Sample records for ni100-xcux tahiye shode

  1. Oxidized Lipids and Lysophosphatidylcholine Induce the Chemotaxis, Up-Regulate the Expression of CCR9 and CXCR4 and Abrogate the Release of IL-6 in Human Monocytes (United States)

    Rolin, Johannes; Vego, Heidi; Maghazachi, Azzam A.


    Lipids through regulation of chronic inflammation play key roles in the development of various diseases. Here, we report that a mixed population of human primary monocytes migrated towards LPC, as well as oxidized linoleic acid isoforms 9-S-HODE, 9-R-HODE and 13-R-HODE. Incubation with 9-R-HODE, 13-R-HODE and LPC resulted in increased expression of CXCR4, the receptor for SDF-1α/CXCL12, correlated with increased monocyte migration towards SDF-1α/CXCL12. Further, we report increased expression of CCR9, the receptor for TECK/CCL25, after stimulation with these lipids. Upon examining the migratory response towards TECK/CCL25, it was observed that an increase in CCR9 expression upon pre-treatment with 9-S-HODE, 9-R-HODE, 13-R-HODE and LPC resulted in increased migration of monocytes expressing CCR9. Only LPC but not any other lipid examined increased the influx of intracellular Ca2+ in monocytes. Finally, 9-S-HODE, 9-R-HODE, 13-R-HODE, or LPC inhibited the release of IL-6 from monocytes suggesting that these lipids may play important role in controlling inflammatory responses. PMID:25251539

  2. 15-lipoxygenase-1 mediates cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor induced apoptosis in gastric cancer

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    It has been found that expression of 15-lipoxygenasc-1(15-LOX-1) and its main product,13-C-hydroxyoctadecadienoic acid (13-S-HODE),are decreased in human colorectal and esophageal cancers and that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs) can therspeutically induce 15-LOC-1 expression to trigger apoptosis in those cancer cells independently COX-2.We found that a specific COX-2 inhibitor SC-236 similarly induce apoptosis in gastric cancer cells,although the mechanisms of these effects remain to be defined.In the present study,we tested whether SC-236 induced apoptosis through up-regulation of 15-LOX-1 in gastric cancer cells.We found that,(a) SC-236 inhibited growth of gastric cancer cells mainly by apoptosis induced;(b) SC-236 induced 15-LOX-1 expression and increased endogenous 13-S-HODE product,instead of 15-S-HETE during apoptosis in gastric cancer cells without 15-LOX-1 expression before treatment by SC-236;(c)sc-236 didn't effect expression of COX-1,COX-2,5-LOX and 12-LOX;and (d)15-LOX-1 inhibition suppressed SC-236 induced apoptosis.These findings demonstrated that SC-236 induced apoptosis in gastric cancer cells via up-regulation of 25-LOX-1.They also support the concept that the loss of the proapopotic role of 15-LOX-1 in epithelial cancers is not limited to human colorectal and esophageal cancers.

  3. Effect of Elevation Step on Plant Biomass and Species Abundance Degce in Area of Laji Hill of Qinghai Province%青海拉鸡山地区植物生物量及物种丰富度对海拔梯度变化的响应

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马玲玲; 赵明德; 张小静; 徐隆华; 王文颖


    The plant community in the area of Laji Hill in Guide county of Hainan prefucture, Qinghai province was regarded as investigation object to study the change characters of plant biomass and species abundance degree with elevation in the nine elevation step divided from elevation of 3 100 meters to elevation 3 920 meters. The results showed that there was the very significant positive correlation between above -ground biomass and species abundance degree in the sun sloping field ( r = 0.564, P 〈 0.01 ) and between total biomass and the ratio of root cap ( r = 0.714, P 〈 O. 01 ), There was the very significant negative correlation between elevation and above, growhel biomass,and there was the very significant positive correlation between elevation and under- ground biomass total biomass,ratio of root cap( r =0.769 ,r =0. 753,r =0. 692,resp,P 〈0. 01 ). There was the significant positive correlation between total biomass and above- ground biomass( r =0.495 ,P 〈0.05 ) and between total biomass and under - ground biomass ( r =0. 960,P 〈0.01 ) and there was very sigmificant negative correlation between total biomass and elevation (r = -0. 519 ,P 〈0. 01 ) and between ratio of root cap and above- ground biomass (r = -0.631 ,P 〈 0.01 ) and between above -ground biomass and elevation( r = -0.678 ,P 〈0.01 ) in the shode plant community.%以青海省海南州贵德县拉鸡山地区植物群落为研究对象,从海拔3100—3920m,划分为9个海拔梯度,研究了植物生物量及物种丰富度沿海拔梯度的变化特征。结果表明:阳坡地上生物量与物种丰富度呈极显著正相关关系(r=0.564。P〈0.01),总生物量与根冠比呈极显著正相关关系(r=0.714,P〈0.01);海拔与地上生物量呈极显著负相关关系(r=-0.773,P〈0.01),与地下生物量、总生物量、根冠比呈极显著正相关关系(r=0.769、r=0.753、r=0.692,P〈0.01)