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  1. JPRS Report:. Soviet Union, Political Affairs

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    ...; REPUBLIC PARTY AND STATE AFFAIRS - Baltic Unity Efforts Assessed, Baltic Military District Loyal to USSR Law, Latvia Paramilitary Leader on Group's Role, Formation of Latvian Defense Units, Latvian...

  2. Music and politics after the Holocaust: Menuhin’s Berlin concerts of 1947 and their aftermath

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frühauf, Tina


    Full Text Available Between September 27 and October 3, 1947, Yehudi Menuhin gave six performances in Berlin, two of them together with Wilhelm Furtwängler, who had just been cleared by the denazification tribunals in Austria and Germany. Because of the German audience and the Furtwängler collaboration, these concerts led to a scandal in the Jewish community and the Displaced Persons camp in Germany as well as Jewish communities abroad. I turn first to the historical background of these performances, specifically the position of Menuhin and Furtwängler toward each other and their roles in postwar Germany. I will then chronicle the events of September and October 1947 through the lenses of Abraham S. Hyman, legal consultant to the American Advisers on Jewish Affairs in Germany, and Yehudi Menuhin and his biographers, to reveal the complexity of the events. Lastly, I will scrutinize the reception of the concerts to shed light on the reasons for and impact of the scandal. I argue that these concerts were mishandled in their organization and aims, in that politics played too large a role in the events during a time when the Jewish people suffered severe trauma in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

    Entre el 27 de septiembre y el 3 de octubre del 1947, Yehudi Menuhin ofreció seis conciertos en Berlín, dos de ellos con Wilhelm Furtwängler, quien acababa de ser declarado inocente por los tribunales de “desnazificación” en Austria y Alemania. Debido a que el público era alemán y a la participación de Furtwängler, estos conciertos provocaron un fuerte escándalo entre la comunidad judía y la población desplazada de los campos en Alemania, así como entre las comunidades judías en el extranjero. Mi investigación se centra, primero, en el contexto histórico de estos conciertos y, concretamente, la posición de Menuhin y Furtwängler hacia el uno al otro, así como sus respectivos papeles en la Alemania de la postguerra. Posteriormente ofrezco una relaci

  3. JPRS Report. Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    cultivating the idea of forming a circle of domestic correspondents who would be fully immersed in studying parliamentary affairs, acquiring the to deal with ecological problems, and especially hydrobiologists in the field of ecotoxicology , to use as their tools the basic principles of

  4. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs (United States)


    skillfully shift animal husbandry to the summer work regime, and to ensure the sheep are sheared. JPRS-UPA-89-046 27 JULY 1989 16 PARTY, STATE AFFAIRS... vineyards . Vegetable plantations must replant on an urgent basis, and also prepare right now for receiving, processing and storing fruit and

  5. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs (United States)


    the popular "On-Duty Reporter" column , Yeliza- veta Bogoslovskaya, Sergey Chesnokov, and Galina Sapunova, literally have not gotten off the telephone...Affairs E . A. Didorenko. He has demonstrated the kind of admirable energy that he has failed to show in the fight against crime. Back on 23 February...Our editorial welcomed E . A. Didorenko’s and TASH- KENTSKAYA PRAVDA’s desire to shed light on many problems of interethnic relations and the

  6. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs (United States)


    resolutions on Namibia. However, the world has not failed to note that France and Britain have demonstrated some realism on that problem and have...Kagoshima, in a few days’ time. Seven ships of Japan’s navy and of the US 7th Fleet, two British patrol ships and a French destroyer will take...affairs in the Far East and in the history of war art. That event is well remembered in our country. Our poeple associate it with the stupid avarice of

  7. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs (United States)


    in charge of policy on nationality, on the creation of a special department of the CPSU Central Committee, staffed by representatives of union...the situation on the level of the political behavior and attitudes of conflicting groups and, second, the academics’ own ethnocentric attitudes

  8. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs. (United States)


    an indivi- dual: culture, language, paternal or maternal descent, membership in a clan or the immediate feeling of belonging to his people. In... authoritarian - bureaucratic to revolutionary-demo- cratic. It is indicative that such approach is rejected by western liberal-bourgeois political the kolkhoz and Nina Leonidovna at the present time is on a one and a half year’s maternity leave taking care of the baby. The young family has

  9. USSR Report: Political and Sociological Affairs. (United States)


    something at which to look closely, besides porno - graphy. For example, to notice and report in good time that video takes root more rapidly far away from...of Video Technology (Vsevolod Vilchek; ZHURNALIST, No 5, May 86) . 42 Ukrainian Obkom Chief on Congress Propaganda Drive (B. Goncharenko...POLITICAL, SOCIAL ASPECTS OF VIDEO TECHNOLOGY Moscow ZHURNALIST in Russian No 5, May 86 pp 44-46 [Article by Vsevolod Vilchek, candidate of art

  10. Stressing the Importance of Public Affairs Knowledge in an Era of Declining Political Interest. (United States)

    Fife, Brian L.

    Public affairs instructors must routinely contend with the reality that stressing the importance of political knowledge is challenging in an era of declining student interest in politics and political institutions. Yet enhancing students' knowledge about public affairs can stimulate more interest and engagement in public affairs, particularly if…

  11. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    Partial Contents: International Affairs, Radio, Birthday Celebration, School Anniversary, Cultural Agreement, Presidents, Trade Union Bureau, Education, Olympic Committee, Ambassador, Conference, Exhibition, Campaign...

  12. The Organizational Realities of Student Affairs: A Political Perspective (United States)

    Shinn, Jeremiah B.


    The purpose of this study was to understand the organizational functions of student-affairs at Indiana University and to understand the nature of the conflict between student-affairs and the larger organization. This study utilized the case-study research design. Much of the data collected and analyzed during this case study were of a historical…

  13. The politics of economic distress in the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution, 1689-1702


    Waddell, Brodie


    The economic problems of the 1690s spurred an extraordinary surge in politicised debates and complaints about commercial, financial and other material affairs. This article begins by examining the magnitude of the shift in economic fortunes between the reigns of James II (1685-88) and William III (1689-1702), highlighting the main sources of concern: wartime disruption to trade, rising taxes, the currency crisis associated with the recoinage of 1696, and the high food prices of 1693-9. More s...

  14. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2161 (United States)


    Military Affairs Chemistry Cybernetics, Computers and Automation Technology Earth Sciences Electronics and Electrical Engineering Engineering and...language "from which classical Latin developed."^ An army journal undertook the task to explain the etymological origin of the designation Walach

  15. 77 FR 40140 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment of Pratt & Whitney Canada Corporation... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 7946] Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment... INFORMATION CONTACT: Lisa Aguirre, Director, Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, Bureau of Political... conviction in a criminal proceeding, conducted by a United States Court, and as such the administrative...

  16. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    successfully abroad, revealed television to be the most significant factor in the political socialization of the children. Is it legitimate for a...about political socialization facing every society; to find out what the role of the most phenomena in the political world. (This has significance...societal level is felt more strongly in the political socialization process as the children grow older. This is further reinforced by data we

  17. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 446. (United States)


    Islamism , Catholicism, and Protestantism) and is an inherent and "locally born and bred" religion in China. Taoism is a religion which respects Lao Zi...XINHUA, 7 Jul 83) 80 Taoism Reported Reviving Throughout Country (Tian Di; ZH0NGGU0 XINWEN SHE, 11 Jul 83) 81 ZH0NGGU0 QINGNIAN BAO...disciplined transport army with ideals, morality and culture. The conference was held from 1 to 6 July. CSO: 4005/1008 80 NATIONAL AFFAIRS TAOISM

  18. 78 FR 66984 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment Under the Arms Export Control Act and... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 8512] Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment... Compliance, Bureau of Political- Military Affairs, Department of State (202) 632-2872. SUPPLEMENTARY... required. Statutory debarment is based solely upon conviction in a criminal proceeding, conducted by a...

  19. 77 FR 43414 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment Under the Arms Export Control Act and... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 7962] Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment..., Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Department of State (202) 632-2798. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION... based solely upon conviction in a criminal proceeding, conducted by a United States Court, and as such...

  20. 75 FR 13330 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment Under the Arms Export Control Act and... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 6924] Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment... Trade Controls Compliance, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Department of State, (202) 663-2980... criminal proceeding, conducted by a United States Court, and as such the administrative debarment...

  1. 75 FR 52385 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Lifting of Policy of Denial Regarding ITAR Regulated... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 7128] Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Lifting of Policy... Controls Compliance, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Department of State, (202) 663-2980..., identify compliance problems, and resolve alleged violations. Xe replaced senior management; established...

  2. 76 FR 2941 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice: 7301] Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of..., Managing Director, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Bureau of Political- Military Affairs, Department... services to support the design, manufacture and delivery of the Anik G1 Commercial Communication Satellite...

  3. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs, Republic Language Legislation. (United States)


    Goskomizdat Ensure that auditoria in the republic capital and in cities of republic subordination where basic political activities are carried on, and...also the auditoria of theater and entertainment enterprises in these cities, are equipped with the technical facilities for simultaneous translation

  4. China Report: Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 470. (United States)


    legislation if it was passed by the Senate. At a press conference today, when he was asked why had he changed his mind, he said it was "of great...force in the political sphere. Therefore, with the election year approaching the legislation concerning Martin Luther King has become a sensitive...the fifth round today they will be armed with a brief from the prime minister. Senior sources at Westminister say Mrs Thatcher is now looking to Hong

  5. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    CNS here, the reader will not know, I am sure, what it means, although it is simple. The reader has seen it as often as, say, the slogan. " Smoke ...It can be done. If, let us suppose, our distinguished ruler was not only just but also abstinent , then the menu would list only authentic juices and...not to mention the unemployed, seasonal workers and other groups which have become altogether marginalized as far as politics go. [Question] Why

  6. 75 FR 51327 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights and arms control... the export of these items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights and... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 7125] Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of...

  7. The Aftermath of Civil War


    Chen, Siyan; Loayza, Norman V.; Reynal-Querol, Marta


    Using an event-study methodology, the article analyzes the aftermath of civil war in a cross-section of countries. It focuses on cases where the end of conflict marks the beginning of relatively lasting peace. The analysis considers 41 countries involved in internal wars over the period 1960--2003. To provide a comprehensive evaluation of the aftermath of war, a range of social areas is considered: basic indicators of economic performance, health and education, political development, demograp...

  8. 78 FR 8218 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment Under the Arms Export Control Act and... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 8175] Bureau of Political-Military Affairs; Statutory Debarment... INFORMATION CONTACT: Lisa Aguirre, Director, Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, Bureau of Political... conviction in a criminal proceeding, conducted by a United States Court, and as such the administrative...

  9. Science diplomacy: Investigating the perspective of scholars on politics-science collaboration in international affairs. (United States)

    Fähnrich, Birte


    Science diplomacy is a widely practiced area of international affairs, but academic research is rather sparse. The role of academia within this field of politics-science interaction has hardly been considered. This article analyzes this scholarly perspective: Based on a literature review, a case study of a German science diplomacy program is used to explore objectives, benefits, and constraints of science diplomacy for participating scholars. While political approaches suggest an ideal world where both sides profit from the collaboration, the findings of the case study point to another conclusion which shows that the interaction of scholars and officials in science diplomacy is far more complex. Thus, the contribution is regarded as both a useful starting point for further research and for a critical reflection of academics and politicians in science diplomacy practice to gauge what can be expected from the collaboration and what cannot.

  10. Revival of Political Islam in the Aftermath of the Arab Uprisings: Implications for the Region and Beyond (United States)


    it is a consid- erable issue… not only for Tunisians but for the whole Mediterranean space and thus for France .26 Ideological Opposition of...political power.34 The “Islamic Bourgeoisie ,” referring to the Anatolian en- trepreneurs, is considered the backbone of the AKP’s economic and political...strategic relations with emerging global pow- ers? For a country like France , the dramatic changes in the political landscape sowed doubts in politi- 27

  11. Blood, politics, and social science. Richard Titmuss and the Institute of Economic Affairs, 1957-1973. (United States)

    Fontaine, Philippe


    Long before his last book, The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy, was published in early 1971, Richard M. Titmuss (1907-1973), a professor of social administration at the London School of Economics, had been a major figure in the debates over the welfare state. The Gift Relationship was the culmination of an eventful relationship with the Institute of Economic Affairs, a think tank that advocated the extension of rational pricing to social services. By arguing that the British system of blood procurement and distribution, based on free giving within the National Health Service, was more efficient than the partly commercialized American system, Titmuss intended to signal the dangers of the increasing commercialization of society. What made for the impact of his book, however, was not merely its argument that transfusion-transmitted infections were much more common with paid than with voluntary donors, but also its reflections on what it is that holds a society together. And here Titmuss argued that a "socialist" social policy, by encouraging the sense of community, played a central role. The eclecticism of Titmuss's work, together with its strong ethical and political flavor, makes it a rich and original account of the "social" at a time when heated debated over social policy, both in Britain and in the United States, raised the question of the division of labor among the social sciences.

  12. Can Organizations Learn without Political Leadership? The Case of Public Sector Reform among South African Home Affairs Officials

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Segatti, Aurelia; Hoag, Colin Brewster; Vigneswaran, Darshan


    This paper deals with the transformation of “institutional culture” in bureaucratic agencies. This is explored in the context of post-Apartheid South African public sector reform, and more particularly that of migration management within the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). The paper assesses...... the effects on staff’s perceptions and practices of a politically driven attempt at inculcating a new sense of “service delivery”. Structural factors are not found to have been prevalent determinants explaining the difficulties in implementing the reform. It is rather the failure of the political leadership...

  13. In the Aftermath of Gezi

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    This edited volume addresses various aspects of social and political development in Turkey and the latter’s role within a global context. Paradigmatically and theoretically, it is situated in the realm of communication and/for social change. The chapters thread together to present a fresh...... as in the dramatic on-going aftermath, the volume has wide international and interdisciplinary appeal, suitable for those with an interest in globalization, communication and media, politics, and social change....... and innovative study that explores an array of issues related to the Gezi protests and their aftermath by scholars and activists from Scandinavia, Turkey and India. Through its thorough analysis of the government’s repressive policy and the communication strategies of resistance, during the protests as well...

  14. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, No. 1566 (United States)


    HIRLAP, 9 Jun 78) 69 Activities of Foreign Affairs Institute Described (Jozsef Szasz ; MAGYAR HIRLAP, 24 May 78) 74 General Morocz Describes...Jozsef Szasz : "Villa on Berc Street"] [Text] The villa that is shared as "joint tenants" by the chief consulate section of the Hungarian Foreign

  15. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1567. (United States)


    confirmation of the Porter Snob abrid/ajanie en-’? oppression-—cor ".equeneer" of the political and militar-/- relatio^a eet~b- liehed in favor of the...bold defiance to fascism. In this regard, the RCP also addressed appeals many times to the most diverse parties and political groupings and obtained

  16. Listen to us! Regional and local public affairs in the Dutch and European political arena

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Figee, Edward Leopold


    The research in this dissertation is focused on the question what processes decentralized governments (i.e., municipalities and provinces) have to overcome in order to intervene in the Dutch and European political arena and to acquire attention for their interests. In the introduction (ch. 1) PA is

  17. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, Number 1608 (United States)


    Schools Discussed (Laszlo Bodo; PEDAGOGIA SZEMLE, Sep 78) POLAND OHP Civil Defense, Political Training Increasing (Arkadiusz Myszkowski; ZOLNIERZ...OF PATRIOTIC-MILITARY EDUCATION AT SECONDARY SCHOOLS DISCUSSED Budapest PEDAGOGIA SZEMLE in Hungarian No 9, Sep 78 pp 799-807 [Article by Laszlo

  18. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs. Number 1309 (United States)


    Similarly, the shortcomings in the planning field, as, for instance, in the restricted use of the balancing method, in the failure to extend the...petit-bourgeois customs as egoism , political indifference and the pursuit of money. Whether or not we solve this task within the socialist brigade

  19. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1333 (United States)


    socialist house more and more beauti- fully and comfortably. This embodies the most deeply liberal and humanist content of the class assign- ment of...or economico - military potential of any given nation. This being so, the right of a nation to its character, territorial integrity, political...decade as a result of the technico-scientific revolution, and of the social and national liberation processes, has introduced in the national life

  20. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs No. 1359. (United States)


    of the development of productive forces, science and technology and cannot ensure the right to work, an increase in the standard of living and the...winning of international peace and security. In this struggle the chief tool, in addition to political enlight - enment activity, is the organization...development of the trade exchange and to find and utilize new forms of cooperation in the economy, science, technology and culture. Mr Prime Minister

  1. Translations on Eastern Europe. Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1461 (United States)


    traditional and other social determinants. This at once amounts to a strict rejection of such theories as, for instance, advocated by Kelsen , in his "Pure...1975, pp 334 ff. 5. As to the pure law doctrine, H. Kelsen would like it understood as "a pure law theory, that is to say, cleansed of all political...ideology and all natural science elements" (cf. H. Kelsen , "Reine Rechtslehre," Vienna, 1960, preface). For a criticism of Kelsen’s legal positivism

  2. The political economy of redistribution in the U.S. in the aftermath of World War II and the delayed impacts of the Great Depression - Evidence and theory

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Beetsma, R.; Cukierman, A.; Giuliodori, M.


    The paper presents evidence of an upward ratchet in transfers and taxes in the U.S. around World-War II. This finding is explained within a political-economy framework involving an executive who sets defense spending and the median voter in the population who interacts with a (richer) agenda setter

  3. The political economy of redistribution in the US in the aftermath of World War II and the delayed impacts of the Great Depression: evidence and theory

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Beetsma, R.M.W.J.; Cukierman, A.; Giuliodori, M.


    The paper presents evidence of an substantial upward ratchet in transfers and taxes in the U.S. around World-War II. This finding is explained within a political-economy framework involving an executive who sets defense spending and the median voter in the population who interacts with a (richer)

  4. 75 FR 50791 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control considerations. More detailed information is... having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control considerations... having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights and arms control considerations...

  5. 75 FR 70344 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... taken into account political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control considerations. More... taken into account political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control considerations. More... account political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control considerations. More detailed...

  6. 76 FR 30751 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights and arms control considerations... account political, military, economic, human rights and arms control considerations. More detailed... license the export of these items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights...

  7. 75 FR 62173 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... of these items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights, and arms... account political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control considerations. More detailed... taken into account political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control considerations. More...

  8. 76 FR 58332 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control... account political, military, economic, human rights and arms control considerations. More detailed... of these items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights, and arms...

  9. JPRS Report, Political Affairs. (United States)


    VS . Malkovskiy; MOLODEZH ESTONII, 20 Jun 90] 13 Further on Estonian Party Congress [T. Opekina; SOVETSKAYA ESTONIYA, 22 Jun 90] 16 Estonian...peasant farms, conditions for the greatest advantage for entrepreneurship , or to create joint ventures with foreign firms. But our legislators who...majority. The republic’s Supreme Soviet continues to ignore the demand by a considerable segment of the franchised Latvian population that there should

  10. JPRS Report Political Affairs. (United States)


    initiative, an attitude of not caring, reactions of an underdog . Eventually, power goes to the head of such a leader and he becomes a commander. too reminiscent of the sad days when those who "did not care about the interests of the people" were unhesitatingly branded enemies of the

  11. JPRS Report, Political Affairs. (United States)


    succession of alter- nating mood swings continues to this day. One of the most painful issues continues to be that of nationality. The Armenian CP...complex he tried to destroy not only interdepartmental barriers but in the literal sense of the word the barriers which divide children and adults and...for the entire family, or something like that. Handwriting analysis and the conclusions of experts are often required in such cases, but this is not

  12. JPRS Report Political Affairs. (United States)


    dried up nameless little stream that was the only nesting place for various rare birds . Nature is one, and therefore ecological calamities do not yet realize that we are already captives . We pronounce astonishing words, we make lofty speeches, but we are captives , we are are hostages...It is a ques- tion of new apartments, better nutrition and good care. Is it because of our poverty or is it because the callous- ness of the

  13. 76 FR 20800 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights and arms control... license the export of these items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights... taken into account political, military, economic, human rights and arms control considerations. More...

  14. 75 FR 50793 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control considerations. More detailed information is... items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights and arms control... license the export of these items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights...

  15. 75 FR 18937 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights and arms control considerations... the transfer of these items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights and... political, military, economic, human rights and arms control considerations. More detailed information is...

  16. Can organisations learn without political leadership? The case of public sector reform among South African Home Affairs officials

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Segatti, A.; Hoag, C.; Vigneswaran, D.


    This paper deals with the transformation of "institutional culture" in bureaucratic agencies. This is explored in the context of post-Apartheid South African public sector reform, and more particularly that of migration management within the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). The paper assesses the

  17. 75 FR 31505 - Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... Netherlands, Thailand, Chile, and Malaysia for the manufacture and sale of the Goalkeeper Gun Mount. The... political, military, economic, human rights, and arms control considerations. More detailed information is... the export of these items having taken into account political, military, economic, human rights, and...

  18. Alalia & the Aftermath

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gregory Douglas Wear


    Full Text Available The battle at Alalia mentioned by Herodotos has long been at the centre of debate with regards to a potential ‘Carthaginian Blockade’ of the Straits of Gibraltar, perhaps preventing the Phokaian Greeks from entering the Atlanticand its coastal markets. There are further ancient sources which directly or indirectly give clues to Alalia, its circumstances and its aftermath. The battle may have had an impact on the Phokaian Greeks’ freedom of movement in that they chose not to attempt to sail through the Straits of Gibraltar, all the more as the northern markets could be reached via inland routes along the streams that, albeit with some expensive overland transport in between, connected the Mediterranean with the Atlantic. Their concentration around the mouth of the Rhône facilitated the Greek trade in e.g. tin from the north, without the need to engage the Carthaginians, if the latter indeed controlled maritime traffic to and from the Mediterraneanat the Straits. Although they may have retreated from Alalia, and the Carthaginians, as before, controlled the seas west of Empùries, the Phokaian Greeks did not withdraw from the Tyrrhenian Seaor the western Mediterranean altogether, but remained influential and prosperous in the area, even if Massalia experienced a period of economic decline. As such, the result of the battle at Alalia, regardless of whether it was a Greek victory or defeat, had little impact on the balance of power in the western Mediterraneanaround the middle of the first millennium BCE.

  19. Political goals during liquidation of masonic organizations by Joint State Political Directorate – People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs in USSR in the 1920s–1930s

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ermakov V.A.


    Full Text Available this research is dedicated to the political specificity of elimination of «masonic underground organization» by soviet special forces in USSR. The issue of relations between communist movements with political masonry was also considered in the article. It appears that in the beginning of 1920s «freemasons» planned prospects in cooperation with Bolsheviks, while having hidden goal to «cover» Soviet government with masonic ideas. Masons of 1920s were quite satisfied with Bolshevism as a weapon to eradicate Russian national self-awareness and its Orthodox religion. Liquidation process of masonic underground, which started in 1925, was conditioned by inner-party strife between «Stalinists», conducting anti-masonic and anti-Zionist campaigns, and «Trotskyists», who appeared to be a weapon of international masonic politics in Soviet Russia. Authors conclude that liquidation of occult-masonic underground in USSR had several political goals: covering communist party leaders' masonic past, elimination masons as potential western secret service agents, threatening conservative intelligentsia, exposure masonic people from the environment of Soviet officials and cultural elites, extermination masonic alternative of communistic ideology and preparation of «grand terror» against «Lenin's guard».

  20. Chernobyl: The aftermath

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gillwald, K.


    The nuclear accident in Chernobyl prompted vehement and sometimes controversial public and political reaction in the Federal Republic of Germany, as it did elsewhere. What remained after the initial concern subsided? We at the IIUG feel obligated to make a contribution to the preservation and the improvement of our environmental quality, both in basic and specialized research aimed at environmental problems. It is time to take stock of the findings of our own work; we must access the feedback to and implementation of this research; the candidness and integrity of the scientific-economic-political community; superfluous knowledge or information gaps; structural obstacles and possible alternatives. This paper presents, in condensed form, the results of the 'post-Chernobyl' discussions at the IIUG, based on our work in various projects. (orig.) [de

  1. News, truth and crime: the Westray disaster and its aftermath

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McMullan, J.L. [Saint Mary' s University, Halifax, NS (Canada). Department of Sociology and Criminology


    A study of the way the media portrayed the Westray Mine disaster and its aftermath over the period 1992 to 2002 is presented. The chapters titles are; power, discourse, and the production of news as truth; the explosion and its aftermath; studying the press and Westray; the press and the presentation of Westray's truth; and the politics of truth and the invisibility of corporate crime. News articles reporting the accident and outcome were sampled, coded, and evaluated by content analysis. It is concluded that the various media represented alternative truths, but did not label the corporation as criminal. This was missing from the media's reporting of the disaster.

  2. Portrait of a pragmatic conservative: Senator James A. McClure of Idaho and the politics of United States energy and Middle Eastern affairs, 1967--1990 (United States)

    Woods-Davis, Wilma

    This dissertation examines the political career of Senator James A. McClure as it relates to United States energy policy and Middle Eastern affairs, 1967-1990 and within the context of the modern (post-World War II) conservative movement. A pragmatic conservative, McClure sought a balance between the extremes of issues, especially as they related to energy and United States foreign policy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East. More often than not, this quiet senator from Idaho was the voice of reason and moderation, carefully analyzing all sides of the issue before submitting his views on the subject. His approach to energy policy represents his conservative expression of policy, while his approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East demonstrates his moderation, reason, and pragmatism. He called for a national energy plan that would promote domestic production of natural energy resources, energy conservation, and peace in the Middle East. He early warned that if the United States did not develop a comprehensive energy policy, the nation would soon face energy shortages. His cautionary statements went unnoticed until the first energy crisis in 1973 and 1974. Although McClure did not support reliance on imported oil to meet energy demand, he did advocate a change in direction in foreign policy. The United States must take a more even-handed approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict and consider the Arab position too in the historic debate. He continually urged a pro-Israeli congress to rethink its policies in this area. In addition to his senate duties, McClure acted as an unofficial goodwill ambassador to many of the Arab leaders in the Middle East. He made at least nine trips to the Middle East to discuss issues of energy, trade, peace, and war. He developed a working rapport with some Arab leaders, and did much to enhance the United States image in the region. He did this at a time in American history when Congress and the public were slow to

  3. First a hero of science and now a martyr to science: the James Watson Affair - political correctness crushes free scientific communication. (United States)

    Charlton, Bruce G


    In 2007 James D. Watson, perhaps the most famous living scientist, was forced to retire from his position and retreat from public life in the face of international mass media condemnation following remarks concerning genetically-caused racial differences in intelligence. Watson was punished for stating forthright views on topics that elite opinion has determined should be discussed only with elaborate caution, frequent disclaimers, and solemn deference to the currently-prevailing pieties. James Watson has always struck many people as brash; however this blunt, truth-telling quality was intrinsic to his role in one of the greatest scientific discoveries. Much more importantly than 'good manners', Watson has consistently exemplified the cardinal scientific virtue: he speaks what he understands to be the truth without regard for the opinion of others. The most chilling aspect of the Watson Affair was the way in which so many influential members of the scientific research community joined the media condemnation directed against Watson. Perhaps the most egregious betrayal of science was an article by editorialists of the premier UK scientific journal Nature. Instead of defending the freedom of discourse in pursuit of scientific truth, Nature instead blamed Watson for being 'crass' and lacking 'sensitivity' in discussing human genetic differences. But if asked to choose between the 'sensitive' editors of Nature or the 'crass' genius of James D. Watson, all serious scientists must take the side of Watson. Because when a premier researcher such as Watson is hounded from office by a vicious, arbitrary and untruthful mob; all lesser scientists are made vulnerable to analogous treatment at the whim of the media. A zealous and coercive brand of 'political correctness' is now making the biological truth of human genetic differences intolerably difficult to discover and discuss in US and UK. This needs to change. My hope is that truth will prevail over political correctness and

  4. Celebrities in International Affairs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Richey, Lisa Ann; Budabin, Alexandra Cosima


    Celebrity engagement in global “helping” is not a simple matter of highly photogenic caring for needy others across borders; it is a complex relationship of power that often produces contradictory functions in relation to the goals of humanitarianism, development, and advocacy. This article argues...... that celebrities are acting as other elite actors in international affairs: investing considerable capital into processes that are highly political. It traces the emergence and practices of the elite politics of celebrities in North-South relations, an evolution made possible by recent changes in aid practices......, media, and NGOs, then considers exemplary cases of Angelina Jolie in Burma, Ben Affleck in the Democractic Republic of Congo, and Madonna in Malawi. These celebrity practices as diplomats, experts, and humanitarians in international affairs illustrate the diverse and contradictory forms of engagement...

  5. Political Rationality

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Solhaug, Trond; Kristensen, Niels Nørgaard

    The very idea about democracies is public participation in elections, decision-making and/or public engagement. The democratic participation distributes power among ordinary people and serve to legitimize decisions in public affairs and is a vital characteristic of a political culture.”The term...

  6. Student Affairs in Complex Contexts

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dissatisfaction and frustration with political leaders have sent students ... In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Minister of Higher Education has ordered a ... Student Affairs will need to anticipate and find innovative ways to adjust ... Razia Mayet's article focuses on the effectiveness of learning development interventions.

  7. Iceland’s External Affairs from 1550-1815: Danish societal and political cover concurrent with a highly costly economic policy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Baldur Þórhallsson


    Full Text Available The paper argues that there is not necessarily a correlation between political, economic and societal shelter. Iceland received considerable societal and political shelter from Denmark in the period under study, but Denmark failed to provide its remote island with economic cover. Firstly, and most importantly, it provided substantial and highly valuable societal shelter. Copenhagen was the main channel by which new knowledge and technology could enter Iceland. The islanders benefited from educational, health-care and social policies of the crown and it played an invaluable role in preserving Iceland’s cultural heritage. Secondly, Denmark provided partial protection of Icelandic waters and land though Iceland’s peripheral position continued to be its main protection from outside attacks. However, at the end of our period, the Danish kingdom was in decline and unable to provide political cover. Nevertheless, increased centralization, initiated from Denmark, provided internal order and political stability and citizens became more equal before the law. Thirdly, Icelanders paid a heavy price for the Danish trade monopoly though Icelanders continued to receive partial economic and societal shelter from foreign merchants and fishermen. The crown’s policies towards Iceland can largely be explained by current ideological trends at any given time. By being in constant contact with the European continent through Denmark, Icelandic society was part of the societal, political and economic evolution in Europe and managed to avoid isolation despite its geographical remoteness.

  8. Iceland’s External Affairs from 1400 to the Reformation: Anglo-German Economic and Societal Shelter in a Danish Political Vacuum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Baldur Þórhallsson


    Full Text Available The paper applies the assumption that small states/entities need economic and political shelter in order to prosper, to the case of Iceland in the period from 1400 to the Reformation in the mid-16th century. Also, it applies the findings from the first paper in this ‘hexalogy’ (a six-paper series on Iceland’s external relations in a historical context, i.e. that Iceland enjoyed societal shelter in the Middle Ages, to this period. The aim is both to analyse whether or not Icelanders enjoyed economic, political and societal cover from their engagements with the Danes, English and Germans and to evaluate the validity of the ‘shelter theory’. The paper argues that Iceland enjoyed considerable economic and societal shelter from its encounters with English and German merchants and fishermen in a period in which Danish political cover was formally in place but was not effective in practice. Moreover, the paper claims that the shelter theory, and small-state studies in general, need to take notice of the importance of social communication with the outside world for a small entity/state. Also, the Danish political vacuum in our late Medieval Period provided the islanders with economic opportunities and social engagements with the wider world. This was at the cost of continued domestic clashes between the islanders themselves, on the one hand, and between them and ‘outsiders’ on the other. Our findings indicate that in the case of Iceland there might be a trade-off between the benefits of strict political cover by a single external actor, and the economic and societal opportunities accompanied by a lack of political affiliations.

  9. Liberia: local politics, state building and reintegration of populations


    Jairo Munive


    Interventions aiming to assist IDPs and refugees returning homein fragile states would do well to take note of the local political and economic contexts in the aftermath of war, because these deeplyaffect the reintegration of war-affected populations.

  10. China Report, Economic Affairs

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    .... This report contains articles from China dealing with Economic Affairs. The Topics include National Affairs and Policy, Foreign Trade and Investment, Economic Zones, Finance and Banking, and Agriculture.

