Sample records for kits ja stereo

  1. (Stereo)tüüpide fenomenoloogiast ühiskonnas ja kunstis / Anneli Saro

    Saro, Anneli, 1968-


    2005. aastal eesti teatris esietendunud lavastuste näitel - Kauksi Ülle "Taarka" (Vanemuine, lav. Ain Mäeots), A. H. Tammsaare- Elmo Nüganeni "Tõde ja õigus. Teine osa" (Tallinna Linnateater, lav. Elmo Nüganen), Jaan Tätte "Meeletu" (Tallinna Linnateater, lav. Eva Klemets), Arto Paasilinna "Jänese aasta" (Von Krahli Teater, lav. Kristian Smeds), Geraldine Aroni "Minu oivaline lahutus" (Eesti Draamateater, lav. Kaie Mihkelson)

  2. Teater (stereo)tüüpide loojana / Anneli Saro

    Saro, Anneli, 1968-


    Tutvustatakse 27. märtsil Tartu Ülikooli ajaloomuuseumis toimuva Eesti Teatriuurijate Ühenduse ning TÜ teatriteaduse ja kirjandusteooria õppetooli korraldatud konverentsi "Teater sotsiaalsete ja kultuuriliste (stereo)tüüpide loojana" teemasid

  3. Texas, Rosie ja Helga KitKat Clubist : endised varieteestaarid Ülle Toming, Reet Paavel ja Laine Mägi astuvad taas lavale / Ülle Toming, Reet Paavel, Laine Mägi ; interv. Verni Leivak

    Toming, Ülle, 1955-


    Vanalinnastuudio muusikal "Cabaret". Intervjuu omaaegsete varieteetähtedega: Laine Mägi, Ülle Toming ja Reet Paavel moodustavad muusikalis "Cabaret" osa koorist, kel tuleb üle hulga aja laulda, tantsida ja näidelda väga erinevates rollides. Lisaks nende tutvustus "Kolm graatsiat"

  4. Collimator kit

    Jonker, R.R.


    A collimator kit having a number of parts which may be assembled in various combinations to provide focusing collimators with different performance characteristics for radioisotope imaging apparatus is described

  5. JAVA Stereo Display Toolkit

    Edmonds, Karina


    This toolkit provides a common interface for displaying graphical user interface (GUI) components in stereo using either specialized stereo display hardware (e.g., liquid crystal shutter or polarized glasses) or anaglyph display (red/blue glasses) on standard workstation displays. An application using this toolkit will work without modification in either environment, allowing stereo software to reach a wider audience without sacrificing high-quality display on dedicated hardware. The toolkit is written in Java for use with the Swing GUI Toolkit and has cross-platform compatibility. It hooks into the graphics system, allowing any standard Swing component to be displayed in stereo. It uses the OpenGL graphics library to control the stereo hardware and to perform the rendering. It also supports anaglyph and special stereo hardware using the same API (application-program interface), and has the ability to simulate color stereo in anaglyph mode by combining the red band of the left image with the green/blue bands of the right image. This is a low-level toolkit that accomplishes simply the display of components (including the JadeDisplay image display component). It does not include higher-level functions such as disparity adjustment, 3D cursor, or overlays all of which can be built using this toolkit.

  6. Stereo Vision Inside Tire


    1 Stereo Vision Inside Tire P.S. Els C.M. Becker University of Pretoria W911NF-14-1-0590 Final...Stereo Vision Inside Tire 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER W911NF-14-1-0590 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Prof PS Els CM...on the development of a stereo vision system that can be mounted inside a rolling tire , known as T2-CAM for Tire -Terrain CAMera. The T2-CAM system

  7. Siim Nestor soovitab : StereoÖö. Bugz In The Attic albumituur. Vunts / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Technomuusikapeost StereoÖö Tartus klubis Illusion 16. märtsil ja Tallinnas Von Krahlis 17. märtsil. Üritusest Mutant Disko 17. märtsil Tallinnas klubis Privé ja Tartus 18. märtsil klubis Illusion. Diskoõhtust "Vunts" 18. märtsil Kinomajas Tallinnas

  8. Siim Nestor soovitab : Stereo ÖÖ. Mutant Disco. Beats from the Vault. Turbodisko / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Oma debüütalbumit "Migration" tutvustav ameerika diskor Alex Attias üritustel "Stereo ÖÖ" 19. mail Tallinnas Von Krahlis. Üritustest "Mutant Disco" 19. mail Tallinnas klubis Privé ja Tartus 20. mail klubis Illusion, "Beats from the Vault" 19. mail Tallinnas klubis Võit ja "Turbodisko" 20. mail Tallinnas klubis KuKu

  9. Implementation of an ISIS Compatible Stereo Processing Chain for 3D Stereo Reconstruction

    Tasdelen, E.; Unbekannt, H.; Willner, K.; Oberst, J.


    The department for Planetary Geodesy at TU Berlin is developing routines for photogrammetric processing of planetary image data to derive 3D representations of planetary surfaces. The ISIS software, developed by USGS, Flagstaff, is readily available, open source, and very well documented. Hence, ISIS [1] was chosen as a prime processing platform and tool kit. However, ISIS does not provide a full photogrammetric stereo processing chain. Several components like image matching, bundle block adjustment (until recently) or digital terrain model (DTM) interpolation from 3D object points are missing. Our group aims to complete this photogrammetric stereo processing chain by implementing the missing components, taking advantage of already existing ISIS classes and functionality. With this abstract we would like to report on the development of a new image matching software that is optimized for both orbital and closeranged planetary images and compatible with ISIS formats and routines and an interpolation tool that is developed to create DTMs from large 3-D point clouds.

  10. Multiview photometric stereo.

    Hernández Esteban, Carlos; Vogiatzis, George; Cipolla, Roberto


    This paper addresses the problem of obtaining complete, detailed reconstructions of textureless shiny objects. We present an algorithm which uses silhouettes of the object, as well as images obtained under changing illumination conditions. In contrast with previous photometric stereo techniques, ours is not limited to a single viewpoint but produces accurate reconstructions in full 3D. A number of images of the object are obtained from multiple viewpoints, under varying lighting conditions. Starting from the silhouettes, the algorithm recovers camera motion and constructs the object's visual hull. This is then used to recover the illumination and initialise a multi-view photometric stereo scheme to obtain a closed surface reconstruction. There are two main contributions in this paper: Firstly we describe a robust technique to estimate light directions and intensities and secondly, we introduce a novel formulation of photometric stereo which combines multiple viewpoints and hence allows closed surface reconstructions. The algorithm has been implemented as a practical model acquisition system. Here, a quantitative evaluation of the algorithm on synthetic data is presented together with complete reconstructions of challenging real objects. Finally, we show experimentally how even in the case of highly textured objects, this technique can greatly improve on correspondence-based multi-view stereo results.

  11. Approaches for Stereo Matching

    Takouhi Ozanian


    Full Text Available This review focuses on the last decade's development of the computational stereopsis for recovering three-dimensional information. The main components of the stereo analysis are exposed: image acquisition and camera modeling, feature selection, feature matching and disparity interpretation. A brief survey is given of the well known feature selection approaches and the estimation parameters for this selection are mentioned. The difficulties in identifying correspondent locations in the two images are explained. Methods as to how effectively to constrain the search for correct solution of the correspondence problem are discussed, as are strategies for the whole matching process. Reasons for the occurrence of matching errors are considered. Some recently proposed approaches, employing new ideas in the modeling of stereo matching in terms of energy minimization, are described. Acknowledging the importance of computation time for real-time applications, special attention is paid to parallelism as a way to achieve the required level of performance. The development of trinocular stereo analysis as an alternative to the conventional binocular one, is described. Finally a classification based on the test images for verification of the stereo matching algorithms, is supplied.

  12. Implementation of a Self-Consistent Stereo Processing Chain for 3D Stereo Reconstruction of the Lunar Landing Sites

    Tasdelen, E.; Willner, K.; Unbekannt, H.; Glaeser, P.; Oberst, J.


    The department for Planetary Geodesy at Technical University Berlin is developing routines for photogrammetric processing of planetary image data to derive 3D representations of planetary surfaces. The Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers (ISIS) software (Anderson et al., 2004), developed by USGS, Flagstaff, is readily available, open source, and very well documented. Hence, ISIS was chosen as a prime processing platform and tool kit. However, ISIS does not provide a full photogrammetric stereo processing chain. Several components like image matching, bundle block adjustment (until recently) or digital terrain model (DTM) interpolation from 3D object points are missing. Our group aims to complete this photogrammetric stereo processing chain by implementing the missing components, taking advantage of already existing ISIS classes and functionality. We report here on the current status of the development of our stereo processing chain and its first application on the Lunar Apollo landing sites.

  13. 3D vision upgrade kit for TALON robot

    Edmondson, Richard; Vaden, Justin; Hyatt, Brian; Morris, James; Pezzaniti, J. Larry; Chenault, David B.; Tchon, Joe; Barnidge, Tracy; Kaufman, Seth; Pettijohn, Brad


    In this paper, we report on the development of a 3D vision field upgrade kit for TALON robot consisting of a replacement flat panel stereoscopic display, and multiple stereo camera systems. An assessment of the system's use for robotic driving, manipulation, and surveillance operations was conducted. The 3D vision system was integrated onto a TALON IV Robot and Operator Control Unit (OCU) such that stock components could be electrically disconnected and removed, and upgrade components coupled directly to the mounting and electrical connections. A replacement display, replacement mast camera with zoom, auto-focus, and variable convergence, and a replacement gripper camera with fixed focus and zoom comprise the upgrade kit. The stereo mast camera allows for improved driving and situational awareness as well as scene survey. The stereo gripper camera allows for improved manipulation in typical TALON missions.

  14. Panoramic stereo sphere vision

    Feng, Weijia; Zhang, Baofeng; Röning, Juha; Zong, Xiaoning; Yi, Tian


    Conventional stereo vision systems have a small field of view (FOV) which limits their usefulness for certain applications. While panorama vision is able to "see" in all directions of the observation space, scene depth information is missed because of the mapping from 3D reference coordinates to 2D panoramic image. In this paper, we present an innovative vision system which builds by a special combined fish-eye lenses module, and is capable of producing 3D coordinate information from the whole global observation space and acquiring no blind area 360°×360° panoramic image simultaneously just using single vision equipment with one time static shooting. It is called Panoramic Stereo Sphere Vision (PSSV). We proposed the geometric model, mathematic model and parameters calibration method in this paper. Specifically, video surveillance, robotic autonomous navigation, virtual reality, driving assistance, multiple maneuvering target tracking, automatic mapping of environments and attitude estimation are some of the applications which will benefit from PSSV.

  15. The STEREO Mission


    The STEREO mission uses twin heliospheric orbiters to track solar disturbances from their initiation to 1 AU. This book documents the mission, its objectives, the spacecraft that execute it and the instruments that provide the measurements, both remote sensing and in situ. This mission promises to unlock many of the mysteries of how the Sun produces what has become to be known as space weather.

  16. Kinder, gentler stereo

    Siegel, Mel; Tobinaga, Yoshikazu; Akiya, Takeo


    Not only binocular perspective disparity, but also many secondary binocular and monocular sensory phenomena, contribute to the human sensation of depth. Binocular perspective disparity is notable as the strongest depth perception factor. However means for creating if artificially from flat image pairs are notorious for inducing physical and mental stresses, e.g., 'virtual reality sickness'. Aiming to deliver a less stressful 'kinder gentler stereo (KGS)', we systematically examine the secondary phenomena and their synergistic combination with each other and with binocular perspective disparity. By KGS we mean a stereo capture, rendering, and display paradigm without cue conflicts, without eyewear, without viewing zones, with negligible 'lock-in' time to perceive the image in depth, and with a normal appearance for stereo-deficient viewers. To achieve KGS we employ optical and digital image processing steps that introduce distortions contrary to strict 'geometrical correctness' of binocular perspective but which nevertheless result in increased stereoscopic viewing comfort. We particularly exploit the lower limits of interoccular separation, showing that unexpectedly small disparities stimulate accurate and pleasant depth sensations. Under these circumstances crosstalk is perceived as depth-of-focus rather than as ghosting. This suggests the possibility of radically new approaches to stereoview multiplexing that enable zoneless autostereoscopic display.

  17. Hearing symptoms personal stereos.

    da Luz, Tiara Santos; Borja, Ana Lúcia Vieira de Freitas


     Practical and portable the personal stereos if had become almost indispensable accessories in the day the day. Studies disclose that the portable players of music can cause auditory damages in the long run for who hear music in high volume for a drawn out time.  to verify the prevalence of auditory symptoms in users of amplified players and to know its habits of use  Observational prospective study of transversal cut carried through in three institutions of education of the city of Salvador BA, being two of public net and one of the private net. 400 students had answered to the questionnaire, of both the sex, between 14 and 30 years that had related the habit to use personal stereos.  The symptoms most prevalent had been hyperacusis (43.5%), auricular fullness (30.5%) and humming (27.5), being that the humming is the symptom most present in the population youngest. How much to the daily habits: 62.3% frequent use, 57% in raised intensities, 34% in drawn out periods. An inverse relation between exposition time was verified and the band of age (p = 0,000) and direct with the prevalence of the humming.  Although to admit to have knowledge on the damages that the exposition the sound of high intensity can cause the hearing, the daily habits of the young evidence the inadequate use of the portable stereos characterized by long periods of exposition, raised intensities, frequent use and preference for the insertion phones. The high prevalence of symptoms after the use suggests a bigger risk for the hearing of these young.

  18. Hearing symptoms personal stereos

    Tiara Santos da Luz1


    Full Text Available Introduction: Practical and portable the personal stereos if had become almost indispensable accessories in the day the day. Studies disclose that the portable players of music can cause auditory damages in the long run for who hear music in high volume for a drawn out time. Objective: to verify the prevalence of auditory symptoms in users of amplified players and to know its habits of use. Method: Observational prospective study of transversal cut carried through in three institutions of education of the city of Salvador BA, being two of public net and one of the private net. 400 students had answered to the questionnaire, of both the sex, between 14 and 30 years that had related the habit to use personal stereos. Results: The symptoms most prevalent had been hyperacusis (43.5%, auricular fullness (30.5% and humming (27.5, being that the humming is the symptom most present in the population youngest. How much to the daily habits: 62.3% frequent use, 57% in raised intensities, 34% in drawn out periods. An inverse relation between exposition time was verified and the band of age (p=0,000 and direct with the prevalence of the humming. Conclusion: Although to admit to have knowledge on the damages that the exposition the sound of high intensity can cause the hearing, the daily habits of the young evidence the inadequate use of the portable stereos characterized by long periods of exposition, raised intensities, frequent use and preference for the insertion phones. The high prevalence of symptoms after the use suggests a bigger risk for the hearing of these young.

  19. Stereo-panoramic Data

    Cutchin, Steve


    Systems and methods for automatically generating three-dimensional panoramic images for use in various virtual reality settings are disclosed. One embodiment of the system includes a stereo camera capture device (SCD), a programmable camera controller (PCC) that rotates, orients, and controls the SCD, a robotic maneuvering platform (RMP), and a path and adaptation controller (PAC). In that embodiment, the PAC determines the movement of the system based on an original desired path and input gathered from the SCD during an image capture process.

  20. Stereo-panoramic Data

    Cutchin, Steve


    Systems and methods for automatically generating three-dimensional panoramic images for use in various virtual reality settings are disclosed. One embodiment of the system includes a stereo camera capture device (SCD), a programmable camera controller (PCC) that rotates, orients, and controls the SCD, a robotic maneuvering platform (RMP), and a path and adaptation controller (PAC). In that embodiment, the PAC determines the movement of the system based on an original desired path and input gathered from the SCD during an image capture process.

  1. Muusikaretk Ugandasse ja Venemaale


    Uganda muusikute Joel Sebunjo ja Bukko Brite kontserdist sarja Muuilm ja Mõnda raames 20. okt. ja loengkontserdist "Venemaa muusikas ja ajas" (esinevad ajaloolane David Vseviov ja pianist Age Juurikas) 29. okt. Palamuse rahvamajas, esinejatest

  2. Londoni ja Küprose kaudu Eesti turuliidriks / Piret Reiljan

    Reiljan, Piret, 1983-


    Eestis registreeritud Vene kapitaliga investeerimisühing KIT Finance Europe peakontor asub Tallinnas, kuid äri ajab hoopis Londonis ja Küprosel. Vt. samas: KIT Finance Europe; Kontor kuninganna endises magamistoas. Diagrammid: Investeerimisühingute turuosad Eestis; Eesti investeerimisühingute kasum

  3. Stereo Hysteresis Revisited

    Christopher Tyler


    Full Text Available One of the most fascinating phenomena in stereopsis is the profound hysteresis effect reported by Fender and Julesz (1967, in which the depth percept persisted with increasing disparity long past the point at which depth was recovered with decreasing disparity. To control retinal disparity without vergence eye movements, they stabilized the stimuli on the retinas with an eye tracker. I now report that stereo hysteresis can be observed directly in printed stereograms simply by rotating the image. As the stereo image rotates, the horizontal disparities rotate to become vertical, then horizontal with inverted sign, and then vertical again before returning to the original orientation. The depth shows an interesting popout effect, almost as though the depth was turning on and off rapidly, despite the inherently sinusoidal change in the horizontal disparity vector. This stimulus was generated electronically in a circular format so that the random-dot field could be dynamically replaced, eliminating any cue to cyclorotation. Noise density was scaled with eccentricity to fade out the stimulus near fixation. For both the invariant and the dynamic noise, profound hysteresis of several seconds delay was found in six observers. This was far longer than the reaction time to respond to changes in disparity, which was less than a second. Purely horizontal modulation of disparity to match the horizontal vector component of the disparity rotation did not show the popout effect, which thus seems to be a function of the interaction between horizontal and vertical disparities and may be attributable to depth interpolation processes.

  4. First aid kit

    ... this page: // First aid kit To use the sharing features on this ... ahead, you can create a well-stocked home first aid kit. Keep all of your supplies in one ...

  5. Create an Emergency Kit

    ... models take up less space in your kit. Cell phone. Always carry a cell phone and let people know where you are going ... pump in your emergency kit. Remember that despite safety standards and careful monitoring, these devices can fail. ...

  6. Photometric stereo endoscopy.

    Parot, Vicente; Lim, Daryl; González, Germán; Traverso, Giovanni; Nishioka, Norman S; Vakoc, Benjamin J; Durr, Nicholas J


    While color video endoscopy has enabled wide-field examination of the gastrointestinal tract, it often misses or incorrectly classifies lesions. Many of these missed lesions exhibit characteristic three-dimensional surface topographies. An endoscopic system that adds topographical measurements to conventional color imagery could therefore increase lesion detection and improve classification accuracy. We introduce photometric stereo endoscopy (PSE), a technique which allows high spatial frequency components of surface topography to be acquired simultaneously with conventional two-dimensional color imagery. We implement this technique in an endoscopic form factor and demonstrate that it can acquire the topography of small features with complex geometries and heterogeneous optical properties. PSE imaging of ex vivo human gastrointestinal tissue shows that surface topography measurements enable differentiation of abnormal shapes from surrounding normal tissue. Together, these results confirm that the topographical measurements can be obtained with relatively simple hardware in an endoscopic form factor, and suggest the potential of PSE to improve lesion detection and classification in gastrointestinal imaging.

  7. STEREO-IMPACT Education and Public Outreach: Sharing STEREO Science

    Craig, N.; Peticolas, L. M.; Mendez, B. J.


    The Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) is scheduled for launch in Spring 2006. STEREO will study the Sun with two spacecrafts in orbit around it and on either side of Earth. The primary science goal is to understand the nature and consequences of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). Despite their importance, scientists don't fully understand the origin and evolution of CMEs, nor their structure or extent in interplanetary space. STEREO's unique 3-D images of the structure of CMEs will enable scientists to determine their fundamental nature and origin. We will discuss the Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) program for the In-situ Measurement of Particles And CME Transients (IMPACT) suite of instruments aboard the two crafts and give examples of upcoming activities, including NASA's Sun-Earth day events, which are scheduled to coincide with a total solar eclipse in March. This event offers a good opportunity to engage the public in STEREO science, because an eclipse allows one to see the solar corona from where CMEs erupt. STEREO's connection to space weather lends itself to close partnerships with the Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum (SECEF), The Exploratorium, and UC Berkeley's Center for New Music and Audio Technologies to develop informal science programs for science centers, museum visitors, and the public in general. We will also discuss our teacher workshops locally in California and also at annual conferences such as those of the National Science Teachers Association. Such workshops often focus on magnetism and its connection to CMEs and Earth's magnetic field, leading to the questions STEREO scientists hope to answer. The importance of partnerships and coordination in working in an instrument E/PO program that is part of a bigger NASA mission with many instrument suites and many PIs will be emphasized. The Education and Outreach Porgram is funded by NASA's SMD.

  8. Exploit Kit traffic analysis

    Καπίρης, Σταμάτης; Kapiris, Stamatis


    Exploit kits have become one of the most widespread and destructive threat that Internet users face on a daily basis. Since the first actor, which has been categorized as exploit kit, namely MPack, appeared in 2006, we have seen a new era on exploit kit variants compromising popular websites, infecting hosts and delivering destructive malware, following an exponentially evolvement to date. With the growing threat landscape, large enterprises to domestic networks, have starte...

  9. Benchmarking Tool Kit.

    Canadian Health Libraries Association.

    Nine Canadian health libraries participated in a pilot test of the Benchmarking Tool Kit between January and April, 1998. Although the Tool Kit was designed specifically for health libraries, the content and approach are useful to other types of libraries as well. Used to its full potential, benchmarking can provide a common measuring stick to…

  10. Hearing damage by personal stereo

    Hammershøi, Dorte; Ordoñez, Rodrigo Pizarro; Reuter, Karen


    The technological development within personal stereo systems, such as MP3 players, iPods etc., has changed music listening habits from home entertainment to everyday and everywhere use. The technology has developed considerably, since the introduction of CD walkmen, and high-level low-distortion ......The technological development within personal stereo systems, such as MP3 players, iPods etc., has changed music listening habits from home entertainment to everyday and everywhere use. The technology has developed considerably, since the introduction of CD walkmen, and high-level low......-distortion music is produced by minimal devices. In this paper, the existing literature on effects of personal stereo systems is reviewed, incl. studies of exposure levels, and effects on hearing. Generally, it is found that the levels being used is of concern, which in one study [Acustica?Acta Acustica, 82 (1996......) 885?894] is demonstrated to relate to the specific use in situations with high levels of background noise. Another study [Med. J. Austr., 1998; 169: 588-592], demonstrates that the effect of personal stereo is comparable to that of being exposed to noise in industry. The results are discussed in view...

  11. Sepsis - tunnistaminen ja hoito ensi- ja akuuttihoidossa

    Ansio, Susa; Saarenketo, Tiia


    Sepsiksellä tarkoitetaan tilannetta, jolloin ihmisen verenkierrossa on bakteereita ja tämä aiheuttaa vakavia oireita. Lähes kaikki sepsiksen oireet johtuvat elimistön puolustusreaktiosta bakteeria vastaan. Sepsiksen hoito on monivaiheista ja kallista, ja siihen kuolleisuus on suurta. Ensihoidossa olisi tärkeää tunnistaa mahdollinen sepsis ja aloittaa tarvittava hoito mahdollisimman varhaisessa vaiheessa. Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena on kuvata sepsiksen tunnistamista ensihoidossa, myöhäisem...

  12. Sairaanhoitaja- ja terveydenhoitajaopiskelijoiden ensiaputiedot ja -taidot

    Lehtimäki, Laura; Mäki, Laura; Varis, Sara


    Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli selvittää ensimmäisen vuoden sairaanhoitaja- ja terveydenhoitajaopiskelijoiden ensiaputietoja ja –taitoja sekä ensiapuopetuksen ja -harjoitusten vaikutusta niihin. Lisäksi tarkoituksena oli saada selville eri oppimistyylien vaikutusta ensiaputietojen ja –taitojen oppimiseen. Opinnäytetyömme oli määrällinen eli kvantitatiivinen tutkimus. Opinnäytetyössä perusjoukkona oli Porvoon Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulun ensimmäisen vuoden sairaanhoitaja- ja terveydenhoita...

  13. Stereo visualization in the ground segment tasks of the science space missions

    Korneva, Natalia; Nazarov, Vladimir; Mogilevsky, Mikhail; Nazirov, Ravil

    The ground segment is one of the key components of any science space mission. Its functionality substantially defines the scientific effectiveness of the experiment as a whole. And it should be noted that its outstanding feature (in contrast to the other information systems of the scientific space projects) is interaction between researcher and project information system in order to interpret data being obtained during experiments. Therefore the ability to visualize the data being processed is essential prerequisite for ground segment's software and the usage of modern technological solutions and approaches in this area will allow increasing science return in general and providing a framework for new experiments creation. Mostly for the visualization of data being processed 2D and 3D graphics are used that is caused by the traditional visualization tools capabilities. Besides that the stereo data visualization methods are used actively in solving some tasks. However their usage is usually limited to such tasks as visualization of virtual and augmented reality, remote sensing data processing and suchlike. Low prevalence of stereo visualization methods in solving science ground segment tasks is primarily explained by extremely high cost of the necessary hardware. But recently appeared low cost hardware solutions for stereo visualization based on the page-flip method of views separation. In this case it seems promising to use the stereo visualization as an instrument for investigation of a wide range of problems, mainly for stereo visualization of complex physical processes as well as mathematical abstractions and models. The article is concerned with an attempt to use this approach. It describes the details and problems of using stereo visualization (page-flip method based on NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit, graphic processor GeForce) for display of some datasets of magnetospheric satellite onboard measurements and also in development of the software for manual stereo matching.

  14. Stereo reconstruction from multiperspective panoramas.

    Li, Yin; Shum, Heung-Yeung; Tang, Chi-Keung; Szeliski, Richard


    A new approach to computing a panoramic (360 degrees) depth map is presented in this paper. Our approach uses a large collection of images taken by a camera whose motion has been constrained to planar concentric circles. We resample regular perspective images to produce a set of multiperspective panoramas and then compute depth maps directly from these resampled panoramas. Our panoramas sample uniformly in three dimensions: rotation angle, inverse radial distance, and vertical elevation. The use of multiperspective panoramas eliminates the limited overlap present in the original input images and, thus, problems as in conventional multibaseline stereo can be avoided. Our approach differs from stereo matching of single-perspective panoramic images taken from different locations, where the epipolar constraints are sine curves. For our multiperspective panoramas, the epipolar geometry, to the first order approximation, consists of horizontal lines. Therefore, any traditional stereo algorithm can be applied to multiperspective panoramas with little modification. In this paper, we describe two reconstruction algorithms. The first is a cylinder sweep algorithm that uses a small number of resampled multiperspective panoramas to obtain dense 3D reconstruction. The second algorithm, in contrast, uses a large number of multiperspective panoramas and takes advantage of the approximate horizontal epipolar geometry inherent in multiperspective panoramas. It comprises a novel and efficient 1D multibaseline matching technique, followed by tensor voting to extract the depth surface. Experiments show that our algorithms are capable of producing comparable high quality depth maps which can be used for applications such as view interpolation.

  15. Stereo Cameras for Clouds (STEREOCAM) Instrument Handbook

    Romps, David [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States); Oktem, Rusen [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States)


    The three pairs of stereo camera setups aim to provide synchronized and stereo calibrated time series of images that can be used for 3D cloud mask reconstruction. Each camera pair is positioned at approximately 120 degrees from the other pair, with a 17o-19o pitch angle from the ground, and at 5-6 km distance from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Central Facility at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility Southern Great Plains (SGP) observatory to cover the region from northeast, northwest, and southern views. Images from both cameras of the same stereo setup can be paired together to obtain 3D reconstruction by triangulation. 3D reconstructions from the ring of three stereo pairs can be combined together to generate a 3D mask from surrounding views. This handbook delivers all stereo reconstruction parameters of the cameras necessary to make 3D reconstructions from the stereo camera images.

  16. Stereo and Solar Cycle 24

    Kaise,r Michael L.


    The twin STEREO spacecrafi, launched in October 2006, are in heliocentric orbits near 4 AU with one spacecraft (Ahead) leading Earth in its orbit around the Sun and the other (Behind) trailing Earth. As viewed from the Sun, the STEREO spacecraft are continually separating from one another at about 45 degrees per year with Earth biseding the angle. At present, th@spaser=raft are a bit more than 45 degrees apart, thus they are able to each 'vie@ ground the limb's of the Sun by about 23 degrees, corresponding to about 1.75 days of solar rotation. Both spameraft contain an identical set of instruments including an extreme ultraviolet imager, two white light coronagraphs, tws all-sky imagers, a wide selection of energetic particle detectors, a magnetometer and a radio burst tracker. A snapshot of the real time data is continually broadcast to NOW-managed ground stations and this small stream of data is immediately sent to the STEREO Science Center and converted into useful space weather data within 5 minutes of ground receipt. The resulting images, particle, magnetometer and radio astronomy plots are available at j g i t , : gAs timqe conting ues ijnto . g solar cycle 24, the separation angle becomes 90 degrees in early 2009 and 180 degrees in early 201 1 as the activity heads toward maximum. By the time of solar maximum, STEREO will provide for the first time a view of the entire Sun with the mronagraphs and e*reme ultraviolet instruments. This view wilt allow us to follow the evolution of active regions continuously and also detect new active regions long before they pose a space weather threat to Earth. The in situ instruments will be able to provide about 7 days advanced notice of co-rotating structures in the solar wind. During this same intewal near solar maximum, the wide-angle imagers on STEREB will both be ;able to view EarlCP-dirsted CMEs in their plane-oPsky. When combined with Eat-lhorbiting assets available at that time, it seems solar cycle 24 will mark a

  17. Romantikutest, armastusega ja ja halastuseta / Margit Tõnson

    Tõnson, Margit, 1978-


    Kolmest suvelavastusest: Tiit Palu dramatiseering Gustave Flaubert'i teosest "Madame Bovary" Endla teatris, Marcel Pagnoli "Tuulesaared", lavastaja Maria Peterson - Theatrum ja MTÜ Arhipelaag Hiiumaal Tahkuna tuletorni all ja Eugene O'Neilli "Iha jalakate all", lavastaja Roman Baskin, MTÜ Kell Kümme Kurgjal Jakobsoni talumuuseumis


    Renate Pajusalu


    Full Text Available Käesolev artikkel käsitleb konteksti ja viitamisvahendeid, mis loovad konteksti. Käsitlus põhineb eelkõige kolmel eraldi läbiviidud uurimusel, milles kõigis oli põhitähelepanu algselt suunatud viitamisvahenditele. Vaatleme kontekstualiseerimisvõtteid spontaansetes argivestlustes ja kahes katselises olukorras: katses legoklotsidega, milles üks katsealune ehitab klotsidest maja teise katsealuse juhendamisel, ja pildiseeria põhjal jutustatud narratiivides. Artiklis võrreldakse, mis nendes kolmes kontekstis oli sarnast ja mis erinevat eelkõige vestlustegevuse alguses: tegevuse olemusest märku andmises ja referentide loomises. Kuna üks osa vaadeldavaid narratiive pärineb lastelt, puudutab artikkel mõnevõrra ka erinevate vanuseliste gruppide viitamisstrateegiaid.

  19. Muravskaja ja Nurk Katowices


    2. Katowice biennaalil Poolas, mis toimub nime all „The European Constitution. What makes Europe?”, osalevad Eestist Tanja Muravskaja (fotoseeria "Positsioonid", video ja installatsioon "Monumendid") ja Kaarel Nurk (fotoseeria "Mehe aasta")

  20. Personalized Thematic Kits

    Bontrager, Sharon


    Teaching Spanish at the K-5 level is a passion of mine, and the author would like to share some of the practical applications that she finds most rewarding and effective. She has found enthusiastic response to the creation of detailed language learning kits that are rooted in storytelling, but expanded to include home-made board games,…

  1. World Disarmament Kit.

    Woito, Robert, Ed.

    This kit presents a comprehensive introduction for students to arms control and disarmament issues. Included are copies of published and unpublished articles for each topic. Section I provides a self-survey to enable students to assess their own attitudes, values, and knowledge. The survey poses questions for which students select one of several…

  2. Stereo Correspondence Using Moment Invariants

    Premaratne, Prashan; Safaei, Farzad

    Autonomous navigation is seen as a vital tool in harnessing the enormous potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and small robotic vehicles for both military and civilian use. Even though, laser based scanning solutions for Simultaneous Location And Mapping (SLAM) is considered as the most reliable for depth estimation, they are not feasible for use in UAV and land-based small vehicles due to their physical size and weight. Stereovision is considered as the best approach for any autonomous navigation solution as stereo rigs are considered to be lightweight and inexpensive. However, stereoscopy which estimates the depth information through pairs of stereo images can still be computationally expensive and unreliable. This is mainly due to some of the algorithms used in successful stereovision solutions require high computational requirements that cannot be met by small robotic vehicles. In our research, we implement a feature-based stereovision solution using moment invariants as a metric to find corresponding regions in image pairs that will reduce the computational complexity and improve the accuracy of the disparity measures that will be significant for the use in UAVs and in small robotic vehicles.

  3. Laatu- ja validointitoiminta elintarviketeollisuudessa

    Vanhatalo, Heidi


    Opinnäytetyö laadittiin Zeus Tech Oy:n toimeksiannosta. Zeus Tech Oy tuottaa validointi-, mittaus-, testaus- ja laadunvarmistuspalveluja lääke- ja bioteollisuuden, sekä elintarviketeollisuuden alojen toimijoille. Tarkoituksena oli selvittää laatu- ja validointitoiminnan kehittämiskohteita elintarviketeollisuudessa. Opinnäytetyön teoriaosuudessa käsitellään laatua, laadunvalvontaa ja -hallintaa, sekä validointia elintarviketeollisuudessa. Työn kokeellisessa osuudessa luotiin kyselytutkimus...

  4. Improved Stereo Matching With Boosting Method

    Shiny B


    Full Text Available Abstract This paper presents an approach based on classification for improving the accuracy of stereo matching methods. We propose this method for occlusion handling. This work employs classification of pixels for finding the erroneous disparity values. Due to the wide applications of disparity map in 3D television medical imaging etc the accuracy of disparity map has high significance. An initial disparity map is obtained using local or global stereo matching methods from the input stereo image pair. The various features for classification are computed from the input stereo image pair and the obtained disparity map. Then the computed feature vector is used for classification of pixels by using GentleBoost as the classification method. The erroneous disparity values in the disparity map found by classification are corrected through a completion stage or filling stage. A performance evaluation of stereo matching using AdaBoostM1 RUSBoost Neural networks and GentleBoost is performed.

  5. BRDF invariant stereo using light transport constancy.

    Wang, Liang; Yang, Ruigang; Davis, James E


    Nearly all existing methods for stereo reconstruction assume that scene reflectance is Lambertian and make use of brightness constancy as a matching invariant. We introduce a new invariant for stereo reconstruction called light transport constancy (LTC), which allows completely arbitrary scene reflectance (bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (BRDFs)). This invariant can be used to formulate a rank constraint on multiview stereo matching when the scene is observed by several lighting configurations in which only the lighting intensity varies. In addition, we show that this multiview constraint can be used with as few as two cameras and two lighting configurations. Unlike previous methods for BRDF invariant stereo, LTC does not require precisely configured or calibrated light sources or calibration objects in the scene. Importantly, the new constraint can be used to provide BRDF invariance to any existing stereo method whenever appropriate lighting variation is available.

  6. 49 CFR 173.161 - Chemical kits and first aid kits.


    ... 49 Transportation 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Chemical kits and first aid kits. 173.161 Section... Class 7 § 173.161 Chemical kits and first aid kits. (a) Chemical kits and First aid kits must conform to... 10 kg. (b) Chemical kits and First aid kits are excepted from the specification packaging...

  7. Build an Emergency Preparedness Kit

    ... In addition to the items listed above, a vehicle kit should include: -fire extinguisher. -booster cables and tow rope. -compass and road maps. -shovel. -tire repair kit and pump. -extra clothing to keep dry. - ...

  8. ISS Expedition 08 Press Kit

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Press kit for ISS mission Expedition 08 from 10/2003-04/2004. Press kits contain information about each mission overview, crew, mission timeline, benefits, and media...

  9. Lapsed ja digikultuur / Katrin Kuusik

    Kuusik, Katrin


    Vestlusest TLÜ BFMi koolitusjuhi ja laste filmikooli juhendajaga tema poolt laste ja õpetajatega läbi viidud hariduslikest projektidest, mille eesmärgiks on tutvustada ja rakendada erinevaid filmi ja animatsiooni nippe koolitöös

  10. Three-dimensional stereo by photometric ratios

    Wolff, L.B.; Angelopoulou, E.


    We present a methodology for corresponding a dense set of points on an object surface from photometric values for three-dimensional stereo computation of depth. The methodology utilizes multiple stereo pairs of images, with each stereo pair being taken of the identical scene but under different illumination. With just two stereo pairs of images taken under two different illumination conditions, a stereo pair of ratio images can be produced, one for the ratio of left-hand images and one for the ratio of right-hand images. We demonstrate how the photometric ratios composing these images can be used for accurate correspondence of object points. Object points having the same photometric ratio with respect to two different illumination conditions constitute a well-defined equivalence class of physical constraints defined by local surface orientation relative to illumination conditions. We formally show that for diffuse reflection the photometric ratio is invariant to varying camera characteristics, surface albedo, and viewpoint and that therefore the same photometric ratio in both images of a stereo pair implies the same equivalence class of physical constraints. The correspondence of photometric ratios along epipolar lines in a stereo pair of images under different illumination conditions is a correspondence of equivalent physical constraints, and the determination of depth from stereo can be performed. Whereas illumination planning is required, our photometric-based stereo methodology does not require knowledge of illumination conditions in the actual computation of three-dimensional depth and is applicable to perspective views. This technique extends the stereo determination of three-dimensional depth to smooth featureless surfaces without the use of precisely calibrated lighting. We demonstrate experimental depth maps from a dense set of points on smooth objects of known ground-truth shape, determined to within 1% depth accuracy

  11. Stereo vision techniques for telescience

    Hewett, S.


    The Botanic Experiment is one of the pilot experiments in the Telescience Test Bed program at the ESTEC research and technology center of the European Space Agency. The aim of the Telescience Test Bed is to develop the techniques required by an experimenter using a ground based work station for remote control, monitoring, and modification of an experiment operating on a space platform. The purpose of the Botanic Experiment is to examine the growth of seedlings under various illumination conditions with a video camera from a number of viewpoints throughout the duration of the experiment. This paper describes the Botanic Experiment and the points addressed in developing a stereo vision software package to extract quantitative information about the seedlings from the recorded video images.

  12. Stereo vision enhances the learning of a catching skill

    Mazyn, L.; Lenoir, M.; Montagne, G.; Delaey, C; Savelsbergh, G.J.P.


    The aim of this study was to investigate the contribution of stereo vision to the acquisition of a natural interception task. Poor catchers with good (N = 8; Stereo+) and weak (N = 6; Stereo-) stereo vision participated in an intensive training program spread over 2 weeks, during which they caught

  13. Stereo vision with distance and gradient recognition

    Kim, Soo-Hyun; Kang, Suk-Bum; Yang, Tae-Kyu


    Robot vision technology is needed for the stable walking, object recognition and the movement to the target spot. By some sensors which use infrared rays and ultrasonic, robot can overcome the urgent state or dangerous time. But stereo vision of three dimensional space would make robot have powerful artificial intelligence. In this paper we consider about the stereo vision for stable and correct movement of a biped robot. When a robot confront with an inclination plane or steps, particular algorithms are needed to go on without failure. This study developed the recognition algorithm of distance and gradient of environment by stereo matching process.

  14. Stereo Pinhole Camera: Assembly and experimental activities

    Gilmário Barbosa Santos


    Full Text Available This work describes the assembling of a stereo pinhole camera for capturing stereo-pairs of images and proposes experimental activities with it. A pinhole camera can be as sophisticated as you want, or so simple that it could be handcrafted with practically recyclable materials. This paper describes the practical use of the pinhole camera throughout history and currently. Aspects of optics and geometry involved in the building of the stereo pinhole camera are presented with illustrations. Furthermore, experiments are proposed by using the images obtained by the camera for 3D visualization through a pair of anaglyph glasses, and the estimation of relative depth by triangulation is discussed.

  15. Stereo Matching Based On Election Campaign Algorithm

    Xie Qing Hua


    Full Text Available Stereo matching is one of the significant problems in the study of the computer vision. By getting the distance information through pixels, it is possible to reproduce a three-dimensional stereo. In this paper, the edges are the primitives for matching, the grey values of the edges and the magnitude and direction of the edge gradient were figured out as the properties of the edge feature points, according to the constraints for stereo matching, the energy function was built for finding the route minimizing by election campaign optimization algorithm during the process of stereo matching was applied to this problem the energy function. Experiment results show that this algorithm is more stable and it can get the matching result with better accuracy.

  16. Stereo 3D spatial phase diagrams

    Kang, Jinwu, E-mail:; Liu, Baicheng, E-mail:


    Phase diagrams serve as the fundamental guidance in materials science and engineering. Binary P-T-X (pressure–temperature–composition) and multi-component phase diagrams are of complex spatial geometry, which brings difficulty for understanding. The authors constructed 3D stereo binary P-T-X, typical ternary and some quaternary phase diagrams. A phase diagram construction algorithm based on the calculated phase reaction data in PandaT was developed. And the 3D stereo phase diagram of Al-Cu-Mg ternary system is presented. These phase diagrams can be illustrated by wireframe, surface, solid or their mixture, isotherms and isopleths can be generated. All of these can be displayed by the three typical display ways: electronic shutter, polarization and anaglyph (for example red-cyan glasses). Especially, they can be printed out with 3D stereo effect on paper, and watched by the aid of anaglyph glasses, which makes 3D stereo book of phase diagrams come to reality. Compared with the traditional illustration way, the front of phase diagrams protrude from the screen and the back stretches far behind of the screen under 3D stereo display, the spatial structure can be clearly and immediately perceived. These 3D stereo phase diagrams are useful in teaching and research. - Highlights: • Stereo 3D phase diagram database was constructed, including binary P-T-X, ternary, some quaternary and real ternary systems. • The phase diagrams can be watched by active shutter or polarized or anaglyph glasses. • The print phase diagrams retains 3D stereo effect which can be achieved by the aid of anaglyph glasses.

