Sample records for korewo sasaeru risuku

  1. CAE to support a part of supporting technologies-its applications and verifying samples. Shien gijutsu no ittan wo sasaeru CAE sono torikumi to kensho rei

    Kobayashi, H. (Polyplastic Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan))


    Plastic CAE has suddenly being widened their applicable fields recently. On the other hand, since integated program development has also been made worldwidely, currently it is posssible to execute even for shrinkings and warping and warping analysis based on holding pressure analysis and cooling analysis. Polyplastics Company Inc. has paid attention to the usefullness of CAE technologies for engineering plastics from the early times, and in order to utilized them effectively, they have progressed several examinations on CAE software development, improvement of CAE analysis technologies, confirmation and verification of CAE analysis precision, resin data preparations and measuring methods, etc. In this paper, their applications have been introduced mainly by their verification samples such as output sample of FACE-2, which is their originally developped metal mold temperature adjustment design supporting system, and as for verification samples of warping deformation analysis, experimental result of testing metal mold (box type), and reliabilities on the results of measured precision and quantitative analysis of resin data to be used for analysis. 6 refs., 6 figs., 1 tab.

  2. Intelligent social infrastructure technology. Infrastructure technology support ultra-reliable society; Chiteki shakai kiban kogaku gijutsu. Choanshin shakai wo sasaeru kiban gijutsu



    This survey was conducted to construct the core of intelligent social infrastructure technology (ISIT), and to investigate its practical application to industries and society. For realizing the ultra-safe and ultra-reliable society, it is necessary to develop the ISIT which can integrate various social infrastructures, such as architecture, city, energy, and lifeline systems required for living. For the systematization of cities, it is necessary to process and control the intelligent information by holding integrated and transverse information in common, as to logistics, lifeline, communication, monitoring, and control. For the communication engineering, the centralized systems are acceleratingly to be converted into the distributed network systems. For the mechanical engineering, intelligent control and robot technology are required. For the architectural engineering, a concept exceeding the conventional antiseismic structure idea is investigated. It is necessary to develop a new information technology providing an intelligent social infrastructures by merging the information networks and the physical world seamlessly. Necessity of ISIT is large for constructing the intelligent and ultra-reliable society consisting of these integrated and organized networks. 84 refs., 68 figs., 6 tabs.

  3. Detailed explanation of organizations and systems of the U.S. Federal Government supporting R and D systems in the U.S. Supplement: New trends of strategies of technology development/acquisition/commercialization of private companies in the U.S.; Beikoku no R and D system wo sasaeru renpo seifu soshiki oyobi seido no shosai kaisetsu. Furoku (Beikoku minkan kigyo no kaihatsu shutoku shogyoka senryaku no shinchoryu)



    Explanation was made in detail of systems of the U.S. Federal Government which are useful when NEDO and the Japanese government improve/reform R and D supporting systems in future. Grant is in use for supporting researches conducted by universities, nonprofit organizations, etc. mostly in the field of the basic research. This is a research fund very high in freedom and easy for Grant recipients to handle. Contract, recipients of which are mostly private companies, is used for the system development rather than the basic research. In either system, if there is a possibility of producing any merits as a result of the implementation of the R and D project, the government may sometimes ask the recipient such as university to pay part of the cost. As an intermediate form between both mechanisms, a lot of mechanisms are used in which the government/universities/private companies share the cost, responsibility, results, etc. as partners. These are joint agreements, joint research contracts and alternative contracts. (NEDO)