Sample records for range 77-1000 exp

  1. EXP6 fluids at extreme conditions modeled by two-Yukawa potentials. (United States)

    Krejcí, Jan; Nezbeda, Ivo; Melnyk, Roman; Trokhymchuk, Andrij


    A two-Yukawa representation of the EXP6 fluids at supercritical temperatures and high pressures has been developed and examined using molecular simulations. A uniquely defined mapping of the repulsive part of the EXP6 potential curve onto the two-Yukawa potential is used. Two ranges of temperatures, one encountered in geochemical applications (T(geo) range) and the other at conditions of detonations (T(det) range), are considered and it is shown that the local structures of both fluids are practically identical. Deviations between the EXP6 and two-Yukawa potential functions at intermediate separations lead to differences in the thermodynamic properties of the two fluids at lower temperatures of the T(geo) range; at higher temperatures and in the high T(det) temperature range both the structural and thermodynamic properties of the EXP6 and two-Yukawa fluids are practically identical.

  2. Plant phenolic volatiles inhibit quorum sensing in pectobacteria and reduce their virulence by potential binding to ExpI and ExpR proteins (United States)

    Joshi, Janak Raj; Khazanov, Netaly; Senderowitz, Hanoch; Burdman, Saul; Lipsky, Alexander; Yedidia, Iris


    Quorum sensing (QS) is a population density-dependent regulatory system in bacteria that couples gene expression to cell density through accumulation of diffusible signaling molecules. Pectobacteria are causal agents of soft rot disease in a range of economically important crops. They rely on QS to coordinate their main virulence factor, production of plant cell wall degrading enzymes (PCWDEs). Plants have evolved an array of antimicrobial compounds to anticipate and cope with pathogens, of which essential oils (EOs) are widely recognized. Here, volatile EOs, carvacrol and eugenol, were shown to specifically interfere with QS, the master regulator of virulence in pectobacteria, resulting in strong inhibition of QS genes, biofilm formation and PCWDEs, thereby leading to impaired infection. Accumulation of the signal molecule N-acylhomoserine lactone declined upon treatment with EOs, suggesting direct interaction of EOs with either homoserine lactone synthase (ExpI) or with the regulatory protein (ExpR). Homology models of both proteins were constructed and docking simulations were performed to test the above hypotheses. The resulting binding modes and docking scores of carvacrol and eugenol support potential binding to ExpI/ExpR, with stronger interactions than previously known inhibitors of both proteins. The results demonstrate the potential involvement of phytochemicals in the control of Pectobacterium.

  3. Discrete Volterra equation via Exp-function method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhu, S-d [College of Mathematics and Physics, Zhejiang Lishui University, Lishui 323000 (China)], E-mail:


    In this paper, we utilize the Exp-function method to construct three families of new generalized solitary solutions for the discrete Volterra equation. It is shown that the Exp-function method, with the help of symbolic computation, provides a powerful mathematical tool for solving typical discrete nonlinear evolution equations in physics.

  4. Plans d'expérience constructions et analyses statistiques

    CERN Document Server

    Tinsson, Walter


    Il est souvent n cessaire de r aliser des exp riences afin de mod liser le comportement d un ph nom ne complexe. La m thode des plans d exp rience a pour objectif d obtenir un maximum d information sur le ph nom ne tudi en un minimum d exp riences. Ceci est primordial si l objectif est un gain de temps ou de qualit . Cet ouvrage d taille les fondements th oriques de la m thode math matique des plans d exp rience. Ceci est abord tout au long des quatre parties suivantes. Pr sentation g n rale de la m thode et des outils math matiques. Plans d exp rience pour facteurs quantitatifs: mod le d ordr

  5. Exp-function method for solving Maccari's system (United States)

    Zhang, Sheng


    In this Letter, the Exp-function method is used to seek exact solutions of Maccari's system. As a result, single and combined generalized solitonary solutions are obtained, from which some known solutions obtained by extended sine-Gordon equation method and improved hyperbolic function method are recovered as special cases. It is shown that the Exp-function method provides a very effective and powerful mathematical tool for solving nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics.

  6. CRN5EXP: Expert system for statistical quality control (United States)

    Hentea, Mariana


    The purpose of the Expert System CRN5EXP is to assist in checking the quality of the coils at two very important mills: Hot Rolling and Cold Rolling in a steel plant. The system interprets the statistical quality control charts, diagnoses and predicts the quality of the steel. Measurements of process control variables are recorded in a database and sample statistics such as the mean and the range are computed and plotted on a control chart. The chart is analyzed through patterns using the C Language Integrated Production System (CLIPS) and a forward chaining technique to reach a conclusion about the causes of defects and to take management measures for the improvement of the quality control techniques. The Expert System combines the certainty factors associated with the process control variables to predict the quality of the steel. The paper presents the approach to extract data from the database, the reason to combine certainty factors, the architecture and the use of the Expert System. However, the interpretation of control charts patterns requires the human expert's knowledge and lends to Expert Systems rules.

  7. Le sujet de l’expérience chez Freud

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandra Renault


    Full Text Available La problématisation freudienne de l’expérience ne consiste pas à s’interroger, de manière classique, sur la façon dont le sujet constitue en un savoir objectif des événements particuliers, mais comment le sujet lui-même est constitué en une identité objective, c’est-à-dire dont il peut avoir une connaissance consciente et qui peut être reconnue comme telle par d’autres, à partir d’événements singuliers qui se produisent dans un contexte en-deçà du champ théorique de la conscience, celui du plaisir. S’il part ainsi d’une problématique empiriste de l’expérience (comment, dans le donné, peut-il se constituer un sujet tel qu’il dépasse le donné ?, il estime qu’il faut également chercher à comprendre, à partir de l’expérience elle-même en tant que vécu, la nécessité du rapport entre expérience et subjectivité : si c’est l’expérience qui « produit » le sujet, celui-ci faisant alors figure de dérivé ou d’ « épiphénomène », comment comprendre la « nécessité » de cette production, ainsi que le fait que, une fois constitué, le sujet se définit en retour comme un élément essentiel à l’expérience ? Le sujet de l’expérience ne fait-il que répéter indéfiniment des événements originaires dont le sens lui échappe, ou participe-t-il effectivement à la réalité des expériences qui l’affectent ?

  8. An Instrument to Measure Elemental Energy Spectra of Cosmic Ray Nuclei Up to 10(exp 16) eV (United States)

    Adams, J.; Bashindzhagyan, G.; Chilingarian, A.; Drury, L.; Egorov, N.; Golubkov,S.; Korotkova, N.; Panasyuk, M.; Podorozhnyi, D.; Procqureur, J.


    A longstanding goal of cosmic ray research is to measure the elemental energy spectra of cosmic rays up to and through the "knee" (approx. equal to 3 x 10 (exp 15) eV. It is not currently feasible to achieve this goal with an ionization calorimeter because the mass required to be deployed in Earth orbit is very large (at least 50 tonnes). An alternative method will be presented. This is based on measuring the primary particle energy by determining the angular distribution of secondaries produced in a target layer using silicon microstrip detector technology. The proposed technique can be used over a wide range of energies (10 (exp 11)- 10 (exp 16) eV) and gives an energy resolution of 60% or better. Based on this technique, a design for a new lightweight instrument with a large aperture (KLEM) will be described.

  9. Some remarks on exp-function method and its applications


    Aslan, İsmail; Marinakis, Vangelis


    Recently, many important nonlinear partial differential equations arising in the applied physical and mathematical sciences have been tackled by a popular approach, the so-called Exp-function method. In this paper, we present some shortcomings of this method by analyzing the results of recently published papers. We also discuss the possible improvement of the effectiveness of the method.

  10. Récit d'expérience et figuration

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jenny, Laurent


    RésuméPrenant pour exemple de «récit d'expérience» Misérable miracle, le livre d'Henri Michaux sur la mescaline, il s'agit de montrer les limites de la narrativité dans tout récit de «souffrance...

  11. Terrain, expérimentation et sciences sociales


    Fleury-Vilatte, Béatrice; Walter, Jacques


    Consacrés au terrain et à la méthode expérimentale, ces « Échanges » donnent la parole à cinq chercheurs appartenant à différentes disciplines. C’est du côté de la mythologie que Stéphane Olivesi place le terrain dès lors qu’il en situe les usages et légitimations dans le champ académique. Pour sa part, Thierry Meyer mène une réflexion sur la validité externe des approches expérimentales. Françoise Bernard et Robert-Vincent Joule discutent de l’intérêt à intégrer une méthodologie d’inspiratio...

  12. Exp-Function Method for Solving Fractional Partial Differential Equations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bin Zheng


    Full Text Available We extend the Exp-function method to fractional partial differential equations in the sense of modified Riemann-Liouville derivative based on nonlinear fractional complex transformation. For illustrating the validity of this method, we apply it to the space-time fractional Fokas equation and the nonlinear fractional Sharma-Tasso-Olver (STO equation. As a result, some new exact solutions for them are successfully established.

  13. Exp-function method for solving fractional partial differential equations. (United States)

    Zheng, Bin


    We extend the Exp-function method to fractional partial differential equations in the sense of modified Riemann-Liouville derivative based on nonlinear fractional complex transformation. For illustrating the validity of this method, we apply it to the space-time fractional Fokas equation and the nonlinear fractional Sharma-Tasso-Olver (STO) equation. As a result, some new exact solutions for them are successfully established.

  14. Expérience, activité, apprentissage


    Albarello, Luc; Barbier, Jean-Marie; Bourgeois, Etienne; Durand, Marc


    La question de l’expérience, de ses rapports avec l’activité, l’apprentissage et le développement humain est devenue une question centrale, tant sur le plan social que scientifique. Dans une perspective de formation et dans un contexte de transformation constante des rapports entre travail et formation, la compréhension de sa construction, de sa transmission et de sa validation représente un enjeu considérable. Elle concerne toutes les activités et tous les métiers ayant pour objet la transfo...

  15. Be careful with the Exp-function method - Additional remarks (United States)

    Navickas, Zenonas; Ragulskis, Minvydas; Bikulciene, Liepa


    It is shown that the solution produced by the Exp-function method may not hold for all initial conditions. Riccati and Maccari nonlinear differential equations are used to illustrate that fact. Conditions of existence for the produced solution in the space of initial conditions and in the space of system's parameters are derived using the operator method based on the generalized operator of differentiation. The concept of the expansion of an ordinary differential equation is introduced and it is shown that the algebraic-analytical solution of Maccari equation can be produced by solving Riccati equation.

  16. Retour sur Sociologie de l'expérience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bernard Francq


    Full Text Available Le texte que François Dubet a choisi pour présenter son livre est bien en-deçà du contenu de celui-ci. S’il met en évidence trois aspects qui lui semblent importants – la fin du paradigme de la correspondance de l’acteur et du système, le passage de l’analyse en terme d’intégration à celle de cohésion, l’association entre expériences et domination –, Le Travail des sociétés est plus riche quant aux propositions faites pour faire de la sociologie.Après Bruno Latour persuadé de redessiner le co...

  17. Chemical Passivation of Li(exp +)-Conducting Solid Electrolytes (United States)

    West, William; Whitacre, Jay; Lim, James


    Plates of a solid electrolyte that exhibits high conductivity for positive lithium ions can now be passivated to prevent them from reacting with metallic lithium. Such passivation could enable the construction and operation of high-performance, long-life lithium-based rechargeable electrochemical cells containing metallic lithium anodes. The advantage of this approach, in comparison with a possible alternative approach utilizing lithium-ion graphitic anodes, is that metallic lithium anodes could afford significantly greater energy-storage densities. A major impediment to the development of such cells has been the fact that the available solid electrolytes having the requisite high Li(exp +)-ion conductivity are too highly chemically reactive with metallic lithium to be useful, while those solid electrolytes that do not react excessively with metallic lithium have conductivities too low to be useful. The present passivation method exploits the best features of both extremes of the solid-electrolyte spectrum. The basic idea is to coat a higher-conductivity, higher-reactivity solid electrolyte with a lower-conductivity, lower-reactivity solid electrolyte. One can then safely deposit metallic lithium in contact with the lower-reactivity solid electrolyte without incurring the undesired chemical reactions. The thickness of the lower-reactivity electrolyte must be great enough to afford the desired passivation but not so great as to contribute excessively to the electrical resistance of the cell. The feasibility of this method was demonstrated in experiments on plates of a commercial high-performance solid Li(exp +)- conducting electrolyte. Lithium phosphorous oxynitride (LiPON) was the solid electrolyte used for passivation. LiPON-coated solid-electrolyte plates were found to support electrochemical plating and stripping of Li metal. The electrical resistance contributed by the LiPON layers were found to be small relative to overall cell impedances.

  18. Qu’expérimente le cinéma expérimental ? Sur la notion d’expérimentation dans le cinéma d’avant-garde américain (1950-1970)


    Turquier, Barbara


    Pratique multiforme dont le point central est peut-être de refuser les assignations génériques, le cinéma que l’on dit expérimental souffre d’un trouble de définition. Qu’expérimente-on au juste dans le cinéma expérimental ? Est-ce un médium, une forme, un programme d’action, un type de réception ? Pris entre la tentation d’un jeu purement formel ou conceptuel, et la valeur politique d’un cinéma indépendant, entre expérimentations plastiques et provocation à l’encontre d’un système dominant d...

  19. Wide Operational Range Thermal Sensor (United States)

    Goebel, John H. (Inventor); McMurray, Robert E., Jr. (Inventor)


    Bolometer system and method for detecting, at BLIP levels, presence of radiation over a broad range of wavelengths in an infrared spectrum and in a temperature range from 20 K to as high as room temperature. The radiation is received by a Si crystal having a region that is doped with one or more of In, Ga, S, Se, Te, B, Al, P, As and Sb in a concentration ratio in a range such as 5 x 10(exp -11) to 5 x 10(exp -6). Change in electrical resistance delta R due to receipt of the radiation is measured through a change in voltage difference or current within the crystal, and the quantity delta R is converted to an estimate of the amount of radiation received. Optionally, incident radiation having an energy high enough to promote photoconductivity is removed before detection.

  20. Virial coefficients and vapor-liquid equilibria of the EXP6 and 2-Yukawa fluids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Nezbed


    Full Text Available Virial coefficients B2 through B4 and the vapor-liquid equilibria for the EXP6 and 2-Yukawa (2Y fluids have been determined using numerical integrations and Gibbs ensemble simulations, respectively. The chosen 2Y models have been recently determined as an appropriate reference fluid for the considered EXP6 models.

  1. A generalized exp-function method for multiwave solutions of sine ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    In this paper, the exp-function method is generalized to sine-Gordon (sG) equation and single-, double- and three-wave solutions are obtained. It is shown that the generalized exp-function method combined with appropriate anstaz may provide a straightforward, effective and alternative method for constructing multiwave ...

  2. Page 1 Stoke's problem in MHD – 5 - 10, *) = y [(exp(— 4) , º*P(3))]4 ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    10, *) = y [(exp(— 4) , º*P(3))]4/F f coso (, – ル)2-32. {}. #. * * *************p = (2,4) +694ฎj/,. {} respectively, where Ha and function, expression (21) is. (21). +Hg are Hermite polynomials. In terms of auxiliary. PI(; )]/8) ſexp(L* يې (ر4 -) U ()', t) = [exp. + exp (L. -- iot) (W (– 31) -. From Maxwel. **quations, the current density J.

  3. A generalized exp-function method for multiwave solutions of sine ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ) equation and single-, double- and three-wave solutions are obtained. It is shown that the generalized exp-function method combined with appropriate anstaz may provide a straightforward, effective and alternative method for constructing ...

  4. Watermarking in H.264/AVC compressed domain using Exp-Golomb code words mapping (United States)

    Xu, Dawen; Wang, Rangding


    In this paper, a fast watermarking algorithm for the H.264/AVC compressed video using Exponential-Golomb (Exp-Golomb) code words mapping is proposed. During the embedding process, the eligible Exp-Golomb code words of reference frames are first identified, and then the mapping rules between these code words and the watermark bits are established. Watermark embedding is performed by modulating the corresponding Exp-Golomb code words, which is based on the established mapping rules. The watermark information can be extracted directly from the encoded stream without resorting to the original video, and merely requires parsing the Exp-Golomb code from bit stream rather than decoding the video. Experimental results show that the proposed watermarking scheme can effectively embed information with no bit rate increase and almost no quality degradation. The algorithm, however, is fragile and re-encoding at alternate bit rates or transcoding removes the watermark.

  5. Overexpression of sweetpotato expansin cDNA (IbEXP1) increases seed yield in Arabidopsis. (United States)

    Bae, Jung Myung; Kwak, Man Sup; Noh, Seol Ah; Oh, Mi-Joung; Kim, Youn-Sung; Shin, Jeong Sheop


    Results of transcriptome analyses suggest that expansin genes play an active role in seed development and yield, but gain- or loss-of-function studies have not yet elucidated the functional role(s) of the expansin gene(s) in these processes. We have overexpressed a sweetpotato expansin gene (IbEXP1) in Arabidopsis under the control of cauliflower mosaic 35S promoter in an attempt to determine the effect of the expansin gene in seed development and yield in heterologous plants. The growth rate was enhanced in IbEXP1-overexpressing (ox) plants relative to wild-type Col-0 plants during early vegetative growth stage. At the reproductive stage, the number of rosette leaves was higher in IbEXP1-ox plants than that in Col-0 plants, and siliques were thicker. IbEXP1-ox plants produced larger seeds, accumulated more protein and starch in each seed, and produced more inflorescence stems and siliques than Col-0 plants, leading to a 2.1-2.5-fold increase in total seed yield per plant. The transcript level of IbEXP1 was up-regulated in response to brassinosteroid (BR) treatment in sweetpotato, and the transcript levels of three BR-responsive genes, fatty acid elongase 3-ketoacyl-CoA synthase 1, HAIKU1 and MINISEED3, were also increased in IbEXP1-ox Arabidopsis plants, suggesting a possible involvement of IbEXP1 in at least one of the BR signaling pathways. Based on these results, we suggest that overexpression of IbEXP1 gene in heterologous plants is effective in increasing seed size and number and, consequently, seed yield.

  6. Fractional Complex Transform and exp-Function Methods for Fractional Differential Equations


    Bekir, Ahmet; Güner, Özkan; Cevikel, Adem C.


    The exp-function method is presented for finding the exact solutions of nonlinear fractional equations. New solutions are constructed in fractional complex transform to convert fractional differential equations into ordinary differential equations. The fractional derivatives are described in Jumarie's modified Riemann-Liouville sense. We apply the exp-function method to both the nonlinear time and space fractional differential equations. As a result, some new exact solutions for them are succ...

  7. Fractional Complex Transform and exp-Function Methods for Fractional Differential Equations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmet Bekir


    Full Text Available The exp-function method is presented for finding the exact solutions of nonlinear fractional equations. New solutions are constructed in fractional complex transform to convert fractional differential equations into ordinary differential equations. The fractional derivatives are described in Jumarie's modified Riemann-Liouville sense. We apply the exp-function method to both the nonlinear time and space fractional differential equations. As a result, some new exact solutions for them are successfully established.

  8. Exp-function method for solving Maccari's system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang Sheng [Department of Mathematics, Bohai University, Jinzhou 121000 (China)], E-mail:


    In this Letter, the Exp-function method is used to seek exact solutions of Maccari's system. As a result, single and combined generalized solitonary solutions are obtained, from which some known solutions obtained by extended sine-Gordon equation method and improved hyperbolic function method are recovered as special cases. It is shown that the Exp-function method provides a very effective and powerful mathematical tool for solving nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics.

  9. Build up and integration of the rocket-borne Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment-2 (United States)

    Lanz, Alicia E.; Arai, Toshiaki; Battle, John; Bock, James; Cooray, Asantha R.; Hristov, Viktor; Kojima, Tomoya; Korngut, Phillip; Lee, Dae Hee; Mason, Peter; Matsumoto, Toshio; Matsuura, Shuji; Nguyen, Chi; Shirahata, Mai; Takahashi, Aoi; Tsumurai, Kohji; Wada, Takehiko; Wang, Shiang-Yu; Zemcov, Michael B.


    The Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment, CIBER-2, is a near-infrared rocket-borne instrument designed to conduct comprehensive multi-band measurements of extragalactic background light anisotropy on arcsecond to degree angular scales. Recent measurements of the near-infrared Extragalactic Background Light (EBL) anisotropy find excess spatial power above the level predicted by known galaxy populations at large angular scales. CIBER-2 is designed to make measurements of the EBL anisotropy with the sensitivity, spectral range, and spectral resolution required to disentangle the contributions to the EBL from various sources throughout cosmic history.CIBER-2 consists of a 28.5 cm Cassegrain telescope assembly, imaging optics, and cryogenics mounted aboard a sounding rocket. Two dichroic beam-splitters spectrally subdivide the incident radiation into three optical paths, which are further subdivided in two wavelength bands per path, for a total of six observational wavelength bands that span the optical to the near-infrared and produce six 1.2 by 2.4 degree images recorded by three 2048 x 2048 HAWAII-2RG detector arrays. A small portion of each detector is also dedicated to absolute spectrophotometric imaging provided by a linear-variable filter. The instrument has several novel cryogenic mechanisms, a cryogenically-cooled pop-up baffle that extends during observations to provide radiative shielding and an electromagnetic cold shutter. We provide an overview of the instrument and current integration.

  10. Concevoir des protocoles expérimentaux en sciences de la vie et de la Terre. Deux expérimentations en classe de terminale.


    Sanchez, Eric; Monod-Ansaldi, Réjane; Devallois, Daniel; Marzin, Patricia


    Cet article est destiné à montrer comment on peut amener des élèves à construire des protocoles en sciences de la vie et de la Terre, de manière autonome, dans des conditions qui soient réalistes. Il s’agit de proposer des outils à l’enseignant qui souhaite organiser de telles activités dans ses classes. Pour ce faire, nous préciserons ce que nous entendons par conception de protocole, nous présenterons les séances que nous avons expérimentées et les enseignements que ces expérimentations app...

  11. Marché du travail, évaluation et économie expérimentale


    Nicolas Jacquemet; Olivier l'Haridon; Isabelle Vialle


    International audience; L'économie comportementale et l'économie expérimentale ont connu un formidable essor au cours des dernières décennies. L'objectif de cet article est de présenter, au travers d'un cadre général d'analyse et d'exemples d'applications, l'intérêt de l'économie expérimentale pour l'évaluation des politiques publiques sur le marché du travail. L'économie expérimentale et les méthodes alternatives existantes apparaissent comme des outils d'analyse complémentaires dans l'étude...

  12. The Utility of the Lambert Function W[a exp(a - bt)] in Chemical Kinetics (United States)

    Williams, Brian Wesley


    The mathematical Lambert function W[a exp(a - bt)] is used to find integrated rate laws for several examples, including simple enzyme and Lindemann-Christiansen-Hinshelwood (LCH) unimolecular decay kinetics. The results derived here for the well-known LCH mechanism as well as for a dimer-monomer reaction mechanism appear to be novel. A nonlinear…

  13. Dynamics of higher-dimensional FRW cosmology in Rp exp (λR ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    We study the cosmological dynamics for R p exp( λ R ) gravity theory in the metric formalism, using dynamical systems approach. Considering higher-dimensional FRW geometries in case of an imperfect fluid which has two different scale factors in the normal and extra dimensions, we find the exact solutions, and study its ...

  14. Reconstruction of 10(exp 20)ev Showers in EUSO and JEM EUSO (United States)

    Andreev, V.; Adams, J.; Cline, D.


    We describe the procedure to reconstruct 10(exp 20) ev showers in Extreme Universe Space Observatory (EUSO). We show the angular and energy resolution is excellent. We now apply this to the newly proposed Japanese JEM-EUSO and will present results at the meeting.

  15. Approche expérimentale de l'utilisation de glyphosate dans le ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Approche expérimentale de l'utilisation de glyphosate dans le contrôle de Melaleuca quinquenervia (Myrtaceae), une espèce envahissante dans la réserve communautaire de la forêt d'Analalava-Foulpointe (Madagascar)

  16. Approche expérimentale de l'utilisation de glyphosate dans le ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Approche expérimentale de l'utilisation de glyphosate dans le contrôle de Melaleuca quinquenervia (Myrtaceae), une espèce envahissante dans la réserve ... Melaleuca quinquenervia, one of the most aggressive invasive species in Madagascar, gains more and more ground and colonizes wetland environments around ...

  17. Une mesure expérimentale de la discrimination homme-femme à l’embauche


    David Masclet; Emmanuel Peterle; Sophie Larribeau


    Le marché du travail offre de nombreux exemples de discrimination, tant au niveau des salaires que dans les recrutements. Cet article a pour objectif de contribuer à la littérature en mettant en évidence l’existence de pratiques discriminatoires à l’embauche dans le cadre d’une expérience en laboratoire en effort réel. Dans cette expérience, l’employeur (le principal) doit recruter un employé (l’agent) afin de réaliser un effort de production. Le principal résultat de cette étude est qu’en l’...

  18. Microtubules Nonlinear Models Dynamics Investigations through the exp(−Φ(ξ-Expansion Method Implementation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nur Alam


    Full Text Available In this research article, we present exact solutions with parameters for two nonlinear model partial differential equations(PDEs describing microtubules, by implementing the exp(−Φ(ξ-Expansion Method. The considered models, describing highly nonlinear dynamics of microtubules, can be reduced to nonlinear ordinary differential equations. While the first PDE describes the longitudinal model of nonlinear dynamics of microtubules, the second one describes the nonlinear model of dynamics of radial dislocations in microtubules. The acquired solutions are then graphically presented, and their distinct properties are enumerated in respect to the corresponding dynamic behavior of the microtubules they model. Various patterns, including but not limited to regular, singular kink-like, as well as periodicity exhibiting ones, are detected. Being the method of choice herein, the exp(−Φ(ξ-Expansion Method not disappointing in the least, is found and declared highly efficient.

  19. Expériences scolaires au Congo Belge. Etude exploratoire | Vinck ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Expériences scolaires au Congo Belge. Etude exploratoire. H Vinck, J Briffaerts, F Herman, M Depaepe. Abstract. Résumé Sur base de huit interviews d'anciens élèves de l'enseignement colonial au Congo belge, cette étude explore les effets que les processus pédagogiques coloniaux ont eu sur les élèves. Mots-clés: ...

  20. 21 Gbits/s/cm(exp 2) throughput density two dimensional array optical interconnection construction (United States)

    Kato, T.; Yuuki, F.; Tanaka, K.; Tanaka, H.; Masuda, H.; Tanoue, T.; Oishi, A.; Ito, K.; Murakami, K.; Teraoka, T.


    A new two-dimensional array optical interconnection construction is developed for the board-to-board level. A high throughput density of 21 Gbit/s/cm(exp 2) over the electric coaxial cable limit is achieved by the direct hybridization of an 8 x 2-channel LD/PD array onto the transmitter/receiver IC and surface-mount packaging of a microlens array and a fiber-connector receptacle.

  1. Étude expérimentale sur la reproduction chez le cobaye ( Cavia ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Objectif : Une étude expérimentale sur les paramètres de la reproduction chez le cobaye (Cavia porcellus) élevé en zone périphérique de Kinshasa a été réalisée. Son objectif est d'apprendre aux éleveurs des cobayes une gestion rationnelle de la reproduction par un choix judicieux des femelles actives à la saillie, ...

  2. Partis islamistes et démocratisation : expérience du Parti de la ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    ... reposant sur la causalité et de comparer l'explication ainsi obtenue avec les perceptions de certains acteurs politiques et économiques, recueillies au moyen d'entrevues. Des experts de différents pays musulmans se réuniront dans le cadre d'un atelier pour examiner l'expérience de la Turquie sous un angle comparatif.

  3. Une force venant du futur chercherait à saboter l'expérience du LHC...

    CERN Multimedia

    Scappaticci, Bruno


    "A quelques jours de la reprise de l'expérience du LHC, on ne parle plus de la menace d'un trou noir, mais deux physicines souteinnent aujourd'hui une tout autres hypothèse: la nature, depuis le futur, va continuer de contrarier les travaux du Cern, afin d'éviter à l'Homme de mettre le doigt là où il ne faut pas..." (1.5 pages)

  4. TRAILER Project Overview. Tagging, Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning ExpeRiences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    García-Peñalvo, Francisco J.; Zangrando, Valentina; García Holgado, Alicia; Conde González, Miguel Ángel; Seoane Pardo, Antonio; Alier Forment, Marc; Janssen, José; Griffiths, Dai; Mykowska, Aleksandra; Ribeiro Alves, Gustavo; Minovic, Miroslav


    García-Peñalvo, F. J., Zangrando, V., García Holgado, A., Conde González, M. Á., Seoane Pardo, A. M., Alier Forment, M., Janssen, J., et al. (2012). TRAILER Project Overview. Tagging, Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning ExpeRiences. In F. J. García, L. Vicent, M. Ribó, A. Climent, J.

  5. GenoExp: a web tool for predicting gene expression levels from single nucleotide polymorphisms. (United States)

    Manor, Ohad; Segal, Eran


    Understanding the effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on the expression level of genes is an important goal. We recently published a study in which we devised a multi-SNP predictive model for gene expression in Lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCL), and showed that it can robustly predict the expression of a small number of genes in test individuals. Here, we validate the generality of our models by predicting expression profiles for genes in LCL in an independent study, and extend the pool of predictable genes for which we are able to explain more than 25% of their expression variability to 232 genes across 14 different cell types. As the number of people who obtained their SNP profiles through companies such as 23andMe is rising rapidly, we developed GenoExp, a web-based tool in which users can upload their individual SNP data and obtain predicted expression levels for the set of predictable genes across the 14 different cell types. Our tool thus allows users with biological knowledge to study the possible effects that their set of SNPs might have on these genes and predict their cell-specific expression levels relative to the population average. GenoExp is freely available at © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  6. Effet de la jachére sur l'expérimentation de la fusariose vasculaire ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Effet de la jachére sur l'expérimentation de la fusariose vasculaire du palmier à huile ( Elaeis guineensis Jacq ) : Effects of the fallow in the expression of oil-palm ( Elaeis guineensis Jacq ) vascular wilt.

  7. Apprendre, un moment de vie ? Savoir, expérience et rapport au vivant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noack Julie


    Full Text Available L’objectif de cette communication est de comparer sur le plan pédagogique deux conceptions du rapport entre science et vivant, diamétralement opposées sur le plan épistémologique. En se basant sur un livre [1], une conférence [2] et un entretien [3], on analysera l’expérience de pensée par laquelle le biologiste et épistémologue Jean-Jacques Kupiec fait se sentir vivants les apprenants afin de mieux les conscientiser aux réquisits de la démarche scientifique. On comparera ensuite les motivations de Kupiec avec les idées pédagogiques du philosophe-médecin Georges Canguilhem (1904–1995 afin d’essayer de comprendre pourquoi l’un et l’autre jugent pertinent de faire remarquer à l’apprenant qu’il est actuellement en vie. Car, malgré des conceptions du vivant diamétralement opposées, Canguilhem et Kupiec se rejoignent sur l’idée que l’expérience vitale joue un rôle crucial – que ce soit en positif ou en négatif, comme un obstacle épistémologique ou comme un levier heuristique – dans l’apprentissage et la pratique de la biologie ou de la médecine. Prendre en charge cette expérience constitue peut-être une ressource face au double défi (scientifique et éthico-politique qui échoit à l’éducation aux sciences du vivant.

  8. Étude expérimentale de l'hydrodynamique des suspensions non ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cette étude expérimentale a permis de vérifier si les modèles rhéologiques établis pour les suspensions de sphères dures de structure microscopique peuvent s'appliquer à des suspensions de « grosses » sphères dures de diamètre d tel que d = 4,4 mm et d'expliquer les problèmes liés au mécanisme de transport des ...

  9. Étude expérimentale hydrodynamique des suspensions non ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cette étude expérimentale a permis de vérifier si les modèles rhéologiques établis pour les suspensions de sphères dures de structure microscopique peuvent s'appliquer à des suspensions de « grosses » sphères dures de structure macroscopique de diamètre d = 4,4 mm et d'expliquer les problèmes liés au mécanisme ...

  10. Analyse expérimentale et analytique du comportement en flexion ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    L'analyse a été faite par une étude expérimentale et analytique sur onze éléments en béton et en béton armé sous et moyennement armés, préfissurés puis renforcés par du tissu en fibre de carbone collé in situ à l'aide d'une résine époxy. Afin d'étudier l'influence de l'état de fissuration initiale sur le comportement, l'une ...

  11. A Small Molecule that Targets r(CGG)exp and Improves Defects in Fragile X-Associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome (United States)

    Disney, Matthew D.; Liu, Biao; Yang, Wang-Yong; Sellier, Chantal; Tran, Tuan; Charlet-Berguerand, Nicolas; Childs-Disney, Jessica L.


    The development of small molecule chemical probes or therapeutics that target RNA remains a significant challenge despite the great interest in such compounds. The most significant barrier to compound development is a lack of knowledge of the chemical and RNA motif spaces that interact specifically. Herein, we describe a bioactive small molecule probe that targets expanded r(CGG) repeats, or r(CGG)exp , that causes Fragile X-associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS). The compound was identified by using information on the chemotypes and RNA motifs that interact. Specifically, 9-hydroxy-5,11-dimethyl-2-(2-(piperidin-1-yl)ethyl)-6H-pyrido[4,3-b]carbazol-2-ium, binds the 5’CGG/3’GGC motifs in r(CGG)exp and disrupts a toxic r(CGG)exp -protein complex in vitro. Structure-activity relationships (SAR) studies determined that the alkylated pyridyl and phenolic side chains are important chemotypes that drive molecular recognition to r(CGG)exp . Importantly, the compound is efficacious in FXTAS model cellular systems as evidenced by its ability to improve FXTAS-associated pre-mRNA splicing defects and to reduce the size and number of r(CGG)exp -protein aggregates. This approach may establish a general strategy to identify lead ligands that target RNA while also providing a chemical probe to dissect the varied mechanisms by which r(CGG)exp promotes toxicity. PMID:22948243

  12. A small molecule that targets r(CGG)(exp) and improves defects in fragile X-associated tremor ataxia syndrome. (United States)

    Disney, Matthew D; Liu, Biao; Yang, Wang-Yong; Sellier, Chantal; Tran, Tuan; Charlet-Berguerand, Nicolas; Childs-Disney, Jessica L


    The development of small molecule chemical probes or therapeutics that target RNA remains a significant challenge despite the great interest in such compounds. The most significant barrier to compound development is defining which chemical and RNA motif spaces interact specifically. Herein, we describe a bioactive small molecule probe that targets expanded r(CGG) repeats, or r(CGG)(exp), that causes Fragile X-associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS). The compound was identified by using information on the chemotypes and RNA motifs that interact. Specifically, 9-hydroxy-5,11-dimethyl-2-(2-(piperidin-1-yl)ethyl)-6H-pyrido[4,3-b]carbazol-2-ium binds the 5'CGG/3'GGC motifs in r(CGG)(exp) and disrupts a toxic r(CGG)(exp)-protein complex in vitro. Structure-activity relationship studies determined that the alkylated pyridyl and phenolic side chains are important chemotypes that drive molecular recognition of r(CGG)(exp). Importantly, the compound is efficacious in FXTAS model cellular systems as evidenced by its ability to improve FXTAS-associated pre-mRNA splicing defects and to reduce the size and number of r(CGG)(exp)-containing nuclear foci. This approach may establish a general strategy to identify lead ligands that target RNA while also providing a chemical probe to dissect the varied mechanisms by which r(CGG)(exp) promotes toxicity.

  13. Distributed chaos and inertial ranges in turbulence

    CERN Document Server

    Bershadskii, A


    It is shown that appearance of inertial range of scales, adjacent to distributed chaos range, results in adiabatic invariance of an energy correlation integral for isotropic homogeneous turbulence and for buoyancy driven turbulence (with stable or unstable stratification, including Rayleigh-Taylor mixing zone). Power spectrum of velocity field for distributed chaos dominated by this adiabatic invariant has a stretched exponential form $\\propto \\exp(-k/k_{\\beta})^{3/5}$. Results of recent direct numerical simulations have been used in order to support these conclusions.

  14. High Precision Ranging and Range-Rate Measurements over Free-Space-Laser Communication Link (United States)

    Yang, Guangning; Lu, Wei; Krainak, Michael; Sun, Xiaoli


    We present a high-precision ranging and range-rate measurement system via an optical-ranging or combined ranging-communication link. A complete bench-top optical communication system was built. It included a ground terminal and a space terminal. Ranging and range rate tests were conducted in two configurations. In the communication configuration with 622 data rate, we achieved a two-way range-rate error of 2 microns/s, or a modified Allan deviation of 9 x 10 (exp -15) with 10 second averaging time. Ranging and range-rate as a function of Bit Error Rate of the communication link is reported. They are not sensitive to the link error rate. In the single-frequency amplitude modulation mode, we report a two-way range rate error of 0.8 microns/s, or a modified Allan deviation of 2.6 x 10 (exp -15) with 10 second averaging time. We identified the major noise sources in the current system as the transmitter modulation injected noise and receiver electronics generated noise. A new improved system will be constructed to further improve the system performance for both operating modes.

  15. The effect of tripterygium glucoside tablet on pharmacokinetics of losartan and its metabolite EXP3174 in rats. (United States)

    Hu, Yongsheng; Zhou, Xuexue; Shi, Hui; Shi, Wenyu; Ye, Shengjie; Zhang, Hai


    Losartan and tripterygium glucoside tablet (TGT) are often simultaneously used for reducing urine protein excretion in clinic. However, it is unknown whether there is potential herb-drug interaction between losartan and TGT. The aim of this study was to investigate their potential herb-drug interaction, and clarify the mechanism of the effect of TGT on the pharmacokinetics of losartan and its metabolite EXP3174 in rats. The plasma concentrations of losartan and EXP3174 were determined by LC-MS, and the main pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated. The Cmax , t1/2 and AUC(0-t) of losartan became larger after co-administration, while the Cmax and AUC(0-t) of EXP3174 became smaller, suggesting that TGT could influence the pharmacokinetics of losartan and EXP3174. The effects of TGT and its main components on the metabolic rate of losartan were further investigated in rat liver microsomes. Results indicated that TGT and its two main ingredients could decrease the metabolic rate of losartan. Therefore, it was speculated that TGT might increase the plasma concentration of losartan and decrease the concentration of EXP3174 by inhibiting the metabolism of losartan. The results could provide references for clinical medication guidance of losartan and TGT to avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  16. L'expérience ATLAS : les particules contre-attaquent ( épisode II)

    CERN Multimedia

    Michael Barnett - Erik Johansson


    ATLAS, la Grève des particules est de retour dans le deuxième épisode d'une série en trois parties qui dévoile les mystères de l'expérience ATLAS. Tourné de l'intérieur du détecteur, sont montrées les parties interne, moyenne et externe du détecteur ATLAS. Le narrateur décrit comment les différentes parties du détecteur sont capables de détecter 6 différents types de particules: les électrons, photons, protons, neutrons, muons et de neutrinos.

  17. Garantir l’excellence du CERN : consolider l’expérience

    CERN Multimedia

    Staff Association


    Les missions du CERN nécessitent une compétence confirmée dans tous ses domaines d’activité L’Organisation a plusieurs missions : la recherche fondamentale, les développements techniques et l’innovation, la formation de plusieurs centaines d’associés, de boursiers et d’étudiants et l’encadrement de plus de 10'000 utilisateurs. Afin de garantir l’excellence dans tous ces domaines, le CERN doit mettre en œuvre une politique du personnel performante. Celle-ci doit permettre à l’Organisation non seulement de recruter dans tous les États membres des collaborateurs de la plus haute compétence, mais aussi d’être capable de les retenir et de les motiver tout au long de leur parcours professionnel. De plus, l’Organisation doit pouvoir compter sur un personnel stable, avec une exp&a...

  18. Optimised ExpTime Tableaux for ℋℐ over Finite Residuated Lattices

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jian Huang


    Full Text Available This study proposes to adopt a novel tableau reasoning algorithm for the description logic ℋℐ with semantics based on a finite residuated De Morgan lattice. The syntax, semantics, and logical properties of this logic are given, and a sound, complete, and terminating tableaux algorithm for deciding fuzzy ABox consistency and concept satisfiability problem with respect to TBox is presented. Moreover, based on extended and/or completion-forest with a series of sound optimization technique for checking satisfiability with respect to a TBox in the logic, a new optimized ExpTime (complexity-optimal tableau decision procedure is presented here. The experimental evaluation indicates that the optimization techniques we considered result in improved efficiency significantly.

  19. Maxime Quijoux, Néolibéralisme et autogestion. L’expérience argentine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maud Simonet


    Full Text Available Fondé sur une solide enquête de terrain dans deux usines argentines « récupérées » par les travailleurs, pour la plupart des travailleuses, l’ouvrage de Maxime Quijoux, Néolibéralisme et autogestion. L’expérience argentine, se lit avec un grand plaisir. Bien écrit, ce livre est également intelligemment construit. La première partie commence par le « récit des conditions d’enquête », pour reprendre l’expression de Daniel Bizeul (1998. Elle permet de saisir à la fois les méthodes d’enquêtes mo...

  20. New analytical solutions for conformable fractional PDEs arising in mathematical physics by exp-function method (United States)

    Tasbozan, Orkun; Çenesiz, Yücel; Kurt, Ali; Baleanu, Dumitru


    Modelling of physical systems mathematically, produces nonlinear evolution equations. Most of the physical systems in nature are intrinsically nonlinear, therefore modelling such systems mathematically leads us to nonlinear evolution equations. The analysis of the wave solutions corresponding to the nonlinear partial differential equations (NPDEs), has a vital role for studying the nonlinear physical events. This article is written with the intention of finding the wave solutions of Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov and Klein-Gordon equations. For this purpose, the exp-function method, which is based on a series of exponential functions, is employed as a tool. This method is an useful and suitable tool to obtain the analytical solutions of a considerable number of nonlinear FDEs within a conformable derivative.

  1. Effects of ticlopidine on pharmacokinetics of losartan and its main metabolite EXP-3174 in rats (United States)

    Yang, Si-hyung; Cho, Young-ah; Choi, Jun-shik


    Aim: Losartan and antiplatelet agent ticlopidine can be prescribed concomitantly for prevention or therapy of cardiovascular diseases. Hence, the effects of ticlopidine on the pharmacokinetics of losartan and its active metabolite EXP-3174 were evaluated in rats. Methods: Ticlopidine (4 or 10 mg/kg po) was administered 30 min before administration of losartan (9 mg/kg po or 3 mg/kg iv). The activity of human CYP2C9 and 3A4 were measured using the CYP inhibition assay kit. The activity of P-gp was evaluated using rhodamine-123 retention assay in MCF-7/ADR cells. Results: Ticlopidine (10 mg/kg) significantly increased the areas under the plasma concentration-time curves (AUCs) and peak plasma concentration (Cmax) of oral losartan (9 mg/kg), as well as the AUCs of the active metabolite EXP-3174. Ticlopidine (10 mg/kg) did not significantly change the pharmacokinetics of intravenous losartan (3 mg/kg). Ticlopidine inhibited CYP2C9 and 3A4 with IC50 values of 26.0 and 32.3 μmol/L, respectively. The relative cellular uptake of rhodamine-123 was unchanged. Conclusion: The significant increase in the AUC of losartan (9 mg/kg) by ticlopidine (10 mg/kg) could be attributed to the inhibition of CYP2C9- and 3A4-mediated losartan metabolism in small intestine and/or in liver. The inhibition of P-gp in small intestine and reduction of renal elimination of losartan by ticlopidine are unlikely to be causal factors. PMID:21666702

  2. L’écrivain palimpseste dans L’expérience interdite d’Ook Chung

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilles Dupuis


    Full Text Available Dans son roman L’expérience interdite, Ook Chung introduit deux figures inédites d’écrivain fictif dans la littérature québécoise contemporaine, inspirées des cultures japonaise et himalayenne : l’otaku (ou hikikomori et le mythique Yéti. Il imagine également une fiction dystopique gravitant autour de la figure de « l’écrivain encagé », qui emprunte ses traits au roman de science-fiction de H. G. Wells, L’île du docteur Moreau. À travers une lecture de ce roman qui interroge son statut générique (entre autofiction et science-fiction et ses procédés littéraires (parodie et réécriture, il s’agit d’éclairer les diverses figures de l’écrivain fictif qui s’y profilent en relation avec celle de l’auteur. In his novel L’expérience interdite, Ook Chung introduces two new figures of the fictional writer, inspired by Japanese and Himalayan cultures, into contemporary Québécois literature: the otaku (or hikikomori and the mythical Yeti. The novel also portrays the dystopian figure of the “imprisoned” writer, which recalls H. G. Wells’ science fiction novel, The Island of Doctor Moreau. The aim of this article is to shed light on the different figures of the fictional writer encountered in Chung’s fiction in relation to that of the author, by questioning the generic status (between autofiction and science fiction and literary devices (parody and rewriting of the novel.

  3. GenExp: an interactive web-based genomic DAS client with client-side data rendering.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bernat Gel Moreno

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The Distributed Annotation System (DAS offers a standard protocol for sharing and integrating annotations on biological sequences. There are more than 1000 DAS sources available and the number is steadily increasing. Clients are an essential part of the DAS system and integrate data from several independent sources in order to create a useful representation to the user. While web-based DAS clients exist, most of them do not have direct interaction capabilities such as dragging and zooming with the mouse. RESULTS: Here we present GenExp, a web based and fully interactive visual DAS client. GenExp is a genome oriented DAS client capable of creating informative representations of genomic data zooming out from base level to complete chromosomes. It proposes a novel approach to genomic data rendering and uses the latest HTML5 web technologies to create the data representation inside the client browser. Thanks to client-side rendering most position changes do not need a network request to the server and so responses to zooming and panning are almost immediate. In GenExp it is possible to explore the genome intuitively moving it with the mouse just like geographical map applications. Additionally, in GenExp it is possible to have more than one data viewer at the same time and to save the current state of the application to revisit it later on. CONCLUSIONS: GenExp is a new interactive web-based client for DAS and addresses some of the short-comings of the existing clients. It uses client-side data rendering techniques resulting in easier genome browsing and exploration. GenExp is open source under the GPL license and it is freely available at

  4. Chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) procured by the French Benthédi-expédition, 1977, and the Md 32-réunion-expédition, 1982, in the Southwestern Indian Ocean

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kaas, P.


    The late Eugène Leloup examined samples from five stations of the Benthédi-Expédition, 1977, in the North of the Mozambique Channel, containing four species of chitons, two of which proved to be new to science. The material here discussed, coming from eighteen Benthédistations, proved to contain

  5. L’excellence : impossible sans un personnel stable et expérimenté

    CERN Multimedia

    Association du personnel


    Le monde entier avait les yeux fixés sur le CERN ce 4 juillet 2012, quand ATLAS et CMS ont annoncé leur découverte d’une particule « compatible avec le Higgs ». Début 2013 il n’a fallu que quelques jours pour régler le LHC et faire tourner des protons et des ions lourds. Toutes ces découvertes et prouesses techniques n’ont été possibles que grâce à l’expérience et la poursuite de l’excellence d’équipes soudées de techniciens et ingénieurs qui ont conçu, construit, mis en marche, et finalement font fonctionner ce complexe d’accélérateurs unique au monde. Un service d’excellence avec un encadrement adéquat Entre 2002 et 2012 (voir Fig. 1), le nombre d’utilisateurs est passé de 5912 à...

  6. Diffraction des neutrons : principe, dispositifs expérimentaux et applications (United States)

    Muller, C.


    La diffraction de neutrons, sur monocristal ou sur échantillon polycristallin (ou poudre), est une technique très largement utilisée, en science des matériaux comme en biologie, lorsque l'on souhaite déterminer la structure cristalline d'un composé ou d'une molécule. Toutefois, le degré de précision de la détermination structurale est très corrélé au choix de l'instrument utilisé. Il s'en suit que la question “comment choisir l'instrument le mieux adapté au composé et à la problématique ?" apparaît comme fondamentale. L'objectif de ce cours est de tenter de répondre à cette question en décrivant brièvement les caractéristiques instrumentales de différents diffractomètres, en exposant les avantages spécifiques des expériences de diffraction de neutrons et en donnant quelques exemples d'application.

  7. Deformation microstructures and timing of a large submarine landslide drilled offshore Martinique (IODP Exp. 340) (United States)

    Guyard, H.; Le Friant, A.; Brunet, M.; Boudon, G.; Emmanuel, L.; Caron, B.; Villemant, B.; Feuillet, N.


    Flank-instabilities constitute a recurrent process in the long-term evolution of many volcanoes. A very large submarine landslide deposit (~2100 km2, ~300 km3) drilled southwest Martinique island during the IODP Exp. 340 in 2012 is likely associated with one (or more) major volcanic flank collapse of Mount Pelée during the Late Pleistocene. A recent study revealed that this D1/D2 deposit is emergent in its central part, frontally confined, and mainly comprises remobilized seafloor sediments rather than debris avalanche material from the volcanic edifice (Brunet et al., subm). Here, we investigate the sedimentary microstructures and timing of deformation from the central (Hole 1400B, ~37 km from the coastline) and distal (Hole 1399A, ~70 km from the coastline) units of the D1/D2 deposit, in order to better understand the emplacement dynamics of such potentially tsunamigenic submarine landslides. High resolution CT-Scan analyses were continuously performed on more than 300 m of sediment cores, in order to characterize and distinguish the internal architecture and the complex deformation features of the sediments at each drilling site. The establishment of the stratigraphy, based on δ18O measurements and AMS 14C dating, is still in progress and may confirm the possible link between the submarine landslide deposits and the flank collapse scars observed on the subaerial part of Martinique. These new insights into the timing and emplacement processes of this large submarine landslide will have important implications for tsunami hazards. ReferenceBrunet, M., Le Friant, A., Boudon, G., Lafuerza, S., Talling, P., Hornbach, M., Lebas, E., Guyard, H., and IODP Expedition 340 science party, submitted. Composition, geometry and emplacement dynamics of a large volcanic island landslide offshore Martinique: from volcano flank-collapse to seafloor sediment failure? Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.

  8. Médier les récits de vie. Expérimentations de cartographies narratives et sensibles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sarah Mekdjian


    Full Text Available Alors que les méthodes narratives sont des outils qualitatifs particulièrement intéressants pour étudier des expériences socio-spatiales complexes, elles présentent également d’importantes limites déontologiques, éthiques et interprétatives. Nous exposons ici quelques-unes de ces limites, à partir de deux contextes de recherche spécifiques et comparés. Pour sortir des impasses méthodologiques rencontrées, les auteures ont eu recours à des expérimentations cartographiques. Quelles pratiques alternatives inventer, notamment à partir de la cartographie, pour élaborer des relations respectueuses et créatives en contexte de recherche ?

  9. The Exp-function method for solving nonlinear space–time fractional differential equations in mathematical physics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ozkan Guner


    Full Text Available Using the Exp-function method, we derive exact solutions of the nonlinear space–time fractional Telegraph equation and space–time fractional KPP equation. As a result, we obtain many exact analytical solutions including hyperbolic function. The fractional derivative is described in Jumarie’s modified Riemann–Liouville sense. This method is very effective and convenient for solving nonlinear fractional differential equations.

  10. Détermination expérimentale des paramètres de Wilson Experimental Dertermination of Wilson Parameters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monfort J.-P.


    Full Text Available La volabilité relative ait; =(yilxil(Y;lxi des constituants d'un mélange binaire a été mesurée à partir d'un nouveau dispositif expérimental, on reporte les données d'équilibre liquide-vapeur obtenues à 45'C de plusieurs binaires : toluène-acétoni-trile, benzène-acétonitrile et benzène-n-heptane. En ajustant à l'équation de Wilson les données expérimentales de «i/; de ces constituants ainsi que des volatilités relatives des constituants des mélanges d'hydrocarbures-alcools, obtenues dans un précédent travail, on calcule les paramètres énergétiques. La prédiction des points de bulle de mélanges binaires et ternaires obtenue à partir de ces paramètres est satisfaisante. La méthode expérimentale ainsi proposée convient particulièrement pour la sélection des solvant extractifs utilisés dans la distillation extractive. From a new expérimental method, relative volatilities aiti = (yilxil(yilxi for a binary mixture are obtained; vapor-liquid equilibrium data are presented for several systems, i.e. toluene-acétonitrile, benzene-acétonitrile and benzene-n-heptane at 45°C. The two adjustable energyparameters of thé Wilson équation, are obtained by adopting thé «,/j data for these binary mixtures and for alcohol-hydrocarbon mixtures previously studied. Theresults obtained in predicting bubble-pressure data for binary and ternary mixtures are consistent with experimental data.

