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  1. 77 FR 67020 - Performance Review Board Appointments (United States)


    ..., Tommy Beck, Richard Belin, Alletta Berrigan, Michael Black, Michael Black, Steven Blanchard, Mary Josie..., Robert Reidenbach, Dennis Reynolds, Michael Rice, Bryan Roberson, Edwin Rountree, Carl Russ, David...

  2. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. Josy Fraccaro Marins. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 85 Issue 1 April 2006 pp 77-81 Research Note. Mutants of Aspergillus nidulans affected in asexual development · Josy Fraccaro Marins Marialba Avezum Alves Castro-Prado · More Details Fulltext PDF ...

  3. The role of vegetative and vascular disturbances in development of sexual dysfunctions. Chapter 11

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    It is well known that in clinics of late consequences of low radiation doses action the principle place takes vegetative and vascular dysfunctions. For estimation of vegetative-vascular system tone the Danini-Ashner of eye-heard reflex is studied. Status of the reflex for 120 examined patients was studied. Results of investigation of Danini-Ashner reflex in relation of received dose of radiation, as well as results of skin temperature of sicks with different levels of low radiation doses late consequences are presented. For study of vegetative-vascular system the electro-skin resistance method was used as well

  4. Suhtesõlmed kire vastu / Aita Kivi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : Linn Ullmann. Enne kui sa uinud; Josie Lloyd, Emlyn Rees. Saame kokku; Deborah Moggach. Tulbipalavik; Victoria Clayton. Armastusest loobuja; Rosamunde Pilcher: Kaksikute tähtkujus; Hailey North. Kallis Armastuse Doktor; August Gailit. Muinasmaa; Aidi Vallik. Mis teha, Ann?; A. E. Hotchner. Papa Hemingway

  5. Do People Take Stimulus Correlations into Account in Visual Search (Open Source) (United States)


    RESEARCH ARTICLE Do People Take Stimulus Correlations into Account in Visual Search? Manisha Bhardwaj1, Ronald van den Berg2,3, Wei Ji Ma2,4...journal.pone.0149402 March 10, 2016 1 / 16 OPEN ACCESS Citation: Bhardwaj M, van den Berg R, Ma WJ, Josić K (2016) Do People Take Stimulus Correlations into...different values of ρ, larger set sizes, and more extensive training could shed more light on how exactly people misestimate stimulus correlations in

  6. Navy Distributed Virtual Library Requirements Analysis. (United States)


    Josie McCrary Issues In Science and Technology Librarianship ♦ Provides short substantial articles on timely and important...topics in science and technology librarianship as well as conference and workshop reports and short correspondences. ♦ Send a message to acrlsts...electronic journal encompassing all aspects of aca- demic audiovisual librarianship . Focus includes cataloging, refer- ence, collection development

  7. Editorial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sonja Wuhrmann


    Den Bericht über die beiden Tagungen zum Gedenken an Marie Langer hat Raimund Bahr verfasst. Es folgen Rezensionen der Bücher von Emilio Modena (Hg., Leidenschaften. Paul Parin zum 90 Geburtstag, Josi Rom, Identitätsgrenzen des Ichs – Einblicke in innere Welten schizophrenie- und borderlinekranker Menschen sowie Franziska Lang und Andreas Sidler (Hg., Psychodynamische Organisationsanalyse und Beratung. Einblicke in eine neue Disziplin. Den Abschluss bilden zwei Nachrufe. Im April dieses Jahres ist in Buenos Aires Amando Bauleo im Alter von 76 Jahren gestorben, und in Zürich ist am 22. Mai Judith Le Soldat ihrer schweren Krankheit erlegen. Berthold Rothschild und Thomas von Salis gedenken ihrer.

