Sample records for region shanxi province

  1. Did the M S7.0 Lushan earthquake dynamically trigger earthquakes in the Datong volcanic region (Shanxi Province)?

    Song, Meiqin; Zheng, Yong; Fu, Rui; Liang, Xiangjun; Wang, Xia; Li, Li; Li, Bin


    Immediately following the M S7.0 Lushan earthquake on April 20, 2013, using high-pass and low-pass filtering on the digital seismic stations in the Shanxi Province, located about 870-1,452 km from the earthquake epicenter, we detected some earthquakes at a time corresponding to the first arrival of surface waves in high-pass filtering waveform. The earthquakes were especially noticed at stations in Youyu (YUY), Shanzizao (SZZ), Shanghuangzhuang (SHZ), and Zhenchuan (ZCH), which are located in a volcanic region in the Shanxi Province,but they were not listed in the Shanxi seismic observation report. These earthquakes occurred 4-50 min after the passage of the maximum amplitude Rayleigh wave, and the periods of the surface waves were mainly between 15 and 20 s following. The Coulomb stresses caused by the Rayleigh waves that acted on the four stations was about 0.001 MPa, which is a little lower than the threshold value of dynamic triggering, therefore, we may conclude that the Datong volcanic region is more sensitive to the Coulomb stress change. To verify, if the similar phenomena are widespread, we used the same filtering to observe contrastively continuous waveform data before, and 5 h after, the M S7.0 Lushan earthquake and M S9.0 Tohoku earthquake in 2011. The results show that the similar phenomena occur before the earthquakes, but the seismicity rates after the earthquakes are remarkably increased. Since these weak earthquakes are quite small, it is hard to get clear phase arrival time from three or more stations to locate them. In addition, the travel time differences between P waves and S waves (S-P) are all less than 4 s, that means the events should occur in 34 km around the stations in the volcanic region. The stress of initial dynamic triggering of the M S9.0 Tohoku earthquake was about 0.09 MPa, which is much higher than the threshold value of dynamic triggering stress. The earthquakes after the M S9.0 Tohoku earthquake are related to dynamic

  2. Health Technology Assessment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Shanxi Province

    Yueze Liu; Jianwen Cao; Zuxun Lu


    Assess the current status of MRI in Shanxi province by health technology assessment method to provide suggestion and guidelines for future government decisions on the procurement and installation of new high-tech medical equipments. All of the 21 hospitals installed MRIs were surveyed.The results showed that 1 ) Diffusion of MRI is consistent with the economic development in different regional districts and hospital levels in Shanxi province. 2) There are better monetary returns of MRI in higher level hospitals than lower level hospitals. 3) Most MRIs in Shanxi province had been running at a loss, and the first class tertiary level hospitals had been making profit from providing MRI services to patients. 4) Better cost-benefit accorded with higher hospital level, more patients serviced etc. 5 ) The biggest investment risk is the initial purchase and installation of MRI. 6) Positive rates and veracity of MRI diagnosis were higher. 7) MRI is a safe equipment.

  3. [Land use change dynamics and driving forces of the vulnerable ecological region in northwestern Shanxi Province, China].

    Li, Xiu-Fen; Liu, Li-Min; Qi, Xin; Zhang, Jin-Xin; Zhao, Tong-Bin; Wang, Yi; Liu, Xue-Fen; Zhou, Yong-Bin


    By using remote sensing and GIS technology, this paper collected land use information of 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010 and the relevant statistical data, and analyzed the characteristics of land use change and its driving forces in northwestern Shanxi Province, the typical ecological fragile area. The results showed that there were significant changes in land use patterns in the past 30 years. During 1980-1990, 1990-2000 and 2000-2010 periods, the area of farmland decreased continuously, while the areas of grassland and woodland experienced increase-decrease-increase and decrease-increase-decrease patterns of change, respectively. The areas of industrial and resident lands increased continuously, but the water body and unused land decreased. The farmland was mainly transformed to grassland and woodland, and the areas of industrial and resident lands increased from the farmland. The lost area of water body was transformed to grassland and farmland. The decrease of unused land was due to the implementation of ecological engineering and urban ex-panding. In general, the changes of land use types were significantly higher before 2000 than after 2000. The industrial and resident lands, unused land and grassland changed drastically. The relationships between land use types and driving forces indicated that population pressure and economic development led to the changes of industrial land and farmland; policy of forestry ecological engi- neering drove the changes of woodland and grassland; the drought-characterized climate was the major cause inducing the decrease of water area and hindering the restoration of forest.

  4. SWOT Analysis of Vinegar Export of Shanxi Province



      This article is based on the SWOT theory, and analyze the vinegar export situations of Shanxi province. Finding out the opportunities and challenges the vinegar plants confronts is this article’s main purpose.

  5. The down-faulted basin zone and high disaster risk zone in Shanxi Province, China

    刘惠敏; 苏桂武; 邓砚; 高庆华


    Shanxi Province is a region with frequent occurrence of earthquakes, floods and waterlogging, meteorological and geologic hazards, and agrobiohazards in China. The study shows that the formation and development of the down-faulted basin zone in Shanxi Province provides an available condition for preparation and occurrence of these hazards, so that the basin zone becomes an area with frequent occurrence of the hazards, such as earthquakes, floods and waterlogging, meteorological and geologic hazards and agrobiohazards in Shanxi and with their most serious interaction and mutual intensification. Moreover, the basin zone is an area with dense population and most concentrated industrial and agricultural productions and social-economic property in Shanxi. The comprehensive effect of the two factors caused the zone to be a high natural disaster risk area in Shanxi. For reduction of natural disasters and ensuring the sustainable social-economic development in Shanxi, it is necessary to regard the basin zone as an important area for disaster reduction in Shanxi and to carry out integrated disaster reduction.

  6. 2007年山西省部分地区虫媒病毒调查%Arbovirus investigation in some regions of Shanxi province in 2007

    李铭华; 孟维珊; 付士红; 程景侠; 赵俊英; 孔祥盛; 代培芳; 梁国栋


    Objective To investigate arbeviruses in some regions of Shanxi province, isolation and identification for arbovirus activity from mosquitoes was conducted. Methods Mosquitoes were collected from these area in 2007 and then used for virus isolation by cell culture. The virus isolates were identified by molecular biology and the sequences were analyzed by bioinformaties. Results Ten Banns virus (strains SX0765, SX0766, SX0767 ,SX0771, SX0789, SX0790, SX0793, SX0794, SX0795, SX0796) were iselated, and two Liaoning virus were also isolated from isolates SX0771, SX0794. Phylogenetic tree of the Banns virus isolates showed that ten strains are located in a distinct branch from all of the other Chinese Banns virus isolates. The homology is between 89.7 % and 94.1%. Conclusion Ten Banna virus and two Lianning virus were isolated during this arbovirus investigation in Shanxi province. New Banns virus isolates showed a distinct phylogenetic relationship with the other Chinese Banns virus strains.%目的 调查山西省部分地区的虫媒病毒,在当地采集蚊虫标本进行病毒的分离与鉴定.方法 2007年7月和8月在当地采集蚊虫标本,通过组织细胞培养进行病毒分离,利用分子生物学和生物信息学技术对病毒分离物进行鉴定与分析.结果 分离到10株病毒分离物,鉴定结果显示分离株SX0765、SX0766、SX0767、SX0771、SX0789、SX0790、SX0793、SX0794、SX0795、SX0796均为版纳病毒;此外,分离株SX0771和SX0794还同时存在辽宁病毒基因.进一步分析显示版纳病毒新分离株与此前在北京、云南和辽宁分离到的病毒株之间存在明显差异,同源性在89.7%~94.1%之间.结论 在山西省分离到10株版纳病毒和两株辽宁病毒,版纳病毒与我国其他地区分离株有明显差异,在进化上相对独立.

  7. Optimization Design of Warping Dam in Wangjiagou, Shanxi Province

    Zhang Yu; Cui Peng; Li Fa-bin; Wang Qing


    This paper introduces the simulating design of warping dam in the Loess Plateau, western Shanxi province.On the basis of collected data, the digital elevation model in the studied area has been created. Utilizing GIS (geographical information system) technology, this paper achieves some environmental based results with the simulation method. Also based on the parameter model of precipitation, the tendency of warping sand has been calculated, aiming at providing academic basis for optimization design in the small watershed.

  8. Optimization Design of Warping Dam in Wangjiagou, Shanxi Province

    ZhangYu; CuiPeng; LiFa-bin; WangQing


    This paper introduces the simulating design of warping dam in the Loess Plateau, western Shanxi province.On the basis of collected data, the digital elevation model in the studied area has been created. Utilizing GIS (geographical information system) technology, this paper achieves some environrnental based results with the simulation method. Also based on the parameter model of precipitation, the tendency of warping sand has been calculated, aiming at providing academic basis for optimization design in the small watershed.

  9. Interregional coal flow and its environmental loads transfer in Shanxi Province

    XU Zengrang; CHENG Shengkui; ZHEN Lin


    For the low price of coal and ineffective environmental management in mining area,China is in the dilemma of the increasing coal demand and the serious environmental issues in mining area.The more coal that is exported from a region,the more heavily it suffers from the environmental impacts of coal export.In this paper,the temporal and spatial process of exporting coal from Shanxi to other provinces of China is traced between 1975 and 2005.The coal net export of Shanxi increased to 370.69 million tonnes in 2005,representing an average annual growth rate of 7.5% from 1975 to 2005.With the increase of the amount of coal export from Shanxi,the Environmental Loads Transfer (ELT) that import provinces input to mining areas of Shanxi are rising.Effective means of internalizing the environmental externality of ELT lie in:1) setting up a coal sustainable development fund to restore environment of coal mining area; 2) enforcing environment tax,financial transfer payment and transferring advantage technology of pollution reduction to coal export area; and 3) reducing coal regional flow by reducing coal demand from power generation and heating and other industries.

  10. Poverty Occurrence Characteristics of Ancient Towns and Villages in Shanxi Province and Poverty Reduction Countermeasures


    Based on the questionnaire of 10 sample ancient towns and villages in Shanxi Province,we analyze the poverty occurrence characteristics of ancient towns and villages in Shanxi Province: the poverty incidence in ancient towns and villages is high,with the slow pace of poverty re- duction; the regional characteristics of poverty is prominent; there are conspicuous differences in income between residents living in old houses and residents not living in old houses; poverty reduction shows vulnerability and instability. Then we put forward countermeasures for poverty reduction of ancient towns and villages in Shanxi Province as follows: first,improving the targeting mechanism of poverty in ancient towns and villages; second,speeding up the development of agricultural industrialization in ancient towns and villages; third,advancing internal " urbanization" of ancient towns and villages and new countryside construction; fourth,strengthening infrastructure building in ancient towns and villages; fifth,providing fair and efficient allocation of resources,and reducing regional differences; sixth,promoting the ability of residents in ancient towns and villages to cope with poverty reduction vulnerability.

  11. [Emergy analysis of agro-ecolomic system in Shanxi Province].

    Wang, Run-Ping; Rong, Xiang-Min


    By the methods of emergy, this paper studied the input and output, working efficiency, and environmental loading of the agro-ecolomic system in Shanxi Province in 2005. The results showed that in 2005, the agro-ecolomic system in Shanxi still stayed in the period of traditional agriculture, which mainly depended on manpower and environmental resources. The emergy investment ratio (EIR) was 1.07, emergy yield ratio (EYR) was 0.99, and environmental loading ratio (ELR) was 6.55. In the structural adjustment of agriculture, stockbreeding had made great strides forward, but grain crops other than rice and wheat, vegetables, and fruits still had smaller emergy yield and were far from becoming dominant industry. The efficiency of the agro-ecolomic system was lower, and its environmental loading press was bigger. For the future, the surplus labors in agriculture in Shanxi should be shifted continually to other industries, and the high quality emergy such as agricultural science and technology should be increased to improve the use efficiency of environmental resources and the input and output of the system emergy.

  12. Inter-Regional Virtual Water Trade Model and Its Application in Shanxi Province%区域间虚拟水贸易模型及其在山西省的应用

    李方一; 刘卫东; 刘红光


    虚拟水贸易是实现水资源区域优化配置的重要途径之一,对区域间的虚拟水贸易现状进行分析,可为相关政策的制定提供依据。本研究基于区域间贸易模型和各地产业用水系数,构建虚拟水贸易模型,以模拟区域间的虚拟水贸易格局。选取山西省为案例区,利用中国环境统计年鉴、中国第二次经济普查年鉴等相关数据,计算山西省国民经济各部门的直接用水系数和完全用水系数,结合山西省与全国其他省区的贸易关系,估算山西与其他省区的虚拟水贸易量,揭示山西虚拟水贸易的空间格局。主要结论有:①2007年,山西省用水总量为58.71亿m^3,通过工农业产品贸易共产生了1.53亿m^3的虚拟水净调入量,对本省水资源短缺局面有缓解作用;②通过农业贸易净调入虚拟水4.89亿m^3,主要来自于新疆、陕西、河北、安徽等省区;通过工业产品贸易净调出虚拟水3-36亿m^3,主要调往河北、江苏、山东、湖北、浙江和广东等省;③山西省虚拟水的来源地主要是我国西部和东北地区,输出地则主要是东部沿海省份,与传统的虚拟水战略相违背;④在工业部门,主要的调出部门是能源相关行业,主要净调入部门则是制造业。建议山西省积极推行虚拟水政策,发展节水产业,通过工农业产品贸易从水资源丰富的地区调入虚拟水,形成具有可持续性的水资源利用空间格局。%Virtual water trade is one of the important ways to achieve spatial optimal allocation of water resources. Analysis of virtual water trade in different regions can provide basis for strategy formulation of water use. Inter-regional virtual water trade model is designed to simulate virtual water trade pattern, which is based on inter-regional trade .model and industrial water consumption coefficient. In this study, Shanxi Province was selected as the

  13. [Genetic Characteristics of Type 2 Vaccine-derived Poliovirus in Shanxi Province (China) in 2014].

    Yan, Dongrei; Li, Xiaolei; Zhang, Yong; Yang, Jianfang; Zhu, Shuangli; Wang, Dongyan; Zhang, Chuangye; Zhu, Hui; Xu, Wenbo


    The World Health Organization redefined the type 2 vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV) in 2010. To study the genetic characteristics and evolution of type 2 VDPV under this new definition, we conducted genome sequencing and analyses of type 2 VDPVs isolated from one patient with acute flaccid paralysis in Shanxi province (China) in 2014. Nucleotide sequencing revealed that the full-length of type 2 VDPV is 7439 bases encoding 2207 amino acids with no insertion or deletion of nucleotides compared with Sabin2. One nucleotide substitution identified as a key determinant of the attenuated phenotype of the Sabin 2 strain (A-G reversion at nucleotide nt 481 in the 5-end of the untranslated region) had reverted in the Shanxi type 2 VDPV. The other known key determinant of the attenuated phenotype of the Sabin 2 strain (U-->C reversion at nt2909 in the VP1 coding region that caused a Ile143Thr substitution in VP1) had not reverted in the Shanxi VDPV. The Shanxi type 2 VDPV was S2/S1 recombinant, the crossover site of which mapped to the 3-end of the 3D region (between nt 6247 and nt 6281). A phylogentic tree based on the VP1 coding region showed that evolution of the Shanxi type 2 VDPV was independent of other type 2 VDPVs detected worldwide. We estimated that the strain circulated for approximately = 11 months in the population according to the known evolution rate. The present study confirmed that the Chinese Polio Laboratory Network could discover the VDPV promptly and that it played an important part in maintenance of a polio-free China.

  14. 山西省区域城市化水平综合测度与对策研究%On Comprehensive Measure of Regional Urbanization Level of Shanxi Province and the Counter-Measures

    李玲; 黎明; 王鹏程


    为科学合理地测度一个地区的城市化水平,从人口、经济、社会生活和生态环境出发,运用因子聚类法,对山西省11个地级市的城市化水平进行了综合测度和对策研究,结果表明:①山西省省域空间上城市化水平差异显著,呈中部凸起的空间分异格局;②山西省在未来的城市发展进程中可以采取“片区发展,整体推进”的城市化战略。%Urbanization level is an important index to measure the extent of economic-social development in a region .How to measure the regional urbanization level scientifically and rationally is the focus in the field of region and urban development research .In this paper a comprehensive measure has been studied on the urbanization of 11 prefecture-level cities in Shanxi Province by analyzing relevant data from population , economy ,life quality ,ecological environment with the method of factor-cluster .The result shows that the urbanization level has significance difference in Shanxi Province ,w hich presents the spatial differentiation pattern of central bulge .Furthermore ,the study concludes that the government should adopt urbanization development strategy of 'district development ,overall progress'in the future .

  15. Density structure and growth dynamics of a Larix principis-rupprechtii stand for water conservation in the Wutai Mountain Region of Shanxi Province, North China

    Guangcan ZHANG; Jiangbao XIA; Shuyong ZHANG; Zefu ZHOU; Jian CHEN


    To discover the site adaptability and density suitability of Larix principis-rupprechtii as a water con-servation forest in Wutai Mountain, Shanxi Province, the growth process and diameter distribution characteristics of 10-year-old artificial L. principis-rupprechtii forests with density structures of 2600 trees/hm2 and 3500 trees/hm2 were studied using trunk analysis of a sample tree. The results showed that: 1) The tree height increment of the two kinds of forests were the same, and it was almost not affected by density. However, the growth process of the diameter and timber volume showed a great distinction. The growth status and density structure of the low density forest were superior to the high density forest. 2) The skewness (Sk) of diameter distribution had great distinc-tion. The Sk (0.01) of the low density forest approached a normal distribution, which showed that the density structure was reasonable, while the Sk (0.45) of the high density forest was partial to a normal distribution, which showed that the density structure was on the high side. The kurtosis (K) of the two forests (one was -0.64, the other was -0.74) had little distinction and the density factor had limited function to forest polarization. 3) The increment of diameter at breast height, timber volume and trunk stock of the low density forest increased yearly without the effect of density. However, the increment of high density forests had declined from the sixth year, which was restricted by high density. 4) The reasonable density of the 10-year-old L. principis-rupprechtii artificial forest was about 2600 trees/hm2, which is also the reasonable planting density if the utilization of double cutting is not considered.

  16. Study on S wave velocity structure beneath part stations in Shanxi Province

    张学民; 束沛镒; 刁桂苓


    Based on S wave records of deep teleseisms on Digital Seismic Network of Shanxi Province, shear wave velocity structures beneath 6 stations were obtained by means of S wave waveform fitting. The result shows that the crust is thick in the studied region, reaching 40 km in thickness under 4 stations. The crust all alternatives high velocity layer with low velocity one. There appear varied velocity structures for different stations, and the stations around the same tectonic region exhibit similar structure characteristics. Combined with dominant depth distribution of many small-moderate earthquakes, the correlation between seismogenic layers and crustal structures of high and low velocity layers has been discussed.

  17. Epidemiology investigation of initial hemodialysis patients in Shanxi province during 2010-2011



    Objective To investigate the incidence,primary disease and vascular access of the initial hemodialysis patients in Shanxi province during 2010-2011.Methods A total of 3434 chronic renal failure(CRF) patientsstarting

  18. Links between environmental geochemistry and rate of birth defects: Shanxi Province, China

    Yu Haiying [State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875 (China); College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Sichuan Agricultural University, Ya' an, Sichuan 625014 (China); Zhang Keli, E-mail: [State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875 (China)


    The rate of birth defects in Shanxi Province is among the highest worldwide. In order to identify the impacts of geochemical and environmental factors on birth defect risk, samples of soil, water and food were collected from an area with an unusually high rate of birth defects (study area) and an area with a low rate of birth defects (control area) in Shanxi Province, China. Element contents were determined by ICP-OES, and the results were analyzed using a non-parametric test and stepwise regression. Differences in the level and distribution of 14 geochemical elements, namely arsenic (As), selenium (Se), molybdenum (Mo), zinc (Zn), strontium (Sr), iron (Fe), tin (Sn), magnesium (Mg), vanadium (V), calcium (Ca), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al), potassium (K) and sulfur (S) were thus compared between the study and control areas. The results reveal that the geochemical element contents in soil, water and food show a significant difference between the study area and control area, and suggest that the study area was characterized by higher S and lower Sr and Al contents. These findings, based on statistical analysis, may be useful in directing further epidemiological investigations identifying the leading causes of birth defects. - Research Highlights: {yields} Environmental geochemistry has an significant impact on birth defects in the regions with an unusually high rate of birth defects. {yields} An excess of S and deficiency of Sr and Al are the distinctive environmental features associated with the high rate of birth defects in the Shanxi Province of China. {yields} Geochemical anomalies is a non-medical basis for effective prevention and cure of birth defects.

  19. Research on the Performance of Regional Scientific and Technological Innovation in Shanxi Province Baced on the Network DEA%基于网络DE A的山西省区域科技创新绩效评价研究

    梁瑞敏; 彭佑元


    Science and technology innovation is the key power to promote the development of The Economic Transition in Shanxi province. On the basis of dividing of the Science and technology innovation process,the paper build the regional technological innovation efficiency model and index system in Shanxi Province,then use the chain network DEA method to measure 2000-201 2 in Shanxi Province scientific and technological innovation efficiency value and evaluate the effciency which is divided into four parts. Empirical results concluded that optimize the management mode of science and technology, improve the efficiency of transformation of scientific and technological achievements,cultivate market-oriented scientific research system are effective ways to promote regional scientific and technological innovation performance in Shanxi.%科技创新是推动山西省转型跨越发展的关键力量。在划分区域科技创新子过程基础上构建山西省区域科技创新效率模型及指标体系,运用二阶段网络DEA方法测算山西省2001-2012年科技创新效率值并对4种分布类型加以分析。实证结果得出优化科技管理模式、提高科技成果转化效率、培育市场导向下的科研体制是山西省提升区域科技创新效率的有效途径。

  20. Mine land reclamation and eco-reconstruction in Shanxi province I: mine land reclamation model.

    Bing-yuan, Hao; Li-xun, Kang


    Coal resource is the main primary energy in our country, while Shanxi Province is the most important province in resource. Therefore Shanxi is an energy base for our country and has a great significance in energy strategy. However because of the heavy development of the coal resource, the ecological environment is worsening and the farmland is reducing continuously in Shanxi Province. How to resolve the contradiction between coal resource exploitation and environmental protection has become the imperative. Thus the concept of "green mining industry" is arousing more and more attention. In this assay, we will talk about the basic mode of land reclamation in mine area, the engineering study of mine land reclamation, the comprehensive model study of mine land reclamation, and the design and model of ecological agricultural reclamation in mining subsidence.

  1. Surface rupture zone of the 1303 Hongtong M=8 earthquake, Shanxi Province

    江娃利; 邓起东; 徐锡伟; 谢新生


    Based on the latest displacement of Huoshan piedmont fault, Mianshan west-side fault and Taigu fault obtained from the beginning of 1990's up to the present, the characteristics of distribution and displacement of surface rupture zone of the 1303 Hongtong M = 8 earthquake, Shanxi Province are synthesized and discussed in the paper. If Taigu fault, Mianshan west-side fault and Huoshan piedmont fault were contemporarily active during the 1303 Hongtong M = 8 earthquake, the surface rupture zone would be 160 km long and could be divided into 3 segments, that is, the 50-km-long Huoshan piedmont fault segment, 35-km-long Mianshan west-side fault segment and 70-km-long Taigu fault segment, respectively. Among them, there exist 4 km and 8 km step regions. The surface rupture zone exhibits right-lateral features. The displacements of northern and central segments are respectively 6~7 m and the southern segment has the maximum displacement of 10 m. The single basin-boundary fault of Shanxi fault-depression system usually corresponds to M ≈ 7 earthquake, while this great earthquake (M = 8) broke through the obstacle between two basins. It shows that the surface rupture scale of great earthquake is changeable.

  2. 山西谷子资源叶酸含量分析及评价%Evaluation and Analysis of Folic Acid Content in Millet from Different Ecological Regions in Shanxi Province

    邵丽华; 王莉; 白文文; 刘雅娟


    with yellow, canary yellow, pale yellow and white color were decreased in turn.[Conclusion]It was concluded that folic acid content in foxtail millet germplasms exhibited wide genetic diversity, some foxtail millet varieties with higher folic acid content were identified, thus providing valuable material supports for breeding with high quality and germplasm innovation. The variation range was determined between 0.37 and 2.37 μg·g-1 and the variation coefficient r was 26.2%. Folic acid contents in different ecological regions displayed a significant difference, and the contents of folic acid in millets from late maturing areas were significantly higher than that in mid-maturing areas for spring sowing millets. The color of millet grain significantly affected folic acid content. In this study, total 24 foxtail millet varieties with higher folic acid content were identified, and they accounted for 9.8%of all the tested materials based on the content distribution of folic acid. Among them, Jingu 21, as a major leading cultivar in agricultural production, should be widely extended in Shanxi province, because it is a cultivated variety with higher folic acid content, and the folic acid content in millet variety Jingu 21 reaches 2μg·g-1.%【目的】通过对山西谷子资源叶酸含量的测定与评价,了解谷子叶酸含量的变异及其与地理分布的关系,为谷子种质营养含量和育种提供依据。【方法】分别在谷子的研究基地长治、汾阳和太原采集目前山西育种和种植中常用品种245个,记录谷子颜色后于60℃下烘干,采用常规方法研磨脱壳去糠,记录米粒颜色后研磨米粒,全部过100目筛子,测定其叶酸含量。叶酸用磷酸二氢钾溶液恒温水浴浸提,加苯胺处理过的活性炭吸附,用3%氨-70%乙醇洗脱,采用高锰酸钾氧化-间接荧光法测定。【结果】①山西省245份不同品种谷子叶酸含量平均为1.53μg·g-1。

  3. Analysis of Factors Influencing Migrant Workers' Income in China - Based on Empirical Research of Survey and Research Data in Shanxi Province

    Xue, Jun-Li


    On the basis of conducting field survey of migrant workers in 18 counties of Shanxi Province, this article analyses the basic characteristics of migrant workers in Shanxi Province, and adopts revised Mincer model to conduct empirical analysis of various factors concerning the income of migrant workers in Shanxi Province . the results show that age, gender, skills and other factors, have significant impact on migrant workers' income, while the educational level and the working places within th...

  4. Emergy comparison for different agro-ecological regions in Shanxi Province%山西省不同农业生态类型区能值比较研究

    王闰平; 荣湘民; 侯希红; 高志强


    Based on emergy methods, we compared and evaluated development situation, production efficiency and environmental loading of different agro-ecological regions in Shanxi Province. The results show that in the superior agro-ecological region, total emergy input and intensive degree (empower density = 1.67E+12 sej · m~(-2)) are high. However, human labor emergy is very high (labor emergy ratio = 70.62%) and nonrenewable industry supplemental emergy input is low, restricting labor emergy action in the region. Thus emergy yield ratio (EYR) is low (0.70) and environmental loading ratio (ELK) is high (9.33). One way to improve productive efficiency in the superior agro-ecological region is transferring superfluous labor from agriculture to other industries while increasing industry supplemental emergy input (especially high-tech industry supplemental emergy input). In the middlle agro-ecological region, the combination of labor emergy (labor emergy ratio = 51.67%) and industry supplemental emergy (industry supplemental emergy ratio = 23.36%) is better. Total emergy yield is high and so is EYR (1.25), showing a high agricultural production efficiency. However, it is still necessary to reinforce high-tech industry supplemental emergy input in order to further improve agro-ecosystem efficiency. In the inferior agro-ecological region, both total emergy yield and production efficiency are low since the environment is poor and productive methods are highly rough. If agricultural productive areas are rearrange in the region, including planting areas, forestry areas, livestock breeding areas, and fishing areas (with emphasis on dimension and concentrated production), agricultural production efficiency in the region may improve anew.%应用能值分析方法,对山西省不同农业生态类型区的发展状况,生产效率和环境负荷进行比较分析与评价.结果表明:优等类型区能值投入总量较大,集约化程度较高(能值功率密度1.67E+12 sej·m~(-2

  5. [Temporal and spatial variability of livestock and poultry productions and manure nutrients in Shanxi Province, China].

    Zhang, Jian-jie; Guo, Cai-xia; Qin, Wei; Zhang, Qiang


    China's livestock and poultry productions have changed significantly in the last three decades, from mainly traditional and small-scale systems in early 1980s towards more intensive and industrialized ones in recent years, due to the booming economy and the changes in people' diet. There is an urgent need to increase the understanding of the changes in the livestock and poultry productions and the impact of manure recycle on the environment. Here, we reported on a systematic and quantitative analysis on the temporal and spatial variability of livestock and poultry productions and manure nutrients in Shanxi Province, China, using a large database and a coupled food chain nutrient flow model (NUFER) with GIS. In the period of 1978 to 2012, total animal manure production increased from 1.61 x 10⁷ t to 2.75 x 10⁷ t by 171%. The manure N increased from 7.74 x 10⁴ t to 17.32 x 10⁴ t, and the manure P from 1.09x104 t to 3.39x104 t. Besides the huge increase in total animal manure production, the distribution of animal manure was much uneven among regions, with high amounts of manure N and P per unit land in the north, middle and southeastern regions and low values in the north-central and southwestern regions, based on the results of 2012. The uneven distribution of manure was the combined effect of regional specializations in livestock and poultry productions and related policies. Our findings suggested that optimizing the structure of livestock and poultry productions and enhancing interregional collaborations on nutrient management could be two effective measures for reducing pollution and environmental risks, while achieving efficient and sustainable use of manure nutrient in the long term.

  6. [A study of oral health behaviors among 65 to 74 years old people in Shanxi province].

    Huang, Rui-Zhe; Sun, Yan; Tian, Jian-Gang; Zhong, Cui-Cui; Ruan, Jian-Ping


    To assess the oral health behaviors among 65 to 74 years old people in Shanxi province, and provide a base line for oral health service. Four hundred and five old people aged from 65 to 74 in Shaanxi province was selected according to the Third National Oral Health Investigation Criteria and the oral health behaviors of them were investigated by questionnaire. SPSS 13.0 software package was used for statistical analysis. Of the participates, 14.3%, 6.6%, 39.5% of old people ate dessert, candy/chocolate, sugar-containing dairy products every day, and 27.5%, 17.0%, 0.7%, 0.5% drank fresh fruit, saccharine, fruit juice, carbonated drinks once daily, respectively. Compared with the rural areas,the proportion of people who drank fresh fruit or ate dessert, sugar-containing dairy products once daily was higher in the urban area (P0.05), but more males drank alcohol than females(P0.05). Oral health behaviors of 65 to 74 years old people in Shanxi province is irrationality, and needs to be adjusted and improved.

  7. The oldest known dinoflagellates: Morphological and molecular evidence from Mesoproterozoic rocks at Yongji, Shanxi Province

    MENG Fanwei; ZHOU Chuanming; YIN Leiming; CHEN Zhilin; YUAN Xunlai


    Abundant and well-preserved organic-walled microfossils including acanthomorphic acritarchs have been found in Mesoproterozoic Beidajian Formation in the Yongji area of Shanxi Province, North China. The morphological and ultrastructural features of these acanthomorphic acritarchs resemble living dinoflagellates (e.g. double-walled and polygonal structures), which leads to the interpretation of these fossils as probably the oldest dinoflagellates. The detection of dinosterane, a dinoflagellate biomarker, from pyrolytic product of these fossils further supports the morphological inference. This finding is consistent with molecular clock estimate that dinoflagellates may have diverged 700 to 900 million years (Ma) before previously known fossil record.

  8. Ecological rebuilding and land reclamation in surface mines inShanxi Province, China


    It is well known that the mining industry produces a large amount of derelict land, and muses pollution of water loss and soil erosion as well as other environmental damage in China. As land is under pressure in China, it is now policy to restore or reclaim land despoiled by mining, the aim being to develop sustainable and healthy arable land ecosystems. This paper outlines the principles and approaches of ecological restoration, which have been adopted in Shanxi Province with reference to three typical surface mines. In the research, the principles of ecological engineering and ecological succession are considered as the critical theories of ecological restoration in mine degraded land. Meanwhile, the paper made a comparative research on main links of ecological rebuilding in three surface mines in Shanxi Province, which include new land construction, treatment of toxic substances, control of soil erosion, fertility management, irrigation, ecological planning and the establishment of legislation systems. As the research demonstrated, for successful restoration, new land construction is the fundamental framework, but it must be integrated with ecological engineering including ecological planning, the control of soil erosion and vegetation establishment and ecosystem creation in order to optimiee land productivity and soil fertility. In addition, the establishment of the legislation systems and organization of administration are also indispensable aspects of ecological rebuilding in mined land.

  9. Analysis of Factors Influencing Migrant Workers’ Income in China——Based on Empirical Research of Survey and Research Data in Shanxi Province


    On the basis of conducting field survey of migrant workers in 18 counties of Shanxi Province, this article analyses the basic characteristics of migrant workers in Shanxi Province, and adopts revised Mincer model to conduct empirical analysis of various factors concerning the income of migrant workers in Shanxi Province. The results show that age, gender, skills and other factors, have significant impact on migrant workers’ income, while the educational level and the working places within the province have inconspicuous impact on migrant workers’ income. Therefore, in order to improve the income of migrant workers in Shanxi Province, we must adopt some measures as follows: train the migrant workers to promote their vocational skills; expand employment space; promote integration of agricultural production, supply and marketing.

  10. Prevalence and Causes of Visual Impairment and Blindness in Shanxi Province, China.

    Li, Tong; Du, Liping; Du, Lingzhen


    To estimate the prevalence and causes of visual impairment and blindness in Shanxi Province, China. Data were obtained from the Second National Sampling Survey of Disability conducted in 2006. Blindness and visual impairment were defined as best corrected visual acuity Visual acuity (VA) was measured using a Standard Logarithmic Visual Acuity E chart (Snellen) for subjects aged 7 years and older. Participants younger than 7 years were examined using special experiments or the Childhood Graphical Visual Chart. The prevalence of visual impairment and blindness in Shanxi was estimated to be 0.6% (466/75,016) among persons up to 80 years old. The prevalence in rural areas (0.7%; 351/48,137) was significantly higher than that in urban areas (0.4%; 115/26,879) and was higher in females (0.8%; 298/36,933) than in males (0.4%; 168/38,083). The most common cause of visual impairment and blindness was cataract (44.9%), followed by retinopathy and choroidopathy (12.5%), hereditary and developmental disorders (10.3%), corneal disease (5.2%), and refractive error (4.9%). Prevalences of visual impairment and blindness in women and in rural areas were higher than in men and urban areas, and increased with age. Cataract was the most prevalent cause of visual impairment and blindness. Based on the findings from this study, we suggest that provision of support and welfare services should be organized.

  11. Research on Obstacles and Breakthroughs of Regional Technology and Finance Integration---a case of Shanxi province%区域科技金融一体化障碍及其突破研究--以山西省为例



    In the process of promoting industrialization and transformation of industrial structure upgrade , the region always ignore technology innovation and financial construction ,so that inter-constraint of tech-nology and finance hinders local economic transition and development .Shanxi is a resource -based prov-ince , improving regional innovation by technology finance is the key to promote economic development from a resource-driven to an innovation-driven approach .This paper takes Shanxi province as the typi-cal representative region ,analyzes obstacles of technology and finance integration ,then constructs the inte-gration mechanism which includes finance docking ,improving capital using and creating a benign environ-ment,thus promote technology innovation by finance innovation as a basis for realize regional industrial transformation .%区域在推进工业化进程、实现产业结构升级转化的过程中,往往忽视了科技创新和金融发展一体化,而科技和金融相互掣肘,会成为区域转型升级的制约因素。以科技金融一体化发展提高区域创新能力,进而带动产业结构升级和经济持续增长,是实现区域经济转型的重要途径。本文以山西为例,分析其区域科技金融一体化障碍因素,并从促进融资对接、改善资金利用和营造良性科技金融环境三方面,尝试构建科技金融一体化机制,以助其实现以金融创新促进科技创新、以科技创新助推区域转型。

  12. Availability and quality of emergency obstetric care in Shanxi Province, China.

    Gao, Yu; Barclay, Lesley


    To investigate the availability and quality of emergency obstetric care (EmOC) received by women in a rural Chinese province. The study was conducted in 7 rural counties and townships in Shanxi Province, China. Data sources included interviews with 7 hospital leaders, 5 maternal and child health workers, and 7 obstetricians; 118 records of complicated delivery were audited, 21 Maternal and Child Health Annual Reports analyzed, and observations conducted of facilities and advanced labor care. The number of comprehensive EmOC facilities was adequate in all counties. Three counties had fewer basic EmOC facilities than recommended and only 4 counties reached the recommended level. Most of the existing township hospitals did not provide birthing services. All the county hospitals could perform cesarean deliveries with rates from 6.8%-40.8%. The management of complications was not evidence-based. For example, women with pre-eclampsia and eclampsia were given too little magnesium sulfate; women were not closely monitored for hemorrhage after birth and the partograph was used incorrectly with consequences for obstructed labor. Basic EmOC facilities are not adequate and township hospitals should be upgraded to provide birthing services. The quality of EmOC is poor and needs improvement. Copyright 2010 International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  13. Genotyping of human Brucella melitensis biovar 3 isolated from Shanxi Province in China by MLVA16 and HOOF.

    Pei Xiao

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Brucellosis presents a significant economic burden for China because it causes reproductive failure in host species and chronic health problems in humans. These problems can involve multiple organs. Brucellosis is highly endemic in Shanxi Province China. Molecular typing would be very useful to epidemiological surveillance. The purpose of this study was to assess the diversity of Brucella melitensis strains for epidemiological surveillance. Historical monitoring data suggest that Brucella melitensis biovar 3 is the predominant strain associated with the epidemic of brucellosis in Shanxi Province. METHODS/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Multiple-locus variable-number repeat analysis (MLVA-16 and hypervariable octameric oligonucleotide fingerprinting (HOOF-print were used to type a human-hosted Brucella melitensis population (81 strains. Sixty-two MLVA genotypes (discriminatory index: 0.99 were detected, and they had a genetic similarity coefficient ranging from 84.9% to 100%. Eighty strains of the population belonged to the eastern Mediterranean group with panel 1 genotypes 42 (79 strains and 43 (1 strain. A new panel 1 genotype was found in this study. It was named 114 MLVAorsay genotype and it showed similarity to the two isolates from Guangdong in a previous study. Brucella melitensis is distributed throughout Shanxi Province, and like samples from Inner Mongolia, the eastern Mediterranean genotype 42 was the main epidemic strain (97%. The HOOF-printing showed a higher diversity than MLVA-16 with a genetic similarity coefficient ranging from 56.8% to 100%. CONCLUSIONS: According to the MLVA-16 and HOOF-printing results, both methods could be used for the epidemiological surveillance of brucellosis. A new genotype was found in both Shanxi and Guangdong Provinces. In areas with brucellosis, the MLVA-16 scheme is very important for tracing cases back to their origins during outbreak investigations. It may facilitate the expansion and eradication

  14. Bayesian mapping of neural tube defects prevalence in Heshun County, Shanxi Province, China during 1998~2001

    CHI Wen-xue; WANG Jin-feng; LI Xin-hu; ZHENG Xiao-ying; LIAO Yi-lan


    Objective: To estimate the prevalence rates of neural tube defects (NTDs) in Heshun County, Shanxi Province, China by Bayesian smoothing technique. Methods: A total of 80 infants in the study area who were diagnosed with NTDs were analyzed. Two mapping techniques were then used. Firstly, the GIS software ArcGIS was used to map the crude prevalence rates. Secondly,the data were smoothed by the method of empirical Bayes estimation. Results: The classical statistical approach produced an extremely dishomogeneous map, while the Bayesian map was much smoother and more interpretable. The maps produced by the Bayesian technique indicate the tendency of villages in the southeastern region to produce higher prevalence or risk values. Conclusions: The Bayesian smoothing technique addresses the issue of heterogeneity in the population at risk and it is therefore recommended for use in explorative mapping of birth defects. This approach provides procedures to identify spatial health risk levels and assists in generating hypothesis that will be investigated in further detail.

  15. Pollen analysis of natural honeys from the central region of Shanxi, North China.

    Xiao-Yan Song

    Full Text Available Based on qualitative and quantitative melissopalynological analyses, 19 Chinese honeys were classified by botanical origin to determine their floral sources. The honey samples were collected during 2010-2011 from the central region of Shanxi Province, North China. A diverse spectrum of 61 pollen types from 37 families was identified. Fourteen samples were classified as unifloral, whereas the remaining samples were multifloral. Bee-favoured families (occurring in more than 50% of the samples included Caprifoliaceae (found in 10 samples, Laminaceae (10, Brassicaceae (12, Rosaceae (12, Moraceae (13, Rhamnaceae (15, Asteraceae (17, and Fabaceae (19. In the unifloral honeys, the predominant pollen types were Ziziphus jujuba (in 5 samples, Robinia pseudoacacia (3, Vitex negundo var. heterophylla (2, Sophora japonica (1, Ailanthus altissima (1, Asteraceae type (1, and Fabaceae type (1. The absolute pollen count (i.e., the number of pollen grains per 10 g honey sample suggested that 13 samples belonged to Group I (<20,000 pollen grains, 4 to Group II (20,000-100,000, and 2 to Group III (100,000-500,000. The dominance of unifloral honeys without toxic pollen grains and the low value of the HDE/P ratio (i.e., honey dew elements/pollen grains from nectariferous plants indicated that the honey samples are of good quality and suitable for human consumption.

  16. Barriers to increasing hospital birth rates in rural Shanxi Province, China.

    Gao, Yu; Barclay, Lesley; Kildea, Sue; Hao, Min; Belton, Suzanne


    This study investigated the reasons for continued high rates of home births in rural Shanxi Province, northern China, despite a national programme designed to encourage hospital deliveries. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 30 home-birthing women in five rural counties and drew on hospital audit data, observations and interviews with local health workers from a larger study. Multiple barriers were identified, including economic and geographic factors and poor quality of maternity care. Women's main reasons for not having institutional births were financial difficulties (n=26); poor quality of antenatal care (n=13); transport problems (n=11); dissatisfaction with hospital care expressed as fear of being in hospital (n=10); convenience of being at home and continuity of care provided by traditional birth attendants (TBAs) (n=10); and belief that the birth would be normal (n=6). These barriers must all be overcome to improve access to and acceptability of hospital birth. To ensure that the national policy of improving the hospital birth rate is implemented effectively, the government needs to improve the quality of antenatal and delivery care, increase financial subsidies to reduce out-of-pocket payments, remove transport barriers, and where hospital birth is not available in remote areas, consider allowing skilled attendance at home on an outreach basis and integrate TBAs into the health system.

  17. The Way to Entrepreneurship: Education and Work Experience for Female Entrepreneurs, Jiaocheng County, Shanxi Province

    Minglu Chen


    Full Text Available This paper examines the education background and work history of a newly emerged group of entrepreneurs in the People’s Republic of China (PRC—women. Based on interviews with 62 women entrepreneurs in the north China county of Jiaocheng, Shanxi Province, conducted between October 2003 and May 2004, it compares and analyzes the situation of women enterprise owners, wives of male enterprise owners and those who take leadership positions in the enterprises as workshop leaders, share holders, managers and defacto managers. The results suggest that higher education is not an important element in the making of these women entrepreneurs, but literacy still matters for those who are seeking higher positions in private enterprises or setting up their own business. The interviewees’ work experience corresponds to their education background, as most of them used to be engaged in jobs requiring less education. This paper also reveals the situation of one specific group formed by widowed women taking over their husbands’ enterprises after their death. It suggests that these women had experienced considerable hardship in running the business.

  18. A New Family of Sauropod Dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous of Tianzhen, Shanxi Province, China


    A new gigantic sauropod, Huabeisaurus allocotus gen. et sp. nov., about 20 m in length and 5 m in height, was discovered in the Upper Cretaceous Huiquanpu Formation, Tianzhen County,Shanxi Province. It is notably different from Diplodocidae, Titanosauridae and Nemegtosauridae in the following aspects: the teeth are strong, peg-like with a length ratio of the tooth crown to tooth root at about 3 to 1; the cervical vertebrae are long with forked spines; the spines in dorsal vertebrae are relatively high, unbifurcated; the caudal vertebrae are amphicoelous, with anterior neural spines and unbifurcated spines and chevrons; the femur is straight and long, narrow and flat and the tibia and fibula are long and flat. These characters show that the described genus should represent a new family, Huabeisauridae fam. nov. The discovery enriches the sauropod dinosaur record in China, and is quite significant to the study of the taxonomy, evolution, migration, extinction and palaeobiogeographic provincialism of the Late Cretaceous sauropod dinosaurs.

  19. Features of major greenhouse gases in loess, Shanxi Province,China


    According to the investigations of five loess sections in Shanxi Province, China, it was found that the concentrations of the major greenhouse gases CO2, CH4 and NaO in loess-paleosol sequences are generally high, even sometimes may be several times or scores of times higher than their atmospheric concentrations respectively. Although the CO2 concentration in the same loess section shows poor regularity among different layers, it increases slowly from north to south in space. The CH4 concentration in the layers under Malan Loess is much higher than that in the atmosphere, although it is not high in Malan Loess. Most of the δ13C values of CO2 in loess are -11.14‰-15.48‰ (relative to PDB standard). Analysis of carbon isotopic compositions of CO2 indicates that the main source of CO2 in loess section The δ13Cg of CO2 is a little heavier than organic source for exchanging carbon isotope with carbonate in loess. The abundant carbonate in loess not only makes the loess a huge carbon reservior but also adjusts atmospheric CO2 during the formation of deuterogenic carbonate.``

  20. Macroalgae in a spring stream in Shanxi Province: composition and relation to physical and chemical variables


    Fourteen stream segments were investigated throughout the Xin'an Spring in Shanxi Province, China in 2004. The variation ranges in stream size, current velocity, discharge, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductance were large. Twenty-two macroalgae species were found in the stream.Major divisions in terms of species numbers were Chlorophyta (59.1%), Cyanophyta (22.8%),Xanthophyta (9.1%), Rhodophyta (4.5%) and Charophyta (4.5%). The most widespread species,Cladophora rivularis (50.0%), also Oedogonium sp. (42.9%) and Spirogyra sp. (42.9%) were well represented throughout the stream, whereas another 10 species were found in only one sampling site.Total percentage cover varied from <1% to 90%. Red algae Batrachospermum acuatum and the charophytes Chara vulgaris have the highest percentage cover. Among the parameters analyzed, the stream width, specific conductance and dissolved oxygen were the ones that more closely related to the species number and percentage cover of macroalgal communities. The species number of each site was negatively correlated with dissolved oxygen content. The total percentage cover of the macroalgae was negatively correlated with the stream width and the specific conductance.

  1. Macroalgae in a spring stream in Shanxi Province: composition and relation to physical and chemical variables

    Hu, Bianfang; Xie, Shulian


    Fourteen stream segments were investigated throughout the Xin’an Spring in Shanxi Province, China in 2004. The variation ranges in stream size, current velocity, discharge, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductance were large. Twenty-two macroalgae species were found in the stream. Major divisions in terms of species numbers were Chlorophyta (59.1%), Cyanophyta (22.8%), Xanthophyta (9.1%), Rhodophyta (4.5%) and Charophyta (4.5%). The most widespread species, Cladophora rivularis (50.0%), also Oedogonium sp. (42.9%) and Spirogyra sp. (42.9%) were well represented throughout the stream, whereas another 10 species were found in only one sampling site. Total percentage cover varied from <1% to 90%. Red algae Batrachospermum acuatum and the charophytes Chara vulgaris have the highest percentage cover. Among the parameters analyzed, the stream width, specific conductance and dissolved oxygen were the ones that more closely related to the species number and percentage cover of macroalgal communities. The species number of each site was negatively correlated with dissolved oxygen content. The total percentage cover of the macroalgae was negatively correlated with the stream width and the specific conductance.

  2. Seismic characteristics near the epicenter of the 1303 Hongtong M=8 earthquake, Shanxi Province and its implication

    王健; 吴宣; 张晓东; 汪素云


    In this paper, we calculated the seismic pattern of instrumental recorded small and moderate earthquakes near the epicenter of the 1303 Hongtong M=8 earthquake, Shanxi Province. According to the spatial distribution of small and moderate earthquakes, 6 seismic dense zones are delineated. Temporal distribution of ML≥2 earthquakes since 1970 in each seismic dense zone has been analyzed. Based on temporal distribution characteristics and historical earthquake activity, three types of seismicities are proposed. The relationship between seismic types and crustal medium is analyzed. The mechanism of three types is discussed. Finity of strong earthquake recurrence is proposed. Seismic hazard in mid-long term and diversity of earthquake disaster in Shanxi seismic belt are discussed.

  3. Responses of tree-ring growth and crop yield to drought indices in the Shanxi province, North China.

    Sun, Junyan; Liu, Yu


    In this paper, we analyze the relationships among the tree-ring chronology, meteorological drought (precipitation), agricultural drought (Palmer Drought Severity Index PDSI), hydrological drought (runoff), and agricultural data in the Shanxi province of North China. Correlation analyses indicate that the tree-ring chronology is significantly correlated with all of the drought indices during the main growing season from March to July. Sign test analyses further indicate that the tree-ring chronology shows variation similar to that of the drought indices in both high and low frequencies. Comparisons of the years with narrow tree rings to the severe droughts reflected in all three indices from 1957 to 2008 reveal that the radial growth of the trees in the study region can accurately record the severe drought for which all three indices were in agreement (1972, 1999, 2000, and 2001). Comparisons with the dryness/wetness index indicate that tree-ring growth can properly record the severe droughts in the history. Correlation analyses among agricultural data, tree-ring chronology, and drought indices indicate that the per-unit yield of summer crops is relatively well correlated with the agricultural drought, as indicated by the PDSI. The PDSI is the climatic factor that significantly influences both tree growth and per-unit yield of summer crops in the study region. These results indicate that the PDSI and tree-ring chronology have the potential to be used to monitor and predict the yield of summer crops. Tree-ring chronology is an important tool for drought research and for wider applications in agricultural and hydrological research.

  4. 山西省上市公司促进区域经济发展研究%Research on Problems of Improving Development of Regional Economy of Shanxi Listed Company



    Shanxi Province is the largest energy areas of central China. GDP hit the 1 trillion marks for the first time by 2011, the national economic aggregate ranked NO. 22. Although the capital market development in Shanxi Province was ear-lier, Shanxi Fenjiu listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 1994, has nearly 20 years of development, but by the end of 2011 in Shanxi Province only 34 companies listed with other provinces in central China has a big gap. Small scale capital market, slow development and unreasonable industrial distribution serious are the current situation of the listed companies in Shanxi Province. By using methods of adopting the combination of theory and empirical and calculating GDP of listed com-panies in Shanxi Province for the regional economic contribution, the author expounded status and role of the listed compa-nies in Shanxi Province to regional economic development.%山西省是我国中部地区的能源大省,截至2011年, GDP首次突破1万亿大关,全国经济总量排名第22位。虽然山西省资本市场发展较早,从1994年山西汾酒在上海证券交易所挂牌上市以来,已经有近20年的发展,但是截至2011年山西省仅有34家公司上市,与中部地区其他省份还有着不小的差距。资本市场规模小、发展速度慢、产业分布严重不合理是山西省上市公司的现状。采用理论与实证相结合的方法,通过计算山西省上市公司对于区域经济的GDP贡献,阐述了山西省上市公司对于区域经济发展的地位与作用。

  5. Morphological variation of Quercus Iiaotungensis leaves in Lingkong Mountain,Shanxi Province

    LI Mei; HAN Hairong; KANG Fengfeng; MA Qinyan


    In order to study variation of morphological traits and the influencing factors of natural populations of Quercus liaotungensis Lingkong Mountain Nature Reserve of Shanxi region,five populations were included,and 24 morphological traits of leaf and apical bud were investigated.The analysis of variance showed that variation of all the morphological traits within population were significant,whereas significant difference existed in five property indices among populations (α = 0.05),which resulted from genetic and environmental factors.The results revealed that direction and degree of slope,average diameter at breast height in populations,and population density were the main influencing factors.Intrapopulation variation mainly contributed to morphological variation,and the phenotypic differentiation coefficient was 13.31%,which indicated low level of differentiation.But several characteristics exhibited high differentiation level,such as width of the tooth of leaf base (25.99%) and the middle apical bud (25.23%).The morphological indices,including the tooth of leaf base,leaf tip,petiole,and leaf area were precarious and changed a lot within population,which arose from the variation of individual's development.However,only two morphological indices,the middle apical bud and the tooth of leaf base,are unstable,which indicates the extensive influence of environmental factors.

  6. Evolution of Water Management in Shanxi and Shaanxi Provinces since the Ming and Qing Dynasties of China

    Mark Yaolin Wang


    Full Text Available This article examines some of the forms of water management in Shanxi [山西] and Shaanxi [陕西] provinces during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Facing serious water shortages and shrinking state power for water management, the local society in Shanxi and Shaanxi took over water management and gradually formed a local self-government system for the water resources. Depending on water management organizations in which the local gentry were the core power, the water rules were based on natural topographic conditions, historical water practices in the locality, traditional moral-ethical ideas, and even water policies and water laws. This water management system played a positive role in mobilizing the participation of members, preventing opportunistic behavior such as free riding and rent seeking, while decreasing the probability of water conflicts and the costs of litigation. However, this water management system was also subject to endemic corruption because of the lack of effective monitoring from the local government. As similar problems appear to exist in China today, this article analyzes the features of this water management system, and examines the problems that faced those systems so as to provide a warning from history for modern society.

  7. Nodes and Field of Tourist Origins to Ancient Village——A Case Study of Huangcheng Village in Shanxi Province of China


    Based on Hagget's theory of spatial structure, researches on the nodes and field of tourist origins to Huangcheng Village in Shanxi Province of China have been explored. Nodal hierarchy structure of tourist origins is analyzed with cluster analysis and the gravity model. And field of tourist origins is analyzed with attraction radius index (R) and geography concentration index (G). In the field analysis, R and G of Huangcheng Village are compared with Xidi Village that is a world heritage located in Huangshan City of Anhui Province in China. According to comparison of locations of two areas, influential factors for field area of Huangcheng Village are identified. It is concluded that: 1) cluster analysis and gravity model can be complementary methods to each other for nodal hierarchy structure analysis of tourist origins; and 2) as far as location is concerned, the weak intensity effect of tourism resources in the tourist region is a major cause for explaining why tourist origins to Huangcheng Village are mainly its neighboring areas. Moreover, it is suggested that the regional effect of tourist resources should be regarded as a component of destination attractiveness when applying gravity model.

  8. Personal Pronouns in Zhongyuan Mandarin in Southern Shanxi Province%晋南中原官话的人称代词



    The singular forms of personal pronouns in Fenhe cluster of Zhongyuan Mandarin in southern Shanxi province show great consistency, most of which are wo 我, ni你 and ta 他. The singular form of the third person pronoun changes phonetically from ta to na 那 in certain dialects. The syneresis of renjia 人家 can also be found. The plural forms are more complex with the three modes of phonetic change, syneresis and ending addition. These forms are sometimes used interchangeably among dialects due to their mutual contacts.%晋南中原官话汾河片人称代词单数形式单一且各地一致性强,基本上是“我、你、他”,个别点出现“人家”的合音形式。复数形式复杂多样,有变音式、合音式、附加式三种。

  9. Development Strategy of Special Agricultural Products in Shanxi Province%山西省特色农产品发展战略研究

    孟宪文; 薛占金


    Shanxi province is rich of special agricultural products. Based on the evaluation of the development situation of Shanxi special agricultural products and taking special coarse cereals, special vegetable, special fruit, Chinese medicine as the study object, the guide thinking, strategic principles, strategic objectives and strategic layout for Shanxi special agricultural products are assumed in this paper, and strategies measures for special agricultural products in Shanxi province was put forward.%山西省拥有众多特色鲜明的优势农产品,在对山西省特色农产品发展现状进行评价的基础上,以特色杂粮、特色蔬菜、特色果品、中药材为研究对象,规划设想了山西省发展特色农产品的指导思想、战略原则、战略目标、战略布局等,并提出了山西省发展特色农产品的6项战略措施.

  10. Shanxi Coalmines Face Damage Claims



    In a move designed to improve its environmental reputation, Shanxi Province is to establish a system to compensate against damage made to the environment by coalmines, according to Tian Chengping, the secretary of the Shanxi CPC Provindal Committee, Tian made the point at a conference held in January.

  11. 山西省苔藓植物的研究概况及展望%The Present Situation and Prospect of Bryophyte Tesearch in Shanxi Province



    对山西省苔藓植物的研究现状进行了总结并依据现有文献资料整理出山西省苔藓植物名录,现已知山西省苔藓植物43科111属265种(含11变种,2亚种),其中,藓类34科100属250种(含11变种,2亚种),苔类9科11属15种.%This paper has summarized the present situation of bryophyte research in Shanxi Province. There are 265 species of bryophytes, 11 varieties and 2 subspecies belong to 111 genera and 43 families in Shanxi Province at present. Among them, there are 15 species of liverworts belong to 11 genera and 9 families, 250 species of mosses, 11 varieties and 2 subspecies belong to 100 genera and 34 families. The checklist of bryophyte in Shanxi Province is listed after this paper.

  12. Data Analysis of Sampling Survey of Intellectual Disability in Shanxi Province%山西省智力残疾抽样调查结果分析

    翟静波; 张雯雯; 曲成毅


    Objective To explore the number, incidence, structure and regional distribution of intellectual disabilities, causes of disability, and needs, Shanxi province.Methods 75,016 people from 88 towns and streets of 22 cities and districts were investigated by a multi-stage sampling method in accordance with established procedures forms composed by trained investigators.Results The incidence of intellectual disability was 0.34 % most of which were with grade three and four in Shanxi Province.The incidence was the highest in youth in men while highest in childhood in women.The number of grades one and two of youth was more than that of other people.Incidence of intellectual disability in rural areas was significantly higher than in urban (P<0.001).The major causes of disability were brain diseases, unknown cause, genetic, seizure disorder and other trauma.Only 43.8% of the disabled received a little services and support, including medical services and relief, poverty relief and services, rehabilitation training and services.Different people had different needs of major rehabilitation.Conclusion The situation of intellectual disabilities was hopeful in Shanxi province.There was no discrimination of gender.Expanding groups with receiving service and support, providing targeted prevention measures according to needs of different groups and strengthening rural governance residual disability were the focus for future work.%目的 了解山西省智力残疾的数量、发生率、结构、地区分布、致残原因、需求等.方法 采用多阶段抽样方法,全省共抽取22个县(市、区),88个乡(镇、街道),共调查75016人.由经过培训的调查人员按照规定程序进行调查,并填写相关表格.结果 本次调查结果显示,智力残疾人数占调查总人数的0.34%,以三、四级为主.男性以青年残疾发生率最高,女性以童年最高.青年组一、二级残疾比例大于其他年龄段.农村智力残疾

  13. 山西省物流网络建设模式研究%Construction Mode of Logistics Network in Shanxi Province



    Accelerate the development of the logistics enterprise information meet the needs of market economic development and the logistics enterprise development in Shanxi Province. Logistics Information is the important way to leap-forward development of logistics industry in Shanxi. The use of modern logistics industry, logistics technology information construction, To Integrate enterprise supply chain with the help of logistics information network platform and modern logistics technology in Shanxi, are important in the current economic transition and enterprise innovation in Shanxi.%物流业的发展对于促进山西省商品流通与企业生产成本的降低起到了关键作用,物流信息化是山西物流业跨越式发展的重要途径,将现代化的物流技术充分运用到物流业的信息化建设中,通过物流信息网络平台的建设对全省企业供应链进行整合对山西省当前经济转轨和企业创新具有重要意义。

  14. Multi-Layer Superposed Coalbed Methane System in Southern Qinshui Basin, Shanxi Province, China

    Zheng Zhang; Yong Qin; Xuehai Fu; Zhaobiao Yang; Chen Guo


    Multi-coalbed developed in Carboniferous–Permian coal-bearing strata of southern Qinshui Basin, and different coal-bearing segments have different coalbed methane (CBM) reservoiring characteristics. Analysis of previous studies suggests that the essence of an unattached CBM system is to possess a unified fluid pressure system, which includes four key elements, namely, gas-bearing coal-rock mass, formation fluid, independent hydrodynamic system and capping layer condition. Based on the exploration and exploitation data of CBM, it is discovered that the gas content of coal seams in southern Qinshui Basin presents a change rule of non-monotonic function with the seam dipping, and a turning point of the change appears nearby coal seam No. 9, and coal seams of the upper and the lower belong to different CBM systems respectively; well test reservoir pressure shows that the gradient of coal seam No. 15 of the Taiyuan Formation is significantly higher than that of coal seam No. 3 of the Shanxi Formation; the equivalent reservoir pressure gradient of coal seam No. 15 “jumps” obviously compared with the reservoir pressure gradient of coal seam No. 3 in the same vertical well, that is, the relation between reservoir pressure and burial depth takes on a characteristic of nonlinearity; mean-while, the vertical hydraulic connection among the aquifers of Shanxi Formation and Taiyuan Forma-tion is weak, constituting several relatively independent fluid pressure systems. The characteristics dis-cussed above reveal that the main coal seams of southern Qinshui Basin respectively belong to relatively independent CBM systems, the formation of which are jointly controlled by sedimentary, hydrogeolog-ical and structural conditions.


    卢柳叶; 张青峰; 李光录


    山西省作为我国重要的能源化工基地,分析其县域经济发展差异,对促进区域经济协调发展有重大的意义.该文以山西省县域为研究对象,选取反映县域经济差异的15个指标,以2001~2007年份为研究时间截面,采用主成分聚类分析与GIS相结合的方法,对县域经济发展差异进行分析.结果表明:山西省107个县域单元可以分为五类:发达型、较发达型、中等型、落后型、较落后型;2001年至2007年山西省县域经济有了较快的发展,经济差异在逐步缩小.在研究截面里,全省多年人均GDP也有较大的增长趋势,贫富差异缩小.%County economy disparity is a critical problem in coordinating regional economic development.Based on the investigation on economy of the 107 counties (cities) of Shanxi Province,this paper analyzed the county economy disparity using an approach combining GIS with principal component and cluster analysis.15 indicators were selected to reflect economy disparity.The result showed that; 1) 107 counties (cities) of Shanxi province can be divided into five categories,i.e.,advanced developed,less advanced developed,middle developed,backward developed ,and more backward developed counties; 2) county-level economic situation in Shanxi province has developed significantly from 2001 to 2007.Especially,the regional economic differences were narrowed gradually; 3) Per capita GDP in Shanxi also showed a growing trend from 2001 to 2007 and the gap of county - level economy disparity shrank gradually.

  16. [Correlative factors on prevalence rate of dislipidemia among 1 337 coal miners in Shanxi province].

    Fu, Z D; Wen, D D; Wang, B; Xue, S L; Liu, G S; Li, X H; Zhao, Z H; Wang, J; Wei, B G; Wang, S P


    Objective: To understand the prevalence rate and correlative factors of dislipidemia among Shanxi coal miners and to provide evidence for the development of programs on dislipidemia prevention. Methods: We investigated 1 337 mine workers from a Coal Group in April 2016 and collected data related to their blood biochemistry. We then classified the types in accordance with the diagnostic criteria of " Guidelines for prevention and treatment of dyslipidemia in Chinese adults (2007)" , using χ(2) test and unconditional logistic regression model for analysis. Results: The overall prevalence rate of Dislipidemia was 59.1% (790/1 337), with males as 60.4% (708/1 173) and females as 50.0%(82/164) while males appeared higher (χ(2)=6.386, Pdislipidemia (χ(2)=7.117, Pdislipidemia (Pdislipidemia. Conclusion: Among the coal mine workers, those who were males, aged from 20 to 34, having high blood pressure (systolic blood pressure abnormalities) or with high BMI (≥24.0 kg/m(2)) need to be taken special attention on care and prevention of dislipidemia.

  17. 华北半干旱区农田土壤肥力变化及培肥管理对策——以山西忻府区为例%Change in Farmland Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Strategy in the Semiarid Regions of North China——As a Case of Xinfu County of Shanxi Province

    孙树荣; 董文旭; 胡春胜; 杨萍果; 周进才


    In order to reveal characteristics of soil nutrients and guiding the fertility maintaining practices in the farmland in semiarid regions,the trend and mechanism of change in main soil fertilities (organic matter,total nitrogen,available P and available K) in farmlands of Xinfu County,Shanxi Province was analyzed by using soil survey data for 1963,1980,2006 and 2010,from which a sustainable strategy for agricultural nutrient resource management was put forward. The results indicated that,a significant change in soil fertility for 1963 through 2010. Since 1963,whole area mean soil nutrient contents in the overall decreased significantly,down to the minimum level in 1980. And then,the nutrients began to raise slowly,higher speed after 2006. Serious shortage of inputs and change of cropping patterns lead to fertility decline in the former stage,while a dosage augment of chemical fertilizer and improving irrigation promoted soil fertility after 1980,and returning straw to field speeded up the recovery of soil fertility after 2006. By 2010,organic matter,total nitrogen,available phosphorus and available potassium content reached 15.3,0.79,15.6,149 mg/kg,respectively. To further enhance the soil fertility,implementation of precision fertilization,combined the application of organic and inorganic fertilizers,increment of incorporated straw into the soil,and implement conservation tillage,improving irrigation and the expansion of irrigated area,should be the main regulation direction of agricultural management in the future in the area.%为了揭示华北半干旱区农田养分丰缺状况和演变规律,和指导培肥地力管理措施,以忻府区为例,采用1963年、1980年、2006年和2010年4次土壤肥力监测及农业统计数据和农户调查资料,研究4个主要土壤肥力指标(有机质、全氮、有效磷和速效钾)的变化程度,并分析忻府区农田土壤肥力演变趋势及原因,提出未来培肥管理的相应对策.结果表明,自1963

  18. 山西省行业工资差距问题研究%Research on Industry Wage Gap Problem in Shanxi Province

    王培勤; 高新艳


    This article analyzes income gap in Shanxi province from the wage level, and finds the industry wage gap is widening in Shanxi Province, then using the new creation value of wages accounted and labor productivity judges which is unreasonable in industry wage gap. Then data from 2003 to 2012 as sample, using panel model indicates that the different factors affecting industry wage gap to analyze why the industry wage gap in Shanxi Province is unreasonable. The results showed that the effect of human capital, industry monopoly and industry labor productivity on the industry wage gap is lower and lower, and it is these factors that lead to the industry wage gap unreasonable places.%从工资层面分析山西省收入差距状况,梳理山西省行业工资差距不断扩大的现状,运用新创造价值中工资占比和行业劳动生产率判断出行业工资差距不合理所在之处。以2003~2012年数据为样本,通过面板模型实证研究影响行业工资差距的因素,进而分析山西省行业工资差距不合理的原因。研究显示,人力资本、行业垄断和行业劳动生产率对行业工资差距的作用依次降低,正是这些因素导致行业工资差距存在不合理之处。

  19. Nutrient distribution and accumulation patterns of natural secondary forests in the Loess Plateau of Shanxi Province, northern China

    Xiaojuan ZHANG; Tianxing WEI; Libo JING; Na YIN; Yanhui LIU


    We studied the biomass and its allocation in natural secondary forests, as well as the amounts, accumulation and distribution of nutrient elements (N, P, K, Ca and Mg) in sample plots established in the Loess Plateau in Shanxi Province, northern China. The results show that biomass in natural secondary forests amounted to 36.09 t/hm2,. of which the tree layer accounted for 46%, the shrub layer for 29%, the herb layer for 13% and the litter layer for 12%. The total storage of the five nutrient elements is 1089.82 kg/hm2. Nutrient storage in the tree layer is the largest, at 41%. The sequence of storage of the elements varied among different layers and is given as follows: shrub layer 31.27%, herb layer 12.55% and litter layer 15.36%. The accumulation of nutrient elements in the tree layer, ordered from high to low, is: branches > roots > stems > bark > leaves. The total storage of the five nutrient elements in the soil is 634.97 t/hm2, where the accumulation of the nutrients accounts for 95.32% (N), 99.64% (P), 99.91% (K), 99.84% (Ca) and 99.95% (Mg) of the total amounts. The accumulation coefficients of different organs in the tree layer are, from high to low: leaves > branches > roots > bark > stems. The accumulation coefficients in the different layers are listed as follows: shrub layer > tree layer > herb layer and for the elements as: N > P > Ca > K > Mg.

  20. The impact of climate change on infectious disease transmission: perceptions of CDC health professionals in Shanxi Province, China.

    Junni Wei

    Full Text Available There have been increasing concerns about the challenge of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases due to climate change, especially in developing countries including China. Health professionals play a significant role in the battle to control and prevent infectious diseases. This study therefore aims to investigate the perceptions and attitudes of health professionals at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC in different levels in China, and to consider adaptation measures to deal with the challenge of climate change. In 2013, a cross-sectional questionnaire survey was undertaken among 314 staff in CDCs in Shanxi Province, China, whose routine work involves disease control and prevention. Data were analyzed using descriptive methods and logistic regression. A majority of the CDC staff were aware of the health risks from climate change, especially its impacts on infectious disease transmission in their jurisdictions, and believed climate change might bring about both temporal and spatial change in transmission patterns. It was thought that adaptation measures should be established including: strengthening/improving currently existing disease surveillance systems and vector monitoring; building CDC capacity in terms of infrastructure and in-house health professional training; development and refinement of relevant legislation, policies and guidelines; better coordination among various government departments; the involvement of the community in infectious disease interventions; and collaborative research with other institutions. This study provides a snapshot of the understanding of CDC staff regarding climate change risks relevant to infectious diseases and adaptation in China. Results may help inform future efforts to develop adaptation measures to minimize infectious disease risks due to climate change.

  1. The impact of climate change on infectious disease transmission: perceptions of CDC health professionals in Shanxi Province, China.

    Wei, Junni; Hansen, Alana; Zhang, Ying; Li, Hong; Liu, Qiyong; Sun, Yehuan; Xue, Shulian; Zhao, Shufang; Bi, Peng


    There have been increasing concerns about the challenge of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases due to climate change, especially in developing countries including China. Health professionals play a significant role in the battle to control and prevent infectious diseases. This study therefore aims to investigate the perceptions and attitudes of health professionals at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in different levels in China, and to consider adaptation measures to deal with the challenge of climate change. In 2013, a cross-sectional questionnaire survey was undertaken among 314 staff in CDCs in Shanxi Province, China, whose routine work involves disease control and prevention. Data were analyzed using descriptive methods and logistic regression. A majority of the CDC staff were aware of the health risks from climate change, especially its impacts on infectious disease transmission in their jurisdictions, and believed climate change might bring about both temporal and spatial change in transmission patterns. It was thought that adaptation measures should be established including: strengthening/improving currently existing disease surveillance systems and vector monitoring; building CDC capacity in terms of infrastructure and in-house health professional training; development and refinement of relevant legislation, policies and guidelines; better coordination among various government departments; the involvement of the community in infectious disease interventions; and collaborative research with other institutions. This study provides a snapshot of the understanding of CDC staff regarding climate change risks relevant to infectious diseases and adaptation in China. Results may help inform future efforts to develop adaptation measures to minimize infectious disease risks due to climate change.

  2. Perception, attitude and behavior in relation to climate change: a survey among CDC health professionals in Shanxi province, China.

    Wei, Junni; Hansen, Alana; Zhang, Ying; Li, Hong; Liu, Qiyong; Sun, Yehuan; Bi, Peng


    A better understanding of public perceptions, attitude and behavior in relation to climate change will provide an important foundation for government׳s policy-making, service provider׳s guideline development and the engagement of local communities. The purpose of this study was to assess the perception towards climate change, behavior change, mitigation and adaptation measures issued by the central government among the health professionals in the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in China. In 2013, a cross-sectional questionnaire survey was undertaken among 314 CDC health professionals in various levels of CDC in Shanxi Province, China. Descriptive analyses were performed. More than two thirds of the respondents believed that climate change has happened at both global and local levels, and climate change would lead to adverse impacts to human beings. Most respondents (74.8%) indicated the emission of greenhouse gases was the cause of climate change, however there was a lack of knowledge about greenhouse gases and their sources. Media was the main source from which respondents obtained the information about climate change. A majority of respondents showed that they were willing to change behavior, but their actions were limited. In terms of mitigation and adaptation measures issued by the Chinese Government, respondents׳ perception showed inconsistency between strategies and relevant actions. Moreover, although the majority of respondents believed some strategies and measures were extremely important to address climate change, they were still concerned about economic development, energy security, and local environmental protection. There are gaps between perceptions and actions towards climate change among these health professionals. Further efforts need to be made to raise the awareness of climate change among health professionals, and to promote relevant actions to address climate change in the context of the proposed policies with local

  3. Modes of Occurrence and Abundance of Trace Elements in Pennsylvanian Coals from the Pingshuo Mine, Ningwu Coalfield, Shanxi Province, China

    Ning Yang


    Full Text Available The Pingshuo Mine is an important coal mine of the Ningwu coalfield in northern Shanxi Province, China. To investigate the mineralogy and geochemistry of Pingshuo coals, core samples from the mineable No. 4 coals were collected. The minerals, major element oxides, and trace elements were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM, LTA-XRD in combination with Siroquant software, X-ray fluorescence (XRF, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS and ICP-CCT-MS (As and Se. The minerals in the Pennsylvanian coals from the Pingshuo Mine dominantly consist of kaolinite and boehmite, with minor amounts of siderite, anatase, goyazite, calcite, apatite and florencite. Major-element oxides including SiO2 (9.54 wt %, Al2O3 (9.68 wt %, and TiO2 (0.63 wt %, as well as trace elements including Hg (449.63 ng/g, Zr (285.95 μg/g, Cu (36.72 μg/g, Ga (18.47 μg/g, Se (5.99 μg/g, Cd (0.43 μg/g, Hf (7.14 μg/g, and Pb (40.63 μg/g are enriched in the coal. Lithium and Hg present strong positive correlations with ash yield and SiO2, indicating an inorganic affinity. Elements Sr, Ba, Be, As and Ga have strong positive correlations with CaO and P2O5, indicating that most of these elements may be either associated with phosphates and carbonates or have an inorganic–organic affinity. Some of the Zr and Hf may occur in anatase due to their strong positive correlations with TiO2.

