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  1. Interest of synchrotron radiation for the therapy of brain tumors: methodology and preclinical applications; Interet du rayonnement synchrotron dans la therapie des tumeurs cerebrales: methodologie et applications precliniques

    Regnard, P


    Microbeam radiation (M.R.T.) and stereotactic synchrotron radiation therapy (S.S.R.T.) are innovative techniques currently developed at the european Synchrotron radiation facility. these techniques led to promising, but rarely reproduced, results. the use of different tumoral models for each techniques limit comparisons. M.R.T. experiments on rats bearing 9L tumors 14 days after implantation displayed a double median survival time ( from 20 to 40 days) with a 200 {mu}m spacing irradiation, while a 100 {mu}m spacing irradiation tripled this median (67 days) but damaged normal tissue. the impact of the device dividing synchrotron beam into micro-beams, named multi sit collimator, was also demonstrated. combination of drugs with M.R.T. irradiation was tested. promising results (median survival time: 40 days and 30% of long term survivors) were obtained with an intratumoral injection of gadolinium coupled with a crossing M.R.T. irradiation at 460 Gy. Moreover, earlier M.R.T. irradiation (tumor at D10) quadrupled the median survival time (79 days) with 30% of long term survivors. A new imaging device to target the tumor before irradiation and an adapted collimator will increase the M.R.T. results. As the differences existing between tumoral models used in M.R.T. (9L models) and in S.S.R.T. (F98 models) are major, M.R.T./S.S.R.T. comparative experiments were realised on these two models. Results showed that the two techniques have the same efficacy on F98 model and that the M.R.T. is more effective on 9L model. This can help to define adapted tumor type for these techniques. (author)

  2. Apport du rayonnement synchrotron à l'étude de cheveux archéologiques

    Bertrand, L.; Chevallier, P.; Doucet, J.; Simionovici, A.; Tsoucaris, G.; Walter, P.


    La préservation dans certains contextes archéologiques des cheveux humains et des fibres animales est favorisée par leur transformation chimique au contact d'objets métalliques. Afin de mieux comprendre les phénomènes complexes mis en jeu, nous avons étudié expérimentalement la fixation de cations métalliques (Cu et Pb) dans des cheveux modèles à partir de différentes méthodes de caractérisation utilisant le rayonnement X synchrotron. Nous avons ainsi pu mettre en évidence la fixation spécifique d'une partie de ces cations au sein des lipides structurés du cheveu. La comparaison entre échantillons modèles et archéologiques apporte de nouvelles données concernant les premières étapes d'altération des cheveux archéologiques.

  3. Dose enhancement by synchrotron radiation and heavy atoms for the treatment of gliomas; Renforcement de la dose par rayonnement synchrotron et atomes lourds dans le cadre du traitement des gliomes

    Bobyk, L.


    High grade gliomas are brain tumors of bad prognosis. The standard therapeutic treatment combines surgery, radiotherapy and sometimes use of temozolomide (chemotherapy agent). Healthy tissues radio-sensitivity is a major limitation for radiotherapy treatment. The stereotactic radiotherapy by synchrotron radiation is an innovative technique which combines a low energy radiation (lower 100 keV) with the presence of heavy atoms in the tumoral zone. Such an approach is used to increase the differential of dose deposited in the tumor compared to surrounding healthy tissues. In this study, several compounds containing heavy atoms such as chemotherapy agents: cisplatin/carbo-platin, a DNA base analog: 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine (IUdR) and gold nano-particles were considered. The dose enhancement factor induced by the presence of these compounds located for some of them in the extracellular medium or inside the cells for others, was determined using in vitro studies. Thereafter, in vivo studies on rats bearing gliomas, were performed to study the toxicity, the kinetic of distribution and the localization of these compounds together with their potential efficacy of treatment combining intracerebral injection with low energy radiation. (author)

  4. Gamma radiation in space and in the atmosphere; Rayonnement gamma dans l'espace et dans l'atmosphere

    Rocchia, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    We have shown that the {gamma} radiation existing in the atmosphere is caused mainly by the Bremsstrahlung of the electrons of the electromagnetic cascades ({approx} 50 per cent of the measured radiation), by the 511 keV radiation produced by the annihilation of positrons created in cascades (8 per cent of the measured intensity) and by the Compton {gamma} degradation of this line (30 per cent of the measured intensity). The rest, slightly over 10 per cent, must be attributed to secondary causes such as the nuclear de-excitation {gamma} to the internal Bremsstrahlung of charged particles created in nuclear stars, and to charged particles crossing our detector, since the latter was not fitted with a device for rejecting these particles. Experiments carried out in rockets at Colomb-Bechar confirm these results and have made it possible to detect and measure a primary {gamma} radiation having an intensity of {approx} 2 {gamma} cm{sup 2} s{sup -1} above 100 keV. The primary spectrum obeys an approximate E{sup -2} law. (author) [French] Nous avons montre que le rayonnement {gamma} existant dans l'atmosphere est provoque principalement por le bremsstrohlung des electrons des cascades electromagnetiques ({approx} 50 pour cent du rayonnement mesure), au rayonnement 511 keV provoque par l'annihilation des positrons crees dans les cascades (8 pour cent de l'intensite mesuree) et aux {gamma} de degradation Compton de cette raie (30 pour cent de l'intensite mesuree). Le reste, soit un peu plus de 10 pour cent, doit etre attribue a des causes secondaires telles que les {gamma} de desexcitation nucleaire, le bremsstrahlung interne des particules chargees creees dans les etoiles nucleaires, et aux particules chargees traversant notre detecteur car celui-ci ne comportait pas de dispositif de rejet de ces particules. Les experiences faites en fusees a Colomb-Bechar ont confirme ces resultats et permis de detecter et mesurer un rayonnement {gamma} primaire dont l

  5. Synchrotron radiation: a tool for chemical sciences investigation; Le rayonnement synchrotron au service des problematiques de la chimie

    Sauvage-Simkin, M. [Synchrotron SOLEIL, L' Orme des Merisiers, Saint-Aubin, BP 48, F-91192 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex (France)


    After recalling briefly the principles of synchrotron radiation production and its remarkable properties, the main investigation techniques used by the chemical science community is described and illustrated by recent examples of applications: X-ray absorption spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and diffusion, electron spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy. All these techniques have seen an enhancement of their ultimate performances in terms of acquisition rate and resolution (time, spatial, and energy domains) thanks to the sources optimization and the progress in instrumentation. The experimental possibilities offered by the most recent European sources are listed, with the emphasis on SOLEIL and ESRF, together with a brief survey of the future opportunities provided by the so-called fourth generation sources. (author)

  6. AILES: the infrared and THz beamline on SOLEIL synchrotron radiation source; AILES: la ligne infrarouge et THz sur rayonnement synchrotron SOLEIL

    Roy, P.; Brubach, J.B.; Rouzieres, M.; Pirali, O.; Kwabia Tchana, F. [Synchrotron Soleil, 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France); Manceron, L. [Paris-6 Univ., Lab. de Dynamique Interactions et Reactivite (LADIR), 75 (France)


    The development of a new infrared beamline (ligne de lumiere AILES) at the third generation Synchrotron Radiation source SOLEIL is underway. This beamline utilizes infrared synchrotron radiation from both the edge emission and the constant field conventional source. The expected performances including flux, spatial distribution of the photons, spectral range and stability are calculated and discussed. The optical system, spectroscopic stations and workspace are described. The calculation in the near field approach and the simulation by ray tracing show that the source with its adapted optics offers high flux and brilliance for a variety of infrared experiments. We also review the main research themes and the articulation and developments of the infrared sources at SOLEIL. (authors)

  7. Synchrotron X-ray adaptative monochromator: study and realization of a prototype; Monochromateur adaptatif pour rayonnement X synchrotron: etude et realisation d`un prototype

    Dezoret, D.


    This work presents a study of a prototype of a synchrotron X-ray monochromator. The spectral qualities of this optic are sensitive to the heat loads which are particularly important on third synchrotron generation like ESRF. Indeed, powers generated by synchrotron beams can reach few kilowatts and power densities about a few tens watts per square millimeters. The mechanical deformations of the optical elements of the beamlines issue issue of the heat load can damage their spectral efficiencies. In order to compensate the deformations, wa have been studying the transposition of the adaptive astronomical optics technology to the x-ray field. First, we have considered the modifications of the spectral characteristics of a crystal induced by x-rays. We have established the specifications required to a technological realisation. Then, thermomechanical and technological studies have been required to transpose the astronomical technology to an x-ray technology. After these studies, we have begun the realisation of a prototype. This monochromator is composed by a crystal of silicon (111) bonded on a piezo-electric structure. The mechanical control is a loop system composed by a infrared light, a Shack-Hartmann CDD and wave front analyser. This system has to compensate the deformations of the crystal in the 5 kcV to 60 kcV energy range with a power density of 1 watt per square millimeters. (authors).

  8. Study of gamma radiation between 0.1 and 1.0 MeV in the earth's atmosphere; Etude du rayonnement gamma entre 0,1 et 1 Mev dans l'atmosphere terrestre

    Boclet, D. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The present work is devoted to some of the particular problems arising in the detection and localisation of sources of gamma radiation situated outside the earth's atmosphere. These weak sources can only be detected and localized if care is taken to eliminate gamma and particle radiations coming from other sources in the earth's atmosphere and in space. In order to separate the various sources of background noise, generally much stronger than the radiation under study, use is made of a directional detector whose characteristics are determined as described in the first part of the following report. The closest diffuse source considered is that constituted by the earth's atmosphere. Its detailed study will make it possible both to eliminate its effect when sources outside the earth are to be measured, and to predict the amount of secondary gamma radiation emitted by the same process in other celestial bodies, the moon in particular. This work considered in the 2. and 3. parts of the report. (author) [French] La presente etude est consacree a certains des problemes particuliers poses par la detection et la localisation des sources de rayonnement gamma situees hors de l'atmosphere terrestre. Ces sources faibles ne peuvent etre detectees et localisees que si l'on se protege des rayonnements gamma et particulaires provenant d'autres sources situees dans l'atmosphere terrestre et dans l'espace. Pour separer ces divers composants parasites, en general beaucoup plus intenses que le rayonnement a etudier, nous emploierons un detecteur directif dont nous determinons les caracteristiques dans la premiere partie de l'expose qui suit. La source diffuse la plus proche que nous considerons comme parasite est constituee par l'atmosphere terrestre. Son etude detaillee nous permettra d'une part de nous en proteger lorsque nous voudrons etudier les sources {gamma} extra-terrestres, d'autre part de prevoir le rayonnement gamma

  9. Dosimetry for synchrotron stereotactic radiotherapy: Monte Carlo simulations and radiosensitive gels; Dosimetrie pour la radiotherapie stereotaxique en rayonnement synchrotron: calculs Monte-Carlo et gels radiosensibles

    Boudou, C


    High grade gliomas are extremely aggressive brain tumours. Specific techniques combining the presence of high atomic number elements within the tumour to an irradiation with a low x-rays (below 100 keV) beam from a synchrotron source were proposed. For the sake of clinical trials, the use of treatment planning system has to be foreseen as well as tailored dosimetry protocols. Objectives of this thesis work were (1) the development of a dose calculation tools based on Monte Carlo code for particles transport and (2) the implementation of an experimental method for the three dimensional verification of the dose delivered. The dosimetric tool is an interface between tomography images from patient or sample and the M.C.N.P.X. general purpose code. Besides, dose distributions were measured through a radiosensitive polymer gel, providing acceptable results compared to calculations.

  10. La diaspora, instrument de la politique de puissance et de rayonnement de l’Inde à l’île Maurice et dans le monde

    Anouck Carsignol-Singh


    Full Text Available Les Persons of Indian Origin (PIO ont depuis le début du XXe siècle servi de levier à l’intelligentsia indienne pour rehausser l’image du pays et contribuer à son rayonnement culturel sur la scène internationale, en tant qu’ambassadeurs culturels de l’Inde dans leur pays de résidence. Aujourd’hui, les nouveaux liens établis entre New Delhi et les Non Resident Indians (NRI dépassent largement le cadre de la diplomatie culturelle, et leur mobilisation économique ou politique en faveur du traité nucléaire contribuent à l’affirmation de la puissance de l’Inde. Une analyse de la mobilisation des Indo-Mauriciens permet de mettre en lumière le double rôle du facteur diasporique dans l’émergence de l’Inde comme grande puissance régionale et internationale, en tant qu’instrument à la fois du Soft Power et de la Realpolitik de New Delhi.People of Indian Origin (PIOs have, since the beginning of the XXth century, been used by the Indian intelligentsia to promote the image of the sub-continent and diffuse India’s cultural values on the international stage, as cultural ambassadors of India in their host countries. Today, the new partnership between New Delhi and the Non Resident Indians (NRIs go beyond India’s cultural diplomacy, and the support of the Diaspora in favour of the nuclear deal plays a strategic part in the affirmation of India as an emerging power. An analysis of the mobilisation of Indo-Mauritians in line with the interests and values of India illustrates the double role of the diasporic factor in the emergence of India as a regional and global power, as a tool of New Delhi’s soft power and Realpolitik.

  11. Etude de la variation de transmission optique dans l'UltraViolet du quartz "Nippon Silica Glass" après expositions à des rayonnements - Etude du système d'acquisition de données et du système de contrôle de Hautes Tensions appliquées aux chambres à fils du BARREL RICH de DELPHI

    Delorme, Sophie


    Etude de la variation de transmission optique dans l'UltraViolet du quartz "Nippon Silica Glass" après expositions à des rayonnements - Etude du système d'acquisition de données et du système de contrôle de Hautes Tensions appliquées aux chambres à fils du BARREL RICH de DELPHI

  12. Micro-irradiation experiments in MOS transistors using synchrotron radiation; Experiences de micro-irradiation de transistors MOS a l'aide d'un rayonnement synchrotron

    Autran, J.L.; Masson, P.; Raynaud, C. [Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA), 69 - Villeurbanne (France). Lab. de Physique de la Matiere; Masson, P. [Ecole Nationale Superieure d' Electronique et de Radio-Electricite, ENSERG/LPCS, 38 - Grenoble (France); Freud, N. [Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA), CNDRI, 69 - Villeurbanne (France); Riekel, C. [European Synchrotron Radiation Facility ESRF, 38 - Grenoble (France)


    Spatially-resolved total-dose degradation has been performed in MOS transistors by focusing x-ray synchrotron radiation on the gate electrode with micrometer resolution. The influence of the resulting permanent degradation on device electrical properties has been analyzed using current-voltage and charge pumping measurements, in concert with optical characterization (hot-carrier luminescence) and one-dimensional device simulation. (authors)

  13. Problèmes résolus sur les ondes électromagnétiques dans le vide et les conducteurs : propagation et rayonnement

    Lumbroso, H


    Cet ouvrage propose 61 problèmes consacrés aux ondes électromagnétiques dans le vide et les conducteurs tous complètement résolus. Chaque chapitre s'ouvre par un rappel des principaux résultats du cours.

  14. Biodistribution d'un agent de contraste iodé et impacts dosimétriques : étude pour la radiothérapie stéréotaxique par rayonnement synchrotron

    Obeid, Layal


    Gliomas treatment is still a challenging disease in medicine. Available treatments are mainly palliative and their efficiency is limited. Since years, many therapeutic strategies have been explored to find a cure. Synchrotron stereotactic radiotherapy (SSRT) is an innovative treatment combining the selective accumulation of heavy elements in tumours with stereotactic irradiations using monochromatic medium energy x-rays from a synchrotron source. A localised dose enhancement in brain tumours ...

  15. Détection de rayonnements et instrumentation nucléaire

    Lyoussi, Abdallah


    La détection de rayonnements nucléaires passe obligatoirement par leur interaction avec le milieu détecteur. Ces interactions génèrent directement ou indirectement des charges électriques lesquelles, une fois collectées sont (pré)amplifiées et converties en signaux électriques. Cette opération est rendue possible grâce à la polarisation électrique du détecteur conduisant à l'établissement d'un champ électrique responsable du mouvement des charges produites et de leur collection. D'une manière générale la détection et la mesure de rayonnements est un processus à plusieurs étapes comme le montre le synoptique de la figure 1.1. Il s'agit dans un premier temps de faire interagir le rayonnement incident utile avec le milieu détecteur après qu'il ait franchi l'espace «source-détecteur». Ces interactions sont ensuite converties en impulsions électriques qui sont traitées électroniquement et acheminées vers une unité d'acquisition et d'analyse. On obtient ainsi un premier résultat a...

  16. Radiations cosmiques : danger dans l'Espace

    Bonnet-Bidaud, J. M.; Dzitko, H.


    Au sol, l'atmosphere nous protege plus ou moins bien. Mais dans l'espace ou a bord des avions de ligne, l'homme est directement expose aux rayonnements cosmiques qui peuvent etre mortels. Un veritable frein a la presence humaine prolongee dans l'espace. Une menace que les agences spatiales prennent tres au serieux.

  17. Une méthode pour estimer l’interception du rayonnement par un couvert bas : application au colza avant montaison

    Denoroy Pascal


    Full Text Available Dans les modèles de simulation du fonctionnement des cultures, l’interception du rayonnement est une variable cruciale pour la prévision de la productivité en biomasse. D’autre part, la connaissance de l’interception du rayonnement par une culture permet de mieux analyser la réponse à un traitement en autorisant la distinction entre les effets morphogénétique et physiologique du traitement. Par exemple, dans l’étude de la fertilisation azotée du colza [1] on a pu faire la part de l’effet morphogénétique (accroissement de l’indice foliaire, donc de l’interception et de l’amélioration de la conversion photosynthétique du rayonnement absorbé. Dans un cas comme dans l’autre, une estimation correcte de l’interception du rayonnement est essentielle. Très souvent, un formalisme dérivé de la loi de Beer-Lambert est utilisé pour quantifier la part interceptée du rayonnement : PARi = epsiloni PAR (1 et epsiloni = 1 - e- k.IF (2, PAR représentant le rayonnement photosynthétiquement actif incident (exprimé en Joules ou en moles de photons, PARi la part de ce dernier interceptée par le couvert, epsiloni le coefficient (sans dimension d’interception, IF l’indice foliaire et k le coefficient d’extinction du rayonnement. Un formalisme un peu plus complexe doit être utilisé si on veut considérer le rayonnement absorbé [1, 2]. Pour des cultures couvrantes, la sensibilité de ces modèles à la valeur de k est faible pour les IF élevés, c’est pourquoi ces modèles sont souvent utilisés avec succès. Mais aux faibles IF, les modèles sont sensibles à k, d’où l’importance de l’estimation de ce paramètre pour les cultures présentant une longue période de faible couverture du sol, tel le colza peu fertilisé en phase hivernale. De plus, pour les cultures discontinues, c’est-à-dire présentant des zones où le sol n’est pas du tout couvert par la végétation, comme les inter-rangs, on doit

  18. 100 years of X-rays, 20 years of absorption spectroscopy with the synchrotron radiation: history, principles and a few examples of applications; Un siecle de rayons X, 20 ans de spectroscopie d`absorption avec le rayonnement synchrotron: histoire, principes et quelques exemples d`applications

    Michalowicz, A.; Moscovici, J.; Mimouni, A. [Paris-12 Univ., 94 - Creteil (France)


    The centenary of the discovery of X-rays is the occasion to summarize the history of X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and its development on synchrotron radiation sources, to give the underlying principles and to illustrate the possible uses of this spectroscopy by three examples: (a) the structural characterization of disordered spin transition coordination compounds by EXAFS spectroscopy; (b) the ligand binding to vitamin B{sub 12} by XANES spectroscopy; and (c) the chemical analysis of sulfur compounds included in fly-ashes by low-energy XANES spectroscopy. (authors). 23 refs., 8 figs.

  19. Radioprotection rayonnements, dosimétrie, protection

    Marey, Gérard


    Pour tous les travailleurs du nucléaire comme pour les étudiants des licences professionnelles et des BTS Environnement nucléaire et BTS radioprotection, l'ouvrage rassemble de façon progressive, claire et précise toutes les informations scientifiques et pratiques qui leur sont indispensables. Une première partie résume les données de base relatives à la structure de la matière, la stabilité des noyaux, les différents rayonnements, leur énergie et la décroissance radioactive. La deuxième partie constitue une approche progressive de la radioprotection s'appuyant sur l'influence des rayonnement sur la matière pour définir les notions de dose et aborder le dimensionnement des protections biologiques et des éléments de ventilation. Enfin, la dernière partie traite de la mise en oeuvre pratique de la radioprotection sur le terrain et de la gestion des déchets nucléaires en application de la technologie actuelle, de la réglementation et des directives imposées par l'exploitant qu'est EDF. De...

  20. Relative biological efficiency of 592 MeV protons. Analysis of the biological effect of secondary radiation; Efficacite biologique relative des protons de 592 MeV. Analyse de l'effet biologique du aux rayonnements secondaires

    Legeay, G.; Baarli, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland)


    The relative biological efficiency (RBE) of high energy protons is of importance because of their effects in the field of radioprotection around large accelerators and during space-flights. The nature of the interactions between 592 MeV protons and biological tissues makes it necessary to take into consideration the contribution of secondary radiation to the biological effect. Since it is not possible to obtain from a synchrotron a beam having a sufficiently large cross-section to irradiate large animals, one has to resort to certain devices concerning the mode of exposure when small laboratory animals are used. By irradiating rats individually and in groups, and by using the lethal test as a function of time, the authors show that the value of the RBE is different for animals of the same species having the same biological parameters. Thus there appears an increase in the biological effect due to secondary radiation produced in nuclear cascades which develop in a large volume, for example that of a human being. (author) [French] L'efficacite biologique relative des protons de haute energie doit etre etudiee en raison de leur incidence sur la radioprotection autour des grands accelerateurs et lors des vols spatiaux. La nature des interactions des protons de 592 MeV avec les tissus biologiques rend necessaire d'envisager la contribution des rayonnements secondaires a l'effet biologique. Ne pouvant obtenir aupres d'un synchrotron un faisceau de section importante pour irradier de gros animaux, il est necessaire de faire appel a des artifices portant sur le mode d'exposition lorsque l'on utilise les petits animaux de laboratoire. En irradiant des rats individuellement et en groupe et en utilisant le test de letalite en fonction du temps, les auteurs montrent que la valeur de l'EBR est differente sur des animaux de la meme espece presentant les memes parametres biologiques. Il apparait ainsi un accroissement de l'effet biologique

  1. Development and application of the analyzer-based imaging technique with hard synchrotron radiation; Developpement et application d'une technique d'imagerie par rayonnement synchrotron basee sur l'utilisation d'un cristal analyseur

    Coan, P


    The objective of this thesis is twofold: from one side the application of the analyser-based X-ray phase contrast imaging to study cartilage, bone and bone implants using ESRF synchrotron radiation sources and on the other to contribute to the development of the phase contrast techniques from the theoretical and experimental point of view. Several human samples have been studied in vitro using the analyser based imaging (ABI) technique. Examination included projection and computed tomography imaging and 3-dimensional volume rendering of hip, big toe and ankle articular joints. X-ray ABI images have been critically compared with those obtained with conventional techniques, including radiography, computed tomography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance and histology, the latter taken as gold standard. Results show that only ABI imaging was able to either visualize or correctly estimate the early pathological status of the cartilage. The status of the bone ingrowth in sheep implants have also been examined in vitro: ABI images permitted to correctly distinguish between good and incomplete bone healing. Pioneering in-vivo ABI on guinea pigs were also successfully performed, confirming the possible use of the technique to follow up the progression of joint diseases, the bone/metal ingrowth and the efficacy of drugs treatments. As part of the development of the phase contrast techniques, two objectives have been reached. First, it has been experimentally demonstrated for the first time that the ABI and the propagation based imaging (PBI) can be combined to create images with original features (hybrid imaging, HI). Secondly, it has been proposed and experimentally tested a new simplified set-up capable to produce images with properties similar to those obtained with the ABI technique or HI. Finally, both the ABI and the HI have been theoretically studied with an innovative, wave-based simulation program, which was able to correctly reproduce experimental results. (author)

  2. Expansion des feuilles de tournesol en conditions environnementales fluctuantes : effets de la température, du rayonnement et du déficit hydrique


    Full Text Available L’expansion et les divisions cellulaires dans les feuilles de tournesol ont été analysées dans des situations contrastées de température, de rayonnement et d’état hydrique du sol, en serre, au champ et en chambre de culture. Les résultats expérimentaux obtenus remettent en cause deux concepts utilisés dans le formalisme des modèles de simulation des cultures : – le premier est celui qui considère que l’expansion foliaire dépend du carbone disponible. Des déficits hydriques modérés et précoces réduisent la surface finale des feuilles de 40% sans affecter la photosynthèse nette. Ils se traduisent par des accumulations de sucres dans les feuilles en déficit hydrique; – le second est celui qui relie la vitesse absolue d’expansion un jour donné aux conditions environnementales le même jour. Des contraintes hydriques ou des réductions du rayonnement absorbé affectent la vitesse absolue d’expansion plusieurs jours après le rétablissement des conditions favorables. Dans le modèle que nous proposons, la considération de la vitesse relative d’expansion des feuilles plutôt que de la vitesse absolue permet de rendre compte des arrière-effets négatifs des contraintes sur la vitesse d’expansion des feuilles. La vitesse relative d’expansion à un moment donné est directement reliée aux conditions environnementales au même moment. Son expression en temps thermique permet de prendre en compte les effets de la température. Elle est réduite par un déficit hydrique et par une réduction du rayonnement absorbé. Dans ce modèle, les durées d’expansion et de divisions cellulaires dans les feuilles, exprimées en temps thermique, sont stables pour un rang de feuille donné dans une large gamme de rayonnement absorbé et d’état hydrique du sol.

  3. Mesure du rayonnement naturel pour la modélisation de la température des organes : application aux fruits

    Marquier, André; Adam, Boris; Guilioni, Lydie; Saudreau, Marc; Chelle, Michaël; Sinoquet, Herve


    Cet article présente une expérimentation mise en place dans un projet innovant du département Environnement et agronomie (EA). Nous développons, plus particulièrement les principes de la mesure du rayonnement naturel à l’aide d’un bilanmètre de chez Kipp & Zonen : les capteurs qui le constituent, les grandeurs mesurées et les précautions à prendre lors de son utilisation notamment dans le domaine de l’infrarouge thermique. Ensuite nous montrons l’intérêt de telles mesures lors de la validatio...

  4. Composes inter-halogenes sous pression: etude des transformations structurales dans le monobromure d'iode sous forme dense

    Bouchard, Alexandre

    La famille des composes halogenes et inter-halogenes representent des solides moleculaires adoptant des phases denses communes avec des solides moleculaires diatomiques comme l'azote et l'hydrogene. Parmi les transformations structurales et electroniques induites sous haute pression et observees dans ces solides, on note, entre autres, la dissociation moleculaire et la metallisation. De plus, l'etude des phases denses de l'iode a permis recemment l'observation d'une structure cristalline possedant une modulation dite incommensurable, c'est-a-dire une modulation possedant une periodicite differente de celle de la structure cristalline, jetant ainsi une lumiere nouvelle sur le processus de dissociation moleculaire dans les solides halogenes. Dans ce memoire, on propose d'etudier les changements structuraux dans monobromure d'iode (IBr), un compose inter-halogene possedant des proprietes structurales semblables a celles de deux composes halogenes, soit l'iode (I 2) et le brome (Br2) sous leur forme solide. Des experiences de diffraction des rayons X de poudres en utilisant un rayonnement synchrotron ont ete realisees a temperature ambiante sur l'IBr en variant la pression jusqu'aux environs de 60 GPa. La nature chimique particuliere du compose IBr a necessite la mise au point de techniques de chargement d'echantillon destinees a preserver l'integrite chimique de la substance utilisee. On rapporte egalement l'observation d'une phase de l'IBr presentant une modulation incommensurable. Les phases observees dans l'IBr permettent d'etablir des paralleles avec les phases denses rapportees dans I2 et Br2 par le biais d'un modele phenomenologique decrivant la sequence structurale des solides halogenes sous forme condensee.

  5. Les neuropeptides gastro-intestinaux cibles des effets des rayonnements ionisants : altérations fonctionnelles

    Linard, C.; Esposito, V.; Wysocki, J.; Griffiths, N. M.


    The symptoms associated with exposure to ionizing radiation are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea. The response of the gut is complex involving modifications of motility and fluid and electrolyte transport. Gastrointestinal regulatory peptides have an important role in these functions. This study showed that radiation-induced tissue variations of neuropeptides have some repercussions on intestinal biological activity of these peptides soon after irradiation. In addition such modifications are also seen a few years after irradiation. Les symptômes associés à l'exposition aux rayonnements ionisants sont des nausées, vomissements et diarrhées. La réponse du système digestif est complexe, impliquant des modifications de la motilité et du transport d'eau et d'électrolytes. les neuropeptides gastro-intestinaux ont un rôle important dans ces fonctions. Cette étude montre que les variations tissulaires de ces neuropeptides induites par l'irradiation ont des répercussions sur l'activité biologique intestinale pour des temps précoces mais que ces perturbations sont encore visibles quelques années après l'irradiation.

  6. Collection efficiency of charges in ionization chambers in presence of constant or variable radiation intensity; Efficacite de la collection des charges dans les chambres d'ionisation en presence d'une intensite de rayonnement ionisant constante ou variable

    Decuyper, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The theoretical and experimental study of the collection of carriers built up by ionization in standard chambers, is made by varying the value of different acting parameters. In the presence of constant ionization intensity and under a D.C. and A.C. voltage, the effect of geometry, recombination, diffusion and attachment is analyzed. The compensation of thermal neutron D.C. chambers is equally considered. Under a time dependent ionization intensity and D.C. voltage, is then studied the effect of recombination on current response, and on the collection efficiency of all formed charges. (author) [French] L'etude theorique et experimentale de la collection des porteurs crees par ionisation dans les chambres couramment utilisees est entreprise en fonction de la valeur des differents parametres agissants. En presence d'une ionisation constante et sous une tension d'alimentation d'abord continue puis alternative, on analyse l'influence de la geometrie, de la recombinaison, de la diffusion et de l'attachement. La compensation des chambres a courant continu de mesure neutronique est egalement examinee. Ensuite, sous une intensite d'ionisation variable dans le temps et en alimentation continue, on etudie l'effet de la recombinaison sur la reponse en courant et sur l'efficacite de la collection de la charge totale liberee. (auteur)

  7. Electronic temperature measurement on the deca II plasma using the Bremsstrahlung; Mesure de la temperature electronique du plasma de deca II par etude du rayonnement de freinage

    Dumas, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The electronic temperature of the DECA II machine's plasma is determined by studying the Bremsstrahlung. Two types of detectors are used for this measurement, a set scintillator-photo-multiplicator and a photoelectric effect detector with a massive silver target. The method used is the classical 'absorbent method', The absorbents used are thin formvar foils whose thickness is between 600 and 12 500 angstrom. The measurements done in two different working conditions of the DECA II machine have given: Te {approx_equal} 200 eV in the first case and Te {approx_equal} 70 eV in the second case. (author) [French] Nous avons determine la temperature electronique du plasma de la machine DECA II par l'etude du rayonnement de freinage. Pour cette mesure nous avons utilise deux types de detecteurs: des ensembles scintillateur-photomultiplicateur et un detecteur a effet photoelectrique a cible massive en argent. La methode utilisee pour cette mesure est la classique methode des absorbants. Nous avons utilise des feuilles de format tres mince (de 600 a 12 500 angstrom) comme absorbant. Les mesures faites dans deux regimes de travail differents de la machine DECA II nous ont conduit a: Te {approx_equal} 200 eV dans un cas et Te {approx_equal} eV dans l'autre cas. (auteur)

  8. Application of analysis by spectrometry of X-fluorescence radiation. Determination of P-W-Zr in phospho tungstate, zirconium tungstate, zirconium phosphate, their mixtures, and their degradation products; Application de l'analyse par spectrometrie du rayonnement de fluorescence X. Dosage de P - W - Zr dans les phosphotungstate, tungstate de zirconium, phosphate de zirconium, leurs melanges et leurs produits de degradation

    Guillon, A.; Lebrun, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    By chemical methods it is possible to dose accurately the constituents of solid samples containing essentially P, Zr and T. These methods involve prior separation of the elements, an operation which is relatively lengthy and delicate; they are furthermore ill-adapted for large series. In this case, the use of the X-fluorescence technique has many advantages. The process used is the borax-bead method. The fusion eliminates heterogeneity effects such as those dus to the size, the porosity and the composition of the grains, inter-elements effects, however, are not suppressed. These effects have been studied here and corrected for. (author) [French] Les methodes chimiques permettent le dosage precis des constituents d'echantillons solides contenant essentiellement P, Zr, W. Elles necessitent la separation prealable des elements, operation relativement longue et delicate, et se pretent mal a l'analyse de series importantes. dans ce cas, l'utilisation de la technique de fluorscence X ne presente que des avantages. La methode utilisee est celle des perles au borax. La fusion efface les effets d'heterogeneite telles que la taille, la porosite et la composition des grains. Les effets inter-elements, par contre, ne sont pas supprimes. Ce travail les met en evidence et permet leur correction. (auteur)

  9. Transversal effects of the space charge in an electrified particle beam (the proton synchrotron Saturne) (1963); Les effets transversaux de la charge d'espace dans les faisceaux de particules electrisees (synchrotron a protons Saturne) (1963)

    Faure, J.; Gouttefangeas, M.; Levy-Mandel, R.; Vienet, R.; Lago, B.; Loeb, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This is a study of the repulsive electrostatic forces existing inside a proton beam focused by the magnetic field of a circular accelerator. The general equation that rules the variation of beam density versus time can be rewritten by a fairly simple reasoning, A numerical method to solve this equation is then developed. The next step is then to find an optimum beam, a gaussian distribution of density being proposed allowing to find an analytical solution to the problem. (authors) [French] On etudie l'action des forces electrostatiques de repulsion qui existent dans un faisceau de protons focalise par le champ magnetique d'un accelerateur circulaire. L'equation generale qui regit la variation de densite du faisceau au cours du temps est retrouvee par un raisonnement simple. On developpe une methode numerique de resolution de cette equation. On pose le probleme de la recherche d'un faisceau optimal et on propose une loi de repartition gaussienne de densite qui permet de trouver une solution analytique au probleme. (auteurs)

  10. Microscopie par rayons X dans la fenêtre de l'eau : faisabilité et intérêt pour la biologie d'un instrument de laboratoire

    Adam, J. F.; Moy, J. P.


    La biologie étudie des structures ou des phénomènes sub-cellulaires. Pour cela la microscopie est la technique d'observation privilégiée. La résolution spatiale de la microscopie optique s'avère bien souvent insuffisante pour de telles observations. Les techniques plus résolvantes, comme la microscopie électronique par transmission sont souvent destructrices et d'une complexité peu adaptée aux besoins des biologistes. La microscopie par rayons X dans la fenêtre de l'eau permet l'imagerie rapide de cellules dans leur milieu naturel, nécessite peu de préparation et offre des résolutions de quelques dizaines de nanomètres. De plus, il existe un bon contraste naturel entre les structures carbonées (protéines, lipides) et l'eau. Actuellement cette technique est limitée aux centres de rayonnement synchrotron, ce qui impose une planification et des déplacements incompatibles avec les besoins de la biologie. Un tel microscope fonctionnant avec uns source de laboratoire serait d'une grande utilité. Ce document présente un état de l'art de la microscopie par rayons X dans la fenêtre de l'eau. Un cahier des charges détaillé pour un appareil de laboratoire ayant les performances optiques requises par les biologistes est présenté et confronté aux microscopes X de laboratoire déjà existants. Des solutions concernant la source et les optiques sont également discutées.

  11. Etude de la dynamique des porteurs dans des nanofils de silicium par spectroscopie terahertz

    Beaudoin, Alexandre

    Ce memoire presente une etude des proprietes de conduction electrique et de la dynamique temporelle des porteurs de charges dans des nanofils de silicium sondes par rayonnement terahertz. Les cas de nanofils de silicium non intentionnellement dopes et dopes type n sont compares pour differentes configurations du montage experimental. Les mesures de spectroscopie terahertz en transmission montre qu'il est possible de detecter la presence de dopants dans les nanofils via leur absorption du rayonnement terahertz (˜ 1--12 meV). Les difficultes de modelisation de la transmission d'une impulsion electromagnetique dans un systeme de nanofils sont egalement discutees. La detection differentielle, une modification au systeme de spectroscopie terahertz, est testee et ses performances sont comparees au montage de caracterisation standard. Les instructions et des recommendations pour la mise en place de ce type de mesure sont incluses. Les resultats d'une experience de pompe optique-sonde terahertz sont egalement presentes. Dans cette experience, les porteurs de charge temporairement crees suite a l'absorption de la pompe optique (lambda ˜ 800 nm) dans les nanofils (les photoporteurs) s'ajoutent aux porteurs initialement presents et augmentent done l'absorption du rayonnement terahertz. Premierement, l'anisotropie de l'absorption terahertz et de la pompe optique par les nanofils est demontree. Deuxiemement, le temps de recombinaison des photoporteurs est etudie en fonction du nombre de photoporteurs injectes. Une hypothese expliquant les comportements observes pour les nanofils non-dopes et dopes-n est presentee. Troisiemement, la photoconductivite est extraite pour les nanofils non-dopes et dopes-n sur une plage de 0.5 a 2 THz. Un lissage sur la photoconductivite permet d'estimer le nombre de dopants dans les nanofils dopes-n. Mots-cles: nanofil, silicium, terahertz, conductivite, spectroscopie, photoconductivite.

  12. Étude de la structure, des propriétés de surface et de la réactivité de nanoparticules isolées par spectroscopie de photoélectrons par rayonnement synchrotron dans le domaine des rayons X-mous


    During the past decade, a world-wide industrial expansion of nanosystems has been taking place at the junction between fundamental and applied sciences. Among these nanosystems, clusters, defined as small particles whose constitution ranges from few atoms (or molecules) to several thousand units, constitute "the missing link" between the isolated atom and the bulk solid. Studying the interactions in the aggregates would allow to understand how the atom is influenced by its neighborhood when i...

  13. Effet des additifs sur la structure cristalline du polyéthylène à basse densité (PEBD irradiés par des rayonnements UV

    Cheloufi T


    Full Text Available L’effet des rayons U V sur les propriétés physico-chimiques et mécaniques du polyéthylène à basse densité (PEBD et pigmenté avec des additifs dans différentes formulations ont été étudiées. Les échantillons ont été exposés au rayonnement U V émis par une lampe à xénon d’une puissance de 6000 W à une température de 46 °C pour différents temps. Un échantillon de référence a été pris pour la comparaison. A l’aide de la spectroscopie infrarouge FTIR et l’essai de traction, on a pu suivre les changements structuraux physico-chimiques et mécaniques. L’évolution des paramètres mécaniques (module d’élasticité, contrainte et allongement à la rupture ainsi que l’évolution des groupements carbonylés sous l’effet des radiations UV sont discutées. L’allongement à la rupture diminue avec le temps d’exposition pour la plupart des formulations étudiées, sauf la formulation F4 (anti-oxydant/stabilisant dont il y à une augmentation avec le temps. Par les RX, on a pu calculer le taux de cristallinité qui ont donné des valeurs élevées par rapport à d’autres ce qui est du probablement aux additifs ajoutés (chimassorb 81. Les résultats obtenus montrent que les additifs (stabilisants lumière et anti-oxydants avec des concentrations appropriées donnent des améliorations fiables concernant le comportement mécanique et les propriétés physico-chimiques des échantillons du PEBD exposés au rayonnement UV.

  14. Quelle source pour la lithographie dans l'EUV ?

    Ceccotti, T.


    L'impressionnante évolution des performances des circuits intégrés (CI) ces trente dernières années, répond à la désormais célèbre loi de Moore. Selon la prédiction faite en 1975 par le co-fondateur d'Intel Gordon Moore et qui n'a jamais été contredite, le nombre de transistors dans un CI allait doubler tous les 18mois. De simple intuition, la loi de Moore est devenue un impératif à respecter pour l'industrie des CI et des semi-conducteurs en général. La continuité dans les années à venir d'une telle progression technologique permettrait à ce secteur économique de garder, voire augmenter, toute son importance actuelle. Augmenter le nombre des transistors dans les CI signifie principalement réduire leur taille caractéristique de gravure et par conséquent la longueur d'onde utilisée. Depuis 2000, la lithographie dans l'extrême ultraviolet (EUVL) à 13.5 nm est considérée comme la plus prometteuse parmi les technologies appelées à remplacer la lithographie actuelle qui utilise du rayonnement laser à 193 nm comme source de lumière. La réalisation d'une machine lithographique industrielle utilisant du rayonnement EUV nécessite la résolution de nombreux problèmes technologiques qui font, depuis des années, l'objet de plusieurs programmes de recherche dans le monde. Une attention toute particulière est portée à la source de rayonnement EUVcar ses caractéristiques, notamment de puissance et de propreté, vont décider du succès ou pas de l'EUVL. Le cahier des charges d'une source EUV, les différents approches pour y répondre ainsi que leurs limites seront présentés ainsi qu'un état de l'art des performances des sources actuelles.

  15. La chimie dans tous ses états



    1. Le four à micro-ondes : de la cuisine à la chimie de synthèse Un four à micro-ondes est un appareil électroménager utilisé principalement pour le chauffage rapide d’aliments, par agitation des molécules d’eau qu’ils contiennent sous l’effet d’un rayonnement micro-onde (Wikipédia). Dès les débuts, cette technologie fut principalement utilisée dans la cuisine et éventuellement dans des applications industrielles très précises, mais depuis une vingtaine d’années les fours à micro-ondes sont ...

  16. Contribution to the study of the ionization and heating of gases by laser radiation; Contribution a l'etude de l'ionisation et du chauffage des gaz par le rayonnement d'un laser declenche

    Veyrie, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Limeil-Brevannes (France). Centre d' Etudes


    The ionization and heating of gases by the concentrated radiation of a neodymium laser is studied. The power is 300 MW, the gas studied is primarily deuterium between 300 mm and 2280 mm. The first part concerns a certain number of experimental results on the absorption of the radiation and on changes produced in the plasma as a function of time. From these results are deduced a certain number of consequences, amongst which may be mentioned the definition of a pre-ionization threshold. These experimental results are interpreted in the second part. A calculation is made of the length of the period during which the electrons multiply up to when the absorption becomes measurable. The last phase corresponds to the hydrodynamics evolution, the calculations are compared with the experiments. The agreement between theory and experiment is satisfactory for the different phases. (author) [French] On etudie l'ionisation et le chauffage des gaz par le rayonnement concentre d'un laser au neodyme. La puissance est de 300 MW, le gaz etudie est principalement le deuterium entre 300 mm et 2280 mm. La premiere partie concerne un certain nombre de resultats experimentaux. Il s'agit de l'absorption du rayonnement et de l'evolution chronologique du plasma. De ces resultats on deduit un certain nombre de consequences parmi lesquelles il faut citer la definition d'un seuil de preionisation. Ces resultats experimentaux sont interpretes dans la deuxieme partie. On calcule la duree de la phase pendant laquelle se multiplient les electrons jusqu'a ce que l'absorption soit mesurable. La derniere phase correspond a l'evolution hydrodynamique. Les calculs sont confrontes avec l'experience. L'accord entre theorie et experience est satisfaisant pour les differentes phases. (auteur)

  17. Microprobe analysis of teeth by synchrotron radiation: environmental contamination

    Pinheiro, T. E-mail:; Carvalho, M.L.; Casaca, C.; Barreiros, M.A.; Cunha, A.S.; Chevallier, P


    An X-ray fluorescence set-up with microprobe capabilities, installed at the Laboratoire pour l'Utilisation du Rayonnement Electromagnetique (LURE) synchrotron (France) was used for elemental determination in teeth. To evaluate the influence of living habits in dental elemental composition nine teeth collected post-mortem were analysed, five from a miner and four from a fisherman. All teeth from the fisherman were healthy. From the miner some teeth were carious and one of them was filled with metallic amalgam. Teeth were sliced under the vertical plane and each slice was scanned from the root to the enamel for elemental profile determination. The synchrotron microprobe resolution was of 100 {mu}m and incident photons of 18 keV energy were used. The elemental concentration values found suggest heterogeneity of the teeth material. Moreover, the distinct profiles for Mn, Sr, Br and Pb were found when teeth from the miner and from the fisherman are compared which can be associated with dietary habits and environmental influence. Higher concentrations of Mn and Sr were found for the fisherman teeth. In addition, Br was only observed in this group of teeth. Pb levels are higher for the miner teeth in particular for dentine regions. The influence of amalgam, such as, increase of Zn and Hg contents in the teeth material, is only noticed for the immediate surroundings of the treated cavity.

  18. L'astronomie dans le monde

    Manfroid, J.


    Premier plongeon d'Integral dans l'univers du rayonnement gamma; Collisions et cannibalisme galactique; Proplydes dans la Carène; Quasar record; Eta Carinae étoile double; Géantes rouges; La vitesse de la gravité; Sursaut gamma; Une planète lointaine; Un Troyen neptunien; L'univers lointain; Bébé galaxie; Le centre de notre Galaxie version X; Un HERO astronomique; Disque X géant; Electrons mystérieux dans RCW 38; Environnement martien; Interférométrie infrarouge; Méthane titanien; Micro-organismes atmosphériques; Réchauffement planétaire; La meilleure observation infrarouge de l'univers; Planètes en grand nombre?; Pôle sud et Big Bang; SS 433; Volcans et astéroïdes; Amalthée; De l'eau sur Mars; DEM L 106; Gliese 876; La taille des étoiles; Le danger des supernovas; Vieux cailloux

  19. 5 W à 255 nm et 15 kHz obtenus par doublage defréquence d'un laser CuHBr dans du BBO

    Huot, N.; Jonin, C.; Le Harzic, R.; Audouard, E.; Laporte, P.


    5.1 W de rayonnement ultra-violet ont été obtenus à 15 kHz par doublage de fréquence de la raie à 510.6 nm d'un laser CuHBr dans deux cristaux de BBO. La qualité de faisceau du rayonnement UV est exprimée par le paramètre M^2 : M_X^2 = 30± 2 et M_Y^2= 24 ± 2. Les deux faisceaux UV issus des deux cristaux de BBO, combinés au point focal d'une lentille, permettent le micro-usinage UV à haute cadence.

  20. Calculs de doses générées par les rayonnements ionisants principes et utilitaires

    Vivier, Alain


    Cet ouvrage s'adresse aux utilisateurs de sources de rayonnements ionisants : techniciens et ingénieurs ou personnes compétentes en radioprotection, médecins, chercheurs, concepteurs... Les contraintes croissantes liées à la radioprotection rendent indispensable l'utilisation de codes (ou programmes) de calculs pour évaluer les débits de dose générée par les sources de rayonnements ionisants. De nombreux codes existent mais ils sont souvent relativement complexes à mettre en oeuvre et restent réservés aux bureaux d'études. En outre, ces codes sont souvent des "boîtes noires " qui ne permettent pas de comprendre la physique sous-jacente. L'objectif de cet ouvrage est double. Exposer les principes physiques permettant de comprendre les phénomènes à l'oeuvre lorsque la matière est irradiée par des rayonnements ionisants. Il devient ainsi possible de développer un sens physique pour appréhender ces phénomènes, alors même que nos propres sens sont impuissants à en percevoir la cause et le...

  1. The Australian synchrotron; Le synchrotron australien

    Farhi, R


    This document recalls the historical aspects of the Australian Synchrotron which will be implemented in 2007. It presents then the objectives of this program, the specifications of the ring and the light lines. (A.L.B.)

  2. Synchrotron radiation facilities


    Particularly in the past few years, interest in using the synchrotron radiation emanating from high energy, circular electron machines has grown considerably. In our February issue we included an article on the synchrotron radiation facility at Frascati. This month we are spreading the net wider — saying something about the properties of the radiation, listing the centres where synchrotron radiation facilities exist, adding a brief description of three of them and mentioning areas of physics in which the facilities are used.

  3. Erreurs induites par l’utilisation d’un capteur de grande taille, un ceptomètre par exemple, pour calculer un coefficient d’extinction à partir de la mesure des rayonnements transmis sous une culture

    Tournebize, Régis; Cornet, Denis; BONHOMME, Raymond


    L’estimation des rayonnements solaires interceptés par une culture est une donnée devenue courante en agronomie pour évaluer sa production. Cette estimation est le plus souvent faite à partir de la seule mesure de l’indice foliaire LAI et l’utilisation d’un coefficient d’extinction des rayonnements K. Ce coefficient K est souvent évalué à partir de mesures ponctuelles de l’indice foliaire et de la fraction des rayonnements solaires transmis sous une culture TR, en utilisant la for...

  4. Heat transfers in porous media. Conduction, convection, radiant transfer; Transferts de chaleur dans les milieux poreux. Conduction, convection, rayonnement

    Bories, S.; Mojtabi, A.; Prat, M.; Quintard, M. [Institut de Mecanique des Fluides de Toulouse, 31 (France)


    Multiple physico-chemical and transport phenomena take place in porous media. The study of these phenomena requires the knowledge of fluid storage, transfer and mechanical properties of these media. Like all polyphasic heterogenous systems, these properties depend on the morphology of the matrix and of the phenomena interacting in the different phases. This makes the heat transfers in porous media a particularly huge field of researches. This article makes a synthesis of these researches. Content: 1 - classification and characterization of porous media; 2 - modeling of transfer phenomena; 3 - heat transfer by conduction: concept of equivalent thermal conductivity (ETC), modeling of conduction heat transfer, ETC determination; 4 - heat transfer by convection: modeling of convection heat transfer, natural convection (in confined media, along surfaces or impermeable bodies immersed in a saturated porous medium), forced and mixed convection; 5 - radiant heat transfer: energy status equation, approximate solutions of the radiant transfer equation, use of the approximate solutions: case of fibrous insulating materials; 6 - conclusion. (J.S.)

  5. Inauguration of Proton Synchrotron


    On 5 February 1960, the Proton Synchrotron (PS) was formally inaugurated. The great Danish physicist, Niels Bohr, releases a bottle of champagne against a shielding block to launch the PS on its voyage in physics.

  6. Comparaison des effets des irradiations γ, X et UV dans les fibres optiques

    Girard, S.; Ouerdane, Y.; Baggio, J.; Boukenter, A.; Meunier, J.-P.; Leray, J.-L.


    Les fibres optiques présentent de nombreux avantages incitant à les intégrer dans des applications devant résister aux environnements radiatifs associés aux domaines civil, spatial ou militaire. Cependant, leur exposition à un rayonnement entraîne la création de défauts ponctuels dans la silice amorphe pure ou dopée qui constitue les différentes parties de la fibre optique. Ces défauts causent, en particulier, une augmentation transitoire de l'atténuation linéique des fibres optiques responsable de la dégradation voire de la perte du signal propagé dans celles-ci. Dans cet article, nous comparons les effets de deux types d'irradiation: une impulsion X et une dose γ cumulée. Les effets de ces irradiations sont ensuite comparés avec ceux induits par une insolation ultraviolette (244 nm) sur les propriétés d'absorption des fibres optiques. Nous montrons qu'il existe des similitudes entre ces différentes excitations et qu'il est possible, sous certaines conditions, d'utiliser celles-ci afin d'évaluer la capacité de certaines fibres optiques à fonctionner dans un environnement nucléaire donné.

  7. Future Synchrotron Radiation Sources

    Winick, Herman


    Sources of synchrotron radiation (also called synchrotron light) and their associated research facilities have experienced a spectacular growth in number, performance, and breadth of application in the past two to three decades. In 1978 there were eleven electron storage rings used as light sources. Three of these were small rings, all below 500 mega-electron volts (MeV), dedicated to this purpose; the others, with energy up to 5 giga-electron volts (GeV), were used parasitically during the operation of the ring for high energy physics research. In addition, at that time synchrotron radiation from nine cyclic electron synchrotrons, with energy up to 5 GeV, was also used parasitically. At present no cyclic synchrotrons are used, while about 50 electron storage rings are in operation around the world as fully dedicated light sources for basic and applied research in a wide variety of fields. Among these fields are structural molecular biology, molecular environmental science, materials, analytic chemistry, micr...




    Synchrotron radiation is a very bright, broadband, polarized, pulsed source of light extending from the infrared to the x-ray region. It is an extremely important source of Vacuum Ultraviolet radiation. Brightness is defined as flux per unit area per unit solid angle and is normally a more important quantity than flux alone particularly in throughput limited applications which include those in which monochromators are used. It is well known from classical theory of electricity and magnetism that accelerating charges emit electromagnetic radiation. In the case of synchrotron radiation, relativistic electrons are accelerated in a circular orbit and emit electromagnetic radiation in a broad spectral range. The visible portion of this spectrum was first observed on April 24, 1947 at General Electric's Schenectady facility by Floyd Haber, a machinist working with the synchrotron team, although the first theoretical predictions were by Lienard in the latter part of the 1800's. An excellent early history with references was presented by Blewett and a history covering the development of the utilization of synchrotron radiation was presented by Hartman. Synchrotron radiation covers the entire electromagnetic spectrum from the infrared region through the visible, ultraviolet, and into the x-ray region up to energies of many 10's of kilovolts. If the charged particles are of low mass, such as electrons, and if they are traveling relativistically, the emitted radiation is very intense and highly collimated, with opening angles of the order of 1 milliradian. In electron storage rings there are three possible sources of synchrotron radiation; dipole (bending) magnets; wigglers, which act like a sequence of bending magnets with alternating polarities; and undulators, which are also multi-period alternating magnet systems but in which the beam deflections are small resulting in coherent interference of the emitted light.

  9. RF gymnastics in synchrotrons

    Garoby, R


    The RF systems installed in synchrotrons can be used to change the longitudinal beam characteristics. 'RF gymnastics' designates manipulations of the RF parameters aimed at providing such non-trivial changes. Some keep the number of bunches constant while changing bunch length, energy spread, emittance, or distance between bunches. Others are used to change the number of bunches. After recalling the basics of longitudinal beam dynamics in a hadron synchrotron, this paper deals with the most commonly used gymnastics. Their principle is described as well as their performance and limitations.

  10. RF Gymnastics in Synchrotrons

    Garoby, R


    The RF systems installed in synchrotrons can be used to change the longitudinal beam characteristics. "RF gymnastics" designates manipulations of the RF parameters aimed at providing such non-trivial changes. Some keep the number of bunches constant while changing bunch length, energy spread, emittance or distance between bunches. Others are used to change the number of bunches. After recalling the basics of longitudinal beam dynamics in a hadron synchrotron, this paper deals with the most commonly used gymnastics. Their principle is described as well as their performance and limitations.

  11. Compact synchrotron light sources

    Weihreter, Ernst


    This book covers a new niche in circular accelerator design, motivated by the promising industrial prospects of recent micromanufacturing methods - X-ray lithography, synchrotron radiation-based micromachining and microanalysis techniques. It describes the basic concepts and the essential challenges for the development of compact synchrotron radiation sources from an accelerator designer's point of view and gives an outline of the actual state of the art. The volume is intended as an introduction and as a reference for physicists, engineers and managers involved in this rapidly developing fiel

  12. The study of some thiazinic and indaminic dye syntheses induced by ionising radiation; Etude de quelques syntheses de colorants thianziniques et indaminiques amorcees par les rayonnements ionisants

    Balestic, S. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    au cours de la radiolyse grace a leur spectre d'absorption apres qu'ils aient ete separes du milieu reactionnel par chromatographie d'adsorption ou d'echange d'ions; d'autres produits de la radiolyse, chlorure d'ammonium et eau oxygenee, ont ete egalement caracterises. Au cours d'une etape ulterieure, une variation systematique des parametres physico-chimiques a permis de determiner les conditions les plus favorables a la radiosynthese; les rendements radiochimiques maximum obtenus ont pour valeurs respectives: G (Violet de Lauth) = 1,65; G (Bleu de Methylene) = 1,75. En outre, l'etude de l'influence sur le rendement radiochimique des reactifs amines differemment substitues a fait apparaitre la possibilite de synthetiser par voie radiochimique le Vert de Bindschedler et le Bleu de Wurster. Enfin la decouverte d'un compose intermediaire fondamental, le Rouge de Wurster, ainsi que l'etude cinetique de la synthese chimique du Bleu de Methylene ont permis de determiner les principales etapes du Bleu de Methylene reactionnel et de preciser la part qui revenait aux rayonnements ionisants dans le cas de la synthese par voie radiochimique. (auteur)

  13. Synchrotron radiation in biosciences

    Marinkovic, Nebojsa S.; Gupta, Sayan; Zhan, Chenyang; Chance, Mark R.


    The Center for Synchrotron Biosciences (CSB) operates five beamlines at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS). Infrared (IR) micro-spectroscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, structural proteomics and macromolecular footprinting are among the major technologies available through the Center. IR micro-spectroscopy is used to examine protein-folding in the microsecond time regime, image bone, neurons, seeds and other biological tissues, as well as image samples of interest in the chemical and environmental sciences. Structural proteomics research of New York Structural Genomics Research Consortium (NYSGRC) is steadily increasing the number of solved protein structures, with a goal to solve 100-200 structures per year. To speed up the research, a high-throughput method called 'metallomics' was implemented for NYSGRC crystallographers to detect intrinsic anomalous scatterers using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Hydroxyl radical mediated X-ray footprinting is capable of resolving folding events of RNA, at single base resolution on millisecond timescales using a synchrotron white beam. The high brightness of synchrotron source is essential for CSB projects as it permits the use of smaller sample sizes and/or concentration, and allows studies of more complicated biological systems than with conventional sources.

  14. Synchrotron radiation in biosciences

    Marinkovic, Nebojsa S. [Center for Synchrotron Biosciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Avenue, Ullman 315, Bronx, NY 10461 (United States)]. E-mail:; Gupta, Sayan [Center for Synchrotron Biosciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Avenue, Ullman 315, Bronx, NY 10461 (United States); Zhan, Chenyang [Center for Synchrotron Biosciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Avenue, Ullman 315, Bronx, NY 10461 (United States); Chance, Mark R. [Center for Synchrotron Biosciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Avenue, Ullman 315, Bronx, NY 10461 (United States)


    The Center for Synchrotron Biosciences (CSB) operates five beamlines at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS). Infrared (IR) micro-spectroscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, structural proteomics and macromolecular footprinting are among the major technologies available through the Center. IR micro-spectroscopy is used to examine protein-folding in the microsecond time regime, image bone, neurons, seeds and other biological tissues, as well as image samples of interest in the chemical and environmental sciences. Structural proteomics research of New York Structural Genomics Research Consortium (NYSGRC) is steadily increasing the number of solved protein structures, with a goal to solve 100-200 structures per year. To speed up the research, a high-throughput method called 'metallomics' was implemented for NYSGRC crystallographers to detect intrinsic anomalous scatterers using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Hydroxyl radical mediated X-ray footprinting is capable of resolving folding events of RNA, at single base resolution on millisecond timescales using a synchrotron white beam. The high brightness of synchrotron source is essential for CSB projects as it permits the use of smaller sample sizes and/or concentration, and allows studies of more complicated biological systems than with conventional sources.

  15. Study by electron spin resonance of the free radicals created under irradiation in glycine; Etude par la technique de resonance paramagnetique electronique des radicaux crees sous irradiation dans la glycine

    Thomet, P.; Rassat, A.; Servoz-Gavin, P.; Choudens, H. de [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The free radicals created by different radiations in glycine are measured by electron spin resonance and their number is evaluated in function of the absorbed dose. This number decreases when the LET of the radiations increases ; in other words,high LET radiations gives less radiochemical effects; in contrary with the fact that high LET radiations creates more damage in biological materials. The decreasing with time of the number of free radicals and the speed of this decrease is a function of temperature; by the study of the kinetics of this decrease, an attempt has been made to prove the presence of three radicals. (authors) [French] Les radicaux crees par divers rayonnements dans la glycine sont detectes par resonance paramagnetique electronique et leur nombre est evalue en fonction de la dose. Ce nombre varie dans le sens inverse du T.E.L moyen, c'est-a-dire que les rayonnements de T.E.L eleves donnent des effets radiochimiques plus petits alors que les effets radiobiologiques sont importants avec des T.E.L eleves. La decroissance dans le temps du nombre de radicaux est observee et la vitesse de diminution des radicaux est liee a la temperature. Etudiant la cinetique de recombinaison, on peut faire l'hypothese de l'existence de 3 radicaux. (auteurs)

  16. Germanium junction detectors. Theoretical and practical factors governing their use in radiation spectrometry; Detecteurs a jonction au germanium. Elements theoriques et pratiques pour l'utilisation en spectrometrie de rayonnements

    Hors, M.; Philis, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Semi-conductor detectors have recently greatly increased the possibilities available to nuclear spectroscopists for the study of {alpha}, {beta} and {gamma} radiations. Their use in radio-chemistry has encouraged us to study their principle, their mechanism and also the conditions under which they can be used. The first part, which is theoretical, consists of a summary of what should be known concerning the best use of junction detectors, in particular Ge (Li) detectors. The second part, which is experimental, summarizes the laboratory work carried out over a period of one year on Ge (Li) detectors. Stress is laid on the possibilities presented by the use of these detectors as photo-electric spectrometers, and also on the precautions required. Amongst the numerous results presented, the resolution of 2.52 keV obtained for the {gamma} radiation of 145.5 keV for {sup 141}Ce may be particularly noted. (authors) [French] Les detecteurs a semi-conducteurs ont recemment accru les possibilites offertes aux spectroscopistes nucleaires pour l'etude des radiations {alpha}, {beta}, {gamma}. Leurs utilisations en radiochimie nous ont incite a en etudier le principe, le mecanisme et d'autre part les conditions d'emploi. La premiere partie, theorique, rappelle l'essentiel de ce qu'il est utile de connaitre pour une utilisation optimale des detecteurs a jonctions et en particulier des detecteurs Ge (Li). La deuxieme partie, experimentale, resume les travaux realises au laboratoire pendant un an avec des detecteurs Ge (Li). Nous insistons sur les possibilites offertes et les precautions a prendre dans l'utilisation de ces detecteurs comme spectrometres photoelectriques. Parmi les nombreux resultats presentes, citons la resolution de 2,52 keV obtenue pour le rayonnement {gamma} de 145 f5 keV du {sup 141}Ce. (auteurs)

  17. Study of the texture of porous solids using a technique of {gamma} ray absorption; Application de l'absorption du rayonnement {gamma} a l'etude de la texture des solides poreux

    Ortega, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A technique, which enables us to measure locally total porosity, open porosity and pore size distribution is developed. The total porosity is calculated from the bulk density. A gamma absorption gauge is set up fitted with a Cs137 source. This enables the determination of the density by layers of carbonaceous samples in a practically automatic way. By taking adequate precautions it is possible to obtain the density with a maximum error {delta}{rho} {<=} 0,005 g/cm{sup 3}. The open porosity is evaluated by the absorption method after impregnation with bromoform. A new mercury porosimeter is developed using the absorption probe for the measurement of mercury infiltrated into the porous sample. Due to the localized character of exploration by this technique, the variations of porous texture in a heterogeneous sample can be studied. Used as a classical porosimeter, in the case of homogeneous samples, this apparatus is capable of exploring the equivalent diameters of pores between 500 {mu} and 0.14 {mu} with a maximum error {delta}P {<=} 0.002. The possibility of exploration of heterogeneous samples, with the facility of determination of porosities due to macro-pores combined with the non-limiting character of the method in the field of high pressures differentiates this apparatus from all the porosimeters of former conception. Examples of utilization of this technique in the case of graphite-gas reactions are presented. (author) [French] On a developpe une technique permettant la mesure localisee de la porosite totale, de la porosite ouverte et de la repartition de la taille de pores. La porosite totale est calculee a partir de la densite apparente. On a mis au point une jauge d'absorption du rayonnement gamma munie d'une source de Cs137. Celle-ci nous a permis de determiner la densite par couches d'echantillons cylindriques carbones d'une facon pratiquement automatique. En prenant les precautions adequates, il est possible d'obtenir la densite

  18. Synchrotrons for Hadrontherapy

    Pullia, Marco G.

    Since 1990, when the world's first hospital-based proton therapy center opened in Loma Linda, California, interest in dedicated proton and carbon ion therapy facilities has been growing steadily. Today, many proton therapy centers are in operation, but the number of centers offering carbon ion therapy is still very low. This difference reflects the fact that protons are well accepted by the medical community, whereas radiotherapy with carbon ions is still experimental. Furthermore, accelerators for carbon ions are larger, more complicated and more expensive than those for protons only. This article describes the accelerator performance required for hadrontherapy and how this is realized, with particular emphasis on carbon ion synchrotrons.

  19. Reshuffle lifts French synchrotron hopes

    McCabe, H


    The sacking of Claude Allegre as research minister has raised doubts over the level of France's promised participation in the construction of Diamond but reawakened French hopes that the synchrotron Soleil may now be built (1 page).