  11. Social Entrepreneurship in the Aftermath of War

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Langevang, Thilde; Namatovu, Rebecca

    Social entrepreneurship in post-conflict developing countries has received little academic attention despite its proclaimed potential to address social problems and enrich poor communities. Drawing on a case study of youth groups in northern Uganda, this paper examines the resource mobilization...... practices of social entrepreneurs operating in a context of extreme resource scarcity and a plethora of challenges arising in the aftermath of war. Drawing on the concepts of social entrepreneurship, bricolage and group-based entrepreneurship the paper delineates six features of group-based social bricolage...... of understanding the spatiality and temporality of the post-conflict context that these practices of social entrepreneurship are embedded in....

  12. Wellbeing in the aftermath of floods. (United States)

    Walker-Springett, Kate; Butler, Catherine; Adger, W Neil


    The interactions between flood events, their aftermath, and recovery leading to health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals are complex, and the pathways and mechanisms through which wellbeing is affected are often hidden and remain under-researched. This study analyses the diverse processes that explain changes in wellbeing for those experiencing flooding. It identifies key pathways to wellbeing outcomes that concern perceptions of lack of agency, dislocation from home, and disrupted futures inducing negative impacts, with offsetting positive effects through community networks and interactions. The mixed method study is based on data from repeated qualitative semi-structured interviews (n=60) and a structured survey (n=1000) with individuals that experienced flooding directly during winter 2013/14 in two UK regions. The results show for the first time the diversity and intersection of pathways to wellbeing outcomes in the aftermath of floods. The findings suggest that enhanced public health planning and interventions could focus on the precise practices and mechanisms that intersect to produce anxiety, stress, and their amelioration at individual and community levels. Copyright © 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  13. The Plumbat affair

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Davenport, E.; Eddy, P.; Gillman, P.


    On 16 November 1968, 560 metal drums labelled 'Plumbat' were loaded on to a small ship, the Scheersberg A, in Antwerp. The drums contained uranium ore which was being shipped by a small German chemical company to an obscure Italian paint company for processing. At least, that was what the documents said, and the grounds upon which Euratom (the European Atomic Energy Commission) had licensed the sale and shipment of the ore. The Scheersberg A next appeared in a Turkish port, without her cargo. Potentially, the uranium in the drums could be formed into the raw material for a dozen nuclear bombs. As far as Euratom and the security forces of Germany and Itay were concerned, it had disappeared off the face of the earth. In fact, nothing more might ever have been heard about it were it not for a chance sentence uttered to the Norwegian police who were interrogating a suspect about the murder of an Arab waiter. Under questioning, the suspect revealed that he was one of Israel's secret 'hit teams', sent out to kill suspected Arab terrorists. He talked almost eagerly to the police, and divulged that he had once owned a ship called the Scheersberg A. Israel was a logical destination for the uranium, since it was one of the few countries which possessed a reactor capable of transmuting the uranium ore into plutonium, which could be used for bombs. Security officials and journalists followed up that chance remark and started to unravel the extraordinary history of the Scheersberg A, and its part in another mysterious affair, the hijacking by Israel of five gunboats from the port of Cherbourg late in 1969. The Plumbat Affair is a fascinating detective story; the alliances that were formed and the deals that were made at the highest levels of international politics and in the depths of the underworld make this a thriller beyond the imaginings of most novelists. (author)

  14. Affective Commitment among Student Affairs Professionals (United States)

    Boehman, Joseph


    Student affairs professionals in the United States were surveyed to determine the predictive value of overall job satisfaction, organizational support, organizational politics, and work/nonwork interaction on affective organizational commitment. Results indicate that a supportive work environment leads to increased affective attachment to the…

  15. JPRS Report, Soviet Union Political Affairs (United States)


    people have simply been deceived, their ignorance has been exploited; they "hung their noodles on their ears." But then we see these "simple people...running his farm, but in the next instant he was left without a horse, a coat, a roof over his head, without land, without a source of water. As

  16. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs. (United States)


    The stereotype which says that if I listen to the " Beatles " I am against Beethoven has not been completely eliminated. Except that today it is...reminiscent of the times of twist and shake and improvizations on the Beatles ’ themes, are noted to their show-biz talent. Both groups started their...from English-language sources are transcribed or reprinted, with the original phrasing and other characteristics retained. Headlines, editorial reports

  17. China Report: Political, Sociological and Military Affairs. (United States)


    Production Brigade of Guangbao Commune in raising chickens and rabbits in a big way. We must mobilize the commune member house- holds to utilize...The state and the commune, production brigades, and production teams operate fish farms, some of which raise fry . Why not go ahead with raising fish...Wei Xinyi, Huang Yu, Yang Jike, Guo Tixiang, Meng Fulin, Hu Tan, Zhu Nong, Fang Shiliang, Wang Zenong, Pan Ezhang, Liu Zhengwen, Chen Tianren, Ma

  18. JPRS Report Soviet Union Political Affairs (United States)


    incapable of covering the 2-3 kilometers to a bakery . We must rectify the situation with regard to pavements, the clutter in courtyards, and streets even...4pingrad. Electoral district No 379. 253. SlMAK()V, .1\\leksey )’uryevich, born 1 956, non­ party member, PllC�er-transporter at the 1 2th Bakery Plant...affiliation. The Moldavian Communist Part supports an electoral system that is based on principles of the universal, equal, direct franchise and

  19. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    with recordings of popular and modern music . In secondary school No. 6, not far from Lenin Square, we are preparing for the festive opening of a...Kirghiz SSR State Committee for Physical Culture and Sport into a Kirghiz SSR State Committee for Physical Culture, Sport, and Tourism . Ratification...Comrade Eshim Kutmanalnev as chairman of the Kir- ghiz SSR State Committee for Physical Culture and Tourism , Comrade Dzhumakadyr Ubyshev, as

  20. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs (United States)


    its difference from bio - logical forms promotes the process of humanization and perfection of the human being. The role of an ideal is immense. Maxim...not mass-produced steles , or obelisks, but with names and empty spaces for those, who have not been found yet. I think that these activities

  1. CHINA Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    pumpkins and pumpkins as big as bath basins." However, the survey form, which children were not asked to sign, revealed that too much homework was a...sales. Regarding the Henry Liu murder case, it is, as Senator Thurmond’s assistant has noted, a purely judicial matter and should be left entirely to

  2. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    Afonin] At one time I was a first-class volleyball player, high office, an official, but for a live, specific person with skier and chess-player. I love...people, often caused by will help solve it. their incomplete knowledge of the radiation situation. Above all, I see the means for this in halting the...financing. even more complicated as the republic switches to self- management and self-financing. It is common knowledge that the CPSU Central Com- mittee

  3. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs. (United States)


    discord or hatred are fermented in connection with religious cults. CSO: 1809/15 72 JPRS-ÜPS-85-071 12 September 1985 SOCIOLOGY TV VIEWERS forbidden to bring viticulture products acquired from retail enterprises to canteens and cafes, and the sale of beer in cultural-entertainment...fact that it is planned to open two beer bars, two beer restaurants and a beer -hall on Zelenyy Islands, while Selenyy Island, as the author of the

  4. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs (United States)


    and to enhance substantively the role of the republic’s manage- rial entities in satisfying the population’s demand for alimentary products, it is...designing, biotechnology and others. On the other hand, to the extent that the principles of cost accounting and self financing are more and more widely

  5. JPRS Report. Soviet Union: Political Affairs (United States)


    around in every possible dictionary and encyclopedia, one finds out that an economic blockade is the economic isolation of the country being...November 1988 issue of LITERATURA ARMENII). One must agree with Chudakova’s statement about the reasons of the conflict between monolingual Russian

  6. JPRS Report Soviet Union Political Affairs. (United States)


    gentsia, specialists, authoritative workers and kolkhoz farmers in on their deliberations. A soviet of primary party organization secretaries...are in favor of disassembling the authoritarian , bureaucratic system and for focusing on humane, democratic socialism, the forming of a state under...Iolota’nskiy Rayon in Turkmenistan a boarding home for mentally retarded children. Some end up here directly from maternity homes, others are brought by

  7. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs (United States)


    be the envy of many large cities. A child with infantile cerebral palsy can be given a free course of The conversation with R. Dovlyatshoyev, deputy...Social sciences face quite a few serious problems. They international relations, active work is being conducted so re ace quide a benefious proess the Sum- mer Games in Seoul. With regard to medals won, they This will allow us to take a major step forward in solving were in the top 10, having

  8. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs. (United States)


    developing weapons, and Jane ( Lauder ) [Luo-de-er 3157 1795 1422], former senior official of the National Security Council. Many U.S. scholars and...growth will lead to economic bankruptcy, disturbances, and war...So Reagan’s proposal is very important." From 1958 to 1980, the amount of money ... money and forgot the whole thing. Those people were afraid of disequilibrium and would rather let all of us remain in poverty. We can never complete

  9. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    prudence of the 1930’s (" Death to Bukharin!"). Fre- called him in my article. And he wants to take me to quently even the investigation itself, unable to... death ’..." The end is still not at hand. We were able to buy a "...What does the seminary also teach? It also teaches watermelon at the market and in a...the road with a sack on and self-assertion. Why? To prevent possible crimes by a his back and behind him a horseman in armor. And he dozen social

  10. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    materials. In our area shortages are everywhere and everything has been funded or limits have been set. Couldn’t one cough up something for a noble cause...ardent support for the economic "experiments" that had been initiated. A church cooperative was created in Krasnoyarsk to keep bees and produce honey ...1,800 TB patients die each year. Through the efforts of phthisiol- ogists approximately 12,500 persons are annually cured successfully, although

  11. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    jour- nals almost at the same time as A. Rybakov’s "Children of the Arbat," V. Dudintsev’s "White Clothes," D. Granin’s "Diehard," and the essays ... lyrical poet," Akh- matova is able to make "concise, vivid, and resounding statements regarding the salient or distinctive features of the spiritual...known poet M. Avi-Shaul; a photo essay on Soviet artists and cultural figures, who had visited Israel in recent years; on the Romen Theater, headed by

  12. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs (United States)


    conflicts and injustices. The system of "artistic coun- cils," "ratings," "authorization of lyrics ," etc., is based exclusively "on a subjective...its court essay , "A Fictitious Marriage and a Funeral Dress," told of this instance: S. Nevya- domskaya, a resident of Ordzhonikidze, having regis

  13. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    immediately removes the condition away from alcohol or drugs. It is capable merely of of abstinence and eliminates the pathological craving for punishing but...the RSFSR Criminal Code, but court cases for vagrancy [Text] Hard plank-beds in stuffy, smoke -filled rooms. are practically never encountered. "This...heaviest jobs is becoming a factor in increasing the number of such [KazTAG report: "When Concern is Lacking"] persons. Temporary, seasonal jobs, as

  14. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    into which we have hurriedly Our misfortune was not only in the lack of sausage and formed ourselves are also no way out of the situation, panty hose... girl is playing with a doll. She imitates [Shkiryak-Nizhnik] First, environmental pollution. Sec- everything her mother does. But there is one...VUZes and in the schools. And, attention on painful problems of child care. if you like, even in the kindergartens, where little girls play with dolls-as

  15. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs (United States)


    contagious. Why not do the same with boots, panty -hose, soap, razor blades, cosmetics and other scarce goods. Why shouldn’t one buy something wholesale...Year-Old Girl ," the Bra- zilian Ector Babenko (whose ancestors emigrated from the Ukraine) shot his film "Thistle" in the United State. This film...maniacs may be lose (The pattern of disappearances of the four university girls , as sketched by Tabeyev, would seem to suggest a serial killer

  16. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    of Sciences 1988-2000 Presidium of the Georgian SSR its sociolinguistic aspect Arnold Chikobava Linguistics Insti- Academy of Sciences tute, Tbilisi...expect a 3n-day delay •n receipt of the first issue. Saharan Africa, Latin America , and West Europe. Supplements to the DAILY REPORTs may also be U S

  17. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    the dual fermentation method, tech- nology to reclaim sugar residue, technology to make glucose from rice, fructose and dextrose syrup and other...Hu Wenjun [5170 2429 0689], Su Mingkun [5685 2494 0981], Wang Qian [3769 0241] and other conrades to suc- cessfully trial-produce an oral glucose, the comrades praise in unison his high sense of responsibility toward the enterprise and say that old friend Hong is now like a fish in water

  18. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs. (United States)


    attacked by hidden Vietnamese troops; a Chinese young man and a Chinese young woman were killed. Immediately afterward, the Vietnamese kid - napped...hours; streamlining course content; introducing heuristic pedagogical methods; strengthening laboratory work and training in engineering; placing

  19. JPRS Report. Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    Soviets? The absurdity of a classified dissertation in pedagogy is intensified by the additional fact that given the truly impoverished posi- tion in...Khakass. These are our Soviet kids , the graduates of our Soviet schools. Together, they listen to the same lectures as the people their own age who...4,267. They are in training at 12 VUZs, 8 technical schools, and one professional- technical college. Four boarding schools have admitted Afghan kids

  20. JPRS Report:. Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    low-quality wine for apparatchiks of all levels, turning the people into sheep , ready to do any- thing just for a bottle! It was a good thing that...they dug up the vineyards , destroying the nest of the "green snake," breaking up the unfortunate links between the republics. But where is the...Pesorin, Privolzhsk, Ivanovo Oblast. Let Them Answer!... It’s high time that the leaders who cut down hundreds of thousands of wonderful vineyards

  1. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    buildings constructed of prefabricated blocks stand empty. We have drawn conclusions from this experience. We have set the course to construct mainly...34But do we need this book today?!" Panferov started talking abut the books of Babayevskiy and Semushkin, insisting that they could be included in

  2. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    have remained an idealist in the definition " sistema " [system]. I remember a friend of mine, the given by Anatoliy Vasilyevich Lunacharskiy. On the now...often in emergency shelters known by his unfortunate deeds in Kalinin), all the other which need repair. New companions of the social mis- Nivkhi

  3. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    responsible for the Ukrainian film industry Moscow, Leningrad, Georgia and Moldavia. May I were established within the UkSSR Ministry of Culture express...the republic has developed a document, "Major dent 0. Gusev: "Reorganization and the Price of conditions for puttingthe Ukrainian film industry on a...8217Prestige"’] full cost accounting basis," Currently the Ukrainian film industry contributes 80 million rubles in gross income annually to the local

  4. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs. (United States)


    realm. Here the rapidity of development in the area of welding, especially of plastics with the use of ultrasound , is notable. The current session...The Spartacus scored no goal by the last minute before the final whistle when Sochnov, who played in the second half, was knocked to the ground by his

  5. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs (United States)


    other over some strawberries ? It was the same in Sukhumi. Does anyone really think all that bloodshed took place over a branch of the univer- sity...departments within them which service the capitols... Second, office space. We are literally jammed into small rooms and two of our employees

  6. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    them and was interested in how they were resolving the problems associated with migration. Albert Vagina - kovich was optimistic. "I think the most...The myth of the northern tribe of "light-brown haired giants" which was dying out was destroyed once and for all. But here is a paradox of history

  7. JPRS Report Soviet Union Political Affairs. (United States)


    the right of immunity and can be removed from his post only by the Azerbaijan SSR Supreme Soviet in case of a violation by him of the constitution...ities of judges and people’s assessors and their execution of justice is inadmissible and is punishable by law. The immunity of judges and people’s...ecologically clean water to be sold in bottles and cardboard containers- -like kefir . Understandably, this beverage will cost more than tap water, but is

  8. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    owe $300 billion in foreign debts and half of this amount was borrowed from American banks of all sizes. America has become the world’s biggest...paid to overcome the use of any adult model and formalism. The children and teenagers should not be subjected to passive restriction and bondage debt . The old people, because they lacked food and money to spend, had a bellyful of ideas. How to find a way out? From his own feelings and

  9. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    irresponsible, nebulous hints at the illness of Lenin, the hasty administration by I. V. Stalin (who, by the way, was not yet in a primary position of...doma" [Passions of a House in Bukhara] and "Cherepakha Tarazi" [The Turtle of Taraz]—could the author get published in his native Tashkent at one time

  10. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs (United States)


    Literature (Aboizhamil Nurpeyisov; QAZAQ ADEBIYETI, 19 Jul 85) 169 Kazakh-Language French Text Called First Step (Ghalymzhan Muganov; QAZAQ ADEBIYETI, a result of scientific advances. According to the French newspaper CROIS, 8.5 million people worldwide turn away from relxgxon each year! This...intended for lovers of Kazakh cuisine . When liquor was on the menu, there was no shortage of selection of national dishes. Today, to us was suggested

  11. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs (United States)


    order during unsanctioned demon- strations. He reported to the French journalist that the task of those who shared his views was to convince no fewer...regional lore, dress, cuisine , ethnography, and folk crafts, the arousal of interest in Russian heroic folk songs, legends, and chronicles, and, in...English and French gov- ernments when Germany seized the KJaypedskiy Kray in March 1939. This event was the actual beginning of German aggression

  12. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    Kherson ship builder, the conscientious and docile Poltava or Podillya grain and cattle farmer, the dweller of the coastline of the dying Black Sea...even for free. The best crops of fields, gardens and orchards, the largest herds of cattle not only fail to improve, but consistently worsen the...the Soviet people"—in fact, the spiritual castration of non- Russians. We do not consider that a Ukrainian who speaks Russian automatically loses

  13. JPRS Report. Soviet Union: Political Affairs (United States)


    Be Followed in Transferring Confiscated Kulak Farms to the Kolkhozes" Decree No. 654, dated 30 August 1947, "On Taxation of Farmsteads in the ESSR... taxation system. The ID proposes, taking into account the amendments to the Popular Front program outlined above, to work up a unified democratic movement...and disarmament, and against nuclear war. But under the law they cannot practise charity, which is professed by practically all religions. Why? Y.R

  14. USSR Report: Political and Sociological Affairs. (United States)


    percent; rubber articles, 55 percent; and mineral fertilizers,’ 50 percent. Naturally, this results in a reduction in the return on investments ...planned program will require the fundemental reorganization of all the work of the party’s oblast organization. And first of all — First Secretary of...fact that the plans for the 1980*s call for a relative reduction in the growth in capital investments in farming. In the opinion of the German

  15. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    supply of unethylated gasoline and low-sulfur diesel fuel to motor transportation in cities experiencing a complex ecological situation, and con- vert...tragedy. This is why fighting the disturbances in man’s locomotor functions was the main reason our institute was founded in 1919. At first, it...age changes in man’s locomotor system are being carried out. We are directing significant attention toward the study of the effect of various

  16. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    Partial Contents: International, Maternity Leaves, Costs, Trade Workers, Labor, Population problems, International Seminar, War Crimes, Radio Broadcast, Milk Production, Scientific Programs, History, Socialisms...

  17. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    organizin rayo nspaper was rie durin mn1985reprtig ad eectin cmpagn-y tis. organizing rayon newspapers was raised during many 1985 reporting year, more than 4 tons of narcotics were removed by our x -ray, to illuminate the soul of a candidate for the service officials, more than 2,500

  18. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    Central perhaps erroneous but honest actions, because this trag- Committee Plenum elected Givi Grigoryevich Gum - edy is extremely remote from moral...fifteen clients in the service sphere. regardless of his origin, be affirmed constitutional guar - antees to use his native tongue and culture, to... powder . situation. Only then did a specially formed committee, chaired by G. Yefremov, the chief of the oblast’s One summer day, which was not noted for

  19. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs (United States)


    Allayar’s butchered corpse in a fresh grave, they will help me just like they helped him." It is impossible not to feel sympathy for Annasakhat in... butcher and the saleswoman we know, without our friend the dentist and our friendly auto mechanic; and those who have managed to obtain privileges, like a...environment by farms and work sites. Animal and poultry waste continues to be discharged into bodies of water; treatment facilities are either lacking or

  20. JPRS Report Soviet Union Political Affairs. (United States)


    34 Is it possible to link decentralization of resources and abrupt structural changes in the country’s economy? Next, the authors of the ", we must come up against the remaining links of their structures, subject to uncondi- tional elimination. KGB Officer’s Career Abroad...Lenin), in the faculty of "Instrument Building." The theme of his diploma work was: "The Control of Tor- pedo Boats by Radio from an Airplane." He

  1. JPRS Report, Soviet Union: Political Affairs. (United States)


    hearts, let us each ask ourselves, how often do we visit the auditoria where so many critical questions have accumulated? Are we carrying on open...taking a proper approach to this question. Its officials go to the small auditoria too, and persistently switch from monologues to dialogs and

  2. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    an increase in video rental places clubs and video viewing salons. In Kiev alone, there are more than 200 of them. Especially disquieting is the...In the process of being questioned, they explained they committed criminal acts under the influence of videos . We are also disturbed by the...grade publications, at times, I would even say, with an after- taste of " porno " cannot be but disturbing. Remember our history. Ivan Dmitriyevich

  3. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs. (United States)


    and many other things), are subject to severe emotional stress. At the same time they might have a behavioral change, and psychic trauma may arise...Ashkhabad alone 25,000 people aged 16-26 are unemployed . According to certain data, in young families of the capital of Turkmenia, where material and

  4. Tunisia in the Aftermath of the Revolution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asma Moalla


    Full Text Available In this study, humor and the confused feelings of overwhelming happiness, fear, and uncertainty intertwine to reflect Tunisians’ attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and experiences in the aftermath of the revolution. The study adopts a blended netnography/ethnography approach to data collection and analysis. My original data consist of 2 hrs of recorded discussions of 60 Tunisian students and a total of 300 online humorous posts collected from the social network Facebook (FB. The data revealed that Tunisians interacting via FB used two main types of situational humor: Third party insult and Alternate reality. These two types of humor were found to be associated with a variety of psychological and social functions and to serve as effective interpersonal strategies to construct group cohesion, strengthen shared attitudes and beliefs, and develop relational identity.

  5. Examining the EU-China Relationship in the Aftermath of the Economic Crisis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wu, Po-Kuan; Jensen, Mads Christian Dagnis


    . These two opposing theoretical claims are examined by process tracing two most likely cases. This article concludes that despite its increased economic strength, China has enjoyed limited success in persuading the EU and its member states to change their position(s) on policy areas involving strategic......This article examines how, if at all, the changed economic order in the aftermath of the economic crisis in 2008 has shaped the relationship between the EU and China. Theoretically, two prevalent opposing narratives in the public discourse are presented and linked to two crude versions...... of mercantilism and economic liberalism in the scholarly literature. The mercantilist line of reasoning posits that China will gain more political weight with its increasing economic strength. The economic liberal line of reasoning suggests that China’s economic weight does not translate into political power...

  6. Finding holism in disaster: a story of Katrina's aftermath. (United States)

    Zahourek, Rothlyn


    How do we find holism in the aftermath of disasters? This is the author's personal account of being deployed as a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and meeting two survivors in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. This article tells how she learned from survivors' stories and music about healing and holism in the aftermath of disaster.

  7. Islam, Assisted Reproduction, and the Bioethical Aftermath. (United States)

    Inhorn, Marcia C; Tremayne, Soraya


    Assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs), including in vitro fertilization to overcome infertility, are now widely available across the Middle East. Islamic fatwas emerging from the Sunni Islamic countries have permitted many ARTs, while prohibiting others. However, recent religious rulings emanating from Shia Muslim-dominant Iran have created unique avenues for infertile Muslim couples to obtain donor gametes through third-party reproductive assistance. The opening of Iran to gamete donation has had major impacts in Shia-dominant Lebanon and has led to so-called reproductive tourism of Sunni Muslim couples who are searching for donor gametes across national and international borders. This paper explores the "bioethical aftermath" of donor technologies in the Muslim Middle East. Other unexpected outcomes include new forms of sex selection and fetal "reduction." In general, assisted reproduction in the Muslim world has been a key site for understanding how emerging biomedical technologies are generating new Islamic bioethical discourses and local moral responses, as ARTs are used in novel and unexpected ways.

  8. Internal Affairs Allegations (United States)

    Montgomery County of Maryland — This dataset contains allegations brought to the attention of the Internal Affairs Division either through external complaints or internal complaint or recognition....

  9. Sacco e Vanzetti: caso giudiziario o affaire?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flavia Tudini


    Full Text Available This article focus on maybe the most striking judicial case in America during the early twenieth century. The Sacco and Vanzetti case. There is a widespead awareness about the crime they were accused for, the trial phases and their tragic end, but what about the defensive strategies adopted by their lawyers? The analisys of this theme and the involvement of the pubblic opinion demostrates how this jucidial case bacame an affaire, with a disrupting international eco, underestimated even by U.S. authorities. The pubblic opinion will elevate the two anarchists, crushed by injustice and the political trial, to icons of political struggle against the system.

  10. Memoralization of the Holocaust in the Polish film Aftermath and in contemporary Hungary

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Petö


    Full Text Available In contemporary Eastern Europe, after the policy of forced forgetting under communism, a memory bomb exploded in 1989. Society was said to have broken out from under the red carpet under which everything had been swept. Suddenly, everything was rendered visible. In the village described in Aftermath, even the red carpet was not really needed: the crimes committed had already been covered up, and in the absence of any real contact with the outside world, the villagers had been able to use communist laws to bury their secret even deeper. Evidently, the situation in Hungary, home to Central Europe’s largest Jewish survivor community, is even more complicated. While silence and forgetting meant, for many, abandoning one’s Jewish identity, among some families and groups of friends the discussion of past events was a means of establishing identity. In informal salon-style gatherings, people told family stories, and this became an important way of establishing group cohesion. Personal narration gave credibility to the historical events: by telling the stories, people made them true. Linked with this were efforts to improve the emotional and intellectual well-being of the surviving mourners, combining the commandment of nichumaveilim with memory policy. This commandment connects the story of the brothers in Aftermath with the battles over the politics of memory in Hungary.

  11. China Report, Economic Affairs

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library



  12. Department of Veterans Affairs (United States)

    ... Whistleblower Rights & Protections Transparency Media Room Inside the Media Room Public Affairs News Releases Speeches Videos Publications National Observances Veterans Day Memorial Day Celebrating America's Freedoms Special Events Adaptive Sports Program Creative Arts Festival ...

  13. Public affairs plan

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The purpose of the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project Public Affairs Plan is to establish goals for the fiscal year (FY) 1996 UMTRA Project public affairs program and to identify specific activities to be conducted during the year. It describes the roles of various agencies involved in the public affairs program and defines the functions of the UMTRA Project Technical Assistance Contractor (TAC) Public Affairs Department. It replaces the FY 1995 Public Affairs Plan (DOE/AL/62350-154). The plan also describes the US Department of Energy's (DOE) plans to keep stakeholders and other members of the public informed about UMTRA Project policies, plans, and activities, and provide opportunities for stakeholders and interested segments of the public to participate in UMTRA Project decision-making processes. The plan applies to the UMTRA Project Team; the DOE Grand Junction Projects Office (GJPO); the DOE Albuquerque Operations Office, Office of Public Affairs (OPA); the TAC; the UMTRA Project Remedial Action Contractor (RAC); and other cooperating agencies

  14. Representation of Refugees, Asylum-Seekers and Refugee Affairs In Hungarian Dailies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lilla VICSEK


    Full Text Available How does the press in Hungary write about refugees, asylum-seekers and refugee affairs? We sought to answer this question. Articles appearing in 2005 and 2006 in two leading national Hungarian dailies were examined with quantitative content analysis. The results show that the articles analyzed often treat refugee affairs as an “official” political matter. The high proportion of legislation and political positions conveys the image that refugee affairs are a state or intergovernmental matter, an “official”, legal, political issue rather than for example a humanitarian question. Most of the articles published in both papers write about problems and conflicts in connection with refugee affairs. The negative media image has different significance for different topics. We argue that the question of refugee affairs is a topic where the image shown by the media is of great relevance: the media can be a more important source of information on this subject than personal contacts.

  15. Gaps in Political Interest

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Robison, Joshua


    Political interest fundamentally influences political behavior, knowledge, and persuasion (Brady, Verba, & Schlozman, 1995; Delli Carpini & Keeter, 1996; Luskin, 1990; Zukin, Andolina, Keeter, Jenkins, & Delli Carpini, 2006). Since the early 1960s, the American National Election Studies (ANES) has...... sought to measure respondents’ general interest in politics by asking them how often they follow public affairs. In this article, we uncover novel sources of measurement error concerning this question. We first show that other nationally representative surveys that frequently use this item deliver...... drastically higher estimates of mass interest. We then use a survey experiment included on a wave of the ANES’ Evaluating Government and Society Surveys (EGSS) to explore the influence of question order in explaining this systemic gap in survey results. We show that placing batteries of political...

  16. Public affairs plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The purpose of the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project Public Affairs Plan is to establish goals for the Fiscal Year 1995 UMTRA public affairs program and identify specific activities to be conducted during the year. It also describes the roles of various agencies involved in the conduct of the public affairs program and defines the functions of the Technical Assistance Contractor (TAC) Public Affairs Department. It integrates and replaces the Public Participation Plan (DOE/AL/62350-47D) and Public Information Plan (DOE/AL/623590-71). The plan describes the US Department of Energy`s (DOE) plans to keep stakeholders and other members of the public informed about project policies, plans, and activities, and provide opportunities for stakeholders and interested segments of the public to participate in project decision-making processes. The plan applies to the UMTRA Project Office; the DOE Albuquerque Operations Office, Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (OIEA); the UMTRA TAC; the UMTRA Remedial Action Contractor (RAC); and other cooperating agencies.

  17. Public affairs plan

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The purpose of the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project Public Affairs Plan is to establish goals for the Fiscal Year 1995 UMTRA public affairs program and identify specific activities to be conducted during the year. It also describes the roles of various agencies involved in the conduct of the public affairs program and defines the functions of the Technical Assistance Contractor (TAC) Public Affairs Department. It integrates and replaces the Public Participation Plan (DOE/AL/62350-47D) and Public Information Plan (DOE/AL/623590-71). The plan describes the US Department of Energy's (DOE) plans to keep stakeholders and other members of the public informed about project policies, plans, and activities, and provide opportunities for stakeholders and interested segments of the public to participate in project decision-making processes. The plan applies to the UMTRA Project Office; the DOE Albuquerque Operations Office, Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (OIEA); the UMTRA TAC; the UMTRA Remedial Action Contractor (RAC); and other cooperating agencies

  18. The home front : Internal organization of public affairs in Dutch subnational governments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Figee, Edward L.; Gosselt, Jordi F.; Linders, Paul C.J.; de Jong, Menno D.T.


    Dutch subnational governments such as municipalities and provinces are increasingly compelled to express their interests in the national and European political arenas. Effectiveness in these arenas requires an optimal arrangement of Public Affairs (PA) activities in the subnational organization.

  19. Liberia: local politics, state building and reintegration of populations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jairo Munive


    Full Text Available Interventions aiming to assist IDPs and refugees returning homein fragile states would do well to take note of the local political and economic contexts in the aftermath of war, because these deeplyaffect the reintegration of war-affected populations.

  20. Role conceptions of public affairs practitioners in The Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    von den Driesch, D.; van der Wurff, R.


    Public affairs (PA) practitioners play an important role in political decision-making in modern democratic societies. This study gives a first insight in how these practitioners themselves perceive their role. Based on findings from previous empirical studies and normative democratic theories, three

  1. Politics in a Wired Nation. (United States)

    Pool, Ithiel de Sola; Alexander, Herbert E.

    The implications for American politics, public affairs broadcasting, and new reporting under different sorts of cable television (CATV) systems are considered in detail by this report. The authors believe that a contract carrier system is the most desirable, since it makes broadcast time most freely available and prevents the cable franchise owner…

  2. Korean Affairs Report

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    Partial Contents: Military Involvement, Student Demonstrations, Military Support, Suppression, Inter Parliamentary, Group Support, Human Rights Violation, Cross Recognition, Government, Party Leaders, Political Issues...

  3. Korean Affairs Report

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    Partial Contents: Editorial, Academicians, Bombs, Survey, Games, Power Transfer, Rule Preparations, Leaderships, Political Situation, Constitutional Revision, Policies, Court Sentences, Investigate, Party Leaders...

  4. China Report, Economic Affairs (United States)


    percent of members of leading groups of large and medium-sized back- bone enterprises have received education at and above college level. The, so that enterprises genuinely become lively "economic cells ," not simply subsidiaries of administrative organs. 4. In the sphere of...electric power stations, and breweries , resulting in great losses and waste. Such a state of affairs will certainly achieve no further development. 31

  5. The Essonne affairs

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lallement, R.


