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  1. Collis-Romberg Mathematical Problem Solving Profiles. (United States)

    Collis, K. F.; Romberg, T. A.

    Problem solving has become a focus of mathematics programs in Australia in recent years, necessitating the assessment of students' problem-solving abilities. This manual provides a problem-solving assessment and teaching resource package containing four elements: (1) profiles assessment items; (2) profiles diagnostic forms for recording individual…

  2. Data Profiling


    Hladíková, Radka


    Title: Data Profiling Author: Radka Hladíková Department: Department of Software Engineering Supervisor: Ing. Vladimír Kyjonka Supervisor's e-mail address: Abstract: This thesis puts mind on problems with data quality and data profiling. This Work analyses and summarizes problems of data quality, data defects, process of data quality, data quality assessment and data profiling. The main topic is data profiling as a process of researching data available in existing...

  3. Kongerigets glemte Inge

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lystbæk Vestergård, Gunver; Lund Jacobsen, A. Lif


    Danske Inge Lehmann opdagede Jordens indre kerne i 1936, men det fik hun ikke meget kredit for i sit eget land. Først da hun tog til USA, kom hæderen. De amerikanske venner husker hende som en svimlende dygtig men sky forsker....

  4. Model(ing) Law

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carlson, Kerstin

    The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was the first and most celebrated of a wave of international criminal tribunals (ICTs) built in the 1990s designed to advance liberalism through international criminal law. Model(ing) Justice examines the case law of the ICTY...

  5. RegulatING chromatin regulators

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Satpathy, Shankha; Nabbi, Arash; Riabowol, Karl


    The five human ING genes encode at least 15 splicing isoforms, most of which affect cell growth, differentiation and apoptosis through their ability to alter gene expression by epigenetic mechanisms. Since their discovery in 1996, ING proteins have been classified as type II tumour suppressors...... on the basis of reports describing their down-regulation and mislocalization in a variety of cancer types. In addition to their regulation by transcriptional mechanisms, understanding the range of PTMs (post-translational modifications) of INGs is important in understanding how ING functions are fine...

  6. Grow-ING, Age-ING and Die-ING: ING proteins link cancer, senescence and apoptosis. (United States)

    Russell, Michael; Berardi, Philip; Gong, Wei; Riabowol, Karl


    The INhibitor of Growth (ING) family of plant homeodomain (PHD) proteins induce apoptosis and regulate gene expression through stress-inducible binding of phospholipids with subsequent nuclear and nucleolar localization. Relocalization occurs concomitantly with interaction with a subset of nuclear proteins, including PCNA, p53 and several regulators of acetylation such as the p300/CBP and PCAF histone acetyltransferases (HATs), as well as the histone deacetylases HDAC1 and hSir2. These interactions alter the localized state of chromatin compaction, subsequently affecting the expression of subsets of genes, including those associated with the stress response (Hsp70), apoptosis (Bax, MDM2) and cell cycle regulation (p21WAF1, cyclin B) in a cell- and tissue-specific manner. The expression levels and subcellular localization of ING proteins are altered in a significant number of human cancer types, while the expression of ING isoforms changes during cellular aging, suggesting that ING proteins may play a role in linking cellular transformation and replicative senescence. The variety of functions attributed to ING proteins suggest that this tumor suppressor serves to link the disparate processes of cell cycle regulation, cell suicide and cellular aging through epigenetic regulation of gene expression. This review examines recent findings in the ING field with a focus on the functions of protein-protein interactions involving ING family members and the mechanisms by which these interactions facilitate the various roles that ING proteins play in tumorigenesis, apoptosis and senescence.

  7. Meme-ing Electoral Participation

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Heiskanen, Benita


    ....” During the election year, meme-ing related to the major candidates became hugely popular and engaged various groups of people who were not ordinarily involved in bipartisan political processes...

  8. Elusloom lennukiga puhkusele / Inge Parring

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Parring, Inge


    Ilmunud ka: Delovõje Vedomosti 1. okt. lk. 13. Air Cargo Estonia/ACE Logisticsi müügijuht Inge Parring tutvustab elusloomade transpordivõimalusi. Vt. samas: Loomade transportimiseks vajalikud dokumendid

  9. 78 FR 39023 - ING Investments, LLC, et al.; (United States)


    ... COMMISSION ING Investments, LLC, et al.; Notice of Application June 24, 2013. AGENCY: Securities and Exchange..., 2002) (notice) and 25592 (May 24, 2002) (order). Applicants: ING Balanced Portfolio, Inc., ING Equity Trust, ING Funds Trust, ING Intermediate Bond Portfolio, ING Investors Trust, ING Mayflower Trust, ING...

  10. A Deep Penetration Problem Calculation Using AETIUS:An Easy Modeling Discrete Ordinates Ṯransport Code UsIng Unstructured Tetrahedral Mesh, Shared Memory Parallel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    KIM Jong Woon


    In this paper, we describe a brief overview of AETIUS and provide numerical results from both AETIUS and a Monte Carlo code, MCNP5, in a deep penetration problem with small detection volumes. The results demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of AETIUS for such calculations.

  11. A Deep Penetration Problem Calculation Using AETIUS:An Easy Modeling Discrete Ordinates Transport Code UsIng Unstructured Tetrahedral Mesh, Shared Memory Parallel (United States)

    KIM, Jong Woon; LEE, Young-Ouk


    As computing power gets better and better, computer codes that use a deterministic method seem to be less useful than those using the Monte Carlo method. In addition, users do not like to think about space, angles, and energy discretization for deterministic codes. However, a deterministic method is still powerful in that we can obtain a solution of the flux throughout the problem, particularly as when particles can barely penetrate, such as in a deep penetration problem with small detection volumes. Recently, a new state-of-the-art discrete-ordinates code, ATTILA, was developed and has been widely used in several applications. ATTILA provides the capabilities to solve geometrically complex 3-D transport problems by using an unstructured tetrahedral mesh. Since 2009, we have been developing our own code by benchmarking ATTILA. AETIUS is a discrete ordinates code that uses an unstructured tetrahedral mesh such as ATTILA. For pre- and post- processing, Gmsh is used to generate an unstructured tetrahedral mesh by importing a CAD file (*.step) and visualizing the calculation results of AETIUS. Using a CAD tool, the geometry can be modeled very easily. In this paper, we describe a brief overview of AETIUS and provide numerical results from both AETIUS and a Monte Carlo code, MCNP5, in a deep penetration problem with small detection volumes. The results demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of AETIUS for such calculations.

  12. Descending necrotis ing mediastinitis

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ma, dental problems, sore throat, forceful vomiting or retching or any previous serious illness that needed ... showed no trismus, no sign of dental caries or any other infection. Ear, nose and throat examination showed no ... A provisional diagnosis of cel— lulitis was made. The patient was put ampicillin, cloxacillin, Flagyl and ...

  13. Methodological problems in pressure profile calculations for lipid bilayers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sonne, Jacob; Hansen, Flemming Yssing; Peters, Günther H.J.


    From molecular dynamics simulations of a dipalmitoyl-phosphatidyl-choline (DPPC) lipid bilayer in the liquid crystalline phase, pressure profiles through the bilayer are calculated by different methods. These profiles allow us to address two central and unresolved problems in pressure profile...... calculations: The first problem is that the pressure profile is not uniquely defined since the expression for the local pressure involves an arbitrary choice of an integration contour. We have investigated two different choices leading to the Irving-Kirkwood (IK) and Harasima (H) expressions for the local...... pressure tensor. For these choices we find that the pressure profile is almost independent of the contour used, which indicates that the local pressure is well defined for a DPPC bilayer in the liquid crystalline phase. This may not be the case for other systems and we therefore suggest that both the IK...

  14. ING status report July 1967

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Church, T.G


    Evolution of ING from initial concept to advanced systems and the interplay between participating disciplines are illustrated in Fig. 1.2. Anticipated requirements for intense continuous fluxes of thermal neutrons set the initial goal and dictated the scale and other guidelines of the system including the desired completion date. While neutron applications were given prime consideration in conceptual planning, much wider fields of research, both pure and applied, would benefit from the facility now being studied. (author)

  15. Socioeconomic profile of diabetic patients with and without foot problems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aziz Nather


    Full Text Available Introduction: To identify the differences in a socioeconomic profile between two cohorts of diabetic patients – one with diabetic foot problems and another without diabetic foot problems. Materials and methods: The cohort with diabetic foot problems (including cellulitis, abscess, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, gangrene, ulcers, or Charcot joint disease consisted of 122 diabetic patients, while the other cohort without foot problems consisted of 112 diabetic patients. Both were seen at the National University Hospital from January to April 2007. A detailed protocol was designed and the factors studied included patient profile, average monthly household income, education, compliance to diabetic medication, attendance at clinics for diabetic treatment, exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, gender, and glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1C level. These were studied for significant differences using univariate and stepwise multivariate logistic regression analysis. Results: With multivariate analysis, Malay ethnicity (p<0.001, education of up to secondary school only (p=0.021, low average monthly household income of less than SGD $2,000 (p=0.030, lack of exercise (at least once a week, p=0.04, and elevated HbA1C level (>7.0%; p=0.015 were found to be significantly higher in the cohort with diabetic foot problems than the cohort without. Conclusions: There are significant differences in the socioeconomic factors between diabetic patients with diabetic foot problems and those without.

  16. RegulatING chromatin regulators: post-translational modification of the ING family of epigenetic regulators. (United States)

    Satpathy, Shankha; Nabbi, Arash; Riabowol, Karl


    The five human ING genes encode at least 15 splicing isoforms, most of which affect cell growth, differentiation and apoptosis through their ability to alter gene expression by epigenetic mechanisms. Since their discovery in 1996, ING proteins have been classified as type II tumour suppressors on the basis of reports describing their down-regulation and mislocalization in a variety of cancer types. In addition to their regulation by transcriptional mechanisms, understanding the range of PTMs (post-translational modifications) of INGs is important in understanding how ING functions are fine-tuned in the physiological setting and how they add to the repertoire of activities affected by the INGs. In the present paper we review the different PTMs that have been reported to occur on INGs. We discuss the PTMs that modulate ING function under normal conditions and in response to a variety of stresses. We also describe the ING PTMs that have been identified by several unbiased MS-based PTM enrichment techniques and subsequent proteomic analysis. Among the ING PTMs identified to date, a subset has been characterized for their biological significance and have been shown to affect processes including subcellular localization, interaction with enzymatic complexes and ING protein half-life. The present review aims to highlight the emerging role of PTMs in regulating ING function and to suggest additional pathways and functions where PTMs may effect ING function.

  17. The ING tumor suppressors in cellular senescence and chromatin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ludwig Susann


    Full Text Available Abstract The Inhibitor of Growth (ING proteins represent a type II tumor suppressor family comprising five conserved genes, ING1 to ING5. While ING1, ING2 and ING3 proteins are stable components of the mSIN3a-HDAC complexes, the association of ING1, ING4 and ING5 with HAT protein complexes was also reported. Among these the ING1 and ING2 have been analyzed more deeply. Similar to other tumor suppressor factors the ING proteins are also involved in many cellular pathways linked to cancer and cell proliferation such as cell cycle regulation, cellular senescence, DNA repair, apoptosis, inhibition of angiogenesis and modulation of chromatin. A common structural feature of ING factors is the conserved plant homeodomain (PHD, which can bind directly to the histone mark trimethylated lysine of histone H3 (H3K4me3. PHD mutants lose the ability to undergo cellular senescence linking chromatin mark recognition with cellular senescence. ING1 and ING2 are localized in the cell nucleus and associated with chromatin modifying enzymes, linking tumor suppression directly to chromatin regulation. In line with this, the expression of ING1 in tumors is aberrant or identified point mutations are mostly localized in the PHD finger and affect histone binding. Interestingly, ING1 protein levels increase in replicative senescent cells, latter representing an efficient pathway to inhibit cancer proliferation. In association with this, suppression of p33ING1 expression prolongs replicative life span and is also sufficient to bypass oncogene-induced senescence. Recent analyses of ING1- and ING2-deficient mice confirm a tumor suppressive role of ING1 and ING2 and also indicate an essential role of ING2 in meiosis. Here we summarize the activity of ING1 and ING2 as tumor suppressors, chromatin factors and in development.

  18. ING4 Loss in Prostate Cancer Progression (United States)


    mice Months 6-12 Subtask 6d: Monitoring and analysis of tumor development Months 13-24* 6 Subtask 6e: Assessment of tumor pathology and IHC...and 3Laboratory of Analytical Pathology ; and 4Van Andel Institute Graduate School, Grand Rapids; 5Genetics Graduate Pro- gram, Michigan State...ING4 was shown to block Myc-induced anchorage-independence and mammary hyperplasia in a mouse model of breast cancer, suggesting ING4 may function to

  19. Multiple ING1 and ING2 genes in Xenopus laevis and evidence for differential association of thyroid hormone receptors and ING proteins to their promoters. (United States)

    Wagner, Mary J; Helbing, Caren C


    ING (INhibitor of Growth) tumor suppressor proteins are epigenetic factors involved in numerous cellular processes including apoptosis in species ranging from yeast to humans. We recently isolated ING1 and ING2 transcript variants in Xenopus laevis and showed that these transcripts were differentially regulated by thyroid hormone (TH) during postembryonic development. However, no information exists regarding ING gene structure and how it relates to these differential responses to TH. To further investigate the regulation of ING genes by TH, we isolated ING1 and ING2 gene sequences and demonstrated that there are at least duplicate genes for each. The relationship between transcript variants and their responsiveness to TH were examined through promoter sequence and chromatin immunoprecipitation analyses on tail homogenates. Both TH receptors (TRs) differentially associated with ING1 and ING2 promoter regions with increased recruitment in the presence of TH. This occurred irrespective of gene transcript level response to this hormone. However, differential recruitment of RNA polymerase II corresponded well to transcript levels. ING proteins consistently associated with their own gene promoters except in the region generating the TH-inducible xING1b5 transcript. In this case, a substantial recruitment of TRbeta in the absence ING proteins occurred. These data establish the TH-dependent recruitment of transcription factors to ING promoter regions and suggest that differential TR recruitment in response to TH may not be a sufficient indicator for modulating the expression of ING in the tail.

  20. Immediate relation of ING to fast breeder reactor programs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lewis, W.B


    The future large-scale use of nuclear energy is linked in the United States and other major countries to their fast breeder reactor development. Very serious basic problems have been discovered within the last two years, limiting the life in the high fast neutron flux at appropriate temperatures of materials, in particular of metals suitable for fuel cladding in sodium coolant. There is therefore a most urgent need for materials testing facilities under controlled conditions of temperature and neutron flux at sufficiently high ratings to match or surpass those required in commercially competitive fast breeder reactors. None of the test facilities yet planned for 1976 or sooner in the western world appears to match these conditions. The problem is mainly the difficulty of providing the high neutron flux effectively continuously. The spallation reaction in heavy elements was chosen as the basis of ING - the intense neutron generator, because it is the only known reaction that promises a fast neutron source density that is higher than can be controlled from the fission process. It is suggested that several countries will wish to consider urgently whether they should also explore the spallation reaction for the purpose of a fast neutron irradiation test facility. In view of the discontinuance of the ING project in Canada a favourable opportunity will exist over the next few months 10 obtain from Canada by direct personal contact details of the significant study that has been carried on for ING over the last five years. In the event that satisfactory materials are established within the lifetime of the spallation facilities they may continue to be used for the production of selected isotopes more profitably produced in high neutron fluxes. The facilities may be also used for the desirable preirradiation of thorium reactor fuel. The other research purposes planned for ING could also be served. (author)

  1. Analysis list: ING5 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available ING5 Digestive tract + hg19

  2. Analysis list: ING2 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available ING2 Digestive tract + hg19

  3. [Age(ing), ambivalence and mimicry]. (United States)

    Küpper, Thomas


    This essay aims to show that the concept of ambivalence could prove especially productive for gerontology. It is known that age(ing) is a category that is characterized by difference and at the same time delineates a process. Ambivalence is eminently suitable for capturing this duality as it enables us to take into account the dynamics peculiar to age(ing) and move beyond those conventional rigid distinctions which fail to grasp key nuances. These theoretical considerations will be put to the test by looking at the so-called young-old and their ambivalent positioning as well as their own mimicry of the middle-agers.

  4. Inge Nygaard Pedersen: Dansk musikterapis Frodo

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Willert, Søren


    Teksten er skrevet som introduktion til en tilbagebliksartikel ved en af dansk musikterapis pionrer, professor (mso) Inge Nygaard Pedersen. Frodo-figuren fra Ringenes Herre bruges som litterært-metaforisk sindbillede på INPs rolle og betydning i forbindelse med udviklingen af et dansk musikterape......Teksten er skrevet som introduktion til en tilbagebliksartikel ved en af dansk musikterapis pionrer, professor (mso) Inge Nygaard Pedersen. Frodo-figuren fra Ringenes Herre bruges som litterært-metaforisk sindbillede på INPs rolle og betydning i forbindelse med udviklingen af et dansk...

  5. Emotion Regulation Profiles, Temperament, and Adjustment Problems in Preadolescents (United States)

    Zalewski, Maureen; Lengua, Liliana J.; Wilson, Anna C.; Trancik, Anika; Bazinet, Alissa


    The longitudinal relations of emotion regulation profiles to temperament and adjustment in a community sample of preadolescents (N = 196, 8-11 years at Time 1) were investigated using person-oriented latent profile analysis (LPA). Temperament, emotion regulation, and adjustment were measured at 3 different time points, with each time point…

  6. Experimental and numerical investigations of radiation characteristics of Russian portable/compact pulsed neutron generators: ING-031, ING-07, ING-06 and ING-10-20-120 (United States)

    Chernikova, D.; Romodanov, V. L.; Belevitin, A. G.; Afanas`ev, V. V.; Sakharov, V. K.; Bogolubov, E. P.; Ryzhkov, V. I.; Khasaev, T. O.; Sladkov, A. A.; Bitulev, A. A.


    The present paper discusses results of full-scale experimental and numerical investigations of influence of construction materials of portable pulsed neutron generators ING-031, ING-07, ING-06 and ING-10-20-120 (VNIIA, Russia) to their radiation characteristics formed during and after an operation (shutdown period). In particular, it is shown that an original monoenergetic isotropic angular distribution of neutrons emitted by TiT target changes into the significantly anisotropic angular distribution with a broad energy spectrum stretching to the thermal region. Along with the low-energetic neutron part, a significant amount of photons appears during the operation of generators. In the pulse mode of operation of neutron generator, a presence of the construction materials leads to the "tailing" of the original neutron pulse and the appearance of an accompanying photon pulse at ~ 3 ns after the instant neutron pulse. In addition to that, reactions of neutron capture and inelastic scattering lead to the creation of radioactive nuclides, such as 58Co, 62Cu, 64Cu and 18F, which form the so-called activation radiation. Thus, the selection of a portable neutron generator for a particular type of application has to be done considering radiation characteristics of the generator itself. This paper will be of interest to users of neutron generators, providing them with valuable information about limitations of a specific generator and with recommendations for improving the design and performance of the generator as a whole.

  7. ING User Questionnaire - Summary of the Results (United States)

    Rutten, R. G. M.


    Earlier this year a questionnaire was issued to our community of telescope users with a number of questions regarding the current and future use of the telescopes. Many responses were received and these are of great value to the observatory and have served as input to the International Review of the ING that was held in July of this year.

  8. Early Childhood Profiles of Sleep Problems and Self-Regulation Predict Later School Adjustment (United States)

    Williams, Kate E.; Nicholson, Jan M.; Walker, Sue; Berthelsen, Donna


    Background: Children's sleep problems and self-regulation problems have been independently associated with poorer adjustment to school, but there has been limited exploration of longitudinal early childhood profiles that include both indicators. Aims: This study explores the normative developmental pathway for sleep problems and self-regulation…

  9. ING4 Loss in Prostate Cancer Progression (United States)


    Diego, CA, Jan 7-10. The following abstracts have been submitted for presentation at up-coming meetings. The first will be an oral presentation...Still waiting to see if the second one will be accepted for an oral presentation. Berger PL, Watson M, Winn ME and Miranti CK. 2015. Elucidating ING4...clinical prostectomies as previously described (24, 25). Cul- tures were validated to be Mycoplasma -free and express only basal epithelial cell markers (12

  10. Gene expression profiling of the green seed problem in Soybean

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nogueira Teixeira, Renake; Ligterink, Wilco; B. França-Neto, de José; Hilhorst, H.W.M.; Silva, da E.A.A.


    Background: Due to the climate change of the past few decades, some agricultural areas in the world are now experiencing new climatic extremes. For soybean, high temperatures and drought stress can potentially lead to the "green seed problem", which is characterized by chlorophyll retention in

  11. Profile of Problems Associated with Psychoactive Substance Use ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The CIDI auto is a computer program which could concurrently generate both ICD 10 and DSM IIIR diagnoses using various indices which include physical and social health problems. Focus group discussion and direct observation were also conducted in each of the study parks. Results: Their median age was 39 years, ...

  12. The ING family tumor suppressors: from structure to function. (United States)

    Aguissa-Touré, Almass-Houd; Wong, Ronald P C; Li, Gang


    The Inhibitor of Growth (ING) proteins belong to a well-conserved family which presents in diverse organisms with several structural and functional domains for each protein. The ING family members are found in association with many cellular processes. Thus, the ING family proteins are involved in regulation of gene transcription, DNA repair, tumorigenesis, apoptosis, cellular senescence and cell cycle arrest. The ING proteins have multiple domains that are potentially capable of binding to many partners. It is conceivable, therefore, that such proteins could function similarly within protein complexes. In this case, within this family, each function could be attributed to a specific domain. However, the role of ING domains is not definitively clear. In this review, we summarize recent advances in structure-function relationships in ING proteins. For each domain, we describe the known biological functions and the approaches utilized to identify the functions associated with ING proteins.

  13. Early childhood profiles of sleep problems and self-regulation predict later school adjustment. (United States)

    Williams, Kate E; Nicholson, Jan M; Walker, Sue; Berthelsen, Donna


    Children's sleep problems and self-regulation problems have been independently associated with poorer adjustment to school, but there has been limited exploration of longitudinal early childhood profiles that include both indicators. This study explores the normative developmental pathway for sleep problems and self-regulation across early childhood and investigates whether departure from the normative pathway is associated with later social-emotional adjustment to school. This study involved 2,880 children participating in the Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) - Infant Cohort from Wave 1 (0-1 years) to Wave 4 (6-7 years). Mothers reported on children's sleep problems, emotional, and attentional self-regulation at three time points from birth to 5 years. Teachers reported on children's social-emotional adjustment to school at 6-7 years. Latent profile analysis was used to establish person-centred longitudinal profiles. Three profiles were found. The normative profile (69%) had consistently average or higher emotional and attentional regulation scores and sleep problems that steadily reduced from birth to 5 years. The remaining 31% of children were members of two non-normative self-regulation profiles, both characterized by escalating sleep problems across early childhood and below mean self-regulation. Non-normative group membership was associated with higher teacher-reported hyperactivity and emotional problems, and poorer classroom self-regulation and prosocial skills. Early childhood profiles of self-regulation that include sleep problems offer a way to identify children at risk of poor school adjustment. Children with escalating early childhood sleep problems should be considered an important target group for school transition interventions. © 2016 The British Psychological Society.

  14. Profiles of Observed Infant Anger Predict Preschool Behavior Problems: Moderation by Life Stress (United States)

    Brooker, Rebecca J.; Buss, Kristin A.; Lemery-Chalfant, Kathryn; Aksan, Nazan; Davidson, Richard J.; Goldsmith, H. Hill


    Using both traditional composites and novel profiles of anger, we examined associations between infant anger and preschool behavior problems in a large, longitudinal data set (N = 966). We also tested the role of life stress as a moderator of the link between early anger and the development of behavior problems. Although traditional measures of…

  15. The Profile of Students’ Thinking in Solving Mathematics Problems Based on Adversity Quotient

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christina Kartika Sari


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research was to know the thinking processes of climber, camper, and quitter high school students in solving mathematical problems. This research used a qualitative descriptive method. Subjects were determined by purposive sampling. The technique of collecting data was done by task-based interviews. Based on the results of data analysis it can be concluded that: (1 the profiles of climber’s thinking processes are: (a assimilation and abstraction  in understanding problems, (b assimilation, accommodation, and abstraction in planning problem solving (c assimilation, accommodation, and abstraction in implementing the plan of problem solving, and  (d accommodation in checking the solution; (2 the profiles of camper’s thinking processes are: (a assimilation in understanding mathematical problems, (b assimilation, accommodation, and abstraction in planning problem solving, (c abstraction in implementing the plan of problem solving, and (d assimilation in checking the solution; (3 the profiles of quitter’s thinking processes are: (a assimilation and abstraction in understanding problems, (b assimilation, accommodation, and abstraction in planning problem solving, (c assimilation, accommodation, and abstraction in implementing the plan of problem solving, and (d assimilation in checking the solution.

  16. Dissociative disorders in children: behavioral profiles and problems. (United States)

    Putnam, F W


    Transient dissociative episodes are a common and normative phenomenon during childhood that generally decrease during adolescence to relatively low levels in adults. Retrospective clinical research has firmly established a connection between childhood trauma and the development of dissociative disorders in adults. A growing number of clinicians are now identifying dissociative symptoms in abused children, and there is increasing evidence that dissociative disorders represent a significant and hitherto unrecognized form of psychopathology in traumatized children. Pathological dissociation is a complex psychobiological process that results in a failure to integrate information into the normal stream of consciousness. It produces a range of symptoms and behaviors including: (a) amnesias; (b) disturbances in sense of self; (c) trance-like states; (d) rapid shifts in mood and behavior; (e) perplexing shifts in access to knowledge, memory, and skills; (f) auditory and visual hallucinations; and (g) vivid imaginary companionship in children and adolescents. Many of these symptoms and behaviors are misdiagnosed as attention, learning or conduct problems, or even psychoses. Early identification and therapeutic intervention appear to be particularly efficacious in children in contrast to adults, although systematic studies of treatment and outcome are presently lacking.

  17. f Mo fingerl ortality ings in ch asses n varyi hanges ssment ing sal s ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    TRODUCTION ere is paucity charge of he osystems, a anisms at va major factors anisms inclu dium (Lagoon icity of polluta wson, 2011). Corresponding a uthor(s) agree t ternational Lice. 664-669, Nove. AJEST2014.168 er: BF5DB7548. 6. 014 n the copyrig cademicjourn. Research ortality ings in ch. Osu partment of Zo.

  18. The spectrum of the torus profile to a geometric variational problem with long range interaction (United States)

    Ren, Xiaofeng; Wei, Juncheng


    The profile problem for the Ohta-Kawasaki diblock copolymer theory is a geometric variational problem. The energy functional is defined on sets in R3 of prescribed volume and the energy of an admissible set is its perimeter plus a long range interaction term related to the Newtonian potential of the set. This problem admits a solution, called a torus profile, that is a set enclosed by an approximate torus of the major radius 1 and the minor radius q. The torus profile is both axially symmetric about the z axis and reflexively symmetric about the xy-plane. There is a way to set up the profile problem in a function space as a partial differential-integro equation. The linearized operator L of the problem at the torus profile is decomposed into a family of linear ordinary differential-integro operators Lm where the index m = 0 , 1 , 2 , … is called a mode. The spectrum of L is the union of the spectra of the Lm's. It is proved that for each m, when q is sufficiently small, Lm is positive definite. (0 is an eigenvalue for both L0 and L1, due to the translation and rotation invariance.) As q tends to 0, more and more Lm's become positive definite. However no matter how small q is, there is always a mode m of which Lm has a negative eigenvalue. This mode grows to infinity like q - 3 / 4 as q → 0.

  19. The Profile of Creativity and Proposing Statistical Problem Quality Level Reviewed From Cognitive Style (United States)

    Awi; Ahmar, A. S.; Rahman, A.; Minggi, I.; Mulbar, U.; Asdar; Ruslan; Upu, H.; Alimuddin; Hamda; Rosidah; Sutamrin; Tiro, M. A.; Rusli


    This research aims to reveal the profile about the level of creativity and the ability to propose statistical problem of students at Mathematics Education 2014 Batch in the State University of Makassar in terms of their cognitive style. This research uses explorative qualitative method by giving meta-cognitive scaffolding at the time of research. The hypothesis of research is that students who have field independent (FI) cognitive style in statistics problem posing from the provided information already able to propose the statistical problem that can be solved and create new data and the problem is already been included as a high quality statistical problem, while students who have dependent cognitive field (FD) commonly are still limited in statistics problem posing that can be finished and do not load new data and the problem is included as medium quality statistical problem.

  20. ING1 induces apoptosis through direct effects at the mitochondria

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bose, P; Thakur, S; Thalappilly, S


    The ING family of tumor suppressors acts as readers and writers of the histone epigenetic code, affecting DNA repair, chromatin remodeling, cellular senescence, cell cycle regulation and apoptosis. The best characterized member of the ING family, ING1,interacts with the proliferating cell nuclear...... translocates to the mitochondria of primary fibroblasts and established epithelial cell lines in response to apoptosis inducing stimuli, independent of the cellular p53 status. The ability of ING1 to induce apoptosis in various breast cancer cell lines correlates well with its degree of translocation...

  1. Integration based profile likelihood calculation for PDE constrained parameter estimation problems (United States)

    Boiger, R.; Hasenauer, J.; Hroß, S.; Kaltenbacher, B.


    Partial differential equation (PDE) models are widely used in engineering and natural sciences to describe spatio-temporal processes. The parameters of the considered processes are often unknown and have to be estimated from experimental data. Due to partial observations and measurement noise, these parameter estimates are subject to uncertainty. This uncertainty can be assessed using profile likelihoods, a reliable but computationally intensive approach. In this paper, we present the integration based approach for the profile likelihood calculation developed by (Chen and Jennrich 2002 J. Comput. Graph. Stat. 11 714-32) and adapt it to inverse problems with PDE constraints. While existing methods for profile likelihood calculation in parameter estimation problems with PDE constraints rely on repeated optimization, the proposed approach exploits a dynamical system evolving along the likelihood profile. We derive the dynamical system for the unreduced estimation problem, prove convergence and study the properties of the integration based approach for the PDE case. To evaluate the proposed method, we compare it with state-of-the-art algorithms for a simple reaction-diffusion model for a cellular patterning process. We observe a good accuracy of the method as well as a significant speed up as compared to established methods. Integration based profile calculation facilitates rigorous uncertainty analysis for computationally demanding parameter estimation problems with PDE constraints.

  2. Electric generator overhaul of the Ing. Carlos Ramirez Ulloa hydroelectric. Central project conclusions; Rehabilitacion de los generadores de la central hidroelectrica Ing. Carlos Ramirez Ulloa. Conclusiones del proyecto

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Campuzano Martinez, Ignacio Roberto; Gonzalez Vazquez, Alejandro Esteban; Robles Pimentel, Edgar Guillermo; Esparza Saucedo, Marcos; Garcia Martinez, Javier; Sanchez Flores, Ernesto; Martinez Romero, Jose Luis [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    The Hydroelectric Ing. Carlos Ramirez Ulloa Power Central has three 200 MW electric generators. The Central initiated its commercial operation in 1985. The electric generators had design problems that were properly corrected in an overhaul program that was initiated in 1996, with Unit 2 electric generator and completed in 1998 with Unit 1 electric generator. This paper presents the relevant aspects of the experience accumulated in the project. [Espanol] La central hidroelectrica Ing. Carlos Ramirez Ulloa cuenta con tres generadores de 200 MW cada uno. La central inicio su operacion comercial en 1985. Los generadores tenian problemas de diseno que fueron debidamente corregidos en un programa de rehabilitacion que inicio en 1996, con el generador de la unidad 2, y culmino en 1998 con el generador de la unidad 1. En este articulo se presentan los aspectos relevantes de la experiencia acumulada en el proyecto.

  3. The ING tumor suppressor genes: status in human tumors. (United States)

    Guérillon, Claire; Bigot, Nicolas; Pedeux, Rémy


    ING genes (ING1-5) were identified has tumor suppressor genes. ING proteins are characterized as Type II TSGs since they are involved in the control of cell proliferation, apoptosis and senescence. They may also function as Type I TSGs since they are also involved in DNA replication and repair. Most studies have reported that they are frequently lost in human tumors and epigenetic mechanisms or misregulation of their transcription may be involved. Recently, studies have described that this loss may be caused by microRNA inhibition. Here, we summarize the current knowledge on ING functions, their involvement in tumor suppression and, in order to give a full assessment of the current knowledge, we review all the studies that have examined ING status in human cancers. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Predictors and Consequences of Aggressive–Withdrawn Problem Profiles in Early Grade School (United States)

    Farmer, Alvin D.; Bierman, Karen L.


    Identified first-grade children who exhibited 4 different behavior problem profiles from an initial sample of 754: aggressive–withdrawn (n = 63, 8%) aggressive only (n = 165, 22%), withdrawn only (n = 94, 12%), and nonproblem (n = 432, 57%). Group comparisons revealed that children who became aggressive–withdrawn in first grade exhibited deficits in attention and social skills in kindergarten. Furthermore, these kindergarten deficits contributed to the emergence of their aggressive–withdrawn behavior problems in first grade, after accounting for kindergarten levels of aggressive and withdrawn behaviors. In later grades, aggressive–withdrawn first-grade children were more likely than children in any other group to demonstrate poor peer relations and poor academic performance. In addition, kindergarten skill deficits added to first-grade aggressive and withdrawn behavior problems to predict third-grade social and academic adjustment difficulties. The results document the key role of early inattention and social skill deficits in the prediction of aggressive–withdrawn problem profiles, validate the significance of this problem profile at school entry, and identify potential developmental mechanisms that have implications for preventive interventions. PMID:12149968

  5. The ING Studentship, INT Support, and Research Programme (United States)

    Vaduvescu, O.; Dominguez Palmero, L.; Benn, C.


    For more than a decade, the ING studentship programme has offered European astronomy students an opportunity to train as observers on a medium-sized ground-based optical telescope, namely the renowned 2.5-m Isaac Newton Telescope (INT) run by the Isaac Newton Group (ING, a UK-SP-NL institution) on the beautiful Spanish island of La Palma in the Canary Islands! Practical training of the European students and hopefully future astronomers is essential in the era of very large telescopes and their queue-scheduled observing, which limits direct access to the observatories by young astronomers. Each year, the ING therefore offers 4--5 talented astronomy students the opportunity to spend one year working as support astronomers at the INT (setting up the instruments, helping visiting observers, and observing few INT discretionary nights) and working with ING staff on technical and science projects. High above the clouds at 2400 m, on the edge of the gorgeous Caldera de Taburiente of La Palma, stands the ''Roque de Los Muchachos'' Observatory (ORM) of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), part of the European Northern Observatory (ENO). Year after year, our studentship programme contributes to a better prepared future generation of astronomers. In this poster, we present some recent technical and science achievements of our past ING students, encouraging talented students to apply in the future (announced in February--March via the ING website

  6. ING Papers for SPIE's Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation Conference (United States)

    Talbot, G.


    Isaac Newton Group staff from both the astronomy and engineering groups had several papers accepted by SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering) for their conference 'Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation - The Industrial Revolution in Astronomy' held from 21 to 25 June 2004, at the Scottish Exhibition and Convention Centre in Glasgow. The range of topics reflected the range of development interests at ING, many of the papers being about various aspects of adaptive optics. The full list of papers featuring ING staff is below, all but one of them having ING staff as principal author. At the conference Chris Benn and Simon Tulloch gave oral presentations, while the remaining papers were poster presentations.

  7. Control of plasma profile in microwave discharges via inverse-problem approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yasuyoshi Yasaka


    Full Text Available In the manufacturing process of semiconductors, plasma processing is an essential technology, and the plasma used in the process is required to be of high density, low temperature, large diameter, and high uniformity. This research focuses on the microwave-excited plasma that meets these needs, and the research target is a spatial profile control. Two novel techniques are introduced to control the uniformity; one is a segmented slot antenna that can change radial distribution of the radiated field during operation, and the other is a hyper simulator that can predict microwave power distribution necessary for a desired radial density profile. The control system including these techniques provides a method of controlling radial profiles of the microwave plasma via inverse-problem approach, and is investigated numerically and experimentally.

  8. Language profiles and mental health problems in children with specific language impairment and children with ADHD. (United States)

    Helland, Wenche Andersen; Helland, Turid; Heimann, Mikael


    This study aimed to explore whether children with specific language impairment (SLI) and children with ADHD can be differentiated from each other in terms of their language profiles, and also to investigate whether these two clinical groups differ regarding mental health problems. A total of 59 children in the age range 6 to 12 years participated in the study. The parents completed the Children's Communication Checklist-Second Edition and the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. Communication impairments were as prominent in the ADHD group as in the SLI group; however, the groups were separable from each other in terms of their language profiles. Furthermore, the ADHD group experienced significantly more mental health problems compared with the SLI group. Language should be assessed in children with ADHD and instruments sensitive to ADHD should be included when assessing children with SLI. Mental health should be an area of concern to be addressed in both groups.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agnieszka Łukowicz


    Full Text Available This work describes the restraints in the optimization problem. This is an important and complicated issue because it requires taking into account a vast range of information related to the design and production. In order to describe the relations of a specific optimization problem, it is essential to adopt appropriate criteria and to collect information on all kinds of restraints, i.e. boundary conditions. The following paper verifies the various restraints and defines three subsets: design assumptions, technological limitations and standard conditions. The provided classification was made with reference to the analysis of the construction applicability of the newly patented cold-formed profile.

  10. Profiling depression in childhood and adolescence: the role of conduct problems


    Riglin, Lucy; Thapar, Anita; Shelton, Katherine Helen; Langley, Kate; Frederickson, Norah; Rice, Frances


    Background\\ud Depression is typically more common in females and rates rise around puberty. However, studies of children and adolescents suggest that depression accompanied by conduct problems may represent a different subtype not characterised by a female preponderance, with differing risk factors and genetic architecture compared to pure-depression. This study aimed to identify aetiologically distinct profiles of depressive symptoms, distinguished by the presence or absence of co-occurring ...

  11. Keep-ING balance: tumor suppression by epigenetic regulation. (United States)

    Tallen, Gesche; Riabowol, Karl


    Cancer cells accumulate genetic and epigenetic changes that alter gene expression to drive tumorigenesis. Epigenetic silencing of tumor suppressor, cell cycle, differentiation and DNA repair genes contributes to neoplastic transformation. The ING (inhibitor of growth) proteins (ING1-ING5) have emerged as a versatile family of growth regulators, phospholipid effectors, histone mark sensors and core components of HDAC1/2 - and several HAT chromatin-modifying complexes. This review will describe the characteristic pathways by which ING family proteins differentially affect the Hallmarks of Cancer and highlight the various epigenetic mechanisms by which they regulate gene expression. Finally, we will discuss their potentials as biomarkers and therapeutic targets in epigenetic treatment strategies. Copyright © 2014 Federation of European Biochemical Societies. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  12. How Inge Lehmann Discovered the Inner Core of the Earth (United States)

    Rousseau, Christiane


    The mathematics behind Inge Lehmann's discovery that the inner core of the Earth is solid is explained using data collected around the Earth on seismic waves and their travel time through the Earth.

  13. Pourquoi une ingénierie éducative ?


    Chaptal, Alain


    Dans le contexte d'une nouvelle mission au CNDP, le concept d'ingénierie éducative ne se pense nullement comme une nouvelle théorie de l'apprentissage qui viendrait prendre le relais du Behaviorisme ou de la Psychologie cognitive. L'ingénierie éducative relève d'une approche pragmatique, à l'image de celle de l'ingénieur. En pensant les technologies dans leur contexte, l'ingénierie éducative les prend, en quelque sorte, au sérieux, c'est-à-dire dans l'exacte limite de leur fonction.

  14. Profil Problem Emosi/ Perilaku Pada Remaja Pelajar SMP-SMA Di Kota Semarang

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Annastasia Ediati


    Full Text Available The aims of this study is to identify the profile of emotional/behavioral problems on adolescents students of junior and senior high school (SMP-SMA in Semarang, Central Java. The subjects comprised 568 students (grade VII and X; males and females, aged between 13-17 years. Data were collected using the Indonesian translation of the Youth Self Report (YSR. The results of data analysis showed that adolescents in the junior high school/SMP reported emotional/behavioral problems more frequently than the adolescents in the senior high school/SMA (t (566 = 2.08, p = .038, especially in terms of social relations (t (566 = 2.92, p = .004, thought problems (t (566 = 2.47, p = .014, somatic complaints (t(566 = 2.98, p = .002, rule-breaking behavior (t (566 = 6.63, p < .001, and externalizing problems (t(566 = 3,37; p = .001. Gender differences was found in the adolescents’ emotional/behavioral problems. In group of junior high school students (SMP, girls reported more emotional problems than boys (t(335 = -3.55; p < .001, particularly in anxiety/depression (t(335 = -6.51; p < .001; withdrawal (t(335 = -4.26; p < .001, somatic complaints (t(335 = -2.86; p = .004; social problems (t(335 = -3.30; p = .001, attention problems (t(335 = -2.39; p = .017; and internalizing problem (t(335 = -5.76; p < .001. In group of senior high school students (SMA, boys reported more externalizing problems (t(229 = 2.10; p = .037 and rule-breaking behavior (t(229 = 4.44; p < .001 than girls. In contrasts, girls reported more somatic complaints than boys (t(229 = -3.09; p = .001. Adolescents’ emotional/behavioral problems should gained more attention. Preventive as well as curative intervention is needed, particularly intervention that sensitive to gender and age, which also involve significant figures for adolescents (parents, school teachers, and peers.

  15. The performance profile: A multi–criteria performance evaluation method for test–based problems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaśkowski Wojciech


    Full Text Available In test-based problems, solutions produced by search algorithms are typically assessed using average outcomes of interactions with multiple tests. This aggregation leads to information loss, which can render different solutions apparently indifferent and hinder comparison of search algorithms. In this paper we introduce the performance profile, a generic, domain-independent, multi-criteria performance evaluation method that mitigates this problem by characterizing the performance of a solution by a vector of outcomes of interactions with tests of various difficulty. To demonstrate the usefulness of this gauge, we employ it to analyze the behavior of Othello and Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma players produced by five (coevolutionary algorithms as well as players known from previous publications. Performance profiles reveal interesting differences between the players, which escape the attention of the scalar performance measure of the expected utility. In particular, they allow us to observe that evolution with random sampling produces players coping well against the mediocre opponents, while the coevolutionary and temporal difference learning strategies play better against the high-grade opponents. We postulate that performance profiles improve our understanding of characteristics of search algorithms applied to arbitrary test-based problems, and can prospectively help design better methods for interactive domains.

  16. Monument for Inge Lehmann på Frue Plads

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Jens Olaf Pepke


    En af Danmarks største, men oversete videnskabsfolk, geofysikeren Inge Lehmann, har nu fået sit monument på Frue Plads i København. Inge Lehmann er i dag kendt for opdagelsen af, at Jorden har en fast indrekerne, men i sin samtid havde hun svært ved at få anerkendelse for sin indsats, hvilket...

  17. Signaling pathways of the ING proteins in apoptosis. (United States)

    Shah, Sitar; Riabowol, Karl


    Members of the ING family of type II tumor suppressors reside in different chromatin regulatory complexes and are stoichiometeric members of histone acetyltransferase (HAT) and histone deacetylase (HDAC) complexes. It has been frequently observed that expressing ING proteins promotes apoptosis in both normal and transformed cells of different species. They have also been reported to either rely upon p53, or to add to its ability to promote programmed cell death (apoptosis) although whether ING proteins require p53 to induce apoptosis is now questionable based upon observations using knockout cell lines and animal models. Genetic studies in model organisms, and particularly in Caenorhabditis elegans, have identified different pathways involved in apoptosis during development, in the germ line and in response to various forms of stress including DNA damage. In this review we summarize structural features of the INGs and recent observations made in knockout models of Mus musculus and Caenorhabditis elegans that have helped to further clarify the functions of the ING proteins in biochemical pathways leading to apoptosis. Based upon these observations we propose a model for how ING proteins may act both independently and in concert with p53 to promote apoptosis.