  17. Nasta- ja kitkarenkaiden vertailu

    Sairanen, Henri


    Suomen talvi-ilmasto asettaa erityisvaatimuksia henkilöautojen renkaille. Jäisillä teillä ajamiseen vaaditaan renkaalta erityisominaisuuksia, jotta sujuva ja turvallinen liikenne on mahdollista. Autoilijat käyvät jatkuvasti keskustelua siitä, kumpi rengas on parempi talviajoon, nastarengas vai kitkarengas. Työni tarkoitus oli koota yhteen eri tutkimuksissa ilmi tullutta tietoa nasta- ja kitkarenkaista ja vertailla renkaiden hyviä ja huonoja puolia. Tämä työ on toteutettu itsenäisesti per...

  18. Gaas arvudes ja protsentides


    Diagrammid: Primaarenergia tarbimise struktuur Eestis; Maagaasi tarbimine Eestis 1996-2006; Maagaasi tarbimine kliendigruppide lõikes 2004-2006; Vedelgaasi tarbimine Eestis 1996-2006; Vedelgaasi tarbimise struktuur 2004-2006; Primaarenergia tarbimine 2005 regiooniti; Primaarenergia tarbimine maailmas 1980-2005; Maagaasi tõendatud varud maailmas 2005 aasta lõpuks; Maagaasi varude jaotumine regiooniti aastatel 85, 95 ja 2005; Maagaasi tootmine ja tarbimine regiooniti; Maagaasi varude suhe tootmismahtudesse; Maagaasi tootmine ja tarbimine riigiti 2005; Vedelgaasi nõudlus ja tootmine regiooniti. Kaardid. Graafikud

  19. [Vene impeerium ja Baltikum. Venestus, rahvuslus ja moderniseerimine 19. sajandi teisel poolel ja 20. sajandi alguses] / Olaf Mertelsmann

    Mertelsmann, Olaf, 1969-


    Arvustus: Vene impeerium ja Baltikum : venestus, rahvuslus ja moderniseerimine 19. sajandi teisel poolel ja 20. sajandi alguses. II / koostanud Tõnu Tannberg ja Bradley Woodworth. Tartu : Eesti Ajalooarhiiv, 2010

  20. Windows 7 resource kit

    Northrup, Tony; Honeycutt, Jerry; Wilson, Ed


    In-depth and comprehensive, this RESOURCE KIT delivers the information you need to administer your Windows 7 system. You get authoritative technical guidance from those who know the technology best-Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and the Windows 7 product team-along with essential scripts and resources. In addition, "Direct from the Source" sidebars offer deep insights and troubleshooting tips from the Windows 7 team. Get expert guidance on how to: Use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit best practices and tools. Plan user-state migration and test application compatibility.

  1. Mobile Probing Kit

    Larsen, Jakob Eg; Sørensen, Lene Tolstrup; Sørensen, J.K.


    Mobile Probing Kit is a low tech and low cost methodology for obtaining inspiration and insights into user needs, requirements and ideas in the early phases of a system's development process. The methodology is developed to identify user needs, requirements and ideas among knowledge workers...... characterized as being highly nomadic and thus potential users of mobile and ubiquitous technologies. The methodology has been applied in the 1ST MAGNET Beyond project in order to obtain user needs and requirements in the process of developing pilot services. We report on the initial findings from applying...

  2. Tyylivinkkejä ja puuterihuiskuja : Kiinnostavan ja piilomainoksettoman muoti- ja kauneusjutun toimittaminen kaupunkilehteen

    Kuusisto, Tiina


    Opinnäytetyössäni tutkin muoti- ja kauneusjuttujen ammattimaista toimittamista ja sitä, kuinka jutuista saadaan kiinnostavia ja piilomainoksettomia. Päätutkimuskysy-mykseni on: Kuinka muoti- ja kauneusaiheinen juttu toimitetaan ammattimaisesti? Tarkentavia tutkimuskysymyksiä on kolme. Kuinka tuotekeskeisestä aiheesta kirjoi-tetaan ilman mainostamista? Mikä tekee muoti- ja kauneusjutusta kiinnostavan? Kuinka kaupunkilehti Forum24:n Muoti ja Kauneus -liitteessä toteutuvat kiinnosta-vuus ja amma...

  3. Education Payload Operation - Kit D

    Keil, Matthew


    Education Payload Operation - Kit D (EPO-Kit D) includes education items that will be used to support the live International Space Station (ISS) education downlinks and Education Payload Operation (EPO) demonstrations onboard the ISS. The main objective of EPO-Kit D supports the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) goal of attracting students to study and seek careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  4. Videvikuvaevused ja kehakaemused / Kairi Prints

    Prints, Kairi, 1977-


    Nüüdistanstulavastusest "Penombre" ("Videvik"), lavastaja stsenarist, koreograaf ja esitaja Rosalba Torres Guerrero, video autor, stsenarist ja esitaja Lucas Racasse. Etendused 2. ja 3. augustil NO99 Põhuteatris. Tallinna Ülikooli kaasaegse tantsu dotsent ja tantsuteatri Fine5 koreograaf Tiina Ollesk selgitab Rosalba Torres Guerrero liikumise tausta ja tähendust

  5. Animaalselt ja humaanselt / Karlo Funk

    Funk, Karlo, 1971-


    Esilinastus 6 animafilmi : "Vares ja hiired", autorid Priit Tender ja Mikk Rand; "Just märried", autor Peep Pedmanson; "Päevavalgus", autor Mait Laas; "Tom ja Fluffy", režissöörid Janno Põldma ja Heiki Ernits; "Bermuda", autor Ülo Pikkov; "Primavera", režissöörid Riho Unt ja Hardi Volmer

  6. Pengukuran Jarak Berbasiskan Stereo Vision

    Iman Herwidiana Kartowisastro


    Full Text Available Measuring distance from an object can be conducted in a variety of ways, including by making use of distance measuring sensors such as ultrasonic sensors, or using the approach based vision system. This last mode has advantages in terms of flexibility, namely a monitored object has relatively no restrictions characteristic of the materials used at the same time it also has its own difficulties associated with object orientation and state of the room where the object is located. To overcome this problem, so this study examines the possibility of using stereo vision to measure the distance to an object. The system was developed starting from image extraction, information extraction characteristics of the objects contained in the image and visual distance measurement process with 2 separate cameras placed in a distance of 70 cm. The measurement object can be in the range of 50 cm - 130 cm with a percentage error of 5:53%. Lighting conditions (homogeneity and intensity has a great influence on the accuracy of the measurement results. 

  7. STEREO interplanetary shocks and foreshocks

    Blanco-Cano, X.; Kajdič, P.; Aguilar-Rodríguez, E.; Russell, C. T.; Jian, L. K.; Luhmann, J. G.


    We use STEREO data to study shocks driven by stream interactions and the waves associated with them. During the years of the extended solar minimum 2007-2010, stream interaction shocks have Mach numbers between 1.1-3.8 and θ Bn ∼20-86°. We find a variety of waves, including whistlers and low frequency fluctuations. Upstream whistler waves may be generated at the shock and upstream ultra low frequency (ULF) waves can be driven locally by ion instabilities. The downstream wave spectra can be formed by both, locally generated perturbations, and shock transmitted waves. We find that many quasiperpendicular shocks can be accompanied by ULF wave and ion foreshocks, which is in contrast to Earth's bow shock. Fluctuations downstream of quasi-parallel shocks tend to have larger amplitudes than waves downstream of quasi-perpendicular shocks. Proton foreshocks of shocks driven by stream interactions have extensions dr ≤0.05 AU. This is smaller than foreshock extensions for ICME driven shocks. The difference in foreshock extensions is related to the fact that ICME driven shocks are formed closer to the Sun and therefore begin to accelerate particles very early in their existence, while stream interaction shocks form at ∼1 AU and have been producing suprathermal particles for a shorter time.

  8. STEREO interplanetary shocks and foreshocks

    Blanco-Cano, X. [Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM, CU, Coyoacan 04510 DF (Mexico); Kajdic, P. [IRAP-University of Toulouse, CNRS, Toulouse (France); Aguilar-Rodriguez, E. [Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM, Morelia (Mexico); Russell, C. T. [ESS and IGPP, University of California, Los Angeles, 603 Charles Young Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90095 (United States); Jian, L. K. [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD and University of Maryland, College Park, MD (United States); Luhmann, J. G. [SSL, University of California Berkeley (United States)


    We use STEREO data to study shocks driven by stream interactions and the waves associated with them. During the years of the extended solar minimum 2007-2010, stream interaction shocks have Mach numbers between 1.1-3.8 and {theta}{sub Bn}{approx}20-86 Degree-Sign . We find a variety of waves, including whistlers and low frequency fluctuations. Upstream whistler waves may be generated at the shock and upstream ultra low frequency (ULF) waves can be driven locally by ion instabilities. The downstream wave spectra can be formed by both, locally generated perturbations, and shock transmitted waves. We find that many quasiperpendicular shocks can be accompanied by ULF wave and ion foreshocks, which is in contrast to Earth's bow shock. Fluctuations downstream of quasi-parallel shocks tend to have larger amplitudes than waves downstream of quasi-perpendicular shocks. Proton foreshocks of shocks driven by stream interactions have extensions dr {<=}0.05 AU. This is smaller than foreshock extensions for ICME driven shocks. The difference in foreshock extensions is related to the fact that ICME driven shocks are formed closer to the Sun and therefore begin to accelerate particles very early in their existence, while stream interaction shocks form at {approx}1 AU and have been producing suprathermal particles for a shorter time.

  9. Microgripper construction kit

    Gengenbach, Ulrich K.; Hofmann, Andreas; Engelhardt, Friedhelm; Scharnowell, Rudolf; Koehler, Bernd


    A large number of microgrippers has been developed in industry and academia. Although the importance of hybrid integration techniques and hence the demand for assembly tools grows continuously a large part of these developments has not yet been used in industrial production. The first grippers developed for microassembly were basically vacuum grippers and downscaled tweezers. Due to increasingly complex assembly tasks more and more functionality such as sensing or additional functions such as adhesive dispensing has been integrated into gripper systems over the last years. Most of these gripper systems are incompatible since there exists no standard interface to the assembly machine and no standard for the internal modules and interfaces. Thus these tools are not easily interchangeable between assembly machines and not easily adaptable to assembly tasks. In order to alleviate this situation a construction kit for modular microgrippers is being developed. It is composed of modules with well defined interfaces that can be combined to build task specific grippers. An abstract model of a microgripper is proposed as a tool to structure the development of the construction kit. The modular concept is illustrated with prototypes.

  10. Lakkaasi ja tyrosinaasi ja niiden aktiivisuus valkolahosienissä

    Kajasniemi, Petri


    Tutkielman kirjallinen osuus käsitteli Agaricus-suvun sieniä, sekä tyrosinaasin ja lakkaasin toimintaa ja rakennetta ja niiden jo olemassa olevia että mahdollisia sovelluksia. Kokeellisessa osassa pyrittiin selvittämään lakkaasin ja tyrosinaasin aktiivisuutta puuta ja kariketta lahottavien kantasienten kasvatuksissa ja vertaamaan erilaisia tyrosinaasiaktiivisuuden mittausmenetelmiä. Kokeellisessa osuudessa oli kaksi 28 vuorokautta kestänyttä kasvatusta. Toisessa alustana oli 2% mallasliemi...

  11. Nuorten tietokone- ja konsolipelaaminen ja vanhempien rooli : WHO-Koululaistutkimus

    Miettinen, Laura


    TIIVISTELMÄ Nuorten tietokone- ja konsolipelaaminen ja vanhempien rooli, WHO-Koululaistutkimus Laura Miettinen Terveyskasvatuksen Pro gradu -tutkielma Jyväskylän yliopisto, Liikuntatieteellinen tiedekunta 2017 75 sivua, 22 liitettä Ohjaaja TtT Raili Välimaa Pro gradu -tutkielmassa tarkasteltiin koulupäivisin ja viikonloppuisin pelaamiseen käytetyn ajan vaihtelua sukupuolen, luokkatason, koetun äidin ja isän valvonnan, koetun äidin ja isän kiintymyssuhteen ja perheeseen ...

  12. Immuunsus ja sanatoorium

    Jõgeva, Sandra, 1976-


    Katrin Murbachi (Šveits) & Riikka Tauriaineni (Soome) näitus "Sanatoorium" Tallinna Linnagaleriis 2. augustini. Rühmituse Noolegrupp liikmete Triinu Jürvese ja Villem Jahu videoinstallatsioon "Immunity Summary and the Outside World" ("Immuunsuse kokkuvõte ja sealpoolne maailm") Kultuurikatlas 24. juulil

  13. Zygmunt Bauman ja Rein Raud vestlesid kultuurist ja poliitikast


    TLÜ Kultuuriteaduste ja kunstide doktorikooli kutsel Tallinnas viibinud sotsioloogi, Leedsi ülikooli emeriitprofessori Zygmunt Baumani ja TLÜ juhtivteadur Rein Raua vahel Kirjanike Liidu saalis toimunud avalikust vestlusest

  14. Eettinen ja arvojohtaminen johtamisessa

    Hallamaa, Taru


    Tämän opinnäytetyön aiheena oli eettinen ja arvojohtaminen organisaatiossa. Tarkoituksena oli selvittää, mitä on eettinen johtaminen ja arvojohtaminen, ja miten ne liittyvät aikaisempiin johtamiskäsityksiin ja -menetelmiin. Lisäksi tarkoituksena oli saada selville, miten eettistä ja arvojohtamista voidaan käyttää arkipäivän johtamisessa hyväksi, sekä miten nämä voidaan ottaa käyttöön yksittäisessä organisaatiossa. Tarkastelussa kiinnitettiin huomiota myös siihen, mikä merkitys näillä johtamis...

  15. Gidon Kremer ja Kremerata Baltica


    G. Kremer ja Kremerata Baltica esitamas Tshaikovski, shostakovitshi ja Desjatnikovi loomingut pühapäeval, 16. detsembril kl.19 Vanemuise Kontserdimajas ja esmaspäeval, 17. detsembril kl.19 Estonia kontserdisaalis

  16. Identiteet ja migratsioon / Francis Fukuyama

    Fukuyama, Francis


    Autor peab islamiäärmuslust immigrantide identiteedikriisi ilminguks ning arutleb identiteedipoliitika olemuse ja tuleviku üle Euroopa ja Ameerika postmodernses multikultuurilises ühiskonnas. Vt. samas: Jeffrey Goldstein: Euroopa ja USA - konkurendid või partnerid

  17. Karvased ja sulelised / Tambet Kaugema

    Kaugema, Tambet


    Kaks esimest osa ETV poliitilise pila nukushõust "Pehmed ja karvased" : stsenaristid Toomas Kall ja Andrus Kivirähk : idee autor, režissöör ja kunstnik Hardi Volmer : produtsent, idee autor Raivo Suviste

  18. Age is highly associated with stereo blindness among surgeons

    Fergo, Charlotte; Burcharth, Jakob; Pommergaard, Hans-Christian


    BACKGROUND: The prevalence of stereo blindness in the general population varies greatly within a range of 1-30 %. Stereo vision adds an extra dimension to aid depth perception and gives a binocular advantage in task completion. Lack of depth perception may lower surgical performance, potentially...... and stereo tested by the use of the Random Dot E stereo test. Upon stereo testing, a demographic questionnaire was completed. Multivariate logistic regression analysis was employed to assess the association between stereo blindness and the variables resulting from the univariate analysis. RESULTS: Three...

  19. Radiology seminars using teaching kits

    Munro, T.G.


    Clinco-radiological seminars are an effective method of teaching medical students. However, in busy departments it is often difficult to provide enough radiologists for small group instruction. This can be facilitated by the use of prepared teaching kits. Each kit contains a set of duplicated films and a syllabus which gives a short clinical history for each patient and a series of questions to be used to direct the discussion. Each diagnostic problem is chosen to demonstrate core material. We have been using these teaching kits for organ system teaching in the preclerkship year. Teaching kits offer several advantages. They make it easier to recruit seminar leaders through efficient use of their time. The use of duplicated films and a syllabus ensures that all students cover the same material. The syllabus can be used to generate examination questions for reinforcement of important concepts. The kits are also available to students to review alone and can be readily updated as required

  20. Tapahtumia ja kohtaamisia Otavamediassa

    Hönö, Päivi


    Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli Otavamedian tapahtumamarkkinoinnin kehittäminen vastaamaan tämän päivän haasteisiin. Tutkimuskysymyksenä oli, mikä on brändin rooli tapahtumamarkkinoinnissa, kun huomioidaan alaan vaikuttavat trendit ja muuttunut kilpailuympäristö. Opinnäytetyö liittyi Otavamedian myynti- ja markkinointiorganisaatioon. Koska kysymys on kyseisten tahojen yhteistyöstä, etsittiin opinnäytetyössä vastauksia seuraaviin kysymyksiin: mikä on tapahtumamarkkinoinnin rooli myynti- ja markk...

  1. The potential risk of personal stereo players

    Hammershøi, Dorte; Ordoñez, Rodrigo Pizarro; Reuter, Karen


    The technological development within personal stereo systems,such as MP3 players, e. g. iPods, has changed music listening habits from home entertainment to everyday and everywhere use. The technology has developed considerably, since the introduction of cassette players and CD walkmen. High......-level low-distortion music is produced by minimal devices which can play for long periods. In this paper, the existing literature on effects of personal stereo systems is reviewed, incl. studies of exposure levels, and effects on hearing. Generally, it is found that the levels being used are of concern......, which in one study is demonstrated to relate to the specific use in situations with high levels of background noise. Another study demonstrates that the effect of using personal stereo is comparable to that of being exposed to noise in industry. The results are discussed in view of the measurement...

  2. Stereo-tomography in triangulated models

    Yang, Kai; Shao, Wei-Dong; Xing, Feng-yuan; Xiong, Kai


    Stereo-tomography is a distinctive tomographic method. It is capable of estimating the scatterer position, the local dip of scatterer and the background velocity simultaneously. Building a geologically consistent velocity model is always appealing for applied and earthquake seismologists. Differing from the previous work to incorporate various regularization techniques into the cost function of stereo-tomography, we think extending stereo-tomography to the triangulated model will be the most straightforward way to achieve this goal. In this paper, we provided all the Fréchet derivatives of stereo-tomographic data components with respect to model components for slowness-squared triangulated model (or sloth model) in 2D Cartesian coordinate based on the ray perturbation theory for interfaces. A sloth model representation means a sparser model representation when compared with conventional B-spline model representation. A sparser model representation leads to a smaller scale of stereo-tomographic (Fréchet) matrix, a higher-accuracy solution when solving linear equations, a faster convergence rate and a lower requirement for quantity of data space. Moreover, a quantitative representation of interface strengthens the relationships among different model components, which makes the cross regularizations among these model components, such as node coordinates, scatterer coordinates and scattering angles, etc., more straightforward and easier to be implemented. The sensitivity analysis, the model resolution matrix analysis and a series of synthetic data examples demonstrate the correctness of the Fréchet derivatives, the applicability of the regularization terms and the robustness of the stereo-tomography in triangulated model. It provides a solid theoretical foundation for the real applications in the future.

  3. Sijoitusvakuutusten ja kapitalisaatiosopimusten verokohtelu

    Syväpuro, Olli


    Markkinoilla on nykyisin useita erilaisia kotimaisia ja ulkomaisia sijoitussidonnaisia henkivakuutuksia ja kapitalisaatiosopimuksia, joita usein markkinoidaan verosuunnitteluinstrumentteina sijoittajien varallisuudelle. Näiden instrumenttien ns. vakuutuskehyksen sisällä sijoittaja voi vaihtaa sijoituskohteita ilman että vakuutuksen sisällä hallinnoitavien instrumenttien tuloverotus realisoituu. Tuloveroa maksetaan pääsääntöisesti vasta kun nostetaan tuotto-osuutta vakuutuksesta. Kyseiste...

  4. Sukupuoli ja vastaelokuva

    Jakobsson, Erkki


    Kirjallinen opinnäytetyöni keskittyy analysoimaan feminististä maskuliinisuuden dekonstruktiota Catherine Breillatin new french extrimism-genren elokuvassa ”Anatomie de l'enfer” (2004). Tutkin myös elokuvan sisältöä. Opinnäytetyöni vertailee sukupuoli-identiteettejä historiallisessa traditionaalisessa mallissa ja modernissa eksistentiaalisessa mallissa. Yritän selittää miten ja miksi ne ovat muuttuneet. Tutkin muutamia esimerkkejä eksistentialistisista vaihtoehdoista verrattuna traditiona...

  5. Eestlane ja sakslane Kunstihoones


    Siim-Tanel Annuse ja Abraham David Christiani ühisnäitus 18. dets.-st Tallinna Kunstihoones. Kuraator Dorothee Bauerle-Willert. A. D. Christianilt on näitusel skulptuurid, Mississippi joonistuste seeria, S.-T. Annuselt maalid. Näituse avamisele järgnenud Krista Kodrese juhendatud diskussioonil "Siin ئ piirideta, läbisegi ja piirideta või hoopis maailmakunst provintsist" osalejad

  6. A Photometric Stereo Using Re-Projected Images for Active Stereo Vision System

    Keonhwa Jung


    Full Text Available In optical 3D shape measurement, stereo vision with structured light can measure 3D scan data with high accuracy and is used in many applications, but fine surface detail is difficult to obtain. On the other hand, photometric stereo can capture surface details but has disadvantages, in that its 3D data accuracy drops and it requires multiple light sources. When the two measurement methods are combined, more accurate 3D scan data and detailed surface features can be obtained at the same time. In this paper, we present a 3D optical measurement technique that uses re-projection of images to implement photometric stereo without an external light source. 3D scan data is enhanced by combining normal vector from this photometric stereo method, and the result is evaluated with the ground truth.

  7. Head Pose Estimation from Passive Stereo Images

    Breitenstein, Michael D.; Jensen, Jeppe; Høilund, Carsten


    function. Our algorithm incorporates 2D and 3D cues to make the system robust to low-quality range images acquired by passive stereo systems. It handles large pose variations (of ±90 ° yaw and ±45 ° pitch rotation) and facial variations due to expressions or accessories. For a maximally allowed error of 30...

  8. Multi-hypothesis distributed stereo video coding

    Salmistraro, Matteo; Zamarin, Marco; Forchhammer, Søren


    for stereo sequences, exploiting an interpolated intra-view SI and two inter-view SIs. The quality of the SI has a major impact on the DVC Rate-Distortion (RD) performance. As the inter-view SIs individually present lower RD performance compared with the intra-view SI, we propose multi-hypothesis decoding...

  9. Local Stereo Matching Using Adaptive Local Segmentation

    Damjanovic, S.; van der Heijden, Ferdinand; Spreeuwers, Lieuwe Jan

    We propose a new dense local stereo matching framework for gray-level images based on an adaptive local segmentation using a dynamic threshold. We define a new validity domain of the fronto-parallel assumption based on the local intensity variations in the 4-neighborhood of the matching pixel. The

  10. Hybrid-Based Dense Stereo Matching

    Chuang, T. Y.; Ting, H. W.; Jaw, J. J.


    Stereo matching generating accurate and dense disparity maps is an indispensable technique for 3D exploitation of imagery in the fields of Computer vision and Photogrammetry. Although numerous solutions and advances have been proposed in the literature, occlusions, disparity discontinuities, sparse texture, image distortion, and illumination changes still lead to problematic issues and await better treatment. In this paper, a hybrid-based method based on semi-global matching is presented to tackle the challenges on dense stereo matching. To ease the sensitiveness of SGM cost aggregation towards penalty parameters, a formal way to provide proper penalty estimates is proposed. To this end, the study manipulates a shape-adaptive cross-based matching with an edge constraint to generate an initial disparity map for penalty estimation. Image edges, indicating the potential locations of occlusions as well as disparity discontinuities, are approved by the edge drawing algorithm to ensure the local support regions not to cover significant disparity changes. Besides, an additional penalty parameter 𝑃𝑒 is imposed onto the energy function of SGM cost aggregation to specifically handle edge pixels. Furthermore, the final disparities of edge pixels are found by weighting both values derived from the SGM cost aggregation and the U-SURF matching, providing more reliable estimates at disparity discontinuity areas. Evaluations on Middlebury stereo benchmarks demonstrate satisfactory performance and reveal the potency of the hybrid-based dense stereo matching method.

  11. Stereoselectivity in metallocene-catalyzed coordination polymerization of renewable methylene butyrolactones: From stereo-random to stereo-perfect polymers

    Chen, Xia; Caporaso, Lucia; Cavallo, Luigi; Chen, Eugene You Xian


    Coordination polymerization of renewable α-methylene-γ-(methyl) butyrolactones by chiral C 2-symmetric zirconocene catalysts produces stereo-random, highly stereo-regular, or perfectly stereo-regular polymers, depending on the monomer and catalyst structures. Computational studies yield a fundamental understanding of the stereocontrol mechanism governing these new polymerization reactions mediated by chiral metallocenium catalysts. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

  12. Stereoselectivity in metallocene-catalyzed coordination polymerization of renewable methylene butyrolactones: From stereo-random to stereo-perfect polymers

    Chen, Xia


    Coordination polymerization of renewable α-methylene-γ-(methyl) butyrolactones by chiral C 2-symmetric zirconocene catalysts produces stereo-random, highly stereo-regular, or perfectly stereo-regular polymers, depending on the monomer and catalyst structures. Computational studies yield a fundamental understanding of the stereocontrol mechanism governing these new polymerization reactions mediated by chiral metallocenium catalysts. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

  13. Energy Management Curriculum Starter Kit

    Turner, W.C.


    The Energy Management Curriculum Starter Kit was designed to help engineering educators develop and teach energy management courses. Montana State University and Oklahoma State University courses are embodied in the model curriculum given. The curricula offered at many other universities throughout the United States are also presented. The kit was designed specifically to train engineering students to be good energy managers. Courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level are presented.

  14. Stereo-particle image velocimetry uncertainty quantification

    Bhattacharya, Sayantan; Vlachos, Pavlos P; Charonko, John J


    Particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements are subject to multiple elemental error sources and thus estimating overall measurement uncertainty is challenging. Recent advances have led to a posteriori uncertainty estimation methods for planar two-component PIV. However, no complete methodology exists for uncertainty quantification in stereo PIV. In the current work, a comprehensive framework is presented to quantify the uncertainty stemming from stereo registration error and combine it with the underlying planar velocity uncertainties. The disparity in particle locations of the dewarped images is used to estimate the positional uncertainty of the world coordinate system, which is then propagated to the uncertainty in the calibration mapping function coefficients. Next, the calibration uncertainty is combined with the planar uncertainty fields of the individual cameras through an uncertainty propagation equation and uncertainty estimates are obtained for all three velocity components. The methodology was tested with synthetic stereo PIV data for different light sheet thicknesses, with and without registration error, and also validated with an experimental vortex ring case from 2014 PIV challenge. Thorough sensitivity analysis was performed to assess the relative impact of the various parameters to the overall uncertainty. The results suggest that in absence of any disparity, the stereo PIV uncertainty prediction method is more sensitive to the planar uncertainty estimates than to the angle uncertainty, although the latter is not negligible for non-zero disparity. Overall the presented uncertainty quantification framework showed excellent agreement between the error and uncertainty RMS values for both the synthetic and the experimental data and demonstrated reliable uncertainty prediction coverage. This stereo PIV uncertainty quantification framework provides the first comprehensive treatment on the subject and potentially lays foundations applicable to volumetric

  15. Nuorten nukkuminen ja uni

    Kinnunen, Elisa


    Tämän opinnäytetyön aiheena on nuorten nukkuminen ja uni. Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli selvittää, mitä tietoa Reisjärven kristillisen opiston nuoret ovat saaneet nukkumiseen vaikuttavista tekijöistä ja mistä nukkumiseen liittyvistä tekijöistä he haluavat tietoa. Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli tuottaa tietoa nuorten nukkumistottumuksista ja siitä, mitkä tekijät vaikuttavat nuorten nukkumiseen heidän omien kokemustensa mukaan. Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli myös tuottaa tietoa, millaisia nukku...

  16. Tartu kunstikuud ääristavad raamid ruumides ja vabas õhus


    Festivali "tARTu kunstikuu" 2007 üritusi tutvustavad ning Tartu kunstielust räägivad Reet Mark, Raimu Hanson, Mart Kivastik, Margus Kiis, Külli Aleksanderson. Pikemalt Henry Timuski tuleskulptuuridest, maaliklassikast koopiate maalimisest, festivali mõjust Tartu kunstielule, Mart Kivastiku näidendist "Kits viiuli ja õngega", Norra tantsukompanii Wee tantsulavastustest

  17. Selvitys luonnon- ja luomukosmetiikkasertifikaateista

    Ylönen, Terhi


    Luonnonkosmetiikka ei ole uusi ilmiö, mutta se on viime vuosikymmeninä yleistynyt runsaasti. Sen myyntiluvut ovat nousseet ja tulevaisuudessa niiden ennustetaan kasvavan edelleen. Luonnonkosmetiikasta on tullut tärkeä osa kosmetiikkamarkkinoita ja sitä käyttävät hyvin erityyppiset kuluttajat. Luonnonkosmetiikkaa ei määritellä lainsäädännössä. Sitä säätelee ainoastaan EU:n kosmetiikka-asetus 1223/2009, kuten muutakin kosmetiikkaa. Aidon luonnonkosmetiikan voi varmasti tunnistaa ainoastaan ...

  18. LTEmittaukset ja mittalaitteet

    Ajalin, Lassi


    LTE on neljännen sukupolven (4G) matkapuhelinteknologia, jonka tarkoituksena on kas-vattaa matkapuhelinverkkojen datan siirtonopeuksia ja parantaa palveluita. LTE-tekniikan avulla tavoitellaan myös kustannussäästöjä. Tässä insinöörityössä on perehdytty LTE-teknologiaan sekä LTE-mittalaitteisiin ja selvitetty, soveltuvatko oppilaitoksen nykyiset mittalaitteet radiorajapinnan LTE-mittaukseen. Tutkimustyön tuloksena voidaan todeta, että oppilaitoksen nykyiset mittalaitteet eivät sovellu LTE-mitt...

  19. Mobiilipelin ansaintamallit ja kannattavuuslaskelmat

    Myllymäki, Anne; Mäkinen, Jenni


    Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli tuottaa kattava, mutta yleishyödyllinen opas aloitteleville mobiilipeliyrittäjille. Työn avulla selvitettiin, mitkä olivat tämän hetken käytetyimmät ansaintamallit mobiilipeleissä, mitkä tekijät vaikuttivat mobiilipelin kannattavuuteen ja kuinka näihin lukuihin päästiin erilaisten ansaintamallien pohjalta. Työ toteutettiin osittain kirjallisuuskatsauksen avulla ja näitä tietoja analysoiden sekä yhdistellen tehtiin erilaisia kannattavuuslaskelmia sekä kerättii...

  20. Kubernetes ja klusteroitava verkkosovellus

    Sakkara, Jyri; Sakkara, Jyri


    Opinnäytetyössä tutustuttiin käyttöjärjestelmätasoiseen konttiperustaiseen virtualisointiin käyttäen hyväksi Docker ja Kubernetes ohjelmistoja. Docker on toteutus konttiperustaisesta virtualisoinnista, jonka suosio on lisääntynyt räjähdysmäisesti viime vuosien aikana. Kubernetes laajentaa Dockerin konttivirtualisointia tuomalla lisäksi monipalvelinympäristö asennukset ja helpot työkalut sovelluksien hallintaan klusteroidussa monipalvelinympäristössä. Työssä rakennettiin kolmen palvelimen t...

  1. Mobiilipalvelut ja NFC

    Kurtti, Joni


    NFC, Near Field Communication, on hyvin lyhyiden etäisyyksien radiotaajuinen tiedonsiirtomene-telmä. Se perustuu RFID-tekniikkaan. Tässä opinnäytetyössä tutustuttiin NFC-tekniikkaan ja sen nykyisiin sovelluksiin, erityisesti mobiilipalveluihin. Tarkoituksena oli lisätä omaa ja yrityksen, IT-parkin, tietämystä aihealueen teknologioista. Työ pohjautuu kirjallisuustutkimukseen digitaali-lähtein. NFC-toiminnan fysikaalinen perusta on sähkömagneettikentän induktiossa. NFC-tekniikan tär-keimmät...

  2. Kattilantestauslaboratorion huolto- ja kunnossapitosuunnitelma

    Muurikainen, Matias


    Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoululla on kattilantestauslaboratorio Biotalousinstituutissa Saarijärvellä. Biotalousinstituutilla ei ollut viralliselle kattilantestauslaitteistolle huolto- ja kunnossapitosuunnitelmaa. Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli luoda helppokäyttöinen ja helposti muokattava Excel-tiedosto, mistä henkilökunta voi löytää kunkin laitteen yksityiskohtaiset ohjeet. Kattilantestauslaboratoriossa on suuri määrä laitteita, jotka eivät liity välittömästi kattilantestaustoimintaan. Tä...

  3. Parisuhdemuodon vaikutus perimykseen ja verotukseen

    Paviala, Katriina


    Tässä opinnäytteessä tutkittiin parisuhdemuodon vaikutusta perimykseen ja verotukseen. Päätarkoituksena oli koota yhteen avioliiton verohyödyt ja tuoda esiin avo- ja avioliiton erot verotuksen ja perimyksen näkökulmasta. Tavoitteena oli, että työn luettuaan lukijalla on selkeä käsitys avioliiton eduista perimyksessä ja verotuksessa. Tutkimusmenetelmänä käytettiin kvalitatiivisia menetelmiä ja lainopillisia keinoja. Laadullisista tutkimusmenetelmistä hyödynnettiin tapaustutkimusta. Lähdemat...

  4. Suzuki ja Szilvay : meetodist ja individuaalsusest / Lembi Mets

    Mets, Lembi


    23. ja 24. apr. esines Tallinnas ans. Helsingin Juniorijousten F-avain-sello-bassoryhmä. 3. mail esines Tallinnas keelpilliõpilaste orkester Suzuki Nordic String. Suzuki ja Szilvayde muusikaõpetuse meetoditest, nende erinevustest, kasutamisvõimalustest Eestis

  5. Evolutsioonilised kaalutlused ja filosoofia / Tiiu Hallap

    Hallap, Tiiu


    Solipsistlikust ja mittesolipsistlikust reaktsioonist, bioloogilisest ja psühholoogilisest altruismist, evolutsiooniteooria sõltuvusest ühiskondlikest ideoloogiatest, Elliot Soberi evolutsioonilistest seletustest realistlikule maailmatunnetusele ja altruismile

  6. Sotsiaalteenuste kvaliteedi hindamine ja kontroll / Heli Tooman

    Tooman, Heli, 1949-


    Uurimisprojekti "Sotsiaalteenuste vajadus ja kasutamine - territoriaalsed, sotsiaalsed ja kultuurilised erinevused" raames katsetati SERVQUAL meetodit sotsiaalteenuste kvaliteedi mõõtmiseks Pärnu ja Narva sotsiaalasutustes. Tabelid. Bibliogr.

  7. Keha ja ihu, iha ja piin Augusti tantsufestivalil / Agni Lass

    Lass, Agni


    Augusti Tantsufestivali etendustest Tallinna Kunstihoones ja Kanuti Gildi saalis - Horvaatia kunstirühmituse BAD co lavastus "Fleshdance", Nada Gambier "Confessions - the autopsy of a performance", Simone Aughterlony ja Thomas Wodianka projekt "Performers on Trial", Nürnbergi trupi "Fine. da capo", Shani Granot' ja Peter Foli "It's a small world"

  8. Inexpensive driver for stereo videogame glasses

    Pique, Michael; Coogan, Anthony


    We have adapted home videogame glasses from Sega as workstation stereo viewers. A small (4x7x9 cm.) box of electronics receives sync signals in parallel with the monitor (either separate ROB-Sync or composite video) and drives the glasses.The view is dimmer than with costlier shutters, there is more ghosting, and the user is feuered by the wires. But the glasses are so much cheaper than the full-screen shutters (250 instead of about 10 000) that it is practical to provide the benefits of stereo to many more workstation users. We are using them with Sun TAAC-1 workstations; the interlaced video can also be recorded on ordinary NTSC videotape and played on television monitors.

  9. SAD-Based Stereo Matching Using FPGAs

    Ambrosch, Kristian; Humenberger, Martin; Kubinger, Wilfried; Steininger, Andreas

    In this chapter we present a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) based stereo matching architecture. This architecture uses the sum of absolute differences (SAD) algorithm and is targeted at automotive and robotics applications. The disparity maps are calculated using 450×375 input images and a disparity range of up to 150 pixels. We discuss two different implementation approaches for the SAD and analyze their resource usage. Furthermore, block sizes ranging from 3×3 up to 11×11 and their impact on the consumed logic elements as well as on the disparity map quality are discussed. The stereo matching architecture enables a frame rate of up to 600 fps by calculating the data in a highly parallel and pipelined fashion. This way, a software solution optimized by using Intel's Open Source Computer Vision Library running on an Intel Pentium 4 with 3 GHz clock frequency is outperformed by a factor of 400.

  10. Stereo Viewing System. Innovative Technology Summary Report



    The Stereo Viewing System provides stereoscopic viewing of Light Duty Utility Arm activities. Stereoscopic viewing allows operators to see the depth of objects. This capability improves the control of the Light Duty Utility Arm performed in DOE's underground radioactive waste storage tanks and allows operators to evaluate the depth of pits, seams, and other anomalies. Potential applications include Light Duty Utility Arm deployment operations at the Oak Ridge Reservation, Hanford Site, and the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

  11. Taotlused ja tulemus / Rein Tootmaa

    Tootmaa, Rein


    Helle Karise kavandatava portreefilmide sarja "Contra mortem" esimene film "Dr. Andres Ellamaa" : operaatorid Peter Murdmaa ja Marko Piirsoo : monteerija Eero Karis : produtsendid Helle Karis ja Maret Hirtentreu : kasutatud Carl Orffi muusikat : Myth Film 2002

  12. Hinna kujundamise strateegia ja taktika


    Katkend Thomas T. Nagle ja Reed K. Holdeni raamatust "The strategy and tactics of pricing". Katkendis ära toodud raamatu 6. peatükk, milles esitatakse peamised ideed ja defineeritakse kesksed mõisted

  13. Vorst ja poliitika / Ivar Tallo

    Tallo, Ivar, 1964-


    Siiani on lahendamata erakondade rahastamise küsimus, samuti on reguleerimata, kes ja missuguses vormis tohib lobby teha ja kuidas peavad avaliku võimu esindajad sellisesse huvide esindamisse suhtuma. Autor: Rahvaerakond Mõõdukad

  14. Majandusarvestus ja tegelikkus / Vello Vallaste

    Vallaste, Vello, 1947-


    Majandusarvestus ei pruugi ettevõtte tegelikku olukorda peegeldada, mis tähendab, et majandusarvestus võib olla ebausaldusväärne. Näiteid Ameerika Ühendriikidest ja Eestist (Enron, Luterma AS ja Celander Ehitus)

  15. Demokraatia ja õigus / Toomas Varrak

    Varrak, Toomas, 1940-


    Autor analüüsib demokraatia teoreetilistele seisukohtadele tuginedes Eesti poliitikat ja riigikorraldust taasiseseisvumise järgsel perioodil, sh. 2007. aasta pronkssõduri teisaldamist ja sellega seotud rahutusi

  16. Lugedes Pilve ja Pazi / Mathura

    Mathura, pseud., 1973-


    Võrdlevalt Aare Pilve luulekogust "Näoline" (kirj. Tuum, 2007) ja Octavio Pazi luulekogust "Alati on olevik" (hispaania k. tlk. Ain Kaalep, Jaan Kaplinski, Asta Põldmäe ja Jüri Talvet, kirj. Perioodika, 1984)

  17. Preparation of albumin radioimmunoassay kit

    Chen Suoshu; Wang Yanzhen; Wang Zhenshan


    This paper presents the preparation of Albumin (Alb) radioimmunoassay kit and its preliminary clinical application. The kit is mainly applied to the measurement of Alb concentration in human urine, adopting second antibody-PEG method. The measurement range is (1-50 μg/ml). The curve obtained with a serially diluted urine sample of high Alb concentration was a straight line. Recovery, detectability, intra- and inter-batch variation coefficients were 95.7%-103.6%, 0.1 μg/ml, 5.8% and 6.4% respectively. The kit was tried out clinically for measuring Alb in urine samples in about 1200 normal individuals and 600 various patients of related renal diseases. The preliminary clinical results show that Alb RIA is conducive to the early diagnosis of kidney function abnormalities

  18. Opportunity's Surroundings on Sol 1798 (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11850 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11850 NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity used its navigation camera to take the images combined into this stereo 180-degree view of the rover's surroundings during the 1,798th Martian day, or sol, of Opportunity's surface mission (Feb. 13, 2009). North is on top. This view combines images from the left-eye and right-eye sides of the navigation camera. It appears three-dimensional when viewed through red-blue glasses with the red lens on the left. The rover had driven 111 meters (364 feet) southward on the preceding sol. Tracks from that drive recede northward in this view. For scale, the distance between the parallel wheel tracks is about 1 meter (about 40 inches). The terrain in this portion of Mars' Meridiani Planum region includes dark-toned sand ripples and lighter-toned bedrock. This view is presented as a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometric seam correction.

  19. Spirit Beside 'Home Plate,' Sol 1809 (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11803 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11803 NASA Mars Exploration Rover Spirit used its navigation camera to take the images assembled into this stereo, 120-degree view southward after a short drive during the 1,809th Martian day, or sol, of Spirit's mission on the surface of Mars (February 3, 2009). By combining images from the left-eye and right-eye sides of the navigation camera, the view appears three-dimensional when viewed through red-blue glasses with the red lens on the left. Spirit had driven about 2.6 meters (8.5 feet) that sol, continuing a clockwise route around a low plateau called 'Home Plate.' In this image, the rocks visible above the rovers' solar panels are on the slope at the northern edge of Home Plate. This view is presented as a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometric seam correction.

