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    CERN Multimedia

    Association du personnel


    In two judgments of February 2009, the ILO Administrative Tribunal (hereafter ILOAT) upheld CERN’s contract policy. In another case having given rise to a recent judgment (3 February 2010), the same problems, in essence, were raised concerning the illegal injustice which could result from the implementation of the policy in question. This time, the Tribunal decided in favour of our colleague, basing itself on the Latin maxim tu patere legem quam ipse fecisti, according to which any authority is bound by its own rules, as long as such rules have not been amended or abrogated. In fact, the Administration had informed the complainant that his application for a long-term contract would be examined for six slots, when in fact it was examined for only one. This judgment represents a victory for the complainant, for the Staff Association and its perseverance, and also for the principle according to which any organisation must keep its word and act in good faith. It shows that, without reversing its jud...

  2. Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Østermark-Johansen, Lene

    Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture is the first monograph to discuss the Victorian critic Walter Pater's attitude to sculpture. It brings together Pater's aesthetic theories with his theories on language and writing, to demonstrate how his ideas of the visual and written language...... the idea of rivalry (paragone) more broadly, examining Pater's concern with positioning himself as an art critic in the late Victorian art world. Situating Pater within centuries of European aesthetic theories as never before done, Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture throws new light...

  3. Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Østermark-Johansen, Lene

    are closely linked. Going beyond Pater's views on sculpture as an art form, this study traces the notion of relief (rilievo) and hybrid form in Pater, and his view of the writer as sculptor, a carver in language. Alongside her treatment of rilievo as a pervasive trope, Lene Østermark-Johansen also employs...... the idea of rivalry (paragone) more broadly, examining Pater's concern with positioning himself as an art critic in the late Victorian art world. Situating Pater within centuries of European aesthetic theories as never before done, Walter Pater and the Language of Sculpture throws new light...

  4. Sculpture, Style and Pater's "Imaginative Sense of Touch"

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Østermark-Johansen, Lene


    Artiklen sporer skulpturen som metafor i den viktorianske kritker Walter Paters forfatterskab, fra hans skrifter om den italienske renæssance til hans skrifter om græsk kunst til hans teorier om sprog og god prosastil....

  5. Gerard Manley Hopkins and Walter Pater : the labyrinths of transience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirko Starčević


    Full Text Available Transience forming life's very essence left an indelible mark on the creative explorations of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Walter Pater. The permanently indeterminable presence of mutability made both of them face the umbrous and unknowable aspect of death, thus revealing unto them the task of determining the role of art in life ruled by ceaseless corrosion. Pater accepts the flux of mutability as the primary particle in the revelatory act of the authentic creative experience. The power of that which is frolicsome in art augments the constitution of life's essence submerged in the unsettled condition of fate. Hopkins the priest particularly in his theoretic excursions recognizes in art itself only an approximate value to the timeless grandeur of God's ubiquity. His poetry, however, presents a dissimilar narrative. The poetic image that Hopkins forges corresponds to the mode of exposed individuality of the Romantic spirit, which Pater perceives as the harmony of strangeness and beauty. During Hopkins' student days at Oxford, Pater's relationship to the young poet was not confined to coaching only. Much of their time they spent in conversation, meditating upon the essential principles of artistic expression. Pater influenced Hopkins greatly and contributed impressively to the discipline of his poetic heart. Traces of this companionship do not find the path to Hopkins' religious ruminations; they announce their own existence, although very subtly, upon the individual levels of Hopkins' poetic yearnings.

  6. Subjectivity and the “Shocking”: Walter Pater, Oscar Wilde and Ethical Limits of Pleasure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashmita Mukherjee


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the “shocking” and so-called “immoral” as a response to the institution-imposed methods of surveillance. This leads to initiation of discourses over behavior or actions which may not be unethical but which may be questionable in terms of social propriety. Moreover, the “shocking” may be seen as persistent attempts at formulation of subjectivity -the “performative self.” These ideas are analyzed with reference to Foucault's perspective on the issues and briefly in context of the late Victorian Aesthete culture spearheaded by Walter Pater and later, Oscar Wilde, the quintessential “dandy.” Their texts Marius the Epicurean and The Picture of Dorian Gray are read with the question of ethics and hedonism in mind, also relating the same to their fascination with classical Epicureanism.     Keywords: Aesthetics; Ethics; Pater; Wilde; Shocking; Surveillance; Foucault; Epicureanism.

  7. Quantitative automated microscopy (QuAM elucidates growth factor specific signalling in pain sensitization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Levine Jon D


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Dorsal root ganglia (DRG-neurons are commonly characterized immunocytochemically. Cells are mostly grouped by the experimenter's eye as "marker-positive" and "marker-negative" according to their immunofluorescence intensity. Classification criteria remain largely undefined. Overcoming this shortfall, we established a quantitative automated microscopy (QuAM for a defined and multiparametric analysis of adherent heterogeneous primary neurons on a single cell base. The growth factors NGF, GDNF and EGF activate the MAP-kinase Erk1/2 via receptor tyrosine kinase signalling. NGF and GDNF are established factors in regeneration and sensitization of nociceptive neurons. If also the tissue regenerating growth factor, EGF, influences nociceptors is so far unknown. We asked, if EGF can act on nociceptors, and if QuAM can elucidate differences between NGF, GDNF and EGF induced Erk1/2 activation kinetics. Finally, we evaluated, if the investigation of one signalling component allows prediction of the behavioral response to a reagent not tested on nociceptors such as EGF. Results We established a software-based neuron identification, described quantitatively DRG-neuron heterogeneity and correlated measured sample sizes and corresponding assay sensitivity. Analysing more than 70,000 individual neurons we defined neuronal subgroups based on differential Erk1/2 activation status in sensory neurons. Baseline activity levels varied strongly already in untreated neurons. NGF and GDNF subgroup responsiveness correlated with their subgroup specificity on IB4(+- and IB4(--neurons, respectively. We confirmed expression of EGF-receptors in all sensory neurons. EGF treatment induced STAT3 translocation into the nucleus. Nevertheless, we could not detect any EGF induced Erk1/2 phosphorylation. Accordingly, intradermal injection of EGF resulted in a fundamentally different outcome than NGF/GDNF. EGF did not induce mechanical hyperalgesia, but blocked

  8. O poder das letras: cristianismo e magia no Pater Noster anglo-saxão

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elton Oliveira Souza de Medeiros


    Full Text Available Uma área que vem crescendo nas últimas décadas no campo historiográfico é o estudo sobre as práticas mágicas medievais. Dentro do cenário a ser abordado neste artigo – a Inglaterra anglo-saxônica – há uma documentação substancial de natureza literária, escrita entre os séculos IX e XI, que se revela como uma fonte essencial para o tema em questão. Neste artigo então pretendemos realizar uma análise sobre o uso e a importância das letras e palavras para as práticas mágicas dentro do contexto da cristandade e focando como um exemplo disso o poder do Pater Noster contido no poema em inglês antigo Salomão & Satuno I, que se revela como uma mescla de elementos da tradição cristã greco-romana e das práticas mágicas populares anglo-saxônicas.

  9. Processes of Quantum Associative Memory (QuAM) Through New Maximally Entangled States (Singh-Rajput MES) (United States)

    Singh, Manu Pratap; Rajput, B. S.


    Using Singh-Rajput MES as memory states in the evolutionary process of pattern storage and the non-evolutionary process of pattern recall (the two fundamental constituents of QuAM), the suitability and superiority of these MES over Bell's MES have been demonstrated in both these processes. It has been shown that, under the operations of all the possible memorization operators for a two-qubit system, the first two states of Singh-Rajput MES are useful for storing the pattern |11> and the last two of these MES are useful in storing the pattern |10> while Bell's MES are not much suitable as memory states in a valid memorization process. The recall operations have also been conducted by separately choosing Singh-Rajput MES and Bell's MES as memory states for possible various queries and it has been shown that in each case the choices of Singh-Rajput MES as valid memory states are much more suitable than those of Bell's MES.

  10. Walter Pater's "Winckelmann" (United States)

    Carrier, David


    In his recent book, "The Art of Living: Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault," Alexander Nehamas presents two conceptions of philosophy--philosophy as a theorethical discipline concerned to offer arguments; and the interest of Socrates, Montaigne, and also Nietzsche and Foucault in the art of living. Building on his "Nietzsche: Life as…

  11. Presidents' words - Gianni Deroma

    CERN Multimedia

    Staff Association


    Gianni Deroma This week we publish the last contributions in the 'Words of presidents' series by giving the floor to Gianni Deroma (2007-2010) and Michel Goossens (2011-2015). "Tu patere legem quam ipse fecisti" This Latin adage has marked my years with the Staff Association (SA). For someone like me, coming from the technical world, the discovery of the importance of the role played by legal matters in the defence of the staff illustrates a new reality and incarnates my years spent with the SA. We, members of personnel, as citizens have as reference the democratic societies in which we live. CERN is not a democracy. The Member States, the Director-General have full powers, or almost. Contrary to citizens of states, we do not elect our leaders. So in that context is it useful to have a Staff Association? Or does it only serve as a necessary alibi for those who have the power? This is where a legal approach makes sense, in counterbalancing the power of our governing ...

  12. Ecce quam bonum et quam iocundum habitare firatres in unum. Vidas reglar y secular en las catedrales hispanas llegado el siglo XII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carrero Santamaría, Eduardo


    Full Text Available As the Visigothic Councils and Saint Isidore's texts shows, the Hispanic catedral clergy was obliged to lead a communal life. After the Islamic invasion, the vita apostolica was retrieved in a two different ways. While the Iberian Western Kingdoms continued under Visigothic rules, the Marca Hispánica let it felt the reforming influence of Aix-la-Chapelle Council. Until the 12th century and depending on each Kingdonis politics and ecclesiastics realities, the cathedral clergy endured successive strict disciplinarian waves that exacted conmion life systems. In the 12th century, these processes ended in two different religious phenomenon, the beginnings of a final secularisation or the establishment of agustinian communities sub regula that arrived at the 16th century.[fr] Selon les conciles visigoths et les écrits de Saint Isidore, les clercs du cathédrale à l'Espagne doivent faire de la vie commune. Après la invasion islamique, la vie apostolique réapparaît en deux façon différentes. Du côté des règnes occidentales on continue sous préceptes visigoths, et dans la Marca Hispánica il y avait de la influence réformiste du Concile d'Aix-la-Chapelle. Dans l'Espagne du Xlle. siècle, et selon la realité politique et religieuse de chaque région, les clercs du cathédrale souffrirent l'imposition de la vie sub regula. Cette imposition eut deux solutiones: le commencement de la sécularisation definitive ou bien, la institution de chapitres augustiniens réguliers qui sont arrivé a l'époque moderne faisant de la vie commune.

  13. Auctoritas non veritas facit Legem; a response to Prof. Roberto Niembro´s conceptualisation of Authoritatian Constitutionalism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Abat Ninet, Antoni


    . This interest has different reasons, some of them related with the current majoritarian epistemological doctrine that links constitutionalism with democracy, freedom and equality. Today we conceive a constitution as a charter of rights and freedoms, as a synonym of legal and political guarantee, a device......Beginning the new Century there are more constitutional democracies than ever and authoritarian regimes seems to be weaker, isolated and more pointed and under pressure. Even so, the analysis of the relation between constitutionalism and authoritarianism continues fascinating academics worldwide...... to protect minorities and limit public power and arbitrariness. We also tend to relate a constitution with the best values and virtues of the rule of law that links symbiotically democracy and law. Constitutionalism is then a device that maintains alive this relation....

  14. E-komercija un paterētāju aizsardzība


    Mošenoka, Olga


    Bakalaura darba temats – E-komercija un patērētāju aizsardzība. Izstrādātais darbs sastāv no 70 lapaspusēm, 19 attēliem . Bakalaura darba mērķis: Izpētīt kas ir elektroniska komercija, kādas ir e-komercijas priekšrocības un trūkumi, kas ir e-komercijas dalībnieki, patērētāju aizsardzība. Izvirzītie darba uzdevumi: •noskaidrot kas ir e-bizness un e-komercija; •noskaidrot e-komercijas dalībniekus, priekšrocības, trūkumus; •iepazīties ar visveiksmīgākajiem e-komercijas piem...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kozlov I. V.


    Full Text Available The author focuses on the last large work by F. Glinka The Mysterious Drop (1861 dedicated to the matters of religion. Special features of the poetic version of the apocryphal story about the Penitent Thief are analyzed here. The conclusion is that the semantic core of the poem is the Lord's Prayer made in hexameter. This meter is used nowhere else in the polirhythmic structure of the poem. A rhymed prayer with rhythmic accents plays a special harmonizing role in the artistic concept of the universe.

  16. Mater certa est, pater numquam: What can Facebook Advertising Data Tell Us about Male Fertility Rates?


    Rampazzo, Francesco; Zagheni, Emilio; Weber, Ingmar; Testa, Maria Rita; Billari, Francesco


    In many developing countries, timely and accurate information about birth rates and other demographic indicators is still lacking, especially for male fertility rates. Using anonymous and aggregate data from Facebook's Advertising Platform, we produce global estimates of the Mean Age at Childbearing (MAC), a key indicator of fertility postponement. Our analysis indicates that fertility measures based on Facebook data are highly correlated with conventional indicators based on traditional data...

  17. Quam maximis potest itineribus: andata e ritorno della costruzione tra immagine e modello nello spazio grafico della geometria descrittiva

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matteo Ballarin


    Full Text Available Il contributo testimonia una strategia d'insegnamento congiunto del rilievo architettonico, della geometria descrittiva e del disegno digitale concepita come un viaggio di andata e ritorno tra immagine e modello. Iniziando dalla fotogrammetria elementare e dalle tecniche di foto-modellazione offerte da software (gratuiti e dotati di un'interfaccia sufficientemente  intuitiva si possono poi introdurre – col metodo di Monge – le tecniche del rilievo topografico, giungendo alla costruzione interdefinita di un unico modello digitale degli oggetti del rilievo. Il circolo didattico si chiude poi costruendo rappresentazioni tabulari tradizionali dei modelli.

