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  1. Application of multi-criteria decision analysis in prediction of groundwater resources potential: A case of Oke-Ana, Ilesa Area Southwestern, Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.A. Akinlalu


    Full Text Available Groundwater Potential of Oke-Ana area southwestern Nigeria have been evaluated using the integration of electrical resistivity method, remote sensing and geographic information systems. The effect of five hydrogeological indices, namely lineament density, drainage density, lithology, overburden thickness and aquifer layer resistivity on groundwater occurrence was established. Multi-criteria decision analysis technique was employed to assign weight to each of the index using the concept of analytical hierarchy process. The assigned weight was normalized and consistency ratio was established. In order to evaluate the groundwater potential of Oke-Ana, sixty-seven (67 vertical electrical sounding points were occupied. Ten curve types were delineated in the study area. The curve types vary from simple three layer A and H-type curves to the more complex four, five and six layer AA, HA, KH, QH, AKH, HKH, KHA and KHKH curves. Four subsurface geo-electric sequences of top soil, weathered layer, partially weathered/fractured basement and the fresh basement were delineated in the area. The analytical process assisted in classifying Oke-Ana into, low, medium and high groundwater potential zones. Validation of the model from well information and two aborted boreholes suggest 70% agreement.

  2. Nordic Hotel Forum - tshast severnogo fasada narvskogo shosse / Urmas Oja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Oja, Urmas, 1981-2012


    Nordic Hotel Forum Viru väljak 3 Tallinnas. Arhitekt Indrek Allmann. Ehituse peatöövõtja AS Merko Ehitus. Indrek Allmann hoone arhitektuurist, fassaadigraafikast, linnaruumist hotelli ümber. 7 värv. välisvaadet, foto arhitektist

  3. Politika «Severnogo izmerenija»: sovremennoe sostojanie i perspektivy razvitija [The Northern Dimension policy: current state and development prospects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bolotnikova Yekaterina


    Full Text Available This article examines the evolution and current state of the Northern Dimension policy and its role in Russia-EU relations. The authors analyse the discrepancy between the actual achievements of the Northern Dimension and its potential and the over-high expectations, which accompanied the policy renewal.

  4. Russia’s Counterinsurgency in North Caucasus: Performance and Consequences (United States)


    Buddhist mon- asteries of the Kalmyks, and murdered or imprisoned the lamas . After Nikita Khrushchev’s recognition of Stalin’s atrocities and the “cult Islam_NorthCaucasus.pdf. 9. A. A. Alov and N. G. Vladimirov, “Rasprostranenie Is- lama sredi narodov Severnogo Kavkaza v VIII-XVIII

  5. Adsorption and Biocirculation in Oceanic Waters; 0410 0414

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zenkevich, L. A.


    It is generally known that in recent years oceanographers in all countries have denoted great attention to studying the dispersion routes and speed of movement of radioactive decay products in oceanic waters. At the same time the form, degree and extent of contamination of oceanic waters by fission products has been investigated. It is clear that scientists are becoming more and more interested in living organisms as a factor responsible for the transport and distribution of radioactive substances in water. B. Ketchum and Y. Bowen discuss the concept of 'biological transport' and make an interesting attempt to define it in mathematical terms and to collate it with research on 'physical transport'. The term 'biocirculation' has come into use. It is evident that this factor cannot be left out of account as a means of transport or system of adsorption. The great volume of suspension formed of mineral substances and not containing living organisms is characterized by its relatively low mobility, and the bacterial and phytoplankton bodies constitute a vast adsorption surface. The ocean water column contains a vast quantity of matter in suspension, including living organisms (bacteria, phytoplankton and zooplankton) and components not containing living organisms (bioseston and abioseston). Quantitative determination of all the seston enables its role as an adsorption surface and as a mechanism of vertical and horizontal biocirculation to be evaluated. The adsorption surface for various seston groups in average density distribution zones, and the index of subsurface biocirculation in a water column less than 1 m{sup 2} in the habitat are given [Russian] Izvestno, chto na protjazhenii poslednih let okeanografy vo vseh stranah udeljali mnogo vnimanija izucheniju putej i skorosti rasprostranenija produktov radioaktivnogo raspada v vodah okeana. Odnovremenno issledovalis' formy, stepen' i ob{sup e}m zarazhenija vody okeana radioaktivnymi produktami. Chto kasaetsja faktora