  18. The clinical profile of employees with mental health problems working in social firms in the UK. (United States)

    Milton, Alyssa; Parsons, Nicholas; Morant, Nicola; Gilbert, Eleanor; Johnson, Sonia; Fisher, Adrian; Singh, Swaran; Cunliffe, Di; Marwaha, Steven


    UK social firms are under-researched but are a potentially important vocational option for people with mental health problems. To describe the clinical profile, satisfaction levels and experiences of social firms employees with mental health problems. Clinical, work and service use characteristics were collected from social firms' employees with mental health problems in England and Wales. Workplace experience and satisfaction were explored qualitatively. Predominantly, social firms' employees (N = 80) report that they have a diagnosis of depression (56%) and anxiety (41%). People with schizophrenia (20%) or bipolar disorder (5%) were a minority. Respondents had low symptom and disability levels, high quality of life and job satisfaction and experienced reductions in secondary mental health service use over time. High-workplace satisfaction was related to flexibility, manager and colleague support and workplace accommodations. The clinical profile, quality of life and job satisfaction level of employees with mental health problems suggest social firms could be a useful addition to UK vocational services for some people. Current employees mainly have common mental disorders, and social firms will need to shift their focus if they are to form a substantial pathway for the vocational recovery of people currently using community mental health teams.

  19. Cognitive Profiles of Mathematical Problem Solving Learning Disability for Different Definitions of Disability (United States)

    Tolar, Tammy D.; Fuchs, Lynn; Fletcher, Jack M.; Fuchs, Douglas; Hamlett, Carol L.


    Three cohorts of third-grade students (N = 813) were evaluated on achievement, cognitive abilities, and behavioral attention according to contrasting research traditions in defining math learning disability (LD) status: low achievement versus extremely low achievement and IQ-achievement discrepant versus strictly low-achieving LD. We use methods from these two traditions to form math problem solving LD groups. To evaluate group differences, we used MANOVA-based profile and canonical analyses to control for relations among the outcomes and regression to control for group definition variables. Results suggest that basic arithmetic is the key distinguishing characteristic that separates low-achieving problem solvers (including LD, regardless of definition) from typically achieving students. Word problem solving is the key distinguishing characteristic that separates IQ-achievement-discrepant from strictly low-achieving LD students, favoring the IQ-achievement-discrepant students. PMID:24939971

  20. Refractive Thinking Profile In Solving Mathematical Problem Reviewed from Students Math Capability (United States)

    Maslukha, M.; Lukito, A.; Ekawati, R.


    Refraction is a mental activity experienced by a person to make a decision through reflective thinking and critical thinking. Differences in mathematical capability have an influence on the difference of student’s refractive thinking processes in solving math problems. This descriptive research aims to generate a picture of refractive thinking of students in solving mathematical problems in terms of students’ math skill. Subjects in this study consisted of three students, namely students with high, medium, and low math skills based on mathematics capability test. Data collection methods used are test-based methods and interviews. After collected data is analyzed through three stages that are, condensing and displaying data, data display, and drawing and verifying conclusion. Results showed refractive thinking profiles of three subjects is different. This difference occurs at the planning and execution stage of the problem. This difference is influenced by mathematical capability and experience of each subject.

  1. Cognitive Profiles of Mathematical Problem Solving Learning Disability for Different Definitions of Disability. (United States)

    Tolar, Tammy D; Fuchs, Lynn; Fletcher, Jack M; Fuchs, Douglas; Hamlett, Carol L


    Three cohorts of third-grade students (N= 813) were evaluated on achievement, cognitive abilities, and behavioral attention according to contrasting research traditions in defining math learning disability (LD) status: low achievement versus extremely low achievement and IQ-achievement discrepant versus strictly low-achieving LD. We use methods from these two traditions to form math problem solving LD groups. To evaluate group differences, we used MANOVA-based profile and canonical analyses to control for relations among the outcomes and regression to control for group definition variables. Results suggest that basic arithmetic is the key distinguishing characteristic that separates low-achieving problem solvers (including LD, regardless of definition) from typically achieving students. Word problem solving is the key distinguishing characteristic that separates IQ-achievement-discrepant from strictly low-achieving LD students, favoring the IQ-achievement-discrepant students. © Hammill Institute on Disabilities 2014.

  2. 77 FR 74245 - ING Investments, LLC, et al.; Notice of Application (United States)


    ... Mayflower Trust, ING Money Market Portfolio, ING Mutual Funds, ING Partners, Inc., ING Separate Portfolios... the expenses of a Top-Tier Fund (other than investment management fees, rule 12b-1 fees and class-specific administrative service fees). Under the Special Servicing Agreement, each Underlying Fund will...

  3. Structural insight into histone recognition by the ING PHD fingers. (United States)

    Champagne, Karen S; Kutateladze, Tatiana G


    The Inhibitor of Growth (ING) tumor suppressors are implicated in oncogenesis, control of DNA damage repair, cellular senescence and apoptosis. All members of the ING family contain unique amino-terminal regions and a carboxy-terminal plant homeodomain (PHD) finger. While the amino-terminal domains associate with a number of protein effectors including distinct components of histone deacetylase (HDAC) and histone acetyltransferase (HAT) complexes, the PHD finger binds strongly and specifically to histone H3 trimethylated at lysine 4 (H3K4me3). In this review we describe the molecular mechanism of H3K4me3 recognition by the ING1-5 PHD fingers, analyze the determinants of the histone specificity and compare the biological activities and structures within subsets of PHD fingers. The atomic-resolution structures of the ING PHD fingers in complex with a H3K4me3 peptide reveal that the histone tail is bound in a large and deep binding site encompassing nearly one-third of the protein surface. An extensive network of intermolecular hydrogen bonds, hydrophobic and cation-pi contacts, and complementary surface interactions coordinate the first six residues of the H3K4me3 peptide. The trimethylated Lys4 occupies an elongated groove, formed by the highly conserved aromatic and hydrophobic residues of the PHD finger, whereas the adjacent groove accommodates Arg2. The two grooves are connected by a narrow channel, the small size of which defines the PHD finger's specificity, excluding interactions with other modified histone peptides. Binding of the ING PHD fingers to H3K4me3 plays a critical role in regulating chromatin acetylation. The ING proteins function as tethering molecules that physically link the HDAC and HAT enzymatic complexes to chromatin. In this review we also highlight progress recently made in understanding the molecular basis underlying biological and tumorigenic activities of the ING tumor suppressors.

  4. A Metacognitive Profile of Vocational High School Student’s Field Independent in Mathematical Problem Solving (United States)

    Nugraheni, L.; Budayasa, I. K.; Suwarsono, S. T.


    The study was designed to discover examine the profile of metacognition of vocational high school student of the Machine Technology program that had high ability and field independent cognitive style in mathematical problem solving. The design of this study was exploratory research with a qualitative approach. This research was conducted at the Machine Technology program of the vocational senior high school. The result revealed that the high-ability student with field independent cognitive style conducted metacognition practices well. That involved the three types of metacognition activities, consisting of planning, monitoring, and evaluating at metacognition level 2 or aware use, 3 or strategic use, 4 or reflective use in mathematical problem solving. The applicability of the metacognition practices conducted by the subject was never at metacognition level 1 or tacit use. This indicated that the participant were already aware, capable of choosing strategies, and able to reflect on their own thinking before, after, or during the process at the time of solving mathematical problems.That was very necessary for the vocational high school student of Machine Technology program.

  5. Genetic and environmental influences on personality profile stability : Unraveling the normativeness problem

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bleidorn, W.; Kandler, C.; Riemann, R.; Angleitner, A.; Spinath, F.M.


    The present study is the first to disentangle the genetic and environmental influences on personality profile stability. Spanning a period of 10 years, we analyzed the etiology of 3 aspects of profile stability (overall profile stability, distinctive profile stability, and profile normativeness)

  6. Journal des Sciences Pour l'Ingénieur

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Bien au-delà des disciplines Sciences pour l'Ingénieur (Mécanique, Electrique, Civil, Informatique, Chimique…), le journal est ouvert plus largement aux Sciences, de manière à faire écho aux caractères souvent interdisciplinaires des recherches actuelles. Other sites related to this journal: ...

  7. Green(ing) English: Voices Howling in the Wilderness? (United States)

    Bruce, Heather E.


    The relatively new fields of ecocriticism in literary studies and ecocomposition in rhetoric and composition studies provide a usable foundation for those interested in green(ing) English. Nevertheless, even suggesting that interest in the environment within English studies is a relatively new concern is somewhat misleading. Contemplation of…

  8. Forum-ing: Signature practice for public theological discourse

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 14, 2014 ... victimised in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America in the early 1980s. It was originally organised to respond to the economic, financial, spiritual, emotional, employment, housing and resource needs of the underserved poor. This unique practice is called forum- ing. The forum meets every Monday ...

  9. Infantile dystocia fibrosarcoma presentIng as shoulder

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    fibrosarcoma. •. presentIng as shoulder. M. S. PUZEY, D. F. INNES, C. W. VAN DER ELST. Summary. Congenital (infantile) fibrosarcomas are soft-tissue tumours that usually present after birth. In the case described a large tumour of the right arm caused shoulder dystocia and death of the fetus. S Atr Med J 1989; 76: 73-74.

  10. TEMA and Dot Enumeration Profiles Predict Mental Addition Problem Solving Speed Longitudinally

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clare S. Major


    Full Text Available Different math indices can be used to assess math potential at school entry. We evaluated whether standardized math achievement (TEMA-2 performance, core number abilities (dot enumeration, symbolic magnitude comparison, non-verbal intelligence (NVIQ and visuo-spatial working memory (VSWM, in combination or separately, predicted mental addition problem solving speed over time. We assessed 267 children’s TEMA-2, magnitude comparison, dot enumeration, and VSWM abilities at school entry (5 years and NVIQ at 8 years. Mental addition problem solving speed was assessed at 6, 8, and 10 years. Longitudinal path analysis supported a model in which dot enumeration performance ability profiles and previous mental addition speed predicted future mental addition speed on all occasions, supporting a componential account of math ability. Standardized math achievement and NVIQ predicted mental addition speed at specific time points, while VSWM and symbolic magnitude comparison did not contribute unique variance to the model. The implications of using standardized math achievement and dot enumeration ability to index math learning potential at school entry are discussed.

  11. The inhibitor of growth (ING) gene family: potential role in cancer therapy. (United States)

    Gunduz, Mehmet; Gunduz, Esra; Rivera, Rosario S; Nagatsuka, Hitoshi


    The discovery of ING1 gene paved the way to the identification of other ING members (ING2-5) and their isoforms associated with cell cycle, apoptosis and senescence. The ING family has been an emerging putative tumor suppressor gene (TSG) in which the major mechanism is through interaction with the determinants of chromatin function and gene-specific transcription factors. The regulatory mechanism highly involves the conserved plant homeodomain (PHD), which binds to histones in a methylation-sensitive manner, suggesting that ING proteins may contribute to the maintenance of the epigenetic code. Furthermore, ING family members contain nuclear localization signals and N-terminal sequences important in the interaction with histone acetyltransferase (HAT) and histone deacetyltransferase (HDAC) that regulate gene promoter activity within chromatin. Although ING proteins have the same PHD motif, the variation in the N-terminal dictates the differences in tumor the suppressive ability of ING in various tumors. Inactivation of the normal function is achieved through allelic loss of genomic regions containing the ING gene, alteration in the ING promoter region, variation of mRNA splicing efficacy or reduced mRNA stability. It is most probably the apparent combination of these aberrant mechanisms that resulted in reduced availability of functional ING protein. In cancer cells, ING transcript levels are often suppressed but the genes are rarely mutated. The mechanism of suppression of ING expression may have to do with the abnormally high methylation levels of the ING gene promoter, which have been correlated with low transcript levels. Emerging evidence on the function of ING and related regulatory mechanisms strongly points to ING as a candidate TSG and therefore a potential target in the molecular therapy of some types of tumor.

  12. Co-Story-ing: Collaborative Story Writing with Children Who Fear (United States)

    Pehrsson, Dale-Elizabeth


    This article offers a guide for using collaborative story writing (co-story-ing), an assessment technique as well as a therapeutic intervention for children who demonstrate fears, extreme shyness and difficulty in establishing relationships. Co-story-ing draws from Gardner's Mutual Story Telling Technique. Co-story-ing guides clients as they…

  13. Profiling Online Poker Players: Are Executive Functions Correlated with Poker Ability and Problem Gambling? (United States)

    Schiavella, Mauro; Pelagatti, Matteo; Westin, Jerker; Lepore, Gabriele; Cherubini, Paolo


    Poker playing and responsible gambling both entail the use of the executive functions (EF), which are higher-level cognitive abilities. This study investigated if online poker players of different ability showed different performances in their EF and if so, which functions were the most discriminating for their playing ability. Furthermore, it assessed if the EF performance was correlated to the quality of gambling, according to self-reported questionnaires (PGSI, SOGS, GRCS). Three poker experts evaluated anonymized poker hand history files and, then, a trained professional administered an extensive neuropsychological test battery. Data analysis determined which variables of the tests correlated with poker ability and gambling quality scores. The highest correlations between EF test results and poker ability and between EF test results and gambling quality assessment showed that mostly different clusters of executive functions characterize the profile of the strong(er) poker player and those ones of the problem gamblers (PGSI and SOGS) and the one of the cognitions related to gambling (GRCS). Taking into consideration only the variables overlapping between PGSI and SOGS, we found some key predictive factors for a more risky and harmful online poker playing: a lower performance in the emotional intelligence competences (Emotional Quotient inventory Short) and, in particular, those grouped in the Intrapersonal scale (emotional self-awareness, assertiveness, self-regard, independence and self-actualization).

  14. Some exact solutions of nonlinear fin problem for steady heat transfer in longitudinal fin with different profiles

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Mhlongo, MD


    Full Text Available Solutions of Nonlinear Fin Problem for Steady Heat Transfer in Longitudinal Fin with Different Profiles M. D. Mhlongo1 and R. J. Moitsheki2 1 Defence, Peace, Safety and Security, Landward Sciences, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, P.O. Box 395... efficiency are studied. 1. Introduction Heat transfer through extended surfaces has been studied quite extensively [1], perhaps because of its frequent applica- tions in engineering. Through the process of mathematical modeling, heat transfer problems...

  15. Measuring the impact and distress of health problems from the individual's perspective: development of the Perceived Impact of Problem Profile (PIPP)


    Bennett Elizabeth; Misajon RoseAnne; Pallant Julie F; Manderson Lenore


    Abstract Background The aim of this study was to develop and conduct preliminary validation of the Perceived Impact of Problem Profile (PIPP). Based on the biopsychosocial model of health and functioning, the PIPP was intended as a generic research and clinical measurement tool to assess the impact and distress of health conditions from the individuals' perspective. The ICF classification system was used to guide the structure of the PIPP with subscales included to assess impact on self-care,...

  16. Speaker Profiles and Abstracts

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Nov 5, 2016 ... 9. Session 1E – Public Lecture. Indigenous knowledge system of water management in India .... in the intermediate mesoscopic length scale, which covers a wide class of problems involv- ing nanomaterials .... convex-analytic perspectives and develop new attacks on this problem. We argue that com-.

  17. SUMOylation of the ING1b tumor suppressor regulates gene transcription

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Satpathy, Shankha; Guérillon, Claire; Kim, Tae-Sun


    and senescence, but how the proteins themselves are regulated is not yet clear. Here, we find a small ubiquitin-like modification (SUMOylation) of the ING1b protein and identify lysine 193 (K193) as the preferred ING1b SUMO acceptor site. We also show that PIAS4 is the E3 SUMO ligase responsible for ING1b...... SUMOylation on K193. Sequence alignment reveals that the SUMO consensus site on ING1b contains a phosphorylation-dependent SUMOylation motif (PDSM) and our data indicate that the SUMOylation on K193 is enhanced by the S199D phosphomimic mutant. Using an ING1b protein mutated at the major SUMOylation site (ING...

  18. Radioprotection et ingénierie nucléaire

    CERN Document Server


    Le développement de l'énergie nucléaire repose sur deux piliers essentiels : la sûreté nucléaire, qui concerne la machine, et la radioprotection, qui se préoccupe des hommes. Construit de manière fiable, un réacteur nucléaire se doit d'irradier le moins possible ses opérateurs et conduire à un impact très faible pour les populations avoisinantes. Tout cela est soumis à des règles strictes, élaborées au niveau international, et qui ne tolèrent aucun écart. Les ingénieurs qui ont à concevoir, construire et conduire ces machines doivent maîtriser les règles de protection : cet ouvrage leur est destiné. La radioprotection, si elle se fonde principalement sur des bases scientifiques, intègre également une dimension sociétale exigeante. Ces activités sont en effet sous le regard critique et permanent de nos concitoyens, qui exigent des acteurs de cette industrie une maîtrise totale de la radioprotection ; un ingénieur qui ne connaîtrait pas la genèse de la radioprotection, ses règle...

  19. Allelic loss of the ING gene family loci is a frequent event in ameloblastoma. (United States)

    Borkosky, Silvia S; Gunduz, Mehmet; Beder, Levent; Tsujigiwa, Hidetsugu; Tamamura, Ryo; Gunduz, Esra; Katase, Naoki; Rodriguez, Andrea P; Sasaki, Akira; Nagai, Noriyuki; Nagatsuka, Hitoshi


    Ameloblastoma is the most frequently encountered odontogenic tumor, characterized by a locally invasive behavior, frequent recurrences, and, although rare, metastatic capacity. Loss or inactivation of tumor suppressor genes (TSGs) allows cells to acquire neoplastic growth. The ING family proteins are tumor suppressors that physically and functionally interact with p53 to perform important roles in apoptosis, DNA repair, cell cycle regulation, and senescence. TP53 genetic alterations were reported to infrequently occur in ameloblastoma. Considering that other TSGs related to TP53 could be altered in this tumor, we focused our study on the ING family genes. We analyzed the loss of heterozygosity (LOH) status of the ING family (ING1-ING5) chromosomal loci in a group of ameloblastomas by microsatellite analysis, and correlated the ING LOH status with clinicopathological characteristics. By using specific microsatellite markers, high frequency of LOH was found at the loci of each ING gene family member (33.3-72.2%). A significant relationship was shown between LOH of D2S 140 (ING5 locus) and solid tumor type (p = 0.02). LOH of ING3MS (ING3 locus) was also high in solid type tumors, showing a near significant association. In addition, a notable tendency toward higher LOH for half of the markers was observed in recurrent cases. LOH of ING family genes appears as a common genetic alteration in solid ameloblastoma. The current study provides interesting novel information regarding the potential prognostic significance of the allelic loss of the ING gene family loci in ameloblastoma tumorigenesis.

  20. Modulators of inhibitor of growth (ING) family expression in development and disease. (United States)

    Maher, Stacey K; Helbing, Caren C


    The inhibitor of growth (ING) gene family proteins regulate many critical cellular processes such as cell proliferation and growth, apoptosis, DNA repair, senescence, angiogenesis, and drug resistance. Their transcripts and proteins are differentially expressed in health and disease and there is evidence for developmental regulation. The vast majority of studies have characterized ING levels in the context of cancer. However, relatively little attention has been paid to the expression of ING family members in other contexts. This review summarizes the findings from human and animal model systems that provide insight into the factors influencing the expression of these important proteins. We examine the influence of cell cycle and aging as well as genotoxic stress on ING expression levels and evaluate several emerging areas of inquiry demonstrating that ING gene activity may be modulated by factors such as the p53 tumor suppressor, DNA methylation, and ING proteins themselves with external factors such as hormones, reactive oxygen species, TGFbeta signalling, and other proteins of pathological significance also influencing ING levels. We then briefly discuss the influence of post-translational modification and changes in subcellular localization as it pertains to modulation of ING expression. Understanding how ING expression is modulated represents a vital aspect of effective drug targeting strategies.

  1. Interspecies data mining to predict novel ING-protein interactions in human. (United States)

    Gordon, Paul M K; Soliman, Mohamed A; Bose, Pinaki; Trinh, Quang; Sensen, Christoph W; Riabowol, Karl


    The INhibitor of Growth (ING) family of type II tumor suppressors (ING1-ING5) is involved in many cellular processes such as cell aging, apoptosis, DNA repair and tumorigenesis. To expand our understanding of the proteins with which the ING proteins interact, we designed a method that did not depend upon large-scale proteomics-based methods, since they may fail to highlight transient or relatively weak interactions. Here we test a cross-species (yeast, fly, and human) bioinformatics-based approach to identify potential human ING-interacting proteins with higher probability and accuracy than approaches based on screens in a single species. We confirm the validity of this screen and show that ING1 interacts specifically with three of the three proteins tested; p38MAPK, MEKK4 and RAD50. These novel ING-interacting proteins further link ING proteins to cell stress and DNA damage signaling, providing previously unknown upstream links to DNA damage response pathways in which ING1 participates. The bioinformatics approach we describe can be used to create an interaction prediction list for any human proteins with yeast homolog(s). None of the validated interactions were predicted by the conventional protein-protein interaction tools we tested. Validation of our approach by traditional laboratory techniques shows that we can extract value from the voluminous weak interaction data already elucidated in yeast and fly databases. We therefore propose that the weak (low signal to noise ratio) data from large-scale interaction datasets are currently underutilized.

  2. Dėl pr. -ing- priegaidės

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vytautas Rinkevičius


    Full Text Available ON THE SYLLABLE INTONATION OF OPR. -ing- SummaryThe difference in syllable intonation between the circumflex of OPr. -īng- and the acute of Lith. -ìng-, Latv. -îg- could be explained by the fact that these suffixes acquired stress relatively recently in the separate languages. In Lithuanian it became stressed as a result of Saussure-Fortunatov’s law, i.e. in the period when syllable intonations were distinguished in both stressed and unstressed syllables, whereas the stress of OPr. -īng- might be posterior to a possible neutralisation of syllable intonations in unstressed syllables. Alternatively, at least some of the attested OPr. examples with -īng- can be interpreted as contracted from forms with -īwing-, cf. wertīngs : wertīwings.

  3. Parading memory and re-member-ing conflict

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    McQuaid, Sara Dybris

    these ways, they are vernaculars that can unsettle received or official narratives attempting to smooth over differences and anxieties in transitory times. The emotive use of collective memory to charge processes of identity formation often form part of protracted and sectarian conflict (Horowitz [1985] 2000......Parading memory and re-member-ing conflict: Collective memory in transition in Northern Ireland This paper leverages an understanding of collective memory to examine the politico-cultural practice of parading in Northern Ireland and so extends our knowledge of the role of memory and commemoration...... in peace processes. Parades offer a particularly interesting case here precisely because of the multiple and contested ways in which they tie memory in with wider societal, cultural and political fabrics, and traverse spatial and temporal, social, cultural and political terrains. For parades are about...

  4. Profile of male-field dependent (FD) prospective teacher's reflective thinking in solving contextual mathematical problem (United States)

    Agustan, S.; Juniati, Dwi; Siswono, Tatag Yuli Eko


    Reflective thinking is an important component in the world of education, especially in professional education of teachers. In learning mathematics, reflective thinking is one way to solve mathematical problem because it can improve student's curiosity when student faces a mathematical problem. Reflective thinking is also a future competence that should be taught to students to face the challenges and to respond of demands of the 21st century. There are many factors which give impact toward the student's reflective thinking when student solves mathematical problem. One of them is cognitive style. For this reason, reflective thinking and cognitive style are important things in solving contextual mathematical problem. This research paper describes aspect of reflective thinking in solving contextual mathematical problem involved solution by using some mathematical concept, namely linear program, algebra arithmetic operation, and linear equations of two variables. The participant, in this research paper, is a male-prospective teacher who has Field Dependent. The purpose of this paper is to describe aspect of prospective teachers' reflective thinking in solving contextual mathematical problem. This research paper is a descriptive by using qualitative approach. To analyze the data, the researchers focus in four main categories which describe prospective teacher's activities using reflective thinking, namely; (a) formulation and synthesis of experience, (b) orderliness of experience, (c) evaluating the experience and (d) testing the selected solution based on the experience.

  5. Psychosocial Profile of Children Having Participated in an Intervention Program for Their Sexual Behavior Problems: The Predictor Role of Maltreatment. (United States)

    Tougas, Anne-Marie; Boisvert, Isabelle; Tourigny, Marc; Lemieux, Annie; Tremblay, Claudia; Gagnon, Mélanie M


    This study sought to verify if a history of maltreatment may predict the psychosocial profile of children who participated in an intervention program aiming at reducing sexual behavior problems. Data were collected at both the beginning and the end of the intervention program using a clinical protocol and standardized tests selected on the basis of the intervention targets. In general, the results indicate that children who had experienced maltreatment display a psychosocial profile that is similar to that of children who had not experienced maltreatment. However, children who had experienced psychological abuse or neglect may display greater externalized or sexualized behaviors, whereas children who have a parent who had been a victim of sexual abuse may display fewer sexualized behaviors.

  6. Potential usage of ING family members in cancer diagnostics and molecular therapy. (United States)

    Gunduz, Mehmet; Demircan, Kadir; Gunduz, Esra; Katase, Naoki; Tamamura, Ryo; Nagatsuka, Hitoshi


    The Inhibitor of Growth (ING) gene family is an emerging putative type II tumor suppressor gene (TSG). Proteins of INGs (ING1-5), critical modulator of the histone code via PHD fingers, are able to suppress cell growth and proliferation, induce apoptosis, and modulate cell cycle progression. ING proteins are involved in transcriptional regulation of genes, such as the p53-inducible gene p21. ING proteins also serve as shuttling proteins between nucleus and cytoplasm, and dysregulation of this nucleocytoplasmic traffic has been shown in some cancer cells. In cancer cells, ING mRNA levels are often lost or suppressed but the genes are rarely mutated. Recently the potential roles of ING proteins as prognostic biomarkers, detection of aggressive behavior of the tumor as well as prediction of chemo-radiotherapy response have also emerged. In this review, we summarize the up-to-date knowledge on functions of the ING proteins, the protein status in human tumors and discuss as a potential target in the molecular diagnostics and therapy of cancer.

  7. Regulation of p53 by ING family members in suppression of tumor initiation and progression. (United States)

    Jafarnejad, Seyed Mehdi; Li, Gang


    The INhibitor of Growth (ING) family is an evolutionarily conserved set of proteins, implicated in suppression of initiation and progression of cancers in various tissues. They promote cell cycle arrest, cellular senescence and apoptosis, participate in stress responses, regulate DNA replication and DNA damage responses, and inhibit cancer cell migration, invasion, and angiogenesis of the tumors. At the molecular level, ING proteins are believed to participate in chromatin remodeling and transcriptional regulation of their target genes. However, the best known function of ING proteins is their cooperation with p53 tumor suppressor protein in tumor suppression. All major isoforms of ING family members can promote the transactivition of p53 and the majority of them are shown to directly interact with p53. In addition, ING proteins are thought to interact with and modulate the function of auxiliary members of p53 pathway, such as MDM2, ARF , p300, and p21, indicating their widespread involvement in the regulation and function of this prominent tumor suppressor pathway. It seems that p53 pathway is the main mechanism by which ING proteins exert their functions. Nevertheless, regulation of other pathways which are not relevant to p53, yet important for tumorigenesis such as TGF-β and NF-κB, by ING proteins is also observed. This review summarizes the current understanding of the mutual interactions and cooperation between different members of ING family with p53 pathway and implications of this cooperation in the suppression of cancer initiation and progression.

  8. Inge Lehmann: Studietid og tidlige akademiske ansættelser 1907-1928

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lund Jacobsen, A. Lif


    Tidlige, succesfulde, kvindelige, naturvidenskabelige forskere, som Inge Lehmann, er blevet internationale ikoner for akademisk ligestilling. I virkeligheden måtte kvinder som Inge Lehmann navigere i forhold til komplekse sociale agendaer og i vidt omfang indordne sig under disse for at opnå...

  9. Impact of pEGFP mediated ING4 gene on growth of glioma U251 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    To investigate the impact of the inhibitor of growth family 4 (ING4) on growth of glioma cells (U251 cells) and its potential molecular mechanism, total RNA was extracted from the embryonic tissues and ING4 was amplified by RT-PCR and cloned into pEGFP-C2 vector. U251 cells were transfected with eukaryotic expression ...

  10. 76 FR 45303 - ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund, et al.; Notice of Application (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund, et al.; Notice of Application July 21, 2011... outstanding preferred stock that such investment companies may issue. Applicants: ING Asia Pacific High...

  11. ING4 inhibits the translation of proto-oncogene MYC by interacting with AUF1. (United States)

    Lu, Meiling; Pan, Chunyang; Zhang, Lantian; Ding, Chenhong; Chen, Fei; Wang, Qinwan; Wang, Kesheng; Zhang, Xin


    The ING4 tumor suppressor plays a significant role in various cancer-related cellular processes. AUF1 affects the stability and/or translation of multiple mRNAs via binding to an AU-rich element in the 3'-untranslated regions. In this study, we identify AUF1 as a novel and direct binding partner of ING4. mRNP immunoprecipitation assays indicated that ING4, AUF1 and MYC mRNA present in the same mRNP complex. ING4 suppressed MYC protein expression without altering MYC mRNA levels, and abolished the cell proliferation induced by AUF1 in K562 cells. These results suggest that ING4 may regulate MYC translation by its association with AUF1. Copyright © 2013 Federation of European Biochemical Societies. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  12. Self-reported problems before and after prosthodontic treatments according to newly created Turkish version of oral health impact profile. (United States)

    Baran, Ilgi; Nalcaci, Rana


    The aim of the study was to assess patients' socio-demographic factors with their removable prosthesis in general, as well as to assess their problems with the functional limitation, physical pain, psychological discomfort, physical disability, social disability, and handicap investigate impaired oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) in patient treated with removable dentures before treatment and at 1 and 12 months after treatment. The first part of the questionnaire was comprised of 20 questions. It was designed in four different sections as: (i) general socio-demographic factors, (ii) general health, (iii) experience and use of dental and denture care, and (iv) anamnestic sign and symptoms of temporomandibular disorders (TMD). A statistical analysis system (SAS) was used for data management and analysis. Patient-reported problems were studied using the item list contained in the Turkish version of the oral health impact profile (OHIP) in a convenience sample of 136 prosthodontic patients before (m(0)), 1 month after (m(1)), and 12 months (m(2)) after treatment were then examined by using two-way ANOVA with repeated measurement. Differences in OHRQoL were present when item-specific prevalence was stratified by time of total scores; gender, residential area, working status, self-reported general health, smoking status, denture type, importance of the convenient dental care, trauma story, self-reported TMD/pain, and self-reported TMD/difficulty opening mouth wide. At baseline, the most prevalent frequently reported problems "difficulties chewing" (49.3%), "digestion worse" (40.4%), "take longer to complete a meal" (36%), "food catching" (30.9%), and "dentures not fitting" (29.4%), and m(2) the most prevalent frequently reported problems were "avoid going out" (25%), "difficulties chewing" (17.6), "sore jaw" (15.5%), and "take longer to complete a meal" (14%). The study confirmed that denture status is by far the strongest predictor of impaired OHRQoL compared

  13. Some Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Fin Problem for Steady Heat Transfer in Longitudinal Fin with Different Profiles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. D. Mhlongo


    Full Text Available One-dimensional steady-state heat transfer in fins of different profiles is studied. The problem considered satisfies the Dirichlet boundary conditions at one end and the Neumann boundary conditions at the other. The thermal conductivity and heat coefficients are assumed to be temperature dependent, which makes the resulting differential equation highly nonlinear. Classical Lie point symmetry methods are employed, and some reductions are performed. Some invariant solutions are constructed. The effects of thermogeometric fin parameter, the exponent on temperature, and the fin efficiency are studied.

  14. Measuring the impact of health problems among adults with limited mobility in Thailand: further validation of the Perceived Impact of Problem Profile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manderson Lenore


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The Perceived Impact of Problem Profile (PIPP was developed to provide a tool for measuring the impact of a health condition from the individual's perspective, using the ICF model as a framework. One of the aims of the ICF is to enable the comparison of data across countries, however, relatively little is known about the subjective experience of disability in middle and low-income countries. The aim of this study was to assess the validity of the Perceived Impact of Problem Profile (PIPP for use among adults with a disability in Thailand using Rasch analysis. Methods A total of 210 adults with mobility impairment from the urban, rural and remote areas of northeast Thailand completed the PIPP, which contains 23 items assessing both impact and distress across five key domains (Self-care, Mobility, Participation, Relationships, and Psychological Well-being. Rasch analysis, using RUMM2020, was conducted to assess the internal validity and psychometric properties of the PIPP Impact subscales. Validation of the PIPP Impact scales was conducted by comparing scores across the different response levels of the EQ5D items. Results Rasch analysis indicated that participants did not clearly differentiate between 'impact' and 'distress,' the two aspects assessed by the PIPP. Further analyses were therefore limited to the PIPP Impact subscales. These showed adequate psychometric properties, demonstrating fit to the Rasch model and good person separation reliability. Preliminary validity testing using the EQ5D items provided support for the PIPP Impact subscales. Conclusion The results provide further support for the psychometric properties of the PIPP Impact scales and indicate that it is a suitable tool for use among adults with a locomotor disability in Thailand. Further research is needed to validate the PIPP across different cultural contexts and health conditions and to assess the usefulness of separate Impact and Distress subscales.

  15. Correlation of colluvial deposits with the modern land surface and the problem of slope profile description (United States)

    Mitusov, A. V.; Mitusova, O. E.; Wendt, J.; Dreibrodt, S.; Bork, H.-R.


    This article focuses on features of spatial distribution of colluvial (slope) deposits on a micro scale. These features were detected by the non-parametric rank correlation of Spearman (rS) between thickness of colluvial layers and morphometric variables (MVs) of the modern land surface. The strongest correlation was found between total thickness of colluvial layers and maximal catchment area (rS = 0.85). A negative correlation was observed between thicknesses of younger and older colluvial layers. Additionally, if young colluvial layers have a negative correlation with slope steepness (GA), relatively old buried colluvial layers have a positive correlation with GA. These facts indicate an inversion of the zones of actual matter accumulation due to transformation of the land surface in profile during long-term sedimentation. Vertical curvature (kv) characterises acceleration and deceleration of surface flow caused by the shape of the slope profile along flow lines. Based on this, it was expected that kv would have a direct impact on the accumulation of colluvium. However, in this study, the correlations between the thickness of colluvial deposits and kv were low. Functional relationships between colluvial accumulation and the shape of profiles along flow lines were reflected by correlations with GA. Based on these observations, it is assumed that the regional nature of surface flow velocity affects the shift between existing accumulation zones reflected by colluvial deposits and potential accumulation zones reflected by MVs. Signs of correlation coefficients between the thickness of colluvial deposits and curvatures reflect the tendency of increased colluvial depositions at three out of 12 local landforms of Shary's classification. These landforms are located in the valley bottom. The mean thickness of colluvial deposits at these three landforms was 167 ± 18.7 cm (error range = standard deviation); the other nine landforms show a mean thickness of 130.1 ± 34.1 cm.

  16. The ING gene family in the regulation of cell growth and tumorigenesis. (United States)

    Coles, Andrew H; Jones, Stephen N


    The five members of the inhibitor of growth (ING) gene family have garnered significant interest due to their putative roles as tumor suppressors. However, the precise role(s) of these ING proteins in regulating cell growth and tumorigenesis remains uncertain. Biochemical and molecular biological analysis has revealed that all ING members encode a PHD finger motif proposed to bind methylated histones and phosphoinosital, and all ING proteins have been found as components of large chromatin remodeling complexes that also include histone acetyl transferase (HAT) and histone deacetylase (HDAC) enzymes, suggesting a role for ING proteins in regulating gene transcription. Additionally, the results of forced overexpression studies performed in tissue culture have indicated that several of the ING proteins can interact with the p53 tumor suppressor protein and/or the nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kappaB) protein complex. As these ING-associated proteins play well-established roles in numerous cell processes, including DNA repair, cell growth and survival, inflammation, and tumor suppression, several models have been proposed that ING proteins act as key regulators of cell growth not only through their ability to modify gene transcription but also through their ability to alter p53 and NF-kappaB activity. However, these models have yet to be substantiated by in vivo experimentation. This review summarizes what is currently known about the biological functions of the five ING genes based upon in vitro experiments and recent mouse modeling efforts, and will highlight the potential impact of INGs on the development of cancer. (c) 2008 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  17. Physiological Profiles during Delay of Gratification: Associations with Emotionality, Self-Regulation, and Adjustment Problems (United States)

    Wilson, Anna C.; Lengua, Liliana J.; Tininenko, Jennifer; Taylor, Adam; Trancik, Anika


    This longitudinal study utilized a community sample of children (N = 91, 45% female, 8-11 years at time 1) to investigate physiological responses (heart rate reactivity [HRR] and electrodermal responding [EDR]) during delay of gratification in relation to emotionality, self-regulation, and adjustment problems. Cluster analyses identified three…

  18. Clinical Profiles of Children with Disruptive Behaviors Based on the Severity of Their Conduct Problems, Callous-Unemotional Traits and Emotional Difficulties. (United States)

    Andrade, Brendan F; Sorge, Geoff B; Na, Jennifer Jiwon; Wharton-Shukster, Erika


    This study identified clinical profiles of referred children based on the severity of callous-unemotional (CU) traits, emotional difficulties, and conduct problems. Parents of 166 children (132 males) aged 6-12 years referred to a hospital clinic because of disruptive behavior completed measures to assess these key indicators, and person-centered analysis was used to identify profiles. Four distinct profiles were identified that include: (1) Children low in severity on the three domains, (2) Children high in severity on the three domains, (3) Children high in severity in conduct problems and CU traits with minimal emotional difficulties, and (4) Children high in severity in conduct problems and emotional difficulties with minimal CU traits. Profiles differed in degree of aggression and behavioral impairment. Findings show that clinic-referred children with disruptive behaviors can be grouped based on these important indicators into profiles that have important implications for assessment and treatment selection.

  19. Profiles and Pauses: Two Practical Activities for the Writing Class

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ernest Hall


    Full Text Available Abstract : This article describes two classroom activities, "Profiling" and "Pause Analysis", that can be successfully used in ESL writing classes. "Profiling" addresses such problems as poor development of ideas, simplistic ideas, and lack of coherence in written texts. "Pause Analysis" focusses on the thinking processes that students engage in while drafting text, processes such as searching for ideas, evaluat­ing ideas, and postponing ideas. Both activities enable the instructor to assume the role of intervener in the students' writing processes, rather than evaluator of the text produced. In drawing The attention of the student write to both product and process, "Profiling" and "Pause Analysis" help them develop an awareness of the relation-ship between ideas in English expository text and the thinking pro­cesses that writers engage in while drafting such text.

  20. ING Genes Work as Tumor Suppressor Genes in the Carcinogenesis of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. (United States)

    Li, Xiaohan; Kikuchi, Keiji; Takano, Yasuo


    Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is the sixth most common cancer in the world. The evolution and progression of HNSCC are considered to result from multiple stepwise alterations of cellular and molecular pathways in squamous epithelium. Recently, inhibitor of growth gene (ING) family consisting of five genes, ING1 to ING5, was identified as a new tumor suppressor gene family that was implicated in the downregulation of cell cycle and chromatin remodeling. In contrast, it has been shown that ING1 and ING2 play an oncogenic role in some cancers, this situation being similar to TGF-β. In HNSCC, the ING family has been reported to be downregulated, and ING translocation from the nucleus to the cytoplasm may be a critical event for carcinogenesis. In this paper, we describe our recent results and briefly summarize current knowledge regarding the biologic functions of ING in HNSCC.

  1. National Helpline for Problem Gambling: A Profile of Its Users’ Characteristics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luca Bastiani


    Full Text Available Gambling has seen a significant increase in Italy in the last 10 years and has rapidly become a public health issue, and for these reasons the first National Helpline for Problem Gambling (GR-Helpline has been established. The aims of this study are to describe the GR-Helpline users’ characteristics and to compare the prevalence rates of the users with those of moderate-risk/problematic gamblers obtained from the national survey (IPSAD 2010-2011. Statistical analysis was performed on data obtained from the counselling sessions (phone/e-mail/chat carried out on 5,805 users (57.5% gamblers; 42.5% families/friends. This confirms that the problems related to gambling concern not only the gamblers but also their families and friends. Significant differences were found between gamblers and families/friends involving gender (74% of gamblers were male; 76.9% of families/friends were female, as well as age-classes and geographical area. Female gamblers had a higher mean age (47.3 versus 40.2 years and preferred nonstrategy-based games. Prevalence rates of GR-Helpline users and of moderate risk/problematic gamblers were correlated (Rho = 0.58; p=0.0113. The results highlight the fact that remote access to counselling can be an effective means of promoting treatment for problem gamblers who do not otherwise appeal directly for services.

  2. Interpersonal Circumplex Profiles Of Persistent Depression: Goals, Self-Efficacy, Problems, And Effects Of Group Therapy. (United States)

    Locke, Kenneth D; Sayegh, Liliane; Penberthy, J Kim; Weber, Charlotte; Haentjens, Katherine; Turecki, Gustavo


    We assessed severely and persistently depressed patients' interpersonal self-efficacy, problems, and goals, plus changes in interpersonal functioning and depression during 20 weeks of group therapy. Outpatients (32 female, 26 male, mean age = 45 years) completed interpersonal circumplex measures of goals, efficacy, and problems before completing 20 weeks of manualized group therapy, during which we regularly assessed depression and interpersonal style. Compared to normative samples, patients lacked interpersonal agency, including less self-efficacy for expressive/assertive actions; stronger motives to avoid conflict, scorn, and humiliation; and more problems with being too submissive, inhibited, and accommodating. Behavioral Activation and especially Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy interventions produced improvements in depression and interpersonal agency, with increases in "agentic and communal" efficacy predicting subsequent decreases in depression. While severely and persistently depressed patients were prone to express maladaptive interpersonal dispositions, over the course of group therapy, they showed increasingly agentic and beneficial patterns of cognitions, motives, and behaviors. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  3. Prevalence and differential profile of patients with drug addiction problems who commit intimate partner violence. (United States)

    Arteaga, Alfonso; Fernández-Montalvo, Javier; López-Goñi, José J


    The objectives of this study were, first, to explore the prevalence of aggressors with lifetime intimate partner violence (IPV) among patients in the Proyecto Hombre of Navarra (Spain) addiction treatment programme; and second, to know the specific and differential characteristics of patients presenting IPV as aggressors. A sample of 162 patients (119 men and 43 women) was assessed. Data on socio-demographic and substance consumption characteristics, IPV variables, psychopathological symptoms, and personality variables were obtained. The profiles of patients in addiction treatment with and without a history of violence towards their partners were compared. The results showed that 33.6% of people in treatment for addiction had committed violence against their partners. This prevalence was significantly higher (χ(2)  = 15.6, p woman was one of the main predictors of committing IPV. © American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry.

  4. Nutrition and AGE-ing: Focusing on Alzheimer's Disease. (United States)

    Abate, Giulia; Marziano, Mariagrazia; Rungratanawanich, Wiramon; Memo, Maurizio; Uberti, Daniela


    Recently, the role of food and nutrition in preventing or delaying chronic disability in the elderly population has received great attention. Thanks to their ability to influence biochemical and biological processes, bioactive nutrients are considered modifiable factors capable of preserving a healthy brain status. A diet rich in vitamins and polyphenols and poor in saturated fatty acids has been recommended. In the prospective of a healthy diet, cooking methods should be also considered. In fact, cooking procedures can modify the original dietary content, contributing not only to the loss of healthy nutrients, but also to the formation of toxins, including advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These harmful compounds are adsorbed at intestinal levels and can contribute to the ageing process. The accumulation of AGEs in ageing ("AGE-ing") is further involved in the exacerbation of neurodegenerative and many other chronic diseases. In this review, we discuss food's dual role as both source of bioactive nutrients and reservoir for potential toxic compounds-paying particular attention to the importance of proper nutrition in preventing/delaying Alzheimer's disease. In addition, we focus on the importance of a good education in processing food in order to benefit from the nutritional properties of an optimal diet.

  5. 76 FR 54770 - Public Meeting: Notification by Capital One Financial Corporation, McLean, VA, To Acquire ING... (United States)


    ... Public Meeting: Notification by Capital One Financial Corporation, McLean, VA, To Acquire ING Bank, FSB, Wilmington, DE, and Indirectly To Acquire Shares of Sharebuilder Advisors, LLC and ING Direct Investing, Inc... Financial Corporation, McLean, Virginia, to acquire ING Bank, FSB, Wilmington, Delaware, and indirectly to...