  18. “[…] quia vulgus libentius videt ein gemald bild quam bene scriptum librum”. Art and pedagogy in the Lutheran Reformation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valeria Butera


    Full Text Available The paper is part of the research on art in the Reformation and, especially, on the theological basis for the image controversy, which deeply modify the relationship of the believer with the religious images. After a brief summary of the different opinions of the most important reformers about the representability of God, the article focuses on the new accepted purposes of the visual arts. Useful is, above all, the teaching role, which takes advantage of the communication and seduction qualities of art as reinforcement of the preached Word.According to Luther, the visual arts, particularly the graphics, might be of service of the Church by illustrating the Holy Scriptures and the new doctrine, by creating religious iconographies ad hoc, or by reinterpreting and modifying the traditional ones, some of which will be discussed in this paper.

  19. A new subgenus of the Coleopterous family Drilidae

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gorham, H.S.


    Generi Diplocladon Gorham 1) valde affine, sed antennae simpliciter pectinatae. Antennae duodecimi-articulatae, articulo basali valido subquadrato, secundo brevi quam hoc dimidio minore, tertio triangulari, angulo interno ramum emittente; quarto ad undecimum perbrevibus, latitudine haud longioribus,

  20. Age friendly Cities and action research

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, John

    Pater til workshop om Community and Spatial Exclusion til ROSEnet konference: Reducing Old-age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy......Pater til workshop om Community and Spatial Exclusion til ROSEnet konference: Reducing Old-age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy...

  1. "Don't forget your promise to come here soon"

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Østermark-Johansen, Lene


    The article published seven letters from Pater to Browning currently at King's College, Cambridge. The letters derive from the late 1870s, from the time shortly after Browning's dismissal from Eton, and testify to Pater's enduring friendship and support of Browning, even at a time when he...

  2. Erotic Negativity and Victorian Aestheticism, 1864-1896


    Friedman, Dustin Edward


    What is the relationship between erotic desire and aesthetic contemplation? This question was central to three of British aestheticism's most notable theorist-practitioners: Walter Pater, Oscar Wilde, and Vernon Lee (Violet Paget). “ Erotic Negativity ” contends that Pater, Wilde, and Lee exercised Hegel's concept of “ the negative ” to describe the relationship between aesthetic experience and erotic response. The aesthete, when he or she gazes upon homoerotic aesth...

  3. The Modernization of Signs: A Library Leads the Way to Networked Digital Signage (United States)

    Larson, Kendall; Quam, Allison


    At Winona State University's Krueger Library, where Kendall Larson is an associate professor and Allison Quam is an assistant professor, informational and directional signs are an essential part of the interior space. Yet the ubiquitous sign and media saturation has challenged them to design and maintain effective signage that is conspicuous and…

  4. Commentarium Primum in ‘Sibi Scribere’


    Akai, Kiioakius


    Is qui philosophari recte incipit, methodum seu instrumentum necessarium (i.e. logicam, linguam Graecam Latinamque) discere debt. Ei autem qui hac peritia carent, docent philosophiam, sed realiter non. Illam ipsam quam jactant philosophiam non ratione et Graecitate Latinitateque sed ignorantia consequuntur. Ex quo videtur oriri reprehensio seu culpa ad philosophiam.

  5. The Modern Igbo Man and Quest for Freedom | Ogugua | AFRREV ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The modern Igbo man has through the decades been beset with one type of problem or the other. He has known multi-quam problems: poverty, ignorance, marginalization, genocide, betrayal, war etc. It is the onus of this paper to examine our operative concepts, Igbo man.s set of unfreedoms, and the shades of Igboman.s ...

  6. Ways of Dying

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Michaelsen, Cathrine Bjørnholt


    , respectively. “Numquam enim erit homini peius in morte, quam ubi erit mors ipsa sine morte.”¹ “Wiederholung ist nur in Gestalt der Treue nicht Endlosigkeit, sondern Erfüllung.”² 1. St. Augustine, De Civitate Dei, XIII, 11. 2. Karl Jaspers, Philosophie. II. Existenzerhellung, Berlin, Heidelberg and New York...

  7. Motivational Interviewing in the Prevention of Alcohol Abuse (United States)


    Nova Moyers, Muller, Ruben Palmer, Freeman Phillips, Nancy Pietsch, Stephen Quam, Gail Stephanie Roberson, Adriana Roberts, Cody S Sarosy...Christopher, P., Manuel, J. K., Martin, T., & Moyers, T.B. (2005). Myers Briggs Personality Type and Competency in Motivational Interviewing

  8. Frieze: Getting beneath the Surface of the Past in Aestheticist Painting and Literature

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Østermark-Johansen, Lene


    Artiklen ser på frisen som æstetisk form i malerier af Albert Moore, Lawrence Alma-Tadema og Frederick Leighton og kæder dette sammen med frisen som gennemgående motiv i Walter Paters roman Marius the Epicurean (1885).......Artiklen ser på frisen som æstetisk form i malerier af Albert Moore, Lawrence Alma-Tadema og Frederick Leighton og kæder dette sammen med frisen som gennemgående motiv i Walter Paters roman Marius the Epicurean (1885)....

  9. Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) 2013 Year End Report (United States)


    Humphrey Deputy Director, CDSE CDSE STATEMENT Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc bibendum dapibus dui, at porta nunc. In eget...accumsan odio. Donec rutrum varius purus, vitae venenatis urna porttitor eget. Mauris lorem dolor , facilisis eget purus quis, adipiscing quam at gravida. Cras a ligula suscipit, lobortis dolor vel, feugiat diam. Proin mattis lectus sit amet pellentesque interdum. Cras porttitor


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariana GURĂU


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to make a summary of the accounting and tax provisions of the tangible assets, regarding the current trend of disconnection between tax and accounting. Also, we are going to put together both tax and accounting provisions and we highlight which are the necessary and compulsory tax documents for fixed assets. In taxation, the principle "guilty until proven innocent" is applyng. That means that responsibility to know the Fiscal Code is an obligation "sine qua non" for taxpayers. Thus, there is in low the principle that "no one can excuse invoking ignorance of the law" ("Nemo censetur ignore legem". Based on these considerations, we found it necessary to make a summary of the fiscal obligations that have economic entities on fixed assets. This synthesis can provide to a company a basis for strong arguments in discussions with tax authorities that can prevent an aggressive approach of them.

  11. A elusão tributária e os limites à requalificação dos negócios jurídicos


    Livia de Carli Germano


    O presente estudo examina os limites à requalificação dos negócios jurídicos no Brasil, seja pelas autoridades fiscais seja pelo legislador tributário (infraconstitucional) com a criação de regras específicas e gerais para o controle da elusão fiscal. Para tanto, considera-se a elusão fiscal como figura autônoma, buscando-se identificar os critérios para a delimitação desta zona cinzenta existente entre a conduta contra legem (evasão) e aquela que não contraria, quer direta quer indiretamente...

  12. The centenary of the School Botanical Garden from Blaj


    Leon Sorin MUNTEAN


    The development of the first school-botanical garden from Blaj is strongly connected with the development of botanical research at the University and Agronomy Insitute from Cluj-Napoca. The first curators of the garden A. Uilacan, A. Cheteanu, Al. Borza and I. Popu-Cimpeanu studied in Cluj. Prof. Al. Borza developed the medicinal and crop plant collections in collaboration with B. Pater, former head of our agrobotanical garden. Later the botanical garden of the University, became famous under...

  13. The sixth sense : synaesthesia and British aestheticism, 1860-1900


    Poueymirou, Margaux Lynn Rosa


    “The Sixth Sense: Synaesthesia and British Aestheticism 1860-1900” is an interdisciplinary examination of the emergence of synaesthesia conceptually and rhetorically within the ‘art for art’s sake’ movement in mid-to-late Victorian Britain. Chapter One investigates Swinburne’s focal role as both theorist and literary spokesman for the nascent British Aesthetic movement. I argue that Swinburne was the first to practice what Pater meant by ‘aesthetic criticism’ and that synaesthe...

  14. punktum. Juni 2007


    Aeschlimann, Heidi; Allemann, Rolf; Bonadei, Valerio; Davatz, Ariuscha; Dobmann, Regula; Etter, Kassian (Pater); Fehlbaum, Barbara; Hartmann, Tilo; Jost, Sergio; Kulla, Manfred; Linsi, Karin; Messerli, Beat; Moro, Claudio; Rocchi, Massimo; Schmid, Wilhelm


    Aeschlimann, Heidi: Leben heisst wahre Geschichten erfinden; Schmid, Wilhelm: Philosophie der Lebenskunst; Zöllner, Ulrike: Entwicklungspsychologie "Vom Wunsch, irgendwo ankommen und bleiben zu dürfen"; Davatz, Ariuscha: Leben in Boomtown "Shaghai: Better City, Better Life"; Etter, Kassian Pater: Im Kloster; Kulla Manfred: Leben mit Mut zum Dienen "Das christliche Konzept der Demut". Moro Claudio: Im Second Life "Ich bin du bist sie wit wir"; Hartmann Tilo: Im Second Life...

  15. De patris auctoritate: los poderes excepcionales del padre en algunas comedias de Tirso de Molina


    Lamari, Naima


    En algunas comedias serias de Tirso de Molina tales como La villana de la Sagra, La elección por la virtud, Ventura te dé Dios, hijo, El honroso atrevimiento y El mayor desengaño, la voluntad paterna aparece como la norma moral y social suprema. El pater familias manda en todo como jefe absoluto y detenta todos los derechos incluso el de disponer de la vida de su progenie.

  16. Fathers, Mothers, Marriages, and Children: Toward a Contextual Model of Positive Paternal Influence


    Rodriguez, Ariel


    This research explored positive paternal involvement in the lives of children within the broader familial context of marital dynamics and positive maternal involvement. The National Survey of Families and Households (NSFH) was used to obtain a longitudinal subsample of 582 first-married couples, as well as the wide range of variables necessary to explore this broader context of paternal influence. Three research questions guided the study: (I) What is the unique contribution of positive pater...

  17. A New Therapeutic Paradigm for Breast Cancer Exploiting Low Dose Estrogen-Induced Apoptosis (United States)


    PhD *Gabriel N Hortobagyi, MD *James N. Ingle , MD Benita S. Katzenellenbogen, PhD *Richard J. Santen, MD *Existing members of different...Mägdefrau U, Kaufmann S, Bastone P, Lowin T, Schedel J, Bosserhoff AK. Role of the netrin system of repellent factors on s ynovial fibroblasts in...Angiogenesis in cancer and other diseases. Nature 2000;407:249–57. 7. Goss PE, Ingle JN, Pater JL, et al. Late extended adjuvant treatment with letrozole

  18. Tecno-patrones: pieles, contexto y fabricación


    Zappulla, Carmelo


    We could explain the architecture through the relationship between Mater and Pater: Matter and pattern. But what is it that transforms matter into built systems? They are the “techno-patterns”, the patterns belonging to materiality and physical organization. The research on matter has implications in the development of patterns; relationship configurations comprising more architectural levels. In such construction of relationships, technology is not only a tool but a creative form...

  19. Fighting the Opioid Epidemic in North Carolina with Leadership, Compassion, and Creativity: Community Approaches. (United States)

    Harrison, Lisa Macon; McClure, Fred


    Our state's motto is "Esse quam videri - To be rather than to seem." North Carolina struggles with insufficient systems to adequately address the opioid crisis we are experiencing. However, progress is happening. Leaders are making a difference across organizations, partnerships, and communities large and small. Where there is a will, North Carolina people are finding creative solutions to address the opioid crisis and its underlying health issues. We cannot wait. We cannot seem. We cannot be afraid. ©2018 by the North Carolina Institute of Medicine and The Duke Endowment. All rights reserved.

  20. Making vasectomy attractive. (United States)

    Herndon, N


    In 1989, Pro-Pater, a private, nonprofit family planning organization in Brazil, used attractive ads with the message Vasectomy, An Act of Love to promote vasectomy. The number of vasectomies performed/day at Pro-Pater clinics increased from 11 to 20 during the publicity campaign and fell after the ads stopped but continued at higher levels. Word of mouth communication among friends, neighbors, and relatives who had vasectomies maintained these high levels. This type of communication reduced the fear that often involves vasectomies because men hear from men they know and trust that vasectomies are harmless and do not deprive them of potency. In Sao Paulo, the percentage of men familiar with vasectomies and how they are performed increased after the campaign, but in Salvador, knowledge did not increase even though the number of vasectomies in Pro-Pater clinics increased. Organizations in Colombia and Guatemala have also been effective in educating men about vasectomies. These successes were especially relevant in Latin American where machismo has been an obstacle of family planning programs. The no-scalpel technique 1st introduced in China in 1974 reduces the fear of vasectomy and has fewer complications than the conventional technique. Further trained physicians can perform the no-scalpel technique in about 10 minutes compared with 15 minutes for the conventional technique. In 1987 during a 1-day festival in Thailand, physicians averaged 57 no-scalpel vasectomies/day compared with only 33 for conventional vasectomies. This technique has not spread to Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, the US, and some countries in Asia and Africa. Extensive research does not indicate that vasectomy has an increased risk of testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and myocardial infarction. Physicians are working on ways to improve vasectomy.

  1. Thomas Albrecht, The Medusa Effect: Representation and Epistemology in Victorian Aesthetics


    Sauvage, Julie


    Thomas Albrecht presents a stimulating study of what he calls the “Medusa effect” in Victorian aesthetics. This specific pattern, linked to the mythological figure of Medusa, raises both epistemological and aesthetic issues. The wide range of texts he examines spans a variety of genres and includes works by Gabriel Dante Rosetti, Freud, Nietzsche, Swinburne and Pater as well as George Eliot. They may not all be Victorian in the strict sense, but T. Albrecht does convincingly show that they al...

  2. Estetika Oscara Wilda


    Král, Robin


    The bachelor thesis The Aesthetics of Oscar Wilde deals with the character and development of aesthetic considerations of a major English writer, thinker and dandy of the second half of the nineteenth century. It describes the influences of the texts of J. Ruskin, W. Morris, W. Pater and J. M. Whistler on Wilde's thought. Then it presents in terms of aesthetics the most important texts and topics of Wilde's. Based on the analysis of these texts the author arrives at the description of several...

