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  1. Evaluation of Revised International Staging System (R-ISS) for transplant-eligible multiple myeloma patients. (United States)

    González-Calle, Verónica; Slack, Abigail; Keane, Niamh; Luft, Susan; Pearce, Kathryn E; Ketterling, Rhett P; Jain, Tania; Chirackal, Sintosebastian; Reeder, Craig; Mikhael, Joseph; Noel, Pierre; Mayo, Angela; Adams, Roberta H; Ahmann, Gregory; Braggio, Esteban; Stewart, A Keith; Bergsagel, P Leif; Van Wier, Scott A; Fonseca, Rafael


    The International Myeloma Working Group has proposed the Revised International Staging System (R-ISS) for risk stratification of multiple myeloma (MM) patients. There are a limited number of studies that have validated this risk model in the autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) setting. In this retrospective study, we evaluated the applicability and value for predicting survival of the R-ISS model in 134 MM patients treated with new agents and ASCT at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and the University Hospital of Salamanca in Spain. The patients were reclassified at diagnosis according to the R-ISS: 44 patients (33%) had stage I, 75 (56%) had stage II, and 15 (11%) had stage III. After a median follow-up of 60 months, R-ISS assessed at diagnosis was an independent predictor for overall survival (OS) after ASCT, with median OS not reached, 111 and 37 months for R-ISS I, II and III, respectively (P R-ISS II and having high-risk chromosomal abnormalities (CA) had a significant shorter median OS than those with R-ISS II without CA: 70 vs. 111 months, respectively. Therefore, this study lends further support for the R-ISS as a reliable prognostic tool for estimating survival in transplant myeloma patients and suggests the importance of high-risk CA in the R-ISS II group.

  2. Kütuseärisse siseneb võimas finantsrusikas / Peeter Raidla

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raidla, Peeter, 1955-


    Ilmunud ka: Delovõje Vedomosti 19. mai lk. 6. OÜ Letofin Trading ärimeestest omanikering siseneb kütuseärisse. Lisa: Kütusefirmal viis omanikerühmitust; OÜ Letofin Trading kujunemine; Tsisternvagunite äri ja kütusefirma omanikud on tihedalt seotud; Jüri Mõisal on kontaktid ENSV KGB juhiga

  3. Strategic agency and institutional change: investigating the role of universities in regional innovation systems (RISs)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Benneworth, Paul; Pinheiro, Rómulo; Karlsen, James


    Strategic agency and institutional change: investigating the role of universities in regional innovation systems (RISs). Regional Studies. Past analyses rooted in the thick description of regions successful in constructing regional innovation systems have given way to analyses more focused on the

  4. Autonomous Integrated Navigation for Indoor Robots Utilizing On-Line Iterated Extended Rauch-Tung-Striebel Smoothing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuan Xu


    Full Text Available In order to reduce the estimated errors of the inertial navigation system (INS/Wireless sensor network (WSN-integrated navigation for mobile robots indoors, this work proposes an on-line iterated extended Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoothing (IERTSS utilizing inertial measuring units (IMUs and an ultrasonic positioning system. In this mode, an iterated Extended Kalman filter (IEKF is used in forward data processing of the Extended Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoothing (ERTSS to improve the accuracy of the filtering output for the smoother. Furthermore, in order to achieve the on-line smoothing, IERTSS is embedded into the average filter. For verification, a real indoor test has been done to assess the performance of the proposed method. The results show that the proposed method is effective in reducing the errors compared with the conventional schemes.

  5. Theory of mutation of elementary particles and its application to Rauch's experiments on the spinorial symmetry

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Santilli, R.M.


    In this paper we study an open historical legacy of nuclear physics, according to which the magnetic moment of nucleons could be altered in the transition from motion in vacuum under external electromagnetic interactions (as measured until now), to motion under joint, external, electromagnetic and strong interactions, with a consequential conceivable fluctuation of the spin. The legacy is studied via the construction of the Lie-isotopic generalization of conventional field equations, i.e., generalized equations that are invariant under the Poincare-isotopic symmetry proposed in a preceding paper. It emerges that in the transition from motion in vacuum under potential interactions, to motion within a physical medium with potential as well as contact non-Hamiltonian interactions, there is, in general, the alteration (called ''mutation'') of all intrinsic characteristics of particles, such as: rest energy, spin, charge, mean life, space and charge parity, electric and magnetic moments, etc. The emerging, generalized, iso-field theory is applied to a direct and quantitative interpretation of Rauch's experimental data according to which thermal neutrons experience a deformation of their charge distributions with consequential alteration of their magnetic moments when under joint, external, electromagnetic and nuclear interactions. We then pass to the review of an intriguing generalization of Dirac's equation proposed by Dirac himself, in which the spin is mutated from 1/2 to zero. We show that the generalized equation possesses an essential isotopic structure precisely of the class submitted in this work. A number of fundamental implications of the open historical legacy are pointed out. The paper ends with the review of several experiments which have been proposed in the literature for some time, but regrettably ignored until now, for the final resolution of the problem, whether the intrinsic characteristics of particles are rigidly immutable, or they can change under

  6. FPGA-based real-time embedded system for RISS/GPS integrated navigation. (United States)

    Abdelfatah, Walid Farid; Georgy, Jacques; Iqbal, Umar; Noureldin, Aboelmagd


    Navigation algorithms integrating measurements from multi-sensor systems overcome the problems that arise from using GPS navigation systems in standalone mode. Algorithms which integrate the data from 2D low-cost reduced inertial sensor system (RISS), consisting of a gyroscope and an odometer or wheel encoders, along with a GPS receiver via a Kalman filter has proved to be worthy in providing a consistent and more reliable navigation solution compared to standalone GPS receivers. It has been also shown to be beneficial, especially in GPS-denied environments such as urban canyons and tunnels. The main objective of this paper is to narrow the idea-to-implementation gap that follows the algorithm development by realizing a low-cost real-time embedded navigation system capable of computing the data-fused positioning solution. The role of the developed system is to synchronize the measurements from the three sensors, relative to the pulse per second signal generated from the GPS, after which the navigation algorithm is applied to the synchronized measurements to compute the navigation solution in real-time. Employing a customizable soft-core processor on an FPGA in the kernel of the navigation system, provided the flexibility for communicating with the various sensors and the computation capability required by the Kalman filter integration algorithm.

  7. Implementation of the Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoother for sensor compatibility correction of a fixed-wing unmanned air vehicle. (United States)

    Chan, Woei-Leong; Hsiao, Fei-Bin


    This paper presents a complete procedure for sensor compatibility correction of a fixed-wing Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV). The sensors consist of a differential air pressure transducer for airspeed measurement, two airdata vanes installed on an airdata probe for angle of attack (AoA) and angle of sideslip (AoS) measurement, and an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) that provides attitude angles, angular rates, and acceleration. The procedure is mainly based on a two pass algorithm called the Rauch-Tung-Striebel (RTS) smoother, which consists of a forward pass Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) and a backward recursion smoother. On top of that, this paper proposes the implementation of the Wiener Type Filter prior to the RTS in order to avoid the complicated process noise covariance matrix estimation. Furthermore, an easy to implement airdata measurement noise variance estimation method is introduced. The method estimates the airdata and subsequently the noise variances using the ground speed and ascent rate provided by the Global Positioning System (GPS). It incorporates the idea of data regionality by assuming that some sort of statistical relation exists between nearby data points. Root mean square deviation (RMSD) is being employed to justify the sensor compatibility. The result shows that the presented procedure is easy to implement and it improves the UAV sensor data compatibility significantly.

  8. Tightly coupled low cost 3D RISS/GPS integration using a mixture particle filter for vehicular navigation. (United States)

    Georgy, Jacques; Noureldin, Aboelmagd


    Satellite navigation systems such as the global positioning system (GPS) are currently the most common technique used for land vehicle positioning. However, in GPS-denied environments, there is an interruption in the positioning information. Low-cost micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS)-based inertial sensors can be integrated with GPS and enhance the performance in denied GPS environments. The traditional technique for this integration problem is Kalman filtering (KF). Due to the inherent errors of low-cost MEMS inertial sensors and their large stochastic drifts, KF, with its linearized models, has limited capabilities in providing accurate positioning. Particle filtering (PF) was recently suggested as a nonlinear filtering technique to accommodate for arbitrary inertial sensor characteristics, motion dynamics and noise distributions. An enhanced version of PF called the Mixture PF is utilized in this study to perform tightly coupled integration of a three dimensional (3D) reduced inertial sensors system (RISS) with GPS. In this work, the RISS consists of one single-axis gyroscope and a two-axis accelerometer used together with the vehicle's odometer to obtain 3D navigation states. These sensors are then integrated with GPS in a tightly coupled scheme. In loosely-coupled integration, at least four satellites are needed to provide acceptable GPS position and velocity updates for the integration filter. The advantage of the tightly-coupled integration is that it can provide GPS measurement update(s) even when the number of visible satellites is three or lower, thereby improving the operation of the navigation system in environments with partial blockages by providing continuous aiding to the inertial sensors even during limited GPS satellite availability. To effectively exploit the capabilities of PF, advanced modeling for the stochastic drift of the vertically aligned gyroscope is used. In order to benefit from measurement updates for such drift, which are

  9. Tightly Coupled Low Cost 3D RISS/GPS Integration Using a Mixture Particle Filter for Vehicular Navigation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacques Georgy


    Full Text Available Satellite navigation systems such as the global positioning system (GPS are currently the most common technique used for land vehicle positioning. However, in GPS-denied environments, there is an interruption in the positioning information. Low-cost micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS-based inertial sensors can be integrated with GPS and enhance the performance in denied GPS environments. The traditional technique for this integration problem is Kalman filtering (KF. Due to the inherent errors of low-cost MEMS inertial sensors and their large stochastic drifts, KF, with its linearized models, has limited capabilities in providing accurate positioning. Particle filtering (PF was recently suggested as a nonlinear filtering technique to accommodate for arbitrary inertial sensor characteristics, motion dynamics and noise distributions. An enhanced version of PF called the Mixture PF is utilized in this study to perform tightly coupled integration of a three dimensional (3D reduced inertial sensors system (RISS with GPS. In this work, the RISS consists of one single-axis gyroscope and a two-axis accelerometer used together with the vehicle’s odometer to obtain 3D navigation states. These sensors are then integrated with GPS in a tightly coupled scheme. In loosely-coupled integration, at least four satellites are needed to provide acceptable GPS position and velocity updates for the integration filter. The advantage of the tightly-coupled integration is that it can provide GPS measurement update(s even when the number of visible satellites is three or lower, thereby improving the operation of the navigation system in environments with partial blockages by providing continuous aiding to the inertial sensors even during limited GPS satellite availability. To effectively exploit the capabilities of PF, advanced modeling for the stochastic drift of the vertically aligned gyroscope is used. In order to benefit from measurement updates for such drift

  10. Umkämpfte Orte. Rezension zu Anne Huffschmid (2015: Risse im Raum: Erinnerung, Gewalt und städtisches Leben in Lateinamerika. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Carbone


    Full Text Available Die Monographie ist das Ergebnis einer tiefen Auseinandersetzung mit der Erinnerung an den Staatsterror in Buenos Aires und Mexiko-Stadt. Der Fokus liegt auf städtischen Räumen, in denen unterschiedliche Erinnerungspraktiken und -diskurse aufeinandertreffen und sich verschränken. Anhand vieler Beispiele zeigt das Buch wie Praktiken der Erinnerung an die Gewalt ‚Risse im Raum‘ öffnen, durch die die soziale Bedingtheit und die politische Konflikthaftigkeit des Raumes offenbar werden. Auf einer theoretischen Ebene macht die Autorin für ein deutschsprachiges Publikum die lateinamerikanische Debatte über Erinnerung, Erinnerungspolitik und städtischen Raum zugänglich.

  11. Characteristics of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Multipath and Its Mitigation Method Based on Kalman Filter and Rauch-Tung-Striebel Smoother. (United States)

    Zhang, Qiuzhao; Yang, Wei; Zhang, Shubi; Liu, Xin


    Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) carrier phase measurement for short baseline meets the requirements of deformation monitoring of large structures. However, the carrier phase multipath effect is the main error source with double difference (DD) processing. There are lots of methods to deal with the multipath errors of Global Position System (GPS) carrier phase data. The BeiDou navigation satellite System (BDS) multipath mitigation is still a research hotspot because the unique constellation design of BDS makes it different to mitigate multipath effects compared to GPS. Multipath error periodically repeats for its strong correlation to geometry of satellites, reflective surface and antenna which is also repetitive. We analyzed the characteristics of orbital periods of BDS satellites which are consistent with multipath repeat periods of corresponding satellites. The results show that the orbital periods and multipath periods for BDS geostationary earth orbit (GEO) and inclined geosynchronous orbit (IGSO) satellites are about one day but the periods of MEO satellites are about seven days. The Kalman filter (KF) and Rauch-Tung-Striebel Smoother (RTSS) was introduced to extract the multipath models from single difference (SD) residuals with traditional sidereal filter (SF). Wavelet filter and Empirical mode decomposition (EMD) were also used to mitigate multipath effects. The experimental results show that the three filters methods all have obvious effect on improvement of baseline accuracy and the performance of KT-RTSS method is slightly better than that of wavelet filter and EMD filter. The baseline vector accuracy on east, north and up (E, N, U) components with KF-RTSS method were improved by 62.8%, 63.6%, 62.5% on day of year 280 and 57.3%, 53.4%, 55.9% on day of year 281, respectively.

  12. Characteristics of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Multipath and Its Mitigation Method Based on Kalman Filter and Rauch-Tung-Striebel Smoother

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qiuzhao Zhang


    Full Text Available Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS carrier phase measurement for short baseline meets the requirements of deformation monitoring of large structures. However, the carrier phase multipath effect is the main error source with double difference (DD processing. There are lots of methods to deal with the multipath errors of Global Position System (GPS carrier phase data. The BeiDou navigation satellite System (BDS multipath mitigation is still a research hotspot because the unique constellation design of BDS makes it different to mitigate multipath effects compared to GPS. Multipath error periodically repeats for its strong correlation to geometry of satellites, reflective surface and antenna which is also repetitive. We analyzed the characteristics of orbital periods of BDS satellites which are consistent with multipath repeat periods of corresponding satellites. The results show that the orbital periods and multipath periods for BDS geostationary earth orbit (GEO and inclined geosynchronous orbit (IGSO satellites are about one day but the periods of MEO satellites are about seven days. The Kalman filter (KF and Rauch-Tung-Striebel Smoother (RTSS was introduced to extract the multipath models from single difference (SD residuals with traditional sidereal filter (SF. Wavelet filter and Empirical mode decomposition (EMD were also used to mitigate multipath effects. The experimental results show that the three filters methods all have obvious effect on improvement of baseline accuracy and the performance of KT-RTSS method is slightly better than that of wavelet filter and EMD filter. The baseline vector accuracy on east, north and up (E, N, U components with KF-RTSS method were improved by 62.8%, 63.6%, 62.5% on day of year 280 and 57.3%, 53.4%, 55.9% on day of year 281, respectively.

  13. Planning, installation and use of ventilation systems for smoke and heat removal. Cooperation between architects, planners, and builder-owners; Planung, Einbau und Anwendung von Rauch- und Waermeabzugsanlagen. Zusammenwirken zwischen Architekt, Planer und Bauherr

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Koschnitzki, K. [Duisburg Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Anlagenplanung und Systemtechnik; Berg, M. [e.t.s. Umwelt- und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH, Kleve (Germany)


    Cooperation between planners, builder-owners and technical experts is important for efficient fire prevention. This involves ventilation systems for smoke and heat removal as well as other safety components. Legal regulations must be implemented so as to obtain a fire protection concept with defined goals and to achieve maximum protection of furniture and inhabitants. (orig.) [Deutsch] Bei der Umsetzung von Brandschutzkonzepten in der Gebaeude- und Anlagenplanung ist das gemeinsame Vorgehen von Planer, Bauherr und Fachunternehmen von elementarer Wichtigkeit fuer ein ausgereiftes Sicherheitskonzept. Hierzu gehoeren Rauch- und Waermeabzugsanlagen und weitergehende sicherheitstechnische Komponenten. Auflagen und behoerdliche Bestimmungen sind so umzusetzen, dass ein Brandschutzkonzept mit definierten Schutzzielen entsteht. Fuer den Bauherrn soll ein maximaler Sachwert- und Personenschutz gewaehrleistet sein. (orig.)

  14. Trigon Capital sukeldub Ukraina piimaärisse / Airi Ilisson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ilisson, Airi, 1980-


    Investeerimisfirma Trigon Capital valis uueks investeeringute sihiks Ukraina piimatööstuse muutunud poliitilise kliima ja piimatöökvootide puudumise tõttu. Lisa: Kinnisvara. Horvaatia kinnisvaraäri

  15. Illar Hallaste siirdus turismiärisse / Kerli Nõu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Nõu, Kerli


    Illar Hallaste turismifirma Seasons Travel on spetsialiseerunud individuaalsete suusareiside korraldamisele Skandinaaviasse ja mägimatkade organiseerimisele Himaalajasse. Lisad: Season Travel; Eksootilised reisid

  16. Fine cracks in the sediment; Feine Risse im Sediment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Natural gas from porous rocks whirls the energy markets and geopolitical strategies upside down. America celebrates its 'shale gas turnaround' and may soon fulfil the Kyoto Protocol without having signed it ever. Germany is between fear and belief in the progress of 'Clean Fracking'. The treatment of fracking liquids by means of ultraviolet light enables the dispensation with biocides in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. The omission of petrochemical additives does not provide any satisfactory results. The gas yield significantly is worse. The purity requirement of the fracking process is still some way off.

  17. Koolipingist ärisse / Kai Väärtnõu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Väärtnõu, Kai


    Õpilasfirmade Neli Poega ja R@t tegevusest ja saavutustest Euroopa õpilasfirmade võistlustel. Õpilasfirmade tegevust koordineeriva Junior Achievement'i arengufondi tegevdirektor Epp Lauk ja nõukogu esimees Rein Loik kinnitavad, et ettevõtjad ja riik on hakanud ettevõtlusharidust hindama. Kommenteerib Karoli Hindriks

  18. Eesti Post sukeldub kiirlaenuärisse / Dannar Leitmaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Leitmaa, Dannar, 1982-


    Eesti Post pakub katseprojekti raames isikusamasuse tuvastamise teenust viiele kiirlaenu pakkuvale firmale. Parlamendiliikmete Indrek Raudse ja Evelyn Sepa ning Tallinna Sotsiaaltöökeskuse sotsiaalteenuste osakonna juhataja Eve Võrgu kommentaarid. Lisa: Ministeerium: kõik on seaduslik

  19. Flows from early Modernism into the Interior Streets of Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Theunissen, K.


    In 1972 the famous diagram of the ‘Decorated Shed’ was introduced into the architectural discourse; it implied a definition of ‘architecture as shelter with decoration on it’ [1]. The diagram was part of urban research into the commercial environment of Las Vegas that was interpreted by the

  20. Erakapital tungib jõuliselt meditsiiniärisse / Krister Paris, Nele Laanemäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paris, Krister, 1977-


    Tallinna Meremeeste Haigla juurde perearstikeskuse Humanus rajamisest ja sellega seonduvast. Autorite sõnul on sündimas uus õitsev tööstusharu - perearstindus. Lisad: Tervisekeskus Humanus; Jõhvi ümberkorraldustes edukas. Tabel: Haiglad

  1. Strategic agency and institutional change: investigating the role of universities in regional innovation systems (RISs)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Benneworth, Paul Stephen; Pinheiro, Romulo; Karlsen, James


    Past analyses rooted in thick description of regions successful in constructing regional innovation systems have given way to analyses more focused on the intentionality in these processes, and how actors in regions with their own wider networks can shape these high-level changes in regional

  2. VizieR Online Data Catalog: NLTE spectral analysis of white dwarf G191-B2B (Rauch+, 2013) (United States)

    Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Bohlin, R.; Kruk, J. W.


    In the framework of the Virtual Observatory, the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory developed the registered service TheoSSA. It provides easy access to stellar spectral energy distributions (SEDs) and is intended to ingest SEDs calculated by any model-atmosphere code. In case of the DA white dwarf G191-B2B, we demonstrate that the model reproduces not only its overall continuum shape but also the numerous metal lines exhibited in its ultraviolet spectrum. (3 data files).

  3. Single borehole test sensitivity towards crack and rock parameter. Lesson Hortberg; Einbohrlochtracertestsensitivitaet gegenueber Riss und Gesteinsparametern. Lektion Horstberg

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ghergut, Iulia; Behrens, Horst; Sauter, Martin [Goettingen Univ. (Germany). Angewandte Geologie


    The novel experiments of the GeoZentrum Hanover (Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany) on geothermal energy at the well bore Horstberg in the south heath also motivated the accompanying tracertest-mindset to move away from the tracer job stereotypes. For some possible designs at the tracertest at this drilling (forced-gradient divergent push by water fracking of Detfurth perforation, single-screen push-pull at Solling perforation, single-screen push-pull at Detfurth perforation, and so forth) the analysis shows how and why the controlling parameter do not comply with the mental basic pattern of the expectations at the tracertests ('tracertest by crack {yields} characterization of the crack', 'tracer residence time {yields} prognosis of the thermal lifetime').

  4. Single borehole test sensitivity towards crack and rock parameter. Lesson Hortberg; Einbohrlochtracertestsensitivitaet gegenueber Riss und Gesteinsparametern. Lektion Horstberg

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ghergut, Iulia; Behrens, Horst; Sauter, Martin [Goettingen Univ. (Germany). Angewandte Geologie


    The novel experiments of the GeoZentrum Hanover (Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany) on geothermal energy at the well bore Horstberg in the south heath also motivated the accompanying tracertest-mindset to move away from the tracer job stereotypes. For some possible designs at the tracertest at this drilling (forced-gradient divergent push by water fracking of Detfurth perforation, single-screen push-pull at Solling perforation, single-screen push-pull at Detfurth perforation, and so forth) the analysis shows how and why the controlling parameter do not comply with the mental basic pattern of the expectations at the tracertests ('tracertest by crack {yields} characterization of the crack', 'tracer residence time {yields} prognosis of the thermal lifetime').

  5. Ie - riss: una herramienta computacional para la estimación de pérdidas por sismo en edificaciones




    Una formulación probabilista para estimar tasas de excedencia de pérdidas por terremoto es presentada. Luego de exponer la utilidad de este tipo de modelos, se presenta la formulación matemática de un modelo Poissoniano que considera la incertidumbre de variables tales como: magnitud en la fuente, intensidad del movimiento en el basamento rocoso, intensidad del movimiento a nivel de la superficie del suelo y daño en las edificaciones. Los resultados se sintetizan en las tasas de excedencia an...

  6. Influence of ``short`` cracks on fracture mechanics material characteristics - methods of determination and their effects; Einfluss ``kurzer`` Risse auf die bruchmechanischen Werkstoffkennwerte - Bestimmungsmethoden und ihre Auswirkungen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roos, E.; Silcher, H.; Eisele, U. [Stuttgart Univ. (Germany). Staatliche Materialpruefungsanstalt


    The methods applicable to determining fracture mechanics characteristics of the threshold toughness, published in various recommendations and draft standards, are compared and evaluated. The methods are put to the test and comparatively analysed using compact tensile specimens (CT), standardized three-point bending specimens (TPB), and TPB specimens with short cracks. It is shown that only the physical crack initiation value J{sub i} yields results that can be applied for comparative evaluations. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Die fuer das Uebergangsgebiet der Zaehigkeit in verschiedenen Pruefempfehlungen und Normvorschlaegen veroeffentlichten Verfahren zur Bestimmung bruchmechanischer Kennwerte werden gegenuebergestellt und bewertet. Anhand von Kompaktzugproben (CT), Standard Drei-Punkt-Biegeproben (TPB) und TPB-Proben mit kurzen Rissen werden diese Verfahren angewandt und die Ergebnisse verglichen. Es zeigt sich, dass nur der physikalische Risseinleitungswert J{sub i} fuer alle untersuchten Probenformen vergleichbare und uebertragbare Ergebnisse liefert. (orig.)

  7. Colored Contact Lens Dangers

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Kate Rauch In a small but intriguing study, scientists in England have given blind patients some functional ... 24, 2018 By Kate Rauch In a first, scientists in China have created artificial photoreceptors to help ...

  8. Visit of the Austrian Minister of Health and Women's Issues

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    Mrs Maria Rauch-Kallat, Minister of Health and Women's Issues, Austria, came to CERN on 19 May. The theme of her visit was technology transfer. Photo 01: Dr Hans F. Hoffmann, CERN Director for Technology Transfer and Scientific Computing with Mrs Maria Rauch-Kallat, Minister of Health and Women's Issues, Austria, signing the VIP visitors' book. Photo 02: Mrs Maria Rauch-Kallat, Minister of Health and Women's Issues, Austria, signing the VIP visitors' book.

  9. From a pluralism of grounds to proto-legal relations: accounting for the grounds of obligations of justice


    Pavlakos, Georgios


    In this paper I discuss critically Mathias Risse's paper “Responsibility and Global Justice.” First, I argue that for Risse's pluralist account of the grounds of justice to hold together, there is need to presuppose a monist standpoint which ultimately contributes to grounding principles of justice. Second, I point out that Risse's understanding of obligations of accountability and justification is rather narrow in that it functions as an addendum to obligations of justice. Conversely, I will...

  10. Potassium carbonate scrubber for removing carbon dioxide from flue and product gases of power plant and industrial processes as a robust alternative to amine treatment; Alkalicarbonatwaesche zur Entfernung von Kohlendioxid aus Rauch- und Produktgasen von Kraftwerks- und Industrieprozessen als robuste Alternative zu Aminwaeschen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Berry, Andrew; Erich, Egon; Bathen, Dieter [Institut fuer Energie- und Umwelttechnik e.V. (IUTA), Duisburg (Germany); Telge, Stephan; Fahlenkamp, Hans [Dortmund Univ. (Germany). Lehrstuhl Umwelttechnik; Domels, Hans-Peter; Kesseler, Klaus; Igelbuescher, Andreas [ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg (Germany); Schluseman, Ernst [Stadtwerke Duisburg AG, Duisburg (Germany)


    When new conventional power plants are constructed and built, it is necessary to reduce carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}) emissions in order to meet the climate protection targets. The development of possible technologies for capturing CO{sub 2} is the subject of intensive current research efforts. Usually the principle of amine scrubbing, which is a well-known process in petrochemistry, serves as a procedural basis for the separation of CO{sub 2}. However, difficulties occur when transferring this method to power plant conditions. The paper describes the process of potash scrubbing as a possible alternative to CO{sub 2} cleaning of flue gases as well as of process gases. The results of a research project are introduced. Laboratory studies and pilot-scale experiments also embraced the separation of carbon dioxide with a mobile absorption system. (orig.)

  11. Seeing the Forest for the Trees. Penn State Faculty Club (United States)

    Progressive Architecture, 1977


    The new faculty club at Pennsylvania State University designed by Venturi and Rauch, is praised for its siting, but criticized for the institutional colors of the interior and lack of accommodation to human needs. (MLF)

  12. 76 FR 2640 - Fisheries of the Northeastern United States; Atlantic Bluefish Fishery; 2011 Atlantic Bluefish... (United States)


    ... Assistant Administrator has determined that this proposed rule is consistent with the Atlantic Bluefish FMP... D. Rauch III, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs, National Marine Fisheries... mortality; stock status; recent estimates of recruitment; virtual population analysis results; levels of...