  6. Profile of Self-Reported Problems with Executive Functioning in College and Professional Football Players (United States)

    Seichepine, Daniel R.; Stamm, Julie M.; Daneshvar, Daniel H.; Riley, David O.; Baugh, Christine M.; Gavett, Brandon E.; Tripodis, Yorghos; Martin, Brett; Chaisson, Christine; McKee, Ann C.; Cantu, Robert C.; Nowinski, Christopher J.


    Abstract Repetitive mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), such as that experienced by contact-sport athletes, has been associated with the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Executive dysfunction is believed to be among the earliest symptoms of CTE, with these symptoms presenting in the fourth or fifth decade of life. The present study used a well-validated self-report measure to study executive functioning in football players, compared to healthy adults. Sixty-four college and professional football players were administered the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, adult version (BRIEF-A) to evaluate nine areas of executive functioning. Scores on the BRIEF-A were compared to published age-corrected normative scores for healthy adults Relative to healthy adults, the football players indicated significantly more problems overall and on seven of the nine clinical scales, including Inhibit, Shift, Emotional Control, Initiate, Working Memory, Plan/Organize, and Task Monitor. These symptoms were greater in athletes 40 and older, relative to younger players. In sum, football players reported more-frequent problems with executive functioning and these symptoms may develop or worsen in the fifth decade of life. The findings are in accord with a growing body of evidence that participation in football is associated with the development of cognitive changes and dementia as observed in CTE. PMID:23421745

  7. Profile of self-reported problems with executive functioning in college and professional football players. (United States)

    Seichepine, Daniel R; Stamm, Julie M; Daneshvar, Daniel H; Riley, David O; Baugh, Christine M; Gavett, Brandon E; Tripodis, Yorghos; Martin, Brett; Chaisson, Christine; McKee, Ann C; Cantu, Robert C; Nowinski, Christopher J; Stern, Robert A


    Repetitive mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), such as that experienced by contact-sport athletes, has been associated with the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Executive dysfunction is believed to be among the earliest symptoms of CTE, with these symptoms presenting in the fourth or fifth decade of life. The present study used a well-validated self-report measure to study executive functioning in football players, compared to healthy adults. Sixty-four college and professional football players were administered the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, adult version (BRIEF-A) to evaluate nine areas of executive functioning. Scores on the BRIEF-A were compared to published age-corrected normative scores for healthy adults Relative to healthy adults, the football players indicated significantly more problems overall and on seven of the nine clinical scales, including Inhibit, Shift, Emotional Control, Initiate, Working Memory, Plan/Organize, and Task Monitor. These symptoms were greater in athletes 40 and older, relative to younger players. In sum, football players reported more-frequent problems with executive functioning and these symptoms may develop or worsen in the fifth decade of life. The findings are in accord with a growing body of evidence that participation in football is associated with the development of cognitive changes and dementia as observed in CTE.

  8. Astrophysics on the Edge: New Instrumental Developments at the ING (United States)

    Santander-García, M.; Rodríguez-Gil, P.; Tulloch, S.; Rutten, R. G. M.

    Present and future key instruments at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (ING) are introduced, and their corresponding latest scientific highlights are presented. GLAS (Ground-layer Laser Adaptive optics System): The recently installed 515 nm laser, mounted on the WHT (William Herschel Telescope), produces a bright artificial star at a height of 15 km. This enables almost full-sky access to Adaptive Optics observations. Recent commissioning observations with the NAOMI+GLAS system showed that very significant improvement in image quality can be obtained, e.g. down to 0.16 arcsec in the H band. QUCAM2 and QUCAM3: Two Low Light Level (L3) CCD cameras for fast or faint-object spectroscopy with the twin-armed ISIS spectrograph at the WHT. Their use opens a new window of high time-frequency observations, as well as access to fainter objects. They are powerful instruments for research on compact objects such as white dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes, stellar pulsations, and compact binaries.HARPS-NEF (High-Accuracy Radial-velocity Planet Searcher of the New Earths Facility): An extremely stable, high-resolution (R ˜ 120, 000) spectrograph for the WHT which is being constructed for commissioning in 2009-2010. Its radial velocity stability of < 1 m s- 1 may in the future be even further improved by using a Fabry-Perot laser-comb, a wavelength calibration unit capable of achieving an accuracy of 1 cm s- 1. This instrument will effectively allow to search for earth-like exoplanets.

  9. The ING observatory in the 2015-2025 decade (United States)

    Balcells, M.


    The Isaac Newton Group, after nearly 30 years of productive operation of the William Herschel, Isaac Newton and Jacobus Kapteyn telescopes, is reviewing its science focus. The central goal is to respond to the changes in the astronomical landscapes in UK, the Netherlands, and especially in Spain, now a mature world-player community with access to 10-m class telescopes on La Palma and Paranal. The current model, which exploits scientific and instrumentation diversity, will continue to be offered until 2017. In the meantime, an ING-led consortium is building WEAVE, a next-generation spectroscopic facility for the WHT. WEAVE is a multi-fibre system capable of deploying either 1000 single-fibre probes, 25 mini-IFUs or a single large IFU, to feed a two-arm bench spectrograph which delivers resolving powers of either 5000 or 20,000. WEAVE will exploit a new field corrector at the WHT that enlarges the prime-focus FOV diameter from the current 40 arcmin to 2 degrees. WEAVE will be used to carry out massive surveys that exploit Gaia data in topics of Milky Way astronomy and stellar evolution; surveys that carry out galaxy evolution studies linked to various multi-wavelength surveys, including the LOFAR radio telescope; and redshift surveys of distant galaxies for cosmology. Community fibres will be available. The expectation is that these surveys will use 70% of the WHT time until at least 2022. The rest of the time will be available via normal TAC allocations, for use of facility instrumentation. Plans for the INT include involving external institutions in the provision of new instrumentation and/or telescope upgrades in exchange for significant fractions of telescope time.

  10. Inges Kindlustus kukkus kahjumisse. Kindlustushindade alandamata jätmine viis miinusesse / Kadrin Karner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Karner, Kadrin


    Inges Kindlustuse kahjumi põhjustas kõrgema hinnataseme säilitamine ning juhatuse liikmele välja makstud märkimisväärne tasu. Konkurentide RSA Kindlustus, Ergo Kindlustuse AS ja IF Kindlustus majandustulemused

  11. Joint ING and NOT Conference: Second Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects (United States)

    Ostensen, R.


    Together with the Nordic Optical Telescope, the ING is organising a meeting with the title "Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects", to be held on La Palma from the 6 to 10 of June this summer. The conference venue is the Real Club Nautico of Santa Cruz de La Palma, and it will be the first major astronomy conference to be held in the home town of the ING's sea-level offices.

  12. Sciences, Technologies, Ingénierie et Mathématiques dans l ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    30 sept. 2014 ... Dans ledit rapport intitulé Une décennie de développement de la recherche en sciences, technologies, ingénierie et ... Après avoir rappelé l'évolution historique des institutions d'enseignement supérieur au Cameroun, cette communication offre un ... et de l'ingénierie : environnement numérique de travail,.

  13. Latent profiles of problem behavior within learning, peer, and teacher contexts: identifying subgroups of children at academic risk across the preschool year. (United States)

    Bulotsky-Shearer, Rebecca J; Bell, Elizabeth R; Domínguez, Ximena


    Employing a developmental and ecological model, the study identified initial levels and rates of change in academic skills for subgroups of preschool children exhibiting problem behavior within routine classroom situations. Six distinct latent profile types of emotional and behavioral adjustment were identified for a cohort of low-income children early in the preschool year (N=4417). Profile types provided a descriptive picture of patterns of classroom externalizing, internalizing, and situational adjustment problems common to subgroups of children early in the preschool year. The largest profile type included children who exhibited low problem behavior and were characterized as well-adjusted to the preschool classroom early in the year. The other profile types were characterized by distinct combinations of elevated internalizing, externalizing, and situational problem behavior. Multinomial logistic regression identified younger children and boys at increased risk for classification in problem types, relative to the well-adjusted type. Latent growth models indicated that children classified within the extremely socially and academically disengaged profile type, started and ended the year with the lowest academic skills, relative to all other types. Implications for future research, policy, and practice are discussed. Copyright © 2012 Society for the Study of School Psychology. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. The Mobile Teachers Profile Competencies Performance And Problems In The Department Of Education Division Of Northern Samar Philippines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Estrellita C. Pinca


    Full Text Available Abstract This study aimed to describe the profile of the mobile teachers assess their competencies determine the level of their performance and identify the problems they encountered from 2010-2014 in the Department of Education Division of Northern Samar Philippines. The descriptive evaluative research design was used. Questionnaires actual observation focus-group discussion and interview were utilized in gathering the data. All mobile teachers during the conduct of the study served as respondents. Others sources of information were the ALS Education supervisor ALS specialist the District supervisor barangay officials learners and completers. The performance rating given by the District supervisor was used as the basis in determining the work performance of the mobile teachers. The mobile teachers were young adults majorities were males educationally qualified but their formal training were inclined towards the conduct of formal classes. Several mobile teachers have pursued graduate studies geared towards administration and supervision. All were passers of the Licensure Examination for Teachers but were relatively young in service as mobile teachers. They have higher competence in the conduct of learning sessions and have very satisfactory work performance. Their major problems were lack of community-based instructional materials delayed release of travel allowance and absence of permanent room during the conduct of the learning sessions.

  15. Measuring the impact and distress of health problems from the individual's perspective: development of the Perceived Impact of Problem Profile (PIPP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bennett Elizabeth


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The aim of this study was to develop and conduct preliminary validation of the Perceived Impact of Problem Profile (PIPP. Based on the biopsychosocial model of health and functioning, the PIPP was intended as a generic research and clinical measurement tool to assess the impact and distress of health conditions from the individuals' perspective. The ICF classification system was used to guide the structure of the PIPP with subscales included to assess impact on self-care, mobility, participation, relationships and psychological well-being. While the ICF focuses on the classification of objective health and health related status, the PIPP broadens this focus to address the individuals' subjective experience of their health condition. Methods An item pool of 23 items assessing both impact and distress on five key domains was generated. These were administered to 169 adults with mobility impairment. Rasch analysis using RUMM2020 was conducted to assess the psychometric properties of each set of items. Preliminary construct validation of the PIPP was performed using the EQ5D. Results For both the Impact and Distress scales of the PIPP, the five subscales (Self-care, Mobility, Participation, Relationships, and Psychological Well-being showed adequate psychometric properties, demonstrating fit to the Rasch model. All subscales showed adequate person separation reliability and no evidence of differential item functioning for sex, age, educational level or rural vs urban residence. Preliminary validity testing using the EQ5D items provided support for the subscales. Conclusion This preliminary study, using a sample of adults with mobility impairment, provides support for the psychometric properties of the PIPP as a potential clinical and research measurement tool. The PIPP provides a brief, but comprehensive means to assess the key ICF components, focusing on the individuals' perspective of the impact and distress caused by their

  16. ING1 and 5-azacytidine act synergistically to block breast cancer cell growth.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Satbir Thakur

    Full Text Available Inhibitor of Growth (ING proteins are epigenetic "readers" that recognize trimethylated lysine 4 of histone H3 (H3K4Me3 and target histone acetyl transferase (HAT and histone deacetylase (HDAC complexes to chromatin.Here we asked whether dysregulating two epigenetic pathways with chemical inhibitors showed synergistic effects on breast cancer cell line killing. We also tested whether ING1 could synergize better with chemotherapeutics that target the same epigenetic mechanism such as the HDAC inhibitor LBH589 (Panobinostat or a different epigenetic mechanism such as 5-azacytidine (5azaC, which inhibits DNA methyl transferases. Simultaneous treatment of breast cancer cell lines with LBH589 and 5azaC did not show significant synergy in killing cells. However, combination treatment of ING1 with either LBH589 or 5azaC did show synergy. The combination of ING1b with 5azaC, which targets two distinct epigenetic mechanisms, was more effective at lower doses and enhanced apoptosis as determined by Annexin V staining and cleavage of caspase 3 and poly-ADP-ribose polymerase (PARP. ING1b plus 5azaC also acted synergistically to increase γH2AX staining indicating significant levels of DNA damage were induced. Adenoviral delivery of ING1b with 5azaC also inhibited cancer cell growth in a murine xenograft model and led to tumor regression when viral concentration was optimized in vivo.These data show that targeting distinct epigenetic pathways can be more effective in blocking cancer cell line growth than targeting the same pathway with multiple agents, and that using viral delivery of epigenetic regulators can be more effective in synergizing with a chemical agent than using two chemotherapeutic agents. This study also indicates that the ING1 epigenetic regulator may have additional activities in the cell when expressed at high levels.

  17. Hierarchy problem and BSM physics

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Gautam Bhattacharyya


    protected' from receiving ... One-loop quantum corrections to the Higgs boson mass from fermion loops go like m2 h( f )=−(y2 .... pion mass generation in the case of electroweak break- ing. The problem would be that the W-mass ...

  18. Occupational Outcome in Adult ADHD: Impact of Symptom Profile, Comorbid Psychiatric Problems, and Treatment--A Cross-Sectional Study of 414 Clinically Diagnosed Adult ADHD Patients (United States)

    Halmoy, Anne; Fasmer, Ole Bernt; Gillberg, Christopher; Haavik, Jan


    Objective: To determine the effects of symptom profile, comorbid psychiatric problems, and treatment on occupational outcome in adult ADHD patients. Method: Adult ADHD patients (N = 414) responded to questionnaires rating past and present symptoms of ADHD, comorbid conditions, treatment history, and work status. Results: Of the patients, 24%…

  19. Additional file 1: Figure S1. of ING3 promotes prostate cancer growth by activating the androgen receptor


    Nabbi, Arash; McClurg, Urszula; Thalappilly, Subhash; Almami, Amal; Mobahat, Mahsa; Bismar, Tarek; Binda, Olivier; Riabowol, Karl


    The four panels show representative images of a line of C4-2 cells stably infected with inducible lentiviral shCtrl or shING3, with or without Dox. The western blots show the efficiency of ING3 knockdown in the presence or absence of Dox. Figure S2. (A) Lysates from three AR-positive prostate cancer cell lines were subject to western blotting with antibodies against ING3, GAPDH, and actin. (B) mRNA levels of ING3 were normalized to actin in three prostate cancer cell lines. (C) LNCaP, C4-2, a...

  20. Science d'ingénieurs et Sciences Pour l'Ingénieur : l'exemple du génie chimique


    Grossetti, Michel; Detrez, Claude


    Construit en grande partie en dehors du cadre académique, le génie chimique est devenu une spécialité scientifique enseignée dans les universités ou écoles d'ingénieurs. L'analyse des processus par lesquels cette spécialité s'est constituée aux Etats-Unis dans les années vingt avant d'être importée en France après guerre par des universitaires permet de mieux comprendre les divers arrangements entre les industriels, les ingénieurs, les universitaires et les pouvoirs publics conduisant à la co...

  1. Modulation of thyroid hormone-dependent gene expression in Xenopus laevis by INhibitor of Growth (ING) proteins. (United States)

    Helbing, Caren C; Wagner, Mary J; Pettem, Katherine; Johnston, Jill; Heimeier, Rachel A; Veldhoen, Nik; Jirik, Frank R; Shi, Yun-Bo; Browder, Leon W


    INhibitor of Growth (ING) proteins belong to a large family of plant homeodomain finger-containing proteins important in epigenetic regulation and carcinogenesis. We have previously shown that ING1 and ING2 expression is regulated by thyroid hormone (TH) during metamorphosis of the Xenopus laevis tadpole. The present study investigates the possibility that ING proteins modulate TH action. Tadpoles expressing a Xenopus ING2 transgene (Trans(ING2)) were significantly smaller than tadpoles not expressing the transgene (Trans(GFP)). When exposed to 10 nM 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine (T(3)), premetamorphic Trans(ING2) tadpoles exhibited a greater reduction in tail, head, and brain areas, and a protrusion of the lower jaw than T(3)-treated Trans(GFP) tadpoles. Quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction (QPCR) demonstrated elevated TH receptor β (TRβ) and TH/bZIP transcript levels in Trans(ING2) tadpole tails compared to Trans(GFP) tadpoles while TRα mRNAs were unaffected. In contrast, no difference in TRα, TRβ or insulin-like growth factor (IGF2) mRNA abundance was observed in the brain between Trans(ING2) and Trans(GFP) tadpoles. All of these transcripts, except for TRα mRNA in the brain, were inducible by the hormone in both tissues. Oocyte transcription assays indicated that ING proteins enhanced TR-dependent, T(3)-induced TRβ gene promoter activity. Examination of endogenous T(3)-responsive promoters (TRβ and TH/bZIP) in the tail by chromatin immunoprecipitation assays showed that ING proteins were recruited to TRE-containing regions in T(3)-dependent and independent ways, respectively. Moreover, ING and TR proteins coimmunoprecipitated from tail protein homogenates derived from metamorphic climax animals. We show for the first time that ING proteins modulate TH-dependent responses, thus revealing a novel role for ING proteins in hormone signaling. This has important implications for understanding hormone influenced disease states and suggests that the

  2. BE-ing @Work: Wearables and Presence of Mind in the Workplace (United States)

    Forbes Oste, Heidi


    Expectations and demands in the changing contemporary workplace are driven by emergent technologies. Ubiquitous in nature, they are designed to enhance human and organization potential. These technologies provide access to information and connection at all times. They are increasingly reliant on human relationships and connection. BE-ing one's…

  3. Queer(y)ing Religion and Spirituality: Reflections from Difficult Dialogues Exploring Religion, Spirituality, and Homosexuality (United States)

    LePeau, Lucy


    This article describes a student affairs practitioner's experience with co-instructing a course entitled, "Queer(y)ing Religion and Spirituality". The ways practitioners can facilitate difficult dialogues with students about the intersection of spirituality and GLBT issues are explored.

  4. State aid and bank intervention: the ING Illiquid Assets Back-up Facility (IABF)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Wijnbergen, S.; Treur, L.


    The ING Illiquid Assets Back-up Facility announced January 2009 was a SWAP-based insurance to reduce ING’s exposure to Alt-A related risk. Did the deal involve state aid? Using marketprices to evaluate the SWAP directly is impossible because markets for Alt-A based CDOs had collapsed. We therefore

  5. ASSIsT: An Automatic SNP ScorIng Tool for in- and outbreeding species

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Guardo, Di M.; Micheletti, D.; Bianco, L.; Koehorst-van Putten, H.J.J.; Longhi, S.; Costa, F.; Aranzana, M.J.; Velasco, R.; Arus, P.; Troggio, M.; Weg, van de W.E.


    ASSIsT (Automatic SNP ScorIng Tool) is a user-friendly customized pipeline for efficient calling and filtering of SNPs from Illumina Infinium arrays, specifically devised for custom genotyping arrays. Illumina has developed an integrated software for SNP data visualization and inspection called

  6. cat had tabby mark- ings. The colour of the male par

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Oct 1, 1975 ... for how long they have been present. All 15 kittens of the tame (black) cat had tabby mark- ings. The colour of the male parents was not known. On Marion Island 69 per cent of sightings. (n = 192) of feral cats were of black or mainly black animals; four black and one tabby cat comprised the original ...

  7. Queer(y)ing and Recrafting Agency: Moving Away from a Model of Coercion versus Escape (United States)

    Gowlett, Christina


    This paper applies a Butlerian-inspired "queer(y)ing" methodology to disrupt the utility of agency being framed within the binary of escape and coercion. In particular, it uses Butler's concept of performative resignification to analyse how Simon, a 16-year-old white male student, maneouvres his way through the social conventions of…

  8. Inge Lehmann and the rise of international seismology, 1925-1970

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lund Jacobsen, A. Lif


    Danish seismologist Inge Lehmann (1888-1993) is best known for presenting the first evidence of the Earth’s inner core in 1936. Her active research career as a seismologist began in 1928, continued well into the 1970s, and earned her the reputation as “the grande dame” of modern seismology....

  9. De verering van een schim. Musidora en de overlev(er)ing van Irma Vep

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Förster, Annette


    textabstractIrma Vep verscheen in 1915-1916 voor het eerst op het witte doek, in de misdaadserie LES VAMPIRES van Louis Feuillade. Het tot de verbeelding sprekend filmpersonage werd gestalte gegeven door de actrice Musidora. Welke zijn de historische en discursieve voorwaarden voor de overlev(er)ing

  10. La carte, outil de réflexion de l'ingénieur des mines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guy Baudelle


    Full Text Available Pour l'ingénieur qui étudie l'emplacement d'un nouveau siège d'extraction, la cartographie est le support d'une réflexion authentiquement géographique sur le milieu et l'espace.

  11. Expression of HIF-1A/VEGF/ING-4 Axis in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. (United States)

    Piotrowski, W J; Kiszałkiewicz, J; Pastuszak-Lewandoska, D; Górski, P; Antczak, A; Migdalska-Sęk, M; Górski, W; Czarnecka, K H; Domańska, D; Nawrot, E; Brzeziańska-Lasota, E


    Angiogenesis/angiostasis regulated by hypoxia inducible factor-1A (HIF-1A)/vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)/inhibitor of growth protein 4 (ING-4) axis may be crucial for the course and outcome of sarcoidosis. Overexpression of angiogenic factors (activation of VEGF through HIF-1A) may predispose to chronic course and lung fibrosis, whereas immunoangiostasis (related to an overexpression of inhibitory ING-4) may be involved in granuloma formation in early sarcoid inflammation, or sustained or recurrent formation of granulomas. In this work we investigated gene expression of HIF-1A, VEGF and ING-4 in bronchoalveolar fluid (BALF) cells and in peripheral blood (PB) lymphocytes of sarcoidosis patients (n=94), to better understand mechanisms of the disease and to search for its biomarkers. The relative gene expression level (RQ value) was analyzed by qPCR. The results were evaluated according to the presence of lung parenchymal involvement (radiological stage I vs. II-IV), acute vs. insidious onset, lung function tests, calcium metabolism parameters, percentage of lymphocytes (BALL%) and BAL CD4+/CD8+ in BALF, age, and gender. In BALF cells, the ING-4 and VEGF RQ values were increased, while HIF-1A expression was decreased. In PB lymphocytes all studied genes were overexpressed. Higher expression of HIF-1A in PB lymphocytes of patients with abnormal spirometry, and in BALF cells of patients with lung volume restriction was found. VEGF gene expression in BALF cells was also higher in patients with abnormal spirometry. These findings were in line with previous data on the role of HIF-1A/VEGF/ING-4 axis in the pathogenesis of sarcoidosis. Up-regulated HIF-1A and VEGF genes are linked to acknowledged negative prognostics.

  12. The problems of calculating the load-bearing structures made of light steel thin-walled profiles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roy Vera


    Full Text Available The article presents the results of a study of bearing capacity of thin-walled cold-formed steel beam of the guide profile. Such profiles have a small thickness and complex cross-sectional shape. Bending deformation develops in the cross-sectional plane under the influence of loads in beam. In addition, deformation of constrained torsion and warping arise. These deformations influence the stress distribution at the points of the cross-section of the beam and thereby determine its load-bearing capacity.

  13. A snapshot of residents in medical oncology in Turkey: A Nationwide survey on profile and key problems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erdinc Nayir


    Conclusion: Recognition of the subspecialty residents who are the future of medical oncology, and determination of their needs, and problems will contribute to the development of recommendations for their solution. In our country their main problems are medical conscription, inadequate education, and burnout.

  14. Gender and patterns of alcohol problems: pretreatment responses of women and men to the comprehensive drinker profile. (United States)

    Miller, W R; Cervantes, E A


    Gender differences were analyzed in a sample of 233 (83 women, 150 men) problem drinkers treated at the same clinic. Demographic and family history measures showed few gender differences. Men reported more alcohol consumption than did women, but patterns of drinking and intoxication levels were similar. Males reported drinking and intoxication at an earlier age, more beer and less wine drinking and more drinking away from home and driving after drinking. Women reported more negative emotional effects of drinking and more spouses with alcohol problems. Despite similar problem duration, men showed more lifetime alcohol problems but not dependence signs. Men were more likely to accept a disease concept of alcoholism. Rates of smoking, other drug use, and other life problems were similar.

  15. Loss of inhibitor of growth (ING-4) is implicated in the pathogenesis and progression of human astrocytomas. (United States)

    Klironomos, George; Bravou, Vasiliki; Papachristou, Dionysios J; Gatzounis, George; Varakis, John; Parassi, Ekaterini; Repanti, Maria; Papadaki, Helen


    Inhibitor of growth 4 (ING-4) is a tumor suppressor gene that interacts with nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB) and represses its transcriptional activity. Several lines of evidence suggest that the tumor suppressor gene ING-4, the transcription factor NF-kappaB and its target genes matrix metalloproteases MMP-2, MMP-9 and urokinase plasminogen activator (u-PA) are critically involved in tumor invasion. The aim of the present study was to investigate immunohistochemically the expression pattern of ING-4, NF-kappaB and the NF-kappaB downstream targets MMP-2, MMP-9 and u-PA in human astrocytomas from 101 patients. We found that ING-4 expression was significantly decreased in astrocytomas, and ING-4 loss was associated with tumor grade progression. Expression of p65, a NF-kappaB subunit, was significantly higher in grade IV than in grade III and grade I/II tumors, and a statistical significant negative correlation between expression of ING-4 and expression of nuclear p65 was noticed. MMP-9, MMP-2 and u-PA were overexpressed in human astrocytomas. Of note, astrocytomas of advanced histologic grades (grade III, IV) displayed significantly higher expression levels of these proteins compared to tumors of lower grades (grade I, II). Collectively, our data suggest an essential role for ING-4 in human astrocytoma development and progression possibly through regulation of the NF-kappaB-dependent expression of genes involved in tumor invasion.

  16. « Droit d’ingérence » et droit humanitaire : les faux amis


    Herlemont-Zoritchak, Nathalie


    En droit international, le principe de non-intervention, c’est-à-dire le droit de tout État souverain à conduire ses affaires sans ingérence extérieure, est un principe coutumier universellement applicable. Suivant une contre-interprétation extensive et non juridique de la notion, la scène internationale apparaît souvent aujourd’hui comme un monde d’ingérences multiformes. Si la notion d’ingérence est souvent utilisée bien au-delà de sa dimension juridique dans le domaine de l’action humanita...

  17. Sciences, Technologies, Ingénierie et Mathématiques dans l ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    30 sept. 2014 ... Dans ledit rapport intitulé Une décennie de développement de la recherche en sciences, technologies, ingénierie et mathématiques en Afrique subsaharienne, il est indiqué que l'essor récent de la recherche en Afrique s'explique largement par les avancées dans le domaine de la santé qui constitue, ...

  18. The 'Techniques de l'ingénieur' available online at CERN!

    CERN Multimedia


    Those already familiar with 'Techniques de l'ingénieur' will be delighted. This engineering technology database widely known among French-speaking engineers and technicians can now be consulted online from the CERN Intranet until the end of the summer. To access this database of reference articles in French, all you need to do is go to the CERN Library's Web pages ( and click on the 'Techniques de l'ingénieur' link under the 'News' heading. The Library will be monitoring the use of the database for a couple of months, at the end of which an access licence may be negotiated. Don't hesitate to use it because the decision whether or not to purchase it will depend on the extent to which it is used. The Library is seeking partners within the Laboratory to finance the purchase if it is decided to go ahead with it. Contributions from the CERN community are therefore welcome. For those who are not yet familiar with it, the 'Techniques de l'ingénieur' database ...

  19. Excel pour l'ingénieur bases, graphiques, calculs, macros, VBA

    CERN Document Server

    Bellan, Philippe


    Excel, utilisé par tout possesseur d'un ordinateur personnel pour effectuer des manipulations élémentaires de tableaux et de chiffres, est en réalité un outil beaucoup plus puissant, aux potentialités souvent ignorées. A tous ceux, étudiants scientifiques, élèves-ingénieurs ou ingénieurs en exercice qui pensaient le calcul numérique seulement possible à travers des logiciels lourds et coûteux, ce livre montrera qu'un grand nombre de problèmes mathématiques courants de l'ingénieur peuvent être résolus numériquement en utilisant les outils de calcul et la capacité graphique d'Excel. A cet effet, après avoir introduit les notions de base, l'ouvrage décrit les fonctions disponibles avec Excel, puis quelques méthodes numériques simples permettant de calculer des intégrales, de résoudre des équations différentielles, d'obtenir les solutions de systèmes linéaires ou non, de traiter des problèmes d'optimisation... Les méthodes numériques présentées, qui sont très simples, peuvent...

  20. The Caenorhabditis elegans ing-3 gene regulates ionizing radiation-induced germ-cell apoptosis in a p53-associated pathway. (United States)

    Luo, Jingjing; Shah, Sitar; Riabowol, Karl; Mains, Paul E


    The inhibitor of growth (ING) family of type II tumor suppressors are encoded by five genes in mammals and by three genes in Caenorhabditis elegans. All ING proteins contain a highly conserved plant homeodomain (PHD) zinc finger. ING proteins are activated by stresses, including ionizing radiation, leading to the activation of p53. ING proteins in mammals and yeast have recently been shown to read the histone code in a methylation-sensitive manner to regulate gene expression. Here we identify and characterize ing-3, the C. elegans gene with the highest sequence identity to the human ING3 gene. ING-3 colocalizes with chromatin in embryos, the germline, and somatic cells. The ing-3 gene is part of an operon but is also transcribed from its own promoter. Both ing-3(RNAi) and ing-3 mutant strains demonstrate that the gene likely functions in concert with the C. elegans p53 homolog, cep-1, to induce germ-cell apoptosis in response to ionizing radiation. Somatically, the ing-3 mutant has a weak kinker uncoordinated (kinker Unc) phenotype, indicating a possible neuronal function.

  1. The inhibitor of growth protein 5 (ING5 depends on INCA1 as a co-factor for its antiproliferative effects.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Feng Zhang

    Full Text Available The proteins of the Inhibitor of Growth (ING family are involved in multiple cellular functions such as cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, and chromatin remodeling. For ING5, its actual role in growth suppression and the necessary partners are not known. In a yeast-two-hybrid approach with human bone marrow derived cDNA, we identified ING5 as well as several other proteins as interaction partners of Inhibitor of cyclin A1 (INCA1 that we previously characterized as a novel interaction partner of cyclin A1/CDK2. ING5 expression in leukemic AML blasts was severely reduced compared to normal bone marrow. In line, ING5 inhibited bone marrow colony formation upon retroviral transduction. However, Inca1(-/- bone marrow colony formation was not suppressed by ING5. In murine embryonic fibroblast (MEF cells from Inca1(+/+ and Inca1(-/- mice, overexpression of ING5 suppressed cell proliferation only in the presence of INCA1, while ING5 had no effect in Inca1(-/- MEFs. ING5 overexpression induced a delay in S-phase progression, which required INCA1. Finally, ING5 overexpression enhanced Fas-induced apoptosis in Inca1(+/+ MEFs, while Inca1(-/- MEFs were protected from Fas antibody-induced apoptosis. Taken together, these results indicate that ING5 is a growth suppressor with suppressed expression in AML whose functions depend on its interaction with INCA1.

  2. Magnetic diagnostics: general principles and the problem of reconstruction of plasma current and pressure profiles in toroidal systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pustovitov, V.D.


    The restrictions of the magnetic diagnostics are discussed. Being related to the integral nature of the measurable quantities, they follow from the fundamental laws of electromagnetism. A series of particular examples demonstrating the strength of these restrictions is given and analyzed. A general rule is emphasized that the information obtained from external magnetic measurements is obviously insufficient for the reliable evaluation of plasma current and pressure profiles in tokamaks or in stellarators. The underlying reason is that outside the plasma the own field of the equilibrium plasma currents is determined by the boundary conditions on the plasma surface only. (author)

  3. Needs, problems and rehabilitation goals of young children with cerebral palsy as formulated in the rehabilitation activities profile for children

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nijhuis, Bianca J. G.; Reinders-Messelink, Heleen A.; de Blecourt, Alida C. E.; Ties, Jans G.; Boonstra, Anne M.; Groothoff, Johan W.; Nakken, Han; Postema, Klaas

    Objective: To describe the content of needs, problems and goals of 41 Dutch children with cerebral palsy using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth (ICF-CY) as a classification system. To evaluate the adherence of formulations of needs,

  4. Performance Study of Monte Carlo Codes on Xeon Phi Coprocessors — Testing MCNP 6.1 and Profiling ARCHER Geometry Module on the FS7ONNi Problem (United States)

    Liu, Tianyu; Wolfe, Noah; Lin, Hui; Zieb, Kris; Ji, Wei; Caracappa, Peter; Carothers, Christopher; Xu, X. George


    This paper contains two parts revolving around Monte Carlo transport simulation on Intel Many Integrated Core coprocessors (MIC, also known as Xeon Phi). (1) MCNP 6.1 was recompiled into multithreading (OpenMP) and multiprocessing (MPI) forms respectively without modification to the source code. The new codes were tested on a 60-core 5110P MIC. The test case was FS7ONNi, a radiation shielding problem used in MCNP's verification and validation suite. It was observed that both codes became slower on the MIC than on a 6-core X5650 CPU, by a factor of 4 for the MPI code and, abnormally, 20 for the OpenMP code, and both exhibited limited capability of strong scaling. (2) We have recently added a Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) module to our ARCHER code to provide better support for geometry modelling in radiation shielding simulation. The functions of this module are frequently called in the particle random walk process. To identify the performance bottleneck we developed a CSG proxy application and profiled the code using the geometry data from FS7ONNi. The profiling data showed that the code was primarily memory latency bound on the MIC. This study suggests that despite low initial porting e_ort, Monte Carlo codes do not naturally lend themselves to the MIC platform — just like to the GPUs, and that the memory latency problem needs to be addressed in order to achieve decent performance gain.

  5. Performance Study of Monte Carlo Codes on Xeon Phi Coprocessors — Testing MCNP 6.1 and Profiling ARCHER Geometry Module on the FS7ONNi Problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liu Tianyu


    Full Text Available This paper contains two parts revolving around Monte Carlo transport simulation on Intel Many Integrated Core coprocessors (MIC, also known as Xeon Phi. (1 MCNP 6.1 was recompiled into multithreading (OpenMP and multiprocessing (MPI forms respectively without modification to the source code. The new codes were tested on a 60-core 5110P MIC. The test case was FS7ONNi, a radiation shielding problem used in MCNP’s verification and validation suite. It was observed that both codes became slower on the MIC than on a 6-core X5650 CPU, by a factor of ~4 for the MPI code and, abnormally, ~20 for the OpenMP code, and both exhibited limited capability of strong scaling. (2 We have recently added a Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG module to our ARCHER code to provide better support for geometry modelling in radiation shielding simulation. The functions of this module are frequently called in the particle random walk process. To identify the performance bottleneck we developed a CSG proxy application and profiled the code using the geometry data from FS7ONNi. The profiling data showed that the code was primarily memory latency bound on the MIC. This study suggests that despite low initial porting e_ort, Monte Carlo codes do not naturally lend themselves to the MIC platform — just like to the GPUs, and that the memory latency problem needs to be addressed in order to achieve decent performance gain.

  6. Functional Thinking Profile of Junior High School Student in Solving Mathematical Problem Observed by Differences of Sex (United States)

    Siregar, A. P.; Juniati, D.; Sulaiman, R.


    This study involving 2 grade VIII students was taken place in SMPK Anak Bangsa Surabaya. Subjects were selected using equal mathematics ability criteria. Data was collected using provision of problem-solving tasks and followed by a task-based interview. Obtained data was analysed through the following steps, which are data reduction, data presentation, and conclusions. Meanwhile, to obtain a valid data, in this study, researchers used data triangulation. The results indicated that in the problem number 1 about identifying patterns, the subjects of male and female show a tendency of similarities in stating what is known and asked the question. However, the male students provided a more specific answer in explaining the magnitude of the difference between the first quantity and the increased differences in the other quantities. Related the activities in determining the relationship between two quantities, male subjects and women subject tended to have similarities in the sense of using trial and error on existing mathematical operations. It can be concluded that the functional way of thinking both subjects is relatively identic. Nevertheless, the male subject showed the more specific answer in finding the difference between the two quantities and finding the correspondence relationship between the quantities.

  7. [Comment on “Seismology in the days of old” by Inge Lehmann] The Lehmann discontinuity (United States)

    Anderson, D. L.; Bolt, B. A.; Morse, S. A.

    Recent reflections by Inge Lehmann on her discovery of the inner core (Eos, January 20, 1987, p. 33; see also Bolt [1987, 1982]) remind us that this outstanding Earth scientist is now in her 100th year. The inner core boundary (ICB) is one of the three great seismic-compositional discontinuities that divide Earth into crust, mantle, core, and inner core. The other two discontinuities are well known by names honoring their discoverers, Andrija Mohorovicic and Beno Gutenberg. In this tradition, it is fitting that the ICB be called the Lehmann Discontinuity in honor of its discoverer.

  8. De l'ingénierie des connaissances à la gestion des compétences


    Berio, Giuseppe; Harzallah, Mounira


    National audience; La gestion des compétences porte sur un nombre important de connaissances de l'entreprise et de ses individus. Nous avons proposé un modèle des compétences (CRAI), comme une base pour le développement d'un système d'information pour les compétences. Toutefois, les techniques classiques de l'ingénierie des systèmes d'information ne sont pas suffisantes pour assurer une gestion efficace des compétences : la gestion des compétences comprend plusieurs processus complexes et lou...

  9. De verering van een schim. Musidora en de overlev(er)ing van Irma Vep


    Förster, Annette


    textabstractIrma Vep verscheen in 1915-1916 voor het eerst op het witte doek, in de misdaadserie LES VAMPIRES van Louis Feuillade. Het tot de verbeelding sprekend filmpersonage werd gestalte gegeven door de actrice Musidora. Welke zijn de historische en discursieve voorwaarden voor de overlev(er)ing van de Irma Vep-figuur? Hoe werd zij tot leven gewekt? Op welke manieren sprak ze tot de verbeelding en tot wiens verbeelding sprak ze? Annette Förster traceert de 'optredens' van Irma Vep door de...

  10. The fission yeast inhibitor of growth (ING) protein Png1p functions in response to DNA damage. (United States)

    Chen, Jian-Qiang; Li, Yang; Pan, Xian; Lei, Bing-Kun; Chang, Cheng; Liu, Zheng-Xun; Lu, Hong


    In budding yeast and human cells, ING (inhibitor of growth) tumor suppressor proteins play important roles in response to DNA damage by modulating chromatin structure through collaborating with histone acetyltransferase or histone deacetylase complexes. However, the biological functions of ING family proteins in fission yeast are poorly defined. Here, we report that Png1p, a fission yeast ING homolog protein, is required for cell growth under normal and DNA-damaged conditions. Png1p was further confirmed to regulate histone H4 acetylation through collaboration with the MYST family histone acetyltransferase 1 (Mst1). Additionally, both fission yeast PNG1 and MST1 can functionally complement their budding yeast correspondence homologs YNG2 and ESA1, respectively. These results suggest that ING proteins in fission yeast might also conserve function, similar to ING proteins in budding yeast and human cells. We also showed that decreased acetylation in Deltapng1 cells resulted in genome-wide down-regulation of 756 open reading frames, including the central DNA repair gene RAD22. Overexpression of RAD22 partially rescued the png1 mutant phenotype under both normal and DNA-damaged conditions. Furthermore, decreased expression of RAD22 in Deltapng1 cells was confirmed to be caused by decreased H4 acetylation at its promoter. Altogether, these results indicate that Png1p is required for histone H4 acetylation and functions upstream of RAD22 in the DNA damage response pathway.

  11. [Growth inhibition and mechanisms of human bladder cancer T24 cells by adenovirus-mediated ING4 gene in vitro]. (United States)

    Zhang, Zhi-guo; Ouyang, Jun; Han, Cong-hui; Yang, Ji-cheng; Yang, Hui-cui; Long, Jian-hua; Ding, Xiang


    To explore the inhibitory effect and anti-cancer mechanisms of adenovirus-mediated ING4 gene on the human bladder cancer T24 cells in vitro. The methods of reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and Western blot were used to detect the expression of ING4 in human bladder urothelial carcinoma T24 line. The influence of Ad-ING4 transfection on cell proliferation was evaluated by MTT assay and cell apoptosis by Hochest33258 staining and flow cytometry. RT-PCR and Western blot were performed to detect the transcriptional level of such apoptosis-related genes as Bcl-2, Bax, p53, HIF-1α and caspase-3. Human ING4 was successfully transcribed in T24 cell. Apoptosis rate of T24 cell in Ad-ING4 group was significant higher than that in control groups (17.2% ± 4.1% vs 4.7% ± 1.2% and 4.8% ± 1.2%, P T24 human bladder cancer cell and induces in vitro apoptosis. It may be related to the up-regulation of P53 and Bax/Bcl-2, and the down-regulation of HIF-1α. Thus the caspase-3 activation is enhanced so as to lead to apoptosis.

  12. A corpus-based study of English loanwords on ‑ing in Russian (2000-2011

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benedikte Fjellanger Vardøy


    Full Text Available Until recently, large corpora of Russian had been lacking. This changed with the development of the Russian National Corpus (RNC and the appearance of Integrum, a large commercial database that has shown to be a valuable tool for linguistic studies.             We have used both corpora to study the actual use of recent loanwords in Russian that have their origin in English ‑ing forms, such as rejting (rating and kasting (casting. The RNC was used to compile a list of ‑ing words and their frequency. Integrum provided the data for a qualitative analysis of the semantics and possible developments between 2000 and 2011 of five ‑ing words. We also tried to use the corpora to study the changes in popularity of ‑ing words over time, which was possible to some extent. This corpus-based study of ‑ing words illustrates both possibilities and limitations of the two largest corpora for Russian, RNC and Integrum.

  13. LoopIng: a template-based tool for predicting the structure of protein loops.

    KAUST Repository

    Messih, Mario Abdel


    Predicting the structure of protein loops is very challenging, mainly because they are not necessarily subject to strong evolutionary pressure. This implies that, unlike the rest of the protein, standard homology modeling techniques are not very effective in modeling their structure. However, loops are often involved in protein function, hence inferring their structure is important for predicting protein structure as well as function.We describe a method, LoopIng, based on the Random Forest automated learning technique, which, given a target loop, selects a structural template for it from a database of loop candidates. Compared to the most recently available methods, LoopIng is able to achieve similar accuracy for short loops (4-10 residues) and significant enhancements for long loops (11-20 residues). The quality of the predictions is robust to errors that unavoidably affect the stem regions when these are modeled. The method returns a confidence score for the predicted template loops and has the advantage of being very fast (on average: 1 min/loop) data are available at Bioinformatics online.

  14. DMPD: RIG-I: tri-ing to discriminate between self and non-self RNA. [Dynamic Macrophage Pathway CSML Database

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available 17307033 RIG-I: tri-ing to discriminate between self and non-self RNA. Bowie AG, Fi...tzgerald KA. Trends Immunol. 2007 Apr;28(4):147-50. Epub 2007 Feb 16. (.png) (.svg) (.html) (.csml) Show RIG-I: tri-ing to discrimina...te between self and non-self RNA. PubmedID 17307033 Title RIG-I: tri-ing to discrimina

  15. Techniques de l’ingénieur, a long-awaited resource

    CERN Multimedia

    GS Department


    Since 1 August 2009, a new online resource Les techniques de l’Ingénieur has been available at CERN: and its corpus of over 4,000 articles covering 11 disciplines is now accessible from your computer. This multidisciplinary database covers many subjects ranging from mechanics to the environment. The articles are written by scientific experts recognized in their fields. Online access includes the archives since 1946; it also serves to monitor the latest trends and innovations, and new industry products. This database is therefore both a valuable resource in past and present scientific and technological information and a tool to observe future developments. Anyone can create a free account on this resource. This account is needed to configure your personal alerts and download pdf files of the documents you are interested in. More information on the Library website. Direct access to the database

  16. Determining the user profile for an adaptable training platform

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Helbig, M


    Full Text Available on their preferred learning style, learning preferences, literacy level and physical disabilities [13][16]. Human-computer interaction (HCI) systems must there- fore take into account this plethora of human factors that influence user interaction, as well..., literacy level and physical disabilities. Included in the profile is the causal relationship each one of these factors has on the adaptation of the user interaction by model- ing the impact on the system input and output modalities. This user profile...

