Sample records for reached peak av

  1. Why and how to make a REACH registration of combustion ash; Moejligheter vid REACH-registrering av energiaskor

    Loevgren, Linnea; Wik, Ola


    The new chemical regulation, REACH (1997/2006/EC), Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals, took effect the 1st of June 2007. The background to this report was the introduction of REACH and the difficulties to understand the implications for ash. The most important consequence of REACH is that all chemical substances that are manufactured, handled and used above one tonne per annum per legal entity shall be registered according to this regulation. The registration includes specifying the chemical, physical, toxicity and ecotoxicity properties of the substance and risk assessing the identified areas of use. The report describes the use of ash in connection to the waste legislation and its planned end-of-waste-criteria, the chemical legislation and the Construction Products Directive. The target audience of this report is companies producing ashes and having a use or seeing a use for its ash. The report describes how to make a REACH registration of ash independent if a company did or did not pre-register ash during 2008. It describes how to change from one ash registration into another if the pre-registration was done for one type of ash but the company changes opinion during the sameness check, i.e. changing SIEF (Appendix A). Taking part in REACH registration projects during 2009-2010 can be advantageous since knowledge and financing are shared. Ash can be REACH registered also in the future but it is important to know that the registration have to be done prior the production and marketing starts. If ash is consider to be a waste the handling is covered by the community and national waste legislation. In Sweden ashes are by and large being regarded as waste, and recycling is risk assessed and permits are given case by case. End-of-waste criteria for different waste material are being elaborated within the EU. Such criteria will among other details cover chemical safety. When a material fulfils the end-of-waste criteria such material

  2. Reaching peak emissions

    Jackson, Robert B.; Canadell, Josep G.; Le Quéré, Corinne; Andrew, Robbie M.; Korsbakken, Jan Ivar; Peters, Glen P.; Nakicenovic, Nebojsa


    Rapid growth in global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry ceased in the past two years, despite continued economic growth. Decreased coal use in China was largely responsible, coupled with slower global growth in petroleum and faster growth in renewables.

  3. Assessment of temperature peaks reached during a wildfire. An approach using X-ray diffraction and differential thermal analysis

    Jiménez-González, Marco A.; Jordán, Antonio; Zavala, Lorena M.; Mataix-Solera, Jorge; Bárcenas-Moreno, Gema; Jiménez-Morillo, Nicasio T.; Bellinfante, Nicolás


    1. INTRODUCTION Wildfires may induce important chemical and physical changes in soils, including changes in the soil composition, mineralogical changes, soil water repellency, aggregate stability or textural changes (Bodí et al., 2013; Granged et al., 2011a, 2011b, 2011c; Jordán et al., 2011, 2013; Mataix-Solera et al., 2011). As these changes usually occur after threshold temperature peaks, the assessment of these helps to explain many of the processes occurring during burning and in the postfire (Pereira et al., 2012, 2013; Shakesby, 2011). In July 2011, a wildfire burnt a pine forested area (50 ha) in Gorga (Alicante, SW Spain), approximately at 38° 44.3' N and 0° 20.7' W. Main soil type is Lithic Xerorthent developed from limestone. The study of mineralogical changes in soil after a wildfire should help to assess fire temperature peaks reached during burning. In order to study the impact of fire temperature on mineralogical changes and determine temperature peaks during burning, burnt soil plots under shrubland were randomly collected (0-5 cm deep). Control samples from adjacent unburnt areas were also collected for control. 2. METHODS Soil samples were ground using an agate mortar and then sieved (420 °C). In samples heated at 500 and 700 °C, these changes are not appreciated as they occurred during calcination. In the 300 °C heated sample, some of these changes partially occurred. Peaks observed approximately at 100 °C correspond to release of absorbed water. Peaks at 900 °C are a consequence of destruction of calcite. Finally a peak was observed at 680 °C in the control sample may be explained as a consequence of the destruction of blixite (Pb8(OH)2Cl4), which was present in control samples (1.1%) but not in burnt samples. This peak is probably masked in heated samples. REFERENCES Bodí, M.B., Muñoz-Santa, I., Armero, C., Doerr, S.H., Mataix-Solera, J., Cerdà, A. 2013. Spatial and temporal variations of water repellency and probability of its

  4. Reaching white-light radiation source of ultrafast laser pulses with tunable peak power using nonlinear self-phase modulation in neon gas

    Tawfik, Walid


    A source of white-light radiation that generates few-cycle pulses with controlled peak power values has been developed. These ultrafast pulses have been observed by spectral broadening of 32 fs pulses through nonlinear self-phase modulation in a neon-filled hollow-fiber then compressed with a pair of chirped mirrors for dispersion compensation. The observed pulses reached transform-limited duration of 5.77 fs and their peak power values varied from 57 GW up to 104 GW at repetition rate of 1 kHz. Moreover, the applied method is used for a direct tuning of the peak power of the output pulses through varying the chirping of the input pulses at different neon pressures. The observed results may give an opportunity to control the ultrafast interaction dynamics on the femtosecond time scale and facilitate the regeneration of attosecond pulses.

  5. Review of AVS Audio Coding Standard

    ZHANG Tao; ZHANG Caixia; ZHAO Xin


    Audio Video Coding Standard (AVS) is a second⁃generation source coding standard and the first standard for audio and video coding in China with independent intellectual property rights. Its performance has reached the international standard. Its coding efficiency is 2 to 3 times greater than that of MPEG⁃2. This technical solution is more simple, and it can greatly save channel resource. After more than ten years ’develop⁃ment, AVS has achieved great success. The latest version of the AVS audio coding standard is ongoing and mainly aims at the increasing demand for low bitrate and high quality audio services. The paper reviews the history and recent develop⁃ment of AVS audio coding standard in terms of basic fea⁃tures, key techniques and performance. Finally, the future de⁃velopment of AVS audio coding standard is discussed.

  6. Katodisk beskyttelse av umbilicals

    Mjølhus, Bjarte


    Ulike sider ved bruk av sinkbånd til korrosjonsbeskyttelse av karbonstål umbilical er evaluert. Det er utført litteraturstudie ved gjennomgang av tidligere rapporter, sammenligning av standarder og artikkelsøk. Langtidsforsøk med egne korrosjonsceller ble utført over 2 måneder for å undersøke korrosjonsbeskyttelse ved 4 ulike temperaturer. Det ble også gjort undersøkelser av korrosjonsbelegg i SEM for å undersøke og sammenligne med publiserte data. Åpen krets potensialet viste seg å ligge ...

  7. AVS on satellite

    Zhao, Haiwu; Wang, Guozhong; Hou, Gang


    AVS is a new digital audio-video coding standard established by China. AVS will be used in digital TV broadcasting and next general optical disk. AVS adopted many digital audio-video coding techniques developed by Chinese company and universities in recent years, it has very low complexity compared to H.264, and AVS will charge very low royalty fee through one-step license including all AVS tools. So AVS is a good and competitive candidate for Chinese DTV and next generation optical disk. In addition, Chinese government has published a plan for satellite TV signal directly to home(DTH) and a telecommunication satellite named as SINO 2 will be launched in 2006. AVS will be also one of the best hopeful candidates of audio-video coding standard on satellite signal transmission.


    Breien, William Topper


    Denne oppgavens mål har vært å utvikle et nytt design for kumlokk. Det nye designet skal være lettere enn utgangspunktet. Dette har blitt gjort ved hjelp av en iterativ designprosess, styrkeberegninger i Siemens NX 8, simuleringer av støp i Magmasofts MAGMA5, prøvestøping og testing ved støperiet til Ulefos Jernværk i Ulefoss. Denne rapporten inneholder teoretisk bakgrunn og beskrivelse av metoder tatt i bruk ved utvikling av nytt design, simulerin...

  9. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, safety and immunogenicity study of 4 formulations of Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed plus CPG 7909 (AV7909) in healthy adult volunteers.

    Hopkins, Robert J; Daczkowski, Nancy F; Kaptur, Paulina E; Muse, Derek; Sheldon, Eric; LaForce, Craig; Sari, Suha; Rudge, Thomas L; Bernton, Edward


    A new anthrax vaccine that could accelerate the immune response and possibly reduce the number of injections needed for protection would be desirable in a post-exposure setting. This Phase 1 study compared the safety and immunogenicity of 2 IM doses (Days 0 and 14) of 4 formulations of AV7909 (AVA plus CPG 7909) with 2 IM doses of BioThrax(®) (Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed) and 2 IM doses of saline placebo administered on Days 0 and 14. A total of 105 healthy adults 18-50 years of age were randomized to 1 of 6 study groups: BioThrax (0.5 mL), AV7909 Formulation 1 (0.5 mL AVA+0.5mg CPG 7909), AV7909 Formulation 2 (0.5 mL AVA+0.25mg CPG 7909), AV7909 Formulation 3 (0.25 mL AVA+0.5mg CPG 7909), AV7909 Formulation 4 (0.25 mL AVA+0.25mg CPG 7909), or saline placebo (0.5 mL). All randomized subjects received at least 1 vaccination, and 100 subjects completed the trial. After 2 doses, mean peak normalized toxin neutralizing antibody responses (TNA NF50) in the AV7909 groups were higher than in the BioThrax group. Differences among the 4 AV7909 groups were not statistically significant. Subjects who received AV7909 reached peak titers on Day 28 vs. Day 35 in the BioThrax group. The most common adverse events (AEs) in the BioThrax and AV7909 groups assessed as related to vaccination were injection site reactions. Transient lymphopenia was observed after the first dose in each AV7909 group. Frequencies of injection site and systemic reactions recorded by subjects in diaries for 7 days after each injection were highest with AV7909 Formulation 1. No AEs of special interest (autoimmune events) were observed in the study. Further studies of doses and dosing regimens are planned to assess the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of AV7909.

  10. The effectiveness of polder systems on peak discharge capping of floods along the middle reaches of the Elbe River in Germany

    S. Huang


    Full Text Available In flood modelling, many one-dimensional (1-D hydrodynamic models are too restricted in capturing the spatial differentiation of processes within a polder or system of polders and two-dimensional (2-D models are very demanding in data requirements and computational resources. The latter is an important consideration when uncertainty analyses using the Monte Carlo techniques are to complement the modelling exercises. This paper describes the development of a quasi-2-D modeling approach, which still calculates the dynamic wave in 1-D but the discretisation of the computational units is in 2-D, allowing a better spatial representation of the flow in polders and avoiding large additional expenditure on data pre-processing and computational time. The model DYNHYD (1-D hydrodynamics from the WASP5 modeling package was used as a basis for the simulations and extended to incorporate the quasi-2-D approach. A local sensitive analysis shows the sensitivity of parameters and boundary conditions on the filling volume of polders and capping of the peak discharge in the main river system. Two flood events on the Elbe River, Germany were used to calibrate and test the model. The results show a good capping effect on the flood peak by the proposed systems. The effect of capping reduces as the flood wave propagates downstream from the polders (up to 0.5 cm of capping is lost for each additional kilometer from the polders.

  11. Verdsetting av brukermedvirkning ved utforming av skoleanlegg

    Else Margrethe Lefdal


    Full Text Available Ved planlegging av offentlige bygninger i Norge forutsettes det at brukerne medvirker i prosessen. Dette er forankret i lov- og avtaleverk og motiveres ved at brukerne innehar en kompetanse som er av betydning for byggenes funksjonalitet. I denne artikkelen vil jeg belyse brukermedvirkningsproblematikk i planleggingen av et skoleanlegg for videregående opplæring. Tilgjengelige plan- og byggesaksdokumenter i den aktuelle fylkeskommunens digitale og fysiske arkiver er blitt analysert. I referater fra brukermøtene fremmes det for eksempel ønsker fra brukerne om begrenset bruk av glass. Det ferdige skole-anlegget har imidlertid utstrakt bruk av innvendige glassvegger, men det er ikke dokumentert diskusjoner knyttet til bestemmelsen av dette. Et profesjons- og maktperspektiv er relevant for å forstå hva som blir verdsatt, og hvilke strukt-urer og mekanismer som har påvirket planleggings­prosessen. De sentrale aktørgruppene er skoleeier og representantene for lærer- og arkitekt-profesjonen. Omfattende bruk av innvendig glass i skoleanlegget tolker jeg som et kompromiss mellom skoleeiers ønske om åpenhet og kontroll, lærernes ønske om mindre støy og arkitektens ønske om å skape romfølelse og visuelle siktlinjer.AbstractWhen planning public buildings in Norway, it is expected that users are involved in the process. This is grounded in legislation and agreements, and motivated by the idea that users have an expertise which is significant for the planning of the building’s functionality. The aim of this article is to investigate user participation in planning the school facilities for a secondary school. I have analyzed planning and building documents available in government records, digital and physical. In the reports from meetings with user groups, it is for example stated that users want to limit the use of glass. However, the completed school building has extensive use of glass dividing walls, but any discussions leading to this

  12. AV dissociation, an inevitable response.

    Wang, Kyuhyun; Benditt, David G


    The independent activation of the atria and ventricles, AV dissociation, is a common phenomenon that occurs during a wide variety of electrophysiologic circumstances. The clinical significance of AV dissociation is often misunderstood. This article examines the basis and clinical implications of AV dissociation. AV dissociation is often an obligatory, secondary phenomenon, and should not be construed as the primary disorder; it may be due to either the AV conduction system being completely blocked (3° AV block) or the P wave and the QRS complex being generated from separate sources (usually, the AV junction or ventricle) but occurring close together during the physiologic refractory period of each other. The latter may happen in junctional or ventricular arrhythmias including escape or accelerated rhythm, tachycardia, or premature beats. The crucial clinical point is not the AV dissociation itself, but that an underlying triggering primary disorder is present and should be identified. ©2011, Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  13. Summer Student Report - AV Workflow

    Abramson, Jessie


    The AV Workflow is web application which allows cern users to publish, update and delete videos from cds. During my summer internship I implemented the backend of the new version of the AV Worklow in python using the django framework.

  14. Skyggedom av enkepensjonsdommen

    Rognlien, Ida Gundersby


    Masteroppgaven undersøker om bortfall av ektefellepensjon ved lovendring med tilbakevirkende kraft er i strid med retten til eiendom etter EMK TP 1 art 1. Skyggedommetoden/ Feminist Judgments -metoden brukes for å gjenskrive enkepensjonsdommen Rt.2006.262 i et feministisk perspektiv. Da mannen døde.......1975.220. I spørsmålet om inngrepet er proporsjonalt ble vektlagt at det ikke foreligger en transparent avveining av de relevante interessene. Videre er hensynene bak og behovene for den opprinnelige ektefellepensjonen fortsatt tilstede, og de er ikke tilstrekkelig avveid mot formålene med inngrepet...

  15. Skyggedom av enkepensjonsdommen

    Rognlien, Ida Gundersby


    Masteroppgaven undersøker om bortfall av ektefellepensjon ved lovendring med tilbakevirkende kraft er i strid med retten til eiendom etter EMK TP 1 art 1. Skyggedommetoden/ Feminist Judgments -metoden brukes for å gjenskrive enkepensjonsdommen Rt.2006.262 i et feministisk perspektiv. Da mannen døde.......1975.220. I spørsmålet om inngrepet er proporsjonalt ble vektlagt at det ikke foreligger en transparent avveining av de relevante interessene. Videre er hensynene bak og behovene for den opprinnelige ektefellepensjonen fortsatt tilstede, og de er ikke tilstrekkelig avveid mot formålene med inngrepet...

  16. En av gutta

    Neumann, Cecilie Basberg; Rysst, Mari; Bjerck, Mari


    Hvilken betydning har kjønn og klær for kvinner som arbeider i mannsdominerte arbeiderklasseyrker? Forfatterne av denne artikkelen finner at kvinnene må nedtone sitt kjønn og sin seksualitet gjennom å dekke til kroppen, i klær laget for menn, for å signalisere at de er på jobb for å arbeide...

  17. En av gutta

    Neumann, Cecilie Basberg; Rysst, Mari; Bjerck, Mari


    Hvilken betydning har kjønn og klær for kvinner som arbeider i mannsdominerte arbeiderklasseyrker? Forfatterne av denne artikkelen finner at kvinnene må nedtone sitt kjønn og sin seksualitet gjennom å dekke til kroppen, i klær laget for menn, for å signalisere at de er på jobb for å arbeide...

  18. Introduction to AVS Audio

    Hao-Jun Ai; Shui-Xian Chen; Rui-Min Hu


    This paper describes a general audio coding algorithm which has been recently standardized by AVS, China.The algorithm is based on a perceptual coding technique. The codec delivers near CD-quality audio at 128kb/s. This paper describes the coder structure in detail and discusses the reasons for specific design methods. A summary of the subjective test results are presented for the prototype codec. Comparison Mean Opinion Score (CMOS) test indicates that the quality of the AVS audio coder is comparable with MPEG Layer-3 audio coder. A real-time decoder was used for the characterization test,which is based on a 16-bit fixed-point DSP. The performance of the DSP solution was demonstrated, including computational complexity and storage characteristics.

  19. Negotiation Mechanism of AVS Standardization

    Su Junbin


    @@ 1. Introduction The mission of the Audio Video Coding Standard (AVS) Working Group of China is to develop AVS standards drafts and deliver them to the national standardization administration authorities. Since its establishment in 2002, the AVS Working Group has developed rapidly, growing from 33 members in 2003 to 153 in 2006. By the end of 2006, it had put forward for approval nine standards drafts (Table 1) with Part 2 of the AVS 1.0 draft approved as a national standard in February 2006.

  20. Læring av erfaring?

    Ramvi, Ellen

    Hva skal til for å lære av erfaring? Denne avhandlingen er en empirisk baseret undersøkelse av ungdosmskolelæreres muligheter og betingelser for å "lære av erfaring" i den særlige betydning av begrepet  W. Bion gir i sin psykoanalytiske teori. Undersøgelsen baserer seg på et feltarbeid som strekker...... seg over ett skoleår. Datamaterialet ble samlet inn via observerasjoner og mer eller mindre strukturerte samtaler med lærere ved to forskellige norske ungdsomsskoler. Analysen av materialet foregår i to trinn: først en fenomenologisk analyse, tett på lærernes egne beskrivelser og refleksjoner av...... lærerarbeidet, dets udfordringer og vanskeligheter, og deretter en psykoanalytisk perspektivering av de fenomenologiske analyseresultatene. Analysen viser en almindelig lærerhverdag og en skoleorganisation, hvor lærernes "læring av erfaring" i stor utstrekning blokkeres i et vekselspill mellem lærernes flukt...

  1. Ultralydfremstilling av fostervekst

    Synnøve Lian Johnsen


    Full Text Available Ultralyd billeddanning er i dag den beste undersøkelsesmetoden vi har til å overvåke fosterets utvikling og vekst. Ultralydmåling av fosterets størrelse og biometriske referansetabeller for svangerskapet brukes til å fastsette svangerskapets alder, beregne termin og vurdere fosterets vekst. Optimal studiedesign er ulik for hvert av disse formålene. Det er stor variasjon i fysiologisk vekst og en utfordring å identifisere fostre som har dårlig tilvekst. En enkeltmåling av fosteret kan fortelle oss om det er lite eller stort i forhold til andre fostre, men ikke om størrelsen er passelig i forhold til forventet fysiologisk vekst for dette fosteret. Tilpassede referansemodeller ("customised" justerer forventet størrelse i relasjon til føtale og maternelle faktorer og har vist seg å bedre identifisere sanne veksthemmede fostre enn bare å klassifisere i henhold til 2,5, 5 eller 10 persentilen. Men et foster som i utgangspunktet er stort for alderen, men etter hvert vokser langsomt vil ikke nødvendigvis bli fanget opp ved en slik enkeltmåling. Serielle målinger vil hjelpe, men en slik longitudinell metode blir ikke fullt ut utnyttet før det appliseres betinget ("conditional" vekstberegning. Betingelsesleddene for variasjon i vekst og målemetode kalkuleres ut fra longitudinelle data og kan så anvendes for det enkelte foster. En første måling brukes til å beregne forventet vekst og variasjon for en neste måling. Denne metoden forventes å skjerpe diagnostikken for vekst-avvik i alle vektklasser og kan sammen med tilpasningen av andre faktorer bedre overvåkningen av risikosvangerskapUltrasonographic imaging is today the best method for assessing fetal size and monitoring fetal growth. Ultrasound measurements of fetal size are used for age, size and growth assessment, but the statistical design and analysis are different for each of these purposes. Physiological ranges for fetal growth are wide and the identification of fetal

  2. Enhanced A-V nodal conduction (Lown-Ganong-Levine syndrome) by congenitally hypoplastic A-V node.

    Ometto, R; Thiene, G; Corrado, D; Vincenzi, M; Rossi, L


    The basic anatomical substrate of enhanced A-V nodal conduction, manifesting or not as Lown-Ganong-Levine syndrome, is still a controversial issue. We describe the case of a 34-year-old man who presented episodes of ventricular fibrillation. Electrophysiological studies showed that the AH interval was 55 ms, and increased by only 20 ms at paced cycle lengths of 300 ms; atrial pacing induced atrial fibrillation, with a shortest RR interval of 240 ms. Despite verapamil therapy, this patient died suddenly at home. Histological study disclosed a severe A-V node hypoplasia that was evidently congenital in nature; the rest of the conduction system was normal, and no accessory A-V pathways were present. We suggest that enhanced A-V nodal conduction in this patient was due to the developmental defect in the A-V node; this abnormality caused a loss of specific impulse-delaying function, and thus allowed rapid, unfiltered atrial impulses to reach the lower A-V junction and ventricles.

  3. Teratogene effekter av antiepileptika

    Bernt A. Engelsen


    Full Text Available  SAMMENDRAGCa. 1 av 200 gravide har epilepsi. Gravide med epilepsi har økt risiko for visse obstetriske komplikasjonerog for å føde barn med medfødte misdannelser. Risikoen for misdannelser synes koblet til bruk avantiepileptika under svangerskapet, og ikke til selve epilepsien. Alle typer misdannelser er økt, men leppeganespalteog nevralrørsdefekter utgjør særlig viktige misdannelser. Årsakene til misdannelsene er multifaktorielle.Bruk av antiepileptika i monoterapi kan sies å gi en individuell risiko for større misdannelser påca. 4-6%. Karbamazepin og natriumvalproat gir hhv. 0,5-1% og 2-3% risiko for nevralrørsdefekt. Samletrisiko for større og mindre anomalier inkludert dysmorfe ansiktstrekk synes ikke å overstige 10%. ENGLISH SUMMARYEngelsen BA. Teratogenic effects of antiepileptic drugs. Nor J Epidemiol 1997; 7 (1: 23-28.Approximately 1 in 200 pregnant women have epilepsy, and 1 in 250 births are to children of mothers whouse antiepleptic drugs (AED. Pregnant women with epilepsy have increased risk for certain obstetricalcomplications, and for giving birth to children with congenital malformations. The increased risk forcongenital malformations seems connected to the use of AED, not to the epileptic syndromes. The etiologyof congenital malformations are multifactorial. Use of AED in monotherapy is associated with anindividual risk of giving birth to a child with a major malformation of 4-6%. The specific risk of spinabifida is 0,5 to 1% for carbamazepine and 2-3% for sodium valproate.

  4. Helseeffekter av byluftpartikler

    Magne Refsnes


    Full Text Available Svevestøv i byluft består av forbrenningspartikler og mineralpartikler med svært forskjellige størrelser og kjemiske egenskaper. Svevestøvet kan deles inn i størrelsesfraksjoner som PMAmbient particulate matter (PM comprises particles from different combustion processes and a variety of mineral particles. The particles vary widely in size distribution and chemical/physical characteristics. PM is often divided into size fractions with different aerodynamic diameters: PM10 (PM ! 10 mm, PM2.5 (PM ! 2.5 mm and PM0.1 (PM ! 0.1 mm. Recent population studies have found an association between an increase in mortality and morbidity due to lung and/or cardiovascular disease and short-term increases in PM. The relative risk (RR was approximately 1.005 for an increase in 10 mg/m3 PM10, without an observed threshold even at concentrations below 10 mg/m3. Chronic exposure has been investigated to a lesser extent, but longterm exposure to PM2.5 has been found to be associated with an approximately 10-fold greater increase in RR than short-term exposures. Experimental studies with volunteers in chamber and field studies show mild lung or cardiovascular responses at concentrations of ambient particles (PM2.5/PM10: 100-200 mg/m3 that may occur during episodes of air pollution. Animal studies at higher concentrations have shown stronger responses. The experimental studies support the epidemiological evidence for an adverse health effect of PM. Both population- and experimental studies indicate the existence of vulnerable individuals. At low to average ambient concentrations there seems to exist a discrepancy between the results of population- and experimental studies that might be due to the absence of the most vulnerable individuals in the experimental studies. Together with cell culture experiments, human and animal studies indicate the importance of physical and chemical properties of the particles (size, content of metals, organics, endotoxins, etc. for

  5. Lokalisering av arbeidsplasser og boliger

    Næss, Petter


    En miljømessig effektiv lokalisering av arbeidsplasser og boliger sikter mot å begrense - og helst redusere - biltrafikk og miljøproblemer knyttet til bytransport, sammenliknet med alternative lokaliseringer. En effektiv transportmessig lokalisering kan også bidra til å redusere tap av verdifulle...... arealer (f eks jordbruksareal eller natur- og friluftsområder) utenfor dagens tettstedsgrense. Tiltaket må samtidig utformes slik at en kan bevare viktige bomiljøkvaliteter og så mye som mulig av de grønne arealene innenfor tettbebyggelsen....

  6. Lokalisering av arbeidsplasser og boliger

    Næss, Petter


    En miljømessig effektiv lokalisering av arbeidsplasser og boliger sikter mot å begrense - og helst redusere - biltrafikk og miljøproblemer knyttet til bytransport, sammenliknet med alternative lokaliseringer. En effektiv transportmessig lokalisering kan også bidra til å redusere tap av verdifulle...... arealer (f eks jordbruksareal eller natur- og friluftsområder) utenfor dagens tettstedsgrense. Tiltaket må samtidig utformes slik at en kan bevare viktige bomiljøkvaliteter og så mye som mulig av de grønne arealene innenfor tettbebyggelsen....

  7. Store Stokkavatn. Beskrivelse av forurensningssituasjonen

    Holtan, H.


    Rapporten, som er et ledd i arbeidet med en vannbruksplan for Store Stokkavatn ved Stavanger, sammenstiller og diskuterer data som er samlet inn fra innsjøen og dens tilløp av Byveterinæretaten i Stavanger. Store Stokkavatnet er reservevannkilde for Stavanger og dessuten er innsjøen sentral i rekreasjonsmessig sammenheng. På bakgrunn av de foreliggende data, er innsjøens forurensningstilstand på grensen av det akseptable hva algeproduksjon (eutrofiering) og bakteriologiske forhold angår. Fler...

  8. Optimering av bergtransporter i underjordsgruva

    Abrahamsson, Magnus


    Detta examensarbete utfördes på LKAB, en mineralkoncern som tillverkar och levererar järnmalmsprodukter. Arbetet utfördes för företagets underjordsgruva i Malmberget och behandlar tillredningens bergtransporter. Tillredningen är den process som förbereder nya delar av gruvan för järnmalmsbrytning. Målsättningen med arbetet har varit att kartlägga hur transporterna av tillredningsberg styrs samt att kvantifiera en besparingspotential för dessa transporter. Om möjligt skulle även förbättringsfö...

  9. Institusjonelle felt og forståelser av evaluering – en analyse av evalueringen av NAV-reformen

    Halvorsen, Anne; Breidahl, Karen Nielsen; Hansen, Morten Balle


    I Norge ble det i årene 2006-2009 gjennomført en omfattende reform med etablering av en ny arbeids- og velferdstjenestene (NAV). Reformen ble gjort til gjenstand for en omfattende evaluering, EVANAV, over flere år. I evalueringens siste fase ble det iverksatt en evaluering av evalueringen av...... interessene som var involvert i evalueringen. I EVANAV ble dette blant annet ivaretatt i formuleringen av fire mål som tilgodeser ulike behov. Basert på evalueringsteori og teori om institusjonelle felt bidrar analysen til en bedre forståelse av hva evaluering er, og hvordan ulike utfordringer knyttet til...

  10. PAH i forurenset sediment: Utredning av egnethet av PAHkomponenter/ grupperinger for vurdering av tiltaksbehov

    Ruus, Anders; Arp, Hans Petter Heinrich; Oen, Amy M.P.; Grung, Merete; Breedveld, Gijs D.


    I Norge er det utarbeidet klassegrenser for til sammen 16 PAH-forbindelser i sediment og vann. Grenseverdiene baserer seg på kunnskap om toksisitet av de ulike stoffene og hva som er akseptabel eksponering for miljøet. I tillegg til grenseverdiene for enkeltkomponentene av PAH opererer norske miljømyndigheter med klassegrenser for PAH-grupperingen SUM PAH-16 i sediment. Disse klassegrensene bygger på overkonsentrasjoner i forhold til bakgrunnsnivå, og ikke økotoksikologiske dat...

  11. Bruk av kartleggingsresultater i forbedringsarbeid

    Nordahl, Thomas; Hansen, Line Skov

    . Barnehagen har gjerne tilgang på informasjon fra kartlegginger, men det er ikke alltid denne informasjonen blir systematisk analysert og aktivt brukt i forbedringsarbeid. Forfatterne viser hvordan slike analyser kan gjennomføres på forskjellige nivåer i den enkelte barnehage, og vektlegger viktigheten av...

  12. Analyse av klimatilpasningstiltak : en casestudie av overvannsnettet på Bogafjell i Sandnes kommune

    Bekkum, Ina


    For å simulere klimaendringenes effekt på avløpssystemet og klimatilpasningstiltakenes avbøtende virkning kan man benyttes seg av urbanhydrologiske avløpsmodeller. I denne oppgaven er det gjennomført et casestudie av overvannsnettet på Bogafjell i Sandnes kommune. Det er gjort simuleringer av enkeltregn i form av symmetriske nedbørshyetogram, med og uten klimatillegg – i Rosie/ArcGIS med MOUSE beregningsmotor – for å teste tiltaksprinsipper som frakopling av overvann, fordrøyning av ...

  13. Transmembrane potentials of canine AV junctional tissues.

    Tse, W W


    The atrioventricular (AV) junction comprises the AV node, His bundle (HB), and specialized tissues proximal to the node called paranodal fibers (PNF). In the present study, an in vitro, dissection-exposed canine right atrial (RA), transitional fiber (TF), AV junctional preparation was used. The TF and PNF formed a pathway running along the base of the septal cusp of the tricuspid valve (SCTV). In the first experiment, impulses elicited at the RA were monitored to propagate sequentially through the TF, PNF, AV node, and then the HB. This functional evidence supports the concept that a conduction pathway connecting the RA and the AV node exists along the base of the SCTV. This internodal pathway is referred to as the septal cusp pathway. In another experiment, transmembrane potentials and Vmax were determined on each of the AV junctional tissues. Results showed that PNF had the lowest Vmax (2.5 V/sec), followed by AV node (7.0 V/sec) and HB (33 V/sec). This finding showed that PNF, and not the AV node, has the lowest Vmax, suggesting that the PNF has the lowest conductivity among the AV junctional tissues, and this study advances our understanding on the mechanism of AV conduction delay in dog hearts.

  14. Evaluering av ABW-filter

    Ohren, J.A.


    Det er foretatt en evaluering av ABW-filteret basert på forskningsresultater og driftserfaringer fra USA. ABW-filteret er godt egnet med sand eller sand-antrasitt i konvensjonelle fullrenseanlegg med flokkulering, sedimentering og filtrering. Etter disse prosessene er filteret også egnet med aktivt kull. ABW-filteret er også interessant for etterbehandling i kommunale og industrielle avløpsrenseanlegg.

  15. Multimedia for læring av tallsystemer : utvikling av programvare for læring av og om tallsystemer

    Idland, Terje


    Oppgaven har en teoretisk forankring innenfor Piagets konstruktivisme, Vygotskys sosialkonstruktivisme, Dienes teori for læring av posisjonssystemet og Mayer & Morenos teori for læring med multimedia. Primært har jeg brukt eksisterende teori som grunnlag for utvikling av pedagogisk programvare for læring av tallsystemer. Denne programvaren er todelt. En del er en interaktiv applett som er et utforskingsmiljø for posisjonssystemet. Den andre delen er en interaktiv multimediep...

  16. Ny versjon av standarden ISO 15489

    Herbjørn Andresen


    Full Text Available Standarden NS-ISO 15489-1:2016 er gjeldende norsk standard fra 1. juli 2016. Dette er andre versjon av ISO 15489, den første versjonen fra 2001 er ikke lenger gyldig. 2001-utgaven av ISO 15489 besto av to deler. Del 2, SN-ISO/TR 15489-2:2001 er trukket, slik at den nye ISO 15489 kun består av del 1. ISO 15489 var den første internasjonale Records Management-standarden, og har en funksjon som overordnet referansestandard for en voksende portefølje av senere standarder på tilgrensende områder. Denne artikkelen gjennomgår endringene i hovedtrekk, både i standarden ISO 15489 som sådan og i noen av de standardene som bygger videre på den.

  17. Effekten av karbohydrat- og proteininntak på restitusjon av utholdenhetskapasiteten etter et utmattende arbeid

    Rustad, Per Inge


    Innledning: Dietten i etterkant av trening og konkurranser er av stor betydning for restitusjonsprosessen. Få studier har imidlertid undersøkt restitusjonseffekten av karbohydratog proteininntak etter et utmattende arbeid på utholdenhetskapasiteten dagen etter. I vår studie ble det gjennomført totalt tre diettintervensjoner for å undersøke følgende problemstillinger; 1) undersøke utholdenhetskapasiteten dagen etter et utmattende utholdenhetsarbeid etter inntak av en høy karbohy...

  18. AVS-M: From Standards to Applications

    Ye-Kui Wang


    AVS stands for the Audio Video coding Standard Workgroup of China, who develops audio/video coding standards as well as system and digital right management standards. AVS-M is the AVS video coding standard targeting for mobile multimedia applications. Besides the coding specification, AVS also developed the file format and Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) payload format specifications to enable the application of AVS-M video in various services. This paper reviews the high-level coding tools and features of the AVS-M coding standard as well as the file format and payload format standards.In particular, sixteen AVS-M high-level coding tools and features, which cover most of the high-level topics during AVS-M standardization, are discussed in some detail. After that, the error resilience tools are briefly reviewed before the file format and RTP payload format discussions. The coding efficiency and error resiliency performances of AVS-M are provided finally.H.264/AVC has been extensively used as a comparison in many of the discussions and the simulation results.




    As to the complexity process of choosing best probable encoding mode in AVS intra prediction,we proposed a fast intra predic-tion encoding algorithm.With the analysis of AVS intra prediction encoding theory and its implementation in reference software GDM2.1,we derived the threshold of zero coefficient block determination.The fast algorithm determines whether or not the current block is a zero coeffi-cient block according to its threshold discriminant condition.For zero coefficient block,it encodes cbp element directly and terminates intra prediction encoding in advance,which avoids the consequent complex process.As for the non-zero coefficient blocks,the fast selection algo-rithm associating the time domain SAD and the frequency domain SATD is used,which excludes 40% to 80% impossible prediction modes, and the rate distortion function is applied to the remained prediction modes to select the best prediction mode.It was verified through experi-ment that when PSNR (peak signal-to-noise ratio)decreased within 0.25db and bits rate increased within 2%,the time of AVS encoding de-creased over 40%,and the encoding efficiency was largely improved as well.%针对 AVS(Audio Video code Standard)帧内预测中选择最优编码模式流程复杂的问题,提出一种快速帧内预测编码的算法。通过分析 AVS 帧内预测编码的原理及其在参考软件 GDM2.1中的代码实现,推导出判定零系数块的阈值。该快速算法根据零系数块的判定阈值条件判定当前块,对于零系数块,直接编码 cbp 元素,提前中止帧内预测编码,避免了后续的复杂流程;对于非零系数块,采用时域 SAD(Sum of Absolute Difference)与频域 SATD(Sum of Absolute Transformed Difference)相联合的快速选择算法,排除了40%~80%的不可能预测模式,对余下的模式采用率失真代价函数的方法选取最佳预测模式。经实验验证,在 PSNR(Peak Sig-nal to Noise Ratio)降低0

  20. The AV-8B Decision


    isa csestudy of the debate overthdeionfte United States Gover mn to prc--u the McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Advanced Hrrier V/STOL jet aircraft for the U.S...Sciences 3 ABSTRACT This thesis is a case study of the debate over the decision of the United States Government to procure the McDonnell Douglas IT-8...a egrate4 dur nq the 1ive To r perIoo by the introduction of the moderNtely prcod F1-18 aircraft. The F/1 8 proqrts will, 0euce to*n uber and tpes of

  1. Shigatse peasants and herdsmen income reach a new peak


    The government in Shigatse prefecture has firmly carried forward scientific development view, and called for further innovation in thought and methods. The governments at all levels make their decisions in accordance with local condition. They have focused on increasing incomes of rural and nomadic households in this region. People in Shigatse have enjoyed continuous income increase, resulting from their transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture.


    Social Service


    The 500 or so participants in the fifth Preparation for Retirement seminar held at the end of March were unfortunately deprived of the planned session on the AVS due to the unavailability of the Director of the Caisse Cantonale Genevoise de Compensation (CCGC). We have since had formal confirmation that because of an extra workload due to important changes in the Swiss tax and social legislation and the implementation this summer of the maternity insurance in Geneva, the CCGC has suspended its participation in preparation for retirement seminars in the international organisations for the time being. Conscious of the necessity of offering a session dedicated to the AVS, it is with pleasure that we can inform you that one of our legal advisers, Mr Lorenz Stampfli, has accepted to lead this session. In order to allow for adequate preparation we have reserved the following date: Wednesday 26 September from 14.00 to 16.00 in the Main Amphitheatre The session will be open to all people already registered and any o...

  3. Syncope and Idiopathic (Paroxysmal) AV Block.

    Brignole, Michele; Deharo, Jean-Claude; Guieu, Regis


    Syncope due to idiopathic AV block is characterized by: 1) ECG documentation (usually by means of prolonged ECG monitoring) of paroxysmal complete AV block with one or multiple consecutive pauses, without P-P cycle lengthening or PR interval prolongation, not triggered by atrial or ventricular premature beats nor by rate variations; 2) long history of recurrent syncope without prodromes; 3) absence of cardiac and ECG abnormalities; 4) absence of progression to persistent forms of AV block; 5) efficacy of cardiac pacing therapy. The patients affected by idiopathic AV block have low baseline adenosine plasma level values and show an increased susceptibility to exogenous adenosine. The APL value of the patients with idiopathic AV block is much lower than patients affected by vasovagal syncope who have high adenosine values. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Tolkning av det verbala och det visuella

    Barbro Sjöberg


    Full Text Available I en tidigare publicerad artikel i Techne serien (Sjöberg, 2005 gjordes en genre-beskrivning av fenomenet skissbok. Genrebeskrivningen baserade sig på en analys av sex formgivarstuderandes skissböcker. I den nu aktuella artikeln redogörs för hur genren tillämpats i en slöjdpedagogisk kontext inom två kurser i Konsthand-arbete under åren 2002 respektive 2004 inom de didaktikbaserade ämnesteknolo-giska studierna i slöjdpedagogik vid Åbo Akademi, Vasa. En av målsättningarna för kurserna var att testa skissboken i en slöjdpedagogisk kontext. Under kursens gång hade de studerande som uppgift att utforska och dokumentera ett givet tema i sina skissböcker. Efter avslutad kurs skannades skissböckerna in för att utgöra empiriskt material för tolkning och analys av hur de studerande utformat dokumen-tationen i sina skissböcker på basen av de instruktioner de fått under kursens gång. I föreliggande studie redogörs för bearbetning, tolkning och analys av det empiris-ka materialet med hjälp av NVivo 9, en version av NVivo som underlättar bearbet-ning och den vetenskapliga tolkningen av visuellt material. Resultaten visar att uppmuntran till horisontell mediering i samband med dokumentation i skissbok kan leda till en mångsidig och personlig utforskning av givet tema.Sökord: metod, slöjd, NVivo, skissbok, lärarutbildningURN:NBN:no-29968

  5. Påvising av aminoglykosidresistens ved hjelp av massespektrometri. Utvikling av metode for deteksjon, stabilitet av aminoglykosid og molekylær karakterisering av teststammer

    Kvarekvål, Torunn


    Aminoglykosid er potente antibiotika som vert brukt til behandling av alvorlege infeksjonar med aerobe bakteriar. Dei er baktericide og verkar ved å binda til ribosoma i bakteriane og på denne måten forstyrra den normale peptidsyntesen. Aminoglykosida er verdifulle medikament, men som for mange andre antibiotika er resistens mot desse midla eit aukande problem. Den viktigaste resistensmekanismen er aminoglykosidmodifiserande enzym (AME). Desse enzyma inaktiverer ...

  6. Peak Oil, Peak Coal and Climate Change

    Murray, J. W.


    Research on future climate change is driven by the family of scenarios developed for the IPCC assessment reports. These scenarios create projections of future energy demand using different story lines consisting of government policies, population projections, and economic models. None of these scenarios consider resources to be limiting. In many of these scenarios oil production is still increasing to 2100. Resource limitation (in a geological sense) is a real possibility that needs more serious consideration. The concept of 'Peak Oil' has been discussed since M. King Hubbert proposed in 1956 that US oil production would peak in 1970. His prediction was accurate. This concept is about production rate not reserves. For many oil producing countries (and all OPEC countries) reserves are closely guarded state secrets and appear to be overstated. Claims that the reserves are 'proven' cannot be independently verified. Hubbert's Linearization Model can be used to predict when half the ultimate oil will be produced and what the ultimate total cumulative production (Qt) will be. US oil production can be used as an example. This conceptual model shows that 90% of the ultimate US oil production (Qt = 225 billion barrels) will have occurred by 2011. This approach can then be used to suggest that total global production will be about 2200 billion barrels and that the half way point will be reached by about 2010. This amount is about 5 to 7 times less than assumed by the IPCC scenarios. The decline of Non-OPEC oil production appears to have started in 2004. Of the OPEC countries, only Saudi Arabia may have spare capacity, but even that is uncertain, because of lack of data transparency. The concept of 'Peak Coal' is more controversial, but even the US National Academy Report in 2007 concluded only a small fraction of previously estimated reserves in the US are actually minable reserves and that US reserves should be reassessed using modern methods. British coal production can be

  7. Uptake of AV-1451 in meningiomas.

    Bruinsma, Tyler J; Johnson, Derek R; Fang, Ping; Senjem, Matthew; Josephs, Keith A; Whitwell, Jennifer L; Boeve, Bradley F; Pandey, Mukesh K; Kantarci, Kejal; Jones, David T; Vemuri, Prashanthi; Murray, Melissa; Graff-Radford, Jonathan; Schwarz, Christopher G; Knopman, David S; Petersen, Ronald C; Jack, Clifford R; Lowe, Val J


    AV-1451 is an imaging agent labeled with the positron-emitting radiolabel Fluorine-18. 18F-AV-1451 binds paired helical filament tau (PHF-tau), a pathology related to Alzheimer's disease. In our study of AV-1451 uptake in the brains of cognitively normal subjects, we noted a case of a meningioma with visually significant uptake of AV-1451. We initiated the present retrospective study to further examine cases of meningioma that underwent AV-1451 imaging. We searched the patient records of 650 patients who had undergone AV-1451 at our institution for the keyword "meningioma" to identify potential cases. PET/CT and MRI results were visually reviewed and semi-quantitative analysis of PET was performed. A paired student's t test was run between background and tumor standard uptake values. Fisher's exact test was used to examine the association between AV-1451 uptake and presence of calcifications on CT. We identified 12 cases of meningioma, 58% (7/12) of which demonstrated uptake greater than background using both visual analysis and tumor-to-normal cortex ratios (T/N + 1.90 ± 0.83). The paired student's t test revealed no statistically significant difference between background and tumor standard uptake values (p = 0.09); however, cases with a T/N ratio greater than one showed statistically higher uptake in tumor tissue (p = 0.01). A significant association was noted between AV-1451 uptake and presence of calcifications (p = 0.01). AV-1451 PET imaging should be reviewed concurrently with anatomic imaging to prevent misleading interpretations of PHF-tau distribution due to meningiomas.

  8. Portering av programvara – metodik och fallstudie

    Ståhl, Nils


    Carasoft AB är ett företag som specialiserat sig på utveckling av dokumenthanteringssystem. Man erbjuder bland annat ett Windowsbaserat dokumenthanteringssystem vid namn Caradoc. Systemet består av flertalet DLL:er skrivna i Delphi och har inte ändrats eller kompilerats sedan 2004. Det här examensarbetet har i syfte att utreda om det finns möjlighet att inom rimlig tid portera Caradoc till Windows 7, med hjälp av den nya Delphi-versionen XE2. Efter en förstudie i ämnet portering, programspråk...

  9. Basic Considerations on AVS DRM Architecture

    Tie-Jun Huang; Yong-Liang Liu


    Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an important infrastructure for the digital media age. It is a part of the AVS (Audio and Video coding Standard) of China. AVS Trusted Decoder (ATD) that plays back digital media program according to rights conditions is the core of AVS DRM architecture. Adaptation layers are responsible for translating or negotiating between ATD and peripheral systems. The Packaging Adaptation Layer (PAL), Licensing Adaptation Layer (LAL) and Rendering Adaptation Layer (RAL) will help ATD to gain the interoperability in various DRM environments.

  10. Quantifying lip-read-induced suppression and facilitation of the auditory N1 and P2 reveals peak enhancements and delays.

    Baart, Martijn


    Lip-read speech suppresses and speeds up the auditory N1 and P2 peaks, but these effects are not always observed or reported. Here, the robustness of lip-read-induced N1/P2 suppression and facilitation in phonetically congruent audiovisual speech was assessed by analyzing peak values that were taken from published plots and individual data. To determine whether adhering to the additive model of AV integration (i.e., A+V ≠ AV, or AV-V ≠ A) is critical for correct characterization of lip-read-induced effects on the N1 and P2, auditory data was compared to AV and to AV-V. On average, the N1 and P2 were consistently suppressed and sped up by lip-read information, with no indication that AV integration effects were significantly modulated by whether or not V was subtracted from AV. To assess the possibility that variability in observed N1/P2 amplitudes and latencies may explain why N1/P2 suppression and facilitation are not always found, additional correlations between peak values and size of the AV integration effects were computed. These analyses showed that N1/P2 peak values correlated with the size of AV integration effects. However, it also became apparent that a portion of the AV integration effects was characterized by lip-read-induced peak enhancements and delays rather than suppressions and facilitations, which, for the individual data, seemed related to particularly small/early A-only peaks and large/late AV(-V) peaks.

  11. Outcomes of AV Fistulas and AV Grafts after Interventional Stent-Graft Deployment in Haemodialysis Patients.

    Schmelter, Christopher; Raab, Udo; Lazarus, Friedrich; Ruppert, Volker; Vorwerk, Dierk


    The study was designed to assess outcomes of arteriovenous (AV) accesses after interventional stent-graft deployment in haemodialysis patients. 63 haemodialysis patients with 66 AV fistulas and AV grafts were treated by interventional stent-graft deployment from 2006 to 2012 at our hospital. Data of these patients were retrospectively analysed for location of deployed stent-grafts, occurrence and location of (re-)stenosis and (re-)thrombosis. Complex stenosis was the most frequent indication for stent-graft deployment (45.5%), followed by complications of angioplasty with vessel rupture or dissection (31.8%). A high rate of procedural success was achieved (98.5%). The most frequent location of the deployed stent-graft was the draining vein (66.7%). Stent-graft deployment was more frequent in AV grafts than in AV fistulas. Primary patency was 45.5% at 6 month, 31.3% at 12 month and 19.2% at 24 month. Primary patency was significantly better for AV fistulas than for AV grafts with deployed stent-grafts. Patency of the deployed stent-graft was much better than overall AV access primary patency with deployed stent-graft. Re-stenosis with thrombosis was the most frequent indication for re-intervention. Most frequent location of re-stenosis was the draining vein (37.1%), followed by stenosis at the AV access (29.5%) and the deployed stent-graft (23.5%). Re-stenosis and re-thrombosis remain frequent in AV fistulas and AV grafts in haemodialysis patients despite stent-graft deployment. Re-stenosis of the deployed stent-graft is, only in the minority of the cases, responsible for AV access dysfunction.

  12. Outcomes of AV Fistulas and AV Grafts after Interventional Stent-Graft Deployment in Haemodialysis Patients

    Schmelter, Christopher, E-mail:; Raab, Udo, E-mail: [Klinikum Ingolstadt, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (Germany); Lazarus, Friedrich, E-mail: [Klinikum Ingolstadt, Department of Nephrology (Germany); Ruppert, Volker, E-mail: [Klinikum Ingolstadt, Department of Vascular Surgery (Germany); Vorwerk, Dierk, E-mail: [Klinikum Ingolstadt, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (Germany)


    PurposeThe study was designed to assess outcomes of arteriovenous (AV) accesses after interventional stent-graft deployment in haemodialysis patients.Materials and Methods63 haemodialysis patients with 66 AV fistulas and AV grafts were treated by interventional stent-graft deployment from 2006 to 2012 at our hospital. Data of these patients were retrospectively analysed for location of deployed stent-grafts, occurrence and location of (re-)stenosis and (re-)thrombosis. Complex stenosis was the most frequent indication for stent-graft deployment (45.5 %), followed by complications of angioplasty with vessel rupture or dissection (31.8 %).ResultsA high rate of procedural success was achieved (98.5 %). The most frequent location of the deployed stent-graft was the draining vein (66.7 %). Stent-graft deployment was more frequent in AV grafts than in AV fistulas. Primary patency was 45.5 % at 6 month, 31.3 % at 12 month and 19.2 % at 24 month. Primary patency was significantly better for AV fistulas than for AV grafts with deployed stent-grafts. Patency of the deployed stent-graft was much better than overall AV access primary patency with deployed stent-graft. Re-stenosis with thrombosis was the most frequent indication for re-intervention. Most frequent location of re-stenosis was the draining vein (37.1 %), followed by stenosis at the AV access (29.5 %) and the deployed stent-graft (23.5 %).ConclusionRe-stenosis and re-thrombosis remain frequent in AV fistulas and AV grafts in haemodialysis patients despite stent-graft deployment. Re-stenosis of the deployed stent-graft is, only in the minority of the cases, responsible for AV access dysfunction.

  13. Integrasjon av vindkraft i energisystemet : effekten av variabilitet på markedsverdien

    Brekken, Tormod Ween


    Klimapolitikken bidrar til å fase ut termisk kraftproduksjon basert på fossile kilder. Dette kan føre til at en mindre andel av kraftproduksjonen kan respondere på prissignaler. Det er planlagt å øke andelen vindkraft i flere kraftmarkeder. Vindkraft er avhengig av været, og er karakterisert av varierende produksjon. Dette påvirker inntekten til hva produsenter av vindkraft vil tjene i kraftmarkedet. Studier har funnet at markedsverdien til vindkraft reduseres ved økte andeler vindkraft i ma...