  4. Genetic diversity of six populations of Atractomorpha sinensis and Atractomorpha peregrina in Shanxi Province,China

    LU Fuping; LI Cuilan; DUAN Yihao; GUO Yaping; MA Enbo


    Ten enzymes (AAT,CK,G3PDH,HEX,IDH,LDH,MDH,ME,PGI,PGM)were examined using horizontal starch gel electrophoresis to estimate the levels of genetic variation within and among six natural populations of two grasshopper species Atractomorpha sinensis and A.peregrina from Shanxi,China.The collecting sites were geographically distant from each other from south to north:Quwo district,Linfen city;Xiangyuan county,Changzhi;Jinyuan district,Taiyuan city;Yuanping county,Xinzhou city and Fanshi county of Xinzhou.A.sinensis showed 43 alleles at 16 loci but A.peregrine showed 39 alleles at 15 loci (ldh-1 was deficient).The zymograms showed that some common alleles were shared at several loci in these two species (Aat-1-b,Aat-2-b,G3pdh-a,Ck-1-b and Ldh-b).However,Hex-1-a,Hex-2-a,Hex-3-a,Idh-2-b,Mdh-2-b,Mdh-1-f Pgi-b,Pgm-b had common alleles in A.sinensis and Hex-1-b,Hex-2-b,Hex-3-b,Idh-2-a,Mdh-2-a,Mdh-1-d,Pgi-a,Pgm-c were of high frequency in A.peregrine instead.Most of the observed genotype frequencies were found to significantly deviate from the Hardy-Weinberg expectations in both species.A tendency of clinal distribution of allele frequency was observed at three loci.The frequency of the moderately migrating allele Me-c (0.318-0.740)in A.peregrina,Hex-1-a (0.800-1.000)and Ldh-b (0.487-0.750)in A.sinensis demonstrated increased frequency from north to south.Such tendency suggests that the allele frequency in these three loci may be correlated with the species'geographic distributions.A.sinensis showed higher genetic diversity than A.peregrina as indicated by higher mean number of alleles per locus (A=1.9-2.3 in A.sinensis and 1.7-2.2 in A.peregrina),percentage of polymorphic loci (56.3%-68.8%in A.sinensis and 43.8%-56.3%in A.peregrina),and the observed heterozygosities (Ho=0.072-0.096 in A.sinensis and 0.070-0.107 in A.peregrina).The observed heterozygosities of the six populations were all noticeably lower than the Hardy-Weinberg expectations,mostly due to heterozygote

  5. Shanxi Cuisine ——Beijing Eatery Offers Provincial Fare


    JINYANG Restaurant, located on Zhushikou Xidajie, is the only restaurant serving Shanxi-style dishes and snacks in Beijing, and has been doing so for the past 30 years. From the time it opened, the restaurant has employed cooks with consummate skills from different areas of Shanxi Province who have introduced to the restaurant the famous dishes and snacks from their regions. The dishes they prepare are varied; some are spicy, others are light, crispy, thoroughly cooked or fragrant, but all are tempting to the large number of

  6. 1961-2010年山西省寒潮的气候特征与可能成因%Climatology of the Cold Wave Events of Shanxi Province in 1961-2010 and the Possible Reasons

    褚红瑞; 王咏梅; 范艳琴; 魏海茹; 杨腊富


    In this paper,the cold wave events in Shanxi Province were analyzed using Kendall-tau analysis、Mann-Kendall test and correlation analysis based on the daily temperature data observed by 71 meteorological stations and NCEP reanalysis data.The results show that the days of cold wave were decreased in recent 50 years,but the change display regional differences:reduced in Northern, increased in central region and southern did not change significantly. The intensity of cold wave did not change significantly in Shanxi Province . The date of first appeared of cold wave was postpone,meanwhile,the date of final was postpone,and the feature is more prominent in the 21st century. Warming leads to decrease of the frequency of cold wave, and cold wave start late, end early. Moreover, the frequency of province-wide cold wave, such extreme weather was increased. There was significant correlation between the frequency of cold wave in Shanxi Province and the positive anomaly of height at high latitudes coordinate the negative anomalies of height at Ural Mountains, Lake Baikal etc. in 500hPa height field. The cold air come from the Arctic Ocean, West Siberia and the East Siberian in winter is major source of cold wave. The dipole mode in North Atlantic sea surface temperature field contact closely with the cold wave in Shanxi Province, it may act as predicted signal field.%利用山西71个台站逐日气温资料和 NCEP 500 hPa 高度场、海平面气压场、海温格点场再分析资料,采用Kendall-tau 非参数方法、Mann-Kendall 突变检验和相关分析法,研究山西1961-2010年寒潮的变化特征。结果表明,1961年以来,山西寒潮日数呈减少趋势,但存在区域差异,北部寒潮减少,中部寒潮增加,南部变化不明显。近50年来,山西寒潮强度变化趋势不明显,但年代际差异显著。20世纪90年代以来,山西寒潮初次出现的日期在推迟,而寒潮结束的日期却在

  7. Perception, attitude and behavior in relation to climate change: A survey among CDC health professionals in Shanxi province, China

    Wei, Junni, E-mail: [Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan 030001, Shanxi (China); Hansen, Alana, E-mail: [Discipline of Public Health, School of Population Health, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide 5005 (Australia); Zhang, Ying, E-mail: [Sydney School of Public Health, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006 (Australia); Li, Hong [Shanxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Taiyuan 030001 Shanxi (China); Liu, Qiyong, E-mail: [State Key Laboratory for Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control, National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing 102206 (China); Shandong University Climate Change and Health Center, Jinan 250012, Shandong (China); Sun, Yehuan, E-mail: [Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Anhui Medical University, Hefei 230032, Anhui (China); Bi, Peng, E-mail: [Discipline of Public Health, School of Population Health, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide 5005 (Australia)


    Background: A better understanding of public perceptions, attitude and behavior in relation to climate change will provide an important foundation for government's policy-making, service provider's guideline development and the engagement of local communities. The purpose of this study was to assess the perception towards climate change, behavior change, mitigation and adaptation measures issued by the central government among the health professionals in the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in China. Methods: In 2013, a cross-sectional questionnaire survey was undertaken among 314 CDC health professionals in various levels of CDC in Shanxi Province, China. Descriptive analyses were performed. Results: More than two thirds of the respondents believed that climate change has happened at both global and local levels, and climate change would lead to adverse impacts to human beings. Most respondents (74.8%) indicated the emission of greenhouse gases was the cause of climate change, however there was a lack of knowledge about greenhouse gases and their sources. Media was the main source from which respondents obtained the information about climate change. A majority of respondents showed that they were willing to change behavior, but their actions were limited. In terms of mitigation and adaptation measures issued by the Chinese Government, respondents' perception showed inconsistency between strategies and relevant actions. Moreover, although the majority of respondents believed some strategies and measures were extremely important to address climate change, they were still concerned about economic development, energy security, and local environmental protection. Conclusion: There are gaps between perceptions and actions towards climate change among these health professionals. Further efforts need to be made to raise the awareness of climate change among health professionals, and to promote relevant actions to address climate change in

  8. Modes of Occurrence and Cleaning Potential of Trace Elements in Coals from the Northern Ordos Basin and Shanxi Province, China

    WANG Wenfeng; QIN Yong; JIANG Bo; FU Xuehai


    Based on the analyses of 43 elements in 16 samples of the raw coal and feed coal collected from the northern Ordos basin and Shanxi Province, the modes of occurrence of these elements were studied using the method of cluster analysis and factor analysis, and the cleaning potential of the hazardous elements relatively enriched in the coals was discussed by analyzing six samples of the cleaned coal from the coal-washing plants and coal cleaning simulation experiments. The results shows that the elements Br and Ba show a strong affinity to the organic matter, Cs, Cd, Pb, Zn and Hg partly to the organic matter, and the other trace elements are mainly associated with the mineral matter. Cs, Mo, P, Pb,Zn and S have positive correlations with the two principal factors, reflecting the complexity of their modes of occurrence.Some elements that were thought to show a faint relationship (Be with S and Sb with carbonates) in other rocks are found to have a strong interrelation in the coals. Clay minerals (mainly kaolinite) dominate in the coals, and Ta, Th, Ti, Sc, REE,Hf, U, Se, W, V, Nb, Mo, Al, P, Cr, Pb and Zn are distributed mostly in kaolinite, while K, Rb, Cs, and Na have much to do with illite. Conventional cleaning can reduce the concentrations of most hazardous elements in various degrees. The hazardous elements S, As, Sb, Se, Mo, Pb, Cd and Hg relatively enriched in some coals from the area studied have a relatively high potential of environmental risks. However, by physical coal cleaning processes, more than 60% of As and Hg were removed, showing a high degree of removal, more than 30% of Sb, as well as S, Pb and Cd partly associated with the inorganic matter were removed. Se and Mo showing a relatively low degree of removal could be further removed by deep crushing of the coal during physical cleaning processes, and the concentrations of S, Pb, Cd and Hg with a partial association with the organic matter could be decreased in such ways as the coal blending

  9. Geochemistry and Modes of Occurrence of Hazardous Trace Elements in the No.11 Coal Seam, Antaibao Surface Mine, Shanxi Province

    SONG Dangyu; QIN Yong; WANG Wenfeng; ZHANG Junying; ZHENG Chuguang


    Concentrations of seventeen hazardous trace elements including As, Pb, Hg, Se, Cd, Cr, Co,Mo, Mn, Ni, U, V, Th, Be, Sb, Br and Zn in the No.11 coal seam, Antaibao surface mine, Shanxi Province were determined using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA), Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-AES), Cold-Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (CV-AAS) and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (GF-AAS).Comparisons with average concentrations of trace elements in Chinese coal show that the concentrations of Hg and Cd in the No. 11 coal seam, Antaibao surface mine are much higher. They may be harmful to the environment in the process of utilization. The variations of the trace elements contents and pyritic sulfur in vertical section indicated that: (a) the concentrations of As, Pb, Mn, and pyritic sulfur decrease from roof to floor; (b) the concentrations of Cr, Zn and Mo are higher in roof,floor and lower in coal seam; (c) the concentration of Br, Sb, and Hg are higher in coal seam and lower in roof and floor; (d) the concentrations of Mo, V, Th and Al vary consistently with the ash yield.Cluster analysis of trace elements, pyritic sulfur, ash yield and major elements, such as Al, Fe, P, Ca shows that: (a) pyritic sulfur, Fe, As, Mn, Ni, Be are closely associated and reflect the influence of pyrite; (b) Mo, Se, Pb, Cr, Th, Co, Ca and Al are related to clay mineral, which is the main source of ash; (c) U, Zn, V, Na, P maybe controlled by phosphate or halite; (d) Hg, Br, Sb and Cd may be mainly organic-associated elements which fall outside the three main groups. The concentration distribution characteristics of trace elements in coal seam and the cluster analysis of major and trace elements showed that the contents of trace elements in the No. 11 coal seam, Antaibao surface mine, are mainly controlled by detrital input and migration from roof and floor.

  10. Epidemiological analysis of brucellosis in Shanxi Province from 2004 to 2013%2004-2013年山西省布鲁杆菌病流行特征分析

    魏志云; 马麟; 于颖洁; 聂晓勇


    Objective By analyzing the epidemiological characteristics of brucellosis in Shanxi Province,to provide a scientific basis in formulation of strategies for effective prevention and control of the disease.Method Surveillance data of human brucellosis from "China Information System for Disease Control and Prevention" between 2004 and 2013 were statistically analyzed by descriptive epidemiological method.The regional,time,age and sex,occupational distribution of brucellosis were analyzed.The prevalence trend of brucellosis in Shanxi Province was summarized.Results From 2004 to 2013,the total incidence presented a rising tendency and the highest reported incidence was 19.10/10 million in 2013.A total of 43 061 cases of brucellosis occurred in Shanxi Province.The average incidence of brucellosis was 12.52/10 million.Regional distribution range was relatively focused on the north areas of Shanxi Province,the number of reported cases of Datong City was the largest (12 157 cases),being 28.23%.The incidence of Shuozhou City was the highest (42.97/10 million).The epidemic was spreading through all county areas.The disease was found each month throughout the year,the obvious incidence peak seasons were between March and June.The disease was most commonly found in 15-64 age groups(87.19%,37 545/43 061).Occupation distribution of patients was mainly farmers (83.34%,35 887/43 061).Conclusions The situation of brucellosis epidemic in Shanxi Province is relatively serious;the reported incidence of brucellosis in Shanxi Province is in a rapid upward trend year by year,even highly active in some particular areas.Different regions should establish regional mechanisms for joint prevention and control and implement different prevention and control measures to comprehensively and sequentially control brucellosis.%目的 分析山西省布鲁杆菌病(简称布病)的流行情况,为制订防治措施和政府决策提供科学依据.方法 采用描述性流

  11. 山西城市汉族体型特点%Somatotype of Han in urban areas of Shanxi province

    李咏兰; 陆舜华; 国海; 陈琛; 曹瑜; 郑思平


    目的 研究山西城市汉族体型特点.方法 采用Heath-Carter人体测量法,对山西城市汉族成人20~71岁共303例(男150例,女153例)进行了体型研究.结果 山西城市男性平均体型值为4.9-5.8-1.8,属于偏内胚层的中胚层体型;城市女性平均体型值为6.0-6.0-1.2,属于内胚层-中胚层均衡体型.在13种体型中,男女出现率最高的体型为偏内胚层的中胚层体型、内胚层-中胚层均衡体型、偏中胚层的内胚层体型.与男性体型分布相比较,女性体型分布相对集中.城市男性内因子值在40~49岁组达到最大,中因子值在30~39岁组达到最大,外因子值在20~29岁组最大.随年龄增长,城市女性内因子值、中因子值逐渐增大,均在60岁以上组达到最大,外因子值在20~29岁组最大.山西城市汉族男性与乌孜别克族、鄂温克族、加拿大人、因纽特人体型最为接近,与壮族、仡佬族、侗族、怒族体型相距最远.山西城市汉族女性与乌孜别克族、鄂温克族、蒙古族、因纽特人最为接近,与壮族、仡佬族体型距离最远.结论 山西汉族具有我国北方族群体型的共同特征.%Objective To study the somatotype of Han in urban areas of Shanxi province.Methods The somatotype of 303 urban adults ( 150males and 153 females ) of Han in county of Shanxi province is studied using the Heath-Carter somatotyping method.Results The mean somatotype values of the male and female were 4.9-5.8-1.8 and 6.0-6.0-1.2 in city districts respectively, which represented the endomorphic mesomorph category in the male and endomorph-mesomorph category in the female.The tops of Somatotypes frequency were endomorphic mesomorph category,endomorph-mesomorph category and mesomorph endomorphic category.Compared with distribution phase somatotype of male, the female' s distrihution phase somatotype was more concentrate.Urban males endomorphy reached the highest value in 40 to 49 age group, mesmorphy

  12. Spotlight on Shanxi very mature vinegar

    Shan Fang; Wang Lixia; Li Wende


    @@ There are four kinds of the most famous vinegars in China. Qingxu Very Mature Vinegar of Shanxi Province is number one. Three others are Zhenjiang Savory Vinegar of Jiangsu Province, Baoning Bran Vinegar of Sichuan Province and Yongchun Vinegar of Fujian Province.

  13. Analysis of the Life Expectancy of the Resident and the Influence Factors in Shanxi Province%山西省居民预期寿命及其影响因素分析

    张爱莲; 曹文娟


    Objectives To analyze the life expectancy of the resident and the influence factors in Shanxi province.Meth-ods The abbreviated life table of the census was created by SAS 13.0 software.The effects of the economic level and the development of the health services on the life expectancy of resident were analyzed by the hierarchical clustering method. Results The life expectancy of resident in Shanxi province was up to 77.07 in 2010,and 75.02 for male,79.39 for fe-male,which was increased by 4.40,4.07 and 4.78 respectively comparing to the year of 2000.The life expectancy of urban areas was higher than that of rural areas.Among the 1 1 cities of Shanxi province,the life expectancy was highest in Taiyuan and lowest in Jincheng.The result of the cluster analysis showed that the life expectancy was higher in areas where the development level of economy and health service was higher.Statistics showed that the life expectancy was different among different regions,and the life expectancy was highest for resident in the midland. Conclusions The life expectancy is increasing continuously.The economic level,the development of the health services,and the natural environmental factors are influence factors of the life expectancy in Shanxi province.%目的了解山西省居民预期寿命水平,并探讨其影响因素。方法采用 SAS 13.0软件编制普查人口简略寿命表;用系统聚类法分析经济状况、卫生事业发展水平对居民预期寿命的影响。结果2010年山西省居民预期寿命为77.07岁,其中男性为75.02岁,女性为79.39岁,比2000年分别提高4.40岁、4.07岁和4.78岁,城镇居民预期寿命高于农村。2010年11个市居民预期寿命仍为太原市最高,晋城市最低。聚类分析结果显示,山西省经济及卫生事业发展越好的地区预期寿命越高。不同地理位置居民预期寿命有所差别,中部地区居民预期寿命较高。结论山西省居民预期寿命不断提高,社会

  14. The Countermeasure Research on Global Climate Change of Shanxi Province%山西省应对气候变化的对策研究

    田建春; 杨昱莅; 张娅妮


      气候变化问题是当今21世纪对人类最大的考验。山西省要紧紧抓住国家资源型经济转型综合配套改革试验区的政策机遇,提升应对气候变化的综合竞争力。本文首先阐述了世界各国在应对气候变化方面所做的实践及中国的态度和努力,然后分析了全球气候变化对山西带来的影响和挑战,提出了山西省应对气候变化的主要任务,在此基础上,围绕“十二五”期间,山西省单位 GDP 能耗降低16%,单位 GDP 二氧化碳排放降低17%的减排目标,从健全管理体系,加强组织领导;完善法规政策,强化制度保障;加强监督考核,落实发展目标;创新科技体系,提高研发能力;建立应对体系,提高民众意识;扩展对外合作,发展山西经济等六个方面提出了应对气候变化的对策建议。%  Climate change is one of the greatest challenges in twenty-first Century. Shanxi Province should seize national re-source -based economic transformation in the comprehensive reform pilot area policy opportunities, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of tackling climate change. This paper first describes the practice of countries around the world have done in response to climate change and China's attitude and effort, and then analyzes the influence and the challenge of global climate change on Shanxi, put forward Shanxi province to address climate change main task, on this foundation, around the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, Shanxi province to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP 16% , 17% lower per unit of GDP carbon emissions reduction targets, from the perfect management system, strengthen the organization and leadership, improving policies and regulations, strengthen the system security, to strengthen the supervision and examination, development goals, science and technology innovation system, improve research ability, deal with the establishment of system, improve

  15. 陕西省新旧物业管理条例差异分析%Difference between the Old and New Property Management Regulations in Shanxi Province



    在新条例实施的背景下,以陕西省新物业管理条例与陕西省旧物业管理条例为对象,采用SWOT分析方法进行分析,着重阐述陕西省新旧物业管理条例差异,并对于新条例所作的改进和增补进行分析研究,分析新条例的实施是否真的能够解决当前物业管理中存在的问题,从而得出新条例的实施有着促进社会和谐的结论。%In the new ordinance in the implementation of the background of this article mainly by the Shanxi new property management ordinance and Shanxi province old property management regulations for the use of the theory with practice,a swot analysis methods of analysis.The new regulations are really able to solve the current property management problems,promote social harmony is a meaningful conclusion.

  16. 山西晋北火电产业水资源压力综合评价与分析%Comprehensive Evaluation and Analysis of Water Stress for the Thermal Power Industry in Northern Shanxi Province

    梁四宝; 孟颖超


    山西晋北地区属于煤多水少的典型区域之一,多年来人均水资源量不足300m3/a,水资源紧缺给区域火电产业带来了很大压力. 构建了火电产业水资源压力指标评价模型,计算了2003~2012年山西晋北地区火电产业水资源压力,结果表明,区域水资源可利用量无法满足火电产业的水资源需求;同时,综合分析火电产业水资源压力与各相关因素的关系,明确产业规模是造成压力的主要因素,从控制火电产量等方面提出建议.%Northern Shanxi province is a typical coal-rich and water-stressed region, with per capita water a-vailability of less than 300 m3/a .Water shortage has threatened the thermal power industry in the region.Having built an evaluation model based on water resources, the paper demonstrates water stress in the thermal power plants in Northern Shanxi from 2003 to 2012 .The results show that water scarcity risk is a major restraint for the thermal power generation in the region.Having analyzed various contributors to the inadequate water for the industry, the paper also argues that it is overcapacity that mainly causes water stress in the plants.

  17. Civilian Loan Marke Needs Regulation and Standardization exemplified by 3,331 farming households from Shanxi,Hubei,Henan,Jiangsu and Jilin Provinces

    史清华; 卓建伟


    Loans have become a common occurrence in many households,contributing to household activities and productivity.An empirical analysis and comparative study on the loan wends of 3,331 farming households from the five provinces of Shanxi,Hubei,Henan.Jiangsu and Jilin are the focus of this study.Findings indicate that civilian loans are prevalent in China’s rural areas and play an important part in the livelihoods of many farming households.Loan action is found to be rational;reflecting differences in government policies,in various periods and locations.The study also looks at the popularity of"affection"loans,the relation between loan length and repayment amount and the propensity of loan contracts,as well as considering the impacts of gender,age and educational level on a households loan activity.

  18. 山西省灰霉菌对啶酰菌胺的敏感性测定%Sensitivity of Botrytis Cinerea from Shanxi Province to Boscalid

    余玲; 刘慧平; 韩巨才; 张宝俊


    啶酰菌胺是一种较新的用于防治灰霉菌的杀菌剂,国内鲜有灰霉菌对该杀菌剂的抗性报道.为了明确山西省灰霉菌对啶酰菌胺敏感性情况,通过菌落直径法测定了山西省8个地区139株灰霉菌对该杀菌剂的敏感性.结果表明,所采菌株中137株为相对敏感菌株,2株表现为低抗,敏感菌株占98%以上,说明山西省灰霉菌对啶酰菌胺具有较高的敏感性,但啶酰菌胺具有中度抗性风险,且灰霉菌极易产生抗药性,故有必要做好抗性预防工作.%Boscalid is a quite new fungicide which is used to control Botrytis cinerea. The report of the resistance to Boscalid in Botrytis cinerea in China is seldom. In order to clear the sensitivity of Botrytis cinerea to Boscalid, inhibition of mycelia growth was used to determine sensitivity of 139 isolates of Botrytis cinerea from 8 areas in Shanxi province. The result showed that 137 isolates were relatively sensitive strains, and 2 strains showed low resistance. The percentage of relatively sensitive strains was over 98%, suggesting that sensitivity of Botrytis cinerea from Shanxi province to Boscalid was relatively high. However, as B. cinerea is a high-risk pathogen and Boscalid is a middle-risk fungicide, appropriate precautions against resistance development should be taken.

  19. Single nucleotide polymorphisms of the maternal Msx2 gene and their association with fetal neural tube defects in Han ethnic group in Shanxi Province, China

    GUO Li; ZHAO Hong; PEI Yu-heng; HE Quan-ren; LI Wan-I; ZHANG Ting; ZHENG Xiao-ying; ZHOU Ran; XIE Jun


    Background Neural tube defects are the most common human birth defects. The causes are multifactorial with complex genetic and environmental factors, although the exact genetic causes are unknown. This research was conducted to study the frequency of Msx2 gene polymorphisms in 59 women with a history of pregnancy with a neural tube defect and in 73 healthy controls. We aimed to determine the effect of this genetic polymorphism on the incidence of neural tube defects in the Han Chinese population.Methods We studied 59 mothers with at least one previous child with a neural tube defect (the case group) and 73case-control subjects during the same period, from Shanxi Province, China. We analyzed the genotypic distributions and allele frequencies of Msx2 C386T poiymorphisms in DNA samples from the case and control groups. A three-dimensional protein model was predicted using Swiss-Pdb Viewer software version 4.0. Disease association was analyzed using chi-square tests.Results Significant differences were observed in the genotypes and allele frequencies of the Msx2 C386T allele between the case and control groups (CT: 32% vs. 15%, P=0.0073 and TT 15% vs. 4%, P=0.013, respectively). Logistic regression analysis showed that the C386T mutation is a potential risk factor for neural tube defects (P <0.05; OR: 3.466;95%CI: 1.831-6.560). Three-dimensional structure prediction revealed that the Msx2 C386T mutation results in a threonine substitution for methionine at position 129 of exon 2, which might lead to structural mutations or dysfunctions in the protein encoded by Msx2.Conclusion Maternal Msx2 C386T gene polymorphisms were associated with fetal neural tube defects in Han Chinese women in Shanxi Province.

  20. Comparative Research on the Rural Development Levels of 31 Provinces and Regions in China


    According to the 2010 China Statistical Yearbook,a total of 12 indicators in the aspects of residents’ production,consumption expenditure,and living conditions are selected in order to construct the indicator system of rural development level.Both factor analysis and cluster analysis methods are adopted to compare the current situations of rural development levels in 31 provinces and regions of China.Result of factor analysis shows that the 12 indicators can be classified into 4 factors,such as the income and expenditure factor,the agricultural scale and science and technology factor,the life quality factor,and the agricultural output factor.Moreover,factors affecting the rural development level of China are analyzed.Then,the 31 provinces and regions are divided into 4 categories according to the development levels in rural areas:the first category is Shanghai,Beijing and Zhejiang,which have the highest development level in rural areas;the second category includes Jiangsu,Shandong and Tianjin,which take the 4th to 6th places;the third category is Guangdong,Jilin,Liaoning,Hebei,Fujian,Heilongjiang,Henan,Inner Mongolia,Anhui,Hubei,Hunan and Jiangxi,which rank the 7th-18th;and the fourth category includes Sichuan,Hainan,Ningxia,Shanxi,Guangxi,Shanxi,Xinjiang,Chongqing,Tibet,Yunnan,Gansu,Qinghai and Guizhou,taking the 19th-31st places.

  1. Holocene activities of the Taigu fault zone,Shanxi Province, and their relations with the 1303 Hongdong M=8 earthquake

    谢新生; 江娃利; 王焕贞; 冯西英


    The Taigu fault zone is one of the major 12 active boundary faults of the Shanxi fault-depression system, locatedon the eastern boundary of the Jinzhong basin. As the latest investigation indicated, the fault zone had dislocatedgully terrace of the f1rst order, forming fault-scarp in front of the loess mesa. It has been discovered in many placesin ground surface and trenches that Holocene deposits were dislocated. The latest activity was the 1303 Hongdongearthquake M=8, the fault appeared as right-lateral strike-slip with normal faulting. During that earthquake, theTaigu fault together with the Mianshan western-side fault on the Lingshi upheaval and the Huoshan pediment faulton the eastern boundary of the Linfen basin was being active, forming a surface rupture belt of 160 km in length.Moreover, the Taigu fault were active in the mid-stage of Holocene and near 7 700 aB.P. From these we learnt that,in Shanxi fault-depression system, the run-through activity of two boundary faults of depression-basins mightgenerate great earthquake with M=8.

  2. Identification of The Pathogen of Potato Scab in Jincheng of Shanxi Province%山西晋城马铃薯疮痂病病原菌鉴定

    王丹; 姚晓东; 李新凤; 王美琴; 郝晓娟; 王建明


    The pathogen causing potato scab in Jincheng of Shanxi province was isolated and identified. The isolated strain from potato scab was analyzed and identified by pathogenicity identification ,morphological observation ,determi‐nation of physiological and biochemical characteristics and the analysis of 16S rDNA sequence. The colony of isolate was grey ,which showing wrinkle and bulge on the edge of the colony.Conidium were grey and spore chains were spi‐ral. According to morphological features and the charactersitics of physiology and biochemistry ,the isolate was identi‐fied as Streptomyces scabies. The results of 16S rDNA sequences of the isolated strain showed 100% identity withStreptomyces scabies (HM018114). The results showed that the pathogen causing scab in Jincheng of Shanxi prov‐ince wasStreptomyces scabies.%为分离鉴定山西晋城马铃薯疮痂病病原菌,对分离物进行致病性测定、形态学观察、生理生化特性测定及16S rDNA 序列分析。结果表明,该分离物在燕麦培养基上菌落呈灰白色,边缘稍有褶皱突起,显微观察孢子呈灰色,孢子链呈螺旋状,结合生理生化特性测定结果将其鉴定为 Streptomyces scabies 。该菌株与 Streptomyces scabies(登录号为HM018114)的16S rDNA 序列同源性为100%。引起山西晋城马铃薯疮痂病的病原菌为 Streptomyces scabies 。

  3. 入境旅游与区域供给系统耦合关联研究--以山西省为例%The Coupling-correlation Study of Inbound Tourism and Regional Supply--The Case of Shanxi Province

    王强; 马耀峰


      From the perspective of system theory,using grey correlation and coordination,the paper selects 15 evaluation factors of tourism supply,then calculates correlation degree of tourism supply and inbound tourism and coordination degree among supply factors based on 2000—2011 dates in Shanxi. This paper divides tourism supply into 4 subsystems,which are core tourism attractions,tourism facilities,tourism service and tourism environment. Tourism environment is the largest supply subsystem related into inbound tourism scales in Shanxi,economical openness and ecology closely affect them. The correlation degree between tourism faculties and tourism foreign exchange is more than others’,and improving accommodation and transportation is more effective than scenic tickets. What’s more,the core attractions is max supply correlation subsystem with inbound tourism quality, multicenter scenic spot pattern is good for Shanxi tourism promotion. The coordination evolution among the supply factors can be divided three stages,such as continuous upwards,consecutive drops and waving rise. Overall system can produce the best utility and multiplier effect based on interaction between parts and layers. This paper can provide support for macro expansion or structural regulation of tourism supply.%  从系统论角度引入灰色关联模型、协调指数,以山西省为例遴选出旅游供给的15个评价因子,分析2000—2011年入境旅游与旅游供给的关联度及供给要素协调度,并得到以下结论:①旅游供给建构为4个子系统:核心吸引物、旅游设施、旅游服务及旅游环境;②山西省的旅游环境与入境旅游规模关联最大,经济联系及生态环境密切影响入境旅游;③旅游设施与收入关联最大,优化食、住、行旅游部门比单纯提高景区门票更能影响旅游外汇;④核心吸引物与入境旅游质量关联最大,多中心景区格局有利于山西省入境旅游深

  4. 山西地区面波相速度分布图像%Rayleigh-wave phase velocity distribution in Shanxi region

    宋美琴; 何正勤; 郑勇; 吕芳; 刘春; 梁向军; 苏燕; 李丽


    In this work,seismic datas are taken from seismograms of over 100 earthquakes which are recorded from Feburary in 2009 to November in 2011 at 31 stations in Shanxi Province and other 6 broadband stations in adjacent areas,including Hebei,Henan,Shanxi and Neimeng Province.We obtained 350 high-quality Rayleigh wave phase velocity dispersion curves of fundamental mode by removing the duplicate paths and low quality data.The periods of the dispersion curves range from 8 to 75 seconds.Based on the method of Ditmar & Yanovskaya,we obtained phase velocity dispersion maps in 33 periods with resolution ranges from 40 to 50 km.We analyzed the phase velocity distribution maps at four representative periods and the phase velocity section maps along three profiles.The phase velocity maps reveal the lateral heterogeneity of the velocity structure and the phase speed variation with depth in the crust and the upper mantle of the Shanxi fault depression zone.The phase velocity map at 10 s clearly shows the spatial differences between the rift zone and the uplift zones in the two sides,presenting low phase velocity anomalies in the maximum depression regions near the centers of several basins inside the rift zone Moderate to strong earthquakes(M≥6)in Shanxi are mostly concentrated in the transitional zones where dramatic phase velocity changes occur at 15 s.At 20~26 s period,significant phase velocity difference can be observed across the latitude of 38°N,where phase velocity is higher in the south side than that in the north,which is in consistent with the variation pattern of Moho depth in the depression zone.This kind of velocity pattern keeps constant with the increase of period,which is consistent with the feature that the blocks in the north Shanxi is relatively weaker than those in the south.Along 113°E,the phase velocities at periods of 25~75 s are higher in the north side of latitude 38°N than in the south.This is consistent with the result of the lithospheric

  5. Research on Rural Poverty Measurement in China——Based the Data of Shanxi Province%中国农村居民贫困测度研究——基于山西的调查分析

    孙秀玲; 田国英; 潘云; 张振; 张文丽


    With Atkinson(1987)'s one-dimensional poverty measurement method,as well as Alkire and Foster(2008)'s multidimensional poverty measurement method,the poverty level of rural households in Shanxi province was investigated in this paper.The monitoring data was from the national poverty reduction project in 2009,including 35 key counties in Shanxi province.The empirical results indicated that,from one-dimensional perspective.The poverty in rural areas was mainly reflected from the drinking water shortage,low income and low consumption,however,when it comes from the multi-dimensional perspective,the poverty problem was more severe and intensive.It has been proved that drinking water shortage problem is serious in the east of of Taihang Mountain,and in the north of the cold areas compared to the other two regions.And the education problem is more critical in northern cold areas.Housing problem should be paid more attentain in northwest cold areas and Lvliang Mountain areas.Therefore,the poverty problem should be solved from the multi-dimensional perspective in the future development in Shanxi province,and various policies and strategies concerning with the poverty reduction should be applied in different areas.%运用Atkinson(1987)单维贫困测量与Alkire和Foster(2008)多维贫困测量相结合的方法,对山西农村居民贫困情况进行了测度。实证结果表明:从单维视角看,山西农村贫困主要体现在饮用水、消费、收入三个方面,全省三个主要贫困区存在差异;从多维视角来看,山西省农村居民存在多维贫困现象,考虑的贫困维度越多,贫困程度越严重。东部太行山区与北部高寒冷凉区的饮用水问题也比较严重,北部高寒冷凉区相比其他两个地区其教育问题较为突出,北部高寒冷凉区与西部吕梁山区的住房问题也需要关注。因此,山西今后要从多维度识别和瞄准贫困,针对地区贫困特点予以扶持。

  6. 山西地区高脂微藻的分离筛选%Isolation and Screening of Microalgae with High-lipid Contents in Shanxi Province

    班剑娇; 冯佳; 谢树莲


    This study attempted to choose potential oil-producing microalgae candidates across Shanxi province.Thirty-two strains of microalgae were tested.Among these microalgae,29 strains were isolated from water samples collected from four sites in the Fenghe River and the Salt Lakes Area in Yuncheng.Three strains of microalgae were boughtfrom the Freshwater Algae Culture Collection of the Institute of Hydrobiology.Microalgae from the Shanxi province were isolated and purified by Micro-picking method and Spreadplate method.The biomass of 32 strains of microalgae varied between 48.9-422.2 mg/L,which were determined by dry weight.Chloroform-methanol extraction is a traditional total lipid measuring method and Nile red fluorescence is a new technique used for determining neutral lipids.In this study,Chloroform-methanol extraction and Nile red fluorescent staining were combined to determine lipid contents of the 32 strains of microalgae.The results showed that total lipid content of all strains were in the range of 5.4% DW-30.1% DW,and fluorescence value in unit volume were in the range of 4.1-181.5.High lipid productivity is a key selection criterion of species for biodiesel production.According to the lipid productivity of the microalgae,we screened three strains of microalgae that may be potential oil-producing candidates in Shanxi province.These three strains included NY017 (Dunaliella salina),NY023(Nitzschia linearis) and NY025 (Nitzschia palea).Their lipid productivities were 3.25 mg· L-1· d-1,3.03 mg· L-1· d and 2.11 mg· L-1· d-1 respectively.%分别从山西省汾河流域、运城盐湖等水体采集水样,使用微挑法、平板涂布法对其中的微藻进行了分离纯化,并对分离得到的29株微藻和购买的3株微藻,进行了高脂藻株的筛选.结果表明:采用干重法对32株微藻的生长量进行测定,其干重介于48.9~422.2 mg/L之间;采用氯仿甲醇法对32株微藻的总脂含量进行测定,其总脂含量介于5.4

  7. 我省传媒低碳经济宣传取向评析%Analysis of Publicity Orientation of the Media Low Carbon Economy in Shanxi Province



    Since the opening of Copenhagen climate conference in 2009,Shanxi province has tried its best to publicize low carbon economy. Electronic and print media have exerted good guiding influence. However,there are limited achievements in how to regulate audience's low carbon life. And more improvement will be needed in multi communication of we-media time.%2009年哥本哈根气候变化会议召开以来,我省传媒在宣传低碳经济方面不遗余力,电子、平面媒体不间断的议程设置,起到了很好的引导舆论作用。但在如何规范受众“低碳生活”方面建树尚为欠缺,自媒体时代的多向传播也有待于进一步开拓。

  8. [Drought-resistance of local wheat varieties in Shanxi Province of China: a comprehensive evaluation by using GGE biplot and subordinate function].

    Yang, Jin-wen; Zhu, Jun-gang; Wang, Shu-guang; Sun, Dai-zhen; ShiI, Yu-gang; Chen, Wei-guo


    Taking 7 local wheat varieties in Shanxi Province of China and two other control varieties as test materials, this paper studied their morphological and physiological traits under normal and water stress field conditions. The drought-resistance coefficient of each index of the traits was calculated. On the basis of principal component analysis, the correlations between the drought-resistance indices and their relationships with the drought-resistance of different varieties were analyzed by GGE biplot, and the drought resistance of the wheat varieties was comprehensively evaluated with the combination of subordinate function and drought resistance index analysis. The main morphological and physiological factors affecting the drought-resistance of the wheat varieties were uppermost internode length, plant height, internode length, leaf area, leaf POD and SOD activities, and leaf relative water content and relative electric conductivity. There existed different degrees of correlation between these indices, and each index had different effects on the drought resistance of the varieties, being the main cause for the different drought resistance of the wheat varieties. Based on the drought-resistance, the test varieties could be classified into three groups, i. e. , drought-resistance group, intermediate group, and sensitive group. Two highly drought-resistance cultivars, Baiheshangtou and Zhuganqing, whose drought-resistance was similar to that of drought-resistant Jinmai 47, could be used as the parent materials for breeding drought-resistance wheat.

  9. 优先股支持山西省经济发展刍议%Consideration on the Preferred Stock to Support the Economic Development of Shanxi Province



    作为一种创新融资工具,优先股有利于加快发展直接融资,拓展居民投资渠道,支持企业兼并重组,促进市场稳定发展。通过分析发行优先股的积极意义,结合山西省“综改区”的战略定位,提出了利用优先股支持地方经济转型发展的一些建议。%As an innovative financing instrument, preferred stock is conducive to accelerate the development of direct financing, expand investment channels for residents to support enterprises mergers and acquisitions, and promote the stable development of the market. In this paper, the positive significance of issuing preferred stock, combined with the strategic positioning of Shanxi province “comprehensive reform zone”, the paper puts forward some suggestions for the transformation and development of local economic restructuring and the use of preferred stock.

  10. Spatial transition of Sizhuang town in Gaoping city of Shanxi province%山西高平市寺庄镇公共空间的变迁



    基于山西高平寺庄镇的村落公共空间考察,从型构动力出发,将寺庄镇地区的公共空间划分为行政型公共空间、制度型公共空间和生活型公共空间,并探讨了在不同时期不同类型公共空间的变迁,对农村公共空间规划具有现实意义。%Based on the investigation of spatial transition of Sizhuang town in Gaoping city of Shanxi province, to begin with the structural dynam- ic, the paper divides the public space of Sizhuang town into administrative public space, regulatory public space and living public space, and ex- plores various spatial transition at various era, which has certain realistic meaning for planning rural public space.

  11. Proposals on Gas Fired Power Plants in Shanxi Province%山西省燃气发电建议

    王皑; 许涌平; 宋述勇


    Based on the analysis of coal bed methane in Shanxi,and combining with load characteristics of power system,the operating characteristics of gas fired power plant,the development trend of new energy for power generation and power grid peak regulation demand,the requirements of power grid on gas-fired power plant's development are proposed. Besides,corresponding suggestions and measures to coordinate the development of new energy and power generation are put forward.%在分析山西省煤层气资源情况的基础上,结合电力系统负荷特性,燃气电厂的运行特点,新能源发电的发展和电网调峰需求,提出了电网对燃气电厂发展的相关要求,围绕新能源发电的协调发展提出相应建议和措施。

  12. Shanxi Provincial Government and CHINALCO Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement For the Construction of Aluminum Recycling Industry Base


    <正>On May 16,Shanxi Provincial Government and CHINALCO held agreement-signing ceremony for the"Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement for Building CHINALCO Shanxi Aluminum Recycling Industry Base"in Taiyuan;Li Xiaopeng,Governor of Shanxi Province,attended the meeting.Guo Yingguang,Vice Governor of Shanxi Province,and Sun Zhaoxue,General Manager of CHINALCO,signed the agreement on behalf of both sides.

  13. 山西省食管癌患者出生顺序研究%Study on the birth order of patients with esophagus cancer in Shanxi province

    韩斐; 范亚峰; 王国平; 丁悌; 李建民; 苏文; 高泽锋; 韩小友


    Objective To explore the relationship between esophagus cancer patients and both environmental and genetic factors,through analyzing the data on birth orders from esophagus cancer patients of Shanxi province.Methods Both Greenwood and Haldane methods on birth order were used to study the 1101 cases with esophagus cancer from Shanxi province.All the patients had received surgery and were diagnosed,by pathological evidence.First certificates of the patients were confirmed through the standard genetic epidemiologic investigation.Birth order was investigated on probands of the 1101 cases with esophagus cancer and their 44 siblings.Results Results form the Greenwood method showed that there was a tendency for cases with esophagus cancer in birth orders First to Third.However,the Haldane method showed that the results were quite different between actual value and the average theory value of 6A (6A(actual value)=17 118,(X)6A(average theory value) =19 290,X=∣6A-(X)6A∣/√V6A =7.63,X > 2) which suggested that the birth order had some effects on the occurrence of esophagus cancer.In addition,the actual value of 6A was lower than the theoretic average value,and the parents at younger productive age or baby at the first birth was easy to develop esophagus cancer.Conclusion Esophagus cancer was related with the birth order,especially at early order,which was not consistent with the national reports on esophagus cancer.Results from this study suggested that there were certain effects of environmental risk factors on esophagus cancer patients.%目的 分析山西省食管癌患者的出生顺序,探讨环境因素、遗传因素与食管癌的关系.方法 采用Greenwood和Haldane的出生顺序方法,以山西省肿瘤医院1101例住院食管癌手术患者为先证者进行遗传流行病学调查,并对1101例先证者及44例食管癌患病同胞进行出生顺序研究.结果 Greenwood法分析结果显示,食管癌患者较多发生在出生顺序1~3

  14. 山西省护理人员科研能力调查研究%Investigation on scientific research capacity of nursing staff in Shanxi province

    潘银河; 程金莲; 寇丽红; 孙玉梅


    [目的]了解山西省护理人员科研能力状况及其特点.[方法]采用修订后的护理人员科研能力自评量表对山西省太原市6所三级甲等医院的临床护士进行调查,并对结果进行分析.[结果]护理人员科研能力总得分及各维度得分跨度较大,临床护理人员的整体科研能力较低,不同学历、职称的临床护理人员科研能力总分差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).不同学历的临床护理人员科研能力各维度得分差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);有行政职务者科研能力比无行政职务者强(P<0.05);不同年龄在问题发现能力和论文写作能力比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);不同护龄的护理人员只在问题发现能力上差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).[结论]太原市三级甲等医院临床护理人员的整体科研能力比较低,且参差不齐,提示给临床护理人员的科研培训应该有针对性.%Objective:To know about the status quo and characteristics of scientific research capacity of nursing staff in Shanxi province. Methods:Clinical nurses from six three - grade class A hospitals in Taiyuan city Shanxi province were investigated by using nursing staff scientific research ability self - assessment scale. And the results were analyzed. Results: The span of total score and every dimension score of scientific research capacity of nursing staff were wide. Global scientific research capacity of clinical nursing staff was low. There were significant statistical differences in terms of the total score of scientific research ability among clinical nurses with different educational background and professional titles(P<0.05). There were significant statistical differences in every dimension score of scientific research capacity among clinical nurses with different educational background(P<0.05). Scientific research capacity of clinical nurses on administrative duty was better than without duty(P<0.05). For different ages,the ability to

  15. Investigation of Developmental Status Quo of Cold Water Fishes Aquaculture in Shanxi Province%山西冷水性鱼类养殖发展现状调研

    于振海; 丁建华; 靖莹; 陈有光


    Through the spot investigation of aquaculture area, yield, aquaculture varieties and aquaculture mode for cold water fishes in Shanxi province, the status quo of cold water fishes aquaculture in Shanxi province were analyzed. According to the domestic and foreign development condition of cold water fishes, the aquaculture experience and natural resources in Shanxi province, it is suggested that the construction of healthy aquaculture system should be pushed forward from the aspects of water cycle, breeding of improved variety, disease prevention and nutrition feed, and some advices were proposed to exploit the development potential of cold water fishes by carrying out industry access system, brand strategy and establishing cooperative organization of cold water fishes.%通过对山西境内冷水性鱼类的养殖面积、产量、养殖品种、养殖模式的实地调研,分析了山西省冷水性鱼类养殖现状.根据国内外冷水性鱼类发展状况、省域内的自然资源条件以及养殖经验,建议从循环水养殖、良种选育、病害防治及营养饲料等方面推进健康养殖体系建设,提出通过实行冷水鱼养殖准入制度、实施品牌战略、建立冷水鱼发展合作组织等三方面挖掘冷水鱼发展潜力.

  16. Effect of Seasonality on Distribution of Macroalgae in a Stream System (Xin'an Spring)in Shanxi Province, North China

    Bian-Fang Hu; Shu-Lian Xie


    A survey of the seasonal distribution of macroalgae in a stream system in Shanxi Province, north China,was undertaken from July 2004 to April 2005. The relative abundance and percentage cover of macroalgae,and several environmental factors were monitored along a 20-m stretch at each of four sites, at intervals of approximately three months (one sampling per season). Several stream conditions were relatively constant over the sampling period (pH, maximum width and maximum depth), whereas others exhibited a distinct seasonal pattern (water temperature and specific conductance), and some fluctuated with no discernable seasonal pattern (current velocity and dissolved oxygen). Forty-two species of macroalgae were found, with a predominance of Chlorophyta (26 species, 61.9%). Rhodophyta and Charophyta represented the smallest proportion (1 species each, 2.38%). Six macroalgae species were the most widespread,occurring in all four sampling sites. Twelve species were found at only one site each. In terms of seasonality,eight species occurred throughout the year, whereas 16 species were found in only one season each. The macroalgal community at Xin'an Spring was species rich relative to other streams. Species richness per sampling site was negatively correlated with pH. Principal component analysis revealed that no single variable had much influence on the macroalgal seasonal dynamics. We calculated Sorensen similarity indices to compare our study with other continent-wide surveys of stream macroalgae, but the similarity indices were all very low. This study also shows that macroalgae in different locations have significant reproductive isolation.

  17. 山西省地方出口煤资源、性质与质量管理%Resource, Property and Quality Management of Export Coal in Shanxi Province

    马国相; 张爱英


    The coal resource and properties for export in Shanxi province are analyzed. How to improving the export coal quality and scientific management method for guarantee export coal quality and technical measure are discussed.%在系统介绍山西省地方出口煤资源及性质的基础上,重点阐述了对提高出口煤质量的原则和保证出口煤质的科学管理方法及应采取的一些具体技术措施。

  18. 山西省推手竞赛开展现状及对策分析%Analysis on the Development Situation and Measures of the Hand Slap Competition in Shanxi Province



    Hand slap competition is a new confrontational competition project, and it has certain enjoyment and ornamental value. This paper takes Shanxi Province as the example to analyze and research the development situation and slap competition and put forward the reasonable development measures.%推手竞赛是一种新型对抗性竞赛项目,具有一定的趣味性和观赏性。本文以山西省为例,系统地分析和研究了推手竞赛的开展现状,并提出了合理化发展对策。

  19. Present Situation of Sport Tourism Development in Northwest of Shanxi Province and Development Countermeasure%晋西北地区体育旅游开发现状与发展对策研究



    Sports tourism is the tourism industry, is a major factor in promoting regional economic development. Used with field investigation method, and questionnaire investigation method and literature information method, from Jin Northwest tourism resources status and the tourism resources of pros and cons potential area on the area sports tourism development of status for analysis research, results indicates that : the area sports tourism resources rich, and market potential huge, but vulnerable of ecological environment, and does not reasonable of resources layout, and residents on sports tourism cognitive insufficient, and consumption ability low is restricting Jin Northwest sports tourism of sustainable development effect factors. This article on the basis of this analysis, proposed for the rational development of sports tourism in northwest of Shanxi province effective countermeasures and suggestions.%体育旅游是旅游业的新兴产业,是促进地区经济发展的主要因素。采用实地考察法、问卷调查法和文献资料法,对晋西北旅游资源现状进行研究,结果表明:该区体育旅游资源丰富、市场潜力巨大;而脆弱的生态环境、不合理的资源布局,以及居民对体育旅游认知不足、消费能力低下是制约晋西北体育旅游的可持续发展影响因素。

  20. Research of Spatial Planning Integration and Coordination--A Case Study of Shanxi Province%空间规划整合与协调问题研究--以山西省为例

    郭文炯; 白明英


      加快空间规划机制创新,促进各种空间规划的整合与协调,构建新型的空间规划体系是山西省国家资源型经济转型综合配套改革和促进城乡区域协调发展的重要任务。文章在梳理我国空间规划问题、实践探索基础上,以山西省为例,提出了完善空间规划的基本思路:遵循“强化龙头,横向协调;完善层次,纵向指导”路径,建立以主体功能区规划和市县域城乡总体规划为基础的空间规划体系框架,形成全域覆盖、城乡统筹、功能清晰、横向协调、上下衔接的空间规划体系。促进规划协调的主要行动包括:完善规划编制的协调衔接机制,实现规划目标、标准、内容、信息平台对接;完善规划实施机制,建立五年规划和年度实施计划制度;推进规划管理机构改革和管理机制创新,建立统一的规划管理体制和全覆盖的城乡规划监管体系。%  Shanxi province is the test area of national economic transformation of resources comprehensive reform, to pro-mote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas have three tasks: accelerating the innovation space planning mecha-nism, promoting the integration and coordination of various spatial planning and construction of the spatial planning system model. Based on conclusion of spatial planning theory and practice, take Shanxi Province for example to analysis. Put forward basic ideas for improving spatial planning: follow the path as "strengthening leading, coordinating horizontally, improving the arrangement, guiding longitudinally". Make spatial planning system framework should base on the main function regions planning and urban-ru-ral master planning, to form spatial planning system which is "all-coverage, coordinating urban and rural planning, functional clear, horizontal coordination, upper and lower connection". The main action to promote planning coordination include: improv

  1. 山西省高校学生体育生活方式现状的调查分析%Investigation and Analysis Present Situation of the Sports Lifestyle of College Students in Shanxi Province

    孙静; 孙祝


    通过以山西省5所高校学生为对象的调查研究,运用文献资料法、数理统计法、逻辑分析法等,从性别、年级、专业性质、家庭居住地、体育消费、体育生活方式倾向等方面加以分析,意在揭示当前山西省高校学生体育生活方式的现状,突显健康合理体育生活方式在高校学生中的影响,更好地促进山西省高校学生身心素质的提高,良好心态的形成及自我价值的充分实现。%This paper, taking students of five universities in Shanxi province as object, analyzes from the aspects of gender, grade, major, family address, sports consumption and tendency of sports lifestyle through the method of literature, mathematical statistics, logical analysis and so on, in order to reveal the present situation of the sports lifestyle of college students in Shanxi province, highlight the impact of healthy sports lifestyle on college students, promote their physical and mental ability, the formation of good attitude and the full realization of self-value.

  2. 对山西省中小企业融资问题的调查与思考%The Investigation and Reflection on the Financing Problems of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Shanxi Province



    At present, the problems that small and medium-sized enterprises’ financing is difficult and expensive have been in-creasingly prominent, therefore, how to solve these problems has attracted much attention of all walks of life. Based on the field survey on the financing problems of the small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanxi province, the paper analyzes the financing status of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanxi province, explores the reasons of the problems from three aspects such as small and medium-sized enterprises themselves, the financial institutions and the social environment and so on, and puts forward relevant policy suggestions.%目前中小企业融资难、融资贵问题愈发凸显,如何解决中小企业融资问题已倍受社会各界关注。本文通过对山西省中小企业融资问题进行实地调查,分析了山西省中小企业融资现状,从中小企业自身、金融体制和社会环境等三个方面剖析问题产生的原因,并提出相关政策建议。

  3. Recycled water technological design of a cement plant in Shanxi Province%山西省某水泥厂中水回用工艺设计

    尤伟静; 邓先涛; 杨亮


    The combined process,full automatic purifier+ultra-filtration,has been used for the pretreatment of dis-charged wastewater from a cement plant in Shanxi Province. Then the subsequent reverse osmosis process has been used for realizing recycled water reuse. Its treatment capacity of water is 28 t/h. The quality of the final effluent is favorable. For example,the turbidity drops from 34.1 NTU to 0,and total hardness drops from 3 160 mg/L to 40 mg/L. Therefore,it can directly be reused as make-up water for the excess heat power circulating water in the cement plant. The water yield is 20 t/h,and the rate of reuse up to 75%. It has been proved by practical application that the com-bined process could guarantee that the advanced treatment of discharge wastewater from cement plants is stable and its recycle quality is high.%采用全自动净水器+超滤组合工艺,对山西省某水泥厂排放废水进行预处理,联合后续反渗透工艺以实现中水回用,处理水量为28 t/h。经该工艺处理后,最终出水水质良好,浊度由34.1 NTU降至0,总硬度由3160 mg/L降至40 mg/L,可直接回用于该水泥厂余热发电循环水补充用水,出水量为20 t/h,回用率达75%。工程实践表明,该联合工艺可实现对水泥厂排放废水的深度处理和高质回用。

  4. Associations of Individual-Related and Job-Related Risk Factors with Nonfatal Occupational Injury in the Coal Workers of Shanxi Province: A Cross-Sectional Study.

    Yan Cui

    Full Text Available To assess the relationships between the risk factors and the incidence of nonfatal occupational injury of coal mine workers of Shanxi Province.A cross-sectional study was conducted from July 2013 to December 2013, and 4319 workers were recruited from more than 200,000 coal mine employees who are exposed to continuous potential risk of occupational injuries by using a two-stage stratified cluster sampling method. Trained interviewers having necessary medical knowledge conducted face-to-face interviews with the participants. Univariate and multivariable logistic regression models were used to estimate the odds ratio (OR and the 95% confidence interval (CI.A total number of 3618 effective respondents were got from 4319 participants (83.77% and the mean age of the participants was 41.5 years with the standard deviation of 8.65. Significant crude odds ratios were observed for all factors considered except for marital status, education, work duration, BMI, EPQ-RSC(P scale and EPQ-RSC(L scale. Results from multivariable logistic regression model showed significant adjusted odds ratios for risk factors including gender (female vs male 0.275, 0.094-0.800, age (≥55 vs ≤25yr 0.169, 0.032-0.900, work type (light physical labor vs heavy physical labor 0.504, 0.328-0.774, workplace (underground auxiliary vs underground front-line 0.595, 0.385-0.919, length of shiftwork experience (0~5yr vs no shift 2.075, 1.287-3.344 and ≥15yr vs no shift 2.076, 1.230-3.504 and EPQ-RSC(E score (extraversion vs introversion 0.538, 0.334-0.867.Several risk factors of nonfatal occupational injury were identified including male, age, heavy physical labor, underground front-line, length of shiftwork experience and introversion. The coal mining enterprises should pay attention to controlling the hazards associated with frontline physical work. Workers' behaviors, life styles and personality traits should also be considered, so that the enterprises could set achievable targets

  5. Shanxi, A Vital Energy Supplier Expects Cooperation with the Foreign Countries


    @@ shanxi province, a vital supplier of energy and raw material in China, is blessed with rich mineral resources,such as coal, iron, aluminum and magnesium. In a press conference held in August in Beijing, Song Beishan, Vice Governor of the Province Government introduced the current situation of Shanxi.

  6. Shanxi, A Vital Energy Supplier Expects Cooperation with the Foreign Countries


      shanxi province, a vital supplier of energy and raw material in China, is blessed with rich mineral resources,such as coal, iron, aluminum and magnesium. In a press conference held in August in Beijing, Song Beishan, Vice Governor of the Province Government introduced the current situation of Shanxi.……

  7. Evaluation of 2+2 Alternative Teacher Performance Appraisal Program in Shanxi, People's Republic of China

    Wang, Weiping


    This study examined the impact of the 2+2 Alternative Teacher Performance Appraisal System that has been implemented in Shanxi province in China. A mixed research design was used to evaluate the program. Six high schools and a total of 78 teachers (13 teachers in each school) in Shanxi province were selected. Three of the schools participated in…

  8. 山西春季典型干湿年份水汽输送特征差异%Different Characteristics of Water Vapor Transport Between the Typical Drought and Wet Years of Spring in Shanxi Province

    周晋红; 李丽平; 武捷


    应用山两62个气象站1961—2008年春季降水资料,同期NCEP/NCAR月平均再分析资料,用合成分析等方法探讨了山西春季典型干湿年份水汽输送特征差异。研究发现:春季典型干旱年,青藏高原南侧副热带偏西风及其在进入我国东部长江以南地区转向的西南风水汽输送减弱,高原北侧西风带水汽输送亦减弱,而西太平洋副高北侧西风水汽输送显著加强,西侧偏南风水汽输送减弱,使江南西南风向华北的水汽输送显著减少,山西偏北风水汽输送加大出现春旱;同时我国东部长江流域及向北到黄河流域、我国东部沿海水汽通量辐散加强,而华南及沿海水汽通量辐合加强;春季典型湿润年则相反。春季典型干旱年山西西风水汽通量减少和北风水汽通量增加量级相当,典型湿润年山西南风水汽通量增加明显大于西风水汽通量的增加。%Based on the 62 meteorological stations' precipitation data of spring in Shanxi Province from 1961 to 2008,and the contemporaneous NCEP/NCAR monthly mean reanalysis data,the different characteristics of water vapor transport between the typical drought and wet years of spring in Shanxi are analyzed by using composite analysis methods.The research shows that in the typical drought years of spring, the water vapor transport of the subtropical west wind over the south side of the Tibetan Plateau(TP) and that of SW wind in the south areas of the Yangtze River which comes from the turning of west wind vapor over the south side of TP are weakened,and so does the westerly vapor transport over the north side of TP,while the west wind vapor transport over the north side of the subtropical high in the West Pacific is strengthened remarkably,and the south wind vapor transport over the west side of the subtropical high is weakened,thus the southwest wind vapor transport from the south areas of the Yangtze River to North China is weakened,the north wind

  9. Analysis on Effectiveness of SO2 Emission Reduction in Shanxi, China by Satellite Remote Sensing

    Huaxiang Song


    Full Text Available The SO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants in China have been regulated since 2005 by a mandatory installation of flue gas desulfurization (FGD devices. In order to verify the effectiveness of FGD systems applied in power plants, Shanxi (a province well-known for the largest coal reserves in China was selected, and the characteristic and evolution of SO2 densities over 22 regions with large coal-fired power plants during 2005–2012 were investigated by using the satellite remote sensing data from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI. A unit-based inventory was also employed to study the trend of SO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants in Shanxi. The results show that the operation of FGD systems was successful in reducing SO2 emissions from power plants during 2005–2010: the mean SO2 densities satellite-observed over those regions with power plants operated before 2005 showed a notable decrease of approximate 0.4 DU; the mean SO2 densities over other regions with power plants newly built behind 2006 did not show a statistical increasing trend overall; the mean SO2 density over the whole Shanxi also showed a moderate decline from 2008 to 2010. However, the polluted conditions over Shanxi during 2011–2012 rebounded and the declining trend in mean SO2 density over the whole Shanxi disappeared again. In comparison of unit-based emission inventory, the emissions calculated show a similar trend with SO2 densities satellite-observed during 2005–2010 and still maintain at a lower volume during 2011–2012. By investigating the developments of other emission sources in Shanxi during 2005–2012, it is considered that the rapid expansion of industries with high coal-consumption has played an important role for the increment rise of SO2 emissions. Lack of an independent air quality monitoring network and the purposeful reduced operation rate of FGD systems occurring in some coal-fired power plants have reduced the effectiveness of SO2

  10. [Population-based study of human papillomavirus infection in high-risk area for cervical cancer in Shanxi Province, China].

    Shen, Yan-hong; Chen, Feng; Huang, Man-ni; Liu, Bin; Wang, Xi-xia; Zhao, Fang-hui; Li, Shu-min; Li, Nan; Wu, Ling-ying; Rong, Shou-de; Zhang, Wen-hua; Ren, Sheng-da; Huang, Rui-de; Qiao, You-lin


    To investigate the prevalence of oncogenic type of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and identify the high risk population for conducting immuno/chemoprevention of cervical cancer. All married women aged 30 to 50 with no history of hysterectomy, pelvic radiation and non-pregnant from certain villages of Xiangyuan and Yangcheng County were invited. This study was conducted through two phases. In phase one, subjects sampled the vaginal secretions using the collectors after signing the informed consent. And physicians sampled exfoliated cells from cervix in the phase two. All the specimens were tested with the Hybrid Capture 2 test. The data was managed and analyzed by VFP and SPSS software. There were 9,683 women participated in this study. Local women welcomed this study and population compliance rate was 75.4%. In tested population, we found 2,666 subjects of HPV DNA positive and HPV prevalence was 27.5%. The rates of different age group were 24.5% (30-34 yrs), 27.4% (35-39 yrs), 28.2% (40-44 yrs), 27.4% (45-50 yrs) respectively and had no significant differences (P = 0.604). The rates were slightly increased with the higher education level and had no differences (P = 0.106). The rate in mountain areas was higher than that in half-mountain areas (P = 0.001). The prevalence of HPV infection is indeed high in this region. Local women and health professionals welcome the activities of cervical cancer screening and prevention. It is an emergent task to improve their sanitary condition and prevent them from cervical cancer in these women. A women health cohort is established successfully among high HPV exposed women in rural China. The extensive biologic specimen repository has been successfully established to simultaneously study the etiology, early detection, and immuno/chemoprevention of cervical cancer.

  11. 2012年山西省苹果主产地市场变化的调查分析%Investigation and Analysis on Market Changes of Main Apple Producing Area of Shanxi Province in 2012

    梁芊; 石美娟; 程培红; 高敬东


      为促进山西省苹果产业健康持续发展,对2012年山西省苹果产地市场的新变化和新趋势进行了分析,并提出应对产地苹果市场变化的几项建议:稳定面积,适当发展,调整结构;增强贮藏加工能力,延长苹果产业链;加大发展矮砧密植栽培果园,提高果园科技水平;增强苹果品牌意识,推进苹果产业健康发展。%In order to promote the health and sustainable development of apple industry in Shanxi Province , new changes and new trends on Shanxi apple market were analyzed in this paper , and four suggestions were put forward including stabilizing and properly developing acreage and adjusting the structure, improving storage capacity and processing ability to extend the industrial chain, developing dwarfing and dense planting orchard to improve scientific and technological level, raising awareness of apple brand to improve the healthy development.

  12. Research on Affordable Housing Construction of Shanxi Province during the Twelfth Five-year Plan%山西省城镇"十二五"经济适用房研究

    范恩海; 郑婷兰


    经济适用房是我国住房保障体系的重要组成部分,"十二五"期间应该加大经济适用房建设力度,以满足城镇中(低)收入家庭的基本住房需求.借助以及市场调查等统计资料,通过分析山西省商品住房市场价格、城镇新增居民家庭人均可支配收入等情况,预测得到经济适用房的保障线标准和保障比例,从而确定出"十二五"期间新增经济适用房的建设数量.%Affordable housing is an important part of China's housing security system. We should intensify affordable housing construction during the twelfth five-year to meet the basic housing demand of low-and middle-income families. With the help of statistical date which quoted from The Clorious 60 Years of Shanxi and market research statistical data through the analysis of the commodity housing market prices and per capita disposable income of urban increased households in Shanxi Province, predicts the security standards and security proportion of affordable housing, so as to determine the increased construction quantity of affordable housing during the twelfth five-year.

  13. Normal faulting in the northern Shanxi Grabens, China

    Middleton, Tim; Walker, Richard; Parsons, Barry; Wang, Weitao; Schwenninger, Jean-Luc; Sherlock, Sarah


    The Ordos Plateau forms a piece of non-deforming continental lithosphere in northeastern China. Despite being thousands of kilometres from the nearest plate boundary, numerous devastating earthquakes have been recorded around the margins of the plateau over the past 2000 years. Continental deformation in this part of Asia is believed to be caused by the ongoing collision of India with Eurasia; India is currently moving northwards at 40 mm/a. The rate of deformation around the Ordos Plateau, however, is significantly less; typical slip rates for faults bordering the plateau are of the order of 1 mm/a. This deformation is nonetheless important because the adjacent North China Plain is one of the most densely populated regions on Earth. The combined population of Beijing, Hebei and Shanxi Provinces is in excess of 125 million people-all potentially at risk from future earthquakes. Assessing the seismic hazard is clearly of vital societal importance. The plateau is surrounded by extensional rift systems on all sides, except for the Liupanshan in the southwestern corner, where thrust faulting is dominant. The Hetao Graben lies to the north of the plateau, the Yinchuan Graben to the west, the Weihe Graben to the south and the Shanxi Grabens to the east, where they form an S-shaped series of en-echelon basins some 1200 km long. The northern portion of the Shanxi Grabens is characterised by east-northeast striking normal faults and asymmetric half-grabens with footwall blocks tilted to the south-southeast. GPS measurements in this region are sparse, but the existing data suggests a rate of extension across the northern Shanxi grabens of anywhere between 0 mm/a and 4 mm/a. We have used optically stimulated luminescence dating of sedimentary quartz grains and Ar-Ar dating of basaltic lavas to determine ages for features which have been offset by the faulting. Combined with scarp heights and field measurements of fault dip, this data suggest a total extension rate across the

  14. Q Value of Coda Wave in Shanxi Region Based on Aki Model%利用Aki模型对山西地区尾波Q值的研究

    宁亚灵; 靳玉科; 许家妹


    选取2001年1月至2011年12月山西地震台网记录的ML≥2.0地震的数字地震波资料,运用单次散射Aki模型,计算得到山西地区尾波Q值,拟合Q值对频率的依赖关系。其中,右玉、代县、夏县、东山4个地震台站属于低Q值、高n值,为特质的构造运动活跃地区的尾波性质。%Based on the Aki single scatter model, using digital wave data of earthquakes with ML ~〉 2. 0 from January,2001 to December, 2011 ,recorded by Shanxi Seismic Network, the Q values of coda wave in Shanxi region are calculated and the relationship between Q value and frequency is figured out by fitting . Four seismological stations, Youyu, Daixian, Xiaxian, Dongshan, where Q values are low and η value are high, which mean that tectonic movement in those areas are active.

  15. The Study of Wishes to Insurance of Medical University Students in Shanxi Province%山西省医学生医疗保险投保意愿调查

    王志中; 何志晶; 陈璐


    Objectives The purpose of the study is to understand the actual situation of the medical insurance wishes of medical university students in Shanxi Province. It is also to provide a theoretical basis for a better medical support system for the university students. Methods Through a survey among 400 students who come from Shanxi Medical University, Fenyang Medical College of Shanxi Medical University, Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine , Changzhi Medical College and Medical Department of Datong University,the study is to learn the wishes to insurance and the status quo of the medical support system. Results The study showed that expenses of the college students are low, monthly, 60. 5% students under 500 yuan, and the proportion of students getting money from their parents or relatives and friends is 91. 4% ; They knew little about the new medical policy, only 5. 0% knew much about it , and their satisfaction with the new health policy is general, the ratio of quite satisfied is 16. 0 % .Conclusions The college students are generally in good health and have less money in Shanxi province;They know little about the new medical policy;Their satisfaction,evaluation and participation with the new health policy is low.%目的 了解山西省医学生医疗保险投保意愿状况,为逐步完善大学生医疗保障制度提供理论依据.方法 通过对山西省5所医学院校(山西医科大学本部、山西医科大学汾阳学院、山西中医学院、长治医学院、大同大学医学部)400名大学生的问卷调查,研究新形势下大学生的医疗投保意愿及医疗保险现状.结果 60.5%的学生月均生活费在500元以下,且主要经济来源均来自父母或亲友的学生所占比例为91.4%;而对于新型医疗保险政策知晓度,仅有5.0%的学生大部分了解或非常了解;并且大学生对新型医疗保险政策满意度一般,态度比较满意的占16.0%.结论 山西省医科院校学生健康状况相

  16. 山西省电子废弃物回收处理再利用体系的现状与建议%The Present Situation of and Suggestions on E-wastes Recycling System of Shanxi Province



    It is significant to construct an e -wastes recycling system due to their harmful and resourceful characteristics. This paper introduces the present situation of e-waste recycling system of Shanxi Province, analyzes some problems currently existing in e-waste recycling system, and puts forward some suggestions on improving e-waste recycling system.%电子废物具有危害性和资源性特点,构建回收处理再利用体系意义重大。介绍了山西省电子废物回收处理再利用体系现状,分析了现阶段电子废弃物回收处理再利用体系存在的问题,提出了完善电子废弃物回收处理再利用体系的建议。

  17. The Emphases of Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Water Resources in Shanxi Province%山西省水资源综合开发利用的重点与途径

    张贵祥; 刘养洁; 李惠玲


    The author analyzed the emphases and ways of comprehensive development and utilization of water resources in Shanxi Province,included mainly five aspects,such as development and utilization ground water,underground water,transit water,border water and saving water,purify or disposal of sewage,reutilization of waste water etc.%山西省是缺水的能源大省。从地表水、地下水、过境水和边界水等不同利用类型水体的开发利用,以及节约用水、污水净化和废水的重复利用等五个方面,论述了山西省水资源综合开发利用的重点与途径。

  18. 山西某露天铝土矿投资开发思路浅析%The investment and development conception analyses for a open-cast bauxite mine in Shanxi province



    According to a open-cast bauxite mine investment and development practice in Shanxi Province, the risk analysis is carried out from five aspects of investment and development subject, development model, land requisition, size of mining, the mine ecological environment protection, puts forward corresponding measures and suggestions are proposed, so as to provide reference for similar mining investment.%结合山西某露天铝土矿投资开发实际,从投资开发主体、开发模式、土地征用、开采规模、矿山生态环境保护五个方面进行了风险分析,提出了相应的处理措施和建议,为类似矿业投资提供一定的参考。

  19. Research on the Relations between the Rural Consumption and Economic Growth of Shanxi Province%山西省农村消费与经济增长关系研究



    消费需求增长所提供的市场空间对经济增长具有重要影响。从山西省农村消费与经济增长的关系出发,采用回归分析法分析了农村消费对经济的拉动作用。%The market space provided by the consumption growth has great effect on the economic growth.The paper,based on the relations between the rural consumption and economic growth of Shanxi Province,analyzes the promotion effect of the rural consumption on the economy with the regression analysis method.

  20. Discussion on Techniques of Seedling Nursing and Transplanting of Spring Maize in Cold Areas of Shanxi Province%山西冷凉区春玉米育苗移栽技术探讨


    Aiming at the characteristics of low accumulated temperature, less rainfall and short frost-free period in cold areas of Shanxi Province, seedling nursing and transplanting of spring maize techniques was introduced, including seedling, transplanting, field management and disease and insect control, etc. The results provided guidance for local spring maize production.%针对山西冷凉区积温低、降雨少、无霜期短的特点,介绍了春玉米育苗移栽技术,包括育苗、移栽、田间管理与病虫害防治等方面内容,为当地春玉米生产提供了指导。

  1. 山西省地震应急视频会议系统建设与应用%Construction and Application of Earthquake Emergency Video Meeting System of Shanxi Province

    郑树平; 丁小牛; 高翔


    Construction, network, operation and maintenance of the earthquake video meeting system of Shanxi province are introduced .Fur-thermore, the practical applications in aspects of emergency response coordination , government affairs meeting , earthquake situation judg-ment and remote training etc .are described .The function of the system in the earthquake emergency response is determined .%文章主要对山西省地震视频会议系统的建设、组网、运行维护做简要介绍,并对该系统在应急协同、政务会议、震情会商、远程培训等方面的具体应用进行阐述,进一步明确视频会议系统在地震应急中的作用。

  2. 陕西省9~11岁农村儿童忽视现状的调查%Cross Sectional Study on Child Neglect among Rural Children Aged 9 ~11 Years in Shanxi Province

    高引莉; 潘建平; 杨武悦; 滕红; 应艳红


    Objective :To explore the status of child neglect among rural children aged 9~11 years in Shanxi province . Methods :685 of children aged 9~11 years were sampled randomly from 3 areas of Shanxi province in stratified and cluster sampling .They were investigated by the neglect normal for children aged 9 to 11 years old in rural areas of Chi-na ,SPSS18 .0 was employed for analyzing neglect frequency and degree for every group of different age ,sex ,neglect type ,Household type ,Whether for the left-behind children .Results:The total neglect rate and neglect degree of rural children aged 9~ 11 years in Shanxi province were 58 .1% and 44 .77 .The neglect rate of social neglect for males (11.20% )were higher than females(5 .38% ) .The rest of the different age ,sex in different degrees of neglect frequency and degree for every group had no statistical significance .Children suffered neglect mainly on one of the six neglect types(19 .5% ) .The higher neglect frequencies happened in the single-parent family and remarried family (82 .6% and 75% ) .The neglect rate of body neglect for Left-behind children(29 .5% ) were higher than un-left-behind children . Conclusion:Shanxi province is more serious than the nations’average levels ,and we should find out risk factors and provide efficient prevention measures .%目的:了解陕西省9~11岁农村儿童忽视状况。方法:用随机整群抽样的方法采用《中国9~11岁农村儿童忽视状况评价问卷》对陕西省三个地市685名9~11岁儿童进行调查,采用SPSS18.0统计软件对不同年龄、性别、家庭类型、忽视层面、是否为留守儿童的忽视率、忽视度进行统计学描述及分析。结果:陕西省9~11岁儿童总忽视率为58.1%,总忽视度为44.77。男童社会忽视层面的忽视率(11.20%)高于女童(5.38%),差异有统计学意义( P<0.05)。其余不同年龄及性别各忽视层面的忽视度与忽视率差异均无

  3. Comparative analysis of Brucellosis epidemic between Shanxi province and the country%山西省与全国布鲁杆菌病疫情的对比分析

    徐丽红; 白永飞; 刘桂芬


    Objective To analyze the Brucellosis incidence and to predict the trends of the disease in Shanxi province and the national in recent years,which could provide the reference for surveillance,prevention and control of the disease.Methods Brucellosis data which was reported monthly during January 2006 and December 2010 in Shanxi province and the data released by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention during January 2005 and December 2010 were collected.Several indexes,such as the annual increasing number,the development rate,growth rate and other indicators were applied to compare Shanxi province with the national Brucellosis epidemic in recent years.What's more,the seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average model (ARIMA) was fitted respectively with the data of Brucellosis incident number reported monthly,so as to predict the prevalence status in the coming two years by verifying the fitting effect.Results Brucellosis prevalence of Shanxi province reached the peak in 2008,and the incidence number was 5397,which was 900 more than 2007.From the onset of decline after 2008,the prevalence decreased by 17.67% (906/5128) in 2010.However,national incidence of Brucellosis kept increasing before 2009 and the prevalence increased rapidly from 2007 to 2008,and the growth rate reached 39.16% (8442/21 560).Although the number of Brucellosis fell by 2041 cases in 2010 than in 2009,the rate of decline was only 5.14%(2041/37 734).The fastigium of Brucellosis was from May to July yearly whether Shanxi province or the country.The ARIMA models of Shanxi province and the nation were ARIMA [(1,0,1)(1,1,0)12] and ARIMA[(1,0,1)(0,1,1)12],respectively,according to the incidence numbers reported monthly.The fitting effect of models showed that the predicted values of the two models were both consistent with the actual situation and all predicted values fell within the 95% confidence limits,which depicted that they both fitted well.The predicted values depict that

  4. 明代山西蝗虫灾情统计与时空分布%Statistics and Distribution of Locust Plagues during the Ming Dynasty in Shanxi Province

    刘晓晨; 牛俊杰


    从历史地理学的角度,对明代277年的山西蝗灾进行数据统计分析。结果表明:从时间上看,明代山西蝗灾每4~5年发生一次;在季节上,主要集中在夏秋两季,其中秋季危害最重,具有明显季节差异;在月份上,主要集中在阴历6月;从地域上看,泽州和平阳府蝗灾分布具有普遍性,同时也是蝗灾发生最为频繁的地区,大同府和汾州府蝗灾分布较集中,辽州和汾州府发生蝗灾次数最少,明代山西蝗灾主要沿河分布,主要集中在晋南区,具有明显的地域差异。%The data of locust plagues during 277 years of the Ming Dynasty in Shanxi province are analyzed from the perspective of historical geography. The results show:locust plague stroke every 4-5 years;summer and autumn are the main seasons of plague, especially autumn or June of Chinese calendar. In spatial distribution, Zezhou and Piangyang were commonly and most frequently stricken areas;the plague in Datong and Fenzhou were concentrated;Liaozhou and Fenzhou had least plagues. Locust plagues in Ming Dynasty were along the rivers, mainly in the south of Shanxi province, showing obvious spatial distribution.

