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  1. Relationship between Axis and Prevention and Cure of Migraine%偏头痛的中轴线与防治的关系

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杜秀民; 王彩霞; 马滕


    The migraine is a clinical common,frequently-occurring disease.The etiology and pathogenesis is still not clear.There are many kinds of medicine to cure the migraine.The main preventive medicines include propranolol,metoclopramide,Amitriptyline,Botulinum toxin type A,Valproic acid,methysergide,Flunarizine,Pizotyline,Topiramate,etc.Most of the preventive medicines have the inhibitory effect on nerve.Most of the factors that cause migraine are the stimulating factors,such as emotion fluctuation,less sleep,the tense work,cold or hot stimulus,Nitroglycerin,tyrosine foods.Contrasting both inducing factors and inhibitory factors,a central axis can be found in the occurrence and prevention of migraine.%偏头痛是临床常见病、多发病,其病因及发病机制尚不清楚.治疗偏头痛的药物种类较多,用于预防发作的药物分两大类,主要预防药物包括心得安(普萘洛尔)、甲氧氯普胺(胃复安)、阿米替林、肉毒毒素A型、丙戊酸、二甲麦角新碱、氟桂利嗪、苯噻啶、托吡脂Topiramate等.从以上药物可以发现能够预防偏头痛的药物多数有神经抑制作用,从另一方面分析能够诱发偏头痛的因素大多是刺激因素,如:情绪波动、睡眠严重不足、紧张的工作、冷热刺激、硝酸甘油、含有酪胺食品,两方面对比可以发现偏头痛的发生与防治中存在一条中轴线.