  14. Forandring av selvoppfatning blant studenter i løpet av en bachelorutdanning i sykepleie

    John Olav Bjørnestad


    Full Text Available Selvoppfatning er av betydning for faglig framgang og kreativitet. Hensikten med denne studien var å beskrive forandring av selvoppfatning hos en gruppe sykepleierstudenter i løpet av sin treårige bachelorutdanning. En studiegruppe med 127 sykepleierstudenter ved en norsk høgskole besvarte et spørreskjema i første og siste studieår. Skalaer for måling av generell selvoppfatning og regelbevissthet samt spørsmål om bakgrunnsvariabler inngikk i spørreskjemaet. Resultatene viste at selvoppfatningen økte signifikant i løpet av utdanningen i den totale studiegruppen, og viktige faktorer var barn og opplevelse av tilfredshet. For ca 45% av deltakerne var selvoppfatningen enten lavere eller uforandret. Regelbevissthet minket i løpet av utdanningen og var ikke assosiert til studentenes selvoppfatning. Fortsatt forskning behøves for å klarlegge mulige påvirkningsfaktorer og for å finne tiltak som kan fremme en positiv utvikling av selvoppfatning hos studenter.

  15. En norsk pilotstudie av helsesøstres oppfatninger av pasienters health literacy: helsefremmende allmenndannelse

    Hanne Søberg Finbråten; Kjell Sverre Pettersen


    Bakgrunn Uttrykket “ansvar for egen helse” innebærer også evnen til kritisk evaluering av helseinformasjon. Slike kunnskaper og ferdigheter reflekterer health literacy (HL) – på norsk; helsefremmende allmenndannelse, som handler om å forstå, kunne skaffe seg tilgang på, kritisk vurdere og adekvat anvende helseinformasjon for ervervelse av god helse. Hensikt Formålet var å kartlegge helsesøstres oppfatninger av brukeres tre hierarkiske nivåer av HL (Nutbeam 2000): functional HL (FHL), inte...

  16. Electrocardiographic and chronobiological features of paroxysmal AV block recorded by ambulatory electrocardiography.

    Saito, Ken; Takeda, Shiho; Saito, Yuko; Kawamura, Mami; Yoshikawa, Yoko; Yano, Hayato; Sata, Masataka


    The goal of this study was to investigate the electrocardiographic and chronobio-logical features of paroxysmal atrioventricular (AV) block (PAVB) using data from ambulatory electrocardiography (AECG). The study population consisted of five men and six women aged from 47 to 82 years of age. Main presenting symptoms were pre-syncope in five patients (45.5%) and syncope in three patients (27.3%). Organic cardiovascular diseases were seen in eight patients (72.7%), and AV conduction disturbances were seen in six patients (54.5%), such as right bundle branch block, first to second degree AV block on standard 12-lead electrocardiography. Incidence of PAVB events were 1-329 (37.9 ± 98.0) episodes/patient/day, and the maximum pause during Holter recordings was 3.3-12.4 (6.39 ± 3.09) seconds. This maximum pause caused by intrinsic AV block was longer than that of vagally mediated AV block (8.4 ± 3.2 sec vs 4.7 ± 1.0 sec, p<0.05). In chronobiological analysis, episodes of PAVB exhibited a circadian rhythm characterized by a peak between 2:00 am and 4:00 am and a trough between 0:00 pm and 2:00 pm. AECG is a useful tool to detect the maximum pause occurring during sleep and provides critical data necessary to prevent the sudden cardiac death caused by PAVB.

  17. Dicty_cDB: FC-AV24 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available FC (Link to library) FC-AV24 (Link to dictyBase) - - - Contig-U16482-1 FC-AV24E (Li...nk to Original site) - - - - - - FC-AV24E 591 Show FC-AV24 Library FC (Link to library) Clone ID FC-AV24 (Li.../ Representative seq. ID FC-AV...24E (Link to Original site) Representative DNA sequence >FC-AV24 (FC-AV24Q) /CSM/FC/FC-AV/FC-AV24Q.Seq....RFWYFLSKIVKMKKSTGEIL NVTEIFEDKPQKVKNFGVFIRYNSRSGTHNIYKEYRDLTRCGAVSQMYDEMASRHSARES SIHIIDIKEIAASLTRRANTKQFHDS

  18. Kartlegging av PCB i sedimenter fra Indre Sørfjord

    Skei, J.; Klungsøyr, J


    Som følge av forhøyede nivåer av PCB i fiskelever innerst i Sørfjorden er det gjennomført en sedimentundersøkelse for om mulig å finne kilden til PCB. Det ble ikke registrert høye nivåer av PCB i sedimentene. Høyeste konsentrasjoner ble målt i munningen av Eitrheimsvågen. Analyser av trafooljer brukt i Tyssedalsområdet viste spor av PCB.

  19. Arvelig hemokromatose - nytten av screening

    Arne Åsberg


    Full Text Available Arvelig hemokromatose fører til jernopphopning i kroppen, men gir sjelden alvorlig helseskade. Nesten alle hemokromatosepasienter i vårt land er homozygote for C282Y-mutasjonen i HFE-genet. Omtrent 7 per 1000 innbyggere har denne genotypen. Alvorlig syke blir bare omkring 5-15% av homozygote menn og nesten ingen kvinner. Likevel er det holdepunkter for at screening for hemokromatose blant friske, yngre menn kan være kostnadseffektivt. Det er relativt lett å påvise om en person er disponert for sykdommen, i god tid før den bryter ut, og forebyggende behandling er billig og effektiv. Imidlertid kan vi ikke forutsi hvilke screeningpositive personer som ubehandlet får alvorlig sykdom. Et kontrollert forsøk med screening bør gjennomføresHereditary hemochromatosis – benefits of screening. Hereditary hemochromatosis leads to iron accumulation in the body; however, serious illness due to hemochromatosis is rare. In Norway, almost all patients with hemochromatosis are homozygous for the C282Ymutation in the HFE-gene, a genotype carried by about 7 per 1000 inhabitants. Serious complications are seen in only about 5-15% of homozygous men and in very few women. Nevertheless, screening young men for hemochromatosis may be cost-effective. Detecting predisposed men is relatively straightforward, and prophylactic treatment is cheap and effective. However, we can not predict, among screen-positive men, the few who untreated will become seriously ill. A controlled screening trial should be conducted.

  20. Utvärdering av event marketing

    Fransson, Erik; Törnqvist, Johan


    Event marketing är en marknadsföringsform som har växt ordentligt under senare delen av 90-talet och det börjar bli ett naturligt inslag i företagens marknadskommunikation. Trots denna tillväxt har event marketing under en längre tid sammankopplats med brist på utvärderingsmetoder. En avsaknad av utvärderingsmetoder leder till svårigheter att avgöra vilka effekter en event marketing-satsning resulterar i, hur genomförandet kan förbättras samt huruvida event marketing är en lämplig form av mar...

  1. Eksakte metodar for analyse av tovegstabellar

    Aaberge, Rolf


    Dei fleste matematisk-statistiske metodane som er utvikla til analyse av tabellar, byggjer på føresetnader om at talet på observasjonar i tabellcellene er "stort. Haldorsen (1977a) og (1977b) omtalar metodar som kviler på dette kravet. I denne rapporten skal vi presentere eksakte metodar for analyse av to-vegstabel lar, dvs. metodar som er gyldige sjølv om vi har småe observasjonstal i tabellcellene. I mange undersøkingar vil observasjonane ofte gi uttrykk for kva slags ...

  2. Grafisk presentasjon av GPenSim-simulering


    GPenSim er et verktøy for modellering og simulering av diskret hendelsesystemer (DES). GPenSim er integrert i Matlab-plattformen, og har dermed tilgang til innebygde Matlabfunksjoner som plot etc. I GPenSim blir Petri net-grafen definert i Petri netdefinisjonsfiler. Resultatet av en simulering blir vist i tekst. Oppgaven gikk ut på å utvikle et verktøy som skulle presentere både Petri net-grafen og simuleringsresultatet grafisk. En grafisk presentasjon viser tydeligere sammenhe...

  3. AVS Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy

    Cliff Reader


    The AVS Workgroup has developed an IPR Policy to facilitate the adoption of standards in the marketplace.The policy is based on consideration of IPR issues in parallel with the technical work for drafting the standard. The paper describes the relationship between IPR and the standard, and how the goals for the standard must be complemented by goals for the IPR. The existing IPR policies of the ITU and ISO are outlined, and then the AVS IPR policy is described,organized by its three main components: commitment to license on declared basic terms, disclosure of intellectual property,and protection of IPR.

  4. Bruk av landstrøm for reduksjon av NOX og CO2 i norske havner

    Frengstad, Åsmund Møll


    Bruk av Smart Grid og landstrøm for reduksjon av NOX- og CO2- utslipp i norske havner. I dag slippes det ut mye avgasser fra marine næringer i havner. Disse gassene bidrar både til internasjonale miljøutslipp i form av CO2, men også til lokal luftforurensing. Dette kan føre til redusert livskvalitet for befolkningen og besøkende til havnebyene. For å belyse problemet er Hurtigruten ASA benyttet som eksempel med de havnene den besøker på sin rute opp langs norskekysten. Rapporten gir en...

  5. Kunstpunkalliansen : En alternativ estetisk kontinuitet fra slutten av 1960-tallet til begynnelsen av 1990-tallet

    Storsve, Gaute


    I denne oppgaven har jeg forsøkt å vise at det finnes en alternativ estetisk kontinuitet innenfor populærmusikken fra slutten av 1960-tallet til begynnelsen av 1990-tallet. Det som kjennetegner denne kontinuiteten er ulike former for krysninger av punkelementer med en sterk kunstbevissthet. Jeg valgte å kalle dette for kunstpunkalliansen. For å illustrere hva kunstpunkalliansen er har jeg analysert tre låter fra tre forskjellige band fra tre forskjellige tiår: The Velvet Undergrounds «Ven...

  6. Ishockeykjelke - Innfesting av spilleren: Utvikling av ny kjelke til det norske kjelkehockeylandslaget


    Kjelkehockey er basert på de samme prinsippene som ishockey, men er rettet mot utøvere med funksjonsnedsettelser i nedre del av kroppen. Utøverne sitter i en tilpasset kjelke med skøytestål på undersiden av bakre del av kjelken. De har en tilpasset hockeykølle i hver hånd, som har to funksjoner, i den ene enden er det pigger til å stake seg frem med på isen, og den andre enden ligner en vanlig hockeykølle og brukes til å håndter...

  7. Instrumentering av Bergsøysundbrua og Gjemnesundbrua

    Dahlen, Adrian; Lystad, Tor Martin


    Gjemnessundbrua og Bergsøysundbrua på Europavei E39 i Møre og Romsdal, skal instrumenteres for identifikasjon av strukturelle og dynamiske egenskaper. Denne rapporten omhandler dokumentasjon og beskrivelse av det utførte arbeidet ved monteringen av måleutstyret. Det er også gjort analyser av de ulike konstruksjonsdelene akselerometersensorer og anemometre er montert på. Til slutt er de initielle responssignalene fra systemet behandlet, der egenfrekvenser og ...

  8. Dicty_cDB: FC-AV04 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available FC (Link to library) FC-AV04 (Link to dictyBase) - - - Contig-U15991-1 FC-AV04P (Li...nk to Original site) FC-AV04F 307 FC-AV04Z 363 FC-AV04P 670 - - Show FC-AV04 Library FC (Link to library) Clone ID site URL Representative seq. ID FC-AV...04P (Link to Original site) Representative DNA sequence >FC-AV04 (FC-AV04Q) /CSM/FC/FC-AV/FC-AV...B: ifnftskekkk*nnsfmfsvvtlffnfilfyffifnyffnyffisfffpiqiiiifnyfl fylffls*ipk*lki*av*dyfsnf*l**c*cslrnrkit**--

  9. REMINDER Preparation for Retirement Programme - AVS Seminar

    Social Service


    The AVS seminar, which had to be cancelled in March this year, will be held on: Wednesday 26 September from 14:00 to 16:00 in the Main Amphitheatre The session will be led by Mr. Lorenz STAMPFLI. The session is open to all people already registered and any other person who is interested, without the need to register.


    Social Service


    The AVS seminar, which had to be cancelled in March this year, will be held on: Wednesday 26 September from 14:00 to 16:00 in the Main Amphitheatre The session will be led by Mr. Lorenz STAMPFLI. The session is open to all people already registered and any other person who is interested, without the need to register.

  11. Acid volatile sulfide (AVS)- a comment

    Meysman, F.J.R.; Middelburg, J.J.


    The review by Rickard and Morse (this volume) adequately summarizes our current understanding with respect to acid-volatile sulfides (AVS). At the same time, this review addresses some of the misunderstandings with regard to measurements and dynamics of this important sedimentary sulfur pool. In

  12. Risikostyring av jetfuelprisen med futureskontrakter : en studie av hedgingstrategier for flyselskaper

    Marker, Sebastian


    Denne oppgaven undersøker risikostyring av jetfuelprisen gjennom hedgingstrategier med WTI- og fyringsoljefutures som sikringsinstrument. Analysen tar sikte på å estimere minimum varians hedgingrater for ulike hedgingstrategier. Formålet er å finne hedgingstrategier som gir høyest hedgingeffektivitet, og dermed gir størst reduksjon i jetfuelprisrisiko. Første del av analysen vil estimere hedgingrater med utgangspunkt i flere analysemetoder under en klassisk lineær regresjonsmodell (CLRM). Hed...

  13. Aktivitetsbasert pedagogikk; en studie av bachelorstudenters utvikling av handlingskompetanse gjennom aktivitetsbasert pedagogikk

    Kari Margrete Hjelle


    Full Text Available Målet med artikkelen er å synliggjøre hvordan bachelorstudenter i ergoterapi kan utvikle profesjonell handlingskompetanse gjennom aktivitetsbasert pedagogikk. På bakgrunn av dette gjennomførte vi kvalitative fokusgruppeintervju med 12 ergoterapeutstudenter som hadde deltatt i undervisningsopplegget “Aktivitetsgrupper-lede og delta”. Datamaterialet ble analysert etter retningslinjer for fenomenologisk basert meningskondensering. Studentene diskuterte sine erfaringer og det kom tydelig fram at undervisningsopplegget ga dem muligheter til å bruke sitt engasjement og sin kreativitet i valg av aktiviteter for sin simulerte aktivitetsgruppe. Videre fikk de muligheter til å oppdage sider ved anvendelse av aktiviteter for ulike pasienter, som de ikke kunne forstå uten integrering av teori i praktisk ferdighetstrening. Ved planlegging, gjennomføring og refleksjon over å lede og delta i aktivitetsgrupper, oppøvet de evnen til handlingsrefleksjon. Aktivitetsbasert pedagogikk kan bidra til utvikling av profesjonell handlingskompetanse og det er behov for både teoretiske og praktiske læringsformer. Funnene ble diskutert i lys av pedagogisk handlingsteori.

  14. Low-Complexity Tools in AVS Part 7

    Feng Yi; Qi-Chao Sun; Jie Dong; Lu Yu


    Audio Video coding Standard (AVS) is established by the AVS Working Group of China. The main goal of AVS part 7 is to provide high compression performance with relatively low complexity for mobility applications. There are 3 main low-complexity tools: deblocking filter, context-based adaptive 2D-VLC and direct intra prediction. These tools are presented and analyzed respectively. Finally, we compare the performance and the decoding speed of AVS part 7 and H.264 baseline profile. The analysis and results indicate that AVS part 7 achieves similar performance with lower cost.

  15. Overview of AVS-video: tools, performance and complexity

    Yu, Lu; Yi, Feng; Dong, Jie; Zhang, Cixun


    Audio Video coding Standard (AVS) is established by the Working Group of China in the same name. AVS-video is an application driven coding standard. AVS Part 2 targets to high-definition digital video broadcasting and high-density storage media and AVS Part 7 targets to low complexity, low picture resolution mobility applications. Integer transform, intra and inter-picture prediction, in-loop deblocking filter and context-based two dimensional variable length coding are the major compression tools in AVS-video, which are well-tuned for target applications. It achieves similar performance to H.264/AVC with lower cost.

  16. Reach Address Database (RAD)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The Reach Address Database (RAD) stores the reach address of each Water Program feature that has been linked to the underlying surface water features (streams,...

  17. PeakWorks


    The PeakWorks software is designed to assist in the quantitative analysis of atom probe tomography (APT) generated mass spectra. Specifically, through an interactive user interface, mass peaks can be identified automatically (defined by a threshold) and/or identified manually. The software then provides a means to assign specific elemental isotopes (including more than one) to each peak. The software also provides a means for the user to choose background subtraction of each peak based on background fitting functions, the choice of which is left to the users discretion. Peak ranging (the mass range over which peaks are integrated) is also automated allowing the user to chose a quantitative range (e.g. full-widthhalf- maximum). The software then integrates all identified peaks, providing a background-subtracted composition, which also includes the deconvolution of peaks (i.e. those peaks that happen to have overlapping isotopic masses). The software is also able to output a 'range file' that can be used in other software packages, such as within IVAS. A range file lists the peak identities, the mass range of each identified peak, and a color code for the peak. The software is also able to generate 'dummy' peak ranges within an outputted range file that can be used within IVAS to provide a means for background subtracted proximity histogram analysis.

  18. Varmepumper i hushald. Analyse av endringar i effektforbruket hos hushald med panelomnar og vedfyring ved installasjon av ulike typar varmepumper

    Øvrebotten, Kristian


    Sidan oljekrisa på 1970-talet som førte til ein gradvis overgang frå bruk av oljekjelar og parafinkaminar til panelomnar og varmepumper, har andelen elektrisitet stadig auka mens andelen av olje har vore redusert. Andelen av elektrisitet hos hushalda utgjer i dag om lag 79 % av den samla energibruken hos hushalda i Noreg. Dette høge forbruket av elektrisitet hos hushalda bidreg til å skape problem med høge effekttoppar i kraftnettet som igjen skapar problem for kraftdistributørar og er med...

  19. Paniek over Peak Food

    Koning, N.B.J.


    Het kon niet uitblijven. De groei van de voedselproductie stagneert en na Peak Oil dreigt nu Peak Food. Onzin, vindt Niek Koning, die zogenaamde peak is een van de toppen in een langjarige golfbeweging op de landbouwmarkten. Toch zijn er genoeg redenen om je zorgen te maken over de wereldvoedselvoor

  20. A Novel MBAFF Scheme of AVS

    Jian-Wen Chen; Guo-Ping Li; Yun He


    Adaptive frame/field coding techniques have been adopted in many international video standards for interlaced sequence coding. When the frame/field adaptation is applied on the picture level, the coding efficiency is improved greatly,compared with the pure frame coding or the pure field coding. The picture-level adaptive frame/field coding (PAFF) selects frame coding or field coding once for one picture. If this frame/field adaptation is extended to Macro Block (MB) level, the coding efficiency will be further increased. In this paper, a novel MB-level adaptive frame/field (MBAFF) coding scheme is proposed. In the proposed MBAFF scheme, the top field of the current picture is used as a reference. The experiments are implemented on the platforms of Audio Video coding Standard (AVS) base profile and H.264/AVC, respectively. On the AVS platform, 0.35dB gain can be achieved averagely, compared with AVS1.0 anchor. On the H.264/AVC platform, 0.16dB gain can be achieved averagely, compared with MBAFF scheme of H.264/AVC. Additionally, an extensive subjective quality enhancement can be achieved by the proposed scheme.

  1. GMP-compliant automated synthesis of [{sup 18}F]AV-45 (Florbetapir F 18) for imaging {beta}-amyloid plaques in human brain

    Yao, C.-H. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Lin, K.-J. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang Gung University, 259 Wen-Hua 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan (China); Weng, C.-C. [Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang Gung University, 259 Wen-Hua 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan (China); Hsiao, I.-T. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang Gung University, 259 Wen-Hua 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan (China); Ting, Y.-S. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Yen, T.-C. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang Gung University, 259 Wen-Hua 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan (China); Jan, T.-R. [Department and Graduate Institute of Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (China); Skovronsky, Daniel [Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, Inc., Philadelphia, PA 19104 (United States); Kung, M.-P. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (United States); Wey, S.-P., E-mail: [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang Gung University, 259 Wen-Hua 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan (China)


    We report herein the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant automated synthesis of {sup 18}F-labeled styrylpyridine, AV-45 (Florbetapir), a novel tracer for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging of {beta}-amyloid (A{beta}) plaques in the brain of Alzheimer's disease patients. [{sup 18}F]AV-45 was prepared in 105 min using a tosylate precursor with Sumitomo modules for radiosynthesis under GMP-compliant conditions. The overall yield was 25.4{+-}7.7% with a final radiochemical purity of 95.3{+-}2.2% (n=19). The specific activity of [{sup 18}F]AV-45 reached as high as 470{+-}135 TBq/mmol (n=19). The present studies show that [{sup 18}F]AV-45 can be manufactured under GMP-compliant conditions and could be widely available for routine clinical use.

  2. Are Bragg Peaks Gaussian?

    Hammouda, Boualem


    It is common practice to assume that Bragg scattering peaks have Gaussian shape. The Gaussian shape function is used to perform most instrumental smearing corrections. Using Monte Carlo ray tracing simulation, the resolution of a realistic small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) instrument is generated reliably. Including a single-crystal sample with large d-spacing, Bragg peaks are produced. Bragg peaks contain contributions from the resolution function and from spread in the sample structure. Results show that Bragg peaks are Gaussian in the resolution-limited condition (with negligible sample spread) while this is not the case when spread in the sample structure is non-negligible. When sample spread contributes, the exponentially modified Gaussian function is a better account of the Bragg peak shape. This function is characterized by a non-zero third moment (skewness) which makes Bragg peaks asymmetric for broad neutron wavelength spreads. PMID:26601025

  3. Utveckling av ett webbforum med innehållshanteringssystemet Drupal

    Lindqvist, Christoffer


    Detta examensarbete består av två huvuddelar. Den första delen är en teoretisk analys av innehållshanteringssystem i allmänhet och en forskning i hur det populära innehållshanteringsverktyget Drupal är uppbyggt. Den andra delen av arbetet är en praktisk genomgång av hur funktionalitet för ett webbforum kan byggas upp med hjälp av Drupals ramverk. Den teoretiska analysen undersöker vad ett innehållshanteringsverktyg är, vad det används till och vilka huvuddrag det i allmänhet består av. Sed...

  4. Teknologisk fravalg og tilvalg av fremtidig syke og funksjonshemmede

    Berge Solberg


    Full Text Available I dette nummeret av Etikk i praksis ønsker vi å fokusere på et betent problemområde, nemlig etikken rundt teknologisk fravalg og tilvalg av fremtidige syke og funksjonshemmede barn. Det handler om abort, medisinsk teknologi og valg av barn. Det kan synes som om vi står overfor nye muligheter for fravalg og tilvalg som ikke bare setter en ny debatt, men som samtidig krever en tilbakevending og nyåpning av tidligere gjennomdiskuterte spørsmål og tema. Debattene rundt «valg av barn» berører dype, eksistensielle dimensjoner ved menneskelivet. I tillegg berører det store samfunnsmessige temaer som inklusjon og menneskeverd, selvbestemmelse, abort, eugenikk og samfunnets forståelse av funksjonshemming.

  5. Kvinnors upplevelser av komplicerad förlossning

    Samuelsson, Magdalena; Wahlberg, Christina


    Att vänta och föda barn beskrivs som en av de viktiga övergångsperioderna i livet och innebär ofta en personlig utveckling för den födande kvinnan. Då graviditeten och förlossningen av någon anledning kompliceras, kan denna process störas, och kvinnan kan istället få både fysiska och psykiska men i efterförloppet. Syftet med denna studie var att belysa kvinnors upplevelser av en komplicerad förlossning. Metoden var en granskning i form av en innehållsanalys av sju artiklar som utgjordes av fy...

  6. AVS 3D Video Coding Technology and System

    Siwei Ma; Shiqi Wang; Wen Gao


    Following the success of the audio video standard (AVS) for 2D video coding, in 2008, the China AVS workgroup started developing 3D video (3DV) coding techniques. In this paper, we discuss the background, technical features, and applications of AVS 3DV coding technology. We introduce two core techniques used in AVS 3DV coding: inter-view prediction and enhanced stereo packing coding. We elaborate on these techniques, which are used in the AVS real-time 3DV encoder. An application of the AVS 3DV coding system is presented to show the great practical value of this system. Simulation results show that the advanced techniques used in AVS 3DV coding provide remarkable coding gain compared with techniques used in a simulcast scheme.

  7. Analyse av klimatilpassningstiltak : en casestudie av avløpsnettet i Veumdalen, Fredrikstad kommune

    Myking, Jakob Severin Eide


    Økt forståelse av fortidens klimaendringer og klimasystemet i sin helhet, har gitt forskerne mulighet til å anta fremtidens klimaendringer. Denne økte forståelsen har gitt sikre tegn på at klimaendringene er knyttet til en stor grad av usikkerhet. Det eneste som er sikkert, er at klimaendringer kommer til å skje, og at det er umulig å si med sikkerhet når eller med hvilken kraft de vil inntreffe. Det som derimot kan sies med sikkerhet, er at befolkningen kommer til å øke. Dette vil føre til ø...

  8. Optimering av FISH- teknik för detektion av Laktobaciller

    Hamidi, Helaleh


    Sammanfattning Syftet med den här studien var att utveckla och optimera FISH (Fluorescense In Situ Hybridisation) tekniken som en snabb och ganska billig metod för detektion av laktobaciller. Det vill säga att kunna på objektsglas använda FISH tekniken för att identifiera laktobaciller på artnivå med fluorescensmärkta prober mot 16S och 23S RNA. FISH är en allmän och användbar metod för att detektera och lokalisera mikroorganismer eller en specifik grupp av mikroorganismer i provet (1). Metod...

  9. Kunnskapsutvikling i et profesjonsperspektiv - En kvantitativ studie av sosialarbeideres bruk av kunnskapsressurser i arbeidslivet


    Problemområde Profesjoner betraktes gjerne som grupper som rår over store deler av samfunnets ressurser. Som velferdsstatens portvakter anses de gjerne som grupper med definisjonsmakt og forvaltere av kunnskap (Molander og Smeby, 2013). Det moderne kunnskapssamfunnet byr imidlertid på nye utfordringer for profesjonsfeltet. Det stilles i økende grad krav til at profesjonsutøvere skal være faglig oppdaterte, utøve en kunnskapsbasert praksis og til en hver tid inneha nødvendig kompetanse. Sosial...

  10. Functional mathematical model of dual pathway AV nodal conduction.

    Climent, A M; Guillem, M S; Zhang, Y; Millet, J; Mazgalev, T N


    Dual atrioventricular (AV) nodal pathway physiology is described as two different wave fronts that propagate from the atria to the His bundle: one with a longer effective refractory period [fast pathway (FP)] and a second with a shorter effective refractory period [slow pathway (SP)]. By using His electrogram alternance, we have developed a mathematical model of AV conduction that incorporates dual AV nodal pathway physiology. Experiments were performed on five rabbit atrial-AV nodal preparations to develop and test the presented model. His electrogram alternances from the inferior margin of the His bundle were used to identify fast and slow wave front propagations. The ability to predict AV conduction time and the interaction between FP and SP wave fronts have been analyzed during regular and irregular atrial rhythms (e.g., atrial fibrillation). In addition, the role of dual AV nodal pathway wave fronts in the generation of Wenckebach periodicities has been illustrated. Finally, AV node ablative modifications have been evaluated. The model accurately reproduced interactions between FP and SP during regular and irregular atrial pacing protocols. In all experiments, specificity and sensitivity higher than 85% were obtained in the prediction of the pathway responsible for conduction. It has been shown that, during atrial fibrillation, the SP ablation significantly increased the mean HH interval (204 ± 39 vs. 274 ± 50 ms, P AV node mechanisms and should be considered as a step forward in the studies of AV nodal conduction.

  11. AV nodal dual pathway electrophysiology and Wenckebach periodicity.

    Zhang, Youhua; Mazgalev, Todor N


    The precise mechanism(s) governing the phenomenon of AV nodal Wenckebach periodicity is not fully elucidated. Currently 2 hypotheses, the decremental conduction and the Rosenbluethian step-delay, are most frequently used. We have provided new evidence that, in addition, dual pathway (DPW) electrophysiology is directly involved in the manifestation of AV nodal Wenckebach phenomenon. AV nodal cellular action potentials (APs) were recorded from 6 rabbit AV node preparations during standard A1A2 and incremental pacing protocols. His electrogram alternans, a validated index of DPW electrophysiology, was used to monitor fast (FP) and slow (SP) pathway conduction. The data were collected in intact AV nodes, as well as after SP ablation. In all studied hearts the Wenckebach cycle started with FP propagation, followed by transition to SP until its ultimate block. During this process complex cellular APs were observed, with decremental foot formations reflecting the fading FP and second depolarizations produced by the SP. In addition, the AV node cells exhibited a progressive loss in maximal diastolic membrane potential (MDP) due to incomplete repolarization. The pause created with the blocked Wenckebach beat was associated with restoration of MDP and reinitiation of the conduction cycle via the FP wavefront. DPW electrophysiology is dynamically involved in the development of AV nodal Wenckebach periodicity. In the intact AV node, the cycle starts with FP that is progressively weakened and then replaced by SP propagation, until block occurs. AV nodal SP modification did not eliminate Wenckebach periodicity but strongly affected its paradigm. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  12. Legemiddelbivirkninger – forekomst og vurdering av årsakssammenhenger.

    Tone Westergren


    Full Text Available En gjennomgang av spontanrapportene fra den norske bivirkningsdatabasen viser en betydelig geografisk variasjon når det gjelder innrapportering av bivirkninger. I Norge blir disse meldingene evaluert ved RELIS (Regionale legemiddelinformasjonssentre av tverrfaglige team bestående av leger og farmasøyter. Bivirkningsarbeidet ved RELIS gjøres på oppdrag fra Statens legemiddelverk, som har det overordnede ansvar for legemiddelovervåkningen i Norge. Vurderingene baseres på kjent risikoprofil for mistenkte legemidler, indikasjon, dosering, tidsmessig sammenheng mellom reaksjon og medikamentinntak, effekt av seponering og eventuelle andre risikofaktorer. 3345 legemiddel/bivirkningskombinasjoner ble vurdert på bakgrunn av 1408 rapporter i 2006. De fleste mistenkte bivirkningene ble klassifisert som mulige, ettersom andre faktorer også kunne ha spilt en rolle. Få bivirkninger ble klassifisert som sikre. Informasjon om bivirkninger i litteratur og databaser er i flere tilfeller preget av manglende homogenitet, tilfeldige sammentreff i tid, manglende data og lite vurdering av sammenhengen mellom reaksjonen og medisinbruken. Kliniske studier har begrenset mulighet til å påvise annet enn de vanligste bivirkningene. Det kan ta år etter markedsføring å fastslå sammenhengen med mer sjeldne bivirkninger. Frekvenstabeller for bivirkninger er anslag basert på et begrenset antall pasienter, spesielt for nye legemidler. Evaluering av bivirkningsrapporter fra helsepersonell kan avdekke mangel på lett tilgjengelig informasjon og bidra til ny kunnskap om et legemiddels bivirkningsprofil

  13. Russisk oljetransport gjennom Barentshavet : En tilfellestudie av den norske responsen

    Aasen, Kari


    Oppgaven er en tilfellestudie av den norske responsen på økningen av russisk oljetransport gjennom Barentshavet. Oljetransporten fra Nordvest-Russland tok seg plutselig dramatisk opp i 2002, noe som kom svært overraskende på norske myndigheter. Hensikten med oppgaven har derfor vært å kartlegge den norske responsen, for å finne ut hva som har preget den. På bakgrunn av kjennetegnene ved responsen har jeg deretter forsøkt å sannsynliggjøre hvilke oppfatninger av Russland som vært dominerende. ...

  14. Peak Experience Project

    Scott, Daniel G.; Evans, Jessica


    This paper emerges from the continued analysis of data collected in a series of international studies concerning Childhood Peak Experiences (CPEs) based on developments in understanding peak experiences in Maslow's hierarchy of needs initiated by Dr Edward Hoffman. Bridging from the series of studies, Canadian researchers explore collected…

  15. Peak Experience Project

    Scott, Daniel G.; Evans, Jessica


    This paper emerges from the continued analysis of data collected in a series of international studies concerning Childhood Peak Experiences (CPEs) based on developments in understanding peak experiences in Maslow's hierarchy of needs initiated by Dr Edward Hoffman. Bridging from the series of studies, Canadian researchers explore collected…

  16. Konsum av risiko-matvarer - Beskrivelse av en undersøkelse som skal kartlegge konsum av matvarer med betydning for inntaket av miljøgifter

    Helle Margrete Meltzer


    Full Text Available  SAMMENDRAGI perioden 1999-2001 vil det bli gjennomført tre kostholdsundersøkelser som til sammen skal kartlegge konsum avmatvarer med betydning for inntaket av miljøgifter i Norge, fortrinnsvis kadmium, kvikksølv, PCB og dioksiner.Disse giftene finnes hovedsakelig i krabbe, flatfisk, skjell, gjedde og abbor, lever eller nyre fra vilt og viltvoksendesopp. Fordi gjennomsnittskonsumet er lavt, spørres det ikke spesifikt om disse matvarene i landsdekkende kostholdsundersøkelsersom 'Norkost'. Hensikten med studien er å kunne gi en bedre beskrivelse av eksponeringsfordelingeni befolkningen med tanke på miljøgifter. Fordelingen er antakelig skjev, dvs. et stort antall personerventes å ha et lavt inntak og noen få personer ventes å ha et relativt høyt inntak av de undersøkte stoffene. Eventuelleukjente risikogrupper vil kunne avdekkes, og det er av stor interesse å undersøke hvor stor eksponeringen i deutsatte gruppene er.Del A av undersøkelsen er landsdekkende og omfatter en postal frekvensundersøkelse til 10 000 tilfeldig valgtepersoner mellom 18 og 79 år. Del B omfatter en postal frekvensundersøkelse til 6000 tilfeldig valgte personer i sekskommuner, der tre er kystkommuner og tre er innlandskommuner. Kommunene blir valgt ut fra kjennskap til godtilgang på de aktuelle matvarene. Vi antar at der tilgangen på matvarene er god, er konsumet høyere. Del C avundersøkelsen vil omfatte høykonsumenter av aktuelle matvarer, valgt fra del B av undersøkelsen. Dette vil være endybdestudie der analyser av miljøgifter i blod, hår og urin også skal inngå.Undersøkelsen er den første i sitt slag her til lands og vi kjenner ikke til at tilsvarende studier er gjort i andreland. Hensikten med artikkelen er å gi en beskrivelse av undersøkelsen i en tidlig fase av gjennomføringen.Meltzer HM, Bergsten C, Stene LC, Stigum H, Wiborg ML, Lund-Larsen K, Alexander J. Consumption ofcontaminated foods – Description of a dietary survey

  17. Global reach and engagement


    Popular culture reflects both the interests of and the issues affecting the general public. As concerns regarding climate change and its impacts grow, is it permeating into popular culture and reaching that global audience?

  18. Teratology testing under REACH.

    Barton, Steve


    REACH guidelines may require teratology testing for new and existing chemicals. This chapter discusses procedures to assess the need for teratology testing and the conduct and interpretation of teratology tests where required.

  19. Reaching affects saccade trajectories.

    Tipper, S P; Howard, L A; Paul, M A


    The pre-motor theory suggests that, when attention is oriented to a location, the motor systems that are involved in achieving current behavioural goals are activated. For example, when a task requires accurate reaching, attention to a location activates the motor circuits controlling saccades and manual reaches. These actions involve separate neural systems for the control of eye and hand, but we believe that the selection processes acting on neural population codes within these systems are similar and can affect each other. The attentional effect can be revealed in the subsequent movement. The present study shows that the path the eye takes as it saccades to a target is affected by whether a reach to the target is also produced. This effect is interpreted as the influence of a hand-centred frame used in reaching on the spatial frame of reference required for the saccade.

  20. Dicty_cDB: FC-AV01 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available FC (Link to library) FC-AV01 (Link to dictyBase) - - - Contig-U16311-1 FC-AV01Z (Li...nk to Original site) - - FC-AV01Z 643 - - - - Show FC-AV01 Library FC (Link to library) Clone ID FC-AV01 (Li.../ Representative seq. ID FC-AV...01Z (Link to Original site) Representative DNA sequence >FC-AV01 (FC-AV01Q) /CSM/FC/FC-AV/FC-AV01Q.Seq....ed Amino Acid sequence ---SGSHGGSQSQSAGSDSQSAGSESSQSESGSQSQSESGSQSQSQSGSQSFSGSLYSGS YSGSQSGSQSGNSGAAVKQTGAGS

  1. Pollen transmission of asparagus virus 2 (AV-2) may facilitate mixed infection by two AV-2 isolates in asparagus plants.

    Kawamura, Ryusuke; Shimura, Hanako; Mochizuki, Tomofumi; Ohki, Satoshi T; Masuta, Chikara


    Asparagus virus 2 (AV-2) is a member of the genus Ilarvirus and thought to induce the asparagus decline syndrome. AV-2 is known to be transmitted by seed, and the possibility of pollen transmission was proposed 25 years ago but not verified. In AV-2 sequence analyses, we have unexpectedly found mixed infection by two distinct AV-2 isolates in two asparagus plants. Because mixed infections by two related viruses are normally prevented by cross protection, we suspected that pollen transmission of AV-2 is involved in mixed infection. Immunohistochemical analyses and in situ hybridization using AV-2-infected tobacco plants revealed that AV-2 was localized in the meristem and associated with pollen grains. To experimentally produce a mixed infection via pollen transmission, two Nicotiana benthamiana plants that were infected with each of two AV-2 isolates were crossed. Derived cleaved-amplified polymorphic sequence analysis identified each AV-2 isolate in the progeny seedlings, suggesting that pollen transmission could indeed result in a mixed infection, at least in N. benthamiana.

  2. The central peak revisited

    Shirane, G.


    The central peak in SrTiO{sub 3} was first observed by Riste and his collaborators in 1971. This was one of the key discoveries leading to an understanding of the dynamics of phase transitions. The most recent discovery of two length scales in SrTiO{sub 3} motivated a reinvestigation of the soft phonon and associated central peak by neutron scattering. These recent experiments shed new light on the nature of the central peak. It is now well established to be strongly sample dependent and it originates from defects in bulk crystals.

  3. Pikes Peak, Colorado

    Brunstein, Craig; Quesenberry, Carol; Davis, John; Jackson, Gene; Scott, Glenn R.; D'Erchia, Terry D.; Swibas, Ed; Carter, Lorna; McKinney, Kevin; Cole, Jim


    For 200 years, Pikes Peak has been a symbol of America's Western Frontier--a beacon that drew prospectors during the great 1859-60 Gold Rush to the 'Pikes Peak country,' the scenic destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, and an enduring source of pride for cities in the region, the State of Colorado, and the Nation. November 2006 marks the 200th anniversary of the Zebulon M. Pike expedition's first sighting of what has become one of the world's most famous mountains--Pikes Peak. In the decades following that sighting, Pikes Peak became symbolic of America's Western Frontier, embodying the spirit of Native Americans, early explorers, trappers, and traders who traversed the vast uncharted wilderness of the Western Great Plains and the Southern Rocky Mountains. High-quality printed paper copies of this poster are available at no cost from Information Services, U.S. Geological Survey (1-888-ASK-USGS).

  4. Peak of Achievement


    China’s first inland research station on the highest peak of Antarctic progresses smoothly China will complete the construction of its first inland Antarctic research station at Dome A,the highest polar icecap peak at 4,093 meters above sea level,next year,according to a south pole scientist involved in the project. "The preparatory work for the new sta-

  5. EST Table: AV399953 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399953 br--0128 11/12/09 GO hit GO:0016491(oxidoreductase activity)|GO:0055114(ox...idation reduction) 10/09/28 43 %/114 aa ref|XP_397141.3| PREDICTED: similar to NADPH dependent diflavin oxid...imilar to NADPH-dependent FMN and FAD containing oxidoreductase-like protein [Tribolium castaneum] AV399953 br-- ...

  6. EST Table: AV404903 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404903 prgv0575 11/12/09 GO hit GO:0004174(electron-transferring-flavoprotein deh...w homology 10/09/10 low homology 10/09/10 low homology 10/09/10 low homology AV404903 prgv ...

  7. Bochdalek Hernia As A Cause Of Intermittent AV Block

    Etsadashvili, Kakhaber; Rashid, Haroon Mohammed; Jalabadze, Khatuna; Melia, Anzor


    Congenital diaphragmatic hernia is very rare cause of AV block. We report such a patient with sick sinus node syndrome and previous AAIR pacemaker implantation, in which intermittent AV block was diagnosed by 24-hours ECG monitoring and upgrade of pacing system to DDDR was suggested.

  8. On the trail of double peak hydrographs

    Martínez-Carreras, Núria; Hissler, Christophe; Gourdol, Laurent; Klaus, Julian; Juilleret, Jérôme; François Iffly, Jean; McDonnell, Jeffrey J.; Pfister, Laurent


    and the plateau) equally contribute to the generation of delayed peaks in double peak hydrographs. We found evidence of catchment storage being a dominant control on the delayed peak activation. The amount of this storage threshold was consistent over a 3-year period. Hillslopes were connected to the stream at low discharge values, whereas the plateau contribution to discharge was significant when storage reached a certain threshold value. The latter seems to trigger the generation of the delayed peak in the double peak events. We also observed a non-linear relationship between storage and discharge, which leads to hysteretic relationships between both variables. During single peak hydrographs and first peaks in double peak hydrographs discharge increases faster and peaks before catchment storage, resulting in counter-clockwise hysteretic loops. This was explained by the fact that these runoff peaks are generated by precipitation falling directly into the stream or near stream locations, and/or by the contribution of water flowing through preferential flowpaths that quickly reached the stream network. When catchment storage exceeded the threshold for the generation of double peak hydrographs, events showed clockwise hysteretic loops. It is the stored water in the catchment that will peak first and consequently generate the delayed peak in the hydrograph as a result of the capacity exceedance of a subsurface storage.

  9. Introduction to AVS2 Scene Video Coding Techniques

    Jiaying Yan; Siwei Dong; Yonghong Tian; Tiejun Huang


    The second generation Audio Video Coding Standard (AVS2) is the most recent video coding standard. By introducing several new coding techniques, AVS2 can provide more efficient compression for scene videos such as surveillance videos, conference videos, etc. Due to the limited scenes, scene videos have great redundancy especially in background region. The new scene video coding techniques applied in AVS2 mainly focus on reducing redundancy in order to achieve higher compression. This paper introduces several important AVS2 scene video coding techniques. Experimental results show that with scene video coding tools, AVS2 can save nearly 40%BD⁃rate (Bjøntegaard⁃Delta bit⁃rate) on scene videos.

  10. Implementeringsforskning: vitenskap for forbedring av praksis

    Signe Flottorp


    Full Text Available Medisinsk forskning har ført til store framskritt de siste tiårene. Det er investert mye mer ressurser på basalforskning og klinisk forskning enn på å utvikle og evaluere metoder for å sikre at pasientene får nytte av forskningen. Formålet med implementeringsforskning er å redusere gapet mellom forskning og praksis, ved å utvikle og evaluere tiltak som kan sikre at behandlingen som pasientene mottar er kunnskapsbasert, at den er omsorgsfull og av god kvalitet.I denne artikkelen gjør vi rede for hva implementering og implementeringsforskning er. Vi belyser historikken til denne unge vitenskapen, og illustrerer mangfoldet i de faglige tilnærmingene og begrepene som brukes om det å få forskning brukt i praksis. Det finnes en rekke teorier om endring av atferd, både på individnivå og på organisatorisk nivå. Teoriene er imidlertid i liten grad testet empirisk, særlig når det gjelder å endre atferd i helsetjenesten.Systematiske oversikter over metodisk gode studier er den beste kilden til informasjon om effekt av implementeringstiltak. The Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group (EPOC er en viktig kilde for slike oversikter. De systematiske oversiktene som er utarbeidet på dette feltet viser at passive dissemineringstiltak har begrenset effekt, mens mer aktive tiltak kan ha liten til moderat effekt. Det er ofte betydelig variasjon i effekt på tvers av studiene. Det er derfor viktig å få bedre kunnskap om hvilke faktorer som kan forklare slike forskjeller i effekt.Vi gir eksempler på norske implementeringsstudier, og refererer bidrag fra forskere ved Kunnskapssenteret. Implementeringsforskningen kan, hvis den lykkes, sikre pasientene bedre behandling.Flottorp S, Aakhus E. Implementation research: science for improving practice. Nor J Epidemiol 201 3; 23 (2: 187-196.ENGLISH SUMMARY Medical research has led to major advances in recent decades. More resources have been invested in basic and clinical research

  11. Reaching for the Stars

    Terry, Dorothy Givens


    Dr. Mae Jemison is the world's first woman astronaut of color who continues to reach for the stars. Jemison was recently successful in leading a team that has secured a $500,000 federal grant to make interstellar space travel a reality. The Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence (named after Jemison's mother) was selected in June by the Defense…

  12. REACH. Air Conditioning Units.

    Garrison, Joe; And Others

    As a part of the REACH (Refrigeration, Electro-Mechanical, Air-Conditioning, Heating) electromechanical cluster, this student manual contains individualized instructional units in the area of air conditioning. The instructional units focus on air conditioning fundamentals, window air conditioning, system and installation, troubleshooting and…

  13. REACH. Air Conditioning Units.

    Garrison, Joe; And Others

    As a part of the REACH (Refrigeration, Electro-Mechanical, Air-Conditioning, Heating) electromechanical cluster, this student manual contains individualized instructional units in the area of air conditioning. The instructional units focus on air conditioning fundamentals, window air conditioning, system and installation, troubleshooting and…

  14. Reaching into Pictorial Spaces

    Volcic, Robert; Vishwanath, Dhanraj; Domini, Fulvio


    While binocular viewing of 2D pictures generates an impression of 3D objects and space, viewing a picture monocularly through an aperture produces a more compelling impression of depth and the feeling that the objects are "out there", almost touchable. Here, we asked observers to actually reach into pictorial space under both binocular- and monocular-aperture viewing. Images of natural scenes were presented at different physical distances via a mirror-system and their retinal size was kept constant. Targets that observers had to reach for in physical space were marked on the image plane, but at different pictorial depths. We measured the 3D position of the index finger at the end of each reach-to-point movement. Observers found the task intuitive. Reaching responses varied as a function of both pictorial depth and physical distance. Under binocular viewing, responses were mainly modulated by the different physical distances. Instead, under monocular viewing, responses were modulated by the different pictorial depths. Importantly, individual variations over time were minor, that is, observers conformed to a consistent pictorial space. Monocular viewing of 2D pictures thus produces a compelling experience of an immersive space and tangible solid objects that can be easily explored through motor actions.

  15. REACH. Refrigeration Units.

    Snow, Rufus; And Others

    As a part of the REACH (Refrigeration, Electro-Mechanical, Air-Conditioning, Heating) electromechanical cluster, this student manual contains individualized instructional units in the area of refrigeration. The instructional units focus on refrigeration fundamentals, tubing and pipe, refrigerants, troubleshooting, window air conditioning, and…

  16. Reaching for the Stars

    Terry, Dorothy Givens


    Dr. Mae Jemison is the world's first woman astronaut of color who continues to reach for the stars. Jemison was recently successful in leading a team that has secured a $500,000 federal grant to make interstellar space travel a reality. The Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence (named after Jemison's mother) was selected in June by the Defense…

  17. Longer Left Ventricular Electric Delay Reduces Mitral Regurgitation After Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Mechanistic Insights From the SMART-AV Study (SmartDelay Determined AV Optimization: A Comparison to Other AV Delay Methods Used in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy).

    Chatterjee, Neal A; Gold, Michael R; Waggoner, Alan D; Picard, Michael H; Stein, Kenneth M; Yu, Yinghong; Meyer, Timothy E; Wold, Nicholas; Ellenbogen, Kenneth A; Singh, Jagmeet P


    Mitral regurgitation (MR) is associated with worse survival in those undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). Left ventricular (LV) lead position in CRT may ameliorate mechanisms of MR. We examine the association between a longer LV electric delay (QLV) at the LV stimulation site and MR reduction after CRT. QLV was assessed retrospectively in 426 patients enrolled in the SMART-AV study (SmartDelay Determined AV Optimization: A Comparison to Other AV Delay Methods Used in CRT). QLV was defined as the time from QRS onset to the first large peak of the LV electrogram. Linear regression and logistic regression were used to assess the association between baseline QLV and MR reduction at 6 months (absolute change in vena contracta width and odds of ≥1 grade reduction in MR). At baseline, there was no difference in MR grade, LV dyssynchrony, or LV volumes in those with QLV above versus below the median (95 ms). After multivariable adjustment, increasing QLV was an independent predictor of MR reduction at 6 months as reflected by an increased odds of MR response (odds ratio: 1.13 [1.03-1.25]/10 ms increase QLV; P=0.02) and a decrease in vena contracta width (P<0.001). At 3 months, longer QLV (≥median) was associated with significant decrease in LV end-systolic volume (ΔLV end-systolic volume -28.2±38.9 versus -4.9±33.8 mL, P<0.001). Adjustment for 3-month ΔLV end-systolic volume attenuated the association between QLV and 6-month MR reduction. In patients undergoing CRT, longer QLV was an independent predictor of MR reduction at 6 months and associated with interval 3-month LV reverse remodeling. These findings provide a mechanistic basis for using an electric-targeting LV lead strategy at the time of CRT implant. © 2016 American Heart Association, Inc.

  18. Cofactor requirement of HpyAV restriction endonuclease.

    Siu-Hong Chan

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Helicobacter pylori is the etiologic agent of common gastritis and a risk factor for gastric cancer. It is also one of the richest sources of Type II restriction-modification (R-M systems in microorganisms. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We have cloned, expressed and purified a new restriction endonuclease HpyAV from H. pylori strain 26695. We determined the HpyAV DNA recognition sequence and cleavage site as CCTTC 6/5. In addition, we found that HpyAV has a unique metal ion requirement: its cleavage activity is higher with transition metal ions than in Mg(++. The special metal ion requirement of HpyAV can be attributed to the presence of a HNH catalytic site similar to ColE9 nuclease instead of the canonical PD-X-D/EXK catalytic site found in many other REases. Site-directed mutagenesis was carried out to verify the catalytic residues of HpyAV. Mutation of the conserved metal-binding Asn311 and His320 to alanine eliminated cleavage activity. HpyAV variant H295A displayed approximately 1% of wt activity. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Some HNH-type endonucleases have unique metal ion cofactor requirement for optimal activities. Homology modeling and site-directed mutagenesis confirmed that HpyAV is a member of the HNH nuclease family. The identification of catalytic residues in HpyAV paved the way for further engineering of the metal binding site. A survey of sequenced microbial genomes uncovered 10 putative R-M systems that show high sequence similarity to the HpyAV system, suggesting lateral transfer of a prototypic HpyAV-like R-M system among these microorganisms.

  19. Correlation-Peak Imaging

    Ziegler, A.; Metzler, A.; Köckenberger, W.; Izquierdo, M.; Komor, E.; Haase, A.; Décorps, M.; von Kienlin, M.


