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  1. 'Leonard pairs' in classical mechanics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhedanov, Alexei; Korovnichenko, Alyona


    Leonard pairs (LP) are matrices with the property of mutual tri-diagonality. We introduce and study a classical analogue of LP. We show that corresponding classical 'Leonard' dynamical variables satisfy non-linear relations of the AW-type with respect to Poisson brackets. (author)

  2. Knight Capital Americas LLC

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Austin, Robert D.; Meister, Darren


    It took 19 years to build Knight Capital Americas LLC into the largest market maker on the New York Stock Exchange, but on August 1, 2012, it took only 45 minutes for the firm to be wiped out by an information technology (IT) problem: a change in the company's software caused it to lose more than...

  3. Diana Leonard and Materialist Feminism (United States)

    Jackson, Stevi


    This tribute to Diana Leonard focuses on her contribution to materialist feminism, both through bringing the work of key French theorists to the attention of an Anglophone audience and through her own sociological work on the family, marriage and childhood. In so doing it draws attention to the importance of her work as editor and…

  4. Leonard Wood, Operational Artist or Scheming Careerist? (United States)


    Enterprise, and Labour : (GP Putnam’s sons, 1899). Quoted in Lane, Armed Progressive: General Leonard Wood, 58. 79 Ibid., 58. 21 and accountable...enslave pacified Moros. “He [Wood] and other officers expressed satisfaction with the results of these devastating campaigns.”155 The criticism that...

  5. Tarotkorttien historiaa pelikortteina : kohteena Lady Knight -kortti


    Pylkkö, Ina


    Opinnäytetyö käsittelee tarot-korttien historiaa pelikortteina ja Cary-Yale Visconti -tarotpakan Lady Knight -korttia. Opinnäytetyöhön kuuluu toiminnallinen osuus, jossa toteutettiin uusi versio Lady Knight -kortista yhdistämällä digitaalinen maalaus ja kultaus. Tarot-kortteja on tutkittu taidehistorian sekä viestinnän näkökulmasta vain vähän. Opinnäytetyö rajaa ulkopuolelle ennustukseen ja okkultismiin liittyvät teoriat ja keskittyy näin pelin historiaan. Työssä perehdytään ensin taideh...

  6. The representation of chivalry in The Knight's Tale


    Sánchez Martí, Jordi


    The purpose of this paper is to determine to what extent the contemporaneous state of chivalry has influenced Chaucer's Knight in his literary endeavor. First I analyze the Knight's personality, which evinces his militant and nonconformist nature: as opposed to the majority of knights, Chaucer's Knight, in an attempt to uphold the ideal of chivalry, is engaged in religious campaigns, while he refrains from taking part in the Hundred Years War. To his eyes this is an immoral war among Christia...

  7. 76 FR 59394 - Big Eddy-Knight Transmission Project (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Bonneville Power Administration Big Eddy-Knight Transmission Project AGENCY... Eddy-Knight Transmission Project in Wasco County, Oregon and Klickitat County, Washington. Construction of the Big Eddy-Knight Transmission Project will accommodate long-term firm transmission requests...

  8. Mark Leonard : EL ei peakski olema suurvõim / Mark Leonard ; interv. Erkki Bahovski

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Leonard, Mark


    Intervjuu Euroopa Välissuhete Nõukogu tegevdirektoriga, kes vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad USA ja Euroopa suhteid, Euroopa Liidu välispoliitikat, Venemaa ja Euroopa Liidu suhteid pärast Gruusia konflikti. Ta peab murettekitavaks, et Venemaa üritab takistada euroopalike väärtuste levitamist oma naaberriikides. Vt. samas: Mark Leonard. Ilmunud ka Sirp : Diplomaatia 14. nov. nr. 11 lk. 13-14

  9. The knight as patient of the squire. (United States)

    Chipman, Abram


    Many types of non-professional, non-credentialed relationships are seen by laypersons as analogous to those occuring in psychotherapy. This paper takes a leap backwards several centuries and describes two examples of one such type of interaction as portrayed in artistic masterpieces. In Miguel de Cervantes' novel, "Don Quixote," an elderly, depressed man pursues a restitutive and grandiose delusion of being a heroic knight errant. In Ingmar Bergman's film, "The Seventh Seal," a disillusioned knight returns from the Crusades to face the lethal bubonic plague, and he uses obsessional means in an attempt to outwit death. Both men are accompanied by squires who try, with varying degrees of success, to help their masters relinquish their infantile needs for omniscience and omnipotence, accept their human limitations, and deal more appropriately with their surrounding realities. The powerful and inspiring insights of both works have much to teach contemporary therapists whose patients wear more metaphorical suits of armor.

  10. Geoffrey Knight and his contribution to psychosurgery. (United States)

    Marchi, Francesco; Vergani, Francesco; Chiavacci, Iacopo; Gullan, Richard; Ashkan, Keyoumars


    This paper retraces the fundamental achievements of Geoffrey Knight (1906-1994), a British neurosurgeon and a pioneer in the field of psychosurgery. His career developed in the 1950s and 1960s, when-following the unregulated practice of frontal lobotomies-strong criticism arose in the medical community and in the general public against psychosurgery. Geoffrey Knight's clinical research focused on identifying new, selective targets to limit the side effects of psychosurgery while improving the outcome of patients affected by mental disorders. Following the example of William Beecher Scoville, he initially developed restricted orbital undercutting as a less invasive alternative to standard frontal lobotomy. He then developed stereotactic subcaudate tractotomy, with the use of an original stereotactic device. Knight stressed the importance of the anatomy and neurophysiology of the structures targeted in subcaudate tractotomy, with particular regard to the fibers connecting the anterior cingulate region, the amygdala, the orbitofrontal cortex, and the hypothalamus. Of interest, the role of these white matter connections has been recently recognized in deep brain stimulation for major depression and anorexia nervosa. This is perhaps the most enduring legacy of Knight to the field of psychosurgery. He refined frontal leucotomies by selecting a restricted target at the center of a network that plays a crucial role in controlling mood disorders. He then developed a safe, minimally invasive stereotactic operation to reach this target. His work, well ahead of his time, still represents a valid reference on which to build future clinical experience in the modern era of neuromodulation for psychiatric diseases.

  11. Obituary: Leonard Searle (1930-2010) (United States)

    Preston, George


    Leonard Searle, Astronomer and Director Emeritus of Carnegie Observatories, died at his home on July 2, 2010, in Pasadena, CA, in the midst of a busy retirement that followed a long, distinguished scientific career. Searle was born on October 23, 1930, in the London suburb of Mitcham to parents of modest means. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Saint Andrews in Scotland, and his PhD from Princeton University, where he met his future wife, Eleanor Millard. They were married in Princeton in 1952. Eleanor, his lifelong companion, was a distinguished medieval historian who joined the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Caltech as professor in 1979. She died in 1999. Leonard joined the faculty at University of Toronto in 1953, resigning that position in 1960 to become a Senior Research Fellow at Caltech, where he worked with Jesse Greenstein and Wallace Sargent on the chemical compositions of stars. The Caltech appointment marked the beginning of a fruitful association with Sargent, with whom he published 25 papers. In 1963 Searle left Caltech to join the faculty of the Mount Stromlo Observatory in Australia. Then in 1968 he returned to Pasadena to join the staff of Carnegie Observatories, his final academic home. Several themes punctuate Searle's academic career. One of the most persistent was the abundance of helium in the very early universe, a quantity whose numerical value is of great importance for cosmology. He pursued this topic with Sargent, first in the study of old evolved "horizontal branch" stars. Later, convinced that such stars could not provide a satisfactory answer, he and Sargent turned to certain small galaxies which provided more reliable estimates of the important helium-to-hydrogen abundance ratio. In the pursuit of this answer they devised the "simple model" of chemical evolution, a formalism used by astronomers to this day. He worked with the Dutch astronomer Piet van der Kruit to construct successful

  12. Ruptures of vulnerability: Linda Stein's Knight Series. (United States)

    Bible, Ann Vollmann


    Drawing on the work of Monique Wittig, this article understands Linda Stein's Knight Series as a lacunary writing communicating both her challenges to come to representation and her creative registration of subjectivity. The argument is grounded in an exploration of the rich interplay of power and vulnerability across the series as against the discourse of escapist fashion. Specifically, Stein's critical contradictions of inside and outside, conflated temporality, disjunctions between decoration and abstraction, and fluidity of sex and gender are examined. The discussion is elaborated through consideration of the work of Julia Kristeva, Elizabeth Grosz, and Hayao Miyazaki.

  13. The knight shift in liquid alkali and gallium alloys

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Molen, Sjitze Bernhard van der


    In dit proefschrift wordt de Knight-verschuiving van de componenten in vloeibare alkali- en galliumlegeringen beschreven als functie van de samenstelling. De Knight-verschuiving in een metaal is een gevolg van de magnetische wisselwerking tussen de gepolariseerde geleidingselectronen en de

  14. Reaction to Leonard Besselink’s ACELG Blog

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kuijper, P.J.


    Thanks to Leonard Besselink for giving a fast, sensible and innovative approach to get the Union out of the quagmire created by the Court’s Opinion 2/13. He proposes an amending Protocol to the TEU, which will basically amend Article 6(2) of that Treaty by announcing that this accession will happen

  15. Computing on Knights and Kepler Architectures

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bortolotti, G; Caberletti, M; Ferraro, A; Giacomini, F; Manzali, M; Maron, G; Salomoni, D; Crimi, G; Zanella, M


    A recent trend in scientific computing is the increasingly important role of co-processors, originally built to accelerate graphics rendering, and now used for general high-performance computing. The INFN Computing On Knights and Kepler Architectures (COKA) project focuses on assessing the suitability of co-processor boards for scientific computing in a wide range of physics applications, and on studying the best programming methodologies for these systems. Here we present in a comparative way our results in porting a Lattice Boltzmann code on two state-of-the-art accelerators: the NVIDIA K20X, and the Intel Xeon-Phi. We describe our implementations, analyze results and compare with a baseline architecture adopting Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs.

  16. When is the Swan Knight not the Swan Knight

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Matthews, Alastair


    Berthold von Holle wrote three thirteenth-century romances that straddle the boundary between Low and High German. This article addresses the challenges posed by his position on the northern perimeter of the medieval German literary canon. It argues against a reductive focus on Arthurian romance...... when contextualizing Berthold, describing instead an apparent reworking of the Swan Knight story in Demantin. The article thereby reassesses Berthold’s significance, proposing that research on European literatures would be better able to deal with such authors if it deployed an abstract concept...... of literary space alongside approaches that focus on the material world and manuscript transmission....

  17. The Legacy of G. Wilson Knight

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raw Laurence


    Full Text Available G. Wilson Knight (1897-1985 was one of the most influential Shakespearean critics of the mid-twentieth century. This piece surveys his work from 1930 until the early 1980s. Much affected by the First World War, he developed a style of criticism based on Christian principles of respect for other people and belief in an all-powerful God. Many of his most famous pieces (in THE WHEEL OF FIRE, for instance argue for human insignificance in an indifferent universe. It is up to all of us as individuals to develop methods of coping with this world. Wilson Knight’s ideas gained particular currency during the Second World War, when Britain’s very future seemed at risk due to the threat of Nazi invasion. Although much derided for his use of transcendent language—especially by his contemporary F. R. Leavis—Wilson Knight’s ideas seem to have acquired new significance in a globalized world, where individuals fight to main their identity in a technology-driven environment.

  18. Black Swan Event Assessment for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    visioned in conventional risk- management activities. This sort of analysis is important for purposes of planning for disruptive events that seem only a...this event is one that should be already in Fort Leonard Wood’s Risk Management Plan. However, the plan should be checked to see if it con- siders... management should be developed in consultation with forest managers across the region. ERDC/CERL SR-16-1 28 7 Earthquake 7.1 Potential events

  19. Knight shift of 23Na and 7Li nuclei in liquid sodium-lithium alloys

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Feitsma, P.D.


    The Knight shift of 23 Na and 7 Li nuclei in liquid sodium-lithium alloys has been measured. Some aspects of the theoretical interpretation of the Knight shift within the diffraction model, are clarified

  20. The Dark Knight Rises: Kita Butuh Simbol untuk Menggerakkan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danu Widhyatmoko


    Full Text Available The dark knight rises: We Need Symbols to Make Movements is a writing that covers values existing in the last movie of Batman trilogy: The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR. In the film, it is described how batman is not only presented as a hero who saved the town, but also is presented as a symbol that keeps hope of the Gotham city society. Through this writing, it is also discussed the relation between TDKR and the recent condition of Indonesia.   

  1. Book Review: John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke (2007) (eds) Everyday Politics of the World Economy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Strange, Michael Stewart


    Book Review: John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke (2007) (eds) Everyday Politics of the World Economy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 254pp. Udgivelsesdato: 2009......Book Review: John M. Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke (2007) (eds) Everyday Politics of the World Economy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 254pp. Udgivelsesdato: 2009...

  2. W3C head Berners-Lee to be knighted

    CERN Multimedia

    Gross, G


    "Tim Berners-Lee, credited with inventing the World Wide Web and now director of the World Wide Web Consortium, will be named a knight commander, Order of the British Empire, by Queen Elizabeth II, the W3C announced Wednesday" (1 page)

  3. Isotope effect in the Knight shift of potassium

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sahm, W.; Schwenk, A.


    The Knight shifts of the potassium isotopes 39 K and 41 K were determined with high accuracy: Ksup((39)) = 0.274 35(10)% and Ksup((41)) = 0.274 93(12)%. The relative isotope effect ΔK/K = -0.210 (20)% is in agreement with the hyperfine structure anomaly 39 Δ 41 . (orig.) [de

  4. Knight Commission to Fight High Salaries and Recruiting Pressures (United States)

    Wolverton, Brad; Lipka, Sara


    Last week, commissioners of the Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics organized a meeting to tackle recruiting problems and gender inequalities in college sports, but another topic--the high pay of football and men's basketball coaches--came up repeatedly. This article reports on what the commission intends to do in order to…

  5. Emergent bipartiteness in a society of knights and knaves

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Del Genio, C I; Gross, T


    We propose a simple model of a social network based on the so-called knights-and-knaves puzzles. The model describes the formation of networks between two classes of agents where links are formed by agents introducing their neighbors to others of their own class. We show that if the proportion of knights and knaves is within a certain range, the network self-organizes to a perfectly bipartite state. However, if the excess of one of the two classes is greater than a threshold value, bipartiteness is not observed. We offer a detailed theoretical analysis of the behavior of the model, investigate its behavior in the thermodynamic limit and argue that it provides a simple example of a topology-driven model whose behavior is strongly reminiscent of first-order phase transitions far from equilibrium. (paper)

  6. Energy Engineering Analysis Program Study, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Volume 3, Appendices G and H

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    ...) Energy Saving Opportunity Survey (ESOS) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. This study was authorized under the contract DACA41-92-C-0098 with Corps of Engineers Kansas City District, Kansas City, Missouri...

  7. Robert Leonard, Von Neumann, Morgenstern and the Creation of Game Theory


    Giocoli, Nicola


    In this much-awaited volume, the historian of economic thought Robert Leonard presents the results of his two-decade-long research on the life and intellectual achievements of the two founders of modern game theory, the Hungarian mathematician John von Neumann and the Austrian economist Oskar Morgenstern. The end result was well worth the wait because Leonard has produced a fascinating book which should be recommended first and foremost to economists and game theoreticians, even more—or reaso...

  8. Evaluating and optimizing the NERSC workload on Knights Landing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barnes, T; Cook, B; Deslippe, J; Doerfler, D; Friesen, B; He, Y; Kurth, T; Koskela, T; Lobet, M; Malas, T; Oliker, L; Ovsyannikov, A; Sarje, A; Vay, JL; Vincenti, H; Williams, S; Carrier, P; Wichmann, N; Wagner, M; Kent, P; Kerr, C; Dennis, J


    NERSC has partnered with 20 representative application teams to evaluate performance on the Xeon-Phi Knights Landing architecture and develop an application-optimization strategy for the greater NERSC workload on the recently installed Cori system. In this article, we present early case studies and summarized results from a subset of the 20 applications highlighting the impact of important architecture differences between the Xeon-Phi and traditional Xeon processors. We summarize the status of the applications and describe the greater optimization strategy that has formed.

  9. Performance analysis on the Intel Knights Landing architecture


    Wagner, Michael; Gimenez, Judit


    One of the emerging architectures in HPC systems is Intel’s Knights Landing (KNL) many core chip, which will also be part of BSC’s next HPC installation MareNostrum 4. KNL is the code name of the second generation of Intel XEON Phi, a many integrated core architecture (MIC) with up to 72 cores with four-time hyper-threading. It includes up to 384 GB of DDR4 RAM and 8-16 GB of stacked MCDRAM, a version of high bandwidth memory. In addition, each core will have two 512-bit vector units and will...

  10. 78 FR 76405 - Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel KNIGHT HAWK; Invitation for... (United States)


    ... Maritime Administration Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel KNIGHT HAWK... of the vessel KNIGHT HAWK is: Intended Commercial Use Of Vessel: Carrying passengers for hire....). You may review DOT's complete Privacy Act Statement in the Federal Register published on April 11...

  11. Investigations of Knight shifts and g factors for Y123 and Y124 superconductors

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kuang, Min-Quan; Wu, Shao-Yi; Hu, Xian-Fen; Li, Guo-Liang; Zhang, Zhi-Hong


    Highlights: • We study g factors and Knight shifts for Y123 and Y124 superconductors. • The theoretical relationships between Knight shifts and g factors are established. • High order perturbation formulas are adopted with local structures of Cu 2+ sites. • Anisotropies of g factors and Knight shifts are ascribed to elongation of Cu 2+ sites. -- Abstract: By adopting the uniform high order perturbation formulas of Knight shifts and g factors for 3d 9 ions in orthorhombically and tetragonally elongated octahedra, the experimental results of these parameters for Cu(1) sites in YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7 , YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7−σ and YBa 2 Cu 4 O 8 and Cu(2) site in YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7−σ are systematically investigated. The calculated Knight shifts (and g factors for Cu(2) site) agree well with the observed values. The anisotropies of the g factors and Knight shifts are attributed to the local orthorhombic and tetragonal elongations of the Cu 2+ sites. The present studies would be helpful to attain a more complete spectroscopic understanding for g factors and Knight shifts

  12. Distributing Knight. Using Type-Based Publish/Subscribe for Building Distributed Collaboration Tools

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Damm, Christian Heide; Hansen, Klaus Marius


    more important. We present Distributed Knight, an extension to the Knight tool, for distributed, collaborative, and gesture-based object-oriented modelling. Distributed Knight was built using the type-based publish/subscribe paradigm. Based on this case, we argue that type-based publish......Distributed applications are hard to understand, build, and evolve. The need for decoupling, flexibility, and heterogeneity in distributed collaboration tools present particular problems; for such applications, having the right abstractions and primitives for distributed communication becomes even...

  13. A Brief History of Leonard Peltier vs. US: Is there Recourse for Justice? (United States)

    Payne, Diane


    Asserting the fact that Leonard Peltier is a contemporary element in a stream of Native American genocide, this article outlines the events and presents a picture of the abuses which precipitated a continuous 24 hour vigil at the U.S. Supreme Court. (Author/RTS)

  14. International recognition for ageing research: John Scott Award-2014 to Leonard Hayflick and Paul Moorhead

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rattan, Suresh


    It is with great pleasure and pride that we share the news of the award of the 2014 “City of Philadelphia John Scott Award”, to Dr. Leonard Hayflick and Dr. Paul Moorhead, for their research on ageing. The press release announcing the award states that: “from the first awarded in 1822, the Award...

  15. Limited Energy Study. Thermal Storage at Central Chilled Water Plant, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    The Scope of Work (See Appendix A) called for the study of the economic feasibility of providing a cold thermal storage system at the central chiller plant serving the Fort Leonard Wood 600 Area in order to reduce electrical demand charges...

  16. More than a Mentor: Leonard Darwin's Contribution to the Assimilation of Mendelism into Eugenics and Darwinism. (United States)

    Serpente, Norberto


    This article discusses the contribution to evolutionary theory of Leonard Darwin (1850-1943), the eighth child of Charles Darwin. By analysing the correspondence Leonard Darwin maintained with Ronald Aylmer Fisher in conjunction with an assessment of his books and other written works between the 1910s and 1930s, this article argues for a more prominent role played by him than the previously recognised in the literature as an informal mentor of Fisher. The paper discusses Leonard's efforts to amalgamate Mendelism with both Eugenics and Darwinism in order for the first to base their policies on new scientific developments and to help the second in finding a target for natural selection. Without a formal qualification in biological sciences and as such mistrusted by some "formal" scientists, Leonard Darwin engaged with key themes of Darwinism such as mimicry, the role of mutations on speciation and the process of genetic variability, arriving at important conclusions concerning the usefulness of Mendelian genetics for his father's theory.

  17. 8Li+ Knight Shift and Resonance in the Enhanced Paramagnet Platinum Studied by βNMR (United States)

    Ofer, Oren; Chow, K. H.; Fan, I.; Egilmez, M.; Parolin, T. J.; Hossain, M. D.; Jung, J.; Salman, Z.; Kiefl, R. F.; Levy, C. D. P.; Morris, G. D.; Pearson, M. R.; Saadaoui, H.; Song, Q.; Wang, D.; MacFarlane, W. A.

    We report the behavior of 8Li+ implanted into Platinum foil as revealed by β-detected Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (β-NMR). At an applied field of 4.1 T, a single resonance is observed, which is attributed to Li in an octahedral interstitial site. The temperature dependence of the Knight shift for this resonance is monitored at temperatures ranging from 4 to 300 K. Over this range the Knight shift is found to be linearily dependent on the temperature.

  18. Knighthoods of christ: Essays on the history of the crusades and the knights Templar

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fonnesberg-Schmidt, Iben


    Anmeldelse af Knighthoods of Christ: Essays on the History of the Crusades and the Knights Templar. Presented to Malcolm Barber, ed. Norman Housley (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007; pp. xxiii + 257. £55). Udgivelsesdato: 2008......Anmeldelse af Knighthoods of Christ: Essays on the History of the Crusades and the Knights Templar. Presented to Malcolm Barber, ed. Norman Housley (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007; pp. xxiii + 257. £55). Udgivelsesdato: 2008...

  19. Multi-threaded ATLAS Simulation on Intel Knights Landing Processors

    CERN Document Server

    Farrell, Steven; The ATLAS collaboration; Calafiura, Paolo; Leggett, Charles


    The Knights Landing (KNL) release of the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) Xeon Phi line of processors is a potential game changer for HEP computing. With 72 cores and deep vector registers, the KNL cards promise significant performance benefits for highly-parallel, compute-heavy applications. Cori, the newest supercomputer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), will be delivered to its users in two phases with the first phase online now and the second phase expected in mid-2016. Cori Phase 2 will be based on the KNL architecture and will contain over 9000 compute nodes with 96GB DDR4 memory. ATLAS simulation with the multithreaded Athena Framework (AthenaMT) is a great use-case for the KNL architecture and supercomputers like Cori. Simulation jobs have a high ratio of CPU computation to disk I/O and have been shown to scale well in multi-threading and across many nodes. In this presentation we will give an overview of the ATLAS simulation application with details on its multi-thr...

  20. Multi-threaded ATLAS simulation on Intel Knights Landing processors

    CERN Document Server

    AUTHOR|(INSPIRE)INSPIRE-00014247; The ATLAS collaboration; Calafiura, Paolo; Leggett, Charles; Tsulaia, Vakhtang; Dotti, Andrea


    The Knights Landing (KNL) release of the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) Xeon Phi line of processors is a potential game changer for HEP computing. With 72 cores and deep vector registers, the KNL cards promise significant performance benefits for highly-parallel, compute-heavy applications. Cori, the newest supercomputer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), was delivered to its users in two phases with the first phase online at the end of 2015 and the second phase now online at the end of 2016. Cori Phase 2 is based on the KNL architecture and contains over 9000 compute nodes with 96GB DDR4 memory. ATLAS simulation with the multithreaded Athena Framework (AthenaMT) is a good potential use-case for the KNL architecture and supercomputers like Cori. ATLAS simulation jobs have a high ratio of CPU computation to disk I/O and have been shown to scale well in multi-threading and across many nodes. In this paper we will give an overview of the ATLAS simulation application with detai...

  1. Multi-threaded ATLAS simulation on Intel Knights Landing processors (United States)

    Farrell, Steven; Calafiura, Paolo; Leggett, Charles; Tsulaia, Vakhtang; Dotti, Andrea; ATLAS Collaboration


    The Knights Landing (KNL) release of the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) Xeon Phi line of processors is a potential game changer for HEP computing. With 72 cores and deep vector registers, the KNL cards promise significant performance benefits for highly-parallel, compute-heavy applications. Cori, the newest supercomputer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), was delivered to its users in two phases with the first phase online at the end of 2015 and the second phase now online at the end of 2016. Cori Phase 2 is based on the KNL architecture and contains over 9000 compute nodes with 96GB DDR4 memory. ATLAS simulation with the multithreaded Athena Framework (AthenaMT) is a good potential use-case for the KNL architecture and supercomputers like Cori. ATLAS simulation jobs have a high ratio of CPU computation to disk I/O and have been shown to scale well in multi-threading and across many nodes. In this paper we will give an overview of the ATLAS simulation application with details on its multi-threaded design. Then, we will present a performance analysis of the application on KNL devices and compare it to a traditional x86 platform to demonstrate the capabilities of the architecture and evaluate the benefits of utilizing KNL platforms like Cori for ATLAS production.

  2. UCLA Astronomer Frederick Charles Leonard (1896-1960): From Childhood Prodigy to Mature Obsession (United States)

    Clarke, R. S.; Plotkin, H.


    The precocious 13-year-old Frederick Leonard burst onto the astronomical scene in 1909, when he audaciously attended the 10th anniversary meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) at Yerkes Observatory. He was soon contributing frequent notes to ``Popular Astronomy" on double stars and a variety of other topics, and in 1911 founded the amateur Society for Practical Astronomy. Although he presided over its rapid growth, edited its ``Monthly Register," and dominated its administrrative structure with youthful mastery, the Society peaked early and faded into oblivion by 1917. Astronomers like F.R. Moulton and E.C. Pickering recognized his talents and provided encouragement, but he was denied membership to the AAS due to his youth. As well, his lack of rigor in observations, verbose editorializing, and hunger for the limelight gave his elders pause. After two degrees from Chicago, he moved in 1919 to the University of California, Berkeley, completing a solid Berkeley/Lick PhD in December, 1921, with a dissertation on the spectra of visual double stars. He moved within weeks to the Southern Branch of the University (later UCLA), where he introduced an undergraduate astronomy program which successfully attracted many first-rate students (Fred Whipple being perhaps the most illustrious). Although he continued various research projects at Mt. Wilson and later Lick, they were purely observational, with little interpretive analysis. Perhaps sensing that the science of astronomy was beginning to pass him by, Leonard's career path veered suddenly to meteoritics by 1930. He and meteorite collector-dealer Harvey H. Nininger founded the Society for Research on Meteorites in 1933 (later, the Meteoritical Society), and Leonard became its first president and edited its journal over the next 25 years. The Meteoritical Society provided the perfect vehicle for Leonard's adolescent preoccupation with scientific society administration and journal editing to blossom into an adult

  3. The Knight Stick Trap and Knight Stick Sticky Wraps: New Tools for Stable Fly (Diptera: Muscidae) Management. (United States)

    Hogsette, Jerome A; Kline, Daniel L


    Stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae), management can be difficult, especially in situations where pesticide usage is restricted or disallowed. Traps have been used for monitoring stable flies, but have rarely been used for management. The Knight Stick (KS) trap recently became available, and preliminary studies indicated that it might be an improvement to traps currently in use. The Olson Sticky Fly trap was chosen as the control trap for the purpose of comparisons. Both traps attract stable flies by alteration of light waves and capture flies on a sticky wrap covering the trap base. The KS trap captured 3× more stable flies than the Olson trap, whereas the Olson trap base covered with the KS Sticky wrap captured 3-5× more stable flies than the Olson trap base with the standard Olson Sticky wrap. This indicated inherent attraction from the KS Sticky wrap. This was supported when KS Tank wraps, a larger version of the KS Sticky wraps, applied to 51 kg of liquid propane (LP) tanks on Mosquito Magnet Independence traps producing CO2, captured significantly more stable flies and significantly more stable flies per square centimeter of sticky wrap than Olson Sticky Sleeve wraps applied to the LP tanks. In a final study, when two configurations of KS Tank wraps were applied to white plastic barrels and compared with three standard KS traps, mean numbers of stable flies captured were numerically similar. The significance of findings and potential uses for the traps are discussed. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Entomological Society of America 2017. This work is written by US Government employees and is in the public domain in the US.

  4. Building flexible, distributed collaboration tools using type-based publish/subscribe - The Distributed Knight case

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Klaus Marius; Damm, Christian Heide


    for flexible, distributed collaboration. We intro duce the Distributed Knight tool that provides flexible and lightweight support for distributed collaboration in object oriented modelling. The Distributed Knight implementa tion builds crucially on the type-based publish/subscribe distributed communication......Distributed collaboration is becoming increasingly impor tant also in software development. Combined with an in creasing interest in experimental and agile approaches to software development, this poses challenges to tool sup port for software development. Specifically, tool support is needed...... paradigm, which provides an effective and natural abstraction for developing distributed collaboration tools....

  5. International recognition for ageing research: John Scott Award-2014 to Leonard Hayflick and Paul Moorhead


    Rattan, Suresh


    It is with great pleasure and pride that we share the news of the award of the 2014 “City of Philadelphia John Scott Award”, to Dr. Leonard Hayflick and Dr. Paul Moorhead, for their research on ageing. The press release announcing the award states that: “from the first awarded in 1822, the Award is the oldest scientific award in the United States and, as a legacy to Benjamin Franklin, they are in the historic company of past winners who include Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk, Irving L...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Starygina N. N.


    Full Text Available The article analyses the system of religious motifs in Alexey Tolstoy's novel "Prince Serebrenni" ("The Silver Knight", which form the novel's plot and represent the author's ideas: Divine Providence, the predestination of characters, Christian death, moral disapproval of the unjust judgement, sins and the Last Judgment.

  7. Knight Commission Tells Presidents to Use Their Power to Reform the "Fundamental Premises" of College Sports. (United States)

    Lederman, Douglas


    This article describes the report of the Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, which enunciates principles of a new model of college sports governance. Ten recommendations include total authority given to college presidents, who should ensure program compliance with federal statutes barring sex discrimination; and review of…

  8. Walter Scandale receives the decoration of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

    CERN Multimedia


    On 9 December 2008, Walter Scandale, a member of the EN Department, received the decoration of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, one of Italy's highest decorations. He was awarded the medal by the Consul-General of Italy in Geneva.

  9. Revisiting Gabriel Knight: troubled hero and unknowing servant of the King of Kings

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Veugen, J.I.L.


    Although the protagonist of the Gabriel Knight game series (1993, 1995, 1999) is a modern hero, Gabriel’s journey contains elements we also find in other Hero myths. Furthermore, the series contains many religious elements, supernatural motifs, as well as a more than superficial link with the story

  10. A Hard Day’s Knights: Movie Time Travel, the Middle Ages, and a New Millenium

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Engle


    Full Text Available This article addresses the cinematic treatment of the Middle Ages through an analysis of two recent mass-audience American films, Black Knight and Timeline, both of which feature time travel as a leading plot element. Providing context for this discussion is a brief analysis of other similar films, as well as remarks regarding Twain's Connecticut Yankee, Ruskin's The Stones of Venice, and The Idylls of the King by Tennyson. As in these other works, the films in question use certain popular stereotypes of the Middle Ages—endemic violence, rigid class distinctions, religious fanaticism, spiritual cohesion, etc.—as lens through which to view the contemporary world. In addition to their roles as comic or action entertainment vehicles, Black Knight indirectly addresses American individualism and a cutthroat modern corporate culture, whereas Timeline touches upon millennial anxiety, '90's ethnic cleansing, and the American misadventure in Iraq.

  11. Utility Monitoring and Control System (UMCS) and Utility Metering Plan and Specifications for Fort Leonard Wood, MO (United States)


    MDMS website as part of the Army Metering Program ( AMP ). An alternate means to monitor these meters via LonWorks BCS would be to add a pulse output...impossible), but Huntsville efforts and intent to connect MDMS metering (not part of an ESPC) as part of the AMP to the existing Honeywell The Honeywell UMCS can support the AMP metering requirement and pass Fort Leonard Wood meter data to MDMS. The meter data obtained locally

  12. The Knight-errant and their Itinerary. Journey and />Death of Don Quixote

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nieves Rodríguez Valle


    Full Text Available This article analyzes, from the perspective of the hero’s journey topic in the narrative, the wanderings of Don Quixote on the Spanish roads and in the spaces of the chivalric literature. Based on the four narrative sequences that stake out the itinerary in the journey narrative: departure, cruise, meeting, and return, the three departures and the three returns of the knight in the work are reviewed, specially the last return and the relationship that it keeps with his death.

  13. In-situ temperature calibration below 1 K using the μ+ Knight shift in CMN

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Heffner, R.H.; Le, L.P.; Amato, A.; Baines, C.


    The authors present μ + paramagnetic shift measurements between 12 K and about 65 mK in cerium magnesium nitrate (CMN) to investigate its utility as an in-situ temperature calibration source for low temperature μSR experiments. CMN is a salt which exhibits Curie-law susceptibility to temperatures as low as 5 mK. The μ + Knight shift is measured to be (1.46 ± 0.03) x 10 -3 /T + (0.004 ± 0.02) x 10 -3 , corresponding to a transferred hyperfine field of -28.5 kOe/μ B

  14. Spin-lattice relaxation times and knight shift in InSb and InAs

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Braun, P.; Grande, S.


    For a dominant contact interaction between nuclei and conduction electrons the relaxation rate is deduced. The extreme cases of degenerate and non-degenerate semiconductors are separately discussed. At strong degeneracy the product of the Knight shift and relaxation time gives the Korringa relation for metals. Measurements of the NMR spin-lattice relaxation times of 115 InSb and 115 InAs were made between 4.2 and 300 K for strongly degenerated samples. The different relaxation mechanisms are discussed and the experimental and theoretical results are compared. (author)

  15. The first systematic experimentation in music therapy: the genius of James Leonard Corning. (United States)

    Davis, William B


    The development of music therapy in the United States prior to 1950 has a fascinating but not well known history. The present study illuminates the music therapy research of James Leonard Corning (1855-1923), a prominent neurologist practicing during the late nineteenth-century in New York City. The purpose of this study was to provide biographical information and description of a series of music therapy experiments conducted by Corning. His 1899 article appearing in the Medical Record: A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery summarized a series of inventive experiments using music to affect emotional states in people with mild behavioral-emotional and sleep disorders. Information was analyzed using a set of primary and secondary sources from contemporaneous books, newspapers and journals. These sources provided biographical information and insight into his experimental methods. Recent sources provided a framework to help understand his conclusions from the viewpoint of late nineteenth-century physicians and for current practitioners of music therapy. Findings indicate that Corning's rationale for using music, visual figures and, occasional medication in the treatment of behavioral-emotional disorders was successful in influencing feelings and emotions in a positive way. He believed that during pre-sleep and sleep, cognitive processes became dormant, allowing the penetration of "musical vibrations" into the subconscious eliminating morbid thoughts that plagued his patients. Understanding Corning's contributions to music therapy will assist contemporary educators and therapists to better understand the impact of early contributions to music therapy by late nineteenth-century practitioners such as Corning.

  16. Absent yet Present: On the Paradoxical Nature of Characters in Nabokov’s The Real Life of Sebastian Knight

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irina Marchesini


    Full Text Available The present research is focused on the theme of absence, an area of inquiry that might seem dominant in the field of Nabokov Studies. The analysis, which concentrates in particular on the key figures of the novel The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (1941, notably the narrator V. and the poet Sebastian Knight, interprets the characters’ construction through the paradigm of absence. Arguably, the construction of characters in The Real Life of Sebastian Knight is paradoxical: absence constitutes their essence at a core level, as it often happens in the context of the self-conscious genre. Moreover, absence plays a key role in characters’ design, linking them to all Nabokovian novels. However, despite their innermost ‘flatness’, to use Edward M. Forster’s terminology, they still appear to be ‘round’, i.e. plausible, mimetic figures.