  17. ING-1(heMAb, a Monoclonal Antibody to Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule, Inhibits Tumor Metastases in a Murine Cancer Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harry H. Ruan


    Full Text Available ING-1(heMAb, a human-engineered monoclonal antibody (MAb that specifically targets the epithelial cell adhesion molecule (Ep-CAM, kills adenocarcinoma cells in vitro and inhibits tumor growth in vivo. In the current study, we evaluated the efficacy of ING-1(heMAb in a murine model of cancer metastases. Mice received intravenous dosing of 1 mg/kg ING-1(heMAb, twice a week, starting on day 2 or day 5. A negative control group received 1 mg/kg human immunoglobulin G with the same dose frequency starting on day 2. A positive control group received weekly 100 mg/kg 54lurouracil/leucovorin starting on day 2. ING-1(heMAb/day 2 treatment significantly reduced both the number of visible tumor nodules in body cavities (P < .01 and the number of metastases on lung surfaces (P < .005. The treatment also resulted in a 91% reduction of micrometastases in lung tissues (P <.0001. Delaying ING-1(heMAb treatment until day 5 caused 54% reduction in micrometastases (P <.005. Our results indicate that a number of parameters, including treatment starting day, dose level, and dose frequency, are critical in achieving the optimal efficacy of ING-1(heMAb. We conclude that ING-1(heMAb effectively reduced tumor metastases in a murine cancer model. Immunotherapy with ING-1(heMAb may be beneficial in treating human metastatic diseases.

  18. Linnagaleriis avati ülevaatenäitus 'Pärnu sügis 98' / Leonhard Lapin, Inge Teder ; interv. Tiiu Leis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lapin, Leonhard, 1947-


    14. okt avati Pärnu Linnagaleriis Pärnu kunstnike maalinäitus, töid valisid Kunstiakadeemia õppejõud Leonhard Lapin ja Inge Teder ning Linnagalerii nõukogu liige Feliks Krapp. Intervjuu L. Lapini ja Inge Tederiga.

  19. Reflections on the Grammatical Category of "Before" "After" and "Since" Introducing Non-Finite "-ing" Clauses: A Corpus Approach (United States)

    He, Qingshun


    English language learners may be confused in identifying the grammatical category of such conjunctive expressions as "before," "after" and "since" introducing non-finite "-ing" clauses. In this article, we will conduct a corpus-based investigation of hypotactic conjunctions and conjunctive prepositions…

  20. Queer(y)ing New Schooling Accountabilities through "My School": Using Butlerian Tools to Think Differently about Policy Performativity (United States)

    Gowlett, Christina


    This article takes the role of provocateur to "queer(y)" the rules of intelligibility surrounding new schooling accountabilities. Butler's work is seldom used outside the arena of gender and sexualities research. A "queer(y)ing" methodology is subsequently applied in a context very different to where it is frequently…

  1. Algõpetuse peajoon ja harupedagoogikad / Sirje Piht, Elve Voltein, Anne Uusen, Inge Timoštšuk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Intervjuu Sirje Pihti ja Anne Uuseniga Tallinna Ülikooli algõpetuse osakonnast, Elve Volteiniga Tartu Ülikooli haridusteaduste instituudi õpetajate seminarist ja Inge Timoštšukiga Tallinna Ülikooli kasvatusteaduste instituudi pedagoogilise praktika keskusest

  2. La sauvegarde des grandes oeuvres de l'ingénierie du XXème siècle

    CERN Document Server

    Graf, Franz


    Consacré à la sauvegarde des grandes oeuvres de l’ingénierie du XXe siècle, ce premier numéro des Cahiers du TSAM explore le devenir de certaines des plus remarquables et emblématiques structures en béton du siècle passé. A travers les fi gures d’héroïques constructeurs, il interroge l’héritage construit des ingénieurs, convoquant les plus audacieux d’entre eux (Freyssinet, Isler, Maillart, Nervi, Vierendeel, etc.). Alors que la sauvegarde de l’architecture du XXe siècle s’est récemment constituée en discipline à part entière, la préservation des ouvrages de l’ingénierie de cette période est encore balbutiante. Considérés trop souvent sous le seul point de vue de la sécurité ou de la maintenance, ces ouvrages s’avèrent parfois de véritables chefs-d’oeuvre, jalons d’un «art de l’ingénieur» à la frontière entre performance technique et beauté plastique. Ces cahiers sont donc l’occasion d’initier, à l’appui d’exemples et de projets de sauvegarde con...

  3. An Extension of the Lin-Kernighan-Helsgaun TSP Solver for Constrained Traveling Salesman and Vehicle Routing Problems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Helsgaun, Keld

    problem (SOP), the traveling repairman problem (TRP), variants of the multiple travel-ing salesman problem (mTSP), as well as vehicle routing problems (VRPs) with capacity, time windows, pickup-and-delivery and distance constraints. The implementation of LKH-3 builds on the idea of transforming...

  4. Profiling and Racial Profiling: An Interactive Exercise (United States)

    Semple, Philip


    Racial Profiling has been recognized as a serious problem that affects many segments of our society and is especially notable in law enforcement. Governments and police services have pronounced that racial profiling is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. They have gone to great lengths in trying to eradicate racial profiling through…

  5. Cognitive profiles of groups of poor readers and dyslexic children on the British Ability Scales. (United States)

    Tyler, S; Elliott, C D


    Two samples of children with reading difficulties--145 poor readers and 121 dyslexic children--were tested on the British Ability Scales (BAS). The poor readers were classified, using Rutter & Yule's (1975) criteria, into children with specific reading retardation and general reading backwardness. These children's profiles of scores on the BAS were also entered into a cluster analysis which provided some confirmation of the validity of the Rutter & Yule classification. The BAS scores of the dyslexic children were also entered into a cluster analysis. Three groups were identified: 30 with mixed visuo-spatial and linguistic processing problems, 52 with sequential processing problems, and 39 with problems in the holistic retrieval of information. It was concluded that the data lend support to the view that children with specific reading retardation, and dyslexic children in particular, are not homogeneous in their cognitive profiles. Finally, each group identified above was analysed for fit to the Lawson & Inglis (1985) principal components model of learning disability. The fit to the model for most groups was poor. It was concluded that a model which implicates left hemisphere aetiology for all LD children is inadequate. Some benefit, however, is likely to accrue from the more rigorous definition of specific subtypes, and in this endeavour the BAS appear to offer a useful advance in such assessment and identification.

  6. Konstrukcijos in(g + galininkas vartosena vietoje inesyvo J. Bretkūno evangelijų vertime (1579-1580

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eglė Bukantytė


    Full Text Available DIE VERWENDUNG DER KONSTRUKTION in(g + AKKUSATIV STATT INESSIV IN DER ÜBERSETZUNG DER EVANGELIEN VON JOHANNES BRETKE (1579–1580ZusammenfassungDie Konstruktion in(g + Akkusativ statt Inessiv wird in der Übersetzung der Evangelien von Johannes Bretke (1579–1580; im Folgenden – BNT mit dem Ziel gebraucht, die morphologischen Formen der bibli­schen Ortsnamen unflektiert zu erhalten. In der Grundschicht kommt die präpositionale Konstruktion öfter vor, später hat Joh. Bretke darauf verzichtet und sie fast durchgehend mit dem Inessiv ersetzt.Die Konstruktion in(g + Akkusativ statt Inessiv wird im BNT mit den Ortsnamen Siloha, Kapernaum, Israel und Jerusalem verwendet. In diesem Artikel wird der Gebrauch dieser Ortsnamen untersucht, dabei werden nicht nur ihre Erscheinung in der Konstruktion in(g + Akkusativ statt Inessiv, sondern auch in ande­ren Kasusfunktionen beachtet. Die Analyse hat gezeigt, dass manche dieser Ortsnamen in der untersuchten präpositionalen Konstruktion unflektiert sind, in anderen Kasus dagegen ist ihr Gebrauch viel freier, d. h. unflektierte Formen werden durch flektierte auch schon in der Grundschicht verdrängt.Die Fülle der Inessivformen in den aus dem Evangelientext Martin Luthers übersetzten Evangelien (siehe Gelumbeckaitė 2002, 101–103 ist mit der speziellen Verwendungsweise des Ortsnamens Jerusalem in der griechischen und lateinischen Vorlage zu erklären. Im Lukas-Evangelium gebraucht Joh. Bretke den sakralen Namen Jerusalem, der in allen Texten des Neuen Testaments in allen Kasusfunktionen unflektiert bleibt. In anderen Evangelien wird zumeist die geographische Bezeichnung verwendet, die in den Vorlagen (ausser des deutschen durchgehend flektiert ist. Joh. Bretke hält sich hauptsächlich an die Tradition der grie­chischen und lateinischen Vorlagen. Die unflektierten Formen des geographischen Ortsnamens Jerusalem können unter dem Einfluss der deutschen Vorlage entstanden sein.Die inkonsequenten

  7. SCF(JFK) is a bona fide E3 ligase for ING4 and a potent promoter of the angiogenesis and metastasis of breast cancer. (United States)

    Yan, Ruorong; He, Lin; Li, Zhongwu; Han, Xiao; Liang, Jing; Si, Wenzhe; Chen, Zhe; Li, Lei; Xie, Guojia; Li, Wanjin; Wang, Peiyan; Lei, Liandi; Zhang, Hongquan; Pei, Fei; Cao, Dengfeng; Sun, Luyang; Shang, Yongfeng


    Loss of function/dysregulation of inhibitor of growth 4 (ING4) and hyperactivation of NF-κB are frequent events in many types of human malignancies. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying these remarkable aberrations are not understood. Here, we report that ING4 is physically associated with JFK. We demonstrated that JFK targets ING4 for ubiquitination and degradation through assembly of an Skp1-Cul1-F-box (SCF) complex. We showed that JFK-mediated ING4 destabilization leads to the hyperactivation of the canonical NF-κB pathway and promotes angiogenesis and metastasis of breast cancer. Significantly, the expression of JFK is markedly up-regulated in breast cancer, and the level of JFK is negatively correlated with that of ING4 and positively correlated with an aggressive clinical behavior of breast carcinomas. Our study identified SCF(JFK) as a bona fide E3 ligase for ING4 and unraveled the JFK-ING4-NF-κB axis as an important player in the development and progression of breast cancer, supporting the pursuit of JFK as a potential target for breast cancer intervention. © 2015 Yan et al.; Published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

  8. Dr Oen Boen Ing Patriot doctor, social activist, and doctor of the poor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ravando Lie


    Full Text Available This article examines the efforts and achievements of Oen Boen Ing, a Tionghoa doctor, to improve the quality of health of the poorer inhabitants of Surakarta. Dr Oen played an important role in five different periods: Dutch colonialism, the Japanese occupation, the Indonesian revolution, Soekarno’s regime, and Suharto’s New Order. Known for being a benevolent doctor, activist, and patriot of the revolution during his life-time, Dr Oen also gave medical assistance to the needy, which famously earned him the accolade of “doctor of the poor”. During the Indonesian revolution, Dr Oen assisted the Student Soldiers (Tentara Pelajar and afterwards was appointed the member of Supreme Advisory Council (Dewan Pertimbangan Agung/DPA by Soekarno in 1949. As a benevolent doctor and activist, Dr Oen is remembered for founding the Panti Kosala Hospital which was renamed to perpetuate his name on 30 October 1983, exactly a year after his passing. When he died, thousands of peoples gathered to pay their final respects to the doctor. He was honoured with a ceremony conducted in the Mangkunegaran Palace. Dr Oen’s name will be eternally respected, especially in Surakarta.

  9. The plays of Lillian Hellman, Clifford Odets and William Inge on Slovene stages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mateja Slunjski


    Full Text Available After the Second World War, Slovene theatres started to include in their repertoires more and more American authors and their plays. Their choice were varied, from serious dramas by Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, to comedies by Norman Krasna and John Van Druten dependant mostly on the availability of the texts. In the immediate postwar years the theatres liked to present playwrights with progressive ideas in their plays, such as Lillian Hellman and her "The Little Foxes", which was successfully produced at three Slovene theatres, while her "The Children's Hour" received negative reviews. In the fifties, three theatres chose two plays by Clifford Odets, "Golden Boy" and "Country Girl", mainly because of his socially critical ideas and his admiration of humanity. His plays were rather well received; however, the critics doubted his literary genius. William Inge and his plays, "Come Back, Little Sheba", "Picnic" and "Bus Stop", chosen mainly because of the warmth with which the author depicted the tragedy and the beauty of life, were produced at three Slovene theatres. The author received rather wide-ranging opinions from the critics. Some thought him to be an unoriginal depicter of dull American life, while others praised his lyricism and new dramatic techniques.

  10. Inhibitor of growth 4 (ING4) is up-regulated by a low K intake and suppresses renal outer medullary K channels (ROMK) by MAPK stimulation. (United States)

    Zhang, Xin; Lin, Dao-Hong; Jin, Yan; Wang, Ke-Sheng; Zhang, Yan; Babilonia, Elisa; Wang, Zhijian; Wang, Zhiqin; Giebisch, Gerhard; Han, Ze-Guang; Wang, Wen-Hui


    Dietary K intake plays an important role in the regulation of renal K secretion: a high K intake stimulates whereas low K intake suppresses renal K secretion. Our previous studies demonstrated that the Src family protein-tyrosine kinase and mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) are involved in mediating the effect of low K intake on renal K channels and K secretion. However, the molecular mechanism by which low K intake stimulates MAPK is not completely understood. Here we show that inhibitor of growth 4 (ING4), a protein with a highly conserved plant homeodomain finger motif, is involved in mediating the effect of low K intake on MAPK. K restriction stimulates the expression of ING4 in the kidney and superoxide anions, and its related products are involved in mediating the effect of low K intake on ING4 expression. We used HEK293 cells to express ING4 and observed that expression of ING4 increased the phosphorylation of p38 and ERK MAPK, whereas down-regulation of ING4 with small interfering RNA decreased the phosphorylation of p38 and ERK. Immunocytochemistry showed that ING4 was expressed in the renal outer medullary potassium (ROMK)-positive tubules. Moreover, ING4 decreased K currents in Xenopus oocytes injected with ROMK channel cRNA. This inhibitory effect was reversed by blocking p38 and ERK MAPK. These data provide evidence for the role of ING4 in mediating the effect of low K intake on ROMK channel activity by stimulation of p38 and ERK MAPK.

  11. Biomimétisme : outils pour une démarche écoinnovante en ingénierie


    Terrier, Philippe; Glaus, Mathias; Raufflet,Emmanuel


    Faire en sorte que l’innovation en ingénierie contribue au développement de solutions en harmonie avec la capacité de support de l’environnement, voilà ce que propose le biomimétisme. Après la présentation générale du concept de biomimétisme, l’emphase sera portée sur les méthodes et outils de mise en œuvre concrète de la démarche biomimétique en ingénierie afin de faciliter son implantation dans le processus de génération d’idées et d’innovation. L’ensemble des méthodes proposées constitue u...

  12. La formation des ingénieurs électrotechniciens au Canada avant la Première Guerre mondiale

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Auger, J.F.


    Résumé : La formation des ingénieurs électrotechniciens débuta au cours de la Seconde Révolution industrielle (1880-1920) en Europe et en Amérique du Nord. Ce chapitre examine l’établissement du génie électrique au Canada avant la Première Guerre mondiale. Il démontre l’influence de la politique

  13. L'ingénierie lexicale ou la description d'un objet entre l'invention et ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Résoudre des problèmes théoriques constitue également résoudre des problèmes lexicaux. C'est ce que nous avons baptisé l'ingénierie lexicale, processus d'évaluation et de description d'une activité ou d'une discipline et de création de termes ou de lexies pouvant satisfaire les besoins théoriques du chercheur.

  14. Death in the field: teaching paramedics to deliver effective death notifications using the educational intervention "GRIEV_ING". (United States)

    Hobgood, Cherri; Mathew, Dana; Woodyard, Donald J; Shofer, Frances S; Brice, Jane H


    Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel are rarely trained in death notification despite frequently terminating resuscitation in the field. As research continues to validate guidelines for the termination of resuscitation (TOR) and reputable organizations such as NAEMSP lend support to such protocols, death notification in the field will continue to increase. We sought to test the hypothesis that a learning module, GRIEV_ING, which teaches a structured method for death notification, will improve the confidence, competency, and communication skills of EMS personnel in death notification. The GRIEV_ING didactic session consisted of a 90-minute education session composed of a didactic lecture, small group breakout session, and role-plays. This was both preceded and followed by a 15-minute case role-play using trained standardized survivors. To assess performance we used a pre-post design with 3 quantitative measures: confidence, competency, and, communication. Paramedics from the local EMS agency participated in the education as a part of continuing education. Pre-post differences were measured using a paired t-test and McNemar's test. Thirty EMS personnel consented and participated. Confidence and competency demonstrated statistically significant improvements: confidence (percent change in scores = 11.4%, p paramedics to use a structured communication model based on the GRIEV_ING mnemonic improved confidence and competence of EMS personnel delivering death notification.

  15. Corpus linguistics and naive discriminative learning A linguística de corpus e a aprendizagem discriminativa ingênua

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Harald Baayen


    Full Text Available Three classifiers from machine learning (the generalized linear mixed model, memory based learning, and support vector machines are compared with a naive discriminative learning classifier, derived from basic principles of error-driven learning characterizing animal and human learning. Tested on the dative alternation in English, using the Switchboard data from (BRESNAN; CUENI; NIKITINA; BAAYEN, 2007, naive discriminative learning emerges with stateof-the-art predictive accuracy. Naive discriminative learning offers a united framework for understanding the learning of probabilistic distributional patterns, for classification, and for a cognitive grounding of distinctive collexeme analysis.Três classificadores de aprendizagem de máquina (modelos mistos lineares generalizados, aprendizagem baseada na memória e máquinas de apoio a vetores são comparados com o classificador da aprendizagem discriminativa ingênua, derivada de princípios básicos da aprendizagem guiada por erros de humanos e animais. Testada na alternância dativa do inglês, usando os dados do Switchboard (BRESNAN; CUENI; NIKITINA; BAAYEN, 2007, a aprendizagem discriminativa ingênua emerge com uma acurácia predicativa no estado da arte. A aprendizagem discriminativa ingênua oferece um arcabouço unificado para a compreensão da aprendizagem de padrões distribucionais probabilísticos, para a classificação, e para um embasamento cognitivo para a análise de colexemas distintivos.

  16. Evaluating clinical abdominal scoring system in predict- ing the necessity of laparotomy in blunt abdominal trauma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erfantalab-Avini Peyman


    Full Text Available 【Abstract】 Objectives: Trauma is among the lead- ing causes of death. Medical management of blunt abdomi- nal trauma (BAT relies on judging patients for whom lap- arotomy is mandatory. This study aimed to determine BAT patients’ signs, as well as paraclinical data, and to clarify the accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value of clinical abdominal scoring system (CASS, a new scoring system based on clinical signs, in predicting whether a BAT patient needs laparotomy or not. Methods: Totally 400 patients suspected of BAT that arrived at the emergency department of two university hos- pitals in Tehran from March 20, 2007 to March 19, 2009 were included in this study. They were evaluated for age, sex, type of trauma, systolic blood pressure, Glasgow coma scale (GCS, pulse rate, time of presentation after trauma, abdomi- nal clinical findings, respiratory rate, temperature, hemoglo- bin (Hb concentration, focused abdominal sonography in trauma (FAST and CASS. Results: Our measurements showed that CASS had an accuracy of 94%, sensitivity of 100%, specificity of 88%, positive predictive value of 90% and negative predictive value of 100% in determining the necessity of laparotomy in BAT patients. Moreover, in our analysis, systolic blood pressure, GCS, pulse rate, Hb concentration, time of presen- tation after trauma, abdominal clinical findings and FAST were also shown to be helpful in confirming the need for laparotomy (P<0.05. Conclusion: CASS is a promising scoring system in rapid detection of the need for laparotomy as well as in minimizing auxiliary expense for further evaluation in BAT patients, thus to promote the cost-benefit ratio and accu- racy of diagnosis. Key words: Abdominal injuries; Laparotomy; Patients; Wounds, nonpenetrating

  17. Milles näete suurimat probleemi Eesti hariduselus? Mida ja kuidas võiks tulevikus teha teisiti? / Thor-Sten Vertmann, Inge Kalle, Heino Luiga, Vallo Reimaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Küsimustele vastavad Eesti Tööandjate Keskliidu tööturunõunik Thor-Sten Vertmann, Vastse-Kuuste kooli direktor Inge Kalle, Räpina Aianduskooli direktor Heino Luiga ja regionaalminister Vallo Reimaa

  18. Sensitivity and specificity of a brief personality screening instrument in predicting future substance use, emotional, and behavioral problems: 18-month predictive validity of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale. (United States)

    Castellanos-Ryan, Natalie; O'Leary-Barrett, Maeve; Sully, Laura; Conrod, Patricia


    This study assessed the validity, sensitivity, and specificity of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS), a measure of personality risk factors for substance use and other behavioral problems in adolescence. The concurrent and predictive validity of the SURPS was tested in a sample of 1,162 adolescents (mean age: 13.7 years) using linear and logistic regressions, while its sensitivity and specificity were examined using the receiver operating characteristics curve analyses. Concurrent and predictive validity tests showed that all 4 brief scales-hopelessness (H), anxiety sensitivity (AS), impulsivity (IMP), and sensation seeking (SS)-were related, in theoretically expected ways, to measures of substance use and other behavioral and emotional problems. Results also showed that when using the 4 SURPS subscales to identify adolescents "at risk," one can identify a high number of those who developed problems (high sensitivity scores ranging from 72 to 91%). And, as predicted, because each scale is related to specific substance and mental health problems, good specificity was obtained when using the individual personality subscales (e.g., most adolescents identified at high risk by the IMP scale developed conduct or drug use problems within the next 18 months [a high specificity score of 70 to 80%]). The SURPS is a valuable tool for identifying adolescents at high risk for substance misuse and other emotional and behavioral problems. Implications of findings for the use of this measure in future research and prevention interventions are discussed. Copyright © 2012 by the Research Society on Alcoholism.

  19. Pouvoirs urbains et ingénieurs de l’État

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sébastien Gardon


    Full Text Available Dans cet article, notre intérêt porte sur la conception et la réalisation des grands programmes d’aménagement routier pour comprendre les évolutions du système de décision local et les relations centre - périphérie. L’objectif est de dépasser les visions stato-centrées, qui envisagent la construction des grandes infrastructures routières sous l’angle d’un État central équipant et modernisant la France à partir de Paris. La description des évolutions historiques, que nous avons esquissée, montre trois configurations d’acteurs différentes au niveau de l’aménagement routier de la région lyonnaise. Une première période, l’entre-deux guerres, est marquée par le dynamisme local, symbolisé par l’indépendance technique et financière des collectivités locales à travers la figure des ingénieurs en chef des services techniques municipaux et du service vicinal. Puis s’ouvre une phase de rapatriement de ces problématiques dans le giron de l’État dès la fin des années 1930, confirmée après la seconde guerre mondiale, avec une expertise monopolisée par les Ponts et Chaussées. Enfin à partir des années 1980, les enjeux sont de nouveau focalisés au niveau local, mais avec une échelle territoriale et politique différente de celle connue pendant l’entre-deux guerres.The paper deals with the conception and realization of road building plans as a lens to understand changes in local decision-making and the relations between municipalities and the state. My purpose is to go beyond the usual studies of road constructions as a central state decision to equip and modernize France from the capital. The analysis of historical events shows three main actors for road construction in Lyon. The interwar period relates to a period of municipal dynamism with the financial and technical autonomy of local authorities through the figure of the local engineer. Then, another period begins with the late of the 1930s and

  20. OBITUARY: Eur.Ing. Professor David Dew-Hughes in memoriam (United States)

    Campbell, Archie; Dew-Hughes, Denise; Donaldson, Gordon; Palmer, Richard


    We regret to announce the death of David Dew-Hughes, the second Honorary Editor of Superconductor Science and Technology, in Autumn 2006. He was born in Manchester, the eldest of three children, attended Manchester Grammar School and took his first degree in metallurgy at Birmingham, before undertaking a Doctorate of Engineering at Yale University. After initial work for IBM on semiconductors, he returned to England as a lecturer in metallurgy at Cambridge University. There he devoted his career to superconductivity long before it became fashionable, starting a group on the properties of what we now know as type II materials, with his students Jan Evetts, Archie Campbell and Anant Narlikar. Between them they paved the way to our understanding of the magnetic vortex properties of these materials, and thus to the development of modern practical materials for superconducting magnets. Eur.Ing. Professor David Dew-Hughes 1932-2006 In 1965 he became a founding Senior Lecturer in physics at Lancaster University, moving to Brookhaven National Laboratory in 1974. His final academic post was in engineering science at Oxford University where he also held a University College Tutorial Fellowship. As long ago as 1971 David wrote an authoritative review for Reports on Progress in Physics on 'The metallurgical enhancement of type II superconductors'. Following the discovery of high-Tc superconductivity, IOP Publishing launched Superconductor Science and Technology in 1988 and he was a founder member of its Editorial Board. When Jan Evetts retired as Honorary Editor in 1992, David was the natural choice as his successor. He served a five year term and remained on the Board as Deputy Editor until the end of 2000. To mark the 10th anniversary of high-temperature superconductivity in 1997, David edited a special issue of Superconductor Science and Technology in which past and present members of the Editorial Board contributed reviews of their specialities. He noted that at that time

  1. Using MMPI-A Profiles to Predict Success in a Military-Style Residential Treatment Program for Adolescents with Academic and Conduct Problems (United States)

    Weis, Robert; Crockett, Thomas E.; Vieth, Sasha


    Military-style residential treatment for adolescents with academic and conduct problems is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional school-based services. However, dropout from "boot camp" programs is a primary reason for their high cost. Social-emotional functioning before referral may differentiate adolescents who…

  2. Mapping an Experiment-Based Assessment of Collaborative Behavior onto Collaborative Problem Solving in PISA 2015: A Cluster Analysis Approach for Collaborator Profiles (United States)

    Herborn, Katharina; Mustafic, Maida; Greiff, Samuel


    Collaborative problem solving (CPS) assessment is a new academic research field with a number of educational implications. In 2015, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) assessed CPS with a computer-simulated human-agent (H-A) approach that claimed to measure 12 individual CPS skills for the first time. After reviewing the…

  3. MPI Profiling

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Han, D K; Jones, T R


    The Message Passing Interface (MPI) is the de facto message-passing standard for massively parallel programs. It is often the case that application performance is a crucial factor, especially for solving grand challenge problems. While there have been many studies on the scalability of applications, there have not been many focusing on the specific types of MPI calls being made and their impact on application performance. Using a profiling tool called mpiP, a large spectrum of parallel scientific applications were surveyed and their performance results analyzed.

  4. Application of `resistivity image profiling` to landslide problem for the site composed mostly of hard rocks; Hiteiko eizoho no jisuberi chosa eno tekiyo

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hikita, K.; Kikuchi, H. [OYO Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    The boundary between weathered rocks and unaffected rocks that was a cause of landslide in the middle hard rock area was studied with application of resistivity image profiling. The surveyed site located at the end of the moderately inclined plateau that also occupied the end of the small ridge facing the alluvial low land along rivers. The geological structure is composed of clayslate, a base rock, covered by volcano extrusive made from puzzolana and loam. The clayslate has been weathered to deep area and easily destroyable. However, the rock structure remained and the unaffected rocks gradually substituted for the weathered rocks with the depth becoming large starting from the surface. The depth and horizontal propagation of the weathered rock area that directly or indirectly causes the landslide was investigated. Using the difference in resistivity between weathered rock and unaffected rock areas as criterion, the data obtained in the site survey were analyzed with computer based on the resistivity image profiling. In this computer analysis, after execution of terrain correction the linear filter method was applied to obtain actual resistivity distribution of soil. As a result of this study, the boundary between weathered rocks and unaffected rocks was identified by the resistivity distribution, and the coverage of the landslide area was also found. 3 refs., 4 figs.

  5. Strategies for the Assessment of Metabolic Profiles of Steroid Hormones in View of Diagnostics and Drug Monitoring: Analytical Problems and Challenges. (United States)

    Plenis, Alina; Oledzka, Ilona; Kowalski, Piotr; Baczek, Tomasz


    During the last few years there has been a growing interest in research focused on the metabolism of steroid hormones despite that the study of metabolic hormone pathways is still a difficult and demanding task because of low steroid concentrations and a complexity of the analysed matrices. Thus, there has been an increasing interest in the development of new, more selective and sensitive methods for monitoring these compounds in biological samples. A lot of bibliographic databases for world research literature were structurally searched using selected review question and inclusion/exclusion criteria. Next, the reports of the highest quality were selected using standard tools (181) and they were described to evaluate the advantages and limitations of different approaches in the measurements of the steroids and their metabolites. The overview of the analytical challenges, development of methods used in the assessment of the metabolic pathways of steroid hormones, and the priorities for future research with a special consideration for liquid chromatography (LC) and capillary electrophoresis (CE) techniques have been presented. Moreover, many LC and CE applications in pharmacological and psychological studies as well as endocrinology and sports medicine, taking into account the recent progress in the area of the metabolic profiling of steroids, have been critically discussed. The latest reports show that LC systems coupled with mass spectrometry have the predominant position in the research of steroid profiles. Moreover, CE techniques are going to gain a prominent position in the diagnosis of hormone levels in the near future.

  6. Boundary layer and fundamental problems of hydrodynamics (compatibility of a logarithmic velocity profile in a turbulent boundary layer with the experience values) (United States)

    Zaryankin, A. E.


    The compatibility of the semiempirical turbulence theory of L. Prandtl with the actual flow pattern in a turbulent boundary layer is considered in this article, and the final calculation results of the boundary layer is analyzed based on the mentioned theory. It shows that accepted additional conditions and relationships, which integrate the differential equation of L. Prandtl, associating the turbulent stresses in the boundary layer with the transverse velocity gradient, are fulfilled only in the near-wall region where the mentioned equation loses meaning and are inconsistent with the physical meaning on the main part of integration. It is noted that an introduced concept about the presence of a laminar sublayer between the wall and the turbulent boundary layer is the way of making of a physical meaning to the logarithmic velocity profile, and can be defined as adjustment of the actual flow to the formula that is inconsistent with the actual boundary conditions. It shows that coincidence of the experimental data with the actual logarithmic profile is obtained as a result of the use of not particular physical value, as an argument, but function of this value.

  7. L'ingénierie pédagogique à base d'objets et le référencement par les compétences


    Paquette, Gilbert


    [Français] Nous situons l’ingénierie pédagogique au confluent du design pédagogique, du génie logiciel et de l’ingénierie cognitive. Puis, dans l’optique d’une ingénierie pédagogique à base d’objets, nous proposons une méthode permettant de représenter graphiquement les connaissances et les compétences, puis de les associer aux ressources d’apprentissage. Par la suite, nous montrons comment cette méthode peut contribuer à améliorer la qualité des environnements en ligne à chacune des phases d...

  8. Télécoms pour l’ingénierie du risque, Tullio Tanzi, Patrick Perrot

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Baptiste Morin


    Full Text Available "Télécoms pour l’ingénierie du risque" est un ouvrage de 234 pages qui convoque la rencontre entre les Technologies de l’Information de la Communication (TIC et le risque. Les risques naturels, les risques industriels et technologiques ou encore les nouveaux risques générés par des usages déviants dans le domaine du numérique (cybercriminalité sont devenus monnaie courante. Les auteurs Tullio Tanzi (Professeur à Télécom ParisTech, département Traitement du Signal et des Images en télécommun...

  9. Instrumenter la lecture de textes théoriques en ingénierie de formation linguistique


    Brodin, Elisabeth


    Cet article présente les résultats d'une expérimentation des logiciels de cartographie cognitive avec des étudiants en ingénierie de formation linguistique. Nous commençons par définir les cartes cognitives puis nous précisons les théories auxquelles nous nous référons en matière de lecture et de compréhension de texte. Nous décrivons la situation de formation en nous référant aux théories de l'activité. L'analyse des données recueillies nous permet ensuite d'évaluer les instruments utilisés ...

  10. Ziploc-ing the structure 2.0: Endoplasmic reticulum-resident peptidyl prolyl isomerases show different activities toward hydroxyproline. (United States)

    Ishikawa, Yoshihiro; Mizuno, Kazunori; Bächinger, Hans Peter


    Extracellular matrix proteins are biosynthesized in the rough endoplasmic reticulum (rER), and the triple-helical protein collagen is the most abundant extracellular matrix component in the human body. Many enzymes, molecular chaperones, and post-translational modifiers facilitate collagen biosynthesis. Collagen contains a large number of proline residues, so the cis/trans isomerization of proline peptide bonds is the rate-limiting step during triple-helix formation. Accordingly, the rER-resident peptidyl prolyl cis/trans isomerases (PPIases) play an important role in the zipper-like triple-helix formation in collagen. We previously described this process as "Ziploc-ing the structure" and now provide additional information on the activity of individual rER PPIases. We investigated the substrate preferences of these PPIases in vitro using type III collagen, the unhydroxylated quarter fragment of type III collagen, and synthetic peptides as substrates. We observed changes in activity of six rER-resident PPIases, cyclophilin B (encoded by the PPIB gene), FKBP13 (FKBP2), FKBP19 (FKBP11), FKBP22 (FKBP14), FKBP23 (FKBP7), and FKBP65 (FKBP10), due to posttranslational modifications of proline residues in the substrate. Cyclophilin B and FKBP13 exhibited much lower activity toward post-translationally modified substrates. In contrast, FKBP19, FKBP22, and FKBP65 showed increased activity toward hydroxyproline-containing peptide substrates. Moreover, FKBP22 showed a hydroxyproline-dependent effect by increasing the amount of refolded type III collagen in vitro and FKBP19 seems to interact with triple helical type I collagen. Therefore, we propose that hydroxyproline modulates the rate of Ziploc-ing of the triple helix of collagen in the rER. © 2017 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

  11. Computed torque control of a free-flying cooperat ing-arm robot (United States)

    Koningstein, Ross; Ullman, Marc; Cannon, Robert H., Jr.


    The unified approach to solving free-floating space robot manipulator end-point control problems is presented using a control formulation based on an extension of computed torque. Once the desired end-point accelerations have been specified, the kinematic equations are used with momentum conservation equations to solve for the joint accelerations in any of the robot's possible configurations: fixed base or free-flying with open/closed chain grasp. The joint accelerations can then be used to calculate the arm control torques and internal forces using a recursive order N algorithm. Initial experimental verification of these techniques has been performed using a laboratory model of a two-armed space robot. This fully autonomous spacecraft system experiences the drag-free, zero G characteristics of space in two dimensions through the use of an air cushion support system. Results of these initial experiments are included which validate the correctness of the proposed methodology. The further problem of control in the large where not only the manipulator tip positions but the entire system consisting of base and arms must be controlled is also presented. The availability of a physical testbed has brought a keener insight into the subtleties of the problem at hand.

  12. Electromagnetic Field Theory A Collection of Problems

    CERN Document Server

    Mrozynski, Gerd


    After a brief introduction into the theory of electromagnetic fields and the definition of the field quantities the book teaches the analytical solution methods of Maxwell’s equations by means of several characteristic examples. The focus is on static and stationary electric and magnetic fields, quasi stationary fields, and electromagnetic waves. For a deeper understanding, the many depicted field patterns are very helpful. The book offers a collection of problems and solutions which enable the reader to understand and to apply Maxwell’s theory for a broad class of problems including classical static problems right up to waveguide eigenvalue problems. Content Maxwell’s Equations - Electrostatic Fields - Stationary Current Distributions – Magnetic Field of Stationary Currents – Quasi Stationary Fields: Eddy Currents - Electromagnetic Waves Target Groups Advanced Graduate Students in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and related Courses Engineers and Physicists Authors Professor Dr.-Ing. Gerd Mrozynski...

  13. Ear Problems (United States)

    ... Women Hair Loss Hand/Wrist/Arm Problems Headaches Hearing Problems Hip Problems Knee Problems Leg Problems Lower Back ... have ear pain or redness but is having problems hearing?YesNo Back to Questions Step 3 Possible Causes ...

  14. Warm isostatic pressing (WIP'ing) of GS44 Si{sub 3}N{sub 4} FDC parts for defect removal

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wu Suxing; Rangarajan, Sriram; Dai Cheng; McCuiston, Ryan; Langrana, Noshir A.; Safari, Ahmad; Danforth, Stephen C.; Clancy, Richard B.; Whalen, Philip J


    Fused deposition of ceramics (FDC) is one of the developing solid freeform fabrication (SFF) techniques. The successful production of high performance ceramics by the FDC process requires that no defects exist in the green parts. However, build defects, such as missing roads, poorly bonded layers or sub-perimeter voids can be encountered in improperly built FDC parts. In this study, a method known as WIP'ing (warm isostatic pressing) was evaluated for its ability to eliminate existing defects in GS44 Si{sub 3}N{sub 4} green FDC parts. Analogous to CIP'ing (cold isostatic pressing), the green FDC parts were rubber bagged and loaded into a pressure chamber filled with water soluble oil at different temperatures, ranging from 30 to 90 deg. C, at pressures of up to 35 MPa. X-Ray radiography results indicated that at temperatures above 70 deg. C, WIP'ing was effective in closing the gaps of the intentionally placed void defects in FDC parts. However, WIP'ing above 70 deg. C was not effective in healing the defects completely. The fracture strengths of FDC parts with intentional added defects, WIP'ed above 70 deg. C were substantially lower than control samples.

  15. Teeninduse taseme hoidmine ja heade teenindajate leidmine on tööandjatele võtmeküsimus / Anu-Mall Naarits, Anneli Mere, Kristjan Laja, Inge Suder

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Anu-Mall Naarits Maratist, Anneli Mere Matkasport OÜ-st, Kristjan Laja Ambient Marketingist ning Inge Suder AS-ist Eesti Post vastavad küsimustele, mis puudutavad tagasisidet teenindusele, teenindajatele pakutavaid koolitusi ja motivatsioonipakette, teeninduse taset Eestis, teenindustöötajate palgataset, hea teenindaja isikuomadusi ning raskemaid ülesandeid teenindaja töös

  16. La Biblioteca Ing. Cayetano Garza Garza de la FOD, UANL a 40 años de su fundación


    Muela-Meza, Zapopan Martín


    It gives a brief description of the services offered by the Library "Ing. Cayetano Garza Garza" of the School of Sports Organization of the UANL (Nuevo Leon Autonomous University) on the year 2014 when it reaches 40 years since its foundation.

  17. Researching the black box of wrItIng processes in higher education

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Smedegaard Ernst Bengtsen, Søren; Jensen, Gry Sandholm

    feedback on student texts in higher education is traditionally understood as an evaluation of prod- ucts. However, there is a lack of knowledge about the ways students work with and reshape their material be- tween supervision meetings. A key problem is that the literature focuses either on student......, we wish to render visible such student thinking and writing processes. Drawing on phenomenological and linguistic research methods (Manen 2002; Manen 1997; Johnstone 1996) we argue that a new vocabulary for supervision on student texts must be developed for supervisors to more fully grasp...

  18. Expression of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF-1a-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF-Inhibitory Growth Factor (ING-4- axis in sarcoidosis patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tzouvelekis Argyris


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Sarcoidosis is a granulomatous disorder of unknown etiology. The term of immunoangiostasis has been addressed by various studies as potentially involved in the disease pathogenesis. The aim of the study was to investigate the expression of the master regulator of angiogenesis hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-1a – vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF- inhibitor of growth factor 4-(ING4 - axis within sarcoid granuloma. Methods A total of 37 patients with sarcoidosis stages II-III were recruited in our study. Tissue microarray technology coupled with immunohistochemistry analysis were applied to video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS lung biopsy samples collected from 37 sarcoidosis patients and 24 controls underwent surgery for benign lesions of the lung. Computerized image analysis was used to quantify immunohistochemistry results. qRT-PCR was used to assess HIF-1a and ING4 expression in 10 sarcoidosis mediastinal lymph node and 10 control lung samples. Results HIF-1a and VEGF-ING4 expression, both in protein and mRNA level, was found to be downregulated and upregulated, respectively, in sarcoidosis samples compared to controls. Immunohistochemistry coupled with computerized image analysis revealed minimal expression of HIF-1a within sarcoid granulomas whereas an abundant staining of ING4 and VEGF in epithelioid cells was also visualized. Conclusions Our data suggest an impairment of the HIF-1a – VEGF axis, potentialy arising by ING4 overexpression and ultimately resulting in angiostasis and monocyte recruitment within granulomas. The concept of immunoangiostasis as a possible protection mechanism against antigens of infectious origin needs further research to be verified.

  19. Combination Treatment with the GSK-3 Inhibitor 9-ING-41 and CCNU Cures Orthotopic Chemoresistant Glioblastoma in Patient-Derived Xenograft Models. (United States)

    Ugolkov, Andrey; Qiang, Wenan; Bondarenko, Gennadiy; Procissi, Daniel; Gaisina, Irina; James, C David; Chandler, James; Kozikowski, Alan; Gunosewoyo, Hendra; O'Halloran, Thomas; Raizer, Jeffrey; Mazar, Andrew P


    Resistance to chemotherapy remains a major challenge in the treatment of human glioblastoma (GBM). Glycogen synthase kinase-3β (GSK-3β), a positive regulator of NF-κB-mediated survival and chemoresistance of cancer cells, has been identified as a potential therapeutic target in human GBM. Our objective was to determine the antitumor effect of GSK-3 inhibitor 9-ING-41 in combination with chemotherapy in patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of human GBM. We utilized chemoresistant PDX models of GBM, GBM6 and GBM12, to study the effect of 9-ING-41 used alone and in combination with chemotherapy on tumor progression and survival. GBM6 and GBM12 were transfected by reporter constructs to enable bioluminescence imaging, which was used to stage animals prior to treatment and to follow intracranial GBM tumor growth. Immunohistochemical staining, apoptosis assay, and immunoblotting were used to assess the expression of GSK-3β and the effects of treatment in these models. We found that 9-ING-41 significantly enhanced 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-cyclohexyl-1-nitrosourea (CCNU) antitumor activity in staged orthotopic GBM12 (no response to CCNU) and GBM6 (partial response to CCNU) PDX models, as indicated by a decrease in tumor bioluminescence in mouse brain and a significant increase in overall survival. Treatment with the combination of CCNU and 9-ING-41 resulted in histologically confirmed cures in these studies. Our results demonstrate that the GSK-3 inhibitor 9-ING-41, a clinical candidate currently in Investigational New Drug (IND)-enabling development, significantly enhances the efficacy of CCNU therapy for human GBM and warrants consideration for clinical evaluation in this difficult-to-treat patient population. Copyright © 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Genetics and language: a neurobiological perspective on the missing link (-ing hypotheses). (United States)

    Poeppel, David


    The paper argues that both evolutionary and genetic approaches to studying the biological foundations of speech and language could benefit from fractionating the problem at a finer grain, aiming not to map genetics to "language"-or even subdomains of language such as "phonology" or "syntax"-but rather to link genetic results to component formal operations that underlie processing the comprehension and production of linguistic representations. Neuroanatomic and neurophysiological research suggests that language processing is broken down in space (distributed functional anatomy along concurrent pathways) and time (concurrent processing on multiple time scales). These parallel neuronal pathways and their local circuits form the infrastructure of speech and language and are the actual targets of evolution/genetics. Therefore, investigating the mapping from gene to brain circuit to linguistic phenotype at the level of generic computational operations (subroutines actually executable in these circuits) stands to provide a new perspective on the biological foundations in the healthy and challenged brain.

  1. OGLE-ING the Magellanic System: Stellar Populations in the Magellanic Bridge (United States)

    Skowron, D. M.; Jacyszyn, A. M.; Udalski, A.; Szymański, M. K.; Skowron, J.; Poleski, R.; Kozłowski, S.; Kubiak, M.; Pietrzyński, G.; Soszyński, I.; Mróz, P.; Pietrukowicz, P.; Ulaczyk, K.; Wyrzykowski, Ł.


