Sample records for project pc 338-1

  1. 12 CFR 338.1 - Purpose.


    ... Advertising § 338.1 Purpose. The purpose of this subpart A is to prohibit insured state nonmember banks from engaging in discriminatory advertising with regard to residential real estate-related transactions. This... 12 Banks and Banking 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Purpose. 338.1 Section 338.1 Banks and...

  2. 21 CFR 338.1 - Scope.


    ... SLEEP-AID DRUG PRODUCTS FOR OVER-THE-COUNTER HUMAN USE General Provisions § 338.1 Scope. (a) An over-the-counter nighttime sleep-aid drug product in a form suitable for oral administration is generally... 21 Food and Drugs 5 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Scope. 338.1 Section 338.1 Food and Drugs FOOD AND...

  3. 32 CFR 338.1 - Ordering DNA issuances.


    ... 32 National Defense 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Ordering DNA issuances. 338.1 Section 338.1... DOD INFORMATION AVAILABILITY TO THE PUBLIC OF DEFENSE NUCLEAR AGENCY (DNA) INSTRUCTIONS AND CHANGES THERETO § 338.1 Ordering DNA issuances. (a) The DNA issuances published in the DNA indexes are...

  4. 26 CFR 1.338-1 - General principles; status of old target and new target.


    ... 26 Internal Revenue 4 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false General principles; status of old target and new target. 1.338-1 Section 1.338-1 Internal Revenue INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY... of old target and new target. (a) In general—(1) Deemed transaction. Elections are available under...

  5. USL/DBMS NASA/PC R and D project C programming standards

    Dominick, Wayne D. (Editor); Moreau, Dennis R.


    A set of programming standards intended to promote reliability, readability, and portability of C programs written for PC research and development projects is established. These standards must be adhered to except where reasons for deviation are clearly identified and approved by the PC team. Any approved deviation from these standards must also be clearly documented in the pertinent source code.

  6. The Tablet PC for Faculty: A Pilot Project

    Weitz, Rob R.; Wachsmuth, Bert; Mirliss, Danielle


    This paper describes a pilot project with the purpose of evaluating the usefulness of tablet PCs for university professors. The focus is on the value of tablets primarily with respect to teaching and learning (and not for research or administrative work). Sixty-four professors, distributed across the various schools of a university, were provided…

  7. The use of PC based VR in clinical medicine: the VREPAR projects.

    Riva, G; Bacchetta, M; Baruffi, M; Borgomainerio, E; Defrance, C; Gatti, F; Galimberti, C; Fontaneto, S; Marchi, S; Molinari, E; Nugues, P; Rinaldi, S; Rovetta, A; Ferretti, G S; Tonci, A; Wann, J; Vincelli, F


    Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging technology that alters the way individuals interact with computers: a 3D computer-generated environment in which a person can move about and interact as if he actually was inside it. Given to the high computational power required to create virtual environments, these are usually developed on expensive high-end workstations. However, the significant advances in PC hardware that have been made over the last three years, are making PC-based VR a possible solution for clinical assessment and therapy. VREPAR - Virtual Reality Environments for Psychoneurophysiological Assessment and Rehabilitation - are two European Community funded projects (Telematics for health - HC 1053/HC 1055 - that are trying to develop a modular PC-based virtual reality system for the medical market. The paper describes the rationale of the developed modules and the preliminary results obtained.

  8. Efficient Techniques for Formal Verification of PowerPC 750 Executables Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — We will develop an efficient tool for formal verification of PowerPC 750 executables. The PowerPC 750 architecture is used in the radiation-hardened RAD750...

  9. Tough2/PC application simulation project for Heber geothermal field, California, a progress report

    Boardman, Timothy S.; Khan, M. Ali; Antunez, Emilio


    A numerical simulation model for the Heber geothermal field in Southern California is being developed under a technology transfer agreement between the Department of Energy/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the California Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR). The main objectives of the cooperation are (1) to train DOGGR personnel in the use of the TOUGH2PC computer code; and (2) to develop a module compatible with TOUGH2 to investigate the effects of production/injection operations on the ground surface subsidence-rebound phenomenon observed in the Heber geothermal field. Initial-state calibration (undisturbed system) runs are being conducted to calibrate the model.

  10. PC tools for project management: Programs and the state-of-the-practice

    Bishop, Peter C.; Freedman, Glenn B.; Dede, Christopher J.; Lidwell, William; Learned, David


    The use of microcomputer tools for NASA project management; which features are the most useful; the impact of these tools on job performance and individual style; and the prospects for new features in project management tools and related tools are addressed. High, mid, and low end PM tools are examined. The pro's and con's of the tools are assessed relative to various tasks. The strengths and weaknesses of the tools are presented through cases and demonstrations.

  11. Single-scan scatter correction in CBCT by using projection correlation based view interpolation (PC-VI) and a stationary ring-shaped beam stop array (BSA)

    Yan, Hao; Zhang, Yanbo; Zankl, Maria


    In the scatter correction for x-ray Cone Beam (CB) CT, the single-scan scheme with moving Beam Stop Array (BSA) offers reliable scatter measurement with low dose, and by using Projection Correlation based View Interpolation (PC-VI), the primary fluence shaded by the moving BSA (during scatter measurement) could be recovered with high accuracy. However, the moving BSA may increase the mechanical burden in real applications. For better practicability, in this paper we proposed a PC-VI based single-scan scheme with a ring-shaped stationary BSA, which serves as a virtual moving BSA during CB scan, so the shaded primary fluence by this stationary BSA can be also well recovered by PC-VI. The principle in designing the whole system is deduced and evaluated. The proposed scheme greatly enhances the practicability of the single-scan scatter correction scheme.

  12. The PC graphics handbook

    Sanchez, Julio


    Part I - Graphics Fundamentals PC GRAPHICS OVERVIEW History and Evolution Short History of PC Video PS/2 Video Systems SuperVGA Graphics Coprocessors and Accelerators Graphics Applications State-of-the-Art in PC Graphics 3D Application Programming Interfaces POLYGONAL MODELING Vector and Raster Data Coordinate Systems Modeling with Polygons IMAGE TRANSFORMATIONS Matrix-based Representations Matrix Arithmetic 3D Transformations PROGRAMMING MATRIX TRANSFORMATIONS Numeric Data in Matrix Form Array Processing PROJECTIONS AND RENDERING Perspective The Rendering Pipeline LIGHTING AND SHADING Lightin

  13. PC Pricer

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The PC Pricer is a tool used to estimate Medicare PPS payments. The final payment may not be precise to how payments are determined in the Medicare claims processing...

  14. Noninvasive 3D pressure calculation from PC-MRI via non-iterative harmonics-based orthogonal projection: constant flow experiment.

    Negahdar, M J; Kadbi, Mo; Cha, J; Cebral, J; Amini, A


    Use of phase-contrast (PC) MRI in assessment of hemodynamics has significant clinical importance. In this paper we develop a novel approach to determination of hemodynamic pressures. 3D gradients of pressure obtained from Navier-Stokes equation are expanded into a series of orthogonal basis functions, and are subsequently projected onto an integrable subspace. Before the projection step however, a scheme is devised to eliminate the discontinuity at the vessel and image boundaries. In terms of the computation time, the proposed approach significantly improves on previous iterative methods for pressure calculations. The method has been validated using computational fluid dynamic simulations and in-vitro MRI studies of stenotic flows.

  15. PC/104 Embedded IOCs at Jefferson Lab

    Jianxun Yan, Trent Allison, Sue Witherspoon, Anthony Cuffe


    Jefferson Lab has developed embedded IOCs based on PC/104 single board computers (SBC) for low level control systems. The PC/104 IOCs run EPICS on top of the RTEMS operating system. Two types of control system configurations are used in different applications, PC/104 SBC with commercial PC/104 I/O cards and PC/104 SBC with custom designed FPGA-based boards. RTEMS was built with CEXP shell to run on the PC/104 SBC. CEXP shell provides the function of dynamic object loading, which is similar to the widely used VxWorks operating system. Standard software configurations were setup for PC/104 IOC application development to provide a familiar format for new projects as well as ease the conversion of applications from VME based IOCs to PC/104 IOCs. Many new projects at Jefferson Lab are going to employ PC/104 SBCs as IOCs and some applications have already been running them for accelerator operations. The PC/104 - RTEMS IOC provides a free open source Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), low cost/maintenance, easily installed/ configured, flexible, and reliable solution for accelerator control and 12GeV Upgrade projects.

  16. What does the simulation system SOL/PC do?

    G. Magariu


    Full Text Available The simulation system SOL/PC is presented. It is intended for researching and projecting complex weakly formalized systems. SOL/PC provides models description, checking and editing, executing experiments with models and analyzing the experiments results.

  17. Biomimicry 1: PC.

    Cumberland, D C; Gunn, J; Malik, N; Holt, C M


    The surface properties of stents can be modified by coating them, for example with a polymer. Phosphorylcoline (PC) is the major component of the outer layer of the cell membrane. The haemo- and biocompatibility of a PC-containing polymer is thus based on biomimicry, and has been confirmed by several experiments showing much reduced thrombogenicity of PC-coated surfaces, and porcine coronary artery implants showing no sign of adverse effect. Clinical experience with the PC-coated BiodivYsio appears favourable. The PC coating can be tailored for take up and controlled elution of various drugs for stent-based local delivery, a property which is being actively explored.

  18. Evaluation of Manual Spelling, Observational and Incidental Learning Using Computer-Based Instruction with a Tablet PC, Large Screen Projection, and a Forward Chaining Procedure

    Purrazzella, Kimberly; Mechling, Linda C.


    The study employed a multiple probe design to investigate the effects of computer-based instruction (CBI) and a forward chaining procedure to teach manual spelling of words to three young adults with moderate intellectual disability in a small group arrangement. The computer-based program included a tablet PC whereby students wrote words directly…

  19. 33 CFR 338.1 - Purpose.


    ... nourishment, within banks disposal for erosion control, etc. (b) After construction of Corps Civil Works water... maintenance or remedial work not fully addressed in existing environmental documents or state permits. In... followed when undertaking Corps operations and maintenance activities involving the discharge of fill...

  20. PC clusters at CERN's PC farm

    Patrice Loïez


    These Linux-based PC clusters are mainly used for batch and interactive data processing. When the LHC starts operation in 2008, it will produce enough data every year to fill a stack of CDS 20 km tall, so high quality processing is required. To further facilitate this the LHC Computing Grid (LCG) has been set up to share processing power between facilities around the world.

  1. IBM PC/IX operating system evaluation plan

    Dominick, Wayne D. (Editor); Granier, Martin; Hall, Philip P.; Triantafyllopoulos, Spiros


    An evaluation plan for the IBM PC/IX Operating System designed for IBM PC/XT computers is discussed. The evaluation plan covers the areas of performance measurement and evaluation, software facilities available, man-machine interface considerations, networking, and the suitability of PC/IX as a development environment within the University of Southwestern Louisiana NASA PC Research and Development project. In order to compare and evaluate the PC/IX system, comparisons with other available UNIX-based systems are also included.

  2. Leo II PC

    Kansas Data Access and Support Center — LEO II is a second-generation software system developed for use on the PC, which is designed to convert location references accurately between legal descriptions and...

  3. Formal Verification of Interactions of the RTOS, Memory System, and Application Programs at the PowerPC 750 Binary Code Level Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — In the proposed project, we will formally verify the correctness of the interaction between a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and user processes under various...

  4. Building the perfect PC

    Thompson, Robert Bruce


    This popular Build-It-Yourself (BIY) PC book covers everything you want to know about building your own system: Planning and picking out the right components, step-by-step instructions for assembling your perfect PC, and an insightful discussion of why you'd want to do it in the first place. Most big brand computers from HP, Dell and others use lower-quality components so they can meet their aggressive pricing targets. But component manufacturers also make high-quality parts that you can either purchase directly, or obtain through distributors and resellers. Consumers and corporations

  5. Troubleshoot PC problems yourself

    Price, Anthony


    Most tasks on a modern PC are within the abilities of the ordinary user: more D-I-Y than Hi-Tech. and can be carried out with a single screwdriver and standard software tools. Get a kick-start with this little book which will give you just enough to get you going...

  6. Architecture of Trusted PC

    WU Shuhua; ZHU Yuefei


    This paper, focusing on the trusted computing group's standards, explained the key concept of trusted computing and provided the architecture of trusted PC. It built trust bottom-up by starting with trusted hardware and adding layers of trusted software. It is a system-level solution available to all applications running on the member platforms. This solution reduces the security burden on applications and thus simplifies application programming.

  7. The key points of the PC project in Saudi Arabia%沙特PC项目投标阶段应注意要点



    The kingdom for the Middle East's largest construction market, construction projects, large scale and sluggish in the domestic construction market, more and more Chinese companies into Saudi construction market. Many companies think the Saudi construction market is a big cake, want to have a share, but because they don't understand the Saudi construction market blindly into, for market are not familiar with and without careful market analysis, when bidding nor get sufficient data, resulting in bidding estimation of the low cost, and serious losses.%目前沙特为中东最大的建筑市场,建设项目多、规模大,且国内建筑市场萎靡,越来越多的中资公司进入沙特建筑市场。许多公司以为沙特建筑市场就是一块大蛋糕,都想来分一羹,但因为不了解沙特建筑市场盲目的进入,对于市场不熟悉,且没有经过慎重的市场分析,在投标时也没有获得充分的数据,导致投标时估计的成本过低,从而亏损严重。

  8. PC-based Multiple Information System Interface (PC/MISI) detailed design and implementation plan

    Dominick, Wayne D. (Editor); Hall, Philip P.


    The design plan for the personal computer multiple information system interface (PC/MISI) project is discussed. The document is intended to be used as a blueprint for the implementation of the system. Each component is described in the detail necessary to allow programmers to implement the system. A description of the system data flow and system file structures is given.

  9. Pc Electrolytic System Of Zhangjiagang Copper Industry Company Successfully Produced Copper After Resuming Production


    On March 17,the PC electrolytic system of Zhangjiagang Copper Industry Co.,Ltd successfully produced the first batch of qualified PC electrolytic copper after resuming production.This company’s 100,000 t/a PC electrolytic copper project was completed and launched into production in April last year.

  10. PC Inspector File Recovery


    PC Inspector File Recovery是一个数据修复软件,它支持Fat12/16/32和NTFS文件系统。3.x的新特点:1,即使在引导区或FAT被删除或损坏的情况下,也能自动寻找到驱动器(对NTFS系统不具有该功能)。2.按照原始的时间和日期重新恢复文件。3.支持恢复文件的储存及网络驱。

  11. Demand for PC Increases Rapidly


    @@ PC (polycarbonate) is an engineering thermoplastic with excellent comprehensive properties. It has the advantages of great strength, high toughness, good heat resistance,light weight, excellent workability and stable color and is therefore extensively used in several sectors:automotive, electronic/electric,construction, office equipment,packaging, sports ware, medical/health care and household utensils.PC can also be used to make PC copolymers or alloyed with other monomers or resins to improve its properties.

  12. Repairing and Upgrading Your PC

    Thompson, Robert


    Repairing and Upgrading Your PC delivers start-to-finish instructions, simple enough for even the most inexperienced PC owner, for troubleshooting, repairing, and upgrading your computer. Written by hardware experts Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Fritchman Thompson, this book covers it all: how to troubleshoot a troublesome PC, how to identify which components make sense for an upgrade, and how to tear it all down and put it back together. This book shows how to repair and upgrade all of your PC's essential components.

  13. PC Tutor. Bericht uber ein PC-gestutzes Tutorensystem = PC Tutor. Report on a Tutoring System with Personal Computer. ZIFF Papiere 75.

    Fritsch, Helmut

    A project was conducted to increase as well as to professionalize communication between tutors and learners in a West German university's distance education program by the use of personal computers. Two tutors worked on the systematic development of a PC-based correcting system. The goal, apart from developing general language skills in English,…

  14. PROFIT-PC: a program for estimating maximum net revenue from multiproduct harvests in Appalachian hardwoods

    Chris B. LeDoux; John E. Baumgras; R. Bryan Selbe


    PROFIT-PC is a menu driven, interactive PC (personal computer) program that estimates optimum product mix and maximum net harvesting revenue based on projected product yields and stump-to-mill timber harvesting costs. Required inputs include the number of trees/acre by species and 2 inches diameter at breast-height class, delivered product prices by species and product...

  15. Demonstration of a PC 25 Fuel Cell in Russia

    John C. Trocciola; Thomas N. Pompa; Linda S. Boyd


    This project involved the installation of a 200kW PC25C{trademark} phosphoric-acid fuel cell power plant at Orgenergogaz, a Gazprom industrial site in Russia. In April 1997, a PC25C{trademark} was sold by ONSI Corporation to Orgenergogaz, a subsidiary of the Russian company ''Gazprom''. Due to instabilities in the Russian financial markets, at that time, the unit was never installed and started by Orgenergogaz. In October of 2001 International Fuel Cells (IFC), now known as UTC Fuel Cells (UTCFC), received a financial assistance award from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) entitled ''Demonstration of PC 25 Fuel Cell in Russia''. Three major tasks were part of this award: the inspection of the proposed site and system, start-up assistance, and installation and operation of the powerplant.

  16. Empirically modelled Pc3 activity based on solar wind parameters

    T. Raita


    Full Text Available It is known that under certain solar wind (SW/interplanetary magnetic field (IMF conditions (e.g. high SW speed, low cone angle the occurrence of ground-level Pc3–4 pulsations is more likely. In this paper we demonstrate that in the event of anomalously low SW particle density, Pc3 activity is extremely low regardless of otherwise favourable SW speed and cone angle. We re-investigate the SW control of Pc3 pulsation activity through a statistical analysis and two empirical models with emphasis on the influence of SW density on Pc3 activity. We utilise SW and IMF measurements from the OMNI project and ground-based magnetometer measurements from the MM100 array to relate SW and IMF measurements to the occurrence of Pc3 activity. Multiple linear regression and artificial neural network models are used in iterative processes in order to identify sets of SW-based input parameters, which optimally reproduce a set of Pc3 activity data. The inclusion of SW density in the parameter set significantly improves the models. Not only the density itself, but other density related parameters, such as the dynamic pressure of the SW, or the standoff distance of the magnetopause work equally well in the model. The disappearance of Pc3s during low-density events can have at least four reasons according to the existing upstream wave theory: 1. Pausing the ion-cyclotron resonance that generates the upstream ultra low frequency waves in the absence of protons, 2. Weakening of the bow shock that implies less efficient reflection, 3. The SW becomes sub-Alfvénic and hence it is not able to sweep back the waves propagating upstream with the Alfvén-speed, and 4. The increase of the standoff distance of the magnetopause (and of the bow shock. Although the models cannot account for the lack of Pc3s during intervals when the SW density is extremely low, the resulting sets of optimal model inputs support the generation of mid latitude Pc3 activity predominantly through

  17. PC 2 Phone Event Announcer

    Parhizkar, Behrang; Ali, Mohammad Nabil Sadegh; Ramachandran, Anand; Navaratnam, Sujata


    Nowadays, mobile phones are indispensable devices; it has become a trend now that college and university students are owners of such devices and this particular factor plays a very important role behind the coming up with the proposed system. "PC 2 Phone event Announcer", is the name of the new proposed system suggested to solve the existing communication problem between the College staff and students. As the name suggests, it can be deduced that the system will involve computers and phones, more specifically mobile phones.

  18. Data acquisition techniques using PC

    Austerlitz, Howard


    Data Acquisition Techniques Using Personal Computers contains all the information required by a technical professional (engineer, scientist, technician) to implement a PC-based acquisition system. Including both basic tutorial information as well as some advanced topics, this work is suitable as a reference book for engineers or as a supplemental text for engineering students. It gives the reader enough understanding of the topics to implement a data acquisition system based on commercial products. A reader can alternatively learn how to custom build hardware or write his or her own software.

  19. PC-BLAS. PC Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines

    Hanson, R.J. [Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    PC-BLAS is a highly optimized version of the Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS), a standardized set of thirty-eight routines that perform low-level operations on vectors of numbers in single and double-precision real and complex arithmetic. Routines are included to find the index of the largest component of a vector, apply a Givens or modified Givens rotation, multiply a vector by a constant, determine the Euclidean length, perform a dot product, swap and copy vectors, and find the norm of a vector. The BLAS have been carefully written to minimize numerical problems such as loss of precision and underflow and are designed so that the computation is independent of the interface with the calling program. This independence is achieved through judicious use of Assembly language macros. Interfaces are provided for Lahey Fortran 77, Microsoft Fortran 77, and Ryan-McFarland IBM Professional Fortran.

  20. NETPEM-PC: users manual

    Janson, B.N.; Zozaya-Gorostiza, C.; Southworth, F.


    This manual describes how to use the Network Performance Evaluation Model (NETPEM) on an IBM PC/XT computer. The program was developed as an aid to help urban transportation planners assess the impacts of high occupancy vehicle lanes on corridor wide levels of traffic congestion, energy consumption and emissions production. The program is written in TURBO-Pascal, with LOTUS 123 spreadsheet templates available for making changes to many of the model's input data and parameters, as well as for displaying certain outputs from the model's execution. The theoretical formulation of the model and a number of example runs are described in a companion report written by Janson, Zozaya-Gorostiza and Southworth (ORNL/TM-10060).

  1. PC Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines


    PC-BLAS is a highly optimized version of the Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS), a standardized set of thirty-eight routines that perform low-level operations on vectors of numbers in single and double-precision real and complex arithmetic. Routines are included to find the index of the largest component of a vector, apply a Givens or modified Givens rotation, multiply a vector by a constant, determine the Euclidean length, perform a dot product, swap and copy vectors, and find the norm of a vector. The BLAS have been carefully written to minimize numerical problems such as loss of precision and underflow and are designed so that the computation is independent of the interface with the calling program. This independence is achieved through judicious use of Assembly language macros. Interfaces are provided for Lahey Fortran 77, Microsoft Fortran 77, and Ryan-McFarland IBM Professional Fortran.

  2. Pre-Service Teacher Training in Mathematics Using Tablet PC Technology

    Kosheleva, Olga; Ana MEDINA-RUSCH; Ioudina, Vera


    This study focuses on the use of innovative Tablet PC technology in learning and teaching mathematics. Specifically the effects of incorporating Tablet PC technology in pre-service teachers' mathematics education were analyzed. The significant impact of technology use in mathematics education was assessed by evaluating and comparing students' final project and course grades. Grade performance of two groups of students was compared. One group was the treatment group where students extensively ...

  3. PC-based tele-audiometry.

    Choi, Jong Min; Lee, Haet Bit; Park, Cheol Soo; Oh, Seung Ha; Park, Kwang Suk


    A personal computer (PC)-based audiometer was developed for interactive remote audiometry. This paper describes a tele-audiometric system and evaluates the performance of the device when compared with conventional face-to-face audiometry. The tele-audiometric system is fully PC-based. A sound card featuring a high-quality digital-to-analog converter is used as a pure-tone generator. The audiometric programs were developed based on Microsoft Windows in order to maximize usability. Audiologists and their subjects can use the tele-audiometry system as one would utilize any PC application. A calibration procedure has been applied for the standardization of sound levels in the remote system. The performance of this system was evaluated by comparing PC-based audiometry with the conventional clinical audiometry system for 37 subjects. Also, performance of the PC-based system was evaluated during use at a remote site. The PC-based audiometry system estimated the audiometric threshold with an error of less than 2.3 dBSPL. Only 10.7% of the results exhibited an error greater than 5 dBSPL during use at a remote site. The PC-based tele-audiomerty showed acceptable results for use at a remote site. This PC-based system can be used effectively and easily in many locations that have Internet access but no local audiologists.

  4. Hydrogen bonds in PC61BM solids

    Sheng, Chun-Qi; Li, Wen-Jie; Du, Ying-Ying; Chen, Guang-Hua; Chen, Zheng; Li, Hai-Yang; Li, Hong-Nian


    We have studied the hydrogen bonds in PC61BM solids. Inter-molecular interaction is analyzed theoretically for the well-defined monoclinic (P21/n) structure. The results indicate that PC61BM combines into C-H⋯Od bonded molecular chains, where Od denotes the doubly-bonded O atom of PC61BM. The molecular chains are linked together by C-H⋯Os bonds, where Os denotes the singly-bonded O atom of PC61BM. To reveal the consequences of hydrogen bond formation on the structural properties of PC61BM solids (not limited to the monoclinic structure), we design and perform some experiments for annealed samples with the monoclinic (P21/n) PC61BM as starting material. The experiments include differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction and infrared absorption measurements. Structural phase transitions are observed below the melting point. The C-H⋯Od bonds seem persisting in the altered structures. The inter-molecular hydrogen bonds can help to understand the phase separation in polymer/PC61BM blends and may be responsible for the existence of liquid PC61BM.

  5. Green PC Saves Human Life

    Abdulla Shaik


    Full Text Available Green computing is the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently. This give idea about reduce the use of hazardous materials maximize energy efficiency during the product's lifetime, and promote recyclability. Green computing can be broadly defined as the problem of reducing the overall carbon footprint of computing and communication infrastructure, such as data centers, by using energy-efficient design and operations. As the environmentalists and energy conservationists ponder over the issue of conserving environment, technologists have come out with a simple solution to let you contribute to the “Go Green” campaign- with the help of Green PCs. By using green computing practices; you can improve energy management, increase energy efficiency, reduce e-waste, and save money. Taking into consideration the popular use of information technology industry, it has to lead a revolution of sorts by turning green in a manner no industry has ever done before. It is worth emphasizing that this “green technology” should not be just about sound bytes to impress activists but concrete action and organizational policy. The plan towards Green PC should include new electronic products and services with optimum efficiency and all possible options towards energy savings and technical issues in high-performance green computing span the spectrum from green infrastructure like energy-efficient buildings, intelligent cooling systems, green power sources for green hardware multi-core computing systems, energy-efficient server design, energy-efficient solid-state storage for green software and applications.

  6. Elevated PC responsive B cells and anti-PC antibody production in transgenic mice harboring anti-PC immunoglobulin genes.

    Pinkert, C A; Manz, J; Linton, P J; Klinman, N R; Storb, U


    The rearrangement of heavy and light chain immunoglobulin genes is necessary for the production of functional antibody molecules. The myeloma MOPC 167 produces specific antibodies to the antigen phosphorylcholine (PC), which is present on bacterial surfaces, fungi and other environmental contaminants. Rearranged heavy and light chain immunoglobulin genes cloned from MOPC 167 were microinjected into mouse eggs. Within the resulting transgenic mice, expression of the transgenes were limited to lymphoid tissues. Transgenic mice produced elevated levels of anti-PC antibodies constitutively, at 16 days of age, when normal non-transgenic mice were not fully immunocompetent. A triggering antigenic stimulus was not necessary to evoke anti-PC immunoglobulin production. Additionally, the frequency of PC-responsive B cells in these transgenic mice was further increased upon specific immunization.

  7. Do the Pc+ pentaquarks have strange siblings?

    Lebed, Richard F.


    The recent LHCb discovery of states Pc+(4380 ), Pc+(4450 ), believed to be c c ¯u u d pentaquark resonances, begs the question of whether equivalent states with c c ¯→s s ¯ exist, and how they might be produced. The precise analogue to the Pc+ discovery channel Λb→J /ψ K-p , namely, Λc→ϕ π0p , is feasible for this study and indeed is less Cabibbo suppressed, although its limited phase space suggests that evidence of a s s ¯u u d resonance Ps+ would be confined to the kinematic end-point region.

  8. Scale-PC shielding analysis sequences

    Bowman, S.M.


    The SCALE computational system is a modular code system for analyses of nuclear fuel facility and package designs. With the release of SCALE-PC Version 4.3, the radiation shielding analysis community now has the capability to execute the SCALE shielding analysis sequences contained in the control modules SAS1, SAS2, SAS3, and SAS4 on a MS- DOS personal computer (PC). In addition, SCALE-PC includes two new sequences, QADS and ORIGEN-ARP. The capabilities of each sequence are presented, along with example applications.

  9. The PC index: review of methods

    H. McCreadie


    Full Text Available The Polar Cap (PC index is a controversial topic within the IAGA scientific community. Since 1997 discussions of the validity of the index to be endorsed as an official IAGA index have ensued. There is no doubt as to the scientific merit of the index which is not discussed here. What is in doubt is the methodology of the derivation of the index by different groups. The Polar Cap index (PC: PCN, northern; PCS, southern described in Troshichev et al. (2006 and Stauning et al. (2006, both termed the "unified PC index", and the PCN index routinely derived at DMI are inspected using only available published literature. They are found to contain different derivation procedures, thus are not unified. The descriptions of the derivation procedures are found to not be adequate to independently derive the PC indices.

  10. Smartphone Application Development : Porting existing PC game for multiple platforms

    Östh, Mattias


    An already created PC game exists and the goal of this project is to find a solution to port the game to the most popular smartphone platforms using mostly one generic code. The game to be ported is a musical game where the player uses an acoustic guitar to interact with the game using with the help of real time audio analysis. This thesis goes through the development process to reach the objective by investigating proper tools and issues around the performance and human-computer interaction ...

  11. METHANE de-NOX for Utility PC Boilers

    Bruce Bryan; Serguei Nester; Joseph Rabovitser; Stan Wohadlo


    The overall project objective is the development and validation of an innovative combustion system, based on a novel coal preheating concept prior to combustion, that can reduce NO{sub x} emissions to 0.15 lb/million Btu or less on utility pulverized coal (PC) boilers. This NO{sub x} reduction should be achieved without loss of boiler efficiency or operating stability, and at more than 25% lower levelized cost than state-of-the-art SCR technology. A further objective is to ready technology for full-scale commercial deployment to meet the market demand for NO{sub x} reduction technologies. Over half of the electric power generated in the U.S. is produced by coal combustion, and more than 80% of these units utilize PC combustion technology. Conventional measures for NOx reduction in PC combustion processes rely on combustion and post-combustion modifications. A variety of combustion-based NO{sub x} reduction technologies are in use today, including low-NO{sub x} burners (LNBs), flue gas recirculation (FGR), air staging, and natural gas or other fuel reburning. Selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) are post-combustion techniques. NO{sub x} reduction effectiveness from these technologies ranges from 30 to 60% and up to 90-93% for SCR. Typically, older wall-fired PC burner units produce NO{sub x} emissions in the range of 0.8-1.6 lb/million Btu. Low-NO{sub x} burner systems, using combinations of fuel staging within the burner and air staging by introduction of overfire air in the boiler, can reduce NO{sub x} emissions by 50-60%. This approach alone is not sufficient to meet the desired 0.15 lb/million Btu NO{sub x} standard with a range of coals and boiler loads. Furthermore, the heavy reliance on overfire air can lead to increased slagging and corrosion in furnaces, particularly with higher-sulfur coals, when LNBs are operated at sub-stoichiometric conditions to reduce fuel-derived NOx in the flame. Therefore, it is desirable

  12. [Dry eye syndrome and the PC screen].

    Moldovan, Iulia; Stan, Cristina; Marc, Alexandra


    To study the correlation between PC screen exposure of over 8 hours and Dry Eye Syndrome in 18-25 years-old students. This is a cross-sectional, cohort clinical study, carried out in March 2012 - February 2013. All subjects completed a questionnaire, underwent a slit lamp examination and measurement of visual acuity. Among the 59 participants of this study, 26 were EXPOSED (> 8 hours of PC screen exposure = EXPOSED) and 33 were NONEXPOSED. The 18-25 - year old participants who were exposed over 8 hours to the PC screen had a relative risk of 5,5 to develop Dry Eye Syndrome, compared to NONEXPOSED participants. Results indicate that Dry Eye Syndrome incidence and intensity of symptoms had increased proportionally with the hours of exposure. Tear Film Breakup Time, the Ocular Protection Index and the PC Ocular Protection Index decreased with the hours of PC screen exposure, suggesting a behavioral change in the EXPOSED participants. Exposure of over 8 hours to the PC screen caused Dry Eye Syndrome in 18-25 - year old students, with a relative risk of 5,5.

  13. Peak Pc Prediction in Conjunction Analysis: Conjunction Assessment Risk Analysis. Pc Behavior Prediction Models

    Vallejo, J.J.; Hejduk, M.D.; Stamey, J. D.


    Satellite conjunction risk typically evaluated through the probability of collision (Pc). Considers both conjunction geometry and uncertainties in both state estimates. Conjunction events initially discovered through Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) screenings, usually seven days before Time of Closest Approach (TCA). However, JSpOC continues to track objects and issue conjunction updates. Changes in state estimate and reduced propagation time cause Pc to change as event develops. These changes a combination of potentially predictable development and unpredictable changes in state estimate covariance. Operationally useful datum: the peak Pc. If it can reasonably be inferred that the peak Pc value has passed, then risk assessment can be conducted against this peak value. If this value is below remediation level, then event intensity can be relaxed. Can the peak Pc location be reasonably predicted?


    Agus Suryanto


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini mencoba merancang suatu aplikasi sistem pendukung keputusan yang digunakan untuk menentukan status gizi seseorang. Sistem yang dirancang ini berbasis Tablet PC. Hal ini dilakukan karena ukuran Tablet PC yang relatif kecil sehingga dapat dengan mudah dibawah kemana saja (mobile. Hingga saat ini telah banyak masyarakat umum yang menggunakan Tablet PC untuk menunjang kebutuhannya sehari-hari. Tujuan yang ingin diperoleh melalui penelitian ini adalah : 1.Membangun aplikasi pendukung keputusan berbasis Tablet PC untuk menentukan status gizi seseorang. 2. Ingin membuat aplikasi pendukung keputusan berbasis Tablet PC untuk menentukan status gizi seseorang yang sifatnya portable, bisa digunakan setiap saat dan oleh siapa saja penggunanya. Langkah kerja dari pembuatan aplikasi adalah peneliti membuat aplikasi dari suatu bahasa pemrograman Java. Pada proses ini yang dilakukan adalah membuat sebuah project Android yang di dalamnya terdapat source code, resource files dan Android manifest file. Proses penulisan source code dilakukan dengan bantuan software IDE (Integrated Development Environment Eclipse. Hasil yang diperoleh menunjukkan terciptanya perangkat lunak (software aplikasi pendukung keputusan berbasis Tablet PC untuk menentukan status gizi.

  15. Tablet PC Support of Students' Learning Styles

    Shreya Kothaneth


    Full Text Available In the context of rapid technology development, it comes as no surprise that technology continues to impact the educational domain, challenging traditional teaching and learning styles. This study focuses on how students with different learning styles use instructional technology, and in particular, the tablet PC, to enhance their learning experience. The VARK model was chosen as our theoretical framework as we analyzed responses of an online survey, both from a quantitative and qualitative standpoint. Results indicate that if used correctly, the tablet PC can be used across different learning styles to enrich the educational experience.

  16. Tablet PC Support of Students' Learning Styles

    Shreya Kothaneth


    Full Text Available In the context of rapid technology development, it comes as no surprise that technology continues to impact the educational domain, challenging traditional teaching and learning styles. This study focuses on how students with different learning styles use instructional technology, and in particular, the tablet PC, to enhance their learning experience. The VARK model was chosen as our theoretical framework as we analyzed responses of an online survey, both from a quantitative and qualitative standpoint. Results indicate that if used correctly, the tablet PC can be used across different learning styles to enrich the educational experience.

  17. Guest Foreword by Lord Phillips KG PC

    Nicholas A. Phillips


    Full Text Available The Rt Hon The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers KG PC, President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Ambition and excellence. Those two words epitomize Qatar. Under the leadership of his Highness the Emir, this small State has set out to make an impact on the world that belies its size. Ambitious was the plan to have an international broadcasting station. Ambitious was the plan to build from scratch a Museum of Islamic Art. Ambitious was the bid – the successful bid to host the World Cup in 2022. Ambitious is the bid to stage the Olympic Games in 2020. Qatar not merely has ambitions, it realizes its ambitions. And when it does so it is not enough to say that the result is ‘world class’, for Qatar sets out to be a world leader in whatever it puts its hand to. Excellence is the norm. Al Jazeera has established itself as the broadcasting station of choice for many throughout the world. The Doha Museum of Islamic Art is recognized as being second to none. In addition, the scale and standard of development in Doha itself is setting new standards of excellence in the fields of architecture and civil engineering. Thus when Qatar focuses its energies on education and the law, high achievements are expected. I shall have the honour of helping to achieve those expectations when I succeed Lord Woolf as President of Qatar’s new and impressive Civil and Commercial Court. The College of Law at Qatar University is already achieving excellence in the field of legal education. So, naturally, all expect great things of this new International Review of Law and I am delighted to have been invited to welcome it by this foreword. The range of the first edition is both international and topical. Those countries that have experienced the turbulence of the Arab Spring are settling new constitutions, and other countries are bent on constitutional reform designed to avoid such turbulence. So an erudite article on

  18. An Automation Interface for Kappa PC

    Hartvig, Susanne C


    The reports documents an automation interface for Kappa PC. The automation interface can be used to embed Kappa applications in 32-bit Windowsapplications.The interface includes functions for initialising Kappa, for loading an application, for settingvalues, for getting values, and for stopping...

  19. An Automation Interface for Kappa PC

    Hartvig, Susanne C


    The reports documents an automation interface for Kappa PC. The automation interface can be used to embed Kappa applications in 32-bit Windowsapplications.The interface includes functions for initialising Kappa, for loading an application, for settingvalues, for getting values, and for stopping...

  20. New unifying procedure for PC index calculations.

    Stauning, P.


    The Polar Cap (PC) index is a controversial topic within the IAGA scientific community. Since 1997 discussions of the validity of the index to be endorsed as an official IAGA index have ensued. Currently, there are now the three separate PC index versions constructed from the different procedures used at the three institutes: the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI), the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), and the Danish National Space Institute (DTU Space). It is demonstrated in this presentation, that two consistent unifying procedures can be built from the best elements of the three different versions. One procedure uses a set of coefficients aimed at the calculation of final PC index values to be accepted by IAGA. The other procedure uses coefficients aimed at on-line real-time production of preliminary PC index values for Space Weather monitoring applications. For each of the two cases the same procedure is used for the northern (PCN) and the southern (PCS) polar cap indices, and the derived PCN and PCS coefficients are similar.

  1. A PC based thin film dosimeter system

    Miller, A.; Hargittai, P.; Kovacs, A.


    A dosimeter system based on the Riso B3 dosimeter film, an office scanner for use with PC and the associated software is presented. The scanned image is analyzed either with standard software (Paint Shop Pro 5 or Excel) functions or with the computer code "Scanalizer" that allows presentation...

  2. PC8 [corrected], a new member of the convertase family.

    Bruzzaniti, A; Goodge, K; Jay, P; Taviaux, S A; Lam, M H; Berta, P; Martin, T J; Moseley, J M; Gillespie, M T


    A novel subtilisin-like protein, PC8, was identified by PCR using degenerate primers to conserved amino acid residues in the catalytic region of members of the prohormone convertase family. PC8 was predicted to be 785 residues long and was structurally related to the mammalian convertases furin, PACE4, PC1 and PC2, sharing more than 50% amino acid identity over the catalytic region with these family members. PC8 possessed the catalytically important Asp, His, Asn and Ser amino acids, the homo B domain of this family of enzymes and a C-terminal hydrophobic sequence indicative of a transmembrane domain. Structurally, PC8 is more related to furin and PACE4 than to PC1 or PC2. Like furin and PACE4, PC8 mRNA was found to be widely expressed; this is in contrast with PC1 and PC2, which have a restricted distribution. Two transcripts, of 4.5 and 3.5 kb, were detected in both human cell lines and rat tissues. Unlike furin and PACE4, both of which map to chromosome 15, PC8 maps to chromosome 11q23-11q24, suggesting that this gene may have resulted from an ancient gene duplication event from either furin or PACE4, or conversely that these genes arose from PC8.

  3. Productivity Factors in Software Development for PC Platform

    Abbas Heiat


    Full Text Available Identifying the most relevant factors influencing project performance is essential for implementing business strategies by selecting and adjusting proper improvement activities. The two major classification algorithms CRT and ANN that were recommended by the Auto Classifier tool in SPSS Modeler used for determining the most important variables (attributes of software development in PC environment. While the accuracy of classification of productive versus non-productive cases are relatively close (72% vs 69%, their ranking of important variables are different. CRT ranks the Programming Language as the most important variable and Function Points as the least important. On the other hand, ANN ranks the Function Points as the most important followed by team size and Programming Language

  4. PC12 differentiation on biopolymer nanostructures

    Cecchini, Marco [Scuola Normale Superiore and NEST-CNR-INFM, Pisa (Italy); Bumma, Giorgia [Scuola Normale Superiore and Italian Institute of Technology, Pisa (Italy); Serresi, Michela [Scuola Normale Superiore and Italian Institute of Technology, Pisa (Italy); Beltram, Fabio [Scuola Normale Superiore and NEST-CNR-INFM, Pisa (Italy)


    The study of nervous system regeneration and axonal outgrowth control are relevant in several research areas, like neurophysiology or biomedical engineering. Among the elements that control neuron dynamics, the host substrate topography is a key parameter in determining cell differentiation. We present time-lapse experiments to analyze the differentiation dynamics of PC12 cells on nanopatterned biocompatible substrates. 200 nm depth gratings were fabricated on tissue-culture polystyrene substrates by nanoimprint lithography; different linewidths and pitches were compared down to 500 nm and 1000 nm, respectively. PC12 cells were cultured on these substrates and, following NGF administration to the medium, body morphology, cell movement and neuritogenesis were monitored at different time periods. In addition to demonstrating guided differentiation, our studies show complex time variations in body morphology and axon length, and guided cell movement. We show unstable synaptic connections and cell-body polarization, and the competition between topographical guidance and cell-cell interactions.

  5. PC12 differentiation on biopolymer nanostructures

    Cecchini, Marco; Bumma, Giorgia; Serresi, Michela; Beltram, Fabio


    The study of nervous system regeneration and axonal outgrowth control are relevant in several research areas, like neurophysiology or biomedical engineering. Among the elements that control neuron dynamics, the host substrate topography is a key parameter in determining cell differentiation. We present time-lapse experiments to analyze the differentiation dynamics of PC12 cells on nanopatterned biocompatible substrates. 200 nm depth gratings were fabricated on tissue-culture polystyrene substrates by nanoimprint lithography; different linewidths and pitches were compared down to 500 nm and 1000 nm, respectively. PC12 cells were cultured on these substrates and, following NGF administration to the medium, body morphology, cell movement and neuritogenesis were monitored at different time periods. In addition to demonstrating guided differentiation, our studies show complex time variations in body morphology and axon length, and guided cell movement. We show unstable synaptic connections and cell-body polarization, and the competition between topographical guidance and cell-cell interactions.

  6. Pc3 pulsations during variable IMF conditions

    U. Villante

    Full Text Available Pc3 geomagnetic field fluctuations detected at low latitude (L'Aquila, Italy during the passage of a high velocity solar wind stream, characterized by variable interplanetary magnetic field conditions, are analyzed. Higher frequency resonant fluctuations and lower frequency phenomena are simultaneously observed; the intermittent appearance and the variable frequency of the longer period modes can be well interpreted in terms of the variable IMF elements; moreover their polarization characteristics are consistent with an origin related to external waves propagating in antisunward direction. A comparison with simultaneous observations performed at Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica provides additional evidence for a clear relationship between the IMF and Pc3 pulsations also at very high latitudes.

    Key words. Magnetospheric physics (MHD waves and instabilities; solar wind · magnetosphere interactions

  7. PC12 polarity on biopolymer nanogratings

    Cecchini, M; Ferrari, A; Beltram, F [Scuola Normale Superiore and NEST-CNR-INFM, Pisa (Italy); Scuola Normale Superiore and Italian Institute of Technology, Pisa (Italy)], E-mail:


    Cell differentiation properties are strongly entangled with the morphology and physical properties of the extracellular environment. A complete understanding of this interaction needs artificial scaffolds with controlled nano-/micro-topography. We induced specific topographies by nanoimprint lithography (NIL) on tissue culture polystyrene (TCPS) dishes substrates and, using light microscopy and high-magnification scanning-electron-microscopy, quantitatively compared the changes in PC12 differentiation phenotype induced by the periodicity of the nanopatterns. This analysis revealed that nanogratings reduce the number of neurites produced by PC12 cells upon treatment with NGF and that neuronal bipolarity correlated with an increased stretching of the cell body and a reduced length of the cell neuronal protrusions.

  8. Implications of a ${J}^{PC}$ exotic

    Page, P R


    Recent experimental data from BNL on the isovector J^PC =1^-+ exotic at 1.6 GeV indicate the existence of a non-quarkonium state consistent with lattice gauge theory predictions. We discuss how further experiments can strengthen this conclusion. We show that the \\rho\\pi, \\eta'\\pi and \\eta\\pi couplings of this state qualitatively support the hypothesis that it is a hybrid meson, although other interpretations cannot be eliminated.

  9. Optical sensors based on the NiPc-CoPc composite films deposited by drop casting and under the action of centrifugal force

    Fatima, Noshin; Ahmed, Muhammad M.; Karimov, Khasan S.; Ahmad, Zubair; Fariq Muhammad, Fahmi


    In this study, solution processed composite films of nickel phthalocyanine (NiPc) and cobalt phthalocyanine (CoPc) are deposited by drop casting and under centrifugal force. The films are deposited on surface-type inter-digitated silver electrodes on ceramic alumina substrates. The effects of illumination on the impedance and capacitance of the NiPc-CoPc composite samples are investigated. The samples deposited under centrifugal force show better conductivity than the samples deposited by drop casting technique. In terms of impedance and capacitance sensitivities the samples fabricated under centrifugal force are more sensitive than the drop casting samples. The values of impedance sensitivity ({S}z) are equal to (-1.83) {{M}}{{Ω }}\\cdot {{cm}}2/{mW} and (-5.365){{M}}{{Ω }}\\cdot {{cm}}2/{mW} for the samples fabricated using drop casting and under centrifugal force, respectively. Similarly, the values of capacitance sensitivity ({S}{{c}}) are equal to 0.083 {pF}\\cdot {{cm}}2/{mW} and 0.185 {pF}\\cdot {{cm}}2/{mW} for the samples fabricated by drop casting and under centrifugal force. The films deposited using the different procedures could potentially be viable for different operational modes (i.e., conductive or capacitive) of the optical sensors. Both experimental and simulated results are discussed. Project supported by the Center for Advanced Materials (CAM), Qatar University, Qatar.

  10. 39 CFR 501.16 - PC postage payment methodology.


    ... 39 Postal Service 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false PC postage payment methodology. 501.16 Section 501.16 Postal Service UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE POSTAGE PROGRAMS AUTHORIZATION TO MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTE POSTAGE EVIDENCING SYSTEMS § 501.16 PC postage payment methodology. (a) The PC Postage customer is...

  11. Installation and implementation of PC COSYMA; PC COSYMAn kaeyttoeoenotto ja soveltaminen

    Rossi, J. [VTT Energy, Espoo (Finland). Nuclear Energy


    COSYMA is a probabilistic reactor accident consequence assessment model developed in the 1980`s by the research institutes of the EC countries, primarily by NRPB and KfK. In 1993 a simplified version of the program was released to be implemented on a PC. In the study the PC COSYMA program was applied to calculate as the end points nuclide concentrations, doses received, numbers of health effects, areas affected by countermeasures and other results related to countermeasure strategies. Some results are compared with the results obtained by the ARANO program developed by VTT Energy (Technical Research Centre of Finland) to quarantee proper interpretation of the application. (15 refs.).

  12. Cybernet空间节省型PC



  13. Measuring Bullet Velocity with a PC Soundcard

    Courtney, M; Courtney, Michael; Edwards, Brian


    This article describes a simple method for using a PC soundcard to accurately measure bullet velocity. The method involves placing the microphone within a foot of the muzzle and firing at a steel target between 50 and 100 yards away. The time of flight for the bullet is simply the recorded time between muzzle blast and sound of the bullet hitting the target minus the time it takes the sound to return from the target to the microphone. The average bullet velocity is simply the distance from the muzzle to the target divided by the time of flight of the bullet. This method can also be applied to measurement of paintball velocities.

  14. PC-based car license plate reader

    Hwang, Chung-Mu; Shu, Shyh-Yeong; Chen, Wen-Yu; Chen, Yie-Wern; Wen, Kuang-Pu


    A car license plate reader (CLPR) using fuzzy inference and neural network algorithm has been developed in Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and installed in highway toll stations to identify stolen cars. It takes an average of 0.7 seconds to recognize a car license plate by using a PC with 80486-50 CPU. The recognition rate of the system is about 97%. The techniques of CLPR include vehicle sensing, image grab control, optic pre- processing, lighting, and optic character recognition (OCR). The CLPR can be used in vehicle flow statistics, the checking of stolen vehicles, automatic charging systems in parking lots or garage management, and so on.

  15. Trial operation of a phosphoric acid fuel cell (PC25) for CHP applications in Europe

    Uhrig, M.; Droste, W.; Wolf, D. [Ruhrgas AG, Dorsten (Germany)


    In Europe, ten 200 kW phosphoric acid fuel cells (PAFCs) produced by ONSI (PC25) are currently in operation. Their operators collaborate closely in the European Fuel Cell Users Group (EFCUG). The experience gained from trial operation by the four German operators - HEAG, HGW/HEW, Thyssengas and Ruhrgas - coincides with that of the other European operators. This experience can generally be regarded as favourable. With a view to using fuel cells in combined heat and power generation (CHP), the project described in this report, which was carried out in cooperation with the municipal utility of Bochum and Gasunie of the Netherlands, aimed at gaining experience with the PC 25 in field operation under the specific operating conditions prevailing in Europe. The work packages included heat-controlled operation, examination of plant behavior with varying gas properties and measurement of emissions under dynamic load conditions. The project received EU funding under the JOULE programme.

  16. Comparison of Polar Cap (PC) index calculations.

    Stauning, P.


    The Polar Cap (PC) index introduced by Troshichev and Andrezen (1985) is derived from polar magnetic variations and is mainly a measure of the intensity of the transpolar ionospheric currents. These currents relate to the polar cap antisunward ionospheric plasma convection driven by the dawn-dusk electric field, which in turn is generated by the interaction of the solar wind with the Earth's magnetosphere. Coefficients to calculate PCN and PCS index values from polar magnetic variations recorded at Thule and Vostok, respectively, have been derived by several different procedures in the past. The first published set of coefficients for Thule was derived by Vennerstrøm, 1991 and is still in use for calculations of PCN index values by DTU Space. Errors in the program used to calculate index values were corrected in 1999 and again in 2001. In 2005 DMI adopted a unified procedure proposed by Troshichev for calculations of the PCN index. Thus there exists 4 different series of PCN index values. Similarly, at AARI three different sets of coefficients have been used to calculate PCS indices in the past. The presentation discusses the principal differences between the various PC index procedures and provides comparisons between index values derived from the same magnetic data sets using the different procedures. Examples from published papers are examined to illustrate the differences.

  17. 华硕Eee PC 1000H


    屏幕扩大、外观翻新:低价已经再不是Eee PC的唯一定位,随着全面升级Atom平台和屏幕尺寸扩大,Eee PC开始呈现出消费化的趋势。Eee PC 1000H屏幕尺寸再次扩大,从最初的7英寸、8.9英寸,直到如今的10.2英寸,而屏幕分辨率保持和8.9英寸屏幕相同的1024×600,因此整个字体显示更大,阅读更舒适。1000H采用了和Eee PC901相同的硬件配置:Atom N270、1GB内存和80GB硬盘,

  18. PC/ABS及PC/ABS/PE-g-MAH共混体系相容性的研究%Compatibility of PC/ABS and PC/ABS/PE-g-MAH Blends

    唐颂超; 蒋丽霞; 周达飞


    研究了聚碳酸酯与ABS(PC/ABS)及PC/ABS与马来酸酐接枝聚乙烯共聚物(PC/ABS/PE-g-MAH)共混体系的力学性能和应力开裂性能.用D SC和SEM研究了共混体系的相容性.结果表明:ABS的加入能提高PC的冲击强度,ABS的含量及品种影响PC/ABS合金的力学性能,ABS能提高PC的耐溶剂应力开裂性能.PC/ABS/PE-g-M AH共混体系的力学性能和相容性优于PC/ABS共混体系,PE-g-MAH起到了增容剂的作用.

  19. Characteristics of CoPc/CdS hybrid diode device

    Murat Çalişkan; Serço Serkis Yeşilkaya; Mevlüde Canlica


    CdS/CoPc hybrid heterojunctions were fabricated and characterized. CdS films were deposited by the spray pyrolysis technique on indium tin oxide (ITO)-coated glass substrates and CoPc films coated on CdS by chemical precipitation. Ag contact metal deposited on CoPc by e-beam evaporation and glass/ITO/CdS/ CoPc/Ag structures were fabricated. Rectification ratio, ideality factor, barrier height and junction parameters of the devices were determined. It is shown that device has diode characteristics with the ideality factor (n) of 4.8, rectification ratio of 4.5 and the built-in voltage (b) of 0.48 V. Absorption energy for CoPc was found as 1.57 eV. The results encourage utilizing CoPc as absorber organic material for solar cells.

  20. Operational Implementation of a Pc Uncertainty Construct for Conjunction Assessment Risk Analysis

    Newman, L.; Hejduk, M.; Johnson, L.


    Earlier this year the NASA Conjunction Assessment and Risk Analysis (CARA) project presented the theoretical and algorithmic aspects of a method to include the uncertainties in the calculation inputs when computing the probability of collision (Pc) between two space objects, principally uncertainties in the covariances and the hardbody radius. The output of this calculation approach is to produce rather than a single Pc value an entire probability density function that will represent the range of possible Pc values given the uncertainties in the inputs and bring CA risk analysis methodologies more in line with modern risk management theory. The present study provides results from the exercise of this method against an extended dataset of satellite conjunctions in order to determine the effect of its use on the evaluation of conjunction assessment (CA) event risk posture. The effects are found to be considerable: a good number of events are downgraded from or upgraded to a serious risk designation on the basis of consideration of the Pc uncertainty. The findings counsel the integration of the developed methods into NASA CA operations.

  1. Pachyonychia congenita with late onset (PC tarda

    A Sravanthi


    Full Text Available Pachyonychia congenita is a rare type of ectodermal dysplasia further classified into 4 types. Cutaneous manifestations seen in most of the cases of Pachyonychia congenita include palmoplantar keratoderma, follicular hyperkeratosis, wedge shaped nails, oral leukokeratosis and woolly hair. A 25-year-old male presented to us with thickened nails and scanty scalp hair. On examination, we noticed hyperkeratotic plaques over both the soles, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis and yellowish discoloration, wedging with subungual hyperkeratosis of all the nails. Follicular hyperkeratotic papules and steatocystoma multiplex were also observed over the scalp and face. The patient had history of natal teeth and on dental examination, lower central incisors were absent. All cutaneous changes in our case had manifested first in the 2nd decade except for natal teeth. All the above features suggested the diagnosis of pachyonychia congenita with late onset (PC tarda, which is an infrequently reported rare variant.

  2. Graphical programming harnesses multicore PC technology

    National Instruments


    @@ Multicore processing is generating considerable buzz within the PC industry,largely because both Intel and AMD have released initial versions of their own multicore processors.These first multicore processors contain two cores,or computing engines,located in one physical processor-hence the name dual-core processors.Processors with more than two cores also are on the horizon.Dualcore processors can simultaneously execute two computing tasks.This is advantageous in multitasking environments,such as Windows XP,in which you simultaneously run multiple applications.Two applications-National instruments LabVIEW and Microsoft Excel,for exampleeach can access a separate processor core at the same time,thus improving overall performance for applications such as data logging.

  3. Chaos A Program Collection for the PC

    Korsch, Hans Jürgen; Hartmann, Timo


    This new edition strives yet again to provide readers with a working knowledge of chaos theory and dynamical systems through parallel introductory explanations in the book and interaction with carefully-selected programs supplied on the accompanying diskette. The programs enable readers, especially advanced-undergraduate students in physics, engineering, and math, to tackle relevant physical systems quickly on their PCs, without distraction from algorithmic details. For the third edition of Chaos: A Program Collection for the PC, each of the previous twelve programs is polished and rewritten in C++ (both Windows and Linux versions are included). A new program treats kicked systems, an important class of two-dimensional problems, which is introduced in Chapter 13. Each chapter follows the structure: theoretical background; numerical techniques; interaction with the program; computer experiments; real experiments and empirical evidence; reference. Interacting with the many numerical experiments have proven to h...

  4. A study of Pc-5 ULF oscillations

    M. K. Hudson


    Full Text Available A study of Pc-5 magnetic pulsations using data from the Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite (CRRES was carried out. Three-component dynamic magnetic field spectrograms have been used to survey ULF pulsation activity for the approximate fourteen month lifetime of CRRES. Two-hour panels of dynamic spectra were examined to find events which fall into two basic categories: 1 toroidal modes (fundamental and harmonic resonances and 2 poloidal modes, which include compressional oscillations. The occurence rates were determined as a function of L value and local time. The main result is a comparable probability of occurence of toroidal mode oscillations on the dawn and dusk sides of the magnetosphere inside geosynchronous orbit, while poloidal mode oscillations occur predominantly along the dusk side, consistent with high azimuthal mode number excitation by ring current ions.

    Pc-5 pulsations following Storm Sudden Commencements (SSCs were examined separately. The spatial distribution of modes for the SSC events was consistent with the statistical study for the lifetime of CRRES. The toroidal fundamental (and harmonic resonances are the dominant mode seen on the dawn-side of the magnetosphere following SSCs. Power is mixed in all three components. In the 21 dusk side SSC events there were only a few examples of purely compressional (two or radial (one power in the CRRES study, a few more examples of purely toroidal modes (six, with all three components predominant in about half (ten of the events.