    Identification and quantitation in conventional1H spectroscopic imagingin vivois often hampered by the small chemical-shift range. To improve the spectral resolution of spectroscopic imaging, homonuclear two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy has been combined with phase encoding of the spatial dimensions. From the theoretical description of the coherence-transfer signal in the Fourier-transform domain, a comprehensive acquisition and processing strategy is presented that includes optimization of the width and the position of the acquisition windows, matched filtering of the signal envelope, and graphical presentation of the cross peak of interest. The procedure has been applied to image the spatial distribution of the correlation peaks from specific spin systems in the hypocotyl of castor bean (Ricinus communis) seedlings. Despite the overlap of many resonances, correlation-peak imaging made it possible to observe a number of proton resonances, such as those of sucrose, β-glucose, glutamine/glutamate, lysine, and arginine.

  20. Peak-interviewet

    Raalskov, Jesper; Warming-Rasmussen, Bent

    Peak-interviewet er en særlig effektiv metode til at gøre ubevidste menneskelige ressourcer bevidste. Fokuspersonen (den interviewede) interviewes om en selvvalgt, personlig succesoplevelse. Terapeuten/coachen (intervieweren) spørger ind til processen, som ledte hen til denne succes. Herved afdæk...

  1. Peak-interviewet

    Raalskov, Jesper; Warming-Rasmussen, Bent

    Peak-interviewet er en særlig effektiv metode til at gøre ubevidste menneskelige ressourcer bevidste. Fokuspersonen (den interviewede) interviewes om en selvvalgt, personlig succesoplevelse. Terapeuten/coachen (intervieweren) spørger ind til processen, som ledte hen til denne succes. Herved afdæk...

  2. Impact Crater with Peak


    (Released 14 June 2002) The Science This THEMIS visible image shows a classic example of a martian impact crater with a central peak. Central peaks are common in large, fresh craters on both Mars and the Moon. This peak formed during the extremely high-energy impact cratering event. In many martian craters the central peak has been either eroded or buried by later sedimentary processes, so the presence of a peak in this crater indicates that the crater is relatively young and has experienced little degradation. Observations of large craters on the Earth and the Moon, as well as computer modeling of the impact process, show that the central peak contains material brought from deep beneath the surface. The material exposed in these peaks will provide an excellent opportunity to study the composition of the martian interior using THEMIS multi-spectral infrared observations. The ejecta material around the crater can is well preserved, again indicating relatively little modification of this landform since its initial creation. The inner walls of this approximately 18 km diameter crater show complex slumping that likely occurred during the impact event. Since that time there has been some downslope movement of material to form the small chutes and gullies that can be seen on the inner crater wall. Small (50-100 m) mega-ripples composed of mobile material can be seen on the floor of the crater. Much of this material may have come from the walls of the crater itself, or may have been blown into the crater by the wind. The Story When a meteor smacked into the surface of Mars with extremely high energy, pow! Not only did it punch an 11-mile-wide crater in the smoother terrain, it created a central peak in the middle of the crater. This peak forms kind of on the 'rebound.' You can see this same effect if you drop a single drop of milk into a glass of milk. With craters, in the heat and fury of the impact, some of the land material can even liquefy. Central peaks like the one

  3. Bioseguridad en granjas avícolas

    Sandra L. Ricaurte Galindo


    Full Text Available La bioseguridad es el conjunto de prácticas de manejo diseñadas para prevenir la entrada y transmisión de agentes patógenos que puedan afectar la sanidad en las granjas avícolas. La bioseguridad es una parte fundamental de cualquier empresa avícola ya que proporciona un aumento de la productividad de la parvada y un aumento en el rendimiento económico. En líneas generales, se debe contemplar la localización de la granja, características constructivas de los galpones, control de parvadas extraños a la granja, limpieza y desinfección de los galpones, control de visitas, evitar el stress en las aves encasetadas, evitar la contaminación del pienso, control de vacunaciones y medicaciones y control de deyecciones, cadáveres, etc.The biosecurity is the group of practical of handling designed to prevent the entrance and agents' pathologies transmission that can affect the sanity in the poultry farms. The biosecurity is since a fundamental part of any poultry company it provides an increase of the productivity of the chickens and hens and an increase in the economic yield. In general lines, the localization of the farm should be contemplated, characteristic constructive of the ship, control of strange chickens and hens to the farm, cleaning and disinfection of the ship, control of visits, to avoid the stress in the birds housed, to avoid the contamination of the I think, control of vaccinations and medications and dejections control, cadavers, etc.

  4. Solar Hydrogen Reaching Maturity

    Rongé Jan


    Full Text Available Increasingly vast research efforts are devoted to the development of materials and processes for solar hydrogen production by light-driven dissociation of water into oxygen and hydrogen. Storage of solar energy in chemical bonds resolves the issues associated with the intermittent nature of sunlight, by decoupling energy generation and consumption. This paper investigates recent advances and prospects in solar hydrogen processes that are reaching market readiness. Future energy scenarios involving solar hydrogen are proposed and a case is made for systems producing hydrogen from water vapor present in air, supported by advanced modeling.

  5. Phase 4 paroxysmal AV block in a patient with scleroderma.

    Butschek, Ross; Powell, Brian D; Littmann, Laszlo


    A 72-year-old man with limited cutaneous systemic scleroderma was hospitalized for two episodes of witnessed syncope. The baseline 12-lead electrocardiogram was normal but on telemetry there were numerous episodes of paroxysmal AV block with asystolic periods of up to 7.5 s duration. Analysis of the rhythm strips revealed phase 4 intra-His bundle block characterized by critical P-P intervals that triggered the AV block, and a narrow range of junctional escape to subsequent P wave intervals that were required to release the AV block. A dual chamber pacemaker was implanted. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Ishockeykjelke - Understell: Utvikling av ny kjelke til det norske kjelkehockeylandslaget


    Kjelkehockey er basert på de samme prinsippene som ishockey, men er rettet mot utøvere med funksjonsnedsettelser i nedre del av kroppen. Utøverne sitter i en tilpasset kjelke med skøytestål på undersiden av bakre del av kjelken. De har en tilpasset hockeykølle i hver hånd, som har to funksjoner, i den ene enden er det pigger til å stake seg frem med på isen, og den andre enden ligner en vanlig hockeykølle og brukes til å håndter...

  7. Career age peaks

    Polozov Andrey Anatolievich


    Full Text Available Most researchers seem career as translational motion the steps to the top. However, very similar to that on the ladder just two steps – in 25 and 39 years. At age 25, the largest value reaches the value of the index of intelligence, and at the age of 39 years – management experience. Best results have revealed 6 years after the beginning of its profile.

  8. "Oktober i lederstolen" og "Harlekins Alle hjerters dag" : to noveller av Neil Gaiman : oversatt og kommentert

    Eilertsen, Helle Elisabet Jæger


    Oppgaven består av oversettelser av to noveller skrevet av Neil Gaiman, og en kommentardel. Novellene er innenfor sjangeren fantastisk litteratur. Kommentardelen tar for seg relevante problemstillinger, blant annet oversettelse av navn, særegne uttrykk og dobbeltbetydning. Den tar også for seg hjemliggjøring/fremmedgjøring og valg av stil. Dette er knyttet til oversettelsesteoretikere som Schleiermacher, Nida, Koller og Berman.

  9. Liv og lerret Fire portretter og et "kryptoportrett" av Gustav KLimt

    Gamborg, Siri Angela


    Studie av fire portretter og et "kryptoportrett" av Gustav Klimt. Analysen fokuserer på Klimts avbildning av kvinner og menn på forskjellig måte og ved hjelp av ulike stilistiske virkemidler. Kjønnsaspektet i studien er belyst utfra samtidskonteksten og kvinnenes spesielle situasjon i Wien rundt århundreskiftet 1800/1900 og Klimts fremstilling av disse elementene i sine portretter.

  10. Effects of AV delay and VV delay on left atrial pressure and waveform in ambulant heart failure patients: insights into CRT optimization.

    Chan, W Y Wandy; Blomqvist, Andreas; Melton, Iain C; Norén, Kjell; Crozier, Ian G; Benser, Michael E; Eigler, Neal L; Gutfinger, Dan; Troughton, Richard W


    We hypothesized that left atrial pressure (LAP) obtained by a permanent implantable sensor is sensitive to changes in cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) settings and could guide CRT optimization to improve the response rate. We investigated the effect of CRT optimization on LAP and its waveform parameters in ambulant heart failure (HF) patients. CRT optimization was performed in eight ambulant HF patients, using echocardiography as reference. LAP waveform was acquired at each of eight atrioventricular (AV) intervals and five inter-ventricular (VV) intervals. Selected waveform parameters were also evaluated for their sensitivity to CRT changes and agreement with echocardiography-guided optimal settings. Optimal AV and VV intervals varied considerably between patients. All patients exhibited significant changes in waveform morphology with AV optimization. Optimal AV delay determined from echocardiography ranged between 140 ms and 225 ms. Mean LAP tended to be lower at optimal setting 14 ± 3 mmHg compared to shorter (160 ms) AV settings (P = 0.16). There were clear trends to smaller peak a-wave (P = 0.11) and gentler positive a-slope (P = 0.15) and positive v-slope (P = 0.09) with longer AV delays. Mean LAP and negative v-wave slope correlated well with echo-guided optimal setting, r = 0.91 (P = 0.001) and 0.79 (P = 0.03), respectively. No significant effects on LAP or waveform were seen during VV optimization. LAP and its waveform changes considerably with AV optimization. There is good agreement between echo-guided optimal setting and LAP. LAP could provide an objective guide to CRT optimization. (Clinical Trial Registry information: URL: Unique Identifier: NCT00632372). ©2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  11. Westar reaches critical crossroads


    Westar Mining Ltd. has applied for court protection until September 30, 1992 to gain time to draw up a final reorganization plan. The Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act is a federal statute that allows a business to restructure financially without having to declare bankruptcy. Normal trade terms with suppliers are usually maintained during this period. The company is struggling under the effects of falling coal prices, a high Canadian dollar and a high debt burden. Changes in work practices at the company's Balmer mine are a major part of the restructuring. An agreement must be reached with the United Mineworkers of America and other stakeholders or the Balmer mine will close permanently. Employees have been locked out since May 1, 1992 when union members rejected the company's final offer.

  12. Open Source AV solution supporting In Situ Simulation

    Krogh, Kristian; Pociunas, Gintas; Dahl, Mads Ronald

    the software to meet our expectations for a portable AV system for VAD. The system would make use of “off the shelf” hardware components which are widely available and easily replaced or expanded. The developed AV software and coding is contracted to be available as Copyleft Open Source to ensure low cost...... a stable AV software that has be developed and implemented for an in situ simulation initiative. This version (1.3) is the first on released as Open Source (Copyleft) software (see QR tag). We have found that it is possible to deliver multi-camera video assisted debriefing in a mobile, in situ simulation...... environment using an AV system constructed from “off the shelf” components and Open Source software....

  13. EST Table: AV403854 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV403854 pg--0133 10/09/28 98 %/123 aa ref|ZP_03045664.1| tail length tape measure ...protein [Escherichia coli E22] gb|EDV82450.1| tail length tape measure protein [Escherichia coli E22] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h AV404025 pg-- ...

  14. EST Table: AV399431 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399431 NV120218 10/09/28 91 %/131 aa ref|NP_047488.1| CG30 [Bombyx mori NPV] gb|A...AC63757.1| CG30 [Bombyx mori NPV] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h AV399298 NV12 ...

  15. EST Table: AV405409 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405409 wdV10576 11/12/09 n.h 10/09/28 33 %/246 aa ref|XP_001866937.1| scavenger r...ef|XP_967476.1| PREDICTED: similar to scavenger receptor cysteine-rich protein isoform 1 [Tribolium castaneum] AV405409 wdV1 ... ...eceptor cysteine-rich protein [Culex quinquefasciatus] gb|EDS44206.1| scavenger receptor cysteine-rich prote

  16. EST Table: AV404175 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404175 pg--0560 10/09/28 100 %/209 aa ref|NP_040587.1| capsid component [Enteroba...EFF06860.1| phage major capsid protein E [Escherichia coli B185] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h AV404434 pg-- ...

  17. EST Table: AV399451 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399451 NV120246 10/09/28 94 %/223 aa ref|NP_047521.1| AcMNPV orf124 [Bombyx mori ...NPV] gb|AAC63790.1| AcMNPV orf124 [Bombyx mori NPV] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h AV399564 NV12 ...

  18. EST Table: AV398238 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398238 NV021277 11/12/09 GO hit GO:0004871(signal transducer activity)|GO:0005515...zinc ion binding) 10/09/28 91 %/106 aa ref|XP_002007246.1| GI12833 [Drosophila mojavensis] gb|EDW17722.1| GI12833 [Drosophila mojav...1.1| hypothetical protein TcasGA2_TC003318 [Tribolium castaneum] AV398238 NV02 ...

  19. AV-95 Sun Devil: High-Speed Military Rotorcraft


    The AV-95 Sun Devil must combine helicopter capabilities, such as vertical takeoff and landings (VTOL) and rotor-powered flight, along with long-duration cruise and high-speed dash capabilities unobtainable by conventional helicopters. To be able to perform both tasks, and perform them well, the AV-95 Sun Devil design incorporates several unconventional devices; the AV-95 uses two convertible turbofan engines, able to provide both shaft power for the main rotor and tall fan as well as jet thrust either separately or simultaneously. Other devices used for the AV-95 include a variable diameter main rotor and a blown flap. In helicopter mode, the AV-95 Sun Devil performs like a winged helicopter. The addition of wings to an attack helicopter results in two significant advantages. First, the addition of wings makes a helicopter more maneuverable than a wingless, but otherwise similar helicopter. Second, since the wings produce lift, rotor stall and compressibility effects can be significantly delayed at high tip velocities. In fixed-wing mode, the main rotor is completely off-loaded but slightly powered, and the rotor diameter has been minimized. The AV-95 Sun Devil has many advantages over other VTOL aircraft. The conversion process is simple and fast; conversion does not make the AV-95 vulnerable to enemy attack during conversion such as a tilt-wing or a tilt-rotor. Stop-rotor aircraft and a stowed rotor aircraft require heavy breaking of the rotor for conversion; this adds time for conversion and weight to the aircraft. Because the AV-95 never stops the rotor in flight, much weight is spared, and conversion is much simpler and faster.

  20. EST Table: AV404360 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404360 pg--0892 11/12/09 n.h 10/09/28 61 %/132 aa sp|P03764.2|STF_LAMBD RecName: ...Full=Side tail fiber protein 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h AV404360 pg-- ...

  1. EST Table: AV399747 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399747 NV120691 10/09/28 89 %/128 aa ref|YP_950793.1| gp41 [Maruca vitrata MNPV]|ABL76015.1| gp41 [Maruca vitrata MNPV] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h AV399524 NV12 ...

  2. Atle Næss: Roten av minus en

    Linda Hamrin Nesby


    Full Text Available Atle Næss har skrevet flere romaner, og to biografier om hhv Edevard Munch og Galileo Galilei. Med Roten av minus en kombinerer han roman- og biografigenren, og skriver både en kjærlighetshistorie, et utkast til en biografi og et riss av en selvbiografi som i sum blir til en roman om hvorvidt livet har den orden og nødvendighet som biografien er satt til å formidle

  3. Imaging characteristic of dual-phase {sup 18}F-florbetapir (AV-45/Amyvid) PET for the concomitant detection of perfusion deficits and beta-amyloid deposition in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment

    Lin, Kun-Ju; Hsiao, Ing-Tsung; Hsieh, Chia-Ju; Wey, Shiaw-Pyng; Yen, Tzu-Chen [Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and University, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Taoyuan (China); Chang Gung University, Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences and Healthy Aging Research Center, Taoyuan (China); Hsu, Jung-Lung [Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Section of Dementia and Cognitive Impairment, Department of Neurology, Taoyuan (China); Taipei Medical University, Graduate Institute of Humanities in Medicine, Taipei (China); Huang, Chin-Chang; Huang, Kuo-Lun [Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and University, Department of Neurology, Taoyuan (China)


    reaching the maximum burden in advanced MCI. Our results indicate that brain perfusion deficits and beta-amyloid deposition in AD follow different trajectories that can be successfully traced using dual-phase {sup 18}F-AV-45 PET imaging. (orig.)

  4. Gradering av kvaliteten på dokumentasjonen

    Gunn E. Vist


    Full Text Available Hva menes med at noe er ”godt dokumentert”? I hvilken grad kan vi stole på forskningsresultater? Den mest brukte metoden for å vurdere kvalitet på dokumentasjon og styrke på anbefalinger er GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation. GRADE brukes i systematiske oversikter og i retningslinjer der man vurderer effekten av og gir anbefalinger om ulike behandlingsalternativer. I GRADE gjøres et klart skille mellom kvaliteten på dokumentasjonen og styrken på anbefalingene. For å vurdere kvaliteten på dokumentasjonen tar GRADE utgangspunkt i en godt utført systematisk oversikt som omfatter den aktuelle problemstillingen. Både randomiserte forsøk og observasjonsstuder kan inngå. GRADE benytter fem kriterier som vurderes for eventuell nedgradering av kvaliteten på dokumentasjonen: studiekvalitet, konsistens mellom studiene, direkthet, presisjon og rapporteringsskjevheter. I tillegg kan observasjonsstudier vurderes for oppgradering ved følgende tre kriterier: sterke assosiasjoner, dose-responseffekter og forvekslingsfaktorer. Alle vurderingene noteres og presenteres sammen med resultatene i oppsummeringstabeller.Vist GE, Sæterdal I, Vandvik PO, Flottorp SA. Grading the quality of the evidence. Nor J Epidemiol 2013; 23 (2: 151-156.ENGLISH SUMMARY What is meant by the claim that something is “well documented”? How much confidence can we have in the results? The most commonly used method to grade the quality of the evidence is GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation. GRADE is used in systematic reviews, where the effects of different treatments or options are being compared, and in guidelines with recommendations about the competing options. GRADE makes a clear distinction between the quality of the evidence and the strength of recommendation. When grading the quality of the evidence with GRADE, the starting point is a well conducted systematic review of research on the

  5. Reaching Fleming's dicrimination bound

    Gruebl, Gebhard


    Any rule for identifying a quantum system's state within a set of two non-orthogonal pure states by a single measurement is flawed. It has a non-zero probability of either yielding the wrong result or leaving the query undecided. This also holds if the measurement of an observable $A$ is repeated on a finite sample of $n$ state copies. We formulate a state identification rule for such a sample. This rule's probability of giving the wrong result turns out to be bounded from above by $1/n\\delta_{A}^{2}$ with $\\delta_{A}=|_{1}-_{2}|/(\\Delta_{1}A+\\Delta_{2}A).$ A larger $\\delta_{A}$ results in a smaller upper bound. Yet, according to Fleming, $\\delta_{A}$ cannot exceed $\\tan\\theta$ with $\\theta\\in(0,\\pi/2) $ being the angle between the pure states under consideration. We demonstrate that there exist observables $A$ which reach the bound $\\tan\\theta$ and we determine all of them.

  6. UX-15 Reaches LEP


    The creation of the world's largest sandstone cavern, not a small feat! At the bottom, cave-in preventing steel mesh can be seen clinging to the top of the tunnel. The digging of UX-15, the cavern that will house ATLAS, reached the upper ceiling of LEP on October 10th. The breakthrough which took place nearly 100 metres underground occurred precisely on schedule and exactly as planned. But much caution was taken beforehand to make the LEP breakthrough clean and safe. To prevent the possibility of cave-ins in the side tunnels that will eventually be attached to the completed UX-15 cavern, reinforcing steel mesh was fixed into the walls with bolts. Obviously no people were allowed in the LEP tunnels below UX-15 as the breakthrough occurred. The area was completely evacuated and fences were put into place to keep all personnel out. However, while personnel were being kept out of the tunnels below, this has been anything but the case for the work taking place up above. With the creation of the world's largest...

  7. Problemstillingar rundt framføring av transkribert musikk - Ei analyse av Bach/Busoni: Chaconne i d-moll

    Flem, Kato Nogva


    Ei samanlikning og analyse av Busoni sin transkripsjon av Bach sin Chaconne frå partita nr. 2 for solofiolin. Partita for Violin No. 2 was written by Johann Sebastian Bach during 1717-1723 and consists of five movements; Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue and Chaconne. The chaconne is longer than the rest of the piece combined, and is frequently played separately. Yehudi Menuhin calls the Chaconne "the greatest structure for solo violin that exists." (Menuhin, 1997, p. 236) Violinist...

  8. Peak oil and gas

    Ziegler, W. H. [W. H. Ziegler, Av. des Mousquines 40bis, Lausanne (Switzerland); Campbell, C. J. [Stabbal Hill, Ballydehob, County Cork (Ireland); Zagar, J.J. [Four Blues, Schull, County Cork (Ireland)


    Oil and gas were formed under exceptional conditions in the geological past, meaning that they are subject to natural depletion, such that the past growth in production must give way to decline. Although depletion is a simple concept to grasp, public data on the resource base are extremely unreliable due to ambiguous definitions and lax reporting. The oil industry is reluctant to admit to an onset of decline carrying obvious adverse financial consequences. There are several different categories of oil and gas, from tar sands to deep water fields, each with specific characteristics that need to be evaluated. It is important to build a global model on a country by country basis in order that anomalous statistics may be identified and evaluated. Such a study suggests that the world faces the onset of decline, with far-reaching consequences given the central role of oil-based energy. It is accordingly an important subject deserving detailed consideration by policy makers. (author)

  9. Spectral analysis of the quadrangles Av-13 and Av-14 on Vesta

    Zambon, F.; Frigeri, A.; Combe, J.-Ph.; Tosi, F.; Longobardo, A.; Ammannito, E.; De Sanctis, M. C.; Blewett, D. T.; Scully, J.; Palomba, E.; Denevi, B.; Yingst, A.; Russell, C. T.; Raymond, C. A.


    The Av-13 (Tuccia) and Av-14 (Urbinia) quadrangles are located in the south-west region of Vesta. They are characterized by a large topographic variability, from the highest (Vestalia terra highlands) to the lowest (Rheasilvia basin). Many geological units in these quadrangles are not associated with mineralogical variability, as shown by the color-composite maps. Maps of mafic absorption band-center position reveal that the principal lithology is eucrite-rich howardite, but diogenite-rich howardite areas are also present, corresponding to particular features such as Antonia and Justina craters, which are characterized by strong mafic absorptions. These quadrangles, especially Urbinia, contain many bright ejecta, such as those of Tuccia crater, which are the highest reflectance materials on Vesta (Zambon et al., 2014). Dark areas are present and correspond to regions with deeper OH-signature. The two quadrangles contain many vertical ridge crests associated with the Rheasilvia impact. These ridges do not show mineralogical differences with respect to their surroundings, but have a distinctive appearance in color-ratio composite images.

  10. Geyser Peak Cabernet Sauvignon


    <正>年份:2000产地:美国加州Sonoma County售价:$196 Geyser Peak(盖世峰)成立于1880年,是美国军有的过百岁葡萄酒庄。可惜美国酿制葡萄酒的技术在近三四十年才有突破,历史再悠久也没有太多帮助近二十年Geyser Peak就努力改进,希望迎头赶上其它加州新秀的水平,1989年,他们就聘请了澳洲Penfolds酒庄的酿酒师Daryl Groom,让旗下出品多了一份澳洲式的"霎眼娇"风格。2003年,Geyser Peak更在International Wine & Spirit Competition赢得"最佳美国葡萄酒生产商"大奖。

  11. Kortisonskepsis : En studie om holdninger til kortisonkrem blant foreldre av barn med atopisk eksem

    Gustavsen, Hanne Engstrøm


    Bakgrunn: Kortisonkremer er en viktig del av behandlingen mot atopisk eksem. Mange foreldre er skeptiske til bruken av kortisonkremer, fordi de har lest eller hørt om bivirkninger. Pasienters og pårørendes holdninger til bruk av kortisonkrem kan påvirke gjennomføringen av behandlingen. Formål: Vi ønsket å undersøke holdninger til bruk av kortisonkrem blant foreldre og pårørende av barn med atopisk eksem. Vi ville også undersøke om det er en sammenheng mellom kunnskapsnivå om kortisonkreme...

  12. Peak Detection Using Wavelet Transform

    Omar Daoud


    Full Text Available A new work based-wavelet transform is designed to o vercome one of the main drawbacks that found in the present new technologies. Orthogonal Frequency Divi sion Multiplexing (OFDMis proposed in the literature to enhance the multimedia resolution. Ho wever, the high peak power (PAPR values will obstr uct such achievements. Therefore, a new proposition is found in this work, making use of the wavelet transforms methods, and it is divided into three ma in stages; de-noising stage, thresholding stage and then the replacement stage. In order to check the system stages validity; a mat hematical model has been built and its checked afte r using a MATLAB simulation. A simulated bit error ra te (BER achievement will be compared with our previously published work, where an enhancement fro m 8×10 -1 to be 5×10 -1 is achieved. Moreover, these results will be compared to the work found in the l iterature, where we have accomplished around 27% PAPR extra reduction. As a result, the BER performance has been improved for the same bandwidth occupancy. Moreover and due to the de-noise stage, the verification rate ha s been improved to reach 81%. This is in addition t o the noise immunity enhancement.

  13. Utviklingen av Noark-standarden 1984 – 2008

    Trond Sirevåg


    Full Text Available Artikkelen behandler utviklingen av Noark – standarden for elektronisk arkivdanning i norsk offentlig forvaltning – fra versjon 1 (1984 til versjon 5 (2008. Den beskriver omstendighetene som medførte at standarden ble til i 1984, og søker å forklare hvorfor og hvordan det lyktes å utbre standarden slik at Noark-systemer ble enerådende i offentlig forvaltning i løpet av 1990-årene. Riksarkivarens strategier i Noark-utviklingen behandles, – de som fra først av fikk Riksarkivaren til å engasjere seg i standardiseringsarbeidet, de som deretter fikk Riksarkivaren til å overta forvalteransvaret for Noark, og de som senere er endret eller justert som resultat av erfaringer med Noark-baserte systemer og av nyåpnede teknologiske muligheter. Særlig vekt legges på å belyse Riksarkivarens motiver for å overta ansvaret for Noark-standarden fra 1990. Noark plasseres også i det internasjonale bildet, og sammenholdes med andre standarder som ISO 15489 og EU-standarden MoReq. Da Noark-utviklingen startet i 1984, pågikk tilsvarende utviklingsprosjekter både i Danmark og i Sverige. Artikkelen søker forklaringer på at en journal- og sakarkivstandard bare ble en realitet i Norge.

  14. Kartläggning av byggprocessen hos Peab med hjälp av SCOR

    Johansson, Robin


    Detta är ett examensarbete utfört på Institutionen för teknik och naturvetenskap (ITN) i Norrköping som är en del av Linköpings Universitet i samarbete med Peab som intressent. Historiskt sett har byggbranschens intresse för logistik varit svalt vilket har lett till att logistiken inom denna bransch har halkat efter i förhållande till övriga branscher. Syftet med detta examensarbete är att utifrån ett logistiskt synsätt tillhandahålla anpassningsförslag till SCOR-processerna ”Make” och ”Retur...

  15. The role of AV and VV optimization for CRT

    William W. Brabham, M.D.


    Full Text Available Cardiac resynchronization therapy is an effective therapy for patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction and a ventricular conduction delay; however, approximately 30% of patients do not experience significant clinical improvement with this treatment. Modern devices allow individualized programming of the AV delay and VV offset, which offer the possibility of improving clinical response rates with optimized programming. AV and VV delay optimization techniques have included echocardiography, device-based algorithms, and several other novel noninvasive techniques. While an acute improvement in hemodynamic function has been clearly demonstrated with optimized device settings, long-term clinical benefit is limited. In the majority of cases, an empiric AV delay with simultaneous biventricular or left ventricular pacing is adequate. The value of optimization of these intervals in “non-responders” still requires further investigation.

  16. Solmoduler på balkongfronter : Renovering av flerbostadshus i miljonprogrammet

    Persson, Maria


    Under det senaste seklet har en intensiv energianvändning orsakat stora utsläpp av koldioxid och andra växthusgaser i atmosfären med negativa miljöeffekter som följd. Den alltjämt ökade efterfrågan på elektricitet runtom i världen måste mötas av förnybara energikällor i kombination med energieffektiviseringar för att inte riskera ytterligare miljöförstöring. I Sverige är bostads- och servicesektorn en intensiv energianvändare och några av de byggnader som förbrukar mest energi finns i miljonp...

  17. En kartläggning av stereoskopisk 3D

    Holmström, Benny


    Det här lärdomsprovet är en genomgång av ett av den moderna tidens största modeord: stereoskopisk 3D och syskontermen autostereoskopisk 3D. Kort sagt de tekniker som går ut på att leverera en bild till vardera av människans två ögon och därmed simulera djup i tvådimensionella bilder. Det här kan göras på en mängd olika sätt, och i detta examensarbete går jag igenom de vanligaste teknikerna och förklarar dem kortfattat, en och en. Utöver tekniken analyserar jag även dagens marknad, teknikernas...

  18. Relationship Between Selected Strength and Power Assessments to Peak and Average Velocity of the Drive Block in Offensive Line Play.

    Jacobson, Bert H; Conchola, Eric C; Smith, Doug B; Akehi, Kazuma; Glass, Rob G


    Jacobson, BH, Conchola, EC, Smith, DB, Akehi, K, and Glass, RG. Relationship between selected strength and power assessments to peak and average velocity of the drive block in offensive line play. J Strength Cond Res 30(8): 2202-2205, 2016-Typical strength training for football includes the squat and power clean (PC) and routinely measured variables include 1 repetition maximum (1RM) squat and 1RM PC along with the vertical jump (VJ) for power. However, little research exists regarding the association between the strength exercises and velocity of an actual on-the-field performance. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of peak velocity (PV) and average velocity (AV) of the offensive line drive block to 1RM squat, 1RM PC, the VJ, body mass (BM), and body composition. One repetition maximum assessments for the squat and PC were recorded along with VJ height, BM, and percent body fat. These data were correlated with PV and AV while performing the drive block. Peal velocity and AV were assessed using a Tendo Power and Speed Analyzer as the linemen fired, from a 3-point stance into a stationary blocking dummy. Pearson product analysis yielded significant (p ≤ 0.05) correlations between PV and AV and the VJ, the squat, and the PC. A significant inverse association was found for both PV and AV and body fat. These data help to confirm that the typical exercises recommended for American football linemen is positively associated with both PV and AV needed for the drive block effectiveness. It is recommended that these exercises remain the focus of a weight room protocol and that ancillary exercises be built around these exercises. Additionally, efforts to reduce body fat are recommended.

  19. Slow pathway modification in patients presenting with only two consecutive AV nodal echo beats.

    Wegner, Felix K; Silvano, Maria; Bögeholz, Nils; Leitz, Patrick R; Frommeyer, Gerrit; Dechering, Dirk G; Zellerhoff, Stephan; Kochhäuser, Simon; Lange, Philipp S; Köbe, Julia; Wasmer, Kristina; Mönnig, Gerold; Eckardt, Lars; Pott, Christian


    Slow pathway modification (SPM) is the therapy of choice for AV-nodal reentry tachycardia (AVNRT). When AVNRT is not inducible, empirical ablation can be considered, however, the outcome in patients with two AV nodal echo beats (AVNEBs) is unknown. Out of a population of 3003 patients who underwent slow pathway modification at our institution between 1993 and 2013, we retrospectively included 32 patients with a history of symptomatic tachycardia, lack of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (pSVT) inducibility but occurrence of two AVNEBs. pSVT documentation by electrocardiography (ECG) was present in 20 patients. The procedural endpoint was inducibility of less than two AVNEBs. This was reached in 31 (97%) patients. Long-term success was assessed by a telephone questionnaire (follow-up time 63±9 months). A total 94% of the patients benefited from the procedure (59% freedom from symptoms; 34% improvement in symptoms). Among those patients in whom ECG documentation was not present, 100% benefited (58% freedom from symptoms, 42% improvement). This is the first collective analysis of a group of patients presenting with symptoms of pSVT and inducibility of only two AVNEBs. Procedural success and clinical long-term follow-up were in the range of the reported success rates of slow pathway modification of inducible AVNRT, independent of whether ECG documentation was present. Thus, SPM is a safe and effective therapy in patients with two AVNEBs. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  20. Peak mass and dynamical friction

    Del Popolo, A


    We show how the results given by several authors relatively to the mass of a density peak are changed when small scale substructure induced by dynamical friction are taken into account. The peak mass obtained is compared to the result of Peacock \\& Heavens (1990) and to the peak mass when dynamical friction is absent to show how these effects conspire to reduce the mass accreted by the peak.

  1. Peak capacity in unidimensional chromatography.

    Neue, Uwe Dieter


    The currently existing knowledge about peak capacity in unidimensional separations is reviewed. The majority of the paper is dedicated to reversed-phase gradient chromatography, covering specific techniques as well as the subject of peak compression. Other sections deal with peak capacity in isocratic chromatography, size-exclusion chromatography and ion-exchange chromatography. An important topic is the limitation of the separation power and the meaning of the concept of peak capacity for real applications.

  2. Brachial artery aneurysms following brachio-cephalic AV fistula ligation.

    Khalid, Usman; Parkinson, Frances; Mohiuddin, Kamran; Davies, Paula; Woolgar, Justin


    Peripheral artery aneurysms proximal to a long-standing arteriovenous (AV) fistula can be a serious complication. It is important to be aware of this and manage it appropriately. Vascular access nurses input all data regarding patients undergoing dialysis access procedures into a securely held database prospectively. This was retrospectively reviewed to identify cases of brachial artery aneurysms over the last 3 years. In Morriston Hospital, around 200 forearm and arm AV fistulas are performed annually for vascular access in renal dialysis patients. Of these, approximately 15 (7.5%) are ligated. Three patients who had developed brachial artery aneurysms following AV fistula ligation were identified. All 3 patients had developed brachial artery aneurysms following ligation of a long-standing brachio-cephalic AV fistula. Two patients presented with pain and a pulsatile mass in the arm, and one presented with pins and needles and discoloration of fingertips. Two were managed with resection of the aneurysm and reconstruction with a reversed long saphenous vein interposition graft, the third simply required ligation of a feeding arterial branch. True aneurysm formation proximal to an AV fistula that has been ligated is a rare complication. There are several reasons for why these aneurysms develop in such patients, the most plausible one being the increase in blood flow and resistance following ligation of the AV fistula. Of note, all the patients in this study were on immunosuppressive therapy following successful renal transplantation. Vigilance by the vascular access team and nephrologists is paramount to identify those patients who may warrant further evaluation and investigation by the vascular surgeon.

  3. Lesing av delvis motstridende tekster i syvende klasse

    Wenke Mork Rogne


    Full Text Available I denne artikkelen ser vi på hvilken type informasjon elever i 7. klasse vektlegger for å konstruere en sammenhengende oppsummering av fire til dels motstridende tekster. Elever møter ofte flere tekster om samme tema – multiple tekster – og vi trenger økt kunnskap om hvordan de leser slike tekster. Elevene leste fire ulike tekster om en sykkelulykke. Tekstene presenterte informasjon som var delvis sammenfallende på tvers av alle tekstene, og delvis motstridende informasjon som innebar at enkelte tekster ga ulike beskrivelser av hendelsesforløpet. Vi testet elevenes ordavkodingsferdigheter, fikk dem til å fylle ut et spørreskjema om lesevaner og vi innhentet elevenes resultater på Nasjonal leseprøve. Etter lesing ba vi elevene gi en oppsummering av sykkelulykken. Elevene gjenga relativt mer sammenfallende informasjon enn motstridende informasjon. Gode resultater på Nasjonal leseprøve ser ut til å ha en sammenheng med elevenes ferdigheter i å konstruere en sammenhengende forståelse av de fire tekstene. Elever som oppga å lese mye på Internett hadde imidlertid fått med mindre av informasjonen som var felles for de fire tekstene i sine oppsummeringer. Vi fant også en negativ sammenheng mellom fritidslesing på Internett og resultatene fra Nasjonal leseprøve. Samlet sett indikerer resultatene at når elevene skal skape sammenheng mellom flere delvis motstridende tekster, så blir sammenfallende informasjon vektlagt mer enn motstridende informasjon. Dessuten ser det ut til at de elevene som bruker mest fritid til å lese på Internett, sliter mer med å sammenfatte innholdet i de fire tekstene enn de andre elevene.

  4. InterProScan Result: AV398312 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive


  5. InterProScan Result: AV404435 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404435 AV404435_2_ORF1 15076070D471749D PROFILE PS50110 RESPONSE_REGULATORY 17.91...4 T IPR001789 Signal transduction response regulator, receiver domain Molecular Function: two-component resp

  6. Modellering og dimensjonering av kaianlegg etter Eurokode 2

    Lilleaker, Tore; Tvervåg, Henrik


    Dette er sluttrapporten for masteroppgaven på en kaikonstruksjon utført ved NTNU, institutt for konstruksjonsteknikk. Det er i oppgaven gjennomført en prosjektering og dimensjonering av en betongkai etter NS-EN 1992-1-1. Det er også gjennomført et litteraturstudie med en tilhørende teoridel om bestandighet for betongkonstruksjoner i et marint miljø, samt at det er gjennomført en sannsynlighetsbasert bestandighetsanalyse av denne konstruksjonen. Avslutningsvis er det drøftet litt rundt teori, ...

  7. EST Table: AV403981 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available terminase large subunit (DNA packaging protein A) from bacteriophage origin [Escherichia coli UMN026] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h AV403981 pg-- ... ...AV403981 pg--0297 11/12/09 n.h 10/09/28 100 %/265 aa ref|YP_002411376.1| terminase large subunit (DNA protein A) from bacteriophage origin [Escherichia coli UMN026] emb|CAR11828.1|

  8. Modellering av nedslagsfeltet- Veumdalen i Fredrikstad med programmet SWMM


    Fredrikstad kommune har hatt store prosjekter pågang i de siste årene i forbindelse med opprustning av ledningsnettet. Oppfylte kjellere har vært en viktig tema for kommunen, og de har en intensjon om å redusere faren for oversvømmelser i utsatte steder. En av de utsatte stedene i Fredrikstad er Veumdalen som har problemer med oversvømmelser nesten hvert år. Som en forebyggende tiltak har kommunen i samarbeid med COWI bygget en tunnel fra Veumveien/Veumbekken til Seutelva. Det ...

  9. EST Table: AV399012 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399012 NV060536 11/12/09 n.h 10/09/28 65 %/135 aa ref|XP_396932.2| PREDICTED: similar to vav...ene:AGAP010292 10/09/10 65 %/135 aa gnl|Amel|GB13170-PA 10/09/10 57 %/138 aa gi|189241833|ref|XP_972772.2| PREDICTED: similar to vav1 [Tribolium castaneum] AV399012 NV06 ... ...7 %/132 aa C35B8.2b#CE39333#WBGene00006887#locus:vav- 1#status:Partially_confirmed#UniProt:Q45FX5#protein_id

  10. EST Table: AV398785 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398785 NV060280 11/12/09 n.h 10/09/28 40 %/193 aa ref|XP_002005659.1| GI20589 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW09594.1| GI20589 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 40 %/193 aa FBpp0169806|DmojGI2.../10 n.h 10/09/10 35 %/184 aa gi|189234823|ref|XP_001809803.1| PREDICTED: similar to AGAP010960-PA [Tribolium castaneum] AV398785 NV06 ...

  11. EST Table: AV399741 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399741 NV120677 11/12/09 GO hit GO:0000213(tRNA-intron endonuclease activity)|GO:...0006388(tRNA splicing, via endonucleolytic cleavage and ligation) 10/09/28 42 %/119 aa ref|NP_001127799.2| t...0/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 35 %/145 aa gnl|Amel|GB15173-PB 10/09/10 n.h AV399741 NV12 ...

  12. EST Table: AV399757 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399757 NV120719 11/12/09 n.h 10/09/28 83 %/234 aa ref|NP_047435.1| AcMNPV orf30 [...Bombyx mori NPV] gb|AAC63704.1| AcMNPV orf30 [Bombyx mori NPV] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h AV399757 NV12 ...

  13. Prosjektering og analyse av Nordøyvegen bru 3

    Lauknes, Andreas; Arild, Audun


    Rapporten tar for seg prosjektering av en etteroppspent betongbru, der beregninger og dimensjoneringen er i henhold til det Europeiske regelverket, nasjonale tillegg og Håndbøker fra Statens vegvesen. Brua som skal dimensjoneres og bli gjort kapasitetskontroll for er Nordøyvegen bru 3, som skal bygges som en del av et større fastlandsprosjekt for nordøyene i Haram kommune. Brua skal bygges som en bjelke-/platebru, og konstruksjonsmetoden er fritt frambygg med totalt syv byggefaser. Den består...

  14. Fysisk aktivitet inom rehabiliteringen av anorexi : - En systematisk litteraturstudie

    Högnäs, Maria


    Studiens syfte var att undersöka hur fysisk aktivitet påverkar unga flickor (12-24 år) med anorexi, i samband med rehabilitering. Skribenten vill dessutom ytterligare få specificerat vilken typ av fysisk aktivitet som kan vara lämplig för denna målgrupp. Frågeställningarna besvaras genom en systematisk litteraturstudie. Genom databassökning och frisökning hittades 14 relevanta artiklar som genomgick en kvalitetsgranskning, enligt en modifierad metod för kvalitetsgranskning av Forsberg & Wengs...

  15. Peak load arrangements : Assessment of Nordel guidelines


    Two Nordic countries, Sweden and Finland, have legislation that empowers the TSO to acquire designated peak load resources to mitigate the risk for shortage situations during the winter. In Denmark, the system operator procures resources to maintain a satisfactory level of security of supply. In Norway the TSO has set up a Regulation Power Option Market (RKOM) to secure a satisfactory level of operational reserves at all times, also in winter with high load demand. Only the arrangements in Finland and Sweden fall under the heading of Peak Load Arrangements defined in Nordel Guidelines. NordREG has been invited by the Electricity Market Group (EMG) to evaluate Nordel's proposal for 'Guidelines for transitional Peak Load Arrangements'. The EMG has also financed a study made by EC Group to support NordREG in the evaluation of the proposal. The study has been taken into account in NordREG's evaluation. In parallel to the EMG task, the Swedish regulator, the Energy Markets Inspectorate, has been given the task by the Swedish government to investigate a long term solution of the peak load issue. The Swedish and Finnish TSOs have together with Nord Pool Spot worked on finding a harmonized solution for activation of the peak load reserves in the market. An agreement accepted by the relevant authorities was reached in early January 2009, and the arrangement has been implemented since 19th January 2009. NordREG views that the proposed Nordel guidelines have served as a starting point for the presently agreed procedure. However, NordREG does not see any need to further develop the Nordel guidelines for peak load arrangements. NordREG agrees with Nordel that the market should be designed to solve peak load problems through proper incentives to market players. NordREG presumes that the relevant authorities in each country will take decisions on the need for any peak load arrangement to ensure security of supply. NordREG proposes that such decisions should be

  16. Norsk passivhusstandard og Passivhauskonzept: en sammenlignende analyse av krav og kriterier

    Anton, Karin; Vestergaard, Inge

    kriterier som omfattes av passivhuskonseptet med tilhørende sertifisering og kriterier i Norsk Standard 3701. Gjennom analysen ønsker vi å systematisere og sammenlikne de forskjellige kriteriene i standarden: optimalisering, kuldebroer, lufttetthet og trykktesting, utnyttelse av passiv solenergi, bruk av...

  17. Ungdommers opplevelser med overdreven bruk av online-rollespillet World of Warcraft

    Flaaten, Øivind; Torp, Steffen; Aarseth, Espen


    Ungdommers bruk av online-rollespill blir ofte problematisert (Falkner 2007). På bakgrunn av kvalitative intervjuer med ti ungdommer og fem pårørendekontakter beskrives i denne artikkelen ungdommenes opplevelser av online-spillet World of Warcraft (WoW). Denne pilotstudien gir en nyansert...

  18. Tectonics, Climate and Earth's highest peaks

    Robl, Jörg; Prasicek, Günther; Hergarten, Stefan


    Prominent peaks characterized by high relief and steep slopes are among the most spectacular morphological features on Earth. In collisional orogens they result from the interplay of tectonically driven crustal thickening and climatically induced destruction of overthickened crust by erosional surface processes. The glacial buzz-saw hypothesis proposes a superior status of climate in limiting mountain relief and peak altitude due to glacial erosion. It implies that peak altitude declines with duration of glacial occupation, i.e., towards high latitudes. This is in strong contrast with high peaks existing in high latitude mountain ranges (e.g. Mt. St. Elias range) and the idea of peak uplift due to isostatic compensation of spatially variable erosional unloading an over-thickened orogenic crust. In this study we investigate landscape dissection, crustal thickness and vertical strain rates in tectonically active mountain ranges to evaluate the influence of erosion on (latitudinal) variations in peak altitude. We analyze the spatial distribution of serval thousand prominent peaks on Earth extracted from the global ETOPO1 digital elevation model with a novel numerical tool. We compare this dataset to crustal thickness, thickening rate (vertical strain rate) and mean elevation. We use the ratios of mean elevation to peak elevation (landscape dissection) and peak elevation to crustal thickness (long-term impact of erosion on crustal thickness) as indicators for the influence of erosional surface processes on peak uplift and the vertical strain rate as a proxy for the mechanical state of the orogen. Our analysis reveals that crustal thickness and peak elevation correlate well in orogens that have reached a mechanically limited state (vertical strain rate near zero) where plate convergence is already balanced by lateral extrusion and gravitational collapse and plateaus are formed. On the Tibetan Plateau crustal thickness serves to predict peak elevation up to an altitude

  19. Etableringen av Tesla Motors på det norske bilmarkedet : en empirisk studie av salgsdrivere og konkurranseeffekter

    Asperheim, Hanne Henjum; Vedum, Anders


    Denne masterutredningen er en empirisk studie av Tesla Motors’ etablering på det norske bilmarkedet. Vi gjennomfører to separate analyser: Først fokuseres det på geografiske salgsforskjeller, deretter på effekten Tesla Motors har hatt på det norske nybilmarkedet. I vår første analyse utvikler vi en modell for å identifisere Teslas salgsdrivere, i form av geografiske og sosioøkonomiske variabler. Resultatene viser at et fylkes inntektsnivå, utdanningsnivå og miljøbevissthet har en positiv s...

  20. Kinetic Modeling of the Tau PET Tracer (18)F-AV-1451 in Human Healthy Volunteers and Alzheimer Disease Subjects.

    Barret, Olivier; Alagille, David; Sanabria, Sandra; Comley, Robert A; Weimer, Robby M; Borroni, Edilio; Mintun, Mark; Seneca, Nicholas; Papin, Caroline; Morley, Thomas; Marek, Ken; Seibyl, John P; Tamagnan, Gilles D; Jennings, Danna


    (18)F-AV-1451 is currently the most widely used of several experimental tau PET tracers. The objective of this study was to evaluate (18)F-AV-1451 binding with full kinetic analysis using a metabolite-corrected arterial input function and to compare parameters derived from kinetic analysis with SUV ratio (SUVR) calculated over different imaging time intervals. Methods:(18)F-AV-1451 PET brain imaging was completed in 16 subjects: 4 young healthy volunteers (YHV), 4 aged healthy volunteers (AHV), and 8 Alzheimer disease (AD) subjects. Subjects were imaged for 3.5 h, with arterial blood samples obtained throughout. PET data were analyzed using plasma and reference tissue-based methods to estimate the distribution volume, binding potential (BPND), and SUVR. BPND and SUVR were calculated using the cerebellar cortex as a reference region and were compared across the different methods and across the 3 groups (YHV, AHV, and AD). Results: AD demonstrated increased (18)F-AV-1451 retention compared with YHV and AHV based on both invasive and noninvasive analyses in cortical regions in which paired helical filament tau accumulation is expected in AD. A correlation of R(2) > 0.93 was found between BPND (130 min) and SUVR-1 at all time intervals. Cortical SUVR curves reached a relative plateau around 1.0-1.2 for YHV and AHV by approximately 50 min, but increased in AD by up to approximately 20% at 110-130 min and approximately 30% at 160-180 min relative to 80-100 min. Distribution volume (130 min) was lower by 30%-35% in the YHV than AHV. Conclusion: Our data suggest that although (18)F-AV-1451 SUVR curves do not reach a plateau and are still increasing in AD, an SUVR calculated over an imaging window of 80-100 min (as currently used in clinical studies) provides estimates of paired helical filament tau burden in good correlation with BPND, whereas SUVR sensitivity to regional cerebral blood changes needs further investigation. © 2017 by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and

  1. EST Table: AV404171 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404171 pg--0555 10/09/28 85 %/178 aa ref|ZP_05092873.1| phage tail tape measure p...rotein, lambda family [Carboxydibrachium pacificum DSM 12653] gb|EEB75267.1| phage tail tape measure protein

  2. EST Table: AV404301 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404301 pg--0808 10/09/28 81 %/199 aa ref|ZP_05092873.1| phage tail tape measure p...rotein, lambda family [Carboxydibrachium pacificum DSM 12653] gb|EEB75267.1| phage tail tape measure protein

  3. EST Table: AV404025 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404025 pg--0351 11/12/09 n.h 10/09/28 84 %/167 aa ref|ZP_05092873.1| phage tail tape measure... protein, lambda family [Carboxydibrachium pacificum DSM 12653] gb|EEB75267.1| phage tail tape measure

  4. EST Table: AV404116 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404116 pg--0495X 10/09/28 87 %/148 aa ref|YP_311293.1| putative tail length tape measure... protein [Shigella sonnei Ss046] gb|AAZ89058.1| putative tail length tape measure protein [Shigella s

  5. EST Table: AV400897 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400897 br--1948 10/09/28 47 %/180 aa ref|XP_967144.2| PREDICTED: similar to corneal wound healing...TED: similar to corneal wound healing-related protein [Tribolium castaneum] CK493011 br-- ...

  6. EST Table: AV405806 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405806 wdV30260 10/09/28 65 %/199 aa ref|NP_001119709.1| transformer 2 isoform E ...[Bombyx mori] gb|AAX47003.1| transformer-2 protein E [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 low homology 10/08/27 low homolo

  7. EST Table: AV400604 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400604 br--1517 10/09/28 48 %/208 aa ref|XP_001863389.1| wolfram syndrome 1 [Cule...x quinquefasciatus] gb|EDS38516.1| wolfram syndrome 1 [Culex quinquefasciatus] 10/08/28 50 %/173 aa FBpp0291

  8. EST Table: AV398407 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398407 NV021774 10/09/28 100 %/186 aa ref|NP_001040215.1| stathmin [Bombyx mori] gb|ABD36259.1| stathmin...507-PA 10/09/10 48 %/236 aa gi|91083957|ref|XP_975021.1| PREDICTED: similar to stathmin [Tribolium castaneum] FS915193 NV02 ...

  9. EST Table: AV398495 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398495 NV021874 10/09/28 91 %/209 aa ref|NP_001040215.1| stathmin [Bombyx mori] gb|ABD36259.1| stathmin...07-PA 10/09/10 54 %/213 aa gi|91083957|ref|XP_975021.1| PREDICTED: similar to stathmin [Tribolium castaneum] FS915193 NV02 ...