  20. Opportunity's Surroundings on Sol 1687 (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11739 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11739 NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity used its navigation camera to take the images combined into this stereo, 360-degree view of the rover's surroundings on the 1,687th Martian day, or sol, of its surface mission (Oct. 22, 2008). The view appears three-dimensional when viewed through red-blue glasses. Opportunity had driven 133 meters (436 feet) that sol, crossing sand ripples up to about 10 centimeters (4 inches) tall. The tracks visible in the foreground are in the east-northeast direction. Opportunity's position on Sol 1687 was about 300 meters southwest of Victoria Crater. The rover was beginning a long trek toward a much larger crater, Endeavour, about 12 kilometers (7 miles) to the southeast. This panorama combines right-eye and left-eye views presented as cylindrical-perspective projections with geometric seam correction.

  1. Kunstnik ja tema kodu : Carl Timoleon von Neff Piira ja Muuga mõisas / Ants Hein

    Hein, Ants, 1952-


    Ateljeedest Euroopas alates 15. sajandist ja Eestis alates 19. sajandist. Pikemalt Julius Kleveri ja Otto Moelleri ateljeest. Maalikunstnik Carl Timoleon von Neffi elust ja loomingust, kunsti kollektsioneerimisest. Piira ja Muuga mõisahoonest, plaanid, sise- ja välisvaated

  2. Minevik ja tulevik. Mälestus ja unistus / Anneli Kõvamees

    Kõvamees, Anneli, 1979-


    Suunatusest tulevikku, suunatusest minevikku ja oleviku olematusest "Tões ja õiguses". Sisaldab lõike A. H. Tammsaare romaanist "Tõde ja õigus" I, K. Ristikivi romaanist "Ei juhtunud midagi", M. Metsanurga romaanist "Soosaare", K. Ristikivi romaanist "Tuli ja raud", A. H. Tammsaare jutustusest "Tähtis päev", K. Ristikivi romaanist "Kõik, mis kunagi oli", A. Camus' lühiromaanist "Sisyphose müüt", H. C. Anderseni muinasjutust "Väike Merineitsi" ja E. v. Keyserlingi jutustusest "Õhtused majad"

  3. Sõprusest ja armastusest / Kristi Paap

    Paap, Kristi


    Eesti, läti ja leedu keraamikanäitus "Družba narodov ehk rahvaste sõprus" Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseumis 10. aprillini 2011. 15 osalejat loetletud. Domilė Ragauskaitė (Leedu), Tõnis Kriisa, Ingrid Alliku ja Tiina Kaljuste töödest. Leo Rohlini fragmentaarium " Nokturn" Tallinnas galeriis Hop 22. veebr. 2011

  4. Hoolime ja vastutame / Hallar Meybaum

    Meybaum, Hallar


    Keemiatööstuse liitude vabatahtlik sihtalgatus Hoolime ja Vastutame on ellu kutsutud liikmesettevõtete tegevuse ja toodete, tervishoiu, ohutuse, keskkonnakaitse, avalikkuse kaasamise ning tööstusharust teavitamise parandamiseks. Programmiga liitunud Eesti ettevõtete tegevusest. Lisatud statistilised joonised ja tabelid

  5. Kasvukeskkond ja andekus / Marika Veisson

    Veisson, Marika, 1949-


    Imikute ja väikelastega läbi viidud longituuduuringu eesmärgiks oli välja selgitada kasvukeskkonna faktorite mõju väikelapse intellekti arengule. Töös osalesid professorid M. Vikat, V. Kolga, teadur A. Vikat, doktor E. Tomberg, magistrandid M. Laane, K. Nugin ja I. Tuisk ning V. Vallner ja A. Veber

  6. Laps ja loodus / Patrik Grahn

    Grahn, Patrik


    Looduses viibimise ja mängimise tähtsusest lapse arengus. Artiklis tuginetakse uurimustele looduse, parkide ja aedade erinevate omadustega tüüpidest, eelkooliõuede õuemängude kohtadest ning looduspiirkondade tähendusest laste tervisele, motoorikale ja keskendumisvõimele

  7. Energeetikast ja maagaasist / Einari Kisel

    Kisel, Einari, 1972-


    Maagaasi osa Eesti energiabilansis on kasvanud 10,8%-lt 1995.a. 15,5%-ni 2005. a. Regionaalse gaasituru arengu mõju Eestile: Läänemerre kavandatav Venemaa ja Saksamaa gaasitoru, Eesti ja Soome vahelise gaasitoru Balticconnector uuringud, kaugemates plaanides Balti regiooni vedelgaasi terminali rajamine, uute maagaasi hoidlate rajamine Lätisse ja Leetu

  8. Tutkintavankien olot ja oikeuksien toteutuminen

    Rantala, Kati; Tyni, Sasu; Koskenniemi, Lauri; Liimatainen, Anu; Kääriäinen, Henri


    Kriminologian ja oikeuspolitiikan instituutin tutkimuksessa on tarkasteltu tutkintavankien oloja ja oikeuksien toteutumista. Analyysi perustuu tutkintavangeille suunnattuun lomakekyselyyn, joka toteutettiin syksyllä 2015. Suurin osa vastaajista oli yleisesti ottaen tyytyväisiä oloihinsa, oikeuksiensa toteutumiseen ja toimintamahdollisuuksiin tutkintavankilassa. Toisaalta vakaviakin puutteita ilmeni, eli tulosten mukaan tutkintavankien asemassa on runsaasti korjaamisen varaa. Moneen tutkimukse...

  9. Suvi ja koerad / Marko Tiidelepp

    Tiidelepp, Marko


    Millele pöörata tähelepanu suvel, et koer oleks kaitstud ja terve ning 2013. aasta suvel toimuvatest koertenäitustest, kuulekuskoolituse meistrivõistlustest, agility-võistlustest ja teistest üritustest koertele ja nende kasvatajatele

  10. Lauretsius : Trash, pop&kitš ehk mäluta tsitaadid õhtumaade allakäigu ajastust = Trash, Pop&kitsch or quotations without memory from the era of the decline of the West / Andreas Trossek

    Trossek, Andreas, 1980-


    Maalikunstnik Lauri Sillaku alias Lauretsiuse loomingust ja koostööst erinevate partneritega. Nende ühiseks visiitkaardiks kujunesid suured trash-maalid, tulvil apokalüptilist pinget ja grandioossust. Ta on armastanud alati "vinti üle keerata", millest kumab kitši toimeloogika tundmine ja selle ärakasutamine. Camp ja punk ei välista teineteist. Ta on maalinud ka Madalmaade renassansijärgse miniatuurmaali jälgedes pilte puuviljadest, kattes need kristlik-mütoloogilise tähenduskastme ja krakleega või on raamistanud ilutsevate raamidega isegi grafitit. Tommy nime all tegutses Toomas Tõnissoo

  11. Tuotteen kehitys ja kaupallistaminen : Case Vasikan Hiiligeeli

    Lehtilä, Veera


    Tuotekehitys ja tuotteen kaupallistaminen nähdään usein salatieteenä, jonka hallitsevat vain harvat ja valitut superinnovatiiviset yksilöt. Todellisuudessa kyseessä on yksi vakaan ja kannattavan yrityksen perustoiminnoista, jota toteutetaan yrityksen eri toimijoiden, kuten tuotekehitys,talous ja markkinointi, yhteistyönä suunnitelmallisesti ja harkiten, tutkittuun tietoon ja kulloiseenkin aikaan perustuen, olemassa olevien resurssien ja aikataulujen rajoissa. Kyseessä on mielenkiintoinen ja u...

  12. Active Parenting Now: Program Kit.

    Popkin, Michael H.

    Based largely on the theories of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, this parent education curriculum is a video-based interactive learning experience that teaches a comprehensive model of parenting to parents of children ages 5 to 12 years. The kit provides parents with the skills needed to help their children develop courage, responsibility, and…

  13. Natural Gas Energy Educational Kit.

    American Gas Association, Arlington, VA. Educational Services.

    Prepared by energy experts and educators to introduce middle school and high school students to natural gas and its role in our society, this kit is designed to be incorporated into existing science and social studies curricula. The materials and activities focus on the origin, discovery, production, delivery, and use of natural gas. The role of…

  14. Architectural Environment: A Resource Kit.

    J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY.

    There are many ways to approach the investigation of architecture. One can look at structural form, climate and topography, the aesthetics of style and decoration, building function, historical factors, cultural meanings, or technology and techniques associated with construction. This resource kit touches upon a few of these approaches, ranging…

  15. Work and Family Resource Kit.

    Women's Bureau (DOL), Washington, DC.

    This kit is designed to help employers understand the range of family needs emerging in the workplace and the numerous options for a company response. An introduction discusses the need for child care services, dependent care problems, and how employers respond and benefit. Sections address the following: selecting the right option in relation to…

  16. Calibration of a Stereo Radiation Detection Camera Using Planar Homography

    Seung-Hae Baek


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a calibration technique of a stereo gamma detection camera. Calibration of the internal and external parameters of a stereo vision camera is a well-known research problem in the computer vision society. However, few or no stereo calibration has been investigated in the radiation measurement research. Since no visual information can be obtained from a stereo radiation camera, it is impossible to use a general stereo calibration algorithm directly. In this paper, we develop a hybrid-type stereo system which is equipped with both radiation and vision cameras. To calibrate the stereo radiation cameras, stereo images of a calibration pattern captured from the vision cameras are transformed in the view of the radiation cameras. The homography transformation is calibrated based on the geometric relationship between visual and radiation camera coordinates. The accuracy of the stereo parameters of the radiation camera is analyzed by distance measurements to both visual light and gamma sources. The experimental results show that the measurement error is about 3%.

  17. Traditsiooniliselt ja pluralistlikult / Epp Annus

    Annus, Epp, 1969-


    Nüpli kevadkool (seminari 'Traditsioon ja pluralism' järg põhirõhuga kirjandusloole), korraldajateks Underi ja Tuglase Kirjanduskeskus, Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum ja Tartu Ülikooli eesti kirjandusloo uurimisgrupp. Ettekanded: Loone Ots. Kuninganna jalad ehk Non sciunt, se scient. Eesti kirjandust välistudengitele; Kristi Metste. Tubli pioneer Kampmaa; Peep Ehasalu. 'Kiired' ja soomlased; Sirje Olesk. Kodu- ja väliseesti kahekõne 1950.-1960. aastatel; Marin Laak. Kriitikateos kirjandusloos : näide 1924. aastast (Valmar Adamsi arvustus Jaan Kärneri romaani 'Bianka ja Ruth' puhul); Ene-Reet Soovik. Koed, põimed ja takerdused : Ants Orase tõlkekriitikast ja -praktikast; Epp Annus. Anakroonilised võitlused romaanis 'Tõde ja õigus'; Luule Epner. Kahe 'Libahundi' vahel : draama ja teater 1960.-70ndate vahetusel, põikega proosasse; Toomas Liivamägi. Mõned vulgariseeringud (20. sajandi modernism energia jäävuse seadusest lähtudes); Toomas Muru. Paabeli torn ja Gooti katedraal; Aare Pilv. Kirjandusloolisus kui hoiak; Indrek Särg - Sven Kivisildnik. Eesti gayluule järjekordne algus; Rutt Hinrikus. Reed Morn, andekas parasiit; Kajar Pruul. Ühe kunstiteose analüüs (Sven Kivisildniku luuletus 'Eesti Nõukogude Kirjanike Liit'); Ele Süvalep. Modernist Jaan Oks

  18. Vasak- ja parempoolsed viirpapagoid


    Partha Bhagavatula juhitud Queenslandi Ülikooli ja Austraalia Nägemisuuringute Tippkeskuse uuringust, mida selgitas välja, et mõnedel lindudel on välja kujunenud väga püsivad eelistused, kas lennata takistusest mööda pigem paremalt või pigem vasakult poolt, see võib olla linnuparve lennusujuvuse üheks alusteguriks

  19. Core Flight System Satellite Starter Kit

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The Core Flight System Satellite Starter Kit (cFS Kit) will allow a small satellite or CubeSat developer to rapidly develop, deploy, test, and operate flight...

  20. Pancam Peek into 'Victoria Crater' (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a stereo pair for PIA08776 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a stereo pair for PIA08776 A drive of about 60 meters (about 200 feet) on the 943rd Martian day, or sol, of Opportunity's exploration of Mars' Meridiani Planum region (Sept. 18, 2006) brought the NASA rover to within about 50 meters (about 160 feet) of the rim of 'Victoria Crater.' This crater has been the mission's long-term destination for the past 21 Earth months. Opportunity reached a location from which the cameras on top of the rover's mast could begin to see into the interior of Victoria. This stereo anaglyph was made from frames taken on sol 943 by the panoramic camera (Pancam) to offer a three-dimensional view when seen through red-blue glasses. It shows the upper portion of interior crater walls facing toward Opportunity from up to about 850 meters (half a mile) away. The amount of vertical relief visible at the top of the interior walls from this angle is about 15 meters (about 50 feet). The exposures were taken through a Pancam filter selecting wavelengths centered on 750 nanometers. Victoria Crater is about five times wider than 'Endurance Crater,' which Opportunity spent six months examining in 2004, and about 40 times wider than 'Eagle Crater,' where Opportunity first landed. The great lure of Victoria is the expectation that a thick stack of geological layers will be exposed in the crater walls, potentially several times the thickness that was previously studied at Endurance and therefore, potentially preserving several times the historical record.

  1. Small Orbital Stereo Tracking Camera Technology Development

    Gagliano, L.; Bryan, T.; MacLeod, T.

    On-Orbit Small Debris Tracking and Characterization is a technical gap in the current National Space Situational Awareness necessary to safeguard orbital assets and crew. This poses a major risk of MOD damage to ISS and Exploration vehicles. In 2015 this technology was added to NASAs Office of Chief Technologist roadmap. For missions flying in or assembled in or staging from LEO, the physical threat to vehicle and crew is needed in order to properly design the proper level of MOD impact shielding and proper mission design restrictions. Need to verify debris flux and size population versus ground RADAR tracking. Use of ISS for In-Situ Orbital Debris Tracking development provides attitude, power, data and orbital access without a dedicated spacecraft or restricted operations on-board a host vehicle as a secondary payload. Sensor Applicable to in-situ measuring orbital debris in flux and population in other orbits or on other vehicles. Could enhance safety on and around ISS. Some technologies extensible to monitoring of extraterrestrial debris as well To help accomplish this, new technologies must be developed quickly. The Small Orbital Stereo Tracking Camera is one such up and coming technology. It consists of flying a pair of intensified megapixel telephoto cameras to evaluate Orbital Debris (OD) monitoring in proximity of International Space Station. It will demonstrate on-orbit optical tracking (in situ) of various sized objects versus ground RADAR tracking and small OD models. The cameras are based on Flight Proven Advanced Video Guidance Sensor pixel to spot algorithms (Orbital Express) and military targeting cameras. And by using twin cameras we can provide Stereo images for ranging & mission redundancy. When pointed into the orbital velocity vector (RAM), objects approaching or near the stereo camera set can be differentiated from the stars moving upward in background.

  2. The Impact of 3D Stacking and Technology Scaling on the Power and Area of Stereo Matching Processors

    Seung-Ho Ok


    Full Text Available Recently, stereo matching processors have been adopted in real-time embedded systems such as intelligent robots and autonomous vehicles, which require minimal hardware resources and low power consumption. Meanwhile, thanks to the through-silicon via (TSV, three-dimensional (3D stacking technology has emerged as a practical solution to achieving the desired requirements of a high-performance circuit. In this paper, we present the benefits of 3D stacking and process technology scaling on stereo matching processors. We implemented 2-tier 3D-stacked stereo matching processors with GlobalFoundries 130-nm and Nangate 45-nm process design kits and compare them with their two-dimensional (2D counterparts to identify comprehensive design benefits. In addition, we examine the findings from various analyses to identify the power benefits of 3D-stacked integrated circuit (IC and device technology advancements. From experiments, we observe that the proposed 3D-stacked ICs, compared to their 2D IC counterparts, obtain 43% area, 13% power, and 14% wire length reductions. In addition, we present a logic partitioning method suitable for a pipeline-based hardware architecture that minimizes the use of TSVs.

  3. Developing stereo image based robot control system

    Suprijadi,; Pambudi, I. R.; Woran, M.; Naa, C. F; Srigutomo, W. [Department of Physics, FMIPA, InstitutTeknologi Bandung Jl. Ganesha No. 10. Bandung 40132, Indonesia (Indonesia)


    Application of image processing is developed in various field and purposes. In the last decade, image based system increase rapidly with the increasing of hardware and microprocessor performance. Many fields of science and technology were used this methods especially in medicine and instrumentation. New technique on stereovision to give a 3-dimension image or movie is very interesting, but not many applications in control system. Stereo image has pixel disparity information that is not existed in single image. In this research, we proposed a new method in wheel robot control system using stereovision. The result shows robot automatically moves based on stereovision captures.

  4. SAIL--stereo-array isotope labeling.

    Kainosho, Masatsune; Güntert, Peter


    Optimal stereospecific and regiospecific labeling of proteins with stable isotopes enhances the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method for the determination of the three-dimensional protein structures in solution. Stereo-array isotope labeling (SAIL) offers sharpened lines, spectral simplification without loss of information and the ability to rapidly collect and automatically evaluate the structural restraints required to solve a high-quality solution structure for proteins up to twice as large as before. This review gives an overview of stable isotope labeling methods for NMR spectroscopy with proteins and provides an in-depth treatment of the SAIL technology.

  5. Suveteater kui bränd ja trend. Teatrisuvi 2006 / Jaak Allik

    Allik, Jaak, 1946-


    Suvelavastustest: "Vargamäe kuningriik" A. H. Tammsaare "Tõe ja õiguse" I ja V osa ainetel Endla teatri ja Rakvere Teatri ühisprojekt Vargamäel (lavastaja Jaanus Rohumaa), Urmas Lennuk "Koidula" Emajõe Suveteatris (lavastaja Andres Dvinjaninov), "Romeo & Julia" Eesti Nuku- ja Noorsooteatris (lavastaja Andres Dvinjaninov), Andrus Kivirähk "Sürrealistid" Viinistus (lavastaja Hendrik Toompere jun), Mart Kivastik "Kits viiuli ja õngega" Viinistus (lavastaja Raimo Pass), Jaan Kross "Vastutuulelaev" Naissaarel (lavastaja Aleksander Eelmaa), Alfred Jarry "Kuningas Ubu" Teater NO99 Haapsalu Kiltsi lennuvälja angaarides (lavastajad Ene-Liis Semper ja Tiit Ojasoo), Mart Laar ja Lauri Vahtre "Minust jäävad ainult laulud" Munamäe nõlval (lavastaja Tõnu Lensment), A. H. Tammsaare - H. Rekkor "Tõde:ei:õigus" Vargamäe aidas (lavastaja Helen Rekkor), Rudolf Reiman "Painaja" Leigo Järveteatris (lavastajad Jaan Tooming ja Anne Türnpu), Brian Friel "Kodukoht" Eesti Draamateater Keila-Joa mõisas (lavastaja Priit Pedajas), A. Tshehhov - P. Tammearu "Kolm klaasikest kirsiviina" Ugala tiigi kaldal (lavastaja Peeter Tammearu), Jaan Tätte "Kaev" Tallinna Linnateatri siseõues (lavastaja Indrek Sammul), Jim Ashilev "Nagu poisid vihma käes" Endla teater Muuseumiaidas (lavastaja Andres Noormets)

  6. "Crossing Borders" ja valmimislootuses Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia / Malle Maltis

    Maltis, Malle, 1977-


    19. - 29. augustini EMTAs toimunud rahvusvahelisest suvekursusest "Crossing Borders in Interpretation of Classical Music and Jazz". Kooli välissuhete prorektor sellest projektist ja muusikaakadeemia juurdeehitusest

  7. Eesti keeleuuenduse ja itaalia "questione della lingua" paralleelid ja põimumised / Daniele Monticelli

    Monticelli, Daniele, 1970-


    Itaalia keele korraldamisel ja uuendamisel osalenud teadlaste ja kirjanike retoorikast, argumenteerimise strateegiatest ja keelekorralduse teoreetilistest alustest, kõrvutades neid eesti keeleuuenduse analoogsete aspektidega

  8. LED-based Photometric Stereo: Modeling, Calibration and Numerical Solutions

    Quéau, Yvain; Durix, Bastien; Wu, Tao


    We conduct a thorough study of photometric stereo under nearby point light source illumination, from modeling to numerical solution, through calibration. In the classical formulation of photometric stereo, the luminous fluxes are assumed to be directional, which is very difficult to achieve in pr...

  9. Acquisition of stereo panoramas for display in VR environments

    Ainsworth, Richard A.; Sandin, Daniel J.; Schulze, Jurgen P.; Prudhomme, Andrew; DeFanti, Thomas A.; Srinivasan, Madhusudhanan


    photographs for stereo panoramas. The two photographically created images are displayed on a cylinder or a sphere. The radius from the viewer to the image is set at approximately 20 feet, or at the object of major interest. A full stereo view is presented

  10. Global stereo matching algorithm based on disparity range estimation

    Li, Jing; Zhao, Hong; Gu, Feifei


    The global stereo matching algorithms are of high accuracy for the estimation of disparity map, but the time-consuming in the optimization process still faces a curse, especially for the image pairs with high resolution and large baseline setting. To improve the computational efficiency of the global algorithms, a disparity range estimation scheme for the global stereo matching is proposed to estimate the disparity map of rectified stereo images in this paper. The projective geometry in a parallel binocular stereo vision is investigated to reveal a relationship between two disparities at each pixel in the rectified stereo images with different baselines, which can be used to quickly obtain a predicted disparity map in a long baseline setting estimated by that in the small one. Then, the drastically reduced disparity ranges at each pixel under a long baseline setting can be determined by the predicted disparity map. Furthermore, the disparity range estimation scheme is introduced into the graph cuts with expansion moves to estimate the precise disparity map, which can greatly save the cost of computing without loss of accuracy in the stereo matching, especially for the dense global stereo matching, compared to the traditional algorithm. Experimental results with the Middlebury stereo datasets are presented to demonstrate the validity and efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

  11. Lossless Compression of Stereo Disparity Maps for 3D

    Zamarin, Marco; Forchhammer, Søren


    Efficient compression of disparity data is important for accurate view synthesis purposes in multi-view communication systems based on the “texture plus depth” format, including the stereo case. In this paper a novel technique for lossless compression of stereo disparity images is presented...

  12. Palgast meil ja Saksamaal / Vello Kutsar

    Kutsar, Vello


    Joonised: 1. Kogu Eesti keskmine brutokuupalk III kvartalis aastatel 2000-2007 kroonides ja selle kasv protsentsides; 2. Keskmine brutokuupalk maakonniti 2006. ja 2007. a. III kvartalis (kr) ja kasv (%); 3. Brutokuupalga võrdlus (EUR); Tabelid: 1. Keskmine brutokuupalk tegevusalade lõikes 2006. ja 2007. a. III kvartalis (kr.) ja kasv protsentides; 2. Valikulisi brutokuupalga ja tarbijahinna indeksi võrdlusi. Eesti ja Saksamaa

  13. Opportunity's Surroundings on Sol 1818 (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11846 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11846 NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity used its navigation camera to take the images combined into this full-circle view of the rover's surroundings during the 1,818th Martian day, or sol, of Opportunity's surface mission (March 5, 2009). South is at the center; north at both ends. This view combines images from the left-eye and right-eye sides of the navigation camera. It appears three-dimensional when viewed through red-blue glasses with the red lens on the left. The rover had driven 80.3 meters (263 feet) southward earlier on that sol. Tracks from the drive recede northward in this view. The terrain in this portion of Mars' Meridiani Planum region includes dark-toned sand ripples and lighter-toned bedrock. This view is presented as a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometric seam correction.

  14. Opportunity's Surroundings After Sol 1820 Drive (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11841 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11841 NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity used its navigation camera to take the images combined into this full-circle view of the rover's surroundings during the 1,820th to 1,822nd Martian days, or sols, of Opportunity's surface mission (March 7 to 9, 2009). This view combines images from the left-eye and right-eye sides of the navigation camera. It appears three-dimensional when viewed through red-blue glasses with the red lens on the left. The rover had driven 20.6 meters toward the northwest on Sol 1820 before beginning to take the frames in this view. Tracks from that drive recede southwestward. For scale, the distance between the parallel wheel tracks is about 1 meter (about 40 inches). The terrain in this portion of Mars' Meridiani Planum region includes dark-toned sand ripples and small exposures of lighter-toned bedrock. This view is presented as a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometric seam correction.

  15. Increased Automation in Stereo Camera Calibration Techniques

    Brandi House


    Full Text Available Robotic vision has become a very popular field in recent years due to the numerous promising applications it may enhance. However, errors within the cameras and in their perception of their environment can cause applications in robotics to fail. To help correct these internal and external imperfections, stereo camera calibrations are performed. There are currently many accurate methods of camera calibration available; however, most or all of them are time consuming and labor intensive. This research seeks to automate the most labor intensive aspects of a popular calibration technique developed by Jean-Yves Bouguet. His process requires manual selection of the extreme corners of a checkerboard pattern. The modified process uses embedded LEDs in the checkerboard pattern to act as active fiducials. Images are captured of the checkerboard with the LEDs on and off in rapid succession. The difference of the two images automatically highlights the location of the four extreme corners, and these corner locations take the place of the manual selections. With this modification to the calibration routine, upwards of eighty mouse clicks are eliminated per stereo calibration. Preliminary test results indicate that accuracy is not substantially affected by the modified procedure. Improved automation to camera calibration procedures may finally penetrate the barriers to the use of calibration in practice.

  16. Explaining Polarization Reversals in STEREO Wave Data

    Breneman, A.; Cattell, C.; Wygant, J.; Kersten, K.; Wilson, L, B., III; Dai, L.; Colpitts, C.; Kellogg, P. J.; Goetz, K.; Paradise, A.


    Recently Breneman et al. reported observations of large amplitude lightning and transmitter whistler mode waves from two STEREO passes through the inner radiation belt (Lpaper. We show, with a combination of observations and simulated wave superposition, that these polarization reversals are due to the beating of an incident electromagnetic whistler mode wave at 21.4 kHz and linearly polarized, symmetric lower hybrid sidebands Doppler-shifted from the incident wave by +/-200 Hz. The existence of the lower hybrid waves is consistent with the parametric decay mechanism of Lee and Kuo whereby an incident whistler mode wave decays into symmetric, short wavelength lower hybrid waves and a purely growing (zero-frequency) mode. Like the lower hybrid waves, the purely growing mode is Doppler-shifted by 200 Hz as observed on STEREO. This decay mechanism in the upper ionosphere has been previously reported at equatorial latitudes and is thought to have a direct connection with explosive spread F enhancements. As such it may represent another dissipation mechanism of VLF wave energy in the ionosphere and may help to explain a deficit of observed lightning and transmitter energy in the inner radiation belts as reported by Starks et al.

  17. Stereo matching using epipolar distance transform.

    Yang, Qingxiong; Ahuja, Narendra


    In this paper, we propose a simple but effective image transform, called the epipolar distance transform, for matching low-texture regions. It converts image intensity values to a relative location inside a planar segment along the epipolar line, such that pixels in the low-texture regions become distinguishable. We theoretically prove that the transform is affine invariant, thus the transformed images can be directly used for stereo matching. Any existing stereo algorithms can be directly used with the transformed images to improve reconstruction accuracy for low-texture regions. Results on real indoor and outdoor images demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed transform for matching low-texture regions, keypoint detection, and description for low-texture scenes. Our experimental results on Middlebury images also demonstrate the robustness of our transform for highly textured scenes. The proposed transform has a great advantage, its low computational complexity. It was tested on a MacBook Air laptop computer with a 1.8 GHz Core i7 processor, with a speed of about 9 frames per second for a video graphics array-sized image.

  18. Facebook ja tietoturva

    Konttila, Jukka


    Insinöörityössä käsiteltiin sosiaalisia medioita, joista valittiin tarkempaan tutkimukseen yksi suosituimmista, Facebook. Tavoitteena oli tutustua Facebookin perusteisiin ja tutkia mahdollisia tietoturva- sekä muita ongelmia esimerkkitapausten kautta. Esimerkkien kautta esille tuotuihin ongelmiin oli tavoitteena löytää tai selvittää ratkaisu. Työssä selvitettiin sekä käyttäjän omaan toimintaan liittyviä riskitekijöitä että sellaisia ongelmia, joihin käyttäjä ei voi vaikuttaa Facebookin tur...

  19. Pikaviestipalvelut ja suoramarkkinointi

    Soininen, Pia


    Tässä opinnäytetyössä tavoitteena oli tutkia suomalaisten kuluttajien pikaviestikäyttäytymistä. Pikaviestipalvelut ovat tulleet kuluttajien arkielämään viimeisen kymmenen vuoden aikana. Pikaviestipalvelujen käyttö muokkautuu ja muuttuu digitaalisten ympäristöjen muuttumisen kanssa. Tässä opinnäytetyössä tavoitteena oli saada tuore kuva kuluttajien tämän hetken pikaviestikäyttäytymisestä. Tarkoituksena oli tuottaa ajankohtaista tietoa suomalaisesta kuluttajasta. Tutkimukset suunniteltiin niin,...

  20. Homsed disaini- ja furnituurilahendused


    Müügijuht Galina Sepp 2006. a. asutatud mööbliettevõttest AIS Furniture (Advanced Interior Solutions), mille tootmistsehh asub Harjumaal Loo alevikus, salong Tallinnas Pärnu mnt. 66. Toodetakse eritellimusel mööblit kööki, elu- ja vannituppa, garderoobi, büroosse ning abiruumidesse. AIS Furniture disaineritelt saab tellida kogu maja või korteri sisekujunduse koos mööbliga. Köökide tehnilised lahendused on pärit furnituuritootjatelt

  1. CERN’s FMC Kit

    Cattin, M; Serrano, J; van der Bij, E; Wlostowski, T


    In the context of the renovation of controls and data acquisition electronics for accelerators the BE-CO-HT section at CERN has designed a kit based on carriers and mezzanines following the VITA FPGAMezzanine Card (FMC) standard. Carriers exist in VME64x and PCIe form factors, with a PXIe carrier underway. Mezzanines include an Analog to Digital Converter, a Time to Digital Converter, a fine delay generator and a Digital Input/Output. All of the designs are licensed under the CERN Open Hardware Licence and commercialised by companies. This paper discusses the benefits of this carrier mezzanine strategy and of the Open Hardware based commercial paradigm. It also explains the design of each layer of the FMC kit, from the hardware to the gateware and the Linux device driver. In addition, several tools to help designers developing gateware for mezzanines and new concepts such as the Self-Describing Bus (SDB) and the fmcbus are presented. Lastly, some of the plans for the future of the FMC kit and Open Hardware Re...

  2. Daddy : Animaation Storyboard ja Animatic

    Mustajärvi, Lilli


    Opinnäytetyöni on animaation storyboard sekä sen mukainen animatic-versio, hahmojen karaktäärinen ja visuaalinen suunnittelu sekä interion suunnittelu ja toteutus. Hahmot on toteutettu piirroksina ja taustat 3D:nä. Kuvakerronta on rakennettu vaiheittain luonnoksesta viimeistellen lopulliseen muotoonsa. My graduation work is an animatic based on my storyboard. Creating characters and designing interior for the animation. Characters has been drawn traditional way and background has been crea...

  3. Liikematkustuksen ja matkatoimistopalvelujen tarpeiden kohtaaminen

    Leppälä, Susanna


    Tässä tutkimuksessa perehdytetään liikematkailuun ja sen erityispiirteisiin matkatoimistopalvelujen näkökulmasta. Tämän tutkimuksen tarkoituksena on tutkia matkatoimistopalvelujen ja liikematkailun kohtaamista erityisesti palvelujen käyttäjien näkökulmasta. Mitä liikematkustuksen varaajat todella arvostavat liikematkatoimiston palveluissa ja miten liikematkustuspalveluiden tulisi kehittyä jotta ne vastaisivat tulevaisuuden liikematkustajien tarpeita? Teoriaosuus koostuu liikematkailun, palvel...

  4. Vägivald ja propaganda


    8. IV-28. V Tallinna Kunstihoones Elin Kardi, Marco Laimre, Marko Mäetamme ja Andres Tali näitus "Vägivald ja propaganda". 26. IV-7. V näituse raames emergency biennale, rahvusvaheline rändnäitus Tšetšeenia toetuseks. 27. IV Kaasaegse Kunsti Eesti Keskuse IV ettekannete päev "Kunstniku moraalsed valikud liberaalse demokraatia ja islami kokkupõrgetes". Esinevad Margit Sutrop, Johannes Saar, Marek Järvik, Ene-Liis Semper & Eero Epner ning näitusel "Vägivald ja propaganda" osalevad kunstnikud

  5. Muutumatud ja muutuvad / Meelis Friedenthal

    Friedenthal, Meelis, 1973-


    Varauusaja nn. universaalsest inimesest. Aristotelese kümnest kategooriast. Ülikoolidest ja seal õpetatud distsipliinidest varauusajal. Distsipliinide ühisest eesmärgist - kuidas hästi ja õigesti elada. Teaduse ja religiooni vastandumine sai võimalikuks alles siis kui ühendteooria vahetus mehhanistliku maailmapildi vastu. Keskajal ja varauusajal oli võimalik vaimsetes asjades teatud kindlus, sest kõik asjad olid viidud ühistele alustele. Kaasaja ühiskonnaprobleemid ei ole lahendatavad ainult tehnokraatlike vahenditega

  6. Medellin ja Tallinn / Jakob Karu

    Karu, Jakob, pseud., 1966-


    Itaalia arhitektuuri- ja disainiajakirjas "Abitare" tutvustati Kolumbia narkopealinnas Medellinis tehtud uuendusi. Sotsiaalse keskkonna analüüsist. Tallinna linnaplaneerimine kui ärihuvide kaardistamine

  7. Jalkojen ihon suojaus- ja kevennyskoulutus

    Lokka, Maija


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena on tuottaa koulutusvideo demonstraation keinoin tukemaan Mills Enterprises Ltd Oy:n tuoteviestintää jalkojenhoidon ammattilaisille, kosmetologeille sekä alan opiskelijoille. Video tuotetaan yhteistyössä viestintäalan ammattilaisten kanssa. Tavoitteena on tuottaa tiivis tietopaketti yleisimpien jalkaongelmien ennaltaehkäisyyn ja hoitoon ihon suojaus- ja kevennystuotteiden avulla. Perinnölliset ja ulkoiset tekijät voivat aiheuttaa ongelmia jalkojen iholle ja va...

  8. Omavalitsused ja hariduspoliitika / Urve Erikson

    Erikson, Urve, 1956-


    Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje 8. nov. lk. 2. Ida-Virumaa omavalitsuste liidu tegevdirektor kohalike omavalitsuste kuludest kvaliteetse hariduse tagamisel ning haridusstrateegia ja maakondlike arengukavade puudumisest Eestis

  9. Leipzigi kirjandusauhind: "Sõda ja rahu" ning filosoofia ja perverssused


    Leipzigi kirjandusmessi auhinna ilukirjanduse kategoorias sai austerlane Clemens J. Setz jutukogu "Die Lieber zur Zeit des Mahlstädter Kindes" ("Armastus Mahlstadti lapse ajal"). Tõlkeauhinna sai Barbara Conradi uue L. Tolstoi "Sõja ja rahu" tõlke eest ning aimekirjanduse ja esseistikaauhind läks Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitungi vastutavale toimetajale Henning Ritterile

  10. Igavesti elav ja ikka uuenev "Mees ja naine" / Mark Soosaar

    Soosaar, Mark, 1946-


    Pärnu Uue Kunsti Muuseumis avatud rahvusvahelisel aktinäitusel saab vaadata Jean Cocteau (1889-1963), Robert Mapplethorpe'i (1946-1989), Kaarel Liimandi (1906-1941), Jan Sierhuisi, Vilmantas Marcinkeviciuse, Evald Okase, Joel Peter Witkini, Jan Saudeki ja Jean Rustini loomingut. Pikemalt J. Cocteau, J. Saudeki ja J. Rustini töödest

  11. Mineviku, oleviku ja tuleviku dünaamikast Kristjan Raua vaadetes ja tegevuses / Elo-Hanna Seljamaa

    Seljamaa, Elo-Hanna, 1980-


    Kristjan Raua vaadetest ja tegevusest kaasaegsete rahvuslike ideede ja taotluste taustal, viisist mõtestada ja suhestada rahvakunsti ja kujutavat kunsti, arendades nõnda rahvuslikku kunsti ja rahvuskultuuri ning tema loomingu ja ühiskondliku tegevuse vahelistest seostest

  12. Fideo ja Vilm Pärnus


    Pärnu Fideo- ja Vilmifestival 2.-3. apr. Muuseumi Aidas. Margus Tiitsmaa ja Sütevaka Andrese performance'test. Jasper Zoova ja Erno Võsa installatsioonist "Eesti mehe ja naise identifitseerimise masin". Taivani kunstniku Eliza Lin'i fotoinstallatsioonist ja videost

  13. Energia ja sisekliima labor aitab parandada arhitektide ja inseneride koostööd / Hendrik Voll

    Voll, Hendrik, 1980-


    TTÜ ehitusteaduskonna kütte ja ventilatsiooni õppetoolis valmis energia ja sisekliima labor, mille spetsiaalsed päikesekiirguse ja hajuvalguse stendid aitavad inseneridel ja arhitektidel parandada energiasimulatsiooniprogrammide kasutusoskusi

  14. Spirit Near 'Stapledon' on Sol 1802 (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11781 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11781 NASA Mars Exploration Rover Spirit used its navigation camera for the images assembled into this stereo, full-circle view of the rover's surroundings during the 1,802nd Martian day, or sol, (January 26, 2009) of Spirit's mission on the surface of Mars. South is at the center; north is at both ends. This view combines images from the left-eye and right-eye sides of the navigation camera. It appears three-dimensional when viewed through red-blue glasses with the red lens on the left. Spirit had driven down off the low plateau called 'Home Plate' on Sol 1782 (January 6, 2009) after spending 12 months on a north-facing slope on the northern edge of Home Plate. The position on the slope (at about the 9-o'clock position in this view) tilted Spirit's solar panels toward the sun, enabling the rover to generate enough electricity to survive its third Martian winter. Tracks at about the 11-o'clock position of this panorama can be seen leading back to that 'Winter Haven 3' site from the Sol 1802 position about 10 meters (33 feet) away. For scale, the distance between the parallel wheel tracks is about one meter (40 inches). Where the receding tracks bend to the left, a circular pattern resulted from Spirit turning in place at a soil target informally named 'Stapledon' after William Olaf Stapledon, a British philosopher and science-fiction author who lived from 1886 to 1950. Scientists on the rover team suspected that the soil in that area might have a high concentration of silica, resembling a high-silica soil patch discovered east of Home Plate in 2007. Bright material visible in the track furthest to the right was examined with Spirit's alpha partical X-ray spectrometer and found, indeed, to be rich in silica. The team laid plans to drive Spirit from this Sol 1802 location back up

  15. Molecular Alterations of KIT Oncogene in Gliomas

    Ana L. Gomes


    Full Text Available Gliomas are the most common and devastating primary brain tumours. Despite therapeutic advances, the majority of gliomas do not respond either to chemo or radiotherapy. KIT, a class III receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK, is frequently involved in tumourigenic processes. Currently, KIT constitutes an attractive therapeutic target. In the present study we assessed the frequency of KIT overexpression in gliomas and investigated the genetic mechanisms underlying KIT overexpression. KIT (CD117 immunohistochemistry was performed in a series of 179 gliomas of various grades. KIT activating gene mutations (exons 9, 11, 13 and 17 and gene amplification analysis, as defined by chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH and quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR were performed in CD117 positive cases. Tumour cell immunopositivity was detected in 15.6% (28/179 of cases, namely in 25% (1/4 of pilocytic astrocytomas, 25% (5/20 of diffuse astrocytomas, 20% (1/5 of anaplastic astrocytomas, 19.5% (15/77 of glioblastomas and one third (3/9 of anaplastic oligoastrocytomas. Only 5.7% (2/35 of anaplastic oligodendrogliomas showed CD117 immunoreactivity. No association was found between tumour CD117 overexpression and patient survival. In addition, we also observed CD117 overexpression in endothelial cells, which varied from 0–22.2% of cases, being more frequent in high-grade lesions. No KIT activating mutations were identified. Interestingly, CISH and/or qRT-PCR analysis revealed the presence of KIT gene amplification in 6 glioblastomas and 2 anaplastic oligoastrocytomas, corresponding to 33% (8/24 of CD117 positive cases. In conclusion, our results demonstrate that KIT gene amplification rather than gene mutation is a common genetic mechanism underlying KIT expression in subset of malignant gliomas. Further studies are warranted to determine whether glioma patients exhibiting KIT overexpression and KIT gene amplification may benefit from therapy with anti-KIT RTK

  16. STRESS - STEREO TRansiting Exoplanet and Stellar Survey

    Sangaralingam, Vinothini; Stevens, Ian R.; Spreckley, Steve; Debosscher, Jonas


    The Heliospheric Imager (HI) instruments on board the two STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) spacecraft provides an excellent opportunity for space based stellar photometry. The HI instruments provide a wide area coverage (20° × 20° for the two HI-1 instruments and 70° × 70° for the two HI-2 instruments) and long continuous periods of observations (20 days and 70 days respectively). Using HI-1A which has a pass band of 6500Å to 7500Å and a cadence of 40 minutes, we have gathered photometric information for more than a million stars brighter than 12th magnitude for a period of two years. Here we present some early results from this study on a range of variable stars and the future prospects for the data.

