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  1. 7Li(18O, 17N8Be reaction and the 17N + 8Be-potential

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. T. Rudchik


    Full Text Available Angular distributions of the 7Li(18O, 17N8Be reaction were measured for the transitions to the ground states of 8Be and 17N and excited states of 17N at the energy Elab(18O = 114 MeV. The data were analyzed with coupled-reaction-channels method for one- and two-step transfers of nucleons and clusters. In the analysis, the 7Li + 18O potential de-duced in the analysis of the elastic 7Li + 18O-scattering data as well as shell-model spectroscopic amplitudes of trans-ferred nucleons and clusters were used. Parameters of the 8Be + 17N potential were deduced using the reaction data. Contributions of different one- and two-step transfers in the 7Li(18O, 17N8Be reaction cross-section was studied.