    Key words. Magnetospheric physics (MHD waves and instabilities; magnetospheric configuration and dynamics – Space plasma physics (waves and instabilities

  5. Application of PC-ANN and PC-LS-SVM in QSAR of CCR1 antagonist compounds: a comparative study.

    Shahlaei, Mohsen; Fassihi, Afshin; Saghaie, Lotfollah


    Principal component regression (PCR), principal component-artificial neural network (PC-ANN), and principal component-least squares-support vector machine (PC-LS-SVM) as regression methods were investigated for building quantitative structure-activity relationships for the prediction of inhibitory activity of some CCR1 antagonists. Nonlinear methods (PC-ANN and PC-LS-SVM) were better than the PCR method considerably in the goodness of fit and predictivity parameters and other criteria for evaluation of the proposed model. These results reflect a nonlinear relationship between the principal components obtained from molecular descriptors and the inhibitory activity of this set of molecules. The maximum variance in activity of the molecules, in PCR method was 45.5%, whereas nonlinear methods, PC-ANN and PC-LS-SVM, could explain more than 93.7% and 95.6% variance in activity data respectively.

  6. Comparison Studies of Dielectric and AC Conduction of PbPc and CuPc Thin Films

    S. Sivamalar


    Full Text Available The thin film of Lead Phthalocyanine (PbPc and Copper Phthalocyanine (CuPc on glass are prepared by Vacuum deposition method. Deposition of PbPc and CuPc on pre-cleaned glass substrates under the pressure of 10-6 Torr are achieved by slowly varying current of 20 Volt. The rate of evaporation is properly controlled and maintained constant during all the evaporations. The thicknesses of the films are 150 nm, 300 nm and 450 nm on glass substrate. Dielectric and AC conduction studies of Lead Phthalocyanine and Cupper Phthalocyanine thin films have been studied. The variations of capacitance with frequency at different, permittivity with temperature, capacitance with temperature and ac conductance with frequency at different temperatures of PbPc and CuPc have been studied. The activation energies have been determined from the slope of 1000/T vs. log Gp curves at different frequencies (where Gp= -Eg/RT.

  7. ELIPGRID-PC: A PC program for calculating hot spot probabilities

    Davidson, J.R.


    ELIPGRID-PC, a new personal computer program has been developed to provide easy access to Singer`s 1972 ELIPGRID algorithm for hot-spot detection probabilities. Three features of the program are the ability to determine: (1) the grid size required for specified conditions, (2) the smallest hot spot that can be sampled with a given probability, and (3) the approximate grid size resulting from specified conditions and sampling cost. ELIPGRID-PC also provides probability of hit versus cost data for graphing with spread-sheets or graphics software. The program has been successfully tested using Singer`s published ELIPGRID results. An apparent error in the original ELIPGRID code has been uncovered and an appropriate modification incorporated into the new program.

  8. Study of Boiling Water Resistant PC/PE Alloy Materials%耐水煮PC/PE合金的研究

    申景强; 刘振华; 诸泉; 蒋文真


    采用熔融共混工艺路线,选择合适的PC、PE和增容剂(PE-g-GMA)制备了PC/PE合金材料,研究了PE对PC/PE合金力学性能和热变形温度的影响,以及PC/PE合金经240 h水煮后的缺口冲击强度。结果表明当PE含量为5%时,PC/PE合金的综合物性最佳。%PC/PE alloy was prepared through melt blending process by using PC,PE and compatibilizing agents(PE-g-GMA).The effect of PE on mechanical property and heat deflection temperature of PC/PE alloy were studied and notched impact strength of PC/PE alloy after 240 hours in boiling water was characterized.The result showed that PC/PE alloy containing 5 WT% can achieve the best comprehensive properties.

  9. Microsoft Project 2010 The Missing Manual

    Biafore, Bonnie


    Microsoft Project is brimming with features to help you manage any project, large or small. But learning the software is only half the battle. What you really need is real-world guidance: how to prep your project before touching your PC, which Project tools work best, and which ones to use with care. This book explains it all, helping you go from project manager to project master. Get a project management primer. Discover what it takes to handle a project successfullyLearn the program inside out. Get step-by-step instructions for Project Standard and Project ProfessionalBuild and refine your


    Dooling, J. C.; Lumpkin, A. H.


    We report recent pulse-duration measurements of the APS PC Gun drive laser at both second harmonic and fourth harmonic wavelengths. The drive laser is a Nd:Glass-based chirped pulsed amplifier (CPA) operating at an IR wavelength of 1053 nm, twice frequency-doubled to obtain UV output for the gun. A Hamamatsu C5680 streak camera and an M5675 synchroscan unit are used for these measurements; the synchroscan unit is tuned to 119 MHz, the 24th subharmonic of the linac s-band operating frequency. Calibration is accomplished both electronically and optically. Electronic calibration utilizes a programmable delay line in the 119 MHz rf path. The optical delay uses an etalon with known spacing between reflecting surfaces and is coated for the visible, SH wavelength. IR pulse duration is monitored with an autocorrelator. Fitting the streak camera image projected profiles with Gaussians, UV rms pulse durations are found to vary from 2.1 ps to 3.5 ps as the IR varies from 2.2 ps to 5.2 ps.

  11. Implementation and Tests of FPGA-embedded PowerPC in the control system of the ATLAS IBL ROD card

    Balbi, G; The ATLAS collaboration; Falchieri, D; Gabrielli, A; Furini, M; Kugel, A; Travaglini, R; Wensing, M


    The Insertable B-layer project is planned for the upgrade of the ATLAS experiment at LHC. A silicon layer will be inserted into the existing Pixel Detector together with new electronics. The readout off-detector system is implemented with a Back-Of-Crate module implementing I/O functionality and a Readout-Driver card (ROD) for data processing. The ROD hosts the electronics devoted to control operations implemented both with a back- compatible solution (via DSP) and with a PowerPC embedded into an FPGA. In this document major firmware and software achievements concerning the PowerPC implementation, tested on ROD prototypes, will be reported.

  12. Application of simplified PC-SAFT to glycol ethers

    Avlund, Ane Søgaard; Kontogeorgis, Georgios; Michelsen, Michael Locht


    The simplified PC-SAFT (sPC-SAFT) equation of state is applied for binary glycol ether-containing mixtures, and it is investigated how the results are influenced by inclusion of intramolecular association in the association theory. Three different glycol ethers are examined: 2-methoxyethanol, 2-e...

  13. Hydrogen bonds in PC{sub 61}BM solids

    Sheng, Chun-Qi [Department of Physics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027 (China); Key Laboratory of Organosilicon Chemistry and Material Technology of Ministry of Education, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou 311121 (China); Li, Wen-Jie; Du, Ying-Ying; Chen, Guang-Hua; Chen, Zheng; Li, Hai-Yang; Li, Hong-Nian, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027 (China)


    We have studied the hydrogen bonds in PC{sub 61}BM solids. Inter-molecular interaction is analyzed theoretically for the well-defined monoclinic (P2{sub 1}/n) structure. The results indicate that PC{sub 61}BM combines into C–H⋯O{sub d} bonded molecular chains, where O{sub d} denotes the doubly-bonded O atom of PC{sub 61}BM. The molecular chains are linked together by C–H⋯O{sub s} bonds, where O{sub s} denotes the singly-bonded O atom of PC{sub 61}BM. To reveal the consequences of hydrogen bond formation on the structural properties of PC{sub 61}BM solids (not limited to the monoclinic structure), we design and perform some experiments for annealed samples with the monoclinic (P2{sub 1}/n) PC{sub 61}BM as starting material. The experiments include differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction and infrared absorption measurements. Structural phase transitions are observed below the melting point. The C–H⋯O{sub d} bonds seem persisting in the altered structures. The inter-molecular hydrogen bonds can help to understand the phase separation in polymer/PC{sub 61}BM blends and may be responsible for the existence of liquid PC{sub 61}BM.

  14. Attention selection, distractor suppression and N2pc.

    Mazza, Veronica; Turatto, Massimo; Caramazza, Alfonso


    N2pc is generally interpreted as the electrocortical correlate of the distractor-suppression mechanisms through which attention selection takes place in humans. Here, we present data that challenge this common N2pc interpretation. In Experiment 1, multiple distractors induced greater N2pc amplitudes even when they facilitated target identification, despite the suppression account of the N2pc predicted the contrary; in Experiment 2, spatial proximity between target and distractors did not affect the N2pc amplitude, despite resulting in more interference in response times; in Experiment 3, heterogeneous distractors delayed response times but did not elicit a greater N2pc relative to homogeneous distractors again in contrast with what would have predicted the suppression hypothesis. These results do not support the notion that the N2pc unequivocally mirrors distractor-suppression processes. We propose that the N2pc indexes mechanisms involved in identifying and localizing relevant stimuli in the scene through enhancement of their features and not suppression of distractors.

  15. Chromosomal distribution of PcG proteins during Drosophila development.

    Nicolas Nègre


    Full Text Available Polycomb group (PcG proteins are able to maintain the memory of silent transcriptional states of homeotic genes throughout development. In Drosophila, they form multimeric complexes that bind to specific DNA regulatory elements named PcG response elements (PREs. To date, few PREs have been identified and the chromosomal distribution of PcG proteins during development is unknown. We used chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP with genomic tiling path microarrays to analyze the binding profile of the PcG proteins Polycomb (PC and Polyhomeotic (PH across 10 Mb of euchromatin. We also analyzed the distribution of GAGA factor (GAF, a sequence-specific DNA binding protein that is found at most previously identified PREs. Our data show that PC and PH often bind to clustered regions within large loci that encode transcription factors which play multiple roles in developmental patterning and in the regulation of cell proliferation. GAF co-localizes with PC and PH to a limited extent, suggesting that GAF is not a necessary component of chromatin at PREs. Finally, the chromosome-association profile of PC and PH changes during development, suggesting that the function of these proteins in the regulation of some of their target genes might be more dynamic than previously anticipated.

  16. Effects of Stereoscopic 3D Contents on the Process of Learning to Build a Handmade PC

    Tosh Yamamoto


    Full Text Available We previously developed Web3D contents that simulate the procedure for assembling a handmade PC. The original motivation for this project was to enable media-informatics students to deepen their understanding of PC hardware. However, it was found that due to their lack of perspective, conveying information that relates to such virtual manufacturing was quite difficult using conventional 2D displays. In this study, we optimized the graphical contents for a stereoscopic environment that would allow proper perspective to be realized. No significant differences were identified between stereoscopic 3D cases and 2D cases. This result is considered to be due to learner fatigue specific to stereoscopic 3D cases.

  17. Monte Carlo tests of the ELIPGRID-PC algorithm

    Davidson, J.R.


    The standard tool for calculating the probability of detecting pockets of contamination called hot spots has been the ELIPGRID computer code of Singer and Wickman. The ELIPGRID-PC program has recently made this algorithm available for an IBM{reg_sign} PC. However, no known independent validation of the ELIPGRID algorithm exists. This document describes a Monte Carlo simulation-based validation of a modified version of the ELIPGRID-PC code. The modified ELIPGRID-PC code is shown to match Monte Carlo-calculated hot-spot detection probabilities to within {plus_minus}0.5% for 319 out of 320 test cases. The one exception, a very thin elliptical hot spot located within a rectangular sampling grid, differed from the Monte Carlo-calculated probability by about 1%. These results provide confidence in the ability of the modified ELIPGRID-PC code to accurately predict hot-spot detection probabilities within an acceptable range of error.

  18. Online Instructional Design Approaches Utilizing a Tablet PC

    Pam Lowry


    Full Text Available Online students can experience what instructional strategies can be utilized using a Tablet PC in online courses. This paper summarizes how inking in Word, Powerpoint, and Windows Journal can be effective in an online course both asynchronously and synchronously. Approaches concerning assignments, discussion boards, presentations, note taking are discussed and how they can be more effective for faculty members and students using a Tablet PC. Students actually experience how a Tablet PC can be utilized in an asynchronous and synchronous environment. In summary, preliminary data will be discussed from the students and professor’s point of view and next steps. As content and assignments are being designed and developed for an online graduate course, it is important to keep in mind teaching styles, student’s learning styles, and a faculty member’s approach to promoting a Tablet PC in an online course. Even though graduate students were not required to have a Tablet PC, the course enabled them to understand how effective a Tablet PC could be in an online course whether it was delivered asynchronous or synchronously. Powerpoint presentations were created to delivery asynchronously and synchronously content to students by utilizing a Tablet PC to illustrate concepts within the presentation. Assignments were created such as evaluating e-learning products, creating a Blackboard unit, evaluating online courses, group instruction sessions, and weekly discussion boards. As these assignments were graded, comments were written on their Word and Powerpoint files using Tablet PC inking. As the Tablet PC initiative is less than one year old at Lawrence Technological University, preliminary data is being collected from faculty members and students. After this class is taught summer 2008, additional research on the efforts of course design and student learning will be explored. The Tablet PC has the potential for enhancing online course delivery.

  19. Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of self-assembled CuPc/F16CuPc binary superstructures on graphite.

    Huang, Yu Li; Li, Hui; Ma, Jing; Huang, Han; Chen, Wei; Wee, Andrew T S


    The self-assembly of the binary molecular system comprising copper(II) phthalocyanine (CuPc) and copper-hexadecafluoro-phthalocyanine (F(16)CuPc) on graphite has been investigated by in situ low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (LT-STM). The adsorption of this binary molecular system on graphite results in the formation of a well-ordered chessboardlike nanopattern. The in-plane molecular orientation of the guest CuPc molecules can be tuned by varying the coverage. At low coverage, the sparse CuPc molecules are randomly embedded in the host F(16)CuPc monolayer, possessing two different in-plane orientations; as the CuPc coverage increases, the in-plane molecular orientations of CuPc and F(16)CuPc become unidirectional and a highly ordered chessboardlike pattern forms. Molecular dynamic (MD) simulation results suggest that the selective and directional intermolecular hydrogen bonding determines the in-plane molecular orientation as well as the supramolecular packing arrangement.

  20. PC/ASA合金的研发%Research on PC/ASA Alloy Performance and Preparation Process

    黄李胜; 李景; 麦伟宗; 赖世亮


    利用双螺杆挤出机制备PC/ASA合金,探讨了不同PC与ASA配比对性能的影响。结果表明:在PC/ASA体系中,PC与ASA的配比为70∶30,添加4%的相容剂SMA以及0.8%的抗氧剂、润滑剂,能获得最优的性能:悬臂梁缺口冲击强度达66.7kJ/m2,拉伸强度达56.1MPa,弯曲强度达82.3MPa,热变形温度达105.6℃;同时比同等条件下制备出来的PC/ABS合金拥有更好的耐光性。%Using a twin-screw extruder equipment,PC/ASA alloy was prepared,the effects of different ratio of PC and ASA on performance were investigated. The results showed that:in PC/ASA system,PC and ASA ratio is 70∶30,adding compatibility agent SMA 4% and 0. 8% of antioxidant and lubricant,can achieve optimal perform-ance:Izod notched impact strength of 66. 7kJ/m2 , the tensile strength of 56. 1MPa, the bending strength of 82. 3MPa,heat distortion temperature of 105. 6℃;while PC/ABS was prepared under the same conditions,PC/ASA alloy has better lightfastness than PC/ABS.

  1. HOTSPOT Health Physics codes for the PC

    Homann, S.G.


    The HOTSPOT Health Physics codes were created to provide Health Physics personnel with a fast, field-portable calculation tool for evaluating accidents involving radioactive materials. HOTSPOT codes are a first-order approximation of the radiation effects associated with the atmospheric release of radioactive materials. HOTSPOT programs are reasonably accurate for a timely initial assessment. More importantly, HOTSPOT codes produce a consistent output for the same input assumptions and minimize the probability of errors associated with reading a graph incorrectly or scaling a universal nomogram during an emergency. The HOTSPOT codes are designed for short-term (less than 24 hours) release durations. Users requiring radiological release consequences for release scenarios over a longer time period, e.g., annual windrose data, are directed to such long-term models as CAPP88-PC (Parks, 1992). Users requiring more sophisticated modeling capabilities, e.g., complex terrain; multi-location real-time wind field data; etc., are directed to such capabilities as the Department of Energy`s ARAC computer codes (Sullivan, 1993). Four general programs -- Plume, Explosion, Fire, and Resuspension -- calculate a downwind assessment following the release of radioactive material resulting from a continuous or puff release, explosive release, fuel fire, or an area contamination event. Other programs deal with the release of plutonium, uranium, and tritium to expedite an initial assessment of accidents involving nuclear weapons. Additional programs estimate the dose commitment from the inhalation of any one of the radionuclides listed in the database of radionuclides; calibrate a radiation survey instrument for ground-survey measurements; and screen plutonium uptake in the lung (see FIDLER Calibration and LUNG Screening sections).

  2. The Australian experience with the PC-EVN recorder

    Dodson, R; West, C; Phillips, C; Tzioumis, A K; Ritakari, J; Briggs, F


    We report on our experiences using the Metsahovi Radio Observatory's (MRO) VLBI Standard Interface (VSI, Whitney 2002) recorder in a number of astronomical applications. The PC-EVN device is a direct memory access (DMA) interface which allows 512 megabit per second (Mbps) or better recording to "off the shelf" PC components. We have used this setup to record at 640 Mbps for a pulsar coherent dispersion system and at 256 Mpbs for a global VLBI session. We have also demonstrated recording at 512 Mbps and will shortly form cross correlations between the CPSR-II and the PC-EVN systems.

  3. [Study on fluorescence labeling and determination of polypeptide (PC2~PC6) by high performance liquid chromatography].

    Li, Jing-xi; Gao, Li-jie; Cao, Wei; Zheng, Li; Chen, Jun-hui; Xu, Xiu-li; Wang, Xiao-ru


    This study was based on the thiol groups (-SH) of PC2~PC6, which could be reacted with the Monobromobimane (mBBr), in order to get polypeptide derivatives with fluorescent signal. A new method was developed for measuring the Polypeptides by high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detector, then the chromatographic conditions of HPLC was optimized; meawhile the reaction proportion of PCs and mBBr was identified by Trap-MS. The results showed that, the reaction proportion of PCs and mBBr was 1:1, the polypeptide derivatives had good stability; the five compounds separation was better, and the peak time focused on the 16.6~22.0 min; the linear correlation coefficient of PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5 and PC6 was >0.9991, and the limits of quantification were 0.3, 0.05, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8 mg · L(-1) respectively, the recovery rate was 83.0%-102.0%; the method was reproducible, RSD<2%, this method for measuring the peptide compounds was rapid and accurate.

  4. [Neuronal differentiation of human small cell lung cancer cell line PC-6 by Solcoseryl].

    Shimizu, T


    Solcoseryl is composed of extracts from calf blood, and is a drug known to activate tissue respiration. In the present study, I demonstrated the cell biological effects of Solcoseryl on a human small cell lung cancer cell line, PC-6, by analyzing cell morphology, cell growth, expression of neuronal differentiation markers, and the ras proto-oncogene product(ras p21). Exposure of PC-6 cells to Solcoseryl at the concentration of 200 microliters/ml induced (1) cell morphological changes, including neurodendrite-like projections from the cell surface, and (2) complete inhibition of cell growth, that was shown by the loss of Ki-67 expression. Solcoseryl also induced the expression of neurofilament protein and acetylcholinesterase, both of which are markers of neuronal differentiation. Moreover, it upregulated the expression of the ras proto-oncogene product, ras p21. Taken together, these data suggest that Solcoseryl is composed of component(s) which can induce neuronal differentiation of the human small cell lung cancer cell line, PC-6.

  5. A water-cooling solution for PC-racks of the LHC experiments

    Vannerem, P


    With ever increasing power consumption and heat dissipation of todays CPUs, cooling of rack-mounted PCs is an issue for the future online farms of the LHC experiments. In order to investigate the viability of a water-cooling solution, a prototype PC-farm rack has been equipped with a commercially available retrofitted heat exchanger. The project has been carried out as a collaboration of the four LHC experiments and the PH-ESS group . This note reports on the results of a series of cooling and power measurements of the prototype rack with configurations of 30 to 48 PCs. The cooling performance of the rack-cooler is found to be adequate; it extracts the heat dissipated by the CPUs efficiently into the cooling water. Hence, the closed PC rack transfers almost no heat into the room. The measurements and the failure tests show that the rack-cooler concept is a viable solution for the future PC farms of the LHC experiments.

  6. Application of sPC-SAFT and group contribution sPC-SAFT to polymer systems-Capabilities and limitations

    Tihic, Amra; von Solms, Nicolas; Michelsen, Michael Locht


    A group contribution (GC) version of the simplified Perturbed-Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory (sPC-SAFT) Equation of State is proposed in a previous work [A. Tihic, G.M. Kontogeorgis, N. von Solms, M.L. Michelsen, L Constantinou, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 47 (2008) 5092-5101]. The reported......PC-SAFT model, with and without GC. The reported results contribute to a better understanding of the applicability of the sPC-SAFT model to binary polymer mixtures, and identify both models as good predictive tools for several industrial applications. Limitations are also identified and discussed....


    Wei Baodian; Liu Dongsu; Ma Wenping; Wang Xinmei


    The autocorrelation of a Boolean function possesses the capability to reflect such characteristics as linear structure, Strict Avalanche Criterion(SAC) and Propagation Criterion(PC)of degree k. But it can do nothing in determining the order of SAC or PC. A calculating table for the autocorrelation is constructed in this paper so as to show what is beyond the autocorrelation and how the three cryptographic characteristics are exhibited. A deeper study on the calculating table in a similar way has helped us to develop a new concept, named as the general autocorrelation, to address efficiently the problem how to determine the orders of SAC and PC. The application on the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) shows the SAC and PC characteristics of Boolean functions of AES S-box.

  8. 2010 ME70 Workshop (PC1003, EK60)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The third leg of the 2010 SEAMAP Reeffish Survey, PC 1003, was originally scheduled as an experimental multibeam sonar workshop. However, on July 12, 2010, FSV...

  9. Level of personal computer (PC) tablet penetration among ...

    Level of personal computer (PC) tablet penetration among undergraduate students ... percentage and mean were used to interpret demography data and research ... computer, information and communication technology, mobile technologies ...

  10. Synthesis and Characterization of Compatibilizer TLCP-b-PC

    XIAO Ru; JIN Shu-wen; ZHANG Yue-ting; WU Cheng-xun


    The compatibilizer (TLCP-b-PC) of 60PHB/PET thermotropic liquid crystal polymer (TLCP) and polycarbonate (PC) blend system was prepared. The synthesis and characterization of the compatibilizer as well as its effects on the microscopic morphology and the mechanical properties of the TLCP/PC blend system were studied with a series of analysis ways, such as Soxhlet extraction, infrared absorption spectroscopy,electron microscopy, etc. It is shown that the ideal reaction condition for preparing the compatibilizer is:the reaction temperature of 275℃, the reaction time of 20minutes and without catalyst. And the compatibilizer can improve the compatibility of the blending system of 60PHB/PET and PC.


    Mcclain, C. R.


    PC-SEAPAK is a user-interactive satellite data analysis software package specifically developed for oceanographic research. The program is used to process and interpret data obtained from the Nimbus-7/Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS), and the NOAA Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR). PC-SEAPAK is a set of independent microcomputer-based image analysis programs that provide the user with a flexible, user-friendly, standardized interface, and facilitates relatively low-cost analysis of oceanographic satellite data. Version 4.0 includes 114 programs. PC-SEAPAK programs are organized into categories which include CZCS and AVHRR level-1 ingest, level-2 analyses, statistical analyses, data extraction, remapping to standard projections, graphics manipulation, image board memory manipulation, hardcopy output support and general utilities. Most programs allow user interaction through menu and command modes and also by the use of a mouse. Most programs also provide for ASCII file generation for further analysis in spreadsheets, graphics packages, etc. The CZCS scanning radiometer aboard the NIMBUS-7 satellite was designed to measure the concentration of photosynthetic pigments and their degradation products in the ocean. AVHRR data is used to compute sea surface temperatures and is supported for the NOAA 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 satellites. The CZCS operated from November 1978 to June 1986. CZCS data may be obtained free of charge from the CZCS archive at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. AVHRR data may be purchased through NOAA's Satellite Data Service Division. Ordering information is included in the PC-SEAPAK documentation. Although PC-SEAPAK was developed on a COMPAQ Deskpro 386/20, it can be run on most 386-compatible computers with an AT bus, EGA controller, Intel 80387 coprocessor, and MS-DOS 3.3 or higher. A Matrox MVP-AT image board with appropriate monitor and cables is also required. Note that the authors have received some reports of

  12. A possible origin of dayside Pc1 magnetic pulsations observed at high latitudes

    V. Safargaleev


    Full Text Available Induction magnetometer observations of dayside Pc1 activity at Barentsburg (BAB, Spitsbergen archipelago, 78.05°N, 14.12°E are combined with data from two magnetometers located in Scandinavia and the Kola peninsula. Seven events with very large negative IMF Bz components were considered. For all of the events, the cusp location was expected to be significantly shifted equatorward from the statistical position such that the BAB magnetometer was located well inside the polar cap. The DMSP particle data indicated that the BAB magnetometer was indeed inside the polar cap, whereas other magnetometers were collocated with the ionospheric projections of the cusp, the low-latitude boundary layer or the boundary plasma sheet. Pc1 magnetic pulsations were observed only at BAB. In three cases, for which SuperDARN convection data were available, the Pc1 activity correlated with intervals of large-scale convection reconfiguration, such that the plasma flow crossing the BAB location was associated with newly-reconnected magnetic flux tubes drifting tailward. The convection reconfigurations were in response to a decrease in the IMF By component. We argue that the source of the observed Pc1 pulsations is anisotropic plasma of the depletion layer within the magnetosheath. The plasma anisotropy supports the excitation of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves that are detectable with a ground-based magnetometer when the flux tubes containing the unstable plasma become connected to the Earth's ionosphere in the course of the dayside reconnection processes.

  13. Gifted and Non-Identified as Gifted Students’ Preferred PC Game Types and PC Game Perceptions: A Descriptive Study

    Hakan ÜSTÜNEL


    Full Text Available Computer games have gained a significance role in students’ daily life. Games also play an important role in PC technologies development and progress. In addition to the entertainment aspects of PC games, they are now being used in educational environments. The aim of the research is to determine gifted students' and that giftedness diagnostics not defined before, PC game types preference. With this aim, literature review on the subject has been conducted. 47 gifted students from Istanbul Science and Art Center have formed the sample group. 818 students from 16 different state schools attended by the gifted students have been included in the study. Aim of this study is to compare the difference in the perceptions of the gifted and the other students. The data were collected through a questionnaire. They were analyzed using descriptive statistics and the study reveals that the gifted students and non-identified students differentiate in preferences of PC games types.

  14. CoPc and CoPcF16 on gold: Site-specific charge-transfer processes

    Fotini Petraki


    Full Text Available Interface properties of cobalt(II phthalocyanine (CoPc and cobalt(II hexadecafluoro-phthalocyanine (CoPcF16 to gold are investigated by photo-excited electron spectroscopies (X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS, ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS and X-ray excited Auger electron spectroscopy (XAES. It is shown that a bidirectional charge transfer determines the interface energetics for CoPc and CoPcF16 on Au. Combined XPS and XAES measurements allow for the separation of chemical shifts based on different local charges at the considered atom caused by polarization effects. This facilitates a detailed discussion of energetic shifts of core level spectra. The data allow the discussion of site-specific charge-transfer processes.

  15. Epitaxial growth and electronic properties of well ordered phthalocyanine heterojunctions MnPc/F{sub 16}CoPc

    Lindner, Susi; Mahns, Benjamin; Treske, Uwe; Knupfer, Martin [IFW Dresden, P.O. Box 270116, D-01171 Dresden (Germany); Vilkov, Oleg [Center for Physical Methods of Surface Investigation, St. Petersburg State University, Ulyanovskaya Str. 1, St. Petersburg 198504, Russia and Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Technology Dresden, Zellescher Weg 16, D-01062 Dresden (Germany); Haidu, Francisc; Fronk, Michael; Zahn, Dietrich R. T. [Physics Department/Semiconductor Physics, Chemnitz University of Technology, Reichenhainer Str. 70, D-09126 Chemnitz (Germany)


    We have prepared phthalocyanine heterojunctions out of MnPc and F{sub 16}CoPc, which were studied by means of X-ray absorption spectroscopy. This heterojunction is characterized by a charge transfer at the interface, resulting in charged MnPc{sup δ} {sup +} and F{sub 16}CoPc{sup δ} {sup −} species. Our data reveal that the molecules are well ordered and oriented parallel to the substrate surface. Furthermore, we demonstrate the filling of the Co 3d{sub z{sup 2}} orbital due to the charge transfer, which supports the explanation of the density functional theory, that the charge transfer is local and affects the metal centers only.

  16. Group Control System by PC and PLC%PC-PLC组成的电梯群控系统

    唐勇奇; 赵葵银


    介绍一种由PC与PLC组成的电梯群控系统,讲述了系统的软件设计方法和PLC与PC之间的通讯方案。%This paper introduced the group control system of an elevator control system with PC and PLC and also described the design of its software and the communication method between PLC and PC.

  17. Salinomycin Exerts Anticancer Effects on PC-3 Cells and PC-3-Derived Cancer Stem Cells In Vitro and In Vivo

    Yunsheng Zhang


    Full Text Available Salinomycin is an antibiotic isolated from Streptomyces albus that selectively kills cancer stem cells (CSCs. However, the antitumor mechanism of salinomycin is unclear. This study investigated the chemotherapeutic efficacy of salinomycin in human prostate cancer PC-3 cells. We found that cytotoxicity of salinomycin to PC-3 cells was stronger than to nonmalignant prostate cell RWPE-1, and exposure to salinomycin induced G2/M phage arrest and apoptosis of PC-3 cells. A mechanistic study found salinomycin suppressed Wnt/β-catenin pathway to induce apoptosis of PC-3 cells. An in vivo experiment confirmed that salinomycin suppressed tumorigenesis in a NOD/SCID mice xenograft model generated from implanted PC-3 cells by inhibiting the Wnt/β-catenin pathway, since the total β-catenin protein level was reduced and the downstream target c-Myc level was significantly downregulated. We also showed that salinomycin, but not paclitaxel, triggered more apoptosis in aldehyde dehydrogenase- (ALDH- positive PC-3 cells, which were considered as the prostate cancer stem cells, suggesting that salinomycin may be a promising chemotherapeutic to target CSCs. In conclusion, this study suggests that salinomycin reduces resistance and relapse of prostate tumor by killing cancer cells as well as CSCs.

  18. Investigation of Tensile Deformation Behavior of PC,ABS and PC/ABS Blends From Low to High Strain Rates%不同应变率下PC,ABS和PC/ABS合金拉伸变形行为研究

    尹征南; 王铁军


    采用实验方法研究了PC(聚碳酸酯)、ABS(丙烯腈-丁二烯-苯乙烯)和PC/ABS合金(PC与ABS共混率为80∶20,60∶40,50∶50和40∶60),在不同应变率条件下的拉伸变形行为.采用MTS-810万能材料试验机和分离式Hopkinson拉杆实验系统分别进行了PC,ABS和PC/ABS合金室温条件下的准静态和冲击拉伸实验,得到了上述材料在不同应变率条件下的真应力-真应变曲线;通过对其变形特点的详细分析,讨论了应变率和ABS含量对拉伸变形的影响,并且给出了10-4 s-1~103 s-1应变率范围内屈服应力与应变率的线性关系式.%The objective is to experimentally study the tensile deformation behavior of die polycarbonate (PC), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and PC/ABS blends (with the blending ratio of PC to ABS being 80:20, 60:40, 50:50 and 40:60) from low to high strain rates. Using universal MTS-810 machine and split Hopkinson Tension bar (SHTB) testing system, the quasi-static and impact tension tests were carried out at room temperature. The curves of true stress and true strain were obtained and the deformation behavior of PC, ABS and PC/ABS blends were characterized in detail. And the effects of strain rate on the yield stress from low to high strain rates were described with a linear relationship.

  19. Molecular gas kinematics within the central 250 pc of the Milky Way

    Henshaw, J D; Kruijssen, J M D; Davies, B; Bally, J; Barnes, A; Battersby, C; Burton, M; Cunningham, M R; Dale, J E; Ginsburg, A; Immer, K; Jones, P A; Kendrew, S; Mills, E A C; Molinari, S; Moore, T J T; Ott, J; Pillai, T; Rathborne, J; Schilke, P; Schmiedeke, A; Testi, L; Walker, D; Walsh, A; Zhang, Q


    Using spectral-line observations of HNCO, N2H+, and HNC, we investigate the kinematics of dense gas in the central ~250 pc of the Galaxy. We present SCOUSE (Semi-automated multi-COmponent Universal Spectral-line fitting Engine), a line fitting algorithm designed to analyse large volumes of spectral-line data efficiently and systematically. Unlike techniques which do not account for complex line profiles, SCOUSE accurately describes the {l, b, v_LSR} distribution of CMZ gas, which is asymmetric about Sgr A* in both position and velocity. Velocity dispersions range from 2.6 km/s28. The gas is distributed throughout several "streams", with projected lengths ~100-250 pc. We link the streams to individual clouds and sub-regions, including Sgr C, the 20 and 50 km/s clouds, the dust ridge, and Sgr B2. Shell-like emission features can be explained by the projection of independent molecular clouds in Sgr C and the newly identified conical profile of Sgr B2 in {l ,b, v_LSR} space. These features have previously invoked...

  20. Do the $P_c^+$ Pentaquarks Have Strange Siblings?

    Lebed, Richard F


    The recent LHCb discovery of states $P_c^+(4380)$, $P_c^+(4450)$, believed to be $c\\bar c uud$ pentaquark resonances, begs the question of whether equivalent states with $c\\bar c \\to s\\bar s$ exist, and how they might be produced. The precise analogue to the $P_c^+$ discovery channel $\\Lambda_b \\to J/\\psi \\, K^- \\! p$, namely, $\\Lambda_c \\to \\phi \\pi^0 \\! p$, is feasible for this study and indeed is less Cabibbo-suppressed, although its limited phase space suggests that evidence of a $s\\bar s uud$ resonance $P_s^+$ would be confined to the kinematic endpoint region.

  1. Relations of PC indices to further geophysical activity parameters.

    Stauning, P.


    The Polar Cap (PC) indices, PCN for the index values derived from Thule magnetic data and PCS derived from Vostok data, relate to the polar cap ionospheric plasma convection driven mainly by the interaction of the solar wind with the magnetosphere. Thus, the PC indices serve to monitor the input power from the solar wind which drives a range of geophysical disturbances such as magnetic storms and substorms, energization of the plasma trapped in the Earth's near space, auroral activity, and heating of the upper atmosphere. The presentation will demonstrate the relations between the PC indices and further parameters and indices used to describe geophysical activity such as polar cap potentials, auroral electrojet activity, Joule and particle heating of the upper atmosphere, mid-latitude magnetic variations, and ring current indices Dst, SYM-H and ASY-H.

  2. Aspartame-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells.

    Horio, Yukari; Sun, Yongkun; Liu, Chuang; Saito, Takeshi; Kurasaki, Masaaki


    Aspartame is an artificial sweetner added to many low-calorie foods. The safety of aspartame remains controversial even though there are many studies on its risks. In this study, to understand the physiological effects of trace amounts of artificial sweetners on cells, the effects of aspartame on apoptosis were investigated using a PC12 cell system. In addition, the mechanism of apoptosis induced by aspartame in PC12 cells and effects on apoptotic factors such as cytochrome c, apoptosis-inducing factor, and caspase family proteins were studied by Western blotting and RT-PCR. Aspartame-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells in a dose-dependent manner. In addition, aspartame exposure increased the expressions of caspases 8 and 9, and cytochrome c. These results indicate that aspartame induces apoptosis mainly via mitochondrial pathway involved in apoptosis due to oxigen toxicity.

  3. Review of methods to derive a Polar Cap (PC) index.

    Stauning, Peter


    Since a Polar Cap (PC) index was introduced in 1985, several different methods have been used to derive index values. Basically, the northern (PCN) and southern (PCS) are based on geomagnetic recordings at Qaanaaq (Thule) and Vostok, respectively. However, different derivation methods can give index values differing by more than a factor 2. The PC indices are used, among other, in scientific analyses to link solar wind conditions to relevant geophysical effects and in forecast efforts to establish numerical criteria for imminent risk of geomagnetic storms and substorms. Thus, it is unfortunate that several different versions of the PC index have been in use, often without specifically mentioning the index version being used or without ensuring that proper documention and specification of the derivation method is available. The presentation shall briefly describe the basic calculation of a Polar Cap index and point specifically to the differences between the different derivation methods and to the consequences for the index values

  4. River Protection Project (RPP) Project Management Plan

    SEEMAN, S.E.


    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), in accordance with the Strom Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999, established the Office of River Protection (ORP) to successfully execute and manage the River Protection Project (RPP), formerly known as the Tank Waste Remediation System (TWRS). The mission of the RPP is to store, retrieve, treat, and dispose of the highly radioactive Hanford tank waste in an environmentally sound, safe, and cost-effective manner. The team shown in Figure 1-1 is accomplishing the project. The ORP is providing the management and integration of the project; the Tank Farm Contractor (TFC) is responsible for providing tank waste storage, retrieval, and disposal; and the Privatization Contractor (PC) is responsible for providing tank waste treatment.

  5. Processing and intracellular localization of rice stripe virus Pc2 protein in insect cells

    Zhao, Shuling; Zhang, Gaozhan; Dai, Xuejuan; Hou, Yanling; Li, Min [College of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009 (China); Liang, Jiansheng, E-mail: [College of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009 (China); Liang, Changyong, E-mail: [College of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009 (China)


    Rice stripe virus (RSV) belongs to the genus Tenuivirus and its genome consists of four single-stranded RNAs encoding seven proteins. Here, we have analyzed the processing and membrane association of Pc2 encoded by vcRNA2 in insect cells. The enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP) was fused to the Pc2 and used for the detection of Pc2 fusion proteins. The results showed that Pc2 was cleaved to produce two proteins named Pc2-N and Pc2-C. When expressed alone, either Pc2-N or Pc2-C could transport to the Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membranes independently. Further mutagenesis studies revealed that Pc2 contained three ER-targeting domains. The results led us to propose a model for the topology of the Pc2 in which an internal signal peptide immediately followed a cleavage site, and two transmembrane regions are contained.

  6. [Quercetin induces the apoptosis of human PC-3 cells].

    Zhu, Qing-Yi; Hu, Rui; Liu, Li; Yuan, Lin; Huang, Wei-Zhou; Ma, Long; Gu, Xiao-Jian


    To study the effect of quercetin on the apoptosis of human PC-3 cells. Human PC-3 cells were cultured in vitro and then treated with quercetin at the concentrations of 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 micromol/L. The inhibition rate of quercetin on the PC-3 cells was detected by MTT, the apoptosis of the cells determined by flow cytometry, and the changes of the cellular ultramicrostructure observed by transmission electron microscopy. Quercetin markedly inhibited the proliferation of PC-3 cells in vitro in a time- and dose-dependent manner. Its inhibition rates were (3.01 +/- 1.32)%, (4.84 +/- 1.73)%, (20.35 +/- 1.30)%, (16.78 +/- 1.89)% and (27.25 +/- 4.01)% at 24 hours, and (10.18 +/- 1.16)%, (6.22 +/- 0.04)%, (24.29 +/- 4.19)%, (22.4 +/- 4.26)% and (41.42 +/- 5.43)% at 48 hours in the 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 micromol/L groups, respectively, with statistical significance at the concentration of > 150 micromol/L (P apoptosis of PC-3 cells was increased with the elevated concentration and prolonged time of Quercetin treatment, (19.10 +/- 0.28)% and (26.55 +/- 0.78)% at 24 hours, and (27.65 +/- 1.06)% and (38.30 +/- 5.96)% at 48 hours in the 150 and 200 micromol/L groups, respectively (P Quercetin can inhibit the proliferation and induce the apoptosis of human PC-3 cells, but its action mechanism remains to be further investigated.

  7. PC-Based Applications Programming on the SRS Control System.

    Martlew, Brian; Owen, Hywel; Pugh, Martin; Rawlinson, Bill; Smith, Susan


    The CERN PC-based ISOLDE control system has been installed at the SRS electron storage ring at Daresbury Laboratory. The use of Windows NT for the control consoles together with PC and VME front-end computers running under several operating systems has resulted in a flexible and reliable system for accelerator control. The implementation and philosophy of control application programs, based around a suite of Microsoft Visual Basic and Excel programs, is described. In particular, the use of Excel to provide adaptable programs online allows rapid generation of new control functions; orbit correction and servoing at the application level are described as examples of this.

  8. Online medical symbol recognition using a Tablet PC

    Kundu, Amlan; Hu, Qian; Boykin, Stanley; Clark, Cheryl; Fish, Randy; Jones, Stephen; Moore, Stephen


    In this paper we describe a scheme to enhance the usability of a Tablet PC's handwriting recognition system by including medical symbols that are not a part of the Tablet PC's symbol library. The goal of this work is to make handwriting recognition more useful for medical professionals accustomed to using medical symbols in medical records. To demonstrate that this new symbol recognition module is robust and expandable, we report results on both a medical symbol set and an expanded symbol test set which includes selected mathematical symbols.

  9. Data Communication PC/NaI-borehole probe (Hardware & Software)

    Madsen, Peter Buch

    Development of new hard- & software to a NaI borehole probe on a PC. Save data from the probe each 10'th sec, handle the data from the probe and make calculations every 10'th sec and show the results on the monitor.......Development of new hard- & software to a NaI borehole probe on a PC. Save data from the probe each 10'th sec, handle the data from the probe and make calculations every 10'th sec and show the results on the monitor....

  10. Quality assessment of platelet concentrates prepared by platelet rich plasma-platelet concentrate, buffy coat poor-platelet concentrate (BC-PC and apheresis-PC methods

    Singh Ravindra


    Full Text Available Background: Platelet rich plasma-platelet concentrate (PRP-PC, buffy coat poor-platelet concentrate (BC-PC, and apheresis-PC were prepared and their quality parameters were assessed. Study Design: In this study, the following platelet products were prepared: from random donor platelets (i platelet rich plasma - platelet concentrate (PRP-PC, and (ii buffy coat poor- platelet concentrate (BC-PC and (iii single donor platelets (apheresis-PC by different methods. Their quality was assessed using the following parameters: swirling, volume of the platelet concentrate, platelet count, WBC count and pH. Results: A total of 146 platelet concentrates (64 of PRP-PC, 62 of BC-PC and 20 of apheresis-PC were enrolled in this study. The mean volume of PRP-PC, BC-PC and apheresis-PC was 62.30±22.68 ml, 68.81±22.95 ml and 214.05±9.91 ml and ranged from 22-135 ml, 32-133 ml and 200-251 ml respectively. The mean platelet count of PRP-PC, BC-PC and apheresis-PC was 7.6±2.97 x 1010/unit, 7.3±2.98 x 1010/unit and 4.13±1.32 x 1011/unit and ranged from 3.2-16.2 x 1010/unit, 0.6-16.4 x 1010/unit and 1.22-8.9 x 1011/unit respectively. The mean WBC count in PRP-PC (n = 10, BC-PC (n = 10 and apheresis-PC (n = 6 units was 4.05±0.48 x 107/unit, 2.08±0.39 x 107/unit and 4.8±0.8 x 106/unit and ranged from 3.4 -4.77 x 107/unit, 1.6-2.7 x 107/unit and 3.2 - 5.2 x 106/unit respectively. A total of 26 units were analyzed for pH changes. Out of these units, 10 each were PRP-PC and BC-PC and 6 units were apheresis-PC. Their mean pH was 6.7±0.26 (mean±SD and ranged from 6.5 - 7.0 and no difference was observed among all three types of platelet concentrate. Conclusion: PRP-PC and BC-PC units were comparable in terms of swirling, platelet count per unit and pH. As expected, we found WBC contamination to be less in BC-PC than PRP-PC units. Variation in volume was more in BC-PC than PRP-PC units and this suggests that further standardization is required for preparation of BC-PC

  11. Charge transfer at F{sub 16}CoPc and CoPc interfaces to Au

    Lindner, Susi; Treske, Uwe; Grobosch, Mandy; Knupfer, Martin [IFW Dresden (Germany)


    We analyze the electronic properties of the interfaces between cobalt phthalocyanine (CoPc), as well as fluorinated cobalt phthalocyanine (F{sub 16}CoPc), and an Au(100) single-crystal using X-ray photoemission spectroscopy and valence band ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy. Our data demonstrate that for the monolayers of both materials a charge transfer occurs from the substrate to the center of the organic molecules resulting in a central Co(I) ion. This leads to the conclusion that this effect essentially is fluorination- and ligand-independent. (orig.)

  12. Privacy Impact Assessment for the PC Label System

    The PC Label System collects contact information for individuals with an interest in EPA's Region 1. Learn how this data will be collected in the system, how it will be used, access to the data, the purpose of data collection, and record retention policies

  13. PC vs. Mac--Which Way Should You Go?

    Wodarz, Nan


    Outlines the factors in hardware, software, and administration to consider in developing specifications for choosing a computer operating system. Compares Microsoft Windows 95/NT that runs on PC/Intel-based systems and System 7.5 that runs on the Apple-based systems. Lists reasons why the Microsoft platform clearly stands above the Apple platform.…

  14. A Low Cost Sounding System Using PC and Stereo Equipment

    Campbell, Joel F; Prasad, Narasimha S; Hodson, Wade D


    A system using a PC computer, speakers, and a microphone are used to measure distance or the speed of sound using a carrier modulated by pseudo random noise (PN)codes. This system can easily be built by students using computer and audio equipment commonly found in the lab or at home.

  15. Group Contribution sPC-SAFT Equation of State

    Tihic, Amra


    Modellering af termodynamiske egenskaber og faseligevægte er en udfordring for den kemiske industri. Forenklet Perturbed Chains-Statistical Associating Fluid Theory (sPC-SAFT) er en tilstandsligning med udbredt anvendelse i en række industrielle sammenhænge. Modellen anvender tre parametre: segme...

  16. Qualification plan for the Genmod-PC computer program

    Richardson, R.B.; Wright, G.M.; Dunford, D.W.; Linauskas, S.H


    Genmod-PC is an internal dosimetry code that uses Microsoft Windows operating system, and that currently calculates radionuclide doses and intakes for an adult male. This report provides a plan for specifying the quality assurance measures that conform to the recommendations of the Canadian Standards Association, as well as AECL procedural requirements for a legacy computer program developed at AECL. (author)

  17. The PC index: method of calculation and physical sense

    Janzhura, A.; Troshichev, O.


    The PC index has been introduced [Troshichev and Andrezen, 1985; Troshichev et al., 1988] to characterize magnetic activity in the polar caps generated by the solar wind coupling with the magnetosphere. The concept of the antisunward convection within the polar cap, controlled by the interplanetary electric field EKL determined by Kan and Lee (1979), served as a basis for the method of the index calculation. Value of disturbances in the polar cap geomagnetic H and D (or X and Y) components form the basis for derivation of the PC index. The technique of PC index derivation consists of two separate procedures: (1) derivation of the statistically justified regression coefficients determining relationship between the coupling function EKL and vector of polar cap magnetic disturbance δF, and (2) calculation of PC indices by data on current δF values with use of the regression coefficients established in course of the first procedure. To exclude from examination the geomagnetic field changes unrelated to the solar wind variations the value of geomagnetic disturbance is calculated in reference to the quiet daily variation. The regression coefficients α (slope) and β (intersection) describing a linear link between values δF and EKL are calculated in combination with the optimal angle φ providing the highest correlation between δF and EKL. Parameters α, β and φ are derived based on the statistically justified sets of data. As a result the PC index corresponding to the value of coupling function EKL, irrespective of UT time, season and point of observation is determined. Validation of the PC proper derivation has been testified by the following requirements imposed on the calculated PCN and PCS indices: PCN and PCS indices should be consistent with the interplanetary electric field EKL; PCN and PCS indices should be in close agreement with each other irrespective of season and UT time; indices should not demonstrate seasonal variation; indices should not

  18. Efficient Server-Aided 2PC for Mobile Phones

    Mohassel Payman


    Full Text Available Secure Two-Party Computation (2PC protocols allow two parties to compute a function of their private inputs without revealing any information besides the output of the computation. There exist low cost general-purpose protocols for semi-honest parties that can be efficiently executed even on smartphones. However, for the case of malicious parties, current 2PC protocols are significantly less efficient, limiting their use to more resourceful devices. In this work we present an efficient 2PC protocol that is secure against malicious parties and is light enough to be used on mobile phones. The protocol is an adaptation of the protocol of Nielsen et al. (Crypto, 2012 to the Server-Aided setting, a natural relaxation of the plain model for secure computation that allows the parties to interact with a server (e.g., a cloud who is assumed not to collude with any of the parties. Our protocol has two stages: In an offline stage - where no party knows which function is to be computed, nor who else is participating - each party interacts with the server and downloads a file. Later, in the online stage, when two parties decide to execute a 2PC together, they can use the files they have downloaded earlier to execute the computation with cost that is lower than the currently best semi-honest 2PC protocols. We show an implementation of our protocol for Android mobile phones, discuss several optimizations and report on its evaluation for various circuits. For example, the online stage for evaluating a single AES circuit requires only 2.5 seconds and can be further reduced to 1 second (amortized time with multiple executions.

  19. Induction of cytoprotective autophagy in PC-12 cells by cadmium

    Wang, Qiwen [College of Veterinary Medicine, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009 (China); Jiangsu Co-innovation Center for Prevention and Control of Important Animal Infectious Diseases and Zoonoses, Yangzhou 225009 (China); Bijie Pilot Area Research Institute of Bijie University, Bijie 551700 (China); Zhu, Jiaqiao; Zhang, Kangbao; Jiang, Chenyang; Wang, Yi; Yuan, Yan; Bian, Jianchun; Liu, Xuezhong; Gu, Jianhong [College of Veterinary Medicine, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009 (China); Jiangsu Co-innovation Center for Prevention and Control of Important Animal Infectious Diseases and Zoonoses, Yangzhou 225009 (China); Liu, Zongping, E-mail: [College of Veterinary Medicine, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009 (China); Jiangsu Co-innovation Center for Prevention and Control of Important Animal Infectious Diseases and Zoonoses, Yangzhou 225009 (China)


    Highlights: •Cadmium can promote early upregulation of autophagy in PC-12 cells. •Autophagy precedes apoptosis in cadmium-treated PC-12 cells. •Cadmium-induced autophagy is cytoprotective in PC-12 cells. •Class III PI3K/beclin-1/Bcl-2 signaling pathway plays a positive role in cadmium-triggered autophagy. -- Abstract: Laboratory data have demonstrated that cadmium (Cd) may induce neuronal apoptosis. However, little is known about the role of autophagy in neurons. In this study, cell viability decreased in a dose- and time-dependent manner after treatment with Cd in PC-12 cells. As cells were exposed to Cd, the levels of LC3-II proteins became elevated, specific punctate distribution of endogenous LC3-II increased, and numerous autophagosomes appeared, which suggest that Cd induced a high level of autophagy. In the late stages of autophagy, an increase in the apoptosis ratio was observed. Likewise, pre-treatment with chloroquine (an autophagic inhibitor) and rapamycin (an autophagic inducer) resulted in an increased and decreased percentage of apoptosis in contrast to other Cd-treated groups, respectively. The results indicate that autophagy delayed apoptosis in Cd-treated PC-12 cells. Furthermore, co-treatment of cells with chloroquine reduced autophagy and cell activity. However, rapamycin had an opposite effect on autophagy and cell activity. Moreover, class III PI3 K/beclin-1/Bcl-2 signaling pathways served a function in Cd-induced autophagy. The findings suggest that Cd can induce cytoprotective autophagy by activating class III PI3 K/beclin-1/Bcl-2 signaling pathways. In sum, this study strongly suggests that autophagy may serve a positive function in the reduction of Cd-induced cytotoxicity.

  20. The Redox-Active Chromium Phthalocyanine System: Isolation of Five Oxidation States from Pc(4-) Cr(I) to Pc(2-) Cr(III).

    Zhou, Wen; Thompson, John R; Leznoff, Clifford C; Leznoff, Daniel B


    The preparation and structural characterization of a series of chromium phthalocyanine complexes with multiple metal and ring oxidation states were achieved using PcCr(II) (1) (Pc=phthalocyanine) or PcCr(II) (THF)2 (1⋅THF2 ) as starting materials. The reaction of soluble 1⋅THF2 with Br2 or I2 gave the PcCr(III) halide complexes PcCrX(THF) (X=I/I3 , Br; 3, 4, respectively). Treatment of 1 with 0.5 equivalent of PhIO or air generated the dinuclear [PcCr(THF)]2 (μ-O) (5), whereas the addition of one equivalent of AgSbF6 to 1 resulted in oxidation to THF-solvated octahedral [PcCr(III) (THF)2 ]SbF6 (6). The reduction of 1 with three sequential equivalents of KEt3 BH resulted in the isolation of [K(DME)4 ][Pc(3-) Cr(II) ] (7), [K(DME)4 ]2 [Pc(4-) Cr(II) ] (8) and [K6 (DME)4 ][Pc(4-) Cr(I) ]2 (9), respectively. The reduced products are deep purple in colour, with visible absorption maxima between 500-580 nm. The ring-reduced complexes 7 and 8 are monomeric, whereas 9 is a 1D chain of dinuclear [PcCr]2 units with intercalated K(+) cations and supported by Cr-Cr interactions of 2.988(2) Å. Addition of four equivalents of KC8 resulted in the demetallated product PcK2 (DME)4 (10), which has a 1D chain structure. The isolation and structural characterization of new PcCr complexes spanning five oxidation states, including rare examples of crystalline reduced Pc-ring species emphasizes the broad redox activity and stability of phthalocyanine-based complexes. © 2017 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  1. Surface-type nonvolatile electric memory elements based on organic-on-organic CuPc-H2 Pc heterojunction

    Khasan S. Karimov; Zubair Ahmad; Farid Touati; M. Mahroof-Tahir; M. Muqeet Rehman; S. Zameer Abbas


    A novel surface-type nonvolatile electric memory elements based on organic semiconductors CuPc and H2Pc are fabricated by vacuum deposition of the CuPc and H2Pc films on preliminary deposited metallic (Ag and Cu) electrodes. The gap between Ag and Cu electrodes is 30–40 µm. For the current–voltage (I–V ) characteristics the memory effect, switching effect, and negative differential resistance regions are observed. The switching mechanism is attributed to the electric-field-induced charge transfer. As a result the device switches from a low to a high-conductivity state and then back to a low conductivity state if the opposite polarity voltage is applied. The ratio of resistance at the high resistance state to that at the low resistance state is equal to 120–150. Under the switching condition, the electric current increases∼80–100 times. A comparison between the forward and reverse I–V characteristics shows the presence of rectifying behavior.

  2. The comparison of CAP88-PC version 2.0 versus CAP88-PC version 1.0

    Yakubovich, B.A.; Klee, K.O.; Palmer, C.R.; Spotts, P.B.


    40 CFR Part 61 (Subpart H of the NESHAP) requires DOE facilities to use approved sampling procedures, computer models, or other approved procedures when calculating Effective Dose Equivalent (EDE) values to members of the public. Currently version 1.0 of the approved computer model CAP88-PC is used to calculate EDE values. The DOE has upgraded the CAP88-PC software to version 2.0. This version provides simplified data entry, better printing characteristics, the use of a mouse, and other features. The DOE has developed and released version 2.0 for testing and comment. This new software is a WINDOWS based application that offers a new graphical user interface with new utilities for preparing and managing population and weather data, and several new decay chains. The program also allows the user to view results before printing. This document describes a test that confirmed CAP88-PC version 2.0 generates results comparable to the original version of the CAP88-PC program.

  3. Project 2010 Project Management

    Happy, Robert


    The ideal on-the-job reference guide for project managers who use Microsoft Project 2010. This must-have guide to using Microsoft Project 2010 is written from a real project manager's perspective and is packed with information you can use on the job. The book explores using Project 2010 during phases of project management, reveals best practices, and walks you through project flow from planning through tracking to closure. This valuable book follows the processes defined in the PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition , and also provides exam prep for Microsoft's MCTS: Project 2010 certification.: Explains

  4. 2MASS J154043.42-510135.7: a new addition to the 5 pc population

    Perez-Garrido, A; Bejar, V J S; Ruiz, M T; Gauza, B; Rebolo, R; Osorio, M R Zapatero


    The aim of the project is to find the stars nearest to the Sun and to contribute to the completion of the stellar and substellar census of the solar neighbourhood. We identified a new late-M dwarf within 5 pc, looking for high proper motion sources in the 2MASS-WISE cross-match. We collected astrometric and photometric data available from public large-scale surveys. We complemented this information with low-resolution optical and near-infrared spectroscopy with instrumentation on the ESO NTT to confirm the nature of our candidate. We also present a high-quality medium-resolution VLT/X-shooter spectrum covering the 400 to 2500 nm wavelength range. We classify this new neighbour as an M7.0$\\pm$0.5 dwarf using spectral templates from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and spectral indices. Lithium absorption at 670.8 nm is not detected in the X-shooter spectrum, indicating that the M7 dwarf is older than 600 Myr and more massive than 0.06 M$_{\\odot}$. We also derive a trigonometric distance of 4.4 pc, in agreement wit...

  5. Using a PC and external media to quantitatively investigate electromagnetic induction

    Bonanno, A.; Bozzo, G.; Camarca, M.; Sapia, P.