  3. The subversion of the gentleman. Body and beauty in Victorian ethos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raquel CERCÓS


    Full Text Available Ever since the importance acquired in the Victorian age to define gender stereotypes, the authors analize the debate emerged in the last period of the nineteenth century and especially in the Oxonian colleges, questioning the prevailing model of manhood represented by the prototype of the gentleman. This contention, supported by new aesthetic-artistic trends and focused on the texts of authors like Walter Horatio Pater, John Addington Symonds and Oscar Wilde, made possible a sort of new open-mindedness and a rupture of hegemonic masculinity ideals governed by a scheme where gender binary determined sexual orientation, leaving it, circumscribed to the limits of heterosexuality.

  4. Making history: the Bloomsbury group's construction of aesthetic and sexual identity. (United States)

    Reed, C


    This essay examines the way England's well-known Bloomsbury group in the first decades of this century negotiated the legacy of prominent figures of the generation before in order to create its own identity. Looking at the group's ideas about both aesthetics and sexuality, the author shows how the group privileged Leo Tolstoy over J. A. M. Whistler, and Oscar Wilde over Walter Pater. The introduction and conclusion seek to set this study in the context of current issues in gay and lesbian studies.

  5. Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) members, United Kingdom, visiting the ATLAS semiconductor tracker (SCT) module tests.

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: Mr Peter Warry, PPARC Chairman, Victrex Plc, United Kingdom visiting the ATLAS SCT module tests with Dr Joleen Pater, SCT (Manchester). Photo 02: PPARC Council Members, United Kingdom, visiting the ATLAS SCT module tests. L.t to r.: Mrs Judith Scott, Chief Executive, British Computer Society, Prof. George Efstathiou, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, Mr Peter Warry, PPARC Chairman, Victrex Plc, Prof. Martin Ward, Director X-Ray Astronomy, of Leicester, Prof. James Stirling, Director, Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, University of Durham and Prof. Brian Foster, University of Bristol.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Wunder Hachem


    Administrativo como mecanismos de implementação dos direitos fundamentais sociais, focando-se,sobretudo, nas ferramentas jurisdicionais disciplinadas pelo Direito Processual Civil. A proposta apresentada para enfrentar tal problemática a partir dessas duas hipóteses consiste no reconhecimento, no ordenamento jurídico brasileiro, do direito fundamental à tutela administrativa efetiva, consagrado na Carta Ibero-americana dos Direitos e Deveres do Cidadão em Relação à Administração Pública aprovada em 10 de outubro de 2013 pelo Centro Latinoamericano de Administración para el Desarrollo. Defende-se que tal direito pode ser deduzido de uma interpretação sistemática da ordem constitucional pátria (art. 5º, §§ 1º e 2º e art. 37, caput e deve ser compreendido como o direito do cidadão: de receber da Administração Pública, em prazo razoável, uma tutela efetiva – espontânea, integral e igualitária – dos seus direitos;  que autoriza a adoção de todas as técnicas e procedimentos administrativos adequados para tanto, mesmo que para atender integralmente às determinações do bloco de constitucionalidade seja necessário, excepcionalmente, agir na falta de lei (praeter legem ou contrariamente à lei (contra legem; e que proíbe o Estado de atuar, administrativa ou judicialmente, em prol de seus interesses secundários, quando estes forem descoincidentes com os direitos fundamentais. A partir desses elementos, a tese defendida é a de que a Constituição Federal do 1988 confere ao cidadão o direito fundamental à tutela administrativa efetiva, o qual: impõe à Administração Pública o dever prioritário de criar condições materiais e jurídicas para satisfazer os direitos fundamentais sociais em sua integralidade, para além do mínimo existencial, ainda que para tanto seja necessária sua atuação praeter legem ou contra legem para não incorrer em omissões inconstitucionais que obstem o desenvolvimento social; e,  obriga-a a atender de forma

  7. Interactive Modelling and Simulation of Human Motion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engell-Nørregård, Morten Pol

    menneskers led, der udviser både ikke-konveksitet og flere frihedsgrader • En generel og alsidig model for aktivering af bløde legemer. Modellen kan anvendes som et animations værktøj, men er lige så velegnet til simulering af menneskelige muskler, da den opfylder de grundlæggende fysiske principper......Dansk resumé Denne ph.d.-afhandling beskæftiger sig med modellering og simulation af menneskelig bevægelse. Emnerne i denne afhandling har mindst to ting til fælles. For det første beskæftiger de sig med menneskelig bevægelse. Selv om de udviklede modeller også kan benyttes til andre ting,er det...... primære fokus på at modellere den menneskelige krop. For det andet, beskæftiger de sig alle med simulering som et redskab til at syntetisere bevægelse og dermed skabe animationer. Dette er en vigtigt pointe, da det betyder, at vi ikke kun skaber værktøjer til animatorer, som de kan bruge til at lave sjove...

  8. Pengecualian terhadap Penerapan Asas Ultra Petitum Partium dalam Beracara di Pengadilan Agama

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mrs. Hartini


    Full Text Available A judge must examine and adjudicate all charges thoroughly on the lawsuit brought to the court. The judge should not only examine and adjudicate part of the charge and disregard the rest. On the other hand, judge in his/her adjudication is prohibited to accede above the suit brought by the parties. This prohibition is called ultra petitum partium. A judge who accedes in excess of the suit partium is considered to be exceeding his/her authority. In Religious Court proceedings, the implementation of ultra petitum partium principle is an exception in several types of cases. In the procedure of divorce (cerai talak, a judge may grant something not demanded by wife either in the petition of divorce or in the reconvention by charging certain obligations upon the husband, which is the wife’s right as the consequence of the separation. In the procedure of divorce, judge may order a preliminary injunction even if such injunction is not demanded. The argument that justifies the judge’s action is the Marriage Act and the procedural law in the Act on Religious Court is a lex specialis stipulation, judge as judge made law must dig into the values of life, and the judge may execute contra legem action if the stipulation in an article considered to be in contradiction with justice and benefit.

  9. General aspects of anxiety manifestations in persons with musculoskeletal disorders

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vitaliy Bezsheiko


    Full Text Available Background. Sed vulputate luctus tortor, facilisis rutrum quam accumsan sed. Aenean nec aliquet nisl, convallis finibus elit. Suspendisse posuere neque eu euismod tempor. Curabitur eleifend massa vitae ex placerat gravida. Nam consequat magna eget elit dignissim consequat. Duis lacinia, libero eu eleifend interdum, ex lacus mattis urna, in dapibus nibh nibh id risus. Suspendisse potenti. Methods. Mauris ut nulla ante. Fusce pharetra aliquet neque, id efficitur ex consequat sit amet. Proin sollicitudin eu est at faucibus. Vivamus eu risus lacus. Ut nec orci vitae leo fermentum facilisis non blandit risus. Nunc non arcu ac neque sagittis malesuada. Duis quis mauris vitae lorem rutrum dapibus blandit at ipsum. Sed tortor nibh, aliquet et mauris a, pellentesque gravida arcu. Cras tristique nisi ultricies, gravida tortor quis, pretium metus. Results. Vivamus arcu ante, iaculis feugiat feugiat vitae, aliquam ac purus. Donec ex turpis, hendrerit vel ultricies id, iaculis a odio. Fusce congue pretium ante, in feugiat nulla elementum in. Donec turpis felis, porta ac tempus eget, accumsan nec libero. Etiam rutrum, tortor et varius bibendum, nisi dolor molestie lectus, volutpat euismod dui justo a diam. Aliquam sapien mauris, molestie a lacus a, fermentum suscipit nunc. Sed eros lectus, hendrerit sit amet aliquet sit amet, mollis vitae purus. Morbi urna nulla, ultrices id facilisis sit amet, placerat eget tellus. Proin semper nisi eget bibendum euismod. Proin dignissim in mauris vel accumsan. Sed nec sodales metus. Mauris suscipit erat sed dui consectetur auctor. Quisque eget ex tortor. In molestie, urna id ullamcorper sagittis, libero risus gravida massa, in efficitur sapien urna lacinia sem. Donec interdum libero at tempor auctor. Conclusion. Ut a lorem non libero semper euismod in ut tellus. Aenean aliquam congue enim nec porttitor. Ut mauris libero, auctor sed finibus ac, gravida et mauris. Nullam vel mattis tortor, sit amet vestibulum ipsum. Nulla

  10. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vitaliy Bezsheiko


    Full Text Available Background. Sed vulputate luctus tortor, facilisis rutrum quam accumsan sed. Aenean nec aliquet nisl, convallis finibus elit. Suspendisse posuere neque eu euismod tempor. Curabitur eleifend massa vitae ex placerat gravida. Nam consequat magna eget elit dignissim consequat. Duis lacinia, libero eu eleifend interdum, ex lacus mattis urna, in dapibus nibh nibh id risus. Suspendisse potenti. Methods. Mauris ut nulla ante. Fusce pharetra aliquet neque, id efficitur ex consequat sit amet. Proin sollicitudin eu est at faucibus. Vivamus eu risus lacus. Ut nec orci vitae leo fermentum facilisis non blandit risus. Nunc non arcu ac neque sagittis malesuada. Duis quis mauris vitae lorem rutrum dapibus blandit at ipsum. Sed tortor nibh, aliquet et mauris a, pellentesque gravida arcu. Cras tristique nisi ultricies, gravida tortor quis, pretium metus. Results. Vivamus arcu ante, iaculis feugiat feugiat vitae, aliquam ac purus. Donec ex turpis, hendrerit vel ultricies id, iaculis a odio. Fusce congue pretium ante, in feugiat nulla elementum in. Donec turpis felis, porta ac tempus eget, accumsan nec libero. Etiam rutrum, tortor et varius bibendum, nisi dolor molestie lectus, volutpat euismod dui justo a diam. Aliquam sapien mauris, molestie a lacus a, fermentum suscipit nunc. Sed eros lectus, hendrerit sit amet aliquet sit amet, mollis vitae purus. Morbi urna nulla, ultrices id facilisis sit amet, placerat eget tellus. Proin semper nisi eget bibendum euismod. Proin dignissim in mauris vel accumsan. Sed nec sodales metus. Mauris suscipit erat sed dui consectetur auctor. Quisque eget ex tortor. In molestie, urna id ullamcorper sagittis, libero risus gravida massa, in efficitur sapien urna lacinia sem. Donec interdum libero at tempor auctor. Conclusion. Ut a lorem non libero semper euismod in ut tellus. Aenean aliquam congue enim nec porttitor. Ut mauris libero, auctor sed finibus ac, gravida et mauris. Nullam vel mattis tortor, sit amet vestibulum ipsum. Nulla

  11. Handing Over the ATLAS eNews Scientific Editor Task

    CERN Multimedia

    P. Jenni


    The ATLAS eNews are now established since many years as a lively source of stories about the construction of our detector as well as the preparations for the physics running to come. The human touch in telling these stories is important, and to stimulate and motivate the article writers to include also this side of our work is one of the tasks for the Scientific Editor of the eNews. Joleen ('Jo') Pater has been the enthusiastic and competent 'skipper' for the last two years keeping the eNews on track. The whole Collaboration owes her a great and very hearty thank-you! Pauline Gagnon has kindly accepted to take up the challenge for the next couple of years. She will have the privilege to be the editor when we will see the first collisions with ATLAS! I wish her all the best for this new task. Outgoing and incoming editors of the ATLAS E-news: Jo Pater (left) and Pauline Gagnon (right)

  12. Research on Intelligent Agriculture Greenhouses Based on Internet of Things Technology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shang Ying


    Full Text Available Internet of things is a hot topic in the field of research, get a lot of attention, On behalf of the future development trend of the network, Internet of Things has a wide range of applications, because of the efficient and reliable information transmission in modern agriculture. In the greenhouse, the conditions of the Greenhouse determine the quality of crops, high yield and many other aspects. Research on Intelligent Agriculture Greenhouses based on Internet of Things, mainly Research on how to control the conditions of the greenhouses, So that the indoor conditions suitable for crop growth. In the pater, we study of Zigbee technology, Designed the solar power supply module, greenhouse hardware and software part, And the system was tested by experiment, The analysis of the experimental data shows that the system can provide good conditions for the growth of crops to achieve the high yield and high quality of crops.

  13. Financial Literacy and Financial Planning in France

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luc Arrondel


    Full Text Available We study financial literacy in France using the PATER survey and following the Lusardi and Mitchell (2011c approach. We find that some subpopulations are less financially literate than others: women, young and old people as well as less-educated people are more likely to face difficulties when dealing with fundamental financial concepts such as risk diversification and inflation and interest compounding. We also find some differences in financial knowledge depending on the political opinion of the respondents. Finally we show that these differences in financial knowledge are correlated with differences in the propensity to plan: people who score higher on the financial literacy questions are more likely to be engaged in the preparation of a clearly defined financial plan.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boris Krešić


    Full Text Available The institutes of contemporary family law are rooted in Roman law, including the property relations of marital partners. From the historical perspective, the property-legal relations of marital partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH were subject to religious regulations and the rules of the General Civil Code and Family Law of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The article analyzes the solutions applied during the Roman, the Ottoman, and the AustroHungarian rule as well as the solutions included in the currently valid Basic Law on Marriage and Family Laws in BiH. The authors focus on the development of family law in terms of property relations of marital partners and provide historical-legal overview of the development of family law from the absolute power of pater familias to the full equality of marital partners.

  15. Vernon Lee in the Vatican: the uneasy alliance of aestheticism and archaeology. (United States)

    Evangelista, Stefano


    From the 1800s onward, aesthetic critics attempted to free the study of ancient Greek art from the frameworks of institutional education and professionalized criticism. In this process, aestheticism entered an uneasy alliance with archaeology, a discipline that was likewise challenging traditional modes of classical learning practiced in public schools and the old universities. In "The Child in the Vatican" (1881), Vernon Lee -- writing under the influence of Pater and from a position of cosmopolitan female amateurism -- examines the uses of archaeological science in the study of classical art. Her analysis of the sculptures of the Niobe Group at once relies on the archaeological method and asks readers to doubt scientific approaches to art that dim the sublime power of the art object.