  10. EST Table: AV401468 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401468 e96h0771 10/09/28 87 %/171 aa ref|NP_001040215.1| stathmin [Bombyx mori] gb|ABD36259.1| stathmin...07-PA 10/09/10 55 %/166 aa gi|91083957|ref|XP_975021.1| PREDICTED: similar to stathmin [Tribolium castaneum] FS915193 e96h ...

  11. EST Table: AV403752 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV403752 pg--0009 10/09/28 100 %/257 aa ref|YP_002411376.1| terminase large subunit (DNA packaging... protein A) from bacteriophage origin [Escherichia coli UMN026] emb|CAR11828.1| terminase large subunit (DNA packaging

  12. EST Table: AV404329 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404329 pg--0843 10/09/28 100 %/173 aa ref|NP_001136443.1| clathrin heavy chain [B...61 %/169 aa T20G5.1#CE00480#WBGene00011867#locus:chc-1#Clathrin heavy chain#status:Partially_confirmed#UniPr

  13. EST Table: AV405172 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405172 prgv0893 10/09/28 85 %/198 aa gb|ABF55966.2| cleavage stimulation factor 6...ref|XP_970762.1| PREDICTED: similar to cleavage stimulation factor 64-kDa subunit [Tribolium castaneum] FS920483 prgv ...

  14. EST Table: AV400944 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400944 e96h0016 10/09/28 73 %/153 aa ref|XP_002005200.1| GI20361 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW09135.1| GI20361 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 73 %/153 aa FBpp0169578|DmojGI20361-PA 10/08

  15. EST Table: AV398908 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398908 NV060415 10/09/28 95 %/160 aa ref|XP_002004473.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] ref|XP_002059335.1| GJ18395 [Drosophila virilis] gb|EDW08408.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojavensis] gb|E

  16. EST Table: AV400707 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400707 br--1674X 10/09/28 54 %/135 aa ref|XP_002008152.1| GI11978 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW18628.1| GI11978 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 54 %/135 aa FBpp0161195|DmojGI11978-PA 10/0

  17. EST Table: AV401018 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401018 e96h0121 10/09/28 81 %/103 aa ref|XP_002007281.1| GI12464 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW17757.1| GI12464 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 81 %/103 aa FBpp0161681|DmojGI12464-PA 10/08

  18. EST Table: AV399925 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399925 br--0031 10/09/28 87 %/140 aa ref|XP_002008796.1| GI13691 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW19272.1| GI13691 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 87 %/140 aa FBpp0162908|DmojGI13691-PA 10/08

  19. EST Table: AV401292 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401292 e96h0497 10/09/28 99 %/102 aa ref|XP_002004473.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] ref|XP_002059335.1| GJ18395 [Drosophila virilis] gb|EDW08408.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojavensis] gb|E

  20. EST Table: AV405991 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405991 wdV30476 10/09/28 81 %/103 aa ref|XP_002007281.1| GI12464 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW17757.1| GI12464 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 81 %/103 aa FBpp0161681|DmojGI12464-PA 10/08

  1. EST Table: AV399270 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399270 NV060991 10/09/28 41 %/162 aa ref|XP_002007640.1| GI13052 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW18116.1| GI13052 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 41 %/162 aa FBpp0162269|DmojGI13052-PA 10/08

  2. EST Table: AV402088 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV402088 heS00552 10/09/28 57 %/120 aa ref|XP_002003339.1| GI17860 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW12781.1| GI17860 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 57 %/120 aa FBpp0167077|DmojGI17860-PA 10/08

  3. EST Table: AV404032 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404032 pg--0359 10/09/28 39 %/179 aa ref|XP_002008018.1| GI12064 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW18494.1| GI12064 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 39 %/179 aa FBpp0161281|DmojGI12064-PA 10/08

  4. EST Table: AV398210 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398210 NV021247 10/09/28 77 %/206 aa ref|XP_001998997.1| GI23318 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW14458.1| GI23318 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 77 %/206 aa FBpp0172535|DmojGI23318-PA 10/08

  5. EST Table: AV398468 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398468 NV021845 10/09/28 40 %/208 aa ref|XP_001998750.1| GI23457 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW14211.1| GI23457 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 40 %/208 aa FBpp0172674|DmojGI23457-PA 10/08

  6. EST Table: AV398578 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398578 NV021976 10/09/28 61 %/149 aa ref|XP_968620.1| PREDICTED: similar to AGAP0.../08/28 55 %/161 aa FBpp0085738|SdhA-PC 10/08/27 60 %/131 aa C03G5.1#CE03917#WBGene00015391#locus:sdha-1#succinate dehydrogenase flav

  7. EST Table: AV401286 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401286 e96h0482 10/09/28 55 %/188 aa ref|XP_002004616.1| GI19509 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW08551.1| GI19509 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 55 %/188 aa FBpp0168726|DmojGI19509-PA 10/08

  8. EST Table: AV401287 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401287 e96h0483 10/09/28 93 %/160 aa ref|XP_002004473.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] ref|XP_002059335.1| GJ18395 [Drosophila virilis] gb|EDW08408.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojavensis] gb|E

  9. EST Table: AV406016 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV406016 wdV30506 10/09/28 81 %/103 aa ref|XP_002007281.1| GI12464 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW17757.1| GI12464 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 81 %/103 aa FBpp0161681|DmojGI12464-PA 10/08

  10. EST Table: AV406029 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV406029 wdV30520 10/09/28 70 %/125 aa ref|XP_002007572.1| GI12310 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW18048.1| GI12310 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 71 %/125 aa FBpp0127559|DanaGF24367-PA 10/08

  11. EST Table: AV400537 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400537 br--1414 10/09/28 41 %/216 aa ref|XP_002000083.1| GI10045 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW15544.1| GI10045 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 41 %/216 aa FBpp0159262|DmojGI10045-PA 10/08

  12. EST Table: AV400979 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400979 e96h0061 10/09/28 57 %/143 aa ref|XP_002004493.1| GI19964 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW08428.1| GI19964 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 57 %/143 aa FBpp0169181|DmojGI19964-PA 10/08

  13. EST Table: AV398644 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398644 NV060124 10/09/28 96 %/174 aa ref|XP_002004473.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] ref|XP_002059335.1| GJ18395 [Drosophila virilis] gb|EDW08408.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojavensis] gb|E

  14. EST Table: AV404441 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404441 pg--0982 10/09/28 79 %/229 aa ref|XP_001998398.1| GI23651 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW13859.1| GI23651 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 79 %/229 aa FBpp0172868|DmojGI23651-PA 10/08

  15. EST Table: AV398478 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398478 NV021855 10/09/28 99 %/204 aa ref|NP_001136443.1| clathrin heavy chain [Bo...6 %/204 aa T20G5.1#CE00480#WBGene00011867#locus:chc-1#Clathrin heavy chain#status:Partially_confirmed#UniPro

  16. EST Table: AV402568 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV402568 heS30139 10/09/28 48 %/151 aa ref|XP_002006691.1| GI18446 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW10626.1| GI18446 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 48 %/151 aa FBpp0167663|DmojGI18446-PA 10/08

  17. EST Table: AV404233 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404233 pg--0732 10/09/28 70 %/129 aa ref|XP_002003556.1| GI21941 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW12998.1| GI21941 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 70 %/129 aa FBpp0171158|DmojGI21941-PA 10/08

  18. EST Table: AV399704 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399704 NV120582 10/09/28 80 %/230 aa ref|XP_001998398.1| GI23651 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW13859.1| GI23651 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 80 %/230 aa FBpp0172868|DmojGI23651-PA 10/08

  19. EST Table: AV404790 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404790 prgv0452 10/09/28 65 %/113 aa ref|XP_001979237.1| GG24851 [Drosophila erec...10/09/10 59 %/106 aa gi|91086741|ref|XP_971589.1| PREDICTED: similar to riboflavin kinase [Tribolium castaneum] FS912700 prgv ...

  20. EST Table: AV400760 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400760 br--1758 10/09/28 64 %/214 aa ref|XP_307835.4| AGAP009424-PA [Anopheles ga...9241497|ref|XP_967205.2| PREDICTED: similar to neuron navigator 2 [Tribolium castaneum] BY916808 br-- ...

  1. EST Table: AV405194 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405194 prgv0919 10/09/28 65 %/160 aa ref|XP_002000766.1| GI22341 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] gb|EDW16227.1| GI22341 [Drosophila mojavensis] 10/08/28 65 %/160 aa FBpp0171558|DmojGI22341-PA 10/08

  2. EST Table: AV403131 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV403131 msgV0077 10/09/28 92 %/200 aa ref|XP_002004473.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojav...ensis] ref|XP_002059335.1| GJ18395 [Drosophila virilis] gb|EDW08408.1| GI19595 [Drosophila mojavensis] gb|E

  3. EST Table: AV398368 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398368 NV021731 10/09/28 95 %/237 aa ref|NP_001136443.1| clathrin heavy chain [Bo...2 %/237 aa T20G5.1#CE00480#WBGene00011867#locus:chc-1#Clathrin heavy chain#status:Partially_confirmed#UniPro

  4. EST Table: AV399507 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399507 NV120319 10/09/28 70 %/144 aa ref|YP_803401.1| baculovirus repeated ORF-b [Anticars...ia gemmatalis nucleopolyhedrovirus] gb|ABI13791.1| baculovirus repeated ORF-b [Anticarsia gemmatali

  5. EST Table: AV403922 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV403922 pg--0214 10/09/28 91 %/142 aa ref|ZP_06118881.2| DNA packaging protein FI ...[Clostridium hathewayi DSM 13479] gb|EFC94454.1| DNA packaging protein FI [Clostridium hathewayi DSM 13479

  6. EST Table: AV404246 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404246 pg--0747 10/09/28 91 %/130 aa ref|ZP_06118881.2| DNA packaging protein FI ...[Clostridium hathewayi DSM 13479] gb|EFC94454.1| DNA packaging protein FI [Clostridium hathewayi DSM 13479

  7. EST Table: AV403894 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available ref|XP_001605691.1| PREDICTED: similar to xaa-pro dipeptidase app(e.coli) [Nasonia vitripennis] 10/08/28 52...%/206 aa gi|189241712|ref|XP_968082.2| PREDICTED: similar to xaa-pro dipeptidase app(e.coli) [Tribolium castaneum] AV403894 pg-- ...

  8. Centralized Library Services for Audiovisual Media. AV in Action 4.

    Nederlands Bibliotheek en Lektuur Centrum, The Hague (Netherlands).

    Designed to provide assistance to countries in developing centralized services to their libraries for nonbook materials, this pamphlet contains examples from five countries that have succeeded in establishing such services. Those examples include: (1) "The Central Library Service for AV-Materials in Denmark" (Suzanne Hemmeth…

  9. EST Table: AV400204 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400204 br--0896 10/09/28 36 %/111 aa ref|XP_967620.1| PREDICTED: similar to anopheles stephen...093471|ref|XP_967620.1| PREDICTED: similar to anopheles stephensi ubiquitin, putative [Tribolium castaneum] FS914988 br-- ...

  10. EST Table: AV400925 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400925 br--1989 10/09/28 35 %/122 aa ref|XP_967620.1| PREDICTED: similar to anopheles|Amel|GB19565-PA 10/09/10 35 %/122 aa gi|91093471|ref|XP_967620.1| PREDICTED: similar to anopheles stephensi ubiquitin, putative [Tribolium castaneum] FS914988 br-- ...

  11. EST Table: AV400917 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400917 br--1979 10/09/28 46 %/148 aa ref|XP_975194.1| PREDICTED: similar to something about...|Amel|GB19080-PA 10/09/10 46 %/148 aa gi|91081571|ref|XP_975194.1| PREDICTED: similar to something about silencing protein 10 [Tribolium castaneum] FS937283 br-- ...

  12. EST Table: AV398194 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398194 NV021231 10/09/28 38 %/170 aa ref|NP_724426.2| vulcan, isoform D [ melanogaster] gb|AAM68355.2| vulcan, isoform D [Drosophila melanogaster] 10/08/28 38 %/170 aa FBpp0289730

  13. EST Table: AV406060 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV406060 wdV30561X 10/09/28 99 %/122 aa gb|ACN86367.1| troponin T transcript varian...006588#locus:tnt- 3#status:Partially_confirmed#UniProt:B9WRS6#protein_id:AC M46022.1 10/09/10 81 %/122 aa AG

  14. EST Table: AV405690 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405690 wdV30118 10/09/28 93 %/225 aa ref|NP_001040124.1| exuperantia [Bombyx mori] gb|ABD36117.1| exuperan...9360-PA 10/09/10 53 %/220 aa gi|91085815|ref|XP_974770.1| PREDICTED: similar to exuperantia [Tribolium castaneum] FS919769 wdV3 ...

  15. EST Table: AV401231 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401231 e96h0406 10/09/28 100 %/169 aa ref|NP_001040343.1| peripheral-type benzodiazepine... receptor [Bombyx mori] gb|ABF51223.1| peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28

  16. EST Table: AV401871 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401871 heS00267 11/12/09 GO hit GO:0046872(metal ion binding) 10/09/28 65 %/194 aa gb|ACR61720.1| triglyce...ride lipase [Manduca sexta] 10/08/28 48 %/206 aa FBpp0147001|DgriGH13095-PA 10/08/2

  17. EST Table: AV398786 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398786 NV060281 10/09/28 96 %/126 aa gb|ACZ13341.1| actin-4 [Bursaphelenchus xylo...philus] dbj|BAI52957.1| actin [Bursaphelenchus xylophilus] 10/08/28 96 %/126 aa FBpp0278212|DpseGA24908-PA 1

  18. EST Table: AV401011 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401011 e96h0108 10/09/28 100 %/105 aa gb|ACZ13341.1| actin-4 [Bursaphelenchus xyl...ophilus] dbj|BAI52957.1| actin [Bursaphelenchus xylophilus] 10/08/28 100 %/105 aa FBpp0278212|DpseGA24908-PA

  19. EST Table: AV400057 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400057 br--0482 10/09/28 100 %/104 aa gb|ACZ13341.1| actin-4 [Bursaphelenchus xyl...ophilus] dbj|BAI52957.1| actin [Bursaphelenchus xylophilus] 10/08/28 100 %/104 aa FBpp0278212|DpseGA24908-PA

  20. EST Table: AV398858 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398858 NV060362 10/09/28 100 %/102 aa gb|ACZ13341.1| actin-4 [Bursaphelenchus xyl...ophilus] dbj|BAI52957.1| actin [Bursaphelenchus xylophilus] 10/08/28 100 %/102 aa FBpp0278212|DpseGA24908-PA

  1. EST Table: AV402944 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV402944 heS30768 10/09/28 76 %/117 aa gb|ACO12033.1| 40S ribosomal protein S8 [Lepeo...phtheirus salmonis] gb|ACO12251.1| 40S ribosomal protein S8 [Lepeophtheirus salmonis] 10/08/28 67 %/122 aa

  2. Rektorers forståelse av mobbing i skolen

    Hansen, Helle Rabøl


    PÅ opfordring fra redaktionen gives en kommentar med dansk vinkel til den norske artikel 'Rektorers forståelse av mobbning i skolen'.Den omtalte artikel er at betragte som første trin i indførelse af en nordisk mobbeforståelse med undgangspunkt i Dan Olweus begrebsafgrænsning.Der savnes også en i...

  3. EST Table: AV405516 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405516 wdV10864 10/09/28 33 %/180 aa ref|XP_969213.1| PREDICTED: similar to artemis...0768|ref|XP_969213.1| PREDICTED: similar to artemis protein [Tribolium castaneum] FS920671 wdV1 ...

  4. EST Table: AV401629 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401629 e96h0968 10/09/28 70 %/161 aa ref|XP_002431431.1| Karyogamy protein KAR4, ...putative [Pediculus humanus corporis] gb|EEB18693.1| Karyogamy protein KAR4, putative [Pediculus humanus cor

  5. Reaching for Peak Performance in Existing Homes -- A Cold Climate Study With Synergy Construction

    Gates, C. [Building Science Corporation, Somerville, MA (United States); Osser, R. [Building Science Corporation, Somerville, MA (United States)


    Two test homes located in Millbury and Somerville, MA are examined with the goal of providing case studies that could be applied to other similar New England homes. The retrofit process for the enclosure and mechanical systems are examined in detail and the decision-making process is discussed.

  6. Forskerskoler som modeller for forskerutdanning: Progresjon og utvikling av ekspertise

    Sten Ludvigsen


    Full Text Available I de senere årene har forskerskoler blitt fremhevet som en mulig løsning på ulike utfordringer innenfor forskerutdanningen. På bakgrunn av erfaringer med to forskerskoler innenfor utdanningsvitenskap, vil vi i denne artikkelen belyse to problemstillinger: Hvordan kan man organisere læringsforløpet til ph.d.-kandidatene slik at det støtter deres progresjon? Og hva må forskerutdanningen inneholde for at ph.d.-kandidatene skal utvikle tilstrekkelig ekspertise innenfor et avgrenset kunnskapsområde?For å skape progresjon, bør utdanningsprogrammet bidra til å gi struktur og angi faglig retning. Videre må utdanningselementene være relevante for avhandlingsarbeidet. I tillegg kan progresjon fremmes gjennom seminarer, der utviklingen av tekster og artikler følges opp. Argumentet om at forskerskoler bør bygge på gode forskningsmiljøer har stått sentralt i utredningen av ulike modeller for forskerutdanning i Norge. Ett aspekt som har fått økende oppmerksomhet er betydningen av å oppnå en tilstrekkelig grad av spesialisering. Uten utvikling av en slik ekspertise, vil ph.d.-kandidatene ikke kunne publisere internasjonalt og delta i forskningsfellesskap.Ved Det utdanningsvitenskapelige fakultet har man de siste 10 årene utviklet flere typer forskerskoler. I denne artikkelen tar vi utgangspunkt i den UiO-finansierte, tematisk avgrensede forskerskolen «Læring, kommunikasjon og IKT» (2004–2008 og den NFR-finansierte nasjonale forskerskolen i utdanningsvitenskap, NATED (2008–2016, hvor ph.d.-kandidatene deltar i faglige aktiviteter organisert i fire spor.Metodene som brukes for å besvare problemstillingene omfatter intervjuer, spørreskjema og refleksjoner vedrørende de to ulike forskerskolene.Resultatene viser at man kan oppnå nødvendig spesialisering, høy kvalitet, høy tilfredshet og høy relevans ved bruk av forskerskoler som virkemiddel i forskerutdanningen. Begge forskerskolene har tilrettelagt for internasjonal

  7. Minimizing ventricular pacing by a novel atrioventricular (AV) delay hysteresis algorithm in patients with intact or compromised intrinsic AV conduction and different atrial and ventricular lead locations.

    Pakarinen, Sami; Toivonen, Lauri


    To investigate if an advanced AV search hysteresis (AVSH) algorithm, Ventricular Intrinsic Preference (VIP(™)), reduces the incidence of ventricular pacing (VP) in sinus node dysfunction (SND) with both intact and compromised AV conduction and with intermittent AV block regardless of the lead positions in the right atria and the ventricle. Patients were classified as having intact AV (AVi) conduction if the PR interval was ≤ 210 ms on ECG and 1:1 AV conduction during atrial pacing up to 120 bpm with PR interval ≤ 350 ms. Otherwise the AV conduction was classified as compromised (AVc). Both AVi and AVc patients were randomized to VIP ON or OFF. VIP performed an intrinsic AV conduction search every 30 s for three consecutive atrial cycles with the extension of the sensed and paced AV (SAV/PAV) delays from basic values of 150/200 ms to 300/350 ms. Extended AV intervals were allowed for three cycles when VP occurred before returning to basic AV delays. The primary end-point was %VP at 12 months. Among 389 patients, 30.1% had intact and 69.9% had compromised AV conduction. The mean %VP at 12 months was 9.6% by VIP compared to 51.8% with standard AV settings in patients with AVi (P < 0.0001) and 28.0% versus 78.9% (P < 0.0001) with AVc. With VIP, excessive %VP among most used lead positions was not seen. Conversely, when VIP was off %VP was low only in patients who had leads in the RA septal-RV septal position (23.0%). VIP feature reduces VP both in patients with SND and with intermittent heart block regardless of the lead positions in the right atria and the ventricle.

  8. En obekväm sanning eller en stor bluff? : En analys av den visuella gestaltningen av fenomenet "global uppvärmning" i filmmediet

    Eriksson, Anton; Oretoft, Mikael


    En uppsats som kritiskt granskar och analyserar den visuella gestaltningen i två dokumentärfilmer. Huvudtemat i filmerna är global uppvärmning och konsekvenserna av detta. Uppsatsens syfte är att undersöka den visuella gestaltningen av den miljödebatt som filmerna är en del i och genom detta belysa frågor som berör visuell kultur och popularisering av vetenskap.

  9. Fra strømfordeling til pengestrøm? : Statnett fra forvaltningsbedrift til statsforetak : en konsekvensanalyse av omorganiseringen av Statnett seks år etter

    Knudsen, Halvor Gillund


    Fra strømfordeling til pengestrøm? Statnett fra forvaltningsbedrift til statsforetak en konsekvensanalyse av omorganiseringen av Statnett seks år etter. Tema for oppgaven er konsekvenser av endrete tilknytningsformer i staten. Temaet er kommet frem gjennom tilknytning til et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Universitetet i Oslo ved Vitenskapsbutikken og Arbeids- og administrasjonsdepartementet. Årsaken til at man ønsker å se på slike forhold er den stadige kritikken mot en etter sigende alt for...

  10. En påle genom Dracula-filmernas hjärta? : En komparativ analys av adaptationer av Bram Stokers Dracula (1897) från åren 2000-2014

    Bahrman, Alexander


    En komparativ analys av adaptationer av Bram Stokers Dracula (1897) från åren 2000-2014 med syfte att undersöka resultatet av nästan 100 år av adaptationer och ett mål för att verkställa om en filmkanon har skapats kring karaktären.

  11. En påle genom Dracula-filmernas hjärta? : En komparativ analys av adaptationer av Bram Stokers Dracula (1897) från åren 2000-2014

    Bahrman, Alexander


    En komparativ analys av adaptationer av Bram Stokers Dracula (1897) från åren 2000-2014 med syfte att undersöka resultatet av nästan 100 år av adaptationer och ett mål för att verkställa om en filmkanon har skapats kring karaktären.

  12. Analysis of AVS-penogram in 3000 impotent patients

    Minn, Young Guy; Choi, Hyung Ki [Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Audio visual simulation penogram(AVS-penogram) is used as a screening method for evaluation of erectile dysfunction. In this study, 3000 patients were evaluated from Dec. 1986 to Dec. 1992 and finally diagnosed by comprehensive diagnostic methods. The patients were classified according to AVS-penogram curves into 4 types and correlated with the patient`s final diagnosis. For 800 patients who were evaluated with combined AVS-penogram and NPT monitoring, compatibility ratios between psychogenic and organic group were compared. After correlating each of the curve type with the patients and comparing erotic and nocturnal erection, following results were obtained. 1. The mean age of the patients was 41.25 years. 2. The overall rate of final diagnosis were 57.5%, 14.3%, 8.9% in psychogenic, arteriogenic and veogenic impotence. 3. Type I group was proved as psychogenic impotence in 87% of the patients. 4. Type IIA group was proved as organic impotence in 79% of the patients and most of them had neurogenic and arteriogenic impotence. 5. Type IIB group was proved as psychogenic impotence in 51%, organic impotence in 49% of the patients. Among the organic impotence group, most of them had arteriogenic, venogenic and neurogenic impotence. The difference of both group was statically insignificant. 6. Type IIC group was proved as psychogenic impotence in 39%, organic impotence in 61% of the patients. Further studies are needed for sub-classification of both groups. 7. The compatibility ratio of the AVS-penogram and NPTM was 85.9% in psychogenic group with normal finding in both tests and 44.7% in organic group with abnormal finding in both tests. In conclusion, AVS-penogram is a primary diagnostic method in screening impotent patients and type I is regarded as psychogenic impotence. In Type IIB and IIC, sub-classification of curve type is needed for differential diagnosis between psychogenic and organic impotence. (Abstract Truncated)

  13. Forbuden frukt smaker best en studie av nordmenns spise- og drikkemønster av sjokolade, søtsaker, salt snacks, sukkerholdige leskedrikker og lignende

    Bugge, Annechen Bahr


    Denne studien er en del av forskningsprosjektene Young Food og HealthMeal. Begge prosjektene er finansiert av Norges forskningsråd. Temaet i rapporten er nordmenns spise- og drikkemønster av en type mat og drikke som helsemyndighetene ønsker at befolkningen skal redusere forbruket sitt av – slik som sjokolade, søtsaker, søte bakervarer, salt snacks og sukkerholdige drikker. Selv om forbruksutviklingen de seneste par årene har vist positive tendenser, har altså nordmenn fremdeles et langt høye...

  14. En handlingsmodell för förebyggandet av psykologiska komplikationer hos kvinnor som genomgår avbrytande av havandeskap


    Abstrakt Utvecklingsarbetet ”En handlingsmodell för förebyggandet av psykologiska komplikationer hos kvinnor som genomgår avbrytande av havandeskap”, är en fortsättning på examensarbetet ”Abort - En systematisk översikt av kvinnornas upplevelser och av vårdpersonalens betydelse” som publicerades och presenterades våren 2013. Syftet med utvecklingsarbetet är att producera en handlingsmodell för hälsovårdspersonalen. Handlingsmodellen kommer att ge råd och tips på hur man som hälsovårdspe...

  15. Cloning and characterization of a novel apolipoprotein gene, apolipoprotein AV, in tree shrews.

    Li, Guoping; Luo, Huairong; Sun, Guotao; Wu, Guisheng; Wu, Gang; Wang, Yan; Man, Yong; Wang, Shu; Li, Jian; Chen, Baosheng


    Apolipoprotein AV (apoAV) modulates plasma triglyceride levels, which is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. ApoAV is also involved in atherosclerosis lesion formation. In order to systematically evaluate the apolipoprotein-related gene profile in tree shrew, a model for its insusceptibility to atherosclerosis, we performed apoAV cloning and characterization. The full-length cDNA of apoAV was identified using SMART-RACE. ApoAV cDNA sequence revealed two transcripts, 1,948 and 1,397 base pairs, due to alternative polyadenylation. These two transcripts share the same open reading frame (ORF), which encodes a 369-amino acid protein with high identity to human apoAV (75 %), including a 23-amino acid N-terminal signal peptide. ApoAV is expressed exclusively in the liver. Mature apoAV was expressed in E. coli BL21(DE3) and purified by Ni-chelated resin. Lipoprotein lipase activity was significantly stimulated by this recombinant protein. The full-length ORF of apoAV was cloned into pDsRed-monomer-N1 vector with a red fluorescent protein tag and was primarily localized in cytoplasm of hepG2 cells. The successful cloning, expression and localization of apoAV in tree shrew has laid down the foundation for further investigation on its structure and functions.



    The main thrust of this paper is peak shaving with a Stochastic hydro model. In peak sharing, the amount of ... Fuel cost at a conventional hydro plant is nil. On the other hand, the ... s(k) = spill at the hydro plant in period k. I(k) = loss due to ...

  17. Viktigheten av fysisk aktivitet og trening blant eldre

    Hilde Lohne-Seiler


    Full Text Available Regelmessig fysisk aktivitet er viktig for eldres helse. Sammenhengen mellom en fysisk aktiv livsstil og helsegevinster som forebygging av sykdom, opprettholdelse av uavhengighet og økt livskvalitet er godt dokumentert (ACSM's Position Stand 1998; Spirduso & Cronin, 2001; Taylor et al., 2004. Hensikten med denne oversiktsartikkelen er derfor å redegjøre for viktigheten av regelmessig fysisk aktivitet og trening i aldringsprosessen, samt utdype sammenhengen mellom en fysisk aktiv livsstil og fysisk funksjon blant eldre. Basert på en nasjonal multisenterstudie (Anderssen et al., 2009, tilfredsstilte 20% voksne og eldre (20-85 år de nasjonale anbefalinger om 30 minutter med daglig fysisk aktivitet. Kun 12% i den eldste aldersgruppen (80-85 år tilfredsstilte anbefalingene. Totalt fysisk aktivitetsnivå, målt ved hjelp av akselerometer, ble redusert med økende alder, hvor de eldste (80-85 år hadde 50% lavere aktivitetsnivå sammenlignet med de yngste (65-69 år (Lohne-Seiler et al., 2012. Fra 25-års alder reduseres utholdenhet og muskelstyrke med 10% per 10 år dersom individet er inaktiv (Heath et al., 1981; Wilmore, 1991. Systematisk utholdenhets- og styrketrening ser derimot ut til å redusere tapet med inntil halvparten, det vil si en reduksjon tilsvarende 5% per 10 år hos fysisk aktive individer (Heath et al., 1981. Eldre individer ser ut til å ha de samme treningsinduserte effekter som yngre, det vil si at man får effekt av økt aktivitet uansett alder, og da også lik prosentvis fremgang (Hagberg et al., 1989. Studier har vist at det er mulig å øke maksimalt oksygenopptak og maksimal muskelstyrke med inntil 10-20% i løpet av en 12 ukers intervensjon (Hagberg et al., 1989; Reeves et al., 2003; Lohne-Seiler et al, in press. Da muskelstyrke ser ut til å ha en sterk sammenheng med individets funksjonsevne/mobilitet, er det viktig å kunne tilrettelegge for systematisk styrketrening for eldre for på den måten å oppnå

  18. Pro gaming tips Halo Reach

    Greene, Nicholas


    ABOUT THE BOOK Halo Reach is the latest installment, and goes back to Halo's roots in more ways than one. Set around one of the most frequently referenced events in the Haloverse-The Fall of Reach-Reach puts you in the shoes of Noble 6, an unnamed Spartan, fighting a doomed battle to save the planet. Dual-wielding's gone, health is back, and equipment now takes the form of different "classes," with different weapon loadouts and special abilities (such as sprinting, cloaking, or flight). If you're reading this guide, you're either new to the Halo franchise and looking to get a leg up on all

  19. How to use your peak flow meter

    Peak flow meter - how to use; Asthma - peak flow meter; Reactive airway disease - peak flow meter; Bronchial asthma - peak flow meter ... If your airways are narrowed and blocked due to asthma, your peak flow values drop. You can ...

  20. Kartlegging av læreres kunnskap er ikke enkelt

    Reidar Mosvold


    Full Text Available Læreres kunnskap har betydning for elevenes læring, og som et ledd i prosessen for styrking av kvaliteten i norsk skole har politikere i senere tid ytret ønske om å kartlegge læreres kunnskap. Kartlegging av læreres kunnskap er imidlertid ikke enkelt, og i denne artikkelen undersøker vi hvordan de samme lærernes undervisningskunnskap i matematikk kan se ut til å være forskjellig når den måles ved hjelp av oppgaver med ulikt format. Deltakerne i studien var 30 praktiserende lærere, og instrumentet besto av 28 flervalgsoppgaver med tilhørende åpne oppgaver. Sammenhengen mellom lærernes kunnskap slik den måles ved hjelp av flervalgsoppgavene og de åpne oppgavene er ikke alltid klar. Det er derfor nødvendig å tilnærme seg måling av læreres undervisnings-kunnskap i matematikk med stor varsomhet. Nærmere undersøkelser er nødvendig for å finne ut hva slags type kunnskap som kan måles med ulike typer oppgaver og hva slags måleinstrumenter som kan brukes til hvilke formål.Nøkkelord: Undervisningskunnskap i matematikk, kartlegging, måleinstrument-er, flervalgsoppgaver AbstractTeachers’ knowledge influence students’ learning, and as part of their attempts to increase the quality of Norwegian schools, politicians have announced their intentions to measure the knowledge of teachers. Measuring teacher knowledge is not straightforward, however, and this article investigates how a group of mathematics teachers’ knowledge might appear different when measured by items of different formats. The participants in this study were 30 in-service teachers, and the instrument consisted of 28 multiple-choice items with associated open-response items. The connection between the teachers’ know-ledge as measured by multiple-choice items and open-response items is not always straightforward. As an implication, it is necessary to approach measure-ment of teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching with great care. Further studies are

  1. Lunar Probe Reaches Deep Space


    @@ China's second lunar probe, Chang'e-2, has reached an orbit 1.5 million kilometers from Earth for an additional mission of deep space exploration, the State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense announced.

  2. Avsluttende studentevaluering i Bachelorutdanningen : avgangsstudenters vurdering av undervisning og utdanning ved Politihøgskolen, Kull 05–08

    Hove, Kjersti


    Denne rapporten inneholder en oppsummering og enkle analyser av studenters evaluering av utdanningen ved slutten av studiet. Evalueringen bygger delvis på spørsmål hentet fra StudData, og en tilsvarende rapport fra HiO ( Hatlevik, Ida Katrine Riksaasen: Avgangsstudenten – Studentenes vurdering av undervisning, praksis, studieforhold, tilegnet kompetanse, studieatferd og fremtidig utdanning. HiO-notat nr 2 -2009) hvor analyser av flere studentgruppers evalueringer er sammenstilt. Rapporten fra...

  3. Doppler peaks from active perturbations

    Magueijo, J; Coulson, D; Ferreira, P; Magueijo, Joao; Albrecht, Andreas; Coulson, David; Ferreira, Pedro


    We examine how the qualitative structure of the Doppler peaks in the angular power spectrum of the cosmic microwave anisotropy depends on the fundamental nature of the perturbations which produced them. The formalism of Hu and Sugiyama is extended to treat models with cosmic defects. We discuss how perturbations can be ``active'' or ``passive'' and ``incoherent'' or ``coherent'', and show how causality and scale invariance play rather different roles in these various cases. We find that the existence of secondary Doppler peaks and the rough placing of the primary peak unambiguously reflect these basic properties.

  4. Wirevagn : Utvecklingen av en utrullare för hisslinor

    Rehnsfeldt, Patrik


    Kandidatexamensarbetet som utgick från en förfrågan från företaget Irongrip AB hade som mål att utveckla ett produktförslag på en utlindare av stålvajer för hissmontörer. Irongrip AB som tillverkar och säljer verktyg för hantering av stålvajer hade uppmärksammat att en efterfrågan på en sådan produkt fanns på marknaden då befintliga lösningar var bristfälliga och inte hade alla de funktioner som är önskvärda hos en sådan produkt.Arbetet inleddes med en förstudie där studiebesök vid lindragnin...

  5. Make peak flow a habit!

    ... asthma - peak flow References Durrani SR, Busse WW. Management of asthma in adolescents and adults. In: Adkinson NF Jr, Bochner BS, Burks AW, et al, eds. Middleton's Allergy Principles and Practice . 8th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2014:chap ...

  6. EST Table: AV400562 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400562 br--1452X 10/09/28 59 %/160 aa ref|XP_001843664.1| neuroendocrine protein ...7b2 [Culex quinquefasciatus] gb|EDS33875.1| neuroendocrine protein 7b2 [Culex quinquefasciatus] 10/08/28 41 ...47 %/159 aa gi|91081787|ref|XP_973692.1| PREDICTED: similar to neuroendocrine protein 7b2 [Tribolium castaneum] BP115163 br-- ...

  7. EST Table: AV400244 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400244 br--1010 10/09/28 53 %/100 aa ref|XP_001654557.1| neuroendocrine protein 7...b2 [Aedes aegypti] gb|EAT46754.1| neuroendocrine protein 7b2 [Aedes aegypti] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 low homology 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h BP115163 br-- ...

  8. EST Table: AV398380 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398380 NV021745 10/09/28 70 %/209 aa ref|XP_001648944.1| dendritic cell protein [...hort=eIF3m gb|EAT44291.1| dendritic cell protein [Aedes aegypti] 10/08/28 66 %/206 aa FBpp0276999|DpseGA2097...P_968265.1| PREDICTED: similar to dendritic cell protein [Tribolium castaneum] FS916297 NV02 ...

  9. EST Table: AV399091 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399091 NV060650 10/09/28 71 %/209 aa ref|XP_001648944.1| dendritic cell protein [...hort=eIF3m gb|EAT44291.1| dendritic cell protein [Aedes aegypti] 10/08/28 66 %/206 aa FBpp0276999|DpseGA2097...P_968265.1| PREDICTED: similar to dendritic cell protein [Tribolium castaneum] FS916297 NV06 ...

  10. EST Table: AV399252 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399252 NV060970 10/09/28 62 %/104 aa ref|NP_001119705.1| transformer 2 isoform A ...[Bombyx mori] gb|AAT42220.2| transformer-2 protein A [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 low homology 10/09/10 low homology NM_001126237 NV06 ...

  11. EST Table: AV400450 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400450 br--1258 10/09/28 98 %/184 aa ref|NP_001040380.1| F-box only protein 21 [B...ombyx mori] gb|ABF51283.1| F-box only protein 21 [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h FS910521 br-- ...

  12. EST Table: AV402699 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV402699 heS30352 10/09/28 96 %/136 aa ref|NP_001128387.1| scavenger receptor type ...C [Bombyx mori] dbj|BAG70411.1| scavenger receptor type C [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h FS765704 heS3 ...

  13. EST Table: AV402471 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV402471 heS01053 10/09/28 100 %/233 aa ref|NP_001128387.1| scavenger receptor type... C [Bombyx mori] dbj|BAG70411.1| scavenger receptor type C [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 35 %/207 aa FBpp0123883|Da...12043.1| PREDICTED: similar to scavenger receptor SR-C-like protein [Tribolium castaneum] FS765704 heS0 ...

  14. EST Table: AV405279 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405279 wdV10395 10/09/28 66 %/172 aa ref|XP_002062541.1| GK17594 [Drosophila will.../27 33 %/169 aa T21E12.4#CE23997#WBGene00000962#locus:dhc-1#dynein heavy chain#status:Partially_confirmed#Un...17|ref|XP_975584.1| PREDICTED: similar to dynein heavy chain [Tribolium castaneum] DC550560 wdV1 ...

  15. EST Table: AV404429 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404429 pg--0968X 10/09/28 88 %/186 aa ref|NP_001116822.1| kinesin heavy chain [Bo...5-PA 10/08/27 44 %/109 aa R05D3.7#CE26945#WBGene00006840#locus:unc-116#Kinesin heavy chain#status:Confirmed#...56|ref|XP_973415.2| PREDICTED: similar to Kinesin heavy chain CG7765-PA [Tribolium castaneum] FS934567 pg-- ...

  16. EST Table: AV402302 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV402302 heS00852 10/09/28 98 %/239 aa ref|NP_001128387.1| scavenger receptor type ...C [Bombyx mori] dbj|BAG70411.1| scavenger receptor type C [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 31 %/247 aa FBpp0259854|Dya...043.1| PREDICTED: similar to scavenger receptor SR-C-like protein [Tribolium castaneum] FS765704 heS0 ...

  17. EST Table: AV398139 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398139 NV021172 10/09/28 46 %/243 aa ref|XP_001661901.1| DNA mismatch repair protein muts... [Aedes aegypti] gb|EAT36110.1| DNA mismatch repair protein muts [Aedes aegypti] 10/08/28 43 %/238 a...el|GB10970-PA 10/09/10 42 %/247 aa gi|91082687|ref|XP_971522.1| PREDICTED: similar to DNA mismatch repair protein muts [Tribolium castaneum] BY922838 NV02 ...

  18. Effekter av endringer i finansieringsansvaret for TNF-hemmere

    Hagen, Terje P.; Bjarkum, Irina; Hobbel, Silje; Orderdalen, Karianne


    Tumor necreosis factor alfa (TNF-a) - hemmere, og andre biologiske inflammatoriske modifiserende legemidler blir brukt innen reumatologi, gastroenterologi og dermatologi. I denne rapporten analyseres effekter av endringer i finansieringssystemet for seks legemidler som faller innenfor disse legemiddelgruppene og som langt på vei er substitutter: Humira, Enbrel og Remicade som er TNF-hemmere, Raptiva og Orencia som er registrert under kategorien selektive immunsuppressiver og MabThera som er r...

  19. EST Table: AV401797 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401797 heS00172 10/09/28 94 %/235 aa ref|NP_001036831.1| saposin-related [Bombyx ...9/10 low homology 10/09/10 low homology 10/09/10 41 %/191 aa gi|91077504|ref|XP_966852.1| PREDICTED: similar to saposin isoform 1 [Tribolium castaneum] FS791050 heS0 ...

  20. EST Table: AV401078 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401078 e96h0200 10/09/28 42 %/112 aa ref|XP_001648294.1| Juvenile hormone-inducib...le protein, putative [Aedes aegypti] gb|EAT44634.1| Juvenile hormone-inducible protein, putative [Aedes aegy... 10/09/10 36 %/106 aa gi|91080979|ref|XP_974925.1| PREDICTED: similar to Juvenile hormone-inducible protein, putative [Tribolium castaneum] FS808716 e96h ...

  1. Kritik av riskbegreppet - berättigad eller ej?

    Nexøe, Jørgen; Halvorsen, Peder; Kristiansen, Ivar Sønbø


    skull". Trots stora framsteg inom medicinen finns det skäl att stanna upp och fråga: Vad håller vi på med egentligen? Redaktörerna och författarna till denna bok lyfter fram behovet av att reflektera över medicinsk praktik och att kritiskt granska de teorier som ligger till grund för vad vi gör. I boken...

  2. Inkludering av ungdom med minoritetsbakgrunn i NIF-organisert idrett

    Mari Kristin Sisjord


    Full Text Available Norges Idrettsforbund og Olympiske og Paralympiske Komité (NIF har en uttalt målsetting om en åpen og inkluderende idrett. Hvordan kommer dette til uttrykk i den praktiske virksomheten? Denne artikkelen, som bygger på data fra en undersøkelse om likestilling og mangfold i den organiserte idretten (NIF, retter søkelyset mot arbeid med inklusjon av ungdom med minoritetsbakgrunn på ulike organisasjonsnivå i NIF: særforbund, idrettskretser og idrettslag. Datamaterialet er kvalitative intervju med representanter fra ulike organisasjonsnivå. Resultatene viser at NIFs overordnede politikk i varierende grad nedfelles i særforbundenes virksomhet, i idrettskretsene og i idrettslagene. Av særforbundene skiller Fotballforbundet og Klatreforbundet seg ut som aktive pådrivere i arbeidet med inkludering. Mange idrettslag oppfattet slike spørsmål som lite aktuelle i sitt rekrutteringsområde. Representanter for lag som hadde erfaring med inkludering og rekruttering av minoritetsungdom, tilkjennega varierte erfaringer og synspunkter.

  3. Toward robust AV conferencing on next-generation networks

    Liu, Haining; Cheng, Liang; El Zarki, Magda


    In order to enable a truly pervasive computing environment, next generation networks (including B3G and 4G) will merge the broadband wireless and wireline networking infrastructure. However, due to the tremendous complexity in administration and the unreliability of the wireless channel, provision of hard-guarantees for services on such networks will not happen in the foreseeable future. This consequently makes it particularly challenging to offer viable AV conferencing services due to their stringent synchronization, delay and data fidelity requirements. We propose in this paper a robust application-level solution for wireless mobile AV conferencing on B3G/4G networks. Expecting no special treatment from the network, we apply a novel adaptive delay and synchronization control mechanism to maintain the synchronization and reduce the latency as much as possible. We also employ a robust video coding technique that has better error-resilience capability. We investigate the performance of the proposed solution through simulations using a three-state hidden Markov chain as the generic end-to-end transport channel model. The results show that our scheme yields tight synchronization performance, relatively low end-to-end latency and satisfactory presentation quality. The scheme successfully provides a fairly robust AV conferencing service.

  4. Synliggörande av tyst kunskap i gymnasial yrkesutbildning

    Mats Lundgren


    Full Text Available Yrkesutbildning skiljer sig från andra former av gymnasieutbildning genom att den innehåller praktisk kunskap som kan vara svårfångad, ofta benämnd som tyst kunskap. Tyst kunskap utgör en förutsättning för att yrkeselever ska kunna tillägna sig ett yrkes kultur, praxis och kunskapstradition. Med utgångspunkt i yrkeslärares berättelser beskrivs i artikeln med stöd av tre definierade kompetensområden, 1 yrkesfältet, 2 handlag i yrket samt 3 interaktion och social kompetens, hur yrkeslärare arbetar för att möjliggöra att ett yrkes tysta kunskaper kan läras i en skolmiljö. Resultatet visar betydelsen av att yrkeslärares tysta kunskaper blottläggs för eleverna genom att de i sin undervisning, berättar, visar och ställer frågor. Det är i dessa möten som den tysta kunskapens betydelse i yrkesutövning kan bli synlig för eleverna.

  5. Bruk av ordlæringsstrategier blant norske tyskelever

    Anna Gausland


    Full Text Available Interessen for forskning på læringsstrategier er økende i Norge. Det finnes likevel ennå ingen publiserte empiriske studier som fokuserer på læringsstrategier i andre fremmedspråk. Hensikten med den foreliggende artikkelen er å gi et første innblikk i 54 norske tyskelevers bruk av ordlæringsstrategier. Studien er gjennomført som en skriftlig spørreundersøkelse hvor elevene beskrev hvordan de hadde arbeidet for å lære en liste med tysk-norske ordpar. Samlet sett ser vi at elevene behersker ordlæringsstrategier av ulik art, men at noen få strategier er hyppig forekomne hos de fleste elevene. Det viser seg at elevene i hovedsak bruker ordlæringsstrategier som inneholder element av repetisjon, altså strategier som krever lite kognitiv bearbeiding. Dernest blir metakognitive strategier som organiserer og planlegger læringen mest brukt. Artikkelens siste del sammenligner funn fra undersøkelsen med internasjonale studier og skisserer videre forskningsbehov innen feltet.

  6. Särhållning av gruvavfall med avseende på syrabildande potential : en studie av svenska sulfidmalmsgruvor

    Sellin, Jessica


    Gruvavfall utgör över 80 % av den totala mängden avfall i Sverige. Avfallet från gruvindustrin kan påverka våra ekosystem negativt om tungmetaller och försurande ämnen lämnar materialet. I Sverige utgör avfall från sulfidmalmer störst risk för miljön eftersom det innehåller mineral som genom kontakt med luft vittrar och producerar surt och metallhaltigt lakvatten. Efterbehandling av dessa material är viktigt för att förhindra läckage till omgivningen. Eftersom efterbehandli...

  7. Peak Oil and other threatening peaks-Chimeras without substance

    Radetzki, Marian, E-mail: [Lulea University of Technology (Sweden)


    The Peak Oil movement has widely spread its message about an impending peak in global oil production, caused by an inadequate resource base. On closer scrutiny, the underlying analysis is inconsistent, void of a theoretical foundation and without support in empirical observations. Global oil resources are huge and expanding, and pose no threat to continuing output growth within an extended time horizon. In contrast, temporary or prolonged supply crunches are indeed plausible, even likely, on account of growing resource nationalism denying access to efficient exploitation of the existing resource wealth.

  8. Peak Oil and other threatening peaks. Chimeras without substance

    Radetzki, Marian [Luleaa University of Technology (Sweden)


    The Peak Oil movement has widely spread its message about an impending peak in global oil production, caused by an inadequate resource base. On closer scrutiny, the underlying analysis is inconsistent, void of a theoretical foundation and without support in empirical observations. Global oil resources are huge and expanding, and pose no threat to continuing output growth within an extended time horizon. In contrast, temporary or prolonged supply crunches are indeed plausible, even likely, on account of growing resource nationalism denying access to efficient exploitation of the existing resource wealth. (author)

  9. Ultrasonic Transducer Peak-to-Peak Optical Measurement

    Pavel Skarvada


    Full Text Available Possible optical setups for measurement of the peak-to-peak value of an ultrasonic transducer are described in this work. The Michelson interferometer with the calibrated nanopositioner in reference path and laser Doppler vibrometer were used for the basic measurement of vibration displacement. Langevin type of ultrasonic transducer is used for the purposes of Electro-Ultrasonic Nonlinear Spectroscopy (EUNS. Parameters of produced mechanical vibration have to been well known for EUNS. Moreover, a monitoring of mechanical vibration frequency shift with a mass load and sample-transducer coupling is important for EUNS measurement.

  10. Mellom bibel og menneskerettigheter : en studie av Vårt Land og Dagens vinkling av Palestina/Israel-konflikten


    Sammendrag Tittel: Israel og Palestina mellom bibel og menneskerettigheter. - Vinkling av Palestina/Israelkonflikten i avisene Vårt Land og Dagens lederartikler Spørsmålsstilling: Hvilke holdninger til Palestina/Israel-konflikten reflekterer lederartikler i de to kristne dagsavisene Dagen og Vårt Land? Er det mulig å spore en endring i vinklingen over tid? Hvordan kan disse lederartiklene gi oss innblikk i en debatt om Palestina/Israel-konflikten blant kristne i Norge? Metode...