  20. Regions compete for French synchrotron


    Ten regions in France have placed bids to host the planned national synchrotron Soleil. Leading contenders include a joint bid from Ile-de-France and Essonne for Orsay, offering FF 1 billion towards the construction costs (2 paragraphs).

  1. Proton synchrotron radiation at Fermilab

    Thurman-Keup, Randy; /Fermilab


    While protons are not generally associated with synchrotron radiation, they do emit visible light at high enough energies. This paper presents an overview of the use of synchrotron radiation in the Tevatron to measure transverse emittances and to monitor the amount of beam in the abort gap. The latter is necessary to ensure a clean abort and prevent quenches of the superconducting magnets and damage to the silicon detectors of the collider experiments.

  2. Etude de la production de photons isolés dans les états finals hadroniques des collisions e+e- au LEP dans l'expérience ALEPH

    Si Mohand, D

    Les photons isolés, observés dans les désintégrations hadroniques du bozon Z0 créé dans les annihilations électron-positron au LEP, proviennent essentiellement du rayonnement électromagnétique des quarks. Ces photons, qui ne sont pas affectés par la fragmentation, sont particulièrement sensibles à l'émission de gluons; leur étude, à l'aide d'algorithmes de simulation tels que JETSET, ARIADNE et HERWIG, constitue un moyen simple et précis de tester les différentes approches de QCD, en particulier dans la description de la compétition photon-gluon. Notre analyse a révélé que JETSET prédit (20±6)% moins de photons directs que le nombre mesuré expérimentalement. ARIADNE, en revanche, semble surestimer légèrement le taux de production de photons directs de (6±4)% alors que HERWIG reproduit fidèlement l'ensemble de nos mesures. Après correction des pertes d'acceptance et des effets d'hadronisation, le rapport d'embranchement du Z0 en hadrons plus photon, normalisé au rapport d'embranc...

  3. Installation for analytic chemistry under irradiation; Installation de chimie analytique sous rayonnement

    Fradin, J.; Azoeuf, P.; Guillon, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    An installation has been set up for carrying out manipulations and chemical analyses on radioactive products. It is completely remote-controlled and is of linear shape, 15 metres long; it is made up of three zones: - an active zone containing the apparatus, - a rear zone giving access to the active zone, - a forward zone independent of the two others and completely protected from which the remote-control of the apparatus is effected. The whole assembly has been designed so that each apparatus corresponding to an analytical technique is set up in a sealed enclosure. The sealed enclosures are interconnected by a conveyor. After three years operation, a critical review is now made of the installation. (authors) [French] L'installation a ete realisee pour effectuer des manipulations et des analyses chimiques sur des produits radioactifs. Elle est totalement telecommandee et se presente sous une forme lineaire de 15 metres de longueur et comporte trois zones: - une zone active d'appareillage, - une zone arriere d'intervention, - une zone avant independante des deux premieres et totalement protegee, ou s'operent les telecommandes de l'appareillage. L'ensemble a ete concu de facon a ce que chaque appareillage correspondant a une technique d'analyse soit implante dans une enceinte etanche. Les enceintes etanches sont reliees entre elles par un convoyeur. Apres trois annees de fonctionnement nous faisons le bilan et les critiques de l'installation. (auteurs)

  4. Calculs de doses générées par les rayonnements ionisants principes physiques et codes de calcul

    Vivier, Alain


    Cet ouvrage et les codes associés s’adressent aux utilisateurs de sources de rayonnements ionisants : techniciens, ingénieurs de sécurité, personnes compétentes en radioprotection, mais aussi médecins, chercheurs, concepteurs, décideurs… Les contraintes croissantes liées à la radioprotection rendent indispensables l’utilisation de codes de calcul permettant d’évaluer les débits de doses générées par ces sources et la façon dont on peut s’en protéger au mieux. De nombreux codes existent, dont certains restent des références incontournables, mais ils sont relativement complexes à mettre en oeuvre et restent en général réservés aux bureaux d’études. En outre, ces codes sont souvent des « boîtes noires » qui ne permettent pas de comprendre la physique sous-jacente. L’objectif de cet ouvrage est double : - Exposer les principes physiques permettant de comprendre les phénomènes à l’oeuvre lorsque la matière est irradiée par des rayonnements ionisants. Il devient al...

  5. Spin echo in synchrotrons

    Chao, Alexander W.; Courant, Ernest D.


    As a polarized beam is accelerated through a depolarization resonance, its polarization is reduced by a well-defined calculable reduction factor. When the beam subsequently crosses a second resonance, the final beam polarization is considered to be reduced by the product of the two reduction factors corresponding to the two crossings, each calculated independently of the other. This is a good approximation when the spread of spin precession frequency Δνspin of the beam (particularly due to its energy spread) is sufficiently large that the spin precession phases of individual particles smear out completely during the time τ between the two crossings. This approximate picture, however, ignores two spin dynamics effects: an interference-overlap effect and a spin echo effect. This paper is to address these two effects. The interference-overlap effect occurs when Δνspin is too small, or when τ is too short, to complete the smearing process. In this case, the two resonance crossings overlap each other, and the final polarization exhibits constructive or destructive interference patterns depending on the exact value of τ. Typically, the beam’s energy spread is large and this interference-overlap effect does not occur. To study this effect, therefore, it is necessary to reduce the beam energy spread and to consider two resonance crossings very close to each other. The other mechanism, also due to the interplay between two resonance crossings, is spin echo. It turns out that even when the precession phases appear to be completely smeared between the two crossings, there will still be a sudden and short-lived echo signal of beam polarization at a time τ after the second crossing; the magnitude of which can be as large as 57%. This echo signal exists even when the beam has a sizable energy spread and when τ is very large, and could be a sensitive (albeit challenging) way to experimentally test the intricate spin dynamics in a synchrotron. After giving an analysis

  6. Spin Echo in Synchrotrons

    Chao, Alexander W.; /SLAC; Courant, Ernest D.; /Brookhaven


    As a polarized beam is accelerated through a depolarization resonance, its polarization is reduced by a well-defined calculable reduction factor. When the beam subsequently crosses a second resonance, the final beam polarization is considered to be reduced by the product of the two reduction factors corresponding to the two crossings, each calculated independently of the other. This is a good approximation when the spread of spin precession frequency {Delta}{nu}{sub spin} of the beam (particularly due to its energy spread) is sufficiently large that the spin precession phases of individual particles smear out completely during the time {tau} between the two crossings. This approximate picture, however, ignores two spin dynamics effects: an interference effect and a spin echo effect. This paper is to address these two effects. The interference effect occurs when {Delta}{nu}{sub spin} is too small, or when {tau} is too short, to complete the smearing process. In this case, the two resonance crossings interfere with each other, and the final polarization exhibits constructive or destructive patterns depending on the exact value of {tau}. Typically, the beam's energy spread is large and this interference effect does not occur. To study this effect, therefore, it is necessary to reduce the beam energy spread and to consider two resonance crossings very close to each other. The other mechanism, also due to the interplay between two resonance crossings, is spin echo. It turns out that even when the precession phases appear to be completely smeared between the two crossings, there will still be a sudden and short-lived echo signal of beam polarization at a time {tau} after the second crossing; the magnitude of which can be as large as 57%. This echo signal exists even when the beam has a sizable energy spread and when {tau} is very large, and could be a sensitive (albeit challenging) way to experimentally test the intricate spin dynamics in a synchrotron. After giving

  7. Towards synchrotron-based nanocharacterization

    Bleuet, Pierre; Arnaud, Lucile; Biquard, Xavier; Cloetens, Peter; Doyen, Lise; Gergaud, Patrice; Lamontagne, Patrick; Lavayssière, Maylis; Micha, Jean-Sébastien; Renault, Olivier; Rieutord, François; Susini, Jean; Ulrich, Olivier


    The advent of 3rd generation synchrotron sources coupled with high efficiency x-ray focusing optics opened new nanocharacterization possibilities. This paper is an overview of synchrotron-based techniques that may be of interest for nanotechnology researchers. Although not exhaustive, it includes a general background of synchrotron principle and main x-ray interactions before addressing nanoimaging possibilities. Three-dimensional (3D) hard x-ray multimodal tomography is now doable that allows producing 3D morphological, chemical and crystalline images with a sub-100 nm resolution. Although the resolution is still limited with respect to electron imaging, it presents attractive features like depth resolution and non-destructive exam. Besides imaging, diffraction also allows strain determination within microstructures and is illustrated here on 100 nm copper lines. Surface analysis is illustrated through X-ray Photoelectron Emission Microscopy (XPEEM).

  8. Fabrication et analyse de nanomatériaux à bases d'oxydes par des techniques de diffusion de rayonnement

    Fall, Safall


    This thesis presents the study of oxides (ZnO and SiO2) synthesized by sol-gel method. Firstly, we study the kinectics growth of ZnO nanoparticles in aqueous medium. The aqueous chemical growth of ZnO was done at the ESRF (ID10 beamline) for using the synchrotron radiation (22 Kev). The in-situ monitoring by synchrotron radiation on a substrate placed in solution made up from zinc nitrate hexahydrate [Zn(NO3)2,6H2O, 98%, Acros Organics] and hexamethylenetetramine (HMT, C6H12N4, 99%, Acros Org...

  9. Synchrotron radiation and structural proteomics

    Pechkova, Eugenia


    This book presents an overview of the current state of research in both synchrotron radiation and structural proteomics from different laboratories worldwide. The book presents recent research results in the most advanced methods of synchrotron radiation analysis, protein micro- and nano crystallography, X-ray scattering and X-ray optics, coherent X-Ray diffraction, and laser cutting and contactless sample manipulation are described in details. The book focuses on biological applications and highlights important aspects such as radiation damage and molecular modeling.

  10. L'astronomie dans le monde

    Manfroid, Jean


    Le réveil d'Huygens; à la recherche du rayonnement le plus froid; Les vagues monstrueuses qui coulent des navires sont repérées par les satellites radar de l'ESA; Exoplanète poids plume; Sinfoni à  l'ESO; TrES 1; Cassiopée A

  11. Optical systems for synchrotron radiation

    Howells, M.R.


    Various fundamental topics which underlie the design and use of optical systems for synchrotron radiation are considered from the viewpoint of linear system theory. These topics include the damped harmonic oscillator, free space propagation of an optical field, electromagnetic theory of optical properties of materials, theory of dispersion, and the Kramers-Kronig relations. 32 refs., 5 figs. (LEW)

  12. DESY: Synchrotron and storage rings


    An improvement programme has been under way for several years at the 7.5 GeV électron synchrotron at DESY. In particular it has been designed to increase the accelerated beam intensity, to achieve better quality of the ejected électron beams and photon beams and to improve machine reliability.

  13. Biological physics and synchrotron radiation

    Filhol, J.M.; Chavanne, J. [European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, 38 - Grenoble (France); Weckert, E. [Hasylab at Desy, Hamburg (Germany)] [and others


    This conference deals with the applications of synchrotron radiation to current problems in biology and medicine. Seven sessions take stock on the subject: sources and detectors; inelastic scattering and dynamics; muscle diffraction; reaction mechanisms; macromolecular assemblies; medical applications; imaging and spectroscopy. The document presents the papers abstracts. (A.L.B.)

  14. Synchrotron radiation and biomedical imaging

    Luccio, A.


    In this lecture we describe the characteristics of Synchrotron radiation as a source of X rays. We discuss the properties of SR arc sources, wigglers, undulators and the use of backscattering of laser light. Applications to angiography, X ray microscopy and tomography are reviewed. 16 refs., 23 figs.

  15. Sources laser non linéaires accordables dans l'infrarouge et l'ultraviolet pour la métrologie des rayonnements optiques

    Rihan, Abdallah


    The work presented in this PhD dissertation details the strategy adopted to build two non-linear laser sources that are widely in the mid-infrared and blue-UV spectral ranges. These laser sources are needed for the traceability to SI units of coherent light irradiance measurements using a cryogenic radiometer of the using cryogenic radiometer of the Laboratoire commun de métrologie (LCM) .The infrared laser source is an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) resonating on the pump and signal wav...

  16. New radiation-induced effects in optical fibres feasible for dosimetry; Nouveaux effets induits par rayonnement dans des fibres optiques dediees a la dosimetrie

    Tomashuk, A.L.; Golant, K.M.; Dianov, E.M.; Nikolin, I.V. [Fibre Optics Research Centre (FORC), Moscow (Russian Federation); Zakharkin, I.I.; Stepanov, V.A. [Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, SSC RF, Obninsk (Russian Federation)


    Three new radiation-induced effects in silica optical fibres suitable for dosimetry are proposed: 1) in fibres with a high-OH cladding and a low-OH core, ionizing radiation disrupts the O-H bonds to let hydrogen diffuse into the core. This results in an increase in the OH-group absorption band amplitude, 2) the polymers used to coat optical fibres consist of hydrogen to the extent of about 50 %. Energetic neutrons produce recoil protons in the fibre coating, which can ''stick'' in the core, turn into hydrogen, and enter the glass network in the form of OH-group, and 3) in N-doped silica fibres irradiated with thermal neutrons, the following reaction {sub 7}N{sup 14}({sub 0}n{sup 1},{sub 1}p{sup 1}){sub 6}C{sup 14} occurs and produces protons with energy 620 keV. With this energy, propagation length of protons in silica is 7 {mu}m which means that the escape of protons from a 50 {mu}m core is very weak. In fact all 3 effects lead to the irreversible increase in the OH-group absorption bands, which is proportional to the absorbed dose. With the help of these effects, temperature and dose-rate independent measurements of high doses become possible.

  17. Potentialités des lasers à fibre dans la génération de rayonnement cohérent UV

    Martel, G.; Hideur, A.; Ortaç, B.; Lecourt, J.-B.; Chédot, C.; Brunel, M.; Chéron, B.; Limpert, J.; Tunnermann, T.; Grelu, Ph.; Gicquel-Guézo, M.; Labbé, C.; Loualiche, S.; Roussignol, Ph.; Sanchez, F.; Leblond, H.


    Le premier laser à fibre dopé aux ions de terres rares fonctionna au tout début des années 60. Il fournissait quelques milliwatts autour de 1 μm. Les décades suivantes virent très peu d'améliorations tant du côté des laboratoires que du point de vue industriel. La dernière décennie (1995/2005) vit se concrétiser la seconde révolution des lasers à fibres. Déjà kilowatt en continu, ils atteignent désormais les 1013 watts/cm2 avec des impulsions de la centaine de femtoseconde. Lors de cette présentation nous passerons en revue les potentialités des lasers à fibre. Nous décrirons les verrous technologiques qui ont été levés ces dix dernières années pour les régimes CW mais aussi femtosecondes. Nous montrerons également comment la prochaine génération de fibres optiques actuellement en développement permettra d'offrir des sources stables et de très haute puissance pour l'avenir proche.

  18. Utilisation de MétéoSat et de méthodes statistiques pour le contrôle des données de rayonnement global

    Huard, Frederic


    Le contrôle des mesures de rayonnement global est une opération délicate en raison de la structure des différents réseaux en France (maillages irréguliers, faible nombre de points d'observation au sol…) et de la forte variabilité spatiale et temporelle de l'irradiation solaire. L'objectif de ce travail est de développer une approche méthodologique pour analyser la variabilité spatio-temporelle du rayonnement global et la mise au point de procédures de contrôle en "temps réel" des mesures issu...

  19. Analisis Kebijakan dan Efektivitas Organisasi

    Amir Syarifudin Kiwang


    Full Text Available Penerapan Peraturan Gubernur Nusa Tenggara Timur Nomor 8 Tahun 2011 tentang Organisasi dan Tata Kerja Unit Pelaksana Teknis Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Koperasi dan Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah pada Dinas Koperasi dan Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur adalah dalam rangka untuk meningkatkan efektivitas kerja organisasi pada UPT Diklat Koperasi dan UMKM. Penelitian ini berusaha untuk melihat dampak kebijakan organisasi terhadap efektivitas organisasi dengan menggunakan enam elemen variabel dari kebijakan dan praktik manajemen. Keenam elemen tersebut adalah penetapan tujuan strategis, pencarian dan pemanfaatan sumber daya, lingkungan prestasi, proses komunikasi, kepemimpinan dan pengambilan keputusan, serta adaptasi dan inovasi organisasi. Penelitian kualitatif ini menggunakan pendekatan studi kasus. Teknik analisis data yang digunakan adalah analisis data model Miles dan Huberman, yang terdiri atas reduksi data, display/penyajian data, dan kesimpulan/verifikasi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa efektivitas organisasi pada UPT Diklat koperasi dan UMKM belum berjalan secara baik, hal ini dapat dilihat dari beberapa hal antara lain, belum adanya tenaga spesialisasi pengelola diklat dan tenaga khusus (sarjana di bidang perkoperasian dan kondisi lingkungan kerja (lingkungan prestasi pada UPT Diklat koperasi dan UMKM yang belum efektif. Penempatan pegawai juga belum tepat, mutasi ke UPT Diklat Koperasi dan UMKM tidak memperhatikan latar belakang pendidikan dan spesialisasi/keahlian pegawai sehingga membutuhkan waktu dalam proses penyesuaian serta menurunkan jumlah pelaksanaan diklat dikarenakan keterbatasan alokasi dana.

  20. Landscapes with Figures in Wordsworth’s Prelude (1805 Paysages avec figures dans le Prélude (1805 de William Wordsworth

    Pascale Guibert


    Full Text Available Bien que l’iconographie wordsworthienne s’attache à représenter le poète en promeneur solitaire, les paysages qu’il retrace lui-même dans le Prélude de 1805 sont fort peuplés. De multiples personnages — qu’il faudra bien appeler figures — animent ses paysages. Ils les animent au sens propre du terme : c’est-à-dire qu’ils conduisent le mouvement dont les paysages wordsworthiens sont à la fois le produit et la scène. Ces figures, loin de faire de la figuration, donc, configurent, dans un jeu typiquement wordsworthien d’activité passive, la nouvelle vision du monde qui se trame dans ces paysages. Ils effectuent et relayent les principes de la poétique wordsworthienne — combinaison, rayonnement, exaltation — par laquelle “la révolution copernicienne” du romantisme a “lieu”.

  1. Medical Applications of Synchrotron Radiation

    Thomlinson, W.


    Ever since the first diagnostic x-ray was done in the United States on February 3, 1896, the application of ionizing radiation to the field of medicine has become increasingly important. Both in clinical medicine and basic research the use of x-rays for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy is now widespread. Radiography, angiography, CAT and PETT scanning, mammography, and nuclear medicine are all examples of technologies developed to image the human anatomy. In therapeutic applications, both external and internal sources of radiation are applied to the battle against cancer. The development of dedicated synchrotron radiation sources has allowed exciting advances to take place in many of these applications. The new sources provide tunable, high-intensity monochromatic beams over a wide range of energies which can be tailored to specific programmatic needs. This paper surveys those areas of medical research in which synchrotron radiation facilities are actively involved.

  2. Medical applications of synchrotron radiation

    Thomlinson, W.


    Ever since the first diagnostic x-ray was done in the United States on February 3, 1896, the application of ionizing radiation to the field of medicine has become increasingly important. Both in clinical medicine and basic research the use of x-rays for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy is now widespread. Radiography, angiography, CAT and PETT scanning, mammography, and nuclear medicine are all examples of technologies developed to image the human anatomy. In therapeutic applications, both external and internal sources of radiation are applied to the battle against cancer. The development of dedicated synchrotron radiation sources has allowed exciting advances to take place in many of these applications. The new sources provide tunable, high-intensity monochromatic beams over a wide range of energies which can be tailored to specific programmatic needs. This paper surveys those areas of medical research in which synchrotron radiation facilities are actively involved.

  3. Keratoacanthoma Dan Perawatannya

    Indah Heriyanti


    Keratoacanthoma adalah suatu tumor jinak yang berasal dari jaringan epitel dan biasanya di jumpai pada permukaan kulit yang umumnya terjadi pada bagian kulit yang sering terkena sinar matahari dimana tumor ini dapat sembuh dengan spontan. Lesi ini biasanya berawal sebagai makula yang kecil yang berwarna merah dan kemudian menjadi papula yang kokoh dan bersisik pada permukaanya. Papul ini dengan cepat membesar selama 2 sampai 8 minggu. Pada awalnya berbentuk bulat atau oval,kokoh menonjol ...

  4. Breast tomography with synchrotron radiation

    Pani, Silvia; Arfelli, Fulvia; Dreossi, Diego; Montanari, Francesco; Longo, Renata; Olivo, Alessandro; Poropat, Paolo; Zanconati, Fabrizio; Palma, Ludovico D.; Castelli, Edoardo


    A feasibility study of breast CT with synchrotron radiation is currently being carried on at Elettra, the Trieste synchrotron radiation facility. Breast CT cannot be implemented easily with conventional radiographic tubes, due to the high dose that would be delivered to the breast by a polychromatic X-ray spectrum. The possibility of tuning the beam energy, available at a synchrotron radiation beamline, allows a significant reduction in the delivered dose, and at the same time the use of monochromatic beams avoids beam hardening artifacts on the reconstructed image. Images of in vitro breast tissue samples have been acquired by means of a high efficiency linear array detector coupled to a VLSI single photon counting readout electronics. The pixel width, determining the pixel size of the reconstructed image, is 200 micrometers , while the pixel height, determining the CT slice thickness, is 300 micrometers . Tomograms have been reconstructed by means of standard filtered backprojection algorithms. Images of normal and pathologic breast tissue samples show a good visibility of glandular structure. The delivered dose was in all cases comparable to the one delivered in clinical planar mammography. Due to the promising results we obtained, in vivo studies are under evaluation.


    Wayan Eko Radityo


    Full Text Available Depresi merupakan gangguan mood berupa kesedihan yang intens, berlangsung dalamwaktu lama, dan mengganggu kehidupan normal yang insidennya semakin meningkatseiring dengan meningkatnya tekanan hidup. Tahun 2020, depresi diperkirakanmenempati urutan kedua penyakit di dunia. Gejala-gejala depresi terdiri dari gangguanemosi, gangguan kognitif, keluhan somatik, gangguan psikomotor, dan gangguanvegetatif. Salah satu gejala depresi yang muncul adalah gangguan tidur yang bisaberupa insomnia, bangun secara tiba-tiba, dan hipersomnia. Hal ini disebabkan olehgangguan neurotransmiter dan regulasi hormon. Selain sebagai gejala depresi, gangguantidur juga bisa merupakan penyebab depresi. Beberapa penelitian memberikanhubungan gangguan tidur dapat meningkatkan risiko depresi di kemudian hari.

  6. Evaluation by electronic paramagnetic resonance of the number of free radicals produced in irradiated rat bone; Evaluation par resonance paramagnetique electronique du nombre de radicaux libres produits dans l'os de rat irradie

    Marble, G.; Valderas, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The number of long half-life free radicals created by gamma irradiation in the bones of the rat has been determined from the electrons paramagnetic resonance spectrum. This number decreases slowly with time (calculated half life: 24 days). It is proportional to the dose of gamma radiation given to the rat. The method could find interesting applications in the field of biological dosimetry. (authors) [French] Le nombre de radicaux libres a vie longue crees par irradiation gamma dans l'os de rat a ete determine a partir du spectre de resonance paramagnetique electronique. Ce nombre decroit lentement avec le temps (demi-vie calculee {approx_equal} 24 jours). IL est proportionnel a la dose de rayonnement gamma delivree au rat. La methode pourra trouver en dosimetrie biologique des applications interessantes. (auteurs)

  7. The use aeroplanes and vehicles for prospecting. The technique of the detection radioactivity. The future opened up by the use of the discrimination of energies; Methodes de prospection autoportee et aeroportee. La technique de la detection des rayonnements. Les perspectives offertes par la discrimination des energies

    Guitton, J.; Berbezier, J.; Blangy, B.; Lallemant, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The idea of installing activity detectors on aeroplanes and vehicles has been widely applied by the CEA since the start of prospecting in the arid and tropical regions of the Communaute Francaise. Three systems of detection have been developed and compared in a systematic manner: a group of 50 G.M. tubes; the sodium iodide scintillator; the plastic scintillator. The sodium iodide scintillator is used as a standard reference; the results are compared by graphical recording. Airborne prospecting is carried out in two stages: the initial flights, which follow a kilometre square network, make possible the discovery of the most likely zones; these likely zones are then examined in greater detail using light aeroplanes or helicopters. The two types of airborne scintillation measuring devices which have been developed by the CEA are described in this article. The practical results obtained during systematic and detailed airborne prospecting campaigns in the Hoggar are described. The difficulty in airborne uranium prospecting is to be able to immediately distinguish while in flight, anomalies caused by uranium from those caused by thorium. (author) [French] L'idee de monter des detecteurs de rayonnements sur des avions ou des vehicules a ete largement appliquee par le CEA des le debut des prospections dans les pays sahariens et tropicaux de la Communaute Fran ise. On a realise et compare d'une maniere systematique trois moyens de detection: groupe de 50 tubes GM; scintillateur d'iodure de sodium, scintillateur plastique. L'appareil de reference sera le scintillateur d'iodure de sodium; les resultats sont compares par enregistrement graphique. La prospection aeroportee se fait en deux etapes; les premiers vols systematiques suivant un quadrillage kilometrique permettent de reperer les zones interessantes; ces dernieres font l'objet d'examens plus detailles effectues en avion leger ou en helicoptere. Dans cet article, on decrit les deux

  8. Les oxydes d'azote dans l'environnement Nitrogen Oxides in the Environment

    Oppeneau J. C.


    Full Text Available Le présent article expose les concentrations en oxydes d'azote rencontrées dans l'environnement et fait la part des origines naturelles et anthropogéniques. II présente une des manifestations les plus connues des interactions entre les oxydes d'azote, les molécules organiques, la vapeur d'eau et le rayonnement solaire le brouillard photochimique. Un certain nombre de données sur les effets d'oxydes d'azote sur l'homme et le milieu sont cités et il est mentionné que de nombreuses recherches sont à effectuer pour préciser les connaissances actuelles. Enfin, les réglementations présentes et futures sont décrites. This article describes concentrations of nitrogen oxides found in the environment and explains their natural and anthropogenic origins. It describes one of the best known examples of interactions between nitrogen oxides, organic molecules, water vaporand solorradiation, i. e. photochemical smog. Various data are brought outconcerning the effects of nitrogen oxides on man and the environment, and mention is mode of the many research projects being carried out ta specify current knowledge. Present and future regulations are also described.

  9. Inner-shell ionization and biological radiations effects; Ionisation en couche interne et effet biologique des rayonnements

    Du Penhoat, M.; Abel, F.; Despiney, I.; Gobert, F.; Guiraud, L.; L`Hoir, A.; Politis, M.F.; Touati, A.; Chetioui, A. [Paris-7 Univ., 75 (France); Sabatier, L. [CEA Centre d`Etudes de Fontenay-aux-Roses, 92 (France). Dept. de Pathologie et de Toxicologie Experimentales


    Biological effects of K-ionizations followed by Auger cascades have been much studied to elucidate mechanisms of cell inactivation and DNA repair and to develop therapeutic applications. Experiments performed with incorporated radionuclides ({sup 125}I) or incorporated elements (Br, I, P) photoionized in the K-shell using synchrotron radiation all displayed a K + Auger enhancement. The interest in K-ionization rose again when recent works suggested that K-ionizations in C, N, 0 atoms of DNA could be the primary physical events responsible for cell death induced by heavy ions. Photoabsorption experiments at the C-K threshold support this hypothesis. (authors) 28 refs.

  10. Synchrotron-driven spallation sources

    Bryant, P J


    The use of synchrotrons for pulsed neutron spallation sources is an example of scientific and technological spin-off from the accelerator development for particle physics. Accelerator-driven sources provide an alternative to the continuous-flux, nuclear reactors that currently furnish the majority of neutrons for research and development. Although the present demand for neutrons can be adequately met by the existing reactors, this situation is unlikely to continue due to the increasing severity of safety regulations and the declared policies of many countries to close down their reactors within the next decade or so. Since the demand for neutrons as a research tool is, in any case,expected to grow, there has been a corresponding interest in sources that are synchrotron-driven or linac-driven with a pulse compression ring and currently several design studies are being made. These accelerator-driven sources also have the advantage of a time structure with a high peak neutron flux. The basic requirement is for a...

  11. Sirepo for Synchrotron Radiation Workshop


    Sirepo is an open source framework for cloud computing. The graphical user interface (GUI) for Sirepo, also known as the client, executes in any HTML5 compliant web browser on any computing platform, including tablets. The client is built in JavaScript, making use of the following open source libraries: Bootstrap, which is fundamental for cross-platform web applications; AngularJS, which provides a model–view–controller (MVC) architecture and GUI components; and D3.js, which provides interactive plots and data-driven transformations. The Sirepo server is built on the following Python technologies: Flask, which is a lightweight framework for web development; Jinja, which is a secure and widely used templating language; and Werkzeug, a utility library that is compliant with the WSGI standard. We use Nginx as the HTTP server and proxy, which provides a scalable event-driven architecture. The physics codes supported by Sirepo execute inside a Docker container. One of the codes supported by Sirepo is the Synchrotron Radiation Workshop (SRW). SRW computes synchrotron radiation from relativistic electrons in arbitrary magnetic fields and propagates the radiation wavefronts through optical beamlines. SRW is open source and is primarily supported by Dr. Oleg Chubar of NSLS-II at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

  12. Funding problems threaten Middle East's synchrotron

    McCabe, H


    Scientists will tour the Middle East to try to raise support for the Synchrotron radiation for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East project. The plan is to dismantle and move a decommissioned synchrotron from Berlin to the Middle East where scientists of any nationality would be able to use it (3 paragraphs).

  13. Synchrotron applications in wood preservation and deterioration

    Barbara L. Illman


    Several non-intrusive synchrotron techniques are being used to detect and study wood decay. The techniques use high intensity synchrotron-generated X-rays to determine the atomic structure of materials with imaging, diffraction, and absorption. Some of the techniques are X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES), X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XFS), X-ray...

  14. Synchrotron radiation absorber for high density loads

    Anashin, V. V.; Kuzminych, V. S.; Trakhtenberg, E. M.; Zholents, A. A.


    A design of a special synchrotron radiation absorber for the storage ring VEPP-4M is presented. The density of the synchrotron radiation power on the absorber surface is up to 500 W/mm 2. The absorber is made from a beryllium plate, brazed inside to the copper vacuum chamber, which is intensively water-cooled from outside.

  15. High pressure and synchrotron radiation satellite workshop

    Bass, J.; Guignot, N.; Morard, G.; Mezouar, M.; Andrault, D.; Bolfan-Casanova, N.; Sturhahn, W.; Daniel, I.; Reynard, B.; Simionovici, A.; Sanchez Valle, C.; Martinez, I.; Kantor, I.; Dubrovinsky, I.; Mccammon, C.; Dubrovinskaia, N.; Kurnosiv, A.; Kuznetsov, A.; Goncharenko, I.; Loubeyre, P.; Desgreniers, S.; Weck, G.; Yoo, C.S.; Iota, V.; Park, J.; Cynn, H.; Gorelli, F.; Toulemonde, P.; Machon, D.; Merlen, A.; San Miguel, A.; Amboage, M.; Aquilanti, G.; Mathon, O.; Pascarelli, S.; Itie, J.P.; Mcmillan, P.F.; Trapananti, A.; Di Cicco, A.; Panfilis, S. de; Filipponi, A.; Kreisel, J.; Bouvier, P.; Dkhil, B.; Chaabane, B.; Rosner, H.; Koudela, D.; Schwarz, U.; Handestein, A.; Hanfland, M.; Opahle, I.; Koepernik, K.; Kuzmin, M.; Mueller, K.H.; Mydosh, J.; Richter, M.; Hejny, C.; Falconi, S.; Lundegaard, L.F.; Mcmahon, M.I; Loa, I.; Syassen, K.; Wang, X.; Roth, H.; Lorenz, T.; Farber Daniel, I.; Antonangeli Daniele, I.; Krisch, M.; Badro, J.; Fiquet, G.; Occelli, F.; Mao, W.L.; Mao, H.K.; Eng, P.; Kao, C.C.; Shu, J.F.; Hemley, R.J.; Tse, J.S.; Yao, Y.; Deen, P.P.; Paolasini, I.; Braithwaite, D.; Kernavanois, N.; Lapertot, G.; Rupprecht, K.; Leupold, O.; Ponkratz, U.; Wortmann, G.; Beraud, A.; Krisch, M.; Farber, D.; Antonangeli, D.; Aracne, C.; Zarestky, J.L.; Mcqueeney, R.; Mathon, O.; Baudelet, F.; Decremps, F.; Itie, J.P.; Nataf, I.; Pascarelli, S.; Polian, A


    The workshop is dedicated to recent advances on science at high pressure at third generation synchrotron sources. A variety of experiments using synchrotron radiation techniques including X-ray diffraction, EXAFS (extended X-ray absorption fine structure), inelastic X-ray scattering, Compton scattering and Moessbauer spectroscopy of crystalline, liquid or amorphous samples, are reported. This document gathers the abstracts of the presentations.

  16. High-Intensity Synchrotron Radiation Effects

    Suetsugu, Y


    Various effects of intense synchrotron radiation on the performance of particle accelerators, especially for storage rings, are discussed. Following a brief introduction to synchrotron radiation, the basic concepts of heat load, gas load, electron emission, and the countermeasures against these effects are discussed.

  17. Dan Performer Mei Lanfang

    Risum, Janne


    The convention of performing female characters (dan characters) in Beijing opera, as practised by its most prominent male performer of female characters Mei Lanfang, and its and his cultural context and aesthetic aim...

  18. Liever kraanwater dan bronwater

    Kole, A.P.W.


    Een test in het Restaurant van de Toekomst van de invloed van CO2-labels op het aankoopgedrag van consumenten, heeft nog geen duidelijk beeld opgeleverd. Wel pakten mensen vaker kraanwater dan bronwater.

  19. Carbyne formation by synchrotron radiation

    Kaito, C.; Kimura, Y.; Hanamoto, K.; Sasaki, M.; Kimura, S.; Nakada, T.; Saito, Y.; Koike, C.; Nakayama, Y. E-mail:


    Thin carbon films prepared by vacuum evaporation using the arc method were mounted on a standard electron microscope copper grid. They were irradiated by white synchrotron radiation (SR) beam by the use of cylindrical and toroidal mirrors. The irradiated film was examined using a high-resolution electron microscope. {alpha} and {alpha}+{beta} mixture carbyne crystals were grown in round and the elongated shapes. The round crystals were composed of 5-10 nm crystallites of a carbyne form. The elongated crystal grew into a single crystal 100 nm in size. The c-axes of both grown crystals were oblique to the film. The growth of the carbynes was discussed as being the result of nucleation due to graphite microcrystallites formed by SR beam irradiation.

  20. Makna Dan Ideologi Punk

    Daniar Wikan Setyanto


    Punk Sebagai sebuah subkultur telah diadaptasi oleh para remaja Indonesia bukan hanya sebagai semangat bermusik, namun merambah sebagai ideologi dan gaya hidup. Punk merupakan warisan budaya dari barat yang awalnya bergerak pada bidang musik, namun lambat lain punk telah menjadi sebuah identitas global yang mewakili para remaja radikal yang memiliki visi anti kemapanan dan anti pemerintah. Selain ideologinya yang kontroversi, punk mempengaruhi dinamika fashion di dunia. Asesoris punk diadapta...

  1. Radiation measurements in the reactors G 2 and G 3; Mesures de rayonnement aupres des piles G 2 - G 3

    Chassany, J.Ph.; Estournel, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Centre de Production de Plutonium, Marcoule (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The results are given of numerous radiation measurements: - for the various working sites - for the various zones (circuit room,etc) - during the discharging operations - far various active materials (CO{sub 2}, plugs etc). They show that in general the protection has been suitably designed and that the majority of radio-protection problems are due to the elements activated in the pile and transported outside the vessel. (authors) [French] Les resultats de nombreuses mesures d'irradiation sont donnes - pour les differents lieux de travail - pour diverses zones (salle de tuyauteries, etc.) - pendant les operations de dechargement - pour differents materiaux actives (CO{sub 2}, bouchons, etc.) Ils montrent que les protections ont ete en general correctement dimensionnees et que la majorite des problemes de radioprotection est constituee par les elements actives dans la pile, transportes a l'exterieur du caisson. (auteurs)

  2. Report of the Synchrotron Radiation Vacuum Workshop

    Avery, R.T.


    The Synchrotron Radiation Vacuum Workshop was held to consider two vacuum-related problems that bear on the design of storage rings and beam lines for synchrotron radiation facilities. These problems are gas desorption from the vacuum chamber walls and carbon deposition on optical components. Participants surveyed existing knowledge on these topics and recommended studies that should be performed as soon as possible to provide more definitive experimental data on these topics. This data will permit optimization of the final design of the Advanced Light Source (ALS) and its associated beam lines. It also should prove useful for other synchrotron radiation facilities as well.

  3. Experimental demonstration of the induction synchrotron.

    Takayama, Ken; Arakida, Yoshio; Dixit, Tanuja; Iwashita, Taiki; Kono, Tadaaki; Nakamura, Eiji; Otsuka, Kazunori; Shimosaki, Yoshito; Torikai, Kota; Wake, Masayoshi


    We report an experimental demonstration of the induction synchrotron, the concept of which has been proposed as a future accelerator for the second generation of neutrino factory or hadron collider. The induction synchrotron supports a superbunch and a superbunch permits more charge to be accelerated while observing the constraints of the transverse space-charge limit. By using a newly developed induction acceleration system instead of radio-wave acceleration devices, a single proton bunch injected from the 500 MeV booster ring and captured by the barrier bucket created by the induction step voltages was accelerated to 6 GeV in the KEK proton synchrotron.

  4. Saint-Germain d’Auxerre et ses dépendances : la place d’un monastère dans la société médiévale du milieu du Ve siècle à la fin du XIIIe siècle.

    Noëlle Deflou-Leca


    Full Text Available L’objet de cette thèse de doctorat est d’élaborer une enquête d’histoire monastique selon deux axes de recherche complémentaires. Le premier porte sur les dépendances monastiques qui viennent peu à peu s’inscrire dans la filiation de Saint-Germain entre le VIe siècle et le XIIe siècle et témoignent d’un certain rayonnement abbatial. D’une manière générale, ces établissements, appelés traditionnellement prieurés, sont très mal connus. On ignore à peu près tout des frères qui y vivaient et de ...

  5. Molecular photoemission studies using synchrotron radiation

    Truesdale, C.M.


    The angular distributions of photoelectrons and Auger electrons were measured by electron spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation. The experimental results are compared with theoretical calculations to interpret the electronic behavior of photoionization for molecular systems.

  6. Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source (SSRL)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The SSRL at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory was built in 1974 to take and use for synchrotron studies the intense x-ray beams from the SPEAR storage ring that...

  7. Panel backs next-generation synchrotron

    Service, R F


    A key federal panel recommended continued research into development of a fourth-generation synchrotron. It would be capable of creating x-ray pulses billions of times more intense than current designs (1 page).

  8. Solenoid and Synchrotron radiation effects in CLIC

    Dalena, B; Tomás, R; Angal-Kalinin, D


    The emission of Synchrotron Radiation in the CLIC BDS is one of the major limitations of the machine performance. An extensive revision of this phenomenon is presented with special emphasis on the Interaction point (IP) solenoid.

  9. National Synchrotron Light Source annual report 1988

    Hulbert, S.; Lazarz, N.; Williams, G. (eds.)


    This report discusses the experiment done at the National Synchrotron Light Source. Most experiments discussed involves the use of the x-ray beams to study physical properties of solid materials. (LSP)

  10. Fiber structural analysis by synchrotron radiation

    Kojima, J I; Kikutani, T


    Topics of fiber structural analysis by synchrotron radiation are explained. There are only three synchrotron radiation facilities in the world, SPring-8 (Super Photon ring-8) in Japan, APS (Advanced Photon Source) in U.S.A. and ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) in France. Online measurement of melt spinning process of PET and Nylon6 is explained in detail. Polypropylene and PBO (poly-p-phenylenebenzobisoxazole) was measured by WAXD (Wide Angle X-ray Diffraction)/SAXS (Small Angle X-ray Scattering) at the same time. Some examples of measure of drawing process of fiber are described. The structure formation process of spider's thread was measured. Micro beam of X-ray of synchrotron facility was improved and it attained to 65nm small angle resolving power by 10 mu m beamsize. (S.Y.)

  11. Simulation of synchrotron motion with rf noise

    Leemann, B.T.; Forest, E.; Chattopadhyay, S.


    The theoretical formulation is described that is behind an algorithm for synchrotron phase-space tracking with rf noise and some preliminary simulation results of bunch diffusion under rf noise obtained by actual tracking.

  12. Research trends in radiobiology since 40 years. a new approach: the enzymatic repair function of DNA, internal factor in evolution of biological systems under irradiation; Etude des tendances des recherches en radiologie depuis 40 ans. Une nouvelle voie de recherche: la fonction de reparation enzymatique de l'ADN, facteur interne d'evolution des systemes biologiques sous rayonnement

    Mouton, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    . Il y a moins d'une generation, l'on croyait encore que les effets des rayonnements sur les systemes vivants etaient des effets directs, immediats, irreparables et definitifs. Depuis lors, on s'est rendu compte que les radiolesions pouvaient resulter d'effets indirects, etre tardives, reparables, et le plus souvent modifiables par des traitements chimiques ou biochimiques ad hoc. Cependant, la percee decisive en radiobiologie se situe entre 1962 et 1964, avec la decouverte que la cellule possede un mecanisme de defense active vis-a-vis de tout ce qui peut porter atteinte a l'integrite du patrimoine genetique inscrit dans la structure meme de l'ADN. L'existence d'une quatrieme fonction de l'ADN, celle d'auto-reparation, par voie enzymatique sous controle genetique, apporte enfin a la radiobiologie la base biologique moleculaire qui lui manquait pour sortir de la nuit 'phenomenologique' ou elle s'etait enfoncee apres l'abandon de la generalisation de la theorie de Lea, faute de preuve experimentale. Dans la seconde partie, cette fois prospective, de l'etude l'auteur tente une synthese elargie en considerant le role que peut jouer cette fonction de reparation de l'ADN non seulement du point de vue de la survie des systemes biologiques irradies en presence ou non d'agents modificateurs de dose ou mutagenes, mais aussi de celui de l'evolution naturelle ou artificielle de ces systemes sous rayonnement. Les donnees les plus recentes de la litterature sont en accord avec ce qui ne constitue encore qu'une hypothese generale de recherche. Des travaux portant sur les caracteres phenotypiques et genotypiques lies a l'acquisition de radioresistance gamma et UV, chez 'Escherichia coli K12', ont ete entrepris par l'auteur, en collaboration avec O. Tremeau en vue d'apporter une contribution experimentale nouvelle a cet egard. (auteur)

  13. ÉTUDE de la Capture ÉLECTRONIQUE dans la DÉSINTÉGRATION du Nuclide 23Na

    Charpak, G.

    L'étude de 22Na est faite avec un compteur Geiger 4π. On met en évidence l'émission d'un rayonnement de très basse énergle, indépendant des rayons β+, complètement absorbé dans un film de quelques microgrammes par centimètre carré d'aluminium on de matière plastique LC 600 et attribué aux électrons Auger d'énergie maximum 0,85 keV, qui suivent la capture électronique. En raison du très faible parcours de ces électrons , nous sommes amené à discuter particulièrement une méthode simple de préparation de sources radloactives minces et uniformes. Nous obtenons la valeta du rapport [ Capture Λ/Emission β+ = (6,5±0,9) pour 100.


    Liem Ferryanto


    Full Text Available Innovation is the way of life of any institution to profitably sustain its life. It starts with empathy, the ability to reach outside of ourselves and walk in someone else’s shoes, and optimal implementation of the newly advanced technology. Innovation shows its results through continuously hard working efforts known as "10 Thousand Hours Rule". As world uncertainty creates complexity we, instead of predicting, should therefore anticipate the future by creating and managing real options on contingent projects or elements of alternative optimal strategies. This should reflect into our portfolio strategy. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia: Inovasi merupakan darah bagi suatu institusi untuk bisa hidup berkelanjutan serta menguntungkan. Inovasi berupa penemuan baru secara sistematis yang berawal dari empati, kemampuan untuk melihat dunia melalui mata orang lain, dan pemanfaatan secara optimal kemajuan teknologi yang ada. Inovasi baru menghasilkan buahnya melalui kerja keras, yaitu dengan mengikuti “Aturan 10 Ribu Jam” secara berkesinambungan. Ketidakpastian, interaksi, keterbatasan dan degradasi menciptakan kompleksitas tentang kebutuhan dan solusi di masa depan. Oleh sebab itu daripada meramalkan risiko yang bakal terjadi, kita sebaiknya memasang strategi berupa skenario untuk mereduksi akibat dari risiko masa depan yang tidak kita mengerti. Skenario ini dapat diperoleh lewat penciptaan dan penanganan beberapa pilihan nyata atas semua proyek antisipatif yang ada. Kata kunci: Inovasi, ketidakpastian dan kompleksitas, aturan 10 ribu jam, paradoks strategi, peta jalan, empati, kerja berkesinambungan.

  15. Precision Calibration of Infrared Synchrotron Radiation Detectors

    Maltsev, A A; Maslova, M V


    The technique of calibration of synchrotron radiation precision detectors on a tungsten source based on similarity (close similarity) of character of spectral distributions of synchrotron and thermal radiations is given. The characteristics of various commonly used lamps, used as "standard" ones, are given. The errors of measurements are analyzed. The detectors are intended for absolute measurements of the number of electrons in a ring-shaped bunch.

  16. Modulation of synchrotron radiation by acoustic oscillations

    Mkrtchyan, A R; Kocharyan, L A; Mirzoyan, V K


    By means of a quartz single crystal excited by piezoelectric oscillations, the modulation of synchrotron radiation reflected from the quartz planes (1011) is realized for frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 15 kHz when the Bragg condition is satisfied. The wavelength of synchrotron radiation ranged from 0.3 to 12A. The patterns of modulated beams taken from oscillograph and analyzer screens are shown.

  17. Wakefields in Coherent Synchrotron Radiation

    Billinghurst, Brant E.; Bergstrom, J. C.; Baribeau, C.; Batten, T.; Dallin, L.; May, Tim E.; Vogt, J. M.; Wurtz, Ward A.; Warnock, Robert L.; Bizzozero, D. A.; Kramer, S.; Michaelian, K. H.


    When the electron bunches in a storage ring are sufficiently short the electrons act coherently producing radiation several orders of magnitude more intense than normal synchrotron radiation. This is referred to as Coherent Syncrotron Radiation (CSR). Due to the potential of CSR to provide a good source of Terahertz radiation for our users, the Canadian Light Source (CLS) has been researching the production and application of CSR. CSR has been produced at the CLS for many years, and has been used for a number of applications. However, resonances that permeate the spectrum at wavenumber intervals of 0.074 cm-1, and are highly stable under changes in the machine setup, have hampered some experiments. Analogous resonances were predicted long ago in an idealized theory. Through experiments and further calculations we elucidate the resonance and wakefield mechanisms in the CLS vacuum chamber. The wakefield is observed directly in the 30-110 GHz range by rf diodes. These results are consistent with observations made by the interferometer in the THz range. Also discussed will be some practical examples of the application of CSR for the study of condensed phase samples using both transmission and Photoacoustic techniques.

  18. Synchrotron radiation from massless charge

    Gal'tsov, D V


    Classical radiation power from an accelerated massive charge diverges in the zero-mass limit, while some general arguments suggest that strictly massless charge does not not radiate at all. On the other hand, the regularized classical radiation reaction force, though looking odd, is non-zero and finite. To clarify this controversy, we consider radiation problem in massless scalar quantum electrodynamics in the external magnetic field. In this framework, synchrotron radiation is found to be non-zero, finite, and essentially quantum. Its spectral distribution is calculated using Schwinger's proper time technique for {\\em ab initio} massless particle of zero spin. Provided $E^2\\gg eH$, the maximum in the spectrum is shown to be at $\\hbar \\omega=E/3$, and the average photon energy is $4E/9$. The normalized spectrum is universal, depending neither on $E$ nor on $H$. Quantum nature of radiation makes classical radiation reaction equation meaningless for massless charge. Our results are consistent with the view (sup...

  19. Synchrotron radiation from massless charge

    D.V. Gal'tsov


    Full Text Available Classical radiation power from an accelerated massive charge diverges in the zero-mass limit, while some authors suggest that strictly massless charge does not radiate at all. On the other hand, the regularized classical radiation reaction force, though looking odd, is non-zero and finite. To clarify this controversy, we consider radiation problem in massless scalar quantum electrodynamics in the external magnetic field. In this framework, synchrotron radiation is found to be non-zero, finite, and essentially quantum. Its spectral distribution is calculated using Schwinger's proper time technique for ab initio massless particle of zero spin. Provided E2≫eH, the maximum in the spectrum is shown to be at ħω=E/3, and the average photon energy is 4E/9. The normalized spectrum is universal, depending neither on E nor on H. Quantum nature of radiation makes classical radiation reaction equation meaningless for massless charge. Classical theory is reliable only as providing the low-frequency part of the true quantum radiation spectrum.


    Anorital, SKM Anorital, SKM


    Full Text Available Dalam bulan Januari 1991 yang lalu, Sdr. Anorital, SKM (Ka. Subbag. Pengumpulan dan PengolahanData Badan Litbangkes dan H. Syafwani Mirin, SKM (Ka. Bag. Keuangan Badan Litbangkes memperoleh fellowship dari WHO untuk melakukan studi perbandingan ke institusi-institusi penelitian kesehatan di Thailand,Myanmar, dan India.Berikut di bawah ini tulisan bersangkutan yang menggambarkan secara garis besar pengelolaan penelitian dan pengembangan kesehatan pada masing-masing negara obyek studi. Semoga informasi yang terkandung pada tulisan ini dapat bermanfaat bagi pengembangan Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan.

  1. DanRIS


    Windows 2000/XP/Vista platform computerprogram til DanRIS indberetning baseret på indskrivning af klienter på CPR, klientsforløb, faseforløb, ASI EuropASI composite score beregninger. Udgave: Udgivelsesdato: 01-01-2009......Windows 2000/XP/Vista platform computerprogram til DanRIS indberetning baseret på indskrivning af klienter på CPR, klientsforløb, faseforløb, ASI EuropASI composite score beregninger. Udgave: Udgivelsesdato: 01-01-2009...

  2. Makna Dan Ideologi Punk

    Daniar Wikan Setyanto


    Full Text Available Punk Sebagai sebuah subkultur telah diadaptasi oleh para remaja Indonesia bukan hanya sebagai semangat bermusik, namun merambah sebagai ideologi dan gaya hidup. Punk merupakan warisan budaya dari barat yang awalnya bergerak pada bidang musik, namun lambat lain punk telah menjadi sebuah identitas global yang mewakili para remaja radikal yang memiliki visi anti kemapanan dan anti pemerintah. Selain ideologinya yang kontroversi, punk mempengaruhi dinamika fashion di dunia. Asesoris punk diadaptasi oleh budaya bopuler sebagai pernak-pernik fashion. Kini punk, telah menjadi bagian dari dunia fashion di seluruh dunia. Apa sebenarnya yang melatar belakangi munculnya Punk? bagaimana Punk bisa berkembang di Indonesia? Kata Kunci: punk, fashion, budaya populer


    Fina Nurul Khotimah


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi miskonsepsi siswa pada konsep Archaebacteria dan Eubacteria. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode survei dengan instrumen berupa pilihan ganda beralasan terbuka sebagai alat ukur. Unit analisis dalam penelitian adalah siswa MAN kelas X berjumlah 72 orang. Hasil analisis ditemukan ketidakpahaman pada konsep Archaebacteria dan Eubacteria (61% yang mendominasi kategori lainnya. Sedangkan kategori Paham konsep dan Miskonsepsi hanya sebesar 19% dan 20%. Miskonsepsi yang dialami siswa dari hasil diagnosa alasan terbuka menunjukkan lebih banyak miskonsepsi utuh dibandingkan dengan miskonsepsi sebagian. Miskonsepsi utuh teridentifikasi dengan siswa beranggapan bahwa bakteri lebih banyak menimbulkan kerugian daripada keuntungan bagi manusia dan lingkungan.

  4. Spatial Coherence of Synchrotron Radiation

    Marchesini, S; Coisson, R


    Synchrotron Radiation (SR) has been widely used since the 80's as a tool for many applications of UV, soft X rays and hard X rays in condensed matter physics, chemistry and biology. The evolution of SR sources towards higher brightness has led to the design of low-emittance electron storage rings (emittance is the product of beam size and divergence), and the development of special source magnetic structures, as undulators. This means that more and more photons are available on a narrow bandwidth and on a small collimated beam; in other words there is the possibility of getting a high power in a coherent beam. In most applications, a monochromator is used, and the temporal coherence of the light is given by the monochromator bandwidth. With smaller and smaller sources, even without the use of collimators, the spatial coherence of the light has become appreciable, first in the UV and soft X ray range, and then also with hard X rays. This has made possible new or improved experiments in interferometry, microscopy, holography, correlation spectroscopy, etc. In view of these recent possibilities and applications, it is useful to review some basic concepts about spatial coherence of SR, and its measurement and applications. In particular we show how the spatial coherence properties of the radiation in the far field can be calculated with simple operations from the single-electron amplitude and the electron beam angular and position spreads. The gaussian approximation will be studied in detail for a discussion of the properties of the far field mutual coherence and the estimate of the coherence widths, and the comparison with the VanCittert-Zernike limit.

  5. Macapat dan Santiswara

    Darusuprapta, Darusuprapta


    Dalam khazanah kebudayaan Indonesia, khusus Jawa, hidup berkembangan kesenian macapat yang disebut juga  macapatan, dan kesenian santiswara yang disebut pula santiswaran. Macapatan lebih mengutamakan pembacaan teks dengan dendangan tembang kemudian diikuti sarasehan atau diskusi yang membahas segala segi isi teks bacaannya, sedangkan santiswaran lebih mengutamakan alunan swara dengan dendangan tembang disertai iringan bunyi tabuh-tabuhan.


    LA RELATION "GENRE" ET SES IMPLICATIONS SOCIOLOGIQUES. DANS LE CONTEXTE IVOIRIEN ... de base et de la gestion des affaires publiques en milieu rural .... Les raisons économiques; du fait du faible pouvoir d'achat des parents face au ..... cause de rupture du contrat, toute femme a le droit de suspendre son.

  7. Akromegali Dan Gigantisme

    Silvani, Melati; Pase, M. Aron; Syafril, Santi; Lindarto, Dharma; Solin, Steffie S


    Hormon pertumbuhan manusia (Growth Hormone/GH) merupakan peptida rantai tunggal yang terdiri dari 191 asam amino, yang diisolasi dari sel somatotrop pada kelenjar hipofisis anterior pada tahun 1956, dan pertama kali digunakan sebagai terapi untuk penatalaksanaan dwarfisme hipofisis pada tahun 1958. Dwarfisme hipofisis adalah bentuk klasik dari defisiensi hormon pertumbuhan pada anak-anak Melati Silvani

  8. Synchrotron based spallation neutron source concepts

    Cho, Y.


    During the past 20 years, rapid-cycling synchrotrons (RCS) have been used very productively to generate short-pulse thermal neutron beams for neutron scattering research by materials science communities in Japan (KENS), the UK (ISIS) and the US (IPNS). The most powerful source in existence, ISIS in the UK, delivers a 160-kW proton beam to a neutron-generating target. Several recently proposed facilities require proton beams in the MW range to produce intense short-pulse neutron beams. In some proposals, a linear accelerator provides the beam power and an accumulator ring compresses the pulse length to the required {approx} 1 {micro}s. In others, RCS technology provides the bulk of the beam power and compresses the pulse length. Some synchrotron-based proposals achieve the desired beam power by combining two or more synchrotrons of the same energy, and others propose a combination of lower and higher energy synchrotrons. This paper presents the rationale for using RCS technology, and a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of synchrotron-based spallation sources.

  9. Synchrotron radiation applications in medical research

    Thomlinson, W.


    The medical projects employing synchrotron radiation as discussed in this paper are, for the most part, still in their infancies and no one can predict the direction in which they will develop. Both the basic research and applied medical programs are sure to be advanced at the new facilities coming on line, especially the ESRF and Spring- 8. However, success is not guaranteed. There is a lot of competition from advances in conventional imaging with the development of digital angiography, computed tomography, functional magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound. The synchrotron programs will have to provide significant advantages over these modalities in order to be accepted by the medical profession. Advances in image processing and potentially the development of compact sources will be required in order to move the synchrotron developed imaging technologies into the clinical world. In any event, it can be expected that the images produced by the synchrotron technologies will establish ``gold standards`` to be targeted by conventional modalities. A lot more work needs to be done in order to bring synchrotron radiation therapy and surgery to the level of human studies and, subsequently, to clinical applications.

  10. Fifth school on Magnetism and Synchrotron Radiation

    Beaurepaire, Eric; Scheurer, Fabrice; Kappler, Jean-Paul; Magnetism and Synchrotron Radiation : New Trends


    Advances in the synthesis of new materials with often complex, nano-scaled structures require increasingly sophisticated experimental techniques that can probe the electronic states, the atomic magnetic moments and the magnetic microstructures responsible for the properties of these materials. At the same time, progress in synchrotron radiation techniques has ensured that these light sources remain a key tool of investigation, e.g. synchrotron radiation sources of the third generation are able to support magnetic imaging on a sub-micrometer scale. With the Fifth Mittelwihr School on Magnetism and Synchrotron Radiation the tradition of teaching the state-of-the-art on modern research developments continues and is expressed through the present set of extensive lectures provided in this volume. While primarily aimed at postgraduate students and newcomers to the field, this volume will also benefit researchers and lecturers actively working in the field.

  11. Paraxial Green's functions in Synchrotron Radiation theory

    Geloni, G; Schneidmiller, E; Yurkov, M; Geloni, Gianluca; Saldin, Evgeni; Schneidmiller, Evgeni; Yurkov, Mikhail


    This work contains a systematic treatment of single particle Synchrotron Radiation and some application to realistic beams with given cross section area, divergence and energy spread. Standard theory relies on several approximations whose applicability limits and accuracy are often forgotten. We begin remarking that on the one hand, a paraxial approximation can always be applied without loss of generality and with ultra relativistic accuracy. On the other hand, dominance of the acceleration field over the velocity part in the Lienard-Wiechert expressions is not always granted and constitutes a separate assumption, whose applicability is discussed. Treating Synchrotron Radiation in paraxial approximation we derive the equation for the slow varying envelope function of the Fourier components of the electric field vector. Calculations of Synchrotron Radiation properties performed by others showed that the phase of the Fourier components of the electric field vector differs from the phase of a virtual point sourc...

  12. Chemical applications of synchrotron radiation: Workshop report


    The most recent in a series of topical meetings for Advanced Photon Source user subgroups, the Workshop on Chemical Applications of Synchrotron Radiation (held at Argonne National Laboratory, October 3-4, 1988) dealt with surfaces and kinetics, spectroscopy, small-angle scattering, diffraction, and topography and imaging. The primary objectives were to provide an educational resource for the chemistry community on the scientific research being conducted at existing synchrotron sources and to indicate some of the unique opportunities that will be made available with the Advanced Photon Source. The workshop organizers were also interested in gauging the interest of chemists in the field of synchrotron radiation. Interest expressed at the meeting has led to initial steps toward formation of a Chemistry Users Group at the APS. Individual projects are processed separately for the data bases.

  13. Coherent Synchrotron Radiation: Theory and Simulations.

    Novokhatski, Alexander; /SLAC


    The physics of coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) emitted by ultra-relativistic electron bunches, known since the last century, has become increasingly important with the development of high peak current free electron lasers and shorter bunch lengths in storage rings. Coherent radiation can be described as a low frequency part of the familiar synchrotron radiation in bending magnets. As this part is independent of the electron energy, the fields of different electrons of a short bunch can be in phase and the total power of the radiation will be quadratic with the number of electrons. Naturally the frequency spectrum of the longitudinal electron distribution in a bunch is of the same importance as the overall electron bunch length. The interest in the utilization of high power radiation from the terahertz and far infrared region in the field of chemical, physical and biological processes has led synchrotron radiation facilities to pay more attention to the production of coherent radiation. Several laboratories have proposed the construction of a facility wholly dedicated to terahertz production using the coherent radiation in bending magnets initiated by the longitudinal instabilities in the ring. Existing synchrotron radiation facilities also consider such a possibility among their future plans. There is a beautiful introduction to CSR in the 'ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter' N 35 (Editor C. Biscari). In this paper we recall the basic properties of CSR from the theory and what new effects, we can get from the precise simulations of the coherent radiation using numerical solutions of Maxwell's equations. In particular, transverse variation of the particle energy loss in a bunch, discovered in these simulations, explains the slice emittance growth in bending magnets of the bunch compressors and transverse de-coherence in undulators. CSR may play same the role as the effect of quantum fluctuations of synchrotron radiation in damping rings. It can limit

  14. ISLAM DAN RADIKALISME: Upaya Antisipasi dan Penanggulangannya

    Idrus Ruslan


    Full Text Available Sejak tragedi pemboman WTC tanggal 11 September 2001 yang disusul dengan rangkaian peledakan bom di sejumlah negara, banyak orang non Muslim yang berasumsi bahwa ajaran Islam identik dengan radikalisme. Walaupun assumsi yang berkembang itu dapat dimaklumi, namun keyakinan tersebut tentu saja tidak sepenuhnya benar. Karena meskipun terdapat sekelompok orang Islam yang berbuat radikal, akan tetapi mayoritas Muslim justru bertentangan dengan mereka. Lagi pula, jika dicermati secara mendalam, sesungguhnya Islam sama sekali tidak mentolerir tindakan radikal. Ia adalah agama kasih sayang yang sangat mendodrong penganutnya untuk berbuat baik terhadap orang lain, termasuk kepada orang-orang non-Muslim. Artikel ini menawarkan beberapa upaya strategis dalam mengantisipasi dan menanggulangi bahaya radikalisme-terorisme.

  15. 12 Experimental Techniques at Synchrotron Lightsource Beamlines

    Lee, Peter L [US Department of Energy Office of Science Office Basic Energy Sciences; Rhyne, James J [US Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Basic Energy Sciences


    The unique properties of synchrotron radiation are its continuous spectrum, high flux and brightness, and high coherence, which make it an indispensable tool in the exploration of matter. The wavelengths of the emitted photons span a range of dimensions from the atomic level to biological cells, thereby providing incisive probes for advanced research in materials science, physical and chemical sciences, metrology, geosciences, environmental sciences, biosciences, medical sciences, and pharmaceutical sciences. The features of synchrotron radiation are especially well matched to the needs of nanoscience.

  16. Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Synchrotron Radiation

    Bagrov, V G; Levin, A; Tlyachev, V B


    Synchrotron radiation of a charged particle in a constant uniform magnetic field and in the presence of the Aharonov-Bohm solenoid field is studied in the frame of the relativistic quantum theory. First, to this end exact solutions of the Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations are found. Using such solutions, all characteristics of one photon spontaneous irradiation, such as its intensity and angular distribution and polarization were calculated and analyzed. It is shown that usual spectrum of the synchrotron radiation is essentially affected by the presence of the solenoid (the Aharonov-Bohm effect). We believe that this deformation may be observed by spectroscopic methods of measurement. It is shown that

  17. Update on synchrotron radiation TXRF: New results

    Brennan, S.; Pianetta, P.; Ghosh, S. [Stanford Univ., CA (United States). Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lab.] [and others


    Synchrotron-based total-reflection x-ray fluorescence (SR-TXRF) has been developed as a leading technique for measuring wafer cleanliness. It holds advantages over other techniques in that it is non-destructive and allows mapping of the surface. The highest sensitivity observed thus far is 3 {times} 10{sup 8} atoms/cm{sup 2} ({approx} 3fg) for 1,000 second count time. Several applications of SR-TXRF are presented which take advantage of the energy tunability of the synchrotron source or the mapping capability.

  18. Compact synchrotron light source of the HSRC.

    Yoshida, K; Takayama, T; Hori, T


    A 700 MeV synchrotron radiation source optimized in order to be incorporated in the university laboratory is under commissioning at Hiroshima University. The storage ring is of a racetrack type with two long straight sections for installing undulators. The bending field is as strong as 2.7 T, produced by normal-conducting magnet technology, and delivers synchrotron radiation with a critical wavelength of 1.42 nm. The strong magnetic field also enables a low-energy injection scheme to be employed owing to the fast radiation damping. A 150 MeV microtron has been adopted as the injector.


