30 cases of metastatic carcinoma, only one case expressed staining in < 5% tumour cells and remaining 29 cases showed no reactivity. The age of the patients with hepatocellular carcinoma ranged from 40 to 76 years with a median age of 60.5 years and 40 - 75 years for metastatic carcinomas with a median age of 57.5 years. Conclusion: Hep par-1 is a reliable immunohistochemical marker for cases of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). It can be used along with other markers in morphologically difficult cases when differential diagnosis lies between poorly differentiated HCC and metastatic carcinoma of liver. (author)

  14. Salmonella bacteraemia among healthcare workers and their dependents

    Raza, A.; Sultan, F.; Mahboob, A.; Nazeer, S. H.; Nizammudin, S.


    Objectives: To determine the incidence and resistance pattern of Salmonella infection in healthcare workers and their dependents. Methods: The retrospective analysis was conducted at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Lahore, and comprised records of employees and their dependents with bacteraemia from January 2007 to December 2011. Person-years were calculated using data from the human resources department. SPSS 19 was used for statistical analyses. Results: Of the total 2532 records available, 82(3.23%) patients were identified with Salmonella bacteraemia. Of them, 34(41.5%) patients were in age group 1-10, 15(18.3%) in 11-20, 26(31.7%) in 21-30, and 7(8.5%) were above 30 years. Besides, 48(58.5%) were males. Salmonella typhi was found in 44(53.7%) patients, Salmonella paratyphi A in 35(42.7%) and Salmonella species in 3(3.7%) patients. The yearly incidence of Salmonella infection in the study population ranged from 206 to 596 per 100000 person-years. Ciprofloxacin resistance was noted to be 56 (68.2%) followed by Ampicillin 29 (35.3%) and Co-trimoxazole 24 (29.2%). No strains were resistant to Cefiximeor Ceftriaxone. Conclusion: The yearly incidence of Salmonella bacteraemia ranged from 200 to 600 per 100000 person years. There was significant quinolone resistance among the isolates. (author)

  15. Clinical profile, treatment and survival outcomes of peadiatric germ cell tumours: A Pakistani perspective.

    Islam Nasir, Irfan Ul; Ashraf, Muhammad Ijaz; Ahmed, Nouman; Shah, Muhammad Fahd; Pirzada, Muhammad Taqi; Syed, Amir Ali; Qazi, Abid Quddus


    Germ Cell Tumours (GCTs) are rare tumours. Generally 80% are benign and 20% malignant with a bimodal age distribution. The retrospective study was conducted at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan, and comprised all paediatric patients below 18 years of age who received treatment for histology-proven GCT from 2006 to 2014. Of the 207 patients, 98(42.3%) were males and 109(52.7%) were females. The most common GCT was yolk sac tumour in 90(43.5%) children followed by mixed GCT in 40(19.3%) and dysgerminoma in 34(16.4%). Gonads were most commonly involved in 165(79.7%) patients with metastasis in 24(11.6%) at presentation and recurrence in 26(12.5%) patients. Overall, 133(64.3%) patients are well and followed up at regular intervals and 55(26.5%) have been lost to follow-up with an expected overall 5-year median survival of 45%. Despite the distinct clinical profile of paediatric GCT, survival can be improved by early diagnosis, regimented treatment according to set guidelines, protocols and by improving follow-up.

  16. Survival outcome of malignant minor salivary tumors in Pakistani population

    Hassan Iqbal


    Full Text Available Objective: Malignant tumors of minor salivary glands (MSG are rare. Survival outcome in Pakistani population with malignant MSG tumors remains to be defined. The objective of this study was to report the clinical presentation, treatment modalities, and survival outcome of radically treated malignant tumors of MSG in Pakistani population. Materials and Methods: Between April 2003 and March 2011, 45 patients with malignant tumors of MSG were treated at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and included in the study. Patient characteristics and treatment modalities were assessed and local, regional, and distant failures determined. Relapse-free (RFS and overall survival (OS was calculated using Kaplan-Meier curves, and log-rank test was used to determine significance. Results: Median age was 40 (17-83 years. Male to female ratio was 1.25:1. Most common site was hard palate in 31 (69% patients. Adenoid cystic carcinoma (51% was the most common histological diagnosis. Nine patients (20% underwent surgery as the only treatment modality, six patients received (13% radiotherapy alone, and 30 patients (67% had surgery followed by adjuvant radiotherapy. Eight patients developed recurrence (four local, two regional, one locoregional, and one distant. The 5-year actuarial overall OS and RFS was 77 and 66%, respectively. Age, T-stage, and treatment modality were significant for RFS, whereas T-stage and treatment modality were significant factors for OS. Conclusion: Surgery as single modality or combined with radiation therapy resulted in acceptable survival in Pakistani population with malignant minor salivary tumors.