  11. Å LESE MEDIETEKSTER PÅ IPADEN. Observasjoner av en medievant fireårings bruk av iPad i hjemmet

    Henriette Jæger


    Full Text Available Artikkelen tar utgangspunkt i tre observasjoner av en gutt på fire år som bruker iPad på fritiden. Den søker å synliggjøre de strategiene dette barnet velger for å skaffe seg tilgang til ulike medietekster, hvordan han leser og tolker dem, og den undersøker eventuelle spor av kritisk refleksjon hos barnet over disse tekstene. Teoretisk sett hviler den på en forståelse av mediekompetanse som en parallell prosess til utvikling av lese- og skrivekyndighet (literacy, og medieopplevelsene omtales som viktige møter med tekst. Artikkelen undersøker hvordan å lese medietekster kan legge et grunnlag for å utvikle en utvidet tekstkompetanse eller mediekompetanse. Konklusjonen legger vekt på motivasjon og lekenhet som barns primære inngang til medietekstene og som et grunnlag for å utvikle mediekompetanse (media literacy. The article is based on three observations of a four-year-old boy who uses the iPad in his spare time. It demonstrates the strategies that this boy applies to gain access to various media texts, and how he reads and interprets them. It also seeks to examine traces of critical reflection that he may demonstrate in relation to these texts. Theoretically, it rests on an understanding of media literacy as a parallel process to the development of literacy, and it seeks to demonstrate how reading media texts can create an important starting point for the development of media literacy. The Kindergarten practitioner’s role and opportunities to develop children's media literacy within a kindergarten context is a focus towards the end of the article. In conclusion, I argue that motivation and playfulness are important approaches to media texts and create an important foundation for the development of media literacy

  12. Experiences of membrane technique in flue gas condensate treatment applications; Utvaerdering av erfarenheter av membranteknik foer rening av roekgaskondensat

    Goldschmidt, Barbara; Ekdahl, Emma; Hellman, Mats


    reject water volumes of the visited RO plants are between 13 and 30%, based on RO inlet volume. The reject water percentage is dependent on the design of the RO plant. Double or triple pass RO design causes an increase in reject percentage, whereas recirculation of reject from the last RO stages helps to decrease reject percentage, and hence increases the total permeate yield. Eight of the visited plants are equipped with a UF unit as a pre-treatment step. Two plants use sand filters instead. At the time when condensate treatment equipment was installed at these two plants, UF technology was not yet used in this type of applications. The plants with UF pre-treatment have a Vibra Screen filter installed before the UF unit. In some cases additional pre-treatment is installed. Several plants have carbon dioxide removal installed before the UF unit, two plants have ammonia removal before the UF unit, one plant has precipitation and one plant has a sand filter in addition to the Vibra Screen filter. One plant has a UV generator installed before the UF unit, to prevent bacterial growth in the membranes. The concentrate, or reject, from the RO plant is relatively particle free but enriched in dissolved solids. Seven of the plants are equipped with ammonia removal. ammonia is removed either by membranes, by strippers or in the humidifier of the flue gas condenser. Almost all visited plants have high availability today. However, it often took several years to reach this goal. Reconstructions and completions with additional equipment have been made to the original installations. One plant has an availability of only 50% after eighteen months operation, and has still not been approved for trial operation. As an average, 12 hours per week of maintenance is required for the flue gas condensate treatment plants. A common feature of the visited plants is, that only pH is monitored in the inlet water to the condensate treatment plant. Although monitoring of conductivity would give

  13. Har forhold under svangerskapet betydning for utviklingen av otitis media?

    Kari J. Kværner


    Full Text Available  SAMMENDRAGMed utgangspunkt i data fra et populasjonsbasert utvalg av 7 992 norske tvillinger ble sammenhengenmellom gjentatte ørebetennelser og forhold under svangerskapet studert. Som parametre på intrauterinevekstforhold ble informasjon om fødselsvekt og gestasjonsalder fra Medisinsk Fødselsregister benyttet.Informasjon om rapporterte øreinfeksjoner ble basert på spørreskjemaer som ble besvart av tvillingene ialderen 18–25 år. Først studerte vi individuelle effekter av fødselsvekt og gestasjonsalder på forekomsten avotitis media (OM. Rapportert fødselsvekt hos individer med OM var signifikant lavere enn hos kontrollene,med en gjennomsnittsforskjell på 86 gram. Hos de som rapporterte OM var gjennomsnittlig gestasjonsalder3 dager kortere enn i kontrollmaterialet. Deretter beregnet vi effekten av fødselsvekt ved bruk av co-twinkontroll metoden. Blant monozygote (MZ tvillingpar gjenspeiler fødselsvektforskjeller innenfor tvillingparetintra-uterine miljøforskjeller. Blant dizygote (DZ par kan vektforskjellen være både genetiske ogmiljøbetinget. Ved sammenligning av fødselsvektforskjeller innenfor tvillingparene er tvillingen som ikkehar gjentatte øreinfeksjoner en matchet kontroll blant OM diskordante par. Resultatene antyder at lavfødselsvekt er en risikofaktor for otitis media. Gjennomsnittlig vektforskjell blant par diskordante for OMvar 48 gram, og den av tvillingen som ikke rapporterte OM hadde signifikant høyere fødselsvekt.Kværner KJ, Tambs K, Harris J, Magnus P. Do pregnancy-related factors influence the development ofotitis media? Nor J Epidemiol 1997; 7 (1: 55-58.  ENGLISH SUMMARYThe association between intrauterine growth, as measured by weight and gestational age, and the occurrenceof recurrent ear infections was studied using data from a population based sample of 7992 Norwegian twins.Perinatal measures were collected from the Medical Birth Registry, and reports of recurrent ear infectionswere based on

  14. Overvåking av norsk kosthold - metoder og resultater

    Lars Johansson


    Full Text Available  SAMMENDRAGKunnskap om endringer i matvarenes sammensetning og befolkningens kosthold er grunnleggende for utformingog oppfølging av en helsefremmende mat- og ernæringspolitikk. Dagens system for overvåking avkostholdet bygger først og fremst på en matvaredatabase og opplysninger om forbruket av matvarer fra tretyper datasett; matforsyningsstatistikk, forbruksundersøkelser og kostholdsundersøkelser. Det avgis årlig envurdering av utviklingen i norsk kosthold i forhold til mat- og ernæringspolitiske målsettinger. Det norskesystemet for overvåking av kostholdet er blitt betydelig styrket i løpet av 1990-årene ved innføringen avregelmessige kostholdsundersøkelser blant landsrepresentative utvalg av befolkningen i ulike aldersgrupperog økte ressurser til analyse av næringsinnholdet i matvarer. Det er imidlertid beskjedent sammenlignet meddatainnsamlingen i land som USA og Storbritannia. Det norske overvåkingssystemet er forsatt i enutviklingsfase, og det må justeres og kompletteres etter hvert. Dessuten vil det arbeides med å kvalitetssikredatainnsamlingen.Johansson L. Surveillance of the diet in Norway – methods and results.Nor J Epidemiol ENGLISH SUMMARYKnowledge about changes in composition and intake of foods, as well as changes in the prevalence of dietrelatedhealth problems is fundamental for an effective food and nutrition policy. The National Council onNutrition and Physical Activity is responsible for evaluating changes in the diet. Annually the Council publishesreports about trends in the Norwegian diet, and suggests measures to improve the diet. The Council, incooperation with the National Food Authority and the Institute for Nutrition Research, University of Oslo,has established a national food and dietary surveillance system. This system is mainly based on a fooddatabase and food consumption data. The food consumption data include three principally different datasets: food supplies, household consumption surveys

  15. Diffusjon av influensa i Norge under spanskesyken 1918-19

    Svenn-Erik Mamelund


    Full Text Available  SAMMENDRAGSpanskesyken var en verdensomspennende influensaepidemi som tok livet av minst 30 millioner mennesker,de fleste i løpet av noen få høstmåneder i 1918, men den strakk seg også inn i 1919. En siste svakbølge fant sted vinteren 1920. De første sporadiske tilfellene av spanskesyken i Norge oppsto i militærleirei begynnelsen av april 1918. Over tre måneder senere kom de første spredte tilfellene av det som skullevise seg å være starten på en ny stor influensapandemi. De første av disse oppsto i Kristiania, mest sannsynligetter smitteimport fra Skottland over Nordsjøen. Sommeren 1918 spredte spanskesyken seg raskt frasør til nord, fra kysten til innlandet innover fjordene, og fra de største byene og industrisentra via mindrebyer og andre tettsteder til landsbygda langs de viktigste ferdselsveiene. Da spanskesyken blusset opp igjenhøsten 1918 spredte den seg langsommere og trolig fra nord til sør, fortsatt fra kysten innover fjordene,men spredning fra byene langs kommunikasjonsveiene var mindre fremtredende. Vinteren 1918/19opptrådte influensaen spredt og sporadisk, tilsynelatende uten bestemt spredningsmønster og rekkefølge.Jernbanen, hurtigruten og automobilrutene spilte trolig en viktig rolle i spredningsprosessen, spesielt andrehalvår 1918. Ulik sosial interaksjon, for eksempel et marked som samlet store folkemengder, kan bidra til åforklare eksplosive utbrudd av influensa og diffusjon på lavt geografisk nivå.Mamelund S-E. The diffusion of influenza in Norway during the 1918-19 Pandemic.Nor J Epidemiol ENGLISH SUMMARYIn 1918-1919, a world-wide pandemic, the Spanish Influenza, swept over the entire globe, killing at least30 million people, most of them during the fall of 1918. A last, but small and less defined wave occurred inthe winter of 1920. The first sporadic cases of Spanish Influenza in Norway are known from army campsin the early days of April 1918. More than three months later, the first scattered

  16. The Reach of the Arts

    J. de Haan; W.P. Knulst


    Original title: Het bereik van de kunsten. The reach of the arts (Het bereik van de kunsten) is the fourth study in a series which periodically analyses the status of cultural participation, reading and use of other media. The series, Support for culture (Het culturele draagvlak) is sponsored by th

  17. Implementering av nye GOLD-stadier hos pasienter med KOLS i allmennpraksis

    Storaker, Marit Aarvaag; Nerwey, Ibrahim; Kierulf-Strømme, Kirsten; Tengesdal, Randi Hauge; Wyller, Nora Guttormsgaard; Skårn, Elling Skeide; Cagrici, Ufuk


    Bakgrunn: GOLD (Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) lanserte i 2011 nye kriterier for gradering av alvorlighetsgrad av KOLS, der man i tillegg til FEV1 ved spirometri også tar hensyn til antall eksaserbasjoner og pasientens symptombyrde. Mange pasienter havner i en lavere risikogruppe etter den nye inndelingen, og er følgelig overbehandlet med f.eks. inhalasjonssteroider. Andre kan identifiseres tidligere som høyrisikopasienter for hyppige eksaserbasjoner og raskt tap av l...

  18. Significance Tests for Periodogram Peaks

    Frescura, F A M; Frank, B S


    We discuss methods currently in use for determining the significance of peaks in the periodograms of time series. We discuss some general methods for constructing significance tests, false alarm probability functions, and the role played in these by independent random variables and by empirical and theoretical cumulative distribution functions. We also discuss the concept of "independent frequencies" in periodogram analysis. We propose a practical method for estimating the significance of periodogram peaks, applicable to all time series irrespective of the spacing of the data. This method, based on Monte Carlo simulations, produces significance tests that are tailor-made for any given astronomical time series.


    Xu Bin; Yang Chenyang; Mao Shiyi


    In this paper, the complexity and performance of the Auxiliary Vector (AV) based reduced-rank filtering are addressed. The AV filters presented in the previous papers have the general form of the sum of the signature vector of the desired signal and a set of weighted AVs,which can be classified as three categories according to the orthogonality of their AVs and the optimality of the weight coefficients of the AVs. The AV filter with orthogonal AVs and optimal weight coefficients has the best performance, but requires considerable computational complexity and suffers from the numerical unstable operation. In order to reduce its computational load while keeping the superior performance, several low complexity algorithms are proposed to efficiently calculate the AVs and their weight coefficients. The diagonal loading technique is also introduced to solve the numerical unstability problem without complexity increase. The performance of the three types of AV filters is also compared through their application to Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDM A) systems for interference suppression.

  20. Utveckling av mjukglassomrörare : En studie för ökad luftinblandning


    Den här rapporten är ämnad som underlag till ett fortsatt utvecklingsarbete av en omrörare för mjukglassmaskiner. I en mjukglassmaskin kyls glassen under kontinuerlig omrörning, på så vis blandas luft in och ger glassen fluffighet. Omrörarens huvudfunktioner är luftinblandning, avskrapning av iskristaller längs innerhöljet av kylcylindern samt utmatning av mjukglass mot öppningsdörr. Med en ny utformning ska omröraren bidra till en mer kostnadseffektiv mjukglass-maskin samt ge en godare glass...

  1. Handlingsplan för ägare av transformatorer med korrosiv olja

    Weidemann, Stephan


    Sedan början av 2000-talet har ett stort antal transformatorer havererat av en initialt, okänd anledning. Problemet visade sig vara att en antioxidationstillsats i oljan, dibensyl disulfid (DBDS), reagerat med kopparen i lindningarna och vilket gett upphov till avlagringar på isolationspapperet i form av kopparsulfid. Kopparsulfiden i sin tur försvagade papperets isolationsförmåga och allvarliga driftstörningar eller driftstopp på grund av kortslutningar kan ske. Ett stort antal studier har g...

  2. NATO i krigen mot terror : En analyse av NATOs rolle i Afghanistan etter 11. september

    Berg-Hansen, Susanne


    Denne oppgaven studerer NATOs rolle i den USA-ledede Operation Enduring Freedom i Afghanistan. Noen timer etter terrorangrepet mot USA 11. september 2001, påkalte NATO for første gang i historien sin grunnpilar, Artikkel 5 i NATO-traktaten, som fastslår at et angrep på ett av medlemmene er et angrep på alle NATO-landene. Til tross for alliansens påkallelse av Artikkel 5, ble NATO stående på sidelinjen i hovedfasen av "Operation Enduring Freedom". USA valgte å gjennomføre mesteparten av kamp...

  3. Tibetanisering : religiøs og etnisk utdanning av tibetanske flyktningbarn i Nord-India

    Lind, Trude


    Religiøs sosialisering og nasjonal identitet blant tibetanske flyktningbarn i Nord-India er tema for denne oppgaven. Mye av materialet bygger på feltarbeidet jeg utførte ved Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) Dharamsala høsten 2003. TCV regnes som en av de viktigste sekulære utdanningsinstitusjonene for tibetanerne i eksil. Siden den kinesiske invasjonen av Tibet i 1950 har mer en 100 000 tibetanere flyktet over fjellene i Himalaya til India, Nepal og Bhutan. Et av Dalai Lamas og eksilregje...

  4. Prevalence of E/A wave fusion and A wave truncation in DDD pacemaker patients with complete AV block under nominal AV intervals.

    Wolfram C Poller

    Full Text Available Optimization of the AV-interval (AVI in DDD pacemakers improves cardiac hemodynamics and reduces pacemaker syndromes. Manual optimization is typically not performed in clinical routine. In the present study we analyze the prevalence of E/A wave fusion and A wave truncation under resting conditions in 160 patients with complete AV block (AVB under the pre-programmed AVI. We manually optimized sub-optimal AVI.We analyzed 160 pacemaker patients with complete AVB, both in sinus rhythm (AV-sense; n = 129 and under atrial pacing (AV-pace; n = 31. Using Doppler analyses of the transmitral inflow we classified the nominal AVI as: a normal, b too long (E/A wave fusion or c too short (A wave truncation. In patients with a sub-optimal AVI, we performed manual optimization according to the recommendations of the American Society of Echocardiography.All AVB patients with atrial pacing exhibited a normal transmitral inflow under the nominal AV-pace intervals (100%. In contrast, 25 AVB patients in sinus rhythm showed E/A wave fusion under the pre-programmed AV-sense intervals (19.4%; 95% confidence interval (CI: 12.6-26.2%. A wave truncations were not observed in any patient. All patients with a complete E/A wave fusion achieved a normal transmitral inflow after AV-sense interval reduction (mean optimized AVI: 79.4 ± 13.6 ms.Given the rate of 19.4% (CI 12.6-26.2% of patients with a too long nominal AV-sense interval, automatic algorithms may prove useful in improving cardiac hemodynamics, especially in the subgroup of atrially triggered pacemaker patients with AV node diseases.

  5. Prevalence of E/A wave fusion and A wave truncation in DDD pacemaker patients with complete AV block under nominal AV intervals.

    Poller, Wolfram C; Dreger, Henryk; Schwerg, Marius; Melzer, Christoph


    Optimization of the AV-interval (AVI) in DDD pacemakers improves cardiac hemodynamics and reduces pacemaker syndromes. Manual optimization is typically not performed in clinical routine. In the present study we analyze the prevalence of E/A wave fusion and A wave truncation under resting conditions in 160 patients with complete AV block (AVB) under the pre-programmed AVI. We manually optimized sub-optimal AVI. We analyzed 160 pacemaker patients with complete AVB, both in sinus rhythm (AV-sense; n = 129) and under atrial pacing (AV-pace; n = 31). Using Doppler analyses of the transmitral inflow we classified the nominal AVI as: a) normal, b) too long (E/A wave fusion) or c) too short (A wave truncation). In patients with a sub-optimal AVI, we performed manual optimization according to the recommendations of the American Society of Echocardiography. All AVB patients with atrial pacing exhibited a normal transmitral inflow under the nominal AV-pace intervals (100%). In contrast, 25 AVB patients in sinus rhythm showed E/A wave fusion under the pre-programmed AV-sense intervals (19.4%; 95% confidence interval (CI): 12.6-26.2%). A wave truncations were not observed in any patient. All patients with a complete E/A wave fusion achieved a normal transmitral inflow after AV-sense interval reduction (mean optimized AVI: 79.4 ± 13.6 ms). Given the rate of 19.4% (CI 12.6-26.2%) of patients with a too long nominal AV-sense interval, automatic algorithms may prove useful in improving cardiac hemodynamics, especially in the subgroup of atrially triggered pacemaker patients with AV node diseases.

  6. Environmental Degradation, Disproportionality, and the Double Diversion: Reaching out, Reaching ahead, and Reaching beyond

    Freudenburg, William R.


    Rather than seeking ivory-tower isolation, members of the Rural Sociological Society have always been distinguished by a willingness to work with specialists from a broad range of disciplines, and to work on some of the world's most challenging problems. What is less commonly recognized is that the willingness to reach beyond disciplinary…

  7. Hubbert's Peak -- A Physicist's View

    McDonald, Richard


    Oil, as used in agriculture and transportation, is the lifeblood of modern society. It is finite in quantity and will someday be exhausted. In 1956, Hubbert proposed a theory of resource production and applied it successfully to predict peak U.S. oil production in 1970. Bartlett extended this work in publications and lectures on the finite nature of oil and its production peak and depletion. Both Hubbert and Bartlett place peak world oil production at a similar time, essentially now. Central to these analyses are estimates of total ``oil in place'' obtained from engineering studies of oil reservoirs as this quantity determines the area under the Hubbert's Peak. Knowing the production history and the total oil in place allows us to make estimates of reserves, and therefore future oil availability. We will then examine reserves data for various countries, in particular OPEC countries, and see if these data tell us anything about the future availability of oil. Finally, we will comment on synthetic oil and the possibility of carbon-neutral synthetic oil for a sustainable future.

  8. Discriminate Modelling of Peak and Off-Peak Motorway Capacity

    Hashim Mohammed Alhassan


    Full Text Available Traffic theory is concerned with the movement of discrete objects in real time over a finite network in 2 Dimensions. It is compatible with or dependent on fundamental diagram of traffic. Without question traffic flow is an essential quantitative parameter that is used in planning, designs and roadway improvements.  Road capacity is significant because it is an important indicator of road performance and can point road managers in the right road maintenance and traffic management direction. In this paper four direct empirical capacity measurement methods have been considered. To test the efficacy of each method, data for peak period, off-peak and transition to peak have been used. The headway and the volume methods lack predictive capability and are suitable only for current assessment of flow rates.  The product limit method is weak in its predictive capability in view of the arbitrariness in the selection of the capacity value. It is also an extreme value method; hence not all volume data can be used with this method. The fundamental diagram method has good predictive capability and furnishes capacity values consistent with the standard of the facility. Unlike other methods, it does not rely on bottleneck conditions to deliver the capacity value.  The paper concluded that each method is uniquely suited to prevailing conditions and can be so employed.

  9. Overvåking av vassdrag i Ringsaker - Undersøkelser av innsjøer og bekker i 2012

    Løvik, J.; Brettum, Pål


    Rapporten omhandler vannkvalitet og miljøtilstand i fire innsjøer og fem mindre vassdrag i Ringsaker kommune i 2012. Hovedvekten er lagt på effekter av næringsstoffer, dvs. overgjødsling. Basert på mengder og sammensetning av planteplankton, sammensetning av dyreplankton samt fysisk/kjemiske støtteparametre vurderes innsjøenes økologiske tilstand mht. overgjødsling som følger: Ljøsvatnet: moderat, Sjusjøen: moderat, men nær grensen til god og Næra og Botsenden: god. Vurderingene bør betraktes...

  10. An uncommon case of spontaneous conversion from AV re-entry tachycardia to AV nodal re-entry tachycardia in a patient with dual tachycardia.

    Zeljković, Ivan; Benko, Ivica; Manola, Šime; Radeljić, Vjekoslav; Pavlović, Nikola


    We report the case of a 46-year old patient in whom an electrophysiology study (EP) was performed due to paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia documented in 12-lead ECG. During the EP study, supraventricular tachycardia was induced easily and it corresponded to orthodromic AV reentry tachycardia (AVRT) using a concealed left free wall accessory pathway. However, during the study AVRT spontaneously and repeatedly converted to the typical slow-fast AV node reentry tachycardia (AVNRT). Both accessory and AV nodal slow pathways were ablated, due to the finding that both AVRT and AVNRT were independently inducible during the EP study.

  11. Karakterisering av vannkjemisk status i bekker og innsjøer før utbygging av E 18 Grimstad-Kristiansand

    Hindar, A.


    Førtilstanden er kartlagt for i alt 25 bekke- og innsjølokaliteter som blir krysset av planlagt E 18 fra Grimstad til Kristiansand. Forsuring har stått i fokus fordi deler av vegstrekningen vil gå gjennom sulfidgneis, og fordi det er avdekket omfattende problemer med avrenningsvann ved utsprengning i slik berggrunn. Det har vært et mål å forsøke å skille effekten av sur nedbør fra den påvirkning ueksponert og eksponert sulfidgneis gir. Naturtilstand i kombinasjon med sur nedbør gir sulfatkons...

  12. Harmonikk for det indre øret : En studie av harmonikk som assosiasjonsgiver i Bernard Herrmanns musikk til filmen Vertigo av Alfred Hitchcock

    Bøe, Brynjar


    I denne oppgaven tar jeg for meg Bernard Herrmanns musikk til filmen Vertigo fra 1958, regissert av Alfred Hitchcock. Jeg vil forsøke å finne sammenhenger mellom komponistens bruk av harmonikk og filmfortellingen for øvrig. Jeg vil se hvilke hvordan filmkomponisten være med på å fortelle historien i filmen, og hvilke musikalske virkemidler, med vekt på harmonikkrelaterte sådan, han/hun har til rådighet for å gjøre dette. Jeg vil se på noen av de musikalske valgene Herrmann har tatt...

  13. Sensorisk realisme i Carlos Reygadas' Post Tenebras Lux (2012) - En undersøkelse av tilskuerhenvendelsen i lys av nyere realismeteori og filmfenomenologi

    Johnson, Silja Espolin


    I dette prosjektet undersøker den meksikanske filmregissøren Carlos Reygadas fjerde og nyeste spillefilm Post Tenebras Lux (2012) i lys av den nærværsbaserte og "fysiske" tilskueropplevelsen den produserer. Prosjektet består av fire kapitler. I det første kapittelet presenterer jeg filmen i konteksten av en tendens som har markert seg på filmfestivaler verden over de siste to tiårene som går under flere navn, blant andre: slow cinema, hybridfilm og, det begrepet jeg har funnet mest fruktbart...

  14. Artificial vision support system (AVS(2)) for improved prosthetic vision.

    Fink, Wolfgang; Tarbell, Mark A


    State-of-the-art and upcoming camera-driven, implanted artificial vision systems provide only tens to hundreds of electrodes, affording only limited visual perception for blind subjects. Therefore, real time image processing is crucial to enhance and optimize this limited perception. Since tens or hundreds of pixels/electrodes allow only for a very crude approximation of the typically megapixel optical resolution of the external camera image feed, the preservation and enhancement of contrast differences and transitions, such as edges, are especially important compared to picture details such as object texture. An Artificial Vision Support System (AVS(2)) is devised that displays the captured video stream in a pixelation conforming to the dimension of the epi-retinal implant electrode array. AVS(2), using efficient image processing modules, modifies the captured video stream in real time, enhancing 'present but hidden' objects to overcome inadequacies or extremes in the camera imagery. As a result, visual prosthesis carriers may now be able to discern such objects in their 'field-of-view', thus enabling mobility in environments that would otherwise be too hazardous to navigate. The image processing modules can be engaged repeatedly in a user-defined order, which is a unique capability. AVS(2) is directly applicable to any artificial vision system that is based on an imaging modality (video, infrared, sound, ultrasound, microwave, radar, etc.) as the first step in the stimulation/processing cascade, such as: retinal implants (i.e. epi-retinal, sub-retinal, suprachoroidal), optic nerve implants, cortical implants, electric tongue stimulators, or tactile stimulators.

  15. Rettferdige minutter: Fordeling av spilletid i fotballkamper for aldersbestemte klasser

    Trine Anker


    Full Text Available På et fotballag i overgangen mellom barne- og ungdomsfotballen er spilletid på fotballbanen under kamp både en knapp ressurs og en kilde til diskusjoner om fordeling. Spørsmålet som er utgangspunkt for denne artikkelen, er hvilke hensyn som bør tas når trener og lagleder skal fordele samlet spilletid på enkeltspillere. Er det viktigst å vinne fotballkampen, eller har det størst betydning å fordele spilletiden mest mulig likt mellom spillerne? Skal det tas hensyn til guttenes evner, motivasjon og preferanser? Er deres familiebakgrunn og personlighet av betydning? Diskusjonen baserer seg på en gjennomgang av ulike politiske rettferdighetsteorier for fordeling av knappe goder.Nøkkelord: rettferdighet, practice, fordelingsrettferdighet, diskursetikk, idrettsetikkEnglish summary: Minutes of justice: Distribution of time during football matches in a boys' teamDuring a football match, time for playing can be considered as a limited good. In this article the point of departure is the redistribution of time in a boys' football team in the transition phase between children and youth football. The questions are how and under which conditions time for playing should be distributed among the players. Is winning the game more important than trying to let every player play for an equal amount of time? Should the boys' talents, motivation, and preferences be considered while distributing time, or are family background and personality of importance? Different theories of political justice for the distribution of limited goods underpin the discussion of how to distribute the minutes of playing time during a football match.

  16. Effects of AV-delay optimization on hemodynamic parameters in patients with VDD pacemakers.

    Krychtiuk, Konstantin A; Nürnberg, Michael; Volker, Romana; Pachinger, Linda; Jarai, Rudolf; Freynhofer, Matthias K; Wojta, Johann; Huber, Kurt; Weiss, Thomas W


    Atrioventricular (AV) delay optimization improves hemodynamics and clinical parameters in patients treated with cardiac resynchronization therapy and dual-chamber-pacemakers (PM). However, data on optimizing AV delay in patients treated with VDD-PMs are scarce. We, therefore, investigated the acute and chronic effects of AV delay optimization on hemodynamics in patients treated with VDD-PMs due to AV-conduction disturbances. In this prospective, single-center interventional trial, we included 64 patients (38 men, 26 women, median age: 77 (70-82) years) with implanted VDD-PM. AV-delay optimization was performed using a formula based on the surface electrocardiogram (ECG). Hemodynamic parameters (stroke volume (SV), cardiac output (CO), heart rate (HR), and blood pressure (BP)) were measured at baseline and follow-up after 3 months using impedance cardiography. Using an ECG formula for AV-delay optimization, the AV interval was decreased from 180 (180-180) to 75 (75-100) ms. At baseline, AV-delay optimization led to a significant increase of both SV (71.3 ± 15.8 vs. 55.3 ± 12.7 ml, p AV delay vs. nominal AV interval, respectively) and CO (5.1 ± 1.4 vs. 3.9 ± 1.0 l/min, p AV-delay optimization in patients treated with VDD-PMs exhibits immediate beneficial effects on hemodynamic parameters that are sustained for 3 months.

  17. Posthumanisme /nymaterialisme og nomadisme - affektive brytninger av barnehagens observasjonspraksiser

    Ann Merete Otterstad


    Full Text Available This article challenges observation as a method in early childhood, justified as a mapping tool for creating knowledge about children. Observation as data material is about writing down already known categorisation about children and their development. Categories and categorisation make a foundation for correspondence and coherence   - connections that might create generalising knowledge about children in early years. The article is about a research project conducted in a child-centre over a two-year period. We had an on-going conversation with the personnel around theories about ‘child development’. In the article we experiment with observation based on posthuman/newmaterial theories. Our specific interests are to explore the complexities around observation by asking; why observations, what do we expect through observation, and what might observation as datamaterial be/become? We are inspired by the Norwegian film “Kitchen Stories” (Salmer fra Kjøkkenet, Hamer, 2003 both as affect/provocation and desire (Koro-Ljungberg & MacLure, 2013. We search for affective bending and messiness (Lather, 2007; Law, 2004 to disturb and challenge observation as dominating paradigm in the field of early years, to break some patterns around the positioning of data material. Artikkelen utfordrer observasjon i barnehagen ut fra at metoden brukes som verktøy for å kartlegge og danne grunnlaget for utvikling av kunnskap om barn.  Observasjon som datamateriale innebærer iakttagelser og nedtegnelser av allerede gitte kategoriseringer om barn og barns utvikling.  Kategorier og kategorisering legger grunnlag for mønster som har i seg ideer om korrespondanse og koherens – sammenhenger som kan bidra til generaliserende kunnskap om barna i barnehagen. Omrisset av artikkelen dreies rundt et forskningsarbeid gjort i en barnehage over en toårs-periode, der vi sammen med de ansatte diskuterer teorier om barn og barns ’utvikling’. Vi bruker posthumane

  18. EST Table: AV401818 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401818 heS00196 10/09/28 77 %/219 aa ref|NP_001103813.1| P-element somatic inhibi...tor [Bombyx mori] dbj|BAF91871.1| Bombyx homolog of P-element somatic inhibitor [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 35 %/...irmed#UniProt: Q9BLA0#protein_id:AAK09071.1 10/09/10 33 %/182 aa AGAP011446-PA Pr...otein|3L:24763465:24770148:-1|gene:AGAP011446 10/09/10 47 %/174 aa gnl|Amel|GB18145-PA 10/09/10 46 %/184 aa gi|18

  19. EST Table: AV400561 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400561 br--1451 10/09/28 62 %/198 aa ref|XP_001843664.1| neuroendocrine protein 7...b2 [Culex quinquefasciatus] gb|EDS33875.1| neuroendocrine protein 7b2 [Culex quinquefasciatus] 10/08/28 42 %.../196 aa FBpp0240992|DwilGK11849-PA 10/08/27 54 %/104 aa T03D8.3#CE18921#WBGene00011392#locus:sbt-1#neuroendocrine...45-PA 10/09/10 51 %/199 aa gi|91081787|ref|XP_973692.1| PREDICTED: similar to neuroendocrine protein 7b2 [Tribolium castaneum] BP115163 br-- ...

  20. EST Table: AV405781 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405781 wdV30227 10/09/28 88 %/272 aa ref|NP_001106136.1| Annexin IX isoform B [Bo...mbyx mori] dbj|BAA92810.1| annexin IX-B [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 71 %/270 aa FBpp0280989|DpseGA19090-PA 10/08/...9 10/09/10 62 %/270 aa gnl|Amel|GB16448-PA 10/09/10 73 %/271 aa gi|91092420|ref|XP_967931.1| PREDICTED: similar to Annexin IX CG5730-PC [Tribolium castaneum] NM_001043376 wdV3 ...

  1. EST Table: AV402401 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV402401 heS00969 10/09/28 85 %/225 aa dbj|BAB16697.1| annexin [Bombyx mori] dbj|BAB16698.1| anne...a#CE23956#WBGene00003589#locus:nex- 2#Annexin#status:Confirmed#UniProt:Q27512#protein_id:CAA 82571.2 10/09/1... %/220 aa gnl|Amel|GB16448-PA 10/09/10 73 %/220 aa gi|91092420|ref|XP_967931.1| PREDICTED: similar to Annexin IX CG5730-PC [Tribolium castaneum] NM_001043376 heS0 ...

  2. EST Table: AV404085 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404085 pg--0423X 10/09/28 100 %/117 aa gb|ACH69160.1| myosin heavy chain [Bombyx ...mori] 10/08/28 84 %/116 aa FBpp0291042|Mhc-PO 10/08/27 60 %/116 aa F11C3.3#CE09349#WBGene00006789#locus:unc-54#myosin heav... gnl|Amel|GB30329-PA 10/09/10 83 %/116 aa gi|189239929|ref|XP_001813306.1| PREDICTED: similar to Myosin heavy chain CG17927-PF isoform 1 [Tribolium castaneum] FJ029109 pg-- ...

  3. EST Table: AV404226 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404226 pg--0725 10/09/28 81 %/264 aa gb|ACQ72825.1| myosin heavy chain [Bombyx ma...ndarina] 10/08/28 78 %/264 aa FBpp0291043|Mhc-PP 10/08/27 51 %/264 aa F11C3.3#CE09349#WBGene00006789#locus:unc-54#myosin heav... aa gnl|Amel|GB30329-PE 10/09/10 78 %/264 aa gi|189239927|ref|XP_001814139.1| PREDICTED: similar to Myosin heavy chain CG17927-PF isoform 7 [Tribolium castaneum] FJ029109 pg-- ...

  4. EST Table: AV403042 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV403042 heS30974 10/09/28 62 %/228 aa ref|XP_321040.4| AGAP002015-PA [Anopheles ga...|DwilGK17594-PA 10/08/27 39 %/210 aa T21E12.4#CE23997#WBGene00000962#locus:dhc-1#dynein heavy chain#status:P...62 %/230 aa gi|91087317|ref|XP_975584.1| PREDICTED: similar to dynein heavy chain [Tribolium castaneum] DC550560 heS3 ...

  5. Framväxten av koncernfackligt samarbete inom metallindustrin

    Kjellberg, Anders


    The chapter "Framväxten av koncernfackligt samarbete inom metallindustrin" (pp. 177-239) by Anders Kjellberg analyzes the rise and development of trade union cooperation within groups in Swedish metal industry. Special attention is paid to the two large metal enterprises in Finspång, situated in the northern part of the province of Östergötland: (1) the turbine company (for a long period of time called STAL), which were owned by the following groups: Asea, ABB, Alstom and today ...

  6. Gulliver's Travels av Jonathan Swift : fra politisk satire til barnebok

    Krog, Kira Katarina


    Denne oppgaven tar for seg Jonathan Swifts bok Gulliver’s Travels’ (1727) utvikling fra politisk satire til barnebok. Med utgangspunkt i opplysningstidens tro på menneskets suverene fornuft og tradisjonen fra antikkens greske satire har oppgaven en historisk problemstilling. Den følger satirens og barnebokens utvikling gjennom tidene og ender i en lesning av en norsk barnebokversjon, utgitt nærmere 300 år etter førsteutgaven. Oppgaven har tre hoveddeler. Den første tar for seg hvordan bok...

  7. EST Table: AV401507 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401507 e96h0814 10/09/28 95 %/238 aa dbj|BAG15923.1| transposase [Bombyx mandarin...a] dbj|BAG15924.1| transposase [Bombyx mandarina] dbj|BAG15925.1| transposase [Bombyx mandarina] 10/08/28 n.h 10/08/27 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h 10/09/10 n.h FS797048 e96h ...

  8. EST Table: AV398425 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398425 NV021796 10/09/28 92 %/176 aa ref|NP_001040254.1| beadex/dLMO protein [Bom...byx mori] gb|ABD36315.1| beadex/dLMO protein [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 87 %/123 aa FBpp0262745|DyakGE17735-PA 1...a gnl|Amel|GB11268-PA 10/09/10 76 %/156 aa gi|91080717|ref|XP_975367.1| PREDICTED: similar to beadex/dLMO protein [Tribolium castaneum] FS794536 NV02 ...

  9. EST Table: AV398143 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398143 NV021176 10/09/28 100 %/213 aa ref|NP_001040254.1| beadex/dLMO protein [Bo...mbyx mori] gb|ABD36315.1| beadex/dLMO protein [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 74 %/175 aa FBpp0262745|DyakGE17735-PA ... gnl|Amel|GB11268-PA 10/09/10 81 %/180 aa gi|91080717|ref|XP_975367.1| PREDICTED: similar to beadex/dLMO protein [Tribolium castaneum] FS794536 NV02 ...

  10. Fysiologiske effekter av delvis okklusjon under ettbeins utholdenhetsarbeid

    Henriksen, Bjørnar Sandland


    Unilateral perifer aterosklerose i beinet har tidligere vist å gi en fysiologisk adaptasjon til sykdommen ved å endre den oksidative kapasiteten i muskelen (Jansson, 1988; Henriksson et al., 1980). Denne observasjonen er blitt fulgt opp med treningsstudier som har undersøkt effekten av ischemi ved sykkelarbeid hos friske (Sundberg, 1994), samt intervalltrening på tredemølle med okklusjon på begge beina (Abe et al., 2006). Det er imidlertid ikke utført noen treningsstudier med ett – beins knee...

  11. Peak heart rates at extreme altitudes

    Lundby, C; Van Hall, Gerrit


    We have measured maximal heart rate during a graded maximal bicycle exercise test to exhaustion in five healthy climbers before and during an expedition to Mt. Everest. Maximal heart rates at sea level were 186 (177-204) beats/min(-1) at sea level and 170 (169-182) beats/min(-1) with acute hypoxia....... After 1, 4 and 6 weeks of acclimatization to 5400 m, maximal heart rates were 155 (135-182), 158 (144-182), and 155 (140-183) beats/min(-1), respectively. Heart rates of two of the climbers were measured during their attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen....... The peak heart rates at 8,750 m for the two climbers were 142 and 144 beats/min(-1), which were similar to their maximal heart rates during exhaustive bicycle exercise at 5,400 m, the values being 144 and 148 beats/min(-1), respectively. The peak heart rates at 8,750 m are in agreement with other field...

  12. Longitudinal peak detected Schottky spectrum

    Shaposhnikova, E


    The "peak detected Schottky" spectrum is a diagnostic used since the late seventies for beam observation in the SPS and now already applied to the LHC. This tool was always believed, however without proof, to give a good picture of the particle distribution in synchrotron frequencies similar to the longitudinal Schottky spectrum of unbunched beam for revolution frequencies.In this paper an analysis of this measurement technique is presented both in a general form and for the particular realisation in the SPS. In addition the limitations of the present experimental set-up are discussed together with possible improvements. The analysis shows that for an optimised experimental set-up the spectrum of the peak detected signal is very close to the synchrotron frequency distribution inside the bunch - much closer than that given by the traditional longitudinal bunched-beam Schottky spectrum.

  13. Sampling hard to reach populations.

    Faugier, J; Sargeant, M


    Studies on 'hidden populations', such as homeless people, prostitutes and drug addicts, raise a number of specific methodological questions usually absent from research involving known populations and less sensitive subjects. This paper examines the advantages and limitations of nonrandom methods of data collection such as snowball sampling. It reviews the currently available literature on sampling hard to reach populations and highlights the dearth of material currently available on this subject. The paper also assesses the potential for using these methods in nursing research. The sampling methodology used by Faugier (1996) in her study of prostitutes, HIV and drugs is used as a current example within this context.

  14. Whole-body biodistribution and brain PET imaging with [{sup 18}F]AV-45, a novel amyloid imaging agent - a pilot study

    Lin, K.-J. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang Gung University, Taiwan (China); Hsu, W.-C. [Department of Neurology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Hsiao, I.-T.; Wey, S.-P. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang Gung University, Taiwan (China); Jin, L.-W. [M.I.N.D. Institute and Department of Pathology, University of California, Davis, CA (United States); Skovronsky, Daniel [Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, Inc., Philadelphia, PA (United States); Wai, Y.-Y. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Department of Radiology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Chang, H.-P.; Lo, C.-W.; Yao, C.H.; Yen, T.-C. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Kung, M.-P. [Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (China); Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (United States)


    Purpose: The compound (E)-4-(2-(6-(2-(2-(2-{sup 18}F-fluoroethoxy)ethoxy)ethoxy) pyridin-3-yl)vinyl)-N-methylbenzenamine ([{sup 18}F]AV-45) is a novel radiopharmaceutical capable of selectively binding to {beta}-amyloid (A{beta}) plaques. This pilot study reports the safety, biodistribution, and radiation dosimetry of [{sup 18}F]AV-45 in human subjects. Methods: In vitro autoradiography and fluorescent staining of postmortem brain tissue from patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and cognitively healthy subjects were performed to assess the specificity of the tracer. Biodistribution was assessed in three healthy elderly subjects (mean age: 60.0{+-}5.2 years) who underwent 3-h whole-body positron emission tomography (PET)/computed tomographic (CT) scans after a bolus injection of 381.9{+-}13.9 MBq of [{sup 18}F]AV-45. Another six subjects (three AD patients and three healthy controls, mean age: 67.7{+-}13.6 years) underwent brain PET studies. Source organs were delineated on PET/CT. All subjects underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for obtaining structural information. Results: In vitro autoradiography revealed exquisitely high specific binding of [{sup 18}F]AV-45 to postmortem AD brain sections, but not to the control sections. There were no serious adverse events throughout the study period. The peak uptake of the tracer in the brain was 5.12{+-}0.41% of the injected dose. The highest absorbed organ dose was to the gallbladder wall (184.7{+-}78.6 {mu}Gy/MBq, 4.8 h voiding interval). The effective dose equivalent and effective dose values for [{sup 18}F]AV-45 were 33.8{+-}3.4 {mu}Sv/MBq and 19.3{+-}1.3 {mu}Sv/MBq, respectively. Conclusion: [{sup 18}F]AV-45 binds specifically to A{beta} in vitro, and is a safe PET tracer for studying A{beta} distribution in human brain. The dosimetry is suitable for clinical and research application.

  15. How to reach library users who cannot reach libraries?

    Dragana Ljuić


    Full Text Available The article discusses the ways of getting library activities closer to the individuals or groups of users who have difficulties to or cannot visit the library themselves. The author presents the services offered by the Maribor Public Library and discusses how one of the basic human rights – the right to the access of cultural goods, knowledge and information - is exercised also through library activities. By enabling access to library material and information, public libraries help to fulfill basic human rights and thus raise the quality of living in a social environment. The following forms of library activities are presented in the article: »distance library« – borrowing books at home, in hospital, station for the bibliobus for disabled users, »mobile collections« in the institutions where users, due to their age or illness, have difficulties in accessing or even cannot reach library materials and information by themselves.

  16. Endogenous RGS proteins modulate SA and AV nodal functions in isolated heart: implications for sick sinus syndrome and AV block.

    Fu, Ying; Huang, Xinyan; Piao, Lin; Lopatin, Anatoli N; Neubig, Richard R


    G protein-coupled receptors play a pivotal role in regulating cardiac automaticity. Their function is controlled by regulator of G protein signaling (RGS) proteins acting as GTPase-activating proteins for Galpha subunits to suppress Galpha(i) and Galpha(q) signaling. Using knock-in mice in which Galpha(i2)-RGS binding and negative regulation are disrupted by a genomic Galpha(i2)G184S (GS) point mutation, we recently (Fu Y, Huang X, Zhong H, Mortensen RM, D'Alecy LG, Neubig RR. Circ Res 98: 659-666, 2006) showed that endogenous RGS proteins suppress muscarinic receptor-mediated bradycardia. To determine whether this was due to direct regulation of cardiac pacemakers or to alterations in the central nervous system or vascular responses, we examined isolated, perfused hearts. Isoproterenol-stimulated beating rates of heterozygote (+/GS) and homozygote (GS/GS) hearts were significantly more sensitive to inhibition by carbachol than were those of wild type (+/+). Even greater effects were seen in the absence of isoproterenol; the potency of muscarinic-mediated bradycardia was enhanced fivefold in GS/GS and twofold in +/GS hearts compared with +/+. A(1)-adenosine receptor-mediated bradycardia was unaffected. In addition to effects on the sinoatrial node, +/GS and GS/GS hearts show significantly increased carbachol-induced third-degree atrioventricular (AV) block. Atrial pacing studies demonstrated an increased PR interval and AV effective refractory period in GS/GS hearts compared with +/+. Thus loss of the inhibitory action of endogenous RGS proteins on Galpha(i2) potentiates muscarinic inhibition of cardiac automaticity and conduction. The severe carbachol-induced sinus bradycardia in Galpha(i2)G184S mice suggests a possible role for alterations of Galpha(i2) or RGS proteins in sick sinus syndrome and pathological AV block.

  17. InterProScan Result: AV398327 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398327 AV398327_4_ORF1 65C8DA7FC6C4D303 PANTHER PTHR10590 SODIUM/NUCLEOSIDE COTRA...NSPORTER 1.3e-109 T IPR008276 Concentrative nucleoside transporter Molecular Function: nucleoside:sodium sym

  18. InterProScan Result: AV400452 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400452 AV400452_2_ORF2 5E62868E5F66D93B PANTHER PTHR11523:SF15 SODIUM/POTASSIUM-D...EPENDENT ATPASE BETA SUBUNIT, INSECT NA ? IPR000402 unintegrated Molecular Function: potassium ion transport (GO:0006813)|Biological Process: sodium ion transport (GO:0006814)|Cellular Component: membrane (GO:0016020) ...

  19. InterProScan Result: AV400452 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400452 AV400452_2_ORF2 5E62868E5F66D93B PANTHER PTHR11523 SODIUM/POTASSIUM-DEPEND...ENT ATPASE BETA SUBUNIT 1.1e-19 T IPR000402 ATPase, P-type cation exchange, beta subunit Molecular Function: sodiu...006754)|Biological Process: potassium ion transport (GO:0006813)|Biological Process: sodiu

  20. AVS/Express (application visualization system) user's guide

    Kato, Katsumi [Research Organization for Information Science Technology, Tokai, Ibaraki (Japan); Kume, Etsuo [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Tokai, Ibaraki (Japan). Tokai Research Establishment


    Computer and network environment for image processing has been developed and maintained under the course of establishing a distributed processing environment by the information system operating division. We introduced a server for image processing, AVS/Express for image processing software and Stereo viewing system. This report summarizes the information to use AVS/Express efficiently in the computer environment for image processing. (author)

  1. InterProScan Result: AV399953 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399953 AV399953_3_ORF1 920D8122A6A51D76 PFAM PF00175 NAD_binding_1 2.5e-08 T IPR001433 Oxido...reductase FAD/NAD(P)-binding Molecular Function: oxidoreductase activity (GO:0016491)|Biological Process: oxidation reduction (GO:0055114) ...

  2. InterProScan Result: AV398312 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398312 AV398312_1_ORF2 384AC61A6604E3FD PANTHER PTHR10795:SF30 SITE-1 PROTEASE (STEROL...-REGULATED, CLEAVES STEROL REGULATORY ELEMENT BINDING PROTEINS) 1.8e-17 T IPR015500 unintegrated ...

  3. InterProScan Result: AV405377 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405377 AV405377_1_ORF1 5614E1377E837F70 SUPERFAMILY SSF103473 MFS general substra...te transporter 2.1e-06 T IPR016196 Major facilitator superfamily, general substrate transporter ...

  4. InterProScan Result: AV399408 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399408 AV399408_2_ORF1 5D6D9219C673BB29 PFAM PF05274 Baculo_E25 1.3e-78 T IPR007938 unintegrated Cellular... Component: viral envelope (GO:0019031)|Cellular Component: host cell nucleus (GO:0042025) ...

  5. Pilot Implementation and Preliminary Evaluation of START:AV Assessments in Secure Juvenile Correctional Facilities.

    Desmarais, Sarah L; Sellers, Brian G; Viljoen, Jodi L; Cruise, Keith R; Nicholls, Tonia L; Dvoskin, Joel A


    The Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability: Adolescent Version (START:AV) is a new structured professional judgment guide for assessing short-term risks in adolescents. The scheme may be distinguished from other youth risk assessment and treatment planning instruments by its inclusion of 23 dynamic factors that are each rated for both vulnerability and strength. In addition, START:AV is also unique in that it focuses on multiple adverse outcomes-namely, violence, self-harm, suicide, unauthorized leave, substance abuse, self-neglect, victimization, and general offending-over the short-term (i.e., weeks to months) rather than long-term (i.e., years). This paper describes a pilot implementation and preliminary evaluation of START:AV in three secure juvenile correctional facilities in the southern United States. Specifically, we examined the descriptive characteristics and psychometric properties of START:AV assessments completed by 21 case managers on 291 adolescent offenders (250 boys and 41 girls) at the time of admission. Results provide preliminary support for the feasibility of completing START:AV assessments as part of routine practice. Findings also highlight differences in the characteristics of START:AV assessments for boys and girls and differential associations between the eight START:AV risk domains. Though results are promising, further research is needed to establish the reliability and validity of START:AV assessments completed in the field.

  6. InterProScan Result: AV401371 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401371 AV401371_2_ORF2 4E899180012BEB2A GENE3D G3DSA:3.30.465.10 no description 7...e-07 T IPR016169 CO dehydrogenase flavoprotein-like, FAD-binding, subdomain 2 Molecular Function: catalytic

  7. Third-degree AV block sensitive to prednisolone 72 hours post AVNRT ablation.

    Parwani, Abdul S; Schröder, Anna I; Blaschke, Daniela; Blaschke, Florian; Huemer, Martin; Attanasio, Philipp; Pieske, Burkert; Boldt, Leif-Hendrik; Haverkamp, Wilhelm


    A patient developed a transient first-degree AV block during a radiofrequency ablation of an atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia. Three days later the patient presented with a third-degree AV block. It resolved within 24 h under antiphlogistic therapy. Patient was asymptomatic without necessity for pacemaker implantation at 12 months follow-up.

  8. InterProScan Result: AV404903 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404903 AV404903_2_ORF1 4CB4FF124EAAC1C5 PFAM PF05187 ETF_QO 1.7e-14 T IPR007859 Electron transfer flav...oprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductase Molecular Function: electron-transferring-flavoprote

  9. Association of temporary complete AV block and junctional ectopic tachycardia after surgery for congenital heart disease.

    Paech, Christian; Dähnert, Ingo; Kostelka, Martin; Mende, Meinhardt; Gebauer, Roman


    Junctional ectopic tachycardia (JET) is a postoperative complication with a mortality rate of up to 14% after surgery for congenital heart disease. This study evaluated the risk factors of JET and explored the association of postoperative temporary third degree atrioventricular (AV) block and the occurrence of JET. Data were collected retrospectively from 1158 patients who underwent surgery for congenital heart disease. The overall incidence of JET was 2.8%. Temporary third degree AV block occurred in 1.6% of cases. Permanent third degree AV block requiring pacemaker implantation occurred in 1% of cases. In all, 56% of patients with JET had temporary AV block (P AV block (P = 0.56). temporary third degree AV block did not suffer from JET. A correlation between temporary third degree AV block and postoperative JET could be observed. The risk factors identified for JET include younger age groups at the time of surgery, longer aortic cross clamping time and surgical procedures in proximity to the AV node.

  10. InterProScan Result: AV399740 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399740 AV399740_3_ORF2 7A42A41D4F3F6388 PFAM PF00067 p450 1.2e-19 T IPR001128 Cytochrome P450 Molecular... Function: monooxygenase activity (GO:0004497)|Molecular Function: iron ion binding (GO:0005506)|Molecular... Function: electron carrier activity (GO:0009055)|Molecular Function: heme binding (GO:0020037) ...

  11. InterProScan Result: AV404187 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404187 AV404187_4_ORF1 AB84B56694D3FC58 PFAM PF00267 Porin_1 3.5e-13 T IPR001702, Gram-negative type Molecular Function: transporter activity (GO:0005215)|Biological Process: transport (GO:0006810)|Cellular Component: membrane (GO:0016020) ...

  12. InterProScan Result: AV404181 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404181 AV404181_1_ORF1 F6474B68BA8D3768 PANTHER PTHR10783:SF4 XENOTROPIC AND POLY...TROPIC MURINE LEUKEMIA VIRUS RECEPTOR XPR1 NA ? IPR004342 unintegrated Cellular Component: integral to membrane (GO:0016021) ...

  13. InterProScan Result: AV404181 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404181 AV404181_1_ORF1 F6474B68BA8D3768 PANTHER PTHR10783:SF4 XENOTROPIC AND POLY...TROPIC MURINE LEUKEMIA VIRUS RECEPTOR XPR1 1.4e-114 T IPR004342 unintegrated Cellular Component: integral to membrane (GO:0016021) ...

  14. InterProScan Result: AV399344 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399344 AV399344_1_ORF2 5604F45CA0D42E5E PFAM PF05314 Baculo_ODV-E27 1.4e-47 T IPR007978 Baculovirus occlus...ion-derived virus envelope EC27 Cellular Component: viral envelope (GO:0019031) ...

  15. InterProScan Result: AV399741 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399741 AV399741_2_ORF2 F87D90D9B5BA6C11 PFAM PF02778 tRNA_int_endo_N 5.4e-08 T IPR006678 tRNA intro...n endonuclease, N-terminal Molecular Function: tRNA-intron endonuclease activity (GO:0000213) ...