    We report the discovery of a young stellar bridge that forms a continuous connection between the Magellanic Clouds. This finding is based on number density maps for stellar populations found in data gathered by OGLE-IV that fully cover over 270 deg2 of the sky in the Magellanic Bridge area. This is the most extensive optical survey of this region to date. We find that the young population is present mainly in the western half of the MBR, which, together with the newly discovered young population in the eastern Bridge, form a continuous stream of stars connecting both galaxies along δ ~ -73.5 deg. The young population distribution is clumped, with one of the major densities close to the SMC and the other fairly isolated and located approximately mid-way between the Clouds, which we call the OGLE island. These overdensities are well matched by H I surface density contours, although the newly found young population in the eastern Bridge is offset by ~2 deg north from the highest H I density contour. We observe a continuity of red clump stars between the Magellanic Clouds which represent an intermediate-age population. Red clump stars are present mainly in the southern and central parts of the Magellanic Bridge, below its gaseous part, and their presence is reflected by a strong deviation from the radial density profiles of the two galaxies. This may indicate either a tidal stream of stars, or that the stellar halos of the two galaxies overlap. On the other hand, we do not observe such an overlap within an intermediate-age population represented by the top of the red giant branch and the asymptotic giant branch stars. We also see only minor mixing of the old populations of the Clouds in the southern part of the Bridge, represented by the lowest part of the red giant branch.

  2. Material development in the SI sub 3 N sub 4 system using glass encapsulated Hip'ing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Corbin, N.D.; Sundberg, G.J.; Siebein, K.N.; Willkens, C.A.; Pujari, V.K.; Rossi, G.A.; Hansen, J.S.; Chang, C.L.; Hammarstrom, J.L.


    This report covers a two-year program to develop fully dense Si{sub 3}N{sub 4} matrix SiC whisker composites with enhanced properties over monolithic Si{sub 3}N{sub 4} materials. The primary goal was to develop a composite with a fracture toughness > 10 MPa{radical}m, capable of using high pressure glass encapsulated HIP'ing. Coating methods were developed to apply thin (<150nm) stoichiometric BN layers to SiC whiskers and also to apply a dual coating of SiC over carbon to the whiskers. Fracture toughness of the composites was determined to increase as the quantity of whiskers (or elongated grains) with their axis perpendicular to the crack plane increased. Of the interface compositions evaluated in this effort, carbon was determined to be the most effective for increasing toughness. The highest toughnesses (6.8--7.0 MPa{radical}m) were obtained with uniaxially aligned carbon coated whiskers. There was no evidence of the carbon coating compromising the oxidation resistance of the composites at 1370{degree}C.

  3. Problems in problem analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Almegaard, Henrik


    The majority of literature on engineering design methods is focused on the processes of fulfilling the design goals as efficiently as possible. This paper will focus on - and discuss - the processes of determining the design goals: the specifications. The purpose is to draw attention to the inher...... to the inherent problems, dilemmas and possibilities in these processes bearing in mind that that the most important decisions in a design project are taken in the beginning of the project....

  4. L'ingénierie des connaissances : développements, résultats et perspectives pour la gestion des connaissances médicales


    Charlet, Jean


    Mémoire d'habilitation à diriger des recherches; Le travail présenté dans ce mémoire d'habilitation à diriger des recherches cherche à faire le point sur le domaine de l'Ingénierie des connaissances et à étudier ses apports, présents et futurs, à la gestion des connaissances médicales. L'Ingénierie des connaissances ne peut pas résoudre à elle seule les problèmes de la gestion des connaissances médicales. Un certain nombre d'années passées à travailler dans ces domaines fondamentaux ? pour l'...

  5. La recomposition des formes bureaucratiques dans le développement territorial. Ingénierie territoriale et intermédiations dans les territoires de projet


    Lapostolle, Dany


    L’ingénierie territoriale mobilise un répertoire de savoirs et d’objets intermédiaires au cœur du processus de création territoriale. Cet équipement cognitif est nécessaire à la cohésion de l’action publique multiniveaux au sein du territoire de projet. Dans ce contexte, bien que les modalités de gestion des contrats d’action publique ne dénaturent par la fonction médiatrice de ce répertoire, elles sont standardisées par les forces de l’isomorphisme institutionnel. L’ingénierie territoriale s...

  6. Balance Problems (United States)

    ... it could be a sign of a balance problem. Balance problems can make you feel unsteady. You may also ... injuries, such as a hip fracture. Some balance problems are due to problems in the inner ear. ...

  7. Mida teed siis, kui töötaja on avaldanud soovi firmast lahkuda? / Inge Rumessen, Andres Hall, Mariliin Saar ... [jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Küsimusele vastavad PR Strategies partner ja strateegiline konsultant Inge Rumessen, auto24ring juhataja Andrs Hall, vabakutseline loovjuht ja produtsent Mariliin Saar, advokaadibüroo Tark partner Hannes Küün, ettevõtte Ööloom ja Frank kaasasutaja Jan Plaan, haridus- ja teadusministeeriumi personaliosakonna juhataja Margot Saluse, Sorry as Service müügijuht ja asutaja Indrek Põldvee ja EBS-i rahvusvahelise koostöö prorektor Toomas Danneberg

  8. Umbætur á ákvæðum um úthlutun þingsæta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Þorkell Helgason


    Full Text Available Reifaðar eru hugmyndir um breytingar á þremur lykilatriðum við úthlutun þingsæta í kjölfar kosninga til Alþingis. Allar rúmast hugmyndirnar innan ramma núgildandi stjórnarskrár og væri því unnt að innleiða þær með breytingum á kosningalögum einum. Fjallað verður um það hvernig tryggja megi fullan jöfnuð milli þingflokka en á því varð misbrestur í kosningunum 2013. Um leið er vísað til kröfu margra, m.a. alþjóðastofnana, um að jafna þurfi vægi atkvæða eftir búsetu og bent á leiðir til þess. Að lokum er lýst því stærðfræðilega vandamáli sem felst í útdeilingu jöfnunarsæta. Viðfangsefnið er í flokki erfiðra fléttufræðilegra vandamála. Stungið er upp á nýrri aðferð sem tilbrigði við núgildandi lög.

  9. Visits to ING (United States)

    Mendez, J.


    A total of 2349 visitors split in 117 tours were shown round the WHT and occasionally the INT in 2005. Visitors included Dr. Jan A. C. van de Donk, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and ESO Council member.

  10. Muutunud Euroopa / Inge Pitsner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pitsner, Inge


    Mihhail Vladislavlev ja Aleksandr Zukerman kordasid 15 aasta tagust reisi taksoga mööda Euroopat. Sellest, mis on muutunud Poolas, Horvaatias, Essenis, Linzis ja Eestis "Subboteja" tegijate omil sõnul

  11. Green(ing) infrastructure

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Van Wyk, Llewellyn V


    Full Text Available Green infrastructure can be defined as the design and development of infrastructure that works with natural systems in the performance of its functions. Green infrastructure recognises the importance of the natural environment in land use planning...

  12. SPI-ing Exoplanets (United States)

    Maggio, A.


    Star-Planet Interaction (SPI) is a broad phenomenological term which encompasses a variety of physical effects relevant for the evolution of extra-solar planetary systems, in particular those hosting giant gas planets in close orbits around their parent star. While theoretical expectations of SPI are abundant, observational signatures are still elusive with current instrumentation and adopted observing strategies. In particular, recent X-ray observations provided intriguing indications of different SPI-driven effects, including enhanced coronal emission and flaring activity related to the phase of the planetary orbit, but for a few specific planet hosting stars, while results based on statistical studies are controversial. I will review the state of the art on the matter, and possible future developments with Athena and SKA that will help us for a better characterization of exoplanets and their abitability conditions.

  13. Descending necrotis ing mediastinitis

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    nation of the oral cavity and throat showed no trismus, no sign of dental caries or any other infection. Ear, nose .... care unit to the ward and put on oral antibiotics. At this stage a maxillofacial con- sultation was requested ... thyroiditis, oesophageal injury or posttraumatic intubation and there is even one case described after ...

  14. Ankle Problems (United States)

    ... Nausea and Vomiting in Infants and Children Neck Pain Neck Swelling Shortness of Breath Shortness of Breath in Infants and Children Shoulder Problems Skin Rashes & Other Skin Problems Throat Problems Tooth Problems Urination Problems Back to Symptoms Step 2 Answering Questions Did you begin to ...

  15. Urination Problems (United States)

    ... Nausea and Vomiting in Infants and Children Neck Pain Neck Swelling Shortness of Breath Shortness of Breath in Infants and Children Shoulder Problems Skin Rashes & Other Skin Problems Throat Problems Tooth Problems Urination Problems Back to Symptoms Step 2 Answering Questions Do you have pain ...

  16. Knee Problems (United States)

    ... Nausea and Vomiting in Infants and Children Neck Pain Neck Swelling Shortness of Breath Shortness of Breath in Infants and Children Shoulder Problems Skin Rashes & Other Skin Problems Throat Problems Tooth Problems Urination Problems Back to Symptoms Step 2 Answering Questions Did your knee pain ...

  17. Speech Problems (United States)

    ... Plan Hot Topics Flu Facts Arrhythmias Abuse Speech Problems KidsHealth > For Teens > Speech Problems Print A A ... form speech sounds into words. What Causes Speech Problems? Normal speech might seem effortless, but it's actually ...

  18. Education Management Profile: Uzbekistan. (United States)

    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Bangkok (Thailand). Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

    This education management profile of Uzbekistan contains the following: basic information about the country, key educational indicators, brief comments about the country and its history, a description of the education system, the management of education, access to education and school enrollment, problems and challenges, educational reform in…

  19. Book of summaries of dissertations and habilitations written until February 1995 under the guidance of Professor Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Mueller. Dedicated to Professor Ulrich Mueller on the occasion of his 60th anniversary on 28 February 1995; Zusammenfassung der bis Februar 1995 unter Leitung von Herrn Professor Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Mueller abgeschlossenen Dissertationen und Habilitationen. Herrn Professor Ulrich Mueller zum 60. Geburtstag am 28. Februar 1995

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ehrhard, P. [ed.; Knebel, U. [ed.


    In March 1974, Dr.-Ing Ulrich Mueller, then Privatdozent (unestablished university lecturer) at the Institut fuer Stroemungslehre und Stroemungsmaschinen (Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Kinetic Machines) of Karlsruhe University, was appointed Director of the Institut fuer Reaktorbauelemente (IRB) of the former Gesellschaft fuer Kernforschung (GfK), now called Karlsruhe Research Center. In September 1974, he was appointed additional professor. Since his qualification for lecturing at a university, 24 dissertations and two habilitations have been concluded by students under his scientific guidance and mentorship. The report in hand presents summaries of these scientific publications. The theoretical and experimental publications in the field of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics are of significance to the safety and design of components for nuclear power plants and thermonuclear reactors, relating to both basic research and industrial applications. Recent scientific work in progress now also includes aspects of long-term cooling of reactor core melts, or waste treatment by incineration and wet oxidation. The scientific problems and aspects studied in the publications reveal the constant process of change experienced in scientific research, also reflected by the fact that the Karlsruhe facility has been renamed twice in the course of time, into Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center (KfK) in 1977, and into Karlsruhe Research Center - Technology and Environment in 1995. Professor Mueller`s institute, too, has been renamed in 1993 in response to developments, into Institut fuer Angewandte Thermo- und Fluiddynamik (IATF). (orig.) [Deutsch] Im Maerz 1974 wurde der Privatdozent am Institut fuer Stroemungslehre und Stroemungsmaschinen der Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH), Herr Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Mueller zum Leiter des Instituts fuer Reaktorbauelemente (IRB) der damaligen Gesellschaft fuer Kernforschung (GfK) berufen. Im September 1974 wurde er zum ausserplanmaessigen Professor

  20. Obstacle problems in mathematical physics

    CERN Document Server

    Rodrigues, J-F


    The aim of this research monograph is to present a general account of the applicability of elliptic variational inequalities to the important class of free boundary problems of obstacle type from a unifying point of view of classical Mathematical Physics.The first part of the volume introduces some obstacle type problems which can be reduced to variational inequalities. Part II presents some of the main aspects of the theory of elliptic variational inequalities, from the abstract hilbertian framework to the smoothness of the variational solution, discussing in general the properties of the free boundary and including some results on the obstacle Plateau problem. The last part examines the application to free boundary problems, namely the lubrication-cavitation problem, the elastoplastic problem, the Signorini (or the boundary obstacle) problem, the dam problem, the continuous casting problem, the electrochemical machining problem and the problem of the flow with wake in a channel past a profile.

  1. Terrorist Group Profiles (United States)


    leadership thought to include, among others, Barbara Mayer, Inge Viett, Sigrid Sternbeck, Tomas Simon, Wolfgang Grams, Horst Meyer, Birgit Hogefeld, Silke...imprisoned) and Benito Tiamzon (probable chairman). Sponsors Independent. Political Objectives/Target Audiences " Replace the current Aquino government...populace for the continued US military presence on the islands. " Provoke a more repressive response from the Aquino government through its

  2. Kes peaks tagama seaduste täitmise? / Inge Timoštšuk, Volli Kalm, Maiki Udam ; üles kirjutanud Ülo Tikk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Timoštšuk, Inge, 1970-


    Vene koolidel käib Põhikooli- ja Gümnaasiumiseaduse § 52 teise lõike "Riigi- ja munitsipaalgümnaasiumides alustatakse üleminekut eesti õppekeelele hiljemalt 2007/08. õppeaastal" täitmine üle jõu, kuna ei jätku pädevaid õpetajaid. Teemat kommenteerivad Tartu Ülikooli prorektor Volli Kalm, Tallinna Pedagoogikaülikooli õpetajakoolituse osakonna juhataja Inge Timoštšuk ja Haridusministeeriumi kõrghariduse talituse juhataja Maiki Udam

  3. Des ingénieurs pour un monde nouveau histoire des enseignements électrotechniques (Europe, Amériques) : XIXe-XXe siècle

    CERN Document Server

    Mikeš, Jan; Grelon, André


    L'ouvrage retrace la naissance des formations d'ingénieurs électriciens, à partir de la fin du XIXe siècle, en Europe et sur le continent américain, en relation avec le développement de l'industrie électrique et l'organisation des réseaux d'électricité dans les différents États. Il rassemble les contributions de 28 historiens portant sur 15 pays.

  4. Finance computationnelle et gestion des risques ingénierie financière avec applications Excel (Visual Basic) et Matlab

    CERN Document Server

    Racicot, François-Éric


    Ce manuel propose un exposé rigoureux de la gestion des risques en finance. Les aspects théoriques de la question sont abordés par des démonstrations claires et des rappels élaborés des bases mathématiques de la finance computationnelle. Le texte est émaillé de nombreux programmes écrits en langages Visual Basic (Excel), Matlab et EViews qui prépareront l'étudiant à sa carrière de spécialiste en ingénierie financière.

  5. Explaining the Mind: Problems, Problems


    Harnad, Stevan


    The mind/body problem is the feeling/function problem: How and why do feeling systems feel? The problem is not just "hard" but insoluble (unless one is ready to resort to telekinetic dualism). Fortunately, the "easy" problems of cognitive science (such as the how and why of categorization and language) are not insoluble. Five books (by Damasio, Edelman/Tononi...

  6. Childbirth Problems (United States)

    ... the mother, baby, or both. Possible complications include Preterm (premature) labor, when labor starts before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy Problems with the umbilical cord Problems with the position of the baby, such as breech, in which ...

  7. Foot Problems (United States)

    ... e-newsletter! Aging & Health A to Z Foot Problems Basic Facts & Information Foot pain and foot disorders ... keep you active and independent. What are Foot Problems? Decades of standing changes your feet. Much of ...

  8. Breathing Problems (United States)

    ... enough air. Sometimes you can have mild breathing problems because of a stuffy nose or intense exercise. ... Lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema, or pneumonia Problems with your trachea or bronchi, which are part ...

  9. Walking Problems (United States)

    ... your legs or feet Movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease Diseases such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis Vision or balance problems Treatment of walking problems depends on the cause. Physical therapy, surgery, or mobility aids may help.

  10. Décrire et comparer des formations d'ingénieurs interdisciplinaires : enjeux méthodologiques et épistémologiques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Godfroy Anne-Sophie


    La communication reviendra sur les résultats du projet HELENA et sur leur interprétation dans une perspective heuristique. Un objectif de cette étude était de permettre une première comparaison afin de mettre en lumière les caractéristiques des enseignements en école d'ingénieur et la complexité de leur organisation. Le projet a démontré l'efficacité des outils de mise en équivalence mis en place par le processus de Bologne. Il conviendrait dans un second temps de définir plus précisément les termes de la comparaison et de chercher des méthodologies comparatives plus élaborées de manière à mieux comprendre en quoi les sciences humaines et sociales préparent à la vie professionnelle ou rendent plus attractives des formations d'ingénieurs.

  11. Production de savoir et dynamique pédagogique ingénieuse. Le cas particulier de « l’Ecole de Tours »

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catherine Guillaumin


    Full Text Available Depuis les années ‘80, les enseignants-chercheurs du département des sciences de l’éducation et de la formation de l’Université de Tours développent une pédagogie universitaire de formation par alternance comme voie différente pour apprendre et se former. « L’Ecole de Tours » est fondée sur le primat de l’expérience et celui de la production de savoir, renversant l’ordonnancement classique de la formation, mais convergeant vers l’abstraction avec les mêmes exigences de savoirs rigoureux conceptuels et méthodologiques. Elle est le produit complexe de l’ingenium lerbétien et du génie stratégique et pédagogique de Gaston Pineau. Cette contribution recense et explicite l’ingéniosité pédagogique qui structure transversalement ces dispositifs de formation associant, dans la complémentarité, les professionnels, dans et hors les murs de l’université, tandis qu’une veille réflexive et transformatrice, attentive aux changements sociétaux, oriente les ré-ingénieries successives.

  12. Sur quelles bases théoriques susciter un questionnement éthique en école d'ingénieurs ?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Quiquerez Guillaume


    Full Text Available Cette contribution analyse quelques questions préalables à une pédagogie entendant favoriser un questionnement éthique dans une école d'ingénieurs. Après avoir proposé une typologie d'une demande sociale adressée aux ingénieurs, sont discutées la position de Max Weber sur la neutralité axiologique, la stratégie d'Amartya Sen face à l'institutionnalisme transcendantal, et les analyses de Paul Ricœur sur le renouveau du concept de responsabilité. Nous en déduisons alors un environnement théorique permettant de mieux cerner les contours d'une éthique de la responsabilité rénovée et un questionnement devant permettre d'orienter la construction d'une réflexion pédagogique.

  13. Profil Pemecahan Masalah Aljabar Berpandu Pada Taksonomi SOLO Ditinjau Dari Gaya Kognitif Konseptual Tempo Siswa SMA Negeri 1 Makale Tana Toraja [A Profile of Guided Algebra Problem Solving Using the SOLO Taxonomy and the Cognitive Conceptual Tempo Style of Students at the SMA Negeri 1 School In Makale, Tana Toraja

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oce Datu Appulembang


    Full Text Available The objective of this research was to discover the process used in solving a superitem test which consisted of 4 stages according to the SOLO (Structure of Learning Outcomes Taxonomy, namely unistuctural, multistructural, relational, and extended abstract, and reviewed using the cognitive impulsive and reflective style. The research was qualitative research. The main instrument of the research was the researcher himself guided by a superitem test, an impulsive-reflective cognitive test namely MFFT (Matching Familiar Figure Test, and a valid interview guideline. The subject of this research was the students of class X1 at SMA Negeri 1 Makale Tana Toraja consisting of four students in which 2 subjects were with cognitive impulsive style and 2 subjects with cognitive reflective style. The data was collected by giving a superitem test which was verified with an interview. The results of the research show that: (a the first subject’s impulsive and reflective style showed the tendency of problem solving at an abstract level which was expanded in the question of one variable linear equation and in the question of two variable linear equation, (b the second subject’s impulsive cognitive style in two variable linear equation problem solving showed the tendency of unistuctural and relational thinking only, (c the second subject’s cognitive reflective style showed the tendency of problem solving in relational level, (d the subject’s impulsive and reflective cognitive style showed the tendency of the same problem solving in the level unistructural, multistructural, relational, and abstract in the question of one variable linear equation, and different in the abstract level in the question of two variable linear equation. BAHASA INDONESIA ABSTRAK: Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui profil pemecahan masalah dengan melihat dan mengungkap proses berpikir siswa dalam menyelesaikan tes superitem yang terdiri atas 4 tingkatan menurut Taksonomi

  14. Biophysical Profile (United States)

    ... and pregnancy High-risk pregnancy Biophysical profile About Advertisement Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. ... a Job Site Map About This Site Twitter Facebook Google YouTube Pinterest Mayo Clinic is a not- ...

  15. Profiling cancer

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ciro, Marco; Bracken, Adrian P; Helin, Kristian


    In the past couple of years, several very exciting studies have demonstrated the enormous power of gene-expression profiling for cancer classification and prediction of patient survival. In addition to promising a more accurate classification of cancer and therefore better treatment of patients......, gene-expression profiling can result in the identification of novel potential targets for cancer therapy and a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms leading to cancer....

  16. An Inverse Method for Obtaining the Attenuation Profile and Small Variations in the Sound Speed and Density Profiles of the Ocean Bottom. (United States)


    L’-(Pl’ Ing k eriiel for pr,,-fdi 7-1J41 .) 1 ~ Figure 7-30: fEC’.NL Ir. k crud L’ fr pr’cifl T-1.4 (c) P-7 Figure 7-31: L-- 1PH I :r,. - I. ’.1 7-14...Further, the data in the low frequency range are spread over a wide range of values of attenuation and there is no consistent pattern to justify a...studying the peak to null difference in the measured interference pattern . 4 3.2 Determination of the attenuation profile from the plane-wave

  17. Indium flux synthesis of RE4Ni2InGe4 (RE = Dy, Ho, Er, and Tm): an ordered quaternary variation on the binary phase Mg5Si6. (United States)

    Salvador, James R; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G


    The quaternary compounds RE4Ni2InGe4 (RE = Dy, Ho, Er, and Tm) were obtained as large single crystals in high yields from reactions run in liquid In. The title compounds crystallize in the monoclinic C2/m space group with the Mg(5)Si(6) structure type with lattice parameters a = 15.420(2) A, b = 4.2224(7) A, c = 7.0191(11) A, and beta = 108.589(2) degrees for Dy4Ni2InGe4, a = 15.373(4) A, b = 4.2101(9) A, c = 6.9935(15) A, and beta = 108.600(3) degrees for Ho4Ni2InGe4, a = 15.334(7) A, b = 4.1937(19) A, c = 6.975(3) A, and beta =108.472(7) degrees for Er4Ni2InGe4, and a = 15.253(2) A, b = 4.1747(6) A, c = 6.9460(9) A, and beta = 108.535(2) degrees for Tm4Ni2InGe4. RE4Ni2InGe4 formed in liquid In from a melt that was rich in the rare-earth component. These compounds are polar intermetallic phases with a cationic rare-earth substructure embedded in a transition metal and main group matrix. The rare-earth atoms form a highly condensed network, leading to interatomic distances that are similar to those found in the elemental lanthanides themselves. The Dy and Ho analogues display two maxima in the susceptibility, suggesting antiferromagnetic ordering behavior and an accompanying spin reorientation. The Er analogue shows only one maximum in the susceptibility, and no magnetic ordering was observed for the Tm compound down to 2 K.

  18. Popular Problems (United States)

    Skovhus, Randi Boelskifte; Thomsen, Rie


    This article introduces a method to critical reviews and explores the ways in which problems have been formulated in knowledge production on career guidance in Denmark over a 10-year period from 2004 to 2014. The method draws upon the work of Bacchi focussing on the "What's the problem represented to be" (WPR) approach. Forty-nine…

  19. Hearing Problems (United States)

    ... Read MoreDepression in Children and TeensRead MoreBMI Calculator Hearing ProblemsLoss in the ability to hear or discriminate ... This flow chart will help direct you if hearing loss is a problem for you or a ...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moran, B


    We present analytic solutions to two test problems that can be used to check the hydrodynamic implementation in computer codes designed to calculate the propagation of shocks in spherically convergent geometry. Our analysis is restricted to fluid materials with constant bulk modulus. In the first problem we present the exact initial acceleration and pressure gradient at the outer surface of a sphere subjected to an exponentially decaying pressure of the form P(t) = P{sub 0}e{sup -at}. We show that finely-zoned hydro-code simulations are in good agreement with our analytic solution. In the second problem we discuss the implosions of incompressible spherical fluid shells and we present the radial pressure profile across the shell thickness. We also discuss a semi-analytic solution to the time-evolution of a nearly spherical shell with arbitrary but small initial 3-dimensional (3-D) perturbations on its inner and outer surfaces.

  1. Cambodian and their Doctors, a Medical Anthropology of Colonial and Post-Colonial Cambodia, Jan Ovesen & Ing-Britt Trankell

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Didier Bertrand


    Full Text Available Cet ouvrage, écrit par Jan Ovesen et Ing-Britt Trankell (professeurs associés d’anthropologie à l’université d’Uppsala engagés dans l’étude de la société cambodgienne depuis 1995, offre une synthèse unique d’anthropologie historique et d’ethnographie contemporaine sur le système de soins de santé cambodgien de la colonisation française à nos jours. Les auteurs décrivent la tension dans le Cambodge moderne entre la tradition médicale occidentale introduite par les colonisateurs français et le...

  2. Sedimentary environments in the south-western Barents Sea during the last deglaciation and the Holocene: a case study outside the Ingøydjupet trough

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauro Pau


    Full Text Available A lithological and foraminiferal study of newly acquired sediment cores outside the Ingøydjupet (Ingøy Deep trough has been carried out to improve constraints on the last deglacial history in the south-western Barents Sea. Three lithofacies and three foraminiferal facies were identified. The lowermost lithological unit is a diamicton interpreted as glacial till. It contains a low-abundance, ecologically mixed foraminiferal assemblage, presumably resulting from glacial reworking. Above the diamicton, a layer of ice-rafted debris (IRD, likely associated with intensive iceberg production, marks the initial destabilization of the marine-based ice sheet. At this time, ca. 15.6–15.0 Ky B.P., opportunistic foraminiferal species Nonionellina labradorica and Stainforthia spp. reached peak abundance. During the south-western Barents Sea ice-margin retreat, presumably corresponding to the Bølling interstadial, a sequence of glaciomarine laminations was deposited conformably on the layer of IRD. Sedimentation rates were apparently high (estimated about 0.4 cm per year and the foraminiferal fauna was dominated by Elphidium spp. and Cassidulina reniforme, species common for glacier-proximal environments. A hiatus at the top of the deglacial unit is likely linked to the high bottom-current activity associated with a strengthened inflow of Atlantic water masses into the Barents Sea. The uppermost lithological unit is represented by the Holocene marine sandy mud. It contains a high-abundance, high-diversity foraminiferal fauna with common cassidulinids, Cibicides spp., Epistominella pusilla and planktic species.

  3. Gérer l'interface entre ingénierie, didactique, pédagogie et dispositifs ouverts Interfacing open learning environments, didactics and pedagogy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guy Achard-Bayle


    Full Text Available Nous proposons de croiser le regard du didacticien linguiste et celui du spécialiste de l'utilisation des TIC pour la formation et de l'ingénierie de formation, afin d'analyser des dispositifs expérimentaux "ouverts" que nous avons pu observer de près. Le premier est un dispositif à distance basé sur une pédagogie du projet, le second relève de l'autoformation guidée en centre de ressources. Dans les deux cas on relève le rôle pivot du centre de ressources et la disparition du groupe-classe. Quelques points importants pour une approche des dispositifs ouverts se dégagent, entre autres tutorat et suivi des apprenants, rapport au temps (temps perdu, temps retrouvé, choix des ressources supports des apprentissages (outils de référence et matériaux pédagogiques. Nous plaiderons pour une meilleure gestion de l'interface entre ingénierie, didactique, pédagogie et dispositifs ouverts par une remobilisation du didacticien autour de quelques axes se dégageant de nos observations.We acted as linguists interested in didactics and specialists in the use of ICT to analyze two language learning environments we had an opportunity to closely follow. Both can be labeled as open learning systems relying on self directed learning. We point out the importance of the self access learning centre where learners come and the disappearance of the traditional group. Several relevant elements are analyzed such as tutoring and coaching of learners, changes in the relationship to time (wasting and finding time, choosing appropriate materials (reference tools or teaching materials. We will argue in favor of a more deliberate implication of didactics so as to better approach open learning situations and self directed learning.

  4. Fellow Profile

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Fellow Profile. Elected: 1971 Section: Chemistry. Narasimhan, Prof. Palliakaranai Thirumalai Ph.D. (Madras), FNA, FNASc. Date of birth: 28 July 1928. Date of death: 3 May 2013. Specialization: Theoretical Chemistry and Magnetic Resonance Last known address: 1013, Lupine Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA. YouTube ...

  5. Routage, protection et ingénierie de trafic dans les réseaux WDM tout-optiques


    Koubàa, Mohamed


    This thesis mainly focuses on all-optical lightpaths establishment. We consider all along the thesis optical networks with finite resources, that is with a given maximum amount of wavelengths per fiber. Both exact and approximate optimization techniques are considered. In a first step, we investigate the problem of routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) considering permanent lightpath demands (PLDs) and develop ILPs (Integer Linear Programs) for both the routing and the wavelength assignment...

  6. Kidney Problems (United States)

    ... High Blood Pressure Nutrition Join our e-newsletter! Aging & Health A to Z Kidney Problems Basic Facts & ... build-up of waste products, and other serious consequences in later years. Doses of medications must also ...

  7. Popular problems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Skovhus, Randi Boelskifte; Thomsen, Rie


    This article introduces a method to critical reviews and explores the ways in which problems have been formulated in knowledge production on career guidance in Denmark over a 10-year period from 2004 to 2014. The method draws upon the work of Bacchi focussing on the ‘What's the problem represented...... to be’ (WPR) approach. Forty-nine empirical studies on Danish youth career guidance were included in the study. An analysis of the issues in focus resulted in nine problem categories. One of these, ‘targeting’, is analysed using the WPR approach. Finally, the article concludes that the WPR approach...... provides a constructive basis for a critical analysis and discussion of the collective empirical knowledge production on career guidance, stimulating awareness of problems and potential solutions among the career guidance community....

  8. School Problems (United States)

    Kinsbourne, Marcel


    Intended for pediatricians, the article considers aspects of diagnosis and treatment of learning problems including definitions and documentation, the examination, developmental lag, intelligence and psychometry, reversals, serial ordering, cognitive processes in reading, and hyperactivity. (DB)

  9. Knapsack problems

    CERN Document Server

    Kellerer, Hans; Pisinger, David


    Thirteen years have passed since the seminal book on knapsack problems by Martello and Toth appeared. On this occasion a former colleague exclaimed back in 1990: "How can you write 250 pages on the knapsack problem?" Indeed, the definition of the knapsack problem is easily understood even by a non-expert who will not suspect the presence of challenging research topics in this area at the first glance. However, in the last decade a large number of research publications contributed new results for the knapsack problem in all areas of interest such as exact algorithms, heuristics and approximation schemes. Moreover, the extension of the knapsack problem to higher dimensions both in the number of constraints and in the num­ ber of knapsacks, as well as the modification of the problem structure concerning the available item set and the objective function, leads to a number of interesting variations of practical relevance which were the subject of intensive research during the last few years. Hence, two years ago ...

  10. Electric Car Users’ Time of Charging Problem under Peak Load Pricing When Delay in Charging Time Involves Uncertain Cost

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fetene, Gebeyehu Manie

    such as electricity, transport (con- gestion), water and telecommunication. Linear and non-linear peak load pricing alternatives have been suggested to curb this problem, particularly when demand is cyclical (Mohsenian-Rad and Leon-Garcia, 2010; Tan and Varaiya, 1993; Chao et al., 1986; Finsinger; Roberts, 1979......). Peak load pricing (PLP) is an attempt to shift demand, or consumption of the good, to accommodate supply. While peak load problem and PLP are well documented in the literature, this paper, to the authors’ knowledge, is the first to analyze the EV users time of charg- ing decision problem under PLP...

  11. Bridging the Digital Divide through Educational Initiatives: Problems and Solutions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tom Butler


    Full Text Available Being on the wrong side of the digital divide limits the life chances of the socially excluded, who have had neither the wherewithal nor the opportunity to obtain highly paid, skilled positions in IT. Irish policy makers see education as the solution to this problem. However, provid-ing institutional support for the socially disadvantaged who wish to avail of third level education in IT poses significant challenges. This paper describes these problems and explains how they were overcome in implementing an undergraduate university programme called the Diploma in Applied Business Computing. This targeted initiative was an unqualified success in that it achieved its primary objectives--academic and social. However, what made it so was the commitment of concerned stakeholders, from members of the executive steering committee who developed and implemented the course, to the lecturers who delivered it, the companies who supported it, and the students who participated in it.

  12. Calculus problems

    CERN Document Server

    Baronti, Marco; van der Putten, Robertus; Venturi, Irene


    This book, intended as a practical working guide for students in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or any other field where rigorous calculus is needed, includes 450 exercises. Each chapter starts with a summary of the main definitions and results, which is followed by a selection of solved exercises accompanied by brief, illustrative comments. A selection of problems with indicated solutions rounds out each chapter. A final chapter explores problems that are not designed with a single issue in mind but instead call for the combination of a variety of techniques, rounding out the book’s coverage. Though the book’s primary focus is on functions of one real variable, basic ordinary differential equations (separation of variables, linear first order and constant coefficients ODEs) are also discussed. The material is taken from actual written tests that have been delivered at the Engineering School of the University of Genoa. Literally thousands of students have worked on these problems, ensuring their real-...

  13. Ontology-based Integration of Web Navigation for Dynamic User Profiling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anett HOPPE


    Full Text Available The development of technology for handling information on a Big Data-scale is a buzzing topic of current research. Indeed, improved techniques for knowledge discovery are crucial for scientific and economic exploitation of large-scale raw data. In research collaboration with an industrial actor, we explore the applicability of ontology-based knowledge extraction and representation for today's biggest source of large-scale data, the Web. The goal is to develop a profil-ing application, based on the implicit information that every user leaves while navigating the online, with the goal to identify and model preferences and interests in a detailed user profile. This includes the identification of current tendencies as well as the prediction of possible future interests, as far as they are deducible from the collected browsing information, and integrated expert domain knowledge. The article at hand gives an overview on the current state of the research, the developments made and insights gained.

  14. Balance Problems (United States)

    ... most common source of vertigo) headache (including migraines) anxiety or panic ringing in the ears allergies or infections getting up quickly from sitting or lying down a growth on the auditory nerve that works with the ear (such as an acoustic neuroma) problems with nerves in your legs and ...

  15. Prostate Problems (United States)

    ... problems can cause you to go to the bathroom frequently feel as if you need to rush to the bathroom, only to find you can’t urinate or ... and disseminates research findings through its clearinghouses and education programs to increase knowledge and understanding about health ...

  16. No Fat, No Sugar, No Salt . . . No Problem? Prevalence of "Low-Content" Nutrient Claims and Their Associations with the Nutritional Profile of Food and Beverage Purchases in the United States. (United States)

    Taillie, Lindsey Smith; Ng, Shu Wen; Xue, Ya; Busey, Emily; Harding, Matthew


    Nutrient claims are a commonly used marketing tactic, but the association between claims and nutritional quality of products is unknown. The objective of this study was to examine trends in the proportion of packaged food and beverage purchases with a nutrient claim, whether claims are associated with improved nutritional profile, and whether the proportion of purchases with claims differs by race/ethnicity or socioeconomic status. This cross-sectional study examined nutrient claims on more than 80 million food and beverage purchases from a transaction-level database of 40,000 US households from 2008 to 2012. χ2 Tests were used to examine whether the proportion of purchases with a low/no-content claim changed over time or differed by race/ethnicity or household socioeconomic status. Pooled transactions were examined using t-tests to compare products' nutritional profiles overall and by food and beverage group. Thirteen percent of food and 35% of beverage purchases had a low-content claim. Prevalence of claims among purchases did not change over time. Low-fat claims were most prevalent for both foods and beverages (10% and 19%, respectively), followed by low-calorie (3% and 9%), low-sugar (2% and 8%), and low-sodium (2% for both) claims. Compared to purchases with no claim, purchases with any low-content claim had lower mean energy, total sugar, total fat, and sodium densities. However, the association between particular claim types and specific nutrient densities varied substantially, and purchases featuring a given low-content claim did not necessarily offer better overall nutritional profiles or better profiles for the claimed nutrient, relative to products without claims. In addition, there was substantial heterogeneity in associations between claims and nutrient densities within food and beverage groups. Variations in nutrient density by claim type and food and beverage group suggests that claims may have differential utility for certain foods or nutrients and

  17. Sleep Problems and Daily Functioning in Children With ADHD

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Virring, Anne; Lambek, Rikke; Jennum, Poul Jørgen


    problem profile, but having a comorbid internalizing or autistic disorder lead to higher sleep problem score. CONCLUSION: Sleep problems and impaired daily functioning were more common in children with ADHD, but the overall association between sleep problems and impaired daily functioning was similar...... in clinical and nonclinical children. Internalizing or autistic comorbid disorders added significantly to the sleep problems....

  18. Soil Profiles and Seismic Loading

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janotka, V.


    Full Text Available The contribution estimates different geotechnical profiles of site condition change and their influences on the computed seismic response spectra and time histories final values and forms applying on the seismic structures loading. The mentioned problems methodics attitude solution is based on the computed seismic motion parameters.

  19. Optimization Problems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yaping Hu


    the nonsmooth convex optimization problem. First, by using Moreau-Yosida regularization, we convert the original objective function to a continuously differentiable function; then we use approximate function and gradient values of the Moreau-Yosida regularization to substitute the corresponding exact values in the algorithm. The global convergence is proved under suitable assumptions. Numerical experiments are presented to show the effectiveness of this algorithm.

  20. A Misuse of Bion's "Reverie-ing Mother": Another Weapon in the War against Women as Waged in the Consulting Room. (United States)

    Lament, Claudia


    "The war against women" is a systemic process of discrimination that seeks to subjugate women. In this essay, I will critically examine a contemporary paper, published in a well-known psychoanalytic journal, that views the patient through the lens of Bion's "reverie-ing mother" concept. I argue that leaning upon any particular theory to explain an individual's complex psychological disturbance adheres to a reductionistic line of reasoning that falls prey to the genetic fallacy; interpreting psychological phenomena in this way becomes a myopically focused perch that narrows the clinician's range of vision in scanning the field for other features that influenced the patient's symptomatology and suffering. It defies what we know about the reorganizational potential of the developmental trajectory wherein early features undergo significant change over the course of growth. Within the context of the war against women, such a constrained perspective places the onus of responsibility upon the mother, making her the "whipping boy" for her child's difficulties. Within a blink of an eye, she turns into the embodiment of the trope of the "bad mother." The consequence of misusing a way of thinking about the early mother-child relationship has the unfortunate effect of promoting the war in our current zeitgeist.


    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Encontrar prescripciones en materia de políticas para mejorar el acceso de los más pobres a redes sociales de alta calidad y capital para atender la problemática de la violencia. Resultados esperados. La investigación permitirá comprender el capital social y la creación de espacios de violencia en las comunidades.


    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    examinarán de qué manera un mejor acceso a los servicios públicos, oportunidades, educación pública y medios, podría cambiar y/o reducir la violencia en las zonas ... de alta calidad y capital para atender la problemática de la violencia. Resultados esperados. La investigación permitirá comprender el capital social y.

  3. Environmental problems


    Neschuk, Nancy Carolina


    Los problemas ambientales constituyen una preocupación creciente en las sociedades humanas. La Ecología, considerada como una ciencia teórica diseñada sólo para grupos académicos restringidos, adquiere ahora un valor práctico y sin duda será el mayor problema comercial que habrá que resolver en el siglo XXI. Environmental problems constitute an increasing concern in human societies. Ecology, regarded as a theoretical science designed for only restricted academic groups,...

  4. Psychosexual problems. (United States)

    Tunnadine, P


    Individual anxieties about sexuality remain surprisingly repetitive despite changing public attitudes toward sexuality. This discussion includes case histories which demonstrate the indirect presentation, using nonverbal and physical cues, adopted by some patients who experience difficulty in verbalizing their sexual problems. When seeking contraceptive consultation, the patient must have no conscious or unconscious anxiety about her desire for sexual pleasure without pregnancy and is entitled to assume, when seeking such advice, that the doctor who offers it has no such prejudices either. When the presenting symptom relates to otherwise illogical contraceptive difficulty, or otherwise invites examination of the genitals, one may suspect that the problem may be sexual and too difficult to express in other than the physical language the patient expects the physician to want. For a couple whose sexual life is comfortably confident and provides pleasure, any contraceptive method will serve its purpose of removing the fear of pregnancy. Such a couple may be advised on logical grounds. For the rest, an open-ended comment such as "I wonder what the real worry is" usually leads to the true anxiety. Yet, at this point, the doctor's anxiety often replaces the patient's since the management of psychosomatic disorders is not part of normal medical training. The temptation to send for the partner and advise a program of relearning, or to make referral to a sex therapy clinic which will do likewise, is strong for any busy doctor who has no psychosexual training. Skill in dealing with such common dilemmas in the context of the brief period allotted to each patient cannot be obtained from a short article, but it is worthwhile for a physician, confronted with a patient whose symptoms do not make sense, to ask what the symptom itself may indicate in terms of the unspoken problem at hand. Most family doctors who understand the training of the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine find

  5. Measurements of the Electric Field in the Ocean (K Probleme Izmereniy Elektricheskogo Polya v Okeane), (United States)


    coordinate system and the possibility of excluding the induction emf due to the ship ’s drift in the geomagnetic field dur ing measurement of the electric ...the homogeneous electric field , in an elliptical coord inate system2 ~ ‘— ‘.t— ~~~~~~ ~~— ~+L~’, z — where x and y ar e Car tesian coord inates, the...of the Electric Field in the Ocean~~~— probleme izmereniy elektricheskogo £olya v okeane) AUTHOR(S) ~~~~ ,/iiopatniiu~v LI. ~~~~ PAGES

  6. Initier au projet par le jeu. Evaluation d’une expérimentation en école d’ingénieurs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caroline Verzat


    Full Text Available Cette communication s’appuie sur une recherche-action menée à l’automne 2006 auprès des élèves ingénieurs de l’Ecole Centrale de Lille (Bac + 3 et 4. Elle évalue l’impact d’un jeu de construction utilisant des spaghettis sur la capacité des équipes d’étudiants à émettre des idées créatives, à constituer des groupes, à gérer leurs relations au sein de ces groupes et à apprendre de leurs expériences. L’impact du jeu est mesuré par l’analyse des retours d’expérience en séance, puis par le suivi des équipes de projet réel qui démarrent ensuite. Sont examinés la composition des équipes, l’origine des sujets six semaines plus tard, puis les auto-évaluations du travail en équipe au bout de trois mois.This paper is based on an action-research, conducted with students in engineering at the Ecole Centrale de Lille in 2006. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the effects of a construction game using spaghettis on the students’ capacity to suggest creative ideas, to build and manage their team work and to learn from experience. These effects are measured through the immediate feedbacks on the game and the management of real project teams after the game. Items such as the composition of the teams, the origins of their subject six weeks later and self-evaluations of team management after 3 month are examined.

  7. Molecular seismology: an inverse problem in nanobiology. (United States)

    Hinow, Peter; Boczko, Erik M


    The density profile of an elastic fiber like DNA will change in space and time as ligands associate with it. This observation affords a new direction in single molecule studies provided that density profiles can be measured in space and time. In fact, this is precisely the objective of seismology, where the mathematics of inverse problems have been employed with success. We argue that inverse problems in elastic media can be directly applied to biophysical problems of fiber-ligand association, and demonstrate that robust algorithms exist to perform density reconstruction in the condensed phase.

  8. High Resolution Hydraulic Profiling and Groundwater Sampling using FLUTe™ System in a Fractured Limestone Setting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Janniche, Gry Sander; Christensen, Anders G.; Grosen, Bernt

    innovative investi-gation methods for characterization of the source zone hydrogeology and contamination, including FLUTe system hydraulic profiling and Water-FLUTe multilevel groundwater sampling, in fractured bryo-zoan limestone bedrock. High resolution hydraulic profiling was conducted in three cored......Characterization of the contaminant source zone architecture and the hydraulics is essential to develop accurate site specific conceptual models, delineate and quantify contaminant mass, perform risk as-sessment, and select and design remediation alternatives. This characterization is particularly...... challeng-ing in deposit types as fractured limestone. The activities of a bulk distribution facility for perchloroe-thene (PCE) and trichloroethene (TCE) at the Naverland site near Copenhagen, Denmark, has resulted in PCE and TCE DNAPL impacts to a fractured clay till and an underlying fractured limestone...