  11. L'histoire littéraire peut-elle être expérimentale?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eva Kushner


    Full Text Available L'histoire littéraire était longtemps considérée comme le fondement nécessaire à toute critique littéraire, ce qui rendait le contexte historique un facteur fondamental à la formation et l'interprétation des œuvres. L'histoire littéraire traditionnelle est caractérisée par une unité qui détermine le contenu en termes d'inclusions et d'exclusions, elle assimile l'hétérogénéité dans des ensembles cohérents qui peu à peu deviennent entités englobantes dans un devenir collectif. Les facteurs historiques contextuels acquièrent un impact pris pour acquis plutôt que démontré. L'histoire littéraire sert ainsi les aspirations nationales, elle est une totalité vivante au sein de l'histoire nationale qui l'englobe. Ces pratiques totalisantes et universalisantes ont eu quelques alternatives. En 1967, Hans Robert Jauss proposait une histoire littéraire fondée sur la réception esthétique des textes, selon un «horizon d'attente» en fonction duquel une œuvre a été créée et reçue. Pour Michael Riffaterre l'histoire littéraire narrative devrait être associée à l'approche stylistique, à l'analyse textuelle. L'histoire littéraire, tant traditionnelle que novatrice, a pu résister aux critiques et aux transformations. Elle a assuré sa survivance en tant que pratique liée à l'essor des cultures, du fait qu'elle a pu devenir plus expérimentale, accepter le provisoire, et devenir discours de la recherche plutôt que de l'affirmation.

  12. L’expérimentation du dispositif chez Olivia Rosenthal : Les Larmes hors le livre

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nancy Murzilli


    Full Text Available La question des rapports du sujet et de l’art en littérature, loin de se limiter à des enjeux d’ordre thématique, s’étend également à la façon dont le sujet est affecté par le croisement des pratiques d’écriture avec d’autres pratiques artistiques. Cette étude se propose de montrer comment le travail réalisé par Olivia Rosenthal autour de Ils ne sont pour rien dans mes larmes met en relation de façon originale les deux aspects de cette question dans la mise en place de dispositifs expérimentaux conduisant à une extension de la pratique littéraire hors du livre. Cette pratique est ici interrogée à travers une mise en regard du texte Les Larmes avec sa mise en performance et son adaptation cinématographique en collaboration avec Laurent Larivière. Ces différentes déclinaisons du dispositif littéraire ne soulignent pas seulement l’intermodalité des pratiques artistiques mais, en mettant le sujet au centre du dispositif, elles rappellent également que le dialogue entre ces pratiques possède un enjeu humain : celui de la diversification des accès que le sujet peut avoir à la compréhension des autres et de lui-même.The question of the relationship between the subject and art in literature, far from being limited to stakes of a thematic nature, also extens to the way in which the subject is affected by the intersection of writing practices with other artistic practices. This study aims to show how the work done by Olivia Rosenthal around Ils ne sont pour rien dans mes larmes originally connects the two aspects of this issue through the development of experimental devices that lead to an extension of the literary practice beyond the book. This practice is examined here through a comparison of the text Les Larmes with the performance and the film by the same name made in collaboration with Laurent Larivière. These different versions of the literary device not only highlight intermodal artistic practices, but

  13. Espaces virtuels et pré-expérience de l’espace géographique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jérémie Valentin


    Full Text Available Les représentations virtuelles de l’espace se sont largement démocratisées lors des dernières années. La libéralisation du marché des images satellites et l’augmentation des capacités de transfert de données sur les réseaux filaires et non filaires participent largement à la mise en place de mondes miroirs désormais connectés au cyberespace.L’homme a de plus en plus recours aux espaces virtuels pour appréhender l’espace. Que ce soit pour l’élaboration d’un itinéraire ou la découverte d’un lieu, la carte papier et le guide touristique s’effacent au profit du monde miroir et du téléphone portable.Dans ce contexte de transfert d’usage, les représentations virtuelles de l’espace semblent, au même titre que l’usage des GPS, offrir une perception biaisée de l’espace. Car malgré leurs qualités intrinsèques communes, en particulier pour la navigation dans un espace inconnu, leurs usages modifieraient notre relation à l’espace et pourraient dans certains cas altérer son apprentissage. L’objectif de cette communication pluridisciplinaire est de mettre au jour la popularité des mondes miroirs tout en interrogeant leurs usages en condition de pré-expérience de l’espace, car les dispositifs actuels permettent d’expérimenter virtuellement l’espace avant d’en faire physiquement l’expérience. Nous verrons à travers une expérience comparative, que dans le cadre d’un parcours complexe, les sujets ayant eu une pré-expérience virtuelle de l’espace s’avèrent moins efficaces que les sujets qui ont consulté un plan papier 2D et moins efficaces que les sujets ayant effectué une visite guidée. L’analyse des traces GPS des sujets nous permettra de tirer des conclusions sur les typologies d’échecs et d’erreurs.

  14. Grands principes de symétrie à l'épreuve de l'expérience (United States)

    Depommier, P.

    neutrinos) and detectors can be large-volume GeLi crystals, Time Projection Chambers, etc... Coincidences between beta particles and γ-rays are useful for shedding information on the mechanism responsible for lepton-number violation. A new particle, the majoron, has been invented. It is a Goldstone boson associated with the breaking of lepton-number symmetry. No convincing observation of neutrinoless double beta decay has been reported so far. Whereas quark families communicate via the Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix, leptons seem to obey separate conservation laws of lepton number (or lepton-flavor). This problem, which has received much attention recently, is presented in chapter 9. Searches for μ → eγ, μ → e γ γ, μ, → eee and muon-to-electron conversion in a nucleus have reached very low upper limits (down to the 10-11-10-12 range), although gauge theories provide several natural flavor-violating mechanisms. Neutrino oscillations in a vacuum open another window on the problem of neutrino masses and experiments are pursued actively at high-flux nuclear reactors and high-energy accelerators. There are some indications for neutrino oscillations but experimental results are still in conflict. The old Wolfenstein theory of neutrino oscillations in matter has been exploited by Mekheyev and Smirnov who showed that under suitable conditions the mixing angle between neutrinos of different flavors goes through a resonance. This gives rise to the MSW effect which has an important bearing on the solar neutrino problem. There is a good hope that nuclear forces will be eventually explained by Quantum Chromodynamics, in terms of quarks and gluons. Therefore it is important to establish the symmetry properties of these forces and in particular to study possible violations of isospin symmetry to a high level of accuracy. The subject of isospin is dealt with in a companion article by Galès and Van Giai, Ann. Phys. Fr. 12 (1987). Chapter 10 discusses a few tests of charge symmetry

  15. Lunar Laser Ranging Science: Gravitational Physics and Lunar Interior and Geodesy (United States)

    Williams, James G.; Turyshev, Slava G.; Boggs, Dale H.; Ratcliff, J. Todd


    Laser pulses fired at retroreflectors on the Moon provide very accurate ranges. Analysis yields information on Earth, Moon, and orbit. The highly accurate retroreflector positions have uncertainties less than a meter. Tides on the Moon show strong dissipation, with Q=33+/-4 at a month and a weak dependence on period. Lunar rotation depends on interior properties; a fluid core is indicated with radius approx.20% that of the Moon. Tests of relativistic gravity verify the equivalence principle to +/-1.4x10(exp -13), limit deviations from Einstein's general relativity, and show no rate for the gravitational constant G/G with uncertainty 9x10(exp -13)/yr.

  16. Recherches biologiques et pisciculture expérimentale du goujon (Gobio gobio L.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available 1.1. Le goujon Gobio gobio L. (sous-espèce gobio est un poisson de rivières peu rapides, à instinct grégaire, vivant sur fond de gravier entre la région salmonicole et la région cyprinicole. Il peut vivre de 5 à 7 années et se reproduire dès la seconde année. 1.2. Le goujon n'est pas un poisson migrateur comme les expériences réalisées par marquage tendent à le démontrer, mais ce poisson à forte capacité reproductrice peut passer par des périodes de prolifération ou de raréfaction. 1.3. Le goujon est un poisson de type Carnivore qui s'alimente normalement durant toute l'année. Les adultes se nourissent principalement à partir du benthos ; les proies sont, en ordre d'importance décroissante, des larves d'Insectes, des Crustacés, des Mollusques, des Vers et des Algues ou détritus végétaux. Les alevins s'alimentent principalement à partir du plancton ; la nourriture est de même nature qualitativement, mais quantitativement les Crustacés y sont beaucoup plus abondants que les Insectes. 1.4. Le goujon est fréquemment parasité par le Plathelminte Monogène du genre Diplozoon ; ce parasite peut infester 90 % de la population. Il est parfois parasité par un grand Nématode du genre Philometra qui envahit la cavité générale. 1.5. Le goujon pond au printemps et en été, mais le début de la ponte est nettement lié à la température de l'eau (minimum de + 16°C à + 17°C; la ponte est fractionnée, mais peut atteindre 4 000 à 5 000 œufs par femelle et par saison. L'œuf, blanc translucide, mesure 1,5 mm de diamètre; l'incubation est de 125 degrés/jour. L'essai d'élevage en aquarium prouve qu'une alimentation artificielle adaptée doit être possible. 1.6. La pisciculture des alevins est réalisée dans la région toulousaine et permet d'indiquer les normes souhaitables. Pour la ponte, des bassins de 1 000 m2 , avec pente de 1 % et fond de gravier, peuvent recevoir 500 géniteurs. La croissance des alevins d'un

  17. Evaluation expérimentale des performances d'un système hybride WDM/DS-OCDMA


    Cordette, Steevy; Fsaifes, Ihsan; Kibler, Bertrand; Ware, Cédric; Lepers, Catherine; Finot, Christophe; Millot, Guy


    National audience; Nous étudions expérimentalement une solution hybride WDM/DS-OCDMA pour l'application réseau d'accès optique haut débit. Cette solution permet d'augmenter la capacité de multiplexage du réseau WDM en y ajoutant une dimension supplémentaire : le code temporel. Le système est réalisé dans une configuration mono-canal WDM. Les performances de la transmission, en termes de taux d'erreurs binaires, sont évaluées après 20 km de transmission.

  18. Va, vis et deviens : l’expérience utilisateur au coeur de l’évolution des services.


    Clot, Nathalie


    National audience; Les méthodes de design de l'expérience utilisateur (Design UX) peuvent être un levier puissant d'évolution et d'amélioration de la qualité des services rendus aux utilisateurs de bibliothèque. À travers une métaphore cinématographique, le chapitre de la boîte à outils sur Développer l'accueil en bibliothèque, montre que penser les services de manière globale en lien étroit avec les observations de terrain est ferment de changement profond pour le fonctionnement des organisa...

  19. Exp-Function Method and Fractional Complex Transform for Space-Time Fractional KP-BBM Equation (United States)

    Guner, Ozkan


    In the present article, He’s fractional derivative, the ansatz method, the (G‧/G)-expansion method, and the exp-function method are used to construct the exact solutions of nonlinear space-time fractional Kadomtsev–Petviashvili–Benjamin–Bona–Mahony (KP-BBM). As a result, different types of exact solutions are obtained. Also we have examined the relation between the solutions obtained from the different methods. These methods are an efficient mathematical tool for solving fractional differential equations (FDEs) and it can be applied to other nonlinear FDEs.

  20. Le voyage en « oxygène rare » comme expérience initiatique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michel Raspaud


    Full Text Available L’expérimentation de la haute altitude (souvent baptisée « zone de la mort » en Himalaya, avec son cortège d’essais techniques et d’erreurs souvent fatales, apparaît bien comme le prototype de l’initiation en montagne. Par delà l’explication classique du phénomène d’ordalie, il s’agit bien d’un « rite personnel de passage » où la souffrance et la douleur renvoient à une anthropologie alpine.

  1. Arboriculture Biologique : 11 années d'expérimentation en vergers de pêchers et pommiers




    Un programme de recherche a été conduit en arboriculture biologique pendant 11 ans (1994-2004) à l'unité expérimentale INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) de Gotheron dans le Sud-Est de la France, en partenariat avec Agribiodrôme (F-26150 Die), asssociation de développement de l'Agriculture Biologique (AB) en Drôme, et le GRAB (Groupe de Recherche en Agriculture Biologique, F-84911 Avignon). Les objectifs étaient : (i) acquérir des références en arboriculture biologique ; (ii...

  2. Small Molecule Recognition and Tools to Study Modulation of r(CGG)(exp) in Fragile X-Associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome. (United States)

    Yang, Wang-Yong; He, Fang; Strack, Rita L; Oh, Seok Yoon; Frazer, Michelle; Jaffrey, Samie R; Todd, Peter K; Disney, Matthew D


    RNA transcripts containing expanded nucleotide repeats cause many incurable diseases via various mechanisms. One such disorder, fragile X-associated tremor ataxia syndrome (FXTAS), is caused by a noncoding r(CGG) repeat expansion (r(CGG)(exp)) that (i) sequesters proteins involved in RNA metabolism in nuclear foci, causing dysregulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing, and (ii) undergoes repeat associated non-ATG translation (RANT), which produces toxic homopolymeric proteins without using a start codon. Here, we describe the design of two small molecules that inhibit both modes of toxicity and the implementation of various tools to study perturbation of these cellular events. Competitive Chemical Cross Linking and Isolation by Pull Down (C-Chem-CLIP) established that compounds bind r(CGG)(exp) and defined small molecule occupancy of r(CGG)(exp) in cells, the first approach to do so. Using an RNA GFP mimic, r(CGG)(exp)-Spinach2, we observe that our optimal designed compound binds r(CGG)(exp) and affects RNA localization by disrupting preformed RNA foci. These events correlate with an improvement of pre-mRNA splicing defects caused by RNA gain of function. In addition, the compounds reduced levels of toxic homopolymeric proteins formed via RANT. Polysome profiling studies showed that small molecules decreased loading of polysomes onto r(CGG)(exp), explaining decreased translation.

  3. Numerical solution to generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation using Exp-function method hybridized with heuristic computation.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suheel Abdullah Malik

    Full Text Available In this paper, a new heuristic scheme for the approximate solution of the generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation is proposed. The scheme is based on the hybridization of Exp-function method with nature inspired algorithm. The given nonlinear partial differential equation (NPDE through substitution is converted into a nonlinear ordinary differential equation (NODE. The travelling wave solution is approximated by the Exp-function method with unknown parameters. The unknown parameters are estimated by transforming the NODE into an equivalent global error minimization problem by using a fitness function. The popular genetic algorithm (GA is used to solve the minimization problem, and to achieve the unknown parameters. The proposed scheme is successfully implemented to solve the generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation. The comparison of numerical results with the exact solutions, and the solutions obtained using some traditional methods, including adomian decomposition method (ADM, homotopy perturbation method (HPM, and optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM, show that the suggested scheme is fairly accurate and viable for solving such problems.

  4. Numerical solution to generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation using Exp-function method hybridized with heuristic computation. (United States)

    Malik, Suheel Abdullah; Qureshi, Ijaz Mansoor; Amir, Muhammad; Malik, Aqdas Naveed; Haq, Ihsanul


    In this paper, a new heuristic scheme for the approximate solution of the generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation is proposed. The scheme is based on the hybridization of Exp-function method with nature inspired algorithm. The given nonlinear partial differential equation (NPDE) through substitution is converted into a nonlinear ordinary differential equation (NODE). The travelling wave solution is approximated by the Exp-function method with unknown parameters. The unknown parameters are estimated by transforming the NODE into an equivalent global error minimization problem by using a fitness function. The popular genetic algorithm (GA) is used to solve the minimization problem, and to achieve the unknown parameters. The proposed scheme is successfully implemented to solve the generalized Burgers'-Fisher equation. The comparison of numerical results with the exact solutions, and the solutions obtained using some traditional methods, including adomian decomposition method (ADM), homotopy perturbation method (HPM), and optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM), show that the suggested scheme is fairly accurate and viable for solving such problems.

  5. Análisis de la mortalidad expósita de la Inclusa de Toledo (1900-1930

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martín Espinosa, Noelia M.


    Full Text Available The aim of this work is to analyze the mortality and its causes in the abandoned children of the Children’s home of Toledo, who were born in the Maternity House, because it was a homogeneous group which had the same conditions in their delivery and they were abandoned at the moment of their birth. It allows us to compare the mortality of this group of foundlings with the mortality of the general population and with the mortality of those abandoned in other Charity Institutions. This paper explains the different factors which could determine the mortality.El objetivo de este trabajo es analizar la mortalidad expósita y sus causas en una cohorte de niños abandonados en la inclusa toledana, aquellos que nacieron en la Maternidad aneja, como grupo homogéneo que partía de unas condiciones de alumbramiento similares y fueron institucionalizados al nacer. Ello permite comparar esta mortalidad expósita con la de otras inclusas españolas y con la mortalidad poblacional, a la vez que explica los distintos factores que pudieron condicionarla.

  6. Relativity Parameters Determined from Lunar Laser Ranging (United States)

    Williams, J. G.; Newhall, X. X.; Dickey, J. O.


    Analysis of 24 years of lunar laser ranging data is used to test the principle of equivalence, geodetic precession, the PPN parameters beta and gamma, and G/G. Recent data can be fitted with a rms scatter of 3 cm. (a) Using the Nordtvedt effect to test the principle of equivalence, it is found that the Moon and Earth accelerate alike in the Sun's field. The relative accelerations match to within 5 x 10(exp -13) . This limit, combined with an independent determination of y from planetary time delay, gives beta. Including the uncertainty due to compositional differences, the parameter beta differs from unity by no more than 0.0014; and, if the weak equivalence principle is satisfied, the difference is no more than 0.0006. (b) Geodetic precession matches its expected 19.2 marc sec/yr rate within 0.7%. This corresponds to a 1% test of gamma. (c) Apart from the Nordtvedt effect, beta and gamma can be tested from their influence on the lunar orbit. It is argued theoretically that the linear combination 0.8(beta) + 1.4(gamma) can be tested at the 1% level of accuracy. For solutions using numerically derived partial derivatives, higher sensitivity is found. Both 6 and y match the values of general relativity to within 0.005, and the linear combination beta+ gamma matches to within 0,003, but caution is advised due to the lack of theoretical understanding of these sensitivities. (d) No evidence for a changing gravitational constant is found, with absolute value of G/G less than or equal to 8 x lO(exp -12)/yr. There is significant sensitivity to G/G through solar perturbations on the lunar orbit.

  7. The exp1 gene essential for pileus expansion and autolysis of the inky cap mushroom Coprinopsis cinerea (Coprinus cinereus) encodes an HMG protein. (United States)

    Muraguchi, Hajime; Fujita, Takashi; Kishibe, Yuya; Konno, Kanako; Ueda, Nanae; Nakahori, Kiyoshi; Yanagi, Sonoe O; Kamada, Takashi


    The homobasidiomycete Coprinopsis cinerea is a member of the fungi known as inky cap mushrooms, and its fruiting-body pileus autolyzes soon after completion of the development. During the last 3h of the development, the pileus exhibits umbrella-like expansion: the pileal tissue is cracked at the base of each gill and then each gill tissue is split to form a V-shape, as seen in a cross section. We identified two C. cinerea mutants defective in both pileus expansion and autolysis. The defects in both mutants are due to recessive mutations in a single gene, designated exp1. The exp1 gene is predicted to encode an HMG1/2-like protein with two HMG domains. The transcription of exp1 is strongly induced in the pileus 3h before pileus expansion. This result, together with the fact that the exp1 mutations cause a specific developmental phenotype, suggest that Exp1 is a novel, transcriptional regulator controlling the final phase of fruiting-body morphogenesis.

  8. Le laboratoire de pédagogie expérimentale de la Grange-aux-Belles :


    Ouvrier-Bonnaz, Régis


    Dans cette communication nous étudions le contexte de création en 1905, à l’initiative de Binet, du Laboratoire de pédagogie expérimentale dans une école primaire du Xème arrondissement de Paris au 36 de la rue de la Grange-aux-Belles. Cette étude nous donne l’occasion de nous interroger sur le rôle joué par Victor Vaney, le directeur de cette école, dont l’influence sur les travaux de Binet nous semble avoir été sous estimée. Nous analysons comment la création de ce laboratoire, aboutissemen...

  9. Modeling the vertical profiles of the index of refraction and (C(sub n))(exp 2) in marine atmosphere (United States)

    Claverie, Jacques; Hurtaud, Yvonick; Defromont, Yannick; Junchat, Alain


    The determination of the conditions of propagation, for systems evolving/moving in the CLSO (Boundary layer of Oceanic Surface), requires the knowledge of the vertical profile of index of refraction. From simple weather measurements, the model PIRAM (Profiles of Index of Refraction in Atmosphere Navy) makes it possible to calculate this profile starting from the vertical profiles of temperature and moisture. PIRAM takes again, with the help of some modifications, the step followed in the Bulk-CELAR model conceived initially for the radio frequencies. Calculations from now on were extended to the optical field. PIRAM also allows the modeling of the vertical profile of the structural parameter of the index of refraction of the air (C(sub n))(exp 2). This new modeling will have to be validated by experimental data. Near the coasts, the knowledge of the vertical profiles is however not always sufficient, because in particular of the horizontal inhomogeneousness of the channel of propagation.

  10. La révélation expérimentale des préférences des consommateurs


    Pierre Combris; Bernard Ruffieux


    Sur des marchés très segmentés où l'information joue un rôle considérable, l'estimation des consentements à payer pour des produits ayant des caractéristiques spécifiques est une question centrale. Les méthodes de l'économie expérimentale ont pour but d'inciter les individus à révéler leurs consentements à payer dans un environnement où l'apport d'information est contrôlé. Appliquées à différents types de produits (aliments contenant des OGM, vin, Champagne, …), dont on révèle progressivement...

  11. Etude expérimentale et modélisation des écoulements liquide-liquide en conduite horizontale


    Conan, Christophe


    Dans ce travail, une étude expérimentale des écoulements liquide-liquide en régime dispersé-stratifié est présentée. La formation d’une émulsion concentrée, issue de la décantation de gouttes dans la partie supérieure de la conduite, peut mener à une augmentation brusque de la perte de charge. Une analyse locale de l’hydrodynamique, réalisée par PIV, nous engage à envisager une modélisation à « deux fluides »: le facteur de frottement pariétal de la couche continue vérifie la loi de Blasius e...

  12. Découvre les sciences avec les petits débrouillards 39 expériences faciles et amusantes

    CERN Document Server


    Comment plier des os sans les casser ? Peut-on enlever la rouille d’un vieux clou ? Est-ce facile de multiplier une plante ? Comment fabriquer un mini-geyser ? Un anneau de papier qui n’a qu’une seule face, est-ce possible ? Voilà quelques-unes des 40 énigmes et expériences que ce livre propose aux jeunes lecteurs curieux de comprendre le monde et les phénomènes qui les entourent. Une initiation aux grands principes de la physique, de la chimie et de la biologie, pour s’étonner et aussi épater ses amis ou sa famille.

  13. Continuations intra- et interphrastiques du français : premiers résultats expérimentaux

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bartkova Katarina


    Full Text Available Continuations intra et interphrastiques du français : premiers résultats expérimentaux Cet article rend compte d’un certain nombre d’observations pour l’étude des continuations mineures et majeures en français. Ces observations ont été obtenues dans le cadre d’un projet en cours sur les patrons prosodiques non-conclusifs en français et en anglais. Ici, Nous discutons plus particulièrement les variations de pente concernant deux types de configurations continuatives : (i le segment final d’un SN sujet dans une phrase simple déclarative, suivie ou non d’une autre phrase, (ii le segment final de X dans une suite complexe de type XY où X et Y sont des phrases simples reliées par une relation de discours, marquée ou non par une conjonction. A l’issu d’un protocole expérimental contrastant huit configurations proposées à trente deux sujets, nous avons relevé les valeurs de F0 toutes les 10 ms sur les segments finaux du SN et de X. En calculant le coefficient de la droite de régression correspondant à ce segment, nous avons contrasté les différentes configurations. Les résultats vont dans le sens de l’existence deux types de continuation, conformément à une intuition répandue dans la littérature, mais montrent aussi que leur différence doit se décrire à l’aide paramètres plus complexes que ce qui est généralement proposé.

  14. Integrated In Situ Stress Estimation by Hydraulic Fracturing, Borehole Observations and Numerical Analysis at the EXP-1 Borehole in Pohang, Korea (United States)

    Kim, Hanna; Xie, Linmao; Min, Ki-Bok; Bae, Seongho; Stephansson, Ove


    It is desirable to combine the stress measurement data produced by different methods to obtain a more reliable estimation of in situ stress. We present a regional case study of integrated in situ stress estimation by hydraulic fracturing, observations of borehole breakouts and drilling-induced fractures, and numerical modeling of a 1 km-deep borehole (EXP-1) in Pohang, South Korea. Prior to measuring the stress, World Stress Map (WSM) and modern field data in the Korean Peninsula are used to construct a best estimate stress model in this area. Then, new stress data from hydraulic fracturing and borehole observations is added to determine magnitude and orientation of horizontal stresses. Minimum horizontal principal stress is estimated from the shut-in pressure of the hydraulic fracturing measurement at a depth of about 700 m. The horizontal stress ratios ( S Hmax/ S hmin) derived from hydraulic fracturing, borehole breakout, and drilling-induced fractures are 1.4, 1.2, and 1.1-1.4, respectively, and the average orientations of the maximum horizontal stresses derived by field methods are N138°E, N122°E, and N136°E, respectively. The results of hydraulic fracturing and borehole observations are integrated with a result of numerical modeling to produce a final rock stress model. The results of the integration give in situ stress ratios of 1.3/1.0/0.8 ( S Hmax/ S V/ S hmin) with an average azimuth of S Hmax in the orientation range of N130°E-N136°E. It is found that the orientation of S Hmax is deviated by more than 40° clockwise compared to directions reported for the WSM in southeastern Korean peninsula.

  15. L’expérience française de l’évaluation technologique interactive des recherches sur les vignes transgéniques


    Bertrand, Anne; Joly, Pierre-Benoit; Marris, Claire


    Dans cet article, les auteurs présentent une réflexion sur les jugements de légitimité de l’organisation de la démocratie participative en relatant l’expérience originale qu’ils ont conduite en 2001 et 2002 en France, dans le domaine de la recherche agronomique. Mise sur pied par l’un des trois grands organismes publics de recherche nationaux (l’INRA) qui souhaitait ouvrir la délibération sur sa recherche à des acteurs extérieurs, cette expérience pilote de coconstruction d’un programme de re...

  16. Measurements of Band Intensities, Herman-Wallis Parameters, and Self-Broadening Line-Widths of the 30011 - 00001 and 30014 - 00001 Bands of CO2 at 6503 cm(exp -1) and 6076 cm(exp -1) (United States)

    Giver, L. P.; Brown, L. R.; Wattson, R. B.; Spencer, M. N.; Chackerian, C., Jr.; Strawa, Anthony W. (Technical Monitor)


    Rotationless band intensities and Herman-Wallis parameters are listed in HITRAN tabulations for several hundred CO2 overtone-combination bands. These parameters are based on laboratory measurements when available, and on DND calculations for the unmeasured bands. The DND calculations for the Fermi interacting nv(sub 1) + v(sub 3) polyads show the a(sub 2) Herman-Wallis parameter varying smoothly from a negative value for the first member of the polyad to a positive value for the final member. Measurements of the v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) dyad are consistent with the DND calculations for the a(sub 2) parameter, as are our recent measurements of the 4v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) pentad. However, the measurement-based values in the HITRAN tables for the 2v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) triad and the 3v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) tetrad do not support the DND calculated values for the a(sub 2) parameters. We therefore decided to make new measurements to improve some of these intensity parameters. With the McMath FTS at Kitt Peak National Observatory/National Solar Observatory we recorded several spectra of the. 4000 to 8000 cm(exp -1) region of pure CO2 at 0.011 cm(exp -1) resolution using the 6 meter White absorption cell. The signal/noise and absorbance of the first and fourth bands of the 3v(sub 1) + v(sub 3) tetrad of C-12O-16 were ideal on these spectra for measuring line intensities and broadening widths. Our selfbroadening results agree with the HITRAN parameterization, while our measurements of the rotationless band intensities are about 15% less than the HITRAN values. We find a negative value of a(sub 2) for the 30011-00001 band and a positive value for the 30014-00001 band, whereas the HITRAN values of a(sub 2) are positive for all four tetrad bands. Our a(sub 1) and a(sub 2) Herman-Wallis parameters are closer to DND calculated values than the 1992 HITRAN values for both the 30011-00001 and the 30014-00001 band.

  17. Aerosol Optical Properties at the Lulin Atmospheric Background Station in Taiwan and the Influences of Long-Range Transport of Air Pollutants (United States)

    Hsiao, Ta-Chih; Chen, Wei-Nai; Ye, Wei-Cheng; Lin, Neng-Huei; Tsay, Si-Chee; Lin, Tang-Huang; Lee, Chung-Te; Chuang, Ming-Tung; Pantina, Peter; Wang, Sheng-Hsiang


    The Lulin Atmospheric Background Station (LABS, 23.47 deg. N 120.87 deg. E, 2862 m ASL) in Central Taiwan was constructed in 2006 and is the only high-altitude background station in the western Pacific region for studying the influence of continental outflow. In this study, extensive optical properties of aerosols, including the aerosol light scattering coefficient [Sigma(sub s)] and light absorption coefficient [Sigma(sub a)], were collected from 2013 to 2014. The intensive optical properties, including mass scattering efficiency [Sigma(sub s)], mass absorption efficiency [Sigma(sub a)] single scattering albedo (Omega), scattering Angstrom exponent (A), and backscattering fraction (b), were determined and investigated, and the distinct seasonal cycle was observed. The value of [Alpha(sub a)] began to increase in January and reached a maximum in April; the mean in spring was 5.89 m(exp. 2) g(exp. -1) with a standard deviation (SD) of 4.54 m(exp. 2) g(exp. -1) and a 4.48 m(exp. 2) g(exp. -1) interquartile range (IQR: 2.95-7.43 m(exp. 2) g(exp. -1). The trend was similar in [Sigma(sub a)], with a maximum in March and a monthly mean of 0.84 m(exp. 2) g(exp. -1). The peak values of Omega (Mean = 0.92, SD = 0.03, IQR: 0.90 - 0.93) and A (Mean = 2.22, SD = 0.61, IQR: 2.12 = 2.47) occurred in autumn. These annual patterns of optical properties were associated with different long-range transport patterns of air pollutants such as biomass burning (BB) aerosol in spring and potential anthropogenic emissions in autumn. The optical measurements performed at LABS during spring in 2013 were compared with those simultaneously performed at the Doi Ang Kang Meteorology Station, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand (DAK, 19.93 deg. N, 99.05 deg. E, 1536 m a.s.l.), which is located in the Southeast Asia BB source region. Furthermore, the relationships among [Sigma(sub s)], [Sigma(sub a)], and (b) were used to characterize the potential aerosol types transported to LABS during different

  18. Highly Accurate Potential Energy Surface, Dipole Moment Surface, Rovibrational Energy Levels, and Infrared Line List for (32)S(16)O2 up to 8000 cm(exp -1) (United States)

    Huang, Xinchuan; Schwenke, David W.; Lee, Timothy J.


    A purely ab initio potential energy surface (PES) was refined with selected (32)S(16)O2 HITRAN data. Compared to HITRAN, the root-mean-squares error (RMS) error for all J=0-80 rovibrational energy levels computed on the refined PES (denoted Ames-1) is 0.013 cm(exp -1). Combined with a CCSD(T)/aug-cc-pV(Q+d)Z dipole moment surface (DMS), an infrared (IR) line list (denoted Ames-296K) has been computed at 296K and covers up to 8,000 cm(exp -1). Compared to the HITRAN and CDMS databases, the intensity agreement for most vibrational bands is better than 85-90%. Our predictions for (34)S(16)O2 band origins, higher energy (32)S(16)O2 band origins and missing (32)S(16)O2 IR bands have been verified by most recent experiments and available HITRAN data. We conclude that the Ames-1 PES is able to predict (32/34)S(16)O2 band origins below 5500 cm(exp -1) with 0.01-0.03 cm(exp -1) uncertainties, and the Ames-296K line list provides continuous, reliable and accurate IR simulations. The Ka-dependence of both line position and line intensity errors is discussed. The line list will greatly facilitate SO2 IR spectral experimental analysis, as well as elimination of SO2 lines in high-resolution astronomical observations.

  19. 75 FR 38179 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Forms W-8BEN, W-8ECI, W-8EXP, and W-8IMY (United States)


    ... Internal Revenue Service Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Forms W-8BEN, W-8ECI, W- 8EXP, and W-8IMY... 104-13 (44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)). Currently, the IRS is soliciting comments concerning Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding, Form W-8ECI, Certificate...

  20. 78 FR 63570 - Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Forms W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E, W-8ECI, W-8EXP, and W-8IMY (United States)


    ... Internal Revenue Service Proposed Collection; Comment Request for Forms W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E, W-8ECI, W-8EXP, and W-8IMY AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury. ACTION: Notice and request for comments... Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding, Form...

  1. 75 FR 11185 - Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request; Reinstatement of OMB No. 0925-0601/exp. 02/28/2010... (United States)


    ... of OMB No. 0925-0601/exp. 02/28/2010, Request for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line To Be Approved for Use in NIH Funded Research ACTION: Correction notice. On March 2, 2010 the National Institutes of... public comment for an information collection entitled ``Request for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line to be...

  2. Range management visual impacts (United States)

    Bruce R. Brown; David Kissel


    Historical overgrazing of western public rangelands has resulted in the passage of the Public Rangeland Improvement Act of 1978. The main purpose of this Act is to improve unsatisfactory range conditions. A contributing factor to unfavorable range conditions is adverse visual impacts. These visual impacts can be identified in three categories of range management: range...

  3. Evaluation of [(11)C]methyl-losartan and [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 for PET imaging of renal AT1receptor in rats. (United States)

    Ismail, Basma; Hadizad, Tayebeh; Antoun, Rawad; Lortie, Mireille; deKemp, Robert A; Beanlands, Rob S B; DaSilva, Jean N


    The angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AT1R) is responsible for the main effects of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), and its expression pattern is altered in several diseases. The [(11)C]methylated derivatives of the clinically used AT1R blocker (ARB) losartan and its active metabolite EXP3174, that binds with higher affinity to AT1R, were evaluated as potential PET imaging tracers in rat kidneys. [(11)C]Methyl-losartan and [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 were synthesized by [(11)C]methylation of the tetrazole-protected analogs using [11C]methyl iodide. Tissue uptake and binding selectivity of [(11)C]methyl-losartan were assessed by ex-vivo biodistribution and in-vitro autoradiography. Radiolabeled metabolites in rat plasma and kidneys were analysed by column-switch HPLC. Both tracers were evaluated with small animal PET imaging. Due to better pharmacokinetics, [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 was further investigated via PET by co-injection with AT1R antagonist candesartan or the AT2R antagonist PD123,319. Binding selectivity to renal AT1 over AT2 and Mas receptors was demonstrated for [(11)C]methyl-losartan. Plasma metabolite analysis at 10 min revealed stability of [(11)C]methyl-losartan and [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 with the presence of unchanged tracer at 70.8 ± 9.9% and 81.4 ± 6.0%, of total radioactivity, respectively. Contrary to [(11)C]methyl-losartan, co-injection of candesartan with [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 reduced the proportion of unchanged tracer (but not metabolites), indicating that these metabolites do not bind to AT1R in rat kidneys. MicroPET images for both radiotracers displayed high kidney-to-background contrast. Candesartan significantly reduced [(11)C]methyl-EXP3174 uptake in the kidney, whereas no difference was observed following PD123,319 indicating binding selectivity for AT1R. [(11)C]Methyl-EXP3174 displayed a favorable binding profile compared to [(11)C]methyl-losartan for imaging renal AT1Rs supporting further studies to assess its full potential as a

  4. Stabilité d'un écoulement miscible radial en milieu poreux : étude théorique et expérimentale Stabilitv of a Radial Miscible Flow in Porous Media: Theoretical and Experimental

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bertin H.


    Full Text Available Les instabilités de déplacements miscibles radiaux en milieu poreux dues à un contraste de mobilité sont étudiées de manière théorique et expérimentale. Dans une première partie, la mise au point d'un modèle numérique bidimensionnel permet la visualisation mathématique d'une configuration instable. A partir des équations aux perturbations linéarisées, l'étude nous permet d'évaluer l'influence de chacun des paramètres conditionnant la stabilité d'un tel écoulement. Ces résultats, dans la gamme des paramètres étudiés, nous permettent d'établir un critère d'instabilité. La deuxième partie, expérimentale, nous permet de visualiser, grâce à une méthode optique basée sur l'effet Christiansen, des instabilités dues au contraste de mobilité (développement notable de digitations. L'interprétation des résultats expérimentaux est comparée aux prédictions théoriques. The instabilities of radial miscible displacements in porous media due to a mobility contrast are examined theoretically and experimentally. The first part describes a two-dimensional numerical model used for the mathematical visualization of an unstable configuration. On the basis of linearized perturbation equations, we can evaluate the influence of each parameter governing the stability of the displacement. In the range of parameters investigated, these results enable an instability criterion to be established. The second part is experimental. An optical method based on the Christiansen effect is used to visualize instabilities due to mobility contrast (appreciable development of fingerings. The interpretation of the experimental results is compared to theoretical predictions.

  5. Zircon U-Pb Ages of Tuffs and Volcaniclastic Sandstone of the Core Sample of IODP Exp. 322 at the Northern Part of the Shikoku Basin. (United States)

    Shinjoe, H.; Nakajima, T.; Orihashi, Y.; Saito, S.; Oda, H.; Danhara, T.


    We determined U-Pb ages of zircons from core samples of IODP Exp. 322 using the laser abrasion ICP-MS (VG Plasma Quad 3 with New Wave Research UP-213). Zircon crystals were separated from four felsic tuffs from the Unit V of Site C0011, and a volcaniclastic turbidite sandstone of the lowermost horizon of the Unit V of Site C0012. Both of the drilling sites are located off the Nankai trough on the Shikoku Basin of the Philippine Sea plate, southwest Japan. Zircons from two felsic tuffs from Site C0011 are euhedral crystals, and most of their 238U-206Pb ages range 13 - 16 Ma. Weighted means of the 238U-206Pb ages of these samples are ca. 14.3 Ma. The other two felsic tuffs include zircon grains with older ages (80 - 260 Ma), however, weighted means of the 238U-206Pb ages of population with young ages ranges 14.5 - 14.7 Ma. These ages are coincide with those of the intense felsic magmatism occurred in the forearc region of southwest Japan (14 - 15 Ma) just after the opening of the Japan Sea and consequent clockwise rotation of the southwest Japan. Some of the felsic igneous bodies of the middle Miocene southwest Japan ejected large amount of felsic materials resulting caldera formation. So the provenance of felsic tuffs from the core of the Site C0011 are presumed to be one of the felsic igneous bodies of the forearc region of southwest Japan. Turbidite sandstone from Site C0012 also includes Miocene zircon grains of which their weighted mean of the 238U-206Pb ages is ca. 14.2 Ma. Moreover turbidite sandstone contains zircons with various ages (19 - 2500 Ma). One of the possible origin of such old zircon grains is reworking from sediments of the accretionary complex in the forearc of southwest Japan. If we assume the present rate of convergence of the Philippine sea plate (ca. 4 cm/y) is invariant, the turbidite including both clastic sediment and coeval felsic igneous materials traveled ca. 600 km across the trench.

  6. MovExp: A Versatile Visualization Tool for Human-Computer Interaction Studies with 3D Performance and Biomechanical Data. (United States)

    Palmas, Gregorio; Bachynskyi, Myroslav; Oulasvirta, Antti; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Weinkauf, Tina


    In Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), experts seek to evaluate and compare the performance and ergonomics of user interfaces. Recently, a novel cost-efficient method for estimating physical ergonomics and performance has been introduced to HCI. It is based on optical motion capture and biomechanical simulation. It provides a rich source for analyzing human movements summarized in a multidimensional data set. Existing visualization tools do not sufficiently support the HCI experts in analyzing this data. We identified two shortcomings. First, appropriate visual encodings are missing particularly for the biomechanical aspects of the data. Second, the physical setup of the user interface cannot be incorporated explicitly into existing tools. We present MovExp, a versatile visualization tool that supports the evaluation of user interfaces. In particular, it can be easily adapted by the HCI experts to include the physical setup that is being evaluated, and visualize the data on top of it. Furthermore, it provides a variety of visual encodings to communicate muscular loads, movement directions, and other specifics of HCI studies that employ motion capture and biomechanical simulation. In this design study, we follow a problem-driven research approach. Based on a formalization of the visualization needs and the data structure, we formulate technical requirements for the visualization tool and present novel solutions to the analysis needs of the HCI experts. We show the utility of our tool with four case studies from the daily work of our HCI experts.

  7. Minnesota Pheasant Range (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — This dataset delineates the spatial range of wild pheasant populations in Minnesota as of 2002 by dividing the MN state boundary into 2 units: pheasant range and...

  8. Substring Range Reporting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bille, Philip; Gørtz, Inge Li


    We revisit various string indexing problems with range reporting features, namely, position-restricted substring searching, indexing substrings with gaps, and indexing substrings with intervals. We obtain the following main results. We give efficient reductions for each of the above problems...... to a new problem, which we call substring range reporting. Hence, we unify the previous work by showing that we may restrict our attention to a single problem rather than studying each of the above problems individually. We show how to solve substring range reporting with optimal query time and little...... for substring range reporting generalize to substring range counting and substring range emptiness variants. We also obtain non-trivial time-space trade-offs for these problems. Our bounds for substring range reporting are based on a novel combination of suffix trees and range reporting data structures...

  9. Program to perform research on use of lidar for range resolved turbulence measurements (United States)

    Moskowitz, Warren P.; Garner, Richard C.


    The design of a lidar system capable of measuring remotely range resolved atmospheric turbulence is presented. The connection between the measured quantities and the accepted turbulence strength parameter (C sub n)-sq is developed theoretically. Simulations of an operating system were made, and the results provide a measure of system capability. A typical value for (C sub n)-sq of 10(exp -16) m to the -2/3 power at 3 km vertical range is measurable with a 200 m range resolution.

  10. Substring Range Reporting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bille, Philip; Gørtz, Inge Li


    We revisit various string indexing problems with range reporting features, namely, position-restricted substring searching, indexing substrings with gaps, and indexing substrings with intervals. We obtain the following main results. – We give efficient reductions for each of the above problems...... to a new problem, which we call substring range reporting. Hence, we unify the previous work by showing that we may restrict our attention to a single problem rather than studying each of the above problems individually. – We show how to solve substring range reporting with optimal query time and little...... range reporting are based on a novel combination of suffix trees and range reporting data structures. The reductions are simple and general and may apply to other combinations of string indexing with range reporting....

  11. Compact Antenna Range (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Facility consists of a folded compact antenna range including a computer controlled three axis position table, parabolic reflector and RF sources for the measurement...

  12. Dryden Aeronautical Test Range (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Recently redesignated to honor Dr. Hugh L. Dryden, NASA's Dryden Aeronautical Test Range (DATR) supports aerospace flight research and technology integration, space...

  13. Étude expérimentale des performances thermiques d’un nanofluide: eau-éthylène-glycol-Al2O3

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Răzvan-Silviu Luciu


    Full Text Available Une nouvelle classe de fluides composée par des nanoparticules métalliques en suspension dans un liquide, appelée nanofluide, est apparue récemment. Quelques études numériques et expérimentales ont montré que ces nouveaux fluides possedent une puissance d’échange thermique remarquable, comparée aux liquides conventionnels. L’étude qui suit a le bout de montrer par voie expérimentale les performances thermiques d’un nanofluide composé d’oxyde d’alumine dispersé dans de l’éthylene-glycol en différentes concentrations, allant de 0 a 2%. Le dispositif expérimental est un échangeur a tubes concentriques en inox, avec écoulement du fluide chaud dans le tube central et du fluide froid dans le tube annulaire. Les résultats obtenus montrent que la présence des nanoparticules dans le fluide de base a pour effet une augmentation considérable du transfert thermique.

  14. On Range of Skill

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Thomas Dueholm; Miltersen, Peter Bro; Sørensen, Troels Bjerre


    size (and doubly exponential in its depth). We also provide techniques that yield concrete bounds for unbalanced game trees and apply these to estimate the Range of Skill of Tic-Tac-Toe and Heads-Up Limit Texas Hold'em Poker. In particular, we show that the Range of Skill of Tic-Tac-Toe is more than...

  15. Range Scheduling Aid (RSA) (United States)

    Logan, J. R.; Pulvermacher, M. K.


    Range Scheduling Aid (RSA) is presented in the form of the viewgraphs. The following subject areas are covered: satellite control network; current and new approaches to range scheduling; MITRE tasking; RSA features; RSA display; constraint based analytic capability; RSA architecture; and RSA benefits.

  16. Home range and travels (United States)

    Stickel, L.F.; King, John A.


    The concept of home range was expressed by Seton (1909) in the term 'home region,' which Burr (1940, 1943) clarified with a definition of home range and exemplified in a definitive study of Peromyscus in the field. Burt pointed out the ever-changing characteristics of home-range area and the consequent absence of boundaries in the usual sense--a finding verified by investigators thereafter. In the studies summarized in this paper, sizes of home ranges of Peromyscus varied within two magnitudes, approximately from 0.1 acre to ten acres, in 34 studies conducted in a variety of habitats from the seaside dunes of Florida to the Alaskan forests. Variation in sizes of home ranges was correlated with both environmental and physiological factors; with habitat it was conspicuous, both in the same and different regions. Food supply also was related to size of home range, both seasonally and in relation to habitat. Home ranges generally were smallest in winter and largest in spring, at the onset of the breeding season. Activity and size also were affected by changes in weather. Activity was least when temperatures were low and nights were bright. Effects of rainfall were variable. Sizes varied according to sex and age; young mice remained in the parents' range until they approached maturity, when they began to travel more widely. Adult males commonly had larger home ranges than females, although there were a number of exceptions. An inverse relationship between population density and size of home range was shown in several studies and probably is the usual relationship. A basic need for activity and exploration also appeared to influence size of home range. Behavior within the home range was discussed in terms of travel patterns, travels in relation to home sites and refuges, territory, and stability of size of home range. Travels within the home range consisted of repeated use of well-worn trails to sites of food, shelter, and refuge, plus more random exploratory travels

  17. De source sûre. Expérimentations croisées sur l’archive

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christine Jungen


    Full Text Available De source sûre. Expérimentations croisées sur l’archive. La notion d’archive va-t-elle de soi ? Ainsi, alors que l’historiographie occidentale a imposé l’archive comme fondement de régime de véridiction de l’histoire, deux entreprises concurrentes d’écriture de l’histoire s’affrontent en Jordanie : l’histoire académique d’une part, universitaire, qui a placé l’archive comme source exclusive de vérité objective au cœur de son entreprise historiographique ; l’histoire tribale d’autre part, qui met en compétition différentes modalités d’authentification, entre autorité de la performance orale et autorité de l’écrit, autorité du locuteur et autorité de l’archive. Dans cet article, je reviens sur les étapes qui m’ont progressivement permis de saisir la pluralité des registres dans lesquels se déploie le rapport à l’archive et à l’histoire en Jordanie.From a reliable source. Crossed experiments on archives. Is the concept of the archive as evident as it seems? While Western historiography has imposed the archive as the foundation for its regime of historical veridiction, two contrasting enterprises of writing history are currently competing with each other in Jordan. One is academic history, which has defined archives as the sole legitimate source of objective truth of the historiographical process. The other is tribal history, in which different methods of authentification compete, between the authority of oral performance and the authority of writings, between the authority of the speaker and the authority of the archive. In the present paper, I review how my own understanding of archives was confronted with the different ways people relate to archives and history in Jordan.

  18. Etude expérimentale du cliquetis à haut régime Experimental Study of Hight-Speed Knocking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guibet J. C.


    Full Text Available La première partie de cette étude a consisté à observer et à tenter d'interpréter l'action des conditions de fonctionnement et des paramètres de réglage du moteur sur la tendance au cliquetis à haut régime. On a montré ensuite que les différentes familles chimiques d'hydrocarbures qui constituent les carburants classiques présentent chacune un comportement bien distinct en fonction de la richesse, de la pression et de la température d'admission. On a également étudié l'influence de la teneur en plomb du carburant et du type d'alkyle de plomb employé. Quelques expériences ont été effectuées afin de déterminer l'incidence d'une réduction de un point de taux de compression sur l'exigence en octane à haut régime et sur l'action des caractéristiques de composition du carburant. Enfin, en déterminant le pourcentage de cycles soumis au cliquetis pour différentes avances à l'allumage, il a été possible de fournir quelques indications permettant de mieux caractériser l'intensité du phénomène. The first part of this study consists in observing and trying to interpret the effect of operating conditions and engine tuning parameters on the tendency for high-speed knocking to appear. The different chemical families of the hydrocarbons making up conventional fuels are shown to each have a quite different behavior depending on the fuel-air equivalency ratio and the admission pressure and temperature. The influence of the lead content in the fuel and of the type of lead alkyl used is also studied. Some experiments were performed to determine the influence of a one-point reduction in the compression ratio on the high-speed octane requirement and on the effect of fuel composition properties. Lastly, by determing the percentage of cycles accompanied by knocking at different spark advances, some indications were found for better characterizing the intensity of the phenomenon.

  19. Long range image enhancement

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Duvenhage, B


    Full Text Available and Vision Computing, Auckland, New Zealand, 23-24 November 2015 Long Range Image Enhancement Bernardt Duvenhage Council for Scientific and Industrial Research South Africa Email: Abstract Turbulent pockets of air...


    Houston, Robert S.; Bigsby, Philip R.


    A mineral survey of the Snowy Range Wilderness in Wyoming was undertaken and was followed up with more detailed geologic and geochemical surveys, culminating in diamond drilling of one hole in the Snowy Range Wilderness. No mineral deposits were identified in the Snowy Range Wilderness, but inasmuch as low-grade uranium and associated gold resources were identified in rocks similar to those of the northern Snowy Range Wilderness in an area about 5 mi northeast of the wilderness boundary, the authors conclude that the northern half of the wilderness has a probable-resource potential for uranium and gold. Closely spaced drilling would be required to completely evaluate this mineral potential. The geologic terrane precludes the occurrence of fossil fuels.

  1. Atlantic Test Range (ATR) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — ATR controls fully-instrumented and integrated test ranges that provide full-service support for cradle-to-grave testing. Airspace and surface target areas are used...

  2. Light Detection And Ranging (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) discrete-return point cloud data are available in the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) LAS format....

  3. On Range of Skill

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Thomas Dueholm; Miltersen, Peter Bro; Sørensen, Troels Bjerre


    is a small number, but only gave heuristic arguments for this. In this paper, we provide the first methods for rigorously estimating the Range of Skill of a given game. We provide some general, asymptotic bounds that imply that the Range of Skill of a perfectly balanced game tree is almost exponential in its......At AAAI'07, Zinkevich, Bowling and Burch introduced the Range of Skill measure of a two-player game and used it as a parameter in the analysis of the running time of an algorithm for finding approximate solutions to such games. They suggested that the Range of Skill of a typical natural game...... size (and doubly exponential in its depth). We also provide techniques that yield concrete bounds for unbalanced game trees and apply these to estimate the Range of Skill of Tic-Tac-Toe and Heads-Up Limit Texas Hold'em Poker. In particular, we show that the Range of Skill of Tic-Tac-Toe is more than...

  4. Amélioration de la maîtrise des risques dans les projets par l'utilisation des mécanismes de retour d'expérience


    Manotas Niño, Vanessa Patricia


    Pour améliorer l’analyse des risques dans les projets et renforcer son efficacité, les gestionnaires de projet devraient réutiliser les expériences et les bonnes pratiques acquises au cours de projets antérieurs. Le retour d’expérience constitue une source de connaissances importante pour réduire les niveaux d’incertitude et donc les risques dans les projets. Les méthodologies de retour d’expériences sont ainsi devenues réellement reconnues dans de nombreuses entreprises. Toutefois, ces entre...

  5. Range Selection and Median

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Allan Grønlund; Larsen, Kasper Green


    that supports queries in constant time, needs n1+ (1) space. For data structures that uses n logO(1) n space this matches the best known upper bound. Additionally, we present a linear space data structure that supports range selection queries in O(log k= log log n + log log n) time. Finally, we prove that any...

  6. Electric vehicles: Driving range (United States)

    Kempton, Willett


    For uptake of electric vehicles to increase, consumers' driving-range needs must be fulfilled. Analysis of the driving patterns of personal vehicles in the US now shows that today's electric vehicles can meet all travel needs on almost 90% of days from a single overnight charge.