  17. Deployment of the OSIRIS EM-PIC code on the Intel Knights Landing architecture (United States)

    Fonseca, Ricardo


    Electromagnetic particle-in-cell (EM-PIC) codes such as OSIRIS have found widespread use in modelling the highly nonlinear and kinetic processes that occur in several relevant plasma physics scenarios, ranging from astrophysical settings to high-intensity laser plasma interaction. Being computationally intensive, these codes require large scale HPC systems, and a continuous effort in adapting the algorithm to new hardware and computing paradigms. In this work, we report on our efforts on deploying the OSIRIS code on the new Intel Knights Landing (KNL) architecture. Unlike the previous generation (Knights Corner), these boards are standalone systems, and introduce several new features, include the new AVX-512 instructions and on-package MCDRAM. We will focus on the parallelization and vectorization strategies followed, as well as memory management, and present a detailed performance evaluation of code performance in comparison with the CPU code. This work was partially supported by Fundaçã para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), Portugal, through Grant No. PTDC/FIS-PLA/2940/2014.

  18. Holy Terror, Batman! Frank Miller’s Dark Knight and the Superhero as Hardboiled Terrorist

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniele Croci


    Full Text Available Conceived in the late thirties as “bold humanist response to Depression-era fears of runaway scientific advance and soulless industrialism” (Morrison 2012, 6, the superhero has flourished as one of the most resilient archetypes of American popular culture. This essay analyses the literary and cultural contaminations that have engendered an unprecedented revision of the paradigm since the 1980s. In particular, it will take into account three graphic novels by American cartoonist Frank Miller (1957 - , one of leading figures of the mainstream comics renaissance, whose ideas have indelibly influenced the artistic development of both medium and genre. The Dark Knight Returns (1986, The Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002 and Holy Terror (2011 constitute an ideal Batman trilogy that charts the character’s evolution as political counterpoint to the perceived crisis of American identity. In this regard, Reaganism and 9/11 are polarized as historical discontinuities triggering the need for a new kind of a criminal (superhero. It will be in fact demonstrated how the novels hybridise the latent generic links to hardboiled pulp novels (R. Chandler, D. Hammet with narrative and aesthetics elements appropriated from the culturally-received concepts of terrorism and terrorists. This fruitful contamination on the one hand “play[s] with reader assumptions about genre” (Baetens and Frey 2015, 46, while on the other hand deconstructs the ideological underpinnings of the archetype, as the moral dichotomy and the alienation of justice from the law.

  19. Structure, stability, and tsunami hazard associated with a rock slope in Knight Inlet, British Columbia (United States)

    van Zeyl, D. P.; Stead, D.; Sturzenegger, M.; Bornhold, B. D.; Clague, J. J.


    Rockfalls and rockslides during the past 12 000 years have deposited bouldery debris cones on the seafloor beneath massive rock slopes throughout the inner part of Knight Inlet. The 885 m high rock slope, located across from a former First Nations village destroyed in the late 1500s by a slide-induced wave, exposes the contact between a Late Cretaceous dioritic pluton and metamorphic rocks of the Upper Triassic Karmutsen Formation. The pluton margin is strongly foliated parallel to primary and secondary fabrics in the metamorphic rocks, resulting in highly persistent brittle structures. Other important structures include a set of sheeting joints and highly persistent mafic dykes and faults. Stability analysis indicates that planar and wedge rock slope failures up to about 500 000 m3 in volume could occur. We suspect that failures of this size in this setting would have the potential to generate locally hazardous waves. As several similar rock slopes fronted by large submarine debris cones exist in the inner part of Knight Inlet, it is clear that tsunami hazards should be considered in coastal infrastructure development and land-use planning in this area.

  20. Desiderio e scrittura in "The Real Life of Sebastian Knight" di Vladimir Nabokov

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valeria Invernizzi


    This paper examines, from a psychoanalytic standpoint, the intersection between identity and writing in the novel The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (1941 by Vladimir Nabokov. In particular, in the wake of Freud and Lacan, the following contribution will take the notions of desire, signifier, and the process of sublimation involved in artistic creation as interpretative devices. The main focus of the analysis will be the relationship between the two half-brothers of the novel, V (the narrator and Sebastian. First, I will show that Sebastian Knight holds the role of the object of desire for the characters who have established a close relationship with him and, in particular, for V. Secondly, the paper will be devoted to the analysis of the trauma experienced by the characters because of Sebastian's death, with a particular focus on the narrator's mourning through writing (the fictional biography we read in the novel; in the end, I will give evidence of the so-called signifier’s fallacy, crucial episodes in which the narrator can experience an insight into the truth of desire. Because of the not negligible question of the fictional paternity of The Real Life and the equally essential matter of V’s ‘stylistic touch’, metaliterary aspects of the novel will also be part of the following reading of the text.

  1. Knight Time. (United States)

    Stonyk, Richard


    Integrates a lesson on medieval European history with a class art project. Describes how students studied heraldry to design their own coat of arms and produce a relief sculpture shield depicting these arms. Lists materials needed and outlines the process of construction. (DSK)

  2. Psyche=singularity: A comparison of Carl Jung's transpersonal psychology and Leonard Susskind's holographic string theory (United States)

    Desmond, Timothy

    In this dissertation I discern what Carl Jung calls the mandala image of the ultimate archetype of unity underlying and structuring cosmos and psyche by pointing out parallels between his transpersonal psychology and Stanford physicist Leonard Susskind's string theory. Despite his atheistic, materialistically reductionist interpretation of it, I demonstrate how Susskind's string theory of holographic information conservation at the event horizons of black holes, and the cosmic horizon of the universe, corroborates the following four topics about which Jung wrote: (1) his near-death experience of the cosmic horizon after a heart attack in 1944; ( 2) his equation relating psychic energy to mass, "Psyche=highest intensity in the smallest space" (1997, 162), which I translate into the equation, Psyche=Singularity; (3) his theory that the mandala, a circle or sphere with a central point, is the symbolic image of the ultimate archetype of unity through the union of opposites, which structures both cosmos and psyche, and which rises spontaneously from the collective unconscious to compensate a conscious mind torn by irreconcilable demands (1989, 334-335, 396-397); and (4) his theory of synchronicity. I argue that Susskind's inside-out black hole model of our Big Bang universe forms a geometrically perfect mandala: a central Singularity encompassed by a two-dimensional sphere which serves as a universal memory bank. Moreover, in precise fulfillment of Jung's theory, Susskind used that mandala to reconcile the notoriously incommensurable paradigms of general relativity and quantum mechanics, providing in the process a mathematically plausible explanation for Jung's near-death experience of his past, present, and future life simultaneously at the cosmic horizon. Finally, Susskind's theory also provides a plausible cosmological model to explain Jung's theory of synchronicity--meaningful coincidences may be tied together by strings at the cosmic horizon, from which they

  3. 75 FR 52981 - Chrysler, LLC, Detroit Axle Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Caravan Knight... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Chrysler, LLC, Detroit Axle Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC, and Syncreon, Detroit, MI; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment...

  4. 75 FR 11915 - Chrysler LLC; Trenton Engine Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Caravan Knight... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Chrysler LLC; Trenton Engine Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC, Trenton, MI; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance In...

  5. 75 FR 11914 - Chrysler, LLC, Detroit Axle Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Caravan Knight... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Chrysler, LLC, Detroit Axle Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC; Detroit, MI; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance and...

  6. 75 FR 52981 - Chrysler, LLC; Twinsburg Stamping Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Caravan Knight... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Chrysler, LLC; Twinsburg Stamping Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC, Wackenhut Security, CR Associates, and Syncreon, Twinsburg, OH; Amended Certification Regarding...

  7. 75 FR 26791 - Chrysler, LLC, Trenton Engine Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Caravan Knight... (United States)


    ... [Federal Register Volume 75, Number 91 (Wednesday, May 12, 2010)] [Notices] [Page 26791] [FR Doc No: 2010-11273] DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration [TA-W-64,550] Chrysler, LLC, Trenton Engine Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC and Devon Facility Management, Trenton, MI,...

  8. 75 FR 11913 - Chrysler, LLC, Sterling Stamping Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Caravan Knight... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Chrysler, LLC, Sterling Stamping Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC, Sterling Heights, MI; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment...

  9. Machine Learning Takes on Health Care: Leonard D'Avolio's Cyft Employs Big Data to Benefit Patients and Providers. (United States)

    Mertz, Leslie


    When Leonard D'Avolio (Figure 1) was working on his Ph.D. degree in biomedical informatics, he saw the power of machine learning in transforming multiple industries; health care, however, was not among them. "The reason that Amazon, Netflix, and Google have transformed their industries is because they have embedded learning throughout every aspect of what they do. If we could prove that is possible in health care too, I thought we would have the potential to have a huge impact," he says.

  10. NMR Knight shifts and the electronic properties of Rb8Na16Si136 clathrate

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Latturner, Susan; Iversen, Bo B.; Sepa, Jelena; Srdanov, Vojislav; Stucky, Galen


    A silicon framework clathrate type-II compound was synthesized with rubidium and sodium atoms in cages. A single crystal of this material was characterized by both conventional and synchrotron x-ray diffraction; the structure belongs to the cubic space group Fd-3m, with a cell edge of 14.738(1) Aa. The alkali metals are ordered in the structure, with the small cages containing sodium, and the large cages containing rubidium. Variable temperature magic-angle-spinning NMR of all three nuclei show large Knight shifts with a strong temperature dependence, unlike conventional metals. The low conductivity (200 S/cm) and high paramagnetic susceptibility (5x10 -6 emu/g) indicate that as the temperature is lowered, the electrons become more localized on the alkali atoms, resulting in properties consistent with a correlated narrow band metal system

  11. The 1928 Carlisle conference: Knight Dunlap and a national laboratory for psychology. (United States)

    Goodwin, C James


    In late March 1928, 32 experimental psychologists met in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The National Research Council (NRC) sponsored the conference, which was organized by Knight Dunlap, chair of the NRC's Division of Anthropology and Psychology. The purpose of the Carlisle conference was to examine the status of experimental psychology, and Dunlap used it to propose a national laboratory for psychology, to be created in Washington, DC. This vision clashed with the traditional university-centered research model and the group resisted Dunlap's plan. Dunlap persisted, the eventual result being a National Institute of Psychology, which accomplished little. The Carlisle conference did succeed in being the impetus for small NRC-funded grants-in-aid to researchers, and it set in motion events that eventually led to the American Psychological Association publication manual.

  12. Anion-π Catalysis of Enolate Chemistry: Rigidified Leonard Turns as a General Motif to Run Reactions on Aromatic Surfaces. (United States)

    Cotelle, Yoann; Benz, Sebastian; Avestro, Alyssa-Jennifer; Ward, Thomas R; Sakai, Naomi; Matile, Stefan


    To integrate anion-π, cation-π, and ion pair-π interactions in catalysis, the fundamental challenge is to run reactions reliably on aromatic surfaces. Addressing a specific question concerning enolate addition to nitroolefins, this study elaborates on Leonard turns to tackle this problem in a general manner. Increasingly refined turns are constructed to position malonate half thioesters as close as possible on π-acidic surfaces. The resulting preorganization of reactive intermediates is shown to support the disfavored addition to enolate acceptors to an absolutely unexpected extent. This decisive impact on anion-π catalysis increases with the rigidity of the turns. The new, rigidified Leonard turns are most effective with weak anion-π interactions, whereas stronger interactions do not require such ideal substrate positioning to operate well. The stunning simplicity of the motif and its surprisingly strong relevance for function should render the introduced approach generally useful. © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  13. XII Avatud Ühiskonna Foorumi arutlusring "Euroopa hiilgus ja viletsus - Euroopa Liit 50. Kuidas edasi?" / Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Mark Leonard, Ivan Krastev ; intervjueerinud Andres Kasekamp

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ilves, Toomas Hendrik, 1953-


    Pärnus diskuteerisid 10. oktoobril 2007 Euroopa tuleviku teemadel president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Euroopa Välissuhete Nõukogu tegevjuht Mark Leonard ja Sofias paikneva Liberaalstrateegiate Keskuse juht Ivan Krastev. Vestluse moderaator oli Eesti Välispoliitika Instituudi direktor, Avatud Eesti Fondi nõukogu esimees Andres Kasekamp

  14. Don Quixote and the Auditor from México: a disagreement between a knight and a gentleman

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Eugenia Mayer


    Full Text Available Don Quixote’s first adventure, the combat with the Basque, and his last one, in which he meets the Auditor, both deal with a «knight»/gentleman who is leaving for the West Indies. The opposite pole of the Manchego knight is the gentleman appointed to the Audience of New Spain, ca. 1600, during Lerma’s Privacy. This lawyer/auditor hears two «cases»: the «strange humor» of the Manchegan, as told by the priest who has found an anonymous manuscript; and the «unnexpected business» of his future son-in-law, who will accompany him to Mexico, heir to a title. The Oidor’s discreet proceedings contrast with Don Quixote’s open proclaims, thus serving as key to a bicostal (Spain/Indies reading of the

  15. Knight-Errantry. Code Word and Punch Line in Edmund Gayton's "Festivous Notes on Don Quixote" (1654 and 1768

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clark Colahan


    Full Text Available Gayton viewed Cervantes's famous protagonist as the representative of an outdated and anomalous code of conduct, as well as a hypocrite who fails to live up to the high standards demanded by that code. Gayton ridicules the protagonist's profession by employing the English expressions knight-errant and knight errantry, which the first translation of the novel uses to render caballero andante and caballería andante. He thus played on the secondary meaning of errant as mistaken, as well as on the implied homonym arrant, an intensifying adverb carrying highly negative connotations (an arrant coward. Gayton then coined related satirical neologisms for groups such as that of the ladies-errant, thereby suggesting their reprehensible behaviour.

  16. Home-range size and overlap within an introduced population of the Cuban Knight Anole, Anolis equestris (Squamata: Iguanidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul M. Richards


    Full Text Available Many studies have investigated the spatial relationships of terrestrial lizards, but arboreal species remain poorly studiedbecause they are difficult to observe. The conventional view of home-range size and overlap among territorial, polygynous species of lizards is that: (1 male home ranges are larger than those of females; (2 male home ranges usually encompass, or substantiallyoverlap, those of several females; and (3 male home-range overlap varies but often is minimal, but female home ranges frequently overlap extensively. However, the paucity of pertinent studies makes it difficult to generalize these patterns to arboreal lizards. Weinvestigated home-range size and overlap in the arboreal Knight Anole, Anolis equestris, and compared our findings to published home-range data for 15 other species of Anolis. Using radiotelemetry and mark-recapture/resight techniques, we analyzed the home rangesof individuals from an introduced population of Knight Anoles in Miami, Florida. The home ranges of both sexes substantially overlapped those of the same- and different-sex individuals. In addition, male and female home ranges did not differ significantly, an unusual observation among lizard species. If one compares both male and female home ranges to those of other Anolis species, Knight Anoles have significantly larger home ranges, except for two species for which statistical comparisons were not possible. Our results suggest that home ranges and sex-specific spatial arrangements of canopy lizards may differ from those of more terrestrial species.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olena Bida


    Full Text Available History does not have so many knights of pedagogy, such Teachers whom thousands of students are grateful to, whose names are carved on the tables of human memory. Yanush Korchak and Oleksandr Zaharenko are among them, they were eager to do good to the people, they gave lives for the humanity, for the happiness of everybody. The courseы of life of two prominent Teachers is discussed in the article, the professional credos of prominent teachers-humanists are singled out. We cited a famous French writer-humanist Saint-Exupery in the epigraph. In our opinion, his quotation is a professional credo of all famous teachers’ humanists. Besides, these Fox’s words (the character from “Little Prince” appear to be the combined motto of several teachers humanists, namely: a Polish educator Yanush Korchak who was announced an Educator of 1979 by UNESCO; a Ukrainian pedagogue Anton Makarenko, announced an Educator of 2008  by UNESCO; a prominent educator and a great teacher-humanist Olexandr Zaharenko, an academician from Sahnivka, a small village in Cherkasy region.

  18. Medicine in Pomerania and Pomezania during their conquest by the Teutonic Knights. (United States)

    Zydowo, Mariusz M


    The origin of the Teutonic Order of Hospitalers St. Mary (Ordo Hospitalis S. Mariae Teutonicorum Hi-erosolymitani) is presented. The St. Mary Hospitaler Teutonic Order arrived in the XIIIth century to Pomezania, then inhabited by pagan Prussian tribes. The Knights of the Order started to Christianize the Prussians, then to conquer not only their territories but also those of neighboring Pomerania and others belonging to the Christian Kingdom of Poland. Selected events and dates are presented from the history of the independent state of Teutonic Order that existed on these territories for almost 300 years. The information presented is about the hospitals existing during this period of time; about the infirmaries located within the fortified castles build by the Order, and about other sanitary arrangements and problems. The names of medically qualified members of the Order and physicians employed by the Order who were not members, are also mentioned. A probable nephrological case (urolithiasis) in a High-Master of the Order is reported. Finally, information is presented about the guild of barber -- surgeons functioning in the town of Gdańsk, independently of the Teutonic Order.

  19. Scaling Deep Learning Workloads: NVIDIA DGX-1/Pascal and Intel Knights Landing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gawande, Nitin A.; Landwehr, Joshua B.; Daily, Jeffrey A.; Tallent, Nathan R.; Vishnu, Abhinav; Kerbyson, Darren J.


    Deep Learning (DL) algorithms have become ubiquitous in data analytics. As a result, major computing vendors --- including NVIDIA, Intel, AMD and IBM --- have architectural road-maps influenced by DL workloads. Furthermore, several vendors have recently advertised new computing products as accelerating DL workloads. Unfortunately, it is difficult for data scientists to quantify the potential of these different products. This paper provides a performance and power analysis of important DL workloads on two major parallel architectures: NVIDIA DGX-1 (eight Pascal P100 GPUs interconnected with NVLink) and Intel Knights Landing (KNL) CPUs interconnected with Intel Omni-Path. Our evaluation consists of a cross section of convolutional neural net workloads: CifarNet, CaffeNet, AlexNet and GoogleNet topologies using the Cifar10 and ImageNet datasets. The workloads are vendor optimized for each architecture. GPUs provide the highest overall raw performance. Our analysis indicates that although GPUs provide the highest overall performance, the gap can close for some convolutional networks; and KNL can be competitive when considering performance/watt. Furthermore, NVLink is critical to GPU scaling.

  20. Scaling deep learning workloads: NVIDIA DGX-1/Pascal and Intel Knights Landing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gawande, Nitin A.; Landwehr, Joshua B.; Daily, Jeffrey A.; Tallent, Nathan R.; Vishnu, Abhinav; Kerbyson, Darren J.


    Deep Learning (DL) algorithms have become ubiquitous in data analytics. As a result, major computing vendors --- including NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, and IBM --- have architectural road-maps influenced by DL workloads. Furthermore, several vendors have recently advertised new computing products as accelerating large DL workloads. Unfortunately, it is difficult for data scientists to quantify the potential of these different products. This paper provides a performance and power analysis of important DL workloads on two major parallel architectures: NVIDIA DGX-1 (eight Pascal P100 GPUs interconnected with NVLink) and Intel Knights Landing (KNL) CPUs interconnected with Intel Omni-Path or Cray Aries. Our evaluation consists of a cross section of convolutional neural net workloads: CifarNet, AlexNet, GoogLeNet, and ResNet50 topologies using the Cifar10 and ImageNet datasets. The workloads are vendor-optimized for each architecture. Our analysis indicates that although GPUs provide the highest overall performance, the gap can close for some convolutional networks; and the KNL can be competitive in performance/watt. We find that NVLink facilitates scaling efficiency on GPUs. However, its importance is heavily dependent on neural network architecture. Furthermore, for weak-scaling --- sometimes encouraged by restricted GPU memory --- NVLink is less important.

  1. Teaching Zen’s Ten Oxherding Pictures through Leonard Cohen’s “Ballad of the Absent Mare”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronald Green


    Full Text Available This paper describes how to teach Zen’s famous Ten Oxherding Pictures through Leonard Cohen’s song “Ballad of the Absent Mare.” It also explains how instructors can contextualize these pictures within the history of Buddhist visual culture and thereby frame Cohen’s adoption of them as a cowboy ballad motif. The essay begins by describing the metaphor of the ox. It then reviews three theories about the origin of the pictures, contextualizing them within the history of Buddhist visual culture. Finally, it provides a PowerPoint presentation that connects each of the Ten Oxherding Pictures to verses of Cohen’s song and offers comments for instructors’ use in class.

  2. Cobalt Blues The Story of Leonard Grimmett, the Man Behind the First Cobalt-60 Unit in the United States

    CERN Document Server

    Almond, Peter R


    For the latter half of the 20th century, cobalt-60 units were the mainstay of radiation treatments for cancer. Cobalt Blues describes the development of the first cobalt-60 unit in the United States and the man behind it, Leonard Grimmett. Conceptually conceived before World War II, it only became possible because of the development of nuclear reactors during the war. Although Grimmett conceived of and published his ideas first, the Canadians built the first units because of the capability of their reactor to produce more suitable cobalt-60 sources. This book tells the story of how Grimmett and others came together at the time that the U S Atomic Energy Agency was pushing the use of radioactivity in medicine. Due to his sudden death, very little information about Grimmett was known until recently, when various documents have come to light, allowing the full story to be told.

  3. The combustion of refuse derived fuel on a ''Nordfab'' biomass combustor at Leonard Ironside Ltd

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fells, A.R.


    Warren Spring Laboratory has been assessing the performance of a Nordfab biofuel combustor fitted with a Danstoker boiler rated at 4.5MW (100% MCR), when firing Easiburn refuse derived fuel. The unit is situated at Leonard Ironside Ltd, a market gardening business near Lyminge Kent. A number of operational problems were encountered with the system, namely excessive fuel consumption and intermittent production of a persistent acrid plume. A trials history is given with details of monitoring methods used. The results of the test work show the reciprocating grate to be unsuitable for continuous firing of refuse derived fuel. The performance of the Nordfab combustor when burning refuse derived fuel is compared with two other units using similar fuel bed transport systems. These are the coking stoker and the Dantrim biofuel combustor. (author).

  4. X-15 flight crew - Engle, Rushworth, McKay, Knight, Thompson, and Dana (United States)


    The X-15 flight crew, left to right; Air Force Captain Joseph H. Engle, Air Force Major Robert A. Rushworth, NASA pilot John B. 'Jack' McKay, Air Force Major William J. 'Pete' Knight, NASA pilot Milton O. Thompson, and NASA pilot Bill Dana. These six pilots made 125 of the 199 total flights in the X-15. Rushworth made 34 flights (the most of any X-15 pilot); McKay flew 29 times; Engle, Knight, and Dana each flew 16 times; Thompson's total was 14. The X-15 was a rocket-powered aircraft 50 ft long with a wingspan of 22 ft. It was a missile-shaped vehicle with an unusual wedge-shaped vertical tail, thin stubby wings, and unique fairings that extended along the side of the fuselage. The X-15 weighed about 14,000 lb empty and approximately 34,000 lb at launch. The XLR-99 rocket engine, manufactured by Thiokol Chemical Corp., was pilot controlled and was capable of developing 57,000 lb of rated thrust (actual thrust reportedly climbed to 60,000 lb). North American Aviation built three X-15 aircraft for the program. The X-15 research aircraft was developed to provide in-flight information and data on aerodynamics, structures, flight controls, and the physiological aspects of high-speed, high-altitude flight. A follow-on program used the aircraft as a testbed to carry various scientific experiments beyond the Earth's atmosphere on a repeated basis. For flight in the dense air of the usable atmosphere, the X-15 used conventional aerodynamic controls such as rudder surfaces on the vertical stabilizers to control yaw and canted horizontal surfaces on the tail to control pitch when moving in synchronization or roll when moved differentially. For flight in the thin air outside of the appreciable Earth's atmosphere, the X-15 used a reaction control system. Hydrogen peroxide thrust rockets located on the nose of the aircraft provided pitch and yaw control. Those on the wings provided roll control. Because of the large fuel consumption, the X-15 was air launched from a B-52

  5. X-15 test pilots - Engle, Rushworth, McKay, Knight, Thompson, and Dana (United States)


    The X-15 flight crew, left to right; Air Force Captain Joseph H. Engle, Air Force Major Robert A. Rushworth, NASA pilot John B. 'Jack' McKay, Air Force pilot William J. 'Pete' Knight, NASA pilot Milton O. Thompson, and NASA pilot Bill Dana. of their 125 X-15 flights, 8 were above the 50 miles that constituted the Air Force's definition of the beginning of space (Engle 3, Dana 2, Rushworth, Knight, and McKay one each). NASA used the international definition of space as beginning at 62 miles above the earth. The X-15 was a rocket-powered aircraft 50 ft long with a wingspan of 22 ft. It was a missile-shaped vehicle with an unusual wedge-shaped vertical tail, thin stubby wings, and unique fairings that extended along the side of the fuselage. The X-15 weighed about 14,000 lb empty and approximately 34,000 lb at launch. The XLR-99 rocket engine, manufactured by Thiokol Chemical Corp., was pilot controlled and was capable of developing 57,000 lb of rated thrust (actual thrust reportedly climbed to 60,000 lb). North American Aviation built three X-15 aircraft for the program. The X-15 research aircraft was developed to provide in-flight information and data on aerodynamics, structures, flight controls, and the physiological aspects of high-speed, high-altitude flight. A follow-on program used the aircraft as a testbed to carry various scientific experiments beyond the Earth's atmosphere on a repeated basis. For flight in the dense air of the usable atmosphere, the X-15 used conventional aerodynamic controls such as rudder surfaces on the vertical stabilizers to control yaw and canted horizontal surfaces on the tail to control pitch when moving in synchronization or roll when moved differentially. For flight in the thin air outside of the appreciable Earth's atmosphere, the X-15 used a reaction control system. Hydrogen peroxide thrust rockets located on the nose of the aircraft provided pitch and yaw control. Those on the wings provided roll control. Because of the large

  6. Ground-penetrating radar investigation of St. Leonard's Crypt under the Wawel Cathedral (Cracow, Poland) - COST Action TU1208 (United States)

    Benedetto, Andrea; Pajewski, Lara; Dimitriadis, Klisthenis; Avlonitou, Pepi; Konstantakis, Yannis; Musiela, Małgorzata; Mitka, Bartosz; Lambot, Sébastien; Żakowska, Lidia


    The Wawel ensemble, including the Royal Castle, the Wawel Cathedral and other monuments, is perched on top of the Wawel hill immediately south of the Cracow Old Town, and is by far the most important collection of buildings in Poland. St. Leonard's Crypt is located under the Wawel Cathedral of St Stanislaus BM and St Wenceslaus M. It was built in the years 1090-1117 and was the western crypt of the pre-existing Romanesque Wawel Cathedral, so-called Hermanowska. Pope John Paul II said his first Mass on the altar of St. Leonard's Crypt on November 2, 1946, one day after his priestly ordination. The interior of the crypt is divided by eight columns into three naves with vaulted ceiling and ended with one apse. The tomb of Bishop Maurus, who died in 1118, is in the middle of the crypt under the floor; an inscription "+ MAVRVS EPC MCXVIII +" indicates the burial place and was made in 1938 after the completion of archaeological works which resulted in the discovery of this tomb. Moreover, the crypt hosts the tombs of six Polish kings and heroes: Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki (King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), Jan III Sobieski (King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Commander at the Battle of Vienna), Maria Kazimiera (Queen of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and consort to Jan III Sobieski), Józef Poniatowski (Prince of Poland and Marshal of France), Tadeusz Kościuszko (Polish general, revolutionary and a Brigadier General in the American Revolutionary War) and Władysław Sikorski (Prime Minister of the Polish Government in Exile and Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Armed Forces). The adjacent six crypts and corridors host the tombs of the other Polish kings, from Sigismund the Old to Augustus II the Strong, their families and several Polish heroes. In May 2015, the COST (European COoperation in Science and Technology) Action TU1208 "Civil engineering applications of Ground Penetrating Radar" organised and offered a Training School (TS) on the

  7. Fracturas orbitocigomáticas, valor de la clasificación de Knight y North en su terapéutica Orbitozygomatic fractures and the value of Knight and North´s classification.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oscar N. García-Roco Pérez


    Full Text Available Se realizó un estudio observacional descriptivo de 230 pacientes intervenidos quirúrgicamente por fracturas orbitocigomáticas en el Servicio de Cirugía Maxilofacial del Hospital Provincial Docente "Manuel Ascunce Domenech" de Camagüey, en el período de enero 1999 a diciembre 2003, con el propósito de describir el valor de la clasificación de Knight y North en la selección de variantes quirúrgicas terapéuticas de las fracturas orbitocigomáticas, a través de la experiencia del servicio. Se utilizó la clasificación de Knight y North para la selección de las variantes de tratamiento, determinándose las variables edad, sexo, clasificación, terapéutica quirúrgica, complicaciones y resultados posoperatorios. Se observó un predominio del sexo masculino con el 75,7 %, y dicha cirugía se realizó con mayor frecuencia entre los 25-34 años (34,3 %. La clase III de Knight y North fue la más frecuente (45,6 %, seguida por la II y IV, con el 31,6 y 10,1 %, respectivamente. Basados en esta clasificación y teniendo en cuenta el grado de inestabilidad posreducción esperado, se seleccionó adecuadamente la variante terapéutica a emplear en el 98,8 % de los casos. Se llega a la conclusión de que la incidencia de fracturas orbitocigomáticas es alta, y dentro de ellas, la clase III de Knight y North es la más frecuente. Se recomienda esta clasificación para su tratamiento, ya que permite seleccionar la variante de tratamiento más adecuada de acuerdo con el grado de inestabilidad posreducción esperado, lográndose resultados estéticos y funcionales adecuados con escasas complicaciones posoperatorias no inherentes a esta.A descriptive observational study of 250 patients, who were operated on from orbitozygomatic fractures at the Maxillofacial Surgery Service of “Manuel Ascunce Domenech” provincial teaching hospital in Camaguey from January 1999 to December 2003, was conducted . The objective was to describe the importance of Knight

  8. Raman analysis of complex pigment mixtures in 20th century metal knight shields of the Order of the Elephant. (United States)

    Lauridsen, Clara Bratt; Sanyova, Jana; Simonsen, Kim Pilkjær


    The pigment composition of six painted metal knight shields of the Order of the Elephant dating from the second half of the 20th century belonging to the Danish royal collection were studied using Raman microscopy. By focusing a 785 nm laser with a 50× objective on particles in paint cross sections, it was possible to identify the following 20 compounds: hematite, goethite, chrome red/orange, chrome yellow, zinc chrome yellow, carbon black, toluidine red PR3, chlorinated para red PR4, dinitroaniline orange PO5, phthalocyanine blue PB15, indanthrone blue PB60, ultramarine, Prussian blue, lead white, anatase, rutile, calcium carbonate, barium sulphate, gypsum and dolomite. The components were frequently present in complex pigment mixtures. Additional information was obtained by elemental analysis with scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (SEM-EDX) to identify cobalt blue, zinc white and cadmium red, as well as to indicate the presence of zinc white in some pigment mixtures. The study allowed a comparison between the industrially applied preparation layers and the artistic paint layers applied by the heraldic painter. Differences in the choice of paint and pigment types were observed on the earliest knight shields, demonstrating a general delay of industrial materials into artist paints. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. Analytical study of modern paint layers on metal knight shields: the use and effect of titanium white. (United States)

    Lauridsen, Clara Bratt; Sanyova, Jana; Simonsen, Kim Pilkjær


    Painted metal knight shields of the Order of the Elephant produced during the last part of the 20th century are characterized by a striking variety in their conservation state. Three different coat systems were identified and investigated by Fourier transform infrared microscopy (μ-FTIR), micro-Raman spectroscopy (MRS), scanning electron microscopy-Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (SEM-EDX) and Thermally assisted hydrolysis and methylation-gas chromatography-mass Spectrometry (THM-GC-MS). Chalking of the white paint layer on the first group of knight shields displayed in the window niches was found to be related to the use of titanium white of the anatase type. A pristine condition of the second group could be attributed to priming of the lead rich metal support with a zinc potassium chromate based primer and the use of mainly stable white pigments in the top coat. Severe delamination of the paint layer of the third group was caused by the formation of lead corrosion products between the paint layer and the metal support. The results are discussed in relation to the climatic conditions as well as the historical context of contemporary paint production and availability in Denmark. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  10. Accelerating 3D Elastic Wave Equations on Knights Landing based Intel Xeon Phi processors (United States)

    Sourouri, Mohammed; Birger Raknes, Espen


    In advanced imaging methods like reverse-time migration (RTM) and full waveform inversion (FWI) the elastic wave equation (EWE) is numerically solved many times to create the seismic image or the elastic parameter model update. Thus, it is essential to optimize the solution time for solving the EWE as this will have a major impact on the total computational cost in running RTM or FWI. From a computational point of view applications implementing EWEs are associated with two major challenges. The first challenge is the amount of memory-bound computations involved, while the second challenge is the execution of such computations over very large datasets. So far, multi-core processors have not been able to tackle these two challenges, which eventually led to the adoption of accelerators such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Compared to conventional CPUs, GPUs are densely populated with many floating-point units and fast memory, a type of architecture that has proven to map well to many scientific computations. Despite its architectural advantages, full-scale adoption of accelerators has yet to materialize. First, accelerators require a significant programming effort imposed by programming models such as CUDA or OpenCL. Second, accelerators come with a limited amount of memory, which also require explicit data transfers between the CPU and the accelerator over the slow PCI bus. The second generation of the Xeon Phi processor based on the Knights Landing (KNL) architecture, promises the computational capabilities of an accelerator but require the same programming effort as traditional multi-core processors. The high computational performance is realized through many integrated cores (number of cores and tiles and memory varies with the model) organized in tiles that are connected via a 2D mesh based interconnect. In contrary to accelerators, KNL is a self-hosted system, meaning explicit data transfers over the PCI bus are no longer required. However, like most

  11. W3C director Tim Berners-Lee to be Knighted by Queen Elizabeth web inventor recognized for contributions to internet development

    CERN Document Server


    "Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web and director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), will be made a Knight Commander, Order of the British Empire (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth" (1/2 page).

  12. Governor-General Leonard Wood’s neoliberal agenda of privatizing public assets stymied, 1921-1927

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vicente Angel S. Ybiernas


    Full Text Available After a serious fiscal and financial crisis erupted in 1920 to 1921 (in the wake of the termination of World War I, the new American Governor General to the Philippines, U.S. Army Major General Leonard Wood, promised in his inaugural address to privatize the country’s government-owned and controlled corporations such as the Philippine National Bank and the Manila Railroad Company, among others. Wood’s neoliberal agenda in the Philippines was opposed by Filipino politicians in the executive and legislative departments from the start. This key policy disagreement climaxed in the resignation en masse of Governor Wood’s Filipino cabinet and the members of the executive-legislative Council of State in 1923. The particulars of the Cabinet Crisis of 1923 —the so-called Conley Affair— however, obscured from plain sight the true gravity of the broader conflict (i.e., Filipino opposition to Wood’s agenda.Moreover, the general perception that Governor Wood’s asset privatization program was successfully blocked by the Cabinet Crisis of 1923 is inaccurate. In truth, Wood was stymied by adverse international and national market conditions from 1921 to 1923. A further delay occurred from 1924 to 1926 when Governor Wood endeavored to get the Council of State and the Filipino Legislature’s Board of Control (an oversight committee on board his neoliberal agenda; he failed to get the support of the Filipino leaders in this regard. When Wood finally decided in 1926 to take unilateral steps, he was tied up by litigation (locally and in the United States arising from his actions until his death from an unsuccessful brain surgery in 1927.

  13. Evaluating the networking characteristics of the Cray XC-40 Intel Knights Landing-based Cori supercomputer at NERSC

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Doerfler, Douglas [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Austin, Brian [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Cook, Brandon [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Deslippe, Jack [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Kandalla, Krishna [Cray Inc, Bloomington, MN (United States); Mendygral, Peter [Cray Inc, Bloomington, MN (United States)


    There are many potential issues associated with deploying the Intel Xeon Phi™ (code named Knights Landing [KNL]) manycore processor in a large-scale supercomputer. One in particular is the ability to fully utilize the high-speed communications network, given that the serial performance of a Xeon Phi TM core is a fraction of a Xeon®core. In this paper, we take a look at the trade-offs associated with allocating enough cores to fully utilize the Aries high-speed network versus cores dedicated to computation, e.g., the trade-off between MPI and OpenMP. In addition, we evaluate new features of Cray MPI in support of KNL, such as internode optimizations. We also evaluate one-sided programming models such as Unified Parallel C. We quantify the impact of the above trade-offs and features using a suite of National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center applications.

  14. Application of the Shiono and Knight Method in asymmetric compound channels with different side slopes of the internal wall (United States)

    Alawadi, Wisam; Al-Rekabi, Wisam S.; Al-Aboodi, Ali H.