    Badunggawa P


    Full Text Available Radiasi yang kita terima setiap saat, termasuk radiasi untuk tujuan kedokteran, mempunyai dampak positif dan negatif terhadap keselamatan manusia dan lingkungan. Dampak positif dari radiasi terhadap keselamatan manusia diantaranya adalah digunakan sebagai pengobatan dan dampak negatifnya adalah tergantung dari besar dosis yang diterima diantaranya adalah mulai dari mual, muntah, pusing-pusing, rambut rontok, menyebabkan kanker, diturunkan secara genetik, dan yang lebih berbahaya lagi adalah menyebabkan kematian. Oleh karena itu kita harus berhati-hati terhadap bahaya yang ditimbulkannya, baik terhadap pekerja radiasi maupun masyarakat umum termasuk pasien. Perlindungan terhadap bahaya yang ditimbulkan radiasi ini dikenal dengan istilah proteksi radiasi. Sehingga dosis yang diterima pertahun oleh pekerja atau masyarakat umum tidak melebihi batas dosis yang ditetapkan oleh Bapeten. Berbagai upaya telah dilakukan untuk meminimalkan bahaya tersebut sehingga pekerja dan pasien merasa aman melakukan dan dikenai tindakan medik.[medicina 2009;40:47-51].  

  20. Sifat Anatomi dan Fisis Kelapa Hibrida

    Hutabarat, Marihot Hamonangan


    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengevaluasi sifat anatomis dan fisis batang kelapa hibrida. Ciri anatomi diamati langsung pada sampel dan menggunakan mikroskop untuk pengamatan dimensi seratnya, dan pengujian sifat fisis menggunakan British Standard. Sifat anatomis dan fisis batang kelapa hibrida bervariasi menurut ketinggian dan kedalaman. Struktur anatomis batang kelapa hibrida didominasi oleh vascular bundle dan parenkim. Serat kayu dapat ditemukan didalam vascular bundle dengan rata-r...

  1. Nilai Dan Fungsi Ndungndungen Karo

    Rosita Ginting


    Tesis ini berjudul “Nilai dan Fungsi Ndungndungen Karo”. Tesis ini menjabarkan tentang macam-macam Ndungndungen Karo, nilai-nilai yang terkandung dalam Ndungndungen Karo, fungsi Ndungndungen Karo, dan bagaimana penggunaan Ndungndungen Karo pada saat sekarang ini. Metode yang dipakai dalam penelitian ini adalah metode deskriptif kualitatif, dengan teknik rekaman dan interviu. Metode kepustakaan juga digunakan dalam penelitian ini karena data sekunder dari penelitian ini adalah data-data ya...

  2. Kloning Dan Rekayasa Reproduksi

    Sulchan Sofoewan


    Full Text Available REKAYASA reproduksi yang disebut Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART atau tehnik tehnik reproduksi dengan tanpa melakukan senggama tetapi dengan bantuan secara medik, atau setiap manipulasi terhadap bagian prekreatif (reproduksi siklus kehidupan. Rekayasa reproduksi, rekayasa genetik dan kloning embrio cenderung untuk saling menunjang (sinergetik. Rekayasa genetik dan klonasi sel embrional dari hasil fertilisasi tadi dapat dilibatkan pada ART sebelum embrio ditransfer kedalam rahim. Untuk pasangan yang suaminya belum memenuhi syarat untuk fertilisasi in vitro karena jumlah spermatozoanya kurang ditempuh dengan cara menyuntikkan spermatozoa langsung kedalam ovum/oosit dengan cara mikro manipulasi/mikro injeksi yang dikenal dengan istilah lCZI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection atau SUZI (Subzonal Sperm Insemination.

  3. En kamp om dans

    Zachariassen, Annette


    Hvordan er det muligt at medtænke et legende og "kæmpende" element i det faglige indholdsområde musik, bevægelse og kropsudtryk/dans? og hvordan er det muligt at lade sig inspirere af elementer fra genren elektric boogie-battel og brasiliansk kampdans "Capoeira" i tilrettelæggelse af et undervisn......Hvordan er det muligt at medtænke et legende og "kæmpende" element i det faglige indholdsområde musik, bevægelse og kropsudtryk/dans? og hvordan er det muligt at lade sig inspirere af elementer fra genren elektric boogie-battel og brasiliansk kampdans "Capoeira" i tilrettelæggelse af et...

  4. Perancangan dan Implementasi Modul Praktikum

    Gita Indah Hapsari


    Full Text Available Kemajuan teknologi berbasis komputer berkembang dengan sangat pesat. Seiring dengan perkembangan jaman, kemajuan  tersebut memberikan pengaruh  terhadap  perubahan cara penyampaian pengajaran yang mengarah pada penggunaan jenis media penyampaian. Praktikum merupakan salah satu bentuk pengajaran yang memberikan pengalaman belajar secara nyata terhadap kondisi sebenarnya di lapangan mengenai penggunaan dan implementasi alat praktek yang berhubungan dengan berbagai materi yang dipelajari oleh mahasiswa dan memiliki tujuan untuk memberikan keterampilan dan pengenalan terhadap mahasiswa/peserta didik. Penelitian ini melakukan implementasi teknologi augmented reality terhadap salah satu modul praktikum yaitu pengenalan tata letak hardware dan Port I/O pada motherboard dan bertujuan sebagai alat bantu penyampaian pengajaran praktikum. Pengimplementasian teknologi augmented reality melibatkan aksi oleh user terhadap media penangkapan gambar motherboard menggunakan web camera dan tampilan pemetaan tata letak hardware dan port i/o pada motherboard. Penelitian telah diimplementasikan dan diujicoba terhadap 3 kelas dengan 97 responder. Adapun hasil dari penelitiannya adalah 83% responder menyukai aplikasi, 77% memahami materi, 84,5% menginginkan aplikasi ini menjadi alat bantu ajar, 65,98% meminta materi untuk dilengkapi dan diperbanyak, 77,3% dapat belajar mandiri menggunakan aplikasi ini, tanpa bantuan dari dosen ataupun asisten.


    Lina Kamelia


    Full Text Available Nyeri kepala dan tidur merupakan dua fenomena yang saling mempengaruhi dengan patomekanisme yang kompleks. Nyeri kepala primer, terutama migren, nyeri kepala klaster dan hypnic headache dapat timbul karena pengurangan waktu tidur, parasomnia, maupun gangguan pada regulasi arsitektur tidur terutama fase rapid eye movement. Sebaliknya, adanya nyeri kepala memicu timbulnya berbagai macam gangguan tidur. Studi pencitraan otak dan biokimia menunjukkan peranan penting melatonin dan nukleus suprachiasmatik   yang mengalami disfungsi pada penderita nyeri kepala yang berhubungan dengan gangguan tidur. [MEDICINA 2013;44:101-104].


    Ira Paramastri


    Full Text Available Barilah, seorang eksekutif perempuan datang ke klinik psikologi dengan keluhan "malas bahkan tidak terangsang tatkala suaminya mengajak bermain seks", atau keluhan Edo, seorang menejer muda "saya jengkel dengan diri saya sendiri karena saya tidak dapat ereksi dengan keras", atau keluhan pasangan muda wanita karir dan pengusaha Retno-Rubi "saat atau serampung hubungan seksual selalu dibarengi rasa nyeri/sakit, sungguh menyebalkan".


    Tety Anggita Safitri


    Full Text Available Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk menguji pengaruh asimetri informasi terhadap underpricing. Penelitian ini menggunakan sampel 63 perusahaan yang melakukan penawaran umum perdana di Bursa Efek Indonesia dalam kurun waktu 2005-2010. Analisis data menggunakan regresi linier berganda, yaitu menguji proksi asimetri informasi yang terdiri atas ukuran perusahaan, umur perusahaan, proporsi saham yang ditawarkan kepada masyarakat, reputasi underwriter dan reputasi auditor terhadap underpricing. Hasil penelitian ini mengindikasikan bahwa reputasi underwriter dan reputasi auditor berpengaruh terhadap underpricing. Ukuran perusahaan, umur perusahaan dan proporsi saham yang ditawarkan tidak berpengaruh terhadap underpricing.The aim of this research is to examine the effect of assymetric information on underpricing. This research used a sample of 63 companies that make initial public offering on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the period of 2005-2010. The data analysis is using multiple linear regression, which is testing the proxy of asymmetric information which consists of the firm size, the firm age, the proportion of shares offered to the public, underwriter reputation and auditor reputation on underpricing. This research indicates that underwriter reputation and auditor reputation have a significant effect on underpricing. The firm size, the firm age and the proportion of shares offered to the public have no significant effect on underpricing.


    Tety Anggita Safitri


    Full Text Available Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk menguji pengaruh asimetri informasi terhadap underpricing. Penelitian ini menggunakan sampel 63 perusahaan yang melakukan penawaran umum perdana di Bursa Efek Indonesia dalam kurun waktu 2005-2010. Analisis data menggunakan regresi linier berganda, yaitu menguji proksi asimetri informasi yang terdiri atas ukuran perusahaan, umur perusahaan, proporsi saham yang ditawarkan kepada masyarakat, reputasi underwriter dan reputasi auditor terhadap underpricing. Hasil penelitian ini mengindikasikan bahwa reputasi underwriter dan reputasi auditor berpengaruh terhadap underpricing. Ukuran perusahaan, umur perusahaan dan proporsi saham yang ditawarkan tidak berpengaruh terhadap underpricing.The aim of this research is to examine the effect of assymetric information on underpricing. This research used a sample of 63 companies that make initial public offering on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the period of 2005-2010. The data analysis is using multiple linear regression, which is testing the proxy of asymmetric information which consists of the firm size, the firm age, the proportion of shares offered to the public, underwriter reputation and auditor reputation on underpricing. This research indicates that underwriter reputation and auditor reputation have a significant effect on underpricing. The firm size, the firm age and the proportion of shares offered to the public have no significant effect on underpricing.

  9. Synchrotron IR spectromicroscopy: chemistry of living cells.

    Holman, Hoi-Ying N; Bechtel, Hans A; Hao, Zhao; Martin, Michael C


    Advanced analytical capabilities of synchrotron IR spectromicroscopy meet the demands of modern biological research for studying molecular reactions in individual living cells. (To listen to a podcast about this article, please go to the Analytical Chemistry multimedia page at

  10. Polymer research and synchrotron radiation perspectives

    Portale, Giuseppe; Hermida-Merino, Daniel; Bras, Wim


    The developments in synchrotron radiation based polymer research have been profound over the last two decades. Not only have many more beamlines suitable for soft condensed matter research become available since the pioneering days but also the technical developments with respect to X-ray beam quali

  11. Wellcome Trust backs Rutherford to host synchrotron

    Leder, N


    The Wellcome Trust has stated its preference for the site of the new Anglo-French synchrotron to be at RAL in Oxfordshire. But the statement coincides with an announcement from the UK government that a decision on the location of 'Diamond' will be delayed to allow two new reports on the canditate sites to be commissioned (1/2 page).

  12. The Synchrotron Radiation for Steel Research

    Piyada Suwanpinij


    Full Text Available The synchrotron X-ray radiation is a great tool in materials characterization with several advantageous features. The high intensity allows clear interaction signals and high energy of X-ray yields higher sampling volume. The samples do not need extra preparation and the microstructure is therefore not affected. With the tunability of the X-ray energy, a large range of elements and features in the samples can be investigated by different techniques, which is a significant difference between a stand-alone X-ray tube and synchrotron X-ray. Moreover, any experimental equipment can be installed through which the synchrotron beam travels. This facilitates the so-called in situ characterization such as during heat treatment, hot deformation, chemical reaction or welding. Although steel which possesses rather high density requires very high energy X-ray for large interaction volume, lower energy is still effective for the investigation of local structure of nanoconstituents. This work picks up a couple examples employing synchrotron X-ray for the characterization of high strength steels. The first case is the quantification of precipitates in high strength low alloyed (HSLA steel by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The other case is the in situ X-ray diffraction for phase fraction and carbon partitioning in multiphase steels such as transformation induced plasticity (TRIP steel.

  13. Optimization on Synchrotron Radiation Lattice of BEPCⅡ

    SUN Yi-Peng; GAO Jie; GUO Zhi-Yu


    @@ The Beijing Electron and Positron Collider H (BEPCⅡ) is a double ring electron-positron collider, which can also be used as a synchrotron radiation (SR) light source. Since the BEPCⅡ will start commissioning with SR mode in November 2006, it is essential to have a satisfying SR lattice.

  14. Laboratory source of synchrotron radiation: TROLL-2

    Anevsky, S. I.; Vernyi, A. E.; Panasjuk, V. S.; Khromchenko, V. B.


    A laboratory synchrotron radiation (SR) source TROLL-2 is described. Its main parameters are as follows: the energy of the accelerated particles = 24 MeV; the orbit radius = 20 mm; the SR pulse half-width = 2 ms, the maximum spectral radiant power (at λ = 350 nm) = 1.2×10 6 W/m.

  15. Assessing noise sources at synchrotron infrared ports.

    Lerch, Ph; Dumas, P; Schilcher, T; Nadji, A; Luedeke, A; Hubert, N; Cassinari, L; Boege, M; Denard, J-C; Stingelin, L; Nadolski, L; Garvey, T; Albert, S; Gough, Ch; Quack, M; Wambach, J; Dehler, M; Filhol, J-M


    Today, the vast majority of electron storage rings delivering synchrotron radiation for general user operation offer a dedicated infrared port. There is growing interest expressed by various scientific communities to exploit the mid-IR emission in microspectroscopy, as well as the far infrared (also called THz) range for spectroscopy. Compared with a thermal (laboratory-based source), IR synchrotron radiation sources offer enhanced brilliance of about two to three orders of magnitude in the mid-IR energy range, and enhanced flux and brilliance in the far-IR energy range. Synchrotron radiation also has a unique combination of a broad wavelength band together with a well defined time structure. Thermal sources (globar, mercury filament) have excellent stability. Because the sampling rate of a typical IR Fourier-transform spectroscopy experiment is in the kHz range (depending on the bandwidth of the detector), instabilities of various origins present in synchrotron radiation sources play a crucial role. Noise recordings at two different IR ports located at the Swiss Light Source and SOLEIL (France), under conditions relevant to real experiments, are discussed. The lowest electron beam fluctuations detectable in IR spectra have been quantified and are shown to be much smaller than what is routinely recorded by beam-position monitors.



    Penelitian ini bertujuan membandingkan diversitas dan kerapatan mangrove dengan kepadatan gastropoda dan bivalvia di mangrove alami dan rehabilitasi. Pengukuran ekosistem mangrove menggunakan transek kuadrat 10 m x 10 m. Kelimpahan dan kepadatan gastropoda dan bialvia menggunakan transek kuadrat berukuran 1 m x 1 m. Analisis nMDS, cluster untuk melihat hubungan karekteristik mangrove alami dan rehabilitasi dianalisis secara deskriptif dan analisis regresi untuk mendetermi...

  17. Dipole magnet of synchrotron source for national synchrotron centre of Ukraine

    Gladkikh, P I; Muratov, V I; Peev, F A


    The paper contains the revised design of a dipole magnet for a synchrotron radiation source.Usage of such a magnet allows to reach the energy of electrons in a ring up to 1.2 GeV.In paper the result of simulation of a magnet for all modes of operations of a source are shown.The proposed variant of the dipole magnet considerably raises parameters of the synchrotron radiation source.

  18. Remote Synchrotron Light Instrumentation Using Optical Fibers

    De Santis, S.; Yin, Y.


    By coupling the emitted synchrotron light into an optical fiber, it is possible to transmit the signal at substantial distances from the light port, without the need to use expensive beamlines. This would be especially beneficial in all those cases when the synchrotron is situated in areas not easily access because of their location, or due to high radiation levels. Furthermore, the fiber output can be easily switched, or even shared, between different diagnostic instruments. We present the latest results on the coupling and dispersion measurements performed at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley. In several cases, coupling synchrotron light into optical fibers can substantially facilitate the use of beam diagnostic instrumentation that measures longitudinal beam properties by detecting synchrotron radiation. It has been discussed in with some detail, how fiberoptics can bring the light at relatively large distances from the accelerator, where a variety of devices can be used to measure beam properties and parameters. Light carried on a fiber can be easily switched between instruments so that each one of them has 100% of the photons available, rather than just a fraction, when simultaneous measurements are not indispensable. From a more general point of view, once synchrotron light is coupled into the fiber, the vast array of techniques and optoelectronic devices, developed by the telecommunication industry becomes available. In this paper we present the results of our experiments at the Advanced Light Source, where we tried to assess the challenges and limitations of the coupling process and determine what level of efficiency one can typically expect to achieve.

  19. IJTIHAD KONTEMPORER (Problem dan Solusinya

    Mustaqim Mustaqim


    Full Text Available Ijtiha>d adalah merupakan bahasan yang tak henti-hentinya menjadi kajian ketat para ulama sejak dulu sampai kini, seperti imam al-Ghaza>li> membahas dalam bukunya al mustasfa, demikian juga imam assyaukani membahas dalam bukunya irsyadul puhul dan masih banyak lagi ulama yung membahas dalam masalah ijtiha>d ini, Begitu juga dari kalangan ulama kontemporer seperti, Shaykh Ah}mad Ibra>hi>m, Shaykh ‘Abd al-Wahha>b Khala>f, Dr. Yu>suf al-Qarad}awi>, Dr. T{a>ha> Jabi>r dan masih banyak lagi selain mereka. Bersama itu, pintu ijtiha>d tak pernah tertutup, karena kehidupan masih terus berlanjut, dan kejadian-kejadian masih terus berkembang, timbulnya krisis ekonomi dan sosial, rangkaian masalah dan berbagai macam solusinya, desakan kejadian yang tak pernah dipersiapkan oleh manusia yang menimbulkan aneka ragam kesulitan, dan terus mengakar sampai menyelami kehidupan tekhnologi, perdagangan, atau kehidupan individu dan umum. Berawal dari sini maka merupakan cambuk bagi seorang muslim dengan kebebasan berpikirnya untuk mengerahkan segala kemampuannya terhadap seluruh masalah, sebab islam adalah agama kehidupan yang mencakup segala aspek, Islam bukan hanya berurusan dengan masalah akhirat saja, tapi Islam lahir dalam bentuk yang luas, mampu mengobati penyakit sosial, ekonomi, internasional, dll, dan fiqih sendiri bukan hanya merupakan peraturan belaka, melainkan fiqih mencakup segala masalah tergantung kejadian dan kebutuhan, fiqih masih siap menerima perubahan selama masih tetap dalam rel qur’an dan sunnah, dari sinilah perlu adanya ijtiha>d, Ijtiha>d merupakan hal yang terbuka bagi seorang muslim agar merasakan kebebasan berfikir yang sempurna karena ijtiha>d adalah merupakan sebuah bukti akan luas dan mudahnya syariat islam.

  20. Intéractions aérosols-rayonnement-nuages et variabilité climatique en méditerranée - Approche par la modelisation régionale couplée

    Nabat, Pierre


    Le bassin méditerranéen est sujet à de nombreuses sources d'aérosols présentant une variabilité spatio-temporelle élevée. Ces aérosols interagissent de manière directe avec les rayonnements solaire et thermique, et de manière indirecte avec les nuages et la dynamique atmosphérique. Ils peuvent donc avoir un impact important sur le climat de cette région. Ce travail de thèse, à la frontière entre les projets HyMeX et ChArMEx, considère une approche par la modélisation régionale couplée pour ré...

  1. Analisis dan Optimasi Desain Sistem Reaktor Gas Temperatur Tinggi RGTT200K dan RGTT200KT

    Mohammad Dhandhang Purwadi


    dengan penyelesaian persamaan aljabar linier dari model RGTT200K dan RGTT200KT. Dari analisis dan optimasi ini dihasilkan desain konseptual sistem RGTT200K dan RGTT200KT dengan spesifikasi thermal-flow teras sama, dan peningkatan EUF dari 63% menjadi 80,14% (untuk RGTT200K dan dari 63,6% menjadi 78,02% (untuk RGTT200KT.

  2. Exfoliative Cheilitis dan Penatalaksanaannya

    Dewi Agustina


    Full Text Available Latar Belakang: Exfoliative cheilitis adalah suatu keadaan inflamatori kronis superfisisal yang ditandai dengan adanya pengelupasan permukaankeratin bibir sedangkan area yang lain terjadi pembentukan lapisan keratin. Tujuan: untuk melaporkan suatu  kasus Exfoliative cheilitis yang diikuti +  selama 2 bulan beserta penatalaksanaanya. Laporan kasus: seorang wanita berusia 52 tahun mengeluh bibir bawahnya pecah-pecah, terasa kering dan panas berdasarkan pemeriksaan subyektif dan klinis, Exfoliative cheilitis ditetapkan sebagai diagnosis kerja. Penatalaksanaanya: Komunikasi-Informasi-Edukasi (KIE diberikan kepada pasien pada awal kunjungan disertai pemberian metil prednisolon, Vitamin B1,6,12 dan anjuran untuk menghentikan kebiasaan menjilat-jilat bibir bawah, menghindari stress dan meningkatkan asupan makanan yang mengandung vitamin A. Pada kunjungna berikutnya pemberian metil prednisolon dihentikan karena terdeteksi adanya peningkatan tekanan darah. Untuk selanjutnya kondisi bibir bawah dievaluasi +  selama 2 bulan. Kesimpulan: Progresitas Exfoliative cheilitis dapat dihentikan dengan bantuan KIE serta menghindari faktor pemicu stress, yang pada akhirnya akan dapat meminimalisir aktivitas factitious berupa menjilat-jilat bibir bawah.    Background: Exfoliative cheilitis is a chronic superficial inflammatory condition that is characterized by regular peeling of a superficial excessive layer of karatin, on the other hand, keratinization is developed in the other area. Aim: to report an Exfoliative cheilitis case monitored for two months and its management. Case Report: a 52 year female has been suffering from fissured lower lip with dry and burning sensations. According to subjective and clinical examinations, Exfoliative cheilitis was determined as the working diagnosis. Management: Communication-Information-Education (CIE were given to the patient at the first visit, besides metyl prednisolon and vitamin B1,6,12 administrations. Patient was

  3. Radiation protection at synchrotron radiation facilities.

    Liu, J C; Vylet, V


    A synchrotron radiation (SR) facility typically consists of an injector, a storage ring, and SR beamlines. The latter two features are unique to SR facilities, when compared to other types of accelerator facilities. The SR facilities have the characteristics of low injection beam power, but high stored beam power. The storage ring is generally above ground with people occupying the experimental floor around a normally thin concrete ring wall. This paper addresses the radiation issues, in particular the shielding design, associated with the storage ring and SR beamlines. Normal and abnormal beam losses for injection and stored beams, as well as typical storage ring operation, are described. Ring shielding design for photons and neutrons from beam losses in the ring is discussed. Radiation safety issues and shielding design for SR beamlines, considering gas bremsstrahlung and synchrotron radiation, are reviewed. Radiation source terms and the methodologies for shielding calculations are presented.

  4. Synchrotron masers and fast radio bursts

    Ghisellini, Gabriele


    Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), with a typical duration of 1 ms and 1 Jy flux density at GHz frequencies, have brightness temperatures exceeding 1e33 K, requiring a coherent emission process. This can be achieved by bunching particles in volumes smaller than the typical wavelength, but this may be challenging. Alternatively, we can have maser emission. Under certain conditions, the synchrotron stimulated emission process can be more important than true absorption, and a synchrotron maser can be created. This occurs when the emitting electrons have a very narrow distribution of pitch angles and energies. This process overcomes the difficulties of having extremely dense bunches of particles and relaxes the light crossing time limits, since there is no simple relation between the actual size of the source and the observed variability timescale.

  5. Synchrotron Applications of High Magnetic Fields



    This workshop aims at discussing the scientific potential of X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy in magnetic fields above 30 T. Pulsed magnetic fields in the range of 30 to 40 T have recently become available at Spring-8 and the ESRF (European synchrotron radiation facility). This document gathers the transparencies of the 6 following presentations: 1) pulsed magnetic fields at ESRF: first results; 2) X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction experiments by using mini-coils: applications to valence state transition and frustrated magnet; 3) R{sub 5}(Si{sub x}Ge{sub 1-x}){sub 4}: an ideal system to be studied in X-ray under high magnetic field?; 4) high field studies at the Advanced Photon Source: present status and future plans; 5) synchrotron X-ray diffraction studies under extreme conditions; and 6) projects for pulsed and steady high magnetic fields at the ESRF.

  6. Synchrotron Mossbauer spectroscopy of powder samples

    Alp, E. E.; Sturhahn, W.; Toellner, T.


    Synchrotron Mossbauer spectroscopy, SMS, is an emerging technique that allows fast and accurate determination of hyperfine field parameters similar to conventional Mossbauer spectroscopy with radioactive sources. This new technique, however, is qualitatively different from Mossbauer spectroscopy in terms of equipment, methodology, and analysis to warrant a new name. In this paper, we report on isomer shift and quadrupole splitting measurements of Mohr's salt, Fe(NH4)2 (SO4)2 · 6H2O for demonstration purposes. Theoretical calculations were performed and compared to experiments both in energy and time domain to demonstrate the influence of thickness distribution and preferential alignment of powder samples. Such measurements may prove to be useful when the data collection times are reduced to few seconds in the third generation, undulator based synchrotron radiation sources.

  7. Synchrotron masers and fast radio bursts

    Ghisellini, G.


    Fast radio bursts, with a typical duration of 1 ms and 1 Jy flux density at gigahertz frequencies, have brightness temperatures exceeding 1033 K, requiring a coherent emission process. This can be achieved by bunching particles in volumes smaller than the typical wavelength, but this may be challenging. Maser emission is a possibility. Under certain conditions, the synchrotron-stimulated emission process can be more important than true absorption, and a synchrotron maser can be created. This occurs when the emitting electrons have a very narrow distribution of pitch angles and energies. This process overcomes the difficulties of having extremely dense bunches of particles and relaxes the light-crossing time limits, since there is no simple relation between the actual size of the source and the observed variability time-scale.

  8. Resonant diffraction of synchrotron radiation: New possibilities

    Ovchinnikova, E. N.; Mukhamedzhanov, E. Kh.


    Resonant diffraction of synchrotron radiation (SR) is a modern method of studying the structure and properties of condensed matter that can be implemented on third-generation synchrotrons. This method allows one to investigate local properties of media (including magnetic and electronic ones) and observe thermal vibrations, defects, and orbital and charge orderings. A brief review of the advance provided by SR resonant diffraction is presented, and the capabilities of this method for analyzing phase transitions are considered in more detail by the example of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and rubidium dihydrogen phosphate crystals. It is shown that the investigation of the temperature dependence of forbidden reflections not only makes it possible to observe the transition from para- to ferroelectric phase, but also gives information about the proton distribution at hydrogen bonds.

  9. Plasma diagnostics using synchrotron radiation in tokamaks

    Fidone, I.; Giruzzi, G.; Granata, G.


    This report deal with the use of synchrotron radiation in tokamaks. The main advantage of this new method is that it enables to overcome several deficiencies, caused by cut-off, refraction, and harmonic overlap. It also makes it possible to enhance the informative contents of the familiar low harmonic scheme. The basic theory of the method is presented and illustrated by numerical applications, for plasma parameters of relevance in present and next step tokamaks. (TEC). 10 refs., 13 figs.

  10. The Synchrotron Radiation for Steel Research

    Piyada Suwanpinij


    The synchrotron X-ray radiation is a great tool in materials characterization with several advantageous features. The high intensity allows clear interaction signals and high energy of X-ray yields higher sampling volume. The samples do not need extra preparation and the microstructure is therefore not affected. With the tunability of the X-ray energy, a large range of elements and features in the samples can be investigated by different techniques, which is a significant difference between a...

  11. Hammurabi: Simulating polarized Galactic synchrotron emission

    Jaffe, Tess; Waelkens, Andre; Reinecke, M.; Kitaura, F. S.; Enßlin, T. A.


    The Hammurabi code is a publicly available C++ code for generating mock polarized observations of Galactic synchrotron emission with telescopes such as LOFAR, SKA, Planck, and WMAP, based on model inputs for the Galactic magnetic field (GMF), the cosmic-ray density distribution, and the thermal electron density. The Hammurabi code allows one to perform simulations of several different data sets simultaneously, providing a more reliable constraint of the magnetized ISM.

  12. Coherent synchrotron radiation: Theory and experiments

    Courtland L. Bohn


    Our understanding of the generation of coherent synchrotron radiation in magnetic bending systems and its impact on beam dynamics has grown considerably over the past few years. The search for understanding has brought a number of surprises, all related to the complexity of the fully self-consistent problem. Herein I survey the associated phenomenology, theory, and experiments while emphasizing important subtleties that have recently been uncovered. I conclude by speculating on courses of future investigations that may prove fruitful.




    High intensity synchrotron radiation produces photons with wavelengths that extend from the infrared to hard x rays with energies of hundreds of keV with uniquely high photon intensities that can be used to determine the composition and properties of materials using a variety of techniques. Most of these techniques represent extensions of earlier work performed with ordinary tube-type x-ray sources. The properties of the synchrotron source such as the continuous range of energy, high degree of photon polarization, pulsed beams, and photon flux many orders of magnitude higher than from x-ray tubes have made possible major advances in the possible chemical applications. We describe here ways that materials analyses can be made using the high intensity beams for measurements with small beam sizes and/or high detection sensitivity. The relevant characteristics of synchrotron x-ray sources are briefly summarized to give an idea of the x-ray parameters to be exploited. The experimental techniques considered include x-ray fluorescence, absorption, and diffraction. Examples of typical experimental apparatus used in these experiments are considered together with descriptions of actual applications.

  14. 50 Years of synchrotrons Adams' Memorial lecture

    Lawson, J D; CERN. Geneva


    Fifty years ago Frank Goward of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment Group at Malvern converted a small American betatron to make the worldÕs first synchrotron. At the same time Marcus Oliphant was planning to build at Birmingham a large proton machine with a ring magnet and variable magnetic field. Ideas for this had come to him during night-shifts tending the electromagnetic separators at Oak Ridge during the war. Some seven years later, in 1953, a group gathered together in Geneva to build the PS. A major contributor to the design work which had made this possible was John Adams. An account of some of the achievements in these eventful years will be presented. CERN has built nine synchrotrons/colliders and two temporary test rings. Eight machines are still running. The review will start with the PS, the first proton synchrotron based on the alternating gradient principle invented in 1952 at BNL. The design work of the PS team, under the enlightened leadership of J.B. Adams, and the construction of the...

  15. Theory of the Alternating-Gradient Synchrotron

    Courant, E. D.; Snyder, H. S.


    The equations of motion of the particles in a synchrotron in which the field gradient indexn=-(r/B) ∂B/∂rvaries along the equilibrium orbit are examined on the basis of the linear approximation. It is shown that if n alternates rapidly between large positive and large negative values, the stability of both radial and vertical oscillations can be greatly increased compared to conventional accelerators in which n is azimuthally constant and must lie between 0 and 1. Thus aperture requirements are reduced. For practical designs, the improvement is limited by the effects of constructional errors; these lead to resonance excitation of oscillations and consequent instability if 2νx or 2νz or νx+νz is integral, where νx and νz are the frequencies of horizontal and vertical betatron oscillations, measured in units of the frequency of revolution. The mechanism of phase stability is essentially the same as in a conventional synchrotron, but the radial amplitude of synchrotron oscillations is reduced substantially. Furthermore, at a "transition energy" E1≈νxMc2 the stable and unstable equilibrium phases exchange roles, necessitating a jump in the phase of the radiofrequency accelerating voltage. Calculations indicate that the manner in which this jump is performed is not very critical.

  16. Tabletop synchrotron and its unique features

    Yamada, H


    Two synchrotrons, AURORA and MIRRORCLE, were built in Ritsumeikan University. MIRRORCLE-20 is the smallest normal conduction synchrotron (15 cm orbit radius and 1.2 m outer diameter) in the world. It uses 2/3 resonance method for electron beam incidence but is not optimized for X-ray generation. MIRRORCLE-6 shall be optimized for X-ray generation. X-ray generated by MIRRORCLE shows very flat white light, rich in hard X-ray, pulse with width changeable from a few mu s to a few ms , wide radiation angle of 25 mrad at MIRRORCLE-20 and 80 mrad at MIRRORCLE-8 and high coherence. The feature such as pulsed light and high coherence is expected to new application which photon radiation cannot practice. Imaging experiments by MIRRORCLE were carried out by Cu plate, Al plate, Teflon and acryl plate. We took a photograph of insect, electric lamp, connector, and cyclotron. New X-ray generation mechanism, X-ray strength, development of tabletop synchrotron and features of X-ray beam are explained. (S.Y.)

  17. Singkatan Dan Akronim Dalam Chatting Di Internet

    Hervina M. S.


    Penelitian ini menganalis pola singkatan dan akronim dalam chatting di internet. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mendeskripsikan pola singkatan dan akronim dalam chatting di internet dan mendeskripsikan pola singkatan dan akronim yang paling dominan digunakan dalam chatting di internet. Teori yang digunakan adalah singkatan, akronim, bahasa dalam chatting, sosiolinguistik. Pengumpulan data digunakan dengan metode simak, yaitu penyimakan terhadap penggunaan bahasa (Sudaryanto,1993:133), dan tekni...



    Antara filsafat dan pendidikan terdapat kaitan yang erat. Filsafat memiliki aspek-aspek utama yang dapat dijadikan landasan bagi pendidikan. Aspek-aspek yang dimaksud adalah aspek-aspek metafisis, epistemologis, dan aksiologis. Aspek metafisis antara lain berkaitan dengan persoalan realitas yang tercermin pada bahan ajar, pengalaman dan keterampilan. Aspek epistemologis berkaitan dengan persoalan pengetahuan dan kebenaran, termasuk di dalamnya sumber belajar dan metode pembelajaran. Aspek aks...


    I Made Siaka; Ni Putu Diana Febriyanti; Emmy Sahara; I Made Sutha Negara


    ...) pada berbagai suhu dan waktu pirolisis. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk memperoleh suhu dan waktu yang optimum dalam pembuatan arang serta mengetahui karakteristik arang yang dihasilkan pada suhu dan waktu optimumnya...


    David Samiyono


    Interaksi antar etnis, agama dan budaya bukanlah barang langka di Bali. Sejak semula hal tersebut sudah ada, ketika pulau ini menjadi locus perdagangan hasil bumi. Sebab sesungguhnya kebudayaan Bali menjujung tinggi nilai-nilai keseimbangan dan harmonisasi antar manusia dengan Tuhan (perhyangan, dengan sesama (pawongan dan dengan lingkungan (palemahan. Konsep ini disebut Tri hita karana. Bali kini berubah. Budayanya berorientasi pada jasa, yang berkait dengan industri pariwisata. Sikap orang Bali kini tidak lagi ramah dan harmoni. Akibat ledakan bom dalam bulan Oktober 2002 dan 2005, masyarakat lebih berhati-hati terhadap para pendatang. Ajeg Bali merupakan kearifan lokal –agama dan budaya– masyarakat Bali dalam rangka menanggulangi pengaruh luar yang mengakibatkan perubahan di berbagai bidang sehingga identitas kebalian mengalami degradasi. Ajeg Bali merupakan bentuk resistensi masyar­akat Bali dalam rangka membatasi pendatang dari luar Bali. Kajian ini berusaha untuk menjawab pertanyaan “apakah Ajeg Bali, sebuah kearifan lokal masyarakat Bali dapat membendung pengaruh budaya, agama dan ekonomi masyarakat Bali?”

  1. Analyse des transferts de chaleur et de masse transitoires dans un arena a l'aide de la methode zonale

    Daoud, Ahmed

    Cette these presente les resultats d'une etude sur le mouvement de l'air et les transferts thermiques et massiques dans les arenas en regime transitoire et en 3D. Pour la partie aeraulique, il a ete question de developper un modele base sur la methode zonale qui permet de calculer les debits de l'air (dus a la ventilation et aux gradients de temperature) et de l'humidite entre les differentes zones du batiment et de determiner l'age de l'air dans chacune des zones. Pour la partie thermique, un modele de calcul du rayonnement entre les surfaces interieures du batiment qui a ete couple a TRNSYS afin de calculer sur une base annuelle les charges de chauffage et de refrigeration; ces dernieres tiennent compte des transferts radiatif et convectif, de la chaleur latente due a la condensation de l'humidite sur la glace et du surfacage. Le document presente est constitue de 7 chapitres qui peuvent etre resumes comme suit: Les chapitres 1, 2 et 3 sont consacres respectivement: a l'introduction generale, a la revue bibliographique et a la description du batiment modelise. Le chapitre 4 decrit l'approche developpee et la contribution importante qui y est apportee. Il presente l'utilisation de la methode zonale comme une alternative pratique aux methodes CFD car elle permet de realiser des simulations dynamiques sur une annee avec des temps de simulation tres courts et une precision acceptable. Il s'agit d'une approche intermediaire entre les modeles CFD et les modeles a un noeud d'air (considerant la temperature homogene dans un local). Le chapitre 5 est consacre a la methode de resolution numerique. L'outil de simulation a ete developpe en utilisant l'interface du logiciel TRNSYS: Le type 56 de ce logiciel a ete adopte comme modele energetique tandis que les autres modeles ont ete developpes et programmes en utilisant le logiciel MATLAB. Le chapitre 6 presente les resultats de simulation pour un arena sans faux plafond et avec un faux plafond et les resultats de mesures

  2. Kitab kuning dan perempuan, perempuan dan kitab kuning

    Bruinessen, M.M. van


    Kitab Kuning dan Emansipasi Perempuan: Konflik Budaya? Pengamatan-pengamatan Masdar mengenai kedudukan perempuan dalam diskursus (wacana, bahasan) dominan kitab kuning terasa tidak enak didengar tetapi memang sulit dibantah. Baik dalam penggunaan bahasa (yang sangat memihak kepada jenis mudzakkar) m

  3. Perancangan dan Analisis Redistribution Routing Protocol OSPF dan EIGRP



    Full Text Available Abstrak OSPF (Open Shortest Path First dan EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol adalah dua routing protokol yang banyak digunakan dalam jaringan komputer. Perbedaan karakteristik antar routing protokol menimbulkan masalah dalam pengiriman paket data. Teknik redistribution adalah solusi untuk melakukan komunikasi antar routing protokol. Dengan menggunakan software Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3 pada penelitian ini dibuat simulasi OSPF dan EIGRP yang dihubungkan oleh teknik redistribution, kemudian dibandingkan kualitasnya dengan single routing protokol EIGRP dan OSPF. Parameter pengujian dalam penelitian ini adalah nilai time delay dan trace route. Nilai trace route berdasarkan perhitungan langsung cost dan metric dibandingkan dengan hasil simulasi. Hasilnya dapat dilakukan proses redistribution OSPF dan EIGRP. Nilai delay redistribution lebih baik 1% dibanding OSPF dan 2-3% di bawah EIGRP tergantung kepadatan traffic. Dalam perhitungan trace route redistribution dilakukan 2 perhitungan, yaitu cost untuk area OSPF dan metric pada area EIGRP. Pengambilan jalur utama dan alternatif pengiriman paket berdasarkan nilai cost dan metric yang terkecil, hal ini terbukti berdasarkan perhitungan dan simulasi. Kata kunci: OSPF, EIGRP, Redistribution, Delay, Cost, Metric. Abstract OSPF (Open Shortest Path First and EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol are two routing protocols are widely used in computer networks. Differences between the characteristics of routing protocols pose a problem in the delivery of data packets. Redistribution technique is the solution for communication between routing protocols. By using the software Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3 in this study were made simulating OSPF and EIGRP redistribution linked by technique, then compared its quality with a single EIGRP and OSPF routing protocols. Testing parameters in this study is the value of the time delay and trace route. Value trace route based on direct calculation of cost

  4. Perawatan Pergeseran Mandibula dan Kliking Menggunakan Teknik Edgewise dan Trainer

    Rully Utami


    Full Text Available Kasus ini terjadi pada perempuan usia 22 tahun yang bersedia dipublikasikan untuk kepentingan  ilmu pengetahuan. Keluhan utama mandibula dan dagunya bergeser ke kanan, gigitan terbuka posterior dan bunyi click di persendian temporomandibular. Diagnosis pasien adalah maloklusi Angle kelas III tipe dento skeletal, pergeseran garis tengah mandibula dan dagu ke kanan, gigitan terbuka posterior dan clicking pada sendi temporomandibular. Perawatan dilakukan dengan teknik Edgewise dan trainer. Leveling dan unraveling dilakukan menggunakan kawat stainless steel bulat diameter 0,014 mm dengan multiloop. Trainer digunakan untuk koreksi pergeseran mandibula. Perawatan dilakukan selama 11 bulan, dan menunjukkan hasil hubungan molar pertama kanan menjadi kelas I. Overjet meningkat dari 0,1 mm menjadi 2 mm, overbite meningkat dari 0,2 mm menjadi 2,57 mm, garis tengah mandibula yang semula bergeser ke kanan 4,38 mm menjadi 2,53 mm, gigitan terbuka posterior dan clicking telah terkoreksi. Compromised Treatment of Class III Malocclusion with Mandibular Shifting, Posterior Openbite and Clicking Using Edgewise Technique and Trainer In Adult. This case report described the treatment of an adult female 22 years old who complained that her mandibula and chin shift to the right, posterior openbite and clicking. The patient diagnosed class III molar relationship, skeletal class III malocclusion, mandibular midline and chin shift to the right, posterior openbite and clicking on temporomandibular joint. Treatment was conducted using combination between  Edgewise Technique and trainer.  Leveling and unraveling are achieved by round stainless steel archwire 0,014 mm with multiloop. Trainer used to corrected the mandibular shifting. Result after 1 years treatment showed that the right molar relationship became class I, overjet increased  from 0,1 mm to 2 mm, overbite increased  from 0,2 mm to 2,57 mm, mandibular midline shifting decresed from 4,38 mm to 2,53 mm

  5. Medical applications of synchrotron radiation at the National Synchrotron Light Source

    Thomlinson, W.


    The overriding features of the synchrotron beams which make them applicable to medical research are their extremely high intensity and broadband energy spectrum. Several orders of magnitude separate the smooth, continuous spectrum of the synchrotron from the sharply peaked characteristic emission spectrum of a conventional source. Basically, the high intensity and tunability allow monochromatic beams to be generated at virtually any energy. The standard problem of beam hardening in both medical imaging and therapy is eliminated by the monochromatic beams since the energy spectrum does not change with passage through tissue. The tunable spectrum allows enhancement of images and therapeutic dose by selection of the most effective energy for a given procedure.

  6. Medical applications of synchrotron radiation at the National Synchrotron Light Source

    Thomlinson, W.


    The overriding features of the synchrotron beams which make them applicable to medical research are their extremely high intensity and broadband energy spectrum. Several orders of magnitude separate the smooth, continuous spectrum of the synchrotron from the sharply peaked characteristic emission spectrum of a conventional source. Basically, the high intensity and tunability allow monochromatic beams to be generated at virtually any energy. The standard problem of beam hardening in both medical imaging and therapy is eliminated by the monochromatic beams since the energy spectrum does not change with passage through tissue. The tunable spectrum allows enhancement of images and therapeutic dose by selection of the most effective energy for a given procedure.

  7. New synchrotron radiation facility project. Panel on new synchrotron radiation facility project

    Sato, S; Kimura, Y


    The project for constructing a new synchrotron radiation facility dedicated to the science in VUV (or EUV) and Soft X-ray (SX) region has been discussed for these two years at the Panel on New Synchrotron Radiation Facility Project. The Panel together with the Accelerator Design Working Group (WG), Beamline Design WG and Research Program WG suggested to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports the construction of a 1.8 GeV electron storage ring suitable for 'Top-Up' operation and beamlines and monochromators designed for undulator radiation. The scientific programs proposed by nationwide scientists are summarized with their requirements of the characteristics of the beam. (author)


    Abernethy, Samuel


    Within CERN's accelerator complex, the extraction from the Proton Synchrotron to the Super Proton Synchrotron has been done using the so-called ``Continuous Transfer" (CT) method since the 1970's. A new technique, known as Multi-Turn Extraction (MTE), has now been implemented and is in full operation. This report examines a holistic performance analysis of the novel technique in multiple aspects of the accelerator complex, as well as a direct comparison with its predecessor, CT, from the implementation of MTE in 2010 until the end of 2015.


    Juju Masunah


    Full Text Available Abstract: Concepts and Practices of Multi Cultural Education in the United States and in Indonesia. The purpose of this article is to discuss multicultural education consepts and practices in the U.S.A and its application to Indonesia. Data is based on a case study research of two dance educators who implemented multicultural education concept in Columbus, Ohio in year 2007. The result of this research is that two dance educators teach students equally by developing a curriculum and pedagogy that face democracy for all students. This concept and practice is possible to be applied to dance education in Indonesia. Abstrak: Konsep dan Praktik Pendidikan Multikultural di Amerika Serikat dan Indonesia. Tujuan artikel ini adalah untuk mendiskusikan konsep dan praktik pendidikan multikultural di Amerika Serikat dan Indonesia. Data-data diperoleh dari hasil penelitian studi kasus dua orang pendidik tari di Columbus, Ohio yang menerapkan konsep pendidikan multikultural dalam pembelajaran tari pada tahun 2007. Peneli­tian ini menyimpulkan bahwa dua guru tari tersebut memberi perlakuan yang sama dan adil terhadap se­mua siswa dengan cara yang demokratis dengan memperhatikan keberagaman dan keperbedaan siswa. Cara-cara ini sangat memungkinkan untuk diaplikasikan dalam pendidikan tari di Indonesia.


    M. Sidi Ritaudin


    Full Text Available Meskipun tragedi kemanusiaan yang berbasis terorisme bersifat domistik regional, tetapi sebab musababnya, setelah dilakukan penelusuran secara kritis dan tajam serta mendalam oleh para ahli, adalah dimensi politik global. Ini bukan asumsi tetapi fakta dan realita. Sebut saja misalnya tragedi WTC di Amerika serikat 11 September 2001, yang berbuntut pada pembumihangusan Irak, pembantaian dan pembunuhan secara keji di Palestina. Dan saat ini terjadi pembumihangusan Irak jilid dua dengan peristiwa ISIS, tragedi kemanusiaan di Ukraina dan Somalia. Sebahagian pemerhati Islam dan Timur Tengah menengarai bahwa motif gerakan radikalisme merupakan antitesa dari keserakahan politik, ekonomi, kekuasaan dan keangkuhan peradaban. Paradoksal radikalisme Islam dengan para aktivis pengusung ide sekularisme, pluralisme, dan liberalisme agama sudah berlangsung cukup lama dan tiada berkesudahan, menarik untuk didiskusikan.


    Christine Suharto Cenadi


    Full Text Available In the recent globalization era%2C and the developed market%2C many companies compete to attract consumers to buy their products. One of the keys to compete and survive in this developing market is by creating an image and graphic identity. This paper will discuss about corporate identity%2C image%2C its purpose and applications. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Dalam era globalisasi dewasa ini%2C dan dengan berkembangnya pasar (market%2C banyak perusahaan bersaing untuk menarik perhatian konsumen untuk membeli produknya. Salah satu cara untuk bersaing dan dapat bertahan di dalam pasar yang terus berkembang ini adalah dengan menciptakan suatu image dan identitas graphic. Tulisan ini akan membahas tentang corporate identity%2C image%2C fungsi dan aplikasinya

  12. Injection System design for a hadron therapy Synchrotron

    ZHANG Jin-Quan; SONG Ming-Tao; WEI Bao-Wen


    A synchrotron is designed for tumour therapy with C6+ ions or proton.Its injector is a cyclotron, which delivers C5+or H+2 ions to the synchrotron.After comparing the methods of the single-turn injection, the multi-turn injection and the stripping injection,this paper chooses the stripping injection method.In addition,the concept design of the injection system is presented,in which the synchrotron lattice is optimized.

  13. Improvements of the TROLL-2 synchrotron and new developments

    Anevsky, S. I.; Vernyi, A. E.; Panasyuk, V. S.; Khromchenko, V. B.


    Information on radical improvements of the TROLL-2 synchrotron, a specialized pulsed synchrotron radiation source, is presented in this article. Two new variants for particle injection from a solid electromagnet to a ring one, as a specialized continuous synchrotron radiation source are considered. Particle pre-acceleration from thermal velocities to injection energy herewith may take place both in the synchronous and in the isochrone regime.

  14. Memahami Patofisiologi dan Aspek Klinis Syok Hipovolemik: Update dan Penyegar

    Hardisman Hardisman


    Full Text Available AbstrakSecara patofisiologis syok merupakan gangguan hemodinamik yang menyebabkan tidak adekuatnya hantaran oksigen dan perfusi jaringan. Gangguan hemodinamik tersebut dapat berupa penurunan tahanan vaskuler sitemik terutama di arteri, berkurangnya darah balik, penurunan pengisian ventrikel dan sangat kecilnya curah jantung. Gangguan faktor-faktor tersebut disbabkan oleh bermacam-macam proses baik primer pada sistim kardiovaskuler, neurologis ataupun imunologis. Diantara berbagai penyebab syok tersebut, penurunan hebat volume plasma intravaskuler merupakan faktor penyebab utama. Terjadinya penurunan hebat volume intravaskuler dapat terjadi akibat perdarahan atau dehidrasi berat, sehingga menyebabkan yang balik ke jantung berkurang dan curah jantungpun menurun. Penurunan hebat curah jantung menyebabkan hantaran oksigen dan perfusi jaringan tidak optimal dan akhirnya menyebabkan syok. Pada tahap awal dengan perdarahan kurang dari 10%, gejala klinis dapat belum terlihat karena adanya mekanisme kompensasi sisitim kardiovaskuler dan saraf otonom. Baru pada kehilangan darah mulai 15% gejala dan tanda klinis mulai terlihat berupa peningkatan frekuensi nafas, jantung atau nadi (takikardi, pengisian nadi yang lemah, penurunan tekanan nadi, kulit pucat dan dingin, pengisian kapiler yang lambat dan produksi urin berkurang. Perubahan tekanan darah sistolik lebih lambat terjadi akibat adanya mekanisme kompensasi tadi, sehingga pemeriksaan klinis yang seksama harus dilakukan.Kata kunci: syok, hipovolemik dan patofisiologiAbstractShock is hemodynamic disorders, which causes inadequate oxygen delivery and perfusion. The hemodynamic disorders can be decreasing of systemic vascular resistant, venous return, ventricular filling and inadequate of cardiac output. The disorders are caused by cardiovascular dysfunction, neurologic or immunologic factors. Intravascular volume loss is one of the main factors, which is caused by severe dehydration or bleeding. These

  15. Sifilis Laten: Diagnosis dan Pengobatan

    Rasmia Rowawi


    Full Text Available Abstrak   Sifilis laten merupakan stadium sifilis yang diakibatkan oleh T. pallidum yang masih menetap dalam tubuh, namun tidak menunjukkan gejala dan hanya menunjukkan hasil pemeriksaan serologis yang reaktif. Sifilis laten yang tidak diterapi dapat menetap bertahun-tahun atau seumur hidup dan dapat meningkatkan risiko terinfeksi HIV. Ibu hamil dengan sifilis laten dini akan menyebabkan sekitar 40% bayi yang dilahirkankannya tertular, 20% prematur, 10% lahir mati, dan 4% meninggal pada waktu dilahirkan. Diagnosis sifilis laten dini ditegakkan bila dalam 12 bulan terakhir ditemukan satu atau lebih dari tanda-tanda berikut ini: peningkatan titer VDRL/RPR sebanyak empat kali atau lebih; pada anamnesis didapatkan gejala sifilis primer dan sekunder; riwayat kontak seksual dengan seseorang yang didiagnosis atau diduga menderita sifilis primer atau sifilis sekunder atau sifilis laten dini; serta kontak seksual dengan seseorang dengan tes VDRL atau RPR dan TPHA reaktif. Pengobatan yang direkomendasikan untuk sifilis laten dini adalah benzatin penisilin 2,4 juta UI, IM, dosis tunggal, sedangkan pada sifilis laten lanjut, benzatin penisilin 2,4 juta UI, IM, diberikan 3 kali dengan interval satu minggu. Pemeriksaan serologis sifilis non- treponemal (VDRL atau RPR dilakukan setelah pengobatan 3, 6, 12, dan 24 bulan untuk menilai keberhasilan pengobatan.   Kata kunci: Diagnosis, silifis laten, terapi

  16. Bystander Effects During Synchrotron Imaging Procedures?

    Schültke, Elisabeth; Bewer, Brian; Wysokinski, Tomasz; Chapman, Dean; Nikkhah, Guido


    Using monochromatic beam and synchrotron phase-contrast technique at the biomedical beamline of the Italian synchrotron facility Elettra (SYRMEP), we have shown in a small animal model of malignant brain tumor that it is possible to obtain high-resolution images of very small tumors when they have developed from implanted tumor cells loaded with colloidal gold nanoparticles (GNP). All previous experiments were conducted in post-mortem samples. We have now designed a cell culture experiment to investigate the effects of synchrotron radiation with an energy and dose profile similar to that expected in our first in vivo imaging studies according to the protocol developed at SYRMEP. Materials and Methods: Culture flasks containing either gold-loaded or naïve C6 glioma cells were exposed to a dose of 0.5 Gy at 24 keV. The irradiated medium was aspirated and replaced with fresh growth medium. Twenty-four hours later this non-irradiated medium exposed to irradiated cells was aspirated, then added to non-irradiated C6 cells in order to investigate whether bystander effects are seen under the conditions of our image acquisition protocol. The irradiated medium was added to a number of other non-irradiated cell cultures. Cell counts were followed until 72 hrs after irradiation. Western blots were conducted with H2AX antibodies. This experiment was one of the first biomedical experiments conducted at BMIT, the new biomedical imaging and therapy beamline of the Canadian Light Source. Results: No significant differences in proliferation were seen between cells that were directly irradiated, exposed to irradiated medium or exposed to the non-irradiated 24-hr-medium from the irradiated cells. However, there was a tendency towards a higher number of double strand breaks in previously irradiated cells when they were exposed to non-irradiated medium that had been in contact with irradiated cells for 24 hrs.

  17. Laser synchrotron radiation and beam cooling

    Esarey, E.; Sprangle, P.; Ting, A. [Naval Research Lab., Washington, DC (United States)] [and others


    The interaction of intense {approx_gt} 10{sup 18} W/cm{sup 2}, short pulse ({approx_lt} 1 ps) lasers with electron beams and plasmas can lead to the generation of harmonic radiation by several mechanisms. Laser synchrotron radiation may provide a practical method for generating tunable, near monochromatic, well collimated, short pulse x-rays in compact, relatively inexpensive source. The mechanism for the generation of laser synchrotron radiation is nonlinear Thomson scattering. Short wavelengths can be generated via Thomson scattering by two methods, (i) backscattering from relativistic electron beams, in which the radiation frequency is upshifted by the relativistic factor 4{gamma}{sup 2}, and (ii) harmonic scattering, in which a multitude of harmonics are generated with harmonic numbers extending out to the critical harmonic number nc{approx_equal}a{sub 0}{sup 3} {much_gt} 1, where a{sub 0} {approx_equal}10{sup -9}{lambda}I{sup 1/2}, {lambda} is the laser wavelength in {mu}m and I is the laser intensity in W/cm{sup 2}. Laser synchrotron sources are capable of generating short ({approx_lt} ps) x-ray pulses with high peak flux ({approx_gt} 10{sup 21} photons/s) and brightness ({approx_gt}{sup 19} photons/s-mm{sup 2}-mrad{sup 2} 0.1%BW. As the electron beam radiates via Thomson scattering, it can subsequently be cooled, i.e., the beam emittance and energy spread can be reduced. This cooling can occur on rapid ({approximately} ps) time scales. In addition, electron distributions with sufficiently small axial energy spreads can be used to generate coherent XUV radiation via a laser-pumped FEL mechanism.

  18. Glancing angle synchrotron X-ray diffraction

    Cernik, R.J. [Daresbury Lab., Warrington, WA (United States)


    This paper describes in basic detail some of the techniques that can be used to study thin films and surfaces. These are all in the X-ray region and cover reflectivity, diffraction form polycrystalline films, textured films and single crystal films. Other effects such as fluorescence and diffuse scattering are mentioned but not discussed in detail. Two examples of the reflectivity from multilayers and the diffraction from iron oxide films are discussed. The advantages of the synchrotron for these studies is stressed and the experimental geometries that can be employed are described i detail. A brief bibliography is provided at the end to accompany this part of the 1996 Frascati school.

  19. Multi turn beam extraction from synchrotron

    Tsoupas, Nicholaos


    This disclosure relates to apparatuses and methods for the extraction of particle beams while maintaining the energy levels and precision of the particles and the particle beam. Apparatuses and methods for extracting a charged particle beam from a central orbit in a synchrotron are provided, in which a particle beam is deflected from the central orbit. Parts of the deflected particle beam passes through a stripping foil placed in at least parts of the deflected path such that the particles that pass through the foil are stripped of at least one electron. The electron stripped particles and the non-stripped particles may be separated magnetically.

  20. Synchrotron radiation facilities in the USA

    Decker, G.


    With the successful commissioning and achievement of significant milestones at both the 7-GeV Advanced Photon Source (APS) and the 1.5- GeV Advanced Light Source (ALS) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, synchrotron radiation research capability in the United States holds the promise of many important discoveries in the decade to come. An overview of current accelerator commissioning performance at the American third-generation light sources, state-of-the-art developments at first- and second-generation sources, and a preview of fourth-generation source progress is presented.

  1. Variable-Period Undulators for Synchrotron Radiation

    Shenoy, Gopal; Lewellen, John; Shu, Deming; Vinokurov, Nikolai


    A new and improved undulator design is provided that enables a variable period length for the production of synchrotron radiation from both medium-energy and high energy storage rings. The variable period length is achieved using a staggered array of pole pieces made up of high permeability material, permanent magnet material, or an electromagnetic structure. The pole pieces are separated by a variable width space. The sum of the variable width space and the pole width would therefore define the period of the undulator. Features and advantages of the invention include broad photon energy tunability, constant power operation and constant brilliance operation.

  2. Exposure from residual radiation after synchrotron shutdown

    Moyers, M.F. [Proton Therapy, Inc., Colton, CA 92324 (United States)], E-mail:; Lesyna, D.A. [Optivus Proton Therapy, San Bernardino, CA 92408 (United States)


    Personnel exposure from residual radiation present after an accelerator is shutdown for preventative or corrective maintenance is an important aspect that governs the manner in which a light ion facility can be used. This radiation is not only a safety issue for maintenance personnel but also can affect the patient throughput of the facility. Measurements were made with survey instruments around the synchrotron accelerator at the Loma Linda University Proton Treatment Facility and personnel dosimetry records of maintenance staff were reviewed. Results showed that the residual radiation in this facility design is very low, does not significantly impact maintenance staff safety, and has placed no restrictions on patient throughput.

  3. Sistem Komunikasi dan Informasi di Indonesia

    Atie Rachmiatie


    Full Text Available Suatu Perubahan dan Tantangan Masa Depan Terdapat perubahan pola komunikasi dan informasi pada masyarakat. terutama perubahan dari segi perangkat keras, perangkat lunak. dan sumber daya manusia, yang berpengaruh terhadap sistem komunikasi dan informasi nasional, baik yang terjadi pada individu maupunpada lembaga/institusi yang berkaitan. Perubahan menyangkut pulapada kondisi organisasi pemerintah yang terkait dengan pengelolaan informasi. yaitu dengan ditata kembalinya sistem administrasi dan manajemen, baik secara intern, maupun ekstern berkaitan dengan organisasi luar. Apresiasi masyarakat terhadap materi informasi. pada kenyataannya. belum tersosialisasikan secara optimal. karena hal ini tergantung pada kebutuhan dan prioritas kebijakan institusi pemerintahan setempat. Dengan demikian. tidak semuajenis isi/materi informasi mendapatkan porsi yang sama dalam pemasyarakatannya.

  4. Etude de la photosensibilite dans la silice implantee avec des ions de haute energie

    Verhaegen, Marc

    La photosensibilite est la propriete par laquelle une materiau donne voit son indice de refraction changer sous l'effet d'une exposition lumineuse. Malgre le nombre croissant de dispositif base sur ce phenomene, les mecanismes a la base de la photosensibilite sont encore debattus. Nous apportons dans cette these un eclairage original sur ce sujet en etudiant la matrice de silice pure non dopee rendue photosensible par implantation d'ion de haute energie. L'implantation d'ions silicium de S MeV modifie l'indice de refraction principalement en densifiant une couche mince dont l'epaisseur est de l'ordre de quelques microns. Nos mesures montrent qu'un guide plan supportant les modes TEi et TMi (i = 0,1) est forme et que l'indice effectif du mode TE0 suit l'evolution de la densification en fonction de la dose de silicium implantee. Nous montrerons egalement que l'augmentation d'indice et la densification produites par implantation atteignent un palier pour une dose de 3 x 1014Si/cm 2, alors que la production de defauts par implantation atteint son palier pour une dose plus faible d'un ordre de grandeur soit 3 x 1013Si/cm2. Le profil d'indice longitudinal produit par l'implantation ionique est calcule a partir des mesures des indices effectifs des modes guides. Ce profil suggere que l'augmentation d'indice comprend une contribution dues collisions et une contribution dues aux pertes d'energie par ionisation. La contribution des pertes par ionisation influence significativement le profil d'indice pour des valeurs de pertes d'energie par unite de longueur (dE/dx) de l'ordre de 2 keV/nm. Lorsque la silice implantee est soumise a un rayonnement ultraviolet d'un laser a excimeres, il en resulte une diminution d'indice de refraction de l'ordre de 10-3 avec une efficacite plus grande si la longueur d'onde d'exposition est 193nm (ArF) plutot que 248nm (KrF). Deux regimes d'exposition lumineuse de la silice implantee a 193nm sont observes. Le premier regime produit une diminution


    Eliza Halim


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTIndonesia has a potency to produce its own propolis, however the propolis market in Indonesia is dominated by imported product, such as from Brazil. Currently, still there is no reasearch which evaluate bioactive compound and nutrient content of Indonesian Propolis (IP compare with Brazilian Propolis (BP. The objectivesof this study were to analyze bioactive compounds and nutrient contents of IP compared to BP. Bioactive compounds and nutrients content were analyzed by gas chromatography–mass spectrophotometry. The resultsshowed both IP and BP contain fenol, α-amyrin, cylolanost, and pyrimidines. Bioactive compounds which specifically found in IP were eudesmane compound, ethyl acridine, lupeol, friedooleanan; while β amyrin and cinnamic acid compound only found in BP. The nutrient contents of IP were higher than BP except for vitamin A. In conclusion, IP might have potential health benefit, similar to BP.Key words: propolis, bioactive, nutrientABSTRAKIndonesia mempunyai potensi untuk menghasilkan propolis tetapi pemasaran propolis di Indonesia didominasi oleh propolis impor seperti propolis yang berasal Brasil. Sampai saat ini belum ada penelitian yang mengungkapkandungan bioaktif dan zat gizi propolis Indonesia (PI dibandingkan dengan propolis Brasil (PB. Oleh karena itu tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk melakukan kajian kandungan bioaktif dan zat gizi (vitamin dan mineral PI dibandingkan dengan PB. Komponen bioaktif dan kandungn gizi dianalisis dengan metode gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. Hasil analisis menyatakan bahwa baik PI maupun PB mengandung senyawa fenol, α-amyrin, cylolanost, dan pirimidin. Komponen bioaktif unik yang ditemukan di dalam PI adalah senyawaeudesmane, ethyl acridine, lupeol dan friedooleanan; sedangkan β-amyrin dan senyawa asam sinamat hanya ditemukan di dalam PB. Kandungan zat gizi PI lebih tinggi dari PB kecuali kandungan vitamin A. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa PI kemungkinan mempunyai khasiat untuk


    Israyanti, -


    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui perbandingan jumlah kafein, karakteristik proksimat (protein dan lemak) dan rasa dan aroma antara kopi luwak dan kopi biasa dari jenis arabika (Cafeea arabica. L) dan robusta (Cafeea canephora. L). Perlakuan penelitian yakni A1 (luwak robusta), A2 (luwak arabika), B1 (robusta biasa) dan B2 (arabika biasa). Parameter penelitian yaitu pengujian organoleptik pada rasa (metode hedonik) dan aroma (metode ranking), analisa kafein dan uji proksimat berupa ...