    In 1990 the French Commissariat a l'energie atomique (CEA) had to deal with a series of issues concerning depositories of radioactive substances of very low activity, culminating, in October 1990, with the discovery of small amounts of plutonium in a depository. These were important issues for the following reasons: they highlighted the question o low activity wastes and their treatment, that is not yet resolved; they drew attention to the sensitivity of the concerned organisations, elected representatives and the public to the problems of radioactivity however low its level; they made the CEA aware of the gap that existed between the nuclear industry's practices, language and perception of risks and the perception of the French public. This paper outlines the different 'affairs', shows their common bases, and analyses the consequences for the CEA and the nuclear industry in general. These 'affairs' illustrate the absolute obligation for all producers of wastes to know, and to make known in the smallest detail, the way in which the wastes are treated and the places where they are stored and kept. Waste management has not always been as a noble task. These 'affairs' have shown that the reputation of the CEA was measured as much by the quality of its waste management as by the success of its research programme, with a budget that has doubled in the last few years. (author)

  6. The Meanings and Dimensions of Citizens’ Political Identity: Approaching an Understanding of the Concept of Political Identity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kristensen, Niels Nørgaard

    The present article seeks to explore approaches to political identity in order to discuss and suggest an understanding of the term. There are several reasons for such a focus related to the salience of political identities in political affairs, as well as how identities function in people’s lives...

  7. Curbing Electoral Violence in Nigeria: The Imperative of Political ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    to choose those who will run the affairs of the state in a given period. ..... short and long term deepen our political culture and socialization processes. Therefore .... Commemoration of Shehu Yar'Adua Memorial Forum delivered on March. 19.

  8. Revolution in Detection Affairs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stern W.


    The detection of nuclear or radioactive materials for homeland or national security purposes is inherently difficult. This is one reason detection efforts must be seen as just one part of an overall nuclear defense strategy which includes, inter alia, material security, detection, interdiction, consequence management and recovery. Nevertheless, one could argue that there has been a revolution in detection affairs in the past several decades as the innovative application of new technology has changed the character and conduct of detection operations. This revolution will likely be most effectively reinforced in the coming decades with the networking of detectors and innovative application of anomaly detection algorithms.

  9. Political knowledge and awareness in adolescents. (United States)

    Furnham, A; Gunter, B


    Although some work has been done on adolescents' political attitudes, very little work has been done on their political knowledge. This study aimed to replicate a large study carried out eight years ago (Stradling, 1977) to see whether recent political changes altered adolescents' political knowledge and secondly to investigate the determinants (demographic, media usage, interest) of this knowledge. The results were strikingly similar to those of Stradling despite the smaller sample and the changes over time. The subjects appeared to know most about responsibility for public services and party political leaders and least about party political or parliamentary procedure. The canonical variable that best predicted overall knowledge was interest in politics and current affairs and to a lesser extent TV news watching and discussions with adults. The results are discussed in terms of political socialization and limitations of this work are considered.

  10. Student Affairs Capitalism and Early-Career Student Affairs Professionals (United States)

    Lee, Jenny J.; Helm, Matthew


    This study explores student affairs capitalism as the alteration of professional practice towards the financial interests of institutions. Student affairs capitalism has the potential to create dynamics in which the interests of students become secondary to the institution's economic needs. This study examined this phenomenon from the perspectives…

  11. African Journal of International Affairs

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The African Journal of International Affairs (AJIA) is a bi-annual publication of CODESRIA, Dakar, Senegal. It offers a platform for analyses on contemporary issues in African International Affairs in relation to global developments as they affect Africa. AJIA welcomes contributions in English and in French from both African ...

  12. Jim Crow Goes Global : Segregationist Politics in the Aftermath of World War II

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Zwiers, Maarten


    Segregationist politicians from the U.S. South played key roles in devising plans for the reconstruction of Germany, the Marshall Plan and the drafting of displaced persons legislation. My article discusses how Jim Crow ideology calibrated the global and domestic order that emerged from the ashes of

  13. Viewpoint – Overreach and Response: The Politics of the WCD and its Aftermath

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Briscoe


    This essay outlines the reasons why no dam-building country has accepted the central recommendation of the WCD – the 26 Guidelines. While the rejection of the Guidelines (by countries and by the World Bank is bemoaned by anti-dam NGOs, this essay argues that this well thought-out rejection represents a positive and long overdue turning point in the governance of development assistance. Accountable representatives from the developing world eventually did their duty – they developed a coherent and united position rejecting the WCD Guidelines and articulated a vision of why water infrastructure was central to growth and poverty reduction. This essay shows how this coherence evolved and how important it is in counterbalancing the moral hazard ('I decide, you live with the consequences' that pervades most discussions of development. Finally, the essay outlines the hope which this evolution and broader changes in global economic geography hold for bringing accountability and some common sense to the often Alice-in-Wonderland world of development cooperation.

  14. Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention Synthetic Dataset (United States)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — The VA's Veteran Health Administration, in support of the Open Data Initiative, is providing the Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention Synthetic Dataset (VASPSD). The...

  15. Media work as public affairs: moving beyond media savvy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Trapp, Leila; Laursen, Bo

    Much research exists which examines how politically-motivated organizations adapt their communication practices to suit the news media’s routines and values to gain media coverage and thereby exert political influence. The mediatization literature describes these adaptation processes as constantly...... evolving, with professional communicators exhibiting an ever-growing amount of media savvy. The purpose of this study is to gain up-to-date insights into current forms of media adaptation in political organizations through interviews with professional press contact staff in 52 Danish interest groups....... The interviews reveal that media work is considered an effective, though potentially risky, form of public affairs. Indeed, media work is said to damage, or even ruin, an organization’s lobbying efforts or relationships with political actors. The study’s key finding is that in order to deal with these risks...

  16. Tracking the Aftermath of Irma in Antigua and Barbuda (United States)

    Friedman, E.; Look, C.


    The twin island nation of Antigua and Barbuda were the first places heavily impacted by Hurricane Irma. The powerful imagery generated of destruction and abandonment, stood as warning for many in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the coastal United States. This paper presents findings on how resilience in the aftermath of Irma's destruction has functioned to constitute those who are sustainable from those who are not. The two sister islands experienced completely different outcomes from Hurricane Irma, with Antigua being relatively `untouched' and Barbuda with approximately 90% of the island of the destroyed, presenting a contradictory identity of the twin-island nation both as a victim of climate change and a land of economic opportunity, "open for business". This contradiction will be unpacked through analysis of language from formal practitioner interviews, informal unstructured discussions, local climate-risk reduction policies, local newspapers, and social media.

  17. Home care during the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo. (United States)

    Chubon, S J


    During the course of field observations for an ethnographic study of home care nurses' job stress, Hurricane Hugo struck the community, causing extensive damage. The nurses' office building was heavily damaged by wind and water, and their office was not habitable for almost a week. The author had observed the nurses' work practices over 10 weeks before the hurricane. In the aftermath of the storm, the nurses were simultaneously disaster victims and caregivers for other victims. They experienced grief, anger, and frustration about their losses, as well as conflict between their family- and work-related responsibilities. Their experiences and behaviors were consistent with those described in prior disaster research literature, lending further support to the earlier studies. A major asset for these nurses was their open, supportive work environment. They were able to accept and affirm one another's negative feelings and to provide support to each other as they dealt with their losses.

  18. Korean Affairs Report. (United States)


    Haetae Confectionery Saudi Arabia 81.12 Chewing Gum Mfg. Technique Hyundai Lumber Malaysia 86.3 Furniture Factory Construction Hankuk Glass Taiwan...Political Clout (SENTAKU, Aug 86) 61 Heavy Trade in Black- Market Dollar Exchange (Yi Paek-man; MAEIL KYONGJE SINMUN, 22 Aug 86) 66 - b...84 Energy-Efficient Car Being Developed 84 New Compact Cars, Market Strategies 84 Food Irradiation Process Introduced (Pak Kyong-un; HANGUK ILBO

  19. Strengthening political co-operation through multilateral disarmament

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ekeus, R.


    In this paper, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden discussed how the multilateral disarmament concept has contributed and still can contribute to strengthen political co-operation. This approach is the opposite to the usual question on how to achieve multilateral disarmament through political co-operation

  20. Citizenship Education as a Panacea for Political Stability in Nigeria

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nneka Umera-Okeke

    inevitably generate conflicts that engender political instability in the political system of the country. In order to restore ... voting and paying taxes and also the benefits or entitlements that they have right to demand from the government ... public affairs, human conflict and its resolution and the sources and exercise of power”.

  1. Political innovations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Eva


    are mainly interested in assessing and promoting innovations in public service delivery, but have paid little or no attention to the need for innovations in polity, politics and policy. This article develops a research agenda for studying innovations in political institutions, in the political process...... and in policy outputs. It proposes a number of research themes related to political innovations that call for scholarly attention, and identifies push and pull factors influencing the likelihood that these themes will be addressed in future research....

  2. Military and Political Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexey I. Podberyozkin


    Full Text Available Military-political issues is an important area of research work at MGIMO. The difference in this direction from the classical international specialization is that it is at the intersection of several disciplines: military science, military-technical and military-industrial as well as International Relations. A specialist in military and political issues should not only be an expert in the field of international relations and diplomacy, but also have a deep knowledge of military-technical issues to understand the basic trends in the development of scientific and technological progress and its impact on the balance of forces in the world. Global changes in the balance of power and the nature of the conflict, the emergence of new types of weapons are changing the basic methods and approaches to the art of war, which requires a science-based perspective on problem solving and multi-disciplinary approach in achieving the goals. Military and political studies allow us to understand how the development of military technology and military organization of the state affected by the political situation in the world, the national security of the country and its place in the system of international relations. Military-political research has been developing at MGIMO for a few decades. It laid down the basis for a scientific school of political-military studies. Its founding fathers were such prominent scholars of international affairs, as I.G. Usachyov, A.D. Nikonov, A.G. Arbatov, V.G. Baranovsky, V.M. Kulagin, A.N. Nikitin and other well-known experts. Their work covers a wide range of military and political issues, including the topics of arms control and disarmament, international, and especially European security, military policy, NATO, the Western military-political doctrines and their practical application. Now the lead in the development of this research at MGIMO has taken Center for Military-Political Studies, which became a concentration of relevant

  3. Moral politics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rapp, Carolin; Traunmüller, Richard; Freitag, Markus


    This article combines the research strands of moral politics and political behavior by focusing on the effect of individual and contextual religiosity on individual vote decisions in popular initiatives and public referenda concerning morally charged issues. We rely on a total of 13 surveys with 1...... American research on moral politics, direct democracies, and the public role of religion....

  4. Office Politics (United States)

    Storm, Paula; Kelly, Robert; deVries, Susann


    People and organizations are inherently political. Library workplace environments have zones of tension and dynamics just like any corporation, often leading to the formation of political camps. These different cliques influence productivity and work-related issues and, at worst, give meetings the feel of the Camp David negotiations. Politics are…

  5. Key Response Planning Factors for the Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Buddemeier, B R; Dillon, M B


    Despite hundreds of above-ground nuclear tests and data gathered from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the effects of a ground-level, low-yield nuclear detonation in a modern urban environment are still the subject of considerable scientific debate. Extensive review of nuclear weapon effects studies and discussions with nuclear weapon effects experts from various federal agencies, national laboratories, and technical organizations have identified key issues and bounded some of the unknowns required to support response planning for a low-yield, ground-level nuclear detonation in a modern U.S. city. This study, which is focused primarily upon the hazards posed by radioactive fallout, used detailed fallout predictions from the advanced suite of three-dimensional (3-D) meteorology and plume/fallout models developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), including extensive global Key Response Planning Factors for the Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism geographical and real-time meteorological databases to support model calculations. This 3-D modeling system provides detailed simulations that account for complex meteorology and terrain effects. The results of initial modeling and analysis were presented to federal, state, and local working groups to obtain critical, broad-based review and feedback on strategy and messaging. This effort involved a diverse set of communities, including New York City, National Capitol Regions, Charlotte, Houston, Portland, and Los Angeles. The largest potential for reducing casualties during the post-detonation response phase comes from reducing exposure to fallout radiation. This can be accomplished through early, adequate sheltering followed by informed, delayed evacuation.B The response challenges to a nuclear detonation must be solved through multiple approaches of public education, planning, and rapid response actions. Because the successful response will require extensive coordination of a large number of organizations, supplemented by

  6. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs. (United States)


    considered a symbolic "victory" for the educators: some schools have begun to install coin-operated vending machines for dispensing quick -lunches...and for radically limiting and reducing the arms race and for completely banning and eliminating nuclear weapons. CSO: 2700/2 10^ ROMAN...1964 of avant-garde theater in Belgrade and the last-minute banning of his play "Uvek Zeleno" which Ristic had directed and which "was, of course, one

  7. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    organs of state administration who enters the type of workplace, e.g., crafts, farming or horticulture , church or convent, trade or restaurant... therapeutic function of history is frequently emphasized. From our past triumphs we draw consolation and hope. On the other hand, it has been...warning, to draw proper conclusions from unfortunate experiences of the past. Such a " therapeutic function" of history can play a double role—to bring

  8. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 431. (United States)


    feathers and unicorn horns." Another 42 Situation that also exists is that some comrades when they come across a variance of opinions, try to avoid...cadres to study theory, culture and various types of specialized knowledge. Consequently , many military commanders rapidly became talents for the cause...colleges are trying to keep up with the universities; and teacher colleges are trying to come close to comprehensive universities. Consequently , some

  9. East Europe Report: Political, Sociological and Military Affairs. No. 2149 (United States)


    Hence also all actions of the authorities intended to curtail manifestations of social pathology , parasitism , speculation and the amassing of fortunes...him into the sea . This is not in accordance with the party line." When the party leadership became aware of this matter, Comrade Enver said: "Tell... lions . The newspaper NARODNA KULTURA might concern itself with the pressing problems of television criticism and arrange for public discussion of this

  10. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2198 (United States)


    confectionery and bakery industries. We have devoted much attention here to production because it is the topic of focus of the POP, which is natural, no...34Facing Worker Demands of Production, Pay, Market : Consultation"] [Text] The pay situation in light industry has for the longest time been a subject...Grzywa: The Monday resolution by the Council of Ministers on intensifica-: tion of market good production gives the minister of chemical and light

  11. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs, No. 1434 (United States)


    author loves to make a splash by using slang expressions such as "neulyby" /"frowners^, "nudyagi" /"bores_| y , or "boyaguzy" /cowards/. And he couldn’t...small format. "In the past 5 years four books of large format have been published: selected works of R. Descarte and J.-J. Rousseau, ’The Republic...ligion and Science’ of B. Russell and ’Vocation of Man’ of J. G. Fichte. Books of M. Montaigne, Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus are being prepared for

  12. USSR Report: Political and Sociological Affairs. No. 1434. (United States)


    turned out to be something on the order of a historical-pedagogical essay . It is indeed hard to define the genre of the book. What is it? Memoirs of...fact that she directs a wedding with the idea of actively involving all the guests. She has prepared song lyrics , beautifully and brightly made up in

  13. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2175. (United States)


    might be derived from the analysis of a single country or a single society. This must be kept in mind in reading this essay which seeks to explore...Jahre" [Scien- tific-technical Revolution in the GDR. Essays on the History of the Develop- ment and Problems of the SED’s Concept of Society Since...his poems, which he presents at exhibits with or without official permission. And he has written lyrics for the rock band whose performance in Halle

  14. USSR Report: Political and Sociological Affairs, No. 1478. (United States)


    34 [indyuk], " whale " [Mt], "gooseberry" [kryzhovnik], "palm tree" [pal’ma], "lilac" [siren’], "battle" [srazheniye], and "navy" [flot]. You have to... addict , then on a swindling salesman, then on a degenerate priest who has just come from the bed of his lover. Adding that, "all of them are

  15. East Europe Report: Political, Sociological and Military Affairs. (United States)


    power headaches to Romania. One out of every five street lamps was lit on the squares and boule- vards, and the same in stores and hotel rooms, and...toes 4 to 8.... In the department stores the better shirts are 160 leus, a man’s suit 600 to 1,000, in the private boutiques the prices are twice as...goes to foreign markets. Certainly this is felt in the domestic butcher shops and menus, but not in the hotels . Present-day Romania’s principal motto

  16. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2133. (United States)


    sanitary and hygienic conditions in hospitals to reduce nosocomial infections . Inspection should be made at least twice a year mainly healthy and sick infants; —observance by health care personnel of epidemic provincial principles and prophylaxis of nosocomial infections through...Referring to the terrible conditions in the maternity ward at Zermomski Hospital, she suggested that part of the new outpatient clinic in Plastow be

  17. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2219 (United States)


    takes place in training booths and classrooms. On the way to warrant officer one must take sociology, Russian, basic construction, materials...polemics. I admit that I like this much more than the obligatory hearty kiss on both cheeks along with, of course, the assumption that polemicists have

  18. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs, No. 1438. (United States)


    organized manner in spite of a considerable increase in the volume of work. Animal productivity was increased. The plan for procurement of meat, milk ...possible to talk about evidence under conditions of blatant falsification of the facts—has been the culture, or more precisely, the literature, of Central

  19. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2101. (United States)


    Sebastian Charlety: " Histoire du Saint-Simonisme (1825-1864)", Paris 1931, pp. 103-119. 40. Ibid., pp. 79-94. 41. Evidently Goethe had already planned...industrial and financial magnates? Indeed, they themselves, mired in the web of their own demagoguery, describe the efforts of the masses to live...In the brochure, Causes et consequences des evenements du mois du Juillet 1830 by Joseph Fievee, which Goethe reads on October 18 and 19, 1830,16

  20. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2174. (United States)


    MIEDZYNARODOWE, 1976, No 12, p 7 ff.; J. Symonides: "The Fifth Session of the 3rd Conference on the Law of the Sea," TRANSPORT I GOSPODARKA MORSKA ...GOSPODARKA MORSKA , 1977, No 11, p 663 ff. 4 > u> 9. The convention permits the use of straight lines only in the case of an island state which, in

  1. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2150 (United States)


    Trup Voi Muntilor," Zoltan Jekely; "The Poet," Peter Zirkuli); I. Vinea—7 ("War," "A Remembrance," Janos Szasz ); I. Barbu—4 ("Miss Hus," Erno...Zoltan Jekely, Jozsef Meliusz, Kanyadi Sandor, Domokos Szilagyi, Janos Szasz and so forth. But, as any antholo- gy, it can be improved. First, by

  2. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    organizations in bringing up the main and basic features in assessing the situation and creating conditions and a mood for decisive changes in the work and...already adults , were working with passionate belief and determination day and night—perhaps applauding and chanting more than neces- sary—are not...Nagy’s handwriting . 1014 CS0: 2500/191 52 JPRS-EPS-85-035 19 March 1985 HUNGARY REPORTS ABOUT CHINESE REFORM Preliminary Discussions, Economic

  3. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2185 (United States)


    dazzling events in the struggles of many years waged by the Bulgarian people for liberation from the Ottoman bondage » In it the population of the County...a third of the funds in these accounts will have to go toward settling Solidarity’s debts . "We do not know on the other hand how much we will to extract from those owing debts to Solidarity on the evidence of receipts for loans and security benefits." P. Karpiuk then says that "it

  4. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 420 (United States)


    from growing excessively through economic means (mainly taxation ) and to regulating the differences between wages in different enterprises. Control...and they are exempted from taxation on produce from this land. Through more than 10 years’ efforts, marked changes’ have occurred in Czechoslovakia’s...very happy to learn why they practised family planning. The wife, a worker of the Shanghai No 15 cotton mill, told the foreign guest that they

  5. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 465. (United States)


    us to be free from the boundary of the small sphere of vision and understanding that restricted our selection of cadres in the past. As a...34making oneself" and "training oneself into a man of talents." This is a kind of bourgeois individualist ideological trend centered on egoism

  6. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 464. (United States)


    Soviet Union and the United States. The inscription of the question was proposed by Malaysia and Antigua and Barbuda. Malaysian Representative Tan Sri...Last year the state set up a television university. Workers’ cultural palaces, youth palaces, children’s palace libraries, theaters, and cinemas

  7. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs No. 1402. (United States)


    one rehabilitation therapy room. The doctor’s consultation takes places in crowded conditions. 62 But the insufficient numbers of...funds, for example, to reinforce the five horticultural associations that were recently created, to expand the fodder base for the subsidiary farms...for example, in polyclinics No. 2 and No. 4, there are no auxiliary services—no physical therapy rooms, no clinical labo- ratories

  8. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs No. 447 (United States)


    a round of 20 currency devaluations to follow, and reductions in subsidies for wheat and gasoline. Since then, the inflation rate has clearing its debts. Nigeria , Venezuela, and Colombia will also be facing serious financial difficulties. In view of this situation some Western...that they did was to increase the IMF portion of special loan drawing rights from $61.6 billion to $90 billion (more accurately, to about $98.5

  9. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    sudden nervous disorder as an "attempted anamnesis ." Both grew up well cared for and normally in a suburban street of a GDR city. Yet Voellger does...This anamnesis of a genera- tion should be taken seriously, not only for literary reasons, but also in a sociological interest. 5885 CSO: 2300/638

  10. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2160. (United States)


    in the 18th century, during the gold- en age of French and German enlightment . if the pamphlet is the screenplay of indictment and accusation, the...responsibility of investors, designers, constructors and producers of machines, pieces of equipment and technological materials, so that we will build...year, before the beginning of the construction-assembly works. /II. For the study and design of the technology of machines, technological pieces of

  11. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2199. (United States)


    countries. Had the libel been true, these monarchs obviously would not have tolerated the Jesuits in their countries. In 1814, Pope Pius VII re- stored the...with Pope John Paul II during his first pilgrimage to Poland requires a separate discussion. The growth in this form of manifestation of the other side of the argument. It is true that in 1773 Pope Clement XIV dissolved the Jesuit Order, but he did so under pressure from the

  12. East Europe Report: Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2193 (United States)


    want to become "good" people, perform humanistic deeds, be useful, not senselessly vegetate. Values such as a sense of duty, a sense of honor, but...produc- tion, primarily in the production of vegetables, conservation of pastures, preservation of livestock, and broadly interpreted social- existential three fourths of the respondents to have self-government active in social- existential matters (an explanation to this might be, the lack of trade

  13. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2151 (United States)


    of the intelligentsia "has become estranged from classical- humanist culture, and for this reason it is with great difficulty or not at all able to...This comes from the socialist, humanistic ideas that guide our society and from the interests of our people. This is our major strength. Our most...and that is why the party can tolerate neither a two-faced attitude nor the so-called "force of persistence" as parti- cular attitudes of existential

  14. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2167 (United States)


    from a universal point of view of human morality, noble. What concerns us here is what the famous humanist , Professor A. Gregorczyk, has asked...thinking and action from the same system of values. What produces them is, on one hand, the objective existential conditions of a given group of people...partner relations with the humanist intelligentsia and the managerial production personnel; —thirdly, the sovereignty of the class rule of workers

  15. Translations on USSR Political and Sociological Affairs, Number 818. (United States)


    humanist nature of our society, where everything is arranged to serve man, for his good and on his behalf. The example of our republic is vivid evidence of...theories and concepts in the modern world—from existentialism to anarchism—the bourgeois scientists state that the borrowing of "elements of Marxism...Uprisings against violence and injustice, exploitation and poverty flared up everywhere. Even at this time bold speeches rang out about freedom, knowledge

  16. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 445. (United States)


    2052 0981], Chen Dingming [7115 7844 6900], Jin Xiulan [6855 4423 5695] (F, Mongolian), Zhao Nanqi [6392 0589 6386] Korean), Suo Jingxian [4792...Pen Center and the Guangzhou Pen Center will be headed by Chen Huangmei, another vice-president of the China center and a noted critic. The...1728 4426 6311], Zhang Tengxiao [1728 7506 7197], Chen Dingmou [7115 0002 5399], Chen Lunfen [7115 0243 5358] (F), Chen Xitong [7115 1585 0681

  17. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 413 (United States)


    country, Taoism has had over 1,700 years of history, Islamism has had over 1,300 years of history while Catholicism and Christianity have developed...beliefs. The major religions that are practiced in the areas inhabited by minority nationalities are Buddhism, Islamism , Christianity, Catholicism...Shamanism, the East Pakistan religion, Taoism and the Orthodox Eastern Church. Among them, Buddhism has enjoyed nearly 2,000 years of history in our

  18. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, No. 2079. (United States)


    graduates of the lycee or veterans on their instruments. In musical comedies , it seems that there are no types of distinctions made. In this area to entirely outgrow the romantic stage of its childhood. Henceforth its duty should be to seek only the truth in everything. A brilliant roster

  19. East Europe Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs (United States)


    for manslaughter and East Berliners with a record for scuffles and in the porno trade. Official sources in the FRG have not yet indicated whether...amusement games, like pinball machines, video games, .calculations, and "other similar devices running on electricity," can no longer be put to

  20. Space, politics, and the political


    dikec , mustafa


    International audience; Introduction Geography and politics'', Gottmann wrote in 1980, ``have long been in search of each other'' (page 11). Debates in the literature suggest not only that they have found each other, but also that the encounter has instigated, notably in the last decade or so, a body of literature seeking to think space politically, and to think politics spatially. This is not to suggest that previous work on space was apolitical, nor to suggest that previous work on politics...

  1. Performing Politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Troy R. E. Paddock


    Full Text Available Walter Benjamin’s observation that fascism turns politics into aesthetics is, by now, a well-worn idea. This article argues that Benjamin’s critique of politics can apply just as much to the modern democratic politics of the United States. Borrowing from Benjamin, Jürgen Habermas, and Carl Schmitt, this article suggests that modern political discourse in the United States does not follow the classical liberal ideal of rational discourse in the marketplace of ideas within the public sphere. Instead, contemporary politics has become spectacle where images and slogans replace thought and debate in a 24/7 news cycle and political infotainment programs. The result is that progressives and conservatives have their own political “ecospheres” which enable them to have their own perspective reinforced, and debate is replaced by straw man arguments and personal attacks.

  2. Abyssal intimacies and temporalities of care: How (not) to care about deformed leaf bugs in the aftermath of Chernobyl. (United States)

    Schrader, Astrid


    Prompted by a classroom discussion on knowledge politics in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, this article offers a reading of Hugh Raffles' Insectopedia entry on Chernobyl. In that entry, Raffles describes how Swiss science-artist and environmental activist Cornelia Hesse-Honegger collects, studies, and paints morphologically deformed leaf bugs that she finds in the proximity of nuclear power plants. In exploring how to begin to care about beings, such as leaf bugs, this article proposes a notion of care that combines an intimate knowledge practice with an ethical relationship to more-than-human others. Jacques Derrida's notion of 'abyssal intimacy' is central to such a combination. Hesse-Honegger's research practices enact and her paintings depict an 'abyssal intimacy' that deconstructs the oppositions between concerns about human suffering and compassion for seemingly irrelevant insects and between knowledge politics and ethics. At the heart of such a careful knowledge production is a fundamental passivity, based on a shared vulnerability. An abyssal intimacy is not something we ought to recognize; rather, it issues from particular practices of care that do not identify their subjects of care in advance. Caring or becoming affected thus entails the dissociation of affection not only from the humanist subject, but also from movements in time: from direct helping action and from the assumption that advocacy necessarily means speaking for an other, usually assumed to be inferior.

  3. The aftermath of the 1972-74 drought in Nigeria

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    van Apeldoorn, G J [ed.


    The Aftermath of the 1972-74 Drought in Nigeria is concerned with solutions to the problems associated with droughts. Case studies on small-farmers responses and attitudes to drought are included and a recurrent theme is the need to use these skills to encourage self reliance at the farm and village levels. Trees, particularly as shelter-belts are advocated, as in the provision of supplementary feed reserves for livestock. The use of groundwater as a drought reserve is discussed. A large section is devoted to the description of completed or projected irrigation schemes. Drought forecasting is briefly covered and the planning aspects of drought preparedness viewed from both theoretical and practical standpoints. Finally two valuable papers discuss the long-term storage of grain, one at national level and one at village level. The reviewer suggests that large-scale irrigation schemes will prove to be very expensive and will be less effective than low-technology, low water-use, low-cost development designed to supplement inadequate rainfall; i.e., life-saving irrigation. In addition, the book failed to adequately discuss the importance of providing small-scale farmers with the information that would maximize production, insure long-term storage and a guaranteed market at a reasonable price.

  4. Decision influences and aftermath: parents, stillbirth and autopsy. (United States)

    Horey, Dell; Flenady, Vicki; Conway, Liz; McLeod, Emma; Yee Khong, Teck


    Stillbirth, among the most distressing experiences an adult may face, is also a time when parents must decide whether an autopsy or other post-mortem examinations will be performed on their infant. Autopsies can reveal information that might help explain stillbirth, yet little is known about how people make this difficult decision. This study examines the influences on decisions about autopsy after stillbirth among Australian parents. The study involved secondary analysis of transcripts of three focus groups using qualitative content analysis. Seventeen parents of 14 stillborn babies participated in consultations around the revision of a perinatal mortality audit guideline. Parents shared the decision making. Four decision drivers were identified: parents' preparedness or readiness to make decisions; parental responsibility; concern for possible consequences of an autopsy and the role of health professionals. Each decision driver involved reasons both for and against autopsy. Two decision aftermath were also present: some parents who agreed to an autopsy were dissatisfied with the way the autopsy results were given to them and some parents who did not have an autopsy for their infant expressed some form of regret or uncertainty about the choice they made. To make decisions about autopsy after stillbirth, parents need factual information about autopsy procedures, recognition that there might be fear of blame, an environment of trust, and health services and professionals prepared and skilled for difficult conversations. © 2012 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  5. Dysfunctional Natural Killer Cells in the Aftermath of Cancer Surgery. (United States)

    Angka, Leonard; Khan, Sarwat T; Kilgour, Marisa K; Xu, Rebecca; Kennedy, Michael A; Auer, Rebecca C


    The physiological changes that occur immediately following cancer surgeries initiate a chain of events that ultimately result in a short pro-, followed by a prolonged anti-, inflammatory period. Natural Killer (NK) cells are severely affected during this period in the recovering cancer patient. NK cells play a crucial role in anti-tumour immunity because of their innate ability to differentiate between malignant versus normal cells. Therefore, an opportunity arises in the aftermath of cancer surgery for residual cancer cells, including distant metastases, to gain a foothold in the absence of NK cell surveillance. Here, we describe the post-operative environment and how the release of sympathetic stress-related factors (e.g., cortisol, prostaglandins, catecholamines), anti-inflammatory cytokines (e.g., IL-6, TGF-β), and myeloid derived suppressor cells, mediate NK cell dysfunction. A snapshot of current and recently completed clinical trials specifically addressing NK cell dysfunction post-surgery is also discussed. In collecting and summarizing results from these different aspects of the surgical stress response, a comprehensive view of the NK cell suppressive effects of surgery is presented. Peri-operative therapies to mitigate NK cell suppression in the post-operative period could improve curative outcomes following cancer surgery.

  6. [Political psychology]. (United States)

    Resch, Mária; Bella, Tamás


    In Hungary one can mostly find references to the psychological processes of politics in the writings of publicists, public opinion pollsters, philosophers, social psychologists, and political analysts. It would be still important if not only legal scientists focusing on political institutions or sociologist-politologists concentrating on social structures could analyse the psychological aspects of political processes; but one could also do so through the application of the methods of political psychology. The authors review the history of political psychology, its position vis-à-vis other fields of science and the essential interfaces through which this field of science, which is still to be discovered in Hungary, connects to other social sciences. As far as its methodology comprising psycho-biographical analyses, questionnaire-based queries, cognitive mapping of interviews and statements are concerned, it is identical with the psychiatric tools of medical sciences. In the next part of this paper, the focus is shifted to the essence and contents of political psychology. Group dynamics properties, voters' attitudes, leaders' personalities and the behavioural patterns demonstrated by them in different political situations, authoritativeness, games, and charisma are all essential components of political psychology, which mostly analyses psychological-psychiatric processes and also involves medical sciences by relying on cognitive and behavioural sciences. This paper describes political psychology, which is basically part of social sciences, still, being an interdisciplinary science, has several ties to medical sciences through psychological and psychiatric aspects.