  17. Robust photometric stereo using structural light sources

    Han, Tian-Qi; Cheng, Yue; Shen, Hui-Liang; Du, Xin


    We propose a robust photometric stereo method by using structural arrangement of light sources. In the arrangement, light sources are positioned on a planar grid and form a set of collinear combinations. The shadow pixels are detected by adaptive thresholding. The specular highlight and diffuse pixels are distinguished according to their intensity deviations of the collinear combinations, thanks to the special arrangement of light sources. The highlight detection problem is cast as a pattern classification problem and is solved using support vector machine classifiers. Considering the possible misclassification of highlight pixels, the ℓ1 regularization is further employed in normal map estimation. Experimental results on both synthetic and real-world scenes verify that the proposed method can robustly recover the surface normal maps in the case of heavy specular reflection and outperforms the state-of-the-art techniques.

  18. Digital stereoscopic photography using StereoData Maker

    Toeppen, John; Sykes, David


    Stereoscopic digital photography has become much more practical with the use of USB wired connections between a pair of Canon cameras using StereoData Maker software for precise synchronization. StereoPhoto Maker software is now used to automatically combine and align right and left image files to produce a stereo pair. Side by side images are saved as pairs and may be viewed using software that converts the images into the preferred viewing format at the time of display. Stereo images may be shared on the internet, displayed on computer monitors, autostereo displays, viewed on high definition 3D TVs, or projected for a group. Stereo photographers are now free to control composition using point and shoot settings, or are able to control shutter speed, aperture, focus, ISO, and zoom. The quality of the output depends on the developed skills of the photographer as well as their understanding of the software, human vision and the geometry they choose for their cameras and subjects. Observers of digital stereo images can zoom in for greater detail and scroll across large panoramic fields with a few keystrokes. The art, science, and methods of taking, creating and viewing digital stereo photos are presented in a historic and developmental context in this paper.

  19. Acquisition of stereo panoramas for display in VR environments

    Ainsworth, Richard A.


    Virtual reality systems are an excellent environment for stereo panorama displays. The acquisition and display methods described here combine high-resolution photography with surround vision and full stereo view in an immersive environment. This combination provides photographic stereo-panoramas for a variety of VR displays, including the StarCAVE, NexCAVE, and CORNEA. The zero parallax point used in conventional panorama photography is also the center of horizontal and vertical rotation when creating photographs for stereo panoramas. The two photographically created images are displayed on a cylinder or a sphere. The radius from the viewer to the image is set at approximately 20 feet, or at the object of major interest. A full stereo view is presented in all directions. The interocular distance, as seen from the viewer\\'s perspective, displaces the two spherical images horizontally. This presents correct stereo separation in whatever direction the viewer is looking, even up and down. Objects at infinity will move with the viewer, contributing to an immersive experience. Stereo panoramas created with this acquisition and display technique can be applied without modification to a large array of VR devices having different screen arrangements and different VR libraries.

  20. Stereo and IMU-Assisted Visual Odometry for Small Robots


    This software performs two functions: (1) taking stereo image pairs as input, it computes stereo disparity maps from them by cross-correlation to achieve 3D (three-dimensional) perception; (2) taking a sequence of stereo image pairs as input, it tracks features in the image sequence to estimate the motion of the cameras between successive image pairs. A real-time stereo vision system with IMU (inertial measurement unit)-assisted visual odometry was implemented on a single 750 MHz/520 MHz OMAP3530 SoC (system on chip) from TI (Texas Instruments). Frame rates of 46 fps (frames per second) were achieved at QVGA (Quarter Video Graphics Array i.e. 320 240), or 8 fps at VGA (Video Graphics Array 640 480) resolutions, while simultaneously tracking up to 200 features, taking full advantage of the OMAP3530's integer DSP (digital signal processor) and floating point ARM processors. This is a substantial advancement over previous work as the stereo implementation produces 146 Mde/s (millions of disparities evaluated per second) in 2.5W, yielding a stereo energy efficiency of 58.8 Mde/J, which is 3.75 better than prior DSP stereo while providing more functionality.

  1. Application of stereo-imaging technology to medical field.

    Nam, Kyoung Won; Park, Jeongyun; Kim, In Young; Kim, Kwang Gi


    There has been continuous development in the area of stereoscopic medical imaging devices, and many stereoscopic imaging devices have been realized and applied in the medical field. In this article, we review past and current trends pertaining to the application stereo-imaging technologies in the medical field. We describe the basic principles of stereo vision and visual issues related to it, including visual discomfort, binocular disparities, vergence-accommodation mismatch, and visual fatigue. We also present a brief history of medical applications of stereo-imaging techniques, examples of recently developed stereoscopic medical devices, and patent application trends as they pertain to stereo-imaging medical devices. Three-dimensional (3D) stereo-imaging technology can provide more realistic depth perception to the viewer than conventional two-dimensional imaging technology. Therefore, it allows for a more accurate understanding and analysis of the morphology of an object. Based on these advantages, the significance of stereoscopic imaging in the medical field increases in accordance with the increase in the number of laparoscopic surgeries, and stereo-imaging technology plays a key role in the diagnoses of the detailed morphologies of small biological specimens. The application of 3D stereo-imaging technology to the medical field will help improve surgical accuracy, reduce operation times, and enhance patient safety. Therefore, it is important to develop more enhanced stereoscopic medical devices.

  2. Akadeemiast ja "Akadeemiast" / Kati Ilves

    Ilves, Kati, 1984-


    Tallinnas Märzi projektiruumis detsembris 2010 eksponeeritud Madis Luige kureeritud näitusest "Akadeemia", mis tegeleb Eesti Kunstiakadeemias kunstnike koolituse ja kunstnike tuleviku probleemidega. Nele Aunapi, Alver Linnamäe, Tõnu Tunneli ja Taavi Kübara töödest

  3. Budapestis ja Ungaris / Karl Rumor

    Rumor, Karl, pseud., 1886-1971


    Doonau jõest, Budapesti ajaloost, linnaarhitektuurist ja kuninglikust lossist. Ungari eri piirkondade looduse, põllumajanduse ja rahva eripäradest. Trianoini rahulepinguga kaotatud maa-aladest. Varem ilmunud: Uus Eesti 3., 5., 13. veebr. 1937, nr. 34, 36, 44

  4. Maailmavaade ja hariduseelarve / Mailis Reps

    Reps, Mailis, 1975-


    Eesti hariduseelarvest, hariduskuludest ning -toetustest. Diagrammid: Avaliku sektori kogukulud haridusele, % eelarvest; Üld-, kutse- ja kõrghariduse rahastamine. Tabelid: Üld-, kutse- ja kõrghariduse rahastamise osakaal hariduskuludes; Üldhariduse rahastamise kasv kulukohtade lõikes aastail 2000-2005

  5. Punainen nainen ja kuoleman diskurssi

    Tuuli Kataja


    Full Text Available Artikkelissa tarkastellaan vuoden 1918 työväenperinteessä hahmottuvaa naiskuvaa keskittyen kuolemaa käsitteleviin lauluihin ja runoihin. Aineisto koostuu arkistoaineistosta ja kirjoittajan isoisän sotilasmuistiosta.Punaiset laulut ja runot ovat luokkataistelun aseita ja jo sellaisenaan kiistävää folklorea. Niiden faattinen funktio oli motivoida yksilöt kollektiiviksi sekä ylläpitää ja vahvistaa ryhmän yhteistä ideologista identiteettiä. Niiden keskeiset teemat ovatkin juuri ideologia ja kuolema. Teemojen kautta hahmottuvat paitsi kuolemankäsitykset myös naiskuva - sekä yleinen että kuoleman kautta positioituva. Olennaista on naisen asema suhteessa sotaan.Perinteinen nainen on kuolemaan nähden objekti, poissaoleva tai etäinen. Naisen ja kuoleman ikiaikainen liitto saa rinnalleen konsensusta rikkovaa naiskuvaa, kun perinteisten hahmojen rinnalle astuu taisteleva subjekti, joka kiistää naisen roolin surun tulkkina ja passiivisena objektina. Vaikka kuoleman normia peilataan edelleen miehiseen sukupolveen, aatteen puolesta taisteltaessa veljeys on sukupuoleton käsite.

  6. Tarbekunstist ja kunstitarbest / Peep Ilmet

    Ilmet, Peep, pseud., 1948-


    4. rahvusvahelisest köitekunsti näitusest "Scripta manent" Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseumis, näituse arengust, eesti köitekunstist, autori soovitused eesti köitekunsti rikastamiseks. Raamatu sisu kaitse ja ligipääsetavuse nõudest

  7. Fassaadikunstist ja teesklusest / Margit Tõnson

    Tõnson, Margit, 1978-


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : stsenarist Iiro Küttner : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila : võitluskunstide koreograaf Yu Yan Kai : osades Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Markku Peltola

  8. Geniaalsus ja hullumeelsus / Ly Ehin

    Seppel, Ly, 1943-


    Itaalia psühhiaatri ja kriminoloogi Cesare Lombroso raamatust "Geniaalsus ja hullumeelsus" (ilm. 1864), kus ta väidab, et pärilik hullumeelsus lööb geniaalsetel inimestel sagedamini välja kui kurjategijatel

  9. Kujundades ja tootes / Mart Kalm

    Kalm, Mart, 1961-


    Uurimata disain. Tsaariaegse tööstuse eripära. Lutheri vabrik. Teised mööblivalmistajad. Ilmus sisearhitekt. Kujundatud ühiskauplus. Uued tootmisharud. Kunsttööstuskooli panus. Nahkehistöö. Langebrauni kirjatud nõud. Lorupi klaas ja kristall. Kopfi ja Tavasti metallitööd. Naiste näputööd

  10. Romaanid ja trend / Teet Kallas

    Kallas, Teet, 1943-


    Romaanivõistluse parimatest: Nikolai Baturini "Kentaur", Indrek Hargla "Vabaduse kõrgeim määr" ja Enn Põldroosi "Joonik kivi"; ka äramärgitud töödest: Sass Henno "Elu algab täna", Agu Tammeveski "Kas teie olite siis teistsugune?" ja Erik Tohvri "Tants läbi rukki"

  11. Subjektiivselt ja objektiivselt / Donald Tomberg

    Tomberg, Donald, 1972-


    Dokumentaalfilmide olemusest. Festivalil "DocPoint" linastuvatest mõningatest dokumentaalfilmidest - "Viinavabrik" (Rootsi, rež. Jerzy Sladkowski), "Roheline laine" (Saksamaa, rež. Ali Samadi Ahadi), "Surematuse deklaratsioon" (Poola, rež. Marcin Koszalka), "Play God" (Soome, rež. Teemu Nikki) ja "Kinshasa sümfoonia" (Saksamaa, rež. Martin Baer ja Claus Wischmann)

  12. Okupatsioon ja propaganda / Meelis Maripuu

    Maripuu, Meelis


    Venemaa massiteabevahendite infost Balti riikide ja Poola okupeerimise kohta. Alates 2005. aastast on nähtav püüe dikteerida Balti riikide ajalookäsitlusi ja välja töötada moderniseeritud Venemaa poolne kontseptsioon II maailmasõja perioodi ajaloost

  13. Valitsejad ja alamad / Jaan Kaplinski

    Kaplinski, Jaan, 1941-


    Valitsevate klasside tekkimisest ühiskonnas, võimuhaaramisest ja teiste rahvaste vallutamisest. Varem ilmunud inglise k.: Rulers, parasites and feeling of national inferiority // Suomen Antropologi, 1979, nr. 1 ; eesti k.: Kaplinski, Jaan. See ja teine. Tartu : Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus, 1996

  14. Sterile neutrino search in the STEREO experiment

    Buck, Christian; Lindner, Manfred; Roca, Christian [MPIK (Germany)


    In neutrino oscillations, a canonical understanding has been established during the last decades after the measurement of the mixing angles θ{sub 12}, θ{sub 23}, θ{sub 13} via solar, atmospheric and, most recently, reactor neutrinos. However, the re-evaluation of the reactor neutrino theoretical flux has forced a re-analysis of most reactor neutrino measurements at short distances. This has led to an unexpected experimental deficit of neutrinos with respect to the theory that needs to be accommodated, commonly known as the ''reactor neutrino anomaly''. This deficit can be interpreted as the existence of a light sterile neutrino state into which reactor neutrinos oscillate at very short distances. The STEREO experiment aims to find an evidence of such oscillations. The ILL research reactor in Grenoble (France) operates at a power of 58MW and provides a large flux of electron antineutrinos with an energy range of a few MeV. These neutrinos will be detected in a 2000 liter organic liquid scintillator detector doped with Gadolinium and consisting of 6 cells stacked along the direction of the core. Given the proximity of the detector, neutrinos will only travel a few meters until they interact with the scintillator. The detector will be placed about 10 m from the reactor core, allowing STEREO to be sensitive to oscillations into the above mentioned neutrino sterile state. The project presents a high potential for a discovery that would impact deeply the paradigms of neutrino oscillations and in consequence the current understanding of particle physics and cosmology.

  15. Eesti ja USA sõlmisid kokkuleppe


    Kaitseminister Margus Tsahkna ja Ameerika Ühendriikide suursaadik Eestis James Melville allkirjastasid Eesti ja USA kaitsekoostöö kokkuleppe, mis hakkab reguleerima Eestis viibivate USA relvajõudude liikmete, nende pereliikmete ja lepinglaste õiguslikku staatust

  16. Resignatsioonis ja lootuses / Paul-Eerik Rummo

    Rummo, Paul-Eerik, 1942-


    Ettekanne kodu- ja väliseesti kirjanike kohtumisel Helsingi Ülikoolis 15.-16. mail 1989. Poliitikast ja kirjandusest, Nõukogude Eesti kirjandusest. Artur Alliksaare, Uku Masingu ja Kersi Merilaasi loomingust

  17. Armin Tuulse ja kirikute uurimine / Kersti Markus

    Markus, Kersti, 1962-


    Arhitektuuri- ja kunstiajaloolase tegevusest 1930. aastate Eestis ja Teise maailmasõja järgses Rootsis. Saksa ja rootsi teadlaste vahelistest kultuuriregiooni vaidlustest. Eesti kunsti omapära otsingutest. Keskaegse sakraalkunsti uurimise meetoditest

  18. Rahvusvaheline seminar "Improvisatsioon ja spontaansus" / Mari Kolle

    Kolle, Mari


    26.- 30. märtsini korraldab International University Global Theatre Experience Malpilsis rahvusvahelise seminari professionaalsetele tantsijatele, koreograafidele ja näitlejatele. Läbi viivad seminari psühholoog ja tantsuterapeut I. Mayore ja koreograaf S. Ostrenko

  19. Regulatiivsus ja selle sisustamise problemaatika / Triinu Rauk

    Rauk, Triinu, 1988-


    Haldustegevuse vormidest. Haldusaktist, haldusakti andmisest keeldumise regulatiivsest olemusest ja tuvastava haldusakti regulatiivsest olemusest. Artikkel põhineb autori 2013. a. Tartu Ülikooli õigusteaduskonnas kaitstud magistritööl "Haldusakti, toimingu ja menetlustoimingu eristamise kriteeriumid ja vaidlustamine halduskohtus"

  20. Traditsioonist ja uuendusest korea modernkunstis / Katrin Kivimaa

    Kivimaa, Katrin, 1969-


    Souli galeriides ja muuseumides valitseb eeldatud kõrgtehnoloogilise kunsti asemel maalikunst. Pikemalt naiskunstnik Wook-kyung Choi (1940-1985) ja Jong-gu Lee näitustest ning soo- ja naisuuringute kongressist "Women's World 2005"

  1. Lumelinnad Kemis ja Rovaniemis / Rael Artel

    Artel, Rael, 1980-


    Veebruari algul avati Soomes Rovaniemis ja Kemis lume- ja jääskulptuuri park "The Snow Show". Kuraator New Yorgi galerist Lance Fung. Osalenud kunstnikud ja arhitektid (Zaha Hadid, Juhani Pallasmaa, Anish Kapoor, Tadao Ando jt.)

  2. Filme meist ja meie ajast / Raimo Jõerand

    Jõerand, Raimo


    EFSA filmiekspert teavitab uutest eesti tõsielufilmidest : Urmas E. Liivi "Casting" ja "Briljantroheline maja, pumbakaev ja valge laev", Andres Maimiku, Jaak Kilmi "Müümise kunst", James ja Maureen Tusty "Laulev revolutsioon"

  3. Hullumisstseenid ja kontsert-roim ooperis


    Installatsioon-ooperi "Hullumisstseene kvaliteetooperitest" esietendusest 6. juulil Pärnu vanalinna põhikooli õuel ja kontserdist Toots & Friends esituses 7. ja 21. juulil Pärnu mudaravilas ja (

  4. Distsiplinaarne fotograafia ja interdistsiplinaarne kunstiparadiis / Peeter Linnap

    Linnap, Peeter, 1960-


    Vastuseks H. Soansi ja A. Härmi artiklile "Mõned teravad polaroidid" (Sirp, 2003, 13. VI, lk. 17). Eesti 90-ndate ja praegune fotograafia. Fotograafia: mono- ja interdistsiplinaarne. Fototeooriate regulaarne surm

  5. Botaanikud Chamisso ja Eschscholtz Californias / Tiiu Speek

    Speek, Tiiu, 1958-


    Loodusteadlaste A. von Chamisso ja J. Fr. Eschscholtzi osalemisest O. von Kotzebue ekspeditsioonidel (1815-1818 ning 1823-1826); reisidel kogutud ja kirjeldatud USA lääneosa ja California taimeliikidest ning neist koostatud herbaariumite saatusest

  6. Silmapaistev Juri Lotmani ja Zara Mintsi arhiiv


    Tallinna Ülikoolis paikneb rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud semiootiku Juri Lotmani ja tema abikaasa Zara Mintsi arhiiv ja raamatukogu. Juri Lotmani poeg ja Tallinna Ülikooli Eesti Humanitaarinstituudi professor Mihhail Lotman on rahul, et arhiiv asub Eestis

  7. Method for Stereo Mapping Based on Objectarx and Pipeline Technology

    Liu, F.; Chen, T.; Lin, Z.; Yang, Y.


    Stereo mapping is an important way to acquire 4D production. Based on the development of the stereo mapping and the characteristics of ObjectARX and pipeline technology, a new stereo mapping scheme which can realize the interaction between the AutoCAD and digital photogrammetry system is offered by ObjectARX and pipeline technology. An experiment is made in order to make sure the feasibility with the example of the software MAP-AT (Modern Aerial Photogrammetry Automatic Triangulation), the experimental results show that this scheme is feasible and it has very important meaning for the realization of the acquisition and edit integration.

  8. Luonto ja seikkailu fysioterapiassa: systemoitu kirjallisuuskatsaus

    Hevosmaa, Assi


    Luontoympäristöllä on tutkitusti myönteisiä vaikutuksia fyysiseen, psyykkiseen ja sosiaaliseen terveyteen ja hyvinvointiin. Elämykselliset ja kokemukselliset toimintamuodot on otettu käyttöön useilla eri aloilla kuten kuntoutuksessa ja terapiassa. Osallisuus ja kokemuksellisuus voivat aktivoida ja motivoida muuten passiiviset asiakkaat liikkeelle. Katsauksen taustalla oli kiinnostus laajentaa näkökulmaa erilaisista menetelmistä, joita voitaisiin hyödyntää fysioterapiassa. Olen kiinnostun...

  9. Euroopa Liidu teadus ja tehnoloogia / Lembo Tanning

    Tanning, Lembo


    Ilmunud ka: Buhgalterskije Novosti, nr. 7, 2001, lk. 42-47. Euroopa Liidu teaduse ja tehnoloogia areng ja hetkeseis. Tabelid ja diagrammid: töötajate arv EL-i kõrgtehnoloogia majandusharudes ja teadusintensiivses teeninduses; EL-i regioonide uurimis-arengutöödele tehtud kulutused ning patentide arv; EL-i regioonide kõrgtehnoloogia edetabel 1997; uurimis- ja arendustöödele tehtud riiklikud kulutused SKP-st 1998; teaduse ja tehnoloogia inimressursid 1999

  10. Kit with track detectors aiming at didactic

    Cesar, M.F.; Koskinas, M.F.


    The kit intends to improve the possibilities in performing experiments of Nuclear Physics in Modern Physics Laboratories of Physics Course introducing the solid state nuclear track detectors. In these materials the passage of heavily ionizing nuclear particles creates paths (tracks) that may be revealed and made visible in an optical microscope. By the help of the kit several experiments and/or demonstrations may be performed. The kit contains solid state nuclear track detectors unirradiated and irradiated, irradiated etched and uneteched sheets; an alpha source of 241 Am and an instrution text with photomicrographs. To use the kit the laboratory must have an ordinary optical microscope. (author) [pt

  11. Lugemis- ja kuulamissoovitusi lapsemeelsetele : [heliraamatud ja -plaadid lastele] / Esme Kassak

    Kassak, Esme


    Arvustus: Jancis, Kaspar. Seiklus Salamandril, ehk, Morten Viksi uskumatud juhtumised lollide laevas. Tallinn : Menu Kirjastus, 2010 ; Kivirähk, Andrus. Kaka ja kevad [Helisalvestis] / loeb Ülle Kaljuste. Tallinn ; Varrak, 2010 ; Kivirähk, Andrus. Kaelkirjak [Helisalvestis] / loeb Harriet Toompere. Tallinn : Varrak, 2010 ; Tungal, Leelo. Hea lapse laulud [Helisalvestis]. Tallinn : Nõmmelill, 2010 ; Pajusaar, Priit. Lapsed, liblikad ja teised mutukad [Helisalvestis]. Tallinn : Varrak, 2010 ; Toman, Eduard. Gena ja teised : [Helisalvestis]. Tallinn : Greenroom Studio, 2010 ; Vilmusenaho, Marika. Tuulejutu viisid [Helisalvestis] / esitavad Meero Muusiku laululapsed. I.k. : Tempo Rubato, 2009 ; Raud, Eno. Sipsik : laste unejutud / loeb Salme Reek. Tallinn : Eesti Rahvusringhääling, 2010

  12. Kuluttajansuoja valmismatkoissa ja omatoimimatkoissa : Valmismatkat ja lentomatkailu Euroopan unionin alueella

    Hanhineva, Marjo


    Opinnäytetyössä on vertailtu valmismatkojen ja omatoimimatkojen eroja kuluttajansuojan näkökulmasta. Valmismatka on etukäteen järjestetty ja yhdistettyyn hintaan tarjottu matkailupalvelujen yhdistelmä, joka sisältää kuljetuksen lisäksi majoituksen sekä usein myös muita kokonaisuuden kannalta olennaisia palveluita. Matkailupalveluiden yhdistelmää ei pidetä etukäteen järjestettynä eli valmismatkana, jos matkustaja itse omasta aloitteestaan suunnittelee ja kokoaa yhdistelmän omien toivomusten mu...

  13. "Kriitiline arhitektuur" ja selle vastased / George Baird

    Baird, George


    Ameerika kriitilisest arhitektuurist ja uuest projektiivsest arhitektuurist, mida ei saa arendada ilma projektiivse teooria toeta. Selleta muutuks uus arhitektuur autori arvates kiiresti lihtsalt pragmaatiliseks ja lihtsalt dekoratiivseks

  14. Harmoonia Haydni ja Adamsiga / Kersti Inno

    Inno, Kersti, 1954-


    Kontsertidel 21. dets. Pärnu kontserdimajas, 22. dets. Vanemuise kontserdimajas ja 23. dets. Estonia kontserdisaalis tulevad esitusele Joseph Haydni "Harmooniamissa" ja John Adamsi oratoorium "Harmonium"

  15. "Hariduse ja kasvatuse sõnaraamat"

    Helin Puksand


    Full Text Available 2014. aastal ilmus viiekeelne "Hariduse ja kasvatuse sõnaraamat", milles on 4850 mõistet paljudelt hariduse ja kasvatuse aladelt: kasvatus ja areng, alusharidus, põhi- ja keskharidus, kutse- ja kõrgharidus, huviharidus, eripedagoogika, andragoogika, sotsiaalpedagoogika, didaktika, koolikorraldus, kasvatusteaduslik uurimistöö, pedagoogika ajalugu jne. Iga mõiste kohta on esitatud eesti, inglise, saksa, soome ja vene termin ning enamasti ka seletus. "Hariduse ja kasvatuse sõnaraamat" on mõeldud kõigile haridustöötajaile ja haridusvaldkonnast huvitatuile.

  16. "Detsembrikuumus", riigi tellimus ja propaganda / Lauri Vahtre

    Vahtre, Lauri, 1960-


    Mängufilmi "Detsembrikuumus" ja teleseriaali "Tuulepealne maa" stsenarist vaidleb vastu meedias ilmunud kriitikute süüdistustele filmi tellimuslikkuses ja riiklikus propagandas ning sellest tulenevas ebaobjektiivsuses

  17. Alternative confidence measure for local matching stereo algorithms

    Ndhlovu, T


    Full Text Available The authors present a confidence measure applied to individual disparity estimates in local matching stereo correspondence algorithms. It aims at identifying textureless areas, where most local matching algorithms fail. The confidence measure works...

  18. Infrared stereo calibration for unmanned ground vehicle navigation

    Harguess, Josh; Strange, Shawn


    The problem of calibrating two color cameras as a stereo pair has been heavily researched and many off-the-shelf software packages, such as Robot Operating System and OpenCV, include calibration routines that work in most cases. However, the problem of calibrating two infrared (IR) cameras for the purposes of sensor fusion and point could generation is relatively new and many challenges exist. We present a comparison of color camera and IR camera stereo calibration using data from an unmanned ground vehicle. There are two main challenges in IR stereo calibration; the calibration board (material, design, etc.) and the accuracy of calibration pattern detection. We present our analysis of these challenges along with our IR stereo calibration methodology. Finally, we present our results both visually and analytically with computed reprojection errors.

  19. Clustered features for use in stereo vision SLAM

    Joubert, D


    Full Text Available SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping, is a key component in the development of truly independent robots. Vision-based SLAM utilising stereo vision is a promising approach to SLAM but it is computationally expensive and difficult...

  20. Rapid matching of stereo vision based on fringe projection profilometry

    Zhang, Ruihua; Xiao, Yi; Cao, Jian; Guo, Hongwei


    As the most important core part of stereo vision, there are still many problems to solve in stereo matching technology. For smooth surfaces on which feature points are not easy to extract, this paper adds a projector into stereo vision measurement system based on fringe projection techniques, according to the corresponding point phases which extracted from the left and right camera images are the same, to realize rapid matching of stereo vision. And the mathematical model of measurement system is established and the three-dimensional (3D) surface of the measured object is reconstructed. This measurement method can not only broaden application fields of optical 3D measurement technology, and enrich knowledge achievements in the field of optical 3D measurement, but also provide potential possibility for the commercialized measurement system in practical projects, which has very important scientific research significance and economic value.

  1. Sasha, ja gorda, tshto ja tvoi utshitel! / Boris Tuch

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    18. mail toimub Vene Draamateatris rahvusvahelist stepipäeva tähistav kontsert. Korraldajaks on Duff-tap studio, mida juhendab Aleksandr Ivashkevitsh. Kontserdil osalevad Barbara Duffy (USA) ja Vladimir Kirsanov (Venemaa)

  2. Ja ne prosto obespokojen. Ja zol / Edward Lukas

    Lukas, Edward


    Autor kritiseerib Eesti valitsuse otsust teisaldada pronkssõdur Tõnismäelt ning sellele järgnenud vandaalitsemist, Venemaa käitumist Eesti Moskva suursaatkonnaga ning Euroopa Liidu, NATO ja G-7 riikide mitteadekvaatset reageeringut sellele


    Marja Leinonen


    Full Text Available Artikkel käsitleb deskriptiivset (koloratiivset nominaaltarindit eesti ja soome keeles, mille süntaktiline sõltuvussuhe on normaalsega vastupidine: atributiivne genitiiv väljendab referendi denotatiivset tähendust ja põhisõna kirjeldab seda. Kirjeldusega on tavaliselt seotud pejoratiivsed, hellitlevad või muul viisil hinnangulised nüansid. Artiklis tutvustatakse kõigepealt soome keele vastavaid uurimusi, seejärel selle artikli tarbeks kogutud materjali ning selle võrdlust indoeuroopa keelte süntaktiliselt ja semantiliselt sarnaste tarinditega. Lisaks tutvustatakse soome ja eesti keeles esinevat deskriptiivset verbaaltarindit, milles põhiverbi tähendust kannab infinitiiv, kusjuures deskriptiivverb (mida vahel nimetatakse ka ideofooniks on finiitses vormis.

  4. Kriitika ja eimiski ('Traditsioon ja pluralism') / Hasso Krull

    Krull, Hasso, 1964-


    Ettekanne seminaril 'Traditsioon ja pluralism I' 31. V 1996 Tallinnas. Ka Mati Undi raamatust 'Vastne argimütoloogia' (Tln. : Vagabund, 1996) Vastukaja: Unt, Mati. Sekundaarsed // Kultuurimaa. - 1996. - 25. sept. - Lk. 3

  5. Valokuva, avain osallisuuteen ja oppimiseen

    Taavitsainen, Päivi


    Tämän toiminnallisen opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli osallisuutta lisäävää valokuvausmenetelmää ni-meltä Photovoice, sekä kuvista kerrotuttamista käyttäen suunnitella ja toteuttaa toiminnallisia tuokioita 4 – 6 vuotiaille lapsille päiväkodin lapsiryhmässä. Työssä havainnoitiin mitä ja miten lapset valokuvaavat. Lasten ottamista kuvista- ja kertomuksista etsittiin myös asioita, jotka tukisivat tutkivan oppimisen pro-sessin aloittamista, sekä arvioitiin photovoice – menetelmän käyttökelpoisuut...

  6. Sijoitusrahastojen ja sijoitussidonnaisten vakuutusten verotus

    Niemi, Jonna


    Opinnäytetyön aiheena on sijoitusrahastojen ja sijoitussidonnaisten vakuutusten verotus sekä verotuksen tuomat edut ja riskit sijoittajalle. Sijoitusrahastojen osalta työssä kuvataan kasvurahaston osakkaan verotusta, sillä ainoastaan kasvurahastot tarjoavat sijoittajalle mahdollisuuden pitkäaikaiseen säästämiseen. Sijoitussidonnaisista vakuutuksista opinnäytetyössä käsitellään vapaaehtoinen eläkevakuutus ja sijoitusvakuutus. Opinnäytetyöllä ei ole toimeksiantajaa vaan aihe on syntynyt kirjoit...

  7. Vallankumous, machismo ja Neitsyt Maria

    Seppälä, Maija


    Etnografinen pro gradu -tutkielma käsittelee Nicaraguan sisällissodan vaikutusta sukupuolirakenteisiin ja naisiin kohdistuvaan väkivaltaan Matagalpan kaupungissa ja sen läheisellä maaseudulla. Työssä on tarkasteltu väkivallan taustalla vaikuttavia sukupuoleen liittyviä symboleja, ideologioita sekä institutionaalisia rakenteita ja niiden yhteyksiä sisällissotaan. Tutkimuskysymyksiä ovat: miksi naisiin kohdistuva väkivalta on lisääntynyt Nicaraguan sisällissodan jälkeen, miten poliittinen konfl...

  8. Verkkokaupan rakennus ja palveluntarjoajan valinta

    Hukkanen, Petri


    Opinnäytetyön toimeksiantajana toimii opinnäytetyön tekijä itse. Tekijän tarkoituksena on perustaa puusta valmistettuja asusteita myyvä verkkokauppa. Opinnäytetyön teoria osuuden tavoitteena oli hankkia tietoa verkkokaupan rakentamisen tärkeimmistä osa-alueista. Tutkimustavoitteena oli vertailun ja arvioinnin perusteella selvittää paras ja toimivin verkkokauppa-alusta opinnäytetyön tekijän yritykselle. Tutkimus on laadullinen tutkimus. Aineistonkeruumenetelminä ovat dokumentit ja havain...

  9. Figaro ja Taska / Maarja Undusk

    Undusk, Maarja, 1959-


    Eduard Taska 120. sünniaastapäevale pühendatud Eduard Taska ja 1982. aastast Rootsis elava Marje Taska näitus "Vanaisa ja mina" Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseumis 30. maini 2010, kuraator Anne Tiivel. Näitus "Eesti köited Prantsusmaal III" Eesti Rahvusraamatukogus 17. aprillini 2010. Väljas on tööd, mis osalesid 2009. a. X rahvusvahelisel köitekunstibiennaalil St. Rémy-lès Chevreuse'is, kus Euroopa Liidu poolt välja pandud peapreemia võitis Kristiina Nurk

  10. Kuljetinosuuden modernisointi ja energiatehokkuuden parantaminen

    Peltoniemi, Jani


    Opinnäytetyön aiheena oli kartoittaa tölkkituotantolinjan yhden kuljetinosuuden nykytilanne ja tähän pohjautuen suunnitella yhteistyössä SEW-Eurodrive Oy:n kanssa uusi, energiatehokkaampi toteutus. Kuljetinosuudella on 19 vaihdemoottoria, joista 12 moottoria ohjataan taajuusmuuttajilla ja 7 moottoria kontaktoreilla. Teoriaosuudessa on perehdytty laitteiden tämän hetken haasteisiin ja pyritty selvittämään, mitä hyötyjä sekä säästöjä käyttöjen modernisoinnilla mahdollisesti saavutettaisiin. ...

  11. An Integrated Calibration Technique for Stereo Vision Systems (PREPRINT)


    technique for stereo vision systems has been developed. To demonstrate and evaluate this calibration technique, multiple Wii Remotes (Wiimotes) from Nintendo ...from Nintendo were used to form stereo vision systems to perform 3D motion capture in real time. This integrated technique is a two-step process...Wiimotes) used in Nintendo Wii games. Many researchers have successfully dealt with the problem of camera calibration by taking images from a 2D

  12. Validation of Pleiades Tri-Stereo DSM in Urban Areas

    Emmanouil Panagiotakis


    Full Text Available We present an accurate digital surface model (DSM derived from high-resolution Pleiades-1B 0.5 m panchromatic tri-stereo images, covering an area of 400 km2 over the Athens Metropolitan Area. Remote sensing and photogrammetry tools were applied, resulting in a 1 m × 1 m posting DSM over the study area. The accuracy of the produced DSM was evaluated against measured elevations by a differential Global Positioning System (d-GPS and a reference DSM provided by the National Cadaster and Mapping Agency S.A. Different combinations of stereo and tri-stereo images were used and tested on the quality of the produced DSM. Results revealed that the DSM produced by the tri-stereo analysis has a root mean square error (RMSE of 1.17 m in elevation, which lies within the best reported in the literature. On the other hand, DSMs derived by standard analysis of stereo-pairs from the same sensor were found to perform worse. Line profile data showed similar patterns between the reference and produced DSM. Pleiades tri-stereo high-quality DSM products have the necessary accuracy to support applications in the domains of urban planning, including climate change mitigation and adaptation, hydrological modelling, and natural hazards, being an important input for simulation models and morphological analysis at local scales.

  13. Preparation of kits for 99Tcm radiopharmaceuticals


    This publication details preparation under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of thirteen widely used 99 Tc m radiopharmaceuticals and their quality assurance practices. The objective of this document is to present to those who intend to launch a kit preparation programme a set of preparation procedures and other relevant information gathered during kit production over a period of more than a decade, to serve as a good starting point. The manuals and monographs included in the document are based on the experience gained in two major centres. The publication of this material is intended to give a typical example, and not the only possible procedure for preparing the kits. Following the essentials of these kit preparation procedures, it is always possible to make alterations to the composition of the kits. The kits described here concern widely used 99 Tc m radiopharmaceuticals which do not require a Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) camera. These examples of the ''first generation'' of kits are not very intricate to prepare. Although it is advisable to have only one agent for a given intended use, a few agents for each purpose, e.g. EHDP and MDP for bone imagining, have been included in the document so that the reader can have some flexibility in selecting a particular kit. 24 refs, 2 figs

  14. A fiber-optic polarimetric demonstration kit

    Eftimov, T; Dimitrova, T L; Ivanov, G


    A simple and multifunctional fiber-optic polarimetric kit on the basis of highly birefringent single-mode fibers is presented. The fiber-optic polarimetric kit allows us to perform the following laboratory exercises: (i) fiber excitation and the measurement of numerical aperture, (ii) polarization preservation and (iii) obtain polarization-sensitive fiberized interferometers.

  15. Building Use Policies. SPEC Kit 144.

    Coyle, Patrick

    This Systems and Procedures Exchange Center (SPEC) flyer/kit addresses some of the needs of Association of Research Libraries (ARL) members regarding library building use and the aesthetics and well-being of the materials and people in the building. The kit draws upon documents gathered as part of a 1986 Quick-SPEC survey that dealt with food and…

  16. Teen Ambassador Leadership Kit (TALK

    Donna R. Gillespie


    Full Text Available Teen Ambassador Leadership Kit, (TALK, is an annual weekend retreat designed for teens interested in promoting and marketing 4-H in their communities. TALK organizers felt teens would benefit from an intensive weekend retreat focused on communication. TALK produces a network of educated and excited 4-H teens that are available to help with 4-H promotion and marketing. Participants arrive on Friday evening for team building activities, on Saturday they participate in one of the workshops offered and on Sunday morning each workshop group has the opportunity to share their completed projects and what they learned. At the conclusion of the retreat, teens are designated "County 4-H Ambassadors" and certificates of completion, professional business cards and polo shirts are presented. The TALK teen participants return home to share what they learned with their local county 4-H staff and help promote and market 4-H in their communities.

  17. Personal radiotoxicological (first aid) kit

    Gachalyi, Andras; Gyulai, Gabor


    In recent years, with the spread of nuclear industrial activities, and the widespread use of radioactive materials and products the possibility of radionuclide contamination of humans and animals has significantly increased. During nuclear tests or reactor accidents, a large amount of radioactive materials may enter the environment which can contaminate the living environment (air, water, vegetation, soil), for a long period. This contamination may enter living organisms by inhalation, intake and ingestion, causing severe biological damage. As an example the Chernobyl reactor accident can be mentioned, where there was no possibility for the decorporation of isotopes, as there were no products available such as the 'RADISTOP'. To achieve appropriate decorporating (and decontaminating) treatment which is effective, it is highly recommendable to use a personal Radiotoxicological First Aid Kit (PRK) within the shortest possible time after internal contamination. This unit provides effective treatment to decorporate the most common incorporated fission products. (author)

  18. Stereo side information generation in low-delay distributed stereo video coding

    Salmistraro, Matteo; Forchhammer, Søren


    to create SI exploiting the inter-view spatial redundancy. A careful fusion of the two SI should be done in order to use the best part of each SI. In this work we study a Stereo Low-Delay scenario using only two views. Due to the delay constraint we use only past frames of the sequence we are decoding...... the two SIs, inspired by Multi-Hypothesis decoding. In this work the multiple hypotheses are used to fuse the SIs. Preliminary results show improvements up to 1 dB....

  19. Auhindu jagati filmidele ja fotodele


    Läänemaa keskkonnateenistuse auhinnad Matsalu IV Loodusfilmide Festivalist osavõtnuile lähtusid tänavuse looduskaitsekuu teemast "Rand ja kallas". Eriauhinna sai Jacquie Cozens'i film "Hallhülged - elu noateral"

  20. Swissair : lugu strateegilistest ja juhtimisvigadest


    Üldjuhtimise ja strateegiavigadest Shveitsi lennukompanii Swissair näitel. Tabelid. Kommenteerib Peter Morell. Vt. samas: MicroLinki juhtidel peab olema paks nahk; Eesti Energia uurib alluvate suhtumist juhtidesse

  1. Kamina valik : disain ja funktsionaalsus


    Kaminasalongi Tulering juht Hanno Tammvere salongis pakutavatest Belgia firmas Stuv ja Poola firmas Hadjuk kaminatest. Salong teeb koostööd eesti sisearhitektidega (14 nime), tellida saab kamina projekteerimisest paigaldamiseni

  2. Sakslased ja venelased vahetavad trofeekunsti


    Breemeni linna ametnikud on otsustanud tagastada Venemaale Tsarskoje Selo kuulsast Merevaigutoast pärineva mosaiigi. Saksamaa saab tagasi 101 graafilist lehte ja akvarelli. Kunstikogu kadus Breemeni muuseumist 1945. a.

  3. Internet ja emakeel / Indrek Tart

    Tart, Indrek


    Internet on või(s)tlustanner, kus tähendusrikkalt toimimiseks erinevad kultuurid pingutusi teevad. Efektiivne ja paratamatu on omakeelse-emakeelse vahendkonna loomine veebis tegutsemiseks, sest selleta arenenud kirjakultuuriga riike on raske ette kujutada

  4. Pluss ja miinus / Hendrik Alla

    Alla, Hendrik, 1976-


    Jõuluteemalistest ja jõuluvanalistest arvutireklaamidest. Halb: MicroLink (idee: MicroLink, teostus: Division) 'Arreteeriti jõuluvana!', Assert (Limit Reklaam) 'Viktor (57), näärivana'. Parem: PCT (Snaiper) 'Sa ju lubasid...'.