    The Shiono and Knight Method (SKM) is widely used to predict the lateral distribution of depth-averaged velocity and boundary shear stress for flows in compound channels. Three calibrating coefficients need to be estimated for applying the SKM, namely eddy viscosity coefficient ( λ), friction factor ( f) and secondary flow coefficient ( k). There are several tested methods which can satisfactorily be used to estimate λ, f. However, the calibration of secondary flow coefficients k to account for secondary flow effects correctly is still problematic. In this paper, the calibration of secondary flow coefficients is established by employing two approaches to estimate correct values of k for simulating asymmetric compound channel with different side slopes of the internal wall. The first approach is based on Abril and Knight (2004) who suggest fixed values for main channel and floodplain regions. In the second approach, the equations developed by Devi and Khatua (2017) that relate the variation of the secondary flow coefficients with the relative depth ( β) and width ratio ( α) are used. The results indicate that the calibration method developed by Devi and Khatua (2017) is a better choice for calibrating the secondary flow coefficients than using the first approach which assumes a fixed value of k for different flow depths. The results also indicate that the boundary condition based on the shear force continuity can successfully be used for simulating rectangular compound channels, while the continuity of depth-averaged velocity and its gradient is accepted boundary condition in simulations of trapezoidal compound channels. However, the SKM performance for predicting the boundary shear stress over the shear layer region may not be improved by only imposing the suitable calibrated values of secondary flow coefficients. This is because difficulties of modelling the complex interaction that develops between the flows in the main channel and on the floodplain in this

  15. Physical education of the medieval knight La educación física del caballero medieval

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Buenaventura DELGADO


    Full Text Available The medieval knight was required to perform the same physical exercices and have the same capabilities as Spartan, Athenian and Roman soldiers. They had to be agile, strong, fast and able to use weapons on foot as on horseback. To be pysically fit was as important as knowing history as explained by tutors and sung by jugglers in moments of leisure during which they learnt of legends, nationals heroes and the paradigms that distinguish nations. All the heroes praised through generations provide models shaped the collective personality of entire peoples. San Isidoro de Sevilla, Ramón Llull, King Alfonso X the Wise and Don Juan Manuel were the principal writers to exalt the figure of the knight and his education. During the XII, XIII, XIV and XV centuries and including the Renaissance, there were exhibitions of physical games, during which knights sought fame and fortune: jousts, tournaments, staged games, games using canes and processions of arms called «pasos honrosos» were undertaken with popular enthusiasm in Western and central Europe in the Byzantine Empire and throughout the Moslem world.Los ejercicios y habilidades físicas exigidos al caballero medieval fueron semejantes a los que se pedían al militar espartano, ateniense y romano. Debían ser ágiles, fuertes, rápidos y diestros en el manejo de las armas a pie y a caballo. Tan importante como una buena forma física era conocer la Historia cantada por ayos y juglares en los momentos de ocio, a través de la cual se familiarizaban con las tradiciones, leyendas, héroes nacionales y los paradigmas que distinguían a un pueblo de otro. El abanico de héroes alabados y ensalzados de generación en generación eran otros tantos modelos destinados a troquelar la personalidad colectiva de cada pueblo. San Isidoro de Sevilla, Ramón Llull, el rey Alfonso X el Sabio y Don Juan Manuel son los principales escritores interesados en ensalzar la figura del caballero y su educación. En los siglos

  16. Hvem var Leonard?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Peder Kaj


    Bernhard Christensen er interessant i et musikalsk identitetsperspektiv, fordi han forener et virke som kirkemusiker med et virke som komponist af jazzpræget musik til revyer og film og som en banebrydende skikkelse inden for musikpædagogik på grundlag af „rytmisk musik“. Artiklen belyser, hvorda...

  17. $^{11}$B and $^{27}$Al NMR spin-lattice relaxation and Knight shift study of Mg$_{1-x}$Al$_x$B$_2$. Evidence for anisotropic Fermi surface


    Papavassiliou, G.; Pissas, M.; Karayanni, M.; Fardis, M.; Koutandos, S.; Prassides, K.


    We report a detailed study of $^{11}$B and $^{27}$Al NMR spin-lattice relaxation rates ($1/T_1$), as well as of $^{27}$Al Knight shift (K) of Mg$_{1-x}$Al$_x$B$_2$, $0\\leq x\\leq 1$. The obtained ($1/T_1T$) and K vs. x plots are in excellent agreement with ab initio calculations. This asserts experimentally the prediction that the Fermi surface is highly anisotropic, consisting mainly of hole-type 2-D cylindrical sheets from bonding $2p_{x,y}$ boron orbitals. It is also shown that the density ...

  18. New Times, New Heroes : Ambiguity, Socio-Political Issues and Post Modernism in Frank Miller's Graphic Novel The Dark Knight Returns


    Axelsson, Jan


    Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is one of the first graphic novels to redraw the map for this kind of literature but perhaps first and foremost for the characteristics of superheroes and villains. It is a story which we have read before in the sense that Batman, the eternal crime fighter, chases his arch enemies Two Face and the Joker, but it is also a new story in which we meet an ambiguous and complex superhero. Batman has become an old man tormented by his past, in which his side ki...

  19. America's First Carl Sagan: Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel, Pre-Civil War Astronomer and Lecturer on the Cosmos (United States)

    Osterbrock, D. E.


    In the years before television, videos, radio. movies, or even loudspeakers, Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel (1809-1862) was the best-known popularizer of astronomy and the scientific study of the universe in nineteenth-century America. Each winter he traveled the country by railroad, steamer, and stagecoach, speaking to large paying crowds in principal cities from Boston, New York, and Philadelphia through Cincinnati to New Orleans on the cosmos and our place in it, with special attention to possible inhabitants of planers orbiting other stars. Mitchel had much the same attraction as Sagan did in our time, and awakened many people's interest in astronomy through the human angle, as Carl did. His argument was simple, and according to Frank Triplett goes back thousands of years: other stars are suns, our sun has planets with people on one of them, why should not other stars also have populated planets? But first Mitchel, like Sagan, always explained clearly the discoveries of astronomy that fleshed out this argument with facts. He emphasized the ``clockwork universe", governed by gravity, that Newton, Herschel, and Laplace had investigated and found to be stable. There were many other similarities between these two great popularizers. Mitchel's base was the Cincinnati Observatory, which he had founded, raising the funds for it himself in small contributions from hundreds of ``members", which he publicised as far more democratic than support from European kings and lords. He went abroad to get a telescope, and finally found his ``Great [12-inch] Refractor" in Munich, with help from John Quincy Adams, Astronomer Royal George Biddle Airy, and Paris Observatory Director Fracois Arago, in spite of a rebuff by President John Tyler. These episodes have similarities in Sagan's lobbying NASA for close-up images of Mars. Views of other American professional astronomers on life on other worlds will also be described briefly, from Denison Olmsted, Elias Loomis, Charles A. Young (who

  20. The Soldier-Athlete Initiative: Program Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Athletic Trainers Compared to Musculoskeletal Action Teams in Initial Entry Training, Fort Leonard Wood, June 2010 - December 2011 (United States)


    P. Brukner. Risk factors for stress fractures. Sports Medicine. 28:91-122, 1999. 208. Sherwood , O.D. Relaxin’s physiological roles and other diverse...Church VA to evaluate the effectiveness of MATs and ATs using injury, attrition and fitness metrics. The project was reviewed by the AIPH Human in the Directorate of Human Resources, Trainee Student Processing Branch at Fort Leonard Wood. Attrition was defined as discharge from service

  1. Architects, Bandits and Knights

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Konstantin Lidin


    Full Text Available Some quotations: «A new disaster has been added to pollution of the unique lake–it is cottage development of the coast». «The trouble is that the projects are realized without even being seen by architectural society. Including the objects on the coast of Lake Baikal. We took Sergey Kiselev to see one of such objects, it was a halfcompleted building. Like other Moscow colleagues he admitted that it was an obviously conceited excess. In general almost every object recently built in Listvyanka represents a burst of excess… What is happening here with architecture and urban planning is absolutely inadmissible».«Current capital development at Lake Baikal visually pollutes the coast, bringing alien elements to the landscape and view (for example, the cottages of pseudorussian style and cabin cars».Acting as a client of architectural and design project Russian mafia has a number of individual characteristics.Firstly, an ordinary businessman is childishly confident that the architect's (or designer's work is a very interesting and fascinating stuff. He believes that this work gives lots of pleasure and entirely consists of creative discoveries and triumph.By the way already ancient Greeks considered creativity to be a sort of Eros. So the mafia client is eager to take part in such a pleasant thing. In spite of expressing his wishes clearly and giving the way to the professional, the client strives for being both a participant and a coauthor of the project. At best he is constantly bothering the architect with many pieces of advice and «valuable suggestions ». At worst the project, which is already finished, approved and even paid, is altered by the client during the process of its realization, while the author is not even informed about it. The building completed, the shocked architect sees a monster that has arisen from his project as a result of «the editing».Secondly, any typical Mafioso finds it very important to persistently exhibit his aggressiveness and readiness to start the struggle end even to die. The cult of physical strength and defiance of danger is one of fundamental principles of the mafia corporate culture. The client's drive to provoke a quarrel and to explain «who is the boss» makes the relations between the architect and the client very peculiar.Thirdly, a productive labour interdiction is another important feature of traditional mafia culture. This view is a variation of the famous «idle class» ethos brilliantly described by Veblen Thorstein in his classic work. The ethics of the members of the idle class, which is also called by Veblen a «predatory class», forbids them to work or to be involved in any productive labour. Instead it allows them to fight, to govern the state and to go in for sport. From the point of view of the predatory culture there are only two types of people. The first one includes warriors, fighters and bandits, they arouse «fair» emotions of anger and fury as rivals or companionsinarms on the field of battle. The second type is represented by bastards, brutes and plough cattle, they are worth nothing but contempt. Most citizens' opinion on the building is of no importance. Only what the respected people of the same type, that is mafia «good guys», say (or think about it is taken into account.The tendencies to erect such incongruous and ugly buildings on the coast of Lake Baikal can hardly be stopped easily and quickly. Those tendencies have very deep roots. They are based, though in a perverted and wry manner, on the old traditions of Siberian culture. So it is senseless to struggle, to forbid and to show anger and contempt towards an uncultured wilful client. As well as it is no good to have «what can I do for you?» attitude and to follow all the whims of the predatory class.

  2. Risk factors for the onset of eating disorders in adolescent girls: results of the McKnight longitudinal risk factor study. (United States)


    This study examined the importance of potential risk factors for eating disorder onset in a large multiethnic sample followed for up to 3 years, with assessment instruments validated for the target population and a structured clinical interview used to make diagnoses. Participants were 1,103 girls initially assessed in grades 6-9 in school districts in Arizona and California. Each year, students completed the McKnight Risk Factor Survey, had body height and weight measured, and underwent a structured clinical interview. The McKnight Risk Factor Survey, a self-report instrument developed for this age group, includes questions related to risk factors for eating disorders. During follow-up, 32 girls (2.9%) developed a partial- or full-syndrome eating disorder. At the Arizona site, there was a significant interaction between Hispanics and higher scores on a factor measuring thin body preoccupation and social pressure in predicting onset of eating disorders. An increase in negative life events also predicted onset of eating disorders in this sample. At the California site, only thin body preoccupation and social pressure predicted onset of eating disorders. A four-item screen derived from thin body preoccupation and social pressure had a sensitivity of 0.72, a specificity of 0.80, and an efficiency of 0.79. Thin body preoccupation and social pressure are important risk factors for the development of eating disorders in adolescents. Some Hispanic groups are at risk of developing eating disorders. Efforts to reduce peer, cultural, and other sources of thin body preoccupation may be necessary to prevent eating disorders.

  3. Motivations and Implications of Community Service Provision by La Familia Michoacána / Knights Templar and other Mexican Drug Cartels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shawn T. Flanigan


    Full Text Available Research demonstrates that service provision by violent organizations can be an effective strategy for coercing the local community to accept and conceal a group’s violent activities, and for creating loyalty to these groups. This has been most frequently explored among political organizations such as terrorist groups, with organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas very visibly engaged in providing social welfare in addition to their violent activities. Recent reports indicate that criminal organizations in Mexico also are involved in instances of public service provision in local communities. This article explores the extent to which drug cartels operating in Mexico are involved in public service provision to members of communities where they operate, and considers possible motivations and implications for public service provision by these criminal organizations, with specific attention to the organization La Familia Michoacána/ Knights Templar. The article also gives attention to the consequences to citizenship and government of service provision by violent nonstate actors, and the ways such service provision may disrupt the social contract between the citizen and the state.

  4. A Quantitative Ecological Risk Assessment of the Toxicological Risks from Exxon Valdez Subsurface Oil Residues to Sea Otters at Northern Knight Island, Prince William Sound, Alaska. (United States)

    Harwell, Mark A; Gentile, John H; Johnson, Charles B; Garshelis, David L; Parker, Keith R


    A comprehensive, quantitative risk assessment is presented of the toxicological risks from buried Exxon Valdez subsurface oil residues (SSOR) to a subpopulation of sea otters (Enhydra lutris) at Northern Knight Island (NKI) in Prince William Sound, Alaska, as it has been asserted that this subpopulation of sea otters may be experiencing adverse effects from the SSOR. The central questions in this study are: could the risk to NKI sea otters from exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in SSOR, as characterized in 2001-2003, result in individual health effects, and, if so, could that exposure cause subpopulation-level effects? We follow the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) risk paradigm by: (a) identifying potential routes of exposure to PAHs from SSOR; (b) developing a quantitative simulation model of exposures using the best available scientific information; (c) developing scenarios based on calculated probabilities of sea otter exposures to SSOR; (d) simulating exposures for 500,000 modeled sea otters and extracting the 99.9% quantile most highly exposed individuals; and (e) comparing projected exposures to chronic toxicity reference values. Results indicate that, even under conservative assumptions in the model, maximum-exposed sea otters would not receive a dose of PAHs sufficient to cause any health effects; consequently, no plausible toxicological risk exists from SSOR to the sea otter subpopulation at NKI.

  5. Merchants in Florence, Knights under the rule of the kings of Aragon. The Tecchini-Taquí between the 14th and the 15th century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Soldani, Maria Elisa


    Full Text Available The path of the Tecchinis is a relevant example of a Florentine family’s naturalization in the Catalan-Aragonese kingdoms. In contrast to many of their conationals, the record of Tecchini-Taquí is characterized by their long presence and by establishing a unique integration process, which involved a transgression of social rank from merchants to knights in less then a century. The key to their achievements was double identity and the coexistence of the Tuscan merchant’s typical skills with the involvements of the great mercantile Catalan families. As a result they could cover the role of intermediates between Florentine companies and the local world. The members of this family also made use of a direct and privileged relation with the Crown, established due to the professional services they offered to the monarchs.

    La traiettoria dei Tecchini costituisce un esempio significativo di naturalizzazione di una famiglia fiorentina in ambito catalano-aragonese. I Tecchini- Taquí, al contrario di molti dei loro connazionali, furono caratterizzati da una presenza di lunga durata e dall’avviarsi di un processo d’integrazione che avrebbe comportato, in meno di un secolo, anche un passaggio di status da mercanti a cavalieri. La chiave del loro successo fu la doppia appartenenza, il coesistere delle caratteristiche tipiche del mercante toscano con gli interessi delle grandi famiglie mercantili catalano-aragonesi, che gli consentì di ricoprire il ruolo di mediatori tra compagnie fiorentine e mondo locale. Gli esponenti di questa famiglia si avvalsero anche di un rapporto diretto e privilegiato con la Corona, stretto grazie ai servizi di natura professionale offerti ai monarchi.

  6. Animazione di un’armatura. Il cavaliere inesistente di Italo Calvino e Pino Zac Animation of Armor. The Nonexistent Knight by Italo Calvino and Pino Zac

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pier Paolo Argiolas


    Full Text Available Pino Zac, eclettico regista e disegnatore, è autore dell’omonimo adattamento cinematografico del romanzo parodico medievale Il cavaliere inesistente di Italo Calvino, realizzato dal regista con tecnica mista – attori e disegni animati. Il valore intrinseco dei testi in esame permette un’analisi comparativa che coinvolga al contempo la specifica grammatica del medium adoperato e fondamentali questioni interpretative, evitando il rischio di ridurre il confronto alla misurazione meccanica di differenze e invarianti nel passaggio da un codice all’altro. La traduzione intersemiotica tra sistema letterario e sistema filmico pone l’autore dinanzi a scelte di natura formale, etica ed estetica che oscillano tra il rispetto del codice genetico del testo-fonte e la coerenza del proprio processo riscrittorio; questo andamento bidirezionale permette nei casi migliori, come questo, di penetrare ancora più in profondità i lati più in ombra del testo originale, attraverso una nuova versione del medesimo dotata di indubbio valore critico.Pino Zac, eclectic director and designer, is the author of the eponymous film adaptation of the novel parodic medieval The Nonexistent Knight by Italo Calvino, made ​​by the director with mixed media - actors and cartoons. The intrinsic value of these texts allows a comparative analysis involving at the same time the specific grammar of the medium used and fundamental questions of interpretation, avoiding the risk of reducing the comparison to the measurement of mechanical differences and invariant in the transition from one code to another. Intersemiotic translation system between literary and filmic system places the author in front of choices of a formal nature, ethics and aesthetics ranging from compliance with the genetic code of the source text and the cohesion of its rewriting process, this allows two way in cases best, like this, to penetrate more deeply into the sides in the shade of the original text

  7. Review of Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: What You Really Need to Know about the Numbers by Karen Berman and Joe Knight, with John Case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H.L. Vacher


    Full Text Available Berman, Karen and Knight, Joe, with John Case. Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: What You Really Need to Know about the Numbers, (Boston MA: Harvard Business Press, 2008. 285 pp. ISBN 978-1-4221-1915-0. From “The art of finance (and why it matters” (Part One through “Creating a financially intelligent company” (Part Eight, Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs is an engaging explanation and appreciation of financial statements and financial ratios. Short, easily digested chapters; just-in-time boxes to introduce terminology; easy, direct, in-text calculations from bare-bones, hypothetical financial statements to illustrate concepts; a 44-page appendix of crafted exercises on the income statement, balance sheet, cash-flow statement, and financial ratios from two public companies for deeper understanding; a detailed 19-page index for quick, after-you’ve-read-it navigation – all make for an efficient learning opportunity for readers who want a painless way to know about the numbers used in the world of business. Two quantitative literacy principles emerge as themes. The first is the “art of finance” (social construction: that is, the numbers are not totally objective; to varying extents, they reflect decisions, assumptions, and estimates in the accounting. The second is that ratios provide a window into the story that financial statements are able to tell. Written for entrepreneurs and company owners, the book ends with OBM (open-book management—a management philosophy based on financial literacy. The vision of this book is businesses in which all employees are financially literate and managers and owners are financially intelligent.

  8. “If both my sons were on the gallows, i would sing": oppression of children in Beaumont‘s the knight of the burning pestle.” “If both my sons were on the gallows, i would sing": oppression of children in Beaumont‘s the knight of the burning pestle.”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Linda Andreson


    Full Text Available Critics have described various objects of satire in Francis Beaumont‘s The Knight of the Burning Pestle, cluding “boorish behaviour and the demand that the playhouse serve private preference”(with a “class bias”against the citizens, George and Nell; “chivalric romance;” “citizen success-stories;” “misunderstandings about art;” the “gallants”of the period; prodigal plays; and “a mercenary society.” Much less attention has been paid to another possible object of Beaumont‘s satire: the oppression of children and young adults by their elders, particulary their own parents. This oppression takes various forms throughout the play, including economic oppression, both bribery and deprivation of money. Although Philip J. Finkelpearl notes that “George‘s threats are the kind a burly would use on a helpless child” (25, it does not seem to have been noted that children are the object of most of the threats of violence, as well as actual violence, in the play. Critics have described various objects of satire in Francis Beaumont‘s The Knight of the Burning Pestle, cluding “boorish behaviour and the demand that the playhouse serve private preference”(with a “class bias”against the citizens, George and Nell; “chivalric romance;” “citizen success-stories;” “misunderstandings about art;” the “gallants”of the period; prodigal plays; and “a mercenary society.” Much less attention has been paid to another possible object of Beaumont‘s satire: the oppression of children and young adults by their elders, particulary their own parents. This oppression takes various forms throughout the play, including economic oppression, both bribery and deprivation of money. Although Philip J. Finkelpearl notes that “George‘s threats are the kind a burly would use on a helpless child” (25, it does not seem to have been noted that children are the object of most of the threats of violence, as well as

  9. Nodulação e fixação biológica de nitrogênio de Adesmia latifolia e Lotus corniculatus em vasos de Leonard Nodulation and biological nitrogen fixation of Adesmia latifolia and Lotus corniculatus in Leonard jars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simone Meredith Scheffer-Basso


    Full Text Available Adesmia latifolia, que é uma leguminosa forrageira nativa do Sul do Brasil, destaca-se pelo seu hábito de crescimento estolonífero e por produzir forragem durante a estação fria. O Lotus corniculatus (cornichão é uma forrageira comercialmente utilizada na formação de pastagens hibernais em regiões subtropicais e temperadas. Para ambas as espécies, no entanto, são limitados os trabalhos científicos relacionados ao padrão de nodulação e à fixação biológica de nitrogênio (FBN. Este trabalho foi desenvolvido com o objetivo de analisar tais processos nessas espécies, bem como comparar o seu desenvolvimento morfológico sob diferentes fontes de N: N-mineral (nitrato de amônio 5%, N-simbiótico (inoculação e na ausência dessas fontes (testemunha. O ensaio foi conduzido em casa de vegetação, utilizando-se vasos de Leonard com solução nutritiva; o substrato constou de uma mistura de areia + vermiculita + carvão. O delineamento foi completamente casualizado, com quatro repetições. Ao final de 65 dias, as plantas foram colhidas e avaliadas quanto ao comprimento e volume de raízes, número e peso de nódulos, acúmulo de MS e FBN. A. latifolia destacou-se pelo maior número de nódulos (126/vaso e peso total de nódulos (82,22 mg MS/vaso em relação ao cornichão, com 82 nódulos/vaso e 20,25 mg MS/vaso. A FBN foi mais efetiva em A. latifolia, cujas plantas inoculadas produziram, em média, 37% de MS em relação às plantas supridas com N-mineral; no cornichão esse percentual foi de apenas 15%. A quantidade de N fixado simbioticamente foi de 43,12 mg/vaso em Adesmia e de 9,92 mg N/vaso em cornichão.Adesmia latifolia is a forage legume native from Southern Brazil which is outstanding due to stoloniferous growth habit and for forage production during the cool season. The Lotus corniculatus (birdsfoot trefoil is a forage usually utilized as cool season species in subtropical and temperate regions. For both species, however

  10. Knighted by the Apostle Himself

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rodríguez Porto, Rosa María


    for the young monarch—he had come to the throne in 1325—, that of being dubbed without remaining bound to his padrino by feudal homage. All the political implications of this ingenious response to the problem posed by the disputed legitimacy of the sovereign—still haunted by the dynastic conflict arisen after...

  11. Knighted by the Apostle Himself

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rodríguez Porto, Rosa María


    the death of King Alfonso the Learned in 1284—have been masterfully analysed by Peter Linehan. However, his influential scrutiny of the ‘mechanichs of monarchy’ has left aside other aspects of this extraordinary mise en scene that deserve a closer look. Therefore, this paper aims at re-examining the role...... played by the image of St. James—already preserved—not only against the backdrop of political theology and Iberian notions of Kingship, but also in an attempt to define the experience of the audience. Besides, bearing in mind that clerical intervention was reduced to the benediction of the arms...

  12. Hydrologic Analysis of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    urinals, and landscape irrigation controls. The prerinse spray valve specification is in the public review stage with release anticipated during... irrigation . To achieve a net zero water installation, efforts begin with conservation followed by efficiency in use and improved integrity of...could not counteract the withdrawals for irrigation (Rosenberg et al. 1999). Eventually, this source will no longer be viable if current pumping

  13. 1414-IJBCS-Article-Afouda Leonard

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    the soil and other uncontrolled, adverse environmental conditions (Broadabent et al.,. 1977). The high efficiency of B. subtilis A11 in the control of M. phaseolina, with an overall low disease incidence of 6% and low inoculum level detectable in the plants by. ELISA (E405 = 0.24) may be associated not only to antibiotic ...

  14. 884-IJBCS-Article-Leonard E Ahoton

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    hautement significative (seuil 0,1%) en ce qui concerne le diamètre au collet, la largeur et la longueur des feuilles. Les caractères agromorphologiques évalués ont permis d'identifier parmi les provenances cultivées, les écotypes pouvant rentrer dans un programme d'amélioration et de sélection variétale en vue de mettre ...

  15. Mark Leonard : Venemaal on kinnisidee kontrollida ümbruskonda / Mark Leonard ; interv. Liisa Past

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Leonard, Mark


    Euroopa välissuhete nõukogu juht vastab küsimustele, kas praeguse Euroopa konfliktid ja vastuolud ei õõnesta tema võimalust olla maailmas oluline jõud, kas Venemaast saab kunagi EL-i liige ja mille poolest ta Euroopast erineb, kas Hiina hakkab ka poliitikas silma paistmiseks jõudu koguma, milline on Hiina ja Venemaa tegelik eesmärk, miks on Hiina inimõiguste küsimus Euroopa aruteludest kadunud

  16. Are Project Developers Knights and Researchers Queens?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vinstrup, Anya Bjørn


    How do project developers at universities view their customers – the researchers, and how do they see themselves as a profession? Does this view influence their motivation and what challenges does it impose? Taking elements of theory from Public Service Motivation (PSM) and linking it with a small...... empirically based survey among the project developers at a centrally located office at a university in Denmark – these questions are sought to be answered. The focal point being the motivation of the project developer, with special emphasis on their user perception, and the practical implications it has...

  17. Fort Leonard Wood Culvert and Flagpole: Historic American Engineering Record (United States)


    design contained 20 barracks, four latrines, four mess halls, one canteen , one administration barracks, one recreation room, one theater, one...remain the same. The cantonment continues to grow as the Army Chemical and Military Police Schools were relocated to FLW in 1999-2000...Original Use: Army Engineer Training Center Present Use: US Army Engineer School (USAES), US Army Chemical School (USACS), US Army Military Police

  18. Fort Leonard Wood Cantonment Landscape Context, Inventory, and Management (United States)


    77 Figure 46. Judo demonstration on parade ground by 6th Armored Division, FLW...52 Land Management Plan, 1968, 22. ERDC/CERL SR-07-21 80 Figure 46. Judo demonstration on parade ground by 6th Armored Division, FLW, April

  19. 537-IJBCS-Article-Pr Leonard Simon Tinkeu Ngamo

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    de Tephritidae qui ont émergé des mangues mûres ramassées sous les arbres appartiennent à deux espèces. B. invadens (98,5%) et ... Mots clés: Mouches des fruits, Mangifera indica, Bactrocera invadens, Dacus punctatifrons, Cameroun,. Adamaoua, dynamique ... diversifié leur production de cultures non traditionnelles ...

  20. Initial Integrated Strategic Sustainability Plan for Fort Leonard Wood (United States)


    78 Figure 23. SWOT analysis for Workforce: Management ...statements Analysis of information in the SWOT matrices yielded recurring themes. These themes validated strategic challenges for the organization...Workforce: Management . ERDC/CERL SR-12-7 79 Figure 24. SWOT analysis for Workforce: Information/Communication. Figure 25. SWOT analysis for Workforce

  1. Kuidas käituda Venemaaga / Mark Leonard, Nicu Popescu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Leonard, Mark


    Autorid annavad ülevaate Euroopa Välispoliitika Nõukogu avaldatud auditist EL-i ja Venemaa suhete kohta. Nende väitel vajab EL hädasti uut poliitikat uue Venemaaga suheldes. Nõukogu uuest viieosalisest strateegiast

  2. Fort Leonard Wood Cantonment Landscape Context, Inventory, and Management

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Tooker, Megan W; Stone, Sunny; Smith, Adam


    .... The layout of the cantonment in response to the rolling hills and terrain of the Ozarks Highlands has quite an impact on the scenic views, the curvilinear roadways and the park-like open space on the parade ground...

  3. Black Swan Event Assessment for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    yearly in that region but most of them are not felt by humans, ac- cording to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Three earth - quakes have...Pulaski ERDC/CERL SR-16-1 7 3 Extreme Temperatures 3.1 Potential events Extreme temperatures including the frequency , length, and intensity measured using the Richter scale, moment magnitude scale, or the Mercalli scale. Table 7 details the destruc- tion levels and frequency of an

  4. Fort Leonard Wood German POW Stonework: Maintenance and Repair (United States)


    ratio of 1 part lime putty to 3 parts sand by volume. Often other ingredients, such as crushed  marine  shells (another source of lime), brick dust, clay...abrasive blasting would destroy the original surface finish of most of these metals, and would increase the possibility of  corrosion . However, conservation...protect the surface from  corrosion , but they must be renewed every 3 to 5 years. A similarly delicate cleaning technique employing glass beads has been

  5. Architectural Survey of Pence Elementary School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    two primary tasks: (1) the initial literature re- view, and (2) the identification and location of primary research materials. Literature review...The research team used an existing architectural survey for a general un- derstanding of the history of FLW. Secondary literature determined the...of class- rooms with an applied Gothic , Greek Revival, or Victorian facade to create a cohesive building (Figure 5). ERDC/CERL TR-11-25 8

  6. 536-IJBCS-Article- Leonard Simon Tinkeu Ngamo

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    predation is made up of 4 main steps: capture and subduing, suction, removal of mandibles and abandonment of remains of the prey. ... isolated and described. Study of the predation. Presentation of the prey used and of the rearing facilities. The prey used in this study was the ant. Myrmicaria opaciventris. EMERY.

  7. Architectural Survey of Pershing Elementary School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    7 Post World War II schools...n.d.). ................... 16 Figure 16. Disney School plan (Tanner 2006, 16...17 Figure 17. Disney School open classroom (Tanner 2006, 17). .............................................................. 17 Figure

  8. Demonstration of Combined Food and Landscape Waste Composting at Fort Leonard Wood, MO: Fort Leonard Wood Installation Strategic Sustainable Plan (United States)


    unsalable items (bruised fruit) to expired or spoiled items, to food scraps from a variety of venues (home, restaurant, hospital, cafeteria , and specialized equipment to minimize problems associated the diversion and collection of food residuals at their source (home, cafeteria ...anticipated waste volume. Equipment requirements for windrow composting are mini- mal and should include a shredder/chipper/grinder, industrial screens

  9. Knight's move thinking? Mild cognitive impairment in a chess player. (United States)

    Archer, H A; Schott, J M; Barnes, J; Fox, N C; Holton, J L; Revesz, T; Cipolotti, L; Rossor, M N


    We report the case of a chess player with superior premorbid cognitive function who presented to the Cognitive Disorders clinic at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery with a 2-year history of symptoms of possible memory loss. Initially the MRI scan appearance was within normal limits and his cognitive scores inside the normal range; subsequently his cognitive function deteriorated and he fulfilled criteria for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) two years later. Unexpectedly he died of an unrelated illness seven months later and post mortem examination of the brain was carried out, revealing advanced Alzheimer's disease (CERAD definite and NIA-Regan Institute high likelihood). This case highlights the difficulties encountered in assessing patients with superior premorbid function in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, and reveals the value of serial MRI and neuropsychological assessment in detecting and monitoring early neurodegenerative disease.

  10. The Knight of Faith: Ethics in Special Needs Education (United States)

    Steinnes, Jenny


    This article attempts to contribute to the understanding of the particularly important and inescapable role that ethics must play in the context of special needs education. Perspectives from Kierkegaard and Derrida are presented and used in order to explore the complexity of the context and to show the importance and responsibility of the agency…

  11. Knight at the Museum: Learning History with Museums (United States)

    Marcus, Alan S.; Levine, Thomas H.


    This article presents an approach that teachers can use to strengthen students' ability to make sense of the past at museums. Specifically, we propose a photography exercise to help students to learn from museums and to view museums critically, weighing both the objective realities and subjective interpretations offered by museums. To get the most…

  12. The Injustice of Discrimination1 | Knight | South African Journal of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Discrimination might be considered unjust on account of the comparative disadvantage it imposes, the absolute advantage it imposes, the disrespect it shows, or the prejudice it shows. This article argues that each of these accounts overlooks some cases of unjust discrimination. In response to this state of affairs we might ...

  13. Black Rhino Translocations within Africa | Knight | Africa Insight

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The responsibility for the conservation of the critically endangered Black Rhinoceros, Diceros bicornis, lies within Africa. This species is managed at the subspecies level and we document nine international translocation case studies involving South Africa since 1962 aimed at re-establishing or boosting populations ...

  14. Distributive Luck | Knight | South African Journal of Philosophy

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A major rival, Dworkin's version of brute luck egalitarianism, aims to be continuous with ordinary ethics, and so is (a) sensitive to non-philosophical beliefs about free will and responsibility, and (b) allows inequalities to arise on the basis of option luck. But Dworkin does not present convincing reasons in support of continuity, ...

  15. Fungitoxidade in vitro de extratos vegetais sobre Exserohilum turcicum (Pass Leonard & Suggs In vitro fungitoxicity of plant extracts on Exserohilum turcicum (Pass Leonard & Suggs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C.R Scapin


    Full Text Available A helmintosporiose, causada pelo fungo Exserohilum turcicum, é uma das principais doenças do milho-pipoca cultivado no Brasil. Devido às características da cultura, como porte da planta, extensão da área de plantio e rentabilidade econômica, o emprego de resistência genética e controle químico têm sido as principais formas de controle da doença. O emprego de agrotóxicos na agricultura tem levado riscos à saúde humana e freqüentes danos ao meio ambiente. Assim, na busca de métodos alternativos para o controle da helmintosporiose foi avaliado o efeito fungitóxico dos extratos vegetais das plantas Achillea milefollium (mil-folhas, Cymbopogon citratus (capim-limão, Artemisia camphorata (cânfora e Rosmarinus officinalis (alecrim no crescimento micelial de E. turcicum, em dois meios de cultura (BDA - batata-dextrose-ágar; e LCH - lactose caseína hidrolisada. Os extratos de alecrim e cânfora foram os que apresentaram maior inibição do crescimento micelial nos dois meios de cultura, enquanto que os extratos de mil-folhas e capim limão estimularam o crescimento micelial em meio LCH.Helminthosporiose is caused by the fungus Exserohilum turcicum and represents one of the main diseases in popcorn grown in Brazil. Due to its characteristics, such as plant size, planting area extension and economic profitability, the use of genetic resistance and chemical control has constituted the main procedure against such disease. The use of pesticides in agriculture has resulted in risks to the human health and frequent damages to the environment. Thus, the fungitoxic effect of plant extracts of Achillea millefolium (yarrow, Cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass, Artemisia camphorata (camphor and Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary on the mycelial growth of E. turcicum was evaluated by using two culture media (PDA - potato dextrose agar, and LCH - lactose-casein hydrolysate in order to set alternative methods for controlling helminthosporiose. Rosemary and camphor extracts led to higher mycelial growth inhibition in both culture media, whereas yarrow and lemon grass extracts stimulated mycelial growth in LCH medium.

  16. A Study to Determine the Feasibility of Establishing a Same-Day Surgery Program at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    ancient Egypt (Schneck 1S98, 2q8). Prior to the advent of M IZ,z general anesthesia and modern hospital construction, most m patients with financial means...PROCEDURE 1 7 378 ECTOPIC PREGNANCY 3 7 z 379 THREATENED ABORTION 1 6 rn 380 ABORTION W/O D&C 1 4 v 381 ABORTION WITH D&C ASPIRATION CURETTAGE, OR...MALIGNANCY AGE ា W/O CC 1 360 VAGINA, CERVIX & VULVA PROCEDURES 2 361 LAPAROSCOPY & INCISIONAL TUBAL INTERRUPTION 48 378 ECTOPIC PREGNANCY 4 379

  17. Fort Leonard Wood - Building 2101: Interior Character-Defining Features, Inventory and Assessment (United States)


    18 Figure 17. Non-original dropped ceiling in the shower room in the southeast shower room (originally an officers... shower in southeast room which was originally an officers’ toilet during WWII (ERDC-CERL, 2013...Non-original kitchen with cabinets, sink , and shelf in the northwest portion of the building (ERDC-CERL, 2013

  18. Population genetics of Guibourtia chodatiana (Hassl.) J. Leonard, in a dry Chiquitano forest of Bolivia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ojeda, Manuel; Kjær, Erik Dahl; Philipp, Marianne


    Selective logging is a widely extended forestry practice that affects tree populations by changing their spatial structure. As most tropical timber tree species are animal-pollinated, selective logging increase the average distance between conspecific trees and hereby affect the guild of pollinat...