  7. Overexpression of the carbohydrate binding module from Solanum lycopersicum expansin 1 (Sl-EXP1) modifies tomato fruit firmness and Botrytis cinerea susceptibility. (United States)

    Perini, M A; Sin, I N; Villarreal, N M; Marina, M; Powell, A L T; Martínez, G A; Civello, P M


    Firmness, one of the major determinants of postharvest quality and shelf life of fruits is determined by the mechanical resistance imposed by the plant cell wall. Expansins (EXP) are involved in the non-hydrolytic metabolic disassembly of plant cell walls, particularly in processes where relaxation of the wall is necessary, such as fruit development and ripening. As many carbohydrate-associated proteins, expansins have a putative catalytic domain and a carbohydrate-binding module (CBM). Several strategies have been pursued to control the loss of fruit firmness during storage. Most of the approaches have been to suppress the expression of key enzymes involved in the cell wall metabolism, but this is the first time that a CBM was overexpressed in a fruit aimed to control cell wall degradation and fruit softening. We report the constitutive overexpression of the CBM of Solanum lycopersicum expansin 1 (CBM-SlExp1) in the cell wall of tomato plants, and its effects on plant and fruit phenotype. Overexpression of CBM-SlExp1 increased the mechanical resistance of leaves, whereas it did not modify plant growth and general phenotype. However, transgenic plants showed delayed softening and firmer fruits. In addition, fruits were less susceptible to Botrytis cinerea infection, and the "in vitro" growth of the fungus on media containing AIR from the pericarp of transgenic fruits was lower than controls. The possibility of overexpressing a CBM of a fruit-specific expansin to control cell wall degradation and fruit softening is discussed. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  8. Publiwide Reader: évaluation de l'expérience utilisateur offerte par quatre applications de lecture numérique


    Joye, Angélique; Schneider, René


    Ce travail a pour objet l’évaluation de l’expérience de lecture offerte par les applications de lecture numérique développées par la startup fribourgeoise Publiwide. Ces applications ont pour vocation d’offrir une lecture agréable et engageante de fichiers en format Epub 3 à l’usager, quel que soit le support. Ces applications se déclinent en quatre produits en version bêta : Publiwide Web Reader, Publiwide Desktop Reader, Publiwide Ipad Reader et Publiwide Android Reader. Pour procéder à cet...

  9. Etude expérimentale d'une décharge d'arc électrique contaminée par des vapeurs d'isolants


    Cheminat, B.; Andanson, P.


    Une étude expérimentale a permis de montrer que la présence de vapeurs issues de certains isolants industriels entraîne une augmentation de la température, du champ électrique et de la conductivité thermique de la colonne d'un arc électrique ainsi qu'une diminution du temps d'extinction de l'arc. Les mesures sont faites par spectrométrie et par une méthode de sondes.

  10. Emergence du sujet-entrepreneur au Cameroun. L'engagement entrepreneurial saisi par la réappropriation subjective d'expériences socio-biographiques


    Amougou, Gérard


    Cette recherche traite de la dynamique de subjectivation portée par la figure du sujet-entrepreneur, évoluant en dehors du sérail étatique au Cameroun. Son expérience biographique laisse percevoir un modèle d’engagement dit entrepreneurial qui l’inscrit au cœur de l’histoire sociale et politique en cours. Le récit de vie laisse percevoir un souci pressant de réalisation de soi qui le pousse à relativiser les supports institutionnels classiques, et non moins contraignantes, de socialisation. D...

  11. La adopción a expósitos a través de los fondos notariales. La casa cuna de Antequera (1667-1800)"


    León Vegas, Milagros


    La Edad Moderna fue un periodo de estigmatización de los niños abandonados con apellidos de “Expósito”, “De la Cruz”, “De la Iglesia”. La salvaguarda del honor amenazado por el fruto de relaciones extramatrimoniales junto a la miseria omnipresente en las sociedades de aquella época, llevan a este colectivo a una muerte casi segura, ya fuera dentro o fuera de la inclusa, arrastrando consigo, si salían con vida, la marca del rechazo y la exclusión. Sin embargo, algunos de estos infantes, los me...

  12. L'analyse automatique des clichés associés aux détecteurs visuels en physique des particules. Traitement d'une expérience à haute statistique $\\overline{p}d A 4,72 GeV/c$ et exploitation des données des expériences EHS à haute résolution

    CERN Document Server

    Lutz, Jean-Robert

    L'analyse automatique des clichés associés aux détecteurs visuels en physique des particules. Traitement d'une expérience à haute statistique $\\overline{p}d A 4,72 GeV/c$ et exploitation des données des expériences EHS à haute résolution

  13. Long-range antigravity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Macrae, K.I.; Riegert, R.J. (Maryland Univ., College Park (USA). Center for Theoretical Physics)


    We consider a theory in which fermionic matter interacts via long-range scalar, vector and tensor fields. In order not to be in conflict with experiment, the scalar and vector couplings for a given fermion must be equal, as is natural in a dimensionally reduced model. Assuming that the Sun is not approximately neutral with respect to these new scalar-vector charges, and if the couplings saturate the experimental bounds, then their strength can be comparable to that of gravity. Scalar-vector fields of this strength can compensate for a solar quadrupole moment contribution to Mercury's anomalous perihelion precession.

  14. Online Sorted Range Reporting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brodal, Gerth Stølting; Fagerberg, Rolf; Greve, Mark


    We study the following one-dimensional range reporting problem: On an arrayA of n elements, support queries that given two indices i ≤ j and an integerk report the k smallest elements in the subarray A[i..j] in sorted order. We present a data structure in the RAM model supporting such queries...... in optimal O(k) time. The structure uses O(n) words of space and can be constructed in O(n logn) time. The data structure can be extended to solve the online version of the problem, where the elements in A[i..j] are reported one-by-one in sorted order, in O(1) worst-case time per element. The problem...... is motivated by (and is a generalization of) a problem with applications in search engines: On a tree where leaves have associated rank values, report the highest ranked leaves in a given subtree. Finally, the problem studied generalizes the classic range minimum query (RMQ) problem on arrays....

  15. Aerodynamics of Slender Bodies at Mach Number of 3.12 and Reynolds Numbers from 2 x 10(exp 6) to 15 x 10(exp 6) V : Aerodynamic Load Distributions for a Series of Four Boattailed Bodies (United States)

    Moskowitz, Barry; Jack, John R


    Pressure distributions for a series of four boattailed bodies of revolution were obtained and compared with theory for a Mach number of 3.12, a Reynolds number range of 2 x 10 to 6th power to 14 x 10 to the 6th power, and angles of attack from zero to 9 degrees. Second-order theory adequately predicted the pressure distribution for regions free of the effects of cross-flow separation.

  16. Lightning detection and ranging (United States)

    Lennon, C. L.; Poehler, H. A.


    A lightning detector and ranging (LDAR) system developed at the Kennedy Space Center and recently transferred to Wallops Island is described. The system detects pulsed VHF signals due to electrical discharges occurring in a thunderstorm by means of 56-75 MHz receivers located at the hub and at the tips of 8 km radial lines. Incoming signals are transmitted by wideband links to a central computing facility which processes the times of arrival, using two independent calculations to determine position in order to guard against false data. The results are plotted on a CRT display, and an example of a thunderstorm lightning strike detection near Kennedy Space Center is outlined. The LDAR correctly identified potential ground strike zones and additionally provided a high correlation between updrafts and ground strikes.

  17. Intergranular Pressure Solution in Nacl: Grain-To-Grain Contact Experiments under the Optical Microscope Dissolution sous contrainte dans NaCl : expériences de contact grain à grain sous microscope optique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Spiers C. J.


    Full Text Available Intergranular Pressure Solution (IPS is an important geologic lithification, compaction and deformation mechanism in a wide variety of crustal rocks. Experimental studies of IPS in quartz aggregates have not been very successful due to the low rate of IPS, and IPS experiments performed using wet halite as a rock analogue (Spiers and Schutjens, 1990; Hickman and Evans, 1991 have left uncertainty about the detailed IPS mechanism and grain contact structure/wetting in this material. The present study reports four contact dissolution experiments performed under the optical microscope to study the mechanism and kinetics of IPS at single halite/halite and halite/glass contacts loaded under brine (room temperature. Normal constant contact forces in the range 1. 0 to 2. 6 N were applied in the presence of NaCl-saturated brine, exerting stresses of 0. 8 to 7. 4 MPa. Time-dependent mass removal and convergence were observed at all contacts. In all cases, loading of the contact (or increasing the load on the contact led to instantaneous formation of a rough contact morphology, composed of a crystallographically-controlled pattern of islands and channels with a length scale of several micrometers. This nonequilibrium microstructure evolved with time to an optically flat contact face while contact broadening and convergence continued. The smoothing/convergence process must therefore have involved diffusion of mass out of the contact, and expulsion of brine, through a connected brine phase within the contact. Whether a fine-scale rough structure persisted in contacts which evolved to optical flatness is not known, though post-test SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy observations suggest that it may have. If so, its amplitude was less than 500 nm. Measurements of dissolution rates enabled comparison with a model for IPS. The analysis suggests that solute diffusion through the contact boundary was probably rate-controlling, with the contact structure and

  18. The Caltech-NRAO Stripe 82 Survey (CNSS) Paper. I. The Pilot Radio Transient Survey in 50 Deg.(exp. 2) (United States)

    Mooley, K. P.; Hallinan, G.; Bourke, S.; Horesh, A.; Myers, S. T.; Frail, D. A.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Levitan, D. B.; Kasliwal, M. M.; Cenko, S. B.; hide


    We have commenced a multiyear program, the Caltech-NRAO Stripe 82 Survey (CNSS), to search for radio transients with the Jansky VLA in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Stripe 82 region. The CNSS will deliver five epochs over the entire approx. 270 deg.(exp. 2) of Stripe 82, an eventual deep combined map with an rms noise of approx. 40 proper motion epoch y and catalogs at a frequency of 3 GHz, and having a spatial resolution of 3 inches. This first paper presents the results from an initial pilot survey of a 50 deg.(exp. 2) region of Stripe 82, involving four epochs spanning logarithmic timescales between 1 week and 1.5 yr, with the combined map having a median rms noise of 35 proper motion epoch y. This pilot survey enabled the development of the hardware and software for rapid data processing, as well as transient detection and follow-up, necessary for the full 270 deg.(exp. 2) survey. Data editing, calibration, imaging, source extraction, cataloging, and transient identification were completed in a semi-automated fashion within 6 hr of completion of each epoch of observations, using dedicated computational hardware at the NRAO in Socorro and custom-developed data reduction and transient detection pipelines. Classification of variable and transient sources relied heavily on the wealth of multiwavelength legacy survey data in the Stripe 82 region, supplemented by repeated mapping of the region by the Palomar Transient Factory. A total of 3.9(+0.5%/-0.9%) of the few thousand detected point sources werefound to vary by greater than 30%, consistent with similar studies at 1.4 and 5 GHz. Multiwavelength photometric data and light curves suggest that the variability is mostly due to shock-induced flaring in the jets of active galactic nuclei (AGNs). Although this was only a pilot survey, we detected two bona fide transients, associated with an RS CVn binary and a dKe star. Comparison with existing legacy survey data (FIRST, VLA-Stripe 82) revealed additional highly

  19. Facteurs liés au diagnostic tardif du cancer du sein: expérience du ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Le cancer du sein est le premier cancer féminin en termes d'incidence et de mortalité. Au Maroc, il vient au premier rang des cancers de la femme avant celui du col utérin Il constitue un problème de santé publique. Son pronostic est étroitement lié au stade auquel le diagnostic est posé. Il s'agit d'une pathologie dont les ...

  20. Experimental Assessment of Battery Cycle Life Within the SIMSTOCK Research Program Évaluation expérimentale de la durée de vie de la batterie dans le programme de recherche SIMSTOCK

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gyan P.


    Full Text Available The steadiness over time, of on-board Energy Storage Systems (ESS performances is a major issue fora successful and massive diffusion of electrified, hybrid and electric vehicles. Capacity fade and internal resistance increase due to ageing will directly affect vehicle range and performances. Therefore, ESS ageing forecasting remains an important area of investigations. Reaching this goal involves fundamental research on materials, experimentation, simulation and design by the end users. This paper describes the main results of a 3.5-year, 4.2 M€ collaborative research program on battery ageing, SIMSTOCK, which was finished in fall 2011. This program has involved 15 partners among which, research labs, ESS manufacturers, automotive components suppliers and vehicle manufacturers, with the support of the French agency ADEME. This paper will then focus mainly on modeling and simulation of a lithium-ion high power cell tested within the program. First, it describes the development of a numerical equivalent electrical circuit model of battery, associated with a calibration tool and its experimental validation. Secondly, it describes the construction of a Design of Experiments (DOE, its use and validation, for defining mathematical expressions, representing the battery model parameters evolutions, as a function of battery ageing. Thirdly, the paper details a mathematical method created with the aim to take into account the cycling and the calendar effects on battery characteristics during the experiment on tests benches. Finally, the battery model is integrated in a full hybrid vehicle model, on Imagine Lab AMESim simulation platform, to determine, with realistic driving conditions, the impact of battery ageing on the vehicle performance and fuel consumption. La stabilité dans le temps des performances des systèmes embarqués de stockage d’énergie (Energy Storage Systems, ESS est un enjeu majeur pour une diffusion massive et le succès des v

  1. Préférences budgétaires des citoyens: résultats d'une expérience en ligne


    Foucault, Martial; Brouard, Sylvain


    Quelles sont les préférences budgétaires des Français sous contrainte de respect du critère de Maastricht (3% de déficit public) ? L’objet de cette note est de présenter les résultats d’une expérience en ligne où les répondants ont été mis en situation d’arbitre budgétaire parmi les 10 principaux postes de dépenses publiques de l’Etat. Trois résultats importants s’en dégagent : 1- les répondants expriment des choix cohérents avec leurs préférences politiques au détriment d’une rationalité pro...

  2. Lecture sensible et interprétation du paysage: analyse d'une expérience pédagogique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacqueline HERBILLON


    Full Text Available La lecture du paysage, qui permet une approche globale et systémique des contenus disciplinaires, nécessite un apprentissage.Une expérience pédagogique, menée avec une classe de Seconde, nous a conduit à élaborer une démarche paysagère comprenant d'abord une éducation au regard sensible puis interprétatif pour aboutir, grâce à une grille de lecture, à un modèle paysager général explicitant les rapports entre la société et l'espace.

  3. Poésie et iconicité : concrétisme et expérimentalisme dans la poésie espagnole contemporaine


    Le Bigot, Claude


    Dans le sillage des avant-gardes littéraires des années 20, qui ont donné lieu en Espagne à une véritable floraison qu’on pourrait réunir sous le label du créationnisme, il se produit autour de 1968 un nouvel éveil contestataire qui affecte le domaine poétique que Ton désigne sous le terme d’expérimentalisme. Ce courant, animé principalement par des écrivains comme Fernando Millán, Joan Brossa, Francisco Pino, Ignacio Gómez de Liaño, José Miguel Ullán, a poussé dans ses ultimes retranchements...

  4. Etude expérimentale d'un écoulement à surface libre au-dessus d'un obstacle


    Vigié, Franc


    Ce travail a pour objet l'étude d'un écoulement à surface libre en présence d'un obstacle unique bidimensionnel placé sur le fond d'un canal. L'objectif est de déterminer quel est le rôle de l'obstacle et son influence sur la dynamique de l'écoulement. Deux obstacles, un demi-cylindre et un obstacle de forme gaussienne sont utilisés. Pour ces deux types d'obstacles, des mesures expérimentales de hauteurs d'eau au centre du canal permettent d'obtenir différents profils de surface libre. Ceux-c...

  5. Instabilité, solitons et solhiatons: une approche expérimentale de la dynamique non linéaire en fibres optiques


    Van Simaeys, Gaetan


    Il y a un demi siècle, Fermi, Pasta et Ulam découvraient la récurrence du même nom, et créaient une discipline nouvelle, la dynamique non linéaire. Leur expérience numérique consistait à exciter le mode fondamental d'une chaîne d'oscillateurs reliés entre eux par des ressorts linéaires et faiblement non linéaires. Alors qu'ils s'attendaient à ce que l'énergie se répartisse progressivement sur un large spectre en raison du couplage non linéaire, ils observèrent au contraire un échange périodiq...

  6. Infestation expérimentale de caprins par Schistosoma bovis et S. curassoni : effets pathogènes comparés


    Labbo R.; Boulanger D; Brémond P; Chippaux J.P.


    La mortalité et la morbidité spécifique dues à Schistosoma bovis et S. curassoni a été quantifiée chez des caprins élevés au Niger. L’étude a porté sur neuf animaux suivis pendant 380 jours après infestation expérimentale à l’aide de respectivement 1 800 et 2400 cercaires. S. bovis s’est révélé significativement plus pathogène que S. curassoni que ce soit en termes de mortalité, de perte de poids ou d’altération de l’hématocrite. L’intensité des symptômes cliniques s’est en outre révélée être...

  7. Etude expérimentale de l'ébullition convective en milieu poreux : assèchement et flux critique


    Gourbil, Ange


    Cette thèse est motivée par le besoin de compléter les connaissances actuelles des phénomènes ayant lieu lors d’un renvoi d’eau dans un lit de débris radioactifs, opération appelée « renoyage » et qui intervient dans une séquence d’accident grave où un cœur de réacteur nucléaire est dégradé suite à une perte prolongée de refroidissement primaire. Notre étude, de nature expérimentale, vise à mieux caractériser la crise d’ébullition en convection forcée, dans un milieu poreux chauffant. Le cœur...

  8. L’expérience d’un partenariat entre deux institutions muséales à caractère scientifique


    Galangau-Quérat, Fabienne


    L’expérience relatée est celle d’un partenariat entre deux musées nationaux d’histoire naturelle, le Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle de Paris (MNHN) et le National Museum of Namibia (NMN) à Windhoek. En 2002, la directrice du Musée national de Namibie venait faire un séjour à Paris pour visiter les musées français et rencontrer des professionnels de musée. Au Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, elle fut accueillie par un enseignant-chercheur en muséologie (l’auteur de ce texte). De cet...

  9. Getting a grip on illusions: replicating Stöttinger et al [Exp Brain Res (2010) 202:79-88] results with 3-D objects. (United States)

    Stöttinger, Elisabeth; Pfusterschmied, Jürgen; Wagner, Herbert; Danckert, James; Anderson, Britt; Perner, Josef


    Studies using visual illusions to demonstrate a dissociation within the visual system can provide relevant and decisive data only if certain methodological points are taken into account. Although, our previous work (Stöttinger et al. in Exp Brain Res 202:88-97, 2010) followed these points, the task made use of only 2-D stimuli which may raise doubts concerning the nature of grasping in that experiment. We therefore replicated the study using a 3-D version of the empty space illusion. Consistent with the earlier study, that used 2-D stimuli, we found that grip aperture followed actual target size independent of illusory effects, while perceived length, as indicated by finger-thumb span, clearly was subject to the illusion. Therefore, the prior results cannot be due to the use of 2-D stimuli. Together, these two studies provide clear evidence for the perception versus action hypothesis.

  10. La modélisation des réseaux d’habitat en archéologie: trois expériences.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laure Nuninger


    Full Text Available Cet article est le résultat d’une collaboration entre archéologues et géographes utilisant les principes d’un modèle classique d’analyse spatiale, le modèle de gravité, pour formaliser les interactions entre des établissements humains à des époques anciennes (y compris protohistoriques. Trois expériences ont été réunies afin de rendre compte de l’émergence d’une démarche et de son adaptation/enrichissement selon l’époque, l’espace considérés et les hypothèses sur l’organisation des sociétés correspondantes.

  11. Bioaccumulation d'un polychlorobiphényle commercial dans une chaîne trophodynamique expérimentale en eau douce

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    CAZIN J. C.


    Full Text Available Ce travail décrit les conditions d'expérimentation d'un polychlorobiphényle commercial sur les différents maillons d'une chaîne alimentaire en eau douce : algues-crustacés-poissons. Après avoir déterminé les modalités de contamination compatibles avec la croissance normale des organismes végétaux et animaux, les cinétiques de concentration au niveau de chaque espèce, l'association des différents maillons a permis d'apprécier l'importance du transfert biologique du polluant qui apparaît limité, aux environs de 10 ppm, par l'état d'équilibre qui s'installe progressivement dans le milieu aquatique.

  12. Initier au projet par le jeu. Evaluation d’une expérimentation en école d’ingénieurs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caroline Verzat


    Full Text Available Cette communication s’appuie sur une recherche-action menée à l’automne 2006 auprès des élèves ingénieurs de l’Ecole Centrale de Lille (Bac + 3 et 4. Elle évalue l’impact d’un jeu de construction utilisant des spaghettis sur la capacité des équipes d’étudiants à émettre des idées créatives, à constituer des groupes, à gérer leurs relations au sein de ces groupes et à apprendre de leurs expériences. L’impact du jeu est mesuré par l’analyse des retours d’expérience en séance, puis par le suivi des équipes de projet réel qui démarrent ensuite. Sont examinés la composition des équipes, l’origine des sujets six semaines plus tard, puis les auto-évaluations du travail en équipe au bout de trois mois.This paper is based on an action-research, conducted with students in engineering at the Ecole Centrale de Lille in 2006. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the effects of a construction game using spaghettis on the students’ capacity to suggest creative ideas, to build and manage their team work and to learn from experience. These effects are measured through the immediate feedbacks on the game and the management of real project teams after the game. Items such as the composition of the teams, the origins of their subject six weeks later and self-evaluations of team management after 3 month are examined.

  13. Scenari + Moodle = une première expérience de classe inversée en génie des procédés au Cnam


    Debacq, Marie; Corsyn, Nicole; DELASTRE, François


    National audience; Cette communication présente une première expérience d'enseignement en pédagogie inversée en génie des procédés au Cnam. Cette expérience s'inscrit dans une progression de l'usage d'outils Tice dans cette formation sur dix ans. Il s'agit d'un tournant dans l'approche pédagogique, l'enseignante souhaitant évaluer le potentiel de cette stratégie.Cette première expérience apparaît globalement très positive, avec notamment une acquisition des savoirs et des compétences sensible...

  14. Experience with CO2 Eor Process in Hungary Expérience du procédé de récupération assistée du pétrole par le CO2 en Hongrie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nemeth G.


    Full Text Available In Hungary, the CO2 injection EOR technology began in the mid 1960s. Since then, this method has achieved a wide range of field applications. Its special feature is that there is no miscibility. This article describes two types of field application: using CO2 in sandstone reservoirs and in karstic- limestone ones. The mechanism of displacement in such reservoirs is quite different. This article summarizes the exploitation technology used and its development, field experience and results, considering sandstone and the karstic reservoirs separately. La récupération assistée du pétrole par injection de CO2 a débuté en Hongrie au milieu des années 60. Depuis lors, cette méthode a été largement développée dans des applications à l'échelle du gisement. La caractéristique principale de cette méthode est qu'il n'y a pas de miscibilité. Les auteurs développent dans cet article deux types d'application sur champ : l'utilisation du CO2 dans le cas, d'une part de réservoirs gréseux et d'autre part de réservoirs karstiques-calca ires. Le mécanisme du déplacement dans ces deux types de réservoirs est assez différent. Cet article résume la technologie d'exploitation utilisée, ainsi que son développement, les expériences sur champ et les résultats obtenus, en considérant séparément les réservoirs gréseux et karstiques.

  15. Etude expérimentale et numérique de la dissolution d’un polluant hydrocarboné dans un milieu poreux hétérogène


    YRA, Adrienne; AHMADI-SENICHAULT, Azita; Bertin, Henri


    Le travail présenté traite de la dissolution d'un solvant partiellement miscible dans l'eau en milieu poreux hétérogène saturé. Une étude expérimentale réalisée à la fois sur des milieux poreux microscopiquement et macroscopiquement hétérogènes met en évidence des phénomènes de non équilibre local. Une interprétation numérique des données expérimentales est ensuite décrite.

  16. Long-term variations of clay mineral composition in the Andaman Sea (IODP Exp. 353 Site U1447): preliminary result (United States)

    Lee, J.; Khim, B. K.; Cho, H. G.; Kim, S.; 353 Scientists, I. E.


    Clay mineral studies in the Bengal Fan have allowed the reconstruction of the erosional history of the Himalayan-Tibetan complex since the Early Miocene. Several factors such as climate change and tectonic activity are important for the erosion rate of the Himalaya-Tibet complex. IODP Expedition 353 Site U1447 (10°47.4'N, 93°00'E; 1391 mbsl) was drilled on a ridge 45 km offshore Little Andaman Island in the Andaman Sea, penetrating to total depths of 738 m. Riverine sediments supplied mainly by the Irrawaddy and Salween (draining the Indo-Burman Ranges; smectite-rich) and the Ganga/Brahmaputra (draining the Himalaya; illite-rich) via the surface currents have been known to deposit in the Andaman Sea. We measured clay minerals of 38 sediment samples collected from 150 to 737 m CSF-A at Site U1447 in order to reveal long-term variation patterns of clay minerals and their controlling factors. Age reconstruction of Site U1447 aided by shipboard biostratigraphic and paleomagnetic data defined the study interval spanning from the Late Miocene ( 10 Ma) to Early Pleistocene ( 1.25 Ma). At this interval, clay minerals consist mainly of smectite (28-61% with an average of 47%) followed by illite (20-41% with an average of 29%), kaolinite (9-19% with an average of 14%), and chlorite (5-15% with an average of 10%). Variation of clay mineral compositions is divided into three stages; almost consistent variations of all clay minerals (from 750 to 570 m CSF-A; 10.0 to 7.5 Ma), gradual decrease of smectite and increase of illite and chlorite (from 570 to 400 m CSF-A; 7.5 to 4.5 Ma), and great fluctuation of all clay minerals (from 400 to 150 m CSF-A; 4.5 to 1.1 Ma). Such long-term clay mineral changes may be related to provenance switches, tectonic evolution of the source regions, climatic variations, degree of volcanism with basin evolution, sedimentation history by sea level changes or some combination of these factors.

  17. La dialyse péritonéale chez les patients de moins de vingt ans: expérience d'un centre hospitalier universitaire marocain (United States)

    Haddiya, Intissar; Rhou, Hakima; Ezaitouni, Fatima; Ouzeddoun, Naima; Bayahia, Rabia; Benamar, Loubna


    Introduction La dialyse péritonéale (DP) est une méthode d'épuration extra-rénale qui offre plusieurs avantages chez l'enfant et l'adolescent. Le but de cette étude est de rapporter notre expérience de DP chez des patients jeunes âgés de moins de vingt ans, et soulever l'intérêt et les avantages de cette technique chez cette catégorie de patients. Méthodes Il s'agit d'une étude rétrospective incluant tous les dialysés péritonéaux âgés de moins de vingt ans au début du traitement par DP. Les paramètres de DP ainsi que les données cliniques et biologiques ont été recueillit et analysés. Résultats Parmi 41 dialysés péritonéaux dans notre centre, huit sont des enfants et adolescents. L'âge moyen de nos patients est 16,1±2,6. Le sexe ratio M/F est égal à 1,6. 37,5% de nos patients ont une activité professionnelle et 62,5% ont une activité scolaire. Ils ont tous gardé leur activité toute la durée du traitement par DP. A l'initiation de la DP, 62,5% étaient hypertendus alors qu'actuellement 25% seulement sont hypertendus et aucun patient ne présente de signes cliniques de surcharge. Le maintien de la fonction rénale et résiduelle (FRR) et une amélioration de l'anémie a été noté chez nos patients. Conclusion Notre expérience de DP chez l'enfant et l'adolescent est globalement satisfaisante. La DP a procuré plusieurs avantages dont le maintien d'une FRR, l'équilibre hydro-électrolytique, ainsi qu'une vie sociale éducative pour l'enfant et un maximum d'indépendance chez l'adolescent. Cette technique doit donc être encouragée surtout chez cette catégorie de patients. PMID:22937185

  18. Les expériences de victimisation, la santé mentale et le bien-être de jeunes trans au Québec (United States)

    Raymond, Guillaume; Blais, Martin; Bergeron, Félix-Antoine; Hébert, Martine


    Résumé Les normes traditionnelles de genre prescrivent l’adéquation de l’expression de la masculinité et de la féminité au sexe anatomique de naissance. Les personnes qui présentent des variations dans l’expression de genre sont sujettes à diverses formes de réactions sociales suggérant la réprobation (des regards désapprobateurs aux violences physiques) susceptibles d’influencer négativement leur santé mentale. Trente-sept (37) jeunes se décrivant comme trans ou en questionnement sur leur identité de genre ont été recrutés dans le cadre de l’enquête sur les Parcours Amoureux des Jeunes de minorités sexuelles du Québec. Leurs expériences de victimisation parentale et de victimisation basée sur la non-conformité de genre ainsi que des indicateurs de santé mentale (détresse psychologique, estime de soi) ont été mesurés. Afin de comparer les expériences de victimisation et l’état de santé mentale des jeunes trans, ils ont été appariés à 37 garçons et 37 filles cisgenres sur la base de leurs caractéristiques sociodémographiques. Des analyses de prévalence et un modèle acheminatoire ont été réalisés. Les résultats mettent en évidence que les jeunes trans sont plus susceptibles de présenter des scores cliniques de détresse psychologique et de faible estime d’eux-mêmes que leurs pairs cisgenres. La violence verbale parentale et la victimisation basée sur la non-conformité de genre influencent négativement l’estime de soi, ce qui en retour augmente la probabilité de vivre de la détresse psychologique. Les résultats appuient l’importance des interventions de soutien à la diversité sexuelle et de genre. PMID:26966849

  19. Grammaire de l’expérience romantique adolescente au Québec: une analyse sociosémantique des idéaux amoureux (United States)

    Blais, Martin; Hébert-Ratté, Roxanne; Hébert, Martine; Lavoie, Francine


    Cette étude vise à décrire, à travers les thèmes qu’évoque la plus belle expérience amoureuse chez de jeunes Québécois âgés de 14 à 19 ans, les formes sémantiques de l’amour contemporain ainsi que les attentes et les paradoxes dont elles témoignent sur le plan communicationnel. Au total, 6 961 jeunes Québécois âgés de 14 à 18 ans recrutés dans les milieux scolaires ont décrit leur plus belle expérience amoureuse vécue ou souhaitée. Une analyse des champs lexicaux, réalisée avec le logiciel Sémato, a permis de dégager six (6) formes sémantiques dominantes: 1) la fidélité, le respect et l’authenticité, 2) les références à la sensualité (embrasser et enlacement), 3) l’ancrage de l’amour idéal dans la compagnie de l’autre et des activités concrètes, 4) l’importance de la passion, de la magie (pour les deux genres) et, surtout pour les garçons, du plaisir, 5) l’ancrage de l’idéal amoureux dans des projets d’union et d’enfants, et 6) l’ancrage du couple dans des lieux précis, dans un quotidien ou des souvenirs tangibles. Ces formes sémantiques sont discutées en fonction des problèmes qu’elles ont pu résoudre et ceux qu’elles font émerger. Les différences de genre sont aussi discutées. PMID:27917004

  20. La participación femenina en la beneficencia española. La Junta de Damas de la Casa de Maternidad y Expósitos de Barcelona, 1853-1903

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana María Rodríguez Martín


    Full Text Available En este artículo se analiza la extracción social de las mujeres que, en la segunda mitad del siglo XIX, en España, formaban parte de las juntas de damas y de las comisiones de señoras que se dedicaban a la supervisión, y en algunos casos a la gestión, de los establecimientos de beneficencia. También se estudian las motivaciones de esta dedicación, sus objetivos y sus resultados. Asimismo, se analizan los principios que guiaron la labor de la Junta de Damas y de sus comisiones auxiliares, en la Casa de Maternidad y Expósitos de Barcelona, haciendo hincapié en sus actuaciones y sus consecuencias respecto a los expósitos pequeños, las jóvenes expósitas, las nodrizas y las mujeres que querían prohijar un expósito.

  1. Growth modulation effects of CBM2a under the control of AtEXP4 and CaMV35S promoters in Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana tabacum and Eucalyptus camaldulensis. (United States)

    Keadtidumrongkul, Pornthep; Suttangkakul, Anongpat; Pinmanee, Phitsanu; Pattana, Kanokwan; Kittiwongwattana, Chokchai; Apisitwanich, Somsak; Vuttipongchaikij, Supachai


    The expression of cell-wall-targeted Carbohydrate Binding Modules (CBMs) can alter cell wall properties and modulate growth and development in plants such as tobacco and potato. CBM2a identified in xylanase 10A from Cellulomonas fimi is of particular interest for its ability to bind crystalline cellulose. However, its potential for promoting plant growth has not been explored. In this work, we tested the ability of CBM2a to promote growth when expressed using both CaMV35S and a vascular tissue-specific promoter derived from Arabidopsis expansin4 (AtEXP4) in three plant species: Arabidopsis, Nicotiana tabacum and Eucalyptus camaldulensis. In Arabidopsis, the expression of AtEXP4pro:CBM2a showed trends for growth promoting effects including the increase of root and hypocotyl lengths and the enlargements of the vascular xylem area, fiber cells and vessel cells. However, in N. tabacum, the expression of CBM2a under the control of either CaMV35S or AtEXP4 promoter resulted in subtle changes in the plant growth, and the thickness of secondary xylem and vessel and fiber cell sizes were generally reduced in the transgenic lines with AtEXP4pro:CBM2a. In Eucalyptus, while transgenics expressing CaMV35S:CBM2a showed very subtle changes compared to wild type, those transgenics with AtEXP4pro:CBM2a showed increases in plant height, enlargement of xylem areas and xylem fiber and vessel cells. These data provide comparative effects of expressing CBM2a protein in different plant species, and this finding can be applied for plant biomass improvement.

  2. Infestation expérimentale de caprins par Schistosoma bovis et S. curassoni : effets pathogènes comparés

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Labbo R.


    Full Text Available La mortalité et la morbidité spécifique dues à Schistosoma bovis et S. curassoni a été quantifiée chez des caprins élevés au Niger. L’étude a porté sur neuf animaux suivis pendant 380 jours après infestation expérimentale à l’aide de respectivement 1 800 et 2400 cercaires. S. bovis s’est révélé significativement plus pathogène que S. curassoni que ce soit en termes de mortalité, de perte de poids ou d’altération de l’hématocrite. L’intensité des symptômes cliniques s’est en outre révélée être significativement et positivement corrélée au niveau d’excrétion fécale des oeufs. Un différentiel de croissance par rapport aux témoins non infestés de respectivement 1600 et 880 grammes par mois doivent inciter à considérer S. bovis et S. curassoni comme des parasites d’importance économique dans les pays sahéliens.

  3. Cryogénie hélium et efficacité énergétique: L'expérience du LHC au CERN

    CERN Document Server

    Claudet, S; Tavian, L


    Résumé La supraconductivité et la cryogénie hélium associée sont devenues des technologies clés des grands équipements de recherche en physique, et en particulier des accélérateurs de particules. Le coût thermodynamique du fonctionnement à basse température impose à leurs systèmes cryogéniques une haute efficacité énergétique dans la gestion des charges thermiques, la distribution des fluides et la production de froid, obtenue par une approche intégrée couvrant toutes les phases du projet, de la conception préliminaire jusqu'à l'exploitation. L'expérience du LHC au CERN vient illustrer le propos, tandis que quelques pistes de développements futurs sont évoquées. Abstract Superconductivity and associated helium cryogenics have become key technologies for large research infrastructures in physics, and particularly particle accelerators. The thermodynamic penalty for operating at low temperature requires their cryogenic systems to be highly energy efficient in managing heat loads, dis...

  4. Coordination de la sécurité de l'installation du LHC et de ses expériences

    CERN Document Server

    Vadon, M


    La coordination de sécurité pour l'installation du LHC et de ses expériences a été mise en place lors du démantèlement du LEP. Depuis, les contractants et les surveillants de chantier ont fait beaucoup de progrès en matière de sécurité et les procédures en vigueur sont maintenant suivies. Néanmoins, des accidents et incidents se produisent encore et pourraient être facilement évités. Un incident important, des dommages sérieux aux équipements, ou pire un accident mortel affecteraient sérieusement le projet LHC. L'analyse des causes des accidents récents révèle toujours une marge d'amélioration, en particulier en ce qui concerne l'analyse à priori des procédures l'installation et des méthodes de travail. L'intégration des aspects de sécurité dès la phase de conception et l'application stricte des règles dans tout le projet sont les clefs pour une meilleure sécurité des chantiers. Ceci ne peut être réalisable que si la sécurité est abordée de la même manière que la qualit...

  5. L’expérience de recherche de l’Alliance de recherche universités-communautés en économie sociale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Marc Fontan


    Full Text Available L’article qui suit présente le cadre de réalisation des travaux de l’ARUC-ÉS. Cette section rappelle la genèse du programme de recherche, ses objectifs, le partenariat qu’il implique et la façon dont les travaux sont conduits. Nous concluons cette section en présentant les principales leçons qui se dégagent de notre expérience et les défis qui sont toujours à relever. Au nombre de ces défis, nous retrouvons la question liée à l’éternel débat sur la finalité de l’économie sociale et la place et la fonction qu’elle occupe eu égard à la transformation d’ensemble du système socioéconomique de la société québécoise. Nous développerons quelques éléments de réflexion sur cette question, ce qui nous permettra de présenter les trois éléments clés qui structureront les travaux de l’ARUC-ÉS au cours des cinq prochaines années.

  6. Développement expérimental d'une ligne PIXE-XRF pour les matériaux du patrimoine (United States)

    Bertrand, L.; Calligaro, T.; Dran, J.-C.; Dubus, M.; Guerra, M. F.; Moignard, B.; Pichon, L.; Salomon, J.; Walter, P.


    L'analyse élémentaire d'objets d'art ou d'archéologie exige l'emploi de méthodes non destructives possédant une sensibilité suffisante- pour les éléments traces. La méthode PIXE (acronyme pour Particle Induced X-ray Emission) satisfait à cette condition tout en se heurtant à deux contraintes majeures : le risque de détérioration de matériaux sensibles tels que les matériaux organiques et la faible sensibilité pour l'analyse d'impuretés légères dans les matrices lourdes. Nous avons développé une nouvelle ligne expérimentale sur l'accélérateur de particules du Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France, permettant de s'affranchir de ces deux limitations en recourant à une variante de la fluorescence des rayons X, dénommée PIXE-XRF (XRF pour X-Ray Fluorescence). L'extraction à l'air du faisceau permet une souplesse du dispositif nettement améliorée.

  7. Expérience DIRAC

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: The DIRAC upstream vacuum channel placed between the target and the upstream detector region. Both the non-intracting primary proton beam and the seconday particle channel travel inside the shown vacuum channel. Photo 02: The DIRAC upstream detector region consisting of 4 planes of GEM/MSGC; 3 planes of Scintillating Fibres; 4 planes of Ionisation hodospope. The photo shows the cabling of GEM/MSGC (right end) and Scintillating Fibres (left end) detectors. Photo 03: Detailed view of the 4 GEM/MSGC planes. The secondary particle channel and the detectors are tilted by 5.7 degrees with respect to the primary proton beam channel visible on the bottom. Photo 04: View of the downstream part of the double arm DIRAC spectrometer, facing the direction of incoming particles. The Drift Chamber system, the scintillation hodoscopes and the threshold Cherenkov counters are shown in the picture. Photo 05: The DIRAC vacuum region between upstream detectors and the dipole magnet. The shielding around the primary pro...

  8. Ranging Behaviour of Commercial Free-Range Laying Hens

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonard Ikenna Chielo


    Full Text Available In this study, the range use and behaviour of laying hens in commercial free-range flocks was explored. Six flocks were each visited on four separate days and data collected from their outdoor area (divided into zones based on distance from shed and available resources. These were: apron (0–10 m from shed normally without cover or other enrichments; enriched belt (10–50 m from shed where resources such as manmade cover, saplings and dust baths were provided; and outer range (beyond 50 m from shed with no cover and mainly grass pasture. Data collection consisted of counting the number of hens in each zone and recording behaviour, feather condition and nearest neighbour distance (NND of 20 birds per zone on each visit day. In addition, we used techniques derived from ecological surveys to establish four transects perpendicular to the shed, running through the apron, enriched belt and outer range. Number of hens in each 10 m × 10 m quadrat was recorded four times per day as was the temperature and relative humidity of the outer range. On average, 12.5% of hens were found outside. Of these, 5.4% were found in the apron; 4.3% in the enriched zone; and 2.8% were in the outer range. This pattern was supported by data from quadrats, where the density of hens sharply dropped with increasing distance from shed. Consequently, NND was greatest in the outer range, least in the apron and intermediate in the enriched belt. Hens sampled in outer range and enriched belts had better feather condition than those from the apron. Standing, ground pecking, walking and foraging were the most commonly recorded activities with standing and pecking most likely to occur in the apron, and walking and foraging more common in the outer range. Use of the outer range declined with lower temperatures and increasing relative humidity, though use of apron and enriched belt was not affected by variation in these measures. These data support previous findings that outer range

  9. Ranging Behaviour of Commercial Free-Range Laying Hens. (United States)

    Chielo, Leonard Ikenna; Pike, Tom; Cooper, Jonathan


    In this study, the range use and behaviour of laying hens in commercial free-range flocks was explored. Six flocks were each visited on four separate days and data collected from their outdoor area (divided into zones based on distance from shed and available resources). These were: apron (0-10 m from shed normally without cover or other enrichments); enriched belt (10-50 m from shed where resources such as manmade cover, saplings and dust baths were provided); and outer range (beyond 50 m from shed with no cover and mainly grass pasture). Data collection consisted of counting the number of hens in each zone and recording behaviour, feather condition and nearest neighbour distance (NND) of 20 birds per zone on each visit day. In addition, we used techniques derived from ecological surveys to establish four transects perpendicular to the shed, running through the apron, enriched belt and outer range. Number of hens in each 10 m × 10 m quadrat was recorded four times per day as was the temperature and relative humidity of the outer range. On average, 12.5% of hens were found outside. Of these, 5.4% were found in the apron; 4.3% in the enriched zone; and 2.8% were in the outer range. This pattern was supported by data from quadrats, where the density of hens sharply dropped with increasing distance from shed. Consequently, NND was greatest in the outer range, least in the apron and intermediate in the enriched belt. Hens sampled in outer range and enriched belts had better feather condition than those from the apron. Standing, ground pecking, walking and foraging were the most commonly recorded activities with standing and pecking most likely to occur in the apron, and walking and foraging more common in the outer range. Use of the outer range declined with lower temperatures and increasing relative humidity, though use of apron and enriched belt was not affected by variation in these measures. These data support previous findings that outer range areas tend to be

  10. Osprey Range - CWHR [ds601 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  11. Short-range fundamental forces

    CERN Document Server

    Antoniadis, I; Buchner, M; Fedorov, V V; Hoedl, S; Lambrecht, A; Nesvizhevsky, V V; Pignol, G; Protasov, K V; Reynaud, S; Sobolev, Yu


    We consider theoretical motivations to search for extra short-range fundamental forces as well as experiments constraining their parameters. The forces could be of two types: 1) spin-independent forces, 2) spin-dependent axion-like forces. Differe nt experimental techniques are sensitive in respective ranges of characteristic distances. The techniques include measurements of gravity at short distances, searches for extra interactions on top of the Casimir force, precision atomic and neutron experim ents. We focus on neutron constraints, thus the range of characteristic distances considered here corresponds to the range accessible for neutron experiments.

  12. Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon (United States)

    Sherrod, David R.


    The Cascade mountain system extends from northern California to central British Columbia. In Oregon, it comprises the Cascade Range, which is 260 miles long and, at greatest breadth, 90 miles wide (fig. 1). Oregon’s Cascade Range covers roughly 17,000 square miles, or about 17 percent of the state, an area larger than each of the smallest nine of the fifty United States. The range is bounded on the east by U.S. Highways 97 and 197. On the west it reaches nearly to Interstate 5, forming the eastern margin of the Willamette Valley and, farther south, abutting the Coast Ranges

  13. Ranging Behaviour of Commercial Free-Range Laying Hens (United States)

    Chielo, Leonard Ikenna; Pike, Tom; Cooper, Jonathan


    Simple Summary Commercial free-range production has become a significant sector of the fresh egg market due to legislation banning conventional cages and consumer preference for products perceived as welfare friendly, as access to outdoor range can lead to welfare benefits such as greater freedom of movement and enhanced behavioural opportunities. This study investigated dispersal patterns, feather condition and activity of laying hens in three distinct zones of the range area; the apron area near shed; enriched zone 10–50 m from shed; and outer range beyond 50 m, in six flocks of laying hens under commercial free-range conditions varying in size between 4000 and 24,000 hens. Each flock was visited for four days to record number of hens in each zone, their behaviour, feather condition and nearest neighbour distances (NND), as well as record temperature and relative humidity during the visit. Temperature and relative humidity varied across the study period in line with seasonal variations and influenced the use of range with fewer hens out of shed as temperature fell or relative humidity rose. On average, 12.5% of the hens were observed on the range and most of these hens were recorded in the apron zone as hen density decreased rapidly with increasing distance from the shed. Larger flocks appeared to have a lower proportion of hens on range. The hens used the range more in the early morning followed by a progressive decrease through to early afternoon. The NND was greatest in the outer range and decreased towards the shed. Feather condition was generally good and hens observed in the outer range had the best overall feather condition. Standing, pecking, walking and foraging were the most commonly recorded behaviours and of these, standing occurred most in the apron whereas walking and foraging behaviours were recorded most in the outer range. This study supported the findings of previous studies that reported few hens in the range and greater use of areas closer

  14. Evaluation et développement durable :Retour d’expérience de la pratique de l’évaluation à l’ADEME

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eric Plottu


    Full Text Available L’ADEME a une expérience de l’évaluation des politiques publiques d’une douzaine d’années marquée par la création dès 1993 d’un service central dédié à l’évaluation. Ces évaluations visent à apprécier la pertinence, l’efficacité et l’impact des actions de l’Agence sur l’ensemble de ces champs d’intervention (énergie, déchets, air et transport, développement durable.  L’objectif de cet article sera de tirer des enseignements de ce retour d’expérience.  Nous nous appuierons notamment sur les études les plus récentes, en particulier les évaluations de démarches territoriales à forte composante développement durable (évaluation des Contrats Territoriaux Déchets, évaluation à mi-étape de la démarche ATEnEE pour discuter du lien entre évaluation et développement durable. Plus généralement, les évaluations menées au sein de l’Agence permettront de tirer deux types d’enseignements :sur les conditions de mise en œuvres et les attentes des cibles bénéficiaires relativement à une action publique visant à  favoriser le développement durable, en nous appuyant sur les résultats et les recommandations des évaluations menées ;sur la pratique elle-même de l’évaluation des politiques publiques, en particulier les spécificités de la conduite d’évaluations dans le domaine de l’environnement et du développement durable.      Outre les évaluations précitées de démarches territoriales visant à favoriser une approche globale des problématiques liées à l’environnement au sein d’un territoire, des évaluations d’actions de l’ADEME visant plus spécifiquement le citoyen et la sphère privée (entreprises seront étudiées. Elles permettront de dresser un panorama des conditions du développement de comportements favorables au développement durable de l’ensemble des acteurs présents sur un territoire.

  15. Desert Experimental Range: Annotated bibliography (United States)

    E. Durant McArthur; Stanley G. Kitchen


    Entries qualify for inclusion if they were conducted in whole or part at the Desert Experimental Range (DER, also known as the Desert Range Experiment Station) or were based on DER research in whole or part. They do not qualify merely by the author having worked at the DER when the research was performed or prepared. Entries were drawn from the original abstracts or...

  16. Gestion de l’usage d’une nappe par un groupement d’agriculteurs : l’expérience de Bsissi Oued El Akarit en Tunisie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iheb Frija


    Full Text Available En Afrique du Nord, de nombreux aquifères sont surexploités, principalement du fait d’une agriculture irriguée intensive. Cependant, les politiques publiques qui ont cherché à réguler cet usage se sont montrées jusqu’à maintenant peu efficaces, du fait du manque de moyens et parce que les agriculteurs les considèrent comme peu légitimes. L’article analyse un cas de gestion collective de l’usage des eaux souterraines par les agriculteurs eux-mêmes, dans le cadre d’une association au Sud de la Tunisie. Dans la zone de Bsissi Oued El Akarit, l’administration multipliait dans les années 1990 les procédures de contrôle des puits, conduisant à de nombreux conflits. En 1999, les agriculteurs et l’administration se sont mis d’accord pour qu’un groupement de développement agricole soit créé spécifiquement pour contrôler les puits et forages dans cette zone. Depuis, le groupement a effectivement réussi à mettre en oeuvre un tel contrôle, mais reste toujours fragile financièrement car il ne s’auto-finance pas. Le processus de concertation qui a conduit à ce dispositif de gestion a réussi grâce à : i la posture de l’administration, à la fois ferme en matière d’application des lois en vigueurs, et ouverte à la concertation avec les agriculteurs, et ii aux compétences et à la légitimité des leaders du groupement. Cette expérience montre que, dans certains cas, les agriculteurs peuvent devenir partie prenante d’une cogestion des eaux souterraines pour un usage durable de cette ressource.

  17. Analyse expérimentale du jet moteur d'un éjecteur a flux induit fonctionnant en régime mixte (United States)

    Desevaux, P.


    An experimental investigation of the driving (or primary) jet of an induced air ejector operating in a mixed flow condition is presented. This study is carried out using recently developed investigation techniques in order to measure the centerline static pressure, and to achieve the visualization of the flow in the secondary nozzle. The results permit the study of the driving jet expansion in the primary nozzle, and the detection of the appearance of the mixed flow pattern with separation. Effects of the driving and entrainment ratios on the behaviour of the driving jet, and on the recornpression and mixing processes in the secondary nozzle, are also examined. Suggestions for the design of the mixing tube are indicated. Une analyse expérimentale du jet moteur (ou primaire) d'un éjecteur à air induit fonctionnant en régime mixte est présentée. Cette analyse est menée grâce à l'utilisation de techniques d'investigation récemment mises au point, que ce soit pour la mesure de la pression statique le long de l'axe, ou pour la visualisation de l'écoulement dans la tuyère secondaire. Les résultats permettent de suivre la détente du jet moteur dans la tuyère primaire et de détecter l'apparition du régime mixte avec séparation. L'influence du rapport moteur et du taux d'entraînement sur le comportement du jet moteur, ainsi que sur les processus de recompression et de mélange au sein de la tuyère secondaire, est également examinée. Des suggestions concernant le dimensionnement de la chambre de mélange sont indiquées.

  18. Intégration des CLOM dans une université à distance – Retour d’expérimentation à la TÉLUQ

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilbert Paquette


    Full Text Available Dans une université à distance comme la Télé-université (TÉLUQ, pratiquant la formation à distance depuis plus de 40 ans et offrant la formation en ligne depuis une vingtaine d’années, l’intégration de cours en ligne ouverts et massifs (CLOM; MOOC en anglais se posait dans un contexte très différent de celui d’une université offrant principalement des cours en présence. Pour clarifier les enjeux, un projet pilote a été réalisé à la TÉLUQ à la fin de 2014 dans lequel deux cours ont été produits et diffusés à l’international en mode CLOM. Les objectifs de ce projet consistaient à évaluer les possibilités offertes par les approches pédagogiques réalisées dans les CLOM par rapport à celles en usage en formation à distances (FAD à la TÉLUQ; à établir un processus d’adaptation des cours en ligne pour une diffusion massive; à élaborer une stratégie de communication et de recrutement international pour ces cours et finalement à définir un modèle de diffusion cible pour les CLOM en prenant en compte les caractéristiques d’une université à distance comme la TÉ- LUQ. Cet article présente un retour d’expérience de ce projet pilote, ainsi qu’une synthèse du modèle de diffusion en mode CLOM qui en a résulté.

  19. Outreach Aboard the JOIDES Resolution During IODP Exp. 360: Bringing Cutting Edge Research on Mid Ocean Ridge Processes to Classrooms Worldwide (United States)

    Kavanagh, L.; Martinez, A. O.; Burgio, M.; Zhang, J.; Expedition 360 Scientists, I.