  7. The multidimensional politics of inequality: taking stock of identity politics in the U.S. Presidential election of 2016. (United States)

    McCall, Leslie; Orloff, Ann Shola


    Many Democrats hoped that a particular kind of identity politics - women's - would help Hillary Clinton win the White House. In the aftermath of the election, some commentators bemoaned the fact that a majority of white women had voted for Trump, and called it a kind of betrayal, underlining their expectation that women would naturally, on the basis of their gender identity, support a woman with women-friendly politics. Indeed, this kind of thinking about identity politics has been widespread with reference to a number of demographic groups. Meanwhile, identity politics is lamented from the right and left by those who favour a greater emphasis on class-based inequalities, or a greater national identity, some of whom blame identity politics for spawning or justifying a backlash of right-leaning populism in the US. We argue for a turn to a more robust definition of identity as multidimensional and politically mediated for understanding political alignments over the past several decades. The multidimensionality of inequality - intersectionality or complex inequality - is widely accepted in the study of gender and race across the social science disciplines but has yet to be as successfully integrated into studies of electoral politics. Thinking about women's positioning in systems of complex inequality, and how the political parties have or have not articulated the concerns of different groups of women, helps us to understand the 2016 election, as well as past and potentially future political developments. © London School of Economics and Political Science 2017.

  8. Student Affairs in Complex Contexts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Birgit Schreiber


    Full Text Available While the Western world – with Brexit, Trump, Festung Europa, and so forth – seems to be increasingly retreating into narrow nationalism, the Journal of Student Affairs in Africa is connecting African academics, executives and administrators and is becoming an evermore accessed international, African platform for publishing research on higher education and Student Affairs in Africa. In this issue, we do not only publish several commentaries on the recent Global Summit of Student Affairs and Services held in October 2016 at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. We also publish contributions from Ethiopia alongside articles from Australia, the USA, and universities in South Africa (University of the Free State, University of Johannesburg.

  9. Political Campaigns


    Lilleker, Darren


    Political campaigns are orchestrated attempts by political organizations to garner public support through persuasive communication in order to influence public policy in their favor. This broad definition encapsulates all forms of campaigns from those of neighborhood organizations seeking to influence local politicians to the campaigns of political parties and candidates who seek election to office in order to shape policy themselves. In pluralist democracies, campaigns are crucial for repres...

  10. Political CSR

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jeppesen, Søren; Morsing, Mette

    We engage a discussion of political CSR in SMEs in an African context. Based on critical observations on Western MNC CSR action in emerging economies that holds counterproductive implications for social development, political economists have argued that business profit far more than society...... development in local African communities. Our findings extend political CSR research by directing attention to how the corporate influence in developing economies does not only emerge from MNCs but is also established and retained by SMEs CSR work....

  11. A Computer-Assisted Instruction in Teaching Abstract Statistics to Public Affairs Undergraduates (United States)

    Ozturk, Ali Osman


    This article attempts to demonstrate the applicability of a computer-assisted instruction supported with simulated data in teaching abstract statistical concepts to political science and public affairs students in an introductory research methods course. The software is called the Elaboration Model Computer Exercise (EMCE) in that it takes a great…

  12. 78 FR 13897 - Bureau of International Labor Affairs; Office of Trade and Labor Affairs; Labor Affairs Council... (United States)


    ... Public Session Meeting AGENCY: International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB), U.S. Department of Labor.... Department of Labor gives notice of the public session of the meeting of the Labor Affairs Council (``Council... DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Office of the Secretary Bureau of International Labor Affairs; Office of Trade...

  13. Rodriquez V. San Antonio Independent School District: Gathering the Ayes of Texas--The Politics of School Finance Reform (United States)

    Yudof, Mark G.; Morgan, Daniel C.


    An historical account is given of movements toward educational finance reform in Texas, culminating in the Rodriquez v. San Antonio Independent School District case and its aftermath. The role of political pressures applied by various interest groups is traced and the prospects for future reform assessed. (EH)

  14. Using Intersectionality in Student Affairs Research (United States)

    Strayhorn, Terrell L.


    This chapter presents intersectionality as a useful heuristic for conducting research in higher education and student affairs contexts. Much more than just another theory, intersectionality can powerfully shape student affairs research in both obvious and tacit ways.

  15. Veterans Affairs Central Cancer Registry (VACCR) (United States)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — The Veterans Affairs Central Cancer Registry (VACCR) receives and stores information on cancer diagnosis and treatment constraints compiled and sent in by the local...

  16. Student Affairs Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Accreditation (United States)

    Fallucca, Amber


    This chapter illustrates how student affairs units participate in accreditation across regional agency expectations and program-level requirements. Strategies for student affairs units to engage in campus strategic planning processes to further highlight their contributions are also recommended.

  17. Political psychology. (United States)

    Stone, Susanna; Johnson, Kate M; Beall, Erica; Meindl, Peter; Smith, Benjamin; Graham, Jesse


    Political psychology is a dynamic field of research that offers a unique blend of approaches and methods in the social and cognitive sciences. Political psychologists explore the interactions between macrolevel political structures and microlevel factors such as decision-making processes, motivations, and perceptions. In this article, we provide a broad overview of the field, beginning with a brief history of political psychology research and a summary of the primary methodological approaches in the field. We then give a more detailed account of research on ideology and social justice, two topics experiencing a resurgence of interest in current political psychology. Finally, we cover research on political persuasion and voting behavior. By summarizing these major areas of political psychology research, we hope to highlight the wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches of cognitive scientists working at the intersection of psychology and political science. WIREs Cogn Sci 2014, 5:373-385. doi: 10.1002/wcs.1293 For further resources related to this article, please visit the WIREs website. The authors have declared no conflicts of interest for this article. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  18. Online Education in Public Affairs (United States)

    Ginn, Martha H.; Hammond, Augustine


    This exploratory study provides an overview of the current landscape of online education in the fields of Master of Public Administration and Master of Public Policy (MPA/MPP) utilizing a dataset compiled from content analysis of MPA/MPP programs' websites and survey of 96 National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration…

  19. 'Grounded' Politics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schmidt, Garbi


    play within one particular neighbourhood: Nørrebro in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. The article introduces the concept of grounded politics to analyse how groups of Muslim immigrants in Nørrebro use the space, relationships and history of the neighbourhood for identity political statements....... The article further describes how national political debates over the Muslim presence in Denmark affect identity political manifestations within Nørrebro. By using Duncan Bell’s concept of mythscape (Bell, 2003), the article shows how some political actors idealize Nørrebro’s past to contest the present...... ethnic and religious diversity of the neighbourhood and, further, to frame what they see as the deterioration of genuine Danish identity....

  20. Relationships Between the Political Orientation of Superintendents and their Leader Behavior as Perceived by Subordinates (United States)

    Null, Eldon J.; Smead, William H.


    In this study, statistical analyses indicated that certain dimensions of political belief, particularly Foreign Affairs and Nature of Man and Society, are related to certain dimensions of leader behavior. (Authors)

  1. Political News and Political Consciousness (United States)

    Schertges, Claudia


    This article deals with mass media in modern democratic societies, using the example of Israeli news reports in German television (TV) news. Central to this interest are processes of mediating politics: political socialisation and education; that is to say, empowering citizens via TV news to participate in democratic processes. The article…

  2. Late photography, military landscapes, and the politics of memory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simon Faulkner


    Full Text Available This essay considers the photographic genre of ‘late photography’ that has emerged roughly over the last two decades. Late photographs picture material remains left in the aftermath of events that often involve forms of violence. These photographs are usually high in detail, but formally simple, framing aftermath sites in ways that suggest the reservation of judgement and commentary upon the things they picture. This gives the impression that such photographs are intended to distance the spectator from the political meanings of the events or situations to which they refer. The discussion presented in the essay suggests that it is this apparent distancing from the political that opens up possibilities for the imaginative rethinking of how the past might function in relation to the politics of the present. The essay explores these concerns through the discussion of photographs by Simon Norfolk, Angus Boulton, Gilad Ophir and Roi Kuper, in relation to two historical and political contexts: the Cold War, considered briefly in relation to Boulton’s work and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, considered more extensively in relation to the work of Norfolk, Ophir, and Kuper.

  3. Irreconcilable demands: friendship and the question of the political in Aristotle, Kant and Schmitt


    McDonald, Blair


    This thesis takes issue with the politics and ethics of friendship vis-à-vis the Western philosophic tradition, in particular, the work of Aristotle, Immanuel Kant and Carl Schmitt in the aftermath of Jacques Derrida’s study Politics of Friendship (Politiques de l’amitié). I consider the relation between philosophy, politics, ethics and friendship and ask in what ways we can use the topic of friendship as grounds for rethinking the demands of ethical responsibility and calls for new politica...

  4. Spiritual Politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frédéric Rambeau


    Full Text Available According to Foucault, the uprising of the Iranian people in the seventies reveals how much the political force of Islam is due precisely to the fact that it is not principally located in the field of politics, but in that of ethics. Religion (Shiite Islam appears as the guarantee of real change in the very mode of existence. This spiritual politics is marginalized by Marxism, where it is understood as a discontinuity in relation to proper politics, given that the latter is necessarily linked to a strategic rationalization. By indicating, at this juncture of what is intolerable, the living source and the critical impulse of the Foucauldian ethics, this spiritual politics also leads to recognize in the concept of “subjectivation” a dimension that might escape the circle of freedom as determined by a total immanence to power. This conceptual possibility is highly present in the aporias of the Foucauldian concept of the “relation to oneself”, both as a first condition of governmentality and the ultimate point of resistance against any governmentality. It thus reveals the difficulties in relating political to ethical subjectivation.

  5. Political symbols and political transitions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Herrero de Miñón, Miguel


    Full Text Available Politics, Law and Psychology are fields that come together in the symbolic. This text takes evidence from those three areas to develop an analysis of political symbols and political transitions. The development of the analysis goes through three stages. The first succinctly describes the concept of transition and its meaning. The second closely examines the notion of the symbol, in terms of its definition, to explain aspects that allow us to understand it, characterise it and make its functions clear. Finally, from the author's experience as a witness and as an actor, I suggest three ways of understanding symbols in the processes of political transition: as symbols of change, as symbols of acknowledgment, and as symbols of support.

  6. Education and Political Development (United States)

    Massialas, Byron G.


    Considers how education is related to politics with the focus on political socialization, political recruitment, i.e., the selection and training of political elites, and political integration or nation building of groups of people. (Author/RK)

  7. On the Teaching of Science, Technology and International Affairs. (United States)

    Weiss, Charles


    Despite the ubiquity and critical importance of science and technology in international affairs, their role receives insufficient attention in traditional international relations curricula. There is little literature on how the relations between science, technology, economics, politics, law and culture should be taught in an international context. Since it is impossible even for scientists to master all the branches of natural science and engineering that affect public policy, the learning goals of students whose primary training is in the social sciences should be to get some grounding in the natural sciences or engineering, to master basic policy skills, to understand the basic concepts that link science and technology to their broader context, and to gain a respect for the scientific and technological dimensions of the broader issues they are addressing. They also need to cultivate a fearless determination to master what they need to know in order to address policy issues, an open-minded but skeptical attitude towards the views of dueling experts, regardless of whether they agree with their politics, and (for American students) a world-view that goes beyond a strictly U.S. perspective on international events. The Georgetown University program in Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA) is a unique, multi-disciplinary undergraduate liberal arts program that embodies this approach and could be an example that other institutions of higher learning might adapt to their own requirements.

  8. Consolation in the aftermath of robberies resembles post-aggression consolation in chimpanzees

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lindegaard, Marie Rosenkrantz; Liebst, Lasse Suonperä; Bernasco, Wim


    Post-aggression consolation is assumed to occur in humans as well as in chimpanzees. While consolation following peer aggression has been observed in children, systematic evidence of consolation in human adults is rare. We used surveillance camera footage of the immediate aftermath of nonfatal...

  9. Political ecology

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Strohm, H.


    Using facts and examples, this didactically structures textbook gives an insight into the extent and consequences of the damage to the environment, with the subjects - fundamentals of ecology; - population and food problems; - the energy problem; - economic growth; scarcity of resources, recycling; - ground, water, and air pollution, - city and traffic problems; - work protection and medical care; - political alternatives and 'soft technologies'. The analysis of the political and economic reasons is combined with social and technical alternatives from which demands to be made and measures to be taken can be derived for individuals, citizens' interest groups, political groups and trade unions. Teaching models intend to help teachers to work on specific problems of ecology. (orig.) [de

  10. Political priorities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ren, Jingzheng


    …THE POLITICAL LEADERS of the local government of Chongqing, China, vigorously promote a low-carbon economy and sustainable development to mitigate environmental pollution. Accordingly, research grants focused on this issue were supported by the government, and our group obtained a grant for a pr......…THE POLITICAL LEADERS of the local government of Chongqing, China, vigorously promote a low-carbon economy and sustainable development to mitigate environmental pollution. Accordingly, research grants focused on this issue were supported by the government, and our group obtained a grant...... for a project about industrial park planning and design.…In my view, political priorities based on correct decision-making and market requirements are beneficial for researchers....

  11. Predator Politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mary Louisa Cappelli


    Full Text Available Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire and Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer urges readers to see coyotes as crucial members of the natural community whose predation is essential for the maintenance of biodiversity and ecological stability. Their cultural production provides a human story of ecocritical engagement for understanding the cascading effects of removing top predators from their ecosystems. By envisioning biocentric possibilities within place-based and scientific contexts, Edward Abbey and Barbara Kingsolver share a common theme of political ecology: political processes shape ecological conditions. A close reading of Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire and Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer provides a literary entryway to connect research, arguments, and discourse across disciplines tasking readers to engage in political discussions of environmental sustainability and to consider viable solutions to preserve the ecological diversity of our predator populations and ecosystems.

  12. How Internal Political Efficacy Translates Political Knowledge Into Political Participation (United States)

    Reichert, Frank


    This study presents evidence for the mediation effect of political knowledge through political self-efficacy (i.e. internal political efficacy) in the prediction of political participation. It employs an action theoretic approach—by and large grounded on the Theory of Planned Behaviour—and uses data from the German Longitudinal Election Study to examine whether political knowledge has distinct direct effects on voting, conventional, and/or unconventional political participation. It argues that political knowledge raises internal political efficacy and thereby indirectly increases the chance that a citizen will participate in politics. The results of mediated multiple regression analyses yield evidence that political knowledge indeed translates into internal political efficacy, thus it affects political participation of various kinds indirectly. However, internal political efficacy and intentions to participate politically yield simultaneous direct effects only on conventional political participation. Sequentially mediated effects appear for voting and conventional political participation, with political knowledge being mediated by internal political efficacy and subsequently also by behavioural intentions. The mediation patterns for unconventional political participation are less clear though. The discussion accounts for restrictions of this study and points to questions for answer by future research. PMID:27298633

  13. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs, Volkogonov’s Political Portrait of Stalin (United States)


    continuous compression, abridgment and castration of real democracy and the conversion of the party into a machinery of power but also of not the number of cattle but the number of hectares of kolkhoz land. Ŗ) take away as many kolkhoz cattle as you like, the tax remains the same...Stalin understood that he had ideologically " castrated " all of them by forcing them to abandon their "leftist course," condemn "permanent revolution

  14. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs, Volkogonov’s Political Portrait of Stalin (United States)


    paneled with treated oak. Stalin continued to pace up and down along the long table draped in green cloth, with a large map showing the operational...tank and two mechanized corps, 20 infantry and 46 Armour brigades were moved in Stalingrad’s direction at the Stavka’s order between July 1 and...body, a squat torso and rather long arms and legs. The military tunic showed a pouch draped in the Marshall’s uniform. He had thin hair and a pock

  15. Zimbabwean Politics in the Post-2013 Election Period

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brian Raftopoulos


    Full Text Available The 2013 elections in Zimbabwe confirmed the grip of Mugabe and ZANU-PF on Zimbabwean politics. The electoral outcome was the result of a combination of factors that included not only the longterm legacy of ZANU-PF’s coercive politics, constructed through a radical nationalist discourse, but also the changes in the social structure of the country as a result of the reconfiguration of Zimbabwe’s political economy since the late 1990s. In the aftermath of the 2013 elections, the enormous economic constraints confronting the country have forced the Mugabe regime to take a more conciliatory tone as it seeks to re-engage with the West in the search for economic assistance. In its attempts to find a path through these economic challenges, ZANU-PF must also contend with the growing battle for succession within the party as Mugabe’s rule draws to an end.

  16. Mexican Public Opinion in the aftermath of the 2006 Elections

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alejandro Moreno


    Full Text Available In this article, I analyze public opinion about the 2006 Mexican presidential election in the context of the post–election conflict. My goal is to determine which individual–level variables influenced opinions about the post–election conflict. The analysis focuses on individual positions about the election fairness, confidence in the electoral Tribunal, claims for a full recount, and the public's stands on street protests and mobilization, among others. I use the Mexican component of the Comparative National Election Project (CNEP, conducted for the first time in Mexico in 2006 as a two–wave, preelection and postelection, panel design. The results highlight the importance of political predispositions in the analysis of public opinion in Mexico.

  17. In the Aftermath of the Danish PIAAC results

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cort, Pia; Larson, Anne

    The results of the first PIAAC survey were launched in 2013 and were expected by many to draw massive media coverage, given the previous effects of PISA. However, in Denmark, PIAAC turned out to be a ʹnon-shockʹ which seemed to have little, if any, impact on adult education policies (Cort & Larson......, 2015). Hence as a transnational ʹtechnology of governanceʹ, PIAAC seemed rather week. In this paper, we move from frontstage to backstage politics (Wodak, 2015) in order to trace how PIAAC has been followed up by actors within the field of adult education in Denmark. Through interviews...... with representatives for labour organisations we explore, whether they have taken up the launch of PIAAC as an open policy window and promoted adult education backstage. The results of our preliminary research indicate that this is not the case. Neither frontstage nor backstage does PIAAC seem to have influenced...

  18. Intersectionality in Student Affairs: Perspective from a Senior Student Affairs Officer (United States)

    Moneta, Larry


    The author draws upon over four decades of experience in student affairs administration to investigate how senior student affairs officers can incorporate intersectionality into comprehensive and targeted decision-making processes, strategic planning, and organizational considerations.

  19. Revolution in nuclear detection affairs

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Stern, Warren M.


    The detection of nuclear or radioactive materials for homeland or national security purposes is inherently difficult. This is one reason detection efforts must be seen as just one part of an overall nuclear defense strategy which includes, inter alia, material security, detection, interdiction, consequence management and recovery. Nevertheless, one could argue that there has been a revolution in detection affairs in the past several decades as the innovative application of new technology has changed the character and conduct of detection operations. This revolution will likely be most effectively reinforced in the coming decades with the networking of detectors and innovative application of anomaly detection algorithms

  20. Hospital System Performance within Veterans Affairs (United States)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning Value Model or SAIL, is a system for summarizing hospital system performance within Veterans Health Administration...

  1. Political Socialization. (United States)

    Himmelweit, Hilde T.


    Described are two longitudinal studies, one British, the other American, which examined the influences of varied socializing agents--e.g., family, school, peer groups--on voting behavior. The studies emphasized the hitherto unappreciated importance of the political, social, and economic climate of society and its changes on socialization. (CS)

  2. Politics 3 (United States)

    Maslow, Abraham


    This article expresses some last thoughts from Abraham Maslow on his vision of humanistic psychology. He suggests that the two main problems of creating the good person and the good society are interwoven inextricably. He gives some social and political mechanisms which would enhance desirable personal growth and considers the main tasks of…

  3. Implementation Politics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hegland, Troels Jacob; Raakjær, Jesper


    level are supplemented or even replaced by national priorities. The chapter concludes that in order to capture the domestic politics associated with CFP implementation in Denmark, it is important to understand the policy process as a synergistic interaction between dominant interests, policy alliances...

  4. Framing politics

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lecheler, S.K.


    This dissertation supplies a number of research findings that add to a theory of news framing effects, and also to the understanding of the role media effects play in political communication. We show that researchers must think more about what actually constitutes a framing effect, and that a

  5. Ethnicity and State Politics in Africa | Nzongola-Ntalaja | African ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    African Journal of International Affairs. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 2, No 1 (1999) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. Ethnicity and State Politics in Africa. Georges ...

  6. 25 CFR 11.427 - Threats and other improper influence in official and political matters. (United States)


    ... political matters. 11.427 Section 11.427 Indians BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR LAW AND ORDER COURTS OF INDIAN OFFENSES AND LAW AND ORDER CODE Criminal Offenses § 11.427 Threats and other improper influence in official and political matters. (a) A person commits a misdemeanor if he or...

  7. Money and Politics: Who Owns Democracy? NIF Report on the Issues, 2001. (United States)

    National Issues Forums, Dayton, OH.

    National Issues Forums (NIF) bring together citizens to deliberate and make choices about challenging social and political issues of the day. These forums have addressed issues such as the economy, education, health care, foreign affairs, and crime. This report is an analysis of what happened in a forum on "Money and Politics" that took…

  8. ``Political'' Science (United States)

    Berzak Hopkins, Laura


    Politics and policy affect all of us, both as scientists and as citizens, and issues ranging from laboratory budgets to arms control treaties clearly require research problem-solving skills and technical expertise. There is a critical role for scientists in each aspect of the political system, and in fact, we as a society need more scientists to take part in politics. Furthermore, the research we pursue has important societal applications and is fascinating! We have a right and a responsibility to share our scientific knowledge not only with each other, but with the general public as well. So, why are we as a community of scientists reticent in the public arena, hesitant to enter politics, and even at times unsupportive of our peers who transition into governmental roles? In this time of fiscal constraint, when difficult research funding (and de-funding) choices are regularly being made, we as scientists must step up to the plate, reach across the aisle, and explain why what we do is fascinating, inspiring, and important, not just to us, but to society as a whole. A range of policy-relevant roles exists inside and outside the laboratory, such as Congressional Fellowships. Each year the Congressional Fellowships program brings together approximately thirty scientists at all stages of their careers to serve as scientific advisors in a variety of offices in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Although the jump from lab to lobbying meetings can be frustrating, the transition can also be intriguing. Firsthand experience with the ``how'' and ``why'' (or lack thereof) of politics and policy is invaluable and provides a unique opportunity to expand and broaden one's background. The opportunity to work on Capitol Hill is unparalleled, particularly because our nation has a definite need for scientists with the inclination and interest to inform and develop policy. But, whatever role you decide to take, from contributing scientific news to local publications to

  9. Conference on the aftermath of drought in Nigeria

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Watts, M J


    The author has reviewed the Kano conference that met to address the medium and long-term consequences of the 1972-74 drought and their policy implications. The three-day meeting spoke to three broad topics: drought and famine in the West African context, which subsumed local coping strategies and related issues of self reliance; planned development and drought defenses, principally with irrigation, forestry, livestock and water resources; and finally, preparedness for emergencies. Recommendations were drawn up that may provide a framework for future drought planning strategies and related policy making. The author suggests that in spite of some worthwhile projects that emphasized self-reliance and the plans for contingency measures to combat the next famine, the tenor of these meetings was essentially interventionist. This was evident in the accent on irrigation projects, large-scale agriculture developments and capital-intensive water control. He also maintains that preoccupations with new Federal relief agencies, central grain reserves and plans to flood much of the Middle Belt all diverted attention away from the wider political and economic context of drought occurrence among the rural poor.

  10. Exploring Women's Understanding of Politics, Political Contestation ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Exploring Women's Understanding of Politics, Political Contestation and Gender ... First, researchers will explore women's political leadership and the extent to ... Sign up now for IDRC news and views sent directly to your inbox each month.

  11. Underground Politics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Galis, Vasilis; Summerton, Jane

    Public spaces are often contested sites involving the political use of sociomaterial arrangements to check, control and filter the flow of people (see Virilio 1977, 1996). Such arrangements can include configurations of state-of-the-art policing technologies for delineating and demarcating borders...... status updates on identity checks at the metro stations in Stockholm and reports on locations and time of ticket controls for warning travelers. Thus the attempts by authorities to exert control over the (spatial) arena of the underground is circumvented by the effective developing of an alternative...... infrastructural "underground" consisting of assemblages of technologies, activists, immigrants without papers, texts and emails, homes, smart phones and computers. Investigating the embedded politics of contested spatial arrangements as characteristic of specific societies one can discover not only the uses...

  12. Journal of Student Affairs in Africa

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives. Journal Homepage Image. The Journal of Student Affairs in Africa (JSAA) is an independent, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, open-access academic journal that publishes scholarly research and reflective discussions about the theory and practice of student affairs in Africa.

  13. Enhancing the professionalisation of student affairs through ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The thought is that viewing assessment as an integral, rather than 'extra' aspect of student affairs and incorporating these activities within their work, student affairs professionals will not only improve the effectiveness of their work with students but also can help legitimise the field as a profession. Keywords: assessment ...

  14. Managing Student Affairs Programs: Methods, Models, Muddles. (United States)

    Deegan, William L.

    Management processes and problems are examined in a variety of student affairs contexts. This book (1) proposes a theoretical framework for the analysis of management functions in colleges and universities, (2) studies the practice of management in several different student affairs contexts to uncover current practices, issues, problems, and…

  15. Possible Courses for News and Public Affairs (United States)

    Wald, Richard C.


    Live programming, regular daily news programs, and documentary series, which are suggested as solutions to the limited scope of news and public affairs air time, would enable PBS to increase its coverage of news and public affairs. Some suggestions are also made for restructuring the functions of stations within the system to facilitate this…

  16. Political Epistemology

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, David Budtz


    This dissertation is intended to establish a framework for a revised picture of the loci of epistemic preferences in our complex knowledge-based society. In what ways do institutions, policies and regulations determine the conditions under which knowledge is produced and justified? This dissertat......? This dissertation argues that we can identify multiple epistemic preferences in the institutional and political settings that govern the production and distribution of knowledge....

  17. Women's Ambivalent Affair with Power. (United States)

    Abbott, Linda M. C.


    Conceptually defining power and identifying the personal traits required for its exercise, this article provides a review of recent research on the sex-role socialization and personality characteristics of United States women. Concludes that as women gain more political power, issues such as sex discrimination, reproductive control, and child care…

  18. Young people navigating political engagement through post-war instability and mobility

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Korzenevica, Marina


    The everyday politics of rural young people who live in post-war settings in the Global South is poorly explored. In the aftermath of a recent civil war in Nepal (1996-2006), villages have been operating without elected bodies, and poorly functioning local governance has been concentrated around ......, as well as by involving themselves in disruptive events and seeking personal benefit from them. Secondly, young men and women negotiate their political motivations in community development politics primarily through household dynamics adjusted to their mobile lifestyle....... activists balance their daily lives, mobility and household obligations with involvement in party and local development politics? By exploring their motivations and engagement, I come to two conclusions. Firstly, young men navigate party politics by juggling the legacy of patronage and rejecting parties...

  19. Social problem solving strategies and posttraumatic stress disorder in the aftermath of intimate partner violence. (United States)

    Reich, Catherine M; Blackwell, Náthali; Simmons, Catherine A; Beck, J Gayle


    Social factors are often associated with the development or maintenance of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the aftermath of interpersonal traumas. However, social problem solving strategies have received little attention. The current study explored the role of social problem solving styles (i.e., rational approaches, impulsive/careless strategies, or avoidance strategies) as intermediary variables between abuse exposure and PTSD severity among intimate partner violence survivors. Avoidance problem solving served as an intermediating variable for the relationship between three types of abuse and PTSD severity. Rational and impulsive/careless strategies were not associated with abuse exposure. These findings extend the current understanding of social problem solving among interpersonal trauma survivors and are consistent with more general avoidance coping research. Future research might examine whether avoidance problem solving tends to evolve in the aftermath of trauma or whether it represents a longstanding risk factor for PTSD development. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  20. Public Affairs: Maintaining Credibility While Evolving with Strategic Communication

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    McCarthy, Carla M


    Public affairs has been identified as a key component of strategic communication, but incorporating public affairs within a strategic communication framework within the military, without compromising...

  1. ["Scholar officials": thoughts on the involvement of professional nurses in the political process]. (United States)

    Wang, Hsiu-Hung


    A growing number of nurses are concerned with / participate in public affairs, politics, and policymaking processes. In particular, nursing leaders are actively leveraging their collective power to create interdisciplinary alliances aimed at encouraging the media and government to confront key nursing issues and implement healthcare reform. This article highlights the political participation and policy-making process to address the meaning and essence of politics, politics and nursing, training and strategies of public affairs and political participation, the shift from academia to health policy, and facilitation of important health policies. It is hoped that nurses may appropriately use their status and influence to actively participate in political campaigns and the policymaking process. By using their professional knowledge and skills, nurses may not only protect patient safety and public health but also facilitate nursing professional development and promote the professional image of nursing.

  2. Political Warfare and Contentious Politics (United States)


    the DC and PSLI Overt, Indirect • US forming a coalition with France and Britain to return Trieste to Italy control • US Urged French and British...efforts to alter Chile’s social construct by calling for the end to the Allende government, pointing out the failures of Marxism , encouraging a...political or social change. Frances Piven and Richard Cloward describe three attributes associated with group consciousness and cognitive

  3. Restoring Politics to Political History


    Kousser, J. Morgan


    If history ever was simply the study of past politics, it is no longer. Dissatisfied with narratives of Great Men, more interested in analyzing the impact of larger forces and in tracing out patterns of the lives of the masses of people, skeptical that a recounting of election campaigns and a counting of votes reveals much about social thought or action, strongly affected by currents of opinion which have long run deep in France, American historians have turned increas...

  4. U.S.Stock Market Crashes and Their Aftermath: Implications for Monetary Policy


    Eugene White; Frederic Mishkin


    This paper examines fifteen historical episodes of stock market crashes and their aftermath in the United States over the last one hundred years. Our basic conclusion from studying these episodes is that financial instability is the key problem facing monetary policy makers and not stock market crashes, even if they reflect the possible bursting of a bubble. With a focus on financial stability rather than the stock market, the response of central banks to stock market fluctuations is more lik...

  5. US stock market crashes and their aftermath: Implications for monetary policy


    Mishkin, Frederic S.; White, Eugene N.


    This paper examines fifteen historical episodes of stock market crashes and their aftermath in the United States over the last one hundred years. Our basic conclusion from studying these episodes is that financial instability is the key problem facing monetary policy makers and not stock market crashes, even if they reflect the possible bursting of a bubble. With a focus on financial stability rather than the stock market, the response of central banks to stock market fluctuations is more lik...

  6. Politics and Development: Lessons from Latin America

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Renato Boschi


    Full Text Available The present article discusses the conditions for the adoption of development strategies in Latin America in the aftermath of the neoliberal reforms, focusing specifically on the role of political institutions as a component of the productive regimes in selected countries. Development is treated as an endogenous process, which is shaped over time in terms of trajectories that are continuously redefined according to specific political conjunctures. Having moved from restricted democracies or authoritarian regimes and autarchic economies to mass democracies operating in the context of open economies after the market-oriented reforms, persistent structural inequalities presently constitute the major axis framing the definition of development policies. More so than in advanced countries where the State is treated as epiphenomenon of their respective productive regimes, in the case of the Latin American semi-periphery the State is the crucial actor for the reversal of vicious circles and negative complementarities stemming from the extreme structural and social inequalities within and between countries in the region. Following a brief discussion on development and economic growth in the definition of the post-neoliberal agenda, the article examines institutional indicators for economic performance of contemporary governmental coalitions in selected countries, focusing on State policies favouring development such as financing, technological innovation, training of labour and social policies. Next, we concentrate on the analysis of political institutions and the role of political elites capable of generating national projects for sustainable development strategies, showing some of the differences between these countries. We conclude with a brief discussion on the adequacy of contemporary political economy approaches to understand processes of capitalist transformation in the periphery, calling attention to the need for a redefined regional perspective

  7. Lysenko affair and Polish botany. (United States)

    Köhler, Piotr


    This article describes the slight impact of Lysenkoism upon Polish botany. I begin with an account of the development of plant genetics in Poland, as well as the attitude of scientists and the Polish intelligentsia toward Marxist philosophy prior to the World War II. Next I provide a short history of the introduction and demise of Lysenkoism in Polish science, with a focus on events in botany, in context with key events in Polish science from 1939 to 1958. The article outlines the little effects of Lysenkoism upon botanists and their research, as well as how botanists for the most part rejected what was often termed the "new biology." My paper shows that though Lysenko's theories received political support, and were actively promoted by a small circle of scientists and Communist party activists, they were never accepted by most botanists. Once the political climate in Poland altered after the events of 1956, Lysenko's theories were immediately abandoned.