    In this article we describe an experimental learning path about electromagnetic induction which uses an Atwood machine where one of the two hanging bodies is a cylindrical magnet falling through a plexiglass guide, surrounded either by a coil or by a copper pipe. The first configuration (magnet falling across a coil) allows students to quantitatively study the Faraday-Neumann-Lenz law, while the second configuration (falling through a copper pipe) permits learners to investigate the complex phenomena of induction by quantifying the amount of electric power dissipated through the pipe as a result of Foucault eddy currents, when the magnet travels through the pipe. The magnet's fall acceleration can be set by adjusting the counterweight of the Atwood machine so that both the kinematic quantities associated with it and the electromotive force induced within the coil are continuously and quantitatively monitored (respectively, by a common personal computer (PC) equipped with a webcam and by freely available software that makes it possible to use the audio card to convert the PC into an oscilloscope). Measurements carried out when the various experimental parameters are changed provide a useful framework for a thorough understanding and clarification of the conceptual nodes related to electromagnetic induction. The proposed learning path is under evaluation in various high schools participating in the project 'Lauree Scientifiche' promoted by the Italian Department of Education.


    Gui-zhi Li; Liang-he Shi


    Blends of PC and PPSQ (A) with high Mw and good ladderlike regularity or PPSQ(B) with low Mw and more defective Si-atoms in its structure have been prepared by solution casting. The dispersed spheres (PPSQ(A)-rich) are unevenly dispersed in the continuous PC-rich phase and there is no phase-inversion as PPSQ(A) content increases when the percentage of PPSQ(A) is not more than70%. PPSQ(B)-rich spheres are evenly dispersed in the continuous phase (PC-rich) and phaseinversion occurs when PPSQ(B) percentage is up to 70%. Tg of PPSQ(A)/PC or PPSQ(B)/PC at some compositions are lower than that of pure PC due to the enlarged free-volume of PC-rich phase because some spheres of rigid PPSQ chains are included in the PC-rich phase. PC and PPSQ(A) or PPSQ(B)are partially compatible. The compatibility of PC and PPSQ(B) is better than that of PC and PPSQ(A)with high Mw and good ladderlike regularity. Heat history has some influence on the TgS and compatibility of PPSQ(A)/PC and PPSQ(B)/PC blends.

  7. Kinetics of alpha-PcCu --> beta-PcCu isothermal conversion in air and thermal behavior of beta-PcCu from in situ real-time laboratory parallel-beam X-ray powder diffraction.

    Ballirano, Paolo; Caminiti, Ruggero


    The kinetics of the alpha-PcCu --> beta-PcCu conversion in air has been followed, under isothermal conditions, in situ real-time in the 423-443 K temperature range. Data have been fitted following the JMAK model. The reaction order of the kinetics at 423 K is consistent with a diffusion controlled, deceleratory nucleation rate process for 2D laminar particles, whereas at higher temperatures it is consistent with a phase boundary controlled, deceleratory nucleation rate process for 2D laminar particles. At 423 K, the overall transformation mechanism implies three steps: growth of the alpha-PcCu phase, disordering of adjacent columns of molecules of phthalocyanine, and nucleation and growth of the beta-PcCu phase. The calculated empirical activation energy is of 187 kJ/mol significantly greater than that for the alpha-PcCo --> beta-PcCo conversion. This fact seems to support the reported different structures of alpha-PcCo and alpha-PcCu. Investigation of the thermal behavior of beta-PcCu indicates a strongly anisotropic thermal expansion that follows the alpha(c) > alpha(a) approximately = alpha(b) trend. Moreover, the beta angle decreases with increasing temperature. Such anisotropy is consistent with the geometry of the very weak N3...H3 hydrogen bond which acts mainly along the c axis.

  8. A conceptual model of psychological contracts in construction projects

    Yongjian Ke


    Full Text Available The strategic importance of relationship style contracting is recognised in the construction industry. Both public and private sector clients are stipulating more integrated and collaborative forms of procurement. Despite relationship and integrated contractual arrangement being available for some time, it is clear that construction firms have been slow to adopt them. Hence it is timely to examine how social exchanges, via unwritten agreement and behaviours, are being nurtured in construction projects. This paper adopted the concept of Psychological Contracts (PC to describe unwritten agreement and behaviours. A conceptual model of the PC is developed and validated using the results from a questionnaire survey administered to construction professionals in Australia. The results uncovered the relationships that existed amongst relational conditions and relational benefits, the PC and the partners’ satisfaction. The results show that all the hypotheses in the conceptual model of the PC are supported, suggesting the PC model is important and may have an effect on project performance and relationship quality among contracting parties. A validated model of the PC in construction was then developed based on the correlations among each component. The managerial implications are that past relationships and relationship characteristics should be taken into account in the selection of procurement partners and the promise of future resources, support and tangible relational outcomes are also vital. It is important for contracting parties to pay attention to unwritten agreements (the PC and behaviours when managing construction projects.

  9. A PC based control system for the CERN ISOLDE separators

    Billinge, R.; Bret, A.; Deloose, I.; Pace, A.; Shering, G. [European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland)


    The control system of the two isotope separators of CERN, named ISOLDE, is being completely redesigned with the goal of having a flexible, high performance and inexpensive system. A new architecture that makes heavy use of the commercial software and hardware available for the huge Personal Computer (PC) market is being implemented on the 1700 geographically distributed control channels of the separators. 8 MS-DOS{sup TM} i386-based PCs with about 80 acquisition/control boards are used to access the equipments while 3 other PCs running Microsoft Windows{sup TM} and Microsoft Excel{sup TM} are used as consoles, the whole through a Novell{sup TM} Local Area Network with a PC Disk Server used as a database. This paper describes the interesting solutions found and discusses the reduced programming work load and costs that are expected to build the system before the start of the separators in March 1992. (author).

  10. Pocket PC-based portable gamma-ray spectrometer

    Kamontip Ploykrachang


    Full Text Available A portable gamma-ray spectrometer based on a Pocket PC has been developed. A 12-bit pipeline analog-to-digitalconverter (ADC associated with an implemented pulse height histogram function on field programmable gate array (FPGAoperating at 15 MHz is employed for pulse height analysis from built-in pulse amplifier. The system, which interfaces withthe Pocket PC via an enhanced RS-232 serial port under the microcontroller facilitation, is utilized for spectrum acquisition,display and analysis. The pulse height analysis capability of the system was tested and it was found that the ADC integralnonlinearity of ±0.45% was obtained with the throughput rate at 160 kcps. The overall system performance was tested usinga PIN photodiode-CsI(Tl crystal coupled scintillation detector and gamma standard radioactive sources of Cs-137 andCo-60. Low cost and the compact system size as a result of the implemented logical function are also discussed.

  11. A compact PC-based X-ray imaging system

    Asimidis, A. [Physics Department, Laboratory B, University of Ioannina, GR-45110 Ioannina (Greece)]. E-mail:; Evangelou, I. [Physics Department, Laboratory B, University of Ioannina, GR-45110 Ioannina (Greece); Kokkas, P. [Physics Department, Laboratory B, University of Ioannina, GR-45110 Ioannina (Greece); Manthos, N. [Physics Department, Laboratory B, University of Ioannina, GR-45110 Ioannina (Greece); Triantis, F. [Physics Department, Laboratory B, University of Ioannina, GR-45110 Ioannina (Greece); Speller, R.D. [Medical Physics and Bioengineering Department, University College London, 11-20 Capper Street, London WC1E 6JA (United Kingdom); Hall, G. [Physics Department, Imperial College, London SW7 2BW (United Kingdom); Stelt, P.F. van der [Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, NL 1066 EA Amsterdam (Netherlands)


    A compact, portable PC-based X-ray imaging system has been developed based on a 2D silicon microstrip sensor and particle physics readout electronics. The sensor is housed in a specially built hybrid, which also hosts the front-end electronics. The control and the readout electronics used are based on the standard PCI and PMC architectures and were originally developed for High Energy Physics Experiments. The use of PCI based electronics and the development of the control software for the PC-Linux platform led to a compact, portable, low cost imaging system. The system was initially tested and evaluated with beta particles from a {sup 90}Sr radioactive source, gamma rays from an {sup 241}Am radioactive source and cosmic rays, and it displayed consistent response. It was then operated using a compact X-ray machine with Mo tube and images of various targets were reconstructed offline using the ROOT data analysis package.

  12. Metal Detector By Using PIC Microcontroller Interfacing With PC

    Yin Min Theint


    Full Text Available Abstract This system proposes metal detector by using PIC microcontroller interfacing with PC. The system uses PIC microcontroller as the main controller whether the detected metal is ferrous metal or non-ferrous metal. Among various types of metal sensors and various types of metal detecting technologies concentric type induction coil sensor and VLF very low frequency metal detecting technology are used in this system. This system consists of two configurations Hardware configuration and Software configuration. The hardware components include induction coil sensors which senses the frequency changes of metal a PIC microcontroller personal computer PC buzzer light emitting diode LED and webcam. The software configuration includes a program controller interface. PIC MikroCprogramming language is used to implement the control system. This control system is based on the PIC 16F887 microcontroller.This system is mainly used in mining and high security places such as airport plaza shopping mall and governmental buildings.

  13. PC analysis of stochastic differential equations driven by Wiener noise

    Le Maitre, Olivier


    A polynomial chaos (PC) analysis with stochastic expansion coefficients is proposed for stochastic differential equations driven by additive or multiplicative Wiener noise. It is shown that for this setting, a Galerkin formalism naturally leads to the definition of a hierarchy of stochastic differential equations governing the evolution of the PC modes. Under the mild assumption that the Wiener and uncertain parameters can be treated as independent random variables, it is also shown that the Galerkin formalism naturally separates parametric uncertainty and stochastic forcing dependences. This enables us to perform an orthogonal decomposition of the process variance, and consequently identify contributions arising from the uncertainty in parameters, the stochastic forcing, and a coupled term. Insight gained from this decomposition is illustrated in light of implementation to simplified linear and non-linear problems; the case of a stochastic bifurcation is also considered.

  14. Qscilloscope: A Pc-Based Real Time Oscilloscope

    Ms. Dhanshri Damodar Patil,


    Full Text Available The scenery of this paper is to design a PC- based Real Time Oscilloscope, called “Qscilloscope”. Qscilloscope is capable to connect a computer with a small device via universal serial bus (USB port for voltage signal waveform display and alteration. It detects maximum +20V to minimum -20V with the input frequency range from 0.1Hz - 1 kHz. Furthermore, it interfaces with host PC via the USB port from 9.6k to 115.2k baud rate. Qscilloscope Software Application is constructed by using Visual Basic .Net for user to interface the device with a well designed Graphic User Interface. It consists of several embedded features such as open, save and print waveform. By changing the scaling properties and graphic properties, users are allowed to modify the input signal to a desired output waveform.

  15. Structure of pentaquarks Pc+ in the chiral quark model

    Yang, Gang; Ping, Jialun; Wang, Fan


    The recent experimental results of the LHCb Collaboration suggested the existence of pentaquark states with a charmonium. To understand the structure of the states, a dynamical calculation of 5-quark systems with quantum numbers I JP=1/2 (1/2 )±,1/2 (3/2 )±and1/2 (5/2 )±is performed in the framework of the chiral quark model with the help of the Gaussian expansion method. The results show that there are several negative parity resonance states while all of the positive parity states are the scattering states. The Pc(4380 ) state is suggested to be the pentaquark state of Σc*D ¯. Although the energy of ΣcD ¯* is very close to the mass of Pc(4450 ), the inconsistent parity prevents the assignment. The calculated distances between quarks confirm the molecular nature of the states.

  16. Tablet PC Enabled Body Sensor System for Rural Telehealth Applications

    Nitha V. Panicker


    Full Text Available Telehealth systems benefit from the rapid growth of mobile communication technology for measuring physiological signals. Development and validation of a tablet PC enabled noninvasive body sensor system for rural telehealth application are discussed in this paper. This system includes real time continuous collection of physiological parameters (blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature and fall detection of a patient with the help of a body sensor unit and wireless transmission of the acquired information to a tablet PC handled by the medical staff in a Primary Health Center (PHC. Abnormal conditions are automatically identified and alert messages are given to the medical officer in real time. Clinical validation is performed in a real environment and found to be successful. Bland-Altman analysis is carried out to validate the wrist blood pressure sensor used. The system works well for all measurements.

  17. Intraocular pressure following ECCE, phacoemulsification, and PC-IOL implantation.

    Kooner, K S; Cooksey, J C; Perry, P; Zimmerman, T J


    Abnormal intraocular pressure (IOP), either transient or permanent, may follow extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE) with phacoemulsification (PE) and posterior chamber intraocular lens (PC-IOL) implantation. We retrospectively studied IOP measurements at different intervals post ECCE and PE in 242 eyes of 211 patients: 105 males, 106 females, 198 Caucasians and 13 blacks. Elevated IOP (greater than 23 mm Hg) was observed in 20 eyes (8.2%). Only two patients (0.8%) had persistent (greater than 3 months) IOP elevation and needed antiglaucoma therapy. Six more eyes (2.5%), however, developed glaucoma after 1 year. Hence, the incidence of secondary pseudophakic glaucoma at the conclusion of this study was 3.3%. No patient required laser or other mechanical surgery for IOP control. ECCE and PE with PC-IOL does not appear to adversely affect IOP. Patients, however, must be followed closely, as some may develop glaucoma months after surgery.

  18. Flexible missile autopilot design studies with PC-MATLAB/386

    Ruth, Michael J.


    Development of a responsive, high-bandwidth missile autopilot for airframes which have structural modes of unusually low frequency presents a challenging design task. Such systems are viable candidates for modern, state-space control design methods. The PC-MATLAB interactive software package provides an environment well-suited to the development of candidate linear control laws for flexible missile autopilots. The strengths of MATLAB include: (1) exceptionally high speed (MATLAB's version for 80386-based PC's offers benchmarks approaching minicomputer and mainframe performance); (2) ability to handle large design models of several hundred degrees of freedom, if necessary; and (3) broad extensibility through user-defined functions. To characterize MATLAB capabilities, a simplified design example is presented. This involves interactive definition of an observer-based state-space compensator for a flexible missile autopilot design task. MATLAB capabilities and limitations, in the context of this design task, are then summarized.

  19. Studies on molecular interactions between puerarin and PC liposomes


    Fluorescence emission spectra, FTIR spectra, zeta potential measurements, and ab initio quantum calculation are used to study the interaction between puerarin and membranes composed of egg phosphatidylcholine (PC) liposome. The hydrophobic interactions cause the puerarin molecule to partition into lipid bilayers with its B-ring, and favor the displacement of acid-base equilibrium of puerarin towards the base form. Due to the hydrogen bond formation between the puerarin hydroxyl groups and polar groups of PC molecules on the water/membrane interface, puerarin can easily intercalate into the organized structure of phospholipids and modulate the membrane function. Our results reveal that the liposome membrane integrity is significantly higher compared with that of empty liposome.

  20. A PC- Based Transient Method for Thermal Conductivity Measurement.

    A.K. Singh


    Full Text Available In this paper, an indigenously developed thermal probe has been interfaced with a PC for automated measurement of thermal conductivity (K . The developed system has been calibrated and standardised by measuring K of glycerol. The maximum percentage error, for repeated sets of observations, was within 7.29 per cent of standard value reported for glycerol. This methodology has been successfully employed for measuring K of propellant oxidisers, additives, binders, etc.

  1. PC-give and David Hendry's econometric methodology

    Neil R. Ericsson; Julia Campos; Hong-Anh Tran


    This paper summarizes David Hendry's empirical econometric methodology, unifying discussions in many of his and his co-authors' papers. Then, we describe how Hendry's suite of computer programs PC-GIVE helps users implement that methodology. Finally, we illustrate that methodology and the programs with three empirical examples: post­war narrow money demand in the United Kingdom, nominal income determination in the United Kingdom from Friedman and Schwartz (1982), and consumers' expenditure in...

  2. PC Based Display for Sonar Applications: A Design Experience

    G. Miny


    Full Text Available An attempt was made to standardise the hardware and the software used for the sonar display systems. The idea of standardise hardware suggested itself in using an IBM-compatible PC AT which configures with an Intel 80386 CPU and a standard VGA display adapter card. The software consists of Intel assembly procedures embedded in a PASCAL (turbo 4.0 environment.

  3. The photodynamic antibacterial effects of silicon phthalocyanine (Pc) 4.

    Dimaano, Matthew L; Rozario, Chantal; Nerandzic, Michelle M; Donskey, Curtis J; Lam, Minh; Baron, Elma D


    The emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains in facultative anaerobic Gram-positive coccal bacteria, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), is a global health issue. Typically, MRSA strains are found associated with institutions like hospitals but recent data suggest that they are becoming more prevalent in community-acquired infections. It is thought that the incidence and prevalence of bacterial infections will continue to increase as (a) more frequent use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and immunosuppressive medications; (b) increased number of invasive medical procedures; and (c) higher incidence of neutropenia and HIV infections. Therefore, more optimal treatments, such as photodynamic therapy (PDT), are warranted. PDT requires the interaction of light, a photosensitizing agent, and molecular oxygen to induce cytotoxic effects. In this study, we investigated the efficacy and characterized the mechanism of cytotoxicity induced by photodynamic therapy sensitized by silicon phthalocyanine (Pc) 4 on (a) methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA) (ATCC 25923); (b) community acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) (ATCC 43300); and (c) hospital acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (HA-MRSA) (PFGE type 300). Our data include confocal image analysis, which confirmed that Pc 4 is taken up by all S. aureus strains, and viable cell recovery assay, which showed that concentrations as low as 1.0 μM Pc 4 incubated for 3 h at 37 °C followed by light at 2.0 J/cm2 can reduce cell survival by 2-5 logs. These results are encouraging, but before PDT can be utilized as an alternative treatment for eradicating resistant strains, we must first characterize the mechanism of cell death that Pc 4-based PDT employs in eliminating these pathogens.

  4. The Photodynamic Antibacterial Effects of Silicon Phthalocyanine (Pc 4

    Matthew L. Dimaano


    Full Text Available The emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains in facultative anaerobic Gram-positive coccal bacteria, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA, is a global health issue. Typically, MRSA strains are found associated with institutions like hospitals but recent data suggest that they are becoming more prevalent in community-acquired infections. It is thought that the incidence and prevalence of bacterial infections will continue to increase as (a more frequent use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and immunosuppressive medications; (b increased number of invasive medical procedures; and (c higher incidence of neutropenia and HIV infections. Therefore, more optimal treatments, such as photodynamic therapy (PDT, are warranted. PDT requires the interaction of light, a photosensitizing agent, and molecular oxygen to induce cytotoxic effects. In this study, we investigated the efficacy and characterized the mechanism of cytotoxicity induced by photodynamic therapy sensitized by silicon phthalocyanine (Pc 4 on (a methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA (ATCC 25923; (b community acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA (ATCC 43300; and (c hospital acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (HA-MRSA (PFGE type 300. Our data include confocal image analysis, which confirmed that Pc 4 is taken up by all S. aureus strains, and viable cell recovery assay, which showed that concentrations as low as 1.0 μM Pc 4 incubated for 3 h at 37 °C followed by light at 2.0 J/cm2 can reduce cell survival by 2–5 logs. These results are encouraging, but before PDT can be utilized as an alternative treatment for eradicating resistant strains, we must first characterize the mechanism of cell death that Pc 4-based PDT employs in eliminating these pathogens.

  5. A scalable PC-based parallel computer for lattice QCD

    Fodor, Z; Papp, G


    A PC-based parallel computer for medium/large scale lattice QCD simulations is suggested. The Eotvos Univ., Inst. Theor. Phys. cluster consists of 137 Intel P4-1.7GHz nodes. Gigabit Ethernet cards are used for nearest neighbor communication in a two-dimensional mesh. The sustained performance for dynamical staggered(wilson) quarks on large lattices is around 70(110) GFlops. The exceptional price/performance ratio is below $1/Mflop.

  6. Practical Pocket PC Application w/Biometric Security

    Logan, Julian


    I work in the Flight Software Engineering Branch, where we provide design and development of embedded real-time software applications for flight and supporting ground systems to support the NASA Aeronautics and Space Programs. In addition, this branch evaluates, develops and implements new technologies for embedded real-time systems, and maintains a laboratory for applications of embedded technology. The majority of microchips that are used in modern society have been programmed using embedded technology. These small chips can be found in microwaves, calculators, home security systems, cell phones and more. My assignment this summer entails working with an iPAQ HP 5500 Pocket PC. This top-of-the-line hand-held device is one of the first mobile PC's to introduce biometric security capabilities. Biometric security, in this case a fingerprint authentication system, is on the edge of technology as far as securing information. The benefits of fingerprint authentication are enormous. The most significant of them are that it is extremely difficult to reproduce someone else's fingerprint, and it is equally difficult to lose or forget your own fingerprint as opposed to a password or pin number. One of my goals for this summer is to integrate this technology with another Pocket PC application. The second task for the summer is to develop a simple application that provides an Astronaut EVA (Extravehicular Activity) Log Book capability. The Astronaut EVA Log Book is what an astronaut would use to report the status of field missions, crew physical health, successes, future plans, etc. My goal is to develop a user interface into which these data fields can be entered and stored. The applications that I am developing are created using eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 with the Pocket PC 2003 Software Development Kit provided by Microsoft.


    Differential modulation of catecholamines by chlorotriazine herbicides in pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells in vitro.Das PC, McElroy WK, Cooper RL.Curriculum in Toxicology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 27599, USA.Epidemiological, wildlife, and lab...

  8. Hypergravity Stimulation Enhances PC12 Neuron-Like Cell Differentiation

    Giada Graziana Genchi


    Full Text Available Altered gravity is a strong physical cue able to elicit different cellular responses, representing a largely uninvestigated opportunity for tissue engineering/regenerative medicine applications. Our recent studies have shown that both proliferation and differentiation of C2C12 skeletal muscle cells can be enhanced by hypergravity treatment; given these results, PC12 neuron-like cells were chosen to test the hypothesis that hypergravity stimulation might also affect the behavior of neuronal cells, in particular promoting an enhanced differentiated phenotype. PC12 cells were thus cultured under differentiating conditions for either 12 h or 72 h before being stimulated with different values of hypergravity (50 g and 150 g. Effects of hypergravity were evaluated at transcriptional level 1 h and 48 h after the stimulation, and at protein level 48 h from hypergravity exposure, to assess its influence on neurite development over increasing differentiation times. PC12 differentiation resulted strongly affected by the hypergravity treatments; in particular, neurite length was significantly enhanced after exposure to high acceleration values. The achieved results suggest that hypergravity might induce a faster and higher neuronal differentiation and encourage further investigations on the potential of hypergravity in the preparation of cellular constructs for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering purposes.

  9. Mutant alpha-synuclein and autophagy in PC12 cells

    Kangyong Liu; Chunfeng Liu; Chuancheng Ren; Yaping Yang; Liwei Shen; Xuezhong Li; Fen Wang; Zhenghong Qin


    Several studies have demonstrated that overexpression of mutant α-synuclein in PC12 cells is related to occurrence of autophagy.The present study established mutant a-synuclein (A30P)-transfected PC12 cells and treated them with the autophagy inducer rapamycin and autophagy inhibitor wortmannin, respectively.Results demonstrated that mutant o-synuclein resulted in cell death via autophagy and involved α-synuclein accumulation, membrane lipid oxidation, and loss of plasma membrane integrity.Mutant α-synuclein (A30P) also mediated toxicity of1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium ion.Moreover, rapamycin inhibited a-synuclein aggregation, while wortmannin promoted o-synuclein aggregation and cell death.To further determine the role of autophagy due to mutant a-synuclein, the present study measured expression of microtubule-associated protein light chain 3.Results revealed that wortmannin and 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium ion inhibited expression of microtubule-associated protein light chain 3,while rapamycin promoted its expression.These findings suggested that abnormal aggregation of a-synuclein induced autophagic programmed cell death in PC12 cells.

  10. Apoptotic effect of cobalt chloride on PC12 cells%氯化钴对PC12细胞的凋亡作用

    曾季平; 王立祥; 胡晓燕; 于清水; 秦文; 崔行


    目的确定氯化钴(CoCl2)对PC12细胞的影响.方法构建CoCl2诱导的PC12细胞模型,检测CoCl2对PC12细胞的毒性作用;将Caspases的抑制基因p35转染PC12细胞得到可稳定表达p35基因的细胞株PC12/p35,检测p35对CoCl2诱导的PC12细胞的作用;检测Caspases特异性多肽抑制剂Z-VAD-FMK对CoCl2诱导的PC12细胞的作用.结果分别以100、300、500、700和1 000 μmol/L CoCl2诱导PC12细胞24 h或以500μmol/L CoCl2分别诱导PC12细胞12、24、36、48和60 h后,PC12细胞存活率均明显下降(P<0.01),并与CoCl2诱导的时间和浓度呈正相关;细胞亚显微结构检测,流式细胞分析和DNA片段化结果也表明500 μmol/L CoCl2诱导PC12细胞24 h可使PC12细胞出现明显凋亡特征.构建可稳定表达Caspase蛋白酶抑制基因p35的PC12细胞株,或分别加入50和100 μmol/L Caspases多肽抑制剂Z-VAD-FMK预处理PC12细胞1 h后,以500μmol/L CoCl2诱导PC12细胞24 h,形态学观察结果,细胞存活率检测和流式细胞分析均表明p35基因和Z-VAD-FMK均可有效地抑制CoCl2诱导的PC12细胞凋亡(P<0.01).结论CoCl2可诱导PC12细胞凋亡.

  11. Static and Dynamic Energetic Disorders in the C 60 , PC 61 BM, C 70 , and PC 71 BM Fullerenes

    Tummala, Naga Rajesh


    We use a combination of molecular dynamics simulations and density functional theory calculations to investigate the energetic disorder in fullerene systems. We show that the energetic disorder evaluated from an ensemble average contains contributions of both static origin (time-independent, due to loose packing) and dynamic origin (time-dependent, due to electron-vibration interactions). In order to differentiate between these two contributions, we compare the results obtained from an ensemble average approach with those derived from a time average approach. It is found that in both amorphous C60 and C70 bulk systems, the degrees of static and dynamic disorder are comparable, while in the amorphous PC61BM and PC71BM systems, static disorder is about twice as large as dynamic disorder. © 2015 American Chemical Society.

  12. Analysis of Pc+(4380 ) and Pc+(4450 ) as pentaquark states in the molecular picture with QCD sum rules

    Azizi, K.; Sarac, Y.; Sundu, H.


    To better understand the nature and internal structure of the exotic states discovered by many collaborations, more information on their electromagnetic properties and their strong and weak interactions with other hadrons is needed. The residue or current coupling constant of these states together with their mass are the main inputs in determinations of such properties. We perform QCD sum rules analyses on the hidden-charm pentaquark states with spin parities JP=3/2± and JP=5/2± to calculate their residue and mass. In the calculations, we adopt a molecular picture for JP=3/2± states and a mixed current in a molecular form for JP=5/2±. Our analyses show that the Pc+(4380 ) and Pc+(4450 ), observed by the LHCb Collaboration, can be considered as hidden-charm pentaquark states with JP=3/2- and JP=5/2+, respectively.

  13. Mechanisms of rotenone-induced neurotoxicity in PC 12 cells

    Wei Han; Lizhong Sun; Jiafeng Chen; Ming Chang; Hongyan Huo; Linsen Hu


    BACKGROUND: Rotenone-induced neurotoxicity in PC 12 cells has been widely used to study the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. However, the precise mechanisms underlying rotenone-induced dopaminergic neuronal degeneration in Parkinson's disease remains unclear.OBJECTIVE: To establish rotenone-induced neurotoxicity in PC 12 cells, and to investigate the possible action pathways to rotenone-induced neural cell injury at the protein level.DESIGN, TIME AND SETTING: A controlled proteomics study was performed at the Department of Nearology, First Hospital, Jilin University between March 2006 and March 2007.MATERIALS: PC 12 cells were obtained from Shanghai Cell Bank of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.Rotenone was provided by Sigma, USA.METHODS: PC 12 cells in logarithmic growth phase were treated under experimental and control conditions, respectively. A total of 0.5 μ mol/L rotenone, or the same amount of Dulbecco's modified eagle's medium (DMEM), was added in the experimental and control conditions, respectively.MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Following 72 hours of rotenone treatment, cellular survival rate was determined by methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium assay, and apoptotic changes were detected by Hoechst 33342 staining. Total cellular protein was extracted to acquire differential protein expression data utilizing two-dimensional differential in-gel electrophoresis. To identify differential protein spots, matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) was used.RESULTS: In the MTT assay, the experimental condition induced significantly less cell survival compared to the control condition (P < 0.01 ). Hoechst 33342 staining revealed a larger number of apoptotic cells under the experimental condition compared to the control condition (P < 0.01 ), as determined by the presence of nuclear condensation, pyknosis, and nuclear fragmentation. Two-dimensional electrophoresis results showed that the differential expression of protein

  14. Research Progress of PcBN Materials and Cutting Tools%PcBN材料及其刀具研究进展

    班新星; 谢欢; 纪莲清; 刘书锋


    介绍了PcBN材料及其刀具的发展史,给出了制备PcBN的工艺流程及关键技术.通过大量实验数据总结出,作为合成PcBN的基本原料,cBN具有高的硬度和化学惰性.但高的化学惰性阻碍了晶格间的良好烧结,即cBN与cBN晶粒直接键合是十分困难的.分析了不同结合剂对制备PcBN的影响,介绍了金属结合剂及陶瓷结合剂对PcBN性能的影响,如:Al、B、AlN、TiN和WC等.最后对PcBN材料的发展作了展望.%The development status of materials and cutting tools of PcBN were briefly introduced, and the preparation PcBN process and the key technologies were given. Summed up by a large number of experimental data, as synthetic PcBN of basic raw materials, cBN has high hardness and chemical inertness. But high chemical inertness hinders the good sintering between the lattices. cBN and cBN grain direct bonding is very difficult. To solve the problems, the influences of different binders on the preparation of PcBN were analyzed, the metal-binding agents and ceramic-binding agents of PcBN performance were introduced, such as: Al, B, AlN and TiN, WC, etc. Finally, the development of PcBN materials in the future was prospected.

  15. Characterization of μ-oxo-(BsubPc)2 in Multiple Organic Photovoltaic Device Architectures: Comparing against and Combining with Cl-BsubPc.

    Castrucci, Jeffrey S; Garner, Richard K; Dang, Jeremy D; Thibau, Emmanuel; Lu, Zheng-Hong; Bender, Timothy P


    We demonstrate the first application of a unique boron subphthalocyanine (BsubPc) derivative, the oxygen bridged dimer μ-oxo-(BsubPc)2, as a multifunctional material within planar heterojunction organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices. We first explored the pairing of μ-oxo-(BsubPc)2 with well-known electron accepting and electron donating materials to explore its basic functionality. These preliminary device structures and metrics indicated that μ-oxo-(BsubPc)2 is best applied as an electron donating material when used in simple bilayer structures, as it yielded comparable OPV device efficiencies to that of the more well-established and highly optimized chloro-boron subphthalocyanine (Cl-BsubPc) OPV device structures. Thereafter we established that the HOMO/LUMO energy levels of μ-oxo-(BsubPc)2 are well-placed to apply it as a bifunctional donor/acceptor interlayer material in both energy and charge cascade OPV device architectures. Within this context, we found that μ-oxo-(BsubPc)2 was particularly effective in a charge cascade device as an interlayer between Cl-BsubPc and C70. We finally found evidence of an alloying-like effect for devices with mixed electron donor layers of (Cl-BsubPc) and μ-oxo-(BsubPc)2, achieved through co-deposition. The overarching conclusion is therefore that μ-oxo-(BsubPc)2 has the ability to improve the performance of Cl-BsubPc OPV devices and is a multifunctional material worthy of further study.

  16. File list: His.Prs.50.AllAg.PC-3 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available His.Prs.50.AllAg.PC-3 hg19 Histone Prostate PC-3 SRX539665,SRX539663,SRX181769,SRX5...39662,SRX539664 ...

  17. Make Projects Small Form Factor PCs

    Wessels, Duane


    Shoebox sized and smaller, small-form-factor PCs can pack as much computing muscle as a full-sized desktop computer. They consumer less power, have few or no moving parts, and are very quiet. Whether you plan to use one as a standalone PC or want to embed it in your next hacking project, a small-form-factor PC can be a lot of fun to build. Make Projects: Small Form Factor PCs is the only book available that shows you how to build small-form-factor PCs -- from kits and from scratch -- that are more interesting and more personalized than what a full-sized PC can give you. Included in the book

  18. Development of flame retardant polymer alloy PC/ABS%PC/ABS阻燃合金材料的研制

    刘振宏; 王静江; 袁晓燕



  19. Technology, engages in ring theory、 matrix theory. PC-rings and Almost Excellent Extensions%PC-环与几乎优越扩张

    赵志新; 刘仲奎


    In this paper we consider that rings R are coherents and R is p-injective. We call such rings to be right PC-rings. The structure of these rings is examined and if S is PC-ring i f and only if R is PC-ring, where S is an almost excsllent extension of R.%本文我们讨论了这种环R的结构,R是凝聚环且 R作为R_模是P_内射,我们称此环为PC_环.并证明了在几乎优越扩张下的不变性.

  20. Experiences from Swedish demonstration projects with phosphoric acid fuel cells; Erfarenheter fraan svenska demonstrationsprojekt med fosforsyrabraensleceller

    Carlsson, Per [Sycon Energikonsult AB, Stockholm (Sweden); Sarkoezi, Laszlo [Vattenfall Utveckling AB, Stockholm (Sweden)


    In Sweden, there are today two phosphoric acid fuel cells installed, one PC25A which have been in operation in more than 4 years, and one PC25C which have been in operation for two years. The aim with this project has been two compare operation characteristics, performance, and operation experiences for these two models.

  1. Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your PC All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

    Gookin, Dan


    Maintaining a PC is important, and troubleshooting a PC can be a challenge. Dan Gookin is great at explaining how to handle common PC problems, and he's provided a complete, plain-English manual in Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies. Liberally laced with Dan's famous humor and clear instructions, Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies is divided into six minibooks covering hardware, software, laptops, Internet, networking, and maintenance. Each one gives you some background on what causes common problems, to help you understand what's wrong as we

  2. Activated T cells exhibit increased uptake of silicon phthalocyanine Pc 4 and increased susceptibility to Pc 4-photodynamic therapy-mediated cell death.

    Soler, David C; Ohtola, Jennifer; Sugiyama, Hideaki; Rodriguez, Myriam E; Han, Ling; Oleinick, Nancy L; Lam, Minh; Baron, Elma D; Cooper, Kevin D; McCormick, Thomas S


    Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is an emerging treatment for malignant and inflammatory dermal disorders. Photoirradiation of the silicon phthalocyanine (Pc) 4 photosensitizer with red light generates singlet oxygen and other reactive oxygen species to induce cell death. We previously reported that Pc 4-PDT elicited cell death in lymphoid-derived (Jurkat) and epithelial-derived (A431) cell lines in vitro, and furthermore that Jurkat cells were more sensitive than A431 cells to treatment. In this study, we examined the effectiveness of Pc 4-PDT on primary human CD3(+) T cells in vitro. Fluorometric analyses of lysed T cells confirmed the dose-dependent uptake of Pc 4 in non-stimulated and stimulated T cells. Flow cytometric analyses measuring annexin V and propidium iodide (PI) demonstrated a dose-dependent increase of T cell apoptosis (6.6-59.9%) at Pc 4 doses ranging from 0-300 nM. Following T cell stimulation through the T cell receptor using a combination of anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 antibodies, activated T cells exhibited increased susceptibility to Pc 4-PDT-induced apoptosis (10.6-81.2%) as determined by Pc 4 fluorescence in each cell, in both non-stimulated and stimulated T cells, Pc 4 uptake increased with Pc 4 dose up to 300 nM as assessed by flow cytometry. The mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) of Pc 4 uptake measured in stimulated T cells was significantly increased over the uptake of resting T cells at each dose of Pc 4 tested (50, 100, 150 and 300 nM, p PDT exerts an enhanced apoptotic effect on activated CD3(+) T cells that may be exploited in targeting T cell-mediated skin diseases, such as cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) or psoriasis.


    Manning, R. M.


    antenna required to establish a link with the satellite, the statistical parameters that characterize the rainrate process at the terminal site, the length of the propagation path within the potential rain region, and its projected length onto the local horizontal. The IBM PC version of LeRC-SLAM (LEW-14979) is written in Microsoft QuickBASIC for an IBM PC compatible computer with a monitor and printer capable of supporting an 80-column format. The IBM PC version is available on a 5.25 inch MS-DOS format diskette. The program requires about 30K RAM. The source code and executable are included. The Macintosh version of LeRC-SLAM (LEW-14977) is written in Microsoft Basic, Binary (b) v2.00 for Macintosh II series computers running MacOS. This version requires 400K RAM and is available on a 3.5 inch 800K Macintosh format diskette, which includes source code only. The Macintosh version was developed in 1987 and the IBM PC version was developed in 1989. IBM PC is a trademark of International Business Machines. MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.


    Riley, G.


    The C Language Integrated Production System, CLIPS, is a shell for developing expert systems. It is designed to allow artificial intelligence research, development, and delivery on conventional computers. The primary design goals for CLIPS are portability, efficiency, and functionality. For these reasons, the program is written in C. CLIPS meets or outperforms most micro- and minicomputer based artificial intelligence tools. CLIPS is a forward chaining rule-based language. The program contains an inference engine and a language syntax that provide a framework for the construction of an expert system. It also includes tools for debugging an application. CLIPS is based on the Rete algorithm, which enables very efficient pattern matching. The collection of conditions and actions to be taken if the conditions are met is constructed into a rule network. As facts are asserted either prior to or during a session, CLIPS pattern-matches the number of fields. Wildcards and variables are supported for both single and multiple fields. CLIPS syntax allows the inclusion of externally defined functions (outside functions which are written in a language other than CLIPS). CLIPS itself can be embedded in a program such that the expert system is available as a simple subroutine call. Advanced features found in CLIPS version 4.3 include an integrated microEMACS editor, the ability to generate C source code from a CLIPS rule base to produce a dedicated executable, binary load and save capabilities for CLIPS rule bases, and the utility program CRSV (Cross-Reference, Style, and Verification) designed to facilitate the development and maintenance of large rule bases. Five machine versions are available. Each machine version includes the source and the executable for that machine. The UNIX version includes the source and binaries for IBM RS/6000, Sun3 series, and Sun4 series computers. The UNIX, DEC VAX, and DEC RISC Workstation versions are line oriented. The PC version and the Macintosh

  5. Transcriptional Coactivator and Chromatin Protein PC4 Is Involved in Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Spatial Memory Extinction.

    Swaminathan, Amrutha; Delage, Hélène; Chatterjee, Snehajyoti; Belgarbi-Dutron, Laurence; Cassel, Raphaelle; Martinez, Nicole; Cosquer, Brigitte; Kumari, Sujata; Mongelard, Fabien; Lannes, Béatrice; Cassel, Jean-Christophe; Boutillier, Anne-Laurence; Bouvet, Philippe; Kundu, Tapas K


    Although the elaborate combination of histone and non-histone protein complexes defines chromatin organization and hence regulates numerous nuclear processes, the role of chromatin organizing proteins remains unexplored at the organismal level. The highly abundant, multifunctional, chromatin-associated protein and transcriptional coactivator positive coactivator 4 (PC4/Sub1) is absolutely critical for life, because its absence leads to embryonic lethality. Here, we report results obtained with conditional PC4 knock-out (PC4(f/f) Nestin-Cre) mice where PC4 is knocked out specifically in the brain. Compared with the control (PC4(+/+) Nestin-Cre) mice, PC4(f/f) Nestin-Cre mice are smaller with decreased nocturnal activity but are fertile and show no motor dysfunction. Neurons in different areas of the brains of these mice show sensitivity to hypoxia/anoxia, and decreased adult neurogenesis was observed in the dentate gyrus. Interestingly, PC4(f/f) Nestin-Cre mice exhibit a severe deficit in spatial memory extinction, whereas acquisition and long term retention were unaffected. Gene expression analysis of the dorsal hippocampus of PC4(f/f) Nestin-Cre mice revealed dysregulated expression of several neural function-associated genes, and PC4 was consistently found to localize on the promoters of these genes, indicating that PC4 regulates their expression. These observations indicate that non-histone chromatin-associated proteins like PC4 play a significant role in neuronal plasticity.

  6. Nasal associated lymphoid tissue of the Syrian golden hamster expresses high levels of PrPC.

    Melissa D Clouse

    Full Text Available The key event in the pathogenesis of the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies is a template-dependent misfolding event where an infectious isoform of the prion protein (PrPSc comes into contact with native prion protein (PrPC and changes its conformation to PrPSc. In many extraneurally inoculated models of prion disease this PrPC misfolding event occurs in lymphoid tissues prior to neuroinvasion. The primary objective of this study was to compare levels of total PrPC in hamster lymphoid tissues involved in the early pathogenesis of prion disease. Lymphoid tissues were collected from golden Syrian hamsters and Western blot analysis was performed to quantify PrPC levels. PrPC immunohistochemistry (IHC of paraffin embedded tissue sections was performed to identify PrPC distribution in tissues of the lymphoreticular system. Nasal associated lymphoid tissue contained the highest amount of total PrPC followed by Peyer's patches, mesenteric and submandibular lymph nodes, and spleen. The relative levels of PrPC expression in IHC processed tissue correlated strongly with the Western blot data, with high levels of PrPC corresponding with a higher percentage of PrPC positive B cell follicles. High levels of PrPC in lymphoid tissues closely associated with the nasal cavity could contribute to the relative increased efficiency of the nasal route of entry of prions, compared to other routes of infection.

  7. Nasal associated lymphoid tissue of the Syrian golden hamster expresses high levels of PrPC.

    Clouse, Melissa D; Shikiya, Ronald A; Bartz, Jason C; Kincaid, Anthony E


    The key event in the pathogenesis of the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies is a template-dependent misfolding event where an infectious isoform of the prion protein (PrPSc) comes into contact with native prion protein (PrPC) and changes its conformation to PrPSc. In many extraneurally inoculated models of prion disease this PrPC misfolding event occurs in lymphoid tissues prior to neuroinvasion. The primary objective of this study was to compare levels of total PrPC in hamster lymphoid tissues involved in the early pathogenesis of prion disease. Lymphoid tissues were collected from golden Syrian hamsters and Western blot analysis was performed to quantify PrPC levels. PrPC immunohistochemistry (IHC) of paraffin embedded tissue sections was performed to identify PrPC distribution in tissues of the lymphoreticular system. Nasal associated lymphoid tissue contained the highest amount of total PrPC followed by Peyer's patches, mesenteric and submandibular lymph nodes, and spleen. The relative levels of PrPC expression in IHC processed tissue correlated strongly with the Western blot data, with high levels of PrPC corresponding with a higher percentage of PrPC positive B cell follicles. High levels of PrPC in lymphoid tissues closely associated with the nasal cavity could contribute to the relative increased efficiency of the nasal route of entry of prions, compared to other routes of infection.

  8. A PC-controlled voltage pulse generator for electroanalytical applications

    Heredia-López, Francisco J.; Góngora-Alfaro, José L.; Alvarez-Cervera, Fernando J.; Bata-García, José Luis


    We present the design of a voltage pulse generator controlled by an IBM or compatible AT Personal Computer (PC) capable of synthesizing some of the voltage pulse wave forms commonly used in electrochemical studies. The included signals are: differential pulse voltametry, differential normal pulse voltametry, and differential pulse amperometry. Additionally, a triangular wave form and a constant-voltage signal, used in the pretreatment of carbon fiber microelectrodes for neurochemical analysis, are also available. Operating the generator imposes a minimum of restrictions on the specification of the duration, amplitude, and type of wave shapes. Low-cost PC-based design allows for compatibility, portability, and versatility. The operating ranges of the wave form parameters for the three voltametric signals are: initial voltage, -0.9-+0.9 V; step amplitude, 0.1-900 mV; period, 6 ms-60 s; measuring pulse amplitude, 0.1-900 mV; measuring pulse duration, 2 ms-20 s; prepulse duration, 2 ms-20 s. In the electrode pretreatment mode, the operating ranges are: amplitude, 0-±5 V; duration, unlimited; frequency, 15-240 Hz. The generator uses its own time base for the generation of all signals, thereby rendering it independent of processor clock speed or power-line frequency. The results of the experimental evaluation indicate that the system is accurate within ±10% of the expected values, taking into account the errors associated with the signal synthesis and the digitizing process. The maximum achievable scan rate is 500 V/s, and the highest frequency for the triangular wave form is 240 Hz. Therefore, the pulse generator could be used for fast cyclic voltametry (FCV). FCV and other wave forms could be added through software modules, without any hardware changes. We conclude that the PC-based electrochemistry pulse generator represents an economical and flexible alternative for electroanalytical applications.

  9. Acidic extracellular microenvironment promotes the invasion and cathepsin B secretion of PC-3 cells.

    Gao, Li; Fang, You-Qiang; Zhang, Tian-Yu; Ge, Bo; Tang, Rong-Jing; Huang, Jie-Fu; Jiang, Lei-Ming; Tan, Ning


    This study aimed to investigate the effect of acidic microenvironment on the invasion of prostatic carcinoma PC-3 cells and to explore the potential mechanism. PC-3 cells were maintained in medium at different pHs (pH 7.4, pH 7.0 and pH 6.6). Invasion and metastasis of PC-3 cells were investigated in vitro. Acridine orange staining was performed, followed by laser confocal scanning microscopy for the localization of lysosomes. Western blot assay and ELISA were employed to evaluate the effect of acidic microenvironment on the cathepsin B secretion. Acidic microenvironment remarkably promote the invasion and migration of PC-3 cells (Pmicroenvironment promoted the cathepsin B secretion in PC- cells. Acidic microenvironment may significantly promote the invasion of PC-3 cells and increase the secretion of cathepsin B. This suggests that the acidic microenvironment induced invasion of PC- cells is related to the elevated cathepsin B secretion.

  10. Human transcriptional coactivator PC4 stimulates DNA end joining and activates DSB repair activity.

    Batta, Kiran; Yokokawa, Masatoshi; Takeyasu, Kunio; Kundu, Tapas K


    Human transcriptional coactivator PC4 is a highly abundant nuclear protein that is involved in diverse cellular processes ranging from transcription to chromatin organization. Earlier, we have shown that PC4, a positive activator of p53, overexpresses upon genotoxic insult in a p53-dependent manner. In the present study, we show that PC4 stimulates ligase-mediated DNA end joining irrespective of the source of DNA ligase. Pull-down assays reveal that PC4 helps in the association of DNA ends through its C-terminal domain. In vitro nonhomologous end-joining assays with cell-free extracts show that PC4 enhances the joining of noncomplementary DNA ends. Interestingly, we found that PC4 activates double-strand break (DSB) repair activity through stimulation of DSB rejoining in vivo. Together, these findings demonstrate PC4 as an activator of nonhomologous end joining and DSB repair activity.

  11. Dielectric and Energy Storage Properties of the Heterogeneous P(VDF-HFP)/PC Composite Films

    Zhao, Xiaojia; Peng, Guirong; Zhan, Zaiji


    Polymer-based materials with a high discharge energy and low energy loss have attracted considerable attention for energy storage applications. A new class of polymer-based composite films composed of amorphous polycarbonate (PC) and poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene) [P(VDF-HFP)] has been fabricated by simply solution blending followed by thermal treatment under vacuum. The results show that the diameter of the spherical phase for PC and the melting temperature of P(VDF-HFP) increase, and the crystallinity and crystallization temperature of P(VDF-HFP) decrease with increasing PC content. The phase transition from the polar β phase to weak polarity γ phase is induced by PC addition. Moreover, the Curie temperature of the P(VDF-HFP)/PC composite films shifts to a lower temperature. With the addition of PC, the permittivity, polarization and discharge energy of the P(VDF-HFP)/PC composite films slightly decrease. However, the energy loss is significantly reduced.

  12. Characterization of RNA interference in rat PC12 cells

    Thonberg, Håkan; Schéele, Camilla C; Dahlgren, Cecilia


    Double-stranded RNA can initiate post transcriptional gene silencing in mammalian cell cultures via a mechanism known as RNA interference (RNAi). The sequence-specific degradation of homologous mRNA is triggered by 21-nucleotide RNA-duplexes termed short interfering RNA (siRNA). The homologous...... of the rat Golgi-ER protein 95 kDa (GERp95), an Argonaute family protein, by siRNA methodology. After GERp95-ablation, sequential knockdown of NPY by siRNA was shown to be impaired. Thus, we report that the GERp95 protein is functionally required for RNAi targeting NPY in rat PC12 cells....

  13. PC Cluster Machine Equipped with High-Speed Communication Software

    Tanaka, M


    A high performance Beowulf (PC cluster) machine installed with Linux operating system and MPI (Message Passing Interface) for interprocessor communications has been constructed using Gigabit Ethernet and the communication software GAMMA (Genoa Active Message Machine), instead of the standard TCP/IP protocol. Fast C/Fortran compilers have been exploited with the GAMMA communication libraries. This method has eliminated large communication overhead of TCP/IP and resulted in significant increase in the computational performance of real application programs including the first-principle molecular dynamics simulation code. (Keywords: non TCP/IP, active messages, small latency, fast C/Fortran compilers, materials science, first-principle molecular dynamics)

  14. PC interfacing using Centronics, RS232 and game ports

    An, Pei


    The main links with your PC and the outside world are the centronic port, used for connecting the printer, the RS232 port, used for the mouse, and the games port for a joystick. This book explores how these input/output (I/O) ports can be put to use through a range of other interfacing applications. This is especially useful for laptop and palmtop PCs which cannot be fitted with internal I/O cards. A novel approach is taken by this book, combining the hardware through which the ports can be explored, and the software programming needed to carry out a range of experiments.Circuits are p

  15. Suspension bridge with floor slab using precast PC slab; Yukaban ni purekyasuto PC burokku wo mochiita tsuribashi {center_dot} shinonome sakurabashi/tochigiken mibumachi



    As part of park improvement project of across of Kuro River flowing through Mibu Town of Tochigi Prefecture, a suspension bridge with floor plate using precast PC slab was erected. The size of floor block used is 5.5-7.5m in width, 2.5m in length, 14cm in thickness. 38 of these blocks were linked, resin was poured into joint, and stress was applied in bridge axis direction after hardening of resin. By prestressing, these floor slab had performance as reinforcing beam in normal loading condition, high rigidity of floor slab demonstrated excellent vibration stability. and enabled emergency vehicle traffic while this bridge is exclusively pedestrian use in normal time. Erection work was carried out in low water period of the river. Since the river can be reclaimed in low water period, most of erection work was carried out on land. Furthermore, utilizing advantages of precast slab, construction from erection of main tower to bridge completion was finished in only 3 months. (translated by NEDO)

  16. Enhanced photodynamic efficacy towards melanoma cells by encapsulation of Pc4 in silica nanoparticles.

    Zhao, Baozhong; Yin, Jun-Jie; Bilski, Piotr J; Chignell, Colin F; Roberts, Joan E; He, Yu-Ying


    Nanoparticles have been explored recently as an efficient means of delivering photosensitizers for cancer diagnosis and photodynamic therapy (PDT). Silicon phthalocyanine 4 (Pc4) is currently being clinically tested as a photosensitizer for PDT. Unfortunately, Pc4 aggregates in aqueous solutions, which dramatically reduces its PDT efficacy and therefore limits its clinical application. We have encapsulated Pc4 using silica nanoparticles (Pc4SNP), which not only improved the aqueous solubility, stability, and delivery of the photodynamic drug but also increased its photodynamic efficacy compared to free Pc4 molecules. Pc4SNP generated photo-induced singlet oxygen more efficiently than free Pc4 as measured by chemical probe and EPR trapping techniques. Transmission electron microscopy and dynamic light scattering measurements showed that the size of the particles is in the range of 25-30 nm. Cell viability measurements demonstrated that Pc4SNP was more phototoxic to A375 or B16-F10 melanoma cells than free Pc4. Pc4SNP photodamaged melanoma cells primarily through apoptosis. Irradiation of A375 cells in the presence of Pc4SNP resulted in a significant increase in intracellular protein-derived peroxides, suggesting a Type II (singlet oxygen) mechanism for phototoxicity. More Pc4SNP than free Pc4 was localized in the mitochondria and lysosomes. Our results show that these stable, monodispersed silica nanoparticles may be an effective new formulation for Pc4 in its preclinical and clinical studies. We expect that modifying the surface of silicon nanoparticles encapsulating the photosensitizers with antibodies specific to melanoma cells will lead to even better early diagnosis and targeted treatment of melanoma in the future.

  17. Functional Analysis of Mouse G6pc1 Mutations Using a Novel In Situ Assay for Glucose-6-Phosphatase Activity and the Effect of Mutations in Conserved Human G6PC1/G6PC2 Amino Acids on G6PC2 Protein Expression.

    Boortz, Kayla A; Syring, Kristen E; Pound, Lynley D; Wang, Yingda; Oeser, James K; O'Brien, Richard M


    Elevated fasting blood glucose (FBG) has been associated with increased risk for development of type 2 diabetes. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in G6PC2 are the most important common determinants of variations in FBG in humans. Studies using G6pc2 knockout mice suggest that G6pc2 regulates the glucose sensitivity of insulin secretion. G6PC2 and the related G6PC1 and G6PC3 genes encode glucose-6-phosphatase catalytic subunits. This study describes a functional analysis of 22 non-synonymous G6PC2 SNPs, that alter amino acids that are conserved in human G6PC1, mouse G6pc1 and mouse G6pc2, with the goal of identifying variants that potentially affect G6PC2 activity/expression. Published data suggest strong conservation of catalytically important amino acids between all four proteins and the related G6PC3 isoform. Because human G6PC2 has very low glucose-6-phosphatase activity we used an indirect approach, examining the effect of these SNPs on mouse G6pc1 activity. Using a novel in situ functional assay for glucose-6-phosphatase activity we demonstrate that the amino acid changes associated with the human G6PC2 rs144254880 (Arg79Gln), rs149663725 (Gly114Arg) and rs2232326 (Ser324Pro) SNPs reduce mouse G6pc1 enzyme activity without affecting protein expression. The Arg79Gln variant alters an amino acid mutation of which, in G6PC1, has previously been shown to cause glycogen storage disease type 1a. We also demonstrate that the rs368382511 (Gly8Glu), rs138726309 (His177Tyr), rs2232323 (Tyr207Ser) rs374055555 (Arg293Trp), rs2232326 (Ser324Pro), rs137857125 (Pro313Leu) and rs2232327 (Pro340Leu) SNPs confer decreased G6PC2 protein expression. In summary, these studies identify multiple G6PC2 variants that have the potential to be associated with altered FBG in humans.

  18. Inhibition of various steps in the replication cycle of vesicular stomatitis virus contributes to its photoinactivation by AlPcS4 or Pc4 and red light

    Moor, ACE; Wagenaars-van Gompel, AE; Hermanns, RCA; van der Meulen, J; Smit, J; Wilschut, J; Brand, A; Dubbelman, TMAR; VanSteveninck, J


    Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) was used as a model virus to study the processes involved in photoinactivation by aluminum phthalocyanine tetrasulfonate (AIPcS(4),) or silicon phthalocyanine HOSiPcOSi(CH3)(2)(CH2)(3)N(CH3)(2) (Pc4) and red light. Previously a very rapid decrease in the intracellula

  19. Design and construction of a micro-focus in-line phase-contrast cone-beam CT (PC-CBCT) system for soft tissue imaging

    Cai, Weixing; Ning, Ruola


    In recent years, the in-line phase-contrast (in-line PC) technique has been implemented using synchrotrons and microfocus x-ray tubes for soft tissue imaging as the in-line PC's image quality enhancement. In this study, a new in-line phase-contrast cone-beam CT (PC-CBCT) system has been designed and tested in our lab to produce higher image quality enhancement. The PC-CBCT system consists of a micro-focus x-ray tube, a high-resolution detector and a rotating phantom holder. The nominal focal spot size is 9 microns, which is expected to produce partially coherent x-rays. The detector system has a phosphor screen, an optical fiber coupling unit and a CMOS chip with an effective pixel pitch of 22.5 microns. Some key system parameters, including tube voltage (or x-ray spectrum), source-to-object distance and object-to-detector distance were balanced and optimized to achieve enough spatial coherence and degree of interference to acquire edge-enhanced phase-contrast images as projection images. The phantom holder was rotated for 360 degrees with a step of 1.2 degrees, and during the rotation in-line PC images were acquired at all angular positions. The FDK algorithm was applied to compute the reconstruction using the edge-enhanced PC images. Small soft tissue samples (breast tissues and animal organs) were scanned and reconstructed. The tomographic images showed enhanced structure edges and details.

  20. Toughening Modification of PC/PET Blend by Organic Rigid Particles%有机刚性粒子增韧改性PC/PET共混物

    王静; 揣成智



  1. Fuzzy Based PC-PUSH in CR-MANETs

    S. Nejatian


    Full Text Available In cognitive radio (CR, the secondary user (SU needs to hand off its ongoing communication to an idle channel in order to avoid interference to the primary user (PU. Spectrum hand off issue becomes challenging in CR mobile ad hoc networks (CR-MANETs because of the uncertainty in spectrum availability, broad range of spectrum bands and lack of central entity. The purpose of this study is to design a unified spectrum handoff (USH scheme for CR-MANETs that considers the spectrum heterogeneity and its availability over time and space. A local flow hand off is performed when spectrum hand off cannot be carried out due to the SUs mobility. To improve further USH, preemptive unified spectrum handoff (PUSH algorithm is proposed in which two different preemptive hand off threshold regions are defined. The PUSH algorithm also predicts the cognitive link availability considering the PU interference boundary. Although the PUSH scheme improves the hand off performance, the number of spectrum hand offs due to the PU activity should be reduced in this scheme. Therefore, the PC-PUSH (Power Controller-PUSH scheme is proposed in which the fuzzy logic is used to improve the PUSH in terms of the number of spectrum handoffs because of the PU activity. The PC-PUSH decreases the interference to the PUs, while reducing the number of spectrum handoffs. The results show that the proposed scheme improves the link maintenance probability, decreases the hand off delay, and reduces the number of spectrum handoffs.

