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  1. Peculiarities of extraction of carbonate complexes of trivalent transplutonium elements by alkylpyrocatechins

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Karalova, Z.K.; Bukina, T.I.; Myasoedov, B.F.; Fedorov, L.A.; Sokolovskij, S.A.


    Extraction of trivalent americium, curium, californium and europium by technical mixture of mono- and didecylpyrocatechin (TAP) in various diluents from carbonate solutions is investigated. Effect of many factors (pH, K 2 CO 3 concentration, TAP, metal; the time of phase contact) on the completeness of element isolation and separation is clarified. It is ascertained that the elements listed are quantitatively extracted by TAP solution in toluene and cyclohexane in the range of K 2 CO 3 concentrations from 0.25 to 1.5 mol/l. The difference in americium and curium distribution coefficient during their extraction by TAP from 0.25 mol/l of K 2 CO 3 solution is detected. Separation coefficients of the pair increase with the increase of carbonate solution pH. The separation can be improved at the stage of element reextraction by the mixture of K 2 CO 3 and DTPA or EDTA from alkylpyrocatechin, sunce rate constants of americium and curium reextraction differ greatly. Using 13 C NMR the composition of compounds in organic phase on the basis of 4-(α, α-dioctylethyl)pyrocatechin is investigated