  16. Découvre les sciences avec les petits débrouillards 39 expériences faciles et amusantes

    CERN Document Server


    Comment plier des os sans les casser ? Peut-on enlever la rouille d’un vieux clou ? Est-ce facile de multiplier une plante ? Comment fabriquer un mini-geyser ? Un anneau de papier qui n’a qu’une seule face, est-ce possible ? Voilà quelques-unes des 40 énigmes et expériences que ce livre propose aux jeunes lecteurs curieux de comprendre le monde et les phénomènes qui les entourent. Une initiation aux grands principes de la physique, de la chimie et de la biologie, pour s’étonner et aussi épater ses amis ou sa famille.

  17. Laboratory measurement of the millimeter wave properties of liquid sulfuric acid (H2SO4). [study of microwave emission from Venus (United States)

    Fahd, Antoine K.; Steffes, Paul G.


    The methodology and the results of laboratory measurements of the millimeter wave properties of liquid sulfuric acid are presented. Measurements conducted at 30-40 and 90-100 GHz are reported, using different concentrations of liquid H2SO4. The measured data are used to compute the expected opacity of H2SO4 condensates and their effects on the millimeter wave emission from Venus. The cloud condensate is found to have an effect on the emission from Venus. The calculated decrease in brightness temperature is well below the observed decrease in brightness temperature found by de Pater et al. (1991). It is suggested that other constituents such as gaseous H2SO4 also affect the observed variation in the brightness temperature.

  18. Applications of Singh-Rajput Mes in Recall Operations of Quantum Associative Memory for a Two- Qubit System (United States)

    Singh, Manu Pratap; Rajput, B. S.


    Recall operations of quantum associative memory (QuAM) have been conducted separately through evolutionary as well as non-evolutionary processes in terms of unitary and non- unitary operators respectively by separately choosing our recently derived maximally entangled states (Singh-Rajput MES) and Bell's MES as memory states for various queries and it has been shown that in each case the choices of Singh-Rajput MES as valid memory states are much more suitable than those of Bell's MES. it has been demonstrated that in both the types of recall processes the first and the fourth states of Singh-Rajput MES are most suitable choices as memory states for the queries `11' and `00' respectively while none of the Bell's MES is a suitable choice as valid memory state in these recall processes. It has been demonstrated that all the four states of Singh-Rajput MES are suitable choice as valid memory states for the queries `1?', `?1', `?0' and `0?' while none of the Bell's MES is suitable choice as the valid memory state for these queries also.

  19. Zoonotic helminths affecting the human eye (United States)


    Nowaday, zoonoses are an important cause of human parasitic diseases worldwide and a major threat to the socio-economic development, mainly in developing countries. Importantly, zoonotic helminths that affect human eyes (HIE) may cause blindness with severe socio-economic consequences to human communities. These infections include nematodes, cestodes and trematodes, which may be transmitted by vectors (dirofilariasis, onchocerciasis, thelaziasis), food consumption (sparganosis, trichinellosis) and those acquired indirectly from the environment (ascariasis, echinococcosis, fascioliasis). Adult and/or larval stages of HIE may localize into human ocular tissues externally (i.e., lachrymal glands, eyelids, conjunctival sacs) or into the ocular globe (i.e., intravitreous retina, anterior and or posterior chamber) causing symptoms due to the parasitic localization in the eyes or to the immune reaction they elicit in the host. Unfortunately, data on HIE are scant and mostly limited to case reports from different countries. The biology and epidemiology of the most frequently reported HIE are discussed as well as clinical description of the diseases, diagnostic considerations and video clips on their presentation and surgical treatment. Homines amplius oculis, quam auribus credunt Seneca Ep 6,5 Men believe their eyes more than their ears PMID:21429191

  20. Beam profiles for fast neutrons; and reply

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bewley, D.K.; Parnell, C.J.; Bloch, P.


    The authors express surprise that Bloch et al. (Bloch, P.H., Hendry, G.O., Hilton, J.L., Quam, W.M., Reinhard, D.K., and Wilson, C., 1976, Phys. Med. Biol., Vol. 21, 450) justified a target size of 5.5 x 5.5 cm in a neutron generator by comparison with the profile given by a 2.5 MV X-ray generator. The penumbral width of this new neutron generator is more than twice that of a modern megavoltage X-ray machine, and larger than those of beams from standard 60 Co units, or of the Hammersmith Hospital cyclotron beam. The large target size of the neutron generator may have to be accepted as a necessary evil, but should not be considered satisfactory. In reply, one of the authors of the original note presents the results of calculations of beam profiles for 14 MeV neutron beams in a tissue-equivalent phantom, and suggests that the broader profiles are principally caused by the larger probability of side scatter, not by source size. The most fruitful approach to sharpening the neutron beam profile would seem to be to design a field flattening filter to increase relative dose near the edge inside the geometrically defined field. Calculations indicating that Bewley and Parnell have underestimated the penumbral widths of 60 Co beams are also presented. (U.K.)

  1. 143rd and 144th meetings of the Governing Board of the Pension Fund

    CERN Multimedia


    The Governing Board of the Pension Fund held its 143rd and 144th meetings on 16 May and 13 June respectively. At the first of these two meetings, the Board took note of the report by the Austrian Court of Audit on the 2005 financial year and of the associated comments by the Administration of the Fund. It also listened to a report by the Chairman of the Investment Committee on the latter's 10 May meeting, at which the two fund managers responsible for the "QUAM" and "Far East Ex-Japan" portfolios had been interviewed and their performances judged satisfactory. The Committee had also decided to commission ORTEC to carry out a full assets/liabilities modelling study during the current year. During the meeting, the Board also approved a document setting out its position on the CERN debt to the Pension Fund, which would be submitted to the Finance Committee and Council in June. It underlined that the reimbursement of the debt would be advantageous for the Fund as well as for the Laboratory and that it would re...

  2. Zoonotic helminths affecting the human eye

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eberhard Mark L


    Full Text Available Abstract Nowaday, zoonoses are an important cause of human parasitic diseases worldwide and a major threat to the socio-economic development, mainly in developing countries. Importantly, zoonotic helminths that affect human eyes (HIE may cause blindness with severe socio-economic consequences to human communities. These infections include nematodes, cestodes and trematodes, which may be transmitted by vectors (dirofilariasis, onchocerciasis, thelaziasis, food consumption (sparganosis, trichinellosis and those acquired indirectly from the environment (ascariasis, echinococcosis, fascioliasis. Adult and/or larval stages of HIE may localize into human ocular tissues externally (i.e., lachrymal glands, eyelids, conjunctival sacs or into the ocular globe (i.e., intravitreous retina, anterior and or posterior chamber causing symptoms due to the parasitic localization in the eyes or to the immune reaction they elicit in the host. Unfortunately, data on HIE are scant and mostly limited to case reports from different countries. The biology and epidemiology of the most frequently reported HIE are discussed as well as clinical description of the diseases, diagnostic considerations and video clips on their presentation and surgical treatment. Homines amplius oculis, quam auribus credunt Seneca Ep 6,5 Men believe their eyes more than their ears

  3. «Un capellán que sirve la mesa» y otros menesteres. Burgos a mediados del siglo XVIII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco José SANZ DE LA HIGUERA


    Full Text Available RESUMEN: En la ciudad de Burgos, a mediados del siglo XVIII, nueve hogares disponían, entre sus componentes, de un capellán privativo, contratado por el pater-familias a título de «doméstico». Sus quehaceres eran múltiples: dirigir la celebración de actos religiosos, servir la mesa, educar a la progenie, llevar los asuntos de su patrón, etcétera. Muchos de esos hogares tenían, en sus grandes mansiones, oratorio y cochera, donde se guardaban celosamente los menajes sacros y los carruajes. Las razones para contratar capellanes ah hoc son varias, pero una destaca entre las demás. En un siglo caracterizado por la transición desde una religiosidad colectiva, teatralizada, de templo y estridencias en las calles hasta una religiosidad más intimista, doctrinal, hogareña, personal e individualista, se mantenía, alimentaba y/o asalariaba a un clero flotante que servía en exclusiva a los miembros de algunos hogares aristocráticos. Estos hogares disfrutaban, en general, de unos niveles de renta y de fortuna elevados, muy por encima de la inmensa mayoría de los habitantes de la ciudad.ABSTRACT: In the city of Burgos, in the middle of the 18th century, nine homes had, as their members, a private chaplain, contracted by the pater-familias, as household servant. These jobs were of a great variety: to lead the celebration of religious events, to serve meals, to educate offspring, to be in charge of his landlord's bussiness, etcétera. Many of those homes had, in their great mansions, an oratory and a garage, where the sacred items and the carriages were well kept. The reasons to contract chaplains ad hoc are different, but one is the most important. In a century characterized for the changings from a collective religiousness, exaggerated, in churchs and stridency in the streets to a religiousness more intimate, doctrinal, familiar, personal and individualistic, maintained, fed and/or paid a floating clergy who served the members of some

  4. Spatial Distribution of the Forbidden 1.707 mm Rovibronic Emission on Io (United States)

    de Pater, Imke; de Kleer, Katherine; Adamkovics, Mate


    Io’s forbidden SO 1.707 mm rovibronic transition was discovered in 1999 when the satellite was observed with the NIRSPEC spectrometer on the Keck telescope while in eclipse [1]. The emission, at the time indicative of a rotational temperature of 1000 K, was attributed to SO molecules in the excited a1D state, ejected as such from the vent at a thermodynamic quenching temperature of ~1500 K. We suggested Loki as its source, a volcano that was exceptionally active during this period. In subsequent years we found that the disk-averaged SO emission varies substantially over time [2]. In November 2002 we observed Io in eclipse with Keck’s NIRSPEC coupled to the Adaptive Optics (AO) system, and identified a latitudinal variation in SO: most emission came from the equator and the south, and practically no emission was detected in the north [3]. To further investigate the nature of the SO emission, we observed Io in eclipse with the near-infrared integral field spectrograph OSIRIS, coupled to the AO system, on the Keck II telescope on UT 27 July 2010 and 25 December 2015. On the latter date we observed simultaneously with the NIRSPEC spectrometer at a high spectral resolution (R ~ 25,000). On these dates Callisto and Ganymede, resp., were close enough to be used for wavefront sensing. The angular resolution of our images is ~0.1”, or ~10 resolution elements across Io’s disk. The emission is extended; preliminary results show that in 2010 most of the emission originated in the north, and in 2015 it appeared to be more confined to the equatorial region. Potential connections to active volcanoes, or absence thereof, and model fits to the emission bands including LTE vs non-LTE contributions will be discussed. [1]: de Pater, I., et al., 2002. Icarus, 156, 296-301.[2]: Laver, C., et al. 2007. Icarus, 189, 401-408.[3]: de Pater, I. et al., 2007. Icarus, 191, 172-182.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Esperanza Del Niño Jesús Cabrera Díaz


    Full Text Available El presente artículo de reflexión es producto de la revisión de la tesis de grado del doctorado titulada “dilemas Bioéticos en las prácticas discursivas de psicoterapeutas que atienden el maltrato infantil”, y realiza una deliberación sobre la dignidad de niños y niñas. Parte de los conceptos de dignidad propios de Grecia y Roma, donde la dignidad es propia del varón por origen aristocrático, o dada por el desempeño en un cargo público. En este ambiente, el concepto de dignidad es impensable para los niños y niñas. Este concepto surge simultáneamente con el de pater familiae, en el mismo contexto. Para el pater familiae, el niño o niña es un objeto-propiedad del adulto, sin reconocimiento como ser humano con dignidad y respeto. Es un niño o niña subordinado al adulto, sin voz, sin posibilidad alguna de tomar decisiones o de ser considerado un ser humano. Este acervo cultural sobre dignidad y de niño o niña, históricamente permea la cultura occidental y llega hasta nuestros días. Por lo anterior, se plantea la necesidad de reflexionar sobre la dignidad del niño o niña, transformar la cultura para que el niño o niña sea considerado un ser digno, perteneciente a la especie humana, con igual dignidad a la del adulto. Desde la Bioética, este cambio conceptual sobre lo que es un niño o niña, lleva a la expresión cotidiana de valorar, respetar, dignificar al niño o niña, a través de la escucha, el diálogo, el consenso, el acuerdo, la participación activa en toda decisión que le compete.

  6. Validation of S-NPP VIIRS Sea Surface Temperature Retrieved from NAVO

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qianguang Tu


    Full Text Available The validation of sea surface temperature (SST retrieved from the new sensor Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS onboard the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (S-NPP Satellite is essential for the interpretation, use, and improvement of the new generation SST product. In this study, the magnitude and characteristics of uncertainties in S-NPP VIIRS SST produced by the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO are investigated. The NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST and eight types of quality-controlled in situ SST from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in situ Quality Monitor (iQuam are condensed into a Taylor diagram. Considering these comparisons and their spatial coverage, the NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST is then validated using collocated drifters measured SST via a three-way error analysis which also includes SST derived from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer (MODIS onboard AQUA. The analysis shows that the NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST is of high accuracy, which lies between the drifters measured SST and AQUA MODIS SST. The histogram of NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST root-mean-square error (RMSE shows normality in the range of 0–0.6 °C with a median of ~0.31 °C. Global distribution of NAVO VIIRS SST shows pronounced warm biases up to 0.5 °C in the Southern Hemisphere at high latitudes with respect to the drifters measured SST, while near-zero biases are observed in AQUA MODIS. It means that these biases may be caused by the NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST retrieval algorithm rather than the nature of the SST. The reasons and correction for this bias need to be further studied.

  7. SST algorithms in ACSPO reanalysis of AVHRR GAC data from 2002-2013 (United States)

    Petrenko, B.; Ignatov, A.; Kihai, Y.; Zhou, X.; Stroup, J.