  8. Korean Affairs Report, Number 296. (United States)


    of the Spanish Communist Party MUNDO OBRERO, said that the struggle for peace in Korea is a struggle for peace in Asia, Europe and, furthermore, in...Jorge del Prado, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Peruvian Communist Party, and leading personnel of political parties and public...overseas demand in the months to come. While exports of auto parts, ships, electronics and machinery will be brisk, those of cement, fertilizers and iron

  9. Political electricity

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Price, Terence.


    This book is a non-technical exploration of the political and policy issues that have influenced the development of nuclear power. Part One describes the successes, failures, horse-trading, and infighting that make up nuclear power's history, taking nine counties as examples. Part Two reviews the main problems that now confront us, as seen in mid-June 1990; like all contemporary accounts, the book is unavoidably incomplete. However, by then it was possible to make provisional judgements about two very important recent influences: the political consequences of Chernobyl, and concerns about the greenhouse effect. The story that emerges is of a nuclear industry that has rarely been guilty of dereliction of duty, though it was undeniably complacent in not addressing sooner the causes of the public's entirely reasonable anxieties. The anti-nuclear lobby has been skilled in debate, and sometimes extraordinarily percipient; but less than fair in failing to acknowledge the industry's achievements and its willingness to learn from past mistakes. As for the politicians, the book contains many examples that show how the flames of controversy can be deliberately fanned when there are votes to be gained. The story has few heroes, but within the industry fewer villains than the public has been led to believe. (author)

  10. Street Politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael J. Shapiro


    Full Text Available I write from Prague, where, unlike in most urban formations, the main city street plays an iconic role; it references a history of political protest. However, before elaborating on the protest iconography of the Prague street, Vaclavske nam, I want to locate the ways in which the design of urban space is actualized in everyday life in the cities of the world. Three functions stand out; the first involves dwelling, the second seeing, and the third moving. With respect to the first function – dwelling – the design partitions and coordinates residential, commercial and leisure functions. At times these are organized to segregate different classes (Robert Moses’ redesign of much of New York stands out with respect to the segregation function. With respect to the second function – seeing – the design of urban space is allegiance-inspiring; it involves sight lines that afford urban dwellers and visitors views of iconic buildings and statues, which reference key founding moments in the past and/or authoritative political functions in the present (Here, L’Enfants design for Washington DC stands out as exemplary. Its manifest intention was to make the buildings housing executive, legislative and judicial functions visible from many vantage points. Rarely are the streets themselves iconic. Their dominant role is involved with the effectuation of movement. As for this third function: As Lewis Mumford famously points out, streets were once part of an asterisk design, radiating out from an exemplary, often spiritual center...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sharkdam Wapmuk


    Full Text Available African affairs contribute in shaping the world and Africa in turn is being shaped by by dynamics in international processes and structures. Africa’s position and role in world politics has been a subject of various interpretations between Afro-pessimists and Afro-optimists. The objective of this article is to examine, through a historical perspective, Africa in world affairs from slavery to colonialism; sovereignty, African states and world politics; Africa and the global political economy; Africa and international organizations, particularly the UN; African relations with the traditional and emerging economic powers, and the future of Africa in world politics. It made a strong case that studies on Africa affairs must take into full account historical realities of Africa’s emergence in the world system, its existence and elements of continuity and change in the relations between African states and with the rest of the world. Africa’s international relations have expanded beyond engagement with the great powers such as USA, Britain, France, to include emerging powers such as China and India. Accordingly, the narrative on Africa is gradually changing from a hopeless continent to an African rising. Given these developments, Africa must act in unity in addressing its many challenges, and seek to engage the international community as an equal player in world politics. The article recommends that the relationship between Africa and the international community must equally undergo a transformative change. It must be rooted in the principles of equality of nations and peoples; mutual collaboration for mutual interest and respect for the ability and right of Africans to lead their own change.

  12. Manager, Communications and Public Affairs | IDRC - International ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Works with the Director Corporate Communications and the Manager, ... a comprehensive public affairs program for IDRC to foster awareness, understanding and support for IDRC's ... Management (including Financial and Human Resources).

  13. Powers and Duties of Corporate Affairs Commission

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE CORPORATE AFFAIRS. COMMISSION ... The Registrar-General is the Chief Executive of the Commission and is saddled .... Federal Board of Inland Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance v). Register ...

  14. Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    introduced to the 3rd Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services that was hosted by Stellenbosch University (SU) in Cape Town, South Africa, this past .... students to act as partners and change agents in their educational experience.

  15. African Journal of International Affairs and Development

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    African Journal of International Affairs and Development. ... Foreign Policy and Public Opinion: An Assessment of Ijebu Involvement in the Kiriji War ... Book Review: Critical Perspective's on Nigeria's International Economic Relations · EMAIL ...

  16. Public affairs events at Ocean Sciences Meeting (United States)

    Uhlenbrock, Kristan


    AGU public affairs will be cohosting two special events at Ocean Sciences 2012 that offer scientists opportunities to expand their communication, policy, and media experience. Join the conversations that highlight two important topics to connect science to society.

  17. 41 CFR 105-53.142 - Office of Public Affairs. (United States)


    ... 41 Public Contracts and Property Management 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Office of Public Affairs... Central Offices § 105-53.142 Office of Public Affairs. The Office of Public Affairs, headed by the Associate Administrator for Public Affairs, is responsible for the planning, implementation, and...

  18. Norwegian Gas in International Affairs

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Austvik, Ole Gunnar


    Scarcity of oil and gas will continue to characterize international energy markets, either in an economic, physical or political sense, over shorter or longer time. With a constantly increasing Norwegian petroleum production, it is likely that the international community closely will observe petroleum developments in Norway. Apart from security policy, petroleum issues may be the most central single factor in Norwegian foreign policy, simply because the outside world defines it so. The size of the natural gas exports makes Norway a strategic player in a market of vital interest for the energy supplies to Europe. The economic development and national security of the receiving countries depend on secure supplies of energy at stable prices on an acceptable level. Norwegian gas strategy must be conscious that the USA, the EU and great European purchasing countries like Germany, France, the UK and Italy, as well as competitors Russia, Algeria and others, will be interested in its content. As an example of how Norwegian petroleum policy may be influenced from the outside world, the author analyzes the case when Norwegian energy policy first became an explicit element in a larger political game. In order to prevent Western European countries from completing a notable gas contract with the Soviet Union in 1982, the U.S. introduced a ban on all American exports to firms supporting the project. Also the U.S. boycotted European firms supplying equipment. The Americans claimed that if Western Europe became too dependent on Soviet gas, one might come under pressure in a future political crisis if the Soviets turned off the taps to stop the energy supply. The U. S. urged Norway to increase her gas exports as a substitute for Soviet gas. Norway, on the other hand, maintained that gas production could not be increased as quickly as desired. The Norwegians also wanted, in case a development should be accelerated, a ''price premium'' to justify an act that otherwise would have been

  19. Political Chaos: The Sense of Martial Danger in Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" (United States)

    Jubouri Al-Ogaili, Thamer Amer; Babaee, Ruzbeh


    This study focuses on the political chaos in Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" (1963). While the main scholarly studies focus on the postcolonial peculiarities of the novel, this study will focus on the post-nuclear characteristics and will render the novel's position distinctive within the discourse on political and social affairs. The…

  20. Political Crowdfunding as concept of political technologies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valeria GOLKA


    Full Text Available Political crowdfunding is analyzed as a new concept of political science. The justification of use of crowdfunding technologies not only in business but also in the political sphere is argued. The efficiency, availability, low cost of the new forms of political investment through the development of information and communication technologies are noted. The typology of political crowdfunding is proposed. Political projects promoting domestic crowdfunding platforms are analyzed. Attention is drawn to the problem of legal gaps in the regulation of crowdfunding is studied. The foreign experience of organizing public support (mikroinvestment political projects. It is emphasized that in terms of political theory crowdfunding is based on solidarity. The crowdfunding properties of transforming social capital accumulated by social networks into financial capital are mentioned.

  1. Political Awakenings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia Franziska Brühwiler


    Full Text Available Le Complot contre l’Amérique de Philip Roth décrit l’initiation politique de ses deux protagonistes, le narrateur Philip et son frère aîné, Sanford. Tandis que ce dernier passe par un processus initiatique quasi classique — il se déroule conformément au schéma tripartite de van Gennep — l’apogée de l’initiation de Philip est marquée par douleur et blessure. Toutefois, tous les deux connaissent seulement une initiation partielle, car le premier doit d’abord admettre ses erreurs tandis que le second va devoir apprendre, non seulement à remettre en cause l’autorité, mais également à développer ses idées de façon indépendante.Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America traces the political awakening of its two child protagonists, the narrator Philip and his elder brother Sanford. While the latter undergoes an initiation process nearly in accordance with the classical tripartite scheme as coined by van Gennep, the height of Philip’s initiation process is marked by physical pain and injury. However, both experience only a partial initiation, since the elder brother will have to recognize his errors and the younger one will first have to learn how to go beyond the mere questioning of authority.

  2. Consolation in the aftermath of robberies resembles post-aggression consolation in chimpanzees

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lindegaard, Marie Rosenkrantz; Liebst, Lasse Suonperä; Bernasco, Wim


    Post-aggression consolation is assumed to occur in humans as well as in chimpanzees. While consolation following peer aggression has been observed in children, systematic evidence of consolation in human adults is rare. We used surveillance camera footage of the immediate aftermath of nonfatal...... to be consoled. Furthermore, we show that high levels of threat during the robbery increased the likelihood of receiving consolation afterwards. These patterns resemble post-aggression consolation in chimpanzees and suggest that emotions of empathic concern are involved in consolation across humans...... and chimpanzees....

  3. Putting Descartes before the Horse: Opportunities for Advancing the Student Affairs Link with Academic Affairs. (United States)

    Lamarid, Lucas


    Article challenges the division between student and academic affairs and encourages a view of learning and reason in a more holistic and integrated fashion. Outlines the historical factors for the separation of student and academic affairs and offers the programs instituted at Bellarmine College as examples of effective collaboration between…

  4. Effects of Political Knowledge on Political Tolerance (United States)

    Hall, John Powell


    Sexual orientation continues to be an explosive issue in American classrooms. Increasing the political knowledge of students can reduce the volatility of this explosive issue by increasing tolerance toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. This relationship between political knowledge and political tolerance has been…

  5. About green political parties

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Orlović Slobodan P.


    Full Text Available In this work the author refers to some legal and political questions in connection with green political parties. Those questions cover: the ideology of green political parties, their number and influence, both in general and in Serbia. The first part of work is generally speaking about political parties - their definition, ideology, role and action. Main thesis in this work is that green political parties, by their appearance, were something new on the political scene. But quickly, because of objective and subjective reasons, they were changing original ideas and were beginning to resemble to all other political parties. In this way, they lost their vanguard and political alternativeness.

  6. The Politics of Fear (United States)

    Martin, Jennifer


    In the aftermath of the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut this past December, people experienced the world around them as less safe--understandably so. In response to such a tragic event, there is a degree of fear instilled in all people that for many was at its peak in the New Year as they prepared to send their children back to school.…

  7. Politics Backstage - Television Documentaries, Politics and Politicians

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ib Bondebjerg


    Full Text Available This article deals with "the transformation of visibility" in political discourse on and representation of politics and politicians in resent Dansih television documentaries. Drawing on the theories of Habermas, Meyrowitz and John B. Thompson, it is argued that the political persona on television is moved closer to the individual citizen, creating a sort "mediated quasi-inter- action" giving mediated communication a stronger element of face-to-face interaction. Together with the more pervasive "live" coverage of politics and politicians, this expands media coverage to both the backstage of political processes and the private and personal backstage of politicians, changing the form of democracy and public debate.

  8. Crisis, change and creativity in science and technology: chemistry in the aftermath of twentieth-century global wars. (United States)

    Johnson, Jeffrey Allan


    This paper presents the organising ideas behind the symposium "Chemistry in the Aftermath of World Wars," held at the 23rd International Congress of History of Science and Technology, Budapest, 2009, whose theme was "Ideas and Instruments in Social Context." After first recounting the origins of the notion of "crisis" as a decisive turning point in general history as well as in the history of science, the paper presents war and its aftermath as a form of crisis that may affect science and technology, including chemistry, in a variety of contexts and leading to a variety of types of change. The twentieth-century world wars were exemplary forms of crisis, whose aftermaths shaped the contexts for decisive changes in modern chemistry, which continue to offer challenging opportunities for historical research. In discussing these, the paper cites selected current literature and briefly describes how the individual papers of the symposium, including the three papers published in this volume, approached these challenges.

  9. Defining Political Marketing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ormrod, Robert P.

    ’ and ‘narrow’ interpretations of political marketing, the nature of the political marketing exchange, political relationship marketing and how one can integrate the stakeholder concept into an understanding of political marketing. Finally, we propose a definition of political marketing that differs from......The aim of this working paper is to develop a definition of political marketing that builds on the political rather than commercial marketing literature. This aim is motivated by the need to make explicit our understanding of what political marketing is, a necessary exercise when discussing theory......, concepts and empirical methods in political marketing. We first present five existing definitions of political marketing that have been selected to represent advances in research from the origins of academic research into political marketing in the mid-1970’s to the present day. After this we discuss ‘wide...

  10. The global politics of science and technology

    CERN Document Server

    Carpes, Mariana; Knoblich, Ruth


    An increasing number of scholars have begun to see science and technology as relevant issues in International Relations (IR), acknowledging the impact of material elements, technical instruments, and scientific practices on international security, statehood, and global governance. This two-volume collection brings the debate about science and technology to the center of International Relations. It shows how integrating science and technology translates into novel analytical frameworks, conceptual approaches and empirical puzzles, and thereby offers a state-of-the-art review of various methodological and theoretical ways in which sciences and technologies matter for the study of international affairs and world politics. The authors not only offer a set of practical examples of research frameworks for experts and students alike, but also propose a conceptual space for interdisciplinary learning in order to improve our understanding of the global politics of science and technology.

  11. Exploring Political Alternatives (United States)

    Denhardt, Robert B.


    The author distinguishes between the concepts of political socialization and political education. He argues that political socialization has come to dominate both our thinking and our teaching in the area of civic education. Suggestions for promoting political education are included. (DE)

  12. Language and Politics. (United States)

    Chimombo, Moira


    Surveys the interrelationship between language and politics. Touches on the context of political discourse, or political culture and ideology in new and old democracies and the reemerging manifestations of totalitarianism, censorship, and linguistic imperialism; then examines selected linguistic features of political discourse and their…

  13. Strategic political postures and political market orientation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ormrod, Robert P.; Henneberg, Stephan C.


    by developing an integrated concept of political marketing strategy using two complementary frameworks, namely Strategic Political Postures (SPP) and Political Market Orientation (PMO). We introduce the two main concepts and derive for each of the strategic posture-specific PMO profiles as well as inter......Recently, the areas of strategic political marketing and political market orientation have been the subject of several conceptual articles which have provided the theoretical foundations for further empirical work. However, despite the close conceptual relatedness of the proposed concepts......, these have yet to be integrated to provide a more nuanced framework which both researchers and political marketing practitioners can utilise in the development of strategies and offerings with which to achieve their organizational goals. The aim of this conceptual paper is to address this deficit...

  14. Becoming independent: political participation and youth transitions in the Scottish referendum. (United States)

    Breeze, Maddie; Gorringe, Hugo; Jamieson, Lynn; Rosie, Michael


    Sociological debates on youth engagement with electoral politics play out against a backdrop of supposed 'decline' in civic participation (e.g. Putnam , Norris, ), in turn contextualized by theories of individualization in 'late' or 'reflexive' modernity (Beck, Giddens). However, the enfranchisement of 16 and 17 year olds in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum catalysed remarkably high levels of voter turnout among this youngest group, and was accompanied by apparently ongoing political engagement. We explored this engagement among a strategic sample of young 'Yes' voters, in the immediate aftermath of this exceptional political event. Analysis of qualitative interview data generated an unanticipated finding; that interviewees narrated their political engagement biographically, articulated their referendum participation reflexively, and located their new political ideas, allegiances and actions in the context of their own transitions to 'independent' adulthood. This inspired us to rethink young people's political engagement in relation to youth transitions. Doing so enables a synthesis of divergent strands in the sociology of youth, and offers new insights into the combinations of 'personal' agentic and 'political' structural factors involved in young people's politicization. © London School of Economics and Political Science 2017.

  15. Issues and Challenges in Student Affairs and Services Around

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    English for Academic Purposes Professor at Algonquin. College, Ontario, Canada. .... of the Asia-Pacific Journal for Student Affairs: The Official Journal of the Philippine Association of Administrators of Student Affairs (PAASA). And finally, this ...

  16. Public Affairs Capacity Building: A Soft Tool for Combatant Commanders

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Salata, Jason P


    .... This paper examines the soft power application of public affairs capacity building, and the resultant cultivation of a public affairs social network through the lens of social network theory (nodes and ties...

  17. TTI Phase 2 Institutional Support: The Institute of Economic Affairs ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    TTI Phase 2 Institutional Support: The Institute of Economic Affairs, Ghana ... the Institute of Economic Affairs' (IEA-Ghana) role as a credible public policy ... public policy, facilitate private sector-led economic growth, and strengthen democracy.

  18. Politics Backstage - Television Documentaries, Politics and Politicians


    Ib Bondebjerg


    This article deals with "the transformation of visibility" in political discourse on and representation of politics and politicians in resent Dansih television documentaries. Drawing on the theories of Habermas, Meyrowitz and John B. Thompson, it is argued that the political persona on television is moved closer to the individual citizen, creating a sort "mediated quasi-inter- action" giving mediated communication a stronger element of face-to-face interaction. Together...

  19. Political entrepreneurship and bidding for political monopoly


    Michael Wohlgemuth


    An analytical framework for dealing with political entrepreneurship and reform is proposed which is based on some new combinations of Schumpeterian political economy, an extended version of Tullock's model of democracy as franchise-bidding for natural monopoly and some basic elements of New Institutional Economics. It is shown that problems of insufficient award criteria and incomplete contracts which may arise in economic bidding schemes, also - and even more so - characterise political comp...

  20. Resource Windfalls, Political Regimes, and Political Stability


    Francesco Caselli; Andrea Tesei


    We study theoretically and empirically whether natural resource windfalls affect political regimes. We document the following regularities. Natural resource windfalls have no effect on the political system when they occur in democracies. However, windfalls have significant political consequences in autocracies. In particular, when an autocratic country receives a positive shock to its flow of resource rents it responds by becoming even more autocratic. Furthermore, there is heterogeneity in t...

  1. Global Affairs Canada | IDRC - International Development Research ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    For example, Vietnamese and Canadian research teams developed micronutrient-enriched instant flours and baby cereals using local crops and local processing facilities. Global Affairs Canada, IDRC, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research are collaborating to improve health outcomes for African mothers and ...

  2. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs. (United States)


    Meetings of students and veterans, militarized physical culture celebrations , department and school activities which develop a sense of patriotism, formal...they capable of making military affairs interesting to a young men in Adidas jackets with dyed- hackle hairdos, of getting them to love military

  3. Public Affairs Manual. Revised 1976 Edition. (United States)

    American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Washington, DC.

    This public affairs manual is designed for health, physical education, and recreation personnel. It begins with a position statement by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (AAHPER). In section two, resources and procedures for crises action at the local and state level are discussed. Several organizational models…

  4. Homeland Security Affairs Journal (press release)


    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.); Center for Homeland Defense and Security


    Homeland Security Affairs (HSA) is the peer-reviewed online journal of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS). The journal provides a forum to propose and debate strategies, policies and organizational arrangements to strengthen U.S. homeland security.

  5. Undergraduate Consumer Affairs Program Needs: Employers' Perspectives (United States)

    Morrison, Kathryn; Saboe-Wounded Head, Lorna; Cho, Soo Hyun


    Forty-six Consumer Affairs (CA) internship supervisors were surveyed to identify critical knowledge and skills demonstrated by interns and to examine the importance of knowledge and skills needed in the workplace from the supervisors' perspectives.The knowledge and skills measured were identified through program goals. Results revealed that CA…

  6. Addressing Sexual Violence as Student Affairs Work (United States)

    Landreman, Lisa M.; Williamsen, Kaaren M.


    In this chapter, we outline the challenges campuses face in addressing sexual violence and Title IX compliance. We argue that there are critical roles for student affairs professionals in Title IX work in developing effective campus sexual violence prevention and response strategies.

  7. Political party affiliation, political ideology and mortality. (United States)

    Pabayo, Roman; Kawachi, Ichiro; Muennig, Peter


    Ecological and cross-sectional studies have indicated that conservative political ideology is associated with better health. Longitudinal analyses of mortality are needed because subjective assessments of ideology may confound subjective assessments of health, particularly in cross-sectional analyses. Data were derived from the 2008 General Social Survey-National Death Index data set. Cox proportional analysis models were used to determine whether political party affiliation or political ideology was associated with time to death. Also, we attempted to identify whether self-reported happiness and self-rated health acted as mediators between political beliefs and time to death. In this analysis of 32,830 participants and a total follow-up time of 498,845 person-years, we find that political party affiliation and political ideology are associated with mortality. However, with the exception of independents (adjusted HR (AHR)=0.93, 95% CI 0.90 to 0.97), political party differences are explained by the participants' underlying sociodemographic characteristics. With respect to ideology, conservatives (AHR=1.06, 95% CI 1.01 to 1.12) and moderates (AHR=1.06, 95% CI 1.01 to 1.11) are at greater risk for mortality during follow-up than liberals. Political party affiliation and political ideology appear to be different predictors of mortality. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  8. The Aftermath of a Suicide Cluster in the Age of Online Social Networking: A Qualitative Analysis of Adolescent Grief Reactions (United States)

    Heffel, Carly J.; Riggs, Shelley A.; Ruiz, John M.; Ruggles, Mark


    Although suicide clusters have been identified in many populations, research exploring the role of online communication in the aftermath of a suicide cluster is extremely limited. This study used the Consensual Qualitative Research method to analyze interviews with ten high school students 1 year after a suicide cluster in a small suburban school…

  9. Prevalence of cutaneous leishmaniasis along the Nile River north of Khartoum (Sudan) in the aftermath of an epidemic in 1985

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kadaro, A Y; Ghalib, H W; Ali, M S


    Based on a pilot clinical study of the prevalence of cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) among school children in villages on both banks of the Nile River north of Khartoum, Sudan in the aftermath of a 1985 epidemic, we studied a random sample (303 individuals) from one of these villages to determine...

  10. An Easy Guide to Developing an Emergency Child Care System (Free Child Care in the Aftermath of Major Disasters). (United States)

    Bozeman, Karl

    A program and related materials for providing child care free of charge in the aftermath of widespread disaster to children ranging in age from infancy through second grade are described in this guidebook. In Section I, the Temporary Emergency Child Care (TECC) program is discussed. In particular, the nature of TECC services is indicated, the…

  11. The Swiss disaster management plan for coping with the aftermath of radiological dispersal devices - ''dirty bomb'' operational concept

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Stoffel, F.; Blaettler, M.; Leonardi, A.


    In 2007 the Swiss Federal Commission for NRBC Protection released a disaster management plan for coping with the aftermath of radiological dispersal devices. This paper summarises the basic concept and outlines the relevant bodies and agencies as well as their responsibilities. It also sets out the strategy to monitor radioactive contamination and the measures to prevent public radiation exposure. (orig.)

  12. Phenomenon of political actionism in modern society

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. M. Bavykina


    Full Text Available Political actionism is the fenomen in social and art space, that appeared in middle of XX century as the practice of critic and protest with using different artistic methods and techniques. Political actionism as art and political tradition exist in postsoviet space, especially in Russia where actionism appeared in 1990 years and develops for actually days. In other countries this phenomenon not such systematic.  But analyze and compare actions in different countries appears the possibility to understand social and cultural context, their difference and similarity. Actionism is a reaction to external public, social and political situation, but its appearance more like the symptom of some problem than its critic or display – traditional approaches in art.  Appearance of actionism also connected with inability of manifestation of personal and civil liberty, that’s why in actions liberty affairs in such radical and hyperbolized forms. First volume of Russian political actionism began in 1990 years (Oleg Kulik, Alexander Brener, Anatoly Osmolovsky etc. and Second volume in 2010 (art-group Voina, Pussy Riot, Pyotr Pavlensky. This process not only a transformation of artistic and traditional space, but also modification of reaction on social and political situation. Actionism becomes a source of new type of knowledge, that give a possibility to see the habitual reality from another side and find in it new pointes and concepts. Political actionism contracting own interpretation of already well-established phenomenon. Usual concepts of liberty, authority, social control are deconstructed in actions. Those destructions of reality and cultural reorientation destroys traditional imposed patterns of interaction and social structure. But new views, that appeared in daily life from actions, often has mistaken interpretations. Exist a problem about identification of actions, its correct interpretations and understanding of its causes. In article was

  13. Student Affairs as Perceived Through Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. (United States)

    Nowacki, Steven

    The needs of human behavior are explored and correlated to the various departments within Student Affairs in an effort to show how Student Affairs can satisfy those needs. Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is briefly explained and related to the following Student Affairs departments: Financial Aid, Student Management, Career Development and Placement,…

  14. 48 CFR 952.204-75 - Public affairs. (United States)


    ... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Public affairs. 952.204-75... SOLICITATION PROVISIONS AND CONTRACT CLAUSES Text of Provisions and Clauses 952.204-75 Public affairs. As prescribed in 904.7201, insert the following clause: Public Affairs (DEC 2000) (a) The Contractor must...

  15. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    Partial Contents: Military Political Issues, Warsaw Pact, Armed Forces, Ground Forces, Air Force, Air Defense Forces, Naval Forces, Strategic Rocket Forces, Civil Defense , Rear Services, Defense Industries, DOSAAF...

  16. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Military Affairs

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    Partial Contents: Military Political Issues, Military Science, Warsaw Pact, Armed Forces, Air Forces, Air Defense Forces, Naval Forces, Strategic Rocket Forces, Civil Defense, Rear Services, Defense Industries, DOSAAF...

  17. Investigating the Aftermath of Terror: Fundamental Outcomes, Methodological Choices, and Future Directions. (United States)

    Gradus, Jaimie L; Marx, Brian P; Sloan, Denise M


    Acts of terrorism are becoming increasingly common throughout the world. These events represent a significant public health concern given the associated health consequences. Although it is clear that terrorist attacks have mental and physical health sequelae, the exact nature and prevalence of these consequences are unclear. Epidemiological research can play an important role in better understanding the mental and physical impact of terrorist attacks. In this editorial, we highlight recent epidemiological research on these terrorism-related health outcomes. We also provide suggestions for how future studies can build on the existing literature and describe ways in which epidemiological methods can be harnessed to extend the current literature. Lastly, we offer recommendations on how to best prepare communities for the aftermath of terrorist attacks, highlighting secondary intervention and prevention strategies. Overall, multilevel strategies are needed to adequately cope with the growing rise of terrorist acts, and these strategies will have to be reassessed as the nature of terrorist attacks changes.

  18. Firearms and accidental deaths: Evidence from the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting. (United States)

    Levine, Phillip B; McKnight, Robin


    Exposure to firearms increased substantially after the December 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 children and 6 adults were killed. Gun sales spiked by 3 million, on the basis of the increase in the number of background checks for firearm purchases. Google searches for buying and cleaning guns increased. We used Vital Statistics mortality data to examine whether a spike in accidental firearm deaths occurred at the same time as the greater exposure to firearms. We also assessed whether the increase in these deaths was larger in those states where the spike in gun sales per capita was larger. We find that an additional 60 deaths overall, including 20 children, resulted from unintentional shootings in the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook. Copyright © 2017 The Authors, some rights reserved; exclusive licensee American Association for the Advancement of Science. No claim to original U.S. Government Works.

  19. The control of nuclear proliferation: future challenges. Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm, 23 April 1998

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    ElBaradei, M.


    The document reproduces the text of the conference given by the Director General of the IAEA at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs in Stockholm on 23 April 1998. After a short presentation of the Agency's current verification activities, particularly in Iraq and Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Director General focuses on the present and future role of the IAEA in the control of nuclear proliferation through its strengthened safeguards system, in the prevention of nuclear terrorism, and future challenges of controlling nuclear proliferation from both political and technical point of view

  20. Political learning among youth

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Solhaug, Trond; Kristensen, Niels Nørgaard


    This article focuses on students’ first political learning and explores the research question, what dynamic patterns of political learning can be explored among a selection of young, diverse Danish students’ first political interests? The authors use theories of learning in their analytical......, but are active constructors of their political life. Their emotions and social environment are highly important for their political orientation. It is recommended that further research focus on dynamic learning and on arenas for political learning rather than on “single agent studies.” Recommendations...

  1. A longitudinal study of the aftermath of rape among rural South African women. (United States)

    Wyatt, Gail E; Davhana-Maselesele, Mashudu; Zhang, Muyu; Wong, Lauren H; Nicholson, Fiona; Sarkissian, Alissa Der; Makhado, Lufuno; Myers, Hector F


    Sexual assaults against women are a global health crisis, with alarmingly high rates in South Africa. However, we know very little about the circumstances and the aftermath of these experiences. Further, there is limited information about how factors specific to the rape (e.g., fighting back) versus those that are specific to the individual-and potentially modifiable-influence mental health outcomes. This study examined how situational characteristics of rape as well as individual and situational factors confer risk for symptoms of depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and dysfunctional sexual behavior at 12-month follow-up. Two hundred nine (N = 209) South African women were recruited from rural rape clinics in the Limpopo Province (LP) and North West Province (NWP) of South Africa. Interviews were conducted at baseline (within 6 months of the rape incident) and at 6 and 12 months by trained staff at the clinics in English or the women's native languages. Women were interviewed after services were provided in a private room. One hundred thirty-two (n = 132) women were lost to follow-up at 12 months, resulting in 77 women with interview data for all time points. Undermining by the survivor's social support system and an increased belief in myths about rape were associated with increased dysfunctional sexual practices and symptoms of depression. These findings demonstrate the need for interventions that address the most pervasive effects of rape over time. These behaviors can increase risks for revictimization and reduce psychological well-being in the aftermath of rape. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  2. Mold prevention strategies and possible health effects in the aftermath of hurricanes and major floods. (United States)

    Brandt, Mary; Brown, Clive; Burkhart, Joe; Burton, Nancy; Cox-Ganser, Jean; Damon, Scott; Falk, Henry; Fridkin, Scott; Garbe, Paul; McGeehin, Mike; Morgan, Juliette; Page, Elena; Rao, Carol; Redd, Stephen; Sinks, Tom; Trout, Douglas; Wallingford, Kenneth; Warnock, David; Weissman, David


    Extensive water damage after major hurricanes and floods increases the likelihood of mold contamination in buildings. This report provides information on how to limit exposure to mold and how to identify and prevent mold-related health effects. Where uncertainties in scientific knowledge exist, practical applications designed to be protective of a person's health are presented. Evidence is included about assessing exposure, clean-up and prevention, personal protective equipment, health effects, and public health strategies and recommendations. The recommendations assume that, in the aftermath of major hurricanes or floods, buildings wet for health effects in susceptible persons regardless of the type of mold or the extent of contamination. For the majority of persons, undisturbed mold is not a substantial health hazard. Mold is a greater hazard for persons with conditions such as impaired host defenses or mold allergies. To prevent exposure that could result in adverse health effects from disturbed mold, persons should 1) avoid areas where mold contamination is obvious; 2) use environmental controls; 3) use personal protective equipment; and 4) keep hands, skin, and clothing clean and free from mold-contaminated dust. Clinical evaluation of suspected mold-related illness should follow conventional clinical guidelines. In addition, in the aftermath of extensive flooding, health-care providers should be watchful for unusual mold-related diseases. The development of a public health surveillance strategy among persons repopulating areas after extensive flooding is recommended to assess potential health effects and the effectiveness of prevention efforts. Such a surveillance program will help CDC and state and local public health officials refine the guidelines for exposure avoidance, personal protection, and clean-up and assist health departments to identify unrecognized hazards.

  3. Perceived Organisational Politics, Political Behaviour and Employee ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    facing both private and public sector organisations (Nidhi & Prerna, 2015;. Gotsis & Kortezi ... These studies suggest that organisational politics often interfere with normal ..... Rawls's (1971) theory of justice provides a theoretical foundation for the relationship between ..... Ethical considerations in organisational politics: ...

  4. Celebrity politics: the politics of late modernity?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Marsh, D.; t Hart, P.; Tindall, K.