  16. InterProScan Result: AV405061 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV405061 AV405061_3_ORF2 400BDC036077591E PANTHER PTHR10590 SODIUM/NUCLEOSIDE COTRA...NSPORTER 1.8e-12 T IPR008276 Concentrative nucleoside transporter Molecular Function: nucleoside:sodium symp

  17. InterProScan Result: AV398727 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398727 AV398727_2_ORF2 9953252ABA69E49B PFAM PF00762 Ferrochelatase 8.4e-28 T IPR001015 Ferroche...latase Molecular Function: ferrochelatase activity (GO:0004325)|Biological Process: heme biosynthetic process (GO:0006783) ...

  18. InterProScan Result: AV399409 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available 429 Baculovirus LEF-11 Biological Process: viral infectious cycle (GO:0019058)|Biological Process: regulation of transcription (GO:0045449) ... ...AV399409 AV399409_1_ORF2 07DC81A7C7B2FA42 PFAM PF06385 Baculo_LEF-11 3e-33 T IPR009

  19. InterProScan Result: AV403947 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV403947 AV403947_3_ORF2 9625723E9868C46D PANTHER PTHR13768:SF2 GAMMA-SOLUBLE NSF A...TTACHMENT PROTEIN (SNAP-GAMMA) 8.7e-75 T IPR011990 unintegrated Molecular Function: binding (GO:0005488) ...

  20. InterProScan Result: AV401295 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401295 AV401295_2_ORF2 87FC32DE014A3D18 PROFILE PS50141 A_DEAMIN_EDITASE 15.862 T IPR002466 Adenosine deam...inase/editase Molecular Function: RNA binding (GO:0003723)|Molecular Function: adenosine deam

  1. InterProScan Result: AV401829 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401829 AV401829_3_ORF1 B72A6A008C2EBEA4 PANTHER PTHR11359 AMP DEAMINASE NA ? IPR0...01365 unintegrated Biological Process: purine ribonucleoside monophosphate biosynthetic process (GO:0009168)|Molecular Function: deaminase activity (GO:0019239) ...

  2. InterProScan Result: AV401295 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401295 AV401295_2_ORF2 87FC32DE014A3D18 PANTHER PTHR10910:SF17 ADENOSINE DEAMINAS...ular Function: adenosine deaminase activity (GO:0004000)|Biological Process: RNA processing (GO:0006396) ...

  3. InterProScan Result: AV401829 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401829 AV401829_3_ORF1 B72A6A008C2EBEA4 PANTHER PTHR11359 AMP DEAMINASE 6e-56 T I...PR001365 unintegrated Biological Process: purine ribonucleoside monophosphate biosynthetic process (GO:0009168)|Molecular Function: deaminase activity (GO:0019239) ...

  4. InterProScan Result: AV401888 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV401888 AV401888_3_ORF1 2F04E8AA567F7BCF PANTHER PTHR11511 INSECT HEMOCYANIN-RELAT...ED 1.5e-119 T IPR013788 Arthropod hemocyanin/insect LSP Molecular Function: oxygen transporter activity (GO:0005344)|Biological Process: transport (GO:0006810) ...

  5. InterProScan Result: AV402282 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV402282 AV402282_2_ORF1 D1F0DCC6A8296985 PANTHER PTHR11511 INSECT HEMOCYANIN-RELAT...ED 5e-97 T IPR013788 Arthropod hemocyanin/insect LSP Molecular Function: oxygen transporter activity (GO:0005344)|Biological Process: transport (GO:0006810) ...

  6. InterProScan Result: AV399297 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available ulovirus p35, apoptosis preventing protein Biological Process: anti-apoptosis (GO:0006916)|Molecular Function: caspase inhibitor activity (GO:0043027) ... ...AV399297 AV399297_3_ORF2 F5C6B0DD046B3A9D PFAM PF02331 P35 5.2e-107 T IPR003429 Bac

  7. Selvbestemmelse og oppdragelse : en teoretisk analyse av oppdragelsens påvirkning på utviklingen av selvbestemmelse


    1) Problemstilling Hensikten med oppgaven er å rette fokus mot oppdragelse som en påvirkningsfaktor på utviklingen av selvbestemmelsen, og hvilken betydning behovstilfredsstillelse har for individets subjektive velvære. Oppdragelse er et populært tema som stadig blir debattert i mediene. Det diskuteres blant annet hvorfor oppdragelse er viktig, hvordan det er mulig å oppdra barn på best mulig måte og hvem som er viktige oppdragere i dagens samfunn. Vår oppgave handler om individets selvbes...

  8. 中国新一代图像编码格式"AVS"%Chinese new Video coding format AVS


    @@ 中国在光盘、无线LAN、家庭内部网络等各种领域不断推出自己的规格.其中,包括中国计划2004年实现标准化的新一代图像编码格式"AVS".中国科学院有关负责人将在NAB2004技术论坛"Leading Edge Tech for TV"上,就定位相当于"MPEG"的AVS规格发表演讲.

  9. Endrer motivasjonen seg i løpet av de fire første ukene av livsstilsendringskurset EasyLife?

    Strand, Hanne Embretsen; Nordengen, Solveig


    Vi har undersøkt motivasjonsregulering hos deltagere i et livsstilsendringsprogram. Teoretisk har vi benyttet oss av Helseoppfatningsmodellen (The Health Belief Model; Rosenstock, 1966), Den transteoretiske modellen (The Transtheoretical Model; DiClemente & Prochaska, 1982; Marcus & Simkin, 1994), Selvbestemmelsesteorien (Self-Determination Theory; Deci & Ryan, 2000) og Rosenstocks fire modeller for ansvar. For å kartlegge motivasjonsregulering har vi benyttet oss av BREQ-2 (Markland & Tobin ...

  10. Kosttilskudd og doping : metabolisme av synefrin og oktopamin og utskillelse i urin etter inntak av tilsvarende kosttilskuddsprodukter hhv. et spesielt matinntak

    Stensrud, Linda Sørvang


    Etter at efedrin ble forbudt som tilsetningsstoff i kosttilskuddsprodukter på grunn av faren for uheldige bivirkninger, har det de senere årene dukket opp flere produkter med innhold av synefrin. Synefrin er et stimulerende stoff med lignende struktur som efedrin, men den sentralstimulerende effekten er mindre. En vanlig kilde til synefrin, som blir brukt som tilsetningsstoff i kosttilskuddspreparater og næringsmidler, er Citrus aurantium (bitterappelsin). Et annet stimulerende stoff med lign...

  11. Skolebasert forebygging av røyking blant ungdom

    Ola Jøsendal m.fl


    Full Text Available SAMMENDRAGI første del av denne artikkelen gjennomgås en del utvalgte studier av skolebaserte tiltak mot røyking. Utviklingenhar gått gjennom tre faser der den siste generasjonen er de omfattende tiltakene som baserer seg på ensosial påvirkningsmodell. Godt planlagte tiltak som er basert på denne modellen har vist seg å føre til at færrebegynner å røyke. I artikkelens andre del presenteres et prosjekt som gjennomføres av Den NorskeKreftforening og som omfatter 4 441 elever fra 195 klasser ved 99 ungdomsskoler. Valg av undervisningstemaog pedagogiske tilnærminger er begrunnet i aktuelle sosialpsykologiske begreper og modeller ogerfaringer fra tidligere forskning. Intervensjonen bygger et stykke på vei på en sosial påvirkningsmodell.Skolene er delt i fire grupper. Gruppe A er kontrollgruppe. Elevene i gruppe B gjennomgår et undervisningsprogram,foreldrene involveres og lærerne gjennomgår kurser i hvordan de skal gjennomføre intervensjonen.I gruppe C gjør en det samme som i gruppe B, men lærerne kurses ikke. I gruppe D gjør en det samme som igruppe B, men foreldrene involveres ikke. Underveis gjennomføres det blant annet spørreskjemaundersøkelserblant elevene for å studere endringer i røykevaner, hvilke grupper av elever en lykkes best i å nå,hvordan elevene reagerer på tiltakene og hva som kan forklare eventuelle positive virkninger av intervensjonene.Foreløpige analyser av resultatene etter et halvt års oppfølging tyder på at det er færrest sombegynner å røyke i gruppe B, med andre ord at virkningene av tiltakene er best der lærerne kurses ogforeldrene involveres.Jøsendal O, Aarø LE, Bergh IH. School-based prevention of smoking among youths.Nor J Epidemiol ENGLISH SUMMARYThe first part of this article presents selected studies of school-based intervention programmes againstsmoking. Historically it can be distinguished between three phases in the development of such programmes.The last generation are the

  12. Drivers of peak sales for pharmaceutical brands

    Fischer, Marc; Leeflang, Peter S. H.; Verhoef, Peter C.


    Peak sales are an important metric in the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, managers are focused on the height-of-peak-sales and the time required achieving peak sales. We analyze how order of entry and quality affect the level of peak sales and the time-to-peak-sales of pharmaceutical brands.

  13. Examination of office visit patient preferences for the after-visit summary (AVS).

    Neuberger, Marolee; Dontje, Katherine; Holzman, Greg; Corser, Bill; Keskimaki, Abigail; Chant, Ericka


    The federal government advocates the practice of routinely providing an after-visit summary (AVS) to patients after each office-based visit as an element of stage 1 meaningful use. A significant potential benefit of the AVS is improved patient engagement achieved by enabling patients and family members to better understand and retain key health information. The methodology for this study was a mixed-methods pilot study to examine, through the perspectives of adult primary care patients, how relevant and actionable data can be better formatted in the AVS. Results of this study suggest that the goal of the AVS to serve as a communication tool to engage and support patients is frequently not being met. Further study is needed to understand, from the viewpoints of patients and providers, what barriers are keeping them from optimally providing and using the information on the AVS.

  14. Reach Envelope of Human Extremities

    YANG Jingzhou(杨景周); ZHANG Yunqing(张云清); CHEN Liping(陈立平); ABDEL-MALEK Karim


    Significant attention in recent years has been given to obtain a better understanding of human joint ranges, measurement, and functionality, especially in conjunction with commands issued by the central nervous system. While researchers have studied motor commands needed to drive a limb to follow a path trajectory, various computer algorithms have been reported that provide adequate analysis of limb modeling and motion. This paper uses a rigorous mathematical formulation to model human limbs, understand their reach envelope, delineate barriers therein where a trajectory becomes difficult to control, and help visualize these barriers. Workspaces of a typical forearm with 9 degrees of freedom, a typical finger modeled as a 4- degree-of-freedom system, and a lower extremity with 4 degrees of freedom are discussed. The results show that using the proposed formulation, joint limits play an important role in distinguishing the barriers.

  15. 77 FR 12163 - Airworthiness Directives; 328 Support Services GmbH (Type Certificate Previously Held by AvCraft...


    ... Services GmbH (Type Certificate Previously Held by AvCraft Aerospace GmbH; Fairchild Dornier GmbH; Dornier... Services GmbH (Type Certificate Previously Held by AvCraft Aerospace GmbH; Fairchild Dornier GmbH; Dornier...: 2012-04-06 328 Support Services GmbH (Type Certificate Previously Held by AvCraft Aerospace...

  16. Vurdering av andrespråksinnlærere - en utfordring i skolen

    Kirsten Palm


    Full Text Available Vurdering av andrespråkselevers språkkompetanse og språkutvikling er en sentral del av læreres arbeid, og forskning har vist at dette er en utfordring for skolene. Det er stor variasjon i vurderingsformer, og skolene mangler ofte vurderingskompetanse. På bakgrunn av dette utarbeidet Utdanningsdirektoratet i 2007 vurderingsverktøyet Kartleggingsmateriell. Språkkompetanse i grunnleggende norsk for språklige minoriteter. Materiellet er utarbeidet blant annet med referanse til Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR. I artikkelen redegjør vi for en undersøkelse der målet var å finne ut hvorvidt dette kartleggingsmateriellet er hensiktsmessig for å vurdere andrespråkselevers språkkompetanse. Hoveddataene er innhentet gjennom kasusstudier ved tre grunnskoler, der vi intervjuet skoleledelse og lærere samt observerte kartleggingssituasjoner og klasseromsundervisning. Kasusstudiene ble senere fulgt opp av to spørreundersøkelser, én til de samme skolene, og én til et større antall skoler for å få bredere innsikt i kartleggingspraksis og skolers oppfatninger av denne formen for vurdering. Undersøkelsen viser at flere av informantene mener verktøyet kan bidra til mer tilpasset og systematisk andrespråkopplæring og bedre vurdering av andrespråkselevenes språkkompetanse. Samtidig er det utfordringer knyttet til å bruke vurderingsverktøyet, dette skyldes blant annet mangelfull kompetanse i skolen når det gjelder andrespråkstilegnelse og vurdering av elevenes språkkompetanse. Det er ikke tidligere forsket på bruk av et slikt konkret kartleggingsverktøy i norsk grunnskole. Undersøkelsen kan gi et bidrag til økt kunnskap om vurdering av andrespråkskompetanse og tilpasset undervisning for andrespråksinnlærere.

  17. [(18) F]AV-1451 tau positron emission tomography in progressive supranuclear palsy.

    Whitwell, Jennifer L; Lowe, Val J; Tosakulwong, Nirubol; Weigand, Stephen D; Senjem, Matthew L; Schwarz, Christopher G; Spychalla, Anthony J; Petersen, Ronald C; Jack, Clifford R; Josephs, Keith A


    The [(18) F]AV-1451 positron emission tomography ligand allows the in vivo assessment of tau proteins in the brain. It shows strong binding in Alzheimer's dementia, but little is known about how it performs in progressive supranuclear palsy, a primary 4R tauopathy. The objectives of this study were to determine whether [(18) F]AV-1451 uptake can be observed in progressive supranuclear palsy and to characterize the regional distribution when compared with controls and Alzheimer's dementia. [(18) F]AV-1451 positron emission tomography was performed in 10 patients with probable progressive supranuclear palsy. These patients were age- and gender-matched to 50 controls and 10 Alzheimer's dementia patients who had undergone identical [(18) F]AV-1451 imaging. Regional comparisons of [(18) F]AV-1451 uptake were performed across the whole brain using region-of-interest and voxel-level analyses, and correlations between regional [(18) F]AV-1451 and the progressive supranuclear palsy rating scale were assessed. An elevated [(18) F]AV-1451 signal was observed in progressive supranuclear palsy when compared with controls in the pallidum, midbrain, dentate nucleus of the cerebellum, thalamus, caudate nucleus, and frontal regions. Signal in the cerebellar dentate and pallidum were also greater in progressive supranuclear palsy when compared with Alzheimer's dementia. Conversely, the [(18) F]AV-1451 signal across the cortex was higher in Alzheimer's dementia when compared with progressive supranuclear palsy. The [(18) F]AV-1451 signal in a number of regions correlated with the progressive supranuclear palsy rating scale. Progressive supranuclear palsy is associated with an elevated [(18) F]AV-1451 signal in a characteristic and distinct regional pattern that correlates with disease severity and differs from the patterns observed in Alzheimer's dementia. © 2016 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society. © 2016 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.

  18. In vivo retention of (18)F-AV-1451 in corticobasal syndrome.

    Smith, Ruben; Schöll, Michael; Widner, Håkan; van Westen, Danielle; Svenningsson, Per; Hägerström, Douglas; Ohlsson, Tomas; Jögi, Jonas; Nilsson, Christer; Hansson, Oskar


    To study the usefulness of (18)F-AV-1451 PET in patients with corticobasal syndrome (CBS). We recruited 8 patients with CBS, 17 controls, 31 patients with Alzheimer disease (AD), and 11 patients with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) from the Swedish BioFINDER study. All patients underwent clinical assessment, (18)F-AV-1451 PET, MRI, and quantification of β-amyloid pathology. A subset of participants also underwent (18)F-FDG-PET. In the 8 patients with CBS, 6 had imaging findings compatible with the corticobasal degeneration pathology and 2 with typical AD pathology. In the 6 patients with CBS without typical AD pathology, there were substantial retentions of (18)F-AV-1451 in the motor cortex, corticospinal tract, and basal ganglia contralateral to the most affected body side. These patients could be clearly distinguished from patients with AD dementia or PSP using (18)F-AV-1451. However, cortical atrophy was more widespread than the cortical retention of (18)F-AV1451 in these CBS cases, and cortical AV-1451 uptake did not correlate with cortical thickness or glucose hypometabolism. These results are in sharp contrast to AD dementia, where (18)F-AV-1451 retention was more widespread than cortical atrophy, and correlated well with cortical thickness and hypometabolism. Patients with CBS without typical AD pathology exhibited AV-1451 retention in the motor cortex, corticospinal tract, and basal ganglia contralateral to the affected body side, clearly different from controls and patients with AD dementia or PSP. However, cortical atrophy measured with MRI and decreased (18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake were more widespread than (18)F-AV-1451 uptake and probably represent earlier, yet less specific, markers of CBS. This study provides Class III evidence that (18)F-AV-1451 PET distinguishes between CBS and AD or PSP. Copyright © 2017 The Author(s). Published by Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. on behalf of the American Academy of Neurology.

  19. In vivo retention of 18F-AV-1451 in corticobasal syndrome

    Schöll, Michael; Widner, Håkan; van Westen, Danielle; Svenningsson, Per; Hägerström, Douglas; Ohlsson, Tomas; Jögi, Jonas; Nilsson, Christer


    Objective: To study the usefulness of 18F-AV-1451 PET in patients with corticobasal syndrome (CBS). Methods: We recruited 8 patients with CBS, 17 controls, 31 patients with Alzheimer disease (AD), and 11 patients with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) from the Swedish BioFINDER study. All patients underwent clinical assessment, 18F-AV-1451 PET, MRI, and quantification of β-amyloid pathology. A subset of participants also underwent 18F-FDG-PET. Results: In the 8 patients with CBS, 6 had imaging findings compatible with the corticobasal degeneration pathology and 2 with typical AD pathology. In the 6 patients with CBS without typical AD pathology, there were substantial retentions of 18F-AV-1451 in the motor cortex, corticospinal tract, and basal ganglia contralateral to the most affected body side. These patients could be clearly distinguished from patients with AD dementia or PSP using 18F-AV-1451. However, cortical atrophy was more widespread than the cortical retention of 18F-AV1451 in these CBS cases, and cortical AV-1451 uptake did not correlate with cortical thickness or glucose hypometabolism. These results are in sharp contrast to AD dementia, where 18F-AV-1451 retention was more widespread than cortical atrophy, and correlated well with cortical thickness and hypometabolism. Conclusions: Patients with CBS without typical AD pathology exhibited AV-1451 retention in the motor cortex, corticospinal tract, and basal ganglia contralateral to the affected body side, clearly different from controls and patients with AD dementia or PSP. However, cortical atrophy measured with MRI and decreased 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake were more widespread than 18F-AV-1451 uptake and probably represent earlier, yet less specific, markers of CBS. Classification of evidence: This study provides Class III evidence that 18F-AV-1451 PET distinguishes between CBS and AD or PSP. PMID:28754841

  20. Value of the adenosine test for diagnosis of dual AV nodal physiology in patients with AV nodal reentrant tachycardia

    周斌全; 胡申江; 鲁端; 王建安


    Objectives: This study was aimed at assessing the value of the adenosine test for noninvasive diagnosis of dual AV nodal physiology(DAVNP) in patients with AV nodal reentrant tachycardia (AVNRT). Methods: 53 patients with paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) were given incremental doses of adenosine intravenously during sinus rhythm before electrophysiological study. The adenosine test was repeated on a subset of 18 patients with AVNRT after radiofrequency catheter ablation. Results: Sudden increments of PR interval of more than 60 msec between two consecutive beats were observed in 26(83.9%) of 31 patients with typical AVNRT and 2 (9.1%) of 22 patients with AVRT and AT (P<0.01). The maximal PR increment between 2 consecutive beats in the AVNRT group(105±45ms) was significantly greater than that in the AVRT and AT group (20±13ms) (P<0.01).In postablation adenosine test, DAVNP was eliminated in all 8 patients who underwent slow pathway abolition that EPS showed the slow pathway disappeared and 4 of 10 patients who underwent slow pathway modification that EPS showed the slow pathway persisted. Six of 10 patients who exhibited persistent duality showed a marked reduction in the number of beats conducted in the slow pathway after adenosine injection(P<0.01).Conclusions: Administration of adenosine during sinus rhythm may be a useful bedside test for diagnosis of DAVNP in high percentage of patients with typical AVNRT and additionally for evaluating the effects of radiofrequency ablation.

  1. Realization of AVS +DVB -S2 Professional Integrated Receiver Decoder%AVS +DVB -S2专业解码器的实现方法

    周钦光; 杨雪松


    AVS +是我国自主创新的视频编码技术,可解决广播电视行业面临的频道资源问题。介绍了一种具备 DVB -S2专业多流接收和多节目再复用解密功能的 AVS +专业高清解码器的实现方法,该设备不仅能完成传统专业数字卫星解码器的所有功能,而且能进行 DVB -S2专业接收、再复用、多节目的CI 接口任意组合解密和 AVS +高清解码,为广电运营商提供了一种成本低、功能强大的 DVB -S2专业AVS +解码设备,将为早日实现 AVS +端到端应用的全覆盖做出一定的贡献。%AVS +is a Chinese independent innovative technology for video encoding.Its objective is to solve frequency resource problem in broadcasting television industry.This article shows the realization of AVS +high definition Integrated Receiver decoder,which can not only all functions of traditional and professional digital satellite decoder,but also the functions of DVB -S2 professional receiving,re-multiplexing for CI combination decrypting of multiple programs,and AVS +high definition decoding.In other words,this decoder provides op-erators with a low-cost but powerful functioning DVB -S2 professional receiving and AVS +high definition de-coding solution,making a certain contribution to the overall coverage of AVS +end -to -end application.

  2. BMP2 expression in the endocardial lineage is required for AV endocardial cushion maturation and remodeling.

    Saxon, Jacob G; Baer, Daniel R; Barton, Julie A; Hawkins, Travis; Wu, Bingruo; Trusk, Thomas C; Harris, Stephen E; Zhou, Bin; Mishina, Yuji; Sugi, Yukiko


    Distal outgrowth, maturation and remodeling of the endocardial cushion mesenchyme in the atrioventricular (AV) canal are the essential morphogenetic events during four-chambered heart formation. Mesenchymalized AV endocardial cushions give rise to the AV valves and the membranous ventricular septum (VS). Failure of these processes results in several human congenital heart defects. Despite this clinical relevance, the mechanisms governing how mesenchymalized AV endocardial cushions mature and remodel into the membranous VS and AV valves have only begun to be elucidated. The role of BMP signaling in the myocardial and secondary heart forming lineage has been well studied; however, little is known about the role of BMP2 expression in the endocardial lineage. To fill this knowledge gap, we generated Bmp2 endocardial lineage-specific conditional knockouts (referred to as Bmp2 cKO(Endo)) by crossing conditionally-targeted Bmp2(flox/flox) mice with a Cre-driver line, Nfatc1(Cre), wherein Cre-mediated recombination was restricted to the endocardial cells and their mesenchymal progeny. Bmp2 cKO(Endo) mouse embryos did not exhibit failure or delay in the initial AV endocardial cushion formation at embryonic day (ED) 9.5-11.5; however, significant reductions in AV cushion size were detected in Bmp2 cKO(Endo) mouse embryos when compared to control embryos at ED13.5 and ED16.5. Moreover, deletion of Bmp2 from the endocardial lineage consistently resulted in membranous ventricular septal defects (VSDs), and mitral valve deficiencies, as evidenced by the absence of stratification of mitral valves at birth. Muscular VSDs were not found in Bmp2 cKO(Endo) mouse hearts. To understand the underlying morphogenetic mechanisms leading to a decrease in cushion size, cell proliferation and cell death were examined for AV endocardial cushions. Phospho-histone H3 analyses for cell proliferation and TUNEL assays for apoptotic cell death did not reveal significant differences between control

  3. A 2:1 AV rhythm: an adverse effect of a long AV delay during DDI pacing and its prevention by the ventricular intrinsic preference algorithm in DDD mode.

    Minamiguchi, Hitoshi; Oginosawa, Yasushi; Kohno, Ritsuko; Tamura, Masahito; Takeuchi, Masaaki; Otsuji, Yutaka; Abe, Haruhiko


    A 91-year-old woman received a dual-chamber pacemaker for sick sinus syndrome and intermittently abnormal atrioventricular (AV) conduction. The pacemaker was set in DDI mode with a 350-ms AV delay to preserve intrinsic ventricular activity. She complained of palpitation during AV sequential pacing. The electrocardiogram showed a 2:1 AV rhythm from 1:1 ventriculoatrial (VA) conduction during ventricular pacing in DDI mode with a long AV interval. After reprogramming of the pacemaker in DDD mode with a 250-ms AV interval and additional 100-ms prolongation of the AV interval by the ventricular intrinsic preference function, VA conduction disappeared and the patient's symptom were alleviated without increasing unnecessary right ventricular pacing.

  4. Ansatte perspektiver på utvikling av tverrfaglighet i ny sykehusavdeling

    Hildfrid V. Brataas


    Full Text Available Artikkelen omhandler en følgestudie om ansattes perspektiver på teamorganisert og brukerinvolvert tverrfaglig samarbeid i en ny rehabiliteringsavdeling i et norsk sykehus. Studiens formål var å bringe frem mer kunnskap om forhold av betydning ved utvikling av tverrfaglige arbeidsformer i sammensatte helsetjenester.Metode: Undersøkelsen var kvalitativt beskrivende og fortolkende med bruk av fokusgruppeintervjuer tre og fem år etter oppstart av rehabiliteringsavdelingen.Resultater: Over en femårsperiode var praksis erfart å endre karakter, fra flerfaglig samarbeid til funksjonelt tverrfaglig samarbeid. Profesjonsoverbyggende teori om rehabiliterings-virksomheten og ledelsens kvalitetsorientering var erfart som hjelp for teamenes utvikling av funksjonell tverrfaglighet.Konklusjon: Langsiktighet, kvalitetsorientert ledelse og teamorganisert rehabiliteringsarbeid basert på profesjonsoverbyggende teoriramme synes å underbygge utvikling av funksjonell tverrfaglighetsforståelse og praksis. Denne kunnskapen er relevant ved omlegging til teamorganisert rehabiliteringsvirksomhet i eksisterende og nye virksomheter. Det er behov for mer forskning om betydning av personfaktorer og motivasjon, ledelse og overbyggende teorirammeverk for samarbeidsutvikling og kvalitet i praksis.

  5. Nodal recovery, dual pathway physiology, and concealed conduction determine complex AV dynamics in human atrial tachyarrhythmias.

    Masè, Michela; Glass, Leon; Disertori, Marcello; Ravelli, Flavia


    The genesis of complex ventricular rhythms during atrial tachyarrhythmias in humans is not fully understood. To clarify the dynamics of atrioventricular (AV) conduction in response to a regular high-rate atrial activation, 29 episodes of spontaneous or pacing-induced atrial flutter (AFL), covering a wide range of atrial rates (cycle lengths from 145 to 270 ms), were analyzed in 10 patients. AV patterns were identified by applying firing sequence and surrogate data analysis to atrial and ventricular activation series, whereas modular simulation with a difference-equation AV node model was used to correlate the patterns with specific nodal properties. AV node response at high atrial rate was characterized by 1) AV patterns of decreasing conduction ratios at the shortening of atrial cycle length (from 236.3 ± 32.4 to 172.6 ± 17.8 ms) according to a Farey sequence ordering (conduction ratio from 0.34 ± 0.12 to 0.23 ± 0.06; P AV block patterns occurring during regular atrial tachyarrhythmias. The characterization of AV nodal function during different AFL forms constitutes an intermediate step toward the understanding of complex ventricular rhythms during atrial fibrillation.

  6. Baseline HV-interval predicts complete AV-block secondary to transcatheter aortic valve implantation.

    Shin, Dong-In; Merx, Marc W; Meyer, Christian; Kirmanoglou, Kiriakos; Hellhammer, Katharina; Ohlig, Jan; Katsani, Dimitra; Zeus, Tobias; Westenfeld, Ralf; Eickholt, Christian; Linke, Axel; Kelm, Malte


    Development of AV-block is a frequent complication associated with transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). To date little is known about the predictive value of the HV-interval prior to TAVI with respect to the risk of AV-block development. HV-interval was determined in 25 consecutive elderly patients with severe aortic valve stenosis (AS) before and immediately after TAVI. All patients subsequently underwent TAVI and 8 of these 25 patients (32%) developed complete AV-block during the TAVI procedure requiring permanent pacemaker implantation. Six of these 8 patients (75%) had marked HV prolongation (>54 ms). Pre-procedural HV-interval was significantly prolonged in the subgroup developing complete AV-block (62.1 ms±13.0 vs 49.2 ms±12.9; P=0.029). Prolongation of the HV-interval above 54 ms was associated with a higher rate of complete AV-block (sensitivity 75.0%, specificity 77.8%, P=0.01). HV-interval was prolonged in approximately one third of our elderly patients with aortic valve stenosis and associated with a high rate of complete AV-block following TAVI. HV-interval is easily obtained during TAVI screening procedures, thus facilitating identification of patients at risk for complete AV-block due to TAVI and consequently enabling bespoke risk management.

  7. Mot en professionalisering av det pedagogiska ledarskapet vid Umeå universitet

    Sven B Eriksson


    Full Text Available Det pedagogiska ledarskapet inom högre utbildning fokuseras allt mer. Det understryks genom att flera lärosäten föreskriver såväl att pedagogiska ledare ska finnas på olika nivåer, som vilka övergripande uppgifter dessa ska ha. Denna artikel är ett resultat av en fallstudie av hur de tillägnade kunskaperna och färdigheterna från kursen Pedagogiskt ledarskap, en kurs för målgruppen studierektorer/pedagogiskt ansvariga eller motsvarande arrangerad av Universitetspedagogiskt centrum, har bidragit till deltagarnas professionalisering av det pedagogiska ledarskapet ett år efter kursens slut. Fallstudien genomfördes genom gruppintervjuer. Respondenterna uttryckte att de fått ett stärkt självförtroende i rollen som pedagogiska ledare samt att kursen bidrog till en professionalisering av rollen som pedagogiska ledare genom att stärka identiteten, att skapa en början till en handlingsetik bestående av delvis delade värderingar kring det pedagogiska ansvaret samt ge utbildning och träning i färdigheter som har sin grund i teoretisk kunskap. Kursen Pedagogiskt ledarskap ger därmed ett stöd i en process mot en professionalisering av det pedagogiska ledarskapet vid Umeå universitet.

  8. Performance Comparison of AVS and H.264/AVC Video Coding Standards

    Xin-Fu Wang; De-Bin Zhao


    A new audio and video compression standard of China, known as advanced Audio Video coding Standard (AVS),is emerging. This standard provides a technical solution for many applications within the information industry such as digital broadcast, high-density laser-digital storage media, and so on. The basic part of AVS, AVS1-P2, targets standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) format video compression, and aims to achieve similar coding efficiency as H.264/AVC but with lower computational complexity. In this paper, we first briefly describe the major coding tools in AVS1-P2, and then perform the coding efficiency comparison between AVS1-P2 Jizhun profile and H.264/AVC main profile. The experimental results show that the AVS1-P2 Jizhun profile has an average of 2.96% efficiency loss relative to H.264/AVC main profile in terms of bit-rate saving on HD progressive-scan sequences, and an average of 28.52% coding loss on interlace-scan sequences.Nevertheless, AVS1-P2 possesses a valuable feature of lower computational complexity.

  9. Developing a computational model of human hand kinetics using AVS

    Abramowitz, Mark S. [State Univ. of New York, Binghamton, NY (United States)


    As part of an ongoing effort to develop a finite element model of the human hand at the Institute for Scientific Computing Research (ISCR), this project extended existing computational tools for analyzing and visualizing hand kinetics. These tools employ a commercial, scientific visualization package called AVS. FORTRAN and C code, originally written by David Giurintano of the Gillis W. Long Hansen`s Disease Center, was ported to a different computing platform, debugged, and documented. Usability features were added and the code was made more modular and readable. When the code is used to visualize bone movement and tendon paths for the thumb, graphical output is consistent with expected results. However, numerical values for forces and moments at the thumb joints do not yet appear to be accurate enough to be included in ISCR`s finite element model. Future work includes debugging the parts of the code that calculate forces and moments and verifying the correctness of these values.

  10. EST Table: AV398400 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV398400 NV021766 10/09/28 97 %/109 aa ref|NP_001091759.1| annexin isoform 2 [Bomby.../27 47 %/107 aa T07C4.9a#CE23956#WBGene00003589#locus:nex- 2#Annexin#status:Confirmed#UniProt:Q27512#protein...1|gene:ANXB10B 10/09/10 low homology 10/09/10 48 %/104 aa gi|91090858|ref|XP_967143.1| PREDICTED: similar to annexin B13a isoform 1 [Tribolium castaneum] NM_001098288 NV02 ... ...x mori] gb|ABD36280.1| annexin isoform 2 [Bombyx mori] 10/08/28 67 %/103 aa FBpp0123640|DanaGF20448-PA 10/08

  11. American AV: Edgar Dale and the Information Age Classroom.

    Acland, Charles R


    This article demonstrates how the influential scholar Edgar Dale, alongside a generation of educational technologists, helped build an essential place for AV materials and pedagogical methods in the American classroom. It also shows that, for decades, the Payne Fund philanthropy supported multimedia research agendas that shaped ideas about teaching and technology, far beyond involvement in their famed studies on motion pictures and children in the 1930s. With his writings and research programs, Dale advanced concepts of media experience and systematicity, which came to be understood as common sense to the information society. In so doing he was a leading contributor to the discursive and ideological structure of our age of technological and informational abundance.

  12. EST Table: AV404143 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV404143 pg--0524 11/12/09 n.h 10/09/28 100 %/131 aa pdb|3FZB|A Chain A, Crystal Structure... Of The Tail Terminator Protein From Phage Lambda (Gpu-Wt) pdb|3FZB|B Chain B, Crystal Structure Of T...he Tail Terminator Protein From Phage Lambda (Gpu-Wt) pdb|3FZB|C Chain C, Crystal Structure Of The Tail Term...inator Protein From Phage Lambda (Gpu-Wt) pdb|3FZB|D Chain D, Crystal Structure O...f The Tail Terminator Protein From Phage Lambda (Gpu-Wt) pdb|3FZB|E Chain E, Crystal Structure Of The Tail T

  13. En språkfundert kompetansemodell for planlegging av undervisning

    Erik Knain


    Full Text Available I utdanningsvitenskapelig litteratur er ulike former for ”literacy” et vedvarende fokus både teoretisk og empirisk. I engelskspråklig naturfagdidaktisk litteratur brukes betegnelsen ”scientific literacy”. Jeg skisserer i denne artikkelen et planleggingsverktøy for undervisning som bygger på en eksplisitt teoretisk modell for deltakelse gjennom språk. Modellen er bindeledd mellom et generalisert kompetansebegrep og planlegging av undervisning ved at den knytter sammen de didaktiske spørsmålene hva, hvem, hvordan og hvorfor med en modell for funksjonell deltakelse. Modellen er spesielt relevant for et allmenndannende ”naturfag for alle”, men favner også et naturfag som fokuserer på utdanning av framtidas naturvitere. Artikkelen retter seg mot naturfag i skolen, men modellen bør kunne anvendes også i andre skolefag. Modellen peker mot et situert og transformativt kompetansebegrep.Nøkkelord: naturfag , kompetanse , diskurs , deltakelse, undervisning og læringAbstractVarious forms of literacy have long been the focus of educational discourses, not the least in science education where the term “scientific literacy” has been an enduring concern for decades. In this article I describe a tool for designing teaching based on a theoretical perspective on participation through language. The model connects a general conception of competence with the planning of teaching. To do so it drowe on the didactical questions of “what, who, how and why”. The model is particularly relevant in a “science for all” perspective but also for the educating of future science specialists. Although school science is the primary focus in this article, the model should be applicable to other school subjects as well. The model opens for a situated and transformative notion of competence.Keywords: scientific literacy, discourse, participation, teaching and learning

  14. Stöttning av skrivande i ett digitalt diskussionsforum

    Stina Hållsten


    Full Text Available Vi vet att studenter ofta upplever akademiskt skrivande som svårt. Att skrivandet dessutom förläggs till en digital lärplattform underlättar kanske inte alltid. Större studentgrupper och minskade resurser, parallellt med ett större utbud av distanskurser, gör att digitala lärplattformar blir än viktigare inom högre utbildning. Forskning visar dock att vi i första hand använder lärplattformar i administrativt syfte, trots möjligheter till en mer pedagogisk användning, exempelvis genom mer interaktion och ett större fokus på skrivandet. Hur kan lärplattformens design och användning utvecklas pedagogiskt, närmare bestämt med ett genrepedagogiskt upplägg?Empirin för artikeln är en distanskurs i kriminologi, där all kursaktivitet skedde över utbildningens lärplattform. Kursdesignen och lärarnas aktivitet (instruktioner, responsgivande och annan stöttning analyserades tillsammans med ett mindre antal studenters användande av lärplattformen i arbetet med uppgiften Lärandedialogen. Vilka genrepedagogiska drag uppvisas redan i kursdesignen, och vilka skulle kunna förstärkas? Genrepedagogiken tar fasta på den muntliga dialogen kring text och innehåll. Därför diskuteras även hur man kan se den skriftliga, asynkrona diskussionen som något liknande det muntliga seminariesamtalet.

  15. En kartlegging av forekomsten av forskjellige rusmidler blant norske motorvognførere pågrepet av politiet, med mistanke om påvirket kjøring

    Kari-Mette Beylich m. fl Beylich m. fl


    Full Text Available  SAMMENDRAGSjåfører som mistenkes for påvirket kjøring blir i første omgang vurdert av politiet med henblikk på om det kunskal rekvireres alkoholanalyse eller om det også skal tas prøve med hensyn på andre rusmidler (narkotika,medikamenter med ruspotensial ved Statens rettstoksikologiske institutt (SRI. Rutinemessig vil SRI undersøkedet politiet rekvirerer, men prøvene lagres inntil to år etter at de er analysert. Ved supplerende analyse i ettertidkan man således få et mer fullstendig bilde av hva mistenkte, påvirkede bilførere hadde i kroppen da de avgaprøve. I den foreliggende undersøkelsen ble 1197 prøver fra februar og september 1993 analysert på et bredtspekter av andre rusmidler foruten alkohol, uavhengig av hva politiets mistanke hadde vært. Vi fant da at alkoholalene var til stede i 55 % av prøvene, andre rusmidler alene i 16%, både alkohol og andre rusmidler i 14%, mensverken alkohol eller andre rusmidler ble påvist i 15% av prøvene. Politiets mistanke med hensyn til alkoholpåvirkningble bekreftet av analyseresultatene i 71% av tilfellene, og mistanke om forekomst av andre rusmidler i58% av tilfellene. Tidligere studier og denne undersøkelsen viste at bilførere som mistenkes for påvirket kjøringsynes å representere en gruppe med storbruk av alkohol og misbruk av andre stoff.Beylich K-M, Christophersen AS, Skurtveit S, Bjørneboe A, Mørland J. Frequency of different drugs in  ENGLISH SUMMARYDrivers apprehended under the suspicion of drunken or drugged driving are primarily evaluated by the police withregard to whether alcohol or drugs should be looked for in the blood samples taken shortly after apprehension.Until March 1996 all blood samples were sent to the National Institute of Forensic Toxicology (NIFT, for analysis.NIFT routinely perform only those analyses requested, but the samples are stored for up to two years afteranalysis. By later additional analyses of this material one could obtain a more

  16. Subcortical (18) F-AV-1451 binding patterns in progressive supranuclear palsy.

    Cho, Hanna; Choi, Jae Yong; Hwang, Mi Song; Lee, Seung Ha; Ryu, Young Hoon; Lee, Myung Sik; Lyoo, Chul Hyoung


    Accumulation of cortical and subcortical tau pathology is the primary pathological substrate for progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). (18) F-AV-1451, a radiotracer that binds to the pathological tau protein, may be helpful for in vivo visualization and quantitation of tau pathology in PSP. The objectives of this study were to investigate cortical and subcortical (18) F-AV-1451 binding patterns in patients with PSP. We recruited 14 PSP patients and compared their cortical and subcortical binding patterns in (18) F-AV-1451 positron emission tomography (PET) studies with those of 15 Parkinson's disease (PD) patients and 15 healthy controls. In both the PD and PSP groups, subcortical (18) F-AV-1451 binding did not correlate with the severity of motor dysfunctions, and cortical binding did not differ between the controls and each patient group. However, the PSP patients showed greater (18) F-AV-1451 binding in the putamen, globus pallidus, subthalamic nucleus, and dentate nucleus when compared with the controls, whereas the PD patients showed lower (18) F-AV-1451 binding in the substantia nigra than controls. The PSP and PD patients showed distinct subcortical (18) F-AV-1451 binding patterns reflecting subcortical tau pathology in PSP and reduced nigral neuromelanin in PD. However, there was no correlation with the severity of motor dysfunction, no cortical regions with increased binding in PSP patients, and variable degrees of subcortical binding even in the controls. Therefore, the (18) F-AV-1451 PET may be less than ideal for assessing tau pathology in PSP. Further studies will be required to validate the clinical correlation and to understand the clinical utility of (18) F-AV-1451 PET for PSP patients. © 2016 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society. © 2016 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.

  17. Pathological correlations of [F-18]-AV-1451 imaging in non-alzheimer tauopathies.

    Marquié, Marta; Normandin, Marc D; Meltzer, Avery C; Siao Tick Chong, Michael; Andrea, Nicolas V; Antón-Fernández, Alejandro; Klunk, William E; Mathis, Chester A; Ikonomovic, Milos D; Debnath, Manik; Bien, Elizabeth A; Vanderburg, Charles R; Costantino, Isabel; Makaretz, Sara; DeVos, Sarah L; Oakley, Derek H; Gomperts, Stephen N; Growdon, John H; Domoto-Reilly, Kimiko; Lucente, Diane; Dickerson, Bradford C; Frosch, Matthew P; Hyman, Bradley T; Johnson, Keith A; Gómez-Isla, Teresa


    Recent studies have shown that positron emission tomography (PET) tracer AV-1451 exhibits high binding affinity for paired helical filament (PHF)-tau pathology in Alzheimer's brains. However, the ability of this ligand to bind to tau lesions in other tauopathies remains controversial. Our goal was to examine the correlation of in vivo and postmortem AV-1451 binding patterns in three autopsy-confirmed non-Alzheimer tauopathy cases. We quantified in vivo retention of [F-18]-AV-1451 and performed autoradiography, [H-3]-AV-1451 binding assays, and quantitative tau measurements in postmortem brain samples from two progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) cases and a MAPT P301L mutation carrier. They all underwent [F-18]-AV-1451 PET imaging before death. The three subjects exhibited [F-18]-AV-1451 in vivo retention predominantly in basal ganglia and midbrain. Neuropathological examination confirmed the PSP diagnosis in the first two subjects; the MAPT P301L mutation carrier had an atypical tauopathy characterized by grain-like tau-containing neurites in gray and white matter with heaviest burden in basal ganglia. In all three cases, autoradiography failed to show detectable [F-18]-AV-1451 binding in multiple brain regions examined, with the exception of entorhinal cortex (reflecting incidental age-related neurofibrillary tangles) and neuromelanin-containing neurons in the substantia nigra (off-target binding). The lack of a consistent significant correlation between in vivo [F-18]-AV-1541 retention and postmortem in vitro binding and tau measures in these cases suggests that this ligand has low affinity for tau lesions primarily made of straight tau filaments. AV-1451 may have limited utility for in vivo selective and reliable detection of tau aggregates in these non-Alzheimer tauopathies. ANN NEUROL 2017;81:117-128. © 2016 American Neurological Association.

  18. How Do Chinese Enterprises Look at REACH?


    @@ The new European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals) regulation has come into force. As soon as the REACH white paper was issued, Chinese enterprises started to research the possible impacts of REACH and prepare to cope with them. How then do these Chinese enterprises look at REACH? Following are views of some Chinese enterprises exporting chemical products to the European Union.

  19. AV interval optimization using pressure volume loops in dual chamber pacemaker patients with maintained systolic left ventricular function.

    Eberhardt, Frank; Hanke, Thorsten; Fitschen, Joern; Heringlake, Matthias; Bode, Frank; Schunkert, Heribert; Wiegand, Uwe K H


    Atrioventricular (AV) interval optimization is often deemed too time-consuming in dual-chamber pacemaker patients with maintained LV function. Thus the majority of patients are left at their default AV interval. To quantify the magnitude of hemodynamic improvement following AV interval optimization in chronically paced dual chamber pacemaker patients. A pressure volume catheter was placed in the left ventricle of 19 patients with chronic dual chamber pacing and an ejection fraction >45 % undergoing elective coronary angiography. AV interval was varied in 10 ms steps from 80 to 300 ms, and pressure volume loops were recorded during breath hold. The average optimal AV interval was 152 ± 39 ms compared to 155 ± 8 ms for the average default AV interval (range 100-240 ms). The average improvement in stroke work following AV interval optimization was 935 ± 760 mmHg/ml (range 0-2,908; p AV interval changes the average stroke work by 207 ± 162 mmHg/ml. AV interval optimization also leads to improved systolic dyssynchrony indices (17.7 ± 7.0 vs. 19.4 ± 7.1 %; p = 0.01). The overall hemodynamic effect of AV interval optimization in patients with maintained LV function is in the same range as for patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy for several parameters. The positive effect of AV interval optimization also applies to patients who have been chronically paced for years.

  20. Den blivande förskollärarens formering. En studie av verksamhetsförlagda handledningssamtal, argumentationstraditioner och metaforik

    Marie-Louise Hjort


    Full Text Available I denna studie analyserar vi hur erfarna förskollärare i rollen som handledare introducerar förskollärarstudenter i professionen. Studien genomförs mot bakgrund av ett delvis nytt uppdrag som förskolan fått under senare år, som bland annat yttrar sig i att förskolan nu är en del av utbildningssystemet. Med utgångspunkt i det teoretiska begreppet argumentationstraditioner och genom att analysera metaforiken i deltagarnas resonerande, studeras hur erfarna och blivande förskollärare navigerar spänningar centrala för professionen. Deltagarnas betoning av vissa argumentationstraditioner och användningen av viss metaforik diskuteras i termer av vad de implicerar för utvecklingen av de barn som deltar i en förskoleverksamhet som formas av dessa.

  1. LNG tidscertepartier : En innføring generelt og regulering av boil-off spesielt

    Bull, Johan Storm


    Oppgaven gir en innføring i langsiktige LNG tidscertepartier. Den tar for seg både hva som er særegent for denne kontraktstypen generelt, og gir en oversikt over typiske sider ved den konkrete reguleringen av et utvalg certepartier. Som et spesialemne, tar oppgaven for seg reguleringen av ansvaret for boil-off mellom partene. Dette er et fenomen som er spesielt for LNG farten. LNG certepartier tar for seg transport av LNG med skip. LNG står for Liquefied Natural Gas, eller flytende naturg...

  2. Måleegenskaper ved den norske versjonen av Teacher's Report Form (TRF)

    Kornør, Hege; Drugli, May Britt


    Beskrivelse. TRF inngår som én av tre tester i Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA). Thomas Achenbach og Leslie Rescorla står bak denne testen, som kom ut i sin originalversjon på engelsk 2001. Torunn S. Nøvik og Sonja Heyerdahl publiserte den norske oversettelsen av TRF i 2002. TRF skal besvares av lærere for å kartlegge faglig fungering, tilpasning og problemområder hos barn og ungdom i skolealder. Problemdelen har én totalskåre som danner utgangspunkt for...

  3. "The Power of Christ Compels You". En studie av eksorsisme i tre filmer.

    Morland, Espen Steensnæs


    Denne oppgaven er en studie av fenomenet eksorsisme i de tre filmene The Exorcist (1973), The Exorcist III (1990) og The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005). Målet har vært å finne ut hvilke roller eksorsisme, kjønnsroller, det overnaturlige og Den katolske kirke spiller i disse tre filmene. I tillegg inneholder oppgaven en sammenligning av de tre filmene. De tre filmene er både like og forskjellige når det gjelder deres tilnærming til eksorsisme. En viktig del av det katolske eksorsismeritualet...

  4. [The functional dissociation of conduction within the human AV-node (author's transl)].

    Runge, M; Narula, O S; Ehlers, E; Luckmann, E; Pantlen, H


    The functional dissociation (FD) of conduction within the AV-node is characterized by sudden prolongations and/or shortenings of the AH-time during stimulation. Examples for FD are presented during regular atrial stimulation and atrial extrastimulus technique. The appearance of FD is no proof for functional impairment of the AV-node. The blockade of the parasympathetic nervous system abolishes FD and leads to the well known continuous and regular adaptation of the AH-time with the various kinds of stimulation examined. It is recommended to replace the term "pathways" by the more comprehensive concept of functional dissociation with the AV-node.

  5. Om inflammatorisk tarmsykdom, samt protokollutvikling for isolasjon av enkeltceller fra colonslimhinnebiopsier

    Dahl, Jim André; Krokstrand, Tobias Tysnes


    Inflammatorisk tarmsykdom (IBD) omfatter primært de to tilstandene, ulcerøs kolitt (UC) og morbus Crohn (MbC). Begge tilstandene karakteriseres ved kronisk inflammasjon i fordøyelseskanalen. Etiologien er ukjent, men en teori som har blitt fremmet er dysregulasjon av immunresponsen mot den kommensale tarmflora hos genetisk predisponerte individer. Insidensen av IBD er høyere i den vestlige verden enn i utviklingsland, og Norge er et av landene med høyest registrert insidens. Tilstanden kan...

  6. Langtidseffekten av kalking på lystgassemisjonen frå dyrka organisk jord

    Hovlandsdal, Linn


    Kultivert jord er den viktigaste antropogene kjelda til dinitrogenoksid (N2O), også kalla lystgass. N2O er ein klimagass og bidreg til øydelegging av stratosfærisk ozon. Dyrka myrjord har ein større emisjon av N2O enn mineraljord. Sjølv om dyrka myrjord berre utgjer 7 – 8 % av det totale dyrka arealet i Noreg, kan dei potensielt vere ein stor bidragsytar til N2O - emisjonen frå norsk jordbruk. pH i jord er ein nøkkelvariabel for dei fleste biologiske prosessane i jorda. Kalking kan føre ti...

  7. Religion, visdom och humanism : en teologisk läsning av Hermann Hesses Siddhartha

    Sandström, Henning E.


    Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) er en av 1900-tallets mest leste og innflytelserike forfattere. Hele hans forfatterskap kan sies å være historien om hans egen søken etter sannhet. Han var influert av Freud, Jung, mystikk og østerlandsk filosofi, men ønsket ikke å bli plassert under en etikette. I flere av sine mest berømte verker forteller han om en person som samtidig er han selv og en representant for menneskeheten. Denne personen søker sannheten om seg selv og den absolutte sannheten, men kan i...