  2. Found a USB stick? Go and infect your PC!

    Computer Security Team


    Err. Wait. Please no! USB sticks are not innocent little things. They can quickly mutate into malicious nasty beasts! Just in the recent past, at least two physics experiments were suffering as their control and data acquisition PCs, respectively, were infected by USB sticks holding malicious code. A bit longer ago, a series of laptops were infected at a 2008 computing conference as an infected USB stick made its tour around. Bad luck for those who ran a Windows operating system and inserted that stick…   So, you found a USB stick in the cafeteria? Take care. If this were a lollipop, you wouldn’t just pick it up and lick it, would you? So beware of USB sticks whose origin or previous usage you don’t know. They might infect your PC once plugged in. In order to be on the safe side, accept and share only USB sticks whose owner you trust. Run up-to-date anti-virus software on your PC, make sure that its operating system is patched...

  3. Commodity clusters: Performance comparison between PC`s and workstations

    Carter, R.; Laroco, J.; Armstrong, R.


    Workstation clusters were originally developed as a way to leverage the better cost basis of UNIX workstations to perform computations previously handled only by relatively more expensive supercomputers. Commodity workstation clusters take this evolutionary process one step further by replacing equivalent proprietary workstation functionality with less expensive PC technology. As PC technology encroaches on proprietary UNIX workstation vendor markets, these vendors will see a declining share of the overall market. As technology advances continue, the ability to upgrade a workstations performance plays a large role in cost analysis. For example, a major upgrade to a typical UNIX workstation means replacing the whole machine. As major revisions to the UNIX vendor`s product line come out, brand new systems are introduced. IBM compatibles, however, are modular by design, and nothing need to be replaced except the components that are truly improved. The DAISy cluster, for example, is about to undergo a major upgrade from 90MHz Pentiums to 200MHz Pentium Pros. All of the memory -- the system`s largest expense -- and disks, power supply, etc., can be reused. As a result, commodity workstation clusters ought to gain an increasingly large share of the distributed computing market.

  4. Various Schemes to Speed up the PC during Virus Scan

    Neha Bishnoi,


    Full Text Available The current threat landscape is changing and we have seen a large volume of new viruses captured by security vendors each day. Customers always complain that anti-virus software slow down their computers by consuming much of PC memory and resources. Antivirus developers have to keep on inserting new virus signatures into their databases as variety of zero-day threats over the internet are becoming more popular. Due to this large database anti-virus soft ware slows down the PC. However, the increasing size of the signaturefile is not the only reason to drag computers to a crawl during the virus scan. Many antivirus products are available in the market claiming for the safest and more efficient antivirus. In this paper we will also focus on the other reasons which contribute in slowing down the computer system during virus scan. Distributed antivirusscheme becomes a popular solution for this problem. In this paper we will discuss the distributed security infrastructure for deploying a light-weight and fast anti-virus product and will also elaborate the different schemes responsible for slowing down the computer systems and suggested solutions for the same. We have also discussed some problems related to Cloud Computing and some solutions to it in this paper.

  5. Chorein Sensitive Dopamine Release from Pheochromocytoma (PC12 Cells

    Sabina Honisch


    Full Text Available Background: Chorein, a protein supporting activation of phosphoinositide 3 kinase (PI3K, participates in the regulation of actin polymerization and cell survival. A loss of function mutation of the chorein encoding gene VPS13A (vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 13A leads to chorea-acanthocytosis (ChAc, a neurodegenerative disorder with simultaneous erythrocyte akanthocytosis. In blood platelets chorein deficiency has been shown to compromise expression of vesicle-associated membrane protein 8 (VAMP8 and thus degranulation. The present study explored whether chorein is similarly involved in VAMP8 expression and dopamine release of pheochromocytoma (PC12 cells. Methods: Chorein was down-regulated by silencing in PC12 cells. Transmission electron microscopy was employed to quantify the number of vesicles, RT-PCR to determine transcript levels, Western blotting to quantify protein expression and ELISA to determine dopamine release. Results: Chorein silencing significantly reduced the number of vesicles, VAMP8 transcript levels and VAMP8 protein abundance. Increase of extracellular K+ from 5 mM to 40 mM resulted in marked stimulation of dopamine release, an effect significantly blunted by chorein silencing. Conclusions: Chorein deficiency down-regulates VAMP8 expression, vesicle numbers and dopamine release in pheochromocytoma cells.

  6. Rotordynamics on the PC: Further Capabilities of ARDS

    Fleming, David P.


    Rotordynamics codes for personal computers are now becoming available. One of the most capable codes is Analysis of RotorDynamic Systems (ARDS) which uses the component mode synthesis method to analyze a system of up to 5 rotating shafts. ARDS was originally written for a mainframe computer but has been successfully ported to a PC; its basic capabilities for steady-state and transient analysis were reported in an earlier paper. Additional functions have now been added to the PC version of ARDS. These functions include: 1) Estimation of the peak response following blade loss without resorting to a full transient analysis; 2) Calculation of response sensitivity to input parameters; 3) Formulation of optimum rotor and damper designs to place critical speeds in desirable ranges or minimize bearing loads; 4) Production of Poincard plots so the presence of chaotic motion can be ascertained. ARDS produces printed and plotted output. The executable code uses the full array sizes of the mainframe version and fits on a high density floppy disc. Examples of all program capabilities are presented and discussed.

  7. A Lean Framework for Production Control in Complex and Constrained Construction Projects (PC4P)

    Lindhard, Søren Munch; Wandahl, Søren


    of several companies. Thirdly, highly interdependent activities have to be conducted at limited space, with multiple components, a lack of standardization, and with many trades and subcontractors represented on site. This interrelation results in a production where different contractors perform interacting...

  8. Study on the PcBN cutting tools proprerties during hardened steel machining%PcBN加工淬硬钢刀具材料的研究

    李启泉; 张旺玺


    PcBN cutting tool materials were prepared using two kinds of binder and in three different concentrations of cBN . Through cutting experiment on hardened steel , it was found that cBN concentration played a key role on the performances of PcBN. After cutting for the same distance, PcBN tools of low concentration had smaller amount of flank wear. SEM observation revealed that CoAl alloy powder improved the density of the PcBN tool material. Based on the results of wear resistance test , it is suggested that the technical indicators of wear test for PCD is not suitable for PcBN.%介绍了立方氮化硼刀具材料( PcBN)的制备过程,并制备了六种不同配方的样品加工淬硬钢.通过切削实验和性能检测,发现PcBN刀片在加工淬硬钢时cBN浓度起着关键作用,切削同样的路程,低浓度PcBN的后刀面磨损量小.经扫描电镜观察,CoAl合金粉能够提高PcBN烧结刀具材料的致密度.测量耐磨性时,证明用于金刚石复合片PCD性能检测的磨耗比技术指标不适用于PcBN材料的检测.

  9. The Application of Phosphate Flame Retardants in PC/ABS%磷酸酯类阻燃剂在PC/ABS合金中的应用

    张婷婷; 郑实


    In the paper, the flame-retardant properties, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and mechanical properties of PC/ABS with RDP, BDP and TPP as flame retardants were studied. The results showed that the limiting oxygen index (LOI) of PC/ABS was increased as the content of flame retardant increased, when the content of RDP or BDP was 15 wt%, the LOI were reached the maximum, 36.3 % and 35.5 % separately, and both reached FV-0 class. TGA analysis showed that the residue of flame-retarding PC/ABS was higher than neat PC/ABS, about 13 %. The results also showed the synergistic efficient of RDP/TPP or BDP/TPP were much better than RDP or BDP in flame-retardant properties.%文章研究了磷酸酯类阻燃剂RDP、BDP以及它们与TPP的协同作用对PC/ABS合金的阻燃性能、热失重行为以及力学性能的影响.结果表明,PC/ABS台金的LOI随着阻燃剂的增加而增加,当阻燃剂RDP和BDP添加量均为15%时,LOI达到最大值,分别为36.3%和35.3%,且均达FV-0级.通过热重分析表明,阻燃PC/ABS比纯PC/ABS合金的分解速率小得多.研究还表明,阻燃剂的协同作用使PC/ABS合金的阻燃性能优干添加单一阻燃剂的PC/ABS合金的阻燃性能.

  10. Rho激酶抑制剂诱导PC12和PC12Adh细胞突起生长的差异比较%Differences of neurite outgrowth induced by rho kinase inhibitors between in PC12 cell line and PC12 Adh cell line

    却翎; 段为钢; 张陆勇; 江振洲


    PC12 cell line is one of the basic tool cell lines used in neural differentiation research.The cell line is able to grow neurite by exposure to rho kinase ( ROCK) inhibitors.Recently, American Type Culture Collection ( ATCC) provided PC12 cell line and PC12 Adh cell line.The main aim of the study was to clarify the differences of the two cell lines in neurite outgrowth induced by ROCK inhibitors.PC12 cell line and PC12 Adh cell line (from ATCC) were treated with nerve growth factor (NGF,1000 ng/mL) or ROCK inhibitors (Y27632 of 33 μmol/L and fasudil of 33 μmol/L) for 1 -4 days.NGF was able to promote neurite outgrowth both in PC12 cell line and PC12 Adh cell line,while ROCK inhibitors was able to do so only in PC12 Adh cell line.These results suggested that PC12 Adh cell line is more suitable for ROCK inhibitors study in neural differentiation.%PC12细胞是研究神经分化最常用的细胞之一.在rho激酶(ROCK)抑制剂的作用下,PC12细胞能够长出神经样突起.最近,美国菌种保存中心(ATCC)同时提供PC12细胞和PC12 Adh细胞.研究的主要目的是观察ROCK抑制剂诱导这2种细胞长突起是否存在差异.PC12细胞和PC12Adh细胞按照ATCc方法进行培养,用神经生长因子(NGF,1 000 ng/mL)或ROCK抑制剂(33 μmol/L Y27632,33 μmol/L法舒地尔)处理细胞1~4 d.结果发现NGF能够诱导这2种细胞生长突起,而ROCK抑制剂只诱导PC12Adh细胞长突起,对PC12细胞不明显.因此,ROCK抑制剂诱导这2种细胞突起生长存在明显差异,PC12Adh细胞更适合用于ROCK抑制剂的神经诱导分化实验.

  11. Delivery of the photosensitizer Pc 4 in PEG-PCL micelles for in vitro PDT studies.

    Master, Alyssa M; Rodriguez, Myriam E; Kenney, Malcolm E; Oleinick, Nancy L; Gupta, Anirban Sen


    The silicon phthalocyanine Pc 4 is a second-generation photosensitizer that has several properties superior to other photosensitizers currently approved by the FDA, and it has shown significant promise for photodynamic therapy (PDT) in several cancer cells in vitro and model tumor systems in vivo. However, because of the high hydrophobicity of Pc 4, its formulation for in vivo delivery and favorable biodistribution become challenging. To this end, we are studying encapsulation and delivery of Pc 4 in block copolymer micelles. Here, we report the development of biocompatible PEG-PCL micelle nanoparticles, encapsulation of Pc 4 within the micelle core by hydrophobic association with the PCL block, and in vitro PDT studies of the micelle-formulated Pc 4 in MCF-7c3 human breast cancer cells. Our studies demonstrate efficient encapsulation of Pc 4 in the micelles, intracellular uptake of the micelle-formulated Pc 4 in cells, and significant cytotoxic effect of the formulation upon photoirradiation. Quantitative estimation of the extent of Pc 4 loading in the micelles and the photocytotoxicity of the micelle-incorporated Pc 4 demonstrate the promise of our approach to develop a biocompatible nanomedicine platform for tumor-targeted delivery of Pc 4 for site-selective PDT.

  12. FADD null mouse embryonic fibroblasts undergo apoptosis after photosensitization with the silicon phthalocyanine Pc 4.

    Nagy, B; Yeh, W C; Mak, T W; Chiu, S M; Separovic, D


    Oxidative stress, such as photodynamic therapy with the silicon phthalocyanine Pc 4 (Pc 4-PDT), can induce apoptosis and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF) production. TNF receptors, as well as other death receptors, have been implicated in stress-induced apoptosis. To assess directly the role of FADD, a death receptor-associated protein, in induction of apoptosis post-Pc 4-PDT, embryonic fibroblasts from FADD knock out (k/o) and wild-type (wt) mice were used. Pc 4-PDT induced casp-3 activation and apoptosis in both cell types. In the presence of zVAD, a pancaspase inhibitor, Pc 4-PDT-induced apoptosis was abrogated in both cell lines. Fumonisin B1 (FB), an inhibitor of ceramide synthase, had no effect on apoptosis after Pc 4-PDT in either cell line. Similar to Pc 4-PDT, exogenous C6-ceramide bypassed FADD deficiency and induced zVAD-sensitive apoptosis. In contrast to Pc 4 photosensitization, TNF did not induce either apoptosis or ceramide accumulation in FADD k/o cells. In the absence of FADD deficiency, TNF-induced apoptosis was zVAD-sensitive and FB-insensitive. Induced ceramide levels remained elevated after cotreatment with TNF and zVAD in FADD wt cells. Taken together, these data provide genetic evidence for a lack of FADD requirement in Pc 4-PDT- or C6-ceramide-induced apoptosis. FB-sensitive ceramide production accompanies, but does not suffice, for apoptosis after Pc 4 photosensitization or TNF.

  13. Effects of G6pc2 deletion on body weight and cholesterol in mice.

    Boortz, Kayla A; Syring, Kristen E; Pound, Lynley D; Mo, Huan; Bastarache, Lisa; Oeser, James K; McGuinness, Owen P; Denny, Joshua C; O'Brien, Richard M


    Genome-wide association study (GWAS) data have linked the G6PC2 gene to variations in fasting blood glucose (FBG). G6PC2 encodes an islet-specific glucose-6-phosphatase catalytic subunit that forms a substrate cycle with the beta cell glucose sensor glucokinase. This cycle modulates the glucose sensitivity of insulin secretion and hence FBG. GWAS data have not linked G6PC2 to variations in body weight but we previously reported that female C57BL/6J G6pc2-knockout (KO) mice were lighter than wild-type littermates on both a chow and high-fat diet. The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of G6pc2 deletion on FBG and body weight in both chow-fed and high-fat-fed mice on two other genetic backgrounds. FBG was reduced in G6pc2 KO mice largely independent of gender, genetic background or diet. In contrast, the effect of G6pc2 deletion on body weight was markedly influenced by these variables. Deletion of G6pc2 conferred a marked protection against diet-induced obesity in male mixed genetic background mice, whereas in 129SvEv mice deletion of G6pc2 had no effect on body weight. G6pc2 deletion also reduced plasma cholesterol levels in a manner dependent on gender, genetic background and diet. An association between G6PC2 and plasma cholesterol was also observed in humans through electronic health record-derived phenotype analyses. These observations suggest that the action of G6PC2 on FBG is largely independent of the influences of environment, modifier genes or epigenetic events, whereas the action of G6PC2 on body weight and cholesterol are influenced by unknown variables. © 2017 Society for Endocrinology.

  14. PC/ABS哑光合金的研究%Study on PC/ABS Alloys with Lower Gloss

    段春来; 田冶; 张毅; 李荣群; 辛敏琦



  15. Platycodin D induced apoptosis and autophagy in PC-12 cells through mitochondrial dysfunction pathway

    Zeng, Chuan-Chuan; Zhang, Cheng; Yao, Jun-Hua; Lai, Shang-Hai; Han, Bing-Jie; Li, Wei; Tang, Bing; Wan, Dan; Liu, Yun-Jun


    In this article, the in vitro cytotoxicity of platycodin D was evaluated in human PC-12, SGC-7901, BEL-7402, HeLa and A549 cancer cell lines. PC-12 cells were sensitive to platycodin D treatment, with an IC50 value of 13.5 ± 1.2 μM. Morphological and comet assays showed that platycodin D effectively induced apoptosis in PC-12 cells. Platycodin D increased the levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and induced a decrease in mitochondrial membrane potential. Platycodin D induced cell cycle arrest at the G0/G1 phase in the PC-12 cell line. Platycodin D can induce autophagy. In addition, platycodin D can down-regulate the expression of Bcl-2 and Bcl-x, and up-regulate the levels of Bid protein in the PC-12 cells. The results demonstrated that platycodin D induced PC-12 cell apoptosis through a ROS-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction pathway.

  16. Is there a link between proprotein convertase PC7 activity and human lipid homeostasis?

    Johann Guillemot


    Full Text Available A genome-wide association study suggested that a R504H mutation in the proprotein convertase PC7 is associated with increased circulating levels of HDL and reduced triglycerides in black Africans. Our present results show that PC7 and PC7-R504H exhibit similar processing of transferrin receptor-1, proSortilin, and apolipoprotein-F. Plasma analyses revealed no change in the lipid profiles, insulin or glucose of wild type and PC7 KO mice. Thus, the R504H mutation does not modify the proteolytic activity of PC7. The mechanisms behind the implication of PC7 in the regulation of human HDL, triglycerides and in modifying the levels of atherogenic small dense LDL remain to be elucidated.

  17. Analysis of Second-Harmonic Generation from CuttbPc LB Film/Metal Interface

    程晓曼; 姚素薇; 李成全; 间中孝彰; 岩本光正


    Second-harmonic generation signals from a CuttbPc LB film deposited on metal (Al or Au)-glass substrates were investigated. It was observed that there were two second-harmonic peaks at the wavelength of 1060 and 1250nm in the CuttbPc/A1 film, but only one peak at 1050nm in the CuttbPc/Au film. Meanwhile the surface electric potentials (SEP) at the interfaces of LB film/metals were also measured using a Kelvin probe. The SEP in the CuttbPc/Al decreases and eventually approaches a saturated value of -1.0 V as the film thickness increases,while the SEP in the CuttbPc/Au is nearly zero. Based on the experimental results and theoretical analysis, it was considered that the space-charge-induced electric field makes a main contribution to the second-harmonic generation at 1250nm in the CuttbPc/Al film.

  18. Transfecting pcDNA 3.0-tyr into GM Cells and Identification%pcDNA 3.0-tyr转染GM细胞及鉴定

    胡春洪; 罗加林; 曹建平; 周献峰; 郑斯英; 丁乙


    目的研究pcDNA3.0-tyr在正常人成纤维母细胞株(GM0639细胞)中的表达.方法 pcDNA3.0-tyr真核表达质粒扩增、纯化后经测序、酶切鉴定;电穿孔法将pcDNA3.0-tyr转染GM细胞,RT-PCR检测;测定490 nm吸光度值,细胞爬片Fontana染色,证实酪氨酸酶基因表达及其表达水平.结果测序及酶切结果提示pcDNA3.0-tyr质粒含有酪氨酸酶全长cDNA片段;转染pcDNA3.0-tyr的细胞的PCR产物长度与预期长度一致,而转染pcDNA3.0空载体的细胞PCR产物无此条带;转染pcDNA3.0-tyr的GM细胞的A490显著高于转染空载体的细胞及未转染的GM细胞(P<0.001);转染pcDNA3.0-tyr的GM细胞Fontana染色于胞浆内见棕褐色银沉着颗粒,而转染pcDNA3.0空载体以及未转染的细胞缺乏此颗粒.结论 pcDNA3.0-tyr可体外转染GM0639细胞并成功表达,为后续研究奠定基础.

  19. Pc5 waves generated by substorm injection: a case study

    N. A. Zolotukhina


    Full Text Available We analyzed the spectral-polarized characteristics of Pc5 ULF waves observed on 17 September 2000 after the 03:20:25 UT substorm onset with the satellites GOES 8 and 10 located east and west of the onset location. In the course of the event, the wave polarization changed from mixed (between toroidal and poloidal to poloidal, and then to mixed again. The hodogram of magnetic field oscillations rotated counterclockwise at GOES 8, and clockwise at GOES 10. It is suggested that the satellites detected the waves generated by the substorm injected clouds of the charged particles drifting in the magnetosphere in the opposite azimuthal directions: GOES 8 (located east of the substorm onset detected the wave generated by an electron cloud, and GOES 10 (west of the onset detected the wave generated by a positive ion cloud. This interpretation is confirmed by the energetic particles data recorded by LANL satellites.

  20. Stochastic Acceleration of Ions Driven by Pc1 Wave Packets

    Khazanov, G. V.; Sibeck, D. G.; Tel'nikhin, A. A.; Kronberg, T. K.


    The stochastic motion of protons and He(sup +) ions driven by Pc1 wave packets is studied in the context of resonant particle heating. Resonant ion cyclotron heating typically occurs when wave powers exceed 10(exp -4) nT sq/Hz. Gyroresonance breaks the first adiabatic invariant and energizes keV ions. Cherenkov resonances with the electrostatic component of wave packets can also accelerate ions. The main effect of this interaction is to accelerate thermal protons to the local Alfven speed. The dependencies of observable quantities on the wave power and plasma parameters are determined, and estimates for the heating extent and rate of particle heating in these wave-particle interactions are shown to be in reasonable agreement with known empirical data.

  1. Interpretation of Experimental $J^PC$ Exotic Signals

    Donnachie, Alexander; Donnachie, Alexander; Page, Philip R.


    We investigate theoretical interpretations of the 1.4 GeV J^PC exotic resonance reported by the E852 collaboration. It is argued that interpretation in terms of a hybrid meson is untenable. A K-matrix analysis shows that the 1.4 GeV enhancement in the E852 eta pi data can be understood as an interference of a non-resonant Deck-type background and a resonance at 1.6 GeV. A final state rescattering calculation shows that the 1.6 GeV hybrid has a eta pi width which is bounded above by 57 \\pm 14 MeV.

  2. Implementation of PC and PNDT Act in Gulbarga region.

    Mudda, Vandana; Uzair, Syed H


    Denial to a girl child of her right to live is one of the heinous violations of the right to life committed by the society. Gender bias and deep rooted prejudice and discrimination against girl child and preference of male child have led to large scale female foeticide in the last decade. The declining sex ratio is a major concern for all. The census 2001 data indicates that female ratio is declining at an alarming rate and needs immediate action. In order to check the female foeticide, the Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (regulation and prevention of misuse) Act 1994 was enacted and became operational from January, 1996. This article is an attempt to throw light on the successful implementatuion of PC and PNDT Act in the Gulbarga region and active participation of various organisations and people in proper implementation of the act.

  3. Development of PC Games for Use in Rehabilitation

    Hoshino, Hiroyuki; Igarashi, Yuuta; Miyakawa, Michio; Maeda, Yoshinobu

    We have developed a rehabilitation tool used for treatment of patients suffering from hemiplegia and evaluation of the paralysis-stage. The tool consists of a PC and button switches for a computer game so that it is not expensive, available in anywhere, and possible to get a change of air in the patients. In this study, we have evaluated behavior indices such as an operation time to play with the games both in healthy young students and patients with paralysis. From experimental results, it was shown that the recorded behavioral indices showed the strong dependence on the motion control function of a subject. Preceding evaluation of effectiveness in rehabilitation of the developed tool, possible application of the tool in evaluation of the motion control function of the patients with hemiplegia was discussed in this paper.


    Huang Chenghung; Fung Chinping; Chang Shihhsing; Hwang Jiunren; Doong Jiliang


    The optimization of injection molding process for polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (PC/ABS) blends is studied using Taguchi method and principal component analysis (PCA). Four controllable process factors are studied at three levels each in the manufacturing process. The L9 orthogonal array is conducted to determine the optimum process factor/level combination for single quality of mechanical properties. In addition, the principal component analysis is employed to transform the correlated mechanical properties to a set of uncorrelated components and to evaluate a comprehensive index for multi-response cases. Then the optimum process factor/level combination for multiple qualities can be determined. Finally, the analysis of variance is used to find out the most influential injection molding parameter for single and multiple qualities problems.

  5. Charge recombination in CuPc/PTCDA thin films.

    Heutz, S; Nogueira, A F; Durrant, J R; Jones, T S


    The recombination kinetics of photogenerated charge carriers in perylene-3, 4, 9, 10-tetracarboxylic dianhydride (PTCDA) and copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) thin films grown by organic molecular beam deposition have been studied using transient absorption spectroscopy. Optical excitation is observed to generate long-lived polaron states, which exhibit power law recombination dynamics on time scales from microseconds to milliseconds. Studies as a function of excitation density and temperature, and comparison between heterostructures and PTCDA single layers, all indicate that this power law behavior results from trapping of PTCDA- polarons in localized states, with an estimated trap state density of approximately 6 x 10(17) polarons cm(-3). This recombination behavior is found to be remarkably similar to that previously observed for polymer/fullerene blends, suggesting that it may be generic to a range of semiconducting materials.

  6. Personal Computer (PC) based image processing applied to fluid mechanics

    Cho, Y.-C.; Mclachlan, B. G.


    A PC based image processing system was employed to determine the instantaneous velocity field of a two-dimensional unsteady flow. The flow was visualized using a suspension of seeding particles in water, and a laser sheet for illumination. With a finite time exposure, the particle motion was captured on a photograph as a pattern of streaks. The streak pattern was digitized and processed using various imaging operations, including contrast manipulation, noise cleaning, filtering, statistical differencing, and thresholding. Information concerning the velocity was extracted from the enhanced image by measuring the length and orientation of the individual streaks. The fluid velocities deduced from the randomly distributed particle streaks were interpolated to obtain velocities at uniform grid points. For the interpolation a simple convolution technique with an adaptive Gaussian window was used. The results are compared with a numerical prediction by a Navier-Stokes computation.

  7. State of the art of parallel scientific visualization applications on PC clusters; Etat de l'art des applications de visualisation scientifique paralleles sur grappes de PC

    Juliachs, M


    In this state of the art on parallel scientific visualization applications on PC clusters, we deal with both surface and volume rendering approaches. We first analyze available PC cluster configurations and existing parallel rendering software components for parallel graphics rendering. CEA/DIF has been studying cluster visualization since 2001. This report is part of a study to set up a new visualization research platform. This platform consisting of an eight-node PC cluster under Linux and a tiled display was installed in collaboration with Versailles-Saint-Quentin University in August 2003. (author)


    吴宏安; 徐锡丽



  9. PcBN刀具在硬态切削中的应用%Applications of PcBN tools in hard machining

    邓福铭; 李钊; 刘瑞平



  10. Use of Topical PC-NSAIDs to Treat Burn Injury and Pain


    of surface epidermis and collagen discoloration and rearrangement (center) and damage to the hair follicle , shaft and roots (right). The...clotting time. 3) Determine the mechanism of action of PC-NSAIDs in the treatment of burn pain/healing. Milestones and target dates: 1) Complete testing...for topical and iv Indo, Indo-PC, Ibu and Ibu-PC in hind limb burn injury model – target was month 6 – 0% complete 2) Complete testing for topical and

  11. Desain dan Implementasi Sistem Kendali CNC Router Menggunakan PC untuk Flame Cutting Machine

    Roni Permana Saputra; Anwar Muqorobin; Arif Santoso; Teguh Pudji Purwanto


    This paper focuses on design of router control systems based on computer numerical control (CNC) using personal computer (PC) implemented in flame cutting machine (FCM). NC-Code entered into the computer translated to be a command signal sent by the PC to a microcontroller to control the end effector’s movement alongthe X and Y axis simultaneously based on linear and circular interpolations calculation on the PC. This control system is implemented on FCM by connecting the output control of th...

  12. ParallelPC: an R package for efficient constraint based causal exploration

    Le, Thuc Duy; Hoang, Tao; Li, Jiuyong; Liu, Lin; Hu, Shu


    Discovering causal relationships from data is the ultimate goal of many research areas. Constraint based causal exploration algorithms, such as PC, FCI, RFCI, PC-simple, IDA and Joint-IDA have achieved significant progress and have many applications. A common problem with these methods is the high computational complexity, which hinders their applications in real world high dimensional datasets, e.g gene expression datasets. In this paper, we present an R package, ParallelPC, that includes th...

  13. Use of Topical PC-NSAIDs to Treat Burn Injury and Pain


    Ph.D. CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: The University of Texas Health Science Center Houston, TX 77030 REPORT DATE: August 2016 TYPE OF REPORT...PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER...Ibu), Ibu-PC, Indomethacin (Indo), and Indo-PC. The experimental drug Indo-PC showed a tendency for analgesic efficacy over Indo alone or the Ibu

  14. [Grape seed extract induces morphological changes of prostate cancer PC-3 cells].

    Shang, Xue-Jun; Yin, Hong-Lin; Ge, Jing-Ping; Sun, Yi; Teng, Wen-Hui; Huang, Yu-Feng


    To observe the morphological changes of prostate cancer PC-3 cells induced by grape seed extract (GSE). PC-3 cells were incubated with different concentrations of GSE (100, 200 and 300 microg/ml) for 24, 48 and 72 hours, and then observed for morphological changes by invert microscopy, HE staining and transmission electron microscopy. The incubated PC-3 cells appeared round, small, wrinkled and broken under the invert microscope and exhibited the classical morphological characteristics of cell death under the electron microscope, including cell atrophy, increased vacuoles, crumpled nuclear membrane, and chromosome aggregation. GSE can cause morphological changes and induce necrosis and apoptosis of PC-3 cells.

  15. Intermixing behaviors of PCBM with CuPc on Au(1 1 1) surface

    Masui, Akane; Sakaue, Hiroyuki; Takahagi, Takayuki; Suzuki, Hitoshi


    The behavior of phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) and copper-phthalocyanine (CuPc) on a Au(1 1 1) surface was investigated using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). When CuPc was deposited in addition to PCBM it entered and disturbed the regularly spaced double row superstructure of the PCBM molecules. PCBM intermixed with CuPc to form a new square shaped superstructure that consisted of six to eight PCBM molecules with a CuPc molecule in its center. The intermixing of these materials that was observed indicated that they possessed an attractive interaction.

  16. Effect of Flame Retardant Containing Phosphorus and Silicone on Thermal Performance of PC/ABS

    WEI Ping; WU Dan; ZHONG Hanfang; DU Jianxin


    A flame retardant (DPA-SiN) containing phosphorus, nitrogen and silicon elements was synthesized. The halogen free flame retardant was incorporated into PC/ABS to improve its flame retardancy. The flame-retardant properties of the PC/ABS/DPA-SiN blends were estimated bylimiting oxygen index (LOI) values and CONE Calorimeter, while thermal stabilities were investi-gated through thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA). The PC/ABS/DPA-SiN blends were thermally de-graded at 400 ℃ for different amounts of time and studied by Fourier transform infrared spectros-copy (FTIR) to better understand the degradation behavior of PC/ABS/DPA-SiN.

  17. Risk factors for Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia (PcP) in renal transplant recipients.

    Eitner, Frank; Hauser, Ingeborg A; Rettkowski, Olaf; Rath, Thomas; Lopau, Kai; Pliquett, Rainer U; Fiedler, Roman; Guba, Markus; Hilgers, Ralf-Dieter; Floege, Jürgen; Fischereder, Michael


    Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia (PcP) is a potentially life-threatening complication in renal transplant recipients with increased reports during the past few years. Individual risk factors for susceptibility to PcP are incompletely understood. We retrospectively analysed 60 cases of confirmed PcP, diagnosed in six German transplant centres between 2004 and 2008, as well as 60 matched controls. Compared with controls, PcP cases revealed the following significant differences: PcP cases had a poorer renal function (eGFR 31 vs. 42 mL/min in controls), more biopsy-proven rejections (18 vs. 5 patients), more frequent treatment with mycophenolate mofetil (53 vs. 44 patients) and less frequent treatment with interleukin-2 receptor antagonist (20 vs. 32 patients). According to centre policy, in those years, none of the patients or controls had received PcP prophylaxis after transplantation. Of the 60 patients with PcP, 30% developed the disease after the currently recommended duration of prophylactic treatment, 27% died in the course of the disease and 45% required treatment in the ICU. Our case-control study reveals a novel risk profile for PcP. Renal transplant recipients with more pronounced renal insufficiency following rejection episodes and treated with intensified immunosuppression are at particular risk for PcP.

  18. Photoelectric Properties of Soluble ZnPc-Epoxy Derivative Doped with C60

    Jingwei CHEN; Yue SHEN; Jiancheng ZHANG; Feng GU; Jinzhuan ZHU; Yiben XIA


    A kind of soluble phthalocyanine derivative (ZnPc-epoxy derivative) was synthesized, and the influence of C60 on the photoelectric properties of the derivative was studied. The results of ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis)spectra show that the absorption of the complex is larger than that of the ZnPc-epoxy derivative at B belt.But compared with the derivative, the absorption of the complex decreased at Q belt. The fluorescence spectra show that C60 takes role as annihilation in ZnPc-epoxy derivative. Photo-current tests show that the ZnPc-epoxy derivative-C60 film exhibits increasing photoconductive property.

  19. Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of Vibrio harveyi pcFlaA DNA vaccine in Epinephelus awoara

    QIN Yingxue; SU Yongquan; WANG Shifeng; YAN Qingpi


    The FlaA gene from Vibrio harveyi, with a short nucleotide sequence encoding the Flag marker, was cloned into the eukaryotic expression vector pcDNA3.1(+) (designated as pcFlaA). Ninety grouper (Epinephelus awoara) were separated into three equal size groups. An experimental group was immunized with pcFlaA, Control I group was immunized with the vector pcDNA3.1(+), and Control II group was immunized with PBS. The expression of pcFlaA mRNA and protein was examined using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and immunohistochemistry. We also evaluated the immunogenicity and protective efficacy of pcFlaA against V. harveyi by measuring the lymphocyte proliferation response and serum levels of specific antibody and conducting a bacterial challenge test. We successfully transfected the fish muscle with pcFlaA. The pcFlaA mRNA and protein was expressed in the muscle cells for up to one month following injection. The proliferation response of lymphocytes in fish immunized with pcFlaA was significantly higher than in control group II. Furthermore, the immunized fish generated specific antibody. The vaccination also resulted in significantly higher survival during the bacterial challenge test.

  20. Project Notes

    School Science Review, 1978


    Presents sixteen project notes developed by pupils of Chipping Norton School and Bristol Grammar School, in the United Kingdom. These Projects include eight biology A-level projects and eight Chemistry A-level projects. (HM)

  1. The role of anomalous triangle singularity in the understanding of the recently observed heavy pentaquark candidates Pc+ (4380) and Pc+ (4450)

    Liu, Xiao-Hai; Wang, Qian; Zhao, Qiang


    We discuss that the kinematic effects from the anomalous triangle singularity (ATS) can contribute to the enhancements of the newly observed heavy pentaquark candidates Pc+ (4380) and Pc+ (4450) in Λb → J/ψK- p. This may bring ambiguities on our understanding of the nature of these two enhancements. In order to distinguish the cases that the threshold enhancements are either produced by genuine states or by the nearby anomalous thresholds of the ATS, we propose to look for the pentaquark candidates in J/ψ photoproduction where the ATS cannot play a role. We show that if Pc+ (4380) and Pc+ (4450) are genuine states, their production via the s-channel process can be directly measured in the angular distribution at large scattering angles. It benefits from the feature that in the vector meson photoproduction the s-channel resonance excitations can be easily separated from the background t-channel diffractive process.

  2. The Design of PC-PLC Network Based on CAN Bus%基于CAN总线的PC-PLC网络设计

    李传江; 张自强; 许晶晶



  3. Model of PC-SAFT state equation based on simultaneous method%基于联立法的PC-SAFT状态方程模型

    徐申骏; 祝铃钰; 陈曦


    PC?SAFT (Perturbed-Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory)状态方程可以准确计算聚合物的物性,但是基于序贯算法的PC-SAFT状态方程模型收敛性较差.本文在MATLAB软件环境下编制了PC-SAFT状态方程模型的计算程序并用联立法求解,将乙烯、氢气、乙烯-氢气双组分、含聚合物的多组分等体系的物性与Aspen Plus软件模拟所得的数据进行比较,结果十分吻合.同时在MATLAB软件环境下编制了序贯法求解的PC-SAFT状态方程计算程序,在收敛步数方面与联立法程序进行了比较,联立方程法显示了明显的优势.%The equation of state of PC-SAFT (Perturbed-Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory) can be used to calculate the physical properties of polymers accurately. However, based on sequential method, the astringency of PC-SAFT is not very good. This article established the model of PC-SAFT EOS through simultaneous method in MATLAB software, and calculated the physical properties of pure ethylene, pure hydrogen, two-component system of ethylene and hydrogen as well as multi-component system containing polymer. Compared the physical properties data with the data obtained from the simulations of Aspen Plus software, the results were in great agreement. Moreover, this article established the model of PC-SAFT EOS through sequential method in MATLAB software, and compared the number of convergence steps with the model through simultaneous method, the model through simultaneous method showed obvious advantage.

  4. PC-2000型活性炭氡测量仪%Model PC-2000 radonmeter for the activated charcoal method




  5. Effect of resveratrol and beta-sitosterol in combination on reactive oxygen species and prostaglandin release by PC-3 cells.

    Awad, Atif B; Burr, Andrew T; Fink, Carol S


    The objective of this project was to identify some possible mechanisms by which two common phytochemicals, resveratrol and beta-sitosterol, inhibit the growth of human prostate cancer PC-3 cells. These mechanisms include the effect of the phytochemicals on apoptosis, cell cycle progression, prostaglandin synthesis and the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Prostaglandins have been known to play a role in regulating cell growth and apoptosis. PC-3 cells were supplemented with 50 microM resveratrol or 16 microM beta-sitosterol alone or in combination for up to 5 days. Phytochemical supplementation resulted in inhibition in cell growth. beta-Sitosterol was more potent than resveratrol and the combination of the two resulted in greater inhibition than supplementation with either alone. Long-term supplementation with resveratrol or beta-sitosterol elevated basal prostaglandin release but beta-sitosterol was much more potent than resveratrol in this regard. beta-Sitosterol was more effective than resveratrol in inducing apoptosis and the combination had an intermediate effect after 1 day of supplementation. Cells supplemented with resveratrol were arrested at the G1 phase and at the G2/M phase in the case of beta-sitosterol while the combination resulted in cell arrest at the two phases of the cell cycle. beta-Sitosterol increased ROS production while resveratrol decreased ROS production. The combination of the two phytochemicals resulted in an intermediate level of ROS. The observed changes in prostaglandin levels and ROS production by these two phytochemicals may suggest their mediation in the growth inhibition. The reduction in ROS level and increase by resveratrol supplementation in PC-3 cells reflects the antioxidant properties of resveratrol. It was concluded that these phytochemicals may induce the inhibition of tumor growth by stimulating apoptosis and arresting cells at different locations in the cell cycle and the mechanism may involve alterations in

  6. Molecular Gas in the Inner 500 pc of the Milky Way: Violating Star Formation Relations and on the Verge of Forming Extreme Stellar Clusters

    Longmore, Steven N.

    With the HOPS, MALT90 and HiGAL Galactic plane surveys we are mapping a significant fraction of the dense, star-forming, molecular gas in the Galaxy. I present results from two projects based on this combined dataset, namely, (i) looking for variations in the star formation (SF) rate across the Galaxy as a function of environment, and (ii) searching for molecular cloud progenitors of the most extreme (massive and dense) stellar clusters. We find the SF rate per unit mass of dense gas in the inner 500 pc of the Galaxy is at least an order of magnitude lower than that in the disk, directly challenging the predictions of proposed universal column/volume density relations. In particular, the region 1∘ b | Orion-like clusters—but the present-day star formation rate within this gas is only equivalent to that in Orion. I present follow up studies of one molecular cloud we have studied as part of project (ii) which also lies in the inner 500 pc of the Galaxy and is clearly extreme compared to the rest of the Galactic population. With a mass of 105 Msun, a radius of only ˜ 3 pc and almost no signs of star formation it appears to be the progenitor of an Arches-like stellar cluster. Despite detailed observational follow-up searches, this object still appears to be unique in the Galaxy, making it extremely important for testing massive cluster formation models.

  7. The design and implementation of embedded wireless projection system

    Long, Zhaohua; Xiong, Huawei; Liu, Daming


    In order to solve the problems of wiring trouble and switching time-consuming of PC projection, based on the deeply studies of H.264 coding and embedded development and researches on wireless transmission technology, a set of embedded wireless projection system has been implemented. And this can be achieved through PC data acquisition, coding and transmission. After testing, the system has a small transmission delay, a clear image display, and a good application scenario, which can meet the demands of the daily meeting and teaching.

  8. Luhman 16AB: A Remarkable, Variable L/T Transition Binary 2 pc from the Sun

    Burgasser, A J; Beletsky, Y; Plavchan, P; Gillon, M; Radigan, J; Jehin, E; Delrez, L; Opitom, C; Morrell, N; Osten, R; Street, R; Melis, C; Triaud, A; Simcoe, R


    Luhman (2013) has reported the discovery of a brown dwarf binary system only 2.01+/-0.15 pc from the Sun. The binary is well-resolved with a projected separation of 1.5", and spectroscopic observations have identified the components as late-L and early-T dwarfs. The system exhibits several remarkable traits, including a "flux reversal", where the T dwarf is brighter over 0.9-1.3 micron but fainter at other wavelengths; and significant (~10%) short-period (~4.9 hr) photometric variability with a complex light curve. These observations suggest spatial variations in condensate cloud structure, which is known to evolve substantially across the L dwarf/T dwarf transition. Here we report preliminary results from a multi-site monitoring campaign aimed at probing the spectral and temporal properties of this source. Focusing on our spectroscopic observations, we report the first detections of NIR spectral variability, present detailed analysis of K I lines that confirm differences in condensate opacity between the com...

  9. The Micro Club: a Santa’s grotto for PC aficionados


    This week, we push open the door of a club that has no fewer than 111 sections (that’s 7 for those who don’t know binary) and can rescue from your clapped-out old Atari all those important texts you thought you’d lost... Sometimes the club gets the oddest of requests. In February 2008, it built a flight simulator using a still-rare 64-bit version of Microsoft Vista. Club members used this super-software to build a high-powered machine of great complexity. Here we see the project supervisor, Christer Ljuslin, making final tests.The Barrack-567 premises of the Micro-club are living testament to the passion and drive of CERN’s computer fanatics. Neatly-arranged rows of brightly-coloured boxes here, gutted PC carcases and shrink-wrapped CPUs there; further on, randomly strewn computer parts mingle with the very tools that were used to dismantle them. The Micro-Computing Club, like CERN itself, is a hive of experts. Once, in the da...

  10. Easy-to-use augmented reality neuronavigation using a wireless tablet PC.

    Deng, Weiwei; Li, Fang; Wang, Manning; Song, Zhijian


    Augmented reality (AR) technology solves the problem of view switching in traditional image-guided neurosurgery systems by integrating computer-generated objects into the actual scene. However, the state-of-the-art AR solution using head-mounted displays has not been widely accepted in clinical applications because it causes some inconvenience for the surgeon during surgery. In this paper, we present a Tablet-AR system that transmits navigation information to a movable tablet PC via a wireless local area network and overlays this information on the tablet screen, which simultaneously displays the actual scene captured by its back-facing camera. With this system, the surgeon can directly observe the intracranial anatomical structure of the patient with the overlaid virtual projection images to guide the surgery. The alignment errors in the skull specimen study and clinical experiment were 4.6 pixels (approx. 1.6 mm) and 6 pixels (approx. 2.1 mm), respectively. The system was also used for navigation in 2 actual clinical cases of neurosurgery, which demonstrated its feasibility in a clinical application. The easy-to-use Tablet-AR system presented in this study is accurate and feasible in clinical applications and has the potential to become a routine device in AR neuronavigation.

  11. Wide companions to Hipparcos stars within 67 pc of the Sun

    Tokovinin, Andrei


    A catalog of common-proper-motion (CPM) companions to stars within 67 pc of the Sun is constructed based on the SUPERBLINK proper-motion survey. It contains 1392 CPM pairs with angular separations 30" < \\rho < 1800", relative proper motion between the two components less than 25 mas/yr, magnitudes and colors of the secondaries consistent with those of dwarfs in the (M_V,V-J) diagram. In addition, we list 21 candidate white-dwarf CPM companions with separations under 300", about half of which should be physical. We estimate a 0.31 fraction of pairs with red-dwarf companions to be physical systems (about 425 objects), while the rest (mostly wide pairs) are chance alignments. For each candidate companion, the probability of a physical association is evaluated. The distribution of projected separations s of the physical pairs between 2 kAU and 64 kAU follows f(s) ~ s^{-1.5}, which decreases faster than \\"Opik's law. We find that Solar-mass dwarfs have no less than 4.4% +/- 0.3% companions with separations l...

  12. Reengineering a PC-based System into the Mobile Device Product Line

    Zhang, Weishan; Jarzabek, Stanislaw; Loughran, Neil


    There is a growing demand to port existing PC-based software systems to mobile device platforms. Systems running on mobile devices share basic characteristics with their PC-based counterparts, but differ from them in details of user interfaces, application models, etc. Systems running on mobile d...

  13. Functional roles of PC-PLC and Cdc20 in the cell cycle, proliferation, and apoptosis.

    Chen, Zhiwei; Yu, Yongfeng; Fu, Da; Li, Ziming; Niu, Xiaoming; Liao, Meilin; Lu, Shun


    Phosphatidylcholine-specific phospholipase C (PC-PLC) is the major enzyme in the Phosphatidylcholine (PC) cycle and is involved in many long-term cellular responses such as activation, proliferation, and differentiation events. Cell division cycle 20 homolog (Cdc20) is an essential cell-cycle regulator required for the completion of mitosis. Our previous studies identified the interaction between PC-PLC and Cdc20. Through the interaction, Cdc20 could mediate the degradation of PC-PLC by Cdc20-mediated ubiquitin proteasome pathway (UPP). In this study, we found that PC-PLC might not be involved in cancer metastasis. Inhibition of PC-PLC by D609 could cause cell proliferation inhibition and apoptosis inhibition in CBRH-7919 cells. Inhibition of PC-PLC could also influence the cell cycle by arresting the cells in G1 phase, and Cdc20 might be involved in these processes. Taken together, in this report, we provided new evidence for the functional roles of PC-PLC and Cdc20 in the cell cycle, proliferation, and apoptosis in CBRH-7919 cells.

  14. Application of PC-CREAM in the Netherlands - Dose impact due to atmospheric releases

    Eleveld H; Twenhofel CJW; Pruppers MJM; LSO


    CREAM, een model om de radiologische consequenties van reguliere lozingen te bepalen, is ontwikkeld door National Radiological Protection Board (UK). PC-CREAM, de PC-implementatie van het model, is vergeleken met de Nederlandse richtlijn. Voor twee specifieke referentiesituaties en elf natuurlijk

  15. Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Kevlar Fiber-Reinforced PC/ABS Composites

    Kuljira Sujirote


    Full Text Available In this research, the composites between polycarbonate (PC and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS alloy and Kevlar fiber were prepared. The flexural and tensile properties of PC/ABS alloy and its composites were determined using a universal testing machine. The synergistic behavior of flexural modulus was observed for all regions of PC contents, while the synergism of flexural strength and tensile strength were found in some PC contents. It was found that the optimum weight ratio of PC:ABS was 60:40. In the Kevlar Fiber-reinforced PC/ABS composite system at PC:ABS of 60:40, both flexural modulus and strength were increased with matrix contents. Additionally, the flexural strength drastically increased with the matrix content and then reached the maximum value of 167 MPa at the matrix content of 33.4 wt%. The results from peel test, water contact measurement, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM reveal that the interfacial adhesion between the Kevlar fiber and the polymer matrix could be improved by increasing the PC content in the matrix.

  16. Geniposide inhibits CoCl_2-induced PC12 cells death via the mitochondrial pathway

    GUO Li-xia; LIU Jian-hui; XIA Zhi-ning


    Background A number of studies have shown that oxidative stress and mitochondrial involvement are major triggering factors in the development of neurodegenerative diseases. Cobalt chloride (CoCl_2)-induced cell death in PC12 cells may serve a simple and convenient in vitro model of hypoxia-induced neuronal cytotoxicity. To explore the effect of geniposide on CoCl_2 which induced cytotoxicity and mitochondrial function in rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells, we analyzed the influence of geniposide on the expression of apoptosis-related proteins. Methods PC12 cells and RNAi PC12 cells were treated with 0, 12.5, 25, 50, 100 μmol/L geniposide for 12 hours and then exposure to 400 μmol/L CoCl_2 for 12 hours. Cell viability, cell morphology, and expression of Bcl-2, Bax, P53 and caspase-9 were determined using Western blotting. Results Pretreatment with geniposide markedly improved the cells viability and morphology, decreased the expression of Bax, P53 and caspase-9, and increased the expression of Bcl-2 in PC12 cells challenged by CoCl_2. However, in the RNAi PC12 cells, geniposide had no significant effect on the expression of these proteins. Conclusion Geniposide protects PC12 cells from CoCl_2 involved in mitochondrial mediated apoptosis, and GLP-1 R might play a critical role in the neuroprotection of geniposide in PC12 cells.

  17. Integrating a Single Tablet PC in Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Courses

    Rogers, James W.; Cox, James R.


    A tablet PC is a versatile computer that combines the computing power of a notebook with the pen functionality of a PDA (Cox and Rogers 2005b). The authors adopted tablet PC technology in order to improve the process and product of the lecture format in their chemistry, engineering, and physics courses. In this high-tech model, a single tablet PC…

  18. Pc5 Oscillation Analysis by the Satellite and Ground-Based Data

    A. Potapov; T. Polyushkina; T. L. Zhang; H. Zhao; A. Guglielmi; J. Kultima


    Large amplitude Pc5 event was observed in the space and on ground on August 3, 2001, about three hours after contact of the strong discontinuity in the solar wind with the magnetosphere according to data from ACE and Wind satellites. The Pc5 amplitude was as high as 15 nT in the tail of magnetosphere and about 5 nT at the ground based stations. In the magnetosphere Pc5 waves were observed by Cluster and Polar satellites, which occupied positions in the morning part of the near tail at the close field lines but were parted by distance of 11.5 Re, mainly along the x-axis of the GSM coordinate system. Both compressional and transverse components of the Pc5 wave activity were observed in the space, with the transverse component having the larger amplitude. Time delay between the Cluster and Polar satellites was about 8 minutes, which could be interpreted as a wave propagation from the geomagnetic tail to the Earth with the 150km/s group velocity.The ground-based Pc5 activity was analysed by using data from the Image magnetometer network. Doubtless demonstrations of a field line resonant structure were found in variations of amplitude and polarization with latitude. Finnish chain of search coil magnetometers observed modulated Pc1 emission simultaneously with the Pc5 wave train. A possibility of non-linear impact of Pc5 wave energy on the plasma and waves in the magnetosphere is discussed.

  19. PC Farms for Triggering and Online Reconstruction at HERA—B



    The HERA-B data acquisition and triggering systems make use of Linux PC farms for triggering and online event reconstruction.We present in this paper the requirements,implementation and performance of both PC farms.They have been fully working during the year 2000 detector and trigger commissioning run.

  20. Differential Axonal Projection of Mitral and Tufted Cells in the Mouse Main Olfactory System

    Shin Nagayama


    Full Text Available In the past decade, much has been elucidated regarding the functional organization of the axonal connection of olfactory sensory neurons to olfactory bulb (OB glomeruli. However, the manner in which projection neurons of the OB process odorant input and send this information to higher brain centers remains unclear. Here, we report long-range, large-scale tracing of the axonal projection patterns of OB neurons using two-photon microscopy. Tracer injection into a single glomerulus demonstrated widely distributed mitral/tufted cell axonal projections on the lateroventral surface of the mouse brain, including the anterior/posterior piriform cortex (PC and olfactory tubercle (OT. We noted two distinct groups of labeled axons: PC-orienting axons and OT-orienting axons. Each group occupied distinct parts of the lateral olfactory tract. PC-orienting axons projected axon collaterals to a wide area of the PC but only a few collaterals to the OT. OT-orienting axons densely projected axon collaterals primarily to the anterolateral OT (alOT. Different colored dye injections into the superficial and deep portions of the OB external plexiform layer revealed that the PC-orienting axon populations originated in presumed mitral cells and the OT-orienting axons in presumed tufted cells. These data suggest that although mitral and tufted cells receive similar odor signals from a shared glomerulus, they process the odor information in different ways and send their output to different higher brain centers via the PC and alOT.

  1. Multiphase PC/PL Relations: Comparison between Theory and observations

    Kanbur, S; Ngeow, C; Musella, I; Turner, M; Magin, S; Halsey, J; Bissel, C


    Cepheids are fundamental objects astrophysically in that they hold the key to a CMB independent estimate of Hubble's constant. A number of researchers have pointed out the possibilities of breaking degeneracies between Omega_Matter and H0 if there is a CMB independent distance scale accurate to a few percent (Hu 2005). Current uncertainties in the distance scale are about 10% but future observations, with, for example, the JWST, will be capable of estimating H0 to within a few percent. A crucial step in this process is the Cepheid PL relation. Recent evidence has emerged that the PL relation, at least in optical bands, is nonlinear and that neglect of such a nonlinearity can lead to errors in estimating H0 of up to 2 percent. Hence it is important to critically examine this possible nonlinearity both observationally and theoretically. Existing PC/PL relations rely exclusively on evaluating these relations at mean light. However, since such relations are the average of relations at different phases. Here we re...

  2. A viable wireless PC assisted alternative to studies of vectorcardiography

    Juan Carlos Estrada-Gutiérrez


    Full Text Available Se presenta el desarrollo de un dispositivo analógico, para mod ular y registrar de manera inalámbrica las doce derivaciones ca rdiacas con una PC. El sistema que ha sido desarrollado con componentes de bajo costo, contiene una sola etapa de acondicionamiento de señ ales, una etapa de modulación de las señales en AM con transmisión/re cepción en FM, más un medio de selección de las derivaciones de manera remota, basado en la transmisión/decodificación de tonos audibles de doble frecuencia. El dispositivo ha sido probado e n un grupo de voluntarios de manera simultánea empleando un electroc ardiógrafo de marca con el fin de evaluar su funcionamiento. Lo s resultados experimentales indican que el sistema es una herrami enta capaz de conducir estudios de vectorcardiografía con una incertidumbre máxima del 20 % en la medición de la orientación del eje cardiaco.

  3. Interaction With PC Tablets And Possible Emotional Responses

    Emy Agren


    Full Text Available The remarkable developments in mobile-based technologies have brought prominent impacts on human life style. Today life is running on mobile electronic devices smart phones tablets gaming devices and video-players. Generally the users acquaint with the features and properties of products after emotionally and physically interacting with the devices. The interaction in return influencing our moods depending on the feelings the technology creates. The focus of this study lays on the uses of tablets or also called PC tablets and its effects on its users emotional responses. To discover possible emotional responses with the tablets the data in this work were collected through a survey questionnaire from participants belongs to various backgrounds age groups and genders. The model of emotions was adopted in order to classify the emotional responses.The study has found that during or after the interaction with the tablets the users may get positive or negative emotional responses of a different kind. The users mood can also be affected by awakening such emotional feelings as happiness sadness frustration etc.

  4. PC-Cluster based Storage System Architecture for Cloud Storage

    Yee, Tin Tin


    Design and architecture of cloud storage system plays a vital role in cloud computing infrastructure in order to improve the storage capacity as well as cost effectiveness. Usually cloud storage system provides users to efficient storage space with elasticity feature. One of the challenges of cloud storage system is difficult to balance the providing huge elastic capacity of storage and investment of expensive cost for it. In order to solve this issue in the cloud storage infrastructure, low cost PC cluster based storage server is configured to be activated for large amount of data to provide cloud users. Moreover, one of the contributions of this system is proposed an analytical model using M/M/1 queuing network model, which is modeled on intended architecture to provide better response time, utilization of storage as well as pending time when the system is running. According to the analytical result on experimental testing, the storage can be utilized more than 90% of storage space. In this paper, two parts...

  5. Synchronization of motor controller and PC system clocks

    Kittmann, Frank; Bertram, Thomas; Briegel, Florian; Mohr, Lars; Berwein, Jürgen


    The power of the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) with its two 8.4m primary mirrors sharing a common mount will unfold its full potential with the LINC-NIRVANA (LN) instrument. LINC-NIRVANA is a German-Italian beam combiner for the LBT and will interfere the light from the two 8.4m mirrors of the LBT in Fizeau mode. More than 140 motors have to be handled by custom developed Motor Controllers (MoCons). One important feature of the MoCon is the support of externally computed trajectories. Motion profiles provide information on the movement of the motor along a defined path over a certain period of time. Such profiles can be uploaded to the MoCon over Ethernet and can be started at a specific time. For field derotation it is critical that the derotation trajectories are executed with a very precise relative and absolute timing. This raises the problem of the synchronization of the MoCon internal clock with the system time of the servers that are hosting LINCNIRVANA's Instrument Control Software. The MoCon time should be known by the servers with an uncertainty of few milliseconds in order to match the start time of the motion profile and the field rotation trajectory. In this paper we will discuss how to synchronize the MoCon internal time and the PC system time.