    The academic literature on celebrity politics is rarely systematic; more often it is superficial and anecdotal. In addition, most of the literature focuses either upon classifying different types/categories of celebrity politicians and their roles in politics, or upon the question of whether the

  5. Exploring Women's Understanding of Politics, Political Contestation ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Exploring Women's Understanding of Politics, Political Contestation and Gender Transformation in the Caribbean. IDRC's Democratic Governance, Women's Rights and Gender Equality initiative is supporting a body of comparative research on whether and how democratic processes and institutions are responding to ...

  6. Political Values or the Value of Politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simoska, Emilija


    Full Text Available This essay was motivated by the gap between proclaimed democratic principles and the perceptions of politics which are exhibited by the citizens in transitional countries -more specifically in the Republic of Macedonia. It is based on research data collected in the past few decades, which illustrate that, in their political actions, the citizens are highly motivated by personal benefits and profits, rather than by their internalized values and ideologies. Non-democratic, authoritarian values prevail, while politics is perceived as a value itself, in the most materialistic meaning of the word. It creates a suitable milieu for growth of corruption, nepotism and clientelism. The authors conclude that such a circulus vitsiosus is a corner stone of the Macedonian political regime, and an enormous obstacle for the advancement of the participative, democratic political culture in reality, in spite of its formal acceptance.

  7. Mental illness, mass shootings, and the politics of American firearms. (United States)

    Metzl, Jonathan M; MacLeish, Kenneth T


    Four assumptions frequently arise in the aftermath of mass shootings in the United States: (1) that mental illness causes gun violence, (2) that psychiatric diagnosis can predict gun crime, (3) that shootings represent the deranged acts of mentally ill loners, and (4) that gun control "won't prevent" another Newtown (Connecticut school mass shooting). Each of these statements is certainly true in particular instances. Yet, as we show, notions of mental illness that emerge in relation to mass shootings frequently reflect larger cultural stereotypes and anxieties about matters such as race/ethnicity, social class, and politics. These issues become obscured when mass shootings come to stand in for all gun crime, and when "mentally ill" ceases to be a medical designation and becomes a sign of violent threat.

  8. Sustainability : Politics and governance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heinrichs, Harald; Biermann, Frank


    he article gives an overview of global sustainability policy and politics. It is shown how international policy making on sustainable development has progressed from environmental policy toward recent approaches of Earth system governance. Key challenges of international sustainability politics are

  9. Political Economy of Finance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Perotti, E.


    This survey reviews how a recent political economy literature helps explaining variation in governance, competition, funding composition and access to credit. Evolution in political institutions can account for financial evolution, and appear critical to explain rapid changes in financial structure,

  10. Politics, Security, Theory

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wæver, Ole


    theory is found to ‘act politically’ through three structural features that systematically shape the political effects of using the theory. The article further discusses – on the basis of the preceding articles in the special issue – three emerging debates around securitization theory: ethics......This article outlines three ways of analysing the ‘politics of securitization’, emphasizing an often-overlooked form of politics practised through theory design. The structure and nature of a theory can have systematic political implications. Analysis of this ‘politics of securitization......’ is distinct from both the study of political practices of securitization and explorations of competing concepts of politics among security theories. It means tracking what kinds of analysis the theory can produce and whether such analysis systematically impacts real-life political struggles. Securitization...

  11. Thinking about Language: What Political Theorists Need to Know about Language in the Real World (United States)

    Ricento, Thomas


    Political theorists, generally non-experts in the language sciences, whose principal aim is often to advance normative theories on desirable states of affairs within liberal democratic states, tend to deal with language as a stable nominal category, as something that one "has" or "doesn't have", that can be labeled as one…

  12. Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2015: Politics, Performance, Policy, and Research Evidence (United States)

    Huerta, Luis; Shafer, Sheryl Rankin; Barbour, Michael K.; Miron, Gary; Gulosino, Charisse


    This 2015 report is third in a series of annual reports on virtual education in the U.S. It is organized in three major sections: Section I examines the policy and political landscape associated with virtual schooling and describes the current state of affairs related to finance and governance, instructional program quality, and teacher quality.…

  13. Two sides to every story : Causes and consequences of selective exposure to balanced political information

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Brenes Peralta, C.M.


    Although the current information environment offers citizens an unprecedented opportunity to engage in selective exposure behavior, namely to seek mostly pro-attitudinal information about politics and public affairs, the debate about the prevalence and consequences of selective exposure in a

  14. Comparing Political Communication


    Pfetsch, Barbara; Esser, Frank


    This chapter describes the maturation of comparative political communications as a sub-discipline and defines its conceptual core. It then lays out the concept of “political communication system”. At the macro-level, this model captures the patterns of interaction between media and politics as social systems; at the micro-level it captures the interactions between media and political actors as individuals or organizations. Comparative research in this tradition focuses on the structure of pol...

  15. Beyond Essentialist and Functionalist Analyses of the "Politicisation of Religion": The Evolution of Religious Parties in Political Catholicism and Political Islam

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joerg Baudner


    Full Text Available The debate about “politics and religion” has already rejected essentialist claims of fundamental differences in the impact of religion on politics in different cultures. This article will argue that political Islam in Turkey and political Catholicism in Italy and Germany adopted remarkably similar patterns of cross-class coalitions and policies for a “reconciliation of capitalism and democracy”. First, religious parties developed as mass integration parties which already encompassed cross-class coalitions. Second, in the aftermath of political and economic crises these parties transformed into catch-all parties with a pronounced neo-liberal agenda which was given a religious justification. Third, at the same time these parties continued to sponsor policies and organizations which cushioned and supplemented an uneven economic development. Fourth, the parties kept traditional family policies which helped attracting a significant female electorate. “Organized religion” provided religious parties with a potential electorate, ancillary organizations and ideological concepts; however, their role in this political evolution changed. The conclusion will discuss whether these findings can be generalized.

  16. Western Political Consulting Techniques and Post-Soviet Political Technology in Political Campaigns in Latvia


    Bērziņa, Ieva


    Western Political Consulting Techniques and Post-Soviet Political Technology in Political Campaigns in Latvia Ieva Dmitričenko Keywords: political campaignsm political consulting, political technology, parties, marketing, media Political campaigning is an international phenomenon, because there is a free flow of information, knowledge and human resource among practitioners of political campaigning in various countries. As a result political campaigning techniques that have proven to ...

  17. Analyzing Political Television Advertisements. (United States)

    Burson, George


    Presents a lesson plan to help students understand that political advertisements often mislead, lie, or appeal to emotion. Suggests that the lesson will enable students to examine political advertisements analytically. Includes a worksheet to be used by students to analyze individual political advertisements. (DK)

  18. Political institutions since 1820

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Foldvari, Peter; Buzasi, Katalin


    Political institutions determine the degree of freedom people enjoy and their capacity to influence their social and political environment. This chapter provides historical evidence on the evolution of political institutions drawing upon two major research projects: the PolityIV dataset and the

  19. Political Education in School (United States)

    Dag, Nilgun; Sozer, Mehmet Akif; Sel, Burcu


    Political education is a term with negative associations and triggering prejudiced approaches and discourses--maybe some paranoid thoughts--like "keep politics away from education!" in the minds of several people. This article deals with "political education" phenomenon almost never discussed and made subject to scientific…

  20. What is Political Psychology? (United States)

    Deutsch, Morton


    Political psychology is the study of the bidirectional interaction of political and psychological processes. This academic discipline was founded after the First World War by Harold D. Lasswell. The content of political psychology is discussed and illustrative studies of the field are briefly summarized. (CS)

  1. Tracking Politics with POWER (United States)

    Moreira, Silvio; Batista, David S.; Carvalho, Paula; Couto, Francisco M.; Silva, Mario J.


    Purpose: POWER is an ontology of political processes and entities. It is designed for tracking politicians, political organizations and elections, both in mainstream and social media. The aim of this paper is to propose a data model to describe political agents and their relations over time. Design/methodology/approach: The authors propose a data…

  2. Kentucky physicians and politics. (United States)

    VonderHaar, W P; Monnig, W B


    Approximately 19% of Kentucky Physicians are KEMPAC members or contribute to state legislative and Gubernatorial candidates. This limited study of political activity indicates that a small percentage of physicians participate in the political process. Despite the small number of contributors to state legislative candidates, KMA's legislative and lobbying effort is highly effective and members receive high quality service and representation in the political arena.

  3. Politically Active Home Economists: Their Socialization to Politics. (United States)

    Ley, Connie J.


    A nationwide study identified a pattern of political socialization for home economists who were politically active. The most outstanding feature of the politically active subjects was their perception that political activity is a professional role. (SK)

  4. The 'Transnuklear affair' and its consequences

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Brinkert, M.


    The 'Bribe' and 'Drum' Affairs and suspected proliferation in connection with Transnuklear GmbH public around the turn of 1987/88. Many members of the press wished them to speed up the process of opting out of nuclear power. However, none of the accusations specifically related to nuclear power leveled at that time turned out to be tenable. Instead, all violations of the law which had been detected could have been punished in the same way as in any other branch of industry. As a consequence, the impacts arising to regulatory structures in the nuclear sector, especially the measures taken by the Federal Government, may be considered to have been unjustified in scope. The TN Affair and the associated litigation has caused a great deal of confidence in nuclear power to be lost, which now has to be reclaimed by purposeful public relations efforts. (orig.) [de

  5. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, International Affairs. (United States)


    de estudios internationales (CEPEI), Lima, 1986, XXXVI+498 pp] [Text] The latest publication of the Peruvian Center for International Research is...United States on the Malvinas Islands and Easter Island (p 377). Mercado Harrin, former minister of foreign affairs and prime minister of Peru who...urgent tasks in the realm of foreign policy. E. Mercado Harrin, analyzing the geopolitical climate in Latin America after the Malvinas conflict of



    Lăpăduşi Mihaela Loredana,; Căruntu Constantin


    The risk is one of the most controversial issues for all persons involved both in domestic and international world economic affairs. The need to analyze, understand and effectively manage risk is growing, the ultimate aim being to obtain a higher degree of successThe risk means exposure to an uncertain future, the opportunity to face danger or suffering a loss ( "Risk - possibility of loss or injury", Webster's, 1995) or the chance that things go wrong ( "Risk is the change that something wil...

  7. Political Science and Political Geography: Neglected Areas, Areas for Development. (United States)

    Laponce, J. A.


    Since at least the 1950s, political scientists have tended to ignore the possible contributions of political geography to political science because of a move away from considering spatial factors on political structure. Political scientists need to use more information from geography to enhance their understanding of political power and conflict.…

  8. International Contexts for Political Education. (United States)

    Harber, Clive


    Uses international examples of the ways in which political learning takes place--indoctrination, political socialization, and political education--to suggest that open and democratic political education is not common, even in democracies. (SK)

  9. Putting politics first. (United States)

    Hacker, Jacob S


    The greatest lesson of the failure of comprehensive health reform in the early 1990s is that politics comes first. Even the best-laid policy plans are worthless if they lack the political support to pass. Putting politics first means avoiding the overarching mistake of the Clinton reformers: envisioning a grand policy compromise rather than hammering out a real political compromise. It also means addressing the inevitable fears of those who believe that they are well protected by our eroding employment-based system. And it means formulating political strategies that are premised on the contemporary realities of the hyperpolarized U.S. political environment, rather than wistfully recalled images of the bipartisan politics of old.

  10. Religion and Politics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bandak, Andreas


    Religion and politics provide an interesting juxtaposition. On the one hand, both may initially come across as rather self-evident categories, with religion dealing with human perceptions and what people hold as sacred, and politics addressing the control and governance of fellow human beings....... Nonetheless, such a simple opposition should only work as a starting point for an interrogation of both terms and how they have come to look and function as empirical and analytical categories. Focusing on the ways that religion is played out in relation to politics reveals different historical and cultural...... constellations and positions, which can be highlighted as variations of religion as politics, religion in politics, religion out of politics, and religion not politics....

  11. Political Budget Cycles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aaskoven, Lasse; Lassen, David Dreyer


    The political budget cycle—how elections affect government fiscal policy—is one of the most studied subjects in political economy and political science. The key theoretical question is whether incumbent governments can time or structure public finances in ways that improve their chances of reelec......The political budget cycle—how elections affect government fiscal policy—is one of the most studied subjects in political economy and political science. The key theoretical question is whether incumbent governments can time or structure public finances in ways that improve their chances...... on political budget cycles have recently focused on conditions under which such cycles are likely to obtain. Much recent research focuses on subnational settings, allowing comparisons of governments in similar institutional environments, and a consensus on the presences of cycles in public finances...

  12. The politics of researching global health politics (United States)

    Rushton, Simon


    In this comment, I build on Shiffman’s call for the global health community to more deeply investigate structural and productive power. I highlight two challenges we must grapple with as social scientists carrying out the types of investigation that Shiffman proposes: the politics of challenging the powerful; and the need to investigate types of expertise that have traditionally been thought of as ‘outside’ global health. In doing so, I argue that moving forward with the agenda Shiffman sets out requires social scientists interested in the global politics of health to be reflexive about our own exercise of structural and productive power and the fact that researching global health politics is itself a political undertaking. PMID:25905482

  13. Redistributive Politics in a Political Union

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Citi, Manuele; Justesen, Mogens Kamp

    One of the main functions of centralized budgets in federal and political unions is to act as an equalizing mechanism to support economic cohesion. This is also the case with the European Union’s budget, which operates as a redistributive mechanism that counteracts the cross-national and cross...... remarkably over the last decades. In this paper, we investigate how and why the net fiscal position of each member state towards the rest of the EU changes over time. Using a novel panel dataset (1979-2014), we study how some key national and EU-level political and economic variables affect the EU...... find that the political orientation of national governments does not per se influence redistributive politics with in the EU. However, when the unemployment rate is rising, right-wing governments are able to extract significantly larger budgetary benefits....

  14. The British Nuclear Industry Forum's public affairs campaign

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Parker, Keith


    Full text: In March 1999, BNIF launched a public affairs Campaign with the objective of influencing the views of opinion formers - particularly in the political field - about the case for nuclear energy as a long-term, sustainable component of the UK's energy mix. The Campaign was launched to BNIF's 70 member companies under the slogan, Profiting through Partnership - By Changing the Climate of Opinion. That slogan was chosen to emphasise a key feature of the Campaign approach, which is the importance of an industry speaking collectively with one voice, but with each individual company actively playing its part by spreading the industry's messages to their own local and regional audiences - Members of Parliament, local politicians, local media - to build a groundswell of support for the eventual renewal of nuclear energy in the UK. Our aim was to place the prospect of a new nuclear power station firmly on the political agenda during the lifetime of the next Parliament - that is, in the period 2002-2007. The Campaign was launched at a time when a few encouraging signs were emerging of a growing recognition in Government, Parliament, and in academic and scientific circles that nuclear energy has an important role to play in meeting the energy and environmental challenges of the 21st century. The challenge, in particular, of climate change and the UK Government's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions undertaken at Kyoto and in its election manifesto, gave the industry a strong, positive issue on which to campaign. However, we fully recognised that to make a convincing case for nuclear energy we would also have to address the issues of concern and doubt in the minds of the public and politicians - economic competitiveness, waste management, transport and decommissioning. During the year, BNIF produced a range of Campaign materials, made submissions to several Government and other inquiries and consultations, organised events, meetings and discussions, all with

  15. Menstrual hygiene management among women and adolescent girls in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal. (United States)

    Budhathoki, Shyam Sundar; Bhattachan, Meika; Castro-Sánchez, Enrique; Sagtani, Reshu Agrawal; Rayamajhi, Rajan Bikram; Rai, Pramila; Sharma, Gaurav


    Menstrual hygiene management (MHM) is an essential aspect of hygiene for women and adolescent girls between menarche and menopause. Despite being an important issue concerning women and girls in the menstruating age group MHM is often overlooked in post-disaster responses. Further, there is limited evidence of menstrual hygiene management in humanitarian settings. This study aims to describe the experiences and perceptions of women and adolescent girls on menstrual hygiene management in post-earthquake Nepal. A mixed methods study was carried out among the earthquake affected women and adolescent girls in three villages of Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. Data was collected using a semi-structured questionnaire that captured experiences and perceptions of respondents on menstrual hygiene management in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. Quantitative data were triangulated with in-depth interview regarding respondent's personal experiences of menstrual hygiene management. Menstrual hygiene was rated as the sixth highest overall need and perceived as an immediate need by 18.8% of the respondents. There were 42.8% women & girls who menstruated within first week of the earthquake. Reusable sanitary cloth were used by about 66.7% of the respondents before the earthquake and remained a popular method (76.1%) post-earthquake. None of the respondents reported receiving menstrual adsorbents as relief materials in the first month following the earthquake. Disposable pads (77.8%) were preferred by respondents as they were perceived to be clean and convenient to use. Most respondents (73.5%) felt that reusable sanitary pads were a sustainable choice. Women who were in the age group of 15-34 years (OR = 3.14; CI = (1.07-9.20), did not go to school (OR = 9.68; CI = 2.16-43.33), married (OR = 2.99; CI = 1.22-7.31) and previously used reusable sanitary cloth (OR = 5.82; CI = 2.33-14.55) were more likely to use the reusable sanitary cloth. In

  16. Radioisotopes as Political Instruments, 1946–1953 (United States)

    Creager, Angela N. H.


    The development of nuclear “piles,” soon called reactors, in the Manhattan Project provided a new technology for manufacturing radioactive isotopes. Radioisotopes, unstable variants of chemical elements that give off detectable radiation upon decay, were available in small amounts for use in research and therapy before World War II. In 1946, the U.S. government began utilizing one of its first reactors, dubbed X-10 at Oak Ridge, as a production facility for radioisotopes available for purchase to civilian institutions. This program of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission was meant to exemplify the peacetime dividends of atomic energy. The numerous requests from scientists outside the United States, however, sparked a political debate about whether the Commission should or even could export radioisotopes. This controversy manifested the tension in U.S. politics between scientific internationalism as a tool of diplomacy, associated with the aims of the Marshall Plan, and the desire to safeguard the country’s atomic monopoly at all costs, linked to American anti-Communism. This essay examines the various ways in which radioisotopes were used as political instruments—both by the U.S. federal government in world affairs, and by critics of the civilian control of atomic energy—in the early Cold War. PMID:20725612

  17. Radioisotopes as Political Instruments, 1946-1953. (United States)

    Creager, Angela N H


    The development of nuclear "piles," soon called reactors, in the Manhattan Project provided a new technology for manufacturing radioactive isotopes. Radioisotopes, unstable variants of chemical elements that give off detectable radiation upon decay, were available in small amounts for use in research and therapy before World War II. In 1946, the U.S. government began utilizing one of its first reactors, dubbed X-10 at Oak Ridge, as a production facility for radioisotopes available for purchase to civilian institutions. This program of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission was meant to exemplify the peacetime dividends of atomic energy. The numerous requests from scientists outside the United States, however, sparked a political debate about whether the Commission should or even could export radioisotopes. This controversy manifested the tension in U.S. politics between scientific internationalism as a tool of diplomacy, associated with the aims of the Marshall Plan, and the desire to safeguard the country's atomic monopoly at all costs, linked to American anti-Communism. This essay examines the various ways in which radioisotopes were used as political instruments-both by the U.S. federal government in world affairs, and by critics of the civilian control of atomic energy-in the early Cold War.

  18. USSR Report Military Affairs No. 1790

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    Partial Contents: Military Political Issues, Ministry Of Defense and General Staff, Warsaw Pact and Groups of FOrces, Armed Forces, Ground Forces, Air Defense Forces, Naval Forces, Civil Defense, DOSAAF and Military...

  19. Life in a Crime Scene: Stop, Question, and Frisk Activity in New York City Neighborhoods in the Aftermath of Homicides

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johanna Lacoe


    Full Text Available An incident of extreme violence, such as a homicide, disrupts daily life not only through the incident itself but also through the chaos and disruption that emerge in the aftermath of violence. This article presents descriptive evidence about how communities are affected by increased police activity—specifically, stop, question, and frisk (SQF activity—following an incident of extreme violence. Our results show that SQF activity in a block group increases in the week following a homicide in New York City, with the largest increases in neighborhoods with high crime rates. Furthermore, neighborhoods with different racial and ethnic compositions have differential levels of average SQF activity and also experience differential responses from the police in the aftermath of a homicide. African American residents have a higher probability of being stopped following a homicide than do nonblack residents across neighborhoods of all types.

  20. Analysis of comparative English media reports about the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sakai, Makoto


    I performed a comparative analysis of media reports that related to the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster. I researched advanced countries' media reports on the nuclear power technology field, and especially those from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. For this research, I gathered news texts on the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster from newspapers and websites. Then I categorized them into four groups, to analyze what the media in the above four counties have reported about Fukushima: 'same context' (typical context), 'a different context from other countries' media', 'a changing context from before', and 'proposals for the decommissioning and reconstruction process in Japan'. (author)

  1. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, International Affairs. (United States)


    Children’s festivals , carnivals based on local tradition, performances by music groups and polit- ical cabaret artistes at the time of political...specialists, tourism , that is, those that presuppose using cash. Accounts in convertible national currencies involving the production and scientific...communists took these proposals to the people of the city—they set up information stands, around which discussion arose and children’s festivities

  2. Translations on USSR Military Affairs, Number 1291 (United States)


    gymnastics and other tournaments be organized. But for some reason the Komsomol activists did not heed these suggestions. More- over, some of them... artistic literature. Most political workers read and think about what they have read. But there are still those who have not acquired a taste for...tions of political and artistic literature come up they do not always remember the book and when they read it. Some go no further than ad

  3. School of Political Science

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. D. Voskresensky


    Full Text Available Out of all the departments of political sciences in Russia - the Department at MGIMO-University is probably the oldest one. In fact it is very young. While MGIMO-University is celebrating its 70th anniversary the Department of Political Sciences turns 15. Despite the fact that political analyst is a relatively new profession in Russia, it acquired a legal standing only in the 1990s, the political science school at MGIMO-University is almost as old as the university itself. Unlike many other universities, focused on the training teachers of political science or campaign managers MGIMO-University has developed its own unique political science school of "full cycle", where students grow into political sciences from a zero level up to the highest qualifications as teachers and researchers, and campaign managers, consultants and practitioners. The uniqueness of the school of political science at MGIMO-University allows its institutional incarnation -the Department of Political Science - to offer prospective studentsa training in a wide range of popular specialties and specializations, while ensuring a deep theoretical and practical basis of the training. Studying at MGIMO-University traditionally includes enhanced linguistic component (at least two foreign languages. For students of international relations and political science learning foreign languages is particularly important.It allows not only to communicate, but also to produce expertise and knowledge in foreign languages.

  4. Adolescent substance use in Israel: The roles of exposure to political traumas and posttraumatic stress symptoms. (United States)

    Schiff, Miriam; Fang, Lin


    Previous studies have not examined the potential mediating role of posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTS) and moderating roles of gender and ethnicity among adolescents in the aftermath of political traumas, especially in the Middle East. This study of Israeli adolescents aimed to begin bridging these gaps in knowledge. We addressed the following hypotheses: (a) greater exposure to multiple political traumas would be associated with adolescent substance use; (b) greater PTS would be associated with adolescent substance use; (c) PTS would mediate the association of exposure to multiple political traumas on substance use; and (d) gender and ethnicity would moderate the pathways from exposure and PTS to substance use. A nationally representative sample included 4,733 Grade 10 and 11 students (half were females; 36.8% were Arabs). Results of bootstrapping estimations found a significant direct link between exposure to multiple political traumas and substance use, as well as an indirect link through PTS. Gender moderated the relationship between PTS and substance use, while ethnicity moderated the association between exposure and substance use. Specifically, female adolescent substance use decreased when their PTS increased. Arab adolescents who had greater exposure to multiple political traumas used more substances. PTS may be an important mechanism by which trauma exposure is associated with increased substance use. Screening adolescents for PTS and substance use, shortly after political trauma, is essential to address the potential risk factors in vulnerable adolescents.

  5. Politics, Planning and Regionalism. (United States)

    Zukosky, Jerome

    The concept of regionalism identifies the issues in public affairs pertaining to a region and develops structures through which citizens can participate in the decisionmaking process. This speech describes educational decisions in the State of New York as affected by local decentralization and by concentration of power at the State level. Relevant…

  6. Genetic aftermath of the Chernobyl accident in the populations of Byelorus zones

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lazjuk, G.I.; Kirillova, I.A.; Nilolaev, D.L.; Khmel, R.D.; Sato, Yukio.


    Since the Chernobyl nuclear accident, various long-term surveys have been made on congenital malformations, abnormal embryos and fetuses, multiple congenital malformations and others in Byelorus zones. This report introduces the outcome of these surveys. Legal abortuses at the gestation of 5-12 weeks and newborns were reviewed for teratogenetic and mutagenic analyses. Approximately 50 kinds of abnormal diseases were observed in legal abortuses; urogenital system disease was the most common, followed by gastrointestinal and neurological diseases. There was no significant difference in malformation frequency in legal abortuses in Minsk and Gomel before and after the Chernobyul accident. There was neither specific teratogenetic effect nor fetus growth that was thought to be attributed to radiation exposure directly due to the Chernobyl accident. However, the incidence (per 1000 deliveries) of children born with obligatory registered malformations was increased in all Byelorus zones. This tendency was noticeable especially in the newborn born in the zone of cesium-137 of 15 Ci/km 2 (555 kBq/m 2 ), which was much more than that expected by the ICRP. The correlation between some congenital malformations and ionizing radiation has been shown only indirectly by an increase in dominant hereditary abnormality in the contaminated areas. Further collection of materials, registration and statistical analysis will provide more reliable information to evaluate genetic aftermath of the Chernobyl accident objectively. (N.K.)

  7. Survivors’ Solidarity and Attachment in the Immediate Aftermath of the Typhoon Haiyan (Philippines) (United States)

    Bartolucci, Andrea; Magni, Michele


    Introduction: Anti-social behavior and self-preservation are often assumed to be normal responses to threats and disasters; on the contrary, decades of research and empirical studies in social sciences showed that pro-social behaviors are frequently common and that solidarity is the typical response to a variety of threats. The main objective of this study is to investigate and describe survivors’ behavior, especially solidarity, according to the presence of familiar persons and to the perception of physical danger, elaborating the framework of Mawson’s social attachment theory. Methods: In order to investigate these relationships, a behavioral research was carried out involving 288 people affected by the December 8th 2013 Haiyan Typhoon (Yolanda). Results: Results revealed that solidarity was predominant and people reacted collectively and actively taking part in relief activities. Furthermore, we found strong solidarity and help towards strangers and unfamiliar persons. Discussion: Investigating how people react is essential to develop a more efficient and effective response strategy, especially in the immediate aftermath of a disaster when disaster managers have little control of the situation and people rely on themselves; the natural tendency to help others can be essential to reduce losses and to fill the temporal gap between the event and the arrival of the organized relief unit. PMID:28154787

  8. Survivors' Solidarity and Attachment in the Immediate Aftermath of the Typhoon Haiyan (Philippines). (United States)

    Bartolucci, Andrea; Magni, Michele


    Anti-social behavior and self-preservation are often assumed to be normal responses to threats and disasters; on the contrary, decades of research and empirical studies in social sciences showed that pro-social behaviors are frequently common and that solidarity is the typical response to a variety of threats. The main objective of this study is to investigate and describe survivors' behavior, especially solidarity, according to the presence of familiar persons and to the perception of physical danger, elaborating the framework of Mawson's social attachment theory. In order to investigate these relationships, a behavioral research was carried out involving 288 people affected by the December 8th 2013 Haiyan Typhoon (Yolanda). Results revealed that solidarity was predominant and people reacted collectively and actively taking part in relief activities. Furthermore, we found strong solidarity and help towards strangers and unfamiliar persons. Investigating how people react is essential to develop a more efficient and effective response strategy, especially in the immediate aftermath of a disaster when disaster managers have little control of the situation and people rely on themselves; the natural tendency to help others can be essential to reduce losses and to fill the temporal gap between the event and the arrival of the organized relief unit.

  9. The aftermath of terrorism: posttraumatic stress and functional impairment after the 2011 Oslo bombing. (United States)

    Solberg, Øivind; Blix, Ines; Heir, Trond


    In the present study we wanted to investigate the link between exposure, posttraumatic stress symptomatology, and functional impairment in the aftermath of terrorism. Posttraumatic stress symptomatology and functional impairment related to the Oslo bombing 22nd of July, 2011, in directly and indirectly exposed individuals (N = 1927) were assessed together with demographics, exposure, peri-traumatic reactions, and event centrality approximately 1 year after the attack. Directly and indirectly exposed individuals qualifying for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) reported similar peri-traumatic reactions, event centrality, and functional impairment. However, clusters within the PTSD symptomatology were differentially associated with impairment as a function of their exposure. In the directly exposed group, all clusters within the PTSD symptomatology were associated with impairment in function, while only emotional numbing was associated with impairment within the indirectly exposed group. Considering that terror attacks frequently involve directly exposed individuals and a larger population of indirectly exposed individuals, this finding is of importance, especially in the design of intervention programs and the development of treatment policies.

  10. Eosinophilic Otitis Media: the Aftermath of Eosinophil Extracellular Trap Cell Death. (United States)

    Ueki, Shigeharu; Ohta, Nobuo; Takeda, Masahide; Konno, Yasunori; Hirokawa, Makoto


    Eosinophilic otitis media (EOM) is a refractory disease characterized by the accumulation of eosinophils in middle ear effusion and mucosa. We summarize current knowledge regarding the clinical characteristics and management of EOM. Although eosinophil activation in inflamed foci is involved in the pathogenesis of EOM, little is known about the fate of the eosinophils and aftermath of their cell death. We discuss the possibility that eosinophils undergo non-apoptotic cell death that worsens tissue damage and increases effusion viscosity. Unlike chronic otitis media, EOM is strongly associated with an allergic background. Corticosteroids are currently the only effective pharmacological treatment, and surgical intervention is often required. Mucosal eosinophils infiltrate extensively into the middle ear cavity where they are stimulated by locally produced activators including interleukin-5 and eotaxin. The eosinophils undergo cytolysis in the effusion, which represents a major fate of activated eosinophils in vivo. Recent data revealed cytolysis could be renamed as extracellular trap cell death (ETosis). ETosis represents suicidal cell death involving total cell degranulation and development of sticky chromatin structures (extracellular traps (ETs)). The characteristics of eosinophil- and neutrophil-derived ET polymers might contribute to the difference in viscosity of secretions between EOM and common chronic otitis media. The extracellular products remaining after eosinophil ETosis are an important aspect of EOM pathology. The concept of ETosis also has novel implications for potential therapeutic modalities in various eosinophilic disorders.

  11. Prioritizing recovery of urban lifelines in the aftermath of hazards: Transportation in post-Harvey Houston (United States)

    Warner, M. E.; Bhatia, U.; Sela, L.; Wang, R.; Kodra, E.; Ganguly, A. R.


    A well-designed recovery strategy for lifeline infrastructure networks can lead to faster and more reliable restoration of essential services in the aftermath of natural catastrophes such as hurricanes or earthquakes. Urban and regional lifelines impact one another, while the recovery of urban lifelines in turn impacts regional infrastructural resilience, owing to the interdependence of lifelines across scales. Prior work by our team, often in collaboration, has led to the development of new recovery approaches based on network science and engineering, including centrality measures from network science, information theoretic metrics, and network optimization approaches. We have developed proof-of-concept demonstrations at both regional scales, such as for the Indian Railways Network and the US National Airspace System both subjected to multiple hazards, and to urban settings, such as the post-Hurricane recovery of combined power-subway system-of-systems in Boston and the New York City MTA after Hurricane Sandy. Here we make an attempt to understand how such methods may have been, or continue to be, applicable to the transportation network in Houston post-Harvey, and more broadly, how and to what extent lessons learned in urban and regional resilience may generalize across cases. We make an assessment of the state of the literature, process understanding, simulation models, data science methods, and best practices, necessary to address problems of this nature, with a particular focus on post-Harvey recovery of transportation services in Houston.

  12. Oil spills and other issues in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita : an overview

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Davis, D.W.