  13. Colored Contact Lens Dangers

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    Full Text Available ... a souvenir shop, but 10 hours after she first put in a pair of colored contact lenses, ... APR 24, 2018 By Kate Rauch In a first, scientists in China have created artificial photoreceptors to ...

  14. Colored Contact Lens Dangers

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    Full Text Available ... Rauch In a first, scientists in China have created artificial photoreceptors to help blind mice see. We ... starters. A recent article from U.S. News and World Report explains what ophthalmologists are and how they ...

  15. Organization | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (United States)

    Corporate services Office of Acquisition and Grants Office of the Chief Administrative Officer Office of the McLean Sam Rauch Organization Staff directory Budget & finance information Funding & grant directory Budget & finance information Funding & grant opportunities Work with us Volunteer

  16. 76 FR 59304 - Technical Amendment; Updates to Titles of Officials, Office Names, and References (United States)


    ..., Reporting and recordkeeping requirements, Statistics. Dated: September 20, 2011. Samuel D. Rauch III, Deputy....121 Introductory text 2 300.128 3 300.140 1 300.141 Introductory text 2 300.144 1 300.151 Introductory...

  17. Colored Contact Lens Dangers

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... that decorative lenses do not require the same level of care or consideration as a standard contact ... By Kate Rauch In a small but intriguing study, scientists in England have given blind patients some ...

  18. 77 FR 42688 - Snapper-Grouper Fishery Off the Southern Atlantic States; Snapper-Grouper Management Measures (United States)


    ... values as a catch limit is a risk-averse approach that sacrifices some yield over the short-term to gain... Islands. Dated: July 17, 2012. Samuel D. Rauch III, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs...

  19. Colored Contact Lens Dangers

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... 24, 2018 By Kate Rauch In a first, scientists in China have created artificial photoreceptors to help ... more years of training, for starters. A recent article from U.S. News and World Report explains what ...

  20. Resonant Tidal Disruption in Galactic Nuclei


    Rauch, Kevin P.; Ingalls, Brian


    It has recently been shown that the rate of angular momentum relaxation in nearly-Keplerian star clusters is greatly increased by a process termed resonant relaxation (Rauch & Tremaine 1996), who also argued that tidal disruption of stars in galactic nuclei containing massive black holes could be noticeably enhanced by this process. We describe here the results of numerical simulations of resonant tidal disruption which quantitatively test the predictions made by Rauch & Tremaine. The simulat...

  1. Videobasierte Rauchdetektion durch mehrfache Bewegungsschätzung und Anpassungen für geringe Rauchdichten


    Stadler, Anton


    In dieser Arbeit wird untersucht, wie Rauch mit videobasierten Methoden erfasst werden kann. Die Bewegungsschätzung erweist sich als effektivstes Merkmal. Strömungsmessungen zeigen, dass das Aufstiegsverhalten von Rauch detailliert erfasst wird. Ein Rauchdetektionsverfahren wird vorgestellt und für geringe Bewegungsgeschwindigkeiten sowie für geringe Rauchdichten optimiert. Ein Verfahren mit mehrfacher Bewegungsschätzung stellt für verschiedene Entfernungen und Rauchdichten geeignete Konfigur...

  2. Regional innovation systems in the Lisbon strategy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bruijn, P.J.M. de; Lagendijk, A.


    This contribution explores the framing of the concept of Regional Innovation Systems (RISs) within European ecoruomic policies. Regional innovation systems are analytically and empirically assessed within the policy corltext of the Lisbon strategy, with special reference to regional dimensions in

  3. The Evolution of Personally Disadvantageous Punishment among Cofoundresses of the Ant Acromyrmex Versicolor


    Cabrales, Antonio; Pollock, Gregory B.; Rissing, Steven W.


    Cofoundresses of the desert fungus garden ant Acromyrmex versicolor exhibit a forager specialist who subsumes all foraging risk prior to first worker eclosion (Rissing et al. 1989). In an experiment designed to mimic a "cheater" who refuses foraging assignment when her lot, cofoundresses delayed/failed to replace their forager, often leading to demise of their garden (Rissing et al. 1996). The cheater on task assignment is harmed, but so too is the punisher, as all will die without a healthy ...

  4. Atención Primaria en Salud y Redes Integradas en una institución de salud de primer nivel, Tauramena (Casanare, Colombia: propuesta de Mejoramiento

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Rodríguez-Pérez


    Full Text Available Este artículo realiza la reflexión y presenta la propuesta de mejoramiento en Atención Primaria en Salud (APS y Redes Integradas de Servicios de Salud (RISS del municipio de Tauramena (Casanare, Colombia, como parte del proceso de formación en APS y RISS en Colombia 2014-15. Inicia con la revisión teórica de APS y RISS y específica su relación con la normativa en salud en Colombia; posteriormente se describe la situación de Tauramena, de la cual resulta una propuesta de mejoramiento en salud; al finalizar se presentan las conclusiones y recomendaciones de la propuesta. La propuesta de mejoramiento en APSpara Tauramena se formuló en 7 ejes: 1. Diagnóstico, 2. Participación comunitaria, 3. Formación en APS y RISS, 4. Liderazgo en salud, 5. Servicios de Salud, 6. Vigilancia y evaluación, y 7. Apoyo de la comunidad y líderes políticos. Se concluye que Tauramena tiene las condiciones políticas para impulsar iniciativas basadas en APS, y se recomienda fortalecer las RISS, la participación de la comunidad y el acercamiento de diversos actores para el desarrollo óptimo de la APS.

  5. Regional Innovation Strategies in the Czech Republic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hájek Oldřich


    Full Text Available Lately, the concept of innovation has become a development mantra in the fierce global competition. Competition is not limited to firms; it is also relevant for territories. An observed trend which is not surprising is the number of support tools that have been developed to reinforce the position of territories and their actors in the innovation processes. Clusters and regional innovation systems are the most important of them. However, both are rather underdeveloped in the CEE countries, including the Czech Republic. Faced with this situation, a number of Czech regional authorities (Regions took measures to stimulate the process of creating cluster and regional innovation system (RISs. Hence, strategic planning in the form of regional innovation strategies has become an overarching concept. So far, eleven Czech Regions have elaborated on RISs and analysis of these documents was the main focus of this article. The main finding of this paper is that, there is an increasing quality of RISs in the Czech Republic. Moreover, some common and some differentiated features of RISs were also identified. Consequently, the paper emphasizes numerous problems of RISs that is perceived as a key barrier towards real regional innovation system.

  6. 76 FR 17789 - Fisheries of the Northeastern United States; Atlantic Bluefish Fishery; 2011 Atlantic Bluefish... (United States)


    ...-Stevens Act), the NMFS Assistant Administrator has determined that this final rule is consistent with the...: March 28, 2011. Samuel D. Rauch III, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs, National...; current estimates of fishing mortality; stock status; recent estimates of recruitment; virtual population...

  7. De beteekenis der persoonsnamen voor onze kennis van het leven en denken der oude babyloniërs en assyriërs

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gemser, Berend


    a. Antiek Naamsbegrip. Als GOETHE in de Faust den hoofdpersoon, sprekende met Margarete in Marthe's tuin over God, zeggen laat: "Nenn es dann, wie du willst,.... Gefühl ist alles; Name is Schall und Rauch, umnebelnd Himmelsglut", dan is dit modern en niet antiek gevoeld. Voor den mensch van de

  8. The Antiaircraft Journal. Volume 92, Number 5, September-October 1949 (United States)


    philosophical reflections on the subject of po’werand those to whom it should be entrusted. Recall the words of much-studied Machiavelli , than whom...Leavenworth. Kan. Rauch. A. R, Comm. of Basic Phys. Sc.• Res. & Dev. Board, Pentagon. \\Vash. 25. D. C. Rawls . J. W., Jr.. AFF Liaison Off.. Boeing Aircraft

  9. 78 FR 57534 - Fisheries of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and South Atlantic (United States)


    ... requirements, South Atlantic, Virgin Islands. Dated: September 12, 2013. Samuel D. Rauch III, Deputy Assistant... Mexico, and South Atlantic AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and... Mexico, and South Atlantic: Caribbean coral, Caribbean reef fish, Caribbean spiny lobster, Caribbean...

  10. 77 FR 23632 - Fisheries of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and South Atlantic; Generic Annual Catch Limits... (United States)


    .... 100217097-2404-03] RIN 0648-AY22 Fisheries of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and South Atlantic; Generic... recordkeeping requirements, Virgin Islands. Dated: April 16, 2012. Samuel D. Rauch III, Acting Assistant... making the following correcting amendment: PART 622--FISHERIES OF THE CARIBBEAN, GULF, AND SOUTH ATLANTIC...

  11. Case report

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    22 sept. 2015 ... trial. Ophthalmology. 1998;105(8):1364-72. PubMed | Google Scholar. 2. Weingessel B, Hintermayer G, Maca SM, Rauch R, Vecsei-. Marlovits PV. The signifi cance of early treatment of exudative age-related macular degeneration: 12 months? results. Wien. Klin. Wochenschr. 2012. Nov;124(21-22):750-. 5.

  12. Pop / Erkki Luuk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Luuk, Erkki, 1971-


    Heliplaatidest: Lionel Marchetti "RISS (l'avalanche)", Scooter "The Stadium Techno Experience", Kojak "Every Room On Every Floor", Mike Oldfield "Tubular Bells 2003", Stereophonics "You Gotta Go There To Come Back", Sleepy Sleepers "Kekkonen", M Ward "Transfiguratuon Of Vincent", Molotov "Dance And Dense Denso"

  13. Ajakirjanikust ärimees / Ralf-Martin Soe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soe, Ralf-Martin


    Ärimees Hans H. Luik siirdus meediaärisse 1980. aastate lõpus ja on sinna edukalt jäänud. Vt. samas: CV; Ootamatu käik: Ekspressi tagasiost; Eesti mõjuvõimsam sõnamees. Kommenteerivad: Selle Luik, Rein Sikk, Hando Sinisalu ja Tarmu Tammerk

  14. A Highly Reliable and Cost-Efficient Multi-Sensor System for Land Vehicle Positioning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xu Li


    Full Text Available In this paper, we propose a novel positioning solution for land vehicles which is highly reliable and cost-efficient. The proposed positioning system fuses information from the MEMS-based reduced inertial sensor system (RISS which consists of one vertical gyroscope and two horizontal accelerometers, low-cost GPS, and supplementary sensors and sources. First, pitch and roll angle are accurately estimated based on a vehicle kinematic model. Meanwhile, the negative effect of the uncertain nonlinear drift of MEMS inertial sensors is eliminated by an H∞ filter. Further, a distributed-dual-H∞ filtering (DDHF mechanism is adopted to address the uncertain nonlinear drift of the MEMS-RISS and make full use of the supplementary sensors and sources. The DDHF is composed of a main H∞ filter (MHF and an auxiliary H∞ filter (AHF. Finally, a generalized regression neural network (GRNN module with good approximation capability is specially designed for the MEMS-RISS. A hybrid methodology which combines the GRNN module and the AHF is utilized to compensate for RISS position errors during GPS outages. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed solution, road-test experiments with various scenarios were performed. The experimental results illustrate that the proposed system can achieve accurate and reliable positioning for land vehicles.

  15. Directors’ and Officers’ Liability: Economic Analysis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    P. C. Leyens (Patrick); M.G. Faure (Michael)


    markdownabstractThis paper will be published as a chapter of the forthcoming volume ‘Directors & Officers Liability’ edited by Simon F. Deakin, Helmut Koziol, and Olaf Riss. It explores D&O liability from a law and economics perspective with a view to identify trade-offs of different legal settings.

  16. From a Pluralism of Grounds to Proto-Legal Relations: Accounting for the Grounds of Obligations of Justice

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Pavlakos, George


    Roč. 30, č. 1 (2017), s. 59-74 ISSN 1467-9337 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA15-23955S Institutional support: RVO:68378122 Keywords : responsibility of justice * pluralism * obligation of justice * Mathias Risse Subject RIV: AG - Legal Sciences OBOR OECD: Law

  17. An Enhanced Error Model for EKF-Based Tightly-Coupled Integration of GPS and Land Vehicle's Motion Sensors. (United States)

    Karamat, Tashfeen B; Atia, Mohamed M; Noureldin, Aboelmagd


    Reduced inertial sensor systems (RISS) have been introduced by many researchers as a low-cost, low-complexity sensor assembly that can be integrated with GPS to provide a robust integrated navigation system for land vehicles. In earlier works, the developed error models were simplified based on the assumption that the vehicle is mostly moving on a flat horizontal plane. Another limitation is the simplified estimation of the horizontal tilt angles, which is based on simple averaging of the accelerometers' measurements without modelling their errors or tilt angle errors. In this paper, a new error model is developed for RISS that accounts for the effect of tilt angle errors and the accelerometer's errors. Additionally, it also includes important terms in the system dynamic error model, which were ignored during the linearization process in earlier works. An augmented extended Kalman filter (EKF) is designed to incorporate tilt angle errors and transversal accelerometer errors. The new error model and the augmented EKF design are developed in a tightly-coupled RISS/GPS integrated navigation system. The proposed system was tested on real trajectories' data under degraded GPS environments, and the results were compared to earlier works on RISS/GPS systems. The findings demonstrated that the proposed enhanced system introduced significant improvements in navigational performance.

  18. An Enhanced Error Model for EKF-Based Tightly-Coupled Integration of GPS and Land Vehicle’s Motion Sensors (United States)

    Karamat, Tashfeen B.; Atia, Mohamed M.; Noureldin, Aboelmagd


    Reduced inertial sensor systems (RISS) have been introduced by many researchers as a low-cost, low-complexity sensor assembly that can be integrated with GPS to provide a robust integrated navigation system for land vehicles. In earlier works, the developed error models were simplified based on the assumption that the vehicle is mostly moving on a flat horizontal plane. Another limitation is the simplified estimation of the horizontal tilt angles, which is based on simple averaging of the accelerometers’ measurements without modelling their errors or tilt angle errors. In this paper, a new error model is developed for RISS that accounts for the effect of tilt angle errors and the accelerometer’s errors. Additionally, it also includes important terms in the system dynamic error model, which were ignored during the linearization process in earlier works. An augmented extended Kalman filter (EKF) is designed to incorporate tilt angle errors and transversal accelerometer errors. The new error model and the augmented EKF design are developed in a tightly-coupled RISS/GPS integrated navigation system. The proposed system was tested on real trajectories’ data under degraded GPS environments, and the results were compared to earlier works on RISS/GPS systems. The findings demonstrated that the proposed enhanced system introduced significant improvements in navigational performance. PMID:26402680

  19. The public healthcare sector and governance in South Africa


    Melody Brauns


    This article reviews literature on governance in order to facilitate an analysis of the governance of the South African public healthcare sector. Some of the key theoretical perspectives have been presented on how best to organise the state and its bureaucracy. Theorists have long interrogated in what way public institutions foster or impede economic growth. Evans and Rauch point out for example, that the role of bureaucratic authority structures in facilitating economic growth has been a soc...

  20. Case report

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    3 juin 2015 ... l'hémostase, des affections rénales et une dentinogenèse imparfaite sont les manifestations les plus fréquentes [1,2]. La classification de Sillence et al [4], complétée en 2004 par Rauch et Glorieux [5], classiquement la plus employée, distingue actuellement sept formes. En dehors des formes de sévérité.

  1. Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Diasporas and Exports


    Bratti, Massimiliano; De Benedictis, Luca; Santoni, Gianluca


    In this paper we highlight a new complementary channel to the business and social network effect à la Rauch (2001) through which immigrants generate increased export flows from the regions in which they settle to their countries of origin: they can become entrepreneurs. Using very small-scale (NUTS-3) administrative data on immigrants’ location in Italy, the local presence of immigrant entrepreneurs (i.e. firms owned by foreign-born entrepreneurs) in the manufacturing sector, and on trade ...

  2. Measuring Innovative Capacities of the Georgia Regions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joseph Gogodze


    Full Text Available European Union (EU experience reveal that the composite indicators are probably the most useful instruments for measuring the innovative capacities at the regional (sub-national level. However, some gap exists in the current literature with respect to the elaboration of composite indicators for regional innovation systems (RISs of developing countries. This article introduces the composite indicators GRIS and GCLS for measuring the regional innovative capacities (for GNUTS1 and GNUTS2 territorial classification levels, respectively. Georgia is a useful case-subject because its smallscale developing economy presents special challenges for elaborating the composite indicators for RISs. This article also includes a brief analysis using these composite indicators and indicates the significant heterogeneity among the innovative capacities of the Georgian regions.

  3. New technologies for the support of risk management. A systems-engineering point of view for the creation of risk information systems

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Beroggi, G.E.G.


    Within the framework of the poly project, the partial project 'Methodical Fundamentals and Computer Supported Risk Management' has developed two RISs (Risk Information Systems). The aim of the present book is to present the viewpoints gained in these new technologies and model formation attempts with which new RISs can be conceived and created. Because of the numerous new attempts, a compromise had to be made between the breadth and depth of the discussions whereby the breadth was preferred; which means that the aim is to define the broad range of RIS development as comprehensively as possible. The reader is meant to be motivated to think about the new technologies and their role in risk management. figs., tabs., refs

  4. Hugo Osula: piletitulu bussijuhi taskus on tingitud riigihankekonkursil tehtud üliodavast pakkumisest / Hugo Osula ; intervjueerinud Andres Reimer

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Osula, Hugo, 1956-


    Mootorreisi AS-i omanik vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad Mootorreisi väljaostmist Saksa partnerilt, lennuliinide ja lennujaamade omavahelise konkurentsi mõju bussiärile, Mootorreiside minekut Leedu bussiärisse, Eesti bussiliikluse olukorda, kohalike liinide riigihangete tulemuste vaidlustamist, võimalikke eelseisvaid ümberjagamisi, liitumisi, pankrotte Eesti bussiturul. H. Osula hinnangul peaks tulevikus kiirrongi doteerimiseks planeeritava raha investeerima lennundusse

  5. New Rhizon in situ sampler for pore water studies in aquatic sediments: For example nutrient input from submarine groundwater discharge in costal areas.


    Seeberg-Elverfeldt, J.; Schlüter, Michael; Kölling, M.; Feseker, T.


    To investigate coastal biogeochemical cycles, especially at the sediment/water interface,improved sampling methods are necessary. For this purpose, we developed apore water in situ sampler with miniature sampling devices, so called Rhizons. Rhizonsoil moisture samplers have been used as sampling devices in unsaturated soilsfor the last ten years. In aquatic science they have been rarely used to extract porewater from sediments. This study presents a new developed Rhizon In Situ Sampler(RISS) ...

  6. Morphologie et abondance des stades de développement d'Ilyocoris ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    31 juil. 2014 ... l'évolution de certaines variables physico-chimiques. Les larves pullulent pendant la saison sèche et les ... scutellum brillants. Les tibias intermédiaires et postérieurs sont hérissés de fortes épines (Poisson, .... entre l'abondance des différents stades de développement d'Ilyocoris cimicoïdes et les variables.

  7. Jaan Pillesaar : Eesti vajab revolutsiooni / Urmas Vaino

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vaino, Urmas, 1974-


    1991. aastal startinud Helmes on tarkvaratootjana jõudnud Eesti tugevamate tegijate hulka. Firma käive ületab 100 miljonit krooni ning 30 miljoni ulatuses läheb tarkvara ekspordiks. Helmese juht Jaan Pillesaar spetsialistide puudusest, arengu piduriks olevast maksusüsteemist, riigi suhtumisest teabeärisse. Lisad: Mida Helmes teeb?; Helmese säravad tütred: MarkIT ja Now! Innovations

  8. Arthrographic differential diagnosis between ruptures of the anterior talofibular ligament, the joint capsule and the anterior tibiofibular ligament

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Moppes, F.I. van; Hoogenband, C.R. van den; Meijer, F.


    Aus einem Studium der Literatur, chirurgischen Befunden und Untersuchungen an Leichen kann es als unwahrscheinlich angesehen werden, dass bei einer Fussverstauchung vom Inversionstyp ein Riss des vorderen tibiofibularen Ligraments haeufig zusammen mit einem Gelenkkapselriss und einem seitlichen Baenderriss auftritt. Entgegen der Beobachtung anderer Verfasser fanden wir, dass ein Riss des vorderen tibiofularen Ligaments in keiner Weise aus dem Vorhandensein oder Nichtvorhandensein folgender arthrographischer Befunde geschlossen werden konnte: a) kontrastfreie Zone, b) tibiofibularer Rezessus, oder c) beide zusammen. Ein Gelenkkapselriss kann angenommen werden, wenn Kontrastmittel aus dem Gelenk in das weiche Gewebe austritt, ohne unterhalb oder seitlich in den Aussenknoechel zu dringen. Ein Austritt des Kontrastmittels unterhalb und seitlich des Aussenknoechels deutet auf einen Riss des vorderen tabofibularen Ligaments hin. Die anatomischen Zusammenhaenge zwischen Bandverbindung, Gelenkkapsel, tibiofibularem Rezessus und dem vorderen talofibularen Ligament wurden an Leichen und waehrend der chirurgischen Eingriffe studiert. Ausbreitung des Kontrastmittels im weichen Gewebe wird wahrscheinlich bestimmt durch die Anordnung und Beschaedigung der Weichteile und durch die Groesse des entstandenen Haematoms und folgt dem Weg des kleinsten Widerstandes. (orig.) [de

  9. Safe communities of opportunity: A strategy for a safe South Africa

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Holtmann, BM


    Full Text Available and emotional risks rather than simply on the failure of the Criminal Justice System (Palmary, Rauch & Simpson 2003). This argument will be defended throughout the study. The Chapter includes a reflection on the complex impact of Apartheid on unsafety in post... and inter-related impacts of different aspects of crime and violence. The fourteen (14) focus areas covered in the section on crime, violence and unsafety are: 1.4.1 Dealing with trauma 1.4.2 Support for pregnant women and girls 1.4.3 Early Childhood...

  10. Presenting Symptoms and Dysphagia Screen Predict Outcome in Mild and Rapidly Improving Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients. (United States)

    Gadodia, Gaurav; Rizk, Nibal; Camp, Deborah; Bryant, Katja; Zimmerman, Susan; Brasher, Cynthia; Connelly, Kerrin; Dunn, Joshua; Frankel, Michael; Ido, Moges Seymour; Lugtu, James; Nahab, Fadi


    There are limited data on which patients not treated with intravenous (IV) tissue-type plasminogen activator (tPA) due to mild and rapidly improving stroke symptoms (MaRISS) have unfavorable outcomes. Acute ischemic stroke (AIS) patients not treated with IV tPA due to MaRISS from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2013 were identified as part of the Georgia Coverdell Acute Stroke Registry. Multivariable regression analysis was used to identify factors associated with a lower likelihood of favorable outcome, defined as discharge to home. There were 1614 AIS patients who did not receive IV tPA due to MaRISS (median National Institutes of Health stroke scale [NIHSS] 1], of which 305 (19%) did not have a favorable outcome. Factors associated with lower likelihood of favorable outcome included Medicare insurance status (odds ratio [OR]: .53, 95% confidence interval [CI]: .34-.84), arrival by emergency medical services (OR: .46, 95% CI: .29-.73), increasing NIHSS score (per unit OR: .89, 95% CI: .84-.93), weakness as the presenting symptom (OR: .50, 95% CI: .30-.84), and a failed dysphagia screen (OR: .43, 95% CI: .23-.80). During the study period, dysphagia screen identify a subgroup of patients who are more likely to have an unfavorable outcome. Whether IV tPA treatment can improve the outcome in this subgroup of patients needs to be evaluated in a randomized placebo-controlled trial. Copyright © 2016 National Stroke Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Injuries observed in a prospective transition from traditional to minimalist footwear: correlation of high impact transient forces and lower injury severity. (United States)

    Salzler, Matthew J; Kirwan, Hollie J; Scarborough, Donna M; Walker, James T; Guarino, Anthony J; Berkson, Eric M


    Minimalist running is increasing in popularity based upon a concept that it can reduce impact forces and decrease injury rates. The purpose of this investigation is to identify the rate and severity of injuries in runners transitioning from traditional to minimalist footwear. The secondary aims were to identify factors correlated with injuries. Fourteen habitually shod (traditional running shoes) participants were enrolled for this prospective study investigating injury prevalence during transition from traditional running shoes to 5-toed minimalist shoes. Participants were uninjured, aged between 22-41 years, and ran at least twenty kilometers per week in traditional running shoes. Participants were given industry recommended guidelines for transition to minimalist footwear and fit with a 5-toed minimalist running shoe. They completed weekly logs for identification of injury, pain using Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), injury location, and severity. Foot strike pattern and impact forces were collected using 3D motion analysis at baseline, 4 weeks, and 12 weeks. Injuries were scored according to a modified Running Injury Severity Score (RISS). Fourteen runners completed weekly training and injury logs over an average of 30 weeks. Twelve of 14 (86%) runners sustained injuries. Average injury onset was 6 weeks (range 1-27 weeks). Average weekly mileage of 23.9 miles/week prior to transition declined to 18.3 miles/week after the transition. The magnitude of the baseline impact transient peak in traditional shoes and in minimalist shoes negatively correlated with RISS scores (r = -0.45, p = 0.055 and r = -0.53, p = 0.026, respectively). High injury rates occurred during the transition from traditional to minimalist footwear. Non-compliance to transition guidelines and high injury rates suggest the need for improved education. High impact transient forces unexpectedly predicted lower modified RISS scores in this population.

  12. Cloning, expression and sequence diversity of iss gene from avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC isolated in Brazil / Clonagem, expressão e diversidade na seqüência do gene iss de Escherichia coli patogênica para aves (APEC, isolada no Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marilda Carlos Vidotto


    Full Text Available A proteína Iss (increased serum survival é uma importante característica de resistência ao sistema complemento da Escherichia coli patogênica para aves (APEC. Os objetivos deste trabalho foram clonar e verificar a diversidade da seqüência do gene iss de APEC e caracterizar a proteína Iss recombinante. O gene iss de 309 bp foi amplificado por PCR, clonado e expresso na E. coli BL21 (DE3 utilizando o vetor pET SUMO. O gene iss da APEC9 foi classificado como iss tipo 1 pela diferenciação entre 3 tipos de iss alelos. A proteína Iss foi expressa pela indução com IPTG, purificada em coluna com resina ligada ao íon níquel e utilizada na imunização de galinhas poedeiras. Anticorpos da classe IgY anti rIss reagiram com a proteina rIss, a qual apresentou massa molecular de 22 kDa, correspondendo 11kDa da Iss e 11 kDa da proteína SUMO. The Iss (Increased serum survival protein is an important characteristic of resistance to complement system of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC. The objectives of this work were to cloning and verify the sequence diversity of iss gene from APEC and characterize the recombinant Iss protein. The iss gene of 309 bp was amplified by PCR, cloned and expressed in E. coli BL21 (DE3 using the pET SUMO vector. The iss gene from APEC9 strain was classified as iss type 1 by differentiation of the three iss gene allele types. The protein was expressed by induction of IPTG and purified in resin charged with the nickel ion. Antibodies IgY anti rIss reacted with rIss showing a molecular mass of 22 kDa, corresponding 11KDa of Iss protein and 11 KDa SUMO protein.