  6. The white dwarf population within 40 pc of the Sun

    Torres, S


    The white dwarf luminosity function is an important tool to understand the properties of the Solar neighborhood, like its star formation history, and its age. Here we present a population synthesis study of the white dwarf population within 40~pc from the Sun, and compare the results of this study with the properties of the observed sample. We use a state-of-the-art population synthesis code based on Monte Carlo techniques, that incorporates the most recent and reliable white dwarf cooling sequences, an accurate description of the Galactic neighborhood, and a realistic treatment of all the known observational biases and selection procedures. We find a good agreement between our theoretical models and the observed data. In particular, our simulations reproduce a previously unexplained feature of the bright branch of the white dwarf luminosity function, which we argue is due to a recent episode of star formation. We also derive the age of the Solar neighborhood employing the position of the observed cut-off of ...

  7. KCl stimulation increases norepinephrine transporter function in PC12 cells.

    Mandela, Prashant; Ordway, Gregory A


    The norepinephrine transporter (NET) plays a pivotal role in terminating noradrenergic signaling and conserving norepinephrine (NE) through the process of re-uptake. Recent evidence suggests a close association between NE release and regulation of NET function. The present study evaluated the relationship between release and uptake, and the cellular mechanisms that govern these processes. KCl stimulation of PC12 cells robustly increased [3H]NE uptake via the NET and simultaneously increased [3H]NE release. KCl-stimulated increases in uptake and release were dependent on Ca2+. Treatment of cells with phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate (PMA) or okadaic acid decreased [3H]NE uptake but did not block KCl-stimulated increases in [3H]NE uptake. In contrast, PMA increased [3H]NE release and augmented KCl-stimulated release, while okadaic acid had no effects on release. Inhibition of Ca2+-activated signaling cascades with KN93 (a Ca2+ calmodulin-dependent kinase inhibitor), or ML7 and ML9 (myosin light chain kinase inhibitors), reduced [3H]NE uptake and blocked KCl-stimulated increases in uptake. In contrast, KN93, ML7 and ML9 had no effect on KCl-stimulated [3H]NE release. KCl-stimulated increases in [3H]NE uptake were independent of transporter trafficking to the plasma membrane. While increases in both NE release and uptake mediated by KCl stimulation require Ca2+, different intracellular mechanisms mediate these two events.

  8. [Grape seed extract inhibits the growth of prostate cancer PC-3 cells].

    Huang, Ting-Ting; Shang, Xue-Jun; Yao, Gen-Hong; Ge, Jing-Ping; Teng, Wen-Hui; Sun, Yi; Huang, Yu-Feng


    To investigate the inhibitory effect of grape seed extract (GSE) on the growth of prostate cancer PC-3 cells. PC-3 cells were treated with GSE at the concentration of 100, 200 and 300 microg/ml for 24, 48 and 72 hours, respectively. The the inhibitory effect of GSE on the growth of the PC-3 cells and the kidney cells of SD rats was determined by MTT reduction assay, with primarily cultured kidney cells of 1-3 days old SD rats as the normal control. GSE significantly inhibited the growth of PC-3 cells in a concentration- and time-dependent manner, but had only a mild inhibitory effect on the kidney cells. GSE inhibits the growth of prostate cancer PC-3 cells and can be used as a new drug for the treatment of prostate cancer.

  9. Phase Behavior, Thermal Stability and Rheological Properties of PPEK/PC Blends


    Phase behavior, thermal stability and rheological properties of the blends of poly(phthalazinone ether ketone) (PPEK)with bisphenol-A polycarbonate (PC) prepared by solution coprecipitation were studied using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), Frourier-Transform IR spectroscopy (FT-IR), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and capillary rheometer. The DSC results indicated that PPEK/PC blends are almost immiscible in full compositions. FT-IR investigation showed that there were no apparent specific interactions between the constituent polymers. The blends keep excellent thermal stability and the addition of PC degrades the thermal stability of blends to some degree. The thermal degradation processes of the blends are much similar to that of PC. The studies on rheological properties of blends show that blending PPEK with PC is beneficial to reducing the melt viscosity and improving the appearance of PPEK.

  10. Effects of Electroacupuncture at PC6 and ST36 on Heart Rate Variability in Anesthetized Mice

    Xiao-Yu Wang; Wei He; Hong Shi; Hong-Yan Shang; Yang-Shuai Su; Xiang-Hong Jing


    Objective: To observe the change of heart rate variability in anesthetized mice after electroacupuncture on PC6 and ST36, and compare the difference between these points. Methods: A total of 33 C57BL/6 mice were randomly divided into control, PC6 and ST36 groups with 11 mice in each group. The electrocardiogram was recorded by two needle electrodes. The HRV data were analyzed by time and frequency analysis with heart rate, Standard Deviation of R-R Intervals and LF/HF Ratio. Result: During the EA at PC6, SDRR was significantly increased (P Conclusion: EA at PC6 and ST36 protected anesthesia mice against decline of HRV. In comparison with ST36, the effect of EA at PC6 was more significant, which was caused by the increase of the sympathetic nerve activities from the postganglionic fibers with the same spinal cord segments to heart.

  11. Photodynamic Therapy with the Silicon Phthalocyanine Pc 4 Induces Apoptosis in Mycosis Fungoides and Sezary Syndrome

    Minh Lam


    Full Text Available Our current focus on the effects of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT using silicon phthalocyanine Pc 4 photosensitizer on malignant T lymphocytes arose due to preclinical observations that Jurkat cells, common surrogate for human T cell lymphoma, were more sensitive to Pc 4-PDT-induced killing than epidermoid carcinoma A431 cells. Mycosis fungoides (MF as well as Sezary syndrome (SS are variants of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL in which malignant T-cells invade the epidermis. In this study, we investigated the cytotoxicity of Pc 4-PDT in peripheral blood cells obtained from patients with SS and in skin biopsies of patients with MF. Our data suggest that Pc 4-PDT preferentially induces apoptosis of CD4+CD7− malignant T-lymphocytes in the blood relative to CD11b+ monocytes and nonmalignant T-cells. In vivo Pc 4-PDT of MF skin also photodamages the antiapoptotic protein Bcl-2.

  12. Photodynamic therapy with the silicon phthalocyanine pc 4 induces apoptosis in mycosis fungoides and sezary syndrome.

    Lam, Minh; Lee, Yoojin; Deng, Min; Hsia, Andrew H; Morrissey, Kelly A; Yan, Chunlin; Azzizudin, Kashif; Oleinick, Nancy L; McCormick, Thomas S; Cooper, Kevin D; Baron, Elma D


    Our current focus on the effects of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) using silicon phthalocyanine Pc 4 photosensitizer on malignant T lymphocytes arose due to preclinical observations that Jurkat cells, common surrogate for human T cell lymphoma, were more sensitive to Pc 4-PDT-induced killing than epidermoid carcinoma A431 cells. Mycosis fungoides (MF) as well as Sezary syndrome (SS) are variants of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) in which malignant T-cells invade the epidermis. In this study, we investigated the cytotoxicity of Pc 4-PDT in peripheral blood cells obtained from patients with SS and in skin biopsies of patients with MF. Our data suggest that Pc 4-PDT preferentially induces apoptosis of CD4(+)CD7(-) malignant T-lymphocytes in the blood relative to CD11b(+) monocytes and nonmalignant T-cells. In vivo Pc 4-PDT of MF skin also photodamages the antiapoptotic protein Bcl-2.

  13. Modulation of PC1/3 activity by self-interaction and substrate binding.

    Hoshino, Akina; Kowalska, Dorota; Jean, François; Lazure, Claude; Lindberg, Iris


    Prohormone convertase (PC)1/3 is a eukaryotic serine protease in the subtilase family that participates in the proteolytic maturation of prohormone and neuropeptide precursors such as proinsulin and proopiomelanocortin. Despite the important role of this enzyme in peptide synthesis, how PC1/3 activity is regulated is still poorly understood. Using ion exchange chromatography and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis we found that natural PC1/3 present in AtT-20 cells and bovine chromaffin granules, as well as recombinant PC1/3 secreted from overexpressing Chinese hamster ovary cells, exists as multiple ionic forms. Gel filtration and cross-linking studies revealed that protein oligomerization and aggregation contribute greatly to variability in surface charge. The most acidic forms of PC1/3 contained both inactive aggregates as well as oligomerized 87-kDa PC1/3 that exhibited stable activity which was partially latent and could be revealed by dilution. No such latency was observed for the more basic, 66/74-kDa forms of PC1/3. Fractions containing these species were stabilized by preincubation with micromolar concentrations of either fluorogenic substrate or peptides containing pairs of basic residues. In addition, the most active form of 87-kDa PC1/3, a probable homodimer, was activated by preincubation with these same peptides. Cleavage by PC1/3 is often the initiating step in the biosynthetic pathway for peptide hormones, implying that this is a natural step for regulation. Our data suggest that enzyme oligomerization and peptide stabilization represent important contributing factors for the control of PC1/3 activity within secretory granules.

  14. Self-assembly of F16ZnPc thin films and F16ZnPc-ZnPc heterostructures on deactivated Si surfaces studied by scanning tunneling microscopy.

    Tan, Andrew; Wagner, Sean; Zhang, Pengpeng


    Using scanning tunneling microscopy, we show that hexadecafluorinated zinc phthalocyanine (F16ZnPc) molecules form two morphologically different self-assembled structures that both display point-on-line coincident epitaxial registration with the deactivated Si(111)-B 3×3 surface. The packing motif in these structures suggests that fluorination of conjugated organic molecules can lead to stronger molecule-substrate interaction, π-π intermolecular interaction, and side-to-side intermolecular repulsion. The delicate balance and interplay between these interactions determine the self-assembly behavior of fluorinated molecules. Furthermore, we demonstrate the formation of vertically and laterally stacked F16ZnPc-ZnPc heterojunctions, allowing for future spectroscopy investigation of molecular electronic structures and charge transfer behavior at organic-organic hetero-interfaces.

  15. Intracranial artery velocity measurement using 4D PC MRI at 3 T: comparison with transcranial ultrasound techniques and 2D PC MRI

    Meckel, Stephan [University Hospital Freiburg, Department of Neuroradiology, Freiburg (Germany); Leitner, Lorenz; Schubert, Tilman [University Hospital Basel, Institute of Radiology, Basel (Switzerland); Bonati, Leo H.; Lyrer, Philippe [University Hospital Basel, Department of Neurology, Basel (Switzerland); Santini, Francesco [University Hospital Basel, Department of Radiological Physics, Institute of Radiology, Basel (Switzerland); Stalder, Aurelien F. [Xuanwu Hospital - Capital Medical University, Department of Radiology, Beijing (China); Markl, Michael [Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Departments of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering, Chicago (United States); Wetzel, Stephan G. [Neuroradiology, Swiss Neuro Institute, Klinik Hirslanden, Zurich (Switzerland)


    4D phase contrast MR imaging (4D PC MRI) has been introduced for spatiotemporal evaluation of intracranial hemodynamics in various cerebrovascular diseases. However, it still lacks validation with standards of reference. Our goal was to compare blood flow quantification derived from 4D PC MRI with transcranial ultrasound and 2D PC MRI. Velocity measurements within large intracranial arteries [internal carotid artery (ICA), basilar artery (BA), and middle cerebral artery (MCA)] were obtained in 20 young healthy volunteers with 4D and 2D PC MRI, transcranial Doppler sonography (TCD), and transcranial color-coded duplex sonography (TCCD). Maximum velocities at peak systole (PSV) and end diastole (EDV) were compared using regression analysis and Bland-Altman plots. Correlation of 4D PC MRI measured velocities was higher in comparison with TCD (r = 0.49-0.66) than with TCCD (0.35-0.44) and 2D PC MRI (0.52-0.60). In mid-BA and ICA C7 segment, a significant correlation was found with TCD (0.68-0.81 and 0.65-0.71, respectively). No significant correlation was found in carotid siphon. On average over all volunteers, PSVs and EDVs in MCA were minimally underestimated compared with TCD/TCCD. Minimal overestimation of velocities was found compared to TCD in mid-BA and ICA C7 segment. 4D PC MRI appears as valid alternative for intracranial velocity measurement consistent with previous reference standards, foremost with TCD. Spatiotemporal averaging effects might contribute to vessel size-dependent mild underestimation of velocities in smaller (MCA), and overestimation in larger-sized (BA and ICA) arteries, respectively. Complete spatiotemporal flow analysis may be advantageous in anatomically complex regions (e.g. carotid siphon) relative to restrictions of ultrasound techniques. (orig.)

  16. Properties and nucleotide se- quence of linear plasmid-like DNA pC4 from mitochondria of Cucumis sativus


    Four kinds of mitochondrial plasmid-like DNAs, designated pC1, pC2, pC3 and pC4, were detected in Cucumis sativus Jinyan No. 4. The electron microscopy ob- servation showed that pC4 was linear conformation. Complete sequence of pC4 was cloned into pUC19 with E. coli JM109 as host. Sequence analysis revealed that pC4 was 370 bp long, the shortest one among all the reported mitochondrial plasmid-like DNAs. pC4 was AT rich. It contained terminal direct repeat sequence (35 bp in length) as well as many short direct and inverted repeats. ORFs in pC4 were short. pC4 was found to be homologous to nuclear DNAs, but lack homology with main mitochondrial and chloroplast DNAs. pC4-homologous sequence also occurred in nuclear genome of Jinyan No. 7 which contained no mito- chondrial plasmid-like DNAs. The hybridization pattern of Jinyan No. 7 was slightly different from that of Jinyan No. 4. This suggested that pC4 occurred at the forepart of Cucumis sativus species divergence and integrated into the nuclear genome, and the pC4-homologous sequence in nucleus varied during species diverging.

  17. The co-culture system of MSCs and injured PC12 in vitro could inhibit the apoptosis of PC12%骨髓基质干细胞与受损PC12细胞的共育体系减少PC12的凋亡

    周进; 罗晓光; 张朝东


    目的 建立体外骨髓基质干细胞(MSCs)与Aβ1-40损伤PC12的共育体系,探讨共育体系抑制Aβ1-40致PC12凋亡的效应与可能机制.方法 分别培养MSCs与PC12,以Aβ1-40刺激PC12后,用转移筛网转移PC12.实验分A组:正常培养的PC12+MSCs共育;B组:Aβ1-40刺激的PC12+MSCs共育;C组:正常PC12的培养上清+MSCs;D组:受损PC12上清+MSCs;E组:普通1640培养的MSCs.用PI和Annexin-V进行细胞的双染凋亡检测及电镜检测PC12凋亡,以ELISA方法检测各组中上清液的TGF-β、NGF、BDNF、bFGF含量.结果 骨髓基质干细胞与Aβ1-40损伤PC12共育组即B组凋亡细胞数最少(B组46.17%±8.28%,对照组86.39%±9.34%,F=61.637,P<0.01),ELISA结果显示各组均能检测到bFGF,B组上清中bFGF分泌最高[B组(598.76±41.32)pg/ml,对照组(296.43±47.86)pg/ml,F=24.15,P<0.01)],各组均检测到TGF-β、NGF和BDNF分泌,但差异无统计学意义.结论 MSCs与Aβ1-40刺激的PC12的共育体系能减少受损PC12的凋亡.

  18. Spectroscopically identified intermediate age stars at 0.5-3 pc distance from Sagittarius A*

    Nishiyama, Shogo; Schödel, Rainer; Yoshikawa, Tatsuhito; Nagata, Tetsuya; Minowa, Yosuke; Tamura, Motohide


    Context. Nuclear star clusters (NSCs) at the dynamical center of galaxies appear to have a complex star formation history. This suggests repeated star formation, even in the influence of the strong tidal field from supermassive black holes. Although the central region of our Galaxy is an ideal target for studies of the star formation history in the NSCs, most studies in the past have concentrated on a projected distance of RSgr A ∗ ~ 0.5 pc from the supermassive black hole Sgr A*. Aims: In our previous study, we detected 31 so far unknown early-type star candidates throughout the Galactic NSC (at RSgr A ∗ = 0.5-3 pc). They were found via near-infrared (NIR) imaging observations with narrow-band filters which are sensitive to CO absorption lines at ~2.3 μm, a prominent feature for old, late-type stars. The aim of this study is to confirm the spectral type for the early-type star candidates. Methods: We have carried out NIR spectroscopic observations of the early-type star candidates using Subaru/IRCS/AO188 and the laser guide star system. K-band spectra for 20 out of the 31 candidates and reference late-type stars were obtained. By determining an equivalent width, EW(CO), of the 12CO absorption feature at ≈2.294 μm, we have derived an effective temperature and a bolometric magnitude for each candidate and late-type star, and then constructed an HR diagram. Results: No young (~Myr) massive stars are included in the 20 candidates we observed; however, 13 candidates are most likely intermediate-age giants (50-500 Myr). Two other sources have ages of ~1 Gyr and the remaining five sources are old (>1 Gyr), late-type giants. Conclusions: Although none of the early-type star candidates from our previous narrow-band imaging observations can be confirmed as a young star, we find that the photometric technique can distinguish old, late-type giants from young and intermediate-age populations. From the 20 spectroscopically observed candidates, 65% of them are confirmed

  19. Differentiation of PC12 cells induced by total saponin of panax ginseng%人参总皂苷对PC12细胞分化的影响

    李晗宇; 王顺和; 郑娟; 姜蓉


    目的:研究人参总皂苷(Total saponin ofpanax ginseng,TSPG)诱导PC12细胞神经元性分化的作用.方法:体外培养PC12细胞,观察PC12细胞在TSPG的影响下细胞发生的形态学改变.诱导48 h透射电镜观察突触连接形成情况,72 h利用免疫细胞化学技术,观察TSPG作用后PC12细胞向MAP-2(Microtubule-associatedprotein 2)阳性细胞分化的情况.结果:TSPG作用后的PC12细胞其突起长度和细胞直径较对照组明显增长和增大[长度由(13.95±2.59)μm增长至(30.33±3.82)μm;直径由(8.25±1.82)μm提高到(14.33±2.84)μm,P<0.05].TSPG能促进PC12细胞形成突触连接.TSPG组表达MAP2的阳性细胞率明显高于对照组(由4.55%提高到12.22%,P<0.05).结论:TSPG具有诱导PC12细胞神经元性分化的作用.%Objective: To study the potential ahility of TSPG ( Total saponin of panax ginseng ) to induce the neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells. Methods : PC12 cells were cultured in vitro , and their morphological changes under the TSPG were observed. The synaptic linkage were ohserved by transmitting electronic microscope after the PC12 cells were exposed to TSPG for 48 h and the expression of MAP-2 was detected by immunocytochemistry after 72 h. Results : The length of neurite and max diameter of PC12 cells in TSPG group were obviously longer and bigger than those in control group ((13.95 ± 2.59) μm to ( 30.33 ± 3.82) μ m; ( 8.25 ± 1.82) μm to ( 14.33 ± 2.84) μm , P < 0.05 ) TSPG could induce PC12 cells to form the synaptic linkage.compared with the control group , the numher of MAP-2 positive cells was significantly increased in TSPC group (4.55%to 12.22% ,P < 0.05 ) .Conclusion : TSPG can induce the neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells.

  20. PC12细胞转染人GPx-1基因后的抗氧化损伤作用%Anti-oxidative damage effect on PC12 cells transfected with human glutathione peroxidase 1 gene

    马琳; 王辉; 王淑荣; 陈蓉; 郑俩燕


    Objective To study the protective effect and molecular mechanism of glutathione peroxidase 1 (GPx-1) high expression on PC12 cell damage mediated by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Methods PC12 cells were transfected with plncx plasmid containing human GPx-1 gene and plncx plasmid, and a PC12 cell line was established that could stably express human GPx-1 gene and plncx plasmid through continuous screening. Two means of intervention, H2O2 and sodium selenite + H2O2, were given to PC12, GPx-1-PC12 and plncx-PC12 cells, respectively. GPx activity of cells in each group was detected with GPx activity detection kit; the survival and apoptosis of cells were detected by MTT method and flow cytometer, respectively. The expression of NF-κBp65 was detected by immunohistochemistry technique. Results GPx activity of GPx-PC12 group cells was obviously higher than that of controls. Intervention of H2O2 and sodium selenite + H2O2 did not significantly affect the cell survival rate in PC12 and plncx-PC12 groups (P>0. 05). The cell survival rate was higher in GPx-1-PC12 group than in PC12 and plncx-PC12 groups (P0.05),GPx-1-PC12较PC12、plncx-PC12组细胞存活率明显增高(P<0.01);GPx-1-PC12较PC12、plncx-PC12细胞早期和晚期凋亡率明显下降,存在统计学差异(P<0.01);GPx-1-PC12较PC12细胞NF-κBp65表达明显减少(P<0.01).结论 GPx-1基因高表达对H2O2所致的PC12细胞氧化损伤有很好的保护作用;GPx-1可抑制PC12细胞氧化损伤时凋亡的发生及NF-κB的表达.

  1. Intending Projects


    Project name: 90,000t/a BR device and auxiliary projects Construction unit: Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company Total investment: 2.257 billion yuan Project description: It will cover an area of 14. lha.

  2. Reduction of seismic response long-span PC cable-stayed bridge by passive dampers; Damper ni yoru saidai PC shachokyo no jishinji oto no teigen

    Takeda, T.; Yamanobe, S.; Niihara, Y. [Kajima Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    It is important in designing a PC cable-stayed bridge to properly estimate the seismic response of the bridge for reduction of the response. In this paper, an improvement of the seismic resistance of PC cable-stayed bridges when dampers are installed between the deck and piers and lateral vibration of the deck is restricted is investigated using a time history response model. PC cable-stayed bridges with a span length of 400 m, particularly two types of bridges of harp and semi-harp are investigated and the following is found by analyzing the case where there are installed hysteresis type dampers (with 1 cm yield displacement and secondary rigidity assumed to be 1/10 times that of initial rigidity, the initial rigidity being parametrically changed.) or viscous type dampers (a damping factor is changed.) The result shows that the dampers can reduce the seismic response of a PC cable-stayed bridge and that a semi-harp configuration of stay cables where stay cable members are substantially vertically arranged is more effective than a harp configuration for the seismic performance of PC cable-stayed bridges. The damper partly bear inertial force of the bridge upon earthquake whereby tension of the stay cable members is reduced and bending moment of the deck is reduced. There is existing an optimum characteristic value of the damper concerning the bending moment of the piers. 5 refs., 7 figs., 2 tabs.

  3. Conceptual Design of Oxygen-Based PC Boiler

    Andrew Seltzer; Zhen Fan


    {sub 2} rich stream for sequestration. FW has developed a conceptual design of an O{sub 2} fired boiler to determine overall plant performance and economics. Five subtasks were conducted: (1) a literature review, (2) a system design and analysis, (3) a low NOx burner design and analysis, (4) a furnace and heat recovery area design analysis, and (5) an economic analysis. The objective of the literature search is to locate any data/information relevant to the Oxygen-Based PC Boiler conceptual design. The objective of the system design and analysis task is to optimize the PC boiler plant by maximizing system efficiency within practical considerations. Simulations of the oxygen-fired plant with CO{sub 2} sequestration were conducted using Aspen Plus and were compared to a reference air-fired 460 MW plant. Flue gas recycle is used in the O{sub 2}-fired PC to control the flame temperature. Parametric runs were made to determine the effect of flame temperature on system efficiency and required waterwall material and thickness. The degree of improvement on system efficiency of various modifications including hot gas recycle, purge gas recycle, flue gas feedwater recuperation, and recycle purge gas expansion were investigated. The selected O{sub 2}-fired design case has a system efficiency of 30.6% compared to the air-fired system efficiency of 36.7%. The design O{sub 2}-fired case requires T91 waterwall material and has a waterwall surface area of only 65% of the air-fired reference case. The objective of the low NOx burner design and analysis task is to optimize the burner design to ensure stable ignition, to provide safe operation, and to minimize pollutant formation. The burners were designed and analyzed using the Fluent CFD computer program. Four burner designs were developed: (1) with no OFG and 65% flue gas recycle, (2) with 20% OFG and 65% flue gas recycle, (3) with no OFG and 56% flue gas recycle and (4) with 20% OFG and 56% flue gas recycle. A 3-D Fluent simulation was

  4. 人Slitrk1基因对PC12细胞增殖和分化的影响%The effect of human Slitrk1 gene on proliferation and differentiation of PC12 cells

    靳雁斌; 吴燕; 王晓文; 吴海涛; 景孝堂; 刘毅; 范文红; 范明


    目的 研究人Slitrk1基因过表达对PC12细胞增殖和分化的影响.方法 PCR扩增人Slitrk1 CDS,克隆到pcDNA4/myc-His A载体,构建重组质粒pcDNA4/St1,分别以空载体和重组质粒转染PC12细胞,RT-PCR法鉴定出阳性转染细胞,观察空载体转染的PC12细胞(pcDNA4/PC12)和过表达Slitrk1的PC12细胞(ST1/PC12)的表型并用MTT法检测细胞增殖情况.结果 与空载体转染的PC12细胞相比,过表达Slitrk1基因的细胞增殖速度明显减慢.pcDNA4/PC12与野生型PC12细胞表型一致,均为悬浮成团生长,细胞少有突起,而ST1/PC12细胞大部分贴壁生长,突起多见,呈分化状态.结论过表达人Slitrk1基因能够抑制PC12细胞增殖,促进细胞的贴壁及突起长出.人Slitrk1基因可能有促进PC12细胞神经分化的作用.

  5. 20-SIM code generation for PC/104 target

    Groothuis, Marcel


    From version 3.2, 20-Sim will contain a new tool, called C-code generation. With this tool it will be possible to generate C code from a 20-Sim model. This tool works on basis of templates. For each target, a target specific template has to be made. The goal of this project was to write a new 20-Sim

  6. Adsorption properties of CoPc molecule on epitaxial graphene/Ru(0 0 0 1)

    Cai, Yiliang; Zhang, Hanjie; Song, Junjie; Zhang, Yuxi; Bao, Shining; He, Pimo, E-mail:


    Graphical abstract: - Highlights: • The adsorption behavior of CoPc on MG/Ru(0 0 0 1) was investigated by STM and DFT. • The impact of the defect in MG/Ru(0 0 0 1) on the adsorption properties was studied. • A central contrast was found for CoPcs adsorbed on intact and defective graphene. - Abstract: Combining the scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and density functional theory (DFT), the adsorption properties of cobalt phthalocyanine (CoPc) on monolayer graphene/Ru(0 0 0 1) [MG/Ru(0 0 0 1)] have been investigated. At monolayer coverage, CoPc forms an ordered Kagome lattice, and a slight deformation for one lobe of CoPc and charge transfer from CoPc to Ru(0 0 0 1) substrate take place. The existence of the defect (vacancy) in graphene on Ru(0 0 0 1) increases the coupling between the Ru substrate and the epitaxial graphene. Such an increase of the coupling brings about an overall CoPc molecular energy level shift toward the low binding energy, which subsequently results in a central topographical contrast between the CoPc molecules on the intact and defective MG/Ru(0 0 0 1)

  7. Impact of a Recombinant Biocontrol Bacterium, Pseudomonas fluorescens pc78, on Microbial Community in Tomato Rhizosphere

    Hyun Gi Kong


    Full Text Available Pseudomonas fluorescens pc78 is an effective biocontrol agent for soil-borne fungal diseases. We previously constructed a P43-gfp tagged biocontrol bacteria P. fluorescens pc78-48 to investigate bacterial traits in natural ecosystem and the environmental risk of genetically modified biocontrol bacteria in tomato rhizosphere. Fluctuation of culturable bacteria profile, microbial community structure, and potential horizontal gene transfer was investigated over time after the bacteria treatment to the tomato rhizosphere. Tagged gene transfer to other organisms such as tomato plants and bacteria cultured on various media was examined by polymerase chain reaction, using gene specific primers. Transfer of chromosomally integrated P43-gfp from pc78 to other organisms was not apparent. Population and colony types of culturable bacteria were not significantly affected by the introduction of P. fluorescens pc78 or pc78-48 into tomato rhizosphere. Additionally, terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism profiles were investigated to estimate the influence on the microbial community structure in tomato rhizosphere between non-treated and pc78-48-treated samples. Interestingly, rhizosphere soil treated with strain pc78-48 exhibited a significantly different bacterial community structure compared to that of non-treated rhizosphere soil. Our results suggest that biocontrol bacteria treatment influences microbial community in tomato rhizosphere, while the chromosomally modified biocontrol bacteria may not pose any specific environmental risk in terms of gene transfer.

  8. Impact of a Recombinant Biocontrol Bacterium, Pseudomonas fluorescens pc78, on Microbial Community in Tomato Rhizosphere.

    Kong, Hyun Gi; Kim, Nam Hee; Lee, Seung Yeup; Lee, Seon-Woo


    Pseudomonas fluorescens pc78 is an effective biocontrol agent for soil-borne fungal diseases. We previously constructed a P43-gfp tagged biocontrol bacteria P. fluorescens pc78-48 to investigate bacterial traits in natural ecosystem and the environmental risk of genetically modified biocontrol bacteria in tomato rhizosphere. Fluctuation of culturable bacteria profile, microbial community structure, and potential horizontal gene transfer was investigated over time after the bacteria treatment to the tomato rhizosphere. Tagged gene transfer to other organisms such as tomato plants and bacteria cultured on various media was examined by polymerase chain reaction, using gene specific primers. Transfer of chromosomally integrated P43-gfp from pc78 to other organisms was not apparent. Population and colony types of culturable bacteria were not significantly affected by the introduction of P. fluorescens pc78 or pc78-48 into tomato rhizosphere. Additionally, terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism profiles were investigated to estimate the influence on the microbial community structure in tomato rhizosphere between non-treated and pc78-48-treated samples. Interestingly, rhizosphere soil treated with strain pc78-48 exhibited a significantly different bacterial community structure compared to that of non-treated rhizosphere soil. Our results suggest that biocontrol bacteria treatment influences microbial community in tomato rhizosphere, while the chromosomally modified biocontrol bacteria may not pose any specific environmental risk in terms of gene transfer.

  9. The effect of modulating top-down attention deployment on the N2pc/PCN.

    Liu, Qiang; Lin, Shuyu; Zhao, Guang; Roberson, Debi


    The N2pc (PCN) component of the event-related potential (ERP) waveform provides a useful tool for directly assessing the locus of spatial attention in visual search. It is still unclear whether the amplitude of the N2pc/PCN relates to the deployment of attentional resources. A key issue is the lack of evidence that top-down allocation of attention affects the N2pc/PCN amplitude. Previous findings could be explained if manipulating different expectancy strategies changes participants' search mode, causing them to redefine the target's features. In this study, we explored the relationship between N2pc/PCN amplitude and top-down attention allocation by manipulating the discriminative difficulty (differences in the response-defining feature) but leaving the search difficulty (target's saliency) unchanged. Using the same sets of stimuli, in a blocked condition, participants showed the expected higher amplitude of N2pc/PCN in the hardest condition, compared to easier discrimination conditions. Importantly, there was no difference in the N2pc/PCN when the exact same stimulus sets were presented in a randomly interleaved mixed set. At a behavioral level, in both conditions performance was significantly slower for the hardest condition. This finding indicates that the N2pc/PCN component is modulated by the predictability of discriminative difficulty, which reflects the modulation of top-down attentional deployment.

  10. Propagation and source of Pc5 frequency range pulsation at cusp latitude


    Two induction magnetometers have been installed at Chinese Zhongshan Station and Australia Davis Station, Antarctica respectively. We adopt the cross-spectral analysis technique to analyze the data of the two induction magnetometers, in June, September, December 1996 and March 1997, and to investigate Pc5 frequency range pulsation (150 600 s) occurrence and propagation in cusp latitude. The results are summarized as follows: At Zhongshan-Davis Station, the magnetic pulsations in Pc5 frequency band can occurs over a wide time, but more frequently at pre local magnetic noon and pre local magnetic midnight. The Pc5 pulsations have no significant seasonal variation in the amplitude, occurrence and propagation. The amplitude has a small peak at pre local magnetic noon and large value sometimes at pre local magnetic midnight. In daytime, the Pc5 pulsations propagate westward in morning and eastward in afternoon, and reversal at local magnetic noon. In nighttime, the Pc5 pulsations propagate westward before 20:00 MLT and eastward after 20:00 MLT. Near dusk time, the Pc5 pulsations propagate irregularly. These characteristics indicate that the Pc5 pulsations have different source at different local magnetic time.

  11. Serum-free culture conditions for serial subculture of undifferentiated PC12 cells.

    Ohnuma, Kiyoshi; Hayashi, Yohei; Furue, Miho; Kaneko, Kunihiko; Asashima, Makoto


    PC12 cells, a widely used model neuronal cell line, are usually cultured in serum-supplemented medium. This report describes a serum-free medium for the culture of PC12 cells. PC12 cells grown in the two media types had similar growth rates and released dopamine in response to high potassium-induced calcium elevation. However, the levels of dopamine and of dopamine release in cells cultured in the serum-free medium were less than 10% of that in cells cultured in serum-supplemented medium. Dopamine levels recovered within 10 days if cells were returned to serum-supplemented medium, but dopamine release could not be recovered. Nerve growth factor (NGF) induced similar responses in PC12 cells cultured in both media, including phosphorylation of extracellular signal-regulated protein kinases and neurite extension. Transferrin was necessary for survival of neurite-bearing PC12 cells subcultured in serum-free medium and insulin promoted the cells proliferation. Ten days culture with NGF produced a similar increase in neurofilament expression and acetylcholinesterase activity in both media. These results suggest that PC12 in the hormonally defined serum-free media are qualitatively the same as those cultured in serum-supplemented media, and therefore this new culture protocol should enable more precise studies of PC12 cells culture in the absence of confounding unknown factors.

  12. Expression of nucleostemin in prostate cancer and its effect on the proliferation of PC-3 cells


    Background Nucleostemin is essential for the proliferation and survival of stem and cancer cells,but it is unknown whether this newly identified molecule is involved in prostate cancer pathogenesis.Methods Total RNA and protein were extracted from prostate cancer tissues and PC-3,LNCap and DU145 cell lines.The nucleostemin mRNA and protein expression were measured by RT-PCR and Western blot.Immunohistochemistry was also used to detect the nucleostemin protein expression in prostate cancer tissues and PC-3 cells.A nucleostemin specific,short hairpin RNA,expression plasmid was used to transfect PC-3 cells.The changes of nucleostemin gene were detected and the proliferative capacity of the cells was determined.Results Nucleostemin was highly expressed in prostate cancer tissues and cell lines.Nucleostemin expression level in the silencer group PC-3 cells remarkably reduced.The proliferation rate of silencer group PC-3 cells decreased and the percentage of G1 stage cells increased.The neoplasm forming capacity in nude mice of the silencer group PC-3 cells decreased significantly.Conclusions Nucleostemin is highly expressed in prostate cancer tissues and cell lines.The proliferative capacity of PC-3 cells is remarkably reduced after silencing nucleostemin gene expression.

  13. The Biological Effect of Hepsin on the Proliferation and Invasion of PC-3 Prostate Cancer Cells

    Yong Xu; Zhiqiang Fan; Jantao Sun; Ranlu Liu; Weiming Zhao; Chunyu Wang; Ju Zhang


    OBJECTIVE Recent studies have shown that hepsin, a type of transmembrane serine protease, is highly upregulated in prostate cancer, but, little is known about its role in progression and invasion of this cancer. We constructed a hepsin-expressing plasmid and transfected it into PC-3 cells to investigate the effect of the hepsin gene on the biological behavior of the PC-3 cells.METHODS Plasmid pHepsin-IRES2 was transfected into prostate cancer PC-3 cells using Fugene6, and the cells with stable hepsin expression were screened and selected with Zeocin (600 mg/L). The hepsin mRNA level was measured by real-time PCR and the growth curve of the PC-3-transfected cells assessed using MTT and BrdU assays. A Boyden chamber was used to examine the difference in invasion and metastases between transfected and non-transfected cells.RESULTS The hepsin mRNA level in pHepsin-IRES2 transfected -PC-3 cells was significantly higher than that found in the control PC-3 cells. While the growth curve of the hepsin gene transfected PC-3 cells showed that there was no significant effect on proliferation, the invasive ability of the pHepsin-IRES2 transfected PC-3 cells, as compared with control cells, was significantly increased (P<0.05).CONCLUSION The results suggest that even though hepsin has no effect on the proliferation of prostate cancer PC-3 cells, it does promote cellular invasion and metastasis.Therefore hepsin may have a role in the development of prostate cancer.

  14. Isoform 1 of TPD52 (PC-1) promotes neuroendocrine transdifferentiation in prostate cancer cells

    Moritz, Tom


    The tumour protein D52 isoform 1 (PC-1), a member of the tumour protein D52 (TPD52) protein family, is androgen-regulated and prostate-specific expressed. Previous studies confirmed that PC-1 contributes to malignant progression in prostate cancer with an important role in castration-resistant stage. In the present work, we identified its impact in mechanisms leading to neuroendocrine (NE) transdifferentiation. We established for long-term PC-1 overexpression an inducible expression system derived from the prostate carcinoma cell line LNCaP. We observed that PC-1 overexpression itself initiates characteristics of neuroendocrine cells, but the effect was much more pronounced in the presence of the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6). Moreover, to our knowledge, this is the first report that treatment with IL-6 leads to a significant upregulation of PC-1 in LNCaP cells. Other TPD52 isoforms were not affected. Proceeding from this result, we conclude that PC-1 overexpression enhances the IL-6-mediated differentiation of LNCaP cells into a NE-like phenotype, noticeable by morphological changes and increased expression of typical NE markers, like chromogranin A, synaptophysin or beta-3 tubulin. Immunofluorescent staining of IL-6-treated PC-1-overexpressing LNCaP cells indicates a considerable PC-1 accumulation at the end of the long-branched neuron-like cell processes, which are typically formed by NE cells. Additionally, the experimentally initiated NE transdifferentiation correlates with the androgen receptor status, which was upregulated additively. In summary, our data provide evidence for an involvement of PC-1 in NE transdifferentiation, frequently associated with castration resistance, which is a major therapeutic challenge in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

  15. Project W-519 CDR supplement: Raw water and electrical services for privatization contractor, AP tank farm operations

    Parazin, R.J.


    This supplement to the Project W-519 Conceptual Design will identify a means to provide RW and Electrical services to serve the needs of the TWRS Privatization Contractor (PC) at AP Tank Farm as directed by DOE-RL. The RW will serve the fire suppression and untreated process water requirements for the PC. The purpose of this CDR supplement is to identify Raw Water (RW) and Electrical service line routes to the TWRS Privatization Contractor (PC) feed delivery tanks, AP-106 and/or AP-108, and establish associated cost impacts to the Project W-519 baseline.

  16. 基于PC104主板的嵌入式Linux的实现%Implementation of Embedded Linux Based on PC104 Motherboard

    蔡勇; 战兴群



  17. Influence of surface morphology evolution of SubPc layers on the performance of SubPc/C60 organic photovoltaic cells

    Kim, Jinhyun; Yim, Sanggyu


    In this study, small-molecule organic solar cells based on choloro[subphthalocyaninato]boron (III) (SubPc) as an electron donor and fullerene (C60) as an electron acceptor were fabricated by varying the thickness, d, of the SubPc layer. The power conversion efficiency was maximized to 1.8% at d ˜ 130 Å due to the relatively large values of the short-circuit current density (JSC) and fill factor (FF). This optimal thickness was also strongly related to the surface morphology evolution of the SubPc thin films. The corrugated surface nanostructures were continually formed until the thickness of the film increased up to 130 Å, which is advantageous for the formation of an interdigitated electron donor-acceptor interface. In contrast, for films thicker than 130 Å, the corrugated surface structures were filled with subsequently deposited molecules, leading to a smoother morphology and consequently reduced JSC and FF value of the cells.

  18. Approach to Improve Speed of Sound Calculation within PC-SAFT Framework

    Liang, Xiaodong; Maribo-Mogensen, Bjørn; Thomsen, Kaj;


    An extensive comparison of SRK, CPA and PC-SAFT for speed of sound in normal alkanes has been performed. The results reveal that PC-SAFT captures the curvature of speed of sound better than cubic EoS but the accuracy is not satisfactory. Two approaches have been proposed to improve PC-SAFT’s accu...... keeping acceptable accuracy for the primary properties, i.e. vapor pressure (2.1%) and liquid density (1.5%). The two approaches have also been applied to methanol, and both give very good results....

  19. In vitro antitumor activity of silybin nanosuspension in PC-3 cells.

    Zheng, Dandan; Wang, Yancai; Zhang, Dianrui; Liu, Zhaoping; Duan, Cunxian; Jia, Lejiao; Wang, Feihu; Liu, Yue; Liu, Guangpu; Hao, Leilei; Zhang, Qiang


    The present study aims to evaluate the antitumor activity of silybin nanosuspension on human prostatic carcinoma PC-3 cell line in vitro. Silybin nanosuspension was prepared by the high pressure homogenization (HPH) method. MTT assay, observation of morphological changes and apoptotic body showed that silybin nanosuspension could significantly enhance the in vitro cytotoxicity against PC-3 cells compared to the silybin solution. Flow cytometric (FCM) analysis demonstrated that silybin nanosuspension induced G1 cycle arrest and apoptosis in PC-3 cells. Thereby, the overall results suggest that the silybin nanosuspension represents a potential source of medicine for the treatment of human prostate cancer.

  20. MSE/SSE discrimination methods of the PC-HPGe detector

    L(U) Zi-Feng; LI Yu-Lan; LI Jin; YUE Qian; LI Yuan-Jing


    Having advantages of low capacitance and low energy threshold,the PC-HPGe (Point-Contact High Purity Germanium) detector has found its application in the direct detection of WIMP(Weak Interaction Massive Particle) in CDEX (China Darkmatter Experiment).The MSE (Multi-Site Event) and SSE(Single-Site Event) discrimination methods of the PC-HPGe detector are introduced in this article,including their physical basis,the electronics system and the algorithms to implement them.Behaviors of the PC-HPGe detector are studied intensively through this research and finally the experimental results of the LE discrimination method are presented.

  1. Interleukin 1 expression is inducible by nerve growth factor in PC12 pheochromocytoma cells.

    Alheim, K; Andersson, C; Tingsborg, S; Ziolkowska, M; Schultzberg, M. (Marianne); Bartfai, T


    Expression of the cytokine interleukin 1 alpha (IL-1 alpha) was demonstrated in the rat PC12 pheochromocytoma cell line by (i) immunohistochemistry using rabbit polyclonal antisera raised against the recombinant murine IL-1 alpha, (ii) an ELISA, and (iii) a specific cell conversion bioassay based on the use of LBRM33-1A5 cells. IL-1 alpha mRNA was demonstrated in the PC12 cells, by PCR amplification. Constitutive expression of IL-1 alpha in PC12 cells was demonstrated in all experiments, alth...


    Ying Quan; Ming-shah Yang; Qing Yah


    The preparation technology of flame-retardant PC/ABS alloys was studied in this paper. Using a high-efficiency flame retardant system and by means of multiple-ingredient compatibilizing, PC/ABS alloys with excellent impact strength and flame retardant property were prepared. The experimental results showed that by using PS-g-MAH and SMA as synergistic compatibilizers, the notched Izod impact strength and flammability of PC/ABS alloy obtained in the present work can be up to 175 J/m and UL-94 V0, respectively.

  3. Polycomb-group (Pc-G) Proteins Control Seed Development in Arabidopsis thaliana L.

    Xiao-Xue Wang; Li-Geng Ma


    Polycomb-group (Pc-G) proteins repress their target gene expression by assemble complexes in Drosophila and mammals. Three groups of Pc-G genes, controlling seed development, flower development and vernalization response, have been identified in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana L.). MEDEA (MEA), FERTIL IZA TION INDEPENDENT SEED2 (FIS2), and FERTILIZATION INDEPENDENT ENDOSPERM (FIE) are Pc-G genes in Arabidopsis. Their functions in seed development have been extensively explored. The advanced findings of molecular mechanism on how MEA, FIS2 and FIE control seed development in Arabidopsis are reviewed in this paper.

  4. Analysis and applications of a group contribution sPC-SAFT equation of state

    Tihic, Amra; von Solms, Nicolas; Michelsen, Michael Locht


    A group contribution (GC) method for estimating pure compound parameters for the molecular-based perturbed-chain statistical associating fluid theory (PC-SAFT) equation of state (EoS) is proposed in a previous work [A. Tihic, G.M. Kontogeorgis, N. von Solms, M.L Michelsen, L Constantinou. Ind. Eng...... method allow satisfactory representation of experimental data of investigated systems with the sPC-SAFT EoS. Moreover, the variety of functional groups in the available GC scheme ensures broad applications of the CC sPC-SAFT EoS....

  5. Implementation of RS-485 Communication between PLC and PC of Distributed Control System Based on VB

    Lian Zhang, Chuan; Da Huang, Zhi; Qing Zhou, Gui; Chong, Kil To


    This paper focuses on achieving RS-485 communication between programmable logical controller (PLC) and PC based on visual basic 6.0 (VB6.0) on an experimental automatic production line. Mitsubishi FX2N PLCs and a PC are chosen as slave stations and main station, respectively. Monitoring software is developed using VB6.0 for data input/output, flow control and online parameters setting. As a result, all functions are fulfilled with robust performance. It is concluded from results that one PC can monitor several PLCs using RS-485 communication.

  6. Sub-ns triplet state formation by non-geminate recombination in PSBTBT:PC 70 BM and PCPDTBT:PC 60 BM organic solar cells

    Etzold, Fabian


    The solid-state morphology and photo-generated charge carrier dynamics in low-bandgap polymer:fullerene bulk heterojunction photovoltaic blends using the donor–acceptor type copolymers PCPDTBT or its silicon-substituted analogue PSBTBT as donors are compared by two-dimensional (2D) solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and femto-to microsecond broadband Vis-NIR transient absorption (TA) pump–probe spectroscopy. The 2D solid-state NMR experiments demonstrate that the film morphology of PCPDTBT:PC60BM blends processed with additives such as octanedithiol (ODT) are similar to those of PSBTBT:PC60BM blends in terms of crystallinity, phase segregation, and interfacial contacts. The TA experiments and analysis of the TA data by multivariate curve resolution (MCR) reveal that after exciton dissociation and free charge formation, fast sub-nanosecond non-geminate recombination occurs which leads to a substantial population of the polymer\\'s triplet state. The extent to which triplet states are formed depends on the initial concentration of free charges, which itself is controlled by the microstructure of the blend, especially in case of PCPDTBT:PC60BM. Interestingly, PSBTBT:PC70BM blends show a higher charge generation efficiency, but less triplet state formation at similar free charge carrier concentrations. This indicates that the solid-state morphology and interfacial structures of PSBTBT:PC70BM blends reduces non-geminate recombination, leading to superior device performance compared to optimized PCPDTBT:PC60BM blends.

  7. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on the PC-5 and PC-6 Points Alleviated Hypotension after Epidural Anaesthesia, Depending on the Stimulus Frequency

    Young-Chang P. Arai


    Full Text Available Neuraxial blockade causes arterial hypotension. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS at the Neiguan (PC-6 and Jianshi (PC-5 reduces the severity of hypotension after spinal anaesthesia, but did not clarify the optimal stimulus frequency. We hypothesized that the stimulus frequency of TENS at the PC-6 and PC-5 points would influence the severity of hypotension after epidural anaesthesia. 65 ASA I or II male patients presenting for inguinal hernia repair were randomized to five groups: the control group received no treatment; the 2 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz, and 40 Hz groups received TENS at a frequency of 2 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz, and 40 Hz, respectively. The lowest SBP was significantly higher in the 40 Hz group [the control, 84 (74–110 mmHg; the 2 Hz, 96 (62–116 mmHg; the 10 Hz, 100 (68–110 mmHg; the 20 Hz, 96 (64–115 mmHg; the 40 Hz, 104 (75–140 mmHg: P=0.004]. Significantly less patients experienced hypotension in the 40 Hz group [the control, 78%; the 2 Hz, 43%; the 10 Hz, 38%; the 20 Hz, 38%; the 40 Hz, 8%: P=0.008]. TENS on the PC-6 and PC-5 points reduced the severity and incidence of hypotension after epidural anaesthesia, depending on the stimulus frequency.

  8. In Vitro Exposure to PC-1005 and Cervicovaginal Lavage Fluid from Women Vaginally Administered PC-1005 Inhibits HIV-1 and HSV-2 Infection in Human Cervical Mucosa.

    Villegas, Guillermo; Calenda, Giulia; Zhang, Shimin; Mizenina, Olga; Kleinbeck, Kyle; Cooney, Michael L; Hoesley, Craig J; Creasy, George W; Friedland, Barbara; Fernández-Romero, José A; Zydowsky, Thomas M; Teleshova, Natalia


    Our recent phase 1 trial demonstrated that PC-1005 gel containing 50 μM MIV-150, 14 mM zinc acetate dihydrate, and carrageenan (CG) applied daily vaginally for 14 days is safe and well tolerated. Importantly, cervicovaginal lavage fluid samples (CVLs) collected 4 or 24 h after the last gel application inhibited HIV-1 and human papillomavirus (HPV) in cell-based assays in a dose-dependent manner (MIV-150 for HIV-1 and CG for HPV). Herein we aimed to determine the anti-HIV and anti-herpes simplex virus 2 (anti-HSV-2) activity of PC-1005 in human cervical explants after in vitro exposure to the gel and to CVLs from participants in the phase 1 trial. Single HIV-1BaL infection and HIV-1BaL-HSV-2 coinfection explant models were utilized. Coinfection with HSV-2 enhanced tissue HIV-1BaL infection. In vitro exposure to PC-1005 protected cervical mucosa against HIV-1BaL (up to a 1:300 dilution) in single-challenge and cochallenge models. CG gel (PC-525) provided some barrier effect against HIV-1BaL at the 1:100 dilution in a single-challenge model but not in the cochallenge model. Both PC-1005 and PC-525 at the 1:100 dilution inhibited HSV-2 infection, pointing to a CG-mediated protection. MIV-150 and CG in CVLs inhibited HIV (single-challenge or cochallenge models) and HSV-2 infections in explants in a dose-dependent manner (P < 0.05). Stronger inhibition of HIV-1 infection by CVLs collected 4 h after the last gel administration was observed compared to infection detected in the presence of baseline CVLs. The anti-HIV and anti-HSV-2 activity of PC-1005 gel in vitro and CVLs in human ectocervical explants supports the further development of PC-1005 gel as a broad-spectrum on-demand microbicide.

  9. Improvement on electroplating process for PC/ABS alloy plastic%PC/ABS合金塑料电镀工艺改进



    A process for electroplating of PC/ABS plastic articles used for sanitary wares was improved by: (1) pre-roughening with amide-type swelling agent instead of phenol-type swelling agent to improve coating integrity and appearance; and (2) surface conditioning with carbamate-type high-molecular organic compound prior to catalysis to reduce the amount of PdCl2 catalyzer, improve the quality of Pd deposit, and shorten the plating time. The improved process flow mainly includes pre-roughening, degreasing, hydrophilizing, roughening, reclaiming, neutralizing, surface conditioning; pre-dipping, catalyzing, accelerating, electroless nickel plating, activating, copper pre-plating, acid copper plating, semi-bright nickel plating, bright nickel plating, chromium plating, drying, and packaging. The results of batch plating with Bayer Bayblend? ABS+PC 2953 and Chi Mei Wonderloy? PC/ABS PC-365 plastics by the improved process showed that all products pass the cross-cut adhesion test and 90% of them have qualified appearance. The output value is raised by about 1 200 RMB per hour.%对卫浴产品用PC/ABS塑料件的电镀工艺进行了改进:以酰胺类膨胀剂替代苯酚类膨胀剂进行预粗化,以改善镀层的完整性和外观;在催化前采用氨基甲酸盐类高分子有机物进行表面调整,以减少氯化钯催化剂的用量,提高表面沉钯的质量,缩短电镀时间.改进后的流程主要包括:预粗化,除油,亲水,粗化,回收,中和,表调,预浸,催化,加速,化学沉镍,活化,预镀铜,镀酸铜,镀半光镍,镀光镍,镀铬,烘干,包装.以改进后的工艺对德国拜耳Bayblend(R) ABS+PC 2953和台湾奇美Wonderloy(R) PC/ABS PC-365塑料件进行批量电镀,镀层百格结合力测试全部合格,外观合格率达90%,每小时产值提高了约1 200元.

  10. 由Bluetooth实现的多媒体无线连接PC%Multimedia Wireless Connection PC Based on Bluetooth Technology

    黄晓林; 梁玉红


    Bluetooth技术能在短距离内用无线接口代替有线电缆连接.文中介绍了Bluetooth技术的基本特性,讨论了基于Bluetooth技术的多媒体无线连接PC(Multimedia Wireless Connection PC,MWCPC)的系统结构、通信协议软件栈,并对MWCPC的主/从单元连接建立和多MWCPC的从单元资源共享等问题进行了研究,实测效果良好.

  11. Project Management

    Project Management Theory Meets Practice contains the proceedings from the 1st Danish Project Management Research Conference (DAPMARC 2015), held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 21st, 2015.......Project Management Theory Meets Practice contains the proceedings from the 1st Danish Project Management Research Conference (DAPMARC 2015), held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 21st, 2015....

  12. Define Project

    Munk-Madsen, Andreas


    "Project" is a key concept in IS management. The word is frequently used in textbooks and standards. Yet we seldom find a precise definition of the concept. This paper discusses how to define the concept of a project. The proposed definition covers both heavily formalized projects and informally...... organized, agile projects. Based on the proposed definition popular existing definitions are discussed....

  13. Project Management

    Pilkington, Alan; Chai, Kah-Hin; Le, Yang


    This paper identifies the true coverage of PM theory through a bibliometric analysis of the International Journal of Project Management from 1996-2012. We identify six persistent research themes: project time management, project risk management, programme management, large-scale project management......, project success/failure and practitioner development. These differ from those presented in review and editorial articles in the literature. In addition, topics missing from the PM BOK: knowledge management project-based organization and project portfolio management have become more popular topics...

  14. Project Management

    Pilkington, Alan; Chai, Kah-Hin; Le, Yang


    This paper identifies the true coverage of PM theory through a bibliometric analysis of the International Journal of Project Management from 1996-2012. We identify six persistent research themes: project time management, project risk management, programme management, large-scale project management......, project success/failure and practitioner development. These differ from those presented in review and editorial articles in the literature. In addition, topics missing from the PM BOK: knowledge management project-based organization and project portfolio management have become more popular topics...

  15. Combustion Ratio of Waste Tire Particle, PC and Mixture at Blast Temperature of BF

    ZHANG Jian-liang; REN Shan; SU Bu-xin; LIN Yin-he; LONG Shi-gang


    In order to study the combustion characteristics of waste tire particle (WTP), pulverized coal (PC) and their mixture, the contents of CO, CO2 and O2 of off-gas during the combustion of WTP, PC and mixture under the condition of rich oxygen by 0--4% in blast and at 1 250℃ were measured simultaneously using synthetically infrared analyzer, and then the corresponding combustion ratio was calculated and compared. The results showed that the burning rate of WTP reached approximately 57%, which is much higher than that of PC (only about 18%) in the in- itial 650 s in fresh air, and then the increase of combustion rate of PC is faster than that of WTP; the combustion rate of PC improved remarkably with the addition of WTP. Meanwhile, the combustion rates of all these materials improved with the increase of oxygen content.

  16. Polysaccharides purified from Cordyceps cicadae protects PC12 cells against glutamate-induced oxidative damage.

    Olatunji, Opeyemi J; Feng, Yan; Olatunji, Oyenike O; Tang, Jian; Wei, Yuan; Ouyang, Zhen; Su, Zhaoliang


    Two polysaccharides CPA-1 and CPB-2 were isolated purified from Cordyceps cicadae by hot water extraction, ethanol precipitation and purification using anion exchange and gel filtration chromatography. Preliminary structural characterization of CPA-1 and CPB-2 were performed. The protective effect of CPA-1 and CPB-2 against glutamate-induced oxidative toxicity in PC12 cells was analyzed. The results indicated that pretreatment of PC12 cells with CPA-1 and CPB-2 significantly increased cell survival, Ca(2+) overload and ROS generation. CPA-1 and CPB-2 also markedly up-regulated the antioxidant status of pretreated PC12 cells. Our results suggested that Cordyceps cicadae polysaccharides can protect PC12 cells against glutamate excitotoxicity and might serve as therapeutic agents for neuronal disorders. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Application of Polar Cap (PC) indices in analyses and forecasts of geophysical conditions

    Stauning, Peter


    The Polar Cap (PC) indices could be considered to represent the input of power from the solar wind to the Earth's magnetosphere. The indices have been used to analyse interplanetary electric fields, effects of solar wind pressure pulses, cross polar cap voltages and polar cap diameter, ionospheric Joule heating, and other issues of polar cap dynamics. The PC indices have also been used to predict auroral electrojet intensities and global auroral power as well as ring current intensities. For specific space weather purposes the PC indices could be used to forecast substorm development and predict associated power line disturbances in the subauroral regions. The presentation shall outline the general background for applying the PC indices in analyses or forecasts of solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere interactions and provide illustrative examples of the use of the Polar Cap indices in specific cases

  18. Temperature-assisted morphological transition in CuPc thin films

    Bae, Yu Jeong; Pham, Thi Kim Hang; Kim, Tae Hee


    Ex-situ and in-situ morphological analyses were performed for Cu-phthalocyanine (CuPc) organic semiconductor films by using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED). The focus was the effects of post-annealing on the structural characteristics of CuPc films grown on MgO(001) layers by using an ultra-high-vacuum thermal evaporator. Sphere-to-nanofibril and 2-D to 3-D morphological transitions were observed with increasing CuPc thickness beyond 3 nm. The surface morphology and the crystallinity were drastically improved after an additional cooling of the post-annealed CuPc films thinner than 3 nm. Our results highlight that molecular orientation and structural ordering can be effectively controlled by using different temperature treatments and a proper combination of material, film thickness, and substrate.