    Dwi Sulistiani


    Full Text Available Dalam era globalisasi dan pedagangan  bebas dewasa ini strategi merger dan akuisisi  merupakan fenomena yang semakin marak dilakukan oleh para pelaku bisnis dan  semakin menarik untuk dicermati bersama. Untuk menjalankan perusahaan para manajemen perusahaan selalu dituntut menjaga pertumbuhan usahanya secara optimal. Penerapan strategi merger dan akuisisi merupakan jalan pintas untuk mewujudkan pertumbuhan usaha tanpa perusahaan perlu memulai dari awal suatu jenis usaha yang baru. Dalam suatu kondisi perusahaan yang kuat cenderung membeli perusahaan lain untuk meningkatkan daya saing dan penghematan biaya. Perusahaan yang terlibat dalam merger dan akuisisi akan dapat diperoleh pangsa pasar yang lebih besar dan efisiensi terhadap biaya. Perusahaan yang merasa tidak dapat bertahan hidup secara individual biasanya merelakan diri untuk menjadi target akuisisi. Merger dan akuisisi merupakan suatu realitas dan tantangan yang harus siap dihadapi oleh para pelaku usaha dalam era perdagangan bebas saat ini. Namun tingkat kesuksesan dalam melakukan kegiatan merger dan akuisisi juga sangat dipengaruhi oleh kondisi internal perusahaan meliputi sumber daya, kapabilitas dan kompetensi inti yang dimiliki oleh perusahaan. Tulisan ini akan mencoba memberikan pemahaman bahwa sumber daya, kapabilitas dan  kompetensi inti merupakan faktor penting dalam melakukan kegiatan penggabungan usaha yang pada akhirnya dapat menentukan tingkat keberhasilan proses merger dan akuisisi yang sedang dijalankan oleh perusahaan

  8. Applications of electron spin resonance to some problems of radiation chemistry; Applications de la resonance paramagnetique electronique a quelques problemes de chimie sous rayonnements

    Chachaty, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    specifique des radicaux de la matrice par rechauffement, resultent de la protonation des anions formes par capture des electrons a 77 K. Ainsi, dans le cas de solutions vitreuses de composes nitres, il se forme les radicaux R NO{sub 2}H caracterises par a{sub N} = 15 G (nitrobenzene) ou a{sub N} = 28 G (nitro-alcanes). On observe transitoirement ces memes radicaux par photolyse U.V. de solutions de composes nitres dans les alcools, a temperature ambiante, dans la cavite du spectrometre et l'on montre qu'ils sont les precurseurs de radicaux nitroxydes R - N - R (avec N - O) observes simultanement. Les solutions de pyridine et des trois diazines dans les alcools, irradiees a 77 K donnent les radicaux produits par addition d'hydrogene sur ces composes. Il semble que le proton supplementaire, dont la constante de couplage est de 7 a 10 G, soit lie a un azote dans l'etat d'hybridation sp{sup 2}. On montre que l'addition sur un carbone donnerait une constante de couplage beaucoup plus elevee, de l'ordre de 50 a 60 G, dans le cas de la pyridine. (auteur)

  9. Thermal radiation modeling inside a degraded reactor core in presence of steam and water droplets; Modelisation du rayonnement thermique dans un coeur de reacteur nucleaire degrade en presence de vapeur et de gouttes d'eau

    Chahlafi, Miloud


    This work aims at modelling thermal radiation in a nuclear reactor, in the course of a severe accident leading to its degradation. Because the reactor coolant is water, radiative heat transfer occurs in presence of steam and water droplets. The 3D geometry of a fuel bundle with 21 damaged rods has been characterized from {gamma}-tomography images. The degradation of the rods has been simulated in the experimental small-scale facility PHEBUS. The homogenized radiative properties of the considered configurations with a transparent fluid phase have been completely characterized by both the extinction cumulated distribution function G{sub ext} and the scattering phase functions p. G{sub ext} strongly differs from the exponential function associated with the Beer law and p strongly depends on both the incidence and the scattering directions. By using the radiative transfer equation generalized for non Beerian porous media by Taine et al. the radiative conductivity tensor has been first determined with a transparent fluid phase, by a numerical perturbation method. Only the diagonal radial and axial components of this tensor are not equal to zero. They have been fitted by a simple law only depending on the porosity, the specific area and the wall absorptivity. In a second step, a radiative transfer equation based on three temperatures is established. This model takes into account a semi transparent fluid phase by coupling the radiative properties of fluid and solid phases. The radiative properties of water steam and droplets are calculated respectively with the CK approach and Mie theory, in typical thermal hydraulics conditions of reactor accidents. The radiative fluxes verify the Fourier law and are characterized by radiative coupled conductivity tensors associated with the temperatures of each phase. The radiative powers exchanged between phases per unit volume are also calculated from this model. (author)

  10. Integrating electromagnetic radiation hazard info the unique occupational risk assessment document; Integrer le risque 'rayonnements electromagnetiques' dans le document unique d'evaluation des risques professionnels

    Demaret, P.; Donati, P. [Institut national de recherche et de securite pour la prevention des accidents du travail et des maladies professionnelles - INRS, Departement Ingenierie des Equipements de Travail, 30 rue Olivier Noyer, 75680 Paris Cedex 14 (France)


    The number of industrial applications involving electromagnetic waves has significantly increased in recent years. These applications are likely to expose operators to electromagnetic fields exceeding the limits laid down by European Parliament and Council Directive 2004/40/CE of 29 April 2004. A survey has identified the equipment emitting the most radiation and this has been classified into 8 families: resistance welding, magnetization, induction heating, magneto-scopy, dielectric loss welding, electrolysis, magnetic resonance imagery, microwaves. The equipment numbers per family was estimated by a market surveys, which specifically identified several tens of thousands of resistance welding- or magnetization-type machines. This survey enabled us to deduce that at least 100,000 operators in France would be at risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields. An assessment of exposure levels for operators at their workstations was undertaken for each equipment family. A group comprising specialists from INRS and the 9 CARSAT/CRAM Physical Measurement Centres measured electromagnetic fields at 635 workstations fitted with radiation emitting machinery. For each measurement, a severity index corresponding to the ratio of the measured value to the action-triggering value (ATV) recommended by European Parliament and Council Directive 2004/40/CE of 29 April 2004 was calculated. The results show that, for 7 equipment families out of the 8 retained, 25 - 50% of measurements gave electromagnetic field values exceeding the corresponding ATV. These results demonstrate the need for prevention means. In most cases, exposure reduction is achieved by moving the workstation away from the radiation source. Technical solutions do exist for certain equipments, such as shielding for microwave ovens and high-frequency presses, a grounding pad for tarpaulin welding, etc. (authors)

  11. Direct gamma-ray measurement of different radionuclides in the surface water of Suez Canal; Mesure directe du rayonnement gamma emis par divers radionucleides dans les eaux de surface du canal de Suez

    Lasheen, Y.F.; El-Zakla, T.; Seliman, A.F.; Abdel-Rassoul, A.A. [Hot Labs. Center, Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo (Egypt)


    The radioactivity levels of naturally-occurring {sup 238}U, {sup 232}Th, {sup 226}Ra and {sup 40}K and anthropogenic {sup 137}Cs in surface water from eight locations in the Suez Canal have been assessed by gamma-ray spectrometry. The samples were further characterized by determination of the common cations and anions using ion chromatography. A comparison of {sup 137}Cs radioactivity levels in surface water from the Suez Canal with those of other sea waters is presented. The radioactivity levels of {sup 238}U, {sup 232}Th, {sup 226}Ra and {sup 40}K from sea water are also reported. The effect of total dissolved solids (T.D.S.), chloride, sulphate ion concentrations on the radioactivity levels of {sup 238}U, {sup 232}Th and {sup 226}Ra is discussed. (authors)

  12. Étude de l’induction optique d’une émission laser DFB dans les scintillateurs organiques en vue d’une mesure active des rayonnements ionisants.

    Michel, Maugan


    Transducers used for nuclear measurements are divided into two groups. The first one is made of detectors based on the movement of charged carriers created during the interaction of ionizing radiation with materials (ionization chambers, semiconductors, etc.). The second comprises scintillating materials which emit light following such interaction.The present work aims at shifting the current paradigm in order to achieve an active measurement of the interactions between particles and sensor. ...

  13. A model for the ultrasonic field radiated by an immersed transducer into an anisotropic and heterogeneous medium; Modelisation du champ ultrasonore rayonne dans un solide anisotrope et heterogene par un traducteur immerge

    Gengembre, N


    A model for the field radiated by an ultrasonic transducer into anisotropic and heterogeneous media is developed in this thesis. This work aims at improving the settings and interpretations of non destructive tests in welded structures. Since the shape of the transducer is assumed arbitrary, its emitting surface is divided into small elementary sources. The overall field at an observation point in the medium is derived by a summation of the elementary contributions of these point sources. An accurate and numerically efficient model is developed using the Geometrical Optics approximation to evaluate these elementary contributions. Two different forms of this approximation are used: The stationary phase method and the pencil method. The first one is based on an exact formulation of the field and is used for fields into anisotropic and homogeneous media. It allows to emphasize specific configurations for which additional developments are required; this need arises for calculation points in the vicinity of caustics (zones of high intensity). This problem is solved for both harmonic and transient fields, for points laying on caustics or in their neighborhood. The pencil method is used for the calculation of fields in heterogeneous media, although it does not permit to overcome the problem of caustics. It is also advantageous for the implementation of the model. A comparison of both above-mentioned methods is drawn, and their equivalence is proved for some cases. The calculation of fields in anisotropic and heterogeneous media is performed using both methods together, and then the problem of caustics is also treated. Calculated fields into welded components are shown and compared with experiments or with a numerical model, in order to validate the developments. (author)

  14. Analytical Fits to the Synchrotron Functions

    Fouka, M


    Accurate fitting formulae to the synchrotron function, $F(x)$, and its complementary function, $G(x)$, are performed and presented. The corresponding relative errors are less than $0.26\\%$ and $0.035\\%$ for $F(x) $ and $G(x)$, respectively. To this aim we have, first, fitted the modified Bessel functions, $K_{5/3}(x)$ and $K_{2/3}(x)$. For all the fitted functions, the general fit expression is the same, and is based on the well known asymptotic forms for low and large $x$-values for each function. It consists of multiplying each asymptotic form by a function that tends to unity or zero for low and large $x$-values. Simple formulae are suggested in this paper, depending on adjustable parameters. The latter have been determined by adopting the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. The proposed formulae should be of great utility and simplicity for computing spectral powers and the degree of polarization for the synchrotron radiation, both for laboratory and astrophysical applications.

  15. Physics design of SSRF synchrotron radiation security

    XU Yi; DAI Zhi-Min; LIU Gui-Min


    High brightness of SSRF brings about synchrotron radiation security problems,which will be solved in physics design.The main radiations are generated from bending magnets and insertion devices.Since the fact that radiation power and radiating area are different in these two kinds of synchrotron radiation,the arrangements of photon absorbers,diaphragms and other vacuum components need to be treated distinctively.In addition.SSRF interlock protection threshold is defined and the beam orbit in the straight line is limited.Hence.beam orbit in the bending magnets and IDs are also restricted by the threshold.The orbit restriction is calculated and helps us to arrange the vacuum components.In this paper,beam orbit distortion restricted by interlock protection threshold,radiation power,radiation angle and illuminating area are calculated.From the calculation results,the physics designs in manufacture and installation vacuum components are put forward.By commissioning,it is shown that physics requirements are met rigidly in the engineering process.

  16. Injection Efficiency Monitor for the Australian Synchrotron

    Rassool R. P.


    Full Text Available The Australian Synchrotron AS is moving towards a continuous injection mode called top-up. During top-up the linac and booster synchrotron injection system will be in continuous operation rather than usedevery eight hours the way they are used at present. In order to monitor the performance of the injection system areal-time injection efficiency monitoring system has been developed. The system consists of several Fast CurrentTransformers [1] and matching digitisers [2] and is designed to count every beam pulse and measure the transmission efficiency through the whole accelerator complex. After calibrating the system using a properly matchedFaraday Cup at the electron gun, a transmission efficiency is then calculated at each stage of transferring the beamfrom 90 keV out of the gun to 3 GeV in the storage ring. The system is used to optimise the injection process inorder to maximise the injection efficiency and as an early warning system when equipment starts to fail and theinjection efficiency decreases.

  17. Mapping prehistoric ghosts in the synchrotron

    Edwards, N.P.; Wogelius, R.A. [University of Manchester, School of Earth, Atmospheric, and Environmental Sciences, Manchester (United Kingdom); University of Manchester, Williamson Research Centre for Molecular Environmental Science, Manchester (United Kingdom); Bergmann, U. [SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Linac Coherent Light Source, Menlo Park, CA (United States); Larson, P. [Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc., Hill City, SD (United States); Sellers, W.I. [University of Manchester, Faculty of Life Sciences, Manchester (United Kingdom); Manning, P.L. [University of Manchester, School of Earth, Atmospheric, and Environmental Sciences, Manchester (United Kingdom); University of Manchester, Williamson Research Centre for Molecular Environmental Science, Manchester (United Kingdom); University of Pennsylvania, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Philadelphia, PA (United States)


    The detailed chemical analysis of fossils has the potential to reveal great insight to the composition, preservation and biochemistry of ancient life. Such analyses would ideally identify, quantify, and spatially resolve the chemical composition of preserved bone and soft tissue structures, but also the embedding matrix. Mapping the chemistry of a fossil in situ can place constraints on mass transfer between the enclosing matrix and the preserved organism(s), and therefore aid in distinguishing taphonomic processes from original chemical zonation remnant within the fossils themselves. Conventional analytical methods, such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS) have serious limitations in this case, primarily, an inability to provide large (i.e., decimeter) scale chemical maps. Additionally, vacuum chamber size and the need for destructive sampling preclude analysis of large and precious fossil specimens. However, the recent development of Synchrotron Rapid Scanning X-ray Fluorescence (SRS-XRF) at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) allows the non-destructive chemical analysis and imaging of major, minor, and trace element concentrations of large paleontological and archeological specimens in rapid scanning times. Here we present elemental maps of a fossil reptile produced using the new SRS-XRF method. Our results unequivocally show that preserved biological structures are not simply impressions or carbonized remains, but possess a remnant of the original organismal biochemistry. We show that SRS-XRF is a powerful new tool for the study of paleontological and archaeological samples. (orig.)

  18. Enhanced analysis of biomaterials by synchrotron diffraction

    Rogers, K. [Cranfield Postgraduate Medical School, Cranfield University, Shrivenham, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN6 8LA (United Kingdom)]. E-mail:; Etok, S. [Cranfield Postgraduate Medical School, Cranfield University, Shrivenham, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN6 8LA (United Kingdom); Broadhurst, A. [Cranfield Postgraduate Medical School, Cranfield University, Shrivenham, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN6 8LA (United Kingdom); Scott, R. [Biomet-Europe, Dorcan Way, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 5HY (United Kingdom)


    There is an increasing body of evidence that prosthetic implants based upon titanium alloys attain improved performance when coated with calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP). Such coatings appear to promote osteointegration and bone in-growth. Plasma spraying is the most frequently employed route to coating fabrication. Detailed chemical and structural characterisation of these coatings is essential for (i) coating technology development (ii) ensuring consistent material quality and (iii) assessing coating performance. The work presented here employed combined conventional powder diffraction and glancing angle synchrotron diffraction to examine the in vitro performance of apatite coatings formed by plasma spraying. Coatings were exposed to simulated body fluid and foetal calf serum, and changes to the coating chemistry and structure determined. A new analysis method, synchrotron depth profiling tomography, has been applied to obtain structural features through the coating depth. The dissolution and re-precipitation behaviour of the coatings was found to be significantly different for each media. For the first time, it has been possible to identify and quantify the formation of a nanocrystalline, carbonated HAP phase. It has been possible to simultaneously model all coating phases apparent within the X-ray diffraction data and thus quantify changes to film composition. DPT has also revealed subtle changes in coating features with depth and these may have a significant impact on coating dissolution. The findings are discussed in the context of kinematic models for the coating behaviour and implications for the performance of such coatings in vivo.

  19. Berkeley Lab's ALS generates femtosecond synchrotron radiation

    Robinson, A L


    A team at Berkeley's Advanced Light Source has shown how a laser time-slicing technique provides a path to experiments with ultrafast time resolution. A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory team has succeeded in generating 300 fs pulses of synchrotron radiation at the ALS synchrotron radiation machine. The team's members come from the Materials Sciences Division (MSD), the Center for Beam Physics in the Accelerator and Fusion Research Division and the Advanced Light Source (ALS). Although this proof-of principle experiment made use of visible light on a borrowed beamline, the laser "time-slicing" technique at the heart of the demonstration will soon be applied in a new bend magnet beamline that was designed specially for the production of femtosecond pulses of X-rays to study long-range and local order in condensed matter with ultrafast time resolution. An undulator beamline based on the same technique has been proposed that will dramatically increase the flux and brightness. The use of X-rays to study the c...

  20. Magnetic Field Structure from Synchrotron Polarization

    Beck, R


    Total magnetic fields in spiral galaxies, as observed through their total synchrotron emission, are strongest (up to \\simeq 30\\mu G) in the spiral arms. The degree of radio polarization is low; the field in the arms must be mostly turbulent or tangled. Polarized synchrotron emission shows that the resolved regular fields are generally strongest in the interarm regions (up to \\simeq 15\\mu G), sometimes forming 'magnetic arms' parallel to the optical arms. The field structure is spiral in almost every galaxy, even in flocculent and bright irregular types which lack spiral arms. The observed large-scale patterns of Faraday rotation in several massive spiral galaxies reveal coherent regular fields, as predicted by dynamo models. However, in most galaxies observed so far no simple patterns of Faraday rotation could be found. Either many dynamo modes are superimposed and cannot be resolved by present-day telescopes, or most of the apparently regular field is in fact anisotropic random, with frequent reversals, due ...

  1. Beam halo collimation in heavy ion synchrotrons

    Strašík, I.; Prokhorov, I.; Boine-Frankenheim, O.


    This paper presents a systematic study of the halo collimation of ion beams from proton up to uranium in synchrotrons. The projected Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research synchrotron SIS100 is used as a reference case. The concepts are separated into fully stripped (e.g., 238U92+ ) and partially stripped (e.g., 238U28+ ) ion collimation. An application of the two-stage betatron collimation system, well established for proton accelerators, is intended also for fully stripped ions. The two-stage system consists of a primary collimator (a scattering foil) and secondary collimators (bulky absorbers). Interaction of the particles with the primary collimator (scattering, momentum losses, and nuclear interactions) was simulated by using fluka. Particle-tracking simulations were performed by using mad-x. Finally, the dependence of the collimation efficiency on the primary ion species was determined. The influence of the collimation system adjustment, lattice imperfections, and beam parameters was estimated. The concept for the collimation of partially stripped ions employs a thin stripping foil in order to change their charge state. These ions are subsequently deflected towards a dump location using a beam optical element. The charge state distribution after the stripping foil was obtained from global. The ions were tracked by using mad-x.

  2. Synchrotrons for hadron therapy: Part I

    Badano, L; Bryant, P; Crescenti, M; Holy, P; Knaus, P; Maier, A; Pullia, M; Rossi, S


    The treatment of cancer with accelerator beams has a long history with betatrons, linacs, cyclotrons and now synchrotrons being exploited for this purpose. Treatment techniques can be broadly divided into the use of spread-out beams and scanned 'pencil' beams. The Bragg-peak behaviour of hadrons makes them ideal candidates for the latter. The combination of precisely focused 'pencil' beams with controllable penetration (Bragg peak) and high, radio-biological efficiency (light ions) opens the way to treating the more awkward tumours that are radio-resistant, complex in shape and lodged against critical organs. To accelerate light ions (probably carbon) with pulse-to-pulse energy variation, a synchrotron is the natural choice. The beam scanning system is controlled via an on-line measurement of the particle flux entering the patient and, for this reason, the beam spill must be extended in time (seconds) by a slow-extraction scheme. The quality of the dose intensity profile ultimately depends on the uniformity o...

  3. Synchrotrons for hadron therapy, part 1

    Badano, L; Bryant, P J; Crescenti, M; Holy, P; Knaus, P; Maier, A T; Pullia, M; Rossi, S


    The treatment of cancer with accelerator beams has a long history with linacs, cyclotrons and now synchrotrons being exploited for this purpose. Treatment techniques can be broadly divided into the use of spread-out beams and scanned 'pencil' beams. The Bragg-peak behaviour of hadrons makes them ideal candidates for the latter. The combination of precisely focused 'pencil' beams with controllable penetration (Bragg peak) and high, radio-biological efficiency (light ions) opens the way to treating the more awkward tumours that are radio-resistant, complex in shape and lodged against critical organs. To accelerate light ions (probably carbon) with pulse-to-pulse energy variation, a synchrotron is the natural choice. The beam scanning system is controlled via an on-line measurement of the particle flux entering the patient and, for this reason, the beam spill must be extended in time (seconds) by a slow-extraction scheme. The quality of the dose intensity profile ultimately depends on the uniformity of the beam ...

  4. Ferroelectrics under the Synchrotron Light: A Review

    Luis E. Fuentes-Cobas


    Full Text Available Currently, an intensive search for high-performance lead-free ferroelectric materials is taking place. ABO3 perovskites (A = Ba, Bi, Ca, K and Na; B = Fe, Nb, Ti, and Zr appear as promising candidates. Understanding the structure–function relationship is mandatory, and, in this field, the roles of long- and short-range crystal orders and interactions are decisive. In this review, recent advances in the global and local characterization of ferroelectric materials by synchrotron light diffraction, scattering and absorption are analyzed. Single- and poly-crystal synchrotron diffraction studies allow high-resolution investigations regarding the long-range average position of ions and subtle global symmetry break-downs. Ferroelectric materials, under the action of electric fields, undergo crystal symmetry, crystallite/domain orientation distribution and strain condition transformations. Methodological aspects of monitoring these processes are discussed. Two-dimensional diffraction clarify larger scale ordering: polycrystal texture is measured from the intensities distribution along the Debye rings. Local order is investigated by diffuse scattering (DS and X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS experiments. DS provides information about thermal, chemical and displacive low-dimensional disorders. XAFS investigation of ferroelectrics reveals local B-cation off-centering and oxidation state. This technique has the advantage of being element-selective. Representative reports of the mentioned studies are described.

  5. Progress of the Synchrotron Light Source ALBA

    Einfeld, Dieter; Campmany, Josep; Muñoz, Marc; Pont, Montserrat


    ALBA will be a third generation synchrotron light source built in Spain near Barcelona. Commissioning of the storage ring is foreseen to start at the end of 2008. The design phase of ALBA is almost completed and the first components are ready to be ordered. A 100 MeV LINAC will inject electrons into a nominal energy booster synchrotron of similar circumference as the storage ring, so that both accelerators will share the same tunnel. The storage ring, working at 3 GeV with a circumference of 268.8 m, has been designed for a maximum current of 400 mA. The lattice is based on an extended DBA structure and has a nominal emittance of 4 nm.rad.The machine has a four fold symmetry with 4 long straight sections (8 m), 12 medium (4.2 m) and 8 short (2.6 m). This report concentrates on recent design developments, component choices and current status. Another paper at this conference deals with accelerator physics issues.

  6. ANKA - Service-oriented synchrotron radiation facility

    Babayan, Ruben Albert; Birkel, Ingrid; Buth, Gernot [Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, ANKA Project Group, Karlsruhe (DE)] [and others


    ANKA is a 2.5 GeV synchrotron radiation facility under construction at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. ANKA is based on a 2.5 GeV electron storage ring injected from a 500 MeV booster synchrotron and a 50 MeV racetrack microtron. Nominal circulating electron current will be 400 mA. The facility is scheduled to become operational in fall 2000. ANKA will deliver photons predominantly in the hard X-ray range but it will also feature both XUV and infrared beamlines. So far, all beamlines will use bending magnets as sources, while provision is made to install appropriate insertion devices later on. ANKA has a novel mission which is characterised by giving preference to providing service to customers while maintaining a significant fraction of research work. ANKA will offer full service in X-ray lithography, mainly for micro- and nanofabrication, and in analysing and investigating non-destructively various structural, mechanical, chemical, electronic, magnetic, and molecular properties of samples and components. (author)

  7. Analytical fits to the synchrotron functions

    Mourad Fouka; Saad Ouichaoui


    Accurate fitting formulae to the synchrotron function,F(x),and its complementary function,G(x),are performed and presented.The corresponding relative errors are less than 0.26% and 0.035% for F(x) and G(x),respectively.To this end we have,first,fitted the modified Bessel functions,K5/3(x) and K2/3(x).For all the fitted functions,the general fit expression is the same,and is based on the well known asymptotic forms for low and large values of x for each function.It consists of multiplying each asymptotic form by a function that tends to unity or zero for low and large values of x.Simple formulae are suggested in this paper,depending on adjustable parameters.The latter have been determined by adopting the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.The proposed formulae should be of great utility and simplicity for computing spectral powers and the degree of polarization for synchrotron radiation,both for laboratory and astrophysical applications.


    Fahrudin Fahrudin


    Full Text Available Permodelan sandbox dibuat dengan system tektonik konvergen dan divergen dengan menggunakan pergerakan satu sumbu. Permodelan ini bertujuan untuk membuat alat mesin sandbox yang bisa digunakan untuk penelitian dan pengajaran. Mesin berhasil dibuat dan sudah diujicobakan. Ujicoba dengan menggunakan satu lapisan pasir yang diambil dari Formasi Ngrayong. Percobaan selanjutnya dengan beberapa lapisan. Percobaan dilakukan dengan pengamatan yang meliputi pengamatan permukaan dan penampang verikal. Pengamatan yang aspek morfologi, kelurusan struktur, dan perkembangan sesar yang terbentuk. Hasil percobaan menunjukkan bahwa pembentukan morfologi sangat berkaitan dengan pembentukan sesar. Struktur sesar dengan pola forward propagating thrust faults. Sesar tersebut disebabkan imbrikasi. Lipatan yang terbentuk akibat mekanisme propagasi sesar.[Design of Compression and Extensional of the Sandbox Model and Its Benefit] Divergent and convergent tectonic sytem can be studied from the sandbox modelling. This model has a axis of movement. Sandbox models itends to study the progress of structural geology such as fault and fold. We successfully made machine of sandbox. This machine has basal detachment from duraluminum. Material for model is taken by loose sand from Ngrayong Formation. This experiment focused to observation about morphology in surface and thrust or backthrust in subsurface. This experiment has compression system. Result of model was that morphological sequences associated with fault sequences. Fault is formed to have the pattern of forward propagating thrust faults. It’s caused by imbricate thrust system. Folding is formed by the mechanism of fault propagation folding. 


    Wahyu Widodo


    Full Text Available Abstract Makalah ini membahas konsep budaya politik berpusat pada imajinasi (pikiran dan perasaan manusia yang merupakan dasar semua tindakan. Dalam rangka menuju arah pembangunan dan modernisasi suatu masyarakat akan menempuh jalan yang berbeda antara satu masyarakat dengan yang lain, dan itu terjadi karena peranan kebudayaan sebagai salah satu faktor. Budaya politik dapat membentuk aspirasi, harapan, preferensi, dan prioritas tertentu dalam menghadapi tantangan yang ditimbulkan oleh perubahan sosial politik. Pada gilirannya, disimpulkan bahwa peran budaya politik santun, bersih dan beretika dalam rangka memperkokoh kehidupan berbangsa dan bernegara menuju Indonesia baru adalah: pertama, etika politik dan pemerintahan mengandung misi kepada setiap pejabat dan elite politik untuk bersikap jujur, amanah, sportif, siap melayani, berjiwa besar, memiliki keteladanan, rendah hati, dan siap untuk mundur dari jabatan publik apabila terbukti melakukan kesalahan dan secara moral kebijakannya bertentangan dengan hukum dan rasa keadilan masyarakat. Kedua, perlu dilakukan upaya penanaman suatu kesadaran bahwa politik yang hendak kita perjuangkan bukan semata politik kekuasaan, melainkan suatu politik yang mengedepankan panggilan pengabdian demi kesejahteraan masyarakat luas, dialektika antara partai dan politikus serta masyarakat yang kritis. Ketiga, budaya politik santun, bersih dan beretika ini diperlukan karena dapat membuat para elite politik menjauhi sikap dan perbuatan yang dapat merugikan bangsa Indonesia. Akhirnya, disarankan agar dilaksanakan kembali pendidikan budi pekerti yang merupakan pondasi bagi pelaksanaan Civic Education agar tercipta generasi yang tidak hanya mau menjadi politisi, namun paham budaya dan etika politik.   Kata kunci: budaya politik, kehidupan berbangsa dan bernegara, menuju Indonesia baru

  10. Regulations concerning radiation protection and survey; Donnees de la surveillance et regles qui en resultent en matiere de protection contre les rayonnements

    Duhamel; Lavie; Fitoussi [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    total irradiation will only be considered with regard to recuperation of uranium after simple machining. (author) [French] 1. L'utilisation croissante de l'energie nucleaire sous toutes ses formes a des fins pacifiques pose des problemes de securite vis-a-vis des travailleurs, des populations et des sites en general. Une etude comparee des risques d'irradiation auxquels le personnel du Commissariat a l'Energie atomique (CEA) a ete expose au cours de l'annee 1957 et des resultats du controle des radiations par les moyens de detection collectifs ou individuels montre que les installations du CEA ont une influence negligeable sur la sante, en raison de la surveillance exercee. 2. Cependant, quelques incidents de contamination et d'irradiation - sommairement indiques ainsi que la maniere dont ils ont ete regles - rendent necessaire l'elaboration d'une reglementation precise definissant les responsabilites respectives, au sein d'un etablissement nucleaire, des services utilisateurs et du Service charge de la Protection contre les Radiations, en matiere de prevention de la contamination. 3. Un ensemble coherent de regles pratiques de prevention et de protection relatives a la detention, la manipulation, le transport et le stockage de sources radioactives scellees ou non scellees, est presente. A cette fin, a partir des recommandations de la Commission Internationale de Protection Radiologique et compte tenu: - de leur nocivite radioactive; de leur activite specifique par unite de masse et du risque de contamination; les radioelements ont ete classes suivant le danger qu'ils presentent par rapport au plutonium. 4. Le Service charge de la Protection contre les Radiations intervient comme conseiller des la conception des laboratoires specialises et veille ensuite a ce que les prescriptions reglementaires de securite soient observees. 5. Des donnees elaborees, indispensables a la protection contre les rayonnements, sont mises a la

  11. Low frequency interference between short synchrotron radiation sources

    F. Méot


    Full Text Available A recently developed analytical formalism describing low frequency far-field synchrotron radiation (SR is applied to the calculation of spectral angular radiation densities from interfering short sources (edge, short magnet. This is illustrated by analytical calculation of synchrotron radiation from various assemblies of short dipoles, including an “isolated” highest density infrared SR source.

  12. A synchrotron radiation facility for x-ray astronomy

    Hall, C.J.; Lewis, R.A.; Christensen, Finn Erland


    A proposal for an x-ray optics test facility based at a synchrotron radiation source is presented. The facility would incorporate a clean preparation area, and a large evacuable test area. The advantages of using a synchrotron as the source of the test radiation are discussed. These include the a...

  13. Synchrotron radiation in art and archaeology SRA 2005

    Pollard, A.M.; Janssens, K.; Artioli, G.; Young, M.L.; Casadio, F.; Schnepp, S.; Marvin, J.; Dunand, D.C.; Almer, J.; Fezzaa, K.; Lee, W.K.; Haeffner, D.R.; Reguer, S.; Dillmann, Ph.; Mirambet, F.; Susini, J.; Lagarde, P.; Pradell, T.; Molera, J.; Brunetti, B.; D' acapito, F.; Maurizio, C.; Mazzoldi, P.; Padovani, S.; Sgamellotti, A.; Garges, F.; Etcheverry, M.P.; Flank, A.M.; Lagarde, P.; Marcus, M.A.; Scheidegger, A.M.; Grolimund, D.; Pallot-Frossard, I.; Smith, A.D.; Jones, M.; Gliozzo, E.; Memmi-Turbanti, I.; Molera, J.; Vendrell, M.; Mcconachie, G.; Skinner, T.; Kirkman, I.W.; Pantos, E.; Wallert, A.; Kanngiesser, B.; Hahn, O.; Wilke, M.; NekaT, B.; Malzer, W.; Erko, A.; Chalmin, E.; Vignaud, C.; Farges, F.; Susini, J.; Menu, M.; Sandstrom, M.; Cotte, M.; Kennedy, C.J.; Wess, T.J.; Muller, M.; Murphy, B.; Roberts, M.A.; Burghammer, M.; Riekel, C.; Gunneweg, J.; Pantos, E.; Dik, J.; Tafforeau, P.; Boistel, R.; Boller, E.; Bravin, A.; Brunet, M.; Chaimanee, Y.; Cloetens, P.; Feist, M.; Hoszowska, J.; Jaeger, J.J.; Kay, R.F.; Lazzari, V.; Marivaux, L.; Nel, A.; Nemoz, C.; Thibault, X.; Vignaud, P.; Zabler, S.; Sciau, P.; Goudeau, P.; Tamura, N.; Doormee, E.; Kockelmann, W.; Adriaens, A.; Ryck, I. de; Leyssens, K.; Hochleitner, B.; Schreiner, M.; Drakopoulos, M.; Snigireva, I.; Snigirev, A.; Sanchez Del Rio, M.; Martinetto, P.; Dooryhee, E.; Suarez, M.; Sodo, A.; Reyes-Valerio, C.; Haro Poniatowski, E.; Picquart, M.; Lima, E.; Reguera, E.; Gunneweg, J.; Reiche, I.; Berger, A.; Bevers, H.; Duval, A


    Materials - bones, artifacts, artwork,.... - lie at the heart of both archaeology and art conservation. Synchrotron radiation techniques provide powerful ways to interrogate these records of our physical and cultural past. In this workshop we will discuss and explore the current and potential applications of synchrotron radiation science to problems in archaeology and art conservation. This document gathers the abstracts of the presentations.


    Akmal Zainal Abidin


    Full Text Available CORELATION BETWEEN ISLAM AND ECONOMY. This paper aims to identifies about the correlation between economic and Islam. Islam is the perfect religion that governs all things in life, including the economy. This is evident with the concept of  well-being which is described in the al-Quran and Sunnah. Basically the goal of every human life is to prosper, although humans make sense of  well- being with a different perspective. Most understand economics assume that welfare is the welfare of  earthly material. But to make sense of well-being with the term al-Falah, is meaning holistic wellbeing and balance between material and spiritual dimensions. al-Quran and Sunnah have taught that the human being will be achieved if  living in balance between material and spiritual. This is because human life does not just stop in the life of this world, but there is still a second life that will be faced by humanity in the hereafter, and well-being will be achieved with the truth is that people can balance the needs of the world and the hereafter, and that is what is taught in Islamic economics. Keywords: Islam, Economy, Prosperity. Tulisan ini bertujuan untuk menjelasakn tentang korelasi antara ekonomi  dan  Islam.  Islam  adalah  agama  yang  sempurna  yang mengatur segala hal dalam kehidupan ini, termasuk juga ekonomi. Hal ini terbukti dengan konsep kesejahteraan yang dipaparkan dalam al-Quran dan Sunnah. Pada dasarnya tujuan hidup setiap manusia adalah untuk mencapai kesejahteraan, meskipun manusia memaknai kesejahteraan dengan perspektif  yang berbeda-beda. Sebagian besar paham ekonomi menganggap bahwa kesejahteraan adalah kesejahteraan material duniawi. Namun Islam memaknai kesejahteraan dengan istilah  Falah  yang  berarti  kesejahteraan  holistik  dan  seimbang antara dimensi material dan spiritual. Al-Quran dan Sunnah telah mengajarkan bahwa kesejahteraan akan tercapai jika manusia menjalani hidup secara seimbang antara material dan


    Abu Bakar M.Luddin


    Abstrak: Kinerja Kepala Sekolah dalam Kegiatan Bimbingan dan Konseling. Penelitian ini bertujuan mendeskripsikan kinerja kepala sekolah dalam pelaksanaan kegiatan bimbingan dan konseling. Penelitian dilaksanakan di SMU Negeri 2 Kota Binjai, dengan memergunakan rancangan deskriptif kualitatif. Subjek penelitian adalah kepala sekolah, koordinator bimbingan dan konseling, dan guru pembimbing. Data di­kumpulkan dengan observasi, wawancara mendalam, dan kajian dokumen, dan selanjutnya dianalisis sete­lah melalui proses triangulasi antarsubjek dan informasi. Temuan penelitian menunjukkan bahwa kinerja kepala sekolah terkait dengan pelaksanaan kegiatan bimbingan dan konseling masih belum sepenuhnya sebagaimana yang diharapkan. Kepala sekolah perlu meningkatkan kinerjanya dalam menjalankan fungsi koordinasi dan kepengawasan untuk mencapai kegiatan bimbingan dan konseling yang efektif.


    Ibrahim, Hasliza; Ismail, Siti Noor; Kassim, Mohamad Adnan Mohamad; Mohamad, Suhaila


    Artikel ini bertujuan untuk mengenal pasti hubungan antara iklim sekolah dan efikasi kendiri guru bimbingan dan kaunseling di negeri Kelantan.  Responden kajian adalah terdiri daripada 181 orang guru bimbingan dan kaunseling Sekolah Menengah di negeri Kelantan.  Kajian rintis dijalankan ke atas 30 orang guru bimbingan dan kaunseling di daerah Tanah Merah.  Secara spesifiknya, kaedah kuantitatif digunakan untuk tujuan pengumpulan data.  Maklum balas melalui soal selidik telah diperolehi dan se...

  17. Comments on Landau damping due to synchrotron frequency spread

    Ng, K.Y.; /Fermilab


    An inductive/space-charge impedance shifts the synchrotron frequency downwards above/below transition, but it is often said that the coherent synchrotron frequency of the bunch is not shifted in the rigid-dipole mode. On the other hand, the incoherent synchrotron frequency due to the sinusoidal rf always spreads in the downward direction. This spread will therefore not be able to cover the coherent synchrotron frequency, implying that there will not be any Landau damping no matter how large the frequency spread is. By studying the dispersion relation, it is shown that the above argument is incorrect, and there will be Landau damping if there is sufficient frequency spread. The main reason is that the coherent frequency of the rigid-dipole mode will no longer remain unshifted in the presence of a synchrotron frequency spread.

  18. Status of the booster synchrotron for SPring-8

    Suzuki, H.; Yonehara, H.; Aoki, T.; Tani, N.; Kaneda, T.; Ueyama, Y.; Sasaki, Y.; Nagafuchi, T.; Hayashi, S.; Yokomizo, H.


    The specification and the layout of the booster synchrotron for SPring-8 were decided. The synchrotron is designed to accelerate electron or positron beams from 1 to 8 GeV with a repetition cycle of 1 Hz. The construction of the synchrotron was started in 1993. First, one bending, one quadrupole, and one sextupole magnet were made and the results of the magnetic field measurement were acquired. Two septum, one bump, and one kicker magnets for the beam extraction have been made, the field measurement and a few improvements have progressed. The high power test of the first rf cavity was finished successfully. The calibration test of the button position monitor with the signal treatment circuits is advanced now. The residual components of the synchrotron are designed and constructed, and the commissioning of the synchrotron will start in 1996. This paper presents the first measurement of each component.

  19. Kandidiasis di Mulut akibat Khemoterapi dan Penatalaksanaannya


    Latar belakang: kandidiasis (kandidosis) adalah infeksi jamur yang disebabkan oleh spesies Candida biasanya Candida albicans. Faktor predisposisi yang memicu kandidiasis adalah terganggunya ekologi mulut karena antara lain pemakaian antibiotika, kortikosteroid, penyakit kronis dan keganasan, beberapa gangguan darah; terapi radiasi di leher dan kepala; khemoterapi; leukimia, obat sitotoksik, juga kebersihan mulut yang buruk. Tujuan: melaporkan kasus kandidiasis di mulut karena khemoterapi dan ...


    Gandes Nurseto


    Pendidikan seni tari perlu diberikan pada Sekolah Dasar karena keunikan, kebermaknaan terletak pada pemberian pengalaman estetik dalam bentuk berapresiasi dan menggunakan model pembelajaran yang PAIKEM Pembelajaran, Aktif, Inovatif, Kreatif, Efektif dan Menyenagkan dalam proses pembelajaran didalam kelas dari Standar Kompetensi dan Komptensi Dasar mengapresiasi karya seni tari tunggal nusantara yang bertujuan untuk mengenalkan karya seni tari daerah lain. Masalah dalam penelitian ini bagaiman...

  1. 3D Detectors for Synchrotron Applications

    Pennicard, D


    3D detectors are a novel variety of photodiode radiation detector, invented by Parker, Kenney and Segal (1997). Instead of having n- and p-type contacts on the front and back surfaces of a silicon substrate, like a standard photodiode, they have columns of doped material passing through the thickness of the silicon. This structure means that the detector can combine a reasonable substrate thickness with a very small electrode spacing, resulting in a low depletion voltage, fast charge collection and low charge sharing. These detectors have a couple of promising applications. Their fast charge collection and low depletion voltage should make them very radiation-tolerant. So, they could be used for future particle physics experiments at the Super Large Hadron Collider (SLHC), where high levels of radiation damage are expected. Also, their low charge sharing means they could potentially improve X-ray diffraction measurements at synchrotrons such as Diamond Light Source. This would allow these experiments, for exa...

  2. Brightness of synchrotron radiation from wigglers

    Geloni, Gianluca; Saldin, Evgeni


    According to literature, while calculating the brightness of synchrotron radiation from wigglers, one needs to account for the so called `depth-of-field' effects. In fact, the particle beam cross section varies along the wiggler. It is usually stated that the effective photon source size increases accordingly, while the brightness is reduced. Here we claim that this is a misconception originating from an analysis of the wiggler source based on geometrical arguments, regarded as almost self-evident. According to electrodynamics, depth-of-field effects do not exist: we demonstrate this statement both theoretically and numerically, using a well-known first-principle computer code. This fact shows that under the usually accepted approximations, the description of the wiggler brightness turns out to be inconsistent even qualitatively. Therefore, there is a need for a well-defined procedure for computing the brightness from a wiggler source. We accomplish this task based on the use of a Wigner function formalism. I...

  3. Silicon Pixel Detectors for Synchrotron Applications

    Stewart, Graeme Douglas

    Recent advances in particle accelerators have increased the demands being placed on detectors. Novel detector designs are being implemented in many different areas including, for example, high luminosity experiments at the LHC or at next generation synchrotrons. The purpose of this thesis was to characterise some of these novel detectors. The first of the new detector types is called a 3D detector. This design was first proposed by Parker, Kenney and Segal (1997). In this design, doped electrodes are created that extend through the silicon substrate. When compared to a traditional photodiode with electrodes on the opposing surfaces, the 3D design can combine a reasonable detector thickness with a small electrode spacing resulting in fast charge collection and limited charge sharing. The small electrode spacing leads to the detectors having lower depletion voltages. This, combined with the fast collection time, makes 3D detectors a candidate for radiation hard applications. These applications include the upgra...

  4. Quadrupole magnet for a rapid cycling synchrotron

    Witte, H. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Berg, J. S. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)


    Rapid Cycling Synchrotrons (RCS) feature interleaved warm and cold dipole magnets; the field of the warm magnets is used to modulate the average bending field depending on the particle energy. It has been shown that RCS can be an attractive option for fast acceleration of particles, for example, muons, which decay quickly. In previous studies it was demonstrated that in principle warm dipole magnets can be designed which can provide the required ramp rates, which are equivalent to frequencies of about 1 kHz. To reduce the losses it is beneficial to employ two separate materials for the yoke; it was also shown that by employing an optimized excitation coil geometry the eddy current losses are acceptable. In this paper we show that the same principles can be applied to quadrupole magnets targeting 30 T/m with a repetition rate of 1kHz and good field quality.

  5. Real-time animation of synchrotron radiation

    Shintake, Tsumoru E-mail:


    New mathematical method has been developed to compute radiation field from a moving charge in free space. It is not based on the retarded potential or its derivation [R.Y. Tsien, Picture of dynamic electric fields, Am. J. Phys. 40, 1972]. It solves conformal mapping of electric field lines based on the following two facts: (1) once a wave is emitted from a particle, it propagates as a spherical wave. The wavelet (a part of the wave-front) runs with speed of the light, and does not change its direction, (2) the initial direction of the wavelet is determined by the Lorentz transformation between the electron-rest-frame to the laboratory frame, which gives the light aberration effect. 2D radiation simulator has been developed based on this method, which simulates synchrotron, undulator and dipole radiation in time domain [T. Shintake, Simulation of field lines generated by a moving charge, private note 1984 March 19 at KEK, not published].

  6. Optical substrate materials for synchrotron radiation beamlines

    Howells, M.R. [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., CA (United States). Advanced Light Source; Paquin, R.A. [Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (United States). Optical Sciences Center


    The authors consider the materials choices available for making optical substrates for synchrotron radiation beam lines. They find that currently the optical surfaces can only be polished to the required finish in fused silica and other glasses, silicon, CVD silicon carbide, electroless nickel and 17-4 PH stainless steel. Substrates must therefore be made of one of these materials or of a metal that can be coated with electroless nickel. In the context of material choices for mirrors they explore the issues of dimensional stability, polishing, bending, cooling, and manufacturing strategy. They conclude that metals are best from an engineering and cost standpoint while the ceramics are best from a polishing standpoint. They then give discussions of specific materials as follows: silicon carbide, silicon, electroless nickel, Glidcop{trademark}, aluminum, precipitation-hardening stainless steel, mild steel, invar and superinvar. Finally they summarize conclusions and propose ideas for further research.

  7. Helical magnetized wiggler for synchrotron radiation laser

    Wang Mei; Hirshfield, J L


    A helical magnetized iron wiggler has been built for a novel infrared synchrotron radiation laser (SRL) experiment. The wiggler consists of four periods of helical iron structure immersed in a solenoid field. This wiggler is to impart transverse velocity to a prebunched 6 MeV electron beam, and thus to obtain a desired high orbit pitch ratio for the SRL. Field tapering at beam entrance is considered and tested on a similar wiggler. Analytic and simulated characteristics of wigglers of this type are discussed and the performance of the fabricated wigglers is demonstrated experimentally. A 4.7 kG peak field was measured for a 6.4 mm air gap and a 5.4 cm wiggler period at a 20 kG solenoid field. The measured helical fields compare favorably with the analytical solution. This type of helical iron wigglers has the potential to be scaled to small periods with strong field amplitude.

  8. A guide to synchrotron radiation science

    Sato, Shigeru; Munro, Ian; Lodha, G S


    Synchrotron Radiation (SR), as a light source is now in use around the world to provide brilliant radiation from the infrared into the soft and hard X-ray regions. It is an indispensible and essential tool to establish the physic-chemical characteristics of materials and surfaces from an atomic and molecular view point. It is being applied to topics which range from mineralogy to protein crystallography, embracing research in areas from the physical to the life sciences. This new guide is a concise yet comprehensive and easily readable introduction to an expanding area of science. It presents in a readily assimilable form the basic concepts of SR science from its generation principles, through source design and operation to the principles of instruments for SR exploitation followed by a survey of its actual applications in selected research fields, including spectroscopy, diffractometry, microanalysis and chemical processing.

  9. Brightness of synchrotron radiation from wigglers

    Geloni, Gianluca [European XFEL GmbH, Hamburg (Germany); Kocharyan, Vitali; Saldin, Evgeni [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany)


    According to literature, while calculating the brightness of synchrotron radiation from wigglers, one needs to account for the so called 'depth-of-field' effects. In fact, the particle beam cross section varies along the wiggler. It is usually stated that the effective photon source size increases accordingly, while the brightness is reduced. Here we claim that this is a misconception originating from an analysis of the wiggler source based on geometrical arguments, regarded as almost self-evident. According to electrodynamics, depth-of-field effects do not exist: we demonstrate this statement both theoretically and numerically, using a well-known first-principle computer code. This fact shows that under the usually accepted approximations, the description of the wiggler brightness turns out to be inconsistent even qualitatively. Therefore, there is a need for a well-defined procedure for computing the brightness from a wiggler source. We accomplish this task based on the use of a Wigner function formalism. In the geometrical optics limit computations can be performed analytically. Within this limit, we restrict ourselves to the case of the beam size-dominated regime, which is typical for synchrotron radiation facilities in the X-ray wavelength range. We give a direct demonstration of the fact that the apparent horizontal source size is broadened in proportion to the beamline opening angle and to the length of the wiggler. While this effect is well-understood, a direct proof appears not to have been given elsewhere. We consider the problem of the calculation of the wiggler source size by means of numerical simulations alone, which play the same role of an experiment. We report a significant numerical disagreement between exact calculations and approximations currently used in literature.

  10. Time-resolved spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation

    Poliakoff, E.D.


    Work performed at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) is reported. The timing characteristics of the SPEAR beam (pulse width less than or equal to 0.4 nsec, pulse repetition period = 780 nsec) were exploited to determine dynamic behavior of atomic, molecular, excimeric, and photodissociative gas-phase species excited by vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) radiation. Fast fluorescence timing measurements were done to determine excited-state lifetimes of Kr and Xe. Pressure-dependent timing studies on Xe gas at higher concentrations demonstrated some of the problems associated with previous kinetic modeling of the Xe/sub 2/ system. It was found that even qualitative agreement of observed Xe/sub 2/ lifetimes as a function of pressure required the assumption that the radiative lifetime was a strong function of internuclear separation. The radiative decays of chemically unstable fragments, CN* (B/sup 2/..sigma../sup +/) and XeF* (B/sup 2/..sigma../sup +/ and C/sup 2/ Pi/sub 3/2//), were studied by pulsed photodissociation of stable parent compounds, ICN and XeF/sub 2/. When the polarization of the CN* (B/sup 2/..sigma../sup +/) fragment fluorescence was measured, it was found to be non-zero and strongly dependent on excitation wavelength. This polarization is related to the symmetry of the photodissociative surface via a classical model, and the variations in the polarization with wavelength is attributed to symmetry and lifetime effects of a predissociating parent molecule. Despite the drawbacks of limited availability and low radiation flux, synchrotron radiation is definitely a useful spectroscopic tool for VUV studies of gas-phase systems.

  11. Pengaturan dan Pengawasan pada Bank Syariah

    Ali Syukron


    Full Text Available Peran bank dalam melaksanakan tugas dan fungsinya perlu diatur secara baik dan benar. Hal ini bertujuan untuk menjaga kepercayaan nasabah terhadap aktivitas perbankan. Salah satu peraturan yang perlu dibuat untuk mengatur perbankan adalah peraturan mengenai permodalan bank yang berfungsi sebagai penyangga terhadap kemungkinan terjadinya kerugian. Tulisan ini merupakan studi pustaka dimana penulis mengelaborasi bagaimana pengaturan dan pengawasan pada bank syariah yang ada di berbagai negera. Dalam tulisan ini, penulis mengambil sampel negara Malaysia,  Pakistan, Kuwait, dan Inggris. Alasan memilih keempat negara tersebut karena Malaysia dan Kuwait memiliki kemiripan dengan Indonesia yang mengadopsi dual banking system.


    Muhammad Jazimul Ni’am


    Full Text Available AbstrakTujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui pencapaian indikator teori humanismedankonstruktivismedalamperencanaan, bahanajar,danprosespembelajaranmateritrigonometri. Selainitu, ingindiketahui kemampuanliterasi matematikadankarakteryangmunculsebagaihasilbelajar.Penelitianinimerupakanpenelitiankualitatif.Instrumen yang disusun dan dikembangkan terdiri dari instrumen penila-ian perangkat pembelajaran,instrumen penilaian proses pembelajaran, tes kemampuanliterasimatematika,daninstrumenpenilaiankarakter.Validitasinstrumenpenelitianditentukanberdasarkan validasitimahli dan hasil tes uji cobadi lapangan.Teknikpengumpulandata yaitudenganmetode tes,observasi,wawancara,dan angket.Analisisdatadilakukan sebelum,selama, dan setelah penelitianberupaanalisisdiskriptif kualitatif.Keabsahan data hasil penelitian diuji menggunakan metode trianggulasidata. PenilaianterhadapRPP dan proses pembelajaranberada pada levelyangrendah, penilaian bahan ajar tergolong sedang jika dilihat daritiga aspek yaitupembelajaranhumanis,konstruktivis,dankemampuanliterasimatematika.Pencapaiankemampuan literasi matematikamasihdalam levelmenerjemahkanmasalahkontekstualkemodelmatematika dan belummampumencapai tahap menerapkandanmenafsirkan.Ketujuhkarakteryangdiamati belumsepenuhnyaterlihat. Karakteryangterlihat selamapembelajaran adalah jujur,toleransi,tanggungjawab,rasaingintahu, dan percayadiri.AbstractThe purpose of  this study was to determine the achievement indicators humanism andconstructivism theory in planning, teaching materials, and learning materials in matter trigonometry.In addition, it will be analyzedthe mathematical literacyskills andcharacterthatappearsas a resultof learning. This research is qualitative. The instrument was conceived anddeveloped is instrument to assess of  learning tools such as lesson plans and teaching materials, learning assessment, tests of  mathematical literacy skills, and instrument of  character. Validi-ty instruments of


    Putu Ade Hinduari Putra


    Full Text Available Lebah tanpa sengat (Trigona spp. dapat menghasilkan madu yang bermanfaat bagi kesehatan. Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui : (1 morfologi Trigona spp., (2 struktur internal sarang Trigona spp. pada sarang berbentuk tabung dan bola, (3 volume sarang serta perkiraan produksi madu, beebread dan selanakan Trigona spp. pada sarang berbentuk tabung dan bola. Penelitian dilaksanakan pada bulan November 2014. Sampel yang digunakan adalah koloni dan sarang Trigona spp. berbentuk tabung dan bola yang diambil di Desa Padang Tunggal,Kecamatan Selat, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali. Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa nama spesies dari sampel koloni Trigona spp. pada sarang berbentuk tabung dan bola adalah Trigona laeviceps. Struktur internal sarang Trigona spp. pada sarang berbentuk tabung dan bola mempunyai pola susunan yaitu pot madu, pot beebread dan pot sel anakan. Volume sarang besar memberikan perkiraan total jumlah produksi madu, beebread dan selanakan lebih banyak dibandingkan volume sarang kecil.


    Widya Setyaningrum Bagyoastuti


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan: (1 peran kepala sekolah dalam memberdayakan perpustakaan sekolah dasar, dan (2 peran pustakawan dalam memberdayakan perpustakaan sekolah dasar. Pendekatan kualitatif digunakan dalam penelitian ini dengan menjadikan perpustakaan SD Muhammadiyah Sapen dan SD Negeri Giwangan sebagai subjek penelitian. Data penelitian dikumpulkan melalui teknik observasi, wawancara, dan dokumentasi kemudian dianalisis dengan mengacu pada model interaktif menurut Miles dan Huberman. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa pemberdayaan perpustakaan sekolah dasar dimulai manakala terdapat dukungan kepala sekolah dan hadirnya pustakawan penuh waktu yang profesional. Kepala sekolah berperan sebagai (1 manajer sekolah, (2 pemimpin instruksional, dan (3 agen perubahan. Pustakawan berperan sebagai (1 manajer perpustakaan, (2 ahli informasi dan penggiat literasi informasi, (3 pelaku instruksional, dan (4 kolaborator. Pemberdayaan perpustakaan dapat dilakukan dengan (1 meningkatkan partisipasi warga sekolah dalam pengembangan koleksi pustaka, (2 meningkatkan kolaborasi antara pustakawan dengan guru dalam pembelajaran, dan (3 pengembangan literasi informasi yang terintegrasi ke dalam pembelajaran.


    AM. M. Hafidz MS.


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini adalah untuk mengeksplorasi: (1 pembangunan etika bisnis yang telah dirumuskan oleh al-Ghazali dan Adam Smith, (2 persamaan dan perbedaan antara dua etika bisnis pria, dan (3 relevansi bisnis mereka etika bisnis modern dunia dan ekonomi. Bisnis etika dibangun oleh al-Ghazali dan Smith di dataran praksis tidak jauh berbeda. Etika bisnis konstruksi dibangun oleh al-Ghazali didasarkan pada prinsip-prinsip seperti orientasi itikad baik tentang dunia dan akhirat, kejujuran, kepentingan pribadi dan social keseimbangan, dan perilaku / perbuatan yang tepat. Di sisi lain, etika bisnis konstruksi dibangun oleh Smith, berdasarkan keadilan, altruisme, keadilan dan liberal (kebebasan ekonomi. Baik etika bisnis yang diperkenalkan oleh kedua sangat relevan untuk menjadi digunakan sebagai bahan pokok acuan dalam etika bisnis modern.


    I G. Mahardika


    Full Text Available Penelitian telah dilakukan untuk mengetahui pengaruh pemberian hijauan dan konsentrat yang mengandung urea-kapur dan ubi kayu terhadap produktivitas kambing. Penelitian menggunakan Rancangan Acak Lengkap dengan 4 perlakuan dan 4 ulangan. Ke empat perlakuan yang dicobakan adalah Perlakuan A: ransum dengan 75% konsentrat (mengandung 4% urea, 2% kapur dan 50% ubikayu dan 25% hijauan (40% gamal dan 60% rumput raja, perlakuan B: rasnsum yang terdiri 60% konsentrat 40% hijauan, perlakuan C: ransum dengan 45% konsentrat dan 55% hijauan dan perlakuan D: ransum dengan 30% konsentrat dan 70% hijauan. Hasil penelitian mendapatkan bahwa produktivitas kambing yang mendapat ransum dengan level konsentrat 45% sampai 75% tidak berbeda sedangkan yang mendapat ransum dengan level konsentrat 30% lebih rendah. Ransum yang memebrikan nilai ekonomi tertinggi adalah ransum yang mengandung konsentrat antara 45% sampai 60%.


    Evayusvita Rustam


    Full Text Available Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah mengidentifikasi dan mengendalikan hama dan penyakit benih pulai yang terbawa dari lapangan. Identifikasi cendawan dilakukan dengan menginkubasi benih selama 7 hari, sedangkan untuk pengendalian terhadap hama dan penyakit benih diberi insektisida nabati dan kimia. Dari hasil identifikasi jenis cendawan pada benih pulai yaitu Aspergillus sp, Curvularia sp., Fusarium sp., Penicillium sp. dan Rhizopus sp. Persentase infeksi cendawan tertinggi pada benih pulai asal Nagrak (Aspergillus sp. sebesar 92%, Curvularia sp. 29% dan Fusarium sp. 21%, sedangkan persentase infeksi cendawan terendah pada benih pulai asal Jambi (Aspergillus sp. 2% dan Fusarium sp. 1%. Perlakuan terbaik yang dapat mengendalikan hama pada benih pulai adalah perlakuan yang diberi ekstrak daun suren dalam wadah plastik tertutup dan disimpan di ruang suhu kamar 270C selama 2 bulan. Pengendalian penyakit, terbaik pada benih adalah memberi bubuk kunyit ke dalam wadah plastik tertutup dan disimpan di lemari es 160C. Perlakuan tersebut menghasilkan daya kecambah masing-masing 70%.

  18. Advances and synergy of high pressure sciences at synchrotron sources

    Liu, H.; Ehm, L.; Duffy, T.; Crichton, W.; Aoki, K.


    Introductory overview to the special issue papers on high-pressure sciences and synchrotron radiation. High-pressure research in geosciences, materials science and condensed matter physics at synchrotron sources is experiencing growth and development through synergistic efforts around the world. A series of high-pressure science workshops were organized in 2008 to highlight these developments. One of these workshops, on 'Advances in high-pressure science using synchrotron X-rays', was held at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS), Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, on 4 October 2008. This workshop was organized in honour of Drs Jingzhu Hu and Quanzhong Guo in celebration of their retirement after up to 18 years of dedicated service to the high-pressure community as beamline scientists at X17 of NSLS. Following this celebration of the often unheralded role of the beamline scientist, a special issue of the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation on Advances and Synergy of High-Pressure Sciences at Synchrotron Sources was proposed, and we were pleased to invite contributions from colleagues who participated in the workshop as well as others who are making similar efforts at synchrotron sources worldwide.

  19. Sistem Informasi Penjualan dan Pemesanan Layanan Berbasis Web dan SMS Gateway di Petshop "PetZone"

    Siska Fadhilah Wati


    Full Text Available Dewasa ini teknologi informasi sangat membantu dalam dunia bisnis. Kemudahan yang ditawarkan akan menjaring lebih banyak konsumen. Namun, perusahan tingkat menengah seperti PetZone saat ini masih jarang yang menawarkan kemudahan berbelanja atau pemesanan layanan secara online. Oleh karena itu diperlukan sebuah sistem berbasis web di perusahaan PetZone yang dapat memudahkan pemilik dan karyawan dalam apenjualan, pelayanan, dan pemasaran, serta memudahkan pelanggan dalam jual-beli barang dan jasa. Atas dasar masalah tersebut dibangun Sistem Informasi Penjualan dan Pemesanan Layanan Berbasis Web dan SMS Gateway untuk menunjang proses bisnis yang ada. Sistem informasi dibangun menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP framework Codeigniter, javascript untuk tampilan yang dinamis, dan database MySQL. Proses pembuatan dan pengembangan Sistem Informasi Penjualan ini menggunakan metode air terjun. Metode air terjun meliputi kebutuhan pengguna, analisis, rancangan, implementasi dan pengujian. Pemodelan Sistem Informasi yang dibangun menggunakan metode berorientasi objek UML (Unified Modeling Language yang terdiri dari Use case  diagram, Class diagram dan Sequence diagram. Hasil pengujian Sistem Informasi Penjualan dan Pemesanan Layanan Berbasis Web dan SMS Gateway menunjukkan bahwa semua fitur yang terdapat baik dalam sistem informasi maupun SMS gateway dapat bekerja dengan baikdengan ratusan sample data, dan server SMS gateway dapat memproses lebih dari satu SMS secara bersamaan. Dalam perkembangan ke depannya nanti, Sistem Informasi Penjualan dan Pemesanan Layanan Berbasis Web dan SMS Gateway masih dapat dikembangkan lagi dengan menambah fitur-fitur pada SMS gateway sehingga lebih memudahkan konsumen.


    Indah Ayu Septriyaningrum


    Abstrak  Sistem parkir manual pada pelayanan parkir mall memerlukan pengelolaan dan pengembangan sistem yang lebih rumit dan jauh dari kata efisien. Informasi yang didapatkan pengelola parkir terkait kondisi parkir di lapangan setiap harinya masih kurang. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah merancang dan mengembangkan prototype sistem parkir. Metode pengembangan dan perancangan sistem pada penelitian ini adalah metode Waterfall. Hasil yang didapatkan adalah sistem ini dapat mendeteksi keberadaan mobil pada slot parkir yang tersedia dengan bantuan Intel Galileo Board Gen 2 sebagai kontroler, sensor LDR (Light Dependent Resistor dan sensor ultrasonik (PING sebagai alat bantu pendeteksi keberadaan mobil. Sistem dapat menampilkan aktifitas parkir pada aplikasi web seperti kondisi lahan parkir kosong, lahan terisi, waktu masuk, waktu keluar, lama parkir dan kapasitas parkir yang tersedia serta grafik pemakaian lahan parkir. Dapat disimpulkan bahwa perancangan dan pengembangan sistem berhasil diimplementasikan. Kata Kunci : Sistem parkir, waterfall, Intel Galileo Board Gen 2,sensor LDR (Light Dependent Resistor, sensor ultrasonik


    Kharisma Nawang Sigit


    Full Text Available This study described the effect of product quality and service quality on sustomer satisfaction and loyalty. The population in this study was the customers of Kredit Usaha Rakyat at BRI Warungasem. The sampling method used in this research was purposive sampling. The samples in this study were 100 customers in People’s Business Credit (Kredit Usaha Rakyat BRI Batang Branch Unit Warungasem who had already taken at least two time KUR credits. The instrument of answers measurement used was a Likert scale 1-7 alternative answers. Testing instrument used was validity and reliability, and testing the model used was the coefficient of determination and F test (goodness of fit. Testing the hypothesis in this study used t test. Variables used in the study were product quality, service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty.The results showed that there was the effect on the product quality and customer satisfaction. Service quality affected the customer satisfaction. Product quality affect the customer loyalty. The quality of service had an effect on customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction had an effect on customer loyalty. Penelitian ini menjelaskan pengaruh kualitas produk dan kualitas layanan terhadap kepuasan nasabah dan loyalitas. Populasi pada penelitian ini adalah nasabah Kredit Usaha Rakyat BRI Unit Warungasem. Metode pengambilan sampel yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah purposive sampling. Sampel dalam penelitian ini adalah 100 nasabah Kredit Usaha Rakyat di BRI Cabang Batang Unit Warungasem yang sudah mengambil minimal dua kali kredit KUR.Pengukuran jawaban instrumen menggunakan skala likert 1-7alternatif jawaban. Pengujian instrumen menggunakan validitas dan reliabilitas, pengujian model menggunakan koefisien determinasi, dan uji F (goodness of fit. Pengujian hipotesis dalam penelitian ini menggunakan uji t. Variabel yang digunakan dalam penelitian yaitu Kualitas Produk, kualitas layanan, kepuasan dan loyalitas nasabah. Hasil

  2. GRIYA DAN OMAH Penelusuran Makna dan Signifikasi di Arsitektur Jawa

    Josef Prijotomo


    Full Text Available Terms and names in architecture may sometimes be powerful in exploring history of ideas. Philology and hermeneutics are discipline of knowledge that utilize this notion in a very throgh and critical way. Inspired by those discipline of knowledge, this musing on `Griya' and `Omah' tries to demonstrate that their meaning is not `house' as many still understand them. Rather, both terms understood by the Jawanese as `any building' constructed. Critical assessment upon old documents named `Kawruh Griya' not only supportive for this understanding among the Javanese, but also provide us with a hint on one of ideals of `what a home is' among the Jawanese. The Javanese once had a notion that to dwell in a house is like sheltering under a shady tree. Since `griya' and `omah' may open our musing up to regions and cultures outside Jawa, this paper will limit its musing within the Jawanese. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Kata, sebutan dan istilah yang digunakan dalam arsitektur terkadang memiliki kemampuan untuk membantu dan menjadi bahan kajian sejarah bagi dunia arsitektur. Kajian filologi dan hermeneutika dengan baik telah memanfaatkan kemampuan tersebut. Tanpa harus memaksakan diri untuk mengikuti dengan ketat bidang pengetahuan tersebut, penelusuran atas arti `griya' dan `omah' ini mencoba untuk mengungkap sebagian kecil dari sejarah arsitektur Jawa. Melalui interpretasi-menerangkan (Poespoprodjo 1987: 194-195 atas arti kedua kata tersebut di dalam berbagai naskah Kawruh Griya, keduanya samasekali tidak memiliki arti: `rumah'. Dengan penelusuran ini ditemukan pula petunjuk yang mengarah pada salah satu gagasan orang Jawa tentang rumah yakni `bagaikan berteduh di bawah pohon'. Meskipun kedua kata tersebut dapat membawa penelusuran ini ke wilayah di luar arsitektur dan masyarakat Jawa, harus diakui bahwa penelusuran ini masih dibatasi pada telusuran internal bahasa Jawa, yakni hanya mengkaji kedua kata tersebut di dalam perjalanan kebahasaan bahasa Jawa

  3. Limitations on plasma acceleration due to synchrotron losses

    Barletta, W A; Bonifacio, R; De Salvo, L


    In this letter we consider the effect of synchrotron radiation losses due to the betatron motion of the electron beam in its self-induced magnetic field in a plasma accelerator taking into account the charge neutralization factor. The most favorable case is where the plasma density is smaller than the beam density. The contrary regime is strongly disfavored by the synchrotron radiation loss for beams with characteristics for TeV energies. In both cases we find that upon increasing the plasma density the synchrotron losses kill the acceleration process, so that there are limitations on the maximum allowable plasma density.