    In order to increase classroom engagement for the next generation of scientists, teachers must include current research in their curriculum. The JOIDES Resolution offers this opportunity to teachers worldwide. We recently served as four Education and Outreach Officers during Exp. 360: Southwest Indian Ridge Lower Crust and Moho. Our aim was to communicate the goals of the expedition to students and the general public through webcasts, social media, videos, and interviews. Prior to the expedition, I visited a number of schools in Texas and shared my upcoming experience with 800 teachers and students. Webcasts hosted during the expedition were tailored to the teacher's specifications of subject area and grade level. Students and teachers were able to witness cutting edge science during a tour of the ship and ask questions of those directly involved in the research. Lessons, resources, and videos featuring the scientific activities taking place and highlighting the workings of a research vessel were developed and will be featured at science teacher conferences at the state and national level. Upon my return home I visited schools that participated in webcasts and provided samples of peripheral rock material for instructional purposes. This expedition has also led to post cruise collaboration with some of the Expedition 360 scientists. My students will have the opportunity to do research with the microbiologists along the Rio Grande River and at Texas A&M University. Expedition 360 has opened up a multitude of opportunities for my students and those around the world that participated in the live webcasts. I was able to reach out to the same students multiple times during this experience which made it possible for them to connect with the science before, during, and after the expedition. These types of opportunities will inspire the next generation of scientists who will make advances towards new understandings of Earth's processes.

  20. Foraging optimally for home ranges (United States)

    Mitchell, Michael S.; Powell, Roger A.


    Economic models predict behavior of animals based on the presumption that natural selection has shaped behaviors important to an animal's fitness to maximize benefits over costs. Economic analyses have shown that territories of animals are structured by trade-offs between benefits gained from resources and costs of defending them. Intuitively, home ranges should be similarly structured, but trade-offs are difficult to assess because there are no costs of defense, thus economic models of home-range behavior are rare. We present economic models that predict how home ranges can be efficient with respect to spatially distributed resources, discounted for travel costs, under 2 strategies of optimization, resource maximization and area minimization. We show how constraints such as competitors can influence structure of homes ranges through resource depression, ultimately structuring density of animals within a population and their distribution on a landscape. We present simulations based on these models to show how they can be generally predictive of home-range behavior and the mechanisms that structure the spatial distribution of animals. We also show how contiguous home ranges estimated statistically from location data can be misleading for animals that optimize home ranges on landscapes with patchily distributed resources. We conclude with a summary of how we applied our models to nonterritorial black bears (Ursus americanus) living in the mountains of North Carolina, where we found their home ranges were best predicted by an area-minimization strategy constrained by intraspecific competition within a social hierarchy. Economic models can provide strong inference about home-range behavior and the resources that structure home ranges by offering falsifiable, a priori hypotheses that can be tested with field observations.

  1. Effet d'un sédiment marin sur le développement embryonnaire de mollusques bivalves : Optimisation du protocole expérimental et traitement des résultats


    Hoch, Thierry


    Les tests biologiques permettent de mesurer l'effet global d'une solution supposée polluée. Ils sont d'une grande importance dans la surveillance de la qualité du milieu marin. Les expériences décrites effectuées sur les embryons de mollusques bivalves, concernent le sédiment , qui accumule de nombreux produits toxiques. Afin d'obtenir rapidement des résultats précis, une optimisation du protocole expérimental est proposée. Le traitement des données, particulier, est abordé ensuite et une ana...

  2. Expériences proches de la mort (NDE) et autres états de conscience modifiés: difficultés, besoins et intégration


    Métrailler, Delphine; Berthod, Marc-Antoine


    Sorties hors-du-corps, rêves lucides, dialogues avec des personnes décédées, médiumnité, expériences proches de la mort… Plusieurs milliers de personnes vivent des phénomènes liés à des états de conscience modifiés. S’ils sont courants et bienvenus dans d’autres cultures et bien que de plus en plus de personnes s’intéressent à ces événements, ils sont encore peu connus et moins recherchés dans notre culture occidentale. De nombreux films comme "L’expérience interdite" de Joel Schumacher, "Gho...

  3. Reference Ranges & What They Mean (United States)

    ... Chains Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli Sickle Cell Tests Sirolimus Smooth Muscle ... If you're trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, take test results that are within range as ...

  4. Kenai National Moose Range Alaska (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This book presents a summary of the history, wildlife, recreational opportunities, economic uses, and future plans for Kenai National Moose Range.

  5. Exploration d'une expérience PV en champ électrique transverse, exploitant la détection par émission stimulée (United States)

    Jahier, E.; Guéna, J.; Lintz, M.; Jacquier, Ph.; Bouchiat, M. A.


    Nous présentons ici les premières étapes de la mise en place d'une expérience de violation de parité dans l'atome de césium, dans une nouvelle configuration expérimentale. II s'agit d'une expérience pompe-sonde, exploitant la détection par émission stimulée, où la transition d'excitation est assistée par l'application d'un champ électrique transverse. La possibilité d'appliquer un champ électrique transverse homogène dans une vapeur dense de césium vient de l'emploi de cellules en saphir, dont la conductivité électrique au contact du césium est de plusieurs ordres de grandeur inférieure à celles des cellules en verre.

  6. Influence du contexte expérimental sur l’interprétation des anaphores pronominales en français

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Colonna Saveria


    Full Text Available Cette étude présente les résultats de trois questionnaires réalisés en français afin d’observer les préférences d’interprétation de formes pronominales ambiguës. Plus précisément, nous nous sommes intéressés à l’influence du contexte expérimental sur l’interprétation de pronoms anaphoriques plus ou moins réduits. Dans un premier questionnaire, seules des constructions avec le pronom faible « il » étaient présentées. Un deuxième questionnaire comportait seulement la forme forte « lui, il ». Enfin, dans un troisième questionnaire les deux formes étaient mélangées afin d’observer si la présence, dans un même questionnaire, des deux formes (« il » et « lui, il » pouvait influencer leur interprétation. C’est seulement lorsque les deux formes sont présentées dans un même questionnaire que nous observons une division fonctionnelle entre la forme pronominale réduite « il » et la forme accentuée « lui, il ». La présence de « lui, il » dans le même questionnaire que le pronom « il », augmente les interprétations du pronom « il » en faveur du référent saillant (premier mentionné, sujet et topique et les interprétations de « lui, il » en faveur de l’antécédent moins saillant. Ces résultats révèlent à quel point les locuteurs sont rapidement capables d’adapter leur préférence d’interprétation à la présence de formes alternatives dans le contexte.

  7. Dosage de la 25 OH vitamine D: expérience du laboratoire central de biochimie clinique du Centre Hospitalier Ibn Sina (United States)

    Handor, Najat; Elalami, Sanae; Bouabdellah, Mounya; Srifi, Abdelatif; Esselmani, Hicham; Benchekroun, Laila; Chabraoui, Layachi


    La connaissance de la physiologie de la vitamine D a considérablement progressé ces dernières années, la faisant passer de simple vitamine à tropisme purement phosphocalcique et osseux à celui d'hormone jouant un rôle crucial dans de nombreux mécanismes physiologiques et dont le déficit est impliqué dans plusieurs pathologies. Nous présentons, dans ce travail, l'expérience du laboratoire central de biochimie dans le dosage de la 25 OH vitamine D. Enquête descriptive exhaustive portant sur les dosages de la 25 OH vitamine D effectués chez 350 patients du Centre Hospitalier Ibn Sina (CHIS). La méthode adoptée est un dosage immunologique par chimiluminescence sur microparticules réalisés sur l'auto-analyseur ARCHITECT 8200 (ABBOTT®) pendant une période de six mois (du 01 Juin 2011 au 31 Decembre 2011). Quatre vingt et onze pourcent des patients présentent une hypovitaminose. En effet 76,6% des patients souffrent d'une insuffisance en vitamine D, 12,3% de carence vitaminique et 2,6% d'ostéomalacie. L'hypovitaminose est associée dans 92,18% des cas à une normocalcémie, dans 76,87% des cas à une Hyperparathormone, dans 92,81% à des troubles thyroïdiens et dans 97,5% à une insuffisance rénale. Par ailleurs aucune relation statistiquement significative n'est établie entre l'hypovitaminose et le diabète. A la lumière des implications des hypovitaminoses dans plusieurs pathologies ou dans leurs complications et au vu du nombre élevé de patients présentant un déficit en vitamine D, il paraît judicieux d'envisager une étude épidémiologique sur le statut en vitamine D dans la population marocaine comme outil préventif avant d'élargir le dosage de ce marqueur biologique en vue d'une éventuelle supplémentation. PMID:25374649

  8. Rheology of Aqueous Foams: a Literature Review of Some Experimental Works Rhéologie des mousses aqueuses : revue bibliographique de quelques travaux expérimentaux

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Herzhaft B.


    Full Text Available Foam is a dispersed system and is unstable by nature, its rheological characterization is very difficult. Numerous parameters have to be considered and controlled: foam quality, i. e. gas volume fraction, foam texture (bubbles size distribution, size of the measurement apparatus compared to bubbles size, influence of foam production method, wall slip phenomena and foam compressibility. Foam must be stable and must not evolve during measurement time. These numerous parameters do explain there is no general view concerning the behavior of this kind of system. Influence of pressure and temperature has not been the subject of many studies, even on static foam. A rigorous experimental method should consider and control each of these parameters affecting foam stability and structure. La mousse étant un système dispersé et instable par nature, sa caractérisation rhéologique est délicate. De nombreux paramètres doivent être pris en compte et contrôlés : la qualité de la mousse (fraction volumique en gaz, sa texture (distribution en tailles de bulles, la taille de l'appareil de mesure par rapport à la taille des bulles, l'influence du mode de formation, le glissement aux parois et la compressibilité de la mousse. D'autre part, la mousse doit être stable et ne pas évoluer dans les conditions de la mesure. Ces nombreux paramètres expliquent qu'il n'y ait pas, à l'heure actuelle, de consensus concernant le comportement de ce type de système. L'influence de la pression et de la température (ne serait-ce que sur le comportement en statique de la mousse est très peu étudiée. Une étude expérimentale rigoureuse doit prendre en compte et contrôler tous les paramètres influençant la stabilité et la structure de la mousse.

  9. Levantamento pedológico da estação experimental de Pindamonhangaba A soil survey of the Pindamonhangaba agr. Exp. Sta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alfredo Küpper


    Full Text Available No presente trabalho são estudados, classificados e delimitados os solos da Estação Experimental de Pindamonhangaba. Êsse campo experimental possui uma área de 226 hectares, ou 93,9 alqueires paulistas, dedicando-se a pesquisas agrícolas. Os solos estão classificados em séries monotípicas ou tipos de solo, grande grupo, subordem e ordem, segundo a classificação climática. Acompanham cada série descrições morfológica e genética, bem como principais propriedades físicas e químicas. A fertilidade foi analisada somente pelas propriedades químicas de amostras compostas, colhidas em locais diversos dentro da Estação Os solos zonais, da subordem Latossolo, de boa drenagem, compreendem as séries Pinhão, Pinda, Polêmica e Ponte Alta, e os moderadamente drenados estão definidos pelas séries Guatemala e Gleba. Na categoria de intrazonais são encontrados os grandes grupos Glei Pouco Húmico (série Mosqueada e o Glei Húmico (série Estação. A eerie Dourada é a única que se enquadra no grande grupo Aluvião, da ordem azonal.A detailed soil survey of lhe Paraíba Valley (Taubaté basin is being carried on as a cooperative project between the Instituto Agronômico, Campinas, and the Serviço do Vale do Paraíba. As a part of this project, a soil survey of the Pindamonhangaba Agr, Exp. Sta. (226 hectares was made, the results of which are reported in this paper. The soils were classified in monotype series or soil types, Great Soil Group, sub-order, and order, according to the climatic classification. The fertility problems were studied on the basis of composile soil samples several site of the slatian. The zonal soils belong to the sub-order Latosol and were defined in soil types Pinhão, Pinda. Polêmica, and Ponte Alta, as well drained soils, and Guatemala and Gleba as moderately drained ones. As intraional soils was the Mosqueada series present, defined as Low Humíc Gley and Estação Series as Humic Gley. The Dourada

  10. Sulfur isotope geochemistry of the central Japan Sea sediments (IODP Exp. 346) 20 150 kyr ago: Implications for the evolution of Asian Monsoon climate system (United States)

    Oshio, S.; Yamaguchi, K. E.; Takahashi, S.; Naraoka, H.; Ikehara, M.


    Asian monsoon climate system has started about 50 Ma, after the collision of the Indian and Eurasian continents followed by uplift of the Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau. It has influenced sediments in the Japan Sea, where cm-scale alternation of Corg-rich dark layers and Corg-poor light layers occurs. This is most likely due to temporal changes in the nutrient status and/or oceanic redox conditions, which are likely caused by the fluctuations in the intensity of continental weathering and ocean currents, both of which were ultimately caused by the variable monsoon system. In order to obtain insights into the evolving oceanic redox state and the monsoon system, we conducted sulfur speciation and isotope study for the marine sediment core samples recovered in the central Japan Sea by IODP Exp. 346. The light layers have lower Spy (0.03-0.25 wt.%) contents when compared to the dark layers (0.26-1.49 wt.%). The Corg contents have similar distribution (0.34-1.10 wt.% for light layers and 1.16-3.38 wt.% for dark layers). However, the SSO4 contents (0.02-.64 wt.%) and the δ34S values (-34 to -38‰) did not show such light-dark distinction. Elevated Spy/Corg ratios (0.03-1.00) in the dark layers are interpreted to represent sulfide formation in the anoxic water column by bacterial sulfate reduction. During deposition of light layers, oxidation of sulfide minerals could have resulted in formation of sulfate minerals without significant isotope fractionation, as observed in this study. Regardless of the type of the sediments (dark vs. light), sulfate was not limiting during bacterial sulfate reduction, as reflected in the sulfur isotope compositions. We speculate that, during deposition of dark layers, enhanced summer monsoon activity caused heavy rainfall and increased source-rock weathering, runoff of the Yangtze River, and nutrient input into the East China Sea and the Tsushima Warm Current. Inflow of nutrient-rich and less salty water into the Japan Sea triggered

  11. GEA CRDA Range Data Analysis (United States)


    E1, July-August 1998 18 3.3. Example 3: SatMex, Solidaridad 2, May-June 1998 27 3.4. Example 4: PanAmSat, Galaxy IV, May-June 1998 33 3.5...17 Millstone measurements residuals for Telstar 401 on Days 181-263. 26 3-18 Millstone measurement residuals for Solidaridad 1 on Days 141-153...with 29 SatMex range data. 3-19 Hermosillo B-- Solidaridad 1 range residuals through Days 135-144 with bias 30 removed. 3-20 Iztapalapa D

  12. Radio pill antenna range test (United States)

    Cummins, W. F.; Kane, R. J.


    In order to investigate the potential of a proposed 'radio pill' beacon transmitter, a range test experiment was devised and carried out in the VHF frequency range. Calculations and previous work indicated that optimum sensitivity and, thus, distance would be obtained in this frequency range provided body radio-frequency (RF) absorption was not too great. A ferrite-core loop antenna is compatible with a pill geometry and has better radiation efficiency than an air core loop. The ferrite core may be a hollow cylinder with the electronics and batteries placed inside. However, this range test was only concerned with experimentally developing test range data on the ferrite core antenna itself. A one turn strap loop was placed around a 9.5 mm diameter by 18.3 mm long stack of ferrite cores. This was coupled to a 50 Omega transmission line by 76 mm of twisted pair line and a capacitive matching section. This assembly was excited by a signal generator at output levels of -10 to +10 dBm. Signals were received on a VHF receiver and tape recorder coupled to a 14 element, circularly polarized Yagi antenna at a height of 2.5 m. Field strength measurements taken at ranges of 440, 1100, and 1714 m. Maximum field strengths referenced to 0 dBm transmitter level were -107 to -110 dB at 440 m, -124 to -127 dBm at 1100 m, and -116 to -119 dBm at 1714 m when the antenna cylinder was horizontal. Field strengths with a vertical antenna were about 6 dB below these values. The latter transmit site was elevated and had a clear line-of-site path to the receiving site. The performance of this test antenna was better than that expected from method-of-moment field calculations. When this performance data is scaled to a narrow bandwidth receiving system, ground level receiving ranges of a few to 10 km can be expected. Clear line-of-sight ranges where either or both the transmitter and receiver are elevated could vary from several km to 100 km.

  13. Improved Range Searching Lower Bounds

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Kasper Green; Nguyen, Huy L.


    by constructing a hard input set and query set, and then invoking Chazelle and Rosenberg's [CGTA'96] general theorem on the complexity of navigation in the pointer machine. For the group model, we show that input sets and query sets that are hard for range reporting in the pointer machine (i.e. by Chazelle...

  14. Anatomy of a Mountain Range. (United States)

    Chew, Berkeley


    Provides written tour of Colorado Rockies along San Juan Skyway in which the geological features and formation of the mountain range is explored. Discusses evidence of geologic forces and products such as plate tectonic movement and the Ancestral Rockies; subduction and the Laramide Orogeny; volcanism and calderas; erosion, faulting, land…

  15. Mobile Lunar Laser Ranging Station (United States)

    Intellect, 1977


    Harlan Smith, chairman of the University of Texas's Astronomy Department, discusses a mobile lunar laser ranging station which could help determine the exact rates of movement between continents and help geophysicists understand earthquakes. He also discusses its application for studying fundamental concepts of cosmology and physics. (Editor/RK)

  16. Range Compressed Holographic Aperture Ladar (United States)


    step 1. This image can be obtained through any digital holography processing technique and contains no range information. Since the penny has a... digital holography, laser, active imaging , remote sensing, laser imaging 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT: SAR 8...30 15. Digital Hologram Image

  17. Mandibular movement range in children. (United States)

    Machado, Barbara Cristina Zanandréa; Medeiros, Ana Paula Magalhães; Felício, Cláudia Maria de


    identification of the mandibular movement range is an important procedure in the evaluation of the stomatognathic system. However, there are few studies in children that focus on normal parameters or abnormalities. to determine the average range of mandibular movements in Brazilian children aged 6 to 12 years; to verify the difference between genders, in each age group, and between the different age groups: 6-8 years; 8.1-10 years; and 10.1-12 years. participants of the study were 240 healthy children selected among regular students from local schools of São Paulo State. The maximum mandibular opening, lateral excursion and protrusive movements, and deviation of the medium line, if present, were measured using a digital caliper. Student T test, Analysis of variance and Tukey test were considered significant for p mandibular opening; 7.71mm for lateral excursion to the right; 7.92mm for lateral excursion to the left; 7.45mm for protrusive movements. No statistical difference was observed between genders. There was a gradual increase in the range of mandibular movements, with significant differences mainly between the ages of 6-8 years and 10.1-12 years. during childhood the range of mandibular movements increases. Age should be considered in this analysis for a greater precision in the diagnosis.

  18. Multiphase Reactors: Models and Experimental Verification Les réacteurs polyphasés : modèles et vérification expérimentale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dudukovic M. P.


    implementation of a convection dispersion model. The planned implementation of fan-beam tomography would quantify the two-dimensional holdup distribution and together with CARPT provide all the data necessary for verification of fundamental two phase flow models. Pressure drop, holdup, flow regime transition and phase distribution in trickle-beds has received considerable attention but no generally accepted theory for prediction of these quantities exists. Here we describe a phenomenological model for the low interaction regime which views the bed as an array of slits with liquid film flow. Universal velocity profile is used to describe the flow in both liquid films and the gas core and a large data bank for pressure drop and holdup was used to confirm that in the low interaction regime each of the two phases ignores the presence of the other one. The final model contains only two parameters, which are determined from single phase flow experiments, and contains no constants fitted to two phase flow data. The model predicts pressure drop and holdup in the uniform low interaction regime better than any of the existing models. Furthermore, introducing the Kapitza's criterion for laminar liquid film instability into the model the flow regime transition to pulsing is predicted well for all the data that satisfy the conditions for the theory to apply. Other pore level transition mechanisms are suspected for other data. The above phenomenological model is also used as a basis for predicting liquid distribution in a cell model of a trickle-bed. Experimental confirmation awaits the application of PET technology. L'identification et la quantification des régimes, des distributions des rétentions de phase, des schémas de flux et du mélange en retour sont d'une importance primordiale pour extrapoler à l'échelle et concevoir correctement les réacteurs polyphasés. Les modèles existants sont, malheureusement, bien souvent étayés par des résultats expérimentaux inadéquats. Nous d

  19. Short-range communication system (United States)

    Alhorn, Dean C. (Inventor); Howard, David E. (Inventor); Smith, Dennis A. (Inventor)


    A short-range communication system includes an antenna, a transmitter, and a receiver. The antenna is an electrical conductor formed as a planar coil with rings thereof being uniformly spaced. The transmitter is spaced apart from the plane of the coil by a gap. An amplitude-modulated and asynchronous signal indicative of a data stream of known peak amplitude is transmitted into the gap. The receiver detects the coil's resonance and decodes same to recover the data stream.

  20. Countering short range ballistic missiles


    Conner, George W.; Ehiers, Mark A.; Marshall, Kneale T.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Concepts commonly found in ASW search are used to model the flow and detection of mobile launchers for short range ballistic missiles. Emphasis is on detection and destruction of the launcher before launch. The benefit of pre-hostility intelligence and pre-missile-launch prosecution, the backbone of successful ASW, is revealed through the analysis of a circulation model which reflects the standard operations of a third world mobile mi...

  1. Medium Range Forecasts Representation (and Long Range Forecasts?) (United States)

    Vincendon, J.-C.


    The progress of the numerical forecasts urges us to interest us in more and more distant ranges. We thus supply more and more forecasts with term of some days. Nevertheless, precautions of use are necessary to give the most reliable and the most relevant possible information. Available in a TV bulletin or on quite other support (Internet, mobile phone), the interpretation and the representation of a medium range forecast (5 - 15 days) must be different from those of a short range forecast. Indeed, the "foresee-ability” of a meteorological phenomenon decreases gradually in the course of the ranges, it decreases all the more quickly that the phenomenon is of small scale. So, at the end of some days, the probability character of a forecast becomes very widely dominating. That is why in Meteo-France the forecasts of D+4 to D+7 are accompanied with a confidence index since around ten years. It is a figure between 1 and 5: the more we approach 5, the more the confidence in the supplied forecast is good. In the practice, an indication is supplied for period D+4 / D+5, the other one for period D+6 / D+7, every day being able to benefit from a different forecast, that is be represented in a independent way. We thus supply a global tendency over 24 hours with less and less precise symbols as the range goes away. Concrete examples will be presented. From now on two years, we also publish forecasts to D+8 / J+9, accompanied with a sign of confidence (" good reliability " or " to confirm "). These two days are grouped together on a single map because for us, the described tendency to this term is relevant on a duration about 48 hours with a spatial scale slightly superior to the synoptic scale. So, we avoid producing more than two zones of types of weather over France and we content with giving an evolution for the temperatures (still, in increase or in decline). Newspapers began to publish this information, it should soon be the case of televisions. It is particularly

  2. Le Gascon extravagant, la valeur de l’expérience et la fiction comme discours d’histoire (de Loudun

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurence Giavarini


    Full Text Available J’interroge dans cet article le rapport que le roman du Gascon entretient avec l’événement de la possession de Loudun qui n’y est jamais mentionné en tant que tel, mais sert constamment de référence à la lecture qu’on peut en faire. Comment l’écrit qu’est le Gascon participe-t-il de l’événement d’écritures qu’est, suivant l’analyse de Michel de Certeau, la possession de Loudun ? J’analyse successivement la façon dont la possession est d’emblée inscrite dans un lieu de la philosophie épicurienne, comment le récit enchâssé dans la fiction-cadre développe l’expérience du Gascon en une éthique du corps, et comment le roman peut ainsi se lire comme une « histoire de Loudun » en tant que symptôme. Le Gascon extravagant et sa préface se lisent ainsi comme des textes interrogeant dans la possession un théâtre du corps qui fonctionne à l’inverse d’une éthique des actions. Le roman serait une autre forme de consolation du problème religieux que la possession a « réglée » d’une manière spectaculaire et a-mémorielle, en se proposant pour sa part comme un fragment de mémoire gasconne et, sinon libertine, du moins protestante.Le Gascon extravagant, value of experience and fiction as a speech on the history (of Loudun : In this paper, I question the relation between the novel of the Gascon and the event of the demonic possession of the Ursulines in Loudun. This event is never mentioned, however it is constantly used as a reference in our way to read the novel. How the written piece that the Gascon is, does take part in the event of writings which is immediately this demonic possession, as stated by Michel de Certeau in his analysis ? I analyse first the way how this possession is immediately abscribed within a common place of the Epicurian philosophy, then how does the story embedded in the fiction-framework develop the gascon’s experience as a body ethics, and finally how the novel

  3. Filtrage actif des harmoniques en courant et en tension des reseaux électriques : modélisation, simulation numérique et expérimentation (United States)

    Lott, C.; Lapierre, O.; Pouliquen, H.; Saadate, S.


    calcul des puissances active et réactive instantanées donne des résultats satisfaisants. Des simulations numériques ont été réalisées. Enfin une maquette expérimentale de 100kVA a été réalisée et testée sur un site industriel. Les essais de la maquette ont montré de bonnes performances du filtre actif à thyristor GTO. Le filtrage en tension d'un jeu de barres perturbé par un convertisseur de 5MVA connecté sur un réseau amont a également été réalisé et étudié dans cet article.

  4. S’exercer à l’empathie : une expérience pédagogique en design d’intérieur

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rabah Bousbaci


    de l’autre, de le comprendre et de ressentir ses sentiments et ses émotions, est bien adapté pour explorer cette attitude. Cet article est composé de deux parties. La première présente une expérience pédagogique en design d’intérieur où des étudiants apprennent à se représenter les usagers de leur projet d’aménagement en utilisant un outil méthodologique appelé « boussole éthique ». Cette boussole est constituée essentiellement de trois pôles qui renvoient aux trois rapports fondamentaux de l’être humain tels qu’étudiés dans la tradition stoïcienne : rapport à soi-même, à autrui et à la nature. Dans la seconde partie, l’article met en relief plusieurs éléments théoriques qui permettent de comprendre, de consolider et, éventuellement, de faire évoluer les bases conceptuelles qui sous-tendent cette démarche. Il s’agira notamment des théories éthiques et de certaines approches spécifiques au concept de l’empathie.

  5. Truthful approximations to range voting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Filos-Ratsika, Aris; Miltersen, Peter Bro

    We consider the fundamental mechanism design problem of approximate social welfare maximization under general cardinal preferences on a finite number of alternatives and without money. The well-known range voting scheme can be thought of as a non-truthful mechanism for exact social welfare......-unilateral has an approximation ratio between 0.610 and 0.611, the best ordinal mechanism has an approximation ratio between 0.616 and 0.641, while the best mixed-unilateral mechanism has an approximation ratio bigger than 0.660. In particular, the best mixed-unilateral non-ordinal (i.e., cardinal) mechanism...

  6. Nonlinear dynamic range compression deconvolution (United States)

    Haji-Saeed, Bahareh; Sengupta, Sandip K.; Goodhue, William; Khoury, Jed; Woods, Charles L.; Kierstead, John


    We introduce a dynamic range image compression technique for nonlinear deconvolution; the impulse response of the distortion function and the noisy distorted image are jointly transformed to pump a clean reference beam in a two-beam coupling arrangement. The Fourier transform of the pumped reference beam contains the deconvolved image and its conjugate. In contrast to standard deconvolution approaches, for which noise can be a limiting factor in the performance, this approach allows the retrieval of distorted signals embedded in a very high-noise environment.

  7. Live Fire Range Environmental Assessment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The Central Training Academy (CTA) is a DOE Headquarters Organization located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the mission to effectively and efficiently educate and train personnel involved in the protection of vital national security interests of DOE. The CTA Live Fire Range (LFR), where most of the firearms and tactical training occurs, is a complex separate from the main campus. The purpose of the proposed action is to expand the LFR to allow more options of implementing required training. The Department of Energy has prepared this Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed construction and operation of an expanded Live Fire Range Facility at the Central Training Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Based on the analysis in the EA, DOE has determined that the proposed action is not a major Federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment, within the meaning of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969. Therefore, the preparation of an environmental impact statement is not required and DOE is issuing this Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

  8. Étude expérimentale du rôle de la phase liquide dans les phénomènes d’instabilités thermo-acoustiques agissant au sein de turbomachines diphasiques


    Apeloig, Julien


    Le travail présenté concerne l'étude des instabilités thermo-acoustiques apparaissant dans une chambre de combustion aéronautique. Le montage expérimental permet de faire varier continument les fréquences de résonances et de passer pour une même condition d'écoulement, d'un régime de combustion stable à un régime instable. La caractérisation complète d'un cas instable comprend une mesure des conditions acoustiques aux limites du banc, une analyse du comportement des phases liqu...

  9. La Franc-maçonnerie à l’épreuve de la Révolution française : Une expérience aux origines de la Franc-maçonnerie libérale


    Éric Saunier


    Après vingt ans de travaux réalisés en vue d’éclaircir la relation entre franc-maçonnerie et Révolution Française, il est temps d’extraire quelques enseignements concernant les expériences historiographiques. Ce qui nous permettra d’entrevoir les chemins qui s’ouvrent à nous dans la recherche sur cette sociabilité dans une des périodes les plus importantes de son histoire.

  10. L’environnement optimal d’apprentissage : contribution de la recherche empirique sur les déterminants psychologiques de l’expérience positive subjective aux sciences de l’éducation et de la formation des adultes.


    Heutte, Jean


    International audience; En tant que pionnier de la recherche empirique sur les déterminants psychologiques de l’expérience positive subjective, via l’élaboration de la théorie de l’autotélisme- flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi est l’inspirateur de la psychologie positive. Afin de mieux illustrer la portée de cette théorie majeure de la psychologie scientifique contemporaine, nous mettrons en lumière son importante contribution à la recherche fondamentale en sciences de l’éducation et de la forma...

  11. Thomas BOUCHET, Vincent BOURDEAU, Edward CASTLETON, Ludovic FROBERT, François JARRIGE [dir.], Quand les socialistes inventaient l’avenir. Presse, théories et expériences, 1825-1860


    Hincker, Louis


    La tradition du « socialisme utopique » – selon l’expression péjorative de l’époque – qui se forge à la fin de la Monarchie de Juillet est annonciatrice de la révolution de 1848. L’anathème de « socialistes utopistes », lancé par des conservateurs comme Adolphe Thiers aux réformateurs sociaux, entend disqualifier les doctrines qui remettent en cause l’ordre social bourgeois. Cet ouvrage collectif est l’aboutissement du programme ANR « Utopies 19 – Intellectuels et expérimentateurs socialistes...

  12. Dynamic range majority data structures

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elmasry, Amr Ahmed Abd Elmoneim; He, Meng; Munro, J. Ian


    data structure for answering range α-majority queries on a dynamic set of points, where α ε (0,1). Our data structure uses O(n) space, supports queries in O((lg n)/α) time, and updates in O((lg n)/α) amortized time. If the coordinates of the points are integers, then the query time can be improved to O......((lg n/(α lglg n)). For constant values of α, this improved query time matches an existing lower bound, for any data structure with polylogarithmic update time. We also generalize our data structure to handle sets of points in d-dimensions, for d ≥ 2, as well as dynamic arrays, in which each entry...

  13. Numerical and Experimental Study on the Combustion and Emission Characteristics of a Dimethyl Ether (DME Fueled Compression Ignition Engine Études numériques et expérimentales sur les caractéristiques de combustion et d’émissions d’un éther diméthylique (EDM- moteur à auto-allumage rempli de combustible

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kim Hyung Jun


    Full Text Available A numerical investigation was carried out to study on the combustion and emission characteristics of dimethyl ether (DME with wide ranges of injection timings in compression ignition engines. In order to simulate DME combustion processes, a KIVA-3V code coupled with a chemistry solver was used to solve the detailed chemical kinetics model of DME oxidation. In addition, the Kelvin-Helmholtz-Rayleigh-Taylor (KH-RT hybrid breakup model and Renormalization Group (RNG k-ε  models were applied to analyze the spray characteristics and turbulent flow, respectively. To predict the NOx formation during DME combustion, a reduced Gas Research Institute (GRI NO mechanism was used. From these results on the combustion and emission, the calculated results were compared with experimental ones for the same operating conditions. In the combustion characteristics, the calculated combustion pressure and heat release rates agreed well with experimental results. The levels of experimental NOx emissions was reduced as the start of the injection timing retarded, and also these trends appeared in calculated emission characteristics. Additionally, the calculated CO and HC emissions show an increasing trend as the start of the injection is retarded. Dans cette étude, nous considérons la simulation de la combustion du dimethyl ether (DME dans un moteur à allumage par compression. Les caractéristiques de la combustion ainsi que les émissions polluantes sont analysées sur une large gamme d’avance à l’injection. Afin de simuler le processus de combustion du EDM, le code KIVA-3V couplé à un solveur chimique a été utilisé pour résoudre la cinétique détaillée de l’oxydation du EDM. Le modèle de rupture de Kelvin-Helmholtz-Rayleigh- Taylor (KH-RT ainsi que le modèle de turbulence k-ε  RNG ont été appliqués pour analyser respectivement les caractéristiques du jet et l’écoulement turbulent. Pour prévoir la formation de NOx pendant la combustion

  14. La littérature comme expérience personnelle : la Macédoine et Stratis Myrivilis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Georges Kostakiotis


    Full Text Available L’écrivain Stratis Myrivilis traduit son expérience de la guerre en Macédoine, son désarroi en découvrant l’identité culturelle « macédoniens orthodoxes ».Cet article examine la relation de Stratis Myrivilis, écrivain grec né à Lesbos en 1890 et mort à Athènes en 1967, avec la Macédoine, qu’il a connue en tant que soldat pendant les Guerres balkaniques de 1912-1913 puis lors de la Première Guerre mondiale de 1917 à 1919, au travers de son roman La vie dans le tombeau publié de 1923 à 1924 et plusieurs fois réédité. L’article souligne le désarroi du narrateur qui s’exprime dans le chapitre « La Cité Fantôme », alors qu’il participe, en 1917, à la jonction des Grecs avec le front français, face à la complexité de la situation de la Macédoine où les frontières sont en permanente construction, où les guerres se succèdent et où les alliances se font et se défont au détriment des populations. D’une part il montre comment Myrivilis, dans les chapitres « La maison de la bonté » et « Zavali Maïko – Pauvre Mère », commente les sentiments des membres de la famille où, blessé, il passe sa convalescence, comment il analyse l’identité culturelle de ces gens qui ne se veulent ni Bulgares, ni Serbes, ni Grecs, mais seulement Macédoniens orthodoxes et enfin comment les habitants sont pris au piège de la rivalité gréco–bulgare entre le patriarcat Œcuménique et l’Église indépendantiste bulgare, l’Exarchat. D’autre part, il présente la position de l’écrivain qui semble prendre des distances quand le terme « Macédoine » est utilisé, par les voisins du nord, pour exprimer une entité politique et non géographique. En conclusion, l’article souligne l’humanisme de Myrivilis qui décrit les catastrophes de la guerre et la vanité humaine et prône la nécessité de surmonter les différences et de vivre ensemble en paix.This article examines the relationship of

  15. La crianza y educación de los expósitos en España entre la Ilustración y el Romanticismo (1790-1835

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: Cuando son escasos entre nosotros los trabajos específicos sobre los niños expósitos, entraña una evidente dificultad la elaboración de una síntesis como la que ahora presentamos. Solamente nuestro personal convencimiento de que, de vez en cuando, una oportuna reflexión retrospectiva y su constatación escrita, desde una perspectiva globalizadora, de cuanto se viene haciendo en un determinado campo de investigación, pueda estimular y orientar nuevos estudios, justifica el intento de superarar estos inconvenientes. Y si, por otra parte, se observa que aquellos pocos artículos o libros sobre los niños expósitos abordan, por ahora, solamente aspectos de demografía estadística, sociología o pediatría, no debe parecer desproporcionado el esfuerzo de abordar aquí el tema de la pedagogía con la intención de aportar algún dato nuevo a la historia educacional de la infancia en España.

  16. 29 August 2013 - J.-F. Jauslin, Directeur de l’Office fédéral de la culture (OFC) Ambassadeur suisse auprès de l’UNESCO et de l’OIF au 1er septembre 2013 Confédération suisse visite le centre visiteurs de l’expérience ATLAS ainsi que la caverne expérimentale d'ATLAS avec P. Jenny, ancien Porte-parole d'ATLAS. M. Bona, Conseiller du Directeur général pour les relations avec les Organisations internationales présent tout au long.

    CERN Multimedia

    Jean-Claude Gadmer


    29 August 2013 - J.-F. Jauslin, Directeur de l’Office fédéral de la culture (OFC) Ambassadeur suisse auprès de l’UNESCO et de l’OIF au 1er septembre 2013 Confédération suisse visite le centre visiteurs de l’expérience ATLAS ainsi que la caverne expérimentale d'ATLAS avec P. Jenny, ancien Porte-parole d'ATLAS. M. Bona, Conseiller du Directeur général pour les relations avec les Organisations internationales présent tout au long.

  17. Environnement alimentaire de la vente au détail et expériences de magasinage dans les collectivités des Premières nations du nord des provinces

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kristin Burnett


    Full Text Available Introduction : Cet article porte sur l'environnement de la vente d’aliments dans les collectivités des Premières nations du nord des provinces, en particulier sur la concurrence éventuelle dans la vente au détail de la North West Company (NWC ainsi que sur les expériences d'achats alimentaires de la population vivant dans le Nord canadien. Méthodologie : Nous avons utilisé deux méthodologies pour évaluer l’environnement alimentaire de la vente au détail dans le Nord. D’abord, nous avons cartographié les détaillants en alimentation du Nord afin d’examiner le degré de concurrence au détail dans les régions nordiques, en prêtant une attention particulière aux collectivités qui ne sont pas accessibles à l’année par la route. Ensuite, nous avons enquêté auprès des personnes vivant dans les collectivités du Nord canadien à propos de leurs expériences d’achat au détail et de magasinage. Résultats : Cinquante‑quatre pour cent des collectivités du nord des provinces et du Grand Nord n’avaient aucune épicerie en concurrence avec la NWC. Les provinces comptant les plus fortes proportions de collectivités nordiques sans concurrence dans la vente au détail étaient l’Ontario (87 %, la Saskatchewan (83 % et le Manitoba (72 %. Les participants au sondage (n = 92 ont fait état de leurs préoccupations quant à leurs expériences d'achat dans trois grands secteurs : le coût des aliments, la qualité et la fraîcheur des aliments et la disponibilité de certains aliments. Conclusion : La concurrence dans la vente au détail est limitée dans le nord des provinces. Au Manitoba, en Saskatchewan et en Ontario, la NWC ne fait face à aucune concurrence dans au moins 70 % des collectivités nordiques. Les consommateurs du Nord canadien considèrent que les aliments nutritifs sont peu abordables, et ils souhaitent avoir accès à un plus grand choix d’aliments périssables en bon état.

  18. Etude cinétique expérimentale et modélisation de la réaction de carbonatation de l'oxyde de calcium.


    Rouchon, Lydie


    Anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, major contributors to the greenhouse effect, are considered as the main cause of global warming. So, decrease of CO2 emitted by large industrial combustion sources or power plants, is an important scientific goal. One of the approaches is based on CO2 separation and capture from flue gas, followed by sequestration in a wide range of geological formations. In this aim, CO2 is captured by sorbents like calcium oxide (CaO) in multi-cycle process of c...

  19. The largest reference range study for hematological parameters from Turkey: A case control study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilgün Tekkeşin


    Full Text Available Objectives: Accurate, reliable laboratory reference ranges are essential for effective clinical evaluation and monitoring. We present robust reference ranges established for hematology parameters using the Sysmex XT2000i analyzer. Methods: Blood samples were taken from 17409 healthy adults (19 to 49 years, 51.4% men and 48.6% women and routine hematology analysis performed. Patients were assessed as healthy on the basis of a medical history and routine medical examinations. Serum hematinic assays (vitamin B12, folate, iron and ferritin were also analyzed in order to exclude the potential anemia existence. Results: There was a statistically significant difference (p<0.001 between men and women, with the former showing higher CBC values, except WBC, neutrophil and platelet counts compared to females. Several differences were observed when compared to previously established values from Turkey, most notably in leucocytes and platelets. Our findings for CBC parameters, except leucocyte count and MCV are in general agreement with previously published data from more limited trials undertaken in other countries. Conclusions: In spite of the uncontrolled factors influencing hematological values, this study permitted to establish the new hematological reference values in Turkey, especially living near sea level. In the absence of previously detailed investigated hematological reference values in Turkey, we offered to use these results for clinical management of Turkish patients and interpretations of laboratory data for research purpose. J Clin Exp Invest 2014; 5 (4: 548-552

  20. Police, participation et accès aux droits dans des favelas de Rio de Janeiro : l’expérience des Unités de police de pacification (UPP)


    Amoroso, Mauro; Brum, Mario; Gonçalves, Rafael Soares


    Dans un environnement social profondément altéré par deux mégas-événements en préparation – la Coupe du monde de football de 2014 et les Jeux Olympiques de 2016 – le gouvernement de l’État de Rio de Janeiro a mis en place dans plusieurs favelas de la ville de Rio de Janeiro une modalité de police de proximité, les UPPs. Une enquête menée dans quatre quartiers populaires permet aux auteurs de l’article d’examiner les aléas de cette expérience, soumise à la critique des habitants, sur arrière-f...

  1. Las letrerías de Antonio Espinosa en la Real Imprenta de Niños Expósitos (1790-1802) : El caso del Telégrafo Mercantil, primer periódico de Buenos Aires


    Ares, Fabio Eduardo


    El presente artículo brinda un panorama sobre la Buenos Aires finicolonial, la Real Imprenta de Niños Expósitos y sus ediciones para comprender el marco contextual de la provisión tipográfica. Luego se concentra en las letrerías llegadas desde España en 1790 y, por último, y por intermedio de estas, en la composición del primer periódico porteño: el Telégrafo Mercantil, Rural, Político, Económico e Historiógrafo, un verdadero paradigma del periodismo y las artes gráficas argentinas,...

  2. Mesure de la masse du boson de Higgs se désintégrant en quatre leptons dans l'expérience CMS auprès du LHC

    CERN Document Server

    Baffioni, Stéphanie

    Le sujet de ce mémoire est la mesure de la masse du boson de Higgs dans l'expérience CMS auprès du LHC, au travers du canal de désintégration en quatre leptons, avec un point de vue volontairement accentué vers les électrons. Ce document n’est ni une liste exhaustive de mes implications sur CMS, ni une revue générale de la reconstruction des électrons et de l’analyse du boson de Higgs en quatre leptons, mais une mixture des deux. La trame est structurée autour de la notion d’ingrédients, qui, pas à pas, sont nécessaires à la réalisation de la mesure finale.

  3. La obra de Claude Bernard, Introduction à l'étude de la médecine expérimentale, de la difusión del conocimiento a la traducción


    Micó Romero, Noelia


    En este artículo proponemos una aproximación a la traducción científica de un texto que tuvo en su momento una gran repercusión en el ámbito de la ciencia. Estudiaremos la traducción (hacia el español) de la obra maestra de Claude Bernard: Introduction à l'étude de la médecine expérimentale de 1865, traducida al español como Introducción al estudio de la medicina experimental (desde ahora Introducción). Dada la extensión de la obra, hemos emprendido, a modo de primera cata, ...

  4. Effet de la visibilité du handicap et de l’expérience d’intégration sur la représentation sociale du handicap chez de jeunes collégiens


    Kahina, Harma; Anne, Gombert; J-Yves, Roussey; ARCISZEWSKI, Thomas


    Cette recherche a pour objectif de repérer l’impact de l’intégration en milieu scolaire ordinaire de collégiens en situation de handicap sur la représentation sociale du handicap des autres élèves de la classe. L’effet de l’expérience d’intégration (le fait d’appartenir à une classe qui intègre ou non un élève handicapé) ainsi que celui de la visibilité du handicap (handicap visible comme l’Infirmité Motrice Cérébrale versus non visible, comme les Troubles Sévères des Apprentissages) ont été ...

  5. Modélisation de la consommation en carburant d'un véhicule léger à partir de données expérimentales




    La modélisation de la consommation en carburant des véhicules fait l'objet de nombreux travaux de recherche ces dernières années. La comparaison de quelques modèles connus sur des données expérimentales montre une précision insuffisante pour l'usage futur dans un système d'aide à la conduite (système d'alerte ou système actif ). L'objectif de cet article est de faire un point sur ces travaux et de proposer des modèles de consommation instantanée d'un véhicule léger. La construction de ces mod...

  6. Etude expérimentale du soudage par laser YAG de l'alliage base nickel Hastelloy X Experimental study of YAG laser welding of nickel base alloy Hastelloy X

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Graneix Jérémie


    Full Text Available Le procédé de soudage laser YAG est envisagé pour remplacer le procédé de soudage TIG manuel pour la réalisation de pièces de turboréacteur en alliage nickel-chrome-molybdène Hastelloy X. Cette étude expérimentale a permis de définir un domaine de soudabilité de cet alliage répondant aux critères spécifiques du secteur aéronautique. The YAG laser welding process is contemplated to replace the manual TIG welding process for the production of parts of turbojet in Hastelloy X. This experimental study has identified the field of weldability of this alloy to meet the specific requirements of the aerospace industry.

  7. Application d’une approche inspirée des colonies de fourmis pour la recommandation des chemins d’apprentissage dans un cours en ligne : modèle et expérience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aziz Dahbi


    Full Text Available Dans cet article, nous présentons la mise en œuvre, l’expérimentation et l’évaluation d’une approche pour la recommandation des chemins d’apprentissage dans un cours en ligne. Le processus de recommandation est inspiré de l’intelligence en essaim et plus particulièrement de l’optimisation par colonies de fourmis (OCF (ant colony optimization [ACO]. Dans ce contexte, nous avons considéré une différenciation des chemins d’apprentissage en fonction de l’activité explorée pour l’apprentissage d’un cours. Dans l’objectif de recommander des chemins d’apprentissage considérés optimaux et d’évaluer ainsi leur impact sur l’apprentissage d’un cours en ligne, l’approche proposée est basée à la fois sur la recommandation de chemins pertinents par l’enseignant et sur les résultats stockés au fur et à mesure par les apprenants sur les chemins empruntés. Notre approche a été validée expérimentalement et les résultats obtenus ont montré l’émergence d’un chemin d’apprentissage favorisant la réussite d’un nombre d’apprenants relativement considérable.

  8. European Geothermal Drilling Experience. Problem Areas and Case Studies L'expérience du forage géothermique en Europe. Nature des problèmes et études de cas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Baron G.


    Full Text Available Geothermal drilling has long been restricted in Western Europe solely to the dry steam field of Larderello in Italy. In the last few years wider experience has been gained as the consequence of intensified exploration and development programs carried out for evaluation and production of both low- and high-enthalpy geothermal resources. A sample of some 40 boreholes indicates the following problem areas. 1 Low-enthalpy drilling Due to similar settings -hot water system f lowing in sedi-mentary units at temperatures and depths ranging from 40° to 140°C (104° to 284°F and from 1,000 to 3,500 metres (3,281 to 11,484 feet, respectively - the technology here is strongly dependent on oil and gas drilling practice. Still, specific problems remain in the areas of multiple-reservoir reconnaissance and well completion at production and reinjection levels, particularly in poorly consolidated fluvio-deltaic sequences leading to sand control and clay swelling problems. Expertise needs to be developed to minimize costs, secure high production capacities, long lifetimes, and minimum maintenance compatible with the economics and the lack of suitable workover facilities. 2 High-enthalpy drilling Exploratory drilling is currently combining wildcatting and deeper investigations of known fields. Lost circulation, drill string corrosion, tubulars, mud, cementing, and deviation control are the most frequently encountered difficulties while drilling in hostile water-dominated environments. Formation temperatures in excess of 300°C (572°F are often the rule, and recent drilling conducted in voleanic areas have hit fluids approaching the supercritical state. Whenever these problems do not remain under control, they result in rig standby and extra costs which severely penalize an industry which needs sharp improve-ments to be fully reliable and cost effective. Geothermal well stimulation is therefore a field of growing interest, but it lacks adequate procedures

  9. Radar range measurements in the atmosphere.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Doerry, Armin Walter


    The earths atmosphere affects the velocity of propagation of microwave signals. This imparts a range error to radar range measurements that assume the typical simplistic model for propagation velocity. This range error is a function of atmospheric constituents, such as water vapor, as well as the geometry of the radar data collection, notably altitude and range. Models are presented for calculating atmospheric effects on radar range measurements, and compared against more elaborate atmospheric models.

  10. Etude et optimisation des performances du calorimètre électromagnétique de l'expérience CMS pour la physique au LHC

    CERN Document Server

    Descamps, Julien; Jarry, Patrick


    The CMS experiment (Compact Muon Solenoid) is one of the two multi-purpose experiments of the proton-proton collider LHC (Large Hadron Collider) currently starting at CERN (Geneva). One of the main goals of CMS is the search for the Higgs boson. Because of the LHC challenging environment, the collaboration have chosen an electromagnetic calorimeter made of about 75000 scintillating lead tungstate crystals P bW O4 , at the same time fast, radiation hard, and extremely precise, especially in the energy range for the Higgs boson search, in the channel where it decays in two photons. The five first chapters of this thesis present the LHC, the CMS detector and notably the electro- magnetic calorimeter (ECAL). The sixth chapter presents a test beam analysis realized in 2004 at CERN with an electron beam of different energies (20-250 GeV) incident on a part (1/36) of the calorimeter barrel called “ supermodule ”. A study of the energy measurement variation within 9 (3×3) and 25 (5×5) crystals matrices as funct...

  11. Conception et mise au point de l'électronique frontale du détecteur de pied de gerbe (Preshower) de l'expérience CMS

    CERN Document Server

    AUTHOR|(CDS)2071023; Ille, B


    Modern particle physics collider experiments consist of a number of macroscopic modules each consisting of large number of sensors measuring charge deposition from traversing particles. The CMS Preshower detector is designed as a sampling calorimeter producing electromagnetic showers for incident electrons and photons resulting from LHC p-p interactions. The ultimate aim is to provide neutral pion / gamma separation reducing the background to the most promising Higgs channel, SM Higgs to 2 photons. The detector has 4300 silicon sensors each subdivided into 32 channels with a total sensitive area of 16.4 m2. Front-end microelectronics ASICs must measure the charge of each channel accurately with low noise and over a wide dynamic range (4 fC to 1600 fC) at the rate of 40 MHz within a harsh radiation environment. This thesis presents the design and development of the Preshower front-end electronics ASIC development, PACE. The first chapter introduces the Preshower experiment and defines the specification for PAC...

  12. Seasonal variations of U.S. mortality rates: Roles of solar ultraviolet-B doses, vitamin D, gene exp ression, and infections. (United States)

    Grant, William B; Bhattoa, Harjit Pal; Boucher, Barbara J


    Death rates in the U.S. show a pronounced seasonality. The broad seasonal variation shows about 25% higher death rates in winter than in summer with an additional few percent increase associated with the Christmas and New Year's holidays. A pronounced increase in death rates also starts in mid-September, shortly after the school year begins. The causes of death with large contributions to the observed seasonality include diseases of the circulatory system; the respiratory system; the digestive system; and endocrine, nutritional, and metabolic diseases. Researchers have identified several factors showing seasonal variation that could possibly explain the seasonal variations in mortality rate. These factors include seasonal variations in solar ultraviolet-B(UVB) doses and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] concentrations, gene expression, ambient temperature and humidity, UVB effects on environmental pathogen load, environmental pollutants and allergens, and photoperiod (or length of day). The factors with the strongest support in this analysis are seasonal variations in solar UVB doses and 25(OH)D concentrations. In the U.S., population mean 25(OH)D concentrations range from 21ng/mL in March to 28ng/mL in August. Measures to ensure that all people had 25(OH)D concentrations >36ng/mL year round would probably reduce death rates significantly. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  13. Marie-Christine Presse et Gérad Figari (dir.), « La valorisation des expériences personnelles et professionnelles », Transformations. Recherches en éducation des adultes, n°4, décembre 2010


    Leroux, Céline


    A travers ce quatrième numéro de la revue Transformations. Recherches en éducation des adultes consacrée aux recherches en éducation pour adultes, les auteurs reviennent sur les dispositifs de valorisation des expériences personnelles et professionnelles des adultes rendue possible en France par la loi de modernisation sociale de 2002 avec le dispositif de Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience (VAE), au Portugal, en Belgique et en Suisse, avec des dispositifs similaires. Les différentes contr...

  14. Colored Range Searching in Linear Space

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grossi, Roberto; Vind, Søren Juhl


    In colored range searching, we are given a set of n colored points in d ≥ 2 dimensions to store, and want to support orthogonal range queries taking colors into account. In the colored range counting problem, a query must report the number of distinct colors found in the query range, while...... an answer to the colored range reporting problem must report the distinct colors in the query range. We give the first linear space data structure for both problems in two dimensions (d = 2) with o(n) worst case query time. We also give the first data structure obtaining almost-linear space usage and o...