  19. Fiscal Year 2013 Net Zero Energy-Water-Waste Portfolio for Fort Leonard Wood (United States)


    visits with an even mix of women to men using the facilities. Federal water use indices suggest every visitor to a recreational pool is likely to use...program/waterefficiency_useindices.html ‡ Adding 70% active duty male demographic and 10% active duty female demographic § Assuming women demographics...foods (e.g. leftover bread can become croutons, sour milk can become cottage cheese, etc.) • Ensure proper storage techniques to reduce spoilage

  20. Adaptation Strategies for Training Lands and Ranges at Fort Leonard Wood, MO (United States)


    4 3-1 Timothy, a C3 cool-season grass that tolerates hot, dry conditions, is useful for planting ...soils (Turner et al. 1994, Giusquiani et al. 1995), thereby supporting more desir- able plant communities that are tolerant of training disturbances...Applica- tion rates beyond 80 to 100 tons per acre should be split and should al- ways be planned based on a soil and compost nutrient and heavy metal

  1. Application of TREECS to Small Arms Firing Ranges at Fort Leonard Wood, MO (United States)


    precipitation, rainfall, runoff, infiltration, air temperature, annual number of days with rain, and evapotranspiration ). Thus, it is not necessary that...fragments. These two inputs are discussed further below. The sorption partitioning coefficient of soluble lead (Pb2+) to soil can also be highly variable...per day most metals do not decay Partitioning distribution coefficient for adsorption of lead to water column TSS 500,000 L/kg based on help file in

  2. Effects of Sleep on Training Effectiveness in Soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (United States)


    M16/ M4 series rifle and 40 rounds of ammunition and presented with 40 timed target exposures at ranges from 50 to 300 meters. Twenty targets are...Lagerquist, O., Ley, A. L., & Collins, D. F. (2009). Chronotype influences diurnal variations in the excitability of the human motor cortex and the ability

  3. Prioritizing Historical Archaeological Sites at Fort Leonard Wood, Pulaski County, Missouri (United States)


    A representative sampling of the material present on the surface was collected. This included two pieces of milk glass lid liners from glass...vermifuges, and expectorants (Fike 1987). The white milk glass, lid -liner fragments in Figure 17 are from Mason jar lids . Such lid liners milk glass canning jar lid liner embossed with ‘CAP’” lying on the surface (Kreisa et al. 1996). ERDC/CERL TR-12-6 50 Figure 19. PSAP map

  4. Paroles édifiantes: les Éloges d’Antoine-Leonard Thomas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olivier Ferret


    Full Text Available Treating the eulogies written by Thomas between 1759 and 1770, we show how the use of reported speech of the persons being eulogised is part of a memorial ceremony that brings the character to life. This theatrical process helps to blur the generic status of these texts, which are halfway between historical narration and rhetorical speech. The use of reported speech may be understood less as a means of individualising the person in question, however, than of promoting him as an exemplum embodying virtues in action. These virtues derive from Aristotle’s analysis of the aims and values of epideictic rhetoric, but the rhetorical design of Thomas’ eulogies shapes an underlying ideological discourse designed to make a pragmatic impact on the reader: transforming the genre from an academic exercise of scholarship into an engaged discourse, Thomas clearly sides with French ‘philosophes’, and his eulogies confirm the evolution of the genre described by Jean-Claude Bonnet: their purpose is at one to celebrate the past, to satirise the present and, perhaps, to influence the future.

  5. July 16th, 2013 Dr. Leonard EG Mboera, Tanzania Journal of Health ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Jul 16, 2013 ... Accidents: Morbidity and Associated Factors in a city of Northeast of Brazil” for review by the. Editorial Board of the Tanzania Journal of Health Research. ... Tanzania Journal of Health Research in the event that such work is published. The undersigned authors declare that they have no proprietary, financial ...

  6. Fort Leonard Wood Lake of the Ozarks Recreation Area, NRHP Section 110 Inventory and Evaluation (United States)


    102 Figure 131. Newer playground area located near the swimming area, with newer bath house to the left of the photo (ERDC-CERL...Evaluation, must be significantly associated with an important historic context, and must retain sufficient integrity to convey its significance. 1.3...bath house is located to the north. ERDC/CERL TR-16-7 103 Figure 131. Newer playground area located near the swimming area, with newer bath house

  7. An Effective Outpatient Appointment System for General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital (United States)


    Programming Schedules Hooten GMP 19 Purpose of the Study W. Edwards Deming , a noted industrialist and proponent of Total Quality Management (Walton... Willian . (1987, Suamer). Effects of problem based scheduling on patient waiting and staff utilization of time in a pediatric clinic. Journal of Aplied...satisfaction. The Journal of Family_ Practice. 24 (2), 200-202. Walton, Mary (1986). The Deming _alnaggeent method. New York. The Putnam Publishing Group. 94

  8. Kithuri e. Kinoti, leonard A. Jason, & gary W. harper DePaul ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    survey measuring possible psychosocial determinants of alcohol, khat and bhang (i.e., marijuana) ... The implications of these findings are ... 108 are from hospital and school settings. For ex- ample, Ndetei (1984) found that among first time admissions of patients aged 18-65 in Ke- nyatta national hospital, only two of 83 par ...

  9. Effects of Sleep on Training Effectiveness in Soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood (United States)


    sitting and reading, watching TV , as a passenger in a car for an hour, etc. Ratings above 10 out of a possible 24 are cause for concern with respect... Obese 10 (18.9) 4 (9.8) Caffeine Consume caffeinated beverages, no. (%) 35 (66.0) 20 (48.8) 0.092C Caffeine use (mg·d-1), median (IQR) 164...The spike at 3 hours in both histograms was believed to be attributable to recruits performing night watch duties. The median total sleep

  10. The Education of Knights during the Middle Ages. West versus Byzantium

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silviu Petre


    Full Text Available As Jürgen Habermas suggested, „the spirit and discipline of aesthetic modernity,“ which defined „various avant-garde movements... finally reached its climax in the Cabaret Voltaire of the dadaists and in surrealism.“ The surrealists’ documents, declarations, actions, and manifestoes of the 1920s and 1930s point out to the apparently tireless crusade against public misinterpretations of their intent. On the other hand, there is little doubt that a political situation can exercise a given influence on avant-garde art in particular. While using primary and secondary sources, I look into the case of Gellu Naum just to illustrate the tensions between art and politics in the interwar Romania.

  11. The Identity, Rights and Challenges of Catholic Knights in the Church.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    . Knighthood is of ancient origin. It is always a reward for both civil and military services. It is within the context of recognition for distinguished services and as a means of rewarding loyalty rendered that the Catholic Church considered it ...

  12. H09512: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Montague Island to Knight Island, Alaska, 1975-05-31 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  13. Was it less painful for knights? Influence of appearance on pain perception. (United States)

    Weeth, A; Mühlberger, A; Shiban, Y


    Pain perception is a subjective experience shaped by different factors. In this study, we investigated the influence of a visually manipulated appearance of a virtual arm on pain perception. Specifically, we investigated how pain perception and vegetative skin responses were modified by inducing a virtual protection on the right arm by a virtual armour. Participants (n = 32) immersed in virtual reality embodied a virtual arm, which appeared in three different versions (uncovered, neutral or protected). During the virtual reality simulation, the participants received electrical stimulations of varying intensities. Skin conductance level (SCL) was analysed for the phase anticipation (from the moment the arm appeared until the electric stimulation) and perception of pain (after the electric stimulation). Pain ratings were acquired after the painful stimuli occurred. The sense of embodiment was positive for the unprotected and neutral condition and lower for the protected than for the neutral arm. Pain ratings were significantly decreased in the protected arm condition compared with both the unprotected arm and the neutral arm conditions. The SCL measurements showed no significant differences for the three arm types. According to the pain ratings, participants felt significantly less pain in the covered arm condition compared with the unprotected and the neutral arm condition. Subjective pain perception was decreased by a virtual protection of the arm in VR. The simplicity of the manipulation suggests possible practical uses in pain therapy by strengthening the patients' own capacities to influence their pain using simple cognitive manipulations via virtual reality. A virtual, covered arm causes differences in reported pain ratings. Physiological measurements do not confirm the findings. Visual information about body protection can have an impact on pain perception. © 2017 European Pain Federation - EFIC®.

  14. Gentle Knights: Masculinity, Teetotalism and Aid for Alcohol Abuse c. 1900

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gemma Blok


    Full Text Available Since 1830 there have been Dutch organisations that were concerned with fighting alcohol abuse. The Drink Law of 1881, the result of their lobby, limited the sale of drink and made the punishment of public drunkenness obligatory. Around 1900 there was renewed fervour in the Dutch Temperance Movement: teetotallers came to dominate the movement and created a system for the care of drunkards. This change from a repressive approach to a focus on treatment was accompanied by two differing variants on ‘chivalrous’ masculinity. Nineteenth century campaigners put their idea of masculinity – controlled, militant, protective of women and children – in the service of state politics. The chivalry of the teetotallers was more personal. They showed their solidarity with problematic drinkers by completely abstaining from alcohol and attempted to save drunkards by setting a good example. The battle against King Alcohol became a fight, man to man, in civil society.

  15. The Dark Knight Rises: In "42" Jackie Robinson Saves the American Dream (United States)

    Beck, Bernard


    The movie "42" shows memorable events that have faded from our view in recent years. The events are important to the evolution of a multicultural society in America because of the importance of baseball to the common national culture that all the American people have created. Jackie Robinson's significance as a cultural hero is…

  16. Gentle knights: masculinity, teetotalism and aid for alcohol abuse c. 1900

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Blok, G.


    Since 1830 there have been Dutch organisations that were concerned with fighting alcohol abuse. The Drink Law of 1881, the result of their lobby, limited the sale of drink and made the punishment of public drunkenness obligatory. Around 1900 there was renewed fervour in the Dutch Temperance

  17. The impact of POS materials on sales: LEGO Nexo Knights 2016 campaign in toy specialist stores


    Kinštová, Veronika


    In today's highly competitive and cluttered marketing environment it becomes increasingly harder for brands to differentiate themselves form others. This is especially pronounced in the retail space. Shopper marketing is a discipline that focuses on shoppers and their needs to create a unique shopping experience and thereby increase in-store communication effectiveness. Keeping in mind the challenges of marketing to children, LEGO aims to communicate to its shoppers as well as consumers throu...

  18. Learning with Don Quixote for Children: the Presence of the Knight in Interactive Classrooms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miriam Borham Puyal


    Full Text Available As a masterpiece, Don Quixote has become an iconic figure, owing to well-known episodes such as the tilting at windmills, which young readers already discover in editions of this classic for children. The present article provides an overview and assessment of the ways in which Spanish children have access to the text in an increasingly technological learning environment and how ICTs play a very important role in the ongoing popularity of Cervantes’ novel in the 21st century, as well as in the development of a form of education that goes beyond mere literacy by means of the approach to this text.

  19. Famous head injuries of the first aerial war: deaths of the "Knights of the Air". (United States)

    Koul, Prateeka; Mau, Christine; Sabourin, Victor M; Gandhi, Chirag D; Prestigiacomo, Charles J


    World War I advanced the development of aviation from the concept of flight to the use of aircraft on the battlefield. Fighter planes advanced technologically as the war progressed. Fighter pilot aces Francesco Baracca and Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron) were two of the most famous pilots of this time period. These courageous fighter aces skillfully maneuvered their SPAD and Albatros planes, respectively, while battling enemies and scoring aerial victories that contributed to the course of the war. The media thrilled the public with their depictions of the heroic feats of fighter pilots such as Baracca and the Red Baron. Despite their aerial prowess, both pilots would eventually be shot down in combat. Although the accounts of their deaths are debated, it is undeniable that both were victims of traumatic head injury.

  20. Red Queen Takes White Knight: The Commercialisation of Accounting Education in Australia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Graham Bowrey


    Full Text Available This paper investigates the adaptive and maladaptive consequences of changes resulting from the commercialisation of Australian universities, specifically their accounting schools, and aims to identify the organisational changes triggered by competition that affect the growth of universities over time. The paper synthesises organisational learning theory, benchmarking theory, mimetic isomorphism and institutional theories, which are presented as "the Red Queen", itself an evolutionary theory; this synthesis provides the theoretical underpinning. The Red Queen theory posits that competition triggers organisational learning, which in turn intensifies competition in rivals that ultimately triggers an adaptive response. This selfreinforcing process produces results that may be adaptive or maladaptive. There is evidence to support that “running fast” in terms of Red Queen evolution theory has allowed some universities to place competitive pressure on rivals and achieve elite levels of publications, international accreditation and improved international rankings. This search for improvement, driven by commercialisation, provided ways to improve performance, thus improving the university’s competitive strength. There is also evidence to support the belief that “running slow” provides maladaptive consequences that could affect growth rates, quality and staff performance. The use of the Red Queen hypothesis provides an evolutionary approach to the study of strategy, strategic change and organisations. This provides an opportunity to examine competition in universities as a force that continually disturbs equilibrium.

  1. First occurrence of knight rock shrimp, Sicyonia lancifer (Olivier, 1811 (Decapoda: Sicyoniidae in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The occurrence of the non-native species Sicyonia lancifer  (Olivier, 1811 belonging to Sicyoniidae family is reported for the first time in the Mediterranean Sea. In the following  paper  the distinguishing features of the species are provided.

  2. F00603: NOS Hydrographic Survey , Empire Knight Wreck Investigation, Maine, 2011-10-05 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe...

  3. Comparison of multifrequency acoustic and in situ measurements of zooplankton abundances in Knight Inlet, British Columbia (United States)

    Trevorrow, Mark V.; Mackas, David L.; Benfield, Mark C.


    An investigation of midwater zooplankton aggregations in a coastal fjord was conducted in November 2002. This study focused on quantitative comparisons between a calibrated, three-frequency (38, 120, and 200 kHz) vessel-based echo-sounder, a multinet towed zooplankton sampler (BIONESS), and a high-resolution underwater camera (ZOOVIS). Daytime layers of euphausiids and amphipods near 70-90-m depth were observed in lower parts of the inlet, especially concentrated by tidal flows around a sill. Quantitative backscatter measurements of euphausiids and amphipods, combined with in situ size and abundance estimates, and using an assumed tilt-angle distribution, were in agreement with averaged fluid-cylinder scattering models produced by Stanton and Chu [ICES J. Mar. Sci. 57, 793-807, (2000)]. Acoustic measurements of physonect siphonophores in the upper inlet were found to have a strong 38-kHz scattering strength, in agreement with a damped bubble scattering model using a diameter of 0.4 mm. In relatively dense euphausiid layers, ZOOVIS abundance estimates were found to be a factor of 2 to 4 higher than the acoustic estimates, potentially due to deviations from assumed euphausiid orientation. Nocturnal near-surface euphausiid scattering exhibited a strong (15 dB) and rapid (seconds) sensitivity to vessel lights, interpreted as due to changing animal orientation. .

  4. Knight Mine reclamation: a study of revegetation difficulties in a semi-arid environment

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    McNearny, R.L.; Wheeler, K.R.


    An analysis of the difficulties associated with the re-establishment of reclamation vegetation on a dry underground coal mine site in southern Utah, USA, is presented. Precipitation amounts, seed mix, seed bed preparation techniques, and soil properties all appeared to be adequate for vegetation establishment at the site. However, failure of repeated revegetation efforts in a redisturbed area of the mine site may have been due to higher soil salinity levels in the area, which may have given 'Kochia scoparia' an initial competitive advantage. Lack of soil moisture and allelopathic effects due to the dense carpet of 'Kochi' may have also contributed to the continued lack of revegation success. 14 refs., 7 figs., 6 tabs

  5. The electronic cigarette: a knight in shining armour or a Trojan horse? (United States)

    Schluger, Neil W


    Electronic cigarettes have caused a sharp debate in the public health community, with some promoting them as a means of harm reduction for tobacco users and some taking a strong stand against them because of fear of renormalising smoking behaviour and interrupting tobacco control progress. People with mental health problems smoke at high rates and e-cigarettes seem a potentially attractive method of cessation in this population, and their use should be studied carefully.

  6. The electronic cigarette: a knight in shining armour or a Trojan horse?†


    Schluger, Neil W.


    Electronic cigarettes have caused a sharp debate in the public health community, with some promoting them as a means of harm reduction for tobacco users and some taking a strong stand against them because of fear of renormalising smoking behaviour and interrupting tobacco control progress. People with mental health problems smoke at high rates and e-cigarettes seem a potentially attractive method of cessation in this population, and their use should be studied carefully.

  7. Interpretation of reflection seismic data acquired for Knight Hawk Coal, LLC. (United States)


    The Missouri University of Science and Technology geophysical crew acquired approximately 3000 lineal feet of reflection seismic : data along five separate traverses (1-5) at the PEUG South mine site. The objective was to determine if any of the trav...

  8. Object identification with deep learning using Intel DAAL on Knights Landing processor [Vidyo

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    The problem of object recognition is computationally expensive, especially when large amounts of data is involved. Recently, techniques in deep neural networks (DNN) - including convolutional neural networks and residual neural networks - have shown great recognition accuracy compared to traditional methods (artificial neural networks, decision tress, etc.). However, experience reveals that there are still a number of factors that limit scientists from deriving the full performance benefits of large, DNNs. We summarize these challenges as follows: (1) large number of hyperparameters that have to be tuned against the DNN during training phase, leading to several data re-computations over a large design-space, (2) the share volume of data used for training, resulting in prolonged training time, (3) how to effectively utilize underlying hardware (compute, network and storage) to achieve maximum performance during this training phase. In this presentation, we discuss a cross-layer perspective into realizing effic...

  9. Mõõtke kulusid õigesti - tehke õigeid otsuseid / Robin Cooper, Robert S Kaplan, Leonard L Berry...[jt.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Tegevuspõhise kuluarvestussüsteemi tutvustus. Kulude jaotumine tegevuspõhist kuluarvestussüsteemi arvesse võttes. Tabelid: Kuidas tegevuspõhine kuluarvestus muudab toote kasumlikkust; kasumi jagunemine kommerts-turustuskanalite kaupa: vana ja uus süsteem

  10. An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Retail Pharmacy Utilization Intervention at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital (United States)


    utilization between the plans. This supports the findings in a 2001 study by Gaither, Kirking, Ascione , and Welage which indicated consumers Gaither, C. A., Kirking, D. M., Ascione , F. J., & Welage, L. S. Retail Pharmacy Intervention 35 (2001). Consumers’ views on

  11. Education--The Bridge between Man and his Work; The Samuel Leonard Fick Lecture on Industrial Education. (United States)

    Venn, Grant

    Historically, man's educational system and preparation for a role in society has been based on a concept of stability. Our's is the first generation which must educate and reeducate to new dimensions of time and change. Today a person's role in society is determined almost exclusively by his work role. This concept leads to several conclusions:…

  12. Made It in the Timber: A Historic Overview of the Fort Leonard Wood Region, 1800-1940 (United States)


    Mill (six miles south of Truedale’s) all operating around 1826 (Arthur 1940. 2). Arthur also notes that a man named Pettit operated a mill on the Big...Piney around 1820, but Pettit could actually be Pattie (Arthur 1940: 2). On the Gasconade, Beck reports that by 1823 there were already six saw mills...Historical Review VII(3): 138-145. Wagner, Philip L. 1974 Cultural Landscapes and Regions: Aspects of Communication. In Man and Cultural Heritage

  13. Manufacturer’s Catalog Data of Automation and Surveillance Systems for Utility Plants at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Volume 2 (United States)


    JH’iA «4.1 UP SINGLE SYSTEM LOG ISO BLU-ELtll-ELECTRIC BEMANO PBOFIU 01EN 110MHH C’S J538DOI JPK ". t s MW ObPW 4...55 Start-Stop Programs 55 1 .xpansion Capacity 27000 points with added channels and memory tNVIRONMHNTAL: +32 to I05F. 95’? RH maximum POWBR...JC/80 System remedies this deficiency since data transmitted over telephone lines is limited to exceptions" B^T "I V. J 13 iso * i it is

  14. Efectos sobre el sistema nervioso central del extracto etanólico y fracciones de hygrophila tyttha leonard


    Ariza, Sandra Y; Rincon, Javier; Guerrero, Mario F


    Se evaluó en ratones albinos ICR el perfil de actividad que sobre el sistema nervioso central ejercen el extracto etanólico y las fracciones acuosa, clorofórmica, metanólica y hexánica obtenidas de Hygrophila tyttha (Acanthaceae. NV: amansamachos). Para tal fin se utilizaron pruebas destinadas a detectar posible actividad ansiolítica (laberinto en cruz elevado), antidepresiva (nado forzado), anticonvulsivante (pentilentetrazol, electrochoque) e hipnótica (potenciación de sueño inducido por pe...

  15. Gender and Natural Resource Management : Livelihoods, Mobility ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Gender and Natural Resource Management : Livelihoods, Mobility and Interventions. Couverture du livre Gender and Natural Resource Management : Livelihoods, Mobility and Interventions. Directeur(s):. Bernadette P. Resurreccion et Rebecca Elmhirst. Maison(s) d'édition: Earthscan, CRDI. 31 mai 2012. ISBN :.

  16. A Dark Knight for Public Education: Using Batman as an Apparatus of Diffraction with Neoliberal Education Reform (United States)

    Huddleston, Gabriel


    Diffraction is defined as the process by which a beam of light or other system of waves is spread out as a result of passing through a narrow aperture or across an edge. In this article, the author employs his favorite comic book character, Batman, and positions him as a tool of diffraction for education reforms. Huddleston argues that it is…

  17. The dark knight : Sir Thomas Tait and the rise and fall of New Brunswick's famous coalfields

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Woodford, G.


    Industrial coal mining in New Brunswick began in the early 1900s. In 1913, a former Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) manager, Sir Thomas Tait, learned of underexploited coalfields around Grand Lake and negotiated the best coal assets from locals. He used his CPR connections to secure a large government grant to finish an important 50-kilometre railway link between Minto and Fredericton. He kept the coal assets for himself and formed the Minto Coal Company and landed 2 prime contracts to supply coal to a nearby cotton mill and to CPR. This article highlighted Tait's disreputable approach to labour relations. Despite lucrative contracts to Minto Coal during World War 1, Tait did not share the profits with his miners. This coal mining period in New Brunswick was characterized by union busting, evictions from dire company housing, arbitrary pay cuts, strikes and increasingly unsafe conditions in the mines. Two royal commissions were called to look into matters, but the province had no legislation to enforce their many recommendations. However, the government finally passed legislation when in 1932, 5 people died trying to rescue boys who were poisoned while playing in an abandoned mine shaft. That same year, 14 miners were disabled and 2 men killed in accidents at Minto Coal. Legislation forced mines to reduce work hours and improve safety. Women and children were barred from mining. When Tait refused to reduce work hours the miners went on strike again. After a critical situation in 1937 when 1000 miner and 11 colliers walked out, things gradually improved for both the miners and mine owners. New technology in the 1940s led to greater production, safety and profits. In 1944, Minto Coal donated land and money to build the town's first hospital. Credit for this philanthropy did not go to Thomas Tait, who died in 1940.

  18. Get Thee Away, Knight, Be Gone, Cavalier: English Translations of the Biscayan Squire Episode in "Don Quixote de la Mancha" (United States)

    Azevedo, Milton M.


    This article analyzes twelve English translations of the Biscayan squire's speech ("Don Quijote de la Mancha", Chapter Eight) published between 1612 and 2000. The solutions found fall into three categories, namely (a) using standard English and risking misrepresenting the style of the original and omitting relevant cultural connotations, (b) using…

  19. Portuguese knights-errant in nineteenth-century Paris and Rio: translation as response to exile in global cities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rita Bueno Maia


    Full Text Available This article aims to uncover the role played by a series of picaresque novels translated into Portuguese and published in midnineteenth-century Paris in helping the Portuguese diaspora cope with the challenges of being a migrant in a global city. Through a contextual analysis, it will be argued that these novels were part of vaster cultural projects aimed at establishing solidarity networks among Portuguese exiles in Paris and, at the same time, at preserving multilingualism. By means of a textual analysis of Dom Severino Magriço ou o Dom Quichote portuguez (Paris, Pillet Fils Aîné, 1851, it will be suggested that this particular target text is committed to helping Portuguese migrants in Paris and in Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, this novel illustrates ways of engaging with multiple Others, mainly through the reading and comparing of national literary canons.

  20. Portuguese knights-errant in nineteenth-century Paris and Rio: translation as response to exile in global cities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rita Bueno Maia


    Full Text Available This article aims to uncover the role played by a series of picaresque novels translated into Portuguese and published in midnineteenth-century Paris in helping the Portuguese diaspora cope with the challenges of being a migrant in a global city. Through a contextual analysis, it will be argued that these novels were part of vaster cultural projects aimed at establishing solidarity networks among Portuguese exiles in Paris and, at the same time, at preserving multilingualism. By means of a textual analysis of Dom Severino Magriço ou o Dom Quichote portuguez (Paris, Pillet Fils Aîné, 1851, it will be suggested that this particular target text is committed to helping Portuguese migrants in Paris and in Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, this novel illustrates ways of engaging with multiple Others, mainly through the reading and comparing of national literary canons.

  1. 75 FR 11913 - Chrysler, LLC; Warren Stamping Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Caravan Knight... (United States)


    ... firm. The workers produce stamping parts for automobiles. New information shows that workers leased... under the control of the subject firm to be considered leased workers. Based on these findings, the...

  2. "Knight in shining armour" or "Frankenstein's creation"? The coverage of synthetic biology in German-language media. (United States)

    Gschmeidler, Brigitte; Seiringer, Alexandra


    Although still a side issue in the German-language media, attention towards synthetic biology has risen clearly during the last years, in line with the first applications being presented. This paper presents findings from a content analysis of synthetic biology coverage in German-language media over the years 2004-2009. In the media, synthetic biology is not clearly separated from gene technology. News value is attributed to established categories such as persons and events. Many metaphors and analogies used in describing gene technology can also be found in the coverage of synthetic biology; however, engineering metaphors are more prominent. In addition, playfulness constitutes an aspect rarely found in genetic engineering coverage. Overall, the picture emerging is ambivalent, which leaves prospects for the further development of public debate ambiguous.

  3. Assessment of Health Behaviors, Health Education Interests, and Injuries among Employees at the General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital, October 2014 - December 2014 (United States)


    70 (18%) 6.2 Health and Health Behaviors Sixteen survey questions addressed respondents’ self -evaluation of their health . 6.2.1, weight management, nutrition, and stress management, which correlate with the predominant self -reported unhealthy behaviors. 7.2 Injuries... self -reported feelings of stress, no associations can be made between injury and specific stress-related behavioral health diagnoses (e.g., anxiety

  4. United States Joint Operations during the Tripolitan Campaign of 1805 (United States)


    military religious order, the Knights of the Temple, or Knights Templars . Soon after, a second order formed, the Knights of St. John, or Knights ...toehold in the Holy Land. When the resurgent Muslims finally drove the Christians out, the Knights Templars withdrew to Europe. Too wealthy for their own...good and lacking any real purpose, the Templars soon disappeared. 3 The Knights of St. John, in contrast, withdrew only to Cyprus, where they found a

  5. Open to Horror: The Great Plains Situation in Contemporary Thrillers by E. E. Knight and by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (United States)

    Emrys, A. B.


    From the agoraphobic prairie where the father of Willa Cather's Antonia kills himself, to the claustrophobic North Dakota town of Argus devastated by storm in Louise Erdrich's "Fleur," to Lightning Flat, the grim home of Jack Twist in Annie Proulx's "Brokeback Mountain," much Great Plains literature is situational, placing…

  6. Guma, nobre cavaleiro do mar, e a lusitanidade mítica em Mar Morto = Guma, noble knight of the sea and the mythical lusitanidade in Mar Morto

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angelini, Paulo Ricardo Kralik


    Full Text Available Mar Morto, um dos textos mais representativos do escritor Jorge Amado, reatualiza importantes mitos de tradição lusitana, percebidos por Gilbert Durand, e apresenta um personagem que corporifica os ideais de uma lusitanidade mítica, através de seu caráter guerreiro. Guma, o marítimo mais popular de Amado, traz em sua trajetória uma conduta heroica digna do imaginário cavalheiresco. Sujeito predestinado, que não se conforma com os limites impostos, Guma carrega com ele uma audácia do impossível que o faz ser escolhido pela deusa Iemanjá, sua fiel protetora. Ao Galaaz da Bahia, em diálogo com A Demanda do Santo Graal, será destinado um lugar heroico no imaginário do povo do cais: o salvador oculto que um dia retornará

  7. Don Quixote and the Exile: The representation of the Knight Hidalgo in the Plastic of the Aragonese Artist Eleuterio Blasco Ferrer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rubén Pérez Moreno


    Full Text Available In the following article we are going to analyse the artworks of Don Quixote created in the exile by the Aragonese artist Eleuterio Blasco Ferrer (Foz-Calanda, Teruel, 1907-Alcañiz, Teruel, 1993. One of his sculptures, The last breath of Don Quixote, will reach high popularity, becoming a true symbol of the Republican exile.

  8. Strategy: A Philosophy of Doctrine. (United States)


    Japanese perspec- __ tive, see Leonard Mosley, Hirohito Emperor of Japan (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1966...Chicago Press, 1982. Mosley, Leonard. Hirohito Emperor of Japan. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1966. 186

  9. When the Japanese Bombed the Huertgen Forest: How the Army’s Investigation of Pearl Harbor Influenced the Outcome of the Huertgen Forest, Major General Leonard T. Gerow and His Command of V Corps from 1943-1945 (United States)


    the most successful corps commanders in the U.S. Army in Europe. His corps landed on D-Day at Omaha Beach, fought through the hedgerows of Normandy...commander, General Gerow had lead the invasion of Omaha beach, fought in the hedgerows of Normandy, was personally selected to oversee the occupation of

  10. The background to the proposition that plankton be used as food in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. (United States)

    Moore, P G


    Food shortages, particularly of proteins, in Britain during the Second World War led to the suggestion re-surfacing that marine plankton might be harvested on an industrial scale first as human food, then turning to its potential use as a supplement to stock and poultry feed. The notion emanated in the United Kingdom from Sir John Graham Kerr, at Glasgow University. He encouraged Alister Hardy, at Hull, to develop the idea and the natural testing ground was the Clyde Sea Area (given the extensive history of plankton research at Millport). Unpublished documents from the archives of the Scottish Association for Marine Science shed new light on the interactions behind the scenes of this project between Kerr, Hardy and the Millport Marine Station's then director, Richard Elmhirst. Elmhirst, who was sceptical about the feasibility of the plan from the outset, went along with it; not least as a way of attracting welcome research funding during lean times but also, doubtless, regarding it as his patriotic duty in case the proposal proved worthwhile.

  11. Cellular computing

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Amos, Martyn


    ... 120 Ron Weiss, Thomas F. Knight Jr., and Gerald Sussman 8 The Biology of Integration of Cells into Microscale and Nanoscale Systems 148 Michael L. Simpson, Timothy E. McKnight, Michael A. Guillor...

  12. Improved capture of stable flies (Diptera: Muscidae) by placement of knight stick sticky fly traps protected by electric fence inside animal exhibit yards at the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park. (United States)

    Hogsette, Jerome A; Ose, Gregory A


    Stable flies are noxious blood-feeding pests of exotic animals at zoological parks, inflicting painful bites, and causing discomfort to animals. Stable fly management is difficult because of the flies' tendency to remain on the host animals only when feeding. Non-toxic traps can be efficient but traps placed around exhibit perimeters captured fewer-than-expected numbers of flies. By surrounding traps with square electric fence enclosures, traps could be placed in the exhibits with the host animals and compared with an equal number of traps placed along perimeter fences. During a 21-week study, traps inside exhibits captured 5× more stable flies than traps placed along exhibit perimeters. Traps inside exhibits tended to show more fluctuations in fly populations than traps along perimeters. The increased numbers of flies captured using this technique should provide relief from this pestiferous fly and greatly improve animal health and welfare. We believe this to be the first study where traps were used to capture stable flies in exhibit yards at a zoological park. © 2017 The Authors. Zoo Biology Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  13. Oxford Astronomer John Knight Fotheringham (1874-1936) as Unwitting Godfather of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Fictional Luni-solar Holiday “Durin’s Day” (United States)

    Larsen, Kristine


    It is well known that famed fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien incorporated a great deal of general astronomical knowledge into his Middle-Earth novels and other works, including references to the phases and motion of the moon, the seasonal cycle of the constellations, and the historical use of meteoritic iron. Various authors have also demonstrated his use of various scientific hypotheses of his time, such as Wegener’s continental drift and the conflicting pre-Apollo models of lunar formation, as well as specific astronomical events, such as the spectacular auroral displays in 1926, a December 8, 1927 lunar eclipse, and several spectacular comets visible in 1927. An astronomical mystery remains concerning one of Tolkien’s most famous works, The Hobbit (written between the summer of 1930 and January 1933, and finally published in 1937). One of the important plot points is a message hidden in an heirloom map that explains that the secret entrance to a treasure-loaded mountain kingdom can only been found with the last ray of sunlight on a holiday that is notoriously difficult to calculate, known as Durin’s Day. Tolkien scholars have pondered why the author transformed the date, initially the last ray of sunlight on the first day of the first lunar cycle of Autumn, into a complex affair that was difficult to predict. This presentation summarizes evidence that the answer involves Tolkien’s probable knowledge of highly publicized work by his Oxford colleague, J.K. Fotheringham, on not only the visibility of the young waxing crescent moon, but the importance of lunar phases in dating historical events, including the crucifixion (research that would have keenly resonated with the devout Tolkien). In addition, Tolkien was involved in university politics at the same time that Fotheringham was (unsuccessfully) maneuvering to become the Savilian Professor of Astronomy, namely 1930-1, the years of the early work on The Hobbit.

  14. Osmanlı Ordusunda Venezuelalı Bir Gezgin Şövalye: Rafael de Nogales Méndez A Venezuelian Knight Errant In The Ottoman Army: Rafael de Nogales Méndez

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hüseyin Güngör ŞAHİN


    Full Text Available Rafael de Nogales Méndez, a citizen of Venezuela, served as asoldier of fortune in the World War I. Being a mysterious figure of hislifetime period, Nogales spent almost fifty years of his lifespan outside ofhomeland by going around the world away because of opposition to thedictatorial regimes. Nogales, passionate for military service andadventure, waged war in Cuba in 1898; he worked for dictator PorfirioDiaz as a mounted guard in the Mexican-American border; after a while,he had become a Mexican revolutionist by joining up the rebelliousforces against Diaz; a secret agent in the Far East, an assassin teammember in Guatemala; a rebel for years and a government officialduring the last period of his lifetime in his homeland. Nogales hadexpressed that his motto was; "When you see a good war, join up to it towaged war!" He was considering himself as "a soldier of fortune and thecitizen of the world". He was a military enthusiast, fighter, traveler,adventurer and also a writer. If I may say so, he was the Don Quixote ofthe 20th century.In this study, based on the memoirs quoted in the books ofNogales, his life history has been examined and the narratives of theauthor related the historical events in that period have been researchedcomparatively with the original sources. To this end, various officialsources, records and memoirs have been reviewed and made archivalresearch. On the other hand, earning new information and documentsto the literature in this field are among the objectives of the study. Venezuela vatandaşı Rafael de Nogales Méndez, I. Dünya Savaşı'nda Osmanlı Ordusu'nda gönüllü subay olarak görev yapmıştır. Yaşadığı dönemin gizemli figürlerinden biri olan Nogales, altmış yıllık ömrünün elli yılını muhalif olduğu dikta rejimleri nedeniyle ülkesinden uzakta, dünyayı dolaşarak geçirmiştir. Askerlik ve macera tutkunu Venezuelalı, 1898 yılında Küba'da savaşmış, Meksika-Amerika sınırında diktatör Porfirio Diaz'ın emrinde görevli bir atlı sınır muhafızıyken, yıllar sonra Diaz karşıtı isyancı kuvvetlere katılan bir devrimci, Uzakdoğu'da gizli ajan, Guatemala’da suikast timi üyesi, ülkesinde yıllarca bir asi, yaşamının son döneminde ise bir devlet görevlisi olmuştur. Şiarının "iyi bir savaş görürsen, savaşmak için ona gönüllü yazıl,"1 olduğunu belirten Nogales, bir asker, savaşçı, gezgin, maceraperest ve yazardı. Kendisini "bir dünya vatandaşı ve bir gezgin şövalye"2 olarak tanımlıyordu. Tabiri caizse, o, 20. yüzyılın Don Kişot'u idi.Bu çalışmada, Nogales'in anılarını aktardığı kitaplarında yer alan bilgilerden hareketle yaşam öyküsü irdelenirken, yazarın dönemin tarihi olaylarına dair anlatıları özgün kaynaklarla mukayeseli olarak incelenmiştir. Bu amaçla çok sayıda resmi kaynak ve hatırat gözden geçirilmiş, arşiv araştırması yapılmıştır. Öte yandan bu alanda literatüre yeni bilgi ve belge kazandırmak, çalışmanın amaçları arasında yer almaktadır.