  6. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yu. V. Maretin


    Full Text Available - J. Prins, Buiten de grenzen, sociologische opstellen aangeboden aan Prof. Dr. W.F. Wertheim, benevens een “bibliografie van de geschriften van W.F. Wertheim”. Boom, Meppel 1971. 365 blz. - H.C.G. Schoenaker, Ethnologische Zeitschrift Zuerich I, 1972. Festschrift Alfred Steinmann. Verlag Herbert Lang & Cie A.G., Bern. 397 pp. - J.C. Neuteboom, Harald Eidheim, Aspects of the Lappish minority situation. Universitetsforlaget, Oslo 1971. 86 pags. Fig. - H.J.M. Claessen, Paul Ottino, Rangiroa; parenté étendue, résidence et terres dans un atoll ploynésien. Editions Cujas. Paris 1972. 530 p. Bibl., appendices, 37 fig. en kaarten, registers. - David S. Moyer, Adelin Linton, Ralph Linton. Leaders of Modern Anthropological Series, American University Publishers Group. London 1971, pp. 196., C. Wagley (eds. - R.A.M. van Zantwijk, Carlo J.E. Gay, Chalcacingo. Drawings by Frances Pratt. Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt. Graz 1971. 119 blz., geïll., XXIV fotopag. - P. van Emst, Yu. V. Maretin, Countries and peoples of the East. Vol. XIII, Countries and peoples of the Pacific Basin. Book 2. Nauka Publishing House. Central Department of Oriental Literature. Moscow 1972. (Strany i narody vostoka. Pod obscej redakciej D.A. Ol’derogge. Vypusk XIII. Strany i narody bassejna Tichogo Okeana. Kniga 2. - H. van Mierlo, Atlantische Commissie, De school en het buitenlands beleid IX. De internationale politieke vormingstaak van de school. Atlantische Commissie, Den Haag 1970, 56 blz. - Geert A. Banck, Philip Staniford, Pioneers in the tropics. The political organization of Japanese in an immigrant community in Brazil. London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology no. 45. London; The Athlone Press. 1973. xvi + 201 pag.

  7. Circulations in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea with Reference to Safe Disposal of Radioactive Wastes Near the Indian Coasts; Les Circulations dans les Eaux du Golfe du Bengale et de la Mer d'Oman et l'Elimination sans Danger des Dechets Radioactifs pres des Cotes Indiennes; 0426 0418 0420 0414 ; Circulaciones en el Golfo de Bengala e en el Mar Arabico con Relacion a la Evacuacion sin Riesgos de Desechos Radiactivos Frente al Litoral Indio

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rama Sastry, A. A. [Meteorological Office, Poona 5 (India)


    dannyh, sobrannyh razlichnymi jekspedicijami v Indijskom okeane, izuchaetsja fizicheskaja okeanografija v rajone k severu ot jekvatora. Kak v Bengal'skom zalive, tak i v Aravijskom more na glubine do 200 metrov imeetsja po krajnej mere tri razlichnyh vodnyh sloja. V vidu ochen' sil'noj rastvoritel'noj sposobnosti vod Bengal'skogo zaliva poverhnostnye vody mogut byt' podrazdeleny eshhe na neskol'ko kategorij. Po gorizontal'nomu raspredeleniju razlichnyh okeanograficheskih parametrov daetsja cirkuljacija vodnyh mass na razlichnyh urovnjah do 150 metrov vdol' indijskogo poberezh'ja ; jeto zhe otnositsja i k vodnym massam do 500 metrov po vertikal'nomu secheniju. Uroven' nepodvizhnyh vod, kak kazhetsja, nahoditsja vyshe 500 metrov i menjaetsja kak po ploshhadi, tak i po vremeni. Smeshenie vod vyvoditsja iz otnoshenija T-S (vremja-ploshhad'). Privodjatsja sezony povyshenija i ponizhenija urovnja vody vdol' poberezh'ja i rassmatrivaemogo rajona. Intensivnost' povyshenija urovnja vody vdol' poberezh'ja bolee vyrazhena i v techenie jetogo perioda proishodit polnoe smeshenie sloev vody na priberezhnoj otmeli. Glubokovodnye massy razdeljajutsja na vody jekvatorial'noj chasti Indijskogo okeana, antarkticheskie promezhutochnye sloi vody sovmestno s vodami Krasnogo morja i na neznachitel'nuju chast' vod central'noj chasti Indijskogo okeana, glubokovodnye massy Indijskogo okeana i antarkticheskie donnye vody. Daetsja raspredelenie jetih vodnyh mass, a takzhe cirkuljacija glubinnyh vodnyh sloev k severu ot jekvatora. Kak kazhetsja, za poslednie 60 let antarkticheskie donnye vody prodvigajutsja dalee k severu ot jekvatora kak v Bengal'skom zalive, tak i v Aravijskom more. V svjazi s jetim nabljudaetsja ponizhenie solenosti kak v Bengal'skom zalive, tak i v Aravijskom more. V zakljuchenie predlagetsja programma dal'nejshih okeanograficheskih issledovanij v svjazi s bezopasnym udaleniem radioaktivnyh othodov, v chastnosti v Aravijskoe more. (author)