  5. 浅谈新时期公共图书馆在山西文化强省建设中的作用%On the Function of Public Library to the Construction of Shanxi Cultural Province



    实施文化强省战略,建设文化强省将成为山西"十二五"时期的一个奋斗目标。公共图书馆由于其独特的历史地位,在文化强省建设中有着举足轻重的作用,是文化强省建设的重要组成部分和不可或缺的部门。公共图书馆的基本职能就是利用馆藏信息资源为社会、公众提供服务。在实施文化强省战略中,要充分发挥图书馆信息资源与文化资源的优势和作用,为实现文化强省建设提供有力的精神动力和智力支持。%The implementation of the strategy of cultural province,constructing a strong cultural province will be the objective for Shanxi during the period of "The 12th Five-year Program".Because of its unique historical position,public library plays an important role in the construction of cultural province.It is one of the most important and indispensable parts of the construction.The basic function of public library is to provide service for the society and the public by using the collection of information resources.During the implementation of the strategy of cultural province,we should make full use of the advantages and functions of the information resources and cultural resources of the library,and provide spiritual motivation and intellectual support for the realization of constructing a strong cultural province.

  6. Shanxi Province Highway Construction and Ecological Environmental Protection%山西省高速公路建设与生态环境保护



    高速公路建设与生态环境保护是当前公路交通建设科学发展的重要课题,文章结合山西地质地貌特征通过对高速公路建设与生态环境的影响分析,阐述了公路建设生态环境的保护对策.%This paper analysis the highway construction and the ecological environment to Shanxi geology landform characteristic, elaborated the highway construction ecological environment protection countermeasure.

  7. 2000-2012年山西省旅游业碳排放的时空差异%Spatial and temporal differentiation of carbon emission of tourism industry in Shanxi province from 2000 to 2012

    程占红; 韩玉姣


    Using bottom-up method to estimate the carbon emission in tourism sectors which including tourism transportation,accommodations and tourism activities.The results showed that,(1)The tourism transportation,accommodation and tourism activities showed an increasing trend in Shanxi province from 2000 to 2012,and their growth rate are 125%,300% and 683.41%respectively.The growth rate of highway and civil aviation was faster than that of railway,the growth rate of accommodation displayed the undulatory property,and the carbon emissions of different tourism activities followed by leisure travel > relative visits > sightseeing tours >business > others.(2)The carbon emissions of tourism industry were increased continuously,it is increased by 0.610 2 Mt during 13 years.The carbon emissions of tourism transportation was more than that of accommodation and tourism activities,it had the decisive influence in Shanxi province.The growth rate of carbon emission showed the undulatory property,but the per capita carbon emissions and the carbon emissions intensity had a drop tendency from 2003,which indicated that the tourism industry become healthy gradually.(3 )There was an unbalanced phenomenon of carbon emissions in different regions,in which the most regions had Taiyuan, Datong,Yuncheng and Jinzhong in emission quantity,and the fastest had Lüliang,Jinzhong and Shuozhou in speed.In order to reduce the carbon emissions of tourism,the governments,the traveling operators and the tourists should work together to practice the low-carbon tourism.%采用自下而上法从旅游交通、旅游住宿和旅游活动三个方面估算了山西省旅游业碳排放量。结果表明:(1)2000—2012年山西省旅游交通碳排放、旅游住宿碳排放和旅游活动碳排放均表现出逐年上升的趋势,三者增长率依次是125%、300%和683.41%。其中,公路和民航的增长速度均快于铁路的增长速度,住宿碳排放增长率表现出波动性,

  8. Study on the Physical Health Condition of Students of Independent Colleges in ShanxiProvince%山西省独立学院学生体质健康状况的研究——以山西大学商务学院数据为例



    The Independent Institute of Shanxi province college students physique condition influence their life,study,work,their physical condition is good alsoindirectly affect the ability of future mployment,so the research for the Independent College of Shanxi province college students’physique condition is very important.In this paper,namely Shanxi University Business School 09 grade and 11 grade public sports students physique condition through testing on behalf of the independent colleges in Shanxi Province, the testing results are analyzed and combined with their life exercise habits and awareness of,and research the current health status of Independent Colleges in Shanxi Province outstanding or not,this kind of situationreason analysis from fundamentally,hoping to find the improvement countermeasuresof Shanxi Province independent Institute of public physical education students'physique condition.%山西省独立学院大学生的体质状况影响着大学生的生活、学习、工作,其体质状况是否优秀也间接的影响着未来就业的能力,于是对于山西省独立学院大学生的体质状况的研究就显得十分重要.该文通过对山西省独立学院的代表即山西大学商务学院09级和11级的公共体育学生进行体质状况测试,分析其测试结果并结合对他们的生活锻炼习惯和认识,从根本上分析和研究目前山西省独立学院体质健康状况的优秀与否以及产生这种现状的原因,希望能够找到改善山西省独立学院公共体育课学生体质状况的对策.

  9. China's first large-scale MA production unit operational in Shanxi


    @@ Abrainchild of researchers of the CAS Institute of Coal Chemistry, a production unit capable of turning out 20,000 tons of maleic anhydride (MA) per year, the largest of its kind in China, has come into operation recently at the Shanxi Regent Taiming Chemical Co Ltd in Taiyuan, capital of north China's Shanxi Province.

  10. Analysis on the Drought Characteristics in Different Growth Stages of Spring Maize in Shanxi Province%山西省春玉米生育期干旱特征分析

    张祖光; 郝卫平; 李昊儒; 毛丽丽; 高翔


    Based on the data of daily temperature and precipitation in spring maize growth stages collected from 15 observation meteorological stations in Shanxi province from 1981 to 2011, relative moist index(M) in different spring maize growth stages were calculated, and combined with coupling degree between precipitation and spring maize water requirement, the variability of drought of recent 31 years in growth stages of spring maize in Shanxi province were analyzed. The results indicated that,(1) in recent 31 years, the highest drought frequency of 86.95% occurred in seeding to jointing stage of spring maize in Shanxi province, in which there was most serious water scarcity, and the coupling degree between precipitation and spring maize water requirement was only 0.41, which was the lowest during the spring maize growth stage, and most of the droughts were moderate drought, strong drought and severe drought; In sowing to seeding stage of spring maize, the drought frequency was 82.47%, and most of the droughts were moderate drought, strong drought and severe drought, the coupling degree between precipitation and spring maize water requirement in northern and middle part was 0.45 and 0.41 respectively, but the precipitation was matched with the spring maize water requirement in southern Shanxi. In jointing to tasseling stage of spring maize, the coupling degree between the precipitation and spring maize water requirement was 0.69, thedrought occurrence frequency was 51.51%, and most of the droughts were slight; the drought occurrence frequency was 32.58%-43.33% in tasseling to milky maturity and milky maturity to full maturity stage of spring maize, in which most of the drought was slight drought, and precipitation was generally matched with the spring maize water requirement. (2)Drought occurrence frequency was decreased and coupling degree between precipitation and spring maize water requirement was increased from Northern to Southern Shanxi. The proportion of moderate

  11. 山西晚新生代古地理环境变迁与新构造运动响应%Evolution of Late Cenozoic Geography and Environment in Shanxi Province and the Neotectonic Response

    闫小兵; 李自红; 郭瑾; 赵晋泉; 陈文; 扈桂让; 苏宗正


    系统解读了山西晚新生代古地理古环境特征,结合近年来笔者的研究给出了各时代古地理分布图。上新世的构造运动和地理环境演化奠定了现今地理环境的基础,尤其是奠定了现今地貌、水系的轮廓。早更新世地理环境最突出的事件是各断陷盆地中的湖泊广泛发育,出现淹没整个盆地的大湖景观;黄土广泛发育,但主要堆积于吕梁山分水岭以西;黄河在早更新世已经发育,并形成5级阶地。中更新世古地理的主要事件是湖泊的衰退,黄土堆积范围几乎遍布全省,厚可达200 m左右,表明气候较早更新世进一步明显变干。晚更新世古地理的主要特征是湖泊消亡,其地理环境更加接近现代。最后,笔者预测未来山西断陷盆地将持续断陷,各盆地内水系不再外流,形成贯通的大湖景观,类似现今的贝加尔湖。%The Late Cenozoic paleogeography of Shanxi was affected by geomorphology,rivers, sedimentary environment,animals,plants,climate,loess,and ancient human activities during the Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs,from about 5.5 million to 12 thousand years ago.The evolution of the paleogeography formed the basis of the modern geography and environment,particularly the modern landscape and water systems.Understanding the ancient environment is also of great importance for effective environmental protection and for predicting future climate.Using infor-mation from our recent field investigations conducted throughout Shanxi Province,this paper sys-tematically gives explanatory notes on the paleogeographical and paleoenvironmental characteris-tics for all epochs of the late Cenozoic in Shanxi Province.During tectonic movements in the early Pliocene,the Shanxi rift zone began to subside.In the Datong,Xinding,Taiyuan,and Linfen areas a rift basin began to form,with the corresponding emergence of small lakes.In the middle and late Pliocene,these basins formed

  12. Risk factors of gastric cardia cancer in rural area of southeastern Shanxi province: a case-control study%山西东南部贲门癌危险因素病例对照研究

    杨建洲; 纪爱芳; 魏武; 原建慧; 王金胜


    目的 探讨山西省东南部地区农村居民饮食、行为等各种影响因素与贲门癌( GCC)发生的关系.方法 在山西省东南部地区,采用以人群为基础的1∶2配对病例对照研究方法,对120例GCC患者和240名对照进行问卷调查,采用单因素和多因素条件logistic回归对所获资料进行分析.结果 胃癌家族史(OR=2.83,95%CI=1.74~3.94)、吸烟(OR=2.89,95% CI=1.57 ~5.30)、喜食烫食(OR=1.32,95% CI=1.12~2.79)可能是GCC的危险因素;体质指数≥24(OR =0.20,95% CI =0.06~0.67)、经常饮茶(OR=0.43,95% CI =0.15 ~0.78)、常吃新鲜水果(OR =0.62,95% CI=0.36~0.91)可能是GCC的保护因素.结论 生活习惯和饮食习惯是农村居民GCC的主要危险因素之一,应对其采取综合性的预防措施.%Objective To explore the risk factors of gastric cardia cancer in rural area of southeastern Shanxi province. Methods A population based 1: 2 matched case-control study was conducted in rural area of southeastern Shanxi province. A total of 120 gastric cardia cancer patients and 240 matched controls were investigated with face-to-face ques-tinnaire survey. The data were analyzed with conditional logistic model analysis. Results The family history of gastric cancer(odds ratio[OR] =2.83,95% confidence interval [ CI ]: 1. 74 - 2. 94), cigarette smoking ( OR =2. 89,95% CI: 1.57 -5.30),and preference of taking hot food( OR = 1. 32,95% Cl-1. 12-2.79) significantly increased the risk of developing gastric cardia cancer, while body mass index 3= 24 (OR = 0. 20,95 % CI: 0.06 - 0. 67), drinking tea ( OR = 0.43, 95% Cl: 0. 15 - 0. 78), and eating fresh fruits frequently ( OR = 0. 62,95% CI: 0. 36 - 0. 91) were protective factors. Conclusion Living and eating habits are risk factors of gastric cardia cancer in southeastern Shanxi province. The corresponding comprehensive prevention strategies targeting related risk factors are required.

  13. 山西省入境旅游客源市场结构演变研究%Research on the Structure of Inbound Tourism Generating Markets in Shanxi Province



      以山西省16个主要入境旅游客源市场为研究对象,以入境旅游人数为衡量客源市场规模的基础指标,综合运用竞争态、马尔科夫转移概率矩阵和亲景度等方法,通过对比分析2002—2006年和2007—2011年两个时间断面内主要客源市场的竞争态和亲景度特征,研究了山西省入境旅游客源市场结构的演变趋势。结果显示:山西省入境旅游客源市场的空间结构趋于分散;中国香港、中国澳门、中国台湾、美国、法国、日本和德国是山西省最重要的客源市场;中国香港、韩国和新加坡的市场潜力巨大,应该作为培育重点;客源市场在不同竞争态类型间的转移以在优势竞争态内部和劣势竞争态内部的转移为主;处于劣势竞争态的客源市场的类型变动是市场竞争态波动的主要原因。%  Taking 16 major inbound tourism generating market in Shanxi province as the case study for this research, taking tourist arrivals as the basic index to measure the scale of generating markets, applying competition state, preference scale, Markov transition matrix etc., by contrasting the characteristic of major generating markets ’ competition state and preference scale during 2002-2006 to that during 2007-2011, researched the evolution trend of inbound tourism generating markets’ structure in Shanxi province. The results shows that: the spatial structure of inbound tourism generating market tended to disperse; Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, America, France, Japan and Germany were the most important generating markets of Shanxi province; Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore which have huge potential for development should be paid special attention; transferring among internal advantage competition states and internal disadvantage competition states were the major forms that generating tourism markets transfer among different types of competition states; and the generating markets which in

  14. Toon Tree Industrialization Development in Shanxi Province%山西省香椿树种产业化发展思路



    A brief narrative toon tree as Shanxi native tree species was not well the reality of protection and utilization, put forward to strengthen toon tree species breeding propagation and development direction of the development and utilization, to realize the protection of native tree species and to offer reference to research, development and utilization, industrial development.%简要叙述了香椿树种作为山西省的乡土树种没有得到很好的保护和利用的现实状况,提出了加强香椿树种选育扩繁、开发利用的发展思路,为实现对乡土树种的保护和研究、开发和利用、产业化发展提供参考。

  15. 山西省文化旅游资源的特征与文化产业发展模式%Characteristics of cultural tourism resources and the modes of cultural industry development in Shanxi Province

    孙玉梅; 秦俊丽


    文化旅游是当今世界旅游发展主流,如何提升旅游资源中的文化底蕴,是世界各地旅游业长远发展的关键问题.山西省有着丰富多样的文化旅游资源,如何提升旅游资源中的文化底蕴,实现旅游与文化很好联姻,引领文化产业的发展,成为山西旅游业向前发展的必经之路.通过对山西文化旅游资源开发利用现状与特征的分析,提出了基于山西文化旅游资源合理开发利用的文化产业发展的五种模式,即以旅游产业开发与文化产业互动发展模式,以古建筑和古遗址为主的保护性开发模式,以影视、演艺和民间艺术为主的市场性开发模式,以文化体制机制创新为主的多元投融资模式和以政策为依托的政府引导模式等.处理好文化旅游资源开发与保护的关系,采取政府引导和市场主导相结合的方式推动山西文化产业的健康持续发展.%Currently, cultural tourism is a mainstream in the development of tourism in the world. Shanxi has rich in cultural tourism resources. It is the only wayout for Shanxi to enhance the sightseeing resources to take the lead in the development of the cultural industry so that its tourism and culture could be blended. Based on the analysis of the current situation of the development and utilization of the tourism resources in Shanxi, the authors believe that in the development of the cultural industry this province should take five different modes according to local conditions, namely, the interactive development mode of tourist industry and cultural industry based on the development of cultural tourism resources, the protective development mode focusing on ancient buildings and sites, the market development mode that is centered on movies, performing arts and folk arts, the multiple investing & financing mode focusing on the innovation of cultural systems and mechanisms and the government-guiding mode relying on policies, etc. In the process of the

  16. 2010-2011年陕西省城固县人群碘营养水平监测%Monitoring of iodine nNutrition level of population in Chenggu County of Shanxi Province from 2010-2011



    目的 了解和动态观察基本实现消除碘缺乏病阶段目标后居民食用盐中碘含量及学龄儿童碘营养水平,为指导防治工作提供科学依据.方法 按照《陕西省碘盐监测方案》和《陕西省学龄儿童尿碘监测方案》对居民食用碘盐及8~10岁学龄儿童尿样进行抽样检测与结果分析.结果 居民合格碘盐食用率为98.78%,盐碘中位数为31.1 mg/kg,盐碘变异系数为17.6%;8~10岁学生的尿碘中位数为321.5 μg/L.结论 实现消除碘缺乏病阶段目标后,城固县碘盐的质量稳定,能足以保证人群的碘营养需求,但部分学生的碘营养水平有偏高趋势,应防范因碘摄入过量造成的对健康的负面影响.%[Objective]To study and observe dynamically the iodine content in edible salt at household and iodine nutrition level of school aged children after basic eliminating iodine deficiency disease, and provide the scientific guidance for its control. [ Methods] Sampling test and result analysis were performed on iodized salt consumption and urine sample of pupils aged 8-10 years respectively, according to the "Iodized Salt Surveillance Program in Shanxi Province" and "Urinary Iodine Surveillance program of School Aged Children in Shanxi Province". [ Results] The proportion of households iodized salt consumption rate was 98. 78%. The media of iodized salt was 31.1 mg/kg and the CV wasl7. 6% , the median of urinary iodine was 321. 5 μg/L of pupils aged 8-10 years. [ Conclusion] After achieving the stage goal of eliminating iodine deficiency disease, the quality of iodized salt is stable in Chenggu County. It is sufficient to ensure the iodine nutritional requirements, however, the iodine nutrition level of some students is relatively high, the side effect of excessive iodine intake should be taken into consideration.

  17. The Resistance Detection to Diethofencarb in Botrytis cinerea Shanxi Province%山西省黄瓜灰霉病菌对乙霉威的抗药性检测

    赵晓军; 王美琴; 周建波; 张鑫; 任璐


    To study the resistant level of Botrytis cinerea Pers. To diethofencarb, 176 Botrytis cinerea strains were isolated adopting tissue segregation method from 8 vegetable cultivation bases in Shanxi province. The resistance frequency and the resistance level were detected by the methods of minimum inhibitory concentration (MlC)and growth of colonies diameter. The results showed that the resistance frequency of the strains was 77.84%, and the average resistance level was 312.1 times. Among the strains, there were 39 sensitive resistant strains, 46 low resistant strains, 28 moderate resistant strains, 50 high resistant strains and 13 super resistant strains. It indicated that the resistance level of Botrytis cinerea Pers. To diethofencarb in Shanxi province increased. It was recommend to reduce use of diethofencarb, or in its using mix it with other fungicides.%为了明确山西主要蔬菜种植区黄瓜灰霉病菌对乙霉威的敏感性,采用组织分离法从罹病黄瓜上得到176株灰霉病菌菌株(Botrytis cinerea Pers.),并采用最低抑制浓度法(MIC)和菌落直径生长法分别测定了176株菌株的抗性频率和抗性水平.结果表明:来自8个市区的176株黄瓜灰霉病菌菌株对乙霉威的抗性频率为77.84%,平均抗性水平为312.1倍,其中,敏感菌株39株,低抗菌株46株,中抗菌株28株,高抗菌株50株,特高抗菌株13株.表明山西黄瓜灰霉病菌对乙霉威的抗性程度增强,建议在生产中减少乙霉威的使 用或与其他药剂混合使用.

  18. Research on the Application of AHP in the Selection of the Leading Sport Industry in Shanxi Province%AHP 法在选择山西省体育主导产业中的应用研究

    廖鲁頔; 刘瑶


    The construction of AHP analytic hierarchy model enables systematic and hierarchical treatment of complex decision -making.Through the comparison of the importance of different connected facts layer by layer, part of qualitative questions can be converted to quantitative questions.Research results show that competition performance industry and fitness and entertainment industry are the pillars of the development of sports industry of Shanxi Province,which deserve the strongly support of Provincial Fiscal Department.Sports goods industry,sports tourism and sports agency industry should be in the core,and the market should play a fundamental role in the resource allocation in sports tourism and sports agency industry.The sustained and strong growth of leading industries can promote the growth of other industries,which will contribute to the sustainable and fast development of sports industry of Shanxi Province.%构建体育主导产业 AHP 层次分析模型,将复杂的决策问题给予系统层次化,通过逐层比较各关联因素的重要性,使部分定性的问题转化为定量问题。研究结果显示:竞赛表演业和健身娱乐业是山西省体育产业发展的支柱产业,省财政应当大力支持。重点扶持体育用品业、体育旅游业和体育中介业的发展,充分发挥市场在体育旅游业和体育中介业中的资源配置的基础性作用。以主导产业持续高效的增长率和对其他产业增长的显著作用来促进山西省体育产业的持续高速发展。

  19. 山西安泽青翘中总蛋白质氨基酸和微量元素分析%Total protein, amino acids and trace elements in green fructus forsythiae from Anze, Shanxi province

    岳晓华; 高丽; 李敏; 薛慧清


    Objective To determine the total protein, amino acid and trace elements in green Fructus forsythiae from Anze, Shanxi province, and to assess the nutritional composition for offering the rationales for development and utilization in a comprehensive manner. Methods The total protein was assayed by Kjeldahl's approach, the amino acid components were assessed by an automatic analyzer and the trace elements (Ca, Fe, Zn, Cu and Pb) were detected by atomic absorption spectrometry, respectively. Results The content of total protein was 6.87% and the total content of amino acids 6.54%. Seventeen amino acid components were identified in green Fructus forsythiae, in which the content of essential amino acids accounted for 39.20% of all amino acids and 2.57% as required for the body. The trace elements comprised of calcium (2380 μg/g), iron (188 μg/g), zinc and copper. Lead was not detected. Conclusion Supplemented with an abundance of protein, amino acids and trace elements, green Fructus forsythiae from Anze, Shanxi province may be the raw material for health care and medical purposes and has considerable potential to be further explored.%目的 测定山西安泽青翘的总蛋白质、氨基酸、微量元素含量,对其营养价值进行评价,为综合开发利用青翘资源提供依据.方法 采用凯氏定氮法测定总蛋白质,氨基酸自动分析仪测定氨基酸组分,原子吸收法测定钙(Ca),铁(Fe),锌(Zn),铜(Cu),铅(Pb).结果 测得青翘总蛋白含量为6.87%,青翘含有17种氨基酸,氨基酸总量为6.54%,其中人体必需氨基酸总量为2.57%,占总氨基酸的39.20%.青翘含有Ca,Fe,Zn,Cu微量元素,其中Ca为2 380 μg/g,Fe为188μg/g,Pb未检出.结论 山西安泽青翘含有较丰富的蛋白质、多种氨基酸和微量元素,为具有营养价值的保健及药用原料,具有良好的开发利用前景.

  20. Survey on Internet addiction disorder of college students in three universities of Shanxi province%山西省3所高校大学生网络成瘾调查

    徐勇; 张克让


    BACKGROUND: Adolescent Intemet addition disorder(IAD) gradually appears with the rapid popularization of Internet in China. National researches are rare at present.OBJECTIVE: To analyze the status quo of Internet use and on-line behavior characters of college students and to provide scientific data for the prevention of adolescent IAD.DESIGN: A status quo survey by employing college students as subjects SETTING: Department of psychiatrics of a medical university-affiliated hospitalPARTICIPANTS: Totally 510 college students were selected from three different type universities of Shanxi province including Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan University of Technology, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics between November 2003 and February 2004.METHODS: Totally 510 college students from three universities of Shanxi Province were assessed by IAD test and self-compiled questionnaire for on-line college students.and non-IAD students.RESULTS: The detectable rate of IAD in college students of Shanxi province was 6.2%. More male students( n =29) had IAD than female students ( n = 3 ). Weekly on-line time of IAD students was (18.59 ± 16. 12)hours, which was significantly longer than (5.61 ± 5.64) hours of non-IAD student( P < 0. 001 ) . There were significant differences of monthly on-line expenses, usual on-line place, opinions of whether intemet had negative impacts, understanding of their parents on internet functions they used, and the objective of on-line between IAD students and non-IAD students(P<0.05 -0. 001 ), while there were no significant differences of on-line history and the utilization of internet function between two groups of students ( P > 0. 05).CONCLUSION: The detectable rate of IAD in college students is relatively high and there is significant difference of on-line behavior characters between IAD students and non-IAD students, which should arouse attentions from the related department to prevent the occurrence of IAD.%背景:青少年网络

  1. 山西省地方性砷中毒病区改水降砷调查结果分析%Current situation of the project of water improvement to reduce arsenic in endemic arsenism area in Shanxi province

    吴赵明; 王正辉; 李鹏飞; 荆玉兰; 武敏


    目的 了解山西省地方性砷中毒病区改水降砷落实情况,为砷中毒的防治工作提供科学依据.方法 2011年6月,采用调查问卷的方式,在山西省的151个砷中毒病区村调查改水降砷工程使用和运转情况.在病区村采集改水工程水样,水砷测定采用原子荧光法.结果 在151个砷中毒病区村,有126个已经改水,改水率为83.44%;在已改水的病区村中,有22个村不能正常使用.覆盖全省砷中毒病区村的改水降砷工程有33个,正常运行的有23个;正常运行的改水降砷工程覆盖砷中毒病区村110个,受益人口为97 920人,占病区村总人口的46.9%(97 920/208 736).改水工程水含砷超过国家标准(≤0.05 mg/L)的有10个,覆盖31个村,包括15个非病区村和16个病区村,覆盖病区村人口数为24 764人.结论 山西省的地方性砷中毒病区改水力度有待加强,改水工程质量需要提高,工程的后期管理和维护还需要进一步加强.%Objective To investigate the actual situation of implementation of the project to reduce water arsenic in endemic arsenic poisoning areas in Shanxi province,and to provide a scientific basis for prevention and control of the disease.Methods In June 2011,a questionnaire survey of 151 arsenic endemic villages was carried out in Shanxi province.The actual situation of implementation of the project to reduce water arsenic was investigated.Water samples were collected and arsenic level was determined by atomic fluorescence spectrometry.Results In the 151 arsenic poisoning villages 126 villages had changed the water,and the rate was 83.44%.In these villages,22 villages did not use the water improvement utilities properly.Of the 33 water improvement projects to reduce arsenic,23 operated normally.The projects covered 110 villages,beneficiary population of 97 920 people,accounting for 46.9%(97 920/208 736) of the total population.Water arsenic exceeded the national standards(≤0.05 mg/L) in 10

  2. 山西省1995~1999年育龄期孕产妇死亡监测及死亡原因分析%Analysis of Death Surveillance and Reason of Childbeaning Age Pregnant and Lying- in Women in Shanxi Province during 1995 to 1999

    郝海燕; 张红


    To decrease the mortality of pregnant and lying- in woman at 21th century, the investigation has been madeinto the death that was about 428 pre gnant and lying - in woman at age 10 ~ 50 in Shanxi province from 1995 to 1999. Theresult shows the dead number of pregnant and lying - in woman was 78.87 per 100 thousand the living number. From it we alsosee the mortality of the order group at age 30 ~ 40 is 100% high than the younger group at age 21 ~ 30. Also the mortality of inthe suburban is higher than in the urban, and higher in the mountain area than in the ~. Mortality of parturition is higher athome and in hospital of counts than in regional hospital, mortality kept high from 1995 to 1999. The primary dead reason ofphysician and surgical disease of pregnant and lying- in woman is vascular disease. Pregnant accompanied anemia. Disease ofrespiration exhaustion brain blood vessel disease. Pregnant accompanied hepatic disease, kidney broken compensation. Theprimary dead reason of obstetrical disease is postpartum hemorrhage, amniotic em~lism, DTC. Pregnant induced hypertensionsyndrome, puerperal- fever infection and placenta be detained.

  3. 山西省上市公司市值管理可行性研究%Feasibility Study of Market Value of Listed Companies in Shanxi Province



    我国资本市场进入全流通时代后,出现市值管理这一全新命题。开展市值管理对于以上市公司为核心的山西资源型经济转型尤为重要。由于受到多方制约,事实上导致山西上市公司市值管理方面的不作为。借鉴中信证券反周期运作的成功经验,依据市值管理框架,本文在保持原有大股东控股权的前提下,筛选出12家便于市值管理的山西上市公司。最后提出要尽快制定市值管理政策,增强价值创造和价值实现的关联度,积极培养市值管理人才,做好投资者关系管理等相关政策建议。%When China's capital market goes into full circulation times,market value management as a new topic turns up.To carry out the market value management for listed company as the core of Shanxi resource-based economies transition is particularly important.Due to various constraints,in fact market value management of the listed company is of nonfeasance.Drawn into lessons from the CITIC Securities successful experience of reverse cycle operation,according to market value management framework,firstly,the paper choose 12 Listed Companies in Shanxi to facilitate market value management.Then,under the premise of maintaining the right of the original major shareholders,it pointed out that the government sector should develop market value management policy as soon as possible.Lastly,it discussed that Listed Companies need to enhance relevance between the value creation and value realization of,to cultivate actively the market value management talent,improve investor relations management.

  4. Discussion of Fertilization Management Strategy of Landscape Trees in Datong,Shanxi Province%浅谈大同市城市园林树木的施肥措施



    从施肥原则、施肥时间、施肥用量与施肥方法等4个方面对大同市城市园林树木施肥的措施进行了总结,为城市园林树木的养护,提供了有益的参考。%The soil of urban green space is seriously stampeded by the pedestrians ,so it has high compaction ,high tightness and high water vapor contradiction , which lead to the great reduction of soil nutrient availability . Meanwhile ,as the litter in the urban green space is completely cleared ,the nutrients can not be returned to soil and cause soil fertility depletion .Growth potential of a lot of trees is weakened because of having no fertilization over a long period of time .Therefore ,the landscape trees should be fertilized in order to ensure their normal growth and development .Taking Datong city ,Shanxi Province as an example ,this article summarizes the fertilization strategies of landscape trees from four aspects such as the principle ,opportunity ,amount and methods of fertilization in this city .

  5. 山西省超重肥胖初中生体育锻炼状况调查%Physical Exercises Awareness and Behavior Investigation and Analysis of Obese and Overweight Middle School Students in Shanxi Province

    耿延敏; 于芳; 巫国贵


    By investigating present situation of PE among obese and overweight middle school students in Shanxi province,the author probes into the awareness and behaviors of physical exercises.The findings show that the awareness of physical exercises is generally low and the motive of it is negative.Therefore,conclusions are that the awareness,training and health education should be enhanced;scientific exercise methods should be taught to students according to their physical and psychological characteristics so as to develop their interest and build up health.%运用文献资料、问卷调查、数理统计等方法,研究超重肥胖初中生的体育锻炼意识和行为。结果显示:山西省超重肥胖初中生体育锻炼意识水平低,体育锻炼行为比较消极。建议:应重视对超重肥胖生体育锻炼意识及行为的培养;加强健康与保健知识教育;根据超重肥胖初中生的生理心理特点,制定科学的健身运动处方,培养其锻炼兴趣和自我锻炼能力。

  6. Study on Fertilizing Intelligent Information Technology for the Main Vegetables in Shanxi Province%山西省主要蔬菜施肥智能信息技术研究*



    应用农业信息化方法分析总结了1986~1997年山西省主要蔬菜施肥研究取得的成果,通过人工智能技术进一步发展成一种新的蔬菜施肥智能信息产品,能有效调控菜田养分收支平衡和氮、磷、钾养分比例,提供的菜田施肥方案科学合理、适用性强,便于普及推广。%The main vegetables fertilizing tests in Shanxi Province during 1986~1997 were analyzed using agricultural information method and a new intelligent information product, which is effective to control nutrition balance in vegetable field and ratio among N,P & K in vegetables fertilizing, has been developed based on the artificial intelligence. The provided vegetable fertilizing schemes were scientific, practical and easy to popularize.

  7. Estimation of the costs of cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment in rural Shanxi Province, China: a micro-costing study

    Shi Ju-Fang


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Cost estimation is a central feature of health economic analyses. The aim of this study was to use a micro-costing approach and a societal perspective to estimate aggregated costs associated with cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment in rural China. Methods We assumed that future screening programs will be organized at a county level (population ~250,000, and related treatments will be performed at county or prefecture hospitals; therefore, this study was conducted in a county and a prefecture hospital in Shanxi during 2008–9. Direct medical costs were estimated by gathering information on quantities and prices of drugs, supplies, equipment and labour. Direct non-medical costs were estimated via structured patient interviews and expert opinion. Results Under the base case assumption of a high-volume screening initiative (11,475 women screened annually per county, the aggregated direct medical costs of visual inspection, self-sampled careHPV (Qiagen USA screening, clinician-sampled careHPV, colposcopy and biopsy were estimated as US$2.64,$7.49,$7.95,$3.90 and $5.76, respectively. Screening costs were robust to screening volume ( Conclusions Diagnostic costs were comparable to screening costs for high-volume screening but were greatly increased in lower-volume situations, which is a key consideration for the scale-up phase of new programs. The study’s findings will facilitate cost-effectiveness evaluation and budget planning for cervical cancer prevention initiatives in China.

  8. Prevalence of symptomatic osteoarthritis in rural areas of Shanxi Province%山西省农村地区症状性骨关节炎流行状况调查

    张军锋; 宋玲花; 董海原; 刘桂芬


    目的 了解山西省农村地区症状性OA流行状况.方法 在山西省阳城县、偏关县采用多阶段分层整群抽样法选取乡镇和村,对选中村的16岁以上居民按WHO社区控制风湿病规划(COPCORD)程序进行调查,所有被调查者均签署知情同意书.有症状者由风湿科医生即时进行体检.可疑OA者10d内拍摄相应部位X线片.X线片由2名放射科医生独立进行读片,最后由3名风湿科医生根据检查结果做出诊断.采用SPSS 13.0和SAS 9.2软件进行统计学分析.率的比较采用r检验,以P<0.05为差异有统计学意义.结果 两地共调查常住居民7 126名,检查出症状性OA患者1 734例,患病率24.3%.在各关节患病率中,膝OA患病率最高,为13.8%(983/7 126);其次分别为腰椎、颈椎、手、肩、肘、踝、髋、腕、胸椎和足.其中膝、踝、颈、肩、手患病率不同性别间差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论 山西省农村人群症状性OA患病率总体较高,相关危险应引起足够重视.%Objective To study the prevalence of symptomatic osteoarthritis (OA) in rural areas of Shanxi,China.Methods All the residents above 16 years old from the villages chosen by multi-stage stratified cluster sampling in Yangcheng County and Pianguan County in Shanxi Province were investigated with COPCORD procedure of WHO.All the respondents signed the informed consent forms.All statistical analysis were carried out using SAS 9.2 and SPSS standard version 13.0.Chi-square test was used for statistical analysis.P value <0.05 was regarded as statistically significant.Results The investigation in these two counties covered 7 126 residents,including 1 734 symptomatic OA patients,with a prevalence rate of 24.3%,where knee OA had the highest prevalence rate [13.8%(983/7 126)],other figures were as follows:lumbar vertebra,neck,hand,shoulder,elbow,ankle,hip,wrist,thoracic vertebra and foot.There were statistical differences in the prevalence of knee

  9. Estimation of the costs of cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment in rural Shanxi Province, China: a micro-costing study.

    Shi, Ju-Fang; Chen, Jun-Feng; Canfell, Karen; Feng, Xiang-Xian; Ma, Jun-Fei; Zhang, Yong-Zhen; Zhao, Fang-Hui; Li, Rong; Ma, Li; Li, Zhi-Fang; Lew, Jie-Bin; Ning, Yan; Qiao, You-Lin


    Cost estimation is a central feature of health economic analyses. The aim of this study was to use a micro-costing approach and a societal perspective to estimate aggregated costs associated with cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment in rural China. We assumed that future screening programs will be organized at a county level (population ~250,000), and related treatments will be performed at county or prefecture hospitals; therefore, this study was conducted in a county and a prefecture hospital in Shanxi during 2008-9. Direct medical costs were estimated by gathering information on quantities and prices of drugs, supplies, equipment and labour. Direct non-medical costs were estimated via structured patient interviews and expert opinion. Under the base case assumption of a high-volume screening initiative (11,475 women screened annually per county), the aggregated direct medical costs of visual inspection, self-sampled careHPV (Qiagen USA) screening, clinician-sampled careHPV, colposcopy and biopsy were estimated as US$2.64,$7.49,$7.95,$3.90 and $5.76, respectively. Screening costs were robust to screening volume (costs of colposcopy/biopsy tripled at the lower volume. Direct medical costs of Loop Excision, Cold-Knife Conization and Simple and Radical Hysterectomy varied from $61-544, depending on the procedure and whether conducted at county or prefecture level. Direct non-medical expenditure varied from $0.68-$3.09 for screening/diagnosis and $83-$494 for pre-cancer/cancer treatment. Diagnostic costs were comparable to screening costs for high-volume screening but were greatly increased in lower-volume situations, which is a key consideration for the scale-up phase of new programs. The study's findings will facilitate cost-effectiveness evaluation and budget planning for cervical cancer prevention initiatives in China.

  10. Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Shanxi Fusheng Aluminum Phase I 800,000 t/a Aluminum Oxide Project Started Operation


    <正>On October 19,the Shanxi Province Pinglu County Phase I 800,000t/a Aluminum Oxide Project of Shanxi Fusheng Aluminum Co.,Ltd,a subordinate of Hangzhou Jinjiang Group,started operation.This is the fourth Aluminum oxide project constructed and operated by Jinjiang Group.

  11. Dermatoglyphic Research of the Han People Living in Shangdang Area, Shanxi Province%山西上党地区汉族肤纹研究

    聂晨霞; 武斌; 张海国; 车德才; 马红莲; 赵双; 盖东征; 裴陆田; 王燕莎; 张联珠


    In this study, we collected and analyzed the dermatoglyphic variables of 1000 Han individuals living in Shanxi, China. We report on a wide range of characteristics including total finger ridge count, a - b total ridge count, atd angle, axial triradius percentage distance, and frequencies of fingerprint pattern, palmar thenar pattern, palmar interdigital pattern, and simian line. It is two class model swatch. [ Feng: I do not understand this previous sentence, so I am unsure how to edit it ] This study is the first comprehensive dermatoglyphies research of the Central Plains Han. This dermatoglyphie data will be useful for future research in Anthropology,Genetics and Medicine.%报道中国中原山西省上党地区汉族群体肤纹模式样本的参数.样本包括500名男性和500名女性.技术分类用,项目参数用.分析了指纹总嵴线数(TFRC)、指三角a和b间嵴线数(a-b RC)、手掌轴三角t到指三角a和d角度(atd)、轴三角t百分距离(tPD)、指纹、指间纹、手大小鱼际、猿线、指三角等项目的二级模式样本.还分析了同名指指纹对应的情况,非随机组合的现象.山西东南部自古称为"上党",地处黄河流域中下游广大的中原地带的中心区域,在远古时期就有原始人类聚集生息,是中华民族发祥地之一,是研究中原汉族肤纹参数的较具代表性地域.我们建立中原汉族肤纹的模式样本,为体质人类学等学科研究提供较完整的资料.

  12. The Biological Observation to Bombus pyrosome Morawitz in Shanxi Province%山西省火红熊蜂生物学特性观察

    马卫华; 祁海萍; 张云毅; 刘耀明; 邵有全


    By continuous observation of biological characteristics and life history of Bomb us pyrosoma Morawitz in area of Wutai Mountains in Shanxi, its annual life history has been found.Bombus pyrosome Morawitz queen emerges from hibernation in every mid-May and begins to lay eggs two weeks later.The first batch of bee workers appears in mid-June and does works in the nest.The queen lays the first batch of unfertilized eggs in late June and the next generation drones and queens appear respectively in late July and mid August.After 8 ~ 10 days the queens become sexual maturity and leave nest for mating flight in suitable weather.In early Octoberthe successfully mated queens come into hibernation in selected hole.%对山西五台山地区火红熊蜂的生物学特性和生活史进行连续观察,发现了火红熊蜂的年生活史:每年5月中旬越冬存活的蜂王陆续出蛰,大约取食2周后开始产卵;6月中旬第1批工蜂出房,并参加巢内各种工作,6月下旬蜂王开始产下第1批未受精卵;7月下旬雄蜂出房,8月中旬新一代的蜂王开始出房,出房后8~10 d性成熟,8月下旬在合适的天气出巢飞行进行交配;10月上旬交配成功的蜂王开始在选定的洞穴内进入休眠越冬状态.了解和掌握火红熊蜂的生物学特性和生活史,对火红熊蜂的人工饲养和繁育具有重要意义.

  13. 山西省运城市2012年蚊媒病毒的分离鉴定%Isolation and identification of mosquito-borne arboviruses in Yuncheng city, Shanxi province, 2012

    郑雅匀; 曹玉玺; 付士红; 程璟侠; 赵俊英; 代培芳; 孔祥盛; 梁国栋


    Objective To investigate the species and distribution of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne arboviruses in Yuncheng city of Shanxi province,China.Methods Mosquito samples were collected in 19 collection sites from Linyi county and Yongji city in Yuncheng city,in August,2012.After identification and classification,all the specimens were homogenized and centrifuged to acquire supernatant before being inoculated to both C6/36 and BHK21 cells for viral isolation.Positive isolates were identified with arbovirus species-specific primers under RT-PCR,for further sequencing and phylogenetic analysis.Results A total of 10 455 mosquitoes of 7 species in 4 genuese were collected.The predominant mosquito species in Linyi county was Culex pipens pallens (91.96%,3 911/4 253),but the one in Yongji city was Culex tritaeniorhynchus (72.85%,4 518/6 202).A total of 23 strains of viruses were isolated from the mosquito pools.15 strains from Culex tritaeniorhynchus and Culex pipens pallens were identified as genotype I Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV).Four strains from Culex pipens pallens were identified as Culex flavivirus (CxFV).Three strains from Culex pipens pallens were identified as Culex pipiens pallens densovirus (CppDNV).One strain from Armigeres subalbatus and Aedes albopictus was identified as Getah virus (GETV).Conclusion Four kinds of arboviruses were isolated from the mosquito pools,including GETV and CxFV,which were isolated and documented in Shanxi province for the first time.In the city of Yuncheng,Culex tritaeniorhynchus had been the predominant species and major vector for transmitting JEV.Genotype I JEV remained the major JEV circulating in the local natural environment.%目的 了解山西省运城市蚊虫及蚊媒病毒的种类和分布.方法 2012年8月在山西省运城市临猗县和永济市采集蚊虫标本,经鉴定分类和分批研磨后,利用细胞(C6/36和BHK21)培养方法分离病毒,对阳性分离物使用蚊媒病毒种属特异引

  14. The research of control threshold of Aegilops squarrosa Coss in wheat fields in Shanxi province%山西省麦田节节麦防治指标研究

    郝丽萍; 李霞; 王丽英


    节节麦是我国进境植物检疫性有害生物,在20世纪90年代入侵山西,2006年在山西南部麦区发生危害。为经济有效指导农民开展防除,我们采取数理统计和经济阈值计算方法,开展了节节麦危害小麦损失率和防治指标的研究。结果表明,在单位面积上随着节节麦数量的增加,小麦产量逐渐下降。小麦产量损失率(%)与节节麦密度(株/m2)的回归模型为Y=0.2426e0.000014/x。在山西不同小麦产量生产水平和90%防治水平下的节节麦防治指标为:平川水浇地麦田节节麦为12株/m2,扩浇地麦田节节麦为16株/m2,旱地麦田节节麦为21株/m2;在80%防治水平下的节节麦防治指标为:平川水浇地麦田节节麦为14株/m2,扩浇地麦田节节麦为18株/m2,旱地麦田节节麦为23株/m2。%Aegilops squarrosa Coss. was Chinese entry plant quarantine pest. Invaded since the 1990’s, Aegilops squarrosa Coss. had caused serious harm in wheat field in 2006, in the south of Shanxi Province. In order to guide farmers carry out effective control, we engaged in the study on wheat loss rate and control indicator of Aegilops squarrosa Coss. with mathematical statistics and threshold calculation methods. The conclusion was with the increasing of Aegilops squarrosa Coss. per unit, the declining of wheat production. The relationship between wheat yield loss (%) and Aegilops squarrosa Coss. density (plants/m2) was Y=0.2426e0.000014/ x. In the different levels wheat fields of Shanxi province, the control threshold with 90% prevention were 12 Aegilops squarrosa Coss. plants per square meter in plain irrigated field, 16 plants in expanding irrigated field, 21 plants in dry lands. The control threshold with 80% prevention were 14 Aegilops squarrosa Coss. plants per square meter in plain irrigated field, 18 plants in expanding irrigated field, 23 plants in dry lands.

  15. On the Present Situation and the Countermeasures of Qingxu County Square Sports in Shanxi Province%清徐县广场体育开展现状分析

    白新蕾; 张文梅


    文章运用文献综述法、问卷调查法、访谈法等研究方法,对清徐县广场体育的开展现状进行了调查研究,结果显示:清徐县广场体育参与者以老年女性居多且大部分是中低收入者,文化程度偏低;大多选择在附近广场锻炼,以散步、慢跑、广场舞、太极拳等项目为主,力求得到清徐县政府的重视,建立指导队伍,提高人们的参与意识等,从而使清徐县广场体育得到更好发展。%Mainly through the way of literature review and questionnaire as well as interview analysis, this paper aims at enhancing the participation of crowd exercises to further develop the square sports in Qingxu county in Shanxi province. The survey in this paper shows that most people participating in the square sport receive low level salary and are mainly in older age with low cultural level. They takes the common exercise modes as walking, jogging, square dancing as well as Tai Chi. By reviewing the results of the survey, this paper calls on the government to put more emphasis on people’s conscious to participate in crowd exercises so that the sports development of Qinxu county will be better developed.

  16. Suggestive Countermeasures for the Rational Regression of House Price——A case study of Shanxi Province%促进房价合理回归的对策建议——以山西省为例

    范恩海; 郑婷兰


    In recent years,the excessively high price of houses and the soar of house prices have already become widely-felt problems.Based on an analytical study about the demand for various types of housing and the actual quantity of construction,made by taking the urban market for real estate in Shanxi Province as an example,the author puts forward some specific goals for the regulation and control of house prices in 2012 and some proposals——adhering to and improving the policies for the regulation and control of real estate,increasing the investment in the construction of houses.rationalizing the proportional structure of different kinds of houses,intensifying the efforts to promote the construction projects for affordable residential houses,and exploring into the feasibility of constructing public rental housing on the collective construction land,with an aim to bring down the house price to a reasonable level.%近年来,我国部分城市房地产价格畸高和上涨过快已成为普遍性问题。本文以山西省城市房地产市场为例,在对2011年各类住房需求量和实际建设量进行分析研究的基础上,提出2012年房价调控的具体目标和对策建议:坚持和完善房地产调控政策,加大住房建设投资,合理确定各类住房的比例结构,继续推进保障性安居工程建设力度,探索利用集体建设用地建设公共租赁住房,从而促进住房价格合理回归。

  17. Investigation of the Protection of the Right to Rest of Medical Personnel in Shanxi Province%山西省医务人员劳动休息权益保障调查研究

    李建涛; 郑建中; 武振华


    目的 了解山西省医务人员劳动休息权益保障情况,为卫生行政部门及医院管理者的相关决策提供参考.方法 山西省对11个地市27家公立医院的884名基层医务人员,就医务人员对工时标准执行现况、加班对医务人员的影响、现行加班补偿情况和医务人员的相关反应等感受认识进行问卷调查.结果 医务人员加班频度强度较高,对其身心健康、工作状态、家庭生活造成不良影响,其劳动休息权得不到有效保障.结论 应通过对相关问题立法、强化宣传引导等措施切实保障医务人员劳动休息权益.%Objectives To investigate the protection of the right to rest of medical personnel in Shanxi province, and to offer some suggestions for the government. Methods The overtime working situation, the effect of overtime work, the compensation status and the attitude of 884 medical workers from 27 public hospitals in 11 cities were investigated by questionnaires. Results The investigation showed that the frequency and intensity of overtime working were high for medical personnel, which influenced their health, working and family lives. The right to rest of medical personnel could not be protected well. Conclusions The government should protect the right to rest of medical personnel through pushing for legislation and strengthening guidance on relevant issues.

  18. Students in Shanxi Province Survey and Analysis of Women’ s Basketball Coaches%山西省中学生女子篮球队教练员现状调查与分析



    In this study, the use of literature, questionnaire, data statistics, for 16 high school students in Shanxi Province Women ’ s Basketball Coaches of sports teams to investigate and study results showed that :Coaches tend to be younger , positive work attitude , some coaches there are professional basketball sport is not high .Schools are advised to be as much as possible through various means , hire a professional coach for the team trainer training va-rious problems and circumstances of guidance and instruction , to further enhance the quality of integrated services of coaches .%本研究运用文献资料法、问卷调查法、数据统计法,对16支山西省中学生女子篮球运动队的教练员进行调查研究,结果显示:教练员队伍趋向年轻化,工作态度积极,部分教练员队伍还存在篮球专业技术水平不高。建议学校要尽可能的通过各种途径,聘请专业队教练针对球队教练员训练中出现的各种问题和具体情况进行指导和授课,进一步提升教练员的综合业务素质。

  19. 山西省人为源VOCs排放清单及其对臭氧生成贡献%Emission Inventory of Anthropogenic VOCs and Its Contribution to Ozone Formation in Shanxi Province

    闫雨龙; 彭林


    Based on the activity levels, emission factors and composition characteristics of VOCs, which was obtained in statistic data and references, the emission amount of anthropogenic VOCs in Shanxi province in 2013 was calculated, and the ozone formation potential of VOCs was studied in this study. The results showed that the emission amount of anthropogenic VOCs in Shanxi province in 2013 was 723 700 t, with the major sector of the industrial emission and vehicle emission, accounting for 36. 47% and 24. 28% of total emission amount, respectively. Coke and chemicals production, the major emission source of VOCs in industrial emission, emitting 190 600 t and 38 800 t VOCs in 2013, accounting for 72. 22% and 14. 72% of industrial emission, respectively. The emission amount of ozone precursor VOCs was 435 900 t, and the total amount of ozone formation potential in Shanxi province in 2013 was 1 769 900 t. The sources of the greatest contribution to total ozone were vehicle emission, combustion sources and industrial emission. The results indicated that industrial emission was the major source of VOCs emission, which showed the simplification and heavy industrial structure. The increasing numbers of vehicles led to the huge emission of VOCs in recent years. In conclusion, the main measure of controlling the ozone pollution caused by VOCs emissions was controlling the VOCs emission from industrial emission and vehicle emission.%根据统计年年鉴中主要的人为挥发性有机物(VOCs)排放源的行业活动水平和文献中查阅到的 VOCs 排放因子和组分特征,计算了山西省2013年的人为源 VOCs 的排放量,计算了臭氧生成潜势.计算结果显示山西省2013年人为源 VOCs 排放量为72.37万 t,最主要的排放行业是工业排放源和移动源,分别占总排放量的36.47%和24.28%;在工业源中,焦炭生产和化学品生产的 VOCs 排放量分别为19.06万 t 和3.88万 t,分别占工业排放行业总排放量的72.22

  20. Parental selection and deployment design in the second-generation seed orchard of Chinese pine in Shanxi Province%山西油松第二代种子园亲本选择与配置设计

    袁虎威; 梁胜发; 符学军; 钮世辉; 李伟; 李悦


    山西油松种子园正处于从初级向高世代发展的关键时期。本文以山西省吕梁山国有林管理局上庄油松初级种子园优树自由授粉子代测定林为研究对象,系统研究了第二代种子园建设中的优良家系选择、优良家系内单株选择、SSR亲缘分析、SSR遗传多样性分析、配置设计等问题。结果表明,子代测定林内家系间的材积生长存在显著差异,在77个测定家系中选出20个优良家系。按照单株材积优势比的相对大小从油松种子园自由授粉子代测定林的20个优良家系中各选出1个最优单株,优良单株的平均材积优势比和平均材积遗传增益分别为0.25和0.13。优良单株间亲缘分析结果表明,20个单株间存在不同程度的亲缘关系,其中3号单株与其余19个单株间的亲缘关系最远;15和17号单株间的亲缘关系最近。优良单株间遗传多样性分析结果表明,单株间的遗传多样性水平较高,其多态信息含量( PIC)的平均值为0.5324;由单株构成的群体处于相对平衡状态,其杂合度( H)、期望杂合度( He )和固定指数( F)的平均值分别为0.5955、0.5703和-0.0184。根据亲缘分析结果,第二代种子园采用不平衡、不完全固定区组设计的配置方式,考虑无性系间亲缘关系的同时提高了最优无性系出现的比例,实现了材积遗传增益的有效提高。研究结果为指导山西第二代种子园建设提供了重要理论依据,为推进分子标记在油松遗传改良中的应用提供了重要思路。%Seed orchard of Chinese pine in Shanxi Province is in the critical period from first-generation to advanced-generation. In this paper, issues related to the establishment of second-generation seed orchard, including elite family selection, within-family superior individual selection, phylogenetic analysis with SSR ( simple sequence repeat) markers, genetic diversity analysis with SSR markers and field design

  1. Current status of reproductive tract infections among rural married women in Shanxi province%陕西省农村已婚育龄妇女生殖道感染现状调查

    席毛毛; 吉宁; 何电; 周猷; 张颖; 茅群霞; 程台民


    目的:了解陕西省农村已婚育龄妇女生殖道感染(RTIs)现状及其影响因素,为有关部门制定和采取干预措施提供科学依据.方法:多阶段、整群抽取陕西省20 878例农村已婚妇女进行妇科临床检查和实验室检查,并进行生殖道感染相关的问卷调查.结果:20 878例妇女中,生殖道感染的患病率为53.4%(11 141例),其中25.4%的患者自我报告无明显症状.而14.6%(3 052例)的妇女患有2种RTIs,7.4%(1 557例)的妇女患有3种或者3种以上RTIs.阴道炎、宫颈炎和盆腔炎的患病率分别为26.1%(5 457例),37.8%(7 893例)和3.9%(810例).单因素分析,育龄妇女的年龄、职业、文化程度、家庭年收入、结婚年龄、流产次数、分娩次数、生殖道疾病史、每周性行为数量、避孕情况以及过去6个月服用抗生素情况都对生殖道感染的影响有统计学意义.多因素分析发现,年龄越大、职业为农民、家庭年收入较低、较多的流产或分娩次数、经常使用抗生素越有可能罹患生殖道感染.结论:陕西省农村已婚妇女生殖道感染率较高,且受多种因素影响,应采取综合、有效的措施以降低患病率.%Objective: To explore the current status of reproductive tract infections (RTIs) among rural married women and influent factors that contribute to RTIs in rural areas of Shanxi province. Methods: A total of 20 878 married women in rural Shanxi province were chosen and completed an standardized questionnaire, underwent gynecological examination and laboratory investigation. Results: The total prevalence rate of RTIs of the sample was 53. 4% with 25. 4% of them were asymptomatic. Multiple infections were common, with 14. 6% (3 052/20 878) had two RTIs and 7. 4% (1 557/20 878) had at least three RTIs. The prevalence rate of vaginitis, cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) was 26. 1% , 37. 8% and 3. 9% respectively. Single - variable analysis showed that age

  2. Northern Shanxi study on energy-saving concept of ecological houses%晋北民居的生态节能理念初探



    This article describes the concept of building energy efficiency in Shanxi province from the Northern Shanxi regional residential,construction materials used,energy-saving insulation measures,lighting and ventilation and other aspects,so as to provide a new sustainable development building energy-saving ideas for regional characteristics.%从晋北民居的地域性、建筑材料使用、节能保温措施、采光通风等几个方面介绍了山西晋北民居中的建筑节能理念,从而为地区特色的可持续发展的建筑提供新的建筑节能思想。

  3. 合作杨、新疆杨等杨树品种在晋西北地区的适应性研究%Studies on adaptability of Populus bolleana and other Poplar trees in northwest Shanxi Province



    Through five years (1996-2000) experiment, the growth characteristics and resistance to insect and cold of the seven poplar varieties including P. popularis, P. opera, P. pseudo-simonii, P. beijinensis, P. bolleana, P. ′ euramericana and P. simonii, which were planted in loess hilly land in northwest Shanxi Province, were tested under different planting densities and site conditions. A randomized block design and three times repetition were adopted in the test. Based on the test results in arid and cold area of the northwest Shanxi, the hybrid poplar trees taking Populus cathaysna as their female parent could be selected for afforestation, such as P. popularis and P. opera, and the growing space of single plant should be larger than 20 m2. P. bolleana as an introduced tree speci-es grows well in this area, but its growth is likely affected by ground water condition. On the site with relatively abundant soil water, P. bolleana usually suffer from frost crack at its trunk base. As a result, P. bolleara is suited to planting in the site where is short of soil water. P. x euramericana is not suitable for large-scale afforestation, espe-cially in arid slopes and ridges of loess hilly land.%在山西省西北部黄土丘陵区,通过对7个杨树品种:群众杨(P.popularis)、合作杨(P.opera)、小青杨(P.pseudosimonii)、北京杨(P.beijingensis)、新疆杨(P.opulus bolleana)、沙兰杨(P.×euramericana)、小叶杨(P.simonii)的引种栽培试验,随机区组3次重复,研究其在不同立地条件下的生长量及对虫害、冻害的抗性,通过5年观测分析,提出了在干旱寒冷的晋西北地区,应选择以青杨为母本的杂交杨,如群众杨、合作杨、小黑杨等进行造林,单株营养面积应大于20 m2。新疆杨作为引进树种在该地区生长表现良好,但树木的生长受地下水影响明显。在土壤水分比较充沛的地方,新疆杨树干基部则易冻裂。因此,此树种最宜

  4. 日本福岛核电站事故后山西辐射环境监测结果及分析%Results and Analysis of Environmental Radiation Monitoring Shanxi Province when Responding to Fukushima Accident



    After the occurrence of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident in Japan, relevant environ mental radiation monitoring was carried out in Shanxi Province to measure γ radiation dose rate, iodine activity concentration in air and radionuclide activity concentration in aerosol, fallout and rain. The results shown that the value of continuous monitoring from environmental γ radiation dose rate varied between 90. 0 nGy/h and 132.0 nGy/h;for instantaneous monitoring, it varied between 38.7 nGy/h and 89.4 nGy/h. The maximum values of 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs activity concentration in aerosol were (5.02 ±0.40), (0.48 ± 0.05) and (0.54 ± 0.05) mBq/m3 respectively, the maximum subsidence quantity of 1311 in fallout was (0.12 ±0.02)Bq/m2d, and the maximum values of 1311, 137 Cs and 134Cs activity concentration in rain were (0.29 ±0.02), (0.015 ±0. 002) and (0. 016 ±0. 002) Bq/L respectively. Even though the impact of the Fukushima Accident posed upon the radiation environment of Shanxi is very limited.%日本福岛核电站事故发生后,山西省开展了相应的辐射环境监测,内容包括1辐射剂量率监测、空气中131I活度浓度监测、气溶胶、沉降灰和降水中放射性核素活度浓度监测,监测结果表明福岛核事故后山西省内环境^y辐射剂量率连续监测值在90.0—132.0nGy/h范围内;环境1辐射剂量率瞬时监测结果范围为38.7—89.4nGy/h;气溶胶中检测到131I、134Cs和137Cs,其活度浓度最大值分别为(5.02±0.40)mBq/m3、(0.48±0.05)mBq/m3和(0.54±0.05)mBq/m3;沉降灰中检测到131I沉降量最大值为(0.12±0.02)Bq/(m2d);降水中检测到的131I、137Cs和134Cs活度浓度最大值分别为(0.29±0.02)Bq/L、(0.015±0.002)Bq/L和(0.016±0.002)Bq/L。但是Et本福岛核电站事故对山西辐射环境影响很小。

  5. 山西省装备制造业集群企业合作与创新之间关系的经验分析%Empirical Analysis on Relationship between Cooperation and Innovation of Enterprises in Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cluster of Shanxi Province



    利用山西省装备制造业集群企业的数据,实证分析了集群企业的纵向合作和横向合作对综合创新、产品创新和流程创新的作用。结果表明:纵向合作是影响山西省装备制造业集群创新的重要因素,横向合作对产品创新的影响较为显著。%: This paper uses the data about enterprises in equipment manufacturing industry cluster of Shanxi province to empirically study the impacts of longitudinal cooperation and horizontal cooperation among cluster enterprises on integrated innovation,product innovation and process innovation. The result shows as follows:longitudinal cooperation is an important factor affecting the innovation of equipment manufacturing in- dustry cluster of Shanxi province,and the influence of horizontal cooperation on product innovation is significant.

  6. 山西省典型土壤施入含四环素鸡粪对玉米生长的影响%Effects of Applying Chicken Manure Containing Tetracycline to Typical Soils in Shanxi Province on Corn Growth

    秦俊梅; 胡可; 马祥爱; 郭晋


    为了解四环素对玉米生长期产生的影响,通过盆栽试验研究了山西省石灰性粘壤土、石灰性砂壤土施入含四环素鸡粪对玉米生长的影响,结果表明,所测指标中,除玉米的胞间CO2浓度以外,石灰性砂壤土各处理玉米的株高、根长、茎叶重、根重、籽粒重、净光合速率、蒸腾速率、气孔导度、叶绿素等指标均明显低于石灰性粘壤土,两种土壤玉米的株高、根长、茎叶重、根重、籽粒重、净光合速率、蒸腾速率、气孔导度、叶绿素等指标在含四环素鸡粪的处理中明显低于不合四环素鸡粪的处理.四环素对玉米的生长具有明显的抑制作用.%In order to understand the effect of tetracycline on corn growing period,pot experiments were carried on to study the impact of applying chicken manure containing tetracycline to calcareous clay loam and calcareous sandy loam in Shanxi Province on corn growth.The results indicated that:amongst the measured indicators,all tested parameters,including the plant height,root length,leaf weight,root weight,seed weight,net photosynthetic rate,transpiration rate,stomatal conductance,chlorophyll of corn,were considerably lower in the calcareous sand soil than those in the calcareous clay loam,except intercellular CO2 concentration.The values of the plant height,root length,leaf weight,root weight,seed weight,net photosynthetic rate,transpiration rate,stomatal conductance,chlorophyll of corn in two soils applied chicken manure containing tetracycline were lower than those without tetracycline.The results indicated that tetracycline had significantly inhibitory effect on the growth of corn.

  7. 气候变暖对山西南部典型植物物候的影响%Effect of Climate Warming on Phenophase of Representative Plants in Southern Shanxi Province

    李燕; 王志伟; 张建玲


    选取山西省运城市、临汾市、晋城市和长治县农业气象试验站典型木本和草本植物1982 -2004年物候观测资料及各地1970 -2004年气温资料,运用距平、线性趋势等方法分析各地气温和植物物候期的变化特征,以及气温对植物物候期的影响.结果表明,(1)春季物候期普遍呈提前趋势,生长季呈延长趋势;木本植物秋季物候期呈推迟趋势,大部分地区草本植物黄枯始期表现为略提前趋势,黄枯末期表现为推迟趋势.(2)随着年平均气温的不断升高,植物春季物候期呈提前趋势;木本植物秋季物候期呈推迟趋势,草本植物黄枯末期大多呈提前趋势.气温每升高1℃,植物展叶始期提前1 ~18d.%Based on phenological data of the woody, herbaceous plants and observed temperature data in agricultural experiment station of Yuncheng, Linfen, Jincheng and Changzhi, Shanxi province, the variation of temperature and phenology was analyzed by using the methods of anomaly analyzing and linear tendency, and the effect of the climate warming on phenological plants was discussed. The results showed that all of the phenology in spring advanced, and plant growing season prolonged. Phenophase in autumn delayed, but the beginning of leaves falling for most herbaceous plants advanced a little, and the end of leaves falling for most the herbaceous plants advanced. The leaf expansion date advanced 1-18 days with 1℃ increasing.


    LONG Jiang-zhi


    Strengthening the regional tourism cooperation is the requirement of both tourism development and tourist competition drive. On the one hand, resources, products, market and infrastructure in tourism are characteristics of half-public goods, which are the externalities. On the other hand, tourism competition has evolved from individual scenic spot, or firm competition to regional competition, which also requires urgent regional tourism cooperation. In recent years, the regional economic cooperation has been becoming popular in the world. The triangle tourism zone of Liaoning Province, constituted by Shenyang, Dalian and Dandong, is the core region of Liaoning tourism system. This regional tourism cooperation has been raised for a long time, but has not made substantial progress as yet. In recent years, the strategic cooperation among them has been becoming urgent, along with the change of tourism competition models, as well as the desire for building a Northeast Asia tourist economy circle. Based on literature, this paper establishes a conceptual frame of regional tourism cooperation and applies it in the analysis of the strategic tourism cooperation of Liaoning Province's golden triangle zone. This paper firstly examines both qualifications and motives concerning with cooperation among the three cities, and believes that the biggest difficulties involve traditional ideas, administrative institutions, communications, economic performances, time constraints, and more overlap among their tourist markets. Then this paper continues to construct a cooperating mechanism, including participant arrangements, construction of operating mechanism and construction of assisting mechanism. At last, this paper proposes approaches to the strategic cooperation such as introducing Xiuyan County, strategic integration and developing differentiated and complemented tourism products.

  9. Influencing factor of nurses' job satisfaction in east south of Shanxi province%晋东南地区三级医院护士工作满意度影响因素研究

    高林玲; 任小红; 秦晓玲; 王霞


    Objective Objective To study the status of nurses' job satisfaction and its influencing factor in east south of Shanxi province,so as to provide the evidence for further improvement of job satisfaction.Methods The method of questionnaire investigation was used.And 662 nurses from three hospitals in east south of Shanxi province were investigated with General Self-efficiency Scale,Emotional Intelligence Scale,Work Stressor Scale and Job Satisfaction Scale.The data was collected and analyzed via SPSS 13.0.Results The average score of nurses' job satisfaction was 3.052 + 0.436,and the highest dimension score was relation with colleagues (3.783 ± 0.672 ) and the lowest dimension score was wages and benefits (2.331 ± 0.711 ).The score of job satisfaction was significantly different in different working departments (Hc =15.337,P < 0.01 ).The average score of nurses' work stress was ( 2.839 ± 0.359 ).Multivariate regression analysis showed that work stress,emotional intelligence,position,self-efficiency were influencing factor for nurses' job satisfaction,and emotional intelligence,position,self-efficiency were positively correlated with job satisfaction,while work stress was negatively correlated with job satisfaction ( P < 0.01 ).Conclusions Hospital administrators should take effective measures to reduce nurses' work stress,pay attention to the training of emotional intelligence and selfefficacy,provide professional development opportunities to improve job satisfaction of nurses.%目的 描述晋东南地区三级综合医院护士工作满意度的现状并探讨其影响因素,为提高护理工作满意度提供科学依据.方法 运用整群随机的方法,对晋东南地区3所三级综合医院611名护士采用护士工作满意度量表、护士工作压力量表、一般自我效能感量表、情绪智力量表和自编一般资料问卷进行调查.调查所得数据用统计软件SPSS 13.0进行统计分析.结果 护士工作满意度得分为(3

  10. 山西省临猗县饮水型地方性氟中毒与尿氟关系的研究%Study on relationship between drinking water endemic fluorosis and urine fluorine in Linyi county, Shanxi province

    梁妍; 王素萍; 罗宏; 周继华; 王建武; 饶华祥; 柴冰


    Objective To investigate the prevalence for endemic fluorosis of drinking water type and to discuss the relationship between endemic fluorosis and urinary fluorine in Linyi county, Shanxi province. Methods In 2006, three counties were selected as heavy, medium and control areas according to the distributing feature of the disease. The dental fluorosis in each spots was examined by Dean method. The levels of urinary fluorine were determined by fluorine selective ion electrode. The skeletal fluorosis of adults were examined by X-ray. Results There was evident differences of dental fluorosis and skeletal fluoresis among the heavy and the medium endemic fluorosis and control areas(X~2 = 410.945, P < 0.01 ), the prevalence of dental fluoresis in the medium area and the heavy area were 92.34% (253/274), 90.09% ( 291/323), significantly higher than in the control area[23.27% (64/275), X~2 = 274.927,268.287, all P < 0.01]. The heavy area had the highest rate of the skeletal fluorosis rate [59.75% (141/236) ], the medium area had the middle-level of the skeletal fluorosis rate[24.76%(52/210), X~2 = 183.578, P< 0.01]. Urine fluorine contents in both beavy[ (4.69 ± 0.17)mg/L] and medium areal (4.86 ± 0.13)mg/L] were higher than that in the control areas[ (1.75 ± 0.04)mg/L, H = 411.197, P< 0.01], and there was linear relevance between the different degree of skeletal fluorosis and urine fluorine contents (r = 0.508, P < 0.01). Conclusions The local fluoresis condition of Linyi county in Shanxi province was serious. The degree of skeletal fluorosis is associated with the fluoride content in urine.%目的 了解山西省临猗县饮水型地方性氟中毒的患病情况,探讨氟中毒与尿氟之间的关系,为当地饮水型地方性氟中毒的防治提供依据.方法 2006年在临猗县饮水型地方性氟中毒重、中病区和非病区各选取1个村作为调查点,采用Dean法和离子选择电极法对当地居民进行氟斑牙和尿氟检查,对病区30岁

  11. Carrying Capacity of Marine Region in Liaoning Province


    Carrying capacity is one of important studies on coordinating development of population, resources, and environment. At present, the researches on it mainly concentrate on the carrying capacity for population and economy,such as the water resources carrying capacity, the land resources carrying capacity, the environment carrying capacity,etc. Based on the related theories and methods, this paper creatively proposed the concept and meaning of carrying capacity of marine region, and formed the appraisal system. According to the developing situation of marine economy of Liaoning Province in recent years, and by employing the method of the state space, this paper also measured the cartying capacity and carrying state of marine region and discussed the sustainable problems of marine economy of Liaoning. The research results show that the carrying state of marine region of Liaoning is in the state of overloading at present, but taking a favorable turn.

  12. Measurement and Evaluation of Efficiency of Regional Technical Innovation Jiangsu Province

    龚荒; 王新宇


    The target system was built to evaluate the efficiency of technical innovation for 13 cities and three regions in Jiangsu province based on the data envelopment analysis. This paper comparatively analyzed the efficiency of innovation and scaling return for each region in Jiangsu province. The projection analysis on production frontier face for inefficient regions was also performed. Evolving rules and regional difference of technical innovation system of Jiangsu province were explored. Some important results and suggestion were obtained.

  13. 山西省忻府区小学生口腔疾病发病率及影响因素的多因素分析%Multivariate analysis on morbidity and influencing factors of oral diseases in elementary school students of Xinfu district of Shanxi province



    Objective: To analyze the morbidity and influencing factors of oral diseases in elementary school students of Xinfu district of Shanxi province.Methods: A total of 1 250 primary school students were selected from four elementary schools in Xinfu district of Shanxi province as respondents, the prevalences of caries and periodontal diseases, daily performances and family status of the elementary school students were investigated.Results: The morbidities of caries and periodontal diseases were 28.0% and 20.8% , respectively; the morbidities of caries and periodontal diseases in low age group were statistically significantly higher than those in high age group (P 0.05 ) .The results of multivariate analysis showed that the occurrence of caries in elementary school students was statistically significantly correlated with age, tooth brushing, oral health education, and family economic status.Conclusion: The morbidities of caries and periodontal diseases in elementary school students of Xinfu district of Shanxi province are still relatively high, which are significantly correlated with age, tooth brushing, oral health education, and family economic status, thus, prevention and treatment of caries and periodontal diseases should be enhanced actively.%目的:分析山西省忻府区小学生口腔疾病的发病率及影响因素.方法:抽取山西省忻府区4所小学的1 250名小学生为调查对象,对龋病和牙周病的发病情况及小学生的日常行为与家庭状况进行调查.结果:龋病发病率为28.0%,牙周病发病率为20.8%;低年龄组的发病率明显高于高年龄组(P<0.05).不同性别龋患率无明显差异(P>0.05).多因素分析表明,小学生龋病的发生与年龄、刷牙情况、口腔卫生知识和家庭经济状况明显相关(P<0.05).结论:山西省忻府区小学生的龋病与牙周病率仍较高,与年龄、刷牙情况、口腔卫生知识和家庭经济状况明显相关,因此还要积极加强防治工作.

  14. 资源型地区农村多维贫困问题研究--以山西省15个贫困县调查为例%Research of Rural Multidimensional Poverty Problem in Resource--Based on Investigation of 15 Counties in Shanxi Province

    潘云; 张秀艳


    2020年我国将实现全部脱贫、全面建成小康社会的目标,而现实中资源型地区贫困易被忽视。在我国资源型地区,由于资源过度开采,很多地区沦为采空塌陷区,赖以生存的土地被破坏,部分农村居民房屋损坏,农民承受由资源过度开采造成的外部性贫困。利用2015年山西省15个资源丰富且为国家扶贫开发重点县的调查数据,借鉴Alkire等多维贫困测量方法,测算山西省资源型地区多维贫困程度。结果表明,矿产资源丰富的县域农民贫困不仅表现在收入、住房、饮用水、教育等方面,很大程度上还存在因煤炭开采带来的负外部性贫困。根据结论,为山西省资源型地区的精准扶贫提出建议。%In 2020, China plans to achieve all the poverty alleviation and build a moderately prosperous society, but in reality the resource-based areas of poverty are often overlooked. In China's resource type areas, because of the exploitation of resources, many areas are reduced to the mined out areas, meanwhile, the survival lands and some rural housings have been damaged. Farmers in these areas suffer too much from the externality of resource exploitation. Based on the survey data of 15 poverty-stricken counties with rich resources in Shanxi Province in 2015, the multidimensional poverty measurement of resource-based areas in Shanxi Province was made by referring to the multidimensional poverty measurement method developed by Alkire and Foster. The measurement results showed that the poverty of farmers in the rich mineral resources was not only reflected in the income, cooking fuel, housing, drinking water and education, but also reflected in the negative externality poverty by the coal mining. At the same time, based on the relevant analyses and conclusions of this paper, some reference suggestions were put forward for the accurate poverty alleviation in resource-based areas of Shanxi Province.