  13. Radio propagation through the turbulent interstellar plasma

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rickett, B.J.


    The current understanding of interstellar scattering is reviewed, and its impact on radio astronomy is examined. The features of interstellar plasma turbulence are also discussed. It is concluded that methods involving the investigation of the flux variability of pulsars and extragalactic sources and the VLBI visibility curves constitute new techniques for probing the ISM. However, scattering causes a seeing limitation in radio observations. It is now clear that variation due to RISS (refractive interstellar scintillations) is likely to be important for several classes of variable sources, especially low-frequency variables and centimeter-wave flickering. 168 refs

  14. Eine wasserdurchlässige Dampfbremse als Hygrodiode

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sagelsdorff, Ralph; Rode, Carsten


    Hohe Feuchtigkeit unde freies Wasser in Baukonstruktionen könne zu Bauphysikalischen Problemen und Schäden führen. Vor allem während der Bauphase eingebrachchtes oder durch Risse eindringendes Wasser, das bei ungünstigen Konstruktionen nur schlecht austrocknet, wird in der Winterperiode durch Dif...... Diffusionsprozesse noch erhöht. Eine wasserdurchlässige Dampfbremse als Hygrodiode erlaubt die sichere kapillare Rückführung des Wassers zur Raumseite, wo es verdunsten kann....

  15. Ion cyclotron waves: Direct compariosn between ground-based measurements and observations in the source region

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Perraut, S.; Gendrin, R.; Roux, A.; de Villedary, C.


    Simultaneous measurements of ion cyclotron waves (ICW's) were performed on GEOS spacecraft and in the vicinity of their magnetic footprints with the French Mobile station. The detailed comparison between the two sets of data shown that while ICW's having F + gyrofrequency at the equator, generally propagate to the ground, only 50% of those generated above F/sub He/ can reach the ground station. It is shown that these results are in good agreement with the conclusions that Rauch and Roux [1982] drew on the basis of measurements reported by Young et al 1981]. In an He + -rich plasma, ICW's with F>F/sub He/ suffer a reflection where the frequency locally matches the local bi-ion hybrid frequency. We extend the calculations of Rauch and Roux and calculate, as a function of the He + concentration, the tunneling of ICW's through the stopband induced by the presence of minor He + ions. It is shown that the transmission coefficient strongly depends upon the wave frequency for a given He + abundance ratio. The results obtained are shown to be supported by existing observations

  16. Hyperbolic equations and frequency interactions

    CERN Document Server

    Caffarelli, Luis


    The research topic for this IAS/PCMI Summer Session was nonlinear wave phenomena. Mathematicians from the more theoretical areas of PDEs were brought together with those involved in applications. The goal was to share ideas, knowledge, and perspectives. How waves, or "frequencies", interact in nonlinear phenomena has been a central issue in many of the recent developments in pure and applied analysis. It is believed that wavelet theory-with its simultaneous localization in both physical and frequency space and its lacunarity-is and will be a fundamental new tool in the treatment of the phenomena. Included in this volume are write-ups of the "general methods and tools" courses held by Jeff Rauch and Ingrid Daubechies. Rauch's article discusses geometric optics as an asymptotic limit of high-frequency phenomena. He shows how nonlinear effects are reflected in the asymptotic theory. In the article "Harmonic Analysis, Wavelets and Applications" by Daubechies and Gilbert the main structure of the wavelet theory is...

  17. La socialización de las normas internacionales de los derechos humanos en las prácticas domésticas: introducción | The socialization of international human rights norms into domestic practices: introduction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas RISSE


    Full Text Available Thomas Risse y Kathryn Sikkink plantean en este texto la importancia del impacto de las normas internacionales en las políticas domésticas y proponen un “modelo en espiral” en cinco fases para comprender los cambios en la interiorización de los derechos humanos como norma por parte de los estados. Desarrollan una teoría que explica las etapas y los mecanismos a través de los cuales las normas internacionales generan cambios en el comportamiento de los actores internacionales y transnacionales, y que ayuda a comprender mejor el impacto general de las normas en la política internacional. Este proceso mediante el cual las normas internacionales son interiorizadas e implementadas domésticamente puede ser entendido según los autores como un proceso de socialización. In this article Thomas Risse y Kathryn Sikkink analyze the importance of international norms impact over domestic politics and propose a five phases “spiral model” to explain the changes in human rights internalization by the states. They develop a theoretical framework that explains the stages and mechanisms by which international norms promote changes in international and transnational actors behavior, and that serves to a better comprehension of the general norms impact over international politics. The process by which international norms are internalized and implented on the domestic level can be understood, according to the authors, as a socialization process.

  18. Attitude Estimation of Skis in Ski Jumping Using Low-Cost Inertial Measurement Units

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiang Fang


    Full Text Available This paper presents an approach to estimate the attitude of skis for an entire ski jump using wearable, MEMS-based, low-cost Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs. First of all, a kinematic attitude model based on rigid-body dynamics and a sensor error model considering bias and scale factor error are established. Then, an extended Rauch-Tung-Striebel (RTS smoother is used to combine measurement data provided by both gyroscope and magnetometer to achieve an attitude estimation. Moreover, parameters for the bias and scale factor error in the sensor error model and the initial attitude are determined via a maximum-likelihood principle based parameter estimation algorithm. By implementing this approach, an attitude estimation of skis is achieved without further sensor calibration. Finally, results based on both the simulated reference data and the real experimental measurement data are presented, which proves the practicability and the validity of the proposed approach.

  19. The notion of nonrelativistic isoparticle

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Santilli, R.M.


    We introduce the notion of nonrelativistic isoparticle as a representation of a Galilei-isotopic symmetry studied in preceding works or, equivalently, as the generalization of the conventional notion of particle characterized by the isotopic liftings of the unit. We show that the lifting represents the transition from massive points moving in vacuum to extended-deformable particles moving within physical media. As explicit examples, we work out the cases of an extended-deformable particle: 1) in free conditions; 2) under external potential-selfadjoint interactions; and 3) under external potential-selfadjoint and nonhamiltonian-nonselfadjoint interactions. The emerging methods are applied to a first classical and nonrelativistic treatment of Rauch's experiments on the spinorial symmetry of thermal neutrons under external (magnetic and) nuclear fields. The notion nonrelativistic isoquark is submitted as a conceivable classical basis for future operator studies. (author). 12 refs, 1 fig

  20. Neutron interference by division of wave front

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Klein, A.G.; Kearney, P.D.; Opat, G.I.; Cimmimo, A.


    The highly successful perfect cyrstal neutron interferometer of the type first developed by Bonse and Rauch exhibits interference by amplitude division. It relies on dynamical Bragg diffraction in a highly perfect single crystal to provide the beamsplitting. This type of interferometer, topologically analogous to the Nach-Zehnder interferometer of classical optics, has been employed in a variety of interesting experiments using thermal neutrons. Its shortcomings, however, are its extreme sensitivity to mechanical and thermal disturbances, and its applicability only to wavelegths shorter than the Bragg cutoff (6.27 Angstrom in silicon). The authors discuss a novel type of neutron interferometer which was constructed and tested employing a split cylindrical zone plate with neutrons of 20 Angstrom wavelength. Its performance and relative merits are discussed

  1. Riemannian geometry during the second half of the twentieth century

    CERN Document Server

    Berger, Marcel


    In the last fifty years of the twentieth century Riemannian geometry has exploded with activity. Berger marks the start of this period with Rauch's pioneering paper of 1951, which contains the first real pinching theorem and an amazing leap in the depth of the connection between geometry and topology. Since then, the field has become so rich that it is almost impossible for the uninitiated to find their way through it. Textbooks on the subject invariably must choose a particular approach, thus narrowing the path. In this book, Berger provides a truly remarkable survey of the main developments in Riemannian geometry in the last fifty years, focusing his main attention on the following five areas: Curvature and topology; the construction of and the classification of space forms; distinguished metrics, especially Einstein metrics; eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplacian; the study of periodic geodesics and the geodesic flow. Other topics are treated in less detail in a separate section. Berger's survey p...

  2. The public healthcare sector and governance in South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melody Brauns


    Full Text Available This article reviews literature on governance in order to facilitate an analysis of the governance of the South African public healthcare sector. Some of the key theoretical perspectives have been presented on how best to organise the state and its bureaucracy. Theorists have long interrogated in what way public institutions foster or impede economic growth. Evans and Rauch point out for example, that the role of bureaucratic authority structures in facilitating economic growth has been a sociological concern since Max Weber’s classic contributions almost 100 years ago. These debates and others are explored in this article with specific reference to the provision of equitable public healthcare. Weber’s theory on rational bureaucracy as well as New Public Management will be reviewed as these theories offer two distinct approaches to governance

  3. Kuressaarest kaks laureaaditiitlit / Riina Mägi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mägi, Riina, 1957-


    Maakondlikust etlejate konkursist. Žüriisse kuulusid Maret Oomer, Asta Leiten ja Kalle Piiskoppel. 5.-7. klasside arvestuses I koht: Marleen Petersell. Äramärkimist leidsid: Kristian Käresk, Maarja-Liis Mölder ja Anita Tuula. 7.-9. klasside arvestuses I koht: Oliver Taul. Esile tõsteti: Rauno Reinas, Riko Osila, Linda Maisväli ja Piia Puuraid. 10.-12. klasside arvestuses I koht: Karl Sakrits. Ära märgiti: Elin Küti, Virgo Ernits, Maria Orb. Kommenteerisid Asta Leiten, Liann Saage-Vahur. Ka Kuressaares toimunud vabariiklikust etlejate konkursist, kommentaare jagasid Merle Rekaya, Rita Ilves. Zhürisse kuulusid Aare Toikka, Tiina Rebane, Hans Kaldoja, Kristiina Omer ja Keete Viira. Peapreemia nooremas vanuseastmes Markkus Pulgale, keskmises vanuseastmes Anna Talvile ja vanemas vanuseastmes Doris Täkkerile.

  4. Structure-property investigations on a laser beam welded dissimilar joint of aluminium AA6056 and titanium Ti6Al4V for aeronautical applications. Part II: resistance to fatigue crack propagation and fracture

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Horstmann, M.; Ventzke, V.; Petrovski, B.; Kocak, M. [GKSS Research Centre Geesthacht, Institute of Materials Research, Materials Mechanics, Geesthacht (Germany); Kocik, R.; Tempus, G. [AIRBUS Deutschland GmbH, Metal Technology, Bremen (Germany); Vaidya, W.V.


    - und Bruchzaehigkeitsversuche bei Raumtemperatur wurde die Al-seitige lokale Heterogenitaet des Gefueges, der Haerte und Festigkeit als Kriterium fuer die Festlegung der Risspositionen in den Verbindungen herangezogen: Riss parallel zur Schweissnaht und Riss senkrecht zur Schweissnaht. Dabei wurde auch der Einfluss des Laserstrahlschweissens in den Warmauslagerungszustaenden T4 und T6 der Al-Legierung AA6056 auf die Ermuedungsrissausbreitung und Bruchzaehigkeit beurteilt. Die im Zustand T4 laserstrahlgeschweisste Verbindung wurde mit einer nachfolgenden Warmauslagerung in den Zustand T6 gebracht. Die im Zustand T6 laserstrahlgeschweisste Verbindung wurde nach einer definierten Kaltauslagerungsdauer getestet. Die Orientierung ''Riss parallel zur Schweissnaht'' wurde in 3 Bereichen auf der Al-Seite untersucht: an der Grenzflaeche zwischen AA6056 und Ti6Al4V, zwischen Fuegezone und Waermeeinflusszone (3 mm Abstand von der Grenzflaeche) und zwischen Waermeeinflusszone und Grundwerkstoff (7 mm Abstand von der Grenzflaeche). Obwohl sich an der Grenzflaeche sproedes TiAl{sub 3} gebildet hat, wurde keine Trennung oder Abloesung an der Grenzflaeche beobachtet. Insofern war die Bindequalitaet der laserstrahlgeschweissten Mischverbindung als gut zu bewerten. Allerdings war im Bereich der Grenzflaeche die Ermuedungsrissausbreitung schneller als in der Fuegezone und der Waermeeinflusszone und die Bruchzaehigkeit vergleichsweise gering. Instabiler Ermuedungsrissfortschritt wurde beobachtet, wenn sich der Riss senkrecht zur Schweissnaht von AA6056 in Richtung Ti6Al4V ausbreitet. Die Ergebnisse haben gezeigt, dass die Mischverbindung einen verbesserten Widerstand aufweist, wenn im T6-Zustand laserstrahlgeschweisst wird. (Abstract Copyright [2009], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

  5. The Wada Test: contributions to standardization of the stimulus for language and memory assessment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mäder Maria Joana


    Full Text Available The Wada Test (WT is part of the presurgical evaluation for refractory epilepsy. The WT is not standardized and the protocols differ in important ways, including stimulus type of material presented for memory testing, timing of presentations and methods of assessment. The aim of this study was to contribute to establish parameters for a WT to Brazilian population investigating the performance of 100 normal subjects, without medication. Two parallel models were used based on Montreal Procedure adapted from Gail Risse's (MEG-MN,EUA protocol. The proportions of correct responses of normal subjects submitted to two parallel WT models were investigated and the two models were compared. The results showed that the two models are similar but significant differences among the stimulus type were observed. The results suggest that the stimulus type may influence the results of the WT and should be considered when constructing models and comparing different protocols.

  6. Effectiveness of massage therapy for shoulder pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis. (United States)

    Yeun, Young-Ran


    [Purpose] This study performed an effect-size analysis of massage therapy for shoulder pain. [Subjects and Methods] The database search was conducted using PubMed, CINAHL, Embase, PsycINFO, RISS, NDSL, NANET, DBpia, and KoreaMed. The meta-analysis was based on 15 studies, covering a total of 635 participants, and used a random effects model. [Results] The effect size estimate showed that massage therapy had a significant effect on reducing shoulder pain for short-term efficacy (SMD: -1.08, 95% CI: -1.51 to -0.65) and for long-term efficacy (SMD: -0.47, 95% CI: -0.71 to -0.23). [Conclusion] The findings from this review suggest that massage therapy is effective at improving shoulder pain. However, further research is needed, especially a randomized controlled trial design or a large sample size, to provide evidence-based recommendations.

  7. Effectiveness of massage therapy on the range of motion of the shoulder: a systematic review and meta-analysis. (United States)

    Yeun, Young-Ran


    [Purpose] This study was conducted to identify and analyze the degree of effect of massage therapy on the range of motion of the shoulder. [Subjects and Methods] The database search was conducted using PubMed, CINAHL, Embase, PsycINFO, RISS, NDSL, NANET, DBpia, and KoreaMed. The meta-analysis was based on 7 studies, covered a total of 237 participants, and used a random-effects model. [Results] The effect size estimate showed that massage therapy significantly improved the shoulder range of motion, especially the flexion (SMD: 18.21, 95% CI 1.57-34.85) and abduction (SMD: 22.07, 95% CI 5.84-38.30). [Conclusion] The review findings suggest that massage therapy is effective in improving the shoulder flexion and abduction.

  8. From the CERN web: Collide@CERN, Fermilab neutrinos and more

    CERN Multimedia


    This new section highlights articles, blog posts and press releases published in the CERN web environment over the past weeks. This way, you won’t miss a thing...   Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. (Photo: Matthias H. Risse). Collide@CERN Ars Electronica Award goes to “Semiconductor” 10 August – Collide@CERN Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, two English artists collaborating under the name Semiconductor, are this year’s recipients of the Collide@CERN Ars Electronica Award. In the coming months, they will begin a two-month residency at CERN.  Continue to read…     Illustration: Fermilab/Sandbox Studio.   Fermilab experiment sees neutrinos change over 500 miles 7 August - Fermilab press release Scientists on the NOvA experiment saw their first evidence of oscillating neutrinos, confirming that the extraordinary detector built for the project not only functions as planned but is also making great p...

  9. Caminhos retóricos e sorrisos incômodos : argumentação e humor em "A encalhada", de Ingrid Guimarães e Aloísio Abre


    Ferraz, Luana


    Esta dissertação aborda a construção retórica da comicidade em peças teatrais. Para tanto, propõe a investigação das estratégias retóricas que enfatizam o efeito cômico no esquete “A encalhada”, de Ingrid Guimarães e Aloísio de Abreu – uma das nove cenas que compõem o espetáculo Cócegas (EMI, 2004), interpretado pelas atrizes brasileiras Heloísa Périssé e Ingrid Guimarães. O embasamento teórico para este trabalho é fornecido, principalmente, pelos tratados da Retórica Antiga...

  10. Radiation-Induced Leiomyosarcoma of the Prostate after Brachytherapy for Prostatic Adenocarcinoma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hiroto Horiguchi


    Full Text Available Radiation therapy (RTx has been employed as a curative therapy for prostatic adenocarcinoma. RTx-induced sarcomas (RISs are rare, late adverse events, representing less than 0.2% of all irradiated patients. RISs are more aggressive tumors than prostatic adenocarcinomas. Herein, we present a case with RTx-induced prostatic leiomyosarcoma after permanent brachytherapy for prostatic adenocarcinoma. A 69-year-old male presented with dysuria and gross hematuria. Six years previously, he had been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer and was treated by permanent brachytherapy. Urethroscopy showed stenosis by a tumor at the prostate. Transurethral prostatectomy was performed for a diagnosis. Based on pathological findings, the diagnosis was leiomyosarcoma of the prostate. He was treated with three cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (CTx that consisted of doxorubicin and ifosfamide (AI, followed by a prostatocystectomy with intrapelvic lymphadenectomy. The tumor extended from the prostate and infiltrated the bladder wall and serosa with lymphatic and venous invasion. The surgical margin was negative, and no residual prostatic adenocarcinoma was observed. The proportion of necrotic tumor cells by neoadjuvant CTx was around 50%. Subsequently, adjuvant CTx was offered, but the patient chose a follow-up without CTx. Local recurrence and lung metastasis were detected by computed tomography 3 months after the surgery. He was treated again with AI. However, CTx was not effective and he died 6 months after the operation. In conclusion, an effective treatment strategy for prostatic sarcoma should be developed in the near future, although the clinical feature of prostatic sarcoma remains unclear due to its rare incidence.

  11. Gay marriage, same-sex parenting, and America's children. (United States)

    Meezan, William; Rauch, Jonathan


    Same-sex marriage, barely on the political radar a decade ago, is a reality in America. How will it affect the well-being of children? Some observers worry that legalizing same-sex marriage would send the message that same-sex parenting and opposite-sex parenting are interchangeable, when in fact they may lead to different outcomes for children. To evaluate that concern, William Meezan and Jonathan Rauch review the growing body of research on how same-sex parenting affects children. After considering the methodological problems inherent in studying small, hard-to-locate populations--problems that have bedeviled this literature-the authors find that the children who have been studied are doing about as well as children normally do. What the research does not yet show is whether the children studied are typical of the general population of children raised by gay and lesbian couples. A second important question is how same-sex marriage might affect children who are already being raised by same-sex couples. Meezan and Rauch observe that marriage confers on children three types of benefits that seem likely to carry over to children in same-sex families. First, marriage may increase children's material well-being through such benefits as family leave from work and spousal health insurance eligibility. It may also help ensure financial continuity, should a spouse die or be disabled. Second, same-sex marriage may benefit children by increasing the durability and stability of their parents' relationship. Finally, marriage may bring increased social acceptance of and support for same-sex families, although those benefits might not materialize in communities that meet same-sex marriage with rejection or hostility. The authors note that the best way to ascertain the costs and benefits of the effects of same-sex marriage on children is to compare it with the alternatives. Massachusetts is marrying same-sex couples, Vermont and Connecticut are offering civil unions, and several

  12. Evaluación de la fragmentación en los Sistemas Regionales de Innovación: Una tipología para el caso de España

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xabier Alberdi Pons


    Full Text Available RESUMEN: El presente artículo tiene por objeto la realización de una estimación de la conectividad de los Sistemas Regionales de Innovación (SRI españoles. Para ello, evaluamos el fenómeno de la fragmentación explicada en términos de «fallos de sistema», los cuales habían sido descritos de forma fundamentalmente teórica. Por el contrario, nuestra aproximación emplea cuatro conjuntos de indicadores cuantitativos integrados en un marco interpretativo formado por los principales subsistemas del SRI. Así, los denominados: «brechas directivas», «brechas estructurales », «brechas de innovación» y el «valle de la muerte», son situados en el marco presentado para ser posteriormente analizados sobre los SRI de las Comunidades Autónomas españolas a partir de indicadores basados en datos explotados ad hoc por parte del Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE y de la Asociación Española de Entidades de Capital Riesgo (ASCRI. Simplificamos la dimensionalidad de la tabla resultante a través de la aplicación de técnicas multivariantes como el Análisis Factorial Múltiple (AFM o el análisis clúster, las cuales nos conducen a la presentación de una nueva tipología para el caso de España. Descubrimos comportamientos asimétricos en lo que respecta a los «fallos de sistema» expuestos; lo cual podría justificar el diseño de medidas exclusivas para su corrección en atención a la singularidad manifestada por cada sistema observado. Palabras clave: regiones; Sistemas de Innovación; fragmentación; España; Análisis Factorial Múltiple. Apprising Fragmentation in Regional Innovation Systems: A typology for Spain ABSTRACT: This article is intended to estimate the inner connectivity of Spanish Regional Innovation Systems (RISs. In order to do so, we appraise their inner fragmentation with regards to certain system problems that so far have mainly been described in a theoretical fashion. Instead, we make use of four sets of

  13. Global methylation profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines reveals epigenetic contributions to autism spectrum disorders and a novel autism candidate gene, RORA, whose protein product is reduced in autistic brain (United States)

    Nguyen, AnhThu; Rauch, Tibor A.; Pfeifer, Gerd P.; Hu, Valerie W.


    Autism is currently considered a multigene disorder with epigenetic influences. To investigate the contribution of DNA methylation to autism spectrum disorders, we have recently completed large-scale methylation profiling by CpG island microarray analysis of lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from monozygotic twins discordant for diagnosis of autism and their nonautistic siblings. Methylation profiling revealed many candidate genes differentially methylated between discordant MZ twins as well as between both twins and nonautistic siblings. Bioinformatics analysis of the differentially methylated genes demonstrated enrichment for high-level functions including gene transcription, nervous system development, cell death/survival, and other biological processes implicated in autism. The methylation status of 2 of these candidate genes, BCL-2 and retinoic acid-related orphan receptor alpha (RORA), was further confirmed by bisulfite sequencing and methylation-specific PCR, respectively. Immunohistochemical analyses of tissue arrays containing slices of the cerebellum and frontal cortex of autistic and age- and sex-matched control subjects revealed decreased expression of RORA and BCL-2 proteins in the autistic brain. Our data thus confirm the role of epigenetic regulation of gene expression via differential DNA methylation in idiopathic autism, and furthermore link molecular changes in a peripheral cell model with brain pathobiology in autism.—Nguyen, A., Rauch, T. A., Pfeifer, G. P., Hu, V. W. Global methylation profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines reveals epigenetic contributions to autism spectrum disorders and a novel autism candidate gene, RORA, whose protein product is reduced in autistic brain. PMID:20375269

  14. Particle rejuvenation of Rao-Blackwellized sequential Monte Carlo smoothers for conditionally linear and Gaussian models (United States)

    Nguyen, Ngoc Minh; Corff, Sylvain Le; Moulines, Éric


    This paper focuses on sequential Monte Carlo approximations of smoothing distributions in conditionally linear and Gaussian state spaces. To reduce Monte Carlo variance of smoothers, it is typical in these models to use Rao-Blackwellization: particle approximation is used to sample sequences of hidden regimes while the Gaussian states are explicitly integrated conditional on the sequence of regimes and observations, using variants of the Kalman filter/smoother. The first successful attempt to use Rao-Blackwellization for smoothing extends the Bryson-Frazier smoother for Gaussian linear state space models using the generalized two-filter formula together with Kalman filters/smoothers. More recently, a forward-backward decomposition of smoothing distributions mimicking the Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoother for the regimes combined with backward Kalman updates has been introduced. This paper investigates the benefit of introducing additional rejuvenation steps in all these algorithms to sample at each time instant new regimes conditional on the forward and backward particles. This defines particle-based approximations of the smoothing distributions whose support is not restricted to the set of particles sampled in the forward or backward filter. These procedures are applied to commodity markets which are described using a two-factor model based on the spot price and a convenience yield for crude oil data.

  15. Sustainability in agricultural machinery production - an empirical study among farmers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuliya Bezruk


    Full Text Available Um die Einstellungen von Landwirten hinsichtlich der Nachhaltigkeit in der Landtechnikherstellung und des Nachhaltigkeitsengagements der Landtechnikhersteller zu ermitteln, wurden im Rahmen einer empirischen Untersuchung 273 Fragebögen (39 % von 700 versandten Fragebögen ausgewertet. Bei den Teilnehmern der Befragung handelt es sich um Kunden der Landmaschinenfabrik Rauch GmbH und Leiter landwirtschaftlicher Ausbildungsbetriebe (z. T. Nicht- Kunden. Insgesamt wird das Engagement der Unternehmen hinsichtlich der Nachhaltigkeit von den Landwirten positiv bewertet. Insbesondere werden dabei Aspekte, die der sozialen Säule der Nachhaltigkeit zuzuordnen sind, mit Nachhaltigkeitsengagement in Verbindung gebracht, wie beispielsweise Maßnahmen zur Mitarbeiterausbildung. Darüber hinaus werden aus dem Bereich der ökonomischen Säule der Nachhaltigkeit die Zukunfts- und Innovationsorientierung besonders hervorgehoben. Bezüglich ihrer Einschätzung hinsichtlich nachhaltiger Landmaschinen stehen für die Landwirte insbesondere die Qualität der Maschine, die Nachrüstbarkeit und die Qualität der mit der Maschine getätigten Arbeiten im Vordergrund.

  16. A novel robust and efficient algorithm for charge particle tracking in high background flux

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fanelli, C; Cisbani, E; Dotto, A Del


    The high luminosity that will be reached in the new generation of High Energy Particle and Nuclear physics experiments implies large high background rate and large tracker occupancy, representing therefore a new challenge for particle tracking algorithms. For instance, at Jefferson Laboratory (JLab) (VA,USA), one of the most demanding experiment in this respect, performed with a 12 GeV electron beam, is characterized by a luminosity up to 10 39 cm -2 s -1 . To this scope, Gaseous Electron Multiplier (GEM) based trackers are under development for a new spectrometer that will operate at these high rates in the Hall A of JLab. Within this context, we developed a new tracking algorithm, based on a multistep approach: (i) all hardware - time and charge - information are exploited to minimize the number of hits to associate; (ii) a dedicated Neural Network (NN) has been designed for a fast and efficient association of the hits measured by the GEM detector; (iii) the measurements of the associated hits are further improved in resolution through the application of Kalman filter and Rauch- Tung-Striebel smoother. The algorithm is shortly presented along with a discussion of the promising first results. (paper)

  17. Perfect crystal interferometer and its applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hasegawa, Yuji [Atominstitut der Oesterreichischen Universitaeten, Vienna (Austria)


    The interferometry with angstrom scale wavelength has developed steadily, and various types of interferometers have been investigated. Among them, LLL interferometers are widely used. The first neutron interferometry was achieved in 1962 by Maier-Leibnitz et al. A new type of neutron interferometers was constructed with a perfect crystal, and experimentally performed in 1974 by Rauch et al. The precise measurements with LLL neutron interferometers were performed on scattering length, gravitational effect, coherence, Fizeau effects, spin superposition, complementarity, and post-selection effects. Since the early stage of quantum physics, the double-slit experiment has served as the example of the epistemologically strange features of quantum phenomena, and its course of study is described. The time-delayed interferometry with nuclear resonant scattering of synchrotron radiation and phase transfer in time-delayed interferometry with nuclear resonant scattering were experimented, and are briefly reported. A geometric phase factor was derived for a split beam experiment as an example of cyclic evolution. The geometric phase was observed with a two-loop neutron interferometer. All the experimental results showed complete agreement with the theoretical treatment. (K.I.)