  15. The Howe Sound current metering program volumes I, II, and III data reports from A. P. KNIGHT in the Coastal Waters of British Columbia from 1971-11-01 to 1974-02-01 (NCEI Accession 7700091) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Current meter data and some temperature and salinity data were collected as part of the Howe Sound Current Metering Program Data during November 16, 1971 - February...

  16. Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action. A White Paper on the Digital and Media Literacy Recommendations of the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy (United States)

    Hobbs, Renee


    This report proposes a detailed plan that positions digital and media literacy as an essential life skill and outlines steps that policymakers, educators, and community advocates can take to help Americans thrive in the digital age. It offers a plan of action for how to bring digital and media literacy education into formal and informal settings…

  17. The Mongol Warrior Epic: Masters of Thirteenth Century Maneuver Warfare (United States)


    given by the Mongols to the Teutonic Knights , Knights Templar , and Hospi- talers who were crushed by the Mongols at Leignitz in 1241. After the...Croats, Germans, and French Templar Knights , 100,000 in all, were drawn then to the plains surrounding the small Hungarian town of Mohi and their...the Hungarian cavalry made for the gap leaving the French Templar Knights , Koloman’s cavalry, and the forces of Archbishop Hugolin to meet Subedei’s

  18. Forever Undecided

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    must be a knight, a contradiction. Therefore he must be a knight." You are happy, but your happiness is shortlived. You go on "Now I know that he is a knight, although he said I never would. Hence his statement is false, so he must be a knave." Paradox! you are in trouble now - is this a genuine paradox, or are you missing.

  19. 75 FR 54147 - Product Cancellation Order for Certain Pesticide Registrations (United States)


    ... cancellation is effective September 3, 2010. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Leonard Cole, Biopesticides and... 23, 2010. W. Michael McDavit. Acting Director, Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division...

  20. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Margaret Leidelmeijer


    Full Text Available - Roger Busser, Sudo Sueo, The Fukuda Doctrine and ASEAN; New dimensions in Japanese Foreign policy. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1992. - P.J. Drooglever, C. Fasseur, De Indologen; Ambtenaren voor de Oost 1825-1950. Amsterdam: Bert Bakker, 1993, 552 pp. - Raymond Evans, Tony Swain, A place for strangers; Towards a history of Australian Aboroginal being. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993, xi + 330 pp. - CH.F. van Fraassen, Leonard Andaya, The world of Maluku; Eastern Indonesia in the early modern period. Honolulu: University of Hawai Press, 1993, ix + 306 pp. - J. van Goor, Lodewijk Wagenaar, Galle VOC-vestiging in Ceylon; Beschrijving van een koloniale samenleving aan de vooravond van de Singalese opstand tegen het Nederlandse gezag, 1760. Amsterdam: De Bataafsche Leeuw, 1994. - Geert Kalshoven, A. Schrevel, Access to Water; A socio-economic study into the practice of irrigation development in Indonesia. Ph.D. thesis, The Hague: The Institute of Social Studies, 1993. - Nico Kaptein, Mohamed Ariff, Islam and the economic development of Southeast Asia; The Islamic Voluntary Sector in Southeast Asia. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies,1991.''Islam and the economic development of Southeast Asia; The Muslim private sector in Southeast Asia. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1991. - Victor T. King, Alistair Morrison, Fair land Sarawak; Some recollections of an expatriate official. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University (Southeast Asia Program, Studies on Southeast Asia 13, 1993, xiv + 182 pp. - H.A.J. Klooster, Klaus H. Schreiner-Brauch, Nationalismus und Personenkult im indonesischen Geschichtsverständnis. Ph.D. Dissertation, Universität Hamburg, 1993, xxi + 293 pp. - Han Knapen, Mark Cleary, Borneo; Change and development. Singapore, Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1992, x + 271 pp., tables, figures, index., Peter Eaton (eds. - Sirtjo Koolhof, Christiaan G.F. de Jong

  1. Spilteorien og (et par af) dens fædre

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Sune Welling


    Boganmeldelse af Robert Leonard's "Von Neumann, Morgenstern, and the Creation of Game Theory: From Chess to Social Science, 1900-1960". Cambridge University Press.......Boganmeldelse af Robert Leonard's "Von Neumann, Morgenstern, and the Creation of Game Theory: From Chess to Social Science, 1900-1960". Cambridge University Press....

  2. En verden uden ende

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Jens Olaf Pepke


    Multivers. Er der kun ét, eller er der utallige universer med hver sine naturlove? Det er emnet for en nyoversat bog af fysikeren Stephen Hawking og forfatteren Leonard Mlodinow.......Multivers. Er der kun ét, eller er der utallige universer med hver sine naturlove? Det er emnet for en nyoversat bog af fysikeren Stephen Hawking og forfatteren Leonard Mlodinow....

  3. Experiences in Nature: Resolute Second-Plane Directions toward Erdkinder (United States)

    Leonard, Gerard; Allen, Kathleen


    Gerard Leonard and Kathleen Allen describe a variety of nature experiences as a part of the Montessori elementary tradition, beginning with a warning about the way contemporary life constrains children's experience of nature. Through a lyrical rendering of the nature-based expressions of children, Leonard and Allen look at a variety of approaches…

  4. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Jan 27, 2016 ... Home; Journals; Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy. Leonard Strachan. Articles written in Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy. Volume 29 Issue 1-2 March-June 2008 pp 167-170. Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Observations of Coronal Streamers in the SOHO Era · Leonard Strachan · More Details ...

  5. Deepening Cosmic Education (United States)

    Leonard, Gerard


    This article is a special blend of research, theory, and practice, with clear insight into the origins of Cosmic Education and cosmic task, while recalling memories of student explorations in botany, in particular, episodes from Mr. Leonard's teaching. Mr. Leonard speaks of a storytelling curriculum that eloquently puts perspective into dimensions…

  6. The anthrax letters: a medical detective story

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Cole, Leonard A


    .... Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Cole, Leonard A., 1933The anthrax letters : a medical detective story / Leonard A. Cole. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-309-08881-X - ISBN 0-309-52584-5 (PDF) 1. Bioterrorism- United States. 2. Anthrax- United States. 3. Postal service- United States. 4. Victims of...

  7. Spin susceptibility of the topological superconductor UPt3 from polarized neutron diffraction (United States)

    Gannon, W. J.; Halperin, W. P.; Eskildsen, M. R.; Dai, Pengcheng; Hansen, U. B.; Lefmann, K.; Stunault, A.


    Experiment and theory indicate that UPt3 is a topological superconductor in an odd-parity state, based in part from the temperature independence of the NMR Knight shift. However, quasiparticle spin-flip scattering near a surface, where the Knight shift is measured, might be responsible. We use polarized neutron scattering to measure the bulk susceptibility with H ∥c , finding consistency with the Knight shift but inconsistency with theory for this field orientation. We infer that neither spin susceptibility nor a Knight shift are a reliable indication of odd parity.

  8. Befriending the Medieval Queer: A Pedagogy for Literature Classes. (United States)

    Zeikowitz, Richard E.


    Analyzes Grendel ("Beowulf"), the Green Knight ("Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"), and the Pardoner ("The Canterbury Tales"). Notes that they are all "queer" characters in that they are not typical men of the time and they all pose a challenge or threat to normative homosocial desire. Suggests that…

  9. Restoring the Balance: Dollars, Values, and the Future of College Sports (United States)

    Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, 2010


    Almost 20 years ago, the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics released a landmark report about major college athletics. It criticized low athlete-graduation rates, questionable academic standards, and the increasing tendency of athletics programs to operate independently of university oversight. The trustees of the Knight Foundation…

  10. Deep and shallow uncertainty in messaging climate change

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cooke, R.M.


    Deep and shallow uncertainty are defined and contrasted with regard to messaging the uncertainty about climate change. Deep uncertainty is often traced back to the writings of Frank Knight, where in fact it simply meant subjective probability. Although Knight envisioned a scientifically grounded

  11. Evaluation Of Three Methods Of Sugar Analyses For Determination ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Chemical methods developed by Lane and Eynon, Knight and Allen, and colorimetric method by Dubois et al were used to determine reducing sugar in eight fruit samples. The methods showed detection limits as follows: Lane and Eynon (1ppt); Knight and Allen (0.1ppt); and Dubois et al (<2ppm). The coefficients of ...

  12. Critical Pedagogy and Democratic Education: Possibilities for Cross-Pollination (United States)

    Edwards, D. Brent, Jr.


    Reviewing the literature on critical pedagogy (CP) and democratic education (DE) reveals that very little has been written comparing the two (Knight and Pearl in Urban Rev 32(2):197-226, 2000). After reading the Urban Review article by Knight and Pearl (2000)--the only publication explicitly comparing the two approaches to education--I was…

  13. The Jedi Community : History and Folklore of a Fiction-based Religion

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Davidsen, M.A.


    The Jedi Community is a loose confederation of groups and individuals who, inspired by George Lucas’ Star Wars movies, have adopted an identity as Jedi Knights. Contrary to Star Wars fans who may occasionally and temporarily play as Jedi, members of the Jedi Community aim to simply be Jedi Knights

  14. Importance of polaron effects for charge carrier mobility above and ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Orifjon Ganiev


    May 30, 2017 ... copper oxides (cuprates) remains one of the most intriguing phenomena in strongly-correlated electron ... of the Knight shift and spin-lattice relaxation rate. The. Knight shift is proportional to the density of ... due to the charge carrier localization by strong magnetic fields [26]. A similar explanation of these ...

  15. A Center for Advanced Electrical and Structural Polymers (United States)


    with C. Silvestre, W.J. MacKnight and E. Martuscelli ) "Morphology of Poly(ethylene * oxide)/Poly(vinyl acetate) Blends". 3. Journ. Chem. Physics 87...28, 1190-1199 (1987) (with C. Silvestre, S. Cimmino, E. Martuscelli and W.J. MacKnight) "Poly(ethylene oxide)/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Blends

  16. Abstract concepts in grounded cognition

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lakens, D.


    When people think about highly abstract concepts, they draw upon concrete experiences to structure their thoughts. For example, black knights in fairytales are evil, and knights in shining armor are good. The sensory experiences black and white are used to represent the abstract concepts of good and

  17. Critical Care Nurses on Duty: Information‐Rich but Time‐Poor. A review of: McKnight, Michelynn. “The Information Seeking of On‐Duty Critical Care Nurses: Evidence from Participant Observation and In‐Context Interviews.” Journal of the Medical Library Association 94.2 (Apr. 2006: 145‐51.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suzanne Lewis


    Full Text Available Objective – To describe critical care nurses’ on‐duty information‐seeking behavior.Design – Participatory action research using ethnographic methods.Setting – A twenty‐bed critical care unit in a 275‐bed community (non‐teaching hospital.Subjects – A purposive sample of six registered nurses (RNs working shifts in the critical care unit.Methods – The researcher accompanied six RNs on various shifts (weekdays and weekends, day and night shifts in the critical care unit and used participant observation and in‐context interviews to record fifty hours of the subjects’ information‐seeking behavior. Transcripts were written up and checked by the subjects for accuracy and validity. The resulting rich data was analyzed using open coding (concepts which emerged during data gathering, for example “nurse’s personal notes”; in vivo coding (participant‐supplied concepts, for example “reading on duty”; and axial coding (hierarchical, researcher developedconcepts such as “information behaviors, information sources, information uses, and information kinds” (147.Main results – The critical care nurses constantly sought information from people (patients, family members, other health careworkers, patient records, monitors, and other computer systems and noticeboards, but very rarely from published sources such as books or online databases. Barriers to information acquisition included equipment failure, illegible handwriting, unavailable people, social protocols (for example physician – nurse interaction, difficult navigation of computer systems, and mistakes caused by simultaneously using multiple complex systems.Conclusion – Critical care nurses’ information behavior is strongly patient centric. Knowledge‐based information sources are rarely consulted on duty due to time constraints and the perception that this would take time away from patient care. In seeking to meet the knowledge‐based information needs of this group, librarians should be wary of traditional, academic models of information delivery. Instead,they should consider a tailored ready reference service incorporating quality and quantity filtering.

  18. Euler, the Master Calculator. (United States)

    Taylor, Jerry D.


    Provides a brief, condensed biography of the eighteenth-century mathematician, Leonard Euler, focusing on some of his contributions to mathematics. Also presents several problems and suggests how Euler might have solved them. (JN)

  19. African Journal of Psychiatry: Editorial Policies

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... Cleaton-Jones, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA Jeremy Coplan, New York, USA Ian Hindmarch, Surrey, ENGLAND Trevor Hurwitz, Vancouver, CANADA Gabor Keitner, Providence, USA Brian Leonard, Galway, IRELAND Bernard Lerer, Jerusalem, ISRAEL Michael Maes, Maastricht, NETHERLANDS Donatella Marazziti, ...

  20. 75 FR 75491 - Endangered Species; Receipt of Applications for Permit (United States)


    ... biological specimens of Asian elephant (Elephus maximus) from wild animals in all range countries and captive...: Leonard Grigsby; Baton Rouge, LA; PRT-28273A Applicant: John Verlander, El Paso, TX; PRT-28293A Applicant...

  1. A Qualitative Study of Soldier Perceptions of the Relative Importance of MRE Portion Size and Variety

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bell, R


    .... Bliss, Biggs Army Airfield, and Fort Leonard Wood during 1997 to understand how soldiers perceive Meal, Ready-to-Eat portion size and MRE variety and to begin to determine what types of trade offs...

  2. Phthalate SHEDS-HT runs (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Inputs and outputs for SHEDS-HT runs of DiNP, DEHP, DBP. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Moreau, M., J. Leonard, K. Phillips, J. Campbell,...

  3. 77 FR 75118 - National Advisory Committee on Meat and Poultry Inspection (United States)


    ... and Rural Development; Steve E. Warshawer, Mesa Top Farm; Dr. J. Byron Williams, Mississippi State University; Christopher A. Waldrop, Consumer Federation of America; and Leonard W. Winchester, Public Health...

  4. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    anacardiaceae) leaves in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Leonard Tedong, Théophile Dimo, Paul Desire Djomeni Dzeufiet, Acha Emmanuel Asongalem, Dongmo Selestin Sokeng, Patrice Callard, Jean –François Flejou, Pierre Kamtchouing.

  5. Pop / Tristan Priimägi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Priimägi, Tristan, 1976-


    Heliplaatidest: Goldie Lookin Chain "Greatest Hits", Placebo "Once More With Feeling - The Singles 1996 to 2004", The Killers "Hot Fuss", Leonard Cohen "Dear Heather", Ray Conniff "The Essenttial Ray Conniff", Neurosis "The Eye Of Every Storm"

  6. Sõjaväeeksootika jäi omaette / Anneli Remme

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Remme, Anneli, 1968-


    West End Musicals ja Eesti Riiklik Sümfooniaorkester, Oratooriumikoor ja Urmas Lattikase ansambel esitamas Andrew Lloyd Webberi ja Leonard Bernsteini laule muusikalidest Paldiski Sõjaväebaasi riviväljakul 29. augustil

  7. Review of errors in the issue of medical certificates of cause of death ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Review of errors in the issue of medical certificates of cause of death in a tertiary hospital in Ghana. Patrick K. Akakpo, Yaw A. Awuku, Leonard Derkyi-Kwarteng, Kelvin A. Gyamera, Sebastian Eliason ...

  8. 75 FR 25760 - Standard Instrument Approach Procedures, and Takeoff Minimums and Obstacle Departure Procedures... (United States)


    .... John M. Allen, Director, Flight Standards Service. Adoption of the Amendment 0 Accordingly, pursuant to... Muni, Takeoff Minimums and Obstacle DP, Amdt 3 Galliano, LA, South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr, LOC/DME...

  9. 75 FR 9098 - Standard Instrument Approach Procedures, and Takeoff Minimums and Obstacle Departure Procedures... (United States)


    ... 19, 2010. John M. Allen, Director, Flight Standards Service. Adoption of the Amendment 0 Accordingly... GALLIANO SOUTH LAFOURCHE 0/3269 2/3/10 RNAV (GPS) RWY 18, AMDT 1. LEONARD MILLER JR. 8-Apr-10 LA JENNINGS...

  10. The genetic factors influencing the development of trichotillomania

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    compulsive disorder (OCD), TTM is best described as an obsessive–compulsive spectrum disorder (OCSD). (Swedo and Leonard 1992). Certain behaviours of TTM, such as repetitive motor symptoms, have similarity with other OCSD such as repetitive ...

  11. Muusika : Plaadid kauplusest Lasering

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Heliplaatidest: Def Räädu "Planet Duckrabbit", Sõpruse Puiestee "XX sajandi lapsed", Ines "15 magamata ööd", Metro Luminal "Reboot", Helin-Mari Arder "Su aknast näen", Leonard Cohen "Dear Heather"

  12. Invasive Meningococcal Men Y Disease

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Dr. Leonard Mayer, a public health microbiologist at CDC, discusses invasive meningococcal disease.  Created: 4/18/2012 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 4/23/2012.

  13. Socio-demographic determinants of dengue infection during an ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Socio-demographic determinants of dengue infection during an outbreak in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania. Neema Camara, Billy Ngasala, Germana Leyna, Ahmed Abade, Susan F. Rumisha, Ndekya M. Oriyo, Leonard E.G. Mboera ...

  14. 75 FR 32766 - Notice of Receipt of Requests to Voluntarily Cancel Certain Pesticide Registrations (United States)


    ... telephone number is (703) 305-5805. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Leonard Cole, Biopesticides and... McDavit, Acting Director, Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division, Office of Pesticide Programs...

  15. 75 FR 51048 - Notice of Receipt of Request to Voluntarily Cancel a Pesticide Registration (United States)


    ... telephone number is (703) 305-5805. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Leonard Cole, Biopesticides and..., Pesticides and pests. Dated: August 5, 2010. W. Michael McDavit, Acting Director, Biopesticides and Pollution...

  16. 76 FR 1492 - Notice of Actions Taken at December 16, 2010, Meeting (United States)


    ...), Watson Township, Lycoming County, Pa. Surface water withdrawal of up to 0.720 mgd. 2. Project Sponsor... Sponsor and Facility: Leonard & Jean Marie Azaravich (Meshoppen Creek), Springville Township, Susquehanna...

  17. 78 FR 21449 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; Order Approving... (United States)


    ... & Kantas, dated Feb. 7, 2013 (``Shepherd Letter''); letter from Leonard Steiner, Beverly Hills, California, dated Feb. 7, 2013 (``Steiner Letter''); letter from Joseph Fogel, Fogel & Associates, dated Feb. 7...

  18. 76 FR 19155 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; Notice of Filing of... (United States)


    ...''); Leonard Steiner, Esq., dated August 16, 2010 (``Steiner comment''); Robert C. Port, Esq., Cohen Goldstein... Clinic, SIFMA, Boliver, and Ilgenfritz comments. \\8\\ See Lipner, Steiner, Port, McCauley, Nygaard, Gard...

  19. The United States Air Force and the Culture of Innovation, 1945-1965 (United States)


    New York: John Wi- ley & Sons, 1951); C. West Churchman , Russell L. Ackoff, and E. Leonard Arn- off, Introduction to Operations Research (New York...1951. Barnard, Chester I. Functions of the Executive. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1938. Churchman , C. West , Russell L. Ackoff, and E. Leonard...Research Center. He was also vice president of engineering for Dependable Systems International and as- sociate director of the Charles Babbage

  20. Ulysses of Embra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johnston Paul


    Full Text Available A critical day in the life of Leonard Rose, an Edinburgh (Embra criminal with undertones of Homer’s Odysseus and James Joyce’s Leopold Bloom. He thinks of his son, Stevie, whom he has not seen for fifteen years. After his morning ablutions he attends the cremation service of a notable lawyer, who had ties to local crime kingpin, Big Sam. Leonard is shaken by visions of the people he murdered for Big Sam. Stevie is waiting outside, accompanied by two detectives. Leonard is told that his ex-wife, Penny, is setting up Glasgow gang boss Boy ‘The Boiler’ Boyle. Leonard takes the police to his bar, the End of the World, aware that Big Sam’s number two, Nessie, is following. After knocking the policemen out and overpowering Nessie and his men, Leonard and Stevie go to Big Sam’s palatial home. When he understands that Penny intended to betray Big Sam as well, Leonard deserts his son and goes home, free of emotional and professional ties. He decides to leave Edinburgh and go inland, where no one knows him. But before that he will knock on his female neighbour’s door, hoping she will give his attentions a positive reception.

  1. Clinical Informatics Consult Service Positively Affects Some Clinical Decisions in the ICU. A Review of: Mulvaney, Shelagh A., Leonard Bickman, Nunzia B. Giuse, Warren E. Lambert, Nila A. Sathe, and Rebecca N. Jerome." A Randomized Effectiveness Trial of a Clinical Informatics Consult Service: Impact on Evidence-based Decision-making and Knowledge Implementation." Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 15.2 (2008: 203-11.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jennifer Kelson


    Full Text Available Objective – To determine whether the provision of synthesized research evidence provided by the Clinical Informatics Consult Service (CICS affects the clinical decision-making of clinicians working in intensive care units (ICUs.Design – Non-blinded randomized control effectiveness trial.Setting – ICUs in United States-based 658 bed university hospital providing tertiary care for adults and children.Subjects – Clinical staff working within one of four ICUs who submitted a request for clinical information during the study period.Methods – Valid requests submitted by clinical staff from the four clinical ICUs (medical, paediatric, trauma, or neonatal were randomly allocated to receive information from the CICS (CICS provided or no information (no CICS provided. Pre-consult forms, completed at the time of the request, examined reasons for the request and the clinical actions clinicians thought might be influenced by the search results. Requestors could opt out of the no CICS provided group either before or after the randomization of their request. Responses to requests, supplied within 0.5 to 7 days as agreed with the requestor, included a search strategy and bibliographic references, a targeted list of full-text articles, and a written synthesis and critique of the relevant research. Clinicians within both groups were free to conduct their own searches and reviews. An online evaluation form, emailed to recipients, was used to assess the impact of the information supplied. The evaluation form asked clinicians to record the time spent on their own searches, sources of information consulted including colleagues, the immediate and future impact of the information provided (either from the CICS or their own searches, what influence the information had on their clinical actions, whether there were any barriers to using the information, and quality and overall satisfaction with the results provided by the CICS. Data was analyzed according to the randomized group assignment using standard intention-to-treat analysis for the main outcomes between the two groups. Statistical adjustments were made to control for possible clustering of responses or multiple ratings from individual clinicians. The data was also analyzed on an efficacy basis depending on who provided the search results. The groups were Clinician only, CICS librarian-only, or Both Clinician and CICS librarian. Results from the Clinician only search group were used as a comparison to the remaining groups. This assessment did not take account of the randomization and therefore constitutes a cohort analysis. Results were analysed by one of two methods using statistical software SAS Proc Mixed (v9 for multi-level quantitative data analysis, e.g., analysis of variance, and SPSS (v14 for all other quantitative data analysis, including descriptive statistics.Main Results – The study period was conducted over 19 months: August 2004 to March 2006. During this time, 299 valid requests were received and 226 post consult evaluation forms were returned giving a response rate of 76%. Post consult forms were returned for 108/146 of the CICS provided group and 118/153 of the no CICS provided group. The 24% of requests that had no post consult evaluation were excluded from further analysis. Statistical tests, conducted to check for potential bias relating to missing data, suggested that the missing data had little impact on the findings.Medical and neonatal ICUs accounted for the majority of completed forms (40.3% and 38.1% respectively. The majority of opt-outs (10.2% overall were from the medical ICU. No significant difference in outcome variables was found between opt-out and other requests when tested using analysis of variance (ANOVA. Evaluation forms were completed by 89 unique clinicians and over half (49 submitted more than one request. The average requests per clinician was 2.96, SD 3.17, range 1-15, and the average number of requests per clinician who submitted more than one request was 4.57, SD 3.55, range 2-15. Total number of responses, mean, standard deviation, and Cohen’s d effect size were reported for the outcome variables based on intention to treat analysis. Results showed no significant difference between the groups on the immediate impact of the information provided, the number of articles read or the frequency with which clinicians consulted colleagues, either formally or informally. The potential future impact of the information was rated higher in the CICS group (p=Conclusion – Clinicians reported a higher level of satisfaction with search results provided by the CICS and rated the future impact of the information more highly. The CICS showed a statistically significant impact on some aspects of clinical decision-making, particularly with regard to treatment decisions. Provision of information by the CICS also appeared to encourage clinicians to undertake their own searches. However, the reasons for this are unclear.

  2. Stochastic Modeling as a Means of Automatic Speech Recognition (United States)


    ROOTS - ER UU - T S 41300 ROSES - ER OU S IH S -1 .i’O ROUNÜEO - ER PR üH N - 0 EH - 0 41500 RUSSIA - ER fix SH RX 41600 SRY - S EH IH 41700...about Uatarqata. Tal I us all about China. Tal I us all about China. Giva ua Russia . Giva us Russia . Tall Ma all about Israal. Tall ma all about...Knight on king knight llva capturas pawn on king bishop savan. Quean goas to bishop thraa. Queer goes to bishop thraa. Knight goes to bishop


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    CSF) of the third ventricle has led to the suggestion that pineal hormones may be secreted into the CSF en route to the hypothalamus, (inter alia. Sheridan,. Reiter & Jacobs, 1969; Symington, Knight & Hayes, 1972). Third Ven- tricle. Habenular.

  4. Advances in CFD Prediction of Shock Wave Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Knight, Doyle; Yan, Hong; Panaras, Argyris G; Zheltovodov, Alexander


    ... on the same topic by Knight and Degrez ("Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions in High Mach Number Flows - A Critical Survey of Current CFD Prediction Capabilities," AGARD Advisory Report AR-319, Volume II, December 1998...

  5. Disease: H01457 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available or A, angiotensin-converting enzyme, paraoxonase, erythropoietin are associated w...ORS ... Kao YL, Donaghue K, Chan A, Knight J, Silink M ... TITLE ... A variant of paraoxonase (PON1) gene is ass

  6. Arvuti poseerib / Steve Farrar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Farrar, Steve


    Rootsi disainer Steven Stahlberg on modelliagentuurile "Elite" loonud esimese virtuaalmodelli Webbie Tookay. Virtuaalmodellide tulevikust. Kommenteerivad "Elite Illusion 2K" direktor R. Bellino, briti moefotograaf N. Knight, moeajaloolane C. McDowell.

  7. Estonija sdajot pozitsii / Artur Kurvits

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kurvits, Artur


    Rahvusvahelise kinnisvaraagentuuri Knight Frank ülemaailmse kinnisvara hindade reitingu Global House Price Index tulemustest. Eestis on kinnisvara hinnad viimase aasta jooksul tõusnud 10,5 protsenti. Lisa: Global House Price Index

  8. Doctor of medicine profession (MD) (United States)

    ... a Canadian who was one of the greatest professors of medicine in modern history. He worked at ... medicine and later went to Oxford as Regent professor, where he was knighted. He established patient-oriented ...

  9. Effects of Na and Ca on particle size; Effect of filtering on UV absorbance (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Effects of Na and Ca on particle size; Effect of filtering on UV absorbance. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Bouchard, D., C. Knightes, X....

  10. 76 FR 25763 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    .... Carson, Todd J. Stubb, James Garvin, James McGlown, Larry McKnight, Jr., Tommy Nguyen, Fatos Syla, Bryan... Pulido, Oliver Murphy, Jerome Smalls, Alan Jenkins, Ryan Forsythe, Terry L. Randoll, Edward Joseph...

  11. 76 FR 179 - GMPT Warren Transmission, GM Powertrain Division, a Subsidiary of General Motors Company... (United States)


    .... At the request of the United Automobile, Aerospace & Agriculture Implement Workers of America (UAW... Knight Facilities Management were employed on-site at the Warren, Michigan location of the subject firm...

  12. Plaadid / Priit Pruul

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pruul, Priit


    Uutest heliplaatidest Herbie Hancock "The Essential Herbie Hancock", "Feel The Beat", Tom Petty "Highway Companion", "Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid de los Austrias", James Dean Bradfield "The Great Western", Gladys Knight "Before Me", "Pirates of the Caribbean"

  13. Uusi heliplaate / Tõnu Pedaru

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pedaru, Tõnu


    Heliplaatidest " Jordan Knight "S/T", "Full Of House", Clinton "Disco & The Halfway To Discontent", Apollo 440 "Gettin" High On Your Own Supply", Ben & Jason "Emoticons", Murry The hump "Thrown Like A Stone"

  14. Modeling Radiation Effectiveness for Inactivation of Bacillus Spores (United States)



  15. Militias: Exploring Alternative Force Structures for National Defense (United States)


    achieved the status of an “all purpose” force able to attain any, if not all, goals possibly imagined on the battlefield...the terrain gave them protection against the traditional cavalry charges that the Austrian medieval knights were seeking to use, and also greatly...might need in their fights, and the special affection they show for them. From the medieval weapons that defeated the mounted feudal knights from

  16. E-book Trial Using Handheld Devices Yields Mixed Reactions from Public Library Staff and Users in Essex County, UK. A review of: Dearnley, James, Cliff McKnight, and Anne Morris. “Electronic Book Usage in Public Libraries: A Study of User and Staff Reactions to a PDA-based Collection.” Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 36.4 (December 2004: 175‐82.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephanie Hall


    Full Text Available Objective - To assess e-book delivery on handheld devices provided to public library patrons, particularly housebound or visually impaired patrons and the users of a mobile library. Design - Product trial with a post-trial questionnaire for patrons and a post-trial focus group discussion among participating library staff. Setting - Mid-to-large size public library system in the United Kingdom. Subjects - 23 patrons participated; the number of library staff participating is not identified. Although the target population initially identified was housebound people, patrons reliant on the mobile library, and visually impaired people, the project team determined that it did not have sufficient funds to upgrade the PDAs to be compatible woth their preferred software for the visually impaired, and therefore this group was eliminated from the study. Lack of funds was also cited as a factor in the team being unable to provide assistive technology for those users suffering from arthritis, though this group was not excluded from the study. Just over half the patrons were aged 60+, and more than half were female. Two patrons self-identified as housebound. Methods - e-books were downloaded onto Hewlett Packard iPAQ 1910 Pdas by library staff and were loaned to participants between Janualry and April 2004. Although the authors of the study state that "creating staff champions was an important objective in this project" (p.176, it is unclear whether staff were screened for positive attitude towards e-Books. Prior to the trial, staff members were provided with training and orientation, and participants were asked for their font sna d reading preferences. Suport for participating patrons was available from staff or via an accompanying user manual, e-mail, or telephone help line. In a questionnaire adminsitered following the trial, participants were asked to respond to questions on the functionality of the handheld devices and e-book formats, positive and negative reactions to reading from the devices, and differences in the reading experience using the PDA as oopsed to a book. A group discussion with p[articipating library staff was held in April of 2004. The feedback from both groups was compared. Main results - Patrons: The devices were generally found to be usable, with a few exceptions; one patron with arthritis had difficulty operating the device and another developed hand cramps. Positive reactions regarding the vovelty of using the devices, portability (the ability to store several books on one small device and readability (the ability to customize font size and to read in low light conditions were offset by frustration with low battery life, small screen size, limits on usage (i.e. not to be used in the bath, difficulty paging back and forth ('getting lost on the iPAQ', and the inferior sensation of using a PDA as opposed to the 'tactile' quantity of books. In addtion, some patrons voiced fears that e-books might supplant paper books and libraries themselves. In all, thirteen patrons indicated that the e-books had some advantages over books, while eighteen found that there were aspects of using e-books that they disliked compared to books. Staff: The staff shared some concerns with the users, identifying portability as a strength and low battery life (including the need to reformat devices after batteries ran out as a weakness. In addition, some staff felt that some patrons preferred e-book format for books on sensitive topcs, as they provided more privacy in borrowing. Other staff concerns included the potential for users loading other software on the devices and the (presumably in the case of a full roll-out where users would download their own e-books from home lack of a broadband connection for some users. Conclusions - This study should be read as a case study of a trial of the Adobe Book and Palm e-book formats in Hewlett Packard iPAQ 1910 Pdas amongst a small group pf public library (primarily mobile library patrons. While the findings generally indicated that both staff and users found the technology tooo problematic to be adopted, the trial was confined to hardware and software specified. Furthermore, since the sample surveyed was small and not randomly selected, it would be difficult to apply the study's findings to the larger population (exact number not specified in the study of housebound and mobile library users of the Essex County system. For those who are considering the introduction of similar technology in a public library setting, the final report on the larger project of which this study was a part is available on the British Library website:

  17. Hatten af for Cohens skønheder og skyggesider

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mortensen, Lise Majgaard


    Der er højt til loftet i Aarhus Teaters nye teaterkoncert, som behandler selveste Leonard Cohens lyriske univers. Det er svært at lade være med at sammenligne forestillingen her med Nick Cave Teaterkoncerten, der gik sin sejrsgang i 2007 og 2008. Men det skal man ikke. Instruktøren er den samme....... Men hvor ’Nick Cave’ var rå, grim, provokerende og uanstændig, er ’Leonard Cohen’ en skrøbelig gentleman med en skyggeside....

  18. Dilute Al and V NMR in α-Ti

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Chou, L.H.; Rowland, T.J.


    We report a nuclear-magnetic-resonance investigation of four titanium alloys: Ti--1 at. % V, Ti--2 at. % V, Ti--1 at. % Al, and Ti--2 at. % Al. Interpretation of the experimental 51 V and 27 Al absorption curves was accomplished largely by comparison with computer-simulated curves. Since the latter include the effects of nuclear-quadrupole and anisotropic Knight-shift interactions, dipolar broadening, and inhomogeneous Knight shift for the V and Al solute nuclei, the comparison yields experimental values for the electric-field gradient, axially symmetric anistropic Knight shift, and isotropic Knight shift, from which we attempt to deduce the local charge distribution at the V or Al atoms in the hcp α-Ti matrix. We find that the localized states on an Al impurity exhibit very little of the character of the host Ti atomic structure. There is no orbital contribution to the Knight shift and the s conduction-electron density at Al sites is small. On the other hand, when vanadium is present as a dilute solute in the Ti lattice, only minor changes in its Knight shift are found. There is a large orbital-shift contribution, and the V nuclear absorption exhibits much the same character as in pure metallic V; there is, however, clear evidence of the V charge distribution assuming the hexagonal symmetry of the Ti lattice. The measured temperature dependences of the anisotropic Knight shift and electric-field-gradient values at V solute sites in Ti are also discussed. On partitioning the field gradient we find that the contribution from local non-s electrons is about two to five times larger in magnitude than the Ti-lattice ion value, a strong indication that the electronic structure near V (but not Al) resembles that of the matrix Ti

  19. An analysis of the feeling of absolute dependence

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    intelligible way. The author argues that systematic theology's obligation to rationality must at least include a dialectic interplay of interpretative schemes, events and experience. Communication is sha/ing the wonder of experience with other people. Therefore I am dedicated to communicate throu^i music. Leonard Bcmstcin.

  20. Abstracts of ARI Research Publications, FY 1976 (United States)


    relevance of other measures of job proficiency. TR-75-A7. Frederickson, E. W., Hermann, P. W., & Kubala , A. L. (Human Resources Research Organization...Kraemer, R. E., 25 Savell, J. M., 18, 22 Kubala , A. L., 34 Schreiber, E. M., 26 Scott, T. D., 3, 27 Leonard, R. J., Jr., 27, 28 Seeley, L. C., 19 Litton

  1. Children's Literature: Standing in the Shadow of Adults (United States)

    Enciso, Patricia; Wolf, Shelby A.; Coats, Karen; Jenkins, Christine


    This review analyzes three new texts about the history and meaning of children's literature: Leonard Marcus's "Minders of Make-Believe: Idealists, Entrepreneurs, and the Shaping of American Children's Literature"; Perry Nodelman's "The Hidden Adult: Defining Children's Literature"; and Rudine Sims Bishop's "Free Within Ourselves: The Development…

  2. Saksa vaim Kunstihoones

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Fotokunsti väljapanek "Ajastu vaim. Saksa moefotod 1945-1995". Kuraator F. C Gundlach. Esindatud kunstnikud Helmut Newton, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jürgen Teller, Charlotte Rohrbach, Norbert Leonard, Willy Maywald, Regi Relang, Hubs Flöter, Herbert Tobias, Rico Puhlmann, Will McBride, Charlotte March.

  3. What is Probability Theory?

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    IAS Admin

    He spends several months in India visiting schools, colleges and universities. He enjoys teaching mathematics and statistics at all levels. He loves Indian classical and folk music. This issue of Resonance features Joseph Leonard. Doob, who played a critical role in the devel- opment of probability theory in the world from.

