Sample records for mestorozheniyakh metodicheskie rekomenlatsin

  1. Methodical features of selection of radiation-resistant semiconductor devices on the base of initial informative parameters; Metodicheskie osobennosti otbora radiatsionno-stojkikh poluprovodnikovykh priborov po nachal`nym informativnym parametram

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhukov, Yu N [and others


    A method for evaluating the statistic interrelation of informational parameter initial values with radiation resistance of semiconducting devices using the information content factor which is invariant relative to the election scope and confidence probability is proposed.

  2. Methodical installations for fast resource testing of reliability of electrotechnical components intended for NPP equipment; Metodicheskie ustanovki dlya uskorennykh roesursnykh ispytanij na nadezhnost ` ehlektrotekhnicheskikh komplektuyushchikh, vkhodyashchikh v sostav oborudovaniya AEhS i yadernykh ustanovok

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shestakov, V S


    Installations for testing the electrotechnical equipment, microswitches for mechanical bend tests of cables as well as for high voltage tests of electrotechnical equipment are developed and described.

  3. Metodicheskie osnovy sravnitel'noj ocenki nauchno-tehnicheskogo potenciala Rossii i ES: regional'nyj i mezhdunarodnyj aspekty [The methodological bases of comparative evaluation of sci¬entific and technological potential of Russia and the EU: regional and international aspects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Voloshenko Ksenya


    Full Text Available This article analyses approaches to the definition of such categories as “scientific and technological potential” and “innovative potential” in view of their resource, structural, procedural and resultant components. The author gives a more accurate definition of the scientific and technological potential through identifying its resources and orientation towards transforming abilities. On the basis of the existing methods of comparative analysis used in Russia and abroad, the author proposes a methodology for evaluating scientific and technological potential in the context of regional and international comparison. The integral index is calculated on the basis of a customised information and statistical database of normalised indicators through the identification and convolution of subindices that characterise individual components of potential. These subindices include pecific indicators applied in different statistical systems, in particular, those used in Russia and the EU, which made it possible to compar the data. The article presents the result of the application of this methodology based on a comparative evaluation of the scientific and technological potential of Russia (Northwestern federal district and EU states of the Baltic region. The experimental check suggests that the methodology be further improved for future clustering of Russian and EU regions according to the level of their innovative development.