  18. Data on subgroup specific baseline characteristics and serum sphingosine-1-phosphate concentrations in the Study of Health in Pomerania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eileen Moritz


    Full Text Available In this data article, we provide subgroup specific baseline characteristics and serum sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P concentrations for healthy individuals within the Study of Health in Pomerania (SHIP-TREND cohort. After exclusion of subjects with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, elevated liver enzymes and/or chronic kidney disease stadium III or IV, four subgroups were defined according to different limits for body mass index (BMI, alterations in blood lipid levels and smoking status. Tables show respective clinical and laboratory parameters stratified by gender. Serum S1P concentrations are also stratified by age groups. The data presented herein is related to the research article entitled “Reference intervals for serum sphingosine-1-phosphate in the population-based Study of Health in Pomerania” (E. Moritz, D. Wegner, S. Groß, M. Bahls, M. Dörr, S.B. Felix, T. Ittermann, S. Oswald, M. Nauck, N. Friedrich, R.H. Böger, G. Daum, E. Schwedhelm, B.H. Rauch, Clin Chim Acta. 468 (2017 25–31 [1].

  19. Orienteering Club

    CERN Multimedia

    Club d'orientation


    Course d'orientation Le coup d’envoi de la coupe genevoise a été donné samedi 31 août dans les bois de Combe Froide à Prémanon. Plus de 150 coureurs avaient fait le déplacement. Les parcours facile court, facile moyen et technique court ont été remportés par des coureurs du club O’Jura - Ulysse Dannecker, Léo Lonchampt, Franck Lonchampt, le technique moyen par Pekka Marti du club Ol Biel Seeland et le technique long par Térence Risse du CA Rosé – également membre de l’équipe nationale suisse des moins de 20 ans. Pour le club du CERN, les meilleures résultats ont été obtenus pas Emese Szunyog sur technique court et Marie Vuitton sur technique moyen avec une 4e place. La prochaine course aura lieu samedi 14 septembre à La Faucille. Le club propose aussi...

  20. Molecular systematics and phylogeography of the genus Lagothrix (Atelidae, Primates) by means of the mitochondrial COII gene. (United States)

    Ruiz-Garcia, Manuel; Pinedo-Castro, Myreya Omayra


    We propose the first molecular systematic hypothesis on the origin and evolution of Lagothrix taxa based on an analysis of 720 base pairs of the cytochrome c oxidase subunit II mitochondrial gene in 97 Lagothrix specimens. All the current Lagothrix forms probably descended from the ancestor L. poeppigii or perhaps (less probably) that of L. lugens. We detected at least 2 lineages in L. poeppigii. L. cana and L. lagotricha were determined to be monophyletic and had lower gene diversity levels compared to L. poeppigii and L. lugens. The most basal ancestors of the current L. poeppigii lineages diverged from the other Lagothrix taxa around 2.5 million years ago, at the end of the Pliocene or at the beginning of the Pleistocene. Clearly, L. cana and L. lagotricha were the 2 most recently derived Lagothrix taxa. The diversification within L. lugens and L. poeppigii may coincide with the first and second Pleistocene glacial periods, respectively, while the diversification within L. cana and L. lagotricha could have occurred in the last 400,000 years, coinciding with the climatological changes provoked by the Illinois-Riss (third) and Wisconsin-Würm (fourth) glaciations. Copyright © 2010 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  1. Mechanized radiation testing of austenitic pipe welds. Testing of media filled pipes and determination of the flaw depth by tomosynthesis; Mechanisierte Durchstrahlungspruefung von Rundschweissnaehten. Pruefung mediengefuellter Rohrleitungen und Tiefenlagenbestimmung durch Tomosynthese

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ewert, U.; Redmer, B. [Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und -pruefung (BAM), Berlin (Germany); Mueller, J. [COMPRA GmbH, Frechen (Germany); Trobitz, M. [Kernkraftwerke Gundremmingen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, Gundremmingen (Germany); Baranov, V.A. [Institute for Introscopy, Tomsk (Russian Federation)


    A compact detection system was built for multi-angle inspection of pipes, consisting of a high-sensitivity radiometric line scanner and an ultrasonic manipulator. Improved flaw imaging quality is achieved with this system as compared to film radiography. Measurements have been carried out on site in a nuclear power plant and in a laboratory. Better flaw imaging quality was also achieved in the testing of water-filled pipes. Non-linear tomosynthesis was applied for processing and interpretation of measured data. The system delivers considerably better images of planary materials inhomogeneitites, (such as cracks and lack-of-bond defects). (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Eine hoch empfindliche radiometrische Zeilenkamera wurde mit einem Ultraschall-Manipulator zu einem Gesamtsystem aufgebaut und fuer Mehrwinkel-Inspektionen von Rohrleitungen angewandt. Bei der Inspektion von Rundschweissnaehten an Rohren mit ca. 8... 20 mm Wanddicke wurde eine Verbesserung der Bildqualitaet im Vergleich zur Filmradiographie erreicht. Diese Messungen wurden in einem Kernkraftwerk unter Vor-Ort-Bedingungen sowie im Labor ausgefuehrt. Ein signifikantes Ansteigen der Bildqualitaet wurde auch bei der Pruefung von wassergefuellten Rohren erzielt. Methoden der nicht-linearen Tomosynthese wurden fuer die Verarbeitung und Interpretation der gemessenen Projektionsdaten genutzt. Das entwickelte System gestattet eine erhebliche Verbesserung der Anzeige von planaren Materialinhomogenitaeten (z.B. Risse und Bindefehler). (orig./DGE)

  2. Seniors centre-based health intervention programmes in the United States and South Korea: A systematic review. (United States)

    Song, Misoon; Seo, Kyoungsan; Choi, Suyoung; Choi, Jeongshil; Ko, Hana; Lee, Soo Jin


    Despite the great need for health interventions among seniors centre participants, this matter has received little attention. This systematic review aimed to identify what types of health interventions are effective and feasible for seniors centre participants. MEDLINE, Ovid, CINAHL, Google Scholar, EMBASE, and RISS were searched. We searched for health intervention studies conducted in seniors centres published in English and Korean between 1990 and 2014. Of 907 screened articles, 22 studies of all types of experimental designs were selected. Selected studies were grouped by intervention domain: health promotion (n = 8), safety (n = 5), chronic disease management (n = 6), and comprehensive wellness (n = 3). Overall, 59.1% of the interventions were provided by nurses. The health interventions resulted in positive effects on seniors centre participants' knowledge, health behaviours, clinical indices, and hospitalization rates. Few studies reported on feasibility outcomes such as satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. Considering the impact and ease of access to older people at seniors centres, health interventions and services within seniors centres should be strengthened. There is potential for nursing to spearhead seniors centre health intervention programmes to enhance active ageing for participants. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd.

  3. [Review of meta-analysis research on exercise in South Korea]. (United States)

    Song, Youngshin; Gang, Moonhee; Kim, Sun Ae; Shin, In Soo


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the quality of meta-analysis regarding exercise using Assessment of Multiple Systematic Reviews (AMSTAR) as well as to compare effect size according to outcomes. Electronic databases including the Korean Studies Information Service System (KISS), the National Assembly Library and the DBpia, HAKJISA and RISS4U for the dates 1990 to January 2014 were searched for 'meta-analysis' and 'exercise' in the fields of medical, nursing, physical therapy and physical exercise in Korea. AMSTAR was scored for quality assessment of the 33 articles included in the study. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA and χ²-test. The mean score for AMSTAR evaluations was 4.18 (SD=1.78) and about 67% were classified at the low-quality level and 30% at the moderate-quality level. The scores of quality were statistically different by field of research, number of participants, number of databases, financial support and approval by IRB. The effect size that presented in individual studies were different by type of exercise in the applied intervention. This critical appraisal of meta-analysis published in various field that focused on exercise indicates that a guideline such as the PRISMA checklist should be strongly recommended for optimum reporting of meta-analysis across research fields.

  4. Congruence between distribution modelling and phylogeographical analyses reveals Quaternary survival of a toadflax species (Linaria elegans) in oceanic climate areas of a mountain ring range. (United States)

    Fernández-Mazuecos, Mario; Vargas, Pablo


    · The role of Quaternary climatic shifts in shaping the distribution of Linaria elegans, an Iberian annual plant, was investigated using species distribution modelling and molecular phylogeographical analyses. Three hypotheses are proposed to explain the Quaternary history of its mountain ring range. · The distribution of L. elegans was modelled using the maximum entropy method and projected to the last interglacial and to the last glacial maximum (LGM) using two different paleoclimatic models: the Community Climate System Model (CCSM) and the Model for Interdisciplinary Research on Climate (MIROC). Two nuclear and three plastid DNA regions were sequenced for 24 populations (119 individuals sampled). Bayesian phylogenetic, phylogeographical, dating and coalescent-based population genetic analyses were conducted. · Molecular analyses indicated the existence of northern and southern glacial refugia and supported two routes of post-glacial recolonization. These results were consistent with the LGM distribution as inferred under the CCSM paleoclimatic model (but not under the MIROC model). Isolation between two major refugia was dated back to the Riss or Mindel glaciations, > 100 kyr before present (bp). · The Atlantic distribution of inferred refugia suggests that the oceanic (buffered)-continental (harsh) gradient may have played a key and previously unrecognized role in determining Quaternary distribution shifts of Mediterranean plants. © 2013 The Authors. New Phytologist © 2013 New Phytologist Trust.

  5. Direct U-series analysis of the Lezetxiki humerus reveals a Middle Pleistocene age for human remains in the Basque Country (northern Iberia). (United States)

    de-la-Rúa, Concepción; Altuna, Jesús; Hervella, Monserrat; Kinsley, Leslie; Grün, Rainer


    In 1964, a human humerus was found in a sedimentary deposit in Lezetxiki Cave (Basque Country, northern Iberia). The first studies on the stratigraphy, associated mammal faunal remains and lithic implements placed the deposits containing the humerus into the Riss glacial stage. Direct chronometric evidence has so far been missing, and the previous chronostratigraphic framework and faunal dating gave inconsistent results. Here we report laser ablation U-series analyses on the humerus yielding a minimum age of 164 ± 9 ka, corresponding to MIS 6. This is the only direct dating analysis of the Lezetxiki humerus and confirms a Middle Pleistocene age for this hominin fossil. Morphometric analyses suggest that the Lezetxiki humerus has close affinities to other Middle Pleistocene archaic hominins, such as those from La Sima de los Huesos at Atapuerca. This emphasizes the significance of the Lezetxiki fossil within the populations that predate the Neanderthals in south-western Europe. It is thus an important key fossil for the understanding of human evolution in Europe during the Middle Pleistocene, a time period when a great morphological diversity is observed but whose phylogenetic meaning is not yet fully understood. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  6. Study of I11-conditioning of Linac stereotactic irradiation subspaces using singular values decomposition analysis

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Platoni, K.; Lefkopoulos, D.; Grandjean, P.; Schlienger, M.


    A Linac sterotactic irradiation space is characterized by different angular separations of beams because of the geometry of the stereotactic irradiation. The regions of the stereotactic space characterized by low angular separations are one of the causes of ill-conditioning of the stereotactic irradiation inverse problem. The singular value decomposition (SVD) is a powerful mathematical analysis that permits the measurement of the ill-conditioning of the stereotactic irradiation problem. This study examines the ill-conditioning of the stereotactic irradiation space, provoked by the different angular separations of beams, using the SVD analysis. We subdivided the maximum irradiation space (MIS: (AA) AP x (AA) RL =180 x 180 ) into irradiation subspaces (ISSs), each characterized by its own angular separation. We studied the influence of ISSs on the SVD analysis and the evolution of the reconstruction quality of well defined three-dimensional dose matrices in each configuration. The more the ISS is characterized by low angular separation the more the condition number and the reconstruction inaccuracy are increased. Based on the above results we created two reduced irradiation spaces (RIS: (AA) AP x (AA) RL =180 x 140 and (AA) AP x (AA) RL =180 x 120 ) and compared the reconstruction quality of the RISs with respect to the MIS. The more an irradiation space is free of low angular separations the more the irradiation space contains useful singular components. (orig.)

  7. Soft Power: Political Use of A Scientific Concept

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maksim Vladimirovich Kharkevich


    Full Text Available The article discusses the use and transformation of the American scientific concept "soft power" in official Russian and US foreign policy rhetoric with the methodological help of Habermas' communicative action theory and its adoption to IR by T. Risse. In mainstream IR the proliferation of the "soft power" concept is viewed in terms of ideological competition among states. The author argues that it is better to view this process as a form of international political deliberations on new forms of power in world politics. The article shows that there's no communicative action of US and Russia based on their tentative discussion of the "soft power" concept. On of reasons might be the lack of interest of both states for the concept as an ideological basis for cooperative actions. For Russia soft power in its classical form might be used towards its near abroad and probably BIC states. In dealings with western states Russian soft power turns into lobbyism and propaganda which is strictly not soft power. US under Obama have basically refuted the concept, having changed it for analytically meaningless "smart power". The conclusion is that communicative action requires prior existence of commutative rationality. This type of rationality is evident among postmodern states - the EU member states - and apparently absent among modern states such as Russia and US.

  8. Using Guasha to treat musculoskeletal pain: A systematic review of controlled clinical trials

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Choi Sun-Mi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Guasha is a therapeutic method for pain management using tools to scrape or rub the surface of the body to relieve blood stagnation. This study aims to systematically review the controlled clinical trials on the effectiveness of using Guasha to treat musculoskeletal pain. Methods We searched 11 databases (without language restrictions: MEDLINE, Allied and Complementary Medicine (AMED, EMBASE, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL, Korean Studies Information (KSI, DBPIA, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI, KoreaMed, Research Information Service System (RISS, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI and the Cochrane Library. The search strategy was Guasha (OR scraping AND pain. Risk of bias was assessed with the Cochrane criteria (i.e. sequence generation, blinding, incomplete outcome measures and allocation concealment. Results Five randomized controlled trials (RCTs and two controlled clinical trials (CCTs were included in the present study. Two RCTs compared Guasha with acupuncture in terms of effectiveness, while the other trials compared Guasha with no treatment (1 trial, acupuncture (4 trials, herbal injection (1 trial and massage or electric current therapy (1 trial. While two RCTs suggested favorable effects of Guasha on pain reduction and response rate, the quality of these RCTs was poor. One CCT reported beneficial effects of Guasha on musculoskeletal pain but had low methodological quality. Conclusion Current evidence is insufficient to show that Guasha is effective in pain management. Further RCTs are warranted and methodological quality should be improved.

  9. Integrative medicine for managing the symptoms of lupus nephritis (United States)

    Choi, Tae-Young; Jun, Ji Hee; Lee, Myeong Soo


    Abstract Background: Integrative medicine is claimed to improve symptoms of lupus nephritis. No systematic reviews have been performed for the application of integrative medicine for lupus nephritis on patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Thus, this review will aim to evaluate the current evidence on the efficacy of integrative medicine for the management of lupus nephritis in patients with SLE. Methods and analyses: The following electronic databases will be searched for studies published from their dates of inception February 2018: Medline, EMBASE and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), as well as 6 Korean medical databases (Korea Med, the Oriental Medicine Advanced Search Integrated System [OASIS], DBpia, the Korean Medical Database [KM base], the Research Information Service System [RISS], and the Korean Studies Information Services System [KISS]), and 1 Chinese medical database (the China National Knowledge Infrastructure [CNKI]). Study selection, data extraction, and assessment will be performed independently by 2 researchers. The risk of bias (ROB) will be assessed using the Cochrane ROB tool. Dissemination: This systematic review will be published in a peer-reviewed journal and disseminated both electronically and in print. The review will be updated to inform and guide healthcare practice and policy. Trial registration number: PROSPERO 2018 CRD42018085205 PMID:29595669

  10. Phylogeography on the rocks: The contribution of current and historical factors in shaping the genetic structure of Chthamalus montagui (Crustacea, Cirripedia). (United States)

    Pannacciulli, Federica G; Maltagliati, Ferruccio; de Guttry, Christian; Achituv, Yair


    The model marine broadcast-spawner barnacle Chthamalus montagui was investigated to understand its genetic structure and quantify levels of population divergence, and to make inference on historical demography in terms of time of divergence and changes in population size. We collected specimens from rocky shores of the north-east Atlantic Ocean (4 locations), Mediterranean Sea (8) and Black Sea (1). The 312 sequences 537 bp) of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase I allowed to detect 130 haplotypes. High within-location genetic variability was recorded, with haplotype diversity ranging between h = 0.750 and 0.967. Parameters of genetic divergence, haplotype network and Bayesian assignment analysis were consistent in rejecting the hypothesis of panmixia. C. montagui is genetically structured in three geographically discrete populations, which corresponded to north-eastern Atlantic Ocean, western-central Mediterranean Sea, and Aegean Sea-Black Sea. These populations are separated by two main effective barriers to gene flow located at the Almeria-Oran Front and in correspondence of the Cyclades Islands. According to the 'isolation with migration' model, adjacent population pairs diverged during the early to middle Pleistocene transition, a period in which geological events provoked significant changes in the structure and composition of palaeocommunities. Mismatch distributions, neutrality tests and Bayesian skyline plots showed past population expansions, which started approximately in the Mindel-Riss interglacial, in which ecological conditions were favourable for temperate species and calcium-uptaking marine organisms.

  11. Adverse events associated with metal contamination of traditional chinese medicines in Korea: a clinical review. (United States)

    Kim, Hyunah; Hughes, Peter J; Hawes, Emily M


    This study was performed to review studies carried out in Korea reporting toxic reactions to traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) as a result of heavy metal contamination. PubMed (1966-August 2013) and International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (1965-August 2013) were searched using the medical subject heading terms of "Medicine, Chinese Traditional," "Medicine, Korean Traditional," "Medicine, Traditional," "Metals, Heavy," and "Drug Contamination". For Korean literature, Korea Med (, the Korean Medical Database (, National Discovery for Science Leaders (, Research Information Sharing Service (, and Google Scholar were searched using the terms "Chinese medicine," "Korean medicine," "herbal medicine," and "metallic contamination" in Korean. Bibliographies of case reports and case series, identified using secondary resources, were also utilized. Only literature describing cases or studies performed in Korea were included. Case reports identified clear issues with heavy metal, particularly lead, contamination of TCMs utilized in Korea. No international standardization guidelines for processing, manufacturing and marketing of herbal products exist. Unacceptably high levels of toxic metals can be present in TCM preparations. Health care providers and patients should be educated on the potential risks associated with TCMs. International advocacy for stricter standardization procedures for production of TCMs is warranted.

  12. Thermografic measurement of crack initiation and propagation at thin sheet joints; Rissentstehung thermometrisch ermitteln. Zerstoerungsfreie Bestimmung der Rissinitiierung in mechanisch gefuegten und widerstandpunktgeschweissten Verbindungen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bathke, W.; Stahlfeld, G. [Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und -pruefung (BAM), Berlin (Germany). Fachgruppe V.5 - Sicherheit in der Fuegetechnik


    This contribution demonstrates how a thermometric procedure might be applied to determine crack initiation during fatigue testing of joints at steel sheets. The procedure is based on the measurement of the temperature increase which is produced by the heat at the respective joint caused by deformation energy. Such investigations are aimed at detection of crack initiation before it becomes visible at the specimen surface. Thermografic measurements at different mechanical joints and resistance welded spots are compared and various applications are suggested. (orig.) [German] In diesem Beitrag wird gezeigt, wie sich ein thermometrisches Verfahren einsetzen laesst, um die Rissentstehung waehrend der Dauerschwingpruefung von Stahlblechen zu erfassen. Vergleichend werden Messungen an Proben, die durch Stanznieten, Clinchen und Widerstandspunktschweissen gefuegt wurden, gegenuebergestellt. Hierzu wird die am Fuegepunkt waehrend der Pruefung in Waerme umgewandelte Formaenderungsenergie kontinuierlich in Form der Temperaturerhoehung gemessen. Ziel dieser Untersuchungen ist es, solche Temperaturerhoehungen zur Erkennung der Rissentstehung zu verwenden, bevor der Riss die Blechoberflaeche erreicht hat und visuell erkennbar wird. Zudem werden verschiedene Anwendungsmoeglichkeiten vorgeschlagen. (orig.)

  13. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Risk of Breast Cancer in Korean Women: A Quantitative Systematic Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jong-Myon Bae


    Full Text Available Objectives: The epidemiological characteristics of breast cancer incidence by age group in Korean women are unique. This systematic review aimed to investigate the association between hormone replacement therapy (HRT and breast cancer risk in Korean women. Methods: We searched electronic databases such as KoreaMed, KMbase, KISS, and RISS4U as well as PubMed for publications on Korean breast cancer patients. We also conducted manual searching based on references and citations in potential papers. All of the analytically epidemiologic studies that obtained individual data on HRT exposure and breast cancer occurrence in Korean women were selected. We restricted the inclusion of case-control studies to those that included age-matched controls. Estimates of summary odds ratio (SOR with 95% confidence intervals (CIs were calculated using random effect models. Results: One cohort and five case-control studies were finally selected. Based on the heterogeneity that existed among the six studies (I-squared=70.2%, a random effect model was applied. The summary effect size of HRT history from the six articles indicated no statistical significance in breast cancer risk (SOR, 0.983; 95% CI, 0.620 to 1.556. Conclusions: These facts support no significant effect of HRT history in the risk of breast cancer in Korean women. It is necessary to conduct a pooled analysis.

  14. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: current treatment options and critical appraisal of nintedanib

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bonella F


    Full Text Available Francesco Bonella,1 Susanne Stowasser,2 Lutz Wollin3 1Interstitial and Rare Lung Disease Unit, Ruhrlandklinik, University Hospital, University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, 2Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Ingelheim am Rhein, 3Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach an der Riss, Germany Abstract: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF is the most common type of idiopathic interstitial pneumonia and is characterized by a poor prognosis, with an estimated 5-year survival of approximately 20%. Progressive and irreversible lung functional impairment leads to chronic respiratory insufficiency with a severely impaired quality of life. In the last 2 decades, novel treatments for IPF have been developed as a consequence of an increasing understanding of disease pathogenesis and pathobiology. In IPF, injured dysfunctional alveolar epithelial cells promote fibroblast recruitment and proliferation, resulting in scarring of the lung tissue. Recently, pirfenidone and nintedanib have been approved for the treatment of IPF, having shown efficacy to slow functional decline and disease progression. This article focuses on the pharmacologic characteristics and clinical evidence supporting the use of nintedanib, a potent small-molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitor, as therapy for IPF. After introducing the mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics, an overview of the safety and efficacy results from the most recent clinical trials of nintedanib in IPF is presented. Keywords: tyrosine kinase, disease progression, treatment outcome, usual interstitial pneumonia, therapeutics

  15. EFAM ETM 97 - the ETM method for assessing the significance of crack-like defects in engineering structures, comprising the versions ETM 97/1 and ETM 97/2

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schwalbe, K.H.; Zerbst, U.; Kim, Y.J.; Brocks, W.; Cornec, A.; Heerens, J. [GKSS-Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH (Germany). Inst. fuer Werkstofforschung; Amstutz, H. [Technische Univ. Darmstadt (Germany). Fachgebiet Werkstoffmechanik


    EFAM ETM 97 is a document of the GKSS Procedure `Engineering Flaw Assessment Method (EFAM)`. It describes methods for estimating the crack driving force for cracks in structural components in terms of the crack tip opening displacement, {delta}{sub 5}, and the J-integral. It consists of several modules covering particular application problems. Appendices to this document provide solutions for the stress intenstiy factor and the yield load, as well as informtion on transferability of fracture parameters and on the treatment of bi-axial and mixed mode loadings. A second assessment route is also given in an appendix. (orig.) [Deutsch] EFM ETM 97 ist ein Dokument der GKSS-Prozedur `Engineering Flaw Assessment Method (EFAM)`. Es beschreibt Methoden zur Abschaetzung der bruchmechanischen Beanspruchung fuer Risse in Bauteilen in Form der Rissspitzenverschiebung {delta}{sub 5} oder des J-Integrals. Es besteht aus mehreren Moduln fuer bestimmte Anwendungsprobleme. In Anhaengen werden Loesungen fuer den Spannungsintensitaetsfaktor und die Fliesslast, Informationen zur Uebertragbarkeit von Kennwerten und zur Behandlung von biaxialer und Mixed-Mode-Beanspruchung angeboten. Eine zweite Bewertungsroute ist in einem weiteren Anhang beschrieben. (orig.)

  16. Integrative medicine for managing the symptoms of lupus nephritis: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis. (United States)

    Choi, Tae-Young; Jun, Ji Hee; Lee, Myeong Soo


    Integrative medicine is claimed to improve symptoms of lupus nephritis. No systematic reviews have been performed for the application of integrative medicine for lupus nephritis on patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Thus, this review will aim to evaluate the current evidence on the efficacy of integrative medicine for the management of lupus nephritis in patients with SLE. The following electronic databases will be searched for studies published from their dates of inception February 2018: Medline, EMBASE and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), as well as 6 Korean medical databases (Korea Med, the Oriental Medicine Advanced Search Integrated System [OASIS], DBpia, the Korean Medical Database [KM base], the Research Information Service System [RISS], and the Korean Studies Information Services System [KISS]), and 1 Chinese medical database (the China National Knowledge Infrastructure [CNKI]). Study selection, data extraction, and assessment will be performed independently by 2 researchers. The risk of bias (ROB) will be assessed using the Cochrane ROB tool. This systematic review will be published in a peer-reviewed journal and disseminated both electronically and in print. The review will be updated to inform and guide healthcare practice and policy. PROSPERO 2018 CRD42018085205.

  17. Study of two new methods of geochronometry: dating method of carbonaceous formations by U-series disequilibrium gamma spectrometry; ESR dating method of rich U-content fossil dental enamel

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ma, Jean-Luc


    First, the U-series disequilibrium dating method was re-examined using non-destructive γ-spectrometry. A new low-background (≤ 10 ppb U- equivalent) Ge-HP γ-spectrometer has been used to date travertine with small U-content (∼ 0.1 ppm) and low (≤ 5%) Th/U , content, by comparison with old-limestone γ-spectra. Second, a new ESR dating method has been developed using fossil dental enamel which is rich in U-content (10 - 100 ppm). Both methods were applied to Arago Cave (Tautavel, France): - with an ionium-age of 120 ka (10%), the upper travertine seems to have been set up during the Riss-deglaciation period. - the high (∼ 50%) Th/U-content samples of the intermediate travertine are un-datable. - the ESR-age of EQUUS mosbachensis enamel is 400 ka (10%) for the G-soil of Arago. XXI H. erectus, and 600 ka (10%) for the Q-soil above (- 1 m) of the lower travertine of which Io-age is older than 350 ka. (author)

  18. Investigations on creep and creep fatigue crack behaviour for component assessment

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gengenbach, T.; Klenk, A.; Maile, K.