  17. The incidence of anxiety and its correlates in cancer patients receiving radiotherapy

    Iqbal, A.; Siddiqui, K.S.


    Objective: To observe the incidence of anxiety in radiotherapy cancer patients in relation to their age, gender, education, marital status, performance status and type of disease. Design: Data regarding socio-demographic variables and disease type was recorded on a data capture form. The presence of anxiety was measured by administering taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale, Whereas patients, performance status was measured by administering Kernosky Performance Status Scale. Setting: Patients coming to the Department of Radiation Oncology, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and research center for their treatment were included in this study. Subjects and methods: A consecutive sample of 113 patients was taken and followed up to study the incidence of anxiety. Data over various parameters like age, gender, education, marital status, disease type and performance status was recorded. Results: Fifty percent of cancer patients receiving radiotherapy were found to be suffering from anxiety. Among 89% of patients, anxiety lowered after the therapy, in 3% it increased and remained static in 8% Patients with low education and low performance status presented with high anxiety. Among all the patients, no significant relationship between anxiety and gender, age, marital status and site of the disease was observed. Conclusion: Correlates other than radiotherapy procedure can also cause anxiety in patients by further research is required to establish those correlates of anxiety. It is recommended that all radiotherapy patients should be provided education and procedural information designed to familiarize them with the forthcoming experience in order to reduce their anxiety. (author)

  18. Non medical factors associated with psychological disorders in cancer patients

    Iqbal, A.; Intikhab, K.; Saeed, K.


    Objective: To find out major non-medial factors associated with psychological disorders in cancer patients. Design: An observational study conducted on adult cancer patients. Place and Duration of Study: The study was conducted at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center Lahore Pakistan from January 1999. Patients and Methods: Two hundred and twenty-four newly-diagnosed adult cancer patients were interviewed by the clinical psychologist and data was collected regarding non-medical causal factors, patients age, gender family support system, general home atmosphere and marital status. Collected data was analyzed by utilizing. SPSS for windows version 10.0. Results: Of the 224 patients 142 (63.4%) reported non-medical factors causing psychological distress and 82 (36.6%) reported that medical sources are the most distressing. Ten most common non-medical sources of developing psychological disorders were identified. It was observed that family support system and general home atmosphere were significantly associated with the development of psychological disorders whereas the other variables such as age, gender and marital status had no significant relationship with the non Medical factors. Conclusion: It was concluded that non-medical factors causing psychological problems are significant in cancer patients. The results suggest that we should identify these factors and target psychosocial intervention for those patients most at risk. (author)

  19. Comparing Histopathological and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based Mesorectal Fascia Status in Patients with Rectal Carcinoma

    Hassan, U.; Khan, R.; Mehmood, M. T.


    Objective: To compare mesorectal fascia status on histopathological findings with MRI based radiological mesorectal fascia status in patients with rectal carcinoma taking histopathology finding as gold standard. Study Design: Analytical study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Pathology, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Lahore, from January 2011 to April 2012. Methodology: Biopsy proven cases of rectal adenocarcinoma undergoing abdominoperineal resection were included in this study. Microscopic examination of slides was done to determine mesorectal fascia status as involved or otherwise without knowing the results of mesorectal fascia status on MRI. Mesorectal fascia status of MRI was determined by a radiologist who was not aware of the histopathological assessment of mesorectal fascia. Mean and standard deviation was calculated for age. Frequency and percentage were calculated for gender and mesorectal fascia status. 2 x 2 table was generated to calculate sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive values and diagnostic accuracy of MRI for mesorectal fascia involvement taking histopathology as gold standard. Results: The sensitivity of MRI to detect mesorectal fascia involvement was 23.07% and specificity was 70.5%. Positive predictive value of MRI was 10% and negative predictive value was 54.54%. Diagnostic accuracy of MRI for mesorectal fascia involvement was calculated as 50%. Conclusion: MRI findings regarding mesorectal fascia status as involved or otherwise are not helpful when compared with histopathological findings which is the gold standard. (author)

  20. Effect of pelvic radiotherapy for prostrate cancer on bowel, bladder and sexual functions

    Saif-ur-Rahman; Ali, N.