    The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina revealed weaknesses in the command, control, communications, and information dissemination functions within a variety of emergency response systems. This paper gave an outline of clean-up procedures involving hazardous materials. To date, clean-up crews have disposed of 8.0 million tonnes of an estimated 22.0 million tonnes of debris. The clean-up involved more than 1.3 million containerized hazardous materials; more than 230,000 damaged white goods; and nearly 43,000 damaged electronic goods. More than 3,400 samples of water, soil and air have been collected. Nearly 75 chemistry laboratories in schools have been inspected, and an additional 1500 emergency assessments of potential chemical releases were investigated. The floodwaters carried nearly 4.1 million litres of oil from a Chalmette refinery. Between September and the end of 2005, the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office logged in 81 spill events in southwest Louisiana involving 22,000 bbls of crude. Six major, 3 medium and 131 minor events have occurred in southeast Louisiana. More than 3000 offshore platforms were shut down or damaged during the 2005 hurricane season. At least 115 platforms were destroyed and 52 were damaged. Onshore spills of concern included incidents at Murphy Oil Refinery; Bass Enterprise Production Company; Chevron at Port Fourchon; Venice Energy Services Company; Shell Pipeline; and Sundown Energy. It was concluded work done by the spill community will result in the development of more effective response plans. 23 refs

  13. Guidelines for the use of foreign field hospitals in the aftermath of sudden-impact disaster. (United States)


    Natural and complex disasters can cause a dramatic increase in the demand for emergency medical care. Local health services can be overwhelmed, and damage to clinics and hospitals can render them useless. Many countries maintain mobile field hospitals for defense or humanitarian purposes. Dispatching these facilities to disaster-affected countries would seem an ideal response to emergency medical needs. Unfortunately, experience has shown that in the case of natural disasters, field hospitals often have not met the expectations of recipients and donor institutions. In July 2003, the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization sponsored a workshop in El Salvador to discuss the pros and cons of using foreign field hospitals in the aftermath of natural disasters. These guidelines are the result of that workshop. The workshop participants identified different phases when foreign field hospitals and specialized medical personnel are most useful. They can provide advanced trauma care and life support if at the disaster site within 48 hours of the impact of an event; they would provide follow-up care for trauma victims and resumption of routine medical care in the two weeks following the event; during rehabilitation and reconstruction phases (from two months to two or more years), a field hospital might serve as a temporary replacement for damaged health facilities. These guidelines propose conditions that field hospitals and their staff should meet for each of these phases. The guidelines also outline issues that authorities in donor countries and disaster-affected countries should discuss before mobilizing a field hospital.

  14. Multi-level functionality of social media in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake. (United States)

    Jung, Joo-Young; Moro, Munehito


    This study examines the multi-level functionalities of social media in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 11 March 2011. Based on a conceptual model of multi-level story flows of social media (Jung and Moro, 2012), the study analyses the multiple functionalities that were ascribed to social media by individuals, organisations, and macro-level social systems (government and the mass media) after the earthquake. Based on survey data, a review of Twitter timelines and secondary sources, the authors derive five functionalities of social media: interpersonal communications with others (micro level); channels for local governments; organisations and local media (meso level); channels for mass media (macro level); information sharing and gathering (cross level); and direct channels between micro-/meso- and macro-level agents. The study sheds light on the future potential of social media in disaster situations and suggests how to design an effective communication network to prepare for emergency situations. © 2014 The Author(s). Disasters © Overseas Development Institute, 2014.

  15. Establishing Political Deliberation Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rose, Jeremy; Sæbø, Øystein


    The extension and transformation of political participation is dependent on widespread deliberation supported by information and communication technologies.  The most commonly found examples of these eParticipation systems are political discussion forums.  Though much of the discussion...... of these technologies is conducted in the eGovernment and (particularly) the eDemocracy literature, political discussion forums present a distinct set of design and management challenges which relate directly to IS concerns. In this article we analyze problems in establishing political deliberation systems under five...... headings: stakeholder engagement, web platform design, web platform management, political process re-shaping and evaluation and improvement. We review the existing literature and present a longitudinal case study of a political discussion forum: the Norwegian DemokratiTorget (Democracy Square).  We define...

  16. Comparing Political Journalism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Comparing Political Journalism is a systematic, in-depth study of the factors that shape and influence political news coverage today. Using techniques drawn from the growing field of comparative political communication, an international group of contributors analyse political news content drawn...... Comparing Political Journalism offers an unparalleled scope in assessing the implications for the ongoing transformation of Western media systems, and addresses core concepts of central importance to students and scholars of political communication world-wide....... from newspapers, television news, and news websites from 16 countries, to assess what kinds of media systems are most conducive to producing quality journalism. Underpinned by key conceptual themes, such as the role that the media are expected to play in democracies and quality of coverage...

  17. Public affairs events at Fall Meeting (United States)

    Uhlenbrock, Kristan


    AGU's Public Affairs team presented two workshop luncheons and hosted 17 oral and poster sessions at the 2011 Fall Meeting. Topics ranged from defining the importance of the geosciences, to climate change science for communities and institutions. The workshop luncheon "How to Be a Congressional Science Fellow or Mass Media Fellow" was a well-attended event with more than 115 participants. The luncheon provided the opportunity for audience members to ask fellow scientists about their experiences working either in Congress or as a reporter for a news organization. For scientists looking to expand their expertise outside the academic environment, these AGU fellowships are fantastic opportunities.

  18. Chaos theory in politics

    CERN Document Server

    Erçetin, Şefika; Tekin, Ali


    The present work investigates global politics and political implications of social science and management with the aid of the latest complexity and chaos theories. Until now, deterministic chaos and nonlinear analysis have not been a focal point in this area of research. This book remedies this deficiency by utilizing these methods in the analysis of the subject matter. The authors provide the reader a detailed analysis on politics and its associated applications with the help of chaos theory, in a single edited volume.

  19. The Politics of Dissent

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bak Jørgensen, Martin; Agustin, Oscar Garcia


    In Politics of Dissent the framework for analysing politics of dissent is outlined. The outlined framework problematizes the conventional understandings of dissent as something characterising individual historical figures. The chapter provides both a theoretical underpinning of dissent as well...... as an approach to investigate the current contestations taking place on a global level. Politics of dissent entails the questioning of consensus. It conceptualises dissent as a collective process taking place on everyday level. It conceptualises moments of dissent. Finally it investigates the emergent...

  20. Student Affairs Case Management: Merging Social Work Theory with Student Affairs Practice (United States)

    Adams, Sharrika D.; Hazelwood, Sherry; Hayden, Bruce


    Case management is a functional area in higher education and student affairs that emerged after the mass shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007. Although new to higher education, case management emerged from established social work practice. This article compares social work theory and case management standards with a new case management model for…

  1. Astronomy and Politics (United States)

    Steele, John M.

    The relationship between astronomy and politics is a complex but important part of understanding the practice of astronomy throughout history. This chapter explores some of the ways that astronomy, astrology, and politics have interacted, placing particular focus on the way that astronomy and astrology have been used for political purposes by both people in power and people who wish to influence a ruler's policy. Also discussed are the effects that politics has had on the development of astronomy and, in particular, upon the recording and preservation of astronomical knowledge.

  2. Defining political community

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sladeček Michal M.


    Full Text Available This paper considers the concept of political community, its constitution and value. The starting point is that the concept of community is not sufficiently recognized in modern political theories, as well as in contemporary liberal theory. In the last two decades communitarian and republican political theory attempted to revitalize this notion. The first part of the paper elaborates on the polemics between these three theoretical orientations. The concluding part examines the possibilities and prospect for stable political community in conditions of pluralism of particular social communities and ethnocultural heterogeneity.

  3. Cosmopolitan political science. (United States)

    Grande, Edgar


    Until recently, the term cosmopolitism could rarely be found in modern political science literature. It was only in the 1990s that the term was rediscovered by political scientists in the critical discourse on globalization. In this article, I will explore the full potential of cosmopolitism as an analytical concept for empirical political science. I will argue that the concept of cosmopolitism should not be restricted to the analysis of global politics. Indeed, cosmopolitism has much more to offer for political scientists. Properly understood, it enables--and necessitates--a re-invention of political science in the age of globalization, comparable to the behavioural revolution in political science in the 1950s. Such a paradigmatic shift should be based on a twofold transformation of existing disciplinary boundaries: A removal of the boundary between national (and comparative) and international politics on the one hand; and a re-definition of the boundaries between empirical and normative approaches on the other. As a result, cosmopolitism may serve as a new, critical theory of politics based on the integration of hitherto separated fields and sub-fields.

  4. Politics and economics in the Asia-Pacific region: Beyond the Cold War

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Byung-Joon Ahn


    Linked inexorably by geopolitics and geo-economics, Asia and North America are facing a number of common challenges in the aftermath of the Cold War. The prospects of a North Korea armed with nuclear weapons and medium-range ballistic missiles, and of China becoming another superpower, are impelling both Asia and America, and the US, Japan, and South Korea in particular, to strengthen their partnership for security, interdependence, and democracy. Politics and economics in the Asia-Pacific region are at a crossroads, facing a new era of post-Cold War uncertainty. This chapter addresses the major trends emerging in the region in terms of changing national and international perspectives. It is important to examine what these changes imply for a new security and economic framework in Asia and the Pacific. The gravity of the world's political economy is shifting to this region

  5. Roots of political corruption in ancient history

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deretić Nataša Lj.


    Full Text Available Corruption has always been regarded as a special form of enrichment, based on prohibited and unethical grounds. Hence 'political corruption' could be defined as the immorality of the powerful; as the use of political power for the purpose of getting rich without any legal basis. Immorality of the powerful is the root of all the abuses that occur in the society. Those who are at the top of the pyramid of power have been particularly prominent in acquiring as large a fortune as possible. The phenomenon of 'political corruption' has been known in all societies, from the oldest to modern ones. In the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, there was an established custom of reciprocity between deliberate gifts and requested services. This phenomenon could be observed with Pericles, who is, among other things, attributed the idea of compensation for participation in state affairs. The phenomenon of 'political corruption' is referred to in Cicero's Rome, where bribery as a form of wealth acquisition without legal basis was formally condemned, but also widespread. Even today we can see that there are powerful persons who persist in the violation or circumvention of rules which guide any structured society: their wealth originates from the enormous acquisition of material things, but also the acquisition of various privileges which they are not entitled to, such as titles, promotions, etc. They are the ones who have brought about the demise of the Latin sentence that the basis of any developed society is: 'To live an honest life, hurt no one, and grant everyone their due.'.

  6. Perceptions regarding cardiothoracic surgical training at Veterans Affairs hospitals. (United States)

    Bakaeen, Faisal G; Stephens, Elizabeth H; Chu, Danny; Holman, William L; Vaporciyan, Ara A; Merrill, Walter H; Grover, Frederick L


    With cardiothoracic education going through a critical phase of reevaluation and adaptation, we investigated perceptions of Veterans Affairs hospitals in cardiothoracic training. A content-validated survey was distributed electronically to 676 cardiothoracic surgery residents, recent cardiothoracic graduates (on or after June 2006), cardiothoracic surgery chairpersons, program directors, associate program directors, and section heads. The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network was used to identify target recipients and their e-mail addresses. Forty-three percent of the target recipients (292/676) completed the survey. Of those who were residents, 59% (65/111) rotated at a Veterans Affairs hospital during their cardiothoracic training; this rotation accounted for 25% or more of the total training period for 19% of them (21/111). A Veterans Affairs appointment was held by 42% of program directors/chairpersons (20/48) and 24% of graduates, associate program directors, and section heads (31/129). An affiliation with a Veterans Affairs hospital was rated as somewhat to very beneficial by 93% of the responders (273/292), and the cardiothoracic training received at Veterans Affairs facilities was rated as good to excellent by 73% of the responders (213/292). Sixty-nine percent of respondents (201/292) reported the operating room environment at Veterans Affairs hospitals to be at least as conducive to learning as that at the affiliate teaching hospital, and 76% (223/292) indicated that residents get more autonomy and hands-on experience at Veterans Affairs institutions. In addition, 64% of responders (188/292) reported that they would seek or recommend a Veterans Affairs job. Responses were positive toward the Veterans Affairs system regardless of whether the responder had any Veterans Affairs affiliation (ie, appointment as staff or rotation as resident); however, a Veterans Affairs affiliation was associated with a higher rate of positive responses regarding Veterans Affairs

  7. Usage of marketing in politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marić Ivana


    Full Text Available Multi-party political system led to competition between political parties which caused the need for marketing in politics that improves political reputation. Politics, based on rich experience of political practice, used existing, developed methods and techniques of commercial marketing. Political marketing openly admits that politics and politicians are simply goods that are being sold on a political market. Political marketing is a whole way of operation by political parties which ask these questions: how do the voters choose; what affects their preference and how that preference can be influenced. Usage of political marketing in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still not on a satisfactory level but the knowledge about the importance of political marketing is increasing.

  8. In aftermath of financial investigation Phoenix VA employee demoted after her testimony

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robbins RA


    Full Text Available No abstract available. Article truncated after 150 words. A previous Southwest Journal of Pulmonary and Critical Care Journal editorial commented on fiscal mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA Medical Center in Phoenix (1. Now Paula Pedene, the former Phoenix VA public affairs officer, claims she was demoted for testimony she gave to the VA Inspector General’s Office (OIG regarding that investigation (2. In 2011, the OIG investigated the Phoenix VA for excess spending on private care of patients (3. The report blamed systemic failures for controls so weak that $56 million in medical fees were paid during 2010 without adequate review. The report particularly focused on one clinician assigned by the Chief of Staff to review hundreds of requests per week and the intensive care unit physicians for transferring patients to chronic ventilator units (1,3. After the investigation, the director and one of the associate directors left the VA and the chief of staff was promoted …

  9. Images and Meaning-Making in a World of Resemblance: The Bavarian-Saxon Kidney Stone Affair of 1580 (United States)

    Stein, Claudia


    This article de-constructs and re-constructs the dynamic of a sixteenth-century political dispute between the Catholic Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V and the Protestant Saxon Elector August I. By focusing on the visual imagery which ignited the dispute, the paper explores sixteenth-century ‘ways of seeing’ and the epistemic role realistic images played in the production of knowledge about the natural world. While the peculiar dynamic of the affair is based on a specific understanding of the evidential role of images, the paper also argues that the wider socio-cultural context, in particular certain strategies of truth-telling, provide further clues as to the dynamic and closure of the affair. PMID:26290618

  10. Centre for Political and

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    and definitions will be published and the data translated into the official ... The Centre provides a terminological and subject-related service to lecturers and ... postgraduate students in international politics, political studies and .... obtain financial contributions (cf. .... making of authoritative and enforceable rules (laws) for.

  11. Seizing Political Opportunity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Citi, Manuele; Justesen, Mogens Kamp


    Political actors need to be nimble and respond to the opportunity to reform old policies and initiate new ones. The article looks at how the European Commission takes advantage of politically opportune moments (the ‘gridlock interval’) in the European Parliament to put forward new legislation...

  12. ICTs and Political Life. (United States)

    Robbin, Alice; Courtright, Christina; Davis, Leah


    Presents a literature review that covers the following topics related to information and communications technologies (ICTs): (1) theories of ICTs and how they frame political life; (2) normative democratic theory and concepts; (3) e-political life; and (4) research on e-government, e-governance, and e-democracy; (Contains 276 references.) (MES)

  13. Principals' Perceptions of Politics (United States)

    Tooms, Autumn K.; Kretovics, Mark A.; Smialek, Charles A.


    This study is an effort to examine principals' perceptions of workplace politics and its influence on their productivity and efficacy. A survey was used to explore the perceptions of current school administrators with regard to workplace politics. The instrument was disseminated to principals serving public schools in one Midwestern state in the…

  14. Happiness and Politics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Landes, Xavier


    Over the last thirty years, happiness research in psychology, economics and philosophy has been discussing the proper meaning of happiness and its main determinants. Moreover, the idea has spread within academic and political circles that it may be legitimate for institutions to engage in “politics...... of happiness”. This article presents a critique of the project of promoting happiness through public policies....

  15. Political Communication with Animals

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Meijer, E.


    In this article I sketch the outlines of a theory of political human-animal conversations, based on ideas about language that I borrow from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s later work, in particular his notion of language-games. I present this theory as a supplement to the political theory of animal rights Sue

  16. The Politics of Encyclopaedias (United States)

    Fozooni, Babak


    The paper assesses the political credibility of three encyclopaedias (Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia of Marxism and Wikipedia) in relation to three chosen topics (Friedrich Engels's biography; the political philosophy of fascism; and, the discipline of social psychology). I was interested in discerning how entries are represented and…

  17. Comparative Political Communication Research

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Vreese, C.H.; Kenski, K.; Jamieson, K.H.


    This chapter provides an overview of comparative political communication research (CPCR). CPCR is a growing field since there is wide acknowledgement that many questions are not answered satisfactorily with single case studies. The chapter explains why political communication researchers should care

  18. Political Animals: The Paradox of Ecofeminist Politics. (United States)

    Sandilands, Catriona


    Analyzes the paradox between the careful work of rigorous political analysis and philosophy and a desire for mystery and the experience of awe and wildness that demands putting aside careful reasoning and the sensing of nature in an altogether different way. (LZ)

  19. Civic Political Culture, Participatory Governance and Political ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    This study x-rayed the significance of civic political culture on participatory governance and its .... The literature on participatory governance theory assumes that deliberation is key to effective .... factors and capture all considerations involved in making certain that citizen interests .... vital element in any organization.

  20. Socrates: Platonic Political Ideal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher P. Long


    Full Text Available This essay articulates the differences and suggests the similarities between the practices of Socratic political speaking and those of Platonic political writing. The essay delineates Socratic speaking and Platonic writing as both erotically oriented toward ideals capable of transforming the lives of individuals and their relationships with one another. Besides it shows that in the Protagoras the practices of Socratic political speaking are concerned less with Protagoras than with the individual young man, Hippocrates. In the Phaedo, this ideal of a Socrates is amplified in such a way that Platonic writing itself emerges as capable of doing with readers what Socratic speaking did with those he encountered. Socrates is the Platonic political ideal. The result is a picture of the transformative political power of Socratic speaking and Platonic writing both.

  1. The Politics of Dependence

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cockburn, Patrick Joseph

    The central claim of this book is that thinking about ‘dependence’ should be at the core of political theory principally because it helps us to think about issues of economic justice. Unlike political theories that either condemn or celebrate dependence, the book argues that dependence...... is an inescapable fact of social life, neither good nor bad in itself. The real political issues are about how we as a society organise and judge various forms of dependence. And this is, in fact, what much political debate is about if we dig beneath the surface. On the one hand, we disagree about how we should...... organise vulnerability; on the other hand, we disagree about who we should condemn as parasitical. Vulnerability and parasitism are thus key concepts for understanding political debate about forms of dependence. Showing the tension between these two sides to the problem of economic dependence...

  2. Politics and abortion in Bulgaria. (United States)

    Sirakova, K


    Political change in Bulgaria has meant the beginning of the recognition of the reproduction rights of women. Abortion, for example, was legalized in 1990. Women in Bulgaria, however, still lack the information they need on basic hygiene and sex. It is impossible to promulgate a progressive strategy in Bulgaria if one ignores the isolation of the Turkish and Gypsy ethnic communities. In addition, an economic crisis exists, and no real measures have been undertaken to mitigate the situation. The new democratic institutions have settled comfortably into the structures of the former communist rule, even to the point of adopting the same extensive demagogic terminology which perpetrates the old gap between words and deeds. For example, although a new birth control strategy and plan for sex education was announced 2 years ago, nothing definite has been done. One development, however, has been the legalization of abortion, which was accompanied by an immediate drop in the abortion rate (still 1.5 abortions/birth). Because of a lack of sex education, 900 children are born to girls under age 15 each year. Bulgaria is just starting to embrace modern values and must update its attitudes towards women. Bulgaria's formal institutions seem to be unable to face this issue, and many societies and foundations have emerged to work for women's rights, to protect out-of-wedlock children, and to fight disease (including AIDS) and drug addiction. However, these organizations are not producing real results and are simply providing shelter to representatives of the old nomenclature. Real efforts to overcome these problems will continue despite the current discouraging state of affairs.

  3. Microvascular dysfunction in the immediate aftermath of chronic total coronary occlusion recanalization. (United States)

    Ladwiniec, Andrew; Cunnington, Michael S; Rossington, Jennifer; Thackray, Simon; Alamgir, Farquad; Hoye, Angela


    The aim of this study was to compare microvascular resistance under both baseline and hyperemic conditions immediately after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) of a chronic total occlusion (CTO) with an unobstructed reference vessel in the same patient Microvascular dysfunction has been reported to be prevalent immediately after CTO PCI. However, previous studies have not made comparison with a reference vessel. Patients with a CTO may have global microvascular and/or endothelial dysfunction, making comparison with established normal values misleading. After successful CTO PCI in 21 consecutive patients, coronary pressure and flow velocity were measured at baseline and hyperemia in distal segments of the CTO/target vessel and an unobstructed reference vessel. Hemodynamics including hyperemic microvascular resistance (HMR), basal microvascular resistance (BMR), and instantaneous minimal microvascular resistance at baseline and hyperemia were calculated and compared between reference and target/CTO vessels. After CTO PCI, BMR was reduced in the target/CTO vessel compared with the reference vessel: 3.58 mm Hg/cm/s vs 4.94 mm Hg/cm/s, difference -1.36 mm Hg/cm/s (-2.33 to -0.39, p = 0.008). We did not detect a difference in HMR: 1.82 mm Hg/cm/s vs 2.01 mm Hg/cm/s, difference -0.20 (-0.78 to 0.39, p = 0.49). Instantaneous minimal microvascular resistance correlated strongly with the length of stented segment at baseline (r = 0.63, p = 0.005) and hyperemia (r = 0.68, p = 0.002). BMR is reduced in a recanalized CTO in the immediate aftermath of PCI compared to an unobstructed reference vessel; however, HMR appears to be preserved. A longer stented segment is associated with increased microvascular resistance. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  4. The aftermath of memory retrieval for recycling visual working memory representations. (United States)

    Park, Hyung-Bum; Zhang, Weiwei; Hyun, Joo-Seok


    We examined the aftermath of accessing and retrieving a subset of information stored in visual working memory (VWM)-namely, whether detection of a mismatch between memory and perception can impair the original memory of an item while triggering recognition-induced forgetting for the remaining, untested items. For this purpose, we devised a consecutive-change detection task wherein two successive testing probes were displayed after a single set of memory items. Across two experiments utilizing different memory-testing methods (whole vs. single probe), we observed a reliable pattern of poor performance in change detection for the second test when the first test had exhibited a color change. The impairment after a color change was evident even when the same memory item was repeatedly probed; this suggests that an attention-driven, salient visual change made it difficult to reinstate the previously remembered item. The second change detection, for memory items untested during the first change detection, was also found to be inaccurate, indicating that recognition-induced forgetting had occurred for the unprobed items in VWM. In a third experiment, we conducted a task that involved change detection plus continuous recall, wherein a memory recall task was presented after the change detection task. The analyses of the distributions of recall errors with a probabilistic mixture model revealed that the memory impairments from both visual changes and recognition-induced forgetting are explained better by the stochastic loss of memory items than by their degraded resolution. These results indicate that attention-driven visual change and recognition-induced forgetting jointly influence the "recycling" of VWM representations.

  5. Oil spills and other issues in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita : an overview

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Davis, D.W. [Lousiana Applied and Educational Research and Development Program, Baton Rouge, LA (United States)


    The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina revealed weaknesses in the command, control, communications, and information dissemination functions within a variety of emergency response systems. This paper gave an outline of clean-up procedures involving hazardous materials. To date, clean-up crews have disposed of 8.0 million tonnes of an estimated 22.0 million tonnes of debris. The clean-up involved more than 1.3 million containerized hazardous materials; more than 230,000 damaged white goods; and nearly 43,000 damaged electronic goods. More than 3,400 samples of water, soil and air have been collected. Nearly 75 chemistry laboratories in schools have been inspected, and an additional 1500 emergency assessments of potential chemical releases were investigated. The floodwaters carried nearly 4.1 million litres of oil from a Chalmette refinery. Between September and the end of 2005, the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office logged in 81 spill events in southwest Louisiana involving 22,000 bbls of crude. Six major, 3 medium and 131 minor events have occurred in southeast Louisiana. More than 3000 offshore platforms were shut down or damaged during the 2005 hurricane season. At least 115 platforms were destroyed and 52 were damaged. Onshore spills of concern included incidents at Murphy Oil Refinery; Bass Enterprise Production Company; Chevron at Port Fourchon; Venice Energy Services Company; Shell Pipeline; and Sundown Energy. It was concluded work done by the spill community will result in the development of more effective response plans. 23 refs.

  6. A Note on the Political Entrepreneur and the Limits of Pure Theory [O notă asupra întreprinzătorului politic şi limitele teoriei pure


    Apăvăloaei Matei Alexandru


    The "political entrepreneur" has been defined as the ultimate decision maker in matters concerning state / governmental affairs. But who exactly is this character? The present paper is going to build upon the above definition and stress the fact that some further elements have to be taken into consideration in order to provide a satisfactory answer to this question.

  7. International Affairs Programs: The Air Force Versus the Army (United States)


    individual tutoring programs . Additionally RAS personnel are offered regional enhancement studies opportunities at several facilities.48 RAS personnel...AU/ACSC/2015 AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS PROGRAMS : THE AIR FORCE VERSUS THE ARMY by Robin L...5 COMPARISON: INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS PROGRAMS AIR FORCE VERSUS ARMY 8

  8. 77 FR 52379 - Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs (United States)


    ... SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice of open Federal Advisory Committee meeting. SUMMARY: The SBA is... Committee on Veterans Business Affairs. The meeting will be open to the public. DATES: September 10, 2012...

  9. 78 FR 70088 - Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs (United States)


    ... SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice of open Federal Advisory Committee meeting. SUMMARY: The SBA is... Committee on Veterans Business Affairs. The meeting will be open to the public. DATES: December 5, 2013 from...

  10. 75 FR 22434 - Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs (United States)


    ... SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Advisory Committee on Veterans Business Affairs AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration. ACTION: Notice of open Federal Advisory Committee Meeting. SUMMARY: The SBA is... Committee on Veterans Business Affairs. The meeting will be open to the public. DATES: Tuesday, May 25, 2010...

  11. Public Affairs & Strategic Communications (NGB-PA) - Personal Staff - Joint (United States)

    guards, exhibit displays and speakers. Learn more about Community Relations Public Queries If you are Guard ARNG Media ARNG Public Affairs Family Services Youth Programs Survivor Services Military Funeral General Officer Management Public Affairs Executive Support Services Legislative Liaison Special Staff

  12. Powers and Duties of the Corporate Affairs Commission as a ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Corporate Affairs Commission was established by section 1 of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Cap C.20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 (CAMA). The Corporate Affairs Commission is a regulatory body, established to regulate the incorporation, running and winding up of companies, business names and ...

  13. Community Relations - Public Affairs - Personal Staff - Joint Staff - The (United States)

    : Public Affairs : Community Relations Community Relations The National Guard Bureau Civic Engagement Report National Commission of the Future of the Army White Papers I am the Guard ARNG Media ARNG Public Public Affairs Executive Support Services Legislative Liaison Special Staff Directorate of Management

  14. Asia-Pacific Journal for Student Affairs (AJSA)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The International Association of Student Affairs and Services (IASAS) serves as a global network of student affairs and services workers that encourages sharing, cooperation, research, exchanges, and attendance at each other's conferences. The Vice President and. General Secretary of IASAS attended the 2016 Asia ...

  15. Underlying Paradigms in Student Affairs Research and Practice (United States)

    Guido, Florence M.; Chavez, Alicia Fedelina; Lincoln, Yvonna S.


    Student affairs professionals benefit from understanding paradigms, worldviews, and ways of being among diverse faculty, staff, and students. It is challenging to understand core differences of paradigms, design student affairs practice and research in congruence with or across specific philosophies, and work effectively with individuals operating…

  16. Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services: Prof. Adam Habib's ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Nov 1, 2016 ... He was a keynote speaker at the 2016 Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services held from 27–28 October ... and Services, with 50 student affairs leaders in attendance. To survive the 21st century, .... While Habib knew there was tax avoidance, if increased taxes resulted in a 20% contraction in gross ...

  17. 40 CFR 1.37 - Office of External Affairs. (United States)


    ... program direction and professional review of the performance of public affairs functions in the Regional... result in contracts in the area of public information and community relations. It develops proposals and... Administrator for External Affairs and supervises all the functions of the Office. The Director acts as national...

  18. Helping Competencies of Student Affairs Professionals: A Delphi Study (United States)

    Reynolds, Amy L.


    The purpose of this study was to gather student affairs professionals' perceptions of the knowledge and skills needed to effectively help students. Using the Delphi method, 159 entry-level and mid-level student affairs administrators from institutions across the United States were surveyed regarding their perceptions of the helping skills they use…

  19. College Student Concerns: Perceptions of Student Affairs Practitioners (United States)

    Reynolds, Amy L.


    The purpose of this study was to increase awareness of the perceptions of student affairs professionals regarding the most frequent and challenging concerns facing college students today. Using the Delphi method, 159 entry-level and mid-level student affairs administrators from institutions across the country were surveyed about their perceptions…

  20. 10 CFR 1.28 - Office of Public Affairs. (United States)


    ... 10 Energy 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Office of Public Affairs. 1.28 Section 1.28 Energy NUCLEAR... Office of Public Affairs. The Office of Public Affairs— (a) Develops policies, programs, and procedures for the Chairman's approval for informing the public of NRC activities; (b) Prepares, clears, and...

  1. Efficacy of Orientation for New Student Affairs Professionals (United States)

    Dean, Laura A.; Saunders, Sue A.; Thompson, George F.; Cooper, Dianne L.


    New staff orientation is a strategy that can positively affect job satisfaction and productivity, especially for those beginning careers in student affairs. In this study, new student affairs professionals were surveyed to determine their perceptions about the content and efficacy of their orientation experiences. Despite literature encouraging…

  2. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs, Press Surveys from Soviet Southern Republics (United States)


    Research Institute of Viticulture, Winemaking and Horticulture , concerning the disappointing grape harvest this past session. Many farm managers and other... therapeutic properties. This is simply not true, the official says, but has been fabricated by tongue-waggers and, perhaps, by "hostile elements." BOOK ON

  3. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1394 (United States)


    revolutionary and public activists to be anachronistic and outdated, and the dogmatists called the young personnel newcomers and Beatles . Certain reflexes...language sources are translated; those from English-language sources are transcribed or reprinted, with the original phrasing and other...Excerpt] in the first line of each item, or following the last line of a brief, indicate how the original information was processed. Where no

  4. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1443 (United States)


    acquaint myself with the city of Shkoder and with the glorious epic of the heroes Perlat Rexhepi , Branko Kadia and Jordan Misja. Having seen the...Perlat Rexhepi farm enterprise, the result of the persistent work of all the workers and specialists of that enterprise. And other visits to the copper

  5. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs No. 1447 (United States)


    common historical destiny " and "our common final goal," in this way implying and stressing the special links between peoples of the same ethnic group...chamber of Yugoslavia. This is, indeed, an embryo of the future interest organization, which will soon, when the interests of the economy become

  6. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1363 (United States)


    help of the socialist countries. Moises Prieto, director of Peruvian television, said that the positive reasonance of the GDR program broadcast in...we publish over 70 million copies of books or eight times as many as before liberation. The audiences of theatres, concerts and cinemas and the

  7. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs, Press Surveys from Soviet Southern Republics. (United States)


    for an increase in the institutes productivity. It is mentioned that "a major scientific organization for the study of petrol - eum and gas resources...the conference include Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Jordan, Tunisia , Morocco, Egypt and other Arab countries, Afghan- istan, Iran, Turkey, India

  8. RANSLATIONS ON Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs No. 1358. (United States)


    form, and it is already in the second edition.) We provide students more easily with popular guides into the world of Greek mythology . But in fact...familiar with the mythology of the Old and New Testament as with Greek mythology to understand Sophocles. The other teachers who are interested

  9. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1354 (United States)


    sheets, embroidery and uncomplicated items for en- terprises. The 8-year schools do not have production plans but they can boast about quite...well they handle the file and the chisel and how, from the skillful fingers of the girls, rich embroidery emerges; I look at the pretty little

  10. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1457 (United States)


    science of science, logic, semantics, etymology , and so on), land for it to fit the country’s existing division of sciences, making,~ army communications, military chemistry , the rear, military aviation, air defense, navy, and civil defense). The article is polemic in

  11. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, Number 1603 (United States)


    earlycniia hood with equal fluency while their hearts beat in unison and they share the same patriotic feelings. ThP noble idea of unity in the...moral judgment? If he as ’Wit"ChlreTef I" are inV°ked t0 the Credit °f the dividual while he as profit calculated on his own, brings a cement

  12. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1321 (United States)


    greatness rather than belittles that individual by investing him with a personal power of initiative unique in world history. Proudhon , for his part...interpretation of the struc- tural revolution Steffen obviously falls prey to the error of the so-called objective historians, which also entrapped Proudhon . V.l

  13. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1479 (United States)


    and the means to Uberate themselves from monopoly capitalism, and find their way to progress, socialism and peace. 6691 47 CSO: 2500 POLAND NEED...insincere, unconstructive criticism which is unfair to 51 people. Unfair criticism of the operations of people or institutions does not improve...then had to eat from the same mess tin. Drazen Budisa was for a time locked up in a cell which I would not have believed to exist in our country. It

  14. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1481 (United States)


    crackers, and confectionery goods must be wrapped in several layers of paper and placed in pots or polyethylene bags. Crumbling products (flour, sugar...stable cooperation, unaffected by market fluctuations. 41 Opposite and Common Interests Nonetheless, it must not be ignored that influential circles...jointly on the world market and dividing the profits. This cooperation at present is also gaining in importance in the develop- ment of economic and

  15. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1421 (United States)


    society has been built in Czechoslovakia of which generations of revolutionaries used to dream and for which they struggled. Our socialist system is...based on the instinctivist theories of McDougal and Freudian psychoanalysis , the sub- sequent period of their complete development is characterized

  16. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, Number 1577. (United States)


    it, a palette of idealist visions and petty bourgeois dreams . Socialism was meant to leave science and return to the spheres of Utopia—to leave...This applies to structualism, psychoanalysis as well as to avant-guade libertinism." The revisionists denied the qualitative difference between...the Atomic Age": "It was like in a dream ! We read Communist newspapers and did not want to believe our eyes! We listened to the Communist

  17. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1490. (United States)


    plan scientifically based on preliminary studies on the economico - social profit from projects and on the possibilities of realizing them. This...of mankind’s transition from capitalism to socialism and of the peoples’ struggle for complete liberation from all forms of exploitation and... liberating a creative initiative in the people that enables the citizens to manage the country. I dwell on the arguments allegedly bearing out a trend toward

  18. 76 FR 78958 - Bureau of Political Military Affairs: Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Notifications to the... (United States)


    ... Mexico. The United States Government is prepared to license the export of these items having taken into... certification involves the export of defense articles, including technical data, and defense services to Japan for the export and assembly of the Vertical Launch Anti-Submarine Rocket system for Japan. The United...