  9. Wip-ing out cancer

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bernards, R.A.

    The Whip1 phosphatase is encoded by an oncogene that is amplified in several forms of human cancer, including breast cancer. Ablation of this gene confers resistance to breast tumors induced by certain oncogenes.

  10. Mercury pOIsonIng

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    rise to a variety of neurological signs, which include erethism and tremor. Erethism is characterised by shyness, irritability, marked outbursts of manic behaviour; hallucinations, insomnia, and difficulty in concentration, which may be associated with vasomotor instability such as excess perspiration, blushing and sialorrhoea.

  11. Armastus kui asi / Inge Teder

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Teder, Inge, 1931-


    Näitus "Lembelaekad" Adamson-Ericu muuseumis. Lähemalt Kristina Rajando, Mall Metsa, Jolana Laidma, Pille-Riin Dolenko, Tulvi-Hanneli Turo, Evelyn Toomistu, Luise-Laura Vatseli, Eha Agu ja Tiiu Vijari töödest

  12. Viini noored arhitektid / Inge Laurik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laurik, Inge


    21. augustist Pärnu Muuseumi Aidas Viini noori arhitekte tutvustav näitus "innere szene wien". Näha saab 47 Viini arhitektuuribüroo koostatud prospekte, olustikufotosid ateljeede töökeskkonnast, videoklippi.

  13. Editorial-27(2) (ING)


    Morales López, Yuri


    Editorial, Vol.27, N°2 (31 de Julio de 2013).En este número se da continuidad a los aportes en el área de Matemáticas. Los trabajos presentados refieren a la Enseñanza de las Matemáticas y Matemáticas Aplicadas. Editorial, Vol.27, N°2 (31 de Julio de 2013).En este número se da continuidad a los aportes en el área de Matemáticas. Los trabajos presentados refieren a la Enseñanza de las Matemáticas y Matemáticas Aplicadas.

  14. Kelgu uued koerad / Inge Pitsner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pitsner, Inge


    Eesti omamaise krimiseriaali võtetel Pirital. Osalevad produtsent Toomas Kirss, näitlejad Ivo Uukkivi, Madis Milling, Mait Malmsten, Karin Rask, Britta Vahur. Lisatud lühiintervjuud Karin Raski ja Britta Vahuriga

  15. The rotational profile of the lower extremities of Nigerian children ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Lower extremity rotational problems are common findings in children worldwide. The approach to treatment of such problems requires knowledge of the normal rotational profile of the children in any particular environment. This study was carried out to establish the normal values of the rotational profile of the lower ...

  16. Early bronchodilator action of glycopyrronium versus tiotropium in moderate-to-severe COPD patients: a cross-over blinded randomized study (Symptoms and Pulmonary function in the moRnING

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marin JM


    Full Text Available Jose M Marin,1 Kai M Beeh,2 Andreas Clemens,3 Walter Castellani,4 Lennart Schaper,5 Dinesh Saralaya,6 Anthony Gunstone,7 Ricard Casamor,8 Konstantinos Kostikas,3 Maryam Aalamian-Mattheis3 1University Hospital Miguel Servet, IISAragón, CIBERES, Zaragoza, Spain; 2Insaf Respiratory Research Institute, Wiesbaden, Germany; 3Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland; 4Hospital Piero Palagi, Fiorenze, Italy; 5Research Institute and Practice, Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany; 6Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bradford, UK; 7Staploe Medical Center, Soham, Cambridge, UK; 8Novartis Farmaceutica SA, Barcelona, Spain Background: Morning symptoms associated with COPD have a negative impact on patients’ quality of life. Long-acting bronchodilators with rapid onset may relieve patients’ symptoms. In the Symptoms and Pulmonary function in the moRnING study, we prospectively compared the rapid onset bronchodilator profile of glycopyrronium (GLY and tiotropium (TIO during the first few hours after dosing in patients with moderate-to-severe COPD.Methods: Patients were randomized (1:1 to receive either once-daily GLY (50 µg or TIO (18 µg and corresponding placebos in a cross-over design for 28 days. The primary objective was to demonstrate the superiority of GLY versus TIO in area under the curve from 0 to 4 hours (AUC0-4h forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1 after the first dose. The secondary objective was to compare GLY versus TIO using the patient reported outcomes Morning COPD Symptoms Questionnaire 3 hours post-inhalation.Results: One-hundred and twenty-six patients were randomized (male 70.2%; mean age 65.7 years and 108 patients completed the study. On Day 1, GLY resulted in significantly higher FEV1 AUC0-4h after the first dose versus TIO (treatment difference [Δ], 0.030 L, 95% confidence interval 0.004–0.056, P=0.025. Improvements in morning COPD symptoms from baseline at Days 1 and 28 were similar between GLY and TIO. Post hoc

  17. Hiperglicemia materna diária diagnosticada pelo perfil glicêmico: um problema de saúde pública materno e perinatal Maternal daily hyperglycemia diagnosed by glycemic profile: a maternal and perinatal public health problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marilza Vieira Cunha Rudge


    perinatal das gestações complicadas por hiperglicemia diária.This is both a synthesis and a review of the major research findings, with the aim of validating Rudge's group IB. In this group of pregnants, screening for gestational diabetes was positive while the diagnosis was negative (normal 100 g-oral glucose tolerance test 100 g-OGTT. Nonetheless, the variations in glucose levels observed throughout the day, and confirmed by the glycemic profile (GP, characterized diurnal hyperglycemia, which accounts for maternal risk and adverse perinatal outcome. The description of this group is unique for both the establishment of the diagnosis during gestation and the follow-up of both the mother and the infant. These pregnancies have been erroneously classified as "low risk" and have not been diagnosed or treated. The IB group corresponds to 13.8% of the pregnant women screened in our service. This rate, added to the 7% of pregnancies complicated by diabetes, increase the occurrence of hyperglycemic disorders during gestation to up to 20.0%. In Rudge's group IB: a perinatal mortality rate is 41‰, which is similar to that observed among diabetic pregnant women and 10 times higher than that found among non-diabetics; b the observed placental abnormalities (both morphological and functional differed from those seen in non-diabetic and diabetic pregnant women, indicating an adjustment to maintain functional activities that facilitated the passage of glucose to the fetus and explained fetal macrosomia (53.8% in non-treated pregnancies; c maternal risk for hypertension, obesity and hyperglycemia was high and seemed to reproduce a model of metabolic syndrome, favoring the potential risk for future diabetes; d 10 years after the index-pregnancy, type 2 diabetes was confirmed in 16.7% of the women in group IB. The authors suggest the development of multicentric studies in order to identify biomarkers specific for Rudge's group IB and establish protocols for the diagnosis of gestational

  18. Diabetes and Foot Problems (United States)

    ... Damage (Diabetic Neuropathies) Diabetic Kidney Disease Diabetes and Foot Problems Diabetic Eye Disease Diabetes, Gum Disease, & Other Dental Problems Diabetes & Sexual & Urologic Problems Diabetes and Foot Problems Foot problems are common in people with ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maciej WOJTASZAK


    Full Text Available Problem solving methods – are an indispensable part of the management and improvement of production. At the turn of decades, with the development of industry, specific techniques have been implemented and refined by the leaders in this field, such as Toyota, GE and Motorola. The foundation of problem solving is to find real root cause of the problem as soon as possible, its understanding and implementation of appropriate solutions that will ensure that the problem does not occur again. This paper provides an overview of methods and techniques to solve problems in the manufactur-ing plant Trelleborg Wheel Systems Sri Lanka, producing pneumatic tires for light agricultural machinery. These tech-niques are implemented as part of the Lean Six Sigma program.

  20. Transposon identification using profile HMMs (United States)


    Background Transposons are "jumping genes" that account for large quantities of repetitive content in genomes. They are known to affect transcriptional regulation in several different ways, and are implicated in many human diseases. Transposons are related to microRNAs and viruses, and many genes, pseudogenes, and gene promoters are derived from transposons or have origins in transposon-induced duplication. Modeling transposon-derived genomic content is difficult because they are poorly conserved. Profile hidden Markov models (profile HMMs), widely used for protein sequence family modeling, are rarely used for modeling DNA sequence families. The algorithm commonly used to estimate the parameters of profile HMMs, Baum-Welch, is prone to prematurely converge to local optima. The DNA domain is especially problematic for the Baum-Welch algorithm, since it has only four letters as opposed to the twenty residues of the amino acid alphabet. Results We demonstrate with a simulation study and with an application to modeling the MIR family of transposons that two recently introduced methods, Conditional Baum-Welch and Dynamic Model Surgery, achieve better estimates of the parameters of profile HMMs across a range of conditions. Conclusions We argue that these new algorithms expand the range of potential applications of profile HMMs to many important DNA sequence family modeling problems, including that of searching for and modeling the virus-like transposons that are found in all known genomes. PMID:20158867

  1. “deepen[ing] the power and horror of the original”: Caroline Clive’s Paul Ferroll as Descendant of Jane Eyre “deepen[ing] the power and horror of the original”: Paul Ferroll de Caroline Clive héritier de Jane Eyre

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adrienne E. Gavin


    Full Text Available Lorsque le roman de Caroline Clive, Paul Ferroll, fut publié en juillet 1855, la critique ne tarda pas à faire le lien avec Jane Eyre (1847, de Charlotte Brontë. Les premiers à se pencher sur ce roman jugèrent les deux textes dans des termes similaires, les considérant comme choquants, originaux, puissants et audacieux. En renversant les attentes victoriennes dans le champ de la fiction et en transgressant les « règles » imposées aux femmes-écrivains, ces livres étaient, pensait-on, porteurs de qualités « masculines » tour à tour louées et dénigrées. Paul Ferroll fut donc vu comme un héritier de Jane Eyre qui « accentuait la puissance et l’horreur de l’original » (« deepen[ing] the power and horror of the original ». Cette accentuation est particulièrement prégnante dans le choix de Clive comme protagoniste criminel ; à l’instar de Rochester, ce dernier est un héros byronien qui cache un lourd secret au sujet de sa première épouse.

  2. Anmeldelse af: Inge Adriansen og Hans Schultz Hansen (red.): Sønderjyderne og den store krig 1914-1918. Museum Sønderjylland og Historisk Samfund for Sønderjylland. 2006

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christensen, Jens Ole


    Historisk Samfund for Sønderjylland afholdt i 2005 en foredragsrække under temaet ”Sønderjylland under den Første Verdenskrig 1914-1918”. Det er der nu kommet en bog ud af, ”Sønderjyderne og den store krig 1914-1918” udgivet i fælleskab af Museum Sønderjylland og Historisk Samfund for Sønderjylla...... under redaktion af Inge Adriansen og Hans Schultz Hansen; en vigtig og vellykket bog, der fastholder centrale erfaringer i den nyere sønderjyske historie, men også rummer erfaringer og erkendelser der rækker langt her ud over....

  3. La comunicación política : estrategias de comunicación de la campaña del Ing. Paúl Carrasco para la Prefectura del Azuay en las elecciones 2009


    García Maxi, Paúl Santiago


    El presente trabajo trata del análisis de las herramientas y estrategias utilizadas en campaña por el equipo de comunicación del Ing. Paúl Carrasco Carpio para conseguir captar la prefectura del Gobierno Provincial del Azuay en el proceso democrático de elecciones del 14 de Junio del 2009. Para este proceso se definieron varias estructuras organizativas que van desde la parte económica, logística, de imagen etc. Que buscan delegar y entregar responsabilidades a cada equipo para así evitar ...

  4. Preventing Diabetes Problems (United States)

    ... Other Dental Problems Diabetes & Sexual & Urologic Problems Preventing Diabetes Problems View or Print All Sections Heart Disease & ... prevent or delay sexual and urologic problems. Depression & Diabetes Depression is common among people with a chronic, ...

  5. Patient Profile in Dermatology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Esra Adışen


    Full Text Available Background and Design: Skin diseases are among the most prevalent problems in medical practice. Dermatologists have become active, not only in treatment of skin diseases, but also for the cosmetic and surgical procedures. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the profiles of patients visiting outpatient dermatology clinic of an university hospital and a private dermatologist’s office located in Ankara. Material and Method: The study comprised 5952 patients in each group. Age, gender, diagnosis, and the places they live, were all recorded. Results: There were 3778 women and 2174 men with a mean age of 37.8±15.9 years (6 months-81 years in private visit group, and 3570 women and 2382 men with a mean age of 37.9±18.6 years (1-100 years in hospital visit group. The most common cause for visiting dermatologist’s office was acne. It was fungal diseases for hospital visits. Women with fungal disease, alopecia, nail disorders, urticaria, psychocutaneous dermatoses, bacterial infections, and men with fungal disease, acne, alopecia, urticaria, nail disorders, preferred hospitals over private offices. Both women and men with benign and malignant tumors, nevi, pigmentation disorders, preferred private office over hospital. Men with syphilis, genital herpes, anogenital verruca preferred mainly private offices. Visits to dermatologist’s office for cosmetic procedures constituted only 4% of overall visits.Conclusion: Our finding underscores the fact that medical or clinical dermatology continues to be the focus of most dermatology practices. Apart from cosmetic procedures, the main difference between patient profiles visiting private offices and hospitals is observed in sexually transmitted diseases. (Turkderm 2008; 42: 82-6

  6. Women Administrators in Pennsylvania's Public Schools: Profiles, Problems, and Pleasures. (United States)

    Pavan, Barbara Nelson; Rometo, Lorraine

    Pennsylvania's public school women administrators and their respective superintendents were surveyed by mailed questionnaires, which gathered information about their childhood, families, educational preparation, job recruitment, professional experiences, and future plans. The superintendents rated their work performance. Findings were compared…

  7. Profile of men's health in Malaysia: problems and challenges (United States)

    Tong, Seng Fah; Low, Wah Yun; Ng, Chirk Jenn


    Men's health concerns have evolved from the traditional andrology and male sexual health to a more holistic approach that encompasses male psychological, social and physical health. The poor state of health in men compared to their female counterparts is well documented. A review of the epidemiological data from Malaysia noted a similar trend in which men die at higher rates in under 1 and above 15 years old groups and most disease categories compared to women. In Malaysia, the main causes of death in men are non-communicable diseases and injuries. Risk factors, such as risk-taking behaviour, smoking and hypertension, are prevalent and amenable to early interventions. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate disorders are also prevalent. However, many of these morbidities go unreported and are not diagnosed early; therefore, opportunities for early intervention are missed. This reflects poor health knowledge and inadequate health-care utilisation among Malaysian men. Their health-seeking behaviour has been shown to be strongly influenced by family members and friends. However, more research is needed to identify men's unmet health-care needs and to develop optimal strategies for addressing them. Because the Malaysian population is aging and there is an increase in sedentary lifestyles, optimizing men's health will remain a challenge unless effective measures are implemented. The existing male-unfriendly health-care system and the negative influence of masculinity on men's health behaviour must be addressed. A national men's health policy based on a male-friendly approach to health-care delivery is urgently needed to provide a framework for addressing these challenges. PMID:21358664

  8. A Profile of Management Problems in the Navy (United States)


    contribution of Frederick Taylor, often called the father of scientific management. Human Behavior School. The human behavioral view of management places heavy...employee motivation, Herzberg states that the factors involved in producing job satisfaction or motivation are intrinsic to the job itself [ Herzberg , 1968...1976. 5. Herzberg , F. , "One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?", Harvard B usi ness Re vie v e vol. 46, no. 1, p. 53, January - February, 1968

  9. Radiation Hydrodynamics Test Problems with Linear Velocity Profiles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hendon, Raymond C. [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Ramsey, Scott D. [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    As an extension of the works of Coggeshall and Ramsey, a class of analytic solutions to the radiation hydrodynamics equations is derived for code verification purposes. These solutions are valid under assumptions including diffusive radiation transport, a polytropic gas equation of state, constant conductivity, separable flow velocity proportional to the curvilinear radial coordinate, and divergence-free heat flux. In accordance with these assumptions, the derived solution class is mathematically invariant with respect to the presence of radiative heat conduction, and thus represents a solution to the compressible flow (Euler) equations with or without conduction terms included. With this solution class, a quantitative code verification study (using spatial convergence rates) is performed for the cell-centered, finite volume, Eulerian compressible flow code xRAGE developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Simulation results show near second order spatial convergence in all physical variables when using the hydrodynamics solver only, consistent with that solver's underlying order of accuracy. However, contrary to the mathematical properties of the solution class, when heat conduction algorithms are enabled the calculation does not converge to the analytic solution.

  10. Hydrodynamics challenge problem

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hornung, R. D. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States); Keasler, J. A. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States); Gokhale, M. B. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)


    The hydrodynamics challenge problem represents a classical HPC physics problem, namely high deformation event modeling via Lagrangian shock hydrodynamics. This challenge problem solves the Sedov blast wave problem for one material in three dimensions. The problem has an analytic solution, and can be scaled to arbitrarily large problem sizes. The reference code is drawn from a production LLNL hydrodynamics code.

  11. The landslide problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Shanmugam


    Full Text Available The synonymous use of the general term “landslide”, with a built-in reference to a sliding motion, for all varieties of mass-transport deposits (MTD, which include slides, slumps, debrites, topples, creeps, debris avalanches etc. in subaerial, sublacustrine, submarine, and extraterrestrial environments has created a multitude of conceptual and nomenclatural problems. In addition, concepts of triggers and long-runout mechanisms of mass movements are loosely applied without rigor. These problems have enormous implications for studies in process sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, palaeogeography, petroleum geology, and engineering geology. Therefore, the objective of this critical review is to identify key problems and to provide conceptual clarity and possible solutions. Specific issues are the following: (1 According to “limit equilibrium analyses” in soil mechanics, sediment failure with a sliding motion is initiated over a shear surface when the factor of safety for slope stability (F is less than 1. However, the term landslide is not meaningful for debris flows with a flowing motion. (2 Sliding motion can be measured in oriented core and outcrop, but such measurement is not practical on seismic profiles or radar images. (3 Although 79 MTD types exist in the geological and engineering literature, only slides, slumps, and debrites are viable depositional facies for interpreting ancient stratigraphic records. (4 The use of the term landslide for highvelocity debris avalanches is inappropriate because velocities of mass-transport processes cannot be determined in the rock record. (5 Of the 21 potential triggering mechanisms of sediment failures, frequent short-term events that last for only a few minutes to several hours or days (e.g., earthquakes, meteorite impacts, tsunamis, tropical cyclones, etc. are more relevant in controlling deposition of deep-water sands than sporadic long-term events that last for thousands to millions of

  12. Ocorrência e aspectos ecológicos de metazoários parasitos de peixes do Lago do Parque do Ingá, Maringá, Estado do Paraná = Occurrence and ecological aspects of the metazoan fish parasites from Ingá lake, Maringá, Paraná State

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marion Haruko Machado


    Full Text Available Nenhum estudo de peixes e parasitos foi realizado, até o momento, no Lago do Parque do Ingá que sofre influências antrópicas desde seu represamento, em 1970. Este trabalho analisou alguns aspectos ecológicos dos parasitos metazoários dos peixes deste lago. Dos peixes analisados, (69,5% estavam parasitados por pelo menos uma espécie de parasito. Foram encontrados 1.372 parasitos pertencentes à Nematoda (larvas e Platyhelminthes (Monogenea e Cestoda, sendo estes os mais prevalentes e numerosos. O encontro de larvas decestóides em Tilapia rendalli e Oreochromis niloticus confirma a importância destas espécies como participantes de níveis tróficos intermediários. A maior abundância de T. rendalli e O. niloticus,no local, pode ser um fator determinante no recrutamento de parasitos. O parasito aproveita-se das espécies de hospedeiros mais abundantes para garantir o desenvolvimento de seu ciclo de vida e também por serem os mais disponíveis à predação pelas aves piscívorasali presentes, o que torna o local de grande importância para a sustentação do ciclo de vida desses parasitos. A baixa diversidade de endoparasitos coletados pode ser justificada pela presença de metais pesados – Cu e Pb – no sedimento, o que deve estar interferindo nodesenvolvimento dos invertebrados, possíveis hospedeiros intermediários.Ingá lake was dammed in 1970 and, since then, no study on fish and parasites had been done, but it has suffered anthropic influences. This study analyzed some ecological aspects of the metazoan parasites form this lake. From analyzed fish, 69.5% had at least one species of parasite. Among them, 1.372 parasites were found, prevailing Nematoda (larvae and Platyhelminthes (Monogenea and Cestoda. The discovery of cestode larvae in Tilapia rendalli and Oreochromis nitolicus confirms the importance of these species as participants of intermediate trophic levels. The great number of Tilapia rendalli and Oreochromis nitolicus

  13. Class and Home Problems: Optimization Problems (United States)

    Anderson, Brian J.; Hissam, Robin S.; Shaeiwitz, Joseph A.; Turton, Richard


    Optimization problems suitable for all levels of chemical engineering students are available. These problems do not require advanced mathematical techniques, since they can be solved using typical software used by students and practitioners. The method used to solve these problems forces students to understand the trends for the different terms…


    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The Galileo Radio Propagation Team Ionosphere Profile data set is small number of electron density profiles derived from radio occultation data collected while...

  15. GHGRP Industrial Profiles (United States)

    EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program periodically produces detailed profiles of the various industries that report under the program. These profiles contain detailed analyses. This page hosts data highlights for all sectors.

  16. HOPWA Performance Profiles (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — HOPWA Performance Profiles are generated quarterly for all agencies receiving HOPWA formula or competitive grants. Performance Profiles are available at the national...

  17. PROFILER: 1D galaxy light profile decomposition (United States)

    Ciambur, Bogdan C.


    Written in Python, PROFILER analyzes the radial surface brightness profiles of galaxies. It accurately models a wide range of galaxies and galaxy components, such as elliptical galaxies, the bulges of spiral and lenticular galaxies, nuclear sources, discs, bars, rings, and spiral arms with a variety of parametric functions routinely employed in the field (Sérsic, core-Sérsic, exponential, Gaussian, Moffat and Ferrers). In addition, Profiler can employ the broken exponential model (relevant for disc truncations or antitruncations) and two special cases of the edge-on disc model: namely along the major axis (in the disc plane) and along the minor axis (perpendicular to the disc plane).

  18. Problems of Turkish Librarianship and Problems for Solution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    İrfan Çakın


    Full Text Available Report presented to the Librarianship, Documentation and Archives Committee of the UNESCO Turkish National Commission, identifies environmental factors, the notion of library and librarianship in the society, and the low profile of librarians as main sources of problems. The society still sees the librarian as the protector of books. The value given to the profession is, thus, limited to such a narrow understanding of the profession, which leads to low payment and insufficient resource allocation to the libraries. Main field of activity, that is, the pro\\ision of information is expected from documentation and information centres. Library and information work cannot be separated from each other. The proposals for solution of the problems include improvement of professional education, legal provisions, and reorganiztion of professional organizations.

  19. Normal range MMPI-A profiles among psychiatric inpatients. (United States)

    Hilts, Darolyn; Moore, James M


    The present study examined the base rates of normal range Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent (MMPI-A) profiles in an inpatient sample and examined the differences between adolescents with apparently valid normal range profiles (all clinical scale T-scores MMPI-A validity scale scores and other indexes of underreporting. Normal range profiles cannot be adequately explained by a less pathological history prior to hospitalization or by defensiveness. Thirty percent of male and 25% of female adolescents produced valid MMPI-A profiles in which none of the clinical scales were elevated. Both male and female adolescents with normal range profiles were generally less likely to report internalizing symptoms than those with elevated profiles, but both groups report externalizing symptoms. Neither the standard MMPI-A validity scales nor additional validity scales discriminated between profile groups. Clinicians should not assume that normal range profiles indicate an absence of problems.

  20. The Profile of Astronomy Amateurs (United States)

    Czart, K.

    Presentation of questionnaires carried out on Polish Astronomy Portal websites. There was over 80 questionnaires during 2 years period. As most part of users visiting this website are astronomy amateurs, we can assume questionnaires give a picture of astronomy amateurs community. Questionnaires can be divided into four main thematical groups: profile of users (age, sex, activities), what do they think about controversial astronomical problems (is Pluto a planet?), what are their likings (favorit star, most beatiful planet) and “business” questions (how did they find our website?, how many astronomical services do they visit regularly?).

  1. Trait Affectivity and Nonreferred Adolescent Conduct Problems (United States)

    Loney, Bryan R.; Lima, Elizabeth N.; Butler, Melanie A.


    This study examined for profiles of positive trait affectivity (PA) and negative trait affectivity (NA) associated with adolescent conduct problems. Prior trait affectivity research has been relatively biased toward the assessment of adults and internalizing symptomatology. Consistent with recent developmental modeling of antisocial behavior, this…

  2. Problems in differential equations

    CERN Document Server

    Brenner, J L


    More than 900 problems and answers explore applications of differential equations to vibrations, electrical engineering, mechanics, and physics. Problem types include both routine and nonroutine, and stars indicate advanced problems. 1963 edition.

  3. Recommending Research Profiles for Multidisciplinary Academic Collaboration (United States)

    Gunawardena, Sidath Deepal


    This research investigates how data on multidisciplinary collaborative experiences can be used to solve a novel problem: recommending research profiles of potential collaborators to academic researchers seeking to engage in multidisciplinary research collaboration. As the current domain theories of multidisciplinary collaboration are insufficient…

  4. Anthropometrical Profile, Skinfold Tickness and Subcutaneous Fat ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: The threatening health problems resulting from excess subcutaneous fat depositions have been reported by the world Health Organization. Also noteworthy is that childhood obesity is a pointer to adult obesity. This necessitated a study on the anthropometrical profiles of adolescents of Southeast Nigeria using ...

  5. New high order FDTD method to solve EMC problems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Deymier


    Full Text Available In electromagnetic compatibility (EMC context, we are interested in developing new ac- curate methods to solve efficiently and accurately Maxwell’s equations in the time domain. Indeed, usual methods such as FDTD or FVTD present im- portant dissipative and/or dispersive errors which prevent to obtain a good numerical approximation of the physical solution for a given industrial scene unless we use a mesh with a very small cell size. To avoid this problem, schemes like the Discontinuous Galerkin (DG method, based on higher order spa- tial approximations, have been introduced and stud- ied on unstructured meshes. However the cost of this kind of method can become prohibitive accord- ing to the mesh used. In this paper, we first present a higher order spatial approximation method on carte- sian meshes. It is based on a finite element ap- proach and recovers at the order 1 the well-known Yee’s schema. Next, to deal with EMC problem, a non-oriented thin wire formalism is proposed for this method. Finally, several examples are given to present the benefits of this new method by compar- ison with both Yee’s schema and DG approaches.

  6. Exact Solution of a Constrained Optimization Problem in Thermoelectric Cooling

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wang, Hongyun; Zhou, Hong


    We consider an optimization problem in thermoelectric cooling. The maximum achievable cooling temperature in thermoelectric cooling is, among other things, affected by the Seebeck coefficient profile of the inhomogeneous materials...

  7. Finite Element Analysis of PVC window profile &aluminium window profile with and without thermal break


    ENG. Mohammad Buhemdi


    Examine a thermal analysis .Numerous analogies exist between thermal and structuralanalysis for PVC window profile &aluminium window profile with and without thermalbreak ,Finite Element Analysis, commonly called FEA, is a method of numerical analysis. FEA isused for solving problems in many engineering disciplines such as machine design,acoustics, electromagnetism, soil mechanics, fluid dynamics, and many others. Inmathematical terms, FEA is a numerical technique used for solving...

  8. Chemical water shutoff profile research status and development trends (United States)

    Xu, L. T.


    Excess water production is now a common problem encountered in almost every water flooding mature oilfield. The exploitation of oil field is faced with great challenge because of the decrease of oil field production. For the development of high water cut rare the status quo chemical water shutoff profile control technology is an important solution to solve this problem. Oilfield chemical water shutoff has important application prospects. This paper analyzes the water shutoff profile control and water shutoff profile control agent currently oilfield applications, moreover the use and development of blocking agent profile technology is to improve reservoir recovery and propose solutions. With the constant increase in water cut, profile technology should be simple, efficient, practical and profile control agent of development should be economic, environmental, and long period

  9. Health profiles of foreigners attending primary care clinics in Malaysia

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Ab Rahman, Norazida; Sivasampu, Sheamini; Mohamad Noh, Kamaliah; Khoo, Ee Ming


    .... Little is known about the health profiles of foreign population in Malaysia. The aim of this study was to provide a detailed description of the health problems presented by foreigners attending primary care clinics in Malaysia...

  10. Developing the CUAHSI Metadata Profile (United States)

    Piasecki, M.; Bermudez, L.; Islam, S.; Beran, B.


    The Hydrologic Information System (HIS), of the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science Inc., (CUAHSI), has as one of its goals to improve access to large volume, high quality, and heterogeneous hydrologic data sets. This will be attained in part by adopting a community metadata profile to achieve consistent descriptions that will facilitate data discovery. However, common standards are quite general in nature and typically lack domain specific vocabularies, complicating the adoption of standards for specific communities. We will show and demonstrate the problems encountered in the process of adopting ISO standards to create a CUAHSI metadata profile. The final schema is expressed in a simple metadata format, Metadata Template File (MTF), to leverage metadata annotations/viewer tools already developed by the San Diego Super Computer Center. The steps performed to create an MTF starting from ISO 19115:2003 are the following: 1) creation of ontologies using the Web Ontology Language (OWL) for ISO:19115 2003 and related ISO/TC 211 documents; 2) conceptualization in OWL of related hydrologic vocabularies such as NASA's Global Change Master Directory and units from the Hydrologic Handbook; 3) definition of CUAHSI profile by importing and extending the previous ontologies; 4) explicit creation of CUAHSI core set 5) export of the core set to MTF); 6) definition of metadata blocks for arbitrary digital objects (e.g. time series vs static-spatial data) using ISO's methodology for feature cataloguing; and 7) export of metadata blocks to MTF.

  11. Origins of the physical profile. (United States)

    Marble, Sanders


    This article examines how the U.S. Army came to adopt the physical profile. In 1945, the Army adopted the physical profile system that has, with some changes, survived to this day. Although the profile system does not always work smoothly, it replaced a system that was failing completely to deliver physically fit men to combat units. The World War II problems were the outgrowth of two World War I systems that had been adopted to speed mobilization by (1) accepting physically substandard men and (2) matching men to a noncombat job by their skills. By simply identifying a soldier as "General Service" or "Limited Service" it did not provide enough information about his limitations. In addition, the Army used an intelligence test to grade manpower, but because it lacked information on a man's physical abilities/limitations, that data were misused to allot manpower. These policies interacted with a societal disdain for the "handicapped" and "substandard" and made it hard to use Limited Service men. Adding detail to the information on physical abilities was the Army's solution. Reprint & Copyright © 2013 Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S.

  12. Fitness on Facebook: Advertisements Generated in Response to Profile Content


    Villiard, Hope; Moreno, Megan A.


    Obesity is a challenging problem affecting almost half of college students. To solve this complex health problem, innovative approaches must be utilized. Over 94 percent of college students maintain a Facebook profile, providing them a venue to publicly disclose current fitness behaviors. Displayed advertisements on Facebook are tailored to profile content and may influence college students' fitness efforts. Facebook may be an innovative venue for improving college students' fitness behaviors...

  13. Diagnosing plant problems (United States)

    Cheryl A. Smith


    Diagnosing Christmas tree problems can be a challenge, requiring a basic knowledge of plant culture and physiology, the effect of environmental influences on plant health, and the ability to identify the possible causes of plant problems. Developing a solution or remedy to the problem depends on a proper diagnosis, a process that requires recognition of a problem and...

  14. social problems of the infertile couples

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nigeria, over 800,000 couples are said to have difficulty in achiev- ing desired .... Futhermore, at the Science Summit in. India in 1993, the .... anxiety. In some cultural settings infertility could lead to stigmatisation. As reported among a matrilineal ethnic group in. Mozambique, the consequences of infertility include exclusion.

  15. Une expérience pédagogique du débat public en école d'ingénieur. Le cas du nucléaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Colmellere Cynthia


    Full Text Available Cette communication présente un dispositif pédagogique d'exercice de débat public autour d'un projet d'implantation d'un réacteur nucléaire. Cet exercice est mené depuis trois ans dans le cadre d'un cours de sociologie pour des ingénieurs de deuxième année à l'Ecole Centrale Paris. Il concerne un groupe d'une vingtaine d'élèves et s'inspire d'une situation réelle et actuelle : le projet d'implantation d'un réacteur nucléaire de type EPR à Penly (76. Dans cette contribution, nous présentons tout d'abord les enjeux de cette expérience pédagogique dans le contexte de notre établissement et les questions pédagogiques qu'elle pose. Dans une deuxième partie, nous détaillons les différentes séquences du cours qui servent à préparer ce débat. Dans la troisième, nous revenons sur le déroulement du débat et la phase de discussion critique entre les observateurs, les élèves et l'enseignante qui s'ensuit. Nous concluons sur les apports et les limites de cet exercice en les mettant en perspective avec les enjeux de l'enseignement des controverses scientifiques et techniques dans la formation des ingénieurs.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Antonio Moreno Murcia


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between motivational characteristics and dispositional flow. In order to accomplish this goal, motivational profiles emerging from key constructs within Achievement Goal Theory and Self-Determination Theory were related to the dispositional flow measures. A sample of 413 young athletes (Age range 12 to 16 years completed the PMCSQ-2, POSQ, SMS and DFS measures. Cluster analysis results revealed three profiles: a "self-determined profile" characterised by higher scores on the task-involving climate perception and on the task orientation; a "non-self-determined profile", characterised by higher scores on ego-involving climate perception and ego orientation; and a "low self-determined and low non-self-determined profile" which had the lowest dispositional flow. No meaningful differences were found between the "self-determined profile" and the "non-self-determined profile" in dispositional flow. The "self-determined profile" was more commonly associated with females, athletes practising individual sports and those training more than three days a week. The "non-self-determined profile" was more customary of males and athletes practising team sports as well as those training just two or three days a week

  17. 18 January 2011 - Ing. Vittorio Malacalza, ASG Superconductors S.p.A, Italy in the LHC superconducting magnet test hall with Deputy Department Head L. Rossi, in the LHC tunnel at Point 5 and CMS experimental area with Spokesperson G. Tonelli.

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    18 January 2011 - Ing. Vittorio Malacalza, ASG Superconductors S.p.A, Italy in the LHC superconducting magnet test hall with Deputy Department Head L. Rossi, in the LHC tunnel at Point 5 and CMS experimental area with Spokesperson G. Tonelli.

  18. The exhibition"La France au CERN" was inaugurated by Danièle Hulin, Directrice adjointe Secteur Physique, Chimie, Sciences pour l'Ingénieur (PCSI), Ministère délégué à l'Enseignement supérieur et à la recherche.

    CERN Document Server

    Patrice Loïez


    The exhibition"La France au CERN" was inaugurated by Danièle Hulin, Directrice adjointe Secteur Physique, Chimie, Sciences pour l'Ingénieur (PCSI), Ministère délégué à l'Enseignement supérieur et à la recherche.

  19. Criminal Psychological Profiling (United States)


    landmark report became known to the general population. Dr. Langer’s profile broke new ground. While the practice of psychoanalysis was not new, this or college dropout. Suspect is probably suffering from one or more forms of paranoid psychosis .6 Perpetrator: Based on this profile, the police

  20. Compton profile of tantalum

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    scale-Compton profile is directly related to the momentum distribution of the electrons. The spectral analysis ... proximation, the Compton profile J(q) is the projection of the target's electron momentum distribution, n(p) ... densed matter and serves as a reliable test of the accuracy of the calculated wave functions. Such basic ...

  1. Reinforced aerodynamic profile

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    The present invention relates to the prevention of deformations in an aerodynamic profile caused by lack of resistance to the bending moment forces that are created when such a profile is loaded in operation. More specifically, the invention relates to a reinforcing element inside an aerodynamic...

  2. Chemical profiling of explosives

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Brust, G.M.H.


    The primary goal of this thesis is to develop analytical methods for the chemical profiling of explosives. Current methodologies for the forensic analysis of explosives focus on identification of the explosive material. However, chemical profiling of explosives becomes increasingly important, as

  3. Differential equations problem solver

    CERN Document Server

    Arterburn, David R


    REA's Problem Solvers is a series of useful, practical, and informative study guides. Each title in the series is complete step-by-step solution guide. The Differential Equations Problem Solver enables students to solve difficult problems by showing them step-by-step solutions to Differential Equations problems. The Problem Solvers cover material ranging from the elementary to the advanced and make excellent review books and textbook companions. They're perfect for undergraduate and graduate studies.The Differential Equations Problem Solver is the perfect resource for any class, any exam, and

  4. Genetic Correlation and Gene–Environment Interaction Between Alcohol Problems and Educational Level in Young Adulthood* (United States)

    Latvala, Antti; Dick, Danielle M.; Tuulio-Henriksson, Annamari; Suvisaari, Jaana; Viken, Richard J.; Rose, Richard J.; Kaprio, Jaakko


    Objective: A lower level of education often co-occurs with alcohol problems, but factors underlying this co-occurrence are not well understood. Specifically, whether these outcomes share part of their underlying genetic influences has not been widely studied. Educational level also reflects various environmental influences that may moderate the genetic etiology of alcohol problems, but gene–environment interactions between educational attainment and alcohol problems are unknown. Method: We studied the two nonmutually exclusive possibilities of common genetic influences and gene–environment interaction between alcohol problems and low education using a population-based sample (n = 4,858) of Finnish young adult twins (Mage = 24.5 years, range: 22.8–28.6 years). Alcohol problems were assessed with the Rutgers Alcohol Problem Index and self-reported maximum number of drinks consumed in a 24-hour period. Years of education, based on completed and ongo-ing studies, represented educational level. Results: Educational level was inversely associated with alcohol problems in young adulthood, and this association was most parsimoniously explained by overlapping genetic influences. Independent of this co-occurrence, higher education was associated with increased relative importance of genetic influences on alcohol problems, whereas environmental factors had a greater effect among twins with lower education. Conclusions: Our findings suggest a complex relationship between educational level and alcohol problems in young adulthood. Lower education is related to higher levels of alcohol problems, and this co-occurrence is influenced by genetic factors affecting both phenotypes. In addition, educational level moderates the importance of genetic and environmental influences on alcohol problems, possibly reflecting differences in social-control mechanisms related to educational level. PMID:21388594

  5. A class of self-similar hydrodynamics test problems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ramsey, Scott D [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Brown, Lowell S [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Nelson, Eric M [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Alme, Marv L [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    We consider self-similar solutions to the gas dynamics equations. One such solution - a spherical geometry Gaussian density profile - has been analyzed in the existing literature, and a connection between it, a linear velocity profile, and a uniform specific internal energy profile has been identified. In this work, we assume the linear velocity profile to construct an entire class of self-similar sol utions in both cylindrical and spherical geometry, of which the Gaussian form is one possible member. After completing the derivation, we present some results in the context of a test problem for compressible flow codes.

  6. Locating Problems with Quality Circles. (United States)

    White, Donald D.; Bednar, David A.


    Five categories of common quality circles problems are identified to help firms anticipate difficulties and avert circle failures. These categories include encountered internal problems, encountered external problems, created internal problems, created external problems, and interface problems. Solutions are suggested. (CT)

  7. On a Highly Nonlinear Self-Obstacle Optimal Control Problem

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Di Donato, Daniela, E-mail: [University of Trento, Department of Mathematics (Italy); Mugnai, Dimitri, E-mail: [Università di Perugia, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica (Italy)


    We consider a non-quadratic optimal control problem associated to a nonlinear elliptic variational inequality, where the obstacle is the control itself. We show that, fixed a desired profile, there exists an optimal solution which is not far from it. Detailed characterizations of the optimal solution are given, also in terms of approximating problems.

  8. The difference between problem-oriented education and problem based learning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olsen, Poul Bitsch


    Roskilde University offers a distinctive profile and contribution within Denmark. It is well known for its interdisciplinary research and education, including project work and problem-oriented method that is much valued by its students and graduates (International Evaluation Report on Roskilde...

  9. How convincing is a matching Y-chromosome profile?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Mikkel Meyer; Balding, David J.


    The introduction of forensic autosomal DNA profiles was controversial, but the problems were successfully addressed, and DNA profiling has gone on to revolutionise forensic science. Y-chromosome profiles are valuable when there is a mixture of male-source and female-source DNA, and interest centres...... of the number of males with a matching Y profile. We show that this distribution is robust to different values for the variance in reproductive success and the population growth rate. We also use importance sampling reweighting to derive the distribution of the number of matching males conditional on a database...

  10. Overcoming breastfeeding problems (United States)

    ... milk ducts; Nipple soreness when breastfeeding; Breastfeeding - overcoming problems; Let-down reflex ... few minutes before breastfeeding can help avoid this problem. A clean, wet washcloth from the refrigerator works ...

  11. Health Problems at School (United States)

    ... Listen Español Text Size Email Print Share Health Problems at School Page Content Article Body There is ... not have access to health care. Acute Health Problems Most illnesses and injuries that arise during school ...

  12. Women and sexual problems (United States)

    ... gov/ency/patientinstructions/000663.htm Women and sexual problems To use the sharing features on this page, ... feel better about your sex life. Common Sexual Problems You may have sexual dysfunction if you are ...

  13. Side Effects: Sleep Problems (United States)

    Sleep problems are a common side effect during cancer treatment. Learn how a polysomnogram can assess sleep problems. Learn about the benefits of managing sleep disorders in men and women with cancer.

  14. Menstrual Cycle Problems (United States)

    ... Read MoreDepression in Children and TeensRead MoreBMI Calculator Menstrual Cycle ProblemsFrom missed periods to painful periods, menstrual cycle problems are common, but usually not serious. Follow ...

  15. Challenging problems in algebra

    CERN Document Server

    Posamentier, Alfred S


    Over 300 unusual problems, ranging from easy to difficult, involving equations and inequalities, Diophantine equations, number theory, quadratic equations, logarithms, more. Detailed solutions, as well as brief answers, for all problems are provided.

  16. A Problem Story (United States)

    Howson, A. G.


    Solutions are given to the problem of determining the number of regions obtained by connecting points on the circumference of a circle; implications are drawn for teaching problem solving to students. (DT)

  17. Treating Alcohol Problems (United States)

    ... of this page please turn JavaScript on. Feature: Alcohol Treating Alcohol Problems Past Issues / Winter 2015 Table of Contents ... offers treatment options The new publication, Treatment for Alcohol Problems: Finding and Getting Help , complements the information ...

  18. Mouth Problems and HIV (United States)

    ... AIDS > Mouth Problems and HIV Mouth Problems and HIV Main Content This information is for people who ... fever blisters. Sometimes Yes Prescription pill can reduce healing time and frequency of outbreaks. Click to enlarge ...

  19. Convergence profile of a discretized scheme for constrained ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    profile of a quadratic control problem constrained by evolution equation with real coefficients. With an unconstrained formulation of the problem via the penaltymultiplier method, the discretization of the time interval and differential constraint is carried out. An operator, to circumvent the cumbersome calculation inherent in ...

  20. A Non-anthropic Solution to the Cosmological Constant Problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Spivey R. J.


    Full Text Available Accelerating cosmological expansion is driven by a minuscule vacuum energy density possibly seeking opportunities to decay to a true ground state. Quasar characteristics imply their central engines possess an intrinsic magnetic field compatible with the pres- ence of an electrically charged toroidal dark hole, an eternally collapsing structure lack- ing an event horizon. The possibility is consistent with the inability of black holes to capture particles in a universe of finite age, Einstein’s dismissal of the Schwarzschild metric as unphysical and the implausibility of the various paradoxes invoked by black hole existence. The uncloaked innards of these dark holes would expose immense vac- uum accelerations at their cores, inevitably tempered by Planck scale physics. The Unruh effect predicts that intense yet highly localised heating should occur there. As thermal energy gradually amasses and dissipates, radiation would eventually start to escape into the surrounding environment. Virtual from the d ark hole perspective, the emissions could not decrease the dark hole’s mass: the energy source must instead be the universal vacuum, the likely repository of dark energy. In analogy with core- collapse supernovae, neutrinos should dominate the cooling flows. Red-shifting to low energies upon escape, quantum degenerate haloes should for m predominantly around the largest galaxies. This mechanism is promising from the perspective of enabling the future universe to efficiently sustain aquatic life before stars become scarce, offering a biological yet decidedly non-anthropic solution to the cosmological constant problem.