  15. Giant CBM Field Proven in Shanxi

    Li Mingzhai; Yang Jian


    @@ Qinshui Coalbed Methane Field, the largest one in China, was recently found in the southern part of Qinshui basin in Shanxi Province. Based on the appraisal by experts organized by Ministry of State Land and Resources, the field has a CBM-bearing area of 164.2 square kilometers with the proven geological reserves of 40.210 billion cubic meters and the recoverable reserves of 21.839 billion cubic meters. The field can establish a production capacity for 1 billion cubic meters per year. The CBM field has a stable distribution of CBM layers and abundant reserves. Currently,a total of 29 well have been drilled, of which the highest single-well production is 16000 cubic meters per day. The tested well group is under trial production.

  16. 2010年陕西省燃煤污染型氟中毒监测结果分析%Analysis of monitoring results of coal-burning borne endemic fluorosis in Shanxi province in 2010

    范中学; 李跃; 李晓茜; 白广禄; 李平安; 刘晓莉; 白爱梅; 杨晓栋


    目的 掌握陕西省燃煤污染型氟中毒病区病情变化,防氟炉灶的使用情况以及相关行为形成情况,评价防治效果,为上级决策提供理论依据.方法 2010年,选择陕西省安康、汉中市的3个县9个自然村作为监测村.在3个监测县实施改炉改灶的病区村中各抽取5个病区村,在抽中的每个病区村和9个监测点各抽取10户家庭,调查炉灶使用及相关行为转变情况.调查监测村所有8 ~ 12岁学生氟斑牙患病情况,氟斑牙诊断采用Dean法,同时对8~ 12岁学生每年龄段采集10份尿样,检测尿氟,尿氟测定采用氟的离子选择电极法(WS/T 30-1996),依据《人群尿氟正常值》(WS/T 256-2005)进行评价.对监测村25周岁以上人群,按每个年龄段抽取20人,进行氟骨症X线检查,诊断采用《地方性氟骨症诊断标准》 (WS 192-2007).结果 铁炉、改良炉的合格户数和正确使用率、玉米辣椒的正确干燥率和保管率均较低,玉米、辣椒食用前的淘洗率均在95%以上;9个监测村检查儿童350人,氟斑牙检出率为59.71%(209/350);Ⅹ线共拍片871人,氟骨症检出率为17.22%(150/871);共采集儿童尿样350份,尿氟在0.07~ 2.02 mg/L,几何均数为0.66 mg/L.结论 陕西省燃煤型氟中毒呈流行态势,防氟炉具灶炉损坏现象较多,健康行为形成率较低.加强病情监测、健康教育和防氟炉具的后期管理工作是今后防治燃煤型氟中毒的关键.%Objective To investigate the current situation of coal-burning borne endemic fluorosis in the infected area,the usage of defluoridation stove and the formation of related behavior; to evaluate the control effect,so as to provide a theoretical basis for superiors' policy-making.Methods Nine villages in three counties of Ankang city and Hanzhong city Shanxi province were monitored in 2010.Choose five disease infected villages with oven changed in the three monitoring counties,and 10 families were randomly selected

  17. Analysis and Thoughts on Application of Low Carbon Technology on CCER Projects in Shanxi Province%低碳技术在山西省CCER项目中的应用分析与思考

    李莹; 李小利; 李黎


    By Introducing the content and methodology of CCER project as well as the development of CCER projects in Shanxi, the article analyses and discusses low carbon technologies used in CCER projects in terms of technology category, amount as well as application status�Based on the prior analysis, suggestions and solutions for promoting the development of low carbon technology in Shanxi are provided at the end of the article.%本文介绍了CCER项目的内容及其方法学,并分析了中国以及山西省CCER项目开展现状,从技术类型、数量情况、项目申请现状等方面进行了分析与探讨,对山西省CCER项目的开展提出了相应的发展建议及对策。

  18. Geologic Provinces of the Caribbean Region, 2004 (prv6bg)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset includes a modified subset of polygon features that describe U.S. Geological Survey's defined geologic provinces of the World. Each province has a set...

  19. 山西省输变电工程水土保持低扰动工程技术%Low Disturbance Engineering Technology of Soil and Water Conservation in Power Transfer and Transformation Construction Project in Shanxi Province

    王露露; 孙中峰; 朱清科


    Power transfer and transformation projects have the large span.So their natural conditions,social conditions,economic conditions and the source of soil and water loss are complex.Moreover,the projects temporarily cover large area and disturb a wide range.To explore the low disturbance engineering technology in soil and water conservation of power transmission construction and to help optimize the design of both the main work and soil and water conservation measures,eighteen 500 kV power transfer and transformation projects in Shanxi Province were selected as research samples.By comprising the extent of disturbances and the amount of soil and water losses caused by the traditional main work and soil and water conservation engineering and the low disturbance ones,it was found that the low disturbance engineering technology,including unequal legs and basis transmission tower,haulage methods of aerial cableway and actinobacillus without touching the ground,can significantly reduce the ranges of disturbance and the amount of soil and water loss.In the design of soiland water conservation measures,if the suitable surface soil stripping technology can be used based on the feature of soil and water loss and the soil condition in different control areas and temporary covering technology can be used in some temporary land,the secondary disturbance as well as the investments of the soil and water conservation engineering can be reduced.It was suggested that the low disturbance engineering technology which can reduce soil and water loss should be given priority in the design of main works as well as soil and water conservation measures of power transfer and transformation projects.%输变电工程跨度大,自然、社会经济条件及水土流失来源复杂多变,且临时占地多,扰动范围大.为探索输变电工程水土保持低扰动工程技术,为输变电主体工程及水土保持措施优化设计提供参考依据,以山西省18项500 kV输变电工程为研


    张晓宇; 徐永红; 寇光平; 张克俭; 杜红中


    [目的]分析宝鸡市麻疹苴测系统建立运行情况和病易监测结果,为控制和消除麻疹提出需要改进的地方.[方法]制定宝鸡市麻疹监测方案,在全市12个县(区)建立麻疹监测系统,按照监测方案病例定义开展监测.采用描述流行病学方法对宝鸡市2004~2009年麻疹监测资科进行分析.[结果]宝鸡市2004-2009年麻疹监测系统报告麻疹疑似病例975例,发病率波动在0.66~5.72/10万之间.监测系统报告麻疹疑似病例中确诊病例比例以2009年最低(0.66/10万).6年间标本采集率平均为95.90%,及时送检的合格标本平均为89.95%,检测疑似病例中麻疹IgM抗体阳性率为32.94%.宝鸡市除2004、2005、2007年出理3起学校麻疹(晕)发外,其他年份均为散发,发病有明显的季节高峰,高峰期在3~6月.发病年龄以0~6岁组和18岁以上成人组为主,占 89.68%,无免疫史和免疫史不详者比例最高,占84.21%.[结论]宝鸡市自建立麻疹监测系统后监测敏感性较高,发病率已降到历史最低水平.现行明消除麻疹工作方法有必要进行调整.%[Objective] To evaluate the implementation and results of case monitoring on measles surveillance system (MSS) in Baoji of Shanxi province, and to recognize the limitations for control and elimination of measles. [Methods] Measles surveillance scheme was formulated, and established MSS in 9 counties and 3 districts in Baoji to conduct measles monitoring based on regulations of measles case definition. Measles surveillance data during 2004~2009 in Baoji were analyzed by descriptive epidemiological method. [RSSults] 975 measles suspected cases were reported through MSS and establish surveillance system Measles cases reported through MSS, annual measles incidence was between 0.66-5.72 per 100 000 populations. The proportion of measles confirmed cases among reported measles suspected cases was low in 2009 (0.66%). In 2004-2009, the average specimen collected

  1. 3D seismic data processing technique for loess tableland area in Fuxian, North Shanxi Province%陕北富县黄土塬区三维地震资料处理技术

    李敏杰; 刘玉增; 孟祥顺; 王锡文; 王献杰


    At erosive loess tableland area in Fuxian, Shanxi Province, the surface is covered by huge loess with vertically and horizontally d istributed ravines and gullies. Meanwhile, the surface elevation varies seriously. Complex near-surface structure, serious high-frequency absorption and kinds of interference lead to low signal-to-noise ratio for the seismic data after conventional processing methods, which cannot satisfy the requirements of seismic imaging and reservoir prediction. As for the complex surface static correction problem in loess area, a new static correction idea of "low-frequency first, middle/high-frequency second and successive approximation" is generated and we achieved good results. Aiming at the characteristics of various kinds and broad distribution ranges of noise, cascaded noise attenuation technique of ' multi-domains u-nion, from strong to weak' is applied to carry out pre-stack high fidelity noise attenuation. The difference of amplitude and frequencies of seismic data is eliminated and the quality of data was unified by making use of amplitude consistency reservation. With 3D surface consistent deconvolution and post stack resolution enhancement processing methods realization, the effective band of seismic signal is expanded and resolution is improved. The processing results show that the signal-tcrnoise ratio, resolution and fidelity are effectively enhanced.%陕北富县黄土塬侵蚀地貌区地表巨厚的黄土盖层沟壑纵横,高程变化剧烈,复杂的近地表结构、严重的高频吸收衰减和多种类型的干扰波,导致常规处理方法获得的地震资料信噪比和分辨率较低,无法满足后续地震成像处理和储层预测的需求.针对黄土塬区复杂地表静校正难题,提出了“先低频、后中高频,逐步逼近”的静校正思路并取得了明显效果;针对该区噪声类型多、分布范围广的特点,采用“多域联合,先强后弱”的串联去噪配套技术进行叠前高保

  2. 山西省大学生艾滋病知识、态度及行为现状分析%The Analysis of Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior about AIDS/HIV for College Students in Shanxi Province

    王芳; 宋兴怡; 岳昳; 霍楠; 徐选国; 姜峰


    目的 了解山西省大学生艾滋病相关知识、态度、行为现状,为更加有效地开展大学生艾滋病宣传教育提供科学依据.方法 采取分层随机抽样法,对山西省太原市6所高校2 838名在校学生的艾滋病知识、态度、行为进行问卷调查.结果 大学生对艾滋病知识掌握较好,知识知晓率平均为87.7%,医学生知识掌握程度好于非医学生.74.9%的大学生对艾滋病及艾滋病人持有正确态度,并且正确态度持有率医学生高于非医学生,农村学生高于城镇学生(P<0.01);83.2%的大学生对校园艾滋病宣传活动表示肯定和接受,女生接受的比例高于男生(P<0.01),大学生艾滋病的自我预防行为和宣传抗击艾滋病的行为形成率均在60.0%以上;医学生行为正确率明显高于非医学生,女生在做“防艾”志愿者和不共用注射器的行为上要好于男生(P<0.01);男生获取艾滋病相关知识最主要的途径是网络,而女生为广播电视.结论 今后的艾滋病教育在知识方面应把握全面性、系统性,还需加强对艾滋病态度和行为方面的教育,实现艾滋病知识、态度、行为融合式教育.%Objectives To understand the current status of AIDS-related knowledge.attitude and behavior among college students in Shanxi province, and provide evidences for conducting effectively health education. Methods 2 838 college students selected by stratified random sampling were conducted a questionnaire survey about AIDS knowledge, attitude and behavior at six colleges in Taiyuan city. Results The percentage of students with a higher level of AIDS knowledge was 87. 7% .and the awareness rate of medical students was higher than others. 74. 9% did not discriminate against AIDS patients. 83. 2% supported and accepted the school-based AIDS prevention activities. More than 60.0% of the students had self-prevention behavior and helped publicize and prevent AIDS. Medical students had

  3. 山西省80后新生代婚姻状况和生育意愿调查%Survey on marital status and pregnancy intention of the generation of the 80s in Shanxi Province

    梅志强; 杨慧敏; 史聪颖


    Objective: To explore the marital status and pregnancy intention among the generation of the 80s in Shanxi Province.Methods: A total of 10 344 respondents were selected by a stratified sampling method, and all of them finished the questionnaires which included their marital status, pregnancy intention, factors related to reproduction, gender preference, and influence of parents on their children concerning the number and gender of births.Results: The number of married respondent was significantly more than the singles.The majority of married ones had no child.The average number of children people wanted to have was 1.57, and the average number people had capacity of breeding was 1.51.The high consistence was found between the number of children people want to have and the number people had ability of breeding in real terms (x2 = 0.742,P >0.05 ).People with only one boy preference accounted for 48.59%.Parents of these respondents intending to have both a boy and a girl accounted for 44.88%.Conclusion: The generation of the 80s prefer to have a boy, while the parents of them expect them to have both a boy and a girl.Economic status was quite important in deciding the number of births.%目的:了解山西省80后新生代的婚姻状况以及对生育子女的态度.方法:按不同类别的户籍和居住地分层抽样,调查其婚姻状况、生育意愿、影响生育的原因、性别偏好、父母对子女生育数量及性别的影响等.结果:已婚者多于未婚者,已婚者中未育者多于已育者.平均生育意愿为1.57,平均承受抚养能力为1.51.生育意愿和承受能力二者间表现出一致性(X2=0.742,P>0.05).48.59%选择生一个且最好男孩,父母多希望子女生两个且儿女双全(44.88%).结论:80后青年对子女的性别要求比数量更重要,其父母对子女生育的数量要求比性别更迫切.经济状况是决定生育孩子数量的重要原因.

  4. Classification of patch type in severe saline-alkaline grassland community in north of Shanxi Province%晋北重度盐碱化草地群落斑块的类型划分

    王永新; 赵祥; 徐静; 董宽虎; 高文俊; 朱慧森; 陈文斌


    通过研究围栏封育3年的晋北重度盐碱草地的群落斑块类型,为采取合理的措施和选择适宜的植物改良盐碱草地提供理论依据。试验根据斑块内的指示性植物或高度聚集的植物种群且轮廓明显选取15个斑块进行初步分类,另随机选择斑块特征和界限不明显的20个斑块采用聚类分析法划分斑块群落类型,调查每个斑块的群落特征和基本形状,计算斑块形状指数和分维指数确定斑块类型。结果表明:晋北重度盐碱草地群落斑块可划分为光碱斑、碱蒿(Artemisia anethifolia)斑块、芦苇(Phrag-mites australis)斑块、碱茅(Puccinellia tenuiflora)斑块、虎尾草(Chioris virgata)斑块和赖草(Leymussecalinus)斑块等6种类型。斑块形状指数和分维指数从小到大的顺序依次是光碱斑、碱蒿斑块、芦苇斑块、碱茅斑块、虎尾草斑块和赖草斑块,反映了各斑块受盐碱干扰程度依次降低。%The patch types in severe saline-alkaline grassland community fenced for 3 years in north of Shanxi Province were studied in order to provide basic data for improving saline-alkaline grassland with reasonable methods and proper plants.Fifteen patches with indicative or highly collective and distinctive aspects were used for classification and another randomly selected 20 patches without indicative or highly collective and distinctive aspects were used for classification and cluster analysis.The results showed that patch community included bare saline-alkaline patch,Artemisia anethifolia patch,Phragmites australis patch,Puccinellia distans patch,Chloria virgata patch and Leymus secalinus patch.The order of patches shape indices and fractal dimensions from small to big was bare saline-alkaline patch,A.anethifolia patch,P.australis patch,P.distans patch,C.virgata patch and L.secalinus patch,which indicated the disturbance degree of salinization.

  5. Drug Sensitivity Tests of Pathogenic Bacteria of Dairy Cow Endometritis in Yanmenguan Area of Shanxi Province%山西省雁门关地区奶牛子宫内膜炎致病菌药敏试验

    戴浩楠; 石慧; 郑明学; 王仲兵; 马海利; 韩克光; 古少鹏; 白瑞


    In order to provide basis for scientifically preventing and treating cow endometritis in dairy cow farms in Yanmenguan area of Shanxi province.The sensitivity tests of antimicrobials and disinfectants to main pathogenic bacteria causing cow endometritis were conducted.The result showed that above 90% of main pathogenic bacteria were sensitive to florfenicol and levofloxacin;80%-90% of main pathogenic bacteria were sensitive to enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin;70%-80% of main pathogenic bacteria were sensitive to polymyxin B,ceftiofur,gentamicin and amoxicillin etc;The lincomycin,sulfamonomethoxin and sulfamethoxazole resistances were below 60% of main pathogenic bacteria.It was effective to kill above 90% of pathogenic bacteria for peracetic acid,benzalkonium bro-mide,potassium permanganate,peracetic acid glutaraldehyde compound disinfectants and glutaraldehyde etc.100%of main pathogenic bacteria(propagules and spores)were resistant to povidone iodine.100% of main pathogenic bacterial spores and 43.28% main pathogenic bacterial propagules were resistans to bestaquam-s.In conclusion,it will treat cow endometritis effectively in the area by using florfenicol,levofloxacin,enrofloxacin and so on.It will kill pathogenic bacteria in the environment by using peracetic acid,potassium permanganate and benzalkonium bro-mide the area,so it can prevent cow endometritis in the area.%为给山西省雁门关地区舍饲养殖场奶牛子宫内膜炎的科学防治提供依据,对该地区引起奶牛子宫内膜炎的主要致病菌进行药物及消毒剂的敏感性试验。结果发现,90%以上的主要致病菌株对氟苯尼考、左氧氟沙星敏感;80%~90%的致病菌株对恩诺沙星、环丙沙星敏感;70%~80%致病菌株对多黏菌素 B、头孢噻呋、庆大霉素、阿莫西林等敏感;小于60%的菌株对林可霉素、磺胺六甲氧、复方新诺明耐药;过氧乙酸、新洁尔灭、高锰酸钾、过氧乙酸戊二醛

  6. 山西省右玉县社区居民高血压流行病学调查%Prevalence of hypertension in community residents in Youyu county of Shanxi province

    温继兰; 李荣山; 石媛媛; 王素萍


    目的 了解山西省右玉县社区居民高血压的患病率及影响因素.方法 采用随机整群抽样方法抽取右玉县城≥18岁社区居民3 502人,进行问卷调查、体格检查及生化指标检测.结果 该县城居民高血压患病889例,患病率为25.4%,标化患病率为19.3%,男女患病率比较差异无统计学意义;高血压知晓率、治疗率和控制率分别为51.2%、15.5%和8.1%;高血压患病率随年龄增加而增加,60岁后女性患病率明显高于男性;调整年龄和性别后,除吸烟外,超重或肥胖、腹型肥胖、饮酒史、糖代谢异常、高脂血症及高血压家庭史均与高血压存在关系;多因素Logistic回归分析显示,年龄、超重或肥胖、腹型肥胖、饮酒史、糖代谢异常、高脂血症及高血压家庭史均为高血压患病的危险因素.结论 右玉县城高血压患病率较高且与多种因素有关,应加强对社区居民的防治,普及预防高血压知识.%Objective To know the prevalence of hypertension and it's influential factors in residents of Youyu county,Shanxi province. Methods Totally 3 502 residents aged ≥ 18 years were selected with random cluster sampling and investigated with questionnaire interview, physical examination and biochemical test. Results There were 889 hypertension cases with the prevalence and adjusted rate of hypertension of 25.4% and 19. 3% ,respectively. There was a difference in the prevalence rate of hypertension between male and female. The rate of awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension was 51.2%, 15.5%, and 8.1%, respectively. The hypertension prevalence increased along with the increment of age, which was higher in the female than in male for the residents over 60 years old. After adjusted for age and gender, overweight or obesity, abdomen obesity, alcohol drinking, glucose metabolism abnormality, hyperlipidemia, and family history of hypertension were all related to hypertension. The results of

  7. 山西省中部引黄水文及物理地质现象区域概况%The regional geological survey of Shanxi middle Yellow River diversion project and geophysical phenomenon



    According to the engineering geological investigation data,this paper analyzed and evaluated the regional geological of Shanxi middle Yellow River diversion project hydrological geology and geophysical phenomenon,and introduced the groundwater types and karst spring area,laid the foundation for engineering geological further study.%根据工程地质勘测资料,对山西省中部引黄工程水文地质及物理地质现象区域地质进行了分析与评价,并对地下水类型及岩溶泉域作了介绍,为工程地质的进一步研究奠定了基础。

  8. 浅谈晋陕蒙接壤地区水土保持信息建设%On the Construction of Soil and Water Conservation Information at Boder Region of Shanxi-Shaanxi-Nei Monggol

    刘琼海; 郭宏


    Through the analysis of the status of water and soil conservation at boder region of Shanxi-Shaaiuri-Nei Monggol, the article describes the problems existing in informatization of soil and water conservation, presents that the words, data, and images are used to prevent and monitor soil and water conservation work, in order to achieve the informatization of soil and water conservation.%文章通过对晋陕蒙接壤地区水土保持工作现状的分析,阐述了目前在水土保持工作在信息化方面存在的问题,提出了用文字、数据、图像等组成的数据库来预防和监督水土保持工作,从而实现水土保持的信息化.

  9. Study on the Optimization of the Industrial Structure in a Mining Economic Region: Taking Carbon Emissions as a Restriction

    Li Li


    Full Text Available In the first decade of the 21st century, as a typical coal province and mining economic region, Shanxi province made a great contribution to the national economic construction and reform. At the same time, coal mining has caused serious damage to the ecological environment, excessive use of resources, the deterioration of the ecological environment and a decline in the sustainable development capacity. Overreliance on a resource-based economy leads to problems such as a poorly developed economy and a single industrial structure. In this context, Shanxi province has to take actions to transform its industrial structure into a low-carbon development model as soon as possible. This paper measures the values of the consumption coefficients of capital investments, electric power and CO2 emissions by establishing a Grey Model (1, 1 using the data from 2007 to 2011 and designing the optimization scheme of the three industrial structures from 2015 to 2020 by establishing a grey dynamic linear programming model for Shanxi province. The results show that the industrial structure in Shanxi province needs to be improved. It is revealed that the proportion of three industries in Shanxi province should change from 6:46:48 in 2015 to 6:41:54 in 2020. At the same time, among the seven largest sectors in terms of carbon emissions in the secondary industry, Shanxi government may continue to promote the development of the coal-bed methane and the coal chemical industry in the coal industry, while the other six sectors should be limited.

  10. Moessbauer studies of impactites from Huamalies province in Huanuco Region

    Bustamante, A., E-mail:; Espinoza, S. [San Marcos University, Faculty of Physical Sciences (Peru); Morales, G. [Museo de Historia Natural(Museum of Natural History) (Peru); Scorzelli, R. B. [Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (Brazilian Center for Research in Physics) (Brazil)


    This report is about the X-ray diffraction and Moessbauer studies of three impactite samples denominated PMe-8, PMe-9 and PMe-11 from Huamalies Province in Huanuco Region, Peru. When terrestrial rocks are submitted to pressures higher than 60 GP, the majority is completely melted, forming a kind of glass called impactites. X-ray diffraction indicates the presence of quartz as the principal mineralogical phase in all samples. The {sup 57}Fe Moessbauer spectra at room temperature of samples PMe-8 and PMe-9 show broadened spectra that were fitted using a distribution model. The most probable field of the magnetic component is 34 T, corresponding to the presence of small particles of goethite, confirmed by the 4.2 K spectrum. For the sample PMe-11, the MS showed the presence of well crystallized hematite.

  11. Status Survey on Carrying out the Directional Sports in Public Sports Teaching of General Universities in Shanxi Province%山西省普通本科院校公共体育教学中开展定向运动的现状调查



    采用问卷调查法、访谈法、数理统计法等对山西省普通本科院校开展定向运动的影响因素进行了分析研究,旨在促进学生心理协调能力和社会适应能力的全面发展,其结果表明,山西省普通本科院校定向运动课程发展缓慢,体育任课教师对定向运动的参与度较高,学生对定向运动的认知度较低但兴趣较浓,指出要提高普通本科院校领导对开展定向运动的重视程度,提高体育任课教师的业务水平,建立高校定向运动俱乐部以丰富校园文化生活。%By using questionnaire investigation, interview method and mathematical statistic method, this paper conducted the analytical research on the factors influencing the launching of directed sports in general universities of Shanxi Province for the purpose of promoting students’ all-round development of mental coordination ability and social adaptation ability, the results of which show that in general universities of Shanxi Province the development of directional sports subject is slow, sports teachers’ participation of directional sports is higher, and students’ recognition of directional sports is lower but the interest is thicker, and points out that the leaders of general universities should pay more attention to carrying out directional sports, the sports teachers should improve their professional level, and universities should set up the directional sports club to enriches the campus cultural life.

  12. 2012年山西省水源性高碘地区监测结果分析%Analysis of monitoring data in high water iodine areas in Shanxi Province in 2012

    王永平; 贾清珍; 张向东; 郭百锁; 张峰峰; 任艳婷


    目的 了解山西省水源性高碘地区居民碘营养及儿童甲状腺肿大病情现状,为建立和完善水源性高碘地区的长效防治工作机制提供科学依据.方法 2012年,根据碘缺乏病监测历史资料,在山西省选择10个高碘县(市、区),每个县(市、区)按东、西、南、北、中各抽取1个高碘乡镇(不足5个则全部抽取),每个乡镇抽取4个村,每个村抽取15个居民户,采集家中食用盐盐样,检测盐碘.在10个高碘县(市、区)中选择5个高碘县(市、区),每个县(市、区)各选择1或2个村,采集居民户饮用水水样,测定水碘;在每个村小学,抽取100名8~10岁儿童检查甲状腺,并抽取其中30名,检测尿碘含量.结果 在10个高碘县(市、区),共检测居民食用盐1 680份,无碘食盐率为85.2%(1 432/1 680).在5个高碘县(市、区)的6个村中,共检测儿童尿样256份,尿碘中位数为487.2μg/L.其中,3个已改水村和3个未改水村的儿童尿碘中位数分别为271.0、692.6 μg/L,未改水村儿童尿碘碘过量(≥300 μg/L)比例[85.8%(139/162)]高于已改水村[41.5%(39/94),x2=53.06,P<0.05];共对591名8~ 10岁儿童进行了甲状腺检查,甲状腺肿大率为6.6%(39/591),已改水村甲状腺肿大率[3.8%(11/291)]低于未改水村[9.3%(28/300),x2=6.52,P<0.05].结论 山西省高碘地区居民停供碘盐后碘营养水平总体上仍然过量,儿童甲状腺肿大病情尚未得到有效控制;改水降碘是控制高碘病情的根本途径.%Objective To investigate the nutritional status of iodine among residents and the goiter disease of children in high water iodine areas in Shanxi Province,and to provide a scientific basis for establishment of longlasting control strategies and measures.Methods In 2012,according to the historical monitoring data,in the 10 high water iodine counties (citys,districts),one town was selected based on its location (east,west,south,north and middle) in each county (citie

  13. Tillage and residue effects on rainfed wheat and corn production in the Semi-Arid Regions of Northern China

    Wang, X.B.; Hoogmoed, W.B.; Perdok, U.D.; Cai, D.X.


    Field studies on tillage and residue management for spring corn were conducted at two sites, in Tunliu (1987-1990), and Shouyang (1992-1995) counties of Shanxi province in the semihumid arid regions of northern China. This paper discusses the effects of different fall tillage (winter fallow tillage)

  14. Shanxi Huaze Aluminium & Power Co.,Ltd.Intends to Cut Production Because of Power Shortage


    <正>Located in Shanxi Province,Huaze Aluminium & Power Co., facing the challenge of power shortage in an era of rising cost in coal and power."We began to cut production as early as in late June,"an insider from the com- pany said on later July.

  15. Methodology for assessment and classification of natural disaster risk: A case study on seismic disaster in Shanxi Province%自然灾害风险评估与分级方法论探研——以山西省地震灾害风险为例

    刘毅; 吴绍洪; 徐中春; 戴尔阜


    The study on possible losses is one of the most important points for disaster risk management. In this paper, the classical disaster risk-assessing model was modified to assess natural disasters risks, especially in quantifying possible loss and risk severe level.Disaster risk was attributed to three main factors: disaster damage force (D), disaster resilience society exposure (E), and disaster-breeding environment (P). Disaster risk is the function of these three factors. Damage force (D) indicates damage rate of a disaster in a certain intensity, which might be obtained from results of disaster events in the past. Exposure (E) includes mainly personnel, property/economic and natural resources. D and E give the quantified vulnerability of a region. Disaster-breeding environment (P) gives the occurrence possibility of environmental conditions, such as geological structure, land surface materials, land cover, and cycling occurrence event etc. P was characterized by a parameter in this paper. Shanxi Province, a high frequent earthquake region, was taken as a case study. In the case, D and E were concerned with issues of structure of buildings, casualty rate (mortality/wounded) and GDP. Parameter of P was determined by combining historical seismic integrated intensity, seismic activity fault belts distribution, and seismic peak ground acceleration. The basic risk calculating unit was based on the county level.After possible losses were calculated, integrated loss levels and their severe levels were ranked with relative calculation on standard deviation. The results showed that: the damaged building might be more 3 million rooms, the direct economic loss would be over 13 billion RMB Yuan, and the total casualty could be near 300 thousand. In Shanxi Province,there were great differences between counties in terms of the integrated risk. Integrated risk levels were ranked into four classes. In general, high risk would mainly occur in urban areas. The highest risk level

  16. Development of a single-level optimization model for energy planning - A case study of Shanxi, China

    Liu, Yuan; Li, He; Chen, Yizhong


    Energy planning plays an important role for national and/or regional sustainable development, it can help to tackle with problems such as electricity demand, air-pollution control and various uncertain factor interrelationships in the process. In this paper, a single-level optimization program (SLOM) integrating regional energy planning and air pollution control is developed. SLOM is a combined simulation model incorporating ordered weighted averaging operator (IOWA) and interval linear programming (ILP). The proposed approach can deal with the uncertain information expressed as intervals. Meanwhile, a single-objective program (SOOM) will be employed to analyze the performance of SLOM. The result shows that SLOM can better balance the contradiction between the system cost and the pollutant emission problems at the same time, moreover, the most reasonable solutions are obtained under scenario SLOM rather than SOOM. The above SLOM was tested with regional scale in Shanxi Province, the numerical studies show the effectiveness of the proposed model.

  17. 山西省大学生网络语言暴力行为调查及分析%Investigation and Analysis of Network Language Violence of College Students in Shanxi Province

    毛婷婷; 梁昌莲


    In order to investigate the current situation of college students' network language violence, this paper analyzed the present situation and the cause of the network language violence of college students in students in Shanxi by question⁃aire. The results show that the current situation of college students' network language violence is not optimistic in Shanxi. The network language violence of boys is greater than girls and body art college students have the most network language vio⁃lence.%为了调查大学生的网络语言暴力行为的现状,运用问卷调查法,分析了山西省大学生网络语言暴力行为的现状及成因。结果表明:山西省大学生网络语言暴力行为的现状不容乐观,大学男生的网络语言暴力行为多于女生,艺体类大学生的网络语言暴力行为最多。

  18. 回光返照:建国后的山西土盐生产∗--以山西省道备村为例%“The Dead Cat Bounce”:the Production of Sagan in Shanxi Province after1949---A Case Study on Daobei Village



    Abstracts:Because of national salt industry policy adjustment and diversity of salt supply,the production of sagan gradually turned to the countryside in Shanxi Province after 1 949,through shrinking,recovering and ending up.The ultimate cause is improvement of rural social productivity. After losing the foundation of survival,sagan eventually withdrew from the historical stage.In Shanxi,the living examples of the production of sagan in Daobei village demonstrates that sagan plays an important role for both individuals and the commune.To a certain extent,it even replenished the salt supply shortage and stabilized the salt market.%建国后,因国家盐业政策的调整和盐源结构的多元化,山西土盐生产逐步转向农村,历经萎缩、复苏和终结的消亡历程,根本原因在于农村社会生产力的提高,土盐失去了生存的基础,最终退出历史舞台。山西省道备村土盐生产的实例,论证了土盐在农村无论是针对农民个体还是公社集体都发挥了重要作用,甚至在一定程度上添补了食盐供应的紧缺,稳定了盐业市场。

  19. Analysis on health literacy among residents aged 15 -69 years old in Shanxi Province in 2012%2012年山西省15~69岁居民健康素养水平调查分析

    王丽娜; 董海原


    Objective To expore health literacy status of residents in Shanxi Province,and to provide a scientific basis for health education work.Methods Thirty hundreds residents sampled by multi-stage stratified random sampling method were investigated with uniform questionnaire.Results 2967 questionnaires were effective.The total health literacy owning rate of the residents in Heilongjiang was 7.56% (95% CI:6.52 -8.75),with male health literacy owning rate was 7.12% (95% CI:6.33 -8.04),and female was 8.02% (95% CI:6.52 -9.83);the health literacy owning rate of urban residents was 8.44% (95% CI:6.95 -10.21),and rural residents was 7.11% (95%CI:5.78 -8.72),the health literacy owning rate of urban residents was significantly higher than rural residents (P <0.001).The proportion of re-spondents with literacy of basic health knowledge and the concept was 13.56%,healthy lifestyle and behavior was 9.61%, basic skills was 12.75%,the proportion of respondents with literacy of scientific view of health was 33.07%,infectious disease prevention and control was 14.69%,chronic disease prevention and control was 7.01%,safety and first aid was 46.15%,basic medical was 10.90%,health information was 19.11%.Health literacy levels presented the following char-acteristics:urban residents are higher than rural residents;women are higher than men,increased with the increasing edu-cation level.The rates of healthy lifestyle behavior,chronic disease prevention and basic health were low.Conclusion Health education should focus on rural,male,low degree of culture,more older than 45 aged-residents in the future.%目的:了解2012年山西省15~69岁居民健康素养水平现状,为干预及制定政策提供科学依据。方法采用多阶段分层随机抽样的方法,抽取3000名居民进行问卷调查。结果共收回有效问卷2967份。调查对象的健康素养具备率为7.56%(95% CI:6.52~8.75),男性为7.12%(95% CI:6.33~8.04),女性为8

  20. 山西霍山油松林的物种多度分布格局%Species abundance distribution patterns of Pinus tabulaeformis forest in Huoshan Mountain of Shanxi Province, China

    高利霞; 毕润成; 闫明


    物种多度格局分析对理解群落结构具有重要的意义.该文首次选用描述种-多度关系的生态位模型(生态位优先模型NPM、分割线段模型BSM、生态位重叠模型ONM)、生物统计模型(对数级数分布模型LSD、对数正态分布模型LN)以及中性理论模型NT,对山西霍山油松(Pinus tabulaeformis)林的物种数量关系进行了拟合研究,并采用卡方(x2)检验、Likelihood-ratios (L-R)检验、Kolmogorov-Smimov (K-S)检验和赤池信息量准则(AIC)选择最适合模型,结果表明:(1)描述乔木层物种多度格局的最优生态位模型为NPM(3种检验方法均接受该模型,p>0.05,且该模型具有最小的AIC值),ONM的拟合效果次之,不服从BSM;三种生态位模型均可较好地拟合灌木层物种多度格局;ONM是草本层最佳生态位模型,BSM、NPM拟合效果较差;LSD可以描述油松林各层物种多度结构;LN可以很好地解释灌草层物种数量关系;NT不能解释油松林任何层次的物种多度结构.(2)霍山油松林乔木层和灌木层的物种丰富度和物种多样性均明显小于草本层;该群落物种富集种少而稀疏种多,且群落的均匀度相对较小.(3)从该区油松林种-多度分布来看,同一个模型可以拟合不同的物种多度数据,相同的数据可以由不同的模型来解释.因此,研究森林群落物种分布时,应采用多个模型进行拟合,同时选用多种方法筛选最优模型.%Aims Determination of species abundance distribution is important in research on species diversity. Our major objective was to determine species abundance distribution models to advance understanding of distribution mechanisms and to assist preservation of biological diversity.Methods Based on data collected from field surveys, we examined the species abundance patterns of tree, shrub and herb layers in Pinus tabulaeformis forest in Huoshan Mountain, Shanxi Province. We used niche preemption (NPM), broken stick (BSM) and

  1. HIV/AIDS related mortality in southern Shanxi province and its risk factors%山西省南部地区HIV/AIDS病死率及其影响因素分析

    宁少萍; 薛子东; 卫军; 穆生财; 续雅娟; 贾少贤; 仇超; 徐建青


    目的 探索HIV/AIDS病死率的影响因素和提高抗病毒治疗效果的方法.方法 采用回顾性队列研究方法,通过艾滋病综合防治信息系统,选择山西省南部4市截至2012年底的HIV/AIDS病例报告和抗病毒治疗信息,收集资料补充调查,计算病死率、治疗比例,采用Cox比例风险回归模型进行分析.结果 共收集HIV/AIDS确诊病例4 040例,平均年龄为(36.0±12.9)岁,男性占65.3%,已婚者占56.5%,文化程度初中及以下占73.5%,农民占58.4%,经性传播占54.3%(其中异性传播占40.1%、同性传播占14.2%)、经血传播占38.9%(其中采血浆占20.2%、输血/血制品占16.2%、注射毒品占2.4%).接受抗病毒治疗比例由2004年的14.8%上升到2012年的63.4%,同期HIV/AIDS病死率从40.2/100人年降低到6.3/100人年.Cox回归分析显示:最主要死亡风险是未接受抗病毒治疗(RR=14.9,95%CI:12.7 ~ 17.4).对1 938例接受抗病毒治疗病例进行Cox回归分析显示:治疗前BMI过低和肥胖病例的死亡风险高于正常和超重病例(RR=2.7,95%CI:1.6 ~ 4.5)、治疗前CD4+T淋巴细胞≤50 cell/μl者的死亡风险高于>50 cell/d者(RR=2.6,95%CI:1.5~4.5).对2 102例未接受抗病毒治疗病例Cox回归分析显示:首次诊断为AIDS的死亡风险高于首次诊断为HIV病例(RR=3.4,95%CI:2.9 ~ 4.0).结论 抗病毒治疗显著降低了HIV/AIDS的病死率,提示强化抗病毒治疗工作可进一步降低病死率.%Objective To explore factors influencing mortality rate of HIV/AIDS and to improve the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy (ART).Methods By means of retrospective cohort study and the AIDS control information system,HIV/AIDS case reports and antiviral treatment information of 4 cities in southern Shanxi province up to end of December 2012 were selected,to calculate the mortality rate and treatment coverage based on further data collected,along with analysis using the Cox proportional

  2. Women’s Cloth-Making Campaign in Shanxi(1)


    THE cloth-making campaign was a great activity carried out to pull through and win the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan (1937-1945). In the northwest of Shanxi Province, with mountains and long winters, local industry and agriculture developed slowly. Moreover, the Kuomintang and Yan Xishan’s troops feudalist rule and oppression, the warlords harassing and looting, and the Japanese aggressors’ destruction impoverished the farmers, wasted their land, and ruined their dwellings. The original small handicraft industries were almost shut-down completely. The local people lived destitute

  3. 清末山西留日学生参加收回矿权斗争述论%On the Struggle for Recovering the Mineral Rights of Students Studying in Japan of Shanxi province



      中日甲午战争之后,为了救亡图存,清政府开始大力提倡国人赴日留学.清末新政开始之后,山西籍留日学生人数日益增多且逐渐形成了极其浓厚的民族意识.1905年山西人民收回矿权运动爆发,消息传到日本,山西留日学生积极行动,从致电政府、向民众写公开信、创办报刊撰文抨击出卖矿权的无耻行径,直至李培仁以死抗争及之后的纪念活动,其影响逐渐扩大,最终于1908年取得胜利.清末山西留日学生参加收回矿权的斗争不但维护了国家主权而且还起到了良好的社会效果,为资产阶级革命风暴的到来奠定了基础%  After the Jia-Wu War, in order to save the nation, the Qing Government vigorously promoted people to Japan to study. After the beginning of the new politics, the number of students studying in Japan of Shanxi increased, and gradually formed a very strong national consciousness. Shanxi People’s Movement to recovery of mineral rights broke out in 1905, when the news reached Japan, students from Shanxi took an active part in it. They called the government, wrote an open letter to the public and delivered articles to criticize the shameless acts of giving up the mineral rights. And because of the Li Peiren’s death, more and more people joined the struggle, and at last they won the struggle. The students’ struggle for the mineral rights not only protected the national sovereignty but also laid a solid foundation for the coming storm of the bourgeois revolution.

  4. Analysis on the etiological surveillance of influenza/novel influenza A (H1N1) from 2009-2010 in Shanxi province%2009-2010年山西省流感/甲型H1N1流感的病原学监测分析

    任斌知; 王乃昌; 冯军军; 赵嵘; 张凡非


    Objective To study the epidemical characteristics of influenza/novel influenza A (H1N1) in Shanxi province from 2009 to 2010, and to provide scientific foundations for predicting and controlling the pandemic outbreak of influenza/novel influenza A (H1N1) effectively. Methods All samples were collected from cases that resemble influenza cases in sentinel hospital and influenza outbreak.The influenza were detected by PCR and isolated by MDCK cell culture method. Finally, Shanxi province surveillance data from May, 2009 to April, 2010 of influenza like illness (ILI) cases and pathogen detections were analyzed. Results In Shanxi province, influenza viruses kept activation in whole year. The predominant pandemic strain in 2009 was novel influenza A (H1N1) virus. The strong peak was around November, 2009 [positive rate: 58.1% , novel influenza A( H1N1 ) of the total: 88. 1%]. As well, the people infected influenza caused by novel influenza A (H1N1) were mainly under 59-year-old, and the higher positive rates were concentrated in the people from 5-year-old to 24-year-old. In 2010, influenza B (Victoria) viruses were mainly detected from clinical specimens and became the dominant strain.Conclusion: Surveillance of Influenza liue illnes, (ILI) and etiology, which can promptly reflect the influenza epidemic situation, play a significant role for understanding epidemic rule of influenza/novel influenza A( H1N1 ).%目的 分析掌握山西省2009-2010年流感/甲型H1N1流感的流行特征,为预测和防控流感/甲型H1N1流感流行提供科学依据.方法 对哨点医院和集体发热疫情进行监测采样,采用病毒核酸检测法和细胞培养法分离鉴定流感/甲型H1N1流感病毒,并对2009年5月至2010年4月山西省录入"中国流感监测信息系统"的流感样病例监测报告数据及其样本病原学监测数据进行统计分析.结果 山西省全年均有流感病毒活动,2009年流行优势毒株为甲型H1N1

  5. A case-control study on the risk factors of esophageal cancer in southeast of Shanxi Province%山西省东南部地区居民食管癌危险因素的病例对照研究

    纪爱芳; 王金胜; 杨建洲; 马莉; 魏武; 王立东


    目的 探讨山西省东南部地区居民饮食、行为等各种影响因素与食管癌发生的关系.方法 在山西省东南部地区,采用以人群为基础的1∶2配对病例对照研究方法,对101例食管癌患者和202例对照进行问卷调查,采用单因素和多因素条件Logistic回归对所获资料进行分析.结果 BMI指数过低(OR=2.85,95%CI:0.96~8.27)、吸烟(OR=3.08,95%CI:0.94~10.03)、饮酒(OR=3.12,95%CI:1.16-8.68)、常吃咸鱼腊肉(OR=8.68,95%CI:2.12~35.48)、喜食烫食(OR=5.69,95%CI:2.20~14.75)可能是食管癌的危险因素;常吃肉蛋禽奶(OR=0.20,95%CI:0.08~0.49)可能是食管癌的保护因素.结论 生活习惯和饮食习惯是本地区食管癌的主要危险因素之一,应对其采取综合性的预防措施.%OBJECTIVE To explore the risk factors of esophageal cancer in southeast of Shanxi province. METHODS A population based 1:2 matched case-control study was conducted in southeast of Shanxi Province. 101 esophageal cancer patients and 202 matched controls were investigated through bee to face. The data were analyzed by conditional logistic model analysis. RESULTS Lower BMI (OR = 2.85, 95%CI: 0.96-8.27), cigarette smoking (OR = 3.08, 95%CI: 0.94-10.03), alcoholic drinking (OR = 3.12, 95%CI: 1.16-8.68), eating cured fish and bacon frequently (OR = 8.68, 95%CI: 2.12-35.48), hot fbod (OR =5.69, 95%CI: 2.20-14.75) significantly increased the risk of esophageal cancer, while frequently eating meat, eggs and milk (OR = 0.20, 95%CI: 0.08-0.49) were protective factors. CONCLUSION Living and eating habits were the risk factors of esophageal cancer in southeast of Shanxi province. The corresponding comprehensive prevention strategies for the risk factors are required.

  6. Models and Realization Path of Combination of Research, Universities and Institutes in Shanxi Province%山西省官产学结合模式及实现路径



      提出山西省官产学结合三螺旋模式,并总结其实现的途径:明确官产学三方定位,完成官产学三方的角色转换,充分实现政府、企业、大学三方面结合。%The paper was put forward triple helix of Shanxi combination of government, research, universities and institutes, and concluded realization path, including definition of government, research and universities; finishing role transition of gov-ernment, research and universities; realizing combination of government, enterprise and university.

  7. On the Shape Function Characteristics of the EIite AthIetes of Women's Fencing Team in Shanxi Province%山西省女子击剑队优秀运动员形态机能特征研究

    李志文; 汪晓阳


    From June to October in 2007, the paper does the training effect observation and shape physiological function test of Hao Jialu and other four women athletes who won world epee individuals and groups champion or brone medals several times in Shanxi women's fencing team, and also including 26 other excellent athletes in in Shanxi women's fencing team. The results confirm that the outstanding women's epee Fencing Athlete's height, span, shoulder width, pelvic width, grip strength, vital capacity and maximal oxygen uptake plateau, spatial intelligence, intelligent motion and personality types indices of morphological functions, have some characteristics of value range, worthy of further study.%2007年6~10月,本研究对山西女子击剑队包括郝佳露等5名多次获女子重剑个人和团体的世界冠军、季军、全国冠军的26名运动员,进行了入队选拔和训练效果观察的常规形态生理机能测评。研究结果证实:优秀女子重剑击剑运动员的身高、指距、肩宽、骨盆宽、握力、肺活量、最大摄氧量平台、空间智能、运动智能、气质类型等形态机能指标,均有一定的特征值范围,值得进一步深入研究。

  8. PCR analysis and molecular characters of the first serogroup W135 meningococcal disease case in Shanxi province%山西省首例W135群流行性脑脊髓膜炎的PCR鉴定及多位点测序分型分析

    姚素霞; 郝瑞娥; 张秋香; 杨红霞


    目的:对2013年4月太原市发现的1例 W135群流行性脑脊髓膜炎(流脑)死亡病例进行 PCR鉴定及测序分析。方法对疑似流脑病例进行流行病学调查,血清及淤点/斑组织液进行 crgA 基因及基因siaD(W135)PCR 鉴定,并进行多位点测序分型(MLST)。结果该病例证实为 W135群脑膜炎奈瑟菌引起的,采用多位点测序分型(MLST)对该株菌的基因组7个管家基因进行 DNA 测序,属于 ST-11序列群。结论该病例是山西省首例感染 W135群流脑菌并死亡的病例,提示我们要加强流脑病原学监测。%Objective To analyze the PCR and molecular characters of the first serogroup W135 meningo-coccal death case in Shanxi province on April,2013.Methods Epidemiological survey of suspected epidemic cere-brospinal meningitis case was conducted,blood serum and petechia tissue fluid samples were identified by PCR for crgA gene and siaD gene of W 135.Multilocus sequence typing(MLST)was performed for determining the sequence types(STs).Results The patient in the case died of serogroup W135 Neisseria meningitides,which belonged to ST-11.Conclusion This is the first case died of serogroup W135 Neisseria meningitidis in Shanxi province,which prompts that the surveillance of meningococcal pathogeny should be strengthened.

  9. Map Service Showing Geology and Geologic Provinces of the Asia Pacific Region

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This map service includes geology, major faults, geologic provinces, and political boundaries in the Asia Pacific Region. This compilation is part of an interim...

  10. The construction of water conservancy in Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei border region during the Anti-Japanese War%抗战时期晋察冀边区的农田水利建设



    抗战期间,为发展农业生产和治理水害、坚持抗战,晋察冀边区政府制定农田水利建设条例和暂行办法,调动广大农民积极投身农田水利工程建设和管理,取得了显著成就,促进了边区农业发展和粮食增产,为抗战胜利奠定了物质基础。%In the period of Anti-Japanese War, the goverment of Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei border region formulated the regulations about the construction of water conservancy and took interim measures for the development of agri- cultural production and management of water damage. It fully mobilized the enthusiasm of most farmers to devote themselves into the construction and management of irrigation and drainage which resulted in a great success, for it promoted the agricultural development, and increased food production in the border, which provided a material base for the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

  11. Ranking and Clustering of the Economic Status of Rural Residents in 31 Provinces and Regions in China


    In order to rank and cluster the economic status of rural residents in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, the MATLAB software is used and the component analysis and the cluster analysis are conducted on the data reflecting the economic status of each area. The results show that the provinces or cities with high comprehensive , scores are Shanghai Municipality, Beijing Municipality, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Tianjin Municipality, Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, Shandong Province and Liaoning Province according to priority; the provinces or autonomous regions with low comprehensive scores are Gansu Province, Guizhou Province , Tibet, Uygur autonomous region and Yunnan Province. The economic status of rural residents in the 31 provinces and autonomous regions are partly parallel with the comprehensive economic development. The improvement of the economic status of rural residents is helpful for the overall economic elevation. Therefore, the government should coordinate the economic development of urban and rural areas, industry and agricultural, developed region and undeveloped region, and coastal areas and central and western areas to maximize the social welfare of the whole nation.

  12. The Technology and Current State of Shenchi’s Insoles in Shanxi%山西神池鞋垫工艺及其现存状态



    The technology of the insole is one of the types of Chinese folk art,which contains the process of pro-duction,the art of shape and the art of embroidery. As to the selection of materials,the structure of patterns and the technology of embroideries. They are different in different regions. This paper introduces the making process of the in-soles in Shenchi County, Xinzhou, Shanxi province. As a representative of the insoles’technology of Shanxi,it has its own unique characteristics of production and use. Due to the impact of the machinery’s manufacturing,the traditional insoles’production is on the verge of disappearing in Shenchi,Shanxi province. Therefore,it is necessary to record and analyze.%鞋垫工艺是我国民间工艺的类型之一,其中包含着制作工艺,造型艺术与刺绣技术这三个主要方面。不同地区的鞋垫在材料的选取与图案的构造以及刺绣技法上都有不同。本文所介绍的是山西省忻州市神池县的鞋垫制作工艺。作为山西鞋垫工艺的代表之一,有自己独特的制作与使用特点。机械制造冲击了传统手工鞋垫制作,使得山西神池的鞋垫制作技艺濒临消失,因此对其进行记录和分析对于传统技艺传承有着重要作用。

  13. How to Improve Information Service for Decision Support to Serve Shanxi Economic and Cultural Construction The Review of Shanxi Library" Special Delivery of Shanxi Library"Ten Years of Decision Information Services%做好图书馆决策信息工作为山西省经济文化建设服务——山西省图书馆《晋图专递》决策信息服务十年回顾



    回顾了山西省图书馆创办《晋图专递》系列决策信息专刊,为山西政治经济文化建设服务的十年工作历程。%This article reviews progresses of founding and publishing" Special Delivery of Shanxi Library" for the economic and cultural construction of Shanxi province in the past ten years.

  14. 论晋察冀边区女性自主婚姻观念的确立——以《晋察冀边区婚姻条例》的颁布实施为研究中心%On the Establishment of the Concept of Marital Autonomy of Women in the Shanxi-Chahaer-Hebei Border Region——Focus on the Promulgation and Implementation of Marriage Ordinance for the Shanxi-Chahaer-Hebei Border Region



    在传统社会中,女性在婚姻关系中的自由权利一直被漠视,这种状况直到抗日战争爆发前仍无改变。晋察冀边区政府成立后,为发动妇女参加边区建设,将妇女从传统的封建伦理束缚中解放出来,通过实施《晋察冀边区婚姻条例》等新的婚姻政策,彻底改变了旧的婚姻制度下无婚姻自由、男女不平等、包办买卖婚姻等封建陋习,女性的自由婚姻观念得以确立,妇女在婚姻和家庭中的地位得到极大改善。%In traditional society,the freedom and rights of women in marriage were ignored,this situation remained no change until the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War.After the establishment of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Border Region Government,in order to mobilize the participation of women in the border area construction and free them from the shackles of traditional feudal ethics,the new marriage policy of Marriage Ordinance for the Shanxi-Chahaer-Hebei Border Region to the women was implemented,which totally changed the feudal customs such as marriage without freedom,gender inequality,and forced trading under the old marriage institution.The concept of freedom of marriage for women has been established,the status of women in marriage and family have been greatly improved.

  15. Isolation and Identification of The Pathogen Fusarium Causing Maize Ear Rot in Shanxi Province%山西省玉米穗腐病病原镰孢菌的分离与鉴定

    李新凤; 王建明; 张作刚; 高俊明; 郝晓娟; 贺运春


    为明确山西省玉米穗腐病的病原菌种类,采用常规组织分离法对山西省晋城市和太谷县的玉米穗腐病的病原菌进行了分离、纯化,从采集的玉米穗腐病病样中共分离到53个菌株,经形态学鉴定,分别为轮枝镰孢菌(Fusarium verticillioides)、禾谷镰孢菌(Fusarium graminearum)和半裸镰孢菌(Fusarium semitectum),其中轮枝镰刀菌F.verticillioides的分离频率为46.7%,属优势种群.致病性测定结果表明,轮枝镰孢菌与禾谷镰孢菌为山西省玉米穗腐病的病原菌,且两者复合侵染对玉米造成的为害最严重.这一结果为进一步研究和控制该病提供了可靠的理论依据.%To know the pathogens causing maize ear rot in Shanxi, the possible pathogens were isolated and purificed from the diseased samples in Jincheng and Taigu, Shanxi by the conventional tissue method. The total 53 isolates were isolated from the tissues of the maize samples collected. Based on the morphological identification, Fusarium verticil-lioides, F. graminearum and F. semitectum, respectively were identified. Among which Fusarium was a predominant Fusarium species with the highest isolation rate of 46. 7% . The results of pathogenicity experiment showed that Fusarium verticillioides and F. graminearum were the pathogens of maize ear rot, and mixed infection of the two species showed a stronger pathogenicity than one species alone. The results provided a basis for further study and control practice of the disease.

  16. Problems in China' s Civil Servants' Salary and Solutions—— A Case Study of Dingxiang County of Shanxi Province%我国公务员薪酬制度的缺陷及其合理化——以山西省定襄县为例

    邢振江; 张艳军


    Taking Dingxiang County of Shanxi province as an example, the problems in China' s current civil servants' salary system are discussed,which mainly include lack of fairness, motivation, and flexibility, low salary level, inappropriate proportion making, and lack of the portion of achievement evaluation. It is proposed to establish a dynamic system comparing to enterprise system with a scientific and fair achievement-based salary system and legal supervision system.%文章以山西省定襄县为例,探讨了我国公务员现行薪酬制度运行和管理中存在的问题,主要表现在缺乏公平性,缺乏激励性,缺乏灵活性,薪酬水平偏低,薪酬结构不合理,绩效考核的结果在薪酬中缺乏有效应用等方面。为此,我国公务员薪酬制度应建立与企业同类人员的动态平衡比较机制,建立健全科学而公平的绩效薪酬制度,进一步加强法制化建设。

  17. 山西七所高校自然科学学报2006-2010年载文与影响力分析%Analysis on Articles and Influence of 7 University Journals(Natural Science Edition) in Shanxi Province during 2006-2010



    Based on the CNKI database,by taking seven natural science journals of universities in Shanxi province in the five years as study objects,the article statistically analyzes that article capacity,ratio of fundation-aided papers,citation frequency,impact factor.Through the analysis on the corresponding data,we have found different characteristcs of these journals.This result can provide a scientific and reliable data for increasing the academic level and effect of the journals.%本文依据中国知网数据库,对山西七所高校自然科学学报近五年的载文量、基金论文率、被引频次、影响因子等指标进行统计分析,呈现各学报的特点,为进一步提高各学报学术水平和影响力水平提供科学可靠之依据。

  18. Regionalization for Rice Yield Estimation by Remote Sensing in Zhejiang Province


    In order to provide a scientific basis for rice yield estimation and improve the accuracy of yield estimation in Zhejiang Province, regionalization indices for rice yield estimation by remote sensing (RS) in the province were determined by considering the special features of yield estimation by RS,and based on analysis of the natural conditions of Zhejiang Province.The indices determined included rice cropping system,agroclimate,landform,surface feature structure and rice yield level,where rice planting system was considered as the main one.Then regionalization for rice yield estimation by RS was completed by spatial neighboring analysis with the Geographical Information System (GIS) technology combined with using of tree algorithm.The province was divided into two regions,i.e.,the single-cropping rice region which was subdivided into 3 regions including those in mountains of northwest Zhejiang,water network area of north Zhejiang and mountains of south Zhejiang,and double-cropping rice region which was subdivided into 5 regions including those on plain of north Zhejiang,coastal plains and hills of southeast Zhejiang,Jin-Qu Basin of middle Zhejiang,hills of east Zhejiang,and hills and mountains of northwest Zhejiang.This regionalization took the county borders as the region boundaries,kept the regions connective and made the administrative regions integrity and,then,could meet the requirements of rice yield estimation by RS,showing that the results were quite satisfying.

  19. Analysis on Current Situation of Financing Channels of High-tech SMEs in Shanxi Province%山西省科技型中小企业融资渠道现状分析



    This paper summarizes the status quo of financing channels of high-tech SMEs in Shanxi according to the data obtained from the questionnaire.Then it analyzes the reasons causing the difficulty in financing.Finally,it considers that increasing the financing favor of bank,establishing stock listed echelon,and enhancing the guide services of industrial associations help to expand the financing channels of high-tech SMEs and improve financing system in current financing environment.%根据问卷调查数据,总结了山西省科技型中小企业的融资渠道现状,分析了造成其融资困难的原因。指出,在目前山西省的融资环境下,可从加大银行融资倾向、建立上市梯队、加强行业协会的引导服务入手拓宽山西省科技型中小企业的融资渠道、完善其融资体系。

  20. Diagnostic Analysis on a Regional Rainstorm Weather in North-central Henan Province


    [Objective] The research aimed to analyze a regional rainstorm weather process in north-central Henan Province. [Method] Based on the conventional meteorological observation data and the rainfall data of Henan Meteorological Station, the diagnostic analysis of atmospheric thermodynamics and dynamics on a rainstorm weather process in north-central Henan Province on July 19, 2010 was carried out. The characteristics of physical quantity field and the evolution of weather situation in north-central Henan Provi...

  1. [Establishement for regional pelvic trauma database in Hunan Province].

    Cheng, Liang; Zhu, Yong; Long, Haitao; Yang, Junxiao; Sun, Buhua; Li, Kanghua


    To establish a database for pelvic trauma in Hunan Province, and to start the work of multicenter pelvic trauma registry.
 Methods: To establish the database, literatures relevant to pelvic trauma were screened, the experiences from the established trauma database in China and abroad were learned, and the actual situations for pelvic trauma rescue in Hunan Province were considered. The database for pelvic trauma was established based on the PostgreSQL and the advanced programming language Java 1.6.
 Results: The complex procedure for pelvic trauma rescue was described structurally. The contents for the database included general patient information, injurious condition, prehospital rescue, conditions in admission, treatment in hospital, status on discharge, diagnosis, classification, complication, trauma scoring and therapeutic effect. The database can be accessed through the internet by browser/servicer. The functions for the database include patient information management, data export, history query, progress report, video-image management and personal information management.
 Conclusion: The database with whole life cycle pelvic trauma is successfully established for the first time in China. It is scientific, functional, practical, and user-friendly.

  2. Study on Complementary Between Wind and Solar Energy Resources in Different Areas of Shanxi Province%山西各地区风光资源互补性研究

    刘振宇; 冯华; 杨仁刚


    The research on the complementary of the wind and solar are renewable resources has important significance for the study on the wind and solar hybrid power system,but both are affected greatly by meteorology.The paper analyzed monthly energy storage of wind energy resource respectively to 11 cities(countries)in Shanxi according to the practical data of monthly average wind speeds about these area,and carried out theory calculation to solar radiation on horizontal surfaces and optimum tilt angle adopting solar radiation metrology model,and got solar radiation of tilted surface under monthly optimum tilt angle.Then the complementary analysis on the solar radiation of tilted surface under monthly optimum tilt angle and the wind energy was made,and Qingxu was taken as an example to analyze optimization matching of the wind and solar hybrid power system.This study provides important theoretical basis for the development and utilization of the wind and solar hybrid power system in Shanxi areas to analyze every area′s complementary between wind and solar energy resource in time and the system optimization matching design.%风光资源是可再生能源,研究其互补性对于风光互补发电系统研究有着重要的意义,但是二者在时间和空间上受气象条件影响较大。以山西省11市(县)一年各月平均风速实际数据分别对这11个地区风能资源储能情况进行分析,并结合气象学模型对这些地区水平面太阳辐射总量及最佳倾角进行理论计算,得到最佳倾角倾斜面上太阳辐射总量。然后将这些地区各月最佳倾角下倾斜面上太阳辐射总量与风能储能做互补性分析,并以山西清徐为例对风光互补发电系统进行了优化匹配分析。通过分析各地区风光资源在时间上的互补性和互补系统优化匹配设计,为山西地区风光互补发电系统开发利用提供了重要的理论依据。

  3. Perceptions of and Attitudes towards Regional Varieties of Polish: Views from Two Polish Provinces

    Milobog, Magdalena; Garrett, Peter


    This paper reports a study of perceptions and attitudes relating to regional varieties of Polish. The methodology followed folk linguistic approaches to attitudes research. Respondents in two Polish provinces were asked to draw on a map of Poland where they thought the main regional varieties of Polish were spoken, and then to name and…

  4. Hiring Costs and Temporary Work Agencies. An explication of regional disparities across Spanish provinces

    Pedro García-del-Barrio


    Full Text Available The Temporary Work Agencies (TWA industry experienced continuous growth throughout the 90s, and now represents around 15% of temporary hiring in Spain. More interestingly, are markable regional disparity in this sector exists across Spanish provinces. By developing a simple theoretical model and using panel data methodology, this article examines the Spanish caseand suggests that the costs of recruiting, training and screening could explain a large part of the regional disparity. This result is supported by the empirical fact that the TWA firms have greater success in markets with low unemployment rates, where the average duration of unemploymen tis longer, and in provinces with higher concentrations of urban population, respectively.

  5. Drivers behind energy consumption by rural households in Shanxi

    Mette Wik


    Full Text Available Biomass is widely used by households for cooking and heating in rural China. Along with rapid economic growth over the last three decades, increasing rural households tend to use less biomass and more commercial energy such as coal and electricity. In this paper, we analyzed the key drivers behind energy consumption and switching by rural households based on survey data of energy consumption by rural households in ten villages of Shanxi province in China. Our econometric results show that income growth can induce less use of biomass and more use of coal and modern fuels. However, no evidence shows that even wealthy households has abandoned biomass use in Shanxi, mainly due to the “free” access to land and agricultural resources in these villages. Previous wealth of a household represented by house value can lead to more time spent on biomass collection. Access to land resources has positive effects on biomass use and collection. Other key variables include education, household size, the number of elderly members, and coal price. We also find huge differences between villages, indicating the importance of access to agricultural resources and markets.

  6. 晋西刺槐和油松人工林密度效应规律%Plantation density effect characteristics of black locust and pitch pine plantation in the West Shanxi Province

    玉宝; 王百田; 陈微; 文万荣; 赵铭军


    According to data of 59 sample trees of black locust and pitch pine plantations in the west Shanxi, the variation characteristics of density effect with stand age were investigated to draft growth model of DBH of single and density effect model by fitting . The results showed as folliws the density effect became more and more obvious with the increase of forest age, while breast diameter in growth progress and negative correlation coefficient of density increased. When the forest age reached a certain standard, the correlation coefficient growth rate declined. The forest ages were 13 years old Robinia pseudoacacia on the north-facing slope; 10 yeare old on the semi-north-facing slope; 8 years old R. Pseudoacacia on the semi-north-facing slope in Ji County; 13 years old Pinus tabulaeformis Carr on the semi-north-facing slope and south-facing slope in Fangshan County. Different slopes gave different responses for density. The correlation coefficient of north-facing slope R. Pseudoacacia Linn in Fangshan County was smaller than that of semi-north-facing slope; the correlation coefficient of south-facing slope of P. Tabulaeformis Carr in Fangshan County was smaller than that of semi-north-facing slope. Plantation in different slope aspect had different first artificial afforestation density and tending management.%根据刺槐和油松人工林59株解析木资料,分析林分密度效应随年龄变化特征,拟合了单株胸径生长模型和密度效应模型.研究表明,随林龄增长,林木胸径生长与密度负相关系数增大,密度影响逐渐显著.但达一定林龄后,相关系数增幅变小,位于方山县阳坡刺槐林林龄为13 a,半阳坡为10a;位于吉县半阳坡刺槐林林龄为8a;位于方山县半阳坡和阴坡油松林林龄为13 a.不同坡向对密度响应不同.方山县阳坡刺槐林密度效应较半阳坡滞后;方山县阴坡油松林密度效应较半阳坡滞后.因此,不同坡向的人工林初植密度、抚育经营措施应不同.

  7. 山西省女子跆拳道运动员训练中身体适应能力与机能评定%Body adaptation capacity and function evaluation of female taekwondo athletes in Shanxi province

    任颖慧; 杨润琴


    目的 探讨山西省女子跆拳道运动员身体机能评定与运动员训练强度、成绩的相互关系,找出影响跆拳道运动员运动成绩的主要生化指标.方法 在连续36 d的时间里对山西省跆拳道队4名女子运动员的血睾酮(T)、血红蛋白(Hb)、血清肌酸激酶(CK)三项指标进行跟踪监测,其中监测密度为4 d一次,于当天训练结束后3-5 min内肘部静脉采血.血睾酮(T)以磁分离酶联免法测定,血红蛋白(Hb)采用无毒溶血剂法进行测定,血清肌酸激酶(CK)采用酶偶联法进行测定.结果 ①4名队员血睾酮值呈现相近的变化趋势,训练强度大,血睾酮值降低,训练强度下调后升高;长期处于较低的训练强度,血睾值升降周期延长.②血红蛋白呈现与血睾酮类同的变化趋势,其值与运动强度呈负相关.③血清肌酸激酶与运动强度呈正相关,运动强度大,肌酸激酶值高.结论 综合三项生化指标的变化规律,可知三指标均处于较高水平时运动员运动状态良好;而CK水平高,T和Hb水平下降时运动员呈现疲劳状态.由此可指导教练员及时掌握运动员体能状况,调整训练强度及训练项目,有效提高运动成绩.%Objective To investigate the relationships between body function and training intensity, achievement in Shanxi female taekwondo athletes,and to explore the main biochemical index for improving athletes' performances. Methods Blood was collected from the inner elbow vein of four female athletes in Shanxi taekwondo team in 3 - 5 min after training at the same day, and used to monitor the changes of blood testosterone( T ), hemoglobin( Hb ) ,and serum creatine kinase( CK ) every 4 days for 36 consecutive days. Blood testosterone ( T ) was assayed by magnetic separation enzyme immunoassay. Hemoglobin and CK were determined by toxic hemolytic a-gent method and enzyme coupling method respectively. Results ①Blood testosterone levels of 4 athletes showed similar

  8. Rheumatology Resources in a Region of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

    Fara, Nauan; Sequeira, Gabriel


    Accurate knowledge of the available rheumatology workforce and their working conditions results in better care for patients with rheumatic diseases. The aim of this study was to assess the rheumatology resources and their distribution within district V of the College of Physicians (COLMED5) of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. All the registered rheumatologists and all the registered public and private institutions within COLMED5 were identified. Aside from these data, phone calls, letters, Internet-derived information, and databases from public and private health insurance providers and the Argentine Society of Rheumatology were included as well. Rheumatologists' per-capita rates were built for both the whole district and every town. A rate of at least 1 rheumatologist per 50,000 people was deemed an optimal resource. Thirty-six rheumatologists were identified; the calculated rate was 1 rheumatologist per 68,403 people; 44% of the health care institutions had a rheumatologist; 33% of them were public institutions. Only 25.5% of COLMED5 total population had optimal rheumatology resources in their town, 70.3% did not reach the optimal resource level but at least had a rheumatologist in their town, and 4.2% had no resources whatsoever; 49% of the total population lacked public health care facilities with inpatient settings and rheumatologists in their town. Although COLMED5 has 72% of the optimal number of rheumatologists, because of their uneven distribution, only 25.5% of the district's total population has the optimal rheumatology resources in their town. Nearly half COLMED5 total population lacks public health care facilities with inpatient settings and rheumatologists in their town, and 4.2% has no available rheumatology resource at all.

  9. A survey and analysis of the knowledge level and practice choice of genetically modified food among customers in Shanxi province%山西省消费者对转基因食品认知与行为的调查与分析

    冯菁楠; 郭丹; 程景民


    With the method of cluster sampling and the self-made questionnaire, the survey was conducted among 3 761 consumers chosen randomly from 11 cities of Shanxi province. The rate of understanding or rather understanding GMF a-mong the participants was less than 30%. Most of consumers were not sure that whether GMF was perfectly safe or not. 80%of consumers avoided consciously or didn't buy GMF when they were shopping. Internet was the main access to attain in-formation about GMF (28.8%) . The general knowledge level of GMF among customers in Shanxi province was low. There was a difference between knowledge level and practice among consumers in a real purchase, which was mainly in-fluenced by some factors, like price and information. Based on the analysis above, the government should enhance the pub-licity and education of GMF, starting from agricultural and biological basic knowledge, with different methods and through various paths to protect the right to the truth of customers, and correctly develop the relationship with mass media.%为了了解山西省消费者对转基因食品的认知、行为选择情况,采用整群随机抽样方法,对山西省11个地市3 761名消费者进行问卷调查.调查结果显示,山西省消费者对转基因食品了解或非常了解的消费者低于30%;大部分消费者对食用转基因食品是否安全不清楚;80%消费者在购买食品时会有意识避开或不购买转基因食品;网络是获得转基因食品有关信息的主要途径(28.8%).分析结果表明,山西省消费者对转基因食品的了解程度较低,在实际购买中消费者对转基因食品的认知情况与行为选择存在差异,主要受到价格、信息等因素影响.基于以上分析,建议有关职能部门应从普及农业、生物基础知识以及拓宽宣传知识面,多方位、多形式开展宣传工作,扩大公众参与度,保障消费者知情权,正确处理与媒体的关系等方面努力,提高公众认知.

  10. Multi-god Existence and Life Needs:Interpretation of the Black Tiger Faith in Anze County of Shanxi Province%多神共存与生活诉求:山西安泽县黑虎信仰阐释*



    虎信仰在中国源远流长,远古时期很多氏族、部落都将虎视为亲族或保护神,存在大量以虎作为名称的氏族和部落。山西安泽县黑虎信仰是远古虎信仰的延续,当地有数量众多的黑虎庙。在众多的黑虎庙中,多神共存于同一空间,众神灵各司其职、信众资源与信仰系统均衡稳定。同时黑虎信仰存在于民众生活的各个层面,呈现了民众对生活的诉求与愿景。%Faith in tiger has a long history in China. In ancient times many tribes and clans regar-ded tiger as a relative or protecting god,and a big number of them were named after ti-ger. In Anze County of Shanxi Province there are many Black-tiger Temples,which are supposed to be a continuation of ancient faith in tiger. In these temples,many gods exist in the same space,administering separate duties and balancing and stabilizing faith resources. It is argued that faith in black tiger exists at many levels of the folk, embodying their needs and wishes of life.

  11. Research on the Current Situation of Rural Kindergarten Education and the Countermeasures:A Survey on Jinyuan District Kindergarten of Shanxi Province%农村幼儿园教育现状及对策研究--山西省晋源区幼儿园情况调研



    Rural education is not only an important content of promoting rural public affairs, but also an important historical task of constructing the socialist new countryside. As the first stage of rural basic education and the key period of child devel-opment, pre-school education should be attached to much im-portance, but the situation is not optimistic in Jinyuan District of Shanxi Province. How to effectively use the specific advantages and characteristics of kindergarten to develop pre-school educa-tion has become an important issue in rural pre-school educa-tion.%  农村教育不仅是促进农村公共事业发展的重要内容,也是建设社会主义新农村的重大历史任务。然而作为农村基础教育的第一阶段,作为儿童发展的关键时期,学前教育本应该得到大力发展,但就山西省晋源区农村幼儿园的发展状况来看,形势却不容乐观。那么,如何就农村幼儿园现状,积极利用其自身优势及特点开展幼儿教育,就成为了发展农村学前教育的重要问题。

  12. 农村招赘婚姻法律问题研究--以山西省吕梁地区XX村为例%A study of Marriage Law on Rural Uxorilocal Marriage---Taking XX Village in Shanxi Province Lvliang Area as an Example



    China is a traditional agricultural country,therefore the significance of agricultural and farmers'problem is self-evi-dent.Featured by patrilineal family,marriage and patrilocal family play important roles in China since ancient time.However, with implementation of family planning policy,one-child policy has brought about a great number of single-daughter or no-child families.In order to continue their family line,expect for traditional marriage,most of those families also adopted another pattern of marriage———uxorilocal marriage.The study shows that in rural areas of Lvliang District in Shanxi Province,consid-erable number of single-daughter or no-child families all adopted this pattern of marriage.%中国是一个传统的农业大国,农业问题和农民问题的重要性已经不需要多加描述。以父系家族本位为特色的中国,嫁娶婚和从父居从来都占据着重要的地位。但是,随着我国的计划生育政策的推行,独生子女政策的出现导致的是一大批独女和无子家庭,这些家庭为了香火的延续,大多数采取了传统婚姻以外的另一种婚姻模式—招赘婚姻。笔者所观察的山西吕梁地区农村,相当一部分的独女或无子家庭都采用了这一婚姻模式。

  13. An investigation of the source and the nutritional status of iodine after termination of iodized salt supply in high water iodine areas in Shanxi province%山西省高碘地区停供碘盐后人群碘营养水平及碘来源调查

    张向东; 贾清珍; 郭百锁


    study the changes of iodine source and the nutritional status of iodine after termination of iodized salt supply in the areas with different water iodine concentrations in Shanxi province,in order to provide scientific bases for developing strategies on control and prevention of iodine deficiency disorders,and to study the cut-off value of water iodine level where iodized salt supply should be stopped.Methods In 2010 in Shanxi province,6 villages with 100% of non-iodized salt consumption rate were selected as the survey spots based on the iodine concentration in drinking water of 0-,50-,100-,150-,300-,≥500 μg/L.Villages'iodized salt supply was terminated thoroughly.In each village,20 children aged 8 to 10 were selected.At the same time,women of childbearing age 18 to 50 years old and adult men aged 18 to 60 were selected from the same families as the children.Diet surveys were conducted by the method of 3 days recall on all subjects.Drinking water samples,staple foods,supplementary foods and urinary samples of all subjects were collected and the iodine concentration was determined by arsenic-cerium catalytic spectrophotometry.Results ①In the villages of water iodine 25.9,70.6 μg/L,the medians urinary iodine of children,women and men were all ranged from 100 to 199 μg/L,which meant their iodine nutrition levels were appropriate.In the village of water iodine 109.0 μg/L,the medians urinary iodine of children,women and men were all ranged from 200 to 299 μg/L,which meant their iodine nutrition levels were more than appropriate.In the villages of water iodine 225.8,430.0,581.2 μg/L,the medians urinary iodine of children,women and men were all ≥ 300 μg/L,which meant their iodine nutrition levels were too high.②)In all the 6 villages,the intaking amount of iodine met and exceeded the standard recommended intake of dietary iodine by ICCIDD/UNICEF/WHO (8 to 10-year-old children ≥ 120 μg/d,women of childbearing age and adult men ≥ 150 μg/d).But in the

  14. DeveIopment Status and Prospect AnaIysis of Teenager Tennis in Shanxi Province%山西省青少年网球发展现状与前景分析



    China tennis sport has been popular since Li Na won the French Open women's singles Grand Slam. In the era of talent as the core, our province needs to keep up with the pace of international in tennis. A pressing matter of the moment is to cultivate teenagers’ interest in tennis and select outstanding tennis players. At present, tennis career is at an early stage of development in our province and there is a certain gap compared with other provinces. In this paper, by studying and analyzing the development status of teenager tennis in our province, it puts forward some feasible suggestions for the existing situation; By combining with the international situation and Chinese national conditions, it analyzes the development prospects of junior tennis and puts forward constructive suggestions for the idea of training young tennis talents in our province.%中国的网球运动从李娜夺得法网女子单打大满贯时开始风靡于大街小巷。当今是以人才为核心的时代,山西省也需要在网球方面紧跟国际步伐。当务之急是要大力培养青少年对网球的兴趣并从中选拔优秀网球苗子。目前,山西省的网球事业处于初级发展阶段,相比于其他省市存在一定的差距。通过对山西省青少年网球发展现状进行调查研究与分析,针对现有情况提出一些可行的建议;结合国际形势与我国国情,对青少年网球的发展前景进行分析,从而为山西省青少年网球人才的培养理念提出具有建设性的建议。

  15. On the distribution of decapod crustaceans from the Magellan Biogeographic Province and the Antarctic region

    Enrique E. Boschi


    Full Text Available The distribution of decapod crustaceans in the southernmost areas of South America and the Antarctic is assessed considering the Magellan Biogeographic Province instead of the antiboreal region. Possible associations between decapod crustaceans from the Magellan Biogeographic Province and those from the Antarctic region are analysed. Species records were assigned to seven geographic regions that were clustered using multivariate analyses based on species presence/absence and Bray-Curtis similarity. The results showed two well-established clusters, one of which included the Pacific and Atlantic areas of the Magellan Province, the southern tip of South America and the Kerguelen Arc islands, with the highest similarity between the southern tip and the Atlantic area. Another cluster was well separated and included the Antarctic and South Georgia with the highest similarity index. Earlier studies and results obtained here suggest that the faunas of southern Chile and southern Argentina are biogeographically related. There is a low level of association among decapod species from the circum-Antarctic region and the Magellan Province.