  4. 3 GeV Booster Synchrotron Conceptual Design Report

    Wiedemann, Helmut


    Synchrotron light cna be produced from a relativistic particle beam circulating in a storage ring at extremely high intensity and brilliance over a large spectral region reaching from the far infrared regime to hard x-rays. The particles, either electrons or positrons, radiate as they are deflected in the fields of the storage ring bending magnets or of magnets specially optimized for the production of synchrotron light. The synchrotron light being very intense and well collimated in the forward direction has become a major tool in a large variety of research fields in physics, chemistry, material science, biology, and medicine.

  5. Optical systems for synchrotron radiation. Lecture 2. Mirror systems

    Howells, M.R.


    The process of reflection of VUV and x-radiation is summarized. The functions of mirrors in synchrotron beamlines are described, which include deflection, filtration, power absorption, formation of a real image, focusing, and collimation. Fabrication of optical surfaces for synchrotron radiation beamlines are described, and include polishing of a near spherical surface as well as bending a cylindrical surface to toroidal shape. The imperfections present in mirrors, aberrations and surface figure inaccuracy, are discussed. Calculation of the thermal load of a mirror in a synchrotron radiation beam and the cooling of the mirror are covered briefly. 50 refs., 7 figs. (LEW)

  6. A novel gas-filled detector for synchrotron radiation applications

    Kocsis, Menyhert [ESRF BP 220 38043 Grenoble (France)]. E-mail:; Boesecke, P. [ESRF BP 220 38043 Grenoble (France); Carbone, D. [ESRF BP 220 38043 Grenoble (France); Herve, C. [ESRF BP 220 38043 Grenoble (France); Becker, B. [Bruker AXS, Inc 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711 (United States); Diawara, Y. [Bruker AXS, Inc 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711 (United States); Durst, R. [Bruker AXS, Inc 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711 (United States); Khazins, D. [Bruker AXS, Inc 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711 (United States); He, B. [Bruker AXS, Inc 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711 (United States); Medved, S. [Bruker AXS, Inc 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711 (United States); Sedov, V. [Bruker AXS, Inc 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711 (United States); Thorson, T. [Bruker AXS, Inc 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711 (United States); Wachter, G. [Bruker AXS, Inc 5465 East Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711 (United States)


    We describe in this paper the performance under synchrotron radiation of a sealed gaseous detector, Vantec-1, operating at high pressure and less prone to discharges. It is consequently operating at high gain (>10{sup 5}) at high local counting rates up to 10{sup 6} cps/mm{sup 2}. To achieve these characteristics, a thin resistive layer is used on a glass plate between the mesh and the readout anode. The performance achieved with this detector is suited for applications in X-ray diffraction and synchrotron radiation. This detector has shown high reliability over time under harsh synchrotron radiation environment and robustness in manufacturing environment.

  7. Proceedings of the workshop on LAMPF II synchrotron

    Cooper, R.K. (comp.)


    Topics covered at the workshop include: considerations for a staged approach to synchrotron construction; consideration of energy and cost for a kaon and/or antiproton factory; changing the transition energy in the main ring for the Fermilab antiproton beam; a lattice with 50% undispersed straight sections; bunch width considerations in a stretcher ring; a self-consistent longitudinal distribution; rapid-cycling tuned rf cavity for synchrotron use; considerations on a high-shunt impedance tunable RF cavity; rotating condensers; low extraction from the stretcher ring; an antiproton source for LAMPF II; synchrotron magnet circuit; power supply and ring magnet options; and notes for a kaon factory design. (GHT)

  8. Lõuka tuuliku restaureerimine / Dan Lukas

    Lukas, Dan


    Hiiumaal Pühalepa vallas Vahtrepa külas Lõuka talu maadel asuva pukktuuliku ajaloost, restaureerimise käigust. Teostus: Dan Lukas. Muinsuskaitseline järelevalve: Tõnu Sepp, tema kommentaar. Ill.:pukktuuliku lõiked ja korruste plaanid, 7 värv. fotot

  9. Corner Office: Google's Dan Clancy

    Albanese, Andrew Richard; Oder, Norman


    This article presents an interview with Dan Clancy, engineering director for Google Book Search. In this interview, Clancy talks about the pending Google Book Search settlement, involving millions of volumes digitized from libraries, which drew a lawsuit from the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild. He also discusses pricing,…

  10. Corner Office: Google's Dan Clancy

    Albanese, Andrew Richard; Oder, Norman


    This article presents an interview with Dan Clancy, engineering director for Google Book Search. In this interview, Clancy talks about the pending Google Book Search settlement, involving millions of volumes digitized from libraries, which drew a lawsuit from the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild. He also discusses pricing,…

  11. Calculation of intermediate neutron flux in the radial reflectors of graphite reactors, comparison with experiments; Calcul du flux de neutrons intermediaires dans les reflecteurs lateraux des piles a graphite. Comparaison avec l'experience

    Brisbois, J.; Vergnaud, T.; Oceraies, Y


    In a graphite pile, EDF or Inca type reactor, it is necessary to know the value of the intermediate neutron flux at the output of the lateral reflector in order to determine more precisely the neutron flux at the level of ionisation chambers. A sub critical pile of graphite and natural uranium was built, allowing to reconstitute the geometry of the radiation sources and the disposition of inferior and lateral protections of these piles. This pile is supplied with thermal neutrons coming from the Nereide light water type reactor. Some measurements of intermediate neutron flux have been made in this pile in order to establish a formalism for neutron flux calculation in slowing down in a whole core-lateral reflector, from the distribution of the thermal neutrons flux in the core. The flux calculation is done by age theory in three dimensions, in two homogenous media, separated by an axially semi infinite and laterally finite plane. One of these media includes a distribution of source. The constants are modified in order to take into account the presence of empty channels in the stacking. These calculations are done by the Malaga code. The checking of the formalism has been made in a greater complex geometry of these reactors that introduces an uncertainty factor in the comparison of results. We can however tell that we estimate correctly the variation of the intermediate neutrons flux in the core as well as its descending in a holed lateral reflector. The ratio between the calculation and the experiment is inferior to 2 or 3. Most of the time to a factor 2. [French] Dans une pile a graphite, du type EdF ou Inca, il est necessaire de connaitre la valeur du flux de neutrons intermediaires a la sortie du reflecteur lateral, afin de determiner avec plus de precision le flux de neutrons au niveau des chambres d'ionisation. Il a ete construit un empilement sous-critique, graphite uranium naturel, qui permet de reconstituer la geometrie des sources de rayonnement et la


    Antoni Antoni


    Full Text Available Abstract: Where there is sugar there must be an ant, or likefish and water, as it were appropriate parable likens the Lawand Society, because where there is society there must be lawswill be needed. Law and society are two sides of which aredifficult to separate, because they will need each other andinfluence each other.ملخص:حیث یوجد السكر یجب أن یكون ھناك نملة، أو مثل السمك والماء، كما انھاكانت مناسبة المثل یشبھ القانون والمجتمع، وذلك لأن عندما یكون ھناك مجتمع یجبأن یكون ھناك وستكون ھناك حاجة القوانین .القانون والمجتمع وجھان لوالتي یصعبفصل، لأنھا سوف نحتاج إلى بعضنا البعض وتؤثر على بعضھا البعض.Kata Kunci: hukum dan perubahan masyarakat


    Yang, Yuan-Pei; Dai, Zi-Gao [School of Astronomy and Space Science, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093 (China); Zhang, Bing, E-mail: [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV 89154 (United States)


    Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are mysterious transient sources. If extragalactic, as suggested by their relative large dispersion measures, their brightness temperatures must be extremely high. Some FRB models (e.g., young pulsar model, magnetar giant flare model, or supra-massive neutron star collapse model) suggest that they may be associated with a synchrotron nebula. Here we study a synchrotron-heating process by an FRB in a self-absorbed synchrotron nebula. If the FRB frequency is below the synchrotron self-absorption frequency of the nebula, electrons in the nebula would absorb FRB photons, leading to a harder electron spectrum and enhanced self-absorbed synchrotron emission. In the meantime, the FRB flux is absorbed by the nebula electrons. We calculate the spectra of FRB-heated synchrotron nebulae, and show that the nebula spectra would show a significant hump in several decades near the self-absorption frequency. Identifying such a spectral feature would reveal an embedded FRB in a synchrotron nebula.

  14. Câbles électriques - Calcul du courant admissible - Partie 2: Résistance thermique - Section 2: Méthode de calcul des coefficients de réduction de l'intensité de courant admissible pour des groupes de câbles posés à l'air libre et protégés du rayonnement solaire direct


    Câbles électriques - Calcul du courant admissible - Partie 2: Résistance thermique - Section 2: Méthode de calcul des coefficients de réduction de l'intensité de courant admissible pour des groupes de câbles posés à l'air libre et protégés du rayonnement solaire direct

  15. Accord entre l'Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire, le Conseil Fédéral Suisse et le Gouvernement de la République Française relatif à la protection contre les rayonnements ionisants et à la sûreté des installations de l'Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire


    Accord entre l'Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire, le Conseil Fédéral Suisse et le Gouvernement de la République Française relatif à la protection contre les rayonnements ionisants et à la sûreté des installations de l'Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire

  16. Gangguan Fungsi Penghidu dan Pemeriksaannya

    Effy Huriyati


    Full Text Available AbstrakLatar belakang: Fungsi penghidu pada manusia memegang peranan penting. Gangguan penghidu dapat mempengaruhi keselamatan dan kualitas hidup seseorang. Tujuan: Untuk mengetahui jenis gangguan penghidu, penyebab gangguan penghidu, dan pemeriksaannya. Tinjauan Pustaka: Gangguan penghidu dapat berupa anosmia yaitu hilangnya kemampuan penghidu, atau hiposmia yaitu berkurangnya kemampuan penghidu. Gangguan penghidu disebabkan gangguan konduksi, gangguan sensoria dan gangguan neural. Penyakit tersering penyebab gangguan penghidu yaitu rinosinusitis kronis, rinitis alergi, infeksi saluran nafas atas dan trauma kepala. Ada beberapa modalitas pemeriksaan kemosensoris fungsi penghidu diantaranya Tes “Sniffin sticks”. Dengan tes „Sniffin sticks” dapat diketahui ambang penghidu, diskriminasi penghidu dan identifikasi penghidu seseorang. Kesimpulan: Gangguan penghidu memerlukan perhatian khusus. Diantara beberapa modalitas pemeriksaan kemosensoris penghidu, tes “Sniffin sticks” mempunyai beberapa kelebihan.Kata kunci: Gangguan penghidu, anosmia, hiposmia, tes “Sniffin sticks”.AbstractBackground: Olfactory function in humans plays an important role. Olfactory disorders can affect the safety and quality of life. Objective: To determine the type of olfactory disorder, the causes of olfactory disorders, and the examination. Literature Review: Olfactory disorder can be not smell anything or anosmia, and reduced of smell or hyposmia. Olfactory disorders caused by conduction disturbances, neural disturbances and sensoris disturbances. Disease that often causes disturbances of olfactory function is, chronic rhinosinusitis, allergic rhinitis, upper respiratory tract infections and head trauma. There are several modalities to examine chemosensoris smelling function, one of them is “Sniffin sticks” test. This test can examine threshold, discrimination, and identification of smelling. Conclusions: Impaired smelling require special attention


    Sentot Harman Glendoh


    Full Text Available Small business as an economic activity of society on a small scale, has a central role in the economy of Indonesia. Although the economic crisis has created a great disturbance in the live of large and middle-size business, apparently small business continues to function well in the lower levels of the economy. The main role of small business is: 1 use excess labor; 2 as a producer of goods and services at reachable prices for the lower economic levels of society; 3 as a potential producer of foreign exchange because of the success of this type of industry in producing non-oil commodities for export. Remembering that the role of small business is large and has great influence on the lower economic levels of society, it is quite necessary to pay attention to the development of this sector. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Usaha kecil sebagai kegiatan ekonomi rakyat berskala kecil memiliki peran sentral dalam perekonomian Indonesia. Walaupun krisis ekonomi telah memporakporandakan kehidupan bidang usaha besar dan menengah, ternyata usaha kecil tetap tegar dan berjalan marak dikawasan kehidupan ekonomi tingkat bawah. Peran pokok usaha kecil ini adalah: (1 sebagai penyerap tenaga kerja, (2 sebagai penghasil barang dan jasa pada tingkat harga yang terjangkau bagi kebutuhan rakyat banyak yang berpenghasilan rendah, (3 sebagai penghasil devisa negara yang potensial kerena keberhasilannya dalam meproduksi komoditi ekspor non migas. Mengingat peran usaha kecil tersebut sangat besar andilnya bagi negara dan masyarakat kecil dilapisan bawah, maka pembinaan dan pengembangannya sangat perlu diperhatikan. Kata kunci: pembinaan, pengembangan, usaha kecil.

  18. Multiple energy synchrotron biomedical imaging system

    Bassey, B.; Martinson, M.; Samadi, N.; Belev, G.; Karanfil, C.; Qi, P.; Chapman, D.


    A multiple energy imaging system that can extract multiple endogenous or induced contrast materials as well as water and bone images would be ideal for imaging of biological subjects. The continuous spectrum available from synchrotron light facilities provides a nearly perfect source for multiple energy x-ray imaging. A novel multiple energy x-ray imaging system, which prepares a horizontally focused polychromatic x-ray beam, has been developed at the BioMedical Imaging and Therapy bend magnet beamline at the Canadian Light Source. The imaging system is made up of a cylindrically bent Laue single silicon (5,1,1) crystal monochromator, scanning and positioning stages for the subjects, flat panel (area) detector, and a data acquisition and control system. Depending on the crystal’s bent radius, reflection type, and the horizontal beam width of the filtered synchrotron radiation (20-50 keV) used, the size and spectral energy range of the focused beam prepared varied. For example, with a bent radius of 95 cm, a (1,1,1) type reflection and a 50 mm wide beam, a 0.5 mm wide focused beam of spectral energy range 27 keV-43 keV was obtained. This spectral energy range covers the K-edges of iodine (33.17 keV), xenon (34.56 keV), cesium (35.99 keV), and barium (37.44 keV) some of these elements are used as biomedical and clinical contrast agents. Using the developed imaging system, a test subject composed of iodine, xenon, cesium, and barium along with water and bone were imaged and their projected concentrations successfully extracted. The estimated dose rate to test subjects imaged at a ring current of 200 mA is 8.7 mGy s-1, corresponding to a cumulative dose of 1.3 Gy and a dose of 26.1 mGy per image. Potential biomedical applications of the imaging system will include projection imaging that requires any of the extracted elements as a contrast agent and multi-contrast K-edge imaging.


    Sugeng Haryanto


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini menganalisis kinerja dan tingkat efisiensi bank-bank BUMN dan BUSN yang go Publik di Bursa Efek Indonesia.  Sample penelitian ini mengambil  tiga bank BUMN Bank BNI 46, Bank Mandiri dan Bank BRI  dan tiga bank BUSN (Bank BCA, Bank Niaga dan Bank Panin dengan periode analisis tahun 2005-2011. Varibael yang digunakan meliputi ROA, ROE, LAR. LDR, NPL dan BOPO. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah melihat dan menganalisis perbedaan kinerja antara Bank BUMN dan BUSN yang go public di Bursa Efek Indonesia tahun 2005-2011.  Pendekatan pengukuran kinerja yang digunakan adalah Return on Asset (ROA, Return on Equity (ROE dan Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR, Loan to Asset Ratio (LAR,  dan efisiensi bank. Hasil dari penelitian menunjukkan bahwa 1 Bank-bank nasional, baik itu bank BUMN maupun BUSN menunjukkan kinerja yang semakin baik, 2 tidak terdapat perbedaan yang signifikan antara kinerja bank BUMN dan BUSN untuk variabel ROA, ROE, LAR, LDR, dan BOPO sedangkan variabel NPL yang merupakan indikator risiko kredit menunjukkan adanya perbedaan yang signifikan antara Bank BUMN dan BUSN

  20. Synchronization of Synchrotrons for bunch-to-bucket Transfers

    Ferrand, Thibault; Damerau, Heiko; CERN. Geneva. ATS Department


    To reach high particle energies with synchrotrons, a chain of several accelerators is required, as the ratio of extraction and injection energy is in the range of 10 to 20 per synchrotron. Hence the beam must be transfered from one accelerator to the next one. This document deals with the bunch-to-bucket transfer method to inject particle bunches composing the beam from a source synchrotron to a target synchrotron. After we highlight the theoretical concept of the bunch-to-bucket transfer, we determine physical limitations due to the beam dynamics and the adiabatic aspect of the particle bunches. A summary of the currently performed bunch-to-bucket transfer scenarios between the accelerators at CERN is given and set in relation with the mentioned theoretical concepts.

  1. The Scale Invariant Synchrotron Jet of Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars

    L. M. Du; J. M. Bai; Z. H. Xie; T. F. Yi; Y. B. Xu; R. Xue; X. H. Wang


    In this paper, the scale invariance of the synchrotron jet of Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars has been studied using a sample of combined sources from FKM04 and from SDSS DR3 catalogue. Since the research of scale invariance has been focused on sub-Eddington cases that can be fitted onto the fundamental plane, while near-Eddington sources such as FSRQs have not been explicitly studied. The extracted physical properties of synchrotron jet of FSRQs have been shown to be scale invariant using our sample. The results are in good agreement with theoretical expectations of Heinz & Sunyaev (2003). Therefore, the jet synchrotron is shown to be scale independent, regardless of the accretion modes. Results in this article thus lend support to the scale invariant model of the jet synchrotron throughout the mass scale of black hole systems.

  2. The use of slow-cycling synchrotrons in injection systems


    The PS improvement programme is concerned with increasing the potential of the PS for high energy physics. It involves developing the performance of the proton synchrotron itself and providing major items of experimental equipment to be used on the machine.

  3. Daresbury senses victory in battle for UK synchrotron

    Loder, N


    Scientists campaigning for the future synchrotron source, Diamond, to be sited at Daresbury rather than RAL, believe they have won their case following a meeting between the Office of Science & Technology and the director of the Welcome Trust (1 pg).

  4. Staff accuse bosses of secrecy over British synchrotron plans

    Loder, N


    Scientific staff at Daresbury who have worked on the Diamond project for many years, believe senior management has kept them in the dark over discussions about the possible siting of the synchrotron at RAL (1 page).

  5. Open Cell Conducting Foams for High Synchrotron Radiation Beam Liners

    Petracca, Stefania


    The possible use of open-cell conductive foams in high synchrotron radiation particle accelerator beam liners is considered. Available materials and modeling tools are reviewed, potential pros and cons are discussed, and preliminary conclusions are drawn.

  6. Clash over demand for more synchrotron sources in Europe

    Butler, D


    French synchrotron staff accused the science minister, Claude Allegre, of misleading the National Assembly over the need to replace LURE, Paris. Allegre believes all big science facilities should be European with national facilities the exception (1 page).

  7. Coherence Inherent in an Incoherent Synchrotron Radio Source

    Ashok K. Singal


    We show that a partial coherence due to antenna mechanism can be inherently present in any compact synchrotron source, which resolves many long-standing problems in the spectra and variability of compact extragalactic radio sources.

  8. Aerial view of the 28 GeV Protron Synchrotron

    CERN PhotoLab


    The underground ring of the 28 GeV proton synchrotron in 1965. Left, the South and North experimental halls. Top right, part of the East hall. Bottom right, the main generator room and the cooling condensers.

  9. Synchrotron radiation for direct analysis of metalloproteins on electrophoresis gels.

    Ortega, Richard


    Metalloproteomics requires analytical techniques able to assess and quantify the inorganic species in metalloproteins. The most widely used methods are hyphenated techniques, based on the coupling of a high resolution chromatographic method with a high sensitivity method for metal analysis in solution. An alternative approach is the use of methods for solid sample analysis, combining metalloprotein separation by gel electrophoresis and direct analysis of the gels. Direct methods are based on beam analysis, such as lasers, ion beams or synchrotron radiation beams. The aim of this review article is to present the main features of synchrotron radiation based methods and their applications for metalloprotein analysis directly on electrophoresis gels. Synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence has been successfully employed for sensitive metal identification, and X-ray absorption spectroscopy for metal local structure speciation in proteins. Synchrotron based methods will be compared to ion beam and mass spectrometry for direct analysis of metalloproteins in electrophoresis gels.

  10. CERN PSB Beam Tests of CNAO Synchrotron's Digital LLRF

    Angoletta, M E; De Martinis, C; Falbo, L; Findlay, A; Foglio, R; Hunt, S; Tourres, D; Vescovi, C


    The Italian National Centre for Oncological hAdrontherapy (CNAO), in its final construction phase, uses proton and carbon ion beams to treat patients affected by solid tumours. At the heart of CNAO is a 78- meter circumference synchrotron that accelerates particles to up to 400 MeV/u. The synchrotron relies on a digital LLRF system based upon Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). This system implements cavity servoing and beam control capabilities, such as phase and radial loops. Beam tests of the CNAO synchrotron LLRF system were carried out at CERN's Proton Synchrotron Booster (PSB) in autumn 2007, to verify the combined DSP/FPGA architecture and the beam control capabilities. For this, a prototype version of CNAO's LLRF system was adapted to the PSB requirements. This paper outlines the prototype system layout and describes the tests carried out and their results. In particular, system architecture and beam control capabilities were successfully proven by comparison wit...


    Tigor Butarbutar


    Full Text Available Hilangnya tutupan lahan hutan karena konversi hutan untuk pemukiman, perkebunan, pertanian dan kebutuhan untuk pembangunan di sektor lain, telah menyebabkan perubahan pola cuaca/iklim di berbagai tempat. Perubahan iklim dapat diantisipasi dengan mitigasi dan adaptasi. Mitigasi berarti usahausaha pencegahan yang perlu dilakukan, sedangkan adaptasi merupakan kegiatan-kegiatan penyesuaian yang perlu dilakukan untuk dapat hidup dan bertahan dan meningkatkan ketahanan, kelenturan dan mengarahkemigrasikarenakondisiiklimyangberbeda.Agroforestridapatmemitigasidanmengadaptasi perubahaniklim dengan alasan-alasansebagaiberikut: aPencampuranjenis pohonpenghasilkayu,buah dan lain-lain, karena campuran jenis lebih baik dari tanaman murni; b Pencampuran jenis yang didasarkan pada sifat toleransi ( dan , sehingga akan memanfaatkan seluruh cahaya untuk fotosintesis; c Pencampuran perbedaan umur; d Pencampuran berdasarkan perbedaan waktu pemanenan; e Penggabungan nilai ekonomi, sosial dan budaya sehingga perubahan vegetasi dapat berjalan seiring dengan perubahan sosial dan budaya secara berangsur yang dapat disesuaikan dengan perubahan iklim; dan f Dapat digunakan sebagai model untuk memfasilitasi perubahan kelompok vegetasi menjadi kelompok yang baru (adaptasi, seperti teori perubahan vegetasi melalui perladangan berpindah-pindahyangteratur.


    Arif Unwanullah


    Full Text Available Abstrak: Industrialisasi dan Tantangannya pada Sektor Pendidikan. Sumbangan pendidikan dalam perubahan dan pembangunan masa lalu telah bergeser dengan kemajuan teknoekonomi dan komunikasi. Perubahan yang terjadi telah menggeser tatanan kehidupan dan pandangan masyarakat. Materialisme, kapitalisme, efisiensi, dan efektivitas telah menjadi tujuan dan semangat hidup. Pergeseran pandangan masyarakat telah mengubah pula pandangan keberhasilan dan mutu pendidikan, di mana pendidikan diukur dari keberhasilan dalam keterserapan lulusan dalam dunia kerja, oleh karenanya pendidikan dianalisis dari karakteristik sebagai investasi (capital-investment. Pergeseran makna dan tanggung jawab pendidikan mendorong dunia pendidikan melakukan pembaruan dengan alternatif: membangun pembaruan penalaran warganya menuju pemerdekaan dan pendewasaan, pendidikan dilaksanakan secara komprehensif dan bekerjasama dengan semua pihak secara kemitraan, dan membangun visi pendidikan secara komprehensif dan simultan dengan semua pihak. Kata kunci: perubahan sosial, materialistik, modernisasi dan kapitalis Abstract: Industrialization and its education Sector challenges. Contribution of education has shifted with the progress of technology, economy, and communication. The changes have shifted the society's views. Materialism, capitalism, efficiency, and effectiveness have become of interest and enthusiasm for life. The shift has changed society's view, i.e. the view of success and quality of education, in which education is measured from a rate of the absorption of graduates into labor market, therefore education is analyzed from the characteristics of an investment (capital-investment. A shift in meaning and responsibility of education encourages the education sector to create reformation through these following alternatives: creating new thoughts towards liberation and maturation, implementing education comprehensively and cooperating with all parties in partnership, and creating

  13. Synchrotron radiation from a curved plasma channel laser wakefield accelerator

    Palastro, J P; Hafizi, B; Chen, Y -H; Johnson, L A; Penano, J R; Helle, M H; Mamonau, A A


    A laser pulse guided in a curved plasma channel can excite wakefields that steer electrons along an arched trajectory. As the electrons are accelerated along the curved channel, they emit synchrotron radiation. We present simple analytical models and simulations examining laser pulse guiding, wakefield generation, electron steering, and synchrotron emission in curved plasma channels. For experimentally realizable parameters, a ~2 GeV electron emits 0.1 photons per cm with an average photon energy of multiple keV.

  14. Study of complex molecules of biological interest with synchrotron radiation

    Prince, K.C. [Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, Strada Statale 14–km 163,5 in AREA Science Park, I-34149 Trieste (Italy); Istituto Officina dei Materiali, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, in Area Science Park, I-34149 Trieste (Italy); Molecular Model Discovery Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, 3122 (Australia); Bolognesi, P., E-mail: [CNR-ISM, Area della Ricerca di Roma 1, Via Salaria Km. 29,300, Monterotondo (Roma) (Italy); Feyer, V. [Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, Strada Statale 14–km 163,5 in AREA Science Park, I-34149 Trieste (Italy); Research Center Jülich, Peter Grünberg Institute (PGI-6), 52425 Jülich (Germany); Plekan, O. [Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, Strada Statale 14–km 163,5 in AREA Science Park, I-34149 Trieste (Italy); Avaldi, L. [CNR-ISM, Area della Ricerca di Roma 1, Via Salaria Km. 29,300, Monterotondo (Roma) (Italy)


    Synchrotron radiation and synchrotron based spectroscopic techniques have found important applications in the study of isolated molecular species of biological interest. In this paper, some examples of spectroscopic and dynamic studies of amino acids and small peptides, nucleobases and pharmaceuticals are reviewed. Opportunities offered by the advent of new radiation sources combined with novel methods for the production of beams of these molecules are also discussed.

  15. On the polarized beam acceleration in medium energy synchrotrons

    Lee, S.Y.


    This lecture note reviews physics of spin motion in a synchrotron, spin depolarization mechanisms of spin resonances, and methods of overcoming the spin resonances during acceleration. Techniques used in accelerating polarized ions in the low/medium energy synchrotrons, such as the ZGS, the AGS, SATURNE, and the KEK PS and PS Booster are discussed. Problems related to polarized proton acceleration with snakes or partial snake are also examined.

  16. An introduction to synchrotron radiation techniques and applications

    Willmott, Philip


    This book introduces the reader to the basic concepts of the generation and manipulation of synchrotron light, its interaction with matter, and the application of synchrotron light in the “classical” techniques, while including some of the most modern technological developments. As much as possible, complicated mathematical derivations and formulas are avoided. A more heuristic approach is adopted, whereby the general physical reasoning behind the equations is highlighted.

  17. Synchrotron powder diffraction on Aztec blue pigments

    Sanchez del Rio, M. [European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, B.P. 220, Grenoble Cedex (France); Gutierrez-Leon, A.; Castro, G.R.; Rubio-Zuazo, J. [Spanish CRG Beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, SpLine, B.P. 220, Grenoble Cedex (France); Solis, C. [Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Instituto de Fisica, Mexico, D.F. (Mexico); Sanchez-Hernandez, R. [INAH Subdireccion de Laboratorios y Apoyo Academico, Mexico, D.F. (Mexico); Robles-Camacho, J. [INAH Centro Regional Michoacan, Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico); Rojas-Gaytan, J. [INAH Direccion de Salvamento Arqueologico, Naucalpan de Juarez (Mexico)


    Some samples of raw blue pigments coming from an archaeological rescue mission in downtown Mexico City have been characterized using different techniques. The samples, some recovered as a part of a ritual offering, could be assigned to the late Aztec period (XVth century). The striking characteristic of these samples is that they seem to be raw pigments prior to any use in artworks, and it was possible to collect a few {mu}g of pigment after manual grain selection under a microscopy monitoring. All pigments are made of indigo, an organic colorant locally known as anil or xiuhquilitl. The colorant is always found in combination with an inorganic matrix, studied by powder diffraction. In one case the mineral base is palygorskite, a rare clay mineral featuring micro-channels in its structure, well known as the main ingredient of the Maya blue pigment. However, other samples present the minerals sepiolite (a clay mineral of the palygorskite family) and calcite. Another sample contains barite, a mineral never reported in prehispanic paints. We present the results of characterization using high resolution powder diffraction recorded at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (BM25A, SpLine beamline) complemented with other techniques. All of them gave consistent results on the composition. A chemical test on resistance to acids was done, showing a high resistance for the palygorskite and eventually sepiolite compounds, in good agreement with the excellent resistance of the Maya blue. (orig.)

  18. The RF Cycle of the PIMMS Synchrotron

    Crescenti, M; Rossi, S


    This paper deals with the study of the rf cycle of the synchrotron of the Proton-Ion Medical Machine Study (PIMMS) hosted at CERN. The cycle comprises the adiabatic trapping, the acceleration and the rf gymnastics, both for protons and fully stripped carbon ions. The injection energy is 20 MeV for protons and 7 MeV/u for carbon. The maximum extraction energies are 250 MeV for protons and 400 MeV/u for carbon ions. The reserved time is less than 1 s, with a maximum magnetic field ramp of less than 3 T/s. The simulations show that the beam stays inside the aperture of the machine, and that there are no longitudinal losses. At the end of the cycle the beam is ready for extraction with a Dp/p of 0.4 %. The peak rf voltage is 3 kV and the frequency range is from 0.49 to 2.85 MHz.

  19. Brightness of synchrotron radiation from wigglers

    Geloni, Gianluca, E-mail: [European XFEL GmbH, Hamburg (Germany); Kocharyan, Vitali; Saldin, Evgeni [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany)


    According to the literature, while calculating the brightness of synchrotron radiation from wigglers, one needs to account for the so-called ‘depth-of-field’ effects. In fact, the particle beam cross-section varies along the wiggler. It is usually stated that the effective photon source size increases accordingly, while the brightness is reduced. Here we claim that this is a misconception originating from an analysis of the wiggler source based on geometrical arguments, regarded as almost self-evident. According to electrodynamics, depth-of-field effects do not exist: we demonstrate this statement both theoretically and numerically, using a well-known first-principle computer code. This fact shows that under the usually accepted approximations, the description of the wiggler brightness turns out to be inconsistent even qualitatively. Therefore, there is a need for a well-defined procedure for computing the brightness from a wiggler source. We accomplish this task based on the use of a Wigner function formalism. We exemplify this formalism in simple limiting cases. We consider the problem of the calculation of the wiggler source size by means of numerical simulations alone, which play the same role of an experiment. We report a significant numerical disagreement between exact calculations and approximations currently used in the literature.

  20. The AGS synchrotron with four helical magnets

    Tsoupas N.; Huang, H.; Roser, T.; MacKay, W.W.; Trbojevic, D.


    The idea of using two partial helical magnets was applied successfully to the AGS synchrotron to preserve the proton beam polarization. In this paper we explore in details the idea of using four helical magnets placed symmetrically in the AGS ring. The placement of four helical magnets in the AGS ring provides many advantages over the present setup of the AGS which uses two partial helical magnets. First, the symmetric placement of the four helical magnets allows for a better control of the AGS optics with reduced values of the beta functions especially near beam injection, second, the vertical spin direction during beam injection and extraction is closer to vertical, and third, it provides for a larger 'spin tune gap', which allows the vertical and horizontal tunes to be placed, and prevent the horizontal and vertical intrinsic spin resonances of the AGS to occur during the acceleration cycle. Although the same spin gap can be obtained with a single or two partial helices, the required high field strength of a single helix makes its use impractical, and that of the double helix rather difficult. In this paper we will provide results on the spin tune and on the optics of the AGS with four partial helical magnets, and compare these results with the present setup of the AGS that uses two partial helical magnets.

  1. Imaging using synchrotron radiation for forensic science

    Cervelli, F.; Carrato, S.; Mattei, A.; Jerian, M.; Benevoli, L.; Mancini, L.; Zanini, F.; Vaccari, L.; Perucchi, A.; Aquilanti, G.


    Forensic science is already taking benefits from synchrotron radiation (SR) sources in trace evidence analysis. In this contribution we show a multi-technique approach to study fingerprints from the morphological and chemical point of view using SR based techniques such as Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy (FTIRMS), X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray absorption structure (XAS), and phase contrast microradiography. Both uncontaminated and gunshot residue contaminated human fingerprints were deposited on lightly doped silicon wafers and on poly-ethylene-terephthalate foils. For the uncontaminated fingerprints an univariate approach of functional groups mapping to model FT-IRMS data was used to get the morphology and the organic compounds map. For the gunshot residue contaminated fingerprints, after a preliminary elemental analysis using XRF, microradiography just below and above the absorption edge of the elements of interest has been used to map the contaminants within the fingerprint. Finally, XAS allowed us to determine the chemical state of the different elements. The next step will be fusing the above information in order to produce an exhaustive and easily understandable evidence.

  2. Characterization of Medipix3 With Synchrotron Radiation

    Gimenez, E N; Marchal, J; Turecek, D; Ballabriga, R; Tartoni, N; Campbell, M; Llopart, X; Sawhney, K J S


    Medipix3 is the latest generation of photon counting readout chips of the Medipix family. With the same dimensions as Medipix2 (256 x 256 pixels of 55 mu m x 55 mu m pitch each), Medipix3 is however implemented in an 8-layer metallization 0.13 mu m CMOS technology which leads to an increase in the functionality associated with each pixel over Medipix2. One of the new operational modes implemented in the front-end architecture is the Charge Summing Mode (CSM). This mode consists of a charge reconstruction and hit allocation algorithm which eliminates event-by-event the low energy counts produced by charge-shared events between adjacent pixels. The present work focuses on the study of the CSM mode and compares it to the Single Pixel Mode (SPM) which is the conventional readout method for these kind of detectors and it is also implemented in Medipix3. Tests of a Medipix3 chip bump-bonded to a 300 mu m thick silicon photodiode sensor were performed at the Diamond Light Source synchrotron to evaluate the performan...

  3. Phase analysis and focusing of synchrotron radiation

    Chubar, O; Snigirev, A


    High accuracy calculations of synchrotron radiation (SR) emitted by a relativistic electron show that the phase of the frequency domain electric field of SR differs from the phase of radiation of a virtual point source. These differences may result in the reduction of focusing efficiency of diffraction-limited SR, if the focusing is performed by conventional optical components optimised for point sources. We show that by applying a phase correction locally, one may transform the phase of SR electric field at a desired polarisation to that of a point source. Such corrections are computed for undulator radiation (planar and helical) and bending magnet radiation (central part and edges). The focusing of the corrected SR wavefront can result in the increase of peak intensity in the focused spot up to several times compared to the focusing without correction. For non-diffraction-limited radiation, the effect of the phase corrections is reduced. Due to this reason, the use of the proposed phase corrections in exist...

  4. Brightness of synchrotron radiation from wigglers

    Geloni, Gianluca; Kocharyan, Vitali; Saldin, Evgeni


    According to the literature, while calculating the brightness of synchrotron radiation from wigglers, one needs to account for the so-called 'depth-of-field' effects. In fact, the particle beam cross-section varies along the wiggler. It is usually stated that the effective photon source size increases accordingly, while the brightness is reduced. Here we claim that this is a misconception originating from an analysis of the wiggler source based on geometrical arguments, regarded as almost self-evident. According to electrodynamics, depth-of-field effects do not exist: we demonstrate this statement both theoretically and numerically, using a well-known first-principle computer code. This fact shows that under the usually accepted approximations, the description of the wiggler brightness turns out to be inconsistent even qualitatively. Therefore, there is a need for a well-defined procedure for computing the brightness from a wiggler source. We accomplish this task based on the use of a Wigner function formalism. We exemplify this formalism in simple limiting cases. We consider the problem of the calculation of the wiggler source size by means of numerical simulations alone, which play the same role of an experiment. We report a significant numerical disagreement between exact calculations and approximations currently used in the literature.

  5. Golden Jubilee photos: The Proton Synchrotron


    Energy record Standing before the CERN personnel in the Main Auditorium on 25 November 1959, John Adams held not a bottle of champagne but a bottle of vodka. It had been presented to him a few months earlier during a visit to Dubna in the Soviet Union, where the world's most powerful accelerator had just been commissioned. He had been given strict instructions not to open the bottle until Dubna's energy record of 10 GeV had been broken. On 24 November, the record was smashed by CERN's brand new machine, the Proton Synchrotron, which accelerated protons at 24 GeV, over twice the energy of the Dubna machine. Before sending the empty bottle back to the Soviet Union, John Adams, who had headed the accelerator's construction, placed the recording of the signal in it as proof of the record. More than 40 years later, the PS is still going strong, delivering beams with particle densities a thousand times greater than when it first started operation. Over the years, other accelerators have grown up around it and the...

  6. A Remote and Virtual Synchrotron Beamline

    Jackson, J. M.; Alp, E.; Sturhahn, W.


    National facilities offer one-of-a-kind opportunities to apply state-of-the-art experimental techniques to the pressing scientific problems of today. Yet, few students are able to experience research projects at national facilities due to limited accessibility caused in part by limited involvement in the local academic institution, constrained working areas at the experimental stations, and/or travel costs. We present a virtual and remote beam-line for Earth science studies using nuclear resonant and inelastic x-ray scattering methods at Sector 3 of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. Off-site students have the capability of controlling their measurements via secure internet connections and webcams. Students can access a 'view only mode' for ease of interaction and safety-control. More experienced users have exclusive control of the experiment and can remotely change variables within the experimental setup. Students may also access the virtual aspects these experiments by simulating certain conditions with our newly developed software. We evaluate such a tool by giving "before" and "after" assignments to students at different levels. These levels include high-school students from the Pasadena and greater Los Angeles area school districts, undergraduate students from Caltech's SURF/MURF program, and graduate students at Caltech. We specifically target underrepresented groups. Our results thus far show that the capabilities offered by our remote and virtual beamline show improved knowledge and understanding of applying experimental-based studies at the synchrotron to solve problems in the Earth sciences.


    Arifuddin - Sahabu


    Full Text Available ABSTRAKS   Penelitian ini menggunakan metode kualitatif dengan bentuk studi kasus. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan menggunakan teknik wawancara, dokumentasi, dan observasi. Analisis data mengunakan metode analisis Miles dan Huberman, dengan melalui tiga prosedur yaitu reduksi data, penyajian data dan menarik kesimpulan/verifikasi. Sedangkan keabsahan menggunakan teknik berdasarkan atas kriteria derajat kepercayaan, keteralihan, ketergantungan, dan kepastian suatu data. Tuntutan menghadapi  implementasi Otonomi Daerah mengandung arti pentingnya Pemerintah Daerah memperhatikan kemampuan “self suporting” dalam bidang keuangan. Sumber pendapatan daerah tidak hanya di peroleh dari Pendapatan Asli Daerah, tetapi juga berupa pemberian bagi hasil dari penerimaan Pemerintah Pusat. Diantara sumber penerimaan tersebut adalah Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan. Dalam Undang-undang Nomor 25 Tahun 1999 Tentang perimbangan keuangan antara Pemerintah Pusat  dan Daerah, diantaranya dijelaskan bahwa sumber penerimaan daerah dalam penyelenggaraan desentralisasi berasal dari dana perimbangan penerimaan Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan disamping pemberian Dana Alokasi Umum dan Alokasi Khusus. Langkah Implementasi dari pelaksanan pemungutan Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan tersebut dilakukan Departemen Keuangan melalui Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan, sedang Pemerintah daerah menerima pelimpahan penagihan pada Sektor Perkotaan dan Sektor Pedesaan. Meskipun telah ada pelimpahan kewenangan kepada daerah, akan tetapi pelimpahan kewenangan tersebut terbatas pada mekanisme penagihan saja, sedang implementor yang menyangkut masalah administrasi masih berada pada Kantor Pelayan Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan. Kondisi demikian ini ditambah dengan kurangnya koordinasi antara unit organisasi pelaksana menyebabkan setiap tahun terjadi tunggakan. Sebagai sandaran teoritik utama  untuk mendiskripsikan serta menganalisis hambatan-hambatan implementasi kebijakan publik (dalam hal ini pemungutan


    Licen Indahwati Darsono


    Full Text Available Rapid change of environment is an external force that causes the organization to transform. Fundamentally, the main purpose of the transformation is to change the organizational structure to be more flexible and competitive with fewer hierarchial levels, managers, and employees. The transformation needs to be radical, causing resistance from the organization's members. Their resistance can cause the transformation to fail, therefore organization must find ways to lessen this resistance. First, organization must learn about the diversity of its members' cultures and values. Second, organization must build its own organizational culture which can support the success of the transformation, by communicating it with the members of the organization. To support organizational culture building efforts, it needs changes in human resources practices, especially recruitment and selection. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Perubahan yang cepat dalam lingkungan merupakan kekuatan eksternal yang mengakibatkan transformasi dalam sebuah organisasi. Pada dasarnya, tujuan utama dari transformasi tersebut adalah merubah struktur organisasi agar menjadi lebih fleksibel dan mampu bersaing, dengan tingkat structural yang sedikit, serta jumlah manajer dan karyawan yang lebih kecil. Transformasi tersebut harus menyeluruh, dan hal ini dapat menyebabkan resistensi dari para anggota organisasi yang memperhambat perubahan tersebut. Resistensi itu bisa menyebabkan perubahan tersebut batal, oleh karena itu organisasi harus mencari jalan untuk mengurangi hambatan-hambatan tersebut. Pertama, organisasi harus belajar keanekaragaman dari budaya dan nilai anggotanya. Kedua, organisasi harus mengembangkan budaya organisasi sendiri melalui komunikasi yang baik dengan anggotanya. Untuk mendukung usaha mengembangkan budaya organisasi, harus ada perubaban pada kebijakan sumber daya manusia, terutama dalam rekrutmen dan seleksi karyawan. Kata kunci: transformasi, resistensi, budaya

  9. Synchrotron Intensity Gradients as Tracers of Interstellar Magnetic Fields

    Lazarian, A.; Yuen, Ka Ho; Lee, Hyeseung; Cho, J.


    On the basis of the modern understanding of MHD turbulence, we propose a new way of using synchrotron radiation: using synchrotron intensity gradients (SIGs) for tracing astrophysical magnetic fields. We successfully test the new technique using synthetic data obtained with 3D MHD simulations and provide the demonstration of the practical utility of the technique by comparing the directions of magnetic fields that are obtained with PLANCK synchrotron intensity data to the directions obtained with PLANCK synchrotron polarization data. We demonstrate that the SIGs can reliably trace magnetic fields in the presence of noise and can provide detailed maps of magnetic field directions. We also show that the SIGs are relatively robust for tracing magnetic fields while the low spatial frequencies of the synchrotron image are removed. This makes the SIGs applicable to the tracing of magnetic fields using interferometric data with single-dish measurement absent. We discuss the synergy of using the SIGs together with synchrotron polarization in order to find the actual direction of the magnetic fields and quantify the effects of Faraday rotation as well as with other ways of studying astrophysical magnetic fields. We test our method in the presence of noise and the resolution effects. We stress the complementary nature of the studies using the SIG technique and those employing the recently introduced velocity gradient techniques that trace magnetic fields using spectroscopic data.

  10. Operation of the Australian Store.Synchrotron for macromolecular crystallography

    Meyer, Grischa R. [Monash University, Clayton, Victoria 3800 (Australia); Aragão, David; Mudie, Nathan J.; Caradoc-Davies, Tom T. [Australian Synchrotron, 800 Blackburn Road, Clayton, Victoria 3168 (Australia); McGowan, Sheena; Bertling, Philip J.; Groenewegen, David; Quenette, Stevan M. [Monash University, Clayton, Victoria 3800 (Australia); Bond, Charles S. [The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley 6009, Western Australia (Australia); Buckle, Ashley M. [Monash University, Clayton, Victoria 3800 (Australia); Androulakis, Steve, E-mail: [Monash Bioinformatics Platform, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria 3800 (Australia)


    The Store.Synchrotron service, a fully functional, cloud computing-based solution to raw X-ray data archiving and dissemination at the Australian Synchrotron, is described. The Store.Synchrotron service, a fully functional, cloud computing-based solution to raw X-ray data archiving and dissemination at the Australian Synchrotron, is described. The service automatically receives and archives raw diffraction data, related metadata and preliminary results of automated data-processing workflows. Data are able to be shared with collaborators and opened to the public. In the nine months since its deployment in August 2013, the service has handled over 22.4 TB of raw data (∼1.7 million diffraction images). Several real examples from the Australian crystallographic community are described that illustrate the advantages of the approach, which include real-time online data access and fully redundant, secure storage. Discoveries in biological sciences increasingly require multidisciplinary approaches. With this in mind, Store.Synchrotron has been developed as a component within a greater service that can combine data from other instruments at the Australian Synchrotron, as well as instruments at the Australian neutron source ANSTO. It is therefore envisaged that this will serve as a model implementation of raw data archiving and dissemination within the structural biology research community.


    Triwibowo Ambar Garjito


    Full Text Available Dengue virus merupakan salah satu virus anggota dari famili Flaviviridae yang sejak tahun 1956 telah dikenal dapat menimbulkan demam dengue maupun demam berdarah dengue (DBD. Penyakit yang ditularkan oleh nyamuk Aedes aegypti ini diperkirakan telah menjangkiti pada selatar 50-100 juta manusia dengan 500.000 kasus di antaranya dalam manifestasi yang ganas yang dikenal sebagai dengue haemorrhagic fever dan dengue shock syndrome dan 25.000 di antaranya berakibat fatal (meninggal. Saat ini pengembangan vaksin merupakan salah satu solusi yang diharapkan dapat menekan penyebaran penyakit tersebut. E (envelope merupakan salah satu bagian dari protein struktural virus yang sangat penting dalam pengembangan vaksin, yaitu sebagai badan yang memproduksi antibodi netralisasi untuk protein. Non-struktural protein l juga telah diketahui sebagai salah satu komponen penting dalam pengembangan vaksin oleh karena kemampuannya untuk dapat diekspresi pada permukaan sel yang diinfeksi yang dapat menjadi target untuk immune cytolisis. Ada dua pendekatan yang digunakan dalam memproduksi suatu vaksin dengue, yaitu: a. Vaksin hidup yang telah dilemahkan (live attenuated vaccine: b. Vaksin hasil rekayasa (engineered vaccine. Penelitian terhadap vaksin DENV baik rekombinan maupun non-rekombinan yang didasarkan pada uji virus telah dilakukan secara terus-menerus baik pada monyet dan manusia. Sampai saat ini telah dikembangkan sejumlah kandidat vaksin DENV yang berdasar pada tetravalent virus dengue, yaitu a. vaksin konvensional, b. vaksin dengue rekombinan berdasar pada flavivirus, c. vaksin intertypic chimeric, d. vaksin chimerivac, e. vaksin dengue rekombinan menggunakan vector non-ftavivirus dan f. vector adenovirus. Namun demikian, sampai sekarang belum ada vaksin yang siap digunakan untuk menangkal infeksi ke empat serotype virus dengue, sehingga masih diharapkan untuk pengembangan virus lebih lanjut.   Kata kunci: Aedes aegypti, dengue virus, vaksin dengue.

  12. Muhammad sebagai pemimpin agama dan negara periode Makkah dan Madinah

    Ummu Zakiyah Maulidah


    Full Text Available Muhammad was born in Mecca between AD 570 and 580 in the Banu Hashims,a reputable family of Quraysh. In Mecca, Muhammad is portrayed as a privatecitizen, as he had to limit himself and adapt his behavior to face the situationduring jahiliyyah era. While, in Medina he governed the community and guidedthem in religious life. His arrival in Medina has significant contribution towardhis role as political leader. His power in this city had protected himself and hisfollowers from violent opposition of the Quraysh. The doctrines he employedin politics were inseparable from the religious values rooted from the Quran.Through his innovation and skillful diplomacy, he had converted the peopleof Mecca and Medina into brighter Arab civilization. Such a positive changereflected his monumental accomplishment for the people.Muhammad lahir di kota Makkah antara tahun 570 sampai 580 Masehi dikeluarga Bani Hasyim, suku Quraisy terkemuka di Arab. Di kota Makkah,Muhammad dianggap sebagai masyarakat biasa, sebab ia harus membatasidirinya dan menyesuaikan prilakunya dalam menghadapi keadaan yangterjadi pada zaman jahiliyyah. Sedangkan di Madinah, ia dianggap sebagaipemimpin masyarakat dan menjadi pembimbing umat dalam hidup beragama.Kedatangannya di Madinah juga memberikan konstribusi besar pada perannyasebagai pemimpin politik. Kekuasaan di kota ini sangat membantu dirinya danpara pengikutnya dari kerasnya kelompok oposisi Quraisy. Doktin-doktrin yangdigunakan Muhammad dalam dunia politik juga tidak lepas dari nilai-nilaiagama yang bersumber dari al Quran. Dengan kreatifitas dan inovasinya dalammemimpin, Muhammad mampu mengarahkan masyarakat Makkah dan Madinah menuju kebangkitan peradaban bangsa Arab yang lebih cemerlang.Kondisi yang semakin membaik tersebut, tidak lain merupakan sebuah karyadan jasa monumental yang telah diukir oleh Muhammad untuk umatnya.


    Helly Prajitno Soetjipto


    konteks sosial dan konstruksi sosial kematian. Euthanasia didiskusikan di dalam suatu kerangka pikir yang mencoba memberi perhatian kepada hal-hal yang kontekstual dan interpretatif fenomena sosial suatu proses kematian dan kejadian kematian


    Aprilianti Aprilianti


    Full Text Available Perjanjian sewa guna usaha (leasing yang diadakan oleh Lessor dan Lesseen dilakukan secara tertulis dalam bentuk perjanjian standar. Isi perjanjian tersebut ditentukan oleh jenis dari leasing itu sendiri dan hubungan hukum (hak dan kewajiban timbal balik antara Lessor dan Lessee. Bagi Lessor, hak dan kewajibannya adalah memperoleh pembayaran sebagai imbalan jasa dan menyerahkan barang modal kepada Lessee. Sedangkan hak dan kewajiban Lessee adalah meperoleh kegunaan dari barang modal dan membayar sewa secara berkala. Tidak dipenuhinya hak dan kewajiban masing-masing pihak maka dapat disebut wanprestasi. Perjanjian akan berakhir jika hak dan kewajiban Lessor dan Lessee telah dilaksanakan sesuai dengan perjanjian. Kata Kunci: Leasing, Lessor, Lessee, hak dan kewajiban.

  15. Pembuatan Dan Karakterisasi Papan Partikel Peredam Suara Dari Campuran Resin Poliester Dan Jerami Padi

    Marjuki, Ismail


    060802033 Telah dilakukan penelitian papan partikel dari jerami padi yang direaksikan dengan polyester tak jenuh yukalac 157 BQTN ? EX menggunakan katalis mepoxe. Papan partikel ini dibuat dengan proses pencampuran dengan perbandingan antara poliester dan jerami padi adalah 30:70%; 35:65%; 40:60%; 45:55%; dan 50:50%, yang dilanjutkan dengan pengempaan. Karakterisasi dan analisa yang dilakukan menunjukkan bahwa sifat mekanik tegangan optimum pada campuran 50:50 antara polyester dan jerami p...


    Abd. Latif


    Kajian ini akan mendiskusikan tentang konsep wanua dan palili dalam struktur kerajaan-kerajaan yang tergabung dalam Konfederasi Ajatappareng di Sulawesi Selatan. Wanua dan palili adalah dua istilah yang digunakan oleh kerajaan pusat terhadap daerah bawahannya. Pertanyaannya, mengapa ada daerah bawahan yang disebut wanua dan yang lainnya disebut palili. Apakah kriteria yang mesti dipunyai satu daerah untuk disebut sebagai wanua dan apakah pula kriteria yang mesti dipunyai satu daerah untuk dis...

  17. Analisis Kesesuaian dan Daya Dukung untuk Wisata Pantai dan Snorkeling di Pulau Hoga, Kabupaten Wakatobi.

    Ahmad, Bahar


    Kawasan wisata bahari agar dapat dimanfaatkan secara berkelanjutan maka pemanfaatan yang dilakukan harus berkesesuaian dengan kondisi dan daya dukung kawasan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis kesesuaian dan daya dukung untuk wisata pantai dan snorkeling di Pulau Hoga Kabupaten Wakatobi. Data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini menggunakan data primer dan sekunder. Pengumpulan data primer menggunakan metode survei lapangan, sedangkan data sekunder diperoleh dari Badan Pusat Statis...


    Robby Darwis Nasution


    Full Text Available Korupsi merupakan budaya yang sudah lumrah terjadi di Indonesia, dalam keseharian perpolitikan di Indonesia bahkan tidak akan lepas dari aktifitas korupsi dimana pada kenyataannya korupsi sendiri akan berdampak sistemik bukan hanya berdapmapa kepada kemakmuran Negara tetapi juga berdampak kepada kesejahteraan masyarakat Indonesia. Kesejahteraan Masyarakat sesungguhnya dapat dilihat dari tingkat pemenuhan hak EKOSOB (Ekonomi, Sosial dan Budaya, ketiga poin tersebut merupakan bagian kecil indikator kesejahteraan rakyat. Bersama-sama dengan Hak Sipil, hak ekosob telah diakui secara internasional sebagai bagian dari the international bill of human rights. Kerangka hukumnya menjadi semakin jelas setelah hak-hak tersebut dituangkan dalam perjanjian multilateral yang tertuang dalam Covenan on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (selanjutnya disingkat CESCR, yang disahkan oleh Majelis Umum PBB pada tahun 1966 sebagai pelaksanaan dari prinsip-prinsip yang dimuat dalam DUHAM 1948. Kewenangan negara yang dalam hal ini adalah pemerintah untuk menjamin hak-hak ekonomi, sosial dan budaya di indonesia dirasa tidak memenuhi hasil yang memadai sehingga dapat dilihat dengan masih banyaknya pengangguran, kemiskinan, dan rendahnya tingkat pendidikan warga negara. Selain itu, tingkat korupsi di Indonesia masih sangat tinggi dibanding negara-negara lain yang menyebabkan tingkat pelanggaran hak EKOSOB di Indonesia masih sangat tinggi.


    Abdillah Halim


      Abstrak Perdebatan tidak berkesudahan terus mewarnai perbincangan dan praktek kebebasan beragama, terutama mengenai kata “kebebasan” yang dilekatkan pada agama dan kepercayaan. Jika “kebebasan” dimaknai sebagai kemerdekaan, apa lantas berarti tidak adanya batasan terhadap kemerdekaan tersebut, dalam arti bahwa kebebasan tersebut bersifat mutlak. Atau barangkali “kebebasan” di sini dimaknai sebagai kebebasan relatif yang membuka kemungkinan perumusan definisi dan ruang lingkup yang jelas. Penulis berpandangan bahwa kebebasan beragama bukan kebebasan mutlak yang tidak menuntut pendefinisian, perumusan ruang-lingkup serta norma norma, dan pengaturan. Kebebasan mutlak pada taraf yang demikian bukan kebebasan yang bermakna sebenarnya, namun dapat berarti sebuah keadaan anarki dan anomi. Kebebasan beragama adalah kebebasan relatif yang menuntut adanya penjelasan tentang definisi, ruang lingkup, norma-norma, dan batasan-batasannya.

  20. Persebaran Layanan dan Infrastruktur Telekomunikasi Provinsi Papua

    Prajna Deshanta Ibnugraha


    Full Text Available Layanan dan infrastruktur telekomunikasi merupakan bagian penting dari kehidupan modern karena hampir di segala bidang membutuhkan hal tersebut seperti pendidikan, pemerintahan, ekonomi dan sebagainya. Oleh karena pentingnya sektor telekomunikasi di Indonesia sebagai negara kepulauan maka perlu evaluasi tentang penyebaran layanan dan infrastrukturnya selain dilihat dari sisi fungsional dan perkembangan teknologinya. Provinsi Papua adalah provinsi terbesar di Indonesia namun justru memiliki layanan telekomunikasi yang paling sedikit dan terbatas. Demikian pula untuk penyebaran layanan ke kabupaten maupun ke distrik (kecamatan masih belum merata. Hal tersebut terbukti dari laporan hasil distribusi pita frekuensi yang hanya 1,5% untuk kawasan Maluku dan Papua serta kerapatan layanan tiap kabupaten yang ditunjukkan pada hasil penelitian ini.


    Edris Zamroni


    Full Text Available Manajemen bimbingan dan konseling adalah segala upaya atau cara yang digunakan  untuk mendayagunakan secara optimal semua komponen atau sumber daya (tenaga, dana, sarana-prasarana dan sistem informasi berupa himpunan data bimbingan dan konseling untuk menyelenggarakan pelayanan bimbingan dan konseling dalam rangka mencapai tujuan yang telah ditentukan. Permendikbud Nomor 111 Tahun 2014 diterbitkan untuk menjadi acuan baru pelaksanaan tata kelola bimbingan dan konseling mulai dari planning, organizing, staffing, leading dan controlling.

  2. Imunopatogenesis Treponema pallidum dan Pemeriksaan Serologi

    Efrida ,; Elvinawaty .


    AbstrakSifilis adalah penyakit menular seksual yang sangat infeksius, disebabkan oleh bakteri berbentuk spiral, Treponema pallidum subspesies pallidum. Penyebaran sifilis di dunia telah menjadi masalah kesehatan yang besar dengan jumlah kasus 12 juta pertahun. Infeksi sifilis dibagi menjadi sifilis stadium dini dan lanjut. Sifilis stadium dini terbagi menjadi sifilis primer, sekunder, dan laten dini. Sifilis stadium lanjut termasuk sifilis tersier (gumatous, sifilis kardiovaskular dan neurosi...

  3. Manifestasi Kehamilan Di Rongga Mulut Dan Perawatannya



    Kehamilan merupakan sebuah proses fisiologis yang melibatkan banyak sistem dalam tubuh dan mengakibatkan terjadinya perubahan pada sistem baik secara anatomis maupun fisiologis seperti pada sistem reproduksi, endokrin, sirkulasi pencernaan dan juga rongga mulut. Manifestasi kehamilan di rongga mulut merupakan suatu kondisi yang sering tetjadi, baik pada gigi maupun pada jaringan di sekitamya. Hal ini dapat terlihat dan tingginya tingkat karies, erosi enamel, terjadinya gingivitis kehamila...

  4. Perkembangan Pendidikan Meunasah dan Dayah di Aceh

    Mujianto Solichin


    Meunasah dan Dayah dalam masa perjalanannya tumbuh seiring perkembangan kerajaan-kerajaan Islam di Aceh yang memiliki peran strategis dalam pembentukan kebudayaan Islam di wilayah kekuasaan mereka masing-masing. Ini membuktikan bahwa kerajaan-kerajaan Melayu baik di Malaka (Malaysia) maupun di Aceh (Nangroe Aceh Darussalam) memiliki jaringan arkeologi sejarah kebudayaan dan peradaban yang terbentuk berdasarkan motivasi agama dan menjadikan tradisi Melayu sebagai identitas pemersatu mereka. Ke...


    Abdillah Halim


    KEBEBASAN BERAGAMA DAN NORMA-NORMANYA Abdillah Halim Jurusan Syariah, Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam (STAI) Ngawi   Abstrak Perdebatan tidak berkesudahan terus mewarnai perbincangan dan praktek kebebasan beragama, terutama mengenai kata “kebebasan” yang dilekatkan pada agama dan kepercayaan. Jika “kebebasan” dimaknai sebagai kemerdekaan, apa lantas berarti tidak adanya batasan terhadap kemerdekaan tersebut, dalam arti bahwa kebebasan tersebut bersifat mutlak. Atau barangkali “ke...

  6. Pushing the Frontiers of Science with Synchrotron Radiation: BESAC Panel on DOE Synchrotron Radiation Sources and Science

    Birgeneau, Robert J.


    During 1997 a panel empowered by the Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee and chaired by the speaker carried out a comprehensive review of the four DOE synchrotron sources, the ALS, APS, NSLS and SSRL^1.(Report of Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee Panel on DOE Synchrotron Radiation Sources and Science, November 1997) We also reviewed the science and technology, past and present, carried out at these facilities. This included the areas of materials research, surface science, polymers and other forms of soft condensed matter, atomic, optical, and molecular physics and chemistry, molecular environmental science, the geosciences and structural biology. We also considered more cursorily ongoing and proposed research on fourth generation sources. The most straightforward and most important conclusion of this study is that over the past 20 years in the United States synchrotron radiation research has evolved from an esoteric endeavor practiced by a small number of scientists primarily from the fields of solid state physics and surface science to a mainstream activity which provides essential information in all of the above fields. The user community at U.S. synchrotron facilities continues to grow exponentially, having reached more than 4000 on-site users annually in FY97. The research carried out at the four DOE synchrotron sources is both very broad and often exceptionally deep. We will review the results of this study with emphasis on the current science and anticipated future research carried out at modern synchrotron sources.

  7. Bahasa Roh: Apa dan Bagaimana?

    Hermanto Suanglangi


    Full Text Available Apakah itu glossalalia? Glossalalia adalah adalah kata 1.ang dibangun daridtra kata Cerika, yaitu " glossa" yang berarti bahasa atau lidah dan "lalia"artinva pembicaraan, perkataan. Sehingga "glossalalia" adalah suatu pembicaraan dengan lidah, atau perkataan denganlidah. Dari istilah inilah maka orang biasa menyebutnya dengan bahasa roh dan bahasa lidah, di mana bahasa roh, atau bahasa lidah adalah semacam bahasa yang dengan kemampuan Roh Kudus orang dapat mengucapkannya. Baik dalam Korintus maupun dalam Kisah Para Rasul, sama-sama disebutbahasa roh karena keduanya semacam bahasa yang diucapkan dengan kemampuan dari Roh yang sama yaitu Roh Kudus.