  5. Inimesed ja mesilased / Rein Tootmaa

    Tootmaa, Rein


    Nukufilm "Gene+ratio" : stsenarist, kunstnik ja režissöör Mait Laas : konsultant Paavo Matsin : operaatorid Ragnar Neljandi, Raivo Möllits : helilooja Tiit Kikas : Nukufilm OÜ - Icon Film (Saksamaa) 2005

  6. Kremlisse ja Kremlis / Enn Tõugu

    Tõugu, Enn, 1935-


    Tallinna Inseneride Majast. Autor jutustab oma teest Kremlisse ehk kuidas ta saadikuks sai, Andrei Sahharovist, MRP materjalide levitamisest. Nõukogude Liidu Ülemnõukogu transpordi, Side ja informaatika komisjonist. Ševardnadze kõnest 1990. aasta detsembris

  7. Fraternitas ja vendlus / Artur Taska

    Taska, Artur, 1912-1994


    Sõnade "frater" ja "fraternitas" ajaloost ning nendega seotud mõistetest Tartu Ülikooli juures tegutsenud üliõpilasorganisatsioonides. Ilmunud ka: Taska, Artur. Mõtteid maisel matkal. Lund, 1990, lk. 58-66

  8. "Ja govorju : iskusstvo!" / Anastasia Semjonova

    Semjonova, Anastasia


    Tartu kunstikuu 2006 avamisest ja üritustest. Peakorraldajaks on Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool, üldjuht Katrin Ruus. Kunstikuu staabiks on Tartu vana kaubamaja. Raeplatsil avati Kirke Kangro valmistatud jääskulptuur


    Hiemstra, C.; Zhong, Zhiyuan; Feijen, Jan


    The Invention relates to a stereo photo hydrogel formed by stereo complexed and photo cross-linked polymers, which polymers comprise at least two types of polymers having at least one hydrophilic component, at least one hydrophobic mutually stereo complexing component, and at least one of the types

  10. Stereo and regioselectivity in ''Activated'' tritium reactions

    Ehrenkaufer, R.L.E.; Hembree, W.C.; Wolf, A.P.


    To investigate the stereo and positional selectivity of the microwave discharge activation (MDA) method, the tritium labeling of several amino acids was undertaken. The labeling of L-valine and the diastereomeric pair L-isoleucine and L-alloisoleucine showed less than statistical labeling at the α-amino C-H position mostly with retention of configuration. Labeling predominated at the single β C-H tertiary (methyne) position. The labeling of L-valine and L-proline with and without positive charge on the α-amino group resulted in large increases in specific activity (greater than 10-fold) when positive charge was removed by labeling them as their sodium carboxylate salts. Tritium NMR of L-proline labeled both as its zwitterion and sodium salt showed also large differences in the tritium distribution within the molecule. The distribution preferences in each of the charge states are suggestive of labeling by an electrophilic like tritium species(s). 16 refs., 5 tabs

  11. Matching Cost Filtering for Dense Stereo Correspondence

    Yimin Lin


    Full Text Available Dense stereo correspondence enabling reconstruction of depth information in a scene is of great importance in the field of computer vision. Recently, some local solutions based on matching cost filtering with an edge-preserving filter have been proved to be capable of achieving more accuracy than global approaches. Unfortunately, the computational complexity of these algorithms is quadratically related to the window size used to aggregate the matching costs. The recent trend has been to pursue higher accuracy with greater efficiency in execution. Therefore, this paper proposes a new cost-aggregation module to compute the matching responses for all the image pixels at a set of sampling points generated by a hierarchical clustering algorithm. The complexity of this implementation is linear both in the number of image pixels and the number of clusters. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm outperforms state-of-the-art local methods in terms of both accuracy and speed. Moreover, performance tests indicate that parameters such as the height of the hierarchical binary tree and the spatial and range standard deviations have a significant influence on time consumption and the accuracy of disparity maps.

  12. Noored ja oreoolid / Tanel Veenre

    Veenre, Tanel, 1977-


    Köler Prize'i nominentide näitus Eesti Kaasaegse Kunsti Muuseumis 12. juunini 2011. Köler Prize'i sai skulptor ja installatsioonikunstnik Jevgeni Zolotko, publikupreemia maalikunstnik Tõnis Saadoja. Eesti Kunstiakadeemia noore kunstniku preemia pälvis vabade kunstide teaduskonna bakalaureusetaseme lõpetajatest skulptor Ulla Juske, magistritaseme lõpetajatest maalikunstnik Kristi Kongi ja vabakunstnik Eva Labotkin. Premeeritute loomingust

  13. Uuskasutus ja kompromissid / Triin Talk

    Talk, Triin


    Ajalooliste hoonete kasutuses hoidmisest, neile uue funktsiooni andmisest. Vana-Võidu mõisa karjakastellist, mis kohandati Viljandi Kutseõppekeskuse õppehooneks. OÜ Paalakalda korrastatud Pajusi mõisa kuivatist. Väimela mõisa lauta rajatud Võrumaa Kutsehariduskeskuse puidutöötlemise ja mööblitootmise kompetentsikeskusest. Mooste mõisa meiereisse rajatud tervisekeskusest. Olustvere mõisakompleksi meiereisse rajatud Olustvere Teenindus- ja Maamajanduskooli meemajast

  14. Moostes taas mõtte- ja kunstitalgud


    17. ja 18. VIII lõpetatakse Moostes teised "Postsovkhozi" mõtte- ja keskkonnakunsti talgud "Kihid". Organiseerijad Evelyn Müürsepp ja Maia Möller. Moostes nädal aega elanud ja loonud kunstnikud. Seminari kavast, esinejatest, filmiprogrammist

  15. Viisakus ja selle tajumine tekstiliigiti / Katrin Rikberg

    Rikberg, Katrin


    Artikkel tutvustab keelesuhtluse viisakuse kultuuriomaseid mõisteid ja nende seoseid asjakohasusega ning keskendub ametlikule viisakusele ja vestluskäitumisele. Küsimustiku abil läbi viidud taju-uuringust, mille eesmärk oli võrrelda tekstide vastuvõtu erinevaid külgi, et saada teada, mida ja miks peetakse eesti kultuuriruumis viisakaks ja asjakohaseks

  16. Eestlanna, jaapanlanna ja tantsivad kehad / Keiu Virro

    Virro, Keiu, 1987-


    Koreograafid-tantsijad Külli Roosna ja Anna esitavad Tallinnas Kanuti Gildi saalis ja Tartus Genialistide klubis oma soolo-tantsuetenduse, milles ühinevad Ida ja Lääs. Läänt esindab Külli Roosna (Eesti) "Circle Through" ja Ida esindab Anna (Jaapan) "Busu". Organisaatoriks on Sõltumatu Tantsu Ühendus

  17. Kleenexi ja Tampaxi pojad / Urmas Petti

    Petti, Urmas, 1965-2016


    Laste ja noorte kasvamisest ja kasvatamisest tänapäeval, nende hakkamasaamisest üha keerulisemaks muutuvas ühiskonnas; autor tsiteerib Jaak Jõerüüti (romaan "Muutlik" 2010) ja kommenteerib argentiina kirjanikku Julio Cortázar'i ja briti kolumnisti võrdlevas usuteaduses Karen Armstrongi (raamat "Jumala ajalugu", orig. "A History of God" 1993)

  18. Esma Auto ja Mazda on loodud kestma


    Ülevaade olulisematest sündmustest Esma Auto kümne tegevusaasta jooksul. Kommenteerivad Tarmo Järvoja, Mart Laar ja Enn Sau. Diagrammid ja skeemid: AS Esma Auto müügi statistika läbi aastate; AS Esma Auto kasum ja klientide arv aastate lõikes; Esma Auto esindused Eestis ja pakutavad teenused


    Hannu Tommola


    Full Text Available Suund ja muutumine. Tähelepanekuid eesti ja soome liikumisverbidest. Käesolevas artiklis püütakse selgitada eesti ja soome keele kõige sagedasemate liikumisverbide polüfunktsionaalsust. Soome keele tulla vastab küll põhitähenduses eesti verbile tulema, kuid ei väljenda lahkumist – seda väljendatakse soome keeles verbiga lähteä. Samuti erinevad meie keeled inhoatiivi väljendamises: soome keele kõige tavalisem muutumisverb on tulla, eesti keeles aga saama. Soome keele verbi jäädä ja eesti keele verbi jääma on vaadeldud liikumisverbidena nende võimaliku muutuse presupositsiooni tõttu. Jääma väljendab siiski ka seisundi tekkimise tähendust. See tähendus esineb soome verbil jääda vaid idioomides. Eesti keele jääma on näide polüseemia tüübist, mida on nimetatud enantioseemiaks (ühel ja samal lekseemil on vastandtähendused. Üks läänemeresoome liikumisverbide omapära näiteid on verb käydä/käima, mis võimaldab väljendada kahesuunalist liikumist. Soome ja eesti verbide põhitähendused on sarnased, aga kõigis kasutustes käydä ja käima ei kattu, sest käydä esineb ka muutumisverbina, eesti verbil see tähendus puudub. Lõpuks käsitletakse lühidalt idiomaatilisi väljendeid, nt. tuli kuntoon / meni pieleen ning läks korda/viltu.

  20. Rappliance - palautinkisko : uudentyyppisen kuorsauksenestokojeen suunnittelu ja valmistus

    Parikka, Teemu


    Opinnäytetyön tarkoitus on perehtyä kirjallisuuskatsauksen avulla uniapneakiskoihin ja lopuksi suunnitellaan ja tehdään uudenlainen koje, joka on toimiva, miellyttävä käyttää ja edullinen valmistaa. Työssä selvitetään myös millä periaatteella kuorsauksenestokojeet toimivat ja millainen vaikutus niillä on potilaaseen ja uniapneaan. Työn tavoite on parantaa hammasteknikoiden ja hammaslääkäreiden tietämystä uniapneakiskoista, niiden valmistuksesta, toiminnasta ja siitä miksi niitä tarvitaan. ...

  1. Launeen keskuspuiston visuaalinen ilme ja infografiikka

    Virtanen, Jenni


    Opinnäytetyön aiheena on suunnitella Launeen keskuspuistolle visuaalinen ilme ja sitä noudattavat sovellukset. Visuaaliseen ilmeen suunnitteluun kuuluu logon, typografian ja tunnusvärien suunnittelu. Sovelluksissa painotan erityisesti informatiivisia sovelluksia, kuten opastejärjestelmää, aluekarttaa ja infotaulun asettelua. Itse työ on konseptisuunnitelma. Opinnäytetyötäni varten olen tutkinut suomalaisia teema- ja kaupunkipuistoja ja niiden visuaalisia ilmeitä. Painotin tutkimuksessani e...

  2. Lojaalsed kliendid ja suhete loomine / Katrin Aedma

    Aedma, Katrin


    Teenindust käsitlevate raamatute tutvustus. Seth Godini "Nõusolekuturundus: kuidas muuta võõraid sõpradeks ja sõpru klientideks", Kaj Storbacka ja Jarmo R. Lehtineni "Klientsuse reeglid või tants klientide pilli järgi" ja Frederick F. Reichheldi "Lojaalsuse reeglid. Kuidas edukad juhid loovad kestvaid töö- ja kliendisuhteid". Lisad: Eksimused ja surmapatud teeninduses!; Sellest, mida sa tead, pole kasu, kui sa seda ei kasuta!

  3. Integroitu projektitoimitus lisä- ja korjausrakentamisessa

    Söderström, P. (Pia)


    Tiivistelmä Työn tarkoituksena on tarkastella toimijoiden integroinnin mahdollisuuksia lisä- ja korjausrakennushankkeissa. Työssä selvitetään, mitä toimijoita sekä miten ja milloin toimijat tulisi ottaa mukaan hankkeeseen, jotta hanketta voitaisiin optimoida kokonaisuutena ja sitä kautta taata parempi toimijoiden tyytyväisyys ja projektin arvontuottokyky. Työssä luodaan perusta lisä- ja korjausrakentamisen hankkeiden tehokk...

  4. Diabetesta sairastavan alaraajahaavapotilaan elintavat ja omaseuranta

    Jaatinen, Noora


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tutkimuksella oli tarkoitus kuvata alaraajahaavaa sairastavien diabeetikoiden omaseurannan ja elintapojen toteutumista. Tutkimuksen tavoitteena oli tuottaa tietoa alaraajahaavaa sairastavien diabeetikoiden elintavoista ja omaseurannan toteutumisesta haavahoitajille ja jalkatyöryhmälle. Näin he voivat tarttua tutkimuksessa ilmi tulleisiin puutteellisiin kohtiin ja sen myötä ohjata potilasta parempiin elintapoihin sekä kannustaa tunnollisempaan ja parempaan omaseurantaan vas...

  5. KIT safety management. Annual report 2012

    Frank, Gerhard


    The KIT Safety Management Service Unit (KSM) guarantees radiological and conventional technical safety and security of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and controls the implementation and observation of legal environmental protection requirements. KSM is responsible for - licensing procedures, - industrial safety organization, - control of environmental protection measures, - planning and implementation of emergency preparedness and response, - operation of radiological laboratories and measurement stations, - extensive radiation protection support and the - the execution of security tasks in and for all organizational units of KIT. Moreover, KSM is in charge of wastewater and environmental monitoring for all facilities and nuclear installations all over the KIT campus. KSM is headed by the Safety Commissioner of KIT, who is appointed by the Presidential Committee. Within his scope of procedure for KIT, the Safety Commissioner controls the implementation of and compliance with safety-relevant requirements. The KIT Safety Management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, its industrial safety management is certified by the VBG as ''AMS-Arbeitsschutz mit System'' and, hence, fulfills the requirements of NLF / ISO-OSH 2001. KSM laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. To the extent possible, KSM is committed to maintaining competence in radiation protection and to supporting research and teaching activities. The present reports lists the individual tasks of the KIT Safety Management and informs about the results achieved in 2012. Status figures in principle reflect the status at the end of the year 2012. The processes described cover the areas of competence of KSM.

  6. Estradiol RIA kit in clinical practice

    Friedrich, W.; Lisse, K.; Bienert, R.; Flentje, H.; Koerner, H.; Wilken, T.; Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Berlin-Buch. Zentralinstitut fuer Isotopen- und Strahlenforschung)


    First clinical experience with a estradiol RIA kit developed in the Central Institute for Isotope- and Radiation Research is reported. The kit was used for the daily control of estradiol level in patients, which were treated within the program for in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer. The time of incubation could be shortened by means of a double antibody technique and by use of a precipitation mixture to 2 h. The intraassay variation is 9.2%, the interassay variation is 15.1%, the recovery rate is 94%. The sensitivity of the test (B 0 -3SD) is about 120 pmol/l. The estradiol RIA kit satisfies clinical requirements. (author)

  7. Hardware Design Considerations for Edge-Accelerated Stereo Correspondence Algorithms

    Christos Ttofis


    Full Text Available Stereo correspondence is a popular algorithm for the extraction of depth information from a pair of rectified 2D images. Hence, it has been used in many computer vision applications that require knowledge about depth. However, stereo correspondence is a computationally intensive algorithm and requires high-end hardware resources in order to achieve real-time processing speed in embedded computer vision systems. This paper presents an overview of the use of edge information as a means to accelerate hardware implementations of stereo correspondence algorithms. The presented approach restricts the stereo correspondence algorithm only to the edges of the input images rather than to all image points, thus resulting in a considerable reduction of the search space. The paper highlights the benefits of the edge-directed approach by applying it to two stereo correspondence algorithms: an SAD-based fixed-support algorithm and a more complex adaptive support weight algorithm. Furthermore, we present design considerations about the implementation of these algorithms on reconfigurable hardware and also discuss issues related to the memory structures needed, the amount of parallelism that can be exploited, the organization of the processing blocks, and so forth. The two architectures (fixed-support based versus adaptive-support weight based are compared in terms of processing speed, disparity map accuracy, and hardware overheads, when both are implemented on a Virtex-5 FPGA platform.

  8. Suurkiskja- ja kotkakahju ennetamise meetmed Eesti ja Soome saartel ning rannikualadel / T. Otstavel

    Otstavel, Teet, 1964-


    Uuring käsitleb Eesti ja Soome rannikualade ja saarte loomakasvatajate võimalusi suurendada karjamaadel kaitset suurkiskjate ja merikotkaste vastu ning kasutada suurkiskjate rünnakute ennetamise meetmeid, eelkõige karjavalvekoeri

  9. Kuuntele ja osallistu - Sosiaalinen media myynnin ja markkinoinnin tukena

    Lönnblad, Hanna


    Sosiaalinen media on tullut jäädäkseen. Viimeisen kymmenen vuoden aikana IRC-Gallerian, Habbo Hotelin ja Facebookin kaltaiset palvelut ovat omineet itselleen kasvavan osan nykyihmisen ajankäytöstä niin töissä, kouluissa kuin vapaa-ajalla. Sosiaalisen median palveluita pidetään teinien leikkipaikkoina, mutta tosiasiassa uusi media tarjoaa rajattomasti potentiaalia myös yritystoiminnan kehittämiseen ja kasvattamiseen kaiken-kokoisille yrityksille. Virtuaalista maailmaa ei tule väheksyä. Opi...

  10. Analysis of KIT expression and KIT exon 11 mutations in canine oral malignant melanomas.

    Murakami, A; Mori, T; Sakai, H; Murakami, M; Yanai, T; Hoshino, Y; Maruo, K


    KIT, a transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase, is one of the specific targets for anti-cancer therapy. In humans, its expression and mutations have been identified in malignant melanomas and therapies using molecular-targeted agents have been promising in these tumours. As human malignant melanoma, canine malignant melanoma is a fatal disease with metastases and the poor response has been observed with all standard protocols. In our study, KIT expression and exon 11 mutations in dogs with histologically confirmed malignant oral melanomas were evaluated. Although 20 of 39 cases were positive for KIT protein, there was no significant difference between KIT expression and overall survival. Moreover, polymerase chain reaction amplification and sequencing of KIT exon 11 in 17 samples did not detect any mutations and proved disappointing. For several reasons, however, KIT expression and mutations of various exons including exon 11 should be investigated in more cases. © 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  11. Viestintäverkkojen ja -palveluiden toimivuuden ja tietoturvallisuuden häiriönhallinta

    Paananen, Rauli


    Yhteiskunnassa on käynnissä voimakas kaiken mahdollisen digitalisoiminen ja esimerkiksi kaikkia viranomaisia koskee velvollisuus sähköistää keskeiset palvelunsa kuluttajien saataville. Sähköinen asiointi, palveluiden kasvava määrä ja kuluttajien siirtyminen mobiili- ja verkkopalveluihin luo markkinoille uusia innovaatioita ja tuo kansalaisille arjen sujuvuutta hoitaa päivittäisiä asioitaan, ajasta ja paikasta riippumatta. Toisaalta yhteiskunnan toimivuus on entistä haavoittuvampi ja alttiimpi...

  12. Ühe suve akvarellid / Evelin Samuel ja Liina Hergauk

    Samuel, Evelin, 1975-


    Roosanupuline kampsun, idee ja teostus Evelin Samuel. Vanaroosa pluus ja barett, idee ja teostus Ruta Tännav. Mohäärlõngast topp, idee ja teostus Anna Verschik. Linane topp, idee ja teostus Liina Hergauk. Pitsmustritega mohäärkleit, idee ja teostus Ruta Tännav. Puuvillane topp, idee ja teostus Anna Verschik

  13. Multicentre evaluation of commercial kit methods

    Gram, J; Declerck, P J; Sidelmann, Johannes Jakobsen


    In order to study the analytical performance of different commercial kits for determination of plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI) activity we distributed eight selected split samples to 11 European laboratories experienced with haemostasis testing. Three different laboratories were involved in...... of the plasma samples, which was PAI-1 depleted. The laboratories involved in the testing reported for this sample a mean value of 6.1 IU/ml.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)......In order to study the analytical performance of different commercial kits for determination of plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI) activity we distributed eight selected split samples to 11 European laboratories experienced with haemostasis testing. Three different laboratories were involved...... in the production of data from each of the commercial kits tested. A considerable variation of PAI activity results reported from the laboratories testing the same commercial kits was observed. The range of reported results could in individual samples exceed the median value indicating an interlaboratory variation...

  14. Explanatory chapter: how plasmid preparation kits work.

    Koontz, Laura


    To isolate plasmid DNA from bacteria using a commercial plasmid miniprep kit (if interested, compare this protocol with Isolation of plasmid DNA from bacteria). Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  15. Happening'id ja disain - visioon kunsti ja elu terviklikkusest / Mari Laanemets

    Laanemets, Mari, 1975-


    Analüüsitakse kunsti ja disaini vahelist suhet 1970. aastatel esile kerkinud uue kunstikäsitluse ja kunstilise tegevuse ümbermõtestamise kontekstis. Mõlemad pidid lepitama inimest reaalsusega - disain elukeskkonda ülendades, õilistades ja happening'id - elu formaalseid struktuure lõhkudes. Ka almanahhi "Kunst ja Kodu" erilisest positsioonist lääne kaasaegse kunsti ja disaini tuvustamisel (toimetajaks 1973. aastast Andres Tolts) ning rühmitusest SOUP 1969 ja nende ideoloogide - Ando Keskküla, Andres Toltsi ja Leonhard Lapini tegevusest ja mõjust

  16. Surrounding Moving Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Driving Using Stereo Vision

    Hao Sun


    Full Text Available Detection and tracking surrounding moving obstacles such as vehicles and pedestrians are crucial for the safety of mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles. This is especially the case in urban driving scenarios. This paper presents a novel framework for surrounding moving obstacles detection using binocular stereo vision. The contributions of our work are threefold. Firstly, a multiview feature matching scheme is presented for simultaneous stereo correspondence and motion correspondence searching. Secondly, the multiview geometry constraint derived from the relative camera positions in pairs of consecutive stereo views is exploited for surrounding moving obstacles detection. Thirdly, an adaptive particle filter is proposed for tracking of multiple moving obstacles in surrounding areas. Experimental results from real-world driving sequences demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed framework.

  17. Modeling the convergence accommodation of stereo vision for binocular endoscopy.

    Gao, Yuanqian; Li, Jinhua; Li, Jianmin; Wang, Shuxin


    The stereo laparoscope is an important tool for achieving depth perception in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (MIS). A dynamic convergence accommodation algorithm is proposed to improve the viewing experience and achieve accurate depth perception. Based on the principle of the human vision system, a positional kinematic model of the binocular view system is established. The imaging plane pair is rectified to ensure that the two rectified virtual optical axes intersect at the fixation target to provide immersive depth perception. Stereo disparity was simulated with the roll and pitch movements of the binocular system. The chessboard test and the endoscopic peg transfer task were performed, and the results demonstrated the improved disparity distribution and robustness of the proposed convergence accommodation method with respect to the position of the fixation target. This method offers a new solution for effective depth perception with the stereo laparoscopes used in robot-assisted MIS. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  18. A dual-adaptive support-based stereo matching algorithm

    Zhang, Yin; Zhang, Yun


    Many stereo matching algorithms use fixed color thresholds and a rigid cross skeleton to segment supports (viz., Cross method), which, however, does not work well for different images. To address this issue, this paper proposes a novel dual adaptive support (viz., DAS)-based stereo matching method, which uses both appearance and shape information of a local region to segment supports automatically, and, then, integrates the DAS-based cost aggregation with the absolute difference plus census transform cost, scanline optimization and disparity refinement to develop a stereo matching system. The performance of the DAS method is also evaluated in the Middlebury benchmark and by comparing with the Cross method. The results show that the average error for the DAS method 25.06% lower than that for the Cross method, indicating that the proposed method is more accurate, with fewer parameters and suitable for parallel computing.

  19. Burst mode trigger of STEREO in situ measurements

    Jian, L. K.; Russell, C. T.; Luhmann, J. G.; Curtis, D.; Schroeder, P.


    Since the launch of the STEREO spacecraft, the in situ instrument suites have continued to modify their burst mode trigger in order to optimize the collection of high-cadence magnetic field, solar wind, and suprathermal electron data. This report reviews the criteria used for the burst mode trigger and their evolution with time. From 2007 to 2011, the twin STEREO spacecraft observed 236 interplanetary shocks, and 54% of them were captured by the burst mode trigger. The capture rate increased remarkably with time, from 30% in 2007 to 69% in 2011. We evaluate the performance of multiple trigger criteria and investigate why some of the shocks were missed by the trigger. Lessons learned from STEREO are useful for future missions, because the telemetry bandwidth needed to capture the waveforms of high frequency but infrequent events would be unaffordable without an effective burst mode trigger.


    Ma, S.; Lin, J.; Zhao, S.; Li, Q.; Wills-Davey, M. J.; Attrill, G. D. R.; Golub, L.; Chen, P. F.; Chen, H.


    On 2007 December 7, there was an eruption from AR 10977, which also hosted a sigmoid. An EUV Imaging Telescope (EIT) wave associated with this eruption was observed by EUVI on board the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO). Using EUVI images in the 171 A and the 195 A passbands from both STEREO A and B, we study the morphology and kinematics of this EIT wave. In the early stages, images of the EIT wave from the two STEREO spacecrafts differ markedly. We determine that the EUV fronts observed at the very beginning of the eruption likely include some intensity contribution from the associated coronal mass ejection (CME). Additionally, our velocity measurements suggest that the EIT wave front may propagate at nearly constant velocity. Both results offer constraints on current models and understanding of EIT waves.

  1. Production of sestamibi kit for nuclear imaging

    Abdullah, Hakim; Zakaria, Ahmad; Yaacob, Hadzri; Ramli, Jamaluddin [Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan (Malaysia). School of Medical Sciences


    One of the research projects undertaken during the implementation of the IAEA Technical Assistance Cooperation Program in our department was inhouse production of sestamibi (MIBI) kit to be labelled with Tc99m pertechnetate for myocardial studies and for malignant tumor imaging. 100 mg raw materials of sestamibi was supplied by IAEA and the kit was prepared based on Janoki recipe. Using 6 mg MIBI, 192 mg glycine, 3.6 mg stannous chloride, 62.4 mg Na sub 4 Po sub 4 and 24 mg cysteine we have prepared 24 vials of MIBI kit under sterile condition and stored in the freezer at -70 degree C. The sterility of the kit was confirmed by microbiological test using cultured method. The stability test was done by labelling the kit with Tc-99m pertechnetate at day 1, 3, 7, 30 and 60 days after kit preparation. Using two system butanone and saline with ITLC the labelling efficiency of Tc-99m (MIBI) was found to be more than 90% in each case. The labelling efficiency was found to maintain at 90% up to 24 hours post reconstitution at room temperature. Biodistribution study was carried out by administering Tc-99m (MIBI) to mice intravenously at the dosage of IOO {mu} Ci per 20 gm body weight. The mice were sacrificed at 3 hours and 24 hours after the dose administration. Blood, heart, lung, intestine, kidney and stomach samples were obtained, weighed and measured for radioactivity using gamma well counter. The data showed that after 3 hours about 60% of the injected dose accumulated in the intestine which was in agreement with IAEA standard. At 24 hours the amount in the heart still remained about 25% of the 3 hour uptake. In house production of MIBI kit is easy, fast and cost effective. The data suggested that the quality of our kit was good enough to be used for further animal research and clinical trials.

  2. Toyota Aktiivi -kampanja ja markkinointi

    Peltola, Jouni


    Opinnäytetyön aiheena oli kehittää markkinointisuunnitelma Tampereella toimivalle Toyota Autotalot Oy -autoliikkeelle. Suunnittelun kohteena oli syksyllä 2014 valtakunnallisesti lanseerattu Toyota Aktiivi -huoltokampanja, jonka tarkoituksena on kasvattaa vanhempien autojen markkinaosuutta merkkihuollossa. Kampanjan ja tämän työn taustalla on Suomen ajoneuvokannan ikääntyminen, johon pyritään mukautumaan kehittämällä ja markkinoimalla uusia, kuluttajaystävällisempiä huolto-ohjelmia vanhempien ...

  3. IFRS 9 Luottotappiot ja Arvonalentumiset

    Lanteri, Päivi


    IFRS tilinpäätös on kansainvälinen tilinpäätösstandardi, jonka mukaan julkisesti noteeratut osakeyhtiöt laativat tilinpäätöksensä. IFRS tilinpäätöksen tarkoituksena on palvella mahdollisimman hyvin sijoittajia, antaen vertailukelpoista tilinpäätösinformaatiota. IFRS tilinpäätös normisto koostuu standardeista, jotka määrittelevät taseen ja tuloslaskelman vähimmäiserittelyt. Standardeja kehittelee ja asettaa IASB (International Accounting Standards Board) yhteistyössä IFRS Foundation –organisaa...

  4. Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseum taas avatud


    2. VI avati rekonstrueeritud muuseumihoone. Rekonstrueerimisprojekti autorid: Arhitektuuriagentuuri arhitekt Inga Raukas, sisearhitekt Monika Löve. Ehitustööd: Rihti Projekt. Avatud nahakunstinäitus "Järjehoidja" (kuraator Airi Ligi, kujundaja Siiri Nõva, näha saab ka nahakunsti üliõpilaste töid; filmiprogramm: Maya Yonesho "Üks uks", "Ecce libri" Pille Kivihallist, Tiina Piisangust ja Maarja Unduskist) ja rahvusvaheline köitekunstinäitus "Scripta manent III. Maailma parim asi", kujundaja Lennart Mänd

  5. Harrasta terveellisesti ja turvallisesti itsepuolustuslajeja

    Bäckström, Daniela; Arras, Pia


    TIIVISTELMÄ Arras, Pia & Bäckström, Daniela. Harrasta terveellisesti ja turvallisesti itsepuolustuslajeja. Helsinki, syksy 2012, 45 s., 2 liitettä. Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulu, Diak Etelä Helsinki. Hoitotyön koulutusohjelma, sairaanhoitaja (AMK). Opinnäytetyö käynnistettiin Helsingin itsepuolustuskoulun kanssa. Yhteisen hankkeen taustalla ovat samat mielenkiinnon kohteet ja havaittu tarve ensiaputaitojen kehittämiseen. Työelämälähtöisen opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli tuottaa käytännölli...

  6. Odoon lomakkeiden ja raporttien kustomointi

    Pensasmaa, Tapio


    Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli selvittää, miten avoimeen lähdekoodiin perustuvan Odoo-yritysohjelmiston lomakkeita sekä tarjouksissa ja laskuissa käytettäviä raporttipohjia voidaan kustomoida vastaamaan työn toimeksiantajan EM Systems Oy:n asiakkaiden tarpeita. Työssä perehdyttiin Odoon rakenteeseen ja moduulien toimintaan sekä selvitettiin Odoon kehittäjätilan ominaisuuksia. Odoon periytymismekanismit antavat mahdollisuuden tehdä moduulien avulla laajennuksia tai muutoksia muihin moduulei...

  7. Odoon ja Jaspersoft Studion integrointi

    Iivonen, Kalle


    Opinnäytetyö tehtiin toimeksiantona EM Systems Oy:lle. EM Systems Oy on turkulainen yritys, joka tekee asiakkailleen Odoo-toiminnanohjausjärjestelmäpaketteja ja muita tiedonhallinnan ratkaisuja. He halusivat selvittää kuinka helppoa ja hyödyllistä on yhdistää Jaspersoftin raportointiohjelmisto Odoo-toiminnanohjausjärjestelmän kanssa. Työ sisälsi Jaspersoft Studion, joka on raporttien suunnitteluohjelma, yhdistämisen Odoo-toiminnanohjausjärjestelmän tietokantaan. Yhdistäminen vaati PostgreS...

  8. Igal pool ja mitte kuskil / Piibe Piirma

    Piirma, Piibe


    Võrgu- ehk netikunsti ajaloost ja arengust. Korea kunstniku Nam June Paiki, Vene kunstnike Aleksei Shulgini ja Olja Ljalina, hollandi fotograafi Joan Heemskerk'i, belgia kunstniku Dirk Paesmans'i, sloveeni kunstnike Vuk Cosic'i ja Marko Pelijhan'i, kanada kunstniku Robert Adrian X-i, saksa kunstnike Wolfgang Staehle, Rena Tangens'i ja Cornelia Sollfranki tegevusest. Šveitsi kunstirühmituse "Etoy" performance'ist "Toywar". Lühidalt eesti võrgukunstist, Mare Tralla ja Tiia Johannsoni tegevusest. Repliigid Heie Treierilt ja Raivo Kelomehelt

  9. Rakkautta ja anarkkiaa, naiset ja herrat! / Tõnu Karjatse

    Karjatse, Tõnu


    Helsingi 21. festivalist "Armastus ja Anarhia" ning Eesti filmi osast sellel. Vaatajahääletuse võitis Jordaania "Captain Abu Raed" (režii Amin Matalqa). Teisi huvitavaid filme - Nuri Bilge Ceylani "Kolm ahvi", Sergei Dvortsevoi "Tulpan", Mamoru Oshii "Skycrawlers"

  10. BBC ja HBO taaselustasid Rooma viletsuse ja hiilguse / Brigitta Davidjants

    Davidjants, Brigitta, 1983-


    12-osaline ajalooline kostüümidraama - seriaali Rooma impeeriumi ajast "Rooma" tootsid Ameerika tootja Home Box Office (HBO) ja inglaste BBC. Esimest osa "Varastatud kotkas" näitas HBO 28. augustil. Kolme esimese osa režissöör on Michael Apted, stsenaariumi eest vastutab Bruno Heller

  11. 46 CFR 184.710 - First-aid kits.


    ... 46 Shipping 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false First-aid kits. 184.710 Section 184.710 Shipping COAST... CONTROL AND MISCELLANEOUS SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT Miscellaneous § 184.710 First-aid kits. A vessel must carry either a first-aid kit approved under approval series 160.041 or a kit with equivalent contents...

  12. 21 CFR 868.1100 - Arterial blood sampling kit.


    ...) MEDICAL DEVICES ANESTHESIOLOGY DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 868.1100 Arterial blood sampling kit. (a) Identification. An arterial blood sampling kit is a device, in kit form, used to obtain arterial blood samples... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Arterial blood sampling kit. 868.1100 Section 868...

  13. Stereo Vision for Unrestricted Human-Computer Interaction

    Eldridge, Ross; Rudolph, Heiko


    Human computer interfaces have come long way in recent years, but the goal of a computer interpreting unrestricted human movement remains elusive. The use of stereo vision in this field has enabled the development of systems that begin to approach this goal. As computer technology advances we come ever closer to a system that can react to the ambiguities of human movement in real-time. In the foreseeable future stereo computer vision is not likely to replace the keyboard or mouse. There is at...

  14. Obstacle detection by stereo vision of fast correlation matching

    Jeon, Seung Hoon; Kim, Byung Kook


    Mobile robot navigation needs acquiring positions of obstacles in real time. A common method for performing this sensing is through stereo vision. In this paper, indoor images are acquired by binocular vision, which contains various shapes of obstacles. From these stereo image data, in order to obtain distances to obstacles, we must deal with the correspondence problem, or get the region in the other image corresponding to the projection of the same surface region. We present an improved correlation matching method enhancing the speed of arbitrary obstacle detection. The results are faster, simple matching, robustness to noise, and improvement of precision. Experimental results under actual surroundings are presented to reveal the performance. (author)

  15. Ostujõu pariteedid ja tegelikud kulutused / Viktoria Trasanov

    Trasanov, Viktoria


    Ostujõud: pariteedid ja vahetuskursid. Kulutuste klassifikatsioonid: ICP ja SNA. EKS ja GK agregeerimismeetod. Euroopa 1993.a. Võrdlusprogrammi (ECP'93) struktuur. Võrdlusprogrammi korraldamine Balti grupis

  16. Quality control of radioimmunoassay kits of pituitary hormones

    Caso Pena, R.; Arranz Calzado, C.


    The present work describe the quality control procedures carried out on three RIA-Kits by the Isotopes Centre of Cuba, The subject matter of study were ;: were: LH-RIA-Kit, FSH-RIA-Kit and Prolactin- RIA -Kit. The controls have included the characterization of the 125 I labelled hormones the specific antibodies, the 2 nd antibodies, the standards curves and the control serum. For the validation of these Kits were used reference standards from the WHO (World Health Organizations) and Kits from CIS company (France) based on the IRMA assays technologies . The results obtained allow us encourage the reliability of RIA-Kits

  17. An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Stereo Slides in Teaching Geomorphology.

    Giardino, John R.; Thornhill, Ashton G.


    Provides information about producing stereo slides and their use in the classroom. Describes an evaluation of the teaching effectiveness of stereo slides using two groups of 30 randomly selected students from introductory geomorphology. Results from a pretest/postttest measure show that stereo slides significantly improved understanding. (JM)

  18. Kafka ja kevad / Mati Sirkel

    Sirkel, Mati, 1949-


    Artiklis arutletakse peamiselt Franz Kafka loomingust lähtuvalt kirjandusklassika ja väärtkirjanduse rollist/võimalustest ühiskonnas. Näib olevat paradoks, et kirjandus täidab oma ühiskondlikku rolli kõige paremini siis, kui tal on suukorv peas

  19. Uudishimu ja juhuslikkus / Kristina Tischler

    Tischler, Kristina


    Fotonäitus "Curious abot the world" ("Uudishimulik") Tallinnas Kastellaanimaja Galeriis 3. veebruarini 2010. Lea Tomsoni (kuraator, Eesti), Roxanne Brousseau-Felio (Kanada) ja Takaki Hashimoto (Jaapan) töödest ning näitust saatvast Gerhard Locki (Saksamaa/Eesti) loodud muusikast

  20. Idapiir ja ajalugu / Anti Selart

    Selart, Anti, 1973-


    Narva jõgi esineb Eesti ala idapiirina allikates juba 13. sajandil ja Setumaa ongi kujunenud omanäoliseks etnilis-kultuuriliseks piirkonnaks tänu sellele, et on läbi aegade kuulunud Pihkva vürstiriiki või kubermangu

  1. Maslow' vajaduste hierarhia ja motivatsioon


    Kui töökohal on rahuldatud kolm universaalset psühholoogilist vajadust - autonoomia, seotus ja kompetentsus, kogevad töötajad iga päev kõrgema tasandi motivatsiooni, mis toidab nende kirge oma töö vastu

  2. Kontseptsioonid ja persoonid / Mari Sobolev

    Sobolev, Mari, 1968-


    Heli Sarapuu näitus "Isale" Hobusepea galeriis. Valeri Vinogradovi "Design Jet 5001" Viviann Napi Galeriis. Eve Kiileri "Progressi arhitektoonika" Tallinna Linnagaleriis. Jan Van Imschooti maalinäitus "Müstilised patud ja kaasaegsed värvid. Ümberhindamise asupaik"

  3. Tõrvapott ja meetilgad / Ivar Tallo

    Tallo, Ivar, 1964-


    Ilmunud ka: Põhjarannik ; Severnoje Poberezhje 2. oktoober lk. 2. Riigikogu liikmete palgast ja ametihüvedest. Autor: Rahvaerakond Mõõdukad. Vt. samas küsitlus Kuidas suhtute Riigikogu liikmete peaaegu kontrollimatutesse hüvitistesse? Vastavad: Eri Klas, Jaak Mae, Kuno Pajula, Mati Unt

  4. Rikas ja vaene / Vello Kutsar

    Kutsar, Vello


    Autor teeb ülevaate kohalike omavalitsuste arvestuslikust tulust. Joonised: 1. Arvestuslik tulu elaniku kohta 2005. aastal; 2. Arvestuslik tulu elaniku kohta (kr.) ja selle kasv %-des; 3. 10 rikkamat omavalitsust (tuh. kr.). Tabelid: 1. Eesti omavalitsused arvestusliku tulu järgi; 2. Arvestuslik tulu maakonniti; 3. Arvestuslik tulu Pärnumaa omavalitsustes (tuh. kr.)