  15. WPC's Short Range Forecast Coded Bulletin (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Short Range Forecast Coded Bulletin. The Short Range Forecast Coded Bulletin describes the expected locations of high and low pressure centers, surface frontal...

  16. Range-Based Auto-Focus Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Maracel Systems and Software Technologies, LLC proposes a revolutionary Range-Based Auto Focus (RBAF) system that will combine externally input range, such as might...

  17. Repeated occurrences of methanogenic zones, diagenetic dolomite formation and linked silicate alteration in southern Bering Sea sediments (Bowers Ridge, IODP Exp. 323 Site U1341) (United States)

    Wehrmann, L. M.; Ockert, C.; Mix, A. C.; Gussone, N.; Teichert, B. M. A.; Meister, P.


    Diagenetic precipitates, such as dolomite, and the chemistry of residual deeply buried porewater often represent the only traces of past biogeochemical activity in marine sediments. A 600 m thick sedimentary section, recently drilled at Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Site U1341 on Bowers Ridge (southern Bering Sea), provides insight into such a 4.3 Ma old paleo-diagenetic archive. Hard-lithified calcite-dolomite layers, and laminae of disseminated carbonate, were recovered in diatom-rich sediments over a depth range of 400 m. Carbon isotope values of the diagenetic carbonates between -16.6 and -14.4‰ (VPDB) and strontium isotope ratios of dolomites close to past seawater values suggest carbonate precipitation induced by the production of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) during elevated rates of organic carbon mineralization, primarily via sulfate reduction, at shallow sediment depth below the paleo-seafloor. Diagenetic carbonates at 280-440 m below seafloor were likely also produced by the intermittent onset of sulfate reduction coupled to the anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM) at sulfate-methane transition zones (SMTZ). These microbially mediated processes do not occur in the sediment at this site at present but were likely connected to the presence of a methanogenic zone at 2.58-2.51 Ma. A minimum in sulfate concentrations in modern porewaters and low sedimentary Ba/Al ratios resulting from former sulfate depletion are reminiscent of the presence of this large methanogenic zone. The minimum in sulfate concentrations is reflected in a minimum in magnesium concentrations, less radiogenic strontium and isotopically light calcium in the porewater. It is proposed that magnesium was removed from the porewater during carbonate precipitation and volcanic ash alteration which occurred in the former methanogenic zone and also released strontium with a less radiogenic isotope ratio and isotopically light calcium into the porewater. The isotopic composition of

  18. Facteurs liés au diagnostic tardif du cancer du sein: expérience du CHU Mohammed VI Marrakech (United States)

    Aloulou, Sofia; El Mahfoudi, Amal; El Omrani, Abdelhamid; Khouchani, Mouna


    Le cancer du sein est le premier cancer féminin en termes d'incidence et de mortalité. Au Maroc, il vient au premier rang des cancers de la femme avant celui du col utérin Il constitue un problème de santé publique. Son pronostic est étroitement lié au stade auquel le diagnostic est posé. Il s'agit d'une pathologie dont les moyens diagnostiques sont de nos jours développés, allant de la détection précoce à la mise en évidence de lésions infra-cliniques, ce qui a nettement amélioré le pronostic dans les pays développés. Ce travail que nous présentons a pour objectif d'identifier dans notre pratique quotidienne, les facteurs qui amènent les patientes à consulter à des stades tardifs. Une étude rétrospective a été menée de janvier 2012 à janvier 2013 portant sur 130 patientes porteuses d'un cancer du sein au sein du service d'onco-radiotherapie CHU Mohammed VI Marrakech. Un questionnaire a été élaboré et dument renseigné en ayant recours aux dossiers des malades. Ainsi 63,07% des patientes consultaient au-delà de six mois avec un délai moyen de consultation de 8,47 mois avec comme motif de consultation des lésions classées T4 dans 27,69%, et des tumeurs d'emblée métastatiques dans 13,84%. Les facteurs retrouvés à l'interrogatoire étaient le manque de moyens financiers 40%, l’éloignement des structures sanitaires dans 23%, les habitudes socioculturelles avec les traitements traditionnels en première intention 20%, et l'insuffisance de prise en charge thérapeutique 7%. Cependant, pris individuellement, aucune concordance significative n’était retrouvée entre ces facteurs et le long délai diagnostique. Dans notre pratique, c'est la conjonction de la triade ignorance, indigence et habitudes socioculturelles qui constituent le facteur essentiel du diagnostic tardif des cancers du sein. PMID:26327999

  19. Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges, 2008 (United States)


    Air Facility Quantico in FY2008. RAICUZ studies at Townsend Range, Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range, and Barry M Goldwater Range-West are on...representatives from Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah and other interested stakeholders. Part of the working group’s tactical

  20. Compressed Data Structures for Range Searching

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bille, Philip; Gørtz, Inge Li; Vind, Søren Juhl


    matrices and web graphs. Our contribution is twofold. First, we show how to compress geometric repetitions that may appear in standard range searching data structures (such as K-D trees, Quad trees, Range trees, R-trees, Priority R-trees, and K-D-B trees), and how to implement subsequent range queries......We study the orthogonal range searching problem on points that have a significant number of geometric repetitions, that is, subsets of points that are identical under translation. Such repetitions occur in scenarios such as image compression, GIS applications and in compactly representing sparse...... that supports range searching....

  1. Aerodynamics of Slender Bodies at Mach Number of 3.12 and Reynolds Numbers from 2 x 10(exp 6) to 15 x 10(exp 6) IV : Aerodynamic Characteristics of Series of Four Bodies Having Near-parabolic Noses and Cylindrical Afterbodies (United States)



    Pressure distributions and forces for a series of four bodies of revolution having nose-fineness ratios varying from 4 to 10 have been obtained and compared with theory for a Mach number of 3.12, a Reynolds number range of 2x10(sup)6 to 14x10(sup)6, and angles of attack from zero to 9 degrees. In general, a comparison of the experimental data with a second-order theory showed good agreement for the range of variables investigated.

  2. Long-Range Memory in Literary Texts: On the Universal Clustering of the Rare Words. (United States)

    Tanaka-Ishii, Kumiko; Bunde, Armin


    A fundamental problem in linguistics is how literary texts can be quantified mathematically. It is well known that the frequency of a (rare) word in a text is roughly inverse proportional to its rank (Zipf's law). Here we address the complementary question, if also the rhythm of the text, characterized by the arrangement of the rare words in the text, can be quantified mathematically in a similar basic way. To this end, we consider representative classic single-authored texts from England/Ireland, France, Germany, China, and Japan. In each text, we classify each word by its rank. We focus on the rare words with ranks above some threshold Q and study the lengths of the (return) intervals between them. We find that for all texts considered, the probability SQ(r) that the length of an interval exceeds r, follows a perfect Weibull-function, SQ(r) = exp(-b(β)rβ), with β around 0.7. The return intervals themselves are arranged in a long-range correlated self-similar fashion, where the autocorrelation function CQ(s) of the intervals follows a power law, CQ(s) ∼ s-γ, with an exponent γ between 0.14 and 0.48. We show that these features lead to a pronounced clustering of the rare words in the text.

  3. La pratique sportive comme vecteur d’expérience créative en prison Sport as a Vector of Creative Experience in Prison. The Case of Volleyball at the Rennes Detention Centre for Women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sophie Piot


    Full Text Available Le cas du volley-ball au Centre de détention pour femmes de RennesStarting from notions and concepts developed by Goffman and the socio-anthropology of play, this article proposes an analysis of convicts' lived experiences in the area of team sports in a prison milieu. Penitentiary sociological studies generally tend to explain the conduct of detainees in terms of strategies and resistances. It is certainly undeniable that the constraints related to incarceration generate many losses for prisoners, and that they try to fabricate arrangements for bypassing obstacles and for compensation. Nevertheless, due to the installation of these arrangements, consisting in mobilizing varied objects and transitional phenomena, and under environmental conditions (topological, human and material instilling sufficient confidence in them, certain prisoners manage to have creative experiences (the impression “of escaping”, of no longer being prisoners. Despite the precarious, transitory and situated nature of these forms of experience to a certain extent they allow a suspension and attenuation of their constraints, releasing them emotionally and “lasting” over time.Cet article propose, à partir de notions et de concepts développés par Goffman et par la socio-anthropologie du jeu, une analyse de l’expérience vécue par des détenues dans l’espace du sport collectif en milieu carcéral. Les études sociologiques pénitentiaires tendent le plus souvent à expliquer les conduites des reclus en termes de stratégies et de résistances. Il est certes indéniable que les contraintes liées à l’incarcération génèrent de multiples pertes pour les prisonniers, et que ces derniers tentent de mettre en place des dispositifs de contournement et de compensation. Néanmoins, sur base de l’aménagement de ces dispositifs consistant à mobiliser des objets et phénomènes transitionnels variés, et dans des conditions environnementales (topologiques

  4. Etude expérimentale de l'écoulement gaz-liquide ascendant à deux et trois fluides en conduite verticale Experimental Study of Upward Gas-Liquid Flow of Two and Three Fluids in a Vertical Pipe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frechou D.


    Full Text Available Cette étude a pour objet de préciser certains phénomènes essentiels des écoulements ascendants diphasiques et triphasiques rencontrés dans les puits de production pétrolière. Des expériences ont été réalisées sur une conduite verticale de 5 cm de diamètre et de 12,5 m de long. Les mesures du gradient de pression, des fractions volumiques et des célérités des poches de gaz, en écoulement intermittent d'eau, d'huile et d'air, mettent en évidence le rôle important (a de la viscosité du liquide, (b du comportement du mélange d'eau et d'huile. A partir des données expérimentales, on propose une loi de fermeture sur la célérité des poches. Elle est utilisée dans les modèles cellulaires pour améliorer la prédiction du glissement du gaz en écoulement intermittent gaz-liquide, à deux ou trois fluides. The aim of this study is to determine various essential phenomena in the two-phase and three-phase upward flows encountered in petroleum production wells. Experiments were performed on a vertical tube 5 cm in diameter and 12. 5 m long. The pressure gradient, volume fractions and velocities of gas pockets were measured with intermittent flow of water, oil and air. These measurements revealed the important role of both the liquid viscosity and the behavior of the water/oil mixture. On the basis of experimental data, a closure law is proposed for the velocity of the pockets, This law is used in cellular models to improve the forecasting of gas slippage in intermittent gas-liquid flow with two or three fluids.

  5. An algorithm for segmenting range imagery

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roberts, R.S.


    This report describes the technical accomplishments of the FY96 Cross Cutting and Advanced Technology (CC&AT) project at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The project focused on developing algorithms for segmenting range images. The image segmentation algorithm developed during the project is described here. In addition to segmenting range images, the algorithm can fuse multiple range images thereby providing true 3D scene models. The algorithm has been incorporated into the Rapid World Modelling System at Sandia National Laboratory.

  6. Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges, 2010 (United States)


    Continuing to work with JIOR to provide a mobile service which can be deployed at the Urban Operations Complex ( UOC ) on Range 62. Electronic Combat...range; some means of facilitating IO play but no organic capability. NTTR continuing to work with JIOR to provide a mobile service to deploy at UOC organic capability. Continuing to work with JIOR to provide a mobile service which can be deployed at the UOC . Collective Ranges Information

  7. Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges, 2015 (United States)


    no organic capability. HQ NTTR continues to work with JIOR to provide a mobile service which can be deployed at the Urban Operations Complex ( UOC ...NTTR continues to work with JIOR to provide a mobile service which can be deployed at the Urban Operations Complex ( UOC ) on Range 62. Electronic... UOC ) on Range 62. Electronic Combat Support h The range lacks a complete electronic target set. EA platforms do not get real-time feedback on their

  8. Supersymmetric inversion of effective-range expansions


    Midya, Bikashkali; Evrard, Jérémie; Abramowicz, Sylvain; Ramirez Suarez, Oscar Leonardo; Sparenberg, Jean-Marc


    A complete and consistent inversion technique is proposed to derive an accurate interaction potential from an effective-range function for a given partial wave in the neutral case. First, the effective-range function is Taylor or Pad\\'e expanded, which allows high precision fitting of the experimental scattering phase shifts with a minimal number of parameters on a large energy range. Second, the corresponding poles of the scattering matrix are extracted in the complex wave-number plane. Thir...

  9. Range contraction in large pelagic predators. (United States)

    Worm, Boris; Tittensor, Derek P


    Large reductions in the abundance of exploited land predators have led to significant range contractions for those species. This pattern can be formalized as the range-abundance relationship, a general macroecological pattern that has important implications for the conservation of threatened species. Here we ask whether similar responses may have occurred in highly mobile pelagic predators, specifically 13 species of tuna and billfish. We analyzed two multidecadal global data sets on the spatial distribution of catches and fishing effort targeting these species and compared these with available abundance time series from stock assessments. We calculated the effort needed to reliably detect the presence of a species and then computed observed range sizes in each decade from 1960 to 2000. Results suggest significant range contractions in 9 of the 13 species considered here (between 2% and 46% loss of observed range) and significant range expansions in two species (11-29% increase). Species that have undergone the largest declines in abundance and are of particular conservation concern tended to show the largest range contractions. These include all three species of bluefin tuna and several marlin species. In contrast, skipjack tuna, which may have increased its abundance in the Pacific, has also expanded its range size. These results mirror patterns described for many land predators, despite considerable differences in habitat, mobility, and dispersal, and imply ecological extirpation of heavily exploited species across parts of their range.

  10. California Tiger Salamander Range - CWHR [ds588 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  11. Oregon Spotted Frog Range - CWHR [ds597 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  12. Caspian Tern Range - CWHR [ds604 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  13. Willow Flycatcher Range - CWHR [ds594 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  14. Western Pond Turtle Range - CWHR [ds598 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  15. Great Blue Heron Range - CWHR [ds609 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  16. Black Swift Range - CWHR [ds605 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  17. Bank Swallow Range - CWHR [ds606 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  18. Northern Leopard Frog Range - CWHR [ds593 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  19. Yellow Warbler Range - CWHR [ds607 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  20. Great Egret Range - CWHR [ds610 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  1. Black Rail Range - CWHR [ds595 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  2. Cascades Frog Range - CWHR [ds591 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  3. Western spadefoot Range - CWHR [ds590 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  4. Bald Eagle Range - CWHR [ds600 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  5. Close range photogrammetry and machine vision

    CERN Document Server

    Atkinson, KB


    This book presents the methodology, algorithms, techniques and equipment necessary to achieve real time digital photogrammetric solutions, together with contemporary examples of close range photogrammetry.

  6. Long-Range WindScanner System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vasiljevic, Nikola; Lea, Guillaume; Courtney, Michael


    The technical aspects of a multi-Doppler LiDAR instrument, the long-range WindScanner system, are presented accompanied by an overview of the results from several field campaigns. The long-range WindScanner system consists of three spatially-separated, scanning coherent Doppler LiDARs and a remote......-rangeWindScanner system measures the wind field by emitting and directing three laser beams to intersect, and then scanning the beam intersection over a region of interest. The long-range WindScanner system was developed to tackle the need for high-quality observations of wind fields on scales of modern wind turbine...

  7. Software for computing and annotating genomic ranges.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Lawrence

    Full Text Available We describe Bioconductor infrastructure for representing and computing on annotated genomic ranges and integrating genomic data with the statistical computing features of R and its extensions. At the core of the infrastructure are three packages: IRanges, GenomicRanges, and GenomicFeatures. These packages provide scalable data structures for representing annotated ranges on the genome, with special support for transcript structures, read alignments and coverage vectors. Computational facilities include efficient algorithms for overlap and nearest neighbor detection, coverage calculation and other range operations. This infrastructure directly supports more than 80 other Bioconductor packages, including those for sequence analysis, differential expression analysis and visualization.

  8. Snowy Egret Range - CWHR [ds611 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  9. Giant Garter Snake Range - CWHR [ds599 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  10. Le détecteur VZERO, la physique muons présente et la préparation de son futur dans l'expérience ALICE au LHC

    CERN Document Server

    Tieulent, Raphaël

    La physique des ions lourds a pour objectif ultime d'étendre le domaine d'application du Modèle Standard de la physique des particules à des systèmes de taille finie, complexes et dynamiques. En particulier, elle vise à comprendre comment apparaissent, à partir des lois microscopiques de la physique des particules élémentaires, des phénomènes collectifs et des propriétés macroscopiques mettant en jeu un grand nombre de degrés de liberté. La réalisation de ce programme scientifique passe par une caractérisation du plasma de quarks et de gluons (QGP), l'état déconfiné de la matière nucléaire qui peut être formé à l'aide de collisions d'ions lourds accélérés à des énergies ultra relativistes. L'expérience ALICE exploite les collisions Pb-Pb, proton-Pb et proton-proton du LHC pour mesurer les propriétés fondamentales du QGP comme, par exemple, la température critique du déconfinement ou les coefficients de transport de la matière déconfinée. L'état QGP de la matière aurait �...

  11. Création d’une distribution basée sur Scientific Linux 5 pour les processeurs embarqués de l’expérience LHCb

    CERN Document Server

    Planche, Sylvain; Mesnard, E


    Les Credit-Card PC (CCPC) sont des serveurs de services pour la gestion des cartes TELL1. Les CCPC sont des PC embarqués dépourvus de disques durs. Ils utilisent etherboot pour démarrer et un serveur NFS pour accéder à leur système d’exploitation. La distribution, Scientific Linux at CERN 4 (SLC4), et le noyau Linux (2.6.9) utilisés doivent être remplacés : une distribution basée sur SLC5 et un noyau 2.6.33 sont préparés. Le changement de version du noyau, du compilateur et de la glibc implique le portage des modules de tierces parties, bibliothèques et autres programmes développés pour les CCPC. Enfin, grâce à quattor, la préparation de paquets RPM permet de déployer le système d’exploitation sur l’ensemble des serveurs de CCPC de l’expérience.

  12. Influence d'une fine sédimentation dans un canal expérimental sur la densité du macrobenthos, sa composition et sa consommation par les salmonidés

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    NEVEU A.


    Full Text Available Les relations entre la qualité du substrat, la densité benthique et la nourriture de Salmonides ont été étudiées dans un ruisseau expérimental pour déterminer les effets d'un apport limoneux. L'eau était captée dans une rivière dont le bassin subit une forte érosion. Au début la composition du benthos était la même dans les deux systèmes, mais avec des stocks plus élevés dans le ruisseau artificiel, en relation avec l'absence de poisson et la régulation du débit. La sédimentation commença avec les crues de la rivière, les cailloux furent progressivement colmatés par la boue. La diversité et la biomasse du benthos sont alors réduites par ce changement de la qualité du substrat. La consommation du poisson, liée à la densité benthique, est plus basse dans les zones colmatées. Ces changements fauniques affectent aussi le choix, les contenus stomacaux sont plus diversifiés lorsque la nourriture est rare.

  13. Etude de la production de photons isolés dans les états finals hadroniques des collisions e+e- au LEP dans l'expérience ALEPH

    CERN Document Server

    Si Mohand, D

    Les photons isolés, observés dans les désintégrations hadroniques du bozon Z0 créé dans les annihilations électron-positron au LEP, proviennent essentiellement du rayonnement électromagnétique des quarks. Ces photons, qui ne sont pas affectés par la fragmentation, sont particulièrement sensibles à l'émission de gluons; leur étude, à l'aide d'algorithmes de simulation tels que JETSET, ARIADNE et HERWIG, constitue un moyen simple et précis de tester les différentes approches de QCD, en particulier dans la description de la compétition photon-gluon. Notre analyse a révélé que JETSET prédit (20±6)% moins de photons directs que le nombre mesuré expérimentalement. ARIADNE, en revanche, semble surestimer légèrement le taux de production de photons directs de (6±4)% alors que HERWIG reproduit fidèlement l'ensemble de nos mesures. Après correction des pertes d'acceptance et des effets d'hadronisation, le rapport d'embranchement du Z0 en hadrons plus photon, normalisé au rapport d'embranc...

  14. Ultrasonic range measurements on the human body

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Weenk, D.; van Beijnum, Bernhard J.F.; Droog, Adriaan; Hermens, Hermanus J.; Veltink, Petrus H.


    Ambulatory range estimation on the human body is important for the assessment of the performance of upper- and lower limb tasks outside a laboratory. In this paper an ultrasound sensor for estimating ranges on the human body is presented and validated during gait. The distance between the feet is

  15. 5 CFR 534.502 - Pay range. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Pay range. 534.502 Section 534.502 Administrative Personnel OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT CIVIL SERVICE REGULATIONS PAY UNDER OTHER SYSTEMS Pay for Senior-Level and Scientific and Professional Positions § 534.502 Pay range. A pay rate fixed under this...

  16. Flinders Mountain Range, South Australia Province, Australia (United States)


    Classic examples of folded mountain ranges and wind erosion of geologic structures abound in the Flinders Mountain Range (30.5S, 139.0E), South Australia province, Australia. Winds from the deserts to the west gain speed as they blow across the barren surface and create interesting patterns as they funnel through the gullies and valleys.

  17. Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges (United States)


    Laysan Albatrosses , and the recovery of a shoreline/littoral zone when human traffic is limited to security vehicles and personnel. This range...Requirements Module (ARRM) and feed the Installation Status C-8 July 2007 2007 SUSTAINABLE RANGES REPORT Report-Natural Infrastructure (see

  18. On the validity range of piston theory

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Meijer, M-C


    Full Text Available as the analytical validity range for linear piston theory as based in potential flows. The range of validity of single-term nonlinear extensions to the linear potential equation into the transonic and hypersonic regions is treated. A brief review of the development...

  19. Range management research, Fort Valley Experimental Forest (United States)

    Henry A. Pearson; Warren P. Clary; Margaret M. Moore; Carolyn Hull Sieg


    Range management research at the Fort Valley Experimental Forest during the past 100 years has provided scientific knowledge for managing ponderosa pine forests and forest-range grazing lands in the Southwest. Three research time periods are identified: 1908 to 1950, 1950 to 1978, and 1978 to 2008. Early research (1908-1950) addressed ecological effects of livestock...

  20. Undergraduate range management exam: 1999-2014 (United States)

    The Undergraduate Range Management Exam (URME) has been administered to undergraduate students at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Range Management since 1983, with students demonstrating their higher order learning skills and synthesis knowledge of the art and science of rangeland management. ...

  1. Selected Bibliography On Southern Range Management (United States)

    R. S. Campbell; L. K. Halls; H. P. Morgan


    The purpose of this bibliography is to list important publications relating directly to southern ranges, the domestic livestock and wildlife produced thereon, and the management of these lands, livestock, and wildlife. Range is defined as natural grassland, savannah, or forest that supports native grasses, forbs, or shrubs suitable as forage for livestock and game....

  2. New data structures for orthogonal range searching

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alstrup, Stephen; Brodal, Gerth Stølting; Rauhe, Theis


    We present new general techniques for static orthogonal range searching problems in two and higher dimensions. For the general range reporting problem in R3, we achieve query time O(log n+k) using space O(n log1+ε n), where n denotes the number of stored points and k the number of points to be re...

  3. Tests of Gravity Using Lunar Laser Ranging

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen M. Merkowitz


    Full Text Available Lunar laser ranging (LLR has been a workhorse for testing general relativity over the past four decades. The three retroreflector arrays put on the Moon by the Apollo astronauts and the French built arrays on the Soviet Lunokhod rovers continue to be useful targets, and have provided the most stringent tests of the Strong Equivalence Principle and the time variation of Newton’s gravitational constant. The relatively new ranging system at the Apache Point 3.5 meter telescope now routinely makes millimeter level range measurements. Incredibly, it has taken 40 years for ground station technology to advance to the point where characteristics of the lunar retroreflectors are limiting the precision of the range measurements. In this article, we review the gravitational science and technology of lunar laser ranging and discuss prospects for the future.

  4. Ranging Behaviour of Commercial Free-Range Broiler Chickens 2: Individual Variation. (United States)

    Taylor, Peta S; Hemsworth, Paul H; Groves, Peter J; Gebhardt-Henrich, Sabine G; Rault, Jean-Loup


    Little is known about broiler chicken ranging behaviour. Previous studies have monitored ranging behaviour at flock level but whether individual ranging behaviour varies within a flock is unknown. Using Radio Frequency Identification technology, we tracked 1200 individual ROSS 308 broiler chickens across four mixed sex flocks in two seasons on one commercial farm. Ranging behaviour was tracked from first day of range access (21 days of age) until 35 days of age in winter flocks and 44 days of age in summer flocks. We identified groups of chickens that differed in frequency of range visits: chickens that never accessed the range (13 to 67% of tagged chickens), low ranging chickens (15 to 44% of tagged chickens) that accounted for <15% of all range visits and included chickens that used the range only once (6 to 12% of tagged chickens), and high ranging chickens (3 to 9% of tagged chickens) that accounted for 33 to 50% of all range visits. Males spent longer on the range than females in winter (p < 0.05). Identifying the causes of inter-individual variation in ranging behaviour may help optimise ranging opportunities in free-range systems and is important to elucidate the potential welfare implications of ranging.

  5. Long-Range Persistence Techniques Evaluated (United States)

    Witt, A.; Malamud, B. D.


    Many time series in the Earth Sciences exhibit persistence (memory) where large values (small values) `cluster' together. Here we examine long-range persistence, where one value is correlated with all others in the time series. A time series is long-range persistent (a self-affine fractal) if the power spectral density scales with a power law. The scaling exponent beta characterizes the `strength' of persistence. We compare five common analysis techniques for quantifying long-range persistence: (a) Power-spectral analysis, (b) Wavelet variance analysis, (c) Detrended Fluctuation analysis, (d) Semivariogram analysis, and (e) Rescaled-Range (R/S) analysis. To evaluate these methods, we construct 26,000 synthetic fractional noises with lengths between 512 and 4096, different persistence strengths, different distributions (normal, log-normal, levy), and using different construction methods: Fourier filtering, discrete wavelets, random additions, and Mandelbrot `cartoon' Brownian motions. We find: (a) Power-spectral and wavelet analyses are the most robust for measuring long-range persistence across all beta, although `antipersistence' is over-estimated for non- Gaussian time series. (b) Detrended Fluctuation Analysis is appropriate for signals with long-range persistence strength beta between -0.2 and 2.8 and has very large 95% confidence intervals for non-Gaussian signals. (c) Semivariograms are appropriate for signals with long-range persistence strength between 1.0 and 2.8; it has large confidence intervals and systematically underestimates log-normal noises in this range. (d) Rescaled- Range Analysis is only accurate for beta of about 0.7. We conclude some techniques are much better suited than others for quantifying long-range persistence, and the resultant beta (and associated error bars on them) are sensitive to the one point probability distribution, the length of the time series, and the techniques used.

  6. Illuminating geographical patterns in species' range shifts. (United States)

    Grenouillet, Gaël; Comte, Lise


    Species' range shifts in response to ongoing climate change have been widely documented, but although complex spatial patterns in species' responses are expected to be common, comprehensive comparisons of species' ranges over time have undergone little investigation. Here, we outline a modeling framework based on historical and current species distribution records for disentangling different drivers (i.e. climatic vs. nonclimatic) and assessing distinct facets (i.e. colonization, extirpation, persistence, and lags) of species' range shifts. We used extensive monitoring data for stream fish assemblages throughout France to assess range shifts for 32 fish species between an initial period (1980-1992) and a contemporary one (2003-2009). Our results provide strong evidence that the responses of individual species varied considerably and exhibited complex mosaics of spatial rearrangements. By dissociating range shifts in climatically suitable and unsuitable habitats, we demonstrated that patterns in climate-driven colonization and extirpation were less marked than those attributed to nonclimatic drivers, although this situation could rapidly shift in the near future. We also found evidence that range shifts could be related to some species' traits and that the traits involved varied depending on the facet of range shift considered. The persistence of populations in climatically unsuitable areas was greater for short-lived species, whereas the extent of the lag behind climate change was greater for long-lived, restricted-range, and low-elevation species. We further demonstrated that nonclimatic extirpations were primarily related to the size of the species' range, whereas climate-driven extirpations were better explained by thermal tolerance. Thus, the proposed framework demonstrated its potential for markedly improving our understanding of the key processes involved in range shifting and also offers a template for informing management decisions. Conservation strategies


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    injections of procaine penicillin 500,000 units for 15 days with 1gm probenecichorally. Those with post- primary syphilis were treated with injections of. Benzathin Penicillin, 2.5 mega units followed by twice weekly injections of 1.4 megaunits for 3 weeks. Patients with LGV were treated with either. Sulphadiasine 2gm daily in ...

  8. Psychologie cognitive expérimentale


    Dehaene, Stanislas


    Enseignement Cours : Le cerveau statisticien : la révolution bayésienne en sciences cognitives L’organisation du cerveau humain résulte de multiples évolutions enchâssées, un « bricolage » (Jacob, 1977) ad hoc de systèmes les plus divers sélectionnés pour leur valeur de survie, sans garantie d’optimalité. C’est pourquoi bon nombre de neurobiologistes et de psychologues cognitifs estiment qu’il ne saurait y avoir de théorie mathématique universelle du cerveau, mais seulement des modèles restre...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    miasis in small ruminants is substantial. Anaemia and other haematological changes and serum bio-, chemical changes associated with the disease has been described (4,7). In this investigation we report haemoglobin levels, urea and serum electrolytes as- sociated with acute T. vivax infection in-Red Sokoto goats.

  10. Short range DFT combined with long-range local RPA within a range-separated hybrid DFT framework

    CERN Document Server

    Chermak, E; Mussard, Bastien; Angyan, Janos


    Selecting excitations in localized orbitals to calculate long-range correlation contributions to range-separated density-functional theory can reduce the overall computational effort significantly. Beyond simple selection schemes of excited determinants, the dispersion-only approximation, which avoids counterpoise-corrected monomer calculations, is shown to be particularly interesting in this context, which we apply to the random-phase approximation. The approach has been tested on dimers of formamide, water, methane and benzene.

  11. Thermal Evolution of Crude Oils in Sedimentary Basins: Experimental Simulation in a Confined System and Kinetic Modeling Evolution thermique des huiles dans les bassins sédimentaires : simulation expérimentale par pyrolyse en milieu confiné et modélisation cinétique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Behar F.


    Full Text Available A detailed knowledge of the cracking mechanisms of crude oils should highly improve the understanding of geochemical reactions involved in hydrocarbon degradation into lighter oil and gas and consequently the applicability of kinetic models currently used for prediction of gas formation. Although the mechanisms of cracking are well known for several model compounds or simple mixtures, there is, to date, no available method to model complex mixtures, especially when they contain heavy compounds, except by using empirical approaches. During thermal cracking, oil will produce both lighter and heavier molecules than those present in the initial sample. Thus, the pyrolysate will be a mixture of both new compounds and compounds not yet degraded. In order to discriminate between reactants and products, we have chosen to fractionate each oil into two classes : the first one (distillate 300- comprising light hydrocarbons ranging from C6 to C16 the second one (residue 300+ comprising both hydrocarbons and polar compounds. For simulation of thermal evolution of crude oils, about 100 experiments were carried out on two oils (Boscan and Pematang, in a closed pyrolysis system, over a wide range of heating times (few minutes to 1 month and temperatures (335 to 500°C. The pyrolysate is represented by 10 chemical fractions (C1, C2, C3-C5, C6-C13 saturates, benzene + toluene + xylenes + naphthalene, C9-C13 alkyl aromatics, C14+ saturates, C14+ condensed aromatics, C14+ alkyl and/or naphtheno aromatics + resins + asphaltenes and coke. For kinetic modeling, the degradation of each fraction, except for C1, C6-C13 aromatic mixture comprising benzene, toluene, xylenes and naphthalene, and coke considered as stable compounds, is described by a balanced elementary reaction governed by first order kinetics and obeying Arrhenius law. For a given oil, the kinetic parameters of the model (apparent activation energies Ei, preexponential factor A and stoichiometric

  12. Storm surge and tidal range energy (United States)

    Lewis, Matthew; Angeloudis, Athanasios; Robins, Peter; Evans, Paul; Neill, Simon


    The need to reduce carbon-based energy sources whilst increasing renewable energy forms has led to concerns of intermittency within a national electricity supply strategy. The regular rise and fall of the tide makes prediction almost entirely deterministic compared to other stochastic renewable energy forms; therefore, tidal range energy is often stated as a predictable and firm renewable energy source. Storm surge is the term used for the non-astronomical forcing of tidal elevation, and is synonymous with coastal flooding because positive storm surges can elevate water-levels above the height of coastal flood defences. We hypothesis storm surges will affect the reliability of the tidal range energy resource; with negative surge events reducing the tidal range, and conversely, positive surge events increasing the available resource. Moreover, tide-surge interaction, which results in positive storm surges more likely to occur on a flooding tide, will reduce the annual tidal range energy resource estimate. Water-level data (2000-2012) at nine UK tide gauges, where the mean tidal amplitude is above 2.5m and thus suitable for tidal-range energy development (e.g. Bristol Channel), were used to predict tidal range power with a 0D modelling approach. Storm surge affected the annual resource estimate by between -5% to +3%, due to inter-annual variability. Instantaneous power output were significantly affected (Normalised Root Mean Squared Error: 3%-8%, Scatter Index: 15%-41%) with spatial variability and variability due to operational strategy. We therefore find a storm surge affects the theoretical reliability of tidal range power, such that a prediction system may be required for any future electricity generation scenario that includes large amounts of tidal-range energy; however, annual resource estimation from astronomical tides alone appears sufficient for resource estimation. Future work should investigate water-level uncertainties on the reliability and

  13. 2008 NASA Range Safety Annual Report (United States)

    Lamoreaux, Richard W.


    Welcome to the 2008 edition of the NASA Range Safety Annual Report. Funded by NASA Headquarters, this report provides a NASA Range Safety overview for current and potential range users. This year, along with full length articles concerning various subject areas, we have provided updates to standard subjects with links back to the 2007 original article. Additionally, we present summaries from the various NASA Range Safety Program activities that took place throughout the year, as well as information on several special projects that may have a profound impact on the way we will do business in the future. The sections include a program overview and 2008 highlights of Range Safety Training; Range Safety Policy; Independent Assessments and Common Risk Analysis Tools Development; Support to Program Operations at all ranges conducting NASA launch operations; a continuing overview of emerging Range Safety-related technologies; Special Interests Items that include recent changes in the ELV Payload Safety Program and the VAS explosive siting study; and status reports from all of the NASA Centers that have Range Safety responsibilities. As is the case each year, contributors to this report are too numerous to mention, but we thank individuals from the NASA Centers, the Department of Defense, and civilian organizations for their contributions. We have made a great effort to include the most current information available. We recommend that this report be used only for guidance and that the validity and accuracy of all articles be verified for updates. This is the third year we have utilized this web-based format for the annual report. We continually receive positive feedback on the web-based edition, and we hope you enjoy this year's product as well. It has been a very busy and productive year on many fronts as you will note as you review this report. Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this year a successful one, and I look forward to working with all of you in the

  14. Expert systems and ballistic range data analysis (United States)

    Hathaway, Wayne; Steinhoff, Mark; Whyte, Robert; Brown, David; Choate, Jeff; Adelgren, Russ


    A program aimed at the development of an expert system for the reduction of ballistic range data is described. The program applies expert system and artificial intelligence techniques to develop a mathematically complex state-of-the-art spark range data reduction procedure that includes linear theory and six-degree-of-freedom analysis. The scope of the knowledge base includes both spin and statically stable vehicles. The expert system is expected to improve the quality of the data reduction process while reducing the work load on the senior range engineer.

  15. Remote sensing applications for range management (United States)

    Haas, R. H.


    The use of satellite information for range management is discussed. The use of infrared photography and color photography for analysis of vegetation cover is described. The methods of interpreting LANDSAT imagery are highlighted and possible applications of such interpretive methods to range management are considered. The concept of using LANDSAT as a sampling frame for renewable natural resource inventories was examined. It is concluded that a blending of LANDSAT vegetation data with soils and digital terrain data, will define a basic sampling unit that is appropriate for range management utilization.

  16. Kenai National Moose Range : Narrative report : 1968 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Kenai National Moose Range outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1968 calendar year. The report begins by summarizing the...

  17. Long-Range Nondestructive Testing System Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This proposal is for the development of a long range, multi-point non-destructive system for the detection of subsurface flaws in metallic and composite materials of...

  18. Arctic National Wildlife Range, Annual Narrative Report (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Arctic National Wildlife Range (ANWR) was established by executive order in 1960 for the purpose of preserving unique wildlife, wilderness and recreational...

  19. Range ecosystem management for natural areas (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report describes methods for managing range ecosystems in natural areas. Preserved natural areas on rangeland may, in a short time, be only those which received...

  20. Mountain ranges favour vigorous Atlantic meridional overturning

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bablu Sinha; Adam T. Blaker; Joël J.-M. Hirschi; Sarah Bonham; Matthew Brand; Simon Josey; Robin S. Smith; Jochem Marotzke


      We use a global Ocean-Atmosphere General Circulation Model (OAGCM) to show that the major mountain ranges of the world have a significant role in maintenance of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC...

  1. Final Range Wide Environmental Impact Statement

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Botdorf, Charles


    This Final Range Wide Environmental Impact Statement presents the impacts associated with the direct, indirect, and cumulative effects of mission diversification and changes to land use for Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona...

  2. VT E911 road address range geocoder (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — VT E911 road address range geocoder. VCGI, in collaboration with the VT E911 Board, has created a suite of geocoding services that can be used to batch geocode...

  3. Compact ranges in antenna and RCS measurements (United States)

    Audone, B.


    With the increased complexity and extended frequency range of operation model measurements and far field test ranges are no longer suitable to satisfy the demand of accurate testing. Moreover plane wave test conditions are required for Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurements which represent a key point in stealth technology. Compact ranges represent the best test facilities available presently since they allow for indoor measurements under far field conditions in real time without any calculation effort. Several types of compact ranges are described and compared discussing their relevant advantages with regard to RCS and antenna measurements. In parallel to measuring systems sophisticated computer models were developed with such a high level of accuracy that it is questionable whether experiments give better results than theory. Tests performed on simple structures show the correlation between experimental results and theoretical ones derived on the basis of GTD computer codes.

  4. Worst-Case Efficient Range Searching

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Arge, Lars Allan


    In this tutorial we will describe some of the recent advances in the development of worst-case efficient range search indexing structures, that is, structures for storing a set of data points such that the points in a axis-parallel (hyper-) query rectangle can be found efficiently (with as few disk...... discuss the external priority search tree [8], which solves a restricted version of the two-dimensional version of the problem where the query rectangle is unbounded on one side. This structure is then used in a range tree index structure [8, 21] that answers general two-dimensional queries in the same......, 17], as well as recent index structures for higher-dimensional range search indexing [1]. We end by mentioning various R-tree variant [7, 18, 15] that can be used to solve the extended version of range search indexing where the queries as well as the data are (hyper-) rectangles. More comprehensive...

  5. Comparative analysis of planetary laser ranging concepts (United States)

    Dirkx, D.; Bauer, S.; Noomen, R.; Vermeersen, B. L. A.; Visser, P. N.


    Laser ranging is an emerging technology for tracking interplanetary missions, offering improved range accuracy and precision (mm-cm), compared to existing DSN tracking. The ground segment uses existing Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) technology, whereas the space segment is modified with an active system. In a one-way system, such as that currently being used on the LRO spacecraft (Zuber et al., 2010), only an active detector is required on the spacecraft. For a two-way system, such as that tested by using the laser altimeter system on the MESSENGER spacecraft en route to Mercury (Smith et al., 2006), a laser transmitter system is additionally placed on the space segment, which will asynchronously fire laser pulses towards the ground stations. Although the one-way system requires less hardware, clock errors on both the space and ground segments will accumulate over time, polluting the range measurements. For a two-way system, the range measurements are only sensitive to clock errors integrated over the the two-way light time.We investigate the performance of both one- and two-way laser range systems by simulating their operation. We generate realizations of clock error time histories from Allan variance profiles, and use them to create range measurement error profiles. We subsequently perform the orbit determination process from this data to quanitfy the system's performance. For our simulations, we use two test cases: a lunar orbiter similar to LRO and a Phobos lander similar to the Phobos Laser Ranging concept (Turyshev et al., 2010). For the lunar orbiter, we include an empirical model for unmodelled non-gravitational accelerations in our truth model to include errors ihe dynamics. We include the estimation of clock parameters over a number of arc lengths for our simulations of the one-way range system and use a variety of state arc durations for the lunar orbiter simulations.We perform Monte Carlo simulations and generate true error distributions for both

  6. Adaptive and Approximate Orthogonal Range Counting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chan, Timothy M.; Wilkinson, Bryan Thomas


    ]. •We give an O(n loglog n)-space data structure for approximate 2-D orthogonal range counting that can compute a (1+δ)-factor approximation to the count in O(loglog n) time for any fixed constant δ>0. Again, our bounds match the state of the art for the 2-D orthogonal range emptiness problem. •Lastly...

  7. Vehicle Based Laser Range Finding in Crops


    Hans-Juergen Horn; Rolf Adamek; Detlef Ehlert


    Laser rangefinders and laser scanners are widely used for industrial purposes and for remote sensing. In agriculture information about crop parameters like volume, height, and density can support the optimisation of production processes. In scientific papers the measurement of these parameters by low cost laser rangefinders with one echo has been presented for short ranges. Because the cross section area of the beam increases with the measuring range, it can be expected that laser rangefinder...

  8. Long-Range Order in β Brass

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Norvell, J.C.; Als-Nielsen, Jens Aage


    The long-range order parameter M of β brass has been determined from measurements of the intensity of superlattice reflections of Bragg-scattered neutrons. Over the whole temperature range T=300 °K to T=Tc=736 °K, the data are in remarkable agreement with the prediction for the compressible Ising...... bcc lattice with only nearest-neighbor interactions. © 1970 The American Physical Society...

  9. High Dynamic Range Digital Imaging of Spacecraft (United States)

    Karr, Brian A.; Chalmers, Alan; Debattista, Kurt


    The ability to capture engineering imagery with a wide degree of dynamic range during rocket launches is critical for post launch processing and analysis [USC03, NNC86]. Rocket launches often present an extreme range of lightness, particularly during night launches. Night launches present a two-fold problem: capturing detail of the vehicle and scene that is masked by darkness, while also capturing detail in the engine plume.

  10. Long range electrostatic forces in ionic liquids. (United States)

    Gebbie, Matthew A; Smith, Alexander M; Dobbs, Howard A; Lee, Alpha A; Warr, Gregory G; Banquy, Xavier; Valtiner, Markus; Rutland, Mark W; Israelachvili, Jacob N; Perkin, Susan; Atkin, Rob


    Ionic liquids are pure salts that are liquid under ambient conditions. As liquids composed solely of ions, the scientific consensus has been that ionic liquids have exceedingly high ionic strengths and thus very short Debye screening lengths. However, several recent experiments from laboratories around the world have reported data for the approach of two surfaces separated by ionic liquids which revealed remarkable long range forces that appear to be electrostatic in origin. Evidence has accumulated demonstrating long range surface forces for several different combinations of ionic liquids and electrically charged surfaces, as well as for concentrated mixtures of inorganic salts in solvent. The original interpretation of these forces, that ionic liquids could be envisioned as "dilute electrolytes," was controversial, and the origin of long range forces in ionic liquids remains the subject of discussion. Here we seek to collate and examine the evidence for long range surface forces in ionic liquids, identify key outstanding questions, and explore possible mechanisms underlying the origin of these long range forces. Long range surface forces in ionic liquids and other highly concentrated electrolytes hold diverse implications from designing ionic liquids for energy storage applications to rationalizing electrostatic correlations in biological self-assembly.

  11. La gazéification souterraine profonde du charbon en France. L'expérience de Bruay-en-Artois Underground Coal Gasification At Great Depth. The French Field Test of Bruay-En-Artois

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gadelle C.


    Full Text Available Le projet français de gazéification souterraine du charbon, dont l'objectif à terme est la production d'un substitut de gaz naturel, vise la gazéification de veines de charbon de faible épaisseur, situées à grande profondeur et non exploitables par les méthodes classiques. De nombreuses difficultés sont liées à la profondeur (plus de 1000 m, en particulier la nécessité d'opérer sous pression élevée dans un charbon très peu perméable. Les premiers essais, effectués sur un pilote à 1200 m de la surface sur le site de Bruay-en-Artois (nord de la France, ont consisté à :- relier deux puits distants de 65 m par fracturation hydraulique, un test de la liaison par injection d'azote indiquant un taux de récupération du gaz injecté proche de 50 % ; - allumer le charbon au moyen d'un allumeur électrique ; - initier et tenter de propager une combustion à contre-courant avec injection d'air à faible débit. Des expériences de laboratoire, consécutives à cet essai pilote, ont mis en évidence les risques d'allumage spontané du charbon lorsque la pression partielle d'oxygène dans le gaz injecté est élevée. Un nouvel essai de combustion à contre-courant a alors été entrepris sur le site de Bruay-en-Artois, avec injection d'un gaz contenant 5 % d'oxygène et 95 % d'azote. Les résultats de cette expérimentation arrêtée en juillet 1981 sont en cours d'exploitation. The French underground coal gasification (UCG project, which has the objective of producing synthetic natural gas, aims to gasify deep thin coal seams that cannot be mined by conventional methods. Many difficulties are connected with depth (more than 1000 m, in particular the necessity to operate under high pressure in low permeable coal. The initial pilot tests performed at a depth of 1200 m from the surface at Bruay-en-Artois (northern France consisted in: (a linking two boreholes 65 m apart by hydraulic fracturing, a linkage test by nitrogen injection

  12. Une installation expérimentale pour l'étude du traitement par combustion des fumées industrielles An Experimental Plant for Processing Industrial Fumes by Combustion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Morillon R.


    Full Text Available Le rejet à l'atmosphère d'effluents gazeux d'origine industrielle entraîne un accroissement sensible de la pollution atmosphérique ; en outre, il s'accompagne souvent d'une perte d'énergie lorsque l'élément polluant est un hydrocarbure. Dans ce cas, l'utilisation du gaz naturel pour le traitement par combustion des fumées industrielles apporte une solution élégante et souvent peu coûteuse grâce à la récupération d'énergie qu'il est possible de faire. La première partie de l'article rappelle les aspects théoriques de ce traitement ; en particulier, l'influence des divers éléments sur son efficacité y est discutée (composition de l'atmosphère polluée, température, temps de séjour, etc.. II apparaît ainsi que diverses conditions doivent être remplies simultanément pour obtenir une efficacité satisfaisante. Afin de disposer d'éléments d'ingénierie permettant de construire les unités de traitement les plus efficaces et les plus sûres possible, au coût le plus bas possible, la Direction des études et techniques nouvelles du Gaz de France a réalisé une installation expérimentale qui est présentée dans la deuxième partie de l'article. Enfin, quelques examples d'utilisation de cette installation expérimentale, qui constitue un nouvel outil de travail mis à la disposition des utisitateurs et des constructeurs, sont décrits dans la troisième partie de l'article. The discharge into the atmosphere of industrial waste gases causes substantially increased air pollution. Moreover, it is often accompanied by loss of energy when the polluting element is a hydrocarbon. In such cases, the use of natural gas for processing industrial fumes by combustion provides an elegant solution, which moy often prove economical too becouse of the recovery of energy it makes possible. The first part of this article reviews the theoretical aspects of such processing. The way in which its effectiveness is affected by various parameters

  13. Apport des expériences de mécaniques des roches à la géologie structurale des bassins sédimentaires Contribution of Rock-Mechanics Experiments to the Stuctural Geology of Sedimentary Basins

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Poulet M.


    Full Text Available Dans le but de préciser le domaine d'application des expériences de Mécanique des Roches à la Géologie Structurale, l'auteur définit d'abord les ordres de grandeur des différents facteurs qui contrôlent, dans la nature, les relations contrainte déformation : contraintes mises en leu, vitesse de déformation, température, anisotropie des roches. Sont ensuite passés en revue les résultats des essais de laboratoire de type uniaxial (conditions de surface puis de type triaxial (conditions de fond en distinguant dans chaque cas la nature des contraintes intervenant : tension, compression, cisaillement. Le comportement des roches dans les essais en compression permet de les classer en trois catégories : les roches dites élastiques (roches sédimentaires compactes, métamorphiques et cristallines, les roches dites élastoplastiques possédant une certaine porosité (grés, calcaires, les roches dites plastiques (sel, gypse. Sur chaque type ainsi défini les expériences de laboratoire permettent d'étudier l'influence des paramètres suivants : la pression de confinement qui augmente avec la profondeur et permet une déformation permanente importante des roches élasto-plastiques, la pression des fluides qui les rend au contraire plus fragiles, la température dont l'influence est prédominante pour les roches plastiques, le temps qui seul permet des déformations continues importantes sous de faibles contraintes, l'anisotropie liée soit au dépôt (stratification, soit aux déformations antérieures. Bien que les caractéristiques mécaniques mesurées en laboratoire ne soient pas transposables directement dans la nature, les résultats des essais fournissent au géologue une clef pour l'interprétation qualitative de nombreuses observations à petite et grande échelle : relations socle-couverture sédimentaire, conditions de rejeu des accidents anciens, formation des plis, répartition et nature de la tracturation. In on attempt ta

  14. Une expérience pédagogique du débat public en école d'ingénieur. Le cas du nucléaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Colmellere Cynthia


    Full Text Available Cette communication présente un dispositif pédagogique d'exercice de débat public autour d'un projet d'implantation d'un réacteur nucléaire. Cet exercice est mené depuis trois ans dans le cadre d'un cours de sociologie pour des ingénieurs de deuxième année à l'Ecole Centrale Paris. Il concerne un groupe d'une vingtaine d'élèves et s'inspire d'une situation réelle et actuelle : le projet d'implantation d'un réacteur nucléaire de type EPR à Penly (76. Dans cette contribution, nous présentons tout d'abord les enjeux de cette expérience pédagogique dans le contexte de notre établissement et les questions pédagogiques qu'elle pose. Dans une deuxième partie, nous détaillons les différentes séquences du cours qui servent à préparer ce débat. Dans la troisième, nous revenons sur le déroulement du débat et la phase de discussion critique entre les observateurs, les élèves et l'enseignante qui s'ensuit. Nous concluons sur les apports et les limites de cet exercice en les mettant en perspective avec les enjeux de l'enseignement des controverses scientifiques et techniques dans la formation des ingénieurs.

  15. Microprocessor realizations of range and range-rate filters in radar systems (United States)

    Fleischer, D.; Aronhime, P.


    This paper describes the implementation of digital radar range-rate filters on a microprocessor-based system. A range-rate filter processes a digitized noisy range signal to recover smoothed range data and its derivative, range rate. Two filter designs are implemented. Considerations aiding their efficient operation on an 8-bit microprocessor are discussed. The filters are subjected to a noisy range input signal of known variance, and the associated output signals are statistically analysed to determine noise-rejection characteristics. These results are compared to analytical predictions.

  16. Reticle level compensation for long range effects (United States)

    Figueiro, Thiago; Browning, Clyde; Thornton, Martin J.; Vannufel, Cyril; Schiavone, Patrick


    Proximity Effects in electron beam lithography impact feature dimensions, pattern fidelity and uniformity. Electron scattering effects are commonly addressed using a mathematical model representing the radial exposure intensity distribution induced by a point electron source, commonly named Point Spread Function (PSF). PSF models are usually employed for correcting "short-range" and "long-range" backscattering effects up to 10μm to 15μm. It is well known that there are also some process related phenomena impacting pattern uniformity that have a wider range (fogging, chemical mechanical polishing -CMP- effects, etc.) which impacts up to a few millimeters or more. There are a number of commercial strategies for mitigating such long range effects based on data density. However, those traditional ones are usually performed within a single chip on a reticle field and ignore the presence of adjacent fields, neglecting their influence. Full field reticles can contain several different designs or arrayed chips in a multitude of layout placements. Reticle level jobdeck placing each design at specific sites, independent of each other can be used to account for the density of each pattern that has a relative impact on its neighbors, even if they are several millimeters away from offending data. Therefore, full field density analysis accounting for scribe frames and all neighboring patterns is required for reaching fidelity control requirements such as critical dimension (CD) and line end shortening (LES) on the full plate. This paper describes a technique to compensate long range effects going across chip boundaries to the full reticle exposure field. The extreme long range effects are also represented with a model that is calibrated according to the characteristics of the user's process. Data correction can be based on dose and geometry modulation. Uniform pattern dimensional control matching the user's specific process long range variability can be achieved with the

  17. Individual differences in BEV drivers' range stress during first encounter of a critical range situation. (United States)

    Franke, Thomas; Rauh, Nadine; Krems, Josef F


    It is commonly held that range anxiety, in the form of experienced range stress, constitutes a usage barrier, particularly during the early period of battery electric vehicle (BEV) usage. To better understand factors that play a role in range stress during this critical period of adaptation to limited-range mobility, we examined individual differences in experienced range stress in the context of a critical range situation. In a field experiment, 74 participants drove a BEV on a 94-km round trip, which was tailored to lead to a critical range situation (i.e., small available range safety buffer). Higher route familiarity, trust in the range estimation system, system knowledge, subjective range competence, and internal control beliefs in dealing with technology were clearly related to lower experienced range stress; emotional stability (i.e., low neuroticism) was partly related to lower range stress. These results can inform strategies aimed at reducing range stress during early BEV usage, as well as contribute to a better understanding of factors that drive user experience in low-resource systems, which is a key topic in the field of green ergonomics. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Optics At White Sands Missile Range (United States)

    Fronczek, Ron C.; Hayslett, Charles R.