    I G A Mirah K


    Full Text Available Ekstravasasi agen kemoterapi ke jaringan sekitarnya merupakan kecelakaan yangdapat menyebabkan kerusakan jaringan progresif ireversibel dalam hitungan jamsampai hari. Manifestasi klinis ekstravasasi berupa nyeri, edema, eritema, danindurasi yang kemudian berkembang menjadi ulkus dan eschar hitam dankerusakan jaringan yang mendasarinya. Pencegahan terjadinya ekstravasasi dapatdilakukan dengan menggunakan pembuluh darah yang paten dan dengan aliranyang cepat dan tetap memperhatikan keluhan yang disampaikan pasien. Setiaptenaga kesehatan yang akan menangani pasien kanker dengan kemoterapi, dituntutmemiliki pengetahuan mengenai ekstravasasi agen kemoterapi yang bergunadalam meningkatkan pelayanan pada pasien dan mengurangi morbiditas.

  9. Sistem Pengukur Suhu dan Kelembaban Ruang Server

    Muhammad Fahmi Awaj


    Full Text Available Makalah ini membahas tentang perancangan sistem pengukur suhu dan kelembaban ruang server yang dapat meningkatkan efisiensi daya listrik dengan menggunakan arduino. Sistem terdiri dari sensor DHT 11 yang berfungsi untuk mengambil data berupa suhu dan kelembaban ruang server kemudian ditampilkan dalam LCD 16x2. Data suhu dan kelembaban ditampilkan juga ke dalam website dengan menggunakan IP address tertentu yang sebelumnya board arduino telah terhubung dengan ethernet shield. Suhu yang melebihi 270C akan menyalakan relay dan kipas serta sistem akan mengirim peringatan sms secara otomatis kepada administrator ruang server melalui sistem sms secara periodik hanya setiap tiga detik. Sistem peringatan sms akan berhenti jika suhu kurang 270C.


    Haris Herdiansyah


    Full Text Available Dunia pelacuran adalah penuh dengan tekanan, ancaman dan hal negatif cacat yang menyebabkan ketertarikan kepada pelacur oleh karena itu mendorong pelacur untuk menciptakan strategi menghadapi cukup untuk menghadapi apa yang rasa mereka . Tujuan dari studi ini akan meliputi ke luar ketertarikan dan strategi pelacur yang menghadapi transgender di tiga lingkungan sosial berbeda termasuk dalam keluarga, masyarakat dan “ cebongan” ( tempat di mana pelacur bekerja. Ini adalah suatu riset kualitatif. Karena alat pengumpulan data adalah wawancara, dan pengamatan. Studi ini menggunakan purposive sampling. Ada 3 subjek dan 4 orang informan. Untuk menganalisis data menggunakan model interaktif dari Miles & Huberman yang terdiri dari 3 langkah, yaitu reduksi data, menampilkan data dan kesimpulan serta verifikasi. Hasil dari penelitian ini, banyak kecemasan yang dialami oleh waria pelacur yang datang dari lingkungan yang berbeda-beda. Dari keluarga misalnya, merupakan sumber kecemasan tertinggi, ketika keluarga waria mengetahui profesi mereka. Sumber lain berasal dari pengucilan oleh masyarakat dan mucikari, penangkapan oleh polisi dan preman, persaingan antar pelacur dan kekerasan dari pengguna mereka di “cebongan”


    Prof. Supratiknya


    jaran di perguruan tinggi seperti kita kenal sekarang (selanjutnya disebut psikologi, lahir di Jerman pada penghujung abad ke‐19. Selanjutnya psikologi berkembang pesat di Amerika Utara khususnya Amerika Serikat dan negara‐negara lain di Eropa yang lebih dulu mengalami industrialisasi khususnya di Eropa Barat. 1 Alhasil, paling tidak sampai dasawarsa 1980‐an perkembangan dan persebaran psikologi di tingkat global ditandai oleh ketimpangan di antara apa yang oleh Moghaddam (1987 disebut tiga dunia tempat psikologi dikembangkan dan dipraktekkan, disimak antara lain berdasarkan besarnya produksi pengetahuan psikologis yang disebarluaskan melalui penyelenggaraan pendidikan tinggi psikologi maupun lewat publikasi ilmiah berupa baik berkala maupun buku rujukan dan buku teks.

  12. Nuclear dynamical diffraction using synchrotron radiation

    Brown, D.E.


    The scattering of synchrotron radiation by nuclei is extensively explored in this thesis. From the multipole electric field expansion resulting from time-dependent nonrelativistic perturbation theory, a dynamical scattering theory is constructed. This theory is shown, in the many particle limit, to be equivalent to the semi-classical approach where a quantum mechanical scattering amplitude is used in the Maxwell inhomogeneous wave equation. The Moessbauer specimen whose low-lying energy levels were probed is a ferromagnetic lattice of {sup 57}Fe embedded in a yttrium iron garnet (YIG) crystal matrix. The hyperfine fields in YIG thin films were studied at low and room temperature using time-resolved quantum beat spectroscopy. Nuclear hyperfine structure quantum beats were measured using a fast plastic scintillator coincidence photodetector and associated electronics having a time resolution of 2.5 nsec. The variation of the quantum beat patterns near the Bragg [0 0 2] diffraction peak gave a Lamb-Moessbauer factor of 8.2{plus_minus}0.4. Exploring characteristic dynamical features in the higher order YIG [0 0 10] reflection revealed that one of the YIG crystals had bifurcated into two different layers. The dynamics of nuclear superradiance was explored. This phenomenon includes the radiative speedup exhibited by a collective state of particles, and, in striking concurrence, resonance frequency shifts. A speedup of a factor of 4 in the total decay rate and a beat frequency shift of 1{1/2} natural resonance linewidths were observed. Nuclear resonance scattering was also found to be a useful way of performing angular interferometry experiments, and it was used to observe the phase shift of a rotated quantum state. On the whole, nuclear dynamical diffraction theory has superbly explained many of the fascinating features of resonant magnetic dipole radiation scattered by a lattice of nuclei.

  13. 1994 activity report: Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory

    Cantwell, K.; Dunn, L. [eds.


    The SSRL facility delivered 89% of the scheduled user beam to 25 experimental stations during 6.5 months of user running. Users from private industry were involved in 31% of these experiments. The SPEAR accelerator ran very well with no major component failures and an unscheduled down time of only 2.9%. In addition to this increased reliability, there was a significant improvement in the stability of the beam. The enhancements to the SPEAR orbit as part of a concerted three-year program were particularly noticeable to users. The standard deviation of beam movement (both planes) in the last part of the run was 80 microns, major progress toward the ultimate goal of 50-micron stability. This was a significant improvement from the previous year when the movement was 400 microns in the horizontal and 200 microns in the vertical. A new accelerator Personal Protection System (PPS), built with full redundancy and providing protection from both radiation exposure and electrical hazards, was installed in 1994. It is not possible to describe in this summary all of the scientific experimentation which was performed during the run. However, the flavor of current research projects and the many significant accomplishments can be realized by the following highlights: A multinational collaboration performed several experiments involving x-ray scattering from nuclear resonances; Studies related to nuclear waste remediation by groups from Los Alamos National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest Laboratories continued in 1994; Diffraction data sets for a number of important protein crystals were obtained; During the past two years a collaboration consisting of groups from Hewlett Packard, Intel, Fisons Instruments and SSRL has been exploring the utility of synchrotron radiation for total reflection x-ray fluorescence (TRXRF); and High-resolution angle-resolved photoemission experiments have continued to generate exciting new results from highly correlated and magnetic materials.


    Yusno Abdullah Otta


    Full Text Available Abstract: Sufism in the eras of globalization and information often faces considerable challenges. The function and role of religion in modern life have in some aspects diminished, including sufism because it is claimed to have played no or less role in resolving problems nor stimulating social change. As one of Islamic traditions, sufism makes ihsan as its essential teaching. By this concept, sufism encourages humans to pray to God wholeheartedly. Sufism is now required to show its own existence and function by making fundamental contribution for modern life, an era which differ socio-culturally from the one when sufism firstly emerged. Sufism thus needs to adapt itself to the changes in the era of information and globalization so that it will remain relevant and suitable for human progress. Sufism needs to release itself from its exclusivism and to avoid being trapped in its own logic, namely speculative-trancendentalism Abstrak: Tasawuf di era globalisasi dan informasi seperti saat ini tengah menghadapi tantangan yang sangat berat. Kehidupan modern sudah sampai pada taraf tidak lagi mempercayai fungsi dan peran agama, termasuk di dalamnya tasawuf, sebagai ‘sesuatu’ yang dapat memberikan solusi bagi perubahan sosial. Sebagai manifestasi paripurna dari ajaran Islam, tasawuf berintikan pada konsep Ihsān yang mengajarkan untuk beribadah kepada Sang Pencipta secara ikhlas. Untuk menunjukkan eksistensinya, tasawuf dituntut peran aktifnya secara konstruktif-solutif terhadap berbagai kebutuhan manusia modern yang amat berbeda dengan setting maupun struktur masyarakat pada saat tasawuf “dilahirkan” pada zamannya. Tasawuf dituntut untuk memerlukan “baju” baru di era informasi yang kerap berubah ini, agar tetap realible dan suitable dengan kemajuan zaman. Hal itu dapat dilakukan dengan berusaha “keluar” dari eksklusifismenya dengan meminjam tradisi filsafat analitik pasca positivisme dan tradisi eksistensialis serta dinamika filsafat

  15. Analisis Kinerja EIGRP dan OSPF pada Topologi Ring dan Mesh



    Full Text Available ABSTRAK EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol dan OSPF (Open Shortest Path Fisrt adalah routing protokol yang banyak digunakan pada suatu jaringan komputer. EIGRP hanya dapat digunakan pada perangkat Merk CISCO, sedangkan OSPF dapat digunakan pada semua merk jaringan. Pada penelitian ini dibandingkan delay dan rute dari kedua routing protokol yang diimplementasikan pada topologi Ring dan Mesh. Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3 digunakan untuk mensimulasikan kedua routing protokol ini. Skenario pertama adalah perancangan jaringan kemudian dilakukan pengujian waktu delay 100 kali dalam 5 kasus. Skenario kedua dilakukan pengujian trace route untuk mengetahui jalur yang dilewati paket data lalu memutus link utama. Pada skenario kedua juga dilakukan perbandingan nilai metric dan cost hasil simulasi dengan perhitungan rumus. Skenario ketiga dilakukan pengujian waktu konvergensi untuk setiap routing protokol pada setiap topologi. Hasilnya EIGRP lebih cepat 386 µs daripada OSPF untuk topologi Ring sedangkan OSPF lebih cepat 453 µs daripada EIGRP untuk topologi Mesh. Hasil trace route menunjukan rute yang dipilih oleh routing protokol yaitu nilai metric dan cost yang terkecil. Waktu konvergensi rata-rata topologi Ring pada EIGRP sebesar 12,75 detik dan 34,5 detik pada OSPF sedangkan topologi Mesh di EIGRP sebesar 13 detik dan 35,25 detik di OSPF. Kata Kunci : EIGRP, OSPF, Packet Tracer 5.3, Ring, Mesh, Konvergensi ABSTRACT EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol and OSPF (Open Shortest Path Fisrt is the routing protocol that is widely used in a computer network. EIGRP can only be used on devices Brand CISCO, while OSPF can be used on all brands of network. In this study comparison of both the delay and the routing protocol implemented on Ring and Mesh topology. Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3 is used to simulate both the routing protocol. The first scenario is the design of the network and then do the test of time delay 100 times in 5 cases. The

  16. Analisis Perbandingan Database Jurnal Elektronik Emerald, ProQuest ABI/INFORM dan SpringerLink Bidang Manajemen dan Ekonomi

    Karyatin, Arianiansyah


    Penelitian ini dilakukan pada situs database jurnal elektronik Emerald, ProQuest ABI/INFORM dan SpringerLink. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui bagaimana konten (muatan) subjek kajian manajemen dan ekonomi pada database Emerald, ProQuest ABI/INFORM dan SpringerLink dan untuk mengetahui di dalam database manakah diantara database Emerald, ProQuest ABI/INFORM, dan Springerlink yang memuat bidang kajian manajemen dan ekonomi yang paling lengkap. Metode yang digunakan dalam pene...

  17. Analisis Perbandingan Database Jurnal Elektronik Emerald, ProQuest ABI/INFORM dan SpringerLink Bidang Manajemen dan Ekonomi

    Karyatin, Arianiansyah


    Penelitian ini dilakukan pada situs database jurnal elektronik Emerald, ProQuest ABI/INFORM dan SpringerLink. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui bagaimana konten (muatan) subjek kajian manajemen dan ekonomi pada database Emerald, ProQuest ABI/INFORM dan SpringerLink dan untuk mengetahui di dalam database manakah diantara database Emerald, ProQuest ABI/INFORM, dan Springerlink yang memuat bidang kajian manajemen dan ekonomi yang paling lengkap. Metode yang digunakan dalam pene...

  18. KEJAHATAN PORNOGRAFI Upaya Pencegahan dan Penanggulangannya di Kabupaten Ponorogo

    Irma Rumtianing Uswatul Hanifah


    Full Text Available Pemerintah telah mengeluarkan undang-undang No 44 Tahun 2008 tentang pornografi. Tujuan dari undang-undang tersebut salah satunya mewujudkan dan memelihara tatanan kehidupan masyarakat yang beretika, berkepribadian luhur, menjungjung tinggi nilai-nilai Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa, serta menghormati harkat dan martabat kemanusiaan. Dalam perkembangannya, materi pornografi mengalami pertumbuhan dan penyebaran yang pesat seiring dengan perkembangan dan kemajuan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi. Peredaran dan penyebaran film porno kini semakin pesat karena ditopang dengan kecanggihan sarana informasi dan komunikasi salah satunya media internet yang bisa diakses oleh masyarakat pada setiap saat. Tulisan berikut akan mengkaji bagaimana upaya dan trategi yang dilakukan oleh Pemerintah Kabupaten Ponorogo dalam mencegah dan menanggulangi kejahatan pornografi di Kabupaten Ponorogo, apa hambatan dan bagaimana solusi dalam pencegahan serta penanggulangan kejahatan pornografi di Kabupaten Ponorogo serta bagaimana formulasi kebijakan untuk pencegahan dan penanggulangan kejahatan pornografi di Kabupaten Ponorogo. Kata kunci: Pornografi, Polres, KP3A

  19. Perbandingan Akurasi Pengukuran Suhu dan Kelembaban Antara Sensor DHT11 dan DHT22

    Arief Hendra Saptadi


    Full Text Available Suhu dan kelembaban merupakan dua objek pengukuran yang acapkali terdapat di dalam sistem akuisisi data. Terdapat banyak piranti sensor yang berfungsi untuk mengukur dua objek tersebut dan akurasi merupakan salah satu parameter yang dapat digunakan untuk memilihnya. DHT11 dan DHT22 adalah sensor seri DHT dari Aosong Electronics yang dapat melakukan pengukuran suhu dan kelembaban secara serempak dengan keluaran digital. Informasi tentang akurasi terdapat di dalam lembar data keduanya. Kendati pun demikian informasi tersebut tidak menggambarkan kondisi sesungguhnya saat dioperasikan pada lokasi maupun platform tertentu. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk membandingkan akurasi dari DHT11 dan DHT22 dalam pengukuran suhu dan kelembaban saat dioperasikan di dalam maupun di luar ruangan, menggunakan platform ATMEL AVR dan Arduino. Berdasarkan pengujian yang telah dilakukan, DHT22 memiliki akurasi yang lebih baik daripada DHT11 dengan galat relatif pengukuran suhu 4% dan kelembaban 18%. DHT11 sebaliknya memiliki rentang galat yang lebih lebar sebesar 1 – 7% dan 11 – 35%, masing-masing untuk pengukuran suhu dan kelembaban. Perbedaan lokasi dan platform tidak memberikan pengaruh pada hasil pengukuran. Galat pengukuran kelembaban yang masih di atas 10% menunjukkan perlunya kalibrasi ulang. Di masa mendatang, selain akurasi, kepresisian juga perlu diuji menggunakan penghitungan simpangan baku pada hasil-hasil pengukuran.


    - - Nurjanah


    Full Text Available Tujuan penelitian adalah menentukan komposisi gizi, asam amino, taurin, mineral makro dan mikro,dan vitamin B12 pada ubur-ubur (Aurelia aurita segar dan kering. Asam amino esensial pada ubur-uburyaitu arginina, leusina, valina, treonina, lisina, isoleusina, fenilalanina, metionina, dan histidina, sedangkanasam amino non esensial yaitu asam glutamat, glisina, asam aspartat, serina, alanina, dan tirosina. Asamamino esensial tertinggi segar dan kering adalah arginina sebesar 1,72% (bk dan 1,44% (bk dan terendahhistidina yaitu sebesar 0,19% (bk dan 0,13% (bk. Asam amino non esensial segar dan kering tertinggiadalah asam glutamat dan glisina yaitu sebesar 3,26% (bk dan 2,62% (bk dan terkecil tirosina sebesar0,38% (bk dan 0,41% (bk. Taurin segar sebesar 2,68% (bk dan kering sebesar 0,67% (bk. Mineral makrotertinggi segar dan kering adalah natrium yaitu 180.092,1 ppm (bk dan 111.209,4 ppm (bk, terkecil adalahkalsium yaitu 5.750,2 ppm (bk dan 11,1 ppm (bk. Mineral mikro tertinggi segar dan kering adalah iodium yaitu8.291,5 ppm (bk dan 1.800 ppm (bk dan yang terkecil adalah tembaga yaitu 1,1 ppm (bk dan 0,6 ppm (bk.Vitamin B12 segar adalah 396,6 μm/100 g (bk dan kering 63,5 μm/100 g (bk.Kata kunci: asam amino, mineral, taurin, ubur-ubur (Aurelia aurita, vitamin B12

  1. Industrial Use of Synchrotron Radiation:. Love at Second Sight

    Hormes, Josef; Warner, Jeffrey


    Synchrotron radiation (SR) has become one of the most valuable tools for many areas of basic and applied research. In some cases, techniques have been developed that rely completely on the specific properties of synchrotron radiation; in many other cases, using synchrotron radiation has opened completely new and exciting opportunities for conventional techniques. In this chapter, the challenges, problems, and advantages of the industrial use of synchrotron radiation will be highlighted, in an admittedly subjective way, based on the experience of the authors at various synchrotron radiation facilities. "Typical" examples of industrial use of SR will be discussed for all areas of industrial activities, i.e., production, quality control and control of regulatory requirements, and research and development. Emphasis will be put on examples from R&D as this is the most intensively used area. Because this field is much too broad for a complete review here, examples will focus on applications from just three major sectors: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and automotive and mining. Environmental research is a fourth area that will be partly covered in the section on regulatory requirements.

  2. Mono-Energy Coronary Angiography with a Compact Synchrotron Source

    Eggl, Elena; Mechlem, Korbinian; Braig, Eva; Kulpe, Stephanie; Dierolf, Martin; Günther, Benedikt; Achterhold, Klaus; Herzen, Julia; Gleich, Bernhard; Rummeny, Ernst; Noёl, Peter B.; Pfeiffer, Franz; Muenzel, Daniela


    X-ray coronary angiography is an invaluable tool for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. However, the use of iodine-based contrast media can be contraindicated for patients who present with chronic renal insufficiency or with severe iodine allergy. These patients could benefit from a reduced contrast agent concentration, possibly achieved through application of a mono-energetic x-ray beam. While large-scale synchrotrons are impractical for daily clinical use, the technology of compact synchrotron sources strongly advanced during the last decade. Here we present a quantitative analysis of the benefits a compact synchrotron source can offer in coronary angiography. Simulated projection data from quasi-mono-energetic and conventional x-ray tube spectra is used for a CNR comparison. Results show that compact synchrotron spectra would allow for a significant reduction of contrast media. Experimentally, we demonstrate the feasibility of coronary angiography at the Munich Compact Light Source, the first commercial installation of a compact synchrotron source.

  3. Vacuum chambers full of ideas for the Swedish synchrotron

    Corinne Pralavorio


    CERN’s Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings group has contributed to the development of vacuum chambers for the MAX IV synchrotron, which has just been officially opened in Sweden.   A section of the new 3 GeV MAX IV synchrotron at the time of installation. In the centre of the magnets you can see the vacuum chamber developed in collaboration with CERN. (Photo: Marek Grabski, MAX IV Vacuum group) On 21 June, the King and the Prime Minister of Sweden officially opened MAX IV, a brand-new synchrotron in Lund, Sweden. The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, was deliberately chosen for the ceremony: MAX IV, a cutting-edge synchrotron, will deliver the brightest X-rays ever produced to more than 2000 users. Some 1500 kilometres away, a team at CERN followed the opening ceremony with a touch of pride. The Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings group in the Technology department (TE-VSC) participated in the construction of this new synchrotron. Its contribution lies at the very hea...

  4. Applications of synchrotron radiation to Chemical Engineering Science: Workshop report


    This report contains extended abstracts that summarize presentations made at the Workshop on Applications of Synchrotron Radiation to Chemical Engineering Science held at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL, on April 22--23, 1991. The talks emphasized the application of techniques involving absorption fluorescence, diffraction, and reflection of synchrotron x-rays, with a focus on problems in applied chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as on the use of x-rays in topographic, tomographic, and lithographic procedures. The attendees at the workshop included experts in the field of synchrotron science, scientists and engineers from ANL, other national laboratories, industry, and universities; and graduate and undergraduate students who were enrolled in ANL educational programs at the time of the workshop. Talks in the Plenary and Overview Session described the status of and special capabilities to be offered by the Advanced Photon Source (APS), as well as strategies and opportunities for utilization of synchrotron radiation to solve science and engineering problems. Invited talks given in subsequent sessions covered the use of intense infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray photon beams (as provided by synchrotrons) in traditional and nontraditional areas of chemical engineering research related to electrochemical and corrosion science, catalyst development and characterization, lithography and imaging techniques, and microanalysis.

  5. Modelisation of synchrotron radiation losses in realistic tokamak plasmas

    Albajar, F.; Johner, J.; Granata, G


    Synchrotron radiation losses become significant in the power balance of high-temperature plasmas envisaged for next step tokamaks. Due to the complexity of the exact calculation, these losses are usually roughly estimated with expressions derived from a plasma description using simplifying assumptions on the geometry, radiation absorption, and density and temperature profiles. In the present article, the complete formulation of the transport of synchrotron radiation is performed for realistic conditions of toroidal plasma geometry with elongated cross-section, using an exact method for the calculation of the absorption coefficient, and for arbitrary shapes of density and temperature profiles. The effects of toroidicity and temperature profile on synchrotron radiation losses are analyzed in detail. In particular, when the electron temperature profile is almost flat in the plasma center, as for example in ITB confinement regimes, synchrotron losses are found to be much stronger than in the case where the profile is represented by its best generalized parabolic approximation, though both cases give approximately the same thermal energy contents. Such an effect is not included in present approximate expressions. Finally, we propose a seven-variable fit for the fast calculation of synchrotron radiation losses. This fit is derived from a large database, which has been generated using a code implementing the complete formulation and optimized for massively parallel computing. (author)

  6. Optoelectronic Picosecond Detection of Synchrotron X-rays

    Durbin, Stephen M. [Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN (United States)


    The goal of this research program was to develop a detector that would measure x-ray time profiles with picosecond resolution. This was specifically aimed for use at x-ray synchrotrons, where x-ray pulse profiles have Gaussian time spreads of 50-100 ps (FWHM), so the successful development of such a detector with picosecond resolution would permit x-ray synchrotron studies to break through the pulse width barrier. That is, synchrotron time-resolved studies are currently limited to pump-probe studies that cannot reveal dynamics faster than ~50 ps, whereas the proposed detector would push this into the physically important 1 ps domain. The results of this research effort, described in detail below, are twofold: 1) the original plan to rely on converting electronic signals from a semiconductor sensor into an optical signal proved to be insufficient for generating signals with the necessary time resolution and sensitivity to be widely applicable; and 2) an all-optical method was discovered whereby the x-rays are directly absorbed in an optoelectronic material, lithium tantalate, which can then be probed by laser pulses with the desired picosecond sensitivity for detection of synchrotron x-rays. This research program has also produced new fundamental understanding of the interaction of x-rays and optical lasers in materials that has now created a viable path for true picosecond detection of synchrotron x-rays.


    Tati Suharti


    Full Text Available Salah satu faktor pembatas dalam keberhasilan tanaman untuk tumbuh optimal yaitu adanya serangan hama dan penyakit. Identifikasi hama dan penyakit penting dilakukan karena berkaitan dengan teknik pengendalian. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui jenis hama dan penyakit yang menyerang bibit kranji (Pongamia pinnata dan teknik pengendaliannya. Metode penelitian meliputi identifikasi jenis hama dan penyakit serta teknik pengendalian dengan menggunakan pestisida biologi dan kimia. Hasil penelitian menunjukan, hama yang menyerang bibit kranji antara lain belalang (Valanga nigricornis, ulat grayak (Spodoptera sp., ulat jengkal (Hyposidra talaca dan ulat penggulung (Syllepta sp. sedangkan patogen yang menyebabkan penyakir hawar daun yaitu Phytophthora sp. Teknik pengendalian hama bibit kranji dengan menggunakan larutan ekstrak biji mahoni atau insektisida Bacillus thuringiensis sedangkan teknik pengendalian penyakit menggunakan larutan ekstrak biji mahoni, larutan ekstrak daun cengkeh atau benomil

  8. National Synchrotron Light Source 2008 Activity Report



    Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Basic Energy Sciences, the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) is a national user facility that operates two electron storage rings: X-Ray (2.8 GeV, 300 mA) and Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) (800 mev, 1.0A). These two rings provide intense light spanning the electromagnetic spectrum -- from very long infrared rays to ultraviolet light and super-short x-rays -- to analyze very small or highly dilute samples. The properties of this light, and the specially designed experimental stations, called beamlines, allow scientists in many diverse disciplines of research to perform experiments not possible at their own laboratories. Each year, about 2,200 scientists from more than 400 universities and companies use the NSLS for research in such diverse fields as biology, physics, chemistry, geology, medicine, and environmental and materials sciences. For example, researchers have used the NSLS to examine the minute details of computer chips, decipher the structures of viruses, probe the density of bone, determine the chemical composition of moon rocks, and reveal countless other mysteries of science. The facility has 65 operating beamlines, with 51 beamlines on the X-Ray Ring and 14 beamlines on the VUV-Infrared Ring. It runs seven days a week, 24 hours a day throughout the year, except during periods of maintenance and studies. Researchers are not charged for beam time, provided that the research results are published in open literature. Proprietary research is conducted on a full-cost-recovery basis. With close to 1,000 publications per year, the NSLS is one of the most prolific scientific facilities in the world. Among the many accolades given to its users and staff, the NSLS has won nine R&D 100 Awards for innovations ranging from a closed orbit feedback system to the first device able to focus a large spread of high-energy x-rays. In addition, a visiting NSLS researcher shared the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for


    Sunarto Sunarto


    Full Text Available Kepuasan merupakan perasaan seseorang mengenai kesenangan atau kekecewaan sebagai hasil membandingkan antara kinerja dan harapan. Jumlah kunjungan Puskesmas tahun 2007 sebesar 3.094.027 pasien yang terdiri dari 3.076442 rawat jalan dan 17.585 rawat inap. Penelitian untuk mengentahui gambaran tingkat kepuasan dan untuk mengetahui perbedaan tingkat kepuasan dan harapan pasien yang mendapatkan pelayanan Puskemas dan rumah sakit menurut wilayah Kabupatet / Kota di Propinsi DIY Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian deskriptif analitik dengan menggunakan rancangan cros sectional. Instrumen penelitian yang digunakan adalah kuisioner dengan 35 item pernyataan yang diambil dari atribut-atribut SERVQUAL dalam 5 dimensi. Total sampel untuk lima Kabupaten Kota sebanyak 1000, masing-masing Kabupaten Kota 200. Penelitian ini dilakukan terhadap pasien yang menerima pelayanan kesehatan di Puskesmas dan Rumah Sakit Daerah di Kabupaten-Kota Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Penilaian tingkat kepuasan pasien ketika mereka berobat ke Puskesmas dan Rumah Sakit di Propinsi DIY, dengan menggunakan skala O sampai 4. Hasilnya adalah dimensi tangibles, rata-rata kepuasan pasien (2,96 cukup dan harapan pasien (3,38 pada dimensi reliability, rata-rata kepuasan pasien (3,01 bagus dan harapan pasien (3,40. Pada dimensi responsiveness, rata-rata kepuasan pa-sien (3,07 bagus dan harapan pasien (3,42. Dimensi assurance, rata-rata kepuasan pasien (3, 1 0 bagus dan harapan pasien (3 ,42. pada dimensi emphaty, rata-rata kepuasan pasien (3,02 bagus dan harapan pasien (3,35. Hasil uji statistik didapatkan nilai p > 0.05, berarti pada alpha 5%, dapat disimpulkan bahwa tidak terdapat perbedaan tingkat kepuasan diantara kelima wilayah kabupaten/kota di DIY. Penilaian tingkat kepuasan pasien, ketika mereka berkunjung ke Puskesmas dan Rumah Sakit di DIY secara rata-rata bagus dan tidak ada perbedaan tingkat kepuasan menurut wilayah Kabupaten-Kota di Propinsi DIY. Kata Kunci : Kepuasan, harapan




    Last year, the X27A beamline at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) became dedicated solely to X-Ray Computed Microtomography (XCMT). This is a third-generation instrument capable of producing tomographic volumes of 1-2 micron resolution over a 2-3mm field of view. Recent enhancements will be discussed. These have focused on two issues: the desire for real-time data acquisition and processing and the need for highly monochromatic beam (.1 % energy bandpass). The latter will permit k-edge subtraction studies and will provide improved image contrast from below the Cr (6 keV) up to the Cs (36 keV) k-edge. A range of applications that benefit from these improvements will be discussed as well. These two goals are somewhat counterproductive, however; higher monochromaticity yields a lower flux forcing longer data acquisition times. To balance the two, a more efficient scintillator for X-ray conversion is being developed. Some testing of a prototype scintillator has been performed; preliminary results will be presented here. In the meantime, data reconstruction times have been reduced, and the entire tomographic acquisition, reconstruction and volume rendering process streamlined to make efficient use of synchrotron beam time. A Fast Filtered Back Transform (FFBT) reconstruction program recently developed helped to reduce the time to reconstruct a volume of 150 x 150 x 250 pixels{sup 3} (over 5 million voxels) from the raw camera data to 1.5 minutes on a dual R10,000 CPU. With these improvements, one can now obtain a ''quick look'' of a small tomographic volume ({approximately}10{sup 6}voxels) in just over 15 minutes from the start of data acquisition.




    Identitas brand menjadi masalah penting dalam lingkungan bisnis yang semakin kompleks dan penuh dengan persaingan. Salah satu cara yang dapat dilakukan seorang entrepreneur untuk menunjukkan identitas brand adalah melalui personal branding. Strategi personal branding sangat dipengaruhi oleh konsep diri dan strategi komunikasi yang dimiliki oleh seorang entrepreneur. Tulisan ini menggambarkan bagaimana strategi personal branding mempengaruhi keberhasilan seorang entrepreneur

  12. Dhenggung Asmarandana dan Dhegung Banten: Sebuah Komparasi

    Teguh -


    Full Text Available The Comparation of Dhenggung Asmarandana and Dhegung Banten. Penelitian ini membahas perbandinganantara gending Dhenggung Asmaradana gaya Surakarta dengan gending Dhegung Banten gaya Yogyakarta.Berdasarkan penelitian dapat disimpulkan bahwa kedua gending memiliki persamaan dan perbedaan. Persamaankeduanya terletak pada laras, pathet, bentuk gendhing, struktur gendhing, serta balungan gending. Sedangkanperbedaannya hanya pada nama dan garap tabuhan bonang.

  13. Vast voer in zoogperiode belangrijker dan gedacht

    Peet-Schwering, van der C.M.C.; Binnendijk, G.P.; Troquet, L.M.P.


    Biggen die voor spenen vast voer opnemen (eters) groeien na spenen circa 50 gram per dag sneller dan biggen die tijdens de zoogperiode geen vast voer opnemen (niet-eters). Daarnaast groeien zwaardere biggen bij spenen circa 50 gram per dag sneller dan lichtere biggen bij spenen. Dit blijkt uit onder


    - Muhsin


    Full Text Available Permasalahan yang dikaji dalam penelitian ini adalah : 1 Adakah pengaruh komunikasi intern terhadap efektivitas kerja guru dan karyawan? 2 Adakah pengaruh kepemimpinan kepala sekolah terhadap efektivitas kerja guru dan karyawan? 3 Seberapa besar pengaruh komunikasi intern dan kepemimpinan kepala sekolah terhadap efektivitas kerja guru dan karyawan? Tujuan penelitian ini adalah : 1 untuk mengetahui ada dan besarnya pengaruh komunikasi intern terhadap efektivitas kerja guru dan karyawan. 2 Untuk mengetahui ada dan besarnya pengaruh Kepemimpinan kepala sekolah terhadap efektivitas kerja guru dan karyawan. 3.Untuk mengetahui ada dan besarnya pengaruh komunikasi intern dan kepemimpinan kepala sekolah terhadap efektivitas kerja guru dan karyawan. Populasi dalam penelitian ini adalah semua guru dan karyawan yang ada di SMP Negeri 1 Suruh kabupaten Semarang yang berjumlah 40 orang.. Metode pengumpulan data menggunakan angket dan dokumentasi. Analisis data menggunakan  program statistic SPSS. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan adanya pengaruh positif antara Komunikasi intern dan kepemimpinan kepala sekolah terhadap efektivitas kerja guru dan karyawan sebesar 68,7%. Uji pengaruh secara parsial menunjukkan bahwa seluruh variabel bebas  Komunikasi intern dan kepemimpinan kepala sekolah berpengaruh secara signifikan terhadap Efektivitas kerja  dengan besarnya pengaruh masing-masing adalah 32,61% Untuk Komunikasi intern dan 25,62% untuk kepemimpinan kepala sekolah. Kata Kunci : Komunikasi Intern. Kepemimpinan Kepala Sekolah, Efektivitas Kerja

  15. Penerapan Sistem Remunerasi dan Kinerja Pelayanan

    Tri Wisesa Soetisna


    Full Text Available Remunerasi dapat memengaruhi motivasi pegawai sekaligus meningkatkan kinerjanya. Demikian halnya di rumah sakit sebagai institusi pelayanan kesehatan yang padat modal, sumber daya manusia serta padat ilmu dan teknologi. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis persepsi pegawai terhadap implementasi sistem remunerasi dan kinerja unit pelayanan bedah jantung dewasa (UPBJD di rumah sakit. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan mixed methods (kuantitatif dan kualitatif. Desain penelitian kuantitatif adalah potong lintang menggunakan instrumen kuesioner self-assessment. Sedangkan desain penelitian kualitatif adalah deskriptif, dilakukan melalui focus group discussion dan telaah dokumen pada data berupa buku jadwal, buku registrasi, catatan keperawatan, dan rekam medis. Pengambilan data dilakukan pada tahun 2013 di salah satu rumah sakit di Jakarta. Responden/informan adalah staf medis fungsional, perawat, dan petugas administrasi berjumlah 29 orang. Data dianalisis secara univariat (metode kuantitatif, dan content analysis (metode kualitatif. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa sebagian besar staf medis fungsional dan perawat tidak puas (71,2% dengan beberapa hal dalam penerapan sistem remunerasi, seperti pada sistem penggajian dan penentuan grading. Terlihat kinerja unit pelayanan bedah jantung dewasa mengalami kenaikan setiap tahun sebelum dan setelah penerapan sistem remunerasi. Diharapkan agar rumah sakit ini dapat memperbaiki sistem remunerasi yang sesuai ketentuan kebijakan dan menyusun formulasi insentif dan bonus yang lebih sesuai dengan kondisi saat ini serta perlu dilakukan sosialisasi yang tepat dan evaluasi secara berkala. Implementation of Remuneration System and Service Performance Remuneration can influence worker`s motivation, and improve their performance. Likewise in hospital as capital-intensive, human resources-intensive as well as knowledge and technology-intensive health care institution. This study aimed to analyze employee

  16. HSC5: synchrotron radiation and neutrons for cultural heritage studies

    Michel, Anne [Institut Neel - CNRS, 38 - Grenoble (France); Artioli, G. [Padova Univ. (Italy); Bleuet, P.; Cotte, M.; Tafforeau, P.; Susini, J. [European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, 38 - Grenoble (France); Dumas, P.; Somogyl, A. [SOLEIL Synchrotron, 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France); Cotte, M. [Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musees de France, UMR171, 75 - Paris (France)]|[European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, 38 - Grenoble (France); Kockelmann, W. [Science and Technology Facilities Council, Rutherford Appleton Lab. (United Kingdom); Kolar, J. [Ljubljana Univ., Morana RTD, Slovenia, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (Slovenia); Areon, I. [Nova Gorica Univ. (Slovenia); Meden, A.; Strlie, M. [Ljubljana Univ., Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (Slovenia); Pantos, M. [Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington (United Kingdom); Vendrell, M. [Barcelona Univ., dept. of Crystallography and Mineralogy (Spain); Wess, T. [Cardiff Univ., School of Optometry and Institute of Vision (Ireland); Gunneweg, J. [Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem (Israel)


    Synchrotron and neutron sources offer recent and additional insight into the records of our cultural past. Over the last years, there has been an increasing demand for access to synchrotron radiation- and neutron-based techniques, and their applications in the fields of archaeological science and cultural heritage. The purpose of this Hercules Specialized Course is to give the participants an introduction to the basic principles of synchrotron radiation and neutron techniques (imaging, microscopy, diffraction, absorption and fluorescence, IR spectroscopy). The school provides cross-disciplinary examples illustrating the abilities of these techniques in a representative range of scientific cases concerning painting, archaeological artefacts, inks, pigments, fossils and the Dead Sea scrolls. This document gathers only the resumes of the lectures.

  17. Phase contrast image guidance for synchrotron microbeam radiotherapy

    Pelliccia, Daniele; Crosbie, Jeffrey C.; Larkin, Kieran G.


    Recent image guidance developments for preclinical synchrotron microbeam radiotherapy represent a necessary step for future clinical translation of the technique. Image quality can be further improved using x-ray phase contrast, which is readily available at synchrotron facilities. We here describe a methodology for phase contrast image guidance at the Imaging and Medical Beamline at the Australian Synchrotron. Differential phase contrast is measured alongside conventional attenuation and used to improve the image quality. Post-processing based on the inverse Riesz transform is employed on the measured data to obtain noticeably sharper images. The procedure is extremely well suited for applications such as image guidance which require both visual assessment and sample alignment based on semi automatic image registration. Moreover, our approach can be combined with all other differential phase contrast imaging techniques, in all cases where a quantitative evaluation of the refractive index is not required.

  18. K-Edge Subtraction Angiography with Synchrotron X-Rays

    Giacomini, J C


    The purpose of this project was to utilize dual energy, monochromatic X-rays produced from synchrotrons radiation in order to obtain noninvasive medical imaging. The application of synchrotrons radiation to medical imaging is based on the principle of iodine dichromography, first described by Bertil Jacobson of the Karolinska Institute in 1953. Medical imaging using synchrotrons radiation and K-edge dichromography was pioneered at Stanford University under the leadership of Dr. Ed Rubenstein, and the late Nobel Laureate in Physics, Dr. Robert Hofstadter. With progressive refinements in hardware, clinical-quality images were obtained of human coronary arteries utilizing peripheral injections of iodinated contrast agent. These images even now are far superior to those being presented by investigators using MRI as an imaging tool for coronary arteries. However, new supplies and instruments in the cardiac catheterization laboratory have served to transform coronary angiography into an outpatient procedure, with r...

  19. 6th International School “Synchrotron Radiation and Magnetism”

    Bulou, Hervé; Joly, Loic; Scheurer, Fabrice; Magnetism and Synchrotron Radiation : Towards the Fourth Generation Light Sources


     Advances in the synthesis of new materials with often complex, nano-scaled structures require increasingly sophisticated experimental techniques that can probe the electronic states, the atomic magnetic moments and the magnetic microstructures responsible for the properties of these materials. At the same time, progress in synchrotron radiation techniques has ensured that these light sources remain a key tool of investigation, e.g. synchrotron radiation sources of the third generation are able to support magnetic imaging on a sub-micrometer scale. With the Sixth Mittelwihr School on Magnetism and Synchrotron Radiation the tradition of teaching the state-of-the-art on modern research developments continues and is expressed through the present set of extensive lectures provided in this volume. While primarily aimed at postgraduate students and newcomers to the field, this volume will also benefit researchers and lecturers actively working in the field.

  20. Transfiguration of extracting mirror in synchrotron radiation system at SSRF


    The first extracting mirror is very important for synchrotron radiation monitor (SRM). The SRM system of SSRF (Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility) should extract the visible light with low optical distortion. The analysis of SR power spectrum and heat transfiguration based on Matlab is introduced in this paper, which will be used in calibration. One beryllium mirror with water-cooling is used to transmit X-ray and reflect visible light to satisfy the measurement request. The existing system suffers from a dynamic problem in some beam physics study. The system includes optics, image acquisition and interferometers. One of the instruments is a digital camera providing the image of the beam transverse profile. The hardware configuration will be summarized. The synchrotron radiation measurement system has been in operation in SSRF for more than one year.

  1. High Intensity Beam Issues in the CERN Proton Synchrotron

    Aumon, Sandra; Rivkin, Leonid

    This PhD work is about limitations of high intensity proton beams observed in the CERN Proton Synchrotron (PS) and, in particular, about issues at injection and transition energies. With its 53 years, the CERN PS would have to operate beyond the limit of its performance to match the future requirements. Beam instabilities driven by transverse impedance and aperture restrictions are important issues for the operation and for the High-Luminosity LHC upgrade which foresees an intensity increase delivered by the injectors. The main subject of the thesis concerns the study of a fast transverse instability occurring at transition energy. The proton beams crossing this energy range are particularly sensitive to wake forces because of the slow synchrotron motion. This instability can cause a strong vertical emittance blow-up and severe losses in less than a synchrotron period. Experimental observations show that the particles at the peak density of the beam longitudinal distribution oscillate in the vertical plane du...

  2. RF-knockout Extraction System for the CNAO Synchrotron

    Carmignani, Nicola; Serio, Mario; Balbinot, Giovanni; Bressi, Erminia; Caldara, Michele; Pullia, Marco; Bosser, Jacques; Venchi, Giuseppe


    The National Centre for Oncological Hadrontherapy (CNAO) is a centre in Italy for the treatment of patients affected by tumours with proton and carbon ions beams accelerated in a synchrotron. The synchrotron extraction method is based on the use of a betatron core. This work aims to verify, through a theoretical study and a simulation, the possibility of using the RF-knockout extraction method exploiting the existing hardware. A simulation program has been written to simulate the extraction system of the synchrotron with the purpose to define the parameters of the radio frequency. Two types of radio frequencies have been compared in order to obtain a constant spill with the minimum ripple: a carrier wave with a frequency and amplitude modulation, and a gaussian narrow band noise modulated in amplitude. Results of the simulation and considerations on the kicker characteristics are presented

  3. Applications of synchrotron radiation techniques to materials science 4

    Mini, S.M. [ed.] [Northern Illinois Univ., DeKalb, IL (United States)]|[Argonne National Lab., IL (United States); Stock, S.R. [ed.] [Georgia Inst. of Tech., Atlanta, GA (United States); Perry, D.L. [ed.] [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., CA (United States); Terminello, L.J. [ed.] [Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA (United States)


    As more synchrotron facilities are constructed and go online both in the US and in other countries, even more applications of synchrotron radiation will be realized. Both basic and applied research possibilities are manifold, including studies of materials mentioned below and those that are yet to be discovered. Also, the combination of synchrotron-based spectroscopic techniques with ever increasing high-resolution microscopy allows researchers to study very small domains of materials in an attempt to understand their chemical and electronic properties. This is especially important in the areas of composites and other related materials involving material bonding interfaces. The topics covered in this symposium include surfaces, interfaces, electronic materials, metal oxides, solar cells, thin films, carbides, polymers, alloys, nanoparticles, and graphitic materials. Results reported at this symposium relate recent advances in X-ray absorption and scattering, imaging, tomography, microscopy, and topography methods.




    This report is founded on reports written in April 1987 by Robert Hettel for angiography operations at the Stanford Synchrotron Research Laboratory (SSRL) and a subsequent report covering angiography operations at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS); BNL Informal Report 47681, June 1992. The latter report has now been rewritten in order to accurately reflect the design and installation of a new medical safety system at the NSLS X17B2 beamline Synchrotron Medical Research Facility (SMERF). Known originally as the Angiography Personnel Protection Interlock (APPI), this system has been modified to incorporate other medical imaging research programs on the same beamline and thus the name has been changed to the more generic Medical Personnel Protection Interlock (MPPI). This report will deal almost exclusively with the human imaging (angiography, bronchography, mammography) aspects of the safety system, but will briefly explain the modular aspects of the system allowing other medical experiments to be incorporated.

  5. Transvenous coronary angiography in humans with synchrotron radiation

    Thomlinson, W.


    The transvenous coronary angiography project at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) is presently undergoing a significant upgrade to the hardware and software in the synchrotron medical facility. When completed, the project will have reached a level of maturity in the imaging technology which will allow the research team to begin to concentrate on medical research programs. This paper will review the status of the project and imaging technology and will discuss the current upgrades and future advanced technology initiatives. The advantages of using the radiation from a synchrotron, over that from a standard x-ray source, were the motivation for the project. A total of 23 human imaging sessions have been carried out with in the project. The primary goals have been to establish the imaging parameters and protocol necessary to obtain clinically useful images.

  6. Rising dough and baking bread at the Australian synchrotron

    Mayo, S. C.; McCann, T.; Day, L.; Favaro, J.; Tuhumury, H.; Thompson, D.; Maksimenko, A.


    Wheat protein quality and the amount of common salt added in dough formulation can have a significant effect on the microstructure and loaf volume of bread. High-speed synchrotron micro-CT provides an ideal tool for observing the three dimensional structure of bread dough in situ during proving (rising) and baking. In this work, the synchrotron micro-CT technique was used to observe the structure and time evolution of doughs made from high and low protein flour and three different salt additives. These experiments showed that, as expected, high protein flour produces a higher volume loaf compared to low protein flour regardless of salt additives. Furthermore the results show that KCl in particular has a very negative effect on dough properties resulting in much reduced porosity. The hundreds of datasets produced and analysed during this experiment also provided a valuable test case for handling large quantities of data using tools on the Australian Synchrotron's MASSIVE cluster.

  7. Synchrotron X-ray induced solution precipitation of nanoparticles

    Lee, H J; Hwu, Y; Tsai, W L


    By irradiating a solution in electroless Ni deposition using synchrotron X-rays, Ni composite was found to nucleate homogeneously and eventually precipitate in the form of nanoparticles. The size of the nanoparticles precipitated is rather uniform (100-300 nm depending on the applied temperature). By the addition of an organic acid, well-dispersed nanoparticles could be effectively deposited on glass substrate. The hydrated electrons (e sub a sub q sup -), products of radiolysis of water molecules by synchrotron X-rays, may be responsible for the effective reduction of the metal ions, resulting in homogeneous nucleation and nanoparticle formation. Our results suggest that synchrotron X-ray can be used to induce solution precipitation of nanoparticles and therefore lead to a new method of producing nanostructured particles and coating.

  8. A dedicated infrared synchrotron ring at the ALS

    Barry, W.; Biocca, A.; Byrd, J. M.; Byrne, W.; Kwiatkowski, S.; Martin, Michael C.; McKinney, Wayne R.; Nishimura, H.; Sannibale, F.; Steier, C.; Rex, K.; Robin, D.; Stover, G.; Thur, W.; Wu, Y.


    We present preliminary plans for a storage ring dedicated to and optimized for the production of synchrotron radiation over the infrared wavelength range from 1 micron to > 1 mm. The site for the 66 m circumference ring is atop the existing ALS booster synchrotron shielding. This area provides enough floor space for both the ring and beamlines, and hutches. We plan to operate the ring in two modes: as a conventional light source and as a superradiant source in the far-IR. In the conventional mode, our design allows greater transmission of light in the far-infrared than typical light sources, and significantly improves beam stability. In the superradiant mode, we hope to achieve very intense coherent emission of synchrotron radiation over the 0.2 - 10 mm wavelength range by shortening the electron bunches. This mode will generate much higher flux & brightness than conventional far-IR and coherent THz sources.

  9. Chemical Dynamics, Molecular Energetics, and Kinetics at the Synchrotron

    Leone, Stephen R.; Ahmed, Musahid; Wilson, Kevin R.


    Scientists at the Chemical Dynamics Beamline of the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley are continuously reinventing synchrotron investigations of physical chemistry and chemical physics with vacuum ultraviolet light. One of the unique aspects of a synchrotron for chemical physics research is the widely tunable vacuum ultraviolet light that permits threshold ionization of large molecules with minimal fragmentation. This provides novel opportunities to assess molecular energetics and reaction mechanisms, even beyond simple gas phase molecules. In this perspective, significant new directions utilizing the capabilities at the Chemical Dynamics Beamline are presented, along with an outlook for future synchrotron and free electron laser science in chemical dynamics. Among the established and emerging fields of investigations are cluster and biological molecule spectroscopy and structure, combustion flame chemistry mechanisms, radical kinetics and product isomer dynamics, aerosol heterogeneous chemistry, planetary and interstellar chemistry, and secondary neutral ion-beam desorption imaging of biological matter and materials chemistry.

  10. Study of abscopal radiation effects on multicellular organisms; Etudes sur les effets a distance dans les organismes multicellulaires irradies

    Ludwig, F. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Amongst the lesions brought about by total body irradiation, two basically different types can be distinguished: those appearing in the area which has absorbed radiant energy and those emerging in areas remote from the irradiated tissues (abscopal effects). The abscopal effects are produced by toxic tissue breakdown products, which are removed by the bloodstream and interfere with particularly sensitive structures (radiotoxins). The radiotoxins mobilize other biologically active substances, interfering with the same tissues which may display abscopal effects. This is well established for the hormones of the adrenal cortex. Furthermore, important fractions of the radiotoxins are neutralized by the reticuloendothelial system. Temporary blockade of this system enhances the efficiency of radiotoxins and greatly increases mortality of the irradiated animals. One can therefore conclude that the reticuloendothelial system affords a natural defense against an essential reaction of total body irradiation: the effect of the radiotoxins. (author) [French] Les lesions consecutives a une irradiation peuvent etre classees en deux categories: celles qui se produisent au niveau du tissu irradie et celles qui apparaissent en dehors de celui-ci. Ces dernieres - appelees -'effets a distance'- sont dues a l'action de produits d'histolyse apparaissant au niveau du volume tissulaire ayant absorbe l'energie radiante, emportes par le courant sanguin et agissant sur des structures specialement receptives (Radiotoxines). Ces corps provoquait, dans des structures eloignees du siege de l'action locale du rayonnement, la secretion d'autres corps biologiquement actifs, capables d'agir sur les memes tissus pouvant presenter des effets a distance, compliquant ainsi leur mecanisme. Ceci est etabli pour les corticosteroides. De plus, des fractions importantes des radiotoxines sont neutralisees par le systeme reticuloendothelial. Puisque le blocage de ce


    Ani Isnawati


    Full Text Available Khasiat obat tradisional disebabkan oleh adanya senyawa kimia yang  dikandungnya. Bahan baku obat dari hasil pertanian atau kumpulan tumbuhan liar tentunya kandungan kimianya tidak dapat dijamin selalu konstan (ajeg karena adanya variabel bibit, tempat tumbuh, iklim, kondisi (umur dan cara panen. Kandungan senyawa kimia yang bertanggung jawab terhadap respon biologis harus mempunyai spesifikasi kimia, yaitu informasi  komposisi (jenis dan kadar. 0leh karena itu penetapan karakterisasi suatu simplisia dan ekstrak perlu dilakukan guna menjamin bahwa bahan suatu produk obat tradisional dapat diketahui mutunya. Karakterisasi dilakukan terhadap Tanaman Strobilanthus crispus (BL, yaitu simplisia bagian daun dan ekstrak 50% tanaman tersebut. Karakterisasi simplisa meliputi : penetapan kadar abu, kadar abu larut air, kadar abu tidak larut asam, kadar sari larut air, kadar sari larut asam, dan kadar air secar·a destilasi. Cara penetapan diatas dilakukan sesuai prosedur yang Ielah ditetapkan MMI, 1979. Sedangkan karakterisasi ekstrak mencakup : karakterisasi non spesifik yang meliputi penetapan bobot  jenis, kadar air, kadar sisa pelarut, kadar abu dan karakterisasi spesifik yang mencakup  pemeriksaan·senyawa yang terlarut dalam pelarut air dan etanol, pola kromatografi dengan cara KLT-densitometri, pemeriksaan golongan kimia ekstrak dan penetapan kadar zat kimia. Hasil penetapan karakterisasi simplisia menunjukkan spesifikasi tidak sesuai dengan yang dipersyaratkan MMI, hanya penetapan sari larut etanol yang memenuhi persyaratan. Penetapan karakterisasi ekstrak etanol 50% menunjukkan tidak terdapat etanol dalam ekstrak, kadar air 13,3 %; bobot jenis 1,262%, senyawa terlarut dalam pelarut air 95,06%, senyawa terlarut dalam pelarut etanol 18,69 % dan kadar flavonoid  17,59 % serta  profil  kromatogram komponen utama fraksi heksan, Khloroform dan etanol.



    The experimental apparatus of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) microprobe analysis at Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility (BSRF) is described Using the bovine liver as the standard reference.the minimum detection limit(MDL) of trace element was measured to determine the capability of biological sample analysis by synchrotron radiation XRF microprobe.The relative change of the content of the major or trace element in the normal and tumor part of human bone tissue slice was investigated The experimental result relation to the clinical medicine was also discussed.

  13. Extended 1D Method for Coherent Synchrotron Radiation including Shielding

    Sagan, David; Mayes, Christopher; Sae-Ueng, Udom


    Coherent Synchrotron Radiation can severely limit the performance of accelerators designed for high brightness and short bunch length. Examples include light sources based on ERLs or FELs, and bunch compressors for linear colliders. In order to better simulate Coherent Synchrotron Radiation, the established 1-dimensional formalism is extended to work at lower energies, at shorter bunch lengths, and for an arbitrary configuration of multiple bends. Wide vacuum chambers are simulated by means of vertical image charges. This formalism has been implemented in the general beam dynamics code "Bmad" and its results are here compared to analytical approximations, to numerical solutions of the Maxwell equations, and to the simulation code "elegant".

  14. Observation of wide rf induced synchrotron sideband depolarizing resonances.

    Bychkov, M. A.; Anferov, V. A.; Blinov, B. B.; Courant, E. D.; Crandell, D. A.; Derbenev, Ya. S.; Kaufman, W. A.; Krisch, A. D.; Lorenzon, W.; Nurushev, T. S.; Phelps, R. A.; Wong, V. K.; Caussyn, D. D.; Chu, C. M.; Ellison, T. J. P.; Lee, S. Y.; Rinckel, T.; Schwandt, P.; Sperisen, F.; Stephenson, E. J.; von Przewoski, B.; Ohmori, C.; Minty, M. G.; Russell, A. D.


    In a recent experiment with a stored 104.1 MeV vertically polarized proton beam at the IUCF Cooler Ring, we depolarized the beam using an rf solenoid with a magnetic field of about 1.3\\cdot10-3T\\cdotm. We observed the two expected rf depolarizing resonances centered around the protons' 1.5 MHz circulation frequency as in previous experiments. Near each of these resonances, we also found synchrotron sidebands which are caused by the proton's energy oscillations. The strengths and widths of the synchrotron resonances were quite different for the sidebands above and below the circulation frequency.

  15. Design of a compact synchrotron for medical applications

    Harbi, N A


    An optimal design of a low energy (300 MeV) proton synchrotron for medical applications is addressed. The machine has the following properties: (1) The transition energy is higher than the targets final proton beam energy of 300 MeV; (2) the betatron tunes are chosen such that the machine is free of systematic resonances; (3) the machine can accommodate both slow and fast extraction systems; and (4) the machine can provide rapid cycling operations depending on the rf cavity voltage. Applications of this low energy synchrotron are discussed. (10 refs).

  16. Atmospheric pressure photoionization using tunable VUV synchrotron radiation

    Giuliani, A.; Giorgetta, J.-L.; Ricaud, J.-P.; Jamme, F.; Rouam, V.; Wien, F.; Laprévote, O.; Réfrégiers, M.


    We report here the first coupling of an atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI) source with a synchrotron radiation beamline in the vacuum ultra-violet (VUV). A commercial APPI source of a QStar Pulsar i from AB Sciex was modified to receive photons from the DISCO beamline at the SOLEIL synchrotron radiation facility. Photons are delivered at atmospheric pressure in the 4-20 eV range. The advantages of this new set up, termed SR-APPI, over classical APPI are spectral purity and continuous tunability. The technique may also be used to perform tunable photoionization mass spectrometry on fragile compounds difficult to vaporize by classical methods.

  17. Singapore Synchrotron Light Source - Status, first results, program

    Moser, H O; Kempson, V C; Kong, J R; Li, Z W; Nyunt, T; Qian, H J; Rossmanith, R; Tor, P H; Wilhelmi, O; Yang, P; Zheng, H W; Underhay, I J


    The Singapore Synchrotron Light Source is a general-purpose synchrotron radiation facility serving research organisations and industry. Beamlines active or coming up within 2002 include lithography for micro/nanofabrication, phase contrast imaging, surface science, and X-ray diffraction and absorption. An infrared spectro/microscopy beamline is expected to become operational in 2003. Further beamlines are under discussion with user groups. The Microtron Undulator Radiation Facility (MURF) is under development to provide brilliant VUV radiation and to prepare for subsequent development of an EUV and X-ray FEL.

  18. The Nanohana 2 GeV Synchrotron light source

    Korchuganov, V; Mezentsev, N A; Sajaev, Vadim; Takahashi, K; Aizawa, K; Kamiya, S; Oku, Y; Ohwaki, K


    Nanohana SR light source has been planned to be constructed in Chiba prefecture, Japan. The Nanohana is a synchrotron light source proposed for mainly industrial users. The electron storage ring has been designed to operate at injection energy of 500 MeV with a nominal energy of 2 GeV. The lattice is a Chasman-Green type with straight sections for up to six insertion devices. Several modes of operation are optimized to accommodate high-field superconducting wigglers, mini-pole undulators and VUV/SX undulators. Conceptual design of the synchrotron light source is presented.

  19. LNLS - Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory Activity Report 2005



    This activity report highlight the activities as follows: atomic local order of hafnium and silicon in dielectric films; development of bio absorbent for arsenite; insights into enzyme-substrate interaction; investigation of metastable phases in zirconia-ceria nano-ceramics by synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction; lattice distortion effects on magneto-structural phase transition of Mn As; mechanism of orbital ordering in transition-metal oxides; organic molecules in star-forming regions; spatially ordered In P dots grown on compositionally modulated In Ga P layers; structural insights into {beta}-Xylosidase from Trichoderma reesei, and surface random alloys studied by synchrotron based photoelectron diffraction.

  20. Combustion study with synchrotron radiation single photon ionization technique

    YANG Rui; WANG Jing; HUANG Chaoqun; YANG Bin; WEI Lixia; SHAN Xiaobin; SHENG Liusi; ZHANG Yunwu; QI Fei


    Here we report a combustion endstation at National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (NSRL) and some primary experimental results. Synchrotron radiation can provide the tunable vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) photon with the high intensity and the good collimation. VUV photoionization is a single-photon ionization process. Combined with molecular-beam mass spectrometry (MBMS), the VUV single-photon ionization can be applied to detect the combustion products, especially the intermediates and free radicals produced from combustion process. This method is proved to be a powerful tool for combustion study, which could be helpful for developing combustion kinetic models and understanding the mechanism of combustion reactions.

  1. Synchrotron radiation as a light source in confocal microscopy

    van der Oord, C.J.R.; Gerritsen, H.C.; Levine, Y.K. (University of Utrecht, P.O. Box 80.000, 3508 TA Utrecht (Netherlands)); Myring, W.J.; Jones, G.R.; Munro, I.H. (Daresbury Laboratory (United Kingdom))


    The optical properties of a confocal scanning microscope that was designed to utilize a synchrotron as light source are presented. The usable spectral range is from 200 nm up to 700 nm. Using 325-nm laser light, it is shown that the lateral resolution is about 125 nm, and the axial resolution better than 250 nm. After transport of the microscope from Utrecht to the Daresbury Synchrotron Source, 200-nm excitation can be applied, and the lateral resolution will drop to below 100 nm.


    Johari Johari


    Full Text Available Tugas dan wewenang Pusat Pelaporan dan Analisis Transaksi Keuangan (PPATK terdapat di dalam Pasal 26 dan Pasal 27 Undang-Undang No. 25 Tahun 2003 tentang Tindak Pencucian Uang. Berdasarkan ketentuan tersebut, tugas dan wewenang PPATK tersebut bertujuan untuk mendeteksi terjadinya tindak pidana pencucian uang, dan membantu penegakan hukum yang berkaitan dengan pencucian uang, termasuk tindak pidana asal yang melahirkannya (predicate offences. Namun, Peranan PPATK akan berjalan secara efektif apabila aparat penegak hukum seperti Kepolisian, Kejaksaan, Pengadilan, Bea dan Cukai, para regulator seperti Bank Indonesia, Departemen Keuangan, Badan Pengawas Pasar Modal serta Penyedia Jasa Keuangan, industri perbankan, asuransi, perusahaan pembiayaan, dana pensiun, perusahaan efek, pengelola reksadana, media massa, masyarakat bekerjasama secara terorganisir dan terpadu dalam pemberantasan tindak pencucian uang di Indonesia. Dengan kewenangan yang dimilikinya, PPATK dapat mengejar hasil dari kejahatan, apabila hasil kejahatan tersebut dapat dikejar dan disita maka negara dengan sendirinya akan mengurangi tindak kejahatan itu sendiri. Kata kunci : Pencucian uang, tindak pidana pencucian uang (money laundering, kejahatan terorganisir, dan Pusat Pelaporan dan Analisis Transaksi Keuangan (PPATK.

  3. Peran Mitra Strategis dan Agen Perubahan dalam Manajemen Talenta dan Kinerja Manajer

    Ida Ketut Kusumawijaya


    Full Text Available Abstract  The purposes of the study are to analyze: (1 characteristic of strategic partner and change agent roles, talent management and managers performance, (2 influence of strategic partner and change agent roles to talent management and its impact to managers performance. Four hundred hotel managers in Bali were participated in this study by using proportional random sampling. Data were analyzed using descriptive analysis and SEM. The result shows that: (1 strategic partner and change agent role, talent management and managers performance are in enough category, (2 positive and significant effect between strategic partner and change agent roles to talent management and its impact to managers performance. Keywords:Strategic Partner Role, Change Agent Role, Talent Management, Managers Performance.AbstrakTujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk menganalisis: (1 karakteristik dari mitra strategis dan peran agen perubahan, manajemen bakat dan kinerja manajer, (2 pengaruh mitra strategis dan peran agen perubahan untuk manajemen bakat dan dampaknya terhadap kinerja manajer. Sebanyak empat ratus manajer hotel di Bali berpartisipasi dalam penelitian ini dengan menggunakan proporsional random sampling. Data dianalisis menggunakan analisis deskriptif dan SEM. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa: (1 mitra strategis dan peran agen perubahan, manajemen bakat dan kinerja manajer termasuk dalam kategori cukup, (2 pengaruh positif dan signifikan antara mitra strategis dan peran agen perubahan untuk manajemen bakat dan dampaknya terhadap kinerja manajer.Keywords: Peran Mitra Strategis, Peran Agen Perubahan, Manajemen Talenta, kinerja Manajer.

  4. National Synchrotron Light Source 2010 Activity Report

    Rowe, M.; Snyder, K. J.