  5. Valitsus ja valitsemisleping / Janno Reiljan

    Reiljan, Janno, 1951-2018


    Ilmunud ka: Molodjozh Estonii 1. apr. lk. 2, Nädaline 3. aprill lk. 4, Sakala 2. aprill lk. 2, Virumaa Teataja 3. aprill lk. 7, Koit 3. aprill lk. 6, Valgamaalane 3. aprill lk. 2. Jõujooned Riigikogus on selgunud - töövõimelise valitsuse suudavad moodustada Res Publica, ERL ja Reformierakonna saadikud

  6. Kuldma, Aus, Roosma ja Siska


    2006. aasta Kuldnõela võitja kuulutatakse välja Tallinnas Viru keskuses 9.03.2007. Kandidaadid Katrin Kuldma kollektsiooniga Chocolate, Reet Aus kaubamärgiga Re Use, Tiiu Roosma pesukollektsiooniga BonBon Lingerie ja Marika Siska kaubamärgiga Sangar

  7. Tundlikud ja tundelised / Aita Kivi

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : David Herbert Lawrence. Vikerkaar; Kazuo Ishiguro. Hõljuva maailma kunstnik; Vassil Bõkav. Toru; Torcuato Luca de Tena. Jumala käega; Roxanne Pulitzer. Carrie ja Gracie; Graham Robb. Victor Hugo; Scott Adams. Dilberti printsiip; Andrea Fehringer, Gerald Reischl, Clemens Stadlbauer. Sajandi suurimad pigilinnud; Gertrud Teusen. Jonniiga

  8. Riskimarginaalid ja euro / Aavo Kokk

    Kokk, Aavo, 1964-


    Eurotsooniga liitumine ei muuda Eesti jaoks riskimarginaalide ja valitsuse laenuvõime osas kuigi palju ning investorite veenmiseks peab Eesti valitsus veel pikka aega konservatiivset majanduspoliitikat rakendama. Financial Times'i graafik näitab, et Eesti valitsuse võlakoorem on väikseim Euroopa Liidus. Diagramm, kaart

  9. Kired ja kaotused / Aita Kivi

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : Corinne Hofmann. Valge Masai; William Somerset Maugham. Teater; Tyne O'Connell. Parimad asjad elus; Sue Townsend. Kuninganna ja mina; Patricia D. Cornwell. Süütõendid; Koopia / Hedda Maurer, Priit Kruus, Mia Leite [Maria Savisaar]; Kristel Salu. Viljaküla Brita memuaarid; Cupido & Psuche; Marie Under. Under armastusest; Sigmund Freud. Argielu psühhopatoloogia

  10. Jackson ja Savisaar / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Michael Jacksoni soolokarjääri 30. aastapäeva tähistamisest Madison Square Gardenis. Uute albumite läbimüükide ja poliitika seostest: M. Jacksoni albumist "Invincible", Paul McCartney uuest albumist "Driving Rain"

  11. Seks ja festivalid / Pilvi Porkola

    Porkola, Pilvi


    Pornokujutusest nüüdisteatris järgmiste lavastuste näiteil - prantsuse-austria Superamasi "Big 3rd Episode Happy/End" ja prantslase Gisele Vienne'i "I Apologize" Baltoscandalil ning kanadalase Dave St. Pierre'i lavastus "Un peu tendresse, bordel de merde!" Exoduse festivalil Ljubljanas

  12. Veri ja sitt / Raymond Whitaker

    Whitaker, Raymond


    Veristest lahingutest rahvusvaheliste rahujõudude ja taliibide vahel Afganistanis Helmandi provintsis, algsest ülesehitusmissioonist on saanud sõda. Vt. samas: Kui Helmandis käisid lahingud, olid eestlased puhkusel. Priit Hõbemägi intervjuu Eesti kontingendi ülema Raivo Tammega

  13. Inglise mood ja foto Kunstihoones


    5. nov.-st Tallinna Kunstihoones näitus "Look at me", Suurbritannia mood ja fotograafia 1960ndatest tänapäevani. Kuraatorid Val Willams, Brett Rogers. Osalejaid. 6. XI samas eesti moekunstnike britiaineline moeshow. Osalevad Anu Lensment, Eve Hanson, Marit Ahven, Jaanus Vahtra, Marju Tammik, Anu Samarüütel

  14. Lennutranspordi turg ja perspektiivid 2005


    Air Proxy tegevjuhi Helena Rootsi 2004. aasta sügisel toimunud Äripäeva transpordi arengukonverentsil peetud ettekandest. Lennutranspordi olukorrast ja arengusuundadest. Lisa: Tallinna Lennujaama läbivad kaubakogused kasvavad. Vt. samas: Konverentsil esitatud küsimusi

  15. Saksa vastupanu ja prantsuse tundeelu / Endel Link

    Link, Endel


    Berliini 55. filmifestivalist ja festivali filmidest : sakslase Marc Rothemundi "Sophie Scholl - viimased päevad", prantslase Régis Wargineri "Man to Man" ja teise prantslase André Téchiné "Muutunud aeg"

  16. Noor eesti kirjandus ja meedia / Jaanika Palm

    Palm, Jaanika, 1973-


    Noorsookirjandusest ja noortekirjanikest, sellest, kuidas meedia mõjutab tänapäeval noorsookirjanduse levikut ja sihtgrupini jõudmist. Ettekanne on esitatud algupärase lastekirjanduse päeval Tartus 12. aprillil 2006

  17. Surmast ja Heideggerist, jumalatele / Eduard Parhomenko

    Parhomenko, Eduard


    Vastukaja Mihhail Lotmani artiklitele: Heidegger, automobiilid ja tapvad asjad // Postimees Extra : Arvamus Kultuur, 12. jaan. 2008, lk. 4 ja Vaenlase pale: järelkaja Jokela draamale // Postimees Extra : Arvamus Kultuur, 8. Dec. 2007, lk. 2-3

  18. Valgustuse moraali- ja poliitikafilosoofid inimloomusest / Margit Sutrop

    Sutrop, Margit, 1963-


    Briti valgustusfilosoofidest. Mandeville'i, Smith'i, Hobbes'i ja Rousseau kaastunde käsitlustest. Locke'i ja Rousseau' võrdlus. Ühiskondliku lepingu teooriast. Rousseau erinevusest briti filosoofidest

  19. Hotelli ja restoranimajanduse globaalsed probleemid / Donald Visnapuu

    Visnapuu, Donald, 1946-


    Järgi nr. 2 lk. 27. Infot maailmas hotelli- ja restoranimajanduses valitsevate trendide kohta saadakse põhiliselt IH&RA ja HOTREC-i vahendusel, mille liige EHRL on. International Hotel & Restaurant Association. HOTREC

  20. Angola : valimisi oodatakse ja kardetakse / Allan Espenberg

    Espenberg, Allan


    Angolas pole 16 aastat toimunud parlamendi- ja presidendivalimisi. 30 aastat võimul olnud president Jose Eduardo dos Santos kuulutas riigis välja valimised, mis peaksid toimuma käesoleval aastal 5. ja 6. septembril

  1. Lihtsalt kunst ja kapital / Anu Allas

    Allas, Anu, 1977-


    Saksa galeristi ja kollektsionääri Rolf Ricke kogu põhjal koostatud näitusest "Das Kapital - Blue Chips & Masterpieces" Frankfurdi Moodsa Kunsti Muuseumis. Kunstikogumisest ja kunstipoliitikast Lääne-Euroopas

  2. Community lab kunstihoones ja Arsenales / Harry Liivrand

    Liivrand, Harry, 1961-


    Taani kaasaegse kunsti näitus "Projekt" Tallinna Kunstihoones, kus osalevad EKA üliõpilased ja külalised Lätist. Kuraatorite Molly Nesbiti, Hans Ulrich Obristi ja Rirkrit Tiravanija projekt "Utopia Station" Veneetsia biennaalil

  3. Külalised ja meie / Tiiu Levald

    Levald, Tiiu, 1940-


    11. detsembril Estonia kontserdisaalis toimunud ERSO kontserdist, dir. Olari Elts ja solist soome metsosopran Monica Groop, kavas oli Wagneri ja Mendelssohni looming ning 12. detsembril Estonias toimunud Donizetti ooperi "Poliuto" kontsertettekandest, dirigent Arvo Volmer

  4. Kõrged kontsad, kokteilid ja Cosmo / Laurence Lumiere

    Lumiere, Laurence


    Menutelesarja "Seks ja linn" peategelastega samanimelisest mängufilmist (režissöör Michael Patrick King). Seriaali sünniloost, alates ideest produtsent Darren Stari peas ning filmi ja seriaali võrdlusest

  5. Rootsi ja Soome maksebilansi jooksevkonto / Lembo Tanning

    Tanning, Lembo


    Soome ja Rootsi maksebilansi analüüs. Diagrammid: Soome ja Rootsi maksebilansid aastatel 1992-1998; jooksevkonto kasv aastatel 1992-98; jooksevkonto komponentide bilansid aastatel 1992-1998; rahvusvaheline investeerimispositsioon aastatel 1992-1998

  6. Punane Veski ja plakatikunsti algus / Riina Robinson

    Robinson, Riina


    Prantsuse plakatikunsti loojast Jules Cheret'st, ühest silmapaistvamast plakati- ja maalikunstnikust Henri Toulouse-Lautrecist, tema plakatite kangelannadest, kankaani tantsinud Louise Weberist ja Jane Avrilist ning Moulin Rouge'ist

  7. TTÜ ja TÜ osalevad USA armee miljoniprojektides


    TTÜ ja TÜ liitusid USA-s tegutseva meditsiinitehnoloogia ettevõtete konsortsiumiga. Nii jõuavad juhtivate Eesti kõrgkoolide teadmised USA armeesse, kes konsortsiumi kaudu innovaatilisi tooteid ja teenuseid sisse ostab

  8. Linnaehitusest ja -kindlustustest Eestis uusajal / Rein Zobel

    Zobel, Rein, 1928-2012


    Tallinna, Tartu, Narva, Pärnu, Kuressaare ja väikelinnade (Paide, Haapsalu, Rakvere, Viljandi) linnaehitusest ja -kindlustustest uusajal. 18. sajandil rajatud uuest kindluslinnast Paldiskist. Bibliograafia lk. 443-444

  9. Draamateater ja Theatrum Riias festivalil / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Riias algas 25. okt. rahvusvaheline teatrifestival Homo Novus '99,kus Eestit esindavad Eesti Draamateater Priit Pedajase lavastusega "Mao tee kalju peal" ja Theatrum Lembit Petersoni lavastusega "Pelleas ja Melisande"

  10. Baselist Californiasse ja sealt Tallinna / Ivar Sakk

    Sakk, Ivar, 1962-


    Ameerika iseõppinud disaineri David Carsoni, šveitsi tüpograafi Wolfgang Weingarti ja eesti disaineri ja graafiku Villu Järmuti loomingu kõrvutamine. Graafilise disaini areng Euroopas, nn. Baseli koolkond, "uus laine" (New Wave)

  11. Luksus ja läbimõeldus


    Tallinnas Pärnu mnt. 234 asuvast sisustussalongist Home-Lux ja seal pakutavast. Salongi direktor Signe Kalbus on hariduselt sisekujundaja ja tellida saab kodu sisekujundusprojekte. Pikemalt mööbli tellimisest kataloogist, sametisest tapeedist, Designers Guildi lastetubadest, sisustuslisanditest

  12. Aktivismist ja sekkunisest linnaruumi / Lilia del Rio

    Rio, Lilia del


    25.-26. IV Eesti Kunstiakadeemias toimunud 4. Linnauurimuse päevadest "Uurimine ja aktivism". Hanna Harrise, Giacomo Botta, Joanna Saad-Suloneni, Liisa Horelli ja Rasmus Kase ettekannetest konverentsil. Sisaldab bibliograafiat

  13. Eesti noor kunst Helsingis, Riias ja Londonis


    Ester Faimani, Jasper Zoova ja Tarrvi Laamanni ühisnäitus "Splendid!? Young art from Estonia" Helsingis Caisa kultuurikeskuses, kuraator Andres Härm ; Kiwa videokunst Riias Arsenals Museumis ja Londonis Milch Gallery's

  14. Annabel ja Paul / Jüri Ehlvest

    Ehlvest, Jüri, 1967-2006


    Mõtted reaalsest olemisest ja selle kommenteerimisest, ajendatud Eesti Televisioonis Kanada dokumentaalfilmi "Seks. Annabel Chongi lugu" (1999) näitamisest ja sellele järgnenud vestlusringist ning hilisematest kommentaaridest meedias

  15. "Impact 4" Berliinis ja Poznanis / Vappu Thurlow

    Thurlow, Vappu, 1960-


    5.-10. IX Berliinis ja Poznanis toimunud neljandast rahvusvahelisest graafikakonverentsist "Impact" alapealkirjaga "Kontakt". Eestist osalesid Loit Jõekalda, Eve Kask, Karin Laansoo ja Vappu Thurlow. 2007. a. Tallinnas toimuva "Impact 5", alapealkirjaga "Slices of Time/Lõigutud aeg", kontseptsioon

  16. Avaliku ja erasektori organisatsioonikultuurilised erinevused / Jaan Silvet

    Silvet, Jaan


    Autori hinnangul ei esine juhtimise seisukohast lähtuvalt avalikel ja eraorganisatsioonidel põhimõttelisi erinevusi sobiva keskkonna loomisel mõõdukaks riskikäitumiseks ja õppimisvalmiduseks. Skeem

  17. "Spicy ice" ja klaveri talveuniversiteet / Toomas Velmet

    Velmet, Toomas, 1942-


    25. veebruaril Pärnu kontserdimajas toimunud talveunversiteedi galakontserdist, kus esinesid pianistid Liidia Ilves (Eesti), Cäcilia Maria Weber (Austria) ja Nena Kozjek (Sloveenia) ja Pärnu Linnaorkester Leonid Grini dirigeerimisel

  18. Naelakast ja tempel / Märt Kubo

    Kubo, Märt, 1944-


    Solarise keskusest ja Estonia teatist, nende saamisloost võrdlevalt. Autori sõnul on Armas Lindgreni ja Wivi Lönni loodud Estonia justnagu veel ilusamaks saanud. Arvamus Estonia maja laienemise kohta

  19. President nimetas ametisse suursaadikud Maltal ja Hollandis


    President Arnold Rüütel nimetas Andres Tomasbergi Eesti erakorraliseks ja täievoliliseks suursaadikuks Maltal ning Gita Kalmeti Eesti erakorraliseks ja täievoliliseks suursaadikuks Hollandis. Allk.: BNS

  20. Taastuvad energiaallikad ja Euroopa Liit / Jaan Tepp

    Tepp, Jaan, 1966-


    Eesti liitumisel EL-ga ning Kyoto protokolli ratifitseerimise taustal on Riigikogul ja valitsusel vastutus soodustada põlevkivipõhise elektritootmise kõrval ka taastuvaid energiaallikad. Ka seadusloomest taastuvenergeetika arengu seisukohalt. Tabelid ja diagramm

  1. Tallinnas asutati Baltimaade sotsiaal- ja humanitaarteaduste doktorikool


    Oktoobris 2008 allkirjastasid Tallinna Ülikooli, Läti Ülikooli ja Kaunase Vytautas Magnuse Ülikooli rektorid Baltimaade sotsiaal- ja humanitaarteaduste doktorikooli (Baltic Graduate School) asutamislepingu

  2. Lugupeetud kunstnikud, arhitektid ja sõbrad!


    Eesti Kunstnike Liidu ja Eesti Arhitektide Liidu aastavahetuspeo kava 28. XII. Esinevad Raivo Kelomees (EKA ja Tartu Kõrgema Kunstikooli videoprojektid), EKA moeosakond. Nova Moda esitleb: Ruta Depp, Ketlin Bachman, Riina Põldroos, Kati Simpson

  3. Suured ja Vannutatud : Kumu / Sirje Helme

    Helme, Sirje, 1949-


    Vastuseks Raoul Kurvitza artiklile "Kumu : väited ja teesid" samas lehes lk. 11-12. Ajaloo ja kunstiajaloo ümberkirjutamisest, mõistetest "rahvus", "rahvusriik". Rahvuslikust kunstist, rahvuslikust identiteedist, valitud kuraatoritest jm.

  4. Quality control of radioimmunoassay kits of pituitary hormones; Control de calidad de kits de radioinmunoanalisis de hormonas hipofisiarias

    Caso Pena, R [Centro de Isotopos, La Habana (Cuba); Arranz Calzado, C [Instituto Nacional de Endocrinologia, La Habana (Cuba)


    The present work describe the quality control procedures carried out on three RIA-Kits by the Isotopes Centre of Cuba, The subject matter of study were ;: were: LH-RIA-Kit, FSH-RIA-Kit and Prolactin- RIA -Kit. The controls have included the characterization of the {sup 125}I labelled hormones the specific antibodies, the 2 nd antibodies, the standards curves and the control serum. For the validation of these Kits were used reference standards from the WHO (World Health Organizations) and Kits from CIS company (France) based on the IRMA assays technologies . The results obtained allow us encourage the reliability of RIA-Kits

  5. Ilves sõitis Saksamaale ja Hollandisse


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilves sõitis töövisiidile Saksamaale ja Hollandisse. President osaleb Berliinis konverentsil "Kontinentide konkurents - tulevikku kujundavad Saksamaa ja Euroopa" ning kohtub Saksamaa parlamendisaadikutega. Haagis kohtuvad T. H. Ilves ja proua Evelin Ilves Madalmaade kuninganna Beatrix'i, välisminister Maxime Jacques Marcel Verhageni ja Haagi linnapeaga ning külastavad dirigent Neeme Järvi 70. sünnipäeva kontserti

  6. Ohjaamisen ja opettamisen välimaastossa

    Vesalainen, Anne-Maria


    Opinnäytetyössä tarkastellaan ohjaamisen ja opettamisen suhdetta opiskelijaryhmälähtöisessä musiikkiteatterin valmistumisprosessissa. Taidepedagogiikan näkemykset soveltuvat sekä ohjaamiselle että opettamiselle. Keskeistä ovat opiskelijalähtöisyys ja konstruktivistinen oppimiskäsitys Opettaja tai ohjaaja auttaa opiskelijan luovuutta ja oppimista. Opinnäytetyössä tarkastellaan Seurakuntaopiston Artistiluokkien (2010 ja 2011) musiikkiteatteriesitysten Stalkatut elämät (20...

  7. Toimitila-, palo- ja pelastusturvallisuus majoitusyrityksessä

    Pajunen, Touko


    Opinnäytetyö tehtiin erään Etelä-Savossa sijaitsevan hotellin hotellipäällikön toimeksiannosta. Työn tavoitteena oli kerätä tietoperusta toimitila-, palo- ja pelastusturvallisuudesta, ja laatia sen pohjalta turvallisuuskatsaus kyseisessä hotellissa. Turvallisuuskatsauksen tavoitteena oli nostaa esiin mahdollisia toimitila-, palo- ja pelastusturvallisuuteen liittyviä epäkohtia ja ehdottaa niihin ratkaisuja. Turvallisuuskatsaus koostui kahdesta tutkimuksesta. Ensimmäisessä arvioitiin toimit...

  8. Kirjutamisest ja kirjutamise õpetamisest / Anne Uusen

    Uusen, Anne


    Kirjutamise olemusest, kirjutamise motiveerimisest, kirjutamise (õpetamise ja õppimise) eesmärgid ja ülesanded. 1998/2000 õa. jooksul täienduskoolituses ja kaugõppes õppivate algklassiõpetajate hulgas läbi viidud küsitlusest, eesmärgiga uurida, mida õpetajad kirjutamise juures tähtsaks peavad, milliseid kirjutamisülesandeid nad õpilastele annavad ning milline on õpetajate enesehinnang oma koolitusele ja teadmistele kirjutamisest

  9. Paraproletariaat ja vilets Valgre / Sandra Jõgeva

    Jõgeva, Sandra, 1976-


    Eesti Kunstiakadeemia interdistsiplinaarsete kunstide osakonna ning Pärnu filmi- ja videofestivali alternatiivkino "Le Cinema Extraordinaire" (kuraatorid Erik Alalooga ja Ville-Karel Viirelaid) Tallinnas Nongrata Kunstikonteineris kultuuritehases Polymer 1.-22. II. Minna Hindi autoriõhtu (filmid "Kolm pilti elust ja ajast" ning "Sees või väljas") ja Jaan-Jürgen Klausi filmid "Sinitäheke" (peategelane Erkki Hüva) ning "Erakpoeet Marko Kompus"

  10. The zone of comfort: Predicting visual discomfort with stereo displays

    Shibata, Takashi; Kim, Joohwan; Hoffman, David M.; Banks, Martin S.


    Recent increased usage of stereo displays has been accompanied by public concern about potential adverse effects associated with prolonged viewing of stereo imagery. There are numerous potential sources of adverse effects, but we focused on how vergence–accommodation conflicts in stereo displays affect visual discomfort and fatigue. In one experiment, we examined the effect of viewing distance on discomfort and fatigue. We found that conflicts of a given dioptric value were slightly less comfortable at far than at near distance. In a second experiment, we examined the effect of the sign of the vergence–accommodation conflict on discomfort and fatigue. We found that negative conflicts (stereo content behind the screen) are less comfortable at far distances and that positive conflicts (content in front of screen) are less comfortable at near distances. In a third experiment, we measured phoria and the zone of clear single binocular vision, which are clinical measurements commonly associated with correcting refractive error. Those measurements predicted susceptibility to discomfort in the first two experiments. We discuss the relevance of these findings for a wide variety of situations including the viewing of mobile devices, desktop displays, television, and cinema. PMID:21778252

  11. Wind-Sculpted Vicinity After Opportunity's Sol 1797 Drive (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11820 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11820 NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity used its navigation camera to take the images combined into this stereo, full-circle view of the rover's surroundings just after driving 111 meters (364 feet) on the 1,797th Martian day, or sol, of Opportunity's surface mission (Feb. 12, 2009). North is at the center; south at both ends. This view is the right-eye member of a stereo pair presented as a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometric seam correction. Tracks from the drive recede northward across dark-toned sand ripples in the Meridiani Planum region of Mars. Patches of lighter-toned bedrock are visible on the left and right sides of the image. For scale, the distance between the parallel wheel tracks is about 1 meter (about 40 inches). This view is presented as a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometric seam correction.

  12. People counting with stereo cameras : two template-based solutions

    Englebienne, Gwenn; van Oosterhout, Tim; Kröse, B.J.A.


    People counting is a challenging task with many applications. We propose a method with a fixed stereo camera that is based on projecting a template onto the depth image. The method was tested on a challenging outdoor dataset with good results and runs in real time.

  13. [EEG technician-nurse collaboration during stereo-electroencephalography].

    Jomard, Caroline; Benghezal, Mouna; Cheramy, Isabelle; De Beaumont, Ségolène


    Drug-resistant epilepsy has significant repercussions on the daily life of children. Surgery may represent a hope. The nurse and the electroencephalogram technician carry out important teamwork during pre-surgical assessment tests and notably the stereo-electroencephalography. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  14. VPython: Python plus Animations in Stereo 3D

    Sherwood, Bruce


    Python is a modern object-oriented programming language. VPython ( is a combination of Python (, the Numeric module from LLNL (, and the Visual module created by David Scherer, all of which have been under continuous development as open source projects. VPython makes it easy to write programs that generate real-time, navigable 3D animations. The Visual module includes a set of 3D objects (sphere, cylinder, arrow, etc.), tools for creating other shapes, and support for vector algebra. The 3D renderer runs in a parallel thread, and animations are produced as a side effect of computations, freeing the programmer to concentrate on the physics. Applications include educational and research visualization. In the Fall of 2003 Hugh Fisher at the Australian National University, John Zelle at Wartburg College, and I contributed to a new stereo capability of VPython. By adding a single statement to an existing VPython program, animations can be viewed in true stereo 3D. One can choose several modes: active shutter glasses, passive polarized glasses, or colored glasses (e.g. red-cyan). The talk will demonstrate the new stereo capability and discuss the pros and cons of various schemes for display of stereo 3D for a large audience. Supported in part by NSF grant DUE-0237132.

  15. A comparative study of fast dense stereo vision algorithms

    Sunyoto, H.; Mark, W. van der; Gavrila, D.M.


    With recent hardware advances, real-time dense stereo vision becomes increasingly feasible for general-purpose processors. This has important benefits for the intelligent vehicles domain, alleviating object segmentation problems when sensing complex, cluttered traffic scenes. In this paper, we

  16. A Stereo Music Preprocessing Scheme for Cochlear Implant Users.

    Buyens, Wim; van Dijk, Bas; Wouters, Jan; Moonen, Marc


    Listening to music is still one of the more challenging aspects of using a cochlear implant (CI) for most users. Simple musical structures, a clear rhythm/beat, and lyrics that are easy to follow are among the top factors contributing to music appreciation for CI users. Modifying the audio mix of complex music potentially improves music enjoyment in CI users. A stereo music preprocessing scheme is described in which vocals, drums, and bass are emphasized based on the representation of the harmonic and the percussive components in the input spectrogram, combined with the spatial allocation of instruments in typical stereo recordings. The scheme is assessed with postlingually deafened CI subjects (N = 7) using pop/rock music excerpts with different complexity levels. The scheme is capable of modifying relative instrument level settings, with the aim of improving music appreciation in CI users, and allows individual preference adjustments. The assessment with CI subjects confirms the preference for more emphasis on vocals, drums, and bass as offered by the preprocessing scheme, especially for songs with higher complexity. The stereo music preprocessing scheme has the potential to improve music enjoyment in CI users by modifying the audio mix in widespread (stereo) music recordings. Since music enjoyment in CI users is generally poor, this scheme can assist the music listening experience of CI users as a training or rehabilitation tool.

  17. Characterising atmospheric optical turbulence using stereo-SCIDAR

    Osborn, James; Butterley, Tim; Föhring, Dora; Wilson, Richard


    Stereo-SCIDAR (SCIntillation Detection and Ranging) is a development to the well known SCIDAR method for characterisation of the Earth's atmospheric optical turbulence. Here we present some interesting capabilities, comparisons and results from a recent campaign on the 2.5 m Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma.

  18. Solving the uncalibrated photometric stereo problem using total variation

    Quéau, Yvain; Lauze, Francois Bernard; Durou, Jean-Denis


    In this paper we propose a new method to solve the problem of uncalibrated photometric stereo, making very weak assumptions on the properties of the scene to be reconstructed. Our goal is to solve the generalized bas-relief ambiguity (GBR) by performing a total variation regularization of both...

  19. Utility of Digital Stereo Images for Optic Disc Evaluation

    Ying, Gui-shuang; Pearson, Denise J.; Bansal, Mayank; Puri, Manika; Miller, Eydie; Alexander, Judith; Piltz-Seymour, Jody; Nyberg, William; Maguire, Maureen G.; Eledath, Jayan; Sawhney, Harpreet


    Purpose. To assess the suitability of digital stereo images for optic disc evaluations in glaucoma. Methods. Stereo color optic disc images in both digital and 35-mm slide film formats were acquired contemporaneously from 29 subjects with various cup-to-disc ratios (range, 0.26–0.76; median, 0.475). Using a grading scale designed to assess image quality, the ease of visualizing optic disc features important for glaucoma diagnosis, and the comparative diameters of the optic disc cup, experienced observers separately compared the primary digital stereo images to each subject's 35-mm slides, to scanned images of the same 35-mm slides, and to grayscale conversions of the digital images. Statistical analysis accounted for multiple gradings and comparisons and also assessed image formats under monoscopic viewing. Results. Overall, the quality of primary digital color images was judged superior to that of 35-mm slides (P digital color images were mostly equivalent to the scanned digitized images of the same slides. Color seemingly added little to grayscale optic disc images, except that peripapillary atrophy was best seen in color (P digital over film images was maintained under monoscopic viewing conditions. Conclusions. Digital stereo optic disc images are useful for evaluating the optic disc in glaucoma and allow the application of advanced image processing applications. Grayscale images, by providing luminance distinct from color, may be informative for assessing certain features. PMID:20505199

  20. Prism-based single-camera system for stereo display

    Zhao, Yue; Cui, Xiaoyu; Wang, Zhiguo; Chen, Hongsheng; Fan, Heyu; Wu, Teresa


    This paper combines the prism and single camera and puts forward a method of stereo imaging with low cost. First of all, according to the principle of geometrical optics, we can deduce the relationship between the prism single-camera system and dual-camera system, and according to the principle of binocular vision we can deduce the relationship between binoculars and dual camera. Thus we can establish the relationship between the prism single-camera system and binoculars and get the positional relation of prism, camera, and object with the best effect of stereo display. Finally, using the active shutter stereo glasses of NVIDIA Company, we can realize the three-dimensional (3-D) display of the object. The experimental results show that the proposed approach can make use of the prism single-camera system to simulate the various observation manners of eyes. The stereo imaging system, which is designed by the method proposed by this paper, can restore the 3-D shape of the object being photographed factually.

  1. Review of literature on hearing damage by personal stereo

    Hammershøi, Dorte; Ordoñez, Rodrigo Pizarro


    In the 1980s and 1990s there was a general concern for the high levels that personal stereo systems were capable of producing. At that time no standardized method for the determination of exposure levels existed, which could have contributed to overly conservative conclusions. With the publicatio...

  2. Võigas ja seletamatu tsirkus : kaasaja ja alateadvuse pained "Agent Sinikaelas" / Sven Vabar

    Vabar, Sven


    Mängufilm "Agent Sinikael" : stsenaristid Marko Raat ja Andres Maimik : režissöör Marko Raat : operaator Arko Okk : helilooja Janek Murd : kunstnikud Margus Tammik ja Jaana Jüris : nimiosas Mait Malmsten : produtsendid Peeter Urbla ja Veiko Õunapuu : Exitfilm ja Suhkur Film, 2002

  3. Jackson, sportauto ja kinbaku / Kadri Karro

    Karro, Kadri


    Mari-Liis Laanemaa video- ja fotonäitus "Meel ja Michael Jackson" Tallinna Linnagaleriis 26. juunini. Fotograaf Herkki-Erich Merila näitus "Kinbaku" Haus galeriis 15. juulini. Austria kunstniku Klaus Waggeri rallimaalide ja Urmas Teearu kogusse kuuluvate mootorrataste näitus "Unforgettable Moments" Tam galeriis juuni lõpuni 2011

  4. Pornograafia, kunst ja tsensuur / Katrina Sirelpuu

    Sirelpuu, Katrina


    Lõputöös uuritakse seksikultuuri, selle erinevaid tahke ja vorme ajaloos, samuti kust läheb erinevate kogukondade teadvuse piir pornograafia ja kunstina tõlgendatava vahel. Praktiline osa koosneb viiest suureformaadilisest moefotost, millel poseerivad erineva seksuaalse energia ja hoiakuga modellid

  5. "Kalevipoeg" ja "Kalevala" / Märt Laarman

    Laarman, Märt, 1896-1979


    Varem ilmunud: Tallinn : Kool, 1922. Autori pseudonüüm M. Salak. . Sisu: "Kalevipoja" saamislugu; "Kalevipoeg" ja "Kalevala"; Vead "Kalevipoja" värsitehnikas ja keeles; Eesti ained "Kalevalas"; "Kalevala" mõju "Kalevipojale"; Kalevipoja algupära; "Kalevipoja" kompositsioon ja tegelased; Kaunid kohad "Kalevipojas"; Kokkuvõte.

  6. Eesti sumokamp ja esijudoka videolindil / Tarmo Teder

    Teder, Tarmo, 1958-


    Dokumentaalfilmid maadlejatest : "Legend päikesest" : stsenarist, režissöör, toimetaja ja produtsent Aare Tilk : Eesti Telefilm 1999 ja "Tempo di valse" : käsikiri Hans Roosipuu ja Peeter Simm : režissöör Peeter Simm : Faama Film 1999

  7. Bosnia ja Kosovo riigiloomise õppetunnid / Karin Maandi

    Maandi, Karin


    OSCE missiooni koosseisus Kosovos ning Bosnias ja Hertsegoviinas viibinud Karin Maandi kirjeldab aspekte, mis on olnud olulised stabiilsuse tagamisel Balkanil ja Afganistanis. Autori sõnul ei võta välismaailm konflikti sekkudes tihti arvesse, et konfliktist on puudutatud paljud valdkonnad ja et pakutud lahendused peavad sobima kohalikesse oludesse. Lisa: Õppetunnid

  8. Valik laste- ja noortefilme festivalilt "Just Film"


    10. Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivali laste- ja noortefilmi festivali Just Film filme : Prantsuse-Saksa "Zaina, Atlase mägede ratsanik " (režii Bourlem Guerdjou), Ungari "Noored, rumalad ja armastust täis" (Gergely Fonyo), Hispaania "Seitse neitsit" (Alberto Rodriguez), Lõuna-Korea "Taifuun ja päike" (Jeong Jae-eun)

  9. Palgad ja maksud Euroopa Liidus / Lembo Tanning

    Tanning, Lembo


    Ilmunud ka: Buhgalterskije Novosti nr. 5, lk. 49-53. Järg Raamatupidamisuudised nr. 6 lk. 45-49. EL-i riikide bruto- ja netopalkade, maksude ning peretoetuste analüüs. Võimalikest muutustest Eesti palkades ja maksudes peale EL-iga liitumist. Tabelid ja diagrammid

  10. Tagasivaade elule ja ajale / Ene Liivik

    Liivik, Ene, 1933-


    Artikkel põhineb kahel käsikirjal "Tagasi waade möödunud elule ja ajale. Utškuju-Tarhani küla aja lugu. 50ne aastane juubel" ja "Lahtised lehed", mille autoriks on Helmi Koolmann. Käsikirjas meenutavad Helmi ja tema abikaasa Rein Koolmann Krimmis elatud aastaid

  11. Sugupooltest ja valitsemisest laienevas Euroopas / Anu Laas

    Laas, Anu


    Euroopa Liidu projektist "EL laienemine, sotsiaalne sugu ja valitsemine" (EGG), mille peamiseks eesmärgiks on analüüsida, millises ulatuses esindusinstitutsioonid ja organisatsioonid (parteid, erakonnad, ametiühingud ja teised valitsusvälised organisatsioonid) võimaldavad naiste osavõttu ning esindatust otsuste tegemisel EL-iga ühinevates riikides. Lisa lk. 46

  12. Nirvaana, susla ja internet / Tarmo Teder

    Teder, Tarmo, 1958-


    Kolm stuudio Nukufilm uut nukufilmi : "Saamueli Internet" : Stsenarist Andrus Kivirähk : režissöör ja kunstnik Riho Unt; "Teekond Nirvaanasse" : Stsenarist, režissöör ja kunstnik Mait Laas; "Eilne vedur" : režissöörid Mikk Rand ja Kalju Kivi

  13. Muuseum sihtasutuseks : poolt ja vastu / Reet Varblane

    Varblane, Reet, 1952-


    Loodavast sihtasutusest Virumaa Muuseum, kuhu kuuluvad Palmse mõis, Rakvere muuseum, linnus, linnakodaniku muuseum, Richard Sagritsa talumuusem Karepal, Altja kõrts ja võrgukuurid ning ilmselt hakkavad kuuluma Käsmu muuseum ja Annikvere koolimaja. Kunstiteadlase M. Raisma, Sagritsa talumuuseumi töötaja A. Kiisi ja Vabaõhumuuseumi direktori M. Langi arvamus

  14. NYYD Ensemble ja Riho Sibul / Anneli Remme

    Remme, Anneli, 1968-


    Gavin Bryarsi teos "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet" NYYD Ensemble'i ja Riho Sibula esituses 27. detsembril Pauluse kirikus Tartus ja 28. detsembril Rootsi- Mihkli kirikus Tallinnas. Kaastegevad Tartu Ülikooli Kammerkoor (Tartus) ja kammerkoor Voces Musicales (Tallinnas). Kunstiline juht Olari Elts

  15. Poliitikauuringud ja õiguspoliitika kujundamine Eestis / Peep Pruks

    Pruks, Peep, 1963-


    Poliitikauuringutest lääneriikides (USA-s) ning Ida- ja Kesk-Euroopa üleminekuühiskondades. Mõttekeskustest (think tank), Eesti poliitikauuringute keskusest PRAXIS ning projektidest "Avaliku sektori ja kolmanda sektori õigusloome alane koostöö" ja "Eesti kriminaalmenetluse optimeerimine"

  16. Uni, internet ja alkohol / Merike Sisask

    Sisask, Merike, 1968-


    2009. aastal Tallinna üldhariduskoolide 8. ja 9. klasside õpilaste hulgas läbiviidud uuringust, mis sisaldas küsimusi noorte tervise- ja riskikäitumise ning sellega seotud hoiakute ja väärtushinnangute kohta

  17. Meelelahutuslik pantvangidraama ja muud jamad / Merit Kask

    Kask, Merit


    Eesti, Läti ja Sloveenia koostööfilm "Koer, lennuk ja laulupidu" ("Kilnieks/The Hostage") : režissöör Laila Pakalnina : operaator ja üks produtsentidest Arko Okk : Eesti-poolne tootja Acuba Film. Tallinna kobarkinos alates 15. septembrist

  18. Globaliseeruv kuritegevus ja terror / Ando Leps

    Leps, Ando, 1935-


    29. märtsil moodustati Riias ülemaailmsel kuritegevuse- ja terrorismivastasel foorumil Läänemerega piirnevate riikide Kuritegevuse- ja Terrorismivastane Foorum. Võeti vastu põhikiri, nimetati ametisse juhatus ja büroo direktor. Foorumi üheks kaasesimeheks valiti Ando Leps. Autor: Keskerakond. Parlamendisaadik

  19. Ooperimaailmast siit ja sealt / Tiiu Levald

    Levald, Tiiu, 1940-


    Lavastustest „Reekviem… ja elu enne” ja „Jevgeni Onegin” (Brigitta festival), „Lendav Hollandlane” (RO Estonia), „Tsaari mõrsja” ja „Kahe pealinna duett” (Helikon-Ooper Estonias) ning „Madama Butterfly” (Läti RO)

  20. Kierkegaard, religioon ja eksistentsialism / Haljand Udam

    Udam, Haljand, 1936-2005


    Taani filosoofist ja teoloogist Soren Kierkegaardist (1818-1855) ja tema raamatust "Kartus ja värin". Raamatu eesti keelde tõlkija artikkel. Ilmunud ka kogumikus: Udam, Haljand. Maagid, filosoofid, poliitikud. Tallinn : Perioodika, 2002, lk. 39-44. (Loomingu Raamatukogu)

  1. Tagasi looduse ja inimese juurde / Tiina Abel

    Abel, Tiina, 1951-


    Kunstipoliitika ja ametlik kunst. Heroiline alastuse motiiv. 1937. aasta Pariisi maailmanäitus. Väitlused kunsti rahvuslikkuse ja eesti stiili üle. Kunstikool ja kunstiühing Pallas. Prantsuse orientatsiooni süvenemine. Kaks Prantsuse kunstikultuuri manifestatsiooni

  2. Liberaalne impeerium ja Eesti / Mart Laar

    Laar, Mart, 1960-


    Venemaa imperialistlikest hoiakutest ja majanduse kasutamisest poliitilise relvana. Vene äriringkondadele tehtud järeleandmistest Eestis ja murest Eesti ühiskonnas alanud tasalülitamisprotsessi üle, mille märkideks on avalik-õigusliku ringhäälingu politiseerimine ning Keskerakonna ja selle rahastajate alanud sissetung meediaturule

  3. Arutlus autorist ja ruumist / Meelis Oidsalu

    Oidsalu, Meelis, 1978-


    Dokumentaalfilmi sarjas "Eesti lood" linastunud filmidest: "Beebilõust" - Saaremaa poeedist ja hiphop-muusikust Andrus Elbingust, režissöör ja stsenarist Margit Lillak ning "Pastacas" - Soomes elavast Eesti kunstnikust ja muusikust Ramo Tedrest, režissöör Rein Kotov

  4. Naistearstide ja neuroloogide kokkusaamine pakkus osapooltele suurt huvi / Marika Gordon

    Gordon, Marika


    Eesti Naistearstide Seltsi ja L. Puusepa nimelise Eesti Neuroloogide ja Neurokirurgide Seltsi ühiskoosolekul kõneldi naiste ja meeste neurobioloogilistest iseärasustest, seksuaaleluhäiretest, rasedusaegsetest peavaludest, epilepsia ravist naistel ja sünnitusabist

  5. Paris, Texas. Saksamaal ja sinu peas / Kairi Prints

    Prints, Kairi


    6.- 12. oktoobrini Tallinnas ja Tartus toimuval filmifestivalil "Uus Saksa Kino" saab vaadata Wim Wendersi muusikadokumentaale. "Film ja filosoofia" rubriigis koha- ja rahvusespetsiifika eksistentsist tänapäeva filmikunstis ja W. Wendersi filmist "Paris, Texas" (USA 1984)

  6. Naised, memoria ja sakraalruum hiliskeskaegsel Liivimaal / Anu Mänd

    Mänd, Anu, 1968-


    Gildiõdedest ja nende mälestamisest. Vikaariate rajamisest. Tallinlannade testamentidest ja testaatorite sotsiaalsest taustast. Sakraalruumi kujundavatest annetustest naiste testamentides. Abielupaaride ja naiste annetatud armulauanõudest. Gertrud Wrangeli memoriaalkompleksist. Matusepaikadest ja hauakividest

  7. Kunst ja rahulolematus : Teooria aastatuhande vahetusel / Thomas McEvilley

    McEvilley, Thomas, 1939-


    Kunstikriitika rollist ja selle muutumisest 1960-1970. aastatel, kunstiteoreetikute ja -kriitikute suhtumisest formalismi ja selle esindajate loomingusse, formalismi doktriini põhjustest ja järelmõjudest

  8. Sulam Eesti ja Inglise vaimulikust muusikast / Kersti Inno

    Inno, Kersti, 1954-


    Eesti Filharmoonia Kammerkoori ja inglise organisti ning helilooja Christopher Bowers-Broadbenti kontserdist 9. veebr. Haapsalu Toomkirikus ja 10. veebr. Tallinna Niguliste kirikus (ettekandel C. Bowers-Broadbenti sekvents orelile ja koorile "7Words" ja Cyrillus Kreegi "Reekviem" uues seades)

  9. The Fluid Dynamics Demo Kit: Part I

    Flack, Karen; Underhill, Patrick; Prestridge, Kathy


    The goal of this project is to develop a fluid dynamics demonstration/experiment kit that can be used by professors and graduate students at high school outreach events. The demonstrations in the kit will be easy to use and true crowd pleasers in order to inspire understanding and pique curiosity about the physics of flow. The kits will be inexpensive, containing readily available materials so that teachers can duplicate the demonstrations and experiments. The kits will be left with the teachers as a gift from the American Physics Society. The experiments and demonstrations cover the concepts of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy, Bernoulli's equation, frictional losses and the ideal gas law. For each experiment, the teachers will receive presentation material, access to instructional videos, plus a worksheet that can be used in a high school physics classroom. This kit has been developed through the efforts of the APS-DFD Mentoring and Outreach Committee and has received funding from the APS-DFD. Work funded by the APS-DFD.

  10. Yritys X:n Kokous- ja juhlapalvelujen myyntitoimintojen ja markkinoinnin kehittäminen

    Laivamaa, Minna; Rantala, Mari


    Yritys X:n Kokous- ja juhlapalvelut kuuluu pääkaupunkiseudulla toimivan yrityksen catering – palvelujen yksikköön. Kokous- ja juhlapalvelut myy pääsääntöisesti juhla- ja kokoustarjoiluja asiakkaiden omiin tiloihin, Kokous- ja juhlapalvelujen kautta vuokrattaviin tiloihin ja muihin ulkopuolisiin tiloihin. Asiakkaina ovat kaupungin eri virastot ja laitokset sekä niiden vieraat, ja yksityisen sektorin asiakkaina yritykset, yhteisöt sekä yksityishenkilöt. Toiminta on tällä hetkellä aktiivista,...

  11. Interactive stereo electron microscopy enhanced with virtual reality

    Bethel, E.Wes; Bastacky, S.Jacob; Schwartz, Kenneth S.


    An analytical system is presented that is used to take measurements of objects perceived in stereo image pairs obtained from a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Our system operates by presenting a single stereo view that contains stereo image data obtained from the SEM, along with geometric representations of two types of virtual measurement instruments, a ''protractor'' and a ''caliper''. The measurements obtained from this system are an integral part of a medical study evaluating surfactant, a liquid coating the inner surface of the lung which makes possible the process of breathing. Measurements of the curvature and contact angle of submicron diameter droplets of a fluorocarbon deposited on the surface of airways are performed in order to determine surface tension of the air/liquid interface. This approach has been extended to a microscopic level from the techniques of traditional surface science by measuring submicrometer rather than millimeter diameter droplets, as well as the lengths and curvature of cilia responsible for movement of the surfactant, the airway's protective liquid blanket. An earlier implementation of this approach for taking angle measurements from objects perceived in stereo image pairs using a virtual protractor is extended in this paper to include distance measurements and to use a unified view model. The system is built around a unified view model that is derived from microscope-specific parameters, such as focal length, visible area and magnification. The unified view model ensures that the underlying view models and resultant binocular parallax cues are consistent between synthetic and acquired imagery. When the view models are consistent, it is possible to take measurements of features that are not constrained to lie within the projection plane. The system is first calibrated using non-clinical data of known size and resolution. Using the SEM, stereo image pairs of grids and spheres of known resolution are created to calibrate the

  12. Monimuoto-opiskelijoiden ajanhallinta ja jaksaminen : kokemuksia perheen, työn ja opiskelun yhteensovittamisesta

    Ranne, Satu-Maaret; Salminen, Piia


    Ranne Satu-Maaret ja Salminen Piia. Monimuoto-opiskelijoiden ajanhallinta ja jaksaminen - kuinka sovittaa yhteen perhe, työ ja opiskelu. Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulun monimuoto-opiskelijoiden kokemuksia ajanhallinnasta ja jaksamisesta. Pori, kevät 2011, 34 s. Diakonia-ammattikorkeakoulu, Diak Länsi, Pori. Hoitotyön koulutusohjelma. Sairaanhoitaja (AMK). Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli tutkia ammattikorkeakoulussa monimuotoisesti opiskelevien opiskelijoiden ajanhallintaa ja jaksamista: ...