  19. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs No. 1311 (United States)


    and prior to the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the inauguration of the National Theater. [Question] The actor’s life has fundamentally...the related concepts of individual artistic ensembles as well as the appropriate dramaturgic plans geared toward the celebration of the 100th...students, frequently the children of officials, are quite alert to this kind of injustice: "I have three pairs of ’ Adidas ’ soccer shoes in my

  20. Limitations and Implications of Product-, Sales- and Market-Oriented Political Parties: Evidence for Public Affairs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ormrod, Robert P.


    This paper provides the first literature review of work using Lees-Marshment’s product-oriented party (POP), salesoriented party (SOP) and market-oriented party (MOP) process models with the aims of assessing the models’ usefulness to academics, practitioners and educators. This is motivated...... by an urgent need to evaluate models that claim to balance explanatory power, practical applicability and pedagogic value. Our literature review demonstrates that although the process models can be used in a classroom setting, empirical results are ambivalent as to the usefulness and even existence of the MOP...

  1. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1502 (United States)


    Enver Rexhep Rexhepi 84. 39. Ermira Rexhep Hoxha 85. 40. Etemije Abdulla Zeneli 86. 41. Estref Estref Bega 87. 42. Fatbardha Mahmut Nura...speech by President Nicolae Ceausescu on receiving the credentials of Libyan Ambassador ’ Aziz ’Umar Shanib on 23 January] [Text] Receiving the Libyan

  2. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs, On Stalin and Stalinism: Historical Essays by Roy Medvedev (United States)


    arrested, but survived difficult trials lasting for many years: A. K. Lebedenko , A. Kosterin, A. S . Gorelov, S . D. Spassky, N. Zabolotsky, I. M...the Early 1930s 43 The Assassination of S . M. Kirov. The Trials of Former Leaders of the Opposition 54 Attack on the Principal Party and State...Chinese in Beijing. I continued collecting materials. In the 1970’ s , there was an opportunity to become familiar with virtually all the books about

  3. China Report, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs PRC State Council Bulletin No. 18, 20 Aug 1984 (United States)


    must actively develop all sorts of starch sugars, such as glucose and fructose . We must also develop natural sweet products, such as sweet...chrysanthemum and so on. Fructose syrup output should grow to 300,000 tons by 1990, and 2 million tons by 2000. - 16 - The starch industry: We must...Beverage industry: We should develop drinks like fruit juice, vegetable juice, fruit sodapop, soybean milk, fermented soybean milk, mineral water

  4. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1334 (United States)


    drums In liquid form Natural asphalt Marble in blocks Copper wire Soda ash Tannin extract 40,000 tons 10,000 tons 10,000 tons 55,000 tons...Legumes 300 5 Seed grain 300 6 Tobacco and tobacco products 6,200 7 Wine , including bottled wine 2,300 8 Sorghum straw 600 9 Hemp and tow 500 10

  5. U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Political Transformation in Occupation: Lustration and Recasting Society (United States)


    operations, statistics , and effects. With the understanding that CA units and supported maneuver elements were not tasked with this effort...untenable from a statistical , mathematically-drive, scientific evaluation. Despite some superficial similarities between the programs in name and...existed to care for delinquent children and others who required assistance. By September, the 7th U.S. Army, Western Zone, supported by the 2nd

  6. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1568 (United States)


    in France 20.6 percent, in Portugal 14.6 percent, and in Japan 10.7 percent. The communist Party of Finland has for the third time participated in a...are already overworked . If newspapers were devoid of headlines—it would be so much quieter in the world. Readers, however, do not appear to want...foreign press, and events is infrequent and moderate. ("Newspapers hastened to announce that the terrorists in Stammheim had commited suicide " "We

  7. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, Number 1579 (United States)


    front of the bridge abutments . The weight-volume ratio was so selected that the rail girders and the road- way or track plates would float in the...respect to the required posi- tion. 2-3 Abutment with Highway Connection ThP abutment , in its silkiest form, consists of a railroad tie stack; c£ Sso be built up of massive prefabricated parts or locally prepared concrete. A portion of the start-up approach/ and braking forces is di

  8. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1416. (United States)


    the traditions of the Hungarian workers’ movement. We know rela- tively a great deal abut the Hungarian Soviet Republic and Bela Kun, but we have...are discreetly building prefabricated wooden chapels which they can put up in a single night: Some 70 churches have been built in this way in a

  9. USSR Report, Political and Sociological Affairs, No. 1406, Selections from Soviet Foreign Policy Journals. (United States)


    34 Sistema industrial e exportacao de manufacturados: analise da experiencia brasileira," Rio de Janeiro, 1971, p 120; ’Anuario estadistico do Brasil...growth rates of food production. It is inseparably related to the concept of "poverty." Poor people are the constant companions of capitalism. All

  10. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, sociological, and Military Affairs. Number 1314. (United States)


    8217 as Determinant of Democracy, Patriotism (Andrzej Burda; IDEOLOGIA I POLITYKA, Sep 76) 32 Cardinal Wyszyniski’s Trip to Rome Noted (SLOWO...CSO: 2600 31 POLAND ’STATE CONSCIOUSNESS’ AS DETERMINANT OF DEMOCRACY, PATRIOTISM Warsaw IDEOLOGIA I POLITYKA in Polish No 9, Sep 76 pp 7-15

  11. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs No. 1564 (United States)


    to all this, he has enough knowledge from his high school studies and passes the written exams in mathematics and the Russian language, and does well...activities or technical hobbies. You can find in the’ school a brass band, a cymbal band, a violin quintet, 60-member choir and a jazz ballet--and

  12. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs No. 1355 (United States)


    foreign fashions and music, bourgeois egoism , envy, parasitism—to keep alive the old backward customs, and so forth. Thus, the foreign enemy not do this "anything" when faced with a choice. Because, in the moment of choice, a certain ethic rules their behavior and their choosing. To

  13. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, Number 1600 (United States)


    Directorate of Arts and Performance Institutions 24. Szasz Bela, head of the CCES Service for Cultural-Educational Activities Among Cohabiting Nations...of CCES, director of the Directorate of Arts and Performance Institutions 25. Szasz Bela, head of the CCES Service for Cultural-Educational

  14. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, Number 1576 (United States)


    weaknesses in care for the patients in hospitals, particularly in the case of severely ill and bedridden 30 patients, where the problem of quality...West German imperialists. The points of such an alliance must be assessed as being against us. 9192- R CSO: 2600 55 ROMANIA PRESIDENTIAL DECREE ON...Djilas by SUEDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG correspond- ent Olaf IhlauJ r [Text] Shortly before the meeting of foreign ministers of the non-aligned nations

  15. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1323 (United States)


    TJ .Q ■$■ SEWP* \\ Q DQir « r f*l ^| z* o ct. U. S. JOINT PUBLICATIONS RESEARCH SERVICE REPRODUCED BY NATIONAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION SERVICE...34rabble" as I could never attribute to a bedridden man, a man whose days on this world are in all likelihood about to end. "When," I asked for want of

  16. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs, Preparations for the 19th Party Conference, Part II. (United States)


    particularly hard time of it. In Golyshmanovo, our rayon center, we cannot even buy a bottle of kefir or a jar of sour cream, but to all appearances no...service of a lofty platform. Such a science can exist only if there is guaranteed immunity for the genuine scientist and Communist. Criticism—yes! But

  17. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1485 (United States)


    unparalleled work in the structure and I think that, intoxicated with the dimensions, more and more rose-colored statements were made about one of the...Mozambique, Liberia and Madagascar, Romanian professors are making a significant contribution to the development of polytechnical, agronomic and medical

  18. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1404 (United States)


    expenditure. Moreover, Czech cuisine has little variety, al- ways goulash, pork and salt meat. The monotony of the dishes forms the theme of a song by the...East Berlin cathedrals represent special cases. While the French Cathedral on the Square of the Academy (formerly Gendarmenmarkt) is to be re

  19. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, Number 1580. (United States)


    radical democratic changes with compromises and restrictions on democratic life. During that period the national liberation revolution in a number...manifestations which appear in some cadres, such as careerism, intellectualism, conceit, egoism , and so forth; and we will fight such ideas as that

  20. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1375 (United States)


    citizens may obtain a temporary residence in cities where the ordinance for the temporary restricting of new residents is in effect, and who permits...this? [Answer] Temporary residence according to the Ordinance Governing the Tem- porary Restriction of New Residents in Cities as approved by In the entire history of international relations, for millenia marked by egoism and coercion, there have never been such fraternal relations

  1. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1345 (United States)


    even have their displays there and put on a number of interesting get-togethers and actions with women there. Artists creative ensembles, of which...the groups of the organization will stimulate the systematic practice of physical exer- cises, invigorating gymnastics , track exercises, and games

  2. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs, Preparations for the 19th Party Conference, Part III. (United States)


    After all, in our cinematography arts institute, a party meeting was held the day before yesterday, where the Communists from the institute stated...sciousness is inherently divorced from reality in other words involves all manner of fantasy. But if artistic fantasy is found in works of art and...authority), in science (the number of young people has been halved), and in the arts . We "did not notice" how young people were being squeezed out of the

  3. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1554 (United States)


    policy of Chairman Hua Kuo-feng and his associates. The author "more deeply studies " the notion of Maoism, presents its "anatomy" and con- cludes...and German students to study in their own language, to learn and popularize their own culture, to develop intensive research en- deavors in the...year, Hungarian section) entitled "Contributions to a Sociolinguistic Analysis of Pupil Development in the Process of Instruction," which is in fact

  4. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs No. 1557. (United States)


    58 Leaders Receive Japanese Ambassador 58 Ramadani at Civil Defense Meeting 58 Taleski With Austrian Ambassador 59 Chinese Delegation in Slovenia...59 - h CZECHOSLOVAKIA LENGTHENING OF KOSICE AIRPORT RUNWAY DESCRIBED Prague LETECKY OBZOR in Slovak No 21, 1978 pp 47-49 [Article by Engr

  5. JPRS Report, Soviet Union Political Affairs Soviet Commentary on the 19th Party Conference. (United States)


    tific-Production Association " Venta " I. Tumas, painter at the Vilnius City Construction Repair Trust; and V. Zhu- kovskiy, milling machine...general director of the Scientific- Production Association " Venta ," began his statement by replying to a question from the audience about the harm

  6. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, Number 1494 (United States)


    legendary gold treasure of the Visigothic King Athanaric from the 4th century actually is alleged to be of Romanian origin. According to the the African people in abolishing all imperialist, colonialist and neo - colonialist policies and the policy of racial discrimination and...characterization of the «death of man" philosophy: "In turn representatives of existentialism, neo - thomism and personalism, neofreudians and structuralists

  7. Translations on Eastern Europe, Political, Sociological and Military Affairs, Number 1601 (United States)


    Fischer), succumbs to violent crying fits instead and evidently has her own doubts about Moscow’s act of violence , which she nowhere articulates...perceiving the young worker’s despair. Existential dread, not allowed to be an expression of the "socialist social order," is turned into a private... humanistic ideals and human needs. The line of departure for this approach is provided by a rather keen valuation of socialism. The higher value of this

  8. Translations on Eastern Europe. Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs, No. 1406 (United States)


    congress"] [Text] As early as on the first day of the discussion in Mexico City Inge Lange, candidate member of the Politburo and secretary of the SED...occupational diseases. In the sequence of their incidence they include« pneumoconiosis, a pulmonary affliction induced by fibrogenous mineral dust (free...the predisposition of people who were tuberculosis sufferers to develop silicosis or other pneumoconioses or of former patients of epidemic hepatitis

  9. JPRS Report, Soviet Union, Political Affairs, USSR Council of Ministers & Officials: Biographies, Interviews (United States)


    lines to process livestock and poultry, make ice cream, cans as well as the equipment for the light and nonalcoholic industries, beer breweries ...happens in life that a person works to the bone , is dedicated to his job and knows it well - but has no popular support. Probably people should...program? [Velichko] I count on the labor collectives. No genuine economic accountability will exist if it does not operate in the primary cell , such

  10. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs No. 1575 (United States)


    materials and equipment, is re- latively costly, regardless of whether it involves the use of deep-^press ( typography or phototypography made of copper...examination of schoolbooks, with the following questions being asked: What kind of image do the schoolbooks impart of the others, and what kind of image is

  11. The Peaceful Uses of Military Forces. Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Public Affairs. (United States)

    Hanning, Hugh

    This study of the peaceful uses of military forces (PUMF) offers a compendium of information and principles for the planning and conduct of such PUMF activities as meeting disaster or emergency relief situations, education and training, and economic and social projects. The provision of training opportunities by the military is a means of…

  12. Translations on Eastern Europe Political, Sociological, and Military Affairs No. 1569 (United States)


    employment. Ap- parently 20 million unemployed in developed capitalist states are not for the ILO a cause for concern and for voicing objections...rowdyism, climbing alcohol consumption and growing psychic instability among youth cannot be attributed only to Western in- fluence but also to continual

  13. The Prediction of Political Competencies by Political Action and Political Media Consumption (United States)

    Reichert, Frank


    Political competencies are often considered a precondition for political action; however, they are not independent of previous political participation, which may also include the frequency and the kind of political media consumption. My research aims at finding out the importance of participation in political activities in the past, as well as…

  14. Student life - Making politics matter. (United States)

    McCullough, Siobhan


    'What has politics got to do with nursing?' This is a question I hear often as a lecturer in nursing with a specialist interest in politics, as is the comment: 'I did not come into nursing to learn about politics.'

  15. Discomfiture of democracy? The 2005 election crisis in Ethiopia and its aftermath

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Abbink, G.J.


    In this article, I assess the nature and the impact of the May 2005 Ethiopian parliamentary elections on Ethiopian politics. The elections, although controversial and flawed, showed significant gains for the opposition but led to a crisis of the entire democratization process. I revisit Ethiopian


    CERN Multimedia


    We would like to remind you that the Social Affairs Service is a centre offering advice and support that can provide the following: Information and documentation (education for your children, language courses, child-minding facilities, health-related matters etc.). Information on social protection (illness, disability, handicap, retirement, death, etc.) and integration. Assistance in dealings with the authorities/services concerned. Consultations with a view to resolving problems of a personal, family or professional nature, such as problems of dependency (alcohol, drugs, relationship) or behavioural problems (stress, depression, eating disorders)... Support in facing new situations (maternity, divorce, bereavement, change of post, geographical isolation). Assistance with decision making relating to family, personal or professional matters. The team is at the disposal of all members of personnel, whatever their status, as well as to members of their family. Interviews with this service are CONFIDENTI...

  17. Redefining Student Affairs through Digital Technology: A Ten-Year Historiography of Digital Technology Use by Student Affairs Administrators (United States)

    Cabellon, Edmund T.


    The student affairs profession is at a crossroads (Torres & Walbert, 2010) given digital technology's growth and the academy's administrative expansion (Bowen, 2013). Student affairs administrators must simultaneously respond to digital technology's implications in students' lives (Kirschner & Karpinski, 2010) and to new state and federal…

  18. The Specific of Political Fundraising

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Евгений Викторович Смолянинов


    Full Text Available The following study is dedicated to the process of political fundraising as a subject of political science. Through the article one can find the definition of political fundraising and American political scientists' approaches to the analysis of this process. Comparative analysis of political fundraising in the U.S.A. and Russian Federation demonstrates that its' transparency has an important impact on public's control of lobby groups and other shadow political entities.

  19. Polite Interactions with Robots

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Benotti, Luciana; Blackburn, Patrick Rowan


    We sketch an inference architecture that permits linguistic aspects of politeness to be interpreted; we do so by applying the ideas of politeness theory to the SCARE corpus of task-oriented dialogues, a type of dialogue of particular relevance to robotics. The fragment of the SCARE corpus we...... analyzed contains 77 uses of politeness strategies: our inference architecture covers 58 of them using classical AI planning techniques; the remainder require other forms of means-ends inference. So by the end of the paper we will have discussed in some detail how to interpret automatically different forms...

  20. A Political Innovator?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tang, Yi; Lin, Yu; Andersen, Torben Juul


    ) of the CEO. Based on a sample of 381 manufacturing firms extracted from the Entrepreneurs Survey System of Chinese CEOs with 2014 data from the Jiangsu province, the study finds that political networking is positively related to explorative and exploitative innovation but negatively moderated by the CSE......Political networking is frequently used in transition economies to gain superior performance. This study draws on upper echelons theory (UET) and the resource-based view (RBV) to analyze the relationship between political networking and firm innovation moderated by the core self-evaluation (CSE...... of the CEOs....

  1. Hospitality, Tourism, and Politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen W. Litvin


    Full Text Available Government policy has a significant impact on the hospitality and tourism industry, but it is unclear if political leaders fully understand this economic sector when crafting policies. This article offers new research about the direct involvement of industry practitioners in the political process, by analyzing the backgrounds of legislators in the six New England states. The data indicate that only 3% of these legislators have current or former careers related to hospitality and tourism. The author suggests that practitioners should seek election to political office, to better influence government policy.

  2. Private political archives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Waldemar Chorążyczewski


    Full Text Available "Private political archives" are understood by me as all acts collected intently by a private person. These acts are connected with the person's participation in political life and gathered in order to be used in public activity as the source of argumentation and information about factors and mechanisms of political processes. Private political archives of the first half of the XVI century were mainly created by royal servants, often with reference to their job duties. These duties could inspire to collect political acts for private purposes. During the reign of Sigismund Augustus, archives of gentry activists were developed to small extent and they mainly focused on parliamentary life. Private political archives were created outside the executionist movement, namely in the community gathered around the royal court. After 1572, Crown and Lithuanian magnates greatly influenced the creation of political archives. Archives of lesser gentry, scarce and poor, did not disappear completely. However, they became difficult for identification. Therefore, developmental process concerned exclusively documentary "treasure troves" created by magnates. They had the financial means and possibilities to create truly valuable political archives. The same as in the previous period the dynamisms of executionist movement was reflected in political archival documentation, now the creation of patronage system and clientele, or traditionally understood magnate oligarchy, (depending on the point of view corresponded best to archives development. The heritage of previous generations was the treasure trove of patterns and solutions. However, this trove was used selectively, on one hand giving up patterns and rights that were uncomfortable, and, on the other, giving the value of precedence to unexpected acts that gained more importance or even new content in changed political conditions. The application of interpretation principle raised interest in old acts and patterns

  3. Christianity and Political Thought

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thomassen, Bjørn; Forlenza, Rosario


    This article engages with the thought of Augusto Del Noce (1910-1989), the most important Italian Catholic philosopher and political thinker of the twentieth century. The focus is on how Del Noce came to elaborate a Catholic ‘modernity,’ bridging a positive encounter between Catholicism, democracy......, and freedom. This philosophical project had a considerable impact on modern Italian culture and politics. At the theoretical level, the argument is embedded within a larger aim to recognize attempts within Catholic philosophy to articulate an Italian political trajectory that does not simply accept the tale...

  4. Multimodality, politics and ideology

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Machin, David; Van Leeuwen, T.


    This journal's editorial statement is clear that political discourse should be studied not only as regards parliamentary type politics. In this introduction we argue precisely for the need to pay increasing attention to the way that political ideologies are infused into culture more widely...... of power, requires meanings and identities which can hold them in place. We explain the processes by which critical multimodal discourse analysis can best draw out this ideology as it is realized through different semiotics resources. © John Benjamins Publishing Company....

  5. Politics out of the History of Politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diana Sartori


    Full Text Available Wendy Brown’s approach in Politics out of History is characterized by an attempt to analyze the presence of the past which can be read not only under the light of Nietzsche’s legacy, but also through a comparison with Hannah Arendt’s conception of the gap between the past and the future. Like Arendt, Brown aims to look at the present as the site of politics and freedom, even though the former conceives the break with tradition as the unavoidable starting point, while the latter assumes that that break is not fully accomplished because it was not recognized. Rather, it produces Wounded Attachments whose effect is that of limiting the possibility of left criticism. Moving from this parallel, Brown’s analysis is compared to the Italian philosophy of sexual difference, stressing their common interest in thinking freedom beyond a female identity built on a presumed common oppression.

  6. Public sphere as assemblage: the cultural politics of roadside memorialization. (United States)

    Campbell, Elaine


    This paper investigates contemporary academic accounts of the public sphere. In particular, it takes stock of post-Habermasian public sphere scholarship, and acknowledges a lively and variegated debate concerning the multiple ways in which individuals engage in contemporary political affairs. A critical eye is cast over a range of key insights which have come to establish the parameters of what 'counts' as a/the public sphere, who can be involved, and where and how communicative networks are established. This opens up the conceptual space for re-imagining a/the public sphere as an assemblage. Making use of recent developments in Deleuzian-inspired assemblage theory - most especially drawn from DeLanda's (2006) 'new philosophy of society' - the paper sets out an alternative perspective on the notion of the public sphere, and regards it as a space of connectivity brought into being through a contingent and heterogeneous assemblage of discursive, visual and performative practices. This is mapped out with reference to the cultural politics of roadside memorialization. However, a/the public sphere as an assemblage is not simply a 'social construction' brought into being through a logic of connectivity, but is an emergent and ephemeral space which reflexively nurtures and assembles the cultural politics (and political cultures) of which it is an integral part. The discussion concludes, then, with a consideration of the contribution of assemblage theory to public sphere studies. (Also see Campbell 2009a). © London School of Economics and Political Science 2013.

  7. Sex Complexity and Politics in Black Dogs by Ian McEwan (United States)

    Abbasiyannejad, Mina; Talif, Rosli

    Ian McEwan's Black Dogs (BD) is a story of socio-political conflict during the critical era of the Cold War. Black Dogs is riddled with party (political) domination and its outcomes in society. Europe is still suffering the consequences of the Second World War, perhaps the biggest war of the twentieth century. In the aftermath of such worldwide upheaval, the conflicts that were in tandem with the scramble for political domination emerged in diverse ways, affecting nations and their human populations. Systematic sexual assault during the war years showed that sex was used both for intimidation and humiliation. This study attempts to picture the multidimensional aspects of politics which are practically related to the most intimate human relationship, that is, sex. It pictures how personal is equated with the political and vice versa. The theory of sexual politics is the theoretical framework used to scrutinize power-structure relationship. By reviewing the major conflicts in such a scenario, as the Cold War, and societal restriction, this study concludes that conflict in the macrocosm (world and society) affects the microcosm (individual) in McEwan's Black Dogs. It provides a rather broad picture of politics and sexuality and highlights the stresses of wider society on human dysfunctional relationships. Rape as a tactic of war for a political goal demonstrates another aspect of sex. Reviewing the period in which the story takes place and relating it to the conflicts in society, the study goes beyond simple cause and effect problems among individuals and portrays a holistic view of sexuality and society.

  8. Political tug of war

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Morhart, Alexander


    Rapid expansion of the European power grid is essential for the further development of wind and solar energy. The most significant obstacles are not technical, but rather of a political nature. (orig.)

  9. Political communication research

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Rasmus Kleis


    The rise of new media and the broader set of social changes they are part of present political communication research with new challenges and new opportunities at a time when many think the field is at an intellectual impasse (e.g., Bennett & Iyengar, 2008). In this article, I argue that parts...... of the field’s problems are rooted in the way in which political communication research has developed since the 1960s. In this period, the field has moved from being interdisciplinary and mixed-methods to being more homogenous and narrowly focused, based primarily on ideas developed in social psychology......, certain strands of political science, and the effects-tradition of mass communication research. This dominant paradigm has contributed much to our understanding of some aspects of political communication. But it is struggling to make sense of many others, including questions concerning people’s experience...

  10. Glosa about political ethics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ćorić Dragana


    Full Text Available Debates about political ethics aren't new. They have been present since ancient Greek philosophers. Machiavelli set some new principles, regarding amoral behavior of the prince, which could be quite legitimate and legal. He didn't invented anything new, he just admitted that, that was the reality. Some modern authors think that ethics and politics should be departed always, some other think that they should cooperate. In the end of the day, the voters are those who must face with amoral behavior of politicians, because it seems that politicians don't recognize ethics at all? Or is it just look like? In this paper, we will try in short to tell something about origins of political ethics, its burning issues, and about possible ways of implementation of political ethics and its development.

  11. Political State Boundary (National) (United States)

    Department of Transportation — State boundaries with political limit - boundaries extending into the ocean (NTAD). The TIGER/Line Files are shapefiles and related database files (.dbf) that are an...

  12. Gendering transnational party politics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kantola, Johanna; Rolandsen-Agustín, Lise


    research traditions, we build toward an analytical framework to study gender and transnational party politics. Our empirical analysis focuses on two policy issues, the economic crisis and the sexual and reproductive health and rights, analyzing European Parliament reports, debates and voting on the issues...... from 2009 to 2014. By focusing on gender equality constructions and the way in which consensus and contestation are built around them within and between party groups, we argue that shared constructions about gender equality are issue specific and change over time. Consensus breaks down along the left......In this article, we analyze transnational party politics in the European Union from a gender perspective. This is a subject that has been neglected both by mainstream European studies on party politics and by gender scholars who work on political parties. Drawing on the insights of these two...

  13. Protest Demonstrations, Political Partici

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    DR Nneka


    Apr 14, 2015 ... the Era of Terrorism: Nigeria's Public Order Act and the ... Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights and other international laws. But owing to the .... little sense to limit analysis of political participation to voting and electoral.

  14. Understanding political market orientation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ormrod, Robert P.; Henneberg, Stephan C.

    influences of such behavior. The study includes structural equation modeling to investigate several propositions. While the results show that political parties need to focus on several different aspects of market-oriented behavior, especially using an internal and external orientation as cultural antecedents......This article develops a conceptual framework and measurement model of political market orientation that consists of attitudinal and behavioural constructs. The article reports on perceived relationships among different behavioral aspects of political market orientation and the attitudinal......, a more surprising result is the inconclusive effect of a voter orientation on market-oriented behaviours. The article discusses the findings in the context of the existing literature in political marketing and commercial market orientation....

  15. Political communication in referendums

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Vreese, C.H.; Schuck, A.R.T.; Reinemann, C.


    This chapter reviews research on political communication in referendums that have become increasingly popular in democracies worldwide. The authors define key characteristics of referendums, touch upon participation in and popular support for referendums, and highlight the differences between them

  16. Political conversations on Facebook

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Mads P.


    Political conversations are according to theories on deliberative democracy essential to well-functioning democracies. Traditionally these conversations have taken place in face-to-face settings, in e.g. party meetings and town meetings. However, social media such as Facebook and Twitter offers new...... possibilities for online political conversations between citizens and politicians. This paper examines the presence on Facebook and Twitter of Members of the Danish national Parliament, the Folketing, and focusses on a quantitative mapping of the political conversation activities taking place in the threads...... following Facebook posts from Danish Members of Parliament (MPs). The paper shows that, in comparison with previous findings from other countries, Danish MPs have a relatively high degree of engagement in political conversations with citizens on Facebook – and that a large number of citizens follow MPs...

  17. Mixing politics and crime

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Munksgaard, Rasmus; Demant, Jakob Johan


    Background Dread Pirate Roberts, founder of the first cryptomarket for illicit drugs named Silk Road, articulated libertarian political motives for his ventures. Previous research argues that there is a significant political component present or involved in cryptomarket drug dealing which...... is specifically libertarian. The aim of the paper is to investigate the prevalence of political discourses within discussions of cryptomarket drug dealing, and further to research the potential changes of these over the timespan of the study. Methods We develop a novel operationalization of discourse analytic...... concepts which we combine with topic modelling enabling us to study how politics are articulated on cryptomarket forums. We apply the Structural Topic Model on a corpus extracted from crawls of cryptomarket forums encompassing posts dating from 2011 to 2015. Results The topics discussed on cryptomarket...

  18. Politics of Inclusion and Empowerment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, John; Siim, Birte


    identities. Politics of empowerment has to do with the agency and mobilisation dimension of social and political change. The title of the book "Politics of Inclusion and Empowerment" address the leitmotiv: namely to discuss plussumgame between politics of inclusion and politics of empowerment......The objective of the book is to analyse different politics of inclusion and empowerment and the different paradigms of inclusion/exclusion in order to underline the close link between politics of scoial equality and politics of recognition of ciultural difference. Politics of inclusion is thus...... theproductive/innovative linkage of politics of redistributuin and politics og resognition, whnich over a longer time span creates sustainable paths of democratic and social development, which increases the capacity to handle both conflicts about economic resources and life-chances and conflicts about...

  19. Članci časopisa Foreign Affairs o jugoslovenskim ratovima 1991-1999.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Petar Dragišić


    Full Text Available The Foreign Affairs journal is an important asset for analysis of American foreign policy and the most important global topics for nearly a century. In the 1990-ties many of the authors in this journal dealt with the issue of Yugoslavia – the disintegration of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and a series of wars that followed on its former territory. The Yugoslav crisis was analyzed by the different authors: theorists, prominent journalists, and politicians that were directly involved in different stages of the Yugoslav crisis, such as David Owen, Warren Zimmerman or Carl Bildt. Most of the attention was devoted to the conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. The causes of the Yugoslav tragedy were analyzed, in many articles on the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s, published in Foreign Affairs, with a special focus on origins of internal tensions that preceded the tragic collapse of the Yugoslavia. The most frequent topic of those articles, was the role of foreign factors in crisis and wars in the former Yugoslavia. The issue of international recognition of the breakaway Yugoslav republics at the beginning of the wars, and NATO air strikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999 was specifically addressed. Several Foreign Affairs articles published the nineties and the early years of the millennium evaluated of the political situation in countries of the former Yugoslavia in the post-conflict period. Common to almost all authors who were analyzing this subject are negative remarks on the post-war development in parts of the former Yugoslavia, which were mostly affected by the crisis and wars of the 90s. An integral part of the contence in those articles, were recommendations of authors to those international actors who are able to influence the processes in the former Yugoslavia.

  20. Scientific and political equation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Stronberg, J.B.


    The conflict between technological and political decisions concerning a spent fuel policy is again proclaimed. It is pointed out that this must be a decision at the national level and that new studies on areas already studied is a method of avoiding decisions. The author states that he doubts that ''a policy, capable of implementation within a reasonable time frame,'' can be developed if restrictions are not placed ''upon the political as well as the technical community.''