    We present an overview of the optics and optical data gathering programs conducted at White Sands Missile Range. Activities at White Sands Missile Range have always been diverse - the first test conducted there was the world's first nuclear explosion. In the forty years since that event the range has hosted a large assortment of vehicles including V2, Nike, Aerobee, Space Shuttle, Cruise, and the Copperhead. The last three of these devices illustrate the difficulty of the White Sands optical data gathering task. One is acquired in orbit, one as it crosses through a mountain pass, and one as it issues from the muzzle of a cannon. A combination of optical, radar, video, computer, and communications technology has produced a versatile system that can satisfy the data gathering requirements of most range users. Another example of the diverse optics programs at the range is the development of the High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility (HELSTF). Because of the nature of the systems being tested, the HELSTF is full of optics and optical systems including the TRW MIRACL laser and the Hughes SEA LITE Beam Director.

  19. Passive ranging of boost-phase missiles (United States)

    Hawks, Michael; Perram, Glen


    The depth of absorption bands in observed spectra of distant, bright sources can be used to estimate range to the source. Previous efforts in this area relied on Beer's Law to estimate range from observations of infrared CO II bands, with disappointing results. A modified approach is presented that uses band models and observations of the O II absorption band near 762 nm. This band is spectrally isolated from other atmospheric bands, which enables direct estimation of molecular absorption from observed intensity. Range is estimated by comparing observed values of band-average absorption, (see manuscript), against predicted curves derived from either historical data or model predictions. Accuracy of better than 0.5% has been verified in short-range (up to 3km) experiments using a Fourier transform interferometer at 1cm -1 resolution. A conceptual design is described for a small, affordable passive ranging sensor suitable for use on tactical aircraft for missile attack warning and time-to-impact estimation. Models are used to extrapolate experimental results (using 1 cm -1 resolution data) to analyze expected performance of this filter-based system.

  20. Hip strength and range of motion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mosler, Andrea B.; Crossley, Kay M.; Thorborg, Kristian


    Objectives To determine the normal profiles for hip strength and range of motion (ROM) in a professional football league in Qatar, and examine the effect of leg dominance, age, past history of injury, and ethnicity on these profiles. Design Cross-sectional cohort study. Methods Participants...... values are documented for hip strength and range of motion that can be used as reference profiles in the clinical assessment, screening, and management of professional football players. Leg dominance, recent past injury history and ethnicity do not need to be accounted for when using these profiles...... included 394 asymptomatic, male professional football players, aged 18–40 years. Strength was measured using a hand held dynamometer with an eccentric test in side-lying for hip adduction and abduction, and the squeeze test in supine with 45° hip flexion. Range of motion measures included: hip internal...

  1. Extended range interferometry based on wavefront shaping (United States)

    Szczupak, M. L.; Salbut, L.


    There are many cases when absolute measurements of objects with large height differences or height discontinuity is needed. These measurements can not be covered by classical interferometry since the range of non-ambiguity is limited to half the optical wavelength. Several techniques have been already developed for extending of non-ambiguity range. However most of them is based on multi-wavelength methods which demands expensive light sources and special environment conditions. In this work the new interferometric technique for absolute measurements of large steps discontinuities is proposed. Variable wavefront of the illuminating beam and special procedure for calibration of the measurement volume are used for extending of the measurement range without using multispectral sources. Additionally, calibration of the measurement area simplifies fringe processing and quicken measures. Theoretical analysis of this technique, its numerical simulations and experimental verification are presented and discussed.

  2. Range conditions for a spherical mean transform

    KAUST Repository

    Agranovsky, Mark


    The paper is devoted to the range description of the Radon type transform that averages a function over all spheres centered on a given sphere. Such transforms arise naturally in thermoacoustic tomography, a novel method of medical imaging. Range descriptions have recently been obtained for such transforms, and consisted of smoothness and support conditions, moment conditions, and some additional orthogonality conditions of spectral nature. It has been noticed that in odd dimensions, surprisingly, the moment conditions are superfluous and can be eliminated. It is shown in this text that in fact the same happens in any dimension.

  3. Current Trends in Satellite Laser Ranging (United States)

    Pearlman, M. R.; Appleby, G. M.; Kirchner, G.; McGarry, J.; Murphy, T.; Noll, C. E.; Pavlis, E. C.; Pierron, F.


    Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) techniques are used to accurately measure the distance from ground stations to retroreflectors on satellites and the moon. SLR is one of the fundamental techniques that define the international Terrestrial Reference Frame (iTRF), which is the basis upon which we measure many aspects of global change over space, time, and evolving technology. It is one of the fundamental techniques that define at a level of precision of a few mm the origin and scale of the ITRF. Laser Ranging provides precision orbit determination and instrument calibration/validation for satellite-borne altimeters for the better understanding of sea level change, ocean dynamics, ice budget, and terrestrial topography. Laser ranging is also a tool to study the dynamics of the Moon and fundamental constants. Many of the GNSS satellites now carry retro-reflectors for improved orbit determination, harmonization of reference frames, and in-orbit co-location and system performance validation. The GNSS Constellations will be the means of making the reference frame available to worldwide users. Data and products from these measurements support key aspects of the GEOSS 10-Year implementation Plan adopted on February 16, 2005, The ITRF has been identified as a key contribution of the JAG to GEOSS and the ILRS makes a major contribution for its development since its foundation. The ILRS delivers weekly additional realizations that are accumulated sequentially to extend the ITRF and the Earth Orientation Parameter (EOP) series with a daily resolution. Additional products are currently under development such as precise orbits of satellites, EOP with daily availability, low-degree gravitational harmonics for studies of Earth dynamics and kinematics, etc. SLR technology continues to evolve toward the next generation laser ranging systems as programmatic requirements become more stringent. Ranging accuracy is improving as higher repetition rate, narrower pulse lasers and faster

  4. High dynamic range imaging sensors and architectures

    CERN Document Server

    Darmont, Arnaud


    Illumination is a crucial element in many applications, matching the luminance of the scene with the operational range of a camera. When luminance cannot be adequately controlled, a high dynamic range (HDR) imaging system may be necessary. These systems are being increasingly used in automotive on-board systems, road traffic monitoring, and other industrial, security, and military applications. This book provides readers with an intermediate discussion of HDR image sensors and techniques for industrial and non-industrial applications. It describes various sensor and pixel architectures capable

  5. New range of heavy electric vehicle chassis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    A new range of electrically-powered vehicles is announced in the UK. The vehicles are a joint venture between the Electric Vehicle Division of Hydrotechniek and its Dutch associate, Creusen Elektro-Mechanische Industrie BV. The 867S and 968S are three-axle vehicles with four-wheel drive on the rear four wheels. At present the vehicles go 20 km/h and have an 80-km range. The speed is to be extended in the near future and a diesel-electric hybrid may be introduced. An 867S is to be fitted out as a mobile library.

  6. Introduction to sensors for ranging and imaging

    CERN Document Server

    Brooker, Graham


    ""This comprehensive text-reference provides a solid background in active sensing technology. It is concerned with active sensing, starting with the basics of time-of-flight sensors (operational principles, components), and going through the derivation of the radar range equation and the detection of echo signals, both fundamental to the understanding of radar, sonar and lidar imaging. Several chapters cover signal propagation of both electromagnetic and acoustic energy, target characteristics, stealth, and clutter. The remainder of the book introduces the range measurement process, active ima

  7. Free Space Ranging Utilizing Chaotic Light

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tong Zhao


    Full Text Available We report our recent works on free space ranging with chaotic light. Using a laser diode with optical feedback as chaotic source, a prototype of chaotic lidar has been developed and it can achieve a range-independent resolution of 18 cm and measurable distance of 130 m at least. And its antijamming performance is presented experimentally and numerically. Finally, we, respectively, employ the wavelet denoising method and the correlation average discrete-component elimination algorithm to detect the chaotic signal in noisy environment and suppress the side-lobe noise of the correlation trace.

  8. Bearings Only Air-to-Air Ranging (United States)


    TERMS (Continue on reverse it necessarv and identify WIock numberl FIELD GROUP’ SUB- GIR Air to Air RangingRange Estimationt Min..a simtr uarget rnge sad direction or by observer motion in the statistical behavior of the 4.2 &Awo 0*l LA Sqvwnr. Rmng IoiamIin. Since it hu alredy bin...lengths, sad while they indicate irreularty in the estimation processt, they do nix explain its source. Figure 22, whMc as typical of whet can arise

  9. Ranging Behaviour of Commercial Free-Range Broiler Chickens 1: Factors Related to Flock Variability. (United States)

    Taylor, Peta S; Hemsworth, Paul H; Groves, Peter J; Gebhardt-Henrich, Sabine G; Rault, Jean-Loup


    Little is known about the ranging behaviour of chickens. Understanding ranging behaviour is required to improve management and shed and range design to ensure optimal ranging opportunities. Using Radio Frequency Identification technology, we tracked 300 individual broiler chickens in each of four mixed sex ROSS 308 flocks on one commercial farm across two seasons. Ranging behaviour was tracked from the first day of range access (21 days of age) until 35 days of age in winter and 44 days of age in summer. Range use was higher than previously reported from scan sampling studies. More chickens accessed the range in summer (81%) than winter (32%; p < 0.05). On average, daily frequency and duration of range use was greater in summer flocks (4.4 ± 0.1 visits for a total of 26.3 ± 0.8 min/day) than winter flocks (3.2 ± 0.2 visits for a total of 7.9 ± 1.0 min/day). Seasonal differences were only marginally explained by weather conditions and may reflect the reduction in range exposure between seasons (number of days, hours per day, and time of day). Specific times of the day (p < 0.01) and pop-holes were favoured (p < 0.05). We provide evidence of relationships between ranging and external factors that may explain ranging preferences.

  10. Range-based covariance estimation using high-frequency data: The realized co-range

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    K. Bannouh (Karim); D.J.C. van Dijk (Dick); M.P.E. Martens (Martin)


    textabstractWe introduce the realized co-range, utilizing intraday high-low price ranges to estimate asset return covariances. Using simulations we find that for plausible levels of bid-ask bounce and infrequent and non-synchronous trading the realized co-range improves upon the realized covariance,

  11. Calcul ab initio de l'interaction d'une molécule d'azote avec un ion Na+. Comparaison avec les données expérimentales du spectre infrarouge de N2 adsorbé dans la zéolithe NaA


    Brigot, N.; Cohen De Lara, E.; Blain, M.


    Pour retrouver un certain nombre de grandeurs expérimentales tirées des spectres infrarouges de la molécule d'azote adsorbée dans la zéolithe NaA, nous présentons ici un calcul quantique ab initio sur le couple N 2-Na+. Après avoir déterminé sa géométrie d'équilibre nous calculons le glissement de la fréquence de vibration N-N et son moment dipolaire de transition induit par la présence du cation. Les résultats obtenus sont en bon accord avec l'expérience ainsi qu'avec ceux déterminés à parti...

  12. Apports et limites des démarches de management de la qualité dans l'évaluation de l'action publique locale : réflexions tirées de l'expérience d'un grand service public urbain


    Tsanga Tabi, M.; Verdon, D.; Even, L.; Tenoux, G.


    / L'introduction des "outils qualité" dans le management des grands services publics urbains date du début des années 1990 et permet de disposer de plus d'une décennie d'expérience et de recul pour poser la question des frontières entre de tels dispositifs et l'évaluation. L'expérience que nous retraçons ; celle du service public de l'eau de Nantes-Métropole, rend compte des réflexions initiées au sein de la hiérarchie gestionnaire du service à l'égard du « dispositif qualité » existant dans ...

  13. Eric Bullot, Renversements. Notes sur le cinéma – Sortir du cinéma. Histoire virtuelle des relations de l’art et du cinéma – Raphaël Bassan, Abécédaire de l’expérimental – la Part d


    Albera, François


    Y a-t-il une « histoire » du cinéma expérimental, qu’appelle-t-on « expérimental » (seul mot que retînt Dominique Noguez pour désigner un certain type de cinéma, mais mot qu’il ne voulait écrire que biffé tandis que le festival de Knokke-le-Zoute, lui, en omettait toutes les voyelles) ? Ces questions accompagnent des courants cinématographiques assez divers qu’on peut rétro-baptiser ainsi dès... Marey, Cohl ou Lucien Bull (Brenez) ou, au contraire, sont liées à l’émergence du mot (or, Jean Gi...

  14. Historical Biogeography Using Species Geographical Ranges. (United States)

    Quintero, Ignacio; Keil, Petr; Jetz, Walter; Crawford, Forrest W


    Spatial variation in biodiversity is the result of complex interactions between evolutionary history and ecological factors. Methods in historical biogeography combine phylogenetic information with current species locations to infer the evolutionary history of a clade through space and time. A major limitation of most methods for historical biogeographic inference is the requirement of single locations for terminal lineages, reducing contemporary species geographical ranges to a point in two-dimensional space. In reality, geographic ranges usually show complex geographic patterns, irregular shapes, or discontinuities. In this article, we describe a method for phylogeographic analysis using polygonal species geographic ranges of arbitrary complexity. By integrating the geographic diversification process across species ranges, we provide a method to infer the geographic location of ancestors in a Bayesian framework. By modeling migration conditioned on a phylogenetic tree, this approach permits reconstructing the geographic location of ancestors through time. We apply this new method to the diversification of two neotropical bird genera, Trumpeters (Psophia) and Cinclodes ovenbirds. We demonstrate the usefulness of our method (called rase) in phylogeographic reconstruction of species ancestral locations and contrast our results with previous methods that compel researchers to reduce the distribution of species to one point in space. We discuss model extensions to enable a more general, spatially explicit framework for historical biogeographic analysis. © The Author(s) 2015. Published by Oxford University Press, on behalf of the Society of Systematic Biologists. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  15. Resources and Long-Range Forecasts (United States)

    Smith, Waldo E.


    The author argues that forecasts of quick depletion of resources in the environment as a result of overpopulation and increased usage may not be free from error. Ignorance still exists in understanding the recovery mechanisms of nature. Long-range forecasts are likely to be wrong in such situations. (PS)

  16. Medium-range fire weather forecasts (United States)

    J.O. Roads; K. Ueyoshi; S.C. Chen; J. Alpert; F. Fujioka


    The forecast skill of theNational Meteorological Center's medium range forecast (MRF) numerical forecasts of fire weather variables is assessed for the period June 1,1988 to May 31,1990. Near-surface virtual temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and a derived fire weather index (FWI) are forecast well by the MRF model. However, forecast relative humidity has...

  17. Optimal Static Range Reporting in One Dimension

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alstrup, Stephen; Brodal, Gerth Stølting; Rauhe, Theis


    a query interval, we present an optimal data structure with linear space cost and with query time linear in the number of integers reported. This result holds in the unit cost RAM model with word size w and a standard instruction set. We also present a linear space data structure for approximate range...



    Crom, Richard J.


    Increasing interest in range economics research calls for a more tightly defined set of issues and a menu of research projects addressing these issues. This paper identifies major issues of national importance followed by a brief description of suggested research projects.

  19. Short range radio research in Twente

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Meijerink, Arjan


    The research and education by the Telecommunication Engineering Group at the University of Twente is dedicated to physical layer topics in communications. Three research tracks have prominence: Short Range Radio, Microwave Photonics, and Electromagnetic Compatibility. Arjan is active in the Short

  20. African Journal of Range and Forage Science

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The African Journal of Range & Forage Science (previously known as Proceedings of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa and Journal of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa) is the leading rangeland and pastoral journal in Africa, and serves as an important reference for anyone interested in the management and ...

  1. Controlling a wide range of flow rates (United States)

    Perkins, G. S.


    Servo-operated valve and two flowmeters allow accurate control over 1,900:1 flow-rate range. It was developed as part of laboratory instrument for measuring properties of confined fluids under conditions analogous to those encountered in deep drilling operations.

  2. Demonstration of the Colour Range of Indicators (United States)

    Woods, G. T.


    Describes the construction of a box that is filled with indicator of a particular concentration. A little acid is added to one side and a little alkali to the other so that the complete colour range of the indicator is observable. (GS)

  3. Look Ahead: Long-Range Learning Plans (United States)

    Weinstein, Margery


    Faced with an unsteady economy and fluctuating learning needs, planning a learning strategy designed to last longer than the next six months can be a tall order. But a long-range learning plan can provide a road map for success. In this article, four companies (KPMG LLP, CarMax, DPR Construction, and EMC Corp.) describe their learning plans, and…

  4. Great Basin Experimental Range: Annotated bibliography (United States)

    E. Durant McArthur; Bryce A. Richardson; Stanley G. Kitchen


    This annotated bibliography documents the research that has been conducted on the Great Basin Experimental Range (GBER, also known as the Utah Experiment Station, Great Basin Station, the Great Basin Branch Experiment Station, Great Basin Experimental Center, and other similar name variants) over the 102 years of its existence. Entries were drawn from the original...

  5. Extended-range order in glasses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ellison, A.J.G.; Price, D.L.; Saboungi, M.L. [Argonne National Lab., IL (United States); Egami, T.; Hu, Rui-Zhong [Pennsylvania Univ., Philadelphia, PA (United States); Howells, W.S. [Rutherford Appleton Lab., Chilton (United Kingdom)


    A new type of order is identified in complex glasses, characterized by diffraction peaks at values of the wave vector below those typical of intermediate-range order. Combined neutron and anomalous x-ray diffraction studies of one glass exhibiting this behavior, vitreous rubidium germanate, indicate it to be associated with chemical ordering of the two cations with respect to each other.

  6. Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges, 2013 (United States)


    research, tsunami warning/verification, and seismic / earthquake monitoring. The littoral nature of Navy training ranges and the unique types `` Completed Phases 1 (Mountainside Village) and 2 (Hillside Tunnels ) of four-phase urban training complex plan. Ongoing Progress

  7. Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges (United States)


    research, climate research, tsunami warning/ verification, and seismic /earthquake monitoring. The littoral nature of Navy training ranges and the unique...Mountainside Village) and 2 (Hillside Tunnels ) of four-phase urban training complex plan. Ongoing Progress continuing into 2014. 252014 Sustainable

  8. Antenna induced range smearing in MST radars (United States)

    Watkins, B. J.; Johnston, P. E.


    There is considerable interest in developing stratosphere troposphere (ST) and mesosphere stratosphere troposphere (MST) radars for higher resolution to study small-scale turbulent structures and waves. At present most ST and MST radars have resolutions of 150 meters or larger, and are not able to distinguish the thin (40 - 100 m) turbulent layers that are known to occur in the troposphere and stratosphere, and possibly in the mesosphere. However the antenna beam width and sidelobe level become important considerations for radars with superior height resolution. The objective of this paper is to point out that for radars with range resolutions of about 150 meters or less, there may be significant range smearing of the signals from mesospheric altitudes due to the finite beam width of the radar antenna. At both stratospheric and mesospheric heights the antenna sidelobe level for lear equally spaced phased arrays may also produce range aliased signals. To illustrate this effect the range smearing functions for two vertically directed antennas have been calculated, (1) an array of 32 coaxial-collinear strings each with 48 elements that simulates the vertical beam of the Poker Flat, Glaska, MST radar; and (2) a similar, but smaller, array of 16 coaxial-collinear strings each with 24 elements.

  9. Host range evaluation and morphological characterization of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A total of 29 isolates of Pseudoperonospora cubensis were collected from various cucurbit farms in West Malaysia. Sporangia of 13 isolates had the ability to germinate at 14°C and were used for host range (pathotype) study using leaf disc assay on a set of twelve cucurbit cultivars. Twelve different pathotypes of P. cubensis ...

  10. Engineering Biosensors with Dual Programmable Dynamic Ranges. (United States)

    Wei, Benmei; Zhang, Juntao; Ou, Xiaowen; Lou, Xiaoding; Xia, Fan; Vallée-Bélisle, Alexis


    Although extensively used in all fields of chemistry, molecular recognition still suffers from a significant limitation: host-guest binding displays a fixed, hyperbolic dose-response curve, which limits its usefulness in many applications. Here we take advantage of the high programmability of DNA chemistry and propose a universal strategy to engineer biorecognition-based sensors with dual programmable dynamic ranges. Using DNA aptamers as our model recognition element and electrochemistry as our readout signal, we first designed a dual signaling "signal-on" and "signal-off" adenosine triphosphate (ATP) sensor composed of a ferrocene-labeled ATP aptamer in complex to a complementary, electrode-bound, methylene-blue labeled DNA. Using this simple "dimeric" sensor, we show that we can easily (1) tune the dynamic range of this dual-signaling sensor through base mutations on the electrode-bound DNA, (2) extend the dynamic range of this sensor by 2 orders of magnitude by using a combination of electrode-bound strands with varying affinity for the aptamers, (3) create an ultrasensitive dual signaling sensor by employing a sequestration strategy in which a nonsignaling, high affinity "depletant" DNA aptamer is added to the sensor surface, and (4) engineer a sensor that simultaneously provides extended and ultrasensitive readouts. These strategies, applicable to a wide range of biosensors and chemical systems, should broaden the application of molecular recognition in various fields of chemistry.

  11. Inversion of spheroid particle size distribution in wider size range and aspect ratio range

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tang Hong


    Full Text Available The non-spherical particle sizing is very important in the aerosol science, and it can be determined by the light extinction measurement. This paper studies the effect of relationship of the size range and aspect ratio range on the inversion of spheroid particle size distribution by the dependent mode algorithm. The T matrix method and the geometric optics approximation method are used to calculate the extinction efficiency of the spheroids with different size range and aspect ratio range, and the inversion of spheroid particle size distribution in these different ranges is conducted. Numerical simulation indicates that a fairly reasonable representation of the spheroid particle size distribution can be obtained when the size range and aspect ratio range are suitably chosen.

  12. Comparison of range migration correction algorithms for range-Doppler processing (United States)

    Uysal, Faruk


    The next generation digital radars are able to provide high-range resolution by the advancement of radar hardware technologies. These systems take advantage of coherent integration and Doppler processing technique to increase the target's signal-to-noise ratio. Due to the high-range resolution (small range cells) and fast target motion, a target migrates through multiple range cells within a coherent processing interval. Range cell migration (also known as range walk) occurs and degrades the coherent integration gain. There are many approaches in the literature to correct these unavoidable effects and focus the target in the range-Doppler domain. We demonstrate some of these methods on an operational frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar and point out practical issues in the application.

  13. Method and apparatus for coherent burst ranging (United States)

    Wachter, Eric A.; Fisher, Walter G.


    A high resolution ranging method is described utilizing a novel modulated waveform, hereafter referred to as coherent burst modulation. In the coherent burst method, high frequency modulation of an acoustic or electromagnetic transmitter, such as a laser, is performed at a modulation frequency. This modulation frequency is transmitted quasi-continuously in the form of interrupted bursts of radiation. Energy from the transmitter is directed onto a target, interacts with the target, and the returning energy is collected. The encoded burst pattern contained in the collected return signal is detected coherently by a receiver that is tuned so as to be principally sensitive to the modulation frequency. The receiver signal is processed to determine target range using both time-of-flight of the burst envelope and phase shift of the high frequency modulation. This approach effectively decouples the maximum unambiguous range and range resolution relationship of earlier methods, thereby allowing high precision ranging to be conducted at arbitrarily long distances using at least one burst of encoded energy. The use of a receiver tuned to the high frequency modulation contained within the coherent burst vastly improves both sensitivity in the detection of the target return signal and rejection of background interferences, such as ambient acoustic or electromagnetic noise. Simultaneous transmission at several energies (or wavelengths) is possible by encoding each energy with a separate modulation frequency or pattern; electronic demodulation at the receiver allows the return pattern for each energy to be monitored independently. Radial velocity of a target can also be determined by monitoring change in phase shift of the return signal as a function of time.

  14. Etude théorique et expérimentale de la liaison de deux puits par fracturation hydraulique Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Linking of Two Wells by Hydraulic Fracturing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bouteca M.


    Full Text Available La nécessité de réaliser, dans une couche mince et située à plus de 1000 m de profondeur, une communication hydraulique ou pneumatique entre deux sondages verticaux, a conduit à l'étude d'une méthode basée sur la fracturation hydraulique des puits à relier. Une telle approche suppose que l'on connaisse ou que l'on contrôle la direction des fractures développées. Les techniques actuelles ne permettant pas d'apprécier la direction de fracture avec une précision suffisante, la méthode proposée vise à influencer favorablement cette direction. Elle est basée sur une modification des contraintes effectives en place par une injection préalable de fluide dans les puits à relier. Les résultats obtenus au moyen de calculs analytiques et numériques à deux dimensions sont présentés, ainsi que les expériences réalisées sur un modèle physique en laboratoire. In a thin layer and at a depth of more than 1000 meters, the need to create a hydraulic or pneumatic communication between two vertical boreholes led to research on a method based on hydraulic fracturing in the wells to be linked. Such an approach supposes that the direction of the fractures thus created must be known or controlled. Current techniques cannot be used to assess fracture direction with sufficient accuracy. The method proposed here aims to have a favorable influence on this direction. It is based on making a change in the effective stresses in situ by the prior injection of fluid into the wells to be linked. The results obtained by two-dimensional analytical and digital computing are described together with the experiments performed on a physical model in the laboratory.

  15. Le procédé de blanchiment dans les ateliers monétaires français au XV-XVIème siècle: approche archéométrique et expérimentale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Téreygeol, Florian


    Full Text Available In the late nineties, excavations in La Rochelle (France have discovered the remains of a royal mint of the sixteenth century. This discovery enabled the collection of artefacts directly related to the manufacture of coins. The exceptional corpus gathered is the subject of a study of the chaîne opératoire of coining in the medieval time. Special attention is paid to an operation which takes place before the strike: the blanching of blanks. Well documented in ancient times, the samples from La Rochelle offer the opportunity to study this process during the medieval period and in a royal mint. In addition, thanks to reconstitution experiments, it is possible to define a reaction mechanism that helps to understand our historical observations.[fr] À la fin des années quatre-vingtdix, des fouilles menées à La Rochelle (France ont permis de mettre au jour les vestiges d’un atelier monétaire royal du XVIe siècle. Cette découverte a permis la collecte de matériel directement liée à la fabrication monétaire. Le corpus exceptionnel rassemblé est l’objet d’une étude qui vise à mettre en évidence la chaîne opératoire de fabrication de monnaie à l’époque considérée. Un intérêt particulier est porté à une technique d’argenture qui intervient avant la frappe des monnaies, le blanchiment des flans. Bien documenté pour les périodes antiques, le matériel de La Rochelle offre la possibilité de mettre en évidence ce procédé pour une période plus récente et dans un cadre officiel. De plus, à partir d’expériences de reconstitution, il a été possible de proposer un mécanisme réactionnel. Les hypothèses proposées permettent alors de dégager des implications historiques dans le procédé de fabrication.

  16. A Powertrain LQR-Torque Compensator with Backlash Handling Régulation par LQR d’une chaîne cinématique automobile avec jeu : simulation et étude expérimentale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Templin P.


    Full Text Available This paper derives an LQR anti-jerk controller for an automotive driveline. The time derivative of the drive shaft torque, which is closely related to the vehicle jerk, is used as a virtual system output and regulated to zero. Thereby, the controller does not need a reference model for generation of reference trajectories for the control law evaluation. The controller acts as a torque compensator for the driver’s torque demand which the controller output asymptotically follows. The properties of the controller are discussed and the behavior is illustrated by simulation examples and verified with experiments on a heavy duty truck. Cet article présente un dérivé de régulateur anti-saccades LQR destiné à une chaîne cinématique automobile. La dérivée par rapport au temps du couple de l’arbre de transmission, qui est en relation étroite avec la saccade du véhicule, est utilisée en tant que donnée de sortie de système virtuel et régulée à zéro. Ainsi, le régulateur ne nécessite pas de modèle de référence destiné à la génération de trajectoires de référence pour l’évaluation de la loi de régulation. Le régulateur agit en tant que compensateur de couple pour la demande de couple du conducteur que les données de sortie du régulateur suivent asymptotiquement. Les propriétés du régulateur sont étudiées et le comportement est illustré par des exemples de simulation et vérifiées à l’aide d’expériences sur un camion à usage industriel.

  17. Visual Control of Robots Using Range Images

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Torres


    Full Text Available In the last years, 3D-vision systems based on the time-of-flight (ToF principle have gained more importance in order to obtain 3D information from the workspace. In this paper, an analysis of the use of 3D ToF cameras to guide a robot arm is performed. To do so, an adaptive method to simultaneous visual servo control and camera calibration is presented. Using this method a robot arm is guided by using range information obtained from a ToF camera. Furthermore, the self-calibration method obtains the adequate integration time to be used by the range camera in order to precisely determine the depth information.

  18. Orthogonal Range Searching on the RAM, Revisited

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chan, Timothy M.; Larsen, Kasper Green; Patrascu, Mihai


    We present a number of new results on one of the most extensively studied topics in computational geometry, orthogonal range searching. All our results are in the standard word RAM model: We present two data structures for 2-d orthogonal range emptiness. The first achieves O(n lg lg n) space and O...... the output size. This resolves two open problems (both appeared in Preparata and Shamos' seminal book): given a set of n axis-aligned rectangles in the plane, we can report all k enclosure pairs (i.e., pairs (r1,r2) where rectangle r1 completely encloses rectangle r2) in O(n lg n + k) expected time; given...

  19. Space Weather Effects on Range Operations (United States)


    War II, with heavy reliance on radar and radio as war-fighting tools, we encountered unexplained outages. You may have seen movies showing soldiers...individual meteorology offices, and the issues that each range might possibly encounter. You may have radars that can be directly affected by solar radio...may interact with atomic nuclei thus imparting a certain recoil energy and generating secondary particles. Both the recoiling nucleus and secondary

  20. Ranges of bimodule projections and conditional expectations

    CERN Document Server

    Pluta, Robert


    The algebraic theory of corner subrings introduced by Lam (as an abstraction of the properties of Peirce corners eRe of a ring R associated with an idempotent e in R) is investigated here in the context of Banach and C*-algebras. We propose a general algebraic approach which includes the notion of ranges of (completely) contractive conditional expectations on C*-algebras and on ternary rings of operators, and we investigate when topological properties are consequences of the algebraic assumpt...

  1. Semiconductor Sensors for a Wide Temperature Range


    Nikolay GORBACHUK; Mikhail LARIONOV; Aleksey FIRSOV; Nikolay SHATIL


    Prototype sensors are described that are applicable for pressure, position, temperature, and field measurements in the temperature range of 4.2 to 300 K. The strain gauges utilize the silicon substrate and thin film technology. The tensosensitivity of strain sensors is 40 µV/mln-1 or better depending on metrological characteristics of semiconductor films, orientation, and current. The temperature sensors (thermistors) make use of the germanium powder bulk. The temperature coefficient of resis...

  2. Reference Physiological Ranges for Serum Biochemical Parameters ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    After complete assay, the data were subjected to both parametric and non parametric statistics for analyses with 2.5 and 97.5 percentiles considered as the lower and upper limits of reference ranges. Results: There were 331(66.1%) males and 170(33.9) females, with 359(71.7%) and 142(28.3) of them residing in the urban ...

  3. Short Rayleigh Range Free Electron Laser Amplifiers

    CERN Document Server

    Yu, L H; Murphy, J B; Rose, J; Shaftan, T V; Wang, X J; Watanabe, T


    An important requirement for a high average power laser system is a manageable power density on the first optical element. One possibility to achieve this is a single pass amplifier which generates a short Rayleigh range (SRL) light beam. We present design parameters and calculated performances for several SRL configurations. These include a simulation of the optically guided (pinched) MW class FEL [1], the scalloped beam FEL amplifier [2] and high gain TOK amplifiers we propose to explore at our SDL facility.

  4. Capacitive Proximity Sensor Has Longer Range (United States)

    Vranish, John M.


    Capacitive proximity sensor on robot arm detects nearby object via capacitive effect of object on frequency of oscillator. Sensing element part of oscillator circuit operating at about 20 kHz. Total capacitance between sensing element and ground constitutes tuning capacitance of oscillator. Sensor circuit includes shield driven by replica of alternating voltage applied to sensing element. Driven shield concentrates sensing electrostatic field in exterior region to enhance sensitivity to object. Sensitivity and dynamic range has corresponding 12-to-1 improvement.

  5. Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges, 2011 (United States)


    Services (IGI&S) data proponency, Common Installation Picture, and Quality Assurance Plans ( QAPs ). Based on this guidance, all Army installations are...Sustainable Ranges Report July 2011 Support Center are defined in each layer’s geospatial data QAP . QAPs provide the definition, information about the...requirements for each of the data layers. QAPs are living documents and are maintained by the HQDA proponent with input from the installation data

  6. On the ranges of discrete exponentials

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florin Caragiu


    Full Text Available Let a>1 be a fixed integer. We prove that there is no first-order formula ϕ(X in one free variable X, written in the language of rings, such that for any prime p with gcd(a,p=1 the set of all elements in the finite prime field Fp satisfying ϕ coincides with the range of the discrete exponential function t↦at(modp.

  7. On the ranges of discrete exponentials


    Florin Caragiu; Mihai Caragiu


    Let a>1 be a fixed integer. We prove that there is no first-order formula ϕ(X) in one free variable X, written in the language of rings, such that for any prime p with gcd(a,p)=1 the set of all elements in the finite prime field Fp satisfying ϕ coincides with the range of the discrete exponential function t↦at(modp).

  8. Range of motion and cervical myofascial pain. (United States)

    Wilke, J; Niederer, D; Fleckenstein, J; Vogt, L; Banzer, W


    Several studies investigating myofascial pain syndrome include assessments of range of motion (ROM) as a diagnostic criterion. However, the value of ROM in this context has not yet been evaluated in controlled clinical studies. We aimed to examine whether patients with myofascial pain syndrome display alterations of ROM when compared to healthy subjects. Twenty-two individuals (13 females, 9 males; aged 33.4 ± 13.9 yrs) afflicted with active myofascial trigger points in the upper trapezius muscle as well as 22 age and sex matched healthy controls were included. All subjects underwent an examination of maximal active cervical ROM in flexion/extension assessed by means of a 3D ultrasonic movement analysis system (30 Hz; Zebris CMS 70). In the patients group, pressure pain threshold (PPT) of the trigger points was determined using a pressure algometer. Maximum range of motion in the sagittal plane did not differ between individuals with MTrP (125.9 ± 23.2°, 95% CI: 116.2-135.6°) and asymptomatic subjects (128.2 ± 20.4°, 95% CI: 119.7-136.7°; p > .05). In patients, PPT (1.7 ± .6, 95% CI: 1.5-1.9) was not correlated with cervical mobility (r = -.13; p > .05). Based on these pilot data, range of motion in flexion/extension is not a valid criterion for the detection of myofascial trigger points. Additional research incorporating movement amplitudes in other anatomical planes and additional afflicted muscles should be conducted in order to further delineate the relative impact of MTrP on range of motion. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  9. Long-range order in canary song. (United States)

    Markowitz, Jeffrey E; Ivie, Elizabeth; Kligler, Laura; Gardner, Timothy J


    Bird songs range in form from the simple notes of a Chipping Sparrow to the rich performance of the nightingale. Non-adjacent correlations can be found in the syntax of some birdsongs, indicating that the choice of what to sing next is determined not only by the current syllable, but also by previous syllables sung. Here we examine the song of the domesticated canary, a complex singer whose song consists of syllables, grouped into phrases that are arranged in flexible sequences. Phrases are defined by a fundamental time-scale that is independent of the underlying syllable duration. We show that the ordering of phrases is governed by long-range rules: the choice of what phrase to sing next in a given context depends on the history of the song, and for some syllables, highly specific rules produce correlations in song over timescales of up to ten seconds. The neural basis of these long-range correlations may provide insight into how complex behaviors are assembled from more elementary, stereotyped modules.

  10. A Computational Approach to Competitive Range Expansions (United States)

    Weber, Markus F.; Poxleitner, Gabriele; Hebisch, Elke; Frey, Erwin; Opitz, Madeleine


    Bacterial communities represent complex and dynamic ecological systems. Environmental conditions and microbial interactions determine whether a bacterial strain survives an expansion to new territory. In our work, we studied competitive range expansions in a model system of three Escherichia coli strains. In this system, a colicin producing strain competed with a colicin resistant, and with a colicin sensitive strain for new territory. Genetic engineering allowed us to tune the strains' growth rates and to study their expansion in distinct ecological scenarios (with either cyclic or hierarchical dominance). The control over growth rates also enabled us to construct and to validate a predictive computational model of the bacterial dynamics. The model rested on an agent-based, coarse-grained description of the expansion process and we conducted independent experiments on the growth of single-strain colonies for its parametrization. Furthermore, the model considered the long-range nature of the toxin interaction between strains. The integration of experimental analysis with computational modeling made it possible to quantify how the level of biodiversity depends on the interplay between bacterial growth rates, the initial composition of the inoculum, and the toxin range.

  11. Lead Poisoning at an Indoor Firing Range. (United States)

    Kang, Kyung Wook; Park, Won Ju


    In March 2014, a 39-year-old Korean male presented with a 6-month history of various nonspecific symptoms including dizziness, fatigue, asthenia, irritability, elevated blood pressure, palpitation, eyestrain, and tinnitus. His occupational history revealed that he had been working as an indoor firing range manager for 13 months; therefore, he was subjected to a blood lead level (BLL) test. The test results showed a BLL of 64 μg/dL; hence, he was diagnosed with lead poisoning and immediately withdrawn from work. As evident from the workplace environmental monitoring, the level of lead exposure in the air exceeded its limit (0.015-0.387 mg/m³). He received chelation treatment with calcium-disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (1 g/day) for 5 days without any adverse effects. In the follow-up results after 2 months, the BLL had decreased to 9.7 μg/dL and the symptoms resolved. This report represents the first occupational case of lead poisoning in firing ranges in Korea, and this necessitates institutional management to prevent the recurrence of poisoning through this route. Workplace environmental monitoring should be implemented for indoor firing ranges, and the workers should undergo regularly scheduled special health examinations. In clinical practice, it is essential to question the patient about his occupational history. © 2017 The Korean Academy of Medical Sciences.

  12. Enhanced Graphics for Extended Scale Range (United States)

    Hanson, Andrew J.; Chi-Wing Fu, Philip


    Enhanced Graphics for Extended Scale Range is a computer program for rendering fly-through views of scene models that include visible objects differing in size by large orders of magnitude. An example would be a scene showing a person in a park at night with the moon, stars, and galaxies in the background sky. Prior graphical computer programs exhibit arithmetic and other anomalies when rendering scenes containing objects that differ enormously in scale and distance from the viewer. The present program dynamically repartitions distance scales of objects in a scene during rendering to eliminate almost all such anomalies in a way compatible with implementation in other software and in hardware accelerators. By assigning depth ranges correspond ing to rendering precision requirements, either automatically or under program control, this program spaces out object scales to match the precision requirements of the rendering arithmetic. This action includes an intelligent partition of the depth buffer ranges to avoid known anomalies from this source. The program is written in C++, using OpenGL, GLUT, and GLUI standard libraries, and nVidia GEForce Vertex Shader extensions. The program has been shown to work on several computers running UNIX and Windows operating systems.

  13. Effect of dispersal at range edges on the structure of species ranges (United States)

    Bahn, V.; O'Connor, R.J.; Krohn, W.B.


    Range edges are of particular interest to ecology because they hold key insights into the limits of the realized niche and associated population dynamics. A recent feature of Oikos summarized the state of the art on range edge ecology. While the typical question is what causes range edges, another important question is how range edges influence the distribution of abundances across a species geographic range when dispersal is present. We used a single species population dynamics model on a coupled-lattice to determine the effects of dispersal on peripheral populations as compared to populations at the core of the range. In the absence of resource gradients, the reduced neighborhood and thus lower connectivity or higher isolation among populations at the range edge alone led to significantly lower population sizes in the periphery of the range than in the core. Lower population sizes mean higher extinction risks and lower adaptability at the range edge, which could inhibit or slow range expansions, and thus effectively stabilize range edges. The strength of this effect depended on the potential population growth rate and the maximum dispersal distance. Lower potential population growth rates led to a stronger effect of dispersal resulting in a higher difference in population sizes between the two areas. The differential effect of dispersal on population sizes at the core and periphery of the range in the absence of resource gradients implies that traditional, habitat-based distribution models could result in misleading conclusions about the habitat quality in the periphery. Lower population sizes at the periphery are also relevant to conservation, because habitat removal not only eliminates populations but also creates new edges. Populations bordering these new edges may experience declines, due to their increased isolation. ?? OIKOS.

  14. Does this range suit me? Range satisfaction of battery electric vehicle users. (United States)

    Franke, Thomas; Günther, Madlen; Trantow, Maria; Krems, Josef F


    User satisfaction is a vital design criterion for sustainable systems. The present research aimed to understand factors relating to individually perceived range satisfaction of battery electric vehicle (BEV) users. Data from a large-scale BEV field trial (N = 72) were analyzed. Apart from an initial drop in range satisfaction, increasing practical experience was related to increased range satisfaction. Classical indicators of users' mobility profiles (daily travel distances) were only weakly related to lower range satisfaction (not significant), after controlling for practical experience and preferred coverage of mobility needs. The regularity/predictability of users' mobility patterns, the percentage of journeys not coverable because of range issues, and users' individual comfortable range accounted for variance in range satisfaction. Finally, range satisfaction was related to key indicators of general BEV acceptance (e.g., purchase intentions). These results underline the complex dynamics involved in individual range satisfaction, as well as its central role for BEV acceptance. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. Development of the seafloor acoustic ranging system (United States)

    Osada, Y.; Kido, M.; Fujimoto, H.


    We have developed a seafloor acoustic ranging system, which simulates an operation with the DONET (Development of Dense Ocean-floor Network System for Earthquake and Tsunami) cable, to monitor seafloor crustal movement. The seafloor acoustic ranging system was based on the precise acoustic transponder (PXP). We have a few problems for the improvement of the resolution. One thing is the variation of sound speed. Another is the bending of ray path. A PXP measures horizontal distances on the seafloor from the round trip travel times of acoustic pulses between pairs of PXP. The PXP was equipped with the pressure, temperature gauge and tilt-meter. The variation of sound speed in seawater has a direct effect on the measurement. Therefore we collect the data of temperature and pressure. But we don't collect the data of salinity because of less influence than temperature and pressure. Accordingly a ray path of acoustic wave tends to be bent upward in the deep sea due to the Snell's law. As the acoustic transducer of each PXPs held about 3.0m above the seafloor, the baseline is too long for altitude from the seafloor. In this year we carried out the experiment for the seafloor acoustic ranging system. We deployed two PXPs at about 750m spacing on Kumano-nada. The water depth is about 2050m. We collected the 660 data in this experiment during one day. The round trip travel time show the variation with peak-to-peak amplitude of about 0.03msec. It was confirmed to explain the majority in this change by the change in sound speed according to the temperature and pressure. This results shows the resolution of acoustic measurements is +/-2mm. Acknowledgement This study is supported by 'DONET' of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

  16. Limited Range Sesame EOS for Ta

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Greeff, Carl William [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Crockett, Scott [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Rudin, Sven Peter [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Burakovsky, Leonid [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    A new Sesame EOS table for Ta has been released for testing. It is a limited range table covering T ≤ 26, 000 K and ρ ≤ 37.53 g/cc. The EOS is based on earlier analysis using DFT phonon calculations to infer the cold pressure from the Hugoniot. The cold curve has been extended into compression using new DFT calculations. The present EOS covers expansion into the gas phase. It is a multi-phase EOS with distinct liquid and solid phases. A cold shear modulus table (431) is included. This is based on an analytic interpolation of DFT calculations.

  17. Fast Range Covariance Estimation using CONRAD

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    De Saint Jean, C.; Habert, B.; Noguere, G.; Archier, P.; Litaize, O.; Ruggieri, J.M. [CEA-Cadarache, DER/SPRC/LEPh, 13 - St-Paul-Lez-Durance (France)


    One of the initial goals of the CONRAD code development was to properly take into account various uncertainties propagations. First developments were performed to treat adequately nuisance parameters (such as experimental parameters), in the resolved and unresolved resonance region by using a marginalization technique. A generalization of these methodologies to higher energy range is presented in this paper. We will first present in detail the mathematics involved in this technique. The interface of CONRAD with ECIS will be presented, especially, the way optical model were parameterized in CONRAD from the classical RIPL database. Then, some applications of CONRAD (wrapping ECIS) will be presented. (authors)

  18. Tracking capabilities of SPADs for laser ranging (United States)

    Zappa, F.; Ripamonti, Giancarlo; Lacaita, A.; Cova, Sergio; Samori, C.


    The spatial sensitivity of Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) can be exploited in laser ranging measurements to finely tune the laser spot in the center of the detector sensitive area. We report the performance of a SPAD with l00 micron diameter. It features a time resolution better than 80 ps rms when operated 4V above V(b) at minus 30 C, and a spatial sensitivity better than 20 microns to radial displacements of the laser spot. New SPAD structures with auxiliary delay detectors are proposed. These improved devices could allow a two dimensional sensitivity, that could be employed for the design of pointing servos.

  19. Réduire les coûts de la simulation informatique grâce aux plans d'expériences : un exemple en calcul de procédé Reducing Computer Simulation Costs with Factorial Designs: an Example of Process Calculation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murray M.


    Full Text Available Cet article est destiné à montrer que la méthode des Plans d'Expériences utilisée dans les laboratoires et les unités de fabrication est également applicable au calcul scientifique et en particulier, à la simulation informatique. Son emploi permet de réduire, dans une forte proportion, le nombre de passages informatiques. Il permet également d'écrire des modèles mathématiques empiriques qui orientent les recherches vers la bonne solution et qui fournissent une bonne image du phénomène étudié. The aim of this article is to show that Factorial Design, which is a commonly used method in laboratories and production units, can also be very successful for designing and computerized simulations. Computer runs can be reduced by a factor as great as four to achieve a comprehensive understanding of how a plant or a process runs. Simple models can then be constructed to provide a good image of the investigated phenomenom. The example given here is that of a plant processing raw Natural Gas whose outputs are a Sales Gas and an NGL which must meet simultaneously five specifications. The operator in charge of the simulations begins by defining the Experimental Range of Investigation (Table 1. Calculations (Table 1, Fig. 2 are set in a pattern defined by Factorial Design (Table 2. These correspond to the apices of the Experimental cube (Fig. 2. Results of the simulations are then reported on Table 3. These require analysis, using Factorial Design Theory, in conjunction with each specification. A graphical approach is used to define the regions for which each specification is met: Fig. 3 shows the zone authorized for the first specification, the Wobbe Index and Fig. 4 gives the results for the outlet pressure of the Turbo-Expander. Figs. 5, 6 and 7 show the zones allowed for the CO2/C2 ratio, the TVP and the C2/C3 ratio. A satisfactory zone is found, for this last ratio, outside of the investigated range. The results acquired so far enable us

  20. Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion - 4 000 h of Operational Experience Transporteurs d’oxygène pour la combustion en boucle chimique : expérience accumulée pendant 4 000 h d’opération

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lyngfelt A.


    Full Text Available Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC is a new combustion technology with inherent separation of the greenhouse gas CO2. The technology involves the use of a metal oxide as an oxygen carrier which transfers oxygen from combustion air to the fuel, and hence a direct contact between air and fuel is avoided. Two interconnected fluidized beds, a fuel reactor and an air reactor, are used in the process. The outlet gas from the fuel reactor consists of CO2 and H2O, and the latter is easily removed by condensation. Considerable research has been conducted on CLC in the last years with respect to oxygen carrier development, reactor design, system efficiencies and prototype testing. Today, more than 700 materials have been tested and the technology has been successfully demonstrated in chemical looping combustors in the size range 0.3-140 kW, using different types of oxygen carriers based on oxides of the metals Ni, Co, Fe, Cu and Mn. The total time of operational experience is more than 4 000 hours. From these tests, it can be established that almost complete conversion of the fuel can be obtained and 100% CO2 capture is possible. Most work so far has been focused on gaseous fuels, but the direct application to solid fuels is also being studied. This paper presents an overview of operational experience with oxygen carriers in chemical looping combustors. La combustion en boucle chimique (CLC est une nouvelle technique de combustion permettant la séparation intrinsèque du CO2. Dans ce procédé, un oxyde métallique est utilisé comme transporteur d’oxygène pour véhiculer l’oxygène de l’air vers le combustible, ce qui permet d’éviter un contact direct entre le combustible et l’air. Deux lits fluidisés interconnectés sont utilisés, le réacteur air et le réacteur de combustion. Les fumées du réacteur de combustion contiennent le CO2 et la vapeur d’eau qui peut être facilement éliminée par condensation. Des recherches consid

  1. Unitarity corrections to short-range order long-range rapidity correlations

    CERN Document Server

    Capella, A


    Although the effective hadronic forces have short range in rapidity space, one nevertheless expects long-range dynamical correlations induced by unitarity constraints. This paper contains a thorough discussion of long-range rapidity correlations in high-multiplicity events. In particular, the authors analyze in detail the forward- backward multiplicity correlations, measured recently in the whole CERN ISR energy range. They find from these data that the normalized variance of the number n of exchanged cut Pomerons, ((n/(n)-1)/sup 2/) , is most probably in the range 0.32 to 0.36. They show that such a number is obtained from Reggeon theory in the eikonal approximation. The authors also predict a very specific violation of local compensation of charge in multiparticle events: The violation should appear in the fourth-order zone correlation function and is absent in the second-order correlation function, the only one measured until now. (48 refs).

  2. Climate-driven range extension of Amphistegina (protista, foraminiferida: models of current and predicted future ranges.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martin R Langer

    Full Text Available Species-range expansions are a predicted and realized consequence of global climate change. Climate warming and the poleward widening of the tropical belt have induced range shifts in a variety of marine and terrestrial species. Range expansions may have broad implications on native biota and ecosystem functioning as shifting species may perturb recipient communities. Larger symbiont-bearing foraminifera constitute ubiquitous and prominent components of shallow water ecosystems, and range shifts of these important protists are likely to trigger changes in ecosystem functioning. We have used historical and newly acquired occurrence records to compute current range shifts of Amphistegina spp., a larger symbiont-bearing foraminifera, along the eastern coastline of Africa and compare them to analogous range shifts currently observed in the Mediterranean Sea. The study provides new evidence that amphisteginid foraminifera are rapidly progressing southwestward, closely approaching Port Edward (South Africa at 31°S. To project future species distributions, we applied a species distribution model (SDM based on ecological niche constraints of current distribution ranges. Our model indicates that further warming is likely to cause a continued range extension, and predicts dispersal along nearly the entire southeastern coast of Africa. The average rates of amphisteginid range shift were computed between 8 and 2.7 km year(-1, and are projected to lead to a total southward range expansion of 267 km, or 2.4° latitude, in the year 2100. Our results corroborate findings from the fossil record that some larger symbiont-bearing foraminifera cope well with rising water temperatures and are beneficiaries of global climate change.

  3. Climate-driven range extension of Amphistegina (protista, foraminiferida): models of current and predicted future ranges. (United States)

    Langer, Martin R; Weinmann, Anna E; Lötters, Stefan; Bernhard, Joan M; Rödder, Dennis


    Species-range expansions are a predicted and realized consequence of global climate change. Climate warming and the poleward widening of the tropical belt have induced range shifts in a variety of marine and terrestrial species. Range expansions may have broad implications on native biota and ecosystem functioning as shifting species may perturb recipient communities. Larger symbiont-bearing foraminifera constitute ubiquitous and prominent components of shallow water ecosystems, and range shifts of these important protists are likely to trigger changes in ecosystem functioning. We have used historical and newly acquired occurrence records to compute current range shifts of Amphistegina spp., a larger symbiont-bearing foraminifera, along the eastern coastline of Africa and compare them to analogous range shifts currently observed in the Mediterranean Sea. The study provides new evidence that amphisteginid foraminifera are rapidly progressing southwestward, closely approaching Port Edward (South Africa) at 31°S. To project future species distributions, we applied a species distribution model (SDM) based on ecological niche constraints of current distribution ranges. Our model indicates that further warming is likely to cause a continued range extension, and predicts dispersal along nearly the entire southeastern coast of Africa. The average rates of amphisteginid range shift were computed between 8 and 2.7 km year(-1), and are projected to lead to a total southward range expansion of 267 km, or 2.4° latitude, in the year 2100. Our results corroborate findings from the fossil record that some larger symbiont-bearing foraminifera cope well with rising water temperatures and are beneficiaries of global climate change.