  4. Two-Photon Polymerization of Embedded Features within Photonic Crystals (United States)


    1989, 8, 1371-1373. 2. Velev, O. D.; Jede, T. A.; Lobo , R. F.; Lenhoff, A. M. Nature 1997, 389, 447-448. 3. Lee, W. M.; Pruzinsky, S. A.; Braun, P. V...Braun, P. V. Langmuir 2004, 20, 3096-3106. 18. Blanco , A.; Chomski, E.; Grabtchak, S.; Ibisate, M.; John, S.; Leonard, S. W.; Lopez, C.; Meseguer, F

  5. Goal Planning and Pursuit: Mobile Application Development and Evaluation (United States)


    the effectiveness of these applications with Noncommissioned Officers enrolled in Advanced Leaders Courses at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. The media ...presented and discussed. 4 Application Specifications Based on discussions with academics and Noncommissioned Officer Educational System...could access, and additional coordination with the local information technology specialists to grant the required access. The wireless network at

  6. African Journal of Neurological Sciences - Vol 34, No 2 (2015)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Approche socio-culturelle de l'epilepsie en Cote d'Ivoire · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Felix Boa Yapo, Mariam Doumbia-Ouattara, Leonard Kouassi Kouame, Ismaila Diakite, Muriel Amon-Tanoh, Therese Sonan-Douayoua, 6-12 ...

  7. Microwave power coupling with electron cyclotron resonance ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    the electron, and B is the critical magnetic field. The microwave power gets ... to the partial reflection of the incident microwave power due to improper impedance matching [10]. However, this ..... LA-UR-87-126, LANL (1987). [16] F F Chen, R H Huddlestone and S L Leonard, Plasma diagnostics techniques (Academic,.

  8. Who owns English? Questioning the native speaker | Davies ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Reporting on his study of the Menomini Indians of Wisconsin, Leonard Bloomfield notes that “some persons are felt to be better models of conduct and speech than others” (Bloomfield 1927:396). Bloomfield was surprised to find such normative attitudes even in “a small community of people speaking a uniform language ...

  9. Sustainability Logistics Basing Science and Technology Objective. Demonstration #1 - 1000 Person Camp Demo (United States)


    coordination, logistics, integration with other systems and technologies, stakeholder engagements, data collection and authentication were done collectively...the Contingency Basing Integration and Technology Evaluation Center (CBITEC), Fort Leonard Wood, MO. This report does not include analysis of the...Although not documented in this report , this objective was met during the activities of Stakeholder Day. The MSAT tools, current findings, and approach

  10. Decision Environment and Heuristics in Individual and Collective Hypothesis Generation (United States)


    making analysis . Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 69, 149-163. Mueller, S. T., & Piper, B. J. (2014). The Psychology...U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Report 2013 Decision Environment...and Heuristics in Individual and Collective Hypothesis Generation Drew A. Leins Jim Leonard Laura A. Zimmerman Applied Research Associates

  11. The Potential for Restoration to Break the Grass/Fire Cycle in Dryland Ecosystems in Hawaii (United States)


    Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Mary Anne Nyburg Baker and G. Leonard Baker Jr., and William R. Hearst III. We... Stuart Smith. 2009. LiDAR utility for natural resource managers. Remote Sensing 1:934-951. Hughes, R. F., P. M. Vitousek, and T. Tunison. 1991. Alien

  12. Dewey and Video Games: From Education through Occupations to Education through Simulations (United States)

    Waddington, David I.


    Critics like Leonard Waks argue that video games are, at best, a dubious substitute for the rich classroom experiences that John Dewey wished to create and that, at worst, they are profoundly miseducative. Using the example of "Fate of the World," a climate change simulation game, David Waddington addresses these concerns through a…

  13. Annotating Percival Kirby's autobiography concerning his studies at ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Meer agtergrond word verskaf oor party van sy medestudente wat in Wits End genoem word (Aubrey Brain, Leonard Carrodus, James Friskin, Eugene Goossens, Arthur Hedges, Philip Levine, John Snowden en E. Douglas Tayler) en sy onderwysers (Lewis Barrett, Hubert Parry, Frederick J. Read, Stanford en Daniel S.

  14. The Impact of the National Minimum Wage on Employment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hafner, M.; Taylor, J; Pankowska, P.K.P.; Stepanek, M.; Nataraj, S.; van Stolk, C.


    This report includes the findings from a meta-analysis of the empirical UK national minimum wage literature. Similar to a previous UK minimum wage study by de Linde Leonard et al. (2014), this study finds no statistically significant aggregate adverse employment effect of the NMW and also no

  15. Journal of Biosciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Anthony B Lewis1 Michael D Taylor2 Jenny R Roberts2 Stephen S Leonard2 Xianglin Shi2 James M Antonini2. Department of Safety and Environmental Management, College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, Morgantown, WV 26506, USA; Health Effects Laboratory Division, National Institute for Occupational Safety ...

  16. Role of metal-induced reactive oxygen species generation in lung ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Anthony B Lewis1 Michael D Taylor2 Jenny R Roberts2 Stephen S Leonard2 Xianglin Shi2 James M Antonini2. Department of Safety and Environmental Management, College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, Morgantown, WV 26506, USA; Health Effects Laboratory Division, National Institute for Occupational Safety ...

  17. Desi Women on the Forty Acres: Exploring Intergenerational Issues and Identity Development of South Asian American College Students (United States)

    Ruzicka, Smita Sundaresan


    South Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing sub-groups within the Asian American population in the United States today. Between 1960 and 1990, the South Asian American population witnessed an increase of approximately 900% (Leonard, 1997). This increase in population also corresponds with the increase in South Asian American students…

  18. Ovarian Cancer in Ghana, a 10 Year Histopathological Review of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    AJRH Managing Editor

    Akakpo et al. Ovarian Cancer, Ghana. African Journal of Reproductive Health December 2015; 19 (4): 102. ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLE. Ovarian Cancer in Ghana, a 10 Year Histopathological Review of. Cases at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. Patrick K. Akakpo. 1*. , Leonard Derkyi-Kwarteng. 1. , Richard K. Gyasi. 2.

  19. Öö Leonardo ja Eesti Kunstimuuseum / Helena Risthein

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Risthein, Helena, 1954-


    Hollandi kunstnikust Leonard Bramerist (1596-1674) ja tema maalist "Kristuse vahi alla võtmine" (umbes 1625), mis osteti 1988. a. EKM-ile. 1940. a. EKM-i jõudnud, L. Bramerile omistatud maalist "Saul Endori nõia juures". Maalikunstnik Paulus Lesirest

  20. Juri Lotman Püha Graali otsinguil / L. G. C.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    L. G. C.


    Dokumentaalfilm semiootik Juri Lotmanist (1922-1993) "Lotmani maailm" : stsenaristid Agne Nelk, Rein Pakk : režissöör A. Nelk : produtsent Kiur Aarma : animatsioon Rait Siska : Ruut, 2008. Autoriks L. G. C. - Leonard Gaius Cohen e. Lemmit Kaplinski

  1. Ecstasy : [poems] / Marie Under

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Under, Marie, 1883-1980


    Autori lühitutvustus lk. 218. Sisu: Ecstasy ; Summer memory ; Night ; Tree with birds / transl. by W. K. Matthews ; How could I sleep ; With myself ; Evening ; The white page ; Accounts to render / transl. by Leonard Fox. Orig.: Ekstaas ; Suvine mälestus ; Öö ; Puu lindudega ; Kuis võiksin magada ; Endaga ; Õhtu ; Valge leht ; Aruand

  2. Conference on Receptor-Based Biosensors (3rd) Held in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, September 1987 (United States)


    and tetrodotoxin interact at the opening of this channel. Batrachotoxin , 19 scorpion toxins and, more recently the various snail toxins also interact...also see spontaneous activation of those channels that’s reminiscent of what happens with things like batrachotoxin and brevetoxin? Leonard: There is

  3. John Dewey on Listening and Friendship in School and Society (United States)

    Waks, Leonard J.


    In this essay, Leonard Waks examines John Dewey's account of listening, drawing on Dewey's writings to establish a direct connection in his work between listening and democracy. Waks devotes the first part of the essay to explaining Dewey's distinction between one-way or straight-line listening and transactional listening-in-conversation, and to…

  4. Preparing Students with Learning Disabilities for Writing Tasks: Introduction to a Special Issue (United States)

    Sperling, Marko; Grünke, Matthias


    Just as composing a story, a report, or an argumentative essay is challenging for most students with LD, so it is challenging for teachers in inclusive settings to instruct them (Gillespie & Kiuhara, 2017; Grünke & Leonard Zabel, 2015). The articles in this issue of "Insights into Learning Disabilities" are geared towards special…

  5. Large scale synthesis and characterization of Ni nanoparticles by ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    energy absorption, fuel cell electrodes, catalysts etc. So the synthesis of Ni nanoparticles has attracted considerable attention. Although many methods are used to prepare Ni particles (Pfeil and Leonard 1987; Degen and Matek. 1999; Zheng et al 2001; Ni et al 2003; Syukri et al 2003;. Hou and Gao 2004; Kumar et al 2004; ...

  6. The Lifetime Value of a Loyal Customer: What Can a Child Care Director Learn from Domino's Pizza and a Cadillac Dealer in Dallas? (United States)

    Copeland, Margaret Leitch; Gimilaro, Susan


    In "The Service Profit Chain," Harvard Business School professors James Heskett, Earl Sasser, and Leonard Schlesinger (1997) offer two anecdotes--from Domino's Pizza and a Dallas Cadillac dealership--that illuminate the concept of valuing a lifetime customer. Experts estimate that the lifetime value of a loyal Domino's Pizza customer is $4,000 and…

  7. Growth form and seasonal variation in leaf gas exchange of Colophospermum mopane savanna trees in northwest Botswana

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Veenendaal, E.M.; Mantlana, K.B.; Pammenter, N.W.; Weber, P.; Huntsman-Mapila, P.; Lloyd, J.


    We investigated differences in physiological and morphological traits between the tall and short forms of mopane (Colophospermum mopane (Kirk ex Benth.) Kirk ex J. Leonard) trees growing near Maun, Botswana on a Kalahari sandveld overlying an impermeable calcrete duricrust. We sought to determine if

  8. Experimental and Theoretical Study for the Assessment of the Conformational Stability of Polymethylene-Bridged Heteroaromatic Dimers: A Case of Unprecedented Folding

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Rai, S. K.; Singh, P.; Kumar, R.; Tewari, A. K.; Hostaš, Jiří; Gnanasekaran, Ramachandran; Hobza, Pavel


    Roč. 16, č. 3 (2016), s. 1176-1180 ISSN 1528-7483 R&D Projects: GA ČR GBP208/12/G016 Institutional support: RVO:61388963 Keywords : Leonard linker compounds * central bond length * crystallographic evidence Subject RIV: CF - Physical ; Theoretical Chemistry Impact factor: 4.055, year: 2016

  9. Toxicity of Tolyltriazole to Bacillus Microorganisms. (United States)


    Bacillus coagulans Microbacterium lacticum Jupiter Bacillus thuringiensis Bacillus thuringiensis Bacillus cereus Bacillus Bacillus thuringiensis...TOXICITY OF TOLYLTRIAZOLE TO BACILLUS MICROORGANISMS THESIS Christopher J. Leonard, First Lieutenant, USAF AFIT/GEE/ENV/OOM-12 Approved for...AND DATES COVERED Master’s Thesis 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE TOXICITY OF TOLYLTRIAZOLE TO BACILLUS MICROORGANISMS 6. AUTHOR(S) Christopher J

  10. Show me the road to hydrogen (United States)


    The Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) and Ford Motor Company demonstrated a shuttle bus service and hydrogen fueling facilities in rural Missouri near Ft. Leonard Wood. Initiated by a request from the U.S. Army Maneuver Sup...

  11. Journal of Biosciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Journal of Biosciences. Stephen S Leonard. Articles written in Journal of Biosciences. Volume 28 Issue 1 February 2003 pp 13-18. Role of metal-induced reactive oxygen species generation in lung responses caused by residual oil fly ash · Anthony B Lewis Michael D Taylor Jenny R Roberts Stephen S ...

  12. The potential of involving traditional practitioners in the scaling up of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The potential of involving traditional practitioners in the scaling up of male circumcision in the context of HIV prevention in Tanzania. Stella P. Kilima, Elizabeth H. Shayo, Judith Msovela, Kesheni P. Senkoro, Benjamin K. Mayala, Leonard E.G. Mboera, Julius J. Massaga ...

  13. Darkness into Light: The Dream Journal of an Addicted Trauma Survivor (United States)

    Southern, Stephen


    This article applies dream work to the case of an addicted survivor of sexual abuse trauma using models of C. G. Jung (1974) and L. S. Leonard (1989). It then relates the dreams of the fictional client to St. Teresa of Avila's (1577/1989) classic model for spiritual growth, The Interior Castle. The goal of working with dreams in the context of…

  14. 09i sepcover

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Science and engineering are inextricably tied to each other. It may surprise some of us to know that Leonard Euler, one of the greatest mathematicians humankind has ever produced, was involved in ship design and other engineering endeavours. Some of the instruments that James Clerk Maxwell built for his research laid ...

  15. Physical intelligence at work: Servant-leadership development for high performance (United States)

    Jim Saveland


    In October 2000, the RMRS Leadership Team attended a one-day seminar on leadership presented by Stephen Covey (1990). Covey talked about the role of a leader being respecting, integrating and developing body, heart, mind, and spirit. Integrating our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves is a popular theme (e.g. Leonard and Murphy 1995, Levey and Levey 1998,...

  16. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 201 - 250 of 571 ... Vol 13, No 5 (2011): Supplementary Issue, Impact of climate change on human health and health systems in Tanzania: a review, Abstract PDF. Leonard E.G. Mboera, Benjamin K. Mayala, Eliningaya J. Kweka, Humphrey D. Mazigo. Vol 6, No 2 (2004), Impact of cost and perceived quality on utilisation ...

  17. Comments from (United States)


    Oh, God. Yes, the debate about science and religion has kicked off once again, this time thanks to Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow's new book The Grand Design (2 September "God and the god particle"; 3 September "Talking Hawking and God"; 8 September "M-theory, religion and science funding on the BBC").

  18. Tanzania Journal of Health Research - Vol 20, No 2 (2018)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Socio-demographic determinants of dengue infection during an outbreak in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Neema Camara, Billy Ngasala, Germana Leyna, Ahmed Abade, Susan F. Rumisha, Ndekya M. Oriyo, Leonard ...

  19. Editorial Team

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Editors. Leonard E.G. Mboera, National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania, United Republic of; Siziwe S Khalatha, AJOL; Susan HL Murray, AJOL; Kate Snow, South Africa; Kim Barker, South Africa; Alistair Barker, South Africa; Roza Carvalho, South Africa; Denise van Rensburg. ISSN: 1821-9241. AJOL African ...

  20. Effects of carbamate and pyrethroid insecticides on cowpea ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The vessels in which the cowpea plants were raised were bottle-bottle assemblies. These were modiftcations of the. Leonard bottle-jar (LJ) assemblies described by Vincent. (1970). In the modified U, two, 500-ml beer bottle were used. One of the bottles had its base chopped-off and the other had its neek chopped off.

  1. Browse Author Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    BAKITA, Baraza la Kiswahili la Taifa · Bakize, Leonard H. Balige, Johanes Sylivester · Beja, S. Karisa · Bichwa, Saul S. Buberwa, A · Budebah, Christopher B. Bulaya, Joviet · Burundi, Rosemary N. 1 - 9 of 9 Items. ISSN: 0856-552X. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians ...

  2. Aid for the Visually Impaired (United States)


    Viewstar is a video system that magnifies and focuses words so partially sighted people can read or type from printed or written copy. Invented by Dr. Leonard Weinstein, a Langley engineer, the device enables Sandra Raven, Weinstein's stepdaughter, who is legally blind, to work as a clerk typist. Weinstein has also developed other magnification systems for individual needs.

  3. Mediation in political conflicts – Soft power or counter culture?

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    America and Northern Ireland. Professor Jacques Faget, researcher and legal expert, aims to transcend the. Realist, Western-biased, state-centred politics of a bygone age. He sets out to explore the effectiveness of a new 'soft power' mediation culture to solve global. * Dr Leonard Suransky has taught at several universities ...

  4. 78 FR 18806 - Standard Instrument Approach Procedures, and Takeoff Minimums and Obstacle Departure Procedures... (United States)


    ..., Columbia Rgnl, ILS OR LOC/DME RWY 2, Amdt 15 Fort Leonard Wood, MO, Waynesville-St. Robert Rgnl Forney Fld... RWY 32, Amdt 6 Poplar, MT, Poplar Muni, RNAV (GPS) RWY 9, Orig Poplar, MT, Poplar Muni, RNAV (GPS) RWY...

  5. A Study on Building an Efficient Job Shadowing Management Methodology for the Undergraduate Students (United States)

    Sakoda, Koichi; Takahashi, Masakazu


    This paper describes heuristic knowledge through the job-shadowing project at the International University of Kagoshima, Japan. Job shadowing is one of the conventional in-house trainings given to the executive trainee cadets in North America and proved the effect of training in Leonard's paper for the conventional target such as the executive…

  6. Genetics Home Reference: ethylmalonic encephalopathy (United States)

    ... 0004.2010.01457.x. Citation on PubMed García-Silva MT, Ribes A, Campos Y, Garavaglia B, Arenas ... R, Lamantea E, Mandel H, Balestri P, Garcia-Silva MT, Vollmer B, Rinaldo P, Hahn SH, Leonard ...

  7. GIS tools for strategic SB375 planning and program participation (United States)


    The just-completed (2009-2010) phase of this project corresponds to the second year of an envisioned three-year initiative on integrated transportation and land use planning supported by the Leonard Transportation Center (LTC) and USDOT, and performe...

  8. The Evolution of Adjudicative Guidelines in the Department of Defense (United States)

    2011-09-01 Hadley, S.J. (2005, December 29). Memorandum for William Leonard, Director, Information Security Oversight Office from the...of Justice, Office of the Inspector General. (1997). A review of the FBI’s performance in uncovering the espionage activities of Aldrich Hazen Ames

  9. 78 FR 58580 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; Order Approving... (United States)


    ..., dated July 10, 2013 (``Speyer Letter''); and Leonard Steiner, Attorney, dated July 10, 2013 (``Steiner..., Neuman Letter, Sanders Letter, Speyer Letter, St. John's Law Letter, and Steiner Letter. \\13\\ See... Letter, and Steiner Letter. See also Pace Law Letter. \\15\\ See Bakhtiari Letter and Sanders Letter. \\16...

  10. 76 FR 45631 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; Notice of Filing... (United States)


    ..., President, Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association (``PIABA Comment''); Leonard Steiner, Steiner & Libo P.C., Oct. 11, 2010 (``Steiner Comment''); Dale Ledbetter, Ledbetter & Associates, P.A., Oct. 13... the proceedings.\\42\\ \\39\\ Stephens Comment, Steiner Comment, Ledbetter Comment, and Cornell Comment...

  11. Sugarcane in vitro culture technology: Opportunities for Kenya's ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    sunny t

    Richard Wekesa1*, Justus M. Onguso2, Bernard A. Nyende2 and Leonard S. Wamocho3. 1Department of Agriculture and Animal Science, Bukura Agricultural College, P.O. Box 23-50105, Bukura, Kenya. 2Institute of Biotechnology Research, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, P.O. Box 62000-00200,.

  12. Journal of East African Natural History - Vol 93 (2004)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The first herbarium botanist in Nairobi · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Leonard E Newton, 49-55.[49:TFHBIN]2.0.CO;2 ...

  13. Abiodun & Adeleke (19)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    variations on level of adolescent sexual initiation among Nigerian women as well as a clear evidence of nonlinear ... (HIV); increased risk of human papilloma virus ..... Predictors of risky sexual behavior among adolescents in. Tanzania. AIDS and Behaviours. 13: 94-99. Mmbaga, E.J., Leonard, F. and Leyna, G.H. 2012.

  14. Alcoholism and Familial Abuse: Enhancement of Quality Force Programs Using a Companion-Problem Approach (United States)


    L.S. "Wife Abuse: A Sociological Study of Battered Women." Victimology . (4) 1979, pp 2 5 8 - 2 6 5 . 39. Leonard, Kenneth E., Evelyn J. Promet...of Addictions. (14) 1979, pp1103-1115. 49.’ Rounsaville, B. "Theories in Marital Violence: Evidence "from a Study of Battered Women." Victimology . (3

  15. Reason and Culture in Cosmopolitan Education (United States)

    Waks, Leonard J.


    In this essay, Leonard Waks reviews three recent books on cosmopolitan education: Kwame Anthony Appiah's "Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers"; Neil Burtonwood's "Cultural Diversity, Liberal Pluralism, and Schools: Isaiah Berlin and Education"; and Thomas Popkewitz's "Cosmopolitanism and the Age of School Reform: Science, Education and…

  16. Engineer: The Professional Bulletin of Army Engineers. Volume 41, May-August 2011 (United States)


    Company, 92d Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade, Fort Stew - art, Georgia, U.S. Army Forces Command. Sturgis Medal: Staff Sergeant Jeremiah C...award recipients were recognized during ENFORCE 2011 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Regimental Awards Engineer 15May–August 2011 This article

  17. Correct English for Modern Needs. (United States)

    Pooley, Robert C.


    Reprints an article originally published in 1932. Discusses the development of S. Leonard's book "Current English Usage." Suggests that the monograph stands as a symbol of a spirit and attitude in the teaching of English which will have far-reaching influence in determining the course of study and content of English instruction in the future. (RS)

  18. An Instance of Tick Feeding to Repletion Inside a Human Nostril (United States)


    disturbed or reforested areas. On about 29 June 2008, Aron - sen noted an unusual sensation in his right nos- tril and determined that a tick had attached...Lazo-Wasem and Lawrence F. Gall for taking the photographs and for editorial advice, and Leonard E. Munster- mann, Raymond J. Pupedis and William L

  19. 75 FR 49481 - Procurement List; Additions and Deletion (United States)


    ..., Augusta, GA. Service Type/Location: Custodial Service, Fort Leonard Wood, MO. NPA: Challenge Unlimited..., PA. Service Type/Location: Custodial Service, U.S. Department of Energy, Forrestal Complex, 1000... Energy, Headquarters Procurement Services, Washington, DC. Service Type/Location: Custodial Service...

  20. Fulltext PDF

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Science and engineering are inextricably tied to each other. It may surprise some of us to know that Leonard Euler, one of the greatest mathematicians humankind has ever produced, was involved in ship design and other engineering endeavours. Some of the instruments that James Clerk Maxwell built for his research laid ...

  1. Determining vancomycin clearance in an overweight and obese population. (United States)

    Leong, Julie V B; Boro, Maureen S; Winter, Michaele


    Two methods of calculating vancomycin clearance were compared to determine the best body weight measure to use when dosing vancomycin for overweight and obese patients. Hospitalized veterans weighing more than 120% of their ideal body weight (IBW) with serum vancomycin concentrations (SVCs) drawn between January 1, 2003, and June 30, 2005, were eligible for study inclusion. Exclusion criteria included weight of more than 300% the IBW, unstable renal function, dialysis, uncertain vancomycin dosing or sampling times, and distribution-phase sampling. Data from January 1 through December 31, 2003 (phase 1) determined the best-fit weight for vancomycin clearance for the Leonard and Boro method. The bias and precision of the modified Leonard and Boro method using the best-fit weight for vancomycin clearance were then compared with those of the Rushing and Ambrose method for predicting SVCs from January 1, 2004, through June 30, 2005 (phase 2). Forty-eight patients were included in phase 1, with 67 SVCs for analysis. During phase 1, adjusted body weight (ABW), using the Leonard and Boro method, was superior in predicting vancomycin clearance and the resultant SVCs. A total of 96 patients were included in phase 2 of the study, with 160 SVCs for analysis. The modified Leonard and Boro method was significantly more precise than the Rushing and Ambrose method in predicting vancomycin clearance. Use of ABW proved to be superior compared with total body weight when estimating vancomycin clearance in overweight and obese patients. While there was no difference in bias between methods, the modified Leonard and Boro method was significantly more precise than the Rushing and Ambrose method in predicting SVCs when dosing vancomycin for obese patients.

  2. Viajando con Don Quijote en el siglo XXI

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Odilíe Rojas-López


    Full Text Available Don Quixote has ridden with us for a long time now, and as if his fight against windmills were not enough, Don Quixote still has many more difficult situations to combat in the present times. Will the Knight of the Sad Figure accomplish this new deed? It is our challenge to find an answer to this inquiry. For this purpose, the author of this essay inserts the Knight of the Sad Figure in XXI century society. The author transforms the values, costumes and points of view of the times of the literary piece and establishes a series of relationships between the literary text, the main character and several current daily life situations. Don Quixote will certainly continue his fight against all the conditions we encounter nowadays. There is no doubt, then, that this knight still lives among us.

  3. Hyperfine interaction of 13O and 23Mg implanted in Pt

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Matsuta, K.; Yoshida, K.; Ozawa, A.; Momota, S.; Kobayashi, T.; Tanihata, I.; Alonso, J.R.; Krebs, G.F.; Symons, T.J.M.


    The spin relaxation time T 1 for short-lived beta emitters 13 O and 23 Mg implanted in Pt have been measured for the first time; T 1 T( 13 O)=2.90±0.65 Ks and T 1 T( 23 Mg)=1665±140 Ks. The Knight shift for 13 O in Pt was measured at 300 K to be K( 13 O)=+(4.23±0.14).10 -3 . In the case of 13 O, the Knight shift is unusually large and the relaxation time is unusually fast compared with other interstitial impurities in Pt. A KKR band-structure calculation reproduces the present large Knight shift fairly well. (orig.)

  4. Sweep-twist adaptive rotor blade : final project report.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ashwill, Thomas D.


    Knight & Carver was contracted by Sandia National Laboratories to develop a Sweep Twist Adaptive Rotor (STAR) blade that reduced operating loads, thereby allowing a larger, more productive rotor. The blade design used outer blade sweep to create twist coupling without angled fiber. Knight & Carver successfully designed, fabricated, tested and evaluated STAR prototype blades. Through laboratory and field tests, Knight & Carver showed the STAR blade met the engineering design criteria and economic goals for the program. A STAR prototype was successfully tested in Tehachapi during 2008 and a large data set was collected to support engineering and commercial development of the technology. This report documents the methodology used to develop the STAR blade design and reviews the approach used for laboratory and field testing. The effort demonstrated that STAR technology can provide significantly greater energy capture without higher operating loads on the turbine.

  5. Food limitation and the recovery of sea otters following the 'Exxon Valdez' oil spill (United States)

    Dean, Thomas A.; Bodkin, James L.; Fukuyama, Allan K.; Jewett, Stephen C.; Monson, Daniel H.; O'Clair, Charles E.; VanBlaricom, Glenn R.


    We examined the potential role of food limitation in constraining the recovery of sea otters Enhydra lutris in Prince William Sound, Alaska, following the 'Exxon Valdez' oil spill. The spill resulted in the removal of a large number of sea otters in 1989, and as of 1998, the portion of the population in the heavily oiled northern Knight Island region had not fully recovered. Between 1996 and 1998, prey consumption rate was higher and the condition of sea otters was better at northern Knight Island than in an unoiled area of the sound (Montague Island). Estimates of prey energy available per unit mass of sea otter were about 4 times higher at Knight than Montague Island, albeit not significantly different between the 2 areas. Over this same period, the number of sea otters remained constant at northern Knight Island but increased at Montague Island. These data suggest that food was at least as abundant at Knight than at Montague Island, and that recovery of sea otters via intrinsic population growth was limited by factors other than food. However, the availability of food, the prey consumption rate, and the condition of sea otters were all much lower at both Knight and Montague Islands than in areas newly occupied by sea otters where the population growth rate was near the theoretical maximum. It is possible that the relatively short supply of food (compared to areas where sea otter population growth rate was high) may have inhibited immigration or interacted with other factors (e.g. oil-induced mortality or predation) to restrict sea otter population growth. Nonetheless, these data suggest that impacts of anthropogenic disturbances on large, often food-limited vertebrate predators can persist in spite of the availability of food resources that are sufficient for intrinsic population growth.

  6. The Effect of Medical Student Volunteering in a Student-Run Clinic on Specialty Choice for Residency. (United States)

    Brown, Ashley; Ismail, Rahim; Gookin, Glenn; Hernandez, Caridad; Logan, Grace; Pasarica, Magdalena


     Student-run free clinics (SRFCs) are a recent popular addition to medical school education, and a subset of studies has looked at the influence of SRFC volunteering on the medical student's career development. The majority of the research done in this area has focused on understanding if these SRFCs produce physicians who are more likely to practice medicine in underserved communities, caring for the uninsured. The remainder of the research has investigated if volunteering in an SRFC influences the specialty choice of medical school students. The results of these specialty choice studies give no definitive answer as to whether medical students chose primary or specialty care residencies as a result of their SRFC experience. Keeping Neighbors in Good Health through Service (KNIGHTS) is the SRFC of the University of Central Florida College of Medicine (UCF COM). Both primary and specialty care is offered at the clinic. It is the goal of this study to determine if volunteering in the KNIGHTS SRFC influences UCF COM medical students to choose primary care, thereby helping to meet the rising need for primary care physicians in the United States.  A survey was distributed to first, second, and third-year medical students at the UCF COM to collect data on demographics, prior volunteering experience, and specialty choice for residency. Responses were then combined with records of volunteer hours from the KNIGHTS Clinic and analyzed for correlations. We analyzed the frequency and Pearson's chi-squared values. A p value of less than 0.05 was considered statistically significant.  Our survey had a total response rate of 39.8%. We found that neither the act of becoming a KNIGHTS Clinic volunteer nor the hours volunteered at the KNIGHTS Clinic influenced the UCF COM student's choice to enter a primary care specialty (p = NS). Additionally, prior volunteering/clinical experience or the gender of the medical school student did not influence a student's choice to volunteer at

  7. β-NMR of a thin Pt film (United States)

    Fan, I.; Chow, K. H.; Parolin, T. J.; Egilmez, M.; Hossain, M. D.; Jung, J.; Keeler, T. A.; Kiefl, R. F.; Kreitzman, S. R.; Levy, C. D. P.; Ma, R.; Morris, G. D.; Pearson, M. R.; Saadaoui, H.; Salman, Z.; Smadella, M.; Song, Q.; Wang, D.; Xu, M.; MacFarlane, W. A.


    We report beta-detected NMR ( β-NMR) measurements on a 50 nm thick platinum (Pt) film grown on a magnesium oxide (MgO) substrate. The frequency of the β-NMR resonance in Pt was compared to the MgO reference frequency to estimate the Knight shift at various temperatures (100-300 K). The Knight shift was found to be negative and strongly temperature dependent. The implications are discussed and compared to other transition metals that have been studied via β-NMR previously.

  8. Advanced Optical Fibers for High power Fiber lasers (United States)


    silica single-mode opti‐ cal fiber with photonic crystal cladding,” Opt. Lett. 21, 1547 -1549 (1996). [4] T.A. Birks, J.C. Knight and P.St.J. Russell...Kozlov, J. Hernández-Cordero, R. L. Shubochkin, A. L. G. Carter, and T. F. Morse, “Silica–Air Double-Clad Optical Fiber,” IEEE Photonics Technology...Percival, G. Bouwmans, J.C. Knight, T.A. Birks, T.D. Hedley, and P.St.J. Russell, “Very high numerical aperture fibers,” IEEE Photonic Technology Letters

  9. Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Godoy Gallardo


    Full Text Available The analysis centers on the intervention of Sansón Carrasco in the life of Don Quijote. The ir a key figure that fulfills a double function: to cheer up Don Quijote so that he may go out for the third time and also to induce him to return home. For this, Sansón Carrasco assumes the personalities of "The Knight of the Mirrors" (El caballero de los Espejos and "The Knight of the White Moon" (El caballero de la Blanca Luna" In this way he becomes a destinct figure from the structural angle of the text as much as in the configuration of the thematic world.

  10. How do Category Managers Manage?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hald, Kim Sundtoft; Sigurbjornsson, Tomas


    firm is observed while providing accounts of their progress and results in meetings. We conclude that the network management classification scheme originally deve loped by Harland and Knight (2001) and Knight and Harland (2005) is a valuable and fertile theoretical framework for the analysis......The aim of this research is to explore the managerial role of category managers in purchasing. A network management perspective is adopted. A case based research methodology is applied, and three category managers managing a diverse set of component and service categories in a global production...... of the role of the category manager in purchasing....

  11. NMR of mercury in porous coal and silica gel

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kasperovich, V.S.; Charnaya, E.V.; Tien, C.; Wur, C.S.


    Temperature dependences of the integral intensity and NMR signals Knight shift in 199 Hg nuclei are measured for liquid and solid mercury introduced into the porous coal and silica gel. The decrease in the crystallization completion temperature and small temperature hysteresis (from 4 up to 9 K) between melting and crystallization are identified. Mercury melting temperature in pores coincided with melting temperature of the bulk mercury. NMR signal from crystalline mercury under conditions of limited geometry was observed for the first time. It is ascertained that Knight shift for mercury in the pores both in liquid and crystalline phases is lesser than for the bulk mercury [ru

  12. beta-NMR of a thin Pt film

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fan, I., E-mail: ifan@phys.ualberta.c [Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, T6G 2G7 (Canada); Chow, K.H. [Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, T6G 2G7 (Canada); Parolin, T.J. [Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1 (Canada); Egilmez, M. [Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, T6G 2G7 (Canada); Hossain, M.D. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1 (Canada); Jung, J. [Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, T6G 2G7 (Canada); Keeler, T.A.; Kiefl, R.F. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1 (Canada); Kreitzman, S.R.; Levy, C.D.P. [TRIUMF, 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 2A3 (Canada); Ma, R. [Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, T6G 2G7 (Canada); Morris, G.D.; Pearson, M.R. [TRIUMF, 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 2A3 (Canada); Saadaoui, H. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1 (Canada); Salman, Z. [Clarendon Laboratory, Department of Physics, Oxford University, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PU (United Kingdom); ISIS Facility, Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon, UK OX11 0QX (United Kingdom); Smadella, M.; Song, Q.; Wang, D. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1 (Canada); Xu, M. [TRIUMF, 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 2A3 (Canada); MacFarlane, W.A. [Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1 (Canada)


    We report beta-detected NMR (beta-NMR) measurements on a 50 nm thick platinum (Pt) film grown on a magnesium oxide (MgO) substrate. The frequency of the beta-NMR resonance in Pt was compared to the MgO reference frequency to estimate the Knight shift at various temperatures (100-300 K). The Knight shift was found to be negative and strongly temperature dependent. The implications are discussed and compared to other transition metals that have been studied via beta-NMR previously.

  13. NMR studies of metallic tin confined within porous matrices

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Charnaya, E. V.; Tien, Cheng; Lee, M. K.; Kumzerov, Yu. A.


    119 Sn NMR studies were carried out for metallic tin confined within synthetic opal and porous glass. Tin was embedded into nanoporous matrices in the melted state under pressure. The Knight shift for liquid confined tin was found to decrease with decreasing pore size. Correlations between NMR line shapes, Knight shift, and pore filling were observed. The melting and freezing phase transitions of tin under confinement were studied through temperature dependences of NMR signals upon warming and cooling. Melting of tin within the opal matrix agreed well with the liquid skin model suggested for small isolated particles. The influence of the pore filling on the melting process was shown

  14. Suur sõjaväeõppus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Tapal algab sõjaväeõppusele Saber Strike eelnev staabiõppus Saber Knight. Eesti on 2016. aastal Saber Strike'i juhtriik, õppusest võtab osa ligi 10 000 sõdurit 13st NATO liitlas- ja partnerriigigist

  15. In stream habitat and stock restoration for salmon otter creek barrier bypass subproject. Restoration project 94139-b1. Exxon Valdez oil spill restoration project final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wedemeyer, K.; Gillikin, D.


    In 1994, two barrier falls on Otter Creek, Bay of Isles, Knight Island, Prince William Sound were modified to provide upstream passage to adult pink salmon (Onchorhynchus gorbuscha). The falls were modified by using wire basket gabions, rock drills and wooden weir structures. In addition, an existing set of Alaska steeppasses were maintained and slightly modified for efficient passage of salmon.

  16. Did language evolve like the vertebrate eye? Rudolf P. Botha ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Kirby, S., 2000. Syntax without natural selection: How compositionality emerges from vocabulary in a population of learners. In: Knight, C., Studdert-Kennedy, M., Hurford,. J.R. (Eds.), The Evolutionary Emergence of Language. Social Functions and the Origins of Linguistic Form. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp.

  17. South African Medical Journal - Vol 98, No 6 (2008)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV programme: South Africa · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. R Geddes, S Knight, S Reid, J Giddy, T Esterhuizen, C Roberts, 458-462 ...