  8. Neurofeedback training for peak performance

    Marek Graczyk


    Full Text Available [b]aim[/b]. One of the applications of the Neurofeedback methodology is peak performance in sport. The protocols of the neurofeedback are usually based on an assessment of the spectral parameters of spontaneous EEG in resting state conditions. The aim of the paper was to study whether the intensive neurofeedback training of a well-functioning Olympic athlete who has lost his performance confidence after injury in sport, could change the brain functioning reflected in changes in spontaneous EEG and event related potentials (ERPs. [b]case study[/b]. The case is presented of an Olympic athlete who has lost his performance confidence after injury in sport. He wanted to resume his activities by means of neurofeedback training. His QEEG/ERP parameters were assessed before and after 4 intensive sessions of neurotherapy. Dramatic and statistically significant changes that could not be explained by error measurement were observed in the patient. [b]conclusion[/b]. Neurofeedback training in the subject under study increased the amplitude of the monitoring component of ERPs generated in the anterior cingulate cortex, accompanied by an increase in beta activity over the medial prefrontal cortex. Taking these changes together, it can be concluded that that even a few sessions of neurofeedback in a high performance brain can significantly activate the prefrontal cortical areas associated with increasing confidence in sport performance.

  9. Vad vill kvinnor ha? : En undersökning av en lokaltidnings bilaga i form av ett livsstilsmagasin.

    Heurling, Åsa; Lovisa, Lesse


    Folkbladet är en dagstidning i Norrköping med en stark lokal prägel vars prenumeranter till största delen är sportintresserade män. För att försöka bredda sin läsekrets har man sedan 2009 gett ut en tidning kallad Trend, som vänder sig till kvinnor i åldern 20 - 50 år. Denna tidning med lokal prägel, i form av ett livsstilsmagasin för kvinnor, handlar om mode, skönhet, heminredning och resor. Maga- sinet ges ut i fyra nummer per år och delas ut gratis till alla hushåll i Norrköping med omnejd...

  10. Value of the adenosine test for diagnosis of dual AV nodal physiology in patients with AV nodal reentrant tachycardia

    周斌全; 胡申江; 等


    Objectives:This study was aimed at assessing the value of the adenosine test for noninvasive diagnosis of dual AV nodal physiology(DAVNP) in patients with AV nodal reentrant tachycardia(VANRT).Methods:53 patients with paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia(PSVT) were given incremental doses of adenosine intravenously during sinus rhythm before electrophysiological study.The adenosine test was repeated on a subset of 18 patients with AVNRT after radiofrequency catheter ablation.Results:Sudden increments of PR interval of more than 60 msec between two consecutive beats were observed in 26(83.9%) of 31 patients with typical AVNRT and 2(9.1%) of 22 patients with AVRT and AT(P<0.01),The maximal PR increment between 2 consecutive beats in the AVNRT group(105±45ms) was significantly greater than that in the AVRT and AT group[(20±13ms) (P<0.01),In postablation adenosine test,DAVNP was eliminated in all 8 patients who underwent slow pathway abolition that EPS showed the slow pathway disappeared and 4 of 10 patients who underwent slow pathway modification that EPS showed the slow pathway disappeared and 4 of 10 patients who underwent slow pathway modification that EPS whosed the slow pathway persisted.Six of 10 patients whw exhibited persistent duality showed a marked reduction in the number of beats conducted in the slow pathway after adenosine injection(P<0.01),COnclusions:Administration of adenosine during sinus rhythm may be a useful bedside test for diagnosis of DAVNP in high percentage of patients with typical AVNRT and additionally for evaluating the effects of radiofrequency ablation.

  11. ALMA telescope reaches new heights


    of the Array Operations Site. This means surviving strong winds and temperatures between +20 and -20 Celsius whilst being able to point precisely enough that they could pick out a golf ball at a distance of 15 km, and to keep their smooth reflecting surfaces accurate to better than 25 micrometres (less than the typical thickness of a human hair). Once the transporter reached the high plateau it carried the antenna to a concrete pad - a docking station with connections for power and fibre optics - and positioned it with an accuracy of a few millimetres. The transporter is guided by a laser steering system and, just like some cars today, also has ultrasonic collision detectors. These sensors ensure the safety of the state-of-the-art antennas as the transporter drives them across what will soon be a rather crowded plateau. Ultimately, ALMA will have at least 66 antennas distributed over about 200 pads, spread over distances of up to 18.5 km and operating as a single, giant telescope. Even when ALMA is fully operational, the transporters will be used to move the antennas between pads to reconfigure the telescope for different kinds of observations. "Transporting our first antenna to the Chajnantor plateau is a epic feat which exemplifies the exciting times in which ALMA is living. Day after day, our global collaboration brings us closer to the birth of the most ambitious ground-based astronomical observatory in the world", said Thijs de Graauw, ALMA Director. This first ALMA antenna at the high site will soon be joined by others and the ALMA team looks forward to making their first observations from the Chajnantor plateau. They plan to link three antennas by early 2010, and to make the first scientific observations with ALMA in the second half of 2011. ALMA will help astronomers answer important questions about our cosmic origins. The telescope will observe the Universe using light with millimetre and submillimetre wavelengths, between infrared light and radio waves in

  12. Värdering och redovisning till verkligt värde av finansiella instrument : en studie av IAS 39 och SFAS 157

    Campner, Britta; Liang, Yucong; Melkersson, Rickard


    Bakgrund och problem: Som ett steg i konvergeringsprocessen med FASB startade IASB år2006 ett projekt med syfte att skapa en enhetlig standard för värdering till verkligt värde i helaIFRS. I den inledande fasen av projektet utformades ett discussion paper, där denamerikanska motsvarigheten för värdering till verkligt värde, SFAS 157, användes somutgångspunkt. En av de standarder som i hög grad innefattar värdering till verkligt värde ochsåledes berörs i stor utsträckning av projektet är IAS 3...

  13. Utveckling av fryssäker vaccinväska : För transport av vaccin till svårtillgängliga områden

    TILLQVIST, VIKTOR; Sandqvist, Viktor


    Detta projekt fokuserar på att förhindra att vaccinet förstörs vid transport, samt underlätta för vårdpersonal som arbetar för att transportera vaccin till otillgängliga områden. Vaccin måste förvaras kylt. Därför utgörs transporten av vaccin av en så kallad kylkedja. Projektet behandlar den sista delen i kylkedjan, den så kallade last miltransportation. Idag varierar kunskapen hos arbetarna vilket medför variationer i utförandet av de rutiner som är utvecklade för att på ett säkert sätt pake...

  14. Analys av miljöanpassad ogräsbekämpning


    Svenska Kraftnät är ett statligt affärsverk vars huvuduppgift är drift och underhåll av det svenska elstamnätet. Bekämpningen av oönskad vegetation är en del i underhållsarbetet i anläggningarna och sker i dagsläget med det kemiska bekämpningsmedlet Roundup. Svenska Kraftnät önskar att minska eller ersätta den kemiska ogräsbekämpningen med en miljöanpassad metod och rapporten syftar till att undersöka den möjligheten.  En av de möjliga metoderna, NCC Spuma, testades i ett fältförsök i en av S...

  15. Transformasjon av Lækjargata : fra transportåre til en levende bygate

    Pétursdóttir, Tinna Rut


    Lækjargata, en av de viktigste bygatene i Reykjavík, og temaet for dette prosjektet, er et eksempel på en gate som har blitt overtatt av privatbiler med lite fokus på myke trafikanter. Gaten er et svært viktig innslag i bybildet, har stor historisk betydning og en sterk identitet, som man dessverre ikke kan nyte på grunn av bilene. Målet med oppgaven er å finne en måte å transformere Lækjargata til å bli en levende bygate ved hjelp av blå og grønne strukturer og samtidig bidra til å skape en ...

  16. Eksklusive fellesskap: Et kritisk blikk på nyurbanismen i lys av Kentlands, USA

    Bengt Andersen


    Full Text Available Denne artikkelen tar utgangspunkt i nyurbanismen, en amerikansk byplanleggingsbevegelse, og deres byutviklingsprosjekt Kentlands i Maryland, USA. Deres påstand er at en gjennom de rette designprinsippene vil få det ønskede samfunnet. Her argumenteres det for at den fysiske determinismen som ligger til grunn for den nyurbanistiske ideologien er for enkel. Mens nyurbanistene hevder at de skaper heterogene og lokaliserte fellesskap gjennom realiseringen av deres egne designprinsipper, hevdes det her med støtte i en sosialantropologisk studie av Kentlands at dannelsen av slike fellesskap er noe mer komplisert. Innbyggerne viste seg i praksis til og med å handle mot et slikt ideal. Sosial praksis, de nyurbanistiske designreglene, samt den felles interessen for å opprettholde eiendomsverdiene, førte til etableringen av en "eksklusiv enklave" snarere enn et inkluderende bomiljø.Nøkkelord: Nyurbanisme, byplanlegging, designregler, eksklusive enklaver

  17. Facility Location with Double-peaked Preferences

    Filos-Ratsikas, Aris; Li, Minming; Zhang, Jie


    We study the problem of locating a single facility on a real line based on the reports of self-interested agents, when agents have double-peaked preferences, with the peaks being on opposite sides of their locations. We observe that double-peaked preferences capture real-life scenarios and thus...... complement the well-studied notion of single-peaked preferences. We mainly focus on the case where peaks are equidistant from the agents’ locations and discuss how our results extend to more general settings. We show that most of the results for single-peaked preferences do not directly apply to this setting...

  18. Cost estimations for deep disposal of spent nuclear fuels; Kostnadsberaekning av djupfoervaring av det anvanda kaernbraenslet

    Palmqvist, K.; Wallroth, T. [BERGAB - Berggeologiska Undersoekningar AB, Goeteborg (Sweden); Green, L.; Joensson, Lars [Peab Berg AB, Goeteborg (Sweden)


    feasibility of a deep repository. The subsequent main study comprised a cost estimate based on the findings of the feasibility study. In conducting the study, BERGAB hired PEAB Berg AB as a subcontractor to perform the calculations. An important part of the study was to closely study the cost of variations in the deep repository concept relating to an alternative repository layout, disposal method, site, time-schedule etc. This report is a summary of the feasibility study and the main study which confirmed BERGAB/PEAB's evaluation of SKB's cost estimate. On the basis of SKB's reference scenario in SKB PLAN 98 and the calculation based on this scenario, BERGAB/PEAB has reached the conclusion that it is possible to site, construct and operate a deep repository for the spent nuclear fuel within the framework of the total cost that SKB has estimated. The results of BERGAB/PEAB's evaluation shows that their estimate is about 4 % or SEK 500 million lower than SKB's estimate. However, the evaluation of the individual underlying items in the estimate shows considerable differences in SKB's and BERGAB/PEAB's calculations, which should be explained and investigated in detail by SKB. Some of the findings of BERGAB/PEAB's study are summarized: descriptions and background data concerning the content of the different items in the cost estimate were found to be very difficult to penetrate due to the lack of clarity concerning the costs which SKB assigned to the different items. One condition which should be fulfilled in order for SKI to form an opinion of the accuracy of the cost estimate submitted by SKB every year is that the calculations can be presented to SKI in a comprehensible and accessible manner. In its reference case, BERGAB/PEAB concludes that a larger site investigation area is required, compared with that postulated by SKB. BERGAB/PEAB's assumptions are based on the reports that SKB itself refers to in its background reports for

  19. InterProScan Result: AV400452 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV400452 AV400452_2_ORF2 5E62868E5F66D93B PANTHER PTHR11523:SF15 SODIUM/POTASSIUM-D...EPENDENT ATPASE BETA SUBUNIT, INSECT 1.1e-19 T IPR000402 unintegrated Molecular Function: sodium:potassium-e...Process: potassium ion transport (GO:0006813)|Biological Process: sodium ion transport (GO:0006814)|Cellular Component: membrane (GO:0016020) ...

  20. The Galactic NH - AV Relation and its Application to Historical Galactic SNRs

    Tian, Wen-Wu; Xiang, F Y


    We refine a classic relation between the hydrogen column density (NH) and optical extinction (Av) by employing 39 Galactic Supernova Remnants (SNRs) with X-rays, optical and/or infra-red data available. We find NH = (1.69+/-0.07)*10^21 Av cm^(-2) mag^(-1) . Applying this relation to three Galactic SNRs with good historical records allows us to further constrain either their progenitor's distances or magnitudes, which is independent access to their distances.

  1. [(18)F]AV-1451 binding to neuromelanin in the substantia nigra in PD and PSP.

    Coakeley, Sarah; Cho, Sang Soo; Koshimori, Yuko; Rusjan, Pablo; Ghadery, Christine; Kim, Jinhee; Lang, Anthony E; Houle, Sylvain; Strafella, Antonio P


    This study investigated binding of [(18)F]AV-1451 to neuromelanin in the substantia nigra of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) and progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). [(18)F]AV-1451 is a positron emission tomography radiotracer designed to bind pathological tau. A post-mortem study using [(18)F]AV-1451 discovered off-target binding properties to neuromelanin in the substantia nigra. A subsequent clinical study reported a 30% decrease in [(18)F]AV-1451 binding in the midbrain of PD patients. A total of 12 patients and 10 healthy age-matched controls were recruited. An anatomical MRI and a 90-min PET scan, using [(18)F]AV-1451, were acquired from all participants. The standardized uptake value ratio (SUVR) from 60 to 90 min post-injection was calculated for the substantia nigra, using the cerebellar cortex as the reference region. The substantia nigra was delineated using automated region of interest software. An independent samples ANOVA and LSD post hoc testing were used to test for differences in [(18)F]AV-1451 SUVR between groups. Substantia nigra SUVR from 60 to 90 min was significantly greater in HC compared to both PSP and PD groups. Although the PD group had the lowest SUVR, there was no significant difference in substantia nigra uptake between PD and PSP. [(18)F]AV-1451 may be the first PET radiotracer capable of imaging neurodegeneration of the substantia nigra in parkinsonisms. Further testing must be done in PD and atypical parkinsonian disorders to support this off-target use of [(18)F]AV-1451.

  2. Dynamics of AV coupling during human atrial fibrillation: role of atrial rate.

    Masè, M; Marini, M; Disertori, M; Ravelli, F


    The causal relationship between atrial and ventricular activities during human atrial fibrillation (AF) is poorly understood. This study analyzed the effects of an increase in atrial rate on the link between atrial and ventricular activities during AF. Atrial and ventricular time series were determined in 14 patients during the spontaneous acceleration of the atrial rhythm at AF onset. The dynamic relationship between atrial and ventricular activities was quantified in terms of atrioventricular (AV) coupling by AV synchrogram analysis. The technique identified n:m coupling patterns (n atrial beats in m ventricular cycles), quantifying their percentage, maximal length, and conduction ratio (= m/n). Simulations with a difference-equation AV model were performed to correlate the observed dynamics to specific atrial/nodal properties. The atrial rate increase significantly affected AV coupling and ventricular response during AF. The shortening of atrial intervals from 185 ± 32 to 165 ± 24 ms (P AV patterns with progressively decreasing m/n ratios (from conduction ratio = 0.34 ± 0.09 to 0.29 ± 0.08, P AV block and coupling instability at higher atrial rates were associated with increased ventricular interval variability (from 123 ± 52 to 133 ± 55 ms, P AV pattern transitions and coupling instability in patients were predicted, assuming the filtering of high-rate irregular atrial beats by the slow recovery of nodal excitability. These results support the role of atrial rate in determining AV coupling and ventricular response and may have implications for rate control in AF. Copyright © 2015 the American Physiological Society.

  3. Utilization of Electrocardiographic P-wave Duration for AV Interval Optimization in Dual-Chamber Pacemakers.

    Sorajja, Dan; Bhakta, Mayurkumar D; Scott, Luis Rp; Altemose, Gregory T; Srivathsan, Komandoor


    Empiric programming of the atrio-ventricular (AV) delay is commonly performed during pacemaker implantation. Transmitral flow assessment by Doppler echocardiography can be used to find the optimal AV delay by Ritter's method, but this cannot easily be performed during pacemaker implantation. We sought to determine a non-invasive surrogate for this assessment. Since electrocardiographic P-wave duration estimates atrial activation time, we hypothesized this measurement may provide a more appropriate basis for programming AV intervals. A total of 19 patients were examined at the time of dual chamber pacemaker implantation, 13 (68%) being male with a mean age of 77. Each patient had the optimal AV interval determined by Ritter's method. The P-wave duration was measured independently on electrocardiograms using MUSE® Cardiology Information System (version 7.1.1). The relationship between P-wave duration and the optimal AV interval was analyzed. The P-wave duration and optimal AV delay were related by a correlation coefficient of 0.815 and a correction factor of 1.26. The mean BMI was 27. The presence of hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and valvular heart disease was 13 (68%), 3 (16%), and 2 (11%) respectively. Mean echocardiographic parameters included an ejection fraction of 58%, left atrial index of 32 ml/m(2), and diastolic dysfunction grade 1 (out of 4). In patients with dual chamber pacemakers in AV sequentially paced mode and normal EF, electrocardiographic P-wave duration correlates to the optimal AV delay by Ritter's method by a factor of 1.26.

  4. Tungstate and Carbonate Ions Sorption Using Anion Exchangers AV-17-8 and Purolite A400

    Chegrintsev S.


    Full Text Available The current paper shows the results of tungstate and carbonate ion sorption using strongly basic anion exchangers AV-17-8 and Purolite A400. It has been established that anion exchanger AV-17-8 in the chloride form with parameters of 168 g of tungstate ion and 157 g of carbonate ion per 1 kg of anion exchanger has the maximum capacity for the tungstate and carbonate ions.

  5. Helhetsorienterad utvärdering av kollektivtrafikåtgärder

    Hiselius, Lena Winslott; Barfod, Michael Bruhn; Leleur, Steen

    Under hösten 2008 och våren 2009 har forskare vid Avd. Trafik och väg vid Lunds Tekniska Högskola, DTU Transport vid Danmarks Tekniska Universitet samt National-ekonomiska institutionen vid Lunds Universitet genomfört ett forskningsprojekt med syfte att studera tillämpningen av en sammansatt...... (helhetsorienterad) analys av kollektiv-trafikåtgärder....

  6. InterProScan Result: AV399741 [KAIKOcDNA[Archive

    Full Text Available AV399741 AV399741_2_ORF2 F87D90D9B5BA6C11 SUPERFAMILY SSF55267 tRNA-intron endonucl...ease N-terminal domain-like 8.3e-06 T IPR006678 tRNA intron endonuclease, N-terminal Molecular Function: tRNA-intron endonuclease activity (GO:0000213) ...

  7. Kvalitetsutvärdering av biomedicin och närliggande huvudområden

    Leffler, Hakon; Fex Svenningsen, Åsa; Emgård, Mia


    UKÄ:s utvärdering av biomedicinutbildningar visar på en mycket varierad kvalitet. Nio av 21 utbildningar håller toppklass medan mer än hälften bedöms vara bristande. 21 utbildningar inom biomedicin har satts under lupp. Kvaliteten bedöms som vanligt efter en tregradig skala: mycket hög kvalitet...

  8. [F-18]-AV-1451 binding correlates with postmortem neurofibrillary tangle Braak staging.

    Marquié, Marta; Siao Tick Chong, Michael; Antón-Fernández, Alejandro; Verwer, Eline E; Sáez-Calveras, Nil; Meltzer, Avery C; Ramanan, Prianca; Amaral, Ana C; Gonzalez, Jose; Normandin, Marc D; Frosch, Matthew P; Gómez-Isla, Teresa


    [F-18]-AV-1451, a PET tracer specifically developed to detect brain neurofibrillary tau pathology, has the potential to facilitate accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD), staging of brain tau burden and monitoring disease progression. Recent PET studies show that patients with mild cognitive impairment and AD dementia exhibit significantly higher in vivo [F-18]-AV-1451 retention than cognitively normal controls. Importantly, PET patterns of [F-18]-AV-1451 correlate well with disease severity and seem to match the predicted topographic Braak staging of neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) in AD, although this awaits confirmation. We studied the correlation of autoradiographic binding patterns of [F-18]-AV-1451 and the stereotypical spatiotemporal pattern of progression of NFTs using legacy postmortem brain samples representing different Braak NFT stages (I-VI). We performed [F-18]-AV-1451 phosphor-screen autoradiography and quantitative tau measurements (stereologically based NFT counts and biochemical analysis of tau pathology) in three brain regions (entorhinal cortex, superior temporal sulcus and visual cortex) in a total of 22 cases: low Braak (I-II, n = 6), intermediate Braak (III-IV, n = 7) and high Braak (V-VI, n = 9). Strong and selective [F-18]-AV-1451 binding was detected in all tangle-containing regions matching precisely the observed pattern of PHF-tau immunostaining across the different Braak stages. As expected, no signal was detected in the white matter or other non-tangle containing regions. Quantification of [F-18]-AV-1451 binding was very significantly correlated with the number of NFTs present in each brain region and with the total tau and phospho-tau content as reported by Western blot and ELISA. [F-18]-AV-1451 is a promising biomarker for in vivo quantification of brain tau burden in AD. Neuroimaging-pathologic studies conducted on postmortem material from individuals imaged while alive are now needed to confirm these observations.

  9. Adaptationer av Esaias Tegnérs Frithiofs saga

    Nordenfors, Ola


    Tegnérs versepos över urnordiska myter hade länge ett starkt om den nordiska läsande allmänheten - därtill starkt understött av Bernhard Crusells omtyckta tonsättningar av dikterna. Men också i Tyskland har Frithiofs saga haft en påfallande genomslagskraft. I uppsatsen granskas särskilt tonsättar...

  10. Et sosiologisk blikk på mobbing. En teoretisk studie av paradigmet og fenomenet mobbing

    Stemland, Linn


    Mobbing er et tema som har fått stadig mer oppmerksomhet i samfunnsdebatten. Det er gjort lite sosiologisk forskning omkring fenomenet mobbing. Forskningsfeltet mobbing er i dag konstruert og dominert av psykologiens begreper og forståelse. I denne oppgaven prøver jeg å nærme meg en sosiologisk forståelse av begrepet og fenomenet mobbing.

  11. Helhetsorienterad utvärdering av kollektivtrafikåtgärder

    Hiselius, Lena Winslott; Barfod, Michael Bruhn; Leleur, Steen

    Under hösten 2008 och våren 2009 har forskare vid Avd. Trafik och väg vid Lunds Tekniska Högskola, DTU Transport vid Danmarks Tekniska Universitet samt National-ekonomiska institutionen vid Lunds Universitet genomfört ett forskningsprojekt med syfte att studera tillämpningen av en sammansatt...... (helhetsorienterad) analys av kollektiv-trafikåtgärder....

  12. Phylogenetic position and replication kinetics of Heliothis virescens ascovirus 3h (HvAV-3h isolated from Spodoptera exigua.

    Guo-Hua Huang

    Full Text Available Insect-specific ascoviruses with a circular genome are distributed in the USA, France, Australia and Indonesia. Here, we report the first ascovirus isolation from Spodoptera exigua in Hunan, China. DNA-DNA hybridization to published ascoviruses demonstrated that the new China ascovirus isolate is a variant of Heliothis virescens ascovirus 3a (HvAV-3a, thus named HvAV-3h. We investigated the phylogenetic position, cell infection, vesicle production and viral DNA replication kinetics of HvAV-3h, as well as its host-ranges. The major capsid protein (MCP gene and the delta DNA polymerase (DNA po1 gene of HvAV-3h were sequenced and compared with the available ascovirus isolates for phylogenetic analysis. This shows a close relationship with HvAV-3g, originally isolated from Indonesia, HvAV-3e from Australia and HvAV-3c from United States. HvAV-3h infection induced vesicle production in the SeE1 cells derived from S. exigua and Sf9 cells derived from S. frugiperda, resulting in more vesicles generated in Sf9 than SeE1. Viral DNA replication kinetics of HvAV-3h also demonstrated a difference between the two cell lines tested. HvAV-3h could readily infect three important insect pests Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner, Spodoptera exigua (Hübner and Spodoptera litura (Fabricius from two genera in different subfamilies with high mortalities.

  13. First-degree AV block-an entirely benign finding or a potentially curable cause of cardiac disease?

    Holmqvist, Fredrik; Daubert, James P


    First-degree atrioventricular (AV) block is a delay within the AV conduction system and is defined as a prolongation of the PR interval beyond the upper limit of what is considered normal (generally 0.20 s). Up until recently, first-degree AV block was considered an entirely benign condition. In fact, some complain that it is a misnomer since there is only delay and no actual block in the AV conduction system (usually within the AV node). However, it has long been acknowledged that extreme forms of first-degree AV block (typically a PR interval exceeding 0.30 s) can cause symptoms due to inadequate timing of atrial and ventricular contractions, similar to the so-called pacemaker syndrome. Consequently, the current guidelines state that permanent pacemaker implantation is reasonable for first-degree AV block with symptoms similar to those of pacemaker syndrome or with hemodynamic compromise, but also stresses that there is little evidence to suggest that pacemakers improve survival in patients with isolated first-degree AV block. Recent reports suggest that it may be time to revisit the impact of first-degree AV block. Also, several findings in post hoc analyses of randomized device trials give important insights in possible treatment options. The present review aims to provide an update on the current knowledge concerning the impact of first-degree AV block and also to address the issue of pacing in patients with this condition. ©2013, Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  14. Stream Habitat Reach Summary - NCWAP [ds158

    California Department of Resources — The Stream Habitat - NCWAP - Reach Summary [ds158] shapefile contains in-stream habitat survey data summarized to the stream reach level. It is a derivative of the...

  15. Patients' and procedural characteristics of AV-block during slow pathway modulation for AVNRT-single center 10year experience.

    Wasmer, Kristina; Dechering, Dirk G; Köbe, Julia; Leitz, Patrick; Frommeyer, Gerrit; Lange, Phillip S; Kochhäuser, Simon; Reinke, Florian; Pott, Christian; Mönnig, Gerold; Breithardt, Günter; Eckardt, Lars


    Permanent AV-block is a recognized and feared complication of slow pathway modulation for AVNRT. We aimed to assess incidence of transient and permanent AV-block as well as consequences of transient AV-block in a large contemporary AVNRT ablation cohort. We searched our single center prospective ablation database for occurrence of transient and permanent AV-block during slow pathway modulation between January 2004 and October 2015. We analyzed patients' and procedural characteristics as well as outcome of patients in whom transient or permanent AV-block occurred. Of 9170 patients who underwent a catheter ablation at our institution between January 2004 and October 2015, 2101 patients (64% women, mean age 50±18years) underwent slow pathway modulation. In three patients, permanent AV-block occurred during RF application. Additional two patients had transient AV-block that recovered (after a few minutes and 25min), but recurred within two days of the procedure. All five patients underwent dual chamber pacemaker implantation (0.2%). Transient AV-block related to RF delivery occurred in 44 patients (2%). Transient mechanical AV-block occurred in additional 17 patients (0.8%). In 12 patients, ablation was continued despite transient AV-block. One of these patients developed permanent AV-block. Permanent AV-block following slow pathway modulation is a rare event, occurring in 0.2% of patients in a large contemporary single center cohort. Transient AV-block is more frequent (2%). Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  16. Amyloid deposition after cerebral hypoperfusion: evidenced on [(18)F]AV-45 positron emission tomography.

    Huang, Kuo-Lun; Lin, Kun-Ju; Ho, Meng-Yang; Chang, Yeu-Jhy; Chang, Chien-Hung; Wey, Shiaw-Pyng; Hsieh, Chia-Ju; Yen, Tzu-Chen; Hsiao, Ing-Tsung; Lee, Tsong-Hai


    Animal studies have shown that cerebral hypoperfusion may be associated with amyloid plaque accumulation. Amyloid plaque is known to be associated with dementia and [(18)F]AV-45 is a positron emission tomography (PET) ligand that binds to extracelluar plaques. We hypothesized that demented patients with cerebral hypoperfusion may have increased [(18)F]AV-45 uptake. Five demented patients with cerebral hypoperfusion due to unilateral carotid artery stenosis (CAS) were examined with [(18)F]AV-45 PET, and the results were compared with six elderly controls. The standard uptake value ratio (SUVR) of each region of interest (ROI) was created using whole cerebellum as the reference region. All subjects underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for obtaining structural information. Patients with dementia and unilateral CAS had a higher global [(18)F]AV-45 SUVR (1.34 ± 0.06) as compared with controls (1.10 ± 0.04, p=0.0043), especially over the frontal, temporal, precuneus, anterior cingulate and occipital regions. The statistical distribution maps revealed a significantly increased [(18)F]AV-45 SUVR in the medial frontal, caudate, thalamus, posterior cingulate, occipital and middle and superior temporal regions ipsilateral to the side of CAS (pAV-45 binding is increased in demented patients with CAS, and its distribution is lateralized to the CAS side, suggesting that amyloid-related dementia may occur under cerebral hypoperfusion. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  17. BMP-2 induces versican and hyaluronan that contribute to post-EMT AV cushion cell migration.

    Inai, Kei; Burnside, Jessica L; Hoffman, Stanley; Toole, Bryan P; Sugi, Yukiko


    Distal outgrowth and maturation of mesenchymalized endocardial cushions are critical morphogenetic events during post-EMT atrioventricular (AV) valvuloseptal morphogenesis. We explored the role of BMP-2 in the regulation of valvulogenic extracellular matrix (ECM) components, versican and hyaluronan (HA), and cell migration during post-EMT AV cushion distal outgrowth/expansion. We observed intense staining of versican and HA in AV cushion mesenchyme from the early cushion expansion stage, Hamburger and Hamilton (HH) stage-17 to the cushion maturation stage, HH stage-29 in the chick. Based on this expression pattern we examined the role of BMP-2 in regulating versican and HA using 3D AV cushion mesenchymal cell (CMC) aggregate cultures on hydrated collagen gels. BMP-2 induced versican expression and HA deposition as well as mRNA expression of versican and Has2 by CMCs in a dose dependent manner. Noggin, an antagonist of BMP, abolished BMP-2-induced versican and HA as well as mRNA expression of versican and Has2. We further examined whether BMP-2-promoted cell migration was associated with expression of versican and HA. BMP-2- promoted cell migration was significantly impaired by treatments with versican siRNA and HA oligomer. In conclusion, we provide evidence that BMP-2 induces expression of versican and HA by AV CMCs and that these ECM components contribute to BMP-2-induced CMC migration, indicating critical roles for BMP-2 in distal outgrowth/expansion of mesenchymalized AV cushions.

  18. BMP-2 induces versican and hyaluronan that contribute to post-EMT AV cushion cell migration.

    Kei Inai

    Full Text Available Distal outgrowth and maturation of mesenchymalized endocardial cushions are critical morphogenetic events during post-EMT atrioventricular (AV valvuloseptal morphogenesis. We explored the role of BMP-2 in the regulation of valvulogenic extracellular matrix (ECM components, versican and hyaluronan (HA, and cell migration during post-EMT AV cushion distal outgrowth/expansion. We observed intense staining of versican and HA in AV cushion mesenchyme from the early cushion expansion stage, Hamburger and Hamilton (HH stage-17 to the cushion maturation stage, HH stage-29 in the chick. Based on this expression pattern we examined the role of BMP-2 in regulating versican and HA using 3D AV cushion mesenchymal cell (CMC aggregate cultures on hydrated collagen gels. BMP-2 induced versican expression and HA deposition as well as mRNA expression of versican and Has2 by CMCs in a dose dependent manner. Noggin, an antagonist of BMP, abolished BMP-2-induced versican and HA as well as mRNA expression of versican and Has2. We further examined whether BMP-2-promoted cell migration was associated with expression of versican and HA. BMP-2- promoted cell migration was significantly impaired by treatments with versican siRNA and HA oligomer. In conclusion, we provide evidence that BMP-2 induces expression of versican and HA by AV CMCs and that these ECM components contribute to BMP-2-induced CMC migration, indicating critical roles for BMP-2 in distal outgrowth/expansion of mesenchymalized AV cushions.

  19. Apolipoprotein A-V interaction with members of the low density lipoprotein receptor gene family

    Nilsson, Stefan K; Lookene, Aivar; Beckstead, Jennifer A;


    Apolipoprotein A-V is a potent modulator of plasma triacylglycerol levels. To investigate the molecular basis for this phenomenon we explored the ability of apolipoprotein A-V, in most experiments complexed to disks of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine, to interact with two members of the low densit...... to receptor-covered sensor chips. Our results indicate that apolipoprotein A-V may influence plasma lipid homeostasis by enhancing receptor-mediated endocytosis of triacylglycerol-rich lipoproteins. Udgivelsesdato: 2007-Mar-27......Apolipoprotein A-V is a potent modulator of plasma triacylglycerol levels. To investigate the molecular basis for this phenomenon we explored the ability of apolipoprotein A-V, in most experiments complexed to disks of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine, to interact with two members of the low density...... lipoprotein receptor family, the low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein and the mosaic type-1 receptor, SorLA. Experiments using surface plasmon resonance showed specific binding of both free and lipid-bound apolipoprotein A-V to both receptors. The binding was calcium dependent and was inhibited...

  20. Dementia care mapping – en mulig metode for utvikling av demensomsorg i sykehjem

    Anne Marie Mork Rokstad


    Full Text Available Artikkelen omhandler en studie av Dementia Care Mapping (DCM anvendt i et norsk sykehjem. Hensikten med studien var å undersøke om det skjer et perspektivskifte i personalgruppen ved bruk av DCM-metoden, og om dette får konsekvenser for praksis. I studien inngikk fokusgruppeintervju med personalet i sykehjemsavdelingen. Bakgrunnsopplysningene som sykepleierne reflekterte over, var kartlegging av trivsel og velvære hos pasientene innsamlet gjennom DCM-metoden, og meldt tilbake til personalet. Personalet opplevde at tilbakemeldingene førte til økt bevissthet i samhandling med pasientene. Ifølge deres utsagn medførte prosjektet flere konkrete endringer i måten de møtte pasientene på. Kartleggingen foretatt etter tre måneder viste større grad av trivsel og velvære i pasientgruppen. Dette peker i retning av at DCM kan være en nyttig metode for kvalitetsutvikling av demensomsorgen i sykehjem. Det er imidlertid behov for videre forskning med et strammere design og et større utvalg for å bekrefte funnene.

  1. 27 CFR 9.140 - Atlas Peak.


    ... 27 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Atlas Peak. 9.140 Section... THE TREASURY LIQUORS AMERICAN VITICULTURAL AREAS Approved American Viticultural Areas § 9.140 Atlas Peak. (a) Name. The name of the viticultural area described in this section is “Atlas Peak.”...


    J.R. Powell; M. Reich


    The objective of this AVS testing program is to use bench-scale test equipment to produce a vitrified product at maximum waste loading from the specified AZ-101 waste simulant and conduct a TTT analysis using laboratory scale melts to show compliance with the DOE Waste Acceptance Product Specifications for Vitrified High-Level Waste Forms (WAPS). The vitrified product complies with the following WAPS. A borosilicate glass with a waste loading of 60.9-wt% was produced from a slurry feed of AZ101 simulant. Glass durability testing, glass characterization testing, and testing methodology were performed in accordance with the Department of Energy approved Test Plan. The glass has two crystalline phases and good uniformity of composition. The Product Consistency Test on the 6 location-specific samples are at least 1 to 2 orders of magnitude below the mean PCT results for the EA glass. Standard deviations were less than 10% of measured values. The glass transition temperature averaged 658 {+-} 9 C. A TTT diagram was produced. There was measured cesium loss of about 2%, and compliance with the Universal Treatment Standards.

  3. Eye-tracking studie av vektoranalys på LTH

    Ögren, Magnus; Nyström, Marcus

    detaljerad inblick i hur studenterna tänkte medan de löste problemet. Vi använder modern eye-tracking teknik för att mäta hur LTH-studenters visuella uppmärksamhet fördelar sig mellan texter, matematiska formler och figurer när de löser problem inom vektoranalys. Genom att filma studenters ögonrörelser med...... en höghastighetskamera ger eye-tracking data information om var man tittar med väldigt hög spatial och temporal upplösning. Detta gör att man kan följa lösningsprocessen millisekund för millisekund från problempresentation till svar. Med eye-tracking kan man alltså skilja på process och produkt....... Vektoranalys är ett mycket visuellt ämne där matematiska formler ofta har en konkret grafisk tolkning. Detta gör vektoranalysen till ett speciellt lämpligt ämne att studera med eye-tracking teknologin, då försökspersonens byte av fokus mellan formler och figurer kan utvärderas. Vi kommer att presentera...

  4. Eye-tracking studie av vektoranalys på LTH

    Ögren, Magnus; Nyström, Marcus

    detaljerad inblick i hur studenterna tänkte medan de löste problemet. Vi använder modern eye-tracking teknik för att mäta hur LTH-studenters visuella uppmärksamhet fördelar sig mellan texter, matematiska formler och figurer när de löser problem inom vektoranalys. Genom att filma studenters ögonrörelser med...... en höghastighetskamera ger eye-tracking data information om var man tittar med väldigt hög spatial och temporal upplösning. Detta gör att man kan följa lösningsprocessen millisekund för millisekund från problempresentation till svar. Med eye-tracking kan man alltså skilja på process och produkt....... Vektoranalys är ett mycket visuellt ämne där matematiska formler ofta har en konkret grafisk tolkning. Detta gör vektoranalysen till ett speciellt lämpligt ämne att studera med eye-tracking teknologin, då försökspersonens byte av fokus mellan formler och figurer kan utvärderas. Vi kommer att presentera...

  5. Whether noninvasive optimization of AV and VV delays improves the response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.

    Urbanek, Bożena; Chudzik, Michał; Klimczak, Artur; Rosiak, Marcin; Lewek, Joanna; Wranicz, Jerzy Krzysztof


    Device optimization is not routinely performed in patients who underwent cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) device implantation. Noninvasive optimization of CRT devices by measurement of cardiac output (CO) can be used as a simple method to assess ventricular systolic performance. The aim of this study was to assess whether optimization of atrioventricular (AV) and interventricular (VV) delay can improve hemodynamic response to CRT and whether this optimization should be performed for each patient individually. Twenty patients with advanced heart failure New York Heart Association (NYHA) class III/IV, left ventricular ejection fraction ≤ 35% and left bundle branch block (QRS ≥ 120 ms) in sinus rhythm were evaluated from 24 h to 48 h after implantation of a CRT device by means of impedance cardiography (ICG). CO was first measured at each patient's intrinsic rhythm. Patients then underwent adjustments of AV and VV delay from 80 ms to 140 ms and from -60 ms to +60 ms, respectively in 20 ms increment steps and CO at each setting was measured by ICG. Both AV and VV delays were programmed according to the greatest improvement in CO compared to intrinsic rhythm. There was a statistically signifi cant increase in CO measured at the intrinsic rhythm compared to different AV delay by mean of 21% (3.8 ± 1.0 vs. 4.6 ± 0.1 L/min, p AV/VV delays with left ventricle-preexcitation or simultaneous biventricular pacing caused additional increased CO from intrinsic rhythm by mean of 32.6% (3.8 ± 1.0 vs. 5.04 ± ± 1.0 L/min, p AV/VV setting delays also resulted in improved hemodynamic responses compared to VV factory setting delay. Both AV and VV delay optimization should be performed in clinical practice. Optimal AV delay improved outcome. However, combination of optimized AV/VV delays provided the best hemodynamic response. Optimized AV/VV delays with left ventricle-preexcitation or simultaneous biventricular pacing increased hemodynamic output compared to intrinsic

  6. Universell utforming og den vanskelige avgrensingen av «alle»

    Lars Christian Risan


    Full Text Available Universell utforming er et prinsipp hvor målsetningen er at «utforming av produkter og omgivelser [skal skje] på en slik måte at de kan brukes av alle mennesker, i så stor utstrekning som mulig, uten behov for tilpassing og en spesiell utforming.» (Aslaksen mfl, 1997, den første norske definisjonen I løpet av de siste 15 årene har dette prinsippet blitt fremmet i Norge som et utvetydig fremskritt. Det kan imidlertid være farlig å tro at en ren teknisk løsning kan bygge bro over politiske kontroverser (Imrie 2012, og i denne artikkelen vil vi vise hvordan viktige ideologiske premisser er skjult under paraplyen om universalitet. Vårt empiriske felt er norsk boligpolitikk fra etterkrigstiden og fram til i dag. Innenfor dette feltet ser vi at det har vært argumentert for ulike versjoner av «universell utforming» de siste 40 årene, selv om navnet «universell utforming» er av nyere dato. Vi vil vise hvordan prinsippet har endret seg fra å ha et sosialdemokratisk innhold – før det ble omdøpt til «universell utforming» – for å bli inkorporert i et nyliberalt boligpolitisk paradigme de siste 15 årene. De sosialdemokratiske forgjengerne til «universell utforming» ble til dels formulert som videreutviklinger av en boligpolitikk for sosial rettferdighet og økonomisk likhet. Med innføringen av begrepet «universell utforming» har denne brede sosiale rammen forsvunnet, men under dekke av universalitet og entydig framskrittsoptimisme har denne politiske endringen blitt underkommunisert.[i] [i] Prosjektet er finansiert av Husbanken. Prosjektmedarbeiderne har bestått av NIBR-forskerne Erik Henningsen, Siri Nørve og Lars Risan. Underveis har disse forskerne intervjuet og snakket med en rekke personer innenfor feltene funksjonshemming- og boligpolitikk. Vi takker også Jon Guttu, Olav Rand Bringa, Tore Lange for mange konstruktive innspill. 

  7. Frequency-dependent electrophysiological remodeling of the AV node by hydroalcohol extract of Crocus sativus L. (saffron) during experimental atrial fibrillation: the role of endogenous nitric oxide.

    Khori, Vahid; Alizadeh, Ali Mohammad; Yazdi, Hamidreza; Rakhshan, Elnaz; Mirabbasi, Abbas; Changizi, Shima; Mazandarani, Masumeh; Nayebpour, Mohsen


    The study assessed the hydroalcohol extract effects of Crocus sativus L. (saffron) on (i) the basic and rate-dependent electrophysiological properties of the AV node, (ii) remodeling of the AV node during experimental atrial fibrillation (AF) and (iii) the role of nitric oxide (NO) in the effects of saffron on the AV node. Stimulation protocols in isolated AV node were used to quantify AV nodal recovery, facilitation and fatigue in four groups of rabbits (n = 8-16 per group). In addition, the nodal response to AF was evaluated at multiple cycle lengths and during AF. Saffron had a depressant effect on AV nodal rate-dependent properties; further, it increased Wenckebach block cycle length, functional refractory period, facilitation and fatigue (p AV node (p AV node during AF by saffron. Saffron increased the AV nodal refractoriness and zone of concealment. These depressant effects of saffron were mediated by endogenous NO. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  8. 阿弗菌素链霉菌突变株AV-m-481发酵产物的研究%Fermentation Products of AV-m-481, A Mutant Strain of Streptomyces avermitilis

    叶少兵; 冯军; 赵文杰; 程晴华; 林纲


    高产菌株Streptomyces avermitilis AV-h-169用亚硝基胍进行处理后得到了一不产阿弗菌素的突变株AV-m-481,从该突变株的发酵产物中分离纯化出化合物AV-L-1和AV-L-2.质谱和核磁共振谱等测定表明它们分别为阿弗菌素A1a和A2a的糖苷配基.

  9. Flåtten Ixodes ricinus som sykdomsvektor i Sør-Norge. Etablering og utvikling av PCR-baserte påvisningsmetoder og påvisning av Babesia, Borrelia og Anaplasma


    NORSK SAMMENDRAG: Hensikten med denne undersøkelsen var å undersøke flåtten Ixodes ricinus som smittebærer av Ehrlichia/ Anaplasma, Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lata og Babesia i Sør-Norge, og å etablere DNA-basert metode for påvisning av Babesia og forbedre metode for påvisning av Ehrlichia/ Anaplasma. For å kontrollere variasjon i følsomheten av Ehrlichia/ Anaplasma PCR med 16s rDNA primere Ehr 521/747, ble en internkontroll konstruert. Internkontrollen er et DNA-fragment so...

  10. A Practical ECG Criterion to Unmask Left Accessory AV Connections in Patients With Subtle Preexcitation.

    Thompson, J Jenkins; Shah, Jignesh; Charnigo, Richard; Tackett, Andrea; Darrat, Yousef H; Bailey, Alison; Delisle, Brian; Kakavand, Bahram; DI Biase, Luigi; Natale, Andrea; Morales, Gustavo; Elayi, Claude S


    Accessory AV-connections capable of antegrade conduction need to be recognized because of the potential for life-threatening arrhythmias. However, the preexcited ECG pattern may be subtle, especially among left-sided AV-connections. We explored whether additional ECG criteria might help identify left-sided AV-connections. We analyzed 156 patients who underwent an electrophysiology study (EPS) and ablation for paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardias (PSVT). Patients were divided into 2 groups: those with left-sided AV-connections (Group 1) and all other PSVT (Group 2). Various ECG parameters were compared before and after ablation in both groups. The EPS identified left-sided AV-connections among 43 patients (Group 1) and excluded it among 113 (Group 2). Baseline ECG in Group 1 demonstrated obvious preexcitation among 24/43 patients (55.8%), the remaining 19/43 missing obvious preexcitation. R/S ratio > 0.5 in V1 was noted in 38/43 (88.4%) patients in Group 1 before ablation (median 1.00; IQR 0.58-2.20), including 16/19 (84.2%) patients lacking obvious left-sided AVconnections. Conversely, only 10/113 (8.8%) patients in Group 2 had R/S ratios in V1 ≥ 0.5 (0.20; 0.10-0.31), P AV-connections (sensitivity 93.0%). The negative predictive value of this combined criterion was 103/106 (97.2%). In symptomatic patients, combining the R/S ratio (≥ 0.5) in lead V1 with the classic preexcitation pattern on ECG markedly improved the sensitivity to diagnose left-sided AV-connections. This ratio may be particularly useful among patients lacking obvious preexcitation. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  11. A novel curve fitting method for AV optimisation of biventricular pacemakers.

    Dehbi, Hakim-Moulay; Jones, Siana; Sohaib, S M Afzal; Finegold, Judith A; Siggers, Jennifer H; Stegemann, Berthold; Whinnett, Zachary I; Francis, Darrel P


    In this study, we designed and tested a new algorithm, which we call the 'restricted parabola', to identify the optimum atrioventricular (AV) delay in patients with biventricular pacemakers. This algorithm automatically restricts the hemodynamic data used for curve fitting to the parabolic zone in order to avoid inadvertently selecting an AV optimum that is too long.We used R, a programming language and software environment for statistical computing, to create an algorithm which applies multiple different cut-offs to partition curve fitting of a dataset into a parabolic and a plateau region and then selects the best cut-off using a least squares method. In 82 patients, AV delay was adjusted and beat-to-beat systolic blood pressure (SBP) was measured non-invasively using our multiple-repetition protocol. The novel algorithm was compared to fitting a parabola across the whole dataset to identify how many patients had a plateau region, and whether a higher hemodynamic response was achieved with one method.In 9/82 patients, the restricted parabola algorithm detected that the pattern was not parabolic at longer AV delays. For these patients, the optimal AV delay predicted by the restricted parabola algorithm increased SBP by 1.36 mmHg above that predicted by the conventional parabolic algorithm (95% confidence interval: 0.65 to 2.07 mmHg, p-value = 0.002).AV optima selected using our novel restricted parabola algorithm give a greater improvement in acute hemodynamics than fitting a parabola across all tested AV delays. Such an algorithm may assist the development of automated methods for biventricular pacemaker optimisation.

  12. Increased basal ganglia binding of (18) F-AV-1451 in patients with progressive supranuclear palsy.

    Smith, Ruben; Schain, Martin; Nilsson, Christer; Strandberg, Olof; Olsson, Tomas; Hägerström, Douglas; Jögi, Jonas; Borroni, Edilio; Schöll, Michael; Honer, Michael; Hansson, Oskar


    Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is difficult to diagnose accurately. The recently developed tau PET tracers may improve the diagnostic work-up of PSP. Regional tau accumulation was studied using (18) F-AV-1451 PET in 11 patients with PSP and 11 age-matched healthy controls in the Swedish BioFinder study. (18) F-AV-1451 standard uptake volume ratios were significantly higher in the basal ganglia in PSP patients when compared with controls (globus pallidus 1.75 vs 1.50; putamen 1.51 vs 1.35). Retention in the basal ganglia was correlated with age in both groups (r = .43-.78, P AV-1451 retention was observed in the cerebral cortex or white matter of either PSP patients or controls, and autoradiography did not reveal any specific binding of AV-1451 to PSP tau aggregates. We found higher (18) F-AV-1451 retention in the basal ganglia of PSP patients when compared with healthy elderly controls, but also increases with age in both controls and patients. As a result of the overlap in retention between diagnostic groups and the age-dependent increase present also in controls, (18) F-AV-1451 PET might not reliably distinguish individual patients with PSP from controls. However, further studies are needed to evaluate whether (18) F-AV-1451 PET might be useful as a progression marker in clinical PSP trials. © The Authors. Movement Disorders published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society. © 2016 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.

  13. Integrated rate-dependent and dual pathway AV nodal functions: principles and assessment framework.

    Billette, Jacques; Tadros, Rafik


    The atrioventricular (AV) node conducts slowly and has a long refractory period. These features sustain the filtering of atrial impulses and hence are often modulated to optimize ventricular rate during supraventricular tachyarrhythmias. The AV node is also the site of a clinically common reentrant arrhythmia. Its function is assessed for a variety of purposes from its responses to a premature protocol (S1S2, test beats introduced at different cycle lengths) repeatedly performed at different basic rates and/or to an incremental pacing protocol (increasingly faster rates). Puzzlingly, resulting data and interpretation differ with protocols as well as with chosen recovery and refractory indexes, and are further complicated by the presence of built-in fast and slow pathways. This problem applies to endocavitary investigations of arrhythmias as well as to many experimental functional studies. This review supports an integrated framework of rate-dependent and dual pathway AV nodal function that can account for these puzzling characteristics. The framework was established from AV nodal responses to S1S2S3 protocols that, compared with standard S1S2 protocols, allow for an orderly quantitative dissociation of the different factors involved in changes in AV nodal conduction and refractory indexes under rate-dependent and dual pathway function. Although largely based on data from experimental studies, the proposed framework may well apply to the human AV node. In conclusion, the rate-dependent and dual pathway properties of the AV node can be integrated within a common functional framework the contribution of which to individual responses can be quantitatively determined with properly designed protocols and analytic tools.