  19. Signal transduction pathway of nitric oxide inducing PC12 cell death


    Objective: To study signal transduction pathway of nitric oxideinducing death of PC12 cells.Methods: Cell survival rate was measured with MTT assay, and caspase-3 activity with caspase-3 assay kits after PC12 cells were incubated with sodium nitroprusside (SNP), caspase-3 inhibitor Ⅱ plus SNP or p38 inhibitor-SB203580 plus SNP.Results: SNP induced death of PC12 cells in dose- and time-dependent manner and enhanced caspase-3 activity gradually. Both caspase-3 inhibitor Ⅱ and SB203580 reduced cell death, but SB203580 reduced caspase-3 activity significantly.Conclusions: NO may induce death of PC12 cells through activation of p38 and caspase-3.

  20. Adenovirus-mediated transfection with glucose transporter 3 suppresses PC12 cell apoptosis following ischemic injury

    Junliang Li; Xinke Xu; Shanyi Zhang; Meiguang Zheng; Zhonghua Wu; Yinlun Weng; Leping Ouyang; Jian Yu; Fangcheng Li


    In this study, we investigated the effects of adenovirus-mediated transfection of PC12 cells with glucose transporter 3 after ischemic injury. The results of flow cytometry and TUNEL showed that exogenous glucose transporter 3 significantly suppressed PC12 cell apoptosis induced by ischemic injury. The results of isotopic scintiscan and western blot assays showed that, the glucose uptake rate was significantly increased and nuclear factor kappaB expression was significantly decreased after adenovirus-mediated transfection of ischemic PC12 cells with glucose transporter 3. These results suggest that adenovirus-mediated transfection of cells with glucose transporter 3 elevates the energy metabolism of PC12 cells with ischemic injury, and inhibits cell apoptosis.

  1. Antioxidative effects of berberine pre-treatment on hydrogen peroxide-induced PC12 cell toxicity

    Daohua Xu; Chenhui Zhou


    Oxidative stress has been implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease.Oxidative damage could be prevented by augmenting the endogenous defense capacity against oxidative stress by antioxidant intake.As an effective alkaloid component of Chinese herbal medicine Rhizoma coptidis extract,berberine exhibits antioxidative properties and ameliorates memory impairment in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease.The present study investigated the protective effects of berberine on H2O2-induced PC12 cell toxicity.Results demonstrated that berbedne protects PC12 cells from H2O2-induced apoptosis and increases PC12 cell viability.Lactate dehydrogenase release,reactive oxygen content,and malonyl dialdehyde levels were significantly decreased(P < 0.01).The protective effects of berberine on H2O2-induced PC12 cell toxicity were achieved via the antioxidative effects of berberine.

  2. Baicalin inhibits colistin sulfate-induced apoptosis of PC12 cells******

    Hong Jiang; Pengfei Lv; Jichang Li; Hongjun Wang; Tiezhong Zhou; Yingzi Liu; Wei Lin


    Baicalin, a type of flavonoid extracted from the dried root of Scutel aria baicalensis georgi, has been shown to effectively inhibit cellapoptosis. Therefore, we assumed that baicalin would suppress colistin sulfate-induced neuronal apoptosis. PC12 cells exposed to colistin sulfate (62.5-500 μg/mL) for 24 hours resulted in PC12 cellapoptosis. In addition, caspase-3 activity, lactate dehydrogenase level and free radical content increased in a dose-dependent manner. Subsequently, PC12 cells were pretreated with baicalin (25, 50 and 100 μg/mL), and exposed to 125 μg/mL colistin sulfate. cellmorphology markedly changed, and cellviability increased. Moreover, caspase-3 activity, lac-tate dehydrogenase level and free radical content decreased. Results indicated that baicalin inhib-ited colistin sulfate-induced PC12 cellapoptosis by suppressing free radical injury, and reducing caspase-3 activity and lactate dehydrogenase activity.

  3. The protective effect of tetramethylpyrazine (TMP) against PC12 cells damages

    Xin-ruiCHENG; LanSUN; LiZHANG; Juan-juanHU; Guan-HuaDU


    AIM: To discover the protective effects of tetramethylpyrazine (TMP) against PC12 cells damages and explore its protective mechanisms. METHODS: We established three in vitro models to investigate the protective effects of TMP against the injuries. In both of glutamate and natrium azide-induced PC12 injuries, the action of TMP on the cell viability was measured by MTT assay. The LDH efflux was measured by the assay kit, production

  4. Serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction suppresses glutamate-induced PC12 cell injury☆

    Wang, Ning; Deng, Yi; Wei, Wei; Song, Lihua; Wang, Yan


    Glutamate application is an established method of inducing PC12 cell injury. PC12 cells were cultured with serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction consisting of moschus, Carthamus tinctorius, Rhizoma chuanxiong, Semen pruni persicae, and Radix Paeoniae Rubra. After 24 hours of co-cultivation, glutamate (12.5 mM) was added to the culture medium. We found that serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction prevented the increase in reactive oxygen species, and the decreases in superoxide dismutase...

  5. A fast PC algorithm for high dimensional causal discovery with multi-core PCs

    Le, Thuc Duy; Hoang, Tao; Li, Jiuyong; Liu, Lin; Liu, Huawen


    Discovering causal relationships from observational data is a crucial problem and it has applications in many research areas. The PC algorithm is the state-of-the-art constraint based method for causal discovery. However, runtime of the PC algorithm, in the worst-case, is exponential to the number of nodes (variables), and thus it is inefficient when being applied to high dimensional data, e.g. gene expression datasets. On another note, the advancement of computer hardware in the last decade ...

  6. PC-PVT: A Platform for Psychomotor Vigilance Task Testing, Analysis, and Prediction


    PC-PVT: A platform for psychomotor vigilance task testing, analysis, and prediction Maxim Y. Khitrov & Srinivas Laxminarayan & David Thorsley...the rela- tively low hardware cost, user familiarity, and the relative ease of software development for specific neurobehavioral testing protocols... developed and characterized a freely available system for PC-based simple visual reaction time testing that is analogous to the widely used psychomo

  7. Melatonin attenuates 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium-induced PC12 cell death

    Jin-feng BAO; Ren-gang WU; Xiao-ping ZHANG; Yan SONG; Chang-ling LI


    Aim: To explore the effect of melatonin on PC12 cell death induced by 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP+). Methods: MTT assay, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)efflux assay, and immunohistochemistry methods were used to measure neurotoxicity of PC 12 cells treated acutely with MPP+ in low glucose and high glucose conditions, and to assess the neuroprotective effect of melatonin on PC 12 cell death induced by MPP+. Results: In a low glucose condition, MPP+ significantly induced PC 12 cell death, which showed time and concentration dependence. In a serum-free low glucose condition, the percentages of viability of cells treated with MPP+ for 12, 24, 48, 72, and 96 h were 85.1%, 75.4%, 64.9%, 28.15%, and 9%, respectively. The level of LDH in the culture medium increased and tyrosine hydroxylase positive (TH+) cell count decreased. However, in a serum-free high glucose condition, MPP+ did not significantly induce PC12 cell death compared with control at various concentrations and time regimens. When the cells were preincubated with melatonin 250 μmol/L for 48, 72, and 96 h in a serum-free low glucose condition, cell survival rate significantly increased to 78.1%, 58.8%, and 31.6%, respectively. Melatonin abolished the LDH leakage of cells treated with MPP+ and increased TH+ cells count. Conclusion: MPP+ caused concentrationdependent PC12 cell death. The level of glucose was an important factor to MPP+induced dopaminergic PC12 cell death. Low glucose level could potentiate MPP+toxicity, while high glucose level could reduce the toxicity. In addition, melatonin attenuated PC12 cell death induced by MPP+.

  8. Investigation of Apoptosis Induction in Differentiated PC-12 Cells after Exposure to Hydrostatic Pressure

    S. Sadri


    Full Text Available Objective: Hydrostatic pressure is crucial component of cell environment andfundamental physical quantity, also it is the main factor of both cell integrity andfunction. Pressure variation disorder, beyond physiological limits, may lead topathological states. In this study, we examined the effect of hydrostatic pressureon apoptosis induction, viability, morphology, adhesion potency to substrate andmigration of differentiated PC-12 cells.Materials and Methods: PC-12 as a neuronal cell line maintained in RPMI1640 culture medium supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum. Staurosporinewas used for differentiating of mitotic PC-12 cells to post mitotic anddifferentiated neuronal cells. Exclusion Dye was used for viability assay, totalneurite length of each cell as well as morphometry. TUNEL staining was alsoperformed for apoptosis detection, adhesion potency of cells to substrate andevaluation of cell migration.Results: Hydrostatic pressure, over physiological limits, induced apoptosis indifferentiated PC-12 cells. It changed cell viability gradually and reduction happenedsignificantly after 24 hours (p<0.05. In compare to the control group, hydrostaticpressure reduced total neurite length, adhesion potency to substrate and migrationof cells in the examined group (p<0.05.Conclusion: Hydrostatic pressure induced apoptosis in differentiated PC-12 cellsas a result of inappropriate interaction between cells and substrate. We proposethat apoptosis in differentiated PC-12 cells may be an anoikis causing to lose theattachment to the substrate.

  9. Thin film pc-Si by aluminium induced crystallization on metallic substrate

    Cayron C.


    Full Text Available Thin film polycrystalline silicon (pc-Si on flexible metallic substrates is promising for low cost production of photovoltaic solar cells. One of the attractive methods to produce pc-Si solar cells consists in thickening a large-grained seed layer by epitaxy. In this work, the deposited seed layer is made by aluminium induced crystallization (AIC of an amorphous silicon (a-Si thin film on metallic substrates (Ni/Fe alloy initially coated with a tantalum nitride (TaN conductive diffusion barrier layer. Effect of the thermal budget on the AIC grown pc-Si seed layer was investigated in order to optimize the process (i.e. the quality of the pc-Si thin film. Structural and optical characterizations were carried out using optical microscopy, μ-Raman and Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD. At optimal thermal annealing conditions, the continuous AIC grown pc-Si thin film showed an average grain size around 15 μm. The grains were preferably (001 oriented which is favorable for its epitaxial thickening. This work proves the feasibility of the AIC method to grow large grains pc-Si seed layer on TaN coated metal substrates. These results are, in terms of grains size, the finest obtained by AIC on metallic substrates.

  10. Physical and mechanical properties of mortars containing PET and PC waste aggregates.

    Hannawi, Kinda; Kamali-Bernard, Siham; Prince, William


    Non-biodegradable plastic aggregates made of polycarbonate (PC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste are used as partial replacement of natural aggregates in mortar. Various volume fractions of sand 3%, 10%, 20% and 50% are replaced by the same volume of plastic. This paper investigates the physical and mechanical properties of the obtained composites. The main results of this study show the feasibility of the reuse of PC and PET waste aggregates materials as partial volume substitutes for natural aggregates in cementitious materials. Despite of some drawbacks like a decrease in compressive strength, the use of PC and PET waste aggregates presents various advantages. A reduction of the specific weight of the cementitious materials and a significant improvement of their post-peak flexural behaviour are observed. The calculated flexural toughness factors increase significantly with increasing volume fraction of PET and PC-aggregates. Thus, addition of PC and PET plastic aggregates in cementitious materials seems to give good energy absorbing materials which is very interesting for several civil engineering applications like structures subjected to dynamic or impact efforts. The present study has shown quite encouraging results and opened new way for the recycling of PC waste aggregate in cement and concrete composites. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Chromophore composition of the phycobiliprotein Cr-PC577 from the cryptophyte Hemiselmis pacifica.

    Overkamp, Kristina E; Langklotz, Sina; Aras, Marco; Helling, Stefan; Marcus, Katrin; Bandow, Julia E; Hoef-Emden, Kerstin; Frankenberg-Dinkel, Nicole


    The cryptophyte phycocyanin Cr-PC577 from Hemiselmis pacifica is a close relative of Cr-PC612 found in Hemiselmis virescens and Hemiselmis tepida. The two biliproteins differ in that Cr-PC577 lacks the major peak at around 612 nm in the absorption spectrum. Cr-PC577 was thus purified and characterized with respect to its bilin chromophore composition. Like other cryptophyte phycobiliproteins, Cr-PC577 is an (αβ)(α'β) heterodimer with phycocyanobilin (PCB) bound to the α-subunits. While one chromophore of the β-subunit is also PCB, mass spectrometry identified an additional chromophore with a mass of 585 Da at position β-Cys-158. This mass can be attributed to either a dihydrobiliverdin (DHBV), mesobiliverdin (MBV), or bilin584 chromophore. The doubly linked bilin at position β-Cys-50 and β-Cys-61 could not be identified unequivocally but shares spectral features with DHBV. We found that Cr-PC577 possesses a novel chromophore composition with at least two different chromophores bound to the β-subunit. Overall, our data contribute to a better understanding of cryptophyte phycobiliproteins and furthermore raise the question on the biosynthetic pathway of cryptophyte chromophores.

  12. Fabrication and Electromagnetic Properties of Conjugated NH2-CuPc@Fe3O4

    Yan, Liang; Pu, Zejun; Xu, Mingzhen; Wei, Renbo; Liu, Xiaobo


    Conjugated amino-phthalocyanine copper containing carboxyl groups/magnetite (NH2-CuPc@Fe3O4) has been fabricated from FeCl3·6H2O and NH2-CuPc via a simple solvothermal method and its electromagnetic properties investigated. Scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy revealed that the NH2-CuPc@Fe3O4 was a waxberry-like nanomaterial with NH2-CuPc molecules effectively embedded in the interior of Fe3O4 particles in the form of beads. Introduction of NH2-CuPc effectively improved the complementarity between the dielectric and magnetic losses of the system, resulting in excellent electromagnetic performance. The minimum reflection loss of the as-prepared composite reached -33.4 dB at 7.0 GHz for coating layer thickness of 4.0 mm and bandwidth below -10.0 dB (90% absorption) of up to 3.8 GHz. These results indicate that introduction of NH2-CuPc results in a composite with potential for use as an electromagnetic microwave absorption material.

  13. Electro-optical characterization and analysis of CuPc-based solar cells with high photovoltage

    V P Singh; R S Singh; A M Hermann


    Organic solar cells using the CuPc and PTCBI semiconductor layers were studied. A high open circuit voltage of 1.15 V was obtained in a device with ITO/PEDOT:PSS/CuPc (15 nm)/PTCBI (7 nm)/Al structure. Results were interpreted in terms of a modified CuPc–Al Schottky diode for the thin PTCBI case and a CuPc–PTCBI heterojunction for the thick PTCBI case. Also, the formation of a thin aluminum oxide layer under the aluminum electrode was postulated. This layer has a beneficial aspect wherein shunting losses are reduced and a high photovoltage is enabled. However, it adds greatly to the series resistance to a point where the short circuit current density is reduced. CuPc Schottky diodes with an ITO/PEDOT:PSS/CuPc/Al structure yielded a high oc of 900 mV for a CuPc layer of thickness 140 nm. The oc increased with increase in CuPc layer thickness.

  14. Neurotoxic effect of rotenone on dopaminergic neuron PC12 in vitro

    SAI Yan; WU Qiang; LE Wei-dong; DONG Zhao-jun


    Objective: To investigate the mechanism of oxidative stress in rotenone neurotoxicity to dopaminergic neuron PC12. Methods: High differentiated PC12 cells as dopaminergic neurons were treated by different concentrations of rotenone. The morphology was observed with inverted phase contrast microscope and transmission electron microscope. Cell viability and proliferation inhibition were assessed by MTT. SOD and MDA were detected with biochemical assay. And the specific fluorescent probe (DCFDA) was used to examine ROS in PC12 cells. Results: After treated with rotenone for 24 h, most of the PC12 cells became smaller and rounder. The process of axon was reduced, shortened or broken in a time and concentration dependent manner. The mitochondrial structure and metabolism were changed. Endoplasmic reticulum expanded and the free ribosome increased. Compared with the control group, cell proliferation inhibition increased and cell viability decreased. SOD increased and MDA decreased. The intensity of fluorescence was more obvious in PC12 cells treated by rotenone compared with control group. Conclusion: Rotenone is neurotoxic to cultured dopaminergic neuron PC12. Rotenone might exert this effect through the metabolism of oxidative stress on the pathogenesis of the neuron.

  15. PEGylated Dendrimers as Drug Delivery Vehicles for the Photosensitizer Silicon Phthalocyanine Pc 4 for Candidal Infections.

    Hutnick, Melanie A; Ahsanuddin, Sayeeda; Guan, Linna; Lam, Minh; Baron, Elma D; Pokorski, Jonathan K


    Fungi account for billions of infections worldwide. The second most prominent causative agent for fungal infections is Candida albicans (C. albicans). As strains of fungi become resistant to antifungal medications, new treatment modalities must be investigated to combat these infections. One approach is to employ photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT utilizes a photosensitizer, light, and cellular O2 to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS), which then induce oxidative stress resulting in apoptosis. Silicon phthalocyanine Pc 4 is a photosensitizer that has exhibited success in clinical trials for a myriad of skin diseases. The hydrophobic nature of Pc 4, however, poses significant formulation and delivery challenges in the use of this therapy. To mitigate these concerns, a drug delivery vehicle was synthesized to better formulate Pc 4 into a viable PDT agent for treating fungal infections. Utilizing poly(amidoamine) dendrimers as the framework for the vehicle, ∼13% of the amine chain ends were PEGylated to promote water solubility and deter nonspecific adsorption. In vitro studies with C. albicans demonstrate that the potency of Pc 4 was not hindered by the dendrimer vehicle. Encapsulated Pc 4 was able to effectively generate ROS and obliterate fungal pathogens upon photoactivation. The results presented within describe a nanoparticulate delivery vehicle for Pc 4 that readily kills drug-resistant C. albicans and eliminates solvent toxicity, thus, improving formulation characteristics for the hydrophobic photosensitizer.

  16. Data of the recombination loss mechanisms analysis on Al2O3 PERC cell using PC1D and PC2D simulations.

    Huang, Haibing; Lv, Jun; Bao, Yameng; Xuan, Rongwei; Sun, Shenghua; Sneck, Sami; Li, Shuo; Modanese, Chiara; Savin, Hele; Wang, Aihua; Zhao, Jianhua


    This data article is related to our recently published article ('20.8% industrial PERC solar cell: ALD Al2O3 rear surface passivation, efficiency loss mechanisms analysis and roadmap to 24%', Huang et al., 2017 [1]) where we have presented a systematic evaluation of the overall cell processing and a cost-efficient industrial roadmap for PERC cells. Aside from the information already presented in Huang et al., 2017 [1], here we provide data related to Sectin 3 in Huang et al., 2017 [1] concerning the analysis of the recombination losses׳ mechanisms by PC1D V5.9 and PC2D simulations (Clugston and Basore, 1997, Basore and Cabanas-Holmen, 2011, Cabanas-Holmen and Basore, 2012 and Cabanas-Holmen and Basore, 2012.) [2], [3], [4], [5] on our current industrial Al2O3 PERC cell. The data include: i) PC2D simulations on J02, ii) the calculation of series resistance and back surface recombination velocity (BSRV) on the rear side metallization of PERC cell for the case of a point contact, and iii) the PC1D simulation on the cumulative photo-generation and recombination along the distance from the front surface. Finally, the roadmap of the solar cell efficiency for an industrial PERC technology up to 24% is presented, with the aim of providing a potential guideline for industrial researchers.

  17. Molecular Modeling on the PC (by Matthew F. Schlecht)

    Rioux, Reviewed Frank


    plenty of graphical support. The reader is now ready to move to Chapter 6 on applications and work through the 32 exercises (Chapters 3 and 4 have an additional 11 exercises) designed to illustrate the current uses of molecular modeling in academic and industrial research. Chapter 3 (Input and Output), Chapter 4 (File Formats), and the balance of Chapter 5 can be consulted as needed. For example, Chapter 5 contains 160 pages on the evolution of the various empirical force fields in use today and important information in each case on parameterization and implementation. Besides finding a clearly written, wellorganized, thorough presentation, the reader will appreciate a number of other important features. There are numerous references (993) to the primary literature covering the field of molecular mechanics from its beginnings to mid1997, when the book went to press. There is a complete glossary of PCMODEL commands, and a comprehensive and valuable glossary (77 pages) of frequently used computer terms. There are 392 figures (many of them screen captures) providing illustrations of the PCMODEL interface in use and examples of input and output files. To aid the reader/user in obtaining expertise as a modeler, a diskette containing all the structure files for all the exercises accompanies the text. In addition, the author provides, on the same diskette, a browserreadable HTML file that contains links to a large number of pertinent resources on the World Wide Web. In summary, Molecular Modeling on the PC, by Matthew Schlecht, is a very impressive contribution to the molecular modeling literature. Schlecht's book should be in every college and university library and in the personal libraries of those who want to learn more about molecular mechanics or who anticipate its use in their teaching or research.

  18. Modulation of the sphingolipid rheostat is involved in paclitaxel resistance of the human prostate cancer cell line PC3-PR.

    Aoyama, Yuka; Sobue, Sayaka; Mizutani, Naoki; Inoue, Chisato; Kawamoto, Yoshiyuki; Nishizawa, Yuji; Ichihara, Masatoshi; Kyogashima, Mamoru; Suzuki, Motoshi; Nozawa, Yoshinoti; Murate, Takashi


    Taxoids are anti-cancer drugs frequently used to treat solid tumors, but they are sometimes ineffective and tumors may become resistant to their action. Here, we examined the involvement of sphingolipid metabolic enzymes in paclitaxel (PTX) resistance using a human prostate cancer cell line, PC3, and its PTX-resistant subline, PC3-PR. PTX (20 nM) suppressed cell proliferation and increased various ceramide species in PC3, but not PC3-PR, cells. PC3-PR contained higher S1P levels than did PC3, regardless of PTX treatment. Western blotting revealed that PC3-PR cells expressed higher levels of sphingosine kinase 1 (SPHK1) and glucosylceramide synthase (GCS) but lower levels of acid sphingomyelinase (ASMase) and neutral sphingomyelinase 2 than did PC3 cells. Inhibition of SPHK1 using siRNA or a pharmacological inhibitor decreased S1P levels in PC3-PR cells and inhibited proliferation in the presence or absence of PTX, suggesting that SPHK1 is at least partially responsible for PTX resistance. Similarly, GCS inhibitors (PDMP and PPMP) increased cellular ceramides and suppressed the proliferation of PC3-PR. However, inhibition of proteasome function or histone deacetylase activity increased SMase and ceramide levels and suppressed PC3-PR proliferation. These results suggest that modulation of metabolic enzyme expression and alteration of the sphingolipid rheostat protects cancer cells against PTX. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. A genome-wide signature of glucocorticoid receptor binding in neuronal PC12 cells

    Polman J Annelies E


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Glucocorticoids, secreted by the adrenals in response to stress, profoundly affect structure and plasticity of neurons. Glucocorticoid action in neurons is mediated by glucocorticoid receptors (GR that operate as transcription factors in the regulation of gene expression and either bind directly to genomic glucocorticoid response elements (GREs or indirectly to the genome via interactions with bound transcription factors. These two modes of action, respectively called transactivation and transrepression, result in the regulation of a wide variety of genes important for neuronal function. The objective of the present study was to identify genome-wide glucocorticoid receptor binding sites in neuronal PC12 cells using Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation combined with next generation sequencing (ChIP-Seq. Results In total we identified 1183 genomic binding sites of GR, the majority of which were novel and not identified in other ChIP-Seq studies on GR binding. More than half (58% of the binding sites contained a GRE. The remaining 42% of the GBS did not harbour a GRE and therefore likely bind GR via an intermediate transcription factor tethering GR to the DNA. While the GRE-containing binding sites were more often located nearby genes involved in general cell functions and processes such as apoptosis, cell motion, protein dimerization activity and vasculature development, the binding sites without a GRE were located nearby genes with a clear role in neuronal processes such as neuron projection morphogenesis, neuron projection regeneration, synaptic transmission and catecholamine biosynthetic process. A closer look at the sequence of the GR binding sites revealed the presence of several motifs for transcription factors that are highly divergent from those previously linked to GR-signaling, including Gabpa, Prrx2, Zfp281, Gata1 and Zbtb3. These transcription factors may represent novel crosstalk partners of GR in a neuronal context

  20. Multifunctional human transcriptional coactivator protein PC4 is a substrate of Aurora kinases and activates the Aurora enzymes.

    Dhanasekaran, Karthigeyan; Kumari, Sujata; Boopathi, Ramachandran; Shima, Hiroki; Swaminathan, Amrutha; Bachu, Mahesh; Ranga, Udaykumar; Igarashi, Kazuhiko; Kundu, Tapas K


    Positive coactivator 4 (PC4), a human transcriptional coactivator, is involved in diverse processes like chromatin organization and transcription regulation. It is hyperphosphorylated during mitosis, with unknown significance. For the first time, we demonstrate the function of PC4 outside the nucleus upon nuclear envelope breakdown. A fraction of PC4 associates with Aurora A and Aurora B and undergoes phosphorylation, following which PC4 activates both Aurora A and B to sustain optimal kinase activity to maintain the phosphorylation gradient for the proper functioning of the mitotic machinery. This mitotic role is evident in PC4 knockdown cells where the defects are rescued only by the catalytically active Aurora kinases, but not the kinase-dead mutants. Similarly, the PC4 phosphodeficient mutant failed to rescue such defects. Hence, our observations establish a novel mitotic function of PC4 that might be dependent on Aurora kinase-mediated phosphorylation.

  1. Multipoint Observations of Low Latitude ULF Pc3 Waves in South-East Australia

    I. A. Ansari


    Geomagnetic pulsations recorded on the ground are the signatures of the integrated signals from the magnetosphere. Pc3 geomagnetic pulsations are quasi-sinusoidal variations in the earth’s magnetic field in the period range 10–45 seconds. The magnitude of these pulsations ranges from fraction of a nT (nano Tesla) to several nT. These pulsations can be observed in a number of ways. However, the application of ground-based magnetometer arrays has proven to be one of the most successful methods of studying the spatial structure of hydromagnetic waves in the earth’s magnetosphere. The solar wind provides the energy for the earth’s magnetospheric processes. Pc3-5 geomagnetic pulsations can be generated either externally or internally with respect to the magnetosphere. The Pc3 studies undertaken in the past have been confined to middle and high latitudes. The spatial and temporal variations observed in Pc3 occurrence are of vital importance because they provide evidence which can be directly related to wave generation mechanisms both inside and external to the magnetosphere. At low latitudes (L < 3) wave energy predominates in the Pc3 band and the spatial characteristics of these pulsations have received little attention in the past. An array of four low latitude induction coil magnetometers were established in south-east Australia over a longitudinal range of 17 degrees at L = 1.8 to 2.7 for carrying out the study of the effect of the solar wind velocity on these pulsations. Digital dynamic spectra showing Pc3 pulsation activity over a period of about six months have been used to evaluate Pc3 pulsation occurrence. Pc3 occurrence probability at low latitudes has been found to be dominant for the solar wind velocity in the range 400–700 km/s. The results suggest that solar wind controls Pc3 occurrence through a mechanism in which Pc3 wave energy is convected through the magnetosheath and coupled to the standing oscillations of magnetospheric field lines.

  2. Effect of formaldehyde on endogenous hydrogen sulfide production in PC12 cells%甲醛对PC12细胞内源性H2S生成的影响

    尹蔚兰; 何剑琴; 方恒荣; 杨丝丝; 胡弼; 唐小卿


    目的 观察甲醛对PC12细胞内源性硫化氢(hydrogen sulfide,H2S)生成的影响,以探讨甲醛损伤PC12细胞的新机制.方法 RT-PCR方法检测PC12细胞的胱硫醚-β-合酶 (cystathionine-beta-synthase,CBS) mRNA 的表达;亚甲基蓝分光光度计法检测PC12细胞CBS活性及PC12细胞内源性H2S的含量;MTT法观察PC12细胞的存活率.结果 甲醛可以抑制PC12细胞CBS的表达及其活性,减少内源性H2S的生成;甲醛可以明显地降低PC12细胞的存活率.结论 甲醛能抑制CBS的表达和活性,减少内源性H2S生成,这可能与其损伤PC12细胞有关.%Aim To observe the effect of formaldehyde on the production of endogenous hydrogen sulfide ( H2S ) in PC12 cells and to explore the novel molecular mechanisms of formaldehyde-induced damage in PC12 cells. Methods The expression of cystathionine-beta-synthase ( CBS ) mRNA in PC12 cells was determined by RT-PCR. The production of H2S and the activity of CBS in PC12 cells were detected by methylene blue spectrophotometric method. The survival of PC12 cells was observed by MTT assay. Results Formaldehyde inhibited the expression of CBS mRNA and the activity of CBS, and decreased the production of endogenous H2S in PC12 cells. Formaldehyde significantly reduced the survival rate of PC12 cells. Conclusion Formaldehyde inhibits the expression and activity of CBS, as well as endogenous H2S production in PC12 cells, which may be associated with formaldehyde-induced PC12 cells damage.

  3. Machine Control and Multimedia Communication with Mini-PC

    Hartmut Prof.Dr.-Ing. Haehnel


    Full Text Available The communication need in companies machines - and equipment construction constantly rises. Also small and medium-size enterprises act today more than ever on a global market. On the other hand the enterprises are at a substantial costing and time pressure by the globalization of the markets. Experts act in this connection increasingly in different locations. In the result of the current research in the context by the Federal Ministry for economics promoted of a co-operation of research project between the FH Duesseldorf, Labor for computer technology and the company Frölich & Klüpfel Druckluftechnik GmbH & CO. KG was determined that the industrielle use of Multimedia Communication for companies in the context of examined cases of application with a large use which can be expected is possible.

  4. Alzheimer's Project

    ... state Home > News & Events > Upcoming Events > HBO Alzheimer’s Project In the News Walk to End Alzheimer's Upcoming ... Disease Awareness Month World Alzheimer's Month HBO Alzheimer’s Project MAKE A DONATION Your gift will help us ...

  5. Alzheimer's Project

    Full Text Available ... Momentum in Science, Part 2" (70 minutes) Be a part of something big. HBO's "THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT" ... vital research and services. "THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT" is a presentation of HBO Documentary Films and the National ...


    Office 2004 Test Drive User

    report. Details on the background of the project, the fieldwork, the work completed, the projected end ... Studies, University of Ghana, with a starting date of 01/01/12 and an expected completion of ..... de Bondoukou. Paris: Editions Ernest Leroux.

  7. Alzheimer's Project

    Full Text Available ... Momentum in Science, Part 2" (70 minutes) Be a part of something big. HBO's "THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT" ... vital research and services. "THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT" is a presentation of HBO Documentary Films and the National ...

  8. Project Temporalities

    Tryggestad, Kjell; Justesen, Lise; Mouritsen, Jan


    into account. This may require investments in new project management technologies. Originality/value – This paper adds to the literatures on project temporalities and stakeholder theory by connecting them to the question of non-human stakeholders and to project management technologies.......Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore how animals can become stakeholders in interaction with project management technologies and what happens with project temporalities when new and surprising stakeholders become part of a project and a recognized matter of concern to be taken...... into account. Design/methodology/approach – The paper is based on a qualitative case study of a project in the building industry. The authors use actor-network theory (ANT) to analyze the emergence of animal stakeholders, stakes and temporalities. Findings – The study shows how project temporalities can...

  9. Effect of 1-methyl, 4-phenyl pyridium on endogenous hydrogen sulfide production in PC12 cells%MPP+对PC12细胞内源性H2S生成的影响

    唐小卿; 范黎黎; 杨春涛; 申新田; 赵静; 李玉娟; 郭瑞鲜; 冯鉴强


    目的:观察1-甲基4-苯基吡啶离子 (MPP+)对PC12细胞内源性硫化氢(H2S)生成的影响,以探讨MPP+损伤PC12细胞的新机制.方法:RT-PCR方法检测PC12细胞胱硫醚-β-合酶(CBS)mRNA 的表达;亚甲基蓝分光光度计法检测PC12细胞内源性H2S的含量及PC12细胞CBS活性;台盼蓝拒染色法观察PC12细胞的存活率.结果:MPP+ 可以抑制PC12细胞CBS的表达及其活性,减少内源性H2S的生成;MPP+可以明显地降低PC12细胞的存活率;H2S的供体硫氢化钠(NaHS)对MPP+诱导的PC12细胞损伤具有显著的拮抗作用.结论:MPP+能抑制CBS的表达和活性,减少内源性H2S生成,这可能与其损伤PC12细胞的机制有关.

  10. Project ethics

    Jonasson, Haukur Ingi


    How relevant is ethics to project management? The book - which aims to demystify the field of ethics for project managers and managers in general - takes both a critical and a practical look at project management in terms of success criteria, and ethical opportunities and risks. The goal is to help the reader to use ethical theory to further identify opportunities and risks within their projects and thereby to advance more directly along the path of mature and sustainable managerial practice.

  11. Microsoft project

    Markić, Lucija; Mandušić, Dubravka; Grbavac, Vitomir


    Microsoft Project je alat čije su prednosti u svakodnevnom radu nezamjenjive. Pomoću Microsoft Projecta omogućeno je upravljanje resursima, stvaranje izvještaja o projektima u vremenu, te analize različitih scenarija. Pojavljuje u tri verzije: Microsoft Project Professional, Microsoft Project Server i Microsoft Project Server Client Access Licenses. Upravo je trend da suvremeni poslovni ljudi zadatke povjeravaju Microsoft Projectu jer on znatno povećava produktivnost rada. Te prednos...

  12. Virtual projects

    Svejvig, Per; Commisso, Trine Hald


    that the best practice knowledge has not permeated sufficiently to the practice. Furthermore, the appropriate application of information and communication technology (ICT) remains a big challenge, and finally project managers are not sufficiently trained in organizing and conducting virtual projects......Virtual projects are common with global competition, market development, and not least the financial crisis forcing organizations to reduce their costs drastically. Organizations therefore have to place high importance on ways to carry out virtual projects and consider appropriate practices...

  13. Evaluation of PC-ISO for customized, 3D printed, gynecologic 192Ir HDR brachytherapy applicators.

    Cunha, J Adam M; Mellis, Katherine; Sethi, Rajni; Siauw, Timmy; Sudhyadhom, Atchar; Garg, Animesh; Goldberg, Ken; Hsu, I-Chow; Pouliot, Jean


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the radiation attenuation properties of PC-ISO, a commercially available, biocompatible, sterilizable 3D printing material, and its suitability for customized, single-use gynecologic (GYN) brachytherapy applicators that have the potential for accurate guiding of seeds through linear and curved internal channels. A custom radiochromic film dosimetry apparatus was 3D-printed in PC-ISO with a single catheter channel and a slit to hold a film segment. The apparatus was designed specifically to test geometry pertinent for use of this material in a clinical setting. A brachytherapy dose plan was computed to deliver a cylindrical dose distribution to the film. The dose plan used an 192Ir source and was normalized to 1500 cGy at 1 cm from the channel. The material was evaluated by comparing the film exposure to an identical test done in water. The Hounsfield unit (HU) distributions were computed from a CT scan of the apparatus and compared to the HU distribution of water and the HU distribution of a commercial GYN cylinder applicator. The dose depth curve of PC-ISO as measured by the radiochromic film was within 1% of water between 1 cm and 6 cm from the channel. The mean HU was -10 for PC-ISO and -1 for water. As expected, the honeycombed structure of the PC-ISO 3D printing process created a moderate spread of HU values, but the mean was comparable to water. PC-ISO is sufficiently water-equivalent to be compatible with our HDR brachytherapy planning system and clinical workflow and, therefore, it is suitable for creating custom GYN brachytherapy applicators. Our current clinical practice includes the use of custom GYN applicators made of commercially available PC-ISO when doing so can improve the patient's treatment. PACS number: none.

  14. Evaluation of PC-ISO for customized, 3D Printed, gynecologic 192-Ir HDR brachytherapy applicators.

    Cunha, J Adam M; Mellis, Katherine; Sethi, Rajni; Siauw, Timmy; Sudhyadhom, Atchar; Garg, Animesh; Goldberg, Ken; Hsu, I-Chow; Pouliot, Jean


    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the radiation attenuation properties of PC-ISO, a commercially available, biocompatible, sterilizable 3D printing material, and its suitability for customized, single-use gynecologic (GYN) brachytherapy applicators that have the potential for accurate guiding of seeds through linear and curved internal channels. A custom radiochromic film dosimetry apparatus was 3D-printed in PC-ISO with a single catheter channel and a slit to hold a film segment. The apparatus was designed specifically to test geometry pertinent for use of this material in a clinical setting. A brachytherapy dose plan was computed to deliver a cylindrical dose distribution to the film. The dose plan used an 192Ir source and was normalized to 1500 cGy at 1 cm from the channel. The material was evaluated by comparing the film exposure to an identical test done in water. The Hounsfield unit (HU) distributions were computed from a CT scan of the apparatus and compared to the HU distribution of water and the HU distribution of a commercial GYN cylinder applicator. The dose depth curve of PC-ISO as measured by the radiochromic film was within 1% of water between 1 cm and 6 cm from the channel. The mean HU was -10 for PC-ISO and -1 for water. As expected, the honeycombed structure of the PC-ISO 3D printing process created a moderate spread of HU values, but the mean was comparable to water. PC-ISO is sufficiently water-equivalent to be compatible with our HDR brachytherapy planning system and clinical workflow and, therefore, it is suitable for creating custom GYN brachytherapy applicators. Our current clinical practice includes the use of custom GYN applicators made of commercially available PC-ISO when doing so can improve the patient's treatment. 

  15. The modulation of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves by Pc 5 ULF waves

    T. M. Loto'aniu


    Full Text Available The modulation of electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC waves by longer-period ULF waves has been proposed as a method for producing pearl structured Pc 1–2 EMIC waves. This study examines frequency and phase relationship between Pc 1 EMIC wavepacket envelopes and simultaneously occurring Pc 5 ULF waves using magnetic data measured by the CRRES spacecraft. Intervals from three days in 1991 where CRRES observed pearls are presented along with simple statistics for 58 EMIC wavepackets. The observations were dominated by EMIC waves propagating away from the equatorial region. Comparisons between pearl wavepacket envelopes and Pc 5 waves show excellent agreement. The pearl wavepacket duration times, τdur, were statistically correlated with Pc 5 wave periods, TPc5, resulting in a correlation coefficient of R=0.7 and best fit equation τdur=0.8·TPc5+6 s. In general, phase differences varied although time intervals of constant in-phase or anti-phase correlation were observed. Anti-phase modulation may be explained by a decreasing background magnetic field due to the negative cycle of the ULF wave decreasing Alfvén velocity and minimum resonant energy. In-phase modulation could be the result of adiabatic modulation of temperature anisotropy in-phase with variations in the background field. Non-adiabatic processes may contribute to intervals that showed varying phase differences with time. Results suggest that future theoretical developments should take into account the full range of possible wave particle interactions inside the magnetosphere.

  16. Edaravone protects PC12 cells from ischemic-like injury via attenuating the damage to mitochondria

    SONG Ying; LI Meng; LI Ji-cheng; WEI Er-qing


    Background: Edaravone had been validated to effectively protect against ischemic injuries. In this study, we investigated the protective effect of edaravone by observing the effects on anti-apoptosis, regulation of Bcl-2/Bax protein expression and recovering from damage to mitochondria after OGD (oxygen-glucose deprivation)-reperfusion. Methods: Viability of PC 12cells which were injured at different time of OGD injury, was quantified by measuring MTT (2-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) staining. In addition, PC 12 cells' viability was also quantified after their preincubation in different concentration of edaravone for 30 min followed by (OGD). Furthermore, apoptotic population of PC12 cells that reinsulted from OGD-reperfusion with or without preincubation with edaravone was determined by flow cytometer analysis,electron microscope and Hoechst/PI staining. Finally, change of Bcl-2/Bax protein expression was detected by Westem blot.Results: (1) The viability of PC 12 cells decreased with time (1~12 h) after OGD. We regarded the model of OGD 2 h, then replacing DMEM (Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium) for another 24 h as an OGD-reperfusion in this research. Furthermore,most PC12 cells were in the state of apoptosis after OGD-reperfusion. (2) The viability of PC12 cells preincubated with edaravone at high concentrations (1,0.1, 0.01 μmol/L) increased significantly with edaravone protecting PC 12 cells from apoptosis after OGD-reperfusion injury. (3) Furthermore, edaravone attenuates the damage of OGD-reperfusion on mitochondria and regulated Bcl-2/Bax protein imbalance expression after OGD-reperfusion. Conclusion: Neuroprotective effects of edaravone on ischemic or other brain injuries may be partly mediated through inhibition of Bcl-2/Bax apoptotic pathways by recovering from the damage of mitochondria.

  17. The white dwarfs within 25 pc of the Sun: Kinematics and spectroscopic subtypes

    Sion, Edward M.; McCook, George P.; Wasatonic, Richard; Myszka, Janine [Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Villanova University, Villanova, PA 19085 (United States); Holberg, J. B. [Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 75201 (United States); Oswalt, Terry D., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Department of Physics and Space Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL 19085 (United States)


    We present the fractional distribution of spectroscopic subtypes, range and distribution of surface temperatures, and kinematical properties of the white dwarfs (WDs) within 25 pc of the Sun. There is no convincing evidence of halo WDs in the total 25 pc sample of 224 WDs. There is also little to suggest the presence of genuine thick disk subcomponent members within 25 pc. It appears that the entire 25 pc sample likely belongs to the thin disk. We also find no significant kinematic differences with respect to spectroscopic subtypes. The total DA to non-DA ratio of the 25 pc sample is 1.8, a manifestation of deepening envelope convection, which transforms DA stars with sufficiently thin H surface layers into non-DAs. We compare this ratio with the results of other studies. We find that at least 11% of the WDs within 25 pc of the Sun (the DAZ and DZ stars) have photospheric metals that likely originate from accretion of circumstellar material (debris disks) around them. If this interpretation is correct, then it suggests the possibility that a similar percentage have planets, asteroid-like bodies, or debris disks orbiting them. Our volume-limited sample reveals a pileup of DC WDs at the well-known cutoff in DQ WDs at T {sub eff} ∼ 6000 K. Mindful of small number statistics, we speculate on its possible evolutionary significance. We find that the incidence of magnetic WDs in the 25 pc sample is at least 8% in our volume-limited sample, dominated by cool WDs. We derive approximate formation rates of DB and DQ degenerates and present a preliminary test of the evolutionary scenario that all cooling DB stars become DQ WDs via helium convective dredge-up with the diffusion tail of carbon extending upward from their cores.

  18. Fast detection of covert visuospatial attention using hybrid N2pc and SSVEP features

    Xu, Minpeng; Wang, Yijun; Nakanishi, Masaki; Wang, Yu-Te; Qi, Hongzhi; Jung, Tzyy-Ping; Ming, Dong


    Objective. Detecting the shift of covert visuospatial attention (CVSA) is vital for gaze-independent brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), which might be the only communication approach for severely disabled patients who cannot move their eyes. Although previous studies had demonstrated that it is feasible to use CVSA-related electroencephalography (EEG) features to control a BCI system, the communication speed remains very low. This study aims to improve the speed and accuracy of CVSA detection by fusing EEG features of N2pc and steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP). Approach. A new paradigm was designed to code the left and right CVSA with the N2pc and SSVEP features, which were then decoded by a classification strategy based on canonical correlation analysis. Eleven subjects were recruited to perform an offline experiment in this study. Temporal waves, amplitudes, and topographies for brain responses related to N2pc and SSVEP were analyzed. The classification accuracy derived from the hybrid EEG features (SSVEP and N2pc) was compared with those using the single EEG features (SSVEP or N2pc). Main results. The N2pc could be significantly enhanced under certain conditions of SSVEP modulations. The hybrid EEG features achieved significantly higher accuracy than the single features. It obtained an average accuracy of 72.9% by using a data length of 400 ms after the attention shift. Moreover, the average accuracy reached ˜80% (peak values above 90%) when using 2 s long data. Significance. The results indicate that the combination of N2pc and SSVEP is effective for fast detection of CVSA. The proposed method could be a promising approach for implementing a gaze-independent BCI.

  19. Map Projection

    Ghaderpour, Ebrahim


    In this paper, we introduce some known map projections from a model of the Earth to a flat sheet of paper or map and derive the plotting equations for these projections. The first fundamental form and the Gaussian fundamental quantities are defined and applied to obtain the plotting equations and distortions in length, shape and size for some of these map projections.

  20. International Projects


    Description of co-operation projects implemented with the help of Sweden is presented. Information on performance of Phare and IAEA Regional and National Technical Cooperation projects is provided. Phare project 'Creation of Radiation Protection Infrastructure and Development of Supporting Services' was started in 2002

  1. Project STAY.

    Smith, Bert Kruger

    Project STAY (Scholarships to Able Youth), located in the barrio of San Antonio, Texas, helps young people stay in school beyond the secondary grades. The project provides outreach services to meet the needs of the students. Its primary service is to act as an advocate for these young people. The project recruits all types of youth from families…



    Objective To investigate integration and expression of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors in neuronal PC12 cells,the result of which can be applied in further gene therapy of diseases of the central nervous system. Methods Human neurotrophin-3(hNT3)genes were inserted into AAV vectors. Then the recombinat AAV plasmids were encapsidated as recombinant virions. PC12 cells were transfected with the virions and the positive cells were selected by G418. The transfection positive (hNT3 modified)PC12 cells were cultured for several generations and the cellular genomic DNA and total RNA were extracted. We investigated the integration locus of AAV vectors by Southern blot and transcript situation of foreign genes by dot blot. Results The hybridization tests showed that AAV introduced foreign genes were stably integrated, but at random locus, and robustly transcribed in hNT3 modified PC12cells. Conclusion AAV vectors can serve as high efficiency vectors of target genes in neuronal PC12 cells.

  3. Intracellular dopamine oxidation mediates rotenone-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells

    Hua-qing LIU; Xing-zu ZHU; En-qi WENG


    Aim: To study the role of dopamine (DA) in rotenone-induced neurotoxicity in PC12 cells. Methods: Cell viability was assessed by detecting the leakage of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) into the medium. Apoptosis rate was measured by flow cytometry. Caspase-3-1ike activity was measured by fluorescence assay using the probe Ac-DEVD-AMC. The level of intracellular hydrogen peroxide and other peroxides in PC12 cells were quantified by loading cells with 2'-7'-Dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate (DCFH-DA) in fluorescence assay. Lactic acid was measured spectrophotometrically. The DA levels in PC12 cells were determined by HPLC-ECD. Results: A 48-h incubation of PC12 cells with rotenone caused an apoptotic cell death and elevated intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) and lactic acid accumulation. Intracellular DA depletion with reserpine significantly attenuated rotenone-induced ROS accumulation and apoptotic cell death. No change was found in rotenone-induced ROS accumulation when cells were co-treated with deprenyl. Brief treatment with reserpine at the end of rotenone treatment had no effect on rotenone-induced neurotoxicity. However,when cells were first incubated with deprenyl, a monoamine oxidase-B inhibitor for 30 min then co-incubated with rotenone plus deprenyl, a brief treatment with reserpine enhanced cell injury. Conclusion: Rotenone-induced apoptosis in PC 12 cells was mediated by intracellular dopamine oxidation.

  4. Structural health monitoring of PC structures with novel types of distributed sensors

    Yang, Caiqian; Wu, Zhishen; Zhang, Yufeng


    In this paper, the structural health monitoring of a pre-stressed concrete (PC) structure based on two types of distributed sensing techniques is addressed. The sensing elements are Brillouin scattering-based fiber optic sensors (FOSs) and HCFRP (hybrid carbon fiber reinforced polymer) sensors composed of three types of carbon tows. Both types of sensors are characterized by a broad-based and distributed sensing function. The HCFRP sensors are bonded on PC tendon, steel reinforcing bar, and embedded in tensile and compressive concrete sides with epoxy resins and putties. The FOSs are embedded in the tensile and compressive concrete sides where the HCFRP sensors are embedded as well. The distributed sensors are arranged to detect and monitor the initiation and propagation of cracks, yielding of steel reinforcements and corrosion of PC tendons. The experimental investigations demonstrate that the initiation and location of cracks, yielding of steel reinforcements, corrosion of PC tendons and structural health of PC structures can be effectively detected and monitored with such kinds of distributed sensing systems.

  5. Rho family GTPase Chp/RhoV induces PC12 apoptotic cell death via JNK activation.

    Shepelev, Mikhail V; Chernoff, Jonathan; Korobko, Igor V


    Rho GTPases regulate numerous cellular processes including apoptosis. Chp/RhoV is an atypical Rho GTPase which functions are poorly understood. Here we investigated the role of Chp in regulation of cell viability using PC12 cells with inducible expression of Chp as a model. We found that expression of Chp results in apoptosis in PC12 cells. Chp-induced apoptosis was accompanied by activation of JNK signaling and both death receptor-mediated and mitochondrial apoptotic pathways as justified by caspase-8 and caspase-9 activation, respectively. Moreover, inhibition of JNK by SP600125 rescued PC12 cells from Chp-triggered cell death and attenuated activation of caspases-9 and -3/7 suggesting that activation of JNK mediates pro-apoptotic effect of Chp. Expression of Chp resulted in increased phosphorylation of c-Jun in PC12 cells, and Chp expression in HE K293 cells upregulated AP-1-dependent transcription in a JNK-dependent manner. Together results of our study reveal the role of Chp GTPase as a putative regulator of JNK-dependent apoptotic death in PC12 cells, similarly to previously described pro-apoptotic activity of the related Cdc42 and Rac1 GTPases.

  6. Daidzin protects PC12 cells from serum deprivation-induced apoptosis.

    Ji, Zhao-Ning; Liu, Guo-Qing


    This article examines the effect of daidzin on PC12 cell apoptosis induced by serum-free medium. PC12 cell survival was measured by MTT assay. The DNA content and percentage of apoptosis were monitored by flow cytometry and DNA fragmentation was analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis. The results showed that serum-free (12 h) medium induced apoptosis in PC12 cells. When the cells had been treated with daidzin (0.1, 1 microM) for 12 h, the percentage of PC12 cell apoptosis was significantly decreased to 12.21 and 4.24% from 91.94% in the group with serum deprivation, and DNA fragmentation was prevented. Daidzin (0.01-10 microM) attenuated the cytotoxic effect of sodium cyanide (20 mM), glutamate (0.5 mM) and sodium nitroprusside (0.5 mM) in a manner dependent on concentration. The results suggested that daidzin prevented PC12 cell from serum free-induced apoptosis.

  7. Consistency in Al/CuPc/ n-Si Heterojunction Diode Parameters Extracted Using Different Techniques

    Ullah, Irfan; Shah, Mutabar; Khan, Majid; Wahab, Fazal


    This paper reports fabrication and characterization of an Al/CuPc/ n-Si heterojunction diode. The heterojunction was fabricated by depositing the active organic semiconducting material copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) on the n-Si substrate using the thermal vacuum evaporation technique. Electrical characterization of the fabricated heterojunction was carried out at ambient conditions. Various diode parameters, such as the ideality factor ( n), barrier height (Φ_{{b}}), and series resistance ( R s), were extracted from the current-voltage ( I- V) characteristic curve. These parameters are consistent with techniques used by Cheung, Norde and Hernandez et al. Furthermore these parameters are consistent with capacitance-voltage (C-V) characterization method. The conduction mechanism at the interface of CuPc and n-Si was also investigated. The surface morphology of the CuPc film was studied using atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The optical bandgap of the CuPc film was calculated from the absorption spectrum using Tauc's law.

  8. Observation of optically forbidden states in PC60BM due to interfacial distortion

    Shah, Hemant; Alphenaar, Bruce


    PCBM is a fullerene derivative used extensively in organic solar cells. PC60 BM shows strong absorbance at wavelengths below 400 nm. A series of sub-gap transitions exist, but are symmetry forbidden in C60 , and only weakly observed in the PC60 BM absorbance. Recent theoretical calculations predict that the symmetry rules for C60 can be lifted by the proximity of a metallic substrate due to perturbation of the electronic spatial distribution. Here we describe capacitive photocurrent measurements of PC60 BM in which the optically forbidden features are strongly observed. In agreement with the theoretical predictions, this is thought to be due to the influence of a high conductivity ITO layer in contact with the PC60 BM. The influence of the ITO is tested by introducing a thin insulator (Al 2 O3) of varying thickness between the PC60 BM and the ITO. The photocurrent due to the symmetry forbidden states drops strongly compared to the above gap photocurrent with increasing separation. Implications of these results on the polythiophene/fullerene blends will also be discussed. DOE-3048103802-08-073, NSF- DMR-0906961

  9. The Polar Cap (PC) index. A critical review of methods and a new approach.

    Stauning, Peter


    The Polar Cap (PC) index introduced by Troshichev and Andrezen (1985) is derived from polar magnetic variations and is mainly a measure of the intensity of the transpolar ionospheric currents. These currents relate to the polar cap antisunward ionospheric plasma convection driven by the dawn-dusk electric field, which in turn is generated by the interaction of the solar wind with the Earth's magnetosphere. Coefficients to calculate PCN and PCS index values from polar magnetic variations recorded at Thule and Vostok, respectively, have been derived by several different procedures in the past. Approval of a final PC index procedure is pending at the International Association for Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA) for a decision possibly at the General Assembly in 2013. The presentation discusses the principal differences between the various PC index procedures and provides comparisons between coefficient and index values derived using the different procedures. It will be demonstrated that depending on the procedure, PC index values derived in the past, and used in many publications, may differ substantially although the same basic geomagnetic data were used. Finally, a new approach to define a unified PC index procedure, built from the best elements of the three different current versions, is outlined.

  10. Protective effects of Gynostemma pentaphyllum polysaccharides on PC12 cells impaired by MPP(+).

    Deng, Qi; Yang, Xinling


    The aim of the present study was to explore the neuroprotective effects of Gynostemma pentaphyllum polysaccharides (GP) in a 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridiniumion (MPP(+))-induced cellular model of Parkinson's disease (PD) and the underlying mechanisms. Our results indicated that exposure of PC12 cells to 1mM MPP(+) significantly decreased the cell viability when examined by MTT assay, LDH assay, and annexin-V-FITC and propidium iodide (PI) apoptosis detection assays. MPP(+)-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells was accompanied by an increased Bax/Bcl-2 ratio, release of mitochondrial cytochrome c into the cytosol, activation of caspase-3/9 and cleavage of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP). However, pretreatment of PC12 cells with 50μg/ml GP prior to MPP(+) exposure effectively attenuated the cytotoxicity and improved cell viability via inhibiting elevated Bax/Bcl-2 ratio, as well as the release of cytosolic cytochrome c. Furthermore, GP was effective in attenuating caspase-3/9 activation and cleavage of PARP in MPP(+)-exposed PC12 cells. These results suggest that the GP has protective effects against MPP(+)-induced neuronal apoptosis in PC12 cells by suppressing apoptosis-related protein, and therefore, might likely be a promising candidate for the treatment of Parkinson's disease (PD). Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  11. Phase II enzyme induction by a carotenoid, lutein, in a PC12D neuronal cell line

    Miyake, Seiji [Laboratory of Retinal Cell Biology, Keio University School of Medicine, 35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582 (Japan); Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine, 35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582 (Japan); Wakasa Seikatsu Co., Ltd., 134 Chudoujiminami-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8813 (Japan); Kobayashi, Saori [Wakasa Seikatsu Co., Ltd., 134 Chudoujiminami-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8813 (Japan); Tsubota, Kazuo [Laboratory of Retinal Cell Biology, Keio University School of Medicine, 35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582 (Japan); Ozawa, Yoko, E-mail: [Laboratory of Retinal Cell Biology, Keio University School of Medicine, 35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582 (Japan); Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine, 35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582 (Japan)


    Highlights: • Lutein reduced ROS levels in a PC12D neuronal cell line. • Lutein induced mRNAs of phase II antioxidative enzymes in PC12D neuronal cells. • Lutein increased protein levels of HO-1, SOD2, and NQO-1 in PC12D neuronal cells. • Lutein had no effect on intranuclear Nrf2 levels in PC12D neuronal cells. • Lutein did not activate potential upstream Nrf2 nuclear translocation pathways. - Abstract: The mechanism by which lutein, a carotenoid, acts as an antioxidant in retinal cells is still not fully understood. Here, lutein treatment of a neuronal cell line (PC12D) immediately resulted in reduced intracellular ROS levels, implying that it has a direct role in ROS scavenging. Significantly, lutein treatment also induced phase II antioxidative enzyme expression, probably via a nuclear factor-like 2 (Nrf2) independent pathway. This latter mechanism could explain why lutein acts diversely to protect against oxidative/cytotoxic stress, and why it is physiologically involved in the human neural tissue, such as the retina.

  12. Organic Photovoltaic Cells Based on PbPc Nanocolumns Prepared by Glancing Angle Deposition

    Yang Liu


    Full Text Available Organic small material lead phthalocyanine (PbPc nanocolumns were prepared via glancing angle deposition (GLAD on indium tin oxide (ITO coated glass substrates. Organic electron acceptor materials fullerene (C60 was evaporated onto the nanocolumn PbPc thin films to prepare heterojunction structure ITO/PbPc/C60/Bphen/Al organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs. It is worthwhile to mention that C60 molecules firstly fill the voids between PbPc nanocolumns and then form impact C60 layer. The interpenetrating electron donor/acceptor structure effectively enhances interface between electron donor and electron acceptor, which is beneficial to exciton dissociation. The short circuit current density (Jsc of organic photovoltaic devices (OPVs based on PbPc nanocolumn was increased from 1.19 mA/cm2 to 1.74 mA/cm2, which should be attributed to the increase of interface between donor and acceptor. The effect of illumination intensity on the performance of OPVs was investigated by controlling the distance between light source and sample, and the Jsc of two kind of OPVs was increased along with the increase of illumination intensity.