  16. Distribution characteristics of historical earthquake classes in Jiangsu Province and South Huanghai Sea region

    田建明; 徐徐; 谢华章; 杨云; 丁政


    According to the analysis on the characteristics of historic earthquakes in Jiangsu Province and South Huanghai Sea region, the historical earthquakes in the studied area are divided into two kinds of"comparatively safe class"and"comparatively dangerous class". Then the statistical result of earthquake class, the characteristics of geographical distribution and geological structures are studied. The study shows: a) In Jiangsu Province and South Huanghai Sea region, the majority of historical strong earthquakes belong to"comparatively safe class", only 13.8% belong to"comparatively dangerous class"; b) Most historical earthquakes belong to"comparatively safe class" in the land area of Jiangsu, eastern sea area of Yangtze River mouth and northern depression of South Huanghai Sea region. However, along the coast of middle Jiangsu Province and in the sea area of South Huanghai Sea, the distribution of historical earthquake classes is complex and the earthquake series of"comparatively dangerous class"and"comparatively safe class"are equivalent in number; c) In the studied area, the statistical results of historical earthquake classes and the characteristics of spatial distribution accord very well with the real case of present-day earthquake series. It shows that the seismic activity in the region has the characteristic of succession, and the result from this study can be used as a reference for early postseismic judgment in the earthquake emergency work in Jiangsu Province.

  17. 山西省3所高校12546名在校大学生艾滋病知识、态度、行为的调查%Investigation on knowledge, attitude and behavior about AIDS among 12 546 college students of three universities in Shanxi Province

    宋兴怡; 徐选国; 魏梦晓; 王芳; 徐彦杰; 姜峰


    OBJECTIVE To learn the status of AIDS-related knowledge, attitude and behavior among college students of three universities in Shanxi Province, and provide a scientific basis for more effectively conducting AIDS health education among college students. METHODS 13 000 students selected by stratified random sampling was conducted a questionnaire survey about AIDS knowledge, attitude and behavior at three universities of Shanxi Province. RESULTS The students grasped AIDS-related knowledge well, and the awareness rate was above 90% in general, and the awareness rate of AIDS transmission route was higher than non-transmission route, and the awareness rate of female students was higher than that of male students, and the awareness rate of medical students was higher than that of non-medical students, and the awareness rate of the students from medical university was higher than that of the students from other types of universities. 88.5% of the students held positive attitude towards AIDS and AIDS patients, and the rate of female students holding the correct attitude was higher than that of male students, and the rate of medical students holding the correct attitude was higher than that of non-medical students, and the rate of the students from medical university holding the correct attitude was higher than that of the students from other types of university. 71.8% of the students said they would not hesitate to shake hands with AIDS patients, and the number of male students who refused immediately was higher than that of female students, and the number of non-medical students who refused immediately was higher than that of medical students. The students mostly gained AIDS-related knowledge from books, newspapers , promotional materials. CONCLUSION Certain achievement of AIDS education is reached at various colleges and universities in Shanxi Province in recent years, and further AIDS education should strengthen system education in AIDS knowledge, and should concentrate

  18. 山西省11个地市中小型工业企业用地利用效率及影响因素%Research on land-use efficiency and influence factors of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises among 11 cities in Shanxi province

    刘蕾; 毕如田; 张孟容


    中小型工业企业是我国国民经济的重要力量,其用地利用效率评价及影响因素研究,对提高中小型工业企业用地集约度,促进经济发展具有重要作用。本研究采用调查问卷获取山西省11个地市中小型工业企业用地利用情况相关数据,利用数据包络分析(DEA)模型对山西省中小企业工业用地利用效率进行评价,利用Tobit模型对影响中小型工业企业用地利用效率的影响因子进行分析。结果表明:山西省各地市中小型工业企业用地利用效率水平各异,太原市、临汾市、运城市和吕梁市4个地市的综合用地效率水平较高,忻州市和阳泉市土地利用效率较低;影响山西省中小型工业企业用地利用效率的宏观影响因素主要有人均GDP、人均财政收入、人口规模、工业化率、外商投资比和工业企业出口交货值。这6个影响因子与山西省中小型工业企业用地利用效率均呈现正相关关系。其中,人口规模、人均GDP、工业企业出口交货值3个因子对现阶段山西省中小型工业企业用地效率的影响相对较大,工业化率、人均财政收入和外商投资比3个因子的影响力相对较小。%The evaluation of land‐use efficiency and the research of influence factors about small and medium‐sized industrial en‐terprises which are the main force of China's national economy ,and play an important role in improving the land use intensity and promoting economic development .In this study ,information about the land utilization status of small and medium‐sized enterprises in 11 cities of Shanxi province were collected by questionnaire ,the efficiency of industrial land use was evaluated with the help of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) model ,and its impact factors was analyzed by using Tobit model .The re‐sults showed that there were large differences among areas of the land use efficiency in small and medium

  19. Petrology and geochemistry characteristic of Hu-Bi copper deposit in Zhongtiao mountains of Shanxi Province%山西中条山胡篦型铜矿床岩石地球化学特征

    黄维平; 孙丰月; 张晗; 王佳良


    We tested and analyzed the major elements,rare earth elements and carbon and oxygen isotopic of the wall rock alteration in the Hu-Bi copper deposit of Shanxi Zhongtiao mountains.Major element feature shows that host rocks are rich in Si and Al,but poor in K;siliceous albitite is obviously rich in Na;marble is poor in Na.REE characteristics show that the ΣREE value in host rocks is very low generally,relatively enriched in light REE,and characteristic in negative Eu anomaly,not obvious in Ce anomaly,LaN/YbN=1.70~5.21,LaN/SmN =0.85~3.8,and GdN/YbN=0.72~3.26.Carbon and oxygen isotopic research indicates that δ13 CPDB concentrats in-4.3×10-3~-0.2×10-3 between marine carbonate rocks(0)and igneous rocks(-5×10-3~-8×10-3),δ18 OPOB concentrats in-13×10-3~-18×10-3.The study suggests that the Hu-Bi copper deposit has the features of the exhalative sedimentary deposit because there are many similarities between the Hu-Bi copper deposit and other typical exhalative sedimentary deposits in geochemistry.Carbon and oxygen isotopic research shows that C in ore-forming fluids coming from the mantle and marine carbonate rock(seawater)may have magmatic C added.%对山西中条山胡篦型铜矿矿区容矿岩石的常量、稀土元素以及C、O同位素进行了测试分析.常量元素特征显示,容矿岩石具有富Si、富Al、贫K的特征.其中,硅质钠长岩明显富Na,大理岩一般贫Na.稀土元素特征显示,容矿岩石∑REE值总体很低,相对富集轻稀土,具有Eu负异常,Ce异常不明显的特点,LaN/YbN=1.70~5.21,LaN/SmN=0.85~3.8,GdN/YbN=0.72~3.26.C、O同位素研究显示,δ13 CpDB值集中在-4.3×10-3~-0.2×10-3,介于海相碳酸盐岩(近于0)和岩浆岩(-5×10-3~-8×10-3)的δ13 CPDB值之间,818 OPDB值集中在-13×10-3~-18×10-3.研究认为胡篦型铜矿床与国内外典型的热水喷流矿床在岩石地球化学方面有很多相似之处,具有热水喷流矿床的特征.碳氧同位素研究显示,成

  20. 山西谷子全粉淀粉指标间相关性及消化特性研究%Correlational Among Indexes and Digestibility of Whole-grain Millet Starch Obtained from Shanxi Province

    杜文娟; 林娟; 许辉; 姜龙波; 李萍; 张喜文


    本文主要研究了77个山西谷子全粉样品中淀粉组分的相关性以及淀粉消化特性。分别测定了谷子全粉中淀粉、直链淀粉和抗性淀粉(RS)含量,制备谷子淀粉并分析了淀粉中快速消化淀粉(RDS)、慢速消化淀粉(SDS)、 RS的含量以及淀粉消化指数(SDI)和持续消化淀粉(LS)。结果表明:各品种间RS含量差异性较大;全谷物以及制备得到的淀粉所测定的各指标间相关性较强。其中,谷子中RS与直链淀粉相关性最强(r=0.885),对谷子中RS聚类分析后发现, RS与直链淀粉近似呈线性相关(r=0.954)。对谷子淀粉体外消化研究表明:黄谷(2010)等品种中SDS含量较高,晋谷21号(2010)等品种中RS含量较高,而陇谷10号(2012)等品种中LS含量相对较高,这些品种适用于糖尿病等人群食用或有助于开发相关降糖产品。%Correlation of starch components and characteristics of starch digestion were studied about 77 Shanxi millet flour samples. Millet flour starch, amylose and resistant starch (RS) content were determined, respectively. Millet starch was prepared, and rapidly digestible starch (RDS), slowly digestible starch (SDS), RS content, starch digestion index (SDI) and continuous digestion of starch (LS) were analyzed. Results showed that RS contents among varieties had significant difference. There were strong correlation among these indicators that whole grains and prepared starches. It was the most relevant between RS and amylase (r=0.885) in whole-grain millet, and millet RS and amylose approximately lin-ear correlation (r=0.954) after cluster analysis of millet RS. In vitro starch digestion study showed that, Huang Gu (2010) etc. varieties contain higher amounts of SDS, Jin Gu 21 (2010) etc. varieties with higher RS content, and LS contents in Long Gu No. 10 (2012) etc. species were relatively high. These varieties suitable consumption for diabetes etc


    黄强兵; 康孝森; 王启耀; 李武


    Lüliang area is located in West Shanxi loess plateau where geological environment is rather fragile,geo-hazards occur continually and the loess landslides and collapses cause enormous casualties and heavy economic losses.This paper is based on field investigations and combined with in-situ and laboratory tests.It studies the types and characteristics of landslides and collapses in this area.According to the formation lithology,geological structure and the position of sliding plane,loess landslides in Lüliang area are divided into two basic types:Q3 homogeneous loess landslide and Q3-Q2-N2 landslide occurred in the composite structure of layers.Then the failure modes of loess collapses are classified as toppling,subsiding and stripping collapse.In the space,the loess landslides and collapses in Lüliang area are distributed in four counties(Liuling,Lishi,Zhongyang and Shilou)and developed in belts along the highways and railways.In time,loess landslides and collapses have an obvious annual variation law and occur in flood period(from June to October),especially in the main flood season(from July to August).Finally, the mechanism of the Q3-Q2-N2 landslide in the composite structure is discussed,which shows that manual excavation and rainfall infiltration are the two main induced factors.%山西吕梁地区地质环境脆弱,属于晋西黄土高原崩塌、滑坡地质灾害易发区.黄土崩滑地质灾害给当地造成了巨大经济损失和重大人员伤亡.通过对吕梁地区地质灾害调查,结合原位测试与室内试验,研究了吕梁地区黄土崩滑地质灾害类型和发育规律.依据构成边坡的地层岩性与地质结构、滑动面发育位置,将吕梁地区黄土滑坡类型划分为:Q3 单一黄土层内滑动和 Q3-Q2-N2 组合地层结构层内滑动两种类型;按破坏模式将吕梁地区黄土崩塌类型划分为:倾倒式、垮塌式和剥落式 3种类型.调查还发现空间上黄土崩滑灾害主要发育在柳林县

  2. A Study on Karst Morphology Forms in Manjil Region of Gilan Province

    Sina Hajati Ziabari


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is The Study on Karst Morphology Forms in Manjil Region of Gilan Province. Due to geological features and quantity and type of rainfalls in Gilan Province and other effective factors on formation and development of Karst and Karst water resources, it is necessary to study karst morphology forms of this region. This study has studied Manjil region. It has first studied and identified karst forms of the region and then considered their formation in relation to the regional tectonic and creation of water potentials. Karst morphology forms of the region were identified and the cause of their creation was specified. Among them, Dorfak Mountain with an altitude of 2714 m in the south- central part of Gilan Province in Rudbar City near to Manjil can be mentioned as an example. Also Manjil Cheshmeh Bad Cave with an altitude of 1400 m above sea level is among other karst phenomena of the region and is regarded as the most important karst phenomenon in Asmari limestone.

  3. Regional Division of Production and Development Strategy of Citrus in Hunan Province

    Yu YANG; Wen DENG; Jianquan LI; Weihong WANG; Guolin HUANG; Ping ZHANG


    [Objective] The aim was to research regional division of citrus production and development strategies in Hunan Province. [Method] According to Rural Statisti- cal Yearbook in Hunan Province during 2002-2011, Citrus in Hunan province were divided into three production regions, namely, superior region, sub-superior and non- superior region. On the base of the divisions, the ecological regionalization and brand strategy, Optimization of regional distribution and developing strategy were proposed, with consideration of avoiding frozen zones, in this paper. [Result] Fresh and processing bases of mandarin orange (C.unshiu Marc), and specialty industries of seedless ponkan(C.reticulata Blanco), Bingtang orange (C.sinensis Osbeck Bing- tangcheng), Dayongjuhuaxinyou (Cgrandis (L.) Osbeck Dayongjuhuaxinyou) and An- jiangxiangyou (C.grandis (L.) Osbeck Anjiangxiangyou) should be constructed, where fresh fruit is dominant, supplemented by canned fruit and juice. Industry belt of sat- suma orange, fresh or processing food, is mainly built, for proportion of early and earlier ripe satsuma orange is over 50% of total yield in Xiangzhong citrus zone; in- dustry belt of excellent fresh navel orange and processing sweet orange should be highlighted in Xiangnan. [Conclusion] The research provides references for decision- making for governments, especially on optimization of citrus production regions and development of citrus industry.

  4. Shanxi to Institute Permanent Mechanism Protecting Migrant Workers——An interview with Yu Youjun



    @@ EDITOR'S NOTE:On June 1,2007,the Standing Committee of the Shanxi Provincial People's Congress approved a local decree entitled the Regulations on Protection of the Rights and Interests of Migrant Workers,which became effective on July 1,2007.The Regulations,the first local legislation of its kind ever adopted by a Chinese province,immediately followed exposure of some shocking cases in which hundreds of migrant workers from poverty-stricken rural areas,including junior and mentally retarded citizens,were held in virtual slavery at illegally-run brickworks in the province.

  5. Study on Eco-climate Type Regionalization of Wheat Growing Areas in Yunnan Province

    Yongxin; LU; Limin; CAO; Zhongping; ZHANG; Hongbo; LI


    In order to provide an objective and scientific theoretical basis for rational distribution of wheat growth in Yunnan Province,according to the relationship between Yunnan weather conditions and wheat growth adaptability,a study on eco-climate type regionalization of wheat growing areas in Yunnan was conducted using principal component analysis and GIS technology. The results show that Yunnan Province could be divided into four types,namely southern warm and humid wheat growing area,central semi-arid wheat growing area,central semi-humid wheat growing area and north-central cold wheat growing area.

  6. Emergy accounting for regional studies: case study of Canada and its provinces.

    Hossaini, Navid; Hewage, Kasun


    Sustainable regional management (development) requires an understanding of interactions between the social, economic, and ecological systems within the boundaries of a region. In this paper, application of emergy (an environmental accounting method) for regional planning is discussed through a case study. Emergy (spelled with an "m") methodology is an environmental accounting technique that evaluates the energy system for the thermodynamics of an open system. Major renewable and non-renewable resource fluxes to a region, including energy, matter, human activities, and money can be converted to emergy by using corresponding transformity functions. As a case study, this paper discusses the emergy accounting of Canada and its provinces with various emergy-based indicators. Moreover, emergy maps were generated in a form of emergy geography. These maps are multi-dimensional illustrations that show resource consumption, emergy per person, and emergy density across Canada under two parameters: (1) the quantities of resources consumed and (2) the location of consumption. Emergy analysis also highlights concentrations of renewable and natural resources in Canada and distinguishes the provinces with the highest resource consumption. Analysis of emergy indicator for Canadian provinces shows that Alberta with the highest EYR (7.35) provides energy to the economy of Canada. However, ELR value of Alberta (8.5) indicates that the province's current economic approach is not sustainable as it relies mainly on non-renewable emergy inputs (mainly from fossil fuels). ELR of British Columbia and Manitoba indicates that these two provinces created a firm balance between emergy use of renewable and non-renewable resources. The characterizations of regions provided in this paper can be used for future land planning and management both in federal and provincial levels.

  7. 山西地域文化对形意拳形成和发展的社会学审视%On Shanxi Regional Culture for Xingyi Quan Formation and Development from the Perspective of Sociology

    丁保玉; 张海龙


    Xingyi Quan is a famous Chinese boxing, it is a simple, compact, energy action of physical strength, rich in content and other characteristics loved by people. The paper, using the methods of literature, expert interviews, logical analysis, from the sociological angle of view, elaborates the origin and development of Xingyi Quan, analyzes the impact Humanities and social factors of Shanxi Xingyi Quan development, discusses the relations among geographical environment, Shanxi Merchants, Wushu association, and Shanxi Xingyi Quan, to provide a reference for XIngyi Quan theory study.%  形意拳是中国著名拳术之一,其动作朴实、劲力精巧、体用兼备、内容丰富等特点深受人们喜欢。文章采用文献资料法、专家访谈法、逻辑分析法等研究方法,从社会学视角出发,阐述了山西形意拳的起源与发展,对影响山西形意拳发展的人文社会因素进行分析,探讨了地理环境、晋商、武术结社与山西形意拳的关系,从而为形意拳的理论研究提供参考。

  8. 晋北风沙区引种灌木成活与生长情况分析%Survival Rate and Growth of Shrub Introduced in the Windy Desert Regions of Northern Shanxi

    李秀瑞; 奥小平; 张彩红


    在晋北风沙区引种栽植沙枣、沙地柏、连翘、文冠果、丽豆、枸杞6种生态经济型灌木树种,从成活率、保存率,及树高、地径、冠径的生长量等方面分析了不同灌木的适生性,初步筛选出了沙地柏、沙枣、文冠果、连翘和枸杞5种适宜的灌木树种。这5种灌木当年造林成活率均达92%以上,3 a保存率均达85%以上;连翘、枸杞、沙枣的树高年平均生长量达40.0 cm;沙枣地径年均生长量最大,为0.63 cm;连翘的冠径年均生长量最大,为67.0 cm.%Six tree species of ecology-economy shrub including elaeagnus angustifolia L.and Sabina vulgeris were introduced in the windy desert regions of Northern Shanxi.The adaptability of different shrubs was analyzed in the aspects of survival rate,preserving rate,tree height,ground diameter and crown diameter increment,etc.Five suitable shrubs(Sabina vulgeris,Elaeagnus angustifolia L.,Xanthoceras sorbifolia bunge,Forsythia suspense and Lycium barbarum) were preliminary screened.The survival rate of 5 kinds of shrubs in the planting year reached 92% above;the preserving rate in the third years after planting reached 85% above;the tree height annual average of Elaeagnus angustifolia L.,Forsythia suspense and Lycium barbarum reached 40cm.The ground diameter growth of Elaeagnus angustifolia the fastest,about 0.63 cm.And the crown diameter growth of Forsythia suspense is the largest,average 67.0 cm.

  9. Scientific research and collaboration networks based on the bibliometrics in Shanxi Academy of Medical Sci-ences%基于文献计量学的山西医学科学院科研合作网络研究

    傅葵; 潘晓洁; 郝聪颖; 郑晓; 苏纯惠; 李卉; 张持晨


    Objective To analyze the status of scientific research and collaboration networks and literature out-put in Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences, and to provide reference for further improvement of the overall develop-ment strategy of Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences. Methods A total of 581 academic papers published by Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences were included as the subjects in the study with bibliometrics and information vi-sualization software from the perspectives of the amount of published papers, authors and organizations for data mining and analysis. Results Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences is a provincial research institute and Shanxi Dayi Hospi-tal ("Dayi Hospital Affiliated to Shanxi Medical University) is a provincial general hospital, which were approved and established in 2011 by Shanxi provincial government. They belong to the same organization, which combines research, teaching, and training together. The amount of published papers of Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences has in-creased year by year since its establishment in November 2011, and reached a peak in 2013. Kang Chunsong, Li Zhaojun and Zhang Liyun, the researchers of Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences are at the top of prolific authors, whose published papers are more than 20. The amount of published papers of Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences and its affiliated clinical departments, Shanxi Medical University and its Second Affiliated Hospital are high. Con-clusion Although there is certain cooperation among scholars and institutions in Shanxi Academy of Medical Sci-ences, the interdisciplinary and cross-regional cooperation among different institutions is lacking. Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences should continue to improve its academic team based on the clinical departments and medical uni-versities, and focus on openness, collaborative innovation, complementary advantages, and resource sharing. It should improve the new pattern of scientific research and collaboration, and

  10. 陕北地区高频焊接H型钢结构住宅体系分析%Analysis of High Frequency Welding H Type Steel Structure Residential System in Northern Area of Shanxi Province

    闫竹玲; 吴改革


    This paper combined with the characteristics and development of high frequency H steel welding structure, th- rough the analysis of the geology, climate, energy situation and other factors in Northern area of Shaanxi province, put forward the design of residential system of H type high frequency we- lding of steel structure in the Northern area of Shaanxi pr- ovince and carried out some analysis.%本文结合高频焊接H型钢结构的特点及发展,通过对陕北地区地质、气候、能源状况等各种因素的分析,提出了在陕北地区进行高频焊接 H 型钢结构住宅体系的设计,并给出了一定的分析。

  11. Hydrology of area 32, Eastern Region, Interior Coal Province, Indiana

    Wangsness, David J.; Miller, R.L.; Bailey, Z.C.; Crawford, Charles G.


    Hydrologic and water-quality information from the coal region in parts of 11 counties in southwestern Indiana are summarized. Pennsylvanian and Mississippian bedrock are overlain by drift and till from the Kansan, Illinoian, and Wisconsinan glaciers that covered two-thirds of the area. Most of the coal is mined from Pennsylvanian coal units. As of 1978, more than 1-billion short tons of coal had been mined from the 11 counties. More than 12-billion short tons remained in reserve. During 1978, 17.8-million short tons were mined. Coal mining disturbs less than 1% of the land in the study area. Sixty-two percent of the land use is agricultural, and 29% is forested. More coal is mined in the southern and western parts of the study area than elsewhere. Surface water in these parts had lower pH and alkalinity than water in the north and east parts. Specific conductance and concentrations of sulfate, iron, and manganese in surface water were higher in the south and west than elsewhere. (USGS)

  12. Quantitative Appraisement on Ecological Cawing Capacity in Coastal Rapid Developing Region of Hainan Province

    Zhang Fugang; Liu Yansui


    The ecological carrying capacity, an important indica-tor to evaluate the sustainable development of the ecosystem, means the potential ability of the natural ecosystem to carry so-cioeconomic development while the ecosystem is healthy. It is limited by the carrying capacity of natural resources and environ-merit and the elasticity of the ecosystem. It will be greatly signifi-cant to study the ecological carrying capacity of Hainan Province, the first ecological province admitted by the State Environmental Protection Administration in China. Not only is the natural eco-system reflected, but also the effects of human activities are em-phasized by integrating the ecosystem health analysis into the ecological carrying capacity research. The research results, using the Factor Analysis tools of software SPSS, indicate that the eco-logical carrying capacity of Hainan Province fluctuated obviously from 1996 to 2005. The level of the ecological carrying capacity of Hainan Province was relatively high in 1996, and reached into trough from 1997 to 1999. It has steadily ascended to be above the middle level since the 21st century. The results also show that policy factors, especially the implementation of the 'Ecological Province' strategy, were important driving forces to influence the ecological carrying capacity. With the population rapidly increas-ing, the land and water resources per capita have decreased quickly. The amount of the ecological carrying capacity was pro-rooted remarkably by socioeconomic development especially economic growth and technology applications. All of these will provide useful suggestions to establish and enact regional devel-opment policies, especially for protecting and reconstructing the ecology and environment of Hainan Province.

  13. Evaluation on Ideal Test Sites and Regional Characteristics of Cotton Fiber Quality in Jiangsu Province

    Jian LI; Naiyin XU


    Objective] The aim of this study was to explore the dominant fiber quality traits of test sites in cotton regional trials , by analyzing the regional characteristics of cotton fiber quality in Jiangsu province, in order to provide the theory background for cotton fiber quality improvement. [Method] The dominant fiber quality traits of test locations were analyzed with eight main fiber quality indexes of hybrid cotton regional trials during 2009-2013 in Jiangsu province by use of the "ideal test site"view of GGE biplot. [Result] The test locations with the best integrative fiber quality were proved to be Yanliang, and fol owed by Dongxin and Guanyun; The better test locations in terms of the major fiber quality indexes, including fiber strength, fiber Length and micronaire value, were Guanyun, Xinyang and Yanliang; To sum up, the best test location with balanced fiber quality was Yanliang. The test locations with specialties in fiber quality index were listed as bel ow: Dafeng, Xinghua and Dongtai performance better in fiber length; Qidong, Liuhe and Yanhai locations were of bet-ter fiber length uniformity; Sheyang and Dongxin were better in micronaire value;while Sheyang along was better in fiber elongation and reflectance. Moreover, the correlation between fiber yel owness and other traits was significant (P<0.01). [Con-clusion] The regional characteristic of cotton fiber quality index in Jiangsu province was obvious and fiber yel owness was worthy an indicator trait to assist the compre-hensive improvement of cotton fiber quality.

  14. Aroma Constituents in Shanxi Aged Vinegar before and after Aging.

    Liang, Jingjing; Xie, Jianchun; Hou, Li; Zhao, Mengyao; Zhao, Jian; Cheng, Jie; Wang, Shi; Sun, Bao-Guo


    Shanxi aged vinegar is one of the most famous Chinese traditional cereal vinegars produced by spontaneous solid-state fermentation. However, the aroma composition of Shanxi aged vinegar is still ambiguous. The Shanxi vinegars before and after aging were both analyzed by solvent-assisted flavor evaporation combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) as well as gas chromatography-olfactometry (GC-O) in aroma extract dilution analysis. A total of 87 odor-active regions were found by GC-O, and 80 odor-active compounds were identified. By GC-MS/MS, in selected reaction monitoring mode, 30 important identifications were quantitated using authentic standards. In comparison, the aroma molecules for the vinegars before and after aging were almost the same; only their levels were altered, with mostly the esters and some compounds that produce pungent smells being lost and the levels of those from the Maillard reaction, especially the pyrazines (e.g., tetramethylpyrazine), being greatly increased. As for the aged vinegar, the compounds found to have high flavor dilution factors (>128) were 3-(methylthio)propanal, vanillin, 2,3-butanedione, tetramethylpyrazine, 3-methylbutanoic acid, γ-nonalactone, guaiacol, 3-(methylthio)propyl acetate, dimethyl trisulfide, phenylacetaldehyde, 2-ethyl-6-methylpyrazine, 2-acetylpyrazine, 2,3-dimethylpyrazine, furfural, and 3-hydroxy-2-butanone. However, the aroma compounds found at high concentrations (>25 μg/L) in the aged vinegar were acetic acid, followed by 2,3-butanedione, furfural, 3-hydroxy-2-butanone, tetramethylpyrazine, furfuryl alcohol, and 3-methylbutanoic acid.

  15. Regional disparities in the distribution of healthcare workers: evidence from Iran, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

    Ezati Asar, Mohamad; Varehzardi, Ramin; Rajabi Vasokolaei, Ghasem; Haghi, Mehdi; Fazelipor, Morteza


    A health care service is a prerequisite for sustainable development. This requires access to balanced health workers in different geographic areas. The first step is to identify inequality in access to health workers in different areas. This study is a descriptive study was carried out on the cities in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. TOPSIS technique was used to rank the cities in terms of regional disparities in the distribution of health workers. The findings revealed that distinct disparities in the distribution of healthcare workers across Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. Shahrekord and Ardal cities were classified as 1st and 7th respectively. Policy makers should consider priority (regional planning, budget and resources allocation) according to the distribution of healthcare workers.

  16. Systematic Analysis and Optimization of the Agricultural Structure in Ethnic Regions in Northwest Sichuan Province


    Based on introducing the basic conditions of the ethnic regions in northwest Sichuan Province,the thesis analyzes its agricultural development status,which can be classified into two aspects--rich natural resources and slow agricultural economic growth.Through the analysis on the agricultural structure of northwest Sichuan Province,it is found that the production efficiency and economic benefits of crop planting in this region are low,animal husbandry,as a major industry in pastoral region,sees high production efficiency,the agricultural production is still at the resource-oriented stage;its agricultural structure is still the farming-pastoral structure relying mainly on animal husbandry,planting is dominated by crop planting and potato planting,animal husbandry mainly produces dairy and beef;the ethnic regions in northwest Sichuan Province is endowed with the advantages to grow crops,beans and fruits as well as to produce beef,mutton and milk,among which,three industries,say fruit,beef and dairy are with increasing location quotient and gradually strengthening industrial comparative advantage,while the location quotient of the other industries is declining and their industrial comparative advantages are more stable.In order to promote the agriculture in northwest Sichuan Province to develop in breadth and depth,the thesis proposes the following measures and suggestions:the first one is to adhere to the development strategy of modern animal husbandry;the second is to appropriately improve the proportion of economic crops;the third is to accelerate the development of green food processing industry.

  17. Evaluating Regional Emissions Trading Pilot Schemes in China's Two Provinces and Five Cities

    Huizhi, Wang


    With the highest energy use and greenhouse gas emissions around the world, China has begun to adopt comprehensive approaches to control its CO2 emissions and fight climate change. China has committed to reduce its carbon intensity by 40% to 45% compared to 2005 levels by 2020. In 2011, China initiated the development of seven regional carbon trading scheme (ETS) pilots in two provinces (Guangdong and Hubei) and five cities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenzhen) and has embarked ...

  18. Regional Innovativeness Strategies And Their Impact On Innovativeness Of Provinces In Poland. A Spatio-temporal Analysis

    Kowalik Jan


    Full Text Available Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS have existed in Poland for almost ten years and in this period they have been developed, accepted and implemented in all provinces. The basic aim of Regional Innovativeness Strategies is to support regional or local authorities and other regional development organizations in defining and implementing an effective system of supporting innovativeness in the region. The current scope of realizing projects connected with RIS is different in particular provinces. The author of the paper attempts to evaluate the effects of implementation of pro-innovativeness solution included in Regional Innovation Strategies with particular consideration of their influence on the growth of region innovativeness level in Poland.


    Deffi Ayu Puspito Sari


    Full Text Available The Republic of Indonesia Law number 24 year 2007 on disaster emphasizes that the protection of national assets is in line with Law No. 11 year 2010 on the cultural heritage. Yogyakarta Province has 12 disaster hazards and has five complete archaeological cultural layers in Indonesia. In the event of a disaster, potential damage to the cultural heritage is exposed. The archaeological cultural layer consists of prehistoric, classical, Islamic and colonial. The lack of research related to cultural heritage in the province resulting in increasing vulnerability of cultural heritage and society. Using qualitative method with in-depth interview, the aim of this study is to analyse the management of cultural heritage from the perspective of disaster management. Archaeological cultural layers that embedded into the realm of cultural heritage is defined as a national asset that should be protected. The result shows that the management of cultural resources in the province is not yet integrated with disaster management. However, the results of the archaeological identification of cultural heritage in each cultural layer in Yogyakarta showed the development of community adaptation to the disaster. Utilization of cultural heritage as an element of the panca gatra has been impartial that affected the regional resilience and security in facing the disaster. Both of these problems can be overcome by integrating the cultural resources management and disaster management, the establishment of an emergency response team on cultural preservation, and disaster risk analysis on cultural heritage that annexed by BPBD and Cultural Office of Yogyakarta Province.

  20. 山西省经典型苯丙酮尿症患者苯丙氨酸羟化酶基因突变研究%Study on the mutations of phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in patients with phenylketonuria in Shanxi province

    高伟华; 张全斌; 刘建平; 杨建萍; 张改秀; 马云霞; 张晓刚; 郁梁; 周永安


    Shanxi province. Results By sequence analysis,three single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) Q232Q (CAA→CAG),V245V (GTG→GTA) and L385L (CTG→CTC) were detected in both the patients and healthy children,with the frequencies of nt 696, 735 and 1155of the PAH eDNA up to 96.2%, 76.1% and 7.6% in patients respectively,and 97.0% ,77.3% and 8. 3%respectively in the healthy controls. In addition, 72 different mutations accounting for 61.0% of mutant alleles were identified in the patients only. In exon 3, R111X, H64 > TfsX9 and S70 del were found accounting for 5.1% ,0.8% and 0.8% ;EX6-96A>G in exon 6 was found accounting for 10. 2%. In exon 7,R243Q was the highest incidence accounting for 12. 7%, followed by Ivs7 + 2 T> A (5. 1%) and T278I (2. 5%); the lowest incidences were G247V, R252Q, L255S, R261Q and E280K accounting for 0. 8 %,respectively. In exon 11,Y356X (5. 9%) and V399V (5. 1%) were found; in exon 12,R413P and A434D were found accounting for 5. 9% and 2.5%. In total, 9 missense mutations, 3 splice site mutations, 2nonsense mutations and 2 deletions were included in 16 kinds of different mutations. Conclusion The mutation characteristics and distribution in exons 3,6,7,11 and 12 of the PAH gene have been identified,and it suggested that the EX6-96A>G and R243Q were the hot spots of PAH gene mutations in Shanxi PKU population.

  1. Research on the Hierarchy of Influencing Factors of Mass Entrepreneurship Based on ISM:Take ShanXi Province for Example%基于ISM的大众创业影响因素层次结构研究--以山西省为例

    牛冲槐; 温雅钰


    梳理了大众创业影响因素的相关研究文献,运用调查问卷和因子分析方法得出了山西省大众创业影响因子,并通过IS M 方法构建了山西省大众创业影响因素的递阶结构模型,得到以下结论:政府政策与政府项目因子在大众创业进程中具有基础性作用;个人因子、市场条件因子与政府因子在大众创业过程中均发挥着重要作用;个人自身基础因子是引起大众创业活动的直接原因。从个人、市场、政府3个主体维度全面分析了影响全民创业的具体因素,以山西省为具体研究对象,揭示了大众创业影响因素间的作用机理并提出了相关建议。%This paper reviews the literatures related to specific factors that affect mass entrepreneurship ,using the question‐naire method and factor analysis to obtain the entrepreneurial factors of Shanxi Province ,on this basis ,using empirical study and the ISM method to build a hierarchy structural model of mass entrepreneurial factors ,and then draw the follow‐ing conclusions :government policy and government project have a fundamental role in the process of mass entrepreneur‐ship ;the market and the government play an important role in the process of mass entrepreneurship ;the individual's ow n basic factors are the direct cause of the mass entrepreneurship .Being different from the existing literatures ,this article gives a comprehensive analysis of the specific factors affecting the mass entrepreneurship from three main dimensions per‐sonal ,market and government .

  2. The factors of coping and perceived social support scale on juvenile violent prisoners in Shanxi Province%应对方式和领悟社会支持对山西省青少年暴力犯罪的影响

    何志晶; 王志中; 樊鑫


      Objective:The objective of this paper is to explore the factors of coping and perceived social support scale on juvenile violent prisoners in Shanxi Province. Methods:789 juvenile violent prisoners were surveyed with Revised Aggression Questionnaire,Coping Questionnaire and Perceived Social Support Scale Questionnaire. Results:There were significantly different problems-solving,self-accusation, illusions,retreat,rationalization and perceived social support scale with factors of Coping Questionnaire,but help-seeking. Conclusion:The juvenile violent prisoners to use mostly immature or mixed coping style, instead of mature coping style;perceived social support scale is lower;problems-solving,self-accusation,illusions, rationalization and perceived social support scale are effectiveness to violent attacks .%  目的:探讨应对方式和领悟社会支持对山西省青少年暴力犯罪的影响。方法:采用修订后攻击问卷、应对方式问卷和领悟社会支持PSSS问卷对789名山西青少年犯进行心理测量。结果:除求助外,解决问题、自责、幻想、退避、合理化和PSSS与《攻击问卷》各因素之间有着十分显著的关系;言语攻击、愤怒和敌意与PSSS之间有十分显著地关系,身体攻击与PSSS之间的关系不大。结论:青少年暴力犯多采用不成熟或者混合型的应对方式,而不是求助等成熟的应对方式;对于社会中的支持感受较低;解决问题、自责、幻想、合理化、PSSS对暴力攻击有影响效力。

  3. Analysis of Loess Plateau Poverty Relief Resettlement Mode--A case study of Pinglu County in Shanxi Province%黄土高原扶贫移民安置模式分析--以山西省平陆县为例

    张茹; 张爱国; 王耀麟


    Domestic and foreign scholars have classifies the resettlement modes of different types of migrants such as en-gineering ,ecology ,education and so on from different points of viewand analyzedtheir characteristics .Becasue the re-settelement mode of Loess Plateau poverty migrants has differences from other modes ,this article takes Pinglu County of Shanxi Province as an example ,summarizes the patterns of the resettlement modes of the Loes Plateau area and their features ,and establishes an evaluation model to assess four patterns in Pinglu County from the aspects of povertyallevia-tion ,economic ,social ,environmental and main benefits .According to the analysis ,the article points out that the villiagers should be moved out in batches and resetteldselectively ,instead of the current pattern of integral moving and contralized resettlement ,so as to provide references for decision -making of futher work ofLoess Plateauimmigration for poverty al-leviation .%指出了国内外学者从不同视角对工程移民、生态移民、教育移民等不同移民类型的不同安置模式进行了分类,并分析了其特点。基于黄土高原地区扶贫移民安置模式与其他类型移民安置模式的不同之处,以山西省平陆县为例,总结了黄土高原地区扶贫移民安置模式的类型及其特点,建立模式评估模型,从扶贫效益、经济效益、社会效益、环境效益和主体效益5个方面对平陆县4种移民模式进行了综合评价,得出了应该改变整村搬迁集中安置的现状、实施分批搬迁、有选择性安置的建议,为黄土高原进一步开展扶贫移民工作提供决策依据和值得借鉴的安置模式。

  4. 埋土防寒区葡萄爬地龙栽培模式经济和技术评价——以山西夏县为例%Technical and Economic Assessment on Crawled Cordon Training in the Soil-bury Over-wintering Zone Based on the Survey Data of Grape Growers in Xiaxian, Shanxi Province

    张静; 王华; 董新义; 赵现华; 梁莎; 李华


    ln this study,the vine cultivation mode,crawled cordon training (CCT) was acted as the subject, and multiple main vine fan-training (MVF) was acted as the control. The grape growers were investigated in Xiaxian,Shanxi Province, and the random sampling method was used to get the data. After using the technological and econometric analysis method, the following results were arrived. 1) Vineyards were in marginal increasing return stage,and the growers' income increased significantly under CCT. 2) CCT is better than MVF in economic profits in a significant level. 3) Different modes demonstrated no significant influence on disease scale and type. 4) Different modes exhibited impacts on the grape maturation. 5) CCT could enhance the ability of vines to resist frost. 6) CCT could significantly improve the vine's winter pruning, winter burying and spring unearth-mounting efficiency, CCT is a much more suitable mode to be popularized in the soil-bury over-wintering zone.%以爬地龙葡萄栽培模式为研究对象,以多主蔓扇形为对照,采取随机抽样的方法在山西夏县进行调研,用技术理论和经济计量相结合的方法对所得数据分析评价.结果表明:1)葡萄园处于边际报酬递增阶段,且爬地龙会显著增加收入;2)爬地龙在经济效益方面显著优于多主蔓扇形;3)不同栽培模式对葡萄病害规模和种类没有显著性影响;4)不同栽培模式会影响果实成熟度;5)爬地龙会增强葡萄抵御霜冻的能力;6)爬地龙能显著提高葡萄冬剪、埋土和出土上架效率.爬地龙较适合在葡萄埋土防寒区重点推广.

  5. 京津晋冀寒武系第三统鲕粒灰岩特征及其环境意义%The Third Series of Cambrian Oolitic Limestones and Their Sedimentary Environment in Beijing,Tianjin,Shanxi and Hebei Provinces,North China

    赵鹏沄; 刘波; 秦善


    The study area,geographically including Beijing,Tianjin,Shanxi and Hebei Provinces,is the main part of the North China Plate.Based on the study of outcrop and thin section observation,the distribution pattern of oolitic limestone and its ooid characteristics are presented.Olitic limestones were widely distributed in the area during the Third Series of Cambrian.Generally,the oolitic limestone elevates in strata gradually from east to west,which indicates that the oolitic limestone is diachronous.Huge oolitic shoals distribute along a western ward bulging belt from north to south,and mainly are composed of concentric ooids.In west of the belt,the thickness of the oolitic limestone decreases rapidly,and the oolitic limestone mainly is composed of radial ooids.In east of the belt,the oolitic limestone thins gradually,with majority grains of concentric ooids.The marine transgression during the Third Epoch of Cambrian took place from east to west on the North China Plate.In this background,the inner ramp ooid shoals developed in the central belt of the study area,with open sea in the east and shoal back tidal flat in the west.%京津晋冀地区是华北板块的主体,该区寒武系第三统以鲕粒灰岩的广泛发育为特点。通过野外露头剖面和室内薄片观察,对研究区鲕粒灰岩空间展布和鲕粒类型进行了详细研究。鲕粒灰岩从东到西出现的层位逐渐抬高,具有明显的穿时性。大型鲕滩呈向西凸出的弧形带状分布,鲕滩带主体由同心鲕鲕粒灰岩组成,鲕滩带西侧鲕粒灰岩厚度迅速减小,鲕粒以放射鲕居多,鲕滩带东侧鲕粒灰岩厚度逐渐减小,鲕粒以同心鲕占绝对优势。寒武纪第三世海侵方向是由东向西,在研究区中部发育内缓坡的鲕粒滩环境,西部为滩后潮坪环境,东部为开阔海环境。

  6. 金融教育影响了大学生的金融认知和金融行为吗--来自陕西的经验证据%Does Financial Education Affect Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior of College Students----An Empirical Study from Shanxi Province

    李媛; 郭立宏


    运用Ordered logit回归方法,对陕西省1337名大学生的问卷调查数据进行了计量分析,检验了学校教育、家庭教育对个人金融认知的影响以及金融认知和网络消费依存度对大学生金融行为的影响。经验分析结果表明:学校教育对个人金融认知的影响显著大于家庭教育,学校教育可以弥补城乡学生间个体金融认知的初始差异;相对于基础金融知识,拥有更多高级金融知识的个人更容易接受新兴金融产品;网络消费依存度高的个人更容易尝试新兴金融产品,而且网络实践经验对个人接受新兴金融产品的影响要大于书本教育。%Based on survey data collected on 1337 college students in Shanxi province, this paper aims to seek the relationship between school education, home education and financial literacy, test how financial literacy and the dependence on network consumption are used to affect financial behavior among college students. The result indicates: the impact of school education on personal financial literacy is significantly greater than home education;school education can make up for the initial financial literacy differences between urban and rural students. Compared to the basic financial knowledge,individuals with more advanced knowledge are more likely to accept the innovative financial products;those with high dependence on network consumption are more likely to use innovative financial products;the effect of network practice on individuals who accepted the innovative financial products is greater than textbook.

  7. 基于3D 管理系统的煤炭矿山三维建模及实践:以陕北某煤矿为例%Three-dimensional modeling of coal mines based on 3D management system:taking one coal mine in North Shanxi province for example

    王议; 孙伟; 马冬梅; 张志鹏; 何培雍


    As the advance of exploration techniques and mining informatization level ,three‐dimensional modeling and 3D management technology of mines become hot spots .The paper expound the coal geological 3D management system which is based on the GIS platform .Three‐dimensional modeling of coal mines need at least four kinds of data ,including topography and geological data ,drilling data ,roadway data ,elevation and image data .The paper introduce the processing methods of these data ,and then introduce the procedure of three‐dimensional modeling for five models .The five models are coal stratum model ,drilling model ,roadway model ,mined‐out areas model and surface image model .Taking one coal mine in north Shanxi province for example , the paper also describe some problems with the 3D modeling and solution methods of them .%随着现代勘探技术的进步,矿区信息化水平的提高,使矿区三维建模与3D管理技术成为信息化研究的热点。本文阐述了基于GIS平台研发的煤炭地质3D管理系统的基本内容,介绍了煤炭矿山三维建模需要的矿区地形地质数据、钻孔数据、巷道数据、高程和影像数据等几种基础数据的处理方法,在此基础上介绍构建煤炭矿区煤岩层地质体模型、钻孔模型、巷道模型、采空区模型和地表影像模型等5个三维模型的步骤,并以陕北某煤矿为例说明了建模中可能遇到的具体问题和解决办法。

  8. Effect of Allocation of Tree Species on Species Diversity of Forest Floor in Loess Plateau of West Shanxi Province%晋西黄土区不同树种配置对林下植被物种多样性的影响

    赵娜; 查同刚; 周志勇


    以晋西黄土区的油松林、刺槐林和油松刺槐混交林3种人工林群落为研究对象,通过地表植被调查,分析了不同树种配置对林下层物种多样性的影响.结果表明:在晋西黄土区,针阔叶树种的配置更有利于林下层植被多物种的共存;油松和刺槐的搭配种植显著提高了森林土壤的养分质量分数和林下植物群落的生物量,这些生态因子的改善又有利于其林下植被物种多样性的增加.因此,建议在该地区可适当扩大油松和刺槐混交林的种植面积,在充分发挥其水土保持功能的基础上提高地表植被的物种组成多样性.%The understory plant communities were investigated in pure plantations of Pinus tabulaeforrnis, Robinia pseudoacacia and a P. tabulaeformis-R. pseudoacacia mixed plantation in the Loess Plateau of west Shanxi Province in 2008. Effects of allocation of tree species on species diversity of forest floor were analyzed. Results show that the mixed allocation of conifer and broadleaf is favorable to the coexistence of more understory species. P. tabulaeformis-R. pseudoacacia mixed plantation could enhance the mass fraction of soil nutrients and the biomass of understory plant communities, which is propitious to increase the understory species diversity. Therefore, the planting area of P. tabulaeformis-R. pseudoacacia mixed plantations should be extended properly to increase the diversity of forest floor based on the full exertion of water and soil conservation functions.

  9. Construction of Two-Region Input-output Model——A Case Study of Henan Province


    On the basis of input-output table of Henan Province and China in 2007, this paper advances a simple method of constructing two-region input-output model using MRIO model, to research the economic link between the industries of Henan Province and the industries of other regions. I summarize the characteristics of this method based on this as follows: when researching inter-regional economic link, the multi-region or two-region input-output model has prominent superiority, and we can conduct preliminary estimation on the multi-region input-output model using location quotient approach.

  10. [Evaluation on sustainability of forest resources in Bailong River forest region, Gansu Province].

    Guo, Zhenggang; Cheng, Guodong; Wu, Bingli; Chen, Yuqi; Sun, Xuegang


    Based on the theories of sustainable development of forest resources, this paper constructed an index system for the integrative evaluation on the sustainability of forest resources in Bailon River forest region of Gansu Province. After calculated the index values of five strategic levels and twenty measure levels, the degree of harmony (DH) was obtained, with which, the sustainability of test forest resources could be evaluated. The DH value was 0.5320 in 1996 and 0.6100 in 2000, which was smaller than the theoretic value of 0.7000, and hence, this forest region belonged to non-sustainable development, but made some progress for its sustainability.

  11. Ecotourism Model and Benefits of Periphery Regions in Western Sichuan Province

    Li Bin; Dong Suocheng; Xue Mei


    There are many problems in the minority regions of western Sichuan Province, such as serious soil erosion, fragile ecological environment, low levels of economy and so on. Ad-vantages of tourism resources in the "periphery regions" should be fully utilized, and "multi-tourism" meets the characteristics and present situation of the minority regions. The "multi-tourism de-velopment model" can exert the functions of tourism as the key industry. Based on the demands and the internal linkages among different industries, the model can accelerate the development of related-industries, such as eco-agriculture, eco-industry and so on. Through implementing the multi-tourism model, we can fully utilize the advantages of the periphery regions and promote the sustainable development of regional economy.

  12. Research on Regional Economic Development Strategy Under the New Situation in Sb.anxi%新形势下山西区域经济发展战略研究



    With the transition of economic development strategy and regional policies, policy of national and regional is constantly improving and adjusting. To Shanxi, it' s since luck and challenge. In the face of new change in national economic structure and regional development, Shanxi as a less developed province, to overall planning regional development, optimize economic structure, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, establishment and improvement coordination mechanism of interactive development of provinces and the area in province, is the urgent need to promote regional comprehensive competitiveness in Shanxi current.%随着经济发展战略的转变和体制的转轨,国家区域发展政策也在不断调整之中,对于山西来说,既是机遇,又是挑战。面对全国经济格局和区域发展的新变化,山西作为一个欠发达省份,统筹区域发展、优化经济布局、加快转型升级、建立和完善省际之间以及省内各区域之间协调互动发展机制,是当前提升山西区域综合竞争力的迫切需要。

  13. Regional soil moisture simulation for Shaanxi Province using SWAT model validation and trend analysis


    The soil moisture in Shaanxi Province,a region with complex topography,is simulated using the distributed hydrological model Soil Water Assessment Tool(SWAT).Comparison and contrast of modeled and observed soil moisture show that the SWAT model can reasonably simulate the long-term trend in soil moisture and the spatiotemporal variability of soil moisture in the region.Comparisons to NCEP/NCAR and ERA40 reanalysis of soil moisture show that the trend of variability in soil moisture simulated by SWAT is more consistent with the observed.SWAT model results suggested that high soil moisture in surface soil layers appears in the southern Shaanxi with high vegetation cover,and the Qinling mountainous region with frequent orographic precipitation.In deeper soil layers,high soil moisture appears in the river basins and plains.The regional soil moisture showed a generally decreasing trend on all soil layers from 1951 to 2004,with a stronger and significant decreasing trend in deeper soil layers,especially in the northern parts of the province.

  14. 现阶段私营企业劳动者权益保护研究--基于山西省的问卷调查与访谈%The Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Employees of Privately -owned Enterprises ---A Questionnaire-Interview Study based on Shanxi Province

    李玲娥; 郭欣亮


    The rights and interests (RAI) of the employees of a privately -owned enterprise (POE) are central to its employment relations .The protection of the legal RAI of employees is key to establishing harmonious employ-ment relations .Based on the field survey of POEs in Shanxi Province conducted by a research team , this paper i-dentifies the status quo of the RAI of their employees:It is the view of the research that the RAI of the employees of the POEs in the Province are well protected overall , but problems do exist such as informal employment , pay un-matched to work , marginalized workers ’ union and incomplete legal system etc .Drawing on the experience of A-merica, Denmark, Germany and Japan on the safeguarding of the RAI of the laborers , the paper believes that the guiding role of the Chinese government should be strengthened;that relevant laws and supervisory standards on the protection of laborers ’ RAI be perfected;that labor inspection be reinforced and that the business environment for POEs be improved .Meanwhile , the role of the workers ’ union should be fully displayed so as to build a collective negotiation system and a three -party coordination mechanism .Employees themselves should also try to improve their own qualifications .And their awareness of RAI should be heightened so that they can effectively safeguard their RAI through legal means .%劳动者权益是私营企业劳资关系的核心问题,保护劳动者的合法权益是构建和谐劳资关系的关键所在。以课题组对山西省私营企业的问卷调查和访谈为基础,运用马克思经济学理论,采用规范分析与实证分析相结合的方法,对劳动者权益问题进行分析,提出相关政策建议。主要结论为:私营企业中劳动者权益整体情况较好,但也存在非正式用工形式、员工不能按劳取酬、工会职能边缘化、有关法律体系不完善等问题。借鉴美国、丹麦、瑞典、日本维护劳动者

  15. 2011年-2013年陕西省1185例结直肠癌住院病例临床特征分析%Clinical Characteristics Analysis on 1185 Cases of Inpatients with Colorectal Cancer in Shanxi Province from 2011 to 2013

    张宁; 闫永平; 苏海霞; 赵斌; 李莎; 戴晓玲


    目的:分析陕西省2011年1月-2013年12月结直肠癌住院病例的临床和流行病学特征。方法回顾性研究陕西省6所医院1185结直肠癌住院病例信息,统计分析结直肠癌患者的男女比例、年龄范围、好发部位、病理类型的流行病学特征。结果1185例住院病例男女比例1.28:1;患者年龄以35岁~65岁段居多;发病部位直肠居多占63.5%,其次为乙状结肠占16.4%,升结肠占6.2%;各年龄段病理类型以腺癌为主。结论我省结直肠癌患者发病年龄、发病部位和数十年前的发达地区相似,作为我省结直肠癌的早期预防,应重点考虑提高饮食的果蔬含量等饮食习惯的改变,以及针对高发人群开展早期干预、临床筛查,提高早期发现,早诊早治,以提高患者生存质量,降低死亡率。%Objectives To analyze the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of inpatients with colorectal cancer in Shanxi province from January 2011 to December 2013.Methods The data of 1185 patients with colorectal cancer at Shaanxi Cancer Hospital from January 2011 to December 2013 were reviewed.Then a statistical analysis was conducted on the epidemiological characteristics including gender, age, predilection site, and pathological types of the patients with colorectal cancer.Results The gender ratio of hospitalized patients was 1.28:1; most of patients aged from 35 to 65 years old; the tumor sites included rectal(63.5%),colon sigmoideum(16.4%), and colon ascendens(6.2%); and the predominant pathological type was adencarcinoma.Conclusions The age and predilection sites of Shaanxi province were similar to that of the developed areas decades ago. As the prevention measures, the additional fruit intake and the modification of the diet habit should be emphasized, and also carry out early intervention and the clinical screening test of the people with high-incidence rates so as to identify and treat colorectal cancer in the

  16. Emergy accounting of the Province of Siena: towards a thermodynamic geography for regional studies.

    Pulselli, R M; Pulselli, F M; Rustici, M


    This research is part of the SPIn-Eco project for the Province of Siena, Italy, and applies an environmental accounting method to a region with reference to its population, human activities, natural cycles, infrastructures and other settings. This study asserts that the consumption of resources due to the human economy is a source of great concern because of the load it places on the biosphere. Environmental resources locally used, whether directly or indirectly, from both renewable energy fluxes and storage of materials and energies, are investigated. In this paper emergy analysis is presented and applied to the Province of Siena and to each of its municipalities, in order to evaluate the main flows of energy and materials that supply the territorial system, including human subsystems, with reference to their actual environmental cost. Therefore, the behaviour of the whole system and the interactions between natural and human agents were studied; in other words, the attitudes of the territorial systems toward resource use as revealed by their patterns of emergy consumption were observed. Once expressed in units of the same form of energy through the emergy evaluation, categories of resource consumption and systems of varying scales and organization are compared. Furthermore, indexes of environmental performance based on emergy are calculated. Flows of energy and materials are assessed, and their intensities, which vary throughout the area of the Province, are then visualized on maps.

  17. Inquiry on underground water protecting countermeasures of karst spring basin in Shanxi province%关于山西省岩溶泉域地下水保护对策的探讨



    In order to guarantee sustainable development of underground water source of karst spring basin and avoid water quality pollution,the paper analyzes hydrological environment problems of current karst spring basin including spring water dosage reduction and drying,water quality worsening spring region environment damage and so on,and points out some suggestions,such as protecting underground water of spring basin, adjusting industrial structure,developing green agriculture,and saving water as well.%为确保岩溶地下水资源的可持续发展及水质不受到污染,对山西省目前存在的岩溶水文地质环境问题进行了分析,包括泉水流量衰减及干涸、水质恶化、泉源区环境破坏等,并指出应对岩溶泉域地下水进行各个区域保护,并调整产业结构,发展绿色农业,节约用水。

  18. 山西省阳城县5073例上消化道内窥镜筛查结果分析%Analysis on 5073 persons of upper gastrointestinal endoscopic screening in Yangcheng county Shanxi province

    王新正; 张永贞; 元芳梅; 王芳; 刘宽荣


    Objective To summarize endoscopic screening results of early detection and treatment of esophageal cancer in Yangcheng County,and to improve detection rate of precancerous lesions.Methods Analyze 5073 examples who were checked by endoscopy and iodine dyeing and cardia ridge root biopsy.Results Sex rate(male to female)was 0.99:1,there were statistics significant difference between two group (P>0.05);male's detection rate of dysplasia and cancer was obvious higher than female's(P<0.01);The early detection rate of esophagus,cardia,stomach was 73.33%,71.88%,44.44%respectively.Conclusion To use endoscopy and iodine dyeing and cardic ridge root biopsy can increase the detection rate of precancerous lesions in esophageal cancer high risk region.%目的 总结阳城县食管癌早诊早治项目内窥镜筛查情况和早期诊断结果.方法 对5073例应用内窥镜检查+碘染色+指示性活组织检查及贲门脊根部定点活组织检查的普查资料进行分析.结果 参加筛查的男女比为0.99:1,两组差异无统计学意义(P>0.05);不典型增生和癌的检出率男性明显高于女性(P<0.01);食管、贲门、胃的早期诊断率{早期诊断病例[重度不典型增生和(或)原位癌、黏膜内癌]/重度不典型增生和(或)原位癌以上病例}分别为73.33%、71.88%、44.44%.结论 在食管癌高发区应用内窥镜检查+碘染色+指示性活组织检查可提高食管癌癌前病变的检出率,同时要重视对早期贲门癌的诊断,建议食管癌高发区常规内窥镜检查时应做碘染色+指示性活组织检查和对贲门脊根部的定点活组织检查,以提高癌前病变的检出率.

  19. 关中地区休闲旅游产业发展的瓶颈与破解∗%On the Development Bottlenecks of Leisure Tourism Industry and Crack Methods in GuanZhong Area of Shanxi Province



    s:The leisure and tourism industry in Guanzhong region have related to the development of tourism industry in Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone and Silk Road Economic Belt.However,the devel-opment of tourism industry has been restricted by the main bottleneck in the area.Such as uneven tourism re-sources distribution;poor economic benefit and tourist traffic;insufficient tourism experience;lacking mar-keting and the unknown cultural characteristics.In order to optimize the development of leisure tourism in-dustry in Guanzhong area,it must be broke the bottlenecks from the following five aspects:planning scientif-ically to form large tourism circle;optimizing transportation and construct direct line of tourist;updating ideas to build a well-known tourist brand;breaking the old board to explore global travel patterns;digging the connotation deeply to increase tourism attractions.%关中地区休闲旅游产业的发展关联着关天经济区与丝绸之路经济带的发展。然而旅游资源分布不均、经济效益不佳、旅游体验不足、市场营销不够、旅游交通不畅和文化特色不显是制约关中地区休闲旅游产业发展的主要瓶颈。以科学规划,形成大旅游圈;优化交通,建设旅游直达专线;更新观念,打造知名旅游品牌;打破旧局,探索全域旅游模式;深挖内涵,增加旅游吸引力来破解关中地区休闲旅游产业发展的瓶颈,加快关中地区休闲旅游产业发展。

  20. Epidemic analysis of brucellosis in Datong of Shanxi province between 2006 and 2009%2006-2009年山西省大同市布鲁杆菌病流行现状分析

    高学萍; 李振宇; 郭曼卿; 吴文华; 邢月珍


    Objective To investigate the epidemic situation of brucellosis in Datong city, and to provide scientific evidence for making appropriate prevention and control measures. Methods Surveillance data of human brucellosis in 7 countris and 4 districts in Datong city between 2006 and 2009 were collected, throng the national network straight quote system in an infectious diseases. Excel database was established and all data were statistically analyzed. Incidence of brucellosis in local population was analyzed. The regional distribution, time distribution,occupation, age and sex distribution were analyzed. Epidemic characteristics and trend of brucellosis in Datong city were summarized. Results A total of 5195 cases of brucellosis patients in Datong were found between 2006 and 2009, the average incidence rate was 57.51/10 million. All counties had the disease, and the onset of the disease mainly in the spring and summer. Most cases were young males. Farmer case was 81.67%(4243/5195) of the total patients. Conclusions From 2006 to 2009, epidemic characteristic of Datong human brucellosis is"high-low-high"(incidence). We suggests the Department concerned to strengthen the prevention and control of the disease in some counties, focusing on spreading of disease prevention and control knowledge among farmers and increase their self-protection awareness.%目的 了解大同市布鲁杆菌病(简称布病)流行现状,为制订预防决策提供科学依据。方法 通过全国传染病疫情网络直报系统,收集整理2006 - 2009年大同市7个县4个区人间布病疫情监测资料,建立Excel数据库,对全部数据进行统计分析。分析当地人群布病发病率,发病人群的地区分布、时间分布、职业分布、年龄性别分布,总结大同市人间布病流行趋势及特点。结果 2006 - 2009年大同市共发生布病5195例,平均发病率为57.51/10万。各县(区)均有发病,发病时间以春、夏季为主,发

  1. Shanxi Sanwei: Leading International Fine Chemical Company


    @@ Three big bouds Since its listing in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1997, Shanxi Sanwei has conducted financing in the stock market four times and raised a total of RMB1.2 billion. In 1997 around RMB320 million raised by the company in the first open circulation of its shares was used in technical renovation and capacity expansion includinga 20 000 t/a BDO project.

  2. “乡土”农用地评价:以山西省河曲县沙坪村为例%Indigenous evaluation of farmlands:A case study in Shaping Village in Hequ County, Shanxi Province

    赵庆玲; 周洋; 王晓军


    local farmers’ evaluation were consistent with the results of AHP. The results suggested that local farmers in particular regions had accumulated abundant knowledge on the use and management of farmlands, which was logical and rational. The farmland evaluation developed by local farmers was more reliable than the short-term appraisal by experts, which was directly applicable in the evaluation of farmlands at village level. Therefore indigenous evaluation of farmlands was a better method that was in line with local natural, social and economic conditions of villages. The study concluded by recommending that future communications between local and scientific knowledge should be enhanced in evaluating farmlands so as to build more locally-adjusted and applicable farmland-sustainable management systems.%农民长期从事农业活动,是当地农用地的直接创造者、使用者和维护者,有着丰富的农用地评价知识和智慧。本研究以山西省河曲县沙坪村为例,采用参与式农村评估(Participatory Rural Appraisal, PRA)和参与式地理信息系统(Participatory Geographic Information System, PGIS)等地理学与人类学结合的方法,深入剖析了当地农民在20世纪80年代初期是如何利用自己的乡土知识进行农用地评价的,并运用科学方法评价了这里长期形成的农用地评价体系。研究结果表明:1)村民们当时按照社区成员都认可的乡土知识,对本村农用地进行了评价,农用地被划分为6个级别,占总土地面积的比例分别为:特级地1.32%、一级地7.81%、二级地19.14%、三级地17.43%、四级地9.28%以及五级地48.77%;其中:土地质量较好的前4级主要用于种植粮食和经济作物,后2级质量较差,主要为乔木林地、灌木林地和草地。2)村庄深度访谈发现,村民们在评价农用地时考虑了自然、社会和经济等14项因子,它们的权重和优先顺序有所差异。3)将村民视为“乡土专家”,通过18

  3. 山西省山阴县砷中毒病区人群唾液砷与尿砷、水砷的关系%The arsenic concentration in saliva and its relationship with arsenic in urine and drinking water in endemic arsenism area in Shanyin county of Shanxi province

    王大朋; 王三祥; 王正辉; 张利明; 李建; 刘建; 金洹宇; 刘星; 安艳


    Objective To investigate the arsenic level in saliva and its relationship with arsenic in urine and drinking water in endemic arsenism area in Shanyin county of Shanxi province.Methods Seventy individuals from four villages in endemic arsenicosis area in Shanyin county Shanxi provence were selected as research subjects.“The National Diagnosis Standard for Endemic Arsenism” (WS/T211-2001 ) was used to identify and categorize the cases of arsenicosis during the survey.Urine,saliva samples from all individuals and water samples from their families were collected.Total arsenic in saliva,urine and drinking water samples were detected by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and atomic fluorescence spectrometry-230 (AFS-230).Resnlts The median of arsenic in drinking water samples was 127.22 μg/L,and 66.67% (28/42) of samples' arsenic levels exceeded the drinking water standard,37 individuals had varying degrees of skin lesions among the 70 residents.There was a significant difference of the arsenic concentration in saliva and urine of the residents exposed to different levels of arsenic in drinking water (F =28.643,10.226,all P< 0.05).Arsenic levels were positively correlated significantly (r =0.674,0.686,all P< 0.05) between water and saliva,urinary.Saliva and urinary arsenic levels were highly correlated (r =0.794,P < 0.05).In addition,arsenic in saliva and urine,water arsenic,skin symptoms were closely related, and the levels of arsenic were significantly different statistically between symptomatic group and asymptomatic group (t =- 3.194,- 4.167,- 4.938,all P < 0.01).Conclusions Salivary arsenic is significantly correlated with water arsenic and also with skin symptoms of patients with arsenic poisoning,which suggests that salivary arsenic is a potential useful biomarker for assessing human exposure to arsenic.%目的 分析山西省山阴县地方性砷中毒(地砷病)病区人群唾液中砷含量,比较其与尿砷、水砷的关

  4. Nitrogen cycle model of agroecosystem in the karst region of Guizhou Province

    CHEN Ye; LIAN Bin


    According to the transport theory of soil solutes and the conditions of soil, geology and climate in the karst region of Guizhou Province, a numerical simulation model of edaphic nitrogen element transport under field conditions is initially established. In this model, NO-3 and NH+4 are regarded as soil solutes. Transformation mechanisms such as biological release, bio-immobilization, ammonium adsorption-desorption, nitration-denitrification and factors of crop root uptaking are considered in this model. It is hoped that the data from this model could directly be used to guide agricultural production in this region and offer feasible ways to improve the use of nitrogen element, sustainable development of agriculture in karst mountainous areas and natural environment.

  5. 福红优3号、福红16号红麻品种在山西适应性研究%Adaptability of Kenf Varieties FUHONGYOU 3 and FUHONG 16 in Shanxi

    康红梅; 宋海荣; 孔佳茜; 孟晓康


    本研究针对山西无红麻品种、无适合其生态条件红麻高产栽培技术的现状,山西省农科院经济作物研究所从福建农林大学引进福红优3号、福红16号红麻品种,参加山西省红麻区域试验,以期筛选适合我省生态条件的红麻品种,总结适合我省生态条件的红麻高产栽培技术。%According to the situation that there are no kenaf varieties and no high yield cultivation technology suitable for its ecological conditions in Shanxi province,kenaf varieties FUHONGYOU 3 and FUHONG 16 were introduced by Institute of Industrial Crops,Shanxi Academy of Agricultral Sciences from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University.In order to select kenaf varieties suitable for the ecologi-cal conditions,the varieties were tested in regional experiment.The high yield cultivation technology might be summarized according to the results.

  6. 妇女怀孕前后被动吸烟与神经管畸形关系的病例对照研究%Maternal passive smoking and the risk of neural tube defects: a case-control study in Shanxi province,China

    李智文; 刘建蒙; 任爱国; 张乐; 郭湛英; 李竹


    目的 探讨母亲怀孕前后被动吸烟与子代发生神经管畸形(NTD)危险性的关系.方法 资料来源于北京大学生育健康研究所在山西省平定、昔阳、太谷和泽州4个县开展的以人群为基础的出生缺陷病例对照研究.病例为2003年1月到2007年6月监测到的515例NTD病例(其中无脑儿236例,脊柱裂237例,脑膨出42例),对照组为同期在同地区调查的682例无体表出生缺陷的婴儿.研究人员在妇女分娩一周内问卷调查妇女怀孕前后的被动吸烟及其他信息.用非条件logistic回归模型调整混杂因素.结果 与无被动吸烟的妇女相比,怀孕前后有被动吸烟的妇女生育NTD的危险性(OR值)为1.84(95%CI:1.39~2.44).妇女被动吸烟频度与子代发生NTD危险性之间存在显著的剂量反应关系.与无被动吸烟的妇女相比,偶尔有被动吸烟的妇女和每天有被动吸烟的妇女生育NTD的OR值分别为1.51和2.44(趋势x2=24.9,P<0.001).结论 妇女怀孕前后被动吸烟增加生育NTD患儿的危险性.%Objective To explore the relationship between maternal passive smoking during early pregnancy and the risk of neural tube defects (NTDs). Methods Data was derived from a populationbased case-control study on birth defects in Shanxi province. The study subjects included 515 NTDs defects cases (236 cases of anencephaly, 237 spina bifida and 42 encephalocele) ascertained during January 2003 and June 2007 in the study areas and 682 normal controls randomly selected in the same residence during the same period as cases. Results The risk of NTDs in their offspring was 1.84 (95 % CI : 1.39-2.44) for mothers with passive smoking history during peri-conceptional period. There was a marked dose-response relation between maternal passive smoking and the risk of NTDs in offspring. Compared to the women without passive smoking, the NTDs risk in offspring was 1.51 for women with occasional passive smoking and 2.44 for women with passive

  7. Drought-resistance of local wheat varieties in Shanxi Province of China: A comprehensive evaluation by using GGE biplot and subordinate function%用GGE双标图及隶属函数综合分析山西小麦地方品种抗旱性

    杨进文; 朱俊刚; 王曙光; 孙黛珍; 史雨刚; 陈卫国


    Taking 7 local wheat varieties in Shanxi Province of China and two other control varieties as test materials, this paper studied their morphological and physiological traits under normal and water stress field conditions. The drought-resistance coefficient of each index of the traits was calculated. On the basis of principal component analysis, the correlations between the drought-resistance indices and their relationships with the drought-resistance of different varieties were analyzed by GGE biplot, and the drought resistance of the wheat varieties was comprehensively evaluated with the combination of subordinate function and drought resistance index analysis. The main morphological and physiological factors affecting the drought-resistance of the wheat varieties were uppermost internode length, plant height, internode length, leaf area, leaf POD and SOD activities, and leaf relative water content and relative electric conductivity. There existed different degrees of correlation between these indices, and each index had different effects on the drought resistance of the varieties , being the main cause for the different drought resistance of the wheat varieties. Based on the drought-resistance, the test varieties could be classified into three groups, i. e. , drought-resistance group, intermediate group, and sensitive group. Two highly drought-resistance cultivars, Baihe-shangtou and Zhuganqing, whose drought-resistance was similar to that of drought-resistant Jinmai 47, could be used as the parent materials for breeding drought-resistance wheat.%以7个山西小麦地方品种和2个对照品种为试材,测定了其在大田正常供水及水分胁迫条件下的形态和生理指标,并计算各指标性状抗旱系数;再利用GGE双标图在主成分分析的基础上,分析各指标性状间的相关性及其与品种抗旱性的关系;最后利用隶属函数与抗旱指数相结合的方法对小麦品种的抗旱性进行综合评价.结果表明:

  8. AIDS related behavior surveillance on male long distance truck driver in Datong City of Shanxi Province,2011%2011年山西省大同市男性长卡司机艾滋病行为监测结果分析

    王宇红; 冯宁


    目的 了解山西省大同市长途卡车司乘人员艾滋病防治知识知晓率状况,为及时有效地在目标人群中开展艾滋病知识宣传和行为干预提供科学依据.方法 按照《全国艾滋病哨点监测实施方案》要求,2011年对大同市灵丘县境内403名长途卡车司乘人员进行匿名问卷调查,统计结果采用SPSS 17.0软件分析.结果 长卡司机平均年龄33岁,处于性活跃期的青壮年最多,占调查总人数的52.34%;具有初中文化程度者占88.34%;对各个知识点正确回答率差异均有统计学意义(P<0.01);商业性性行为的发生率为11.66%,过去12个月里,发生商业性性行为每次均使用安全套者占73.45%.结论 大同市长卡司乘人员艾滋病知识知晓率偏低,且存在高危行为,应有针对性的加大宣传教育和行为干预力度,提高宣传干预覆盖面和覆盖率.%Objective To Understand awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention and control among long-distance truck drivers in Datong City of Shanxi Province, and provide evidence for intervention activities implementation in target population. Methods According to requirements of "The national HIV/AIDS sentinel surveillance guideline" , an anonymous questionnaire survey was carried out among 403 long-distance truck drivers in Lingqiu County of Datong City in 2011. Data were analyzed by using SPSS 17.0 software. Results Average of the long-distance truck drivers were 33 years old, most of them were sexually active young adults, accounting for 52. 34% . Junior high school culture of the tespondents was 88. 34%. Correct answer rates in different questions related AIDS knowledge were statistically significant ( P < 0. 01). The incidence of commercial sexual among them was 11.66%. Happened commercial behavior, and every time all condom use was 73. 45% in the past 12 months. Conclusion The awareness about AIDS is low among long distance truck drivers in Datong, and existred high risk behaviors

  9. Shanxi Zhaofeng Aluminum Industry is Planning Oversea Listing


    <正>Shanxi Yangquan Coal Industry(Group)Co., Ltd.intends to promote its subsidiary company Shanxi Zhaofeng Aluminum Metallurgy Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Zhaofeng Aluminum Metallurgy)to seek oversea listing.If its effort succeeds,Zhaofeng Aluminum Metallurgy will become the third public listed company under Yangquan Group.