    In response to a request from the NOAA Coral Reef Watch Program, NOAA SST Team initiated reprocessing of 4 km resolution GAC data from AVHRRs flown onboard NOAA and MetOp satellites. The objective is to create a longterm Level 2 Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Oceans (ACSPO) SST product, consistent with NOAA operations. ACSPO-Reanalysis (RAN) is used as input in the NOAA geo-polar blended Level 4 SST and potentially other Level 4 SST products. In the first stage of reprocessing (reanalysis 1, or RAN1), data from NOAA-15, -16, -17, -18, -19, and Metop-A and -B, from 2002-present have been processed with ACSPO v2.20, and matched up with quality controlled in situ data from in situ Quality Monitor (iQuam) version 1. The ~12 years time series of matchups were used to develop and explore the SST retrieval algorithms, with emphasis on minimizing spatial biases in retrieved SSTs, close reproduction of the magnitudes of true SST variations, and maximizing temporal, spatial and inter-platform stability of retrieval metrics. Two types of SST algorithms were considered: conventional SST regressions, and recently developed incremental regressions. The conventional equations were adopted in the EUMETSAT OSI-SAF formulation, which, according to our previous analyses, provide relatively small regional biases and well-balanced combination of precision and sensitivity, in its class. Incremental regression equations were specifically elaborated to automatically correct for model minus observation biases, always present when RTM simulations are employed. Improved temporal stability was achieved by recalculation of SST coefficients from matchups on a daily basis, with a +/-45 day window around the current date. This presentation describes the candidate SST algorithms considered for the next round of ACSPO reanalysis, RAN2.

  8. Propriedades físicas e químicas de substratos renováveis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dagma Kratz


    Full Text Available A necessidade premente de aumento no número de mudas plantadas anualmente, bem como a crescente diminuição na disponibilidade de matérias-primas tradicionais para composição de substratos, tem levado à necessidade do desenvolvimento de estudos que visam à avaliação e disponibilização de novos materiais para sua composição técnica e economicamente eficientes. Em vista disso, este estudo objetivou analisar as propriedades físicas e químicas de substratos formulados com base em materiais renováveis e de grande disponibilidade (fibra de coco, casca de arroz carbonizada em diferentes granulometrias, biossólido e casca de pinus semidecomposta, bem como suas intercorrelações. Para tanto, foram formulados 41 substratos, os quais tiveram suas propriedades físicas e químicas avaliadas. Com base nos resultados, pôde-se concluir que, pelas suas propriedades físicas e químicas, uma série de materiais renováveis e, ou, resíduos agroindustriais e humanos se adéquam para serem utilizados como componentes na formulação de substratos para produção de mudas florestais, embora os conteúdos de alguns nutrientes em determinados substratos devam ser ajustados via adubação de base. Em vista do fato de as propriedades físicas serem mais decisivas na escolha de determinada formulação de substrato, entre os componentes e misturas avaliadas se pode concluir que os substratos formulados à base de fibra de coco e casca de arroz carbonizada se mostraram mais adequados.

  9. Pharmaceutical quality assurance of local private distributors: a secondary analysis in 13 low-income and middle-income countries (United States)

    Caudron, Jean Michel; Schiavetti, Benedetta; Pouget, Corinne; Tsoumanis, Achilleas; Meessen, Bruno; Ravinetto, Raffaella


    Introduction The rapid globalisation of the pharmaceutical production and distribution has not been supported by harmonisation of regulatory systems worldwide. Thus, the supply systems in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs) remain exposed to the risk of poor-quality medicines. To contribute to estimating this risk in the private sector in LMICs, we assessed the quality assurance system of a convenient sample of local private pharmaceutical distributors. Methods This descriptive study uses secondary data derived from the audits conducted by the QUAMED group at 60 local private pharmaceutical distributors in 13 LMICs. We assessed the distributors’ compliance with good distribution practices (GDP), general quality requirements (GQR) and cold chain management (CCM), based on an evaluation tool inspired by the WHO guidelines ’Model Quality Assurance System (MQAS) for procurement agencies'. Descriptive statistics describe the compliance for the whole sample, for distributors in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) versus those in non-SSA, and for those in low-income countries (LICs) versus middle-income countries (MICs). Results Local private pharmaceutical distributors in our sample were non-compliant, very low-compliant or low-compliant for GQR (70%), GDP (60%) and CCM (41%). Only 7/60 showed good to full compliance for at least two criteria. Observed compliance varies by geographical region and by income group: maximum values are higher in non-SSA versus SSA and in MICs versus LICs, while minimum values are the same across different groups. Conclusion The poor compliance with WHO quality standards observed in our sample indicates a concrete risk that patients in LMICs are exposed to poor-quality or degraded medicines. Significant investments are needed to strengthen the regulatory supervision, including on private pharmaceutical distributors. An adapted standardised evaluation tool inspired by the WHO MQAS would be helpful for self-evaluation, audit and inspection

  10. Giambattista Bodoni’s Oratio Dominica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valentino Romani


    Full Text Available Giambattista Bodoni is certainly one of the most influential character of the late eighteenth century. His skill as a printer played a crucial role in his reputation among some of the most important and influential European politicians, diplomats, and scholars. He also granted glory and fame to the city of Parma thanks to his ducal printing house. His skill as a printer was particularly improved during his stay in Rome, between 1758 and 1766, under the supervision of Costantino Ruggeri in the printing house of Propaganda Fide. In 1805, on the spur of Pius VII, Bodoni undertook one of his most famous enterprise, the Oratio Dominica CL linguis versa, et propriis cuiusque linguae characteribus plerumque expressa. The work was conceived as a reaction to Pater Poliglotto, published in the French Imperial typography directed by Jean-Joseph Marcel and offered to the Pope in January of the same year. This French version was made in large part thanks to punches and matrix confiscated precisely at the Typography of Propaganda Fide, and carried to Paris in 1798. The result of Bodoni’s work was extraordinary; the Oratio Dominica, dedicated to Eugene de Beauharnais and Augusta Amelia, was even acknowledged at the Paris Industrial Exposition in 1806.

  11. The Greek mirror: the Uranians and their use of Greece. (United States)

    Mader, D H


    The Uranians comprised a loosely knit group of British and American homosexual poets writing between approximately 1880 and 1930, sharing a number of basic cultural and literary assumptions derived on one hand from Walter Pater, and on the other from Walt Whitman. Although they used Oriental, Christian and other motifs, one of the major elements many shared was a use of various allusions and themes from ancient Greece, including paganism, male companionship or intimate friendship (which was not defined in terms of sameness), and democracy and a natural aristocracy of virtue, which they applied to the concerns of their own society and era. The model of male relationships which they advocated (and in at least some cases practiced) was almost uniformly asymmetrical, either by age or class, or both. In addition to their poetry, various theoretical writings by members of the group are also involved in the discussion, and this article argues that these historical/ literary allusions and themes should not be understood as means of evasion which allowed them to write of tabooed subjects safely, but as part of a consciously adopted artistic/cultural strategy for homosexual emancipation. It also suggests that their arguments should be reexamined as a corrective to the present egalitarian model of homosexuality.

  12. Fonologia etrusaa fonetiaa toscana, Il problema del sostra­ to, Atti della Giornata di Studi organizzata dal Gruppo Archeo­ logico Colligiano, Colle di Val d'Elsa, 4 aprile 1982; a cura di L. Agostiniani e L. Giannelli, Biblioteca dell' "Archivum Romanicu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavao Tekavčić


    Full Text Available Che cosa sia la gorgia tosaana lo sanno probabilmente tutti i cultori della linguistica romanza nel mondo; ed è risaputo anche che, dopo poco meno di un secolo di discussioni, il volume di H. J. Izzo Tuscan and Etruscan, Toronto 1972 sembrò dare il colpo di grazia alla tesi sostratista: "La gorgia etru­sca è morta!" si credette di pater dire, adattando la prima par­te del celebre detto francese. Perciò sorprenderà non poco che, a distanza di dieci anni dal libra di Izzo, si veda risuscitare l'ipotesi dell'origine preromana della gorgia; ossia, che forse si debba dire - continuando il citato detto - "viva la gorgia etrusca!". Si, il richiamo alla nota formula francese non è senza una sua giustificazione, perché l'ipotesi della gorgia etrusca - oltre ad essere sostenuta da una netta minoranza de­ glistudiosi- ci si presenta semmai in una veste nueva. Chi vorrà leggere i contributi nel ricco ed interessante volume che qui recensiamo, potrà convincersi che la discussione sul possi­bile influsso del sostrato etrusco nella gorgia toscana non è per niente esaurita rna continua, con argomenti nuovi basati su ricerche recenti.

  13. Evolution of adoption from Roman law to modern law

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kitanović Tanja


    Full Text Available The work is dedicated to the evolution of adoption practice from ancient Roman law to modern law. Adoption represents ancient social and legal practice which has during time changed manifestations and the causes it served. Adoption in ancient Rome served the interests of pater familias without biological posterity. Adoption practice benefited the continuance of families and the family cult of adopters, whose family lines, with no natural posterity, were threatened to become extinct. After the stagnation in the feudal epoch, adoption was reaffirmed in the bourgeois law. Civil codes in European countries, whose legal systems were built on the foundations of the ancient Roman legal tradition, originally favoured the interests of individuals with no biological children, who were granted to extend their families by adopting, and hence transfer their assets on the obtained heirs. After the wars in the 20th century, which led to a rapid increase in the number of parentless children, the concept of adoption was radically changed, so that since that time the adoption has primarily served the interests of the adopted children and the care for them in the adoptive families. Adoption becomes a form of a social, legal family protection of children without adequate parental care, and that is the most desirable form to provide for children, for the adoptee completely integrates with the adoptive family and takes the right of the born child, where the family environment provides and encourages the optimal mental and physical development of the child.

  14. Comparison of radio data and model calculations of Jupiter's synchrotron radition 2. East--west asymmetry in the radiation belts as a functon of Jovian longitude

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    de Pater, I.


    On the basis of comparison of radio data and model calculations of Jupiter's synchrotron radiaton the 'hot region' or east--west asymmetry in the planet's radiation belts is proposed to be due to the combined effect of an overabundance of electrons at jovicentric longitudes lambda/sub J/approx.240 0 --360 0 and the existence of a dusk dawn directed electric field over the inner magnetosphere, generated by the wind system in the upper atmosphere. The model calculations were based upon the magnetic field configurations derived from the Pioneer data by Acuna and Ness [1976] (the O 4 model) and Davis, Jones and Smith (quoted in Smith and Gulkis [1979]) (the P 11 (3,2)A model), with an electron distribution derived in the first paper of this series [de Pater, this issue]. We would infer from the calculations that the O 4 model gives a slightly better fit to the data; the relatively large number density at lambda/sub J/approx.240 0 --360 0 , however, might indicate the presence of even higher order moments in the field

  15. Límites del deseo: incesto y familia en El lenguaje de las orquídeas de Adriana González Mateos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anca Koczkas


    Full Text Available This article employs Igor Primoratz’s ethics of sexuality to analyze the incestuous relationship between a thirteen year old girl and her uncle in the novel El lenguaje the las orquídeas (2007, by Adriana González Mateos. My critical inquiry starts with a basic question: What hides behind the multiple ways in which incest is represented here? The obvious answer would be: the disintegration of the family. By analogy, if the family falls apart, so does the whole country. The Mexican nation here, as Doris Summers would say, no longer needs incest to consolidate itself, perhaps because this concept is undergoing profound transformations. Due to continuous social and cultural shifts, as well as the profound mark feminist and gay liberation movements have left on the Mexican society, the novel discussed here posits a new vision of incest. One that leaves behind the pater familias in order to reveal the growing importance of women in society and their role in the formation (or disintegration for that matter of the family nucleus.

  16. Estrategias matrimoniales y poder territorial en Santiago del Estero, 1695-1756. La Casa López de Velasco Sánchez Zambrano

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Angélica Arias


    Full Text Available Entre las familias más renombradas de la elite criolla de Santiago del Estero durante el siglo XVIII, encontramos a los López de Velasco Sánchez Zambrano, cuyos orígenes genealógicos entroncan, por línea materna, con la Familia Guzmán Herrera- Castro Polanco, una de las primeras en habitar estas tierras luego de la fundación de la ciudad en 1553, de la cual nacieron varias de las familias que conformaron la elite criolla local de los siglos XVI, XVII, XVIII y XIX. El presente trabajo pretende analizar las estrategias matrimoniales y de parentesco utilizadas por el pater familias de esta Casa Don Joseph López de Velasco entre los años 1695-1756, para la configuración de una red de relaciones y conexiones territoriales y comerciales cuyo eje vertebrador era la ruta comercial hacia el Alto Perú.

  17. Longitudinal patterns of fish assemblages, aquatic habitat, and water temperature in the Lower Crooked River, Oregon (United States)

    Torgersen, Christian E.; Hockman-Wert, David P.; Bateman, Douglas S.; Leer, David W.; Gresswell, Robert E.


    The Lower Crooked River is a remarkable groundwater-fed stream flowing through vertical basalt canyons in the Deschutes River Valley ecoregion in central Oregon (Pater and others, 1998). The 9-mile section of the river between the Crooked River National Grasslands boundary near Ogden Wayside and river mile (RM) 8 is protected under the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (16 U.S.C. 1271-1287) for its outstandingly remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, hydrologic, wildlife, and botanical values (ORVs), and significant fishery and cultural values. Groundwater springs flow directly out of the canyon walls into the Lower Crooked River and create a unique hydrologic setting for native coldwater fish, such as inland Columbia Basin redband trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri). To protect and enhance the ORVs that are the basis for the wild and scenic designation, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has identified the need to evaluate, among other conditions, fish presence and habitat use of the Lower Crooked River. The results of this and other studies will provide a scientific basis for communication and cooperation between the BLM, Oregon Water Resources Department, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and all water users within the basin. These biological studies initiated by the BLM in the region reflect a growing national awareness of the impacts of agricultural and municipal water use on the integrity of freshwater ecosystems.