    Objective: To study the effects of pelvic radiotherapy for prostate cancer on sexual, bowel and urinary functions. Study Design: a prospective cohort study. Place and duration of study: The study was conducted at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Lahore from July 1998 to January 2000. Patients and Method: This study included 52 patients with diagnosis of prostate cancer who were given external beam pelvic radiotherapy. The effects of pelvic radiotherapy on their sexual, bowel and bladder functions were calculated at 6, 12 and 18 months and mean composite scores for each entity were examined. Results: Decrease in sexual function (up to 35%) was most significant observation followed by bowel dysfunction (10-12%). Bladder function deranged early during radiotherapy but there was no remarkable bladder dysfunction, overall a good proportion of patients (70 - 72%) felt satisfied with their treatment by external beam radiotherapy. By lapse of time there was gradual worsening of erectile function especially after a couple of months of pelvic radiotherapy, while bowel and bladder functions improved 8-12 months post radiotherapy. Conclusion: Proper counselling of patients regarding potential side effects of pelvic radiotherapy can make them understand the outcome of treatment. (author)

  1. Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration cytology versus core biopsy in the preoperative assessment of non-palpable breast lesions

    Ahmed, M.E.; Ahmad, I.


    Background: Breast screening is a method of detecting breast cancer at a very early stage. Most of the lesions detected by screening are not malignant. Objective of this study was to compare ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration cytology and core biopsy in the preoperative assessment of non-palpable breast lesions. Methods: The study was conducted prospectively at Department of Radiology, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Pakistan from March 2004 to February 2005. All the patients underwent fine needle aspiration cytology and core biopsy. Later on, all of them had excision biopsy/ mastectomy. Prospectively 80 patients were studied; information was collected on a specifically designed form according to inclusion criteria. The patient age, sex, medical record number and side of lesion were recorded. Clinical history of duration of lump was also taken. Informed consent was obtained. Results: The age of patients were ranges from 20-71 years, with mean of 44.31+- 11.002 and the maximum number of patients 28 (35.3%) was between the ages 50 - 59 years. The sensitivity of FNAC was 92.85%, while the specificity of was 90% and the accuracy rate was 92.1%. The sensitivity of core biopsy was 94.64%, specificity 91.30% and accuracy rate was 94.87%. Conclusion: Fine Needle Aspiration has been found to be an extremely useful method for the diagnosis of lumps of breast. The accuracy and the sensitivity of diagnosis on fine needle aspiration cytology were high. (author)

  2. Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences - Vol 28, No 1 (2018)

    Coffea arabica L.) with emphasis on bidens pilosa at southwestern Ethiopia · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Abera Daba, Mekuria Tadesse, Ali Mohammed, 1-16 ...

  3. Simple, Efficient and Green Synthesis of Oximes under Ultrasound ...


    Faculty of Chemistry, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamadan 65174, Iran. ... The condensation of aldehydes and ketones with hydroxylamine hydrochloride gives oximes in 81–95 ... Oximes are important in organic synthesis not only for protec-.

  4. Effects of three-body atomic interaction and optical lattice on solitons ...

    one-dimensional. Bose–Einstein condensate. Sk GOLAM ALI, B TALUKDAR∗ and APARNA SAHA. Department of Physics, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan 731 235, India. *Corresponding author. E-mail: MS received 23 ...

  5. Sharma, Dr Amit Prakash

    Northwestern), FNASc. Date of birth: 12 April 1968. Specialization: Structural Biology, Malaria, Protein Translation Address: Group Leader & Staff Scientist, International Centre for Genetic Engineering, & Biotechnology, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi ...

  6. Quality assurance for the ALICE Monte Carlo procedure

    Ajaz, M; Hristov, Peter; Revol, Jean Pierre


    We implement the already existing macro,$ALICE_ROOT/STEER /CheckESD.C that is ran after reconstruction to compute the physics efficiency, as a task that will run on proof framework like CAF. The task was implemented in a C++ class called AliAnalysisTaskCheckESD and it inherits from AliAnalysisTaskSE base class. The function of AliAnalysisTaskCheckESD is to compute the ratio of the number of reconstructed particles to the number of particle generated by the Monte Carlo generator.The class AliAnalysisTaskCheckESD was successfully implemented. It was used during the production for first physics and permitted to discover several problems (missing track in the MUON arm reconstruction, low efficiency in the PHOS detector etc.). The code is committed to the SVN repository and will become standard tool for quality assurance.

  7. Filme kaladest : "Maelströmi" külm langemine, "Bo Ba Bu" kiviaegne röhkimine ja vanameister Imamura "Soe vesi punase silla all" / Erkki Luuk

    Luuk, Erkki, 1971-


    Temaatiliselt koos vaadeldakse kolme erineva kultuuritaustaga režissööri filme : kanadalase Denis Villeneuve "Maelström", usbeki Ali Hamrajevi "Bo Ba Bu" ja jaapanlase Shohei Imamura "Soe vesi punase silla all"

  8. Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences - Vol 8, No 2 (2013)

    Original Article Gum Arabic in treatment of functional constipation in children in Sudan · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. MW Ali, OM Sabir, MOE Gadour, 73-76 ...