    There are various methods to assess crack initiation and crack growth behaviour of components under creep and creep fatigue loading. The programme system HT-Riss has been developed to support calculations aimed to determine the behaviour of a crack under creep or creep-fatigue loading using methods based on stress-intensity factor K (e.g. the Two-Criteria-Diagram) or C*-Integral. This paper describes the steps which have to be performed to assess crack initiation and growth of a component using this programme system. First the size of the maximum initial defect in a specimen or in a component has to be estimated and the necessary fracture mechanics parameters have to be determined. Then the time for creep crack initiation and creep crack growth is calculated. Using these values a prediction of life time and necessary inspection intervals is possible. For exemplification the crack assessment of a component-like specimen and a component is shown. (orig.)

  19. JTRF2014, the JPL Kalman filter and smoother realization of the International Terrestrial Reference System (United States)

    Abbondanza, Claudio; Chin, Toshio M.; Gross, Richard S.; Heflin, Michael B.; Parker, Jay W.; Soja, Benedikt S.; van Dam, Tonie; Wu, Xiaoping


    We present and discuss JTRF2014, the Terrestrial Reference Frame (TRF) the Jet Propulsion Laboratory constructed by combining space-geodetic inputs from very long baseline interferometry (VLBI), satellite laser ranging (SLR), Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and Doppler orbitography and radiopositioning integrated by satellite submitted for the realization of ITRF2014. Determined through a Kalman filter and Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoother assimilating position observations, Earth orientation parameters, and local ties, JTRF2014 is a subsecular, time series-based TRF whose origin is at the quasi-instantaneous center of mass (CM) as sensed by SLR and whose scale is determined by the quasi-instantaneous VLBI and SLR scales. The dynamical evolution of the positions accounts for a secular motion term, annual, and semiannual periodic modes. Site-dependent variances based on the analysis of loading displacements induced by mass redistributions of terrestrial fluids have been used to control the extent of random walk adopted in the combination. With differences in the amplitude of the annual signal within the range 0.5-0.8 mm, JTRF2014-derived center of network-to-center of mass (CM-CN) is in remarkable agreement with the geocenter motion obtained via spectral inversion of GNSS, Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) observations and modeled ocean bottom pressure from Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (ECCO). Comparisons of JTRF2014 to ITRF2014 suggest high-level consistency with time derivatives of the Helmert transformation parameters connecting the two frames below 0.18 mm/yr and weighted root-mean-square differences of the polar motion (polar motion rate) in the order of 30 μas (17 μas/d).

  20. Vedinių su priesaga *-mo- raida

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saulius Ambrazas


    Full Text Available DEVELOPMENT OF DERIVATIVES WITH THE SUFFIX *-mo-SummaryAdjectives with the suffix *-mo- have been formed from substantives (cf. Lith. tólimas / tólymas and Latv. dial. tuôl’eims ‘distant’; Pruss. *auktimas ‘high’; Skr. agrimá- ‘the first, who is at the head’ and verbs (cf. Lith. dial. ãpsukmas ‘sewn round’, pliùkšmas ‘deflated, limp’; OLith. laimas ‘happy’ and Pruss. etnīstislaims (gnadenreich III 631; Lith. liñksmas and Latv. lìksms ‘merry, gay, joyfull’, Gmc. *werma- ‘warm’, Skr. bhīmá- ‘terrible, frightfull’, Toch. A, B cämpamo- ‘well-to-do, rich’, Hitt. kišamma- ‘combed’ from the Late Proto-Indo-European. The gratest part of them became participles in the Baltic, Slavic and Albanian languages.On the other hand, the use of derivatives with the suffix *-mo- in the position of abstract nouns is also very old, cf. semanticaly concretized and derivationaly indissoluble abstract noun, in herited from Proto-Indo-European, Lith. dmas (dmai, Latv. dũmi, Pruss. dumis (rauch E 39, Slav. *dymъ, Latv. fūmus, Skr. dhūmó- ‘smoke’ and Gk. θῡ‑μός with abstract meaning ‘soal, vitality, passion,    need’ : dhe-/dh-/dhū- ‘blow; breathe; choke; smoke; rush; disperse; whirl, move, stir’.In the East Baltic languages abstract nouns with the derived suffixes, based on *-mo-, became productive, cf. nomina actionis with *-i-mo- in Lithuanian (cf. gyvẽnimas ‘life’ and corresponding derivatives with *-u-mo- in Latvian (cf. ìeradums ‘custom, habit’.

  1. Cross-Sectional Associations of Serum Perfluoroalkyl Acids and Thyroid Hormones in U.S. Adults: Variation According to TPOAb and Iodine Status (NHANES 2007–2008) (United States)

    Webster, Glenys M.; Rauch, Stephen A.; Marie, Nathalie Ste; Mattman, Andre; Lanphear, Bruce P.; Venners, Scott A.


    Background: Perfluoroalkyl acids (PFASs) are suspected thyroid toxicants, but results from epidemiological studies are inconsistent. Objectives: We examined associations between serum PFASs and thyroid hormones (THs) in a representative, cross-sectional sample of U.S. adults. We hypothesized that people with high thyroid peroxidase antibodies and low iodine would be more susceptible to PFAS-induced thyroid disruption. Methods: Our sample included 1,525 adults (≥ 18 years) from the 2007–2008 NHANES study with available serum PFASs and THs. We examined associations between four serum PFASs [perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHxS), perfluorononanoate (PFNA), perfluorooctanoate (PFOA), and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS)], and serum THs [free triiodothyronine (fT3), free thyroxine (fT4), fT3/fT4, thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), total T3 (TT3), and total T4 (TT4)] using multivariable linear regression. We stratified subjects into four groups by two indicators of thyroid “stress”: thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb ≥ 9 IU/mL) and iodine status (PFAS–TH associations were not modified by high TPOAb or low iodine alone. However, PFHxS and PFOS were negatively associated (p PFAS-associated thyroid disruption in a subset of U.S. adults with high TPOAb (a marker of autoimmune hypothyroidism) and low iodine status, who may represent a vulnerable subgroup. However, the small sample size, cross-sectional design, and possibility of reverse causation are limitations of this work. Citation: Webster GM, Rauch SA, Ste Marie N, Mattman A, Lanphear BP, Venners SA. 2016. Cross-sectional associations of serum perfluoroalkyl acids and thyroid hormones in U.S. adults: variation according to TPOAb and iodine status (NHANES 2007–2008). Environ Health Perspect 124:935–942; PMID:26517287

  2. Biological monitoring of blood toluene in exposed printing shop workers; Biologisches Monitoring von Toluol am Beispiel belasteter Druckereiarbeiter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hammer, K.D. [Hamburg Univ. (Germany). Ordinariat fuer Hygiene; Pietsch, S. [Hamburg Univ. (Germany). Ordinariat fuer Hygiene; Pfeiffer, E.H. [Hamburg Univ. (Germany). Ordinariat fuer Hygiene


    42 toluene exposed printing workers were monitored and the results compared with those of a control group of 45 blood donors. Monitoring was done by means of blood toluene and hippuric acid excretion measurements. The mean indoor air concentration of toluene amounted to 230 mg/m{sup 3}. The blood toluene averaged up to 830 {mu}g/l. The median of hippuric acid excretion was in the range of 0,405 mg/mg creatinine for the control group and 1,938 mg/mg creatinine for the exposed group respectively. Hippuric acid showed a positive correlation toward ORSA-tube toluene measurements with good significance (p=0,000). Considerable high individual deviations in toluene metabolism occurred, and were discussed as a result of smoking and drinking behavior. (orig.) [Deutsch] 42 Druckereiarbeiter, die einer Raumluft mit einer mittleren Toluolkonzentration von 230 {mu}g/m{sup 3} exponiert waren, wurden untersucht und die Ergebnisse einer unbelasteten Kontrollgruppe bestehend aus 45 Blutspendern gegenuebergestellt. Als Parameter fuer ein biologisches Monitoring wurde die Blut-Toluolkonzentration und die Exkretion von Hippursaeure verwendet. Die Blut-Toluolkonzentration lag im Mittel bei 830 {mu}g/l. Der Mittelwert der Hippursaeure im Urin der unbelasteten Gruppe lag bei 0,405 mg/mg Kreatinin und der belasteten Gruppe bei 1,938 mg/mg Kreatinin. Die Hippursaeureausscheidung war hoch signifikant mit den Werten der ORSA-Roehrchen fuer die Luft-Toluolkonzentration korreliert (p=0,000). Erhebliche individuelle Abweichungen im Toluol-Metabolismus wurden deutlich und anhand von Rauch- und Trinkgewohnheiten diskutiert. (orig.)

  3. Capacidade estatal, burocracia e tributação nos municípios brasileiros

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André Marenco

    Full Text Available Resumo Diagnósticos sobre relações intergovernamentais e implementação de políticas públicas após a Constituição de 1988 enfatizaram os elementos de descentralização, centralização ou coordenação federativa. Sem desprezar mecanismos institucionais que estruturam relações verticais entre governos federal, estadual e municipais, este trabalho pretende analisar diferenças entre os 5,5 mil municípios brasileiros no que diz respeito a indicadores de sua capacidade estatal. Busca-se examinar em que medida municípios com burocracias profissionalizadas tiveram melhores condições para aproveitar a transferência de responsabilidades e autoridade política e administrativa para governos municipais, ampliando seu potencial para tributar e implementar políticas públicas. Adotou-se a definição restrita de capacidade estatal, utilizando-se a “escala weberiana” proposta por Evans e Rauch como medida. Para operacionalizá-la, foi considerada a proporção de “estatutários com formação superior” entre servidores públicos nas 5,5 mil administrações municipais brasileiras. Como variável dependente, foi utilizada a arrecadação de Imposto sobre a Propriedade Predial e Territorial Urbana como proporção da receita própria municipal. Os resultados mostraram que administrações municipais com serviço público mais profissionalizado incrementam suas razões de chance para arrecadação do imposto patrimonial.

  4. El yacimiento de Lezetxiki (Gipuzkoa, País Vasco. Los niveles musterienses.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amelia Baldeón


    Full Text Available El yacimiento de Lezetxiki (Gipuzkoa, Pais Vasco. España encierra en sus 10 m. de sedimentos una serie interesante de niveles musterienses culminados por otros del Paleolítico Superior. Son los niveles musterienses el objeto de este estudio. La excavación, dirigida por J.M. de Barandiaran entre 1956 y   1968 permitió establecer ocho niveles (I-VIII. Estudios multidisciplinares -sedimentológicos, paleontológicos, palinológicos, antropológicos e industriales-, nos permiten acercarnos a la historia de una de las más antiguas presencias humanas constatadas en el País Vasco. Este estudio pretende   situar Lezetxiki en los códigos metodológicos al uso integrándose en las referencias de las provincias culturales cántabra y aquitana. La secuencia musteriense de Lezetxiki se inicia en una fase   templada del Riss con la aparición de un húmero humano neardenthalense. El nivel VII acoge las primeras industrias humanas; presencias esporádicas en una época fría en la que dominan los restos de oso y otros carnívoros sobre los ungulados, caza habitual del hombre. El nivel VI refleja un momento templado y húmedo, con desarrollo de amplios bosques de frondosas. Un bagage de utensilios lítico y óseo muy variado relaciona este nivel con el Musteriense Típico, que debió desarrollarse en el interglaciar de Eém (Riss-Würm. Durante las oscilaciones del Würm antiguo se dan en Lezetxiki las ocupaciones del nivel V, frío en la base que contiene el material arqueológico, con industrias parecidas al nivel anterior aunque ahora se cazan especies menores, y el nivel IV que por primera vez refleja una frecuentación repetida de la cueva. La industria lítica es ahora distinta, mostrando piezas de bordes muy reaprovechados y dominio de raederas que adscriben este nivel al Charentiense. A destacar la presencia de reno, la permanencia de Pliomys lenki y el predominio de ciervo. Todavía son frecuentes los osos y los carnívoros lobo, zorro y

  5. Opportunities and risks of hydraulic fraction treatment of tight gas-carrying rocks in redbeds; Chancen und Risiken hydraulischer Fracbehandlungen von dichten Erdgasspeichergesteinen im Rotliegenden

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Buhrow, C. [BEB Erdgas und Erdoel GmbH, Hannover (Germany)


    In the last 20 years more and more hydraulic fraction treatments have been carried out in natural gas-carrying strata of the redbed. By pumping high-viscosity liquids into the rocks one attempts to control the fraction. Towards the end of the treatment the fraction is filled with a proppant in order to create a flow path with high permeability to the borehole after the pressure of the liquid drops. The trend moves from large-volume single fractures - more than 2000 cubic m of liquid as several tons of proppant were used in some cases -. to smaller fraction treatments consisting of a minimum of two fractures: the first one, which usually employs small amounts of liquid and proppant, serves to gain information on the deposit and its suitability for fraction treatment. The one or several fractures that follow serve to increase production or enlarge the drainage area. Ground pressure measurements can provide important information about the development of the fracture before, during and after fracturing. (orig.) [Deutsch] Seit ca. 20 Jahren werden vermehrt hydraulische Fracbehandlungen in den Erdgasspeichergesteinen des Rotliegenden durchgefuehrt. Durch Verpumpen von Fluessigkeiten hoher Viskositaet soll kontrolliert ein Riss `Frac` genannt, im Gebirge geschaffen werden. Dieser wird gegen Ende der Behandlung mit Stuetzmittel angefuellt, um nach Abfall des Fluessigkeitsdrucks einen bleibenden Fliessweg hoher Permeabilitaet zum Bohrloch zu schaffen. Dabei hat es eine Entwicklung von grossvolumigen Einzelfracs - in Einzelfaellen wurden mehr als 2.000 m{sup 3} Fluessigkeit und mehrere hundert Tonnen Stuetzmittel verpumpt - hin zu kleineren Fracbehandlungen aus zumindest zwei Fracs gegeben: Ziel des ersten, zumeist nur geringe Fluessigkeitsvolumina und Stuetzmittelmengen enthaltenen Fracs ist es, Informationen ueber die Lagerstaette und deren Fracbehandelbarkeit zu erlangen. Der oder die nachfolgenden Fracs dienen dann dem eigentlichen Ziel, der Produktionssteigerung und der

  6. Comparison of preferences of healthcare professionals and MS patients for attributes of disease-modifying drugs: A best-worst scaling. (United States)

    Kremer, Ingrid E H; Evers, Silvia M A A; Jongen, Peter J; Hiligsmann, Mickaël


    The choice between disease-modifying drugs (DMDs) for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) becomes more often a shared decision between the patient and the neurologist and MS nurse. This study aimed to assess which DMD attributes are most important for the healthcare professionals in selecting a DMD for a patient. Subsequently, within this perspective, the neurologists' and nurses' perspectives were compared. Lastly, the healthcare professionals' perspective was compared with the patients' perspective to detect any differences that may need attention in the communication about DMDs. A best-worst scaling (BWS) was conducted among 27 neurologists and 33 MS nurses treating patients with MS to determine the importance of 27 DMD attributes. These attributes were identified through three focus groups with MS patients in a previous study (N=19). Relative importance scores (RISs) were estimated for each attribute. Multivariable linear regression analyses were used to compare the different perspectives. According to the neurologists and nurses, safety of the DMD was the most important DMD attribute in the treatment decision, closely followed by effect on disability progression, quality of life and relapse rate. Patients with MS agreed with the importance of the last three attributes, but valued safety significantly lower (b=-2.59, P<.001). This study suggests that, overall, neurologists and nurses regard the same DMD attributes as important as MS patients with the notable exception of safety. This study provides valuable information for the development of interventions to support shared decision making and highlights which attributes of DMDs may need additional attention. © 2017 The Authors Health Expectations Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  7. Massage therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review. (United States)

    Lee, Myeong Soo; Kim, Jong-In; Ernst, Edzard


    We aimed to assess the effectiveness of massage as a treatment option for autism. We searched the following electronic databases using the time of their inception through March 2010: MEDLINE, AMED, CINAHL, EMBASE, PsycINFO, Health Technology Assessment, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, 6 Korean medical databases (KSI, DBpia, KISTEP, RISS, KoreaMed, and National Digital Library), China Academic Journal (through China National Knowledge Infrastructure), and 3 Japanese medical databases (Journal@rchive, Science Links Japan, and Japan Science & Technology link). The search phrase used was "(massage OR touch OR acupressure) AND (autistic OR autism OR Asperger's syndrome OR pervasive developmental disorder)." The references in all located articles were also searched. No language restrictions were imposed. Prospective controlled clinical studies of any type of massage therapy for autistic patients were included. Trials in which massage was part of a complex intervention were also included. Case studies, case series, qualitative studies, uncontrolled trials, studies that failed to provide detailed results, and trials that compared one type of massage with another were excluded. All articles were read by 2 independent reviewers (M.S.L. and J-I.K.), who extracted data from the articles according to predefined criteria. Risk of bias was assessed using the Cochrane classification. Of 132 articles, only 6 studies met our inclusion criteria. One randomized clinical trial found that massage plus conventional language therapy was superior to conventional language therapy alone for symptom severity (P firm conclusions cannot be drawn. Future, more rigorous randomized clinical trials seem to be warranted. © Copyright 2011 Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc.

  8. Quaternary Activity of the Monastir and Grombalia Fault Systems in the North‒Eastern Tunisia (Seismotectonic Implication) (United States)

    Ghribi, R.; Zaatra, D.; Bouaziz, S.


    The Monastir and Grombalia fault systems consist of three strands that the northern segment corresponds to Hammamet and Grombalia faults. The southern strand represents Monastir Fault also referred to as the Skanes-Khnis Fault. These NW-trends are observed continuously in the major outcropping features of north-eastern Tunisia including both the Cap Bon peninsula and the Sahel domain. Along the Hammamet Fault, the north-eastern strand of Grombalia fault system, left lateral drainage offset of amount 220 m is found in Fawara valley. To the South, the left lateral movement is occurred along the Monastir Fault based on 180 m of Tyrrhenian terrace displacement. Field observations supported by satellite images suggest that the Monastir and Grombalia fault systems appear to slip mostly laterally with components of normal dip slip. Assuming the development of the stream networks during the Riss-Würm interglacial (115000-125000 years) and the age of the Tyrrhenian terrace (121 ± 10 ka), the strike slip rates of the Hammamet and Monastir faults are calculated in the range of 1.5-1.8 mm/yr. There vertical slip rates are estimated to be 0.06 and 0.26 mm/yr, respectively. These data are consistent with the displacement rate in the Pelagian shelf (1-2 mm/yr) but they are below the convergence rate of African-Eurasian plates (8 mm/yr). Our seismotectonics study reveals that a maximum earthquake of Mw = 6.5 could occur every 470 years in the Hammamet fault zone and Mw = 6-every 263 years in the Monastir fault zone.

  9. Economic evaluation of manual therapy for musculoskeletal diseases: a protocol for a systematic review and narrative synthesis of evidence. (United States)

    Kim, Chang-Gon; Mun, Su-Jeong; Kim, Ka-Na; Shin, Byung-Cheul; Kim, Nam-Kwen; Lee, Dong-Hyo; Lee, Jung-Han


    Manual therapy is the non-surgical conservative management of musculoskeletal disorders using the practitioner's hands on the patient's body for diagnosing and treating disease. The aim of this study is to systematically review trial-based economic evaluations of manual therapy relative to other interventions used for the management of musculoskeletal diseases. Randomised clinical trials (RCTs) on the economic evaluation of manual therapy for musculoskeletal diseases will be included in the review. The following databases will be searched from their inception: Medline, Embase, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), Econlit, Mantis, Index to Chiropractic Literature, Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index, Allied and Complementary Medicine Database (AMED), Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR), National Health Service Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (NHS DARE), National Health Service Health Technology Assessment Database (NHS HTA), National Health Service Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED), CENTRAL, five Korean medical databases (Oriental Medicine Advanced Searching Integrated System (OASIS), Research Information Service System (RISS), DBPIA, Korean Traditional Knowledge Portal (KTKP) and KoreaMed) and three Chinese databases (China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), VIP and Wanfang). The evidence for the cost-effectiveness, cost-utility and cost-benefit of manual therapy for musculoskeletal diseases will be assessed as the primary outcome. Health-related quality of life and adverse effects will be assessed as secondary outcomes. We will critically appraise the included studies using the Cochrane risk of bias tool and the Drummond checklist. Results will be summarised using Slavin's qualitative best-evidence synthesis approach. The results of the study will be disseminated via a peer-reviewed journal and/or conference presentations

  10. Engineering failure assessment methods applied to pressurized components; Bruchmechanische Bewertung druckfuehrender Komponenten mittels ingenieurmaessiger Bewertungsverfahren

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zerbst, U.; Beeck, F.; Scheider, I.; Brocks, W. [GKSS-Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH (Germany). Inst. fuer Werkstofforschung


    Under the roof of SINTAP (Structural Integrity Assessment Procedures for European Industry), a European BRITE-EURAM project, a study is being carried out into the possibility of establishing on the basis of existing models a standard European flaw assessment method. The R6 Routine and the ETM are important, existing examples in this context. The paper presents the two methods, explaining their advantages and shortcomes as well as common features. Their applicability is shown by experiments with two pressure vessels subject to internal pressure and flawed by a surface crack or a through-wall crack, respectively. Both the R6 Routine and the ETM results have been compared with results of component tests carried out in the 1980s at TWI and are found to yield acceptable conservative, i.e. sufficiently safe, lifetime predictions, as they do not give lifetime assessments which unduly underestimate the effects of flaws under operational loads. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Gegenwaertig wird im Rahmen von SINTAP (Structural Integrity Assessment Procedures for European Industries), einem europaeischen BRITE-EURAM-Projekt geprueft, inwieweit auf der Grundlage vorhandener Modelle eine einheitliche europaeische Fehlerbewertungsmethode erstellt werden kann. Eine zentrale Stellung kommt dabei Verfahren wie der R6-Routine und dem ETM zu. In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden beide Methoden vorgestellt, wobei ihre Vor- und Nachteile, aber auch ihre Gemeinsamkeiten herausgearbeitet wurden. Die Anwendung wurde an zwei innendruckbelasteten Behaeltern mit Oberflaechen- bzw. wanddurchdringendem Riss demonstriert. Sowohl R6-Routine als auch ETM ergaben im Vergleich mit am TWI zu Beginn der 80er Jahre durchgefuehrten Bauteilexperimenten eine vertretbare konservative Vorhersage, d.h. eine nicht allzu grosse Unterschaetzung der ertragbaren Last der Bauteile. (orig.)

  11. The Survey on Network Resources for Korean Modern-Contemporary History%韩国(朝鲜)近现代史网络资源概述

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    以韩国境内的网络资源为对象,梳理了韩国国史编撰委员会韩国史数据库、国家记录馆等综合性数据库中收录的韩国(朝鲜)近现代史部分的资料。另外,还对分散在网络中有关韩国独立运动史、“慰安妇”问题、朝鲜战争、朝韩关系、中韩“领土纷争”等涉及到中国问题的资料做了整理和介绍。最后,对韩国国立图书馆、国会图书馆、首尔市立图书馆的电子资源特色以及“RISS”等学术期刊数据库的使用做了简要概括。%Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea 20 years ago, the domestic demand for South Korean academic resources has become increasing strong with the deepening of exchanges between the two countries. Tak-ing the network resources in South Korea as research objects, this article summarizes some materials in modern-contemporary his-tory of South Korea and some China-related material during certain modern-contemporary wars. In the end, it briefly introduces the features of some network resources in the Korea National Library, Library of Congress, Seoul City Library as well as RISS. The above research can not only contribute to the Korean history research, but also benefit the research on China-Korea Relations his-tory, Anti-Japanese War and Cold War International History.

  12. Regional competitiveness in the context of “New industrial policy” – the case of Croatia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarina Bačić


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to do research on regional conditions that are most conducive to maximising the positive effects of the implementation of “New industrial policy” (policy based on Smart specialisation strategy to regional competitiveness in Croatia. Rather than using the standard but fragmented system of counties, this small post-transition economy is first mapped into five regions following the concept of regional innovation systems (RISs. Essentially, RIS concept rests on an idea that interactions among regional agents lead to the creation of optimal innovation output, while policy based on Smart specialisation strategy in Croatia is a national policy that promotes creation of innovative products and services in five promising domains and 13 sub-thematic areas. Analysis is carried out in two steps, firstly using a data-driven approach employed in a multidimensional framework for assessing regional accessibility, absorptive capacity and diffusion of knowledge in the context of Smart specialisation strategy (S3 implementation. In the second step, the assumption of post-transition reliance on the external knowledge and technology in producing innovation output is examined via regional presence of high-technology firms, GDP per capita and international trade and investment variables and patents per 100.000 inhabitants using cluster analysis (Ward method. The results show that highly internationalised regions with higher density of hightechnology firms already produce relatively more innovation output per capita. With already favourable conditions in place, these progressive regions are most likely to reinforce their competitive advantages through the transformation of their economic structures enabled by implementation of S3.