  4. Enhanced dynamic range x-ray imaging. (United States)

    Haidekker, Mark A; Morrison, Logan Dain-Kelley; Sharma, Ajay; Burke, Emily


    X-ray images can suffer from excess contrast. Often, image exposure is chosen to visually optimize the region of interest, but at the expense of over- and underexposed regions elsewhere in the image. When image values are interpreted quantitatively as projected absorption, both over- and underexposure leads to the loss of quantitative information. We propose to combine multiple exposures into a composite that uses only pixels from those exposures in which they are neither under- nor overexposed. The composite image is created in analogy to visible-light high dynamic range photography. We present the mathematical framework for the recovery of absorbance from such composite images and demonstrate the method with biological and non-biological samples. We also show with an aluminum step-wedge that accurate recovery of step thickness from the absorbance values is possible, thereby highlighting the quantitative nature of the presented method. Due to the higher amount of detail encoded in an enhanced dynamic range x-ray image, we expect that the number of retaken images can be reduced, and patient exposure overall reduced. We also envision that the method can improve dual energy absorptiometry and even computed tomography by reducing the number of low-exposure ("photon-starved") projections. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. Vehicle based laser range finding in crops. (United States)

    Ehlert, Detlef; Adamek, Rolf; Horn, Hans-Juergen


    Laser rangefinders and laser scanners are widely used for industrial purposes and for remote sensing. In agriculture information about crop parameters like volume, height, and density can support the optimisation of production processes. In scientific papers the measurement of these parameters by low cost laser rangefinders with one echo has been presented for short ranges. Because the cross section area of the beam increases with the measuring range, it can be expected that laser rangefinders will have a reduced measuring accuracy in small sized crops and when measuring far distances. These problems are caused by target areas smaller than the beam and by the beam striking the edges of crop objects. Lab tests under defined conditions and a real field test were performed to assess the measuring properties under such difficult conditions of a chosen low cost sensor. Based on lab tests it was shown that the accuracy was reduced, but the successful use of the sensor under field conditions demonstrated the potential to meet the demands for agricultural applications, Insights resulting from investigations made in the paper contribute to facilitating the choice or the development of laser rangefinder sensors for vehicle based measurement of crop parameters for optimisation of production processes.

  6. SVSVGMKPSPRP: a broad range adhesion peptide. (United States)

    Estephan, Elias; Dao, Jérôme; Saab, Marie-Belle; Panayotov, Ivan; Martin, Marta; Larroque, Christian; Gergely, Csilla; Cuisinier, Frédéric J G; Levallois, Bernard


    A combinatorial phage display approach was previously used to evolve a 12-mer peptide (SVSVGMKPSPRP) with the highest affinity for different semiconductor surfaces. The discovery of the multiple occurrences of the SVSVGMKPSPRP sequence in an all-against-all basic local alignment search tool search of PepBank sequences was unexpected, and a Google search using the peptide sequence recovered 58 results concerning 12 patents and 16 scientific publications. The number of patent and articles indicates that the peptide is perhaps a broad range adhesion peptide. To evaluate peptide properties, we conducted a study to investigate peptide adhesion on different inorganic substrates by mass spectrometry and atomic force microscopy for gold, carbon nanotubes, cobalt, chrome alloy, titanium, and titanium alloy substrates. Our results showed that the peptide has a great potential as a linker to functionalize metallic surfaces if specificity is not a key factor. This peptide is not specific to a particular metal surface, but it is a good linker for the functionalization of a wide range of metallic materials. The fact that this peptide has the potential to adsorb on a large set of inorganic surfaces suggests novel promising directions for further investigation. Affinity determination of SVSVGMKPSPRP peptide would be an important issue for eventual commercial uses.

  7. Perceived glossiness in high dynamic range scenes. (United States)

    Doerschner, Katja; Maloney, Laurence T; Boyaci, Huseyin


    We investigated how spatial pattern, background, and dynamic range affect perceived gloss in brightly lit real scenes. Observers viewed spherical objects against uniform backgrounds. There were three possible objects. Two were black matte spheres with circular matte white dots painted on them (matte-dot spheres). The third sphere was painted glossy black (glossy black sphere). Backgrounds were either black or white matte, and observers saw each of the objects in turn on each background. Scenes were illuminated by an intense collimated source. On each trial, observers matched the apparent albedo of the sphere to an albedo reference scale and its apparent gloss to a gloss reference scale. We found that matte-dot spheres and the black glossy sphere were perceived as glossy on both backgrounds. All spheres were judged to be significantly glossier when in front of the black background. In contrast with previous research using conventional computer displays, we find that background markedly affects perceived gloss. This finding is surprising because darker surfaces are normally perceived as glossier (F. Pellacini, J. A. Ferwerda, & D. P. Greenberg, 2000). We conjecture that there are cues to surface material signaling glossiness present in high dynamic range scenes that are absent or weak in scenes presented using conventional computer displays.

  8. Perceptual Contrast Enhancement with Dynamic Range Adjustment (United States)

    Zhang, Hong; Li, Yuecheng; Chen, Hao; Yuan, Ding; Sun, Mingui


    Recent years, although great efforts have been made to improve its performance, few Histogram equalization (HE) methods take human visual perception (HVP) into account explicitly. The human visual system (HVS) is more sensitive to edges than brightness. This paper proposes to take use of this nature intuitively and develops a perceptual contrast enhancement approach with dynamic range adjustment through histogram modification. The use of perceptual contrast connects the image enhancement problem with the HVS. To pre-condition the input image before the HE procedure is implemented, a perceptual contrast map (PCM) is constructed based on the modified Difference of Gaussian (DOG) algorithm. As a result, the contrast of the image is sharpened and high frequency noise is suppressed. A modified Clipped Histogram Equalization (CHE) is also developed which improves visual quality by automatically detecting the dynamic range of the image with improved perceptual contrast. Experimental results show that the new HE algorithm outperforms several state-of-the-art algorithms in improving perceptual contrast and enhancing details. In addition, the new algorithm is simple to implement, making it suitable for real-time applications. PMID:24339452

  9. Normal values for cervical range of motion. (United States)

    Swinkels, Raymond A H M; Swinkels-Meewisse, Ilse E J C M


    Cohort study. To generate normal values for active range of motion (ACROM) of the cervical spine in asymptomatic persons. There is a lack of normal values for ACROM based on large groups and stratified for different age categories. Four hundred asymptomatic persons were included, 100 for each decade of age from 20 years to 60 years and in each subgroup 50 males and 50 females. ACROM was measured with the cervical range of motion (CROM) device. Analysis of variance and the Scheffé post hoc test was used to investigate the differences of ACROM between the decades of age. Linear regression analysis was performed to examine the influence of age and sex on ACROM. The results of this study show that the ACROM decreases significantly in persons older than 50 years for all directions except extension and side flexion compared with that in the subgroup aged 40 to 50. Age had an overall significant effect on the ACROM for all directions. Sex proved to have no significant effect on the ACROM. Normal values were established for ACROM in a group of 400 persons without neck complaints. It was demonstrated that age has a significant influence on the ACROM, but sex has no influence. N/A.

  10. Parallel Track Initiation for Optical Space Surveillance Using Range and Range Rate Bounds (United States)

    Schumacher, P.; Roscoe, C.; Wilkins, M.


    As new optical sensors come online and more optical observations become available for space objects previously too small or too far away to detect, the space surveillance community is presented with the computationally challenging problem of generating initial orbit solutions (data association hypotheses) for a large number of short-arc line-of-sight observations. Traditional methods of angles-only orbit determination do not scale well to large problems because of the large number of combinations of observations that must be evaluated, since these methods require at least 3 observations for each initial orbit determination (IOD). On the other hand, if unique ranges are known (or assumed) then IOD can be performed with 2 observations using a Lambert-based approach. Furthermore, if angles and angle rates are available and range and range rate are both known (or assumed) then a complete orbit solution can be obtained for a single observation and the IOD computational load is only O(N). One possible method to deal with line-of-sight data is to assign a number of range hypotheses to each angles-only observation and develop data association hypotheses to be either confirmed or eliminated for each one. This approach would allow the use of the already proven Search and Determine (SAD) algorithm and software that was designed for generating and testing data association hypotheses for position-type observations typical of radar sensors. If the number of range hypotheses can be limited then this method will be more computationally efficient than performing pure angles-only IOD. If angle rates are available or can be derived from the observation data then another possible approach is to assign range and range rate hypotheses to each angle-angle rate pair and develop data association hypotheses based on their corresponding orbit solutions, which will be extremely efficient if the range-range rate hypothesis set can be limited. For both of these methods, once range and range

  11. Free Range Hens Use the Range More When the Outdoor Environment Is Enriched

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. A. D. Nagle


    Full Text Available To evaluate the role of using forage, shade and shelterbelts in attracting birds into the range, three trials were undertaken with free range layers both on a research facility and on commercial farms. Each of the trials on the free range research facility in South Australia used a total of 120 laying hens (Hyline Brown. Birds were housed in an eco-shelter which had 6 internal pens of equal size with a free range area adjoining the shelter. The on-farm trials were undertaken on commercial free range layer farms in the Darling Downs in Southeast Queensland with bird numbers on farms ranging from 2,000–6,800 hens. The first research trial examined the role of shaded areas in the range; the second trial examined the role of forage and the third trial examined the influence of shelterbelts in the range. These treatments were compared to a free range area with no enrichment. Aggressive feather pecking was only observed on a few occasions in all of the trials due to the low bird numbers housed. Enriching the free range environment attracted more birds into the range. Shaded areas were used by 18% of the hens with a tendency (p = 0.07 for more hens to be in the paddock. When forage was provided in paddocks more control birds (55% were observed in the range in morning than in the afternoon (30% while for the forage treatments 45% of the birds were in the range both during the morning and afternoon. When shelterbelts were provided there was a significantly (p<0.05 higher % of birds in the range (43% vs. 24% and greater numbers of birds were observed in areas further away from the poultry house. The results from the on-farm trials mirrored the research trials. Overall 3 times more hens used the shaded areas than the non shaded areas, with slightly more using the shade in the morning than in the afternoon. As the environmental temperature increased the number of birds using the outdoor shade also increased. Overall 17 times more hens used the shelterbelt

  12. Revised tephra volumes for Cascade Range volcanoes (United States)

    Nathenson, Manuel


    Isopach maps from tephra eruptions from Mount St. Helens were reported in Carey et al. (1995) and for tephra eruptions from Glacier Peak in Gardner et al. (1998). For exponential thinning, the isopach data only define a single slope on a log thickness versus square root of area plot. Carey et al. (1995) proposed a model that was used to estimate a second slope, and volumes were presented in both studies using this model. A study by Sulpizio (2005) for estimating the second slope and square root of area where the lines intersect involves a systematic analysis of many eruptions to provide correlation equations. The purpose of this paper is to recalculate the volumes of Cascades eruptions and compare results from the two methods. In order to gain some perspective on the methods for estimating the second slope, we use data for thickness versus distance beyond the last isopach that are available for some of the larger eruptions in the Cascades. The thickness versus square root of area method is extended to thickness versus distance by developing an approximate relation between the two assuming elliptical isopachs with the source at one of the foci. Based on the comparisons made between the Carey et al. (1995) and Sulpizio (2005) methods, it is felt that the later method provides a better estimate of the second slope. For Mount St. Helens, the estimates of total volume using the Sulpizio (2005) method are generally smaller than those using the Carey et al. (1995) method. For the volume estimates of Carey et al. (1995), the volume of the May 18, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens is smaller than six of the eight previous eruptions. With the new volumes using the Sulpizio (2005) method, the 1980 eruption is smaller in volume than the upper end of the range for only three of the layers (Wn, Ye, and Yn) and is the same size as layer We. Thus the 1980 eruption becomes representative of the mid-range of volumes rather than being in the lower range.

  13. Sampling Number Effects in 2D and Range Imaging of Range-gated Acquisition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kwon, Seong-Ouk; Park, Seung-Kyu; Baik, Sung-Hoon; Cho, Jai-Wan; Jeong, Kyung-Min [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    In this paper, we analyzed the number effects of sampling images for making a 2D image and a range image from acquired RGI images. We analyzed the number effects of RGI images for making a 2D image and a range image using a RGI vision system. As the results, 2D image quality was not much depended on the number of sampling images but on how much well extract efficient RGI images. But, the number of RGI images was important for making a range image because range image quality was proportional to the number of RGI images. Image acquiring in a monitoring area of nuclear industry is an important function for safety inspection and preparing appropriate control plans. To overcome the non-visualization problem caused by airborne obstacle particles, vision systems should have extra-functions, such as active illumination lightening through disturbance airborne particles. One of these powerful active vision systems is a range-gated imaging system. The vision system based on the range-gated imaging system can acquire image data from raining or smoking environments. Range-gated imaging (RGI) is a direct active visualization technique using a highly sensitive image sensor and a high intensity illuminant. Currently, the range-gated imaging technique providing 2D and 3D images is one of emerging active vision technologies. The range-gated imaging system gets vision information by summing time sliced vision images. In the RGI system, a high intensity illuminant illuminates for ultra-short time and a highly sensitive image sensor is gated by ultra-short exposure time to only get the illumination light. Here, the illuminant illuminates objects by flashing strong light through airborne disturbance particles. Thus, in contrast to passive conventional vision systems, the RGI active vision technology robust for low-visibility environments.

  14. Climate driven range divergence among host species affects range-wide patterns of parasitism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard E. Feldman


    Full Text Available Species interactions like parasitism influence the outcome of climate-driven shifts in species ranges. For some host species, parasitism can only occur in that part of its range that overlaps with a second host species. Thus, predicting future parasitism may depend on how the ranges of the two hosts change in relation to each other. In this study, we tested whether the climate driven species range shift of Odocoileus virginianus (white-tailed deer accounts for predicted changes in parasitism of two other species from the family Cervidae, Alces alces (moose and Rangifer tarandus (caribou, in North America. We used MaxEnt models to predict the recent (2000 and future (2050 ranges (probabilities of occurrence of the cervids and a parasite Parelaphostrongylus tenuis (brainworm taking into account range shifts of the parasite’s intermediate gastropod hosts. Our models predicted that range overlap between A. alces/R. tarandus and P. tenuis will decrease between 2000 and 2050, an outcome that reflects decreased overlap between A. alces/R. tarandus and O. virginianus and not the parasites, themselves. Geographically, our models predicted increasing potential occurrence of P. tenuis where A. alces/R. tarandus are likely to decline, but minimal spatial overlap where A. alces/R. tarandus are likely to increase. Thus, parasitism may exacerbate climate-mediated southern contraction of A. alces and R. tarandus ranges but will have limited influence on northward range expansion. Our results suggest that the spatial dynamics of one host species may be the driving force behind future rates of parasitism for another host species.

  15. Unsynchronized scanning with a low-cost laser range finder for real-time range imaging (United States)

    Hatipoglu, Isa; Nakhmani, Arie


    Range imaging plays an essential role in many fields: 3D modeling, robotics, heritage, agriculture, forestry, reverse engineering. One of the most popular range-measuring technologies is laser scanner due to its several advantages: long range, high precision, real-time measurement capabilities, and no dependence on lighting conditions. However, laser scanners are very costly. Their high cost prevents widespread use in applications. Due to the latest developments in technology, now, low-cost, reliable, faster, and light-weight 1D laser range finders (LRFs) are available. A low-cost 1D LRF with a scanning mechanism, providing the ability of laser beam steering for additional dimensions, enables to capture a depth map. In this work, we present an unsynchronized scanning with a low-cost LRF to decrease scanning period and reduce vibrations caused by stop-scan in synchronized scanning. Moreover, we developed an algorithm for alignment of unsynchronized raw data and proposed range image post-processing framework. The proposed technique enables to have a range imaging system for a fraction of the price of its counterparts. The results prove that the proposed method can fulfill the need for a low-cost laser scanning for range imaging for static environments because the most significant limitation of the method is the scanning period which is about 2 minutes for 55,000 range points (resolution of 250x220 image). In contrast, scanning the same image takes around 4 minutes in synchronized scanning. Once faster, longer range, and narrow beam LRFs are available, the methods proposed in this work can produce better results.

  16. Interference of lee waves over mountain ranges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. I. Makarenko


    Full Text Available Internal waves in the atmosphere and ocean are generated frequently from the interaction of mean flow with bottom obstacles such as mountains and submarine ridges. Analysis of these environmental phenomena involves theoretical models of non-homogeneous fluid affected by the gravity. In this paper, a semi-analytical model of stratified flow over the mountain range is considered under the assumption of small amplitude of the topography. Attention is focused on stationary wave patterns forced above the rough terrain. Adapted to account for such terrain, model equations involves exact topographic condition settled on the uneven ground surface. Wave solutions corresponding to sinusoidal topography with a finite number of peaks are calculated and examined.

  17. Broader range of skills distinguishes successful CFOs. (United States)

    Doody, M F


    In recent years, healthcare CFOs have seen their role expand significantly beyond traditional financial duties. A series of trended surveys on CFO roles and responsibilities reveals that today's healthcare CFO requires a broad new range of traits and skills in the areas of leadership, operations, and healthcare strategy. CFOs regard strategic thinking and the ability to communicate clearly as the most important of their essential leadership traits and skills, respectively. Among operational and strategic skills, CFOs most often cite the importance of being able to improve organizational performance and benchmark. Healthcare CFOs can enhance their chances of success by focusing self-improvement efforts on five key areas: implementing the organization's vision; developing tactics that stimulate change; enhancing communication skills; focusing on managing and leading; and strengthening relationships.

  18. An introduction to optimal satellite range scheduling

    CERN Document Server

    Vázquez Álvarez, Antonio José


    The satellite range scheduling (SRS) problem, an important operations research problem in the aerospace industry consisting of allocating tasks among satellites and Earth-bound objects, is examined in this book. SRS principles and solutions are applicable to many areas, including: Satellite communications, where tasks are communication intervals between sets of satellites and ground stations Earth observation, where tasks are observations of spots on the Earth by satellites Sensor scheduling, where tasks are observations of satellites by sensors on the Earth. This self-contained monograph begins with a structured compendium of the problem and moves on to explain the optimal approach to the solution, which includes aspects from graph theory, set theory, game theory and belief networks. This book is accessible to students, professionals and researchers in a variety of fields, including: operations research, optimization, scheduling theory, dynamic programming and game theory. Taking account of the distributed, ...

  19. Principles of digital dynamic-range compression. (United States)

    Kates, James M


    This article provides an overview of dynamic-range compression in digital hearing aids. Digital technology is becoming increasingly common in hearing aids, particularly because of the processing flexibility it offers and the opportunity to create more-effective devices. The focus of the paper is on the algorithms used to build digital compression systems. Of the various approaches that can be used to design a digital hearing aid, this paper considers broadband compression, multi-channel filter banks, a frequency-domain compressor using the FFT, the side-branch design that separates the filtering operation from the frequency analysis, and the frequency-warped version of the side-branch approach that modifies the analysis frequency spacing to more closely match auditory perception. Examples of the compressor frequency resolution, group delay, and compression behavior are provided for the different design approaches.

  20. Long-range interaction of anisotropic systems

    KAUST Repository

    Zhang, Junyi


    The first-order electrostatic interaction energy between two far-apart anisotropic atoms depends not only on the distance between them but also on their relative orientation, according to Rayleigh-Schrödinger perturbation theory. Using the first-order interaction energy and the continuum model, we study the long-range interaction between a pair of parallel pristine graphene sheets at zero temperature. The asymptotic form of the obtained potential density, &epsi:(D) &prop: ?D ?3 ?O(D?4), is consistent with the random phase approximation and Lifshitz theory. Accordingly, neglectance of the anisotropy, especially the nonzero first-order interaction energy, is the reason why the widely used Lennard-Jones potential approach and dispersion corrections in density functional theory give a wrong asymptotic form ε(D) &prop: ?D?4. © EPLA, 2015.

  1. Range-preserving AE(0-spaces

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W.W. Comfort


    Full Text Available All spaces here are Tychonoff spaces. The class AE(0 consists of those spaces which are absolute extensors for compact zero-dimensional spaces. We define and study here the subclass AE(0rp, consisting of those spaces for which extensions of continuous functions can be chosen to have the same range. We prove these results. If each point of T 2 AE(0 is a G-point of T , then T 2 AE(0rp. These are equivalent: (a T 2 AE(0rp; (b every compact subspace of T is metrizable; (c every compact subspace of T is dyadic; and (d every subspace of T is AE(0. Thus in particular, every metrizable space is an AE(0rp-space.

  2. Range of drainage effect of surface mines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sozanski, J.


    This paper discusses methods of calculating the range of effects of water drainage from surface coal mines and other surface mines. It is suggested that methods based on test pumping (water drainage) are time consuming, and the results can be distorted by atmospheric factors such as rain fall or dry period. So-called empirical formulae produce results which are often incorrect. The size of a cone shaped depression calculated on the basis of empirical formulae can be ten times smaller than the size of the real depression. It is suggested that using a formula based on the Dupuit formula is superior to other methods of depression calculation. According to the derived formulae the radius of the depresion cone is a function of parameters of the water bearing horizons, size of surface mine working and of water depression. The proposed formula also takes into account the influence of atmospheric factors (water influx caused by precipitation, etc.). (1 ref.) (In Polish)

  3. Semiconductor Sensors for a Wide Temperature Range

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolay GORBACHUK


    Full Text Available Prototype sensors are described that are applicable for pressure, position, temperature, and field measurements in the temperature range of 4.2 to 300 K. The strain gauges utilize the silicon substrate and thin film technology. The tensosensitivity of strain sensors is 40 µV/mln-1 or better depending on metrological characteristics of semiconductor films, orientation, and current. The temperature sensors (thermistors make use of the germanium powder bulk. The temperature coefficient of resistance is within 50-100 % /K at 4.2 K. The magnetic field sensors use GaAs films that offer weak temperature dependence of parameters at high sensitivity (up to 300-400 mV/T.

  4. Engagement online et expérimentation en milieu naturel : retours d'expériences


    Amato, Stéphane; Boutin, Eric


    L'engagement est un sujet très actuel. Tantôt on le met en avant, tantôt on déplore son absence. Il semblerait cependant que l'on ait plus souvent à regretter le désengagement voire même le manque d'engagement. Mais de quoi parle-t-on ? Existe-t-il plusieurs formes d'engagement ? Dans ce cas, s'affrontent-t-elles ou sont-elles complémentaires ? Comment mesurer, évaluer l'engagement ? La communication peut-elle le favoriser ? Qui serait alors concerné ? Un petit nombre d'individus ou de grands...

  5. Estimation du biais lié à l’indice de masse corporelle utilisé dans l’Enquête canadienne sur l’expérience de la maternité

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Dzakpasu


    Full Text Available Introduction : Cette étude visait à évaluer le biais dans la mesure de l’indice de masse corporelle (IMC dans l’Enquête canadienne sur l’expérience de la maternité (ECEM ainsi que les répercussions possibles de ce biais sur l’association entre l’IMC et certaines issues de grossesse. Méthodologie : Nous avons évalué la répartition des valeurs de l’IMC en comparant des données autodéclarées et des données mesurées. Nous avons utilisé un échantillon aléatoire de 6 175 participantes à l’ECEM dont l’IMC avait été calculé d’après la taille et le poids autodéclarés et un échantillon aléatoire de 259 participantes à l’Enquête canadienne sur les mesures de santé (ECMS ayant déjà accouché et dont l’IMC avait été calculé d’après la taille et le poids autodéclarés et mesurés. Nous avons appliqué deux équations de correction à l’IMC fondé sur des valeurs autodéclarées, et nous avons examiné l’impact de ces corrections sur les associations entre l’IMC et un accouchement par césarienne, un faible poids pour l’âge gestationnel (FPAG et un poids élevé pour l’âge gestationnel (PEAG. Résultats : Dans l’ensemble, 86,9 % des femmes du sous-échantillon de l’ECMS appartenaient à la même catégorie d’IMC lorsque ses valeurs étaient autodéclarées et lorsqu’elles étaient mesurées. Cependant, les différences de répartition ont eu un effet considérable sur la proportion de femmes des catégories de poids insuffisant et d’obésité. Par exemple, le pourcentage de femmes classées comme obèses était de 14,5 % avec les données autodéclarées contre 20,8 % avec les données mesurées. Les corrections ont permis d’améliorer les estimations de la prévalence de l’obésité, mais ont surestimé ou sous-estimé les autres catégories d’IMC. Les corrections ont eu un effet non significatif sur les associations entre l’IMC et l’accouchement par césarienne, le

  6. Une expérience de recherche documentaire sur Internet en classe de langue : propositions de modélisation didactique An experiment of information retrieval on Internet in a language classroom : pedagogical modeling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alain Verreman


    Full Text Available Dans le cadre du cours d’allemand, des classes de lycée (120 élèves concernés ont effectué des recherches guidées sur des sites Internet. L’expérience décrite sert de base, tout d’abord, à une réflexion sur l’opportunité didactique de recherches documentaires sur Internet, en cours de langue étrangère. En effet, l’intérêt de cette activité n’est réel que si elle donne lieu à la mise en place d’un dispositif d’apprentissage. Des conclusions sont tirées sur les écueils à éviter, les principes à respecter et sur les perspectives nouvelles que ce média ouvre dans le domaine des "méthodes actives", de l’autonomisation de l’apprenant et de la production en langue étrangère. Le dispositif utilisé fait ensuite l’objet d’une réflexion didactique approfondie. Il est passé au crible des critères de variation, de différenciation, de pertinence et de cohérence. Puis les résultats sont comparés aux travaux publiés dans ce domaine en France et en Allemagne. Enfin, une proposition de modélisation fait apparaître que le dispositif utilisé a une double appartenance : au modèle culturel et au modèle de la tâche complexe, ceux-ci étant définis par leurs dominantes, leurs activités typiques, leurs objectifs formatifs, leurs principes didactiques et leurs finalités éducatives.Groups of secondary school students conducted guided searches on Internet sites in German. About 120 students were involved in the project. The experiment described in this paper is first used as the basis for a study on the pedagogical relevance of Internet-based research by pupils in foreign languages. We argue that this type of activity is worthwhile only insofar as it promotes the learning process. We present some conclusions on the pitfalls that have to be avoided, on the principles that have to be upheld, and on the new prospects which this medium opens up, in the fields of "active teaching methods", of learner autonomy

  7. Perturbations hépatiques induites expérimentalement par une concentration sublétale de procymidone (fongicide dicarboximide chez Brachydanio rerio (Téléostéen, Cyprinidé : approche histo-cytopathologique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available La procymidone[N-(3,5 dichlorophényl-1,2 diméthylcyclopropane-1,2 dicarboximide] est une molécule utilisée pour ses capacités antifongiques principalement dans la lutte contre Botrytis et Sclerotinia. Elle présente une rémanence de plusieurs semaines dans l'environnement et est donc susceptible de contaminer, après lessivage des sols, les milieux aquatiques et les organismes qui les peuplent. L'analyse des perturbations histo-cytologiques hépatiques induites chez le Cyprinidé Brachydanio rerio par une concentration sublétale (1 mg.l-1 de ce fongicide a été réalisée après 4, 7 et 14 jours de contamination expérimentale. L'éventuelle réversibilité des perturbations induites a été étudiée après 14 jours de contamination suivis de 14 jours de décontamination. Les résultats révèlent des réponses hépatocytaires non spécifiques à l'agression toxique et d'intensité croissante en fonction de la durée de contamination. Il s'agit de réponses adaptatives (déplétion glycogénique, accumulation lipidique, réduction de la surface d'absorption hépatocellular... et de réponses dégénératives (désorganisation des travées hépatocytaires, lyse du parenchyme dans les régions périvasculaires.... Ces réponses s'accompagnent d'une activation notable de la réponse immunitaire cellulaire non spécifique (augmentation du nombre des macrophages en relation avec l'accroissement du catabolisme tissulaire hépatique induit. Des perturbations plus originales ont été observées : il s'agit de développements d'une organisation concentrique des travées hépatocytaires et de protrusions cytoplasmiques entre hépatocytes adjacents amenant parfois la membrane plasmique au contact de l'enveloppe nucléaire. Le retour en eau non contaminée provoque la réduction des atteintes hépatiques (réversibilités des perturbations induites et une forte activation du métabolisme hépatocytaire (hyperdéveloppement du r

  8. Tonopah Test Range Post-Closure Inspection Annual Report, Tonopah Test Range, Nevada, Calendar Year 2003

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Site Office; Bechtel Nevada


    This post-closure inspection report provides documentation of the semiannual inspection activities, maintenance and repair activities, and conclusions and recommendations for calendar year 2003 for eight corrective action units located on the Tonopah Test Range, Nevada.

  9. Evolution of Topography in Glaciated Mountain Ranges (United States)

    Brocklehurst, Simon H.


    This thesis examines the response of alpine landscapes to the onset of glaciation. The basic approach is to compare fluvial and glacial laudscapes, since it is the change from the former to the latter that accompanies climatic cooling. This allows a detailed evaluation of hypotheses relating climate change to tectonic processes in glaciated mountain belts. Fieldwork was carried out in the eastern Sierra Nevada, California, and the Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado, alongside digital elevation model analyses in the western US, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, and the Himalaya of northwestern Pakistan. hypothesis is overstated in its appeal to glacial erosion as a major source of relief production and subsequent peak uplift. Glaciers in the eastern Sierra Nevada and the western Sangre de Cristos have redistributed relief, but have produced only modest relief by enlarging drainage basins at the expense of low-relief topography. Glaciers have lowered valley floors and ridgelines by similar amounts, limiting the amount of "missing mass' that can be generated, and causing a decrease in drainage basin relief. The principal response of glaciated landscapes to rapid rock uplift is the development of towering cirque headwalls. This represents considerable relief production, but is not caused by glacial erosion alone. Large valley glaciers can maintain their low gradient regardless of uplift rate, which supports the "glacial buzzsaw" hypothesis. However, the inability of glaciers to erode steep hillslopes as rapidly can cause mean elevations to rise. Cosmogenic isotope dating is used to show that (i) where plucking is active, the last major glaciation removed sufficient material to reset the cosmogenic clock; and (ii) former glacial valley floors now stranded near the crest of the Sierra Nevada are at varying stages of abandonment, suggesting a cycle of drainage reorganiszation and relief inversion due to glacial erosion similar to that observed in river networks. Glaciated

  10. Wide Range Multiscale Entropy Changes through Development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicola R. Polizzotto


    Full Text Available How variability in the brain’s neurophysiologic signals evolves during development is important for a global, system-level understanding of brain maturation and its disturbance in neurodevelopmental disorders. In the current study, we use multiscale entropy (MSE, a measure that has been related to signal complexity, to investigate how this variability evolves during development across a broad range of temporal scales. We computed MSE, standard deviation (STD and standard spectral analyses on resting EEG from 188 healthy individuals aged 8–22 years old. We found age-related increases in entropy at lower scales (<~20 ms and decreases in entropy at higher scales (~60–80 ms. Decreases in the overall signal STD were anticorrelated with entropy, especially in the lower scales, where regression analyses showed substantial covariation of observed changes. Our findings document for the first time the scale dependency of developmental changes from childhood to early adulthood, challenging a parsimonious MSE-based account of brain maturation along a unidimensional, complexity measure. At the level of analysis permitted by electroencephalography (EEG, MSE could capture critical spatiotemporal variations in the role of noise in the brain. However, interpretations critically rely on defining how signal STD affects MSE properties.

  11. Survivial Strategies in Bacterial Range Expansions (United States)

    Frey, Erwin


    Bacterial communities represent complex and dynamic ecological systems. Different environmental conditions as well as bacterial interactions determine the establishment and sustainability of bacterial diversity. In this talk we discuss the competition of three Escherichia coli strains during range expansions on agar plates. In this bacterial model system, a colicin E2 producing strain C competes with a colicin resistant strain R and with a colicin sensitive strain S for new territory. Genetic engineering allows us to tune the growth rates of the strains and to study distinct ecological scenarios. These scenarios may lead to either single-strain dominance, pairwise coexistence, or to the coexistence of all three strains. In order to elucidate the survival mechanisms of the individual strains, we also developed a stochastic agent-based model to capture the ecological scenarios in silico. In a combined theoretical and experimental approach we are able to show that the level of biodiversity depends crucially on the composition of the inoculum, on the relative growth rates of the three strains, and on the effective reach of colicin toxicity.

  12. Frequency ranges and attenuation of macroseismic effects (United States)

    Tosi, Patrizia; De Rubeis, Valerio; Sbarra, Paola


    Macroseismic intensity is assessed on the basis of the effects caused by an earthquake. These effects reflect the expression of both the intensity and frequency of the ground motion, thus complicating prediction equation modelling. Here we analysed data of several macroseismic transitory effects caused by recent Italian earthquakes in order to study their attenuation as a function of magnitude and hypocentral distance and to obtain a specific prediction equation, of simple functional form, that could be applied to each of the effects under analysis. We found that the different attenuation behaviours could be clearly defined by the values of the specially formulated magnitude-distance scaling ratio (S), thus allowing to group the effects on the basis of the S value. The oscillation of hanging objects and liquids, together with the feeling of dizziness, were separated from most other variables, such as the effects of the earthquake on small objects, china and windows, which were caused by a vibration of higher frequency. Besides, the greater value of S, associated with the perception of the seismic sound, explained the peculiarity of this phenomenon. As a result, we recognized the frequency range associated with each effect through comparisons with the ground motion prediction equations and, in particular, with the 5 per cent damped horizontal response spectra. Here we show the importance of appropriately selecting the diagnostic elements to be used for intensity assessment in order to improve the correlation with ground motion.

  13. Stochastic processes and long range dependence

    CERN Document Server

    Samorodnitsky, Gennady


    This monograph is a gateway for researchers and graduate students to explore the profound, yet subtle, world of long-range dependence (also known as long memory). The text is organized around the probabilistic properties of stationary processes that are important for determining the presence or absence of long memory. The first few chapters serve as an overview of the general theory of stochastic processes which gives the reader sufficient background, language, and models for the subsequent discussion of long memory. The later chapters devoted to long memory begin with an introduction to the subject along with a brief history of its development, followed by a presentation of what is currently the best known approach, applicable to stationary processes with a finite second moment. The book concludes with a chapter devoted to the author’s own, less standard, point of view of long memory as a phase transition, and even includes some novel results. Most of the material in the book has not previously been publis...

  14. Relativistic tests with lunar laser ranging (United States)

    Hofmann, F.; Müller, J.


    This paper presents the recent version of the lunar laser ranging (LLR) analysis model at the Institut für Erdmessung (IfE), Leibniz Universität Hannover and highlights a few tests of Einstein’s theory of gravitation using LLR data. Investigations related to a possible temporal variation of the gravitational constant, the equivalence principle, the PPN parameters β and γ as well as the geodetic precession were carried out. The LLR analysis model was updated by gravitational effects of the Sun and planets with the Moon as extended body. The higher-order gravitational interaction between Earth and Moon as well as effects of the solid Earth tides on the lunar motion were refined. The basis for the modeled lunar rotation is now a 2-layer core/mantle model according to the DE430 ephemeris. The validity of Einstein’s theory was studied using this updated analysis model and an LLR data set from 1970 to January 2015. Within the estimated accuracies, no deviations from Einstein’s theory are detected. A relative temporal variation of the gravitational constant is estimated as \\dot{G}/G_0=(7.1+/-7.6)×10-14~yr-1 , the test of the equivalence principle gives Δ(m_g/m_i)EM=(-3+/-5)×10-14 and the Nordtvedt parameter \

  15. Long-range forecasting of intermittent streamflow

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. F. van Ogtrop


    Full Text Available Long-range forecasting of intermittent streamflow in semi-arid Australia poses a number of major challenges. One of the challenges relates to modelling zero, skewed, non-stationary, and non-linear data. To address this, a statistical model to forecast streamflow up to 12 months ahead is applied to five semi-arid catchments in South Western Queensland. The model uses logistic regression through Generalised Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape (GAMLSS to determine the probability of flow occurring in any of the systems. We then use the same regression framework in combination with a right-skewed distribution, the Box-Cox t distribution, to model the intensity (depth of the non-zero streamflows. Time, seasonality and climate indices, describing the Pacific and Indian Ocean sea surface temperatures, are tested as covariates in the GAMLSS model to make probabilistic 6 and 12-month forecasts of the occurrence and intensity of streamflow. The output reveals that in the study region the occurrence and variability of flow is driven by sea surface temperatures and therefore forecasts can be made with some skill.

  16. Home range and ranging behaviour of Bornean elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis) females. (United States)

    Alfred, Raymond; Ahmad, Abd Hamid; Payne, Junaidi; Williams, Christy; Ambu, Laurentius Nayan; How, Phua Mui; Goossens, Benoit


    Home range is defined as the extent and location of the area covered annually by a wild animal in its natural habitat. Studies of African and Indian elephants in landscapes of largely open habitats have indicated that the sizes of the home range are determined not only by the food supplies and seasonal changes, but also by numerous other factors including availability of water sources, habitat loss and the existence of man-made barriers. The home range size for the Bornean elephant had never been investigated before. The first satellite tracking program to investigate the movement of wild Bornean elephants in Sabah was initiated in 2005. Five adult female elephants were immobilized and neck collars were fitted with tracking devices. The sizes of their home range and movement patterns were determined using location data gathered from a satellite tracking system and analyzed by using the Minimum Convex Polygon and Harmonic Mean methods. Home range size was estimated to be 250 to 400 km(2) in a non-fragmented forest and 600 km(2) in a fragmented forest. The ranging behavior was influenced by the size of the natural forest habitat and the availability of permanent water sources. The movement pattern was influenced by human disturbance and the need to move from one feeding site to another. Home range and movement rate were influenced by the degree of habitat fragmentation. Once habitat was cleared or converted, the availability of food plants and water sources were reduced, forcing the elephants to travel to adjacent forest areas. Therefore movement rate in fragmented forest was higher than in the non-fragmented forest. Finally, in fragmented habitat human and elephant conflict occurrences were likely to be higher, due to increased movement bringing elephants into contact more often with humans.

  17. Are fish outside their usual ranges early indicators of climate-driven range shifts? (United States)

    Fogarty, Hannah E; Burrows, Michael T; Pecl, Gretta T; Robinson, Lucy M; Poloczanska, Elvira S


    Shifts in species ranges are a global phenomenon, well known to occur in response to a changing climate. New species arriving in an area may become pest species, modify ecosystem structure, or represent challenges or opportunities for fisheries and recreation. Early detection of range shifts and prompt implementation of any appropriate management strategies is therefore crucial. This study investigates whether 'first sightings' of marine species outside their normal ranges could provide an early warning of impending climate-driven range shifts. We examine the relationships between first sightings and marine regions defined by patterns of local climate velocities (calculated on a 50-year timescale), while also considering the distribution of observational effort (i.e. number of sampling days recorded with biological observations in global databases). The marine trajectory regions include climate 'source' regions (areas lacking connections to warmer areas), 'corridor' regions (areas where moving isotherms converge), and 'sink' regions (areas where isotherms locally disappear). Additionally, we investigate the latitudinal band in which first sightings were recorded, and species' thermal affiliations. We found that first sightings are more likely to occur in climate sink and 'divergent' regions (areas where many rapid and diverging climate trajectories pass through) indicating a role of temperature in driving changes in marine species distributions. The majority of our fish first sightings appear to be tropical and subtropical species moving towards high latitudes, as would be expected in climate warming. Our results indicate that first sightings are likely related to longer-term climatic processes, and therefore have potential use to indicate likely climate-driven range shifts. The development of an approach to detect impending range shifts at an early stage will allow resource managers and researchers to better manage opportunities resulting from range

  18. Comparaison théorique et expérimentale des performances après traitement de l’imagerie active et de l’IR2 en conditions dégradées


    Bernard, Erwan


    Thermal imaging cameras are widely used in military contexts for their day and night vision capabilities and their observation range; there are based on passive infrared sensors (e.g. MWIR or LWIR range). Under bad weather conditions or when the target is partially hidden (e.g. foliage, military camouflage) they will be more and more complemented by active imaging systems, a key technology to perform target identification at long ranges. The 2D flash imaging technique is based on a high power...

  19. Relief Evolution in Tectonically Active Mountain Ranges (United States)

    Whipple, Kelin X.


    The overall aims of this 3-yr project, as originally proposed were to: (1) investigate quantitatively the roles of fluvial and glacial erosion in the evolution of relief in mountainous regions, and (2) test rigorously the quality and accuracy of SRTM topographic data in areas of rugged relief - both the most challenging and of greatest interest to geomorphic, neotectonic, and hazards applications. Natural laboratories in both the western US and the Southern Alps of New Zealand were identified as most promising. The project has been both successful and productive, despite the fact that no SRTM data for our primary field sites in New Zealand were released on the time frame of the work effort. Given the delayed release of SRTM data, we pursued the scientific questions of the roles of fluvial and, especially, glacial erosion in the evolution of relief in mountainous regions using available digital elevation models (DEMs) for the Southern Alps of New Zealand (available at both 25m and 50m pixel sizes), and USGS 10m and 30m DEMs within the Western US. As emphasized in the original proposal, we chose the emphasis on the role of glacial modification of topographic relief because there has been little quantitative investigation of glacial erosion processes at landscape scale. This is particularly surprising considering the dramatic sculpting of most mid- and high-latitude mountain ranges, the prodigious quantities of glacially-derived sediment in terrestrial and marine basins, and the current cross-disciplinary interest in the role of denudational processes in orogenesis and the evolution of topography in general. Moreover, the evolution of glaciated landscapes is not only a fundamental problem in geomorphology in its own right, but also is at the heart of the debate over Late Cenozoic linkages between climate and tectonics.

  20. Systematic errors in the measurement of adsorption isotherms by frontal analysis Impact of the choice of column hold-up volume, range and density of the data points. (United States)

    Gritti, Fabrice; Guiochon, Georges


    Besides the accuracy and the precision of the measurements of the data points, several important parameters affect the accuracy of the adsorption isotherms that are derived from the data acquired by frontal analysis (FA). The influence of these parameters is discussed. First, the effects of the width of the concentration range within which the adsorption data are measured and of the distribution of the data points in this range are investigated. Systematic elimination of parts of the data points before the calculation of the nonlinear regression of the data to the model illustrates the importance of the numbers of data points (1) within the linear range and (2) at high concentrations. The influence of the inaccuracy of the estimate of the column hold-up volume on each adsorption data point, on the selection of the isotherm model, and on the best estimates of the adsorption isotherm parameters is also stressed. Depending on the method used to measure it, the hold-up time can vary by more than 10%. The high concentration part of the adsorption isotherm is particularly sensitive to errors made on t(0,exp) and as a result, when the isotherm follows bi-Langmuir isotherm behavior, the equilibrium constant of the low-energy sites may change by a factor 2. This study shows that the agreement between calculated and experimental overloaded band profiles is a necessary condition to validate the choice of an adsorption model and the calculation of its numerical parameters but that this condition is not sufficient.

  1. L’Afrique solaire ou le récit oublié. Représentations sociales et expérimentations en matière d’énergie solaire en Afrique 19ème - 20ème siècles


    Caille, Frédéric


    Ce texte évoque l’importance encore méconnue de l’Afrique comme terre d’accueil des premiers projets d’expérimentation de l’énergie solaire (dès les années 1860), ainsi que les enjeux en termes de représentations sociales et d’imagination politique d’un autre mode de « développement » que peut recouvrir aujourd’hui l’exhumation et la mise en récit de cette histoire.

  2. Cobalt Hydroformylation of Olefins in a Biphasic System Using Ionic Liquids – Development and Reaction Optimization by a Design Experiment Approach Hydroformylation des oléfines par le cobalt en milieu liquide ionique – Développement et optimisation de la réaction par plans d’expériences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Magna L.


    Full Text Available The present paper describes the use of experimental designs (DoE in association with high throughput experimentation devices for the optimization of cobalt hydroformylation of olefins in a biphasic system using ionic liquids. The main goal of the study was to gain insight into the various factors ([Co]NAIL, L/Co, Phorg/PhNAIL, pressure and temperature and how they interact and influence the activity and selec-tivity of the catalyst. On the basis of a D-Optimal design, the study pointed out that temperature and to a less extend “Phaseorga/PhaseNAIL” ratio are the most critical parameters. These conclusions confirm to a certain extend, the initial hypothesis formulated to describe the process operation. Furthermore, this strategy in association with high throughput experimentation devices, allows to predict catalytic results in the major part of a cubic space (representing the experimental domain giving us the opportunity to determine the most suitable catalysts composition and optimal reaction conditions. Ce document décrit l’utilisation des plans d’expériences en association avec des équipements d’expérimentation haut débit, pour le développement et l’optimisation de la réaction d’hydroformylation des oléfines par le cobalt en milieu liquide ionique. L’objectif principal de ce travail était d’identifier la manière dont les différents paramètres de réaction ([Co]Li, L/Co, Phorg/PhNAIL, pression et température interagissent les uns avec les autres et d’évaluer leur influence sur l’activité et la sélectivité du catalyseur. Sur la base d’un plan d’expériences D-Optimal, cette étude fait ressortir la température et dans une moindre mesure le ratio “Phaseorga/PhaseNAIL” comme étant les paramètres critiques du procédé. Ces conclusions confirment dans une certaine mesure, les hypothèses formulées initialement pour décrire le principe de fonctionnement du procédé mis en oeuvre. Cette strat

  3. Infinite matter properties and zero-range limit of non-relativistic finite-range interactions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Davesne, D. [Université de Lyon, Université Lyon 1, CNRS/IN2P3, Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon, UMR 5822, F-69622 Villeurbanne cedex (France); Becker, P., E-mail: [Université de Lyon, Université Lyon 1, CNRS/IN2P3, Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon, UMR 5822, F-69622 Villeurbanne cedex (France); Pastore, A. [Department of Physics, University of York, Heslington, York, Y010 5DD (United Kingdom); Navarro, J. [IFIC (CSIC-Universidad de Valencia), Apartado Postal 22085, E-46.071-Valencia (Spain)


    We discuss some infinite matter properties of two finite-range interactions widely used for nuclear structure calculations, namely Gogny and M3Y interactions. We show that some useful informations can be deduced for the central, tensor and spin–orbit terms from the spin–isospin channels and the partial wave decomposition of the symmetric nuclear matter equation of state. We show in particular that the central part of the Gogny interaction should benefit from the introduction of a third Gaussian and the tensor parameters of both interactions can be deduced from special combinations of partial waves. We also discuss the fact that the spin–orbit of the M3Y interaction is not compatible with local gauge invariance. Finally, we show that the zero-range limit of both families of interactions coincides with the specific form of the zero-range Skyrme interaction extended to higher momentum orders and we emphasize from this analogy its benefits.

  4. A study of the sensitivity of long-range passive ranging techniques to atmospheric scintillation

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)



    Full Text Available of the sensitivity of long-range passive ranging techniques to atmospheric scintillation Jason de Villiersa,b, Fintan Wilsona and Fred Nicollsb aCouncil for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pretoria, South Africa; bUniversity of Cape Town, Cape Town, South... and not scintillation and remove it from the list. 6. Interpolate between identified matches to create a complete de-warping mesh for the image. 7. Use de-warping mesh to create stabilised image. 6. RESULTS The resultant depth images in this paper are small in order...

  5. Predicting Long-Range Traversability from Short-Range Stereo-Derived Geometry (United States)

    Turmon, Michael; Tang, Benyang; Howard, Andrew; Brjaracharya, Max


    Based only on its appearance in imagery, this program uses close-range 3D terrain analysis to produce training data sufficient to estimate the traversability of terrain beyond 3D sensing range. This approach is called learning from stereo (LFS). In effect, the software transfers knowledge from middle distances, where 3D geometry provides training cues, into the far field where only appearance is available. This is a viable approach because the same obstacle classes, and sometimes the same obstacles, are typically present in the mid-field and the farfield. Learning thus extends the effective look-ahead distance of the sensors.

  6. Active deformation offshore the Western Transverse Ranges (United States)

    Ucarkus, G.; Driscoll, N. W.; Brothers, D. S.; Kent, G.; Rockwell, T. K.


    The Transverse Ranges within the structural province of southern California, an east-west trending active fold and thrust belt system, has rapid uplift rates that are capable of generating large earthquakes and tsunamis. This system to the west consists of north and south dipping reverse faults offshore Santa Barbara and Ventura (i.e., Pitas Point fault, Red Mountain fault, Rincon Creek fault). Ventura Avenue Anticline (VAA) is one of the fastest uplifting structure within this system has experienced nearly 2.7 km of structural uplift since fold initiation about 200-300 thousand years ago, yielding an average uplift rate of 9-13 mm/yr. Mapped and dated Holocene marine terraces between Ventura and Carpenteria reveal that large uplift events occurred at 0.8 ka and 1.9 ka; a recurrence interval of approximately a thousand years. The VAA trends offshore to the west and is buried by sediment from Rincon Creek. This sediment completely obscures the surficial expression of the fold between Rincon Point and Punta Gorda, indicating that Holocene sedimentation has kept pace with fold growth. Given the high sedimentation rate, each uplift event should be captured by stratigraphic rotation and onlap, and formation of angular unconformities. With that perspective, we acquired ~240 km-long very high-resolution (decimeter) CHIRP seismic reflection data from offshore Santa Barbara in the west to Ventura in the east, in order to examine discrete folding/uplift events that are preserved in the Holocene sediment record. CHIRP data together with re-processed USGS sparker profiles provide new constraints on timing and architecture of deformation offshore. A transgressive surface that dates back to ~9.5 kyr B.P is identified in seismic reflection data and dips landward; bending of the transgressive surface appears to be due to active folding and faulting. Observed onlapping sediments together with the deformation of the transgressive surface mark the onset of deformation while periods

  7. A general approach for cache-oblivious range reporting and approximate range counting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Afshani, Peyman; Hamilton, Chris; Zeh, Norbert


    of points in the query range. As a corollary, we also obtain the first approximate 3-d halfspace range counting and 3-d dominance counting data structures with a worst-case query time of O(log(N/K)) in internal memory. An easy but important consequence of our main result is the existence of -space cache...... counting queries. This class includes three-sided range counting in the plane, 3-d dominance counting, and 3-d halfspace range counting. The constructed data structures use linear space and answer queries in the optimal query bound of O(logB(N/K)) block transfers in the worst case, where K is the number......-oblivious data structures with an optimal query bound of O(logBN+K/B) block transfers for the reporting versions of the above problems. Using standard reductions, these data structures allow us to obtain the first cache-oblivious data structures that use almost linear space and achieve the optimal query bound...

  8. Barium Titanate Nanoparticles: Short-range Lattice Distortions with Long-range Cubic Order (United States)

    Haskell, Richard C.; Shi, Chenyang; Billinge, Simon J. L.; Puma, Eric; Bang, Sun Hwi; Bean, Nathaniel J. H.; de Sugny, Jean-Claude; Gambee, Robert G.; Hightower, Adrian; Monson, Todd C.

    Small barium titanate (BTO) nanoparticles (atomic pair distribution functions (PDFs). Fits to PDFs at temperatures of 20° to 220°C suggest that Ti atom displacements from the center of the unit cell are comparable to or even greater than those in the bulk material and persist at temperatures well above 120°C where the tetragonal to pseudo-cubic phase transition occurs in the bulk. Raman spectra acquired over a temperature range of 20° to 220°C confirm that small BTO nanoparticles exhibit a distorted unit cell even above 120°C. On the other hand, small BTO nanoparticles exhibit a long-range order consistent with a cubic lattice as recorded by laboratory XRD Bragg reflections at temperatures of 20° to 150°C. We have reconciled these seemingly contradictory data sets by fitting the PDFs over their full range of 6 nm to reveal a long-range structure with a reduced lattice distortion that still manages to support tetragonal Raman lines but is sufficiently close to cubic to yield apparent Bragg peak singlets. US DOE NNSA contract DE-AC04-94AL85000 and US DOE Office of Science contract DE-SC00112704.