  10. Comprehensive evaluation of low-temperature tolerance in soybean cultivars of different eco-types at seedling stage in Shanxi Province%山西不同生态型大豆品种苗期耐低温性综合评价

    郭数进; 李玮瑜; 马艳芸; 赵恒; 乔玲; 李贵全


    Aims Low temperature at the seedling stage is the key factor constraining growth and yield in spring-sowing soybeans (Glycine max) in North China. The objectives of this research were to explore responses of soybean cul-tivars of different eco-types in Shanxi Province to low temperatures at the seedling stage, to develop indices and approaches for comprehensive evaluation of low-temperature tolerance in soybeans, and ultimately to provide theoretical basis for breeding soybean cultivars of low-temperature tolerance in order to maintain stable yield un-der the conditions of low temperature stress at the seedling stage. Methods We selected three soybean cultivars (‘Jinda 53’,‘Jinda 70’ and‘Jindou 24’) bred and grown widely in Shanxi Province. At the seedling stage, the plant materials were subjected to stress treatments at three levels of low temperatures and a control treatment in growth cabinets. The low temperature treatments were set for 14, 17 and 20 °C, respectively, and the control treatment was maintained at 23 °C. Upon completion of the temperature treatments, the seedlings were transplanted into larger pots and grown in a greenhouse. Values of photosynthetic traits (including net photosynthetic rates (Pn), intercellular CO2 concentration (Ci), stomatal conductance (Gs) and transpiration rate (Tr)) were determined on seedlings. The yield traits (plant height, plant mass, pods per plant and yield per plant) were assessed after harvesting. Furthermore, the genotype main effect plus genotype-environment interaction (GGE) biplot was employed to analyze the effects of various traits on different cultivars and correla-tions among the traits. Then, subordinate function was applied for comprehensive evaluation of low-temperature tolerance of the three cultivars studied. Important findings (1) The seedling stage of all three cultivars was extended by 1-12 days by the low tempera-ture treatments. (2) Values of the four photosynthetic traits were reduced

  11. An epidemiologic study of mitochondrial membrane transporter protein gene polymorphism and risk factors for neural tube defects in Shanxi, China

    Zhizhen Liu; Jun Xie; Tiane Luo; Tao Zhang; Xia Zhao; Hong Zhao; Peizhen Li


    The present study involved a questionnaire survey of 156 mothers that gave birth to children with neural tube defects or had a history of pregnancy resulting in children with neural tube defects (case group) and 156 control mothers with concurrent healthy children (control group) as well as detection of mitochondrial membrane transporter protein gene [uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2)] polymorphism. The maternal UCP2 3' untranslated region (UTR) D/D genotype and D allele frequency were significantly higher in the case group compared with the control group (odds ratio (OR) 3.233; 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.103-9.476; P = 0.040; OR: 3.484; 95% CI: for neural tube defects 2.109-5.753; P < 0.001). Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis of risk factors for neural tube defects showed that a maternal UCP2 3' UTR D/D genotype was negatively interacted with the mothers'consumption of frequent fresh fruit and vegetables (S = 0.007), positively interacted with the mothers'frequency of germinated potato consumption (S = 2.15) and positively interacted with the mothers' body mass index (S = 3.50). These findings suggest that maternal UCP2 3' UTR gene polymorphism, pregnancy time, consumption of germinated potatoes and body mass index are associated with an increased risk for neural tube defects in children from mothers living in Shanxi province, China. Moreover, there is an apparent gene-environment interaction involved in the development of neural tube defects in offspring.

  12. Balance of Water Supply-demand in Paddy Fields in Hilly Regions in Sichuan Province

    Hong ZHANG; Xinlu JIANG; Hongzhu FAN; Jiaguo ZHENG


    Abstract [Objective] The aim was to study the effects of water supply and con- sumption on water saving and drought resistance. [Method] Controlling field experi- ment was conducted to explore water balance between supply and demand in paddy fields in hilly regions in Sichuan Province. [Result] Rainfall in hilly areas was 3 611.10 m3/hm2; water for irrigation was 6 299.25 m3/hm~, evapotranspiration of rice was 6 424.95 m3/hm2; deep leakage was 2 459.55 m3/hm2; overflowing amount was 1 026.00 m3/hm2. In addition, water consumption totaled 8 884.50 m3/hm2 during rice production; water use was 0.99 kg/m3 and use efficiency of irrigated water was 1.40 kg/m3, [Conclu- sion] Water supply and consumption should be further organized to save water and fight against drought in hilly areas in Sichuan Province.

  13. Analysis of Regional Economic Disparities in Guizhou Province Based on ESDA-GIS

    Haili Wang


    Full Text Available Take the county as the research scale and the per capita GDP as the measure index as well to reveal the difference of Guizhou Province’s regional economy which based on ESDA and GeoDA-GIS. It shows that the level of economic develop of Guizhou’s central area is high and surrounded area is low. The difference between North and south is greater than the difference between East and West. There is a clear spatial correlation among them. Moran scatter diagram shows that the majority of counties are located in the first and third quadrants, which accounted for 73.86% of the total number of the county. The number of “L-L” type is more than the number of “H-H” type 37 counties. Most parts of the provinces are relatively poor. Finding the “H-H” area and “L-L” area and “L-H” area and “H-L” area of economic development level of county based on the spatial correlation model. That can provide scientific basis for the future economic construction and social development of Guizhou province.

  14. Analysis on Circulation Characteristics of Abnormal Spring Precipitation in Northern Shanxi Province and Sea Surface Temperature%晋北地区春季降水异常的环流特征及其与海温的关系分析

    蔡琳; 蔡霞


    利用美国国家环境预报中心(NCEP)再分析资料、ICOADS的SST格点资料以及晋北地区18个台站1960-2008年春季降水资料,采用合成分析等方法,对影响晋北地区春季降水异常的海-气因子进行分析.结果表明,晋北地区春季多雨年中高纬度500hPa呈现“东高西低”的分布特征,在乌拉尔山以东至贝加尔湖以西一带有低压槽加强,晋北地区处于低槽的东南侧,西北冷空气与东南暖湿气流多交汇于华北一带,因而造成春季多雨天气.与此相反,在少雨年冷、暖空气势力较弱,弱的辅合区位于蒙古中部,不利于晋北地区春季降水的产生.通过分析晋北春季降水与海温异常的相关关系得出,当前期ENSO暖位相时,晋北地区春季降水偏多;前期ENSO冷位相时,晋北地区春季降水偏少.研究结果有利于了解晋北地区旱涝异常成因,为短期气候预测提供理论依据.%Based on NCEP reanalysis data,the ICOADS SST grid data and the observed data of spring precipitation from 18 meteorological stations in Northern Shanxi during 1960-2008,the air-sea factor that caused abnormal spring precipitation in Northern Shanxi was investigated by using composite analysis method.The results showed that the 500hPa geopotential height had the distribution characteristics with "high in the east and low in the west" in the spring of rainy years in Northern Shanxi.From the east of the Ural Mountains to the West of Lake Baikal,trough was strengthened and Northern Shanxi was in the southeast of the trough.The intersect of the cold air from Northwest and the warm air from Southeast in North area always resulted in the rainy weather in spring.Contrarily,the cold and warm was less competitive in drought year,and the auxiliary area located in the central part of Mongolia,which was not conducive to the production of spring precipitation in Northern Shanxi.The analysis on the correlation of spring precipitation and abnormal air

  15. The region of the Piedra Berroqueña: A potencial Global Heritage Stone Province.

    Freire-Lista, David Martin; Fort, Rafael


    The Piedra Berroqueña region occupies an area of approximately 4000 km2 in the Sierra de Guadarrama, Spanish Central System, the centre of the Iberian Peninsula. This region has provided most of the building granites used in Madrid and surrounding provinces. Traditional methods of cutting and carving stone have been preserved and it is easy to locate historic quarries in its landscape in addition to mechanized quarries with large reserves of this dimension stone that is exported worldwide in the form of blocks or slabs with different finishes. The Piedra Berroqueña has been used as a building stone since before the Romans. Petrophysical and durability characteristics have allowed to endure monuments as representative as The Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial (1563-1584), del Sol Gate (1857-1862), Royal Palace (1738-1764), Alcalá Gate (1770-1778) or Prado Museum (1785-1808) in Madrid, Spain. Also the Piedra Berroqueña is part of most residential buildings and streets of this city, as well as modern buildings around the world, such as airport terminals in Athens, Cork, the British consulate in Hong Kong and headquarters of banks in Jakarta, among others. Piedra Berroqueña province is presented in this abstract, which has many granite quarries with common characteristics such as their grey tones and the presence of darker enclaves "Gabarros or negrones". In the Piedra Berroqueña province four main types of granite can be distinguish: Peraluminous granites; with biotite and occasional cordierite, whose most representative historic quarries are in Alpedrete, Colmenar Viejo, El Boalo, El Berrocal and Collado Mediano. Biotite granites with occasional amphibole are present in historic quarries in El Berrueco, Lozoyuela-Navas-Sieteiglesias and Pelayo de la Presa, among others. Currently exploited in Valdemanco and La Cabrera and marketed under the commercial names of Aurora Blanco, Blanco Berrocal, Crema Champagne, Blanco Castilla, Crema Cabrera, Blanco Perla

  16. Yield gap analysis of cumin in nine regions of Khorasan provinces using modelling approach

    behnam kamkar


    Full Text Available There are three hierarchical steps to fill the yield gaps in agricultural systems. These steps are determination of potential yield, yield gaps and system optimization to fill yield gaps. In this study a simple mechanistic model was developed and tested to determine potential yield and yield gaps of Cumin (Cuminum cyminum in nine regions of Khorasan provinces (including Bojnourd, Qaeen, Mashhad, Neishabour, Sabzewar, Gonabad, Ferdous, Kashmar and Birjand. Collected data of related year from 228 fields were used to calculate yield gaps. Results indicated variable potential yields in different climatic conditions (the areas with cooler climate and higher radiation had higher potential yields. Also, yield gaps varied considerably between regions (from 2.42 ton.ha-1 in Bojnourd to 0.68 ton.ha-1 in Sabzewar. The highest value for potential yield belonged to Bojnourd (3.7 ton.ha-1. The collected data from studied fields and sensitivity analysis on sowing date (based on common sowing dates range showed that inappropriate sowing dates was one of the most important yield reducing factors in all regions. Results revealed that if the yield gaps can be filled based on appropriate management option, yield can be increased by two to three folds in some regions.

  17. Radioactivity of the Bulgarian spring waters. I. Springs in the region Svidnja (Province Svoge)

    Karamihaylova, E.; Zhelev, Zh.T.


    The methods of determining radon, radium and elements of the thorium row in spring waters used in this paper are considered. The various factors and their interrelations which are mainly responsible for the radioactivity of given waters are reviewed. Seventeen cold springs in the region Svidnja (Province Svoge, Sofia District) were investigated. Activity over 44 em was not observed. The radon concentrations in the various springs correspond to the rock composition. Seasonal measurements of the radioactivity and temperature were undertaken for three spring waters. Lesser radioactivity of the water is observed during October after the summer drought and an increase in the radon during May--July before the drought. Radium up to 10/sup -11/ g/dm/sup 3/ and elements of the thorium row up to 5 x 10/sup -4/ g/dm/sup 3/ were not found.

  18. Models to Predict Flowering Time in the Main Saffron Production Regions of Khorasan Province

    Behdani, M. A.; Koocheki, A.; Nassiri, M.; Rezvani, P.

    The objective of this study was to develop a thermal model that can be used for prediction of saffron flowering time. For this purpose, existing data on saffron flower emergence time were collected in a wide range of temperature regimes over the saffron production regions of Khorasan province, Iran. Linear second-order polynomial and 5-parameter beta models were used and statistically compared for their ability in predicting saffron flowering time as a function of temperature. The results showed a significant delay in flowering date across the temperature gradient. While beta model had a better statistical performance but the simple linear model also showed a good predicting ability and therefore, can be used as a reliable model.

  19. Development Plan for Under- forest Economy of Henan Province Based on Central Plains Economic Region

    Xiaodong ZHAO; Yimin ZHAO


    Firstly,this paper analyzed current situations,major practice and existing problems of under-forest economy in Henan Province.Then,it made an in-depth discussion of guiding thought,principle and objectives,construction task and safeguarding measures of the underforest economic development plan. Besides,it analyzed benefits of the under-forest economic development plan. By 2017,the area of underforest economic land will reach 1. 60 million hm2,create output value of 155. 2 billion yuan( accounting for more than 20% of forest output value),provide 3. 27 million jobs,and will greatly increase ecological carrying capacity of construction and development of the Central Plains Economic Region( CPER).

  20. Epidemiological Survey on Canine Parvovirus Disease in Taizhou Region,Jiangsu Province,China

    Yuan; Weifeng; Liu; Jing; Zhao; Xuegang; Lu; Jiang; Zheng; Xiaoliang; Zhu; Hongfei


    The canine parvovirus disease is an acute infectious disease caused by canine parvovirus(CPV). It is clinically characterized by severe vomiting,hemorrhagic enteritis,significant reduction in white blood cells and myocarditis. The disease with high incidence,highly infectious and high mortality has become one of the serious infectious diseases threatening dog raising industry in China. In this research,260 cases of canine parvovirus case from an Aite Pet Clinic in Taizhou City during January 2010 and March 2011 were analyzed. This study discloses the epidemiology of CPV in Taizhou region of Jiangsu Province,i. e.,the incidence of CPV and canine motility are closely correlated with age,breed,immune inoculation and season. This study provides useful guide for the clinical treatment of CPV in the future.

  1. Magnesium Contamination in Soil at a Magnesite Mining Region of Liaoning Province, China.

    Wang, Lei; Tai, Peidong; Jia, Chunyun; Li, Xiaojun; Li, Peijun; Xiong, Xianzhe


    Magnesite is the world's most important source material for magnesia refractory production, and Haicheng City in Liaoning Province, China has been called "the magnesium capital of the world." However, magnesite mining in these areas has caused serious environmental problems. Field investigations have shown that the soil profile of many sites in the mining region are contaminated by magnesium, and the magnesium-enriched crusts that have formed on the soil surface have affected ecologically important soil functions, particularly reduced water penetration rate. Laboratory experiment revealed that anionic polyacrylamide and calcium dihydrogen phosphate can be used to improve soil condition, and have positive effects on soil function. The findings of this study are of significance in the magnetite mining areas, providing clear options for the remediation of soils that should be carried out immediately.

  2. 2012年山西省饮水型氟、砷中毒病区改水工程监测结果分析%Analysis of monitoring results of fluoride-safe water supply projects in drinking water type of fluorosis and arsenic poisoning areas in Shanxi Province in 2012

    李鹏飞; 王正辉; 吴赵明


    Objective To observe the implementation of prevention and control measures for water quality improvement in drinking water type of fluorosis and arsenic poisoning areas,to investigate the operating condition of fluoride-safe water supply projects,and to comprehensively evaluate the project's quality and its effectiveness on water quality improvement.Methods According to the "Shanxi Province Drinking Water-Borne Fluorosis and Arsenic Poisoning Fluoride-Safe Water Supply Projects Monitoring Programme",in October 2012-June 2013,45 counties in the province were selected to monitor fluorosis and arsenic poisoning.The running condition of fluoridesafe water supply projects was investigated.One factory water sample was collected to determine the water fluoride (arsenic) concentration.Meanwhile,3 tap water samples were collected to determine the water fluoride (arsenic)concentration in each village,using the "Standards for Drinking Water Quality" (GB/T 5750.5-2006).Results Totally 1 804 fluoride-safe water supply projects had been surveyed,and 1 673 were in normal condition,accounting for 92.7%.The number of projects supplying fluoride-safe water was 1 328,accounting for 73.6%,benefiting a population of 2.636 779 million people.A total of 2 277 villages were investigated,and 1 826 villages had fluoride-safe water,accounting for 80.2% of the investigated villagcs.One hundred and forty-five arsenic-safe water supply projects in drinking water type of arsenic poisoning areas were investigated,and 138 were in normal condition,accounting for 95.2%.One hundred and forty-three arsenic-safe water supply projects were qualified,accounting for 98.6%,benefiting a population of 295 240 people.One hundred and fifty-nine villages in drinking water-borne arsenic poisoning areas were investigated,and 156 villages were qualified in water arsenic,accounting for 98.1% of the investigated villages.Conclusions The qualified rate of fluoride-safe water supply projects is relatively

  3. Sustainability for Growth and Productivity of Arabica Coffee in Lowland Regions of Bengkulu Province

    Alnopri Alnopri


    Full Text Available Arabica coffee usually grows well at the latitude of more than 700 m above sea level, but in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia the highland regions are mainly located in the conserved areas and prohibited for agricultural cultivation. These subsequent studies aimed to result in the most adaptive genotype of arabica coffee to the lowland environtment and the best planting gap of shading trees for improved coffee productivity.  Two types of technology included in these studies were grafting of arabica and robusta as entress and understump, respectively, and enviromental engineering at a lowland area by planting shading trees at different distances.  Four arabica entresses of S-1934, Kartika, Sigararutang and Andung Sari varieties were grafted with robusta understumps to produce so called four “robbika” genotypes.  The robbika stumps were grown in the lowland region under shading trees of legume species which were pre-planted with varous planting distances.  Results showed that four genotypes of robbika coffee grew better in the lowland region compared to all genotypes of arabica coffee as shown by parameters of growth, physiological characters and yield potential.  Environmental engineering treatments showed that the 2.5 x 2.0 m planting distance resulted in the best soil and microclimate conditions in the robbika plantation areas.

  4. Regional correlation of deposition sequences in the southern Mesozoic marine province, northwestern Nevada

    Satterfield, J.I.; Oldow, J.S. (Rice Univ., Houston, TX (United States). Dept. of Geology and Geophysics)


    Strata of the Mesozoic marine province of a northwestern Nevada, deposited in subaerial to deep marine environment in a backarc basin, underwent severe deformation during the late Mesozoic. Restoration of stratigraphic relations among constituent volcanic, volcanogenic, carbonate, and continentally-derived siliciclastic rocks has been hampered by sparse biostratigraphic age control. Regional correlation of coeval facies is made possible by coupling depositional sequences with biostratigraphic control in the southwestern Gabbs Valley Range, the southern Shoshone Mountains, and the southern Clan Alpine Mountains, which serve as reference sections for Late Triassic and Early Jurassic ammonite zonation of western North America. Differentiation between regionally significant sequence boundaries and those of limited areal extent is possible only by linking the biostratigraphy and physical stratigraphic relations, such as abrupt vertical transitions in lithology corresponding to large facies changes. Physical stratigraphic relations alone are not adequate for correlation ad indicated by the diachronous initiation of Early to Middle( ) Jurassic deposition in half-graben basins (Dunlap Formation) which locally cloaks eustatically( ) controlled depositional sequences. Within these limitations, three regionally extensive sequences are recognized in the reference sections and have lower boundaries at the base of Upper Triassic shallow marine to deltaic carbonate-clastic rocks (Luning Formation) and at the base and within subtidal to offshore-marine carbonate and clastic rocks (Triassic and Jurassic Volcano Peak Group).

  5. A study of flora in rangelands of Gheissari Koohrang region in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province

    Hamzeh Ali Shirmardi


    Full Text Available Assessing the floristic resources of each region is very important because it serves to identify it’s the genetic potential. The purpose of this study was to introduce floristic list, life forms and endangered species of Gheissari region. This region covers about 9816 ha and lies in the west part of Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari province. Field data were collected in the years between 2009 and 2010. During that period, the plant species were collected and then identified based on families, genera and species using appropriate reference. The results showed that there were 487 plant species belonging to 65 families and 301 genera. The families like Composite, Gramineae, Papilionaceae, Labiatae, Cruciferae, Umbeliferae and Caryophyllaceae had 70, 46, 41 39, 38, 30 and 21 species, respectively. These families made up 58.52 percent of the total species. According to Raunkiaer’s life form, species were as below: 50.31% hemicryptophytes (245 species, 23.20% therophytes (113 species, 12.52% cryptophytes (61 species, 7.60% phanerophytes (37 species and 5.75% chamephytes (28 species. The chorology of species showed that 67.15 percent of species belonged to Iran-Turanian, 5.75 percent Polyregional, 2.67 percent Cosmopolitan and the rest belonged to the others. Threatened species included 86 species of the total species from Iran-Turanian. Among them, the endangered class, vulnerable, lower risk and data deficient were 2, 3, 67 and 14 species respectively.

  6. Sustainability assessment for Yanbian forest region, Jilin Province, Northeast China, based on ecological footprint model

    HU Xiaofei; CHEN Fusheng; HU Anfeng; DAI Limin


    Ecological footprint(EF)is one of the most important indicators in assessing the status and capacity of sustainable development.In this paper,the EF of Yanbian forest region,Jilin Province,Northeast China,was calculated and analyzed by statistical yearbooks and forest yearbooks from 1996 to 2002.Results showed that the EF per capita decreased,ecological carrying capacity(ECC)per capita almost kept a static status,and ecological surplus per capita increased year after year.The EF per 10 thousand Yuan GDP per capita in Yanbian decreased from 1996 to 2002.This trend was similar to that in western China,and distinctly higher than that in eastern China.The forest EF per capita kept a steady status,while the forest production footprint (FPF)and forest export footprint(FEF)decreased.Comparing the two years before and after the implementation of Natural Forest Protection Program(NFPP)with the five years,the mean value of FPF and FEF reduced by 0.341 (46.32%)and 0.327 hm2 per capita(54.94%),respectively.In conclusion,the regional and forest development in Yanbian was sustainable,and the implementation of NFPP was favorable to improving sustainable development of forest region.However,the sustainability capacity was still lower than those in forest developed countries.Therefore,it is very necessary to improve forest productivity,resource use efficiency and management of forest ecosystems scientifically.

  7. Regional flood frequency analysis in the KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa, using the index-flood method

    Kjeldsen, Thomas Rødding; Smithers, J.C.; Schulze, R.E.


    A regional frequency analysis of annual maximum series (AMS) of flood flows from relatively unregulated rivers in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa has been conducted, including identification of homogeneous regions and suitable regional frequency distributions for the regions. The study...... area was divided into two homogeneous regions based on an index of monthly rainfall concentration. Region 1 covers the coastal and midlands area and Region 2 the west north-western parts of the study area. The General Normal, Pearson Type 3 and General Pareto distributions were found to be suitable...... for AMS of flood flows in Region 2. The occurrence of a few flood events of extreme magnitude in Region 1 resulted in no suitable regional frequency distribution for this region. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved....

  8. Assessment of undiscovered oil and gas resources of the Volga-Ural Region Province, Russia and Kazakhstan, 2010

    Klett, T.R.; Schenk, Christopher J.; Charpentier, Ronald R.; Brownfield, Michael E.; Pitman, Janet K.; Cook, Troy A.; Tennyson, Marilyn E.


    The U.S. Geological Survey estimated mean volumes of technically recoverable, conventional, undiscovered petroleum resources at 1.4 billion barrels of crude oil, 2.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 85 million barrels of natural gas liquids for the Volga-Ural Region Province, using a geology-based assessment methodology.

  9. Current forest conditions of older stands of the mixed mesophytic forest region on the Appalachian Plateaus Province of eastern Kentucky

    James F. Jr. Rosson


    E. Lucy Braun coined the term "mixed mesophytic forest" in 1916. These forests are structurally complex and occur extensively across the Appalachian Plateaus Province. This region is considered the epicenter of highest development of the eastern deciduous forest. I used U.S. Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data to study current forest...

  10. Cultivar Selection and Test Site Evaluation of Cotton Regional Trials in Jiangsu Province Based on GGE Biplot

    Jian LI; Naiyin XU


    This study was to evaluate the high yielding and stability of candidate cultivars, depict the adaptive planting region, analyze trial location discrim-ination ability and representativeness, as wel as identify the ideal cultivar and trial location, with the aim to provide theory background for cultivar selection and rea-sonable scheme of test location in Jiangsu Province. [Method] The GGE biplot method was used to analyze the lint cotton yield of 12 experimental genotypes in the 6 test locations (three replicates in each) of the cotton regional trial in Jiangsu Province in 2013. [Result] The effects of genotype (G), environment (E), and geno-type by environment interaction (G×E) on lint cotton yield were al highly significant (P<0.01), which made it necessary to further explore the specific pattern of geno-type by environment interaction. Jinmian118 (G4) and SF3303 (G5) were the best ideal genotypes screened by the "ideal cultivar" and "ideal location" view of GGE biplot, and the ordination of test sites based on the ideal index were in the order of Dafeng (DF), Yanliang (YL), Liuhe (LH), Dongtai (DT), Yancheng (YC), and Nantong (NT), among which NT was relatively weak in representing of the whole target cot-ton planting region in Jiangsu Province. The "similarity among locations" view of GGE biplot clustered al trial locations into one group, showing that the test sites in the cotton planting region in Jiangsu Province were in the same mega-environment. The "which-won-where" view of GGE biplot indicated that cotton cultivar Jinmian118 (G4) was the most appropriate cultivar in the homogeneous cotton planting region in Jiangsu Province. [Conclusion] Among the candidate cultivars, Jinmian118 and SF3303 were identified as the most ideal cultivars in this set of conventional cotton regional trial in Jiangsu Province; the test site of Dafeng ranked the first out of al locations in terms of discrimination and representativeness, and al test locations were clustered into

  11. Climatic Characteristics of Hail Disaster and Division of Defense Region in Guizhou Province


    [Objective] The aim was to study the climatic characteristics of hail disaster from 1984 to 2006 in Guizhou Province,China.[Method] Through statistical analysis,the climatic characteristics and disaster characteristics of hail from 1984 to 2006 in Guizhou Province were annalyzed and compared with previous results,then the classification standards of hail disaster were established,finally the defense zoning map of hail disaster in Guizhou Province was made.[Result] According to the statistical analysis on th...

  12. An integrated framework for regional studies: emergy based spatial analysis of the Province of Cagliari.

    Pulselli, Riccardo Maria; Rustici, Mauro; Marchettini, Nadia


    This research proposes an integrated framework to investigate human-dominated systems and provide a basic approach to urban and regional studies in which the multiple interactions between economic and ecological processes are considered as a whole. Humans generate patterns of land use, infrastructures and other settings and redistribute ecosystem functions as flows of energy and matter for self-maintenance. To understand these emerging interactions between humans and ecological processes, human activities (e.g. transformation processes, land conversions, use of resources) and biophysical agents such as geomorphology, climate and natural cycles need to be considered. Emergy Analysis (spelled with an "m") is then used as an environmental accounting method to evaluate different categories of resource use with reference to their environmental cost. A case study of the Province of Cagliari (in the island of Sardinia, Italy) is reported and the procedure for allocating emergy flows, assigning them to districts and managing point data is discussed. Outcomes plotted on a map showed non-homogeneous spatial distribution of emergy flows throughout the region, suggesting the way ecosystem functions are affected and restructured by the human economy.

  13. Decision Making on Regional Landfill Site Selection in Hormozgan Province Using Smce

    Majedi, A. S.; Kamali, B. M.; Maghsoudi, R.


    Landfill site selection and suitable conditions to bury hazardous wastes are among the most critical issues in modern societies. Taking several factors and limitations into account along with true decision making requires application of different decision techniques. To this end, current paper aims to make decisions about regional landfill site selection in Hormozgan province and utilizes SMCE technique combined with qualitative and quantitative criteria to select the final alternatives. To this respect, we first will describe the existing environmental situation in our study area and set the goals of our study in the framework of SMCE and will analyze the effective factors in regional landfill site selection. Then, methodological procedure of research was conducted using Delphi approach and questionnaires (in order to determine research validity, Chronbach Alpha (0.94) method was used). Spatial multi-criteria analysis model was designed in the form of criteria tree in SMCE using IL WIS software. Prioritization of respective spatial alternatives included: Bandar Abbas city with total 4 spatial alternatives (one zone with 1st priority, one zone with 3rd priority and two zones with 4thpriority) was considered the first priority, Bastak city with total 3 spatial alternatives (one zone with 2nd priority, one zone with 3rdpriorit and one zone with 4th priority) was the second priority and Bandar Abbas, Minab, Jask and Haji Abad cities were considered as the third priority.

  14. Moessbauer spectroscopy description of limonite from Taraco, in the Huancane Province of the Puno Region, Peru

    Bustamante, A., E-mail: [San Marcos National University, School of Physical Sciences (Peru); Cabrera, J.; Garcia, V.; Urday, E. [Saint Augustine National University in Arequipa, Electron Microscopy Center (Peru); Abdu, Y. A.; Scorzelli, R. B. [Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (Brazil)


    Natural iron oxides are very common in nature and are the main components of many minerals, rocks and soils. There are a great variety of these minerals in Peru, especially in the Andes region. The mineral studied was extracted from the Taraco District in the Huancane Province of the Puno Region. The extracted sample is a yellowish mineral with very small particles which is called limonite. X-ray diffraction indicates the presence of goethite as the principal mineralogical phase and quartz as the secondary phase. The {sup 57}Fe Moessbauer spectra at room temperature show broadened spectra that were fitted using a distribution model. The most probable field of the magnetic component is 21T, corresponding to the presence of small particles of goethite, confirmed by the 4.2 K spectrum. MS of the calcinated sample in air at 900 deg. C show the presence of two hematite sextets, one related to bulk particles and another to surface particles. Chemical analysis using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer indicates that O and Fe are the major components; other elements such as Al, Si, Mg and Ca are also present.

  15. Biodiversity of carabidae beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae in agroecosystems of Azadshahr region, Golestan province, Northern Iran

    M. Rezaye-Nodeh


    Full Text Available Ground beetles (Family Carabidae with more than 40,000 described species worldwide are one of the most important generalist predators in agroecosystems. Because of their habit of feeding on agricultural pests and weed seeds, in this study we tried to assess their biodiversity in agroecosystems of Azadshahr region, eastern Golestan province. Samples were collected for some main crops, using pitfall traps during 2009 and 2010 and two indices, including SIMPSON'S RECIPROCAL INDEX and Shannon-Weaver index were used to measure diversity and structure of the community. Results showed that there were a high species richness of ground beetles in this region and 24, 22, 18, 18 and 12 species were identified in rape seed, wheat, tomato, broad bean and soybean fields, respectively. Dominant species in these crops were Harpalus distinguendus Duftchmid, Agonum dorsale (Pontoppidan, Poecilus cupreus (L., Agonum dorsale (Pontoppidan, and Harpalus rufipes (De Geer, respectively. The values of Shannon and Simpson indices in these ecosystems were 2.16, 2.57, 1.81, 2.22 and 2.00, and 4.93, 10.09, 4.21, 6.16 and 6.12, respectively. The highest (7.1±0.85 and the lowest (0.45±0.12 numbers of beetles were captured in margins of rape seed and soybean fields, respectively.

  16. The Financial Management Practices of the Mosques in the Special Region of Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia

    Muhammad Akhyar Adnan


    Full Text Available Objective – This study is trying to investigate the financial management of the Masjid (Mosques in the Special Region of Yogyakarta Province. Three main issues were focused: the amount of cash flow which include the balances on hand; the application of transparency and accountability principles in financial matters, and sound practice of financial management which include budgeting, strategic formulation and performance evaluation.Methods - The study is an exploratory in nature. The Special Region of Yogyakarta consists of four counties and one city (municipality. 50 Mosques have been selected as the samples. Each county / city is represented by 10 Mosques. They are selected using sampling method. The simple descriptive analysis is conducted on the data collected.Results - Based on the data analysis, the study found that there is a significant cash flow of those selected samples, dominated by Infaq / Sodaqoh. Few Mosques recognized that they also receive Zakah and Waqaf fund.Conclusion - Generally the Mosque Management have applied the principles of transparency and accountability in the form recording, although their skill in doing so needs to be improved. However, a significant number of Mosques Management have not yet set the strategic formulation, as well as budgeting process to realize the budget and its evaluation. Keywords : Cash Flow, Financial Management, Mosque

  17. Legal Policy of Indonesian Goverment on Regional Autonomy Era (Study on Law Autonomy in Aceh Province

    Moh. Fauzi


    Full Text Available Reformation orde has produced  a variety of changes of legal policy. The legal policies is giving privileges for the particular regions as Special Region, and the one of this status is given to Aceh. Through these features, Aceh can apply criminal law (jinâyât law.It shows that there is the change of legalpolicy, from the paradigm of law Unification pluralism into law. Aceh province has the authority to apply Islamic criminal law (jinâyât the which is run by a Islamic Law Court (MahkamahSyar’îyah. This change brings on the theory of authority devolution of law autonomy items, namely the authority devolution in implementing Islamic Shari 'a, the authority of the Islamic Law courts handle criminal cases, and the authority to the make substantive and procedural law roomates regulation submitted to Qânûn, as well as an arbitrary of Qânûn on jinâyât to organize the type and amount of punishment without having bound restrictions that apply to the Qânûn besides jinâyât.Copyright (c 2016 by KARSA. All right reserved DOI: 10.19105/karsa.v24i1.1006 

  18. Epidemiologic characterization of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in various regions of Yunnan Province of China.

    Baloch, Zulqarnain; Li, Yuanyue; Yuan, Tao; Feng, Yue; Liu, Yanqing; Tai, Wenlin; Liu, Li; Wang, Binghui; Zhang, A-Mei; Wu, Xiaomei; Xia, Xueshan


    This study was designed to determine the Human papillomavirus (HPV) prevalence and its distribution of genotypes in various regions of Yunnan Province, China. In this study, participants were recruited during routine gynecologic examination between Oct 2013 and Feb 2015. A total of 17,898 women were recruited. Polymerase chain reaction was used for detecting the HPV positive samples and HPV geno-array test was used for genotyping. The overall HPV infection rate (19.9 %) among the south-western women was significantly higher (P = 0.001) than that among the north-western (18.0 %), south-eastern (13.3 %), north-eastern (11.1 %) and central women (12.9 %). The high-risk (HR) (18.1 %, P = 0.001) and single genotype (16.7 %, P = 0.001) infection rates among the South-western women were also significantly higher than those of among the north-western (13.9 %, 11.3 %), south-eastern (11.6 %, 10.5 %), north-eastern (9.6 %, 9.1 %) and central women (10.5 %, 10.0 %), respectively. While, the infections with multiple HPV (4.2 %) genotypes were significantly more common (P = 0.001) among women in north-western Yunnan than women in the south-western (1.3 %, 3.1 %), south-eastern (1.7 %, 2.7 %), north-eastern (1.5 %, 2.0 %) and central Yunnan (2.4 %, 2.9 %). A total of 30 HPV genotypes were detected; among them 13 were HR-HPV, 3 were PHR-HPV (Potential High risk), 8 were LR-HPV (Low risk) and six were unclassified. The most common HPV genotypes were HPV-52, 16, 58, 53 in control group, HPV-16, 52, 58, 39 and 53 in CINI (Cervical intraepithelial Neoplasia), HPV-52, 16, 58, 33, 53 and 81 in CINII, HPV16, 58, 18, 52, 81 in CINIII and HPV-16 18, 58, 52 in cervical cancer (CC), respectively. Such variation has also been observed about distribution of HPV genotypes distribution among single and multiple infections. This study gives an epidemiological estimate of HPV prevalence and different genotype distribution in various region of Yunnan

  19. The characteristics and genetic significance of giant barite crystal with FeS2 whiskers girdle found in the Gengzhuang gold deposit, Shanxi Province, China%耿庄金矿含FeS2晶须环带重晶石巨晶的特征及成因意义

    黄菲; 高尚; 刘佳; 高文元; 孙虎; 王颖辉; 彭艳东; 姚玉增


    The giant barite crystals with FeS2 whiskers girdle were found in the geode in the concealed explosion breccia in Gengzhuang gold deposit,Shanxi Province,China.The mineral characteristics of the barite and the FeS2 whiskers contained were systematically analyzed by SEM,EPMA and XRD systematically.The results showed that the barite chemical composition is single,its crystal structure is standard and its crystal growth is perfect.The whiskers belong to the FeS2-Fe(Ni,Co)S2 isomorphism series.According to the geological background and the inclusion research results,combined with the crystal growth and the geochemical theory,the genesis of the barite and the whiskers contained has been discussed.The barite was the product of the reaction between the barium in the surrounding rock and the SO2/4-when the hydrothermal evolution came to the last period after the Yanshanian granitic magmatic activity.The FeS2 whiskers contained were the prod ucts of the H2 S and SO2 which were formed by continued concealed volcano explosion and the Fe2+,Ni2+ and Co2+ which came from the decomposition of the hydrothermal fluids.The rich alkali,the increasing H2 S solubility and the increasing S2-content were conducive to the whisker growth.The geological environments of the growths of barite and whisker had consistency in macro and differences in specific conditions.While the pH ranged from 1 to 8.5,and the lgfO2 ranged from-31 to-38,the superior field for the FeS2 growth was attained and the FeS2 whiskers formed.While the pH ranged from 5.5 to 10 and the lgfO2 ranged from-25 to -36,the barite formed.The symbiosis of the FeS2 whiskers girdle and the barite was the result of the interactive growth.The barite intussusceptive growth and the presence of FeS2 whiskers girdle are the signs of the pulsated and cyclical concealed explosions in the Gengzhuang area.The giant barite crystal with FeS2 whiskers girdle clearly marked the geological conditions and processes of their formation

  20. Sanitation of rural drinking water and endemic fluorosis in Hunyuan county of Shanxi province: an analysis of monitoring results%山西省浑源县农村饮用水卫生状况及地方性氟中毒病情监测结果分析



    Objective To investigate the sanitary status of rural drinking water in Hunyuan county, evaluate the effect of water improvement project to reduce fluoride in high fluoride areas, and to provide the basis for rural drinking water safety. Methods Between 2008 and 2010, in accordance with the "Rural water supply project implementation plan entral grant special funds for public health in Shanxi province", in Hunyuan county, 54 monitoring sites were selected, collected water samples. Water sample sensory properties, chemical, microbiological and other 19 indicators were tested. Forty project villages from 17 townships in Hunyuan county were selected to test water fluoride. June 2009 in Hunyuan county 3 high fluoride villages were chosen, all children aged 8 to 12 in the villages were examined of dental fluorosis (Dean method), and children's urine samples were collected to measured urinary fluoride. Water fluoride of the 3 villages was determined. Water and urinary fluoride were measured by fluoride ion-selective electrode method. Results In three years, a total of 188 samples were detected,with a pass rate of 35.1%(66/188), the main indicators that exceeded the standard were colony count(109 items), total coliforms (47 items), heat-resistant coliform bacteria(39 items) and fluoride(21 items). A total of 160 water samples in the 40 villages from the 17 townships were tested, the water fluoride excessive rate was 12.50%(20/160). A total of 522 children aged 8 to 12 were examined dental fluorosis, dental fluorosis rate was 7.66%(40/522), dental fluorosis index was 0.16; a total of 74 urinary fluoride of children aged 8 to 12 were measured, geometric mean was 1.17 mg/L, urinary fluoride range was 0.31 - 3.92 mg/L. Conclusions The drinking water improvement project in Hunyuan county rural areas has been successful, but sanitary conditions is poor. Water quality monitoring should be strengthened to ensure safe drinking water in the areas.%目的 了解浑源县农村饮用

  1. Survey of adult carotid atherosclerosis in drinking-water type of endemic high arsenic area in Shanxi province in 2009%2009年山西省饮水高砷区成人颈动脉粥样硬化调查

    周令望; 孙殿军; 邓晴; 刘辉; 刘加勇; 李军; 吴赵明; 宋久成; 高本; 刘运起


    目的 探讨饮水型砷中毒与成人颈动脉粥样硬化发生的关系.方法 2009年,在山西省应县,根据(WS 277-2007),选择东辛寨村、北湛村、大西头村、赤堡村和杏寨村为病区组,选择龙泉村、接马峪村、城下庄村、罗庄村和南丰町村作为对照组,利用彩超对40岁以上的饮水型高砷地区居民285人和对照地区居民293人进行颈动脉粥样硬化检查,并进行诊断、记分.在对年龄构成标准化后,计算动脉粥样硬化的标准化检出率.每个调查村各抽取10人,采用原子荧光法检测水砷和发砷.结果在病区组中,东辛寨村、北湛村、大西头村、赤堡村和杏寨村成人颈动脉粥样硬化检出率分别为35.09%(20/57)、55.74%(34/61)、38.46%(20/52)、36.51%(23/63)、46.15%(24/52);标准化检出率分别为32.5%、33.8%、34.9%、46.2%、47.3%;在对照组,龙泉村、接马峪村、城下庄村、罗庄村和南丰町村成人颈动脉粥样硬化检出率分别为18.18%(10/55)、30.77%(16/52)、20.00%(10/50)、18.67%(14/75)和21.31%(13/61);标准化检出率为22.4%、17.7%、10.7%、24.6%、18.9%.病区组的标准化检出率[39.50%(113/285)]高于对照组[21.70%(64/293),T=26,P<0.01],病区组成人颈部动脉粥样硬化4~7分的构成[17.70%(20/113)]与对照组[14.06%(9/64)]比较,差异无统计学意义(x2=0.26,P>0.05).结论山西省饮水型砷中毒病区成人的动脉粥样硬化检出率高于对照区.为进一步证实砷中毒可致动脉粥样硬化症提供了证据.%Objective To investigate the relationship between drinking-water type of endemic arsenicosis and adult carotid artery atherosclerosis. Methods In 2009, 285 participants aged over 40 from drinking-water type of endemic arsenism areas and 293 residents aged over 40 from control areas were investigated in Yingxian county,Shanxi province. Portable-type B mode color ultrasound was used to examine the carotid artery of all participants.The carotid atherosclerosis

  2. Accumulation of Cadmium and Lead in Soils and Vegetables of Lenjanat Region in Isfahan Province, Iran

    Salehi M. H.


    Full Text Available Various heavy metals have been reported as dangerous agents to the human health and wildlife when they occur in the environment at high concentrations. Cadmium and lead compounds are classified as human carcinogens by several regulatory agencies. Vegetables grown at environmentally contaminated sites could take up and accumulate metals at concentrations that are probably toxic to human health. In this study, concentrations of cadmium and lead in some of vegetables and soil samples were investigated in different areas of a developed industrial city in Isfahan province, Central Iran. One hundred and thirty topsoil samples and fifty samples of vegetables were collected from agricultural lands and analyzed for heavy metals. The concentration of Pb and Cd was more than 5 and 0.5 mg kg−1, respectively. The total of Cd concentration in most of the soil samples exceeded the suggested Swiss thresholds (0.8 mg kg−1. The results showed that 48% and 75% of the vegetables samples had concentrations of Cd and Pb exceeded the FAO-WHO limits, respectively. Results from the present study demonstrate that the most of the plants grown on the soils of this region, contaminated with heavy metals, and pose a major health concern.

  3. A systematic regional trend in helium isotopes across the northernbasin and range province, Western North America

    Kennedy, B. Mack; van Soest, Matthijs C.


    An extensive study of helium isotopes in fluids collectedfrom surface springs, fumaroles and wells across the northern Basin andRange Province reveals a systematic trend of decreasing 3He/4He ratiosfrom west to east. The western margin of the Basin and Range ischaracterized by mantle-like ratios (6-8 Ra) associated with active orrecently active crustal magma systems (e.g., Coso, Long Valley,Steamboat, and the Cascade volcanic complex). Moving towards the east,the ratios decline systematically to a background value of ~;0.1 Ra. Theregional trend is consistent with extensive mantle melting concentratedalong the western margin and is coincident with an east-to-west increasein the magnitude of northwest strain. The increase in shear strainenhances crustal permeability resulting in high vertical fluid flow ratesthat preserve the high helium isotope ratios at the surface. Superimposedon the regional trend are "helium spikes," local anomalies in the heliumisotope composition. These "spikes" reflect either local zones of mantlemelting or locally enhanced crustal permeability. In the case of theDixie Valley hydrothermal system, it appears to be a combination ofboth.

  4. Agricultural Chemical Use in Tomato Farming in Kazova Region of Tokat Province

    Bilge Gözener


    Full Text Available Pesticide uses in Kazova region of Tokat province were assessed in this study. Data were gathered through Simple Random Sampling method with questionnaires made with 72 agricultural enterprises. Resultant data were assessed through arithmetic means and percentiles. A factor analysis was also performed on producer opinions about pesticide use in tomato. Average enterprise size was 20.27 da and tomato is cultivated over 56.98% of these lands. Of the participant producers, 97.22% were not member of any associations or cooperatives. About 91.67% of the participant producers prefer chemical treatments. Producer usually use chemicals based on their previous experiences and recommendations of chemical-fertilizer dealers. Price is the dominant factor while selecting the chemicals to be sued. The dose prescribed by the dealer is generally used. Of the participant producers, 91.67% indicated that they didn’t know about the time to be passed between the last chemical treatment and the harvest; 44.44% don’t think that pesticides they use leaved residues over the products and 95.83% indicated that chemical treatments didn’t create environmental pollution. With the factor analysis, KMO value was calculated as 0.553 and 14 variables thought to be effective on producer opinions about agricultural chemical uses were gathered under 6 factors (toxicity, attention in treatments, human health, conscious production and consumption, environmental harm, hygiene.

  5. Ticks and Fleas Infestation on East Hedgehogs (Erinaceus concolor in Van Province, Eastern Region of Turkey

    Yaşar Goz


    Full Text Available Background: Ixodid ticks (Acari: İxodidae and fleas (Siphonaptera are the major vectors of pathogens threatening animals and human healths. The aim of our study was to detect the infestation rates of East Hedgehogs (Erinaceus concolor with ticks and fleas in Van Province, eastern region of Turkey.Methods: We examined fleas and ticks infestation patterns in 21 hedgehogs, collected from three suburbs with the greater of number gardens. In order to estimate flea and tick infestation of hedgehogs, we immobilized the ectoparasites by treatment the body with a insecticide trichlorphon (Neguvon®-Bayer.Results: On the hedgehogs, 60 ixodid ticks and 125 fleas were detected. All of the ixodid ticks were Rhipicephalus turanicus and all of the fleas were Archaeopsylla erinacei. Infestation rate for ticks and fleas was detected 66.66 % and 100 %, respectively.Conclusion: We detected ticks (R. turanicus and fleas (A. erinacei in hedgehogs at fairly high rates. Since many ticks and fleas species may harbor on hedgehogs and transmit some tick-borne and flea-borne patogens, this results are the important in terms of veterinary and public health. 

  6. Epidemiology of Hemoglobinopathies in the Huzhou Region, Zhejiang Province, Southeast China.

    Ding, Zhong-Ying; Shen, Guo-Song; Zhang, Su; He, Ping-Ya


    The aim of the present study was to report the frequency of thalassemia traits and other hemoglobinopathies in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China (PRC), and for the future management of hemoglobinopathies. A total of 8578 pregnant women in the Huzhou region was analyzed for thalassemia traits and other hemoglobinopathies from July 1 2012 to November 30 2015. Complete blood count (CBC), and hemoglobin (Hb) variant analyses were performed with automatic counters and capillary electrophoresis (CE). High resolution melting (HRM) analysis was applied for genetic diagnosis of thalassemia. The prevalence of patients with the α-thalassemia (α-thal) trait was 1.01% (87/8578). β-Thalassemia (β-thal) was carried by 112 women with a frequency of 1.3%. The carrier rate of thalassemia genes in the studied samples was nearly 2.32%. We excluded those without iron studies, with 159 cases as our sample, a total of 63/159 cases (39.6%) also had iron deficiencies. Moreover, Hb E (HBB: c.79G > A), and Hb D-Punjab (HBB: c.364G > C) were the most common Hb variants after thalassemia trait with frequencies of 0.16 and 0.06%, respectively. Only two Hb S (HBB: c.20A > T) carriers were detected in 20 months of screening time. Hb A1c results could be confidently reported on all cases except the Hb D-Punjab and Hb E variants. This study provided a detailed prevalence and molecular characterization of thalassemia in the Huzhou region, and will contribute toward the development of prevention strategies and reducing excessive health care costs in this area, allowing better management of hemoglobinopathies.

  7. Comprehensive Assessment of Regional Circular Economy Development Based on Efficiency of Resource & Environment:A Case Study of Jiangsu Province

    Zhong Taiyang; Huang Xianjin; Li Lulu; Wang Chen


    In the first, the paper gave a retrospective analysis on the comprehensive assessment of circular economic development. According to the requirement of improving resource & environment efficiency, the paper designed an analytical framework for a comprehensive assessment of regional circular economic growth, which consists of the goal, object and technical line of the comprehensive assessment of regional circular economic development. Given that, the paper discussed the criterion for choosing the assessment index, the approaches of index's weighing determination, the means of data standardization, and the reference system of assessment index value and so on. According to the framework of regional circular economic development evaluation,the paper made a comprehensive evaluation of Jiangsu Province's circular economic development. The result shows that from temporal change, Jiangsu Province's circular economic development had different stages;from the spatial comparison, there is variance among different regions, which could be divided into different types according to the spatial variance and the relation between the development of circular economy and the aggregative index number. There was a remarkable correlation between circular economic development level and GDP or the 2nd industry GDP. Finally, the paper gives some suggestions on how to promote the development of circular economy in Jiangsu Province.

  8. Rodent Fauna in Southeast Forest Region of Heilongjiang Province of China and Its Damage on Agriculture and Forestry

    Jin; Zhimin; Dong; Shipeng; Liu; Wenyang; Fu; Dahang; Zhu; Xianbing


    [Objective]The paper was to understand the rodent fauna in southeast forest region of Heilongjiang Province and its harm to agriculture and forests.[Methods]The southeast forest region of Heilongjiang Province was surveyed from March2008 to December2013 using night trap method combined with integrated collation of literature. [Result]There were totally 21 species of rodents in southeast forest region of Heilongjiang Province,belonging to 16 genera,8 families,3orders,and the fauna was mainly consisted of palaearctic realm; in terms of captured number,Clethrionomys rufocanus was the dominant species in forest region,while Apodemus agrarius was the dominant species in fields. The number of rodents was closely related to stand age,and the density of rodents was lower in the forest land with longer stand age and greater density. Rodents caused greater harm to timber forest and middle-aged forest than economic forest and young forest,and their damage on newly planted seedlings was particularly greater. The number of rodent population was the highest in summer,but the smallest in spring,while its interannual changes were stable. [Conclusion]The study provided a scientific basis for forestry management and rodent control,which also offered the basic biological data for the study of rodents.

  9. Simulation of regional-scale groundwater flow in the Azul River basin, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

    Varni, Marcelo R.; Usunoff, Eduardo J.

    A three-dimensional modular model (MODFLOW) was used to simulate groundwater flow in the Azul River basin, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, in order to assess the correctness of the conceptual model of the hydrogeological system. Simulated heads satisfactorily match observed heads in the regional water-table aquifer. Model results indicate that: (1) groundwater recharge is not uniform throughout the region but is best represented by three recharge rates, decreasing downgradient, similar to the distribution of soils and geomorphological characteristics; and (2) evapotranspiration rates are larger than previous estimates, which were made by using the Thornthwaite-Mather method. Evapotranspiration rates estimated by MODFLOW agree with results of independent studies of the region. Model results closely match historical surface-flow records, thereby suggesting that the model description of the aquifer-river relationship is correct. Résumé Un modèle modulaire tridimensionnel (MODFLOW) a été utilisé pour simuler les écoulements souterrains dans le bassin de la rivière Azul (Province de Buenos Aires, Argentine), dans le but d'évaluer la justesse du modèle conceptuel du système hydrogéologique. La piézométrie simulée s'ajuste de façon satisfaisante à celle observée pour l'ensemble de la nappe. Les résultats du modèle indiquent que: (1) la recharge de la nappe n'est pas uniforme sur toute la région, mais qu'elle est mieux approchée par trois valeurs différentes, décroissant vers l'aval-gradient, en suivant la même distribution que les sols et les caractéristiques géomorphologiques et (2) l'évapotranspiration est nettement plus importante que prévu initialement à partir de la méthode de Thornthwaite-Mather. Les valeurs d'évapotranspiration fournies par MODFLOW concordent bien avec les résultats d'autres études portant sur la région. Les résultats du modèle reproduisent convenablement les chroniques de débit des écoulements de surface

  10. Geochemistry of the hydrothermal systems in the Jujuy Province, Argentina, and relationship with the regional geology

    Peralta Arnold, Yesica; Cabassi, Jacopo; Tassi, Franco; Caffe, Pablo; Vaselli, Orlando


    The western sector of the Jujuy province (22°-24° S), Argentina, basically consisting of the Puna region (from 3,500 to 4,700 m a.s.l.) that borders the Central Volcanic Zone (CVZ), is characterized by sub-meridional ridges that alternate with elongated basins and by extremely voluminous intermediate and silicic ignimbrite deposits, the latter being related to late miocenic and pliocenic calderas and central volcanic edifices. In this region, several hydrothermal discharges with outlet temperatures up to 62°C occur. Among them, the Coranzulí and Pairique thermal emissions show a spatial relationship with miocenic volcanic complexes, whereas other thermal manifestations (Queñual, Orosmayo, Pirquitas, Arizutar, Cono Panizo and Rachaite) are clearly controlled by the local structural setting. Most of these thermal waters have relatively high total dissolved solids (TDS up to 46,500 mg/L), an alkaline-chloride composition and significant concentrations of B, NH4 and SiO2, i.e. they show the typical geochemical features of geothermal brine. Exceptions are the Coranzulí, Orosmayo and Rachaite springs, mainly fed by a shallow Na(Ca)-bicarbonate aquifer. The eastern sector of the province consists of the Eastern Cordillera, composed of a proterozoic basement constituted by the sedimentary sequences of the Puncoviscana Fm, and the Subandean Range, which shows wide east-vergence anticlines whose detachment levels are Silurian-Devonian shales. Both regions are separated by a major thrust that rises the Proterozoic and Eopaleozoic sequences over the Subandean System. The thermal waters in the Eastern Cordillera, namely Termas de Reyes, are characterized by alkaline-sulfate composition, temperature of ≈50°C and neutral pH. In contrast, in the Subandean Ranges, which is separated from the Eastern Cordillera by a thrust rising Proterozoic and Eopaleozoic sequences over the Subandean System, the Aguas Calientes springs are characterized by low temperature (from 21°C to

  11. Multi-Regional Input-Output (MRIO Study of the Provincial Ecological Footprints and Domestic Embodied Footprints Traded among China’s 30 Provinces

    Decun Wu


    Full Text Available Rapid development in China has led to imbalances and inequities of ecological resources among the provinces and regions. In this study, an environmentally extended multi-regional input-output (MRIO model was used to analyze the imbalances, inequities and pressures of the ecological footprints (EF of China’s 30 provinces in 2007. In addition, by decomposing the total product consumption coefficients, we calculated the net embodied EF of the flows among the provinces by the total amount, land type and sector. The results showed that most provinces presented EF deficits. Significant differences were observed between the ecological pressure in consumption (EPC and ecological pressure in production (EPP for each province because of the net embodied EF trade; the EPCs of Shanghai (15.16, Beijing (7.81 and Tianjin (7.81 were the largest and presented descending EPPs, whereas the EPCs of Heilongjiang (0.98, Hebei (0.98, Xinjiang (0.98 and Guangxi (0.98 were under the threshold value (1 and presented ascending EPPs. The carbon footprint in the secondary sector was the main embodied EF of the flows among the provinces responsible for inequities. Finally, based on the various conditions of the provinces in different geographical regions, we have provided suggestions for regionally balanced development that can maintain the EPP and EPC values under the threshold for each province.

  12. Development and Research on Rural Regional Characteristic Sports Tourism Industry: A Case Study of Southern Jiangxi Province

    Xianyi; WANG; Yanting; LONG


    With the hope of providing basis for sound development of rural sports tourism industry in economic less-developed region and the establishment of macro industry policy,this paper demonstrated the selection of development way,space frame and product system of rural sports tourism industry in southern Jiangxi Province by consulting document literature and conducting field research and based on the analysis of social background for the rise of rural sports tourism.

  13. A Late Variscan Sn province: the Arburese region (SW Sardinia, Italy)

    Naitza, Stefano; Secchi, Francesco; Oggiano, Giacomo; Cuccuru, Stefano


    Late Variscan Sn - rich European provinces (e. g. Erzgebirge, Cornwall) are of particular relevance as they offer key insights into crustal evolution, intrusive processes and ore genesis. In Sardinia (Italy), small Sn deposits are only known in the Arburese historical mining region (SW Sardinia), hosted in low-grade metamorphics close to the contacts with intrusives. This region is characterised by two late variscan intrusions, which differ in age and composition: the Arbus and the Monte Linas pluton, aging 304 ± 1 Ma, and 289 ± 1 Ma respectively. They emplaced at shallow crustal levels and crosscut the basal thrust between the alloctonous prism and the foreland of the Variscan belt of Sardinia. The Arbus Pluton (AP) is a composite intrusion of piroxene- and amphibole- granodiorites hosting minor amounts of monzogabbroic rocks and cordierite-bearing granites with a wide core of leuco-monzogranites. Tourmaline greisens and pegmatites garnish the contact between the border facies and the host metamorphic rocks. The Monte Linas Pluton (MLP) has biotite monzogranite composition. The pluton is internally zoned, from medium grained monzogranite in the core to hololeucocratic fine-grained rock-types at the top, where often F-greisen, fayalite-pegmatite pods and sill are common. In both plutons the igneous associations are high-K ilmenite series, suggesting derivation from low- fO2 magmas possibly linked to a common crustal contribution; however, in the Linas Pluton magnetite in the fine-grained facies may indicate an increase in oxygen fugacity. The AP-related Sn ores consist of high-temperature As-Sn quartz veins. They are vertically zoned, from quartz-chlorite-cassiterite to large quartz-arsenopyrite veins. Ore microscopy and SEM-EDS analyses evidenced a vein texture made of thick idiomorphic and frequently twinned cassiterite crystals, alternated with several generations of banded/geodic quartz. Chlinoclore aggregates are included into the quartz. The arsenopyrite

  14. Social vulnerability of rural households to flood hazards in western mountainous regions of Henan province, China

    Liu, Delin; Li, Yue


    Evaluating social vulnerability is a crucial issue in risk and disaster management. In this study, a household social vulnerability index (HSVI) to flood hazards was developed and used to assess the social vulnerability of rural households in western mountainous regions of Henan province, China. Eight key indicators were identified using existing literature and discussions with experts from multiple disciplines and local farmers, and their weights were determined using principle component analysis (PCA) and an expert scoring method. The results showed that (1) the ratio of perennial work in other places, hazard-related training and illiteracy ratio (15+) were the most dominant factors of social vulnerability. (2) The numbers of high, moderate and low vulnerability households were 14, 64 and 16, respectively, which accounted for 14.9, 68.1 and 17.0 % of the total interviewed rural households, respectively. (3) The correlation coefficient between household social vulnerability scores and casualties in a storm flood in July 2010 was significant at 0.05 significance level (r = 0.748), which indicated that the selected indicators and their weights were valid. (4) Some mitigation strategies to reduce household social vulnerability to flood hazards were proposed, which included (1) improving the local residents' income and their disaster-related knowledge and evacuation skills, (2) developing emergency plans and carrying out emergency drills and training, (3) enhancing the accuracy of disaster monitoring and warning systems and (4) establishing a specific emergency management department and comprehensive rescue systems. These results can provide useful information for rural households and local governments to prepare, mitigate and respond to flood hazards, and the corresponding strategies can help local households to reduce their social vulnerability and improve their ability to resist flood hazard.

  15. Sinop Province, Şahintepesi Region, Bayraktepe Tumulus' Display With Electrical Resistivity Tomography

    Yıldırım, Şahin; Ahmet Yüksel, Fethi; Avcı, Kerim; Ziya Görücü, Mahmut


    Paphlagonia is located on the Boztepe Foreland (Sinop Foreland) and its peninsula, which extends northwards along the coastal lane of the Black Sea. Sinop is at the northernmost tip of Turkey, in the middle of the Black Sea region. Archaeological excavations of the entire Sinop province have uncovered artifacts from the Bronze Age dating back to 3000 BC. Most ancient sources indicate that Mithridates is buried in Sinop. It is alleged that the Tumuli on the crest of the historical peninsula, called Boztepe in Sinop, could be the resting spot of Mithridates. There are three tumuli in this area known as Şahin Tepesi Mevkii (Şahin Hill Site). In order to determine the location of the burial chamber of the tomb, Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) measurement methods were used, which is a geophysical method capable of three dimensional (3D) measurement and evaluation. In the area of the tumulus, measurements were made in a 57 electrode array using a 42 x 36 m (total 1512 m2) spread electrode pattern with 6m spacing. In the study, an AGI brand SuperString R1 Resistivity device and equipment were used. Resistivity data were interpreted using AGI Earthimag 3D software. From the geoelectric resistivity data, 2D and 3D images were obtained as a result of data processing. In the tumulus area smooth geometrical forms and individual high-amplitude anomalies were visualized, that could be attributed to structural remains and the presence of archaeological materials. These anomalies were plotted on the gridded location plan of the excavation area. Within the artificial hill forming the tumulus, with regards to the natural geological units, anomalies such as very high resistivity, linear elongations, angular rotations, curves, etc. (stone wall, hollow room) that are caused by architectural elements were observed. These geometrically shaped, very highly resistive, anomalies should be checked. Keywords: Sinope, Tumulus, Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Archaeo-geophysics

  16. REE Geochemistry of Moderate- and High- Sulfur Coals from North Shanxi, China

    王文峰; 秦勇; 宋党育; 傅雪海


    Contents of the rare-earth elements ( REE ) in two coal seams from North Shanxi Province, China, were determined using the instrumental neutron activation method. Based on the REE distribution patterns, and correlation analysis and cluster analysis, the main conclusions were drawn as follows. The REE contents are controlled mainly by the coal-forming environments, but might be affected by acidic solution leaching after peat sedimentation. The REE distribution patterns should be nearly the same in the sublayers of the same coal seam, and the occurrence of abnormal patterns might indicate the geological effect during post-sedimentation.The REE in coals are present mainly in the inorganic phase, and might be derived mainly from terrigenous detrital minerals. Some harmful elements, such as V, P, Mo, Cr, Cu, Mo, Th and Cd, might have cleaning potential during processing and dressing by washing because they are associated with REE.

  17. Hepatitis E virus seroprevalence among farmers, veterinarians and control subjects in Jilin province, Shandong province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China.

    Kang, Yuan-Huan; Cong, Wei; Zhang, Xiang-Yan; Wang, Chun-Feng; Shan, Xiao-Feng; Qian, Ai-Dong


    China is commonly considered to be a HEV-endemic region but limited epidemiological data for HEV among farmers and veterinarians are available. Thus, a case-control study was carried out to detect the seroprevalence and assess potential risk factors associated with the acquisition of HEV infection by farmers and veterinarians in China from July 2013 to May 2015. Three hundred veterinarians and 600 farmers recruited from Jilin province, Shandong province, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and 600 control subjects matched by gender, age, and residence were detected for the presence of anti-HEV IgG and IgM antibodies using enzyme immunoassays. The seroprevalences of HEV infection in farmers, veterinarians, and control subjects were 34.8%, 26.7%, and 20.2%, respectively. Farmers (P veterinarians (P = 0.027) have significantly higher seroprevalence than control subjects. The highest seroprevalence of HEV infection was detected in swine farmers (49.1%) and the lowest seroprevalence was found in cattle farmers (26.5%). In veterinarians, farm animal veterinarians have a higher seroprevalence than pet veterinarians, but the difference was not significant (P > 0.05). Residence area, contact with swine and exposure with soil were significantly associated with HEV infection in the study farmers; contact with swine and source of drinking water were significantly associated with HEV infection in the study veterinarians. These results implied the high prevalence of HEV and the considerable potential for the dissemination of HEV infection in farmers and veterinarians in China. J. Med. Virol. 89:872-877, 2017. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  18. [Regional difference of NPK fertilizers application and environmental risk assessment in Jiangsu Province, China].

    Liu, Qin-pu


    It is of great importance to have a deep understanding of the spatial distribution of NPK fertilizers application and the potential threat to the ecological environment in Jiangsu Province, which is helpful for regulating the rational fertilization, strengthening the fertilizer use risk management and guidance, and preventing agricultural non-point pollution. Based on the environmental risk assessment model with consideration of different impacts of N, P, K fertilizers on environment, this paper researched the regional differentiation characteristic and environmental risk of intensity of NPK fertilizer usages in Jiangsu. Analystic hierarchy process ( AHP) was used to determine the weithts of N, P, K. The environmental safety thresholds of N, P, K were made according to the standard of 250 kg · hm(-2) for the construction of ecological counties sponsered by Chinese government and the proportion of 1:0.5:0.5 for N:P:K surposed by some developed countries. The results showed that the intensity of NPK fertilizer application currently presented a gradually increasing trend from south to north of Jiangsu, with the extremum ratio of 3.3, and the extremum ratios of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer were 3.3, 4.5 and 4.4, respectively. The average proportion of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer of 13 cities in Jiangsu was 1:0.39:0.26. Their proportion was relatively in equilibrium in southern Jiangsu, but the nutrient structure disorder was serious in northern Jiangsu. In Jiangsu, the environmental risk index of fertilization averaged at 0.69 and in the middle-range of environmental risk. The environmental risk index of fertilizer application in southern and central Jiangsu was respectively at the low and moderate levels, while that of cities in northern Jiangsu was at the moderate, serious or severe level. In Jiangsu, the regional difference of fertilizer application and environmental risk assessment were

  19. Regional earthquake loss estimation in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol (Italy)

    Huttenlau, Matthias; Winter, Benjamin


    Beside storm events geophysical events cause a majority of natural hazard losses on a global scale. However, in alpine regions with a moderate earthquake risk potential like in the study area and thereupon connected consequences on the collective memory this source of risk is often neglected in contrast to gravitational and hydrological hazards processes. In this context, the comparative analysis of potential disasters and emergencies on a national level in Switzerland (Katarisk study) has shown that earthquakes are the most serious source of risk in general. In order to estimate the potential losses of earthquake events for different return periods and loss dimensions of extreme events the following study was conducted in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol (Italy). The applied methodology follows the generally accepted risk concept based on the risk components hazard, elements at risk and vulnerability, whereby risk is not defined holistically (direct, indirect, tangible and intangible) but with the risk category losses on buildings and inventory as a general risk proxy. The hazard analysis is based on a regional macroseismic scenario approach. Thereby, the settlement centre of each community (116 communities) is defined as potential epicentre. For each epicentre four different epicentral scenarios (return periods of 98, 475, 975 and 2475 years) are calculated based on the simple but approved and generally accepted attenuation law according to Sponheuer (1960). The relevant input parameters to calculate the epicentral scenarios are (i) the macroseismic intensity and (ii) the focal depth. The considered macroseismic intensities are based on a probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA) of the Italian earthquake catalogue on a community level (Dipartimento della Protezione Civile). The relevant focal depth are considered as a mean within a defined buffer of the focal depths of the harmonized earthquake catalogues of Italy and Switzerland as well as

  20. Study on Spatial Variation of Shanxi Wheat Crop Water Requirement%山西省小麦需水量空间变化规律分析研究

    韩娜娜; 王仰仁; 周青云; 金建华; 叶澜涛; 郑志伟


    Based on the test data of wheat water requirement in Shanxi Province and the nearly 50 years of meteorological data near the weather station,this paper analyzed the spatial variation of Shanxi wheat crop water requirement and the influences of meteoro-logical factors on them.The results showed that:Shanxi Changzhi the winter wheat crop water requirement in the region of Changhzi was largest.The other regions were very similar.From the analysis of the stage of the crop water requirement,especially the joint-ing stage to harvest,the winter wheat water requirement gradually decreased from north to south.In addition,the number of days of wheat grown from north to south is also showing a decreasing trend.The relationship between wheat period average daily water de-mand and the average wind speed is more closely.%结合山西省10个小麦试验站多年需水量的试验数据及邻近气象站近50年的气象资料,分析了山西省小麦需水量在空间上的变化特点及其对气象因子变化的响应。结果表明:从全生育期小麦需水量来看,以山西长治地区为最大,其他地区较为接近;从阶段作物需水量来看,尤其是拔节到收获的阶段,小麦的需水量呈现出自北向南逐渐递减的变化规律。另外,小麦的生长天数也呈现出自北向南逐渐减少的趋势。小麦生育期内日平均需水量与日平均参考作物蒸发蒸腾量关系非常密切。

  1. Contribution to knowledge of the genus Chydaeus in Xizang Autonomous Region (Tibet and Yunnan Province, China (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalini

    Boris M. Kataev


    Full Text Available Five new species of the genus Chydaeus Chaudoir, 1854 are described from China: C. fugongensis sp. n. (Shibali, Fugong County, Yunnan Province, C. gutangensis sp. n. (Gutang, Medog County, Xizang Autonomous Region [Tibet], C. hanmiensis sp. n. (Hanmi, Medog County, Xizang Autonomous Region [Tibet], C. asetosus sp. n. (NE of Fugong, Yunnan Province, and C. baoshanensis sp. n. (N of Baoshan, Yunnan Province. Taxonomic and faunistic notes on eleven other species occurring in Xizang and Yunnan are also provided. Chydaeus shunichii Ito, 2006 is re-described, based on specimens from Lushui County, Yunnan. Chydaeus kumei Ito, 1992 is treated as a subspecies of C. andrewesi Schauberger, 1932 [NEW STATUS]. The taxonomic status of C. guangxiensis Ito, 2006 is discussed. The following taxa are recorded from China for the first time: C. obtusicollis Schauberger, 1932 (Xizang and Yunnan, C. malaisei Kataev & Schmidt, 2006 (Yunnan, C. semenowi (Tschitschérine, 1899 (Xizang and Yunnan, C. andrewesi andrewesi Schauberger, 1932 (Xizang and Yunnan, C. andrewesi kumei Ito (Yunnan, C. bedeli interjectus Kataev & Schmidt, 2002 (Xizang, and C. bedeli vietnamensis Kataev & Schmidt, 2002 (Yunnan.

  2. Environmental Geochemistry of Fluorine in the Rock—Soil—Water System in the Karst Region of Central Guizhou Province

    朱立军; 李景阳; 等


    Systematic determination of and adsorption experiment on fluorine in the carbonate rock-soil-water system in the karst region studied in Guzhou Province,in conjunction with the mineral surface and soil chemistry data,have revealed the geochemical characteristics of F and the mechanisms of its transport and entrichment in the rock-soil-water-system of the karst region central guizhou province,Deep-seated underground waters(-100m or lower)and soil layers in the karst region of central Guizhou are characterized by high-F anomalies whereas shallow-level underground and surface waters by low contents of F(mostly lower than 05mg/L).Fluorine in soil and water in the region studied comes largely from Triassic marine strata dominated by gypsum-bearing carbonate rocks.The special adsorption and desorption of F on the surface of geothite in soil layers are the important mechanisms of its transport and enrichment in the rock-soil-water system of the karst region studied.


    Sminchak, Joel


    This report presents final technical results for the project Simulation Framework for Regional Geologic CO{sub 2} Storage Infrastructure along Arches Province of the Midwest United States. The Arches Simulation project was a three year effort designed to develop a simulation framework for regional geologic carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}) storage infrastructure along the Arches Province through development of a geologic model and advanced reservoir simulations of large-scale CO{sub 2} storage. The project included five major technical tasks: (1) compilation of geologic, hydraulic and injection data on Mount Simon, (2) development of model framework and parameters, (3) preliminary variable density flow simulations, (4) multi-phase model runs of regional storage scenarios, and (5) implications for regional storage feasibility. The Arches Province is an informal region in northeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, western Ohio, and southern Michigan where sedimentary rock formations form broad arch and platform structures. In the province, the Mount Simon sandstone is an appealing deep saline formation for CO{sub 2} storage because of the intersection of reservoir thickness and permeability. Many CO{sub 2} sources are located in proximity to the Arches Province, and the area is adjacent to coal fired power plants along the Ohio River Valley corridor. Geophysical well logs, rock samples, drilling logs, and geotechnical tests were evaluated for a 500,000 km{sup 2} study area centered on the Arches Province. Hydraulic parameters and historical operational information was also compiled from Mount Simon wastewater injection wells in the region. This information was integrated into a geocellular model that depicts the parameters and conditions in a numerical array. The geologic and hydraulic data were integrated into a three-dimensional grid of porosity and permeability, which are key parameters regarding fluid flow and pressure buildup due to CO{sub 2} injection. Permeability data


    Sminchak, Joel


    This report presents final technical results for the project Simulation Framework for Regional Geologic CO{sub 2} Storage Infrastructure along Arches Province of the Midwest United States. The Arches Simulation project was a three year effort designed to develop a simulation framework for regional geologic carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}) storage infrastructure along the Arches Province through development of a geologic model and advanced reservoir simulations of large-scale CO{sub 2} storage. The project included five major technical tasks: (1) compilation of geologic, hydraulic and injection data on Mount Simon, (2) development of model framework and parameters, (3) preliminary variable density flow simulations, (4) multi-phase model runs of regional storage scenarios, and (5) implications for regional storage feasibility. The Arches Province is an informal region in northeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, western Ohio, and southern Michigan where sedimentary rock formations form broad arch and platform structures. In the province, the Mount Simon sandstone is an appealing deep saline formation for CO{sub 2} storage because of the intersection of reservoir thickness and permeability. Many CO{sub 2} sources are located in proximity to the Arches Province, and the area is adjacent to coal fired power plants along the Ohio River Valley corridor. Geophysical well logs, rock samples, drilling logs, and geotechnical tests were evaluated for a 500,000 km{sup 2} study area centered on the Arches Province. Hydraulic parameters and historical operational information was also compiled from Mount Simon wastewater injection wells in the region. This information was integrated into a geocellular model that depicts the parameters and conditions in a numerical array. The geologic and hydraulic data were integrated into a three-dimensional grid of porosity and permeability, which are key parameters regarding fluid flow and pressure buildup due to CO{sub 2} injection. Permeability data

  5. Regional uplift associated with continental large igneous provinces: The roles of mantle plumes and the lithosphere

    Saunders, A.D.; Jones, S.M.; Morgan, L.A.; Pierce, K.L.; Widdowson, M.; Xu, Y.G.