  18. The Role of Religion in the Mexican Drug War (United States)


    Estados Unidos Mexicanos, last modified 2011, 17 Mexico has decided since its knights-templar-drug-cartel-issues-code-conduct/ Presidencia de La Republica, Estados Unidos

  19. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Aquatic flora including the bryophytes, podostemonads, rhodophytes and macrophytes are important in freshwater ecosystems. This is because they are productive (Cooper & Knight, 1985), provide food for birds (Batzer et al., 1993) and fish (Crowder & Cooper, 1982), as well as play other important roles in ecological.

  20. Strategic Review of the Student Visa Program 2011. Go8 Response (United States)

    Group of Eight (NJ1), 2011


    The current and first independent review of Australia's student visa program by The Honorable Michael Knight AO is a welcome indication of the Government's recognition of the importance of international education to Australian society. It represents a crucial opportunity for reform to ensure Australian education institutions can compete for the…

  1. Management Studies, Cultural Criticism and American Dreams

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Guthey, Eric


    The article reviews three books related to industrial management, including "False Prophets: The Gurus Who Created Modern Management and Why Their Ideas Are Bad for Business Today," by James Hoopes, "Organization and Innovation: Guru Schemes and American Dreams," by David Knights and Darren Mc...

  2. 75 FR 20533 - Interpretation of “Children's Product” (United States)


    ... used as an imaginary knight's lance, a horse, a magical flying vehicle, or another role-playing prop..., children become very interested in role-playing, and they desire increasingly more realistic props during..., shelving units, televisions, digital music players, ceiling fans, humidifiers, air purifiers, window...

  3. A hyperstable neural network for the modelling and control of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    of nonlinear systems. K WARWICK1├, Q M ZHU2 and Z MA3. 1 Department of Cybernetics, University of Reading, PO Box 225, White- knights, Reading RG6 6AY, UK ... The algorithm which is described is now open to comparison with other ..... Harris C J, Billings S A 1985 Self-tuning control: Theory and applications rev.

  4. Subjective well-being, reference groups and relative standing in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Previous studies on the determinants of subjective well-being concur on the importance of relative income, i.e., the fact that individuals' subjective well-being is dependent on how well they are doing in relation to their reference group. Using South African data from 1993, Kingdon and Knight (2006, 2007) found that in ...

  5. Statistical Software Engineering (United States)


    multiversion software subject to coincident errors. IEEE Trans. Software Eng. SE-11:1511-1517. Eckhardt, D.E., A.K Caglayan, J.C. Knight, L.D. Lee, D.F...J.C. and N.G. Leveson. 1986. Experimental evaluation of the assumption of independence in multiversion software. IEEE Trans. Software

  6. Bioguided investigation of the antimalarial activities of Trema orientalis

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 28, 2015 ... intravenous injection with 1 × 107 parasitized red blood cells, they were administered with 100, 200, 400, 600, 800 mg/kg/day doses of the acetone extract of T. orientalis for four consecutive days or chloroquine 10 mg/kg/day for 3 days (Knight and Peters, 1980). Parasite count was estimated by microscopic ...

  7. Civic Fragmentation or Voluntary Association? Habermas, Fraser, and Charter School Segregation (United States)

    Wilson, Terri S.


    In this essay, Terri Wilson puts the argument developed by Kathleen Knight Abowitz that charter schools could be considered as counterpublic spaces into interaction with empirical research that explores patterns of voluntary self-segregation in charter schools. Wilson returns to the theoretical tension between Jurgen Habermas and Nancy Fraser over…

  8. UJAS 13.pmd

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Gene action and heritability of blast resistance in GULU-E was determined from crosses between. GULU-E as female parent ... under controlled conditions and disease reaction indicated that resistance is partially dominant and additive based on mid ..... Financial support by Bio-innovate and Mc- knight through RUFORUM ...

  9. Untitled

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Knight J C, Leveson N G 1986 Proc. of 16th Int. Symp. on Fault Tolerant Computing, Vienna (Silver. Spring, MD: IEEE Comput. Soc. Press) pp. 165–170. Kopetz H 1985 in Resilient computing systems (London: Collins). Lampson B, Sturgis H 1981 Lect. Notes Comput. Sci. 105: 246—265. Lee P A, Anderson T 1985 in ...

  10. Third harmonic generation of CO2 laser radiation in AgGaSe2 crystal

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    6] G C Catella and D Burlage, Materials Research Society Bulletin (USA) 23(7), 28 (1998). [7] Eiko Takaoka and Kiyoshi Kato, Opt. Lett. 24, 902 (1999). [8] C L Marquardt, D G Cooper, P A Budni, M G Knights, K L Schepler, R DeDomenico and ...

  11. Joint Terminal Attack Controllers Sensors and Lasers Modernization (United States)


    Knight, G. Mashanov, J. E. Molloy (2012, June 22), Single Molecule Measurements and Biological Motors [online], Available : http://www2...Outbrief for DC, CD&I,” Deputy Commandant for Combat Development & Integration , Quantico, Va. May, 2011 [17] RICOR (2012, June 19), Integral Stirling

  12. Across-Task Conflict Regulation: A Replication Failure (United States)

    Runger, Dennis; Schwager, Sabine; Frensch, Peter A.


    Fernandez-Duque and Knight (2008, Experiment 4) described an across-task effect of endogenously generated, anticipatory control: A cue that predicted conflict in an upcoming Eriksen flanker task modulated conflict regulation in a subsequent number Stroop task. In 3 experiments, 1 of which included an exact replication condition, we failed to…

  13. Next Generation Information Systems Architectures (United States)


    networks. Furthermore, we present visualization of the collected data for the purpose of exploratory analysis. It helps identify large-scale trends ...W. McKnight, “Wireless Internet Access: 3G vs. WiFi?” Cambridge: Center for eBusiness , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002. Available at

  14. The Fine Art of Writing a Will

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Blicher, Henrik


    A thorough examination of Jens Baggesen’s use of Don Quijote in his acclaimed 18th century sentimental travelogue proves the young Danish classicist to be an ardent reader as well as a bold bricoleur. Jens Baggesen has chosen the knight of the sad countenance as his travelling companion...

  15. Excessive Alcohol Use Can Be a Problem (A Cup of Health with CDC)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Excessive alcohol consumption can result in severe health, social, and financial problems. In this podcast Dr. Lela McKnight-Eily discusses the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.  Created: 3/30/2017 by MMWR.   Date Released: 3/30/2017.

  16. Predicting Recidivism with the Psychopathy Checklist: Are Factor Score Composites Really Necessary? (United States)

    Walters, Glenn D.; Wilson, Nick J.; Glover, Anthony J. J.


    In two previous studies on general and violent recidivism (Walters & Heilbrun, 2010; Walters, Knight, Grann, & Dahle, 2008), the summed composite antisocial facet of the Psychopathy Checklist displayed incremental validity relative to the other 3 facets (interpersonal, affective, lifestyle), whereas the other 3 facets generally failed to…

  17. Variation in species richness among the offshore islands of the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    lected vascular plants (Miss S.J. Milton); our colleague,. John Cooper, and his assistants for the many records they have made and made available for our analysis; our colleague, Richard Knight, for supplementary calcula- tions, the correspondence analysis and discussions; Miss. F. Keiller, Zoology student at the University ...

  18. 75 FR 11916 - Chrysler LLC, Manufacturing Truck and Activity Division, Jefferson North Assembly Plant... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration [TA-W-63,000] Chrysler LLC, Manufacturing Truck and Activity Division, Jefferson North Assembly Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Technical Engineering Consultants, Inc. and, Caravan Knight Facilities Management: Detroit, MI; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Appl...

  19. Plenary Paper Objectifs et priorités pour la conservation des oiseaux ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Thomas Brooks, Luciano Andriamaro, Roy Gereau, Frank Hawkins, Kim Howell, David Knox, Penny Langhammer, John F Lamoreux, Porter P Lowry II, Quentin Luke, Paul Matiku, Meghan W McKnight, Charles Msuya, Robinson Mugo, Harison Rabarison, Zo Lalaina Rakotobe, Harison Randrianasolo ...

  20. Warm Pants and Wild Places: Domestic Anxieties in Malory’s Morte D’Arthur and T. H. White’s The Once and Future King

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    McCausland, Elly


    Thomas Malory’s 'Morte D’Arthur' depicts the centripetal activities of questing knights as they continually return to the safety of the court following trials in the forest or battlefield, but posits the domestic spaces of Camelot as equally perilous, associated with the ultimate collapse of the ...

  1. Archivium audientiarum processus contra Ordinem Militiae Templi. A new method of computer cataloging and of statistical study on the process against the Templars (1307-1312

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barbara Frale


    Full Text Available The article offers a model for the analysis and indexing of medieval court records. It applies that model to the case study of the early fourteenth-century indictment of the Knights Templar and makes a few examples.

  2. Proceedings of the Conference on the Design of Experiments in Army Research, Development, and Testing (33rd) (United States)


    ancient, of successful use of constructed defensive positions can be given ad infinitum. Among the crusading orders, the Templars and Hospitalers early...periods of time. (in their f ortrs at flagdebwr, the Teutonic Knights always kept ten yar*s provisions for men and horses.) Thirdly. fortified

  3. Using Community Mapping in Human Ecology (United States)

    Robinson, Chery M.; Vineyard, Michelle L.; Reagor, Jane D.


    Community asset mapping is one approach to community assessment. According to Kretzmann and McKnight (1993), discovering the assets, capacities, and resources embedded in a community leads people to take responsibility for and ownership of rebuilding and renewing their community. Community mapping is a tool for consideration by family and consumer…

  4. Poetry corner. (United States)

    Fox Lee, Shayna


    This section briefly presents poetry with a psychology theme. This submission was made by The Cummings Center for the History of Psychology's reference archivist Lizette Royer. Two transcribed poems by Knight Dunlap are presented. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  5. On the world stage | IDRC - International Development Research ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Jul 8, 2011 ... In July 2008, he was invited to present his research at a London School of Economics conference on the rise of China and India. ... Lu Ming speaks highly of his mentors – Cai Fang, director of the Institute of Population and Labour Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and John Knight, ...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... of the parameten studied and the results are considered in relation to the validity of extrapolation of laboratory data to field conditions. INTRODUCTION. Recent studies on fish have attempted to establish "normal" and "standard" haematological values (McKnight 1966; Farghally et 01. 1973; Hattingh 1973; McCarthy et 01.

  7. Potential transmission of Pantoea spp. and Serratia marcescens (Enterobacteriales: Enterobacteriaceae) to plants by Lygus hesperus (Hemiptera: Miridae) (United States)

    Lygus hesperus Knight (Hemiptera: Miridae) is a key agricultural pest in the western United States. In a recent study, proteins from Pantoea ananatis and Serratia marcescens (Enterobacteriales: Enterobacteriaceae) were identified in diet that was stylet-probed and fed upon by L. hesperus adults. P...

  8. IPJP 12(2) - Evidence.indb

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    (Nietzsche, 2001,#381). This provocative quotation originates in Friedrich. Nietzsche's 1882/1887 publication, The Gay Science. (2001). The title of the book refers specifically to the art of poetry, in particular as it was practiced in. Provence in the twelfth century by troubadours. The troubadours were singers, knights and free ...

  9. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 101 - 122 of 122 ... ... Adiponectin and Ghrelin, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Status in Cuban Americans, Abstract PDF. FG Huffman, K Knight- Sepulveda, M McLean, JA Vaccaro, GG Zarini. Vol 2, No 3 (2009), Serum Lipid and Lipoprotein Profile in Nigerian Patients with Haematological Malignancies, Abstract PDF.

  10. Untitled

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    et al. in India [3] who found a 96% sensitivity for the. RDW >15% and a 69% sensitivity for the MCH 15% [4]. These two parameters that are present on a simple CBC, would allow for the early discovery of iron deficiency. Therefore. KNIGHT et ...

  11. A Study on Expression and Tyrosine 705 phosphorylation of STAT3 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    446. 22. Takagi Y, Harada J, Chiarugi A, Moskowitz MA. STAT1 is activated in neurons after ischemia and contributes to ischemic brain injury. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 2002;. 22:1311-1318. 23. Stephanou A, Brar BK, Knight RA, Latchman ...

  12. Nietzsche contra Superman: An Examination of the work of Frank ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper investigates the work of Frank Miller, particularly his Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, in light of Nietzschean aesthetics and social commentary. A graphic novelist, and thus nominally an entertainer of the masses, Miller uses the comic medium to challenge, aesthetically and intellectually. Batman: The Dark ...

  13. 77 FR 12759 - Proposed Amendment of Class E Airspace; Tullahoma, TN (United States)


    ... aviation safety is found in Title 49 of the United States Code. Subtitle I, section 106 describes the....) Winchester Municipal Airport (Lat. 35[deg]10'39'' N., long. 86[deg]03'58'' W.) Manchester Medical Center....) serving Manchester Medical Center. Issued in College Park, Georgia, on February 24, 2012. Barry A. Knight...

  14. Risk factors for atherosclerosis - can they be used to identify the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Sep 1, 1990 ... Department of Mathematical Statistics, University of the. Orange Free State, Bloemfontein, OFS .... individual characteristics that predict the probability of one or more of the sequelae of the disease. .... McKnight T. Arm ergometry: a review of publisbed protocols and the introduction of a new weight-adjusted.

  15. "...der er flere af den slags". Bøndernes møde med krigen i 1400-tallet, set med Holstenerpræstens øjne

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Carsten Selch


    and even defeat their heavily armed foes among the knights and men-at-arms who were attacking their homesteads. The sympathies of the chronicler towards these peasant depended entirely on their suspected locality towards the counts of Holstein, with the loyal peasants fighting a just war supported by God...

  16. Archaeological Investigations in the Gainesville Lake Area of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. Volume II. Gainesville Lake Area Ceramic Description and Chronology. (United States)


    the biocultural studies (Volume 4). and the synthesis (Volume 5). DO’ 1473 EmTIO OF I NOV 6S IS OBSOLETEDD I JAN r3 SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF THIS...bill (V.J. Knight, Personnal Communication 1981) or similar water bird is neatly molded to the rim (Fig. 451). This sherd closely resembles the

  17. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Knight, S. Vol 16, No 1 (2010) - Articles High prevalence of urinary incontinence and poor knowledge of pelvic floor exercises among women in Ladysmith Abstract PDF. ISSN: 2305-8862. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's ...

  18. K nejstarším dějinám rytířů z Lulče

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Doležel, Jiří

    Roč. 69, č. 1 ( 2017 ), s. 12-19 ISSN 0323-2581 Institutional support: RVO:68081758 Keywords : Moravia * relations between the nobility and towns during the Late Middle Ages * lower nobility * Knights of Luleč Subject RIV: AC - Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology OBOR OECD: Archaeology

  19. A new lesion for the psychosurgical operation of stereotactic subcaudate tractotomy (SST) (United States)

    Malhi, G S; Bartlett, J R


    The psychosurgical treatment of psychiatric illnesses, using stereotactic subcaudate tractotomy (SST), has been carried out at the Geoffrey Knight Unit since 1961. Recently, the procedure has had to be modified. This paper describes the manner in which this has been achieved and the clinical implications of this change.

  20. Laboratory Elements for Accurate Detection of Iron Deficiency In ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    et al. in India [3] who found a 96% sensitivity for the. RDW >15% and a 69% sensitivity for the MCH 15% [4]. These two parameters that are present on a simple CBC, would allow for the early discovery of iron deficiency. Therefore. KNIGHT et ...

  1. Glocalization as an Alternative to Internationalization in Higher Education: Embedding Positive Glocal Learning Perspectives (United States)

    Patel, Fay; Lynch, Hayley


    The notion of internationalization in higher education is understood as the recruitment of international students, marketing of academic programs and courses, and teaching English as a Second Language to student cohorts from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Various models of internationalization (Knight, 2004, 2006; Leask, 2009; Pimpa, 2009;…

  2. Rycar´ mitropolit ne vyderžal uprëkov

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Nykl, Hanuš


    Roč. 23, 17.04.2013 (2013), s. 2 ISSN 1560-1005 Institutional support: RVO:68378017 Keywords : Orthodox Church Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  3. 76 FR 41791 - Environmental Impacts Statements; Notice of Availability (United States)


    .... Crabtree, PhD 727-824-5305. EIS No. 20110218, Final EIS, BPA, 00, Big Eddy-Knight Transmission Project, Proposal to Construct, Operate, and Maintain a 27-28 mile long 500-Kilovolt Transmission Line using a..., Wait Period Ends: 08/15/2011, Contact: Stacy Mason 503-230-5455. EIS No. 20110219, Final EIS, FTA, WA...

  4. Root Cause Investigation (RCI) Best Practices Guide Product Overview (United States)

    2014-05-08 Andrew King Boeing Byron Knight NRO Hans Koenigsmann SpaceX James Deborah Valley MIT Fred Van Milligen JDSU Marvin VanderWeg SpaceX marvin.vanderwag

  5. Imagining Democratic Futures for Public Universities: Educational Leadership against Fatalism's Temptations (United States)

    Abowitz, Kathleen Knight


    At current rates, almost all U.S. public universities could reach a point of zero state subsidy within the next fifty years. What is a public university without public funding? In this essay, Kathleen Knight Abowitz considers the future of public universities, drawing upon the analysis provided in John Dewey's "Democracy and Education."…

  6. Mattia Preti’s vault in St John’s, Valletta: New light on a complex iconography

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Svenningsen, Jesper


    The article aims at casting new light on Mattia Preti’s well-known decoration of the vault of the conventual church of the Knight Hospitallers, now the Co-cathedral of Valletta. To a modern viewer the iconography of the decoration is all but simple. The iconographic scheme, I argue, seeks to clai...

  7. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Study the Role of the Gut Microbiome in Relapsing and Progressive MS (United States)


    mailing kits Subtask 2: Bacterial DNA extraction from stool material Subtask 3: Genotyping and HLA characterization of host DNA. Milestone #1...metabolomics components in Qiita. Karenina F Sanders Knight Lab Asst 3 Benchmarking of laboratory protocols for efficient DNA extraction for this project

  8. Soil Bacteria and Fungi Respond on Different Spatial Scales to Invasion by the Legume Lespedeza cuneata (United States)


    Evolution and Systematics 40, 699-715. 678   Ranjard, L., Poly, F., Lata, J. C., Mougel, C., Thioulouse, J. and Nazaret, S. (2001). 679...691   Schutzenhofer, M. R., Valone, T. J. and Knight, T. M. (2009). Herbivory and population 692   dynamics of invasive and native Lespedeza

  9. Giant Mediastinal Teratoma in the Left Hemithorax A Case Report

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    76. 6. Takeda S, Miyoshi S, Ohta M, Minami M,. Masaoka A, Matsuda H. Primary germ cell tumors in the mediastinum: a 50- year experience at a single Japanese institution. Cancer 2003; 97: 367-376. 7. Parambil JG, Gersh BJ, Knight MZ, Ryu.

  10. Women of Ice and Fire

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    George R.R. Martin's acclaimed seven-book fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire is unique for its strong and multi-faceted female protagonists, from teen queen Daenerys, scheming Queen Cersei, child avenger Arya, knight Brienne, Red Witch Melisandre, and many more. The Game of Thrones universe...

  11. Speech Research. (United States)


    support has come from electroencephalography (Wood, 1975) and, quite recently, from studies of the effects of electrical stimulation during craniotomy ...629. Mattis, S., French, J. H., & Rapin, I. Dyslexia in children and young adults: Three independent neuropsychological syndromes. Developmental...Knights & D. K. Bakker (Eds.), Neuropsychology ofA learning disorders: Theoretical approaches. Baltimore: University Park Press, 1976. Shankweiler

  12. A Question of Ethics: Themes in the Science Fiction Genre. (United States)

    McNurlin, Kathleen Woitel


    Continues an article that began in the summer 1995 "Interdisciplinary Humanities." Examines ethical concerns about nuclear power, societal control, and prejudice articulated in science fiction literature. Authors studied include Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, and Damon Knight. The earlier article covered literature concerned with ecology…

  13. Kaitseväelased vabastavad Tallinna

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    1. jalaväebrigaadi kaitseväelased sõitsid Taani staabiõppusele "Yellow Knight 2014", kus koos Läti ja Leedu liitlastega harjutatakse sõjalise operatsiooni läbiviimist Tallinna territooriumil Taani diviisi koosseisus

  14. Achieving Public Schools (United States)

    Abowitz, Kathleen Knight


    Public schools are functionally provided through structural arrangements such as government funding, but public schools are achieved in substance, in part, through local governance. In this essay, Kathleen Knight Abowitz explains the bifocal nature of achieving public schools; that is, that schools are both subject to the unitary Public compact of…

  15. Public Service Motivation and Paternalism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm Pedersen, Lene; Qvistgaard, Lars

    holds a potential to improve public service provision (Belle, 2013, Andersen et al., 2014), it also has dark sides (Van Loon et al., 2015, forthcoming). The aim of this paper is to analyze and discuss how one type of public service motivated individuals (paternalistic knights) and constitute a problem...

  16. What's Black and White and Re-Tweeted All Over? Teaching News Literacy in the Digital Age (United States)

    Loth, Renee


    In 2007 the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation placed a major bet on State University of New York at Stony Brook: $1.7-million to enroll 10,000 students in its news-literacy curriculum over five years. Alberto Ibarguen, president and chief executive of the foundation, expected the course to foster "a group of students who would simply…

  17. 75 FR 30065 - Chrysler, LLC, Sterling Heights Assembly Plant Including On-Site Leased Workers From Caravan... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Chrysler, LLC, Sterling Heights Assembly Plant Including On-Site Leased Workers From Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC and Resource Technologies, Sterling Heights, MI; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility...

  18. 75 FR 11916 - Chrysler Group LLC, Formerly Known as Chrysler LLC, Conner Avenue Assembly Plant, Including On... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Chrysler Group LLC, Formerly Known as Chrysler LLC, Conner Avenue Assembly Plant, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Aerotek, CDI, Syncreon and Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC; Detriot, MI; Amended...

  19. 75 FR 11914 - Chrysler, LLC, Mack Avenue Engine Plants 1 & 2, Power Train Division, Including On-Site Leased... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Chrysler, LLC, Mack Avenue Engine Plants 1 & 2, Power Train Division, Including On-Site Leased Workers From Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC; Detroit, MI; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Apply fo...

  20. 75 FR 11916 - Chrysler Transportation LLC, a Subsidiary of Chrysler LLC, Including On-Site Leased Workers from... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Employment and Training Administration Chrysler Transportation LLC, a Subsidiary of Chrysler LLC, Including On-Site Leased Workers from Caravan Knight Facilities Management LLC; Detroit, MI: Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker...

  1. 75 FR 34170 - Chrysler Group LLC, Formally Known as Chrysler LLC, Kenosha Engine Plant, Including On-Site... (United States)


    ... certification for workers of the subject firm. The workers are engaged in activities in production of V-6 automobile engines. The company reports that workers leased from Caravan Knight Facilities Management, LLC... under the control of the subject firm to be considered leased workers. Based on these findings, the...

  2. 75 FR 11915 - Chrysler, LLC, Sterling Heights Vehicle Test Center, Including On-Site Leased Workers From... (United States)


    ... certification for workers of the subject firm. The workers are engaged in vehicle testing and other activities related to the production of automobiles. New information shows that workers leased from Caravan Knight... under the control of the subject firm to be considered leased workers. Based on these findings, the...


    seeking explanations of these phenomena. The reasons for wishing to make measurements in Australia are: (a) the trajectory of Black Knight provides a...other suitable firings in Australia provide better opportunity for optical observation than do firings on American ranges. (Author)

  4. Schistosoma mansoni Infection 3 Months after Praziquantel Therapy Among Farmers in Qalyub, Egypt (United States)


    mouthed plastic screw-cap container following therapy (Knight et aL, 1976). If for faeces and were asked to provide the first or second faccal sample...because snail breedling is Atkna* ledgemsents minimal, most snails either die or This research war u.~porWe by the U.S. hibernate in mid winter and human

  5. Thermoregulatory capabilities of the woodland dormouse ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jul 2, 1998 ... as estimated from the allometric equation of Hayssen. & Lacy (1985). Lovegrove, Heldmaier & Knight (1991) re- ported low thermal conductances and low resting metabolic rates for the arboreal tree rat, Thal/amys paedulcus. and the. Namaqua rock mouse, Aelhomys namaquensis, and suggested that such ...

  6. Description of the Friesian Horse population of South Africa and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    horses referred to as Friesians, was during mediaeval times, when the knights in armour mostly used Friesian. Horses (Douma, 1994). Since then Friesian Horses were subjected to selection for several conformational features suited to the requirements of the moment in time, varying from a horse used in warfare, to sport ...

  7. Inequality and economic marginalisation: How the structure of the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Its emphasis on inclusive growth places issues of distribution more clearly on the agenda than they have been; and the Competition Commission has become poor consumers' knight in shining armour, tackling collusion and highlighting the negative economic (and employment) consequences of South Africa's highly ...

  8. Peace at last? Appraisal of the Addis Ababa Peace and Security ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    of the 2006 elections was that the latter would not only resolve the problem of deficient legitimacy of the ruling ... deployed outside the Kivu region (citing security concerns), followed by their call for a differentiated ..... interveners regard themselves as 'knights in shining armour, seeking to assist. Africa's economic recovery ...

  9. pdf2xml

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    marketing of educational products and services (Knight 1996). How universities use partnerships, alliances, and resource-allocation mechanisms to cope with funding stress will probably be the major test of their commitment to internationalization. What seems clear from this analysis is that universities should plan on the ...

  10. the evolution of hospitals from antiquity to the renaissance 1.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    One would expect to find the origin of the hospital in the modern ... and slave hospitals were built for a specialised group and not for the public, and were ..... The present day. St. John's Ambulance evolved from the Hospitallers. The related Templars. (Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and Temple of Solomon, or the.

  11. Relationships between Weight and Body Dissatisfaction, Body Esteem, and Teasing in African American Girls (United States)

    Tyler, Chermaine; Johnston, Craig A.; Dalton, William T., III; Foreyt, John P.


    This study assessed the relation between weight and weight-related factors (i.e., body dissatisfaction, body esteem, teasing frequency, and the effects of teasing) in a community sample of prepubescent African American girls. African American girls (N = 97) in Grades 3 to 5 completed the McKnight Risk Factor Survey-Third Edition and had their…

  12. 78 FR 6154 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC; Notice of Designation of Longer... (United States)


    ...), 77 FR 45706 (``Notice''). \\4\\ See letters to Elizabeth M. Murphy, Secretary, Commission, from Sis De...''); Douglas G. Thompson, Michael G. McLellan, and Robert O. Wilson, Finkelstein Thompson LLP, Christopher...., dated August 29, 2012 (``Knight Letter''). \\5\\ See letter to Elizabeth M. Murphy, Secretary, Commission...

  13. Ignoring the Obvious: The Influence of Islamism in America (United States)


    for the support of terrorism effort. Chapter 2: A Comparison Account From the mid 1800’s to as late as the mid 1970’s the Ku Klux Klan was a major...ideology still exist. As recently as January 21, 2008, members of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan exercised their 1st Amendment right by protesting the

  14. Interactions of Phytophthora capsici with Resistant and Susceptible Pepper Roots and Stems. (United States)

    Dunn, Amara R; Smart, Christine D


    Using host resistance is an important strategy for managing pepper root and crown rot caused by Phytophthora capsici. An isolate of P. capsici constitutively expressing a gene for green fluorescent protein was used to investigate pathogen interactions with roots, crowns, and stems of Phytophthora-susceptible bell pepper 'Red Knight', Phytophthora-resistant bell pepper 'Paladin', and Phytophthora-resistant landrace Criollos de Morelos 334 (CM-334). In this study, the same number of zoospores attached to and germinated on roots of all cultivars 30 and 120 min postinoculation (pi), respectively. At 3 days pi, significantly more secondary roots had necrotic lesions on Red Knight than on Paladin and CM-334 plants. By 4 days pi, necrotic lesions had formed on the taproot of Red Knight but not Paladin or CM-334 plants. Although hyphae were visible in the crowns and stems of all Red Knight plants observed at 4 days pi, hyphae were observed in crowns of only a few Paladin and in no CM-334 plants, and never in stems of either resistant cultivar at 4 days pi. These results improve our understanding of how P. capsici infects plants and may contribute to the use of resistant pepper cultivars for disease management and the development of new cultivars.

  15. An analysis of biomechanical and anthropometric parameters on ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Apr 17, 2008 ... sitting posture (Knight and Noyes, 1999; Parcells et al.,. 1999; Panagiotopoulou et al., 2004). Anthropometric data have been used in the design of school desks and tables in almost all modern developed countries (Parcells et al.,. 1999). As we noted earlier, furniture has a significant effect on human health.

  16. The New Motto (United States)

    Hanna, Madonna


    When Bremerton High School (BHS) established a new school motto--"Respect, Responsibility and the Knight Way!"--as a fashion marketing teacher, the author saw an opportunity to develop a learning opportunity for her advanced fashion marketing students. Her 2005-2006 class agreed to create and market a T-shirt to raise awareness of the…

  17. The DISAM Journal of International Security Assistance Management. Volume 23, Number 1, Fall 2000 (United States)


    from the U.S. Department of State at 20 1998 - 14; 1999 - 17. 21 Vesna Pintaric...Moroccan King Muhammad VI knighted Dr. John Duke Anthony, bestowing on him one of Morocco’s highest awards for civil excellence, the Order of Ouissam

  18. The Assessment and Mentoring Program (AMP): Final Year Pre-Service Physical Education Peer Mentors' Perceptions of Effective Mentoring (United States)

    Jenkinson, Kate A.; Benson, Amanda C.


    In the teacher education context, most peer mentoring programs have focused on pre-service teachers and a qualified teacher mentor within schools (Hobson,, 2009; Ambrosetti, Knight & Dekkers, 2014). Few studies have focused on mentoring between pre-service physical education teachers. Therefore, we describe the Assessment and Mentoring…

  19. Identification and Targeting of Upstream Tyrosine Kinases Mediating PI3 Kinase Activation in PTEN Deficient Prostate Cancer (United States)


    277 27. Pacold,M. E., Suire, S., Perisic, O., Lara - Gonzalez , S., Davis, C. T.,Walker, E. H., Hawkins, P. T., Stephens, L., Eccleston, J. F., and...Peskett, E., Sancho, S., Smith, A. J., Withers, D. J., and Vanhaesebroeck, B. (2006) Nature 441, 366–370 36. Knight, Z. A., Gonzalez , B., Feldman, M. E

  20. Governance and Intercollegiate Athletics: Boards Must Know the Score (United States)

    Casteen, John T.; Legon, Richard D.


    While boards have to delegate the daily administration of athletics programs to their presidents, they must be aware of the issues and involve themselves in policy considerations that properly belong to them and can ultimately have a major impact on the institution's financial welfare and reputation. The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate…

  1. Opções reais sob Incerteza Knightiana na avaliação econômica de projetos de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento (P & D)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Melchíades Leite, Luís Alberto; Santiago, Leonardo; Paulo Teixeira, José


    This article presents a quantitative treatment of uncertainty, in the classical sense of Frank Knight (1921), in an economic assessment model that is based on Real Options Theory. The Knightian concept draws a distinction between uncertainty and risk. Optimal decisions in real options models, onc...

  2. Basic Research in Plasma-Enhanced Combustion (United States)


    Discharge Flow Control • Plasma Generation Ignition / Combustion• Enhancement AFOSR PROGRAM MANAGER TEAM Bob Barker Mike Berman Fariba Fahroo Arje...on Robert Mac Cormack/ Stanford Tom McLaughlin/ USAFA 0.2 0.4 MHDRobert Vidmar/Nevada, Reno Noah Herschkowitz Wisconsin Doyle Knight/ Greg Elliott

  3. Evaluation of Interleukin 8 gene polymorphism for predicting ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Rajasree Shanmuganathan


    Jul 9, 2016 ... Hacking D, Knight JC, Rockett K, Brown H, Frampton J, et al. Increased in vivo transcription of an IL-8 haplotype associated · with respiratory syncytial virus disease-susceptibility. Genes · Immun 2004;5:274–82. 10. Michaud DS, Daugherty SE, Berndt SI, Platz EA, Yeager M, et al. Genetic polymorphisms of ...

  4. 'Mervayle What Hit Meant'

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    McCausland, Elly


    Appearances of the pained, wounded knightly body in Malory’s Morte Darthur are relatively rare. Consequently, they are frequently loaded with interpretive significance. Reading these bodies reveals how pain functions as an instrument of masculine control, order, and self-fashioning within...

  5. The Knights’ Eleven Oars: In Praise of Phormio? (Ar. Eq. 546-7)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lech, Marcel Lysgaard


    The curious “eleven oars” of the chorus of Knights in Aristophanes’ eponymous play recall the victory of Phormio and his eleven triremes in the gulf of Naupactus in 429 B.C., and echo a lost victory ode performed at the celebration of this victory....

  6. 77 FR 71734 - Proposed Modification of the Miami, FL, Class B Airspace Area; and the Ft Lauderdale, FL, Class C... (United States)


    ..., January 28, 2013, will be held at the Wings Over Miami Air Museum, Kendall-Tamiami Executive [email protected] ; or by mail to: Barry Knight, Manager, Operations Support Group, Eastern Service Area, Air...; Telephone: 305-869- 5403. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Meeting Procedures (a) The meetings will be open to all...

  7. Index to Army Times 1989 (United States)


    COMPETITIONS Those winning Golden Knights. Army Times; Sept. 4, 1989; 50(4): p. 2. GOVERNMENT RENTAL HOUSING PROGRAM ( GRHP ) New housing scheme. Army...Army Times; Apr. 3, 1989; 49(34): p. 17. GRHP SEE GOVERNMENT RENTAL HOUSING PROGRAM ( GRHP ) GUIDED MISSILES Countries try to keep Leaks from going

  8. Some insects affecting Penstemon seed production (United States)

    Robert Hammon; Melissa Franklin


    Beardtongue (Penstemon Schmidel [Scrophulariaceae)) seeds are often produced without apparent damage from pests, but several species of native insects can adversely impact seed production fields. Tarnished plant bug (Lygus lineolaris (Palisot)) and western plant bug (Lygus hesperus Knight [Hemiptera: Miridae]), penstemon weevil (Hesperobaris sp. Casey [Coleoptera:...

  9. Community Asset Mapping. Trends and Issues Alert. (United States)

    Kerka, Sandra

    Asset mapping involves documenting tangible and intangible resources of a community viewed as a place with assets to be preserved and enhanced, not deficits to be remedied. Kretzmann and McKnight (1993) are credited with developing the concept of asset-based community development (ABCD) that draws on appreciative inquiry; recognition of social…

  10. Dominique Corti | IDRC - International Development Research Centre

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Dominique serves on the boards of St. Mary's Hospital Lacor in Gulu, Uganda, and the Teasdale-Corti Foundation in Canada. She is a recipient of the Knight of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy. Currently serving as President of the Corti Foundation in Italy, Dominique oversees the organization's global health ...

  11. South African Journal of Animal Science - Vol 3, No 2 (1973)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The pineal gland - a synopsis of present knowledge with particular emphasis on its possible role in control of gonadtrophin function · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. B.K. Knight, M.M.M. Hayes, R.B. Symington, 143-146 ...

  12. Structural studies on Mycobacterium tuberculosis RecA: Molecular ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Jan 11, 2015 ... recombination and in the repair of double-strand breaks (Bell. 2005; Cox ... stranded DNA. Its action is triggered by the hydrolysis of bound ATP (McGrew and Knight 2003). RecA is assembled into helical filaments in vitro and into bundles in vivo .... 12 h in the case of suramin, bis-ANS, congo red and bor-.

  13. « Vieux romans » et « Grand Siècle » : éditions et réceptions de la littérature chevaleresque médiévale dans la France du XVIIe siècle

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Blom, H.M.C.W.


    “Vieux romans” et “Grand Siècle” addresses the fortune of medieval romances of chivalry in seventeenth-century France. The expression ‘roman de chevalerie’ (chivalric romance) was first used in 1627. It referred to fictional texts recounting the fantastic exploits of heroic knights in a medieval

  14. Alternative energy sources in program and reality or: the heirs to Don Quixote in fight for windmills

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    As it is shown in the subtitle, the author satirically deals with the fight for energy staged in the feudal past and in the present time. A real knight does not get scared, he goes into the hard battle against the mills of law, including their countless servants and long official channels.