  9. Environment Assessment for Grand Bay Range, Bemiss Field, and Moody Explosive Ordnance Disposal Range Operations (United States)


    longleaf pine (Pinus palustris), and slash pine (Moody AFB 2007a). The Grand Bay Range impact area and Bemiss Field are managed to provide a Bahia ...Bemiss Field or immigration has occurred in this area. No confirmed sightings of indigo snakes have occurred since 1996, despite intensive monitoring

  10. Range-Image Acquisition for Discriminated Objects in a Range-gated Robot Vision System

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Park, Seung-Kyu; Ahn, Yong-Jin; Park, Nak-Kyu; Baik, Sung-Hoon; Choi, Young-Soo; Jeong, Kyung-Min [KAERI, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    The imaging capability of a surveillance vision system from harsh low-visibility environments such as in fire and detonation areas is a key function to monitor the safety of the facilities. 2D and range image data acquired from low-visibility environment are important data to assess the safety and prepare appropriate countermeasures. Passive vision systems, such as conventional camera and binocular stereo vision systems usually cannot acquire image information when the reflected light is highly scattered and absorbed by airborne particles such as fog. In addition, the image resolution captured through low-density airborne particles is decreased because the image is blurred and dimmed by the scattering, emission and absorption. Active vision systems, such as structured light vision and projected stereo vision are usually more robust for harsh environment than passive vision systems. However, the performance is considerably decreased in proportion to the density of the particles. The RGI system provides 2D and range image data from several RGI images and it moreover provides clear images from low-visibility fog and smoke environment by using the sum of time-sliced images. Nowadays, the Range-gated (RG) imaging is an emerging technology in the field of surveillance for security applications, especially in the visualization of invisible night and fog environment. Although RGI viewing was discovered in the 1960's, this technology is, nowadays becoming more applicable by virtue of the rapid development of optical and sensor technologies. Especially, this system can be adopted in robot-vision system by virtue of its compact portable configuration. In contrast to passive vision systems, this technology enables operation even in harsh environments like fog and smoke. During the past decades, several applications of this technology have been applied in target recognition and in harsh environments, such as fog, underwater vision. Also, this technology has been

  11. The Boulder Creek Batholith, Front Range, Colorado (United States)

    Gable, Dolores J.


    The Boulder Creek batholith is the best known of several large Precambrian batholiths of similar rock composition that crop out across central Colorado. The rocks in the batholith belong to the calc-alkaline series and range in composition from granodiorite through quartz diorite (tonalite) to gneissic aplite. Two rock types dominate': the Boulder Creek Granodiorite, the major rock unit, and a more leucocratic and slightly younger unit herein named Twin Spruce Quartz Monzonite. Besides mafic inclusions, which occur mainly in hornblende-bearing phases of the Boulder Creek Granodiorite, there are cogenetic older and younger lenses, dikes, and small plutons of hornblende diorite, hornblendite, gabbro, and pyroxenite. Pyroxenite is not found in the batholith. The Boulder Creek Granodiorite in the batholith represents essentially two contemporaneous magmas, a northern body occurring in the Gold Hill and Boulder quadrangles and a larger southern body exposed in the Blackhawk and the greater parts of the Tungsten and Eldorado Springs quadrangles. The two bodies are chemically and mineralogically distinct. The northern body is richer in CaO and poorer in K2O, is more mafic, and has a larger percentage of plagioclase than the southern body. A crude sequence of rock types occurs from west to east in the batholith accompanied by a change in plagioclase composition from calcic plagioclase on the west to sodic on the east. Ore minerals tend to decrease, and the ratio potassium feldspar:plagioclase increases inward from the western contact of the batholith, indicating that the Boulder Creek batholith is similar to granodiorite batholiths the world over. Emplacement of the Boulder Creek batholith was contemporaneous with plastic deformation and high-grade regional metamorphism that folded the country rock and the batholith contact along west-northwest and north-northwest axes. Also, smaller satellitic granodiorite bodies tend to conform to the trends of foliation and fold axes in

  12. Lead exposure in indoor firing ranges: environmental impact and health risk to the range users. (United States)

    Abudhaise, B A; Alzoubi, M A; Rabi, A Z; Alwash, R M


    Health risk from airborne lead exposure were evaluated in 54 trainees and 31 firearm instructors at two indoor firing ranges in Amman, Jordan. Airborne lead concentration was measured during shooting sessions of conventional lead ammunition. Venous blood was collected from the trainees, instructors and controls. The levels of blood lead (PbB) and the activity of amino levulinic acid dehydrogenase (ALAD) were measured. High concentrations of air lead that markedly exceeded the internationally adopted safe exposure levels were found on both ranges. Despite the absence of symptoms of lead poisoning, there was a significantly higher PbB in the instructors (19 +/- 7 micrograms/dl) and trainees (22.9 +/- 4.6 micrograms/dl) than in the controls (2.1 +/- 1.4 micrograms/dl). Furthermore, the activity of ALAD was significantly lower in both groups (29.2 +/- 1.3, 18.9 +/- 1.2 U/L, respectively) than in the controls (47.5 +/- 1.1 U/L) indicating a subcritical lead effect. In the trainees, levels of PbB rose from a pre-training mean of 2.2 to 22.9 micrograms/dl and the activity of ALAD decreased from 46.9 to 18.9 U/L. It is concluded that indoor firing range users are at risk of lead absorption and intoxication and, therefore, periodic biological monitoring of the frequent users of firing ranges is highly recommended. Environmental hygienic actions to control excessive emissions of lead on the ranges are also imperative.

  13. 50 CFR 30.1 - Surplus range animals. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Surplus range animals. 30.1 Section 30.1... NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE SYSTEM RANGE AND FERAL ANIMAL MANAGEMENT Range Animals § 30.1 Surplus range animals. Range animals on fenced wildlife refuge areas, including buffalo and longhorn cattle, determined...

  14. La nouvelle directive européenne en matière d’expérimentation animale et l’échelle des êtres sensibles. Du dualisme au gradualisme The new European directive on animal experiments and the scale of sentient beings. From dualism to gradualism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catherine Rémy


    Full Text Available Au-delà d’une volonté de réduction des divergences entre pays européens, la nouvelle directive européenne en matière d’expérimentation animale attribue un statut spécifique aux primates non humains. Ce nouveau statut met en péril le geste de substitution qui se trouve au fondement de l’utilisation du "modèle animal". Par ailleurs, cette directive se traduit par l’instauration d’une échelle des êtres sensibles gradualiste qui actualise des tensions et débats récurrents au sein du monde de l’expérimentation animale.Besides the desire to reduce differences between European countries, the new European directive on animal experiments gives a special status to non-human primates. This new status undermines the act of substitution that is the basis for the use of "animal model". Moreover, this Directive results in the establishment of a gradualist scale of sentient beings which updates recurrent tensions and debates within the world of animal experimentation.

  15. Current range of the eastern population of Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris). Part II: Winter range (United States)

    Sykes, P.W.; Holzman, S.; Iñigo-Elias, Eduardo E.


    The importance of wintering areas for Neotropical migrants is well established. The wintering range of the eastern population of Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) is described in detail and presented in maps. The paper also discusses extralimital records from islands in the Caribbean Basin as well as scattered wintering individuals outside the winter range. The possibility of eastern birds wintering on the Yucatan Peninsula and adjacent Central America is considered. An extensive treatment of the protected areas of Peninsular Florida, the northern Bahamas, and Cuba describes the importance of upland habitats within these protected areas for wintering buntings. This information should be useful to land management agencies, conservation organizations, and private landholders for the welfare of the bunting and biodiversity in general and may also be of interest to ornithologists, other biological disciplines, naturalists, and birders.

  16. A national range inventory for the Kingdom of Lesotho. | Martin ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Keywords: classification; Colour aerial photography; Ecological sites; ecology; inventory; lesotho; management; management plan; mapping; National range inventories; photo interpretation; photography; plant communities; Plant community relationships; range; range management; rangeland; rangelands; remote sensing; ...

  17. Determination of Three-Phase Relative Permeabilities under Reservoir Conditions by Hot Water and Steamflood Experiments Détermination de perméabilités relatives tri-phasiques en conditions de réservoir, à partir d'expériences de balayages à l'eau chaude et à la vapeur

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Quettier L.


    Full Text Available In order to help the physical and numerical interpretation of Emeraude's steam pilot, two-phase waterfloods at four temperatures (between 30 and 240°C and a steamflood were performed in the laboratory using the same porous medium (compacted silt and under reservoir conditions. Dynamic isothermal displacements were interpreted with a thermal simulator taking into account capillary end effects. The corresponding oil-water relative permeability curves were obtained by matching observed pressure drop and oil production. Results show that temperature influences the end-point saturations but not the shape of the curves. The steamflood experiment was carried out in an adiabatic core holder. Oil stripping and production of a large amount of CO2 caused by dissolution of carbonates were pointed out. The numerical interpretation of this experiment, by making use of the oil-water relative permeabilities, provided the three-phase oil relative permeability which is an essential datum for numerical interpretation of a steam drive pilot. Then a parameter study was used to quantify the influence of the different mechanisms involved in hot water and steam floods. Dans le but de faciliter l'interprétation physique et numérique du pilote vapeur d' Emeraude, des balayages eau-huile à quatre températures (entre 30 et 240°C et un balayage à la vapeur ont été réalisés au laboratoire. Toutes ces expériences ont été effectuées sur le même milieu poreux (silt compacté et en conditions de réservoir. Les déplacements bi-phasiques isothermes, en écoulement transitoire, ont été interprétés avec un modèle numérique thermique qui prend en compte les effets capillaires aux extrémités de l'échantillon. Les courbes de perméabilités relatives dynamiques eau-huile sont déterminées par calage, sur les courbes expérimentales, de la différence de pression et de la production d'huile simulées. Les résultats montrent que la température influe sur les

  18. Minimum Entropy Autofocus Correction of Residual Range Cell Migration (United States)


    Minimum Entropy Autofocus Correction of Residual Range Cell Migration Joshua M. Kantor Abstract—In this article we present a SAR autofocus algorithm...residual range shift, or operate by cross correlating range profiles to estimate residual range migration . These approaches are quite effective in many...range migration by cross-correlating range profiles can be difficult when the single pulse SNR is low and the scene does not have prominent point-like

  19. Factors affecting the range of movement of total knee arthroplasty

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Harvey, I A; Barry, K; Kirby, S P; Johnson, R; Elloy, M A


    We have investigated those factors which influence the range of movement after total knee arthroplasty, including sex, age, preoperative diagnosis and preoperative flexion deformity and flexion range...

  20. Unexploded Ordnance Site Investigation of US Military Ranges in Panama: Empire, Balboa West and Pina Ranges (United States)


    Process, UXO Detection Technologies, and Detector Reference Area. Table 1-1 UXO Site Investigation Report Components Aiko ik ogai6Componehp - Sect"on Site...200.0 C2 Suspect impact area of Range 6 09 97 482 17 645 592 929.9 D FP- 11 Firing Fan 0995639 17648673 369.0 E FP-15 Firing Fan 0997194 17645735 326.5 K ...bulldozer was brought in to grade and level the area. The transect was surveyed with a hand held EM61 locator starting off the K -6 road about 1.000

  1. Orthogonal Range Searching in Moderate Dimensions: k-d Trees and Range Trees Strike Back


    Chan, Timothy M.


    We revisit the orthogonal range searching problem and the exact l_infinity nearest neighbor searching problem for a static set of n points when the dimension d is moderately large. We give the first data structure with near linear space that achieves truly sublinear query time when the dimension is any constant multiple of log n. Specifically, the preprocessing time and space are O(n^{1+delta}) for any constant delta>0, and the expected query time is n^{1-1/O(c log c)} for d = c log n. The ...

  2. 50 CFR 30.2 - Disposition of surplus range animals. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Disposition of surplus range animals. 30.2... (CONTINUED) THE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE SYSTEM RANGE AND FERAL ANIMAL MANAGEMENT Range Animals § 30.2 Disposition of surplus range animals. Disposition shall be made only during regularly scheduled disposal...

  3. Sound propagation from a semi-open shooting range

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Eerden, F.J.M. van der; Berg, F. van den


    Semi-open shooting ranges, in contrast to a fully open shooting range, are often used in the densely populated area of the Netherlands. The Ministry of Defense operates a number of these ranges. In these shooting ranges above the line of fire a number of screens are situated for safety precautions

  4. 25 CFR 700.721 - Range management plans. (United States)


    ... 25 Indians 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Range management plans. 700.721 Section 700.721 Indians... Lands Grazing § 700.721 Range management plans. The Commissioner (or his designee) and the permittees of each range unit will meet as a group and develop a Range Management Plan for the common use of the...

  5. 25 CFR 161.203 - Are range management plans required? (United States)


    ... 25 Indians 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Are range management plans required? 161.203 Section 161... LANDS GRAZING PERMITS General Provisions § 161.203 Are range management plans required? Yes. BIA will... range restoration activities for the Navajo Partitioned Lands. (b) Develop range management plans with...

  6. Climate change, aboveground-belowground interactions, and species range shifts

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Putten, van der W.H.


    Changes in climate, land use, fire incidence, and ecological connections all may contribute to current species' range shifts. Species shift range individually, and not all species shift range at the same time and rate. This variation causes community reorganization in both the old and new ranges. In

  7. Une analyse des représentations des enseignants réfléchissant sur une expérience d’implantation d’un portfolio électronique / An Analysis of the Perceptions of Teachers Reflecting on an Experience of e-Portfolio Implementation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ann-Louise Davidson


    Full Text Available Cet article rend compte d’une analyse des représentations avec des enseignants, qui a eu lieu à la fin d’une expérience d’implantation d’un portfolio électronique favorisant l’autorégulation des apprentissages des élèves et la professionnalisation des enseignants. Le texte s’appuie sur le contexte éducatif québécois actuel. Ensuite, il présente une revue de littérature entourant les compétences technologiques, les portfolios électroniques et l’autorégulation des apprentissages. La méthodologie présente le design de la recherche, les instruments utilisés pour les entretiens et pour animer le groupe de discussion. Les résultats montrent que pour une enseignante qui avait déjà adopté la pédagogie sous-jacente au renouveau pédagogique Québécois, le portfolio électronique était une expérience fort utile. Toutefois, pour les deux autres enseignants, l’implantation du portfolio électronique était beaucoup trop exigeante. Finalement, nous discutons des implications des résultats, autant au point de vue de l’expérience d’implantation des portfolios électroniques que du point de vue de la contribution méthodologique. This article presents an analysis of the perceptions of teachers, which took place in 2010 at the end of an experiment implementing an e-portfolio that facilitates student self-regulation of learning. The article is based on the current Quebec educational context. It presents a review of literature on technology skills, e-portfolios and the self-regulation of learning. The methodology describes the research design, the tools used in the individual interviews and in the group discussion. The results indicate that the e-portfolio was a valuable experience for a teacher who had already adopted the pedagogy underlying the education reform in Quebec. However the implementation of the e-portfolio was difficult for the other two teachers due to challenges in terms of technology and managing

  8. M. G.-F. Leclerc, Préfet de la Haute-Savoie lors de sa visite dans le tunnel du LHC au Point 2 avec D. Delikaris, Département Technologie; dans la caverne de l'expérience ALICE avec B. Erazmus, Collaboration ALICE et lors de la signature du livre d'or avec F. Bordry, Chef du Département Technologie. P. Fassnacht, Conseiller au Bureau des Relations internationales présent.

    CERN Multimedia

    Jean-Claude Gadmer


    M. G.-F. Leclerc, Préfet de la Haute-Savoie lors de sa visite dans le tunnel du LHC au Point 2 avec D. Delikaris, Département Technologie; dans la caverne de l'expérience ALICE avec B. Erazmus, Collaboration ALICE et lors de la signature du livre d'or avec F. Bordry, Chef du Département Technologie. P. Fassnacht, Conseiller au Bureau des Relations internationales présent.

  9. Comprendre l'expérience de lecteurs désengagés lors d'un projet de cercle de lecture au sein d'une équipe de hockey de jeunes garçons au Canada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jolicoeur Manon


    Full Text Available Cette recherche collaborative réunissant un entraineur de hockey et une chercheuse vise à décrire l'impact de l'expérimentation d'un dispositif de cercle de lecture auprès d'une équipe de jeunes garçons francophones de 9 et 10 ans du Nouveau-Brunswick (Canada. L'étude se penche particulièrement sur le vécu de trois lecteurs désengagés participant au projet. L'analyse qualitative des données recueillies par entrevues, questionnaires et observations démontre que la motivation a été soutenue et généralisée durant toute la tenue du cercle de lecture et que les lecteurs désengagés ont évolué vers l'engagement.

  10. Heat-Transfer and Pressure Measurements from a Flight Test of the Third 1/18-Scale Model of the Titan Intercontinental Ballistic Missile up to a Mach Number of 3.86 and Reynolds Number per Foot of 23.5 x 10(exp 6) and a Comparison with Heat Transfer (United States)

    Graham, John B., Jr.


    Heat-transfer and pressure measurements were obtained from a flight test of a 1/18-scale model of the Titan intercontinental ballistic missile up to a Mach number of 3.86 and Reynolds number per foot of 23.5 x 10(exp 6) and are compared with the data of two previously tested 1/18-scale models. Boundary-layer transition was observed on the nose of the model. Van Driest's theory predicted heat-transfer coefficients reasonably well for the fully laminar flow but predictions made by Van Driest's theory for turbulent flow were considerably higher than the measurements when the skin was being heated. Comparison with the flight test of two similar models shows fair repeatability of the measurements for fully laminar or turbulent flow.

  11. Quatre géographes face à leurs émotions : Retour réflexif face à l'expérience de l'évènement séisme du 25 avril 2015 au Népal


    Andre-Lamat, Véronique; Faulon, Marie; Jacquemet, Etienne; Sacareau, Isabelle


    A partir de témoignages relatifs au séisme qui a touché le Népal le 25 avril 2015, cet article s’interroge sur la façon dont quatre chercheurs ont géré cette catastrophe à travers le prisme de leurs émotions, en la vivant directement sur place ou à distance. La lecture de ces différentes expériences montre que l’emplacement des différents chercheurs interfère peu dans la nature et l’organisation des émotions, dans la mesure où celles-ci se révèlent assez similaires. Les mécanismes à l’origine...

  12. Caractérisation expérimentale d’un banc de mesures acoustique pour absorbeurs linéaires et non linéaires à basse fréquence et fort niveau : méthodes à un et plusieurs microphones


    Chauvin, Alice; Bellizzi, Sergio; Côte, Renaud; Herzog, Philippe; MONTEIL, Mélodie; Pachebat, Marc


    National audience; Cette étude expérimentale est réalisée dans un tube de Kundt court où des mesures de pression sont effectuées au moyen de quatre microphones. La plage fréquentielle va de 10 à 200 Hz pour de forts niveaux allant jusqu’à 300 Pa. Une méthode qui permet de déterminer l’impédance et le coefficient de réflexion d’une terminaison inconnue est présentée. Cette méthode nécessite la connaissance de quatre terminaisons inconnues et d’au moins une mesure de pression. Une validation de...

  13. Impact de la communication dans le processus d’acquisition d’habiletés motrices :: expérimentation de deux méthodes en éducation physique avec des élèves allophones et francophones


    Abbet, Luc; Voisard, Nicolas


    Ce travail de mémoire développe une expérimentation en éducation physique qui a comme objectif de chercher la manière la plus adaptée de réaliser un apprentissage d’habileté motrice en tenant compte des difficultés de communication. Le but est de réaliser des formes finales de mouvements sur les thèmes de l’athlétisme (lancer du poids) et des agrès (barres asymétriques) avec deux méthodes d’apprentissage différentes. Un de ces processus d’apprentissage intègre les nouvelles technologies et pl...

  14. ISAR imaging using the instantaneous range instantaneous Doppler method

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Wazna, TM


    Full Text Available In Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) imaging, the Range Instantaneous Doppler (RID) method is used to compensate for the nonuniform rotational motion of the target that degrades the Doppler resolution of the ISAR image. The Instantaneous Range...

  15. High-Range Scalar Helium Magnetometer (HSHM) Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This SBIR Phase I proposal describes development of a conceptual design for a High-range Scalar Helium Magnetometer (HSHM) for the field range +/-16 Gauss. The HSHM...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    . GSM-08057884935 ... Range condition is used as a guide to ensure sustainable land use; to determine ... Range trend assessments depend upon evaluation of the general health of individual.

  17. Tonopah test range - outpost of Sandia National Laboratories

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Johnson, L.


    Tonopah Test Range is a unique historic site. Established in 1957 by Sandia Corporation, Tonopah Test Range in Nevada provided an isolated place for the Atomic Energy Commission to test ballistics and non-nuclear features of atomic weapons. It served this and allied purposes well for nearly forty years, contributing immeasurably to a peaceful conclusion to the long arms race remembered as the Cold War. This report is a brief review of historical highlights at Tonopah Test Range. Sandia`s Los Lunas, Salton Sea, Kauai, and Edgewood testing ranges also receive abridged mention. Although Sandia`s test ranges are the subject, the central focus is on the people who managed and operated the range. Comments from historical figures are interspersed through the narrative to establish this perspective, and at the end a few observations concerning the range`s future are provided.

  18. Using High Throughput Experimentation Approach for the Evaluation of Dehydrogenation Catalysts: Potential Interests and Drawbacks Utilisation d’une approche d’expérimentation à haut débit pour l’évaluation de catalyseurs de déshydrogénation : intérêt et limitations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bouchy C.


    carbone sont des intermédiaires pour la fabrication de produits détergents biodégradables. Industriellement ces oléfines peuvent être obtenues par déshydrogénation de paraffines longues sur des catalyseurs spécifiques de déshydrogénation dans des conditions opératoires appropriées. La phase active de ces catalyseurs est typiquement multimétallique, à base de platine modifié par un ou plusieurs promoteurs. L’utilisation d’une approche par expérimentation à haut débit peut être d’un intérêt certain pour optimiser des formulations multimétalliques en raison, d’une part, du nombre croissant de formulations possibles avec la quantité d’éléments considérés et, d’autre part, de l’existence potentielle d’interactions non linéaires entre les éléments. Cet article est ainsi consacré à la description des outils d’expérimentation à haut débit utilisés pour la préparation et l’évaluation catalytique en déshydrogénation du n-décane de catalyseurs modèle “Pt-Sn-X” supportés sur alumine ainsi qu’à la stratégie employée pour l’optimisation de formulation et les résultats expérimentaux obtenus au sein d’un espace d’étude prédéfini. Une approche basée sur l’utilisation de plans d’expériences pour construire un modèle mathématique de prédiction a été mise en oeuvre pour tenter d’optimiser la formulation de catalyseurs trimétalliques “Pt-Sn-X” au sein d’un espace d’étude défini. Cette approche n’a pas pu être menée à son terme car la variation des propriétés catalytiques en fonction des formulations catalytiques du plan d’expériences n’est pas assez importante par rapport à la variance expérimentale. Les résultats obtenus ont cependant permis de vérifier un concept clé pour la maximisation de la sélectivité d’un catalyseur de déshydrogénation des paraffines longues. A iso-acidité résiduelle et dans l’hypothèse où la formation des coproduits met

  19. Évaluation expérimentale du maintien en état de fonctionnement d’une rampe combinée d’aspersion mécanisée dans le contexte tunisien

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Youssef M'SADAK


    Full Text Available The objective of this study is to diagnose the field operation of a combined ramp during its first campaign at a large private farm, located in the Borj Elamri delegation, governorate of Manouba (North of Tunisia, to shed light on the quality of the irrigation obtained. This work was devoted to the evaluation of the water distribution, the coefficient of uniformity and possible corrections of the adopted nozzle distribution according to the plan indicated by the manufacturer. On the other hand, we verified conformity between theoretical and actual nozzle plan by placing nozzles at their correct position on the ramp and also tested the uniform distribution of the water. The uniformity tests carried out on the side of the ramp covered a range of prevailing wind speeds of 1 to 6 m/s and a pressure range of 1.6 to 3.5 bars. The operation diagnostics detected that the studied system (pivot-ramp presented a simple dual-function nozzles (different from the generally used double nozzle plan with nozzles in good condition with a slight deviation of the flows at the level of the pivot and the front ramp. The linear mode of this system is less wind sensitive and less energy-intensive than the pivot mode. The latter revealed an overall coefficient of uniformity of about 83%, lower than that of the linear mode (86%. Finally, the future use of such a mechanized sprinkler system is not the optimum solution, due in particular to their complexity of design, assembly, operation and use.

  20. The History of the Naval Torpedo Tracking Ranges at Keyport (United States)


    1961, negotiations were begun with Canada for the installation and joint operation of an acoustic range near Ballenas Island, in the Strait of Georgia...After several exploratory trips were made to Ballenas and Winchelsea Islands, construction of the range, based on the low frequency 75 kHz tracking...The array cables were temporarily terminated at a trailer on South Ballenas Island that contained the range tracking computer and served as a range

  1. Common Risk Criteria Standards for National Test Ranges (United States)


    process among the ranges; b. Promote valid, repeatable risk assessments; c. Facilitate innovation to support challenging missions; d. Nurture...with operational requirements. Range flight operations typically involve some level of risk. Therefore, an important aspect of the range safety...accurate, repeatable risk assessments by minimizing errors in estimating and ensuring their scientific validity; c. Facilitate innovation to support

  2. Home range location of white-tailed deer. (United States)

    Michael E. Nelson


    Deer migrations and home range traditions indicated that home range location is determined more by early social experience, learning, and tradition than by an innate ability to select the best habitat. Different deer preferred the same or similar habitat but such selection was a secondary influence on home range location.

  3. Lead pollution of shooting range soils | Sehube | South African ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Atotal of eight military shooting ranges were used for this study. Soil samples were collected at each of the eight shooting ranges at the berm, target line, 50 and 100 m from berm. In all of the shooting ranges investigated the highest total lead (Pb) concentrations were found in the bermsoils. Elevated Pb concentrations of 38 ...

  4. 5 CFR 9701.372 - Creating initial pay ranges. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Creating initial pay ranges. 9701.372... HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Pay and Pay Administration Transitional Provisions § 9701.372 Creating initial pay ranges. (a) DHS must, after coordination with OPM, set the initial band rate ranges for the...

  5. Mountain range specific analog weather forecast model for ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Journal of Earth System Science; Volume 117; Issue 5. Mountain range specific ... Mountain range specific analog weather forecast model is developed utilizing surface weather observations of reference stations in each mountain range in northwest Himalaya (NW-Himalaya).The model searches past ...

  6. Cow and calf weight trends on mountain summer range. (United States)

    Jon M. Skovlin


    Mountain range furnishes the bulk of summer forage for commercial cow-calf operations in northeastern Oregon. Herds maintained on valley range and pasture during winter and spring months are annually trailed to mountain ranges and remain there until calves are ready for fall markets (fig. 1).

  7. Parasite host range and the evolution of host resistance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gorter, F.A.; Hall, A.R.; A., Buckling; P.D., Scanlan


    Parasite host range plays a pivotal role in the evolution and ecology of hosts
    and the emergence of infectious disease. Although the factors that promote
    host range and the epidemiological consequences of variation in host range
    are relatively well characterized, the effect of parasite

  8. 76 FR 63656 - Front Range Resource Advisory Council Meeting Cancellation (United States)


    ...] Front Range Resource Advisory Council Meeting Cancellation AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior... Front Range Resource Advisory Council meeting scheduled for October 19, 2011 at the BLM Royal Gorge....m. to 4:30 p.m. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Tina Brown, Front Range RAC Coordinator, BLM...

  9. 36 CFR 222.10 - Range betterment fund. (United States)


    ... allocated for range rehabilitation, protection and improvements on National Forest lands within the Forest... also be accomplished through use of the range betterment fund as follows: (a) On National Forest land... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Range betterment fund. 222.10...

  10. The Role of Data Range in Linear Regression (United States)

    da Silva, M. A. Salgueiro; Seixas, T. M.


    Measuring one physical quantity as a function of another often requires making some choices prior to the measurement process. Two of these choices are: the data range where measurements should focus and the number (n) of data points to acquire in the chosen data range. Here, we consider data range as the interval of variation of the independent…

  11. 50 CFR 70.8 - Range and feral animal management. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Range and feral animal management. 70.8... (CONTINUED) MANAGEMENT OF FISHERIES CONSERVATION AREAS NATIONAL FISH HATCHERIES § 70.8 Range and feral animal management. The range and feral animal management provisions set forth in part 30 of this chapter are equally...

  12. Rank range test for equality of dispersion | Odiase | Journal of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper exploits the computational simplicity of the range of a set of data to formulate a twosample scale test called the Rank Range test. The performance of the test statistic is compared with other tests of scale. The exact distribution of the Rank Range test statistic is generated empirically through the unconditional ...

  13. Cultural resources of the Santa Rita Experimental Range (United States)

    John H. Madsen


    The Santa Rita Experimental Range is a vast open space with few signs of houses or human habitation, but at one time it was quite the opposite scene. Archaeological surface inspections reveal heavy use of the Range dating back hundreds of years. This paper will review the history of cultural resource management on the Range and provide a timeline of local cultural...

  14. Tonopah Test Range Post-Closure Inspection Annual Report, Tonopah Test Range, Nevada, Calendar Year 2002

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    R. B. Jackson


    This Post-Closure Inspection Annual Report provides documentation of the semiannual inspections conducted at the following Corrective Action Units (CAU)s: CAU 400: Bomblet Pit and Five Points Landfill; CAU 404: Roller Coaster Lagoons and Trench; CAU 407: Roller Coaster RadSafe Area; CAU 424: Area 3 Landfill Complexes; CAU 426: Cactus Spring Waste Trenches; CAU 427: Septic Waste Systems 2, 6; and CAU 453: Area 9 UXO Landfill, all located at the Tonopah Test Range, Nevada. Post-closure inspections are not required at CAU 400 but are conducted to monitor vegetation and fencing at the site. Site inspections were conducted in May and November 2002. All site inspections were made after Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) approval of the appropriate Closure Report (CR), excluding CAU 400 which did not require a CR, and were conducted in accordance with the Post-Closure Inspection Plans in the NDEP-approved CRs. Post-closure inspections conducted during 2002 identified several areas requiring maintenance/repairs. Maintenance work and proposed additional monitoring are included in the appropriate section for each CAU. This report includes copies of the Post-Closure Inspection Plans, Post-Closure Inspection Checklists, copies of the field notes, photographs, and the Post-Closure Vegetative Monitoring Report. The Post-Closure Inspection Plan for each CAU is located in Attachment A. Post-Closure Inspection Checklists are in Attachment B. Copies of the field notes from each inspection are included in Attachment C. Attachment D consists of the photographic logs and photographs of the sites. The post-closure vegetative monitoring report for calendar year 2002 is included in Attachment E.

  15. Start-Stop Moment Optimization of Range Extender and Control Strategy Design for Extended -Range Electric Vehicle (United States)

    Zhao, Jing-bo; Han, Bing-yuan; Bei, Shao-yi


    Range extender is the core component of E-REV, its start-stop control determines the operation modes of vehicle. This paper based on a certain type of E-REV, researched constant power control strategy of range extender in extended-range model, to target range as constraint condition, combined with different driving cycle conditions, by correcting battery SOC for range extender start-stop moment, optimized the control strategy of range extender, and established the vehicle and range extender start-stop control simulation model. Selected NEDC and UDDS conditions simulation results show that: under certain target mileage, the range extender running time reduced by 37.2% and 28.2% in the NEDC condition, and running time UDDS conditions were reduced by 40.6% and 33.5% in the UDDS condition, reached the purpose of meeting the vehicle mileage and reducing consumption and emission.

  16. Long-range correlation and market segmentation in bond market (United States)

    Wang, Zhongxing; Yan, Yan; Chen, Xiaosong


    This paper investigates the long-range auto-correlations and cross-correlations in bond market. Based on Detrended Moving Average (DMA) method, empirical results present a clear evidence of long-range persistence that exists in one year scale. The degree of long-range correlation related to maturities has an upward tendency with a peak in short term. These findings confirm the expectations of fractal market hypothesis (FMH). Furthermore, we have developed a method based on a complex network to study the long-range cross-correlation structure and applied it to our data, and found a clear pattern of market segmentation in the long run. We also detected the nature of long-range correlation in the sub-period 2007-2012 and 2011-2016. The result from our research shows that long-range auto-correlations are decreasing in the recent years while long-range cross-correlations are strengthening.

  17. Target Image Matching Algorithm Based on Binocular CCD Ranging

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dongming Li


    Full Text Available This paper proposed target image in a subpixel level matching algorithm for binocular CCD ranging, which is based on the principle of binocular CCD ranging. In the paper, firstly, we introduced the ranging principle of the binocular ranging system and deduced a binocular parallax formula. Secondly, we deduced the algorithm which was named improved cross-correlation matching algorithm and cubic surface fitting algorithm for target images matched, and it could achieve a subpixel level matching for binocular CCD ranging images. Lastly, through experiment we have analyzed and verified the actual CCD ranging images, then analyzed the errors of the experimental results and corrected the formula of calculating system errors. Experimental results showed that the actual measurement accuracy of a target within 3 km was higher than 0.52%, which meet the accuracy requirements of the high precision binocular ranging.

  18. On Dynamic Range Limitations of CMOS Current Conveyors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bruun, Erik


    This paper is concerned with the dynamic range of continuous time CMOS current mode circuits. As a representative current mode device a class AB current conveyor is examined. First, the voltage input range of the high impedance Y input is investigated. Next, the current input range of the low...... impedance X input is investigated. It is compared to the thermal noise in the X to Z signal path in order to evaluate the dynamic range, and the dependencies of the dynamic range on the supply voltage and the transistor lay-out is derived, both for the situation where the conveyor is used over a narrow...... frequency band and for the situation where the conveyor is used over the full bandwidth achievable. Finally, the optimisation of the current input range is related to the distortion characteristics and it is pointed out that to a first order approximation the distortion is independent of the current range....

  19. Sélection des électrons et recherche du boson de Higgs se désintégrant en paires de leptons tau avec l'expérience CMS au LHC

    CERN Document Server

    Daci, Nadir


    This thesis fits into the first operating years of the Large Hadron Collider. Thismonumental machine was built to explore the infinitesimal structure of matter at themulti-TeV scale. The LHC aimed primarily at searching for the Higgs boson, the discoveryof which would confirm the electroweak symmetry breaking model. This mechanism, whichprovides W and Z bosons with a mass, describes the transition from a unified electroweakinteraction to a weak interaction (short range) and an electromagnetic interaction (infiniterange). The LHC’s proton collisions, operated at a 50 ns period, are analysed by 4 largedetectors, including the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS). This small period allows toobserve very rare phenomena, such as the Higgs boson production and decay, but it requiresa fast online selection of the interesting collisions : the trigger system. The computingresources available for the data’s storage and analysis set a limit to the trigger rate.Therefore the bandwidth, which is split into several physic...

  20. Geographical range and local abundance of tree species in China.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haibao Ren

    Full Text Available Most studies on the geographical distribution of species have utilized a few well-known taxa in Europe and North America, with little research in China and its wide range of climate and forest types. We assembled large datasets to quantify the geographic ranges of tree species in China and to test several biogeographic hypotheses: 1 whether locally abundant species tend to be geographically widespread; 2 whether species are more abundant towards their range-centers; and 3 how abundances are correlated between sites. Local abundances of 651 species were derived from four tree plots of 20-25 ha where all individuals ≥1 cm in stem diameter were mapped and identified taxonomically. Range sizes of these species across China were then estimated from over 460,000 geo-referenced records; a Bayesian approach was used, allowing careful measures of error of each range estimate. The log-transformed range sizes had a bell-shaped distribution with a median of 703,000 km(2, and >90% of 651 species had ranges >10(5 km(2. There was no relationship between local abundance and range size, and no evidence for species being more abundant towards their range-centers. Finally, species' abundances were positively correlated between sites. The widespread nature of most tree species in China suggests few are vulnerable to global extinction, and there is no indication of the double-peril that would result if rare species also had narrow ranges.

  1. Effects of sample size on KERNEL home range estimates (United States)

    Seaman, D.E.; Millspaugh, J.J.; Kernohan, Brian J.; Brundige, Gary C.; Raedeke, Kenneth J.; Gitzen, Robert A.


    Kernel methods for estimating home range are being used increasingly in wildlife research, but the effect of sample size on their accuracy is not known. We used computer simulations of 10-200 points/home range and compared accuracy of home range estimates produced by fixed and adaptive kernels with the reference (REF) and least-squares cross-validation (LSCV) methods for determining the amount of smoothing. Simulated home ranges varied from simple to complex shapes created by mixing bivariate normal distributions. We used the size of the 95% home range area and the relative mean squared error of the surface fit to assess the accuracy of the kernel home range estimates. For both measures, the bias and variance approached an asymptote at about 50 observations/home range. The fixed kernel with smoothing selected by LSCV provided the least-biased estimates of the 95% home range area. All kernel methods produced similar surface fit for most simulations, but the fixed kernel with LSCV had the lowest frequency and magnitude of very poor estimates. We reviewed 101 papers published in The Journal of Wildlife Management (JWM) between 1980 and 1997 that estimated animal home ranges. A minority of these papers used nonparametric utilization distribution (UD) estimators, and most did not adequately report sample sizes. We recommend that home range studies using kernel estimates use LSCV to determine the amount of smoothing, obtain a minimum of 30 observations per animal (but preferably a?Y50), and report sample sizes in published results.

  2. Evolution of density-dependent movement during experimental range expansions. (United States)

    Fronhofer, E A; Gut, S; Altermatt, F


    Range expansions and biological invasions are prime examples of transient processes that are likely impacted by rapid evolutionary changes. As a spatial process, range expansions are driven by dispersal and movement behaviour. Although it is widely accepted that dispersal and movement may be context-dependent, for instance density-dependent, and best represented by reaction norms, the evolution of density-dependent movement during range expansions has received little experimental attention. We therefore tested current theory predicting the evolution of increased movement at low densities at range margins using highly replicated and controlled range expansion experiments across multiple genotypes of the protist model system Tetrahymena thermophila. Although rare, we found evolutionary changes during range expansions even in the absence of initial standing genetic variation. Range expansions led to the evolution of negatively density-dependent movement at range margins. In addition, we report the evolution of increased intrastrain competitive ability and concurrently decreased population growth rates in range cores. Our findings highlight the importance of understanding movement and dispersal as evolving reaction norms and plastic life-history traits of central relevance for range expansions, biological invasions and the dynamics of spatially structured systems in general. © 2017 European Society For Evolutionary Biology. Journal of Evolutionary Biology © 2017 European Society For Evolutionary Biology.

  3. Determination of the Effect of Geological Reservoir Variability on Carbon Dioxide Storage Using Numerical Experiments Détermination de la variabilité des réservoirs géologiques sur le stockage du CO2 par la méthodologie des plans d’expériences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diedro F.


    Full Text Available The simulations of carbon dioxide storage in sedimentary reservoirs model the fluid and gas flow and the chemical reactions which occur between the minerals (calcite and dolomite and the injected CO2 [André et al. (2007 Energy Convers. Manage. 48, 17821797; Gunter et al. (1999 Appl. Geochem. 4, 1-111. However because of the lack of data, these reservoirs are always partially known and the fitted variograms of petrophysical and mineralogical quantities are approximate. The aim is to quantify the impact of uncertainties on reservoir characteristics on the storage predictions. We focus on two operational parameters: the quantity of the stored carbon dioxide and the mean variation of the porosity. Two sources of uncertainties are examined: the draw dispersion and the approximation on the variogram parameters. To study the influence of the draw dispersion, variogram parameters are kept fixed and different simulations are run; the associated variance on the operational parameters then has the meaning of a repeatability error. In the second case, a sensibility analysis is carried out to study the influence of variogram parameters variations (sill, range, nugget effect on the CO2 storage. The chosen methodology is the designs of experiments. The simulations are carried out using reactive transport software. The studied carbonated reservoir is built in reference to the Dogger formation of Paris Basin (France [Diedro (2009 Thèse, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de St- Étienne. This reservoir is composed of several minerals, some of them being disposed in spots. The results show that the impact of the draw dispersion remains lower than the impact of the variogram parameters. The effect of the size of the dolomite spots within the rock on the stored carbon dioxide is to be noticed. Larger spots of the dolomite field with low concentration lead to a greater precipitation of carbonate and reduction of porosity than little ,spots with higher

  4. La « théorie de l'expérience intégrale de l'immédiat » ou la quatrième voie du « feu purificateur »

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francis Farrugia


    Full Text Available Le texte intitulé « Théorie de l'expérience intégrale de l'immédiat » constitue la quatrième section de l'ouvrage de Georges Gurvitch Morale théorique et science des mœurs, Leurs possibilités - leurs conditions, et clôt le chapitre II de cet ouvrage, qui traite des « Antécédents historiques de la théorie actuelle de l'expérience morale ». Cet écrit, très dense en raison d'attendus épistémologiques complexes, occupe une position centrale dans une œuvre qui débute en 1915. Écrit en 1937, il paraît donc pour la première fois près de trente années avant l'ouvrage ultime Les cadres sociaux de la connaissance. Dans ce texte fondateur de la posture gurvitchienne à l'égard de l'expérience, et en particulier des phénomènes moraux, se préfigure nettement la démarche dialectique de Georges Gurvitch, pivot de son œuvre : l’« hyperempirisme dialectique ». L’introduction en montre les prémisses, afin d'éclairer la force fédérative encore méconnue de la pensée de Georges Gurvitch au regard des différentes postures adoptées par la sociologie.The “Theory of integral experience of immediate” or the fourth way of the “purifying fire”. Introduction to the Georges Gurvitvh’s textThe text entitled « Théorie de l'expérience intégrale de l'immédiat » is the 4th part of Georges Gurvitch’s book Morale théorique et science des mœurs, Leurs possibilités - leurs conditions. It concludes the chapter II of this book, which deals with “Present theory’s historical antecedents of moral experience”. This article, very dense due to complex epistemological considerations, has a central position in a work beginning in 1915. Written in 1937, it is thus published for the first time nearly thirty years before the last Georges Gurvitch’s book Les cadres sociaux de la connaissance. In this founding text of Georges Gurvitch’s attitude regarding experience, and particularly moral phenomenon, is

  5. Firing Range Contaminants and Climate Change Tool: Spreadsheet User Instructions (United States)


    ER D C S R- 17 -4 Firing Range Contaminants and Climate Change Tool Spreadsheet User Instructions En gi ne er R es ea rc h an d...SR-17-4 September 2017 Firing Range Contaminants and Climate Change Tool Spreadsheet User Instructions Catherine Fox-Lent, Dayton C. Marchese...can now use the tool and this instructional guide as an aid to long-term range planning in the face of climate changes . DISCLAIMER: The contents

  6. Building accurate geometric models from abundant range imaging information (United States)

    Diegert, Carl F.; Sackos, John T.; Nellums, Robert O.


    We define two simple metrics for accuracy of models built from range imaging information. We apply the metric to a model built from a recent range image taken at the laser radar Development and Evaluation Facility, Eglin AFB, using a scannerless range imager (SRI) from Sandia National Laboratories. We also present graphical displays of the residual information produced as a byproduct of this measurement, and discuss mechanisms that these data suggest for further improvement in the performance of this already impressive SRI.

  7. Passive Wireless Temperature Sensors with Enhanced Sensitivity and Range Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — This proposal describes the development of passive surface acoustic wave (SAW) temperature sensors with enhanced sensitivity and detection range for NASA application...

  8. Modulation of neuronal dynamic range using two different adaptation mechanisms (United States)

    Wang, Lei; Wang, Ye; Fu, Wen-long; Cao, Li-hong


    The capability of neurons to discriminate between intensity of external stimulus is measured by its dynamic range. A larger dynamic range indicates a greater probability of neuronal survival. In this study, the potential roles of adaptation mechanisms (ion currents) in modulating neuronal dynamic range were numerically investigated. Based on the adaptive exponential integrate-and-fire model, which includes two different adaptation mechanisms, i.e. subthreshold and suprathreshold (spike-triggered) adaptation, our results reveal that the two adaptation mechanisms exhibit rather different roles in regulating neuronal dynamic range. Specifically, subthreshold adaptation acts as a negative factor that observably decreases the neuronal dynamic range, while suprathreshold adaptation has little influence on the neuronal dynamic range. Moreover, when stochastic noise was introduced into the adaptation mechanisms, the dynamic range was apparently enhanced, regardless of what state the neuron was in, e.g. adaptive or non-adaptive. Our model results suggested that the neuronal dynamic range can be differentially modulated by different adaptation mechanisms. Additionally, noise was a non-ignorable factor, which could effectively modulate the neuronal dynamic range. PMID:28469660

  9. Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog Range - CWHR [ds592 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  10. Double-crested Cormorant Range - CWHR [ds602 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  11. Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Range - CWHR [ds589 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for...

  12. Middle Range Theory: A Perspective on Development and Use. (United States)

    Liehr, Patricia; Smith, Mary Jane

    This replication and critique addresses ongoing development and use of middle range theory since considering this body of nursing knowledge 18 years ago. Middle range theory is appreciated as essential to the structure of nursing knowledge. Nine middle range theories that demonstrate ongoing use by the theory authors are analyzed using the criteria of theory name, theory generation, disciplinary perspective, theory model, practice use and research use. Critique conclusions indicate the importance of staying with the theory over time, naming and development consistent with the disciplinary perspective, movement to an empirical level, and bringing middle range theory to the interdisciplinary table.

  13. Monitoring vegetation conditions from LANDSAT for use in range management (United States)

    Haas, R. H.; Deering, D. W.; Rouse, J. W., Jr.; Schell, J. A.


    A summary of the LANDSAT Great Plains Corridor projects and the principal results are presented. Emphasis is given to the use of satellite acquired phenological data for range management and agri-business activities. A convenient method of reducing LANDSAT MSS data to provide quantitative estimates of green biomass on rangelands in the Great Plains is explained. Suggestions for the use of this approach for evaluating range feed conditions are presented. A LANDSAT Follow-on project has been initiated which will employ the green biomass estimation method in a quasi-operational monitoring of range readiness and range feed conditions on a regional scale.

  14. A trunk ranging system based on binocular stereo vision (United States)

    Zhao, Xixuan; Kan, Jiangming


    Trunk ranging is an essential function for autonomous forestry robots. Traditional trunk ranging systems based on personal computers are not convenient in practical application. This paper examines the implementation of a trunk ranging system based on the binocular vision theory via TI's DaVinc DM37x system. The system is smaller and more reliable than that implemented using a personal computer. It calculates the three-dimensional information from the images acquired by binocular cameras, producing the targeting and ranging results. The experimental results show that the measurement error is small and the system design is feasible for autonomous forestry robots.

  15. BOLD subjective value signals exhibit robust range adaptation. (United States)

    Cox, Karin M; Kable, Joseph W


    Many theories of decision making assume that choice options are assessed along a common subjective value (SV) scale. The neural correlates of SV are widespread and reliable, despite the wide variation in the range of values over which decisions are made (e.g., between goods worth a few dollars, in some cases, or hundreds of dollars, in others). According to adaptive coding theories (Barlow, 1961), an efficient value signal should exhibit range adaptation, such that neural activity maintains a fixed dynamic range, and the slope of the value response varies inversely with the range of values within the local context. Although monkey data have demonstrated range adaptation in single-unit correlates of value (Padoa-Schioppa, 2009; Kobayashi et al., 2010), whether BOLD value signals exhibit similar range adaptation is unknown. To test for this possibility, we presented human participants with choices between a fixed immediate and variable delayed payment options. Across two conditions, the delayed options' SVs spanned either a narrow or wide range. SV-tracking activity emerged in the posterior cingulate, ventral striatum, anterior cingulate, and ventromedial prefrontal cortex. Throughout this network, we observed evidence consistent with the predictions of range adaptation: the SV response slope increased in the narrow versus wide range, with statistically significant slope changes confirmed for the posterior cingulate and ventral striatum. No regions exhibited a reliably increased BOLD activity range in the wide versus narrow condition. Our observations of range adaptation present implications for the interpretation of BOLD SV responses that are measured across different contexts or individuals. Copyright © 2014 the authors 0270-6474/14/3316533-11$15.00/0.

  16. Écoulement polyphasique dans un milieu poreux stratifié. Résultats expérimentaux et interprétation par la méthode de prise de moyenne à grande échelle Multiphase Flow in Stratified Porous Media Experimental Results and Interpretation by the Large-Scale Averaging Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bertin H.


    Full Text Available Nous abordons l'étude des écoulements polyphasiques en milieu poreux hétérogène d'un point de vue théorique (méthodologie de la prise de moyenne à grande échelle et expérimental. Dans une première partie nous présentons la méthodologie permettant d'obtenir les équations à grande échelle. Le point de départ de l'étude est les équations locales, analogues aux équations de Darcy généralisées obtenues par prise de moyenne des équations de Stokes à l'échelle du pore. La prise de moyenne à grande échelle de ces équations permet d'écrire un système d'équations où les coefficients de transport équivalents sont calculés à partir des données locales, par la résolution d'un problème de fermeture explicité dans le cas quasi-statique (effets capillaires dominants. La seconde partie de notre travail concerne l'étude expérimentale d'un écoulement eau-huile dans un milieu poreux stratifié constitué de deux régions de caractéristiques physiques différentes. Les champs de saturation bidimensionnels sont mesurés tout au long de l'imbibition par absorption d'un rayonnement gamma. Les résultats expérimentaux, évolution de la fraction volumique moyenne par section en fonction du temps, sont comparés aux résultats d'une simulation numérique des équations de transport où les coefficients utilisés ont été déterminés par la méthode de prise de moyenne à grande échelle. Two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media is studied from a theoretical point of view (the large-scale averaging method and experimentally. In the first part, we present the methodology leading to the large-scale equations. The starting point of the study is the local equation, analogous to the generalized Darcy's law obtained by averaging the Stokes equation at the pore level. The large-scale averaging of these equations leads to a system where the equivalent transport coefficients are computed from the local data by solving a closure

  17. Influence du contraste de viscosités sur les perméabilités relatives lors du drainage. Expérimentation et modélisation Influence of Viscosity Ratio on Relative Permeabilities During Drainage. Experimenting and Modeling.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danis M.


    Full Text Available Des expériences menées à l'Institut Français du Pétrole, sur des échantillons de milieu poreux saturés en eau résiduelle, montrent que la perméabilité relative à l'huile peut dépendre, dans certaines conditions décrites dans cet article, de la viscosité de l'huile. Ces expériences ont été à l'origine d'une modélisation numérique réalisée au laboratoire Énergétique et Phénomènes de Transferts (Bordeaux. Dans cette modélisation, le milieu poreux est représenté comme un faisceau de conduits périodiques parallèles, semblables mais de dimension répartie selon une loi sensiblement gaussienne. Moyennant certaines hypothèses, on peut obtenir les courbes donnant les perméabilités relatives en fonction de la saturation réduite en huile, pour différentes viscosités de l'huile. Les résultats numériques et expérimentaux sont alors confrontés. Les conclusions principales sont les suivantes : - la perméabilité relative à l'huile peut dépendre de la viscosité de l'huile, et être supérieure à l'unité ; - l'influence de la viscosité sur la perméabilité relative à l'huile semble d'autant plus forte que le milieu poreux est plus complexe. At the Institut Français du Pétrole, experiments on porous-media samples saturated with residual water showed that oil relative permeability may depend on oil viscosity under various conditions described in this article. A numerical model representing these experiments was created at the Laboratoire Energétique et Phénomènes de Transferts in Bordeaux. The porous medium used for this modeling is represented by a bundle of parallel periodic stream-lines having sizes distributed according ta a more-or-less Gaussian law. By taking various hypotheses into account, curves may be obtained which give relative permeabilities according to reduced oil saturation for different oil viscosities. Numerical and experimental results are then compared. The main conclusions are: (i relative

  18. Reference Ranges for Some Biochemical Parameters in Adult ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    PURPOSE: To establish the reference ranges of some biochemical parameters for adult Kenyan population. METHODS: In a prospective involving 1100 healthy blood donors (age: 18-55 yr) in Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya reference ranges of some biochemical analytes were constructed by using the parametric ...

  19. Nanoimprinted Long-range Surface Plasmon Polariton Waveguide Components

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johansen, Dan Mario; Boltasseva, A.; Nielsen, Theodor


    We report on the fabrication by nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and performance of metal stripe waveguides embedded in a polymer, capable of supporting long-range surface plasmon polariton (LRSPP) propagation.......We report on the fabrication by nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and performance of metal stripe waveguides embedded in a polymer, capable of supporting long-range surface plasmon polariton (LRSPP) propagation....

  20. Photonic bandgap structures for long-range surface plasmon polaritons

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bozhevolnyi, Sergey I.; Boltasseva, Alexandra; Søndergaard, Thomas


    Propagation of long-range surface plasmon polaritons (LR-SPPs) along periodically thickness-modulated metal stripes embedded in dielectric is studied both theoretically and experimentally for light wavelengths in the telecom range. We demonstrate that symmetric (with respect to the film surface) nm...... of achieving a full bandgap (in the surface plane) for LR-SPPs are also discussed....