  18. A review of feature detection and match algorithms for localization and mapping (United States)

    Li, Shimiao


    Localization and mapping is an essential ability of a robot to keep track of its own location in an unknown environment. Among existing methods for this purpose, vision-based methods are more effective solutions for being accurate, inexpensive and versatile. Vision-based methods can generally be categorized as feature-based approaches and appearance-based approaches. The feature-based approaches prove higher performance in textured scenarios. However, their performance depend highly on the applied feature-detection algorithms. In this paper, we surveyed algorithms for feature detection, which is an essential step in achieving vision-based localization and mapping. In this pater, we present mathematical models of the algorithms one after another. To compare the performances of the algorithms, we conducted a series of experiments on their accuracy, speed, scale invariance and rotation invariance. The results of the experiments showed that ORB is the fastest algorithm in detecting and matching features, the speed of which is more than 10 times that of SURF and approximately 40 times that of SIFT. And SIFT, although with no advantage in terms of speed, shows the most correct matching pairs and proves its accuracy.

  19. Influence of gamma ray treatment on in vitro regenerated plants of Atropa Belladonna L

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Toth, E.; Onisei, T.; Amariei, D.


    Regenerated plants were obtained through callus organogenesis after gamma ray treatment with 1 to 9 Krad doses. Vigorous shoots were regenerated on MS (1962) medium supplemented with 2 mg/l 6-benzylaminopurine. Shoot growth was inhibited with increasing irradiation doses. At 2 Krad dose root Primordia were observed after 18 days while 32 days were necessary to produce roots at 7-9 Krad. As compared to the control, the survival percent during acclimatization was 80 to 85% at 2-3 Krad, 65-70% at 4-6 Krad and 60-62% at 7-9 Krad. Approximately 330 plants were transferred to field conditions. Morphological and biochemical parameters were measured and the data were statistically processed. Plant height was negatively influenced by higher doses of irradiation. A chlorophyll deficient plant arose from the 6 Krad treatment which showed a different pattern of isoperoxidase and isoesterase as compared to the control. A yellow-flower mutant was obtained from the 3 Krad treatment and is assumed to be Atropa belladonna var. Flava Pater. (author)

  20. Essay and Ekphrasis (Herbert - Bieńkowska - Bieńczyk

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roma Sendyka


    Full Text Available Michel Riffaterre in article L'lllusion d'ekphrasis put forward an idea of "critical ekphrasis" (1994 what may become an invitation to ask if other sub-genres/modes of ekphrasis may be described. The text Essay and Ekphrasis develops this question in the field of essayistic traditions. Evoking the tendency of writing on art in that genre (from Montaigne, Diderot, Ruskin, Pater to art historians, critics and artists the article analyses three examples of ekphrases (by Zbigniew Herbert, Ewa Bieńkowska and Marek Bieńczyk to voice a hypothesis that ekphrasis in an essay may be a useful proof for those who question (ostensive representational powers of that textual tool. Essayistic ekphrasis seems to have a foremost referential character, pointing towards an object of art only to use it in order to describe cognitive procedures of the subject who in such a way (performatively and not overtly pictures himself mirroring his inner self in dispersed fragments of cultural object, dismantling the temporal and spatial difference between the viewer and the object in an illusion of an immediate presence.

  1. [Aspects of senile dementia in ancient Rome: literary fiction and factual reality]. (United States)

    Moog, Ferdinand Peter; Schäfer, Daniel


    Old people and their pecularities have been the object of writers since the beginning of Western literature. The aim of this study is to verify the social and juridical significance of senile dementia in ancient Rome. Among the few relevant sources the 10th satire of Juvenal attracts attention. It describes a demented patient who revises his succession in favour of a lady with bad reputation. Logically, we wonder whether such dispositions were possible and after all legally binding. Or did Juvenal exaggerate? A look at the Roman legislation shows: Since the Twelve Tablet Law there were instruments to control or to help demented people. This meant care in the sense of the today's curatorship or guardianship. These measures were supposed to prevent extravagancy or doing business and legal acts like marriages or last wills in the state of diminished responsibility. Nevertheless, it must be assumed that there was a considerable discrepancy between juridical theory and daily practice, because the position of the "pater familias" was virtually untouchable, the individual freedom of the full citizen was firmly underlined and the Roman civil law allowed only little executive interferences. Juvenal's bizarre example should not only be taken as good literary fiction. It might reflect the sad, but nevertheless probable reality of the people directly concerned. Apart from that it has to be said that senile dementia played only a minor role in Roman legislation. Mainly because there were considerably less very old people--and in particular people with senile dementia--than today.

  2. Logos und etos der Heiligkeit im Licht der liturgischen Texte vom hl. Stanislaus, Bischof und Märtyrer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jan Józef Janicki


    Full Text Available Im Jahr 2003 feiert die Kirche in Polen das 750-jährige Jubiläum der Heiligsprechung des Bischofs Stanislaus (1030-1079, der im Jahre 1253 in Assisi, als erste Pole, kanonisiert wurde und zum Patron von ganz Polen ernannt. Der Verfasser analisiert das Messformular und Stundengebetsformular von der liturgischen Feier des hl. Stanislaus, Bischof und Märtyrer am 8 Mai und sucht dadurch die Lehre (logos über das christliche Leben und die konkrete Lebens-Konsequenzen (etos aufzuzeigen. Die erneuerten liturgischen Texte der Gebete des neuen römischen Messbuches und des Stundengebetes zeigen den Glauben der betenden Kirche nach dem alten Prinzip: legem credendi lex statuat supplicandi (oder kurz ausgedrückt: lex orandi lex credendi. Der Zweck also des hier vorgestellten Artikels ist es, den Glauben der Kirche über das heilige Leben der Christen zu demonstrieren, welches uns eine Analyse der euchologischen Texte und der Texte der Wortliturgie ermöglicht. Der Verfasser benutzte dann die Möglichkeit, diese ganze Problematik im breiten theologisch-liturgischen und pastoralen Kontext darzustellen. Dabei benutzte er die Dokumente der Kirche der letzten Jahre, insbesondere die Lehre des II. Vatikanischen Konzils wenn es um den pastoralen Dienst der Bischöfe geht, dann die pastoral-theologischen Briefe des Papstes Pius XII und des Papstes Johannes Paul II, zum 700-jährigen und zum 750-jährigen Jubiläum der Kanonisation des hl. Bischofs Stanislaus. Es geht aber auch um alles das, was Johannes Paul II und früher als Kardinal Karol Wojtyła zum Jahrestag des Märtyrertodes geschrieben hat. Die liturgischen Gebetstexte lex orandi und die Wortliturgie unterstreichen in ihrer lex credendi, dass der hl. Stanislaus in seinem Leben, in seiner Zeit und seiner Kirche, den Auftrag und die Vollmacht - die Christus den Aposteln und ihren Nachfolgern gegeben hat - alle Völker zu lehren, die Menschen in der Wahrheit zu heiligen und sie zu weiden, verwirklicht

  3. Edward Albee and Arthur Kopit: Look Who’s Wearing the Pants!

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andra AGAFIȚEI


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is, on the one hand, to make the readers acquainted with the realities of the twentieth century American family, as perceived by the two American playwrights, and, on the other hand, to underline the unusual phenomena that have been brought by the changing dynamics of the family relationships. All the five plays under discussion—All Over, A Delicate Balance, The American Dream, The Sandbox by Edward Albee, and Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin’ So Sad by Arthur Kopit — present situations in which the female characters seem to have become the leader, taking the place of the head of the family, of the pater familias. They stop acting like loving mothers and wives, they forget to take care of their families; instead, they lock away their hearts and assume the part of some sort of tyrant: they control everyone and everything in the house, their word being the equivalent of a rule. The female characters are endowed with masculine traits, whereas the male characters are emasculated, effeminate, deprived of any kind of power. The purpose of the paper is to demystify the myth of the ideal, perfect American family,to make the readers realize that the image that has been presented to the non-American public is, in the twentieth century, nothing but a disguise. Our goal is to display the image of the new American family hoping that, in doing so, we will succeed in making the readers realize the fact that human relationships, especially the ones within the family, need to be re-established on a deeper and more meaningful level.

  4. Evaluation of information display at advanced main control room

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Min, Dai Hwan; Jo, Heon Jin; Jeon, Byung Ho


    The purpose of this research is first to establish an evaluation method for CBPs(Computer-Based Procedures) at the advanced MCR as a part of regulation technology for the safety of KNGR. The second purpose is to design a prototype of a support system for the evaluation. We have selected the guideline method for the evaluation, since currently there is not any better alternative. Several guidelines have been published for the design of CBPs. The guidelines include both guidance for CBP design process review and guidance for CBP design product review. Although CBPs have many advantages over PBPs(Pater-Based Procedures), they have some drawbacks since CBPs show the information on display screens instead of papers, and generate some new issues that have not been raised with PBPs. For the new issues, we need to be cautious because it is hard to generalize the effects of CBPs and there is no conclusive answer yet. A support system is necessary for the evaluation of CBPs, since it is not easy to carry out an evaluation task even though an evaluator has firm background on cognitive engineering theories and practical experiences. The support system is going to have web-style interface and databases of evaluation items, guidelines for each evaluation item, and technical bases from which a guideline is derived. Evaluation items include those for desirable feature of CBPs and those for a subjective evaluation by the operating crew. The support system will facilitate the task of evaluators by linking evaluation items with technical basis and by providing features for recording and tracing the evaluation result and efforts for resolving the issues identified

  5. Gilberto Freyre e a Inglaterra: uma história de amor Gilberto Freyre and England: a love story

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Lúcia Garcia Pallares-Burke


    Full Text Available Gilberto Freyre era um anglófilo confesso. Este artigo procura, de um lado, apontar para os traços da cultura britânica que mais o cativaram e, de outro, chamar a atenção para a grande importância do ensaísta britânico, Walter Pater, na trajetória intelectual do autor de Casa-grande & Senzala. Será argumentado que foi nesse autor vitoriano que Freyre encontrou inspiração para a forma ensaística de sua obra e para o tema da casa como elemento central para a compreensão da cultura brasileira. A parte final do artigo explora o impacto da obra de Freyre em Asa Briggs, um dos únicos intelectuais britânicos que reconhece o valor de suas idéias para o estudo de outras sociedades.Gilberto Freyre was a confessed anglophile. This article aims, on the one side, at pointing out the traits of British culture which most captivated him, and, on the other side, at calling attention to the importance of the British essayist Walter Paterr in the intellectual trajectory of the author of The master and the slaves. It will be argued that it was in this Victorian writer that Freyre found inspiration for the essay form of his work and for the theme of the house as a central element for the understanding of Brazilian culture. The final part of the article explores the impact of Freyre's work on Asa Briggs, one of the rare British intellectuals who recognizes the value of his ideas for the study of other societies.

  6. Biogas upgrading to biomethane. Proceedings; Biogasaufbereitung zu Biomethan. Tagungsband

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Within the 6th Hanauer Dialogue 'Biogas upgrading to biomethane' at 21st February, 2008, the following lectures were held: (a) Processing of biogas - an introduction (Michael Beil); (b) The climate protecting targets of the Federal Republic of Germany: Which role will play the upgrading of biogas, and which legal boundary conditions are created by the Federal Government? (Uwe Holzhammer); (c) Future strategy: CH{sub 4} grids (Juergen Schmid); (d) Biogas upgrading and biomethane utilization in Sweden (Anneli Petersson); (e) Biogas upgrading and utilization of bio methane in Switzerland (Arthur Wellinger); (f) Biogas upgrading by means of pressure swing adsorption (Alfons Schulte-Schulze Berndt); (g) Biogas upgrading by means of pressurized water washing (Ulf Richter); (h) Biogas upgrading for feeding in public grids. The case of biogas plant Bruck a.d. Leitha (Michael Harasek); (i) Biogas upgrading by means of chemical absorption according to the LP Cooab process (Jerome van Beek); (j) Practical experiences in unpressurized amine washing MT bio methane (Karsten Wuensche); (k) Biogas upgrading by means of organic physical washing with HAASE biogas amplifiers (Roland Kahn); (l) Upgrading using cryogenic technology; the GPP registered -system (Jeroen de Pater); (m) Micro Gas Distribution Systems: Alternatives to biogas upgrading and grid injection (Michael Beil, Bernd Krautkremer); (n) Feeding of exchange gas. The case of project Straelen and Kerpen (Frank Schaefer); (o) Feeding of biogas from the view of grid operators (Norbert Nordmeyer); BIOGASMAX: Biogas as Vehicle Fuel - Market Expansion to 2020 Air Quality (Michael Beil, Uwe Hoffstede); (p) Study: Feeding of biogas into the natural gas distribution system (Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe).

  7. [Corrected count]. (United States)


    The data of the 1991 census indicated that the population count of Brazil fell short of a former estimate by 3 million people. The population reached 150 million people with an annual increase of 2%, while projections in the previous decade expected an increase of 2.48% to 153 million people. This reduction indicates more widespread use of family planning (FP) and control of fertility among families of lower social status as more information is being provided to them. However, the Ministry of Health ordered an investigation of foreign family planning organizations because it was suspected that women were forced to undergo tubal ligation during vaccination campaigns. A strange alliance of left wing politicians and the Roman Catholic Church alleges a conspiracy of international FP organizations receiving foreign funds. The FP strategies of Bemfam and Pro-Pater offer women who have little alternative the opportunity to undergo tubal ligation or to receive oral contraceptives to control fertility. The ongoing government program of distributing booklets on FP is feeble and is not backed up by an education campaign. Charges of foreign interference are leveled while the government hypocritically ignores the grave problem of 4 million abortions a year. The population is expected to continue to grow until the year 2040 and then to stabilize at a low growth rate of .4%. In 1980, the number of children per woman was 4.4 whereas the 1991 census figures indicate this has dropped to 3.5. The excess population is associated with poverty and a forsaken caste in the interior. The population actually has decreased in the interior and in cities with 15,000 people. The phenomenon of the drop of fertility associated with rural exodus is contrasted with cities and villages where the population is 20% less than expected.