    This is a very exciting period for photon sciences at Brookhaven National Laboratory. It is also a time of unprecedented growth for the Photon Sciences Directorate, which operates the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) and is constructing NSLS-II, both funded by the Department of Energy's Office of Science. Reflecting the quick pace of our activities, we chose the theme 'Discovery at Light Speed' for the directorate's 2010 annual report, a fiscal year bookended by October 2009 and September 2010. The year began with the news that NSLS users Venki Ramakrishnan of Cambridge University (also a former employee in Brookhaven's biology department) and Thomas A. Steitz of Yale University were sharing the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Ada E. Yonath of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Every research project has the potential for accolades. In 2010, NSLS users and staff published close to 900 papers, with about 170 appearing in premiere journals. Those are impressive stats for a facility nearly three decades old, testament to the highly dedicated team keeping NSLS at peak performance and the high quality of its user community. Our NSLS users come from a worldwide community of scientists using photons, or light, to carry out research in energy and environmental sciences, physics, materials science, chemistry, biology and medicine. All are looking forward to the new capabilities enabled by NSLS-II, which will offer unprecedented resolution at the nanoscale. The new facility will produce x-rays more than 10,000 times brighter than the current NSLS and host a suite of sophisticated instruments for cutting-edge science. Some of the scientific discoveries we anticipate at NSLS-II will lead to major advances in alternative energy technologies, such as hydrogen and solar. These discoveries could pave the way to: (1) catalysts that split water with sunlight for hydrogen production; (2) materials that can reversibly store large quantities of


    Aslis Wirda Hayati


    menganalisis pola konsumsi pangan dan asupan energi dan gizi anak stunting dan tidak stunting 0—23 bulan menggunakan data Riskesdas 2010. Sub-set data Riskesdas 2010 diperoleh dalam bentuk e-files. Dari 6 634 data anak baduta dalam e-files Riskesdas 2010, sejumlah 3 539 data anak dikeluarkankarena data tidak lengkap, pencilan, konsumsi pangan saat kondisi tidak biasa. Status gizi diolah menggunakan WHO AntroPlus 2007, pengolahan data lainnya menggunakan program Microsoft Excel 2007 dan SPSS for windows. Uji beda pola konsumsi pangan menerapkan Mann-Whitney U test. Pola konsumsi pangan dan asupan energi dan zat gizi yang diukur berupa jumlah jenis konsumsi pangan, jumlah kelompok konsumsi pangan, frekuensi konsumsi pangan, tingkat kecukupan zat gizi, mutu gizi asupan pangan, dan densitas asupan zat gizi. Hasil kajian menunjukkan pola konsumsi pangan dan asupan energi dan zat gizi anak stunting dan tidak stunting 0—23 bulan berbeda menurut kelompok umur; semakin bertambah umur semakin meningkat perbedaannya. Pada anak 0—5 bulan tidak ada perbedaan pola konsumsi pangan dan asupan energi dan gizi anak stunting dan tidak stunting; sebaliknya pada anak 6—11 dan 12—23 bulan. Pada anak 6—11 bulan, rata-rata tingkat kecukupan protein anak stunting dan tidak stunting berbeda, demikian pula densitas asupan protein.Pada anak 12—23 bulan, tidak hanya rata-rata tingkat kecukupan protein dan densitas asupan protein, tetapi rata-rata tingkat kecukupan energi, tingkat kecukupan kalsium dan densitas asupan kalsium, tingkat kecukupan fosfor, tingkat kecukupan vitamin A, tingkat kecukupan vitamin C, mutu gizi makanan, dan bahkan jenis pangan juga berbeda. Implikasi untuk Indonesia yaitu perlu dilakukan penelitian efikasi intervensi zat gizi tersebut untuk pencapaian pertumbuhan linier optimal anak.Kata kunci: anak usia 0—23 bulan, pola konsumsi pangan, stunting


    Roswita Lumban Tobing


    Full Text Available Artikel ini bertujuan untuk memaparkan konstruksi determinan pada frasa nomina bahasa Perancis dan bahasa Indonesia. Analisis yang digunakan adalah analisis kontrastif. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa nomina bahasa Perancis memiliki jenis kelamin (maskulin/feminin dan jumlah (tunggal/jamak. Gender dan jumlah dalam bahasa Prancis memiliki aturan konkordansi yang dapat memengaruhi bentuk dan makna nomina. Dalam bahasa Indonesia, meskipun nomina memiliki konsep gender tunggal dan jamak, jenis dan jumlah dalam bahasa Indonesia tidak muncul secara eksplisit. Bentuk ini hanya ditandai dengan karakteristik semantik tertentu yang dapat menunjukkan jenis kelamin, bentuk tunggal, dan bentuk jamak.

  7. Kandidiasis di Mulut akibat Khemoterapi dan Penatalaksanaannya

    Sri Budiarti Wonso Hardjono


    Full Text Available Latar belakang: kandidiasis (kandidosis adalah infeksi jamur yang disebabkan oleh spesies Candida biasanya Candida albicans. Faktor predisposisi yang memicu kandidiasis adalah terganggunya ekologi mulut karena antara lain pemakaian antibiotika, kortikosteroid, penyakit kronis dan keganasan, beberapa gangguan darah; terapi radiasi di leher dan kepala; khemoterapi; leukimia, obat sitotoksik, juga kebersihan mulut yang buruk. Tujuan: melaporkan kasus kandidiasis di mulut karena khemoterapi dan penatalaksanaannya. Kasus dan penatalaksanaannya: seorang anak laki-laki umur 3 tahun 11 bulan penderita Leukimia Limfoblastik Akut (LLA sedang dalam perawatan khemoterapi menderita kandidiasis di mulut sehingga mengalami disfoni dan disfagia. Makanan dimasukkan lewat hidung. Klinis pasien terlihat lemah infus lewat tangan. Dalam mulut terlihat patch putih tebal menutupi permukaan dorsal dan ventral lidah, palatum durum dan ventral lidah, palatum durum dan molle, mukosa pipi kanan kiri dan gingiva rahang atas dan bawah. Pasien disedasi untuk dilakukan pengerokan lapisan kandida di mulut; pemberian Nystatin solution dan ketokonazol dilanjutkan. Pengerokan psedomembran kandidiasis telah memberikan hasil yang memuaskan, satu minggu kemudian rongga mulut pasien sudah terlihat bersih, pasien sudah dapat makan minum melalui mulut, juga sudah dapat berbicara lagi/tidak serah. Kesimpulan: Pembersihan jamur dengan pengerokan telah dilakukan, kandidiasis pseudomembran dapat diangkat dan mulut pasien sudah bersih, pasien dapat makan dan berbicara lagi.   Background: Candidiasis (candidosis is an fungal infection caused by Candida species usually Candida albicans. Predisposing factors which trigger candidiasis are the ecological disruption caused by use of oral antibiotics, corticosteroids, malignancy and chronic disease; some blood disorders; head and neck radiation; chemotherapy; leukimia, cytotoxic drugs, as well as poor oral hygiene. Aim: To report a case of

  8. Synchrotron-Radiation Induced X-Ray Emission (SRIXE)

    Jones, Keith W.


    Elemental analysis using emission of characteristic x rays is a well-established scientific method. The success of this analytical method is highly dependent on the properties of the source used to produce the x rays. X-ray tubes have long existed as a principal excitation source, but electron and proton beams have also been employed extensively. The development of the synchrotron radiation x-ray source that has taken place during the past 40 years has had a major impact on the general field of x-ray analysis. Even tier 40 years, science of x-ray analysis with synchrotron x-ray beams is by no means mature. Improvements being made to existing synchrotron facilities and the design and construction of new facilities promise to accelerate the development of the general scientific use of synchrotron x-ray sources for at least the next ten years. The effective use of the synchrotron source technology depends heavily on the use of high-performance computers for analysis and theoretical interpretation of the experimental data. Fortunately, computer technology has advanced at least as rapidly as the x-ray technology during the past 40 years and should continue to do so during the next decade. The combination of these technologies should bring about dramatic advances in many fields where synchrotron x-ray science is applied. It is interesting also to compare the growth and rate of acceptance of this particular research endeavor to the rates for other technological endeavors. Griibler [1997] cataloged the time required for introduction, diffusion,and acceptance of technological, economic, and social change and found mean values of 40 to 50 years. The introduction of the synchrotron source depends on both technical and non-technical factors, and the time scale at which this seems to be occurring is quite compatible with what is seen for other major innovations such as the railroad or the telegraph. It will be interesting to see how long the present rate of technological change


    Gede Wara Samsarga Samsarga


    Full Text Available Terapi adjuvan yang biasanya diberikan pada pasien kanker payudara dan kanker kolorektal adalah kemoterapi dan radioterapi. Terapi adjuvan biasanya diberikan setelah terapi primer untuk meningkatkan angka kesembuhan penyakit, mencegah rekurensi, dan membunuh sel-sel kanker yang tersisa ataupun yang telah bermetastasis (terutama mikrometastasis. Terapi adjuvan juga berfungsi sebagai terapi paliatif untuk meningkatkan harapan hidup pasien kanker. Dalam kenyataannya banyak pasien kanker, khususnya kanker payudara dan kolorektal yang menghindari tindakan kemoterapi dan radioterapi. Dari 38 orang pasien kanker payudara dan kolorektal, didapatkan bahwa 26,3% takut gagal, 39,5% takut efek samping, 7,9% biaya yang mahal, 10,5% karena berlangsung dalam jangka waktu yang lama, dan 15,8% tidak takut terhadap kemoterapi dan radioterapi. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa tingkat pemahaman pasien kanker payudara dan kanker kolorektal terhadap tindakan kemoterapi dan radioterapi masih cukup rendah dimana 68,4% sampel tidak tahu dan tidak mengerti tentang tindakan kemoterapi dan radioterapi. Pemahaman yang kurang tentang tindakan kemoterapi dan radioterapi ini nantinya dapat mengakibatkan timbulnya persepsi negatif terhadap tindakan kemoterapi dan radioterapi. Maka dari itu sangat diperlukan adanya suatu edukasi yang baik bagi setiap pasien tentang penyakit dan modalitas terapi yang akan diberikan. Dokter diharapkan mampu untuk mengubah persepsi negatif pasien terkait tindakan kemoterapi dan radioterapi.  

  10. M. Quraish Shihab dan Rasionalisasi Tafsir

    Afrizal Nur


    Full Text Available Kesempurnaan Islam adalah karena bersumberkan kepada al-Qur’an dan Sunnah, kedua sumber ini melahirkan peraturan atau popular dengan istilah syari’at. Islam menuntut umat nya untuk mendalami dan menghayati ayat-ayat yang terkandung didalam kitab suci al-Qur’an karena mempunyai maksud tersendiri, maka oleh karena nya tafsir mengambil peranan yang strategis untuk memahami dan mengungkap rahasia keagungan khazanah pada setiap ayat al-Qur’an. Berdasar motifasi tinggi untuk memahami al-Qur’an, banyak ulama di Indonesia yang berkosentrasi untuk menjelaskan dan menafsirkan al-Qur’an, dalam sejrah aktifitas penafsiran al-Qur’an berawal dari Syeikh Abdurra’uf al-Singkli pada abad ke 17M sampai saat ini adalah era nya M.Quraish Shihab. Tokoh tafsir yang terakhir ini tidak pernah absent dan ketinggalan di kaji dan di analisa oleh para komunitas akademisi tafsir baik dalam bentuk kajian kritik ataupun mendukung pencapaian prestasi kitab tafsir yang diberi nama al-Mishbah ini. Kritikan yang selalu dapat perhatian utama akademisi tafsir meliputi pandangan-pandangan rasional Quraish Shihab yang sering kali menjadi tidak rasional disebabkan tidak mengikuti dan menyalahi pandangan jumhur ulama. Oleh sebab itu penulis tidak ingin ketinggalan menyumbangkan pemikiran dalam bentuk usaha intelektual alah kadarnya yang dimiliki untuk menempatkan tafsir al-Mishbah kemartabat yang tinggi di tangga samudera karya tafsir ulama tafsir Indonesia


    Enung Asmaya


    Full Text Available The da’wa messages are not necessarily able to subdue mad’u. Subjugation and readiness of mad’u is influenced by personal and situational factors which are always intertwined in giving rulings behavior. Personal factors is surrounding the biological and sociopsychological aspects. Biological aspects such as needs and aspects sociopsychological human basic form of the condition and cognitive, affective and psychomotor of mad’u. The situational factors may include environmental systems, culture, norms, architectural design and the like. Social situation is also part of the reason for mad’u to accept or reject the message of da’wa.   Pesan dakwah tidak serta-merta dapat menundukkan mad’u. Penundukan dan kesiapan mad’u dipengaruhi faktor personal dan situasional yang senantiasa berkelindan dalam memberikan putusan-putusan perilaku. Faktorfaktor personal melingkupi aspek biologis dan sosiopsikologis. Aspek biologis berupa kebutuhan-kebutuhan dasar manusia dan aspek sosiopsikologis berupa kondisi dan kemampuan kognitif, afeksi dan konasi mad’u. Adapun faktor situasional dapat berupa sistem lingkungan, budaya, norma, design arsitektur dan sejenisnya. Kondisi sosial juga menjadi alasan mad’u dalam menerima atau menolak pesan dakwah.


    Sri Puji Astuti


    Full Text Available Kalimat merupakan salah satu sarana untuk menyampaikan maksud pembicara atau penulis kepada pendengar atau pembaca. Untuk menyampaikan informasi digunakan kalimat deklaratif. Dalam kalimat deklaratif sering ditemui kata apa dan mana serta bentuk turunannya. Bagaimana kehadiran apa dan mana serta bentuk turunannya dalam kalimat deklaratif dibahas dalam makalah ini. Teori yang digunakan untuk menganalisis adalah teori stuktural. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan cara menyimak pemakaian bahasa. Dalam analisis data digunakan metode distribusional yaitu metode analisis data yang berupa penghubungan aantarfenomena dalam bahasa tertentu itu sendiri  Adapun teknik yang d.igunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah teknik delisi, substitusi, dan teknik parafrasa. Dari hasil penelitian disimpilkan  bahwa apa dan mana serta bentuk tuturannya jika terdapat dalam kalimat deklaratif bukan merupakan interogativa. Kehadiran apa dan mana serta bentuk tuturannya dalam kalimat deklaratif ada yang bersifat wajib ada yang bersifat opsional. Apa dan mana serta bentuk turunannya  bersifat opsional jika dalam kalimat deklaratif apa dan mana serta bentuk tuturannya diikuti atau didahului oleh kata yang mempunyai makna yang sama


    Yuniar Rosmalina


    Full Text Available Telah dilakukan analisis vitamin A DAN β-Karoten terhadap beberapa jenis pangan dengan menggunakan metode HPLC. Analisis dilakukan terhadap 9 jenis serealia dan umbi-umbian, 3 jenis kacang-kacangan, 40 jenis sayuran, 11 jenis daging dan hasilnya, 7 jenis telur dan hasilnya, 8 jenis ikan, 12 jenis buah-buahaan, dan 7 jenis kelompok lain-lain. Hasilnya menunjukkan sumber β-Karoten yang tinggi pada kelompok serealia dan umbi-umbian adalah umbi jalar, pada kelompok sayuran adalah daun katuk, daun pepaya, daun singkong, daun melinjo, daun talas dan daun sintrong, pada kelompok telur adalah telur bebek, pada kelompok buah-buahan adalah mangga golek dan mangga gedong. Sedangkan kelompok kacang-kacangan dan kelompok daging kandungan β-Karotennya rendah. Hati ayam, hati bebek, dan hati kambing merupakan sumber vitamin A yang tinggi, sedangkan pada kelompok ikan didapati ikan lele mempunyai kandungan vitamin A yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan jenis ikan lainnya.

  14. Sistem Komputerisasi Pengolahan Buku Induk Pegawai Pada UPT Dinas Pendidikan Pemuda Dan Olahraga Kecamatan Banjarmangu Berbasis PHP Dan MYSQL

    Elisa Usada


    Full Text Available Permasalahan yang akan dibahas adalah bagaimana membuat sistem pengolahan buku induk pegawai di UPT Dinas Pendidikan Pemuda dan Olahraga Kecamatan Banjarmangu berbasis PHP dan MySQL. Sistem pengolahan buku induk pegawai  berbasis PHP dan MySQL ini dirancang komputerisasi menggunakan PHP dan database MySQL dengan tujuan agar pengolahan data pegawai di UPT Dinas Pendidikan Pemuda dan Olahraga Kecamatan Banjarmangu dapat terpusat. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah menggunakan metode waterfall. Sistem pengolahan buku induk pegawai ini menggunakan jaringan client server dan dapat diakses oleh administrator dan Kepala UPT dan Pegawai. Kelebihan dari sistem pengolahan ini adalah dilindungi password dan hak akses yang berbeda untuk setiap user sehingga keamanan data dapat terjamin, sedangkan kekurangannya adalah program yang dihasilkan belum maksimal karena mengkhususkan data pegawai pada buku induk saja. Saran dari sistem pengolahan ini yaitu pengembangan dari segi keamanan data, kelengkapan data, dan ketelitian sistem dalam input data untuk mengurangi kesalahan.

  15. Perancangan dan Implementasi Presensi Digital Guru dan Karyawan SMA Negeri 9 Semarang

    Th. Didot Septiawan


    Full Text Available Berdasarkan surat edaran dari Kepala Dinas Pendidikan Kota Semarang, terhitung mulai Januari 2015 tiap sekolah dihimbau untuk beralih dari sistem presensi manual menjadi digital. Hingga awal Maret ini, presensi guru dan karyawan di SMA Negeri 9 Semarang masih dilakukan secara manual. Maka diperlukan sebuah penelitian untuk merancang dan menerapkan sistem presensi digital bagi SMA Negeri 9 Semarang. Tahapan penelitian meliputi perencanaan, analisis, perancangan, implementasi, pengujian, dan pemeliharaan. Perangkat lunak dibangun dengan framework PHP Phalcon, basis data MySQL, dan aplikasi webserver Nginx pada sistem operasi Ubuntu 14.04. Mesin presensi dengan metode pengenalan wajah dipilih untuk mendapatkan data kehadiran yang bersifat autentik. Pengujian dilakukan dengan metode kotak hitam dan kotak putih. Semua kebutuhan fungsional telah diimplementasikan pada aplikasi web dan kebutuhan non-fungsional pun telah terpenuhi. Sistem presensi digital ini menjadi solusi bagi SMA Negeri 9 Semarang dalam usaha uji coba penggunaan presensi digital.

  16. The n,{gamma} discrimination in recoil-proton proportional counters. Application to the measurement of fast neutron spectra; Discrimination n,{gamma} dans les compteurs proportionnels a protons de recul. Application a la mesure des spectres de neutrons rapides

    Jeandidier, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A description is given of a spectrometry chain working in the energy range of a few keV to 1 MeV, and designed for measurement of fast neutron spectra. It consists of detectors, recoil proton proportional counters built especially for this work by R. COMTE (DEG/SER) and which make it possible to cover the energy range and also associated electronic equipment. A brief description is first given of the physical processes involved: (n,p) collisions in the gas, influence of {gamma} radiation; the method of discrimination is then presented. It is based on the difference in the rise-times of the pulses. In the experiments described here the use of a bi-parametric system made it possible to employ the most simple discrimination device, based on the fact that the high frequency gamma pulse components are, at a given energy, weaker than those of the neutron pulses. Results are given of measurements carried out on the Van der Graaff (mono-energetic neutrons for testing the linearity of the chain and the resolving power of the counters), and of those made in a sub-critical system Hug at Cadarache. (author) [French] On decrit une chaine de spectrometrie travaillant dans le domaine d'energie de quelques keV a 1 MeV destinee a la mesure des spectres de neutrons rapides. Elle comprend les detecteurs, compteurs proportionnels a protons de recul, realises specialement pour cette etude par M. R. COMTE (DEG/SER), permettant de couvrir la gamme d'energie et l'electronique associee. Apres un rappel des processus physiques mis en jeu: chocs (n,p) dans les gaz, influence des rayonnements {gamma}, on expose la methode de discrimination utilisee. Celle-ci est basee sur la difference des temps de montee des impulsions. Au cours des experiences rapportees ici, la mise en oeuvre d'un ensemble bi-parametrique a permis d'utiliser le dispositif de discrimination le plus simple, base sur la remarque que les composantes a haute frequence des impulsions {gamma} sont, a


    Ali Tarmuji


    Full Text Available Penggunaan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi (TIK di suatu instansi sangat banyak dampaknya, baik positif maupun negatif. Seiring perkembangan teknologi semakin banyak pemanfaatan media TIK ini untuk membantu pelaksanaan suatu pekerjaan bahkan hampir seluruh bidang di suatu instansi. Dalam perjalanan penggunaan TIK sering muncul permasalahan-permasalahan yang jika tidak ditangani akan mengakibatkan adanya kemunduran kinerja dari bagian/seseorang yang menggunakan peralatan TIK untuk menunjang kerja mereka. Suatu instansi yang sudah sedemikian kompleksnya dalam penggunaan peralatan TIK di instansinya maka diperlukan suatu mekanisme dan unit khusus yang menangani penggunaan dan permasalahan dalam hal penggunaan TIK tersebut. Mekanisme dan unit khusus tersebut sering dinamakan tim helpdesk yang tujuan utamanya adalah menangani penyelesaian terhadap permasalahan yang muncul dari penggunaan suatu peralatan TIK tersebut sehingga mampu memperlancar kerja yang terkait. Suatu instansi dalam hal penerapan tim helpdesk memerlukan suatu perencanaan yang matang dan terorganisir. Langkah-langkah yang perlu dilakukan oleh instansi dalam implementasi tim helpdesknya antara lain, (1 membentuk tim khusus untuk menganalisis organisasinya terkait kebutuhan implementasi helpdesk tersebut, (2 membentuk organisasi helpdesk sesuai kebutuhan, (3 memilih workflow helpdesk yang disesuaikan dengan kondisi instansi, (4 memilih framework yang tepat untuk mendasari jalannya implementasi helpdesk di instansi terkait, dan (5 menuangkan aturan-aturan dasar (standard operation procedur-SOP untuk menguatkan kiprah tim helpdesk di instansi terkait.Terbentuknya tim helpdesk diharapkan dapat mengatasi permasalahan dan memberikan layanan terhadap seluruh permasalahan bidang TIK baik yang bersifat internal (pengembang aplikasi maupun seluruh permasalahan operasional aplikasi ataupun hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan sistem dan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi.

  18. Practical application of noise diffusion in U-70 synchrotron

    Ivanov, S. V.; Lebedev, O. P.


    This paper briefly outlines the physical substantiation and the engineering implementation of technological systems in the U-70 synchrotron based on controllable noise diffusion of the beam. They include two systems of stochastic slow beam extraction (for high and intermediate energy) and the system of longitudinal noise RF gymnastics designated for flattening the bunch distribution over the azimuth.

  19. Dedicated Beamline Facilities for Catalytic Research. Synchrotron Catalysis Consortium (SCC)

    Chen, Jingguang [Columbia Univ., New York, NY; Frenkel, Anatoly [Yeshiva Univ., New York, NY (United States); Rodriguez, Jose [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Adzic, Radoslav [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Bare, Simon R. [UOP LLC, Des Plaines, IL (United States); Hulbert, Steve L. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Karim, Ayman [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Mullins, David R. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Overbury, Steve [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    Synchrotron spectroscopies offer unique advantages over conventional techniques, including higher detection sensitivity and molecular specificity, faster detection rate, and more in-depth information regarding the structural, electronic and catalytic properties under in-situ reaction conditions. Despite these advantages, synchrotron techniques are often underutilized or unexplored by the catalysis community due to various perceived and real barriers, which will be addressed in the current proposal. Since its establishment in 2005, the Synchrotron Catalysis Consortium (SCC) has coordinated significant efforts to promote the utilization of cutting-edge catalytic research under in-situ conditions. The purpose of the current renewal proposal is aimed to provide assistance, and to develop new sciences/techniques, for the catalysis community through the following concerted efforts: Coordinating the implementation of a suite of beamlines for catalysis studies at the new NSLS-II synchrotron source; Providing assistance and coordination for catalysis users at an SSRL catalysis beamline during the initial period of NSLS to NSLS II transition; Designing in-situ reactors for a variety of catalytic and electrocatalytic studies; Assisting experimental set-up and data analysis by a dedicated research scientist; Offering training courses and help sessions by the PIs and co-PIs.

  20. Detection and spectral measurements of coherent synchrotron radiation at FLASH

    Behrens, Christopher


    The operation of high-gain free-electron laser (FEL) underlies tremendous demands on high quality electron beams with high peak currents. At the Free-Electron-Laser in Hamburg (FLASH), two magnetic bunch compressors are used to compress the electron bunches longitudinally. In the bunch compressor magnets, these short electron bunches generate coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR). This CSR contains information on the longitudinal bunch profile, which is relevant for driving an FEL. In order to investigate coherent synchrotron radiation at the second bunch compressor BC3 at FLASH, a new setup behind the last dipole was installed. For the detection of coherent synchrotron radiation, which is emitted in the infrared regime, pyroelectric detectors were used. These pyroelectric detectors have been calibrated at the free-electron laser FELIX in the wavelength range from 5 {mu}m to 110 {mu}m. For characterisation of the emitted radiation, a transverse scanning device was used to measure the transverse intensity distribution. Various transmission filters were used to obtain additional information about the spectral content. In order to get spectral information with high resolution over a wide wavelength range, a rotating mirror spectrometer using reflective blazed gratings was installed. Using this spectrometer, the first spectral measurements of coherent synchrotron radiation at FLASH in a wavelength range from 10 {mu}m to 160 {mu}m were done. (orig.)

  1. Applying Frequency Map Analysis to the Australian Synchrotron Storage Ring

    Tan, Yaw-Ren E; Le Blanc, Gregory Scott


    The technique of frequency map analysis has been applied to study the transverse dynamic aperture of the Australian Synchrotron Storage Ring. The results have been used to set the strengths of sextupoles to optimise the dynamic aperture. The effects of the allowed harmonics in the quadrupoles and dipole edge effects are discussed.

  2. Reminder of the edge effect in Synchrotron radiation

    Burkhardt, H


    The synchrotron radiation in the LHC will be rather soft and weak, compared to high energy electron machines. Still it is expected to generate non negligible heating and photon-induced gas desorption. A summary of standard formulas and numbers for the LHC have been collected in this note, including a very rough discussion of the spectrum shift expected by the edge effect.

  3. Science minister puts French synchrotron back on the agenda


    The new French minister of Science has said that he would pursue plans to build a synchrotron in France, reversing the decision of his predecessor. He is still intending to participate in the British project Diamond though (1/2 page).

  4. Moessbauer optics of synchrotron radiation at an isotope interface

    Belyakov, V A


    Coherent inelastic Moessbauer scattering (CIMS) of synchrotron radiation (SR) at an isotope interface (plane interface between two regions differing only in the concentration of the Moessbauer isotope) is investigated theoretically. Main attention is paid to the CIMS component resulting from SR quanta absorption by Moessbauer nuclei accompanied by creation or annihilation of the phonons in sample and following recoilless reemission of Moessbauer quanta.

  5. Design of slow extraction system for therapy synchrotron

    ZHANG Jin-Quan; SONG Ming-Tao; WEI Bao-Wen


    Based on the optimized design of the lattice for therapy synchrotron and considering the requirement of radiation therapy,the third order resonant extraction is adopted.Using the momentum-amplitude selection method,the extraction system is designed and optimized.An extraction efficiency of more than 97%and a momentum spread less than 0.11%are obtained.

  6. Characterizing THz Coherent Synchrotron Radiation at Femtosecond Linear Accelerator

    LIN Xu-Ling; ZHANG Jian-Bing; LU YU; LUO Feng; LU Shan-Liang; YU Tie-Min; DAI Zhi-Min


    The generation and observation of coherent THz synchrotron radiation from femtosecond electron bunches in the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics femtosecond accelerator device is reported.We describe the experiment setup and present the first result of THz radiation properties such as power and spectrum.

  7. Status of the delta synchrotron light-monitoring-system

    Berges, U


    A synchrotron radiation source like DELTA needs an optical monitoring system to measure the beam size at different points of the ring with high resolution and accuracy. The measurements with the present synchrotron light monitors show that beam sizes larger than 250 μm can be measured. The measured emittance is of the order of the theoretical values of the optics and goes down to 8 nm rad. The magnification of the system can simply be increased by adding another lens to measure smaller emittances and beamsizes down to 100 μm. In this case you still have an optical image of the beam available, but sometimes the position of the camera has to be adapted due to the great magnification of the optical system. The image processing system which is based on a VME Framegrabber makes a two dimensional gaussian fit to the images from different synchrotron light-monitors. First tests with monochromatic components of the synchrotron radiation (500 nm and 550 nm) and with short time cameras (shutter time...

  8. Spatially Varying X-ray Synchrotron Emission in SN 1006

    Dyer, K K; Borkowski, K; Petre, R; Dyer, Kristy; Reynolds, Stephen P; Borkowski, Kazik; Petre, Rob


    A growing number of both galactic and extragalactic supernova remnants show non-thermal (non-plerionic) emission in the X-ray band. New synchrotron models, realized as SRESC and SRCUT in XSPEC 11, which use the radio spectral index and flux as inputs and include the full single-particle emissivity, have demonstrated that synchrotron emission is capable of producing the spectra of dominantly non-thermal supernova remnants with interesting consequences for residual thermal abundances and acceleration of particles. In addition, these models deliver a much better-constrained separation between the thermal and non-thermal components, whereas combining an unconstrained powerlaw with modern thermal models can produce a range of acceptable fits. While synchrotron emission can be approximated by a powerlaw over small ranges of energy, the synchrotron spectrum is in fact steepening over the X-ray band. Having demonstrated that the integrated spectrum of SN 1006, a remnant dominated by non-thermal emission, is well desc...

  9. Operation of the Australian Store.Synchrotron for macromolecular crystallography.

    Meyer, Grischa R; Aragão, David; Mudie, Nathan J; Caradoc-Davies, Tom T; McGowan, Sheena; Bertling, Philip J; Groenewegen, David; Quenette, Stevan M; Bond, Charles S; Buckle, Ashley M; Androulakis, Steve


    The Store.Synchrotron service, a fully functional, cloud computing-based solution to raw X-ray data archiving and dissemination at the Australian Synchrotron, is described. The service automatically receives and archives raw diffraction data, related metadata and preliminary results of automated data-processing workflows. Data are able to be shared with collaborators and opened to the public. In the nine months since its deployment in August 2013, the service has handled over 22.4 TB of raw data (∼1.7 million diffraction images). Several real examples from the Australian crystallographic community are described that illustrate the advantages of the approach, which include real-time online data access and fully redundant, secure storage. Discoveries in biological sciences increasingly require multidisciplinary approaches. With this in mind, Store.Synchrotron has been developed as a component within a greater service that can combine data from other instruments at the Australian Synchrotron, as well as instruments at the Australian neutron source ANSTO. It is therefore envisaged that this will serve as a model implementation of raw data archiving and dissemination within the structural biology research community.

  10. The national synchrotron ray of hope or ring of fire?

    Hollis, T


    While most agree the synchrotron will be a boost for Australian science, the author reports on concerns about the cost of building and operating the project Biotech industry representatives want to know how that $100 million will be used and want to see the government's justification for pouring more than a third of its total technology budget for 2001/2 into the synchrotron. They, and the opposition, also want to know where the private money will come from to make up the balance or whether the state will ultimately have to pitch in the rest itself. Indeed, an Auditor-General's report released last week warned of the need for comprehensive financial risk management of the facility. The National Synchrotron, to be built at Monash University, will be a hollow ring of about 60 metres diameter and initially housing nine beamlines, each capable of performing independent experiments simultaneously. According to Dr Richard Garrett, director of the Australian Synchrotron Research Program (

  11. Polarization factor measurements of flat crystals using synchrotron radiation

    Wohrer, K.; Touati, A.; Chetioui, A.; Rozet, J.P.; Chevallier, P.; Wang, J.X.; Bouisset, P.


    A method for measuring polarization factors of flat crystals, using a highly polarized beam source provided by synchrotron radiation, is presented. Application to the test of a graphite mosaic crystal, performed at the LURE-DCI facility in Orsay (France), is reported. Results concerning polarization factors at different energies are discussed in connection with measured crystal reflectivities.

  12. Synchrotron Radiation in eRHIC Interaction Region

    Beebe-Wang, Joanne; Montag, Christoph; Rondeau, Daniel J; Surrow, Bernd


    The eRHIC currently under study at BNL consists of an electron storage ring added to the existing RHIC complex. The interaction region of this facility has to provide the required low-beta focusing while accommodating the synchrotron radiation generated by beam separation close to the interaction point. In the current design, the synchrotron radiation caused by 10GeV electrons bent by low-beta triplet magnets will be guided through the interaction region and dumped 5m downstream. However, it is unavoidable to stop a fraction of the photons at the septum where the electron and ion vacuum system are separated. In order to protect the septum and minimize the backward scattering of the synchrotron radiation, an absorber and collimation system will be employed. In this paper, we first present the overview of the current design of the eRHIC interaction region with special emphasis on the synchrotron radiation. Then the initial design of the absorber and collimation system, including their geometrical and physical p...

  13. Polarized galactic synchrotron and dust emission and their correlation

    Choi, Steve K


    We present an analysis of the level of polarized dust and synchrotron emission using the WMAP9 and Planck data. The primary goal of this study is to inform the assessment of foreground contamination in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) measurements below $\\ell\\sim200$ from 23 to 353 GHz. We compute angular power spectra as a function of sky cut based on the Planck 353 GHz polarization maps. Our primary findings are the following. (1) There is a spatial correlation between the dust emission as measured by Planck at 353 GHz and the synchrotron emission as measured by WMAP at 23 GHz with $\\rho\\approx0.4$ or greater for $\\ell<20$ and $f_{\\mathrm{sky}}\\geq0.5$, dropping to $\\rho\\approx0.2$ for $30<\\ell<200$. (2) A simple foreground model with dust, synchrotron, and their correlation fits well to all possible cross spectra formed with the WMAP and Planck 353 GHz data given the current uncertainties. (3) In the 50$\\%$ cleanest region of the polarized dust map, the ratio of synchrotron to dust amplitudes...

  14. Cored Rutherford cables for the GSI fast ramping synchrotron

    Wilson, M.N.; Ghosh, A.K.; Haken, ten B.; Hassenzahl, W.V.; Kaugerts, J.; Moritz, G.; Muehle, C.; Ouden, den A.; Soika, R.; Wanderer, P.; Wessel, W.A.J.


    The new heavy ion synchrotron facility proposed by GSI will have two superconducting magnet rings in the same tunnel, with rigidities of 200 T/spl middot/m and 100 T/spl middot/m. Fast ramp times are needed, which can cause significant problems for the magnets, particularly in the areas of ac loss a

  15. Dazzling new light source opens at Stanford synchrotron radiation laboratory


    SPEAR3, the Stanford Positron Electron Asymmetric Ring, was formally opened at a dedication ceremony at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center on Jan. 29. It incorporates the latest technology to make it competitive with the best synchrotron sources in the world (1/2 page)

  16. Surface Reactions Studied by Synchrotron Based Photoelectron Spectroscopy

    Hrbek, J.


    The goal of this article is to illustrate the use of synchrotron radiation for investigating surface chemical reactions by photoelectron spectroscopy. A brief introduction and background information is followed by examples of layer resolved spectroscopy, oxidation and sulfidation of metallic, semiconducting and oxide surfaces.

  17. A new method of depth profile determination by synchrotron radiation

    Abbas, K.; Midy, P.; Brissaud, I.; Chevallierr, P.


    We propose a new method of depth profile determination using X-ray fluorescence analysis induced by synchrotron radiation. We show that uncertainties introduced in the solution of the system can be overcome using a calculation techniques based on a singular value decomposition of the matrix. This method may also apply to many other problems dealing with poorly conditioned systems.

  18. Refraction-contrast bone imaging using synchrotron radiation

    Mori, Koichi; Sekine, Norio; Sato, Hitoshi; Shikano, Naoto [Ibaraki Prefectural Univ. of Health Sciences, Ami (Japan); Shimao, Daisuke [Ibaraki Prefectural Univ. of Health Sciences, Ami (Japan). Graduate School of Health Sciences; Shiwaku, Hideaki [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Mikazuki, Hyogo (Japan). Synchrotron Radiation Research Center; Hyodo, Kazuyuki [High Energy Accelerator Research Org., Tsukuba, Ibaraki (Japan). Inst. of Material Structure Sciences; Oka, Hiroshi [St. Marianna Univ., Kawasaki, Kanagawa (Japan). School of Medicine


    The X-ray refraction-contrast imaging using synchrotron radiation with some X-ray energies is successfully performed at B120B2 of SPring-8. The refraction-contrast images of bone samples such as human dried proximal phalanx, wrist, upper cervical vertebrae and sella turcica and as mouse proximal femur using the synchrotron X-ray are always better in image contrast and resolution than those of the absorption-contrast images using the synchrotron X-ray and/or the conventional X-ray tube. There is much likeness in the image contrast and resolution of trabeculae bone in the human dried proximal phalanx between X-ray energy of 30 keV at sample-to-film distance of 1 m and those of 40, 50 keV at those of 4,5 m, respectively. High-energy refraction-contrast imaging with suitable sample-to-film distance could reduce the exposure dose in human imaging. In the refraction-contrast imaging of human wrist, upper cervcal vertebrae, sella turcica and mouse proximal femur using the synchrotron X-ray, we can obtain better image contrast and resolution to correctly extract morphological information for diagnosis corresponding to each of the clinical field than those of the absorption-contrast images. (author)

  19. Sensitivity of transient synchrotron radiation to tokamak plasma parameters

    Fisch, N.J.; Kritz, A.H.


    Synchrotron radiation from a hot plasma can inform on certain plasma parameters. The dependence on plasma parameters is particularly sensitive for the transient radiation response to a brief, deliberate, perturbation of hot plasma electrons. We investigate how such a radiation response can be used to diagnose a variety of plasma parameters in a tokamak. 18 refs., 13 figs.

  20. Initial scientific uses of coherent synchrotron radiation inelectron storage rings

    Basov, D.N.; Feikes, J.; Fried, D.; Holldack, K.; Hubers, H.W.; Kuske, P.; Martin, M.C.; Pavlov, S.G.; Schade, U.; Singley, E.J.; Wustefeld, G.


    The production of stable, high power, coherent synchrotron radiation at sub-terahertz frequency at the electron storage ring BESSY opens a new region in the electromagnetic spectrum to explore physical properties of materials. Just as conventional synchrotron radiation has been a boon to x-ray science, coherent synchrotron radiation may lead to many new innovations and discoveries in THz physics. With this new accelerator-based radiation source we have been able to extend traditional infrared measurements down into the experimentally poorly accessible sub-THz frequency range. The feasibility of using the coherent synchrotron radiation in scientific applications was demonstrated in a series of experiments: We investigated shallow single acceptor transitions in stressed and unstressed Ge:Ga by means of photoconductance measurements below 1 THz. We have directly measured the Josephson plasma resonance in optimally doped Bi{sub 2}Sr{sub 2}CaCu{sub 2}O{sub 8} for the first time and finally we succeeded to confine the sub-THz radiation for spectral near-field imaging on biological samples such as leaves and human teeth.

  1. Monochromator on a synchrotron undulator source for liquid surface studies

    Als-Nielsen, Jens Aage; Freund, A.K.


    a monochromator made of a beryllium mosaic crystal using the (002) reflection in Laue geometry placed in undulator beams of DORIS III at the Hamburger Synchrotronstrahlungslabor and of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. An analysis of the diffraction properties in terms of mosaic spread, heat load...

  2. Beam model for non-planar orbits in synchrotrons

    Month, M.


    A framework has been developed for a beam model in the case of synchrotron orbits not confined to a plane. An appropriate moving reference system for the analysis of beam stability has been introduced. As examples of strong perturbations to median plane symmetry, two geometries for the overpass for the Tevatron collider are considered.

  3. Penskalaan Butir Format Respons Pilihan dan Respons Bebas Berdasarkan Model Rasch dan Partial Credit

    Eko Hariadi


    Full Text Available Penelitian melihat pengaruh jumlah parameter butir, kategori respons bebas (RB, pengaruh sampel terhadap akurasi estimasi parameter kemampuan untuk menghasilkan estimasi yang stabil dan pengaruh pembobotan butir RP dan butir RB terhadap kesalahan baku. Penelitian dalam dua tahap, simulasi menggunakan 30 kondisi dengan replikasi 50 dengan variabel panjang tes, jumlah kategori, dan jumlah parameter butir, dan analisis deskriptif, dilanjutkan penerapan penskalaan gabungan butir tipe respons pilihan (rp dan butir respons bebas (rb pada konstruksi tes elektronika yang terdiri 40 butir pilihan ganda dan 4 butir jawaban tersusun, 3 butir memiliki lima kategori jawaban dan 1 butir dengan 4 kategori jawaban, melibatkan 355 siswa. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan: ukuran sampel kurang berpengaruh pada root mean square error atau (RSME> dan korelasi antara 9 dengan 0, namun berpengaruh terhadap akurasi estimasi parameter butir pilihan ganda (/>/y,dan parameter butir respons tersusun (3^- Jumlah parameter butir berpengaruh terhadap parameter kemampuan, tetapi tidak berpengaruh terhadap akurasi dari b^, dan S„,. Estimasi dari parameter tingkat kesulitan butir jawaban tersusun tiga kategori lebih akurat daripada butir jawaban tersusun lima kategori. Estimasi tahan {robust untuk parameter kesulitan butir jawaban tersusun 5 kategori memerlukan sampel minimal 250 responden, sedangkan untuk butir respons tersusun 3 kategori memerlukan sampel minimal 100 responden. Estimasi parameter kemampuan dari skor total (0^^ tidak sama dengan rata-rata jumlah tbeta dari masing-masing subtes (0^ + 0CR. Theta dari tes yang dikalibrasi bersama-sama berbeda dengan theta dari total subtes yang dikalibrasi secara terpisah. Korelasi kemampuan yang mengunakan pembobotan dan kemampuan tanpa pembobotan mempunyai suatu rentang dari 0,988 sampai 0,948. Kata kunci: penyekaiaan, model rash dan partial credit.

  4. Evaluasi Layanan Sirkulasi dan Layanan Pengguna Pada Kantor Perpustakaan, Kearsipan dan Dokumentasi Nias Utara

    Zalukhu, Radius Seantero


    Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui layanan perpustakaan pada kantor perpustakaan, kearsipan dan dokumentasi kabupaten Nias Utara. Penelitian yang dilakukan di Kantor Perpustakaan, Kearsipan dan Dokumenstasi Kabupaten Nias Utara, yang beralamat di Jl. Gunung Sitoli – Lehewa Km 42 Lotu, menitik beratkan pada layanan sirkulasi, layanan pengguna serta layanan koleksi. Metode Penelitian menggunakan metode deskriptif. Instrument yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah kuesioner dan st...


    Nur Handayani Utami; Bunga CH. Rosha


    Anemia masih menjadi permasalahan kesehatan pada wanita hamil. Zat besi dianggap sebagai salah satu zat gizi mikro yang berperan terhadap terjadinya anemia. Kekurangan gizi besi dalam tingkat lanjut dapat menyebabkan anemia, yang disebut sebagai anemia gizi besi. Tujuan studi ini adalah untuk menganalisis perbedaan antara asupan protein dan gizi mikro serta menghitung odd ratio (OR) kejadian anemia dan anemia gizi besi akibat asupan protein dan gizi mikro pada wanita hamil di lokasi studi. An...

  6. Status Oral Higiene Dan Periodontal Pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus Dan Non- Diabetes Di RSUD Dr. Pirngadi

    Butar-Butar, Mardiah Rizqo


    Diabetes melitus adalah penyakit gangguan metabolisme ditandai dengan meningkatnya kadar gula darah yang terjadi karena kelainan sekresi insulin, kerja insulin, atau kedua-duanya. Diabetes melitus merupakan salah satu penyakit sistemik yang berperan sebagai faktor risiko penyakit periodontal. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui status oral higiene dan periodontal dan odd rasio periodontitis pada pasien Diabetes melitus dan non-Diabetes. Rancangan penelitian adalah case-control. Popul...

  7. Pencahayaan Buatan pada Pendekatan Teknis dan Estetis untuk Bangunan dan Ruang Dalam

    Budi Setiawan; Grace Hartanti


    Cahaya merupakan hal yang penting bagi manusia dan makhluk hidup lainnya. Tanpa cahaya atau penerangan tentu sulit untuk beraktivitas, terutama saat hari menjelang malam. Seiring berkembangnya peradaban dan teknologi, manusia menciptakan pencahayaan buatan. Awalnya, pencahayaan buatan sebagai pengganti sinar alami matahari, lalu cahaya buatan yang didapat dari api, kemudian penelitian dan pengembangan bola lampu oleh Alessandro Volta, Sir Humphry Davy, Warren De La Rue, hingga Tho...

  8. Perencanaan Pemerintah Kabupaten Kudus Dalam Mempersiapkan Pengalihan Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan Sektor Perdesaan dan Perkotaan Sebagai Pajak Daerah

    Vitriana Masfita


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini dilatarbelakangi oleh terbitnya Undang-undang Nomor 28 Tahun 2009 tentang Pajak Daerah dan Retribusi Daerah, Pemerintah Pusat mengalihkan kewenangan pengelolaan Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan sektor Perdesaan dan Perkotaan kepada Pemerintah Daerah. Oleh karena itu, Pemerintah Daerah harus mempersiapkan segala keperluan agar proses pengalihan ini berjalan dengan lancar. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mendeskripsikan dan menganalisis (1 rencana pemerintah Kabupaten Kudus dalam persiapan pengambilalihan Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan Sektor Perkotaan dan Perdesaan, (2 faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi persiapan Pemerintah Kabupaten Kudus dalam pengalihan Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan Sektor Perkotaan. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian kualitatif deskriptif dengan menggunakan data-data kualitatif berupa kata-kata, tindakan dan dokumen. Teknik pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah interview dengan Kepala DPPKD Kabupaten Kudus beserta Kepala Bidang, Kepala Seksi dan Staff, observasi partisipasi di DPPKD Kabupaten Kudus, dan studi dokumentasi dokumen kedinasan di DPPKD Kabupaten Kudus. Data diperoleh melalui Analisis data menggunakan model Miles dan Huberman. Hasil Penelitian: (1 Pemerintah Kabupaten kudus berencana untuk mempersiapkan Sarana dan Prasarana yang meliputi penyediaan ruang pelayanan, ruang server dan pengolahan data, pengadaan perlengkapan gedung kantor, pengadaan software dan hardware komputer, pengadaan barang cetakan; membentuk UPT Pelayananan Pajak Daerah; mempersiapkan personel dibidang IT, pelayanan pajak daerah, administrasi pajak daerah; membentuk Peraturan Daerah dan Peraturan Bupati terkait Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan; menyiapkan SOP; menjalin kerjasama dengan KPP Pratama dan Bank Jateng; membuka rekening PBB P2 di Bank Jateng.  (2 Faktor pendukung dari proses perencanaan Pemerintah Kabupaten Kudus adalah: tersedianya dana atau pembiayaan, partisipasi SKPD terkait, serta partisipasi dari Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Pratama dan Bank



    2015 NUR AMALIA (I111 11 271). Diameter Serat dan Panjang Sarkomer Daging Sapi Bali Hasil Penggemukan Menggunakan Pakan dengan Level Kulit Biji Kakao dan Otot Berbeda. Dibawah bimbingan Hikmah M. Ali sebagai pembimbing utama, dan Ratmawati Malaka sebagai pembimbing anggota. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh jenis otot, level kulit biji kakao dalam pakan, dan interaksi keduanya terhadap panjang sarkomer dan diameter serat daging sapi Bali. Penelitian ini ...


    Yuniarsi Rahayu


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini membahas tentang analisis masukan-keluaran yang merupakan salah satu penerapan  matriks dan sebagai model matematika untuk menganalisis struktur perekonomian yang saling berhubungan antara kegiatan ekonomi. Matematika penting sekali untuk dipelajari dan dikuasai, dikarenakan suatu kasus membutuhkan pemahaman yang berbentuk matematis yaitu pemodelan matematika. Metode yang digunakan adalah Metode Invers Matriks dan Metode Eliminasi Gauss-Jordan. Perhitungan ini menggunakan alat bantu Matlab (matrix laboratory yang memungkinkan untuk menangani kalkulasi matematis dengan cara yang mudah. Kata kunci : Matriks, Metode, Input-Output

  11. Media Sosial dan Perkembangan Komunikasi Korporat

    Rina Juwita


    Full Text Available Kehadiran media sosial telah mengubah aktivitas komunikasi korporat dan dengan cepat merevolusi bagaimana kampanye atau program public relations berjalan. Jika dibandingkan dengan cara tradisional yang mengandalkan pada output murni, media sosial memaksa komunikasi korporat beralih pada proses dialog dimana para pemangku kepentingan, dan bukan hanya perusahaan sama-sama memiliki kekuasaan terhadap pesan yang beredar. Media sosial merupakan alat komunikasi revolusioner yang mengubah secara cepat bagaimana praktik PR menjadi bagian integral dari komunikasi korporat bagi sejumlah perusahaan dan menawarkan pilihan baru bagi para praktisi PR pada setiap aspek proses komunikasi yang dilakukan.

  12. Prinsip Transparansi dalam Perjanjian TBT dan SPS

    Dina Widyaputri Kariodimedjo


    Full Text Available Transparency principle in the TBT and SPS Agreement is implemented by notification. Its application is prepared by related agencies through the making of regulations, establishment of enquiry points, building capacity and infrastructure. It guarantees certainty, predictability and credibility of Indonesia in international trade, and its application should not undermine national trade policy. Prinsip transparansi dalam Perjanjian TBT dan SPS diterapkan melalui notifikasi. Penerapan prinsip ini dilakukan oleh instansi-instansi terkait melalui pembuatan peraturan, upaya terkait kelembagaan, SDM dan infrastruktur. Prinsip yang bertujuan menciptakan kepastian, konsistensi bagi perdagangan dan kredibilitas Indonesia dalam perdagangan internasional, harus dilakukan tanpa mengorbankan kepentingan untuk mengamankan kebijakan impor nasional.

  13. Determinan Kemiskinan dan Pengangguran di Jawa Tengah

    Medha Wardhany


    Full Text Available Masalah kemiskinan dan pengangguran merupakan masalah pokok yang dihadapi  secara nasional dan regional bahkan juga secara global, yang perlu mendapat perhatian serius. Besarnya angka kemiskinan dan pengangguran dalam upaya penanggulangannya memerlukan berbagai informasi dan kajian agar penanggulangan tersebut dapat berjalan secara efektif dan efisien. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendapatkan informasi dan hasil yang dapat dijalankan dalam program-program penanggulangan kemiskinan dan pengangguran secara lebih efektif dan efesien sesuai dengan harapan seluruh pihak termasuk masyarakat yang masih dikategorikan sebagai marginal. Penelitian ini menggunakan sumber data utamanya berasal dari data sekunder yakni Susenas dan Sakernas untuk data Makro serta terkait lainnya seperti data Supas, dan SP 2010, ST2013 dan PBDT 2015 untuk data mikro serta data PODES untuk data pendukung kewilayahan. Metode analisis dalam penelitian ini adalah analisis deskriptif dan eksploratif dari berbagai data dan informasi yang tersedia. Selain itu, juga akan dilakukan beberapa perhitungan model statistik yang relevan dengan kajian ini. Dari hasil analisis regresi linier berganda kemiskinan diperoleh informasi bahwa dari uji F dengan α=0,05 diperoleh nilai signifikansi sebesar 0,000. Artinya, variabel yang dimasukkan ke dalam model secara simultan berpengaruh terhadap tingkat kemiskinan. Sedangkan secara parsial variabel status penguasaan bangunan, Luas Lantai per Kapita, Jenis Lantai dan rasio jumlah kamar, Bahan Bakar memasak rumah tangga, aset, Status pekerjaan KRT keluarga miskin, jam kerja, Penerimaan Program (KPS dan Jumlah Bangunan di permukiman kumuh berpengaruh signifikan terhadap kemiskinan. Dari hasil pengolahan analisis regresi menunjukkan nilai signifikansi dari variabel pengangguran kurang dari 0,05. Hal ini sesuai dengan teori yang menyatakan bahwa secara simultan variabel independen tamat, penyakit dan jumlah industri berpengaruh signifikan terhadap

  14. Efficiency of Synchrotron Radiation from Rotation-powered Pulsars

    Kisaka, Shota; Tanaka, Shuta J.


    Synchrotron radiation is widely considered to be the origin of the pulsed non-thermal emissions from rotation-powered pulsars in optical and X-ray bands. In this paper, we study the synchrotron radiation emitted by the created electron and positron pairs in the pulsar magnetosphere to constrain the energy conversion efficiency from the Poynting flux to the particle energy flux. We model two pair creation processes, two-photon collision, which efficiently works in young γ-ray pulsars (≲106 year), and magnetic pair creation, which is the dominant process to supply pairs in old pulsars (≳106 year). Using the analytical model, we derive the maximum synchrotron luminosity as a function of the energy conversion efficiency. From the comparison with observations, we find that the energy conversion efficiency to the accelerated particles should be an order of unity in the magnetosphere, even though we make a number of the optimistic assumptions to enlarge the synchrotron luminosity. In order to explain the luminosity of the non-thermal X-ray/optical emission from pulsars with low spin-down luminosity L sd ≲ 1034 erg s‑1, non-dipole magnetic field components should be dominant at the emission region. For the γ-ray pulsars with L sd ≲ 1035 erg s‑1, observed γ-ray to X-ray and optical flux ratios are much higher than the flux ratio between curvature and the synchrotron radiations. We discuss some possibilities such as the coexistence of multiple accelerators in the magnetosphere as suggested from the recent numerical simulation results. The obtained maximum luminosity would be useful to select observational targets in X-ray and optical bands.

  15. Turn-By Beam Extraction during Acceleration in a Synchrotron

    Tsoupas, Nicholaos; Trbojevic, Dejan


    A synchrotron to accelerate protons or carbon ions for medical applications is being designed at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). Single beam bunches with maximum beam energy of 1.18 GeV and 400 MeV/u for protons and carbon ions respectively will be extracted from the synchrotron at 15 Hz. For protons, the maximum required energy for irradiating a tumor is ˜206 MeV. A pencil-like proton beam containing ˜5.4×107 p/bunch delivers a therapeutic dose of 2.5 Gy in ˜1.5 minutes to treat a tumor of 1 liter volume. It will take ˜80 minutes with bunches containing 4.5×104 ions/bunch to deliver the same dose of 2.5 Gy with a 400 MeV/u pencil-like carbon beam. This extended treatment time when using carbon ions is not acceptable. In addition, the synchrotron cannot be controlled with a beam bunch containing such a low number of carbon ions. To overcome these two problems of the extended treatment time and the low bunch intensity required for the treatment when carbon ions are used, we have devised a method to “peel” the required 4.5×104 carbon-ions/bunch from the accelerating carbon beam bunch containing ˜108 ions/bunch and deliver them to the tumor on a “turn-by-turn” basis. Unlike other methods of beam extraction from a synchrotron, such as resonance extraction, this method does not allow for any beam losses during the extraction and the carbon beam can be peeled off in less than 15 ms during the acceleration or deceleration cycle of the synchrotron. Thus, this turn-by-turn beam extraction method provides beam with variable energy and precisely controlled beam current during the 30 ms acceleration or deceleration time.

  16. Hard X-ray Sources for the Mexican Synchrotron Project

    Reyes-Herrera, Juan


    One of the principal tasks for the design of the Mexican synchrotron was to define the storage ring energy. The main criteria for choosing the energy come from studying the electromagnetic spectrum that can be obtained from the synchrotron, because the energy range of the spectrum that can be obtained will determine the applications available to the users of the future light source. Since there is a public demand of hard X-rays for the experiments in the synchrotron community users from Mexico, in this work we studied the emission spectra from some hard X-ray sources which could be the best options for the parameters of the present Mexican synchrotron design. The calculations of the flux and the brightness for one Bending Magnet and four Insertion Devices are presented; specifically, for a Superconducting Bending Magnet (SBM), a Superconducting Wiggler (SCW), an In Vacuum Short Period Undulator (IV-SPU), a Superconducting Undulator (SCU) and for a Cryogenic Permanent Magnet Undulator (CPMU). Two commonly available synchrotron radiation programs were used for the computation (XOP and SRW). From the results, it can be concluded that the particle beam energy from the current design is enough to have one or more sources of hard X-rays. Furthermore, a wide range of hard X-ray region can be covered by the analyzed sources, and the choice of each type should be based on the specific characteristics of the X-ray beam to perform the experiments at the involved beamline. This work was done within the project Fomix Conacyt-Morelos ”Plan Estrategico para la construccion y operación de un Sincrotron en Morelos” (224392).


    Melati Indri Hapsari


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan mengidentifikasi jenis-jenis keterampilan yang dibutuhkan di dunia usaha dan industri terutama pasar ASEAN yang telah tersedia lembaga sertifikasinya, mengetahui pelaksanaan sertifikasi kompetensinya, dan proses penempatan tenaga kerja yang akan bekerja di luar negeri. Lokasi penelitian dilakukan di BNSP, BKSP, Dinas Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi, serta BP3TKI. Subyek dipilih sesuai kompetensinya. Penelitian deskriptif kualitatif ini menggunakan teknik pengumpulan data dengan wawancara, dokumentasi dan studi pustaka. Keabsahan data menggunakan kriteria kredibilitas, dependabilitas, konfirmabilitas, dan transferabilitas. Simpulan penelitian ini adalah bahwa jenis-jenis keterampilan yang dibutuhkan di dunia usaha dan industri terutama pasar ASEAN antara lain pariwisata, operator produksi, kayu lapis, konstruksi. Yang telah siap MRA-nya adalah bidang pariwisata dengan dikeluarkannya ACCSTP dan CATC. Pelaksanaan sertifikasi kompetensi di Indonesia adalah Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi yang telah mendapat lisensi dari Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi. Proses penempatan tenaga kerja yang akan bekerja di luar negeri hanya dapat dilakukan oleh pemerintah dan pelaksana penempatan TKI swasta. Prosedur penempatan dimulai dari pra penempatan, penempatan dan pasca penempatan.


    Yosefina Dota T


    Full Text Available Penelitian yang bertujuan untuk mengetahui eksistensi dan sebaran nyamuk Aedes aegypti dan Aedes albopictus telah dilakukan di Kampus Universitas Hasanuddin, Kec. Tamalanrea, Makassar. Penelitian bersifat eksploratif dengan melakukan sampling terhadap lima lokasi yaitu : a Fak. Peternakan (Utara, b Fak. Hukum (Timur, c Pusat Kegiatan Penelitian/PKP (Selatan, d Workshop/Dekat Pondokan mahasiswa (Barat dan e Fak. MIPA (Tengah. Sampling nyamuk menggunakan metode ovitrap (menggunakan attraktan Eluisine Indica L. dan survei terhadap berbagai tempat penampungan air. Sampel telur dan larva nyamuk yang diperoleh disimpan dalam microtube berisi alkohol 70% kemudian diidentifikasi berdasarkan Rueda (2004. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Nyamuk Ae. aegypti dan Ae. albopictus ditemukan hidup dan berkembang biak di kampus Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar. Eksistensi dan sebaran kedua jenis nyamuk tersebut dipengaruhi oleh faktor adanya manusia/masyarakat kampus yang beraktivitas baik di dalam ruangan (indoor maupun di luar ruangan (outdoor, adanya berbagai tempat penampungan air baik buatan (bak mandi, ember maupun barang bekas (botol/kaleng bekas, tempurung kelapa, vegetasi/tanaman dan berbagai macam hewan yang berada di sekitaran kampus. Hasil penelitian dalam ruangan (indoor menunjukkan bahwa nyamuk Ae. aegypti lebih banyak ditemukan hidup di dalam ruangan gedung PKP sedangkan Ae.albopictus lebih banyak di Fak. Hukum. Hasil penelitian di luar ruangan (outdoor menunjukkan bahwa nyamuk Ae. aegypti lebih banyak ditemukan hidup di area Workshop sedangkan Ae.albopictus lebih banyak di area PKP.

  19. Inovasi Desain, Teknologi, dan Pemasaran Lewat Website Usaha Kecil Menengah Batik dan Lutik (Lurik Batik di Kecamatan Laweyan Surakarta

    Anastasia Riani Suprapti


      Tujuan penelitian terapan ini adalah untuk meningkatkan produktivitas dan mengembangkan produk batik dan lutik yang ada di wilayah Kecamatan Laweyan Surakarta dengan inovasi desain dan teknologi baru. Program ini bekerja sama dengan mitra UKM Batik Dewi (UKM 1 dan Batik Sinung Rejeki (UKM2 yang terletak di Kecamatan Laweyan. Pengusaha batik Laweyan dengan produknya berupa batik dan tekstil bermotif batik (printing dan cap dalam era globalisasi sekarang ini ternyata memiliki daya tahan yang baik, ditengah persaingan dengan produk sejenis dari daerah lain maupun dari luar negeri. Secara garis besar pola yang digunakan dalam implementasi penelitian ini meliputi: diskusi (FGD, kerja bengkel, operasional pabrik, pelatihan dan pendampingan (kelompok dan individu. Seperti halnya Usaha Kecil Menengah pada umumnya, pengusaha batik di Laweyan juga menghadapi masalah Internal meliputi  permodalan, inovasi desain, pemasaran, dan manajemen keuangan, yang meliputi administrasi keuangan/pembukuan. Beberapa solusi yang ditawarkan untuk mengatasi permasalahan yang dihadapi diantaranya adalah melakukan Inovasi desain dan teknologi, pengaturan layout pabrik, dan pemasaran lewat web. Selain itu mengembangkan desain motif batik yang lebih diminati pasar diberikan juga untuk pengembangan teknik kombinasi batik-lurik ikat dengan cara lukis dan pengelantangan. Penggunaan media teknologi informasi dan komunikasi untuk promosi lewat website. Adapun untuk usaha pengembangan manajemen pemasaran,  diusahakan media promosi dan menjalin kerjasama pemasaran  dengan instansi terkait, misalnya dengan mengikuti pameran-pameran di Solo dan Jakarta.

  20. Dan Marino Helping Those with Autism Spectrum Disorders | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine

    ... Dan Marino Foundation. Photo: Dan Marino Foundation Former NFL star quarterback Dan Marino and his wife Claire ... have to succeed in life,'" says the former NFL star. "That's where the focus for The Dan ...


    Bagus Limandoko


    Full Text Available The word design is a word with different meanings. In the visual communication context it has became part of the team in the communication industry - the world of advertising%2C magazine and newspaper publishing%2C marketing and public relations%2C and%2C indeed%2C it has became one of the influential aspects to shape the behavior of a society and its economic development. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Desain merupakan sebuah kata dengan banyak makna. Dalam konteks komunikasi visual%2C desain sudah menjadi bagian dari tim dalam industri komunikasi. Dunia advertising%2C publikasi majalah dan suratkabar%2C pemasaran dan public relations%2C dan yang pasti desain juga sudah menjadi salah satu aspek yang berpengaruh dalam membentuk perilaku suatu masyarakat dan perkembangan ekonominya. design%2C designer%2C visual communication design%2C behavior%2C consumer

  2. Sintesa dan Karakteristik Sifat Mekanik Karet Nanokomposit

    Pocut Nurul Alam


    Full Text Available Peningkatan sifat mekanik karet alam dengan penambahan tanah liat nanokomposit pada kosentrasi berbeda yaitu 1, 3 dan 5 % berat sudah berhasil diteliti. Pada percobaan ini pengujian dilakukan dengan X-Ray Difraction (X-RD untuk analisa morphologi dan Instron untuk analisa uji tarik. Penambahan tanah liat nanokomposit kedalam matrik polimer adalah untuk meningkatkan sifat mekanik dari material asli dan juga untuk menghasilkan suatu produk polimer yang lebih murah. Hasil yang diperoleh adalah terjadinya peningkatan yang drastis terhadap basal spacing dari matrik polimer dan menunjukkan intercalasi diantara polimer dengan pengisinya. Uji tarik juga menununjukkan peningkatan yang sangat signifikan yaitu 14.983 MPa pada karet alam menjadi 40.178 MPa pada karet alam-tanah liat nanokomposit 5% berat. Kata kunci: karet alam, sifat mekanik, tanah liat nanokomposit

  3. DAN-IODP-SEIS Project

    Bendixen, Carina; Boldreel, Lars Ole; Jensen, Jørn Bo

    The DAN-IODP-SEIS is aimed at investigating the geological development of Kattegat during the last 130.000 years. This will be based on acoustic (seismic) methods and geological interpretation of cores from previously drilled shallow wells and the IODP wells drilled in 2013. A large number of ref...... Denmark and is a collaboration project between IGN, GEUS and IGG. Further information regarding the cruise that took place in June-July will be available in issue no. 3 2013 of Geoviden........ The data will be integrated with already existing archive data. The data is to be processed and interpreted using state of the art interpretation software (Petrel). Seismic examples are shown to illustrate aspects of the geological development of the Kattegat. This PhD project is funded by Geocenter...