  9. Phylogeography of Indian populations of Panax bipinnatifidus Seem



    Nov 16, 2011 ... Renner, 2011; Ali et al., 2009; Kocyan et al., 2007; Zhang et al., 2006; Jeffrey, 2005; ... information on population structure and genetic variation of D. palmatus is lacking. ..... Fine scale geographic structure, intra-individual ...

  10. Types of two-dimensional = 4 superconformal field theories

    Types of two-dimensional = 4 superconformal field theories. Abbas Ali ... Various types of = 4 superconformal symmetries in two dimensions are considered. It is proposed that apart ... Pramana – Journal of Physics | News. © 2017 Indian ...

  11. Vom work Book Journal, 2011 2nd Edition Victor


    half life, exposure rate constant and the Annual. Limit on Intake (ALI) for ... In general, some hazards are associated with. Summary ... Nobel Prize for physics in 1901 (Thrall, 1998). Emerging ... nuclear technology after World War II and the.

  12. Phenotypic and physiologic variability in nasal epithelium cultured from smokers and non-smokers exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke

    The emergence of air-liquid interface (ALI) culturing of mammalian airway epithelium is a recent innovation for experimental modeling of airway epithelial development, function, and pathogenic mechanisms associated with infectious agent and irritant exposure. This construct provi...

  13. Stream water quality in the western regions of Iran



    Ali Sina ... major elements such as Ca, K, Na, Mg, Cl, HCO3, SO4 and alkalinity from hydrological basins of the ... indicated that salinity and sodium hazards generally limit ... shah, Oak arid forests are poorly predominated.

  14. Annals of Pediatric Surgery - Vol 13, No 4 (2017)

    Mohammad G. Khirallah, Nagi I. Eldesouki, Saied Z. Hasaballah, Mohamed ... Ahmad Ali, Hesham Sheir, Basem Saied, Tamer Wafa, Mohamed El-Ghazaly, 199- ... Hassan El-Tatawy, Ahmed M. Elsakka, Ahmed Tawfik, Ahmed Ghaith, Tarek A.



    This article studies the political economy of Turkey's relations with sub-Saharan .... 5 Abdirahman Ali, “Turkey's Foray into Africa: A New Humanitarian Power? ..... 25 Anna Brezhneva and Daria Ukhova, Russia as a Humanitarian Aid Donor ( ...

  16. DECEMBER JMBR 13 - 2 correction.cdr

    Fine Print

    The effects of marijuana and cigarette use on serum levels of testosterone, the principal androgen in man has been a ... Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Ambrose Ali University,. PMB 14 ..... in cancer associated anorexia. J Palliat ...

  17. Vene oligarh vallandas meediajuhte / Ksenia Repson

    Repson, Ksenia


    Venemaa oligarh Ališer Usmanov vallandas ASi Kommersant Holding peadirektori Andrei Galijevi ja ajakirja Kommersant-Vlast peatoimetaja Maksim Kovalski, tuues põhjuseks Venemaa peaministri Vladimir Putini solvamise

  18. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    ) andMn(II) complexes of poly(methyl vinyl ether-alt-maleic anhydride). Synthesis, characterization and thermodynamic parameters. Hidayet Mazi Ali Gulpinar. Volume 126 Issue 1 January 2014 pp 239-245 ...

  19. Jordaania nägi esimest korda naiseneseõhkijat / Kaarel Kaas

    Kaas, Kaarel, 1978-


    Jordaania televisioonis esines ülestunnistusega naisenesetaputerrorist Sajida Mubarak al-Rishaw, kelle ülesandeks oli end õhkida koos oma mehe Ali Hussein al-Shumariga Ammani kesklinna hotellis Radisson SAS

  20. Computing in ALICE

    Brun, R.; Buncic, P.; Carminati, F.; Morsch, A.; Rademakers, F.; Safarik, K.


    The objective of the offline framework is to reconstruct and analyse the data coming from real interactions. The ALICE Offline framework, AliRoot, has already been used during the production of the Technical Design Reports of each detector to optimise their design and it is currently used to evaluate the physics performance of the full ALICE detector. This paper describes the AliRoot software environment. We wish to put into perspective the main decisions and the organisation of the offline project. First a general description of the ALICE offline framework (AliRoot) is given, starting with a short historical background followed by a description of the simulation, reconstruction and analysis architecture and the organisation of the ALICE offline project. Finally we briefly indicate the main conclusions of our work on AliRoot