  1. Mathematics as Problem Solving. (United States)

    Soifer, Alexander

    This book contains about 200 problems. It is suggested that it be used by students, teachers or anyone interested in exploring mathematics. In addition to a general discussion on problem solving, there are problems concerned with number theory, algebra, geometry, and combinatorics. (PK)

  2. University students' adjustment problems. (United States)

    Cherian, V I; Cherian, L


    Considerable information is available on the adjustment problems of first-year university students in developed countries, but comparatively little is known about such problems in Asia and Africa. This study of a representative sample of 1257 first-year students conducted at the University of the North showed that 33 to 85% of the first-year students experienced various adjustment problems.

  3. Classifying IS Project Problems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Munk-Madsen, Andreas


    The literature contains many lists of IS project problems, often in the form of risk factors. The problems sometimes appear unordered and overlapping, which reduces their usefulness to practitioners as well as theoreticians. This paper proposes a list of criteria for formulating project problems...

  4. Assessment Problems in Reading. (United States)

    MacGinitie, Walter H., Ed.

    The papers in this volume deal with a range of assessment problems in reading. The first paper, by Karlin, introduces the general problem of using assessment procedures to guide teaching. The next six papers deal with various aspects of this general problem. Otto discusses the distinction between norm-referenced, standardized achievement tests and…

  5. What Are Knee Problems? (United States)

    ... Health Topics English Español 한국어 繁體中文 tiếng Việt Knee Problems Basics In-Depth Download Download EPUB Download PDF What are they? Points To Remember About Knee Problems Knee problems may be caused by injury, ...

  6. Profiling the Mobile Customer

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jessen, Pernille Wegener; King, Nancy J.


    Mobile customers are increasingly being tracked and profiled by behavioural advertisers to enhance delivery of personalized advertising. This type of profiling relies on automated processes that mine databases containing personally-identifying or anonymous consumer data, and it raises a host...... of significant concerns about privacy and data protection. This second article in a two part series on "Profiling the Mobile Customer" explores how to best protect consumers' privacy and personal data through available mechanisms that include industry self-regulation, privacy-enhancing technologies...

  7. Bariatric amputee: A growing problem? (United States)

    Kulkarni, Jai; Hannett, Dominic P; Purcell, Steven


    This study reviewed prevalence of patients with lower limb amputations with above normal weight profile, with body mass index over 25, in seven disablement services centres managing their amputee rehabilitation in the United Kingdom. To review two clinical standards of practice in amputee rehabilitation. Ambulant lower limb amputees should have their body weight recorded on an electronic information system, with identification of cohort with body weight >100 kg. Lower limb amputees to be provided with suitable weight-rated prosthesis. Observational study of clinical practice. Data were collected from the Clinical Information Management Systems. Inclusion criteria--subjects were ambulant prosthetic users with some prosthetic intervention in the last 5 years and had at least one lower limb amputation. In 96% of patients, the weight record profile was maintained. In addition, 86% were under 100 kg, which is the most common weight limit of prosthetic componentry. Of 15,204 amputation levels, there were 1830 transfemoral and transtibial sites in users with body weight over 100 kg. In 60 cases, the prosthetic limb build was rated to be below the user body weight. In 96% of our patients, body weight was documented, and in 97%, the prosthetic limb builds were within stated body weight limits, but this may not be the case in all the other disablement services centres in the United Kingdom. Also, the incidence of obesity in the United Kingdom is a growing problem, and the health issues associated with obesity are further compounded in the amputee population. Prosthetic componentry has distinct weight limits which must be considered during prescription. As people with amputation approach the limits of specific components, clinicians are faced with the challenge of continued provision in a safe and suitable manner. This article reviews the amputee population and the current national profile to consider trends in provision and the incidence of these challenges. © The

  8. Inverse boundary spectral problems

    CERN Document Server

    Kachalov, Alexander; Lassas, Matti


    Inverse boundary problems are a rapidly developing area of applied mathematics with applications throughout physics and the engineering sciences. However, the mathematical theory of inverse problems remains incomplete and needs further development to aid in the solution of many important practical problems.Inverse Boundary Spectral Problems develop a rigorous theory for solving several types of inverse problems exactly. In it, the authors consider the following: ""Can the unknown coefficients of an elliptic partial differential equation be determined from the eigenvalues and the boundary value

  9. Machine learning of user profiles: Representational issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bloedorn, E.; Mani, I.; MacMillan, T.R. [MITRE Corp., McLean, VA (United States)


    As more information becomes available electronically, tools for finding information of interest to users becomes increasingly important. The goal of the research described here is to build a system for generating comprehensible user profiles that accurately capture user interest with minimum user interaction. The research described here focuses on the importance of a suitable generalization hierarchy and representation for learning profiles which are predictively accurate and comprehensible. In our experiments we evaluated both traditional features based on weighted term vectors as well as subject features corresponding to categories which could be drawn from a thesaurus. Our experiments, conducted in the context of a content-based profiling system for on-line newspapers on the World Wide Web (the IDD News Browser), demonstrate the importance of a generalization hierarchy and the promise of combining natural language processing techniques with machine learning (ML) to address an information retrieval (ER) problem.

  10. Fishing Community Profiles (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — To enable fisheries managers to comply with National Standard 8 (NS8), NMFS social scientists around the nation are preparing fishing community profiles that present...

  11. Wind Profiling Radar (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Clutter present in radar return signals as used for wind profiling is substantially removed by carrying out a Daubechies wavelet transformation on a time series of...

  12. Prescription Drug Profiles PUF (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — This release contains the Prescription Drug Profiles Public Use Files (PUFs) drawn from Medicare prescription drug claims for the year of the date on which the...

  13. Fire Management Species Profiles (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The objective of the Fire Management Species Profile project is to identify habitat management objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, clearly...

  14. Beach Profile Locations (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Beaches are commonly characterized by cross-shore surveys. The resulting profiles represent the elevation of the beach surface and nearshore seabed from the back of...

  15. Essentialism i religionsundervisningen, ett religionsdidaktiskt problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Torsten Hylén


    Full Text Available Essentialist concepts of religion are common in the teaching of religion in schools and to a certain extent also in the academic discipline of religious studies. In this article, a num¬ber of problems with essentialist perceptions of religion are discussed. In the first part of the article a thesis is maintained, according to which essentialist conceptions of religion or spe-cific religions are too limited to be of value in the teaching of religion. This is done through exam¬ples of essentialist expressions on religion. The examples are grouped according to a typol¬ogy of different kinds of essentialism. Two main categories, each with two sub-categories are identified. Thus, the category of essentialism regarding the substance of religion is divided into transcendental or theological essentialism (which presupposes the existence of a sacred power of some kind, the experience of which is the basis for religion, and core essentialism (where it is presupposed that certain ideas or concepts constitute religion as a general category or specific religions. Likewise, the category of essentialism regarding the function of religion has two sub-categories: positive and negative essentialism. These kinds of essentialism presup¬pose that religion or specific religions are inherently good or harmful respectively to human be¬ings. Examples from each of these categories are given and discussed. In the second part of the arti¬cle, Benson Saler’s open concept of religion is presented as an alternative to essentialist or bounded perceptions. It is based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s idea of family resemblances and on proto-type theory. In connection with this, it is argued that a certain kind of conscious ethnocen¬trism is needed as a point of departure in the study and teaching of religion. The metaphor of educa¬tion as a journey from the familiar out into the unfamiliar and back again is suggested as a possible pattern for such teaching. Finally, some

  16. Household electricity demand profiles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Marszal, Anna Joanna; Heiselberg, Per Kvols; Larsen, Olena Kalyanova


    Highlights •A 1-min resolution household electricity load model is presented. •Model adapts a bottom-up approach with single appliance as the main building block. •Load profiles are used to analyse the flexibility potential of household appliances. •Load profiles can be applied in other domains, e.......g. building energy simulations. •The demand level of houses with different number of occupants is well captured....

  17. Psychological profile of laryngectomized patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bogdan Popescu


    Full Text Available Larynx cancer is one of the most susceptible form of cancer susceptible to induce alteration of the patient’s psychological profile due to the social role that the larynx has in communication. Oral communication is severely impaired even after voice rehabilitation of the laryngectomized patients, so that the social rehabilitation is somewhat not only a medical but also a social problem. The psychological profile of these patients is altered in a way that dealing with the disease is sometimes neglected and the interaction with the outside world in terms of oral communication is totally abandoned. The starting point for depression in these cases is the acknowledgement of the disease and is, in some cases, the entire medical environment. Facial scarring, the inability to verbally interact with other human, as well as the presence of the tracheostoma, are all deciding factors in the presence of a low self-esteem for these particular patients. Psychological counseling is a mandatory approach for laryngectomized patients, in order to improve their ability to cope with cancer and providing better recovery chances.

  18. Alternating Rate Profile Optimization in Single Stream MIMO Interference Channels


    Mochaourab, Rami; Cao, Pan; Jorswieck, Eduard


    The multiple-input multiple-output interference channel is considered with perfect channel information at the transmitters and single-user decoding receivers. With all transmissions restricted to single stream beamforming, we consider the problem of finding all Pareto optimal rate-tuples in the achievable rate region. The problem is cast as a rate profile optimization problem. Due to its nonconvexity, we resort to an alternating approach: For fixed receivers, optimal transmission is known. Fo...

  19. An information systems auditor’s profile

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Carroll, M


    Full Text Available finally presented a suggested IS auditor’s profile. Mariana Carroll, Alta van der Merwe, Sam Lubbe 2 Introduction The increasing dependence of organizations on computerized systems in recent years has led to concerns and challenges. Some... audit committee on the adequacy of the internal control framework operating within the organisation’s IT and telecommunications (IT&T) environment. With the increasing use of IS by most organisations and the problems encountered in the auditing...

  20. Matrix interdiction problem

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pan, Feng [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Kasiviswanathan, Shiva [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    In the matrix interdiction problem, a real-valued matrix and an integer k is given. The objective is to remove k columns such that the sum over all rows of the maximum entry in each row is minimized. This combinatorial problem is closely related to bipartite network interdiction problem which can be applied to prioritize the border checkpoints in order to minimize the probability that an adversary can successfully cross the border. After introducing the matrix interdiction problem, we will prove the problem is NP-hard, and even NP-hard to approximate with an additive n{gamma} factor for a fixed constant {gamma}. We also present an algorithm for this problem that achieves a factor of (n-k) mUltiplicative approximation ratio.

  1. Creativity for Problem Solvers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vidal, Rene Victor Valqui


    This paper presents some modern and interdisciplinary concepts about creativity and creative processes specially related to problem solving. Central publications related to the theme are briefly reviewed. Creative tools and approaches suitable to support problem solving are also presented. Finally......, the paper outlines the author’s experiences using creative tools and approaches to: Facilitation of problem solving processes, strategy development in organisations, design of optimisation systems for large scale and complex logistic systems, and creative design of software optimisation for complex non...

  2. The pear thrips problem (United States)

    Bruce L. Parker


    As entomologists, we sometimes like to think of an insect pest problem as simply a problem with an insect and its host. Our jobs would be much easier if that were the case, but of course, it is never that simple. There are many other factors besides the insect, and each one must be fully considered to understand the problem and develop effective management solutions....

  3. Review of Lambert's problem


    Torre Sangrà, David de la; Fantino, Elena


    Lambert’s problem is the orbital boundary-value problem constrained by two points and elapsed time. It is one of the most extensively studied problems in celestial mechanics and astrodynamics, and, as such, it has always attracted the interest of mathematicians and engineers. Its solution lies at the base of algorithms for, e.g., orbit determination, orbit design (mission planning), space rendezvous and interception, space debris correlation, missile and spacecraft targeting. There is abundan...

  4. Revisiting Lambert's Problem


    Izzo, Dario


    The orbital boundary value problem, also known as Lambert Problem, is revisited. Building upon Lancaster and Blanchard approach, new relations are revealed and a new variable representing all problem classes, under L-similarity, is used to express the time of flight equation. In the new variable, the time of flight curves have two oblique asymptotes and they mostly appear to be conveniently approximated by piecewise continuous lines. We use and invert such a simple approximation to provide an...

  5. ROV overcomes deepwater problems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frisbie, F.R.; Hughes, E.W.


    The use of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in supportive drill ships operating in more than 200 meters of water poses severe technical and operational problems. Defining these problems beforehand and addressing them during design, manufacture, testing and installation ensures a functional and effective support capability. Such problems as the availability of desk space, and the subsequent installation, maintenance, and the launch/recovery of the system are described.

  6. Missing Data Problems


    Pouliot, Guillaume


    Missing data problems are often best tackled by taking into consideration specificities of the data structure and data generating process. In this doctoral dissertation, I present a thorough study of two specific problems. The first problem is one of regression analysis with misaligned data; that is, when the geographic location of the dependent variable and that of some independent variable do not coincide. The misaligned independent variable is rainfall, and it can be successfully modeled a...

  7. Combinatorial problems and exercises

    CERN Document Server

    Lovász, László


    The main purpose of this book is to provide help in learning existing techniques in combinatorics. The most effective way of learning such techniques is to solve exercises and problems. This book presents all the material in the form of problems and series of problems (apart from some general comments at the beginning of each chapter). In the second part, a hint is given for each exercise, which contains the main idea necessary for the solution, but allows the reader to practice the techniques by completing the proof. In the third part, a full solution is provided for each problem. This book w

  8. Known TCP Implementation Problems (United States)

    Paxson, Vern (Editor); Allman, Mark; Dawson, Scott; Fenner, William; Griner, Jim; Heavens, Ian; Lahey, K.; Semke, J.; Volz, B.


    This memo catalogs a number of known TCP implementation problems. The goal in doing so is to improve conditions in the existing Internet by enhancing the quality of current TCP/IP implementations. It is hoped that both performance and correctness issues can be resolved by making implementors aware of the problems and their solutions. In the long term, it is hoped that this will provide a reduction in unnecessary traffic on the network, the rate of connection failures due to protocol errors, and load on network servers due to time spent processing both unsuccessful connections and retransmitted data. This will help to ensure the stability of the global Internet. Each problem is defined as follows: Name of Problem The name associated with the problem. In this memo, the name is given as a subsection heading. Classification one or more problem categories for which the problem is classified: "congestion control", "performance", "reliability", "resource management". Description A definition of the problem, succinct but including necessary background material. Significance A brief summary of the sorts of environments for which the problem is significant.

  9. Art as metontological problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Radovanović Saša Ž.


    Full Text Available The author explains the link between fundamental ontology and metontology in Heidegger's thought. In this context, he raises the question about art as a metontological problem. Then he goes to show that the problem of metontology stems from imanent transformation of fundamental ontology. In this sense, two aspects of the problem of existence assume relevance, namely, universality and radicalism. He draws the conclusion that metontology and art as its problem, as opposed to fundamental ontology, were not integrated into Heidegger's later thought.

  10. Selected problems in thermodynamics

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Andrianova, T.N.; Dzampov, B.V.; Remizov, S.A.; Zubarev, V.N.


    This collection of problems is designed for a course in engineering thermodynamics for engineering and thermophysical disciplines in energy institutes. The problems contain the following fundamentals: first and second laws of thermodynamics, physical state and change of state processes in ideal and real gases, water, steam and moist air; efflux and choking of gases and steam, internal combustion cycles, gas and steam turbines, refrigerators, compressors, as well as problems in chemical thermodynamics. Answers to all problems are given, examples include solutions. The SI system of units is used.

  11. Numerical problems in physics

    CERN Document Server

    Singh, Devraj


    Numerical Problems in Physics, Volume 1 is intended to serve the need of the students pursuing graduate and post graduate courses in universities with Physics and Materials Science as subject including those appearing in engineering, medical, and civil services entrance examinations. KEY FEATURES: * 29 chapters on Optics, Wave & Oscillations, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Solid State Physics & Modern Physics * 540 solved numerical problems of various universities and ompetitive examinations * 523 multiple choice questions for quick and clear understanding of subject matter * 567 unsolved numerical problems for grasping concepts of the various topic in Physics * 49 Figures for understanding problems and concept

  12. 吳汝綸日本教育考察與對晚清學制建立影響程度的再探討 Master Ju-Lun Wu’s Inspection of Japanese Education and Reevaluation of Its Influence on the Drafting of School Systems in the Late Ch’ing Period

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    周愚文 Yu-Wen Chou


    Full Text Available 中國教育西化始於晚清,而壬寅及癸卯學制則是創始,主要仿日。制定過程中,過去許多研究認為吳汝綸是主要影響人物之一,他在就任京師大學堂總教習前獲派赴日考察教育4個月,透過參觀、訪談、聽講及資料蒐集,希望全面深入瞭解日本教育的發展與問題。訪問結果除即時陳報管學大臣張百熙及相關人員外,另出版《東遊叢錄》供修訂癸卯學制參考。但經本研究再考察發現,因人在日本考察、返國後朝局不利及病逝等因素,故他未能直接參與規劃、引導方向,以致主政人員在設計學制時,仍只是複製日本制度而已。 The modernization of Chinese education began from the late Ch’ing period, and the 1902 Ren-yin and 1904 Kuei-mao school systems marked the beginning of the modernization of Chinese education, which borrowed from Japanese education. Numerous studies have claimed that master Ju-Lun Wu was one of the key figures, before he inaugurated the vice-chancellor of Imperial Capital University, who inspected Japanese education over 4 months. He inquired into the development and problems of Japanese education by inspecting schools and universities; discussing with scholars, educators, and officials; listening to lectures; and collecting materials. His findings were reported to Minister Pai-Shi Chang and related staff and his Collected Records of Visiting Japan was published. Although his book became a reference book, this study found that Ju-Lun Wu was not directly involved in drafting school systems for several reasons. Therefore, the 1904 Kuei-mao system remains an uncritical, imitated Japanese school system.

  13. Profiling Metacognition in Gambling Disorder. (United States)

    Spada, Marcantonio M; Giustina, Lucia; Rolandi, Silvia; Fernie, Bruce A; Caselli, Gabriele


    Preliminary research has indicated that general facets of metacognition are associated with problem gambling. In the present study we aimed to investigate whether specific facets of metacognition play a role in explaining gambling initiation and perseveration in individuals presenting with gambling disorder. To investigate: (1) the presence of metacognitive beliefs about gambling; (2) the goal of gambling, and its start and stop signals; and (3) the perceived impact of gambling on self-consciousness. Ten individuals with a diagnosis of gambling disorder were assessed using metacognitive profiling, a semi-structured interview. Findings indicated that all participants endorsed both positive and negative metacognitive beliefs about gambling. The primary goal of gambling was to relieve economic hardship and improve cognitive-emotional state. All participants reported that they did not know when this goal was achieved. Start signals for gambling included the ideas and feelings that gambling could solve problems and sensations that it might be the right time to win. The stop signal for gambling, for all participants, was running out of money. All participants also reported a perceived reduction in self-consciousness during a gambling episode. These findings provide preliminary evidence that specific facets of metacognition play a role in gambling disorder.

  14. Méthodes numériques pour l'ingénieur utilisation de l'outil MATLAB : cours, exercices et problèmes de synthèse corrigés

    CERN Document Server

    Radi, Bouchaïb


    L'ouvrage : niveau B (1 UP - Licence). Ce livre est le compagnon de tous ceux qui pratiquent le calcul scientifique. Il rassemble l'essentiel des enseignements des techniques numériques dans les écoles d'ingénieurs et les universités. Mais il est remarquable qu'il ne suppose aucune connaissance préalable en analyse numérique et il est toujours de lecture facile. L'ouvrage expose les différentes méthodes numériques : résolution des systèmes linéaires (directe et itérative), résolution des équations non linéaires, résolution des équations différentielles. Il présente les différents outils d'interpolation, de dérivation et intégrations numériques et d'optimisation sans contraintes. Chaque chapitre débute par des rappels et des définitions illustrés par des exemples numériques variés et des représentations graphiques. Par souci pédagogique, l'outil Matlab est introduit à la fin de chaque chapitre pour familiariser le lecteur avec cet outil. Chaque chapitre est accompagné de diffé...

  15. Material development in the SI{sub 3}N{sub 4} system using glass encapsulated Hip`ing. Final report, Phase 2: DOE/ORNL Ceramic Technology Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Corbin, N.D.; Sundberg, G.J.; Siebein, K.N.; Willkens, C.A.; Pujari, V.K.; Rossi, G.A.; Hansen, J.S.; Chang, C.L.; Hammarstrom, J.L.


    This report covers a two-year program to develop fully dense Si{sub 3}N{sub 4} matrix SiC whisker composites with enhanced properties over monolithic Si{sub 3}N{sub 4} materials. The primary goal was to develop a composite with a fracture toughness > 10 MPa{radical}m, capable of using high pressure glass encapsulated HIP`ing. Coating methods were developed to apply thin (<150nm) stoichiometric BN layers to SiC whiskers and also to apply a dual coating of SiC over carbon to the whiskers. Fracture toughness of the composites was determined to increase as the quantity of whiskers (or elongated grains) with their axis perpendicular to the crack plane increased. Of the interface compositions evaluated in this effort, carbon was determined to be the most effective for increasing toughness. The highest toughnesses (6.8--7.0 MPa{radical}m) were obtained with uniaxially aligned carbon coated whiskers. There was no evidence of the carbon coating compromising the oxidation resistance of the composites at 1370{degree}C.

  16. Identifying Adolescent Sleep Problems (United States)

    Short, Michelle A.; Gradisar, Michael; Gill, Jason; Camfferman, Danny


    Objectives To examine the efficacy of self-report and parental report of adolescent sleep problems and compare these findings to the incidence of adolescents who fulfill clinical criteria for a sleep problem. Sleep and daytime functioning factors that predict adolescents’ self-identification of a sleep problem will also be examined. Method 308 adolescents (aged 13–17 years) from eight socioeconomically diverse South Australian high schools participated in this study. Participants completed a survey battery during class time, followed by a 7-day Sleep Diary and the Flinders Fatigue Scale completed on the final day of the study. Parents completed a Sleep, Medical, Education and Family History Survey. Results The percentage of adolescents fulfilling one or more of the criteria for a sleep problem was inordinately high at 66%. Adolescent self-reporting a sleep problem was significantly lower than the adolescents who had one or more of the clinical criteria for a sleep problem (23.1% vs. 66.6%; χ2 = 17.46, padolescent having a sleep problem was significantly lower than adolescent self-report (14.3% vs. 21.1%, pAdolescents who reported unrefreshing sleep were 4.81 times more likely to report a sleep problem. For every hour that bedtime was delayed, the odds of self-reporting a sleep problem increased by 1.91 times, while each additional 10 minutes taken to fall asleep increased the odds 1.40 times. Conclusion While many adolescents were found to have sleep patterns indicative of a sleep problem, only a third of this number self-identify having a sleep problem, while only a sixth of this number are indicated by parental report. This study highlights important features to target in future sleep education and intervention strategies for both adolescents and parents. PMID:24086501




  18. Inverse logarithmic potential problem

    CERN Document Server

    Cherednichenko, V G


    The Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems Series is a series of monographs publishing postgraduate level information on inverse and ill-posed problems for an international readership of professional scientists and researchers. The series aims to publish works which involve both theory and applications in, e.g., physics, medicine, geophysics, acoustics, electrodynamics, tomography, and ecology.

  19. Problems in baryon spectroscopy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Capstick, S. [Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, FL (United States)


    Current issues and problems in the physics of ground- and excited-state baryons are considered, and are classified into those which should be resolved by CEBAF in its present form, and those which may require CEBAF to undergo an energy upgrade to 8 GeV or more. Recent theoretical developments designed to address these problems are outlined.

  20. Simon on problem solving

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Foss, Kirsten; Foss, Nicolai Juul


    as a general approach to problem solving. We apply these Simonian ideas to organisational issues, specifically new organisational forms. Specifically, Simonian ideas allow us to develop a morphology of new organisational forms and to point to some design problems that characterise these forms....

  1. Auditory Channel Problems. (United States)

    Mann, Philip H.; Suiter, Patricia A.

    This teacher's guide contains a list of general auditory problem areas where students have the following problems: (a) inability to find or identify source of sound; (b) difficulty in discriminating sounds of words and letters; (c) difficulty with reproducing pitch, rhythm, and melody; (d) difficulty in selecting important from unimportant sounds;…

  2. The Multiagent Planning Problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tamás Kalmár-Nagy


    Full Text Available The classical Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem is a well-studied optimization problem. Given a set of n goals/targets and m agents, the objective is to find m round trips, such that each target is visited only once and by only one agent, and the total distance of these round trips is minimal. In this paper we describe the Multiagent Planning Problem, a variant of the classical Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem: given a set of n goals/targets and a team of m agents, m subtours (simple paths are sought such that each target is visited only once and by only one agent. We optimize for minimum time rather than minimum total distance; therefore the objective is to find the Team Plan in which the longest subtour is as short as possible (a min–max problem. We propose an easy to implement Genetic Algorithm Inspired Descent (GAID method which evolves a set of subtours using genetic operators. We benchmarked GAID against other evolutionary algorithms and heuristics. GAID outperformed the Ant Colony Optimization and the Modified Genetic Algorithm. Even though the heuristics specifically developed for Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem (e.g., k-split, bisection outperformed GAID, these methods cannot solve the Multiagent Planning Problem. GAID proved to be much better than an open-source Matlab Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem solver.

  3. Wicked Problems: Inescapable Wickedity (United States)

    Jordan, Michelle E.; Kleinsasser, Robert C.; Roe, Mary F.


    The article explores the concept of wicked problems and proposes a reinvigorated application of this concept for wider educational use. This recommendation stems from the contributions of a number of scholars who frame some of the most contentious and recalcitrant educational issues as wicked problems. The present authors build upon these previous…

  4. Reconfigurable layout problem

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Meng, G.; Heragu, S.S.; Heragu, S.S.; Zijm, Willem H.M.


    This paper addresses the reconfigurable layout problem, which differs from traditional, robust and dynamic layout problems mainly in two aspects: first, it assumes that production data are available only for the current and upcoming production period. Second, it considers queuing performance

  5. The Problem Revisited

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ovesen, Nis


    Problem-based learning (PBL) is becoming increasingly popular in design educations, but how is it taught and practiced? This paper presents a case study of a three-day workshop that has the purpose of introducing PBL to design students. A theoretical background on PBL and problems in design...

  6. Hip Problems in Infants (United States)

    ... babies have hip problems that can lead to dislocation of the hip bones. This is also called dysplasia (say: “diss- ... March 2014 Categories: Family Health, Infants and ToddlersTags: dislocation, dysplasia, external, femoral, hip, infants, internal, problems, socket, torsion Family Health, Infants ...

  7. Problems in quantum mechanics

    CERN Document Server

    Goldman, Iosif Ilich; Geilikman, B T


    This challenging book contains a comprehensive collection of problems in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics of varying degrees of difficulty. It features answers and completely worked-out solutions to each problem. Geared toward advanced undergraduates and graduate students, it provides an ideal adjunct to any textbook in quantum mechanics.

  8. A Stochastic Employment Problem (United States)

    Wu, Teng


    The Stochastic Employment Problem(SEP) is a variation of the Stochastic Assignment Problem which analyzes the scenario that one assigns balls into boxes. Balls arrive sequentially with each one having a binary vector X = (X[subscript 1], X[subscript 2],...,X[subscript n]) attached, with the interpretation being that if X[subscript i] = 1 the ball…

  9. Current Social Problem Novels. (United States)

    Kenney, Donald J.

    This review of social problem novels for young adults opens with a brief background of the genre, then lists the dominant themes of social problem fiction and nonfiction novels that have been published in the last two years, such as alcoholism, alienation, death, growing up and self-awarness, drugs, and divorce. Other themes mentioned are…

  10. Temperamental Profiles of Dysregulated Children (United States)

    Althoff, Robert R.; Ayer, Lynsay A.; Crehan, Eileen T.; Rettew, David C.; Baer, Julie R.; Hudziak, James J.


    It is crucial to characterize self-regulation in children. We compared the temperamental profiles of children with the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) Dysregulation Profile (CBCL-DP) to profiles associated with other CBCL-derived syndromes. 382 children (204 boys; aged 5-18) from a large family study were examined. Temperamental profiles were…

  11. Country profile: Hungary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Country Profile: Hungary has been prepared as a background document for use by US Government agencies and US businesses interested in becoming involved with the new democracies of Eastern Europe as they pursue sustainable economic development. The focus of the Profile is on energy and highlights information on Hungary's energy supply, demand, and utilization. It identifies patterns of energy usage in the important economic sectors, especially industry, and provides a preliminary assessment for opportunities to improve efficiencies in energy production, distribution and use by introducing more efficient technologies. The use of more efficient technologies would have the added benefit of reducing the environmental impact which, although is not the focus of the report, is an issue that effects energy choices. The Profile also presents considerable economic information, primarily in the context of how economic restructuring may affect energy supply, demand, and the introduction of more efficient technologies.

  12. Country profile: Hungary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Country Profile: Hungary has been prepared as a background document for use by US Government agencies and US businesses interested in becoming involved with the new democracies of Eastern Europe as they pursue sustainable economic development. The focus of the Profile is on energy and highlights information on Hungary`s energy supply, demand, and utilization. It identifies patterns of energy usage in the important economic sectors, especially industry, and provides a preliminary assessment for opportunities to improve efficiencies in energy production, distribution and use by introducing more efficient technologies. The use of more efficient technologies would have the added benefit of reducing the environmental impact which, although is not the focus of the report, is an issue that effects energy choices. The Profile also presents considerable economic information, primarily in the context of how economic restructuring may affect energy supply, demand, and the introduction of more efficient technologies.

  13. Detonation Wave Profile

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Menikoff, Ralph [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    The Zel’dovich-von Neumann-Doering (ZND) profile of a detonation wave is derived. Two basic assumptions are required: i. An equation of state (EOS) for a partly burned explosive; P(V, e, λ). ii. A burn rate for the reaction progress variable; d/dt λ = R(V, e, λ). For a steady planar detonation wave the reactive flow PDEs can be reduced to ODEs. The detonation wave profile can be determined from an ODE plus algebraic equations for points on the partly burned detonation loci with a specified wave speed. Furthermore, for the CJ detonation speed the end of the reaction zone is sonic. A solution to the reactive flow equations can be constructed with a rarefaction wave following the detonation wave profile. This corresponds to an underdriven detonation wave, and the rarefaction is know as a Taylor wave.

  14. Ribosome Profiling in Maize. (United States)

    Chotewutmontri, Prakitchai; Stiffler, Nicholas; Watkins, Kenneth P; Barkan, Alice


    Ribosome profiling (also known as Ribo-seq) provides a genome-wide, high-resolution, and quantitative accounting of mRNA segments that are occupied by ribosomes in vivo. The method has been used to address numerous questions in bacteria, yeast, and metazoa, but its application to questions in plant biology is just beginning. This chapter provides a detailed protocol for profiling ribosomes in plant leaf tissue. The method was developed and optimized with maize, but it has been used successfully with Arabidopsis and tobacco as well. The method captures ribosome footprints from the chloroplast and cytosol in the same preparation, but it is not optimal for detecting the footprints of mitochondrial ribosomes. The protocol is robust and simpler than many of the methods reported previously for ribosome profiling in plants.

  15. Problem Solving and Learning

    CERN Document Server

    Singh, Chandralekha


    One finding of cognitive research is that people do not automatically acquire usable knowledge by spending lots of time on task. Because students' knowledge hierarchy is more fragmented, "knowledge chunks" are smaller than those of experts. The limited capacity of short term memory makes the cognitive load high during problem solving tasks, leaving few cognitive resources available for metacognition. The abstract nature of the laws of physics and the chain of reasoning required to draw meaningful inferences makes these issues critical. In order to help students, it is crucial to consider the difficulty of a problem from the perspective of students. We are developing and evaluating interactive problem-solving tutorials to help students in the introductory physics courses learn effective problem-solving strategies while solidifying physics concepts. The self-paced tutorials can provide guidance and support for a variety of problem solving techniques, and opportunity for knowledge and skill acquisition.

  16. Problems in abstract algebra

    CERN Document Server

    Wadsworth, A R


    This is a book of problems in abstract algebra for strong undergraduates or beginning graduate students. It can be used as a supplement to a course or for self-study. The book provides more variety and more challenging problems than are found in most algebra textbooks. It is intended for students wanting to enrich their learning of mathematics by tackling problems that take some thought and effort to solve. The book contains problems on groups (including the Sylow Theorems, solvable groups, presentation of groups by generators and relations, and structure and duality for finite abelian groups); rings (including basic ideal theory and factorization in integral domains and Gauss's Theorem); linear algebra (emphasizing linear transformations, including canonical forms); and fields (including Galois theory). Hints to many problems are also included.

  17. Environmental problem solving

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Miller, A. [Univ. of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada)


    Human influences create both environmental problems and barriers to effective policy aimed at addressing those problems. In effect, environmental managers manage people as much as they manage the environment. Therefore, they must gain an understanding of the psychological and sociopolitical dimensions of environmental problems that they are attempting to resolve. The author reappraises conventional analyses of environmental problems using lessons from the psychosocial disciplines. The author combines the disciplines of ecology, political sociology and psychology to produce a more adaptive approach to problem-solving that is specifically geared toward the environmental field. Numerous case studies demonstrate the practical application of theory in a way that is useful to technical and scientific professionals as well as to policymakers and planners.

  18. Routing and scheduling problems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Reinhardt, Line Blander

    of a connection between two locations. This could be an urban bus schedule where busses are routed and this routing creates a bus schedule which the passengers between locations use. In this thesis various routing and scheduling problems will be presented. The topics covered will be routing from an origin...... set cost making the cost of the individual vehicle routes inter-dependant. Depending on the problem type, the size of the problems and time available for solving, different solution methods can be applicable. In this thesis both heuristic methods and several exact methods are investigated depending...... on the problems needed to be solved. The solution methods applied to the problems cover dynamic programming for multi constrained shortest paths, Branch-and-cut for liner shipping, Simulated annealing for transporting assisted passengers in airports, branch-cut-and-price for vehicle routing with time windows...

  19. Translating a wicked problem

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tietjen, Anne; Jørgensen, Gertrud


    In a time of increasing globalisation and urbanisation, shrinking peripheral rural areas have become a truly wicked planning problem in many European countries. Although a problem can be easily perceived and measured by various indicators, the precise definition of the problem is problematic. Based...... on the case of a Danish planning process which was carried out in collaboration with a charitable trust, this paper discusses an emerging strategic planning approach at the municipal level. We use the concept of wicked problems, strategic planning theory and Actor-Network-Theory to study a collaborative...... projects played a major role in this process. First, they acted as a vehicle that assembled planners, politicians and stakeholders to work towards strategic visions across multiple scales. Second and consequently, they stimulated considerable second and third order effects in the form of shared problem...

  20. The moment problem

    CERN Document Server

    Schmüdgen, Konrad


    This advanced textbook provides a comprehensive and unified account of the moment problem. It covers the classical one-dimensional theory and its multidimensional generalization, including modern methods and recent developments. In both the one-dimensional and multidimensional cases, the full and truncated moment problems are carefully treated separately. Fundamental concepts, results and methods are developed in detail and accompanied by numerous examples and exercises. Particular attention is given to powerful modern techniques such as real algebraic geometry and Hilbert space operators. A wide range of important aspects are covered, including the Nevanlinna parametrization for indeterminate moment problems, canonical and principal measures for truncated moment problems, the interplay between Positivstellensätze and moment problems on semi-algebraic sets, the fibre theorem, multidimensional determinacy theory, operator-theoretic approaches, and the existence theory and important special topics of multidime...

  1. Problems in equilibrium theory

    CERN Document Server

    Aliprantis, Charalambos D


    In studying General Equilibrium Theory the student must master first the theory and then apply it to solve problems. At the graduate level there is no book devoted exclusively to teaching problem solving. This book teaches for the first time the basic methods of proof and problem solving in General Equilibrium Theory. The problems cover the entire spectrum of difficulty; some are routine, some require a good grasp of the material involved, and some are exceptionally challenging. The book presents complete solutions to two hundred problems. In searching for the basic required techniques, the student will find a wealth of new material incorporated into the solutions. The student is challenged to produce solutions which are different from the ones presented in the book.

  2. Problem Solving and Learning (United States)

    Singh, Chandralekha


    One finding of cognitive research is that people do not automatically acquire usable knowledge by spending lots of time on task. Because students' knowledge hierarchy is more fragmented, "knowledge chunks" are smaller than those of experts. The limited capacity of short term memory makes the cognitive load high during problem solving tasks, leaving few cognitive resources available for meta-cognition. The abstract nature of the laws of physics and the chain of reasoning required to draw meaningful inferences makes these issues critical. In order to help students, it is crucial to consider the difficulty of a problem from the perspective of students. We are developing and evaluating interactive problem-solving tutorials to help students in the introductory physics courses learn effective problem-solving strategies while solidifying physics concepts. The self-paced tutorials can provide guidance and support for a variety of problem solving techniques, and opportunity for knowledge and skill acquisition.

  3. Structural Identification Problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suvorov Aleksei


    Full Text Available The identification problem of the existing structures though the Quasi-Newton and its modification, Trust region algorithms is discussed. For the structural problems, which could be represented by means of the mathematical modelling of the finite element code discussed method is extremely useful. The nonlinear minimization problem of the L2 norm for the structures with linear elastic behaviour is solved by using of the Optimization Toolbox of Matlab. The direct and inverse procedures for the composition of the desired function to minimize are illustrated for the spatial 3D truss structure as well as for the problem of plane finite elements. The truss identification problem is solved with 2 and 3 unknown parameters in order to compare the computational efforts and for the graphical purposes. The particular commands of the Matlab codes are present in this paper.

  4. The Guderley problem revisited

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ramsey, Scott D [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Kamm, James R [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Bolstad, John H [NON LANL


    The self-similar converging-diverging shock wave problem introduced by Guderley in 1942 has been the source of numerous investigations since its publication. In this paper, we review the simplifications and group invariance properties that lead to a self-similar formulation of this problem from the compressible flow equations for a polytropic gas. The complete solution to the self-similar problem reduces to two coupled nonlinear eigenvalue problems: the eigenvalue of the first is the so-called similarity exponent for the converging flow, and that of the second is a trajectory multiplier for the diverging regime. We provide a clear exposition concerning the reflected shock configuration. Additionally, we introduce a new approximation for the similarity exponent, which we compare with other estimates and numerically computed values. Lastly, we use the Guderley problem as the basis of a quantitative verification analysis of a cell-centered, finite volume, Eulerian compressible flow algorithm.

  5. Histone profiles in cancer. (United States)

    Riedel, Simone S; Neff, Tobias; Bernt, Kathrin M


    While DNA abnormalities have long been recognized as the cause of cancer, the contribution of chromatin is a relatively recent discovery. Excitement in the field of cancer epigenetics is driven by 3 key elements: 1. Chromatin may play an active and often critical role in controlling gene expression, DNA stability and cell identity. 2. Chromatin modifiers are frequent targets of DNA aberrations, in some cancers reaching near 100%. Particularly in cancers with low rates of DNA mutations, the key "driver" of malignancy is often a chromatin modifier. 3. Cancer-associated aberrant chromatin is amenable to pharmacologic modulation. This has sparked the rapidly expanding development of small molecules targeting chromatin modifiers or reader domains, several of which have shown promise in clinical trials. In parallel, technical advances have greatly enhanced our ability to perform comprehensive chromatin/histone profiling. Despite the discovery that distinct histone profiles are associated with prognostic subgroups, and in some instances may point towards an underlying aberration that can be targeted, histone profiling has not entered clinical diagnostics. Even eligibility for clinical trials targeting chromatin hinges on traditional histologic or DNA-based molecular criteria rather than chromatin profiles. This review will give an overview of the philosophical debate around the role of histones in controlling or modulating gene expression and discuss the most common techniques for histone profiling. In addition, we will provide prominent examples of aberrantly expressed or mutated chromatin modifiers that result in either globally or locally aberrant histone profiles, and that may be promising therapeutic targets. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Sparse Representation Denoising for Radar High Resolution Range Profiling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Min Li


    Full Text Available Radar high resolution range profile has attracted considerable attention in radar automatic target recognition. In practice, radar return is usually contaminated by noise, which results in profile distortion and recognition performance degradation. To deal with this problem, in this paper, a novel denoising method based on sparse representation is proposed to remove the Gaussian white additive noise. The return is sparsely described in the Fourier redundant dictionary and the denoising problem is described as a sparse representation model. Noise level of the return, which is crucial to the denoising performance but often unknown, is estimated by performing subspace method on the sliding subsequence correlation matrix. Sliding window process enables noise level estimation using only one observation sequence, not only guaranteeing estimation efficiency but also avoiding the influence of profile time-shift sensitivity. Experimental results show that the proposed method can effectively improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the return, leading to a high-quality profile.

  7. Adversarial Geospatial Abduction Problems (United States)


    4302. Respondents should be aware that notwithstanding any other provision of law , no person shall be subject to a penalty for failing to comply with a...Technology, Vol. , No. , 20. 38 · Paulo Shakarian et al. Rossmo, D. K. and Rombouts, S. 2008. Geographic Profiling. In Enviromental Criminology and Crime

  8. Self-reported sleep problems among the elderly: A latent class analysis. (United States)

    Yu, Junhong; Mahendran, Rathi; Abdullah, Fadzillah Nur Mohd; Kua, Ee-Heok; Feng, Lei


    The present study utilized a person-centered approach to examine the different profiles of problem sleepers in a community sample of elderly. In addition, this study also explores how demographic and psychiatric variables may be related to these different profiles of sleep problems. A total of 515 participants (Mean age = 67 years, SD = 5) were administered self-report measures of sleep problems, depression and anxiety. Among them, 230 who reported significant problems in any of five selected sleep components were entered into a latent class analysis. The remaining 285 participants were assigned to a comparison control group. The profiles of 'inadequate sleep', 'disturbed sleep', 'trouble falling asleep' and 'multiple problems' were identified. The 'multiple problems' group had significantly higher levels of depression and anxiety relative to the control group. Regression analyses indicated that these different profiles had contributed to a significant increase in variance explained in anxiety but not depression levels, on top of the severity of sleep problems and demographic variables. Although sleep problems occur among the elderly with considerable heterogeneity, they can generally be classified into four different profiles. Furthermore, the inclusion of sleep problem profiles can significantly enhance the prediction of anxiety symptoms. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. A Family Affair: Family Typologies of Problems and Midlife Well-Being. (United States)

    Fingerman, Karen L; Huo, Meng; Graham, Jamie L; Kim, Kyungmin; Birditt, Kira S


    Midlife adults are a "pivot" generation, responding to parents' and grown children's problems. Yet, some midlife adults may have families where multiple members suffer sorrows, whereas other midlife adults may have families with few problems. This study examined: (a) typologies of problems across generations and (b) associations between profiles of problems and midlife adults' well-being. Midlife adults (N = 633) reported their own, each parent's (n = 868), and grown child's (n = 1,785) physical (e.g., injury, cancer), psychological (e.g., anxiety, addiction), and lifestyle problems (e.g., divorce, job loss), and parents' functional disabilities. Midlife adults reported their own depressive symptoms. Latent profile analysis revealed four family typologies: (a) lowest problems across generations (n = 364), (b) offspring and midlife adult moderate problems, parent high physical problems and disability (n = 165), (c) offspring and parent moderate problems (n = 90), and (d) offspring highest problems (n = 14). Midlife adults in the lowest problems group (Profile a) reported higher income and fewer depressive symptoms than midlife adults in the other groups. Midlife adults cope with challenges when grown children or parents suffer problems, and their well-being may suffer as a result. In this study, regardless of the profile, higher problems in either generation were associated with more depressive symptoms for midlife adults.

  10. Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Profiler for Fluid Flow

    CERN Document Server


    The ultrasonic velocity profile (UVP) method, first developed in medical engineering, is now widely used in clinical settings. The fluid mechanical basis of UVP was established in investigations by the author and his colleagues with work demonstrating that UVP is a powerful new tool in experimental fluid mechanics. There are diverse examples, ranging from problems in fundamental fluid dynamics to applied problems in mechanical, chemical, nuclear, and environmental engineering. In all these problems, the methodological principle in fluid mechanics was converted from point measurements to spatio-temporal measurements along a line. This book is the first monograph on UVP that offers comprehensive information about the method, its principles, its practice, and applied examples, and which serves both current and new users. Current users can confirm that their application configurations are correct, which will help them to improve the configurations so as to make them more efficient and effective. New users will be...