  13. Neurite outgrowth resistance to rho kinase inhibitors in PC12 Adh cell.

    Yin, Hua; Hou, Xiaolin; Tao, Tingrui; Lv, Xiaoman; Zhang, Luyong; Duan, Weigang


    Rho kinase (ROCK) inhibitor is a promising agent for neural injury disorders, which mechanism is associated with neurite outgrowth. However, neurite outgrowth resistance occurred when PC12 Adh cell was treated with ROCK inhibitors for a longer time. PC12 Adh cells were treated with ROCK inhibitor Y27632 or NGF for different durations. Neurite outgrowth resistance occurred when PC12 Adh cell exposed to Y27632 (33 µM) for 3 or more days, but not happen when exposed to nerve growth factor (NGF, 100 ng/mL). The gene expression in the PC12 Adh cells treated with Y27632 (33 µM) or NGF (100 ng/mL) for 2 or 4 days was assayed by gene microarray, and the reliability of the results were confirmed by real-time RT-PCR. Cluster analysis proved that the gene expression profile of PC12 Adh cell treated with Y27632 for 4 days was different from that treated with Y27632 for 2 days and those treated with NGF for 2 and 4 days, respectively. Pathway analysis hinted that the neurite outgrowth resistance could be associated with up-regulation of inflammatory pathways, especially rno04610 (complement and coagulation cascades), and down-regulation of cell cycle pathways, especially rno04110.

  14. Neuronal growth inhibitory factor inhibits pheochromo-cytoma PC12 in vitro


    Neuronal growth inhibitory factor (GIF),named Metaliothioneins-Ⅲ (MT-Ⅲ), is the first protein validated to be capable of inhibiting the growth of neurons in nervous system. We have detected the effects of recombinant GIF on the growth of neuroblastoma SY5Y and pheochromocytoma PC12 by the MTT (Thiazolyl blue) reduction assay. Recombinant GIF inhibited PC12 in vitro; the inhibitory rate was about 25% when GIF was at 100 mg/L; and the inhibitory rate was about 50% when GIF was at 300 mg/L. It is shown that PC12 could serve as a proper model for detecting neuronal growth inhibitory activity of GIF. Recombinant GIF did not inhibit neuroblastoma SY5Y in vitro, a common model of neuroma; it is also shown that GIF could not inhibit neuromata extensively. The reason for GIF inhibiting PC12 may be that PC12 have some properties of cholinergic neuron. It must play an important role in discovering the mechanism of GIF's neuronal growth inhibitory activity.``

  15. NGF-mediated transcriptional targets of p53 in PC12 neuronal differentiation

    Labhart Paul


    Full Text Available Abstract Background p53 is recognized as a critical regulator of the cell cycle and apoptosis. Mounting evidence also suggests a role for p53 in differentiation of cells including neuronal precursors. We studied the transcriptional role of p53 during nerve growth factor-induced differentiation of the PC12 line into neuron-like cells. We hypothesized that p53 contributed to PC12 differentiation through the regulation of gene targets distinct from its known transcriptional targets for apoptosis or DNA repair. Results Using a genome-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation cloning technique, we identified and validated 14 novel p53-regulated genes following NGF treatment. The data show p53 protein was transcriptionally activated and contributed to NGF-mediated neurite outgrowth during differentiation of PC12 cells. Furthermore, we describe stimulus-specific regulation of a subset of these target genes by p53. The most salient differentiation-relevant target genes included wnt7b involved in dendritic extension and the tfcp2l4/grhl3 grainyhead homolog implicated in ectodermal development. Additional targets included brk, sdk2, sesn3, txnl2, dusp5, pon3, lect1, pkcbpb15 and other genes. Conclusion Within the PC12 neuronal context, putative p53-occupied genomic loci spanned the entire Rattus norvegicus genome upon NGF treatment. We conclude that receptor-mediated p53 transcriptional activity is involved in PC12 differentiation and may suggest a contributory role for p53 in neuronal development.

  16. [Study on specificity of acupuncture effect of Shenmen (HT 7) and Daling (PC 7)].

    Li, Zhen-Jing; Sun, Zhong-Ren; Sun, Chen-Yi; Tong, Xin


    To observe the effect of acupunture at Shenmen (HT 7) and Daling (PC 7) on different cerebral functional regions by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and discuss the relative specificity of effect of these two acupoints. Ten healthy right-handed volunteers were enrolled in this research. Under the scan of fMRI with the pattern of "rest-stimulation-rest-stimulation-rest", acupuncture stimulation was given at Shenmen (HT 7) and Daling (PC 7) on the right side, and all the data were analyzed with Matlab software and SPM5 package to observe the activated cerebral regions. The activated brodmann areas by acupuncture at Shenmen (HT 7) were mainly BA10 BA13, BA47, BA22 on the left side and BA40 BA44 on the right side, while the activated areas by acupunoture at Daling (PC7) were BA46, BA47, BA22 BA10. BA45 on the left side and BA44 BA9, BA6. BA40 on the right side. The activated cerebral functional regions of acupuncture stimulation at Shenmen (HT 7) and Daling (PC 7) are not exactly the same, which indicates that the acupuncture effects of the two acupoints are specific. With the same activated areas of language and cognitive function, the Shenmen (HT 7) specializes in emotion control while the Daling (PC 7) could active the autonomic nerve function area.

  17. Virtual projects

    Svejvig, Per; Commisso, Trine Hald


    Virtual projects are common with global competition, market development, and not least the financial crisis forcing organizations to reduce their costs drastically. Organizations therefore have to place high importance on ways to carry out virtual projects and consider appropriate practices...... for performing these projects. This paper compares best practices with practiced practices for virtual projects and discusses ways to bridge the gap between them. We have studied eleven virtual projects in five Danish organizations and compared them with a predefined list of best practices compiled from...... that the best practice knowledge has not permeated sufficiently to the practice. Furthermore, the appropriate application of information and communication technology (ICT) remains a big challenge, and finally project managers are not sufficiently trained in organizing and conducting virtual projects...

  18. Effects of methylmercury on the differentiation and survival of PC12 cells%甲基汞对PC12细胞分化及活性的影响

    李永进; 毕晓颖; 宋春梅; 马洪波; 王长文; 李志超


    目的研究氯化甲基汞对PC12细胞活性和分化的影响. 方法培养PC12细胞,用不同浓度的甲基汞作用于PC12细胞,用倒置显微镜观察细胞形态学变化,通过MTT检测PC12细胞活性. 结果氯化甲基汞能抑制PC12细胞突起生长,降低细胞活性. 结论氯化甲基汞可抑制PC12细胞分化和活性.

  19. PC/PET/PE-g-MAM三元共混体系流动性的研究%Studies on Flowability of PC/PET/PE-g-MAM Blends

    刘振兴; 刘翅; 李谷; 席世平



  20. The design of PC/MISI, a PC-based common user interface to remote information storage and retrieval systems. Presentation visuals. M.S. Thesis Final Report, 1 Jul. 1985 - 31 Dec. 1987

    Dominick, Wayne D. (Editor); Hall, Philip P.


    This Working Paper Series entry represents a collection of presentation visuals associated with the companion report entitled, The Design of PC/MISI, a PC-Based Common User Interface to Remote Information Storage and Retrieval Systems, USL/DBMS NASA/RECON Working Paper Series report number DBMS.NASA/RECON-15. The paper discusses the following: problem definition; the PC solution; the goals of system design; the design description; future considerations, the research environment; conclusions.


    徐阳曦; 杨铁峥; 张学荣; 陈缨; 覃柳燕; 张钦乐; 舒雨雁


    目的:观察胎盘免疫调节因子(placenta factor,PF)对PC12细胞生长的影响.方法:培养PC12细胞,用MTT法观察PF对体外无血清培养PC12细胞存活率的影响及PF对低血清培养PC12细胞增殖、分化的影响.结果:对无血清培养的PC12细胞加入不同浓度的PF培养44 h后, PF在浓度为50、25、12.5、6.25 mg/L时可以显著提高无血清培养PC12细胞的存活率(P<0.05).对低血清培养的PC12细胞加入不同浓度的PF培养68 h后,PF在浓度为12.5 mg/L和6.25 mg/L时可以显著提高PC12细胞的数量(P<0.01).对低血清培养的PC12细胞加入不同浓度的PF培养10 d,PF在浓度为3.13 mg/L和1.56 mg/L作用第6天时,细胞长出突起.结论:PF能提高无血清培养PC12细胞的存活率,促进PC12细胞增殖,诱导PC12细胞分化.


    席世平; 冯意韧; 刘翅; 刘振兴



  3. Identification and Functional Characterization of G6PC2 Coding Variants Influencing Glycemic Traits Define an Effector Transcript at the G6PC2-ABCB11 Locus

    Mahajan, Anubha; Sim, Xueling; Ng, Hui Jin; Manning, Alisa; Rivas, Manuel A.; Highland, Heather M.; Locke, Adam E.; Grarup, Niels; Im, Hae Kyung; Cingolani, Pablo; Flannick, Jason; Fontanillas, Pierre; Fuchsberger, Christian; Gaulton, Kyle J.; Teslovich, Tanya M.; Rayner, N. William; Robertson, Neil R.; Beer, Nicola L.; Rundle, Jana K.; Bork-Jensen, Jette; Ladenvall, Claes; Blancher, Christine; Buck, David; Buck, Gemma; Burtt, Noël P.; Gabriel, Stacey; Gjesing, Anette P.; Groves, Christopher J.; Hollensted, Mette; Huyghe, Jeroen R.; Jackson, Anne U.; Jun, Goo; Justesen, Johanne Marie; Mangino, Massimo; Murphy, Jacquelyn; Neville, Matt; Onofrio, Robert; Small, Kerrin S.; Stringham, Heather M.; Syvänen, Ann-Christine; Trakalo, Joseph; Abecasis, Goncalo; Bell, Graeme I.; Blangero, John; Cox, Nancy J.; Duggirala, Ravindranath; Hanis, Craig L.; Seielstad, Mark; Wilson, James G.; Christensen, Cramer; Brandslund, Ivan; Rauramaa, Rainer; Surdulescu, Gabriela L.; Doney, Alex S. F.; Lannfelt, Lars; Linneberg, Allan; Isomaa, Bo; Tuomi, Tiinamaija; Jørgensen, Marit E.; Jørgensen, Torben; Kuusisto, Johanna; Uusitupa, Matti; Salomaa, Veikko; Spector, Timothy D.; Morris, Andrew D.; Palmer, Colin N. A.; Collins, Francis S.; Mohlke, Karen L.; Bergman, Richard N.; Ingelsson, Erik; Lind, Lars; Tuomilehto, Jaakko; Hansen, Torben; Watanabe, Richard M.; Prokopenko, Inga; Dupuis, Josee; Karpe, Fredrik; Groop, Leif; Laakso, Markku; Pedersen, Oluf; Florez, Jose C.; Morris, Andrew P.; Altshuler, David; Meigs, James B.; Boehnke, Michael; McCarthy, Mark I.; Lindgren, Cecilia M.; Gloyn, Anna L.


    Genome wide association studies (GWAS) for fasting glucose (FG) and insulin (FI) have identified common variant signals which explain 4.8% and 1.2% of trait variance, respectively. It is hypothesized that low-frequency and rare variants could contribute substantially to unexplained genetic variance. To test this, we analyzed exome-array data from up to 33,231 non-diabetic individuals of European ancestry. We found exome-wide significant (P<5×10-7) evidence for two loci not previously highlighted by common variant GWAS: GLP1R (p.Ala316Thr, minor allele frequency (MAF)=1.5%) influencing FG levels, and URB2 (p.Glu594Val, MAF = 0.1%) influencing FI levels. Coding variant associations can highlight potential effector genes at (non-coding) GWAS signals. At the G6PC2/ABCB11 locus, we identified multiple coding variants in G6PC2 (p.Val219Leu, p.His177Tyr, and p.Tyr207Ser) influencing FG levels, conditionally independent of each other and the non-coding GWAS signal. In vitro assays demonstrate that these associated coding alleles result in reduced protein abundance via proteasomal degradation, establishing G6PC2 as an effector gene at this locus. Reconciliation of single-variant associations and functional effects was only possible when haplotype phase was considered. In contrast to earlier reports suggesting that, paradoxically, glucose-raising alleles at this locus are protective against type 2 diabetes (T2D), the p.Val219Leu G6PC2 variant displayed a modest but directionally consistent association with T2D risk. Coding variant associations for glycemic traits in GWAS signals highlight PCSK1, RREB1, and ZHX3 as likely effector transcripts. These coding variant association signals do not have a major impact on the trait variance explained, but they do provide valuable biological insights. PMID:25625282

  4. Implementation of Embedded Linux on PC104 Motherboard%嵌入式Linux操作系统在PC104上的实现

    马记平; 彭楚武; 蒙娟; 张斌



  5. Identification and functional characterization of G6PC2 coding variants influencing glycemic traits define an effector transcript at the G6PC2-ABCB11 locus.

    Anubha Mahajan


    Full Text Available Genome wide association studies (GWAS for fasting glucose (FG and insulin (FI have identified common variant signals which explain 4.8% and 1.2% of trait variance, respectively. It is hypothesized that low-frequency and rare variants could contribute substantially to unexplained genetic variance. To test this, we analyzed exome-array data from up to 33,231 non-diabetic individuals of European ancestry. We found exome-wide significant (P<5×10-7 evidence for two loci not previously highlighted by common variant GWAS: GLP1R (p.Ala316Thr, minor allele frequency (MAF=1.5% influencing FG levels, and URB2 (p.Glu594Val, MAF = 0.1% influencing FI levels. Coding variant associations can highlight potential effector genes at (non-coding GWAS signals. At the G6PC2/ABCB11 locus, we identified multiple coding variants in G6PC2 (p.Val219Leu, p.His177Tyr, and p.Tyr207Ser influencing FG levels, conditionally independent of each other and the non-coding GWAS signal. In vitro assays demonstrate that these associated coding alleles result in reduced protein abundance via proteasomal degradation, establishing G6PC2 as an effector gene at this locus. Reconciliation of single-variant associations and functional effects was only possible when haplotype phase was considered. In contrast to earlier reports suggesting that, paradoxically, glucose-raising alleles at this locus are protective against type 2 diabetes (T2D, the p.Val219Leu G6PC2 variant displayed a modest but directionally consistent association with T2D risk. Coding variant associations for glycemic traits in GWAS signals highlight PCSK1, RREB1, and ZHX3 as likely effector transcripts. These coding variant association signals do not have a major impact on the trait variance explained, but they do provide valuable biological insights.

  6. Training HBCU Faculty and Students in Prostate Cancer (PC) Research: Signal Transduction and Receptor-Inhibitor Interactions in the Progress of PC


    wife of the late Dr. Dunae Johnson. KaTani has a background in cancer genetics and genomics related to health disaparities and along with her husband ...measure of prostate cancer risk that is specifically tailored to each patient based on any set of risk factors. In a recent problem studied by...Robert Nam et al [ 2 ] , the authors constructed a clinical nomogram instrument to estimate individual risk for having prostate cancer (PC) for patients

  7. Perancangan PC Game First Person Shooter Menggunakan Unreal Development Kit

    Rizka Lukmana Afif


    Full Text Available The development of hardware increasing rapidly has made game developers take advantage of a variety of new resources that can improve their games. Epic games is a mature game developer who managed to make thousands game and delivered to the hands of gamers . A game engine called Unreal Engine is a big secret behind the success of Epic Games . The game engine is free if you just want to learn or just want to create a personal project and the game is not to be in comercial purposes . It is unfortunate that many students don’t even know of the existence of unreal engine , most of them make use of simpler game engine like game maker , rpg maker , fps creator , and so on. Though unreal engine is superior in any aspect other than the game engine , be it graphics , tools , mechanisms of development , flexible in export-import assets , etc . Based on this information , the author had the idea to make a first person shooter game using the unreal engine as the engine game. Before doing the develpment process, the next step is studying the literature of unreal engine and other supporting software such as 3d studio max to create 3D assets , adobe flash to create the menus , adobe photoshop to create a 2D texture and speedtree assets to create the foliage elements . The next thing is to go into the design phase of scenarios , maps, missions , characters and items that will be placed in the game. The next stage is the development and testing phase to test the game that has finished .The results of the design of this game is the realization of a first person shooter game application using unreal engine with features that can support the player 's interest in playing the game . It’s also introducing unreal engine to students who are interested in designing games.

  8. Design and construction of precast PC-slab for the `Tokai Obu viaduct`; Tokai Obu kokakyo ni okeru precast PC yukaban no sekkei to seko

    Mizuguchi, K.; Murayama, A. [Japan Highway Public Corporation, Tokyo (Japan); Kitayama, K.; Yamashita, S. [P.S. Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    This paper describes the construction of Toukai Obu viaduct completed in 1997. This viaduct is specified by use of PC slabs, length of 974.5m and design speed of 100km/h, and was constructed aiming at cost reduction and new rational structure. Precast PC (PCa) slabs prestressed in a direction of slab span were produced under severe quality control in a factory. The PCa slabs stocked in a factory were transported by trailer and specific frame to the construction site, and laid on steel bridge girders by crane. An RC loop joint method for PCa slabs was newly adopted as one of the lap splice methods of reinforcing bars which is superior in cost and maintenance to conventional slab connecting methods in a longitudinal direction of bridges with PC steel material. Because of less domestic applications, a cyclic loading fatigue test at fixed points was carried out using a small model to obtain fatigue proof stress and fracture morphology. A moving loading test was also carried out at an actual loading level using full-scale slab specimens to obtain fatigue proof stress and long-span slab behavior. 7 refs., 24 figs., 8 tabs.

  9. Magnetic stimulation at Neiguan (PC6) acupoint increases connections between cerebral cortex regions

    Hong-li Yu; Gui-zhi Xu; Lei Guo; Ling-di Fu; Shuo Yang; Shuo Shi; Hua Lv


    Stimulation at speciifc acupoints can activate cortical regions in human subjects. Previous studies have mainly focused on a single brain region. However, the brain is a network and many brain regions participate in the same task. The study of a single brain region alone cannot clearly explain any brain-related issues. Therefore, for the present study, magnetic stimulation was used to stimulate the Neiguan (PC6) acu-point, and 32-channel electroencephalography data were recorded before and after stimulation. Brain functional networks were constructed based on electroencephalography data to determine the relationship between magnetic stimulation at the PC6 acupoint and cortical excitabil-ity. Results indicated that magnetic stimulation at the PC6 acupoint increased connections between cerebral cortex regions.


    Li Chen; Xin-lan Zhang; Huai-yuan Li; Bo Li; Ke Wang; Qin Zhang; Qiang Fu


    A simultaneous increase of both stiffness and extensibility ofpoly(ethylene glycol-co-cyclohexane-l,4-dimethanol terephthalate) (PETG)/polycarbonate (PC) blends prepared through the slit die extrusion-uniaxial cold stretching process was observed. The stretched sheets have a unique mechanical character that an increased tensile modulus is accompanied by an increased extensibility with increasing the draw ratio. Especially, a sharp increasing of the extensibility is observed for PETG/PC (70/30 wt<) blends at draw ratios between 8.2 and 20.0, where a nine times increase of extensibility is achieved. The mechanism of stretching-induced superior extensibility is investigated via micrograph observation, rheometry and calorimetric analysis. The observed superior extensibility could be tentatively explained by the bridging effect of the PC microfibrils on the crack development during tensile failure.

  11. Minocycline protects the apoptosis of PC12 cells induced by 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium


    Objective: To explore the protective effect of minocycline on the apoptosis of cellular parkinsonism models induced by MPP+ . Methods: Using PC12 cells as the apoptotic model of dopaminergic neurons, MC and MPP+ were added into the culture medium of PC12 cells, and using MTT to assay the cell viability and metabolic state; The cells apoptosis was assayed by electrophoresis method and using flow cytometry FACS to assay the apoptosis ratio. Results: Added the MPP+ to get the concentration of 10μmol/L, the cellular parkinsonism model of apoptosis had been prepared. The pre-treatment of MC (100 μmol/L) could significantly increase the PC12 cell viability. The apoptosis ratio of MC + MPP+ group was significantly lower than that of MPP+ group, but was still significantly higher than that of control group. Conclusion: MC may protect the cell apoptosis induced by MPP+ to some extent.

  12. Electrical characterization of the organic semiconductor Ag/CuPc/Au Schottky diode

    Mutabar Shah; M. H. Sayyad; Kh. S. Karimov


    This paper reports on the fabrication and investigation of a surface-type organic semiconductor copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) based diode. A thin film of CuPc of thickness 100 nm was thermally sublimed onto a glass substrate with preliminary deposited metallic electrodes to form a surface-type Ag/CuPc/Au Schottky diode. The current-voltage characteristics were measured at room temperature under dark conditions. The barrier height was calculated as 1.05 eV. The values of mobility and conductivity was found to be 1.74 x l0-9 cm2/(V.s) and 5.5 x 10-6 Ω-1. cm-1, respectively. At low voltages the device showed ohmic conduction and the space charge limited current conduction mechanisms were dominated at higher voltages.

  13. Remote facility sharing with ATM networks [PC based ATM Link Delay Simulator (LDS)]. Final report

    Kung, H. T.


    The ATM Link Delay Simulator (LDS) adds propagation delay to the ATM link on which it is installed, to allow control of link propagation delay in network protocol experiments simulating an adjustable piece of optical fiber. Our LDS simulates a delay of between 1.5 and 500 milliseconds and is built with commodity PC hardware, only the ATM network interface card is not generally available. Our implementation is special in that it preserves the exact spacing of ATM data cells a feature that requires sustained high performance. Our implementation shows that applications demanding sustained high performance are possible on commodity PC hardware. This illustrates the promise that PC hardware has for adaptability to demanding specialized testing of high speed network.

  14. Photoconductive properties of organic-inorganic Ag/p-CuPc/n-GaAs/Ag cell

    Khasan Sanginovich Karimov; Muhammad Tariq Saeed; Fazal Ahmad Khalid; Zioda Mirzoevna Karieva


    A thin film of copper phthalocyanine (CuPc),a p-type semiconductor,was deposited by thermal evaporation in vacuum on an n-type gallium arsenide (GaAs) single-crystal semiconductor substrate.Then semitransparent Ag thin film was deposited onto the CuPc film also by thermal evaporation to fabricate the Ag/pCuPc/n-GaAs/Ag cell.Photoconduction of the cell was measured in photoresistive and photodiode modes of operation.It was observed that with an increase in illumination,the photoresistance decreased in reverse bias while it increased in forward bias.The photocurrent was increased in reverse bias operation.In forward bias operation with an increase in illumination,the photocurrent showed a different behavior depending on the voltage applied.

  15. PC-1D installation manual and user's guide

    Basore, P.A.


    PC-1D is a software package for personal computers that uses finite-element analysis to solve the fully-coupled two-carrier semiconductor transport equations in one dimension. This program is particularly useful for analyzing the performance of optoelectronic devices such as solar cells, but can be applied to any bipolar device whose carrier flows are primarily one-dimensional. This User's Guide provides the information necessary to install PC-1D, define a problem for solution, solve the problem, and examine the results. Example problems are presented which illustrate these steps. The physical models and numerical methods utilized are presented in detail. This document supports version 3.1 of PC-1D, which incorporates faster numerical algorithms with better convergence properties than previous versions of the program. 51 refs., 17 figs., 5 tabs.

  16. The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD Frugal Unix for Power Users

    Lavigne, Dru


    This book is the ultimate reference for both beginners and power users to PC-BSD-the free, easy-to-use operating system based on FreeBSD. Existing power users will learn how to look under the hood and contribute to the global PC-BSD community. PC-BSD is turning into a hassle-free alternative to Linux on the desktop. * Enjoy secure, virus-free computing * Quickly become a power userWhat you'll learn* How to completely customize your desktop to suit your personality and quickly access your favorite applications* How to find and install quality, no-cost software* How to keep your system secure, v

  17. Desain dan Implementasi Sistem Kendali CNC Router Menggunakan PC untuk Flame Cutting Machine

    Roni Permana Saputra


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on design of router control systems based on computer numerical control (CNC using personal computer (PC implemented in flame cutting machine (FCM. NC-Code entered into the computer translated to be a command signal sent by the PC to a microcontroller to control the end effector’s movement alongthe X and Y axis simultaneously based on linear and circular interpolations calculation on the PC. This control system is implemented on FCM by connecting the output control of the microcontroller with the driver actuator of the FCM in the form of a DC motor. The obtained result is in the form of a CNC router control system prototype to be implemented in the FCM which is capable to perform linear interpolation and circular interpolation. 

  18. Serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction suppresses glutamate-induced PC12 cell injury.

    Wang, Ning; Deng, Yi; Wei, Wei; Song, Lihua; Wang, Yan


    Glutamate application is an established method of inducing PC12 cell injury. PC12 cells were cultured with serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction consisting of moschus, Carthamus tinctorius, Rhizoma chuanxiong, Semen pruni persicae, and Radix Paeoniae Rubra. After 24 hours of co-cultivation, glutamate (12.5 mM) was added to the culture medium. We found that serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction prevented the increase in reactive oxygen species, and the decreases in superoxide dismutase and Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase activity, induced by glutamate. It also reduced the concentration of malondialdehyde, enhanced the mitochondrial transmembrane potential, inhibited the elevation of cellular calcium, and decreased phosphorylation of calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II. Thus, serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction had protective effects on cell proliferation and membrane permeability in glutamate-injured PC12 cells.

  19. openPC : a toolkit for public cluster with full ownership

    Akbar, Z; Hermanto, B; Handoko, L T


    The openPC is a set of open source tools that realizes a parallel machine and distributed computing environment divisible into several independent blocks of nodes, and each of them is remotely but fully in any means accessible for users with a full ownership policy. The openPC components address fundamental issues relating to security, resource access, resource allocation, compatibilities with heterogeneous middlewares, user-friendly and integrated web-based interfaces, hardware control and monitoring systems. These components have been deployed successfully to the LIPI Public Cluster which is open for public use. In this paper, the unique characteristics of openPC due to its rare requirements are introduced, its components and a brief performance analysis are discussed.

  20. Facile synthesis of ZnPc nanocubes: An electron emitting material for field emission display devices

    Samanta, M.; Ghorai, U. K.; Mukherjee, M.; Howli, P.; Chattopadhyay, K. K.


    A simple low temperature water chemical route for synthesizing Zinc Phthalocyanine (ZnPc) nanostructures were reported here. The as-prepared samples were well analysed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM) technique. The plausible formation mechanism of cube like nanostructures was also explained here. Cold cathode emission properties of ZnPc nanocubes were studied by using an indigenously designed high vacuum system at anode to cathode distance 130 µm. The turn on field and enhancement factor is found to be 5.0 V/μm @ 1µA/cm2 and 1757 respectively. Cold cathode emission properties were further investigated theoretically by finite element method using ANSYS Maxwell simulation package. The obtained results strongly professed that ZnPc nanocubes can act as potential candidate for electron emitter for field emission display devices and many more.

  1. Electronic properties of the charge transfer material MnPc/F4TCNQ

    Rückerl, Florian; Mahns, Benjamin; Dodbiba, Eni; Nikolis, Vasileios; Herzig, Melanie; Büchner, Bernd; Knupfer, Martin; Hahn, Torsten; Kortus, Jens


    We present electronic properties of a charge transfer material consisting of Manganese(ii)Phthalocyanine (MnPc) and 2,3,5,6-Tetrafluoro-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane (F4TCNQ), investigated by means of photoemission spectroscopy and electron energy-loss spectroscopy, as well as supporting density functional theory calculations. We report the successful formation of a bulk material characterized by a strong interaction of the molecular compounds which affects the optical properties significantly. Our investigations reveal a significant charge transfer, whereas the MnPc molecule is oxidized and F4TCNQ is reduced. The valence band data indicate a full charge transfer between the two partners. The electronic excitation spectrum reveals a relatively small energy gap of MnPc/F4TCNQ of about 0.7 eV, which is related to a charge transfer excitation.

  2. Novel Mutations in the PC Gene in Patients with Type B Pyruvate Carboxylase Deficiency

    Ostergaard, Elsebet; Duno, Morten; Møller, Lisbeth Birk


    We have investigated seven patients with the type B form of pyruvate carboxylase (PC) deficiency. Mutation analysis revealed eight mutations, all novel. In a patient with exon skipping on cDNA analysis, we identified a homozygous mutation located in a potential branch point sequence, the first...... possible branch point mutation in PC. Two patients were homozygous for missense mutations (with normal protein amounts on western blot analysis), and two patients were homozygous for nonsense mutations. In addition, a duplication of one base pair was found in a patient who also harboured a splice site...... mutation. Another splice site mutation led to the activation of a cryptic splice site, shown by cDNA analysis.All patients reported until now with at least one missense mutation have had the milder type A form of PC deficiency. We thus report for the first time two patients with homozygous missense...

  3. Phase Equilibrium Calculations for Multi-Component Polar Fluid Mixtures with tPC-PSAFT

    Karakatsani, Eirini; Economou, Ioannis


    The truncated Perturbed-Chain Polar Statistical Associating Fluid Theory (tPC-PSAFT) is applied to a number of different mixtures, including binary, ternary and quaternary mixtures of components that differ substantially in terms of intermolecular interactions and molecular size. In contrast...... to most other SAFT versions, tPC-PSAFT accounts explicitly for polar forces. Three pure-component parameters are required for non-polar and non-associating compounds, two additional parameters characterize the association contribution and one parameter is needed to account for polar interactions....... The experimental dipole and/or quadrupole moment and/or polarizability of the component are used to calculate polar interactions. Using a temperature-independent interaction parameter kij for each binary system, tPC-PSAFT provides accurate prediction of multi-component phase behavior over a wide range...

  4. Serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction suppresses glutamate-induced PC12 cell injury

    Ning Wang; Yi Deng; Wei Wei; Lihua Song; Yan Wang


    Glutamate application is an established method of inducing PC12 cell injury. PC12 cells were cultured with serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction consisting of moschus, Carthamus tinctorius, Rhizoma chuanxiong, Semen pruni persicae, and Radix Paeoniae Rubra. After 24 hours of co-cultivation, glutamate (12.5 mM) was added to the culture medium. We found that serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction prevented the increase in reactive oxygen species, and the decreases in superoxide dismutase and Na+-K+-ATPase activity, induced by glutamate. It also reduced the concentration of malondialdehyde, enhanced the mitochondrial transmembrane potential, inhibited the elevation of cellular calcium, and decreased phosphorylation of calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II. Thus, serum containing Tongqiaohuoxue decoction had protective effects on cell proliferation and membrane permeability in glutamate-injured PC12 cells.

  5. Protective effects of Ginkgo biloba extract on 6-hydroxydopamine-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells

    Jie Wang; Yanbo Cheng; Jiale Yin; Qian Lu; Xingshun Xu; Xiaoxing Yin


    The present study analyzed the protective effects of Ginkgo biloba extract against 6-hydroxydopamine-induced PC12 cell apoptosis in a model of Parkinson's disease. The results showed that Ginkgo biloba extract had a potent cytoprotective action and inhibited apoptosis of PC12 cells induced by 6-hydroxydopamine. Ginkgo biloba extract decreased the ratio of Bax to Bcl-2 and markedly inhibited the activation of p53 and caspase-3. These experimental findings indicate that Ginkgo biloba extract may significantly reduce the effects of oxidative stress induced by 6-hydroxydopamine in PC12 cells and suppress cell apoptosis. The potential effects of Ginkgo biloba extract might be greater than those of levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

  6. Protect your pc prevent viruses, malware, and spyware from ruining your computer

    Scruggs, Afi-Odelia


    ABOUT THE BOOK Three of saddest words in English are "If I'd only..." As in, "If I'd only invested in blue-chip stocks," or "If I'd only saved some money..." But those words become more tragic when applied to your PC. "If I'd only backed up my PC, I wouldn't have lost all my files," or, "if I'd only updated my anti-virus software, I wouldn't have to buy a new computer" are thoughts that must confronted all too often. Just thinking about those disasters can make one cry. Having a damaged PC is a tragedy, because many problems are preventable. You just need the right strategies and tools.

  7. Studying the P_c(4450) resonance in J/psi photoproduction off protons

    Blin, A N Hiller; Jackura, A; Mathieu, V; Mokeev, V I; Pilloni, A; Szczepaniak, A P


    A resonance-like structure, the P_c(4450), has recently been observed in the J/psi p spectrum by the LHCb collaboration. We discuss the feasibility of detecting this structure in J/psi photoproduction in the CLAS12 experiment at JLab. We present a first estimate of the upper limit for the branching ratio of the P_c(4450) to J/psi p. Our estimates, which take into account the experimental resolution effects, predict that it will be possible to observe a sizable cross section close to the J/psi production threshold and shed light on the P_c(4450) resonance in the future photoproduction measurements.

  8. PC-1解除S6K对AKT信号通路的负反馈抑制%PC-1 Release the Negative Feedback Regulation of p70S6K on the PI3K/AKT Pathway

    张晓清; 王健; 王洪涛; 李山虎; 王芃; 黄芳; 洪鎏; 邓楚中; 周建光


    Objective: To construct a prostate cancer LNCaP cell line stably overexpressing PC-1 and a C4-2 cell line in which PC-1 expression is stably knocked down and to explore how PC-1 active AKT pathway. Meth-ods: PC-1 and siRNA primers targeting PC-1 were separately cloned into the control vector pCDH-EF1-MCS-T2A-Puro and pSIH1-H1-Puro. Prostate cancer cells LNCaP and C4-2 cells were infected with lentivirus and the expression of PC-1 was identified by Western blot. Meanwhile, Western blot was performed to detect the phosphor-ylation level of PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway associated proteins such as S6K, AKT. Results: PC-1 overexpression can decrease the S6K phosphorylation level, while increase AKT phophorylation level. Conclusion: PC-1 may ac-tive AKT kinase in some way through releasing negative feedback regulation of S6K on the PI3K/AKT pathway.%目的:通过建立过表达PC-1的前列腺癌LNCaP细胞系及敲低PC-1表达的C4-2细胞系,探究PC-1激活AKT信号通路的分子机制。方法:将PC-1基因及针对PC-1的siRNA序列,分别克隆至慢病毒表达载体pCDH-EF1-Myc-MCS-T2A-Puro及干扰载体pSIH1-H1-Puro,包装成慢病毒后分别感染前列腺癌LNCaP及C4-2细胞,通过Western印迹鉴定PC-1过表达及敲低效果,并检测PI3K/AKT/mTOR信号通路相关蛋白S6K、AKT的磷酸化水平。结果:PC-1过表达时,S6K磷酸化水平下降,而AKT的磷酸化水平上升。结论:PC-1可以通过抑制S6K激酶活性,解除其对AKT的负反馈抑制作用,从而激活AKT激酶的活性。

  9. Pre-PET Graft Modification of Nano-ZrO2 and Its Effect on Mechanical Property of PC Composites

    LI Li; SHI Li-yi; CAO Shao-mei; FENG Xin; ZHANG Yu


    Nano-ZrO2 panicles were modified by poly ( ethylene terephalate ) prepolymer ( pre-PET ) via polycondensation. FT-IR, TEM, and TGA results showed that pre-PET was successfully grafted on the surface of uano-ZrO2 particles. Compared to the original nano-ZrO2, the grafted nano-ZrO2 had better compatibility with the polycarbonate (PC) matrix and could be dispersed more homogeneously in PC. Hence, interracial adhesion between ZrO2 and PC was enhanced. The mechanical properties of the resultant PC/nano-ZrO2 composite like tensile strength and notched impact strength were greatly improved. Calculated respectively from tensile yield stress PC/nano-ZrO2 composites, the interfacial interaction parameter B was employed to quantitatively characterize the effective interfacial interaction between the nano-ZrO2 and PC matrix.

  10. Synthesis of ZnPc functional layer on QCM biosensor with polystyrene interlayer by means of evaporation techniques

    Santjojo, D. J. Djoko H.; Irawan, Yudy S.; Robiandi, Fadli


    A ZnPc functional layer has been successfully synthesized on QCM biosensor with polystyrene interlayer. Two evaporation techniques were utilized to deposit the ZnPc on the polystyrene interlayer i.e. liquid evaporation technique and solid evaporation technique. Deposition parameters of each technique affect the thickness and microstructure of layer. Islands structures were produced by liquid evaporation, while fibrous structure was produced by solid evaporation technique.The islands grown from 1,00% ZnPc consist of platelets arranged vertically to the surface. The islands consisting pillars of crystal was obtained from 1,25% ZnPc, while the 1,50% ZnPc produces islands consisting granules. The structures might be related to the composition of the crystals. The fibrous structures are controlled by evaporation rate of the ZnPc.

  11. Constructing Competitive Reverse Transcription Polymerize Chain Reaction Inter-Reference of PC mRNA by Intron Approach

    XU Chuang; XIA Cheng; LIU Guo-wen; WANG Zhe; JIANG Yu-fu; ZHANG Nai-sheng; FU Shi-xin


    Inter-reference ofcompetitive reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR)was constructed by intron method to detect the change of PC mRNA level in the pathway of carbohydrate metabolism.The experiment based on the principle that 81bp intron sequence was deleted in PC mRNA compared with PC DNA sequence.The 466bp competitive DNA template recombinant plasmid of PC mRNAwas successfully built by a pair of primer and was cloned once,PC DNA and PC mRNA could be inter-referred each other.The intron approach used in the experiment has broken through the traditional method of constructing competitive template.

  12. 甲基汞对PC12细胞分化及活性的影响

    李永进; 毕晓颖; 宋春梅; 马洪波; 王长文; 李志超



  13. Monitoring Pc 4 photodynamic therapy in clinical trials of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma using noninvasive spectroscopy.

    Lee, Tammy K; Baron, Elma D; Foster, Thomas H


    Silicon phthalocyanine Pc 4 photodynamic therapy (Pc 4-PDT) has emerged as a potentially effective treatment for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL). Noninvasive reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy before, during, and after PDT may provide useful dose metrics and enable therapy to be tailored to individual lesions. We present the design and implementation of a portable bedside spectroscopy system for initial clinical trials of Pc 4-PDT of CTCL. Reflectance and fluorescence spectra were obtained from an early stage CTCL patient throughout the course of the PDT treatment. Preliminary patient data show a significant effect of Pc 4 on the tissue absorption, modest Pc 4 photobleaching, and heterogeneity of Pc 4 within and between the lesions.

  14. Solar cells of metal-free phthalocyanine dispersed in polyvinyl carbazole. 1: Effects of the recrystallization of H2PC on cell characteristics

    Shimura, M.; Baba, H.


    The development of an organic semiconductor solar cell and the effects of the recrystallization of metal free phthalocyanine (H2PC) on the characteristics of NESA/H2PC-PVK/Au sandwich cells were investigated. Alfa-H2PC sandwich cells showed photovoltage and photocurrent in a two direction opposite to that shown y as supplied H2PC cells, which consists mainly of beta-H2PC. Some difference was observed in the response times of the two cells. It is suggested that photocharacteristics change with the specific resistance of the H2PC, which is related to its crystal forms. In the cells with low resistance H2PC carriers are generated in H2PC by illumination, while in high resistance H2PC cells, carriers are generated in PVK which is sensitized with H2PC.

  15. In situ corrosion monitoring of PC structures with distributed hybrid carbon fiber reinforced polymer sensors

    Yang, C. Q.; Wu, Z. S.


    Firstly, the fabrication and sensing properties of hybrid carbon fiber reinforced polymer (HCFRP) composite sensors are addressed. In order to provide a distributed sensing manner, the HCFRP sensors were divided into multi-zones with electrodes, and each zone was regarded as a separate sensor. Secondly, their application is studied to monitor the steel corrosion of prestressed concrete (PC) beams. The HCFRP sensors with different gauge lengths were mounted on a PC tendon, steel bar and embedded in tensile and compressive sides of the PC beam. The experiment was carried out under an electric accelerated corrosion and a constant load of about 54 kN. The results reveal that the corrosion of the PC tendon can be monitored through measuring the electrical resistance (ER) change of the HCFRP sensors. For the sensors embedded in tensile side of the PC beam, their ER increases as the corrosion progresses, whereas for the sensors embedded in compressive side, their ER decreases with corrosion time. Moreover, the strains due to the corrosion can be obtained based on the ER change and calibration curves of HCFRP sensors. The strains measured with traditional strain gauges agree with the strains calculated from the ER changes of HCFRP sensors. The electrical behavior of the zones where the corrosion was performed is much different from those of the other zones. In these zones, either there exist jumps in ER, or the ER increases with a much larger rate than those of the other zones. Distributed corrosion monitoring for PC structures is thus demonstrated with the application of HCFRP sensors through a proper installation of multi-electrodes.

  16. The Speed of Serial Attention Shifts in Visual Search: Evidence from the N2pc Component.

    Grubert, Anna; Eimer, Martin


    Finding target objects among distractors in visual search display is often assumed to be based on sequential movements of attention between different objects. However, the speed of such serial attention shifts is still under dispute. We employed a search task that encouraged the successive allocation of attention to two target objects in the same search display and measured N2pc components to determine how fast attention moved between these objects. Each display contained one digit in a known color (fixed-color target) and another digit whose color changed unpredictably across trials (variable-color target) together with two gray distractor digits. Participants' task was to find the fixed-color digit and compare its numerical value with that of the variable-color digit. N2pc components to fixed-color targets preceded N2pc components to variable-color digits, demonstrating that these two targets were indeed selected in a fixed serial order. The N2pc to variable-color digits emerged approximately 60 msec after the N2pc to fixed-color digits, which shows that attention can be reallocated very rapidly between different target objects in the visual field. When search display durations were increased, thereby relaxing the temporal demands on serial selection, the two N2pc components to fixed-color and variable-color targets were elicited within 90 msec of each other. Results demonstrate that sequential shifts of attention between different target locations can operate very rapidly at speeds that are in line with the assumptions of serial selection models of visual search.

  17. A Sensor-Type PC Strand with an Embedded FBG Sensor for Monitoring Prestress Forces

    Sung Tae Kim


    Full Text Available Prestressed Concrete Wire and Strand (PC strands are the most used materials to introduce prestress in a Pre-Stressed Concrete (PSC structure. However, it is difficult to evaluate the final prestress force of the PC strand after prestressing or its residual prestress force after completion of the structure on site. This impossibility to assess eventual loss of prestress of the PC strand has resulted in a number of serious accidents and even in the collapse of several structures. This situation stresses the necessity to maintain the prestress force residual or after prestressing for the evaluation of the health of the concrete structure throughout its lifespan. Recently, several researchers have studied methods enabling one to verify the prestress force by inserting an optical fiber sensor inside the strand but failed to provide simple techniques for the fabrication of these devices to fulfill measurement performance from the design prestress to failure. Moreover, these methods require the additional installation of electrical resistance strain gages, displacement sensors and load cells on the outer surface of the structure for long-term precise measurement. This paper proposes a method enabling one to evaluate precisely and effectively the prestress force of the PC strand and intends to verify the applicability of the proposed method on actual concrete structures. To that end, an innovative PC strand is developed by embedding a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG sensor in the core wire of the PC strand so as to enable short term as well as long term monitoring. The measurement performance of the developed strand is then evaluated experimentally and the reliability of the monitoring data is assessed.

  18. Mechanistic prospective for human PrPC conversion to PrPSc: Molecular dynamic insights

    Nooshin Azari


    Full Text Available PrPC conversion to PrPSc isoform is the main known cause for prion diseases including Crutzfeldt-Jakob, Gerstmann-Sträussler-Sheinker syndrome and fatal familial insomnia in human. The precise mechanism underling this conversion is yet to be well understood. In the present work, using the coordinate file of PrPC (available on the Protein Data Bank as a starting structure, separate molecular dynamic simulations were carried out at neutral and acidic pH in an explicit water box at 37°C and 1 atmosphere pressure for 10ns second period. Results showed that the acidic pH accelerates PrPC conversion to PrPSc by decreasing the protein gyration radius, flexibility and protein-solvent hydrogen bonds. In acidic conditions, PrPC attains a more folded and less flexible tertiary structure compared to its native structure at neutral pH; otherwise, the decrease of protein-solvent hydrogen bonds at acidic pH will enhance the hydrophobic character of PrPC that may exhibit association as multimeric assemblies. It can also lower water solubility and increase resistance to proteolytic degradations. Data indicated that there was no sensible protein denaturation during this conversion. It is hypothesized that the formation of slightly misfolded conformations with minor structural changes in secondary and/or tertiary structures are enough to menace scrapie formation in PrPC. Our findings show that scrapie formation seems to be a theoretically reversible process.

  19. ABVE-PC and modified BEACOPP regimen in Indian children with Hodgkin lymphoma: Feasibility and efficacy

    Somasundaram Jayabose


    Full Text Available Aims: To study the toxicity of ABVE-PC (doxorubicin, bleomycin, vincristine, etoposide, prednisone and cyclophosphamide and modified-BEACOPP (bleomycin, etoposide, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide,vincristine, procarbazine, prednisone in intermediate-risk and high-risk Hodgkin lymphoma patients. Methods: High-risk patients received 4 cycles of modified-BEACOPP (m-BEACOPP plus 4 cycles of ABVD. Intermediate-risk patients received 4 cycles of ABVE-PC plus 2 cycles of ABVD. Results: From 2010 to 2014, 17 patients received 66 cycles of m-BEACOPP and 9 patients received 40 cycles of ABVE-PC. In the m-BEACOPP and ABVE-PC courses, respectively, significant thrombocytopenia (<50,000/mm3 occurred in 10.6% vs 0% of courses; anemia (Hb. <8 gm/dl in 27.3% vs 15%; neutropenia (ANC<500/mm3 in 46.9% vs 32.5%; and febrile neutropenia in 33.3% vs. 22.5%. Only episode of documented infection (hepatic abscess occurred in ABVE-PC. There were no episodes of sepsis, typhlitis or pneumonia in either group. All 26 patients are in remission with a median follow-up of 35 months (range, 17-61; and there have been no relapses. Two of 26 (7.7% patients failed to achieve rapid early response after 2 cycles and complete remission after 4 cycles of chemotherapy; both achieved remission with more intensive regimens followed by radiation. The remaining 24 patients did not receive radiation therapy. Conclusions: Both m-BEACOPP and ABVE-PC regimens have acceptable toxicity; and thus can be used in most centres with optimum supportive care facilities. They offer promising response rate and relapse free survival without the need for radiation therapy in most patients; and thus may be considered for children with high-risk and intermediate-risk Hodgkin lymphoma.

  20. Cytoprotective effects of fisetin against hypoxia-induced cell death in PC12 cells.

    Chen, Pei-Yi; Ho, Yi-Ru; Wu, Ming-Jiuan; Huang, Shun-Ping; Chen, Po-Kong; Tai, Mi-Hsueh; Ho, Chi-Tang; Yen, Jui-Hung


    Fisetin (3,7,3',4'-tetrahydroxyflavone), a flavonol compound of flavonoids, exhibits a broad spectrum of biological activities including anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and neuroprotective effects. The aim of this study is to investigate the cytoprotective effect of fisetin and the underlying molecular mechanism against hypoxia-induced cell death in PC12 cells. The results of this study showed that fisetin significantly restored the cell viability of PC12 cells under both cobalt chloride (CoCl₂)- and low oxygen-induced hypoxic conditions. Treatment with fisetin successfully reduced the CoCl₂-mediated reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, which was accompanied by an increase in the cell viability of PC12 cells. Furthermore, we found that treatment of PC12 cells with fisetin markedly upregulated hypoxia-inducible factor 1α (HIF-1α), its nuclear accumulation and the hypoxia-response element (HRE)-driven transcriptional activation. The fisetin-mediated cytoprotection during CoCl₂ exposure was significantly attenuated through the administration of HIF-1α siRNA. Moreover, we demonstrated that MAPK/ERK kinase 1/2 (MEK1/2), p38 MAPK and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3 K) inhibitors significantly blocked the increase in cell survival that was induced by fisetin treatment under hypoxic conditions. Consistently, increased phosphorylation of ERK, p38 and Akt proteins was observed in PC12 cells treated with fisetin. However, the fisetin-induced HRE-driven transcription was not affected by inhibition of these kinase signaling pathways. Current results reveal for the first time that fisetin promotes cell survival and protects against hypoxia-induced cell death through ROS scavenging and the activation of HIF1α-, MAPK/ERK-, p38 MAPK- and PI3 K/Akt-dependent signaling pathways in PC12 cells.

  1. Features of Pc5 pulsations in the geomagnetic field, auroral luminosity, and Riometer absorption

    Belakhovsky, V. B.; Pilipenko, V. A.; Samsonov, S. N.; Lorentsen, D.


    Simultaneous morning Pc5 pulsations ( f ~ 3-5 mHz) in the geomagnetic field, aurora intensities (in the 557.7 and 630.0 nm oxygen emissions and the 471.0 nm nitrogen emission), and riometer absorption, were studied based on the CARISMA, CANMOS, and NORSTAR network data for the event of January 1, 2000. According to the GOES-8 satellite observations, these Pc5 geomagnetic pulsations are observed as incompressible Alfvén waves with toroidal polarization in the magnetosphere. Although the Pc5 pulsation frequencies in auroras, the geomagnetic field, and riometer absorption are close to one another, stable phase relationships are not observed between them. Far from all trains of geomagnetic Pc5 pulsations are accompanied by corresponding auroral pulsations; consequently, geomagnetic pulsations are primary with respect to auroral pulsations. Both geomagnetic and auroral pulsations propagate poleward, and the frequency decreases with increasing geomagnetic latitude. When auroral Pc5 pulsations appear, the ratio of the 557.7/630.0 nm emission intensity sharply increases, which indicates that auroral pulsations result from not simply modulated particle precipitation but also an additional periodic acceleration of auroral electrons by the wave field. A high correlation is not observed between Pc5 pulsations in auroras and the riometer absorption, which indicates that these pulsations have a common source but different generation mechanisms. Auroral luminosity modulation is supposedly related to the interaction between Alfvén waves and the region with the field-aligned potential drop above the auroral ionosphere, and riometer absorption modulation is caused by the scattering of energetic electrons by VLF noise pulsations.

  2. DA-9801 promotes neurite outgrowth via ERK1/2-CREB pathway in PC12 cells.

    Won, Jong Hoon; Ahn, Kyong Hoon; Back, Moon Jung; Ha, Hae Chan; Jang, Ji Min; Kim, Ha Hyung; Choi, Sang-Zin; Son, Miwon; Kim, Dae Kyong


    In the present study, we examined the mechanisms underlying the effect of DA-9801 on neurite outgrowth. We found that DA-9801 elicits its effects via the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MEK) extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK)1/2-cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB) pathway. DA-9801, an extract from a mixture of Dioscorea japonica and Dioscorea nipponica, was reported to promote neurite outgrowth in PC12 cells. The effects of DA-9801 on cell viability and expression of neuronal markers were evaluated in PC12 cells. To investigate DA-9801 action, specific inhibitors targeting the ERK signaling cascade were used. No cytotoxicity was observed in PC12 cells at DA-9801 concentrations of less than 30 µg/mL. In the presence of nerve growth factor (NGF, 2 ng/mL), DA-9801 promoted neurite outgrowth and increased the relative mRNA levels of neurofilament-L (NF-L), a marker of neuronal differentiation. The Raf-1 inhibitor GW5074 and MEK inhibitor PD98059 significantly attenuated DA-9801-induced neurite outgrowth. Additionally, the MEK1 and MEK2 inhibitor SL327 significantly attenuated the increase in the percentage of neurite-bearing PC12 cells induced by DA-9801 treatment. Conversely, the selective p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitor SB203580 did not attenuate the DA-9801 treatment-induced increase in the percentage of neurite-bearing PC12 cells. DA-9801 enhanced the phosphorylation of ERK1/2 and CREB in PC12 cells incubated with and without NGF. Pretreatment with PD98059 blocked the DA-9801-induced phosphorylation of ERK1/2 and CREB. In conclusion, DA-9801 induces neurite outgrowth by affecting the ERK1/2-CREB signaling pathway. Insights into the mechanism underlying this effect of DA-9801 may suggest novel potential strategies for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

  3. Phenolic alkaloids from Menispermum dauricum inhibits BxPC-3 pancreatic cancer cells by blocking of Hedgehog signaling pathway

    Zhou, Zhong-guang; Zhang, Chao-ying; Fei, Hong-xin; Zhong, Li-Li; Bai, Yun


    Background: The Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway plays an important role in pancreatic cancer (PC) cells. Phenolic alkaloids from Menispermum dauricum (PAMD), a traditional Chinese medicine used for the treatment of immune disorders, have been reported to have antitumor activity recently. Objective: To investigate the efficacy and mechanism of PAMD against PC cell BxPC-3. Materials and Methods: F assay was used to assess cell proliferation inhibition of PAMD; the apoptotic induction and cell c...

  4. Embedded SoPC Design with Nios II Processor and Verilog Examples

    Chu, Pong P


    Explores the unique hardware programmability of FPGA-based embedded systems, using a learn-by-doing approach to introduce the concepts and techniques for embedded SoPC design with Verilog An SoPC (system on a programmable chip) integrates a processor, memory modules, I/O peripherals, and custom hardware accelerators into a single FPGA (field-programmable gate array) device. In addition to the customized software, customized hardware can be developed and incorporated into the embedded system as well-allowing us to configure the soft-core processor, create tailored I/O interfaces, and develop s

  5. Effect of Inhalational Anesthetics on Cytotoxicity and Intracellular Calcium Differently in Rat Pheochromocytoma Cells (PC12)

    Qiujun WANG; Kezhong LI; Shanglong YAO


    Isoflurane, a commonly used inhaled anesthetic, induces apoptosis in rat pheochromo-cytoma cells (PC12) in a concentration- and time-dependent manner with unknown mechanism. We hypothesized that isoflurane induced apoptosis by causing abnormal calcium release from the endo-plasmic reticulum (ER) via activation of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) receptors. Alzheimer's pre-senilin-1 (PS1) mutation increased activity of IP3 receptors and therefore rendered cells vulnerable to isoflurane-induced cytotoxicity. Sevoflurane and desflurane had less ability to disrupt intraceUular calcium homeostasis and thus being less potent to cause cytotoxicity. This study examined and com- pared the cytotoxic effects of various inhaled anesthetics on PC12 cells transfected with the Alz- heimer's mutated Psi (L286V) and the disruption of intracellular calcium homeostasis. PC12 cells transfected with wild type (WT) and mutated PS1 (L286V) were treated with equivalent of 1 MAC of isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane for 12 h. MTT reduction and LDH release assays were per- formed to evaluate cell viability. Changes of calcium concentration in cytosolic space ([Ca2+]c) were determined after exposing different types of cells to various inhalational anesthetics. The effects of IP3 receptor antagonist xestospongin C on isoflurane-induced cytotoxicity and calcium release from the ER in L286V PC12 cells were also determined. The results showed that isoflurane at 1 MAC for 12 h induced cytoxicity in L286V but not WT PC12 cells, which was also associated with greater and faster elevation of peak [Ca2+]c in L286V than in the WT cells. Xestospongin C significantly amelio- rated isoflurane cytotoxicity in L286V cells, as well as inhibited the calcium release from the ER in L286V cells. Sevoflurane and desflurane at equivalent exposure to isoflurane did not induce similar cytotoxicity or elevation of peak [Ca2+]c in L286V PC12 cells. These results suggested that isoflurane induced cytoxicity by

  6. A Solution-Based Temperature Sensor Using the Organic Compound CuTsPc

    Shahino Mah Abdullah


    Full Text Available An electrochemical cell using an organic compound, copper (II phthalocyanine-tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium salt (CuTsPc, has been fabricated and investigated as a solution-based temperature sensor. The capacitance and resistance of the ITO/CuTsPc solution/ITO chemical cell has been characterized as a function of temperature in the temperature range of 25–80 °C. A linear response with minimal hysteresis is observed. The fabricated temperature sensor has shown high consistency and sensitive response towards a specific range of temperature values.

  7. Trend Analysis on the Automation of the Notebook PC Production Process

    Chin-Ching Yeh


    Notebook PCs are among the Taiwanese electronic products that generate the highest production value and market share. According to the ITRI IEK statistics, the domestic Notebook PC - production value in 2011 was about NT $2.3 trillion. Of about 200 million notebook PCs in global markets in 2011, Taiwan’s notebook PC output accounts for more than 90% of them, meaning that nine out of every ten notebook PCs in the world are manufactured by Taiwanese companies. For such a large industry with its...

  8. The Effect of Titania-coating on Electrochemical Characteristics of CMS in PC-Based Electrolyte

    J. Gao; L. C. Yang; T. Zhang; Y.P. Wu; H.Q. Wu


    @@ 1Introduction Lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in portable electronic devices due to their high voltage and high energy density. Most research has concentrated on improving their performance such as capacity, cycling characteristics and low temperature range. Propylene carbonate (PC)-based electrolytes are more desirable than ethylene carbonate (EC)-based electrolytes because of their low-temperature characteristics[1]. Unfortunately, PC is not used in commercial lithium-ion batteries because solvent decomposition and graphite exfoliation occur when lithium intercalates[2].

  9. Digitally-controlled PC-interfaced Boost Converter for Educational Purposes

    Ljusev, Petar; Andersen, Michael A. E.


    This paper describes implementation of a simple digital PID control algorithm for a boost converter using a cheap fixed-point 8-bit microcontroller. Serial communication to a PC server program is established for easier downloading of compensator parameters and current and voltage waveform...... acquisition. At the end, client program is presented which uses TCP/IP connection for operating the digitally controlled boost converter over Internet. The aim of this cheap and flexible PC-interfaced boost converter bench is predominantly educational, to allow students to synthesize different digital...