  13. 27. ja 28. IX toimus Narvas VII Eesti muuseumide näituste festival ja seminar


    I koha pälvis ERMi ja Adamson-Ericu muuseumi koostööprojekt "Viinapuuväät. Maasikakiri II" (kontseptsiooni ja haridusprogrammi autorid Vaike Reemann, Ülle Kruus, Kersti Koll ja Kai Tuvik, kujundaja Denes Farkas, monteerija Vahur Puik), II - Tartu Kunstimuuseumi näitus "Muuseum muuseumis" (kontseptsiooni autorid ja teostajad Ahti Seppet, Hannes Varblane), III - Viljandi muuseumi näitus "Rõõmud lumel ja jääl" (idee autor Herki Helves)

  14. Shuttle Kit Freezer Refrigeration Unit Conceptual Design

    Copeland, R. J.


    The refrigerated food/medical sample storage compartment as a kit to the space shuttle orbiter is examined. To maintain the -10 F in the freezer kit, an active refrigeration unit is required, and an air cooled Stirling Cycle refrigerator was selected. The freezer kit contains two subsystems, the refrigeration unit, and the storage volume. The freezer must provide two basic capabilities in one unit. One requirement is to store 215 lbs of food which is consumed in a 30-day period by 7 people. The other requirement is to store 128.3 lbs of medical samples consisting of both urine and feces. The unit can be mounted on the lower deck of the shuttle cabin, and will occupy four standard payload module compartments on the forward bulkhead. The freezer contains four storage compartments.

  15. FutisFun - Liikuntatapahtuman suunnittelu ja toteutus

    Rasmus, Rebecca; Järvelä, Jenny


    Tämä opinnäytetyö toteutettiin kahden opiskelijan yhteistyönä. Toinen tekijöistä opiskelee ammattikorkeakoulu Arcadassa ja toinen Haaga-Helian ammattikorkeakoulussa. Työstä on tehty Arcadan vaatimusten mukaisesti myös ruotsinkielinen pidempi tiivistelmä, joka on työn lopussa liitteenä. Opinnäytetyössä perehdytään tapahtuman järjestämiseen ja markkinointiin sekä lasten ja nuorten motivointiin, ja työssä suunnitellaan ja toteutetaan jalkapallotapahtuma 5-12 – vuotiaille tytöille. Opinnäyte...

  16. Nuoruudessa koetun seksuaalisen kaltoinkohtelun muodot ja ilmitulo

    Kangas, Ilona; Tolonen, Emmi


    Nuorten kokema seksuaalinen häirintä ja väkivalta on vaiettu, mutta valitettavan yleinen ongelma. Kotimaista tutkimusta nuorten kokemasta seksuaalisesta kaltoinkohtelusta on tehty vähän. Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli selvittää nuoruudessa koetun seksuaalisen kaltoinkohtelun muotoja ja ilmituloa kirjallisuuden ja Väestöliiton internetissä keräämän kyselyaineiston avulla. Työ on osa Terveys- ja hoitoalan klusterin projektia Nuorten seksuaaliterveyden edistämisen toteutuminen koulu- ja opiskel...

  17. Pelillisyys ja uudet teknologiat musiikin oppimisessa


    Tämä julkaisu on osa PLAY Pelillisyys, asiantuntijuus ja yrittäjyys musiikissa -hanketta, jonka päätoteuttaja oli Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulu ja osato¬teuttaja Jyväskylän ammattiopisto. Hanketta rahoitti Euroopan sosiaalirahasto (ESR) Keski-Suomen Elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskuksen (ELY) kautta. PLAY-hankkeen päätavoitteena oli nostaa Suomalaisen musiikkikampuk¬sen henkilöstön musiikkikasvatusteknologiaan liittyvä pedagoginen osaaminen ja asiantuntijuus kansallisesti ja kansainväli...

  18. Big data -teknologian perusteet ja mahdollisuudet

    Juurinen, Susanna


    Työn tarkoituksena oli tutkia tiedonhallintaa ja big data -ratkaisujen käytännön toteutusta, mahdollisuuksia, haasteita ja hyötyjä. Työssä kuvataan tiedon määrän kehitystä, keräysprosesseja ja -menetelmiä sekä pohditaan tiedonhallinnan vaatimuksia ja tietoturvallisuutta. Työn tarkoitus oli selvittää tiedonhallinnan ja analytiikan uusimman trendin, big datan, vaikutusmahdollisuuksia organisaatioiden toimintaan. Tiedon analytiikkaa voidaan valjastaa liiketoiminnan tai muiden toimialueiden t...

  19. Maailmade loomine ja rahvuspaviljonid Veneetsias / Kati Ilves

    Ilves, Kati, 1984-


    53. Veneetsia biennaal "Making Worlds / Fare Mondi / Maailmu luues" 7. VI-22. XI, kuraator Daniel Birnbaum. Hiina kunstniku Chu Yuni tööst "Constellation / Tähtkuju" kuraatorinäitusel. Lühidalt USA (Bruce Nauman) ja Hispaania (Miquel Barcelo) paviljonidest, pikemalt Taani ja Põhjamaade (kunstnike-kuraatorite Michael Elmgreeni ja Ingar Dragseti projekt "The Collectors / Kogujad"), Prantsuse (Claude Lévèque'i "Le Grand Soir / Suur öö", kuraator Christian Bernard) ja Egiptuse (Adel El Siwi ja Ahmad Askalany "Leggermente monumentale / Kergelt monumentaalne") paviljonidest

  20. Liikelahjat mikro- ja pk-yrityksissä

    Danhammer, Joni


    Liikelahjat ovat osa yrityksen menekinedistämistä ja kuuluvat tiiviisti yrityksen markkinointiviestintään. Kuitenkin yleinen talouden kiristynyt tilanne ja vuoden 2014 alussa voimaan astunut verouudistus liikelahjojen verovähennyksissä ovat asioita, jotka vaikuttavat liikelahjojen menekkiin ja niiden antamistapojen muuttumiseen mikro- ja pk-yrityksissä. Näin ollen yrityksillä tulisi tässä tilanteessa olla selkeä käsitys siitä, millaisia liikelahjoja yritys haluaa nykyisin henkilökunnalleen ja...

  1. Tuotesijoittelu elokuvissa ja tv-sarjoissa

    Kujala, Toni


    Tämä opinnäytetyö käsittelee tuotesijoittelua ja miten se ilmenee elokuvissa ja tv-sarjoissa. Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli selvittää mitä tuotesijoittelu on, miten se vaikuttaa katsojiin ja miten sitä voi hyödyntää eri toimijoiden markkinointiviestinnässä. Tuotesijoittelun vaikutuksia katsojiin on selvitetty kvalitatiivisella menetelmällä haastattelemalla viittä ihmistä ja tutkimalla tuotesijoittelusta käytyä keskustelua eri keskustelupalstoilla ja sosiaalisessa mediassa. Haastattelussa ol...

  2. Joint depth map and color consistency estimation for stereo images with different illuminations and cameras.

    Heo, Yong Seok; Lee, Kyoung Mu; Lee, Sang Uk


    Abstract—In this paper, we propose a method that infers both accurate depth maps and color-consistent stereo images for radiometrically varying stereo images. In general, stereo matching and performing color consistency between stereo images are a chicken-and-egg problem since it is not a trivial task to simultaneously achieve both goals. Hence, we have developed an iterative framework in which these two processes can boost each other. First, we transform the input color images to log-chromaticity color space, from which a linear relationship can be established during constructing a joint pdf of transformed left and right color images. From this joint pdf, we can estimate a linear function that relates the corresponding pixels in stereo images. Based on this linear property, we present a new stereo matching cost by combining Mutual Information (MI), SIFT descriptor, and segment-based plane-fitting to robustly find correspondence for stereo image pairs which undergo radiometric variations. Meanwhile, we devise a Stereo Color Histogram Equalization (SCHE) method to produce color-consistent stereo image pairs, which conversely boost the disparity map estimation. Experimental results show that our method produces both accurate depth maps and color-consistent stereo images, even for stereo images with severe radiometric differences.

  3. Kuidas Udmurdi ja Mordva vabariik lipud said / Jaak Prozes

    Prozes, Jaak, 1965-


    Kunstnikud Juri Lobanov ja Andrei Aljoshkin räägivad Udmurdi vabariigi ja Mordva vabariigi lipu ja vapi saamisloo. Udmurdi ja Mordva lipu värvide tähendusest. Udmurtia, Mordva, Komi ja Marimaa esimene kaasaegse kunsti näitus "Põhi ja kirre : kontinentaalne alateadvus" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis 14. märts-18. mai 2008

  4. Tagasivaateid ja välissuhteid / Johannes Pedak

    Pedak, Johannes, 1908-2003


    Akadeemilistest perekondadest ja suguvõsadest korporatsioonis, ülikooli lõpetamise ja doktorikraadi kaitsmisega seotud kommetest, suhetest vähemusrahvuste- ja naaberriikide üliõpilasorganisatsioonidega ja üliõpilasvahetusest Soome, Saksamaa, Inglismaa ja Ungariga. Soome ja eesti üliõpilasorganisatsioonide võrdlus

  5. “Tuhansien laulujen maa” : maisema ja identiteetti 1980- ja 1990-lukujen suomenkielisessä rocklyriikassa

    Susanna Laamanen


    Full Text Available Artikkelissa tutkitaan suomalaisen maiseman ja identiteetin kuvauksia suomenkielisessä rocklyriikassa vuosina 1980–1999. Aineisto muodostuu kahdestakymmenestä laulusta yhdeltätoista eri artistilta ja yhtyeeltä. Tutkimusmetodina käytetään temaattista sisällönanalyysiä. Kappaleiden ja niiden lyriikoiden tutkimus tuo lisätietoa Suomi-kuvan tutkimukseen ja nostaa esiin suomalaisen rockmusiikin äänen, joka on mukana ihmisten arjessa. Suomalainen rockmusiikki on osa suomalaista populaarikulttuuria ja kulttuurihistoriaa. Sillä on kyky uusintaa ja representoida Suomea ja suomalaisuutta. Aineiston kappaleiden maisema muodostuu pääkaupungin, pikkukaupunkien, luonnon ja maaseudun ympäristöistä. Kappaleissa ollaan välitilassa, yksikään ympäristö ei nouse johtavaksi teemaksi. Lyriikoissa uusinnetaan topeliaanista suomalaisuutta niin kestävyyden, sitkeyden, vapaudenhalun kuin kohtaloon alistumisen muodossa sekä suomalaisen kirjallisuuden ja iskelmän luontokuvauksen perinnettä. Sanoituksissa kommentoidaan agraarin ja urbaanin lähekkäin oloa, suomalaisen elämänmuodon ja identiteetin murrosta sekä 1990-luvun lamaa. Sanoitusten maisema ja identiteetti kietoutuvat subjektin tunteisiin ja tarinaan, universaaleihin aiheisiin rakkaudesta ja omasta eksistenssistä. Ne paljastavat, toisin kuin matkailumarkkinointi, Suomen ja suomalaisuuden säröt positiivisten asioiden ohella.

  6. Mac OS X ja tietoturva

    Herranen, Joni


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tavoitteena on luoda kattava kokonaiskuva Mac OS X -käyttöjärjestelmän sisäänrakennetuista tietoturvaratkaisuista ja selvittää miten tietoturvaratkaisut toteuttavat tietoturvan kolmea perustavoitetta eli luottamuksellisuutta, eheyttä ja saatavuutta. Työn kohderyhmäksi on valittu edistyneemmät tietokoneenkäyttäjät, joilla ei ole aikaisempaa Mac-kokemusta. Teoriaosuudessa syvennytään aluksi Apple-yhtiöön sekä Mac OS X -järjestelmän teknisiin ominaisuuksiin. Osuuden pääta...

  7. Tool Kit Helps Digitize Tide Gauge Records

    Ullmann, Albin; Pons, Frédéric; Moron, Vincent


    The Numérisation des Niveaux d'Eau (NUNIEAU) is an integrated and automated MATLAB computer program tool kit for digitizing, transforming, and validating paper records of sea level variations, called marigrams (Figure 1a), that can cut in half the time required to digitize paper records. This tool kit developed in 2004 by F. Pons is currently obtainable by request from the developer, but will be available online on the IMPLIT (Impact des événements extremes sur les hydro-systèmes du litoral méditerranéen français) Web site in early 2006.

  8. Huntington ja kartulikoored / Ahto Lobjakas

    Lobjakas, Ahto, 1970-


    Autor nendib, et poliitilistest mõttestampidest ja illusioonidest vabanemine nõuaks Eesti enesekaemuses kohati üsna drastilisi kontseptuaalseid inversioone. Neli olulisemat inversiooni: Lääne-Euroopa poolt vaadatuna on Eesti osa endisest Nõukogude Liidust, Eesti on riik rahvuse teenistuses, Eesti vene kogukonnas toimub omalaadne "kontra-etnogenees", vene kogukonna liidrid on asunud ära kasutama Euroopa Liidu poolt avatud võimalusi

  9. Aloittavan yrityksen talous ja rahoitus

    Ikonen, Joona


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli tutkia alle kolme vuotta toimineiden yrittäjien palveluiden tarpeita. Hanke toteutettiin Etelä–Pohjanmaan Uusyrityskeskus Neu-voa–Antava ry:lle. Tutkimus suoritettiin yrityksille, jotka on perustettu aikavälillä 2011 – 2014. Uusyrityskeskus Neuvoa–Antava toteutti JATKE-hankkeen Euroopan Sosiaalira-haston osittain rahoittamana. Yrityksen perustamisvaiheessa lukuisat eri tahot tarjoavat neuvonta- ja opastuspalveluja yrityksen perustamiseen liittyen. Toimi...

  10. Liiketoimintasuunnitelma perustettavalle lounas- ja juhlapalveluravintolalle

    Lehtonen, Niko


    Tämä opinnäytetyö käsittelee liiketoimintasuunnitelman laatimista. Tavoitteena on laatia kan-‎nattava ja menestymismahdollisuuksia omaava liikeidea. Toisena tavoitteena on laatia kattava ‎kooste aiheeseen liittyvästä teoriatiedosta.‎ Suunnitelman laatimisessa olen käyttänyt apuna Viitalan liiketoimintaosaaminen kirjaa, sekä ‎yrityssuomen liiketoimintasuunnitelma työkalua. Lisäksi olen toteuttanut pienimuotoisen ha-‎vainnointitutkimuksen kilpailijayritykseen, haastatellut ravintolayritystä...

  11. KIT safety management. Annual report 2012; KIT-Sicherheitsmanagement. Jahresbericht 2012

    Frank, Gerhard (ed.)


    The KIT Safety Management Service Unit (KSM) guarantees radiological and conventional technical safety and security of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and controls the implementation and observation of legal environmental protection requirements. KSM is responsible for - licensing procedures, - industrial safety organization, - control of environmental protection measures, - planning and implementation of emergency preparedness and response, - operation of radiological laboratories and measurement stations, - extensive radiation protection support and the - the execution of security tasks in and for all organizational units of KIT. Moreover, KSM is in charge of wastewater and environmental monitoring for all facilities and nuclear installations all over the KIT campus. KSM is headed by the Safety Commissioner of KIT, who is appointed by the Presidential Committee. Within his scope of procedure for KIT, the Safety Commissioner controls the implementation of and compliance with safety-relevant requirements. The KIT Safety Management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, its industrial safety management is certified by the VBG as ''AMS-Arbeitsschutz mit System'' and, hence, fulfills the requirements of NLF / ISO-OSH 2001. KSM laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. To the extent possible, KSM is committed to maintaining competence in radiation protection and to supporting research and teaching activities. The present reports lists the individual tasks of the KIT Safety Management and informs about the results achieved in 2012. Status figures in principle reflect the status at the end of the year 2012. The processes described cover the areas of competence of KSM.

  12. Development of stereo endoscope system with its innovative master interface for continuous surgical operation.

    Kim, Myungjoon; Lee, Chiwon; Hong, Nhayoung; Kim, Yoon Jae; Kim, Sungwan


    Although robotic laparoscopic surgery has various benefits when compared with conventional open surgery and minimally invasive surgery, it also has issues to overcome and one of the issues is the discontinuous surgical flow that occurs whenever control is swapped between the endoscope system and the operating robot arm system. This can lead to problems such as collision between surgical instruments, injury to patients, and increased operation time. To achieve continuous surgical operation, a wireless controllable stereo endoscope system is proposed which enables the simultaneous control of the operating robot arm system and the endoscope system. The proposed system consists of two improved novel master interfaces (iNMIs), a four-degrees of freedom (4-DOFs) endoscope control system (ECS), and a simple three-dimensional (3D) endoscope. In order to simultaneously control the proposed system and patient side manipulators of da Vinci research kit (dVRK), the iNMIs are installed to the master tool manipulators of dVRK system. The 4-DOFs ECS consists of four servo motors and employs a two-parallel link structure to provide translational and fulcrum point motion to the simple 3D endoscope. The images acquired by the endoscope undergo stereo calibration and rectification to provide a clear 3D vision to the surgeon as available in clinically used da Vinci surgical robot systems. Tests designed to verify the accuracy, data transfer time, and power consumption of the iNMIs were performed. The workspace was calculated to estimate clinical applicability and a modified peg transfer task was conducted with three novice volunteers. The iNMIs operated for 317 min and moved in accordance with the surgeon's desire with a mean latency of 5 ms. The workspace was calculated to be 20378.3 cm 3 , which exceeds the reference workspace of 549.5 cm 3 . The novice volunteers were able to successfully execute the modified peg transfer task designed to evaluate the proposed system's overall




    Western Research Institute (WRI) is commercializing Diesel Dog Portable Soil Test Kits for performing analysis of fuel-contaminated soils in the field. The technology consists of a method developed by WRI (U.S. Patents 5,561,065 and 5,976,883) and hardware developed by WRI that allows the method to be performed in the field (patent pending). The method is very simple and does not require the use of highly toxic reagents. The aromatic components in a soil extract are measured by absorption at 254 nm with a field-portable photometer. WRI added significant value to the technology by taking the method through the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) approval and validation processes. The method is designated ASTM Method D-5831-96, Standard Test Method for Screening Fuels in Soils. This ASTM designation allows the method to be used for federal compliance activities. In FY 99, twenty-five preproduction kits were successfully constructed in cooperation with CF Electronics, Inc., of Laramie, Wyoming. The kit components work well and the kits are fully operational. In the calendar year 2000, kits were provided to the following entities who agreed to participate as FY 99 and FY 00 JSR (Jointly Sponsored Research) cosponsors and use the kits as opportunities arose for field site work: Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) (3 units), F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Gradient Corporation, The Johnson Company (2 units), IT Corporation (2 units), TRC Environmental Corporation, Stone Environmental, ENSR, Action Environmental, Laco Associates, Barenco, Brown and Caldwell, Dames and Moore Lebron LLP, Phillips Petroleum, GeoSyntek, and the State of New Mexico. By early 2001, ten kits had been returned to WRI following the six-month evaluation period. On return, the components of all ten kits were fully functional. The kits were upgraded with circuit modifications, new polyethylene foam inserts, and updated instruction manuals.

  14. Muusikamaailm : Milano La Scala sulgeb uksed. Schönberg ja Kandinsky. Preemiaid ja tunnustusi. Witold Szalonek lahkunud. / Priit Kuusk

    Kuusk, Priit, 1938-


    Milano La Scala suletakse kaheks aastaks ümberehituseks ja renoveerimiseks. Moskvas toimub näitus ja kontserdisari "Schönberg ja Kandinsky ئ maalikunst ja muusika dialoogis". Erinevaid preemiaid ja tunnustusi saanud muusikad. 74aastasena suri Berliinis nimekas poola helilooja, pianist ja pedagoog Witold Szalonek

  15. Megakaryocytes compensate for Kit insufficiency in murine arthritis.

    Cunin, Pierre; Penke, Loka R; Thon, Jonathan N; Monach, Paul A; Jones, Tatiana; Chang, Margaret H; Chen, Mary M; Melki, Imene; Lacroix, Steve; Iwakura, Yoichiro; Ware, Jerry; Gurish, Michael F; Italiano, Joseph E; Boilard, Eric; Nigrovic, Peter A


    The growth factor receptor Kit is involved in hematopoietic and nonhematopoietic development. Mice bearing Kit defects lack mast cells; however, strains bearing different Kit alleles exhibit diverse phenotypes. Herein, we investigated factors underlying differential sensitivity to IgG-mediated arthritis in 2 mast cell-deficient murine lines: KitWsh/Wsh, which develops robust arthritis, and KitW/Wv, which does not. Reciprocal bone marrow transplantation between KitW/Wv and KitWsh/Wsh mice revealed that arthritis resistance reflects a hematopoietic defect in addition to mast cell deficiency. In KitW/Wv mice, restoration of susceptibility to IgG-mediated arthritis was neutrophil independent but required IL-1 and the platelet/megakaryocyte markers NF-E2 and glycoprotein VI. In KitW/Wv mice, platelets were present in numbers similar to those in WT animals and functionally intact, and transfer of WT platelets did not restore arthritis susceptibility. These data implicated a platelet-independent role for the megakaryocyte, a Kit-dependent lineage that is selectively deficient in KitW/Wv mice. Megakaryocytes secreted IL-1 directly and as a component of circulating microparticles, which activated synovial fibroblasts in an IL-1-dependent manner. Transfer of WT but not IL-1-deficient megakaryocytes restored arthritis susceptibility to KitW/Wv mice. These findings identify functional redundancy among Kit-dependent hematopoietic lineages and establish an unanticipated capacity of megakaryocytes to mediate IL-1-driven systemic inflammatory disease.

  16. Press kit kicks off new branding.

    Rees, Tom


    A smartly produced press kit resulted in unprecedented news coverage when Denver's Porter Adventist Hospital recently unveiled plans for an extensive 80 million dollars redevelopment. A news conference was held to announce this plan, along with the opening of the hospital's new emergency department. The overall effort is part of the new branding strategy of the 75-year-old hospital.

  17. Teen PACK: Population Awareness Campaign Kit.

    Zero Population Growth, Inc., Washington, DC.

    This packet of instructional materials is designed to teach teenagers about the effects of overpopulation on the world and on the individual. Information is presented in three related booklets. The first of the three parts of the "Teen Population Awareness Campaign Kit," illustrates overpopulation through profiles of teens living in…

  18. Development of MIBI kit for heart imaging

    Khamis, S.B.; Ab-Wahid, M.


    99m Tc-isonitriles have been shown to be a very promising substitute for Thallium-201 ( 201 TI) for myocardial perfusion imaging. In this study, the lyophilized kit of Methoxyisobutylisonitrile (MIBI) was prepared and labeled with 99m Tc. Several factors affecting the labeling yield such as the kit's stannous content, boiling time during labeling, and the volume of 99m Tc used during reconstitution were also investigated. The radiochemical purity (RCP) determination of the labeled product was analyzed by HPLC, solvent-extraction, TLC and ITLC-SG chromatographic methods in various systems. Animal biodistribution study performed in rats indicated the 99m Tc-MIBI accumulation in the myocardial is up to 3 hours with little or no redistribution. Toxicity studies performed indicate no clinical signs of abnormality in mice at injected dose equivalent in amount of 100 times the human dose in proportion to body weight. Stability studies of the labeled complex performed at room temperature showed no change in radiochemical purity (> 95%) 6 hours post-preparation. Compatibility and comparative studies were done using both MINT and commercially available MIBI kits and 99m Tc generator eluates. From the results obtained the MINT produced MIBI kits were found to be comparable in quality to that of commercials. (author)

  19. Countdown to Six Billion Teaching Kit.

    Zero Population Growth, Inc., Washington, DC.

    This teaching kit features six activities focused on helping students understand the significance of the world population reaching six billion for our society and our environment. Featured activities include: (1) History of the World: Part Six Billion; (2) A Woman's Place; (3) Baby-O-Matic; (4) Earth: The Apple of Our Eye; (5) Needs vs. Wants; and…

  20. GPU-based real-time trinocular stereo vision

    Yao, Yuanbin; Linton, R. J.; Padir, Taskin


    Most stereovision applications are binocular which uses information from a 2-camera array to perform stereo matching and compute the depth image. Trinocular stereovision with a 3-camera array has been proved to provide higher accuracy in stereo matching which could benefit applications like distance finding, object recognition, and detection. This paper presents a real-time stereovision algorithm implemented on a GPGPU (General-purpose graphics processing unit) using a trinocular stereovision camera array. Algorithm employs a winner-take-all method applied to perform fusion of disparities in different directions following various image processing techniques to obtain the depth information. The goal of the algorithm is to achieve real-time processing speed with the help of a GPGPU involving the use of Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) in C++ and NVidia CUDA GPGPU Solution. The results are compared in accuracy and speed to verify the improvement.

  1. Dynamic Trajectory Extraction from Stereo Vision Using Fuzzy Clustering

    Onishi, Masaki; Yoda, Ikushi

    In recent years, many human tracking researches have been proposed in order to analyze human dynamic trajectory. These researches are general technology applicable to various fields, such as customer purchase analysis in a shopping environment and safety control in a (railroad) crossing. In this paper, we present a new approach for tracking human positions by stereo image. We use the framework of two-stepped clustering with k-means method and fuzzy clustering to detect human regions. In the initial clustering, k-means method makes middle clusters from objective features extracted by stereo vision at high speed. In the last clustering, c-means fuzzy method cluster middle clusters based on attributes into human regions. Our proposed method can be correctly clustered by expressing ambiguity using fuzzy clustering, even when many people are close to each other. The validity of our technique was evaluated with the experiment of trajectories extraction of doctors and nurses in an emergency room of a hospital.

  2. Stereo Disparity through Cost Aggregation with Guided Filter

    Pauline Tan


    Full Text Available Estimating the depth, or equivalently the disparity, of a stereo scene is a challenging problem in computer vision. The method proposed by Rhemann et al. in 2011 is based on a filtering of the cost volume, which gives for each pixel and for each hypothesized disparity a cost derived from pixel-by-pixel comparison. The filtering is performed by the guided filter proposed by He et al. in 2010. It computes a weighted local average of the costs. The weights are such that similar pixels tend to have similar costs. Eventually, a winner-take-all strategy selects the disparity with the minimal cost for each pixel. Non-consistent labels according to left-right consistency are rejected; a densification step can then be launched to fill the disparity map. The method can be used to solve other labeling problems (optical flow, segmentation but this article focuses on the stereo matching problem.

  3. Field study of sound exposure by personal stereo

    Ordoñez, Rodrigo Pizarro; Reuter, Karen; Hammershøi, Dorte


    A number of large scale studies suggest that the exposure level used with personal stereo systems should raise concern. High levels can be produced by most commercially available mp3 players, and they are generally used in high background noise levels (i.e., while in a bus or rain). A field study...... on young people's habitual sound exposure to personal stereos has been carried out using a measurement method according to principles of ISO 11904-2:2004. Additionally the state of their hearing has also been assessed. This presentation deals with the methodological aspects relating to the quantification...... of habitual use, estimation of listening levels and exposure levels, and assessment of their state of hearing, by either threshold determination or OAE measurement, with a special view to the general validity of the results (uncertainty factors and their magnitude)....

  4. Critical factors in SEM 3D stereo microscopy

    Marinello, F.; Bariano, P.; Savio, E.


    This work addresses dimensional measurements performed with the scanning electron microscope (SEM) using 3D reconstruction of surface topography through stereo-photogrammetry. The paper presents both theoretical and experimental investigations, on the effects of instrumental variables and measure......This work addresses dimensional measurements performed with the scanning electron microscope (SEM) using 3D reconstruction of surface topography through stereo-photogrammetry. The paper presents both theoretical and experimental investigations, on the effects of instrumental variables...... factors are recognized: the first one is related to the measurement operation and the instrument set-up; the second concerns the quality of scanned images and represents the major criticality in the application of SEMs for 3D characterizations....

  5. Track fitting in the opal vertex detector with stereo wires

    Shally, R; Hemingway, R J; McPherson, A C


    The geometry of the vertex chamber for the OPAL detector at LEP is reviewed and expressions for the coordinates of the hits are given in terms of the measured drift distance and z-coordinate. The tracks are fitted by a procedure based on the Lagrange multipliers method. The increase in the accuracy of the fit due to the use of the stereo wires is discussed.

  6. A stereo-controlled route to conjugated E-enediynes

    ZHOU Lei; JIANG Huanfeng


    3-Ene-1,5-diynes are important components of many enediyne antitumor agents and luminescent materials.A stereo-controlled approach to the synthesis of E-enediynes was developed,and it consists of the following two steps:(1)a mild and economical synthesis of dihalo vinyl derivatives via addition of CuBr2 to alkynes;(2) the Sonogashira coupling reaction of the dihalo vinyl derivatives with terminal alkynes to form conjugated enediynes.

  7. Person and gesture tracking with smart stereo cameras

    Gordon, Gaile; Chen, Xiangrong; Buck, Ron


    Physical security increasingly involves sophisticated, real-time visual tracking of a person's location inside a given environment, often in conjunction with biometrics and other security-related technologies. However, demanding real-world conditions like crowded rooms, changes in lighting and physical obstructions have proved incredibly challenging for 2D computer vision technology. In contrast, 3D imaging technology is not affected by constant changes in lighting and apparent color, and thus allows tracking accuracy to be maintained in dynamically lit environments. In addition, person tracking with a 3D stereo camera can provide the location and movement of each individual very precisely, even in a very crowded environment. 3D vision only requires that the subject be partially visible to a single stereo camera to be correctly tracked; multiple cameras are used to extend the system's operational footprint, and to contend with heavy occlusion. A successful person tracking system, must not only perform visual analysis robustly, but also be small, cheap and consume relatively little power. The TYZX Embedded 3D Vision systems are perfectly suited to provide the low power, small footprint, and low cost points required by these types of volume applications. Several security-focused organizations, including the U.S Government, have deployed TYZX 3D stereo vision systems in security applications. 3D image data is also advantageous in the related application area of gesture tracking. Visual (uninstrumented) tracking of natural hand gestures and movement provides new opportunities for interactive control including: video gaming, location based entertainment, and interactive displays. 2D images have been used to extract the location of hands within a plane, but 3D hand location enables a much broader range of interactive applications. In this paper, we provide some background on the TYZX smart stereo cameras platform, describe the person tracking and gesture tracking systems

  8. Cellular neural networks for the stereo matching problem

    Taraglio, S.; Zanela, A.


    The applicability of the Cellular Neural Network (CNN) paradigm to the problem of recovering information on the tridimensional structure of the environment is investigated. The approach proposed is the stereo matching of video images. The starting point of this work is the Zhou-Chellappa neural network implementation for the same problem. The CNN based system we present here yields the same results as the previous approach, but without the many existing drawbacks

  9. Track fitting in the opal vertex detector with stereo wires

    Shally, R.; Hemingway, R.J.; McPherson, A.C.


    The geometry of the vertex chamber for the OPAL detector at LEP is reviewed and expressions for the coordinates of the hits are given in terms of the measured drift distance and z-coordinate. The tracks are fitted by a procedure based on the Lagrange multipliers method. The increase in the accuracy of the fit due to the use of the stereo wires is discussed. (orig.)

  10. KIT safety management. Annual report 2013; KIT-Sicherheitsmanagement. Jahresbericht 2013

    Frank, Gerhard (ed.)


    The KIT Safety Management Service Unit (KSM) guarantees radiological and conventional technical safety and security of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and controls the implementation and observation of legal environmental protection requirements. KSM is responsible for licensing procedures, industrial safety organization, control of environmental protection measures, planning and implementation of emergency preparedness and response, operation of radiological laboratories and measurement stations, extensive radiation protection support and the execution of security tasks in and for all organizational units of KIT. Moreover, KSM is in charge of wastewater and environmental monitoring for all facilities and nuclear installations all over the KIT campus. KSM is headed by the Safety Commissioner of KIT, who is appointed by the Presidential Committee. Within his scope of procedure for KIT, the Safety Commissioner controls the implementation of and compliance with safety-relevant requirements. The KIT Safety Management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, its laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. To the extent possible, KSM is committed to maintaining competence in radiation protection and to supporting research and teaching activities. The present reports lists the individual tasks of the KIT Safety Management and informs about the results achieved in 2013. Status figures in principle reflect the status at the end of the year 2013. The processes described cover the areas of competence of KSM. Due to changes in the organization of the infrastructural service units in KIT, KSM has been cancelled at the end of 2013. Its tasks will mainly be covered in 2014 by the new founded service unit Safety and Environmental (Sicherheit und Umwelt, SUM). The departments Campus Security, Fire Brigade and Information Technology have been transferred to the Service Unit General Services (Allgemeine Services, ASERV).

  11. 46 CFR 121.710 - First-aid kits.


    ... 46 Shipping 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false First-aid kits. 121.710 Section 121.710 Shipping COAST... SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT Miscellaneous § 121.710 First-aid kits. A vessel must carry either a first-aid kit... kits, the contents must be stowed in a suitable, watertight container that is marked “First-Aid Kit”. A...

  12. Development of Safety Kit for Industrial Radiography Application

    Mohd Noorul Ikhsan Ahmad; Amry Amin Abas


    A safety kit for industrial radiography has been developed. The safety kit that consist of a set of technical rod and various size of base that can be used in radiograph of pipe with diameter between half and one and half inch with utilization of collimator. With the kit, radiographers will not having anymore problem to use collimator in their work. The paper discuss about the technical measures of the safety kit and the importance of introducing it to the industry. (author)

  13. Dust Devil in Spirit's View Ahead on Sol 1854 (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11960 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11960 NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit used its navigation camera to take the images that have been combined into this stereo, 180-degree view of the rover's surroundings during the 1,854th Martian day, or sol, of Spirit's surface mission (March 21, 2009). This view combines images from the left-eye and right-eye sides of the navigation camera. It appears three-dimensional when viewed through red-blue glasses with the red lens on the left. The rover had driven 13.79 meters (45 feet) westward earlier on Sol 1854. West is at the center, where a dust devil is visible in the distance. North on the right, where Husband Hill dominates the horizon; Spirit was on top of Husband Hill in September and October 2005. South is on the left, where lighter-toned rock lines the edge of the low plateau called 'Home Plate.' This view is presented as a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometric seam correction.

  14. View Ahead After Spirit's Sol 1861 Drive (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11977 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11977 NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit used its navigation camera to take the images combined into this stereo, 210-degree view of the rover's surroundings during the 1,861st to 1,863rd Martian days, or sols, of Spirit's surface mission (March 28 to 30, 2009). This view combines images from the left-eye and right-eye sides of the navigation camera. It appears three-dimensional when viewed through red-blue glasses with the red lens on the left. The center of the scene is toward the south-southwest. East is on the left. West-northwest is on the right. The rover had driven 22.7 meters (74 feet) southwestward on Sol 1861 before beginning to take the frames in this view. The drive brought Spirit past the northwestern corner of Home Plate. In this view, the western edge of Home Plate is on the portion of the horizon farthest to the left. A mound in middle distance near the center of the view is called 'Tsiolkovsky' and is about 40 meters (about 130 feet) from the rover's position. This view is presented as a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometric seam correction.

  15. Time for a Change; Spirit's View on Sol 1843 (Stereo)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Left-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11973 [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Right-eye view of a color stereo pair for PIA11973 NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit used its navigation camera to take the images that have been combined into this stereo, full-circle view of the rover's surroundings during the 1,843rd Martian day, or sol, of Spirit's surface mission (March 10, 2009). South is in the middle. North is at both ends. This view combines images from the left-eye and right-eye sides of the navigation camera. It appears three-dimensional when viewed through red-blue glasses with the red lens on the left. The rover had driven 36 centimeters downhill earlier on Sol 1854, but had not been able to get free of ruts in soft material that had become an obstacle to getting around the northeastern corner of the low plateau called 'Home Plate.' The Sol 1854 drive, following two others in the preceding four sols that also achieved little progress in the soft ground, prompted the rover team to switch to a plan of getting around Home Plate counterclockwise, instead of clockwise. The drive direction in subsequent sols was westward past the northern edge of Home Plate. This view is presented as a cylindrical-perspective projection with geometric seam correction.

  16. Parallel Computer System for 3D Visualization Stereo on GPU

    Al-Oraiqat, Anas M.; Zori, Sergii A.


    This paper proposes the organization of a parallel computer system based on Graphic Processors Unit (GPU) for 3D stereo image synthesis. The development is based on the modified ray tracing method developed by the authors for fast search of tracing rays intersections with scene objects. The system allows significant increase in the productivity for the 3D stereo synthesis of photorealistic quality. The generalized procedure of 3D stereo image synthesis on the Graphics Processing Unit/Graphics Processing Clusters (GPU/GPC) is proposed. The efficiency of the proposed solutions by GPU implementation is compared with single-threaded and multithreaded implementations on the CPU. The achieved average acceleration in multi-thread implementation on the test GPU and CPU is about 7.5 and 1.6 times, respectively. Studying the influence of choosing the size and configuration of the computational Compute Unified Device Archi-tecture (CUDA) network on the computational speed shows the importance of their correct selection. The obtained experimental estimations can be significantly improved by new GPUs with a large number of processing cores and multiprocessors, as well as optimized configuration of the computing CUDA network.

  17. Multiple Moving Obstacles Avoidance of Service Robot using Stereo Vision

    Achmad Jazidie


    Full Text Available In this paper, we propose a multiple moving obstacles avoidance using stereo vision for service robots in indoor environments. We assume that this model of service robot is used to deliver a cup to the recognized customer from the starting point to the destination. The contribution of this research is a new method for multiple moving obstacle avoidance with Bayesian approach using stereo camera. We have developed and introduced 3 main modules to recognize faces, to identify multiple moving obstacles and to maneuver of robot. A group of people who is walking will be tracked as a multiple moving obstacle, and the speed, direction, and distance of the moving obstacles is estimated by a stereo camera in order that the robot can maneuver to avoid the collision. To overcome the inaccuracies of vision sensor, Bayesian approach is used for estimate the absense and direction of obstacles. We present the results of the experiment of the service robot called Srikandi III which uses our proposed method and we also evaluate its performance. Experiments shown that our proposed method working well, and Bayesian approach proved increasing the estimation perform for absence and direction of moving obstacle.

  18. Three-dimensional image reconstruction from stereo DSA

    Sakamoto, Kiyoshi; Kotoura, Noriko; Umehara, Takayoshi; Yamada, Eiji; Inaba, Tomohiro; Itou, Hiroshi


    The technique of interventional radiology has spread rapidly in recent years, and three-dimensional information from blood vessel images is being sought to enhance examinations. Stereo digital subtraction angiography (DSA) and rotational DSA were developed for that purpose. However, it is difficult with stereo DSA to observe the image pair during examination and to obtain positional information on blood vessels. Further, the exposure dose is increased in rotational DSA when many mask images need to be collected, and the patient is required to hold his or her breath for a long duration. We therefore devised a technique to construct three-dimensional blood vessel images by employing geometrical information extracted from stereo DSA images using the right and left images. We used a judgment method based on the correlation coefficient, although we had to extract an equal blood vessel from the right and left images to determine the three-dimensional coordinates of the blood vessel. The reconstructed three-dimensional blood vessels were projected from various angles, again by using a virtual focus, and new images were created. These image groups were displayed as rotational images by the animation display function incorporated in the DSA device. This system can observe blood vessel images of the same phase at a free angle, although the image quality is inferior to that of rotational DSA. In addition, because collection of the mask images is reduced, exposure dose can be decreased. Further, the system offers enhanced safety because no mechanical movement of the imaging system is involved. (author)

  19. [Consistency study of PowerPlex 21 kit and Goldeneye 20A kit and forensic application].

    Ren, He; Liu, Ying; Zhang, Qing-Xia; Jiao, Zhang-Ping


    To ensure the consistency of genotype results for PowerPlex 21 kit and Goldeneye 20A kit. The STR loci were amplified in DNA samples from 205 unrelated individuals in Beijing Han population. And consistency of 19 overlap STR loci typing were observed. The genetic polymorphism of D1S1656 locus was obtained. All 19 overlap loci typing showed consistent. The proportion of peak height of heterozygous loci in two kits showed no statistical difference (P > 0.05). The observed heterozygosis of D1S1656 was 0.878. The discrimination power was 0.949. The excluding probability of paternity of triplet was 0.751. The excluding probability of paternity of diploid was 0.506. The polymorphism information content was 0.810. PowerPlex 21 kit and Goldeneye 20A kit present a good consistency. The primer design is reasonable. The polymorphism of D1S1656 is good. The two kits can be used for human genetic analysis, paternity test, and individual identification in forensic practice.

  20. [Vene impeerium ja Baltikum: venestus, rahvuslus ja moderniseerimine 19. sajandi teisel poolel ja 20. sajandi alguses. 1] / Toomas Karjahärm

    Karjahärm, Toomas, 1944-


    Arvustus: Vene impeerium ja Baltikum : venestus, rahvuslus ja moderniseerimine 19. sajandi teisel poolel ja 20. sajandi alguses. I / koostanud Tõnu Tannberg, Bradley Woodworth. Eesti Ajalooarhiivi toimetised ; 16 (23). (Tartu : Eesti Ajalooarhiiv, 2009)

  1. 46 CFR 169.725 - First aid kit.