  4. Penurunan Kadar Amonium dan Fosfat pada Limbah Cair Industri Pupuk

    Aulia Rodlia Fitriana


    Full Text Available Limbah cair industri pupuk mengandung kadar amonium dan fosfat yang cukup tinggi. Kadar ini dihasilkan dari kegiatan produksi pabrik amoniak dan pabrik asam fosfat. Penurunan ammonium dan fosfat ini dapat dilakukan melalui proses presipitasi kimiawi dan menghasilkan mineral Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate (MAP atau Struvite. Sumber Mg yang akan digunakan adalah MgCl2. Penelitian dilakukan dalam skala laboratorium menggunakan sistem batch. Variabel yang digunakan adalah kecepatan pengadukan, pH, dan rasio molar [Mg2+]:[NH4+]:[PO43-]. pH yang akan digunakan adalah 7,5; 8; dan 8,5. Sedangkan rasio molar yang digunakan adalah 1:1:1; 1,5:1:1; dan 2:1:1. Kedua hasil variabel ini merupakan hasil dari permodelan Visual MINTEQ v3.0. Variasi yang digunakan adalah 0,5.106; 106; dan 1,5.106. Presipitasi dilakukan selama 60 menit dan dilanjutkan dengan proses sedimentasi selama 30 menit. Hasil yang diperoleh pada penelitian ini adalah presentase removal amonium dan fosfat optimum terjadi pada pH 8,5 dan rasio molar 1:1:1 dengan 106 atau setara degan 158 rpm. Kadar amonium awal sebesar 2864 mg/L dan fosfat sebesar 14656 mg/L. Residual amonium sebesar 396,82 mg/L dan residual fosfat sebesar 148,86 mg/L. Residual amonium dan fosfat pada penelitian ini masih tinggi.


    Aries Dwi Siswanto


    Full Text Available SAMPANG’S COASTAL PROBLEMS AND POTENTIALS One area that has progressive economic value and environmental degradation possibility is a dynamic areas of coastal areas. These characteristics is interesting in the perspective of management and utilization of marine resources and fisheries. The rapid development of the Sampang regency required the government to focus and provide greater attention to minimize the ecological pressures that affect the carrying capacity of the environment, particularly in coastal areas. This study aims to gather information about the problem and the potential that exists in coastal areas of Sampang. Data taken by interviewing respondents lived in coastal communities during April 2015 and the results of the questionnaire were analyzed descriptively. The problems identified include land requirement, the overlapping use, the threat of pollution and environmental degradation, and zoning; whereas the potential that exists include salt, marine tourism, mariculture, and the development of industrial areas and ports. The potential problems identified in coastal areas and beaches in Sampang relatively identical to the Bangkalan. It needs a comprehensive solution to minimize the existing impact as well as efforts to optimize utilization to achieve integrated coastal zone management.Keywords: coastal, CZM, problem, potential, Sampang ABSTRAKSalah satu wilayah yang memiliki nilai ekonomi progresif sekaligus peluang degradasi lingkungan sehingga disebut daerah dinamis adalah wilayah pantai dan pesisir. Karakteristik ini menjadi sesuatu yang menarik dalam perspektif pengelolaan dan pemanfaatan sumberdaya kelautan dan perikanan. Pesatnya perkembangan tersebut menuntut pemerintah kabupaten Sampang untuk focus dan memberikan perhatian lebih besar sebagai upaya untuk meminimalkan tekanan ekologis yang berpengaruh terhadap daya dukung lingkungan, khususnya di wilayah pesisir. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengumpulkan informasi

  6. BY PRODUCT TERNAK. Teknologi dan Aplikasinya

    Said, Muhammad Irfan


    DAFTAR PUSTAKA Adventini, N., Muhayatun, D. D. Lestiani dan W.Y.N. Syahfitri. 2012. Analisis Mikronutrien dalam Daging, Limpa, dan Hati Sapi. Jurnal Medika. 38 (8), 580???586. Angelidaki, I., and B. K. Ahring. 2000. Methods for increasing the biogas potential from the recalcitrant organic matter contained in manure. Water Science Technology. 41 (3), 189-194. Anonim. 1974. Gelita-Instant-Gelatins Type 800 A Type 800 B. Gelatine-Information-Service. Deutsche Gelatine-Febrike...

  7. La guitare dans les musiques traditionnelles

    Rougier, Thierry


    International audience; Ce que l'organologie classique désigne sous le nom de "guitare" connaît en fait une très grande variété (de forme, d'accord, de mode de jeu) dans les musiques traditionnelles. L'ethnomusicologie rend compte de la continuité entre les cordophones de type guitare, les autres cordophones et les instruments à percussion, sur de nombreux terrains (dans la musique flamenca, brésilienne...)


    Teuku Meldi Kesuma


    Full Text Available Advertising in marketing Islamic products must be believed and understood as an important part of marketing based on Islam which should not be separated. This paper examines the principles and criteria of the advertising in the perspective of Islam. It is caused by the increasing of the companies and institutions which are based on Islamic values such as Islamic financial institutions that promote its products the consumers. The important issues discussed in this paper is how the real of concepts, principles, and criteria of Islamic advertising? Therefore this paper is developing an advertising concept from the perspective of Islam and to know for sure whether the principles and criteria that should exist in advertising Islam. The methodology applied in this paper is through literature review by using content analysis. Hopefully, this study could develop an Islamic perspective advertisement concept in terms of principles and criteria. =========================================== Periklanan dalam memasarkan produk-produk Islam harus diyakini dan di pahami merupakan bahagian penting dalam pemasaran yang berdasarkan Islam yang tidak boleh dipisahkan. Tulisan ini mengkaji prinsip-prinsip dan kriteria periklanan dalam perspektif Islam. Hal ini disebabkan semakin ramai dan tingginya pertumbuhan perusahaan dan institusi yang berlandaskan nilai-nilai Islam seperti institusi keuangan Islam yang mempromosikan produk dan perkhidmatannya kepada orang ramai. Persoalan penting yang dibahas dalam kertas kerja ini adalah bagaimanakah bentuk konsep, prinsip dan kriteria periklanan Islam yang sebenarnya? Oleh karena itu tujuan kertas kerja ini adalah untuk membangun satu konsep periklanan dari perspektif Islam dan untuk mengenal pasti apakah prinsip-prinsip serta kriteria yang seharusnya ada dalam periklanan Islam. Metodologi kajian yang digunakan dalam kertas kerja ini adalah metode kepustakaan dengan menggunakan analisis isi. Kajian ini diharapkan dapat

  9. Dimensi Agama dan Reaksi Dunia Melayu Terhadap Penetrasi Barat di Abad XVIII dan XIX Khasnya di Riau, Melaka, Palembang, dan Aceh

    Alfian, Ibrahim


    Tulisan ini mengangkat "kisah" dua kitab Dala'il al-Khairat dan Nasihat al-Muslimin yakni dua aspek ajaran Islam shalwat kepada Nabi Besar Muhammad saw. dan panggilan jihad sabilillah di dunia Melayu abad 18 dan 19 yang dapat memberikan kita beberapa hal penting.

  10. Kontestasi Kekuasaan dan Keteladanan Semu di Indonesia

    Michael HB Raditya


    Full Text Available Kepemimpinan di Indonesia merupakan persoalan yang menarik untuk ditelaah. Jika bertolak dari tataran diakronis, secara kronologis Indonesia telah mengalami pelbagai macam fase kepemimpinan dan rezim. Ihwal ini dapat menjadi stimulan positif jika masyarakat dapat mengartikulasikan pengalaman bernegaranya dengan tepat. Kontestasi kekuasaan pun tidak dapat terhindarkan, terlebih setiap pemimpin melakukan persaingan dalam memperebutkan kekuasaan. Kontestasi ini tidak hanya merujuk pada tingkat lokal, namun hingga tingkat nasional. Berbagai aspek pun turut menjadi faktor utama dari kontestasi tersebut, seperti tipe kepemimpinan aristokrasi dan demokrasi, hingga perbedaan gender pemimpinnya. Ihwal tersebut turut mengejewantah kan bahwa keteladanan yang didasarkan atas beberapa kontekstual, bersifat pseudo, atau semu. Dalam mengupas ihwal tersebut, telaah yang digunakan merujuk pada pemahaman Barkerakan agen, dan Gramsci akan hegemoni. Tidak hanya itu, Kouzes dan Posner digunakan untuk menilik parameter keteladanan. Asumsi penulis, keteladanan merupakan unsur yang tercipta untuk menghegomoni agen di dalamnya. Bertolak dari mempertanyakan keteladanan, maka pembahasan akan lebih mempertimbangkan aspek agen, hegemoni dan kuasa. Penulis menyadari bahwa tidak mungkin meneliti semua pola kepemimpinan yang ada di Indonesia, maka rujukan contoh kepemimpinan didasarkan pada beberapa contoh di era kolonial, orde lama, orde baru,dan pemerintahan kini. Penelitian ini mencoba untuk mengupas persoalan keteladanan dalam kepemimpinan yang kerap diunggulkan kepemimpinan yang ada di Indonesia.

  11. Pembuatan dan Karakteristik Komposit Polimer Berpenguat Bagasse

    Eqitha Dea Clareyna


    Full Text Available Bagasse memiliki kandungan serat yang cukup besar dan berpotensi digunakan sebagai bahan penguat dalam pembuatan komposit karena sifatnya yang kuat dan ringan. Dalam penelitian tugas akhir ini telah dibuat bahan komposit berpenguat bagasse dengan empat macam ukuran penguat yaitu serat chopped serta partikel berukuran 100 mesh, 140 mesh, dan 200 mesh. Pembuatan komposit menggunakan metode hand lay-up dan fraksi volume penguat divariasi dari 2,5% hingga 15%. Hasil karakterisasi yang telah dilakukan, menunjukkan bahwa kekuatan tarik dan densitas terbaik dimiliki oleh sampel komposit dengan penguat berukuran 200 mesh sebanyak 7,5% volume. Kekuatan tarik sampel tersebut adalah  28,83  MPa dan densitasnya adalah 1,15 gr/cm3. Adapun kekuatan impak terbesar dimiliki oleh sampel komposit dengan 2,5% volume sebesar 0,00271 J/mm2. Dengan demikian sampel komposit yang telah dibuat dapat digunakan sebagai alternatif bahan baku industri menggantikan tiang penyangga (scantlings pada struktur kayu (timber structure sesuai standar AS 1720.1.

  12. Al-Farabi dan Filsafat Kenabian

    Qosim Nursheha Dzulhadi


    Full Text Available Artikel ini mengulas pemikiran al-Farabi tentang konsep kenabian dalam Islam. Masalah berawal dari adanya pemikiran yang menolak konsep kenabian pada umumnya dan kenabian Nabi Muhammad SAW khususnya. Sebagaimana yang dilontarkan oleh Muhammad Ahmad ibn al-Ruwandi. Ia mengatakan bahwa nabi sebenarnya tidak diperlukan manusia karena Tuhan telah mengaruniakan akal kepada manusia tanpa terkecuali. Dengan akal ini, manusia dapat mengetahui Tuhan beserta segala nikmat Nya dan dapat pula mengetahui perbuatan baik dan buruk, menerima suruhan dan larangan-Nya. Dengan demikian, nabi dengan segala fungsinya tidak diperlukan lagi. Bahkan, kitab suci pun tidak berguna untuk dibaca. Lebih berguna membaca buku filsafat Epicurus, Plato, Aristoteles, dan buku astronomi, logika, serta obat-obatan. Hal ini tentunya bertolak belakang dengan yang diajarkan dalam Islam. Beriman kepada nabi nabi merupakan hal inti dalam ajaran agama ini. Atas dasar itu al-Farabi bereaksi keras. Baginya, pandangan Ibn al-Ruwandi di atas tidak dapat dibenarkan, khususnya dari sisi akidah Islam. Sebagai al-Mu‘allim al-Tsani (Guru Kedua, karena prestasinya dalam menjelaskan dan mengulas-ulang filsafat Aristoteles, al-Farabi mengkritik secara sistematik pandangan menyimpang al-Ruwandi di atas.

  13. Beam dumps design and local radiation protection at TERA synchrotron.

    Porta, A; Campi, F; Agosteo, S


    The realisation of the National Center of Hadrontherapy was funded by the Italian Government in 2002. The Centre will be built in the area of Pavia (Italy). The synchrotron designed in the framework of this programme will accelerate protons and carbon ions up to 250 MeV and 400 MeV u(-1), respectively. Some of the main aspects which were taken into account in the design of the acceleration system are the patient's safety and the beam control. From this point of view an important role is played by the beam dumps in the synchrotron ring and upstream of the extraction system. In particular, an horizontal and a vertical beam dump will be installed in the synchrotron ring: the former will be used for lowering the beam intensity and the latter for beam abortion. The dump at the extraction will absorb the particles during the mounting and the falling ramps of the synchrotron magnetic cycle, thus extracting only the flat top of the ion spill. Beam dumps can produce intense fields of secondary radiation (neutrons, charged light-hadrons and photons) and high rates of induced activity, since they can absorb the beam completely. Usually they have to be shielded to protect the electronics during machine operation and to attenuate the radiation dose below the limits imposed by the law when the personnel access to the synchrotron hall. The part of the shielding design of the beam dumps concerning with the acceleration of protons was made using Monte Carlo simulations with the FLUKA code. Both induced activity and secondary radiation were taken into account. The shields against secondary radiation produced by carbon ions were designed, referring only to secondary neutrons, taking double-differential distributions from the literature as sources for the FLUKA simulations. The induced activity from carbon ions interactions was estimated analytically, using the data generated by the EPAX 2 code. The dose-equivalent rates from the induced radionuclides were calculated at 1 m from the


    Rakimahwati -


    Abstrak: Penggunaan Tutor Sebaya untuk Peningkatan Aktivitas dan Hasil Belajar. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan aktivitas dan hasil belajar mahasiswa dengan menerapkan metode tutor sebaya pada perkuliahan Perencanaan Pembelajaran TK. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian adalah penelitian tindakan kelas. Pelaksanaan tindakan dilakukan dua siklus terhadap mahasiswa reguler Pendidikan Guru Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini (PG-PAUD Universitas Negeri Padang. Data diperoleh melalui observasi, angket dan penilaian akhir kegiatan. Data kuantitatif dianalisis dengan rerata dan persentase, dan dikom­parasikan dengan data kualitatif. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa penggunaan metode tutor sebaya dapat meningkatkan aktivitas dan hasil belajar mahasiswa.


    Iwan Suprijanto


    , Banyuwangi-Jawa Timur, yang secara historis-genealogis-sosiologis masih memperlihatkan tata kehidupan tradisional dan memiliki rumah Osing relatif banyak. Tujuan penelitian adalah memperoleh konsep ruang dan bentuk pada rumah tradisional Osing di Desa Kemiren dan faktor-faktor yang melatarbelakanginya. Hasil penelitian adalah : 1. Konsep Ruang Rumah Osing Pola ruang menganut susunan ruang Bale, Jrumah dan Pawon secara berurut dari depan ke belakang. Organisasi ruang menganut prinsip closed ended plan. Konsep ruang memperlihatkan adanya dualitas dan centralitas. 2. Konsep Bentuk Rumah Osing Bentuk atap merupakan indikator utama bentuk rumah Osing, yang dapat dibedakan menjadi Tikel Balung, Baresan dan Cerocogan. Karakteristik bentuk rumah Osing terletak pada penggunaan 1, 2 atau 3 bentuk dasar tersebut secara sekaligus dalam susunan berurut dari depan ke belakang sesuai dengan susunan ruangnya. 3. Faktor-faktor yang melatarbelakangi Konsep masing-masing ruang dipengaruhi oleh fungsi dan aktivitas, makna kegiatan yang dilakukan serta siapa yang boleh menghuni/melakukan kegiatan. Organisasi ruang merupakan manifestasi sifat tertutup, berhati-hati dan curiga masyarakatnya. Bentuk rumah Osing berkaitan erat dengan struktur sosial masyarakat yang cenderung egaliter. Nama bagian-bagian rumah dan susunannya merupakan pengungkapan pesan, makna dan kehendak sebagai ekspresi rasa dan karsa pemiliknya. Makna tersebut tidak terkandung dalam bentuk itu sendiri, melainkan dalam diri manusia yang menginginkan bentuk tersebut mencerminkan sifat laten dan asosiasional, sekaligus menggambarkan apresiasi cipta dan karya. Kata kunci: dualitas dan centralitas; Tikel Balung, Baresan dan Cerocogan.


    Yuri Rahayu


      Abstrak - Mata kuliah dasar akuntansi dan praktek merupakan mata kuliah unggulan bagi jurusan Komputer Akuntansi dan harus menjadi pondasi yang kuat untuk bisa mengerti dan memahaminya dengan baik dan benar. Tapi pada kenyataannya hanya 30  % saja dari jumlah mahasiswa yang bisa memahami dan mengerti akan mata kuliah tersebut. Untuk bisa mengatasi masalah tersebut di perlukan metode pembelajaran yang lebih mendalam terhadap suatu topik tertentu dengan melakukan  pertukaran informasi dan interaksi antar peserta dengan pembahasan yang bersifat tutorial dan cenderung teknis atau yang di sebut dengan istilah Workshop dan untuk mengetahui sampai sejauh mana pemahaman terhadap  hasil workshop tersebut  perlu di laksanakan Sertifikasi. Penelitian ini untuk mengetahui sampai sejauh mana pengaruhnya Workshop dan Sertifikasi terhadap pemahaman dasar akuntansi. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode penelitian kuantitatif dan untuk menguji hipotesis dipilih teknik pengumpulan data dengan cara survey dengan  teknik analisisnya menggunakan metode Metode Deskriptif analisis yaitu suatu metode penelitian yang mengambil sample dari suatu populasi dan menggunakan kuesioner sebagai alat pengumpul datanya. Populasi dalam penelitian ini adalah jumlah peserta workshop dan sertifikasi akuntansi  jurusan  Komputer Akuntansi   AMIK BSI  yang berjumlah 242 orang. Pemilihan dan penetapan jumlah sample berdasarkan teknik Sampling purposive sebanyak 48 orang (studi kasus peserta di AMIK BSI Sukabumi. Kesimpulan dari penelitian ini adalah  pelaksanaan workshop dan sertifikasi akuntansi berpengaruh signifikan terhadap pemahaman dasar akuntansi dan praktek. Hal ini menunjukkan pengaruh yang positif dan mempunyai arti bahwa apabila mahasiswa sering mengikuti workshop dan sertifikasi akuntansi maka akan diikuti kenaikan  yang sangat kuat terhadap pemahaman dasar akuntansi dan praktek.   Kata kunci : pemahamana akuntansi, sertifikasi, workshop


    apri dwi anggo


    Full Text Available Terasi merupakan produk fermentasi udang dengan penambahan garam. Fermentasi dengan garam menyebabkan perombakan protein menjadi asam amino misalnya asam glutamat sebagai penghasil cita rasa khas terasi. Kadar garam dan lama fermentasi merupakan faktor penting pada proses pembuatan terasi. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis pengaruh perbedaan konsentrasi garam dan lama fermentasi terhadap kualitas terasi rebon terutama kandungan asam glutamat. Bahan baku yang digunakan pada penelitian ini adalah rebon (Acetes sp. kering tawar dengan panjang ±2 cm per ekor. Perlakuan garam dengan konsentrasi 2%, 8,5%, 15% dan lama fermentasi (8 hari dan 32 hari. Metode penelitian menggunakan metode experimental field dengan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK pola split plot in time 3 kali ulangan. Parameter yang diuji meliputi organoleptik, pH, kadar protein, asam glutamat, kadar air dan profil asam amino. Parameter kadar protein, asam glutamat dan profil asam amino pada fermentasi hari ke 32 yang diamati hanya perlakuan konsentrasi kadar garam terbaik pada hari ke 8. Nilai organoleptik terasi berkisar antara 7,65-8,32 artinya produk tersebut dapat diterima konsumen. Nilai pH Nilai pH terasi rebon berkisar antara 7,09 sampai 7,89. Konsentrasi garam 2% pada terasi rebon menghasilkan kadar protein dan asam glutamat tertinggi yaitu 47,14%+0,20 (dry base. Asam amino yang dominan pada terasi rebon adalah asam glutamat dan asam aspartat. Lama fermentasi menyebabkan penurunan asam glutamat terasi rebon.Kata kunci: asam glutamat, fermentasi, garam, rebon

  18. Perancangan dan Implementasi Algoritma DES untuk Mikroprosesor Enkripsi dan Dekripsi pada FPGA

    Imaduddin Amrullah Muslim


    Full Text Available Seiring dengan semakin luasnya penerapan teknologi komputasi di sekitar kita, menjadikan informasi menjadi sangat mudah dan cepat untuk disebarkan. Kita dapat mengakses informasi dan data-data yang kita butuhkan dengan mudah. Namun permasalahan yang kita hadapi saat ini kerhasiaan informasi menjadi sangat riskan. Oleh karena itu Sistem keamanan merupakan hal penting yang perlu diperhatikan dalam mengembangkan suatu sistem komputer hal ini lah yang menjadikan enkripsi dan dekripsi data menjadi hal yang penting. Modul rancangan IP Core ini dirancang menggunakan aplikasi Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.4. Kemudian rancangan IP Core ini diimplementasikan pada papan Xilinx FPGA Spartan-3E XC3S500E-4FG320C dari keluarga Xilinx FPGA Spartan-3E dengan 500K sistem gerbang. Verifikasi fungsional dari IP Core yang dirancang menggunakan testbench dan simulasi diagram pewaktuan menggunakan aplikasi Xilinx ISE Simulator. Tugas akhir ini ditujukan untuk mengembangkan IP Core yang mampu menjalankan fungsi enkripsi DES (Data Encryption Standard dan ditulis menggunakan bahasa Verilog. Implementasi algoritma enkripsi dan dekripsi algoritma DES telah berhasil dilakukan. Hasil analisis menunjukkan sistem telah dapat melakukan enkripsi dan dekripsi data sesuai dengan spesifikasi algoritma DES. Sebaiknya penelitian ini dikembangkan kembali dengan menguji sistem untuk melakukan transmisi data berupa file ataupun teks. Selain itu juga perlu meningkatkan unjuk kerja sistem dengan optimasi sumber daya dan kecepatan waktu proses pada perancangan rekonstruksi kode verilog.

  19. Pengaruh Variasi Waktu Ultrasonikasi dan Waktu Tahan Hydrothermal terhadap Struktur dan Konduktivitas Listrik Material Graphene

    Muhammad Junaidi


    Full Text Available Graphene merupakan satu lapis atom karbon yang mengalami hibridisasi sp2 membentuk struktur heksagonal 2D. Graphene memiliki potensi besar untuk aplikasi nanoelectronic materials. Penelitian ini bertujuan menganalisis waktu ultrasonikasi dan hidrothermal terbaik untuk mensintesis Graphene. Graphene disintesis dengan metode reduksi Grafit Oksida (GO. Grafit dioksidasi membentuk GO dengan modifikasi metode Hummer. GO diultrasonikasi dengan variasi waktu 60, 90 dan 120 menit. Kemudian proses reduksi GO dilakukan secara kimia dengan penambahan serbuk Zn dan teknik hidrothermal 200 oC dengan variasi waktu tahan 12, 18 dan 24 jam. Analisis morfologi dan struktur graphene dilakukan dengan pengujian SEM dan XRD. Pengujian Iodine Number untuk mengetahui kemampuan graphene menyerap Iodin. Pengujian FTIR untuk mengetahui gugus fungsi yang terbentuk  pada GO dan Graphene. Pengujian Four Point Probe Test (FPP untuk mengukur konduktivitas listrik Graphene. Hasil analsis menunjukkan bahwa graphene hasil ultrasonikasi 120 menit dan Holding 12 jam memiliki struktur Single Layer Graphene (SLG dengan konduktivitas listrik terbaik 0.0105 S/m

  20. Gereja dan Paradigma Pembaharuan Ditinjau dari Perspektif Teologi Agama dan Masyarakat

    Yunny Jones Akal


    Full Text Available Gereja atau umat Allah diharapkan selalu berada dalam perubahan positif, agar tegar dan siap terusmelaksanakan tanggung jawab vertical dan horizontal. Prinsip yang perlu adalahgereja memberi kontribusi bagi masyarakat. Peluang-peluang seperti halnyamengembangkan pelayanan berdasarkan panggilan Allah, bermotif kasih, danberorientasikan perbuatan baik menjadi kekuatan lahirnya pengakuan“Allahmu adalah Allahku, Kristusmu adalah Kristusku”


    Sugeng Heri Suseno


    Full Text Available Minyak ikan dan minyak habbatussauda saat ini banyak digunakan untuk meningkatkan kecerdasandan mencegah berbagai penyakit. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah menentukan karakteristik dan kestabilanproduk kombinasi minyak ikan dan habbatussauda. Formulasi kombinasi minyak ikan dan habbatussaudayaitu sebesar 1:1, 3:1, 5:1, dan 7:1. Analisis profi l asam lemak menunjukkan bahwa minyak ikan didominasioleh EPA dan DHA, sedangkan komponen utama minyak habbatussauda adalah asam oleat dan asamlinoleat. Minyak habbatussauda memiliki aktivitas antioksidan sebesar 551,17 mM AEAC, sedangkanminyak ikan sebesar 61,15 mM AEAC. Formulasi terbaik berdasarkan uji FFA, bilangan peroksida, dananisidin adalah formulasi 1:1 dengan nilai masing-masing 1,68%, 26,67 meq/kg dan 13,65 meq/kg. Hasilterbaik berdasarkan uji kestabilan adalah produk kombinasi 3:1 dengan nilai FFA terendah hingga harike-9 sebesar 5,94%, sedangkan untuk uji organoleptik adalah formulasi 7:1, paling disukai panelis karenamemiliki warna yang paling cerah.Kata kunci: anisidin, kestabilan, organoleptik, peroksida

  2. Pengaruh Rasio Biji terhadap Pelarut dan Waktu Ekstraksi terhadap Yield dan Kualitas Minyak Biji Alpukat

    Novia Mehra Erfiza


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh rasio biji alpukat terhadap pelarut dan waktu ekstraksi pada proses ekstraksi minyak biji alpukat menggunakan pelarut n-heksan. Penelitian menggunakan rancangan acak kelompok dengan pola faktorial terdiri atas 2 faktor yang masing-masing terdiri dari 3 taraf dengan 3 kali ulangan. Faktor pertama adalah rasio biji alpukat terhadap pelarut yaitu 1:5, 1:10 dan 1:15 (g/mL, sedangkan faktor kedua adalah waktu ekstraksi yaitu 120, 150, dan 180 menit. Hasil sidik ragam menunjukkan bahwa perlakuan rasio bahan terhadap pelarut tidak berpengaruh nyata (P>0,05 terhadap yield dan bilangan asam. Sementara itu, perlakuan waktu ekstraksi berpengaruh nyata (P≤0,05 terhadap yield minyak biji alpukat, dan berpengaruh tidak nyata (P>0,05 terhadap bilangan asam. Yield tertinggi (2,23% diperoleh dari sampel minyak pada perlakuan rasio bubuk biji alpukat terhadap pelarut 1:5 dan waktu ekstraksi 120 menit dengan aktivitas antioksidan 62,87%, serta nilai viskositas dan densitas masing-masing yaitu 13,5 cP dan 0,96 g/mL. Asam lemak oleat merupakan komponen terbesar dalam minyak biji alpukat.


    Djuwita Amin Mahmud


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan keefektifan dan perbedaan keefektifan model pembelajaran interaktif setting kooperatif dengan direct instruction ditinjau dari motivasi belajar, sikap, dan kemampuan komunikasi matematis. Populasi penelitian ini adalah siswa kelas X SMA Negeri 3 Ternate yang terdiri dari 5 kelas. Dari populasi yang ada diambil secara acak dua kelas yaitu kelas X-1 dan X-3 sebagai sampel penelitian. Kelas X-1 diberi treatment dengan model pembelajaran interaktif setting kooperatif, sedangkan kelas X-3 dengan model direct instruction. Data penelitian dianalisis dengan statistik uji one sampel t-test, uji MANOVA dengan T2 Hotelling’s pada taraf signifikan 0,05 dan uji univariat untuk menentukan model mana yang lebih efektif. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa: (1 pembelajaran matematika dengan model pembelajaran interaktif setting kooperatif efektif ditinjau dari motivasi belajar, sikap, dan komunikasi matematis sedangkan pada model pembelajaran direct instruction efektif ditinjau dari motivasi belajar dan sikap belajar siswa tetapi tidak efektif ditinjau dari komunikasi matematis; (2 terdapat perbedaan keefektifan antara model pembelajaran interaktif setting kooperatif dengan direct instruction. Model pembelajaran interaktif setting kooperatif lebih efektif daripada model direct instruction ditinjau dari motivasi belajar, sikap, dan kemampuan komunikasi matematis siswa kelas X SMA Negeri 3 Ternate. Kata Kunci: Model pembelajaran interaktif setting kooperatif, direct instruction, motivasi belajar, sikap, dan kemampuan komunikasi matematis.

  4. Profil Bibir dan Posisi Insisivus Perawatan Kasus Borderline Klas I dengan Pencabutan dan Tanpa Pencabutan

    Yenni Hanimastuti


    Full Text Available Penentuan rencana perawatan ortodontik dengan pencabutan atau tanpa pencabutan masih menjadi perdebatan, terutama pada kasus borderline.Perawatan ortodontik dengan atau tanpa pencabutan dapat mempengaruhi profil wajah.Perubahan pada penampilan wajah terjadi akibat adanya perubahan posisi gigi anterior yang dapat mempengaruhi perubahan profil jaringan lunak wajah terutama pada daerah bibir. Penelitian ini bertujuan mengetahui perbandingan perubahan profil bibir dan posisi gigi insisivus pada kasus borderline klas I antara perawatan dengan pencabutan 4 premolar kedua dan tanpa pencabutan. Penelitian dilakukan pada 28 sefalogram lateral kasus borderline klas I  yang dirawat dengan teknik straight wire, terdiri dari 2 kelompok (13 kasus dengan pencabutan dan 15 kasus tanpa pencabutan. Masing-masing sefalogram dilakukan pengukuran profil bibir,yaitu jarak bibir atas dan bawah terhadapVertical Reference Plane (VRP dan sudut interlabial; serta posisi gigi insisivus, yaitu jarak gigi insisivus atas dan bawah terhadap Vertical Reference Plane (VRP, sebelum dan sesudah perawatan. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan pada tahap awal perawatan kedua kelompok memiliki karakteristik profil bibir dan posisi gigi insisivus yang sama (p>0,05. Terdapat perbedaan bermakna (p0,05. There are significant differences (p<0.05 on lips position, interlabial angle, and incisors position changes between the extraction and non- extractiion cases after orthodontic treatment. From this study, it can be concluded that lips profile and incisors position in class I borderline cases treated with the extraction of second bicuspid are more retruded than that of non-extraction cases

  5. Estimation of presampling modulation transfer function in synchrotron radiation microtomography

    Mizutani, Ryuta; Takeuchi, Akihisa; Uesugi, Kentaro; Suzuki, Yoshio


    The spatial resolution achieved by recent synchrotron radiation microtomographs should be estimated from the modulation transfer function (MTF) on the micrometer scale. Step response functions of a synchrotron radiation microtomograph were determined by the slanted edge method by using high-precision surfaces of diamond crystal and ion-milled aluminum wire. Tilted reconstruction was introduced to enable any edge to be used as the slanted edge by defining the reconstruction pixel matrix in an arbitrary orientation. MTFs were estimated from the step response functions of the slanted edges. The obtained MTFs coincided with MTF values estimated from square-wave patterns milled on the aluminum surface. Although x-ray refraction influences should be taken into account to evaluate MTFs, any flat surfaces with nanometer roughness can be used to determine the spatial resolutions of microtomographs.

  6. New synchrotron powder diffraction facility for long-duration experiments

    Murray, Claire A.; Potter, Jonathan; Day, Sarah J.; Baker, Annabelle R.; Thompson, Stephen P.; Kelly, Jon; Morris, Christopher G.; Tang, Chiu C.


    A new synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction instrument has been built and commissioned for long-duration experiments on beamline I11 at Diamond Light Source. The concept is unique, with design features to house multiple experiments running in parallel, in particular with specific stages for sample environments to study slow kinetic systems or processes. The instrument benefits from a high-brightness X-ray beam and a large area detector. Diffraction data from the commissioning work have shown that the objectives and criteria are met. Supported by two case studies, the results from months of measurements have demonstrated the viability of this large-scale instrument, which is the world’s first dedicated facility for long-term studies (weeks to years) using synchrotron radiation. PMID:28190992

  7. Study on Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Excited by Synchrotron Radiation

    Jia-jia Guo; Wu-er Gan; Guo-bin Zhang; Qing-de Su


    A novel analysis approach using atomic fluorescence excited by synchrotron radiation is presented. A system for synchrotron radiation-atomic fluorescence spectrometry is developed, and experimental conditions such as flow rate, analyte acidity, concentration of pre-reducing and hydrogenation system are optimized. The proposed method is successfully applied to get an excitation spectrum of arsenic. Seven of ten primary spectral lines, four of which have never been reported by means of atomic fluorescence spectrometry, agree well with the existing reports. The other three are proposed for the first time. Excitation potentials and possible transitions are investigated. Especially for the prominent line at 234.99 nm, the mechanism of generation is discussed and a model of energy transition processes is proposed.

  8. Surface modification of fluorocarbon polymers by synchrotron radiation

    Kanda, K; Matsui, S; Ideta, T; Ishigaki, H


    The surface modification of a poly (tetrafluoroethylene) sheet was carried out by synchrotron radiation in the soft X-ray region. The poly (tetrafluoroethylene) substrate was exposed to synchrotron radiation while varying the substrate temperature from room temperature to 200degC. The contact angle of the modified surfaces with a water drop decreased from 96deg to 72deg by the irradiation at room temperature, while the contact angle increased to 143deg by the irradiation at the substrate temperature of 200degC. Scanning electron microscopy suggested that this repellence was ascribable to the microstructure of the poly (tetrafluoroethylene) surface. We succeeded in controlling the wettability of the poly (tetrafluoroethylene) surface from hydrophobic to hydrophilic by irradiation of the soft X-ray light. (author)

  9. Rapid cycling medical synchrotron and beam delivery system

    Peggs, Stephen G [Port Jefferson, NY; Brennan, J Michael [East Northport, NY; Tuozzolo, Joseph E [Sayville, NY; Zaltsman, Alexander [Commack, NY


    A medical synchrotron which cycles rapidly in order to accelerate particles for delivery in a beam therapy system. The synchrotron generally includes a radiofrequency (RF) cavity for accelerating the particles as a beam and a plurality of combined function magnets arranged in a ring. Each of the combined function magnets performs two functions. The first function of the combined function magnet is to bend the particle beam along an orbital path around the ring. The second function of the combined function magnet is to focus or defocus the particle beam as it travels around the path. The radiofrequency (RF) cavity is a ferrite loaded cavity adapted for high speed frequency swings for rapid cycling acceleration of the particles.

  10. Synchrotron-based FTIR spectromicroscopy: Cytotoxicity and heating considerations

    Holman, Hoi-Ying N.; Martin, Michael C.; McKinney, Wayne R.


    Synchrotron radiation-based Fourier transform infrared (SR-FTIR) spectromicroscopy is a newly emerging bioanalytical and imaging tool. This unique technique provides mid-infrared (IR) spectra, hence chemical information, with high signal-to-noise at spatial resolutions as fine as 3 to 10 microns. Thus it enables researchers to locate, identify, and track specific chemical events within an individual living mammalian cell. Mid-IR photons are too low in energy (0.05 - 0.5 eV) to either break bonds or to cause ionization. In this review, we show that the synchrotron IR beam has no detectable effects on the short- and long-term viability, reproductive integrity, cell-cycle progression, and mitochondrial metabolism in living human cells, and produces only minimal sample heating (< 0.5 degrees C). These studies have established an important foundation for SR-FTIR spectromicroscopy in biological and biomedical research.

  11. Incoherent synchrotron emission of laser-driven plasma edge

    Serebryakov, D A; Kostyukov, I Yu


    When a relativistically intense linearly polarized laser pulse is incident on an overdense plasma, a dense electron layer is formed on the plasma edge which relativistic motion results in high harmonic generation, ion acceleration and incoherent synchrotron emission of gamma-photons. Here we present a self-consistent analytical model that describes the edge motion and apply it to the problem of incoherent synchrotron emission by ultrarelativistic plasma electrons. The model takes into account both coherent radiation reaction from high harmonics and incoherent radiation reaction in the Landau-Lifshitz form. The analytical results are in agreement with 3D particle-in-cell simulations in a certain parameter region that corresponds to the relativistic electronic spring interaction regime.

  12. Experience with interactive control software at the CERN proton synchrotron

    Carpenter, B E


    The computer system includes, in addition to the central computer, a Varian 620 used for real-time function generation and two Imlac PDS1 display mini-computers used as operator consoles. The configuration is being expanded to include 3 PDP-11/45's and links with various other online computers associated with the synchrotron, and the present survey of interactive control software in use with the old configuration was carried out as part of the planning of this expansion. This paper describes the various means of computer access available to the synchrotron operators and development engineers, and outlines the associated software. One of the more flexible pieces of software, an on-line syntax handler, is discussed in more detail. (3 refs).

  13. A vacuum ultraviolet filtering monochromator for synchrotron-based spectroscopy

    Janik, Ireneusz; Marin, Timothy W.


    We describe the design, characterization, and implementation of a vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) monochromator for use in filtering stray and scattered light from the principal monochromator output of the Stainless Steel Seya VUV synchrotron beam line at the Synchrotron Radiation Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison. We demonstrate a reduction of three orders of magnitude of stray and scattered light over the wavelength range 1400-2000 Å with minimal loss of light intensity, allowing for over six orders of magnitude of dynamic range in light detection. We suggest that a similar filtering scheme can be utilized in any variety of spectroscopic applications where a large dynamic range and low amount of background signal are of import, such as in transmittance experiments with very high optical density.

  14. Incoherent synchrotron emission of laser-driven plasma edge

    Serebryakov, D. A., E-mail:; Nerush, E. N.; Kostyukov, I. Yu. [Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 46 Ulyanov St., Nizhny Novgorod 603950 (Russian Federation); Nizhny Novgorod State University, 23 Gagarin Avenue, Nizhny Novgorod 603950 (Russian Federation)


    When a relativistically intense linearly polarized laser pulse is incident on an overdense plasma, a dense electron layer is formed on the plasma edge which relativistic motion results in high harmonic generation, ion acceleration, and incoherent synchrotron emission of gamma-photons. Here we present a self-consistent analytical model that describes the edge motion and apply it to the problem of incoherent synchrotron emission by ultrarelativistic plasma electrons. The model takes into account both coherent radiation reaction from high harmonics and incoherent radiation reaction in the Landau–Lifshitz form. The analytical results are in agreement with 3D particle-in-cell simulations in a certain parameter region that corresponds to the relativistic electronic spring interaction regime.

  15. Incoherent synchrotron emission of laser-driven plasma edge

    Serebryakov, D. A.; Nerush, E. N.; Kostyukov, I. Yu.


    When a relativistically intense linearly polarized laser pulse is incident on an overdense plasma, a dense electron layer is formed on the plasma edge which relativistic motion results in high harmonic generation, ion acceleration, and incoherent synchrotron emission of gamma-photons. Here we present a self-consistent analytical model that describes the edge motion and apply it to the problem of incoherent synchrotron emission by ultrarelativistic plasma electrons. The model takes into account both coherent radiation reaction from high harmonics and incoherent radiation reaction in the Landau-Lifshitz form. The analytical results are in agreement with 3D particle-in-cell simulations in a certain parameter region that corresponds to the relativistic electronic spring interaction regime.

  16. Synchrotron radiation of self-collimating relativistic MHD jets

    Porth, Oliver; Meliani, Zakaria; Vaidya, Bhargav


    The goal of this paper is to derive signatures of synchrotron radiation from state-of-the-art simulation models of collimating relativistic magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) jets featuring a large-scale helical magnetic field. We perform axisymmetric special relativistic MHD simulations of the jet acceleration region using the PLUTO code. The computational domain extends from the slow magnetosonic launching surface of the disk up to 6000^2 Schwarzschild radii allowing to reach highly relativistic Lorentz factors. The Poynting dominated disk wind develops into a jet with Lorentz factors of 8 and is collimated to 1 degree. In addition to the disk jet, we evolve a thermally driven spine jet, emanating from a hypothetical black hole corona. Solving the linearly polarized synchrotron radiation transport within the jet, we derive VLBI radio and (sub-) mm diagnostics such as core shift, polarization structure, intensity maps, spectra and Faraday rotation measure (RM), directly from the Stokes parameters. We also investigate...

  17. Synchrotron X-Ray Radiation and Deformation Studies

    Fæster Nielsen, Søren

    In the present thesis two different synchrotron X-ray diffraction techniques capable of producing non-destructive information from the bulk of samples, have been investigated. Traditionally depth resolu-tion in diffraction experiments is obtained by inserting pinholes in both the incoming...... be ob-tained regarding the texture and strain properties of the material within this particular gauge volume. The capacity of the conical slit for depth profiling is demonstrated by scanning the gauge volume within the bulk of a polycrystalline copper sample, obtaining a two-dimensional map of the grain...... boundary morphology. Another X-ray diffraction technique was applied on the three-dimensional X-ray diffraction (3DXRD) microscope at the ESRF synchrotron. The microscope uses a new technique based on ray tracing of diffracted high energy X-rays, providing a fast and non-destructive scheme for mapping...

  18. Application of X-ray synchrotron microscopy instrumentation in biology

    Gasperini, F. M. [Medical Science Program, Fluminense Federal Univ., Niteroi (Brazil); Pereira, G. R. [Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Granjeiro, J. M. [Molecular and Cell Biology Dept., Fluminense Federal Univ., Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Calasans-Maia, M. D. [Oral Surgery Dept., Fluminense Federal Univ., Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Rossi, A. M. [Biomaterials Laboratory, Brazilian Center of Physics Research, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Perez, C. A. [Brazilian Synchrotron Laboratory, Campinas, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Lopes, R. T.; Lima, I. [Nuclear Engineering Laboratory, Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


    X-ray micro-fluorescence imaging technique has been used as a significant tool in order to investigate minerals contents in some kinds of materials. The aim of this study was to evaluate the elemental distribution of calcium and zinc in bone substitute materials (nano-hydroxyapatite spheres) and cortical bones through X-Ray Micro-fluorescence analysis with the increment of Synchrotron Radiation in order to evaluate the characteristics of the newly formed bone and its interface, the preexisting bone and biomaterials by the arrangement of collagen fibers and its birefringence. The elemental mapping was carried out at Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory, Campinas - Sao Paulo, Brazil working at D09-XRF beam line. Based on this study, the results suggest that hydroxyapatite-based biomaterials are biocompatible, promote osteo-conduction and favored bone repair. (authors)

  19. Diffuse Synchrotron Emission from Galactic Cosmic Ray Electrons

    Di Bernardo, Giuseppe; Evoli, Carmelo; Gaggero, Daniele


    Synchrotron diffuse radiation (SDR) emission is one of the major Galactic components, in the 100 MHz up to 100 GHz frequency range. Its spectrum and sky map provide valuable measure of the galactic cosmic ray electrons (GCRE) in the relevant energy range, as well as of the strength and structure of the Galactic magnetic fields (GMF), both regular and random ones. This emission is an astrophysical sky foreground for the study of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), and the extragalactic microwave measurements, and it needs to be modelled as better as possible. In this regard, in order to get an accurate description of the SDR in the Galaxy, we use - for the first time in this context - 3-dimensional GCRE models obtained by running the DRAGON code. This allows us to account for a realistic spiral arm pattern of the source distribution, demanded to get a self-consistent treatment of all relevant energy losses influencing the final synchrotron spectrum.

  20. New synchrotron powder diffraction facility for long-duration experiments.

    Murray, Claire A; Potter, Jonathan; Day, Sarah J; Baker, Annabelle R; Thompson, Stephen P; Kelly, Jon; Morris, Christopher G; Yang, Sihai; Tang, Chiu C


    A new synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction instrument has been built and commissioned for long-duration experiments on beamline I11 at Diamond Light Source. The concept is unique, with design features to house multiple experiments running in parallel, in particular with specific stages for sample environments to study slow kinetic systems or processes. The instrument benefits from a high-brightness X-ray beam and a large area detector. Diffraction data from the commissioning work have shown that the objectives and criteria are met. Supported by two case studies, the results from months of measurements have demonstrated the viability of this large-scale instrument, which is the world's first dedicated facility for long-term studies (weeks to years) using synchrotron radiation.

  1. Diffuse scattering measurements with synchrotron radiation: Instrumentation and techniques

    Matsubara, E.; Georgopoulos, P.


    The analysis of diffuse scattering from single crystalline specimens in the reflection mode has generally been acknowledged as a very powerful means of obtaining structural information on local atomic arrangements in disordered alloys, intermetallics and ceramics. However, owing to the low intensities encountered and the large number of measurements required for such an analysis, experiments have been extremely time consuming and few have been attempted. Synchrotron radiation makes it possible to conduct such experiments in a matter of hours and much higher quality data can be obtained than in the laboratory. This paper describes the experimental procedures and methods applied to a study of Al-Cu age hardening alloys conducted at the Cornell Synchrotron Source (CHESS). (orig.).

  2. Anticlastic curvature measurements on unribbed crystal optics for synchrotron radiation

    Quintana, J.P.; Dolin, Y.; Georgopoulos, P. (DND-CAT Synchrotron Research Center, APS/ANL Sector 5, Building 400, 9700 South Cass Avenue, Argonne, Illinois 60439 (United States)); Kushnir, V.I. (APS/XFD, Bldg. 362, 9700 South Cass Ave., Argonne, Illinois 60439 (United States))


    Various methods have been proposed for measuring the distortion in perfect crystals using double-crystal methods. The majority of these methods rely on making comparisons between double-crystal rocking curve measurements under the spatial extent of an extended x-ray beam. Unless the beam is large and parallel (such as at a synchrotron bending magnet), these methods are not easily scalable to large crystals (e.g., crystal focusing elements for synchrotron beamlines) due to the mechanical inaccuracies inherent in moving the various optical components. We present a method based on a scanning source which simplifies the problems in scaling double-crystal methods to large optics. In addition, results using this method are presented on a ribless sagittal focusing Si(111) crystal demonstrating that the anticlastic deviation can be made to be less than [plus minus]1 s of arc over a 1-cm-long section parallel to the sagittal axis.

  3. Clusters and Large-Scale Structure: the Synchrotron Keys

    Rudnick, L; Andernach, H; Battaglia, N; Brown, S; Brunetti, Gf; Burns, J; Clarke, T; Dolag, K; Farnsworth, D; Giovannini, G; Hallman, E; Johnston-Hollit, M; Jones, T W; Kang, H; Kassim, N; Kravtsov, A; Lazio, J; Lonsdale, C; McNamara, B; Myers, S; Owen, F; Pfrommer, C; Ryu, D; Sarazin, C; Subrahmanyan, R; Taylor, G; Taylor, R


    For over four decades, synchrotron-radiating sources have played a series of pathfinding roles in the study of galaxy clusters and large scale structure. Such sources are uniquely sensitive to the turbulence and shock structures of large-scale environments, and their cosmic rays and magnetic fields often play important dynamic and thermodynamic roles. They provide essential complements to studies at other wavebands. Over the next decade, they will fill essential gaps in both cluster astrophysics and the cosmological growth of structure in the universe, especially where the signatures of shocks and turbulence, or even the underlying thermal plasma itself, are otherwise undetectable. Simultaneously, synchrotron studies offer a unique tool for exploring the fundamental question of the origins of cosmic magnetic fields. This work will be based on the new generation of m/cm-wave radio telescopes now in construction, as well as major advances in the sophistication of 3-D MHD simulations.

  4. High pressure x-ray diffraction techniques with synchrotron radiation



    This article summarizes the developments of experimental techniques for high pressure x-ray diffraction (XRD) in diamond anvil cells (DACs) using synchrotron radiation. Basic principles and experimental methods for various diffraction geometry are described, including powder diffraction, single crystal diffraction, radial diffraction, as well as coupling with laser heating system. Resolution in d-spacing of different diffraction modes is discussed. More recent progress, such as extended application of single crystal diffraction for measurements of multigrain and electron density distribution, time-resolved diffraction with dynamic DAC and development of modulated heating techniques are briefl y introduced. The current status of the high pressure beamline at BSRF (Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility) and some results are also presented.

  5. Synchrotron radiation based beam diagnostics at the Fermilab Tevatron

    Thurman-Keup, R; Hahn, A; Hurh, P; Lorman, E; Lundberg, C; Meyer, T; Miller, D; Pordes, S; Valishev, A


    Synchrotron radiation has been used for many years as a beam diagnostic at electron accelerators. It is not normally associated with proton accelerators as the intensity of the radiation is too weak to make detection practical. However, if one utilizes the radiation originating near the edge of a bending magnet, or from a short magnet, the rapidly changing magnetic field serves to enhance the wavelengths shorter than the cutoff wavelength, which for more recent high energy proton accelerators such as Fermilab's Tevatron, tends to be visible light. This paper discusses the implementation at the Tevatron of two devices. A transverse beam profile monitor images the synchrotron radiation coming from the proton and antiproton beams separately and provides profile data for each bunch. A second monitor measures the low-level intensity of beam in the abort gaps which poses a danger to both the accelerator's superconducting magnets and the silicon detectors of the high energy physics experiments. Comparisons of measur...

  6. Optical Synchrotron Radiation Beam Imaging with a Digital Mask

    Fiorito, R. B. [University of Maryland, College Park, MD (United States); Zhang, H. D. [University of Maryland, College Park, MD (United States); Corbett, W. J. [SLAC, Menlo Park, CA (United States); Fisher, A. S. [SLAC, Menlo Park, CA (United States); Mok, W. Y. [SLAC, Menlo Park, CA (United States); Tian, K. [SLAC, Menlo Park, CA (United States); Douglas, D. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States); Wilson, F. G. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States); Zhang, S. [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States); Mitsuhashi, T. M. [KEK, Tsukuba (Japan); Shkvarunets, A. G. [University of Maryland, College Park, MD (United States)


    We have applied a new imaging/optical masking technique, which employs a digital micro-mirror device (DMD) and optical synchrotron radiation (OSR), to perform high dynamic range (DR) beam imaging at the JLAB Energy Recovery Linac and the SLAC/SPEAR3 Synchrotron Light Source. The OSR from the beam is first focused onto the DMD to produce a primary image; selected areas of this image are spatially filtered by controlling the state of individual micro-mirrors; and finally, the filtered image is refocused onto a CCD camera. At JLAB this technique has been used successfully to view the beam halo with a DR ~ 105. At SPEAR3 the DMD was used to filter out the bright core of the stored beam to study the turn-by-turn dynamics of the 10-3 weaker injected beam. We describe the optical performance, present limitations and our plans to improve the DR of both experimental systems.

  7. Synchrotron-based FTIR spectromicroscopy Cytotoxicity and heating considerations

    Holman, H Y N; McKinney, W R


    Synchrotron radiation-based Fourier transform infrared (SR-FTIR) spectromicroscopy is a newly emerging bioanalytical and imaging tool. This unique technique provides mid-infrared (IR) spectra, hence chemical information, with high signal-to-noise at spatial resolutions as fine as 3 to 10 microns. Thus it enables researchers to locate, identify, and track specific chemical events within an individual living mammalian cell. Mid-IR photons are too low in energy (0.05 - 0.5 eV) to either break bonds or to cause ionization. In this review, we show that the synchrotron IR beam has no detectable effects on the short- and long-term viability, reproductive integrity, cell-cycle progression, and mitochondrial metabolism in living human cells, and produces only minimal sample heating (< 0.5 degrees C). These studies have established an important foundation for SR-FTIR spectromicroscopy in biological and biomedical research.


    Salim -


    Full Text Available Kemajuan teknologi berpengaruh terhadap perkembangan Tarling namun demikian Tarling masih tetap menunjukan eksistensinya. Nampaknya ada hal yang menarik bagi peneliti untuk selanjutnya mengadakan penelitian tentang perkembangan dan eksistensi Tarling. Sehubungan dengan permasalahan tersebut maka masalah penelitiannya adalah bagaimana perkembangan Tarling, dan Bagaimana eksistensi Tarling. Penelitian Tesis ini menggunakan metoda penelitian kualitatif. Peneliti berusaha mendeskripsikan perkembangan dan eksistensi Tarling. Untuk memahami  perkembangan, dan eksistensi maka penelitian ini  menggunakan teori perkembangan dan eksistensi. Teknik pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan cara observasi, wawancara, dan dokumentasi. Pemeriksaan keabsahan data dilakukan dengan  menggunakan metode tringulasi. Analisis data dilakukan dengan tahapan: Reduksi data, penyajian data dan penarikan kesimpulan. Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa berdasarkan perkembangannya Tarling mengalami beberapa periodisasi perubahan yaitu periode musik, periode  lagu dan lawak kemudian periode teater. Berkenaan dengan eksistensinya musik Tarlingpun mengalami perubahan bentuk yaitu Tarling kreasi dan Tarling dangdut. Eksistensi musik Tarling terbentuk melalui proses akulturasi. Saran dari hasil penelitian menyatakan bahwa, perubahan yang terjadi dalam  Tarling dimaksudkan sebagai upaya agar Tarling tetap menarik kemudian eksis. Maka bagi Para tokoh masyarakat, seniman Tarling, pemerintah dan masyarakat Cirebon harus bersinergi melakukan berbagai langkah agar Tarling tetap menujukan eksistensinya The progress of technology influence the development Tarling, however Tarling still shows its existence. It seems that there is something interesting for researchers to conduct further research on the development and existence Tarling. In connection with these problems, the research problem is how the development Tarling and How existence Tarling. This thesis research uses qualitative


    Detania Savitri


    Fungsi ayah dalam keluarga adalah sebagai pencari nafkah untuk memenuhi kebutuhan keluarga, sementara ibu berfungsi dalam mendidik anak. Ayah yang bekerja penuh waktu akan berkurang interaksinya dengan anak. Disisi lain, teknologi komunikasi diciptakan untuk mempermudah interaksi antar individu. Penelitian ini ingin mengetahui apakah smartphone dapat meningkatkan intensitas kedekatan interaksi antara ayah dan anak. Selain itu, penelitian ini juga ingin mengetahui apakah ayah dapat memberikan sosialisasi kepada anak melalui smartphone dan mengontrol keseharian anak. Artikel ini menggunakan perspektif fungsionalis. Pendekatan kualitatif digunakan oleh penulis dengan mewawancarai tiga ayah dan tiga anak berusia 20 tahun ke atas yang sama-sama menggunakan smartphone di kota Depok. Temuan yang diperoleh penulis yaitu smartphone dapat merubah interaksi ayah dengan anak, dan ayah dapat memberikan kontrol sosial kepada anak dalam interaksi melalui smartphone. Dalam interaksi ayah dan anak, smartphone juga dapat digunakan ayah untuk mensosialisasikan nilai-nilai kepada anak.


    Yuniar Rosmalina; Dewi Permaesih


    Telah dilakukan analisis vitamin A DAN β-Karoten terhadap beberapa jenis pangan dengan menggunakan metode HPLC. Analisis dilakukan terhadap 9 jenis serealia dan umbi-umbian, 3 jenis kacang-kacangan, 40 jenis sayuran, 11 jenis daging dan hasilnya, 7 jenis telur dan hasilnya, 8 jenis ikan, 12 jenis buah-buahaan, dan 7 jenis kelompok lain-lain. Hasilnya menunjukkan sumber β-Karoten yang tinggi pada kelompok serealia dan umbi-umbian adalah umbi jalar, pada kelompok sayuran adalah daun katuk, daun...

  11. Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Penjualan dan Pembelian pada Toko PC Tablet

    Nur Setyo Permatasasi Putri W


    Full Text Available Sistem informasi penjualan dan pembelian yang dimiliki oleh perusahaan masih mempunyai beberapa kekurangan yang menyebabkan terjadinya kesalahan data pada laporan yang dihasilkan. Dan juga meskipun perusahaan telah memiliki sistem informasi namun perusahaan masih sering melakukan proses transaksi dan pencatatan transaksi secara manual, sehingga kesalahan data tidak dapat terhindarkan lagi. Oleh karena itu, perusahaan membutuhkan sebuah sistem informasi penjualan dan pembelian yang memadai, untuk dapat menampilkan data lebih akurat dan lebih mudah dipahami dalam penggunaannya. Pengembangan sistem informasi penjualan dan pembelian diawali dengan analisis kebutuhan sistem. Hal ini ditujukan untuk mendapatkan spesifikasi sistem yang sesuai. Kemudian dari data yang ada, dilakukan perancangan sistem informasi penjualan dan pembelian yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan perusahaan. Dalam tahapan perancangan, penggambaran proses bisnis sistem informasi dijelaskan dengan menggunakan DFD (Data Flow Diagram dan untuk merepresentasikan data dalam sistem secara logis dilakukan dengan menggunakan ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram. Hasil dari perancangan kemudian diimplementasikan dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP dan menggunakan sistem basis data MySQL. Perangkat yang digunakan adalah perangkat lunak Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 dan XAMPP. Hasil pengujian sistem informasi penjualan dan pembelian menunjukkan bahwa semua fitur yang terdapat dalam sistem informasi dapat bekerja dengan baik seperti mengelola data transaksi, mengelola data admin, mengelola data barang dan mengelola data lainnya yang berhubungan dengan kegiatan pokok dalam transaksi ini. Pada sistem informasi penjualan dan pembelian juga disertakan fungsi untuk menampilkan laporan dari proses transaksi yang dilakukan oleh pengguna.

  12. Hantaran Sinyal Leptin dan Obesitas: Hubungannya dengan Penyakit Kardiovaskuler

    David Limanan


    Full Text Available Diperkirakan saat ini jumlah orang dengan obesitas melebihi 250 juta orang, yaitu 7% dari populasi orang dewasa di dunia. Mortalitas obesitas erat hubungannya dengan sindrom metabolik yang merupakan kelainan metabolik meliputi obesitas, resistensi insulin, gangguan toleransi glukosa, abnormalitas trigliserida dan hemostasis, disfungsi endotel dan hipertensi. Leptin dihasilkan adiposit dan merupakan anggota dari adipositokin; berperan dalam hantaran sinyal hormon jaringan adiposa. Kelainan leptin maupun reseptornyadapat menyebabkan seseorang mengalami obesitas, metabolik sindrom, diabetes dan penyakit kardiovaskuler. Kompleks leptin-reseptor mengaktifkan sistem transduksi sinyal, yang paling dominan adalah jalur janus kinase-signal transducer and activator of transcription-3 (JAK-STAT3, kemudian phospatidyl inositol 3- kinase (PI3K, mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK, 5’adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK, dan mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR. Jalur leptin-associated PI3K dengan ERK cascade berperan penting dalam proliferasi kardiomiosit dan melindungi jantung dari ischemia reperfusion injury. ERK1/2 mengaktifkan target gen seperti c-fos dan egr-1 yang berperan dalam proliferasi dan diferensiasi. Nuclear factor κB diduga sebagai target jalur p38 dan JNK MAPK. Faktor transkripsi inu berperan pentingdalam mengatur transkripsi sitokin proinflamasi seperti tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α dan interleukin (IL-1β. Leptin dapat meningkatkan pembentukan reactive oxygen species (ROS sel endotel pembuluh darah dan menstimulasi sekresi TNF-α dan IL-6 yang merupakan promotor hipertensi dan aterosklerosis.Kata Kunci: obesitas, leptin, sistem kardiovaskuler 

  13. Control of synchrotron radiation effects during recirculation with bunch compression

    Douglas, David [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Benson, Stephen [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Li, Rui [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Roblin, Yves [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Tennant, Christopher [Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States); Krafft, Geoffrey [Old Dominion Univ., Norfolk, VA (United States); Terzic, Balsa [Old Dominion Univ., Norfolk, VA (United States); Tsai, Cheng [Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ. (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA (United States)


    Studies of beam quality during recirculation have been extended to an arc providing bunch compression with positive momentum compaction. It controls both incoherent and coherent synchrotron radiation (ISR and CSR) using methods including optics balance and generates little microbunching gain. We detail the dynamical basis for the design, discuss the design process, give an example, and provide simulations of ISR and CSR effects. Reference will be made to a complete analysis of microbunching effects.

  14. X-ray imaging detectors for synchrotron and XFEL sources

    Takaki Hatsui; Heinz Graafsma


    Current trends for X-ray imaging detectors based on hybrid and monolithic detector technologies are reviewed. Hybrid detectors with photon-counting pixels have proven to be very powerful tools at synchrotrons. Recent developments continue to improve their performance, especially for higher spatial resolution at higher count rates with higher frame rates. Recent developments for X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) experiments provide high-frame-rate integrating detectors with both high sensitivit...

  15. Minimum emittance of isochronus rings for synchrotron light source

    Shoji, Y


    Theoretically achievable minimum emittances of isochronus rings for synchrotron light source are calculated. The rings discussed in this paper consist of isochronus and achromatic bending cells, isochronus TBA (triple bend achromat) cells with negative dispersion, isochronus TBA cells with inverse bends or isochronus QBA (four bend achromat) cells. We show that the minimum emittances of these rings are roughly 2 or 3 times of those of the optimized non-isochronus rings.

  16. Separated high-energy electron beams using synchrotron radiation

    Farley, F J M; Picasso, Emilio


    Electrons with kinetic energy in the 100 GeV range may be separated from other particles by using their energy-loss due to synchrotron radiation in a high-field magnet. In this paper the associated fluctuations in energy and angle are shown to be small enough for the method to be useful. Detailed design formulae are presented for several magnet configurations. (7 refs).

  17. CCD sensors in synchrotron X-ray detectors

    Strauss, M. G.; Naday, I.; Sherman, I. S.; Kraimer, M. R.; Westbrook, E. M.; Zaluzec, N. J.


    The intense photon flux from advanced synchrotron light sources, such as the 7-GeV synchrotron being designed at Argonne, require integrating-type detectors. Charge-coupled devices (CCDs) are well suited as synchrotron X-ray detectors. When irradiated indirectly via a phosphor followed by reducing optics, diffraction patterns of 100 cm 2 can be imaged on a 2 cm 2 CCD. With a conversion efficiency of ˜ 1 CCD electron/X-ray photon, a peak saturation capacity of > 10 6 X-rays can be obtained. A programmable CCD controller operating at a clock frequency of 20 MHz has been developed. The readout rate is 5 × 10 6 pixels/s and the shift rate in the parallel registers is 10 6 lines/s. The test detector was evaluated in two experiments. In protein crystallography diffraction patterns have been obtained from a lysozyme crystal using a conventional rotating anode X-ray generator. Based on these results we expect to obtain at a synchrotron diffraction images at a rate of ˜ 1 frame/s or a complete 3-dimensional data set from a single crystal in ˜ 2 min. In electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS), the CCD was used in a parallel detection mode which is similar to the mode array detectors are used in dispersive EXAFS. With a beam current corresponding to 3 × 10 9 electron/s on the detector, a series of 64 spectra were recorded on the CCD in a continuous sequence without interruption due to readout. The frame-to-frame pixel signal fluctuations had σ = 0.4% from which DQE = 0.4 was obtained, where the detector conversion efficiency was 2.6 CCD electrons/X-ray photon. These multiple frame series also showed the time-resolved modulation of the electron microscope optics by stray magnetic fields.

  18. A Pulsed Synchrotron for Muon Acceleration at a Neutrino Factory

    Summers, D J; Berg, J S; Palmer, R B


    A 4600 Hz pulsed synchrotron is considered as a means of accelerating cool muons with superconducting RF cavities from 4 to 20 GeV/c for a neutrino factory. Eddy current losses are held to less than a megawatt by the low machine duty cycle plus 100 micron thick grain oriented silicon steel laminations and 250 micron diameter copper wires. Combined function magnets with 20 T/m gradients alternating within single magnets form the lattice. Muon survival is 83%.

  19. The European 400 GeV proton synchrotron

    Middelkoop, Willem Cornelis


    On 19th February 1971, CERN decided to build a super proton synchrotron at a cost of 1150*10/sup 6/ Swiss francs. The design target of 400 GeV with a beam intensity of 10/sup 13/ protons/pulse was reached on the 4th of November 1976 within the original budget, allowing for inflation. The technical aspects of the SPS are reviewed, together with operating experience since May 1976. (2 refs).

  20. Synchrotron Radiation Lithography and MEMS Technique at NSRL


    Two beamlines and stations for soft X-ray lithography and hard X-ray lithography at NSRL are presented. Synchrotron radiation lithography (SRL) and mask techniques are developed, and the micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) techniques are also investigated at NSRL. In this paper, some results based on SRL and MEMS techniques are reported, and sub-micron and high aspect ratio microstructures are given. Some micro-devices, such as microreactors are fabricated at NSRL.