  14. Left-sided approach of AV junction ablation for drug refractory atrial fibrillation

    Yoga Yuniadi


    Full Text Available AV junction ablation has been proven effective to treat symptomatic atrial fibrillation refractory to antiarrhythmias or fail of pulmonary vein isolation. However, about 15% of conventional right-sided approach AV junction ablation failed to produce complete heart block. This study aimed to characterize His bundle potential at ablation site during conventional or left-sided approach of AV junction ablation. Twenty symptomatic AF patient (age of 60.5 ± 9.28 and 11 are females underwent conventional AV junction ablation. If 10 applications of radiofrequency energy are failed, then the ablation was performed by left-sided approach. Seventeen patients are successfully ablated by conventional approach. In 3 patients, conventional was failed but successfully ablated by left-sided approach. The His bundle amplitude at ablation site was significantly larger in left-sided than correspondence right-sided (16.0 ± 4.99 mm vs. 6.9 ± 4.02 mm respectively, p = 0.001, 95% CI -14.0 to -4.3. ROC analysis of His bundle potential amplitude recorded from right-sided revealed that cut off point of > 4.87 mm given the sensitivity of 81.3% and specificity of 53.8% for successful right-sided approach of AV junction ablation. In case of failed conventional approach, the left-sided approach is effective for AV junction ablation. An early switch to the left-sided approach may avoid multiple RF applications in patients with a low amplitude His-bundle potential (< 4.87 mm. (Med J Indones 2006; 15:109-14Keywords: Atrial fibrillation, AV junction ablation, left-sided approach

  15. Mygg och Bti i nedre Dalälven : Utvärdering av ett vetenskapligt uppföljningsprogram

    Nilsson, Christer; Malm-Renöfält, Birgitta


    Denna rapport redovisar uppdraget att granska den vetenskapliga uppföljningen avmyggkontrollprogrammet i nedre Dalälven. Rapporten beskriver hur frågorna iuppföljningsprogrammet besvarats samt diskuterar relevansen av de frågor somingått i uppdraget. Det konstateras att den vetenskapliga uppföljningen av eventuellaeffekter av spridning av Bti brustit i försöksdesign och analys. Det insamladematerialet ger inte underlag för de slutsatser som dragits. De frågor som ingått iuppdraget har därmed ...

  16. Videodokumentasjon ved gjennomføring av praktisk eksamen i sykepleie - hvordan kan dette forbedre studentens praksiske ferdigheter?

    Gjertrud Husøy


    Full Text Available Hensikten med studiet var å belyse hvordan videodokumentasjon av praktiske handlinger i sykepleie kunne brukes som evalueringordning av studenter. Artikkelen tar utgangspunkt i et forskningsprosjekt for utprøving av nye lærings og evalueringsformer i bachelorutdanningen i sykepleie, der 13 studentgrupper gjennomførte sin praktiske eksamen ved innlevering av video av 16 utvalgte øvelser. Tradisjonell praktisk eksamen i samme studentkull ble gjennomført for 10 studentgrupper. Prosjektet er en kvalitativ kasusstudie og analyse er gjort etter inspirasjon av Giorgi‘s empiriske fenomenologi. Diskusjonen tar utgangspunkt i Vygotsky‘s sosiokulturelle syn på læring og Dewey‘s prinsipp om at all læring er basert på erfaring. Funnene er presentert i følgende deler: Første del omhandler videodokumentasjon og refleksjon. De to neste delene viser funn i forhold til mesterlæring og situert læring på vei mot forståelse av hva sykepleie er. Deretter er teknisk utfordringer belyst, og til slutt en drøfting av forhold ved oppøving av praktiske sykepleieferdigheter. Konklusjonen her er at video egner seg til å dokumentere sykepleiehandlinger. Dette har størst verdi for læring og refleksjon, i mindre grad som eksamensform.

  17. Vannkjemisk og økologisk tilstand i sidevassdrag til Orkla. - Undersøkelser av vannkvalitet, bunndyr, yngel-/ungfisk og hydromorfologiske påvirkninger

    Bergan, M.


    Det er foretatt vannkjemiske og biologiske undersøkelser i tilsammen 12 vannforekomster i Vannområde Orkla høsten 2010. Vannforekomstene er typifisert på bakgrunn av kalsiuminnhold og fargetall i henhold til ny vannforskrift. Det er foretatt en klassifisering og vurdering av vannkjemisk tilstand på bakgrunn av punktprøvenes innhold av fosfor, nitrogen, KOF og TKB. Økologisk tilstand er klassifisert ved bruk av bunndyr som kvalitetselement i 10 vannforekomster, der 9 av 10 har en tilstand som ...

  18. Hvor moralsk tenker fotballspillere? – en empirisk studie av toppfotball

    Lars Tore Ødegård


    Full Text Available Det er en utbredt oppfatning at det økende prestasjonskravet i toppfotball fører til en svekkelse av moral og fair play-holdninger. Men hvordan tenker toppfotballspillere i forhold til ulike dilemmaer som oppstår på banen, og er det forskjeller mellom toppfotballspillere og spillere på lavere nivå?  For å avklare dette gjennomførte vi en empirisk undersøkelse der vi intervjuet spillere og trener i én toppklubb og én breddeklubb. Vi var interessert i to hovedproblemstillinger:  1 Hva tenker fotballspillere på ulike prestasjonsnivå om etikk og moralske dilemmaer i fotball? 2 Hvilke faktorer påvirker spillerne, direkte og indirekte, i deres vurderinger og handlinger? Resultatene fra undersøkelsen viser at det er store forskjeller mellom de to prestasjonsnivåene. Spillerne på breddenivået føler generelt et større ansvar for å opptre ærlig på banen enn hva som er tilfelle på toppnivået. Vi fant 4 spesifikke faktorer i toppfotballen som bidrar til umoralsk opptreden. For det første opplever spillerne en forventning om at de prioriterer resultat foran fair play. For det andre bidrar tilstedeværelsen av supportere på kamper til en slik prioritering. For det tredje vil handlinger som er i strid med fair play signaliseres som akseptable internt i miljøet, selv om de ofte signaliseres som uakseptable overfor media og omverdenen. For det fjerde kan spillere oppleve det som vanskelig å gå i mot trenerens oppfordringer til en pragmatisk og resultatfokusert opptreden.Nøkkelord: moral, etikk, fair play, footballEnglish summary: How morally do football players think? – an empirical study of moral dilemmas in elite footballIt is a common view that the increasing focus on achievement and success in elite football leads to a weakening of moral and fair play attitudes. But how do elite players think and what do they think about different dilemmas that appear on the field, and is there a difference between elite players and lower

  19. Reaching the Peak of the quasar spectral energy distribution - II. Exploring the accretion disc, dusty torus and host galaxy

    Collinson, James S; Landt, Hermine; Done, Chris; Elvis, Martin; McDowell, Jonathan C


    We continue our study of the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of 11 AGN at 1.5 < z < 2.2, with optical-NIR spectra, X-ray data and mid-IR photometry. In a previous paper we presented the observations and models; in this paper we explore the parameter space of these models. We first quantify uncertainties on the black hole masses (M$_{\\rm BH}$) and degeneracies between SED parameters. The effect of BH spin is tested, and we find that while low to moderate spin values (a$_*$ $\\leq$ 0.9) are compatible with the data in all cases, maximal spin (a$_*$ = 0.998) can only describe the data if the accretion disc is face-on. The outer accretion disc radii are well constrained in 8/11 objects, and are found to be a factor ~5 smaller than the self-gravity radii. We then extend our modelling campaign into the mid-IR regime with WISE photometry, adding components for the host galaxy and dusty torus. Our estimates of the host galaxy luminosities are consistent with the M$_{\\rm BH}$-bulge relationship, and the meas...

  20. Reaching the peak of the quasar spectral energy distribution - II. Exploring the accretion disc, dusty torus and host galaxy

    Collinson, James S.; Ward, Martin J.; Landt, Hermine; Done, Chris; Elvis, Martin; McDowell, Jonathan C.


    We continue our study of the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of 11 active galactic nuclei (AGN) at 1.5 maximal spin (a* = 0.998) can only describe the data if the accretion disc is face-on. The outer accretion disc radii are well constrained in 8/11 objects and are found to be a factor ˜5 smaller than the self-gravity radii. We then extend our modelling campaign into the mid-IR regime with Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer photometry, adding components for the host galaxy and dusty torus. Our estimates of the host galaxy luminosities are consistent with the MBH-bulge relationship, and the measured torus properties (covering factor and temperature) are in agreement with earlier work, suggesting a predominantly silicate-based grain composition. Finally, we deconvolve the optical-NIR spectra using our SED continuum model. We claim that this is a more physically motivated approach than using empirical descriptions of the continuum such as broken power laws. For our small sample, we verify previously noted correlations between emission linewidths and luminosities commonly used for single-epoch MBH estimates, and observe a statistically significant anticorrelation between [O III] equivalent width and AGN luminosity.

  1. 18F-AV-1451 positron emission tomography in Alzheimer's disease and progressive supranuclear palsy.

    Passamonti, Luca; Vázquez Rodríguez, Patricia; Hong, Young T; Allinson, Kieren S J; Williamson, David; Borchert, Robin J; Sami, Saber; Cope, Thomas E; Bevan-Jones, W Richard; Jones, P Simon; Arnold, Robert; Surendranathan, Ajenthan; Mak, Elijah; Su, Li; Fryer, Tim D; Aigbirhio, Franklin I; O'Brien, John T; Rowe, James B


    The ability to assess the distribution and extent of tau pathology in Alzheimer's disease and progressive supranuclear palsy in vivo would help to develop biomarkers for these tauopathies and clinical trials of disease-modifying therapies. New radioligands for positron emission tomography have generated considerable interest, and controversy, in their potential as tau biomarkers. We assessed the radiotracer 18F-AV-1451 with positron emission tomography imaging to compare the distribution and intensity of tau pathology in 15 patients with Alzheimer's pathology (including amyloid-positive mild cognitive impairment), 19 patients with progressive supranuclear palsy, and 13 age- and sex-matched controls. Regional analysis of variance and a support vector machine were used to compare and discriminate the clinical groups, respectively. We also examined the 18F-AV-1451 autoradiographic binding in post-mortem tissue from patients with Alzheimer's disease, progressive supranuclear palsy, and a control case to assess the 18F-AV-1451 binding specificity to Alzheimer's and non-Alzheimer's tau pathology. There was increased 18F-AV-1451 binding in multiple regions in living patients with Alzheimer's disease and progressive supranuclear palsy relative to controls [main effect of group, F(2,41) = 17.5, P AV-1451 binding was significantly increased in patients with Alzheimer's disease, relative to patients with progressive supranuclear palsy and with control subjects, in the hippocampus and in occipital, parietal, temporal, and frontal cortices (t's > 2.2, P's AV-1451 binding was elevated in the midbrain (t = 2.1, P AV-1451 uptake in the putamen, pallidum, thalamus, midbrain, and in the dentate nucleus of the cerebellum (t's > 2.7, P's AV-1451 strongly bound to Alzheimer-related tau pathology, but less specifically in progressive supranuclear palsy. 18F-AV-1451 binding to the basal ganglia was strong in all groups in vivo. Postmortem histochemical staining showed absence of

  2. Kjøring med mistanke om påvirkning av andre rusmidler enn alkohol

    Asbjørg S. Christophersen


    Full Text Available  SAMMENDRAGStatens rettstoksikologiske institutt har i løpet av de siste år registrert en stor økning av prøver fra bilføreremistenkt for kjøring under påvirkning av andre rusmidler enn alkohol. Antall positive saker økte 42% fra1994 til 1995. De hyppigste påviste stoffer er tetrahydrocannabinol, amfetamin, benzodiazepiner og opiater(morfin/kodein. Bruk av tyngre narkotiske stoffer har blitt mer vanlig i trafikksammenheng og antall positivetilfeller har økt betydelig mer enn totalt antall saker. Fra 1994 til 1995 økte antall positive amfetaminprøvermed 75% (fra 533 til 937 og antall positive prøver som følge av heroininntak økte med 87% (fra 92 til 172.Bruk av flere stoffer samtidig er vanlig, over 60 % av sakene i 1995 var positive på mer enn ett stoff, alkoholikke medregnet. De fleste tilfeller var representert av menn i alderen 25-32 år (37%. Kvinner var representerti ca. 11% av sakene.Christophersen AS, Skurtveit S, Mørland J. Drivers suspected to drive under the influence of drugs otherthan alcohol. Nor J Epidemiol 1996; 6 (1: 45-48.ENGLISH SUMMARYThe National Institute of Forensic Toxicology has registered a large increase in the number of samples fromdrivers suspected to drive under influence of drugs other than alcohol. The number of drug positive casesincreased 42% from 1994 to 1995. The most frequent drugs detected are tetrahydrocannabinol, amphetamine,benzodiazepines and opiates (morphine/codeine. The frequency of hard narcotic drug use has increased morethan the total number of cases. From 1994 to 1995, the number of amphetamine positive samples increased75% (from 533 to 937 and the number of samples positive due to heroin use (detection of the metabolite 6-monoacetylmorphine in urine increased 87%. Multi-drug use is common and more than one drug wasdetected in more than 60% of the cases from 1995, alcohol not included. Most of the cases were representedby men 25-32 years old (37%. Women were represented in about

  3. Peak ventilatory responses during cycling and swimming in pregnant and nonpregnant women.

    Spinnewijn, W E; Wallenburg, H C; Struijk, P C; Lotgering, F K


    This study was designed to determine whether pregnancy affects peak O2 uptake (VO2peak) during swimming compared with cycling. We studied 11 women at 30-34 wk gestation and 8-12 wk postpartum. We measured heart rate (HR), O2 uptake (VO2), CO2 output (VCO2), minute ventilation (VE), and lactic acid concentration. Peak HR was not significantly affected by the type of exercise or by pregnancy. VO2peak was 9% lower during swimming than during cycling but was not affected by pregnancy, with values for pregnancy cycling, pregnancy swimming, postpartum cycling, and postpartum swimming of 2.36 +/- 0.12, 2.11 +/- 0.11, 2.29 +/- 0.10, and 2.12 +/- 0.07 l/min, respectively. Peak VCO2 (VCO2peak) and peak VE were significantly lower during swimming than during cycling by 18-25%, but only VCO2peak during swimming was affected by pregnancy (-10%). Lactic acid concentrations were 12-17% lower after swimming than after cycling and 17-31% lower during pregnancy than postpartum. We conclude that perceived maximal exertion is reached at a lower percent maximal VO2 in swimming than in cycling and that the reduced energy expenditure is reflected by lower VO2peak, VCO2peak, and peak VE. Pregnancy, however, does not affect VO2peak in cycling or swimming.

  4. The geomorphic structure of the runoff peak

    R. Rigon


    Full Text Available This paper develops a theoretical framework to investigate the core dependence of peak flows on the geomorphic properties of river basins. Based on the theory of transport by travel times, and simple hydrodynamic characterization of floods, this new framework invokes the linearity and invariance of the hydrologic response to provide analytical and semi-analytical expressions for peak flow, time to peak, and area contributing to the peak runoff. These results are obtained for the case of constant-intensity hyetograph using the Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF curves to estimate extreme flow values as a function of the rainfall return period. Results show that, with constant-intensity hyetographs, the time-to-peak is greater than rainfall duration and usually shorter than the basin concentration time. Moreover, the critical storm duration is shown to be independent of rainfall return period as well as the area contributing to the flow peak. The same results are found when the effects of hydrodynamic dispersion are accounted for. Further, it is shown that, when the effects of hydrodynamic dispersion are negligible, the basin area contributing to the peak discharge does not depend on the channel velocity, but is a geomorphic propriety of the basin. As an example this framework is applied to three watersheds. In particular, the runoff peak, the critical rainfall durations and the time to peak are calculated for all links within a network to assess how they increase with basin area.

  5. Vorticity-divergence semi-Lagrangian global atmospheric model SL-AV20: dynamical core

    Tolstykh, Mikhail; Shashkin, Vladimir; Fadeev, Rostislav; Goyman, Gordey


    SL-AV (semi-Lagrangian, based on the absolute vorticity equation) is a global hydrostatic atmospheric model. Its latest version, SL-AV20, provides global operational medium-range weather forecast with 20 km resolution over Russia. The lower-resolution configurations of SL-AV20 are being tested for seasonal prediction and climate modeling. The article presents the model dynamical core. Its main features are a vorticity-divergence formulation at the unstaggered grid, high-order finite-difference approximations, semi-Lagrangian semi-implicit discretization and the reduced latitude-longitude grid with variable resolution in latitude. The accuracy of SL-AV20 numerical solutions using a reduced lat-lon grid and the variable resolution in latitude is tested with two idealized test cases. Accuracy and stability of SL-AV20 in the presence of the orography forcing are tested using the mountain-induced Rossby wave test case. The results of all three tests are in good agreement with other published model solutions. It is shown that the use of the reduced grid does not significantly affect the accuracy up to the 25 % reduction in the number of grid points with respect to the regular grid. Variable resolution in latitude allows us to improve the accuracy of a solution in the region of interest.

  6. An av-RGD integrin inhibitor toolbox: drug discovery insight, challenges and opportunities.

    Hatley, Richard; Macdonald, Simon; Slack, Robert; Le, Joelle; Ludbrook, Steve; Lukey, Pauline


    There is a requirement for efficacious and safe medicines to treat diseases with high unmet need. The resurgence in av RGD integrin inhibitor drug discovery is poised to contribute to this requirement. However, drug discovery in the av integrin space is notoriously difficult due to the receptors being structurally very similar as well as the polar zwitterionic nature of the pharmacophore. This review aims to guide drug discovery research in this field through an av inhibitor toolbox, consisting of small molecules and antibodies. Small molecule av tool compounds with extended profiles in avb1, 3, 5, 6 and 8 cell adhesion assays, with key physicochemical properties, have been collated to assist in the selection of the right tool for the right experiment. This should also facilitate an understanding of partial selectivity profiles of compounds generated in different assays across research institutions. Prospects for further av integrin research and the critical importance of target validation are discussed, where increased knowledge of the selectivity for individual RGD v integrins is key. Insights into the design of small molecule RGD chemotypes for topical or oral administration are provided and clinical findings on advanced molecules are examined. © 2017 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  7. sugE: A gene involved in tributyltin (TBT) resistance of Aeromonas molluscorum Av27.

    Cruz, Andreia; Micaelo, Nuno; Félix, Vitor; Song, Jun-Young; Kitamura, Shin-Ichi; Suzuki, Satoru; Mendo, Sónia


    The mechanism of bacterial resistance to tributyltin (TBT) is still unclear. The results herein presented contribute to clarify that mechanism in the TBT-resistant bacterium Aeromonas molluscorum Av27. We have identified and cloned a new gene that is involved in TBT resistance in this strain. The gene is highly homologous (84%) to the Aeromonas hydrophila-sugE gene belonging to the small multidrug resistance gene family (SMR), which includes genes involved in the transport of lipophilic drugs. In Av27, expression of the Av27-sugE was observed at the early logarithmic growth phase in the presence of a high TBT concentration (500 μM), thus suggesting the contribution of this gene for TBT resistance. E. coli cells transformed with Av27-sugE become resistant to ethidium bromide (EtBr), chloramphenicol (CP) and tetracycline (TE), besides TBT. According to the Moriguchi logP (miLogP) values, EtBr, CP and TE have similar properties and are substrates for the sugE-efflux system. Despite the different miLogP of TBT, E. coli cells transformed with Av27-sugE become resistant to this compound. So it seems that TBT is also a substrate for the SugE protein. The modelling studies performed also support this hypothesis. The data herein presented clearly indicate that sugE is involved in TBT resistance of this bacterium.

  8. Gjenstand for saksbehandling og verdi som dokumentasjon – analyse av journalføringskriteriene i arkivforskriften

    Trine Nesland


    Full Text Available Artikkelen handler om hvordan journalføringskriteriene «gjenstand for saksbehandling» og «verdi som dokumentasjon» er ment å skulle forstås, basert på hvordan kriteriene er omtalt og definert i eksisterende teori og litteratur.Artikkelen viser at det ikke eksisterer en omforent forståelse av kriterienes innhold, det vil si at kriteriene er tillagt ulik betydning i ulike tekster. Det har tegnet seg et bilde av at de relativt få tekstene som faktisk inneholder beskrivelser av journalføringskriteriene og begrepene kriteriene er bygget opp av, i hovedsak nærmer seg kriteriene enten på en dialektisk-relasjonell eller på en semiotisk-relasjonell måte, hvilket gir to tilsynelatende ulike tolkningsresultater. Det foreligger med andre ord en viss tolkningsmotstrid, hvilket nødvendigvis innebærer at det fortsatt er vanskelig å svare entydig på spørsmålet om hvordan journalføringskriteriene er ment å skulle forstås, og samtidig gir grunn til kritikk av det etablerte systemet.

  9. Context-Aware UPnP-AV Services for Adaptive Home Multimedia Systems

    Roland Tusch


    Full Text Available One possibility to provide mobile multimedia in domestic multimedia systems is the use of Universal Plug and Play Audio Visual (UPnP-AV devices. In a standard UPnP-AV scenario, multimedia content provided by a Media Server device is streamed to Media Renderer devices by the initiation of a Control Point. However, there is no provisioning of context-aware multimedia content customization. This paper presents an enhancement of standard UPnP-AV services for home multimedia environments regarding context awareness. It comes up with context profile definitions, shows how this context information can be queried from the Media Renderers, and illustrates how a Control Point can use this information to tailor a media stream from the Media Server to one or more Media Renderers. Moreover, since a standard Control Point implementation only queries one Media Server at a time, there is no global view on the content of all Media Servers in the UPnP-AV network. This paper also presents an approach of multimedia content integration on the Media Server side that provides fast search for content on the network. Finally, a number of performance measurements show the overhead costs of our enhancements to UPnP-AV in order to achieve the benefits.

  10. [A peak recognition algorithm designed for chromatographic peaks of transformer oil].

    Ou, Linjun; Cao, Jian


    In the field of the chromatographic peak identification of the transformer oil, the traditional first-order derivative requires slope threshold to achieve peak identification. In terms of its shortcomings of low automation and easy distortion, the first-order derivative method was improved by applying the moving average iterative method and the normalized analysis techniques to identify the peaks. Accurate identification of the chromatographic peaks was realized through using multiple iterations of the moving average of signal curves and square wave curves to determine the optimal value of the normalized peak identification parameters, combined with the absolute peak retention times and peak window. The experimental results show that this algorithm can accurately identify the peaks and is not sensitive to the noise, the chromatographic peak width or the peak shape changes. It has strong adaptability to meet the on-site requirements of online monitoring devices of dissolved gases in transformer oil.

  11. Brain uptake of a non-radioactive pseudo-carrier and its effect on the biodistribution of [(18)F]AV-133 in mouse brain.

    Wu, Xianying; Zhou, Xue; Zhang, Shuxian; Zhang, Yan; Deng, Aifang; Han, Jie; Zhu, Lin; Kung, Hank F; Qiao, Jinping


    9-[(18)F]Fluoropropyl-(+)-dihydrotetrabenazine ([(18)F]AV-133) is a new PET imaging agent targeting vesicular monoamine transporter type II (VMAT2). To shorten the preparation of [(18)F]AV-133 and to make it more widely available, a simple and rapid purification method using solid-phase extraction (SPE) instead of high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) was developed. The SPE method produced doses containing the non-radioactive pseudo-carrier 9-hydroxypropyl-(+)-dihydrotetrabenazine (AV-149). The objectives of this study were to evaluate the brain uptake of AV-149 by UPLC-MS/MS and its effect on the biodistribution of [(18)F]AV-133 in the brains of mice. The mice were injected with a bolus including [(18)F]AV-133 and different doses of AV-149. Brain tissue and blood samples were harvested. The effect of different amounts of AV-149 on [(18)F]AV-133 was evaluated by quantifying the brain distribution of radiolabelled tracer [(18)F]AV-133. The concentrations of AV-149 in the brain and plasma were analyzed using a UPLC-MS/MS method. The concentrations of AV-149 in the brain and plasma exhibited a good linear relationship with the doses. The receptor occupancy curve was fit, and the calculated ED50 value was 8.165mg/kg. The brain biodistribution and regional selectivity of [(18)F]AV-133 had no obvious differences at AV-149 doses lower than 0.1mg/kg. With increasing doses of AV-149, the brain biodistribution of [(18)F]AV-133 changed significantly. The results are important to further support that the improved radiolabelling procedure of [(18)F]AV-133 using an SPE method may be suitable for routine clinical application. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Reach preparation enhances visual performance and appearance.

    Rolfs, Martin; Lawrence, Bonnie M; Carrasco, Marisa


    We investigated the impact of the preparation of reach movements on visual perception by simultaneously quantifying both an objective measure of visual sensitivity and the subjective experience of apparent contrast. Using a two-by-two alternative forced choice task, observers compared the orientation (clockwise or counterclockwise) and the contrast (higher or lower) of a Standard Gabor and a Test Gabor, the latter of which was presented during reach preparation, at the reach target location or the opposite location. Discrimination performance was better overall at the reach target than at the opposite location. Perceived contrast increased continuously at the target relative to the opposite location during reach preparation, that is, after the onset of the cue indicating the reach target. The finding that performance and appearance do not evolve in parallel during reach preparation points to a distinction with saccade preparation, for which we have shown previously there is a parallel temporal evolution of performance and appearance. Yet akin to saccade preparation, this study reveals that overall reach preparation enhances both visual performance and appearance.

  13. The Unusual Resistance of Avian Defensin AvBD7 to Proteolytic Enzymes Preserves Its Antibacterial Activity

    Bailleul, Geoffrey; Kravtzoff, Amanda; Joulin-Giet, Alix; Lecaille, Fabien; Labas, Valérie; Meudal, Hervé; Loth, Karine; Teixeira-Gomes, Ana-Paula; Gilbert, Florence B.; Coquet, Laurent; Jouenne, Thierry; Brömme, Dieter; Schouler, Catherine; Landon, Céline; Lalmanach, Gilles; Lalmanach, Anne-Christine


    Defensins are frontline peptides of mucosal immunity in the animal kingdom, including birds. Their resistance to proteolysis and their ensuing ability to maintain antimicrobial potential remains questionable and was therefore investigated. We have shown by bottom-up mass spectrometry analysis of protein extracts that both avian beta-defensins AvBD2 and AvBD7 were ubiquitously distributed along the chicken gut. Cathepsin B was found by immunoblotting in jejunum, ileum, caecum, and caecal tonsils, while cathepsins K, L, and S were merely identified in caecal tonsils. Hydrolysis product of AvBD2 and AvBD7 incubated with a panel of proteases was analysed by RP-HPLC, mass spectrometry and antimicrobial assays. AvBD2 and AvBD7 were resistant to serine proteases and to cathepsins D and H. Conversely cysteine cathepsins B, K, L, and S degraded AvBD2 and abolished its antibacterial activity. Only cathepsin K cleaved AvBD7 and released Ile4-AvBD7, a N-terminal truncated natural peptidoform of AvBD7 that displayed antibacterial activity. Besides the 3-stranded antiparallel beta-sheet typical of beta-defensins, structural analysis of AvBD7 by two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy highlighted the restricted accessibility of the C-terminus embedded by the N-terminal region and gave a formal evidence of a salt bridge (Asp9-Arg12) that could account for proteolysis resistance. The differential susceptibility of avian defensins to proteolysis opens intriguing questions about a distinctive role in the mucosal immunity against pathogen invasion. PMID:27561012

  14. Peak intensity measurement of relativistic lasers via nonlinear Thomson scattering

    Har-Shemesh, Omri


    The measurement of peak laser intensities exceeding $10^{20}\\;\\text{W/cm$^2$}$ is in general a very challenging task. We suggest a simple method to accurately measure such high intensities up to about $10^{23}\\,\\text{W/cm$^2$}$, by colliding a beam of ultrarelativistic electrons with the laser pulse. The method exploits the specific features of the angular distribution of the radiation emitted by ultrarelativistic electrons via nonlinear Thomson scattering. Initial electron energies well within the reach of laser wake-field accelerators are required, allowing in principle for an all-optical setup. Accuracies of the order of 10% are envisaged.

  15. Mountain substitutability and peak load pricing of high alpine peaks as a management tool to reduce environmental damage: a contingent valuation study.

    Loomis, John B; Keske, Catherine M


    High alpine peaks throughout the world are under increasing environmental pressure from hikers, trekkers, and climbers. Colorado's "Fourteeners", peaks with summits above 14,000 feet are no exception. Most of these peaks have no entrance fees, and reach ecological and social carrying capacity on weekends. This paper illustrates how a series of dichotomous choice contingent valuation questions can be used to evaluate substitutability between different alpine peaks and quantify the price responsiveness to an entrance fee. Using this approach, we find that peak load pricing would decrease use of popular Fourteeners in Colorado by 22%. This reduction is due almost entirely to substitution, rather than income effects. There is also price inelastic demand, as 60% of the hikers find no substitution for their specific Fourteener at the varying cost increases posed in the survey. The no substitute group has a mean net benefit of $294 per hiker, per trip, considerably higher than visitor net benefits in most recreational use studies.

  16. Do dark matter halos explain lensing peaks?

    Zorrilla Matilla, José Manuel; Haiman, Zoltán; Hsu, Daniel; Gupta, Arushi; Petri, Andrea


    We have investigated a recently proposed halo-based model, Camelus, for predicting weak-lensing peak counts, and compared its results over a collection of 162 cosmologies with those from N-body simulations. While counts from both models agree for peaks with S /N >1 (where S /N is the ratio of the peak height to the r.m.s. shape noise), we find ≈50 % fewer counts for peaks near S /N =0 and significantly higher counts in the negative S /N tail. Adding shape noise reduces the differences to within 20% for all cosmologies. We also found larger covariances that are more sensitive to cosmological parameters. As a result, credibility regions in the {Ωm,σ8} are ≈30 % larger. Even though the credible contours are commensurate, each model draws its predictive power from different types of peaks. Low peaks, especially those with 2 important cosmological information in N-body data, as shown in previous studies, but Camelus constrains cosmology almost exclusively from high significance peaks (S /N >3 ). Our results confirm the importance of using a cosmology-dependent covariance with at least a 14% improvement in parameter constraints. We identified the covariance estimation as the main driver behind differences in inference, and suggest possible ways to make Camelus even more useful as a highly accurate peak count emulator.

  17. Open Source AV solution supporting In Situ Simulation and Clinical education

    Simonsen, Eivind Ortind; Pociunas, Gintas; Dahl, Mads Ronald


    GintasView ver 1.3 includes the possibility for time tagging using a mobile device. After simulation the time tagged file is exported to the AV software on the laptop and appears as an integrated video feed/timeline. Conclusions We have found that it is possible to deliver multi-camera video assisted......In situ simulation is simulation done in the actual clinical environment exceeding the simulation immersion compared to that of the embedded simulation centers and facilitating an increased realistic learning experience. Doing this without compromising (all) the educational principals used...... in simulation centers, we sought to include an audio-visual (AV) system for video assisted debriefing (VAD). The difference being that components must be portable and adaptable to a range of clinical environments. A mobile AV system would ideally feature: • Multi camera video capture capability. • Time tagging...

  18. Kvinnans upplevelser under tredje trimestern av sin första graviditet

    Oscarsson, Nathalie


    Syftet med studien var att nå en djupare förståelse i hur kvinnan upplever sin första graviditet. Det teoretiska perspektivet var Katie Erikssons ontologiska hälsomodell där ”hälsa som görande- varande-vardande” har används. Designen är kvalitativ och som metod har innehållsanalys används. Materialet består av fem böcker, där kvinnor skriver om sina upplevelser om graviditeten. Frågeställning: Hur upplever kvinnan slutskedet av sin första graviditet? Studien är deduktiv i av...

  19. Samling, sökning och visualisering av loggfiler från testenheter

    Rosenqvist, Fredrik; Henriksson, Thomas


    Idag genererar företag stora mängder av loggfiler vilket gör det svårt att hitta och undersöka felmeddelanden i alla loggfiler. En loggsamlare med Logstash, Elasticsearch och Kibana som bas har implementerats hos Ericsson Linköping. Loggsamlarens syfte är att samla loggar från testenheter och möjliggöra sökning och visualisering av dem. En utvärdering av Elasticsearch har genomförts för att se i vilken grad söktiden för sökfrågor ökar med ökad datamängd. Utvärderingen gav en indikation om att...

  20. Electrocapillary instability of magnetic fluid peak

    Mkrtchyan, Levon; Dikansky, Yuri


    The paper presents an experimental study of the capillary electrostatic instability occurring under effect of a constant electric field on a magnetic fluid individual peak. The peaks under study occur at disintegration of a magnetic fluid layer applied on a flat electrode surface under effect of a perpendicular magnetic field. The electrocapillary instability shows itself as an emission of charged drops jets from the peak point in direction of the opposing electrode. The charged drops emission repeats periodically and results in the peak shape pulsations. It is shown that a magnetic field affects the electrocapillary instability occurrence regularities and can stimulate its development. The critical electric and magnetic field strengths at which the instability occurs have been measured; their dependence on the peak size is shown. The hysteresis in the system has been studied; it consists in that the charged drops emission stops at a lesser electric (or magnetic) field strength than that of the initial occurr...

  1. Utvärdering av arbetsmiljön på en träbränslemottagning : En studie om spridning av trämögelsporer

    Svensson-Höök, Anders


    Karlstads Energi AB:s vågstation vid Hedenverket i Karlstad är en anläggning där invägning och analys av träbränsle utförs. Provtagning och hantering av träbränsle hör till de dagliga arbetsuppgifterna för personalen. Vid nära hantering av trämaterial finns risken att exponeras för trämögelsporer. Exponering av mikrobiologiska luftföroreningar kan orsaka hälsobesvär på lungor och luftvägar hos människor. Efter utförd riskbedömning av vågstationen noterades en oro att trämögelsporer och dammpa...

  2. Multinational evaluation of the interpretability of the iterative method of optimisation of AV delay for CRT.

    Raphael, Claire E; Kyriacou, Andreas; Jones, Siana; Pabari, Punam; Cole, Graham; Baruah, Resham; Hughes, Alun D; Francis, Darrel P


    AV delay optimisation of biventricular pacing devices (cardiac resynchronisation therapy, CRT) is performed in trials and recommended by current guidelines. The Doppler echocardiographic iterative method is the most commonly recommended. Yet whether it can be executed reliably has never been tested formally. 36 multinational specialists, familiar with using the echocardiographic iterative method of CRT optimisation, were shown 20-40 sets of transmitral Doppler traces at 6-8 AV settings and asked to select the optimal AV delay. Unknown to the specialists, some Doppler datasets appeared in duplicate, allowing assessment of both inter and intra-specialist interpretation. On the Kappa scale of agreement (1 = perfect agreement, 0 = chance alone), the agreement regarding optimal AV delay between specialists was poor (kappa=0.12 ± 0.08). More importantly, agreement of specialists with themselves (i.e. viewing identical sets of traces, twice) was also poor, with Kappa=0.23 ± 0.07 and mean absolute difference in optimum AV delay of 83 ms between first and second viewing of the same traces. Iterative AV optimisation is not executed reliably by experts, even in an artificially simplified context where biological variability and variation in image acquisition are eliminated by use of identical traces. This cannot be blamed on insufficient skills of some experts or discordant methods of selecting the optimum, because operators also showed poor agreement with themselves when assessing the same trace. Instead, guidelines should retract any recommendation for this algorithm. Guideline-development processes might usefully begin with a rudimentary check on proposed algorithms, to establish at least minimal credibility. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. AV-1451 tau and β-amyloid positron emission tomography imaging in dementia with Lewy bodies.

    Kantarci, Kejal; Lowe, Val J; Boeve, Bradley F; Senjem, Matthew L; Tosakulwong, Nikki; Lesnick, Timothy G; Spychalla, Anthony J; Gunter, Jeffrey L; Fields, Julie A; Graff-Radford, Jonathan; Ferman, Tanis J; Jones, David T; Murray, Melissa E; Knopman, David S; Jack, Clifford R; Petersen, Ronald C


    Patients with probable dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) often have Alzheimer's disease (AD)-related pathology. Our objective was to determine the pattern of positron emission tomography (PET) tau tracer AV-1451 uptake in patients with probable DLB, compared to AD, and its relationship to β-amyloid deposition on PET. Consecutive patients with clinically probable DLB (n = 19) from the Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Disease Research Center underwent magnetic resonance imaging, AV-1451, and Pittsburgh compound-B (PiB) PET examinations. Age- and sex-matched groups of AD dementia (n = 19) patients and clinically normal controls (n = 95) from an epidemiological cohort served as a comparison groups. Atlas- and voxel-based analyses were performed. The AD dementia group had significantly higher AV-1451 uptake than the probable DLB group, and medial temporal uptake completely distinguished AD dementia from probable DLB. Patients with probable DLB had greater AV-1451 uptake in the posterior temporoparietal and occipital cortex compared to clinically normal controls, and in probable DLB, the uptake in these regions correlated with global cortical PiB uptake (Spearman rho = 0.63; p = 0.006). Medial temporal lobe AV-1451 uptake distinguishes AD dementia from probable DLB, which may be useful for differential diagnosis. Elevated posterior temporoparietal and occipital AV-1451 uptake in probable DLB and its association with global cortical PiB uptake suggest an atypical pattern of tau deposition in DLB. ANN NEUROL 2017;81:58-67. © 2016 The Authors. Annals of Neurology published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of American Neurological Association.

  4. Litterær kompetanse - portrett av tre lesarar

    Hallvard Kjelen


    Full Text Available Artikkelen drøfter eit sentralt problemfelt innom litteraturdidaktikken, nemleg tilhøvet mellom litterær lesing som fagleg kompetanse og litterær lesing som oppleving. Problemfeltet er særleg knytt til Louise Rosenblatts arbeid. Ho viser ved hjelp av omgrepa efferent og estetisk lesing korleis det er ei utfordring for litteraturlæraren å utvikle ei litteraturundervisning som i tilstrekkeleg grad tek omsyn til kjensler og røynsler. I ein litteraturteoretisk kontekst er subjektive responsar på litterære tekstar irrelevante, men i ein litteraturdidaktisk kontekst er subjektive responsar høgst relevante. Denne artikkelen bidrar inn i diskusjon-en mellom anna ved å trekkje inn meir empirisk basert litteraturteori som referanseramme. Artikkelen presenterer tre lesarars litterære responsar, og viser korleis kunnskap om individuelle lesarresponsar kan vere utgangspunkt for ei litteraturundervisning som balanserer ei fagleg tilnærming til litteratur opp mot ei meir opplevingsbasert tilnærming.Emneord: Litteraturundervisning, litterær kompetanse, empirisk litteraturteori, lesarresponsAbstractThe article discusses a key issue in literature didactics, namely the relation between literary reading as an academic competence, and literary reading as an experience. The discussion draws heavily on Louise Rosenblatt’s work. By using the concepts efferent and aesthetic reading, she shows how it is a challenge for the teacher of literature to develop literature teaching that adequately takes emotions and experience into account. In a literature-theoretical context, subjective responses to literary texts are irrelevant; but in a didactics context, the subjective responses are highly relevant.  This article contributes to the discussion by bringing in a more empirically based literature theory as a frame of reference. The article presents three readers’ literary responses, and shows how knowledge of individual reader responses can be the basis for

  5. 77 FR 41400 - AV Solar Ranch 1, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing Includes Request...


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission AV Solar Ranch 1, LLC; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market- Based Rate...-referenced proceeding of AV Solar Ranch 1, LLC's application for market-based rate authority, with an...

  6. Norsk pelsdyrhold – bærekraftig utvikling eller styrt avvikling? — Gjennomgang av pelsdyrnæringen

    Hamre, Anne Karin; Steine, Torstein; Tveito, Guri


    Utvalget for gjennomgang av pelsdyrnæringen i Norge ble oppnevnt ved kongelig resolusjon 4. oktober 2013. Utvalget gir med dette sin utredning.......Utvalget for gjennomgang av pelsdyrnæringen i Norge ble oppnevnt ved kongelig resolusjon 4. oktober 2013. Utvalget gir med dette sin utredning....

  7. Improving exposure scenario definitions within REACH

    Lee, Jihyun; Pizzol, Massimo; Thomsen, Marianne

    instruments to support a precautionary chemicals management system and to protect receptor’s health have also been increasing. Since 2007, the European Union adopted REACH (the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals): REACH makes industry responsible for assessing...... the different background exposure between two countries allows in fact the definition of a common framework for improving exposure scenarios within REACH system, for monitoring environmental health, and for increasing degree of circularity of resource and substance flows. References 1. European Commission...

  8. Pseudobegivenheter i nyhetsmediene : Hvilke faktorer påvirker publiseringen av arrangerte PR-nyheter?


    I 1961 navngav den amerikanske kulturhistorikeren Daniel J. Boorstin et fenomen han kalte «pseudobegivenheter». Pseudobegivenheter er arrangerte begivenheter som først og fremst er tilrettelagt for mediedekning. Denne masteroppgavens tar for seg hvilke faktorer som påvirker publiseringen av slike arrangerte PR-nyheter i nyhetsmediene. De relevante faktorene ble funnet gjennom grundige undersøkelser av tre forskningsspørsmål med vekt på hvilke nyhetsverdier som har betydning for publiseringen,...

  9. Rate-adaptive AV delay and exercise performance following cardiac resynchronization therapy.

    Shanmugam, Nesan; Prada-Delgado, Oscar; Campos, Ana Garcia; Grimster, Alex; Valencia, Oswaldo; Baltabaeva, Aigul; Jones, Sue; Anderson, Lisa


    Physiological shortening of the atrioventricular (AV) interval with increasing heart rate is well documented in normal human beings and is an established component of dual-chamber pacing for bradycardia. To assess the effect of exercise on optimal AV delay and the impact of a patient-specific rate-adaptive AV delay (RAAVD) on exercise capacity in patients with heart failure following cardiac resynchronization therapy. Phase 1: We performed iterative AV optimization at rest and exercise in 52 cardiac resynchronization therapy patients in atrial-sensed mode (mean age 71.6 ± 9.2 years, 25% females). Phase 2: Subsequently, 20 consecutive volunteers from this group (mean age 69.2 ± 9.6 years, 15% females) underwent cardiopulmonary exercise testing with RAAVD individually programmed ON (RAAVD-ON) or OFF (RAAVD-OFF). Phase 1: In 94% of the patients, there was a marked reduction (mean 50%) in optimal AV delay with exercise. The optimal resting vs exercise AV delay was 114.2 ± 29 ms at a heart rate of 64.4 ± 7.1 beats/min vs 57 ± 31 ms at a heart rate of 103 ± 13 beats/min (P AV delay with exercise, and 3 (6%) showed no change. Phase 2: With RAAVD-ON, significantly better exercise times were achieved (8.7 ± 3.2 minutes) compared with RAAVD-OFF (7.9 ± 3.2 minutes; P = .003), and there was a significant improvement in Vo(2)max (RAAVD-ON 16.1 ± 4.0 vs RAAVD-OFF 14.9 ± 3.7 mL/(kg · min); P = .024). There was a dramatic reduction in optimal AV delay with physiological exercise in the majority of this heart failure cardiac resynchronization therapy cohort. Replicating this physiological response with a programmable RAAVD translated into a 10% improvement in exercise capacity. Copyright © 2012 Heart Rhythm Society. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Framtagning av ny lyftytrystning för gasturbin SGT-600/700

    Sjöberg, Emma


    I detta Examensarbete har en ny lyftutrustning till gasturbin SGT-600/700 olika moduler tagits fram. Examensarbetet har utförts på Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB i Finspång på avdelningen GPTP (leverans gasturbin teknik package installation). Målet med arbetet har varit att skapa en lyftutrustning som är mer flexibel än den befintliga lyftutrustningen och klarar samlyft (lyft med hjälp av två kranar). Arbetet har utförts med hjälp av olika metoder som QFD, funktionsmedel-träd och morpho...

  11. Betydningen av drektige reinsimlers ernæring for kalvers vekst, klimatiske toleranse og overlevelse

    Arne Rognmo


    Full Text Available Forsøkene (viste at tilleggsforing av underernærte simler i siste del av drektighetsperioden kun synes å ha effekt på fødselsvekten for kalvene forutsatt at simlene får høyverdig ernæring etter kalving. Den forskjellige ernæringsbakgrunn før kalving synes således ikke å innvirke på melkeproduksjon/kvalitet, da vektutviklingen for alle grupper av kalver i dette forsøket gikk parallelt i de tre første ukene etter kalving. Det ble heller ikke på noe punkt funnet signifikante forskjeller gruppene imellom når det gjelder kalvenes klimatiske toleranse. Det er dog bemerkelsesverdig at det var stor dødelighet blant de små kalvene etter unge små simler i GRUPPE L. Dette funn er interessant sett i sammenheng med resultatene fra Røros (se bidrag fra Dag Lenvik, side som viser at avkastningen fra en flokk kan økes markant om man konsentrerte slakteuttaket på små kalver og forhindrer bedekning av små, unge simler gjennom fjerning av eldre, store bukker. Med det forbehold at våre forsøk er utført på dyr i innhegning med et lavt aktivitetsnivå, kan man fra våreforsøk foreløpig konkludere med at tillegsfor ing av simler i siste halvdel av drektighetsperioden har effekt på kalvenes fødselsvekt, men at vektutviklingen for kalven er uavhengig av simlenes ernæringshistorie, om sistnevnte tilbys høyverdig ernæring etter kalving. Da små kalver etter underernærte simler viste høy dødelighet like etter fødselen, vil imidlertid tilleggsforing kunne øke avkastningen om det er mange unge simler i flokken. Resultatene fra Røros tyder imidlertid på at dette resultat normalt kan oppnås uten ekstra omkostninger gjennom et selektivt slakteuttak.

  12. Kriminalromanen: En undersøkelse av dens popularitet og kvalitet

    Hopland, Maria Lüpke


    De siste årene har kriminalromanen oppnådd enorm popularitet hos det norske publikum. Samtidig blir den til tider svært hardt angrepet av akademikere og intellektuelle i dagspressen. Denne oppgaven utforsker forskjellene i denne mottakelsen. To forskjellige teoretiske tilnærminger ser ut til å bli brukt i lesningen og forståelsen av kriminalromanen. Den ene forstår kriminalromanen som en type formellitteratur, som har som mål å følge sin formel på best mulig måte, mens de...

  13. Når eplet faller langt fra stammen ... : en studie av voksne utenlandsadopterte i Norge

    Rasmussen, Mariann


    Utenlandsadopsjon er et tema som stort sett har blitt drøftet og undersøkt i forhold til foreldre og barn. Ettersom den første generasjonen av adopterte nå har blitt voksne er det verdifull kunnskap å hente ut fra deres egne erfaringer og tanker rundt det å være adoptert. Det viser seg at deres formidling av erfaringer kan være med på å sette utenlandsadopsjon i et nytt perspektiv og rette fokus mot problemstillinger som ikke har blitt gitt så mye oppmerksomhet tidligere. Jeg har vært i ...

  14. Kilgore Trout - He Tried : en tematisk analyse av Kilgore Trouts rolle i forfatterskapet til Kurt Vonnegut

    Glomsrød, Jannicke Storm


    Hvilke roller og funksjoner innehar Kilgore Trout-karakteren i Kurt Vonneguts forfatterskap? Hvilken betydning har han og hva ligger til grunn for denne gjennomgangsfigurens ankomst og endelige avgang i litteraturen? I denne oppgaven søker jeg å undersøke og finne svaret på disse spørsmålene. Kilgore Trout går igjen i syv av Vonneguts fjorten romaner og er en gjennomgangsfigur i drøye 32 år av dennes forfatterskap, som strekker seg over 53 år med Player Piano fra 1952 i den ene enden og A ...

  15. Correlliansk Wicca -En analyse av et nyreligiøst trossamfunn i vekst-

    Johansen, Monica Frankrig


    Correlliansk wicca er en tradisjon innenfor wicca som baserer sin praksis på læren til High- Correll familien. Den correllianske wicca- tradisjonen ble grunnlagt av Caroline High- Correll. Correllianere anser seg selv for å være åpne for mange ulike livssyn og praksiser. De tror at det guddommelige kommer innenfra oss selv, og at religion eksisterer for å hjelpe oss til å finne det guddommelige i hver av oss, og ikke for å forsøke å erstatte denne guddommeligheten. Correllianere mener at alle...

  16. Gaskromatografisk metod för analys av GHB i urin


    En metod för detektering och kvantifiering av gamma-hydroxysmörsyra (GHB) i urin med gaskromatografi (GC) är framtagen på Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset. Metoden är relativt unik då den inte kräver upparbetning i form av derivatisering, indunstning eller extraktion. Urinen surgörs med koncentrerad saltsyra och internstandard, gamma-valerolakton, tillsätts. GHB övergår då till laktonformen, gamma-butyrolakton (GBL). Därefter injiceras provet direkt på en GC-FID med en kapillärkolonn för gly...

  17. Overvåking av Tokke-Vinje-vassdraget 2009-2011

    Kaste, Ø.; Skancke, L.; Eriksen, T.; Kile, M.; Nylend, Anne


    Rapporten viser resultater fra vanndirektiv-relatert overvåking i 2009-2011 i Tokke-Vinje-vassdraget i Telemark. Omfanget av overvåkingen har variert mellom årene, men kvalitetselementene planteplankton, dyreplankton, påvekstalger og bunndyr, samt vannkjemiske og bakteriologiske støtteparametre har inngått i minst ett av årene. Målet med overvåkingen var å klassifisere tilstanden i utvalgte vannforekomster i forhold til vanndirektivets bestemmelser, samt identifisere lokaliteter hvor det er b...

  18. Implementering av NSAID-profylakse mot post-ERCP pankreatitt - et kvalitetsforbedringsprosjekt ved Gastrolab, Drammen sykehus

    Brummenæs, Kristine Aase; Dahl, Kamilla Haug; Giske, Anna Havnevik; Hovind, Magrit Jarlsdatter; Nordberg, Eva Kibsgaard; Xalid, Mahabad


    Bakgrunn: Bakgrunn for valg av oppgave var spørsmålet om pankreatitt som komplikasjon til ERCP (endoskopisk retrograd cholangiopankreatografi) kunne forebygges svært enkelt med en engangsdose NSAID gitt i forbindelse med prosedyren. Selv om pasientgruppen som årlig gjennomgår ERCP er liten, og komplikasjoner relativ sjelden, kan noen av disse likevel bli svært alvorlig og i verste fall livstruende. Kunnskapsgrunnlaget/Metode: Det ble gjort søk i McMasterPlus, PubMed, og retningslinjer. Innfør...

  19. Kartlegging og overvåking av eremitt Osmoderma eremita i Norge 2012

    Endrestøl, Anders; Flåten, Magne*; Hanssen, Oddvar


    Eremitten Osmoderma eremita er en stor, brunsvart bille i familien skarabider. Den lever i gamle, hule løvtrær og er vurdert som truet i store deler av Europa. I Norge ble den antatt å være utdødd inntil den ble gjenfunnet i Tønsberg i 2008. Den er listet i kategori kritisk truet (CR) i Norsk rødliste for arter 2010, og er en prioritert art (fredet) i Norge. I tillegg er den vurdert som nær truet (NT) på global rødliste. Handlingsplanen for eremitt ble publisert av Direktoratet fo...

  20. The Origin of Weak Lensing Convergence Peaks

    Liu, Jia


    Weak lensing convergence peaks are a promising tool to probe nonlinear structure evolution at late times, providing additional cosmological information beyond second-order statistics. Previous theoretical and observational studies have shown that the cosmological constraints on $\\Omega_m$ and $\\sigma_8$ are improved by a factor of up to ~ 2 when peak counts and second-order statistics are combined, compared to using the latter alone. We study the origin of lensing peaks using observational data from the 154 deg$^2$ Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey. We found that while high peaks (with height $\\kappa$ >3.5 $\\sigma_\\kappa$, where $\\sigma_\\kappa$ is the r.m.s. of the convergence $\\kappa$) are typically due to one single massive halo of ~$10^{15}M_\\odot$, low peaks ($\\kappa$ ~ their virial radii), compared with ~0.25 virial radii for halos linked with high peaks, hinting that low peaks are more immune to baryonic processes whose impact is confined to the inner regions of the dark matter halos. Our fi...