    ... 46 Shipping 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false First aid kit. 169.725 Section 169.725 Shipping COAST... Control, Miscellaneous Systems, and Equipment § 169.725 First aid kit. Each vessel must carry an approved first aid kit, constructed and fitted in accordance with subpart 160.041 of this chapter. ...

  2. 46 CFR 108.707 - First aid kit.


    ... 46 Shipping 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false First aid kit. 108.707 Section 108.707 Shipping COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (CONTINUED) A-MOBILE OFFSHORE DRILLING UNITS DESIGN AND EQUIPMENT Miscellaneous Equipment § 108.707 First aid kit. Each unit must have a first-aid kit approved by the Mine Safety...

  3. 33 CFR 144.01-30 - First-aid kit.


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false First-aid kit. 144.01-30 Section...) OUTER CONTINENTAL SHELF ACTIVITIES LIFESAVING APPLIANCES Manned Platforms § 144.01-30 First-aid kit. On each manned platform a first-aid kit approved by the Commandant or the U.S. Bureau of Mines shall be...

  4. 21 CFR 868.5140 - Anesthesia conduction kit.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Anesthesia conduction kit. 868.5140 Section 868...) MEDICAL DEVICES ANESTHESIOLOGY DEVICES Therapeutic Devices § 868.5140 Anesthesia conduction kit. (a) Identification. An anesthesia conduction kit is a device used to administer to a patient conduction, regional, or...

  5. Trükitööstuste TOP 50


    Trükitööstuste TOP 50. Käibe TOP 30. Käibe kasum TOP 30. Kasvu TOP 30. Kasumi kasvu TOP 30. Rentaabluse TOP. Varade tootlikkuse TOP. Trükitööstusettevõtete üldandmed. Trükitööstusettevõtete finantsandmed

  6. 21 CFR 864.2260 - Chromosome culture kit.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Chromosome culture kit. 864.2260 Section 864.2260...) MEDICAL DEVICES HEMATOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY DEVICES Cell And Tissue Culture Products § 864.2260 Chromosome culture kit. (a) Identification. A chromosome culture kit is a device containing the necessary ingredients...

  7. 21 CFR 878.3925 - Plastic surgery kit and accessories.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Plastic surgery kit and accessories. 878.3925... (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES GENERAL AND PLASTIC SURGERY DEVICES Prosthetic Devices § 878.3925 Plastic surgery kit and accessories. (a) Identification. A plastic surgery kit and accessories is a device intended to...

  8. Escherichia coli and virus isolated from ''sticky kits''

    Jørgensen, M.; Scheutz, F.; Strandbygaard, Bertel


    A total of 121 Escherichia coli strains isolated from 3-week-old mink kits were serotyped and examined for virulence factors. 56 strains were isolated from healthy kits while 65 were from ''sticky kits''. Among these, 34 different serotypes were detected. No difference in serotypes or the presenc...

  9. Sosiaalinen asiakassuhdejohtaminen ja big data

    Toivonen, Topi-Antti


    Tässä tutkielmassa käsitellään sosiaalista asiakassuhdejohtamista sekä hyötyjä, joita siihen voidaan saada big datan avulla. Sosiaalinen asiakassuhdejohtaminen on terminä uusi ja monille tuntematon. Tutkimusta motivoi aiheen vähäinen tutkimus, suomenkielisen tutkimuksen puuttuminen kokonaan sekä sosiaalisen asiakassuhdejohtamisen mahdollinen olennainen rooli yritysten toiminnassa tulevaisuudessa. Big dataa käsittelevissä tutkimuksissa keskitytään monesti sen tekniseen puoleen, eikä sovellutuk...

  10. Cardiac c-Kit Biology Revealed by Inducible Transgenesis.

    Gude, Natalie A; Firouzi, Fareheh; Broughton, Kathleen M; Ilves, Kelli; Nguyen, Kristine P; Payne, Christina R; Sacchi, Veronica; Monsanto, Megan M; Casillas, Alexandria R; Khalafalla, Farid G; Wang, Bingyan J; Ebeid, David E; Alvarez, Roberto; Dembitsky, Walter P; Bailey, Barbara A; van Berlo, Jop; Sussman, Mark A


    Biological significance of c-Kit as a cardiac stem cell marker and role(s) of c-Kit+ cells in myocardial development or response to pathological injury remain unresolved because of varied and discrepant findings. Alternative experimental models are required to contextualize and reconcile discordant published observations of cardiac c-Kit myocardial biology and provide meaningful insights regarding clinical relevance of c-Kit signaling for translational cell therapy. The main objectives of this study are as follows: demonstrating c-Kit myocardial biology through combined studies of both human and murine cardiac cells; advancing understanding of c-Kit myocardial biology through creation and characterization of a novel, inducible transgenic c-Kit reporter mouse model that overcomes limitations inherent to knock-in reporter models; and providing perspective to reconcile disparate viewpoints on c-Kit biology in the myocardium. In vitro studies confirm a critical role for c-Kit signaling in both cardiomyocytes and cardiac stem cells. Activation of c-Kit receptor promotes cell survival and proliferation in stem cells and cardiomyocytes of either human or murine origin. For creation of the mouse model, the cloned mouse c-Kit promoter drives Histone2B-EGFP (enhanced green fluorescent protein; H2BEGFP) expression in a doxycycline-inducible transgenic reporter line. The combination of c-Kit transgenesis coupled to H2BEGFP readout provides sensitive, specific, inducible, and persistent tracking of c-Kit promoter activation. Tagging efficiency for EGFP+/c-Kit+ cells is similar between our transgenic versus a c-Kit knock-in mouse line, but frequency of c-Kit+ cells in cardiac tissue from the knock-in model is 55% lower than that from our transgenic line. The c-Kit transgenic reporter model reveals intimate association of c-Kit expression with adult myocardial biology. Both cardiac stem cells and a subpopulation of cardiomyocytes express c-Kit in uninjured adult heart

  11. Prosteettisten ja digitaalisten efektien merkitys kauhuelokuvassa

    Sariola, Sari


    Käsittelen opinnäytetyössäni sitä, miten erilaiset tekniikat tehdä erikoistehosteet vaikuttavat elokuvaan ja sen realistisuuteen. Rajasin tutkimuksen kohteen kauhuelokuvagenreen ja yhteen sen vanhimmista hirviöistä, ihmissuteen. Lähestyn aihetta vertailemalla kolmea eri kauhuelokuvaa. Keskityn vertailtavissa elokuvissa ennen kaikkea ihmissusien muodonmuutoskohtauksiin ja niiden yleiseen uskottavuuteen, sekä tekniikoihin joilla kohtaukset toteutettiin. Tutkielmassa vertailuun käytetyt elo...

  12. Klassika ja eksootika radadel / Toivo Traks

    Traks, Toivo


    David Oistrahhi festivali raames toimuvatest kontsertidest: 12. juulil Eliisabeti kirikus esinevad Peterburi festivali kammerorkester (dirigent Kiyotaka Teraoka), plokkflöödimängija Genevieve Lacey Austraaliast, bassilaulja Vjatšeslav Luhhanin ja oboemängija Hanjafi Tšinakajev Venemaalt, klaveriduo Vladima Jeremjan ja Heili-Kristel Kaasik Eestist ja Soomest ning festivali kunstiline juht Allar Kaasik tšellol. 14. juulil Pärnu kontserdimajas esineb ansambel Gypsy Devils Slovakkiast koos Allar Kaasikuga. Esitatavatest teostest

  13. 20. X avati arhitektuuri- ja disainigaleriis...


    Väljapanek "Vaateaken Eesti ekspositsioonile Veneetsia arhitektuuribiennaalil". Eestit esindab 9. Veneetsia arhitektuuribiennaalil Eesti Arhitektide Liidu projekt "Aeg-maha-arhitektuur", idee autor Kristjan Holm, kaasautorid Liina Jänes ja Pille Epner. Kabli rannast Veneetsiasse teisaldatud puust hobusekujulise välikäimla on loonud Agu Külm ja Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara. Ku-Ku klubis esilinastus Marianne Kõrveri, Rain Tolgi ja Andres Maimiku dokumentaalfilm "Surm Veneetsias"

  14. Glioomien diagnoosi ja ennuste - molekyylidiagnostiikan mahdollisuudet

    Haapasalo, Joonas; Hyartt, Antti; Salmi, Minja; Nordfors, Kristiina; Lahtela, Sirpa-Liisa; Kähkönen, Marketta; Helén, Pauli; Haapasalo, Hannu


    Glioomat ovat aivojen tukisolukasvaimia ja primaarisista aivokasvaimista yleisimpiä. Diffuusien glioomien hoito perustuu kasvaimen kirurgiseen poistoon sekä säde- ja solunsalpaajahoitoon. Diagnoosi tehdään kasvaimen histopatologisesta tutkimuksesta, jota voidaan nykyisin täydentää molekyylidiagnostisilla tutkimuksilla. Esitämme Tampereen yliopistollisessa sairaalassa vuosina 1983-2009 hoidettujen glioomapotilaiden ennustetta kuvaavia uusia menetelmiä, joista tärkeimpiä ovat IDH-mutaation ja 1...

  15. Aknad ja trepid taevasse / John Snelson

    Snelson, John


    Londoni firmas VX Design töötava arhitekti Ian Chee T-maja Londonis Chelseas. Hoonel on seinalaiuses sisehoovi avanevad aknad ja katuseaknad. Ülemisele korrusele viiv terasega ümbritsetud ja klaasist astmetega trepp "ripub" seina küljes. Sisustuses näeb Arne Jacobseni, Althea Wilsoni, Antonio Citterio, VX Design'i kujundatud mööblit ja esemeid. 11 värv. vaadet

  16. Kriisi journalismissa: Kansakunnan katastrofit ja muuttuva professio

    Koljonen, Kari


    Journalismin väitetään olevan kriisissä. Mediatutkijoiden mukaan journalismi on kaupallistunut, viihteellistynyt ja yhdenmukaistunut, minkä seurauksena julkinen keskustelu on kaventunut, journalismin arvo yleisölle kyseenalaistunut ja toimitustyö muuttunut teolliseksi sisällöntuotannoksi. Journalismin kriisiin on viitattu myös katastrofiuutisoinnin muutoksista käydyssä keskustelussa. Etenkin Jokelan koulusurmien yhteydessä esiintyi näkemyksiä journalismin laadun heikentymisestä ja journalisti...

  17. [Max Weber. Poliitika kui elukutse ja kutsumus. Teadus kui elukutse ja kutsumus] / Hermo Kuusk

    Kuusk, Hermo, 1976-


    Tutvustus: Weber, Max. Poliitika kui elukutse ja kutsumus ; Teadus kui elukutse ja kutsumus / tõlkijad: Jaan Isotamm, Henn Käärik, Kaia Sisask. Tallinn : TLU Press, 2010. (Bibliotheca controversiarum)

  18. Alguses oli Arvo Pärdi muusika ja siis tulid Jalakas ja videokunstnikud / Tiiu Laks

    Laks, Tiiu, 1984-


    Tõnu Kaljuste ja Peeter Jalaka lavastusest "Alguses oli", lavastuse aluseks Arvo Pärdi teosed "In Principio" ja "Miserere", 17. augustil Noblesse valukojas toimunud etendusest, muusikaline juht Tõnu Kaljuste

  19. Aletamine maastikukujunduse- ja kultuuritegurina Põhja- Euroopas ja Eestis / Ülle Tarkiainen

    Tarkiainen, Ülle, 1957-


    Aletamise vormidest. Alesavolastest ja ale põletamisega seotud müütidest. Alepõletamise algusest Eestis. Aletamise kajastumisest 17. sajandi allikmaterjalides. Metsapõldudest viljatootmise ja uusasustuse ressursina. Aletamise marginaliseerumisest.

  20. Kiriku maaomand ja maakasutus Eestis 19. sajandil ja 20. sajandi algul / Tiit Rosenberg

    Rosenberg, Tiit, 1946-


    Evangeelse luteriusu kiriku maaomandist Eestis, kirikumaade õiguslikust alusest, suurusest ja struktuurist, kirikumõisate pidamisest, õigeusu kiriku maadest. Kiriku maavaldus oli kujunenud ajalooliselt ja oli Eesti ulatuses piirkonniti suuresti erinev

  1. Teledokumentalistika hiilgusest ja viletsusest / Maria Ulfsak

    Ulfsak, Maria, 1981-


    Leedu teleprogrammide ja -filmide festivalil "Amber arch" ("Merevaigust arkaad") võitis peapreemia Priit Valkna dokumentaalfilm "Hunt", mille tootis Allfilm ETV "Eesti lugude" dokumentaalsarja. Ka teistest festivali filmidest

  2. Hoia ja keela / Allar Aron, Eduard Sizov

    Aron, Allar, 1973-


    Kunda linnapea Allar Aroni ning keskkonnaministeeriumi keskkonnakorralduse ja -tehnoloogia osakonna keskkonnakorralduse peaspetsialisti Eduard Sizovi erinevatest seisukohtadest Kunda Hiiemäele kavandatava tuulepargi küsimuses

  3. Web 2.0 - Haasteet ja mahdollisuudet

    Nordbäck, Nina


    Tämä opinnäytetyö kertoo, mitä Web 2.0 on, ottaa esille sen haasteita ja mahdollisuuksia yrityksien liiketoimintaan keskittyneenä ja selvittää kuinka sosiaalisia medioita käytetään erilaisissa yrityksissä. Työ keskittyy myös internetpalveluiden käytettävyyteen. Sosiaaliset mediat ovat internetissä toimivia yhteisöjä, blogeja, video- ja kuvapalveluita, verkkokauppoja ja keskustelupalstoja, joissa internetkäyttäjät pääsevät jakamaan tietoa keskenään. Sosiaaliselle medialle tyypillistä ovat usei...

  4. Keerulised ja põnevad / Tõnu Kaalep

    Kaalep, Tõnu, 1966-2018


    22. oktoobril Tallinnas Rock Cafes toimunud ansambli KTU (Kimmo Pohjonen, Lee Patrick Mastelotto, Trey Gunn) kontserdist ja 25. oktoobril Salme Kultuurikeskuses etendunud Heiner Goebbelsi lavastusest "Eraritjaritjaka"

  5. Sotsiaalkapitali elemendid ja allikad / Eve Parts

    Parts, Eve, 1970-


    Sotsiaalkapitali üksikute komponentide olemusest, alamliikidest, tekkemehhanismidest ja seostest, võimalustest sotsiaalkapitali sihipäraseks loomiseks majanduspoliitiliste meetmetega. Tabelid. Skeemid

  6. Vibujahist nii ja naa / Kaarel Roht

    Roht, Kaarel, 1949-


    20. oktoobril korraldas Soome Jahimeeste Keskliit koos Soome Vibulaskurite Seltsiga riigi jahindusametnikele Laitiala Õppekeskuses ühepäevase seminari, tutvustamaks ja reklaamimaks jahipidamist vibuga

  7. Ilusad, otstarbekad ja nutikad / Tiina Kolk

    Kolk, Tiina


    Konkursi "Eesti parimad interjöörid ja disain 2010" võidutööd: ADM Interactive'i bürooruumid (Ühiskondliku interjööri preemia), kohvik Supelsaksad (Söögikoha interjööri preemia), välinäitus "Eesti kirjanik karikatuuris" (Näituse ja installatsiooni kujunduse preemia), Kihnu muuseum (Ajaloolise interjööri preemia). Nimetatud võidutööde autorid ja žürii koosseis. Nominentide töödest on avatud Arhitektuuri- ja Disainigaleriis 31. maini näitus

  8. Videopelikerronnan potentiaali ja mahdollisuudet : interaktiivinen tarinankerronta videopeleissa

    Koljonen, Topi


    Tarkastelen opinnäytetyössäni tarinavetoisten videopelien interaktiivista tarinankerrontaa ja nostan esille sen potentiaalin. Videopeleillä ja peleillä tarkoitetaan tässä opinnäytetyössä pelejä, joiden pelaamiseen tarvitaan käyttäjäänsä reagoiva käyttöliittymä sekä näyttöpääte. Vertailemalla peli- ja elokuvakerrontaa esitän tarinankerronnallisen kehittämisehdotuksen siitä, kuinka videopeleissä on mahdollista kertoa tietynlaisia tarinoita muita formaatteja paremmin....

  9. Putin ja Bush pakuvad peaministreid / Toomas Alatalu

    Alatalu, Toomas, 1942-


    Venemaa presidendi Vladimir Putini otsusest enne presidendivalimisi tagandada valitsus. USA presidendi George W. Bushi probleemist Haiti presidendi ja peaministri ametikohaga seoses riigis valitseva kriisiga

  10. Perhekeskeisyys lasten ja nuorten teho-osastolla

    Sirola, Outi


    Lapsen joutuminen lasten teho-osastolle aiheuttaa kriisin sekä potilaalle että koko perheelle. Perhekeskeisen hoitotyön avulla pyritään lisäämään vanhempien luottamusta ja yhteistyötä sekä tämän kautta vähentämään potilaan ja vanhempien ahdistusta. Tämän kehittämisprojektin tavoitteena oli kehittää perhekeskeisyyttä Turun yliopistollisen keskussairaalan lasten ja nuorten teho-osastolla. Projektin tarkoituksena oli toimintakulttuurin muuttaminen perhekeskeisempään suuntaan ja sitä kautta lapse...

  11. SESK ja SEKK / Toomas Pill ; T. Pill

    Pill, Toomas


    3. mail toimunud koosolekul tegi Heidi Aedma ettepaneku korraldada Sydney Eesti Seenioride Koondise kokkutulekud laupäeviti ja soovituse asendada endine nimi teisiti - Sydney Eesti Kultuuriklubi (SEKK)

  12. Meditsiinireform ja selle mõju diabeetikutele


    Oktoobris 2002 jõustunud ravikindlustuse seadusest. Lisatud sotsiaalministrile saadetud kirjad seoses seadusemuudatustega ja artikkel ajalehest Postimees (2003) 16. apr. Lisa : kust leian oma endokrinoloogi : [haiglate loend

  13. M Road Oy: Arvo-ja laatudokumentti

    Röynä, Mira


    Opinnäytetyön aiheena on yrityksen arvot ja laatutekijät. Opinnäytetyön tutkimuksellinen näkökulma syntyy konstruktiivisesta tutkimuksesta sekä kyselystä ja tiimityöskentelystä. Työssä tutustutaan tarkasti arvojen ja laatutekijöiden teoriaan, joiden pohjalta analysoidaan työntekijäkyselyn ja tiimityöskentelyn tuloksia. Työn tavoitteena on saada yhdistettyä franchaising-yritys M Road Oy:n arvot koko M Room –ketjun arvoja vastaavaksi, sekä parantaa yrityksen tuottamaa laatua. Toimeksiantaja...

  14. Advantage of using a home-made ELISA kit for detection of Helicobacter pylori infection over commercially imported kits.

    Mohammadi, M; Talebkhan, Y; Khalili, G; Mahboudi, F; Massarrat, S; Zamaninia, L; Oghalaei, A


    To evaluate a home-made ELISA kit for detection of Helicobacter pylori (Hp) infection and comparison of its immunologic criteria with those of foreign commercial kits. A home-made IgG ELISA kit was developed using soluble antigenic fractions of Hp proteins. Confirmed sera were tested and serological criteria were evaluated through assessment of 199 serum samples. The accuracy, sensitivity and specificity values of home-made kit were 92, 92 and 90.4%, respectively. These immunologic criteria for Trinity kit were 95.2, 95.2 and 95% in comparison with IBL kit (91.3, 92.2 and 88.5%), BIOHIT kit (72.4, 41.6 and 94.1%) and HelicoBlot2.1 (94.2, 93.4 and 100%). Kappa agreement assessment demonstrated that two of the imported ELISA kits had fair to moderate agreement with the home-made kit while the other one had a poor agreement value. Apart from comparable values between the home-made kit and the most efficient imported kit (Trinity) there was significant cost benefit. Therefore, we recommend the home-made kit as a suitable substitution for detection of Hp infection in the Iranian population.

  15. Advantage of using a home-made elisa kit for detection of Helicobacter pylori infection over commercially imported kits

    Mohammadi M


    Full Text Available Purpose: To evaluate a home-made ELISA kit for detection of Helicobacter pylori (Hp infection and comparison of its immunologic criteria with those of foreign commercial kits. Methods: A home-made IgG ELISA kit was developed using soluble antigenic fractions of Hp proteins. Confirmed sera were tested and serological criteria were evaluated through assessment of 199 serum samples. Results: The accuracy, sensitivity and specificity values of home-made kit were 92, 92 and 90.4%, respectively. These immunologic criteria for Trinity kit were 95.2, 95.2 and 95% in comparison with IBL kit (91.3, 92.2 and 88.5%, BIOHIT kit (72.4, 41.6 and 94.1% and HelicoBlot2.1 (94.2, 93.4 and 100%. Kappa agreement assessment demonstrated that two of the imported ELISA kits had fair to moderate agreement with the home-made kit while the other one had a poor agreement value. Conclusions: Apart from comparable values between the home-made kit and the most efficient imported kit (Trinity there was significant cost benefit. Therefore, we recommend the home-made kit as a suitable substitution for detection of Hp infection in the Iranian population.

  16. Ühinemise ja iseolemise vastuseis. Ideaalid ja reaalsus / Rein Tootmaa

    Tootmaa, Rein


    Mängufilmid "Keiser ja palgamõrtsukas" ("Jing ke ci qin wang") : režissöör Chen Kaige : Jaapan-Hiina-Prantsusmaa 1999 ja "Tiiger ja draakon" ("Wo hu chang long") : režissöör Ang Lee : Hiina-Hongkong-Ameerika Ühendriigid 2000. Lisa : Aare Ermeli koostatud Chen Kaige ja Ang Lee loomingu lühikokkuvõtted. Kokkuvõte inglise keeles lk. 128

  17. Sotsiaalsed probleemid Eesti ühiskonnas - meeste ja naiste hinnangud 1993. ja 1998. aastal / Eda Heinla

    Heinla, Eda, 1953-


    Uurimusest, mille andmestik pärineb TPÜ Rahvusvaheliste ja Sotsiaaluuringute Instituudi perekonnasotsioloogide poolt 1993. ja 1998.a. läbi viidud elanikkonnaküsitlustest "Eesti 93" ja "Eesti 98", kus ühe bloki moodustas sotsiaalsete probleemide küsimustik

  18. Avatud meeled ja intellektuaalsed mõttemängud / Gerhard Lock ja Evelin Lagle

    Lock, Gerhard, 1978-


    10. sünnipäeva tähistava Küberstuudio tegevusest. 2. märtsil Kumu auditooriumis etendunud Monika Mattieseni ja Hasso Krulli multimeediaooperist "Loomise mõnu", kavas olid ka Mirjam Tally ja Erkki-Sven Tüüri elektroakustilised teosed flöödile ja kammerorkestrile

  19. Kolm Armastust ja Anarhiat. Nekrofiil, drellimõrvar ja John Woo Tallinnas / Jaan Ruus

    Ruus, Jaan, 1938-2017


    Helsingi filmifestivali "Armastus ja Anarhia" mitme seansi toimumisest Eestis 1993.a. septembris : Abel Ferrara "Drellimõrvar" ("Driller Killer", 1979), sakslase Jörg Buttgereiti "Nekromantik" (1987) ja "Nekromantik 2" (1991), John Woo "Hard Boiled" (1993). Buttgereit ja Woo olid ka ise kohal

  20. Igavene juuli : näitleja ja lavastaja suvedialoog / Mati Unt ja Andrus Vaarik

    Unt, Mati, 1944-2005


    Mati Unt ja Andrus Vaariku vestlus näitleja ja lavastaja omavahelisest koostööst. Näitleja kui dirigent Andrus Vaariku arvates. Dialoogi vahel on avaldatud katkendid Elias Canetti "Mass ja võim" ("Masse und Macht") Mati Sirkeli tõlkes

  1. Preparation and quality control of ECD kit

    Yassin, T.; Dadokh, M.; Almalki, R.


    ECD Kit for brain imaging after labeling with technetium 99m was prepared according to an optimum conditions, Each vial contains 1 mg of ECD and 0.155 mg of stannous chloride anhydrous SnCl 2 , 24 mg of Mannitol and 0.5 mg of Na 2 Ca EDTA, The prepared kit showed high quality satisfying the requirements of international pharmacopoeias from the points of physical, chemical, radiochemical and biological purities, and its validity for human injection. And the labeling yield exceeded 95 % with average value of about 97.63 ± 0.89% for 2mCi /2ml radioactivity , This study also showed that each vial content can be labeled with maximum activity of 99m Tc of about 50 mCi (Authors)

  2. KIT mutation analysis in mast cell neoplasms

    Arock, M; Sotlar, K; Akin, C


    mutations in patients with mastocytosis at diagnosis and during follow-up with sufficient precision and sensitivity in daily practice. In addition, we provide recommendations for sampling and storage of diagnostic material as well as a robust diagnostic algorithm. Using highly sensitive assays, KIT D816V...... can be detected in peripheral blood leukocytes from most patients with systemic mastocytosis (SM) that is a major step forward in screening and SM diagnosis. In addition, the KIT D816V allele burden can be followed quantitatively during the natural course or during therapy. Our recommendations should...... greatly facilitate diagnostic and follow-up investigations in SM in daily practice as well as in clinical trials. In addition, the new tools and algorithms proposed should lead to a more effective screen, early diagnosis of SM and help to avoid unnecessary referrals....

  3. Kultuurmaastike ja elukeskkonna kujunemine ning hoidmine, sh poollooduslike koosluste taastamine ja hooldamine, mets, keskkond, loodushoid ja sood / Kaul Nurm

    Nurm, Kaul


    Autori arvates tuleb maaelu uue arengukava väljatöötamisel keskmesse tõsta talupere ja sellised struktuurid, mis suudavad ning soovivad alalhoidlikke tootmisviise rakendada, aidates nii oma tegevusega kaasa puhta ja mitmekesise looduse kujunemisele, säilimisele

  4. Eestimaine feng shui talus ja mõisas / Kadi Lehtmets

    Lehtmets, Kadi


    Geobioloogia ja feng shui asjatundjad Siret ja Janno Seeder on uurinud ja mõõtnud Eesti talukohtade ja mõisate energeetikat. Ilmneb, et on osatud end loodusenergiatega tasakaalu seada. S. ja J. Seederi nõuandeid uue maja ehitajaile

  5. Praktikaõpe toitlustus- ja majutusvaldkonna koolituses / Sirje Rekkor

    Rekkor, Sirje


    Kehtna Majandus- ja Tehnoloogiakooli koostööst Eesti Riikliku Eksami- ja Kvalifikatsioonikeskuse, Eesti Hotellide ja Resoranide Liidu, Jyväskylä Catering Institutèga Soome Vabariigist ja Escuela de Hosteleria de Malaga Hispaania Kuningriigist toitlustuse ja majutuse praktikaõppe parandamise eesmärgil

  6. Practical Kunst ja Kodu (Art and Home) / Kai Lobjakas

    Lobjakas, Kai, 1975-


    Ajakirjast "Kunst ja Kodu" (1958-1990), mis pakkus eesti sisearhitektide ja tarbekunstnike ideid ja soovitusi kodu planeerimiseks ja sisustamiseks, tekstiilide, mööbli jm. isetegemiseks eesmärgiga tõsta lugejate esteetilist maitset kodukultuuri osas. 5. Tallinna rakenduskunsti triennaali satelliitnäitus "Praktiline Kunst ja Kodu" (kuraator K. Lobjakas) Tallinnas Hobusepea galeriis 14.-23. nov. 2009

  7. Unitized solid phase immunoassay kit and method


    A unitized solid phase kit for radioimmunoassay is disclosed. All of the necessary assay reagents are incorporated into a single tube wherein all phases of the assay procedure are performed, requiring only the addition of the patient's sample. Antibody is bound to the tube surface while labelled antigen is also present but unbound. Storage in the absence of air and water results in the stabilization of the reagents such that the system can be stored for long periods

  8. Automated prototyping tool-kit (APT)

    Nada, Nader; Shing, M.; Berzins, V.; Luqi


    Automated prototyping tool-kit (APT) is an integrated set of software tools that generate source programs directly from real-time requirements. The APT system uses a fifth-generation prototyping language to model the communication structure, timing constraints, 1/0 control, and data buffering that comprise the requirements for an embedded software system. The language supports the specification of hard real-time systems with reusable components from domain specific component libraries. APT ha...

  9. Objekti ja tegevuse leksikaalne markeeritus eesti õppijakeeles

    Pille Eslon


    Full Text Available Uurimus on osa laiemast projektist, milles võrreldakse õppijakeelt eesti keele fraseoloogilise ainese ja standardkirjakeelega. Artiklis käsitletakse objekti ja tegevust iseloomustavate leksikaalsete markeritega (markeeritud ning ilma markeriteta (Ø-markeeritusega objektifraase ja kirjeldatakse nende kasutuspiiranguid. Objektifraasid on leitud erinevatest keelekasutusvariantidest teksti- ja sõnastikusageduse põhjal: valitud on vaid lauses verbist paremale jäävad objekti sisaldavad kontekstid. Objektifraasid on reastatud verbivormide sageduse alusel, misjärel on välja arvutatud iga tüvemorfeemi osakaal eesti õppijakeeles ja fraseoloogilises aineses. Erinevate valimite põhjal saadud andmete võrdlusest nähtub, et nii sagedaste tuumverbide kui ka harva esinevate täistähenduslike verbide esindumus on samalaadne. Käesoleva uurimuse tarbeks on valitud nelja kõige sagedasema verbi (andma, tegema, võtma ja saama objektifraasid. Järgnenud kvalitatiivses analüüsis ning tulemuste interpreteerimisel ei tugineta fraasistruktuuri grammatikale ega semantilistele rollidele, vaid objektifraasi markeerituse metamõistele, mille abil on lingvistikas tavaliselt kirjeldatud foneetiliste tunnuste ja morfoloogiliste kategooriate opositsioone. Artiklis on vastandatud leksikaalsete markeritega (markeeritud ning leksikaalsete markeriteta (Ø-markeeritusega objektifraasid. Objekti on eesti õppijakeeles määratletud tavaliselt kvaliteedi- ja kvantiteedisõnadega, tegevust adressaadi ning kvantiteedi- ja rõhusõnadega. Uurimus võimaldab vastata küsimusele, miks on objekti ja tegevust leksikaalselt markeeritud (määratletud, miks jäetud markeerimata; missugused on objektifraasi markeerituse/markeerimatuse semantilised, leksikaalgrammatilised, morfosüntaktilised ja struktuursed piirangud.DOI:

  10. Stereo Vision-Based High Dynamic Range Imaging Using Differently-Exposed Image Pair

    Won-Jae Park


    Full Text Available In this paper, a high dynamic range (HDR imaging method based on the stereo vision system is presented. The proposed method uses differently exposed low dynamic range (LDR images captured from a stereo camera. The stereo LDR images are first converted to initial stereo HDR images using the inverse camera response function estimated from the LDR images. However, due to the limited dynamic range of the stereo LDR camera, the radiance values in under/over-exposed regions of the initial main-view (MV HDR image can be lost. To restore these radiance values, the proposed stereo matching and hole-filling algorithms are applied to the stereo HDR images. Specifically, the auxiliary-view (AV HDR image is warped by using the estimated disparity between initial the stereo HDR images and then effective hole-filling is applied to the warped AV HDR image. To reconstruct the final MV HDR, the warped and hole-filled AV HDR image is fused with the initial MV HDR image using the weight map. The experimental results demonstrate objectively and subjectively that the proposed stereo HDR imaging method provides better performance compared to the conventional method.

  11. The challenges of lean manufacturing implementation in kitting assembly

    Fansuri, A. F. H.; Rose, A. N. M.; Nik Mohamed, N. M. Z.; Ahmad, H.


    Literature studies shows that lean manufacturing goes way back with the original founder Eli Whitney in year 1799. The main purpose of lean manufacturing is to identify and eliminate waste in production. The application of lean manufacturing can be carried out in any industrial processes with regards to the understanding of lean principles, theories and practices. Kitting is one of the important aspects in a successful production. The continuous supply of materials from store to production has to be systematic and able to achieve lean standard for it to be successful. The objective of this paper is to review the implementation of lean manufacturing in kitting assembly. Previous papers show that, the implementation of lean manufacturing in kitting assembly may be beneficial to the organization such as reduce in space occupancy, part shortages, lead time and manpower. Based on previous research, some industries may tend to change between kitting and line stocking which are due to lack of understanding when implementing kitting and causes longer lead time and materials overflow in store. With a proper understanding on what to kit, where to kit, how to kit, why to kit and who kits the material with a standardised process flow may ensure the success of kitting.

  12. Computerized portable microwave hyperthermia quality assurance kit

    Cheung, A.Y.; Neyzari, A.


    A computerized quality assurance kit to provide precise measurement and calibration of microwave power and temperature, as well as capabilities to map SAR (Specific absorption rate) distribution in phantoms; and survey of hazardous microwave leakage has been designed. The kit is also capable of performing corelation studies on the relationship between SAR and net microwave power delivered at various anatomical sites. The kit consists of a portable microcomputer, a time-multiplexed A/D converter, a 4-channel dual directional microwave power monitor, a 4-channel thin-wire thermocouple thermometry system, an electronic thermal calibrator, a microwave leakage hazard survey meter, and a dynamic phantom tank for dosimetric analysis. Comparative performance studies were made against NBS-traceable power and temperature standards, non-perturbing optical temperature sensors, and established power and temperature measurement devices. The test results indicate that this instrument is providing its user with measurement accuracy of 0.1 0 C in temperature, 10% accuracy in power. The thin-wire thermocouple, with computer assisted error compensation, performs equally well in a strong microwave field in comparison with non-perturbing optical temperature sensors

  13. Privileegide ja immuniteetide olemusest, tähtsusest ja vajalikkusest Euroopa Liidus - võrdlev analüüs : [bakalaureusetöö] / Eve-Ly Luik ; Õigusinstituut ; juhendaja: Heiki Lindpere

    Luik, Eve-Ly


    Privileegid ja immuniteedid, organisatsiooni privileegid ja immuniteedid, isikute privileegid ja immuniteedid, Euroopa Liidu institutsioonide ja ametiisikute privileegide ja immuniteetide ulatuse vajalikkusest

  14. c-KIT positive schistosomal urinary bladder carcinoma are frequent but lack KIT gene mutations.

    Shams, Tahany M; Metawea, Mokhtar; Salim, Elsayed I


    Urinary bladder squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), one of the most common neoplasms in Egypt, is attributed to chronic urinary infection with Schistosoma haematobium (Schistosomiasis). The proto-oncogene c-KIT, encoding a tyrosine kinase receptor and implicated in the development of a number of human malignancies, has not been studied so far in schistosomal urinary bladder SCCs. We therefore determined immunohistochemical (IHC) expression of c-KIT in paraffin sections from 120 radical cystectomies of SCCs originally obtained from the Pathology Department of Suez Canal University (Ismailia, Egypt). Each slide was evaluated for staining intensity where the staining extent of >10% of cells was considered positive. c-KIT overexpression was detected in 78.3% (94/120) of the patients, the staining extents in the tumor cells were 11-50% and >50% in 40 (42.6%) and 54 (57.4%) respectively. The positive cases had 14.9%, 63.8%, 21.3% as weak, moderate and strong intensity respectively. Patients with positive bilharzial ova had significantly higher c-KIT expression than patients without (95.2% vs. 38.9%, P=0.000). Mutation analysis of exons 9-13 was negative in thirty KIT positive cases. The high rate of positivity in SBSCC was one of the striking findings; However, CD117 may be a potential target for site specific immunotherapy to improve the outcome of this tumor.

  15. Technetium-99m ceftizoxime kit preparation

    Diniz, Simone Odilia Fernandes; Siqueira, Cristiano Ferrari; Nelson, David Lee; Cardoso, Valbert Nascimento


    The aim of this work was to prepare a kit of 99 m Tc-ceftizoxime ( 99m Tc-CFT), with stability and biological activity preserved, able to identify a septic focus (E. coli) in the experimental infection model in rats. The preparation of the CFT kit involved the use of lyophilized solutions containing the antibiotic ceftizoxime and the sodium dithionite reducing agent (6.0 mg/m L). After lyophilization, the kit was reconstituted with 1.0 mL of sodium 99m Tc pertechnetate solution (Na 99m Tc O 4- ) with an activity of 370 MBq. The solution was boiled for 10 min and filtered through a cellulose ester filter. The labeling efficiency was on the order of 92%, remaining stable for six hours and the kit remained stable for two months. The biological activity of the 99m Tc-CFT was evaluated by diffusion in agar impregnated with E.coli and S. aureus. Seven Wistar rats, weighing from 200 to 250 g, were used for the development of the septic focus. After 24 hours from the induction of the infectious site (E.coli), the animals were anesthetized and 0.1 mL of 99m Tc-CFT (37 MBq) was injected into the tail veins of the animals. The images were obtained with a gamma camera one, two and six hours after injection and the regions of interest (ROIs) were calculated. The diameters of the inhibition halos for 99 m Tc-CFT were 27.16 ± 0.23 and 27.17 ± 0.20 for S.aureus and E.coli, respectively, while those for the unlabeled CFT were 30.4 ± 0.33 and 29.43 ± 0.26, respectively. The results for the biodistribution of 99m Tc-CFT in infected animals furnished a ratio of 1.97 ± 0.31, 2.10 ± 0.42 and 2.01 ± 0.42 for cpm-target/cpm-no target for the one, two and six-hour periods, respectively. The images showed a clear uptake of labeled antibiotic ( 99m Tc-CFT) by the infectious site during the experiment. The results attest to the viability of producing a kit with 99m technetium-labeled ceftizoxime for the investigation of infectious processes. (author)

  16. Technetium-99m ceftizoxime kit preparation

    Diniz, Simone Odilia Fernandes; Siqueira, Cristiano Ferrari; Nelson, David Lee; Cardoso, Valbert Nascimento [Minas Gerais Univ. Federal, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Faculdade de Farmacia]. E-mail:; Martin-Comin, Josep [Bellvitge Univ., Barcelona (Spain)


    The aim of this work was to prepare a kit of {sup 99}m Tc-ceftizoxime ({sup 99m} Tc-CFT), with stability and biological activity preserved, able to identify a septic focus (E. coli) in the experimental infection model in rats. The preparation of the CFT kit involved the use of lyophilized solutions containing the antibiotic ceftizoxime and the sodium dithionite reducing agent (6.0 mg/m L). After lyophilization, the kit was reconstituted with 1.0 mL of sodium {sup 99m} Tc pertechnetate solution (Na {sup 99m} Tc O{sub 4-}) with an activity of 370 MBq. The solution was boiled for 10 min and filtered through a cellulose ester filter. The labeling efficiency was on the order of 92%, remaining stable for six hours and the kit remained stable for two months. The biological activity of the {sup 99m} Tc-CFT was evaluated by diffusion in agar impregnated with E.coli and S. aureus. Seven Wistar rats, weighing from 200 to 250 g, were used for the development of the septic focus. After 24 hours from the induction of the infectious site (E.coli), the animals were anesthetized and 0.1 mL of {sup 99m} Tc-CFT (37 MBq) was injected into the tail veins of the animals. The images were obtained with a gamma camera one, two and six hours after injection and the regions of interest (ROIs) were calculated. The diameters of the inhibition halos for {sup 99}m Tc-CFT were 27.16 {+-} 0.23 and 27.17 {+-} 0.20 for S.aureus and E.coli, respectively, while those for the unlabeled CFT were 30.4 {+-} 0.33 and 29.43 {+-} 0.26, respectively. The results for the biodistribution of {sup 99m} Tc-CFT in infected animals furnished a ratio of 1.97 {+-} 0.31, 2.10 {+-} 0.42 and 2.01 {+-} 0.42 for cpm-target/cpm-no target for the one, two and six-hour periods, respectively. The images showed a clear uptake of labeled antibiotic ({sup 99m} Tc-CFT) by the infectious site during the experiment. The results attest to the viability of producing a kit with {sup 99m} technetium-labeled ceftizoxime for the

  17. Etendus ja mõtestus / Erkki Luuk

    Luuk, Erkki, 1971-


    Gabriel Garcia Marqueze/ Toomas Hussari "Sada aastat..." Vanemuise teatris Hendrik Toomepere jun.lavastuses ja Ervin Õunapuu kujunduses, sotsiaaalselt mõtestatud teatri näiteina on juttu ka Mart Kivastiku näidendite "Külmetava kunstniku portree" ja "Põrgu wärk" ning Õunapuu-Uttoni monotüki "Adolf" lavastustest

  18. Gorenje : täiuslikkus ja disain


    Sloveenia kodutehnikat tootvast ettevõttest Gorenje. Eesmärgiks on toota innovatiivset, tehniliselt täiuslikku ja disainitud kodutehnikat, mis oleks kasutaja- ja keskkonnasõbralik. Pininfarina sarja teisest põlvkonnast. Prantsuse disaineri Ora Ito loodud omanimelisest sarjast

  19. Euroopa ja Venemaa suhted / Fraser Cameron

    Cameron, Fraser


    Väide, et planeeritav gaasitoru rajamine Läänemerre viib Venemaa suurenenud militaartegevuseni sealses piirkonnas, ei ole õige ja on murettekitav, et turvalisuspoliitika lipu all võimendatakse Euroopa Liidu ja Venemaa vahelisi pingeid, kirjutab Euroopa Liidu Vene keskuse juhataja

  20. ELi institutsioonide ja juhtimise reform / Ivar Raig

    Raig, Ivar, 1953-


    Kuna Eestist võib 2004. aasta mais saada EL-i liige, siis on vaja kujundada seisukoht, milline EL-i institutsioonide ja juhtimise reform oleks kõige vastuvõetavam Eesti kui erilise majanduspoliitikaga väikeriigi huvidest lähtuvalt. Märkused valitsuse sellekohaste seisukohtade suhtes ja ettepanekud nende muutmiseks või täiendamiseks