  8. Evaluation of a Patient Perspective Module in a Required Medication Safety and Quality Course at a College of Pharmacy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jessica N Battaglia


    Full Text Available Objectives: To develop and evaluate the impact of a module discussing the patient's perspective on medication errors in a required medication safety course at a college of pharmacy. Methods: Students were required to read Josie's Story, a true story written by a mother after her daughter died from a medical error, and attend an in-class discussion regarding the book. A questionnaire, which employed a pre-post retrospective method and extracted items from the Caring Ability Inventory, was then administered to measure the change in students' perceptions of patient care. Additional questions gathered students' perceptions of the assignment, their personal experiences with the topic, and the importance of medication safety. Results: 120 out of 138 students (response rate = 87% completed the questionnaire. 56% of students indicated they would be more likely to speak with a patient directly about a medication error after reading the book, whereas only 3% were less likely, and 42% indicated they were just as likely. Most students (59% reported that they felt more motivated to learn about medication safety after reading Josie's Story. Implications: This course previously addressed strategies to prevent medication errors. Successfully adding a component that introduces how a medication error impacted a patient and her family may help motivate students to recognize the importance and need for a culture of safety, personalize how medication errors impact patients, and provide a venue for students to gain patient centeredness and caring skills.   Type: Original Research

  9. Women at CERN: Once upon a time…

    CERN Multimedia

    Antonella Del Rosso


    In 1995, a working group was set up to address the gender imbalance at CERN. Twenty years later, the people involved in the endeavour celebrated the long series of achievements recorded by today’s Diversity Office.     Situation in 1995: 14% women/total employees. Categories requiring university-level education = 5% women/total.     Top: The working group that submitted a report to the Management with recommendations to increase the number of women working at CERN (1995). From left to right: Maria Fidecaro, Sudeshna Datta-Cockerill, Irene Seis, Eva-Maria Gröniger-Voss, Linda Griffiths. Bottom: In 2015, the working group celebrates the achievements of the Diversity policy together with the various people who have been involved in its implementation. From left to right: Maria Fidecaro, Geneviève Guinot, Eva-Maria Gröniger-Voss, Sudeshna Datta-Cockerill, Irene Seis, Josi Schinzel, Doris Chromek-Burckhart. &nbs...

  10. Eight new species of Andrena Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Andrenidae) from Israel-a Mediterranean hotspot for wild bees. (United States)

    Pisanty, Gideon; Scheuchl, Erwin; Dorchin, Netta


    More than 150 solitary bee species of the genus Andrena Fabricius are known from Israel and the West Bank, where they are distributed along a broad climatic gradient and diverse habitats and vegetation types. Extensive collecting throughout Israel in recent years has yielded eight new species and one new subspecies, adding to the rich bee fauna of the region:   A. crocusella Pisanty & Scheuchl n. sp., A. danini Pisanty & Scheuchl n. sp., A. hermonella Scheuchl & Pisanty n. sp., A. israelica Scheuchl & Pisanty n. sp., A. judaea Scheuchl & Pisanty n. sp., A. menahemella Scheuchl & Pisanty n. sp., A. palaestina Pisanty & Scheuchl n. sp., A. perahia Pisanty & Scheuchl n. sp., and A. sphecodimorpha mediterranea Pisanty & Scheuchl n. ssp. The previously unknown female of A. fimbriatoides Scheuchl 2004 and male of A. wolfi Gusenleitner & Scheuchl 2000 are also described here for the first time. The discovery of males of A. wolfi lead us to reinstate A. iohannescaroli Nobile 2000 as a valid taxon. Detailed morphological description and differential diagnosis against closest relatives are provided for all species, as well as information on the distribution, phenology and flower visitation, when available. A neotype is designated for A. sphecodimorpha Hedicke, the holotype of which is considered to be lost. Additional collecting efforts in diverse habitats and seasons, incorporating diverse collecting techniques, are required in order to deepen our knowledge of the rich bee fauna in threatened habitats in the Mediterranean Basin, which constitutes one of the world's major hotspots for wild bees.