  15. Don Quixote at 400: Still Conquering Hearts (United States)

    Stavans, Ilan


    The Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance is turning 400. By some accounts, the first part of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes's masterpiece, was available in Valladolid by Christmas Eve 1604, although Madrid did not get copies until January 1605. Thus came to life the "ingenious gentleman" who, ill equipped with antiquated armor "stained with rust…

  16. GMJ 2009 page into

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    to a mine in terms of maintenance labour, material and production loss in a safe operating condition resulting from a maintenance programme (Bise,. 1992; Knights 1999; McIndoo, 1990). A well- maintained equipment is safe and provides reliabil- ity to protect the operator as well as the equipment. Unplanned downtimes ...

  17. 77 FR 70537 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision (United States)


    ... A. Giarrusso (FL) Benjamin P. Hall (NY) John N. Lanning (CA) Bruce J. Lewis (RI) John L. Lolley (AL) Charles M. McDaris (GA) Tommy L. McKnight (OH) Calvin J. Schaap (MN) Frederick C. Schultz, Jr. (NY) Steve...

  18. Hidden entrepreneurship: Multilevel analyses of the determinants and consequences of entrepreneurial employee activity

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Liebregts, W.J.


    This dissertation aims to contribute to the fast-growing field of entrepreneurship research. With entrepreneurship one usually refers to activities by individuals running a business for own risk and reward (Jensen & Meckling, 1976; Knight, 1921). This, however, neglects the discovery, evaluation and

  19. Arvutijuppidest tehtud ehted 5000 krooni eest müügiks / Kerli Nõu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Nõu, Kerli


    Ameerika neiu Liz McLean Knight meisterdab arvuti- ja elektroonikajuppidest trendikaid aksessuaare: kaela- ja randmeehted, kõrvarõngad, sõrmused, käekotid, T-särgid. Ehete kaubamärk Zelle pärineb kunstniku artistinimest muusika- ja arvutimaailmas

  20. psycho-social correlates of students' involvement in secret cults and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    confraternity, Mafia, Black Beret, Dargos,. Frigates, Himalayas, Canavy, pyrate, Walrus,. Barracausdas, Amazons, Marplates, Black. Brassiere, pink ladies, the Trojan horse, the temple of Eden, knight Cadet, Daughters of. Jezebel, the Red Devils and the Blood spot to mention but a few (concord Newspaper March. 12, 1994).

  1. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Attman PO, Nyberg G.v William-()lsson T, Knight-Gibson C and Alaupovic P. Dyslipoproteinemia in diabetic renal failure. Kidney lot. 1992; 42: 1381- 1389. 8. Kimoto E, Shoji T, Emoto M, Miki T, Tabata T, Okuno Y. Ishimura E. lnaba M and Nishizawa Y. Effect (:t'diabetes on uremic dyslipidemia. J Atheroscler Thromb. 2.002 ...

  2. How New Technology Resources Are Changing Social Studies (United States)

    Risinger, C. Frederick


    In this article, the author points out that there are important national efforts to upgrade and transform the use of technology in schools. Last year, the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy released its report: "Informing Communities; Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age." In late 2010, the U.S.…

  3. The Director-General visits the ATLAS construction site at Point 1

    CERN Document Server

    Patrice Loiez


    Photo 05 : Claude Guitton (left), Project Manager for the EDF/Knight Piesold joint venture responsible for design and site supervision for LHC civil engineering at Point 1 takes the Director-General Chris Llewellyn Smith and LHC Project Leader Lyn Evans on a tour of the site.

  4. What Good Coaches Do (United States)

    Knight, Jim


    Instructional coaching guru Jim Knight suggests that how we think about coaching can enhance or interfere with our success as a coach. He suggests that coaches take a partnership approach to collaboration and adopt seven principles that define how coaches interact with collaborating teachers: equality, choice, voice, reflection, dialogue, praxis,…

  5. Odonata de Uruguay: lista de especies y nuevos registros Odonata from Uruguay: species list and new records

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalia Von Ellenrieder


    Full Text Available Se proporciona una lista de las 70 especies citadas para Uruguay. Catorce de ellas constituyen nuevos registros para el país: Mnesarete pruinosa (Hagen en Selys [Calopterygidae, Acanthagrion lancea Selys, A. peruvianum Leonard, Argia serva Hagen en Selys y Oxyagrion chapadense Costa (Coenagrionidae, Neoneura ethela Williamson (Protoneuridae, Progomphus costalis Hagen en Selys (Gomphidae, Elasmothemis constricta (Calvert, Erythrodiplax basalis (Kirby, Erythrodiplax media Borror, Micrathyria hypodidyma Calvert, Micrathyria ringueleti Rodrigues Capitulo, Orthemis ambinigra Calvert y Perithemis icteroptera (Selys en Sagra (Libelullidae.A list of 70 species known to occur in Uruguay is given. Fourteen species are new country records: Mnesarete pruinosa (Hagen in Selys (Calopterygidae, Acanthagrion lancea Selys, A. peruvianum Leonard, Argia serva Hagen in Selys, and Oxyagrion chapadense Costa (Coenagrionidae, Neoneura ethela Williamson (Protoneuridae, Progomphus costalis Hagen in Selys (Gomphidae, Elasmothemis constricta (Calvert, Erythrodiplax basalis (Kirby, Erythrodiplax media Borror, Micrathyria hypodidyma Calvert, Micrathyria ringueleti Rodrigues Capitulo, Orthemis ambinigra Calvert, and Perithemis icteroptera (Selys in Sagra (Libelullidae.

  6. The Effect of Volunteering at a Student-Run Free Healthcare Clinic on Medical Students' Self-Efficacy, Comfortableness, Attitude, and Interest in Working with the Underserved Population and Interest in Primary Care. (United States)

    Tran, Kelvin; Kovalskiy, Aleksandr; Desai, Anand; Imran, Amna; Ismail, Rahim; Hernandez, Caridad


    The number of primary care physicians in the United States continues to lag behind the number of uninsured people. There has been a growing demand for medical students to improve their self-efficacy, comfortableness, attitude, and interest in working with the underserved and in primary care. This study aims to discern whether volunteering at a student-run, free healthcare clinic has a positive impact on these five variables of interest or not. A 95-item survey was distributed through Qualtrics Survey Software (Qualtrics, Provo, UT, USA) to medical students from the Class of 2018 and Class of 2019 at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. They were recruited via emails, Facebook, and in-classroom announcements. Mean responses on a Likert-like scale to different survey items were collected and compared between two study cohorts: Keeping Neighbors In Good Health Through Service (KNIGHTS) Clinic volunteers and non-volunteers. Results from 128 students showed no significant differences in the means between the two cohorts (p-values were not significant). When volunteers were asked the survey item, "KNIGHTS Clinic positively influenced my attitude towards working with underserved patients," 62% strongly agreed, 26% agreed, 10% were neutral, and 2% disagreed. Based on the results, volunteering at KNIGHTS Clinic may not have a positive impact on the five variables of interest. However, the lack of significance may also be due to certain limitations of this study addressed elsewhere in this paper. With the majority of KNIGHTS Clinic volunteers agreeing that "KNIGHTS Clinic positively influenced […their] attitude towards working with underserved patients," there may be a positive impact of volunteering on volunteers' attitude towards working with the underserved.

  7. Low-level nuclear waste burial grounds. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Energy Research and Production of the Committee on Science and Technology, US House of Representatives, Ninety-Sixth Congress, First Session, November 7, 1979

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    Hearings before the Subcommittee on Energy Research and Production of the Committee on Science and Technology, US House of Representatives, 96th Congress, are presented. The urgent need for facilities to house civilian nuclear wastes from medical research, nuclear research, and the nuclear power program is discussed. Included are testimonies from three national leaders in the field of nuclear medicine, namely, Dr. Rosalyn Yalow, Dr. Leonard Freeman, and Dr. Lawrence Muroff

  8. Development of Euler's ideas at the Moscow State Regional University (United States)

    Vysikaylo, P. I.; Belyaev, V. V.


    In honor of the 250th anniversary of Euler's discovery of three libration points in Russia in 1767 in the area of two rotating gravitational attractors in 2017 an International Interdisciplinary Conference “Euler Readings MRSU 2017” was held in Moscow Region State University (MRSU). The Conference demonstrated that the Euler's ideas continue to remain relevant at the present time. This paper summarizes the main achievements on the basis of Leonard Euler's ideas presented at the Conference.

  9. Vapor Pressure of Methyl Salicylate and n-Hexadecane (United States)


    VAPOR PRESSURE OF METHYL SALICYLATE AND N-HEXADECANE ECBC-TR-1184 David E. Tevault Leonard C. Buettner...REPORT TYPE Final 3. DATES COVERED (From - To) Mar 2000-Dec 2001 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Vapor Pressure of Methyl Salicylate and n-Hexadecane 5a...ABSTRACT Vapor pressure data are reported for O-hydroxybenzoic acid, methyl ester, more commonly known as methyl salicylate (MeS), and n-hexadecane in

  10. Independent Research and Independent Exploratory Development Programs: FY 88 Annual Report, (United States)


    Williams, 1983). and the suffix effect ( ballet , 1965). The modality effect refers to the finding that Electrophysiological data provides the modality of the...manuscript). 972-974. 16 IR/IED FY88 Annual Report Biography LEONARD J. TREJO was born in Mexico City, Mexico on February 24, 1955. He performed...University of New Mexico in General Experimental Psychology. Before coming to NPRDC, Dr. Tatum was an associate professor and chairman of the psychology

  11. Proceedings of the Annual Conference (15th) on Atmospheric Transmission Models Held at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts on 2-3 June 1992 (United States)


    ions for reducing this burden to Washington Headquarters Serviices . Directorate for information Operations and Reports. 1215 Jefferson Dawis Highway...continued happiness and good health in their retirement. Leonard W. Abreu Michael L. Hoke Simulation Branch Simulation Branch Optical Environment...calculations show good agreemnt up to an altitude of -45 km with the line by line results. The quality of the agreement below 45 Ikm is of the sun order

  12. Spinal Cord Swelling and Alterations in Hydrostatic Pressure After Acute Injury (United States)


    facility, animals were handled daily for five days (each day 15min) to become familiar with experimental handling. For the subsequent five days... animals underwent experimental spinal cord injury. All animals received a contusion injury by dropping a 50 g mass from a 20 cm height at the T10 level...Large animal and primate models of spinal cord injury for the testing of novel therapies. Experimental Neurology 2015;269 27. Leonard AV, Menendez JY

  13. Telescopes in History (United States)

    Bond, P.; Murdin, P.


    The precise origins of the optical telescope are hidden in the depths of time. In the thirteenth century Roger Bacon claimed to have devised a combination of lenses which enabled him to see distant objects as if they were near. Others who have an unsubstantiated claim to have invented the telescope in the sixteenth century include an Englishman, Leonard DIGGES, and an Italian, Giovanni Batista Po...

  14. The CINCS (Commanders-in-Chief) and the Acquisition Process (United States)


    Robert Chandler, USAF ( Ret .), Seymour Deitchman, Alexander Flax , ill Robert Komer, Michael Leonard, Robert B. Pirie, Col. William Rickmeyer, USA ( Ret ...Significant help was provided to the authors by RAdm. Robert Hilton, USN ( Ret .), and by RAdm. Samuel Packer, USN ( Ret .), who shared their experiences...gather the views and discuss the experience of retired CINCs and DCINCs: General Russell Dougherty, USAF ( Ret .), General Andrew Goodpaster, USA ( Ret

  15. Report of the Defense Science Board 1979 Summer Study on Reducing the Unit Cost of Equipment (United States)



  16. Management Advisory Services by CPA’s. A Survey of Current Expansion of Sole Proprietor Professional Practice Units. (United States)


    Vols. 1 & 2. New York: Wiley, 1961. Churchman , C. West ; Ackoff, Russell; and Arnoff, E. Leonard.- Introduction to Operations Research. New York: Wiley...Sasieni Churchman . UkofI. science, knowledge in problem structuiring. Wiley. 1960). Clii. Arnoff (Wile% 1957), iderstilving acceptable strategies, and...Jr.; Bonini, Charles P.; and Hauseman, Warren H., Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions 4th ed. Homewood, IL: Irwin, 1973. Buckley, John W

  17. Improved Formulation of a Recombinant Ricin A-chain Vaccine Increases its Stability and Effective Antigenicity (United States)


    D. Schokman, Leonard A. Smith ∗ Integrated Toxicology Division, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), Fort Detrick...ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, MD 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION...and Analytical Sci- nces, Inc., Boston, MA). The corrected counts per minute for sotope (CCPMs) of each plate were collected. The concen- ration of

  18. Legubicin a Tumor-Activated Prodrug for Breast Cancer Therapy (United States)


    therefore be hereby marked advertisement in accordance with 18 U.S.C. Section 1734 solely to indicate this fact. We thank Leonard Wong for a workstation with Adobe Photoshop software (Adobe System, Inc., San Jose, CA). Vector construction and protein expression. Two constructs were made...publication of this article were defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. This article must therefore be hereby marked advertisement in

  19. The 2008 IDA Cost Research Workshop: Contractor Data Reporting Systems (United States)


    lessons learned on the transition of technology from ACTDs to formal development programs. Classification: Unclassified Sponsor: Blaise Durante ...if the most pessimistic estimate were selected as a SAR baseline? Classification: Unclassified Sponsor: Blaise Durante (SAF/AQX) Deputy Assistant...Resource Management Division Mr. Jay Jordan, (703) 604-0400; DSN 664-0451 E-mail: Performer: Robert Leonard and Kevin

  20. Graafikatriennaali peapreemia Andres Talile

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Tallinna XII graafikatriennaali preemiad: grand prix - Andres Tali; 3 võrdset preemiat - Janne Laine, Leonards Laganovskis, Peeter Laurits; diplomid - Lynne Allen, Lucrecia Urbano, Vladimir Tshaika, Zora Stanè, Endi Poskovic, Päivikki Kallio; EKM preemia - Tif Bitmap; Tallinna linna preemia - Ülle Marks ja Jüri Kass; eripreemiad: - J. Laine (Eesti Pank), Vive Tolli (Paletti Eesti AS), Martins Ratniksh, Juris Boiko, T. Bitmap (Balteco AS). Žürii koosseis

  1. Mobile clouds exploiting distributed resources in wireless, mobile and social networks

    CERN Document Server

    Fitzek, Frank H P


    Includes a preface written by Professor Leonard Kleinrock, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, UCLA, USA This book discusses and explores the concept of mobile cloud, creating an inspiring research space for exploiting opportunistic resource sharing, and covering from theoretical research approaches to the development of commercially profitable ideas. A mobile cloud is a cooperative arrangement of dynamically connected communication nodes sharing opportunistic resources. In this book, authors provide a comprehensive and motivating overview of this rapidly emerging technology. The b

  2. The acquisition of nouns in children with Specific Language Impairment


    Krzemien, Magali; Thibaut, Jean-Pierre; Zghonda, Hela; Maillart, Christelle


    Specific Language Impairment (SLI) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the language development of children with a normal nonverbal intelligence and no history of neurological disorder nor auditory deficit (Leonard, 2014). A difficulty linked to SLI is the poor language productivity and the input dependency that children display compared with their peers: they tend to use a limited variety of verbal forms compared to younger siblings (Conti-Ramsden & Jones, 1997) and use a high prop...

  3. Methemoglobinemia and Failure to Thrive as a Result of FPIES to Soy Formula with Resolution on Amino Acid Based Formula (United States)


    protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) is a severe, non-lgE mediated gastrointestinal food allergy syndrome. Despite being a recognized entity...methemoglobin of 15.1 %. Later evaluation of the metabolic acidosis revealed normal urine electrolytes, stool pH of 6 and positive (3+) fecal...mediated Gastrointestinal Food Allergies in Children. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. 2017;28:6- 17. 3. Leonard SA, A Nowak-Wegrzyn. Food Protein

  4. Integration of Training Civilian and Military Disaster Responders (United States)


    TRAINING CIVILIAN AND MILITARY DISASTER RESPONDERS by Leonard H. Guercia, Jr. September 2011 Thesis Advisor: Sam Clovis Second Reader...Guercia, Jr. Approved by: Sam Clovis Thesis Advisor William Austin Second Reader Harold A. Trinkunas, PhD Chair, Department...admiration. Their efforts transformed me from a tentative new student to a well-written professional. I want to extend a special thanks to Dr. Clovis

  5. Economics versus psychology.Risk, uncertainty and the expected utility theory


    Schilirò, Daniele


    The present contribution examines the emergence of expected utility theory by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern, the subjective the expected utility theory by Savage, and the problem of choice under risk and uncertainty, focusing in particular on the seminal work “The Utility Analysis of Choices involving Risk" (1948) by Milton Friedman and Leonard Savage to show how the evolution of the theory of choice has determined a separation of economics from psychology.

  6. A Qualitative Analysis of Navy Funded Graduate Education in Meeting HR Subspecialty Billet Knowledge Requirements (United States)


    opportunities within the surface community prevented proper succession management of FM officers at more senior levels. Commander David Cutter’s...process in terms of cost, quality, efficiency, etc. (Kirkpatrick, 1994). Leonard Nadler is one of the founders of the Human Resource Development (HRD...profession. Nadler rebukes the common misperception that Kirkpatrick’s four levels are only for evaluating training processes by using it in HRD’s

  7. Top scientists join Stephen Hawking at Perimeter Institute (United States)

    Banks, Michael


    Nine leading researchers are to join Stephen Hawking as visiting fellows at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario, Canada. The researchers, who include string theorists Leonard Susskind from Stanford University and Asoka Sen from the Harisch-Chandra Research Institute in India, will each spend a few months of the year at the institute as "distinguished research chairs". They will be joined by another 30 scientists to be announced at a later date.

  8. SUBVERISON: Uruguayan Armed Forces Summary of Subversive Movement in Latin America. Part I (United States)


    1957); Ricardo Cetrulo "Crisis of Values: The End of an Era," PERSPECTIVAS DE DIALOGO, Montevideo, 1968; Ariel Collazo "Uruguay is not an Exception...nication" ("Problemas y Perspectivas de la Comunicacion de Masas"), Buenos Aires, TROQUEL. 935 ARGENTINA. Leonard C. Lewin, "Undesirable Peace...NOTICIAS DE IGREJA UNIVERSAL, Nos 46, 47. 9911 February—UNITED STATES. Oscar Lewis, "La Vida [Life]. A Puerto Rican Family in the Culture of Poverty

  9. Biology of the White Shark, a Symposium


    Sibley, Gretchen editor


    Sixteen papers were presented during the symposium and asterisks denote the names of authors who have contributed to this volume. Leonard Compagno began with an overview of white shark biology and anatomy followed by Shelton Applegate and Luis Espinosa who presented two papers dealing with the fossil history of the white shark and implications concerning the habits and present status of the recent species. Peter Klimley* and Wes Pratt* and Jack Casey* presented papers on the distribution of w...

  10. Event Sequence Variability in Healthy Swallowing: Building on Previous Findings


    Molfenter, Sonja M.; Leigh, Chelsea; Steele, Catriona M.


    This study builds on previous work by Kendall, Leonard and McKenzie, which investigated event sequence variability for 12 paired-events during swallowing by healthy volunteers. They identified four event pairs, which always occurred in a stereotyped order as well as a most-common occurring overall order of events during swallowing. In the current study, we investigate overall event sequencing and the same four paired-events in a sample of swallows by healthy, young (under 45 years old) volunt...

  11. Shaka Zulu’s Linkage of Strategy and Tactics: An Early Form of Operational Art? (United States)


    Moshoeshoe of the Basotho, Mzilikazi of the Matabele, Maqoma of the Xhosa (New York: Sterling Publishing, 1995), 14. 7Howard Lamar and Leonard...minor clan. The Zulu’s chieftain, Senzangakhona, established the Zulu throne in the years when the Xhosa clans collided with the Boers to the south...Southern Africa: Shaka of the Zulu, Moshoeshoe of the Basotho Mzilikazi of the Matabele, Magoma of the Xhosa . New York: Sterling Publishing, 1995


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    See also. Leonards Carrying Co Ltd V. Asiatic Petroleum Co Ltd (1915)A.C. In Trenco (Nig) Ltd v. African Real Estate Ltd 3S.C Lord Aniagolu(JSC) posited that a corporation is an abstraction.. its active and directing will must be sought in the person of somebody who for some purpose may be called an agent. 6. See section ...

  13. The Software Development Notebook. (United States)


    Crumley A. Putash R.A. Kashnow V. Stout Dr. W. Curtis Z. Quastler H.J. Kindi J.J. Suran H. Dozier R. Raymond J. Fallon G. Reagan A. Garawitz P. Richards...A ’I R. Allen G. Leonard Ln~ aL R.~~~~~ Amtt CUilir R. Breuning L. Oliver J. Dash D. Panzel B S. Fix G. Walters J. Geyer R. Wakefield ~ N. Hallquist A

  14. Tolerance in Nonhuman Primates by Delayed Mixed Chimerism (United States)


    injured service men and women, and civilians victims of disabling and disfiguring trauma or disease (Leonard et al, 2013). The objective of the VCA...are sent to our laboratory for analysis of ABO blood type, and expression of the H38 HLA Class I antigen, which we utilize as a marker of donor, to...pairs are selected based on ABO compatibility, H38 mismatch and full MHC mismatch in that priority order. ABO compatibility is obligatory to avoid

  15. Effet de l'intensité d'ensoleillement sur la croissance initiale en ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Effet de l'intensité d'ensoleillement sur la croissance initiale en pépinière de Guibourtia ehie (A. Chev.) Leonard (Caesalpiniaceae), espèce couramment exploitée et menacée d'extinction, dans l'Unité de Gestion Forestière de Bossematié (Côte d'Ivoire)

  16. The Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (CFE-DMHA): An Assessment of Roles and Missions (United States)


    Performance Story,” Evaluation and Program Planning , Vol. 22, No. 1, 1999. 15 Leonard Bickman, “The Functions of Program Theory,” New Directions for Program...Telling Your Program’s Performance Story,” Evaluation and Program Planning , Vol. 22, No. 1, 1999, pp. 65–72. Mead, Phil, COE-DMHA Strategy and Organization

  17. Book Reviews


    Margaret Leidelmeijer; Christiaan G.F. de Jong; Sirtjo Koolhof; Mark Cleary; Han Knapen; Klaus H. Schreiner-Brauch; H.A.J. Klooster; Alistair Morrison; Victor T. King; Mohamed Ariff; Nico Kaptein; A. Schrevel; Geert Kalshoven; Lodewijk Wagenaar; J. van Goor


    - Roger Busser, Sudo Sueo, The Fukuda Doctrine and ASEAN; New dimensions in Japanese Foreign policy. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1992. - P.J. Drooglever, C. Fasseur, De Indologen; Ambtenaren voor de Oost 1825-1950. Amsterdam: Bert Bakker, 1993, 552 pp. - Raymond Evans, Tony Swain, A place for strangers; Towards a history of Australian Aboroginal being. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993, xi + 330 pp. - CH.F. van Fraassen, Leonard Andaya, The world ...

  18. 1984 Program Report on the Army-Navy Initiative in the National Capital Area in Support of the Department of Defense Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program for High School Students (United States)


    Jennifer Vervier Conducted research to characterize Mentor: Robert Anderson the immune factor contained in the John Carroll High School coelonic...a local computer program. Oxon Hill Science and Technology Two experiments were using laser and Prince George’s County, Md. the third was a dense...Dr. D. Patrick blishing pathogenesis and persistance Winston Churchill High School of murine rotavirus . Montgomery County, Md. Leonard Lee Assisted in

  19. Large scale synthesis and characterization of Ni nanoparticles by ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Ni X M, Su X B, Yang Z B and Zheng H G 2003 J. Cryst. Growth 252 612. Pfeil and Leonard B 1987 US Patent 4,673,430. Sun C Q 2003 Prog. Mater. Sci. 48 521. Swanson H E and Tatge E 1953 Nat. Bur. Stand. (US) Circ. 539. I 13. Syukri T Ban, Ohya Y and Takahashi Y 2003 Mater. Chem. Phys. 78 645. Törnqvist E, Adams ...

  20. Among pasta-loving Mafiosos, drug-selling Columbians and noodle-eating Triads – Race, humour and interactive ethics in Grand Theft Auto III


    Dymek, Mikolaj


    This paper explores the intersection of race, humour and interactivity in GTA3. Interactivity has been extensively researched, race issues in games have been scarcely studied (Leonard 2003), but hitherto no research has focused on humour aspects of games despite the popularity of this subject in non-academic discussions on the Internet (BBC News 2001; Perry 2001). Previously, content analysis of games has been focused on narrative aspects (Aarseth 1997; Murray 1998) or psychological links bet...

  1. Tallinna XIII graafikatriennaali grand prix' pälvis leedu graafik Egle Kuckaite

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Kolm võrdset preemiat: Sang-gon Chung Lõuna-Koreast, Krishs Salmanis Lätist ja Joanne Soroka Shotimaalt. Diplomid: Anonymous Boh ja Eve Kiiler Eestist, Pete Nevin Inglismaalt, Hanna Oinonen Soomest ja venetsueela-soome kunstnik Sandra Vina de Karila. Tallinna linna preemia: John Smith (Marko Mäetamm & Kaido Ole) Eestist. Eesti Kunstimuuseumi preemia: Markus Lampinen Soomest. Eesti Panga preemia: Leonards Laganovskis Lätist

  2. Lake Erie Wastewater Management Study. (United States)


    planting , harvesting, and trucking and application of fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. *Co.tact herbicides such as Paraquat or Roundup, much like...wastewater treatment plants and by urban diffuse source control; and Richard Leonard who wrote several chapters of the report. Sophia Baj, April...and planting techniques) may have to be altered. r: Basin land resources, markets, and agricultural technology have combined to provide farmers with

  3. Special relativity and classical field theory

    CERN Document Server

    Susskind, Leonard


    Physicist Leonard Susskind and data engineer Art Friedman are back. This time, they introduce readers to Einstein's special relativity and Maxwell's classical field theory. Using their typical brand of real math, enlightening drawings, and humor, Susskind and Friedman walk us through the complexities of waves, forces, and particles by exploring special relativity and electromagnetism. It's a must-read for both devotees of the series and any armchair physicist who wants to improve their knowledge of physics' deepest truths.

  4. Factors That Influence Human Behavior And Negatively Affect Energy Consumption In USMC Ground Units During Operations (United States)


    U.S. ARMY Rapid Equipping Force. Kotter, John P., and Leonard Schlesinger. 2008. “ Choosing Strategies for Change .” Harvard Business Review 86.7...concerted effort and behavior- change strategy that includes training and education, policy and planning, leadership and communication to improve...vehicle idling, energy strategy , energy behavior, energy reductions, behavior change 15. NUMBER OF PAGES 79 16. PRICE CODE 17. SECURITY

  5. China’s Peaceful Rise (United States)


    others – includes its so-called “ panda loans.” See Ari Phillips, “ Pandas for Uranium: China Uses Pandas As Natural Resource Bargaining Under Climate. 22/2984991/ panda -diplomacy-uranium/# (accessed October 12, 2013). 69 Kissinger...and drive the world toward multi-polarity. Mark Leonard envisions China as a “ giant time machine” when it comes to thoughts on power, an apropos

  6. Jean-Marie Dufour receives the Legion of Honour

    CERN Multimedia


    French Ambassador Philippe Petit (left) presents the cross of Knight of the Légion d'Honneur to Jean-Marie Dufour. On Friday 22 June, Jean-Marie Dufour, Head of CERN's Legal Service, was made Knight of the Legion of Honour by Ambassador Philippe Petit, at a ceremony held at the Permanent Mission of France in Geneva. Ambassador Petit is Permanent Representative of France at the United Nations and French delegate at CERN. He was awarded the decoration in recognition of his services. He has played an active part in all the great stages of CERN's development, in fact, ranging from its scientific programmes, to its establishment in its Host States, Switzerland and France, and its opening up to the wider world. The ceremony took place in the presence of Professor Luciano Maiani. The award is an honour to CERN, and the Organization takes this opportunity to convey its friendliest congratulations to Jean-Marie Dufour, a committed European.

  7. Identifying fluorescent pulp mill effluent in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed (United States)

    Cawley, Kaelin M.; Butler, Kenna D.; Aiken, George R.; Larsen, Laurel G.; Huntington, Thomas G.; McKnight, Diane M.


    Using fluorescence spectroscopy and parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) we characterized and modeled the fluorescence properties of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in samples from the Penobscot River, Androscoggin River, Penobscot Bay, and the Gulf of Maine (GoM). We analyzed excitation-emission matrices (EEMs) using an existing PARAFAC model (Cory and McKnight, 2005) and created a system-specific model with seven components (GoM PARAFAC). The GoM PARAFAC model contained six components similar to those in other PARAFAC models and one unique component with a spectrum similar to a residual found using the Cory and McKnight (2005) model. The unique component was abundant in samples from the Androscoggin River immediately downstream of a pulp mill effluent release site. The detection of a PARAFAC component associated with an anthropogenic source of DOM, such as pulp mill effluent, demonstrates the importance for rigorously analyzing PARAFAC residuals and developing system-specific models.

  8. Introduction to a Forum on the Judgment-based Approach to Entrepreneurship

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G.


    and application. Schumpeterian innovation and Kirznerian alertness are the best-known concepts of entrepreneurship, but a newer research stream is building on Knight's idea of entrepreneurship as judgmental decision-making under uncertainty. What we call the judgment-based view models entrepreneurs as owning......Over the last three decades entrepreneurship has become a hot topic in economics and management. Much of the entrepreneurship research literature has built upon insights of economists such as Schumpeter, Knight, and Kirzner, each of whom has inspired a distinct strand of entrepreneurship theory......, controlling, and combining heterogeneous assets, which differ in their attributes, and deploying these assets within a firm to produce goods and services in anticipation of economic profit. This Forum presents three papers that develop, extend, and challenge the judgment-based view of entrepreneurship...

  9. Nuclear magnetization in gallium arsenide quantum dots at zero magnetic field. (United States)

    Sallen, G; Kunz, S; Amand, T; Bouet, L; Kuroda, T; Mano, T; Paget, D; Krebs, O; Marie, X; Sakoda, K; Urbaszek, B


    Optical and electrical control of the nuclear spin system allows enhancing the sensitivity of NMR applications and spin-based information storage and processing. Dynamic nuclear polarization in semiconductors is commonly achieved in the presence of a stabilizing external magnetic field. Here we report efficient optical pumping of nuclear spins at zero magnetic field in strain-free GaAs quantum dots. The strong interaction of a single, optically injected electron spin with the nuclear spins acts as a stabilizing, effective magnetic field (Knight field) on the nuclei. We optically tune the Knight field amplitude and direction. In combination with a small transverse magnetic field, we are able to control the longitudinal and transverse components of the nuclear spin polarization in the absence of lattice strain--that is, in dots with strongly reduced static nuclear quadrupole effects, as reproduced by our model calculations.

  10. Medicina y botánica en las empresas de reyes y caballeros recogidas por Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo en «Batallas y Quinquagenas»

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Maceiras Lafuente


    Full Text Available Batallas y Quinquagenas, by Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo, is one of the most important device´s corpus in Spanish language of the moment. All the devices of this work are authentic, that is, they were used by kings and knights to flaunt politic, loving or religious ideals between the XVth and XVIth centuries. The topics of the devices are as varied as their owners. Nevertheless, the topics associated with medicine, zoology or botany knowledge, which are based in classical sources, are especially interesting. Undoubtedly, the devices supported on the curative or prejudicial qualities of very different elements, like garlic or emeralds, make an original and creative mosaic which reflects the way of thinking and feeling of these knights.

  11. “Things are Complicated”: Paul Cornell at Marvel and DC

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martin Flanagan


    Full Text Available Paul Cornell’s work for the ‘Big Two’ U.S. comic publishers transfers a distinctly British (mostly English sensibility into a field where cues normally revolve around American cultural iconography and values. The key to his authorship is Cornell’s homespun method which, unlike 1970s and 1980s efforts of Marvel’s UK wing that transplanted American characters into a postcard-like Britain, explores a British dimension of the Marvel Universe that offers a challenge to the codes of that realm. Whether working with established heroes such as Captain Britain, twists on archetypes like Knight and Squire (English analogues of Batman and Robin, or superheroic ‘big guns’ like Wolverine, Cornell writes against tired, automatic canonicity. This paper mainly focuses on the directly British representations in the Cornell titles Captain Britain and MI-13 (2008-9 and Knight and Squire (2010.

  12. S. Afr. J, Anim. Sci 4, 55-60(1974) EVIDENCE FOR A FT ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Sci 4, 55-60(1974). EVIDENCE FOR A FT,JNCTIONAL ROLE OF THE PINEAL IN BOVINES. M.lf{.M. llryes, B.K. Knight and R.B. Symington. RreiptofnSr.e.T3. Deprtment of Amtomy, Univasity of Rhodesh, &lisbury, Rhodesia. ONOIIIMING;. BEWYSE VIR 'N .FI,,NKSIONELE ROL VAN DIE EPIFISE TN DIE BEES. Dat die epifisc ...

  13. Operation TOMODACHI: A Model for American Disaster Response Efforts and the Collective use of Military Forces Abroad (United States)


    Gen Burton Field (Yokota AB, Japan), March 2011 2 Knight, Bill, Colonel, 374 AW/CV, et. al ., “Operation TOMODACHI, MAF Response to Japan’s Nuclear...was best described by the 459th Airlift Squadron Commander, Lt Col Eugene “Gene” Capone during an interview after the completion of mapping efforts...12 Capone , Eugene, Lt Col, 459 AS/CC, personal interview with Dr. John Treiber, transcribed by Dr. John Treiber

  14. CTC Sentinel. Volume 9, Issue 10, October 2016 (United States)


    be classified in two groups: first, military, and second, logistical, finance , and admin- istrative members. Islamic State members who infiltrated...LTG(R) Charles Cleveland Former Commanding General, U.S. Army Special Operations Command FEATURE ARTICLE The Islamic State after Mosul...How the Islamic State could regenerate in Diyala Michael Knights and Alex Mello Editor in Chief Paul Cruickshank Managing Editor Kristina Hummel

  15. Survey of Cyber Moving Target Techniques (United States)


    Possibilities might include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or the IP Security (IPSec) protocol. Another mechanism needed is a reasonably strong encryption...state of that application. This state can include any files the program was using or sockets the program had open. These platforms have hosts with...10.1145/1900546.1900550. 55. A. Nguyen-Tuong, A. Wang, J.D. Hiser, J.C. Knight, and J.W. Davidson, “On the effectiveness of the metamorphic shield ,” In

  16. The Gordon Conference on Inorganic Chemistry Held in Wolfboro, New Hampshire on 30 July-3 August 1990 (United States)


    Engineering 1509 University Avenue klfred University Madison WI 53706 klfred NY 14802 -3- Knight, Diane 1IIM Lou, Victor I19EK Penn State University GE...Glycosyltransferases Univ. of Alberta for the Synthesis of Oligo- saccharide Analogs" Manfred Philipp "The Catalytic Hydrolysis CUNY of Mandelonitrile...England Tucson, AZ 85721 Yagihara, Shin K4 Stoakley, Diane Haml Tokai University Junior College Nasa Langley Research Center 2-3-23 Takanawa Mail

  17. Pražský světící biskup? Jiří Ignác Pospíchal (1635–1699)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Pučalík, Marek


    Roč. 30, č. 1 (2015), s. 159-169 ISSN 0231-7494 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GA14-05167S Institutional support: RVO:67985963 Keywords : Jiří Ignác Pospíchal * the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star * Prague * Polná * bishop * archbishop Subject RIV: AB - History

  18. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 83, Number 5, September-October 1940 (United States)


    by the Templars still failed to come to hand-to-hand fighting. The Mongol line in front of it withdrew, the Chris- tian knights were enveloped in a...pagans. These allies-Hungarians, Croats, Austrians, French Templars , and others-were good soldiers by the Euro- pean standards of the day, and determined...smoke screen, decoyed off into rough ground, and cut to pieces from a distance. Not one of the Templars survived. In the camp behind the wagon ring

  19. Last Call for Alcohol (A Cup of Health with CDC)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Drinking too much alcohol is associated with many health and personal problems, and is responsible for approximately 88,000 deaths a year in the U.S. In this podcast, Dr. Lela McKnight-Eily discusses the importance of talking to a health care provider about alcohol use.  Created: 1/16/2014 by MMWR.   Date Released: 1/16/2014.

  20. An irresponsible biography of the actor Laurence Harvey: motion pictures, white wine, older women & long thin cigarettes


    Brannon, Matthew


    Tiré du site Internet de Onestar Press: "Pocket edition of Laurence Harvey's "irresponsible" biography by Matthew Brannon. From the back cover of the book : Call yourself an actor ? You're not even a bad actor. You can't act at all, you fucking stupid hopeless sniveling little cunt-faced cunty fucking shit-faced arse-hole ... LAURENCE OLIVIER to Laurence Havery from Robert Stephen's "Knight errant : memoirs of a vagabond actor", Hodder and Stoughton, 1995.".