  8. On Mixing Processes in the Sea; Processus de Melange dans la Mer; 041f 0420 041e 0414 ; Los Procesos de Mezclado en las Aguas del Mar

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Joseph, Joachim [German Hydrographic Institute, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany (Germany)


    dolgozhivushhej iskusstvennoj radioaktivnosti v obshirnyh rajonah okeana neizvestno. Nashe znanie processov smeshenija i rasseivanija v morjah nedostatochno dlja kakih-libo prognozov. Otsutstvie dostatochnyh znanij o vozmozhnyh vrednyh posledstvijah ni v koem sluchae ne dolzhno privesti nas k oshibochnomu chuvstvu bezopasnosti. Takim obrazom, sleduet vnimatel'no izuchit' vse drugie vozmozhnosti jeffektivnogo udalenija othodov atomnoj promyshlennosti. Vvidu jetogo V. Filbert izuchil vopros udalenija othodov vo l'dy arkticheskogo i antarkticheskogo rajonov zemli. Tshhatel'noe issledovanie i opyty processov, vyzvannyh sbrasyvaniem radioaktivnyh materialov v morja, javljajutsja neizbezhnoj neobhodimost'ju. Doskonal'noe znanie jetih problem javljaetsja neizbezhnym dlja otveta na mnogie nerazreshennye voprosy v jetoj oblasti. V svjazi s jetim issledovanie processov smeshenija i rasseivanija v morjah priobretaet pervostepennuju vazhnost'. Budet proveden obzor, pokazyvajushhij nastojashhij uroven' teoreticheskih znanij i prakticheskogo opyta. V opredelennyh predelah statisticheskie dannye mogut osvetit' vopros o peremeshhenii v morjah nekotoryh koncentrirovannyh veshhestv iz odnoj tochki v rajone so srednim radiusom ot 10 do 1500 km. Jetot metod zavisit ot faktov, svjazannyh s turbulentnym rezhimom, poka eshhe ne izvestnym dlja mnogih morskih rajonov. Privoditsja ob{sup j}asnenie razlichnyh uslovij, sushhestvujushhih v razlichnyh rajonah okeana, a takzhe vo vnutrennih morjah. Predlagaetsja plan usilenija neobhodimyh issledovatel'skih rabot po okeanografii na mezhdunarodnoj osnove. (author)

  9. The Depths of the Ocean and the Question of Radioactive Waste Disposal in Them; Les Grandes Fosses Oceaniques et l'Immersion des Dechets Radioactifs dans ces Eaux Profondes; 0413 041b 0423 0414 ; Cuestiones Relacionadas con la Inmersion de Desechos Radiactivos en las Grandes Fosas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bogorov, V. G.; Tareev, B. A.; Fedorov, K. N. [Oceanographical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, USSR (Russian Federation)


    imelo mesto posle ispytatel'nyh vzryvov v Tihom okeane. Takim obrazom, sleduet priznat', chto nel'zja proizvodit' zahoronenie radioaktivnyh othodov v glubokovodnyh vpadinah mirovogo okeana, ne podvergaja tem samym naselenie vsego zemnogo shara opasnosti radioaktivnogo zarazhenija. (author)