  11. Distributed Problem-Solving

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chemi, Tatiana


    a perspective that is relevant to higher education. The focus here is on how artists solve problems in distributed paths, and on the elements of creative collaboration. Creative problem-solving will be looked at as an ongoing dialogue that artists engage with themselves, with others, with recipients......, what can educators at higher education learn from the ways creative groups solve problems? How can artists contribute to inspiring higher education?......This chapter aims to deconstruct some persistent myths about creativity: the myth of individualism and of the genius. By looking at literature that approaches creativity as a participatory and distributed phenomenon and by bringing empirical evidence from artists’ studios, the author presents...

  12. Brauer type embedding problems

    CERN Document Server

    Ledet, Arne


    This monograph is concerned with Galois theoretical embedding problems of so-called Brauer type with a focus on 2-groups and on finding explicit criteria for solvability and explicit constructions of the solutions. The advantage of considering Brauer type embedding problems is their comparatively simple condition for solvability in the form of an obstruction in the Brauer group of the ground field. This book presupposes knowledge of classical Galois theory and the attendant algebra. Before considering questions of reducing the embedding problems and reformulating the solvability criteria, the

  13. Plateau's Problem: What's Next


    Harrison, Jenny; Pugh, Harrison


    Plateau's problem is not a single conjecture or theorem, but rather an abstract framework, encompassing a number of different problems in several related areas of mathematics. In its most general form, Plateau's problem is to find an element of a given collection \\(\\cal{C} \\) of "surfaces" specified by some boundary constraint, which minimizes, or is a critical point of, a given "area" function \\(F:\\cal{C}\\to \\R \\). In addition, one should also show that any such element satisfies some sort o...

  14. Equilibrium shoreface profiles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aagaard, Troels; Hughes, Michael G


    Large-scale coastal behaviour models use the shoreface profile of equilibrium as a fundamental morphological unit that is translated in space to simulate coastal response to, for example, sea level oscillations and variability in sediment supply. Despite a longstanding focus on the shoreface prof...

  15. Culinary Arts Profile. (United States)

    Missouri Univ., Columbia. Instructional Materials Lab.

    This chart is intended for use in documenting the fact that a student participating in a culinary arts program has achieved the performance standards specified in the Missouri Competency Profile for culinary arts. The chart includes space for recording basic student and instructor information and the student's on-the-job training and work…

  16. Profiling Bad Apples. (United States)

    LaFee, Scott


    Many school administrators want to develop profiling procedures to identify violence-prone students before bullets start flying. Warning signs (chronic depression, anger, abusive home conditions, violent history) are a staring point. Two FBI agents recommend visiting classrooms, identifying troubled kids, and ensuring that they get help. (MLH)

  17. A Danish Profiling System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rosholm, Michael; Staghøj, Jonas; Svarer, Michael


    This paper describes the statistical model used for profiling new unemployed workers in Denmark. When a worker – during his or her first six months in unemployment – enters the employment office for the first time, this model predicts whether or not he or she will be unemployed for more than six ...

  18. Economy Profile of Guatemala


    World Bank Group


    Doing Business 2018 is the 15th in a series of annual reports investigating the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. This economy profile presents the Doing Business indicators for Guatemala. Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulation and the protection of property rights that can be compared across 190 economies; for 2018 Guat...

  19. Economy Profile of Hungary


    World Bank Group


    Doing Business 2018 is the 15th in a series of annual reports investigating the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. This economy profile presents the Doing Business indicators for Hungary. Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulation and the protection of property rights that can be compared across 190 economies; for 2018 Hungary ...

  20. Economy Profile of Bhutan


    World Bank Group


    Doing Business 2018 is the 15th in a series of annual reports investigating the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. This economy profile presents the Doing Business indicators for Bhutan. Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulation and the protection of property rights that can be compared across 190 economies; for 2018 Bhutan ...

  1. Eloise Greenfield (Profile). (United States)

    Bishop, Rudine Sims


    Profiles Eloise Greenfield. Reveals that Greenfield's early love of music echoes in both the form and content of her poetry and prose. Notes that her poems are marked by strong rhythms, expressions of emotion, and a strong sense of children, their voices, and the waystations on their journey through life. (SR)

  2. PSI Member Profile. (United States)

    Professional Secretaries International, Kansas City, MO.

    A survey of 2,700 of the 27,000 members of Professional Secretaries International received 755 responses yielding the following profile of secretarial workers: (1) the average member is female, about 45 years old, married with no dependents living at home, and owns a single-family home in the suburbs; (2) most respondents have worked in office or…

  3. Country Profiles, Nepal. (United States)

    Taylor, Daniel; Thapa, Rita

    A profile of Nepal is sketched in this paper. Emphasis is placed on the nature, scope, and accomplishments of population activities in the country. Topics and sub-topics include: location and description of the country; population--size, growth patterns, age/sex structure, geographical distribution, topographical obstacles, ethnic and religious…

  4. Country Education Profiles: Algeria. (United States)

    International Bureau of Education, Geneva (Switzerland).

    One of a series of profiles prepared by the Cooperative Educational Abstracting Service, this brief outline provides basic background information on educational principles, system of administration, structure and organization, curricula, and teacher training in Algeria. Statistics provided by the Unesco Office of Statistics show enrollment at all…

  5. Country Profiles, Turkey. (United States)

    Anderson, Lewis S.

    A profile of Turkey is sketched in this paper. Emphasis is placed on the nature, scope, and accomplishments of population activities in the country. Topics and sub-topics include: location and description of the country; population (size, growth patterns, age structure, urban/rural distribution, ethnic and religious composition, migration,…

  6. Current problems of oogenesis

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Dettlaff, T.A


    The present book contains reviews on a number of problems of current interest in oogenesis, the accent being on the processes taking place in the cytoplasm of the oocyte during its growth and maturation...

  7. Transmission Problem in Thermoelasticity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muñoz Rivera JaimeE


    Full Text Available We show that the energy to the thermoelastic transmission problem decays exponentially as time goes to infinity. We also prove the existence, uniqueness, and regularity of the solution to the system.

  8. Challenging problems in geometry

    CERN Document Server

    Posamentier, Alfred S


    Collection of nearly 200 unusual problems dealing with congruence and parallelism, the Pythagorean theorem, circles, area relationships, Ptolemy and the cyclic quadrilateral, collinearity and concurrency and more. Arranged in order of difficulty. Detailed solutions.

  9. Appreciative Problem Solving

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, David


    employee strengths in continuou simprovements of the work system. The research question was: “How can Lean problem solving and Appreciative Inquiry be combined for optimized work system innovation?” The research project was carried out as a co-creation process with close cooperation between researcher...... and participants and was documented by qualitative methods. This paper presents an academic literature review on Appreciative Inquiry and problem solving for continuous improvements that did not reveal successful attempts in combining the two.Both the literature and the empirical study showed one of the main...... to work system innovation and discusses how Appreciative Inquiry, Problem Solving, and the combination ‘Appreciative Problem Solving’ can be used to optimize continuous work system innovation.These findings add to the theoretical foundation of the emerging field of Strength-based Lean....

  10. Diabetic Eye Problems (United States)

    ... damage your eyes. The most common problem is diabetic retinopathy. It is a leading cause of blindness ... You need a healthy retina to see clearly. Diabetic retinopathy damages the tiny blood vessels inside your ...

  11. Problem Based Learning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paola Cappola


    Full Text Available In this current work, I am proposing a general close examination of Problem Based Learning as a student centered educational method in which a problem constitutes  the starting point of the learning process. Such a method provides students with the suitable knowledge for problem solving and presents numerous and significant differences compared to traditional education.In particular, I analyze the theoretic aspects of problem learning by tracing a history and presenting its structure, clarifying the role of the tutor in the various phases of the learning process. The method has found a wide diffusion since the beginning of the 70s and numerous studies have confirmed the advantages. The effectiveness of PBL is construable and is based on principles of constructivism and cognitivism.

  12. Enuresis: A Social Problem. (United States)

    McDonald, James E.


    Several theories and treatments of enuresis are described. The authors conclude that enuresis is a social problem (perhaps due to maturational lag, developmental delay or faulty learning) which requires teacher and parental tolerance and understanding. (SE)

  13. Unsolved Problems about Supernovae


    Panagia, Nino


    A number of unsolved problems and open questions about the nature and the properties of supernovae are identified and briefly discussed. Some suggestions and directions toward possible solutions are also considered.

  14. Open problems in mathematics

    CERN Document Server

    Nash, Jr, John Forbes


    The goal in putting together this unique compilation was to present the current status of the solutions to some of the most essential open problems in pure and applied mathematics. Emphasis is also given to problems in interdisciplinary research for which mathematics plays a key role. This volume comprises highly selected contributions by some of the most eminent mathematicians in the international mathematical community on longstanding problems in very active domains of mathematical research. A joint preface by the two volume editors is followed by a personal farewell to John F. Nash, Jr. written by Michael Th. Rassias. An introduction by Mikhail Gromov highlights some of Nash’s legendary mathematical achievements. The treatment in this book includes open problems in the following fields: algebraic geometry, number theory, analysis, discrete mathematics, PDEs, differential geometry, topology, K-theory, game theory, fluid mechanics, dynamical systems and ergodic theory, cryptography, theoretical computer sc...

  15. Problems in optics

    CERN Document Server

    Rousseau, Madeleine; Ter Haar, D


    This collection of problems and accompanying solutions provide the reader with a full introduction to physical optics. The subject coverage is fairly traditional, with chapters on interference and diffraction, and there is a general emphasis on spectroscopy.

  16. [Current problems of deontology]. (United States)

    Dimov, A S


    The scope of knowledge in medical ethics continues to extend. Deontology as a science needs systematization of the accumulated data. This review may give impetus to classification of problems pertaining to this important area of medical activity.

  17. Breathing Problems - Multiple Languages (United States)

    ... Supplements Videos & Tools You Are Here: Home → Multiple Languages → All Health Topics → Breathing Problems URL of this page: Other topics A-Z Expand Section ...

  18. Spanning Tree Problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yen Hung Chen


    minimum cost spanning tree T in G such that the total weight in T is at most a given bound B. In this paper, we present two polynomial time approximation schemes (PTASs for the constrained minimum spanning tree problem.

  19. Problem Based Game Design

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Reng, Lars; Schoenau-Fog, Henrik


    At Aalborg University’s department of Medialogy, we are utilizing the Problem Based Learning method to encourage students to solve game design problems by pushing the boundaries and designing innovative games. This paper is concerned with describing this method, how students employ it in various ...... projects and how they learn to analyse, design, and develop for innovation by using it. We will present various cases to exemplify the approach and focus on how the method engages students and aspires for innovation in digital entertainment and games.......At Aalborg University’s department of Medialogy, we are utilizing the Problem Based Learning method to encourage students to solve game design problems by pushing the boundaries and designing innovative games. This paper is concerned with describing this method, how students employ it in various...

  20. Hearing Problems in Children (United States)

    ... learning speech and language long before they talk. Hearing problems can be temporary or permanent. Sometimes, ear infections, injuries or diseases affect hearing. If your child does not hear well, get ...

  1. Medical Tests for Prostate Problems (United States)

    ... male urinary tract What are some common prostate problems? The most common prostate problem in men younger ... than BPH. What are the symptoms of prostate problems? The symptoms of prostate problems may include urinary ...

  2. The Airlift Planning Problem (United States)


    ATFM problem, our work is related to the more general problem of dynamic resource allocation, where one must allocate requests to resources so as what order the aircraft will pickup and deliver its assigned requirements), using a combination of heuristics and column generation . Through...for the United States military across the globe. Of the three modes of transportation employed by USTRANSCOM – air, land and sea – transportation by air

  3. Problems of Forecast


    Kucharavy, Dmitry; De Guio, Roland


    International audience; The ability to foresee future technology is a key task of Innovative Design. The paper focuses on the obstacles to reliable prediction of technological evolution for the purpose of Innovative Design. First, a brief analysis of problems for existing forecasting methods is presented. The causes for the complexity of technology prediction are discussed in the context of reduction of the forecast errors. Second, using a contradiction analysis, a set of problems related to ...

  4. Advanced modalizing problems


    Jago, Mark


    I present an internal problem for David Lewis’s genuine modal realism. My aim is to show that his analysis of modality is inconsistent with his metaphysics. I consider several ways of modifying the Lewisian analysis of modality, but argue that none are successful. I argue that the problem also affects theories related to genuine modal realism, including the stage theory of persistence and modal fictionalism.

  5. The basketball problem (United States)

    Schröer, H.

    In basketball there is the problem of hitting a basket at a determined distance and a determined height. The quantities that can be changed during the inclined throw are the initial velocity and the angle of throw. At first we neglect the air resistance. Then we treat the same problem in a medium (liquid, gas) with constant density. We obtain two differential equations. Then we view special cases of the retarding force. There is an english and a german edition.

  6. Smoothers for Optimization Problems (United States)

    Arian, Eyal; Ta'asan, Shlomo


    We present a multigrid one-shot algorithm, and a smoothing analysis, for the numerical solution of optimal control problems which are governed by an elliptic PDE. The analysis provides a simple tool to determine a smoothing minimization process which is essential for multigrid application. Numerical results include optimal control of boundary data using different discretization schemes and an optimal shape design problem in 2D with Dirichlet boundary conditions.

  7. Training of Engineering Personnel for the Innovative Coal Industry: Problems and Ways of Solution (United States)

    Zaruba, Natalya; Fraltsova, Tamara; Snegireva, Tatyana


    The article is written based on some results of the long-term scientific research of the problem related to the urgent need to find the ways of training personnel for the innovative coal industry in the higher education system. This is due to the fundamental changes in the Russian social and economic conditions: the change in the social system and the owner of the coal industry, the emergence of new technologies in the field of coal mining and processing, and in the management of these processes. At the same time, the system of training specialists for the coal industry in the higher education institutions has largely remained unchanged: technologies and principles of training, scientific approaches and concepts take little account of the changed situation, traditional views of specialists work-ing in the university continue to dominate innovative ideas. Many innovations, especially related to technology and the principles of education, struggle to make their way into the higher education system. The article substantiates the urgency of the problem of training personnel for the innovative coal industry in the higher education system, as well as the importance of scientific analysis of the problem in order to find the ways to solve it.

  8. ICC profiles: are we better off without them? (United States)

    Beretta, Giordano B.; Dispoto, Gary J.; Hoarau, Eric; Lin, I.-Jong; Zeng, Jun


    Before ICC profiles, a device-independent document would encode all color in a device independent CIE space like CIELAB. When the document was to be printed, the press person would measure a target and create a color transformation from the CIE coordinates to device coordinates. For office and consumer color printers, the color transformation for a standard paper would be hardwired in the printer driver or the printer firmware. This procedure had two disadvantages: the color transformations required deep expertise to produce and were hard to manage (the latter making them hard to share), and the image data was transformed twice (from input device to colorimetric and then to output device coordinates) introducing discretization errors twice. The first problem was solved with the ICC profile standard, and the last problem was solved by storing the original device dependent coordinates in the document- together with an input ICC profile-so the color management system could first collapse the two profiles and then perform a single color transformation. Unfortunately, there is a wide variety in the quality of ICC profiles. Even worse, the real nightmare is that quite frequently the incorrect ICC profiles are embedded in documents or the color management systems apply the wrong profiles. For consumer and office printers, the solution is to forgo ICC profiles and reduce everything to the single sRGB color space, so only the printer profile is required. However, the sRGB quality is insufficient for print solution providers. How can a modern print workflow solve the ICC profile nightmare?

  9. Spiking the expectancy profiles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Niels Chr.; Loui, Psyche; Vuust, Peter

    statistical learning, causing comparatively sharper key profiles in musicians, we hypothesised that musical learning can be modelled as a process of entropy reduction through experience. Specifically, implicit learning of statistical regularities allows reduction in the relative entropy (i.e. symmetrised...... Kullback-Leibler or Jensen-Shannon Divergence) between listeners’ prior expectancy profiles and probability distributions of a musical style or of stimuli used in short-term experiments. Five previous probe-tone experiments with musicians and non-musicians were revisited. In Experiments 1-2 participants...... and relevance of musical training and within-participant decreases after short-term exposure to novel music. Thus, whereas inexperienced listeners make high-entropy predictions, statistical learning over varying timescales enables listeners to generate melodic expectations with reduced entropy...

  10. Spiking the expectancy profiles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Niels Chr.; Loui, Psyche; Vuust, Peter

    Melodic expectations have long been quantified using expectedness ratings. Motivated by statistical learning and sharper key profiles in musicians, we model musical learning as a process of reducing the relative entropy between listeners' prior expectancy profiles and probability distributions...... of a given musical style or of stimuli used in short-term experiments. Five previous probe-tone experiments with musicians and non-musicians are revisited. Exp. 1-2 used jazz, classical and hymn melodies. Exp. 3-5 collected ratings before and after exposure to 5, 15 or 400 novel melodies generated from...... a finite-state grammar using the Bohlen-Pierce scale. We find group differences in entropy corresponding to degree and relevance of musical training and within-participant decreases after short-term exposure. Thus, whereas inexperienced listeners make high-entropy predictions by default, statistical...

  11. Laquinimod Safety Profile

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Per Soelberg; Comi, Giancarlo; Vollmer, Timothy L


    the safety profile of laquinimod versus placebo. Adverse events (AEs), laboratory value changes, and potential risks identified in preclinical studies were evaluated in participants in ALLEGRO and BRAVO treated with at least one dose of laquinimod or matching placebo (1:1 random assignment). RESULTS......: In total, 1988 patients received at least one dose of study drug (laquinimod: n = 983 [mean ± SD duration, 639 ± 190 days]; placebo: n = 1005 [mean ± SD duration, 627 ± 198 days]). Early terminations due to AEs were infrequent (laquinimod: 6.4%; placebo: 4.7%). Death was reported in four patients...... laquinimod studies demonstrate a safety profile comprising benign or manageable AEs and asymptomatic laboratory findings with a clear temporal pattern. Potential risks noted in preclinical studies were not observed....

  12. In search of the entrepreneurial profile(s) in Luxembourg


    Dimaria, Charles-Henri; Ries, Jean


    This article tries to characterize the profiles of entrepreneurs in Luxembourg. First, theoretical benchmark definitions of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship are surveyed and descriptive statistics are computed to define an average profile of the entrepreneur using a new and original dataset for Luxembourg. Then, using the Factors of Business Success survey (FoBS), clustering techniques are used to determine potential entrepreneurial profiles in Luxembourg.

  13. Profile of success

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dahlgaard, Jens Jørn; Nørgaard, Anders; Jakobsen, Søren


    What management skills must Europe's business leaders improve to achieve business excellence? Which country's leaders are best placed for success? Does the next generation have what it takes to compete? In the second half of their study of the leadership styles that drive business excellence, Jens...... Dahlgaard, Anders Nørgaard and Søren Jakobsen describe an excellent leadership profile that provides the answers....

  14. Qualitative Value Profiling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Duus, Henrik Johannsen; Bjerre, Mogens


    Qualitative value profiling (QVP) is a relatively unknown method of strategic analysis for companies in international business-to-business settings. The purpose of QVP is to reduce the information complexity that is faced by international companies in dealing with business partners. The QVP method...... and consequently, for the advancement of international development. Further use of QVP is recommended and suggestions for future research are provided....

  15. Cohort Profile Update

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Omland, Lars Haukali; Ahlström, Magnus Glindvad; Obel, Niels


    The DHCS is a cohort of all HIV-infected individuals seen in one of the eight Danish HIV centres after 31 December 1994. Here we update the 2009 cohort profile emphasizing the development of the cohort. Every 12-24 months, DHCS is linked with the Danish Civil Registration System (CRS) in order to...... the Danish Data Protection Agency. Potential collaborators can contact the study director, Niels Obel (e-mail:

  16. Colored Traveling Salesman Problem. (United States)

    Li, Jun; Zhou, MengChu; Sun, Qirui; Dai, Xianzhong; Yu, Xiaolong


    The multiple traveling salesman problem (MTSP) is an important combinatorial optimization problem. It has been widely and successfully applied to the practical cases in which multiple traveling individuals (salesmen) share the common workspace (city set). However, it cannot represent some application problems where multiple traveling individuals not only have their own exclusive tasks but also share a group of tasks with each other. This work proposes a new MTSP called colored traveling salesman problem (CTSP) for handling such cases. Two types of city groups are defined, i.e., each group of exclusive cities of a single color for a salesman to visit and a group of shared cities of multiple colors allowing all salesmen to visit. Evidences show that CTSP is NP-hard and a multidepot MTSP and multiple single traveling salesman problems are its special cases. We present a genetic algorithm (GA) with dual-chromosome coding for CTSP and analyze the corresponding solution space. Then, GA is improved by incorporating greedy, hill-climbing (HC), and simulated annealing (SA) operations to achieve better performance. By experiments, the limitation of the exact solution method is revealed and the performance of the presented GAs is compared. The results suggest that SAGA can achieve the best quality of solutions and HCGA should be the choice making good tradeoff between the solution quality and computing time.

  17. The Steiner tree problem

    CERN Document Server

    Hwang, FK; Winter, P


    The Steiner problem asks for a shortest network which spans a given set of points. Minimum spanning networks have been well-studied when all connections are required to be between the given points. The novelty of the Steiner tree problem is that new auxiliary points can be introduced between the original points so that a spanning network of all the points will be shorter than otherwise possible. These new points are called Steiner points - locating them has proved problematic and research has diverged along many different avenues. This volume is devoted to the assimilation of the rich field of intriguing analyses and the consolidation of the fragments. A section has been given to each of the three major areas of interest which have emerged. The first concerns the Euclidean Steiner Problem, historically the original Steiner tree problem proposed by Jarník and Kössler in 1934. The second deals with the Steiner Problem in Networks, which was propounded independently by Hakimi and Levin and has enjoyed the most...

  18. Continuous profiling of magnetotelluric fields

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Verdin, Carlos Torres [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States)


    The magnetotelluric (MT) method of mapping ground electrical conductivity is traditionally based on measurement of the surface impedance at widely spaced stations to infer models of the subsurface through a suitable pseudo 1-D inverse or with linearized least-squares inversion for 2- or 3-D geoelectric media. It is well known that small near-surface inhomogeneities can produce spatial discontinuities in the measured electric fields over a wide frequency range and may consequently bias the impedance on a very local scale. Inadequate station spacing effectively aliases the electric field measurements and results in distortions that cannot be removed in subsequent processing or modelling. In order to fully exploit the benefits of magnetotellurics in complex geological environments, closely spaced measurements must be used routinely. This thesis entertains an analysis of MT data taken along continuous profiles and is a first step that will allow more encompassing 2-D sampling techniques to become viable in the years to come. The developments presented here are to a large extent motivated by the physical insight gained from low-contrast solutions to the forward MT problem. These solutions describe the relationship between a perturbation in the electrical conductivity of the subsurface and the ensuing perturbation of the MT response as the output of a linear system. Albeit strictly accurate in a limited subset of practical exploration problems, the linearized solutions allow one to pursue a model independent study of the response characteristics of MT data. In fact, these solutions yield simple expressions for 1-,2-, and 3-D resistivity models which are here examined in progressive sequence.

  19. Ocorrência e aspectos ecológicos de metazoários parasitos de peixes do Lago do Parque do Ingá, Maringá, Estado do Paraná - DOI: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v29i3.507 Occurrence and ecological aspects of the metazoan fish parasites from Ingá lake, Maringá, Paraná State - DOI: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v29i3.507

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marion Haruko Machado


    Full Text Available Nenhum estudo de peixes e parasitos foi realizado, até o momento, no Lago do Parque do Ingá que sofre influências antrópicas desde seu represamento, em 1970. Este trabalho analisou alguns aspectos ecológicos dos parasitos metazoários dos peixes deste lago. Dos peixes analisados, (69,5% estavam parasitados por pelo menos uma espécie de parasito. Foram encontrados 1.372 parasitos pertencentes à Nematoda (larvas e Platyhelminthes (Monogenea e Cestoda, sendo estes os mais prevalentes e numerosos. O encontro de larvas de cestóides em Tilapia rendalli e Oreochromis niloticus confirma a importância destas espécies como participantes de níveis tróficos intermediários. A maior abundância de T. rendalli e O. niloticus, no local, pode ser um fator determinante no recrutamento de parasitos. O parasito aproveita-se das espécies de hospedeiros mais abundantes para garantir o desenvolvimento de seu ciclo de vida e também por serem os mais disponíveis à predação pelas aves piscívoras ali presentes, o que torna o local de grande importância para a sustentação do ciclo de vida desses parasitos. A baixa diversidade de endoparasitos coletados pode ser justificada pela presença de metais pesados – Cu e Pb – no sedimento, o que deve estar interferindo no desenvolvimento dos invertebrados, possíveis hospedeiros intermediários.Ingá lake was dammed in 1970 and, since then, no study on fish and parasites had been done, but it has suffered anthropic influences. This study analyzed some ecological aspects of the metazoan parasites form this lake. From analyzed fish, 69.5% had at least one species of parasite. Among them, 1.372 parasites were found, prevailing Nematoda (larvae and Platyhelminthes (Monogenea and Cestoda. The discovery of cestode larvae in Tilapia rendalli and Oreochromis nitolicus confirms the importance of these species as participants of intermediate trophic levels. The great number of Tilapia rendalli and Oreochromis

  20. GHGRP Chemicals Sector Industrial Profile (United States)

    EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program periodically produces detailed profiles of the various industries that report under the program. The profiles available for download below contain detailed analyses for the Chemicals industry.

  1. Revisiting Lambert's problem (United States)

    Izzo, Dario


    The orbital boundary value problem, also known as Lambert problem, is revisited. Building upon Lancaster and Blanchard approach, new relations are revealed and a new variable representing all problem classes, under L-similarity, is used to express the time of flight equation. In the new variable, the time of flight curves have two oblique asymptotes and they mostly appear to be conveniently approximated by piecewise continuous lines. We use and invert such a simple approximation to provide an efficient initial guess to an Householder iterative method that is then able to converge, for the single revolution case, in only two iterations. The resulting algorithm is compared, for single and multiple revolutions, to Gooding's procedure revealing to be numerically as accurate, while having a significantly smaller computational complexity.

  2. [Halitosis. A common problem]. (United States)

    Laine, M L; Slot, D E; Danser, M M


    Halitosis is a frequently occurring problem, the cause of which is generally to be found in the mouth. The challenge for oral health care providers is to diagnose it correctly and treat it effectively. Differential diagnosis is of great importance in making a distinction between halitosis which originates in the mouth and which does not originate in the mouth. Oral halitosis can be treated effectively by good oral health care. Plaque accumulation on the tongue is the most common cause of oral halitosis. Tongue cleansing, possibly in combination with a specific mouth wash, is consequently recommended as an element of oral hygiene care. Other oral health problems, such as periodontal disease, caries and ill-fitting removable dentures should be treated adequately to eliminate these problems as potential causes of halitosis.

  3. Problem Based Learning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    de Graaff, Erik; Guerra, Aida

    Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is an innovative method to organize the learning process in such a way that the students actively engage in finding answers by themselves. During the past 40 years PBL has evolved and diversified resulting in a multitude in variations in models and practices. However......, the key principles remain the same everywhere. Graaff & Kolmos (2003) identify the main PBL principles as follows: 1. Problem orientation 2. Project organization through teams or group work 3. Participant-directed 4. Experiental learning 5. Activity-based learning 6. Interdisciplinary learning and 7...... in Engineering Education. In answer to the requests for visits the Aalborg Centre for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability under the auspices of UNESCO (UCPBL) a two days programme for visitors is offered two times a year. The workshop is an introduction workshop to the Aalborg PBL...

  4. Computational problems in engineering

    CERN Document Server

    Mladenov, Valeri


    This book provides readers with modern computational techniques for solving variety of problems from electrical, mechanical, civil and chemical engineering. Mathematical methods are presented in a unified manner, so they can be applied consistently to problems in applied electromagnetics, strength of materials, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, environmental engineering, biomedical engineering, signal processing, automatic control and more.   • Features contributions from distinguished researchers on significant aspects of current numerical methods and computational mathematics; • Presents actual results and innovative methods that provide numerical solutions, while minimizing computing times; • Includes new and advanced methods and modern variations of known techniques that can solve difficult scientific problems efficiently.  

  5. Solved problems in electromagnetics

    CERN Document Server

    Salazar Bloise, Félix; Bayón Rojo, Ana; Gascón Latasa, Francisco


    This book presents the fundamental concepts of electromagnetism through problems with a brief theoretical introduction at the beginning of each chapter. The present book has a strong  didactic character. It explains all the mathematical steps and the theoretical concepts connected with the development of the problem. It guides the reader to understand the employed procedures to learn to solve the exercises independently. The exercises are structured in a similar way: The chapters begin with easy problems increasing progressively in the level of difficulty. This book is written for students of physics and engineering in the framework of the new European Plans of Study for Bachelor and Master and also for tutors and lecturers. .

  6. Solving Environmental Problems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ørding Olsen, Anders; Sofka, Wolfgang; Grimpe, Christoph


    dispersed. Hence, firms need to collaborate. We shed new light on collaborative search strategies led by firms in general and for solving environmental problems in particular. Both topics are largely absent in the extant open innovation literature. Using data from the European Seventh Framework Program......Recent innovation and strategy research emphasizes the importance of firm’s search for external knowledge to improve innovation performance. We focus on such search strategies within the domain of sustainable innovation in which problems are inherently complex and the relevant knowledge is widely...... for Research and Technological Development (FP7), our results indicate that the problem-solving potential of a search strategy increases with the diversity of existing knowledge of the partners in a consortium and with the experience of the partners involved. Moreover, we identify a substantial negative effect...

  7. Toward Solving the Problem of Problem Solving: An Analysis Framework (United States)

    Roesler, Rebecca A.


    Teaching is replete with problem solving. Problem solving as a skill, however, is seldom addressed directly within music teacher education curricula, and research in music education has not examined problem solving systematically. A framework detailing problem-solving component skills would provide a needed foundation. I observed problem solving…

  8. Matrices in Engineering Problems

    CERN Document Server

    Tobias, Marvin


    This book is intended as an undergraduate text introducing matrix methods as they relate to engineering problems. It begins with the fundamentals of mathematics of matrices and determinants. Matrix inversion is discussed, with an introduction of the well known reduction methods. Equation sets are viewed as vector transformations, and the conditions of their solvability are explored. Orthogonal matrices are introduced with examples showing application to many problems requiring three dimensional thinking. The angular velocity matrix is shown to emerge from the differentiation of the 3-D orthogo

  9. Classic Problems of Probability

    CERN Document Server

    Gorroochurn, Prakash


    "A great book, one that I will certainly add to my personal library."—Paul J. Nahin, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, University of New Hampshire Classic Problems of Probability presents a lively account of the most intriguing aspects of statistics. The book features a large collection of more than thirty classic probability problems which have been carefully selected for their interesting history, the way they have shaped the field, and their counterintuitive nature. From Cardano's 1564 Games of Chance to Jacob Bernoulli's 1713 Golden Theorem to Parrondo's 1996 Perplexin

  10. Advanced calculus problem solver

    CERN Document Server

    REA, Editors of


    Each Problem Solver is an insightful and essential study and solution guide chock-full of clear, concise problem-solving gems. All your questions can be found in one convenient source from one of the most trusted names in reference solution guides. More useful, more practical, and more informative, these study aids are the best review books and textbook companions available. Nothing remotely as comprehensive or as helpful exists in their subject anywhere. Perfect for undergraduate and graduate studies.Here in this highly useful reference is the finest overview of advanced calculus currently av

  11. Electric circuits problem solver

    CERN Document Server

    REA, Editors of


    Each Problem Solver is an insightful and essential study and solution guide chock-full of clear, concise problem-solving gems. All your questions can be found in one convenient source from one of the most trusted names in reference solution guides. More useful, more practical, and more informative, these study aids are the best review books and textbook companions available. Nothing remotely as comprehensive or as helpful exists in their subject anywhere. Perfect for undergraduate and graduate studies.Here in this highly useful reference is the finest overview of electric circuits currently av

  12. Medical Problems in Ballet. (United States)


    In brief Although many problems in young ballet dancers are related to anatomical structure, these panelists point out that good early training is essential. For instance, turning out from the hip instead of the knee would prevent most knee injuries. Ironically, the best training is available to the dancers who need it the least-the professionals. The panelists also discuss back and foot problems, ankle injury, scoliosis, and diet. Dancers often avoid physicians because they ask them to stop dancing. Physicians should adopt the role of educator and develop rapport with dancers.

  13. Calculus problems and solutions

    CERN Document Server

    Ginzburg, Abraham


    Ideal for self-instruction as well as for classroom use, this text helps students improve their understanding and problem-solving skills in analysis, analytic geometry, and higher algebra. More than 1,200 problems appear in the text, with concise explanations of the basic notions and theorems to be used in their solution. Many are followed by complete answers; solutions for the others appear at the end of the book. Topics include sequences, functions of a single variable, limit of a function, differential calculus for functions of a single variable, fundamental theorems and applications of dif

  14. Problems over Information Systems

    KAUST Repository

    Chikalov, Igor


    The problems of estimation of the minimum average time complexity of decision trees and design of efficient algorithms are complex in general case. The upper bounds described in Chap. 2.4.3 can not be applied directly due to large computational complexity of the parameter M(z). Under reasonable assumptions about the relation of P and NP, there are no polynomial time algorithms with good approximation ratio [12, 32]. One of the possible solutions is to consider particular classes of problems and improve the existing results using characteristics of the considered classes. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011.

  15. Problems in quantum mechanics

    CERN Document Server

    Kogan, VI; Gersch, Harold


    Written by a pair of distinguished Soviet mathematicians, this compilation presents 160 lucidly expressed problems in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics plus completely worked-out solutions. Some were drawn from the authors' courses at the Moscow Institute of Engineering, but most were prepared especially for this book. A high-level supplement rather than a primary text, it constitutes a masterful complement to advanced undergraduate and graduate texts and courses in quantum mechanics.The mathematics employed in the proofs of the problems-asymptotic expansions of functions, Green's functions, u

  16. An Ap"peel"ing Activity (United States)

    Urich, Joshua A.; Sasse, Elizabeth A.


    This article describes a hands-on mathematics activity wherein students peel oranges to explore the surface area and volume of a sphere. This activity encourages students to make conjectures and hold mathematical discussions with both their peers and their teacher. Moreover, students develop formulas for the surface area and volume of a sphere…

  17. EMERGE-ing from the Shadows (United States)

    Grier, Terry B.


    Houston school officials noticed their best performing low-income students weren't applying to Ivy League and selective colleges. In response, they created EMERGE, a program that develops and guides talented youths toward a top-college path.

  18. CommuniCAT(E)ing with NCTE (United States)

    Younglove, Bill


    This article features the California Association of Teachers of English (CATE) Board, a state affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), whose members en(and de)plane traditionally four times a year for weekend board meetings. An important and influential state affiliate, CATE serves California teachers and students as well…

  19. Visits to ING and Open Days (United States)

    Mendez, J.


    On 18 July and 15 August two Open Days were organised, on which the public was invited to visit both the WHT and the INT. The total number of visitors was 2853 split into 80 tours. Also on 20 August another Garafía's Day was organised on which 160 people in 4 tours were shown round the WHT. Apart from Open Days, a total of 1862 visitors in 84 tours were shown round the WHT and occasionally the INT from December 2003 to August 2004.

  20. Hageri alustas oreli taastamisega / Inge Põlma

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Põlma, Inge


    1851. aastal eesti orelimeistri Carl Tantoni valmistatud ja 1892. aastal Gustav Terkmanni poolt kohendatud Hageri Lambertuse kiriku oreli restaureerimisest, ekspertiisi tegi rootsi organist Göran Grahn

  1. ADE-ing and Abetting Zika. (United States)

    Wen, Jinsheng; Shresta, Sujan


    Although dengue virus (DENV) antibodies can neutralize or enhance Zika virus (ZIKV) infection in vitro, their contribution to ZIKV infection in vivo remains unclear. In a recent issue of Science, Bardina et al. (2017) explore the protective versus pathogenic roles of DENV-immune antibodies in ZIKV infection using a mouse model. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Idea juht eitas maksupettust / Inge Rumessen

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rumessen, Inge


    Reklaamiagentuuri Idea juht Mark Eikner eitas kohtuistungil seost mitmemiljonilise maksupettuse skeemiga möödunud kohalike valimiste ajal. Kohtuprotsess Meelis Siidirätsepa üle, kes OÜ Rescue juhina jättis tasumata 1,5 milj. krooni käibemaksu

  3. Robert Antropov, KEKKi isa / Inge Pitsner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pitsner, Inge


    Politseiameti peadirektor Robert Antropov ehitas aastatel 1993-2003 Eestis üles Kohtuekspertiisi ja Kriminalistika Keskuse, mis oma tasemelt on Euroopa parimaid. Las Vegase kriminalistide tööd kujutavat telesarja "C.S.I" peab Robert Antropov professionaalselt tehtud filmiks

  4. Muinasjutt köideteks / Inge Teder

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Teder, Inge, 1931-


    Rahvusvahelisest köitekunsti näitusest ""Scripta manent III" Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseumis. Raamatust "Maailma parim asi", mis sisaldab eesti laste kirjutatud muinasjutte. Pikemalt Kaire Oldi, Külli Grünbach-Seina ja Jaana Päeva töödest

  5. Tõde või vale? / Inge Pitsner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pitsner, Inge


    Valedetektori testist räägib Sisekaitseakadeemia õppejõud professor Jaan Luik. Vt. samas ka lühivestlust Tartu Ülikooli õigusteaduskonna ja psühholoogia instituudi professori Talis Bachmanniga

  6. Lnc-ing inflammation to disease

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Magagula, L


    Full Text Available inflammatory response, as well as several pathologies, is the pleiotropic transcription factor NF- ß. In this review, we attempt to capture a summary of lncRNAs directly involved in regulating innate immunity at various arms of the NF- ß pathway that have also...

  7. Ühiskonnakriitika kinos / Inge Pitsner

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pitsner, Inge


    Baltimaade dokfilmiprogramm "Subjektiivne kaamera", mis tutvustab uuemaid provokatiivseid, poleemikat tekitavaid autorikeskseid filme. See on osa Tallinnas toimuvast 8. Läänemere Dokumentalistika Foorumist

  8. "Re-story-ing" Our Restorative Practices (United States)

    Rundell, Frida


    A metaphor for crossing a frontier into a new territory is explored. The restorative justice principles as used by the United Nations and the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) help to translate into restorative practice principles. An action research project in South Africa provides the background to an evaluation process.…

  9. All aboard the Safety Train(ing)!

    CERN Multimedia

    Rosaria Marraffino


    Would you like to influence CERN’s safety courses? Do you want to help build better training courses? If your answer is yes to one or both of these questions: now is the time! The Safety Training section is looking for volunteers from the whole CERN community to test new courses before they go online for all members of the personnel.    The Safety Training section is redesigning the CERN e-learning package in order to adopt a more educational approach and to make the courses a more enjoyable experience. The section is now calling for volunteers. “We know we can do much more with testers’ help and feedback,” explains Christoph Balle, Safety Training section leader. “By having the end users actively involved in the process, we’ll achieve our goal of communicating safety in the best possible way. As the volunteers will play an active role in the development of the courses, they will be providing a service to the whole community.&am...

  10. Pac-ing the Most into Genetics. (United States)

    Journet, Alan R. P.


    Describes the use of a Pac-Man model (called a Pactype) in teaching various genetics concepts. Indicates that students can learn to make predictions, analyze patterns of inheritance, and evaluate hypotheses before being introduced to the genetics vocabulary. (JN)

  11. through Slicing, DryIng and Packagi.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Sweet potato is an important food security crop in, many. parts o.f Tanzania Dppite thll' potentict!. research into it.~ post-harvest handlingjor ma~mum utilisation fIGs b~~n low. The obJective of this study was therejore, to assess slicingpeiformance ofafabricate,d handoperatedsiicing machine the traditional kn!/

  12. TRACE-ing human trafficking : Project Findings

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rijken, Conny; Pijnenburg, Annick


    Human trafficking is one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world. It is a multi-billion-dollar crime of global scale. This is because human trafficking as a criminal enterprise continues to evolve as a high profit-low risk business for perpetrators and challenges policy makers, law

  13. Hanford Site Ecological Quality Profile

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bilyard, Gordon R.; Sackschewsky, Michael R.; Tzemos, Spyridon


    This report reviews the ecological quality profile methodology and results for the Hanford Site. It covers critical ecological assets and terrestrial resources, those in Columbia River corridor and those threatened and engdangered, as well as hazards and risks to terrestrial resources. The features of a base habitat value profile are explained, as are hazard and ecological quality profiles.

  14. Competitive Cooperation: The Iceberg Profile. (United States)

    Vaughan, Jerry L.

    Competitive athletes' scores on the Profile of Mood States (POMS) test create an iceberg-like pattern known as the "Iceberg Profile." Their scores for tension, depression, anger, fatigue, and confusion are low while their scores on vigor juts upward creating the "Iceberg Profile." Persons in a cooperative relationship are often…

  15. User profile modeling for building recommendation systems: a theoretical study and state of the art

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    BARTH, F. J.


    Full Text Available The goal of this tutorial is to describe and synthesize the concepts and techniques used in the design of recommendation systems that can deal with user profiles. The development of such recommendation systems requires solutions of two sub problems: (i the creation and maintenance of user profile, and; (ii the appropriate use of user profiles. This work is a theoretical tutorial on this subject. This is a useful text for people who are interested in the theoretical foundations of modeling user profile and recommendation systems. This text presents illustrative diagrams that summarize the main components used in the modeling of user profiles

  16. Transcriptional Profiling of Chromera velia Under Diverse Environmental Conditions

    KAUST Repository

    Tayyrov, Annageldi


    Since its description in 2008, Chromera velia has drawn profound interest as the closest free-­‐living photosynthetic relative of apicomplexan parasites that are significant pathogens, causing enormous health and economic problems. There-­‐ fore, this newly described species holds a great potential to understand evolu-­‐ tionary basis of how photosynthetic algae evolved into the fully pathogenic Apicomplexa and how their common ancestors may have lived before they evolved into obligate parasites. Hence, the aim of this work is to understand how C. velia function and respond to different environmental conditions. This study aims to reveal how C. velia is able to respond to environmental perturbations that are applied individually and simultaneously since, studying stress factors in separation fails to elucidate complex responses to multi stress factors and un-­‐ derstanding the systemic regulation of involved genes. To extract biologically significant information and to identify genes involved in various physiological processes under variety of environmental conditions (i.e. a combination of vary-­‐ ing temperatures, iron availability, and salinity in the growth medium) we pre-­‐ pared strand specific RNA-­‐seq libraries for 83 samples in diverse environmental conditions. Here, we report the set of significantly differentially expressed genes as a re-­‐ sponse to the each condition and their combinations. Several interesting up-­‐ regulated and down-­‐regulated genes were found and their functions and in-­‐ volved pathways were studied. We showed that the profound regulation of HSP20 proteins is significant under stress conditions and hypothesized that the-­‐ se proteins might be involved in their movements.

  17. Human Population Problems (United States)

    Emmel, Thomas C.; Sligh, Michael M.


    Asserts that overpopulation is the most pressing world problem. Topics discussed include population control in primitive societies, population growth and control in modern societies, methods of motivational population control, consequences of no population control, and mass famines during the 1970's in underdeveloped countries. Cities 33…

  18. Free discontinuity problems

    CERN Document Server

    Pratelli, Aldo


    This book presents a series of lectures on three of the best known examples of free discontinuity problems: the Mumford-Shah model for image segmentation, a variational model for the epitaxial growth of thin films, and the sharp interface limit of the Ohta-Kawasaki model for pattern formation in dyblock copolymers.

  19. The Bycatch Problem

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    gate this problem. Commercial fishing affects not only the species targeted, but also several other species that are caught incidentally. This is com- monly referred to as ..... monitoring technique to establish a good baseline, in order to make informed decisions for the management of our fisheries on which the livelihoods and.

  20. Thermodynamics with Design Problems. (United States)

    Cilento, E. V.; Sears, J. T.


    Discusses how basic thermodynamics concepts are integrated with design problems. Includes course goals, instructional strategies, and major advantages/disadvantages of the integrated design approach. Advantages include making subject more concrete, emphasizing interrelation of variables, and reinforcing concepts by use in design analysis; whereas…