  13. Combination of the sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitor empagliflozin with orlistat or sibutramine further improves the body-weight reduction and glucose homeostasis of obese rats fed a cafeteria diet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vickers SP


    Full Text Available Steven P Vickers,1 Sharon C Cheetham,1 Katie R Headland,1 Keith Dickinson,1 Rolf Grempler,2 Eric Mayoux,2 Michael Mark,2 Thomas Klein2 1RenaSci, BioCity Nottingham, Nottingham, UK; 2Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Biberach an der Riss, Germany Abstract: The present study assessed the potential of the sodium glucose-linked transporter (SGLT-2 inhibitor empagliflozin to decrease body weight when administered alone or in combination with the clinically effective weight-loss agents orlistat and sibutramine in obese rats fed a cafeteria diet. Female Wistar rats were exposed to a cafeteria diet to induce obesity. Empagliflozin was dosed once daily (10, 30, and 60 mg/kg for 28 days. Combination studies were subsequently performed using a submaximal empagliflozin dose (10 mg/kg with either sibutramine or orlistat. Body weight, food, and water intake were recorded daily. The effect of drug treatment on glucose tolerance, relevant plasma parameters, and carcass composition was determined. Empagliflozin dose-dependently reduced body weight, plasma leptin, and body fat though increased urinary glucose excretion. The combination of empagliflozin and orlistat significantly reduced body weight compared to animals treated with either drug alone, and significantly improved glucose tolerance, plasma insulin, and leptin compared to vehicle-treated controls. The effect of sibutramine to improve glycemic control in an oral glucose-tolerance test was also significantly increased, with empagliflozin and combination treatment leading to a reduction in carcass fat greater than that observed with either drug alone. These data demonstrate that empagliflozin reduces body weight in cafeteria-fed obese rats. In combination studies, empagliflozin further improved the body-weight or body-fat loss of animals in comparison to orlistat or sibutramine alone. Such studies may indicate improved strategies for the treatment of obese patients with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. Keywords

  14. TomoWELD. Precise detection of weld defects; TomoWELD. Defekte in Schweissnaehten praezise erkennen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Walter, David [Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und -pruefung (BAM), Berlin (Germany)


    Nuclear power plants are complex and technically elaborate systems whose aim is to produce electricity. They must meet the highest safety requirements. Within the reactors, nuclear reactions and radioactive transformations release energy which is used to evaporate water. The steam generated drives turbines that in turn are coupled with generators which convert the kinetic energy provided by the turbines into electrical energy. The process is easy to illustrate but difficult to control and requires technical equipment such as kilometre-long pipe systems. Austenitic steel is frequently used for this purpose because of its high strength and corrosion resistance. The individual pipe components are joined by welding. However, welds may contain hidden defects. Cracks, lack of fusion or pore nests that can remain undetected may have catastrophic consequences. Therefore, all welds in a nuclear power plant, without exception, must be checked. Approved non-destructive methods use ultrasound and X-ray. The technology developed at BAM is called TomoWELD. [German] Kernkraftwerke sind komplexe und technisch aufwendige Anlagen zur Gewinnung von Elektrizitaet. Sie muessen allerhoechsten Sicherheitsanspruechen genuegen. Die bei Kernreaktionen und radioaktiven Umwandlungen freiwerdende Energie wird genutzt, um Wasser zu verdampfen. Der Dampf treibt Turbinen an und die wiederum sind mit Generatoren gekoppelt, welche die durch die Turbinen bereitgestellte kinetische Energie in elektrische Energie umwandeln. Der Prozess laesst sich einfach darstellen, ihn zu steuern ist allerdings kompliziert und erfordert weitere technische Komponenten, wie beispielsweise kilometerlange Rohrleitungssysteme. Wegen seiner hohen Festigkeit sowie Korrosionsbestaendigkeit wird oft austenitischer Stahl dafuer verwendet. Gefuegt werden die einzelnen Rohrteile durch Schweissen. Doch Schweissnaehte koennen viele verborgene Defekte enthalten. Bleiben Risse, Bindefehler oder Porennester unentdeckt, kann das

  15. The mental health of married immigrant women in South Korea and its risk and protective factors: A literature review. (United States)

    Lee, Yeeun; Park, Subin


    Married immigrant women in South Korea undergo a wide array of psychosocial challenges in the process of adapting to a new culture and marriage with a Korean husband. For an integrative understanding of women's mental health status and to determine the key risk and protective factors, we systematically reviewed empirical articles about the mental health of married immigrant women. We searched and reviewed articles from nine online databases: PubMed, Scopus, PsycINFO, Embase, DBpia, KISS, KMbase, KoreaMed and RISS, which were published up until January 2017. We identified 38 quantitative studies that examined psychiatric symptoms and pertinent factors for this population. The relative risks of psychiatric symptoms among married immigrant women varied across diverse samples. We summarized the associated factors existing prior to and after marriage migration that may moderate their mental health consequences. We identified five key risk factors: acculturative stress, country of origin, family stress, domestic violence and extended family structure, and two protective factors: social support and marriage satisfaction, which were consistently supported by the included studies. With the paucity of prospective studies, longitudinal research is needed that addresses the long-term processes of married immigrant women's psychological adaptation and the underlying risk and protective factors at diverse settlement phases. Furthermore, we suggest that future research should focus on how women's personal attributes interact with macro-level, socio-cultural contexts, including familial relationship and the community social-support system. Future evidence-based policy and interventions should comprehensively address married immigrant women's socio-cultural, economic and mental health needs.

  16. On The Black Sea Surozhian (United States)

    Caraivan, Glicherie; Corneliu, Cerchia


    Some Black Sea researchers still support the idea of no other connection to the Mediterranean Sea between LGM and Karangatian Stage (Riss - Wurm). We try to clarify the source of these disagreements. C14 AMS age data (HERAS Project) made on undisturbed samples from a new Mamaia drilling hole where compared with the classical Black Sea stratigraphic schemes. A first transgressive event (Zone D) is found between 38.00 - 20.20 m depth. Zone D4 shows a fairly rapid rise of sea level, about 10 m below the present one indicating an inner shelf marine polyhaline environment. AMS age data show 14C ages between 53690 - 47359 y (MIS 1), corresponding to the "Surozhian Beds" of Popov. The "beach rock" from Zone E marks the decrease of the sea level after the maximum reached in Zone D4. Zone E mollusc shells AMS data, indicate 14C ages of 48724 - 44604 y, suggesting a long-time reworked material from the previous D4 zone sediments, and represents the beginning of the "regressive Tarkankutian" sequence.The Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) led to the retreat of the sea level down to about 100 m below the current one (27-17 ky BP), followed by an retreat of the shoreline to the present position. At the beginning of the Holocene - MIS 1 (8408-8132 cal. y BP), Black Sea brackish water level grew rapidly, up to -14 m below the present one (Zone F: 22, 57-20, 20 m). Zone F deposits could be correlated with the Bugazian strata. Then, a continuous rising of the Black Sea level is recorded up to a maximum of -2 m under the present one, about 6789 - 7063 cal. y BP, when a transgressive spurt ("Neolithic transgression") may have taken place. After that, given a weak Danubian sedimentary input, coastal erosion intensified. The coarse sandy sediments were reworked and pushed over the previous peat deposits, and suggest a classical "sedimentary regression", not a sea-level decrease. During the last 1.5 ky, sea level has risen towards the current one. Previous C14 dates from "Karangatian

  17. A new tool for rapid and automatic estimation of earthquake source parameters and generation of seismic bulletins (United States)

    Zollo, Aldo


    RISS S.r.l. is a Spin-off company recently born from the initiative of the research group constituting the Seismology Laboratory of the Department of Physics of the University of Naples Federico II. RISS is an innovative start-up, based on the decade-long experience in earthquake monitoring systems and seismic data analysis of its members and has the major goal to transform the most recent innovations of the scientific research into technological products and prototypes. With this aim, RISS has recently started the development of a new software, which is an elegant solution to manage and analyse seismic data and to create automatic earthquake bulletins. The software has been initially developed to manage data recorded at the ISNet network (Irpinia Seismic Network), which is a network of seismic stations deployed in Southern Apennines along the active fault system responsible for the 1980, November 23, MS 6.9 Irpinia earthquake. The software, however, is fully exportable and can be used to manage data from different networks, with any kind of station geometry or network configuration and is able to provide reliable estimates of earthquake source parameters, whichever is the background seismicity level of the area of interest. Here we present the real-time automated procedures and the analyses performed by the software package, which is essentially a chain of different modules, each of them aimed at the automatic computation of a specific source parameter. The P-wave arrival times are first detected on the real-time streaming of data and then the software performs the phase association and earthquake binding. As soon as an event is automatically detected by the binder, the earthquake location coordinates and the origin time are rapidly estimated, using a probabilistic, non-linear, exploration algorithm. Then, the software is able to automatically provide three different magnitude estimates. First, the local magnitude (Ml) is computed, using the peak-to-peak amplitude

  18. Measurements of Polarization Transfers in Real Compton Scattering by a proton target at JLAB. A new source of information on the 3D shape of the nucleon

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fanelli, Cristiano V. [Sapienza Univ. of Rome (Italy)


    In this thesis work, results of the analysis of the polarization transfers measured in real Compton scattering (RCS) by the Collaboration E07-002 at the Je fferson Lab Hall-C are presented. The data were collected at large scattering angle (theta_cm = 70deg) and with a polarized incident photon beam at an average energy of 3.8 GeV. Such a kind of experiments allows one to understand more deeply the reaction mechanism, that involves a real photon, by extracting both Compton form factors and Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs) (also relevant for possibly shedding light on the total angular momentum of the nucleon). The obtained results for the longitudinal and transverse polarization transfers K_LL and K_LT, are of crucial importance, since they confirm unambiguously the disagreement between experimental data and pQCD prediction, as it was found in E99-114 experiment, and favor the Handbag mechanism. The E99-114 and E07-002 results can contribute to attract new interest on the great yield of the Compton scattering by a nucleon target, as demonstrated by the recent approval of an experimental proposal submitted to the Jefferson Lab PAC 42 for a Wide-angle Compton Scattering experiment, at 8 and 10 GeV Photon Energies. The new experiments approved to run with the updated 12 GeV electron beam at JLab, are characterized by much higher luminosities, and a new GEM tracker is under development to tackle the challenging backgrounds. Within this context, we present a new multistep tracking algorithm, based on (i) a Neural Network (NN) designed for a fast and efficient association of the hits measured by the GEM detector which allows the track identification, and (ii) the application of both a Kalman filter and Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoother to further improve the track reconstruction. The full procedure, i.e. NN and filtering, appears very promising, with high performances in terms of both association effciency and reconstruction accuracy, and these preliminary results will

  19. Optimal estimation of atmospheric {sup 14}C production over the Holocene: paleoclimate implications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marchal, Olivier [Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Woods Hole, MA (United States)


    A tree-ring {delta}{sup 14}C record and a simple box model of the global {sup 14}C cycle are combined using a method of optimal estimation theory (Rauch-Tung-Striebel smoother). The combination is used to infer information about the time evolution of {sup 14}C production in the atmosphere (P) for the period 9400 year BCto AD1900 year. Unlike previous attempts to infer P changes from the tree-ring record, the errors in both the {delta}{sup 14}C data and the model, which are assumed to be purely random (not systematic), are formally considered. The optimal time evolution of P is compared to independent evidence of changes in cosmogenic nuclide production over the Holocene from a variety of records on their original chronology, e.g., a record of the virtual axial dipole moment (VADM) based on a compilation of archeomagnetic data, the record of {sup 10}Be concentration from the GISP2 ice core (Central Greenland), and the record of {sup 10}Be concentration from the PS1 ice core (South Pole). The rank correlations between P - VADM,P - {sup 10}Be(GISP2), and P - {sup 10}Be(PS1) are highly significant (p< 0.01), indicating that geomagnetic field intensity and {sup 10}Be concentration in GISP2 and PS1 changed monotonically with {sup 14}C production. The linear correlation coefficients between P - VADM,P - {sup 10}Be(GISP2), and P - {sup 10}Be(PS1) are also highly significant (p<0.01) but relatively small (-0.76, 0.48, and 0.60, respectively). Thus, an important fraction (42-77%) of the variance in the geomagnetic and {sup 10}Be data is not accounted for by linear regression on the {sup 14}C productions implied by the tree-ring record. The P variance near the 1500 yr period, which previous authors interpreted as solar variability, represents a small fraction of the total variance in the P time series (<15% for the band 1200-1800 yr) and does not correspond to a spectral peak. Hence, the hypothesis of a direct solar forcing mechanism for the postulated millennial climate


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Herron


    Full Text Available How important is location to an international retailer? Not just any retailer but the second largest paint retailer in the world. Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI was a British chemical company and was at one stage the largest manufacturer in Britain. Formed from the merger of several leading British chemical companies in 1926, ICI makes paints and speciality products, including food ingredients, speciality polymers, electronic materials, fragrances and flavourings. ICI paints purchased the Cleveland Ohiobased Glidden Coatings & Resins (Glidden Paint Company in 1986 for USD$580 million. The addition of Glidden to ICI's North American operations more than doubled that subsidiary's annual sales to $3 billion and increased ICI's corporate presence in the United States dramatically. A decline in paint and solvent consumption during the 2000 decade slowed the average growth of the paint industry to about 2% annually. Rauch Associates, the leading US paint analyst firm, predicted near-term growth to slow even further to 1.2% per annum. Through the 1990’s and early 2000’s Glidden paint was sold only through Glidden-badged paint stores and smaller retailers under licence, developing a strong identifiable brand and reputation. How were potential Glidden retail paint store locations chosen across America to enable and support this market growth? This paper investigates the real process that was developed and applied to construct a national network of retail outlets across the United States. It also highlights the change in direction that occurred at ICI paints culminating in its eventual acquisition by AkzoNobel in 2008 who immediately sold parts of ICI to Henkel, and integrated ICI's remaining operations within its existing organisation. This sale and the associated corporate restructure caused considerable change in marketing directions allowing for the first time the selling of Glidden paint products to mass market centres

  1. Ground source geothermal heat. Ground source heat pumps and underground thermal energy storage systems. Proceedings; Oberflaechennahe Geothermie. Erdgekoppelte Waermepumpen und unterirdische thermische Energiespeicher. Tagungsband

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    At the ninth international user forum on shallow geothermal heat on 28th and 29th April, 2009, at BadStaffelstein (Federal Republic of Germany), the following lectures were held: (1) Information system on shallow geothermal heat for Bavaria (Marcellus Schulze); (2) Calculation of the spreading of temperature anomalies in groundwater as an instrument of planning of heat pump systems (Wolfgang Rauch); (3) Comparison of models for simulation of deep geothermal probes (Markus Proell); (4) Impact of the geometry of boreholes and probes on heat transport (Manfred Reuss); (5) Thermal respond tests and temperature depth profiles - Experience from research and practice (Markus Kuebert); (6) A model of simulation for the investigation of the impact of different heat transfer fluids on the efficiency of ground source heat pump devices (Roland Koenigsdorff); (7) The research project EWSplus - Investigations for quality assurance of geothermal probes (Mathieu Riegger); (8) Quality management of plants for the utilization of shallow geothermal heat with geothermal probes - the example of Baden-Wuerttemberg (Bruno Lorinser, Ingrid Stober); (9) Not every heat pump contributes to climate protection (Falk Auer); (10) Field measurements of heat pumps in residential buildings with modern standard and in older buildings (Marek Miara); (11) System technology for a great annual performance factor (Werner Schenk); (12) Modification of older geothermal heat probe devices for use with modern heat pumps (Klaus Friedrich Staerk); (13) Energy-efficient modernisation of a pensioners' condominium from the 1970s with solar-geothermal-air (Michael Guigas); (14) Evaluation and optimization of operation of seasonal storage systems in the foundations of office buildings (Herdis Kipry); (15) Evaluation of an innovative heating and cooling concept with rain water vessels, thermo-active building components and phase change materials in a residential building (Doreen Kalz); (16) Contracts for ground

  2. Lineage-specific late pleistocene expansion of an endemic subtropical gossamer-wing damselfly, Euphaea formosa, in Taiwan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Huang Jen-Pan


    climatic changes on the subtropical damselfly's historical demography is lineage-specific, depending predominantly on its colonization history and geography. It is proposed that the Riss and Würm glaciations in the late Pleistocene period had a greater impact on the evolutionary diversification of subtropical insular species than the last glacial maximum (LGM.

  3. Treatment of exacerbations as a predictor of subsequent outcomes in patients with COPD

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Calverley PMA


    Full Text Available Peter MA Calverley,1 Antonio R Anzueto,2 Daniel Dusser,3 Achim Mueller,4 Norbert Metzdorf,5 Robert A Wise6 1Clinical Science Centre, Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK; 2Pulmonary/Critical Care, University of Texas and South Texas Veterans Health Care System, San Antonio, TX, USA; 3Department of Pneumology, Hôpital Cochin, AP-HP, Université Paris Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité, Paris, France; 4Biostatistics and Data Sciences Europe, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach an der Riss, Germany; 5Respiratory Medicine, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany; 6Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA Rationale: Exacerbations of COPD are managed differently, but whether treatment of one exacerbation predicts the likelihood of subsequent events is unknown. Objective: We examined whether the treatment given for exacerbations predicted subsequent outcomes. Methods: This was a post-hoc analysis of 17,135 patients with COPD from TIOtropium Safety and Performance In Respimat® (TIOSPIR®. Patients treated with tiotropium with one or more moderate to severe exacerbations on study were analyzed using descriptive statistics, logistic and Cox regression analysis, and Kaplan–Meier plots. Results: Of 8,061 patients with moderate to severe exacerbation(s, demographics were similar across patients with exacerbations treated with antibiotics and/or steroids or hospitalization. Exacerbations treated with systemic corticosteroids alone or in combination with antibiotics had the highest risk of subsequent exacerbation (HR: 1.21, P=0.0004 and HR: 1.33, P<0.0001, respectively, and a greater risk of having a hospitalized (severe exacerbation (HR: 1.59 and 1.63, P<0.0001, respectively or death (HR: 1.50, P=0.0059 and HR: 1.47, P=0.0002, respectively compared with exacerbations treated

  4. Coxarthrosis - an update; Koxarthrose - ein Update

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Imhof, H.; Noebauer-Huhmann, I.; Trattnig, S. [Medizinische Universitaet Wien, Klinik fuer Radiodiagnostik, Wien (Austria)


    klinischen Symptomatik gestellt. Die typischen konventionell-radiologischen sowie CT-Befunde sind: Gelenkspaltverschmaelerung, Osteophytenformation, subchondrale Demineralisation/Sklerose, subchondrale Zystenbildung, freie Gelenkkoerper, Gelenkfehlstellung, Gelenkdeformitaet. Durch die MR-Diagnostik lassen sich weitere Fruehsymptome bzw. Aktivitaetszeichen festhalten: Knorpeloedem, -riss, -defekt, subchondrales Knochenmarkoedem, synoviales Oedem und Gelenkerguss sowie Muskelatrophie. Derzeit wird die Bedeutung oft nur geringfuegiger Fehlformen (z. B. Impingement, Dysplasie), Fehlstellungen, Ligamentlockerungen etc. sowie Stoerungen in der Gefaessversorgung (z. B. Osteonekrose etc.) heftig diskutiert, die alle als moegliche Praearthrose eine hohe Wahrscheinlichkeit zur Arthroseentwicklung aufweisen. Dem gesamthaften Gelenkcontainment sowie der Genderproblematik wird heute ebenfalls richtigerweise hoehere Aufmerksamkeit gewidmet. In der Forschung wird mittels verschiedener MR-Verfahren (z. B. Hoechstfeld-MR mit H- und Na- Spektroskopie, T2*-Mapping etc.) der Knorpelstoffwechsel und seine Aenderungen bei Praearthrose untersucht (biochemisches Imaging). Zweifellos sind auf diesem Gebiet bereits in wenigen Jahren neue tief greifende Erkenntnisse zu erwarten. (orig.)

  5. Joining of cemented carbides to steel by laser beam welding

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barbatti, C.; Garcia, J.; Pyzalla, A. [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Eisenforschung GmbH, 40237 Duesseldorf (Germany); Liedl, G. [TU Wien, Institut fuer Umform- und Hochleistungslasertechnik (IFLT), 1040 Vienna (Austria)


    . Gesinterte und nitrierte Hartmetalle/Cermets wurden mit einem Verguetungsstahl durch einen dreistufigen Laserstrahlschweissprozess, der eine Vor- und Nachwaermebehandlung enthaelt, verbunden. Das Gefuege und die mechanischen Eigenschaften der Verbindung wurden mittels Mikroskopie, Roentgendiffraktion, Mikrohaertemessungen und Biegversuchen charakterisiert. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass mit dem dreistufigen Laserstrahlschweissprozess riss- und porenfreie Verbindungen hergestellt werden konnten. Das Nitrieren der Hartmetalle/Cermets fuehrte zu einer deutlichen Verringerung der Bildung sproeder intermetallischer Phasen. Die mechanischen Eigenschaften der Stahl - Hartmetall/Cermet - Verbindungen sind vergleichbar mit den Eigenschaften entsprechender geloeteter Verbindungen. (Abstract Copyright [2007], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

  6. Fracture mechanics based assessment of postulated flaws in the nozzle region of RPV-KKS under loss of coolant accidents; Bruchmechanische Bewertung von postulierten Fehlern im Stutzenbereich des RDB-KKS bei Kuehlmittelverlust-Stoerfaellen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Siegele, D.; Hodulak, L.; Varfolomeyev, I. [Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Werkstoffmechanik (IWM), Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); Nagel, G. [Preussen Elektra AG, Hannover (Germany). Hauptverwaltung


    Plastifizierungen im Plattierungs- und im ferritischen Stutzenbereich, so dass das K-Konzept der linear-elastischen Bruchmechanik nur eingeschraenkt angewendet werden kann. Fuer postulierte Risse unter der intakten Plattierung werden J-Integral-Werte ermittelt, die unter dem Initiierungswert J{sub i} des eingesetzten Werkstoffs liegen, so dass eine Rissinitiierung ausgeschlossen ist. Fuer den groessten postulierten, 20 mm tiefen Oberflaechenriss bei durchtrennter Plattierung wird entsprechend der Risswiderstandskurve ein Risswachstum von ca. 0,1 mm ermittelt. Die analytische Methode zur Berechnung von Spannungsintensitaetsfaktoren wurde auf die Behandlung von Stutzenkantenrissen unter der Plattierung erweitert. (orig.)

  7. Exploration of joint systems and major horizontal stress direction in HDR drillholes of the Soultz site (Alsace, France)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Genter, A [BRGM/GIG, Orleans (France); Tenzer, H [Stadtwerke Bad Urach (Germany)


    Bohrungen GPK1 und EPS1 zwischen 1000 und ca. 3600 m Teufe im Muschelkalk, Buntsandstein und Granit bei Soultz sous Forets durchgefuehrt. Die maximale Steinrichtung von ueber 1820 Diskontinuitaeten zeigt N 179 E mit Submaxima in N 159 E und N 20 E Mit Hilfe subvertikaler Risse und Kluefte wurde die Horizontale Hauptspannungsrichtung zu N 175 E{+-}17 ermittelt. Diese Ergebnisse entsprechen den Resultaten der Bohrungen GPK1 und EPS1. (orig./AKF)

  8. Possible role of Rhodotorula sp. in the formation of jarosite in the AMD environment of Muskau Arch, Poland (United States)

    Jakus, Natalia; Chlebicki, Andrzej; Bożęcki, Piotr; Manecki, Maciej


    The Muskau Arch is situated in the west of Poland and in the east of Germany. This region is a belt formed by push and frontal moraines during the Middle-Polish (Riss) glaciation, especially during the Wartanian glaciation. The occurrence of glacier caused folding and forming the glacitectonic type of lignit deposits which were mined for over 150 years. Both open pit and underground mining methods has exposed metal sulfides (mainly pyrite) to air and water causing bio-oxidation. Due to this process the acidity of many reservoirs have increased significantly (pH values between 2 and 4). As a consequence of changes in the environment, new mineral phases precipitated from highly acid waters rich in, among others, various forms of Fe and S. Precipitation of ochreous minerals such as schwertmannite, goethite and jarosite was partly catalyzed by many various acidophilic and acid-tolerant microorganisms: bacteria, archaea and probably yeasts. Jarosite KFe33+(OH)6(SO4)2 can be precipitated both in abiotic conditions and as a by-product of the activity of living organisms. The example of biomineralization induced by fungi Purpureocillium lilacinum in similar AMD environment of Rio Tinto is reported (Oggerin et al, 2014). Recently, jarosite is also considered as a possible biosignature of life on Mars. The assessment of microbial participation in formation of jarosite is an elementary step in geomicrobiological and astrobiological research. Isolated by us Rhodotorula sp. is an unicellular pigmented yeast. Fungi from the genus Rhodotorula F.C. Harrison belong to Sporidiobolalas part of phylum Basidiomycota. They are common environmental inhabitants. Some species, known from Rio Tinto, can live in extreme acidic soils at pH of about 2 (Lopez-Archila et al, 2004). For the first time, authors isolated strain Rhodotorula sp. from surface precipitates in Ł ęknica region (Muskau Arch). This ochreous precipitate contains jarosite. The yeast might be an important factor in indirect

  9. Detrital thermochronology of Rhine, Elbe and Meuse river sediment (Central Europe): implications for provenance, erosion and mineral fertility (United States)

    Glotzbach, C.; Busschers, F. S.; Winsemann, J.


    Here we present detrital apatite fission track (AFT), zircon fission track (ZFT) and a few apatite (U-Th)/He (AHe) data of Middle Pleistocene to modern Rhine, Meuse and Elbe river sediments in order to resolve processes that control detrital age distributions (provenance, erosion and mineral fertility). We used a modelling approach to compare observed with theoretically predicted age distributions from an interpolated in situ AFT and ZFT age map. In situ cooling ages do show large differences in the Rhine drainage basin, facilitating the differentiation between different source regions. Inconsistencies between observed and theoretical age distributions of the Meuse and Elbe samples can be explained by mixing and reworking of sediments with different provenances (Meuse Middle Pleistocene terrace sediment) and a yet unexplored source region with old AFT ages (Elbe samples). Overall, the results show that detrital thermochronology is capable of identifying the provenance of Middle Pleistocene to modern sediments. The AFT age distributions of Rhine sediments are dominated ( 70%) by AFT ages representing the Alps. A possible explanation is higher erosion rates in the Alps as compared to areas outside the Alps. A Late Pleistocene sample from the Upper Rhine Graben contains apatite grains from the Molasse and Hegau volcanics, which we explain with a shift of the headwaters of the Rhine to the north as a result of intense Middle Pleistocene Riss glaciation. Contrary to the observed dominance of Alpine-derived AFT ages in Rhine sediments, the relative contribution of zircon ages with sources in the Alps is lower and significantly decreases downstream, suggesting a major source of zircons outside the Alps. This can be explained by increased zircon fertility of sediments derived from the Rhenish massif. Therefore, we conclude that erosion and mineral fertility are the main processes controlling detrital AFT and ZFT age distributions of the sampled river sediment. In case of

  10. Correlations of cave levels, stream terraces and planation surfaces along the River Mur-Timing of landscape evolution along the eastern margin of the Alps. (United States)

    Wagner, Thomas; Fritz, Harald; Stüwe, Kurt; Nestroy, Othmar; Rodnight, Helena; Hellstrom, John; Benischke, Ralf


    The transition zone of the Eastern Alps to the Pannonian Basin provides one of the best sources of information on landscape evolution of the Eastern Alpine mountain range. The region was non-glaciated during the entire Pleistocene. Thus, direct influence of glacial carving as a landscape forming process can be excluded and relics of landforms are preserved that date back to at least the Late Neogene. In this study, we provide a correlation between various planation surfaces across the orogen-basin transition. In particular, we use stream terraces, planation surfaces and cave levels that cover a vertical spread of some 700 m. Our correlation is used to show that both sides of the transition zone uplifted together starting at least about 5 Ma ago. For our correlation we use recently published terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide (TCN) burial ages from cave sediments, new optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) ages of a stream terrace and U-Th ages from speleothems. Minimum age constraints of cave levels from burial ages of cave sediments covering the last ~ 4 Ma are used to place age constraints on surface features by parallelizing cave levels with planation surfaces. The OSL results for the top section of the type locality of the Helfbrunn terrace suggest an Early Würm development (80.5 ± 3.7 to 68.7 ± 4.0 ka). The terrace origin as a penultimate gravel deposit (in classical Alpine terminology Riss) is therefore questioned. U-series speleothem ages from caves nearby indicate formation during Marine Isotope Stages (MIS) 5c and 5a which are both interstadial warm periods. As OSL ages from the terrace also show a time of deposition during MIS 5a ending at the MIS 5/4 transition, this supports the idea of temperate climatic conditions at the time of deposition. In general, tectonic activity is interpreted to be the main driving force for the formation and evolution of these landforms, whilst climate change is suggested to be of minor importance. Obvious hiatuses

  11. PREFACE: CEWQO Topical Issue CEWQO Topical Issue (United States)

    Bozic, Mirjana; Man'ko, Margarita


    Sascha Wallentowitz), 2004 (Trieste, Italy, by Naseem Rahman and Sascha Wallentowitz), 2005 (Bilkent, Ankara, by Alexander Shumovsky), 2006 (Vienna, by Helmut Rauch), 2007 (Palermo, Italy, by Antonino Messina) and 2008 (Belgrade, by Mirjana Bozic). The CEWQO series developed in two directions following the rapid development of quantum optics and the transitional development of the scientific collaboration of Central European researchers with researchers from old and new emerging Central European countries, and from all over the world. The topics discussed at CEWQO 08 were divided into ten groups that aimed to cover the broad scope of modern quantum optics: Fundamental aspects of quantum optics and quantum mechanics Single photons and photon pairs Cavity and circuit QED Atoms in intense fields Neutron, atom and molecular quantum optics Quantum gases and fluids Coherence, entanglement and decoherence Optical properties of condensed matter and nanostructures Open quantum systems and chaos Quantum information processing Central European Workshops on Quantum Optics realize and are consistent with a wider idea, and a social, economical, cultural and political program promoted since 1989 by the Central European Initiative (CEI), the main goal of which was to help transition countries in Central Europe to become closer to the EU. The resulting support of the CEI, first obtained thanks to the scientific reputation, organizing activities, and efforts of Helmut Rauch, has been very important for the organization of the CEWQO in recent years, particularly in 2008. The support of the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programs of the European Commission was also very important. A short review of papers in this topical issue A principal role in this topical issue is played by the photon. Vuletic et al describe the mapping of the photon-polarization state onto a single collective-spin excitation (magnon) shared between two atomic ensembles. A heralded quantum memory based on this mapping is

  12. Role of Mineral Deposits in Global Geochemical Cycles (United States)

    Kesler, S.; Wilkinson, B.