  8. Evaluation of information display at advanced main control room

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Min, Dai Hwan; Jo, Heon Jin; Jeon, Byung Ho [Korea Univ., Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    The purpose of this research is first to establish an evaluation method for CBPs(Computer-Based Procedures) at the advanced MCR as a part of regulation technology for the safety of KNGR. The second purpose is to design a prototype of a support system for the evaluation. We have selected the guideline method for the evaluation, since currently there is not any better alternative. Several guidelines have been published for the design of CBPs. The guidelines include both guidance for CBP design process review and guidance for CBP design product review. Although CBPs have many advantages over PBPs(Pater-Based Procedures), they have some drawbacks since CBPs show the information on display screens instead of papers, and generate some new issues that have not been raised with PBPs. For the new issues, we need to be cautious because it is hard to generalize the effects of CBPs and there is no conclusive answer yet. A support system is necessary for the evaluation of CBPs, since it is not easy to carry out an evaluation task even though an evaluator has firm background on cognitive engineering theories and practical experiences. The support system is going to have web-style interface and databases of evaluation items, guidelines for each evaluation item, and technical bases from which a guideline is derived. Evaluation items include those for desirable feature of CBPs and those for a subjective evaluation by the operating crew. The support system will facilitate the task of evaluators by linking evaluation items with technical basis and by providing features for recording and tracing the evaluation result and efforts for resolving the issues identified.

  9. Increasingly artful. Applying commercial marketing communication techniques to family planning communication. (United States)

    Williams, J R


    Family planning (FP) and social marketing messages must utilize the rules concerning artfulness developed in the private sector for effective communication in the mass media around the world. They have to compete for the attention of television program viewers accustomed to receiving hundreds of 30-second messages. There are some rules essential to any effective communication program: 1) Command attention. In the US over 1350 different mass media messages vie for attention every single day. FP messages are sensitive, but dullness and passivity is not a requisite. 2) Clarify the message, and keep it simple and direct. Mixed messages equal less effective communication. 3) Communicate a benefit. Consumers do not only buy products, they buy expectations of benefits. 4) Consistency counts. The central message should remain consistent to allow the evaluation of its effectiveness, but execution should vary from time to time and medium to medium. 5) Cater to the heart and the head. Effective communication offers real emotional values. 6) Create trust. Words, graphics, sounds, and casting in the campaign should support 1 central key promise to a single prime prospect. 7) Call for action. Both commercial and social marketing campaigns can calculate results by quantifiable measurement of sales (of condoms) transactions (the number of IUD insertions), floor traffic (clinic visits), attitude shifts, and behavior change. The PRO-PATER Vasectomy Campaign of 1988 in Sao Paulo, Brazil successfully used the above rules for effective communication. During the 1st 2 months of the campaign, phone calls increased by over 300%, new clients by 97%, and actual vasectomies performed by 79%.

  10. The Emergence and Further Development of the Idea of Papal Primacy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikhail Gratsianskiy


    Full Text Available The author analyses how the idea of the papal primacy was formed and developed, papal primacy meaning the particular way in which the place of the bishop of Rome was conceived within the Universal Church. The period in question began with the second century and the emergence of a tradition regarding Peter’s martyrdom in Rome and continued through the papacy of Leo I (440–461. It was Leo who summed up the idea of an exclusive ministry of the Roman pontiff within the Church. The author reviews early testimonies (stretching from the second to the fourth century which note the presence of Peter in Rome, and view him first as a Roman martyr, later as the founder of the Roman episcopal see, and finally as Rome’s first bishop. The idea of the position of Peter in the Church of Rome may be viewed as gradually evolving. The author demonstrates how a rather unreliable ancient tradition connecting the death of Peter with Rome evolved during the fourth and fifth centuries into the idea of Peter as the prince of the apostles (princeps apostolorum, who transmitted his authority or power over the Universal Church to his supposed successors, the bishops of Rome, — an idea which was fully developed by Leo I. The author also wishes to describe the way the Church of Rome was conceived during the first centuries of its existence and underlines the limits of its powers and its susciperent ampliorem, per quos ad unam Petri sedem universalis Ecclesiae cura conflueret, et nihil usquam a suo capite dissideret. Qui ergo scit se quibusdam esse praepositum, non moleste ferat aliquem sibi esse praelatum; sed obedientiam quam exigit, etiam ipse dependat…» (Leonis epistula XIV // PL. T. 54. Col. 676. canonical jurisdiction. It is clear that the concept of the Roman papacy’s universal ministry affording it the possibility to extend its universal jurisdiction over the entire Church within the Roman Empire are based on principles of ecclesiastical

  11. Epidemiology of dengue: past, present and future prospects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murray NE


    Full Text Available Natasha Evelyn Anne Murray,1,2 Mikkel B Quam,1 Annelies Wilder-Smith1,31Institute of Public Health, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany; 2Population Health, Waikato District Health Board, Hamilton, New Zealand; 3Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeAbstract: Dengue is currently regarded globally as the most important mosquito-borne viral disease. A history of symptoms compatible with dengue can be traced back to the Chin Dynasty of 265–420 AD. The virus and its vectors have now become widely distributed throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world, particularly over the last half-century. Significant geographic expansion has been coupled with rapid increases in incident cases, epidemics, and hyperendemicity, leading to the more severe forms of dengue. Transmission of dengue is now present in every World Health Organization (WHO region of the world and more than 125 countries are known to be dengue endemic. The true impact of dengue globally is difficult to ascertain due to factors such as inadequate disease surveillance, misdiagnosis, and low levels of reporting. Currently available data likely grossly underestimates the social, economic, and disease burden. Estimates of the global incidence of dengue infections per year have ranged between 50 million and 200 million; however, recent estimates using cartographic approaches suggest this number is closer to almost 400 million. The expansion of dengue is expected to increase due to factors such as the modern dynamics of climate change, globalization, travel, trade, socioeconomics, settlement and also viral evolution. No vaccine or specific antiviral therapy currently exists to address the growing threat of dengue. Prompt case detection and appropriate clinical management can reduce the mortality from severe dengue. Effective vector control is the mainstay of dengue prevention and control. Surveillance and improved reporting of dengue

  12. Avaliação da composição corporal e dos níveis de aptidão física de atletas de futsal classificados segundo a tipologia dos esquemas de gênero

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sérgio Adriano Gomes


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: O autoconceito é uma estrutura formada por redes de esquemas cognitivos, dentre os quais se encontram os esquemas de gênero (esquema masculino e esquema feminino. De acordo com o Modelo Interativo, todos os indivíduos possuem os dois esquemas de gênero, dos quais resultam diferentes perfis psicológicos. OBJETIVO: Avaliar se atletas de futsal que diferem quanto à tipologia dos esquemas de gênero apresentam diferenças na composição corporal e nos níveis de aptidão física. MÉTODOS: A amostra inicial foi composta por 92 atletas do sexo masculino, classificados em grupos tipológicos de esquemas de gênero: Heteroesquemático Masculino (HM, Heteroesquemático Feminino (HF e Isoesquemático (ISO. Para a classificação da amostra em grupos tipológicos foi utilizado o Inventário Masculino dos Esquemas de Gênero do Autoconceito (IMEGA. Foram utilizados os testes Squat Jump, Counter Movement Jump e Running Anaerobic Sprint Test; para mensurar, respectivamente, força explosiva e potência anaeróbia. Para a análise dos resultados foram utilizadas ANOVA One Way, ANOVA Mista e MANOVA. RESULTADOS: Os resultados demonstraram que os grupos HM, ISO e HF não apresentaram diferenças quanto à composição corporal, mas que os HM apresentaram índice médio de fadiga maior do que os grupos ISO e HF. Na avaliação dos seis tiros executados pelos atletas, observou-se que o grupo HM apresentou maior variação entre a potência máxima inicial e a final, quando comparado aos demais grupos. CONCLUSÃO: Os resultados permitem concluir que os diferentes perfis psicológicos adéquam-se melhor ao desempenho de determinadas posições do jogo e/ou a determinadas situações específicas durante o jogo

  13. AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Ignatov


    Full Text Available In response to its users’ needs, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA initiated reanalysis (RAN of the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR Global Area Coverage (GAC; 4 km sea surface temperature (SST data employing its Advanced Clear Sky Processor for Oceans (ACSPO retrieval system. Initially, AVHRR/3 data from five NOAA and two Metop satellites from 2002 to 2015 have been reprocessed. The derived SSTs have been matched up with two reference SSTs—the quality controlled in situ SSTs from the NOAA in situ Quality Monitor (iQuam and the Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC L4 SST analysis—and analyzed in the NOAA SST Quality Monitor (SQUAM online system. The corresponding clear-sky ocean brightness temperatures (BT in AVHRR bands 3b, 4 and 5 (centered at 3.7, 11, and 12 µm, respectively have been compared with the Community Radiative Transfer Model simulations in another NOAA online system, Monitoring of Infrared Clear-sky Radiances over Ocean for SST (MICROS. For some AVHRRs, the time series of “AVHRR minus reference” SSTs and “observed minus model” BTs are unstable and inconsistent, with artifacts in the SSTs and BTs strongly correlated. In the official “Reanalysis version 1” (RAN1, data from only five platforms—two midmorning (NOAA-17 and Metop-A and three afternoon (NOAA-16, -18 and -19—were included during the most stable periods of their operations. The stability of the SST time series was further improved using variable regression SST coefficients, similarly to how it was done in the NOAA/NASA Pathfinder version 5.2 (PFV5.2 dataset. For data assimilation applications, especially those blending satellite and in situ SSTs, we recommend bias-correcting the RAN1 SSTs using the newly developed sensor-specific error statistics (SSES, which are reported in the product files. Relative performance of RAN1 and PFV5.2 SSTs is discussed. Work is underway to improve the calibration of AVHRR/3s and

  14. The Composition and Chemistry of the Deep Tropospheres of Saturn and Uranus from Ground-Based Radio Observations (United States)

    Hofstadter, M. D.; Adumitroaie, V.; Atreya, S. K.; Butler, B.


    Ground-based radio observations of the giant planets at wavelengths from 1 millimeter to 1 meter have long been the primary means to study the deep tropospheres of both gas- and ice-giant planets (e.g. de Pater and Massie 1985, Icarus 62; Hofstadter and Butler 2003, Icarus 165). Most recently, radiometers aboard the Cassini and Juno spacecraft at Saturn and Jupiter, respectively, have demonstrated the ability of spaceborne systems to study composition and weather beneath the visible cloud tops with high spatial resolution (Janssen et al. 2013, Icarus 226; Bolton et al. 2016, this meeting). Ground-based observations remain, however, an excellent way to study the tropospheres of the ice giants, particularly the temporal and spatial distribution of condensible species, and to study the deep troposphere of Saturn in the region of the water cloud. This presentation focuses on two ground-based data sets, one for Uranus and one for Saturn. The Uranus data were all collected near the 2007 equinox, and span wavelengths from 0.1 to 20 cm. These data provide a snapshot of atmospheric composition at a single season. The Saturn observations were recently made with the EVLA observatory at wavelengths from 3 to 90 cm, augmented by published observations at shorter and longer wavelengths. It is expected that these data will allow us to constrain conditions in the water cloud region on Saturn. At the time of this writing, both data sets are being analyzed using an optimal estimation retrieval algorithm fed with the latest published information on the chemical and electrical properties of relevant atmospheric species (primarily H2O, NH3, H2S, PH3, and free electrons). At Uranus, we find that—consistent with previously published work—ammonia in the 1 to 50-bar range is strongly depleted from solar values. The relative volume mixing ratios of the above species satisfy PH3 < NH3 < H2S < H2O, which is interesting because based on cosmic abundances one would expect H2S < NH3. At the

  15. Ciceronas apie vertimą. Ką mums atskleidžia žodžių reikšmės | Cicero about Translation: Exploring the Meaning of Words

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Audronė Kučinskienė


    word, rhetorical figure and phrase to the style, conception and situation of the work in order to ex­press most effectively vim orationis. In other words, converti ut orator means converti optime.Yet more, to translate as orator means to con­vey to the reader the original function of the source text and to make it act in the new cultural context of the translation language. In the case of De optimo genere oratorum, the Latin translation of the Dem­osthenes’ and Aeschines’ orations must become a weapon in Cicero’s polemics with the Neoatticists and persuade the Roman audience to value critically their limited eloquence. A really good translation, on the one hand, enables the author of the source text to speak throught it (Aeschinem ipsum Latine dicentem audiamus; Opt. gen. 23, on the other, such a transla­tion manages to displace the original work: to learn the Attic rhetoric, Roman youths will be able to turn to the Latin translation made by Cicero, which must become a standard for the other Roman orators (erit regula, ad quam eorum dirigantur orationes qui At­tice volent dicere; Opt. gen. 23.

  16. Structural aspects of the zygotic embryogenesis of Acca sellowiana (O. Berg Burret (Myrtaceae Aspectos estruturais da embriogênese zigótica em Acca sellowiana (O. Berg Burret (Myrtaceae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosete Pescador


    e torpedo foram observados no 30º, 45º e 60º dia após a polinização, respectivamente. O embrião maduro, caracterizado pela presença de um eixo hipocótilo-radicular bem desenvolvido e com dois cotilédones carnosos e dobrados, foi observado após 120 dias da polinização. As sementes são exospérmicas e com um único embrião do tipo espiral, característico de Myrtinae. Os estudos da embriogênese zigótica de A. sellowiana mostram que esta espécie apresenta características embriológicas que se adéquam ao conhecido para Myrtaceae (Myrteae, Myrtinae, e ampliam o conhecimento sobre a reprodução sexual dessa espécie nativa, cujo cultivo comercial tem sido incrementado.