  11. Rates of thoracic trauma and mortality due to accidents in Brazil

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Cury, Francisco; Baitello, Andre Luciano; Echeverria, Rodrigo Florencio; Espada, Paulo Cesar; Godoy, Jose Maria Pereira de


    To report on the causes of trauma, indexes of trauma, and mortality related to thoracic trauma in one region of Brazil. This prospective study was performed at the Regional Trauma Center in Syo Josi do Rio Preto over a 1-year period, from 1 st July 2004 to 30 th June 2005. We included all patients attending the center's emergency room with thoracic trauma and an anatomic injury scale (AIS) > - 2. We collected data using a protocol completed on arrival in hospital utilizing the AIS. We studied the types of accidents as well as the mortality and the AIS scores. Prevalence rates were calculated and the paired t-test and logistic regression were employed for the statistical analysis.There were a total of 373 casualties with AIS > - 2 and there were 45 (12%) deaths. The causes of thoracic trauma among the 373 casualties were as follows: 91 (24.4%) car crashes, 75 (20.1%) falls, 46 (12.3%) motorbike accidents, 40 (10.7%) stabbings, 22 (5.9%) accidents involving pedestrians, 21 (5.6%) bicycle accidents, 17 (4.6%) shootings, and 54 (14.5%) other types of accident. The severity of the injuries was classified according to the AIS: 224 (60%) were grade 2, 101 (27%) were grade 3, 27 (7.2%) were grade 4, 18 (4.9%) were grade 5, and 3 were (0.8%) grade 6. With respect to thoracic trauma, pedestrians involved in accidents and victims of shootings had mortality rates that were significantly higher than that of those involved in other types of accidents. Road accidents are the main cause of thoracic injury, with accidents involving pedestrians and shootings being associated with a greater death rate. (author)

  12. Жагаристы и русская литературная среда | Žagarai ir rusų literatūrinė aplinka

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Павел Лавринец


    Full Text Available „Paskutinės Vilniaus plejados“, lenkų poetų grupės „Żagary“ narių (Teodor Bujnicki, Józef Maśliński, Czesław Miłosz, Jerzy Putrament, Aleksander Rym­kiewicz, Jerzy Zagórski ir kiti kūrybos pirmieji ver­tinimai kitakalbėje spaudoje ir vertimai į kitą kalbą pasirodė Vilniaus rusų periodikoje. Straipsnyje nagri­nėjami žagarų ir rusų literatų kontaktai literatūrinio gyvenimo kontekste bei rekonstruojamos bendros lenkų ir rusų literatų sąveikos sąlygos. Lenkų poetai ir Stepono Batoro Universiteto mokslininkai dalyva­vo Vilniaus rusų literatų renginiuose, rusų literatai skaitė pranešimus ir dalyvavo diskusijose lenkų lite­ratų vakaruose. Rusų literatūrinio gyvenimo dalyviai studijavo ar dėstė Stepono Batoro Universiteto, dirbo Vilniaus įstaigose, bendradarbiavo Vilniaus lenkų ir rusų periodinėje spaudoje kartu su savo lenkų kole­gomis. Vienam iš rusų literatūrinio gyvenimo vado­vų, produktyviam lenkų poezijos vertėjui, kritikui ir publicistui Dorofėjui Bochanui teko 1933 m. lenkų „literatūriniame trečiadienyje“ diskutuoti su Miłoszu ir kitais lenkų literatūrinio jaunimo atstovais meninio vertimo klausimais. Tas pats Bochanas skyrė daug dėmesio Bujnickio kūrybai dideliame straipsnyje apie naujausią lenkų poeziją, pateikdamas jo eilėraš­čių vertimus ir pastebėdamas Aleksandro Bloko ir Vladimiro Majakovskio įtaką (1934. Bochanas iš­kritikavo Bujnickio ir Maślińskio eilėraščius, bet tei­giamai atsiliepė apie Rymkiewicziaus, Putramento, Zagórskio kūrinius, išspausdintos pirmajame žurnalo Środy Literackie numeryje (1935. Apskritai žagarų kūryba buvo gerai žinoma Vilniaus rusų literatams, tačiau ne visai priimtina tiek dėl avangardistinės for­mos, tiek dėl kairuoliško turinio. Kita vertus, žagarai domėjosi rusų poezija nuo Puškino ir Lermontovo iki Achmatovos, Gumiliovo ir Jesenino, tačiau didesnio dėmesio Vilniaus rusų poetų k