    Mineral deposits represent the most extreme degree of natural concentration for most elements and their formation and destruction are important parts of global geochemical cycles. Quantitative estimates of the role that mineral deposits play in these geochemical cycles has been limited, however, by the lack of information on actual amounts of elements that are concentrated in these deposits, and their rates of formation and destruction at geologic time scales. Recent use of a “tectonic diffusion” model for porphyry copper deposits, the most important source of world copper, in conjunction with estimates of their copper content (Kesler and Wilkinson, 2008), allows an assessment of the role of copper deposits in Earth’s global copper cycles. These results indicate that ~4.5*10^8 Gg of Cu have been concentrated in porphyry copper deposits through Phanerozoic time, that deposits containing ~2.8*10^8 Gg of Cu have been removed by uplift and erosion over the same time period, and that deposits containing ~1.7*10^8 Gg remain in Earth’s crust. If styles of formation and destruction of other copper-bearing mineral deposits are similar, then all crustal deposits contain ~3*10^8 Gg of copper. This constitutes about 0.03% of the copper that resides in crustal rocks and provides a first-ever estimate of the rate at which natural geochemical cycles produce the extreme concentrations that constitute mineral deposits. Another ~8*10^8 Gg of copper have been destroyed during the uplift and erosion of mineral deposits over Phanerozoic time, a flux amounting to an annual contribution of about 1.5 Gg of copper to the near-surface environment. This amount is similar in magnitude to copper released by volcanic outgassing, but only ~2.5% of the 56 Gg of copper estimated to be released annually by weathering of average crustal rocks (Rauch and Graedel, 2007). The amount of copper removed from mineral deposits by mining, 1.1*10^4 Gg/year, is much larger than any natural

  13. High response rates following paclitaxel/5-FU and simultaneous radiotherapy in advanced head and neck carcinoma; Hohe Remissionsraten unter simultaner Radio- und Chemotherapie mit Paclitaxel/5-FU in der Behandlung fortgeschrittener Kopf-Hals-Tumoren

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schroeder, M.; Westerhausen, M. [St.-Johannes-Hospital, Duisburg (Germany). Medizinische Klinik II; Makoski, H.B. [Staedtische Kliniken, Duisburg (Germany). Radioonkologie; Sesterhenn, K. [St. Anna-Krankenhaus, Duisburg (Germany). HNO-Klinik; Schroeder, R. [Bristol Myers Squibb, Muenchen (Germany). Dept. of Oncology


    applizierter Strahlentherapie. Mit dieser multimodalen Therapiestrategie einschliesslich einer interponierten chirurgischen Massnahme haben wir fuer Patienten mit einem Stadium III/IV Fuenf-Jahres-Ueberlebenszeiten von 60% berichtet. Paclitaxel, ein neues Chemotherapeutikum, erreichte im Rahmen einer ECOG-Studie in Monotherapieform eine Ansprechrate von 40%. Patienten und Methoden: Zwischen 1994 und 1997 wurden 30 Patienten mit vorbestehenden Kontraindikationen gegen Cisplatin mit Paclitaxel/5-FU und gleichzeitiger Bestrahlung in einem neoadjuvanten und postoperativ adjuvanten Therapieschema behandelt. Die Patienten erhielten Paclitaxel 175 mg/m{sup 2} an Tag 1+29 und 5-FU als 120stuendige Dauerinfusion in der Dosis 1000 mg/m{sup 2}/d. Die Bestrahlungsdosis betrug praeoperativ 40 und postoperativ 30 Gy. Alle 30 bisher so behandelten Patienten erreichten eine komplette Remission (histologisch operativ gesichert) nach Abschluss des gesamten Behandlungskonzepts. Ergebnisse: Bis heute leben 23/30 Patienten rezidiv/bzw. tumorfrei. In einem Nachbeobachtungszeitraum zwischen 6 und 34 Monaten entwickelten 4 Patienten eine zweite Neoplasie im Bereich der Rauch-Schluckstrasse (Bronchial-Ca., Oesophagus-Ca.), 3 Patienten erlitten ein lokales Rezidiv. Die Gesamttoxizitaet war moderat (Haematotoxizitaet, Neurotoxizitaet) und gut managebar mit supportiven Massnahmen (z.B. PEG-Sonde). Schlussfolgerung: Unsere praeliminaren Ergebnisse der kombinierten Behandlung der fortgeschrittenenen Kopf-Hals-Tumore mit Taxol/5-FU und Strahlentherapie und Operation sind sehr vielversprechend und identisch mit den Behandlungsergebnissen mit Cisplatin/5-FU. (orig.)

  14. Buildings classification from airborne LiDAR point clouds through OBIA and ontology driven approach (United States)

    Tomljenovic, Ivan; Belgiu, Mariana; Lampoltshammer, Thomas J.


    In the last years, airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data proved to be a valuable information resource for a vast number of applications ranging from land cover mapping to individual surface feature extraction from complex urban environments. To extract information from LiDAR data, users apply prior knowledge. Unfortunately, there is no consistent initiative for structuring this knowledge into data models that can be shared and reused across different applications and domains. The absence of such models poses great challenges to data interpretation, data fusion and integration as well as information transferability. The intention of this work is to describe the design, development and deployment of an ontology-based system to classify buildings from airborne LiDAR data. The novelty of this approach consists of the development of a domain ontology that specifies explicitly the knowledge used to extract features from airborne LiDAR data. The overall goal of this approach is to investigate the possibility for classification of features of interest from LiDAR data by means of domain ontology. The proposed workflow is applied to the building extraction process for the region of "Biberach an der Riss" in South Germany. Strip-adjusted and georeferenced airborne LiDAR data is processed based on geometrical and radiometric signatures stored within the point cloud. Region-growing segmentation algorithms are applied and segmented regions are exported to the GeoJSON format. Subsequently, the data is imported into the ontology-based reasoning process used to automatically classify exported features of interest. Based on the ontology it becomes possible to define domain concepts, associated properties and relations. As a consequence, the resulting specific body of knowledge restricts possible interpretation variants. Moreover, ontologies are machinable and thus it is possible to run reasoning on top of them. Available reasoners (FACT++, JESS, Pellet) are used to check

  15. MARCKO thermal insulation layers. Life predictions for thermal insulation and antioxidant layers. Final report; MARCKO-Waermedaemmschichten. Methoden zur Lebensdauervorhersage von Waermedaemm- und Oxidationsschutzschichten. Schlussbericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schuetze, M.


    , Rolls-Royce und Siemens als Industriepartner und FZ-Juelich, DLR und DECHEMA als Institute beteiligt waren, wurden Arbeiten zur Entwicklung eines Lebensdauermodells fuer einkristalline, keramisch beschichtete Gasturbinenschaufeln durchgefuehrt. Dieses Modell soll zuverlaessige Voraussagen ueber die Zeitdauer der Haltbarkeit der Keramik und der Haftvermittlerschicht unter verschiedenen Betriebsbedingungen ermoeglichen. Die Aufgabe des Karl-Winnacker-Instituts der DECHEMA e.V. im Rahmen dieses Verbundprojektes bestand zunaechst in isothermen Oxidationsversuchen, die bei 950 C-1100 C an Laborluft durchgefuehrt wurden. Anschliessend wurde das Oxidationsverhalten anhand von metallographischen Schliffen charakterisiert. Dabei wurde besonderes Augenmerk auf die Entwicklung der TGO (Thermally Grown Oxide)-Schichtdicken, der oxidschichtseitigen Aluminiumverarmung im Bond Coat sowie der physikalischen Defekte in Form von Poren, Porenpopulationen und Mikrorissen innerhalb bzw. in unmittelbarer Naehe der TGO gelegt. Erstmalig wurden diese Mikrorisse postexperimentell anhand von rasterelektronenmikroskopischen Aufnahmen klassifiziert und die maximalen Abmessungen solcher Risse in Abhaengigkeit der Auslagerungsdauer quantifiziert. Fuer alle diese Parameter wurden Kinetiken ermittelt. Weiterhin wurden wachstumsinduzierte, laterale Spannungen in der TGO anhand der Durchbiegung einer duennen Metallfolie aus reinem Bond Coat Material bestimmt. Im Rahmen eines Unterauftrags von Projektpartner Rolls-Royce wurde das mechanische Verhalten APS-gespritzter Waermedaemmschichten mittels uniaxialer Druckversuche an freistehenden, hohlzylindrischen Ringproben anwendungstypischer Dicke bei Raum- und Anwendungstemperatur untersucht. Einerseits wurde das thermoelastische Verhalten mittels weggeregelter, zyklischer Belastungsversuche ermittelt, andererseits wurde das thermoplastische Verhalten anhand von lastgeregelten Kriechexperimenten bestimmt. Um den Einfluss einer vorhergehenden

  16. Environmental effects on fatigue of steels for structural parts in water-steam-circuits of light water reactors. Considerations concerning the question of transferability of results from laboratory tests to real operating conditions; Der Einfluss des Mediums auf Ermuedungsvorgaenge in Staehlen fuer Strukturbauteile in Wasser-Dampf-Kreislaeufen von Leichtwasserreaktoren. Ueberlegungen zur Frage der Uebertragbarkeit von Ergebnissen aus Laborversuchen auf den realen Anlagenbetrieb

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roth, Armin [AREVA NP GmbH, Erlangen (Germany)


    .B. von Staehlen, beeinflussen kann. Schon vor einigen Jahrzehnten wurde experimentell nachgewiesen, dass z.B. Hochtemperaturwasser in Laborversuchen zur Untersuchung des Ermuedungsverhaltens von Staehlen zu deutlichen Effekten fuehrt. Dabei wird je nach Versuchsfuehrung entweder die Zeit bis zur Initiierung von Anrissen verkuerzt oder die Wachstumsgeschwindigkeit vorhandener Risse erhoeht. Dieser zu erwartende Einfluss des Mediums auf den Ermuedungsprozess wurde in den Anfaengen der Regulierung von Konstruktion und Auslegung von Bauteilen und Komponenten fuer Kernkraftwerke in den relevanten Regelwerken (z.B. ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section III) weltweit nicht explizit beruecksichtigt. Pauschal beruecksichtigt werden Umgebungseffekte dagegen in den entsprechenden da/dN-Risswachstumskurven des ASME Code, Section XI zur Bewertung des betrieblichen Verhaltens von Oberflaechenfehlern. Historisch betrachtet erfolgte in den Regelwerken die Festlegung der Vorgehensweise zur Komponentenauslegung allerdings lange vor dem gezielten experimentellen Nachweis der Umgebungseffekte auf Rissinitiierung und Risswachstum durch Ermuedung von Staehlen in Hochtemperaturwasser. Trotz dieser Erkenntnis ist es weltweit nicht zu generischen, systematischen Schaeden in Medium fuehrenden Systemen von Leichtwasserreaktoren (LWR) durch Korrosionsermuedung infolge von Fehlauslegung gekommen. Vereinzelt aufgetretene Schaeden mit deutlichen Merkmalen umgebungsbeeinflusster Ermuedungsvorgaenge konnten immer eindeutig auf das Vorkommen von unerwarteten, nicht im spezifizierten Belastungskollektiv enthaltenen Betriebstransienten zurueckgefuehrt werden. Zu diesen Ursachen zaehlen z.B. das Auftreten von thermischer Schichtung oder lokale, stroemungsinduzierte Vibrationen. In diesem Beitrag werden Ueberlegungen vorgestellt, welche die zu beobachtende Diskrepanz zwischen der diesbezueglich weltweit ueberwiegend positiven Betriebserfahrung und den Ergebnissen aus Laborversuchen mit dem

  17. Measurement of hydrogen distributions in iron and steel by means of neutron radiography and tomography; Messung von Wasserstoffverteilungen in Eisen und Stahl mittels Neutronenradiographie und -tomographie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Griesche, Axel; Kannengiesser, Thomas [BAM Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und -pruefung, Berlin (Germany); Kardjilov, Nikolay; Manke, Ingo [Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB), Berlin (Germany); Schillinger, Burkhard [Technische Univ. Muenchen, Garching (Germany)


    einen hohen Wechselwirkungsquerschnitt fuer Neutronen und erlaubt somit mit einfachen radiographischen Methoden die zwei- und dreidimensionale Visualisierung von Wasserstoffverteilungen im Gefuege. Dies ermoeglichte uns erstmals die Messung von Wasserstoffdiffusionsstroemen in zentimeterdicken Stahlproben mit einer zeitlichen Aufloesung von 20 s sowie die quantitative Messung von Wasserstoffansammlungen an Rissflanken in wasserstoffversproedeten Eisenproben. Dabei konnte auch erstmals gasfoermiger Wasserstoff in den Hohlraeumen der Risse nachgewiesen werden und dessen Druck bestimmt werden. Diese neue Qualitaet der Information auf der Mikrostrukturskala gewaehrt noch nie dagewesene Einblicke fuer die Aufklaerung von Schaedigungsmechanismen z. B. bei der Wasserstoffversproedung. Durch die Bereitstellung von lokalen in situ Informationen, die mit herkoemmlichen Methoden wie der Traegergas-Heissextraktion nicht zugaenglich sind, koennen so auch Analysen in drei Dimensionen mit einer Ortsaufloesung von 20-30 μm durchgefuehrt werden. In diesem Beitrag werden Beispiele gezeigt, die die Orts- und Zeitaufloesung der Neutronenradiographie und -tomographie nutzen, um Wasserstoffverteilungen in und an Rissen zu visualisieren und zu quantifizieren. Die Messungen wurden an den Forschungsreaktoren BER II des HZB in Berlin und FRM II der Neutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz in Garching durchgefuehrt.

  18. Coxarthrosis; Koxarthrose

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Imhof, H.; Czerny, C.; Gahleitner, A.; Grampp, S.; Kainberger, F.; Krestan, C. [Osteologie, Radiodiagnostik, AKH Wien (Austria); Sulzbacher, I. [Institut fuer Klinische Pathologie, AKH Wien (Austria)


    ;'activated'' osteoarthritis under standard therapy, unclear joint-pain and before any arthroscopy. (orig.) [German] Koxarthrosen gehoeren zu den am haeufigsten auftretenden Arthrosen. Es besteht eine geringe Praevalenz des maennlichen Geschlechts. Aetiologisch werden primaere and sekundaere Koxarthrosen unterschieden. Primaere (idiopathische) sind aetiologisch unklar, sekundaere beruhen auf bekannten Aetiologien (z. B. Uebergewicht, repetitive Traumen, Fehlstellung bzw. Fehlhaltung, Muskel bzw. Sehnenimbalanz etc.). Pathophysiologisch finden sich bei Arthrosen Knorpel-, Subchondralregion-, Synovialis-, Gelenkfluessigkeitsveraenderungen sowie Abnormitaeten in den periartikulaeren Muskeln. Waehrend im Knorpel stadienhaft oedematoese Schwellung, Defekt mit Riss, Fibrillation, Glatzenbildung und Knorpelregeneratbildung sowie Gelenkspaltverschmaelerung auftreten, zeigen sich subchondral kleinste Oedembildungen, Nekrosen, evtl. Mikrofrakturen und Demineralisation sowie die bekannten subchondralen Sklerosierungen, Zystenbildungen und osteophytaeren Neubildungen. In spaeterer Folge kommt es zu Deformierungen und Fehlstellung. Letztere Veraenderungen sind mittels konventionellen Roentgenaufnahmen, CT und MRT gut abgrenzbar.Von zunehmender Bedeutung ist heute auch die Diagnostik sog. Praearthrosen. Dazu zaehlen aetiologisch u. a. unterschiedliche Fehlstellungen, Fehlformen, evtl. Labrumpathologien sowie die oben genannten Sehnen- und Muskelimbalanzen.Koxarthrosen werden in 3 prognostisch unterschiedliche Typen differenziert, abhaengig von der Migration des Kopfes: die laterokraniale als haeufigste, die mediokaudale und die seltene axiale. Ihre Entstehung duerfte auf unterschiedliche Mechanismen zurueckgehen.Die bildgebende Diagnostik erfolgt beim Vorliegen einer entsprechenden klinischen Symptomatik. Basis der Bildgebung ist heute unveraendert das konventionelle Roentgenbild, gefolgt von CT und MRT. Zur Diagnostik der ''aktivierten Arthrose'' wird nach wie vor die

  19. 10. International commercial vehicle congress; 10. Internationale Fachtagung Nutzfahrzeuge

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    turbocompounding on heavy duty diesel engines (J. McGuire et al.); (17) Progress in preventive safety systems for medium and heavy commercial vehicles (L. Consano); (18) Area of attention of the legal regulation of emergency braking systems (K. Breuer, C. Adam); (19) Protection of pedestrians by means of near field monitoring in commercial vehicles (D. Sandkuehler); (20) Design of driver assistance systems and integral safety by means of a PMD 3D camera (M. Painter et al.); (21) Solutions for trailors for an economic transport and increase of the traffic safety (R. Risse); (22) Remote Download - the key for an efficient data management (D. Gandras, G. Albayrak); (23) Reduction of fuels by means of an intelligent utilization of navigation data (R. Varnhagen); (24) An investigation of the thermal comfort in commercial vehicles (C. Theimert, F. Kager); (25) Integrated NO{sub x} and PM exhaust gas purification for EU VI and as a solution for retrofitting (R. Mueller et al.); (26) Hynovis - The innovative concept from Irisbus (J.M. Boucheret); (27) Development of a modular generation of bus chassis (M. Kreisel et al.); (28) Modular control of doors for the omnibus (G. Hennings, F. Pietsch); (29) The 'Front Collision Guard' (G. Steinmetz, T. Moennich).

  20. Prevalence of gastrointestinal nematodes in winter slaughtered reindeer of northern Finland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jackie T. Hrabok


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence and intensity of gastrointestinal nematodes in winter-slaughtered reindeer during 2002-2004, from northern reindeer herding cooperatives in Finland. Ostertagia gruehneri of the abomasum was prevalent with low levels of infections in 100% of calves, (n = 53; mean ≈ 1300 worms per animal and in 98% of adults, (n = 41; mean ≈ 3900 worms per animal. There was no difference in the number of O. gruehneri between male and female calves. The proportion of O. gruehneri inhibited larvae was significantly higher in calves (81% than in adult reindeer (39% (P = 0.005. The intestinal nematodes, Nematodirus tarandi and Nematodirella longispiculata, were detected only in reindeer calves. The numbers of these worms did not differ between male and female calves, but there was a difference in abundance between sites. High prevalence and low intensity of gastrointestinal nematodes characterized the patterns of infection of the reindeer examined in this study. It is assumed that these infections are sub-clinical and would not contribute to productivity losses.Abstract in Finnish / Lyhennelmä:Ruuansulatuskanavan sukkulamatojen esiintyminen talvella teurastetuissa pohjoissuomalaisissa poroissa Tämän työn tavoitteena oli määrittää ruuansulatuskanavan sukkulamatojen prevalenssi ja tartunnan aste talvella teurastetuissa Suomen pohjoisten paliskuntien poroissa vuosina 2002-2004. Juoksutusmahan Ostertagia gruehneri –loisella oli korkea prevalenssi, mutta infektion aste (matojen lukumäärä oli melko matala; 100% vasoista oli infektoituneita (n = 53; keskimäärin 1300 matoa mahassa ja 98% aikuisista (n = 41, keskimäärin 3900 matoa. Juoksutusmahamatojen määrissä ei ollut eroja naaras- ja urosvasojen välillä. Kehityksessään estyneiden (pysähtyneiden O. gruehneri –matojen osuus oli tilastollisesti merkitsevästi korkeampi vasoilla (81% kuin aikuisilla poroilla (39% (P = 0

  1. Educação a distância em foco: um estudo sobre a produção científica brasileira.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariana Paiva Damasceno Silva


    ção dos fatores críticos de sucesso. Tais critérios foram inspirados nos trabalhos de Paiva, Oliveira e Melo (2008 e Riss e Grohmann (2011. Percebeu-se que a EaD ainda desperta um tom de “novidade” no ambiente acadêmico e que necessita de pesquisas que busquem esclarecer melhor os subterfúgios de seu processo, de modo a minimizar falhas e barreiras e maximizar os resultados positivos.

  2. Coupling rainfall observations and satellite soil moisture for predicting event soil loss in Central Italy (United States)

    Todisco, Francesca; Brocca, Luca; Termite, Loris Francesco; Wagner, Wolfgang


    The accuracy of water soil loss prediction depends on the ability of the model to account for effects of the physical phenomena causing the output and the accuracy by which the parameters have been determined. The process based models require considerable effort to obtain appropriate parameter values and their failure to produce better results than achieved using the USLE/RUSLE model, encourages the use of the USLE/RUSLE model in roles of which it was not designed. In particular it is widely used in watershed models even at the event temporal scale. At hillslope scale, spatial variability in soil and vegetation result in spatial variations in soil moisture and consequently in runoff within the area for which soil loss estimation is required, so the modeling approach required to produce those estimates needs to be sensitive to those spatial variations in runoff. Some models include explicit consideration of runoff in determining the erosive stresses but this increases the uncertainty of the prediction due to the difficulty in parameterising the models also because the direct measures of surface runoff are rare. The same remarks are effective also for the USLE/RUSLE models including direct consideration of runoff in the erosivity factor (i.e. USLE-M by Kinnell and Risse, 1998, and USLE-MM by Bagarello et al., 2008). Moreover actually most of the rainfall-runoff models are based on the knowledge of the pre-event soil moisture that is a fundamental variable in the rainfall-runoff transformation. In addiction soil moisture is a readily available datum being possible to have easily direct pre-event measures of soil moisture using in situ sensors or satellite observations at larger spatial scale; it is also possible to derive the antecedent water content with soil moisture simulation models. The attempt made in the study is to use the pre-event soil moisture to account for the spatial variation in runoff within the area for which the soil loss estimates are required. More

  3. PREFACE: EmQM13: Emergent Quantum Mechanics 2013 (United States)


    (Mexico), Lajos Diósi (Budapest), Maurice de Gosson (Vienna), Edward Nelson (Princeton), Theo Nieuwenhuizen (Amsterdam) and Helmut Rauch (Vienna), is also gratefully acknowledged. Finally, it is a pleasure to again thank Sarah Toms and her team at IOP Publishing (Bristol) for their friendly advice and help during the preparation of these proceedings. Vienna, Pisa, Berlin, February 2014 Gerhard Grössing, Hans-Thomas Elze, Johannes Mesa Pascasio, Jan Walleczek The front cover image shows two bouncing oil droplets on an oscillating oil surface, as they are employed by Couder, Fort, Bush, and others to show macroscopic analogues of wave-particle complementarity (courtesy of Dan Harris and John Bush, MIT).

  4. Fuels of the future 2009. Conference papers; Kraftstoffe der Zukunft 2009. Tagungsbeitraege

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    biomethanes as a transport biofuel in Ireland (J.D. Murphy); (33) Industrial biomethane - Shaping the future of renewable energy (F. Hess); (34) New ways for the production of a natural gas substitute (SNG) from renewable energy (M. Specht, V. Frick, B. Stuermer, U. Zuberbuehler, M. Sterner); (35) Xyn-Diesel - High quality fuel from low quality wood with pyrolysis (M. Kessler); (36) Results and experiences of long term tests of the Fischer Tropsch Synthesis at the biomass CHP Guessing (R. Rauch); (37) Life cycle and techno-economic assessment of the North East biomass to Liquids Project Report (N. Mortimer); (38) An overview of co-refining possibilities in the processing of petroleum (D. Thraen); (39) LCA hydrogenated biofuels (G. Reinhardt); (40) NExBTL: High performance by Hydro Treatment (S. Doerr); (40) NExBTL: Hydrotreated biofuels in practical tests (W. Boehme); (41) The future of electromobility - Potentials and strategic orientation of the research funding of the federal government (M. Hinricher); (42) Necessity and advantages of E-Mobility - Approaches, strategies and challenges from the view of EE-industry (R. Brand-Schock); (43) Development of electric vehicles - Strategies of a automobile company (T. Loesche-ter Horst); (44) Electromobility - Challenges and potentials from the view of a power supply company (F. Schuth); (45) E-mobility - Technologies for integral concepts of traffic of the future: Infrastructure, transformation and practical experiences (A. Pfeiffer).