  17. Relationship between Paternalistic Leadership and Organizational Learning: the Mediate Role of Human Resource Management Practice%家长式领导推动组织学习的中介机制研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    于海波; 郑晓明


    practice scale was employed as the tool in the study. Among the major measures,the 33-item 3of pater- nalistic leadership scale was adopted from Zheng et al (2011) ;29-item organizational learning scale was measured by using the questionnaire of Yu Haibo et al( 1991 ) ;19-item human resource management practice scale was devel- oped by L6pez et al (1994) and Wright et al (2005). The reliability of Cronbach' s alpha for these measures were all above 0. 70. Four hundred and sixty one employees of thirteen enterprises from several cities in China answered the questionnaires. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA), confirmatory factor analysis(CFA) and structure equation model (SEM) were applied to the analysis of the data. The results of EFA showed that Human Resource Management Practice Questionnaire was composed of five fac- tors : selection and employment, strategic training, compensation management, performance management, employee par- ticipation. And the results of CFA confirmed the five factors model. The results of SEM ( structure equation model) showed that strategic training, compensation management bles between benevolence leadership and organizational , and employee participation were the total mediating varia- learning. Strategic training and compensation managementwere the partial mediating variables between moral leadership and organizational learning. At last, Strategic training and compensation management were the total mediating variables between authoritarianism leadership and organiza- tional learning. The results also showed that the effectiveness of moral leadership on organizational learning was the biggest one, the benevolence leadership was the second one, and the authoritarianism leadership was the smallest one. The main implication of the results was that paternalistic leadership could influence organizational learning through the mediating of human resource management, and also could directly influence organizational learning. The empirical study could

  18. Rings Research in the Next Decade (United States)

    Burns, J. A.; Tiscareno, M. S.


    -based observations. Members of the Rings White Paper Team include: Matthew S. Tiscareno (Cornell U), Nicole Albers (U of Colorado), Todd Bradley (U of Central Florida), André Brahic (U of Paris, France), Shawn Brooks (JPL), Joseph Burns (Cornell U), Carlos Chavez (UNAM, Mexico), Joshua Colwell (U of Central Florida), Jeff Cuzzi (NASA Ames), Imke de Pater (U of California), Luke Dones (SwRI), Richard Durisen (Indiana U), Michael Evans (Cornell U), Cecile Ferrari (CEA Saclay, France), Gianrico Filacchione (INAF-IASF, Italy), Silvia Giuliatti Winter (UNESP, Brazil), Mitch Gordon (SETI), Amara Graps (SwRI), Eberhard Gruen (MPI, Germany), Douglas Hamilton (U of Maryland), Matthew Hedman (Cornell U), Mihaly Horanyi (U of Colorado), Sascha Kempf (MPI, Germany), Harald Krueger (MPI, Germany), Steve Larson (U of Arizona), Mark Lewis (Trinity U), Jack Lissauer (NASA Ames), Colin Mitchell (CICLOPS/SSI), Carl Murray (QMUL, England), Philip Nicholson (Cornell U), Cathy Olkin (SwRI), Robert Pappalardo (JPL), Frank Postberg (MPI, Germany), Heikki Salo (U of Oulu, Finland), Juergen Schmidt (U of Potsdam, Germany), David Seal (JPL), Mark Showalter (SETI), Frank Spahn (U of Potsdam, Germany), Linda Spilker (JPL), Joseph Spitale (CICLOPS/SSI), Ralf Srama (MPI, Germany), Miodrag Sremcevic (U of Colorado), Glen Stewart (U of Colorado), John Weiss (Carleton College), Padma Yanamandra-Fisher (JPL)

  19. Sharpening Up Jupiter (United States)


    , MAD project manager Enrico Marchetti and Sébastien Tordo from the MAD team tracked two of Jupiter's largest moons, Europa and Io - one on each side of the planet - to provide a good correction across the full disc of the planet. "It was the most challenging observation we performed with MAD, because we had to track with high accuracy two moons moving at different speeds, while simultaneously chasing Jupiter," says Marchetti. With this unique series of images, the team found a major alteration in the brightness of the equatorial haze, which lies in a 16 000-kilometre wide belt over Jupiter's equator [2]. More sunlight reflecting off upper atmospheric haze means that the amount of haze has increased, or that it has moved up to higher altitudes. "The brightest portion had shifted south by more than 6000 kilometres," explains team member Mike Wong. This conclusion came after comparison with images taken in 2005 by Wong and colleague Imke de Pater using the Hubble Space Telescope. The Hubble images, taken at infrared wavelengths very close to those used for the VLT study, show more haze in the northern half of the bright Equatorial Zone, while the 2008 VLT images show a clear shift to the south. "The change we see in the haze could be related to big changes in cloud patterns associated with last year's planet-wide upheaval, but we need to look at more data to narrow down precisely when the changes occurred," declares Wong.

  20. The Io Volcano Observer (IVO) for NASA Discovery 2015 (United States)

    McEwen, Alfred S.; Turtle, Elizabeth P.; Thomas, Nicolas


    , which minimizes total ionizing radiation dose compared to other Jupiter orbiters (120°), best to detect and monitor volcanic plumes as well as high-temperature hot spots on Io. Four of the encounters are designed for optimal measurement of induced magnetic signature from mantle melt. IVO will collect at least 20 Gb of science data per encounter: 100 times the Io data from the 8-year Galileo tour. Encounters last ~1 week, including global monitoring and four Io eclipses, with distant monitoring and data playback near apojove. I8 includes a flythrough of Pele's plume, if it is active, for gas composition. IVO team: F. Bagenal, S. Bailey, S. Barabash, J. Boldt, D. Breuer, A. Davies, I. de Pater, K.-H. Glassmeier, C. Hamilton, J. Helbert, R. Heyd, D. Heyner, K. Hibbard, S. Hörst, D. Humm, L. Iess, X. Jia, L. Kestay, K. Khurana, R. Kirk, R. Lorenz, J. Moses, O. Mousis, F. Nimmo, S. Osterman, C. Paranicas, C. Parker, J. Perry, E. Reynolds, A. Showman, B. Spence, J. Spencer, T. Spohn, S. Sutton, N. Thomas, M. Wieser, P. Wurz.

  1. DOTS: A High Resolution Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer for In Situ Analysis of the surface samples of Airless Planetary Bodies (United States)

    Briois, Christelle; Thissen, Roland; Engrand, Cécile; Altwegg, Kathrin; Bouabdellah, Abdel; Boukrara, Amirouche; Carrasco, Nathalie; Chapuis, Claude; Cottin, Hervé; Grün, Eberhard; Grand, Noel; Henkel, Hartmut; Kempf, Sascha; Lebreton, Jean-Pierre; Makarov, Alexander A.; Postber, Frank; Srama, Ralf; Schmidt, Jürgen; Szopa, Cyril; Thirkell, Laurent; Tobie, Gabriel; Wurz, Peter; Zolotov, Mikhail Yu


    , Europa and Callisto. The high mass resolution capability of DOTS is especially beneficial for heavy species, as the mass resolving power (M/ΔM) of DOTS remains above 10 000 up to m/z=1 000 Da. Isotopic ratios can also be measured with DOTS, which would give insights into the origin and the processing of the parent molecules inside the grains. DOTS is designed with a dual polarity that allows for the detection of both negative and positive ions, best suited for both the detection of major rock forming elements (minerals, mostly cations) and organic compounds (preferentially anions in oxidizing medium). The recently discovered outer rings of Uranus [8] present striking similarity with Saturn's E ring, which is now considered as the result of ice volcanic activity of Enceladus. If a similar process is at work, this outer blue ring of Uranus could result from meteoroid impacts continually blasting dust off the surface of Mab (small embedded moon on the outermost blue ring) [9]. A DOTS-like instrument would be of great value to study the nature of this ring, in the context of a future mission to Uranus. References [1] Krüger, H. et al. (1999). Nature, 399, 558-560. [2] Krivov, A.V. et al. (2003) PSS 51, 251-269. [3] Postberg, F. et al. (2009) Nature, 459, 1098-1101. [4] Postberg, F. et al. (2011) Nature, 474, 620-622. [5] Makarov, A. (2000) Anal. Chem., 72, 1156-1162, [6] Makarov, A. et al. (2005) Anal. Chem., 78, 2113. [7] Dust OrbiTrap Sensor - DOTS proposal, PI Thissen R. (October 2012). [8] dePater I. et al. (2006) Science, 392, 92-94, [9] Showalter M.R. and Lissauer J.J. (2006) Science, 311, 973-977. Acknowledgements We thank the CNES (R&T SU-0003-039) for financial support.

  2. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Metcalf


    age in motion; Popular radicalism in Java, 1912-1926, Ithaca/London: Cornell University Press, 1990. xxiv + 365 pp. - Rob de Ridder, Willem F.H. Adelaar, Het boek van Huarochirí. Mythen en riten van het Oude Peru, Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 1988, 150 pp., - Marie-Odette Scalliet, Peter Carey, A.A.J. Payen: Journal de mon voyage à Jogja Karta en 1825. The outbreak of the Java War (1825-30 as seen by a painter, Cahier d’Archipel 17, Paris 1988. XIV + 183 pp., 17 ill., 3 maps. - Matthew Schoffeleers, Marion Melk-Koch, Auf der Suche nach der menschlichen Gesellschaft: Richard Thurnwald, Berlin: Dietrich Reimer, 1989. 352 pp., maps, photographs and Thurnwald bibliography. - Matthew Schoffeleers, Peter Metcalf, Where are you / Spirits? Style and theme in Berawan prayer, Washington and London: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1989, 345 pp. - J.W. Schoorl, J.F.L.M. Cornelissen, Pater en Papoea; Ontmoeting van de Missionarissen van het Heileg Hart met de cultuur der Papoea’s van Nederlands Zuid-Nieuw-Guinea (1905-1963, Kampen: Kok, 1988, XIV + 256 pp. - Alex van Stipriaan, Jo Derkx, Suriname; A bibliography, 1980-1989, Leiden: KITLV (Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, Department of Caribbean studies, 1990, 297 pp., Irene Rolfes (eds. - A.A. Trouwborst, Th. Schweizer (Hg, Netzwerkanalyse; Ethnologische perspektiven, Berlin: Dietrich Reimerverlag, 1989, VIII, 229 pp. - Hans Vermeulen, Brian Juan O’Neill, Social inequality in a Portugese hamlet; Land, late marriage and bastardy, 1870-1978, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 431 pp. 1987. - C.W. Watson, Hendrick M.J. Maier, In the center of authority. The Malay Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Ithaca: Southeast Asia program, Studies on Southeast Asia , 1988. 210 pp. - Neil Lancelot Whitehead, Edmundo Magaña, Orión y la mujer Pléyades. Simbolismo astronómico de los indios kaliña de Surinam, Dordrecht/Providence: Foris, 1988. [CEDLA Latin American studies series 44.] 373 pp. - J.J. de Wolf, Meyer Fortes, Religion

  3. The possibility of life proliferation from Enceladus (United States)

    Czechowski, Leszek


    with the radius 9.5 AU to an orbit with the radius 1 AU for the grains of density 1000 kg m-3 and radius of 10 μm is ˜650 000 yr. For large grains (e.g. ˜1 m) other processes, like Yarkovsky effect, could be more effective than the Poynting-Robertson effect. The larger grains give better protection against the radiation. Decelaration in the upper atmosphere. Small ratio of mass of the considered particles to their cross section makes possible to decelerate them in upper atmospheres of terrestrial planets without substantial increase of temperature - e.g. [7]. During deceleration of larger bodies the dissipation of heat could be high, but cooling effect of ablation would reduce the temperature. The proposed mission to Enceladus (Enceladus Life Finder [8]) could solve the considered here problem. Note, that if the life in the Solar System has the common origin then Enceladus is "a better cradle" than the Earth, because high gravity and dense atmosphere makes the proliferation of terrestrial life rather difficult. References: [1] Russell, M. J., Hall, A. J., And Martin W. (2010). Geobiology (2010), 8, 355-371. [2] Izawa M.R.M. et al. (2010). Planet. Space Sci. 58, 583-591. [3] Abramov, O., Mojzsis, S.J., (2011) Icarus 213, 273-279. [4] Czechowski, L. (2014) Planet. Sp. Sc. 104, 185-199. [5] Czechowski, L. (2014). Enceladus, a cradle of life of the Solar System. Presented in EGU 2014, Vienna. [6] Czechowski, L. (2014) Enceladus as a place of origin of the life in the Solar System. - submitted. [7] Pater (de), I, and Lissauer J.J., (2001). Planetary Sciences, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 528. [8] Wainwright, M., Wickramasinghe N. Ch., Rose, Ch. E., Baker, A. J., (2014). Astrobiology & Outreach, [8] Lunine, J.I.; Waite, J.H.; Postberg, F.; Spilker, L. (2015). 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

  4. Fatores contribuintes para o sofrimento psíquico em âmbito psiquiátrico para a equipe de enfermagem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Glaudston Silva de Paula


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO As relações entre saúde mental e trabalho despontaram a partir da década de 1970 como marco fundamental da nova abordagem da Saúde do Trabalhador.1 O trabalho de enfermagem tem se apresentado como forma de prazer, mas, também de sofrimento. Apresenta-se como fonte de prazer quando traz satisfação pessoal, quando o profissional desenvolve suas potencialidades humanas através de seu ofício e sente-se útil a sociedade. No entanto, quando existe submissão repressão, o trabalho passa a ser uma mercadoria ou mero serviço prestado, podendo haver repressão das potencialidades humanas, gerando insatisfação, angústia e sofrimento psíquico. OBJETIVO Descrever os fatores contributivos para o sofrimento psíquico da equipe de enfermagem em âmbito psiquiátrico.   MÉTODO Pesquisa de cunho descritiva, com abordagem qualitativa realizada por meio de pesquisa de campo, localizada no município do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, especializada em transtornos mentais, aprovada pelo Comitê de Ética em Pesquisa da Clínica da Gávea sob CAAE nº 02/2009. Foram selecionados 41 profissionais de quadro de enfermagem de todas as categorias, sem critério de exclusão. O instrumento utilizado foi o formulário estruturado com questões abertas e fechadas. Na categorização dos dados empíricos, foram utilizados os passos de Minayo: 2 ordenamento dos dados, classificação dos dados e análise final. RESULTADOS E DISCUSSÃO Em relação ao perfil dos sujeitos, dos 41 participantes, 52% são solteiros e 48% são casados. No que se refere à pater-maternidade, 51,0% dos entrevistados não possuem filhos. No que concerne ao grau de instrução, dividem-se em dois grupos, no qual a prevalência é o nível técnico com 95,0% e o grupo de nível superior que totalizam 5,0%. Foram geradas duas categorias que serão expostas a seguir. Fatores ocupacionais e interpessoais contributivos para o estresse e o sofrimento psíquico O sofrimento mental