    The timing and duration of surface uplift associated with large igneous provinces provide important constraints on mantle convection processes. Here we review geological indicators of surface uplift associated with five continent-based magmatic provinces: Emeishan Traps (260??million years ago: Ma), Siberian Traps (251??Ma), Deccan Traps (65??Ma), North Atlantic (Phase 1, 61??Ma and Phase 2, 55??Ma), and Yellowstone (16??Ma to recent). All five magmatic provinces were associated with surface uplift. Surface uplift can be measured directly from sedimentary indicators of sea-level in the North Atlantic and from geomorpholocial indicators of relative uplift and tilting in Yellowstone. In the other provinces, surface uplift is inferred from the record of erosion. In the Deccan, North Atlantic and Emeishan provinces, transient uplift that results from variations in thermal structure of the lithosphere and underlying mantle can be distinguished from permanent uplift that results from the extraction and emplacement of magma. Transient surface uplift is more useful in constraining mantle convection since models of melt generation and emplacement are not required for its interpretation. Observations of the spatial and temporal relationships between surface uplift, rifting and magmatism are also important in constraining models of LIP formation. Onset of surface uplift preceded magmatism in all five of the provinces. Biostratigraphic constraints on timing of uplift and erosion are best for the North Atlantic and Emeishan Provinces, where the time interval between significant uplift and first magmatism is less than 1??million years and 2.5??million years respectively. Rifting post-dates the earliest magmatism in the case of the North Atlantic Phase 1 and possibly in the case of Siberia. The relative age of onset of offshore rifting is not well constrained for the Deccan and the importance of rifting in controlling magmatism is disputed in the Emeishan and Yellowstone

  6. [Mortality from respiratory diseases in the provinces of Apulia Region (Southern Italy) from 1933 to 2010].

    Montinari, Maria Rosa; Gianicolo, Emilio Antonio Luca; Vigotti, Maria Angela


    OBIETTIVI: valutare l'andamento temporale della mortalità per patologie respiratorie nelle province pugliesi utilizzando dati omogenei per fonte e metodologia di calcolo. DISEGNO: analisi ecologica storica degli andamenti temporali di mortalità per tumori e patologie dell'apparato respiratorio nelle province pugliesi, in Puglia e nelle ripartizioni geografiche italiane dal 1933 al 2010. SETTING E PARTECIPANTI: i dati di mortalità e le popolazioni residenti sono di fonte Istat. Sono state esaminate tutte le cause di decesso, il tumore della laringe, il tumore del polmone, l'insieme dei tumori respiratori, la bronchite, la polmonite e la broncopolmonite considerate congiuntamente, e l'insieme delle patologie respiratorie. Le analisi sono disaggregate per sesso dal 1969. PRINCIPALI MISURE DI OUTCOME: rapporti standardizzati di mortalità (SMR%) in riferimento all'Italia, con intervalli di confidenza al 95%, e tassi di mortalità standardizzati col metodo diretto (TSD ) in riferimento alla popolazione standard europea. RISULTATI: dal 1933 al 2010, i TSD per tumori respiratori e per bronchiti diminuiscono in tutte le aree analizzate. Tuttavia, nelle province di Taranto, Brindisi e Lecce, l'SMR% per tumori respiratori, inferiore al riferimento nazionale fino agli anni Sessanta, si allinea (a Brindisi) e supera (a Lecce e Taranto) il riferimento negli anni successivi. Nelle province di Foggia e Bari il numero dei decessi per tumore del polmone è costantemente inferiore all'atteso. CONCLUSIONI: la ricostruzione storica e l'analisi dei trend temporali di mortalità dal 1933 al 2010 mostrano alcune criticità sanitarie in periodi specifici. L'elaborazione dei dati di mortalità per un arco temporale di circa 80 anni ha messo in evidenza la maggiore rilevanza di queste criticità con l'avvio dello sviluppo industriale.

  7. Grey Correlation Between Agricultural Input Factors and Regional GDP Growth in Anhui Province


    In order to analyze the relation between agricultural input factors and economic growth in Anhui Province,the evaluation index system of agricultural input is built from the perspectives of subject,object and tools based on grey system theory. The government investment in agricultural science and technology is selected as the index of labor subject,that is labor-related index(X1) ,the total sown area of crops is selected as the index of labor object(X2) ,the investment in rural water and electricity construction is chosen as the index of tools(X3) ,and the GDP of Anhui Province is denoted by X0. According to the relevant data,the improved model of grey correlation analysis is adopted to calculate the correlation among the investment in agricultural water and electricity construction,total sown area of crops,government investment in agricultural science and technology,and the GDP in Anhui Province during 2004-2008. Results show that investment in agricultural science and technology contribute the largest to GDP growth,the increase and change of the total sown area and the investment in rural water and electricity construction have a weak correlation with GDP,they are in a less consistent development trend. On this basis,the government of Anhui Province further proposes to increase the investment in agricultural science and technology,enhance the protection of arable lands,keep the total sown area of crops,and properly maintain the rural water and electricity construction.

  8. REE geochemistry of lamprophyres in Baimazhai nickel deposit, Yunnan Province, China: implication for the mantle source region

    GUAN Tao; HUANG Zhilong; XU Cheng; ZHANG Zhenliang; YAN Zaifei; SHEN Baojian


    Based on the REE geochemistry data from the Baimazhai nickel deposit, Yunnan Province, the authors modeled the composition of the mantle source region by way of petrological mixing calculation, and further discussed the genesis of this type of rocks. Both element geochemistry data and mixing calculation showed that lamprophyres in the Baimazhai nickel deposit were derived from a metasomatism-enrichment mantle and the fluids resulted from dehydration of a subducted slab which is comprised of ALK-, LREE- and incompatible element-rich sediments.

  9. Characterization of Groundwater Quality Based on Regional Geologic Setting in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Physiographic Provinces, North Carolina

    Harden, Stephen L.; Chapman, Melinda J.; Harned, Douglas A.


    A compilation of groundwater-quality data collected as part of two U.S. Geological Survey studies provides a basis for understanding the ambient geochemistry related to geologic setting in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Physiographic Provinces (hereafter referred to as Piedmont and Mountains Provinces) of North Carolina. Although the geology is complex, a grouping of the sampled wells into assemblages of geologic units described as 'geozones' provides a basis for comparison across the region. Analyses of these two data sets provide a description of water-quality conditions in bedrock aquifers of the Piedmont and Mountains Provinces of North Carolina. Analyzed data were collected between 1997 and 2008 from a network of 79 wells representing 8 regional geozones distributed throughout the Piedmont and Mountains Provinces. This area has experienced high rates of population growth and an increased demand for water resources. Groundwater was used by about 34 percent of the population in the 65 counties of this region in 2005. An improved understanding of the quality and quantity of available groundwater resources is needed to plan effectively for future growth and development. The use of regional geologic setting to characterize groundwater-quality conditions in the Piedmont and Mountains Provinces is the focus of this investigation. Data evaluation included an examination of selected properties and the ionic composition of groundwater in the geozones. No major differences in overall ionic chemistry of groundwater among the geozones were evident with the data examined. Variability in the cationic and anionic composition of groundwater within a particular geozone appeared to reflect local differences in lithologic setting, hydrologic and geochemical conditions, and(or) land-use effects. The most common exceedances of the drinking-water criteria (in accordance with Federal and State water-quality standards) occurred for radon, pH, manganese, iron, and zinc. Radon had the most

  10. Women’s Cloth-Making Campaign in Shanxi(2)


    THE cloth-making campaign carried out by the Eighth Route Army and the local people in Shanxi helped pulp them through a tough situation and win the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan (1937-1945). In the remote hills where both industrial and agricultural development was slow-

  11. Trace element emissions from spontaneous combustion of gob piles in coal mines, Shanxi, China

    Zhao, Y.; Zhang, Jiahua; Chou, C.-L.; Li, Y.; Wang, Z.; Ge, Y.; Zheng, C.


    The emissions of potentially hazardous trace elements from spontaneous combustion of gob piles from coal mining in Shanxi Province, China, have been studied. More than ninety samples of solid waste from gob piles in Shanxi were collected and the contents of twenty potentially hazardous trace elements (Be, F, V, Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Se, Mo, Cd, Sn, Sb, Hg, Tl, Pb, Th, and U) in these samples were determined. Trace element contents in solid waste samples showed wide ranges. As compared with the upper continental crust, the solid waste samples are significantly enriched in Se (20x) and Tl (12x) and are moderately enriched in F, As, Mo, Sn, Sb, Hg, Th, and U (2-5x). The solid waste samples are depleted in V, Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, and Zn. The solid waste samples are enriched in F, V, Mn, Cr, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Sb, Th, and U as compared with the Shanxi coals. Most trace elements are higher in the clinker than in the unburnt solid waste except F, Sn, and Hg. Trace element abundances are related to the ash content and composition of the samples. The content of F is negatively correlated with the ash content, while Pb is positively correlated with the ash. The concentrations of As, Mn, Zn, and Cd are highly positively correlated with Fe2O3 in the solid waste. The As content increases with increasing sulfur content in the solid waste. The trace element emissions are calculated for mass balance. The emission factors of trace elements during the spontaneous combustion of the gobs are determined and the trace element concentrations in the flue gas from the spontaneous combustion of solid waste are calculated. More than a half of F, Se, Hg and Pb are released to the atmosphere during spontaneous combustion. Some trace element concentrations in flue gas are higher than the national emission standards. Thus, gob piles from coal mining pose a serious environmental problem. ?? 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  12. Forest recovery and river discharge at the regional scale of Guangdong Province, China

    Zhou, Guoyi; Wei, Xiaohua; Luo, Yan; Zhang, Mingfang; Li, Yuelin; Qiao, Yuna; Liu, Haigui; Wang, Chunlin


    Information on how large-scale forest changes affect water resources is important in China as country-wide reforestation programs are being implemented and concerns have arisen over possible water reduction. In this study, water budget analysis and statistical methods were used to assess the effects of significant forest recovery on river discharge at Guangdong Province based on 50 years of data. We used realized water yield (RWY) as a balance term between the outflows from and inflows to the province to represent the river discharge produced solely in Guangdong Province. The relationship between forest recovery and RWY was inferred after quantitatively examining other contributing variables including precipitation, potential evapotranspiration, development of impervious areas, human water consumption, and reservoir constructions. We applied time series analysis to test the statistical relationship between forest recovery and RWYs at annual, wet season, and dry season intervals. Both approaches showed that large-scale forest recovery did not cause significant water reduction over the past 50 years. This finding is contrary to the widely held perception of the trade-off relationship between carbon (reforestation) and water. There were no significant trends in precipitation or in RWY annually and in the wet season, but there was a significant increase of RWY in the dry season over the past 50 years. It is estimated that forest recovery may play a positive role in redistributing water from the wet season to the dry season and, consequently, in increasing water yield in the dry season. The implication of those research findings for future reforestation programs and water resource protection is also discussed.

  13. Magmatism evolution in the Nori'lsk region (Siberian trap province)

    Krivolutskaya, Nadezhda


    The NW Siberian trap province is very important for our understanding of evolution of huge magmatic system (T1) and origin unique Pt-Cu-Ni deposits. To solve these genetic problems (including correlation between effusive and intrusive rocks) it is necessary to get accurate information about magmatism migration in space and in time inside different tectonic structures in the Noril'sk region. Thed latter takes outstanding place on the Siberian platform due to its geological features. It consists of two main areas covered by volcanic rocks: I. Kharaelakhsky trough (on West) and II. plateau Putorana (on East) are subdivided by carbonate-terrigenouse rocks (C-P2) of Khantaisko-Rybninsky swell . These two zones differ one from another by thickness of basalts and their composition.The fist zone extents along the Khatanga fault and contains all suits, including three lowest ones - ivakinsky (Iv), syverminsky (Sv), gudchikhinsky (Gd). II zone essentially consists of the middle and upper suits - hakanchansky (Hk), tuklonsky (Tk), nadezhdinsky (Nd), morongovsky (Mr), mokulaevsky (Mk), kharaekakhsky (Kh), kumginsky (Km) and samoedsky (Sm). Usually it is constructed the complete section of the Noril'sk volcanites from rocks of two zones. But every suit has its own areal extent., which to contour it not so easy because volcanic rocks represent very similar tholeiitic basalts ( in term of texture and petrochemistry). Their differentiation is just possible using rare elements and isotopes contents in the rocks [1]. We have studied a lot of basalt sections based on their outcrops and cores of drill holes (4 570 m) and intrusive bodies graduated in mineralization (internal structure, geochemistry, mineralogy, isotopes composition). According new data areoles of the lowers and the upper suits separate in space. The thicknesses Iv and Sv suits (TiO2=2-4 mas. %; Gg/Yb = 2.2.) decreases synchronously from NW Kharaelakh and the towards Putorana at 30%. Gd suit (TiO2=1-2 mas.% and Gd

  14. A new subtype of 3' region of cagA gene in Helicobacter pyloristrains isolated from Zhejiang Province in China

    Ran Tao; Ping-Chu Fang; Hai-Yan Liu; Yun-Shui Jiang; Jing Chen


    AIM: To isolate the subtypes of 3' region of cagA gene in Helicobacter pylori (H pylori) strains from Zhejiang Province in China and to investigate their relations to H pylori-associated gastroduodenal diseases.METHODS: One hundred and thirty-seven H pylori clinical strains were isolated from the gastric mucosa specimens of 74 patients with chronic gastritis, 61 with peptic ulceration,and 2 with gastric cancer. Bacterial genomic DNA was extracted and 3' region of cagA gene was amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Subtypes of 3' region of cagA gene were determined by the size of PCR amplified segments. The sequences of the subtypes were analyzed by PCR-based sequencing.RESULTS: Of the 137 Hpylori isolates from Zhejiang Province,132 (96.4%) yielded PCR products that could be classified into three groups of subtypes, named as subtypes Ⅰ, Ⅱ,and Ⅲ according to their sizes. The sizes of subtypes Ⅰ, Ⅱ,and Ⅲ were 648-650 bp, 705-707 bp, and 815 bp, respectively.Among the 132 cagA-positive H pyloristrains, 123 (93.2%)belonged to the group of subtype Ⅰ, 6 (4.5%) presented subtype Ⅱ, 1 (0.8%) was subtype Ⅲ, and 2 (1.5%) presented subtypes Ⅰ and Ⅲ both. The primary structure of subtype Ⅰwas composed of 3 repeats of R1, 1 repeat of R2 and 1repeat of R3. Subtype Ⅱ possessing 4 repeats of R1, 2repeats of R2 and 1 repeat of R3 was a newly found type of 3' region of cagA gene which had not been reported before. The primary structure of subtype Ⅲ consisted of 4repeats of R1, 1 repeat of R2 and 2 repeats of R3. Comparison of the sequences of subtype Ⅰ strains with the corresponding sequences deposited in GenBank, showed a similarity of95.0% (94.0-96.1%) for nucleotide sequences and 95.9%(94.9-97.4%) for deduced amino acid sequences.Comparison of the sequences of subtype Ⅲ strains with the corresponding sequences deposited in GenBank,showed a similarity of 93.9% (90.8-96.9%) for nucleotide sequences and 93.2% (90.2-96.2%) for deduced amino acid

  15. Impact of the June 2013 Riau province Sumatera smoke haze event on regional air pollution

    Dewi Ayu Kusumaningtyas, Sheila; Aldrian, Edvin


    Forest and land fires in Riau province of Sumatera increase along with the rapid deforestation, land clearing, and are induced by dry climate. Forest and land fires, which occur routinely every year, cause trans-boundary air pollution up to Singapore. Economic losses were felt by Indonesia and Singapore as the affected country thus creates tensions among neighboring countries. A high concentration of aerosols are emitted from fire which degrade the local air quality and reduce visibility. This study aimed to analyze the impact of the June 2013 smoke haze event on the environment and air quality both in Riau and Singapore as well as to characterize the aerosol properties in Singapore during the fire period. Air quality parameters combine with aerosols from Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET) data and some environmental parameters, i.e. rainfall, visibility, and hotspot numbers are investigated. There are significant relationships between aerosol and environmental parameters both in Riau and Singapore. From Hysplit modeling and a day lag correlation, smoke haze in Singapore is traced back to fire locations in Riau province after propagated one day. Aerosol characterization through aerosol optical depth (AOD), Ångstrom parameter and particle size distribution indicate the presence of fine aerosols in a great number in Singapore, which is characteristic of biomass burning aerosols. Fire and smoke haze even impaired economic activity both in Riau and Singapore, thus leaving some accounted economic losses as reported by some agencies.

  16. 中小学学生体质量与学业表现相关关系--基于陕西省某市中小学学生的数据%The correlation between body mass and academic performance of elementary and middle school students--Based on the data of elementary and middle school students in a certain city in Shanxi province

    詹逸思; 张羽; 梁哲


    By using descriptive statistics as well as measurement and regression model, the authors studied the height and body weight ratings and academic performance of 79 475 students in 168 elementary and middle schools in a certain city in Shanxi in 2012, and revealed the following findings: in an underdeveloped region in China, the percentage of students with a poor body weight rating was big, 44.85% of the elementary and middle school stu-dents had a body weight on the light side, while 16.44% of them had a body weight on the heavy side; there was a significant positive correlation between body weight on the light side and the academic performance of the elemen-tary and middle school students; at elementary and junior middle school stages, there was no significant correlation between body weight on the heavy side and academic performance; in the subgroup of high school students, there was a significant negative correlation between body weight on the heavy side and academic performance, in which the high school girls with a body weight on the heavy side had poorer academic performance.%采用描述统计和计量回归模型,对陕西省某市2012年168所中小学共79475名学生的身高体重等级和学业成绩研究发现:中国欠发达地区体重等级不良的学生规模较大,44.85%中小学生体重偏轻,16.44%体重偏重;体重偏轻与中小学生学业表现呈显著正相关;小学和初中阶段,体重偏重与学业表现无显著相关;在高中生子群体中,体重偏重与学业表现呈显著负相关,其中偏重的高中女生中学习成绩更差。

  17. 抗战时期陕甘宁边区新文字冬学运动述论%A Research of the Latinized New Writing Winter-Time Study Movement in the Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region during the Anti-Japan War



    In the interaction between the Soviet experience with China’s problems, the Communist Party of China linked the reform of Chinese characters with the popularization of culture, the class revolution and the building of political power, and gave multiple political colors to the reform of Chinese characters. From 1940 to 1943, the Communist Party of China used the organizational strength to promote the development of the Latinized New Writing movement by mass winter-time study movement. Due to the constraints of the economic and political environment in the period of Anti Japanese War, the suspicion of some people on the Latinized New Writing, the problems of Latinized New Writing winter-time study movement and contradictions between Latinized New Writing and culture popularization and nationalization, the Latinized New Writing winter-time study movement in the Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region had to be stopped. The CPC’s theoretical thinking and practical exploration of the Latinized New Writing movement had a certain historical influence on the reform of Chinese characters in the early period of the People’s Republic of China.%在苏联经验与中国问题的互动影响中,中国共产党将汉字改革与文化大众化、阶级革命以及政权建设联系在一起,赋予汉字改革多重政治意义。从1940年试办到1943年中断,在短短三年时间内,中国共产党利用组织力量,采用群众性的冬学形式推动了拉丁化新文字运动的开展。但由于抗战后期经济和政治环境的制约,部分民众对新文字的怀疑、新文字冬学本身存在的问题以及新文字与文化大众化和民族化方面产生的种种矛盾等原因,陕甘宁边区的新文字冬学运动不得不中断推行。中国共产党关于拉丁化新文字运动的理论思考和实践探索,对建国初期的文字改革产生了一定的历史影响。

  18. Evaluation of the Land Production Potential in the Context of Returning Farmland to Forest in Karst Region: A Case Study of Guizhou Province

    Shuang; YU; Guang; LI; Ruiping; RAN


    In this paper, we take Guizhou Province (the heart of southwestern Karst region in China) as the research object. By establishing gray forecasting model and time series forecasting model, we conduct the accuracy test on the actual production capacity of land and the forecasted production capacity of land in 2007 and 2008, and then conduct comprehensive forecast of the land production potential in Guizhou Province in 2020. On this basis, considering the nutritional standards needed by three kinds of life type (dressing warmly and eating one’s fill, well-off life, relatively affluent life), we evaluate the land production potential in Guizhou Province under the project of returning farmland to forest. Based on the evaluation results, we put forth the relevant recommendations for achieving sustainable land use in the context of returning farmland to forest in Guizhou Province.

  19. Discussion of Shanxi aged vinegar culture heritage%浅议山西老陈醋的文化与传承



    山西老陈醋历史悠久、工艺精湛、风格独特,被誉为我国四大名醋之首,蕴积着深厚的文化内涵。山西酿醋业的产生、发展和进步同我国的饮食文化一样源远流长,有着浓郁的民族文化传统和鲜明的乡土气息。通过对山西醋文化的研究和开发,以期为发展全省经济、建设文化大省作出贡献。%Shanxi aged vinegar has a long history, exquisite workmanship and unique style. It is known as the first of China's four famous vinegar and accumulated a profound cultural connotation. The production, development and progress of Shanxi vinegar industry has a long history as the Chinese food culture and it has the rich national culture tradition and the distinctive local flavor. The research and development of Shanxi vinegar culture could make a contribution for the province's economy and the cultural construction.

  20. Challenges and Path of Developing Circular Economy at Regional Level——A Case Study of Anhui Province


    Existing foundation and development opportunities of regional circular economy are elaborated.The first is gradual establishment and perfection of relevant laws and regulations and policy systems.The second is establishment of technical standard for circular economy and implementation of development model.The third is scientific and technical innovation providing technical support for circular economy.The fourth is opportunity of green development in international environmental and economic situations.And the fifth is leap-style development supported by solid foundation.Then,Anhui Province is taken as an example to analyze challenges faced by circular economy.The challenges include increase of resource restriction and environment pressure;supporting policy and legal system to be further perfected and implemented;circular economic indicators not included into political achievement assessment;and technical supporting foundation of circular economy still to be strengthened.Finally,path selection is put forward for development of circular economy in Anhui Province:make definite development direction of circular economy with tasks and targets;take major fields as carriers of development of circular economy;take major fields as carriers of development of circular economy;and take institutional construction as guarantee of circular economic development.

  1. Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Energy Supply and Consumption and Economic Growth on Shanxi%山西省能源供需与GDP增长关系的实证分析



    山西省既是能源生产大省,也是能源消费大省,能源供需与经济增长之间存在着较为突出的矛盾,本文研究山西省能源生产与消费的波动对山西省经济的影响.研究结果表明:山西省GDP对能源消费总量具有显著的单向Granger因果关系,能源消费总量、能源生产总量与GDP之间存在长期协整关系.%Shanxi is a big province of the energy production and the energy consumption. Energy sup- ply, demand and economic growth have a more prominent contradiction. In this paper, the energy pro- duction and consumption how to influence the economy of Shanxi province was studed. The results show:the total energy consumption, total energy production and GDP exist cointegration relationship. The energy consumption is promoted by the economic growth of Shanxi province.

  2. The Study on the Development History of Industrialization and Industrialization in Shaanxi Province%工业化发展历程及陕西工业化问题分析



    The article is on the basis of economics date that is on the development of industrialization in Shaanxi province. Through the evaluation of the coordination development of industrialization, it could draw a conclusion about Shaanxi province that the level on industrialization is interim. The article gives some advice for industrialization of Shanxi in the new century. then it could promote comprehensive. coordinated and sustainable development of regional economy.%根据陕西工业化经济发展相关数据,对陕西省工业化协调发展程度和水平进行定量分析,得出工业化处于工业化中期的结论,提出陕西省要实现新型工业化的合理化建议,从而实现工业化全面协调可持续发展.


    Avianto, Benito Rio


    The objective of the paper was to understand the impact of sub regional economic cooperation, known as the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT- GT), ontrade sector in Indonesia. The approach of research based on export macro information by provinces and commodities.The method used in the analytical framework was a fixed effect method. The regional study covered Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, North Sumatera, West Sumatera Barat, andRiau provinces, and the commodities involved CPO, coff...

  4. A floristic study of Kuh-e Khom in Tang Shekan region of Arsanjan county in Fars province

    Masumeh Zare


    Full Text Available A floristic study was done in Kuh-e Khom in east of Arsanjan county as part of the southern Zagros in Fars province. Altitude of the region is ranged from 1740 to 3270 m above sea level. The flora of the region with an emphasis on identifying habitats and the effect of altitude on vegetation were studied and sampling was done from 2010 to 2012. Totally, 440 plant specimens of vascular plant were collected which were belonging to 50 families, 198 genera and 287 species. The angiosperm plants were dominant and from them the dicot plants with 37 families, 167 genera and 246 species had the most diversity. The monocots plants with 9 families, 27 genera and 37 species were the second diversely group in the region. Gymnosperms and Pteridophyte each with two species had the lowest number of species. In respect to species richness, Asteraceae (43 species was the largest family and after that Breassicaceae (33 species, Poaceae (24 species, Fabaceae (24 species, Lamiaceae (22 species, Caryophyllaceae (19 species and Boraginaceae (13 species had the most species diversity. Half of species were therophyte and 68% of species were belonging to Irano-Turanian region.

  5. 脑瘫儿童生存质量评价量表的修订与试用%Primary Application and Revision of Cerebral Palsy Quality of Life Questionnaire for Children (CP QOL-Child) for Children with CP in Shanxi Province

    王艳平; 张洪才; 郭新志; 曲成毅


    Objective: To import in and revise the cerebral palsy quality of life questionnaire for children (CP-QOL-child), and to provide the basic evidence for the evaluation of quality of life of children with cerebral palsy and for the evaluation of the rehabilitation effect. Methods: The questionnaire was translated exactly and revised on the basis of the Chinese basic condition. Twenty-seven children with cerebral palsy (4-9 years old) in Shanxi rehabilitation hospital for cerebral palsy were analyzed. The reliability of the questionnaire was tested by Cronbach's alpha coefficient and half-split coefficient. The validity of the questionnaire was tested by the relation coefficient of areas with the items and of areas each other. The data were inputted and analyze by SPSS. 13.0. Results: The cronbach's alpha coefficient of the questionnaire revised was 0. 916. The cronbach's alpha coefficient of every area was 0. 759-0. 889. The half-split coefficient of the questionnaire revised was 0. 690. The half-split coefficient of every area was 0. 667-0. 899. The relation coefficient of areas with the items was 0. 452-0. 888. The relation coefficient of areas with each other was 0.18-0. 62. The score of social wellbeing and acceptance was 71.06± 12.59. The score of functioning was 59.76±14.28. The score of participation and physical health was 62.64±13.34. The score of emotion wellbeing and self esteem was 65. 12±17.30. The score of participation and physical health with access for services was 49. 70± 15. 18. The score of pain and impact of disability was 63. 60 ±21.24. The score of family health was 46. 64±19.30. Conclusion: The revised native CP QOL-child has better satisfactory validities and reliabilities. The score of areas of social wellbeing and acceptance, functioning and family health of children with cerebral palsy in Shanxi rehabilitation hospital for cerebral palsy is lower.%目的:引进并修订脑瘫儿童生存质量评价量表(CP QOL-Child),为分析和

  6. Effects of the floods on dysentery in north central region of Henan Province, China from 2004 to 2009.

    Ni, Wei; Ding, Guoyong; Li, Yifei; Li, Hongkai; Liu, Qiyong; Jiang, Baofa


    Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Xinxiang, the cities in the north central region of Henan Province, suffered from many times floods from 2004 to 2009. We focused on dysentery disease consequences of floods and examined the association between floods and the morbidity of dysentery, based on a longitudinal data. A generalized additive mixed model was conducted to examine the relationship between the monthly morbidity of dysentery and floods from 2004 to 2009 in the study areas. The relative risks (RRs) of the floods risk on the morbidity of dysentery were estimated in each city and the whole region. The RRs on dysentery were 11.47 (95% CI: 8.67-15.33), 1.35 (95% CI: 1.23-3.90) and 2.75 (95% CI: 1.36-4.85) in Kaifeng, Xinxiang and Zhengzhou, respectively. The RR on dysentery in the whole region was 1.66 (95% CI: 1.52-1.82). Our study confirms that flooding has significantly increased the risk of dysentery in the study areas. Additionally, we observed that a sudden and severe flooding can contribute more risk to the morbidity of dysentery than a persistent and moderate flooding. Our findings have significant implications for developing strategies to prevent and reduce health impact of floods. Copyright © 2014 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  7. Province Boundaries for the National Assessment of Oil and Gas - Gulf Coast Region

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The USGS Central Region Energy Team assesses oil and gas resources of the United States. The onshore and State water areas of the United States comprise 71...

  8. Concept of a regional silver economy illustrated with the example of Lubusz province

    Brygida Cupial; Ewa Sobolewska-Poniedzialek


    Demographic trends in developed countries require focus on the problem of aging popula- tions. These trends are directly related to structural changes within the economy. Modifications of economic models imply a need for the creation of a new regional development concept. An example of such a concept is the silver-economy strategy implemented at the regional level. This article attempts to identify the existing potential and the main barriers to the introduction of the silver-economy concept ...

  9. Contribution to the Diatom flora of Southern Africa. II. Diatoms from the Hog's Back Region of the Amatola Mountains, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

    Malcolm, HG


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the diatoms flora of the Hog's Back region of the Amatola Mountains in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. These mountains form part of the Great winterberg Range which constitutes a portion of the escarpment...

  10. Silicon isotope study of thermal springs in Jiaodong Region,Shandong Province

    徐跃通; 李红梅; 冯海霞; 周晨; 吴元芳; 张邦花


    Based on δ30Si and δ32Si isotope geochemistry, the origin and evolutionary mechanism of thermal springs in Jiaodong region are studied. The mean value of δ30Si of dissolved silica of thermal spring water in Jiaodong is 0.1‰. Thermal spring water ages using δ32Si dating method range from 387a to 965a.

  11. Geology and permian paleomagnetism of the Merano region, province of Bolzano, N. Italy

    Dietzel, G.F.L.


    Geology Stratigraphically, the facies of the permo-triassic deposits of the Merano area is closely connected with that of the Southern Dolomites. Structurally, the Merano region belongs to the southern flank of the east-alpine geanticline. The southern part of the alpine geanticline is cut in the Me



    Collection and arrangement of the historical records of climatic changes and environment evolution, especially in the aspect of calamities, are made on the history documents of past 1500 years about Hai′ an region, Jiangsu Province. There existed two obvious flooding-drought frequently-occurring periods: one was from 1550 AD to 1850 AD and another was 1000 AD to 1200 AD. The period of 1550 AD to 1850 AD is interrupted by two relatively arid and cold climatic periods: one was from 1630 AD to 1700 AD and another was 1750 AD to 1820 AD. The main characteristic of the calamity periods is that they occurred by turns, and sometimes, both drought and flooding occurred in the same year. The instability of the climatic changes in the Little Ice Age may be the main reason of the frequently-occurring flooding and drought in Hai′ an region. Research results also show that the frequently-occurring periods of flooding and drought is in close relationship with the solar activity, and therefore, occurrence of the flooding and drought may be in relation with the intensity of the solar activity. This hypothesis may need further study in the future.

  13. Genetic diversity of Liza aurata (Risso, 1810 in the coastal regions of Golstan province, using microsatellite marker

    Zohreh Ghodsi


    Full Text Available Golden grey mullet (Liza aurata is a commercially valuable fish with great demand due to its delicious taste in southern coastal parts of the Caspian Sea. Genetic diversity of marine resources is of vital importance in their management and protection, as this is the first prerequisite for maintaining the consistency of populations in an inconsistent environmental conditions. In this study, we have used six microsatellite locations to investigate the level of genetic variation of Liza aurata in Gomishan and Miyankale regions in Golestan province. The results showed no conspicuous genetic variations in these two regions using Fst, Rst and AMOVA and accordingly a relatively high level of gene flow was found among the populations. Genetic variations in Gomishan (mean number of alleles per locus, Na=14.667, mean effective number of alleles, Ne=10.355, observed heterozygosity, Ho=0.905 and expected heterozygosity, He=0.894 and Miyankale (Na=15, Ne=10.223, Ho=0.863 and He=0.892 were not statistically different. There were evidences for genetic bottleneck in the populations. Protection and restoration of habitats can help to increase the population size and decrease risk of vulnerability of the species in the future.

  14. Evaluation of vegetation types in the West Zagros (Beiranshahr region as a case study, in Lorestan Province, Iran



    Full Text Available Farouji AE, Khodayari H. 2016. Evaluation of vegetation types in the West Zagros (Beiranshahr region as a case study, in Lorestan Province, Iran. Biodiversita 17: 1-10. The accurate identification of plant communities and their distribution are classical tools for mapping and classification of plants. Plants are strongly sensitive against changing environmental conditions. Moreover, Iran has a special position in Asia which has been creating a diverse ecosystem. Close floristic studies are necessary for precise determination of diversity and uniformity. To determine plant species in different vegetation types in Beiran shahr region, modified multi-scale Whittaker plots were constructed. This studied area was about 20000 ha and located in Northwest to Southwest of Iran. Eighty-nine plots were made in different longitude and latitudes. The minimum and maximum heights were 1101 and 2489 m asl., respectively. Within each modified multi-scale plots, each species was explored. Of 608 species, 498 and 97 are belonging to dicotyledons and monocotyledons, and remained 13 species were Pteridophytes. As measured, Therophyte and Champhyte are the dominant and recessive form of life in studied area. Based on species of each plot and subplots, mean Jaccard's coefficient, number of unique species and mean unique species/plot were estimated for each vegetation type. It is obvious that there is a clear correlation between Slopes of the species-log area curve and Mean number of unique species per plot.

  15. Assessment of Climate for Agricultural Suitability and Optimal Allocation of Agricultural Production in the Guanzhong Region, Shaanxi Province


    Based on spatial climatic data of agriculture and the experiment data, the models of agro-ecological assessment of climate for agricultural suitability in this study were developed using the fuzzy mathematical method. Three coefficients, in- cluding the resource coefficient (Cr), the efficiency coefficient (Ce), and the utility co- efficient (K), were used in the models, which were calculated based on temperature, moisture, and sunshine duration data of Guanzhong region, Shaanxi Province. The results indicated that resource coefficient was higher in west of the region than that in east, and higher in south (especially in the Central Shaanxi Plain) than that in the Weibei plateau. The value of Cr changed from 6.5 to 9.2 from north to plain area. Spatial change of efficiency coefficient was obvious, lower in the northeast than in the central plain, and the value of Ce changed from 2.3 to 6.5 from the northeast to the central plain. As for utility coefficient, it was lower in northeastern part of the Weibei plateau and in southern mountain areas than that in the central plain, showing significant latitudinal zonality. Furthermore, the value of K increased from 0.35 to 0.78 from northeast to the central plain, and decreased from 0.78 to 0.53 from the central plain to southern mountain areas. These indicated that climate resource in the central plain region was more abundant and potential, compared with other regions. GuanZhong region was classified into three larger agricultural zones and three small independent zones, according to agro-ecological assessment. Light, heat and water resources should be made use of in an efficient way in spatial allo- cation of agricultural production. For example, water facilities should also be im- proved in Weibei plateau region where highly-qualified fruit should be enhanced and fruit processing industrial chain should be shaped. Large-scale production area of wheat should be increased in central irrigation region and more vegetable

  16. Spatial characteristics of phosphorus flow in crop-livestock production systems in Shanxi, China%山西省农牧生产体系磷流动空间变异特征

    张建杰; 郭彩霞; 张一弓; 张强


    flow, loss and use efficiency (PUE) in crop-livestock production systems in Shanxi Province, China, using the NUFER (nutrient flows in food chain, environment and resources use) simulation model and ArcGIS. We collected the data from a statistical database in 2011, consisting of 11 municipalities in Shanxi Province, to explore the spatial characteristics of P flow in the crop-livestock systems and propose scientific regional nutrient management. Our results showed large variations in P input and loss under crop/livestock systems in different cities of Shanxi Province. P input under crop production system was within 22.5–83.0 kg×hm-2 and P loss under crop-livestock system was within 2.7–8.8 kg×hm-2. Both P input and loss were significantly higher in the southeast than in the northwest regions. For crop systems, surplus P was within 9.4–48.4 kg×hm-2, which largely varied with region. PUE under crop systems (PUEc) in Shanxi was 45.6%, significantly higher than the national average (37.0%). Then PUE under livestock system (PUEa) was low (7.6%), mainly because of the large amount of draught cattle in livestock systems (581×103 heads). As a result, PUE under crop-livestock systems (PUEc+a) was relatively low (30.3%). This was mainly due to the separation between crop and livestock systems and the resulting low recycling rate of P (< 60%) from animal excreta and crop residues to croplands. Spatially, the southeast region had the largest potential risks of environmental pollution. Hence there was an urgent need to improve P management in crop-livestock production systems in the province. Large amounts of animal manure were not recycled and reused in Jincheng and Jinzhong, which could be used as nutrient input in croplands. In conclusion, PUE in crop-livestock systems in Shanxi Province was relatively low. This was in part due to the separation and de-coupling of crop and livestock systems within regions. It also related to the specialization of crop and livestock

  17. Challenges and Path of Developing Circular Economy at Regional level - A Case Study of Anhui Province

    Shao, Hui; Chen, Hong-Feng


    Existing foundation and development opportunities of regional circular economy are elaborated. The first is gradual establishment and perfection of relevant laws and regulations and policy systems. The second is establishment of technical standard for circular economy and implementation of development model. The third is scientific and technical innovation prodding technical support for circular economy. The fourth is opportunity of green development in international environmental and economi...

  18. 山西数字测震台网监测能力及其构造意义%Monitoring Ability and Tectonic Significance of Shanxi Digital Seismic Network

    张玲; 梁向军; 赵晋泉; 董春丽; 张蕙


    Through contrast of monitoring abilities of the Shanxi Digital Seismic Network in different periods,it is found that monitoring ability of network has been improving continuously.The monitoring ability for the whole Shanxi province reaches the magnitude of 2.0,1.5 for Datong basin and Taiyuan basin and 1.5-2.0 for Xinding,Linfen,Yuncheng basin respectively,which illustrates that layout of the Shanxi Digital Seismic Network puts particular emphasis on monitoring of Shanxi active tectonics.At present,monitoring ability of most active fault zones of Shanxi reaches M1.5,which is important for earthquake monitoring and prediction study and earthquake prevention and disaster reduction for the future.%通过对山西数字测震台网不同时期的监测能力进行对比,发现,台网的监测能力在不断地提高。对山西省地区的监控能力达到2.0级,大同盆地、太原盆地的监控能力达到1.5级,忻定、临汾、运城盆地的监控能力达到1.5~2.0级。说明山西数字测震台网的建设从布局上侧重了对山西活动构造的监测,目前对山西大部分活动断裂带的监测能力都在1.5级,对今后的地震监测预报研究和防震减灾工作有着重要的意义。

  19. 油松-辽东栎混交林地表凋落物与氮添加对土壤微生物生物量碳、氮及其活性的影响%Effects of forest floor litter and nitrogen addition on soil microbial biomass C and N and microbial activity in a mixed Pinus tabulaeformis and Quercus liaotungensis forest stand in Shanxi Province of China

    涂玉; 尤业明; 孙建新


    From September 2010 to October 2011, a field experiment with randomized block design was conducted in a mixed Pinus tabulaeformis and Quercus liaotungensis forest stand in Lingkong Mountain of Shanxi Province to study the effects of forest floor litter and nitrogen addition on the soil microbial carbon (MBC) and nitrogen (MBN) and microbial activity (MR). The litter treatments included complete litter removal, doubling of leaf litter (L) , doubling of woody litter (B) , and doubling of mixed leaf and woody litter (LB ) , and the nitrogen addition rates were 0 (N0), 5 g·m-2·yr-1 ( N1 ) , and 10 g· m-2 · yr-1 ( N2 ). Except that the treatment of complete litter removal without nitrogen addition decreased the soil organic carbon content significantly, all the other treatments had no significant differences in the effects on soil organic carbon. The soil MBC, MBN, and MR varied in the ranges of 262.42-873. 16 mg · kg-1, 73.55-173.85 mg· kg-1, and 2. 38-3. 68 mg · kg-1· d-1, respectively, and the MBC and MBN had significant positive correlations with the MR. Nitrogen addition did not show any effect on the MBC, MBN, and MR, whereas litter treatments affected the MR significantly, with the highest MR in treatment LB, followed by treatments L and B, and the lowest in treatment of complete litter removal. There were no interactive effects between litter and nitrogen addition treatments on any of the variables studied. It was suggested that short-term nitrogen addition and forest floor litter change could have limited effects on soil microbial processes.%2010年9月-2011年10月,在山西省灵空山油松和辽东栎混交林样地采取随机区组设计,研究了地表凋落物和氮添加处理对土壤微生物生物量碳、氮和微生物活性的影响.凋落物处理包括:剔除凋落物(N)、叶凋落物加倍(L)、枝果凋落物加倍(B)和混合凋落物加倍(LB);氮添加量分别为0(N0)、5 g· m-2·a-1(N1)和10 g·m-2·a-1(N2).结果表明:剔

  20. Volatile organic compounds from vegetation in southern Yunnan Province, China: Emission rates and some potential regional implications

    Geron, Chris; Owen, Sue; Guenther, Alex; Greenberg, Jim; Rasmussen, Rei; Hui Bai, Jian; Li, Qing-Jun; Baker, Brad

    Little information is currently available regarding emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) in southern Asia. To address the need for BVOC emission estimates in regional atmospheric chemistry simulations, 95 common plant species were screened for emissions of BVOC in and near the Xishuangbanna Tropical Biological Gardens in southern Yunnan Province, Peoples' Republic of China in February 2003. In situ measurements with leaf cuvettes and branch bag enclosures were used in combination with portable gas chromatography, flame ionization, photoionization, and mass spectral detection to identify and quantify BVOC emissions. Forty-four of the species examined emitted isoprene at rates exceeding 20 μg C g -1 (leaf dry weight) h -1. An emphasis was placed on the genus Ficus, which is important in the region and occupies a wide range of ecological niches. Several species in the footprint of a nearby flux tower were also examined. Several palm species and an abundant fern ( Cyclosorus parasiticus) emitted substantial amounts of isoprene, and probably accounted for observed daytime mean isoprene fluxes from the understory of a Hevea brasiliensis plantation of 1.0 and 0.15 mg C m -2 h -1 during the wet and dry seasons, respectively. These measurements verify that both the forest floor and canopy in this region can be sources of isoprene. Monoterpene emissions exceeded 1.0 μg-C g -1 (leaf dry weight) h -1 from only 4 of 38 species surveyed, including some Ficus species and H. brasiliensis. However most of the trees of the latter species were sparsely foliated due to dry season senescence, and emission factors are approximately an order of magnitude lower than those reported during the wet season. BVOC emission rates and physiology of many species are impacted by reduced moisture availability, especially Mangifera indica. South Asia is a region undergoing rapid landuse change and forest plantation establishment, with large increases in area of high BVOC

  1. HIV/AIDS-related Discrimination in Shanxi Rural Areas of China



    In order to explore the features of discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS in rural areas, a community-based intervention was carried out in two pilot communities of X County of Shanxi Province from September 2002 to October 2003. Methods Data were collected using qualitative methods (in-depth interview and focus group discussion) and anonymously structured questionnaires. Results (1) Severe discrimination against people infected with HIV/AIDS was revealed in the target communities. However, the response to HIV/AIDS was different in each community. (2) People were reluctant to disclose their HIV status or get tested for HIV, which endangered their sexual partners to contract HIV through unprotected sexual intercourses. (3) Attitudes towards people infected with HIV/AIDS varied. (4) Public education promoted a better understanding of HIV/AIDS which in turn improved community attitudes and behaviors towards people with HIV/AIDS. Conclusion HIV/AIDS-related discrimination undermines both individuals' and communities' responses to HIV/AIDS and may be a serious obstacle towards effective HIV/AIDS prevention and control.

  2. Numerical simulation of formation and preservation of Ningwu ice cave, Shanxi, China

    Yang, S.; Shi, Y.


    Ice caves exist in locations where annual average air temperature is higher than 0 °C. An example is Ningwu ice cave, Shanxi Province, the largest ice cave in China. In order to quantitatively investigate the mechanism of formation and preservation of the ice cave, we use the finite-element method to simulate the heat transfer process at this ice cave. There are two major control factors. First, there is the seasonal asymmetric heat transfer. Heat is transferred into the ice cave from outside very inefficiently by conduction in spring, summer and fall. In winter, thermal convection occurs that transfers heat very efficiently out of the ice cave, thus cooling it down. Secondly, ice-water phase change provides a heat barrier for heat transfer into the cave in summer. The calculation also helps to evaluate effects of global warming, tourists, colored lights, climatic conditions, etc. for sustainable development of the ice cave as a tourism resource. In some other ice caves in China, managers have installed airtight doors at these ice caves' entrances with the intention of "protecting" these caves, but this in fact prevents cooling in winter and these cave ices will entirely melt within tens of years.

  3. Exploration and Innovation of Regional Urban System Planning: A Review and Analysis on the Urban System Plan of Jiangsu Province


    Through the analysis on the main problems existing in the urban development of Jiangsu Province, this paper points out the limitations of traditional urban system planning. It also introduces the exploration and innovation in the compilation of the Urban System Plan of Jiangsu Province, and puts forward the specific countermeasures.

  4. In Retrospect, Five Year's Splendid Journey of Wind and Rain,Look into the Future, Five Year's Grand Prospect--Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd.


      On January 21, 2006, ShanxiPhoenix Conveyor Belt Co.,Ltd. held the 2005 Honor Convention. Those who attended the conference were Mr. Ren Runhou, Board Chairman of Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd., Board Chairman & General Manager of Shanxi Luan Mining Group, Mr. Shi Wenlin, Director of Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd.,Vice General Manager of Shanxi Luan Mining Group, Dr. Feng Weimin, General Manager of Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd. and Mr. Feng Qiang,Administrative General Manager of Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd.The conference was presided by Vice General Manager Zhu Junhong.……

  5. In Retrospect, Five Year's Splendid Journey of Wind and Rain,Look into the Future, Five Year's Grand Prospect--Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd.


    @@ On January 21, 2006, ShanxiPhoenix Conveyor Belt Co.,Ltd. held the 2005 Honor Convention. Those who attended the conference were Mr. Ren Runhou, Board Chairman of Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd., Board Chairman & General Manager of Shanxi Luan Mining Group, Mr. Shi Wenlin, Director of Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd.,Vice General Manager of Shanxi Luan Mining Group, Dr. Feng Weimin, General Manager of Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd. and Mr. Feng Qiang,Administrative General Manager of Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd.The conference was presided by Vice General Manager Zhu Junhong.

  6. Constraint regionalization of water environment and the guidance for industrial layout:A case study of Jiangsu Province

    SUN Wei; CHEN Wen; CHEN Cheng; GAO Shuang; GUO Yao


    Along with the highly speedy development of economy and society in the developed area in China,with the sharp increase in the quantity of pollutant discharge such as agricultural fertilizers,industrial wastewater and domestic sewage,the water environment has been deteriorated continuously and then become a restricting factor to regional development.For harmonizing the relationship between economic development and water environment,many countries have been attempting water environmental function zoning so as to provide a scientific basis for the basin management.However,focusing mainly on water body,these researches ignored the spatial relation between water and land as well as the restricted function of water environment on regional industrial layout.So previous index system adapted only to the environmental genes but excluded the stress genes of socio-economic development.This paper,thus,taking both the sensitivity and pressure of water environment into consideration,discusses the methods of constraint regionalization of water environment,including how to divide the assessed units,choose and manage the assessed elements.Then,as a case study,Jiangsu Province is divided into four types of areas by the method of quadrant analysis,i.e.,high-pressure and high-sensitivity area (HP-HS Area),high-pressure and low-sensitivity area (HP-LS Area),low-pressure and high-sensitivity area (LP-HS Area) and low-pressure and low-sensitivity area (LP-LS Area).Finally,this paper presents the schemes of industrial layout and the policy of industrial development direction respectively,which are very important bases for harmonizing the industrial development and the bearing capacity of water environment.

  7. Relationship between geohydrology and Upper Pleistocene-Holocene evolution of the eastern region of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Capítulo, Leandro Rodrigues; Kruse, Eduardo E.


    The Upper Pleistocene-Holocene geological evolution, which is characterized by its landscape-forming energy and is related to geological and geomorphological complexity, has an impact on the groundwater dynamics of coastal aquifers. The geological configuration of a sector of the east coast of the Province of Buenos Aires was analyzed, as well as its connection with the geological and geomorphological history of the region during the Late Pleistocene and Holocene, and its influence on the regional and local geohydrological behaviour. This analysis was based on the application of the concept of hydrofacies. Boreholes were drilled and sampled (with depths of up to 40 m), and vertical electrical sounding, electrical tomography and pumping tests were undertaken. The description of the cutting samples by means of a stereo microscope, the interpretation of satellite images, and the construction of lithological and hydrogeological profiles and flow charts were carried out in the laboratory, and then integrated in a GIS. The identification of the lithological units and their distribution in the area allowed the construction of an evolutionary geological model for the Late Pleistocene and Holocene. Three aquifer units can be recognized: one of Late Pleistocene age (hydrofacies E) and the other two of Holocene age (hydrofacies A and C); their hydraulic connection depends on the occurrence and thickness variation of the aquitard units (hydrofacies B and D). The approach adopted allows the examination of the possibilities for groundwater exploitation and constitutes an applied conceptual framework to be taken into consideration when developing conceptual and numerical models at the local and regional scales.

  8. Strategic environmental assessment implementation of transport and mobility plans. The case of Italian regions and provinces

    Andrea De Montis


    Full Text Available Transport and mobility plans imply strategies and actions that affect the environment. The European Union has introduced in 2001 the strategic environmental assessment (SEA to take into account and mitigate adverse environmental effects in planning and decision-making. SEA limited implementation has attracted the interest of many scholars that have sought methods able to assess the quality of SEA processes by identifying vices and virtues in practice. In this paper, we measure the quality of eight SEAs for transport and mobility plans of regional and provincial administrations of Italy. Results show that the overall quality level of SEA reports is only barely sufficient, Abruzzo is among the virtuous and Piedmont among the critical administrations. We also stress that the determination of impact significance has received the worse quality score. We finally compare our results to other Italian and British homologous cases finding interesting and generally confirmative evidences.

  9. A Method for Estimating the Extent of Regional Food Self-Sufficiency and Dietary Ill Health in the Province of British Columbia, Canada

    Aleck Ostry


    Full Text Available We outline in this paper a suite of methods, and illustrate their use, to empirically determine food self-sufficiency at a relatively small (Local Health Areas level of geography. Further we have, after identifying regions of lowest food self-sufficiency in British Columbia (BC superimposed these on regions whose populations have relatively poor dietary ill health. Approximately one third of Local Health Areas in BC have both poor local food self-sufficiency and populations suffering from poor dietary health. These are located mainly (but not entirely in poor under-developed rural regions of the province regions which require attention from health and food planners to improve local food security. Finally, we have demonstrated a methodological way forward to empirically determine regions in the province of BC most at risk for food insecurity. This information should be of interest to health and food planners within the province. These methods may also be useful for researchers and planners in other jurisdictions.

  10. A Systematic Regional Trend in Helium Isotopes Across the NorthernBasin and Range Province, Western North America

    Kennedy, B. Mack; van Soest, Matthijs C.


    An extensive study of helium isotopes in fluids collectedfrom surface springs, fumaroles and wells across the northern Basin andRange Province reveals a systematic trend of decreasing 3He/4He ratiosfrom west to east. The western margin of the Basin and Range ischaracterized by mantle-like ratios (6-8 Ra) associated with active orrecently active crustal magma systems (e.g. Coso, Long Valley, Steamboat,and the Cascade volcanic complex). Moving towards the east, the ratiosdecline systematically to a background value of ~;0.1 Ra. The regionaltrend is consistent with extensive mantle melting concentrated along thewestern margin and is coincident with an east-to-west increase in themagnitude of northwest strain. The increase in shear strain enhancescrustal permeability resulting in high vertical fluid flow rates thatpreserve the high helium isotope ratios at the surface. Superimposed onthe regional trend are "helium spikes", local anomalies in the heliumisotope composition. These "spikes" reflect either local zones of mantlemelting or locally enhanced crustal permeability. In the case of theDixie Valley hydrothermal system, it appears to be a combination ofboth.

  11. Evaluation of the radioactive contamination in fungi genus Boletus in the region of Europe and Yunnan Province in China.

    Falandysz, Jerzy; Zalewska, Tamara; Krasińska, Grażyna; Apanel, Anna; Wang, Yuanzhong; Pankavec, Sviatlana


    Numerous species of wild-grown mushrooms are among the most vulnerable organisms for contamination with radiocesium released from a radioactive fallout. A comparison was made on radiocesium as well as the natural gamma ray-emitting radionuclide ((40)K) activity concentrations in the fruiting bodies of several valued edible Boletus mushrooms collected from the region of Europe and Yunnan Province in China. Data available for the first time for Boletus edulis collected in Yunnan, China, showed a very weak contamination with (137)Cs. Radiocesium concentration activity of B. edulis samples that were collected between 2011 and 2014 in Yunnan ranged from 5.2 ± 1.7 to 10 ± 1 Bq kg(-1) dry matter for caps and from 4.7 ± 1.3 to 5.5 ± 1.0 Bq kg(-1) dry matter for stipes. The mushrooms Boletus badius, B. edulis, Boletus impolitus, Boletus luridus, Boletus pinophilus, and Boletus reticulatus collected from the European locations between 1995 and 2010 showed two to four orders of magnitude greater radioactivity from (137)Cs compared to B. edulis from Yunnan. The nuclide (40)K in B. badius was equally distributed between the caps and stipes, while for B. edulis, B. impolitus, B. luridus, B. pinophilus, and B. reticulatus, the caps were richer, and for each mushroom, activity concentration seemed to be more or less species-specific.

  12. Seroprevalence of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection in Schoolchildren and in Pregnant Women from an Amazonian Region in Orellana Province, Ecuador.

    Carrera Vargas, Caty; Narváez, Alberto Orlando; Muzzio Aroca, Jenny; Shiguango, Gonzalo; Robles, Luiggi Martini; Herrera, Claudia; Dumonteil, Eric


    Chagas disease is a parasitic disease caused by the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi and about 230,000 persons are estimated to be infected in Ecuador. However, limited studies have been performed in the Amazon region, on the eastern side of the country. We evaluated here the seroprevalence of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in 12 rural villages of the Loreto canton, Orellana Province in schoolchildren aged 5-15 years and in pregnant women. A total of 1,649 blood samples were tested for Trypanosoma cruzi antibodies by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and indirect hemaglutination, and discordant samples were tested by indirect immunofluorescence assay. We detected a seroprevalence of anti-Trypanosoma cruzi antibodies of 1.3% in schoolchildren aged 5-15 years, indicating the persistence of a constant and active vectorial transmission in the Loreto County and confirming the need of the implementation of nonconventional vector control. We also observed a seroprevalence of 3.8% in pregnant women, indicating a clear risk of congenital transmission. Further studies should help define this risk more precisely and implement current international guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment, and care of these cases.

  13. [Water and soil conservation function of typical plantation forest ecosystems in semi-arid region of Western Liaoning Province].

    Jiang, Ping; Guo, Fang; Luo, Yue-Chu; Wei, Jing; Sun, Xiao-Wei; Wu, Gang


    From the aspects of surface runoff and soil erosion, this paper quantitatively studied the water and soil conservation function of five plantation forest ecosystems in semi-arid region of Western Liaoning Province. The results showed that various types of test plantation forest ecosystems were all able to reduce surface runoff and soil erosion effectively. In June - September, the monthly mean surface runoff coefficient of Pinus tabulaeformis forest ecosystem, P. tabulaeformis - Hippophae rhamnoides forest ecosystem, H. rhamnoides forest ecosystem, P. simonii forest ecosystem, and P. simonii - H. rhamnoides forest ecosystem was 10.1%, 6.5%, 2.3%, 8.6% and 5.3% of that of barren hill, respectively, and the soil erosion quantity was 2.65%, 0.96%, 0.15%, 2.32% and 0.69% of that of barren hill, respectively. Among the five forest ecosystems, H. rhamnoides forest ecosystem had the least surface runoff and soil erosion, being the best in water and soil conservation function.

  14. Identification and Distribution of Bacillus thuringiensis Isolates from Primeval Forests in Yunnan and Hainan Provinces and Northeast Region of China


    Ninety-two Bacillus thuringiensis isolates were screened from 683 soil samples collected from tropical and semitropical primeval forests in Yunnan and Hainan provinces of China. Several shapes of crystals, including bipyramidal, square,ovoid, spherical, and amorphous, were observed in the B. thuringiensis isolates. Twenty-six pairs of primers were used to identify 31 holotype cry genes at primary rank of the B. thuringiensis cry gene nomenclature system. The cry gene-types of 92 B. thuringiensis isolates and 33 B. thuringiensis isolates screened from Northeast region of China were identified by PCR-RFLP and SDS-PAGE methods. Fifty-eight isolates harbored cryl genes, 32 isolates cry2 genes, 12 isolates cry8 genes, 3 isolates cry9 genes, 12 isolates cry11 genes, and 13 isolates cry30 genes. Of the tested isolates, 42 produced no reaction product with 26 pairs of primers and also exhibited no toxicity against 8 insect species tested. The isolate Z2-34 harbored a novel cry30 gene, exhibited insecticidal activity against Aedes albopictus of Dipterans. The accession number of the novel genes in this study is AY916046. Isolation and identification of B. thuringiensis and cry gene are important for investigating the diversity of B. thuringiensis resources and cloning new cry gene.

  15. HCV 6a prevalence in Guangdong province had the origin from Vietnam and recent dissemination to other regions of China: phylogeographic analyses.

    Yongshui Fu

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Recently in China, HCV 6a infection has shown a fast increase among patients and blood donors, possibly due to IDU linked transmission. METHODOLOGY/FINDINGS: We recruited 210 drug users in Shanwei city, Guangdong province. Among them, HCV RNA was detected in 150 (71.4%, both E1 and NS5B genes were sequenced in 136, and 6a genotyped in 70. Of the 6a sequences, most were grouped into three clusters while 23% represent emerging strains. For coalescent analysis, additional 6a sequences were determined among 21 blood donors from Vietnam, 22 donors from 12 provinces of China, and 36 IDUs from Liuzhou City in Guangxi Province. Phylogeographic analyses indicated that Vietnam could be the origin of 6a in China. The Guangxi Province, which borders Vietnam, could be the first region to accept 6a for circulation. Migration from Yunnan, which also borders Vietnam, might be equally important, but it was only detected among IDUs in limited regions. From Guangxi, 6a could have further spread to Guangdong, Yunnan, Hainan, and Hubei provinces. However, evidence showed that only in Guangdong has 6a become a local epidemic, making Guangdong the second source region to disseminate 6a to the other 12 provinces. With a rate of 2.737×10⁻³ (95% CI: 1.792×10⁻³ to 3.745×10⁻³, a Bayesian Skyline Plot was portrayed. It revealed an exponential 6a growth during 1994-1998, while before and after 1994-1998 slow 6a growths were maintained. Concurrently, 1994-1998 corresponded to a period when contaminated blood transfusion was common, which caused many people being infected with HIV and HCV, until the Chinese government outlawed the use of paid blood donations in 1998. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: With an origin from Vietnam, 6a has become a local epidemic in Guangdong Province, where an increasing prevalence has subsequently led to 6a spread to many other regions of China.

  16. International Comparison and Implications of Agricultural Development in Foreign Low Latitude Plateau Regions for Yunnan Province

    Yan; LUO; Yan; YANG; Rui; CHEN; Wei; WU; Ziyun; PENG; Liangzheng; CHEN; Xuelin; LI


    Climatic characteristics of foreign low latitude plateau regions are firstly introduced.Then,experience and lessons of major foreign low latitude plateau countries in developing modern agriculture are analyzed,including Indian three agricultural revolutions and agricultural informationization development,application of agricultural biotechnology in Brazil,trade liberalization and economic de-agriculture of Mexico,and Argentina,Saudi Arabia and South Africa attaching great importance to developing modern agriculture relying on science and technology and paying close attention to resource conservation and environmental protection.Combining natural and social resource characteristics of Yunnan plateau agriculture,pertinent implications and recommendations for modern agricultural development in Yunnan are put forward.Specifically,these include strengthening agricultural sci-tech research and development,and extension and application;transforming agricultural development model;enhancing agricultural resource conservation and environmental protection;accelerating developing mountain organic ecological agriculture and autumn agriculture;reinforcing urban and rural integration to develop plateau characteristic agriculture on the basis of local actual conditions.

  17. Regional emergencies, Bam, Kerman province, Iran Foreign Bodies from the Palm Tree

    Setareh Asgarzadeh


    Full Text Available  One of the most common causes of emergency department (ED visits in Pasteur Hospital, Bam, Iran, is a foreign body from palm tree fronds entering different parts of body. This town is located in southeast Iran and has many palm tree orchards. Most of its residents are farmers or orchardists and many children play in these orchards. When palm harvest season approaches (about the end of summer, a considerable number of patients are presented to emergency department of this town with complaint of foreign bodies. These foreign bodies called “date thorns” among the locals (figure1 are wooden and can easily penetrate various body parts due to their needle-like, pointy shape. Some patients manipulate the foreign bodies before going to the ED and cause it to move deeper. Another group, delay going to the hospital and only reach ED a few days after the initiation of inflammation, redness, and evidence of infection. History and physical examination aid in finding the place of the foreign body, but sometimes they are not perceptible and diagnostic imaging is needed. Radiolucent objects such as wood cannot be detected in graphy but are visible in sonograms (1, 2. Removal of these bodies is usually performed under sterile conditions, using local anesthesia or regional nerve blockade, by making an incision and searching the region, finding and removing the foreign body, and finally suturing and bandaging. The procedure gets more difficult in children and patients who do not cooperate and occasionally, procedural sedation and analgesia is required, which leads to side effects such as nausea, vomiting, lethargy, agitation, and respiratory depression. Depending on the site of injury, patients are usually unable to use the affected organ for a few days after the procedure and need daily washing and bandage, and sometimes taking antibiotics. If tendon, joint, nerve, or vascular injuries are present, it gets more complicated and need for operation and

  18. Predatory Ground Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae) of the Gaoligong Mountain Region of Western Yunnan Province, China: the Tribe Cyclosomini

    Cueva-Dabkoski, M.; Kavanaugh, D.


    Between 1998 and 2007, the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) was the lead institution in a multi-national, multi-disciplinary biodiversity inventory project in the Gaoligong Shan region (GLGS) in the Yunnan province of China. The project surveyed the species diversity of both higher plants and bryophytes, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and selected groups of arachnids and insects. The GLGS of China is one of the most biodiverse areas in all of Asia, yet it is also very poorly sampled and in great threat from increasing human activities in the region. CAS's biodiversity inventory project there has increased the number of carabid species known from just 50 to more than 550 species, an eleven-fold increase. The task that remains is to identify all of those 500 additional species and describe any that are new to science. This project is part of that larger biodiversity survey. Our objective was to identify and/or describe carabid beetles of the tribe Cyclosomini represented by nearly a hundred specimens collected in the GLSG. Among those specimens, six morphospecies were identified - one belonging to the genus Cyclosomus Latreille 1829, and the other five belonging to the genus Tetragonoderus Dejean 1829. Following this initial identification process, a list of known distributions of taxa in both genera was assembled to determine which described species to consider for comparative work. Original descriptions were then located for candidate species with known distributions in or near the GLGS; and these are being used now in morphological comparison of specimens. Type specimens for each of the candidate species have been requested from various academic institutions, and morphological comparisons with these types are underway. Morphological characteristics being examined include body proportions and overall shape, color of appendages, color and shape of pronotum, elytral color patterns, and shape and internal structure of male genitalia.

  19. Ecological and Economic System Health Assessment Based on Fuzzy Set Pair Analysis: A Case Study of Northwest Region, China%Ecological and Economic System Health Assessment Based on Fuzzy Set Pair Analysis: A Case Study of Northwest Region, China

    Chen Junfei; Zhou Xiaolan; Wang Huimin


    Due to the increasingly serious environmental pollution and destruction, especially humans' unreasonable activities, the ecological and economic system (EES) issues of Northwest region in China have attracted more and more attention of the researchers. Aiming at evaluating its ecological and economic system health, a multi-objective evaluation framework called Pressure- State-Response (PSR) was established to. describe the ecological and economic health situations. Meanwhile, an integrative set pair model combining set pair analysis (SPA) and fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) was proposed to assess the ecological and economic system. Then the EES status of five northwest provinces (Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia and Xinjiang) of Northwest region in China was evaluated during 1985 to 2009. The EES development trends of five provinces are obtained. In general, the health values of five provinces showed a rising trend. The health values of five provinces grew rapidly during 1985 to 2000. After 2000, the health values of five provinces still followed the present growth trend, but the growth is relatively smooth. The results show that the method proposed is effective for assessing the health of ecological and economic system.

  20. On Women Sanda Athletes Using Wrestling Techniques in 2012 Shanxi Wushu Championships%2012年山西省武术锦标赛女子散打运动员摔法技术运用研究



    The wrestling techniques level of Shanxi Women sanda athletes is lower. The article through the methods of literature, video observation and statistics, does the analysis on women sanda technique application in 2012 Shanxi Wushu Championship Games held by Shanxi province. The research result indicates that:women sanda wrestling techniques are used very little in the game, its score and successful rate is not high, different levels of athletes situation is different, there is still a gap compared with domestic outstanding athletes in technique wrestle application. The paper is to provide some theoretical help for women sanda athletes in Shanxi Province to further improve wrestling techniques.%  山西省的女子散打运动员摔法技术整体水平较低,文章运用文献资料法、录像观察法、数理统计法等研究方法,对2012年山西省武术锦标赛女子散打比赛摔法技术运用情况进行分析,研究结果表明:山西省的女子散打摔法技术在比赛中使用的非常少,其得分和成功率不高,各级别运动员的摔法技术运用情况不同,与国内优秀运动员相比还有一定的差距,以期为山西省的女子散打运动员摔法技术的进一步提高,提供了一些理论上的帮助。

  1. Study on the ecotourism model of the ethnic region in western Sichuan Province under the comprehensive tourism strategy: a case of Zoige County


    The ethnic areas of western Sichuan Province are characterized by complicated topography,seismic active zone,serious soil erosion,fragile eco-environment,low level of economy,and so on.Periphery regions and central regions appear in western Sichuan Province.The socio-economie development in the central regions is at high level,whereas the ethnic areas are generally at lower level.Moreover,the deterioration of the eco-environment has seriously restricted the development of traditional industries in the ethnic areas and it is necessary to develop environment-friendly and resource-saving industries.The ethnic areas of western Sichuan Province are rich in tourism resources,and have the potentiality of developing ecotourism.Advantages of tourism resources in the ethnic areas should be made full use of and "comprehensive tourism" is the requirement of the characteristics and the status quo of the ethnic areas.The "comprehensive tourism development model" has the functions of ecotourism on the key industry.Based on the demands and the interaction among different industries',the model can accelerate the development of related-industries,such as eco-agriculture,eco-industry,eco-tertiary indnstry,and so on.Through implementing the comprehensive tourism model,we can fidly utilize the advantages of ethnic areas,and promote the rapid and sustainable growth of regional economy,and also the harmonious development of economy,environment and soctety.

  2. Variable Density Flow Modeling for Simulation Framework for Regional Geologic CO{sub 2} Storage Along Arches Province of Midwestern United States

    Joel Sminchak


    The Arches Province in the Midwestern U.S. has been identified as a major area for carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}) storage applications because of the intersection of Mt. Simon sandstone reservoir thickness and permeability. To better understand large-scale CO{sub 2} storage infrastructure requirements in the Arches Province, variable density scoping level modeling was completed. Three main tasks were completed for the variable density modeling: Single-phase, variable density groundwater flow modeling; Scoping level multi-phase simulations; and Preliminary basin-scale multi-phase simulations. The variable density modeling task was successful in evaluating appropriate input data for the Arches Province numerical simulations. Data from the geocellular model developed earlier in the project were translated into preliminary numerical models. These models were calibrated to observed conditions in the Mt. Simon, suggesting a suitable geologic depiction of the system. The initial models were used to assess boundary conditions, calibrate to reservoir conditions, examine grid dimensions, evaluate upscaling items, and develop regional storage field scenarios. The task also provided practical information on items related to CO{sub 2} storage applications in the Arches Province such as pressure buildup estimates, well spacing limitations, and injection field arrangements. The Arches Simulation project is a three-year effort and part of the United States Department of Energy (U.S. DOE)/National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) program on innovative and advanced technologies and protocols for monitoring/verification/accounting (MVA), simulation, and risk assessment of CO{sub 2} sequestration in geologic formations. The overall objective of the project is to develop a simulation framework for regional geologic CO{sub 2} storage infrastructure along the Arches Province of the Midwestern U.S.

  3. Co-benefits from CO{sub 2}-emission reduction measurements in Shanxi, China - a first assessment

    Aunan, Kristin; Fang, Jinghua; Li, Guanghai; Seip, Hans Martin; Vennemo, Haakon


    The largest local and regional air pollution problems are usually found in countries without emission reduction obligations in the Kyoto protocol. Thus, in many Chinese cities the concentrations of SO{sub 2} and particulates in the air by far exceed the WHO air quality guidelines. This report analyses a set of CO{sub 2}-reducing abatement options related to coal consumption in Shanxi, China. The costs and potential for abatement are investigated for different economic sectors and the entailed emission reductions are estimated in terms of CO{sub 2}, SO{sub 2} and particles. The present population-weighted exposure level for particles and SO{sub 2} is estimated and the reduced population exposure resulting from the abatement measures is assessed. Exposure-response functions from Chinese and international epidemiology are used to indicate the health effects of applying the measures. An economic evaluation of the reduced health effect is made by applying unit prices of health impacts based on the damage cost approach. The present agricultural crop loss due to enhanced levels of surface ozone are estimated. It is found that the CO{sub 2}-reducing abatement options in Shanxi are profitable in a socioeconomic sense. But there is a certain lack of synergy between the options with respect to their effectiveness in meeting local, regional and global environmental concerns.

  4. 中外突发公共危机应急处置比较研究——以山西王家岭矿难和英国石油公司墨西哥湾漏油事件为例%The Comparative Study in Handling Emergent Public Crises in China and Other Countries——Taking the Mining Accident of Wangjialing Coalmine in Shanxi Province and the Oil Leak Crisis of British Petroleum Company in the Gulf of Mexico as Examples

    随付国; 陈炳; 赵磊磊


    The public crisis management system is the hard core of the government public organization system.For a society and a government facing crisis,the most important strategic choice should be establishing a set of excellent public crisis management and emergency mechanism so as to unceasingly enhancing the crisis management and the ability of emergency management of the government as well as the entire society.This article takes the mining accident crisis of Wangjialing coalmine in Shanxi Province and the oil leak crisis of British Petroleum Company in the Gulf of Mexico as examples.Through the contrastive analysis of these two cases and based on establishing emergency handling measure of public crisis management it is aimed to discover the differences and reasons between crisis managements of both countries in order to put forward the proposals in promoting the public crisis management ability for the government from four aspects,including establishing emergency early warning mechanism with quick reaction capability,emergency direction platform under unified command,specialized emergency processing troop and conducting authority emergency investigation and assessment.%公共危机管理体系是政府公共组织系统的核心部分。对于一个社会和政府而言,面对各种危机,最重要战略选择应该是建立一套比较完善的公共危机管理和应急机制,并在此基础上不断增强政府以及整个社会的危机管理和应急处理能力。本文以山西王家岭矿难和英国石油公司墨西哥湾漏油事件为例,通过对两个案例的对比分析,从公共危机管理中的建立应急处置措施的角度出发,寻找两国公共危机管理的差距及原因,并从建立具有快速反应能力的应急预警机制、建立统一指挥的应急指挥平台、组建专业的应急处理队伍、开展权威的应急调查和评估等方面,为政府提升公共危机管理和应对能力提出建议。

  5. Temporal and spatial changes of residential land in the Yuyang desert region of northern Shaanxi Province in recent 20 years

    Xiangsheng YI; Yanyu YIN; Yaojie YUE


    It is very important to understand the temporal and spatial changes of residential land for the improvement of human settlement environment.Based on the three TM images of 1986,1996 and 2005 and other assistant maps,the temporal and spatial characteristics of residential land in the Yuyang desert region of northern Shaanxi Province of China were analyzed by using geographical information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) technology.Some important conclusions were obtained,which mainly contained four aspects as follows.1) The area of residential land in the Yuyang desert region increased 956.07 hm2 in total,and the changes of residential land among the townships were different with four various change trends.The expansion speeds in the Yuyang Township and Qinhe Township were the biggest from 1986 to 1996 and from 1996 to 2005,respectively.The expansion intensifies in other townships were below 0.1%,except the Yuyang Township.2) The number of residential land patches increased 2847,while the average area and perimeter of residential land patches decreased 0.304 hm2 and 60.78 m during 1986-2005,respectively.The residential land patches also displayed four different changes from 1986 to 2005 among the townships.3) The residential land mainly distributed in the middle of Yuyang Township and Mahe Township,and the interface of Jinjitan Township and Mengjiawan Township.The total spatial pattern of residential land was relative stability,but the significant changes of residential land were found in the Yuyang Township and its vicinities during 1986-2005.4) Three distribution patterns of residential land at the micro scale were categorized from the 100 typical villages in the study area.The number of villages in the pattern 1 increased,while the pattern 2 and pattern 3 decreased in recent 20 years,which implicated the adaptation of humans to the habitation environment.This research would provide scientific references for harmonizing the human-land relationship

  6. Genetic Analysis of Genomic DNA in Shanxi Lean Meat Pigs (SD-Ⅲ Line)

    Wenjin ZHU; Yunguo ZHANG; Yongmei SU; Jing NI; Jianhua WU; Chuanjia GUO


    Abstract [Objective] This study aimed to detect the purity of Shanxi lean meat pigs. [Method] Eight primers were selected and used in the DNA fingerprinting technique amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) to detect the purity of 30 Shanxi lean meat pigs. [Result] A total of 206 AFLP markers were obtained; 3-15 bands were obtained from each primer. The similarity index of population in Shanxi local pigs was 0.931 on average. [Conclusion] AFLP is suitable for detection of genomic DNA, and the genetic purity of SD-Ⅲ line is higher.

  7. An ethnoveterinary study of medicinal plants in treatment of diseases and syndromes of herd dog in southern regions of Ilam province, Iran.

    Bahmani, Mahmoud; Eftekhari, Zohre


    This paper describes a selection of the ethnoveterinary medicines used for herd dogs in the southern regions of Ilam province, Iran. Traditional botanical medicine is the primary mode of healthcare for most of the rural population in Ilam province. In this study, a questionnaire was distributed among 45 residential areas in 22 rural zones of the southern areas of Ilam province. The objective of this study was the recognition of natural medicinal methods using medicinal plants, and the classification of ethnoveterinary applications and collection of domestic science. Twenty-two medicinal plants from 16 families were identified. The main application of these plants was for the detection and treatment of digestive disorders using Citrullus colocynthis, Aristolochia clematis, Scrophularia deserti, Quercus brantii, Ceracus microcarpa, Echium strigosa, Pistacia atlantica, and Pistacia khinjuk which have been applied using Euphurbia graminifolius, Peganum harmala, Salsola rigida, Artemisia herba-alba, Amygdalus arabica, jolbak of salt water, Peganum harmala L., and Nicotina tabacum for external and internal parasite disorders. S. deserti for ophthalmic disorders, and P. atlantica, P. khinjuk, and Q. brantii for respiratory disorders were applied. The present study confirmed the traditional medical effects of some plants and revealed the unique medical effects of other plants, which if recognized could be useful in the creation of new ideas and increasing knowledge for the modern pharmaceutical industry. Since very few clinical trials have been conducted on plants native to Ilam province, it is necessary that more research be conducted to ensure that labeled and standardized products are introduced for human consumption.