  5. Successful in vitro expansion and Characterization of Human Enteric Neuronal cells- A step towards Cell based therapies for Hirschsprung’s disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Balamurugan M


    rpm for 10 mins. The pellet obtained was suspended in DMEM/F12 medium supplemented with penicillin (100U/ml, streptomycin (100 µg/ml, L-glutamine (2 mmol/L, growth factors like bFGF (20ng/ml and EGF (20ng/ml(2. Cell counting was done by Trypan Blue dye exclusion method and the cells were seeded in cell culture dishes coated with Fibronectin. The flasks with cells were incubated at 37˚C with 5% CO2 for varying periods from 18 days-28 days. The cells were observed daily and media change was done every 2-3 days. RESULTS: In all the samples, the Neurosphere like bodies (NLBs were observed in the culture from 10th day onwards which were then subjected to histological and immunohistochemical studies. H&E staining showed positive for neural cells and Immunohistochemistry yielded positive for S-100 ,normally present in cells derived from the neural crest and Neuron Specific Enolase (NSE a neuronal specific marker.CONCLUSION: We could successfully isolate and expand Human Enteric Neuronal cells from postnatal gut biopsy samples. Further research is warranted to utilize these Enteric Neuronal Cells for Cell based therapies to treat Hirschsprung’s disease. References:1. Marco Metzger, Claire Caldwell, Amanda J. Barlow, Alan J. Burns, and Nikhil Thapar. Enteric nervous system stem cells derived from Human gut mucosa for the Treatment of Aganglionic gut disorders. Gastroenterology. 2009 136:2214-2225.2. Nadege Bondurand, Dipa Natarajan, Nikhil Thapar, Chris Atkins and Vassilis Pachnis. Neuron and glia generating progenitors of the mammalian enteric nervous system isolated from foetal and postnatal gut cultures. Development and disease. 130(25:6387-6400. 3. Ulrich Rauch, Andrea Hänsgen, Cornelia Hagl, Stefan Holland-Cunz, Karl-Herbert Schäfer. Isolation and cultivation of neuronal precursor cells from the developing Human enteric nervous system as a tool for cell therapy in dysganglionosis. Int J Colorectal Dis. 2006 21:554–559.4. Richard M. Lindley, Daniel B. Hawcutt, M

  6. Mega starbirth cluster is biggest, brightest and hottest ever seen (United States)


    . Astronomers believe that these first 'monster' stars formed considerably earlier than the Lynx Arc - up to 1800 million years earlier. "This remarkable object is the closest we have come so far to seeing what such primordial objects might look like when our telescopes become powerful enough to see them," says Fosbury. The desire to find and study the first luminous objects in the Universe is the main scientific drive behind the construction of the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled for launch in 2011. Notes for editors The team is composed of R. A. E. Fosbury (European Space Agency/Space Telescope-European Coordinating Facility, Germany), M. Villar-Martín and A. Humphrey (University of Hertfordshire, UK), M. Lombardi and P. Rosati (European Southern Observatory, Germany), D. Stern (Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, USA), R. N. Hook (ST-ECF/STScI, USA), B. P. Holden and S. A. Stanford (University of California, USA), G. K. Squires (SIRTF Science Center, USA), M. Rauch (The Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA) and W. L. W. Sargent (California Institute of Technology, USA). For broadcasters, animations of the discovery, interviews and general Hubble Space Telescope background footage are available from the ESA Television Service, see, and from

  7. VI European Conference on Neutron Scattering (ECNS2015)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    Neutron Scattering (ECNS) was supported by our institutional sponsors (Government of Aragon, CSIC and University of Zaragoza) as well as one platinum sponsor (Consortium of German Neutron Sources), three gold sponsors (ILL, PSI, ESS), four silver sponsors (Swiss Neutronics, ISIS, ESS Bilbao, JINR-FLNP) and 12 bronze sponsors (NMi3, Airbus Defence and Space, Tessella, Oxford Instruments, General Electric, Laboratoire Leon Brillouin, HNF Technologies, AVS, ANTE, Mirrotron Ltd, Toshiba, and the ENATE winery). The Sponsors ranged from neutron sources, consortia and laboratories to industrial organisations. A total of 19 graduate students and post-graduate students received the International Union of Crystallography fellowships (IUCR). Fellows came from Denmark, France, Hungary, Russia, UK, Australia, Japan and Spain. ENSA has a long-standing culture of rewarding scientists for their work and at the ENSA session the 2015 Walter Halg Prize was awarded to Prof Dr Helmut Rauch for his outstanding and seminal contributions to the fundamental aspects of neutron physics and optics and many related aspects of quantum physics. The Seventh Erwin Felix Lewy Bertaut Prize of the European Crystallographic Association (ECA) and European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA) was awarded to Dr. Giorgio Schiro for his work on movement of biological matter. A number of satellite meetings were also held during the conference such as the Swiss Neutron Scattering Society General Assembly, the Neutron sources directors meeting as well as the European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA) meeting. In particular, the Neutron sources directors meeting gathered directors from 14 Neutron sources from countries around the world. The ENSA meeting, which was held on the second day of the conference, hosted delegates from Holland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain and France. Several national facilities will close by 2020, which will cause the overall neutron capacity in Europe to be greatly reduced

  8. Preface [EmQM15: 3. international symposium on emergent quantum mechanics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    successful conferences on the same topic in 2011 and 2013, the partnership since EmQM13 between AINS and the Fetzer Franklin Fund in producing the EmQM15 symposium was able to further expand interest in the promise of emergent quantum mechanics. The articles contained in these proceedings represent the talks of the invited speakers as written immediately after the symposium. The volume starts with an introductory statement by organizers Jan Walleczek and Gerhard Grössing, explaining why emergent quantum mechanics is a promising approach in quantum foundations. The conference proceedings then continue with the presentations as given in their chronological order, as far as they were submitted. The papers by F. Scardigli and T. Nieuwenhuizen were not presented, but are added here as additional contributions to the group of papers on gravity and emergent spacetime. Note that the talks of all speakers are freely available on the conference website ( and on as video presentations. The organizers wish to express their gratitude to Siegfried Fussy and Herbert Schwabl from AINS for the organizational support. The organizers also wish to thank Bruce Fetzer, President and CEO, John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust, and the Members of the Board of Trustees, for their strong support and for funding this symposium. The expertise of the Members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the EmQM15 symposium, Ana Maria Cetto (Mexico), Lajos Diósi (Budapest), Maurice de Gosson (Vienna), Theo Nieuwenhuizen (Amsterdam) and Helmut Rauch (Vienna), is also gratefully acknowledged. Finally, it is a pleasure to once more thank Sarah Toms and her team at IOP Publishing (Bristol) for their continued support during the preparation of these proceedings.. Vienna, Pisa, Berlin, March 2016 Gerhard Grössing, Hans-Thomas Elze, Johannes Mesa Pascasio, Jan Walleczek The front cover image shows three bouncing oil droplets on an oscillating oil surface, as they

  9. QuakeUp: An advanced tool for a network-based Earthquake Early Warning system (United States)

    Zollo, Aldo; Colombelli, Simona; Caruso, Alessandro; Elia, Luca; Brondi, Piero; Emolo, Antonio; Festa, Gaetano; Martino, Claudio; Picozzi, Matteo


    The currently developed and operational Earthquake Early warning, regional systems ground on the assumption of a point-like earthquake source model and 1-D ground motion prediction equations to estimate the earthquake impact. Here we propose a new network-based method which allows for issuing an alert based upon the real-time mapping of the Potential Damage Zone (PDZ), e.g. the epicentral area where the peak ground velocity is expected to exceed the damaging or strong shaking levels with no assumption about the earthquake rupture extent and spatial variability of ground motion. The platform includes the most advanced techniques for a refined estimation of the main source parameters (earthquake location and magnitude) and for an accurate prediction of the expected ground shaking level. The new software platform (QuakeUp) is under development at the Seismological Laboratory (RISSC-Lab) of the Department of Physics at the University of Naples Federico II, in collaboration with the academic spin-off company RISS s.r.l., recently gemmated by the research group. The system processes the 3-component, real-time ground acceleration and velocity data streams at each station. The signal quality is preliminary assessed by checking the signal-to-noise ratio both in acceleration, velocity and displacement and through dedicated filtering algorithms. For stations providing high quality data, the characteristic P-wave period (τ_c) and the P-wave displacement, velocity and acceleration amplitudes (P_d, Pv and P_a) are jointly measured on a progressively expanded P-wave time window. The evolutionary measurements of the early P-wave amplitude and characteristic period at stations around the source allow to predict the geometry and extent of PDZ, but also of the lower shaking intensity regions at larger epicentral distances. This is done by correlating the measured P-wave amplitude with the Peak Ground Velocity (PGV) and Instrumental Intensity (I_MM) and by mapping the measured and

  10. Investigations on avoidance of hot cracks during laser welding of austenitic Cr-Ni steels and nickel-based alloys using temperature field tailoring. Final report; Untersuchungen zur Vermeidung von Heissrissen beim Laserstrahlschweissen von austenitischen Cr-Ni-Staehlen und Nickelbasislegierungen mittels Temperaturfeld-Tailoring. Schlussbericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    . Zweitens wird bei rotationssymmetrischen Bauteilen, die mittels einer Axial-Rundnaht zu verschweissen sind, mit einem relativ einfachen Temperaturfeld, das durch Erwaermung des innen liegenden Fuegepartners vor und waehrend des Schweissens aufgebaut wird, ein Spannungsfeld erzeugt, das die Bildung von Heissrissen verhindert. Schliesslich konnte drittens ein heissrissfreies Laserstrahlschweissen des Stahls 1.4305 und der Nickelbasislegierung Udimet 720 bereits ohne den Einsatz zusaetzlicher Temperaturfelder erreicht werden. Die Grenzen der Einsetzbarkeit des Verfahrens bei Cr-Ni-Staehlen werden dann erreicht, wenn Quer-Heissrisse oder parallel zur Blechoberflaeche liegende Heissrisse entstehen. Die zur Vermeidung dieser Risse noetigen Druckspannungen in den Richtungen parallel zur Schweissnaht bzw. senkrecht zur Blechoberflaeche koennen mittels induktiver Erwaermung von der Blechoberseite aus nicht in der erforderlichen Groesse erzeugt werden. Ebenso stoesst das Verfahren an seine Grenzen, wenn Wiederaufschmelzungsrisse auftreten, was beim hier verwendeten Stahl 1.4435 der Fall war. Die Spannungen, die zur Verhinderung einer Rissoeffnung an den Korngrenzen der Waermeeinflusszone erforderlich waeren, konnten durch Temperaturfeld-Tailoring nicht erreicht werden. Die Moeglichkeit des heissrissfreien Schweissens des Stahls 1.4305 auch ohne Temperaturfeld-Tailoring ergibt sich hauptsaechlich aus dem primaer ferritischen Erstarrungsmodus des Stahls in der vorliegenden Legierungszusammensetzung. Ein industrieller Einsatz des Laserstrahlschweissens fuer diesen oft als nicht schweissbar klassifizierten Stahl erscheint moeglich, wenn bei der Legierungszusammensetzung auf niedrige Anteile der Austenitbildner Nickel, Kohlenstoff und Stickstoff Wert gelegt wird und damit eine stabil primaer ferritische Erstarrung erreicht wird. Fuer diesen Fall kommt es nicht zur Schwefelanreicherung an den Korngrenzen, wodurch die Bildung niedrigschmelzender Phasen und damit die Heissrissentstehung

  11. Using an extended 2D hydrodynamic model for evaluating damage risk caused by extreme rain events: Flash-Flood-Risk-Map (FFRM) Upper Austria (United States)

    Humer, Günter; Reithofer, Andreas


    at 20th of June 2012, based on open data sources of geology, soil and land use. The aim of FFRM is to provide an estimation of the damage risk caused by flash-floods for the whole of Upper Austria. To address the hazard, inundation depths were calculated with the extended 2D-model using design rains with an 100-year return period provided by the Environmental Ministry [7]. The potential damage was calculated using damage functions, which were derived from our experience from damage surveys of past events in Austria and according to guidelines for determination of cost-benefit-ratios for flood protection measures [8]. The greatest difficulty was to get appropriate data for the distribution of houses and industrial plants. Zoning plans provide good information on spatial distribution of residential, commercial and industrial areas, but does not contain information on the kind of industry, which is essential for estimating absolute damage values. To get a first idea detailed information from surveyed areas was intersected with the zoning plan, which provides an average damage in the respective zones. The first results can be found on and will be updated with the further development of the project. [1] URBAS, risk management of extreme flooding events - prediction and management of flash floods in urban areas,, prompted on 13th of November 2014 [2] Società Meteorologica Italiana (SMI),, prompted on 13th of November 2014 [3]Newspaper "Österreich",, prompted on 13th of November 2014 [4] Newspaper "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten",;art4,911288 , prompted on 13th of November 2014 [5] Sharing Water-related Information to Tackle Changes in the Hydrosphere - for Operational Needs

  12. EDITORIAL: Ongoing climatic change in Northern Eurasia: justification for expedient research (United States)

    Groisman, Pavel; Soja, Amber J.


    Russia A Olchev, E Novenko, O Desherevskaya, K Krasnorutskaya and J Kurbatova The effects of climate, permafrost and fire on vegetation change in Siberia in a changing climate N M Tchebakova, E Parfenova and A J Soja An image-based inventory of the spatial structure of West Siberian wetlands A Peregon, S Maksyutov and Y Yamagata Modeling of the carbon dioxide fluxes in European Russia peat bogs J Kurbatova, C Li, F Tatarinov, A Varlagin, N Shalukhina and A Olchev Feedbacks of windthrow for Norway spruce and Scots pine stands under changing climate O Panferov, C Doering, E Rauch, A Sogachev and B Ahrends Reconstruction and prediction of climate and vegetation change in the Holocene in the Altai-Sayan mountains, Central Asia N M Tchebakova, T A Blyakharchuk and E I Parfenova Simulating the effects of soil organic nitrogen and grazing on arctic tundra vegetation dynamics on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia Qin Yu, Howard Epstein and Donald Walker Possible decline of the carbon sink in the Mongolian Plateau during the 21st century Y Lu, Q Zhuang, G Zhou, A Sirin, J Melillo and D Kicklighter The frequency of forest fires in Scots pine stands of Tuva, Russia G A Ivanova, V A Ivanov, E A Kukavskaya and A J Soja Lateral extension in Sphagnum mires along the southern margin of the boreal region, Western Siberia A Peregon, M Uchida and Y Yamagata Evaluating the sensitivity of Eurasian forest biomass to climate change using a dynamic vegetation model J K Shuman and H H Shugart Studies of socioeconomic processes in Northern Eurasia Comparing patterns of ecosystem service consumption and perceptions of range management between ethnic herders in Inner Mongolia and Mongolia L Zhen, B Ochirbat, Y Lv, Y J Wei, X L Liu, J Q Chen, Z J Yao and F Li Land cover/land use change in semi-arid Inner Mongolia: 1992-2004 Ranjeet John, Jiquan Chen, Nan Lu and Burkhard Wilske Spatial and temporal patterns of greenness on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia: interactions of ecological and social factors affecting

  13. Acupuncture for depression. (United States)

    Smith, Caroline A; Armour, Mike; Lee, Myeong Soo; Wang, Li-Qiong; Hay, Phillipa J


    Depression is recognised as a major public health problem that has a substantial impact on individuals and on society. People with depression may consider using complementary therapies such as acupuncture, and an increasing body of research has been undertaken to assess the effectiveness of acupuncture for treatment of individuals with depression. This is the second update of this review. To examine the effectiveness and adverse effects of acupuncture for treatment of individuals with depression.To determine:• Whether acupuncture is more effective than treatment as usual/no treatment/wait list control for treating and improving quality of life for individuals with depression.• Whether acupuncture is more effective than control acupuncture for treating and improving quality of life for individuals with depression.• Whether acupuncture is more effective than pharmacological therapies for treating and improving quality of life for individuals with depression.• Whether acupuncture plus pharmacological therapy is more effective than pharmacological therapy alone for treating and improving quality of life for individuals with depression.• Whether acupuncture is more effective than psychological therapies for treating and improving quality of life for individuals with depression.• Adverse effects of acupuncture compared with treatment as usual/no treatment/wait list control, control acupuncture, pharmacological therapies, and psychological therapies for treatment of individuals with depression. We searched the following databases to June 2016: Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group Controlled Trials Register (CCMD-CTR), Korean Studies Information Service System (KISS), DBPIA (Korean article database website), Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Research Information Service System (RISS), Korea Med, Korean Medical Database (KM base), and Oriental Medicine Advanced Searching Integrated System (OASIS), as well as several Korean medical journals

  14. The effects of human disturbance on the activity of wild reindeer in different physical condition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Terje Skogland


    risikoavvergende strategi. Hardangerviddarein, som var i dårligere hold, økte tiden for beitesøk i en grad som antyder en mer risikofylt strategi under stresspåvirk-ning for å maksimalisere beiteopptak.Ihmisen aiheuttaman håirinnån vaikutus eri kuntoisten villi¬peurojen aktiivisuuteen.Abstract in Finnish / Yhteenveto: Vertasimme kahta norjalaista villipeuralaumaa, Knutshoen erittåin hyvåkuntoista ja Hardanger-viddan huonokuntoista laumaa. Ennen ja jålkeen metsåståjien håirinnån testasimme vaikuttaako kunto peu-rojen ravinnon kåyttoon stressin aikana. Molempia laumoja on metsåstetty såånnollisesti (ihminen on olut peurojen luontainen vihollin je esihistoriaaalisista ajoista alkaen. Hyvåkuntoisessa Knutshoen laumassa peurat olivat noin 30% suurempia metsastyskauden alkaessa elokuun lopulla. Ennen hårinitåå ne laidunsi-vat våhån, vaelsivat enemmån ja olivat valikoivampi kuin Hardangerviddan peurat, jotka olivat energeetti-sesti heikommassa kunnossa ja laidunsivat merkitsevåsti enemmån ja kuluttivat våhemmån aikaa liikkumi-seen eri laidunalueiden vålillå ja my os seisomiseen. Metsåstyksen alettua Knutshoen peurat kokoontiuvat suurempiin ryhmiin kuin aikaisemmin ja sesoskeli-vat pelokkaina enemån. Hardangerviddan peurat kåyttivåt puolestaan våhån aikaa ruokailuun mutta liikkui-vat merkitsevåsti enemmån eivåtkå kåyttåneet juuri aikaa seisomiseen. Håiriotilanteiden mååriss å eri laumojen vålillå ei ollut tilastollista merkitsevyyttå ja niiden liikkumisno-peudet håiroiden jålkeen olivat samanlaiset. Metsåståjien saaliit oliva samanlaiset nåillå kahdella alueella. Energian kulutus mitattuna suhteellisena painon menetysenå metsåstysaikana oli suurempi jo låhtovaiheessa heikompikuntoisimmilla Hardangerviddan peuroilla, ja se oli my os suurempi molemmilla laumoilla kuin våhemmån håirityllå laumalla (Forelhogna. Me oletamme, ettå sesominen ja håirintå isoissa laumoissa on riskitekijå. Vielå suurempi riski on liik-kua, mutta

  15. List of Participants (United States)


    Università di Napoli Federico II Elena Méndez Escobar University of Edinburgh Iulian Negru University of Craiova Emil NissimovInstitute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Sofia Teake NutmaCentre for Theoretical Physics, University of Groningen Niels Obers Niels Bohr Institute, København Olof Ohlsson SaxUppsala University Rodrigo OleaIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Milano Domenico OrlandoUniversité de Neuchâtel Marta Orselli Niels Bohr Institute, København Tomas OrtinInstituto de Física Teórica, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Yaron OzTel Aviv University Enrico PajerLudwig-Maximilians-Universität, München Angel Paredes GalanUtrecht University Sara PasquettiUniversité de Neuchâtel Silvia PenatiUniversità di Milano-Bicocca Jan PerzKatholieke Universiteit Leuven Igor PesandoUniversità di Torino Tassos PetkouUniversity of Crete Marios PetropoulosCenter de Physique Théorique, École Polytechnique, Palaiseau Franco PezzellaIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Napoli Moises Picon PonceUniversity of Padova Marco PirroneUniversità di Milano-Bicocca Andrea PrinslooUniversity of Cape Town Joris RaeymaekersKatholieke Universiteit Leuven Alfonso RamalloUniversidade de Santiago de Compostela Carlo Alberto RattiUniversità di Milano-Bicocca Marco RauchPhysikalisches Institut, Universität Bonn Ronald Reid-EdwardsUniversity of Hamburg Patricia RitterUniversity of Edinburgh Peter RoenneDESY, Hamburg Jan RosseelUniversità di Torino Clement RuefService de Physique Théorique, CEA Saclay Felix RustMax-Planck-Institut für Physik, München Thomas RyttovNiels Bohr Institute, København and CERN, Geneva Agustin Sabio VeraCERN, Geneva Christian SaemannTrinity College, Dublin Houman Safaai SISSA, Trieste Henning SamtlebenÉcole Normale Supérieure, Lyon Alberto SantambrogioIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Milano Silviu Constantin SararuUniversity of Craiova Ricardo SchiappaCERN, Geneva Ionut Romeo SchiopuChalmers University, G

  16. The Signing of the U.S.-India Agreement Concerning Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jörn Müller


    ="MsoFootnoteReference">[3]        Kate Heinzelman, Towards Common Interests and Responsibilities: The U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Deal and the International Nonproliferation Regime, Yale Journal of International Law 33 (2008 447-478, 449.

[4]        Id., 472-478; Oliver Meier, The US-India Nuclear Deal: The End of Universal Non-Proliferation Efforts?, Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft (2006 4, 28-43, 38-41.

[5]        Leonard Weiss, U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation. Better Later than Sooner, Nonproliferation Review 14 (2007 429-457, 452; Harald Müller & Carsten Rauch, Der Atomdeal. Die indisch-amerikanische Nuklearkooperation und ihre Auswirkung auf das globale Nichtverbreitungsregime (2007, 23. Especially domestic approval in India turned out to be difficult, yet was finally achieved in summer 2008.

  • Radio Column Chromatographic Assay of H{sup 3}-Labelled Substances; Analyse par radiochromatographie en colonne, de substances marquees par le tritium; Radiokhromatograficheskoe ispytanie mechennykh tritiem veshchestv na kolonke; Analisis por radiocromatografia en columna de sustancias marcadas con {sup 3}H

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Scharpenseel, H W; Menke, K H [Institute of Soil Science and Institute of Animal Husbandry, Bonn University, Bonn (Germany)


    laminar y una proporcion constante en la mezcla final. El rendimiento de recuento del {sup 3}H cuando el serpentin abarca todo el diametro de los fototubos oscila en general entre 2,5 y 4%. 3. El efluente acuoso de la columna se hace pasar por un tubo de vidrio relleno de antraceno y el recuento del {sup 3}H se efectua con un rendimiento del orden del 1 por ciento. (author) [Russian] Kombinirovannye radiokhromatograficheskie issledovaniya mechennykh tritiem veshchestv yavlyayutsya neot{sup e}mlemoj chast'yu bolytsinstva biokhimicheskikh ehksperimentov, provodimykh s mechennymi tritiem soedineniyami. Vykhod H{sup 3}-radiokhromatogrammy na bumage v razvertyvayushchem ustrojstve s potochnym schetchikom bez okoshka s ehffektivnost'yu otscheta v 0,5-1,5% v znachitel'noj stepeni zavisit ot tolshchiny bumagi i samopogloshcheniya mechenogo soedineniya. Ne predstavlyaet takzhe bol'shikh problem gazovaya radiokhromatografiya. Uspeshno primenyaetsya kombinatsiya gazovoj khromatogrammy s potochnoj ionizatsionnoj kameroj i ehlektrometrom s vibriruyushchim yazychkomsistema, razrabotannaya K. EH. VIL'TSBAKHOM i P. RISS i usovershestvovannaya G. DATTONOM, L. MASONOM i L. BLEORM, kotoraya pri ispol'zovanii teflona (Teflon) i kreministoj reziny dlya insolyatsionnykh (insolating) chastej potochnoj ionnoj kamery mozhet funktsionirovat ' pri temperature blizkoj k 300{sup o}C. Radiokhromatografiya na kolonke s tritiem yavlyaetsya maloobeshchayushchej, kogda ehflyuent kolonki razbrasyvaetsya melkim sloem i medlenno prokhodit pod potochnym schetchikom bez okoshka ili pod stsintillyatsionnym schetchikom, kak ehto uspeshno bylo provedeno s C{sup 14}. Spektrometriya zhidkostnoj stsintillyatsii yavlyaetsya udachnym metodom dlya vybora. Po sushchestvu imeetsya dva razlichnykh podkhoda, sravnenie kotorykh privoditsya nizhe: 1. EHflyuent kolonki prokhodit cherez obmotku truboprovoda plastikovogo stsintillyatora. Truboprovod namatyvaetsya na tsilindr iz pleksiglasa i ustanavlivaetsya v vannochku s

  • Dergilerden Özetler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zeki Kır


    ış olduğu görüldü. Postmortem serum kalsiyum ve magnezyum ölçümlerinin tatlı ve tuzlu suda boğulma olgularının ayrımında, iskelet kas hasarı, metamfetamin yada yanığa bağlı ölümlerde ölüm sebebi açısından fikir vereceği kanaatini taşımaktayız. GASTRİK MUKOZA LEZYONLARININ SUDA BOĞULMA OLAYLARINDA KULLANILMASI VE ADLİ PATOLOJİ AÇISINDAN YARARLILIĞI Leg Med (Tokyo. 2005;7(2:89-95. Gastric mucosa lesions in drowning: its usefulness in forensic pathology. Blanco Pampin J, Garcia Rivero SA, Tamayo NM, Hinojal Fonseca R. Suda boğulma sonucu ölen 52 vakanın gastrik mukozalarmı makroskopik ve mikroskobik açıdan retrospektif olarak inceledik. Sonuçları 80 vakalık asfiksi, kafa travmaları, ani kardiyak ölümler ve zehirlenmeler gibi suda boğulma dışı ölümlerin olduğu kontrol grubuyla karşılaştırdık. Suda boğulan grupta yapılan mide incelemelerinde gastrik mukozada %21.1 ve fundus-ta %54.5 oranında mukozal hasar gördük. Kontrol grubunda benzer lezyonlara rastlamadık. Bu tür lezyonlarm patolojik mekanizması da değerlendirildi. Sonuçlar değerlendirildiğinde makroskopik ve mikroskopik açıdan gastrik mukoza incelemelerinin suda boğulma tamsmda kullanılmasının anlamlı sonuçlar verdiği görüldü. Gastrik mukoza incelemeleri suda boğulma tanısında kullanılan diğer anatomik ve histolojik faktörlerle birlikte vitalité belirlemek açısından da önemli olduğunu belirtmekteyiz. ANİ BEBEK ÖLÜMÜ SENDROMUNU DÜŞÜNDÜREN DOĞAL OLMAYAN SEBEPLERE BAĞLI BEBEK ÖLÜM OLGULARI International Journal of Legal Medicine, 2005;119(4:213-6 Unnatural causes of sudden unexpected deaths initially thought to be sudden infant death syndrome T. Bajanowski, M. Vennemann, M. Bohnert, E. Rauch, B. Brinkmann, E. A. Mitchell and GeSID Group Çalışmamızın amacı ani bebek ölümü sendromu düşünülen vakalarda doğal olmayan sebeplere bağlı bebek ölümlerinin sıklığını araştırmaktır. Almanya’da toplam n

  • Private Sector-led Urban Development Projects. Management, Partnerships and Effects in the Netherlands and the UK

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erwin Heurkens


    private actors inter-organize urban projects, consist of economics & politics, governance cultures, and planning systems and policies. Hence, institutional values are deeply rooted in social welfare models (Nadin & Stead, 2008. For instance, the differences between Anglo-Saxon and Rhineland model principles also determine public-private relationships. However, the process of neoliberalization (Hackworth, 2007 and subsequent adaptation of neoliberal political ideologies (Harvey, 2005 has created quite similar governance arrangements in Western countries. Nevertheless, institutional rules incorporated in planning systems, laws and policies often remain country-specific. But, market-oriented planning, involving ‘planners as market actors’ (Adams & Tiesdell, 2010 intervening and operating within market systems, have become the most commonly shared feature of contemporary Western urban development practices (Carmona et al., 2009. In this research, the project organization focuses on institutional aspects and interorganizational arrangements that structure Public-Private Partnerships (Bult-Spiering & Dewulf, 2002. It involves studying organizational tasks and responsibilities, financial risks and revenues, and legal rules and requirements. Inter-organizational arrangements condition the way public and private actors manage projects. Hence, such arrangements can be placed on a public-private spectrum (Börzel & Risse, 2002 which indicates different power relations in terms of public and private autonomy and dominance (Savitch, 1997 in making planning decisions. These public-private power relations are reflected in different Public-Private Partnership arrangements (Bennet et al., 2000 in urban development projects. As a result, in some contexts these partnerships arrangements are formalized into organizational vehicles or legal contracts, in others there is an emphasis on informal partnerships and interaction. The lack of management knowledge on private sector-led urban