  10. Vectorial Resilient PC(l) of Order k Boolean Functions from AG-Codes

    Hao CHEN; Liang MA; Jianhua LI


    Propagation criteria and resiliency of vectorial Boolean functions are important for cryptographic purpose (see [1- 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 16]). Kurosawa, Stoh [8] and Carlet [1]gave a construction of Boolean functions satisfying PC(l) of order k from binary linear or nonlinear codes. In this paper, the algebraic-geometric codes over GF(2m) are used to modify the Carlet and Kurosawa-Satoh's construction for giving vectorial resilient Boolean functions satisfying PC(l) of order k criterion. This new construction is compared with previously known results.

  11. Constraining lowermost mantle structure with PcP/P amplitude ratios from large aperture arrays

    Ventosa, S.; Romanowicz, B. A.


    Observations of weak short-period teleseismic body waves help to resolve lowermost mantle structure at short wavelengths, which is essential for understanding mantle dynamics and the interactions between the mantle and core. Their limited amount and uneven distribution are however major obstacles to solve for volumetric structure of the D" region, topography of the core-mantle boundary (CMB) and D" discontinuity, and the trade-offs among them. While PcP-P differential travel times provide important information, there are trade-offs between velocity structure and core-mantle boundary topography, which PcP/P amplitude ratios can help resolve, as long as lateral variations in attenuation and biases due to focusing are small or can be corrected for. Dense broadband seismic networks help to improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the target phases and signal-to-interference ratio (SIR) of other mantle phases when the slowness difference is large enough. To improve SIR and SNR of teleseismic PcP data, we have introduced the slant-stacklet transform to define coherent-guided filters able to separate and enhance signals according to their slowness, time of arrival and frequency content. We thus obtain optimal PcP/P amplitude ratios in the least-square sense using two short sliding windows to match the P signal with a candidate PcP signal. This method allows us to dramatically increase the amount of high-quality observations of short-period PcP/P amplitude ratios by allowing for smaller events and wider epicentral distance and depth ranges.We present the results of measurement of PcP/P amplitude ratios, sampling regions around the Pacific using dense arrays in North America and Japan. We observe that short-period P waves traveling through slabs are strongly affected by focusing, in agreement with the bias we have observed and corrected for due to mantle heterogeneities on PcP-P travel time differences. In Central America, this bias is by far the stronger anomaly we observe

  12. Stability of the Gel Electrolyte PAN : EC : PC : LICF3SO3 towards Lithium

    Perera, Kumudu; Dissanayake, M.A.K.L.; Skaarup, Steen;


    The stability of the gel electrolyte consisting of polyacrylonitrile (PAN), ethylene carbonate (EC), propylene carbonate (PC) and lithium trifluoromethanesulfonate (LiCF3SO3 – LiTF) towards metallic lithium was investigated using the time evolution of impedance plots. Symmetric cells of the form Li...... / PAN : EC : PC: LiTF / Li were assembled and impedance data were collected at room temperature for one week. A clear indication of growth of a resistive layer could be seen. The electrolyte resistance remained constant. The growth of the passivation layer became constant after first two days...

  13. Analysis of the quantum numbers J(PC) of the X(3872) particle.

    Abulencia, A; Adelman, J; Affolder, T; Akimoto, T; Albrow, M G; Ambrose, D; Amerio, S; Amidei, D; Anastassov, A; Anikeev, K; Annovi, A; Antos, J; Aoki, M; Apollinari, G; Arguin, J-F; Arisawa, T; Artikov, A; Ashmanskas, W; Attal, A; Azfar, F; Azzi-Bacchetta, P; Azzurri, P; Bacchetta, N; Badgett, W; Barbaro-Galtieri, A; Barnes, V E; Barnett, B A; Baroiant, S; Bartsch, V; Bauer, G; Bedeschi, F; Behari, S; Belforte, S; Bellettini, G; Bellinger, J; Belloni, A; Benjamin, D; Beretvas, A; Beringer, J; Berry, T; Bhatti, A; Binkley, M; Bisello, D; Blair, R E; Blocker, C; Blumenfeld, B; Bocci, A; Bodek, A; Boisvert, V; Bolla, G; Bolshov, A; Bortoletto, D; Boudreau, J; Boveia, A; Brau, B; Brigliadori, L; Bromberg, C; Brubaker, E; Budagov, J; Budd, H S; Budd, S; Budroni, S; Burkett, K; Busetto, G; Bussey, P; Byrum, K L; Cabrera, S; Campanelli, M; Campbell, M; Canelli, F; Canepa, A; Carillo, S; Carlsmith, D; Carosi, R; Casarsa, M; Castro, A; Catastini, P; Cauz, D; Cavalli-Sforza, M; Cerri, A; Cerrito, L; 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Warburton, A; Waschke, S; Waters, D; Wester, W C; Whitehouse, B; Whiteson, D; Wicklund, A B; Wicklund, E; Williams, G; Williams, H H; Wilson, P; Winer, B L; Wittich, P; Wolbers, S; Wolfe, C; Wright, T; Wu, X; Wynne, S M; Yagil, A; Yamamoto, K; Yamaoka, J; Yamashita, T; Yang, C; Yang, U K; Yang, Y C; Yao, W M; Yeh, G P; Yoh, J; Yorita, K; Yoshida, T; Yu, G B; Yu, I; Yu, S S; Yun, J C; Zanello, L; Zanetti, A; Zaw, I; Zhang, X; Zhou, J; Zucchelli, S


    We present an analysis of angular distributions and correlations of the X(3872) particle in the exclusive decay mode X(3872)-->J/psipi+ pi- with J/psi-->mu+ mu-. We use 780 pb-1 of data from pp[over ] collisions at sqrt[s]=1.96 TeV collected with the CDF II detector at the Fermilab Tevatron. We derive constraints on spin, parity, and charge conjugation parity of the X(3872) particle by comparing measured angular distributions of the decay products with predictions for different J(PC) hypotheses. The assignments J(PC)=1++ and 2-+ are the only ones consistent with the data.

  14. Capabilities, limitations and challenges of a simplified PC-SAFT equation of state

    von Solms, Nicolas; Kouskoumvekaki, Irene; Michelsen, Michael Locht


    and physical performance of a modified PC-SAFT equation of state for highly asymmetric and associating mixtures, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 42 (2003) 1098.] has been applied to several complex polymer-sol vent systems, including vapor-liquid equilibria, liquid-liquid equilibria and gas solubilities for both single-solvent...... and mixed-solvents (ternary) systems. This manuscript briefly reviews previous successful applications of PC-SAFT, illustrates the capabilities of the model and indicates some problems and limitations in specific areas, especially aqueous systems and blends, as well as challenges that need to be addressed...

  15. 或多?或少?细看华硕Eee PC900



    凭借自行研发的Eee PC 701,华硕在今年年初结结实实火了一把,它让人们认识到一款价格低廉的“小东西”即使配置的是“小”硬盘和最基本的性能,也依然能够吊起人们的胃口。最近,华硕再接再厉,发布了升级版的Eee PC 900,它能否再续前辈的辉煌呢?

  16. 平板上网本 华硕Eee PC T101MT


    华硕Eee PC系列新款上网本被命名为Eee PC T101MT,这是Eee PC系列首款多触点平板电脑。Eee PC T101MT上网本可搭配Windows 7 Starter、Windows 7 Home Basic、Windows 7 Home Premium系统,搭配1GByte或2GByte内存,采用160GByte或320GByte硬盘,并提供500GByte网络存储空间。

  17. PC-based input/output controllers from a VME perspective

    Hill, J.O.


    The Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) has been widely adopted in the accelerator community. Although EPICS is available on many platforms, the majority of sites have deployed VME- or VXI-based input output controllers running the vxWorks real time operating system. Recently, a hybrid approach using vxWorks on both PC and traditional platforms is being implemented at LANL. To illustrate these developments the author compares his recent experience deploying PC-based EPICS input output controllers with experience deploying similar systems based on traditional EPICS platforms.

  18. Stability of the Gel Electrolyte PAN : EC : PC : LICF3SO3 towards Lithium

    Perera, Kumudu; Skaarup, Steen; West, K.


    The stability of the gel electrolyte consisting of polyacrylonitrile (PAN), ethylene carbonate (EC), propylene carbonate (PC) and lithium trifluoromethanesulfonate (LiCF3SO3 – LiTF) towards metallic lithium was investigated using the time evolution of impedance plots. Symmetric cells of the form Li...... / PAN : EC : PC: LiTF / Li were assembled and impedance data were collected at room temperature for one week. A clear indication of growth of a resistive layer could be seen. The electrolyte resistance remained constant. The growth of the passivation layer became constant after first two days....... These observations suggest that this gel electrolyte is suitable for use with metallic lithium....

  19. Spatial embedded reinforcement of 20-node block element for analysis PC bridges

    Peiheng LONG; Xianting DU; Weizhen CHEN


    The formula for the contribution of prestressed reinforcement on embedded reinforcement element is derived according to the mechanical behavior of PC bridges and the foundational principle of finite element method. Mechanical concept is definite and examples val-idate the calculation results. Reinforcement element model allows generating a finite element mesh without taking into consideration the layout of reinforcements. Furthermore, the prestressing tendon may pass through the concrete elements in an arbitrary manner. It is an effective approach that the no-node loads are diverted from the tendons to the adjacent concrete elements. A useful arithmetic analysis of the spatial curved tendon PC Bridges is provided.

  20. An Efficient Parallel Solution Framework for the Linear Solution of Large Systems on PC Clusters

    Ozgur Kurc; Semih Ozmen


    In this paper,a parallel solution framework for the linear static analysis of large structures on PC clusters is presented.The framework consists of two main steps:data preparation and parallel solution.The parallel solution is performed by a substructure based method with direct solvers.The aim of the data prepa-ration step is to create the best possible substructures so that the parallel solution time is minimized.An ac-tual structural model was solved utilizing both homogeneous and heterogeneous PC clusters to illustrate the performance and applicability of the presented framework.

  1. Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene over LiCI/MnOx/PC Catalysts

    葛庆杰; 李文钊; 于春英; 徐恒泳


    The caalytic stability of LiCl/MnOx/PC catalyst have been investigated, the deactivation mechanism was discussed. Tne experimental results show that ethane conversion decreases and etihylene selectivotu keeps about 90% as reaction time increases. The main deactivation reasons LiCI/MnOx/PCcatalyst for oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane (ODHE) to ethylene are the transiton of active species Mn2O3 TO MnOspecies and the loss of active component Cl in catalyst. Instead of ethane with FCC tailed-gas, the stability of LiCl/MnOx/PC catalyst has been largely improved.

  2. Projecte Delorean

    Rigual Martínez, Jaume


    The purpose of my project is to draw up a Business Plan to set up an audiovisual production company in partnership with my University Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme. A production company which is intended for the formation of new professionals as well as the continued development of quality audiovisual projects. I want to make a feasibility project to show that this production company can be created and be a useful element for my University, particularly for students.

  3. Project of universal DSP platform: cluster of floating point DSP processors

    Dymanowski, Łukasz; Lewandowski, Kamil; Linczuk, Maciej


    In this paper, a project of cluster of DSP is presented. This project is realized as a extended card for PC computers. A block diagram of a board was described. A DSP processor properties for cluster computation was described. A block diagram of the board was discussed. Next, a details of hardware realization of this card was described. The PCB project was discussed. A details of multi-layers board was described.

  4. Alzheimer's Project

    Full Text Available ... voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research, the Alzheimer's Association has been an active partner in "THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT," ... (48 minutes) "Momentum ...

  5. Structural features and relaxation properties of PET/PC blends containing impact strength modifier and chain extender

    Pesetskii, S. S; Filimonov, O. V; Koval, V. N; Golubovich, V. V


    It has been investigated how methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) influences the morphology, rheological, mechanical and relaxation properties, as well as PET crystallizability, of PET/PC/(PP/EPDM...

  6. CD147对前列腺癌PC-3细胞自噬的影响%CD147 affects autophagy of prostate cancer PC-3 cells

    方芳; 冯淳; 姚杨; 马潇潇; 王立国


    [ ABSTRACT] AIM: To study the autophagy of prostate cancer PC-3 cells induced by CD147 in vitro.ME-THODS:Themethod of amino acid starvation to induce autophagy was used.The expression of CD147 was detected by Western blotting.To study the functional effects of CD147 on autophagy in prostate cancer PC-3 cells, the down-regulation of CD147 expression was induced by the technique of RNAi.The conversion of autophagic marker protein LC3-I to LC3-II was determined by Western blotting.The cell death after starvation-induced autophagy was analyzed by trypan blue exclu-sion assay.RESULTS:The CD147 expression gradually increased in starvation-induced autophagy.The down-regulation of CD147 significantly increased the expression of autophagy-related protein LC3-II compared with control group.Mean-while, the cell death rates increased from (19.3 ±3.1)%and (22.3 ±3.5)%in control groups to (38.4 ±3.1)%in si-lencing the expression of CD147 in the PC-3 cells (P<0.05).CONCLUSION:CD147 inhibits starvation-induced auto-phgy and autophagy death in the prostate cancer PC-3 cells.%目的:研究白细胞分化抗原(CD)147在体外对前列腺癌PC-3细胞的自噬作用。方法:通过氨基酸饥饿法建立自噬模型,免疫印迹技术检测CD147的表达。利用RNA干扰CD147表达的细胞系,免疫印迹技术检测自噬蛋白LC3-I和LC3-II的表达;台盼蓝排斥实验检测细胞的死亡情况。结果:在PC-3细胞自噬模型中,随着饥饿诱导时间延长,CD147表达逐渐升高。用RNA干扰技术降低CD147表达后,与阴性对照组比较,在自噬模型中CD147干扰组自噬相关蛋白LC3-II表达增多;并且细胞死亡数量明显增加,阴性对照组细胞死亡率分别为(19.3±3.1)%和(22.3±3.5)%,而在CD147干涉组细胞死亡率为(38.4±3.1)%,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论:在前列腺癌PC-3细胞中CD147抑制饥饿诱导的自噬,减少自噬性细胞死亡的发生。

  7. LEX Project

    Damkilde, Lars; Larsen, Torben J.; Walbjørn, Jacob

    This document is aimed at helping all parties involved in the LEX project to get a common understanding of words, process, levels and the overall concept.......This document is aimed at helping all parties involved in the LEX project to get a common understanding of words, process, levels and the overall concept....

  8. LEX Project

    Damkilde, Lars; Larsen, Torben J.; Walbjørn, Jacob

    This document is aimed at helping all parties involved in the LEX project to get a common understanding of words, process, levels and the overall concept.......This document is aimed at helping all parties involved in the LEX project to get a common understanding of words, process, levels and the overall concept....

  9. Student Perceptions of Effective Use of Tablet PC Recorded Lectures in Undergraduate Mathematics Courses

    Yoon, Caroline; Sneddon, Jamie


    Tablet PCs have been increasingly used in undergraduate courses to create recorded lectures that are close copies of the live lectures. Research has shown that students are largely positive about the availability of tablet PC recorded lectures. However, there is some concern that the availability of such faithful recordings may encourage students…

  10. Letter to the editor: The ionospheric response during an interval of Pc5 ULF wave activity

    M. Lester

    Full Text Available A preliminary analysis of Pc5, ULF wave activity observed with the IMAGE magnetometer array and the EISCAT UHF radar in the post midnight sector indicates that such waves can be caused by the modulation of the ionospheric conductivity as well as the wave electric field. An observed Pc5 pulsation is divided into three separate intervals based upon the EISCAT data. In the first and third, the Pc5 waves are observed only in the measured electron density between 90 and 112 km and maxima in the electron density at these altitudes are attributed to pulsed precipitation of electrons with energies up to 40 keV which result in the height integrated Hall conductivity being pulsed between 10 and 50 S. In the second interval, the Pc5 wave is observed in the F-region ion temperature, electron density and electron temperature but not in the D and E region electron densities. The analysis suggests that the wave during this interval is a coupled Alfven and compressional mode.

    Key words: Ionosphere (electric fields and currents - Magnetospheric physics (magnetosphere-ionosphere interaction; MHD waves and instabilities

  11. Evaluation of tablet PC as a tool for teaching tooth brushing to children.

    Salama, F; Abobakr, I; Al-Khodair, N; Al-Wakeel, M


    This study evaluated the effect of a single time tooth brushing instruction using video on a tablet PC (Apple iPad) compared to operator presentation using jaw model for plaque removal. This cross-sectional study included a convenience sample of 100 children divided into two groups. For Group 1 brushing was demonstrated to the child by the operator with the use of a jaw model. This demonstration was videotaped for subsequent use in Group 2 using a tablet PC (Apple iPad). Plaque index was recorded before and after demonstration of the assigned method of teaching tooth brushing. The results showed a significant difference using the two methods. The difference between the mean plaque index values with the jaw model and tablet PC at baseline and after tooth brushing represented 17.27% (50% improvement) and 11.56% (34% improvement) respectively. Boys showed a 18.3%. higher improvement in tooth brushing compared to girls. Seventy-five percent of the children reported using tablet computers in their daily life. CONCLUSION Teaching children by using a jaw model was more effective in improving plaque index score than using video on tablet PC by 16%. Both methods of tooth brushing teaching were fully accepted by all children.

  12. Operating a Geiger-Muller Tube Using a PC Sound Card

    Azooz, A. A.


    In this paper, a simple MATLAB-based PC program that enables the computer to function as a replacement for the electronic scalar-counter system associated with a Geiger-Muller (GM) tube is described. The program utilizes the ability of MATLAB to acquire data directly from the computer sound card. The signal from the GM tube is applied to the…

  13. Pairing and sinking of binary SMBHs in sub-pc resolution simulations of galaxy mergers

    Chapon, Damien; Teyssier, Romain


    We study the formation of a supermassive black hole (SMBH) binary and the shrinking of the separation of the two holes to sub-pc scales starting from a realistic major merger between two gas-rich spiral galaxies with mass comparable to our Milky Way. The simulations are the first of this kind carried out with an Adaptive Mesh refinement (AMR) code (here RAMSES), and the first capable to resolve separations as small as 0.1 pc. The collision of the two galaxies produces a gravo-turbulent rotating nuclear disk with mass (\\sim 10^9 Msun) and size (\\sim 60 pc) in excellent agreement with previous SPH simulations with particle splitting that used a similar setup (Mayer et al. 2007) but were limited to separations of a few parsecs. The AMR results confirm that the two black holes sink rapidly as a result of dynamical friction onto the gaseous background, reaching a separation of 1 pc in less than 10^7 yr. We show that the dynamical friction wake is well resolved by our model and we find good agreement with analytica...

  14. Effects of scutellarin on PKCγ in PC12 cell injury induced by oxygen and glucose deprivation

    Wei XU; Ruo-peng ZHA; Wen-yi WANG; Yi-ping WANG


    Aim: To evaluate the neuroprotective effect and mechanisms of scutellarin (Scu)against PC12 cell injury after oxygen and glucose deprivation followed by reperfusion (OGD-Rep). Methods: Undifferentiated rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells, exposed to oxygen and glucose deprivation followed by reperfusion (OGD-Rep), used as an in vitro model of ischemia/reperfusion. Cell survival was evalu-ated by diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay and the amount of LDH release was determined using assay kits. [Ca2+]1 was monitored using a fluorescent Ca2+-sensitive dye Fura-2 acetoxymethyl ester. Cell apoptosis was detected by a DNA ladder and by flow cytometric detection. The expression of protein kinase C (PKC)γ was determined using both RT-PCR and Western blotting. The translocation of PKCγ was assayed by subcellular fractionation and Western blotting.Results: OGD-Rep injury significantly elevated the level of LDH release, [Ca2+]1,mRNA expression and the translocation of PKCγ compared in the PC12 cells with those of the normal group. Scu (10-100 μmol/L) exerted a protective effect against OGD-Rep injury by reducing LDH release, [Ca2+]1, the percent of apoptosis, and the translocation of PKCγ. Conclusion: Scu inhibits the increase of [Ca2+]1 and the activation of PKCγ, exerting protective effects against PC12 cell injury induced by OGD-Rep.

  15. Artificial multiple criticality and phase equilibria: an investigation of the PC-SAFT approach.

    Yelash, Leonid; Müller, Marcus; Paul, Wolfgang; Binder, Kurt


    The perturbed-chain statistical associating fluid theory (PC-SAFT) is studied for a wide range of temperature, T, pressure, p, and (effective) chain length, m, to establish the generic phase diagram of polymers according to this theory. In addition to the expected gas-liquid coexistence, two additional phase separations are found, termed "gas-gas" equilibrium (at very low densities) and "liquid-liquid" equilibrium (at densities where the system is expected to be solid already). These phase separations imply that in one-component polymer systems three critical points occur, as well as equilibria of three fluid phases at triple points. However, Monte Carlo simulations of the corresponding system yield no trace of the gas-gas and liquid-liquid equilibria, and we conclude that the latter are just artefacts of the PC-SAFT approach. Using PC-SAFT to correlate data for polybutadiene melts, we suggest that discrepancies in modelling the polymer density at ambient temperature and high pressure can be related to the presumably artificial liquid-liquid phase separation at lower temperatures. Thus, particular care is needed in engineering applications of the PC-SAFT theory that aims at predicting properties of macromolecular materials.

  16. Involvement of stathmin 1 in the neurotrophic effects of PACAP in PC12 cells.

    Dejda, Agnieszka; Chan, Philippe; Seaborn, Tommy; Coquet, Laurent; Jouenne, Thierry; Fournier, Alain; Vaudry, Hubert; Vaudry, David


    Rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells have been widely used to investigate the neurotrophic activities of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP). In particular, PACAP has been shown to promote differentiation and to inhibit apoptosis of PC12 cells. In order to identify the mechanisms mediating these effects, we sought for proteins that are phosphorylated upon PACAP treatment. High-performance liquid chromatography and 2D gel electrophoresis analysis, coupled with mass spectrometry, revealed that stathmin 1 is strongly phosphorylated within only 5 min of exposure to PACAP. Western blot experiments confirmed that PACAP induced a robust phosphorylation of stathmin 1 in a time-dependent manner. On the other hand, PACAP decreased stathmin 1 gene expression. Investigations of the signaling mechanisms known to be activated by PACAP revealed that phosphorylation of stathmin 1 was mainly mediated through the protein kinase A and mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways. Blockage of stathmin 1 expression with small interfering RNA did not affect PC12 cell differentiation induced by PACAP but reduced the ability of the peptide to inhibit caspase 3 activity and significantly decreased its neuroprotective action. Taken together, these data demonstrate that stathmin 1 is involved in the neurotrophic effect of PACAP in PC12 cells.

  17. The Fossil Nuclear Outflow in the Central 30 pc of the Galactic Center

    Hsieh, Pei-Ying; Hwang, Chorng-Yuan; Shimajiri, Yoshito; Matsushita, Satoki; Koch, Patrick M; Iono, Daisuke


    We report a new 1-pc (30") resolution CS($J=2-1$) line map of the central 30 pc of the Galactic Center (GC), made with the Nobeyama 45m telescope. We revisit our previous study of the extraplanar feature called polar arc (PA), which is a molecular cloud located above SgrA* with a velocity gradient perpendicular to the Galactic plane. We find that the PA can be traced back to the Galactic disk. This provides clues of the launching point of the PA , roughly $6\\times10^{6}$ years ago. Implications of the dynamical time scale of the PA might be related to the Galactic Center Lobe (GCL) at parsec scale. Our results suggest that in the central 30 pc of the GC, the feedback from past explosions could alter the orbital path of the molecular gas down to the central tenth of parsec. In the follow-up work of our new CS($J=2-1$) map, we also find that near the systemic velocity, the molecular gas shows an extraplanar hourglass-shaped feature (HG-feature) with a size of $\\sim$13 pc. The latitude-velocity diagrams show tha...

  18. An ME-PC Enhanced HDMR Method for Efficient Statistical Analysis of Multiconductor Transmission Line Networks

    Yucel, Abdulkadir C.


    An efficient method for statistically characterizing multiconductor transmission line (MTL) networks subject to a large number of manufacturing uncertainties is presented. The proposed method achieves its efficiency by leveraging a high-dimensional model representation (HDMR) technique that approximates observables (quantities of interest in MTL networks, such as voltages/currents on mission-critical circuits) in terms of iteratively constructed component functions of only the most significant random variables (parameters that characterize the uncertainties in MTL networks, such as conductor locations and widths, and lumped element values). The efficiency of the proposed scheme is further increased using a multielement probabilistic collocation (ME-PC) method to compute the component functions of the HDMR. The ME-PC method makes use of generalized polynomial chaos (gPC) expansions to approximate the component functions, where the expansion coefficients are expressed in terms of integrals of the observable over the random domain. These integrals are numerically evaluated and the observable values at the quadrature/collocation points are computed using a fast deterministic simulator. The proposed method is capable of producing accurate statistical information pertinent to an observable that is rapidly varying across a high-dimensional random domain at a computational cost that is significantly lower than that of gPC or Monte Carlo methods. The applicability, efficiency, and accuracy of the method are demonstrated via statistical characterization of frequency-domain voltages in parallel wire, interconnect, and antenna corporate feed networks.

  19. Low temperature properties of organicinorganic Ag/p-CuPc/n-GaAs/Ag photoelectric sensor

    Kh.; S.; KARIMOV; I.; QAZI; T.; A.; KHAN; M.; I.; FEDOROV


    A thin organic film of p-type semiconducting copper phthalocynanine (CuPc) was deposited by vacuum evaporation on an n-type GaAs single-crystal semiconductor substrate. The fabricated Ag/p-CuPc/n-GaAs/Ag sensor was carried through an ageing process to stabilize the parameters. Voltage-current characteristics and photoelectrical response of the sensor were investigated at a wide temperature range of 82 to 350 K. Photoelectric characteristics were measured under non-modulated filament-lamp illumination. It was observed that such sensor parameters as rectification ratio,threshold voltage,junction,shunt and series resistances,open-circuit voltage and short circuit current are temperature-dependent. It was found that wide-range voltage-current characteristics of the sensor may be de-scribed similarly to that of a Schottky barrier diode. Using the experimental data on voltage-current characteristics and absorbance of the CuPc films,the energy-band diagram of the p-CuPc/n-GaAs heterojunction was developed. It was shown that data obtained from simulation of an equivalent circuit of photoelectric sensor agreed with experimental results.

  20. An effect of the ionospheric Alfvén resonator on multiband Pc1 pulsations

    K. Prikner


    Full Text Available On 2 December 1999, the magnetometer stations in northern Finland registered structured Pc1 activity simultaneously in three distinct frequency bands. Using simultaneous EISCAT radar measurements of the high-latitude ionosphere, we have studied the ionospheric resonator properties during this multiband Pc1 event. The frequencies of the three structured Pc1 bands were found to closely correspond to the second, third and fourth harmonic of the calculated fundamental frequency of the ionospheric Alfvén resonator (IAR. In addition, those frequencies of the three pearl bands that were closest to the exact IAR harmonics were found to have the strongest intensities. The results demonstrate that the resonator can have an important role on ground-based Pc1 activity over a notably large frequency range, favoring transmission of waves with frequencies close to the resonator's eigenfrequencies. Since the frequencies of all three bands correspond to the maximum rather than the minimum of the transmission coefficient, the traditional bouncing wave packet model needs to be revised.

    Key words. Ionosphere (auroral ionosphere; ionosphere magnetosphere interactions; wave propagation

  1. A Small One-Fiber WDM Optical Ethernet PC Card for FTTD

    Naoto Sugimoto; Seiji Fukushima; Yasuhiro Suzuki; Yoshihisa Sakai; Hiromasa Tanobe; Takeshi Kurosaki; Kazuto Noguchi; Kimio Oguchi; Hiromu Toba


    A new generation of network interface card for fiber-to-the-desktop has been fabricated. The fabricated card is PC-card size and suitable for notebook PCs. It could become the key element in the coming optical Ethernet age.

  2. Enhanced PC12 cells proliferation with self-assembled S-layer proteins scaffolds.

    Babolmorad, Ghazal; Emtiazi, Giti; Ghaedi, Kamran; Jodeiri, Mohamad


    Finding 3D biocompatible and biodegradable scaffold is important in tissue engineering which plays a critical role in transplanting methods. Several biomaterials, such as poly-L-lactide, poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid), poly(L-lactic acid)/poly(lactide-co-glycolide), alginate, collagen gel, and so on, have been applied as scaffold to culture cells in 3D environment. The most significant problem of the synthetic materials is lack of biocompatibility and bioactivity. Herein, self assemble S-layer proteins are used as a scaffold for PC12 cells culturing. For this purpose, S-layer protein was extracted from Bacillus coagulans HN68. Then, extracted S-layer was studied by SDS page and AFM. Using MTS test and Immunochemistry staining methods, the effect of self assembled S-layer scaffold on proliferation of PC12 cells was assayed. This study provides that S-layer could be an appropriate scaffold for PC12 cells culturing. Even though poly-L-ornithine is a common scaffold in PC12 cells culturing, the results show that (PLO)/S-layer is more protective.

  3. Realization of the D-15 Color Blindness Test System on PC

    Ogawa, Tsuyoshi; Meguro, Mitsuhiko; Taguchi, Akira

    Farnsworth D15 test is one of famous color blindness tests. The type of the color blindness and as well its severity can be known by this test. When we perform Farnsworth D15 test using a PC, we investigate the conditions (i.e., color temperature, gamma characteristic and luminance) for a monitor, experimentally.

  4. Research of TGF-beta1 Inducing Lung Adencarcinoma PC9 Cells to Mesenchymal Cells Transition

    Xiaofeng CHEN


    Full Text Available Background and objective It has been proven that epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT not only correlated with embryonic development but also could promote tumor invasion and metastasis. Transforming growth factor beta-1 (TGF-β1 has been identified as the main inducer of tumor EMT. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of TGF-β1 on EMT and PI3K/AKT signaling pathway in lung adencarcinoma PC9 cells. Methods Cultured PC9 cells were treated with different concentrations of TGF-β1 for 48 h. The morphological changes were observed under phase-contrast microscopy; EMT relative marker protein changes were assessed by Western blot and immunoflurescence staining. In addition, the expression of AKT and P-AKT were also measured by Western blot. Results The data showed that TGF-β1 could induce PC9 morphological alteration from epithelial to mesenchymal and upregulate the expression of mesenchymal maker protein Fibronectin. Obviously, the expression of P-AKT was downregulated by TGF-β1 treatment for 48 h. Conclusion TGF-β1 might induce EMT of PC9 cells , accompanied by the changes of PI3K/AKT signaling pathway.

  5. The possible statistical relation of Pc1 pulsations to Earthquake occurrence at low latitudes

    J. Bortnik


    Full Text Available We examine the association between earthquakes and Pc1 pulsations observed at a low-latitude station in Parkfield, California. The period under examination is ~7.5 years in total, from February 1999 to July 2006, and we use an automatic identification algorithm to extract information on Pc1 pulsations from the magnetometer data. These pulsations are then statistically correlated to earthquakes from the USGS NEIC catalog within a radius of 200 km around the magnetometer, and M>3.0. Results indicate that there is an enhanced occurrence probability of Pc1 pulsations ~5–15 days in advance of the earthquakes, during the daytime. We quantify the statistical significance and show that such an enhancement is unlikely to have occurred due to chance alone. We then examine the effect of declustering our earthquake catalog, and show that even though significance decreases, there is still a statistically significant daytime enhancement prior to the earthquakes. Finally, we select only daytime Pc1 pulsations as the fiducial time of our analysis, and show that earthquakes are ~3–5 times more likely to occur in the week following these pulsations, than normal. Comparing these results to other events, it is preliminarily shown that the normal earthquake probability is unaffected by geomagnetic activity, or a random event sequence.

  6. Influence of flavour absorption on oxygen permentation through LDPE, PP, PC and PET plastics food packaging

    Willige, van R.W.G.; Linssen, J.P.H.; Meinders, M.B.J.; Stege, van der H.J.; Voragen, A.G.J.


    The effect of flavour absorption on the oxygen permeability of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) was studied using an isostatic continuous flow system. Polymer samples were exposed to a model solution containing limonene,

  7. Tablet PC: A Preliminary Report on a Tool for Teaching Calculus

    Gorgievski, Nicholas; Stroud, Robert; Truxaw, Mary; DeFranco, Thomas


    This study examined students' perceptions of the Tablet PC as an instructional tool for teaching Calculus. A thirteen item survey was developed by the researchers and administered to 103 students in an introductory Calculus course at a large university in the Northeast of the United States. The purpose of this survey was to collect data regarding…

  8. Volt-Ampere Characteristics of Acupoint Neiguan (PC 6) on Patients with Hyperthyroidism

    魏建子; 沈雪勇; 毛慧娟; 王霆


    Objective:To observe volt-ampere characteristic of Acupoint Neiguan (PC 6) on patients with hyper-thyroidism for probing into the actions of acupoints and change of qi and blood of human body as well as the relationship between the action of acupoint and the metabolism of energy. Methods:A self-made high-sensitive apparatus was applied to detect volt-ampere curves of Acupoint Neiguan(PC 6)and its control point on 33 patients with hyperthyroidism and 30 healthy people.Results:In patients,the volt-ampere areas (VAA)of both ampere.Increasing scan(AIS)and ampere—decreasing Scan(ADS)as well as the inertia areas (IS) of both side Neiguan(PC 6)were significantly smaller than the control points(P0.05).Conclusion:The volt-ampere characteristics of the right and left Neiguan(PC 61 on patients with hyperthyroidism are in imbalance.Hyperthyroidism exerts certaininfluenceontheheartfunction.

  9. Crocin suppresses tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced cell death of neuronally differentiated PC-12 cells.

    Soeda, S; Ochiai, T; Paopong, L; Tanaka, H; Shoyama, Y; Shimeno, H


    Crocus sativus L. is used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat some disorders of the central nervous system. Crocin is an ethanol-extractable component of Crocus sativus L.; it is reported to prevent ethanol-induced impairment of learning and memory in mice. In this study, we demonstrate that crocin suppresses the effect of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha on neuronally differentiated PC-12 cells. PC-12 cells dead from exposure to TNF-alpha show apoptotic morphological changes and DNA fragmentation. These hallmark features of cell death did not appear in cells treated in the co-presence of 10 microM crocin. Moreover, crocin suppressed the TNF-alpha-induced expression of Bcl-Xs and LICE mRNAs and simultaneously restored the cytokine-induced reduction of Bcl-X(L) mRNA expression. The modulating effects of crocin on the expression of Bcl-2 family proteins led to a marked reduction of a TNF-alpha-induced release of cytochrome c from the mitochondria. Crocin also blocked the cytochrome c-induced activation of caspase-3. To learn how crocin exhibits these anti-apoptotic actions in PC-12 cells, we tested the effect of crocin on PC-12 cell death induced by daunorubicin. We found that crocin inhibited the effect of daunorubicin as well. Our findings suggest that crocin inhibits neuronal cell death induced by both internal and external apoptotic stimuli.

  10. Building a Better Biology Lab? Testing Tablet PC Technology in a Core Laboratory Course

    Pryor, Gregory; Bauer, Vernon


    Tablet PC technology can enliven the classroom environment because it is dynamic, interactive, and "organic," relative to the rigidity of chalkboards, whiteboards, overhead projectors, and PowerPoint presentations. Unlike traditional computers, tablet PCs employ "digital linking," allowing instructors and students to freehand annotate, clarify,…

  11. Adaptation of a Pocket PC for Use as a Wearable Voice Dosimeter

    Popolo, Peter S.; Svec, Jan G.; Titze, Ingo R.


    This article deals with the adaptation of a commercially available Pocket PC for use as a voice dosimeter, a wearable device that measures the vocal dose of teachers or other individuals on the job, at home, and elsewhere during the course of an entire day. An engineering approach for designing a voice dosimeter is described, and design data are…

  12. Hysteretic behavior of proprotein convertase 1/3 (PC1/3.

    Marcelo Y Icimoto

    Full Text Available The proprotein convertases (PCs are calcium-dependent proteases responsible for processing precursor proteins into their active forms in eukariotes. The PC1/3 is a pivotal enzyme of this family that participates in the proteolytic maturation of prohormones and neuropeptides inside the regulated secretory pathway. In this paper we demonstrate that mouse proprotein convertase 1/3 (mPC1/3 has a lag phase of activation by substrates that can be interpreted as a hysteretic behavior of the enzyme for their hydrolysis. This is an unprecedented observation in peptidases, but is frequent in regulatory enzymes with physiological relevance. The lag phase of mPC1/3 is dependent on substrate, calcium concentration and pH. This hysteretic behavior may have implications in the physiological processes in which PC1/3 participates and could be considered an additional control step in the peptide hormone maturation processes as for instance in the transformation of proinsulin to insulin.

  13. Enhancing 4D PC-MRI in an aortic phantom considering numerical simulations

    Kratzke, Jonas; Schoch, Nicolai; Weis, Christian; Müller-Eschner, Matthias; Speidel, Stefanie; Farag, Mina; Beller, Carsten J.; Heuveline, Vincent


    To date, cardiovascular surgery enables the treatment of a wide range of aortic pathologies. One of the current challenges in this field is given by the detection of high-risk patients for adverse aortic events, who should be treated electively. Reliable diagnostic parameters, which indicate the urge of treatment, have to be determined. Functional imaging by means of 4D phase contrast-magnetic resonance imaging (PC-MRI) enables the time-resolved measurement of blood flow velocity in 3D. Applied to aortic phantoms, three dimensional blood flow properties and their relation to adverse dynamics can be investigated in vitro. Emerging "in silico" methods of numerical simulation can supplement these measurements in computing additional information on crucial parameters. We propose a framework that complements 4D PC-MRI imaging by means of numerical simulation based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). The framework is developed on the basis of a prototypic aortic phantom and validated by 4D PC-MRI measurements of the phantom. Based on physical principles of biomechanics, the derived simulation depicts aortic blood flow properties and characteristics. The framework might help identifying factors that induce aortic pathologies such as aortic dilatation or aortic dissection. Alarming thresholds of parameters such as wall shear stress distribution can be evaluated. The combined techniques of 4D PC-MRI and numerical simulation can be used as complementary tools for risk-stratification of aortic pathology.

  14. Subcellular localization of WD40 repeat 1 protein in PC12 rat pheochromocytoma cells.

    Shin, Dong Hoon; Lee, Eunju; Chung, Yoon Hee; Mun, Ga Hee; Park, Ji yeong; Lomax, Margaret I; Oh, Seung Ha


    The dynamics of actin filament protein is crucial for various physiological processes of the cells. Among the proteins correlating with actin dynamics, a novel 67-kDa WD40 repeat protein 1 (WDR1) was the vertebrate homologue of actin-interacting protein 1 (Aip1). Even though previous studies have provided the clues on the function of WDR1 in specific organs under pathological conditions, the exact subcellular localization of WDR1 is not known. Therefore, in the present study, we undertook to determine the distribution of WDR1 within PC12 pheochromocytoma cells (PC12 cells) using light and electron microscopic techniques. Double immunocytochemistry clearly showed that WDR1 immunoreactivities (IRs) were co-localized with anti-actin antibody, suggesting the involvement of WDR1 in actin dynamics. WDR1 immunoreactivities (IRs) in PC12 cells showed different distribution patterns as nerve growth factor (NGF) concentrations varied. During active proliferation, the distribution of WDR1 IRs seemed to be similar to those found in cortical actin patches, whereas WDR1 IR was observed in cytoplasmic actin cables after PC12 cells were induced to differentiate by treating with NGF. Though further studies are necessary to determine the function of WDR1, the current data represents a first step towards the in vitro study of WDR1 protein.

  15. Arachidonic acid release from PC12 pheochromocytoma cells is regulated by I1-imidazoline receptors.

    Ernsberger, P


    Rat PC 12 pheochromocytoma cells lack alpha2-adrenergic receptors but express plasma membrane I1-imidazoline receptors. In response to the I1-agonist moxonidine, diglycerides are generated via phosphatidylcholine-selective phospholipase C, and prostaglandin E2 is released. This report characterizes I-receptor-mediated release of arachidonic acid, the precursor to the prostaglandins. PC12 cells were incubated with [3H]arachidonic acid for 24 h and superfused with 0.01% bovine serum albumin in Krebs' physiological buffer at 1 ml/min. Calcium ionophore increased arachidonic acid release only marginally, implying that in PC12 cells arachidonic acid release is not driven by calcium. The I1-agonist moxonidine at concentrations between 10 nM and 1.0 microM rapidly elicited up to two-fold increases in [3H]arachidonic acid release. Guanabenz, a potent alpha2-agonist and I2-ligand, had no effect. The selective I1-antagonist efaroxan blocked the action of moxonidine. The phospholipase A2 inhibitor aristolochic acid had no effect, suggesting that arachidonic acid release may be through an indirect pathway, possibly involving diglycerides. Thus, I1-imidazoline receptors in PC12 cells are coupled to arachidonic acid release through an as yet unknown pathway.

  16. SPP: Student Problem Package on the IBM-PC. User's Guide, Version 1.0.

    Harnisch, Delwyn L.; Romy, Neil

    This is a user's guide to the Student-Problem Package (SPP), a software package for the IBM-PC that provides three sub-programs for analyzing item response patterns. These analyses are based on student-problem (S-P) curve theory. The SPP User's Guide provides: (1) a brief introduction to response pattern analysis; (2) an overview of the…

  17. Distributed pC++ Basic Ideas for an Object Parallel Language

    François Bodin


    Full Text Available pC++ is an object-parallel extension to the C++ programming language. This paper describes the current language definition and illustrates the programming style. Exampies of parallel linear algebra operations are presented and a fast Poisson solver is described in complete detail.

  18. Effects of epigallocatechin gallate on ultra-violet-induced cell death in PC12 cells

    Takahashi, Hideo; Seki, Sakiko; Sakamoto, Naotaka; Nakagawa, Shigeki [Nihon Univ., Tokyo (Japan). School of Medicine


    We examined the effects of catechin on ultra-violet-induced cell death in PC12 cells. PC12 cells were irradiated by ultra-violet C (254 nm) (UVC). We found that the lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activities in culture media and lipid peroxide in PC12 cells, which indicate cell death and cell membrane damage, respectively, were increased by UVC irradiation in a time-dependent manner. Cell death was gradually stimulated for 9 hours of cultivation after a UVC irradiation period of 10 or 30 min. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is one of the main catechins found in green tea, suppressed the increase in LDH activity in culture medium and also inhibited the formation of lipid peroxide. I{kappa}B, a member of the cell death signaling system, was phosphorylated at 1 hour after 10 min of UVC irradiation. Stimulation of phosphorylation of I{kappa}B by UVC was suppressed by the addition of EGCG. We concluded that EGCG protects the PC12 cell from cell damage caused by UVC irradiation. (author)

  19. Characterization of tensile and shear loading on indented PC-strand cable bolts

    Tadolini Stephen C.; ⇑; Derycke Steven; Bhagwat Anand


    The tensile and shear strength of intrinsic bolting support systems has always been a major concern of designers. A comprehensive laboratory testing program was designed to evaluate the tensile and shear strength of individual wires and completely wound PC-strand cables. PC-strand cables with smooth wires and the recent anchorage enhancement innovation of indentation were evaluated and compared. The testing protocol detailed in ISO Standard 15630 utilizes a mandrel system that was investigated at 3 different diameters which alters the wire to mandrel ratio from 2:1 to 9:1. The results demonstrate that the difference between smooth and indented wires is statistically insignificant when larger diameter mandrels are used, and that indentation does not adversely affect strand properties and performance. Insight into the shearing mechanism and evaluation techniques are discussed with the introduction of triaxial loading to describe the PC-strand tensile and shearing mechanisms. Another important result indicates that the shear strength of PC-strand cable bolting systems has a greater shear strength value than traditional steel bar bolting systems.

  20. PcMtr, an aromatic and neutral aliphatic amino acid permease of Penicillium chrysogenum

    Trip, H; Evers, ME; Driessen, AJM


    The gene encoding an aromatic and neutral aliphatic amino acid permease of Penicillium chrysogenum was cloned, functionally expressed and characterized in Saccharomyces cerevisiae M4276. The permease, designated PcMtr, is structurally and functionally homologous to Mtr of Neurospora crassa, and unre

  1. Toluene-induced, Ca2+-dependent vesicular catecholamine release in rat PC12 cells

    Westerink, R.H.S.; Vijverberg, H.P.M.


    Acute effects of toluene on vesicular catecholamine release from intact PC12 phaeochromocytoma cells have been investigated using carbon fiber microelectrode amperometry. The frequency of vesicles released is low under basal conditions and is enhanced by depolarization. Toluene causes an increase in

  2. Curcumin Protects β-Lactoglobulin Fibril Formation and Fibril-Induced Neurotoxicity in PC12 Cells.

    Mansooreh Mazaheri

    Full Text Available In this study the β-lactoglobulin fibrillation, in the presence or absence of lead ions, aflatoxin M1 and curcumin, was evaluated using ThT fluorescence, Circular dichroism spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy. To investigate the toxicity of the different form of β-Lg fibrils, in the presence or absence of above toxins and curcumin, we monitored changes in the level of reactive oxygen species and morphology of the differentiated neuron-like PC12 cells. The cell viability, cell body area, average neurite length, neurite width, number of primary neurites, percent of bipolar cells and node/primary neurite ratios were used to assess the growth and complexity of PC12 cells exposed to different form of β-Lg fibrils. Incubation of β-Lg with curcumin resulted in a significant decrease in ROS levels even in the presence of lead ions and aflatoxin M1. The β-Lg fibrils formed in the presence of lead ions and aflatoxin M1 attenuated the growth and complexity of PC12 cells compared with other form of β-Lg fibrils. However, the adverse effects of these toxins and protein fibrils were negated in the presence of curcumin. Furthermore, the antioxidant and inhibitory effects of curcumin protected PC12 cells against fibril neurotoxicity and enhanced their survival. Thus, curcumin may provide a protective effect toward β-Lg, and perhaps other protein, fibrils mediated neurotoxicity.

  3. Self-Admitted Pretensions of Mac Users on a Predominantly PC University Campus

    Firmin, Michael W.; Wood, Whitney L. Muhlenkamp; Firmin, Ruth L.; Wood, Jordan C.


    The present qualitative research study addressed the overall research question of college students' pretention dynamics in the context of a university setting. Thirty-five Mac users were interviewed on a university campus that exclusively supports PC machines. Mac users shared four self-admitted pretensions related to using Macintosh computers.…

  4. Cyclic AMP activates the mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade in PC12 cells

    Frödin, M; Peraldi, P; Van Obberghen, E


    reported. In rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells, we demonstrate here a stimulation of the MAP kinase isozyme extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1 (ERK1) following elevation of intracellular cAMP after exposure of the cells to isobutylmethylxanthine, cholera toxin, forskolin, or cAMP-analogues. cAMP acted...


    ABSTRACTPotential Mechanisms Responsible for Chlorotriazine-induced Changes in Catecholamine Metabolism in Pheochromocytoma (PC12) Cells*PARIKSHIT C. DAS1, WILLIAM K. McELROY2 , AND RALPH L. COOPER2+ 1Curriculum in Toxicology, University of North Carolina, Chape...

  6. Cytotoxic, Genotoxic, and Neurotoxic Effects of Mg, Pb, and Fe on Pheochromocytoma (PC-12) Cells

    Sanders, Talia; Liu, Yi-Ming; Tchounwou, Paul B.


    Metals such as lead (Pb), magnesium (Mg), and iron (Fe) are ubiquitous in the environment as a result of natural occurrence and anthropogenic activities. Although Mg, Fe and others are considered essential elements, high level of exposure has been associated with severe adverse health effects including cardiovascular, hematological, nephrotoxic, hepatotoxic, and neurologic abnormalities in humans. In the present study we hypothesized that Mg, Pb, and Fe are cytotoxic, genotoxic and neurotoxic, and their toxicity is mediated through oxidative stress and alteration in protein expression. To test the hypothesis, we used the pheochromocytoma (PC-12) cell line as a neuro cell model and performed the LDH assay for cell viability, Comet assay for DNA damage, Western blot for oxidative stress, and HPLC-MS to assess the concentration levels of neurological biomarkers such as glutamate, dopamine (DA), and 3-methoxytyramine (3-MT). The results of this study clearly show that Mg, Pb, and Fe, respectively in the form of MgSO4, Pb(NO3)2, FeCl2, and FeCl3 induce cytotoxicity, oxidative stress, and genotoxicity in PC-12 cells. In addition, exposure to these metallic compounds caused significant changes in the concentration levels of glutamate, dopamine, and 3-MT in PC-12 cells. Taken together the findings suggest that MgSO4, Pb(NO3)2, FeCl2, and FeCl3 have the potential to induce substantial toxicity to PC-12 cells. PMID:24942330

  7. Enforcing positivity in intrusive PC-UQ methods for reactive ODE systems

    Najm, Habib N.; Valorani, Mauro


    We explore the relation between the development of a non-negligible probability of negative states and the instability of numerical integration of the intrusive Galerkin ordinary differential equation system describing uncertain chemical ignition. To prevent this instability without resorting to either multi-element local polynomial chaos (PC) methods or increasing the order of the PC representation in time, we propose a procedure aimed at modifying the amplitude of the PC modes to bring the probability of negative state values below a user-defined threshold. This modification can be effectively described as a filtering procedure of the spectral PC coefficients, which is applied on-the-fly during the numerical integration when the current value of the probability of negative states exceeds the prescribed threshold. We demonstrate the filtering procedure using a simple model of an ignition process in a batch reactor. This is carried out by comparing different observables and error measures as obtained by non-intrusive Monte Carlo and Gauss-quadrature integration and the filtered intrusive procedure. The filtering procedure has been shown to effectively stabilize divergent intrusive solutions, and also to improve the accuracy of stable intrusive solutions which are close to the stability limits.

  8. Effects of microstructure on crack tip fields and fracture toughness in PC/ABS polymer blends

    Seelig, Thomas; Van der Giessen, Erik


    Numerical simulations are performed in order to gain a better understanding of the effects of various microstructural features and toughening mechanisms in amorphous PC/ABS polymer blends. Crack tip loading under global small-scale yielding conditions is considered with the blend microstructure expl

  9. Toluene-induced, Ca2+-dependent vesicular catecholamine release in rat PC12 cells

    Westerink, R.H.S.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/239425952; Vijverberg, H.P.M.


    Acute effects of toluene on vesicular catecholamine release from intact PC12 phaeochromocytoma cells have been investigated using carbon fiber microelectrode amperometry. The frequency of vesicles released is low under basal conditions and is enhanced by depolarization. Toluene causes an increase in

  10. Protective effects of red wine flavonols on 4-hydroxynonenal-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells.

    Jang, Young Jin; Kang, Nam Joo; Lee, Ki Won; Lee, Hyong Joo


    There is accumulating evidence that a moderate consumption of red wine has health benefits, such as the inhibition of neurodegenerative diseases. Although this is generally attributed to resveratrol, the protective mechanisms and the active substance(s) remain unclear. We examined whether and how red wine extract (RWE) and red wine flavonols quercetin and myricetin inhibited 4-hydroxynonenal (HNE)-induced apoptosis of rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells. RWE attenuated HNE-induced PC12 cell death in a dose-dependent manner. HNE induced cleavage of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase, which is involved in DNA repair in the nucleus, and this was inhibited by RWE treatment. Treatment with RWE also inhibited HNE-induced nuclear condensation in PC12 cells. Data of 2',7'-dichlorofluorescin diacetate showed that RWE protected against apoptosis of PC12 cells by attenuating intracellular reactive oxygen species. The cytoprotective effects on HNE-induced cell death were stronger for quercetin and myricetin than for resveratrol. HNE-induced nuclear condensation was attenuated by quercetin and myricetin. These results suggest that the neuroprotective potential of red wine is attributable to flavonols rather than to resveratrol.

  11. Technique development of PC104 embedded module and its application in the geophysical instrument design

    滕云田; 张炼; 王彦; 刘晓芹; 马延妮


    The mainstream embedded resolutions widely adopted in the geophysical observation device are discussed in this paper. The advantages and its applicability of the PC104 embedded module are demonstrated through its performance description, technique development and its applications in the design of the fluxgate magnetometer, the movable seismograph and the GPS steering device.

  12. Activation of p90 Rsk1 is sufficient for differentiation of PC12 cells

    Silverman, Eran; Frödin, Morten; Gammeltoft, Steen;


    We investigated the role of Rsk proteins in the nerve growth factor (NGF) signaling pathway in PC12 cells. When rat Rsk1 or murine Rsk2 proteins were transiently expressed, NGF treatment (100 ng/ml for 3 days) caused three- and fivefold increases in Rsk1 and Rsk2 activities, respectively. Increas...

  13. Self-Admitted Pretensions of Mac Users on a Predominantly PC University Campus

    Firmin, Michael W.; Wood, Whitney L. Muhlenkamp; Firmin, Ruth L.; Wood, Jordan C.


    The present qualitative research study addressed the overall research question of college students' pretention dynamics in the context of a university setting. Thirty-five Mac users were interviewed on a university campus that exclusively supports PC machines. Mac users shared four self-admitted pretensions related to using Macintosh computers.…

  14. Magnetism of TbPc2 SMMs on ferromagnetic electrodes used in organic spintronics.

    Malavolti, L; Poggini, L; Margheriti, L; Chiappe, D; Graziosi, P; Cortigiani, B; Lanzilotto, V; Buatier de Mongeot, F; Ohresser, P; Otero, E; Choueikani, F; Sainctavit, Ph; Bergenti, I; Dediu, V A; Mannini, M; Sessoli, R


    Structural features and magnetic behaviour of TbPc2 thin films sublimated on LSMO and on cobalt surfaces have been investigated by synchrotron-based XNLD and XMCD techniques. Different orientation of the molecules is observed for the two substrates. No significant magnetic interaction with the ferromagnetic substrates is detected.

  15. Efficacy of Low-Cost PC-Based Aviation Training Devices

    Reweti, Savern; Gilbey, Andrew; Jeffrey, Lynn


    Aim/Purpose: The aim of this study was to explore whether a full cost flight training device (FTD) was significantly better for simulator training than a low cost PC-Based Aviation Training Device (PCATD). Background: A quasi-transfer study was undertaken to ascertain whether a Civil Aviation Authority certified Flight Training Device (FTD) was…

  16. Activation of muscarinic receptors inhibits glutamate-induced GSK-3β overactivation in PC12 cells

    Ke MA; Li-min YANG; Hong-zhuan CHEN; Yang LU


    Aim:To investigate the actions of the muscarinic agonist carbachol on glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in PC12 cells,and the underlying mechanisms.Methods:PC12 cells were treated with different concentrations of glutamate for 24 or 48 h.The cell viability was measured using MTT assay,and the expression and activation of GSK-3β were detected with Western blot.β-Catenin translocation was detected using immunofluorescence.Luciferase reporter assay and real-time PCR were used to analyze the transcriptional activity of β-catenin.Results:Glutamate (1,3,and 10 mmol/L) induced PC12 cell death in a dose-dependent manner.Moreover,treatment of the cells with glutamate (1 mmol/L) caused significant overactivation of GSK-3β and prevented β-catenin translocation to the nucleus.Pretreatment with carbachol (0.01 μmol/L) blocked glutamate-induced cell death and GSK-3β overactivation,and markedly enhanced β-catenin transcriptional activity.Conclusion:Activation of muscarinic receptors exerts neuroprotection in PC12 cells by attenuating glutamate-induced GSK-3β overactivation,suggesting potential benefits of muscarinic agonists for Alzheimer's disease.

  17. Betulinic Acid Induces Apoptosis in Differentiated PC12 Cells Via ROS-Mediated Mitochondrial Pathway.

    Wang, Xi; Lu, Xiaocheng; Zhu, Ronglan; Zhang, Kaixin; Li, Shuai; Chen, Zhongjun; Li, Lixin


    Betulinic acid (BA), a pentacyclic triterpene of natural origin, has been demonstrated to have varied biologic activities including anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-malarial effects; it has also been found to induce apoptosis in many types of cancer. However, little is known about the effect of BA on normal cells. In this study, the effects of BA on normal neuronal cell apoptosis and the mechanisms involved were studied using differentiated PC12 cells as a model. Treatment with 50 μM BA for 24 h apparently induced PC12 cell apoptosis. In the early stage of apoptosis, the level of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) increased. Afterwards, the loss of the mitochondrial membrane potential, the release of cytochrome c and the activation of caspase-3 occurred. Treatment with antioxidants could significantly reduce BA-induced PC12 cell apoptosis. In conclusion, we report for the first time that BA induced the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway in differentiated PC12 cells through ROS.

  18. An Index (PC) Aimed at Monitoring the (P)olar (C)ap for Magnetic Activity

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — PC is an index for magnetic activity in the (P)olar (C)ap. It is based on data from a single nearpole station, and aimed to monitor the polar cap magnetic activity...

  19. Creating a portable data-collection system with Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools for the Pocket PC.

    Dixon, Mark R


    This paper describes an overview and illustrative example for creating a portable data-collection system using Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools for the Pocket PC. A description of the Visual Basic programming language is given, along with examples of computer code procedures for developing data-collection software. Program specifications, strategies for customizing the collection system, and troubleshooting tips are also provided.

  20. Parallel Supercomputing PC Cluster and Some Physical Results in Lattice QCD

    LUOXiang-Qian; MEIZhong-Hao; EricB.Gregory; YANGJie-Chao; WANGYu-Li; LINYin


    We describe the construction of a high performance parallel computer composed of PC components, present some physical results for light hadron and hybrid meson masses from lattice QCD. We also show that the smearing technique is very useful for improving the spectrum calculations.