  8. Study on Regional Difference of Tourism Economy in Six Provinces in Central China%中部六省旅游经济差异研究

    丁龙; 周正一


    In this article,through the six provinces in central China tourism data from 2001to 2010,to analysis the central tourism development situation.The conclude that the central tourism development to benefit more than bandits,the rise of the central region strategy promote the middle six province tourism's development,but each province level of development is different,Present absolute difference is wedening and relatively difference is slow decline;six province of domestic tourism development momentum is very good,and international tourism market needs to be strengthened.%通过2001-2010年中部六省旅游数据分析中部旅游业的发展状况,认为中部旅游业在中部崛起战略中获益匪多。中部崛起战略的提出促进了中部六省旅游业的发展,但各个省的发展程度有所不同,呈现出绝对差异在拉大,相对差异缓慢下降的趋势;中部六省国内旅游发展势头良好,而国际旅游市场需求有待加强。

  9. Radiological and hyperfine characterization of soils from the Northeastern region of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Montes, M. L.; Mercader, R. C.; Taylor, M. A.; Runco, J. [Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Instituto de Fisica La Plata - CONICET, Departamento de Fisica, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas (Argentina); Imbellone, P. [Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Instituto de Geomorfologia y Suelos (Argentina); Rivas, P. C. [Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Instituto de Fisica La Plata - CONICET, Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias y Forestales (Argentina); Desimoni, J., E-mail: [Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Instituto de Fisica La Plata - CONICET, Departamento de Fisica, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas (Argentina)


    The activity concentrations of both natural ({sup 238}U and {sup 232}Th chains and {sup 40}K) and anthropogenic ({sup 137}Cs) radionuclides down along the soil profile have been determined in soil samples collected from inland and coastal areas of the La Plata River, located in the Northeastern region of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. These studies were complemented with {sup 57}Fe Moessbauer spectroscopy characterization, pH, texture and organic carbon content measurements. From Moessbauer results, the sample compositions differ from one area to the other. Spectra from both soil samples are dominated by the Fe{sup 3+ } paramagnetic signal. For soil samples from the coastal area, the {alpha}-Fe{sub 2}O{sub 3} contribution is lower, Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4} was not detected, and the relative areas of each spectral contribution are nearly constant with depth. For samples from the inland area, the Fe{sup 3+ } paramagnetic fraction increases up to 82%, mainly at the expense of the magnetically ordered phase. The main observed activity originates from the decay of {sup 40}K (540-750 Bq/kg), followed by {sup 238}U (60-92 Bq/kg) and {sup 232}Th (37-46 Bq/kg) chains. The activity of {sup 235}U was in all the cases lower than the detection limit (L{sub D} = 0.02 Bq/kg). The only determined anthropogenic nuclide was {sup 137}Cs, arising from the fallout of the Southern Hemisphere nuclear weapon tests. Three of the observed differences in the depth distributions can be described by the dispersion-convection model. A correlation between the natural nuclide activities and the Moessbauer relative fractions was found, whereas no correlation was found between the {sup 137}Cs profile and the relative fraction of Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4} or with other iron species.

  10. Studies about Management and Management of Medicines at the Regional Public Hospital of Kwaingga Keerom Regency Province of Papua

    Herlina Pabuntang


    Full Text Available Hospital has a strategic role in providing quality services in accordance with the standards established and can reach all layers of society. Medicines management in hospitals need to have a good management. Purpose of this research to describe the planning of medicines, medicines acceptance, storage, procurement and distribution of medicines and know and understand the factors supporting and restricting and countermeasure strategy stock out of the medicines conducted by the management of the Kwaingga Hospital Regency of Keerom in 2016. Research methodology was qualitative descriptive study with the kind of approach to the case studies. Population and sample examined was the officer on duty in hospital health Kwaingga as many as 9 people. Data collection is done by observation, in-depth interviews and documentation. Data analysis technique used is descriptive qualitative. Research results obtained that the medicines planning in Kwaingga Hospital is done based on the amount of the budget is provided by the regional Government of the Regency of Keerom and funds dropping from Papua Province, and the selection of the remedy is done based on national formularium (FORNAS. Procurement of medicines in Kwaingga Hospital done by a third party so that it takes a relatively long time. Acceptance of medication in Kwaingga Hospital running slow. this is because the process of procurement of medicines carried out by third parties. Storage of medicines stored in the warehouse of medicines with the State of the storage areas are qualified by BPOM. Medicines distribution is done by installation of pharmaceuticals for room each performed four times each month with the format LPLPO by request of each room.

  11. [Aboveground biomass and nutrient distribution patterns of larch plantation in a montane region of eastern Liaoning Province, China].

    Yan, Tao; Zhu, Jiao-Jun; Yang, Kai; Yu, Li-Zhong


    Larch is the main timber species of forest plantations in North China. Imbalance in nutrient cycling in soil emerged due to single species composition and mono system structure of plantation. Thus it is necessary to grasp its biomass and nutrients allocation for scientific management and nutrient cycling studies of larch plantation. We measured aboveground biomass (stem, branch, bark and leaf) and nutrient concentrations (C, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn), and analyzed the patterns of accumulation and distribution of 19-year-old larch plantation with diameter at breast height of 12. 8 cm, tree height of 15. 3 m, and density of 2308 trees · hm(-2), in a montane region of eastern Liaoning Province, China. The results showed that aboveground biomass values were 70.26 kg and 162.16 t · hm(-2) for the individual tree of larch and the stand, respectively. There was a significant difference between biomass of the organs, and decreased in the order of stem > branch > bark > leaf. Nutrient accumulation was 749.94 g and 1730.86 kg · hm(-2) for the individual tree of larch and the stand, respectively. Nutrient accumulation of stem was significantly higher than that of branch, bark and leaf, whether it was macro-nutrient or micro-nutrient. Averagely, 749.94 g nutrient elements would be removed from the system when a 19-year-old larch tree was harvested. If only the stem part was removed from the system, the removal of nutrient elements could be reduced by 40.7%.

  12. The prevalence and distribution of Argas walkerae (Acari: Argasidae in the eastern region of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa : research communications

    N. Nyangiwe


    Full Text Available The prevalence and geographic distribution of the fowl tampan, Argas walkerae Kaiser & Hoogstraal, 1969 was determined in the eastern region of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa by inspecting two fowl houses in the vicinity of each of 72 randomly selected communal cattle dip-tanks. Tampans were collected from 102 (70.8 % of the 144 fowl houses in the neighbourhood of 57 (79.2 % of the 72 selected dip-tanks, and the localities of the collections were mapped. Argas walkerae was present in fowl houses from the warm coastal regions of the Indian Ocean in the south to the cold and mountainous Drakensberg in the north-east of the Province. Taking into account the probable sensitivity of the sampling method, it is estimated that A. walkerae is likely to be present in fowl houses belonging to between 74 and 84 % of communities making use of cattle dip-tanks in the eastern region of the Eastern Cape Province, and that when it is present, between 64 and 75 % of fowl houses will be infested. The geographic distribution of A. walkerae seemed to be more strongly associated with the presence of fowls and fowl houses containing raw or processed wood in their structure than with climate.

  13. Pioneer organisms after F-F mass extinction in Dushan region, Guizhou Province, and their significance in establishing new ecosystem

    WANG; Yue; WANG; Xunlian; SHI; Xiaoying


    After mass extinctions, most areas became "ecologically barren areas" lacking or even without ecosystem over an extensive region. Studying the pioneer organisms and the reconstruction process of a new ecosystem in the "ecologically barren area" is very important for revealing the evolution after bio-mass extinctions. In the Dushan region, Guizhou Province, China, the trace fossils appeared and flourished evidently earlier than body fossils after Frasnian-Famennian (F-F) mass extinction. The pioneer organisms and pathfinders in the "ecologically barren areas" are the trace-makers that are deposit-feeders with relatively simple structure and conformation on or near the deposit surface. The trace-makers have undergone an evolutionary process that their trace structures changed from simple to complex, and their living and moving areas and spaces enlarged from linear to planar and then to three-dimension spaces. Those characters show that the ability of the trace-makers to deposits and their efficiency of looking for food have been enhanced gradually and that those trace-makers constructed gradually a base for the new ecosystem. This process is similar to that of the trace fossils near the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary.In the Dushan area, only the recovery intervals have been identified for the Famennian body fossils, with no eminent radiation interval recognizable due to the Devonian-Carboniferous (C-D) mass extinction. However, both the recovery and radiation intervals may be clearly recognized in the Famennian trace fossils based on their conformation and diversity. The evolution and diversification of the trace fossils in the "ecologically barren area" is considered to have played a role of necessary foundation for the recovery of body fossils in the ecological chain.With the gradual disappearance of the unfavourable environment factors resulting in the F-F mass extinction, a new ecosystem was reconstructed in the "ecologically barren area" through a three

  14. 陕西省十家医院成人急性腹泻诊治与指南存在的差距%The gaps between the guideline and clinical practice of the management of acute diarrhea in adults in Shanxi Province

    侯凤琴; 王贵强


    Objective To evaluate the management of acute diarrhea in adult and to assess physician's adherence to guidelines recommended by Manatsathit working group.Methods A multicenter cross-sectional survey was carried out in 10 hospitals in Shaanxi Province with assignment of 40 patients each hospital.The difference of enumeration data between groups was analyzed using chi square test.Quantitative data were compared using t test.Results Data were collected from 400 patients.60.5% (242/400) were female and mean age was (38.4 ± 17.5) years.In Manatsathit guideline,stool examination and stool culture for bacteria are recommended in patients with watery diarrhea with dehydration and in patients with bloody diarrhea.In this survey,of the 64 patients with dehydration,only 38 (59.4%) and 13 (23.3%) patients had done stool routine test and vibriocholera culture,respectively.Compared to Manatsathit guideline,the differences were obvious (x2 32.627 and 84.779,respectively; both P<0.01).Of the 30 patients with bloody diarrhea,25 (83.3%) cases had stool examination done,which was roughly in line with Manatsathit guideline (x2 =3.491,P=0.062).However,stool culture for bacteria was performed only in 3 (10%) patients,which was significantly different with the guideline (x2 =49.091,P< 0.001).Overall,30 (7.5 %) cases were diagnosed with acute bacillary dysentery clinically,and the remaining 370 (92.5%) were diagnosed with acute infectious diarrhea.Of the 370 patients with watery diarrhea,only 189 (51.1%) patients were prescribed with rehydration therapy,which was different with the recommendation of Manatsathit guideline (x2 =239.600,P<0.01).Of the 216 patients who received rehydration therapy,144 (66.7%) cases should be prescribed with oral rehydration salts (ORS) and 72 cases should be prescribed with intravenous fluid replacement according to Manatsathit guideline.However,only 31 (14.4%) were prescribed ORS and up to185 (85.6%) patients received

  15. Priority of Talent Cultivation and Shanxi Transformation and Leaping%人才培养优先与山西转型跨越



    Number, quality, distribution and using status of Shanxi human resources are not suited to the development of eco-nomic transition and leaping. So, personnel training has become an impending issue need to be solved. The paper was ex-pounded requirements of ages of the priorities of personnel training and Shanxi transformation & leaping, and analyzed achievements and shortcomings of development of human resources in Shanxi province. Finally, the paper was put forward the establishment of human resources training mode, and establishing security personnel training mechanism through strength-ening organizational leadership and system security, increasing funding guarantee, building talent motivation and growth envi-ronment and exploring management modes of international first-class enterprises’ talents.%山西人才资源的数量、质量、分布及运用状况,已不适应经济转型跨越发展,因此人才培养问题成为迫在眉睫的关键问题。阐述了人才培养优先与山西转型跨越的时代要求,分析了山西省人才资源开发取得的成绩和存在的不足,提出了建立人才资源培养模式的建议,并提出通过加强组织领导与制度保障、加大经费投入保障,营造人才激励和成长环境、探索国际化一流企业人才管理模式等形式,建立人才培养保障机制。

  16. Analysis on Current Situation of English Teaching in Rural Primary Schools-Take Tai gu County in Shan Xi Province as an example

    ZHANG Hui


    Nowadays, English education in rural areas draws more attention in the society. However, the current situation of Eng-lish teaching is worrying. Visit and investigated Limeizhuang primary school in Taigu County, Shanxi province and found some problems, so as to promote English teaching in rural primary schools.

  17. Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Facies in the Lower Member of the Permian Shanxi Formation, Northeastern Ordos Basin, China

    Wei Du; Zaixing Jiang; Ying Zhang; Jie Xu


    The Lower Permian Shanxi(山西) Formation is one of the main gas-bearing stratigraphic units in northeastern Ordos(鄂尔多斯) Basin,China.Based on an integrated investigation of well logs,cores,and outcrop,we delineated the sedimentary facies of the lower member of the Shanxi Formation and divided the succession into three third-order sequences from base to top as SQ1,SQ2,and SQ3.The lower region of Shanxi Formation was deposited in the following sedimentary facies or subfacies: subaqueous braided channel,subaqueous interdistributary,mouth bar,swamp and shelf in the Daniudi(大牛地)Gas Field and braided channel,and shelf and lake at Heidaigou(黑岱沟)outcrop.Braided-river deposits form the lowstand systems tract (LST) in each sequence.Braided channels mark the sequence boundaries at Heidaigou outcrop.A shelf and lake depositional environment with dark gray mudstone forms the transgressive systems tract (TST).The location where dark gray mudstone first appears above the braided channel marks the first flooding surface (FFS),and the end of that marks the maximum flooding surface (MFS).The highstand systems tract (HST) deposits are fine-grained sediments with an aggradational parasequence at Heidaigou outcrop and swamp coalbed in the Daniudi Gas Field.Mouth-bar sand bodies in braided delta front,which form the LST in each sequence,form excellent reservoirs in the Daniudi Gas Field.

  18. [Current situation of pediatric emergency in tertiary and teaching hospitals in 15 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China Mainland].


    Pre-hospital care, emergency department and critical care medicine are the key components of emergency medical service system. Two investigations about the pediatric critical care medicine in China mainland showed great progress. In recent years, most hospitals in China mainland have established emergency department, hardware configuration and staff status were gradually standardized. But most of the emergency departments mainly provide service to adult patients and pediatric emergency medicine lags behind. The purpose of this investigation was to understand the current situation and main problems of pediatric emergency in China mainland. A questionnaire developed by the Subspecialty Group of Pediatrics, Chinese Society of Emergency Medicine and the Subspecialty Group of Emergency Medicine, Chinese Society of Pediatrics was e-mailed to the members of the above-mentioned two subspecialty groups. The contents of the questionnaire included 46 items which were divided into 5 categories: the general situation of the hospital, the pediatric emergency setting and composition, key equipments and techniques, staff status, training program and running data from 2011 to 2012. Sixty-three questionnaires were delivered and 27 (42.9%) hospitals responded which located in 15 different provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Among the 27 hospitals, 10 (37.0%) had no pediatric resuscitation room; 25 (92.6%) had no equipments for cardiac output monitor and gastric lavage; 13 (48.1%) had no bedside fibrolaryngoscope or fiberbronchoscope; 5 (18.5%) had no blood gas analyzer; 4 (14.8%) without respirator, defibrillator, bedside radiography or ultrasonic equipment; 2 (7.4%) had no neonatal incubator; 9 (33.3%) could not do intraossous infusion. The average ratio of professional emergency pediatricians to all physicians was 43.5%. Twenty hospitals incompletely filled in the pediatric emergency running data. The main problems existing in pediatric emergency include: imperfect

  19. [Spatial Heterogeneity of Soil Respiration in a Planted Larch Forest in Shanxi Plateau].

    Yan, Jun-xia; Li, Hong-jian; Li, Jun-jian; Wu, Jiang-xing


    Based on the data from a planted larch forest in Panquangou Natural Reserve of Shanxi Province, at three sampling scales (4, 2, and 1 m, respectively), soil respiration (Rs) and its affecting factors including soil temperature at 5 cm (T5), 10 cm (T10), and 15 cm (T15) depths, soil water content (Ws), litter mass (Lw), litter moisture (Lm), soil total carbon (C), and soil total nitrogen ( N) were determined. The spatial heterogeneities of Rs and the environmental factors were further analyzed and their intrinsic correlations were established. The results of traditional statistics showed that the spatial variations of Rs and the all measured factors were in the middle range; Rs were highly significantly positively correlated with T10, T15, and N (P ratio (P 0.05). Multiple stepwise regression analysis indicated that the four factors of Lm, T10, N, and Ws together accounted for 36% of Rs heterogeneity. The results of geo-statistical analysis demonstrated that Rs was in a medium spatial autocorrelation; random and structural factors accounted for 39.5% and 60.5% of Rs heterogeneity, respectively. And the factors such as climate, landform, and soil played a leading role. The results also illustrated that the ranges for soil factors were different and the range for both Rs and T10 was 25 meters. The fractal dimension of the soil index was in the following order: Lw and C/N ratio (1.95) > N (1.91) > C (1.89) > Rs (1.78) > Lm (1.77 ) > Ws (1.69) > T10 (1.42). The spatial distribution of Rs was in consistent agreement with those of T10, Lm, C, and N; but different with those of Ws and C/N ratio. With a fixed cofidence level and certain estimated accuracy, the required sampling number of each item differed, corresponding to its spatial variation degree.

  20. On Urban High Carbon Consumption:Case of Shanxi%城市高碳消费现象剖析--以山西为例

    孙月蓉; 韩克勇


    城市碳排放量日益增加,使得推进城市居民消费模式转变成为发展低碳经济的重要方面。目前,山西城市居民消费存在诸多高碳消费现象,原因有宏观和微观两方面。构建城市居民低碳消费模式,应宣传低碳消费理念,营造低碳消费氛围;提供有效公共服务,创造低碳消费环境;运用法律、税收等手段加强引导。%The development of low carbon economy requires to build an industrial system and consumption mode has the characteristics of low carbon emission. City consumer generated carbon emissions has become one of the important sources of city pollution. so to promote the consumption mode of low carbon transformation, first of all to promote the transformation of city resident's consumption pattern. At present, the consumption of city residents in Shanxi province still has high carbon consumption characteristics, such as the more residents travel by car instead of walking, winter heating with coal as the main fuel, the festival fireworks, hydropower serious waste of resources, lack of effective management and utilization of waste. Analysis the reason of high carbon consumption of Shanxi Province urban residents, they are roughly divided into macro and micro two aspects, geography, technology, laws and policies macro aspect;economic income, personal accomplishment, consumption habits and other microscopic aspect. In order to reduce the urban residents in Shanxi province high carbon consumption phenomenon, first of all, we should actively promote and advocate the idea of low carbon consumption, creating a low carbon consumption culture atmosphere;secondly, provide more external facilities for low carbon consumption;finally, using the legal, tax and institutional means to protect the environment and resources, using variety of measures to encourage residents to develop low carbon consumption habits.

  1. Investigation and Studies on Structure of Solar Greenhouse in Shanxi Provice%山西省日光温室结构问题的调查研究

    张纪涛; 林琭; 闫万丽; 籍增顺


    In order to understand the major type of solar greenhouse in Shanxi Province and its existing problems, we investigated the types and current situation of solar greenhouses, and analyzed the rationality of 3 important structure designs including lighting roof, wall style and digging depth. The result indicated that there were many types of solar greenhouse, which could be mainly divided into 2 kinds: stand slope type and arch round type according to the structure of lighting roof. Judging from the wall style structure, it could be divided into the earth wall and brick wall 2 types. The already constructed solar greenhouses in Shanxi Province were lack ef necessary analysis and specification in construction. There were mang problems. The lagging jacks in front of the greenhouses shaded off more light, the over digging made the depth too deep, and the wall bodies were too thick. We should develop a standardized construction plan for solar greenhouse according to the climate characteristics of Shanxi Province, so as to guide the construction of new solar greenhouses and optimize the reformation of existing solar greenhouses.%为了了解山西省日光温室的主要类型及其存在的问题,对全省日光温室类型与现状进行了调查,并对日光温室的采光屋面、墙体与下挖深度等3个重要结构的设计合理性进行了分析.调查结果显示,山西省日光温室类型多样,依据采光屋面结构可以分为立坡式和拱圆形两种;从墙体结构上可以分为机筑土墙型和复合砖墙型.山西省已建日光温室在建设上缺少必要的分析与规范,存在前屋面拱架遮光较多、下挖深度过大、墙体厚度过厚等共性问题,应制定依据山西省区域气候特征的日光温室规范化建设方案,用于指导日光温室的建设和现有日光温室的优化改造.

  2. Variation of karst spring discharge in the recent five decades as an indicator of global climate change: A case study at Shanxi, northern China

    GUO; Qinghai; WANG; Yanxin; MA; Teng; LI; Luxiu


    Karst in Shanxi Province is representative of that in northern China, and karst water systems discharge in the form of springs that are among the most important sources for local water supply. Since the 1950s, attenuation has been the major trend of discharge variation of most karst springs at Shanxi. Based on the case study of 7 karst springs including Niangziguan, Xin'an, Guozhuang, Shentou, Jinci, Lancun, and Hongshan springs, the discharge variation process of karst springs was divided into natural fluctuation phase and anthropogenic impact phase. Discharge attenuation of the 7 karst springs was controlled mainly by climate and human activities, with their contributions being respectively about 60% and 40%. According to the difference of the effect of climate and human activities for each spring, attenuation modes of spring discharge fall into three types: natural process dominated attenuation type, exploitation induced process dominated attenuation type, and mixed attenuation type. The total restored discharge variation of 7 karst springs matched well with the global air temperature change in 1956―2000, clearly indicating the trend of global warming and aridity in the last several decades, and the analysis of discharge variation processes of karst springs can be used as a new tool for global change studies.

  3. 盛夏干旱对晋中盆地春播玉米产量影响的分析评估%Analysis and Assessment of Influence of Summer Drought on Spring Maize Yields in Jinzhong Basin of Shanxi Province

    韩爱梅; 张怀仁; 原文国; 陆春花; 王栋


    依据1972-2006年35a晋中11个县市历年的逐月、旬、侯降水资料,结合不同的气候特征和地理环境,将晋中划分为4个区域.用数理统计方法,分区域分析了干旱及旱灾造成粮食减产的时空分布特征,分组量化研究了4个区域丰产年、歉收年、干旱年、平常年4类不同产量类型年中干旱对玉米产量的影响,分时段分析了干旱对玉米产量的影响以及玉米主生育期内各生育阶段的成旱因素和缓旱因素.结果表明:干旱显著年份,对玉米减产的影响平均为23.5%~42.3%,灾年全市平均减产在1.05~3.5亿kg.对全市性的5个灾年进行计算,玉米减产达10.95亿kg,旱灾损失占到全市各种灾害损失的65%~84%.全市干旱发生频率在加大,干旱烈度在加重,导致玉米减产年份相应增多,减产幅度也呈相对增大趋势.%Based on the historical precipitation data of eleven counties and cities in Jinzhong from 1972 to 2006 and the different climatic and geographical environment, Jinzhong City was divided into four sub-regions. Using the mathematical statistical method, the spatial and temporal distribution features of the grain reduction in different regions caused by summer drought were analyzed. The influence of the summer drought on maize production in four different kinds of years, such as high yield years, crop failure years, drought years and normal years, was analyzed as well. The reasons of the drought formed and eased in each growing period of maize were discussed. The results showed that in significant drought years, the average influence of the grain reduction was by 23. 5 percent to 42. 3 percent, while in disaster years, the average reduction of the whole Jinzhong City was by 1. 05 ×10~8 kilograms to 3.50 × 10~8 kilograms. In the five disaster years of the whole city, the reduction of maize was to 1. 095 billion kilograms. The drought losses occupied 65 percent to 84 percent in all the city's disaster losses

  4. Conceptual Model Summary Report Simulation Framework for Regional Geologic CO2 Storage Along Arches Province of Midwestern United States

    None, None


    A conceptual model was developed for the Arches Province that integrates geologic and hydrologic information on the Eau Claire and Mt. Simon formations into a geocellular model. The conceptual model describes the geologic setting, stratigraphy, geologic structures, hydrologic features, and distribution of key hydraulic parameters. The conceptual model is focused on the Mt. Simon sandstone and Eau Claire formations. The geocellular model depicts the parameters and conditions in a numerical array that may be imported into the numerical simulations of carbon dioxide (CO2) storage. Geophysical well logs, rock samples, drilling logs, geotechnical test results, and reservoir tests were evaluated for a 500,000 km2 study area centered on the Arches Province. The geologic and hydraulic data were integrated into a three-dimensional (3D) grid of porosity and permeability, which are key parameters regarding fluid flow and pressure buildup due to CO2 injection. Permeability data were corrected in locations where reservoir tests have been performed in Mt. Simon injection wells. The final geocellular model covers an area of 600 km by 600 km centered on the Arches Province. The geocellular model includes a total of 24,500,000 cells representing estimated porosity and permeability distribution. CO2 injection scenarios were developed for on-site and regional injection fields at rates of 70 to 140 million metric tons per year.

  5. The Intergenerational Mobility Analysis of Jin Merchant Family in Qing Dynasty---Center on the Yuci Chang’s Family in Shanxi Province%清代晋商家族代际流动分析--以山西榆次常氏为中心的考察

    郭娟娟; 张喜琴


    以代际流动这一社会学视角为切入点,研究商人家族代际流动问题,有助于从动态的历史性角度找出影响代际流动趋势的因素。晋商家族代际流动具有鲜明的地域特色和时代特征,文章以榆次常氏家族为例进行了分析。18世纪中叶至19世纪初,子代多继承父业进行经商,从商人数比例远大于从事其它职业的比例,其成员通过捐纳或结交官员上行流动。嘉道年间,东掌制趋于完善,财东不直接参与商业经营,家族人口产生富余,致使未从事商业的子孙转向读书科举或另谋它途。晋商家族代际流动状况还揭示了特定时代商人阶层的发展动态。19世纪末20世纪初,晋商家族商业破产,社会地位整体下降,而重视读书科举教育的家族成员转型为新精英阶层。%The sociological perspective as the starting point to intergenerational mobility,this researches was center on the intergenerational mobility problems of merchant family,which can identify the impact factors which affect the trend of intergen-erational mobility from a dynamic perspective.The intergenerational mobility of Jin merchants family has distinct regional and time characteristics;the Chang’s family in Yuci was the focus of our discussion.From the middle of the 18th century to the early 19th century,many offspring inherited his father’s profession for business.So the proportion for business of the offspring was much greater than that engaged in other occupations.These offspring had a higher social status through contributing money or contacting with officials.During Jiaqing and Daoguang period,the stockholder-shopkeeper system tended to improve,the stockholder of Jin merchants need not directly involved in commercial operations and the family produced more surplus popula-tion,the offspring who had not engaged in the business turned to imperial examination or fined another way.The intergenera-tional mobility

  6. Zircon U-Pb geochronology, geochemistry and its geological implications for the Precambrian granitoids in Zhongtiao Mountain, Shanxi Province%中条山前寒武纪花岗岩地球化学、年代学及其地质意义

    张瑞英; 张成立; 第五春荣; 孙勇


    Complex. Henglingguan and Xiezhou biotite adamellites are similar in the petrography and geochemistry feature, and have almost same forming age ( with a zircon age of 2609 ±31 Ma and 2620 ± 14Ma), suggesting that the two granitoid instrusions are the product of the same magmatism. Yanzhuang K-feldspar granite was formed in Paleoproterozoic (2351 ±37Ma). In-situ zircon Lu-Hf isotopic analyses for three granitoids show that their εHf(t) range from -2.3to +4.8, +4.4to +7.6and -1.8to +7. 8, and the corresponding two-stage model age are 2791 ~3222Ma, 2628 -2823Ma and 2408 ~2996Ma, respectively. Through multidisciplinary analysis lithology, litho-chemistry and Hf isotopic of the granites and combined with the setting regional structure, we suggested that the two Neoarchean granitic rocks belong to high-potassium cala-alkaline I-type granites and probably the result of the partial melting of ~ 2.7Ga TTG rocks and mafic lower crust. The Paleoproterozoic Yanzhuang granite is typically characterized by low Sr and Yb and similar to Himalayan-type granitic rocks, which is related to the partial melt of continental crust caused by crustal thickening. The paper, based on previous and the author' s own research results, summarizes that there is no obvious episodic character of crustal growth of the central North China Craton in the long period of 1.0Ga between ~ 2. 8Ga and ~ 1. 8Ga, but displays a feature of small frequency persistent pulsing growth, indicating that the eastern and western NCC and the Trans-North China Orogen should be a unified continental block in the Late Archaean.

  7. Identification and analysis of underdeveloped resource-rich regions in China

    Zhong Saixiang; Xie Mei'e; Gu Shuzhong


    This paper analyzes the existence of developmental views and compares the results of previous studies for underdeveloped regions.In view of the limitations of previous studies,this study details regional unit,expands index system,applies factor-analysis to structure index system,uses the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to improve analytic hierarchy process,and identifies the economic developmental levels of 384 regions,including 4 municipalities,333 cities at prefecture level,and 47 counties under the jurisdiction of province.The levels of the 47 counties are identified by dividing the rank of comprehensive values of more than 337 regions unit into five equal graduations and then matching the 47 counties with the five-graduation results.This study provides the distribution of resources-rich region in China qualitatively and quantitatively in terms of coal,oil gas and other 14 kinds of metal mineral resources.Finally,by matching the two parts of results,this study identifies the distribution of underdeveloped resource-rich regions (URRRs).URRRs are mainly distributed in Shaanxi,Shanxi,Guizhou,Yunnan,Sichuan,He 'nan,Shandong,Guangxi and Gansu provinces,which accounts for 78.57% of the total in China.To a certain degree,the result of this paper proves that "resources curse " existing in the national stratification plane in later 20"1 century still takes places in some cities in China,especially in the counties of these cities 'jurisdiction.

  8. [Age structure and dynamics of Quercus wutaishanica population in Lingkong Mountain of Shanxi Province, China].

    Zhang, Jie; Shangguan, Tie-Liang; Duan, Yi-Hao; Guo, Wei; Liu, Wei-Hua; Guo, Dong-Gang


    Using the plant survivorship theory, the age structure, and the relationship between tree height and diameter (DBH) of Quercus wutaishanica population in Lingkong Mountain were analyzed, and the static life table was compiled and the survival curve plotted. The shuttle shape in age structure of Q. wutaishanica population suggested its temporal stability. The linear regression significantly fitted the positive correlation between tree height and DBH. The maximal life expectancy was observed among the trees beyond the age of the highest mortality and coincided with the lowest point of mortality density, suggesting the strong vitality of the seedlings and young trees that survived in the natural selection and intraspecific competition. The population stability of the Q. wutaishanica population was characterized by the Deevey-II of the survival curve. The dynamic pattern was characterized by the recession in the early phase, growth in the intermediate phase, and stability in the latter phase.

  9. Analysis of the visible fracture system of coalseam in Chengzhuang Coalmine of Jincheng City, Shanxi Province

    WANG Shengwei; HOU Guangjiu; ZHANG Ming; SUN Qinping


    In No. 3 coalseam of Chengzhuang Coalmine of Jincheng City, there exists the visible fracture system consisting of joints, gas-expanding fractures and cleats. The gas-expanding fractures develop mainly in the bright coal sub-layer and cleats, in the vitrain and bright coal. The joints fall into two types, one developing in the coalseam and the other cutting through the whole coalseam and entering into the top and bottom rock layer. The development direction of joints is basically similar to that of gas-expanding fractures:NNE and NNW. The formation of the visible fracture system is classified as the stage of the development of cleat fissures in the coalification period, the stage of the full development of cleats and the formation of gas-expanding fractures in the second coalification period and the stage of the formation of joints by structural function. There is the spatial unhomogeneity in three dimensions for the visible fracture system of the coal seam in Chengzhuang Coalmine: the regular distribution of the visible fractures as groups in the plane and the coal sub-layer with high permeability rate in profile. The research findings of the visible fracture system of coal seam can be applied to the drilling of the coalbed methane and to heightening the let-off efficiency of coalseam gas.

  10. Petrogenesis of Paleoproterozoic Luyashan charnockitic rocks in Shanxi Province: Constraints from Geochemistry and Nd isotope


    Luyashan charnockite pluton mainly consists of monzonite, adamellite, charnockite and syenogranite, which are characterized by the enrichment of TiO2, P2O5, K2O, Zr, Nb, Y, Pb, La, Ce, Ba and a higher K2O/Na2O and depletion of MgO, CaO,Mg#, Th, U and lower Sr/Ba and Rb/Ba. The negative correlations between Zr, Nb, Ce and SiO2 are distinct from Ⅰ-type granites. Isotopically Luyashan charnockite plutons are relatively uniform in Nd isotope, displaying initial εNd( t ) ( - 5.93 to - 6.97) and Nd depleted mantle model ages (2.67 Ga to 2.78 Ga). These features indicate that Luyashan charnockitic magma derived from pre-existing late Archean crustal sources and the partial melting of mafic granulites probably under exceptionally high temperature with CO2-rich fluid. The garnet is a main residual phase during the partial melting. The original dry charnockitic magma experienced crystal fractionation of pyroxene, plagioclase, apatite and ilmenite during early crystallization. The geochemical evidence suggests that the Luyashan charnockitic magma was probably generated in the post-collision thermal relaxation and uplift tectonic setting after the main collision ( - 1850 Ma) between the Eastern and Western continental blocks.

  11. Temporal and spatial variability of livestock and poultry productions and manure nutrients in Shanxi Province, China

    Zhang, Jian Jie; Guo, Cai Xia; Qin, Wei; Zhang, Qiang


    China's livestock and poultry productions have changed significantly in the last three decades, from mainly traditional and small-scale systems in early 1980s towards more intensive and industrialized ones in recent years, due to the booming economy and the changes in people' diet. There is an ur

  12. Study on Regional Polarization of Guangdong Province since 1978%改革开放以来广东省空间极化研究

    甄峰; 顾朝林; 沈建法; 黄钧尧; 朱剑如


    Spatial polarization and uneven development has been the center of attention and of heated debate overthe years. Much of the research is focused on the shifts of capital, jobs and population from the old industrialcore to new cores or to the periphery. The theories of polarization and polarization reversal are central to regionaldevelopment in advanced industrial economics. As for polarization, the most significant indicator is the emer-gence, consolidation and widening of gap between the economic core and economic periphery within a region or acountry. Confronted with equipment obsolescence, unionized labors force and high production costs, the old in-dustrial core has emerged polarization reversal. The theories of polarization and polarization reversal suggest thatin the old industrial core the leading sector role of manufacturing has diminished in old manufacturing poles, andthat income growth trends differ substantially between these old poles and new centers of development. In sum-mary, based on the framework of polarization and polarization reversal, we can observe the spatial variationwithin the old industrial core, new growth center and periphery region. Since the economic reforms of 1978, China has opened up to foreign investment but retained restrictions onlabor migration until the beginning of 1990s. In recent years, some impacts of these reform and open policies inregional development have been observed. It is significant that regional inequality is enlarged between coastal andinland regions but also between urban and rural regions in China. Guangdong Province is one of the first provinces in the People's Republic of China to benefit from the opendoor policy which is representative in this research. Usually, the regional dynamics literature has tended to paymore attention to state or macro-regional variation of growth than to regional or local variation. By takingGuangdong province as a case, this paper gives a method of measuring regional polarization

  13. 基于GIS的陕西省酿酒葡萄气候区划%Climatic regionalization for wine grape in Shaanxi Province based on GIS

    杨文峰; 朱琳; 李星敏; 朱延年; 周辉


    Using the meteorological observatory data in recent 30 years (from 1981 to 2010 ) from 96 stations in Shaanxi Province and other stations around Shaanxi Province ,included some observatory data from each county’s auxil-iary station and hydrological stations ,based on the analysis of climatic regionalization for wine grape at home and abroad , we confirmed the indexes of climatic regionalization for wine grape in Shaanxi Province ,such as the active accumulate temperature≥10℃ for the first index ;the water heat coefficient at the mature period from August to September for the second index ;the bury soil depth to prevent freeze injury in winter and the precipitation in September for the auxiliary in-dex .Using the GIS technology ,small gird calculation model to space the division index ,and the master-slave iterative method ,has made out the climatic regionalization image for wine grape in Shaanxi Province .The results showed that :In whole Shaanxi Province can be divided into 4 climatic regions and 12 climatic sub-regions .One zone from east of Xing-ping to the east of Guanzhong ,which altitude is below 900 m ,is the optimal area for viticulture for wine grape .The cli-mate factors are evaluated for each climatic region and put forward corresponding production proposals and suggestions .%利用陕西省96个县(区、市)气象站及周边省份临近气象站近30 a (1981-2010年)气象观测资料,辅以经订正后的各县气象哨和水文站观测数据,在对国内外葡萄区划指标分析基础上,确定以≥10℃活动积温为一级指标,酿酒葡萄成熟期8-9月水热系数为二级指标,冬季埋土防寒线、9月降水为辅助指标作为陕西省酿酒葡萄气候区划指标。基于GIS技术,利用小网格推算模型对区划指标空间化后,采用主从叠代方法,制作陕西省酿酒葡萄气候区划图。结果表明,陕西省酿酒葡萄种植可分为4个气候区和12个气候亚区,自兴

  14. Capacity Development and Strengthening for Energy Policy formulation and implementation of Sustainable Energy Projects in Indonesia CASINDO. Deliverable No. 23. Energy Profile of Yogyakarta Province 2008. Regional CASINDO Team of Yogyakarta

    Al Hasibi, R.A. [Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta PUSPER-UMY, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)


    The overall objective of the CASINDO programme is to establish a self-sustaining and self-developing structure at both the national and regional level to build and strengthen human capacity to enable the provinces of North Sumatra, Yogyakarta, Central Java, West Nusa Tenggara and Papua to formulate sound policies for renewable energy and energy efficiency and to develop and implement sustainable energy projects. This report gives an overview of the province Yogyakarta, Indonesia, focusing on the energy balance in 2008.

  15. Capacity Development and Strengthening for Energy Policy formulation and implementation of Sustainable Energy Projects in Indonesia CASINDO. Deliverable No. 21. Energy Profile of Yogyakarta Province 2006. Regional CASINDO Team of Yogyakarta



    The overall objective of the CASINDO programme is to establish a self-sustaining and self-developing structure at both the national and regional level to build and strengthen human capacity to enable the provinces of North Sumatra, Yogyakarta, Central Java, West Nusa Tenggara and Papua to formulate sound policies for renewable energy and energy efficiency and to develop and implement sustainable energy projects. This report gives an overview of the province Yogyakarta, Indonesia, focusing on the energy balance in 2006.

  16. Capacity Development and Strengthening for Energy Policy formulation and implementation of Sustainable Energy Projects in Indonesia CASINDO. Deliverable No. 22. Energy Profile of Yogyakarta Province 2007. Regional CASINDO Team of Yogyakarta

    Al Hasibi, R.A. [Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta PUSPER-UMY, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)


    The overall objective of the CASINDO programme is to establish a self-sustaining and self-developing structure at both the national and regional level to build and strengthen human capacity to enable the provinces of North Sumatra, Yogyakarta, Central Java, West Nusa Tenggara and Papua to formulate sound policies for renewable energy and energy efficiency and to develop and implement sustainable energy projects. This report gives an overview of the province Yogyakarta, Indonesia, focusing on the energy balance in 2007.

  17. Reference levels of natural radioactivity and (137)Cs in and around the surface soils of Kestanbol pluton in Ezine region of Çanakkale province, Turkey.

    Öztürk, Buket Canbaz; Çam, N Füsun; Yaprak, Günseli


    The aim of the study was to conduct a systematic investigation on the natural gamma emitting radionuclides ((226)Ra, (232)Th and (40)K) as well as (137)Cs in the surface soils from Kestanbol/Ezine plutonic area in Çanakkale province as part of the environmental monitoring program on radiologic impact of the granitoid areas in Western Anatolia. The activity measurements of the gamma emitters in the surface soil samples collected from 52 sites distributed all over the region has been carried out, by means of HPGe gamma-ray spectrometry system. The activity concentrations of the relevant radionuclides in the soil samples appeared in the ranges as follows: (226)Ra was 20-521 Bq kg(-1); (232)Th, 11-499 Bq kg(-1)and; (40)K, 126-3181 Bq kg(-1), yet the (137)Cs was much lower than 20 Bq kg(-1)at most. Furthermore, based on the available data, the radiation hazard parameters associated with the surveyed soils were calculated. The present data also allowed evaluation of some correlations that may exist in the investigated natural radionuclides of the soil samples from the plutonic area in Çanakkale province. It is concluded from the above that the concerned region did not lead to any significant radiological exposure to the environment.

  18. Evaluation on Entrepreneurial Environment of Shanxi Province: Based on Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process%山西省创业环境评价——基于改进的层次分析法

    周喜君; 郭丕斌


    On the basis of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor model,this paper reconstructs the evaluation index system of entrepreneurship environment through using the data obtained from the consultation and discussion with experts and the infinite irrelevance method to select the evaluation index. And then it uses the improved analytic hierarehy process method to evaluate the entrepreneurship environment of Shanxi province. The results show that,on the whole,policy stability,tax preference and government's work efficiency in Shanxi are better,but there exist shortcomings in financing environment and knowledge support. Finally,it puts forwards the measures for improving the entrepreneurship environment of Shanxi province.%在借鉴全球创业观察模型的基础上,通过与专家座谈、征询获取数据,采用极大不相关法进行指标选取,重构了创业环境评价指标体系。运用改进的层次分析法对山西省创业环境进行了评价。结果表明:山西在政策稳定性、政策优惠性及政府工作效率等方面总体较好,但在融资环境、知识支持等方面还存在一些不足。最后,针对山西省创业环境存在的问题给出了“七步走”的改进建议。

  19. Regional Variability of the Effects of Land Use Systems on Soil Properties


    In order to explore the regional variability of the effects of land use systems on soil properties, Shouyang County in Shanxi Province and Danling County in Sichuan Province of China were selected as the study areas. Field soil samples of the four land use systems (natural forest, forest plantation, shrubland, and cropland) were collected, respectively, from the two areas. The general statistical tools were used to analyze soil data. The results showed that the influence of land use systems on soil properties was significant. In general, soils in slightly human-disturbed land use systems presented a higher fertility level than those in strongly human-disturbed land use systems in both areas. Furthermore, the impacts of the same land use systems on soil properties showed a distinct regional variability, and even in the same land use system,different farming systems and site management measures (such as irrigation, fertilization, and pesticides) could also lead to the regional heterogeneity in soil properties. The regional variability of land use effects on soil properties reveals the regional variability of the effects of human activities on environmental changes, and could explain the complex relationship between humans and the natural environment in certain ways.

  20. Several problems on a rational structure for agricultural production and the agro-ecology of the Tai region of Tiangsu province

    Ma Xiangyong


    This article presents a method of determining whether the output value structure, the soil structure, and the labor force structure are relatively balanced in an agricultural region of a Chinese province. Topics covered include several rational agricultural production structures for different types of soil, and several problems in setting up a rational agricultural production structure. A rational agricultural production structure is a consequence of the integrated development of farming, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline occupations, fisheries, and industry. The Tai Region has nine distinct types of soil. It is indicated that the level of grain production directly bears on the size and speed of development of economic diversification. Tables are presented on the output value structure of several representative communes and brigades, and soil nutrient content.

  1. Risk Assessment and Regionalization of Mountain Torrent Disaster in Sichuan Province%四川省山洪灾害风险评估与区划

    丁文峰; 杜俊; 陈小平; 任洪玉; 张平仓


    Based on GIS technology and the national planning data about prevention of mountain torrent disaster , the risk of mountain torrent disaster,vulnerability and risk degree of Sichuan province were quantified and analyzed in this paper by using the concept of natural disaster risk .According to the general principles of the regionalization theory and the regionalization classification of national mountain torrent disasters,the risk regionalization of Sichuan province was put forward.Results show that the risk levels of mountain torrent disaster in Sichuan province can be divided into 5 kinds:low risk,low-middle risk,middle risk,middle-high risk,and high risk.The percentage of area of the five risk levels accounting for total area of the province is 59.9%,12.8%,14.9%,5.9% and 6.5%, respectively.In the Sichuan basin and the surrounding regions,risk level of mountain torrent disaster is high,for area with the risk level middle or above takes up nearly 80% of total area of these regions .Furthermore,mountain torrent disaster in mountain regions of Qinling and Dabashan is relatively serious,for the risk level is middle or a-bove in nearly 18% of total area of the mountain regions.Finally,risk levels of mountain torrent disaster in several other regions is not high,most of them are low risk and low-middle risk.%基于 GIS 技术以及全国山洪灾害防治规划资料,以四川省为例,借鉴自然灾害风险概念,对山洪灾害危险度、易损度和风险度进行了量化与分析,并根据区划理论的一般原则和全国山洪灾害一、二级防治分区范围,对四川省山洪灾害风险进行了区划。结果表明:四川省山洪灾害可划分为6个风险区划单元,5个风险等级(低风险区、较低风险区、中风险区、较高风险区、高风险区),各风险等级所占全省面积的比例分别为59.9%,12.8%,14.9%,5.9%和6.5%。其中,四川盆地及周边地区山洪灾害风险水

  2. Analysis of Factors Affecting on Risk Management of Wheat Production Among Wheat Farmers (Razavieh Region, Khorasan-E-Razavi Province, Iran

    V. Sarani


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this study was to analyze the Factors Affecting on risk management in wheat production among farmers of Razavieh region (Khorasan-E-Razavi province, Iran. Statistical population of the study was 1520 farmers that they had water cultivation. By using of stratified proportional random sampling 156 respondents were selected from 8 villages. For the calculation of the risk-aversion coefficient degree among farmers, the Safety First Rule model was used. The findings revealed that the dominant respondents (65% were risk-averse. The results of exploratory factorial analysis showed that five factors determined about 74.267 % from total variance for wheat farmers' risk management that consist of: economy & marketing management factor, planting management factor, harvest management factor, infrastructure management of farming and risk-sharing management factor. From among of the above mentioned factors, the most important factor of risk management in study region was factor of economy & marketing management

  3. The thinking on actuality and prospect of agedestate in Shanxi



    With social and local economic development as well as continuous improvement in residents living standard,there are more elderly people living in Shanxi at present.The place,as a main traditional energy-supply area in China,is also being effected by the acceleration of aging trend.How to deal with the trend and to make effective decision for solving social problems which reflect in different kinds of living sides,such as housing problem, have already been considered by scholars and governments as well as estate enterprises.Hence,a new estate pattern,namely aged estate,was intro-duced into this estate market last few years ago,such as Haojing Aged Apartment and Xinfujiajuan Aged Apartment in Taiyuan,the capital of the prov-ince.As this new estate pattern for the elderly is in exploration stage,there are some problems existing in development and operation as well as adminis-tration processes.This paper was written for finding out what problems are in these activities and,of course,providing a thinking about solving this is-sue.

  4. Evaluation and Source Apportionment of Heavy Metals (HMs in Sewage Sludge of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs in Shanxi, China

    Baoling Duan


    Full Text Available Heavy metals (HMs in sewage sludge have become the crucial limiting factors for land use application. Samples were collected and analyzed from 32 waste water treatment plants (WWTPs in the Shanxi Province, China. HM levels in sewage sludge were assessed. The multivariate statistical method principal component analysis (PCA was applied to identify the sources of HMs in sewage sludge. HM pollution classes by geochemical accumulation index Igeo and correlation analyses between HMs were also conducted. HMs were arranged in the following decreasing order of mean concentration: Zn > Cu > Cr > Pb > As > Hg > Cd; the maximum concentrations of all HMs were within the limit of maximum content permitted by Chinese discharge standard. Igeo classes of HMs pollution in order from most polluted to least were: Cu and Hg pollution were the highest; Cd and Cr pollution were moderate; Zn, As and Pb pollution were the least. Sources of HM contamination in sewage sludge were identified as three components. The primary contaminant source accounting for 35.7% of the total variance was identified as smelting industry, coking plant and traffic sources; the second source accounting for 29.0% of the total variance was distinguished as household and water supply pollution; the smallest of the three sources accounting for 16.2% of the total variance was defined as special industries such as leather tanning, textile manufacturing and chemical processing industries. Source apportionment of HMs in sewage sludge can control HM contamination through suggesting improvements in government policies and industrial processes.


    尹圆圆; 赵金涛; 王静爱


    As an important part of hail disaster risk research,regionalization of hail disaster has a significant effect for formulating regional countermeasure on disaster mitigation and prevention.Assessment of hail disaster risk is the precondition and foundation of the hail disaster risks regionalization.Anhui Province where hail disasters are frequent was taken as an example.In this province hail disasters frequently occur April to September,and are coincident to main growing stages of cotton,which is one of the main economic crops in this province.Although its short duration time,small influence scope and strong abruptness,hail poses a grave threat to cotton farming.This influence mainly manifests in the following five aspects:breaking leaves and stem of cotton,knocking cotton bolls,battering growing point and causing total destruction.Therefore,it is very important to study the influence of hail disaster to cotton and to map the zonation of risk for secure production of cotton.Based on the regional disaster system theory and hail disaster risk assessment database of cotton,risk analysis is taken and atlas of risk assessment was compiled from four dimensions respectively-sensibility of environment,hazard of hail,vulnerability of cotton and risk of hail.Among them,with hail disaster magnitude index (H) and loss rate of cotton (L),which are obtained with the method of statistical inference and comprehensive index measure,hail disaster risk of cotton was carried out based on constructed model for calculating annual loss rate of cotton hail:Sa =nΣi=1Si-nΠi=1Si =1-nΠi=1(1-Si).Then cotton hail risk zoning of Anhui Province was complete with multimethod,such as GIS technology,method of "top-down" and "bottom-up",cluster analysis and reference of remote sensing images.Zoning indexes include assessment result of disaster-forming environment sensibility,topography and landform,frequency of hail falling,proportion of cotton planting,regionalization result of single factor

  6. 基于 SWOT分析的山西现代物流系统的构建%Based on the SWOT Analysis of the Construction of the Modern Logistics System in Shanxi



    SWOT分析法,又称为态势分析法或优劣势分析法,用来确定自身的竞争优势、竞争劣势、机会和威胁,从而将制定的战略与内部资源、外部环境可以有机地结合起来。文中正是通过分析山西省自身竞争优势、劣势,外部机会、威胁,从而提出如何构建山西现代物流系统。%The SWOT analysis method ,Also known as situational analysis or disadvantages analysis ,used to determine its own competitive advantage ,competitive disadvantage ,opportunities and threats ,Thus will contact developed strategy with internal resources and external environment organically. This article is based on the analysis of Shanxi Province , its own competitive advantage and disadvantage ,external opportunities and threats ,and puts forward how to build a modern logistics system in Shanxi Province.

  7. Unifying Two Regional Planning Methodologies in an Analysis of the Rural and Agricultural Development Potential of the Province of Yozgat, Turkey



    Full Text Available This study will investigate Yozgat’s agricultural potential for rural development. There are many emigrants from Yozgat. The elderly population here is increasing, and although the agricultural potential is strong, it is not used effectively. The method used in this study includes a combination of two approaches. The first approach includes the critical factors of rural development: physical systems, social systems, creative systems, local systems and economic systems. The second approach includes the accelerators of rural population, in addition to the opportunities and limiters. The most important problem related to the analysis of rural development is the selection of a perspective on the province in question. This study will guide future studies of provinces and regions. The study concluded that Yozgat’s social life should be as lively and strong as its agricultural production and animal husbandry potential. Moreover, Yozgat has important ecotourism destinations, and this potential should be used. The greatest necessity of Yozgat is agro-industry that will serve for the processing of agricultural and animal husbandry products.

  8. Assessing the disparity in spatial access to hospital care in ethnic minority region in Sichuan Province, China

    Wang, Xiuli; Pan, Jay


    Background There is a great disparity in spatial accessibility to hospital care between ethnic minority and non-minority regions in China. Being one of the basic social demands, spatial access to hospital care in minority regions draws increasing attention in China in recent years. We performed this study to have a better understanding of spatial access to hospital care in ethnic minority region in China, and to guide the allocation of government investment in the future. Methods Sichuan Prov...

  9. Genotoxicity of organic extracts of house dust from Shanxi, China

    Naufal, Z.; Zhou, G.D.; McDonald, T.; Li, Z.W.; Li, Z.; Donnelly, K.C. [Texas A& amp; M Health Science Center, College Station, TX (USA). School for Rural Public Health


    Indoor combustion of solid fuel such as coal may generate respirable particles containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) that may adhere to settled dust. Dust might therefore present a major source of PAH exposure in humans. This study evaluated the in vitro and in vivo genotoxicity of PAH mixtures extracted from house dust samples. Four dust samples (E1-4) were collected from houses in Shanxi, China, where coal is heavily used for heating and cooking. For comparison, a coal sample was also collected from one of the houses and included in the analyses. The samples were extracted with methylene chloride: acetone (95:5 v/v), dried, and redissolved in appropriate solvents for assessment in genotoxicity assays. Samples were evaluated for their ability to induce point mutations in bacteria and DNA adducts in vivo. DNA adduct levels were analyzed by nuclease P1-enhanced P-32-postlabeling. PAH were quantified using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Based on chemical analysis, sample E1 had the highest concentration by sampling area of benzo(a) pyrene (BaP) (181 {mu} g/m{sup 2}) and total PAH (10100 {mu} g/m{sup 2}). However, based on the microbial genotoxicity assay, sample E3, with the highest carcinogenic PAH/total PAH ratio (26%), produced the greatest number of revertants. In mice, administration of the extract of coal induced more adducts (9.81 adducts per 109 nucleotides) than dust extracts. The results of this study confirm the presence of genotoxic chemicals in residential dust. Inhalation of respirable particles containing similar mixtures of PAH represents a cancer risk for humans.

  10. Ancient engineering geology projects in China; A canal system in Ganzu province and trenches along the Great Wall in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

    Wallace, R.E.; Bucknam, R.C.; Hanks, T.C.


    Two major construction projects of ancient times in China involved what today would be considered engineering geology. We describe an ancient canal system in Gaotai County, Gansu province that was possibly begun in the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). The canal system heads at the Dasha River and extends northwestward for about 55 km to the City of Camels and Xusanwan village. Four parallel canals are present at the local site we examined. The canals were likely built primarily to transport water but may also have served as defensive military barriers. A second project involves trenches and berms along the north side of the Great Wall, clearly part of the Great Wall defensive system. This site is in Ningxia Autonomous Region near the town of Shizuishan. ?? 1994.

  11. Application of hydrothermal alteration mineral mapping using airborne hyperspectral remote sensing: data taken in the Baixianishan region of Gansu Province as an example

    Yu, Sun; Zhao, Yingjun; Zhang, Donghui; Qin, Kai; Tian, Feng


    Hyperspectral remote sensing, featured by integrated images and spectra, is now a frontier of the remote sensing. Using meticulous spectra, hyperspectral remote sensing technology can depict spectral features of objects in detail and are capable of identifying objects rather than simply discriminating them. This study took the Baixianishan region in Gansu Province as an example, and CASI/SASI airborne hyperspectral data were utilized to extract and map alteration minerals by MTMF mapping method. Six hydrothermal alteration minerals were mapped, which contained limonite, sericite and epidote. In addition, we analyzed the types, combinations and distribution of the alteration minerals and divided three stages of hydrothermal activity. It is considered that the favorable ore-forming elements for gold deposits are middle Hercynian porphyraceous granite, fracture and veined distribution of sericite and limonite. The application of CASI/SASI airborne hyperspectral remote sensing data in the Baixianishan area has achieved ideal results, indicative of their wide application potential in the geological research.

  12. Community Composition and Structure of Soil Macro-Arthropods Under Agricultural Land Uses in the Black Soil Region of Jilin Province, China

    WU Dong-hui; ZHANG Bai; CHEN Peng


    Soil macro-arthropods in the black soil region in Jilin Province of China were investigated with the emphasis laid on the species richness and abundance in relation to the types of land-use, i.e., farm yard, farm land and Three-North Forest Shelter Belt. Soil macro-arthropods were hand-sorted in the field. A total of 2 357 soil macro-arthropod individuals was captured and fell into 70 families. The results suggested that type of land use affected the species richness and abundance of soil macro-arthropods. Agricultural practices had a strong impact on the soil macro-arthropods community, the conventional cultivations changed the vertical structure of macro-arthropods in the soil profile, and improved the richness and abundance of macro-arthropods in the lower soil layers especially in July. The results also showed that different groups of soil macro-arthropods had various responses to land use changes.

  13. Somatotype characters of Han in rural areas of Shanxi%山西乡村汉族体型特征

    李咏兰; 陆舜华; 国海; 曹瑜; 陈琛; 郑思平


    目的:研究山西乡村汉族体型特征.方法:采用Heath-Carter人体测量法对山西乡村汉族成人20~72岁共500人(男251人,女249人)进行了体型研究.结果:(1)山西乡村男性平均体型值为4.3-5.1-2.5,属于偏内胚层的中胚层体型;乡村女性平均体型值为5.9-6.0-1.1,属于内胚层-中胚层均衡体型.(2)在13种体型中,男女出现率最高的体型均为偏内胚层的中胚层体型、内胚层-中胚层均衡体型、偏中胚层的内胚层体型.与男性体型分布相比较,女性体型分布相对集中.(3)乡村男女30岁以后体型出现较明显的变化.乡村男性内因子值在40~49岁组达到最大,中因子值在30~39岁组达到最大,外因子值在20~29组最大.(4)与国内其他族群相比,山西乡村汉族男性与蒙古族、达斡尔族、山东汉族体型最为接近,女性与山东汉族、鄂温克族、内蒙古汉族、蒙古族体型最为接近.结论:山西乡村汉族具有我国北方族群体型的共同特征.%Objective: To study the somatotype characteristics of Han in rural areas of Shanxi. Methods: The somatotype of 500 rural adults (251 males and 249 females) of Han in county of Shanxi province was studied using the Heath-Carter somatotyping method. Results: The results were as follows: (l)The mean somatotype values of the male and female were 4. 3-5. 1-2. 5 and 5. 9-6. 0-1. 1 in rural districts respectively, which represented the endomorphic mesomorph category in the male and endomorph-mesomorph category in the female. (2)The top of somatotypes frequency was endomorphic mesomorph category, endomorph-mesomorph category and mesomorph endomorphic category. Compared with distribution phase somatotype of male, the female's distribution phase somatotype was more concentrate. (3) After age 30 years, The somatotype of both rural males and females obviously changed Rural males endomorphy reached the highest value in 40 to 49 age group, mesmorphy reached the highest value


    Valentin P. Nagornov


    Full Text Available Article is devoted to a role of steel works of the Ryazan region in formation of the All-Russian market of metal in XIX – the beginning of the 20th century. The author characterizes the commercial activity of structures of metallurgical industry of the Ryazan province in the context of development of transport system in the Central Russia, shows value of the Nizhny Novgorod fair as main center of wholesale trade in metal, considers key parameters of participation of the Ryazan foundry and metalworking plants in the course of formation of exchange trade and commerce and industry syndicates during the post-reform period in Russia. The persons of the leading resellers involved in sale of the Ryazan iron and cast iron in the local markets and interregional fairs are lit. The author comes to a conclusion that the role of the Ryazan metallurgy in system of the Russian raw market during the considered period had contradictory character. Insufficient development of domestic market of metal and the high competition from the large mining companies and trade syndicates didn't allow the metallurgical enterprises of the Ryazan province to create rational and effective system of realization of their production. At the same time steel works were an important factor of development of enterprise activity of the population of the Ryazan region, including activity of buyers of metal and producers of metal products. Characteristic of commercial activity of the Ryazan businessmen in the second half of XIX – the beginning of the 20th century was the combination of wholesale and retail trade in metal to creation of the small foundries and mechanical workshops providing needs of local population, first of all the peasantry in agricultural stock, construction materials, pig-iron ware and other convenience goods. 

  15. Research of dynamically coordinated development of regional system in Liaoning province%辽宁省区域系统动态协调发展研究

    关伟; 高健


    区域系统是由经济、社会、人口、资源、环境等构成的复杂系统,区域系统协调是这一复杂系统在其发展演化过程中,经济、社会、人口、资源、环境等子系统之间不断协同、相互促进,由不协调到协调、由协调到不协调、再到更高程度的协调,循环往复的动态变化及其过程。基于区域系统协调发展的标准,构建了区域经济-社会-人口-资源环境系统协调度评价指标体系,通过线性加权模型和离差系数法得到辽宁省2002-2011年间区域系统协调发展水平得分及其所辖14个市的协调度。通过对辽宁省协调度变化及协调度类型的时空演变分析,得出辽宁省区域系统具有系统协调度类型以基本协调和比较协调为主、协调度区域差异明显、市域系统协调度类型分化显著、总体上呈良性发展趋势等4个结论。%Regional system is a complex system w hich is consists of economic ,social ,population ,resources ,envi-ronment ,etc .In the process of regional system development evolution ,the economic subsystem ,society subsys-tem ,population subsystem ,resource subsystem ,environment subsystem constantly coordinate and promote each other .Regional system coordination is the process that system dynamics change from uncoordinated to coordina-tion to uncoordinated ,finally reach a higher degree of coordination .Based on the principle of coordinated develop-ment of regional system ,this paper chooses 21 indexes of Liaoning province to build the index system of coordi-nated development of regional system .By using the linear weighted model and the coefficient of variation ,the co-ordination degree of Liaoning province and 14 cities of Liaoning province between 2002 and 2011 is obtained . Through analyzing the change of coordination degree and spatial distribution of the type of system coordination degree ,the results show that the type of coordination degree is almost basic

  16. Strategic Conception for Regionally Integrative Land Use in Jiangsu Province%江苏省统筹区域土地利用战略构想

    张衍毓; 王静; 陈美景


    The purpose of the paper is to explore effective pattern for regionally integrated land use and regionally coordinated development. Methods employed include empirical survey, experts' consultation and literature review. The results show that Inter-regional Rural Land Joint Consolidation and Readjustment (IRLJCR) in the typical region, i.e. Jiangsu province can effectively relieve problems of regionally uncoordinated development, supply macro-strategic guidance for regionally coordinated development, promote the optimal allocation of inter-regional production factors, innovate mechanism for coordinating regional benifits, enhance the process of regional integration, alleviate land resource constraints for industrial transformation period in developed regions and offer more financing source for underdeveloped regions. Therefore, significant economic, social and ecological benefits can be achieved. It is concluded that IRLJCR is an important strategy to promote regionally coordinated development. It is suggested some pilot areas can be carried out in suitable counties (cities) within provincial scale accordingly.%研究目的:探索通过统筹区域土地利用促进区域协调发展的有效模式与途径。研究方法:实地调研,专家咨询,文献研究。研究结果:省内跨区域农村土地联合整治模式,可为江苏省统筹区域发展提供宏观战略指导,有效促进区际要素优化配置,创新区域利益协调机制,加快区域一体化进程,有利于缓解该省经济发达地区产业转型升级中的土地资源约束,为经济欠发达地区农村土地综合整治和城乡一体化建设拓展融资渠道,经济、社会和生态预期效益较好。研究结论:农村土地联合整治是统筹区域土地利用,促进区域协调发展的重要战略途径,可适时在省内条件成熟的县(市)开展试点。

  17. Opportunities and challenges for smallholder pig production systems in a mountainous region of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China.

    Riedel, Simon; Schiborra, Anne; Huelsebusch, Christian; Huanming, Mao; Schlecht, Eva


    China's small-scale pig keepers are the largest community of pork producers worldwide. About 56 % of the world's pigs originate from such systems, each producing 2-5 head per year. This study analyzes pig smallholders in Xishuangbanna, a prefecture of Yunnan Province. Categorical principal component analysis and two-step cluster analysis were used to identify three main production systems: livestock-corn-based (LB; 41 %), rubber based (RB; 39 %), and pig based (PB; 20 %) systems. RB farms earn high income from rubber and fatten cross-bred pigs, often using purchased feeds. PB farms own similar-sized rubber plantations and raise pigs, with fodder mainly being cultivated and collected in the forest. LB farms grow corn, rice, and tea while also raising pigs, fed with collected and cultivated fodder as well. About one third of pigs were marketed (LB, 20 %; RB, 42 %; PB, 25 %), and local pig meat is highly appreciated in the nearby town. High mortality, low reproductive performance, and widespread malnourishment are the systems' main constraints. Basic training in hygiene and reproduction management could significantly increase production; most effective measures would be counterbalancing seasonal malnourishment and exploration of locally available protein feeds. Through support by external expertise, farmers could more effectively trade their pigs at lucrative town markets.

  18. Autecology and conservation status of Magnolia sargentiana Rehder & Wilson (Magnoliaceae) in the Dafengding region, southern Sichuan Province, China

    Jing WANG; Ya TANG; Zheng-Hua XIE; Mian-Yue ZHANG


    This paper reports the first population ecology study of the endangered Magnolia sargentiana Rehder & Wilson (Magnoliaceae). Magnolia sargentiana is a protected species in China, but little is known about its present status in the field. In 2007 and 2008, we surveyed the population and conservation status of M. sargentiana in the Provincial Mamize Nature Reserve and the National Meigu Dafengding Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province, southwestern China. Natural regeneration is poor because of unfavorable environmental conditions and anthropogenic disturbances. Flower buds and bark of M. sargentiana are used in traditional Chinese medicine and their collection by local people over the period 1983-1994 has led to marked population declines. The collection of flower buds and bark is now banned, but hewing branches for firewood and grazing continues to have a negative impact on the recovery of M. sargentiana populations. To protect the species, we require a ban on hewing branches, closure of primary forests to reduce the impact of humans and ungulates, better education of local people, and increased awareness of wildlife conservation.

  19. 四川核桃栽培适宜性区划研究%Planting Regionalization and Ecological Adaptability of Walnut in Sichuan Province

    韩华柏; 罗成荣; 朱益川; 吴万波; 张强; 杜光宴


    Adopting principal component analysis,the predominant climatic factors affecting the growth and development of walnut in Sichuan province were annual average temperature,≥10℃ accumulated temperature,annual extreme low temperature,annual sunshine duration,annual rainfall,average temperature in January and in July.Through comprehensive analysis on climatic and soil factors,combining the climatic conditions of Sichuan province and the biological characteristics of walnut,the suitable ecological indexes for walnut planting in Sichuan province were narized as; alleviation of 400 ~2 800 m,soil pH of 5.5 ~8.5,soil thickness of ≥60 cm,≥10℃ accu-muli mperature of 3 000 ~6 500℃,annual temperature of 9~18℃,annual extreme temperature of≥ - 15℃; an fall of 400 ~ 1 200 mm,annual sunshine duration of ≥1 300 h,average January temperature of ≥ -1℃, age temperature of ≤28℃.Accordingly,the planting areas for walnut in Sirhuan province were divided four regims,namely the central cultivation areas at north and northeast edge of Sichuan basin,central cultiva-areas located at mountainous gorge in west Sichuan,central cultivation areas located at southwest Sichuan,cultivation areas at central part of Sichuan basin.The ecological adaptabilities of different regions for walnut cultivation were evaluated,which could provided the scientific basis for walnut industry development in Sichuan province.%采用主成分分析法,确定了影响四川核桃生长发育的主导气候因子为,年均温、≥10℃积温、年极端低温、年日照时数、年降水量、1月平均气温和7月平均气温.通过对气候因子和土壤因子的适宜性综合分析,结合四川核桃主产区气候条件和生物学特性,得出全省核桃主要适宜的生态指标为,海拔400~2 800 m、土壤pH值5.5~8.5、土层厚度≥60 cm、≥10℃积温3 000 ~6 500℃,年平均气温9~18℃、年极端低温≥- 15℃、年降水量400~1 200 mm、年日照时数≥1

  20. Uranium Provinces in China


    Three uranium provinces are recognized in China, the Southeast China uranium province, the Northeast China-lnner Mongolia uranium province and the Northwest China (Xinjiang) uranium province. The latter two promise good potential for uranium resources and are major exploration target areas in recent years. There are two major types of uranium deposits: the Phanerozoic hydrothermal type (vein type) and the Meso-Cenozoic sandstone type in different proportions in the three uranium provinces. The most important reason or prerequisite for the formation of these uranium provinces is that Precambrian uranium-enriched old basement or its broken parts (median massifs) exists or once existed in these regions, and underwent strong tectonomagmatic activation during Phanerozoic time. Uranium was mobilized from the old basement and migrated upwards to the upper structural level together with the acidic magma originating from anatexis and the primary fluids, which were then mixed with meteoric water and resulted in the formation of Phanerozoic hydrothermal uranium deposits under extensional tectonic environments. Erosion of uraniferous rocks and pre-existing uranium deposits during the Meso-Cenozoic brought about the removal of uranium into young sedimentary basins. When those basins were uplifted and slightly deformed by later tectonic activity, roll-type uranium deposits were formed as a result of redox in permeable sandstone strata.

  1. Tectonic property and deformation history of Sangzhi-Shimen synclinorium corridor profile in western margin region of Hunan-hubei Province

    郭建华; 王明艳; 朱美衡; 刘学锋; 张或丹; 刘辰生


    The Sangzhi-Shimen synclinorium, which is in the western margin region of the Hunan-Hubei Province and as the southeast part of the middle Yangtze platform, is a second-level tectonics unit in the south of this region.Along the profile, it can be divided into 5 third-level structure belts. By the comprehensive interpretation of seismic data and magnetotelluric (MT) sounding data, it is found that the surface structure is not in accordance with that of the underground, and this un-coordination can be conducted by many decollement surfaces between the layers.There are three periods of deformation in its geo-history in this region: before the early Yanshan stage, during the early Yanshan stage and after the early Yanshan stage, while the main deformation period is during the early Yanshan stage. And the mechanism of deformation is the thrust faults in basement, which are controlled by many decollements, in addition to the decollement of the cap-rock.

  2. National Assessment of Oil and Gas Project - Powder River Basin Province (033) Regions of Oil and Gas Potential

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Regions of high or low potential for oil and gas resources in the Powder River Basin generally indicate where continuous oil and gas resources are more or less...

  3. Beta Cell Pancreas Dysfunction and Hyperglycemia in Patient Schizophrenia that Uses Haloperidol at Region Special Dadi Hospital Province South Sulawesi



    Full Text Available Schizophrenic patients at high risk for development of type 2 diabetes as a side effect of the antipsychotic medication This research is aimed to find out (1 the level of HbA1c and the description of hyperglycemia incidence, (2 the value of HOMA-β and the description of beta cell dysfunction incidence, (3 the correlation between HOMA-β value with HbA1c level, (4 the duration correlation between the use of haloperidol with the HOMA-β value and the HbA1c level, (5 the duration correlation the use of haloperidol and the HbA1c level through HOMA-β value. This study was conducted at the inpatient ward of Dadi Hospital, South Sulawesi Province using quantitative method with cross sectional study. By using total sampling way, 64 were chosen. The data were then analyzed by using frequency distribution test and Spearman correlation. The result of the study indicates that sufferer schizophrenia at Dadi Hospital who use haloperidol have problems of hyperglycemia (HbA1c >5,5%. The longer the use of haloperidol the more the excelsior level of HbA1c found. About 4,3% hyperglycemia in use of haloperidol 1 year. The mechanism the hyperglycemia incidence mentioned above suffered through dysfunction of beta cell. The longer the use of haloperidol the lower the HOMA-β value. It reaches 28,3% dysfunction of beta cell in use of haloperidol 1 year. The dysfunction of beta cell has relation with the duration in the use of haloperidol. The lower HOMA-β value level the more the excelsior level of HbA1c. The incidence of Hyperglycemia is correlated with the dysfunction of beta cell.

  4. Mutations of the phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in patients with phenylketonuria in Shanxi, China

    Yong-An Zhou


    Full Text Available The variation in mutations in exons 3, 6, 7, 11 and 12 of the phenylalanine hydroxylase (PAH gene was investigated in 59 children with phenylketonuria (PKU and 100 normal children. Three single nucleotide polymorphisms were detected by sequence analysis. The mutational frequencies of cDNA 696, cDNA 735 and cDNA 1155 in patients were 96.2%, 76.1% and 7.6%, respectively, whereas in healthy children the corresponding frequencies were 97.0%, 77.3% and 8.3%. In addition, 81 mutations accounted for 61.0% of the mutant alleles. R111X, H64 > TfsX9 and S70 del accounted for 5.1%, 0.8% and 0.8% mutation of alleles in exon 3, whereas EX6-96A > G accounted for 10.2% mutation of alleles in exon 6. R243Q had the highest incidence in exon 7 (12.7%, followed by Ivs7 +2T>A (5.1% and T278I (2.5%. G247V, R252Q, L255S, R261Q and E280K accounted for 0.8% while Y356X and V399V accounted for 5.9% and 5.1%, respectively, in exon 11. R413P and A434D accounted for 5.9% and 2.5%, respectively, in exon 12. Seventy-two variant alleles accounted for the 16 mutations observed here. The mutation characteristics and distributions demonstrated that EX6-96A > G and R243Q were the hot regions for mutations in the PAH gene in Shanxi patients with PKU.

  5. The Empirical Analysis of Shanxi Rural Private Economic Organization Credit Constraints from the Perspective of Resource -based Economic Transition%资源型经济转型视角下山西农村民营经济组织信贷约束分析

    张永刚; 张丽华


    经济发展离不开金融支持。研究资源型经济转型视角下的山西农村民营经济发展的问题,就必然要分析山西农村金融体系的现状。运用多层抽样的方法对山西农村民营经济组织的融资情况进行了抽样问卷调查,然后通过Logit模型和Probit模型对抽样调查结果进行深入的实证研究。最后得出结论:山西农村金融体系在促进山西农村民营经济发展上作用乏力;创新不足、产品单一以及农村金融供给与需求错位,已成为制约山西农村民营经济快速发展的重要因素。%The economic development is inseparable from the financial support.It is necessary to make an anal-ysis of the current situation of the rural financial system in Shanxi province , so as to study the development of rural private economy in Shanxi province from the perspective of resource -based economic transition.The thesis makes sampling questionnaire surveys on the financing of rural private economic organizations in Shanxi Province in the method of multi-layer sampling , and then makes in -depth empirical study on sampling results by Logit model and Probit model.The thesis concludes that the rural financial system in Shanxi paly a small role in promoting the development of rural private economy , and lack of innovation , single products and big gap between the rural finan-cial supply and financing demand have become restraining factors for the rapid development of rural private economy in Shanxi.

  6. Shanxi Will Build Aluminum Deep Processing Industrial Park


    As a province with high coal output,Shanx boasts rich electrolytic aluminum resources.On January 7,the reporter learned from the Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology that in order to continually expand the size of aluminum industry,extend aluminum industrial chain,so

  7. Study on Travel Ecological Security for Shanxi Tourist Attractions%山西省旅游景区旅游生态安全问题研究

    傅玉娟; 赵艺学